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Paul R. Myers 
Box 117 
Greentown, Ohio 


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VOL. XLIII JANUARY 1, 1965 No. 1 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and || OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 

Olljrial for tlj? ilnurupa 

The New Year is upon us; 

It comes in measured pace. 
VVe cannot stop its progress, 

We just must join the race. 

But we can find a Pilot 
To guide us on this way ; 

And though untried the journey, 
He oft to us will say: 

■ "1 walked this path before you, 
I know the way you take ; 

. Just hold My hand, dear pilgrim, 
Have faith for My name's sake." 

'Tis Christ who walks beside us 
A Pilot, Friend, and Guide. 

So we'll not mind the journey 
When He is by our side. 

He'll speak the Word and tell us 
:, The truth that we should know ; 
And when the night is falling. 
He'll lead us Home — 'tis so! 

— Sel. Sister Sheila Stump 


* * 



Each of us is about to launch out 
upon a vast field of opportunity 
for a New Year. Considering the 
amount of time in 365 days, 8760 
hours and over a half million min- 
utes is certainly a vast scope of ac- 
tivity ahead of each person. Into 
what channels will we individually 
direct this activity? Which channel 
is most important, which will come 
first in our division of time, which 
will hold our individual attention 
regardless of all other interests? 

Let us meditate upon the oppor- 
tunities of 1965 in the light of 
Christ's admonition to the two di- 
sciples, on the way to Emmaus. 
"Then he said unto them, O fools 
and slow of heart to believe all that 
the prophets have spoken," Luke 
24:25. Throughout the entire Bible 
it is considered a serious offence 
to refer to someone else as a fool. 
No doubt Christ also considered it 
a serious matter and therefore only 
referred to these two as fools, be- 
cause of the utter futility of their 
actions. A fact that cannot be dis- 
proved, that is so certain and that 
allows no reason to doubt ; confirms 
one to be a fool who will not be- 
lieve it. Am I as foolish as the two 
on the way to Emmaus, concerning 
my belief of all that the prophets 
have spoken? 

God's Word is overflowing with 
facts from God, with proofs that 
this c)r that is directed hv Gocl, 

with instance upon instance that the 
prophets have spoken the truth. 
Still wall you not believe, will you 
not accept this or that as a definite 
fact, will you not take God at His 
Word without question? When you 
consider the many infallible proofs 
that Christ arose from the dead, in 
the light of the many explanations 
He had given concerning what was 
to take place. Can you wonder at 
His calling those w^ho do not be- 
lieve all "fools"? How often must 
I consider myself as a fool? How 
often will I be a fool in 1965 ? 

The joys of the true child of God 
are innumerable during a year ? 
The privileges of using our talents 
to worship, praise and thank Al- 
'mighty God are blessed. The op- 
portunities of enjoying God's bles- 
sings are innumerable throughout 
a year. Considering so many oc- 
casions before us we dare not be- 
come a fool, by not taking God at 
His Word. Christ's disciples made 
the mistake not to grasp the vast 
opportunities in His service, through 
undivided faith and obedience. Faith 
is taking God at His Word, al- 
ways. "But without faith it is im- 
possible to please Him," Heb. 11 :6. 
With all the proofs we have of so 
great a God, we certainly are a fool 
if we do not believe all. Will we 
make 1965 a year full of His glor- 
ious and comforting service, or will 
the many things of Satan over- 
:shadow the realities of my faithful 
(■odlv service in 1965? 



Zech. 3:3; Amos 4:11; Jude 24 

My dear precious Brethren and 
Sisters of the Dunkard Brethren 
Church. My heart is overflowing 
with sincere love for you, everyone. 
How deeply and humbly and pray- 
erfully thankful I am to you for 
accepting and relieving me into 
what I consider the most Biblical 
and Spiritual and Christ-like 
Church on earth. Each day I love 
the church and each and every 
member more. 

Will you please allow me to re- 
late what God so plainly showed me 
out in the mountains of the far 
West? I will be as brief as possible. 

I saw a literal burning hill in 
which there is weeping, wailing, 
gnashing of teeth, indescribable 
torments, anguish, remorse and 
constant crying even for one min- 
utes rest or one little drop of wa- 
ter for the cracked, parched pain- 
ful lips. It was made plain that this 
awful hell was the eternal never- 
ending abode of the never-dying 
souls of every person outside of Je- 
sus Christ. 

There is no such thing as soul 
sleep. The very day, the very hour 
that a person dies, his soul goes 
either to Hell or Heaven. There is 
no rest, no middle place, no home, 
no appeal, no restoration after 
death. As the tree falls, so shall it 
lie forever and ever. T Samuel 
28:15; Matt. 17.3; Luke 23:43; 

Phil. 1:23; Rev. 6:9-11; Rev. 14: 
9-11; Mark 9:42-48; Luke 16: 

Then I saw untold millions of 
fine men and women, girls and 
bo3^s, rushing, hurrying blindfolded, 
deceived under the hypnotic spell 
of Satan and this present glamorous 
world system on the broad way, 
straight to the pit of Hell. The 
nearer Hell they got, the faster 
they went and the more helpless 
they were, under Satan's awful 
mass control until it seemed that 
finally a great conveyor belt grab- 
bed them and rushed them into the 
flames of the very pit of Hell. Thea 
as they plunged into the awful 
flames, it seemed the spell broke, 
and they awoke from Satan's 
hypnotic sleep and became fully 
conscious, completely aware of 
where they were, and of what had 
happened. Oh ! Just one glimpse of 
their awful faces fills one with in- 
expressible horror. 

But alas — I and thousands of 
pious, complacent, at-ease-in-Zion, 
unmoved, unconcerned confessors 
of Christianity stood idly by as the 
untold multitudes were hurled into 
the burning flames of everlasting 
Hell! Oh, Brethren, Sisters, I will 
never, never again be the same. To- 
day I am burdened for souls. Unless 
God gives me souls, unless I see a 
revival. I die. Prov. 11:30, "He 
that winneth souls is wise." Daniel 
12:3, "And they that be wise shall 
shine as the brightness of the 



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firmament ; and they that turn many 
to righteousness as the stars for- 
ever and ever." 

I am sure that we all agree that 
Jesus Christ is our example ; and 
that He said "Follow me." He is 
our example in all things. Now 
what did He come to earth for? 
What was His whole purpose and 
objective? Luke 19:10, "For the 
Son of Man is come to seek and to 
save that which was lost." If we 
are following Him, if He is our ex- 
ample, we will have the same pur- 
pose He had. John 20:21, "As my 
Father hath sent me, even so send 
I you." 

The Apostle Paul said in I Cor. 
11 :1, "Be ye followers of me, even 
as I also am of Christ." I Cor. 

gether of me." How these verses 
make it very plain that Paul is also 
our example. 

Now what did Paul live and 
work and suffer for? I Cor. 9:22, 
"I am made all things to all men, 
that I might by all means save 
some." Acts 20:31, "Therefore 
watch, and remember, that by the 
space of three years, I ceased not 
to warn everyone night and day 
with tears." Verses 33-34, 'T have 
coveted no man's silver, or gold, or 
apparel. These hands have minis- 
tered unto my necessities and to 
them that were with me." 

I Cor. 4:15, "For though ye have 
ten thousand instructors in Christ, 
ye have not many fathers ; for in 
Christ Jesus I have begotten yon 
through the gospel." Gal. 4:19, 
"My little children of whom I tra- 
vail in birth again until Christ be 
formed in yoti. Philemon 10:12. "I 
beseech thee for my son, Onesimus, 
whom I have begotten in bonds 
. . . Receive him, that is mine own 

Oh, dear precious brethren and 
sisters, do you grasp the deep mean- 
ing of these Scriptures? Do we 
realize what it means to beget? 
Oratory, flowery sermons, fine sing- 
ing, argumentation may get people 
to join a lodge or a church. But 
to beget Spiritual children, to give 
birth, involves sacrifice, suffering, 
travail. Paul said he warned with 
tears day and night. Jesus wept 

4:16, "Be ye followers of me." Phil 

?):7, "Brethren, be followers to- 1 over Jerusalem. Read Jcr. 9:1. 18; 



Jer. 13:17; Jer. 14:17; Lam. 2:18. 
Ezekiel 9:4-6 is a prophetic Scrip- 
ture plainly revealing God's will for 
true Christians in these last evil 
days. It plainly shows that God 
will destroy all who do not have 
enough concern, enough love, 
enough compassion to weep and 
cry because of the sin so prevalent 
on ever}' hand. Psalm 126:5-6, 
"They that sow in tears shall reap 
in joy. He that goeth forth and 
weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall 
doubtless come again with rejoic- 
ing, bringing his sheaves with him." 
We are born again not of cor- 
ruptible seed but of incorruptible, 
by the Word of God, which liveth 
and abideth forever, I Peter. 1 :23. 
The seed rarely germinates unless 
watered by the tears of real love. 
There was a middle-aged man 
who was a drunkard and a terribly 
hardened sinner. Evangelists and 

you ; hell is many times hotter than 
tnat furnace. There will be eternal 
torment, weeping and wailing with 
pleading for just one drop of water. 
John, unless you change, you are 
going there, and it breaks my heart 
because I love you." 

That sinner knew very well that 
the preacher was sincere and that 
he was prompted by love and not 
by a desire to get to his pocket book. 
Right there, he broke down and 
accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior ! 
Do we realize that the blood of 
the lost people in our community, 
in our home, and those with whom 
we work, will be required at our 
hands? Read Ezekiel 3:17-21, Ez- 
ekiel 33:8-9. 

Have zife lost our first lovef 

When the woman at the well 

found Jesus, she left her old water 

pot and went into the city and said. 

Come, see a man which told me all 

preachers had talked to him and things that ever I did; is not this 

plead with him many times, but 
accomplished nothing. This tough, 
hardened sinner, had worked at a 
lime plant for years. One day an 
old preacher who had recently se- 
cured a job at the lime plant, walk- 
ed up to the hardened sinner who 
was standing near one of the hot 
furnaces. The old preacher was 
dirty and covered with lime and 
ground limestone. With tears run- 

the Christ? And many of the Sa- 
maritans of that city believed on 
him for the saying of the woman," 
John 4:28-29, 39. 

Suppose the little captive maid 
would not have witnessed to her 
mistress about God's power to heal 
leprosy, sin, II Kings 5. Suppose 
Andrew would never have told his 
brother Simon about finding the 
Messias. Suppose the little old 

ning down from his sobbing eyes and j bashful, backward, stammering Sun- 
leaving streaks on his soiled face, I day-School teacher would never 
the old preacher said passionately have blushingly and stammeringly 
and with emotion. "John, I love 



told D. L. Moody about Christ 

The Sea of Galilee is living be- 
cause it gives out as much as it 
takes in. The Dead Sea is dead 
because it always takes in and never 
gives out. Any salvaLion or relig- 
ious experience that is not poient 
enough, doesn't have enough fever 
lo be contagious, is spurious. 

No one can be saved until he 
knows he is lost — and in his lost 
and helpless condition puts his 
whole trust in the finished work 
and perfect merits of Jesus Christ. 
And no one can actually and truly 
and genuinely have this experience 
without being so filled with the love 
of God and a compassion for souls 
that he is willing not only to witness 
about Jesus Christ, but also to die 
for even one lost soul. Was Christ 
willing to die for those yet lost and 
in sin? Was Paul willing to suffer 
all things for the lost? Are they 
our example? Mark 16:15, "Go ye 
into all the world," Acts 1 :8, "Ye 
shall be my witnesses." 

If I would consider my health, 
my own well-being, my age, I would 
settle down — as I planned to do 
when I returned from the West 
Coast. But, I must obey God's call. 
While life remains, I must redeem 
ihe time. It is later than we realize. 

Listen, Brethren, we have not 
long to work. 

Ernest L. Miller 

Home address : Box 365, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 


A certain writer once said, "Labor 
.o keep alive that little spark of 
Celestial fire called conscience." 
Tills suggests to us that God has 
placed within man an inner moni- 
tor, a feeling of right and wrong ; 
with a compulsion or urge to do 
the right, as Webster says. The 
statement also suggests to us that 
it takes a little attention or effort 
to keep it operating correctly. The 
Bible speaks of various consciences, 
such as weak, seared, evil, and dead. 
We know also that the conscience 
can be awakened, made to become 
more keen and alert. We conclude, 
therefore, that it is a creature of 
education. The Bible also tells us 
of people whose consciences told 
them what was right, but regard- 
less of that, they chose to do wrong. 
This inner monitor begins to 
speak to us early in life, and so the 
education of it must begin early in 
childhood to get it properly aligned 
with the Bible princijiles of right 
and wrong. Through the creative 
nature of the conscience, with its 
proper education, and then by con- 
stant loyalty to its dictates, we be- 
come the kind of conscientious peo- 
ple we refer to in this article. 

These conscientious people realize 
they have a responsibility all their 


own. They do not live to them- 
selves, but must choose an attitude 
lo God, man, and Sacan. In the 
Ijihle we find examples of such 
people. Paul said, "Herein do I 
exercise myself, to have always a 
conscience void of offense toward 
God, and toward men," Acts 24:16. 
Joseph in Egypt said, "How then 
can I do this great wickedness, and 
sin against God," Gen. 39 :9. 

Joshua said, "Choose you this day 
whom ye will serve ; whether the 
gods which your fathers served that 
were on the other side of the flood, 
or the gods of the Ammorites. in 
whose land ye dwell ; but as for 
me and my house, we will serve 
the Lord," Josh. 24:15. "But Dan- 
iel purposed in his heart that he 
vvould not defile himself with the 
portion of the king's meat, nor with 
tlie wine which he drank : therefore 
he requested of the prince of the 
eimuchs that he might not defile 
liimself." Dan. 1 :8. All these char- 
acters and others as : Vashti in 
Esther 1 :12, and Peter and the 
other apostles in Acts 5 :29, were 
too conscientious to sin or disobey 

The effects of more conscientious 
living by more people would indeed 
be wonderful, yes marvelous. In 
the home, it would eliminate self- 
ishness, neglect, disobedience, rude 
and vulgar language, quarreling, 
television, baby-sitters, and divorce ; 
and replace them with love, service, 
patience, s^nnpathy, sacrifice and, in 

Christian homes, it would establish 
family worship. 

In school, those taught to be con- 
scientious at home, would be obedi- 
ent, refined and studious. They 
would not steal, cheat in work or 
play, nor be guilty of immorality or 

In the church, there would be a 
change in the respect for the sacred- 
ness of God's house, in the interest 
tal'cen in the study of the Sunday 
school lesson by parents and their 
children, in the attention given to 
and prayers for, the ministry. 
Church members would be present 
whenever possible, live true to their 
vows, and help maintain the prin- 
ciples, doctrines, and reputation of 
the church. 

In the community and state, 
there would be no gossip or annoy- 
ance of the neighbors, borrowed ar- 
ticles would be returned, honest 
debts and taxes would be paid, the 
civil laws obeyed, and no reports of 
immorality or crime to disturb the 
peace and the re]>utation of the 
community. History records many 
old-time settlements where the peo- 
ple were said to be friendly, helpful, 
honest and very conscientious. It 
was said of Christians and even 
non-professors, where the more 
well-to-do folks would not take pay 
for articles purchased by the poor, 
until the price came down. People 
were content with modest means 
and honest wages, and engaged only 
in legal and honorable employment. 



Today consciences have l)een 
seared, calloused, and killed. Sin 
is no more sin. Many want to do, 
like in the time of the Judges, that 
which seemeth right in their own 
eyes. They are too busy to pay at- 
tention to the most necessary re- 
sponsibilities of life. Discipline is 
rarely found in homes, schools or 
churches. This breeds attitudes of 
greed, hatred, intemperance, and 
love of pleasure and money. The 
results are : disrespect for man and 
God, broken homes, crime, and even 
national corruption. 

Many of these conditions can be 
traced back to the homes. Young 
people are not taught and disciplined 
to be conscientious enough to re- 
spect their parents, nor to conduct 
their courtship in the right manner 
and place. Many are too young to 
understand the real purpose in 
courtship, and then also too young 
to realize and assume the responsi- 
bilities of married life and home- 
making, and so with unpeaceable 
or broken homes, the hopes of good 
church members and good citizens 
are blighted. 

If the statement is true, that the 
church is no better than the homes 
that make up the church, then we 
are again assured of the need of 
good homes. The church is to be 
pure, without spot or wrinkle, and 
worthy to become the Bride of 
Christ. However, if the members 
of the church are not conscientious 
enough to be for the organization 

to which they belong, nor remain 
loyal to the vows they made to 
God and the church, the peace and 
progress of the church will be dis- 
turbed, and Spiritual lives jeopard- 

Looking into the Bible again, we 
find it has not changed. We still 
find the same old Scriptures as 
follows : "Children obey your par- 
ents in the Lord : for this is right," 
Eph. 6:1 ; "And ye fathers, provoke 
not your children to • wrath : but 
bring them up in the nurture and 
admonition of the Lord," Eph. 6 : 
4; "Not forsaking the assembling 
of ourselves together, as the manner 
of some is : but exhorting one an- 
other : and so much the more, as 
ye see the day approaching," Heb, 
10:25: "But grow in grace, and in ' 
the knowledge of our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be 
glory both now and forever, amen," 
II Peter 3 :18: "Let love be without 
dissimulation. Abhor that which is 
evil : cleave to that which is good." J 
Rom. 12:9. 1 

As we look about us with open 
eyes, we must wonder: ^^^^ere are 
the really conscientious people of 
today? As brethren and sisters of 
the Dunkard Brethren Church, 
would it be possible for us to pur- 
pose in our hearts to begin now, 
and through 1965, be more con- 
scientious to our vows and to Scrip- 
tures named? The more folks we 
can influence in our homes and 
churches to be reallv conscientious. 


the fewer heartaches, church trou- 
bles, and criminals we will have. 
Bro. F. B. Surbey, 
West Milton, Ohio. 



God has innumerable blessings 
in store for His human creation. 
These blessings are divided into 
two groups. One group He show- 
ers upon all humanity, both the 
just and the unjust, Matt. 5 :45. It 
is the second group of blessings that 
I particularly wish to discuss in this 
article. The special blessings He 
gives to His believers who ask, 
seek, and knock. Those who desire 
the greatest blessings, greatest joys, 
greatest peace are those who con- 
tinue to seek, praise, and thank 
the Lord. 

"Ask, and it shall be given you ; 
seek, and ye shall find ; knock, and 
it shall be opened unto you : For 
every one that asketh receiveth ; and 
lie that seeketh findeth ; and to him 
that knocketh it shall be opened. 
Or what man is there of you, whom 
if his son ask bread, will be give 
him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, 
will he give him a serpent? If ye 
then, being evil, know how to give 
good gifts unto your children, how 
much more shall your Father which 
is in heaven give good things to 
them that ask him?". Matt. 7:7-11. 

The Lord knows before we ask 
what we have need of. But unless 
we ask, seek, knock, and thank we 

would not appreciate or know their 
true value. We must earnestly de- 
sire a thing before we can truly 
appreciate its value. Once we learn 
that God has greater blessings in 
store for us and more to be desired 
than gold, then it creates within us 
a desire to find this greatest pearl 
of God's blessings. First and always 
we must humbly ask Him the way 
to take, then comes unloading the 
guilt of sin. He died to set us free, 
but we must claim the promise. 
Then He is our all in all and the 
personal I is buried forever. We 
seek God's will and His will only, 
refusing the wares and craftiness of 
Satan. Blessed is the man or woman 
who like Job can have a hedge 
about him. 

I am persuaded that His called 
out ones : the ones who are hedged 
in by God, the Philadelphia church, 
the Bride of Christ are going to be 
translated from this stage of action 
soon ; away from the seven years 
tribulation that is to come upon the 
whole world. Praise the Lord for 
every person who is blessed in God's 
sight, that he will be accepted in this 
blessed company of the redeemed. 

The Lord takes us by the hand 
and gently leads us up the many 
steps required to prove our faithful- 
ness, that we might be accepted in 
this company. Many times we will 
falter, stumble, and perhaps fall : 
but if we will let Him He will raise 
us up, bind up oitr wounds, and 
heal that we might travel on. There 



are many steps in the journey, and 
as we take each faltering step up- 
ward He will show us how to reach 
for and take the next step. As as- 
cending a high building He takes 
us up a flight of steps, there He 
lets us rest a while on the landing, 
to prove our faithfulness on that 
level before proceeding higher. This 
Ijrocedure is repeated again and 
again if we will hear His Word, 
and with each step an added bless- 
ing. The deeper spiritual life brings 
us up higher and closer to Glory. 
He never assigns more than we can 
do. Praise His Holy name. 

His way is not hard, it is very 
easy. "Come unto me. all ye that 
labour and are heavy laden, and I 
will give you rest. Take my yoke 
upon you, and learn of me ; for I 
am meek and lowly in heart : and 
ye shall find rest unto your souls. 
For my yoke is easy, and my bur- 
den is light." Matt. 1 1 :28-30. When 
the yoke becomes hard we make it 
that way by trying our own way, 
or the way of the world, by refus- 
ing to fully follow the Master. The 
little weights of sin doth so easily 
beset us, so we must lay each one 
aside if we want to run the race 
successfully, and gain Heaven at 
last. Otherwise we may become a 
little lost lamb among the craigs on 
the mountain side in the rain and 
snow, away from the Master's care. 

Regardless of how bad a sinner 
we have been, or how good a church 
member we have been, the follow- 

ing Scripture applies to all, "There- 
fore to him that knoweth to do 
good, and doeth it not to him it is 
sin," Jam. 4:17. Dear ones, let me 
impress this upon your minds, this 
is not only a beginning instruction 
but a constant instruction to every 
person. When we know to do well 
and refuse to do it, it becomes a 
sin to us and hinders our progress 
up God's stairs. If we have any 
reservations or areas wherein God 
does not rule supreme, it will dis- 
qualify us for the Bride of Christ. 
Our constant aim should be. Am I 
doing what Christ would have me 
do ? Is what I am saying to Christ's 
honor and glory? Do I go where 
Christ would go if He were walking 
the earth today? Does His Spirit 
always guide me? Do I seek spirit- 
ual guidance? 

The Bible commands us to "Pray 
without ceasing." How about it, 
are we always in a prayerful mood? 
Do we sisters have our heads cov- 
ered so that we can pray or meditate 
in our hearts to God, or do we dis- 
obey God and pray without it, or 
do we quench the Spirit and just 
not pray? Is our head really cov- 
ered, or is it just a little patch on 
the back ? Do we have reservations ? 
Are we doing what we know God 
would be pleased with, or are we 
trying to sit on the fence and do 
no more than the church requires? 
If that is all we are doing, is our 
heart really changed? When Christ 
said ]yorn of the water and -tlse 



Spirit He meant two baptisms^ 
an outward manifestation of an in- 
ner cleansing. Is our inside cleansed 
if we do not give our Master com- 
plete control ? These soul searching 
questions are in only one area of 
our upward Christian journey. 
There are many areas. Are we 
really climbing the stairs or are we 
content to abide on the first landing ? 
Beloved Brethren and Sisters, 
time is fast running out. There are 
difficulties ahead and unless we are 
born of the Spirit and eagerly climb- 
ing these stairs we may find our- 
selves among those upon whom the 
angel pronounces "Woe, woe, woe." 
Rev. 8:13. "Study to shew thyself 
approved unto God. a workman that 
needeth not to be ashamed, rightly 
dividing the the word of truth," 
II Tim. 2:15. 

Ruth M. Snyder, 
R.R. 2, Box 170, 
Oakland, Md. 


"I am crucified with Christ : nev- 
ertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ 
liveth in me : and the life which I 
now live in flesh I live by the faith 
of the Son of God, who loved me 
and gave' himself for me," Gal. 2 : 
20. O, how endlessly has God loved 
us, that He gave us His only be- 
botten Sbti afid let 'Him suffer such 
pain and death for us. Indeed the 

great reason for the mystery of the 
sufferings of Christ is His endless 
love unto us. This is the reason 
why God became man and carried 
our sins away ; and now they are 
oul: of the way, if we believe, and 
have fellowship with Him who loved 
us so. 

Because He went after us to save 
us His feci; were pierced with nails, 
and because He embraces the whole 
world in His love He was crucified 
with stretched out arms. He speaks, 
"Behold, I have graven thee upon 
the palms of my hands," Isa. 49 : 
16, and "neither shall any man 
pluck- them out of my hand. My 
Father, which gave them me, is 
greater than all ; and no man is able 
to pluck them out of my Father's 
hand," John 10:28-29. For love 
to us His heart was pierced. 

As the Son of Man willingly 
stretched out His hands to the ex- 
ecutioners who drove the nails 
through His hands and feet, Jesus 
was made one with the Cross. 
The Cross of Jesus and in Him the 
glory of God is revealed. 

God calls Himself "Him that 
dwelt in the," Deut. 33:16. 
And as such God revealed Himself 
unto Moses in a flame of fire out of 
the midst of the thorn-bush. Moses 
looked, and behold, the thorn-bush 
burning with fire, and the thorn- 
bush was not being consumed. 
When God saw that Moses turned 
aside to see this wonder, God called 
to him out of the midst of the thorn- 



bush and said, Moses, Moses ! And 
he said. Here am I. And He said, 
Draw not nigh hither ; loose thy 
sandals from off thy feet, for the 
place whereon thou standest is holy 
ground. "And Moses hid his face ; 
for he was afraid to look upon 
God," Exod. 3 :2-6. 

This is a great mystery : The 
ihorn-bush is the Cross of Jesus, and 
God is the devouring fire. God re- 
veals himself in the sufferings of 
Jesus, and although the thorns con- 
stantly pained the heart of God, yet 
God was well pleased to dwell in 
suffering. The Cross and the Spirit 
are one. the Holy Spirit and fire 
does not devour the Cross, nor does 
the Cross quench the Spirit. This 
burning thorn-bush is Immanuel 
"God with us." To be with us 
means suffering, and Jesus con- 
stantly was pained from birth to 
death, and even today Jesus' heart 
is pained because He loves us so. 
When Jesus went forth without, 
wearing the crown of thorn, and the 
purple robe, Pilate said to the peo- 
ple, "Behold the man ! But they 
cried, Crucify, crucify him !" 

From the Saviour's thorn-crown- 
ed brow streams blessing: thus He 
speaks, "For the goodwill of him 
that dwelt in the bush, let the bles- 
sing come upon the head of Joseph, 
upon the top of the head of him 
that was separated from his breth- 
ren," Deut. 33:16. What blessing? 
The blessing of the Cross. As Jo- 

and sold to Egypt, so was Jesus 
rejected by His people and delivered 
unto the Gentiles and crucified. 
Yet Joseph was among his brethren 
as a lily among thorns, and he be- 
came unto them salvation ; herein 
he was made one with Jesus. From 
the thorn-crowned blessing upon 
the head of Joseph, for he was sepa- 
rated among his brethren. 

If we become separated among 
our brethren, dedicated unto God, 
we shall become a blessing to them 
through suffering, and we shall have 
fellowship with the thorn-crowned. 
It is in the cross that we have fel- 
lowship with Jesus, and therein we 
become united with Him. There- 
fore the true followers of the Lamb 
love the cross above all things in 
heaven and upon earth, the Cross 
is heaven, it is Jesus. In the midst 
of reproach and rejection, when we 
become persecuted for the sake of 
Jesus, heaven is our Jesus, Matl. 

"These are they who follow the 
Lamb wheresoever it goes," Rev. 
14:4. This shows that Jesus today 
is walking carrying the Cross. Jesus 
walks the same long way with them 
which He walked first alone ; He 
leads them from Bethlehem to 
Nazareth, from the Jordan to Ta- 
bor, from Jerusalem to Calvary, 
from the tomb to resurrection. With 
Him they suffer Gethsemane and 
Calvary all their lives. 

Jesus called His most faithful di- 

seph was despised by his brethren sciples to be with Him in Gethsem- 



ane and at Calvary. In Gethsemane 
he said to them my soul is very 
sorrowful even unto death; remain 
here and watch with me, but they 
could not watch one hour with Je- 
sus, but let Jesus alone in bitter 
agony and slept; for their eyes 
were heavy. Three times Jesus 
came to them in suffering and grief 
calling for their fellowship, but they 
could not watch and pray in that 
hour. Therefore they could not suf- 
fer with Jesus, and Jesus went the 
way alone to Gabbatha and to Cal- 

Today Jesus calls His disciples 
to be alone with Him, but many 
sleep. He comes to us in our darkest 
hour that He may pray with us, but 
we know it not. Jesus will drink the 
cup with us and die with us, be- 
cause He loves us ; He desires to 
be alone with us. 

Heaven looks down upon Cal- 
vary's Cross. It is the Cross of Cal- 
vary, the slain Lamb which fills 
Heaven with glory and light and 
song. God is dwelling in unap- 
proachable light ; whom no man has 
seen, nor is able to see ; that is the 
darkness of Gethsemane and Cal- 
vary ; who can behold that light ? 

The Cross is the glory of God. 
The love of God, His mercy and 
compassion, His longsuffering and 
humility. His faithfulness and for- 
giveness is revealed in Jesus upon 
the Cross. The Holy Spirit reveals 
Jesus as crucified to our hearts. In 
those seven words of Jesus upon the 

cross is the heart of God to us ex- 
pressed. The glory of Heaven is the 
virtue of the slain lamb. 

How beautiful is the lamb of God 
"who in the days of his flesh, when 
he had offered up prayers and sup- 
plications with strong crying and 
tears ; though he were a Son, yet 
learned he obedience by the things 
which he suffered "(Hebrews 5: 
7-S). It was not because He was 
the Son of God that Jesus' prayer 
was heard, but because of his piety 
and fear of God, because his heart 
was pure before God, as it is writ- 
ten in the Psalm 66:18." had I re- 
garded iniquity in my heart, the 
Lord would not hear. But God hath 
heard ; he hath attended to the 
voice of my prayer." 

In His thankful and patient sub- 
mission to His Father, without re- 
viling or complaint, Jesus was ex- 
ceedingly precious. His father re- 
joiced over His faithful Son with 
joy, yea He exulted over Him with 
singing. The more Jesus Suffered, 
the more He revealed thankfulness, 
obedience and humility, even unto 
death as He committed His spirit 
into His Father's hands. There- 
fore the Father was pleased to 
bruise His Son, and I believe this 
is the most precious aspect of the 
suffering of Jesus in His Fathers 
eyes. The only suffering, — that 
which was the suffering above all 
other suffering, because of which 
Jesus sighed, yea cried out, was 
that of being left by His Father : 



this Jesus could simply not endure, 
and His heart burst. 

"Precious in the sight of the 
Lord is the death of his saints," 
Psalm 116:15. Notice that here is 
not spoken of one saint (Jesus), 
hut of saints, which means those 
who are in Jesus. According to the 
statement of Paul (Gal. 2:20) we 
are crucified with Jesus. The Father 
and the Son may test our love and 
submission to him in the same way 
as Jesus tried. Even though He may 
hide his face from us, and we come 
into the darkest night of the soul 
where we cry out, "My God, my 
God why hast thou forsaken me?" 
yet He watches us the more at- 
tentively, listening to every sigh of 
our heart. As it is written, "For a 
small moment have I forsaken 
thee : but with great mercies will 
I gather thee. In a little wrath T 
hid my face from thee for a moment ; 
but with everlasting kindness will 
I have mercy on thee, saith the 
Lord, thy Redeemer," Isa. 54:7-8. 
Thus the Father will rejoice over us 
if He finds the mind of Jesus in 
us in suffering. 

When you squeeze olive there 
comes out oil, and when you beat 
myrrh it gives forth its most frag- 
rant savor, so delicious is its bitter- 
sweet smell. Thus is the heart of 
Jesus who was crushed upon the 

Jesus speaks, "Until the day 
break and the shadows flee away 
(i.e.. until your distracted mind and 

doubtful heart becomes turned to- 
ward Jesus, and you become still at 
His feet) I will get me to the moun- 
tain of myrrh (i.e.. Calvary), and 
to the hill of Frankincense (i.e., 
Gethsemane)," Song of Songs, 4:6. 
There Jesus is waiting for you, to 
be alone with you and give you 
His love. 

May Jesus richly bless you ! 
Wishing you a holy Christmas. 
Sister Grete and Bro. Ulf Olderburg 

5330 Blackstone Ave., Apt. 109, 
Chicago 15, 111. 

(Let us hear your voice! There 
are some dear receivers of our let- 
ters from whom we have never 
heard. We ask you kindly to write 
us and let us know if you desire to 
continue to hear from us. It shall 
l)e a joy to satisfy your desire.) 


Grant me the strength from day 

to day 
To bear what burdens come my way.. 
Grant me throughout this bright 

New Year 
More to endure and less to fear. 
Help me to live that I may be 
From spite and petty malice free. 
Let me not bitterly complain, when 
Cherished hopes of mine prove vain. 
Or s])oil with deeds of hate and rage 
.Some fair tomorrow's spotless page. 
Lord, as the days shall come and go 
In courage let me stronger grow. 
Let me with patience stand and wait 



A friend to all who find my gate. 
Keep me from envy and from scorn, 
As shines the sun with every morn 
On great and low, so let me give 
Yly love to all who round me live. 
Lord, as the New Year dawns today 
Help me to put my faults away. 
Let me be big in little things. 
Grant me the joy which friendship 

Keep me from selfishness and spite, 
Let me be wise to what is right. 
A happy New Year, grant that I 
May cause no tear in any eye. 
When this New Year in time shall 

T^et it be said, "I've played the 

Have lived and loved and labored 

And made of it a Happy Year. 

— Sel. Sister Myrtle Broadwater 


What shall I ask for the coming 
What shall my watchword be? 
What would'st Thou do for me, 
dear Lord? 
What shall I do for Thee? 

Lord, I would ask for a holy year. 
Spent in Thy perfect will ; 

Help me to walk in Thv very steps : 
Help me to please Thee still. 

Lord, I would ask for a year of love 
Oh, let me love Thee best ! 

Give me the love that faileth not 
LTnder the hardest test: 

Lord, I would ask for a year of 

prayer ; 

Teach me to talk with Thee ; 

Breathe in my heart Thy Spirit's 

breath ; 

Pray Thou Thy prayer in me. 

Lord, I would ask for a year of 
Looking for Thee to come, 
And hastening on that year of years 
That brings us Christ and Home. 
— Selected. 


Another year is dawning, 

Dear Father, let it be, 
Li working or in waiting. 

Another year with Thee ; 
Another year of progress, 

Another year of praise. 
Another year of proving 

Thy presence all the days. 

Another year of mercies. 

Of faithfulness and grace. 
Another year of gladness 

In the shining of Thy face ; 
x'\nother year of leaning 

LTpon Thy loving breast, 
.'Vnother year of trusting, 

Of quiet, happy rest. 
Another year of service, 

Of witness for Thy love, 
xA-nother year of training 

For holier work above. 
Another year is dawning, 

Dear Father, let it be 
On earth, or else in heaven, 

Another year for Thee. 

— Selected. 




(Somehow the following was 
omitted from the Nov. 15 issue. 
Sorry. — Your Editor.) 

I would like to thank everyone 
for the cards and gifts that I re- 
ceived during my illness. I also 
want to express my appreciation 
for the prayers which were heard 
by our Heavenly Father and put 
me on the road to a speedy recov- 
ery. May the Eord bless each one 
for their kindness. 

Sister Anna Myers 


The son of John and Hannah 
Withers, was born at Salem, 111., 
July 8, 1877. He passed away at 
his home in Newberg, Ore., Tues- 
day, Nov. 24. 1964, at the age of 
87 years and 4 months. On July 
17, 1901, he was united in mar- 
riage to Ada Esther Bonewitz at 
Myrtle Point, Ore. She died in 

For the past twenty-six years he 
has made his home in Newberg. 
He was a minister in the Church 
of the Brethren since 1921 and af- 
filiated himself with the Dunkard 
Brethren soon after their organiza- 
tion. He was Elder of the New- 
berg congregation for a number of 
vears. He wa.s active in the minis- 

try until infirmities of old age 
caused him to retire about 1959. 

Bro. Withers is survived by : one 
son, Eldon, of Pendleton, Ore. ; two 
daughters, Maudie Withers of Sac- 
ramento, Cal., and Inez Gillette of 
Pendleton, Ore. ; and one brother, 
Daniel, of Newberg. Funeral serv- 
ices were conducted at the Brown 
Funeral Home with Eld, Galen 
Harlacher officiating. 


Sister Luella Armstrong, daugh- 
ter of Bro. and Sister William 
Armstrong of Morenci, Mich., and 
Bro. Don Hostetler, son of Elder 
and Sister Vern Hostetler of Mont- 
pelier. Ohio, were united in marri- 
age at the home of the bride on 
Nov. 21, Eld. Vern Hostetler per- 
formed the ceremony. Their ad- 
dress is R. 2, Box 162. West Unity, 

Sister Lucille Johnson, daughter 
of Elder and Sister Edward John- 
son of Wauseon, Ohio, and Melvin 
Borton, Jr., of Wauseon. Ohio, 
were united in marriage in the 
bride's home Nov. 6. The ceremony 
was performed by Elder Edward 
Johnson. Their address is R. 2, 
Fayette. Ohio. 


Avoid everything and anything 
which quenches the spirit of prayer. 

The religioti of Jesus needs ex- 
amples more than advocates. 




"For to be carnally minded is 
death ; but to be spiritually minded 
is life and peace. Because the carnal 
mind is enmity against God," Rom. 
8 :6-7. The Oxford Universal Dic- 
tionary has this to say about carn- 
ality : It is according to the flesh ; 
it is not spiritual. Carnality is a 
non-spiritual disease that sets in and 
starts to decay ones spirituality, 
when one fails to allow old things 
lo pass away and all things, not half 
])ut all, to become new. 

It is claimed there are 840 mil- 
lion persons who profess Christian- 
ity today. Many of which go to 
church every Sunday, hear thcj 
preacher preach and later say thej 
preacher had a fine sermon ; but 1 
how many allow it to penetrate their I 
lives? x\fter dinner many play! 
games, watch games played, watch . 
races and all sorts of things on I 
television. While God's Word tells j 
them to remember the Sabbath day 
to keep it holy. Do professors use 
the same spoon to dip : the good 
and the bad until it is hard to tell 
the church from the world? 2 Cor. 
6:17-18, "Wherefore come out 
from among them, and be ye sepa- 
rate, saith the Lord, and touch not 
the unclean thing; and I will re- 
ceive you. And will be a Father 
unto you, and ye shall be my sons 
and daughters, saith the Lord Al- 
mighty." Gal. 6:8, "For he that 
soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh 

reap corruption ; but he that soweth 
to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap 
life everlasting." 

Please read the list of those who 
use carnality in 2 Tim. 3:1-5. "But 
she that liveth in pleasure is dead 
while she liveth," 1 Tim. 5 :6. Christ 
tells us in His holy Word, "No man 
can serve two masters : for either 
he will hate the one, and love the 
other; or else he will hold to the 
one and despise the other. Ye can- 
not serve God and mammon," MaH. 
6 :24. This is the cause of carnality, 
professors try to carry Christ on 
one shoulder and the Devil upon the 
other. A fountain cannot send forth 
both sweet and bitter water, at the 
same time. Neither can we Chris- 
tians spend two hours on Sunday 
morning serving Christ and spend 
the remainder of the day trying to 
satisfy self. 

Many of us fail to heed God's 
Word, Luke 10:27, "Thou shalt 
love the Lord thy God with all thy 
heart and with all thy soul, and 
with all thy strength, and with all 
thy mind ; and thy neighbor as thy- 
self." God is a jealous God and 
therefore we must sen^e Him with 
all of our heart. We must be alive 
and on fire for Christ. 2 Pet. 3 :18, 
"But grow in grace, and in the 
knowledge of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ . . ." Unless we are 
better Christians today than what 
we were yesterday, we are worse, 
we cannot remain neutral or at a 
standstill. We should grow in grace 



and in the knowledge of our Lord 
and Saviour. As a fire is prone to 
go out, so are we as Christians, lui- 
less we day by day and hour by 
hour, continue to rekindle the fire 
that we have within us. 

There are at least three things 
which are a remedy for carnality : 

1. "Trust in the Lord with all 
thine heart, and lean not unto thine 
own understanding. In all thy ways 
acknowledge him, and he shall di- 
rect thy paths," Prov. 3 :5-6. Too 
often we do as we wish and then 
ask Christ to hallow the things 
which we have done. God's Word 
tells us. We are to seek first the 
kingdom of God and His righteous- 
ness and then all these things shall 
be added unto us. 

2. "Whatsoever ye do. do it 
heartily as to the Lord, and not 
unto man," Col. 3 :23. Too often 
we do things just to be seen of man. 
Whatsoever we do should be done 
to please God and not man. John 
tells us that we must decrease, in 
order for Christ to increase within 


3. We must lose ourselves in 
service for Christ. Let me use an 
illustration to explain what I mean 
Gen. 29:29, "And Jacob served sev- 
en years for Rachel : and they seem- 
ed unto him but a few days, for the 
love he had to her." So we must 
love Christ to the extent that we 
lose ourselves in service for Him, 
until Christ comes to take His 

bride out of the world, to be etern- 
ally with Him. 

Riedler J. Fulk, 
R. 1, Dayton, Va. 


I wonder if yotl have been think- 
ing about all the different church 
denominations? Why are there so 
many different beliefs? It is because 
the people are not satisfied with 
Christ's plan of salvation. Many 
think it is not necessary to do just 
like Christ planned it. They think 
they will do it a little bit different 
and it will be just as good (man's 

Christ tells us, if we fail to do the , 
least of His commandments, we are ^ 
guilty of all, Jas. 2:10, Matt. 5:19. 
Your conscience can mislead you. 
Christ tells us to be of one mind 
and one accord in the Lord. The 
people who are obeying all the 
commandments, to the best of their 
ability, are the church of Christ. 

Let us notice a few differences 
in our worship? Some use wine in 
their Communion service. Jesus 
never used wine, the fruit of fer- 
mentation, but He used the fruit of 
the vine, Matt. 26: 29; Mark 14- 
25, Luke 22:18. Most denomin- 
ations fix a price for preaching the 
Gospel, but Paul said, "I may make 
the gospel of Christ without charge, 
that I abuse not my power in the 
gospel," I Cor. 9:16-18. Is the good 
that a minister can do increased by 
paying him on a competitive basis. 



as the occupations of the world are ? 
[f it would have been necessary to 
pay Christ for everything He did 
or said, would He have done more 
good? Paul knew that few, if any, 
women did not have hair upon their 
head when he wrote, I Cor, 11:5, 
yet he commanded that women 
should be covered when praying or 

"Ye are our epistle written in our 
hearts, known and read of all men," 
2 Cor. 3 :2. There may be many 
ways in our life to be read and 
known of all men, but are we obey- 
ing this Scripture in any way? Can 
anyone deny that our way of living 
day by day, and our clothing is not 
a way of showing a distinction be- 
tween the church and the worldly 
people? Do you know the majority 
of the denominations from the 
world? How many so-called chris- 
tian people do not do just the op- 
posite of the meek and simple life? 
Why because it is popular to do 
like others do. Many must put the 
name of Christ upon their church 
door, so that people may know that 
those who enter are christians. 

How do individuals get into 
Christ, Matt. 10:9? Read in the 
New Testament the things which 
Christ commanded and then look 
at the churches of today, how many 
members follow (put into practice) 
the commaaidment of Christ? You 
cannot climb up some other way, 
the way of Christ is the only en- 
trance. "Verily, verily, I say unto 

you, He that entereth not by the 
door into the sheepfold, but climb- 
eth up some other way, the same is 
a thief and a robber," John 10:1. 
First you no doubt will need to sac- 
rifice some things to be a true 
christian. You cannot partake of 
all the things of this world and still 
obey Christ. Christ accepted the 
most degrading sacrifices ever 
known. All the sacrifices man ever 
did for others, never came near the 
examples of our Lord. When you 
accept Christ as your Saviour, you 
accept all His commandments in 
your life, if you do not you have 
not fully surrendered. .Aiter you 
have accepted Christ you are to re- 
pent of all your sins and be bap- 
tized, for the remission of your sins. 
Rom. 6:4 tells you how, buried in 
the likeness of Christ's death, a 
forward action as He bowed His 
head forward and gave up the 
Ghost. How many times are you 
dipped, three as recorded in Matt. 
18:19-20. Not once, not backward, 
not sprinkled with a few drops of 
water; but just as the New Test- 
ament teaches, Christ's way. 

"There is one body, and one 
Spirit, even as ye are called in one 
hope of your calling; one Lord, 
one faith, one baptism," Eph. 4:4- 
5. Why serve our Lord so minutely? 
"But as it is written. Eye hath not 
seen, nor ear heard, neither have 
entered into the heart of man, the 
things which God hath prepared 
for them that love him," 1 Cor. 2: 



9. Since time and life is so uncer- 
tain, it is very important to get 
right with God at once. The sooner 
you serve Jesus, the sooner you 
will be on safe ground, tomorrow 
may never come. Please read the 
entire chapter of John 13 carefully. 
Christ gave us His example and we 
certainly can follow these few sim- 
ple teachings of One who sacrificed 
so much that we might know God's 
Will for us. 

If we fail to do these little com- 
mandments we are guilty of all. 
"Blessed are they that do his com- 
mandments, that they may have 
right to the tree of life, and may en- 
ter in through the gates into the 
city," Rev. 22:14. Some say just so 
your heart is all right and yet your 
heart and mind work your body. 
Do you realize that you can be mis- 
led, your conscience can lead you 
wrong, you may even have a min- 
ister who may mislead his flock. If 
you do not do all that Christ com- 
manded, through the writing of His 
disciples, you are turning down 
some part of what He taught. I 
like to take a subject and get all 
the different writer's teaching, on 
that suibject and thus I can get a 
full understanding of it. I certainly 
would not want to mislead anyone 
or to lose my own soul. The best 
time to accept the new Testament 
teachings is at once, now. 

Bro. Wilfred C, Hoblit. 
Rt. 1, Arcanum, Ohio 


I was impressed with the words 
of the Head of our nation. He 
wants justice and peace. When he 
was called suddenly into office he 
said, he needs the help of the peo- 
ple and of God. I believe there is 
a great need and we should pray 
for tlie leaders of the nations of the 
world, in these perilous times. We 
have great reason to be thankful for 
the many blessings God is permit- 
ting us to enjoy. We have a just 
God and He is no respecter of per- 
sons. He sends rain upon the just 
and upon the unjust. 

Christ is our great example to 
follow for justice. "I charge thee 
before God, and the Lord Jesus 
Christ, and the elect angels, that 
thou observe these things without 
preferring one before another, doing 
nothing by partiality," 1 Tim. 5:21. 
Justice is more acceptable to the 
Lord than sacrifice. I am told some 
leaders of our nation worked upon 
laws for Civil Rights for many 
years, yet it seems not much has 
been accomplished. We can teach 
and practice justice but we cannot 
force it upon others. "Masters, give 
unto your servants that which is 
just and equal ; knowing that ye 
also have a Master in heaven,*' Col. 
4:1. We are told to judge not, that 
we be not judged. Let us abide by 
the golden rule. 

Are we living as close as possible 
to the teachings and examples of 



Christ? When upon the earth, 
Christ was a help and a blessing to 
the sick and the helpless. There is 
a blessing in helping the poor, es- 
pecially those who cannot help 
themselves. I do not believe in 
placing hardships upon people be- 
cause unfortunate things have come 
unto them. If we cannot do good 
or help them, we can ask God's 
blessings upon them. Christ gave 
us an example, to do good unto all 
men. If we are a convert of Christ 
we will believe in justice. God will 
bring every work unto judgment. 
Often some people must suffer 
through the evil deeds of others 
and unrighteous judgment. Such 
will not happen at the judgment 
seat of Christ. People who believe 
in Christ believe in justice. Chris- 
tians do not stand as a hinderance 
to doing good. 

The apostle Paul spoke weeping 
of some who claimed to be Christ's 
followers, but were in reality His 
enemies and men who would per- 
vert the Gospel of Christ. Wicked- 
ness and apostasy is flourishing. 
Many professing Christian people 
will not accept the saving doctrine 
of Christ. God knows the heart and 
thought of every professing Chris- 
tian today. The Christ way is the 
way of the Christian today. "There- 
fore being justified by faith, we 
have peace with God through our 
Lord Jestjs Christ," Rom. 5 :1. Such 
were some of you : but ye are wash- 
ed, but ye are sanctified, but ye 

are justified in the name of the Lord 
Jesus. God's judgment is just. 
When Christ was upon the earth 
His judgment was just. The path 
of the just is a shining light. The 
day is coming that we must meet 
a just God and it may come sooner 
tnan we think. 

ii\ our day many professing 
Christians do not want the golden 
rule applied. Those who work to 
des:roy the good reputation of oth- 
ers, in an unjust way, are a hinder- 
ance to the upbuilding of Christ's 
kingdom here upon the earth. Wc 
need to ask for God's help and His 
guiding hand to lead us through 
!iis w.iviked and sinful world. It is 
safe to follow Christ our Saviour, 
for there shall be a resurrection of 
the just and the unjust. 

Bro. J. F. Marks, 
R. 3. York, Pa. 


"Then said Jesus unto the twelve, 
Will ye also go away ?" John 6 : 
67. This instance in the life of our 
Lord was one of the saddest of His 
sorrow-filled days. He had fed the 
5000 and had manifested a concern 
for them that should have brought 
them to great faith. He would not 
let them settle for a material accept- 
ance of Him. So He pointed out 
that He would never be a bread 
king, even though meri would falter 
Him by the offer. If people would 
have Him, they' must feed upori 



Him, eat His flesh and drink His 
blood. He came to be Saviour from 
sin. He will be that or He can be 

Then we read, "From that time 
many of his disciples went back, 
and walked no more with him," 
John 6 :66. The saying was too 
hard for many. It was not hard to 
])erform, but hard in that it de- 
manded a relationship with Him 
that they did not want. Disappoint- 
ed they went back. This was such 
a wholesale forsaking that Jesus 
had to question even the twelve. So 
He must always question those who 
say they are His own. 

We are going away. We've just 
got to get away for a while. That's 
what vacations are all about. "Then 
Simon Peter answered him, Lord, 
to whom shall we go? thou hast 
the words of eternal life. And we 
believe and are sure that thou art 
that Christ, the Son of the living 
God." V. 68-69. What we really 
must get away from is known only 
in our Lord's gracious invitation, 
"Come unto me. all ye that labour 
and are hea\'y laden, and I will give 
you rest," Matt. 1 1 :28. We need 
rest. We want rest. But rest can 
be rest only in God. and rest in 
God is believing and serving our 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

— Selected. 


Vengeance belongs to the Lord, 
and no man has any right to take 
it into his own hands. 

Nearly every community has had 
sad illustrations of the backsliding 
and endless ruin of those Christians 
who have married sinners. A Chris- 
tian young lady was invited by an 
ungodly young man to take a pleas- 
ure ride on the Lord's day. She 
was told that by going she would 
backslide, that then she would be 
very unhappy, that a man who 
would ask her to break the Sabbath 
and dishonor Christ, had no true 
manhood, and that if she preferred 
the company of this sinner to the 
love of Christ, God would make 
him a bitter curse to her, imperiling 
her final salvation. She had prom- 
ised and must go. On the Lord's 
day they drove to a hotel ; the hos- 
tess tried to engage her services, 
and she received an invitation to a 
ball. She became a backslider. That 
year they were married. Since then 
they have passed thirty years of 
sinning. The husband is a Sabbath 
breaker, and chews, smokes and 
drinks. The wife is still a back- 
slider. Often she has been left at 
home all night, while her husband 
attended dancing parties. She has 
been beaten by him. They have 
parted once, but have been recon- 
ciled. When asked to repent, her 
reply is. T know religion is good 
but there is no use of trying to be 
a Christian. I cannot live for Christ 
unless my hu.sband does. Tf he will 



repent, 1 will. 

A young infidel proposed mar- 
riage to a pious young lady. He 
was fine looking and intelligent; 
Uis love LO her seemed to be gen- 
uine. She had but one objection, 
nis infidelity — he rejected the 
Lhrist wnom she loved. She frankly 
Seated why she hesitaced. She told 
him that she feared that the union 
inignt prove unprofitable and dis- 
astrous to her spiritual interests. 
He solemnly promised her that he 
would never oppose her in matters 
of religion ; that she should always 
have the fullest liberty to serve God 
according to her own conscience; 
ihat he would attend the means of 
grace with her, listen to the reading 
of God's Word, and kneel with her 
at the family altar. On these con- 
ditions they were married. For a 
while he kept his vows and all 
seemed harmonious, then he began 
to excuse himself of trifling pre- 
texts from attending church and 
family worship, then he invited his 
infidel friends to visit him on the 
Lord's day, and finally he succeeded 
in keeping his wife at home on 
Sundays to wait on his infidel com- 

For a while she attended church 
and prayed at the family altar alone. 
At last, tired of being constantly 
harrassed by his opposition, she 
gave up the service of God. Un- 
liappy years passed, and the dying 
day of the backslidden wife came. 
Her husband, who was at work 

away from home, was hastily sum- 
moned. He came just in time to 
hear her last words when he en- 
tered her room. She looked at him 
with a steady, piercing look of un- 
speakable terror and despair, and 
exclaimed, "I am dying, I am lost!" 
and then lifting her hand and point- 
ing her finger at him, she continued 
ill tones of severest reproach, "You 
have damned me." 

Sel. Sister Jeanette Poorman 


During a revival a young man 
said frankly that he did not wish 
to be a Christian. When asked for 
his reason, he replied, "Several 
years ago I was in a man's kitchen. 
He finding me there, swore at me 
and kicked me out. He was a 
professing Christian, and from that 
time I decided never to have any- 
thing to do with religion. And I 
never have to this day." The young 
man was asked to write down his 
reason in full and sign it. Then it 
was handed back to him with the 
words, "Take this, and when you 
are asked for your excuse on the 
day of judgment, hand this up." 
The young man saw his folly, and 
came to Christ that night. 
I Are you letting the sins of others 
keep you from giving your heart 
to Jesus? Don't be so foolish— 
for it will not stand the test of the. 
judgment day. 

— Selected. 



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JANUARY 15, 1965 

No. 2 

*'For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous 
moro holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


Part 2 (Cont. from Dec. 15 Issue) 

"That word, I say, ye know, 
which was pubHshed throughout all 
Judaea, and began from Galilee, 
after the baptism which John 
preached ; How God anointed Jesus 
of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost 
and with power : who went about 
doing good, and healing all that 
were oppressed of the devil ; for 
God was with him," Acts 10 :37-38. 

These words were addressed to 
Cornelius who was an officer in the 
Roman army. One thing which 
Peter told Cornelius concerning 
Jesus was, that He went about do- 
ing good. If Cornelius had heard 
anything about Jesus before, it 
might have been that He was doing 
harm. From the common report, 
Cornelius probably had a very bad 
opinion of Christ. He determined 
however, to hear all that Peter had 
to say in behalf of Jesus, and then 
judge for himself. We find Peter 
was able to convince Cornelius that 
the mission of Christ had been for 

Perhaps one of the greatest re- 
buttals against Christ doing evil 
was manifested by those who were 
indifferent to His mission. "Why, 
what evil hath He done?" said 
Pilate. This was a question that 
the Jews could not answer to the 
satisfaction of the Roman Governor. 
From the beginning to the end of 
this memorable trial Pilate persisted, 
"I find in Him no fault at all," but 
gave Him over to be crucified. The 
judicial rendition of Pilate has no 
parallel in history. It is the only 
trial, where the accused was ju- 
dicially declared innocent, yet con- 
demned to die. Probably by the 
request of the Jews, Jesus was 
placed on a cross to die between 
two malefactors. This was done to 
pretend that Christ was an evildoer, 
but even this brought adverse re- 
actions. One of the malefactors 
cried out "this man has done noth- 
ing amiss." The same reaction oc- 
curred among the soldiers. The 
Roman soldiers were supposed to 
be so well disciplined that they 
would show no emotion and express 
no opinion under the most adverse 
conditions, but one of them cried 


out, "Certainly this was a righteous 
man." As to the crowd, the writer 
believes that their opinion of Him 
remained unchanged. The old Latin 
statement, "the voice of the people 
is the voice of God," was repudiated 
eternally in Pilate's judgment hall. 
The choice of the crowd that fateful 
morning shows that the world's fal- 
lacious standard cannot be depended 
upon. While some came to Calvary 
and had their attitude changed, oth- 
ers went away unmoved and un- 
changed because of the crowd. 

Dear reader, have you benefited 
from the mission of Jesus to this 
world? If not, why not? "For God 
so loved the world, that He gave 
His only begotten Son, that whoso- 
ever believeth in Him should not 
perish, but have everlasting life," 
John 3:16. To believe in God's Son 
involves responding to His love and 
living separate from the world. 

Mount Sinai and was meant for no 
other people. 

The new covenant was given by 
Christ, first to His apostles and in- 
cludes all mankind since, the world 
over. It is important for us to notice 
that Jesus is the author and finisher 
of our faith, Heb. 12 :2. Paul also 
tells us in Heb. 2 :3, that our sal- 
vation was first spoken by the Lord 
Himself. Therefore we today are 
to go by the New covenant only, 
and not go back to the old for any 
part of our faith, 

Paul taught, Heb. 8:7-8, that the 
old covenant was done away. Verse 
13 says, "A new covenant, he hath 
made the first old. Now that which 
decayeth and waxeth old is ready 
to vanish away." 

When and where was the old 
covenant made? We read in Deut. 
5 :2-3, "The Lord our God inade a 
covenant with us in Horeb. Tlie 

Let's beware of the so-called "little ' Lord made not this covenant with 

conformities to the world." Like 
flakes of snow that gather in one 
mighty mass, the increase in mo- 
mentum until irrestible. 

Otto Harris, 

Antioch. W. Va, 


A covenant is an agreement be- 
tween two parties. We have two 
covenants in the Bible, the old and 
the new. First, the old covenant 

our fathers, but with us, even us, 
who are all of us here alive this 
day." This Scripture tells us two 
things. First, the covenant was 
made at Horeb or Sinai. Second, 
It was made with them that day 
and not with their fathers. It could- 
n't have been in existence before it 
was given. Paul also tells us in 
Heb. 8 :9, That the old covenant 
was made, after God took them by 
the hand to lead them out of the 
land of Egypt. Then it is necessary 
for us to know that the old covenant 

was given through Moses to the 

children of Israel, it was given aljwas made with Israel after they . led 


i-gypt, at Horeb and nol; before. 

Then what was the old covenant? 
In Deut. 5:2-3, God made a coven- 
ant with Israel that day, then goes 
right on and names the ten com- 
mandments as the covenant between 
liiem. Ex. 34 :27-28, leaves no room 
for doubt as to what the old cov- 
enant was, notice : "And the Lord 
said unto Moses, Write thou these 
words : for after the tenor of these 
words I have made a covenant with 
thee and with Israel. And he was 
there with the Lord forty days and 
forty nights; he did neither eat 
bread, nor drink water. And he 
wrote upon the tables the words of 
the covenant, the ten command- 
ments." This Scripture leaves no 
room for doubt what the old cov- 
enant was that God made with 
Israel, at Sinai, after he lead them 
out of Egypt. It was the ten com- 
mandments. The ark of the cov- 
enant that was carried by four 
priests, was called the ark of the 
covenant because it contained the 
covenant, or the ten commandments. 

Now, Paul clearly teaches that 
the old covenant was abolished, then 
the ten commandments are also 
abolished. The new covenant which 
Christ has given us, contains every 
principle that is taught in the ten 
commandments, except, "remember 
the Sabbath day to keep it holy." 
Today to be a murderer is to hate 
our brother, to be an adulterer is 
to have the desire. The teachings 
of Christ are far superior than the 

ten commandments. 

The only reason men today go 
back to the ten commandments, is 
to prove that we are to keep the 
old Jewish Sabbath, because it can- 
not be found in the New Testament. 
Qirist didn't teach that we are to 
keep the Sabbath, neither did His 
apostles. Paul only mentions the 
ten commandments once in all of 
his epistles to the Gentile churches, 
and that to show that they v^ere 
done avi^ay with. Gal. 5 :4, Paul 
says. "Christ is become of no effect 
unto you, whosoever of you are 
justified by the law ; ye are fallen 
from grace." Then according to 
Paul the ones that are teaching, we 
are still under the ten command- 
ments, are fallen from grace. Breth- 
ren, let us remember, the law of 
Christ is all we need to follow, in 
order to be children of God. 
W. E. Bashor, 
P O. Box 826, 
Turlock, Calif. 


{ By Elder James F. Swallow, the 
night of August 9th and 10th, 1964, 
on Sonoma Mountain, in Sonoma 
County, Calif.) 

T was walking on a great ocean, 
where T saw an abandoned ship 
f ghost ship). I was attracted to 
this ship. T climbed aboard the 
abandoned ship at once. There was 
not one person aboard. The fire 
was still burning under its boilers. 



Taneytovvn, Md., January 15, 1965 

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of Publication of tne Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
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uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

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Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
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Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Assoc- 
ciate Editor. 

many dmes. 1 rushed into the house 
where a dozen or more strong men 
were standing. I said, "Do you hear 
that call, "Help, I am drowning?" 
1 said, "You men have strong legs. 
Go at once and rescue the man," 
but all that I got for my trouble 
was the brush off. I ran back to 
the front porch, but all was quiet 
now, and a thick fog like a sheet 
spread over the entire area. Etern- 
ity had begun for another soul. 

Did that call come from my son ? 
or yours? The world never needed 
life-savers (spiritual) more than it 
does now. Let every one of us en- 
list for active service in our little 
church, and bv the Grace of God, 

There was a voice came to me say- we will hear the voice of our Gap- 
ing, "Make haste, and claim this j tain saying, "fear not, little flock ; 
ship for your own." I went to for it is your Father's good pleasure 
where there was authority to file to give you the Kingdom." 

the claim, and was told to make ; 
haste as time was short. While I 
was yet in this office, others camej 
to lay claim to the abandoned ship 
but were told that tliey were too 

Then on Tuesday morning, Aug- 
ust 12, 1964, I awoke weeping. In 
a vision, I was standing on the 
front porch of a strange house, when 
I heard a cry for help coming from 
the south, in front of me was a large 
open field, and at the far side of 
this field, was a forest, and beyond 
that was a lake of water. It was 
from this lake that the call for help 

Interpretation of the vision from 
Sonoma mountain : 

1. I was walking on a great ocean 

The great ocean is the people of 
this earth, of all nations, and kin- 
dred, and people, and tongues, who 
will spend eternity somewhere, and 
someone will be held responsible for 
each and every one of them, and 
the greater our claim of being the 
people of God (the torch bearers), 
the greater our responsibility, if we 
are the Light of the world? It is 
up to us to light the way for lost 
souls, to see the way to the cross, 

came, "Help, help, help, help, 1 1 if we claim to be the salt of the 
am drowning." It was repeated earth. It is our responsibility -tr. 



preserve the right way of salvatioa. 
Remember the parting words of 
Jesus, from Mark 16:15. Go ye 
into all the world and preach the 
gospel to every creature. We must 
sound the trumpet (preach the 
Word), or their blood will be on 
us, Ezek. 33 :6. 

2. The abandoned ship 

Is tne religious organizations of 
today, wno iiave iiuegraLed witti 
me going systems of religion, who 
nave lowered the standard of the 
Church to that of the world. The 

further desire for God, and don't 
like to retain God in their knowl- 
edge, Rom. 1 :28. They have aban- 
doned any desire to be in agreement 
with any of the laws of God. The 
fool hath said in his heart, "There 
is no God," Psa. 14:1. 

The Christ of the New Testa- 
ment has been abandoned in a large 
way, and only the Christ of con- 
veniences remains in most cases, 
the name of Christ is only an em- 
pty jesture in the tenets and be- 
Hefs of modern religion. There was 
a time when Christ was a welcome 

corporation (skeleton J remains, but guest at our tables, and at the fam- 
ily altar, and when guests dropped 
in for fellowship. But now it is 
only the things that are earthly, 
sensual, devilish. The real Christ, 
like the ship, has been abandoned. 
The Holy Spirit has been abandon- 
ed, as this generation will not hold 
still while the Holy Spirit reproves 
them of sin. and of righteousness, 
and of judgment. They abandon 
any thought of having their sins 
brought to the light. Emotionalism 
is often taken for a manifestation of 
the Spirit, but in most cases it is 
just an empty gesture. The real 
function of the Holy Spirit has been 
abandoned by most. 

The Bible has been abandoned, 
and when read, it is only read 
fragmentarily. In most cases, it is 
just so much double talk. Most 
people don't like the Bible because 
it never says anything good about 
them, like Ahab and Micaiah, in T 

its mission and commission to the 
world has come to an end. Her 
power and influence for Christ is 
at an end. A cliurch without the 
Spirit of Christ is none of His, 
Rom 8 :9. They that observe lying 
vanities forsake their own mercy, 
Jonah 2:8. When the Jews rejected 
Christ, their house was left unto 
them desolate, abandoned. They 
had rejected their only hope. Their 
ship was without a pilot. No chart 
to show the way, no compass to 
Iveep them on the right course. A 
sliip (church) without the 'T am 
the way, the truth, and the life," is 
i:oi sea worthy. Things that are 
abandoned, are things that are no 
longer wanted. Men have no further 
use for them. They just throw them 
away, haul them to the dump, or 
throw them into the garbage can, 
just any way to get rid of things 
unwanted. Men have abandoned any 


Kings 22 :8. The King hated the 
Prophet because he doth not proph- 
esy good concerning me, but evil. 
So, we abandon the Bible as some- 
thing undesirable. That is why the 
dear old church is being abandoned. 
Tlie world has little or no use for 
its old fashioned ways, and so they 
delete it from their desires. Which 
reminds me of the dear old prophet 
Amos, in Amos 8:11-12. Behold 
the days come, saith the Lord God, 
that I will send a famine in the 
land, not a famine of bread, nor a 
thirst for water, but of hearing the 
words of the Lord : And they shall 
wander from sea to sea, and from 
north even to the east, they shall 
run to and fro to seek the Word 
of the Lord, and shall not find it. 
There are ships aplenty (churches) 
plying the oceans of time, that are 
fully manned, abundantly financed, 
palatially built, for every modem 
comfort, and convenience, who jus- 
tify themselves in their way of life. 

3. I was attracted to the abandoned 

It was drifting, helpless. The vic- 
tim of every tide, wind or storm. 
Oh, how our hearts ache when we 
see a dear old meeting house aban- 
doned, with its roof caving in, and 
its windows broken out, its doors 
swinging loosely on its hinges, or 
converted into a club house, pack- 
ing shed, or a barn. We visualize 
the past. 'Twas here that we gave 
our hearts to God. It was here in 

this influence that we hoped to raise 
our children, see them come to the 
Lord, be married to Christian com- 
panions, and it was here that we 
hoped to take our leave, of our be- 
loved brethren and sisters, and be 
laid to rest. But, a terrible disease 
overtook them, known as the leav- 
ing of their first love, and their 
candlestick has been removed. 

4. I boarded the abondoned ship 
at once (the church) 

Not knowing just what I might 
find, the only sound to be heard was 
the fire under its boilers, all steamed 
up. Had some terrible plague de- 
stroyed all life aboard? Had they 
fallen victim to piracy ? Had mutiny 
brought death to its crew? All was 
quiet. Have churches been aban- 
doned because of the terrible plague j 
of quarreling? Have they fallen 
victim to cannibalism? by other 
churches who offered them greater I 
freedom, world-wise? Or, had they 
been recruited to sign on to other 
ships (churches) where nothing 
worldly would be considered off 
limits to them? 

5. There was not one person aboard 

Many cliurches have been aban- 
doned in the same way, with not 
one soul left to carry on its tradi- 
tions, because they have taken pas- 
sage on more modern ships (church- 
es) where things were more com- 
fortable for the freedoms that they 
sought. A real "no holds barred" 
way of life. Or. a;; the proi)]ici 



Isaiah puts it, in Isaiah 30:10, and 
I quote: "Which say to the seers, 
see not ; and to the prophets, proph- 
esy not unto us right things, speak 
unto us smoothe things, prophesy 

6. The fires were still burning 
under its boilers 

The ship (ihe church) was sea 
worLhy, all fired up, with a full 
liead of steam, waiting for the right 
crew to sign on. Sailors that feared 
neither storms nor rough seas. Sail- 
ors that would rather go down with 
their ship than to abandon it. 
Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, 
quit you like men, be strong, I Cor. 
16:13. Fight the good fight of faith, 
lay hold on eternal life, I Tim. 6 : 
12. Thou therefore, endure hard- 
ness as a good soldier of Jesus 
Christ. II Tim. 2:3. It will take 
men like Gideon, and his three 
hundred water lappers. Men like 
Joshua and Caleb, that have no fear 
of giants, or the walls they build. 
It will take men with the faith and 
coTirage of David, with his sling and 
stone (the Word of God), to save 
our little storm-beaten ship (the 
church). It will take an Elijah, to 
call down the fire of God, and de- 
stroy the prophets of Baal, and en- 
courage the seven thousand timid 
souls to come out of hiding, and 
make their influence felt again in 
the church, THAT THEY SEC- 
RETLY LOVE. The Dunkard 
Brethren have many Grod-fearing 

souls, come On back into the fold. 
The old ship's Captain (Christ) 
needs you to help man the ship (the 
church). It is you that will make 
the difference, between letting our 
light shine before men, or see our 
candle removed forever. 

7. The old abandoned ship is the 


The fires under the ship's boilers 
is the Word of God. The steam in 
he boilers, is the power of God, 
and of Christ, Matt. 28:18, and of 
■ he Holy Ghost, Rom. 15:13; I 
Thess. 1 :5. What the church needs 
to release that power, and get it 
down into the cylinders, where the 
power of God will propel our ship 
(the church) forward. Nothing can 
live standing still. .Screw down the 
pop-off valve, escaping steam won't 
get us anywhere. Let us save the 
shouting until we have something 
to shout about. 

8. There was a voice came to me ' 
saying, make haste, claim the 

abandoned ship 

It's a challenge to accept respon- 
sibility, with its opportunities, buck 
passers never get anywhere. They 
that are ready to accept the chal- 
lenge are truly trail blazers. The 
voice said that the time was short. 
This voice was to awake the church 
to its opportunities, asking it to act 
at once, as it now or never. While 
T was in the office where I had 
filed mv claim to the abandoned 


all the eternal powers of the God- 
head, God the Father, Jesus the 
Son, and the Holy Spirit, with all 
the mighty angels, are at our side, 
ready to help us. You know that 
the angel of the Lord encanipeth 
round ahout them that fear Him, 
and delivereth them, the mighty 
Word of God, is on our side all the 
way, Heh. 4:12. The sword of the 
Spirit is the greatest offensive wea- 
pon on earth. The sliield of faith 
is the mightiest defensive weapon 
known to man. During my service 
days in the far east, I faced the 
most blood thirsty savages of the 
jungles, their knives were razor 

ship, and had turned to leave with 
the claim papers in my hand, others 
stepped up to file claim to the aban- 
doned ship, but were told that they 
were too late. Which reminds me 
of Rev. 3:11, which reads as fol- 
lows : "Hold that fast which thou 
hast, that no man take thy crown." 

9. The vision is a personal message 
to our little church 

Who have full respect for the 
course mapped out by our Saviour. 
According to His chart (the Word 
of God) and compass (the Holy 
Spirit), but we have been marking 
time, standing still, withering on 
the vine. God is asking us to rise ' sharp, and how they loved to use 
up as one man, and man the good , them. But, I knew that my sword 
old ship of Zion, as did our fathers, was a better weapon, so we had 
We have nothing to lose and all j little to fear, we have the sword 
to gain. i of the Spirit, and with it, one man 

Fathers and mothers, brothers of you shall chase a thousand. Josh, 
and sisters, think of our children. 23:10. 

Where will they spend eternity ? I ° 

It is never ending. What will judg- 1 LET US DRAW NEAR 

ment be when we come face to face 

with our children ? Up ! Let us 

sign up on the ship (the church) 

at once, for active duty ! We have 

nothing to fear, but fear itself. If 

God be for us, who can be against 

us? We know that "all things work 

together for good to them that love 

God, to them who are the called 

according to His purpose." Jesus 

tells us in Matt. 28:18-19, " "All 

power is given unto me in heaven 

and in earth. Go ye therefore," that 

"Let us draw near with a true 
heart in full assurance of faith, hav- 
ing our hearts sprinkled from an evil 
conscience, and our bodies washed 
with pure water," Heb. 10 :22. 

The above verse opens up a pros- 
pect, an avenue of travel approach- 
ing nearer to God. that is very in- 
spiring to stir within us a desire 
of attainment, sO freely offered and 
made possible to all who will follow 
1 through the open door. 

means : if we are in the will of God, To encourage us, to draw near 


with full assurance of faith, we be- 
hold the outlay of this attainment 
made possible : 

: 1. By the sacrifice of Christ upon 
the cross, sin is put away, Heb. 
9 -.26. 

2. "The blood of Christ, who 
through the eternal Spirit offered 
Himself without spot to God, purge 
your conscience from dead works 
to serve the living God," Heb. 9:14. 

3. Jesus by His own blood en- 
tered once into the Holy place, hav- 
ing obtained eternal redemption for 
us, Heb. 9:12. 

4. Jesus is the Mediator of the 
New Testament, Heb. 9:15. 

5. We are sanctified by Jesus, 
doing the Will of God, in the offer- 
ing of His body once for all, Heb. 

6. We have the New Covenant 
now in force, by the blood of Christ 
that dedicates The New Covenant, 
Heb. 9:18, 23. 

7. Christ has entered Heaven 
itself now to appear in the presence 
of God for us, Heb. 9 :24. 

8. One sacrifice offered for sins 
forever. Heb. 10:12. 

9. "For by one offering He hath 
perfected forever them that are 
.-^anctified," Heb. 10:14. 

10. The New Covenant is written 
in the hearts, Heb. 10:16. 

11. And their sins and iniquities 
will I remember no more. 

12. "Having promise of the life 
that now is, and of that which is 
to come," T Tim. 4 :8. 

What a wonderful array of bles- 
sings given to man through Jesus 
Christ our Lord! What clearing of 
the way — what wonderful induce- 
ment for man to draw near to God ! 

In drawing nearer to God ; of 
necessity we must draw nearer to 
one another, and though scattered 
as we are in assemblies, groups of 
different church names, and cus- 
toms that divide us, yet we may be 
drawing nearer to each other than 
we realize. 

There is a great effort made to 
unite all the large popular churches 
under one leadership. Also there 
can be a united effort of those lesser 
groups, who remember the out 
coming of the little group of Breth- 
ren in 1708 who made an outstand- 
ing move in their day to go back- 
to the simple teaching of Jesus ; 
and endeavor to follow and pick up 
vital principles of the Word of 
God that had been lost. This move- 
ment has grown, but sad to say, 
today are divided into many groups. 
To those groups who look back with 
admiration of this renewing of the 
faith in 1708, may this message of 
drawing near to God, come with 
call to fervent desire to again be- 
come more closely united and es- 
pecially to such is this appeal 

Jesus Christ calls from heaven: 
"Come out of her, my people, that 
ve be not partakers of her sins, and 
that ye receive not of her plagues," 
Rev. 18:4. What does this mean 



but the call of God to come nearer j other ; aad if we have heart in this, 

to Him, and to one another? Even 
as we also read, "Wherefore come 
out from among them, and be ye 
separate, saith the Lord, and touch 
not the unclean thing ; and I will 
receive you, and will be a Father 
unto you, and ye shall be my sons 
and daughters, saith the Lord Al- 
mighty," II Cor. 6:17-18. 

Dear Brethren in the faith of 
Jesus : Let us draw near in heart- 
felt desire, and humble prayer unto 
God. We know the way of ap- 
proach to Him is open, cleared of 
all the obstacles of the centuries of 

"holding fast the profession of our 
faith without wavering," we can 
take the next step: "Consider one 
another to provoke unto love and 
good works." We will not forsake 
the assembling of ourselves toget- 
her, as the manner of some is ; but 
exhorting one another : and so much 
the more, as ye see the day ap- 
proaching, Heb. 10 :25. 

We urge an increasing spiritual 
awakening to the practical, living 
truth of God's Holy Word to man ; 
and by allowing God to have full 
sway in our hearts, let each group 

sin and degredation before Jesus i with increased faith, call upon our 
came, The Lamb of God that taketh 1 Heavenly Father to quicken our 
away the sin of the world — the i hearts to more devotion, and so 
perfect sacrifice for sin. We can ; come to realization of His nearness. 

"come boldly unto the throne of 
grace, that we may obtain mercy, 
and find grace to help in time of 
need," Heb. 4:' 16. 

and power, to bring about a great 
change in our lives to more devo- 
tional service and spiritual activity. 
This renewed awakening can be 

Brethren, we can have "boldness fjuickened by reading God's for- 
te enter into the holiest by the blood | telling prophesies, and see the signs 

of Jesus," Heb. 10:19. For we have 
a new and living way. Heb. 10:20. 
Also we now have "A Great High 
Priest, that is passed into the heav- 
ens, Jesus Christ the Son of God, 
Heb. 4:14. And, He is holy, harm- 
less, undefiled, separate from sin- 
ners, and made higher than the 
heavens, Heb. 7 :26. Our High 
Priest is over the house of God, 
Heb. 10:21. 

Let us draw near with a true 

fulfilled in the heavens and earth, 
of the near second coming of Jesus 
Christ our Lord to be our Great 
Deliverer and Saviour. As we be- 
come more conscious of the increas- 
ing work of grace in our hearts — 
as we draw nearer and nearer unto 
God ; T believe the way will be 
])ointed out to us, how to draw 
nearer to one another. 

What a divine prospect • — what 
glory to God, to finally stand united 

heart in full assurance of faith. We j together, when Jesus comes to send 
need to be closer to God and each ' His angels to gather together His 


elect from the four winds, from the 
one end of heaven to the other, 
Matt. 24 :3 1 . This prospect of unity 
of God's .dear children should keep 
us busy till Jesus comes, and will 
keep our hearts sprinkled from an 
evil conscience, and comfort us, 
that looking back when our bodies 
were "washed with pure water," 
which we know means water bap- 
tism, the beginning of the great 
work of baptism by water, followed ! 
up by the work of Jesus Christ, 1 
baptizing with the Holy Ghost and 
with fire, Matt. 3:11. 

Let us draw near the mercy seat. 
The Throne of God on high ; 

Communication be complete. 
Between the earth and sky. 

Let us draw near in humble prayer, 
Confess our wandering ways. 

Cast on the Lord our every care, 
And bow to Him in praise. us draw near to Him who hears 
The groanings of each heart ; 

Oh, take away our cares and fears, 
For just and kind thou art. 

Let us draw near, for 'round the 
Others are bending low ; 
How sweet to be with those who 
From whence their blessings flow. 

Let us draw near that we be one. 

United heart to heart; 
Content to say "Thy will be done," 

Thy blessings to impart. 

Let us draw near while here below. 

For soon the day will come ; 
God grant we then Thy grace will 
And all be gathered home. 
Joseph L Cover, 
Sonora, Calif. 



The Apostle Paul as our witness : 
"Therefore, my beloved brethren, 
!)e ye steadfast, unmoveable, always 
abounding in the work of the Lord, 
forasmuch as ye know that your 
labour is not in vain in the Lord," 
1 Cor. 15:58. Have the teachings 
and testimony of our beloved, fun- 
damental, conservative Dunkard 
Brethren faith, been wrong with 
respect to our separation from ap- 
ostasy? . . . either in the past, or 
are we today? 

In the religious world in our time, 
there is a great controversy and 
conflict, being propounded, between 
the Fimdamental Churches (so 
called) and New "Evangelicalism';' 
or the New "Neutralism," which is 
so readily accepted by the so-called 
leading evangelists, colleges and 
seminaries of the Protestant church- 
es. Can we as the "True Church 
of Jesus Christ" affiliate with either 
of these groups? 

What the "Fundamentalists" ac- 
cept as being Bible Fundamental- 
ism in some points we accept as 
'being Fundamental, such as some 


of the basic truths, Virgin Birth, 
Christ's Resurrection, His Substi- 
tutional Atonement for sin, mir- 
acles, etc. These are iiiherrciit. Yet, 
are these so-called Fundamental 
Denominations, who believe in these 
basic truths, teaching and practic- 
ing all Biblical truth concerning our 
Salvation? The New Evangelical- 
ism, New Neutralism deny these 
basic "truths," therefore they are 
unthinkable to a true Christian. 

"What is a fundamentalist?" 
What does the word "fundamental" 
mean? "A leading or primary prin- 
ciple, rule, law. or article, which 
serves as the ground-work of a 
system ; essential part ; as, the fun- 
damentals of the Christian faith." 
To be fully fundamental Christians, 
our system of "faith" must be the 
faith "abstractly" and "concretely," 
as outlined in the Holy Scriptures, 
for man's salvation. It must be 
the faith "which was once delivered 
unto the saints," Jude 3. Hence, 
to be a true Fundamentalist, one 
must accept all the doctrine and 
primitive practices of the Apostolic 
Church. A Fundamentalist is one 
who is opposed to modernism, or a 
modernist in religion. We realize 
that a true Fundamentalist today is 
looked upon as being an "extrem- 
ist" and "ultra-fundamentalists," 
just as though they had but recently 
come upon the scene, to trouble 

the peaceful waters of "Ecumenical- 
ly..^ " 

- However, dear Brethren and Sis- 

ters, we remind you that true 
"Fundamentalism" has not changed. 
It stands today just where true 
Christian faith has always stood. 
It has no need to change for it is 
grounded in God's unchangeable 
Word. It is the religious world that 
has changed, is still changing, for it 
has no stable foundation or immut- 
able truth. The apostle has warned 
us, 2 Thess. 2 :3, "Let no man de- 
ceive you by any means : for that 
day (the Second Coming of Christ) 
shall not come, except there come a 
falling away first (not a taking 
away), and that man of sin be re- 
vealed, the son of perdition." 

A great apostasy is taking place 
today. Are we justified to follow 
either the "Neutralist" or the so- 
called "Fundamentalist"? Note the 
following .Scriptures . . . We have 
heard God say, "Be ye not un- 
equally yoked together with unbe- 
I levers.'" And, "Wherefore come 
out from among them, and be ye 
separate, saith the Lord," 2 Cor. 
6:14, 17. We have found the 
Scriptures plain and understand- 
able . . . "Now I beseech you, 
l)rethren, mark them which cause 
divisions and offences contrary to 
the doctrine which ye have learned; 
and avoid thetn, "Rom. 16:17. 

Paul also admonishes, Titus 1 : 
13, "This witness is true. Where- 
fore rebuke them sharply, that they 
may be sound in the faith." 2 Tim. 
3 :5, "Having a form of godliness, 
biit denying the power thereof : from 



such turn away." Let us not follow 
these so-called Christians. We are 
warned by John, "For many de- 
ceivers are entered into the world, 
who confess not that Jesus Christ 
is come in the flesh. This is a 
deceiver and an antichrist." "Who- 
soever transgresseth, and abideth 
not in the doctrine of Christ, hath 
not God. He that abideth in the 
doctrine of Christ, he hath both 
the Father and the Son. If there 
come any unto you, and bring not 
this doctrine, receive him not into 
your house, neither bid him God 
speed : For he that biddeth him God 
speed is partaker of his evil deeds," 
2 Jno. 7, 9-11. 

We believe there is great cause 
for "steadfastness" and that it is a 
cause worthy of the enlistment of 
all who love the Lord Jesus Christ 
and who will take a firm stand with 
those who choose to "obey God 
rather than men." Many are going 
down the road of compromise, and 
will find it hard for reasons of pride 
or otherwise self-will, to turn back. 
But may God give to all who have 
an ear for His precious Word, 
grace to do just that. "If any man 
have an ear to hear, let him hear 
what the Spirit saith unto the 
churches." And let us "have no 
fellowship with the unfruitful works 
of darkness, but rather reprove 
them." "Therefore, my beloved 
brethren, be ye steadfast, unmove- 
able, always abounding in the work 
of the Lord, for asmuch as ye know 

iliat your labour is not in vain in 
tne Lord." 

May this be our motto and prayer 
for the New Year, is our prayer. 
Bro. Wm. Root, 
1612 Morphy St., 
Great Bend, Kans. 



There will be morning services 
at the Mechanicsburg Church the 
first Sunday of every month and 
evening services the third Sunday 
of the month. 

If it is the Lord's will Brother 
Miller will hold a two-week revival 
meeting beginning the 13th of Sep- 
tember. We ask an interest in your 
prayers in behalf of the work here. 
May the Lord's will be done. 

Barbara Stump 

The Plevna congregation met for 
Council December 12 at 2:00 P. M. 
Hymn number 360 was sung and 
Bro. Walter Bird opened by read- 
ing Romans 8:1-18 and led in pray- 
er. Our Elder, Vern Hostetler, 
presided. We had our yearly elec- 
tions of Simday School and Church 
officers. Our evangelist for 1966 
was chosen. It was decided that 
the Thanksgiving offering be used 
to make up Christmas baskets. Elder 
Vern Hostetler was re-elected as 
our presiding elder. Bro. Earl Bru- 
baker led in closing prayer. 



The following day Bro. Hostetler 
and wife were with us for morning 
service. He gave us a very good 
sermon, "Being on guard for the 
enemy of our soul." 

On Sunday morning, August 2, 
Elder Ernest Miller of Harrison- 
burg, Va., came into our midst and 
preached for us a two week's re- 
vival meeting. The meetings were 
well attended. During the meetings 
a young girl and young boy were 
baptized. We were glad to have 
Sister Miller, Alfred and Elder 
Zenas Mellott of Oakland, Md., 
with us too. We had our Lovefeast 
at the close of the meetings on Aug. 
15 and 16. Bro. Miller surely gave 
us many spiritual things to think 
about. May the Lord bless him in 
the service of the Master. 

On Sunday, October 11, we had 
our Annual Harvest Meeting with 
a basket dinner in the basement at 
noon. In the morning, Bro. Floyd 
Swihart of Goshen, Ind., preached 
the Harvest sermon. In the after- 
noon, Bro. Walter Bird gave us the 
first sermon and Bro. Swihart gave 
us the second sermon. We enjoyed 
visitors from several other congre- 
gations at all of these meetings. We 
welcome anyone at anytime to all 
of our services. 

We enjoyed Thanksgiving serv- 
ices on Thanksgiving evening. Two 
of our home ministers each gave 
us a sermon. We feel we have been 
well blessed during this past year. 
Sister Almeda Strayer, Cor. 

The Eldorado congregation met 
in regular quarterly council Dec. 19, 
Opening hymn No. 4 and opening 
devotions by Bro. Replogle. The 
main item of business was the elec- 
tion of church and Sunday school 
officers for the coming year. All 
business was taken care of in a 
Christian manner. 

We are few in number at this 
place and , truly appreciate any vis- 
itors. Our services are every first, 
third and fifth Sunday mornings 
of each month. Sunday school at 
10 EST, followed by preaching. As 
the time surely draws nearer for the 
second return of Jesus, may each 
one consider very seriously the life 
we are living. Will we be ready? 

Sister Dorothy Blocher, Cor, 

The Walnut Grove congregation 
met in regular council Dec. 19, sing- 
ing hymn No. 201. Bro, Joshua 
Rice read from Rom. 12, gave ap- 
propriate remarks and led in prayer. 
Bro. Kegerreis' time expired and he 
we re-elected as our presiding elder. 
The main business was the election 
of Sunday school officers. Bro. 
Kegerreis led in closing prayer and 
the meeting closed with hymn No, 

We miss the presence of Bro. 
Edward and Sister Martha O'Brien 
since she cannot attend services. 
Also there were others missing 
throughout the year. It is a won- 



derful privilege to live in a land I did for me, while in the hospital 
where we still have the opportunity' and since I am home. Thanks for 

to gather for public worship. As 
the New Year begins may we each 
be more thankful for this blessing, 
as well as the many others we have 
been blessed with. 

Sister Ruthanna Sauerwein, Cor. 

all the cards, gifts and prayers. 
May the Lord bless you always. 

Glenn Stauffer 


I hardly know how to express 
my appreciation and gratitude, to 
all who visited me at the hospital, 
sent cards of sympathy, offered 
prayers in my behalf, or even 
thought of me in my recent surg- 
eries of Nov. 23 and Nov. 28. 

I am confident the good Lord 
answered my prayers and yours, 
guided the hands of the surgeon, 
and is rapidly restoring me to de- 
sired health. By the blessings of 
the Lord I returned to work full 
time, in two days less than one 
month from the first surgery. 

Thank God we live in a land 
where we have religious liberty, and 
can hold each other up at the 
Throne of Grace without persecu- 
tion. May God bless you all and 
keep you faithful until we meet 
again, if not in this life, then in 
the Eternal Home. 

Your brother in Christ, 
Harold R. Frantz. 

William E. Long, son of Uriah 
and Lucinda (Zumbrum) Long, 
was born A^Iay 16, 1871, in Noble 
County, Indiana, and passed away 
December 17, 1964, at his home at 
Goshen, Indiana, aged 93 years, 6 
months and 1 day. He was the last 
of his family. 

On January 30, 1896, he was un- 
ited in marriage to Elma Bohner. 
To this union was born four daugh- 
ters, one of whom died in infancy. 
Most of their married life was spent 
in and near Pioneer, Ohio. In No- 
vember 1943 they moved to Gos- 
hen, Indiana, where he lived until 
the day of his death. His wife, El- 
ma, preceded him in death in 1947. 

Brother Long was a charter 
member of the Pleasant Ridge Con- 
gregation of the Dunkard Brethren 
Church and at the time of his 
death held his membership with the 
Goshen congregation. 

He leaves to mourn his passing: 
his 3 daughters, Mrs. Loma Cook 
of Montpelier, Ohio; Mrs. Mary 
Swihart and Mrs. Elsie Cripe of 
Goshen, Indiana; 13 grandchildren, 
24 great-grandchildren, 7 great- 


Dear Brethren and Sisters, 

I want to thank all the brethren, j great-grandchildren, and a host of 
sisters and friends for what they 'other relatives and friends. 



I cannot say, and will not say 
That he is dead, he is just away. 
With a cheery smile, and a wave 

of the hand. 
He has wandered into an unknown 

And left us dreaming how very fair 
It needs must be, since he lingers 

And you, O you, who the wildest 

For the old-time step and the glad 

Think of him faring on as dear 
In the love of there as the love of 

here ; 
Think of him still as the same, I say ; 
He is not dead, he is just away. 

Funeral services at the Goshen 
church on Sunday, December 20, 
1964, were conducted by Bro. Dean 
St. John, with Bro. Harley Flory 
assisting. Burial was made at the 
West Goshen Cemetery. 


Sacrifice is a word of wide scope 
or sphere, and range of knowledge 
and responsibility to all people. For 
God is no respector of persons. The 
word sacrifice has a far reaching 
meaning, it takes a consecrated, 
dedicated life to the service of the 
Lord, and to all humanity. Doing 
things for peace sake and to cease 
opposition, giving or sacrificing with 
.suffering, for the sake of peace and 
tmion. For Jesus Christ also hath 
suffered for the sins of humanity, 

the just for the unjust. I Pet. 4:12, 1 
"Beloved, think it not strange con- 
cerning the fiery trial which is to 
try you." This may come by a re- 
ligious group, for Jesus was con- 
demmed by a very religious group 
to be crucified. The chief Priests 
cried. Crucify Him. Jesus made the 
greatest sacrifice that could be made. 
Eph. 5 :2, "Walk in love, as Christ 
also hath loved us, and hath given 
himself for us an offering and a , 
sacrifice." I 

Today some churches expect 
Jesus Christ to come to their way. 
Ceremonial worship is to yield to 
some great man, perhaps one who 
never repented or was converted, i 
though of great learning and world- \ 
ly education. I Cor. 2 :2-5, The 
word of the apostle Paul, for I am 
determined to know nothing, save 
Jesus Christ and him crucified. 
This being the uppermost need of 
salvation. My speech and my 
preaching was not with enticing 
words of man's wisdom, but of the 
Lord Jesus Christ. For ye see your 
calling, how that not many mighty, | 
not many noble, not many wise af- 
ter die flesh are called. Matt. 18° 
11, "For the son of man is come 
to save that which was lost (in a 
lost condition)." Matt. 18, Jesus 
called a little child unto Him and 
said, Verily I say unto you, except 
ye be converted and become as a 
little child, ye shall not enter the 
kingdom of Heaven. Where will 
the proud and dignified people 



stand in the great judgment day: 
In that day when Heaven and earth 
will pass away. 

Jesus sacrificed all, even His life 
and blood, to save sinners. When 
He said, Father forgive them for 
they know not what they do, Jesus 
was speaking to His people, Israel. 
Luke 13:3, "Except ye repent ye 
shall all likewise perish." He was 
talking to religious groups. Even 
the high Priests cried out to crucify 
Him. It took a great sacrifice for 
Jesus to say, Not my will but Thine 
be done." Luke 14:33, "Whosoever 
he be of you that forsaketh not all 
that he hath, he cannot be my di- 
sciple." Some so-called christians 
or churcih-members are not willing 
to sacrifice anything. They are al- 
ways right and want their way. 
Luke 14:27, "Whosoever doth not 
bear his cross, and come after me, 
cannot be my disciple." Can we in- 
herit everlasting life without sac- 

Rom. 12:1, "I beseech you there- 
fore brethren, by the mercies of 
God, that ye present your bodies a 
living sacrifice, holy, acceptable un- 
to God, which is your reasonable 
service." Yield unto the Lord's 
way; not to formality, customs, 
methods and modes set by man. 
Then the Pharisees and scribes 
asked Jesus, Why walk not thy 
disciples according to the traditions 
of the Elders, the religious leaders? 
Sacrifice also means giving up 
things for the welfare of others, in 

order for peace and union. A sur- 
rendered life, a consecrated and 
dedicated life unto the service of 
the Lord. To give up or yield to 
others for peace. Sacrifice is a cross 
to bear, for those who falsely accuse 
you, rejoice in as much as ye are 
partakers of Christ's suffering. 2 
Tim. 3:12, "Yea, and all that will 
live godly in Christ Jesus shall suf- 
fer persecution." I Pet. 4:12, "Be- 
loved, think it not strange concern- 
ing the fiery trial which is to try 
you." If ye are reproached for the 
sake of Christ, happy are ye. Christ 
hath suffered for the sins of the 

Heb. 9:22, Without the shedding 
of blood is no remission of sin. No 
salvation in ceremonial worship or 
repeating the same prayer. Some 
of the worst kind of characters can 
repeat a ceremonial prayer. The 
door of salvation was opened to the 
Gentiles after the day of Pente- 
cost. Matt. 10:5-6, "These twelve 
Jesus sent forth and commanded 
them saying, Go not into the way 
of the Gentiles, and into any city 
of the Samaritans enter ye not. But 
go rather to the lost sheep of the 
house of Israel." The time of the 
Gentiles was not yet come. The 
apostle Paul was a chosen vessel 
to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles 
and they that believed were given 
the power of the Holy Ghost. 

John 5:22, "For the Father 
judgeth no man, but hath committed 
all judgment unto the Son." Do you 



believe this Scripture : Many Chris- 
tians of this day and age pray only 
to the Father, ignoring the Son, 
Jesus Christ. He that honoreth not 
the Son, honoreth not the Father 
which hath sent Him. He, the 
Father, hath given the Son to ex- 
ecute judgment, because He is the 
Son of man. Ye will not come to 
me. that ye might have life? 

We also have some who assume 
the name "Father" and are never 
legally married. Some use the name 
as that of authority. Tit. 1 :7, For 
a bishop must be blameless, not 
self-willed, not soon angry, not 
given to wine, not given to filthy 
lucre, but just, holy, temperate. I 
Pet. 5 :5. "For God resisteth the 
proud, and giveth grace to the hum- 
ble." Jesus, ye have taken by wicked 
hands, crucified, and slain. Can we 
inherit everlasting life and not be 
willing to sacrifice? Rom. 11 :13, 
Paul speaks to you Gentiles, Inas- 
much as I am the apostle of the 
Gentiles. Gal. 3 :26, "For ye are all 
the children of God by faith in 
Christ Jesus. For as many of you 
as have been baptized into Christ, 
have put on Christ". For ye are all 
one in Christ. Rom. 10, Christ is the 
end of the law (ceremonial wor- 
ship). Rom. 6:3-4, "Know ye not 
that so many of us as were bap- 
tized into Jesus Christ, were bap- 
tized into His death. Therefore we 
are buried with him by baptism 

into death even so we also 

should walk in newness of life." 

Rom. 2:11, For there is no respect 
of persons with God." 

Jas. 2 :9, "If ye have respect to 
persons, ye commit sin." Acts 10: 
34, "Of a truth I perceive that God 
is no respector of persons : but in 
every nation, he that feareth Him 
and worketh righteousness, is ac- 
cepted with Him." Psa. 107:21, 
"Oh that men would praise the Lord 
for His goodness, and for His won- 
derful works to the children of men : 
and let them sacrifice the sacrifices 
of thanksgiving, and declare His 
works with rejoicing." Rom. 8:14, 
"For as many as are led by the 
Spirit of God, they are the sons of 
God." I Cor. 5 :7, "For even Christ 
our passover is sacrificed for us." 
Christ was the end of the law. 

Doest thou believe that Jesus 
Christ is the Son of God? That He 
brought from Heaven a saving Gos- 
pel? Wilt thou renounce Satan with 
all the sinful pleasures of the 
world? It takes such faith to be a 
christian, not just to assume the 
name. It takes a great sacrifice of 
the carnal mind, to follow the Lord 
Jesus Christ. Ye cannot serve God 
and mammon at the same time. To 
sacrifice is to give up something 
evil, something we lust after, or 
habits which are a part of our life 
and yet not in harmony with the 
Gospel of our Lord. To be conver- 
ted means : a change of life, a new 
creature, a newness of life the 
Christ way. 



Blessed be the blood of the Lamb, 
We have wandered far from His 

To a world of sin revealed, 
Believing the promises of our 
Lord, Who is the faithful witness 
And the first begotten of the dead, 
Washing us from sin by His blood 
Blessed be His Holy Name. 
William N. Kinsley 
Hartville, Ohio 


We were happy when Bro. and 
Sister Edward Johnson graciously 
offered to stop with us on their 
way home from revival in Dallas 
Center, the last day of August. Here 
is Bro. Johnson's message of cour- 

Quote: As we sang the song, 
"Saviour Lead Me," the question 
arose, "Lead all the way where?" 
Our brother's prayer was that God 
would lead us safe home. Is it to 
our home on earth only? I think 
we all believe He will lead us home 
to Heaven, when we follow Jesus 
all the way. When we arrive home 
on earth after a long journey, we 
are still on our way to our Heavenly 

Rom. 10:17, by faith Isaiah heard 
the Word. We must not only read 
but hear and do the word. What 
do€s this word mean to us? What 
are we to do with it after we hear? 
Psa. 119:89, "Forever, O Lord, 
thy word is settled in Heaven," 

verse 140, "Thy word is very pure : 
therefore thy servant loveth it," 
verse 160, "Thy word is true from 
the beginning and everyone of thy 
righteous judgments endureth for- 

No matter how dark, the word 
gives us light to see. On our earthly 
journeys we read the map and fol- 
low the road indicated. We find 
detours, heavy traffic and other in- 
inconveniences. If we follow the 
map of God's word it will never 
change or detour our course. God's 
map is a "light to my path," so we 
can always see. It will keep us from 
sin. What is sin? Trangression. 
How will we know what the trans- 
gressions are if we don't read the 
Bible? If we don't read, how will 
we know what "Thou shalt" or 
what "Thou shalt not"? 

In Psa. 119:11, it says, "Thy 
word have I hid in my heart," Ly- 
ing is a transgression. Little chil- 
dren sometimes say, "I didn't do 
it" in an effort to avoid punish- 
ment. Ananias and Sapphira de- 
ceived the disciples, but God re- 
vealed the untruth. Holding back 
a part of the price of the land 
seemed a simple thing at the time, 
but when God revealed the truth it 
turned into a great thing, for which 
they had to pay with their lives. If 
we hide Gods word in our heart it 
will keep us from deepest trouble. 

Repent and be baptized and re- 
ceive the Holy Ghost. Philip went 
'about his work and.wasJed by the 



Spirit to the man in the chariot. He 
asked the man, do you understand? 
The Ethopian answered, "how can 
I unless someone teach me?' Then 
Philip told him of Jesus. The Ethi- 
opian was so repentent he desired 
baptism at once. When he assured 
Phillip he believed Jesus Christ was 
the Son of God, he was baptized and 
went on his way rejoicing. 

Do we read the Bible often? Do 
we ever study it? Or do we close 
the book and say we already know 
it? When we go back and search 
the scripture we find we know 
very little. Can we say we have the 
word hid in our hearts ? Can others 
look at us and see we are going a 
different way than they are? Will 
they say, "What can we do to be 
as happy as you are?" It is the 
light of that Word in our hearts 
that shines out through our conver- 
sations and actions. We cannot keep 
it from showing it if it is there. 
Those of you who know His way, 
does it not comfort you to hear His 

Hebrews 11, Noah listened to 
God and heard "His warning of 
things not seen as yet." When the 
flood came the ark was just what 
was needed. Noah's faith came by 
hearing. When we follow His in- 
structions as Noah did we will have 
nothing to fear. 

The lake of fire is prepared for 
the devil and his angels. Some may 
say, "I didn't know that." Do we 
read God's word every morning to 

learn it? If we don't read it each 
morning how can we know wheth- 
er our meditations of the day please 
God? What if we had no Bibles? 
It would be like going across the 
country without a map, we would 
get lost. 

Sing with Grace in your hearts 
to the Lord. When His word dwells 
in our hearts it will burst into song. 
It causes a Christian to see the I 
needs of others and lend a helping 
hand. The word is then unto you 
as a joy and rejoicing. How good 
it is to have kind neighbors we can 
trust and take to them our burdens. 
Why do they help us? Because we 
follow His word. 

Have we thought what it has 
cost to have His word? I would 
like for us to realize how lasting 
and precious it is. Rev. 22:18-19. 
says, "If any man shall add unto 
these things, God shall add unto 
him the plagues that are written in 
the book : and if any man shall 
take away from the words of the 
book of this prophecy, God shall 
take away his part out of the book 
of Life." If we neglect to live it, 
how are we going to get to the mar- 
riage supper without a wedding 
garment ? 

Think of the turmoil, just because 
men will not accept the word. 
Joshua said, "choose you this day 
whom ye will serve, whether the 
gods your fathers served, or the 
gods of the Amorites in whose land 
ye dwell ; but as for me and my 



house we will serve the Lx>rd." Can ] Definitely not ! While it pictures 
we say for our household the same? a life almost too good to be true, 

I John 5:13, "These things have 
I written unto you that believe on 
the name of the Son of God; that 
ye may know that ye have eternal 
life, and that ye may believe on the 
name of the Son of God." Why was 
this scripture written? That we may 
hear and know that wonderful story. 
Does it make our hearts rejoice to 
talk about Jesus and His life? It 
seems we are too busy to talk about 
the Lord and read His book. All 
we have to do is open its lids and 
there is the story Pure and Holy. 

May God add His blessing to 
these words. 


By Sister Elta K. Blythe 

822 W. Calhouny 

Macomb, Illinois. 


Charles H. Spurgeon once said, 
"Oh, to have one's life under heav- 
enly cultivation ; no longer a wil- 
derness, but a garden of the Lord ! 
Walled by grace, planted by in- 
struction, visited by love, weeded 
by heavenly discipline, and guarded 
by divine power. One's life thus 
favoured is prepared to yield fruit 
into the glory of God." 

Is such a life a myth? An unreal 
dream? A fiction of the imagina- 
tion? Or poetical fancy? Is this 
life an impossible or impractical 
.ideal tantalizing would-be believers? 

yet it is a real and practical life 
within reach of all people. 

This life might be called the 
Blessed Life, the Holy Life, the 
Heavenly Life, the Happy Life, the 
Higher Life, the Consecrated Life, 
the Sanctified Life, the Transform- 
ed Life, the Spirit-filled Life, the 
Faith Life, the Life of Power, the 
Life of Christ in God, the Life that 
is in Christ, etc. Regardless of 
what life you prefer to call it, it is 
all of these and more. 

No language can fully describe 
the rest, joy, peace, deliverance, 
fellowship, power, victory, and glory 
experienced by the possesors of this 
life. It is a Biblically, not denomi- 
nationally based life. It is a product 
of faith, not works — although it's 
a combination of the two to main- 
tain it. It is the only life that en- 
dures and pleases God. 

Sel. by Kenneth Whitmore 


You're just plain chicken! Ever 
have someone yell that at you? The 
nickname "chicken" is one of the 
most-used slang expressions of the 
twentieth century. 

In plain talk, chicken means cow- 
ard! To teenagers, a chicken is a 
deb, doll, or daddy-o who is bugged 
up with fear. He is afraid to die. 
afraid to go all the way, afraid to 




follow the herd. They call you 
chicken if you won't smoke. You 
are chicken if you won't drink, and 
chicken if you won't rock and roll 
and swing with progressive jazz. 
You are chicken if you can't brag 
about your indulgence in shameful 
sex. Today a teen-ager who refuses 
to act like a heathen is considered 
a goofer from outer space. 

Prisons and reformatories are 
overflowing with teen-agers who 
have been indicted for murder, as- 
sault and battery, drug addiction, 
and immorality. And many of these 
teens boast, "At least I'm not 

All across America, shocked and 
heartbroken parents are asking their 
unwed pregnant daughters. "Why 
did you do it ?" The foolish answer : 
'T didn't want to be chicken." 

Our highwavs are overrun with 
teen-age hot-rodders playing the 
chicken game. They race down the 
middle of the road toward each 
other's car — and the first one to 
get off the white line is chicken. 
During 1959 in one state alone 
more than 25 teen-agers died plav- 
ing chicken. 

Pittsburgh streetcar operators 
were shocked by teen-agers who 
stood on the tracks refusing to 
move when a speeding streetcar 
bore down on them. They told po- 
bVe they were plaving chicken — 
the first guy to jump off the track 
was chicken 

Teen-agers are being lured and 

seduced into sin and corruption by 
other teen-agers who have sold out 
to the devil. Some cool operator 
or slick chick will lead an innocent 
teen-ager into a trap and then jeer, 
"Come on. Whatsamatter ? You 
chicken? Why don't you get 
smart?" A lot of teen-agers are 
doing things now they would refuse 
to do but for one thing — they want 
to be like the gang! Teen-agers 
are throwing their morals to the 
wind just so they will be accepted 
by big-shot sinners leading the herd 
to hell 

A real chicken is one who breaks 
down under pressure. One of these 
days God is going to put on the 
pressure. He is going to see how 
big and brave and smart teen-agers 
will act then. The Bible says, "It 
is appointed unto man once to die, 
but after this the judgment !" Ev- 
ery teen-ager will stand before al- 
mighty God on the judgment day. 
This will be real pressure. A lot 
of fellows and girls who aren't 
chicken on earth will really be 
chicken when they stand before 

Every Catholic, every Protestant, 
and every Jew will stand before 
God and be judged for every wick- 
ed word that came out of his mouth 
and every sinful deed he did. When 
God puts on the pressure, "every 
knee shall bow . . . and every 
tongue shall confess." Every eye 
will behold Him on that great day. 
Every teen-ager who had no time 



for God or Jesus Christ will fall on 
his face and weep and cry and 
scream for mercy! 

It will take you just three min- 
utes to finish reading this article — 
but the next three minutes will be 
the most important minutes in your 
life ! God is going to speak to your 
heart through this article. He is 
talking to you through the Holy 
Spirit right now. You are soon 
going to make a choice for all 

The end of time is almost here. 
Everybody is talking about it. Ev- 
erybody feels something world- 
shattering is about to happen. It 
is going to be worse than a hydro- 
gen war. It will be worse than 
floods, earthquakes, famines, or oth- 
er calamities. 

God is warning people every- 
where that the end of time is near. 
Communistic leaders are getting 
ready to push the launching buttons 
that will fill the skies with missiles. 
China is getting ready to march 
with its millions. Africa is shaking 
itself from sleep like a mighty giant. 
South America is rumbling like a 
panther. Crime, delinquency, drug 
addiction, sex, hate, and fear are 
spreading around the world like a 
cancer. Fear is causing heart at- 
tacks around the world. The Bible 
says, "When you see these things 
begin to come to pass, then look up 
... for your redemption draweth 
nigh." Jesus is coming soon. 

But the world has been scared 

so many times that most teen-agers 
are no longer afraid. At the very 
brink of eternity, the music is get- 
ting louder, the curses stronger, the 
dances faster, the joking and laugh- 
ing dirtier and cheaper, the loving 
more vile, the smoking and drink- 
ing heavier. But worst of all, hell 
itself is breaking out in high school 
halls and in the hearts of teen-agers. 
Teen-age gangs are rumbling and 
twisting across America. 

You can throw this article away 
and try to laugh it off, but already 
you have read too much. You have 
heard the truth and you will never 
be able to shake off what you have 
just read. Conviction has gripped 
your soul and you are beginning to 
feel different. You know you have 
been putting on a big front. You 
know the end is coming, and you 
know you are not ready to meet 
God. You have to admit to yourself 
'hat down deep in your heart you 
are wondering what is going to 
happen when the end comes. 

Do you believe the Bible is the 
Word of God? Read this next 
paragraph carefully — your life is at 

(To be continued.) 


Feb. 7 — The Children's Song. Luke 
Luke 19:28-40; Psa. 95. 



Feb. \A — Friend to Zacohaeus. Luke 

Feb. 21 — Jesus' Story of a Sheep. 

Luke 15:1-7. 
Feb. 28— Two Good Hands. Matt. 

4:23, 12:9-14. 


Feb. 7 — Condition's Which Must 
Be Met To Sons and Daugh- 
ters of God. II Cor. 6. 

Feb. 14 — Godly Sorrow Worketh 
Repentance To Salvation. II 
Cor. 7. 

Feb. 21 — Commanded How To 
Give To Those Who Are In 
Need. II Cor. 8. 

Feb. 28— The Spirit By Which We 
Are To Give. II Cor. 9. 



Memory verse, Gal 1 :12, "For I 
neither received it of man, 
neither was I taught it, but 
by the revelation of Jesus 

Mon. 1— Heb. 10:7-14. 

Tues. 2— II Tim. 3:8-17. 

Wed. 3— II Pet. 1 :16-2L 

Thurs. 4— Deut. 10:1-5. 

Fri. 5— Rom. 1 :9-18. 

Sat. 6— Jno. 16:8-16. 

Memory verse, Titus 1 :3, "But 
hath in due times manifested 
his word through preaching, 
which is committed unto me 

according to the command- 
ments of God our Saviour." 

Sun. 7—1 Cor. 1 :20-31. 

Mon. 8— Acts 20:28-35. 

Tues. 9— Gal. 3:5-11. ^ 

Wed. 10— Col. 1:23-29. 

Thurs. 11— Mark 16:14-20. 

Fri. 12—1 Cor. 9:9-20. 

Sat. 13— Rom. 10; 13-21. 

Memory verse, Psa. 119:105, "Thy 
word is a lamp unto my feet, 
and a light unto my path," 

Sun. 14— Luke 1:5-17. 

Mon. 15— Acts 12:5-12. 

Tues. 16-^1 Sam. 3:1-10. i 

Wed. 17—1 Sam 3:11-21. ; 

Thurs. 18— Heb. 1:6-14. 

Fri 19— Luke 1:26-33. 

Sat. 20— Acts 15:28-35. 

Memory verse, I Cor. 1 :21, "For 
after that in the wisdom of God 
the world by wisdom knew 
not God, it pleased God by the 
foolishness of preaching to 
save them that believe." 

Sun. 21— Matt. 4:18-25. 

Mon. 22—11 Cor. 4:1-7. I 

Tues. 23— Heb. 4:1-11. ; 

Wed 24— II Tim. 4:1-8. } 

Thurs 25— Acts 14:1-8. ' , 

Fri. 26— Titus 1:1-9. 

Sat. 27— Dan. 6:18-28. 

Memory verse, Heb. 1 :14, "Are 
they not all ministering spirits, 
sent forth to minister for them 
who shall be heirs of salva- 

Sun. 28—1 Cor. 12:1-11. 



FEBRUARY 1, 1965 

No. 3 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"I exhort therefore, that, first of 
all, suipplications, prayers, interces- 
sions, and giving of thanks, be made 
for all men; for kings, and for all 
that are in authority ; that we ma)^ 
lead a quiet and peaceable life in 
all godliness and honesty. For this 
is good and acceptable in the sight 
of God our Saviour," I Tim. 1 :l-3. 
Herein are contained many thoughts 
for the christian. Sincere thinking 
and gentleness of thought, by it's 
citizens, will do much to direct the 
happiness and well-being of a coun- 
try. Even though we cannot always 
uphold them in their deeds ; kind- 
ness, godly obedience and christian 
concern for our Rulers can be a 
great help to our Country. We feel 
our Nation is worth a good word 
from each of it's God-fearing cit- 
izens, for the religious liberty which 
we are enjoying. 

The United States shines forth 
as a beacon for liberty and we feel 
criticism is too often spoken against 
it. In many instances our nation 
has been criticized even by God- 

fearing individuals. Too little im- 
portance is placed upon the free- 
doms which have made America 
great. It is true that perhaps our 
moral and spiritual greatness has 
not risen along with our level of 
industrial accomplishments, but 
without question this fault lies with 
our individual citizens. Criticism of 
the liberties of our Country is no 
doubt centered around the Com- 
j munists, who enjoy our blessings. 
Also many countries are jealous of 
! the blessings and prosperity of our 
j Nation. Perhaps our citizens do not 
I appreciate the blessings which they 
I enjoy. No doubt much of the hap- 
piness of our people is their privil- 
ege to speak, write and travel as 
they wish. Through these freedoms 
our halls of learning are open to a 
great majority of the citizens through 
schools, libraries and the opportun- 
ities to excel in the various arts. 

We have helped other nations 
with their problems and their cal- 
amities and have requir'ed little 
gain in return. Our compassion and 
desire to increase the welfare and 
(levetopmeht of other ' nations 'has 
developed to the extent to be proud 


of. No doubt much of the greatness 
of America comes from the conclu- 
sions of our fore-fathers, concern- 
ing the rights and freedom as chil- 
dren of Almighty God, regardless 
of race, creed or wealth. The free- 
dom to work as they desired and 
the desire to better ones conditions 
in life, have contributed much to the 
development of our Country. 

The many differences which 
arise among individuals has been 
settled by the ballot, rather than by 
secret police and slave camps. It 
is true that liberties and privileges 
have not always been equal among 
the various classes of society, but 
we feel our Country is laboring 
towards that end. If only our citi- 
zenry will express love and concern 
for the survival of others, progress 
can be made along the failings of 
our present state. 

It is sad and appaling that among 
these many blessings, the moral and 
spiritual part of our citizenry has 
been allowed to decay. Dishonesty, 

do we individually propose for our 
own betterment? Will God's Will 
come first, others second and our- 
selves last in 1965? Will the sal- 
vation of souls be the outstanding 
use of our talents throughout the 
year? Will we each endeavor to 
thank, praise and glorify our Lord, 
to the best of our ability, during 
ihis entire year? 


Sunday or the Lord's day, ( Rev. 
1 :10) is the day almost universally 
that Christians regard as a sacred 
day. Do they offer for this any ad- 
equate reason? Yes, indeed, and 
these have been satisfactory to all 
the best and ablest Christians the 
church has ever had. Christians 
have been keeping Sunday as a day 
of worship since the times of the 
apostles, and this we can prove. 

The early church fathers say that 
the\' kept Sunday in honor of the 
resurrection of Christ upon that 

crime and greed have overrun the i d:iy, that the practice was received 

spiritual and moral privileges al- 
lowed by our freedoms of : life, 
liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
Individuals have forgotten that 
which is "Good and acceptable in 
the sight of God." Pleasure, wealth 
and pride have been allowed to 
over-run the lasting values of life. 
We too often look for a quiet and 
peaceable life without a sincere con- 
cern for "godliness and honesty." 
As we enter the New Year, what 

from the apostles themselves, and 
has been continued by the church 
ever since. Justin Martyr A. D. 
140, "But Sunday is the day on 
which we all hold our common as- 
sembly, because Jesus Christ our 
Saviour, on the same day rose from 
the dead." Barnabas A. D. 120. 
Says, "We keep the eight day with 
j.y fulness, the day on which Jesus 
rose again from the dead." Then 
fohn on the Isle of Patmus, A. D. 


96, "T was in the Spirit on the 
lx)rd's day." Then Luke, A. D. 
60, "And upon the first day of the 
week, when the disciples came to- 
gether to break bread, Paul preached 
unto them." Who can fail to see 
tliat the Lord's day, and the first 
day of the week are the same day. 
They are used as such by the apos- 
tles and early church fathers, and 
have continually been used by the 
church ever since as the same. 

The Lord's day of Rev. 1 :10, is 
not the Sabbath as some would 
have us believe, because the Greek 
word used to express it is found 
nnly once more in the entire New 
Testament, and that it is in I Cor. 
1 1 :20 and applies only to Christ. 
The word is "kuriakos," and is a 
new word found only in the New 
testament in these two places, which 
makes it apparent it applies only 
to Christ. The question now arises 
why form a new word to express a 
sacred institution, if the institution 
is not new? "Lord's Day," Clearly 
the want arose from a new insti- 
tution, as the gospel was a new 
law, it necessitated the use of new 
jiames. So we have "Christian," as 
the new name for God's people. 
"Apostles, Elders, Deacons," as the 
officers for the new church. Bap- 
tism, as the initiatory rite into the 

The "Lord's Supper," the "Com- 
munion service," and the "Lord's 
Day," as new institutions of the 
church. So if the apostles were to 

have a new weel^ly day of worship, 
commemorating a gospel fact, they 
must find a new name for it, and 
that is the way it was used by the 
early church fathers and by the 
apostles themselves. The fact that 
the term "Lord's Day," immediate- 
ly after the time of John, when 
ever used by the early church, was 
always applied to Sunday and never 
to the Sabbath, sure settles it's 
meaning in Rev. 1 :10. 

Why is it fitting that the first 
day of the week should be the mem- 
orial day of the church? Why do 
people keep any day? It is because 
of what happened on that day. Why 
do we observe the fourth of July, 
days of our birth, etc. we know it 
is because of what occured on those 
days. It is now important to in- 
quire if any thing important occured 
on Svmday, to make it worthy of 
being observed by Christians as a 
memorial day? And should the 
church, the greatest of all institu- 
tions, not have a memorial day? 
If so, it would be the exceptions of 
all religions of the world. If the 
material creation merited a mem- 
orial day, how much more the 
Spiritual redemption of the hu- 
man race. It is the grandest and 
best known fact in all the world 
that the church has a memorial 
day, the Lord's resurrection day, 
the Lord's Day. We have already 
shown that this day has been reg- 
ularly observed from the very days 
of the apostles. It only remains to 



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inquire if it is best suited for the 
purpose. Study the Hfe of Jesus, 
the days of the week, month and 
year, which day stands out above 
all others. Take Monday, Tues- 
day, Wednesday are insignificant, 
Thursday his betrayal, Friday his 
death, Saturday he was in the 
tomb. The Jewish Sabbath was a 
day of gloom, the women were 
heart broken, the Jews rejoiced 
and if the devil ever had hope it 
was on the Sabbath. But as Sunday 
ijegan to dawn, a mighty angel like 
lighting descends, the earth quakes, 
the grave opens, the soldiers be- 
came as dead men, and Christ comes 
forth conqueror over death, hell and 
the grave. Satan's last hopes are 
gone, the women are made to re- 
joice, the disciples hopes are re- 
vived, the sahation of the world is 

secure, the sufferings and humil- 
iation of the Son of God are ended, 
and He walks forth as Lord of all. 
Never such a morning dawned upon 
a lost world before. No wonder it 
became the memorial day of the 
church, it was impossible to be 

Paul says that Jesus was, "De- 
clared to be the son of God with 
power according to the Spirit of 
holiness by the resurrection from 
the dead." It was the resurrection 
that proved His divinity. On Sun- 
day Jesus arose from the dead, 
Mark 16 :9. He first appeared 
unto Mary, then two disciples, then 
to the twelve apostles. Peter says. 
"God hath begotten us again unto 
a lively hope by the resurrection of 
Jesus Christ from the dead." Fine- 
ly on this day the purchase of our 
redemption was complete, with all 
these facts crowded into one day, 
how could it but become the great- 
est day in the memory of the church. 
Thus in God's own providence, 
the Jewish Sabbath was thrown in 
the shade, while all the hopes and 
thoughts, and songs of the new 
churches was turned to a new day, 
the resurrection day. What a mem- 
orable day, one that should stir the 
heart of every Christian, and move 
sinners to repentance as it has done 
since that day. "The Lord's Day," 
what a day? How appropriate the 
title for that grand day on which 
the Lord triumphed over all and 
secured the foundations of the 


church. It is the only day on which 
to remember the finished work of 
the Saviour, therefore we have the 
Lord's Day, the first day of the 

W. E. Bashor. 
P. O. Box 826, 

. Turlock, California 


Part 3 

"I must work the works of him 
that sent me, while it is day : the 
night cometh, when no man can 
work," Joihn 9:4. 

In the lesson before us, a great 
miracle had been performed by 
Christ. The Pharisees, in their re- 
peated efforts to suppress the mir- 
acle and deprive our Lord of the 
honor resulting from it, proceeded 
on the assumption that it had been 
wrought. Wihen the blind man was 
first brought to them, their ques- 
tion was not whether he had been 
born blind, but how had he received 
his sight, taking for granted his 
original blindness. Not once do 
they deny that a miracle had been 
performed. From this lesson we 
learn that it is possible to know 
"The Truth" and yet never be made 
free by it. The writer is aware of 
what our Lord said in John 8 :32. 
"And ye shall know the truth, and 
the truth shall make you free." In 
verse 31 our Lord explains how 
"His Truth" can maike us free. "If 
ye continue in my word, then are 

ye my disciples indeed; "From this 
verse we learn that Christ's Word 
must be related to life. Just an in- 
tellectual assent without a change 
of character, 'has become "a way 
that seemeth right unto man whose 
end is death." Because the Phar- 
isees had become slaves to preju- 
dice, they fought the mission of 
Christ. Many folks today have be- 
come slaves to habits, while others 
are slaves to their own disposition. 
If someone manifests a retalitory 
attitude toward them, they return 
the same. 

The parents of the blind man did 
not manifest any better attitude 
than the rulers. The pharisees took 
I a hostile attitude, the parents took 
, an expedient one. "His parents an- 
I swered them and said, We know 
that this is our son, and that he was 
born blind : But by what means he 
now seeth, we know not: he is of 
i age ; ask him : he shall speak for 
himself," John 9:20,21. This was 
a cold, cautious, and reserved at- 
titude on the part of his parents. 
Perhaps there were those who 
commended them for their "know- 
nothing" attitude. I imagine, I can 
hear some folks say, "they were 
wise to keep still." If a thing is 
wrong, keeping still does not make 
it right. 

In concluding we might observe, 
that the healing of the man born 
blind grew out of an incidental 
meeting. It was incidentally per- 
formed, and is mentioned in our 



lesson incidentally. "And as Jesus 
passed by, he saw a man which was 
blind from his birth," John 9:1. In 
the eleventh chapter of John, we 
find this miracle mentioned again 
incidentally. When Jesus was ap- 
proaching the grave of Lazarus, we 
are informed that "He wept." The 
Jews said, "Could not this man, 
which opened the eyes of the blind, 
have caused that even this man 
should not have died?" 

The writer has referred to the 
incidental part of this lesson to 
prove that Christ's healings were 
not highly publicized campaigns. 
We quote here a few words from 
a highly publicized meeting. "Ac- 
tual miracles happening before i 
your eyes. Cancer, tumor, goiter, 
disappear. Caught in the healing | 
line, crutches, braces, and stretch- ! 
ers discarded." The part they did 
not mention is also impressive. 
Some persons are receiving from 
$500,000 to $3,000,00 per year con- 
ducting these campaigns. What is 
the aftermath of these meetings? It 
is a proven fact that they leave in 
their wake many disillusioned and 
disparing people, and instead of con- 
vincing them of the healing power 
of Jesus, they actually cause them 
to loose faith in Him. 

Otto Harris, 

Antioch, W. Va. 


The Lord willing, our 1965 
General Conference will be held at 
The Nazarene Camp Grounds, 
West Des Moines, Iowa, June 5-9. 
Facilities have been enlarged and 
improved since 1962. 

Each and all of God's Children 
are welcome and we urge all who 
can to attend General Conference 
in June. Additional information as 
to bdging etc. will be submitted at 
a later date. 

Your brother in Christ, 
Ray R. Reed. 

It won't make your own back 
yard clean by talking about your 
neighbors.. . 


The committee appointed by Dis- 
tric'i Number One to solicit funds 
:.r contributions for the establish- 
in j^ of an Old Folks Home in Dis- 
trict Number One, report that an 
effort has been made resulting in 
.-.unie contributions and firm com- 
mitments with stipulations request- 
ing that action be taken in the near 
future on this project. 

The committee needs to have the 
information now, if any one within 
the District or outside of the Dis- 
trict wishes to make any contribu- 
tion or intends to make any com- 
mitment toward this project in order 
that we can bring our report to 
District Meeting of 1965. If you 
are interested let us hear from you 


now and we thank you. 

A. B. Keller, sec'y, 

Rt. 1, Lebanon, Pa. 17042 

We have passed another year, as 
we look back we wonder how many 
mistakes we made. Have you re- 
corded them? I know where they 
are recorded. They cannot be 
changed, but I hope we all will try 
and improve on them, in this new 

The Orion Congregation has 
i)een blessed with many good meet- 
ings. Two Lovefeast occasions 
were enjoyed very much, we had 
visiting Brethren from other con- 
gregations, and good messages 
from the visiting ministers. In mid- 
summer Bro. Jacob Ness came in- 
to our congregation and held our 
Evangelistic meetings. He brought 
us some very good messages wihich 
we appreciated very much, though 
no fruit was shown for the efforts. 
We pray that the good seed was 
sown and may produce fruit in the 
future. His companion and daugh- 
ter joined him, part of the time 
that he was here. We pray Gods 
richest blessing upon them in their 
efforts working for our Lord and 

We ask an interest in your Pray- 
ers in behalf of our congregation, 
that we may ever prove true and 
faithful fill Jesus comes. 

Bro. Alvin Silknitter, Cor. 


In the Autumn months we gather 
our fruit from field and garden, 
grown full and ripe during the Sum- 
mer season. In early November God 
sent His messengers, Bro. and Sis- 
ter Harley Flory to remind us of 
our spiritual harvest. Our early 
years of Christian life are the spirit- 
ual growing season. What will be 
the harvest of that growing season 
tor each of us? 

Quote : As we traveled we saw 
many gathering in the fruit of the 
Summer. My thought is "Harvest 
of spiritual grain and fruit." When 
this life's work is ended, then what? 
What is going to l)e the harvest of 
your lifes work? 

Matt. 9 :35-38, Jesus went about 
all the cities and villages teaching 
and preaching to those willing to 
listen, and liealing every kind of 
illness. With this Missionary, 
Christ, went Salvation that came 
from Heaven. He was moved with 
compassion when He saw the mul- 
titudes in their lost leaderless con- 
dition. For loves sake He brought 
good tidings to those who had 
fainted and gone astray. 

I wonder how many professing 
Christians are near to their Shep- 
iherd, maybe some of us need to 
come closer. In these multitudes 
there was potential for a great har- 
vest. The heart of Jesus was filled 
with compassion because he saw 
this great harvest and no laborers 



to gather it in. It is the Will of God 
that all will come to a good har- 
vest gathered in to safety. In the 
days of Noah and Israel, mens 
hearts grew away from God in- 
s ead of .oward Him. Leaders fed 
themselves instead of the people, 
which led to a famine of the Word, 
some of which we can see in our 

A very real concern in our day 
i- the lack of rain over the coun- 
try. Each year there is less rain 
and a lower water table. How con- 
cerned are we about the parallel 
condition of the "spiritual table" 
lowering, in the famine and drought 
of the spirit that is overtaking the 
land? Only by the call of the Holy 
.Si)lrii: are souls brought in. It 
C'tnes about ilirough self-denial, 
love and prayer. 

We have improved the means of 
modern harvest. Gathering grain 
used to take months, the same tasks 
can now be done in weeks or hours. 
What about the harvest of souls? 
This is not given the urgent thought 
it needs. We should pray for a min- 
ister, then pray that God will give 
that minister wisdom to proclaim 
the whole Word of truth. If a min- 
ister fails in his labor in the vine- 
yard, the fault may be in part with 
ihe church members who fail to 
pray for him during his sermon 
or during his daily life. 

As Jesus beheld the harvest that 
it was plenteous. He .saw the great 
need for reapers. There is a pathetic 

and great need today. Apparently 
there is still enough faith, but soon 
the end will come. Christ's mission 
was to the multitude. The Master 
is interested in the sheep on the hill- 
sides. There are those who desire 
the good path if they could find it. 
Today we have a world without 
Christ. The rate at which they run 
to and fro convinces me they are 

Men measures wealth by posses- 
ions, bank accounts, farm land, 
houses, stocks and bonds. Jesus 
counts His wealth by the souls He 
possesses. One soul right with God 
is worth more than all the world. 
How earnest are we in gaining pos- 
sessions for the Lord? There was 
never a time more ready for the 
sickle than now. Today harden not 
your heart. Those who would be a 
missionary must be prepared by be- 
ing filled with the Spirit of Christ, 

When this lifes work is ended, 
then what? It may be long or it may 
be short, three score years and ten 
or less. The value of the time allot- 
ted to you and me lies in what we 
do with those years. The thing that 
will measure our reward will be 
the quality of what we did. We can 
understand the natural things, such 
as poor quality of beans without 
oil. corn worms and wheat chaff. 
Do we understand spiritual grain? 

In Luke 12:17-20 the rich fool 
tore down barns and built greater 
ones. His mi.stake was saying to 
liiimself "take thine ease." God 


said, "this night thy soul shall be 
required of thee, then whose shall 
these things be?" "Things" took 
away his soul. Consider the fate 
of man and not the fate of money. 
The rich man left God out of the 
issues of life. It is possible to do 
many good things, yet be nothing 
in the sight of God. 

Amos 8:11, a famine of hearing 
the words of the Lord. We think 
in terms of the Harvest. When we 
hear the still small voice of God 
let us obey it. If the Lord has been 
leading Us, the harvest of our lifes 
work will be acceptable to God. 


Our elder, Bro. and Sister Geo. 
Replogle were with us November 
15. Psa. 133:1 Behold how good 
and how pleasant it is for brethren 
to dwell together in unity. God gave 
us special blessings in this service 
that helped us see the power of 
prayer and a greater light to un- 
derstand Christian love. We pray 
God's sustaining love for our 
brother in his responsibilities for 
the Kingdom. Here is Bro. Rep- 
logles good message. Quote : A bet- 
ter country Heb. 11:16, "But now 
they desire a better country, that 
is, an heavenly: wherefore God is 
not ashamed to be called their God : 
for He hath prepared for them a 

The writer of the hymn says the 
things of the world come to nought. 
The earth is to be burned. God put 
it here for a purpose which will 

soon be fulfilled. The worlds store 
was put here for our benefit. Be- 
fore we joined church and became 
a child of God, we loved the vain 
store of the world. Now we love 
the things of God. Unsaved we 
loved what we now hate ; baptized, 
we hate what we used to love. We 
now have no time for this vain 
store or trifles of the world. We 
see through the eye of faith that 
there is a new country. Without 
Jesus we are in a dessert, with Him 
we enter a land of milk and honey. 

I used to think I had joy in life 
but I didn't know what life was un- 
til I accepted God and started to 
walk with Him. I believe every 
child of God will say the same 
thing. In Jesus true joys abound. 
If we don't know this we must ad- 
mit we haven't given our all to Him. 

The unsearchable riches of God. 
No matter how great our supply, 
the more we search the greater 
abundance we shall receive. Can we 
say we have found this country 
where true joys are found? Are we 
determined to dwell on that happy 
ground ? Paul knew about this coun- 
try and that in Jesus was life. 
Whatever the devil threw in his 
path he knew Jesus could overcome 
it for him. You and I can have the 
same experience. We can find God 
is true and gives abundance of life. 
Are we determined to dwell on 
that happy ground in hope and faith 
of a spiritual return? In our nat- 
ural life we are determined to in- 


vest our money wisely in order to 
gain good returns. 

Paul says, "I am persuaded no- 
thing can separate us from the love 
of God." Even though the evils 
are worse and worse in this wicked 
world, we must be determined to 
overcome evil with good, in order 
to live in the new country. Souls 
that believe in Paradise live. Qiil- 
dren of Israel wandering in the 
desert were like us. They didn't 
appreciate the goodness of God. In 
Egypt they were safe and well fed. 
In the wilderness they murmured. 

within." Before we can feel Christ 
within we must come out from liv- 
ing with the world and accept Him. 
After we have put on Christ we 
cannot stand still. We must go on 
to perfection toward what Paul 
calls, the mark of the prize of the 
high calling. In that little word "go" 
we find constant action. As ye "con- 
tinue" in my word ye are my di- 
sciples. Christ made sacrifices and 
gave us opportunity to go on in 
His righteousness. 

In the city above is transparent 
gold. Multitudes forfeit their op- 

yet God did not forsake them. He i portunity to have a part in that 
took them across a body of water I city of gold. After ten thousand 
on dry land and fed them in the i years, those who gain an entrance 
desert with manna. j will have no less time to sing Gods 

When we stop to think of our j praise than when they first entered 

trials and Gods love in supplying 
our needs we can see Paradise. 
Stand still and see the Salvation 
of our Lord. When we have the 
privilege and opportunity to bear 
testimony to God's love, it is a 
fortaste of Paradise in its grandeur 
and glory. We believe the inspired 
word of God is history that is with 
us to read and understand. He says, 
"I will come again and receive you 
unto myself." Follow thy Saviour 
and bless the glad day. How won- 
derful when Jesus calls me away to 
the sunny banks of deliverance. 

"No mortal doth know what He 
can bestow." I wonder if we can 
find wprds to express half the bless- 
ings He has bestowed on us. "Midst 
outward afflictions I feel Christ 

that Celestial city. Let us go in the 
way of Jesus so we may be trans- 
formed and renewed in mind, that 
we will be qualified for that won- 
derful passport to that Heavenly 
Home of the soul. 

Paul reminds us that in Heaven 
the wicked shall cease from troub- 
ling those who would be saints. 
Is it any wonder Christians can 
speak of their life experiences and 
want to exchange time for eternity 
and testify of Heavenly sights? 
Have you found the better coun- 
try where true joys are found? 

Sister Elta K. Blythe 
822 West Calhoun 
Macomb, 111. 





The following Dunkard Brethren 
publications are available to any- 
one, from the Boards listed: 


Rites and Ordinances, 90 pages, 
by Alexander Mack ; 40c or $4 doz. 

The following tracts are free : 

Do You Want Salvation? 

Plain Dressing. 

What Shall T Do With the Com- 
mandments of Jesus? 

The Lord's Supper. 

Bible Teachings. 

Which is the Right Church? 

The Brethren's Card. 

The Doctrine of the Prayer Veil. 


Bible Monitor (semi-monthly) 

$1 per year 
Brethren Hymnal (heavy back) 

$2 ea., $21 doz., postpaid 
Church Manual .30 

The Bible Outline .45 ; $5.10 doz. 
The Old Testanient History 

, .55; $6.00 doz. 

The New Testament History 

.60; $6.50 doz. 

No charge for the following: 

Polity Booklet. 
Instruction for Applicants. 
Baptismal Certificate Blanks. 
•" Church Letter Blanks. 
Credential Blanks. 


That it be the policy of the Bible 
Monitor to exclude controversial 
material and material opposing, 
questioning or reflecting on deci- 
sions or positions of the church as 
determined by General Conference, 
or derogatory thereto. Also all other 
material not of proper standard or 
spiritual value for a church paper. 

That supervision over the matter 
to be published in the Bible Moni- 
tor be exercised by the Publication 


First Sat. April — Dallas Center, la. 

Last Sat. April — Grandview, Mo. 

Last Sun. April — Bethel, Pa. 

First Sun. May — Waynesboro, Pa. 

First Sat. May — Eldorado, Ohio. 

Third Sat. May— Dayton, Va. 

Third Sat. May— West Fulton, O. 

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Falls, Md. 

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Third Sun. Oct. — N. Lancaster, Pa. 

Fourth Sat. Oct. — Englewood, O. 

Last Sun. Oct.— Bethel, Pa. 

First Sun. Nov. — Shrewsbury, Pa. 




We are submitting several sug- 
gestions as a help to contributors in 
preparing material for the Bible 
Monitor. These suggestions will 
also make the work easier for both 
the editor and the printer. 

1. Become familiar with the Edi- 
torial Policy and do not use sub- 
jects or statements which conflict 
with this plan of the Bible Monitor. 

2. Place your name and address 
at the close of the article. We deem 
it more appropriate to sign as Broth- 
er or Sister. 

3. Do not make sentences too 
long. A number of short sentences ' c^ays prior to the date of the Issue, 
are better than a long involved sen- ^ 11. The Publication Board has 
tence which is difficult to punctuate, decided that News Items should 
and in which the real meaning of the , contain material of general inter- 

Scripture references, please copy 
the wording and the punctuation 
just as it appears in the King James 
Version of the Bible. Given thus: 
book, chapter and verses, "Jesus 
■zi'cpt," John 11 :35. 

8. Frequent mistakes we find : 
beleive for believe, recieve for re- 
ceive, judgement for judgment, ore 
for or, & for and. 

9. In submitting selected ma- 
terial, give the name of the author 
and the publication in which it ap- 
peared, if known, and add "select- 
ed by" and your name. 

10. To be certain that an item 
is in a certain issue, your Editor 
should have this item at least 20 

writer's thought may be lost. 

4. It will be appreciated if you 
gather a particular thought or 
thoughts and their proving Scrip- 
ture quotations, into paragraphs and 
set these apart from the rest of the 
article, by setting in the first line 
of each paragraph about the space 
of three letters. 

5. Do not crowd your words or 
punctuation marks close together. 
Do not use slang or abbreviated 
words as "thot" for thought, "2" 
for two, "&" for and, etc. 

6. Write or typewrite on one side 
of the paper only. Double spacing 
of lines is much preferred. 

7. Use direct quotations for 

est to the Brotherhood. Therefore 
items of only local interest should 
not be included in News Items, 
sucli as : Eocal Sunday School of- 
ficers, local Church officers. District 
meeting delegates, minor local 
church property improvements and 
items "In Memoriam." 

12. Read these and then write. 
— Editor. 

It is easy to think we are more 
honest and more generous than an 
actual test will reveal. 

Lazy church members ought to 
be dealt with like the drones of a 
bee-hive : driven or dragged out. 







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Welch, Chester 
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Wyatt, Boyd 



Frystown House located in Frys- 
town, in northwestern Berks Coun- 
ty, one mile south of route 22 and 
one mile west of Route 501. 

Milbach House, located halfway 
l)etween Kleinfeltersville and New- 
manstown in Lebanon Comity, or 
halfway between Schafiferstown and 
Womelsdorf Pa. 

Wards Church, located 14 miles 
southwest of Everett, Pa., all im- 
proved roads. From Everett take 
Rt. 2 to Clearville, Pa. At Clear- 
ville straight ahead South, leaving 
Rt. 26 which turns right, one and 
one-half miles then turn right at 
fork. Ward's church is five miles 
on the left, 

Dallas Center is located on Route 
64, twenty-four miles northwest of 
Des Moines. Turn south off of 
Route 64 onto Percival Ave. (first 
street west of R.R. tracks) ; the 
church is located 3 blocks south on 

the southeast corner of Percival and 

Ash streets. 

Located j^ mile west of Virginia 
#42, on Ottobine Road (Mason 
St.) or #257. Those coming from 
the north, turn right at Sinclair 
Station one mile south of Harrison- 
burg limits, go to next Stop Light 
and turn left on to #42. Keep 
route 42 to south end of Dayton 
and turn right, first church after 
making this turn. 

In southwestern Ohio, on Route 
726^ one mile south of Eldorado 
and four miles north of U. S. Route 

Twelve miles north of Dayton, 
Route 440 and Route 48 cross, at 
the center of Englewood. Church 
house is located on the right of 
Route 48, one block north of this 

Located on Green Road, one 
block north of county #130. Take 
U.S. #33 or Indiana #15 to Go- 
shen, turn west at Police booth. 
Four blocks beyond bridge, turn 
right on North Indiana Ave., one 
block turn left on W. Clinton St. 
One mile to Green Rd., right one 
block and church is located on east 
side of road. 

Church is located south of Grand- 



view, take highway #71^ one and 
one-half miles to 140th St., then % 
mile west. 

At Broad and Main Sts,, turn 
east on Main St. and continue for 
two blocks, turn right or south on 
Willow St., Church house is one 

Located between Routes 15 and 
11. The town is bisected by Route 
114 into East and West, and by 
Route 641 into North and South. 
The church is located on West Kel- 
ler St., or corner of Keller and 
Washington St., four blocks west 
of Market St. or Route 114. Leav- 
ing the Penna. Turnpike at the 
Carlisle interchange, Route 11 will 
lead East to Route 114. Leaving the 
Turnpike at the Gettysburg inter- 
change^ Route 16 will lead West to 
Route 114. 


The Cloverleaf church is located 
one mile north of U.S. Highway 
#50, four miles west of McClave 
junction, or two miles east of Hasty, 
Colo., on U.S. #50 and then north 
one mile. 


An old red brick school house on 
your right, as you travel southeast 
from Peru, just off U. S. highway 
31, three miles from the Courthouse, 
which is located near the center of 
Peru, Ind. 

Coming from the north on Rt. 99 
to Ceres, Cal., one block past the 
light turn left on to Park St. for 
two blocks, turn right on 6th St. 
for one block, turn left on Roeding 
road and one-half mile to the church. 
Coming from the south, turn right 
one block before the light and follow ' 
the above directions.. 

Located in William County, four " 
miles west of West Unity, forty 
rods north of Rt. 20 alternate. Two 
miles east of junction of Ohio Rt. 
15 and U. S. Rt. 20 alternate. 

Route 18 passes east and west 
through Converse, route 513 passes 
north and south through Converse, 
From Converse south, two and 
one-half miles, turn right on black- 
top road and go six miles west to 
Plevna, church is near the square 
of Plevna 

Highway 99W enters Newberg in 
an East-West direction. Entering 
from east, go through town to west 
end, turn right on Main St. for 
3 blocks, cross railroad tracks, go 
J-4 block to church house which is 
on left at Franklin St. Entering 
town from west end, go to Main 
St., turn left, then follow above 

Located in northeastern Ohio, on 
Orion road, one-fourth mile west 



of State Rt. 8, at a point six miles 
nortii of Canton or one and one-half 
miles north of North Canton and 
seventeen miles south of Akron. 

Located at the corner of eighth 
St. and Main St. 

Astoria, 111., is located on Rt. 24, 
coming from east or west, turn 
south at the bank corner marked 
by the big clock. Two miles south 
and on the right at top of hill. 

Fourteen miles south of York on 

Church is located in west side of 
town, on corner of Ridge and Third 
Sts. Turn south off Route 16 on 
Fairview Ave., go two blocks and 
turn left on Third St., churchhouse 
is one block. 

Near Wauseon, Ohio. Located on 
U. S. Rt. 20 alternate, three and 
one-half miles west of junction of 
Ohio Rt. 108 and U. S. Rt. 20 al- 

Located in Cherry Valley. Go 
north of Beaumont on Beaumont 

Rt. Ill, at the north end of the i^'^^e- ^o ^'^S^t on Brookside (mark- 
town of Shrewsbury. ^ ^^ ^''^h a Highland Springs sign) 

to Jonathan, left to Lincoln and 
SWALLOW FALLS, MD. righ"t to the Church, 
Traveling U. S. Rt. 50 turn north 
at Red house, half way between 
Clarksburg and Winchester, follow 
Rt. 219 to Oakland, there turn left 
on county road 20. The church is 
on Rt. 20 about nine miles north of 
Oakland. Traveling U. S. Rt. 40, 
turn south on to Rt. 219 at Keyser 
Rids^e. follow Rt. 219 about four 
miles past Deep Great T^ke, turn 
right on county road 20 at a store. 
The church is one and one-half 
miles from Swallow Falls Park. 

About midway between Freder- 
ick, Md., and Hanover, Pa. : one- 
fourtlh mile east of Rt. 194. at an 
intersection three miles north of 
Taiieytown, Md. 


A. F£lders, other officials and all 
others are admonished that be- 
ing busybodies in other men's 
matters, is contrary to the 
Scriptures and should not be 
indulged m as it causes com- 
plaint and interference with the 
spiritual life and work of those 
concerned. This applies espec- 
ially where there may be trou- 
ble in the church, both to local 
members and to those else- 
where, talking and writing 
about such matters. 
When advice is sought of an 
official in any church matter, 







he (the official) should be ex- 
ceedingly careful in giving ad- 
vice, so as not to interfere in 
any way with proper care of 
difficulties, by the officials 
whose business they are. Elders 
and all others should, in seek- 
ing advice, begin at home when 
at all possible and be careful 
to proceed regularly and in 
brotherly love. 

In correspondence, care should 
be exercised not to make state- 
ments that may be construed 
as derogatory to any member. 
If such things are done, full 
responsibility must be under- 
stood as being assumed by the 

Caucusing, that is, the talking 
over and planning by groups, 
what to do or how to move in 
any particular matter is un- 
profitable, causative of distress 
and trouble and should not be 
indulged in by officials or any 
one else. 

Talking or circulating of what 
was done in council, either to 
members who were not present 
or to outsiders, is irregular and 
un-Christian and should not be 
indulged in. 



south of Clearville, Pa., along hard 
road a liiue east of Route 26. Serv- 
ices each Sunday, 10 :00 A. M. 

Elkins, W. Va. — Known as Haz- 
elwood School, along route 219 be- 
tween Elkins and Beverly, W. Va., 
about 5 miles south of Elkins. 

Torreon Navajo Indian Mission 
—Northwest of Bernalillo, N. Mex- 
ico, on highway 44 ; southwest of 
Bloomfield, N. Mexico ; 27 miles 
southwest of Cuba, N. Mexico, the 
road in is all dirt and is marked 
(from Cuba) with signs reading 
"Torreon Navajo Mission" and an 
arrow indicating which way to go. 
Address — Box 116, Cuba, N. Mex- 
ico. Present personnel includes Bro. 
and Sister David L. Skiles, Bro. 
and Sister Galen Litfin, and 
Herbert Herold. 



(Continued from last issue.) 

Clearview, Pa. — In South Cen- 
tral Pa., about half-way between 
Everett on route 30 and Piney 
Grove on route 40. About six miles 

The Bible warns all the world in 
Revelation 6:12-17 that after Jesus 
comes again there is going to be a 
great world-splitting earthquake. 
The sun will become black as velvet 
cloth. The moon is going to turn 
l)lood red and the stars of heaven 
are going to fall on the earth. The 
sky is going to roll apart. All the 
mountains and islands are going to 
rock and reel and slide out of their 
places. And then suddenly a blind- 
ing light will shine from God's 
, throne and every sinner will be 



iorced to look at the face of the 
Christ he rejected. Read it for 
yourself. It's in every Bible. 

Every teen-ager who refused to 
surrender his life to Jesus and serve 
God will try to run and hide when 
that day comes. The Bible predicts 
you v/ill scream and cry for the 
rocks and the mountains to fall on 
you and hide you from His face. 
But there will be no place to hide. 
Go ahead. Keep on sinning — 
rock and roll, smoke, drink, swear, 
play with sex, act big and brave, 
act like you don't need Jesus, act 
like everything is going to be all 
right. But don't you ever forget 
that one day soon you will have to 
look into the face of Jesus ! One 
day your fun will turn into terror ! 
Remember, a chicken is one who 
breaks down under pressure. A 
chicken is afraid to die. But the 
Bible says, "The soul that sinneth, 
it shall die." God is putting the 
pressure on you right now, teen- 
ager. Forget what the other teen- 
agers think of you. They can't 
stand before God and do you any 
good. Why pay attention to them 

One of these days soon you may 
pick up the newspaper and read 
these headlines : "Millions Missing 
—All Over the World." The angel 
Gabriel is soon scheduled to blow 
the last trumpet — and then sudden- 
Iv Jesus will come. All the follow- 
ers of Jesu^ will disappear in less 
t-han one-fifth of a second — the 

tnne ic takes to wink an eye. Babies 
will be missing from mothers' arms. 
Christian people will vanish. Teen- 
agers will be running through the 
halls in schools looking for their 
Christian friends but they will be 
gone. The radio and TV sets will 
be buzzing abouL the mysterious 
disappearance of people from every 

The Bible says that when you 
least expect Jesus, then He will 
come. The Bible also tells us 
"there shall be two men in one bed; 
the one shall be taken, and the 
other shall be left. Two women 
shall be grinding together ; the one 
shall be taken, and the other left. 
Two men shall be in the field : the 
one shall be taken, and the other 
left." The Christians will be taken 
— the sinners will be left. Are you 
going to be left behind when Jesus 
comes again ? 

Are you going to get ready to 
meet Jesus now ? Or, are you going 
to be chicken? 

You did not get this message by 
accident. You are one of many 
teen-agers getting this mesage all 
over the world. There is only one 
way to be ready to face the dark 
future : give yourself to Jesus Christ. 
Receive Him as your Saviour. Ac- 
cept Him into your life as King. 

Here is how : confess your sins 
to the Lord Jesus with your mouth. 
Repent and be sorry for all your 
sins. Forsake your wicked way of 
living. Call on Jesus and ask Him 



to come and live in your lieart. This 
is the Rihle way to he saved. The 
first move is up to you. God has 
completed the plan of salvation and 
will gladly accept your repentance. 
Come unto your Saviour in sincere 
prayer, ask forgiveness, follow His 
commandments and eternal life will 
he your happy lot. 

Sel. hy Edwin Slauffer 


On our place we have noticed 
a path, from the barn out over the 
hill and around the corner where 
the cattle travel, as they go out and 
in you will see them follow the 
leader. What kind of a path are we 
making? What kind of a leader are 
you and I ? Who is following in our 
footsteps? Have you looked hack? 
Do we realize how many may be 
following? Are we in the straight 
path which would be safe for others 
to follow? People are similar to 
cows in that they walk in the foot- 
steps of others and follow paths in 
which others are walking, 

A father left home one night to 
go to the local tavern to get some 
drinks. It was a cold snowy night. 
He had only gone a block or so 
when he heard his little son calling 
to him. He turned and asked his 
son what he was doing. The boy 
replied, "I am walking in your 
steps." All of us influence those 
who come after us. To a degree 
they will walk in our paths. If our 

steps do not go upward and God- 
ward, it will be surprising if those 
who come after us make new paths 
for their feet, which would be ne- 
cessary if they would go heaven- 

This is a picture of all of us. It 
is so easy to follow the person in 
front of us. This is why it is so 
important to be following the Lord,. 
The Psalmist once prayed a prayer 
which is one that we should pray at 
the beginning of another New Year. 
Shew me Thy ways, O Lord; teadh 
me Thy paths — for all of thy 
paths are mercy and truth unto 
such as keep Thy covenant, Psa. 
25:4, 10. 

Bro. Alvin Silknitter, 
East Rochester, Ohio. 


Another year has rolled by, the 
world goes on, the sun comes up 
and the moon and stars have never 
cliangcd, but oh the people how 
changeable we are. God's Word 
never changes. He sent His Son 
down here for an example, that we 
should follow Him. His mother 
Mary said. What He says do. The 
last words in the Bible tell us. If 
any man shall add unto these things, 
God shall add unto him the plagues 
that are written in this book. Also 
to take away, God shall take away 
his part in glory. 

The writer believes that changing 
the works of Jesus would be just 



as bad. We have different beliefs 
that handle the Word different from 
the plain teachings. Such as bap- 
tism, they use a little water on the 
head, when the Word says, Ye 
must be born again. It seems as if 
every one should understand bap- 
tism, even a fool. Tliey all use water, 
hut have changed the way of using 
it. Is it man's way or Jesus' way? 
I have talked witli ministers of 
other faiths and some ask me, When 
do we eat the Lord's supper? of 
course I say after we wash feet. 
This is the way they stop me from 
telling them about their baptism. 
When we read Mark 14:13, we find 
that Jesus sent two of His disciples 
ro find where they were to eat the 
passover and they found the place 
furnished and prepared. The room 
was furnished and prepared and it 
seems to the writer that they left 
the other ten know of it. V. 16, 
"And as they sat and did eat, Jesus 
said, Verily I say unto you. One of 
you which eateth with me shall be- 
tray me." We see here they were 
eating, V. 22, and as they did eat. 
In John 13 we have a complete de- 
scription of Jesus' last supper. 
Bro. Virgil Troutwine 
Rt. 5, Greenville, Oliio 


"Rehold, this was the ini([uity of 
thy sisler Sodom, pride, fulness of 
I>read, and abundance of idleness 
was in her and in her daughters, 
neither did she strengthen the hand 

of the poor and needy," Ezek. 16: 
49. Years ago a great saint wrote 
these words : Beware of emptiness, 
empty hours, empty hands, empty 
companions, empty words, empty 
hearts. Draw not evil spirits as a 
vacuum draws air. To be occupied 
with good is the best defense against 
the inroads of evil. 

Jesus gave a parable once, about 
a man out of whom a demon had 
been cast. But no attempt was 
made, after the evil had been cast 
out, to fill the man's life with good. 
Accordingly, a host of demons more 
evil than the one which had been 
cast out came into the man's heart 
and his last fate became worse than 
the first. 

We need to remind ourselves 
constantly that there is nothing 
worse for us than empty life. The 
empty mind, the empty heart, the 
empty soul ; these become breeding 
places for all sorts of dangerous 
moral infections. Evil has to be 
met head on with good. We cannot 
just cast out the evil and let it go 
at that. We must be vigilant, we 
must be aggressive in behalf of 
good. The empty life means trouble, 
it can even mean death. 

The fullest life ever lived was 
the life Jesus lived. His example 
to us is primarily the examnle of 
a full and purposeful life. If we 
live such a life, we are His fol- 
lowers. If we do not, we are candi- 
dates for Satan's establishment. 

Sel. hv Kenneth Whitmore 




David Skiles, Supt. 
Box 116 

Cuba, N. Mexico 87013 

Hayes Reed, Chairman 
1433 Overholtzer Drive, 

Modesto, Calif. 95351 

Kyle Reed, Secretary 
Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 
Quinter, Kans. 67752 

Vem Hostetler 
Montpelier, Ohio 43543 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 

R.D. #6, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 
Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 
Paul Blocher, Treasurer 

R. 1, Union, Ohio 45322 
Newton Jamison 

Quinter, Kansas 67752 
Boyd Wyatt 

15198 Ave. 22, 

Chowchilla, Calif. 


iMward Johnson, Chairman 
R. 5, Wauseon, Ohio 45367 

Harley Flory, Secretary 
R. 4, Defiance, Ohio 43512 

Ben Klepinger, Treasurer 
R. 2, Brookville, Ohio 45309 

George Dorsey 

Bx. 366, Salisbury, Pa. 15558 

James Kegerriee 
R. 1, Richland, Pa. 


Board of Publication 

Edward Johnson, Chairman 
R. 5, Wauseon, Ohio 45367 

James Kegerreis, Secretary 
R. 1, Richland, Pa. 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed, Treasurer 
Snowville, Va. 

Paul R. Myers 

Box #117 

Greentown, Ohio 44630 

Floyd Swihart 

1903 W. Clinton St. 

Goshen, Ind. 46526 

Howard J. Surbey 
R. 2, Taneytown, Md. 21787 

Board of Trustees 

Dale E. Jamison 

Quinter, Kans. 67752 

Vem Hostetler, Secretary 

R. 3, Montpelier, Ohio 43543 

David F. Ebling, Treasurer 

Bethel, Pa. 14506 

General Mission Board 

Paul R. Myers, Chairman 

Box 117, Greentown, Ohio 44630 

Herbert Parker, Secretary 

R. 3, Troy Ohio 45373 

Millard Haldeman, Treasurer 

Box 236, Dallas Center, la. 50063 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed 

Snowville, Va. 

George Dorsey 

Box 366, Salisbury, Pa. 15558 

W. S. Reed 

Dallas Center, Iowa 50063 

William Bashor 

Box 826, Turlock, Cal. 

Hayes Reed 
Modesto, Calif. 95351 

All contributions to the vari- 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. 



FEBRUARY 15, 1965 

No. 4 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and !| OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. 11 world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"And when they had platted a 
crown of thorns, they put it upon 
his head, and a reed in his right 
hand : and they bowed the knee 
before him, and mocked him, saying, 
Hail, King of the Jews. And they 
spit upon him, and took the reed, 
and smote him on the head. And 
they that passed by reviled him, 
wagging their heads, and saying. 
Thou that destroyest the temple, 
and buildest it in three days, save 
thyself. If thou be the Son of God, 
come down from the cross," Matt. 
27:28-30, 39-40. Here we find a 
part of the severe trials of our Lord, 
The cruelest of persecutions meted 
out to One who was entirely free 
of guilt and far more, was worthy 
of much praise, honour and glory 
because of the multitude of good 
deeds which He had done. Often 
perhaps we think we have severe 
trials and problems, yet none of us 
ever experienced a small part of 
persecution as severe as Christ did. 
Again we often have brought on 
the trial or problem which we en- 
dure, but He was not guilty of any 

charge brought against Hirii. Christ 
did save Himself because He per- 
mitted the cruelties, unjustly heaped 
upon Him, that the Father's Will 
might be carried out and that He 
might atone for the sins of mankind 
and thus restore the favor of Al- 
mighty God for a sinless mankind. 
The persecutions of Christ began 
as ar babe, which was deprived of 
; the normal comforts of home as a 
, babe. As a young child He suffered 
\ the trials of a long journey, among 
j the poor, into a foreign land, "Arise, 
j and take the young child and his 
I mother, and flee into Egypt ; and 
j be thou there until I bring thee 
, word : for Herod will seek the young 
i child to destroy him," Matt. 2:13'. 
i In early manhood His kin and 
' friends failed to accept Him as a 
prophet or His teachings, looking 
upon Him only as the son of Joseph 
among them, "And they said, Is not 
this Joseph's son?" Luke 4:22. 

Because of His knowledge, power 
and abilities ; anger, vengeance, mal- 
ice and nriurder was charged against 
Him, "Then the Pharisees went 
out, and held a council against him, 
how they might destroy him," Matt. 


12:14. Since they could not find 
any charge, worthy of this action, 
sought false charges against Him, 
"Now the chief priests, and elders, 
and all the council, sought false wit- 
ness against Jesus, to put him to 
death," Matt. 26 :59. To plan, scheme 
and seek to kill someone is certainly 
a severe persecution, but how ter- 
rible if that person is innocent of 
any crime? Naturally if you plan 
someone's death and they are in- 1 
nocent of any severe crime, you 
must use false witness in order to '< 
condemn that one. Can any act be 
more cruel, hateful and sinful? 
"And when they had blindfolded 
him, they struck him on the face, 
and asked him, saying, Prophesy, 
who is it that smote thee?" Matt. 
22 :64. How can human beings 
treat another human being that 
way? "And consulted that they 
might take Jesus by subtilty, and 
kill him," Matt. 26:4. 

"But his citizens hated him, and 
sent a message after him, saying, 
We will not have this man to reign 
over us," Luke 19:14. This refers 
to Christ's brethren, the believing 
children of God, those whom God 
wishes to bless. We will not have 
Christ reign over us. How many 
are saying the same thing today, 
with the multitude of blessings 
promised to each one in His King- 
dom? Are you so foolish as to take 
such an attitude towards Christ and 
His New Testament ? "I know that 
yt are Abraham's seed: but ye seek 

to kill me, because my word hath 
no place in you. I speak that which 
I have seen with my Father : and ye 
do that which ye have seen with 
your father," John 8:37-38. A fam- 
ily name will save no one. Christ 
plainly taught them that their re- 
spect for father Abraham did not 
serve as respect for God the Father. 
Are we Christlike? Are we 
Christ's followers (imitators) ? Are 
we so understanding of the great J 
plan of God, that we are too good * 
to suffer such persecution? Are we 
near enough to Christ to be classed 
as His friend? Do we want the ■ 
blessings of God, if so what will we I 
suffer to be accounted worthy to 
receive such blessings? "Forasmuch 
then as Christ hath suffered for us 
in the flesh, arm yourselves like 
wise with the same mind : for he 
that hath suffered in the flesh hath 
ceased from sin," 1 Pet. 4:1. Here 
is a reasonable comparison. If we 
wish to be a follower of Christ, we 
should be willing to endure some of 
the persecutions which He endured. 
There can be no question but thai 
Christ never allowed sin in His life, 
what reason can we give for allow- 
ing it in our life? Would it not be 
reasonable to cease entirely from 
sin. in respect to Christ our Lorri 
and Saviour? 


In John 14:3 we read, "Arl'd WH 

g(j and prepare a plaCe for* yoii.''T 


will come again, and receive you 
unto myself ; that where I am, there 
ye may be also." In this verse 
Jesus ^ys, "I will come again." 
When Christ ascended from the 
mount, two angels visited the dis- 
ciples there. They asked the disci- 
ples, "Why stand ye gazing up into 
heaven? This same Jesus, which is 
taken up from you into heaven, shall 
so come in like manner as ye have 
seen him go into heaven." In John 
14:28, Jesus own words, "Ye have 
heard how I said unto you, I go 
away, and come again unto you." 
No Bible student dare attempt to 
dispute the fact that Jesus is coming 

In this article I do not propose 
to write concerning the many ev- 
ents, the conditions on the earth, 
the conditions in the church, the 
time, signs, etc., pertaining to His 
second coming. I prefer to write 
what shall take place among the 
peoples of the earth when Jesus 
comes. As you read these few feeble 
words, close your eyes and meditate 
on what it will be like when Jesus 
Gomes. His coming will be sudden, 
unawares, unexpectedly, as light- 
ning Cometh out of the east. Every 
eye. shall see Him. It matters not 
kow dim they be to the natural or 
the spiritual things in this life, those 
eyes will see Him clearly. If one 
has been totally blind for years, he 
vv'-ill have his sight then. And it 
will be a sce^e to behold. 

When Jesus comes it will be for 

numerous reasons. He said He was 
coming and He lies not. He will 
come to fulfill prophecy. He will 
come to reward His servants. I love 
the hymn, "When Jesus Comes to 
Reward His Servants." To those 
who are faithful, to those who are 
true to their promises to Him, to 
those who are at peace with each 
other, to those that have kept His 
commandments, to those that are 
His sheep, to those who were true 
to their Shepherd, to those who 
have separated themselves from the 
evil and hell of this world, to those 
whose robes are washed in the blood 
of the Lamb, to those who have 
been re-born, to such Jesus will say, 
"Well done, thou good and faithful 
servant, enter into the joy of thy 
Lord." To the faithful, v\^hen the 
clouds of Heaven roll back as a 
scroll and Jesus shall come, as the 
disciples saw Him ascend, it will be 
a glorious event. It will be a happy 
reunion day with Christ and all the 
redeemed of all ages. 

But, for those outside of Christ, 
those that never named His name, 
those that once tasted of the good 
things and went back to the flesh- 
pots of Egypt, to those that bore 
malice, hatred, jealousy, strife, dis- 
belief; to the scoffer, to the reviler, 
to the hypocrite, to the backslider; 
to the disobedient, to all those that 
did not completely embrace the way 
of life Jesus authored and ordered^ 
it will nbt be a happy reunion day. 
They will attend the biggest prayer 



Taneytown, Md., Feb. 15, 1965 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
ejtown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Assoc- 
ciate Editor. 

goats will be cast out. The sheep 
will be put in. What a difference ! 
When Jesus comes He will separate 
the wheat from the chaff. Does He 
know the difference ? He certainly 
does. One can fool his fellowman, 
his next door neighbor, his com- 
panion, his preacher, his congrega- 
tion,, but there will be no slipping 
past the Saviour of the world. The 
wheat, the Saints, will be garnered 
in. The remainder, which is chaff, 
worthless, nothing good to it, will 
be burned. 

Oh, that every member of the 
Dunkard Brethren Church could 
feel the burden for souls, to make 
it their first piece of business to 

meeting every assembled. That day i snatch the lost out of the fire ! That 
there will be people praying that lis the prime work of the Church, 

never thought to pray before. That 
day tears, scorching hot, will flow 
profusely. At that prayer meeting 
there will be great confessions 
shouted, begging mercy, crying for 
the rocks and mountains to fall on 
rhem and hide them. But God will 
be too busy taking care of the saints 
to give attention to the wails of the 
lost. He will not be too busy to 
cast them in outer darkness, where 
there will be wailing and gnashing 
of teeth! 

Yes. when Jesus comes. He will 
make no mistake. He knows His 
sheep. They will be gathered into 
the great sheepfold. Heaven. He 
knows the sheep from the goats. 
The sheep will be on His right 
hand. The goats on the left. The 

and we are so at ease in Zion. So 
asleep at the switch that thousands 
going to their doom may have been 
saved if we had "went out to seek 
and to save." If God makes a 
charge for it, someone is going to 
have to pay. If one soul is out of 
the church because of our failing to 
do what God demands, or if wc 
failed to carry out Scriptures on 
our part, to preserve that soul, their 
blood will he required at our hand. 
Oh, what will our answers be? 

When Jesus comes, He will sepa- 
rate the wicked from the just. Have 
you ever been in a crowd when all 
pressed to see, or get through or 
purchase something? But, when the 
gate closed, that' was it! When 
Jesus opens the doors of Heaven 


5 lets the saints through, then 
closes it, that is it. The knocking 
of the five foolish virgins to get 
into the bride chamber is only a 
hint of what it will be like when the 
door of mercy is closed forever 
against the lost. None shall miss 
this event. We must all appear be- 
fore the judgment bar of God. When 
Jesus comes there will be an ever- 
lasting division among families, 
churches, all people. 

When Jesus comes, two shall be 
in bed, one shall be taken, the other 
left. Two women shall be grinding 
at the mill, one shall be taken, the 
other left. Two shall be in the field, 
one taken, the other left. This will 
be a problem in division, that Jesus 
will solve exactly. All saints will 
be taken home to glory. All sinners 
will be sent to that horrible pit 
where the worm dieth not and the 
fire is not quenched. His division 
will come out even. There will be 
none left over ! What a marked dif- 
ference God will see in people we 
think are alike. He will not judge 
by appearance, but by the hidden 
man of the heart. Not by what we 
might appear to be, but by what 
God knows us to be ! When Jesus 
comes, time will end. Eternity will 
continue without end. 

When Jesus comes, it will be too 
late to carry out any proposed good 
intentions. There will not be a 
moment to make restitution of any 
kind to anyone for anything. The 
Word teaches that at that time. 

those that be upon the housetops, 
sta}' there. You cannot go down to 
get anything out of the house, in- 
cluding a child or loved one. If any 
are in the field, stay there, for 
there will be no time to go to the 
house or to say goodbye or see the 
reward or fate of your companion 
or children. Neither will there be 
time to make wrongs right. Now 
is the day ! Prepare to meet thy 

We need not be overtaken, un- 
prepared. Jesus Himself gave the 
warning and the signs of His com- 
ing repeatedly. In Luke 12:40 we 
read, "Be ye therefore ready, also, 
for the son of man cometh at an 
hour when ye think not." When 
Jesus comes, God shall wipe away 
all tears. There will be no more 
death. Then will sorrow end. Pain 
will be no more. All former things 
will pass away. When Jesus comes, 
there will be a new Heaven and a 
new earth. Heaven will be inhabit- 
ed with the saved. They shall be 
clothed with immortality. We will 
exchange this old body of clay for 
an incorruptible body. Jesus is 
coming again ! O ! that we might 
meet Him in peace. 

Paul R. Myers, 
Box 117, 
Greentown, Ohio 

What we have done for ourselves 
alone dies with us ; what we have 
done for others is immortal. 



Part 4 

"And he came to Capernaum : 
and being in the house he asked 
them, What was it that ye disputed 
among yourselves by the way? But 
they held their peace : for by the 
way they had disputed among them- 

of every person, and can be aroused 
very easily. It seems to the writer 
that Jesus was taking advantage of 
this trait of human nature, when 
He gave His reply to the Pharisees 
in iSIafL. 12, "But he answered and 
said unto them. An evil and adult- 
erous generation seeketh after a 
sign ; and there shall no sign be 
given to it, but the sign of the 
prophet Jonas : For as Jonas was 

selves, who should be the greatest. 
And he sat down, and called the j diree days and three nights in the 
twelve, and saith unto them. If any \ whale's belly ; so shall the Son of 
man desire to be first, the same man be three days and three nights 
shall be last of all, and servant of i in the heart of the earth. The men 
all. And he took a child, and set 'of Nineveh shall rise up in judg- 
him in the midst of them : and when ment with this generation, and shall 
he had taken him in liis arms, he condemn it : because they repented 
said unto them. Whosoever shall l at the preaching of Jonas ; and, be- 

receive one of such children in my 
name, receiveth me : and whosoever 
shall receive me. receiveth not me, 
but him that sent me." Mark 9: 

It would not be a misstatement 
to say that the apostles did not 
grasp, for quite a long time, the 
purpose of Jesus' coming to earth. 
They thought He was here to set 

hold, a greater than Jonas is here. 
The queen of the south shall rise 
up in the judgment with this gen- 
eration, and shall condemn it ; for 
she came from the uttermost parts 
of the earth to hear the wisdom of 
Solomon ; and, behold, a greater 
than Solomon is here." With these 
words our Lord tried to make the 
Pharisees aware of the greatness of 

up an earthly kingdom, for they (His mission to earth. It is said, 
argued on several occasions, who "history centers around great men." 

should be the greatest. This seems 
to be a strange conception for men 
who had walked and talked with 
Jesus during His mission on earth. 
But it only reveals one of the most 
common traits of human nature, a 
trait that has plagued the human 
race since the fall of Adam. It is 
something that lurks in the heart 

So the sublime statement to the 
Pharisees remains as resistless as 
eternity itself. He was, and still is, 
the greatest man of history. He is 
the dividing point of history. Time 
is dated B.C. (before Christ) or A. 
D. (anno Domini ; in the year of 
the Lord) since the birth of Christ. 
If mv readers will turn to the 


book of 1 Kings, there we can read 
of Solomon's material possessions. 
His own palace was built of the 
most costly and the most durable 
material of that day or any day. 
His personal throne was built en- 
tirely of ivory. He ate and drank 
from vessels of pure gold. The 
sancutary of the temple was over- 
laid with pure gold, and many other 
of the furnishings were of gold and 
other costly materials. Someone 
has made a guess that it would 
amount to the entire "National 
Debt" of our country to replace, 
or reproduce, Solomon's temple to- 
day. Yet, after we have summed up 
all of Solomon's wealth and all his 
wisdom, we cannot compare him 
with Christ. We can only contrast 
him with God's Son that was sent 
to this world. Dear reader, King 
Solomon can do nothing to help 
men and women today. He can 
do nothing to help your spiritual 
needs and mine. Christ can ; in Him 
we can find full provision for our 
needs and our well-being beyond 
this life. 

Otto Harris, 

Antioch, W. Va. 


We dare not : neither shall we 
ever, by the grace and strength 
given to us of Almighty God, retire 
from active service in the Church 
of Jesus Christ. Although the writ- 
er has retired from the secular ac- 

tivities of life (the business world), 
it does not mean that we are idle. 
We still have a desire, a thirst for 
saving souls. 

What has been in the past and 
what is now our prospect for our 
success in winning souls? As to 
the past there has seemingly been 
little results, in numeration of num- 
bers, gathered into the fold. Yet we 
take great comfort in that we have 
sown good seed, and there has been 
a minor harvest. The apostle Paul 
has said, "I have planted, Apollos 
watered ; but God gave the increase." 

We have laboured at this place, 
for over thirty years, under great 
and continued handicap. Some two 
or three times throughout the years 
past, when things seemed bright for 
an ingathering here, labourers 
wandered farther out for pastures 
green. In spite of all this, we take 
courage at Jesus' Words, "What 
shall it profit a man, if he shall 
gain the whole world and loose his 
owm soul? Or what shall a man 
give in exchange for his soul?" 
Since our blessed Lord places un- 
named value on a human soul, we 
take courage and press on. There 
have been a few souls saved here, 
as well as at other places where we 
have endeavoured to serve : yet 
some have gone back into the world. 

We rejoice to know, Heaven 
alone will reveal our integrity. Must 
I empty handed go? Have I been 
a true Soldier of the Cross? God 
only will be the judge of our lab- 


ours at home, at Kansas City, at 
Clover Leaf and elsewhere. The lit- 
tle sacrifice which we have made 
to serve Christ and win souls, the 
many, many sleepless nights, the 
long weary journeys, our tired ach- 
ing body, is as nothing, if we can 
just gain heaven and all its glories 
and be with the Master. What is 
our hope of success? For soul win- 
ning in the future? Locally, not so 
good, as far as building a congre- 
gation, in this the day of the great 

Our work abroad ... as one 
dear brother has said. If we would 
consider our health, our own well- 
being, our age, we would say there 
is nothing I can do. Yea, the old 
devil would so defeat us if we 
would let him. We will never give 
up the old ship Zion. nor the work 
in the service of the Master, wher- 
ever we can find it. We must obey 
God's call. While life remains we 
must "redeem the time." There are 
still many unsaved souls, out in the 
world, to whom we must minister. 
If there is opportunity anywhere in 
our entire Brotherhood, among our 
congregations, or in their bounds, 
where God's servant can be of use 
in Bible instruction (dailv Bible 

class), in teaching the truths of the 
Bible, we offer our service free of 
charge, providing God will give me 
physical strength to do so. 

In conclusion . . . Let us study, 
briefly, "the effects of both Water 
and .Spirit Baptism,"' which should 

help us to "Success in Our Chris- 
tian Life." When a man is baptized 
(born of Christ the Word, and of 
the Holy Spirit) the effect will be 
very marked upon his own inner 
experience. "Therefore if any man 
be in Christ, he is a new creature : 
old things are passed away ; behold, 
all things become new," 2 Cor. 5 :17. can never know what true 
peace means within, until they have 
accepted Him and a new life begins. 
There will be a deeper humility, be- 
cause of a deeper sense of helpless- 
ness and unworthiness. After this 
"New Birth" there will be a holier 
sobriety, because of a keener con- 
sciousness of how easily the Spirit 
may be grieved. 

"And grieve not the holy Spirit 
of God, whereby ye are sealed unto 
the day of redemption. Let all bit- 
terness, and wrath, and anger, and 
clamour, and evil speaking, be put 
away from you, with all malice : 
And be kind one to another, tender- 
hearted, forgiving one another, even 
as God for Christ's sake hath for- 
given you," Lph. 4 :30-32. There 
will also be a calm earnestness that 
flows out of a true and solemn 
heart in which the living Word of 
God burns as a fire. There will not 
be the enthusiasm of a pompous 
harangue of eloquent words, but 
the glowing respiration of a soul 
filled with the presence and power 
of God. These arc some of the ef- 
fects of this wonderful "baptism" 
(birth) which helps us to succeed 


i.i our Christian life. 

We must be thoroughly converted 
and know it. In our conversion 
there must he a full surrender, a 
confession of our lips, a thorough 
conviction and acceptance of Chirst's 
finished work (His death, resurrec- 
tion and ascension), Rom. 10:9- 
10; Jno. 1:12. We must present 
our whole self to God. Half-heart- 
edness brings constant failure . . . 
utterly, we must renounce sin. One 
must be filled with the Spirit, Eph. 
5 :18. Remember the Holy Spirit 
is your keeper. We dare not trust 
our own power. It is a wonderful 
and blessed privilege to confess 
with our mouth the Lord Jesus. 
Sinner friend, loose no opportunity. 
Testifying brings a feast to the soul, 
that the world knows nothing of. 

The effects of this wonderful 
"baptism" brings about our "anoint- 
ing." This anointing is not upon 
man's flesh (the old self seeking 
nature) for that would only min- 
ister to his pride, but upon the mi- 
tred head of the consecrated new 
creature in Christ Jesus, that no 
flesh should glory in His presence. 
The Holy Spirit is our teacher. 
"But ye have an unction from the 
Holy One, and ye know all things," 
I John 2 :20. "But the anointing 
which ye have received of him 
abideth in you, and ye need not that 
any man teach you : but as the same 
anointing teacheth you of all things, 
and is truth, and is no lie, and even 
as it hath taught you, ye shall abide 

in him," verse 27. 

We need this "New Birth." We 
need the application of Jesus Blood, 
then He will take us and use us, 
down here in the world, to win 
souls. Those who are lost and so 
helpless in sin and its woes. He 
will give us His message if we will 
but trust and obey. He will lead us 
and guide us each step of the way. 
In our success in the christian life, 
if we would succeed in saving souls, 
we should pray without ceasing, I 
Thess. 5:17. Have a special time 
for meeting God. . . . early in the 
morning. . . . before meeting men. 
Kneel reverently, realizing God's 
presence. We should let Him ex- 
amine our heart and remove all 
known sin, and awaken in us a pray- 
erful spirit. Then pray in the 
Spirit for His will to be done in 
all things. 

, To help us to succeed in our 
I Christian life, it is necessary to 
i "Search the Scriptures, Jno. 5 :39. 
God cannot teach us His way ex- 
cept we read His word. Study 
Your Bible. It becomes necessary 
for us to attend church, public wor- 
ship services regularly, Heb. 10:25. 
God expects us, when there, to shut 
the world out and worship Him 
only. Give Liberally. . . without 
grudging, 2 Cor. 9:7. Buy much 
eternal property. "The liberal soul 
shall be made fat." "Lay up for 
yourselves treasures in heaven." We 
cannot succeed as Christians if we 
loose our zeal for souls. Keep in- 



terested in missions. Jno. 4:35-36, 
God's thoughts about the unsaved 
must be our thoughts. To be in- 
terested in missions is the thermom- 
eter which registers our spiritual 
condition.. Last, but not least, "For- 
get self, live for others." Matt. 20 : 
26-28. Then keep growing in grace," 
2 Pet. 3:18. 

Finally may we remember the 
words of . . . John F. Chaplain . . . 


In pastures green? Not always; 
sometimes He 

Who knoweth best, in kindness 
leadeth me 

In many ways where heavy shad- 
ows be. 

Out of the sunshine warm and soft 
and bright . . . 

Out of the sunshine into the dark- 
est night, 

I oft would faint with sorrow and 

Only for this ... I know He holds 
my hand ; 

So whether in the green or desert 

I trust although 1 may not under- 

And by still waters? No, not al- 
ways so; 

Oftimes the heavy tempests round 
me blow. 

And o'er my soul the waters and 
billows go 

But when the storms beat loudest 
and I cry 

Aloud for help, the Master stand- 
eth by , 

And whispers to my soul, "Lo, 
it is I." 

Above the tempest wild I hear Him 

"Beyond this darkness lies a per- 
fect day. 

In every path of thine I lead the 

So whether on the hilltops high and 

I dwell, or in the sunless valleys 

The shadows lie . . . what matters? 

He is there. 
So where He leads me, I can safely 

And in the best hereafter I shall 

Why in His wisdom. He hath led 
me so. 

Bro. VVm. Root 

1612 Morphy St., 

Great Bend, Kans. 67530 



"A new commandment I give unto 
you, that ye love one another as I 
have loved you, that ye also love 
one another, By this shall all men 
know that ye are my disciples, if 
ye have love one to another," John 
13 :34-35. Are we a disciple of 
Christ? Do we have this great love 
for our neighbor and especially for 
our brother and sister in Christ? 

Our hearts should feel heavy as 


1 1 

we look round about at our church, 
that we love so dearly, to see the 
quarreling and misunderstandings 
between God's people. This can only 
mean the nearing of the end of time. 
"And because iniquity shall abound, 
the love of man}' shall wax cold," 
Matt. 24:12. If it is God's will that 
another generation should yet live 
upon this old earth before He calls 
time to a close, what will the situa- 
tion of the church be for these, our 
children? Will they somehow mir- 
aculously find this great love which 
we seemingly have lost? 

Is it possible for us to become so 
absorbed in our beliefs of what the 
outward appearance mjust be like, 
that we even forget our Lord and 
Saviour's Commandments? I have 
seen instances where members have 
been ridiculed and gossiped about 
even to the point of being shunned, 
until they would finally be driven 
from the church. Who will be re- 
sponsible for these precious souls? 
This is simply the devil working 
through the church members to 
drive those who were once safely 
in God's fold, back again into the 
devil's snare. Did Christ Himself 
not tell us what to do if our brother 
should trespass against us? Christ 
said, "Go and tell him his fault be- 
tween thee and him alone." 

In fact Christ feared that we 
would come so far from carrying 
out this great commandment of 
love, that we might "bite and devour 
one another to the extent that we 

would be consumed one of another." 
Oh ! that we might pray that this 
love might prevail among us, so 
that our little ones someday, if it 
be God's will, may find a church 
rooted and grounded in Christ's 
great commandment of love. "Be- 
loved let us love one another : for 
love is of God ; and every one that 
loveth is born of God, and knoweth 
God." I John 4 :7. 

Sister Mary Ann Whitmore, 
Thurmont, Md. 



The renewal of subscriptions to 
the Bible Monitor and also new 
subscriptions have been coming in 
very nicely and we appreciate your 
fine cooperation. Please try to re- 
member to renew in the same name 
as you are now receiving the is- 
suiss, as we have received a num- 
ber one year in the husband's name 
and the next in the wife's and we 
are not certain which subscription 
this applies to. We plan to revise 
the Mailing List soon and we would 
like all subscriptions renewed by 
that time, so that we know which 
ones to continue. 

Sorry that we fell behind in 
mailing the issues, during the holi- 
days and even after the first of 
the year. By the time this issue 
reaches you, we plan to be up to 
date and keep them coming that 
way. We much appreciate some ex- 



tra manuscript during these Winter 
months, would it be possible for each 
of you to keep up the good writing, 
at least three or four times a year. 
Please note the Editorial Policy in 
the February 1st issue and try to 
keep from writing on controversial 
or questionable material. The New 
Testament contains sufficient def- 
inite and essential instructions, 
that we need not waste precious 
time and space for subjects which 
God has not seen fit to give com- 
plete and detailed instructions. 

The Newberg Dunkard Brethren 
church enjoyed two-weeks of bles- 
sed and wonderful revival meet- 
ings, given us from God by our 
beloved Bro. Ernest Miller of Har- 
risonburg. Va. Although not many 
of the public attended, the church 
was wonderfully blessed and lifted 
up. Pray that each member may re- 
member to do the very liest we can, 
by God's help, to hold fast to the 
faith once delivered to the saints. 

We need to be watching each 
hour for the glorious return of our 
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We 
need to be more concerned for the 
souls of the lost. We were told how 
concerned we would be, if a house 
were burning and someone was in 
it. We would at least try to save 
them from the fire. How much 
more should we be concerned for 
souls, who are going toward ever- 
lasting fire. We should snatch them 

back from such. 

Two precious young people gave 
their hearts to their Saviour and 
were baptized. Pray for our dear 
young people that they may be 
bright shining lights in the com- 
nnmity and wherever they are. We 
all know Satan is working harder 
than ever within the churches. He 
knows he already has the world 
under his control, so when he can 
get a foot in the door of the church 
he has made a major victory. It 
behooves each one of us of the 
Dunkard Brethren church to keep 
our hands in the hands of our Lord 
and walk with Him. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Love- 
feast at the close of our meetings. 
The presence of Christ could be felt, 
Bro. Paul Reed of Virginia offici- 
ated. We certainly enjoyed having 
this wonderful brother with us for 
a number of days, during our meet- 
ings. The ordinances of Feetwash- 
ing. the Lord's supper and Com- 
numion bring us very close to our 
I^ird and Master. Let us hold fast 
to all of His teachings. A potluck 
dinner was served in the church on 
December 13, to all who were at 
the morning services. Bro. Paul 
Reed fed us on the Bread of Life 
after the meal. Let us heed all we 

Our last meeting of the revival 
was given on Sunday evening by 
Bn*. Miller, after which a fond 
farewell was given to our beloved 
Brother and family. We so enjoyed 



having Sister Miller with us, as 
well as Bro. Alfred, whose prayer- 
ful radiant face was a blessing to 
all. May God bless this dear fam- 
ily as only our Father in Heaven 
can bless. May many souls be given 
to the Saviour, as Bro. Miller so 
earnestly loves and works for the 
■ salvation of souls. 

Our quarterly Council meeting 
was held on January 2, With our 
Elder, Galen Harlacher moderating. 
A kind christian spirit was shown 
by each one present during our ! 
business meeting. Although we are 
few in number we can all do the 
Lord's work in a brotherly manner. 

We are so happy to have the ! 
Galen Litfin family with us during j 
their leave from the Mission. They 
are a wonderful help to us here, 
we so enjoy having little ones in 
services. This brings to our minds 
Bro. David and Sister Mildred 
Skiles, who were so kind and good 
to us during our visit at the Mis- 
sion, God bless them and their fam- 
ily. We realize we are many hun- 
dreds of miles from others of the 
brotherhood, but the miles can be 
bridged by a chain of prayer of 
our dear brethren and sisters. 
We yearn to see each member 
of our beloved church, if not 
upon the earth, we pray all can be 
faithful and meet on the other side, 
where we can praise our Saviour 
through the ceaseless ages of Etern- 
ity. Please each one come and visit 

us whenever you have the oppor- 

Esther Roedel, Cor. 


Bro. Dale Rush, son of Bro. and 
Sister Harley Rush, Rt. 1, Con- 
verse, Ind., and Sue Hoiser, Roann, 
Ind., were united in marriage 
October 24, 1964, by Vern Wor- 
cestershire, minister. Their new 
address is 845 West Hill Street, 
Wabash, Ind. 

Sister Margaret Rush, daughter 
of Bro. and Sister Harley Rush, 
Rt. 1, Converse, Ind., and Harliss 
Burt were united in marriage De- 
cember 12, 1964 by Bro. Harley 
Rush. They are now living at Rt. 
3, Wabash, Ind. 

Sister Nancy Lorenz, daug'hter 
of Bro. and Sister Pete Jr. Lorenz, 
Rt. 1, Amboy, Ind., and Lloyd Hol- 
der of Somerset, Ind., were united 
in marriage December 24 by Glen 
Wagoner, minister. They are liv- 
ing at 106 E. Maple, Wabash, Ind. 


Son of the late Alpheus Mellott 
and Alice (Mellott) Mellott was 
born in Fulton County, Penna., 
April 22, 1891. After an illness of 
several months he departed to the 
great beyond January 7,1965 at the 
age of 7^ years, 8 months and 16 



After the death of his father, 
while yet a young boy, he came with 
the rest of his family to Garrett 
County, Md., where he spent al- 
most all his remaining life. On 
September 1, 1912 he was united 
in marriage to Delia May Beeghly. 
To this union were born two chil- 
dren, Ruth and Homer. They were 
engaged in farming until health no 
longer permitted. 

During his teen years Bro. Mel- 
lott was baptized into the Church 
of the Brethren in which church he 
was later installed into the office 
of deacon. Later he became a char- 
ter member of the Swallow Falls 
Dunkard Brethren Church, for 
which cause he has laboured faith- 
fully all his life. July 1, 1933 he 
was elected to the ministry and 
later he was chosen to be an elder 
in which capacity he has been a 
faithful servant. 

Bro. Mellott leaves to mourn his 
departure : one daughter, Ruth 
Snyder, one son. Homer Mellott, 
4 grandchildren, 1 great grand- 
daughter, 1 brother, Mavey Mellott, 
2 half brothers, Jonas Sines, all 
of Oakland, Md. ; and Silas Sines 
of Harman, Md. ; many nieces and 
nephews, and a host of other rel- 
atives and friends. He was pre- 
ceded in death by his wife, 4 bro- 
thers, 1 half brother and two sis- 
ters. Truly the church has lost a 
laborer, the family a father, and the 
community a friend when he de- 
parted to be a closer child of our 


Funeral services were conducted 
from the Swallow Falls Dunkard 
Brethren Church, Sunday, Januar}' 
10, 1 :00 P. M. Services were in 
charge of Bro. James Kegerreis of 
Richland, Pa., assisted by Bro. Ray 
Shank of Mechanicsburg, Pa., and 
Bro. Melvin Roesch of Paw Paw. 
W. Va. Bro. Kegerreis chose U 
Tim. 4 :7-8 as his text, "I have 
fought a good fight, I have finished 
my course, I have kept the faith : 
Henceforth there is laid up for me 
a crown of righteousness, which 
the Lord, the righteous judge, shall 
give me at that day : and not to me 
only, but unto all them also that 
love his appearing." The remains 
were laid to rest beside his wife in 
the Maple Spring cemetery, Eglon, 
West Va. 

When my life-work is ended, and 

I cross the swelling tide. 
\\'hen the bright and glorious 

I shall rise. 
I shall know my Redeemer when 

I reach the other side. 
And his smile will be the first to 

welcome me. J 

I shall know him, I shall know him, 
And redeemed by his side I shall 

stand ; J 

I shall know him, I shall know him 
By the print of the nails in his hand. 




Age 76, passed away January 
23, 1965 at his home following sev- 
eral months illness. Born January 
11, 1889 in Schyler County, a son 
of John S. and Amanda Skiles 
Stambaug'h, he was united in mar- 
riage to Mabel Shaffer who pre- 
ceded him in death in 1945. On No- 
vember 30, 1947 he was united ins What am I living for? Many 
marriage to Bula Fitz, who sur- people have a desire for good health, 

acts of kindness. We, as a congre- 
gation are going to miss John very 
much as he attended church regular 
and was so good to do many things 
to help us. 

Sister Martha I. Harman, Cor. 



Also serving are : one daughter, 
Mrs. Lois Lee Shawgo of Spring- 
field; four sons, Willard Dean and 
Phillip D. Stambaugh, both of 
Bader ; Willie E. Stambaugh of 
Robinson; Verle J. Stambaugh of 
Astoria; 12 grandchildren; 3 bro- 
thers, Harve Stambaugh of Table 
Grove ; Cleve Stambaugh of As- 
toria; and Charles Stambaugh of 
Smithville. Two half sisters, Mrs. 
Inez Palmer of Astoria and Mrs. 
Rachael Stroops of Henderson; and 
two half brothers. Freeman Stam- 
baugh of Astoria and Glen Stam- 
baugh of Adair. Two sons, one 
daughter, three grandchildren, one 
brother, one sister and one half- 
brother preceded him in death. 

Funeral services were held in the 
Shawgo Memorial Home in As- 
toria. Elders officiating were 
George Replogle and Ben Klep- 
inger. Burial was in the Astoria 
Cemetery. The family wants to 

long life, food, sleep, well-being of 
our children, a feeling of being im- 
portant, pleasure, money and the 
things of this life. Read the list 
again, you will see they are tem- 
poral, only for the present time. 
These things will not prepare us 
for eternity. What should you and 
I be living for? For God and His 
Kingdom, what else is eternal. The 
life that is lived for God, not only 
leads to Heaven, it is a foretaste of 
Heaven. "Seek ye first the kingdom 
of God, and his righteousness, and 
all these things shall be added un- 
to, you." Matt. 6:33. "But lay up 
for yourselves treasures in Heaven, 
where neither moth, nor rust doth 
corrupt and where thieves do not 
break through nor steal." Matt. 6: 

Spiritual investments secure 
spiritual treasures. Are we work- 
ing to enter the kingdom of 
Heaven? "Not every one that saith 
unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter 

thank the brethren and sisters for 1 into the kingdom of Heaven ; but 
their words of sympathy and other! he that doeth the will of my Father 



which is in Heaven," Matt. 7:21. 
"Therefore whosoever heareth 
these sayings of mine and doeth 
them, I will Hken him unto a wise 
man which built his house upon a 
rock," Matt. 7:24. Do we hear the 
savings and commands of Jesus? 
Do we love them? Do we strive to 
obey them? Many followed Jesus 
to be healed from their infirmities 
and diseases, or to eat of the loaves 
and fishes. They were only seeking 
the earthly things of life. Jesus 
taught the value of the spiritual 
bread and water of life. 

In this chapter the Jews mur- 
mured that Jesus said, I am the 
bread which cometh down from 
Heaven. Jesus said, He that be- 
lieveth on me hath everlasting life. 
"Then Jesus said unto them, verily, 
verily I say unto you, except ye eat 
the flesh of the son of man and 
drink his blood, ye have no life in 
you, John 6 :53. Many people mur- 
mured and said, this is a hard say- 
ing, who can hear it? Then many 
disciples went back and walked no 
more with Him. Jesus asked the 
twelve, Will ye also go away? 
Peter answered, Lord to whom shall 
we go? Thou hast the words of 
eternal life, we are sure that thou 
art that Christ, the son of the liv- 
ing God. Those who followed Him 
learned many spiritual truths. 
Those who followed Him to the 
garden were told. My Father's 
house has many mansions, contin- 
ue to be true and faithful unto your 

Heavenly Father and you will in- 
herit a mansion in heaven forever. 
After Jesus arose from the dead, 
He taught them and opened their 
understanding that they might un- | 
derstand all things which He taught. 
Jesus ascended into heaven and 
they waited for the Holy Spirit, as 
they were told. The Holy Spirit 
came and filled them with power 
and wisdom. Thousands were con- ■ 
verted and added unto the church. 
They lived and worked for Jesus 
daily until death. After Paul was 
converted his aim and desire was to 
live for his Lord. "For me to live 
is Christ, and to die is gain," Phil | 
1 :21. "Yea doubtless, and I count 
all things but loss for the excellency 
of the knowledge of Christ Jesus 
my Lord : for whom I have suf- 
fered the loss of all things, and do 
count them but dung, that I may 
win Christ," Phil. 3:8. By faith 
Moses choose to suffer affhctions 
with the people of God, forsaking 
the pleasures of sin. Moses lived 
for God. God taught Adam and 
Eve the way they should live for 
Him. Satan came and taught them 
to disobey God and to obey Him, 
the result was sin and punishment. 
Satan tempted the people from gen- 
eration to generation, until the earth 
was filled with sin and wickedness. 
Noah and his family lived for God, 
they were saved and blessed. After 
the flood Satan began again to 
tempt mankind to follow him. Later 
God sent Jesus to redeem mankind 



from sin. Surely every one should 
soon learn to live the way Jesus 

Bro. D. K. Marks 
York, Penna. 


"Beware of false prophets, which 
come to you in sheep's clothing, 
ibut inwardly they are ravening 
wolves," Matt. 7:15. In this era of 
time there are great efforts made 
to warp, twist and strain this Scrip- 
ture to the extent, that it does not 
have any references to clothing. 
Let all who will, do so, yet it still 
means exactly what it says. To the 
humble and meek there are many 
benefits in it worthy to be men- 

Our text tells us of two classes : 
the sheep and the wolves. God's 
children and Satan's victims. The 
wolf has a type of clothing, likewise 
the sheep have their garb. It tells 
us that the wolf does take and use 
sheep's clothing, but only to cover 
up his ravening and devouring 
nature. I have yet to see anywhere 
in God's blessed Word, where the 
sheep will accept the wolf's cloth- 
ing. The sheep are not ashamed to 
show the world their marks of dis- 
tinction. Along with the other Gos- 
pel ways of living in this present 
world, it is part of their testimony 
of separation from the world. 

We are told in I Cor. 1 :28, that 

God hath chosen the things that 
are despised by the world to bring 
to naught the things of this world. 
This distinctive type of garb is de- 
spised by the man of the world 
and he does not use it. The chil- 
dren of God will certainly not make 
any mistake by wearing the simple, 
distinctive separation from the 
world. Unless this adornment of 
plain clothing is done from a strong 
conviction within, it will only be a 
hung on affair. Clothes can wear 
us and not we wear them, but if 
the obedient, sincere desire comes 
from the heart it will show outside. 

Satan is anxiously waiting to 
spoil our simplicity with sin, but 
by the grace of God we can defeat 
his scheme and not let our good 
be evil spoken of, thus giving God 
the glory of our separated life. At 
the time of our Lord's sojourn here 
upon the earth, the Pharisees were 
wolves in sheep's clothing, trying to 
cover their wickedness with cloth- 
ing and making a disgrace of it. 
God has taught us distinction and 
separation in various ways. 

By His Word God demands that 
man and woman have separate 
types of clothing, Deut. 22:5. If we 
are meek and humble as a sheep, 
we will find a delight in pleasing 
Him by setting ourselves apart by 
separated attire. Women have one 
attire as a widow and another as a 
harlot. Gen. 38:14-19. The harlot's 
attire is used to snare men and Sa- 
tan often uses worldly attire to 



lead people away from God. 
John B. Shank 
Greencastle, Penna. 


Let other' works have greatest 

And let the mem'ry of their days 
Be marked by monuments they 

raise ; 

Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others be encircled round 
By sympathy and friendship's 

For me, Thy name has sweetest 

sound ; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others never suffer loss ; 
Let others ne'er bear the cross ; 
Let other's gold ne'er turn to dross ; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others' plans and dearest 

Have full fruition and be wrought 
Tn all its details as they sought ; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others be endued with might; 
Let others' pathway be all bright; 
Let others always live in light; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others have their heart's desire ; 
Let others do what they aspire; 
Give me Thy choice, which is the 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others' prosperously ride. 

Let them have fortune's highest 

Be Thou with me, but satisfied ; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others name be on each tongue ; 

Let other's fame be broadly rung. 

And all their praises loudly sung; 

Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others have a life of ease ; 

Let others have the things that 

please ; 
Let all their riches more increase ; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others never have a care; 
Let them no heavy burdens bear ; 
Let them have all, no scanty fare; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others' influence be wide; 
Let others' messages abide; 
Let not their goings ever slide ; 
Give me Thy will, O God. 

Let others' lives be fully blest; 
Let others have what they love best ; 
Let me in every turn and test, 

Have Thy sweet will, O God. 

Let others have the good below. 
If they but knew its tawdry show ! 
Give me Thyself, and let me know 
Thy Blesesd will, O God. 

Let others have the greatest grace; 
Let others have the highest place; 
Let me, my Father, see Thy face. 
Give me Thyself. O God. 
Sel. by Ruth M. Snyder 




The family is like a book — 
The children are the leaves 

The parents are the covers 
That protecting beauty gives. 

At first the pages of the book 
Are blank and purely fair, 

But time soon writeth memories 
And painteth pictures there. 

Love is the little golden clasp 
That bindeth up the trust ; 

Oh, break it not, lest all the leaves 
Should scatter and be lost! 

Sel. A. G. Fahnestock 


PSALM 133 (verse 1) 
Even among Christians how often 
there are divisions and bitterness 
among those who work together ! 
The fruit of the Spirit, which is 
love, is often absent in Christ's own 
people. Jesus Christ can give us 
victory over sin and can keep from 
actual transgression. . . . When the 
Holy Spirit not only comes in His 
power for service as a gift, but 
when He comes in divine grace to 
fill the heart there is victory over 
sin ; power not to fulfill the lusts 
of the flesh ; ability to live peace- 
ably among our brethren . — An- 
drew Murray. 

The preference to theology is 
kn ecology. 

Suppose a neighbor has gone wrong ? 

Think before you speak 
Each life must have some saddened 

Think before you speak! 

You may have a grief some day 
That will lead your feet astray! 

Then you'll bless the tongues that 
Think before you speak! 

A neighbor's boy has "got in bad" — 
Think before you speak! 

Recall his loved ones shamed and 
Think before you speak! 

Some day your own son may fall ; 

Scorn may push him to the wall ; 
Then your heart will fill with gall 

Think before you speak! 

If some poor girl has slipped in woe. 
Think before you speak! 

Say no harsh word to weight the 
Think before you speak ! 

Scarlet letters yet may be 
Hung upon your family tree 

Let us all have charity — 
Think before you speak! 

David V. Busk 

The most interesting part of 
some churches is the basement ? 

If you are not kind, you are the 
wrong kind. 




I was feeling blue and despondent, 
And things were not going my 

The devil was testing me sorely — 
Then at once I started to pray. 

One day I was feeling quite home- 

The skies above me were grey. 
I knew that I needed a Helper — 

Then at once I started to pray. 

The burdens of life were so heavy. 

And my head, it was aching one 


And it seemed I was pressed beyond 

measure — 

Then at once I started to pray. 

It seemed that my friends had all 
left me ; 

My loved ones were moving away. 
I felt all alone and deserted — 

Then at once T started to pray. 

So when testings and trials are 
And gloom seems to have come 
to stay ; 
Just look up with faith to the 
Saviour — 
All is changed when you take 
time to pray. 

Sel. Sister Sheila Stump 


Before passing judgment on a 
sermon be sure to try it out in 


"But the fruit of the Spirit is 
love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gen- 
tleness, goodness, faith, meekness, 
temperance : against such there is 
no law," Gal. 5 :22-23. 

When a person accepts Christ as 
his personal Saviour, he receives 
peace for his troubled heart, and 
joy in knowing that his sins are 
forgiven and forgotten. In his new- 
found peace and joy, he soon feels 
a desire to share these blessings 
with souls who are without Christ, 
As he begins witnessing as God 
directs, he will learn to love the 
souls of sinners. He cannot say he 
loves them if he does nothing to 
help them find the way of salvation. 
By expressing love, he will learn 
to be longsuffering and gentle. 

A consistent, Christ-like life is 
your greatest witness. Mere words 
will fall on deaf ears if your life 
doesn't prove that you belong to 
Christ. By your works, you give 
evidence of your faith in God — 
faith in His goodness, His power, 
His Deity. The saying "You may 
be the only Bible some folks read" 
points out the importance of your 
daily deeds. Do live a life which 
will inspire sinners to read the 
Bible and to seek God. 

Goodness is only of God; its 
partner is meekness. If God grants 
even a tiny bit of His goodness to 
you, recognize that it is not of your 



own work. To be meek is to be 
submissive, gentle, longisuffering. 
This we must be to God's will, or 
we can have none of His goodness. 

Temperance seems to stand apart 
from the other qualities, but does it? 
it means exercising self-control, be- 
ing mild, sober, self-denying, avoid- 
ing excess. We must exercise self- 
control and self-denial daily, par- 
ticularly if our desires a,re not in 
agreement with God's will for us. 
We must be mild in manner (gen- 
tle) with all people, whether friend 
or foe. To be thoughtful, to be 
even-tempered, to properly use one's 
mind is to be sober, or temperate. 
We can't exercise temperance with- 
out having love, faith and meekness 
within us. .,;.;•:; : 

As the word "fruit" is singular, 
it must signify that you and I will 
have all of these attributes as one. 
If one is lacking, so will others be 
lacking in whole or in part. Each 
quality relates . to another, and all 
truly make one "fruit of the Spirit." 
Let us. work as one so we can pro- 
duce this fruit — a holy fruit against 
which there is no law. 

Sister Eileen Broadwater 


The prayer meeting is not over 
when the benediction is pronounced. 
Its power depends upon the char- 
acter which follows it. The man 
who prays like a saint in meeting, 

but is cross to his wife, and snap- 
pish to his children, and beats his 
horse at honie, is death to a prayer 
mefeting/ He had better pray in 
secret until he has a kindly spirit 
before he leads others in prayer. 

The woman who weeps and 
mOurns over the low state of Ziou 
in the prayer meeting, but goes 
around gossiping a,bout others the 
next day, had better read her Bible 
itT silence. She may be the kind of 
woman St. Paul did not mean 
should speak in meeting. .,.' 

The man who is stingy and mean 
and grasping and overbearing in 
trade had bettier nOt talk in prayer 
meeting. Men do not want to hear 
him: sinners laugh at him; and the 
minister dislikes to see him rise. 

Again, the man who is low and 
impure in his conversation, who tells 
youtig men indecent stories, had 
better keep still. He is not the one 
to lead them to Christ. There must 
be character after the prayer meet- 
ing to give power to its words — 
not simply honesty or morality, but 
a large-hearted, firm, living charac- 
ter, down-right goodness. Then a 
man's words may be ever so simple, 
but men will believe them, because 
they believe in him. 

Another thing after the prayer 
meeting is to follow it up with 
private prayers and words. How 
many people there are who speak 
e\'^ery week in prayer meeting, but 
do not speak once a year in private 
to any one upon religion. Sinners 



should feel you mean what you pray 
and say, because of gentle words 
spoken to them when alone. 

When the prayer meeting is fol- 
lowed up by a Christlike life and 
private faithfulness, it will grow in 
power over those who. conduct it 
and they will grow in power in it ; 
it will grow in power over the un- 
saved, and the unsaved will find 
Christ in it ; and it will become the 
furnace room of the church where 
its fires will be kindled, and the 
preaching will feel its influence un- 
til the preacher wakes up and his 
words shall burn in demonstration 
of the Spirit and in power. Breth- 
ren, keep the small sticks burning 
in the prayer meeting, and the pul- 
pit will never grow cold. 

Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman 


We read in the paper and hear on 

the air 
Of killing and stealing and crime 

everywhere : 
We calmly accept it, just say, "It's 

t^e trend—" 
We then ask ourselves, "Where 

will it all end?" 

We blame the crime on the youth 

of the land. 
But to help and direct them, we 

don't raise a hand. 
Why blame them for drinking? 

Who gave them the drink? 
They couldn't vote, so what do you 


Before casting a ballot to bring in 

the curse 
Didn't you know everything would 

be worse? 
Liquor tax couldn't pay for young 

souls it cursed, 
Or crushed broken bodies that had 

to be nursed. 

Teenagers can't carry the blame all 

Some of the blame we must claim 

for our own. 
We put no moral roadblock up in 

their way, 
But while they were children, let 

each go astray. 

Too much money to s|>end - — too 

much idle time 
Has led to a world of bloodshed and 

Been too much sowing the wrong 

kind of seed. 
Too many books that are not fit 

to read. 
Too many parents that don't stay 

at home — 
Too many children permitted to 

Too many movies that show life 

A course on the TV to teaoh them 

to steal. 

They don't maike the liquor, they 

don't make the cars. 
They don't run the dance halls, 

they don't run the bars ; 
But older folks, eager and greedy 

for gain, 



Will sell them the liquor that ad- 
dles their brain ; 

They can't learn a trade, the law 

won't permit it. . . . 
When they want money, they go out 

and get it. 
Delinquent teen-agers, oh my, how 

we yell it. 
But this is the truth, and I'm going 

to tell it— 

They don't direct movies and they 

don't write books 
That teach little children how to be 

They don't make liquor or laws to 

control it. 
They just hear the man on the TV 

extoll it. 

Too many Bibles have been put 

Too few prayers are said at the 

close of the day. 
Too many mothers and fathers 

that cheat, 
Too many unsavory stories repeat. 

Too few in the Sunday school clas- 
ses each week, 

Too few who the Lord and His 
teaching would seek. 

Sel. by Sister Dewey Shaffer 

- ' . o_ : — _ 

For preacliers — ^ Preach as a 
dying man to dying men. 



Mar. 7— -A Visit With Jesus. Mark 

10:1, 13-16. 
Mar. 14— A Blind Man's Friend. 

Mark 10:46-52. 
Mar. 21 — ^Twelve Helpers. Luke 

9:1-6, 10-11. 
Mar. 28 — My Friend Jesus. Luke 

7 :56-48. 


'The way to a great deal lor 
Christ is to keep doing' "a little. 

Mar. 7 — The Weapons of Our 
Warfare Are Not Carnal. II 
' Cor. 10 

Is there any harder battle than 
to bring into captivity every 
thought to the obedience of 
Christ? Is It Possible? 
What part of the Armour of 
God do we lack, if we mea- 
sure ourselves by ourselves 
and compare ourselves among 
ourselves ? 

1^1 — The Apostle Paul Com- 
mendeth His Apostleship. II 
Cor. 11. 

-How is it possible to take sin- 
ful people and make of them 
a chaste virgin? 
2 — Are we always able to recog- 
nize the ministers of Satan? 
3 — Would we be stronger pr 
weaker in the Lord if we had 
been persecuted as Paul was? 
Mar. 21 — My Grace Is Sufficient 
For Thee. II Cor. 12. 
1 — -Ought we to desire infirmities 
of the flesh ? 





,2 — If we fail to avail ourselves of 
the grace of God to the ful- 
lest extent, how will our lives 
be affected? 
" 3 — Were there signs and won- 
ders the apostles did that 
others could not do? What 
about the seventy? 
Mar. 28— Examine Yourselves. 11 
Cor. 13. 
1 — When is weakness good, and 
when is it bad? When is 
strength good, and when is it 
2 — How often should we exam- 

nie ourselves ? 
3 — Paul said to prove your own 
selves. How is that accom- 


MARCH 1965 


Memory verse, Rom. 12:10, "Be 
kindly affectioned one to an- 
other with brotherly love: in 
honour preferring one an- 

Men. 1— n Pet. 1:1-12. 

Tues. 2 — Hosea 6:1-11. 

Wed 3— Isa. 54:1-10. 

Thurs. 4— Col. 3:1-15. 

Fri. 5— Josh. 2:1-16. 

Sat. 6— Gen. 21 :12-25. 

Memory verse, Eph. 4 :32, "And be 
ye kind one to another, tender- 
hearted, fogiving one another, 
even as God for Christ's saJce 

hath forgiven you." 

Sun. 7 — Psa. 63. 

Mon. 8— Gen. 24:1-15. 

Tues. 9— Judges 8:28-35. 

Wed. 10—11 Sam. 2:5-12. 

Thurs. 11— I Kings 3:5-13. 

Fri. 12— Jer. 32:16-26. 

Sat. 13— Psa. 15:1-15. 

Memory verse, Psa. 31 :21, "Blessed 
be the Lord : for he hath 
showed me his marvellous 
kindness in a strong city." 

Sun. 14— Psa. 36:5-12.^ 

Mon. 15— Gen. 20:9-25. 

Tues. 16— Acts 28:1-11. 

Wed 17— Acts 16:25-40. 

Thurs. 18— Lul<e 10:25-38. 

Fri. 19— Titus 3:1-9. 

Sat. 20— Psa. 103:1-12. 

Memory verse. Gal. 5 :22-23, "But 
the fruit of the Spirit is love, 
joy, peace, longsuffering, gen- 
tleness, goodness, faith, meek- 
ness, temperance : against such 
there is no law." 

Sun. 21— Jer. 2:1-9. 

Mon. 22—1 Tim. 5:1-16. 

Tues. 23— Jonah 4:1-11. 

Wed. 24— Psa. 119:73-80. 

Thurs. 25— Neh. 9:7-18. 

Fri. 26— Psa. 92:1-9. 

.Sat. 27— Ruth 2:14— 23. 

Memory verse, Psa. 63 :3, "Be- 
cause thy lovingkindness is bet- 
ter than life, my lips shall 
praise thee." 

Sun 28—11 Cor. 6:1-10. 

Mon. 29—1 Cor. 13. 

Tues. 30— Ex. 2:11-23. 

Wed. 31— Prov. 31:10-31. 



MARCH 1, 1965 

No. 5 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and ij OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. | world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Surely he hath borne our griefs, 
and carried our sorrows," Isa. 53 :4. 
"When the even was come, they 
brought unto him many that were 
possessed with devils : and he cast 
out the spirits with his word, and 
healed all that were sick: that it 
might be fulfilled which was spoken 
by Esaias the prophet, saying, Him- 
self took our infirmities, and bare 

our sicknesses," Matt. 8:1-17.' 


Christ's mission upon the earth was i 
not to go from place to place to j 
heal various diseases and sicknesses, j 
True He had this power but He | 
used it only as an incidental matter , 
to prove that, He was the One that j 
was to come unto the earth and : 
save God's people. So many sub- 
stitutes were taught in that day, 
just as in our day, that there was i 
great confusion in the minds of the 
sincere seeker of God. Christ came 
to show the proper way to please 
God, to make His paths straight 
and definite. 

Christ's compassion went farther 
than sympathy, farther than pity, 
yes even farther than mercy. He 

was able to heal all manner of dis- 
eases : both physical, mental and 
spiritual. Similar to this day and 
age, there were many, many kinds 
of diseases and deformities among 
mankind. Yet Qirist was able to 
permanently heal them all, regard- 
less of the individual or the severity 
of the disease. We could use this 
entire Issue to list incidents of 
Christ's miraculous cures and 
cleansings, and they did not re- 
appear the next month either. Be- 
cause of this His popularity grew 
and His following increased; so 
that crowds were waiting wherever 
He went to receive a blessing from 
Him. This was one of the main 
reasons for the jealousy and envy 
of the various leaders of the Jews. 
Each individual should realize 
and rejoice that, even today, this 
is the greatest blessing which we 
have, "He hath borne our griefs 
and carried our sorrows." This is 
true for each day and age, if we 
will only accept His plan and adopt 
His methods. Where can we re- 
ceive so great a blsesing for so small 
a price? Is it any won disr that His 
name, His faith and His worship 


has continued, lo these many years, 
even with all the efforts of Satan 
to destroy each and every sight and 
thought of Him. We have many 
highly skilled men, even with great 
learning and practice, who are good 
in some lines of healing but yet 
able to help only a small part of one 
certain disease ; much less all man- 
ner of diseases and sicknesses. 
Much less "griefs and sorrows" 
which are far more difficult and 
harmful to mankind, than diseases. 

Do we allow Him to take our in- 
firmities and bare our sicknesses 
today? Or do we not have that 
much faith in our Lord and Sav- 
iour? How much help can we re- 
ceive from a physician today : If we 
do not go to him? If we do not 
observe the very details of his in- 
structions and if we do not use the 
remedy he prescribes ? On the other 
hand there is no comparison of 
Christ's power with that of any 
man, for man only knows part of 
this or that, while Christ knew all 
things. It is marvelous to study 
the compassion and healing of 
Christ, and without question we 
only have listed in the New Testa- 
ment a very small part of His works 
among the children of men. 

"Who his own self bare our sins 
in his own body on the tree, that 
we, being dead to sins, should live 
unto righteousness : by whose 
stripes ye were healed," 1 Pet. 2: 
24. Because of Christ's sacrifice we 
are able to receive the benefit, be- 

cause of His suffering we reap the 
reward. Is there a pointed condi- 
tion, upon which we will receive the 
great blessings promised unto His 
sheep? "Being dead to sins" can 
we expect to receive such marvelous 
blessings in sin? God hates sin, do 
we? God holds the only remedy 
for sin, do we accept the remedy? 
If He removes our sin, are we dead 
to it, or do we stay around so that 
we might pick it up again? Dear 
reader, our sheep life does not stop 
there ; but we must live unto right- 
eousness. Being healed of our in- 
firmities is one thing; staying dead 
to sin is another thing; and living 
while God gives us life, time and 
use of our talents, unto righteous- 
ness is another thing. 

Does this little meditation make 
us appreciate the compassion of 
Christ? Does that appreciation stir 
within us a desire for living waters 
of life? Especially in times of trials, 
griefs and sorrows compassion is 
appreciated by all. Dear reader, we 
each have an abundance of compas- 
sion for all these, within our grasp, 
at all times. Do we show our ap- 
preciation for such a blessing? Are 
we making use of it in our daily 
lives ? 


Gal. 4 :26, "But Jerusalem which 
is above is free, which is the mother 
of us all." Heb. 12:22-23, "But 
ve are come unto mount Sion, and 



unto the city of the living God, the 
lieavenly Jerusalem, and to an in- 
numerable company of angels. To 
the general assembly and church of 
the firstborn, which are written in 
heaven, and to God the Judge of all, 
and to the spirits of just men made 

We often hear expressions made 
concerning, what we as men claim 
to be, the MOTHER CHURCH. 
I have a book in my possession 
with quite an article referring to 
a certain church as the MOTHER 
CHURCH. After thinking upon 
this subject for some time, and 
under the light of the Scriptures 
which we have given above, we 
would like to give our thoughts 
along this subject. 

First, I want to give all credit 
due, and I am very, very happy that 
we have had men that were willing 
to stand against the foes of right, 
as Bro. Alexander Mack, who has 
been called the founder of the 
BRETHREN, who We feel came 
to his decision by faithfully study- 
ing the Scriptures. 

John 16:18, "And I say also unto 
thee, That thou art Peter, and upon 
this rock I will build my church ; 
and the gates of hell shall not pre- 
vail against it." Now I would like 
to quote the first two paragraphs 
on page one of our Polity Book. 
"In order to preserve the unity of 
the faith and the identity of the 
church of the New Testament, the 
following statement is declared to 

embody the principles, practices 
and doctrines for which the Dunk- 
ard Brethren Church stands. The 
New Testament is our Creed, and 
we heartily subscribe to all its holy 
Leaching, and especially emphasize 
the following, for which we earnest- 
ly contend, as the 'faith once de- 
livered to the saints'." 

We have always believed the New 
Testament teachings of Christ do 
qualify for His statement "Upon 
this rock I will build my church," 
and we do feel that we as a people 
have accepted the RIGHT source 
as our guiding light. We also know 
that in the past, there has been 
those who also have endorsed the 
same New Testament Creed for 
their guidance, and today are not 
following as they once did. Now. 
dear reader, I feel it is wrong to 
esteem such to be our MOTHER 
CHURCH today. There is an old 
saying, "That we will never get 
any higher than our ideal." Cer- 
tainly, then if that be our concep- 
tion of motherhood, I feel we will 
never get any higher than earthly 

We are acquainted with the fact, 
that on the radio, if we want to 
tune in to a certain station to get 
the news possibly, or possibly a 
good many children tune in to a 
certain station in the winter time to 
get announcements if their schools 
are closed for the day on account 
of a blizzard, and lo, some other 
station interfers, and we ?et the 



Taneytown, Md., March 1, 1965 

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of Publication of tne Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
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uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., ur.der the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Floward J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send ah subscriptions and communi- 
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Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio. As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Assoc- 
ciate Editor. 

siatic ; so much so, that they do 
not get the proper word. To the 
writer, that is what some churches 
do, is to interfer so much, to make 
confusion enough to keep people 
from getting their Spiritual guid- 
ance at the RIGHT source. 

My contentioxi is, there is only 
ONE church to honor as our 
MOTHER CHURCH, and that is 
the one our Saviour established. 
Jesus also said. "The gates of hell 
shall not prevail agaiiist it." We 
are made to l>elieve that to be the 
great trouble, or at least one of the 
troubles, why we so soon falter 
by the way. I believe that Satan is 
very happy when he realizes there 
are some churches, that have left 
off following part of the' New Testa- 
ment teachings. Yet claim to be the 
TRUE cluirch and people honor 

them by calling them, the mother 

There is a very, very great dif- 
ference between the source of our 
Spiritual power and strength ; and 
the source of radio power, which is 
a broadcasting station. Our Spir- 
itual power originates in Heaven, 
and dear reader, there will nothing 
ever happen to our source. If any 
thing happens that we out of tune, 
it is on our part — we have let some- 
thing interfere between us and the 
source, that causes static, so we do 
not get the message clear. On the 
radio, it can be the broadcasting 
station out of order, but not so with 
the Spiritual. 

As I understand it, the New 
Testament teaching is to keep us 
humble, submissive and obedient to 
the Word. When we become proud 
of our worldly learning, then it is 
we begin to lose sight of the higher 
filings. Rom. 1 :22, "Professing 
themselves to be wise, they became 
fools," just fits our situation exact- 
ly and thus we begin to serve the 
creature more than the Creator. It 
causes me to think of a good Chris- 
tian family that are doing their 
best to bring up their children to 
know the Lord, while some others 
in the community are not so, but 
allow their children to do any thing, 
and attend questionable places of 
amusement. It is not long until the 
good children are led away to other 
things, even getting to the place 
thev hardlv want to honor thetr 


parents as their own flesh. 

Now, it doesn't take long, if some 
obstacle gets in the way of clean 
Christian living, that some will as- 
sociate with those who despise plain 
Gospel teaching, thus paving a way 
for themselves which is at first may 
be not so different. But soon other 
things begin to overshadow the 
TRUE WAY, separate themselves 
from the True, thus becoming Spir- 
itually blind to the True Mother 
Church which Jesus set up. When 
we lose sight of the True, it is quite 
easy for old Satan to implant some 
adulterated idea of a church in the 
minds of human beings, and thus 
any harlot or apostate church, is 
good enough for Satan to call a 
mother church. 

Humbly submitted, and my pray- 
er is, that we so live that we are 
united to the TRUE MOTHER 
CHURCH which is above, and 

Bro. Melvin Roesch, 
Slanesville, West Va. 


It is claimed by the Roman Cath 
olic Church that Peter was the 
first Bishop of Rome and that . 
he died there. What does the 
Bible say about this claim? What 
does secular church history reveal 
about this question? Let us examine 
the facts. We have found no evi 
dence, either from the Bible or his 

tory, that Peter was in Rome, or 
was ever a Bishop there. In fact 
the evidence from the Bible is to 
the contrary. Let us go to the Bible, 
let us disprove this, universally ad- 
vertised error. 

(1.) The apostle does not men- 
tion Rome in either of his epistles, 
written to the Church. Had he been 
to Rome, or ever the appointed 
Bishop there, would there not have 
been some indication or hint in one 
or the other of his epistles? Fur- 
therntore, the apostle Paul did not 
hesitate to mention the cities which 
he visited. On the other hand, Peter 
makes no mention of Rome, which 
indicates he had no appointment 
there, or did any work there. 

(2.) The apostle Peter says . . . 
2 Pet. 1 :14, "Knowing that shortly 
I must put off this tabernacle 
(speaking of his approaching death) 
even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath 
showed me." There is no account 
that Peter was in Rome, or any 
where near it. In his first letter he 
sends greetings from Babylon, which 
is in the middle east. In his second 
epistle, as we have shown, he tells 
of his approaching death, and there 
is no mention of Rome whatever. 
Peter wrote the two epistles in the 
years A. D. 60 to 66, and he is 
strangely silent about any visit to 
Rome, if he ever went there. Now 
as he is nearing death, that he is 
dying, there is no possibility that he 
was appointed Bishop there. 

(3.) We infer from Paul's writ- 



iiigs, that he knew nothing about 
Peter being in Rome. In his letter 
to the Roman Brethren, he sends 
greetings to some 25 individuals in 
Rome, to the several households, 
but he sent no greeting whatsoever 
to Peter. If Peter were there, eith- 
er as a visitor or a Bishop, in days 
previous to Paul's greetings, it 
would have been a gross oversight 
on Paul's part to have slighted or 
overlooked the name of a leading 
apostle in his greetings. This in- 
dicates that Peter was not in Rome 
at that time, nor any other time. 
As Paul sent his letter to the Rom- 
ans in A.D. 60, and does not men- 
tion Peter, and Peter himself wrote 
just before his death in A.D. 66, 
and does not mention Rome it is 
obvious and very conclusive, that 
Peter was never a Bishop of Rome 
at any time. Roman Catholics to 
the contrary. 

(A.) Paul wrote several epistles 
from Rome, including the epistle to 
the Galatians. Ephesians, Philip- 
pians. Colossians and his second let- 
ter to Timothy. In not one of these 
epistles does he mention anything 
about Peter being in Rome, or being 
a Bishop there. If the apostle had 
been in Rome, it would have again 
been a serious oversight for Paul to 
have ignored him, for Paul was very 
particular about such matters of eti- 
f|uette. Finally, the apostle Paul 
wrote his last epistle to Timothy 
from Rome, just before he died 
there, in A.D. 66, and again he says 

nothing about Peter being in Rome 
then, or at any other time. As 
Peter also died in A.D. 66, he could 
not have come to Rome after Paul's 
death. Therefore these are conclu- 
sive reasons from the Bible, why 
we think Peter was not a Bishop 
in Rome at any time. 

Should we rely upon Catholic 
history, or on the Bible, for an an- 
s-cver to these questions^ 

(5.) Not one of the other apos- 
tles mentions anything about Peter 
being in Rome. 

(6.) We go to Secular Church 
History, which gives no proof that 
Peter was Bishop of Rome. 

(7.) Tradition is most unreliable 
and therefore unacceptable. Our 
Lord commanded that when it con- 
tradicted the Word of God it would, 
"Thus . , . have ye made the com- 
mandment of God of none effect Ijy 
your tradition," Matt. 15:6. Tra- 
dition is no proof. Tlius it can be 
seen that there is no proof what- 
ever that the apostle Peter was ever 
in Rome, let alone being a Bishop 
in that city on seven hills. Bible 
evidence is definitely against such 
claims and true Christians can not 
accept such unscrlptural doctrine. 

Roman Catholics further claim 
that Christ built His Church upon 
Peter, he being the rock. Matt. 16 : 
13-19. Some "Protestants" claim 
their doctrine is unacceptable and 
then give the following reasons ; 
They say : The "rock" upon which 
our Lord builds His Church is not 


Peter himself (which is right), but ' pentance and Baptism? 

the "confession of Peter," namely, 
"Thou art the Christ, the Son of 
the living God." We think this 
claim also is unscriptural . . . that 
Christ did not and does not build 
His Church upon any man, neither 
the confession of man. While con- 
fession is a condition of salvation, 
it is not the only condition, does not 
of itself put one into the Church 
or kingdom. 

These religious leaders go to 
Acts 4:8-12 to prove their point. 
"Then Peter, filled with the Holy 
Ghost, said unto them. Ye rulers of 
the people, and elders of Israel, If 
we this day be examined of the 
good deed done to the impotent 
man, by what means he is made 
whole ; Be it known unto you all 
and to all the people of Israel, that 
by the name of Jesus Christ of 
Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom 
God raised from the dead, even by 
him doth this man stand here before 
you whole. This is the stone (rock) 
which was set at nought of you 
builders, which is become the head 
of the corner. Neither is there sal- 
vation in any other: for there is 
none other name under heaven giv- 
en among men, whereby we must 
be saved." True the apostles healed 
in the Name of Christ, it was 
Christ's power. Also it is true that 
confession of Christ is necessary to 
salvation, it is one of the conditions, 
but not the only condition, if it were 
so would there be any need for Re- 

After the apostle Peter had made 
his good confession. Matt. 16:16, 
Jesus had something more to say 
to him, verse 18, "And I say also 
unto thee. That thou art Peter, and 
upon this rock (the Stone rejected 
of the builders) I will build my 
church ; and the gates of hell shall 
not prevail against it." Hence we 
say Christ meant He would build 
the Church upon Himself, His 
Word. Scripture says He is head 
of the Church. In the Greek orig- 
inal of Matt. 16:18, there is a play 
upon words. The passage literally 
is as follows : "Thou art Peter 
(Petros, "a little stone") and upon 
this rock (Petra, "a rock") I will 
build my Church." The Church is 
not built upon "a little stone" which 
is round and unstable, but upon "the 
stone which the builders rejected," 
namely Jesus Christ the Son of the 
living God, whom Peter confessed. 
We too must confess Him as our 

Peter in his own epistle makes it 
clear that he is not that Rock, but 
it is our Lord Himself. "If so be 
ye have tasted that the Lord is 
gracious, To whom coming, as unto 
a living stone, disallowed of men, 
but chosen of God, and precious . . . 
the stone which the builders dis- 
allowed, the same is made the head 
of the corner" 1 Pet. 2 :3 ; 8. Peter 
was never at any time the stone 
which the builders rejected, and 
made the head of the corner. This 


Him to be the "Son of God." 

Commentators tell us that it was 
upon Peter's confession of the 
"diety" of "Christ" that the "rock" 
was formed on which the Church is 
built. We find that "Rock" was 
formed before the foundation of the 

(To be continued.) 

Bro. Wm. Root. 
1612 Morphy St.. 
Great Bend, Kans. 67530 


Part 5 

applies only to Jesus Christ, whom j bring every work into judgment, 
Peter rightly ideiitified, confessing | with every secret thing, whether it 

be good, or whether it be evil," 
Ecc. 12:12-14. What a feeling of 
frustration would come to us, if our 
salvation was suspended on a knowl- 
edge of the contents of the innum- 
erable books visioned by John. How 
thankful we should be that a knowl- 
edge of salvation has been given to 
us in a condensed form, the Holy 
Bible. John assures us that enough 
has been written, if we will only 
receive it, to give us a home in 
heaven. "But these are written, that 
ye might believe that Jesus is the 
Christ, the Son of God; and that 
believing ye might have life through 
his name," John 20:31. 

A little meditation on my text 
will convince my readers that a 
conclusion cannot be written to my 
subject because John has said, "that 
even the world itself could not con- 
tain the books that should be writ- 
ten." The mission of Christ has, 
however, gone into finality. "It is 
finished," were words of consum- 
mation. They were the words of 
One who never sinned. The words 
of One who never had to say, "I 
am sorry." Of One who never had 
to use the pathetic statement, "if I 
had it to do over." The writer to 
the Hebrews was impressed by the 
finality of the mission of Jesus. 
"For Christ is not entered into the 
holy places made with hands, which 
are the figures of the true; but into 
heaven itself, now to appear in the 

"And there are also many other 
things which Jesus did, the which, 
if thev should be written every one, 
I suppose that even the world it- 
self could not contain the books that 
should be written. Amen," John 
21 :25. 

Anyone who has ever entered a 
large library has, perhaps, experi- 
enced a feeling of frustration when 
he realizes that life is too short to 
read all the books that it contains. 
I believe that Solomon was experi- 
encing a similar feeling when he 
wrote, "And further, by these, my 
son be admonished : of making of 
books there is no end ; and much 
study is a weariness of the flesh. 
Let us hear the conclusion of the 
whole matter : Fear God, and keep 
his commandments : for this is the 
whole duty of man. For God shall 


presence of God for us : Ncir yet 
that he should offer himself often, 
as the high priest entereth into the 
holy place every year with blood of 
others ; For then must he often have 
suffered since the foundation of the 
world: but now once in the end of 
the world hath he appeared to put 
away sin by the sacrifice of him- 
self. And as it is appointed unto 
men once to die, but after this the 
judgment : So Christ was once of- 
fered to bear the sins of many ; 
and unto them look for him shall 
he appear the second time without 
sin (a sin offering) unto salvation." 
What a finality in the word 
"once" as it is found in the book 
of Hebrews. Listen to these words, 
"For it is impossible for those who 
were once enlightened, and have 
tasted of the heavenly gift, and were 
made partakers of the Holy Ghost, 
And have tasted the good word of 
God, and the powers of the world 
to come, If they shall fall. away, to 
renew them again unto repentance ; 
seeing they crucify to themselves 
the Son of God afresh, and put him 
to an open shame," Heb. 6 :4-6. 
These words seem to indicate that 
we can take an opportunity un- 
speakably great, and make a finality 
of opportunity out of it. 

Otto Harris 

Antioch, W. Va. 

Strong minds discuss ideas, 
Average minds discuss events, 
Weak minds discuss people. 


(Mislaid for several Issues but 
still good. — Editor.) 

Yes, another year is here; where 
did the old one go? At this time 
of the year everyone who has a 
business is busy taking inventory of 
their stocks and what they own. 
Now is a good time to take inven- 
tory of our own lives. What have 
we done with last year ? What have 
we accomplished? What have we 
done for Christ? Time has a way 
of passing away. Days come and 
go and people say that there is no 
end, it has always been so. But 
where there is a beginning there is 
always an ending and it need not 
be a fearful day. 

God's coming will be a day of 
perfect attendance. There will be 
no lateness, no hiding; for it is a 
day of reckoning, when we must 
all stand before the judgment bar 
of God. It is a day that our every 
deed is made known but it need not 
be a day of fear . God's Book is a 
just Book and He knows our every 
work and deed. But He cannot 
forgive sins unless we ask, devote 
our life unto Him and do His com- 

In this day and age people ridi- 
cule and scoff at the church goer. 
What they don't see or realize is 
that we are having a good time, 
that a deep satisfaction and joy 
comes from knowing and serving 



the Lord. Knowing our sins are for- 
given and that we are abiding in 
the perfect Will of God. Day by 
day, in the many different experi- 
ences that God brings into your life, 
He is seeking to play upon your 
heart chords. If your love for God 
is full and deep, the music of your 
heart will be rich and beautiful. If 
yi a feel discord in your heart, seek 
the trouble within yourself. 

Jesus alone can make and keep 
you free from sin. There are many 
places in the Bible which speak of 
the blood of Jesus. Blood is the 
hfe of your body. As it flows out 
into each part, it brings strength. 
When the blood stops flowing into 
any part of the body, that part be- 
comes diseased. So it is with any- 
tliing into which you do not let the 
Hfe of Jesus enter. The more you 
take Hvim with you, the more you 
will be kept . free from the power 
of sin. 

We are nearer the end than a 
year ago, that is for certain ; who 
can know what this new year holds. 
I think we should take inventory, 
weed out all sin and carnal habits 
and resolve to live a better life than 
last year. Love closer to our Lord's 
commandments and devote our life 
closer unto Him. I>et us take Christ 
into our lieart, our home, our life 
and let our heart be His abode. 
fvCt Him reign in us that our 
thouglits, words, deeds, affections 
may be of Him, in Him and for 
Him. Then His star will be over 

us, for He will be living in us. I: 

Many people think they can reach ■ 
heaven on their own, without de- 
pending upon Christ for redemp- 
tion. Such persons do not know that 
salvation is by God's grace. Our 
right to heaven, as well as our fit- 
ness for it, comes through faith in 
Christ and obedience unto His 
commands. Will those who see us 
today find in us something that will 
make them think of Jesus? We 
have been given today, to make it 
count not for self but for God. This 
makes for a faithful turning unto 
God in prayer and holding fast to 
those high standards of character, 
revealed to us in the Sermon on 
the Mount. Only so will the light 
of Christ shine forth through us. 

Sister Viola Broadwater, 
12 Macy Dr., 
LaVale, Md. 21504 



The Pleasant Ridge congregation ; 
plans to hold their communion serv- \ 
ices March 20, the Lord willing. 
Preaching services Thursday and 
Friday evening, Mar. 18-19. Serv- 
ices Saturday at 10 :30 and in the 
afternoon. Communion services in 
the evening and services on Sunday. 
W^e send a hearty welcome to all 
.0 conic and enjoy these meetings 
with us. 

i\uth Kleinhen, Con 




At the bottom of the left cohimn 
and the top of the right column, 
page 21, February 1st Issue is a 
paragraph which many consider 
controversial. The writer got off of 
his subject and included this inter- 
pretation. Please excuse us for 
printing this controversial para- 

— Editor. 




Son of the late Joseph F. and 
Nancy Palmer Moser, was born 
March 9, 1881, and died January 
13, 1965, aged 83 years., 10 months 
and 4 days, at the Vindobona con- 
valescent home, after an illness of 
several months. 

He was married to Catherine 
Shellenberger, who preceded him 
in death seven months. He is sur- 
vived by : four sons, five daughters, 
a number of grandchildren and 
great-grandchildren, and one sister. 

He was called to the Deacon's 
office about fifty years ago and was 
faithful to his duties until death. 
Funeral services were conducted at 
the Creager funeral home in Thur- 
mont, Md., January 15, conducted 
by the writer. Burial in the United 
Brethren Cemetery, Thurmont. 

Joshiia A, L. Rice 

If you don't enjoy what you have, 
how would you be happier with 
more ? 

"So Christ was once offered to 
bear the sins of many ; and unto 
them that look for him shall he 
appear the second time without sin 
unto salvation," Hebrew 9:28. 
Troublesome times all over the 
world, let us know it is time for 
the second coming. Christ warns 
us to watch and pray, see that no 
man deceive you. We are to be 
wise virgins. We do not know the 
day nor the hour, but we do know 
time is very short. God's people 
will soon leave a world mad with 
sin, to ever be with Christ. 

We are now in perilous times : 
great earthquakes, famines, great 
falling away from the faith, 
troubles, wars, a pleasure-mad 
world, "Now the Spirit speaketh 
expressly, that in the latter times 
some shall depart from the faith, 
giving heed to seducing spirits, and 
doctrine of devils," I Tim. 4:1. A 
one world church is on the way. 
Take heed brethren that no man 
deceive you, Christ is coming again. 
"Blessed is he that readeth, and 
they that hear the words of this 
prophecy, and keep those things 
which are written therein : for the 
time is at hand," Rev. 1 :3. 

Bro. Franklin Pierce 
Marshall, Mich. 


A person exalted in character, 
quality, dignified, proud, a group 



favored more than common because ' 
of wealth or education, superior. ' 
Is this the nijauifested spirit of 
Jesus Christ? Matt. 18:2-5, "Jesus 
called a little child unto him, and 
set him in the midst of them, and 
said, Verily I say unto you, except 
ye be converted, and become as 
little children, ye shall not enter 
into the kingdom of heaven. Who- 
soever therefore shall humble him- 
self as this little child, the same is 
greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 
Whosoever shall receive one such 
little child in my name receiveth 
me." Luke 18:16-17, "And Jesus 
called them unto him, and said, 
Suffer little children to come unto 
me, and forbid them not : for of 
such is the kingdom of God. Verily 
I say unto you : Whosoever shall 
not receive the kingdom of God as 
a little child sliall in no wise enter 

Humble yourselves therefore un- 
der the miglity hand of God. For 
God resisteth the proud, and giveth 
grace lo the hvunble. 1 Cor. 2 :2, 
4-5, "For I (Paul) determined not 
to know any thing among you, save 
Jesus Christ, and him crucified." 
That this should be uppermost in 
our minds. My speech and my 
preaching was not with enticing 
words of man's wisdom, but in 
demonstration of the Spirit and 
power : that your faith should not 
stand in the wisdom of men, but 
in the power of God. Matt. 18:11, 
"For the Son of man is come to 

save that which was lost." Can 
we be saved without a repentant 
miad ? The apostle Peter denied 
Christ thrice, but when he realized 
what he had done, he went out and 
wept bitterly. He was sorry for 
what he had done, no doubt he 
begged forgiveness. He was in an 
humble stale, not an exalted or self- 
righteous mind. 

John the liaptist preached, say- 
ing, Repent. Matt. 4:17, "Jesus be- 
gan to preach, and to say. Repent : 
for the kingdom of heaven is at 
liaiid." Repentance is one of the 
most essential or important things 
to comply with. Jesus said, I am 
come to call sinners to repentance. 
Mark 1 :4, "John did baptize in the 
wilderness, and preach the baptism 
of repentance for the remission of 
sins." Repentance is first required 
and tlien baptism. The time is ful- 
filled, the kingdom of God is at 
hand, repent and believe the Gospel. 
Acts 2:38, "Peter said unto them. 
Repent, and l)e baptized every one 
of you in the name of Jesus Christ 
for the remission of sins, and ye 
shall receive the gift of the Hol\ 
Ghost." You cannot receive the 
gift of the Holy Ghost without re- 
pentance. As long as we are not 
perfect, we .should have a repentive 

Matt. 6:5, "When thou prayest. 
thou shalt not be as the hypocrites 
are : for they love to pray standing 
in the .synagogues and in the cor- 
ners of the streets, that they niav 



be seen of men." Is this a contrite 
spirit? 1 Pet, 3:4, "Even the orna- 
ment of a meek and quiet spirit, 
which is in the sight of God of 
great price." Luke 20:4, "For a 
L..10W, make long prayers: the same 
shall receive greater damnation." 
MaLt. 5 :20, "For I say unto you, 
that except your righteousness shall 
exceed the righteousness of the 
scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in 
uo case enter into the kingdom of 
heaven." Are we in a better condi- 
tion? Matt. 10:37-38, "He that 
loveth father or mother more than 
me is not worthy of me: and he 
that loveth son or daughter more 
than me is not worthy of me. He 
that taketh not his cross, and fol- 
loweth after me, is not worthy of 
me:" Matt. 15:9, "In vain do they 
worship me, teaching for doctrine 
the commandments of m.en." 

Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, 
except ye be converted, and become 
as a child, ye shall not enter into 
the Ivingdom of heaven. Woe to 
that man by whom offence cometh. 
What will our answer be at the 
great Judgment Day? Many are 
called, but few are chosen. Some 
people go virhere the large crowd 
goes for salvation. Matt. 22:29, 
Jesus said unto them : Ye do err, 
not knowing the scriptures. Many 
people are ignorant of the knowl- 
edge of the power of God. The 
scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses' 
seat, but they say and do not. Men 
like to be called Rabbi or father. 

Today some like to be called rever- 
end. Woe unto you scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites ; For ye pay 
tithe and have omitted the weight- 
ier matters . . . mercy and faith. 
And appear beautiful outward but 
within are full of all uncleanness. 
Even so ye also outwardly appear 
righteous unto men, but within ye 
are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. 
Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. 
How can ye escape the damnation 
of hell? Jesus warned^ Take heed 
that no man deceive you. 

Mark 13 :5-6, "Jesus answering 
them (His disciples) began to say, 
Take heed lest any man deceive 
you ;. for many shall come in my 
name, saying, I am Christ, and shall 
deceive many." We are now in that 
time. Luke 18:11-12, Two men go 
to the temple to pray, "The Phari- 
see stood and prayed thus with him- 
self. God, I thank thee, that I am 
not as other men are. ... I fast 
twice in a week, I give tithes of all 
that I possess." This is a common 
thing in this day. For everyone 
that exalteth himself shall be abased, 
and he that humbieth himself shall 
be exalted. Some men of talent and 
highly educated, often become of a 
lofty and elevated mind. Is tithing 
salvation? The 'Pharisees prayed 
tithe and boasted of it. Today some 
like it made known publicly how 
much they paid to their church, the 
praise of humanity? 

1 Cor. 13:1, though I speak with 
I the tongues of angels and have not 



charity, I am become as sounding 
brass. Charity suffereth long and 
is kind, envieth not. Charity is not 
puffed up, rejoiceth not in iniquity, 
but rejoiceth in the truth. Charity 
never faileth. Some people rejoice 
when they take the advantage of 
others. Now abideth faith, hope and 
charity, but the greatest of these is 
charity. Charity means : universal 
love, liberal, kind, love manifested. 
Not a pretense of love. 1 John 
2:15-17, "Love not the world, 
neither the things that are in the 
world. If any man love the world, 
the love of the Father is not in him. 
For all that is in the world, the lust 
of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, 
and the pride of life, is not of the 
Father, but is of the world. The 
world passeth away, and the lust 
thereof: but he that doeth the will 
of God abideth forever." We find 
two kinds of church-members : those 
who think they are always right 
and those who are humble and re- 
pentant. Lvike 15:7, "I say unto 
you, that likewise joy shall be in 
heaven over one sinner that re- 
penteth, more than over ninety and 
nine just persons, which need no 

Some say they do not believe in 
a Holy Ghost. They worship the 
Father as a great man. John 12 :43, 
"For they loved the praise of man 
more than the praise of God." V. 
46, "I am come a light into the 
world, that whosoever believeth on 
me should not abide in darkness." 

The words of the New Testament 
shall judge us in the last day. Is 
it light to you, for he that walketh 
in darkness knoweth not where he 
goeth. While ye have light believe 
on the light, that ye may be chil- 
dren of light. Ye must repent of 
your self-righteousness. There are 
two spirits in the world. Before 
He was crucified, Jesus prayed to 
the Father, Not my will but thine 
be done. Do we make demands in 
our prayers, or do we fully sur- 
render to God? We should be 
thankful for what He does for each 
of us. We need to give thanks al- 
ways to our Lord, Who hath de- 
livered us from the power of dark- 
ness and hath translated us into 
the kingdom of God. In whom we 
have redemption, through His 
blood, even the forgiveness of sin. 
Eph. 5 :20, "Giving thanks always 
for all things unto God and the 
Father, in the name of the Lord 
Jesus Christ." 

Mark 3 :35, "For whosoever shall 
do the will of God, the same is my 
brother and my sister, and mother." 
Are we right in our own minds or 
right according to the teachings of 
Christ and the apostles? Luke 13: 
23-24, "Then said one unto him, 
Lord, are there few that be saved? 
and he said unto them. Strive to 
enter in at the strait gate: for 
many, I say unto you, will seek to 
enter in. and shall not be able." 1 
Cor. 1 :26, "Not many wise men 



after the flesh, not many mighty, 
not many noble, are called." 

William N. Kinsley 
Hartville, Ohio 




Spend that time crying, "Search 
me, Oh God, and know my heart; 
try me, and know my thoughts ; 
and see if there be any wicked way 
in me. Create in me a clean heart, 
Oh God, and renew a right spirit 
within me. Restore unto me the 
j oy of Thy salvation ; and uphold 
me with Thy free Spirit ; then (and 
only then) will I teach transgres- 
sors Thy way, and sinners shall be 
converted unto Thee." 

It is absurd to spend time pray- 
ing for revival in your community, 
unless your will has been submitted 
to God, to willingly obey H'ls Word 
on all instructions. Revival must 
begin in you ! If you really want 
revival, let your will be dead in- 
deed unto sin and self-desire, but 
very much alive to do the will of 
God, through the indwelling Christ. 
Give the Spirit of God permission, 
and the Word of God opportunity 
to reveal to you any sin and wick- 
edness of your own life. The key 
which unlocks the doorway to a 
purging process is a glad willing- 
ness to confess, forsake and make 
restoration to all revealed sin. 
The reason God cannot use yOur 

life is because it is not usable. You 
are not a "vessel unto honour, fit 
and meet for the Master's use." 
The sin of selfishness, self-will, 
pride, criticism, backbiting, deceit- 
fulness, jealousy, anger, bitterness, 
strife, dissension, dishonesty, dis- 
obedience, etc., have so dominated 
and "plugged up" your life that you 
are not a channel through which 
the Holy Spirit can work. Such 
abnormality and apostasy is because 
of willful disobedience to the Word 
of God ; therefore, the only remedy 
is confession and forsaking of such 
sin to henceforth walk in prompt 
obedience to His Word. "Who then 
is willing to consecrate his service 
this day unto the Lord?" I Chron. 

Be Honest With Yourself 
In These Questions : 
1. Is there any known sin or 
doubtful sin in my life, be it past 
or present? If so, confess it, for- 
sake it and make restitution at once. 
Begin to "exercise yourself to have 
always a conscience void of offence 
toward God and toward man." It 
takes justification before men as 
well as before God in order for you 
to ibe an effective soul-winner. True 
"justification' by grace through 
faith" before God, at time of con- 
version will ilnmediately result in 
a practical justification and right- 
eousness before men. If your justi- 
fication with God does not resul- in 
justification with men, then you 
have deceived yourself as to true 



justification. God expects you to 
be blameless and unrebukable be- 
fore this perverse generation. So 
walk in obedience to God's Word 
that the unsaved cannot hide behind 
your sinning, inconsistency and 

2. Have I forgiven everybody — 
EVERYBODY? I mean Every- 
body ! If not, don't expect forgive- 
ness from God for your sins, you 
will not get it, for God says, "But 
if you forgive not men their tres- 
passes, neither will your Father 
forgive your trespasses," Matt. 6 : 
15. Are you yet harboring bitter- 
ness, resentment and jealousy in 
your heart against some brother or 
sister because of anything f Is there 
a spirit of criticism, bitterness, 
fault-finding, backbiting, or resent- 
ment in your heart against your 
pastor, church or Sunday school 
teacher? If so, it must be confessed 
to God, AND also to the individ- 
uals with whom it concerns, and 
henceforth manifest only a spirit of 
love. If you regard or continue to 
harbor such sins in your heart, the 
Lord will not hear your prayers, 
Psa. 66:18; Isa. 59:1-2. It is abso- 
hitely necessary that you forgive 
and forget and henceforth make it 
obvious by love, not in word and 
tongue only, but in deed and truth. 
"If any man say I love God and 
hate his brother, he is a liar: for 
he that loveth not his brother 
whom he hath seen, how can he 
love God whom he hath not seen?" 

I John 4:20. 

3. Do I abhor sin in my own 
life as well as in the lives of others? 
Is there a holy hatred in my heart 
for anything that does not glorify 
God? Or am I rightly described in 
Jeremiah 6:15, "Were they asham- 
ed when they had committed abomi- 
nation? Nay, they were not at all 
ashamed, neither could they blush." 
Do I love and serve my selfish will 
more than God's blessed will? Am 
I quick to rebuke myself for such 
sins for which I criticize others? 
Is my life such that I can, in obedi- 
ence to God, "reprove and rebuke 
with all longsuffering" the lives of 
those who are not glorifying God? 

4. Does my heart respond in 
glad, willing, prompt obedience to 
the Word of God? Or am I quick 
to obey only that which does not 
cross my will too much, or infringe 
on my selfishness? God demands 
entire, complete obedience. "Ye are 
my friends if ye do whatsoever I 
command you," John 15:14. "If ye 
be willing and obedient ye shall eat 
of the good of the land, but if ye 
refuse and rebel, ye shall be devour- 
ed by the sword for the mouth of 
the Lord hath spoken it." A char- 
acteristic of a true son of God is 
that they are "led by the Spirit of 
God." which necessitates following 
and obedience. "We must obey 
God, rather than man." You are 
better to offend ten thousand friends 
than to disobey God. 

5. Do I witness of Jesus' saving 



grace to those I contact? Or am 
I ashamed to witness for the Lord 
Jesus in the presence of some of 
my friends? Am I limiting God by 
failing to let the Spirit testify of 
Jesus to others through me? "Who- 
soever shall confess me before men, 
him shall I confess before my 
Father which is in Heaven ; and 
whosoever shall deny me before 
men, him shall I also deny before 
my Father which is in Heaven," 
Matt. 10:32-33. 

Do you really thirst for Revival 
in your own heart ? Are you willing 
to meet God's requirements on all 
issues? Will you say an eternal 
"Yes" to the Will of God for your 
Hfe right now, cost what it may? 
It will mean no less than death to 
your own will, to be a ready sen^ant 
to the living God henceforth. 

Oh, Christian — Awake ! Hell is 
filling — judgment is sure; does it 
mean nothing to you? The world 
is saying, "Except I see, I cannot 
believe." The world is waiting to 
see you walk in glad obedience to 
that which you profess to believe. 
Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman 


Do you know the world is dying 

For a little bit of love? 
[Everywhere we hear the sighing 

For a little bit of love; 
For the love that rights a wrong, 

Fills the heart with hope and song ; 
They have waited, oh, so long, 

For a little bit of love. 

From the poor of every city, 

For a little bit of love, 
Hands are reaching out for pity, 

For a little bit of love; 
Some have burdens hard to bear, 

Some have sorrows we should 
share ; 
Shall they falter and despair 

For a little bit of love? 

Down before their idols falling. 

For a little bit of love, 
Many souls in vain are calling 

For a little bit of love; 
If they die in sin and shame. 

Someone surely is to blame 
For not going in His name, 

With a little bit of love. 

While the souls of men are dying 

For a little bit of love, 
While the children, too, are crying 

For a little bit of love. 
Stand no longer idly by, 

You can help them if you try ; 
Go then, saying, "Here am I," 

With a little bit of love. 

Sel. by Sister Hallie Snyder 


One whose grip is a little tighter. 
One whose smile is a little brighter, 
One whose deeds are a little whiter, 
That's what I call a friend. 

One who'll lend as quick as borrow, 
One who's the same today as to- 
One who'll share your joy and 
That's what I call a friend. 



One whose thoughts are a little 

One whose mind is a little keener, 
One who avoids those things that 

are meaner, 
That's what I call a friend. 

One, when you're gone, who'll miss 

you sadly. 
One who'll welcome you back again 

One who, though angered, will not 

speak madly, 
That's what I call a friend. 

One who is always willing to aid 

One whose advice has always paid 

One who's defended when others 

flayed you. 
That's what I call a friend. 

One who's been fine when life 

seemed rotten. 
One whose ideals you have not 

One who has given you more than 

he's gotten. 
That's what I call a friend. 

Sel. by Martha Shaffer 


To be grateful means to count 
your blessings, means to light a 
candle rather than curse the dark- 
ness. To be grateful means to look 
at what you have rather than what 
you have not, to see others who are 
more unfortunate rather than envy 
those who possess more and be filled 
with bitterness and greed. 


God of the living church empower, 
Thine ancient might reveal ; 
Give wisdom for this crucial hour, 
And in Thy mercy, heal. 

God of the living church renew. 
Fresh vision now impart, 
And tho' the remnant be but few, 
Sustain each faithful heart. 

God of the living church provide, 
Not garnished words, but grain, 
The charity Thou hast supplied. 
May we supply again. 

God of the living church deny 
The rebel cavalcade. 
That thunders forth its hate defy 
'Gainst all that Thou hast made. 

God of the living church forgive, 
Renew, perfect, translate. 
In Thee to be, and move, and live 
Immanuel we wait. 

God of the living church, we plead. 
Bestow Thy mighty power. 
Thy loving presence. Lord, we need. 
To save us in this hour. 

Sel. by Sister Margaret Myers 

The greatest of sins repented of, 
is pardonable ; the least of sins not 
repented of, is damnable. 

The one thing worse than a 
quitter is the man who is afraid to 




The love of God, oh how amaz- 
ing. It's hard to understand why- 
God should give His only Son to 
tal<e a rebel's hand, to lift him, from 
the miry clay or from the sinking 
sand, and place his feet upon a rock 
where he can firmly stand. 

The love of Jesus, oh how won- 
dorous. He left His home on high, 
laid His glory by and came to do 
His Father's will. He took instead 
a robe of flesh and took the sinners 
place. He died in agony and saved 
H!im by His grace. 

The love of Jesus, oh how mighty, 
to save from sin and woe. He bafe 
our sins upon the Cross, how could 
He love us so ? to die the ignomious 
death upon the cruel tree. There 
to pour out His life in death that 
vve might ransomed be. 

The love of Jesus, oh how preci- 
ous. It does so freely flow. He took 
my place upon the Cross, that's why 
I love Him so. Such love I never 
can repay, I tremble at His feet in 
shame and look into His face, a 
loving smile to greet. 

Such wonderful redeeming love, 
forever praise His name. I stand 
and gaze upon the scene and bow 
my head in shame, because my sins 
have nailed Him there. My sins 
T do confess, accept my Saviour 
now and trust His righteousness. 

His wonderful redeeming love is 
not for me alone. It was to save a 
fallen race, He left His glorious 

Throne. His dying on the tree took 
my friends to Calvary and dying 
there for all, He died for me. 

The Father's everlasting love 
will never, never end. My Saviour 
ever liveth and is my constant 
friend. I now await the blessed 
hope, when Jesus will again appear. 
By the signs that now abound we 
know the time is near. 

Sel. by Rebecca Beck 


Because of extreme road condi- 
tions in our area Dec. 27, we feel 
this special message a particular 
blessing from Heaven. The ice-coat- 
ed roads made it impossible to 
reach the church. We had worship 
in Sister Bula Stambaughs home. 
Tliough very few could come, we 
received a blessing that comes only 
to those who believe. God is ever 
present to bless one or two who 
gather together to worship Him, 
We pray a special blessing for Bro. 
Paul Belcher and his family for 
their efforts to encourage us to bring 
forth more fruit. 

Quote : I believe at the close of 
this year it would be appropriate to 
consider an inventory of our life for 
the twelve months we have just 
passed through. At this time of 
year business men make a detailed 
list of their stock to determine 
whether tliey have lost or gained, 
whether they will stay or change 
their business. 



In Christian life, we consider our 
efforts in the cause of our Lx)rd. 
Have we lent our best efforts in the 
business of our own and others sal- 
vation? If we have not been dili- 
gent in the Lord's work we must 
ask God's forgiveness. He is dis- 
pleased at half-hearted service. The 
church has no hands except ours. 
The work may be small as to sing 
or teach or preach. God takes note 
of the way we do the little part He 
may give us. If He finds us faithful 
in the small duties He may give us 
larger work. 

In Rev. 3:16 we are taught what 
happens when we are not dedicated 
to doing good, "So then because 
thou art lukewarm and neither cold 
nor hot, I will spue thee out of my 
mouth." What is our attitude to- 
ward our own salvation? We talk 
of salvation to others, yet neglect 
our own heart. We may hide dis- 
belief in our heart for a while yet 
eventually it becomes known. Little 
seeds of hate produce harvests of 

Are we dilligent in our daily spir- 
itual life? Do we neglect the Bible 
and read other material? Think on 
God continually, then, like a tree 
by the rivers of life, bear fruit 
daily. What influence have we left 
the past year? Did others see us 
in church prompt or careless about 
arriving on time? Was our conver- 
sation clean and honest? Did we 
go anywhere that would embarass 
us if we knew others learned of it? 

Yiouth always looks at someone 
older for their behavior patterns. 
Are we a good pattern? Would 
they find the narrow way or would 
our examples lead them astray? 
THINK and be a good influence. 

We must be fruitful and constant- 
ly on our guard, because people 
watch us. John 15:8 says, "Herein 
is my father glorified that ye bear 
much fruit." We are the branches. 
If we are a fruit-bearing branch we 
will be purged that we may bring 
forth more fruit, John 15:2. In 
our heart inventory of the past year, 
we are to search out all evils and 
beg God for more light to see the 
right. The power of our own think- 
ing cannot always reveal what God 
wants us to see. David said, "Search 
me O God, and know my heart, try 
me and know my thoughts," Psa. 

At Communion we ask God to 
examine our own heart, not that of 
our brother or sister. David had 
insight into God's will, yet he recog- 
nized his weakness. Prov. 23 :7, 
"For as a man thinketh in his heart 
so is he." How carefully we must 
watch our thinking. We can hide 
our thoughts from the world but 
not from God. We do not mean to 
scold anyone, only to help us to be 
careful. I cannot take inventory of 
you to see if you have advanced in 
church life or slipped into the ways 
of the world. 

Our personal salvation depends 
on our daily work of a good life. 



God takes notice of the least thing. 
Matt. 25 :40, "Inasmuch as ye have 
done it unto the least of these my 
bretliren, ye have done it unto me." 
There are those who are looking 
for large tasks to do such as casting 
out devils, yet they fail to accept 
opportunities to help a discouraged 
brother or sister. Those who daily 
did the small tasks of feeding the 
hungry, giving a drink of fresh 
water to the thirsty, giving comfort 
and cheer to those who had need ; 
small deeds when looked at sepa- 
rately, but mighty when the ac- 
counting was done. They heard the 
words, "Come ye blessed of my 
Father inherit the kingdom prepar- 
ed for you," Matt. 25:34. These 
"doers of the word" were humble 
Christians and didn't recognize they 
did any great thing. How wonder- 
ful the words "well done" which we 
desire to hear at the end of our 
Christian work. 

The promise God gave in Matt. 
18:20, "For where two or three are 
gathered together in my name there 
am I in the midst of them," should 
encourage us to go on in the New 
Vear. We feel we can still grow in 
grace' and be a better worker in 
His vineyard. Come unto me and 
t will give you rest, Matt. 11 :28. 
In our Christian life we know we 
will not have a rosy road. But 
rather rocky and often persecutions. 
Do not give up. Few spoke well 
of the Man of Sorrows. The serv- 
ant is not greater than his master. 

If they treated Him thusly they will 
treat us in the same way. 

The words, "Come unto me" can 
be a great comfort to us if we take 
our burdens to Him. Unlike the 
heathen idol that has n® heart or 
helping hand, God has compassion 
for us. He has only to speak the 
word and it comes about, if we but 
trust Him. We must hear, read 
and do the Word to have hope of 
eternal life. The scribes and Phari- 
sees were careful to pay tithes but 
.leglected mercy. Jesus reproved 
them often because of this. 

We teach in two ways. Jesus 
spoke and taught by precept- word, 
by example-works. Our home and 
church can be the same way in the 
'ommunity. We try to teach care 
and caution. Youth may not grasp 
words of warning until they see an 
example and the effect of careless 
speeding of cars. Forsaking law 
and order ofLen brings loss of life. 
When we sin we are liable for the 
consequences of an ill-spent yester- 
day. Yesterday can mean our past 
life. How has it been? Good or 
ill-spent ? 

TI Kings 21, Manasseh reigned 
wickedly. Hjis father destroyed idols 
and was faithful to the Lord. But 
he built up again the altars for 
Baal, that his father had destroyed 
and served them. His consequence 
for sin was deliverance into the 
hands of his enemies. Joseph vras 
cast into a pit, then sold to the 
Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of sil- 



ver, Gen. 27 :28. His brethren sin- 
ned against God, their father and 
brother. After much suffering, they 
recognized the evil they had done 
and that God was displeased with 
their past. They began to see them- 
selves as God wanted them to. 

Likewise the prodigal son, by sin- 
ful living, suffered the consequences 
of loss of money, friends, and 
health. He reviewed his past, real- 
ized the cause of his trouble and 
repented. In Luke 16 we have the 
account of the rich man and Laz- 
arus. The rich man's ill-spent yes- 
terday brought him torment. He let 
opportunities to "do good to the 
least of these" pass. When he lifted 
up his eyes in hell, he asked for 
mercy to spare his brethren such 
a fate. 

Because Adam and Eve trans- 
gressed and took the devil's word 
in preference to God's word, they 
felt the consequences of wrong. No 
place ever had such a plan of bliss 
as the Garden, yet it was ruined 
by disobedience. Those who walk 
contrary to God will spend eternity 
in punishment. Noah preached 
against sin, no one repented. When 
the floods came, we feel the people 
knew their hour of consequence had 

Sodom and Gomorrah are ex- 
ample of spending time in the wrong 
way. The cry of it was great, yet 
none repented. Only four fled to 
safety and one of them perished be- 
cause of disobedience. At the sight 

of falling fire and brimstone the 
people of those doomed cities clearly 
saw how wrong sin and vice are. 
Their time, talents and energy all 
spent in the wrong way. How have 
we spent ours this past year? Will 
we come to God and ask forgive- 
ness to escape the consequences? 
Some in Sodom could have been 
saved if they had listened to Lot's 
warnings. By all these examples of 
wrongdoing we do not mean to say 
your life has been unsatisfactory. 
They are to be used as a guide to 
grow in grace. 

There are two ways to teach. 
One is by word, the other is to 
demionstrate, by example. Zach- 
arias and Elizabeth walked blame- 
less in the ordinances of the Lord. 
Mary, the mother of Jesus, was 
righteous and Godly. Enoch had 
this testimony, "that he pleased 
God." Many disciples had God's 
special blessings. Stephen saw 
heavenly sights, because he was a 
man full of faith and of the Holy 
Ghost. Dorcas was of good char- 
acter, full of good works and alms- 
deeds. Paul, in writing to Timothy, 
brought to his remembrance the un- 
feigned faith that dwelt in grand- 
mother Lois and Mother Eunice. 
They walked after the way and will 
of the Lord. 

The blessings of God come to the 
faithful. The wicked will endure 
the consequence of ill-spent yester- 
days. Unquote. 

Sister Elta K. Blythe 




It seems that as a whole people 
are losing faith in God. I feel that 
one of the greatest reasons for this 
lack of faith today is due to the 
many false prophets over the radio, 
on street corners and even in the 
pulpits across the nation and around 
the world. The sad part of it all is ; 
these false teachers have a form of 
religion which appeals to people 
who may be seeking for the truth. 

in Noah*s day the people laughed 
when we warned them that unless 
they repented and turned to God ; 
they would be destroyed by a flood, 
and as the result of their unbelief 
and lack of faith in God, they all 
were lost in the flood but faithful 
Noah and his family. 

When God's children were in 
bondage in Egypt, God strengthened 
Mose's faith and the people's faith 
in Moses, and because they recog- 
nized their need for help, they lis- 
tened and followed. 

Centuries later, God, through the 
prophet Isaiah and other prophets, 
rebuked the people of both Israel 
and Judah, especially those of Ju- 
dah for they were the worst sin- 
ners. First, Israel was captured, 
but God promised them good 
things if they would part with their 
wrongdoing. Finally the remnant, 
who listened, were allowed to re- 
turn to Israel. 

More than one hundred years 
later, God sent Jeremiah to the 

people of Judah. In spite of God's 
denunciation of the lying prophets 
of that day, and His rebukes of 
the mockers of the true prophet, 
the people could not or would not 
see Jeremiah as the true prophet. 
Because of the truth that Jeremiah 
broug'ht was too unpleasant for the 
people to face, plots against him 
arose and he was twice imprisoned 
although his attempted murder was 

Again today, we find ourselves 
surrounded with false prophets 
quiting our fears like tranquilizers 
by disowning the unpleasant truth, 
and our faith is so weak that most 
of us today prefer to follow those 
who lull us with promises of great- 
er comfort and peace. 

Let us again turn to the Bible 
and study for ourselves and see if 
the things we hear and read today 
are in accord with God's Holy 
word, or if by chance by some of 
Satans false prophets of these last 
days. — Hayes Reed, 

1433 Overholtzer Dr. 
Modesto, Calif. 

Edwin Hodder, a hymn writer, 
aptly reveals the readability of thd 
Word in his following hymn : Thy 
Word is like a garden. Lord, with 
flowers bright and fair; and every 
one who seeks may pluck a lovely 
cluster there. Thy Word is like a 
deep, deep mine; and jewels rich 
and rare are hidden in its mighty 
' depths for every searcher there. 




David Skiles, Supt. 

Box 116 

Cuba, N. Mexico 87013 

Hayes Reed, Chairman 

143S Overholtzer Drive, 

Modesto, Calif. 95351 

Kyle Reed, Secretary 
Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 
Qtiinter, Kans. 67752 

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MARCH 15, 1965 

No. 6 

"For tile faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"For Christ is not entered into 
the holy places made with hands, 
which are the figures of the true ; 
but into heaven itself, now to ap- 
pear in the presence of God for us : 
nor yet that he should offer himself 
often, as the high priest entereth 
into the holy place every year with 
blood of others ; for then must he 
often have suffered since the foun- 
dation of the world : but now once 
in the end of the world hath he 
appeared to put away sin by the 
sacrifice of himself," Heb. 9 :24-26. 

The old and new dispensations of 
God are compared in our text. At 
all times God was displeased with 
sin and it took blood to remove that 
sin and again have God's favor. 
In the old, the priest shed the blood 
of a perfect animal and the high 
priest entered into the Holy place 
of the tabernacle or temple, to 
commune with God in behalf of the 
people. In the new, Christ shed 
His blood and entered into heaven, 
to commune with God In behalf of 
the people who had faith in Him. 
The high priest entered once a year 

after the shedding of blood of the 
sacrifice. Christ entered once for 
all time, after allowing His blood 
to be spilt on sinners behalf. 

"For the life of the flesh is in 
the blood : and I have given it to 
you upon the altar to make an 
atonement for your souls : for it is 
the blood that maketh an atonement 
for the soul," Lev. 17:11. "And 
the priest shall make an atonement 
for him with the ram of the trespass 
offering before the Lord for his sin 
which he hath done : and the sin 
which he hath done shall be for- 
given him," Lev. 19:22. The word 
atonement means : Satisfaction or 
means by which sin or offense is 
removed. In theology the obedience 
and personal sufferings of Christ. 
The blood (the life) must be spilt 
to atone for sin. In the old Dispen- 
sation, birds and animals were slain 
by the thousands to atone for in- 
dividual sins, besides the general 
sacrifice at their regular worship 
services. In the new Dispensation 
our pure, innocent Saviour was 
treated as very sinful and had to 
give His blood that our sins might 
be reconciled in the sight of God. 


Dear reader, as you read in the old 
or new Testaments, of the innocent 
blood that was shed, was it worth 
it? Ah, yes, when we read "the 
sin which he hath done shall be 
forgiven him." What a blessing we 
are enjoying, freedom from sin, do 
we serve our Saviour as faithful as 
we should? We cannot value what 
He has done for us. 

"For such an high priest became 
us, who is holy, harmless, inidefiled, 
separate from sinners, and made 
higher than the heavens ; Who need- 
eth not daily, as those high priests, 
to offer up sacrifice, first for his 
own sins, and then for the people's : 
for this he did once, when he of- 
fered up himself," Heb. 7 :26-27. 
Our atonement was truly perfect 
and without blemish, we can study 
His life and not one blemish or 
spot is there. "But this man, after 
he had offered one sacrifice for sins 
for ever, sat down on the right 
hand of God," Heb. 10:12. He not 
only gave His life for us but it was 
again restored unto Him. Now He 
continties to plead and intercede for 
us, at the right hand of the Father. 
Do we have compelling reasons for 
being a faithful servant of His? 
"Christ hath redeemed us from the 
curse of the law, being made a 
curse for us," Gal. 3:13. We would 
not fear laws if it were not for the 
punishment attached to breaking 
them. We human beings have all 
come so short of our vows and our 
duties because of our blessings, that 

we each would be severly under the 
curse of God's laws. But alas, we 
are free from this curse, through 
the unestimable atonement of our 
Lord and Saviour. How much do 
we show our love and thanks unto 
God for His unspeakable gift? 


For my text for this article, I 
draw your minds to the words of 
Christ as recorded in Mark 19:10, 
"For the Son of man is come to 
seek and to save that which was 
lost." Jesus' mission in coming to 
earth was to seek the lost and to 
Ijring them salvation. The work of 
the Church is the continuing of that 
which Jesus begun. I gather from 
the text that the Church has a two 
fold mission to perform, and she 
will be held accountable unto God 
as to how well she performs these 

The first mission is to SEEK 
the lost. A church that is not mis- 
sionary minded will perish. She 
will have a poor record before God 
Almighty on the day of reckoning, 
when her stewardship shall be chal- 
lenged by the Master of the Vine- 
yard. The Church is no man-made 
organization. It was established by 
Jesus Christ, He being the chief 
He purchased the 
His own precious 

corner stone. 
Church with 

The prime. 

the definite and the 

o;ily purpose of the Church here on 


earth is to carry out Christ's com- 
mandments, which comprise the 
working out of our own soul's sal- 
vation as well as the salvation of 
others. There is entirely too much 
"at ease in Zion." Too many, pres- 
ently in the Church, are prefectly 
satisfied and are not eager enough 
to reach out to others who need a 
loving, crucified and risen Re- 

My heart throbs and I have shed 
many tears recently, because of the 
lack of aggressive, consistent and 
prayerful interest in those that know 
not Christ as their Saviour. We 
dare not fold our hands and even 
think that nothing can be done. 
There is just as much power in 
Heaven as there ever was, there 
are more souls needing salvation 
than ever before, and we have the 
same promise now as of old, "If 
we sow the seed there shall be a 
harvest." Isaiah 55:11. "So shall 
my word be that goeth forth out 
of my mouth : it shall not return 
unto me void, but it shall accomp- 
lish that which I please, and it shall 
prosper in the thing whereto I sent 
It." Perhaps our harvest is so 
small, because we do not ask big. 
"Ask and It shall be given." We 
may go to the Spiritual Fountain 
with too small a container! 

In the early days of the Dunkard 
Brethren movement, there was a 
real spiritual awakening. Those in 
the church were good salesmen. 
They were sold on the church. 

They were not a bit ashamed to 
"sell" the church to others. But we 
have lost something. Might it be 
that we are no longer sold on the 
church ourselves? / truly pray such 
is not the case. Have we lost the 
vision for lost souls? "Where 
there is no vision, the people per- 
ish," Prov. 29:18. I am inclined 
to believe this scripture has a two- 
fold meaning. Where there is no 
vision, those outside the church will 
perish, and I wonder if, lacking 
vision and aggression for lost souls, 
the church will not come to naught. 

It is my belief that if Satan can 
make us believe "all is well," he 
has won a great victory. We have 
the great commission of Christ to 
carry out, to work at, not half- 
heartedly, but mightily, until Jesus 
comes. I firmly feel that as we 
near the coming of Christ, that 
more honest, sincere and prayerful 
efforts should be expended for lost 
souls. We should make a greater 
sacrifice, we should pray more for 
the lost, we should pray in tears 
for more power to carry the mes- 
sage to the lost. If we get down 
to business, Jesus will help us. If 
we sow the seed, God will give the 

I believe If every member of the 
Dunkard Brethren Church would 
be obedient to the vows made at 
baptism, and the officials to the 
vows made when given their office, 
that the church could recover power 
which she definitely has lost. I go 




Taneytown, Aid., March 15, 195 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of tne Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

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uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

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year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

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cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Aasoc- 
ciate Editor. 

hack again to the start of our or- 
ganization. It is recorded in past 
issues of the Bible Monitor, the 
growth of the church, from her be- 
ginning, on for perhaps 15 to 20 
years. People who studied their 
Bible and looked for a church and 
a body of believers that were prac- 
ticing the Word of God closest to 
the Word, found that body of be- 
lievers in the Dunkard Brethren 
Church. And they wanted to he a 
part of that body! 

We need to get more earnest in 
our seeking. We need to search 
until we find. We need to go out 
into the highways and byways. We 
need to GO. And we need to live 
it ourselves, first. Every business 
worth its salt is NOT SATISFIED 
if their volume grows less and less 
each year. No man at the mill or 

in the office, or on the farm would 
be content to accept a cut in wages 
two or three times a year. Are we 
content with such conditions in the 
church? We should be about our 
Father's business. 

Our FIRST mission to to SEEK 
the lost. 

Our SECOND mission is to 
SAVE the lost to the Church and 
not leave anything undone if one 
wanders away from the fold. When 
we introduce a soul to Christ, after 
we have found them, the Holy 
Spirit takes over. That soul, after 
being born again, becomes a mem- 
ber of the mystical body of Christ. 
The work of the Church does not 
end there, but has only begun. We 
want to see that soul saved to the 
Church. We are our brother's 
keeper. We have definite Bible 
commandments that each member 
must exercise, that no souls, once 
in the Church, again go back into 
the beggarly elements of the world. 

Jesus, in the greatest sermon ever 
preached, gives us very positive and 
very explicit directions how we are 
to labor together in love and how 
we are to treat one another as 
brethren and sisters. These com- 
mandments, when carried out, as 
we promised, will save souls to the 
Church. Where they are ignored, 
the Church suffers. Members move 
away or leave the Church entirely. 
The apostle Paul and many other 
writers also bear down strongly on 
our responsibility to each other. 


First, we are sheep of one fold. 
Genuine sheep do not devour one 
another. They do not harbour 
grudge or an unforgiving spirit. 
Sheep do not attempt to get the 
better of one another. Sheep stay 
dose together and close to their 
shepherd. Where members are Hke 
the sheep Jesus tells about, that 
Church will grow. The old sheep 
will fatten "spiritually" and there 
will be lambs born into the flock. 
That is the way to SAVE the 
Church. Another way to SAVE 
the souls of members, including our 
ozim, is to avoid offences. Jesus 
tells us that woe is pronounced on 
the individual that causeth offences. 
That it were better that that person 
have a millstone hung about his 
neck and cast into the sea. Know- 
ing that offences might come, Jesus 
gave us the formula to avoid them. 
The main ingredient of that form- 
ula is LOVE. Another ingredient 
is the Golden Rule. 

If. out of a pure, sincere heart, 
unintentionally, unknowingly and 
not wanting to offend, offence has 
taken place, Jesus gives us the 
formula for such a situation. Matt. 
18. But, alas, I have been told that 
Matt. 18 does not work. IT DOES ! 
Where a guilty member was willing 
to humble themselves and apply 
Matt. 18 in the Christ way, to the 
one they offended, it has worked 
and through it, as Jesus designed, 
that soul was saved to the Church. 
Where the offending party is un- 

willing, or too proud to use Matt- 
18, souls have been lost to the 
Church and I must wonder if the 
unwilling are in a saved condition ! 

Jesus relates, how, if a sheep 
stray from the fold, the shepherd 
leaves the ninety and nine in the 
fold and goes out to seek the one 
lost. That is another way to SAVE 
a soul. I was much impressed with 
this lesson while touring Palestine. 
A shepherd will risk his life for a 
lost sheep. He will search every 
crevice, every craig, every cave, ev- 
ery hidden place, at the same time 
calling for his lost sheep. His ev- 
ery purpose is centered on finding 
the one that is lost ! Do we make 
such a consistent effort when one 
becomes discouraged? When one 
has become offended? If we do not, 
we come short of the glory of God. 

I hear statements, and have for 
years, that you cannot interest the 
outside in the Church. Definitely 
you cannot, if those on the inside do 
not practice what constitutes the 
Doctrine of the Church. Once we, 
on the inside, live it as we should, 
and as we promised we would do, 
it will spread to the outside. It 
did all through history. It did in 
the early days of our organization 
and it will today! 

I pray for any member who has 
been in anyway the cause of a 
sheep leaving the fold. Unless they 
have went to the full end of Jesus' 
commandments regarding offences, 
they will stand in the day of judg- 


ment hopelessly condemned. You 
just dare not offend one whom 
Christ shed His blood for, and let 
it stand. By winning souls to Christ 
we can add stars to our crown. 
By discouraging souls, we will bring 
the wrath of God upon us ! 

When Jesus came seeking and 
saving the lost. He brought the 
Word. We will never find or save 
a single soul, outside the bound of 
the Word. We will never reap a 
harvest, preaching anything less 
than the Word of God. It is the 
Word that pricks, that convicts, that 
melts the sinful hear of man. We 
need to preach the Word zuith a 
sharper sivord. Too many today 
want the end of the sword of the 
Lord cut off. They want it like in 
Isa. 30:10, "Speak unto us smooth 
things." Smooth things will not 
convict nor save. Jesus came seek- 
ing the lost. That is our work. We 
are stewards of the manifold Grace 
of God. Let us consistently prove 
our stewardship before God and 

Bro. Paul R. Myers, 
Box 117, 
Greentown, Ohio 


Part 2 

The claim by the Roman Catholic 
Church, that the Church of Jesus 
Christ was built upon the apostle 
Peter is an unscriptural doctrine. 

The Christian Church is built 
upon Jesus Christ and Him alone. 
He is the "headstone of the corner," 
and He gave all the twelve apostles 
equal power to preach the gospel 
and heal the sick. Peter was given 
the "keys of the kingdom of heav- 
en," or "kingdom of God," out of 
which grew the Church. There is 
no distinction between the Church 
and the Kingdom, they are one. It 
is true that the Kingdom was prom- 
ised to Israel, but was later given 
to the Gentiles. 

It was Peter who opened the door 
of opportunity to Jewish Brethren 
(those who would receive Christ), 
on the day of Pentecost and to the 
Gentiles in the house of Cornelius, 
Acts 10:34-46. Acts 2:5, "And 
there were dwelling at Jerusalem 
Jews, devout men, out of every 
nation under heaven." "Then Peter 
opened his mouth, and said. Of a 
truth I perceive that God is no 
respecter of persons : But in every 
nation he that feareth him, and 
worketh righteousness, is accepted 
with him," Acts 10:34-35. There 
was no assumption by the apostle 
Peter of any other authority or 
power, except from God, through 
the Holy Spirit (to bind or to 
loose). And he claimed no more 
for himself than to be an apostle by 
gift (1 Pet. 1:1), and an elder liy 
office (1 Pet. 5:1). 

We find also in the early Church 
as founded by our Lord, Peter was 
not necessarily the highest leader. 




chairman or moderator. In the im- 
portant first Church Council or 
Conference, it was not Peter who 
was chairman, but it was the Apos- 
tle James instead. After all the 
apostles had given their views, in- 
cluding Peter, it was James who 
had, or brought about the summing 
up and final decision. Acts 15:7- 
20. "And after they had held their 
peace, James answered, saying. Men 
and brethren, hearken unto me." 

It is an erroneous, unscriptural 
doctrine that Peter holds the keys 
of death and the place of departed 
saints. They are held by Jesus 
Himself. No priest can pray any 
one out of Purgatory. In Rev. 1 : 
18, we read, "I am he that liveth, 
and was dead ; and, behold I am 
alive for evermore. Amen ; and have 
the keys of hell and of death." The 
Book of the Revelation was written 
in A.D. 96, that is 30 years after 
the death of Peter, and Jesus still 
held, and now holds those keys 

'Who was the first Pope of 
Rome?" The Church of Rome not 
only claims that Peter was the first 
Bishop of Rome, but also claims 
that he was the first Pope there. 
As we have already disproved the 
claim that Peter had a bishopric in 
Rjome, we can now proceed with 
facts about the history of the Pap- 
acy. The first 200 years of the 
Christian Church there was no sen- 
ior bishop or pope anywhere. All 
the early bishop's who were sta- 

tioned at Jerusalem, Antioch, Cor- 
inth, etc., were equal. It was not 
until the third century of the Chris- 
tian era that the Bishop of Rome 
commenced to seize power. The 
following historical facts are pub- 
lished in the immortal book of Dr. 
Grattan Guinness, entitled, "The 
Approaching End of the Age." In 
A.D. 254 : Cyprian teaches that the 
Bishop of Rome is the successor of 
St. Peter, and that the Church of 
Rome is entitled to precedence from 
the importance of the city, but not 
in the point of jurisdiction. 

A.D. 306 : Rise of Constantine the 
Great. A.D. 312: Conversion to 
Christianity of Constantine the 
Great. A.D. Z2>7 : Constantius, a 
son of Constantine, takes one-third 
of the Roman Empire. One-half 
of the Roman Empire profess 
Christianity, which is now the re- 
ligion of the state. This marks the 
end of the Pagan Roman Empire. 
In A.D. 425 : Emperor Valentinian 
III enacts that all Bishop's of the 
Western Empire obey the Bishop 
of Rome. In A.D.. 492: Bishop 
Gelasius compiled the Mass. This 
is a false teaching (doctrine) that 
the Bishop offers Christ daily for 
the sins of the people, whereas 
Christ died once for all. Heb. 7 :26- 
27, reads, "For who is holy, harm- 
less, undefiled, separate from sin- 
ners, and made higher than the 
heavens. Who (Jesus) needeth not 
daily, as those high priests, to offer 
up sacrifice, first for his own sins, 



a. id thtM for the people's, jor this 
he did once, wheti he offered up 
himself." Also Heb. 9:28, "So 
Christ was otiee offered to bear the 
sins of many; ..." Therefore the 
Roman Catholic Alass is contrary 
to the Word of God. 

In A.D. 526: Bishop Felix III 
introduced "Extreme Unction" as 
a sacrament. This Roman Catholic 
rite consists of anointing a dying 
person with oil, as in James 5:14, 
when a R.C. is expected to die. 
Therefore the patient is not expected 
to live. This is unscriptural because 
James 5:14, with the anointing of 
oil, is for expectation of healing and 
life. In A.D. 533: we find the 
Decree of Emperor Justinian, con- 
stituting the Bishop of Rome, "Head 
of all the Holy Churches, and of all 
the Holy Priests of God." This is 
opposed to the Master. Jesus said, 
"But be ye not called Rabbis for 
one is your master, even Christ ; 
and all ye are brethren," Matt. 23: 
8. The Justinian Decree was the 
start of Rome's domination. 

In A.D. 590 : Bishop Gregory the 
Great did more than any other "to 
set the Church forward upon the 
new lines on which it must travel 
to constitute a Latin Christianity." 
In A.D. 606 : we find, the Decree 
of Emperor Procas conceeding to 
Bishop Boniface III. the headship 
over all the churclies of Christen- 
dom. Thus Bishop Boniface III 
became the first POPE. See . . . 
"De Gestis Longobardoum. 4. c36, 

also "Historia Ecclesiastica et de 
Vitis Pontificum," by Anastasius. 
P. 11, C.3. These facts of history 
are also memorialized by The Pillar 
of Procas at Rome, bearing the in- 
scription and date, and can be seen 
today. Thus in A.D. 606, Bishop 
Boniface III was the first Pope. 
Therefore the claim by the Church 
of Rome, that the Apostle Peter was 
the first Pope is contradicted by the 
Holy Scriptures, by history and by 
archaeology. The first Pope arrived 
over 500 years after Peter died. 

"Which church is the right one?" 
The true Church is not one, made 
l)y hands, nor is it established in 
Rome. It was established by Christ 
near Jerusalem and today is made 
up of true believers, who are "born 
of God" and do HIS WILL. It is 
written, "He that believeth and is 
baptized shall be saved and he that 
believeth not, shall be damned," 
Mark 16:16. Jesus is the door into 
His fold, and He alone is the Head 
of the Church. He also holds the 
keys of death and hell. 

The end. 

Bro. Wm. Root, 
1612 Morphy St.. 
Great Bend, Kans. 

This is no time for harmless little 
sermons. It is time for flaming mes- 
sages, inspired 1)y the Holy Ghost. 
l)reached fearlessly by men who do 
not fear the consequences. Calling 
men everywhere to repentance. 




"Nol by might, nor by power, 
but by my spirit, saith the Lord," 
Zech. 4 :6. In this little study we 
want to learn of the activities, and 
power of the Holy Spirit. Let us 
consider John the Baptist. He was 
filled with the Holy Spirit from his 
youth ; and he never deviated from 
that. His mission was to prepare 
the people to accept Christ. John 
was true to the wooings of the Holy 
Spirit, even while in prison : he was 
willing to give his life for the truth. 

Jesus was filled with the Holy 
Spirit and power from God. "And 
Jesus when he was baptized, went 
up straightway Out of the water : 
and, lo, the heavens were opened 
Unto him, and he saw the spirit of 
God descending like a dove, and 
lighting upon him : and lo a voice 
from heaven, saying, this is my 
beloved Son, in whom I am well 
pleased,*' Matt. 3:16-17. 

To obtain this power, we must 
believe. First, believe on the Lord 
Jesus Christ and that He brought 
from heaven to earth a saving gos- 
pel. Jesus said, "Repent and believe 
the Gospel," A/[ark 1:15. "He that 
believeth and is baptized shall be 
saved," Mark 16:16. It is necessary 
to go all the way with Christ, for 
righteousness sake. 

Jesus was tempted by Satan after 
baptism ; to prove to us by His 
life and spirit, that it is possible 

not to yield to temptation. Right 
now I want to tell you the spirit 
of the anti-christ, the power of 
Satan, is working so close to the 
Power of God it is hard to tell the 
difference, unless we are filled with 
the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus had power to perform mir- 
acles, so does the Anti-christ. We 
are to try the spirits and see if they 
are of God. Satan tried to tear 
down the ministry of Jesus, and he 
is doing the same today. 

We are to be baptized of water 
and the Spirit. Without a change 
of heart and mind we do not receive 
the baptism of the Spirit. Before 
Jesus ascended into heaven He told 
the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem 
until they were baptized with the 
Holy Ghost. "Ye shall receive pow- 
er after that the Holy Ghost is 
come upon you," Acts 1 :8. Now 
let's be seated in the upper room 
and wait upon God. Wait until He 
speaks. So many cannot wait upon 
God, they want to have their own 
way ; and thus hinder the work of 
the Holy Spirit. We must be sin- 
cere in our desire for the Spirit to 
speak to us. 

The first symbol of the Spirit 
here is the wind. The rushing 
mighty wind came DOWN FROM 
HEAViEN, an irresistible power of 
the Spirit and Truth. The Spirit 
sealed them unto the day of, re- 
demption. They went everywhere 
preaching the Gospel. Let us who 
have received that Spirit never 



Ijreak that seal. 

Fire : the syml^ol of purification 
and sanctification, they were sanc- 
tified unto hoHness. We must have 
this same glorious experience to 
have the power of the Holy Spirit 
within us. They spake with other 
tongues. Our tongue must he con- 
trolled hy the Holy Spirit. "Let 
your speech he with grace seasoned 
with salt," Col. 4 :6. That we may 
know how to impart the word of 
truth to others. 

The power of the Holy Spirit is 
to teach. "But the Comforter, 
w.hich is the Holy Ghost, whom 
the Father will send in my name, 
he shall teach you all things, and 
hring all things to your remem- 
hrance, whatsoever T have said unto 
you," John 14:26. The apostle John 
experienced this, when he was past 
SO years of age he wrote the hook 

to intercede for us. Rom. 8 :26-27, 
"Likewise the Spirit also helpeth 
our infirmities : for we know not 
what we should pray for as we 
ought : but the Spirit itself maketh 
intercession for us with groanings 
which cannot be uttered. And he 
that searcheth the hearts knoweth 
what is the mind of the Spirit, be- 
cause he maketh intercession for 
the saints according to the will of 
God." It will intercede and convict 
us of sin. He is our officer, to 
arrest us when we transgress God's 
divine law. Is ready to assist us 
out of our difficulties. Just as soon 
as the devil gets us into trouble, 
he leaves us wounded and helpless. 
Why should we do something that 
is wrong? When God says it is 
wrong — the church says it is 
wrong — but we do it any way. 
If we commit a public sin let's 

of John. Every child of God needs acknowledge it, that we may have 

this power. "Which things we also' 
speak, not in the words which man's 
wisdom teacheth, hut which the 
Holy Ghost teacheth," 1. Cor. 2:13. 
The power of the Holy Spirit is 
to guide us. It will guide us in the 
way we ought to walk. "For as 
many as are led l)y the Spirit of 
God, they are the Sons of God," 
Rom. 8:14. Let us get away from 
(lie idea that we can do as we please 
and not be led l)y the guidance of 
the Holy Spirit. We must also read 
the Word, it is through the Word 
that we have this guiding influence. 
The power of the Holy Spirit is 

forgiveness. Another mission of the 
Spirit is to comfort us. Jesus said, 
"I will pray the Father, and he 
shall give you another Comforter, 
that he may abide with you forever : 
even the Spirit of Truth ; whom the 
world can not receive, l)ecause it 
seeth him not, neither knoweth him : 
but ye know him ; for he dwelleth 
with you, and shall be in you," John 

What has been our e.xperience 
in the u])])er room with the as- 
sembly ? Have we received that ir- 
resistible Power of the Holy Spirit: 
])urified, sanctified, ready to witness 



to the unsaved the unsearchable 
riches of Christ, who is able to save 
to the uttermost? "Though your 
sins be as scarlet, they shall be as 
white as snow : though they be red 
like crimson, they small be as wool." 
Isa. 1:18. 

Today is the day of salvation, now 
is the accepted time, if ye hear His 
voice, harden not your heart. Re- 
pent, believe the gospel, being bap- 
tized for the remission of sins and 
ye shall receive the Gift of the Holy 
Spirit. "Now unto him that is able 
to keep yon from falling, and pre- 
sent you faultless before the pres- 
ence of his glory with exceeding 
joy, to the only wise God our Sav- 
iour, be glory and majesty, dominion 
and power, both now and ever," 
Jude 24-25. Amen. , 

Bro. Herbert Parker 
R. 3, Troy, Ohio 


In a changing world we see and 
hear the Christian saying and doing 
things that are like the world ; but 
does God change? In Heb. 13:8, 
we read, "Jesus Christ the same 
yesterday, and today, and forever." 
Deut. 5:11, "Thou shalt not take 
the name of the Lord thy God in 
vain ; for the Lord will not hold 
him guiltless that taketh his name 
in vain." James 5:12 says, "But 
above all things, my brethren swear 
not, neither by heaven, neither by 

the earth, neither by any other oath ; 
but let your yea be yea and your 
nay, nay ; lest ye fall into condemn- 
ation." Of course no born-again- 
Christian would deliberately use the 
name of the Lord in vain ; but Satan 
is very subtle in his ways, even try- 
ing to deceive the very elect. One 
of his cunning devices is what we 
commonly call slang words ; or are 
they slang words? This is what the 
Century Dictionary has to say about 
several of them. 

Gosh^ — minced form of God often 
used as a mild oath. Gad — a minced 
form of God. Doggone — a substitute 
for profanity. I believe we could 
include the use of golly and gee as 
having the same meaning. Heck is 
often used in place of hell, and darn 
in place of damn. These are only a 
few of them. No doubt there are 
many people using these words who 
are not aware of their origin. I 
think we could say any word used 
in this manner could be called a 
slang or swear word, and the world 
is full of them. Let us watch our 
speech and strive for a fuller meas- 
ure of Holiness. II Cor. 6:17-18 
tells us, "Wherefore come out from 
among them, and be ye separate 
saith the Lord, and touch not the 
unclean thing; and I will receive 
you, and be a Father unto you, and 
ye shall be my sons and daughters 
saith the Lord Almighty." What a 
wonderful promise this is. Praise 
.His Name ! ! 

Sister Lucille Throne 



The Lord willing the Cloverleaf 
congregation will hold their Love- 
feast on Saturday, April 17, begin- 
ning at 10:30 and communion in 
the evening. There will be services 
all day Sunday. Come worship with 
us. Sister Rosella Kasza 


The members of the Pleasant 
Hnnr? congregation have been 
blessed with another series of Meet- 
ings. Services from Nov. 8 to 21, 
with Bro. Ernest Miller of Har- 
risonburg, Va., as our Evangelist. 
Bro. Miller gave us very inspiring 
messages which should make us all 
have a greater desire to live better 
lives for our blessed Lord. No souls 
were added to our number at the 
time of the Revival, but since we 
were made to rejoice when a young 
mother gave her heart to the Lord. 

The meetings were closed with a 
Lovefeast. May God's richest bless- 
ings go with Bro. Miller and his 
family, as they go to other fields of 

Sister Blanche Wvatt, Cor. 


Bro. Ernest Miller of Harrison- 
burg, Virginia will hold a two 
weeks revival meeting starting 
March 14 through March 28. Pray 
for these meetings and come and 
enjoy them with us. 

Sister Darlene Longenecker, Cor. 


District Meeting for district No. 
2 will be held in the Plevna, Ind. 
church, on April 2-3, 1965. Elders 
convene on Friday at 10 A. M. 
Preaching services at 2 P. M. and 
7 :30 in the evening on Eriday. 

Business meeting on Saturday 
morning at 9 A. M. Two Queries 
for new business. Everybody come 
and worship together. 

Harlev Rush, Writing Clerk 


Widow of Bro. Harry Eberly 
was born in Kleinfeltersville, Pa., 
April 28, 1881 and departed this 
life February 10, 1965 at the age 
of 8+ years, 9 months and 12 days, 
daughter of the late Charles and 
Barbara Young Fetter. She was a 
member of the Church of the Breth- 
ren and on December 22, 1934 
united with the Dunkard Brethren. 
She was a faithful member of the 
Lititz congregaition. 

She leaves to mourn her depar- 
ture : three sons, Wayne Eberly, 
Myers town ; Milton, Elizabethtowu 
Rd. ; Marvin Eberly, Lebanon, Rt. 
1 ; one daughter, Mary, wife of 
Amnion B. Keller, Lebanon, Rt. 1 ; 
18 grandchildren and 35 great- 

Funeral services were held Sat- 
urday, February 13 at the Heidel- 
l)erg Church of the Brethren, in 
charge of Eld. David Ebling, La- 



verne Keeney and Peter Heisey. 
Interment in the adjoining cem- 


We wish to thank the many 
l^rethren, sisters and friends for the 
flowers, cards and kind expressions 
of sympathy, shown us in the tragic 
death of Benny, our beloved hus- 
l^and, son and brother. 

Sharon Reed, Bro. and Sister 
Paul Reed and family. 


Having received nearly two hun- 
dred cards and letters, beside sev- 
eral gifts, over my recent birthday, 
I take this means to thank those 
that were instrumental in spread- 
ing the word and those that respon- 
ded by sending. 

I received cards and letters from 
every congregation in the Brother- 
hood, with the exception of one. 
Among the cards were many let- 
ters. We greatly appreciated each 
and everyone. I was impressed with 
the number that wrote concerning 
their Church activities. As a min- 
ister of the Gospel, I am much in- 
terested in seeing, first a spiritual 
growth, then a numerical growth. 

I believe that when there is a gen- 
uine, closer walk, then God re- 
wards that closer living, with a nu- 
merical increase. I, like the Apos- 
tle Paul, joy when I hear of souls 
being born into the Kingdom. I en,^ 

joyed learning of the large atten- 
dance many of you have had, at 
your past revivals. That enhances 
the opportunities for new members. 

Many letters from new members, 
some I did not know, joyed my soul 
to have them write how they are 
enjoying in the Rock of their Sal- 
vation and the joy they are exper- 
iencing in their new-found Church 

Most of the letters mentioned the 
activities of their congregations for 
which I appreciated hearing about. 
Your letters and cards were very 
encouraging to your ministering 
Brother. Now, in return, I wish 
to offer the Bible Monitor Read- 
ers, who are members of the 
Dunkard Brethren Church, a few 
words of encouragement. 

We have the Doctrine and the 
Dunkard Church is built on a 
sound. Biblical foundation. When 
those before us, stepped out on 
the Lord's side, they were not ig- 
norant of what they were doing. 
Those of this present generation 
found, from experience, that it was 
the 'best to be had, else, certainly, 
we would not have come into the 
Dunkard Church. 

It was not easy for our parents 
and grand-parients, to leave the 
mother Church and start anew. But, 
we can joy in our soul that they 
did ! Now, we who are responsible 
for the purity of the Church, we 
ought to give the more earnest 
heed to the things which we have 



heard, lest at any time we should 
let them slip." Heb. 2:1. 

I thank you from the depth of 
my heart and wish God's richest 
blessings upon each of you. The 
Lord bless thee and keep thee : The 
Lord make his face shine upon thee, 
and be gracious unto thee : The 
Lord lift up his countenance upon 
thee, '.nd give thee peace, Num- 
bers 6:24-26. 

Bro. P-o\\ R. Myers. 


"Men ought always to pray and 
not to faint," Luke 18:1. "Pray 
without ceasing," I Thess. 5:17. *T 
will therefore that men pray every- 
where lifting holy hands without 
wrath and doubting," I Tim. 2:8. 
We see here that prayer is impor- 
tant and a command from God. 
What is prayer? It is the christians 
vital breath. Prayer is just as nec- 
essary to spiritual living as breath- 
ing is to natural life. A christian 
who does not pray and have fellow- 
ship with God, soon dies spiritually. 
Prayer is conversation with God, 
where we make known to Him the 
needs and condition of our heart. 

Prayer is where we can find mer- 
cy and forgiveness of sins, but we 
must have a forgiving spirit toward 
others. Prayer is a means where we 
can obtain many blessings and may 
ask for help. Matt. 21:22. "All 
things whatsoever ye shall ask in 
prayer, believing, ye shall receive." 

We must have faith also. A prayer 
life helps us to be more spiritual 
minded. Prayer gives us over-com- 
ing power, when the tempter comes, 
Matt. 26:41, "Watch and pray that 
ye enter not into temptation, the 
spirit is willing but the flesh is 

To live a victorious christian 
life we must live a prayer life- 
Satan does not like to see us pray, 
Prayer gives us power. God has 
promised to hear and answer pray^ 
er. He will give us strength, cour- 
age and power, if we ask in faith. 
Let us keep in touch with God 
through a prayer life. Spend time 
in prayer and you will experience 
a real living God and a radiant life. 
Start the day with prayer unto God 
and it will turn your thoughts 
heavenward and secure guidance 
throughout the day. However we 
should pray that God's Will be 
done. Prayers should be persever- 
ing, not giving up w^hen they are 
not answered immediately. 

Prayers should come direct from 
a heart of faith, unto the Throne 
of God. In prayer we can express 
thankfulness unto God. A sincere 
believing prayer means much, for 
with God all things are possible. 
Could we also remember to not on- 
ly pray, but help God answer pray- 
er by being obedient to the lead- 
ing of the Holy Spirit. 

Sel by Sister Rebecca Beck, 





Because of impending surgery 
for Sister Gertrude Wetzel and the 
illness and death of Sister Bula 
Stambaugh's husband, Bro. and Sis- 
ter George Repogle and Bro. and 
Sister Ben Klepinger were called 
to South Fulton on January 24. Sis- 
ter Wetzel received the anointing 
service on Sunday. On Monday, 
Bro. Replogle, Bro. Klepinger had 
charge of the funeral services, as- 
sisted by Bro. Harmon. 

At Sunday services Bro. Klep- 
inger gave us this timely admon- 
ition, for renewed dedication to our 
Lord. Quote: The writer of the 
song "A Soldier of the Cross" was 
inspired by 2 Tim. 2:12, "If we 
sulffer we shall also reign with 
Him." Paul knew more about this 
life's warfare than we do. He said, 
"I have fought a good fight." A 
christians life is a continual strife 
and constant effort to overcome 

2 Cor. 4:6, Light out of dark- 
ness. Your heart and my heart re- 
flect the Gospel of God. By this 
shining light is the only way men 
can be saved. The carbon of sin 
grows over this light and keep it 
from reflecting from our heart. 
Mark 8:26 is an example of little 
into much. The Divine blessing of 
a few loaves enlarged them so 
greatly that many ate and twelve 
baskets remained above what was 
needed. This lesson is for us now. 

After the people saw this miracle 
they did not understand. Jesus 
said, "How is it, that ye do not 
understand?" Why is it that we 
do not understand God's Word 
in this day? Why is the Gospel 
hid to so many? Is most of 
mankind in sin ? 2 Cor. 4 :4 tells 
us it is -because the god of this world 
(Satan) has blinded their minds, 
that few have knowledge of what 
the Word of God is and what it 
means. Why is there no knowledge? 
We hear able ministers proclaim the 
word and see outsiders sit still 
under powerful messages, unable 
to accept the invitation to join the 
battle with Christ. We marvel at 
their indecision. 

What is understanding? It is 
knowledge, wisdom and being able 
to comprehend. There are two rea- 
sons for the lack of it. The first 
reason is. Men have never learned 
of God. In daily work we read in- 
struotions for knowledge necessary 
for operating machinery, etc. Be- 
fore we begin our daily occupation, 
we study all we can a'bout it, we 
learn from others and then we un- 

The second reason men and wo- 
men do not understand God's Word 
is tihat they have been deceived. 
Their eyes have become calloused 
with sin, therefore the light of the 
Gospel is dim. Suppose you have 
been born without sight, what 
knowledge would you have of 
li^ht? You would not have learned 



it's beauties and you would not un- 
derstand. The same is true of all 
things we might see with the phy- 
sical eye. Just so the spiritual eye 
is darkened and cannot understand 

John 3 :5, "Except a man be born 
of water and of the Spirit, he can- 
not enter into the kingdom of God." 
Disobedience causes lack of under- 
standing according to Deut. 4 :6, 
"Keep and do them for this is your 
wisdom and your understanding." 
We may not have all wisdom but 
we can have sufficient to work out 
our salvation. In this life we can 
see only "through a glass darkly." 
God has held back some things for 
our future blessings. If we under- 
stood everything there would be no 
need for our preaching and study- 
ing. God wants us to seek so that 
we may find more. I Chron. 22:12, 
"Only the LxDrd gives wisdom and 
understanding." One reason men 
and women are in spiritual darkness 
is that they look to men and not 
unto God. 

Psa. 109:104, "Through thy 
precepts I get understanding." If 
we had no physical eye how could 
we understand the things of this 
natural world? If we have no spirit- 
ual eye how can we expect to see 
into God's Word? God giveth wis- 
dom to all who seek for it. Micah 
3 :6. Therefore night shall be unto 
you, it shall be dark unto you, the 
sun shall go down over the proph- 
ets. Before the birth of Christ there 

never was such a period of dark- 
ness. I wonder if we are not in a 
dark age now? In today's general 
opinion, nothing is sin. 

Why do men love darkness rath- 
er than light? Because they have 
not come to the knowledge of the 
truth. Matt. 3:21, is an admonition 
to us, to cast off spiritual darkness 
and come unto the light of the glor- 
ious Gospel, that it may shine into 
our hearts. Those who walk in 
darkness and laugh at spiritual un- 
derstanding, know not at what they 
stumble. Anyone who thinks the 
world is getting better is walking 
in. darkness. God looked down in 
the days of Noah and saw a wicked 
land. We look and wonder if it was 
any worse in Noah's time than it is 
now. I Cor. 14:20," Brethren, be 
not children in understanding." Un- 

Sister Elta K. Blythe 
Macomb, 111. 
— . o — • — — • — ■ 


"Of these things put them in re- 
membrance, charging them before 
the Lord that they strive not about 
words to no profit, but to the sub- 
verting of the hearers. Study to 
show thyself approved unto God, a 
workman that needeth not to be 
ashamed, rightly dividing the Word 
of truth. But shun profane and vain 
babblings : for they will increase 
unto more ungodliness. And their 



word will eat as doth a canker : of 
whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus ; 
who concerning the truth have er- 
red, saying that the resurrection is 
past already ; and overthrow the 
faith of some." II Tim. 2:14-18. 

The Apostle Paul says in verse 
14, "Of these things put them in 
remeiubrance" — that is, of the 
importance of being whole-hearted- 
ly out for God as a soldier ; of the 
necessity of remembering that an 
athlete contending in the games does 
not receive the victor's reward un- 
less he observes the rules, and 
■therefore the importance of going 
l)y the Word of God, for this is 
our Boo'k of rules. If we are to be 
partakers of the fruit, there must 
first be labor. Even as a farmer 
must plow, sow, and cultivate the 
ground before he can expect a crop, 
so if we are to receive a reward 
at the judgment- seat of Christ we 
must labor faithfully and devotedly 

Also, we do not want to forget 
that our Lord Jesus Christ died 
for us and has been raised again by 
the power of God ; and that this 
message of the gospel is ours to 
proclaim to lost ones, no matter 
whether there he imprisonment and 
death. For Paul it did mean im- 
prisonment and death. But then we 
are to remember, "It is a faithful 
saying ; for if we be dead with Him, 
we shall also live with Him : if we 
suffer, we shall also reign with 
Him : if we deny Him, He also will 

deny us." All these things are to 
be kept in remembrance as we go 
on in the service of the Lord. 

Now notice this special com- 
mand, "Charging them before the 
Lord that they strive not about 
words to no profit, but to the sub- 
verting of the hearers." It is so 
easy to become occupied with minor 
details in regard to the Christian 
message, which, after aU, have no- 
thing to do with the great funda- 
mental issues. How many there are 
who become occupied with some of 
these side-issues, sitressing them on 
every occasion, and even dividing 
the people of God because of them, 
instead of placing emphasis on the 
great central truths of the Word 
which are so tremendously impor- 
tant. We are not really serving the 
Lord when we are striving with 
one another about things that are 
unprofitable. We are called to con- 
tend for the faith, not to become 
contentious. As a rule, it is these 
minor things that lead to conten- 
tion when they are emphasized out 
of all proportion to their relative 

On the other hand, the Christian 
needs to give himself to a careful 
study of the Scriptures in order that 
he may understand the truth and 
use it aright. As we get it in verse 
15: "Study to show thyself approv- 
ed unto God, a workman that need- 
eth not to be ashamed, rightly di- 
viding the Word of Truth." Paul 
himself says elsewhere that he was 



not at all concerned about having 
man's approval. In writing to the 
Corinthians Paul says, "With me 
it is a very small thing that I should 
be judged of you, or of man's judg- 
ment," I Cor. 4 :3. It made little 
difference to him whether men ap- 
proved or blamed : but he was great- 
ly concerned to have the approval 
of the Lord. And this is what he 
stresses here for us — that we need 
to study the Word so that we may 
be pleasing to Him who called us 
by His grace, who saved us in His 
infinite, loving kindness, and has 
left us in this scene that we may 
glorify Him. 

There are men who live in the 
presence of their brethren. Men of 
great open spaces, daring warriors, 
great hunters, great explorers, great 
orators and politicians. They have 
all the characteristics that other men 
like to see in one another, and so 
the ones admired have the approval 
of their brethren. But they do not 
have the approval of God. It is 
also quite possible for a man. even 
in the work of the Lord, to be ap- 
proved by his brethren and not have 
the approval of God. And so the 
importance of heeding these words, 
"Study to show thyself approved 
unto God." For not he who com- 
mends himself, nor whom his 
brethren commend is necessarily 
thus approved, but he whom the 
Lord commends. He who God ap- 
proves is the man who makes much 
of this blessed Book, who studies 

it and seeks to live in the power of 
the truth herein revealed. David 
prayed, "Order my steps in Thy 
Word," Psa. 119:133. God has giv- 
en us His Word, not only that it 
should unfold wonderful and prec- 
ious things to us concerning the 
great, eternal future, but that 
through it we learn how God would 
have us live as we go through this 

The Lord Jesus prayed for His 
disciples, "Sanctify them through 
Thy truth: Thy Word is truth," 
John 17:17. As we meditate on 
the Word and let it direct our lives 
we will be sanctified in this prac- 
tical sense. Oh, the neglected Bibles 
in the homes of the people of God. 
Wherever you find a neglected Bible 
you will find a fruitless life ; you 
will find a life out of fellowship 
with God. There will be nothing in 
that life that really honors Him. 
But where you find that the Word 
of Christ dwells richly in the heart 
and mind of a believer, then God 
will be glorified. So we are to 
study to show ourselves approved 
unto God. Studying the Bible 
means more than just reading it 
casually. It means giving it our 
careful attention ; comparing one 
Scripture with another, weighing 
the words of every chapter and 
every verse. But even as we read 
the verses, and meditate upon them, 
we should avail ourselves of every 
possible help that might open things 
up to us more clearly, making it 



the business of our lives to become 
more and more familiar with the 
Holy Scriptures. We are to avoid 
shpshod work, or carelessness in 
our consideration of the Word. 

Many of us are very, very busy 
in what we call Christian service, 
but we are not working in accord- 
ance with the Word. And some day 
we will stand ashamed before God 
because of the wasted years that 
we have spent following our own 
ideas instead of being guided by 
His instruction. If we are to be 
thus guided we must know the 
Word and be able to use it aright ; 
"A workman that needeth not to be 
ashamed, rightly dividing the word 
of truth." J. N. Darby's version 
reads, "Cutting in straight lines the 
word of truth." That is very sug- 
gestive. You see, the Bible does not 
deal with one great subject only, 
neither does it speak to just one 
class of people ; and so as we study 
the Word it is always important to 
ask, as we read. For whom was this 
written? What did God have in 
mind in giving it? Is it for me? Is 
it about me, or does it have to do 
with some other group of His 
people ? 

In the First Epistle to the Cor- 
inthians we find three definite 
groups brought before us to whom 
God has spoken in His Word : "the 
Jews, the Gentiles, and the Church 
of God," 1 Cor. 10:32. To rightly 
divide the word of truth we need 
to consider what parts of the Word 

are written particularly to God's 
earthly people, the Jews ; what parts 
have to do with the Gentile nations 
as such, and what parts are intend- 
ed for the guidance and direction 
of the Church. There are these 
three classes of people in the world 
today. Before Pentecost there were 
just two classes — Jews and Gen- 
tiles. Since Pentecost, since the Holy 
Spirit descended, we have three 
groups in the world ; the third group 
is known as the Church of God. 
And this blessed Book has a great 
deal in it that is addressed partic- 
ularly to the Church of God. 

Now all Scripture is FOR me, 
but all Scripture is not ABOUT me. 
The Old Testament Scriptures are 
for me just as truly as the New 
Testament; but I will look in vain 
for guidance as to my path through 
this world, for instance, in the book 
of Leviticus or in the book of Chron- 
icles, and some other Old Testa- 
ment books ; yet all are part of 
God's Word, and are profitable, for 
the Bible tells us in Romans 15 :4, 
"For whatsoever things were writ- 
ten aforetime were written for our 
learning, that we through patience 
and comfort of the Scriptures might 
have hope." So we have to learn 
to rightly divide the Word and see 
to whom God was speaking and 
why. Then we will be able to see 
what is for our instruction as we 
seek to do what He commands. 

These distinctions are not the 
only ones to be considered when we 



attempt to rightly divide the Word 
of truth. There are many other Hnes 
of truth ; for instance, there is that 
which has to do with our salvation 
which is by the grace of God and 
to which no works of ours can be 
added. But it would be a great 
mistake if w^e neglected a kindred 
line of truth which has to do with 
our responsibility as children of 
God in this world. On the other 
hand, we have Scriptures that deal 
with our justification, which de- 
pends entirely upon the finished 
work of the Lord Jesus. One can- 
not be saved by works of righteous- 
ness which he has done. Yet there 
are other Scriptures that lay tre- 
mendous stress upon good works 
which should follow faith in Christ, 
and they show us that only as we 
engage in good works can we ex- 
pect reward at the judgment-seat 
of Christ. 

Before He went away. Jesus said 
He was going to send the Comfort- 
er, the Holy Spirit, who would 
operate in a different way from 
which He had ever done before. 
Our Saviour said, "He dwelleth 
with you, and shall be in you." 
John 14:17. The Holy Spirit was 
with the people of God before the 
flood. We read in Genesis 5 •24, 
"Enoch walked with God ; and he 
was not ; for God took him." Noah 
was a preacher of righteousness for 
120 years. while he was building the 
ark ; The Spirit of Christ was 
preaching in him, as Peter tells us 

in 1 Peter 3:20. And God said. 
"My Spirit shall not always striv<? 
with man," Gen, 6 :3. It was the 
Spirit, after the flood, that guided 
the patriarchs and directed them ; 
it was the Spirit of the Lord, in 
a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar 
of fire by night, that led Israel 
through the wilderness ; it was He 
who spoke in the prophets. 

And when Jesus was here on 
earth, we read that the Spirit was 
given to Him without measure. 
Thus He was with the apostles. 
They had wonderful privileges such 
as no other children of God ever 
had, that is, the preesnce of the 
Spirit was with them in the Person 
of the Christ of God Himself, "for 
God giveth not the Spirit by meas- 
ure unto Him," John 3 :34. Jesus 
said, "He dwelleth with you ;" and 
then looking forward to the new 
dispensation, Jesus added, "and 
(He) shall be in you." John 14:17. 
This is the great truth in our pres- 
ent age. If you are born of God, 
if you are a Christian, then the Holy 
Spirit dwells in you. What a won- 
derful thing it is to know that the 
Spirit of God is moving about 
through this world in you and in 
me. This divine Person is dwelling 
in us. "Know ye not," says the 
Apostle, "that ye are the temple nf 
God, and that the Spirit of God 
dwelleth in you?", 1 Cor. 3:16. 

How careful we ought to be as 

to our behaviour when we realize 

I that the Spirit of God. this heavenly 



Guest, dwells in our very bodies — 
those of us who have trusted the 
Lord Jesus as our Saviour. We 
need to cut in straight lines the 
Word of truth regarding the Per- 
son and work of the Holy Spirit. 
We also need to learn how to dis- 
tinguish between salvation by grace, 
Riid reward for service. We cannot 
lose our salvation, but we are ever 
in grave danger of losing the reward 
which the Lord will give to all those 
who are faithful to Him. There are 
many other lines of truth which we 
ought to understand clearly in order 
to be workmen that need not be 
ashamed, cutting straight lines the 
Word of truth. 

And now we read, "But shun 
profane and vain babblings : for they 
will increase unto more ungodli- 
ness." Men may have great learn- 
ing who are just given to babblings 
in spiritual matters. Take the great 
philosophers. What is a philoso- 
pher? A man who is trying to find 
out the mystery of the universe. 
And here is a Book that will tell 
him all about it ; but he turns his 
back on that which God has reveal- 
ed and tries to find out things for 
himself. "Professing themselves to 
be wise they become fools," Rom. 
1 ■22. The mature Christian is in- 
structed out of the Word of God; 
he is not misled by these babblings. 
And do not let any one tell you 
that it does not make any difference 
what a man believes if he is only 
sincere. You know in your own 

heart that one can be sincerely 
wrong and bring disaster upon him- 
self and others. What we need to 
be sure of is what God has spoken 
in His Word. It is only the Word 
that will keep us right. When we 
turn from the Word to human 
theories, which are just profane and 
vain babblings, they will increase 
unto more ungodliness. Experience 
proves that no man's life will be 
in the right who refuses the truth 
of the Word. 

We must know the truth of God 
in order to walk in the truth. The 
Apostle here instances two men who 
failed in this — two men went off 
into error and misled others. Paul 
says, "And their word will eat as 
doth a canker; of whom is Hy- 
menaeus and Philetus ; who con- 
cerning the truth have erred, saying 
that the resurrection is past already ; 
and overthrow the faith of some." 

"And their word will eat as doth 
a canker" — like a cancerous growth 
in the body it will get worse. Here 
are two men who had evidently 
been fellow-laborers to some extent 
with the Apostle Paul ; at any rate, 
they had been recognized as Chris- 
tian preachers and teachers, but 
they drifted from the truth ; they 
turned away from God's revealed 
Word, and took up with vain specu- 
lation, saying, "The resurrection is 
past already." And with this false 
teaching they overthrew the faith 
of some. It might seem a small 
thing as to whether the resurrection 



has passed or not, but it is a tre- 
mendous thing. If they were right 
then our hope in Christ would go 
for nothing. 

God grant that you and I who 
profess subjection to Christ may 
give increased attention to this 
Book ; that our Bibles may not be 
neglected but read faithfully in de- 
pendence upon the Spirit of God ; 
and as He opens up the truth to us 
that we may walk in the power 
of it. 

Sel. by Virgil Leatherman 


I have an insurance policy 

Written in the blood of the Lamb, 
Sealed by the cross of Jesus. 

Redeemable wherever I am. 

The company will never go bank- 
It is bonded in God's promise true. 
It will keep every word of its 
Exactly as it says it will do. 

I don't have to die to collect it ; 

No premiums do I have to pay. 
All I do is keep God's promise 

And walk in His holy way. 

No collector will ever come calling, 
It was paid for on Calvary's tree ; 

It insures me for living and dying 
And for all of eternity. 

Sel. Sister Stump 


Norman J. Clayton 

If we could see beyond today 

As God can see ; 
If all the clouds should roll away, 

The shadows flee ; 
O'er present griefs we would not 

Each sorrow we would soon forget. 
For many joys are waiting yet 
For you and me. 

If we could know beyond today 

As God doth know. 
Why dearest treasures pass away, 

And tears must flow; 
And why the darkness leads to light, 
Why dreary days will soon grow 

Some day life's wrong will be made 

Faith tells us so. 

If we could see, if we could know 

We often say, 
But God in love a veil doth throw 

Across our way. 
We cannot see what lies before. 
And so we cling to Him the more, 
He leds us till this life is o'er, I 

Trust and obey. 

Sel. bv Ruth Snyder 

If there is righteousness in the 
heart there will be beauty in the 

Life is like a mirror, never gives 
1)aGk more than we put into it. 




Mrs. E. L. Hennessay 

Have you taken it to Jesus? 

Have you left your burden there? 
Does He tenderly support you? 

Have you rolled on H,im your 
O, the sweet unfailing refuge 

Of the everlasting arms ; 
In their loving clasp enfolded 

Nothing worries or alarms. 

Have you taken it to Jesus, 

Just the thing that's pressing now ? 
Are you trusting Him completely 

With the when, and where and 
Oh, the joy of full surrender 

Of our life, our plans, our all ; 
Proving, far above our asking 

That God answers when we call. 

Have you taken it to Jesus? 

'Tis the only place to go 
If you want the burden lifted 

And a solace for your woe. 
Oh, the blessedness to nestle 

Like a child upon His breast ; 
Finding ever, as He promised 

Perfect comfort, peace and rest. 
Sel. by Ruth M. Snyder 


walk. We have quite a few people 
who can show what Christian 
preaching. Christian teaching, Chris- 
tian giving. Christian relief work 
and Christian activity of all sorts 
are. The world has a pretty fair 
notion of how Christians talk and 
how they do some of the other more 
showy things connected with Chris- 
tian testimony. But probably few 
people think that they have ever 
seen a perfect examplar of the 
Christian life. Most of the people 
we know have come short of a 
demonstration of complete Christian 
living. It is so often true that in 
the practical testimony of the daily 
life we give the world an insufficient 
demonstration of true Christian 
character. Here is the great virgin 
field for exploration and achieve- 
ment. Help wanted : Christ and the 
church need men and women who 
will really live the Christian life. 

Sel. by Montez Sigler 


Everywhere there is need for 
men in these days. But the great- 
est man-power shortage is in the 
ranks of those who are demonstrat- 
ing to the world the Christian 


Apr. 4 — God's Beautiful World. 

Song of Solomon 2:11-13; 

Gen. 1:11-12. 
Apr. 11 A Great Rain. Job 5:8-10; 

Psa. 147:7-8; I Kings 18:41- 

Apr. 18— EASTER, A Glad Day. 

Psa. 191:151; John 20:1-18. 
Apr. 25 — Star in the Sky. Psa. 

147:1-5; Matt. 2:1-12. 



Apr. 4 — Perverting the Gospel of 
Christ. Gal. 1. 
1 — Is it theresponsibility of each 
and everyone to search the 
Scriptures to determine wheth- 
er the Word has been per- 
verted ? 
Apr. 11 — Justification by Faith. 
Gal. 2. 
1 — What are men using to justi- 
fy themselves today? 
Apr. 18— EASTER — The Proph- 
esy of Christ's Death Foretold. 
Isa. 53, 
1 — Would our faith hold firm if 
it was our lot to be numbered 
with the transgressors? 
Apr. 25— By Faith Are We Justifed 
and Not By The Law. Gal. 3. 
!■ — If we refuse to be taught by 
the law. can we possess faith .^ 

APRIL 1965 


Memory verse, Psa. 61 :8, "So will 
I sing praise unto thy name 
forever, that I may daily per- 
form my vows." 

Thurs. 1— Psa. 88. 

Fri. 2— Prov. 25:18-28. 

Sat. 3— Isa. 58:1-12. 

Memory verse, Psa. 92:1, "It is a 
good thing to give thanks unto 
the Lord, and to sing praises 
unto thy name, O most High." 

Sun. 4— Rom. 12:9-21. 

Mon. 5— Matt. 5:33-48. 

Tues. 6— Prov, 8:22-36, 

Wed. 7— Neh. 8:9-18. 

Thurs. 8— Matt. 7:22-29, 

Fri. 9— II Thess. 3:6-18, 

Sat. 10— Titus 3, 

Memory verse, Feci, 12:13, "Let 
us hear the conclusion of the 
whole matter : Fear God, and 
keep his commandments : for 
this is the whole duty of man.'' 

Sim. 11— Neh, 9:33-38, 

Mon. 12— Matt. 25:14-30, 

Tues. 13— Luke 12:41-53, 

Wed. 14— James 2:1-17. 

Thurs. 15— James 4. 

Fri. 16— Acts 20:28-38. 

Sat. 17—1 Cor, 9:13-27, 

Memory verse, James 4:17, "There- 
fore to him that knoweth to 
do good, and doeth it not, to 
him it is sin." 

Sun. 18— Prov. 24:10-32, 

Mon, 19— Exod, 23:1-13, 

Tues. 20— Rom, 14:1-12, 

Wed 21— Matt, 25:31-46, 

Thurs. 22—1 Cor. 4:8-21. 

Fri. 23— Rom. 15:1-16, 

Sat. 24— Eph. 6. 

Memory verse, Rom. 12 :9, "Let 
love be without dissimulation- 
Abhor that which is evil : cleave 
to that which is good." 

Sun. 25— Heb. 3:12-19. 

Mon, 26—1 Thess 5 :8-28, 

Tues. 27— Luke 9:18-27. 

Wed. 28— Col. 3:12-25. 

Thurs. 29—1 Pet. 2:11-25, 

Fri. 30— Ezek. 33:1-16. 



APRIL 1, 1965 

No. 7 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUiR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: B'3 it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


Saturday afternoon. 
First speaker Bro. Allen Eberly. 
"Subject, The Barren Fig Tree, 
Luke 13 :6-9. An earthly story with 
a heavenly meaning. Let us keep 
in mind Jeremiah 24, the basket of 
good figs pertains to the good peo- 
ple. Do we realize the protection 
we have when we are under God's 
care and keeping? IMatthew 21:19, 
Fruit bearing is a necessity. Leaves 
are putting on a good front. If we 
have green leaves and no fruit, what 
good are we ? Now what is bearing 
fruit spiritually? Barren means 
producing nothing, no good, John 
15:2. I am sure each of us are 
acquainted with pruning : cutting 
off dead limbs and burning them. 
There are two parts and God may 
chasten and prune us, or cut us off 
and throw us away. Which are we? 
If God looks upon us and chastens 
and prunes us, He wants us. John 
15:6. Bearing fruit is abiding in 
Christ. We can go to physicians 
and counselors, but we can't get 
help like God gives us. Do we see 

the need of first going to Christ? 
We ourselves are nothing. We are 
redeemed by His blood. If we do 
what He asks us, we are abiding 
in Him. Do we see the need of first 
abiding close to God? 

"John 15 :16, We must have com- 
munion with God through prayer. 
There are things we must do to 
bear fruit. This carnal nature is a 
hinderance but we have this to con- 
tend with as long as we are on this 
earth. His desire is to slow down 
the bearing of fruit. I believe we 
have the material to kill the blight 
of Satan. We cannot do this our- 
selves, but with God's help we can 
bring forth fruit for our Lord and 
Master. Just being planted in the 
vineyard will not bring forth fruit. 
Any tree must be rooted and 
grounded to bring forth fruit. Are 
we for the church or the church for 
us? Our Lord will nurture our 
growth. We cannot sow wild oats 
and expect good oats. Matthew 
7:16, by their fruits ye shall know 
them. We must be cleansed from 

"Romans 12:1, We must be a 
living tree in the church, not barren 


aiid dead or we will be cut off and 
cast out. Are we bringing fruit to 
His honor and His glory? If Christ 
were to walk into the assembly of 
the Dunkard Brethren, what would 
He do? Luke 13:34, Let us bear 
in mind what happens if we are a 
barren church. Jesus did everything 
He said for us to do. We are living 
under the day of grace, not the 
letter of the law. Will He find 
fruit in the church? Let us take 
to heart these teachings of Christ. 
Are we bringing forth fruit to His 
honor and glory. Do we want to 
be with Him in the world beyond? 
Then we must do what He asks us 
to do on this earth. We must not 
put off what we can do today for 
our salvation." 

Second speaker, Bro. Frank Shaf- 
fer. "God had a purpose for all 
things, but a lot of things do not 
have a purpose for Him. Titus 
2:11-15, He has appeared in the 
world that all should hear Him. 
How can they hear It, other than 
through us? Some can live It bet- 
ter than some can preach. It was 
presented there how they should 
live and it is presented here. We 
are in the world but not of the 
world. Satan is still trying to flood 
this world with sin. Let us think 
of the purpose that God has put us 
in this world. There is nothing 
behind deceiving words. Psalms 
24 :L Could Satan give these king- 
doms? No, they were not his in 
the first ])lace. God does not teach 

us that we can find peace in the 
world. Sometimes Satan tries to 
gel us to questionable places. We 
go there and we do not have an 
uplifting. We are deceived and 
those who saw us there are de- 
ceived too. The purpose to come to 
this conference is to show the light 
to the world. The temptations 
which came to Jesus are here today. 
"I Cor. 15 :19, "If in this life only 
we have hope in Christ, we are of 
all men most miserable." Leaves are 
only a covering. The leaves must 
come first and then fruit. The is- 
sues of life come first. Many peo- 
ple don't realize that opportunity is 
here now. When life is over the 
issue ends. Like a magazine, it is 
over. There are some who may 
leave here feeling not lifted up. We 
need our Master. We need to be 
nursed, not only by milk but ready 
for the meat. Too many paths be- 
gin to widen after we are on them. 
Then we are on the broad way. At 
times we don't know which way to 
ttirn, but if we come to Jesus He 
can help us. Does our word mean 
anything in the world? Yes, it 
should mean something. The world 
is seeking something for the better. 
Is everything we have good for us? 
Why are we looking so after these 
vain things when they are soon 
gone? Sometimes we do one thing 
that we are sorry that we did. This 
present world is in a sinful state. 
We need to pray for our children. 
Do we want to gain much of this 


world's goods ? Let us pray for that 
world beyond." 

Saturday evening. 
Elder Will Root. Subject, Out 
of Darkness into Light. "Did Adam 
and Eve have a conscience before 
they sinned? We know they had 
one after they sinned. There are 
many who are choosing darkness 
rather than light. Col. 1 .T-4, You 
and I have that great spiritual love. 
We have many trials, tribulation 
and confusion in this day. Our sal- 
vation comes from Jesus Christ. 
We are justified by faith and good 
works. Sinner, you can't get into 
God's place without good works. 
Matt. 12:50, Luke 8:2L Have we 
heard God's Word? Are we willing 
to accept it ? Col. 1 :6, There is no use 
in any soul dying in darkness. Are 
you bearing fruit for Jesus tonight 
or are you bearing wild grapes? 
Our righteousness is as filthy rags 
in God's sight. Where are the peo- 
ple of today going to and fro? 
Where do we and how do we get 
spiritual understanding? Through 
the Word. We are appealing to 
your conscience and not to your 
fancy. Yiou know where you can 
get wisdom. I am sure if you pray 
to God for wisdom, you would get 
it. There is no excuse, wanting to 
go with the world. You can get 
all the joy your soul can consume 
with Christ. You and I, if we 
have a true heart of God. have been 
delivered from darkness. We get 
our power from above, not from 

our Vk^eak selves. People rejected 
the Lord Jesus when He came and 
they are still rejecting Him. 

"Isaiah 21:12, Isaiah 60:1, Luke 
1 :78, Do we all have that peace we 
ought to have? Romans 13:12, We 
all know the armour we are to 
wear. I John 1 :6, You claim you 
are a Christian. How do you, un- 
less you come out of darkness? II 
Cor. 6:14-18, How many churches 
did God institute into the world? 
One. How many brides is He go- 
ing to claim? Come out of dark- 
ness. Matt. 15:14, Something for 
us to do after we come out of dark- 
ness. This body is the temple of 
God and we must keep it holy. You. 
brother and sister, expect to get 
through this day and age without 
persecution. Come out of darkness, 
come out from among the sinners. 
Are we blind? If the blind lead 
the blind, they will both fall in the 
ditch. Jeremiah 23:12, Many peo- 
ple are on those slippery ways, 
There are a lot of hoppers, skip- 
ping over the Gospel. Proverbs 4: 
19. The way out of darkness is to 
accept Jesus Christ. It takes faith, 
patience, endurance and baptism to 
be a child of God. Do you want to 
be a shining light and bright as 
that sun that comes up in the morn- 

Sunday forenoon. 

Elder Ammon Keller, first speak- 
er. Subject. The Fool Hath Said 
in His Heart, There Is No God. 
"No intelligent person would ever 



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make such a statement. There are 
very few honest in heart infidels. 
One time an evangelist convinced 
an infidel in 10 minutes that he 
was wrong. The professing infidel 
said he had been preaching 12 years 
to tell people how foolish they were 
to believe there is a living God. 
The evangelist asked the infidel, 
'Will you please tell me why a man 
would preach twelve years against 
something that is nothing.' The in- 
fidel turned. Never have we seen 
such harmony between non-profes- 
sing and professing Christians as 
today. We are living in a day of 
merging. If we aren't too blind 
spiritually we can see where the 
devil is not fighting against the 
churches, but merging. Psalms 53 : 
1, Romans 10:3. Church organizing 
is making their own regulations. 

Ephesians 4:18, The man of today 
is trying to eliminate God. I am 
not trying to discourage us, but to 
e;icourage us to hang on. 

"Job 36:26-28, If you want to 
saidy science first hand, read the 
book of Job. He didn't need any 
space face, space ship, but just 
speak the Word. The best work of 
the law is found in Exodus 20. 
What a wonderful place we would 
have to live if man would only have 
obeyed God's Word. The Bible is 
the only book put in print that will 
last to the end of time. If any 
athiest asks a question you cannot 
answer, read and remember, never 
forget the last two verses of the 
last two chapters of John. The 
Bible may be an old fashioned book 
but when our daughter or son takes 
the hand of another for a new walk 
in life, it is better than a wedding 
ring. It will bring happiness and 
at last life in eternity, Man turns 
to the Bible in time of death or 
trials, but many days tries to live 
without it. There are too many 
dust-covered Bibles in too many 
homes and too many without a 
Bible. Too many churches forgot- 
ten and not a sign of prayer meet- 
ing. Get out your Bibles. Do you 
want to be with the churcli tri- 
umphant when it leaves this earth?" 
Second speaker, Elder Howard 
Surl)ey. "Psalms 119:9-16, Subject. 
The Holy Bible. How many times 
I have we read this entire chapter. 
It is God's Word. How ;realous. 



how careful are we that we do not 
sin against God? Against His holy 
Word. We should have it deep in 
our heart that we do not sin. If it 
is hid in our heart, it is going to 
rule our body. The heart is the 
center of our body. The Bible is 
the most important blessing we have 
on earth. I do not believe we have 
all the instructions written in the 
Bible that was given in the garden 
of Eden. It gives no instructions 
in the way of worship. I believe 
it was given by mouth and that is 
why God saw fit to have the Book 
of God put in print. Forty authors 
wrote over a period of 1600 years, 
yet it is co-ordinated. No one can 
say there is any contradiction in the 
Holy Bible. That is something we 
cannot say about books written to- 
day, in the same century. I Peter 
1 :21, The majority of books writ- 
ten today are inspired by man. 
What is there left to believe when 
the Bible is read and believed? 
Everything in the Holy Bible has 
a purpose and everything is work- 
ing to that end. The apostle John 
lived through the entire writings of 
the New Testament and that cannot 
be said of anyone in the Old Testa- 
ment. We must marvel at how 
often Jesus went to God in prayer. 
Every problem we have, we can 
find a solution in the Holy Bible. 
There may be things we want to 
know that are not explained. Some- 
times we want to know things that 
are none of our business. Under 

the Old Testament law the soul 
must pay for his mistakes. How 
discouraged we become when we 
cell our children something to do 
and they do the opposite. How dis- 
jourged does God get with us? 

"Luke 4:16, Christ used the Old 
Testament. Luke 16:16, Every 
church must work with the Holy 
Bible or it is not doing God's will. 
Are we hiding the Holy Bible in 
our heart? It is wonderful how 
the past is handed down. Many 
copies were destroyed, but not all 
of them. We find this Book writ- 
ten in the first century is still as it 
was then. That was a time when 
only the learned could read and 
only the rich could afford one. How 
little time is spent in hiding the 
Bible in our heart. Many times the 
Bible was lost or hidden in various 
countries. When they lost their 
Bible, they lost God. There was a 
time that the Israelites lost their 
Bible. They found it among the 
dusty books and it was not long 
till they found their God. Often we 
don't realize what the Bible means. 
God's power is not limited. It is 
our own short comings if we are 
limited. Unless we hide God's 
Word in our heart, there isn't 
much chance that we can do His 

"Psalms 119:105, Man has be- 
lieved the last four hundred years 
the earth is round and it's been in 
the Bible. Isaiah 40:22, all this 
time. We must observe Its' pre- 


cepts or we cannot do His teach- 
ings. How important God's teach- 
ings are. II Peter 1 :19, We should 
regard God's Word as a light shin- 
ing in a dark place. Christ is the 
Word of God. I don't believe we 
can have Christ without God's 
Word. We can't have the Word 
of God Luiless we are seeking after 
the Christ. Who gets the most from 
the Bible? The one who hides it 
in his heart. No individual can 
resist the desire of God's Word. 
Our faith must l^e grounded in 
Heaven. I am very thankful our 
church has adopted the King James 
version. I believe the many versions 
of God's Word are the devil's work 
of confusion and unbelief. I Peter 
1 :24-25." 

Sunday Afternoon 
Elder Edward Johnson, first 
speaker. Subject, Men That Have 
Hazarded Their Lives for the Name 
of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 
15:26. "The messages of this fore- 
noon I believe are the foundation 
to this General Conference. Only 
a fool would not believe the Word 
of God. Pondering upon it, if we 
have been, will give us a feeling of 
guilt of where we have failed. We 
have lingered too long on some 
things. Go out a little further to 
grasp things of the Word. We have 
come here to gather ourselves a little 
closer to God. Come to grasp a 
little more of our act and duties. 
Come and acquaint ourselves to 
God. The things they taught then 

were the truth. What truth? The 
truth that Jesus came and suffered 
for. The truth men had been read- 
ing and laboring with. Jesus did 
not hazard His life, He gave His 
life. We cannot include Jesus with 
the men who had hazards. Jesus is 
the One referred to in our text. 
Men laid down their lives for what 
Jesus did. The load we could not 
have taken. All we can do is offer 
our weak bodies and weak minds, 
and weak we are sometimes. There 
was trouble, things we could not 
understand and did not agree upon. 
Let us keep in mind that man has 

"I wonder what the first Jeru- 
salem Conference was like. What 
did they do? Persecution is so far 
from us. that we hardly know what 
we are talking about. Why? We 
fail to hazard our lives. They were 
working for God. We are asseml:)led 
in another Conference. What for? 
To see what the Lord has for us 
or is it to find out the decision in 
a few days? Yes or no. Men haz- 
arded their lives. It is a privilege 
to be here and meet old friends and 
new. It seems we are selling out 
at a cheap price. Sometimes we 
forget why we are here. We enjoy 
ourselves so much we forget. We 
are here to hear the Word of God 
lifted up. The young people have 
such a good time and forget like 
we do. What are we here for? 
We are living in a time that ques- 
tions come to conference. I wonder 


what for. To try us? Is it for the 
purpose to keep the devil out of 
tiie church? To make a safe place 
for our beloved young folks? 

"We are grouped here and there, 
this state and that state. Little 
groups and sometimes we are sepa- 
rated and are not following the same 
things. Some of us seem a little 
l)it to ourselves. We somehow get 
separated. When we think of the 
heartaches and sorrows our older 
1:)rethren went through. Brother 
Kesler no doubt went through. His 
body was tired and he had given 
his body to the Lord. His last plea 
was to the young people to hold fast 
onto the truth. Dip deep and you 
will get that meat of the Word. 
Men stood for the works of yester- 
day, but are we holding fast? Will 
we hold it up, will we hazard our 
lives for the cause of Jesus Christ? 
Just consider, think, meditate, pon- 
der upon our living today. We be- 
lieve Jesus Christ suffered. Why 
don't we follow fashions? Dear 
young sisters where do you get 
yours? Maybe you patterned some- 
what after mother, maybe grand- 
mother. I don't know where mother 
Eunice, and grandmother Lois are. 
Some of these ankle length dresses 
are forgotten. Mother's dress cov- 
ers her knees when she stands up. 
When she sits she is no better than 
daughter. You think long dresses 
are out of style, they are as far as 
the world is concerned. We have 
an old fashioned Gospel. Haven't 

heard much about of late. It doesn't 
matter how much wool we have, 
if the wolf is underneath he will 
still destroy. Be sure you are walk- 
ing with the Lord. We have elders 
who are put under doctor's care 
and restricted on work. These men 
suffering in body are suffering be- 
cause of your soul. I still believe 
there are men who are giving their 
bodies for the church. 

"If Jesus said to come forward, 
would you come forward ? We don't 
have persecutions. We are not talk- 
ing about Jesus. Here on the 
grounds we do not talk about Jesus. 
T find myself doing it every once 
in a while. If we go to a town to 
talk about Jesus, we are persecuted. 
Do you know how the church works 
today? They came to Jesus, 'What 
must I do to be saved?' What do 
my neighbors, your neighbors think 
we are following. What we have 
done for Jesus that the church will 
go on? 

"We have some young men and 
young sisters who try to walk close 
to the teaching of the church. We 
hear some make light of them. 
Make light of those who want to 
walk with Jesus. I Cor. 15:58, 
Young people stand fast for that. 
II Cor. 13:11, Stay close to Jesus, 
talk often of your Lord. Let people 
know where you stand. Stand up 
and say no to the devil and all his 
war, it will be worth it. May God 
add His blessings." 

Elder Paul Myers, second speak- 



er. Subject, Forsake Not the Old 
Paths. "I ask your interest in pray- 
er, noi: only for physical strength 
but spiritual guidance. Jer. 6:16, 
God says stand in the ways and 
wait. We need to stand and ponder 
our ways. There is a good way, 
walk in the good way. How the 
old brethren labored to save the old 
ways. Jesus Christ is not a broad 
way. The old path was paved by 
the blood of Jesus Christ. We are 
familiar with paths and we know 
it is narrow. The path I am talking 
about is very narrow and the world 
is grown up on both sides. Oh that 
we do not forsake the old path. The 
path I am talking about leads to 
rest for the soul. Let us seek that 
path. Jesus Christ is on that path 
leading the way. As we go down 
this path we see Jesus setting a 
post and a sign. Keep my command- 
ments, that is a signpost. That post 
is so deep it cannot be moved. 

"Walking down the path and an- 
other sign. The Golden Rule. Are 
we observing those sign posts? If 
we do not see them, we are not on 
the path. We cannot come into the 
church, only by the gate. Some say 
to kneel down by your radio and be 
saved. That is not the old path. 
The devil is trying to put up a sign, 
no trespassing. Seek the old path 
and stay on it. 

"Third sign post. Humility. God 
hateth a proud look. People are 
too proud to walk on the old path. 
Fourth signpost. Obedience, is bet- 

ter than sacrifice. The Prayer Veil, 
one of the tendencies is to cut it 
down in size. We are to be people 
known and read by all men. We 
are living in a day of cut hair. 
That was not a sign on the old path, 
I could not be a barber, I could not 
cut off a woman's hair. James says 
be a doer of the Word. 

"Mark 6 :22, Damsel danced be- 
fore Herod, he liked that. No adult- 
erer can enter into the Kingdom 
of God. There are a lot of offenses 
in this old world. If we follow the 
old paths as outlined by God, we 
will not be rejected. The devil is 
the father of lies. It is coming to 
the time that we can't believe any- 
one. You and I never need to be 
sorry if we go to a brother or sister 
and ask forgiveness. We don't need 
to be sorry for forgiving a brother 
or sister. I told my wife it is so 
encouraging to see a brother and 
sister come into the church the 
whole way. I love you for it. A 
religion without the Holy Spirit 
can't be. Some think so. Do you 
tliink Jesus would lead the Dunk- 
ard Brethren in one path and some 
other in another? When God takes 
away your sins, He will fill you 
with something. We can't fool our- 
selves. They go to the House of 
God one hour and feel so good, but 
do as they please the rest of the 

"Reverence is definitely on the 
old path. There is no reverence to- 
day. Blind leaders leading the blind- 



Bro. Millard Haldeman and your 
unworthy servant were privileged 
to wash our hands where eight prec- 
ious souls started our belief by bap- 
tism in 1708. Not a partical of id- 
entity of that Brethren group in 
Schwarzenau, Germany, today. Oh, 
that we do not leave the old paths. 
The Word says there is a seed time 
and a harvest time. There was a 
seed time and God watered it. Your 
part and my part is to stay on the 
old path. We are grouped together 
and look like Dunkards, but any 
other day of the week would we be 
the same? Could we be recognized? 
We are at our best here." 
Sunday evening 

Elder Paul Blocker, first speaker. 
Subject, Rejected. "We cannot be 
neutral. John 12 :48, We cannot 
evade the consequences that are 
sure to come if we reject the Word. 
Matt. 10 :40, If we receive God and 
Jesus, we must have the Holy Spir- 
it. In being rejected, we first think 
of the people who first rejected 
God. We cannot hold on to the 
Word and reject God. Many sor- 
rows were piled upon them. Eight 
souls were saved because they would 
listen to the teachings of Noah. 
People rejected God because they 
did not want to go by His teachings. 

"Hebrew 12:16-17, Going into 
the life of the Israelites, God had 
to punish them many times to bring 
them back to Him. They rejected 
God's messengers. If we reject God 
Himself, we will be rejected. The 

great judgment is going to be upon 
us. Men will endeavor to go to 
church and afterwards endeavor to 
parcake of something that has no 
part with God. Commandments 
were given to do and to obey. Don't 
let us think we can escape. For 
every disobedience, every failure, 
consequence is sure to follow. The 
rich man had failed to do God's 
will. Matthew 24:40-41, One was 
left because he failed to prepare for 
the time to come. Time will con- 
tinue till all will be filled. Will we 
receive or reject? We do have an 
obligation to others. Eat, drink and 
be merry, this will come to dis- 
aster. Rev. 22:16-21, Will we con- 
tinue to reject it and the Lord over- 
take us as a thief in the night?" 

Elder Ernest Miller, second 
speaker. To the Young People. 
"Pray that God will give us what 
He wants us to know. I love young 
people, the church of tomorrow. 
Song of Solomon 2:14, We have no 
justification for divorce and to re- 
marry. I believe we have a beautiful 
relationship with God and the 
church. I feel we have failed in giv- 
ing out the Word of Jesus Christ's 
second coming. He commends that 
we must always be watching and 
be ready when He comes. 

"Young people, you are betrothed 
to God and when He comes, be 
spotless. Husbands love your wives. 
Love each other. Love Jesus with 
all your heart, mind, and strength. 
,His love comes first. Because we 



love Him, we should keep His com- 
mandments. Man and wife lost 
their first love, didn't love each 
other any more. The judge did 
what the law required. Did He take 
your place ? Die in your place ? We 
want to do the things God wants 
us to do. My time is sure to end, 
Imt I want to say something tonight 
that will last to eternity. Take Jesus 
as your friend. I don't care how 
many are out in the world, if they 
would just get a taste of His love. 
The call of the message is come out 

"We have had many prophesies 
fulfilled since world war one. The 
clouds are gathered and will soon 
Ijreak. There isn't a one here that 
can't get a little closer to God. If 
we can't grow anymore, we are 
dead, that is all. If you have a 
watch tonight it is no good unless 
you set it right. Conscience is not 
to he played with, that is danger- 
ous. Numbers 15 :30-31, Whenever 
you know you want to do something 
and knowingly reject God, Jesus 
wants to see your countenance. You 
can talk about people to their back 
and say all things, then when you 
meet them face to face give them 
a Judas kiss, but Jesus knows. If 
your companion asks what happen- 
ed last night, if you can't tell the 
truth your countenance will tell. 
Rev. 1 :16, Psalms 90:8, Every time 
you neglect your conscience, it is 
reflected in your countenance. Let 
me see vour countenance. We have ' 

a lot of inventions today. I wonder 
if we are any better off morally and 
spiritually. Come out from the 
world. Mother hen calls her peepies 
under her wing. One was so busy 
with a worm he did not heed to 
the mother's call. A hawk swooped 
down and took the peepie with the 
worm. I wonder if we have found 
a worm and too busy to hear the 
Master's call. Jesus said let me 
hear thy voice. Men ought always 
to pray. 

"Eph. 6:18, Lift up holy hands. 
What the devil wants you to do is, 
not go in the closet and send a 
prayer to God. Every time you go 
in a secret place, a reverent prayer 
is recorded on our countenance. 
You can't be in a secret place with- 
out it being reflected on our coun- 
tenance. Te reverence of a Holy 
place stays with you. We need more 
prayer and less gossip. It is re- 
vealed how much time we have 
spent in a secret closet for lost 
souls of others. Being a church- 
member is not going to save you. 
How much time have you spent to- 
day in supplication for others? As 
Jesus prayed He was changed and 
glorified. Let me hear thy voice. 
The Bridegroom is coming for His 
own. Let me see thy countenance, 
let me hear thy voice. Let us sit 
down and take out those little foxes 
that partake of the wild grapes. 
There is no problem that is not 
answered in the Bible. 

"Genesis 4 :5, This was tlie man 



who rejected God. First step of 
disobedience. Rejected the blood 
stained way. The text books of the 
past 20 years have been prepared 
to prepare students for a one world 
government. The international les- 
sons are prepared for a one world 
church. I am thine and thou art 
mine, let us so pray. The secret of 
the stairs is do each day what we 
Icnow w^e ought to do. Each good 
thing we do takes us a step higher 
and higher." 

Monday forenoon 
Bible Study With Adults. Bro. 
Howard Myers teacher. Subject, 
The Church. "What is the Greek 
word for church? 'Call out' from 
the world. I believe that is the only 
way to get into this church. We 
must surrender everything when 
we come in. When we know some- 
thing and don't do it, it is going to 
bring condemnation to us. What 
kind of material are we using to 
build our foundation? We forget 
what the house of God is for. How 
can we show we love the church? 
Forsake not the assembling of thy- 
selves together. It is easier to preach 
to a whole house full of spirit filled 
people and the one who is speak- 
ing will be glorified. The first shall 
be last and the last shall be first.' 
It means God has elected the hum- 
ble. Those who put themselves 
ahead, I am more holy than thou, 
are not humble. Unless we strive 
we are going to miss the mark. We 
must push forward. What kind of 

church is He coming for? Pure and 
undefiled. Only those washed in the 
blood of the lamb are cleansed. We 
must wash everything or we can't 
come to Jesus. We must keep our- 
selves clean of everything every 
day. Spots are sin." 

Brother Ora Skiles. "As the 
apostle Paul, I stand before you in 
weakness, poor and trembling. Even 
as a prisoner in Rome he did not 
introduce himself as a prisoner of 
God. I like to be identified with my 
Christ. I don't know anywhere else 
you could be more welcome. To 
have our brother here from Den- 
mark makes me glad. Very few 
coverings here would have met the 
church's approval in my boyhood 
days. That goes for hairdo stnd 
beard. I am speaking of the old 
church. The way we look, the way 
we do, will not keep us from being 
lost if we are not born again. The 
fool sayeth in his heart, there is 
no God. We heard last evening the 
beautiful lesson on the bride and 
bridegroom. There are souls who 
have not heard the Gospel. Souls 
going down into destruction. He 
knows in these days the Gospel must 
be preached. We are needing teach- 
ers and preachers. We must witness 
to our neighbors of the way beyond. 
We must remember last night, the 
pleading of the bridegroom for a 
bride. I can hardly keep from 
preaching about the bride and bride- 
groom as I don't feel it will be long. 

"Gal. 5:19:26, What are we by 



nature and what do we become by 
choice? What we inherited from 
Adam comes in childhood. What 
we Hke to do and do is by nature. 
Romans 8 :5, I think self is as little 
understood as anything. I think 
there is one person between me and 
God and what I should do. That 
is self. That lower self is what 
Satan works through to turn us 
away from God. Rom. 7:18, Spots 
being sin. Spots are anything that 
keeps us from being perfect in 
Christ. Isaiah says all thy sheep 
have gone astray. There are a few 
personalities that refer to self : let 
me have my way, you have your 
way, self assertion, another is self 
indulgent, wanting to be important, 
today it is I, it is me. good time, 
self justification, telling untruth to 
justify themselves. 

"We have self pity : I can't teach 
Sunday- School. I can't witness, I 
can't preach. I can't testify, I am 
not cut for it. The Lord said to 
Peter, Get behind me satan. He did 
not pity Himself. I don't know what 
you think of self consciousness. I 
think we are trying to keep ahead 
of the Jones's. How we love our- 
selves. How we like to have some- 
one say something good about us. 
Love one to another. 

"Jacob has been called a good 
many things. I call him a bargainer. 
He first bought a birthright. Esau 
was his father's favorite. Seems like 
Jacob is unfair at times. When 
Jacob saw that ladder, it looks like 

that would be enough to bring him 
to his knees. But no, he began to _ 
bargain with God. Jacob in the I 
flesh, he began to bargain. Rachel 
was beautiful so Jacob began to bar- 
gain with his uncle to work seven 
years for Rachel, and he got Leah, 
He bargained and worked seven 
more years and made sure this time 
he got Rachel. Thy name shall no 
more be Jacob, but Israel. No more 
bargaining, he was left a cripple. 
If we are going to overcome self, 
there has to be a breakdown of self. 
There must be a break down of self 
and taking on Christ. We have no 
right claim anything only what be- 
longs to him. The things we say, 
do and where we go will be taken 
care of, if we leave Christ on the 
throne. Self will be taken care of. 
Let us remember the self life must 
be broken." 

Monday afternoon 
Bro. Galen Litfin, first speaker, 
"Luke 5. Speaking of filling front 
benches first, wherever Jesus went 
the people pressed upon Him so no 
one could reach Him. He asked 
that the ship be launched from 
shore that they may hear the Word, 
There was an effort put forth, push 
out into the deep. When Jestis came 
into the temple we find a man with 
a withered hand. Jesus asked him 
to put forth his hand and it was 
healed. Vessels were filled with 
water and it was turned into wine. 
There had to be an effort put forth. 
The life of Christ should be so full 



in us that those around us should 
receive something from us. Until 
we come into the presence of God 
we don't realize we need forgive- 

"Even those that were around 
them were astonished at the great 
catch of fish. From henceforth they 
would catch men. As we think of 
this catch we think of the lives of 
men. If we catch souls of men, we 
have to launch out into the deep. 
We know there are many in this 
world who have not heard the Gos- 
pel. Some do not want to hear. 
At Navajo land you might say the 
Dunkard Brethren launched out into 
the deep. Launched for souls of 
men. Some have been baptized and 
are striving to live a better life. A 
Navajo sister wanted to know how 
to be a Christian, wanted to be 
Ijaptized as soon as possible. Ice on 
the water and when asked if she 
wanted to go on, yes. How much 
greater testimony can you witness? 
We need help to leadership and we 
request our fellow partners to launch 
out. Some small community needs 
help, but we can't work as we should 
because of our small staff. Never- 
theless, the fishes are still there. 
If we launch out into the deep, we 
sometimes have to call on our part- 

'T often think of those who are 
isolated and can't have or attend 
services because of illness or great 
distance. It takes experienced men 
to take a boat out into the breakers 

and rescue men. I wonder how far 
we would get. We have to be train- 
ed for certain things. Ask for a 
doctor that would like to spend some 
time on the Mission field. The 
money you have given, would you 
take it back for exchange of one 
soul ? Unfailing sympathy, undying 

Bro. Biedler Fulk, second speak- 
er. "Not a one of us has launched 
out into the deep, enough. It is 
something for us to stand before 
you and preach. It is again some- 
thing for you to sit and listen. John 
13 :7, Can we grasp and fully under- 
stand what Christ is trying to get 
Peter to understand? The things 
you and I do and say are recorded 
in heaven above. I want you and 
I to think about the eternal things. 
'T Cor. 13:9-13, We have heard 
about the forefathers that have 
hazarded their life. We have heard 
that Jesus is coming. We should 
think, if we are children of the 
Lord, we will truly be on the march. 
God always provides a way. Let us 
turn back to Joshua where the peo- 
ple were on the march. The good 
things you do and say will never 
be forgotten. God would give them 
commands and Joshua obeyed. 
Joshua 2:18, Woman with a red 
thread in the window. She was 
helping to save God's people. This 
red thread she used to save the two 
men's lives, later was to save her 
own life. I Samuel 15 :22, We have 
been rejected because we have failed 




to obey the Word of God as we soul. It is white but blackened by 
should have. As we go through sin. 

life it is the small things that add I "Eph. 4:21-24, What is truth? 
up. As we go through life let us Truth is the facts God has stated 
consider what we do unto Jesus 'to us. We have no fear in stating 
Christ. Can we really grasp the ! it to man. If we say something that 

meaning of these? We are not to 
let our hearts be troubled. We 
should look to things eternal. We 
are to be abiding and constantly on 
the move forward. We should look 
and be as though He was with us. 
We should be purifying ourselves 
for His second coming. 

Monday evening 
Elder Vern Hostetler, first speak- 
er. Subject, In His Image. "There 
are three thoughts of the Bible. 

is not true we will get into trouble- 
When man grasps the truth he 
will grasp the real image of God. 
Righteousness and holiness is an 
eternal merit man can attain if he 
wishes to. We think of God as holy 
and therefore to be an image of 
God, we must be holy. We realize 
we have a responsibility to meet 
judgment. Holiness is created in 
our heart by truth. Love is a vir- 
tue which motivates one to do things 

Radical is reading things in the , good. Wisdom of God is true wis- 

Bible that are not there. Liberal is 
reading things out of the Bible that 
are in it. The conservative accepts 
the Bible as it is. To create we 
make something out of nothing. To 
make, we make something from 
some material. Like a chair, we 
have wood to make it from. God 
made the form from dust and in 
the creation He breathed life into 
the form. God is a spirit and moves 
about where He will. There is a 
difference between the spirit of man 
and of beast. Ecc. 3:21, We are in 
the image of God in spiritual and 
mortal form. A spirit is a moving 
thing. Spirit of God and of man, 
let us keep them separate in our 
minds. The soul is eternal, goes on. 
We like to liken it unto God as He 
is eternal. That spot is sin on the 

dom, we must gain it out of the 

"Let's turn it around and look 
at it from, the other side. There is 
an adversary, we call him the devil. 
Any place between the cradle to 
the grave he is after us. He tries to 
blacken and tear down a soul. He 
has his pockets full of tools. The 
world is full of lusts, a desire for 
things not good for us. Men are 
after anything that he thinks is of 
value to him. Envy is the enemy 
of God. If we are not careful we 
will let that rule our lives. Causes 
us to lie, as Satan did to Eve. The 
devil will use that tool on us. 

"We see pride on all sides. We 
see old and young women using 
color, trying to improve their face 
God gave them. The short dresses 



and such come because of it. Van- 
ity is dangerous because it comes , 
from pride. Foolishness is opposite 
of wisdom, a tool of the devil. 
Where do children get their foolish- 
ness? From us parents. Foolish- 
ness causes us to do out of the way 
things. Selfish pleasure is what peo- 
ple do across the nation to satisfy 
for a time. There is so much selfish 
pleasure among us. We should be 
cautious about these things. 

"What is conscience? I think of 
It as a connection between soul and 
God. Conscience is a very delicate 
thing, we should be very concerned 
about it. We must train our con- 
science. If we want to change and 
l^e an image of God, we must think 
of things eternal. A man seeking 
after riches, is never satisfied. The 
more we accumulate, the more we 
want to. Man is never satisfied 
when he gains wealth. It doesn't 
make any difference which we think, 
consider the riches of God. Only 
the devil keeps us satisfied on earth- 
ly riches and God keeps us dis- 
satisfied on eternal riches. Are you 
satisfied with yourself tonight? Are 
you satisfied with your conduct? 
A'Vhen we are satisfied, we have no 
desire to grow. I believe man should 
never be satisfied with himself. 
When we gain that image of God, 
that image will be reflected in oth- 
ers. Are you reflecting that image ?" 
Elder David Ebling, second 
speaker. Subject, Christian Living. 
"As I look into your faces, I am 

glad to see you smiile. Being happy 
is a child of God. Acts 22:28, I 
Peter 4:16, Yet if any man suffer 
as a Christian, let him not be ash- 
amed. I believe they rejoice in it. 
I am not ashamed I am a Dunkard 
but I rejoice. We are born into 
this world and have a family. We 
enjoy family life and so it is with 
the Christian life. I hope every 
home represented here is a happy 
home. A mother loves that child 
and is willing to sacrifice the rest 
of the night that the child be cared 

The early church was persecuted. 
Acts 11:19 and 22-26, What does 
that mean to you? What is your 
purpose in heart? I believe we all 
should be in the church. My thought 
is Christian living. Wisdom is part 
of the spirit. Oh, I wish we would 
go home with a purpose in heart 
and give others the good news. If 
you want to see a good church, note 
the one that is walking away from 
the world. You can take a dry 
sinner in the water and bring out 
a wet sinner if there is no convic- 
tion there. If children in the church 
cannot grow, we should be concern- 
ed. You and I must come to Jesus 
first if we want life and it eternally. 
Isaiah 61 :10, We find comparison 
between natural and spiritual. We 
all have to do our part. Many want 
to keep on the same old garments 
of the world and come into the 
church. I wonder what your coun- 
I tenance is like. The countenance 



reflects your conscience. Matthew 
5:16, Does the light of Jesus Christ 
shine through you? We cannot be 
a happy Christian without Christ in 
our heart. It will not profit us any- 
thing if we hear the Word and do 
not practice it. If you get rid of 
your sin you will be happy and then 
you can have communion with God. 
Is Jesus alive in your heart, in your 
soul? When we have communion 
with God there is sweet fellowship 
with God. Do we have a purpose 
in mind? 

"John 1:12-13, When He shall 
appear we shall be like Him. You 
shall know the truth and the truth 
will make you free. We want to be 
made free. Two are after our soul. 
Jesus Christ for eternal life and 
the devil for hell. Are we serving 
Jesus as we should? Are we willing 
to serve the Lord Jesus Christ? 
You have a beautiful picture of 
Jesus Christ who died to save us. 
Unless we suffer for the cross of 
Christ, we don't know what perse- 
cution is. Thanks be unto God for 
giving us the victory through Jesus 
Christ. We are living in a day of 
fear, sorrow and pain. I find we 
are not praying in fear enough. 
There will be tears of joy. I be- 
lieve there are mothers here who 
are concerned about their offspring. 
That they come into the church. 
Pray for me that I hold out faithful. 
We need prayers of each other that 
we may stay faithful." 

Tuesday forenoon 
Bible Study with Bro. Homer 
Long adult teacher. Subject, Bap- 
tism. "What is the significance of 
baptism to our church? There is 
so much lacking in preaching now 
days over the radio and other big 
meetings. Do we hear it often 
enough over our own pulpits? It 
would do Christ a great favor if 
we could explain what is in our 
hearts. Christ said it must be done. 
Outward washing for an inward 
cleansing. A clean conscience in the 
sight of God. That we become a 
new creature. We know something 
must take place in the heart, but 
we must go through the form also. 
Matthew 28:18, What did Christ 
mean when He said. To fulfill of 
righteousness? There is one baptism. 
The Scripture points out this is 
something much different. He bow- 
ed His head and gave up the Ghost, 
bent forward. We have instructions 
in prayer. We don't handle chil- 
dren like we can adults. Sometimes 
we have to handle adults more care- 
fully. We have to overlook many 
things. Doesn't our baptism mean 
more than any simple thing done 
inside of the church? It should 
mean more. If a person goes 
through baptism and doesn't fully 
understand, they don't get the full 
enjoyment out of it. Make the chil- 
dren believe that what is in the 
Bible is as real as anything. How 
long shall we wait to baptize one 
who wants to? Baptize immediate- 



ly, there is danger in waiting. Let 
us use a big stream that is flowing 
fast. Let us not forget that sin does 
not wash away sins." 

Bro, Donald Ecker. "I cannot 
do anything without the Lord and 
it be of value. Remember one thing 
in baptism, God never went back- 
ward, He always went forward. If 
God has to throw you backwards, 
you are not a child of God. God 
would like for us to come humbly 
before Him. Numbers 23 :19, Hath 
He not spoken and shall we not 
make it good? God is not like man. 
God does not make mistakes, al- 
though m'an is trying to bring God 
down to his level. God does not lie. 
Jonah had experiences. I think it 
would be nice if we could have these 
experiences happen to us to bring 
us closer to God. God did not let 
Jonah sleep. At ease in Zion, but 
the captain of the ship woke him. 
Jonah admitted his mistake and 
asked to be tossed overboard. They 
did not understand God's plan. 
They did not want to see this man 
drowned in the sea. This was the 
greatest experience, swallowed by a 
whale. Jonah said it was like hell. 
We can't even visualize the place. 
I believe he lived in hell, he says. 
You know you will not live long 
in a fish or in the water. Where 
do you get oxygen? Do you think 
it is impossible? Man likes to bring 
God down into the human flesh. 
God is so great and we are so 
carnal minded. 

"Jonah started living better. How 
far have we come in Christian liv- 
ing? He knew when God spoke He 
would not take back what He said. 
God does not have to repent. Does 
God change? Jonah preached in 
Nineveh and people repented. What 
will it take for us to repent? To 
see? Oh, if we were living in a 
world like this. We would say, woe 
is me. Wake up, realize what is 
coming. Woe is me if I am not re- 
fined. Southern people are under 
slavery, which is ungodly. 

"People will talk against divorce 
on one side of their mouth and on 
the other side divorce people. Peo- 
ple are trying to get human beings 
to pay their way to heaven. Live it 
and you will dress right. We miist 
live and come together. You are 
here and if you are here you must 
be hungrying and thirsting. There 
were remarks about a ring on a 
brother, acceptable if you knew the 
laws of that land on marriage. Let 
us know what we are saying before 
we gossip. Matt. 7 :6, Yes, man's 
enemies are men of his own house. 
Sex maniacs are not only in teen- 
age but in men and women. God 
has spoken against fornication and 
lust. Young people respect your 
Dodies by remembering that. Why 
do such things happen? Let us pray 
for guidance. Let us live and testify 
for Jesus Christ." 

Tuesday afternoon 

Bro. Harley Flory, first speaker. 
Subject, Life's Harvest. 'T feel I 



am stretched between two ways. I 
have a very great weight within 
that I would rather go home or 
away from here. Jonah tried to 
run away, but he only got into more 
trouble. Luke 12:15-22, I would 
that each one knew the concern I 
had for each one. Man is dependent 
of something he can't lay his soul 
upon. We know not how long our 
soul's salvation will be. I would 
that we get ready for a spiritual 
harvest. Three score and ten years 
may seem like a long time, to some 
of our young people. It would be 
expensive if we were some kind 
of insect. I wonder what value we 
would place on a human's life. Each 
one of us is alloted a certain space 
of time. 

"If you sow to the flesh you will 
reap destruction. If you sow to the 
spirit, you will reap eternal life. 
Time and again we have been bles- 
sed above our earnings. Much 
money and much goods can cause 
a heavy heart. It caused a burdened 
spirit because he, the rich man, 
didn't know what to do. Eat, drink 
and be merry, was destruction to 
that individual. Money is going to 
pass away with the using of it. Are 
you satisfied with your service ren- 
dered to the Lord? I think we are 
eating, drinking and being merry 
with things of this world. It is be- 
ing right within ourselves. Out of 
our heart proceeds the things of 
this life. What does it mean to be 
rich towards God? A right feeling 

ovvard God and reverence. 

"I am afraid some of us were 
disgraceful last night to our brother 
who was preaching God's Word. 
Are we rich toward God or toward 
self? We can have a little of the 
attribute toward God. 

"This man had things. Where 
can I store my things? I have no 
room. Things are going to pass 
away. Thanks be unto God for 
withholding blessings upon us, for 
we aren't prepared for all His bles- 
sings. What is the church? If we 
are going to be rich toward God 
we have to get close to the Word 
of God and live it. I would to God 
that we keep pressing toward God. 
When we come to the end of our 
harvest I would that we as a group 
be taken up. We in offices are called 
out for a purpose. I believe we have 
three divisions in the church. It is 
a shame we have such divisions. 

"Modest attire. That we might 
be thinking in terms of being a 
service to the church. Won't be 
long till those in the back will move 
forward. Best get in order as the 
church and Book requires. Loyalty 
to that faith and to the church. I 
need to keep myself in subjection 
and I believe you do too. Sisters 
that are in order may serve as 
delegates to District Meeting. We 
need more praying mothers, a sign 
post going out. Kneeling in prayer, 
sisters leading audibly in prayer. 
Pouring her sotil out for others. 
Are you familiar with the church 



polity? Are you in full sympathy 
with principles and doctrines of the 
church ? Are you willing after hear- 
ing all deliberations to vote as the 
Holy Spirit may direct? Let's put 
them into practice, Sunday school 
and Bible study. I believe in the 
position of the Dunkard Brethren 
church. Some things are permis- 
sible in tradition. The heart must 
change, not the parting of the hair 
or the hair on the face. My heart 
is heavy as we need each other. Let 
us think of God's harvest. I be- 
Heve the day of Christ's coming is 
fast coming upon us." 

Bro. Ray Reed, second speaker. 
"Let us take our Saviour above all 
things. The reward is not at the 
middle, but at the end of the race. 
So let us run willingly. He loves 
each one of us. We are only instru- 
ments in the hand of God. Never- 
theless we are desirous to serve our 
Master. We pray you will continue 
to hunger for the Word. Jude 1-3, 
Let us take the invitation of the 
Word of Jesus Christ. Let us wit- 
ness for Him day by day. I Thess. 
5 :23, We love the church and each 
one in divine presence. Present it 
that it may be salt of the earth. 
Let us live close to the Gospel. Let 
us feel our individual responsibility 
to the church. We want to em- 
phasize first the importance of the 
home. We begin to realize the ex- 
perience our parents had with us. 
Let us teach our little ones obedi- 
ence. Continue to teach them obedi- 

ence while we have them in our 
arms. The Lord help our dear 
young parents. May we older ones 
see the mistakes we made in our 
own and help them to teach the 
little ones better. We must read 
the Bible and by all means pray in 
front of them. 

*TI Samuel 12 :9, David lusted 
after a beautiful woman. God con- 
demned him for it. God condemns 
all sin. This afternoon are we do- 
ing all we can for our little ones 
while we control them. Won't be 
long until they will be out of our 
control and away from us. There 
will come a time when our efforts 
will be to no avail. If we fail to do 
what is right and holy, we lose our 
saltiness. Our desire is that w^e 
would yield to the teachings of 
Jesus. Where is the church this 
afternoon? We need to be more 
holy. Luke 9:54, It is the desire of 
our Saviour that each of us walk 
after Him. 

"11 John 6, Let us not be lead 
aside by false doctrine. Let us be 
filled with the spirit. Let us be 
very careful what is taught to us, 
that it does not take the place of 
the Word in our hearts. Those of 
us with radios in the home, let us 
be careful what we listen to. Let 
us be very careful we are not car- 
ried away from God's Word. Be 
careful about the pamphlets we 
read. We may not be deceived but 
leave them lay around in the home, 
children may read them and be de- 



ceived. We must do all we can to 
help the other one along. Don't 
speak about him to his back. Let 
us be forthright. After we have laid 
the foundation, build uprightly. Ill 
John 8, is my prayer." 

Tuesday evening 

Elder Paul Reed. Immutability 
to God. "Only those that have at- 
tempted to preach know how we 
feel. There is a glory attached to 
it. If it were not for that I would 
not have accepted this. Hebrew 
6:14-20, Luke 7:30, This word im- 
mutability is something that can 
never change. That is where our 
hope rests, sure and steadfast. God 
made the promise and therefore 
cannot be changed. What is the 
purpose of counseling together ? God 
could not counsel with anyone, had 
to counsel with Himself. If this is 
the work of God you need not fight 
against it. The work of the counsel 
is also the work of God. Let us be 
very, very careful in what we say 
and do in our activities. Do we 
work for peace or discord? Are we 
patterning after Him or sowing dis- 
cord? I think it is a dangerous 
matter to gossip. It doesn't always 
have to come from outside, but in- 
side Isaiah 30 :1 , We better be very, 
very careful what we say, do, act 
and where we go. 

"Ecc. 7 :20, Invention is the work 
of man. He is not satisfied with 
what God made. Be a carnal man 
is not the work of God. First man 
and woman made was something 

created. Cain brought fruits of the 
earth. Abel brought a lamb and 
God accepted the sacrifice. Man 
will always scheme and work around 
to get his way. He is very stubborn 
and rebellious. We see shedding of 
blood all down through mankind. 
Rev. 1:5-6, Genesis 3:21, Man has 
not quit by any means to try to 
evade God's creation. Man made 
a golden calf, that is the way man 
does. What is man and what is 
he working on today? 

'T Cor. 1 :20-22, The Greeks seek 
wisdom, Jews seek after signs. 
What is wrong with this country 
anyway? When man gets through 
college, he is through with God. If 
we place wisdom of this world be- 
tween us and God it is an idol. 
Anything we let get between us 
and God, it is an idol. Some think 
if you live good, you will go right i 
on into heaven from earth. Does ' 
that go in with what God hath said. 
It is opposite. Everyone whose 
name is not in the book of the Lamb 
of God will not enter into heaven. 
Can you do without God? They 
say there is no God. God never 
made a mistake in anything, never 
left a stone unturned. We are going 
to meet Him at judgment. Meet i 
Him in peace or condemnation. I | 
believe that, when He comes in a 
cloud of glory we will meet Him. 
Some think there is no life beyond. 
When T preach I want to weave 
Jesus in it somewhere. There is 
nothing else for us to preach about. 



There is salvation in no other name. 
We have ingratitude, lack of ap- 
preciation after all He has done. 
Is that the way we treat Jesus after 
all He suffered for us and not one 
of us has visited Him. The way to 
be spiritually happy is to abide by 
the counsel and wisdom of God. 
Psalms 34:8, II Chron. 7:14, Every 
time we plant we have to get some- 
thing to kill insects. Jeremiah 6:16, 
Do we believe God's Word or not? 
John 14:1, Is your heart troubled? 
Luke 21 :25-26, Perplexity is dis- 
turbance of mind. Something we 
have no control of. I am not talk- 
ing of what we can't help, but what 
we can help. We have tried to 
prove to you there is going to be 
a resurrection. Fig leaves and figs 
do not contain blood. God holds 
the brittle thread of life. If you are 
a child of God you are only passing 
through. We are subject to all 
kinds of diseases. God loved man 
too much, so provided death for 
him. The only way to keep from 
falling asleep in Jesus is to accept 
Him. If I am faithful I will end in 
eternity. Are you going to turn 
Him down or accept Him. No one 
can tell how long we are going to 

Other comments : 
"I soon found out I could not 
live as perfect life as I thought be- 
coming to a Christian. Thou wilt 
show me the path of life in thy 
presence. In thy right hand pleas- 
ures forevermore. Thy life should 

show the light and of victory. It 
should be a happy meeting. If we 
do not expect anything, nothing will 
happen. He will give us meat, unto 
those who fear Him. We think we 
can do part of the commandments 
and be accepted by Christ. But it 
isn't so. If we come with all our 
heart and soul. He will give us 
strength. Jesus is author and fin- 
isher of our faith whether we want 
to believe it or not. Jesus has lived 
and is living today. That love is 
not dead. We are worshipping a 
living God. 

"Only one way to leave these 
grounds, holy. Do we have our 
minds wholly on ourselves and no 
one else? Only one way is to keep 
our mind on Him. Nothing loses 
its value as quickly as yesterday's 
newspaper. But the scriptures gain 
value. I am thankful I have been 
grafted into .the church of God. God 
came not only for the Jews, who 
rejected Him, but for all. We are 
all acquainted with grafting or the 
results of it. I do not regret my ef- 
forts to be a servant of God. I think 
sometimes our prayers are "give 
me." I believe every individual has 
an angel assigned to them. I don't 
believe any evil can come upon any 
of His people without God giving 
His consent to Satan. I think some- 
times our prayers are answered 
right away. Paul had no revenge 
on anyone, that is a sample of love. 
Have you ever walked into the pre- 
sence of someone and felt that love 



before a word is said? Inside of 
every individual is a desire to reach 
for something. If we believe on the 
Lord we are going to do more than 
just believe. There is going to be 
action with that belief. I believe 
there are many things that come 
upon our lives that must go over- 
board. Let us not give satan another 
chance to persuade our minds. If 
we are to give that light to others, 
we must be in that light. If we are 
concerned al30ut being in that light 
we must come to Christ. We are but 
reflectors of that light. If we want 
spiritual light, then get out of 
spiritual darkness. There is only 
one way, through Jesus Christ. 

"We are living in a state of dis- 
satisfaction. We are striving for 
perfect satisfaction. We might be 
conscious of a supreme being but 
lose the true conception of God and 
how to worship Him. If man doesn't 
have the true God to worship, they 
will worship something. We be- 
lieve there is one big test in each 
Christian life. One fault of the 
Christian is remembering what is 
behind. Satan is constantly throw- 
ing stumbling blocks in our way. 
It will be our future happiness if 
we reach forward to things where 
our thoughts are. Forget the things 
that are behind and reach for things 

"Our brethren have been speak- 
ing to us of the old time religion. I 
would like to see every head bent 
in tears over these sermons. How 

many under my voice feels con- 
demned already? How are we when 
we get out among our secular 
labors? Our work is not here, bu*: 
among those who have not received 
Christ. When we get out of here, 
what is our conversation? Is it 
about Jesus? How well have these 
sermons been received by each of 
us ? Let us seal it within our hearts. 
God has warned us against pros- 
perity. In a few days we will be 
going to our homes where there is 
work to do and a battle to fight. We 
are living in a land where we can 
worship God. I am sure you older 
brethren have prayed much to re- 
move the stumbling block that we 
can safely go. We have lost sight of 
our walk with Jesus. We can class 
this age as atomic power. There is 
a greater time coming than man go- 
ing into orbit. We don't need the 
power of man that we be put into 
orbit. We go less often to our up- 
per room for power. They had pow- 
er because they were of one accord 
in that upper room. We of the 
Dunkard Brethren church have ac- 
cess to that great power. I can see 
' today there is power in the souls, 
"Call to Macedonia and help us. 
The batteries of mission works are 
not limited to America alone. Who 
will be the first to answer that call ? 
Let us ask of that Power. We have 
our children and friends to save 
and a world too. If we are going to 
be in that power, we are going to 
see a gathering together. We can 



now see only in part and do not 
understand. When we see Him face 
to face, we will understand. What 
shall I do, the ship is being tossed. 
The storms may be raging high 
and we feel we are not going to 
make it. Those apostles on the ship 
were troubled. When Jesus rose and 
saw the sea raging, He said 'Peace 
he still,' and you never saw a cal- 
mer sea. The old ship never lost a 
passenger and He will save you. 
He that calms the sea can calm 
your hearts. 

"As we go through life, we as a 
Christian must work. The devil 
knows that. We must ever be alert 
and aware for these things. It is 
self we must first look into. We are 
living yet today under this free- 
dom, but I wonder how long it will 
be. I trust we have this eternal hope 
within us. I trust that is the main 
thing in the mind of those who have 
stood behind this sacred desk. He 
gives instructions to all ages from 
youngest to oldest. Let us notice 
two words, purify and zealous. Je- 
sus has cleansed all His believing 
children. Let us he Zealous of good 
works. We have much work to do. 
There are many souls dying with- 
out the Word. Let us live the 
truth. The word of God is so full 
that we have to share it with others. 
Let us be fruitful in the Lord. The 
old ship of Zion is out on the sea. 
If we are going to keep that ship 
on the water, we must reject self. 
We are going to have to face some- 

thing. The hand writing is on the 
wall, maybe you don't know it. We 
need the gospel, we need Christ. 
There is only one law we have, to 
submit ourselves to. People like to 
lay down a law and they like to be 
that law. 

"Yes, He is our salvation. We 
can read 'till noon or midnight and 
still can't realize the love of God. 
All to be with Him, that is the most 
glorious. I know of no one who 
wouldn't want to go to that prom- 
ised land. We are mortal creatures 
here on earth, who are deep in sin. 
There are two classes of people, 
those interested in the kingdom and 
those who are not. Phil. 4:8, Is 
your life based on truth, honesty, 
just and pure? Are you thinking 
upon these things in your every day 
life? We had a wonderful meal for 
the physical body and a wonderful 
meal this evening for the soul. Are 
you happy to be a Christian? 

Sister Martha I. Harman, 
R. R. No. 1, Box No. 131 
Industry, Illinois 61440 


District Meeting of the 1st Dis- 
trict will be held in the Shrewsbury 
House, Shrewsbury, Pa., Saturday, 
April 10, convening at 10 A. M. 

The Elders of the District will 
convene Thursday, April 8, at 10 
A. M. A sermon will be delivered 
Friday evening at 7 :30 P. M. by an 
elder of the District. 

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ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. 



APRIL 15, 1965 

No. 8 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUiR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"If in this life only we have hope 
in Christ, we are of all men most 
miserable. But now is Christ risen 
from the dead, and become the first- 
fruits of them that slept. For since 
by man came death, by man came 
also the resurrection of the dead. 
For as in Adam all die, even so in 
Christ shall all be made alive. But 
every man in his own order : Christ 
the firstfruits ; afterward they that 
are Christ's at his coming," 1 Cor. 

In a sense the disciples had hope 
in Christ "in this life only." They 
could not grasp the great truths 
which He tried to teach them of the 
I life to come. When He preached 
deep things, they were discouraged. 
When His life was taken, they re- 
turned again to their former duties 
of life. In fact with the history of 
their experiences and the many 
proofs we have of Christ's miracles 
and His provisions for us, how 
many of us have hope in this life 
only? How easily are we discour- 
aged : when things do not go as we , 
think they should, when the church j 

does not grow, when brethren and 
sisters prove unfaithful and when 
things which Christ promised do 
not take place as soon as we think 
they should? Who is to be the 
judge and rewarder of the faithful? 
How many times our hopes seems 
to go no farther than this life. 
Might "despair" be a tool of Satan 
to discourage us and cause us to 
fail in following the teachings of 
Christ ? 

"But now is Christ risen," praise 
Almighty God "he arose." He slept 
the sleep of death but its duration 
was very short. How glorious, 
Christ arose from the grave, the 
firstfruits of the resurrection. Yes, 
not only arose but He arose with a 
glorious body, no more prone to 
suffering and death. In the begin- 
ning man knew not of death, for all 
things were provided in the Garden 
of Eden, yes the "tree of life" was 
there. But alas man sinned and 
God removed man from the tree of 
life, that he might not live forever 
in his sin. As a result "it was ap- 
pointed unto man, once to die." 
However, again God sent One in 
the form of man. Who would prove 


unto us that the resurrection ot 
tne dead was possible. 

Dear reader, rignt here we find 
a very important quaHfication. All 
men were designated for death be- 
cause of carnal sin. We still find 
this true today and what is so un- 
fathomable is that we know not 
when. Aiany die before they are 
born, many die in infancy, many die 
in youth and many die in the prime 
of manhood or womanhood. Death 
is pronounced upon all men. How 
zealously are we preparing for it? 
Of what concern is death to man? 
Considering the care man gives his 
body in many instances, considering 
the recklessness of many, consider- 
ing the utter lack of faith in his 
Creator, considering the lack of 
reverence and respect for an Al- 
mighty God ; man in general is not 
concerned with death. 

How thankful we should be, 
Christ has been the firstfruits of 
the resurrection. We have many 
infallible proofs that without any 
(juestion. this is true. Are all men 
and women promised just such a 
glorious resurrection ? Ah ! notice 
the strict qualification, "they that 
are Christ's." Dear reader, this is 
very important, not just for now 
but for all eternity. It behooves 
each and everyone to know as much 
as possible about Christ. What His 
characteristics are. What He told 
us to do and what He told us not 
to do. How to become one of His 
own, heirs and joint-heirs with Him. 

"For if the firstfruit be holy, the 
lump is also holy : and if the root 
1)6 holy, so are the branches," Rom. 
11:16. Notice this is stated as a 
definite fact and no question about it. 
The punishment for sin is sure 
but very uncertain as to time. The 
reward for being one of Christ's, a 
glorious resurrection, is to be at a 
definite time. Am I ready for that 
time? If not, why? The stage in 
life in which we are in makes no 
difference, as a tree falleth so it 
lieth and will remain thus until His 
coming. According to our record 
in heaven, when we fall, so our hope 
will be. "For if we believe that 
Jesus died and rose again, even so 
them also v/hich sleep in Jesus will 
God bring with him," 1 Thess. 4:14. 
Dear reader, how many precious 
promises did this short meditation 
bring to your mind? How precious 
are they to you ? How do you sliow 
to others that they are precious to 


Perhaps of all the happenings and 
events associated with Jesus, our 
precious Saviour, none in all Chris- 
tendom has a greater significance 
or means more to tlie Christian tlian 
the Resurrection of Jesus. 

While Jesus was with His dis- 
ciples, teaching them the many won- 
derful events that were to take place, 
])erhaps they were the slowest to 
grasp His lessons concerning the 


Resurrection. Because of their at- 
titude, Jesus reproved them quite 
snarply. "O fools and slow of heart 
to believe all that the prophets have 
spoken ! Behooved it not the Christ 
to suffer these things, and to enter 
into His glory." 

This He could not have done, had 
He not risen from the tomb. "And 
beginning from Moses and from all 
the prophets, he interpreted to them 
in all the scriptures the things con- 
cerning himself." Not only did He 
expound on the words of the Holy 
prophets, but He, himself had fore- 
told them how He "must suffer and 
rise again the third day according 
to the scripture." In light of what 
they had been foretold, they failed 
to grasp the very evident fact of 
His resurrection. 

To any who may have desired 
to discount the reality of Christ's 
Resurrection, they could not auth- 
entically, account for the empty 
tomb, had Christ not risen! The 
empty tomb shouted back to the 
skeptic and thank God the tomb was 
empty ! The disciples had full 
knowledge that the soldiers buried 
Jesus. They saw the sealed tomb, 
sealed with a stone and the king's 
signet. They saw the guard of 
soldiers and knew it meant their 
death, should they permit the body 
to escape without a satisfactory 

With all their planned precau- 
tion, Christ arose. They could not 
account for the tomb being empty. 

The body had been placed there 
ihree days prior. Now it was gone ! 
No one knew how or when it es- 
caped. No one knew where it had 
gone, or where it might be found. 
The officers demanded an explan- 
ation. Bribes were passed. Finally, 
through the trickery of Satan, it was 
decided that they would report that 
while the soldiers slept, the disciples 
stole Jesus' body. I have to wonder 
how they knew who stole him, if 
they were asleep ! A part of the 
bribe was, that this matter would 
be fixed up with the Governor if 
he heard of it. What a lie they had 
to fabricate in their futile effort to 
prevent the truth from being known. 

Jesus did come forth, but the un- 
truth about the bribe and the dis- 
ciples stealing Jesus' body, is still 
believed among the Jews until this 
day ! Thus was the unbelievers ac- 
count of the empty tomb. But we 
can be very thankful that there were 
others to the tomb. Very early 
in the morning, two Marys came 
to the tomb. The earth had quaked, 
the stone was rolled away and an 
angel was seated upon it. He an- 
nounced to the women that Christ 
was not there, but is risen. Then he 
invited them to see for themselves. 

After they observed the empty 
tomb, the angel told them to go tell 
His disciples He is risen, and if 
they go over into Galilee, they shall 
see Him. 

They followed instructions. The 
disciples went away into a mountain 



Taneytown, McL, April 15, 1965 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 21787 

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uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

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Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md. 21787, Editor. 

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Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio 44630, 
Assistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif. 95351, 
Associate Editor. 

ill Galilee where Jesus had appoint- 1 
ed them. He met them there. He 
gave them the great commission. 
Now, they knew He came forth 
from the death. And they believed 
so firmly, and taught so faithfully, 
that they even suffered martyrdom 
for His sake. 

How much better to believe the 
teaching of the disciples, than to be- 
lieve the fabrication of the Sanhe- 
drin council. If the history of 
Christ's resurrection were untrue, 
then we would have reason to ques- 
tion the entire Bible. 

While the apostle Paul perhaps 
never saw Jesus in the flesh, yet he 
received the Gospel direct from 
Jesus. "For T certify you brethren 
that the gospel which was jjreached 
of me is not of man, for I neither 
received it of man. neither was T 

taught it, but by revelation of Jesus 1 
Christ." » 

The apostle Paul had a direct 
revelation and what did he say about 
Christ's Resurrection ? He said that, 
"Christ died for our sins according 
to the scripture ; and that he was 
buried ; and that he hath been raised 
on the third day according to the 
scriptures." Then Paul goes to 
some length to prove the resurrec- 
tion and what it means to a follow- 
er of Christ. If Christ be not raised 
up, your faith is in vain, and you 
are yet in your sins. If, only in this 
life, we have hope, we are of all 
men most miserable. 

With all the proofs in God's Holy 
Word that Jesus did come forth 
from the dead, if one does not be- 
lieve it, neither would one believe 
it if one rose from the dead to tell 
him about it. It would have the 
same net results as if one from the 
dead was to go to the rich man's 
brethren and tell them of the tor- 
ments of Hell. They did not believe 
the prophets, neither will they be 
persuaded, tliough one rose from 
the dead. 

Those who deny the truth of the 
resurrection, certainly can have no 
hope of the hereafter. But thanks 
be unto God that Jesus died for 
our sins, was buried and now lives 
forever more. AND BECAUSE 
ALSO! Praise God for the Easter 
lesson. Paul R. Myers, 

Bx. 117, Greentown, Ohio 



I believe most of us as we go 
through this life, meet with prob- 
lems and tasks we feel unable to 
be solved. These should bring to 
us the need of the help of God. 
Throughout our lives short-comings 
and mistakes should be taken as a 
lesson to us, for a better Christian 
life in the future. We need the 
help of God very much. Noah, Eli- 
jah and Enoch each walked with 
God because they agreed with God. 
He was with : the three Hebrew 
children in the fiery furnace, Daniel 
in the den of lions, and Abraham a 
great man of faith in God. Could 
we stand up to tests like they did 
today? We are tested and tried in 
many ways. 

Before Christ came to the world 
it was prophesied His name would 
be called Immanuel, meaning "God 
with us," Isa. 7:14. God has given 
to us His only begotten Son, who 
was willing to leave the shining 
courts of heaven and come down to 
this sinful world for our redemption. 
How much do we appreciate our 
Saviour? God was with Paul and 
Silas in prison and through His 
power they were released. The true 
and faithful to God will never be 
left or forsaken, for He is with 
those who gather in His name. 

Today there are many things ex- 
isting among professing Christian 
people that should not be in their 
lives, homes and places of worship. 

If we are to have God with us we 
must cleanse ourselves of such things 
as : pride, adultery, fornication, truce 
breaking, false accusing, untruthful- 
ness, injustice, hatred, dishonesty, 
gambling, drunkenness, envy and 
strife. I have often heard that play- 
ing cards, dancing and partaking of 
strong drink are taking place in 
some of the churches today. How 
many professing Christians are leav- 
ing out of their lives the New Birth, 
that Christ said we must have? 

Today much effort is put forth 
for fashion, fancy buildings, etc., 
and the poor and needy are neg- 
lected. Jesus is with us, Jesus is 
our own. Matt. 5.TI-I2, "Blessed 
are ye, when men shall revile you, 
and persecute you, and shall say all 
manner of evil against you falsely, 
for my sake. Rejoice, and be ex- 
ceeding glad: for great is your re- 
ward in heaven : for so persecuted 
they the prophets which were before 
you." These words bring to the 
Christian comfort and strength to 
go forward. I believe if we have 
the opportunity and the health we 
should earn our bread with the 
sweat of our brow. All through the 
ages God has been with His people. 
If God be for us who can be against 
us. We should be thankful we have 
Elders and Ministers who we be- 
lieve are doing their best in preach- 
ing the Gospel. Of all the many 
things that we take part in in this 
life, nothing should be more enjoy- 
able than Gospel sermons, prayer 


and hymns of prasie. 

I read that the fastest growing 
county in the United States is at 
the gateway to the moon. Many 
people are putting vast efforts and 
expense for various earthly enter- 
prises. How much effort is put 
forth to gain heaven and direct 
people to the narrow way from 
earth to glory? The psalmist said, 
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort 
me. God will go with us, even 
through the valley and shadow of 
death. Will our lives be such that 
we will hear that welcome voice, 
"Well done, thou good and faithful 
servant : thou hast been faithful over 
a few things, I will make thee ruler 
over many things : enter thou into 
the joy of thy Lord," Matt. 25:21. 
We also hear, "Fear not little flock ; 
for it is your Father's good pleasure 
to give you the kingdom." Notice, 
we must have God with us in our 
lifetime, to be forever with Him in 
that beautiful city above. 

Bro. J. F. Marks, 
R. 3, York. Pa. 


of the family will be together and 
how many will stay in the dorm- 
itories. There is space also for those 
with house-trailers. 

Please have your reservations to 
me not later than June 1st, as we I 
will leave for the Conference 
grounds about that date. Send your 
reservations to: Carl E. Reed, 4716 
E. 139th St., Grandview, Missouri. 
Lodging Committee : 
Carl E. Reed, Martin Meyers 

All business for General Confer- 
ence should be on my desk not later 
than the 24th of April. 

Vern Hostetler, Writing Clerk, 
R. 3, Montpelier, Ohio 43543 


For those who plan to attend it 
will be necessary for you to bring 
your own pillows, sheets and blank- 
ets. There will be bedding pro- 
vided for those who cannot con- 
veniently bring it. In sending your 
reservations, please state how many 

Please make the following cor- 
rections, pages 14-15, February 1st 
Issue : 
Broadwater, Jonas 

Swanton, Md. 21561— E. 
Dorsey, George, R. 1, Bx 154C, 

Salisbury, Pa. 15558 — E. 
Ebling, David 

Bx. 26, Bethel, Pa. 19507— E. 
Harris, Otto 

Antioch, W. Va. 26702— E. 
Johnson, H. Edward, R. 5, Bx. 76. 
Wauseon, Ohio 43567— E. 
Kegerreis, James 

R. 1, Richland. Pa. 17087— E. 
Leatherman, Charles, R. 1, 

Bx. 46, Wauseon, O. 43567— E. 
Rice, Joshua 

R.'3, Frederick, Md. 21701— E. 


Swallow, James F., 
6560 Sonoma Mt. Rd., 

Santa Rosa, Cal. 95404— E. 

The Mailing List has been com- 
pletely revised up to April 1st. All 
renewals and address changes re- 
ceived before that date, should be 
correct on your address label. There 
are still a number of subscriptions 
which have not been renewed. 

Grandview, Mo. — April 24 
Bethel, Pa.— April 25 
Eldorado, Ohio — -May 1 
Modesto, Calif.— May 1 
Waynesboro, Pa. — May 2 
Hart, Mich.— May 8 
Dayton, Va. — May 15 
West Fulton, O.— May 15 
N. Lancaster, Pa. — May 16 
Shrewsbury, Pa.- — May 23 
Mt. Jackson, Va.— May 29 

Dayton, Va.— May 2-15 
Mt. Jackson, Va.— May 17-30 
Clearville, Pa. — June 18-27 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. — July 11-25 
Broadwater, Md. — July 23-Aug. 1 

The Lord willing, the Pleasant 
Home congregation will hold their 
spring Lovefeast on Saturday eve- 
ning of May 1st. 

church plans to hold a Lovefeast 
on May 8, the Lord willing. Serv- 
ices to begin at 2 P. M. on Satur- 
day. All members in good standing 
please come and worship with us. 
Bro. Eldon Flory 

The Dayton Dunkard Brethren 
are planning a series of Meetings, 
beginning Sunday morning, May 2, 
and continuing through May 15. 
On May 15 our regular Lovefeast 
will be held beginning at 4 P. M. 
Services will also be held on Sun- 
day morning. May 16. Eld. Ernest 
Miller has agreed to conduct these 
services. If you cannot be with us, 
pray mightily. 

The Hart Dunkard Brethren 

The Lord willing, the Lovefeast 
services at West Fulton will be 
May 15. There will be services 
all-day on Saturday and communion 
in the evening and services on 
Sunday. You are welcome to attend 
these services and worship with us. 
Sister Leola Beck, Cor. 

The Northern Lancaster county 
congregation plans to have their 
Lovefeast at Lititz on Sunday, 
May 16, all-day services with Sun- 
day-school at 9:30. A hearty in- 
vitation is extended to all who can 
to attend our services. Since our last 
report, one Sister was received into 
fellowship on her former baptism. 
Susanna B. Johns, Cor, 



Sister Naomi Alallow, daughter 
of Bro. and Sister Owen Mallow 
of Clearville, Pa., and Curtis Bick- 
erstaff, son of ]\Ir. and Mrs. Sam- 
uel O. Bickerstaff of Irwin, Pa., 
were united in marriage by minister 
A. S. Wohlsen at Norristown, Pa., 
Feb. 8, 1965. They are now resid- 
ing at Norristown, Pa. 


Daughter of Thomas B. and Em- 
ma (Dowlin) Creager, was born at 
Rouzerville, Pa. She departed this 
life on Feb. 6, 1965, at her home, 
Pen Mar, Pa., at the age of 75 
years. She had been in failing health 
since 1961 ; suffered a stroke on 
Dec. 14 and has been bedfast since 
that time. She was a member of 
the Dunkard Brethren church and 
attended church services regularly, 
even though she was not feeling 
at all good sometimes. She served 
as a teacher for the primary Sun- 
day-school class for 18 years prior 
to her recent illness. 

She was married to Robert E. 
Harbaugh, who passed away Sept. 
23, 1956. Surviving are : three 
daughters, Mrs. Lizzetta E. Blanch- 
ard, at home ; Mrs. Marguerite 
Barnes and Mrs. Rebecca Stuller, 
both of Waynesboro, R. 4, Pa. ; her 
step-mother, Mrs. Carrie Creager, 
Chambersburg, Pa. : five sisters, 
Mrs. Anna Stouffer, ]\Irs. Lelia 

Riddlemoser and Mrs. Alice ]\Ietz- 
ler, all of Detroit, Mich. ; Mrs. 
Katherine Stephey, Lake Wales, 
Fla. ; Mrs. Ruth King, Rouzerville, 
Pa. ; one brother. Stover Creager, 
Bethel Ohio ; one step-sister, Mrs. 
Kathleen Freeman, Waynesboro, 
Pa. ; also four grandchildren and 
three great-grandchildren. 

Sister Ola will be sadly missed 
by all who knew her and especially 
by the Waynesboro congregation. 
Funeral services were held Tuesday, 
Feb. 9, at the Waynesboro Dunkard 
Brethren church by: Eld. Melvin 
Roesch, Bro. Frank Shaffer and 
Eld. Henry Demuth. Burial in Har- 
baugh 's cemetery. 

God understands your sorrows, 
He sees the falling tears, 
And whispers I am with thee, 
Then falter not nor fear. 

God understands your weakness. 
He knows the tempter's power, 
And He will walk beside you. 
However dark the hour. 

God understands your longings. 
Your deepest grief He shares, 
Then let Him bear your burdetis, 
For He understands and cares. 

Sister Elizabeth Wisler, Cor. 

.Sister Etta Ida Haines Murphy. 
79, of Deer Park, Md., died Tues- 
day, Feb. 9, in the Vincent Pal- 
iotti Hospital, Morgantown, W. Va. 


A native of Garrett County, Md., 
she was a daughter of the late Mr. 
and Mrs. John Haines. Her hus- 
band, Richard Murphy, preceded 
her in death a number of years ago. 

Surviving are : four sons, Frank- 
Hn Murphy and McComas Murphy, 
both of Cassville, W. Va. ; William 
Murphy and Orlando Murphy, both 
of Niagara Falls, N.Y. ; two half- 
brothers, Charles Haines, Deer 
Park, and Jacob Ours, Cassville, 
W. Va. ; a half-sister, Mrs, Sally 
Stottlemeyer, Mt. Lake Park; 16 
grandchildren and 36 great-grand- 

Sister Murphy was accepted by 
water baptism into the Swallow 
Falls Dunkard Brethren Church in 
1954. Because of distance and little 
way to travel she could not attend 
church as regularly as she would 
liked. But she always had a Chris- 
tian smile and consideration for all 
with whom she came in contact. 

Funeral services were conducted 
from the Leighton Durst Funeral 
Home, Oakland, Md., Thursday, 
February 11, with Pastor J. Rodg- 
ers Fike in charge assisted by Bro. 
Homer Mellott. The virtuous wom- 
an of Proverbs 31 was his central 
and very fitting thought as to the 
life of Sister Murphy. 

The remains were laid to rest be- 
side her husband in the Deer Park 
cemetery. She has gone to be with 
her Lord, but the sweet memory 
of her beautiful life will linger on. 

Sunset and evening star. 

And one clear call for me ! 

And may there be no moaning of 

the Bar 
When I put out to sea. 

For tho' from out our borne of 

Time and Place 
The flood may bear me far, 
I hope to see my Pilot face to face. 
When I have cross'd the bar. 

— Tennyson 
Ruth M. Snyder, Cor. 

Daughter of John L. and Lydia 
A. Jamison, was born Sept. 15, 
1904, near Wirtz, Va. She moved 
with her family to Quinter, Kans., 
where she lived until the death of 
her parents. For the past 14 years 
she has made her home with her 
sister, Flora and family, at Dallas 
Center, la. 

When a small child she was seri- 
ously ill, which left her body de- 
formed. In spite of her handicap, 
one of her greatest pleasures in life 
was going to church. She departed 
this life Feb. 21, 1965, at the home 
of her sister. Flora Williams. 

She leaves : two sisters. Flora 
Williams and Clara Lilly of Dallas 
Center. la. ; five brothers, Ernes^t 
and Horace of Quinter, Kans. ; Noah 
of Colby, Kans. ; Paul of Denton, 
Tex., and Everett of Wakeneey, 
Kans. ; one aunt, Mrs. J. B. Flora, 
and many nieces and nephews. 



She always leaned to watch for us, 
Anxious if we w^ere late, 
In winter by the window sill, 
In summer by the gate. 

Though we mocked her tenderly. 
Who had such foolish care, 
The long way home would seem 

more safe, 
Because she waited there. 

Her thoughts were all so full of us. 
She never could forget, and 
So I think that where she is, 
She must be waiting yet. 

Waiting till we come home to her, 
Anxious if we are late. 
Watching from heaven's window sill 
Leaning from heaven's gate. 

Funeral services were conducted 
at the Dallas Center Dunkard 
Brethren church on Feb. 25 by Bro. 
Millard Haldeman and Bro. Joseph 
Flora. Burial in the Brethren ceme- 

The John Williams Family 

Son of the late Joseph and Mary 
Ann (Kauffman) Wisler, was born 
March 5, 1874, near Martinsburg, 
Pa., and departed this life at his 
home, Waynesboro, Pa., Feb. 15, 
1965, at the age of 90 years, 11 mo. 
and 10 days. He had been in fail- 
ing health the last six months and 
confined to his bed the last four 
weeks. He was blind for 25 years, 

very seldom complaining that he 
could not see. He was a member 
of the Waynesboro Dunkard Breth- 
ren church. 

On Jan. 10, 1906, he was married 
to Amanda Koones, who passed 
away Jan. 3, 1959. Surviving are : 
two sons, David and John of Way- 
nesboro, R.D. ; four daughters, Mat- 
tie and Elizabeth of the home, Mrs. 
Susie Gilpin, Grantsville, Md. ; Mrs. 
Fannie Hearn, Waynesboro, R. 3 ; 
17 grandchildren; 5 step-grandchil- 
dren and seven great-granchildren. 
Two brothers and three sisters pre- 
ceded him in death. He will be 
sadly missed, he is gone but not 

Funeral services were held Thurs- 
day. Feb. 18, with a brief service 
at the home and further services at 
the Dunkard Brethren church in 
Waynesboro, with Howard Surbey. 
Frank Shaffer and Henry Demuth 
in charge. Burial in Price's ceme- 



Dearest father, thou has 
A voice we loved is still, 
A place is vacant in our home 
Which never can be filled. 
Our loss we deeply feel 
But 'tis God that hast bereft us 
And can all our sorrows heal. 
Yet again we hope to meet thee 
When the day of life is fled, 
When in heaven with joy to greet 
Where no farewell tear is shed. 




Christ is the head of the Church, 
therefore the Church is subject unto 
God. Eph. 5 :20, "Giving thanks al- 
ways for all things unto God and 
the father in the name of our Lord 
Jesus Christ." By grace are ye 
saved through faith. Rom. 1 1 :6, 
"And if by grace, then it is no more 
works : otherwise grace is no more 
grace. But if it be of works, then 
it is no more grace, otherwise work 
is no more work," 

The apostle Paul brought the 
gospel to the Gentiles. Christ will 
not be subject to a church or a 
denomination. Matt. 28:16-20, Jes- 
us came and spake unto the eleven 
disciples saying. All power is given 
unto me in heaven and in earth. 
How can men gain salvation out- 
side of Jesus Christ? Much of the 
ceremonial worship is disregarding 
the Lord Jesus. Go ye therefore 
and teach all nations, baptizing 
them in the name of the Father, and 
of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. 
Teaching them (the people) to ob- 
serve all things whatsoever I (Jes- 
us) have commanded you. 

Some churches denounce baptism 
for salvation and use some form of 
a ritual to be initiated into church 
fellowship. John 3 :3, 5, 7, "Jesus 
answered and said unto him. Verily, 
verily, I say unto thee. Except a 
man be born again, he cannot see 
the kingdom of God. . . . Except 

a man be born of water and of the 
Spirit, he cannot enter into the 
kingdom of God. Marvel not that 
I said unto thee. Ye must be born 
again." It must be a new birth, a 
new or renewed life. To walk in 
newness of life is Christ-like. Paul 
taught in Gal. 3 :26-27, "For ye are 
all the children of God by faith in 
Christ Jesus. For as many of you 
as have been baptized into Christ 
have put on Christ." Can we now 
expect to still go with the world 
into all kinds of sports and habits? 
We are now children in a new King- 
dom. 2 Cor. 5 :17, "Threfore if 
any man be in Christ, he is a new 
creature : old things are passed 
away ; behold, all things are become 
new." This includes our actions 
and habits. 

John 10 :9, Jesus said, "I am the 
door : by me if any man enter in, 
he shall be saved, and shall go in 
and out, and find pasture." Jesus 
is the door to salvation and we must 
be willing to come His way. Eph. 
5:1-2, "Be ye therefore followers of 
God, as dear children ; and walk in 
love, as Christ also hath loved us, 
and hath given himself for us an 
offering and a sacrifice to God for 
a sweetsmelling savor." Eph. 1 :14, 
"According as he hath chosen us in 
him before the foundation of the 
world, that we should be holy and 
without blame before him in love." 
Where would we all be if it were 
not for the grace of our Lord and 
Saviour? In the fulness of time 



He is coming to gather together, 
in one, all things in Christ. 

We as Gentiles have abundant 
promises through our Lord and 
Saviour. Eph. 3 ;6, "That the Gen- 
tiles should be fellowheirs, and of 
the same body, and partakers of his 
promise in Christ by the gospel." 
Yet some Gentiles think they are 
still under the law and must keep 
the old Jewish customs. If so, you 
must keep all the law or you will 
be guilty before God. "In Christ 
Jesus neither circumcision availeth 
any thing, nor uncircumcision, but 
a new creature. x\nd as many as 
walk according to this rule, peace 
be on them and mercy," Gal. 5:15- 

Wm. N. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio 


In the lovely poetry of the Bible, 
a righteous man is often likened to 
a tree. Let us see how the varied 
(lualities of different trees are made 
to picture forth the nature of a man 
who "delights himself in goodness." 

In the first Psalm for example, 
he is described as a tree planted by 
the rivers of water, bringing forth 
fruit in season and maintaining his 
foliage unwithered. Isaiah, speak- 
ing of those blessed by the spirit 
of God, said that they spring up 
with the tenderness and grace of 
willows by the watercourses. The 
pro])het Jeremiah said, "Blessed is 

the man that trusteth in the Lord, 
aiid wnose hope the Lord is, for he 
snail be as a tree planted by the 
waters aiid that spreadeth out her 
roots by the river. Not careful in 
tne year of drought, neither shall 
cease from yielding fruit." In Psa. 
T^2 the man who "rests in the Lord" 
is contrasted with Oiie who trusts in 
his riches : he is portrayed as a 
green olive tree, fair and of great 
beauty and with goodly fruit. Psa. 
92 describes the good man as, 
tlourishing hke a palm tree, grow- 
ing like a cedar of Lebanon and 
bringing forth fruit in old age. 

In the Bible there are ancient 
traditions of sacred trees under 
whose boughs a man could rest, 
breathe in prophetic insights, see 
visions and dream dreams. The 
grace of the palm, the strength of 
the cedar, the stabihty of the oak 
and the fruitfulness of the olive ; 
were all familiar to the people of 
Israel. The plumy imperial palm, 
symbol of victory and eternal life, 
enhanced the splendor of palaces 
and temples. The olive tree could 
continue bearing for twenty genera- 
tions and still surround itself with 
vigorous young shoots. The ever- 
green were opulently beautiful. The 
cedars of Lebanoii, said to have 
l)een growing since the flood, had 
their timbers built into temples. 

No other figure of speech could 
express more beautifully tlie spirit 
of a good man : upright, steadfast, 
vital and serene, unperturbed by 



transient drought and storm, endur- 
ingly influential, comforting to those 
who reposed themselves against his 
strength. Such a man, like a tree, 
is "planted" and draws unfailing 
nourishment from high up and deep 
down, from the quickening sunlight 
and the living waters always flow- 
ing about the roots of life. 

Sel. by Sister Viola Broadwater 


Part I 

Affliction is the chiseling of the 
Master's own hand upon the stone 
He prizes and counts worthy of His 

The head seeks God ; but it is the 
heart that finds Him. 

What we are is God's gift to us ; 
what we make of ourselves is our 
gift to God. 

The word "easy" appears only 
once in the New Testament and 
then in connection with "yoke." 

A good thing about telling the 
truth is that you don't have to 
remember what you say. 

Some people think a thirty-minute 
sermon is too long, so they substi- 
tute a six hundred-column Sunday 

Gossip is that which goes in both 
ears and comes, greatly enlarged, 
out of the mouth. 

To be a friend a man should close 
his eyes to the faults of others and 
open them to his own. 

It is better not to see an insult 
than to avenge it. 

A boisterous manner of devotion 
is generally a proof of little devotion. 

There are babies in the church — 
God bless them ; but some have 
their whiskers hanging out the 
cradle at one end and their legs and 
feet the other end. 

Prayer is not overcoming God's 
reluctance ; but laying hold on His 

To hear the call of God, one must 
be within listening distance. 

We can't all be apostles, but we 
can be "living epistles." 

The bigger a man's head gets, the 
easier it is to fill his shoes. 

A chip on the shoulder is the 
heaviest load you can carry. 

Don't wait to see what happens 
— take hold and make it happen. 

We keep faith, hold on to hope, 
but give away charity. 

Dignity is one thing that cannot 
be preserved in alcohol. 

When you sing your own praise, 
you always get the tune too high. 

The minimum of the Bible Stand- 
ard is to show the world that you 
don't belong to it. 

No man can live on the devil's 
wages, because the wages of sin 
is death. 

Christians are like tea ; their real 
strength comes out when they get 
into hot water. 

The things too small to pray over 

may be great enough to sin over. 

Sel. by Sister Eileen Broadwater 




Pray don't find fault with the 

the man who Hmps 
Or stumbles along the road, 
Unless you have worn the shoes he 

Or struggled beneath his load. 
There may be tacks in his shoes 

that hurt, 
Though hidden away from view ; 
Or the burden he bears, placed on 

your back, 
Might cause you to struggle, too. 

Don't sneer at the man who is 
down today 

Unless you have felt the blow 

That caused his fall, or felt his 

That only the fallen know. 

You may be strong, but maybe the 

That were his, if felt by you, 

In the self-same way and the self- 
same time 

Might cause you to struggle, too. 

Don't be hard on the man who 

Or pelt him with words of stone. 
Unless you are sure, and doubly 

That you have not a sin of your own. 
For, you know, perhaps, if the 

tempter's voice 
Should whisper soft to you 
As it did to him when he went 

It would cause you to falter, too. 

Sel. by Sister Alice Hall 


The day of resurrection 
Earth, tell it out abroad, 
The passover of gladness 
The passover of God, 

From death to life eternal 
From earth unto the sky, 
Our Christ has brought us over 
With hymns of victory. 

Our hearts be pure from evil 
That we may see aright. 
The Lord in rays eternal 
Of resurrection light. 

Thus list'ning to His accents 
May hear, so calm and plain, 
His own "All hail" and hearing 
May raise the victor strain. 

Now let the heav'ns be joyful 
Let earth her song begin, 
Let the round world keep triumph 
And all that is therein. 

Invisible and visible 
Their notes let all things blend, 
For Christ the Lord hath risen 
Our joy that hath no end, 

Sel. by Sister Margaret Myers 

The rule that governs my life is : 
Anything that dims my vision of 
Christ, takes away my taste for 
Bible study, cramps my prayer life 
or makes Christian work difficult, 
is wrong for me and I must turn 
away from it as a Christian, 




With winter behind us and look- 
ing forward to spring and planting 
our gardens, perhaps we should 
think also of planting a "Church 
Garden" as follows : 

First plant five rows of peas : 
perserverance, preparation, presence, 
promptness and purity. 

Next plant three rows of squash : 
squash criticism, squash gossip, 
squash indifference. 

Then plant five rows of lettuce : 
Let us be loyal and unselfish, 
Let us be faithful to our duty, 
Let us obey rules and regulations. 
Let us be true to our obligations. 
Let us love one another. 

Sel. by Sister Betty Shelly 

MATTHEW 18:15-21 
If Christ had said, ''Where five 
or six hundred are gathered to- 
gether in My name, there am I in 
the midst," how anxious we should 
have been to attend great meetings 
that we might get near the Lord! 
But He says, "Where two or three 
are gathered together," If He had 
said, "Where bishops or popes or 
great men are assembled, there will 
I be." we should travel the world 
over to attend such assemblies. But 
we go to the prayer meeting and 
we find only half a dozen and we 
think it is best to adjourn. — H. L. 

Faith gets most, humility keeps 

most, and love does most. 


Unblemished Lamb, I look to Thee, 
Thou Who wast made sin for me. 
In faith I look ; by faith I know 
That when Thy wounds began to 

It was for every soul of man 
That ever lived since earth began. 
Though God hath laid on Thee my 

O Jesus, Thou didst take me on! 

Unspotted Lamb, I look and cry. 
That when Thou camest here to die. 
There was no man that pitied Thee ; 
No man to share Thy misery. 
An on Thy cross-hung hours of 

Till temple veil was rent in twain, 
Thy Father's face was shut away 
To mark the world's atonement day. 

Eternal Lamb, I look ; till peace 
And joy with heaven's rich increase 
Make glad my soul to follow Thee. 
The fountain of Thy agony. 
Though opened in the vale of death, 
And nourished with Thy dying 

Imparts to me Thy life divine, 
I look in faith ; and I am Thine ! 

Sel. by Sister Delia Beeman 

The man who walks with God al- 
ways, knows in what direction he 
is going. 

Christ has no place in your life 
unless He has first place. 




The cross is God's verdict to the 
flesh. It is God's "arrest of death." 
Paul lived a long time and traveled 
a long way before he learned "that 
in me . . . dwelleth no good thing." 
He was there referring to his flesh. 
We know that the mind of the flesh 
"is enmity against God." It is "not 
subject to the law of God, neither 
indeed can be." The verdict has 
been given and the sentence has 
been executed. The only possible 
cure is condemnation, crucifixion, 
and death with Christ. Our Saviour 
nailed the flesh with "the affections 
and lusts" to the accursed tree. "The 
mind of the flesh is death." Since 
its mind is death, God sent it to 
the cross. 

When Scripture speaks of "the 
flesh" as contrary to "the Spirit," 
it refers to the whole of human na- 
ture in its fallen condition. In God's 
Word we read of the wills of the 
flesh, also the desires, the mind, the 
wisdom, the purposes, the confi- 
dence, the filthiness, the workings, 
the warring, the glorying of the 
flesh. Scriptures also tell of those 
who walk according to the flesh or 
after the flesh. Man's emotions and 
reasonings, his powers and all his 
thinking and willing and energies, 
are under the lordship of the flesh. 
The flesh must go to the cross. It 
seizes hold of man's fleshly self-life 
and carries it to judgment — a final 

judgment that pronounces death. 

The Christian who has been born 
again has gone through this judg- 
ment in the person of Christ. God 
says to the unbeliever, "They that 
are in the flesh cannot please God." 
But to be the born-again Christian -. 
He says, "Ye are not in the flesh, 
but in the Spirit." We can have 
the assurance that "they that are 
Christ's have crucified the flesh with 
the affections and lusts." As we f 
yield ourselves continually to God, I 
as those who are alive from the I 
dead, we experience liberty. Christ * 
has made us free. "If the Spirit of • 
him that raised up Jesus from the 
dead dwell in you, he that raised 
up Christ from the dead shall also 
quicken your mortal bodies by his 
Spirit that dwelleth in you. There- 
fore, brethren, we are debtors, not 
to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 
For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall 
die : but if ye through the Spirit do 
mortify the deeds of the body, ye 
shall live." Rom. 8:11-13. Here, 
the flesh has been judged, and our 
position is now "in the Spirit." 

The victorious believer will be- 
come aware of many forms of self 
which must yet be dealt with. L. E, 
Maxwell says, "We shall discover : 
in our service for Christ, self-con- 
fidence and self-esteem ; in the 
slightest suffering, self-saving and 
self-pity ; in the least misunder- 
standing, self-defense and self- 
vindication ; in our station in life, 
self-seeking and self-centeredness ; 



in the smallest trials, self-inspection 
and self-accusation ; in the daily rou- 
tine, self-pleasing and self-choosing ; 
in our relationships, self-assertive- 
ness and self-respect ; in our educa- 
tion, self-boasting and self-expres- 
sion ; in our desires, self-indulgence 
and self-satisfaction ; in our suc- 
cesses, self-admiration and self- 
congratulaion ; in our failures, self- 
excusing and self- justification ; in 
our spiritual attainments, self- 
righteousness and self-complacency; 
in our public ministry, self-reflection 
and self-glory ; in life as a whole, 
self-love and selfishness. The flesh 
is an T' specialist." 

There is a Hall of a Thousand 
Mirrors in the Palace of Wurtzung. 
When one enters a thousand hands 
stretch out to meet you, a thousand 
smiles greet your smile, a thousand 
eyes will weep when you weep, but 
they are all your hands, your smiles, 
and your tears. What a picture of 
the selfish man ! Self all around. 
Self multiplied. Because of God's 
wisdom, we are not burdened with 
all these various forms of the flesh 
at once. However, we are in a 
constant fight. Much of the flesh 
must yet be crucified. An old black 
Christian in Africa said, "The cross 
of Christ condemns me to become 
a saint." We have been crucified 
with Christ. There let us stand. We 
are debtors not to the flesh to live 
after the flesh, but to the Spirit, to 
live after the Spirit. We are His. 
Then, let's be His. 

Perhaps you are a murmuring, 
complaining Christian. You sulk 
and feel sorry for yourself. You 
need not do so. "If the Spirit of 
him that raised up Jesus from the 
dead dwell in you," He will lead 
you to experience the power of the 
cross, and you will cease your com- 
plaining. But a certain condition 
must be met : "If ye through the 
Spirit do mortify the deeds of the 
body," Rom. 8:13. 

Are you sensitive, "thin-skinned?" 
Is not this sinful pride? When re- 
proved, merely answer, "You don't 
know half the truth. If you knew 
me, you would say much worse." 
This may help you into harmony 
with the cross. 

Someone may say that if circum- 
stances were only different, victory 
would be so much easier. Amy 
Carmichael said, "The eternal sub- 
stance of a thing never lies in the 
thing itself, but in the quality of 
our reaction toward it. If in hard 
times we are kept from resentment, 
held in silence and filled with in- 
ward sweetness, that is what mat- 
ters. The event that distressed us 
will pass from memory as a wind 
that passes and is gone. But what we 
were while the wind was blowing 
upon Us has eternal consequences. 
Do you demand signs and won- 
ders before you will believe? The 
flesh seeks to glory in God's very 
presence. The Christian who makes 
such demands upon God keeps alive 
the very fleshly and selfish principle 



which must go to the cross. 

Are you given to gossip? James 
says, "The tongue is a fire, a world 
of iniquity ... an unruly evil, full 
of deadly poison. Therewith bless 
we God, even the Father ; and there- 
with curse we men." A minister 
sought to control his tongue by tak- 
ing a red hot poker and searing it. 
But the trouble was deeper. It was 
a heart matter. He later learned 
how "through the Spirit" to mortify 
the deeds of the tongue. 

Compromising in any manner 
with the flesh is sin. "If thy brother, 
the son of thy mother, or thy son, 
or thy daughter, or the wife of thy 
bosom, or thy friend, which is as 
thine own soul, entice thee secretly, 
saying. Let us go and serve other 
gods . . . thou shalt stone him with 
stones, that he die ; because he hath 
sought to thrust thee away from the 
Lord thy God," Deut. 13:6-10. 

He who stands not at the cross 
cannot be standing in righteousness. 
At the cross God put away sin. 
"Whosoever will save his life shall 
lose it." 

The Lord is coming. What is 
your life? Is it lived in the Spirit? 
The power of the cross is able to 
sever every relationship that would 
bind us to the flesh. We are debtors 
only to the Holy Spirit. Give the 
cross full place in your life. The 
flesh has not one speck of power 
over the Crucified One. Someone 
has said that "every strong convic- 
tion ends by taking possession of 

us ; it overcomes and absorbs us, 
and tears us ruthlessly from every- 
thing else." Has the cross so seised 
upon your lifef 

Amy Carmichael knew the path- 
way of suffering. She bore in her 
body the marks of the Lord Jesus. 
She said, "We who follow the 
Crucified are not here to make a 
pleasant thing of life ; we are called 
to suffering for the sake of a suf- 
fering, sinful world. The Lord for- 
give us our shameful evasions and 
hesitations. His brow was crowned 
with thorns ; do we seek rosebuds 
for our crowning? His hands were 
pierced with nails ; are our hands 
ringed with jewels? His feet were 
bare and bound ; do our feet walk 
delicately? What do we know of 
travail? of tears that scald before ^ 
they fall? of heartbreak? of being ] 
scorned? God forgive us our love 
of ease. God forgive us that so 
often we turn our faces from a life 
that is even remotely like His. For- 
give us that we all but worship com- 
fort, the delight of the presence of 
loved ones, possesions, treasure on 
earth. Far, far from our prayers 
to often is any thought of prayer 
for a love which will lead us to 
give one whom we love to follow 
our Lord to Gethsemane, to Calvary 
— perhaps because we have never 
lieen there ourselves." 

Lord, when I am weary with toiling. 
And burdensome seem Thy com- 



If my load should lead to complain- 
Lord, show me Thy hands, — 
Thy nail-pierced hands, Thy cross- 
torn hands. 
My Saviour, show me Thy hands. 

Christ, if ever my footsteps should 
And I be prepared for retreat, 
If desert or thorn cause lamenting. 

Lord, show me Thy feet, — 
Thy bleeding feet. Thy nail-scarred 
My Jesus, show me Thy feet. 

O God, dare I show Thee 
MY hands and MY feet? 

— Brenton Thoburn Badley 
• — ^Ruby Zook in Christian Monitor 


Oh, Jesus ! on the mountain 
Beside Thee I would stand ; 
Drink from no other fountain, 
Feed from no other hand, 
Gaze on no other glory. 
Lean on no other breast ; 
Thus, thus would I adore Thee, 
My everlasting Rest ! 

Sel. by Sister Delia Beeman 


The woods are lovely, dark and 
But I have promises to keep 
And miles to go before I sleep. 

Robert Frost 

Smile awhile and give your frown 
a rest. 

Paul says in 2 Cor. 5 :20, "Now 
then we are ambassadors for 
Christ." Webster says : An ambas- 
sador is an accredited representative 
of a sovereign or state, at the court 
of another. A dilomatic agent of 
high rank. Is this what we are? 
There surely is no higher or more 
honorable position than to be a 
true and loyal ambassador for Jesus 

We often speak and think of our 
faithful forefathers, who took a firm 
stand for the teachings of Christ, as 
He taught both by precept and by 
example. Today many, yea very 
many, ministers will evade the 
preaching of the cross or the things 
that are distasteful to the audience. 

I read a piece some time ago, 
which told of a family living close 
to where a railroad crossed the 
public highway. One day a large 
truck broke down and was on the 
crossing. A girl, the only one at 
home at the time, saw it and recog- 
nized that it was about the time 
for the passenger train to arrive. 
She left the house and ran as fast 
as she could to stop the train. There 
was a curve in the railroad not very 
far from the crossing. After she 
was past the curve she saw the train 
coming and stood in the middle of 
the track signaling with both hands 
for the engineer to stop. When the 
, engineer saw her, he thought at first 



of foolishness on her part and blew 
the whistle loud and long, but the 
girl did not move. The train stop- 
ped as they neared the girl and she 
told them what was ahead. The 
conductor took her on the train 
and after they made the curve, they 
slowly moved near the crossing. 
When the passengers heard what 
the girl did, very many of them 
opened their purses and gave her 
money as an expression of appreci- 
ation for what she did ; saying one 
to another. "She risked her own life 
to save others." What a lesson for 

She was much concerned about 
the temporal things of others. How 
much more should we be concerned . 
when it pertains to the soul? Are 
we ambassadors for Christ ? She did i 
not only stand in the middle of the! 
track but was active in giving, 
warning. . 

I have been at conferences where j 
not very many expressed themselves 
on matters brought before the con- 
ference. Would it not be better for 
delegates to speak out, as a true 
and active ambassador for Christ 
and the church, than to sit idle? It 
seems to me it would be profitable 
for the delegates to ask for the floor 
and even say, I agree with that 
brother's views, etc., or if they do 
not agree to say so and give rea- 
sons why. Are we representing 
Christ and the church by doing 

With the much false teaching in 

our day, it is important that we ij 
stand together as a unit, for the best 
that can be done. Christ's wonder- 
ful prayer as found in John 17 was 
for unity. He pleads with the Fa- 
ther that the believers (His fol- 
lowers) might be one, even as He 
and the Father are one. Four times 
in this prayer He pleads that they 
may be one. In verse 11 He prays, 
"Holy Father, keep through thine 
own name . . . that they may be one 
as we are." In verse 21 He prays, 
"That they may be one : as thou 
Father, art in me and I in thee, that 
they also may be one in us." Again 
in verse 22 He says, "And the glory 
which thou gavest me I have given 
them ; that they may be one, even 
as we are one." Verse 23, "I in 
them, and thou in me, that they 
may be made perfect in one ; and 
that the world may know that thou 
hast sent me, and hast loved them, 
as thou hast loved me." Will we 
recognize the wonderful love and 
concern that Jesus has for us hu- 
man beings? 

There is a saying — United we 
stand, divided we fall. The apostle 
Paul admonishes, "Endeavoring to 
keep the unity of the Spirit in the 
bond of peace," Eph. 4:3. Verse 13, 
"Till we all come in the unity of 
the faith, and of the knowledge of 
the Son of God." I read an in- 
stance where a mother was working 
in the garden and left the small child 
on the lawn (which had been fenced 
in) to entertain itself. Occasionally 



mother would go to see what it was 
doing. Sometime in the afternoon 
she was unable to find the child 
and called her husband and finally 
the neighbors to help to find the 
child. Since they could not find 
it some suggested they search a 
distant field of wheat and even 
though distant some did search 
there. It did not state how long 
they searched, but finally they de- 
cided to join hands and minutely 
search the field of wheat. Thus they 
soon found the child but it was too 
late for it was dead. Among the 
weeping some said, If only we 
had joined hands before. 

With present world conditions I 
often wonder how our coming gen- 
erations will succeed through life. 
We have a tremendous responsibil- 
ity in our day, especially because 
of the false teaching and the unbe- 
lief. Do we recognize our duty as 
we should? Are we influenced by 
all the teachings of the Gospel and 
joined together by the power of the 
Holy Spirit? 

Have we a right to expect our 
children and the generations to come 
to accept the Lord Jesus Christ and 
the teachings of the Gospel? A 
minister while preaching to his audi- 
ence, made mention how some 
mothers dress their children in the 
foolish and sinful fashions of the 
world, which ought not to be. A girl 
sitting with her mother was listen- 
ing to the preaching and suddenly 
looked up in mother's face and whis- 

pered, "Is he talking about you?" 
In Heb. 12:2, we read that we 
should be "looking unto Jesus the 
author and finisher of our faith." 
Did our forefathers do this? Do 
we and if not why not? Which 
faith is so much like that which 
Jesus and the apostles taught, that 
it looks like it? May I ask you, 
does His church finish their faith 
the same as He taught? Which 
faith is that today and are we so 
guided that we will recognize it? 
The Word tells us: God changes 
not, the Word changes not and 
neither does the Holy Spirit. 

I was called to the ministry Jan. 
2, 1911, and if I live until June 16, 
I will be 81 years of age. I have 
seen many and heard of many 
changes that took place in the 
churches during this time. Are we 
loyal and true ambassadors for 
Christ and the church? 

A G. Fahnestock 

R. 4, Lititz, Pa. 17543 

MATTHEW 15:23 

"His disciples came and besought 
him, saying. Send her away; for she 
crieth after us," 

Jesus is not so tenderhearted that 
He cannot see us suffer when suf- 
fering is the best experience for us. 
He does not immediately lift bur- 
dens from our shoulders when it 
is needful for our growth that we 
bear the burdens longer. There is 
a mawkish sentimentality about too 



many people's ideas of Christ, as if 
He were too gentle to endure the 
sight of suffering. It is possible to 
be too tender toward pain. It is 
possible for parents to be too emo- 
tionally kind to their children. Un- 
controlled pity is positive weakness, 
and it is ofttimes very injurious. 
Christ's tenderness is never too ten- 
der to be wise as well as tender. 
He never makes the mistake of 
yielding to any one's entreaties 
when denial would be better than 
acquiescence. He never lets us have 
what we want because He cannot 
bear to say "No" to our tearful 
cries. He is not so tenderhearted 
as to allow His own disciples to go 
unchastened when only chastisement 
can promote their growth. 

Sel. by leanette Poorman 


Many a young life has been 
blighted and ruined because a par- 
ent or some other respected person, 
possibly because of conviction of 
their own spiritual need, has made 
slurring or derogatory remarks 
about one of God's servants (minis- 
ter or layman) in the presence of 
a child. We will answer unto God 
for these wrongs. "Roast preacher" 
at Sunday dinner may leave a bad 
taste in some child's mouth for 
years or they may be turned from 
religion forever. 

Sign on church — "Our church is 
prayer conditioned." 


I have found a little secret 
That makes living worth the while: 
Just share a little happiness 
And pass along a smile. 

If you would do a kindness 
Along the weary mile, 
Just help to cheer the lonely 
And pass along a smile. 

If you would share your friendship 
And always be in style. 
Just be a friendly neighbor 
And pass along a smile. 

For smiles were made for sharing 
In this world we're passing through ; 
For the smiles you share with others 
Will all return to you. 

Sel. by Sheila Stump 


He might have built a palace at a 

Who sometimes had not where to 

lay His head ; 
Time was when He who nourished 

crowds with bread 
Would not one meal unto Himself 

Twelve legions girded with angelic 

Were at His beck — the scorned and 

buffeted ! 
He healed another's scratch ; His 

own side bled. 
Side, feet, hands, with cruel pier- 
cings gored. 



Oh, wonderful the wonders left 
undone ! 

And scarce less wonderful than 
those He wrought ! 

Oh, self-restraint passing all human 

Lo. have all power and be as hav- 
ing none ! 

Oh, self-denying love, which felt 

For needs of others, never for its 


My Father's way may twist and 

My heart may throb and ache, 
But in my soul I'm glad I KNOW 

He maketh no mistake. 

My cherished plans may go astray, 
My hopes may fade away. 

But still I'll trust my Lord to lead 
For He doth know the way. 

Tho' night be dark and it may seem 
That day will never break ; 

He maketh no mistake. 

There's so much noiv I cannot see, 
My eyesight's far too dim ; 

But come what may, I'll simply 
And leave it all to Him. 

For by and by the mist will lift 
And plain it all He'll make. 

Thru all the way, tho'dark to me, 
He made not one mistake. 

Sel. Sister Sheila Stump. 

FOR MAY 1965 

May 2— When God Made People. 

Gen. 1:26-31, Psa. 139:14-17. 
May 9— MOTHER'S DAY. When 

Mother Called. Exodus 20:12, 

Luke 1:40-52, Eph. 6:1-3. 
May 16 — Surprise for Helpers. 

II Kings 22:1-10. 
May 23-The Company Room. Heb. 

13:1-2, II Kings 5:8-17. 
May 30— A Job for David. Psa. 23, 

I Sam. 17:34-37. 


May 2 — The Purpose of Christ 
Coming. Gal. 4. 

1 — Can you describe your inher- 
itance ? 
2 — Why do men think -they have 
more freedom under sin than 
under righteousness ? 
3 — Is there danger that we might 
become "a son of the Bond- 
woman" ? 
May 9— MOTHER'S DAY. A Mo- 
ther's Influence. Ruth 1 :l-22. 
1 — ^Was Naomi's Godly influence 
a deciding factor in Ruth's 
decision to follow her ? 
2 — Do you think Ruth's love for 
her mother-in-law was well 
rewarded ? 
May 16— Works of The Flesh and 
Fruits of The Spirit. Gal. 5. 
1— How do you describe liberty? 
2 — If we justify our deeds by the 
deeds of others are we in 
danger of falling from grace? 



3 — Do any of us have all the 

fruits of the Spirit and none 

of the works of the flesh? If 

not. why not? 

May 23 — Be Not Deceived. Gal. 6. 

1 — Are some Christians guilty of 

dragging others down to their 

level instead of raising them up? 

2 — 'How do we sow to the flesh? 

How to the Spirit? 
3 — How do we become "a new 
creature"? What effect does 
it have on our lives ? 
May 30 — Redemption by His Grace. 
Eph. 1. 
1 — Do some people despise the 

grace of God? 
2 — What is an "earnest"? 
3 — ^How does the power of God 
work in us? 



Memory verse, Luke 18:1, "And 
he spake a parable unto them 
to this end, that men ought al- 
ways to pray, and not to faint." 

Sat. 1— II Chron. 18:23-34. 

Memory verse, I Thess. 5 :17, "Pray 
without ceasing." 

Sun. 2— II Kings 19:14-34. 

Mon. 3—1 Sam. 7:3-10. 

Tues. 4— Acts 9:36-43. 

Wed. 5— Acts 1:1-14. 

Thurs. 6— -Jno. 16:17-28. 

Fri. 7— II Chron. 7:12-22. 

Sat. eu-jer. 29:8-19. 

Memory verse, Eph. 6:18, "Pray- 
ing always with all prayer and 
suppHcation in the Spirit and 
watching thereunto with all 
perserverance and supplication 
for all saints," 

Sun. 9— James 5:10-20. 

Mon. 10— I Jno. 3:13-24. 

Tues. 11— Psa. 91, 

Wed. 12— Jno. 15:1-17. 

Thurs. 13— Luke 11:1-13. 

Fri. 14— ^Heb. 10:9-23. 

Sat. 15— Zech. 13. 

Memory verse, Matt. 26:41, "Watch 
and pray that ye enter not into 
temptation : the spirit indeed is 
willing, but the flesh is weak." 

Sun. 16 — Judges 6:33-40. 

Mon. 17— Isa. 58. 

Tues. 18— Exod. 15:20-27. 

Wed. 19— Rev. 8. 

Thurs. 20— Job 42:7-17. 

Fri. 21— Rom. 8:12-31, 

Sat. 22—1 Kings 9:1-9. 

Memory verse, I Chron. 16:11, 
"Seek the Lord and his strength, 
seek his face continually." 

Sun. 23—1 Sam. 1 :9-18. 

Mon. 24—1 Kings 18:21-40. 

Tues 25— Isa. 65:17-25. 

Wed. 26— Matt. 18:10-20. 

Thurs. 27— Luke 1 :5-16, 

Fri. 28 Ezra 8:21-32. 

Sat. 29— Acts 16:19-33. 

Memory verse, Psa. 55:17, "Eve- 
ning and morning and at noon, 
will I pray and cry aloud : and 
he shall hear my voice." 

Sun. 30^Acts 12:1-19. 

Mon. 31— Luke 23:32-43. 



MAY 1, 1965 

No. 9 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"But continue thou in the things 
which thou hast learned and hast 
been assured of, knowing of whom 
thou hast learned them ; and that 
from a child thou hast known the 
holy scriptures, which are able to 
make ithee wise unto salvation 
through faith which is in Christ 
Jesus," 2 Tim. 3:14-15. This Scrip- 
ture very definitely implies that the 
parents of Timothy taught him the 
holy scriptures and the purpose of 
them. If these two things can be 
taught unto children it will be a 
wonderful blessing unto them. This 
scripture also implies that Timothy 
at least started to follow the things 
which he had learned and there- 
fore Paul urges him to continue 
along this line. Today we need not 
only to start children in the right 
w^ay iDut also urge them to contin- 
ue therein. 

"Verily I say unto you, Except 
ye be converted, and become as lit- 
tle children, ye shall not enter into 
the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever 
therefore shall htmible himself as 
this little child, the same is greatest 

in the kingdom of heaven." A lit- 
tle child is humble, trustworthy, 
obedient and loving. However big 
or old we might be, it is necessary 
to cultivate similiar traits to those 
of little children, in order to enter 
the kingdom of heaven. Notice us 
older children must humble our- 
selves. Humbling ourselves in these 
traits of little children may be quite 
a task for us, but the reward of so 
doing is so great that we cannot 
comprehend it's value. 

"Whoso keepeth the law is a wise 
son: but he that is a companion of 
riotous men shameth his father," 
Prov. 28 :7. Children are you con- 
cerned about keeping the law of 
God? I do not think any children 
would desire to shame their father, 
however unless you are very care- 
ful of your companions you will do 
this very thing. "Children, obey 
your parents in all things : for this 
is well pleasing unto the Lord," 
Col. 3 :20. Dear children, through- 
out your life nothing can be better 
than to please the lord and here 
we find one easy way to do it. 

"And Joseph nourished his 
father, and his brethren, and all 


his father's household, with bread, 
according to their families," Gen. 
47:12. At this time we find Joseph 
in a position : to snub and despise 
his family, to get even with them 
for the way they had treated him, to 
show respect for them and to even 
provide and care for them in a 
famine. We find Joseph chose the 
latter attitude towards his family 
and they were greatly blessed 
through his caring for them. "But 
1 will lie with my fathers, and thou 
shalt carry me out of Egypt, and 
bury me in their burying place. And 
he said, I will do as thou hast said," 
Gen. 47 :30. Under the circumstan- 
ces Israel asked a very expensive 
and difficult thing of Joseph. We 
might say under their very favor- 
able circumstances, in Egypt at that 
time, that he asked a very foolish 
thing also. However we find Joseph 
promising his father, I will do as 
thou hast said. 

"Children, obey your parents in 
the Lord : for this is right. Honour 
thy father and mother ; which is 
the first commandment with prom- 
ise ; that it may be well with thee, 
and ithou mayest live long on the 
earth," Eph. 6:1-3. Here we have 
a very definite and general state- 
ment for all children. A difficult 
and trying statement, especially 
since children and parents do not 
always see things alike. However 
this statement carries a very great 
promise, a promise which perhaps 
everyone has a sincere longing to 

he fulfilled. What can be more com- 
forting on this earth than, that 
things may be well with us and that 
we may live long. | 

Good children are obedient and 
prosperous children, not only in 
this world but also before God. 
"Samuel grew, and the Lord was 
with him, and did let none of his 
words fall to the ground," 1 Sam. 
3:19. "Then Peter said unto them, 
Repent, and be baptized every one 
of you in the name of Jesus Christ 
for the remission of sins, and ye 
shall receive the gift of the Holy 
Ghost. For the promise is unto you, 
and to your children, and to all 
that are afar off, even as many as 
the Lord our God shall call," Acts 
2 :38-39, What greater promises 
come during a lifetime than such 
as these : Remissioin of our sins and 
the gift of the Holy Ghost? 

"Furthermore we have had 
fathers of our flesh which corrected 
us, and we gave them reverence : 
shall we not much rather be in sub- 
jection unto the Father of spirits, 
and live?" Heb. 12:9. Dear chil- 
dren and young people, nothing in 
this life will be of greater value to 
each of you than to submit unto the 
will of Almighty God. Under what 
circumstances could you consider 
yourself good, if you do not submit 
unto the Will of God at all times? 
"A wise son maketh a glad father : I 
but a foolish so.n is the heaviness of 
his mother," Prov. 10:1. Read the 
newspapers, listen to the News re- 


ports, hear what others tell you of 
the conditions in your community ; 
have you ever found anything to 
contradict this Proverb? In con- 
clusion. Why not be good children? 


Mother's Day is approaching, a 
day we give special recognition to 
the mothers of our land, and par- 
ticularly, our Christian mothers. 

Motherhood is a most prized po- 
session of a virtuous woman. For 
centuries, man has sought an ade- 
quate definition of the word mother, 
but it is much like the Love of God, 
it is beyond the power of expres- 

The best definition anyone has 
ever comprehended for the word 
"mother" were those thajt were 
blessed with a kind, loving and de- 
voted mother. That type of a mo- 
ther defines her own meaning. 

Motherhood started in the Garden 
of Eden, Eve being the first woman 
and the first mother, as recorded in 
sacred history. From then until the 
present, mothers have occupied a 
noble place in life. The physical, 
moral and spiritual contributions 
the mothers of the past ihave con- 
tributed to their offspring cannot be 

Their contributio.n to the home, 
to .the church and to society is whol- 
ly beyond human comprehension. 

They have so nobly, so victorious- 
ly, so courageously and so sacri- 

fically lived, loved and served. 

The physical surroundings and 
the temporal blessings that a de- 
voted mother provides for her chil- 
dren are of the best ! Neither will 
she neglect the more important 
phase of life, the spiritual ! Many 
great men in the intellectual field, 
in the religious world and in the 
business world have not been 
asihamed to give credit for their 
success to where credit was due, 

Many interesting illustrations 
could be given of true experiences 
in the lives of mothers. One draws 
heavy to me just now. In the fif- 
teenth century, in Germany, one 
bitter cold night, at a certain home, 
there was a rap at the door. Mother 
answered and their, standing in the 
cold, shivering, was a thinly clad, 
weak and faint little boy. This mo- 
ther had a large family of her own, 
but seeing the need and loving chil- 
dren, she made room for him in an 
already crowded household. They 
hsd recently lost a small child by 
death and they rather accepted this 
child as God's replacement. They 
kept him, raised him and educated 
him. This lad was none other than 
Martin Luther, whose well blessed 
ministry was the means of thou- 
sands turning to Christ. 

Countless thousands of mothers 
do not have access to money in 
quantities that diey can make a be- 
stowal on their children at their 
decease. But they can and do be- 



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stow upon them values money can- 
not buy. A mother sought advice 
from Dr. William Adler, as to how 
she could best provide for her chil- 
dren's future. "Not by bestowing 
luxuries" he said. Solomon, in 
speaking of a worthy woman or 
mother said she worked willing with 
her ihands and she sought wool and 
flax. In primitive times many mo- 
thers had to gather flax and wool 
and make their own cloth and cloth- 
ing. They made the best use of 
the means at hand. If they can im- 
part the same traits to their chil- 
flren and train them in the way they 
should go, those children have a 
goodly heritage, excelling in worth, 
any wealth, houses or lands that 
might be bequeathed to them. 

Dr. J. W. Holland made this 
statement, "Mothers are and must 

always be God's missionaries of 
morals and the pioneers of the truest 
piety." In a little cabin in the state 
of Indiana, years ago, a woman lay 
dying. "Abe," she said, "love every- 
body, hinder nobody, inever lie, 
never drink, never steal and some 
day the world will be glad that you 
lived." Years later, when Abe Lin- 
coln crossed the threshold into the 
White House he uttered these re- 
corded words, "All that I am or 
hope to be I owe to my mother." 
Throughout our nation are count- 
less numbers of homes where 
drunkenness, adultry, disease, vice, 
and sin of every kind abounds. We 
should thank God for the whole- 
some, Christian home life we were 
blessed with in our youth. Such 
an heritage, we should not be will- 
ing to exchange with for all the 
wealth of the world. 

How priceless is the spiritual 
heritage bequeathed to us by our 
mothers ! Mother radiates her 
greatest and most lasting influence 
in the very early and impressionable 
years of the child. It is in the home 
that he first hears prayer, asking 
the blessing at the table, hears the 
Word of God read and sees the 
godly lives of his parents. Those 
impressions stay with a child until 
he dies, even past four score years 
and ten. Susanna Wesley, mother 
of John and Charles once wrote to 
her son John, as follows, "Would 
you judge of the lawfulness or un- 
lawfulness of a pleasure, take this 



rule : Whatever weakens your rea- 
son, impairs the tenderness of your 
conscience, obscures your sense of 
God, or takes off the relish for 
spiritual things : whatever increases 
the authority of your body over 
your mind, THAT THING TO 
YOU IS SIN." Because she was 
a godly mother and governed her 
household wisely, Susanna Wesley 
had the joy of seeing these sons be- 
come great men of God. Moses' 
mother's training caused Moses to 
choose God and forsake the life of 
luxury in the king's court. 

eighteenth century Philip Doddridge 
was born. His mother often held 
him on her lap and related bible 
stories, before he even could read. 
She deposited in his mind Bible 
truths. In later years these truths 
seeded in his mind by his mother, 
bore fruit. He wrote a number of 
hymns, one of which is, "O Hap- 
py Day That Fixed My Choice." 
His mother helped fix that choice 
when she taught him the Bible. We 
are debtly indebted to the mothers 
of History. We are indebted to our 
Christian mothers of today. The 
old adage, "The hand that rocks 
the cradle rules the world" is more 
truth than mere words. Thinking 
of true motherhood, we have in 
mother, true love. Mother's love 
flows many times, when others 
have dried up. Mothers love is 
evidenced by the things she does for 
her children, by the words she 

speaks and by the sacrifices she 

Mother is much disturbed about 
her children when others about may 
be very indifferent. One morning, 
long before daylight, a mother 
hitched up her horse to a spring 
wago'n. She placed beside her on 
the seat, a basket of good things to 
eat, made with her own hands, for 
one who she knew would relish 
them. She drove into the county 
seat, arriving there about daylight. 
She drove to a building which was 
surrounded by a ;high, iron fence. 
She tied her horse to the fence and 
sat, in the wagon, with her eyes 
centered on and very eagerly 
watching ithe door. At a time when 
seemingly no one else was interes- 
ted, this mother could hardly wait 
until that door opened. Finally it 
did, and her son walked out of pri- 
son a free man. Mother was wait- 
ing ! Not only to welcome him, but 
to take him HOME. She could 
hardly wait until they got started, 
to open her picnic basket and give 
him of the ithings she knew he was 
quite fond of. Even though society 
looked down upon that man, mother 
did not. That is true motherhood. 
Bro. Paul R. Myers 
Box 117, 
Greentown, Ohio 

It is a pleasant thought that when 
you help a fellow traveler up a 
mountainside, you get nearer to the 
top yourself. 



W'e believe there is a cup for us 
to accept and a cup for us to re- 
ject. The one to be rejected is the 
cup of strong drink. We are told 
in God's Word "Not even to look 
upon it, for at the last it biteth 
like a serpent and stingeth like an 

Specifically speaking, according 
to the Scriptures, there are only 
two cups "the cup of the Lord and 
the cup of devils." All cups fall vm- 
der one or the other of these two. 
The}' cannot come under both and 
neither can you partake of both. 
For as Paul tells us I Cor. 10:21, 
"Ye cannot be partakers of the 
Lord's table, and of the table of 
devils." In other words, you cannot 
live as beconieth a christian and as 
a man of the world at the same time. 
For what fellowship hath the right- 
eous with the Unrighteous ? Or what 
part hath he that believeth with an 
unbeliever ? 

The cup you accept or reject, you 
do according to your power of 
choice ; that is, as long as the pow- 
er of choice is extended to you. 
Making the wise choice in accepting 
the cup of the Lord is beautifully 
portrayed in the decision of Moses, 
"By faith Moses, when he was come 
to years, refused to be called the 
son of Pharoah's daughter ; choos- 
ing rather to suffer affliction with 
the people of God, than to enjoy the 
pleasures of sin for a season ; es- 

teeming the reproach of Christ 
greater riches than the treasures in 
Egypt : for he had respect unto the 
recompence of the reward," Heb. 
1 1 :24-26. In accepting the cup of 
Lord, Moses realized that it en- 
tailed the suffering of affliction with 
the people of God ; yet with great 
insight and foresight, he regarded 
the reproach of Christ far greater 
riches than all the treasures of 
Egypt. This reminds me of the 
song : The toils of the road will 
seem nothing, when I get to the end 
of the way. Yes it will be worth it 
all, indeed. 

In speaking of the cup facing our 
Lord, there in Gethsemane ; why 
did He say, "Shall I not drink it? 
"The sweetest thing in the whole 
verse is rig'ht here and it is because 
the Father gave it. The whole secret 
of accepting the cup of suffering of 
whatever kind it is, to know that 
the hand which gives it is really the 
hand of God, our Father. Our Lord 
did not look directly at Judas, even 
though he was standing there with 
those who came to apprehend Him, 
He looked beyond Judas and unto 
His Father, therefore He would 
accept His cup. 

You have gone deep into the 
life of God, when from your heart 
you can say these words. The cup 
which my Father hath given me, 
shall I not drink it? In the middle 
of Mark 10:38 we find this ques- 
tion, "Can ye drink of the cup that 
1 drink of? "This is a very signifi- 


cant question. This was our Lord's 
answer to the request of James and 
John, that He grant one to sit on 
His right ;hand and the other on His 
left, in His glory. This question 
seems to imply that there is a cup 
to drink of, before one is enabled 
to sit with our Lord in His throne, 
ruling and reigning with Him. It 
is the cup of trial and suffering, yes 
God never promised the christian 
an easy way to the throne. In His 
Word He does promise grace and 
strength for each trial, if we fully 
trust Him. "Can ye drink of the 
cup that I drink of?" Every Chris- 
tian must face this question sooner 
or later. His answer and attitude 
towards this cup will determine his 
l^lace in Christ's kingdom. Think 
of the intense suffering our Saviour 
underwent, voluntarily and purpose- 
ly for you and for me. He was de- 
spised and rejected of men; a man 
of sorrows and acquainted with 
grief: He was oppressed, and He 
was afflicted, yet He opened not 
His mouth; He was brought as a 
lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep 
before her shearers is dumb, so He 
opened not His mouth. He was 
taken from prison and from judg- 
ment. He came unto His own and 
His own received Him not. 

Those wiho were nearest and 
dearest to Him, the ones who 
walked daily with Him in close 
fellowship, finally forsook Him, 
and failed Him in His time of 
deepest sorrow. They were sleep- 

ing while their Master was pouring 
out His soul, sweating great drops 
of blood as it were, in deep anguish 
of Spirit. Three times they yielded 
to sleep and failed the Lord, while 
He was agonizing in the garden 
facing Gethsemane. We find Peter 
resisting, while His Master was 
submiting. Peter, who promised the 
Lord so much, followed afar off, 
sat down amongst His Lord's ene- 
mies, denied his Lord and his faith. 

Our precious Lord was mocked, 
spit upon, smote, beaten, a crown 
of thorns placed on His head and 
finally crucified. Oh, what an ex- 
ample of submission, as He fulfilled 
the will of the Father and drank 
of the cup to the last drop. But I 
feel led to say, that all of this was 
not the reason why our Lord fell 
on His face in the garden and pray- 
ed, "Oh my Father, if this cup may 
not pass away from me, except I 
drink it. Thy will be done," Matt. 
26.42. The bitterest part of the cup 
was, the hiding of the Father's 
face, when His soul was made an 
offering for our sins. 

"Can ye drink of the cup that I 
drink of?" When our Lord asked 
James and John if they were able 
to, they hastily answered that they 
were able, evidently not realizing 
what the suffering involved. How- 
ever Jesus knew, for He had said 
unto them, "Ye know not what ye 
ask." So it is with many christians 
today, they expect the glory with- 
out the cross. They fail to realize 


that trials and sufferings are the 
pledge of our coming crown. "If we 
suffer, we shall also reign with 
Him," 2 Tim. 2:12. Again we read 
in Rev. 3:21, "To Him that over- 
cometh will I grant to sit with me 
in my throne." So many christians 
hold the erroneous idea that the 
christian life should be free from 
trouble. Oh how lightly they sing, 
I'll go with Him through the gar- 
den. One would think it a garden 
of beautiful flowers, instead of tibe 
garden of Gethsemane, the place of 
suffering, the valley of decision. 

Steel is treated and tried to the 
very limit, to determine it's 
strength and durability under se- 
vere strain. In the testing process, 
presstire is brought to bear upon 
it to the crushing point. It is given 
other tests to the breaking point 
and thus is used in places where 
other metals would not hold up un- 
der the strain. Truly, this is a pic- 
ture of the christian being tested 
and tried ; not only for service here 
but for greater reward and glory at 
our Lord's appearing, if we are 
yielded and sulimissive to His lead- 
ing and willing to drink of His cup. 
In Pet. 4:12-13 we find reasons 
for rejoicing, even in the midst of 
severe trials, "Beloved, think it not 
strange concerning the fiery trial 
which is to try you, as though some 
strange thing happened unto you : 
but rejoice, inasmuclh as ye are par- 
takers of Christ's sufferings ; that, 
when his glory shall l)e revealed, 

ye may be glad also with exceeding 
joy." Another reference which 
speaks of the glory received through 
suffering, 1 Pet. 1 :7, "That the 
trial of your faith, being much more 
precious than of gold that perish- 
eth, though it be tried with fire, 
might be found uinto praise and 
honour and glory at the appearing 
of Jesus Christ." 

We are exhorted in 2 Tim. 2:3, 
"Thou therefore endure hardness 
as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." 
A soldier surrenders all and obeys 
the dictates of the one in authority. 
His life no longer belongs to him- 
self. It is when in the midst of 
hardship and battle, that deter- 
mines wihether he is a good soldier 
or not ; and one worthy of advance- 
ment to a higher place of authority. 
So it is dear ones, with the chris- 
tian. If we have the right attitude 
or reaction to trials and suffering, 
we will become good soldiers of 
Jesus Christ, usable in His hand 
and finally (jualify to sit with Him 
in His tlirone. If we never reach 
the place of victorious living here, 
with certain authority or power 
over all that 'hinders our progress 
spiritually, how can we expect to sit 
with our Lord in His throne, ruling 
and reigning with Him? We are 
now in the day of preparation an<:l 
training and so the school of suf- 
fering ])lays a very important part. 

The apostle Paul was a good 
soklier of Jesus Christ. I believe 
he drank more deeply of the cup of 


suffering, which our Saviour drank 
of, than any other man. You know 
at his conversion, our Saviour said, 
"I will s'how him how great things 
he must sufifer for my name's sake" 
in 2 Cor. 11 Paul gives a striking 
account of the things he suffered 
for his Lord's sake. He was able to 
Siay as he neared the end of his 
course, 'T have fought a good 
fight." He had the right reaction 
to trials. In Rom. 5 :3 he said, "But 
we glory in tribulations also." Then 
he proceeds to give the benefits at- 
tained spiritually, as a result of 
tribulation. Truly, Paul drank of 
the cup of suffering unto victory. 
What a comfort and inspiration his 
life is to us today, who are passing 
through heart-breaking experiences. 
It was he wiho said, "And we know 
that all things work together for 
good to tlhem that love God, to them 
who are the called according to His 

Remember our very life and all 
the circumstances of it, may be a 
cup which God has given, that we 
should accept as from Him. In Eph. 
5:18 we are admonisihed, "Be not 
drunk with wine, wherein is excess ; 
but be filled with the spirit." As a 
cup and vessel of the Lord, we are 
to be filled even to overflowing; 
not with intoxicating wine, which 
is an excess and inordinate; but 
with the quickening Holy Spirit 
which enlivens one spiritually, which 
filling is not in excess, but a right- 
eous overflowing. You remember 

the Psalmist David said, in Psa. 23, 
"My cup runneth over." He was 
filled to overflowing with the bless- 
ings and favor of God, even in the 
presence of his enemies. So we too 
can say, "My cup runneth over" 
providing we can truthfully say with 
David, "The Lord is my Shepherd, 
I shall not want". Have you accep- 
ted the cup? Are you drinking 
from the precious living cup that 
never shall run dry? David speaks 
of the cup in a number of Psalms, 
116:13, "I will take the cup of sal- 
vation and call upon the name of 
the Lord." Whoever of you, who 
have not yet taken the cup of sal- 
vation and called upon the name of 
ithe Lord. I pray you will do it now. 

Rom. 10:13 we read, "For who- 
soever shall call upon the name of 
Lhe Lord shall be saved." Let that 
be now, if you have said in your 
heart "sometime," let that some- 
time be now. Again in Psa. 16 :5 
David says, "The Lord is the por- 
tion of mine inheritance and my 
cup ; thou maintainest my lot." I am 
thankful that by the marvelous grace 
of God, I am an heir of His and a 
joint-heir with Christ; that He is 
the portion of my cup; and that 
He upholds, supports and sustains 
me in that which He has alloted me. 
The portion of one's cup may not 
be the portion of another's cup. 

In contrast to the verse I last 
quoted, let us note Psa. 11:5-6, 
"The Lord trieth the righteous ; but 
the wicked and him that loveth vi- 


olence his soul hateth. Upon the 
wicked He shall reign snares, fire 
and brimstone, and an horrible 
tempest : this shall be the portion 
of their cup." We see here the great 
difference between the righteous 
and the wicked, as to the portion of 
their cup. Furthermore in Psa. 75 
we read, "But God is the judge : He 
putteth down one, and sitteth up 
another. For in the hand of the 
Lord there is a cup, and the wine 
is red; it is full of mixture; and He 
poureth out the same ; but the dregs 
thereof, all the wicked of the earth 
shall wring them out and drink 
them." Along this same Hne I wish 
to quote one more passage, Jer. 25 : 
15-17, "For thus saith the Lord 
God of Israel unto me : Take the 
wine cup of this fury at my hand, 
and cause all the nations, to whom 
I send thee, to drink it. And they 
shall drink, and be moved, and be 
mad, because of the sword that I 
will send among them. Tihen took 
I the cup at the Lord's hand, and 
made all the nations to drink, unto 
whom the Lord had sent me." This 
passage of Scripture is very im- 
pressive considering the saying, You 
can lead a horse to water, but you 
cannot make him drink. Generally 
speaking this is true, but it does 
not hold true here : for the Lord 
told Jeremiah to take the cup of 

fury at His hand and cause all the 

, ^+-^„ ^-^ u u^ ,„^ 4-^\^r. ^-^ This would be a different world 

nations to wdiom ihe was to go, to 

drink it. They shall drink and be i^ People were required to have li- 
moved, and he mad, because of the 1 censes to hunt for trouble. 

sword sent among them. Man may 
not be al)le to make a horse drink, 
but God can take the cup of His 
fury and wrath, and make individ- 
uals or nations to drink it, whether 
they want to or not. If men will not 
voluntaril}- accept the blessed cup 
of the Lord, they will sooner or 
later be made to drink from the 
cup of His wrath deep and large ; 
for it containeth much, even the 
everlasting torments of Hell. 

''Be not deceived, God is not 
mocked." So why continue on to 
drink the cup of devils ? You can- 
not get by with it. "For whatsoever 
a man soweth that shall he also 
reap. For he that soweth to his 
flesh shall of the flesh reap cor- 
ruption : but he that soweth to the 
Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life 
everlasting." Remember, "Ye cannot 
drink the cup of the Lord, and the 
cup of devils." Would that you 
would this day choose, which one 
you purpose in your heart to drink 
from. Fro.m now on whether the 
l)lessed cup of the Lord or the cur- 
sed cup of devils. Remember the 
challenging words of Jesus, "Can 
ye drink of the cup that I drink 

Bro. David F. Brubaker 
10750 Jonathan, 
Beaumont. California 




(The following article borders on 
material whicli is controversial but 
which we feel needs our prayerful 
study in tliis day and age. The 
thouglhts are the understanding of 
our Brother and not necessarily of 
the Dunkard Brethren church. If it 
only increases our interest and faith- 
fulness to God's Word, it will have 
been very valuable to each reader. 

"Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, 
O most mighty, with thy glory and 
thy majesty. And in thy majesty 
ride prosperously because of truth 
and meekness and righteousness; 
and thy right hand shall teach thee 
terrible things. Thine arrows are 
sharp in the heart of the king's 
enemies ; whereby the people fall 
under thee," Psa. 45:3-5. Who is 
this King of glory? Jesus strong 
and mighty, Jesus mighty in battle! 
He is the King of glory. The first 
part of Psa. 45 deals with the Bride- 
groom, Jesus Christ, and the sec- 
ond part deals with His glorious 

That it is Jesus Christ described 
here, is proven by the letter to the 
Hebrews 1 :9, where the words of 
Psa. 45 :7 are quoted in the glor- 
ious description of Jesus, the Son 
of God. "Thou hast loved right- 
eousness, and hated iniquity ; there- 
fore God, even thy God, hath an- 
ointed thee with the oil of gladness 

above thy fellows." Thus we see 
Jesus riding with a bow in His 
hand, with which He shoots into 
the hearts of His enemies. The 
sword at His loins is the Word of 
God. He rides out for vengeance as 
it is written, "For the day of ven- 
geance is in mine heart, and the 
year of my redeemed is come," 
Isa. 63:4. 

Exactly the same scene is de- 
scribed in Rev. 6 :2, "And I saw, 
and behold a white horse : and he 
that sat on him had a bow ; and a 
crown was given unto him : and he 
went forth conquering, and to con- 
quer." We also meet Jesus as the 
King of Kings, riding upon a white 
horse in Rev. 19:11, "And I saw 
heaven opened, and behold a white 
horse : and he that sat upon him was 
called Faithful and True, and in 
righteousness he cloth judge and 
make war." Upon His head are 
many diadems and His garment is 
dipped in blood; and His name is 
called The Word of God, which is 

There is however, a difference 
between the description in Rev. 6 
and 19. In Rev. 6 "a crown was 
given to him," Whereas in Rev. 19 
many diadems are upon His head. 
Thus Rev. 6 describes Jesus when 
He rides out to begin His warfare, 
whereas Rev. 19 describes Him to- 
wards the end of His warfare when 
He has already received many tro- 
phies of His victories, wherefore 
we see Him with many diadems. 


Thus the scene of Rev. 6 agrees 
with Psa. 45, according to which He 
here girds His loins and rides out 
heginning His warfare. 

Now : when does this happen ; 
has it happened, or will it happen 
in the future? Psa. 45 describes the 
King as He assumes His Kingly 
power and so does Rev. 6, for a 
crown was given to Him. When 
will that be or has it already hap- 
pened? Rev. 6 gives us the definite 
aniiver, at the opening of the very 
first seal of the book. Nobody can 
take the book of the Father's hand 
and open it's seals except the lion, 
which is the tribe of Judah, the 
Lamb of Calvary who has over- 
can>e. The scene of Rev. 5, where 
the Lamb of God comes and takes 
the book out of the right hand of 
Him that sits upon the throne is 
exactly parallel to Dan. 7:13-14, 
'T saw in the night visions, and, 
behold, one like the Son of man 
came with the clouds of heaven, and 
came to the Ancient of days, and 
they brought him near before him. 
And there was given him domin- 
ion, and glory, and a kingdom, that 
all people, nations, and languages, 
sihould serve him : his dominion is 
an everlasting dominion, which 
S'hall not pass away, and his king- 
dom that which shall not be de- 

It is the day of revelation of Je- 
sus Christ, when Jesus shall come 
again with the clouds of heaven. 
About that future day the revela- 

tion given to John speaks. It begins 
with the very act of breaking the 
firs'c seal of the book (Rev. 6:1) 
r.nd the very first thing which hap- 
pens on the day of the Lord is the 
coming of Jesus. It is not the Anti- 
christ who introduces the day of the 
Lord, O no, it is Jesus Himself, 
who shoots into the heart of the 
Antichrist. Jesus is the First and 
the Last, the Beginning and the 
End of the revelation of God. 

Notice this, it is not said that 
Jesus come down upon the earth in 
Rev. 6 :2. His lx)W is a long range 
weapon with which He shoots from 
above, down upon the earth. He 
rides in the air upon His white and 
pure horse. Thus Jesus before the 
great tribulation, before the ensuing" 
judgments of God, will come in the 
air. Some expect the tribulation be- 
fore the coming of Christ, but 
why wait 'till it is too late? That 
Jesus receives His crown means, 
that He accedes to His kingship as 
King of all Kings. That crown Je- 
sus does not yet wear, btit it shall 
soon be given to Him by His father. 

Where Jesus in Rev. 6 receives 
a crown, that one crown above all, 
which He will always bear. The He- 
ro-King in Psa. 45 is described as 
a Bridegroom who receives His 
bride. He rides out in majesty and 
splendour and His heart is happy 
for, He is annointed with the oil of 
gladness above His companions. 
Why is He so happy? because of 
omitting His enemies? O no, the 



reason for His exceeding joy is His 
beautiful and lovely bride. There- 
fore all His garments are myrrh 
and aloes and cassia, and there is 
beautiful music in His ivory pal- 
aces. They play on harps and sing 
like harp singers, harping their 
harps. They sing a new song Which 
nobody can sing except the bride 
of Jesus (Rev. 14:2-3). The great 
reason for His gladness is His 
bride. Therefore Jesus rides out 
in all His majesty and splendor, 
to fetch His loving bride who waits 
for Him. 

In the ancient East it was a cus- 
tom, that when a prince was en- 
gaged he waited for his bride. And 
she had to wait for Him, for one 
day which she did not know before, 
he would come and fetch her if 
she was ready. But the condition 
for being found worthy was that she 
was awake when he came. There- 
fore the bride, who had made her- 
self ready and clothed herself in 
pure linen, only feared one thing: 
that she would not be found awake 
when her beloved came. This dan- 
ger became greater when the Bride- 
groom delayed. Thus she burned 
oil in the long night and her maids 
had been appointed to keep her 
awake, by all means. Therefore 
w!hen the heauty became sleepy and 
nodded her head, her maids pricked 
her with pins to awake her. I think 
that this is why we often get of- 
fended by our fellow-ohristians, 
that we may awake. But suddenly 

clouds arose in the horizon ; a lone- 
ly rider came at a gallop. Quickly 
he sprang from his horse and em- 
braced his lovely bride, and placing 
her upon his horse and rode back 
to his palace. 

Jesus will come down into the 
air and if He finds His bride 
watching and waiting, fully pre- 
pared. He will catch her up from 
the earth to meet Him in the air, 
and He will lead her home to His 
Father's house in triumph and ex- 
ceeding joy of heart. She is His 
reward of suffering, she is the joy 
lying before Him, in view of which 
He endured the Cross. She is His 
crown of glory. 

"Thou shalt also be a crown of 
glory in the hand of the Lord, and 
a royal diadem in the hand of thy 
God," Isa. 62 :3. The golden crown 
which the Rider on the white horse 
receives is his bride ; by her His 
kingship is established; she is the 
queen standing on Jesus right hand 
in gold of Ophir. She is all glorious 
within ; she sihall be brought unto 
the King in raiment of embroid- 
ery ; the virgins behind her, her 
companions, shall be brought in un- 
to Him. With joy and gladness shall 
they be brought and sihall enter in- 
to the King's palace, Psa. 45:9-15. 

"Gk) forth, O ye daughters of 
Zion, and behold king Solomon 
with the crown wherewith his mo- 
ther crowned him in the day of his 
espousals, and in the day of the 
gladness of his heart," 8. of Sol. 



3:11. This King of Glory is Im- 
manuel and His glorious crown, 
which His Father has given Him, 
is His exceedingly beautiful bride 
without spot or wrinkle, or any of 
such things. Shall you be His im- 
maculate bride? Shall you ride 
with your Bridegroom, when He 
comes on His white horse ? Watch ! 
Dearest greetings from Sister 
Grete and Bro. Ulf Oldenburg, 
5330 Blackstone Ave., Apt. 109, 
Chicago 15, 111. 



June 5 through 8, 1965 
Nazarene Camp Grounds 
West Des Moines, Iowa 

(Time, Speaker and Subject 

— where given) 

Sat. Afternoon — Joseph Flora; 
Emery Wertz. 

Sat. Evening — George Dorsey, "Be- 
lief," James 2 :19. 

Sun. Morning — Ben Klepinger ; 
Dale Jamison. 

Sun. Afternoon — Roscoe Reed, 
"God's Controversy with His 
People": H. I. Jarboe. "An Un- 
concerned World." 

Sun. Evening — Ernest Miller ; 
Young People. 

Mon. Morning — Bible Study ; 
Eldon Flory. 

Mon. Afternoon — Frank Shaffer ; 
Ulf Oldenburg, "Behold, The 

Bridegroom Comes!" 

^lon. Evening — ■ Melvin Roesch, 
1 Tim. 4:8; Hayes Reed, "It Is 
Later Than You Think." 

Tues. Morning — Bible Study. 
(Speaker and subject to be sup- 

Tues. Afternoon — David Skiles. 
(Other speaker and subjects to 
be supplied.) 

Tues. Evening- — Millard Haldeman, 

Directions to 1965 General Con- 
ference Grounds : General Confer- 
ence will be held at the Nazarene 
Camp Grounds, West Des Moines. 
Iowa, June 5-9. The grounds are 
located in West Des Moines on the 
East side of Grand Ave. at Fuller 
Road, one mile South of the rail- 
road underpass. 

Those coming from the East via 
Interstate 80 and 35, turn off at 
Des Moines - West Des Moines In- 
terchange ; follow signs to \A^est Des 
Moines approximately 3 miles East 
and North from the Interchange to 
Fuller Road. Camp Grounds are in 
the Valley on the East (right) side 
of the hi-way. 

Those coming from the South, 
follow Interstate 35 to the Des 
Moines - West Des Moines Inter- 
change ; turn right on West Des 
Moines Exit and follow above di- 

Those coming from the West 'via 
U.S. Route 6, continue straight 
ahead where 6 junctions at the 



above mentioned Interchange, 3 
miles to the Grounds. 

Those coming by bus, train, or 
plane may notify us in advance or 
call the Camp Grounds, Phone No. 
277-8603, and someone will come 
for you. Send mail c/o Nazarene 
Camp Grounds, Grand Ave., and 
Fuller Road., West Des Moines, 

Bro. Ray R. Reed, Third Dis- 
trict Clerk, R.R. 1, Dallas Center, 

Our Revival meeting at the Mt. 
Jackson congregation near Chris- 
tiansburg, Va. will begin Monday 
evening, May 17 and will close 
May 30, Sunday evening. We will 
Not have a Love feast at the close 
of the meeting as planned. All are 
invited to attend these meetings. 
Roscoe Reed, elder. 


Son of Daniel and Sarah Bashor, 
was born Dec. 7, 1879, in Midway, 
Tenn., and died Feb. 19, 1965, at 
his home in Waterford, Cal., at the 
age of 85 years, 2 months and 12 
days. He was united in marriage 
with Nora Bashor in 1899, near 
Homesville, Neb. To this union 
were born nine children. 

After first moving to Kansas, they 
came to California in 1912. They 
were both members of the Dunkard 

Brethren church. Preceding him in 
death were: two sons, John, 1923, 
and Glen, 1930; two daughters, 
Dessie Colbert, 1949, and Lola Lu- 
core, 1958, and his wife, Nora, 
1956. He is survived by: five 
daughters, Gerna Cosgrave of Ar- 
eata, Cal. ; Cora Wyatt of Chow- 
chilla, Cal. ; Lela Wyatt of Chow- 
chilla, Cal. ; Dolly Allen of Water- 
ford, Cal. ; and Pauline Perron of 
Ceres. Cal. ; 18 grandchildren ; 21 
great-grandchildren ; and one sister, 
Mrs. Zona Heiny of Modesto, Cal. 
Funeral services were conducted 
Feb. 24 at the Carmody Memorial 
Chapel, Modesto, Cal., with Bro. 
Hayes Reed in charge. Burial in 
the Modesto Citizens Cemetery. 


Maybe He would say it this way? 

Let us imagine Him turning to 
Peter and saying, "With desire have 
I desired to eat this passover 
(supper) with all my disciples be- 
fore I suffer, or at least to eat one 
more supper with all of you at which 
time I would like to give you some 
last minute instructions concern- 
ing the sacraments of the church." 
Peter says, "Now I think that would 
be fine, but don't you think you 
would reach and influence more 
people to do this on Sunday morn- 
ing in the temple, where people 
from all over the world would be 
appearing for worship before the 




altar and your last instructions 
would be of value to so many more 
than in the guest room of a friend 
and at nigiht?" Jesus quietly turns 
away. . . . 

Then Jesus turns to Thomas and 
says, "With deep desire have I de- 
sired to eat one last passover with 
you before I go away. I have a few 
last minute words I'd like to offer." 
Thomas says, "I doubt if I can be 
there that night, but I'll be in the 
temple on Sunday morning at the 
regular hour of worship. I'll see you 
there." Jesus again silently turns 
away. . . . 

Then I imagine I see Him ap- 
proach Philip, saying, "I am truly 
anxious to meet privately with my 
disciples, especially the twelve and 
as many others as possible, for one 
more night and to eat with them 
one more time, I have a few very 
important things to say to them at 
this time." It would be impossible 
for me to come on that night." But 
with a hearty slap on the shoulder, 
he says, "But I plan to be at the 
regular altar worship in the temple 
on Sunday morning at eleven 
o'clock. After all, I think this is the 
most appropriate time and place to 
reach the most of the people, es- 
pecially the unsaved people. After 
all, you are aware that the lost are 
the ones we want to reach." So 
Jesus again turns away. 

Then I see Him turn to Judas 
Iscariot, saying, "I did so much 
want to say a few last and final 

words to all of you." Judas replied, 
"Yes siree, I'll be right there; yoii 
know me. I think it a good idea. 
You can always count on me." Je- 
sus turned His eyes slowly away 
as He says, "He that eateth bread 
with me hath lifted up his heel 
against me." 

In my imagination, I see Jesus 
turning to Andrew and saying 
again, "With desire have I desired 
to eat one more supper with my di- 
sciples and give to them the final 
sacrament of the church." Andrew 
replies. "I'll take it up with Peter 
and the others, but my work sche- 
dule is pretty full this week. But 
I'll be on hand in the temple Sun- 
day morning at the regular hour." 

Then I see Him in desperation, 
almost in despair, turn to Nathaniel 
with the same desire and request; 
to which Nathaniel replies, "What 
night, Lord?" "I'm sorry." says Na- 
thaniel, "but that is the night my 
wife is working, and I have to stay 
with the children. You know how 
hard and costly it is to get a baby- 
sitter. I just can't come that night, 
but I'll be on hand Sunday morn- 
ing with the entire family. 

Then I see Him turning to James, 
beginning all over again. "It is ex- 
tremely important that I eat one 
last supper with all of you before 
I go away, to give me an opportu- 
nity to give to you some last min- 
ute instructions." To which James 
replies, "I'm sorry, but I'll be on 
hand Sunday morning. After all, 



that's the day set apart for worship." 

Last of all, I see Him turning to 
John the Beloved, expressing a keen 
desire to get at least some of His 
disciples together for a last supper 
and a meeting for encouragement 
and final instructions. John says, 
"Yes, Lord, I'll see what can be 
done and see how many I can get 
together in the large upper room 
of the friend you mentioned." So 
he began at once to make plans for 
this event. 

Sunday morning came and Peter 
was at the temple bright and early 
for he was one who prided him- 
self for being on time and ahead of 
time. He immediately entered the 
temple, walked solemnly and quiet- 
ly down the long, carpeted aisle to 
the altar. Only a very few worship- 
pers were coming in so early. After 
a few moments of worship and 
meditation at the altar, he rises and 
steps aside and awaits anxiously at 
his regular place of worship in the 

A few minutes later Andrew en- 
ters and goes through this same 
altar worship and then joins Peter 
in their accustomed pew, and waits. 

. . . Many other worshippers are 
now filing in for their elaborate 
altar worship, and one by one, they 
are finding their places in the tem- 
ple ; awaiting the regular full wor- 
ship service to begin, and waiting 
for the priest to enter to begin the 
regular morning service by the 
congregation. This small group is 

glancing back, watching for others 
of their group to come. But they 
are especially anxious for their 
leader to come as was his regular 
custom ; but he did not show up. 
There is a slight commotion. They 
glance back now as the priest, rich- 
ly robed, is entering slowly and 

By now Peter was getting ner- 
vous and figity, as he kept looking 
for Jesus to enter. But He did not 
show up and many others of their 
group were not coming in, espec- 
ially John and the women who were 
close to their fellowship. They were 
by now whispering to eadi other 
about the delay, when suddenly 
their gaze was fixed on John, who 
was entering a side entrance. His 
countenance was sad and his head 
bowed as he came directly to them. 

Almost in unison they whispered 
to John, "Where is He? What has 
happened ? Tell us what you know." 
Without speaking, John motioned 
for them to follow him through a 
side door into the now empty ves- 
tibule, where he told them all that 
had happened during the past week. 

. . . How that He had met in an 
upper room of a friend, privately, 
with a very few of His followers; 
where He had eaten that last sup- 
per (the passover supper) with 
them. How, while He was eating, 
He arose from the supper, girded 
Himself with a towel, and to their 
surprise and amazement, washed 
their feet. 



, . . Then He arose from the sup- 
per, and while they were eating, in- 
troduced the sacrament of the bread 
to represent his broken body, the 
cup (the fruit of the vine, not wine) 
to represent his spilt blood. John 
went on to tell of His suffering and 
prayer in the garden. . . the arrest 
. . . the three Hebrew trials. . . the 
three Roman trials. . . the crucifix- 
ion, the earthquake . . . and the 
other disturbances of nature . . . . 
how He hung on the cross all day 
. . . and among His last words were, 
"Father, forgive them for they know 
not what they do" . . . how friends 
came and took His body and buried 
it . . . how His body lay in the 
grave three days and three nights, 
as He had said before. John ex- 
plained that early this mormng some 
of the women went to the tomb and 
one Mary claimed she had seen Him 
and talked with Him alive. She 
said He had told her to get in touch 
with the rest of us and to tell us 
that He would meet us in Galilee 
as He had promised before. So they 
hurried out, saying over and over 
in their minds those last words, 
"Father, forgive them, for they 
know not what they do." 

H. C. Spangler 
Route 4, Box 64, 
Roanoke, Va. 


People are like books, in that 
their thoughts and deeds are writ- 
ten in their lives. 

A christian father lost a son in 
an automobile accident. He bitterly 
approached his minister and asked, 
''Where was God when my son was 
killed?" A christian fruit-grower 
lost a valuable orange crop in an 
overnight freeze. A nearby ungodly 
grower, due to different elevation, 
suffered little loss. The christian in 
distress asks, "Why did this happen 
to me?" 

Somehow the idea has gone 
abroad that if we serve Christ, God 
by some assured intervention, wfll 
protect us from adversity, misfor- M 
tune, persecution and pain. When 
trouble comes to people obessed 
with this completely unbiblical no- 
tion, they tend to feel that God is 
unjust. Nothing can be further 
from the truth. J 

Paul, an example of human suf- 
fering, said, "Who shall separate 
us from the love of Christ? shall 
tribulation, or distress, or persecu- 
tion, or famine, or nakedness, or 
peril, or sword? Nay, in all these 
things we are more than conquerors 
through him that loved us," Rom. 
8 :35-37. Peter, in writing to a dis- 
persed, persecuted people, said, 
"Beloved, think it not strange con- 
cerning ithe fiery trial which is to 
try you, as though some strange 
thing happened unto you : but re- 
joice, inasmuch as ye are partakers 
of Christ's sufferings," I Pet. 4:12- 



Friend have you been called to 
the ministry of suffering? Are you 
finding it difficult to bear? Have 
you studied the first book of Peter, 
if you do I feel you will find much 
comfort in christian suffering. 

It seems that Dwight L. Moody 
spent his life smiling. The account 
says that as he passed a certain 
house, he smiled at a child and the 
child smiled back. The next day an 
older child was with the younger 
and soon it became an established 
thing for the children to smile and 
wave greetings to this kindly man. 
Later the mother also appeared in 
the window and smiled and soon 
Moody found his way into the home 
and it's people found their way in- 
to his ohurdh. 

Try smiling people into things 
you want them to do. There is a 
type of man who tries to get what 
he wants in the world, by the quick 
use of a heavy hand and by fright- 
ening people with harsh words. Je- 
sus said, "Blessed are the meek, for 
they shall inherit the earth." You 
Couldn't do better than get the whole 
world no matter how hard you 
tried. Jesus declared that we get 
things, not by high pressure meth- 
ods or by forcing people to do our 
bidding; but by a combination of 
all those qualities of gentleness, 
loveliness and appeal, which is com- 
prised in the word meekness. It is 
well to keep in mind that a smile 
is one of the most disarming, subtle 
and overwhelming factors of a 

charming and forceful personality. 
Sel. by Kenneth Whitmore. 


Our theme for this article is the 
unforgivable sin of "Atheism." Our 
text is found in Isa. 53:1, "The 
fool hath said in his heart, there is 
no God, . . . Corrupt are they, and 
have done abominable iniquity; 
there is none that doeth good." 

"ATHEISM" is the product of 
fool's. They worship nian as God, 
who is no God. Therefore like the 
Athenians they worship the "UN- 
NORANCE. The true God, the 
God of heaven is unknown to them. 
An "Atheist" is a son of "Belial," 
meaning the devil. "And what con- 
cord hath Christ with Belial . . . 
or what part hath believeth with an 
infidel?" 2 Cor. 6:15. 

In our boy-hood days there were 
few professed infidels, claiming 
disbelief in God, or that there is no 
God. What about today? When we 
go about and talk to men of today, 
we are made to think, by what they 
say, how they act, and what they 
do, that there are many, many in- 
fidels. If there is no God, there is 
no devil. How can an intelligent 
mind conceive that there is no God? 
Do they not idealize there must be 
a Higher power, to provide the 
things, which "nature" teaches us? 
Most all men profess to believe in 




If there is no Divine Provider, 
who provides for the birds, the 
sparrows and ravens, who provides 
food for them? Job says, "Who can 
number the clouds in wisdom? or 
who can stay the bottles of heaven," 
What man can number the clouds? 
Or stop the rain, when God sees 
the need for moisture. "When the 
dust groweth into hardness, and the 
clods cleave fast together? Wilt 
thou hunt the prey for the lion? 
or fill the appetite of young lions, 
when they couch in their dens, and 
abide in the covert to lie in wait? 
Who provideth for the raven — ^his 
food when his young ones cry un- 
to God, they wander for lack of 
meat," Job 38:37-41. Who can de- 
ny the Providence of God? The 
atheist. The Scriptures show a 
definte pattern of God's dealing with 

The founders of our nation rec- 
ognized God on their "coin", will 
she keep him there? In all their 
Constitutional and Legislative Gov- 
ernment, and in the Bible they rec- 
ognized God. This cannot altogether 
be said of our Government today. 
We almost as a majority have for- 
gotten God. We may soon be 
doomed, delivered into the hands of 
a cruel and ruthless enemy, the 
devil. The basic cause for all this 
is "sin," "Atheism." "The fool 
hath said in his heart, there is no 
God." Hatred, lying and slander 
are prominent, even among our 

leaders. These above sins are the 
characteristics of a fool. Prov. 10: 
18, "He that hideth hatred with ly- 
ing lips, and he that uttereth a slan- 
der is a fool." Psa. 121 :l-3, "I will 
lift up mine eyes unto the hills, 
from whence cometh my help. My 
help cometh from the Lord, which 
made heaven and earth. He will not 
suffer thy foot to be moved : he that 
keepeth thee will not slumber." 

in regard to our needs, nor as to our 
condition. Matt. 5:44-45, "But I 
say unto you, love your enemies, 
bless them that curse you, do good 
to them that hate you, and pray for 
them which despitefully use you, 
and persecute you. That ye may be 
the children of your Father which 
is in Heaven : for he maketh his 
sun to rise on the evil and on the 
good, and sendeth rain on the just 
and on the unjust." Who makes the 
sun to shine and who sends the 
clouds to hide it? Is there no God? 

Another characteristic of a fool 
is. they mock at sin. Prov. 14 :9, 
"Fools make a mock at sin : but 
among the righteous there is favor." 
If America were right with God, 
"atheist" infiltration could not draw 
the leaders of our nation to betray 
us. America is in sin. The devil 
incarnated in "atheism" is the mas- 
ter and author of deceit, deception 
and lies. It is fooling the political, 
educational and religious world 
leaders into accepting and embrac- 
ing "atheism." They are mocking 



at sin. But the righteous have favor 
witn God. 

How can men and women deny, 
that tnere is a true God? Can they 
not see God's Providence? Matt. 
6 :26, "Behold the fowls of the air : 
for they sow not, neither do they 
reap, nor gather into barns ; yet 
your heavenly Father feedeth them. 
Are ye not much better than they?" 
The devil is deceiving the whole 
world. Are they looking to God, 
for their daily bread? Are they 
thankful to Him? The old Adver- 
sary is disguised, as an angel of 
light, and is cunningly leading the 
whole world astray, to hell and de- 
struction. One says there is no hell, 
there is no God. The Bible says 
such is a fool. 

"The folly of a fool." "And he 
spal<e a parable unto them, saying. 

perfect hatred. They have butchered 
millions of Christians. They deny 
the existence of both God and 
Christ. They tell the world, God is 
a "myth" invented by man. An- 
other characteristic of a fool . . . 
Is his self confidence. Prov. 28: 
26, "He that trusteth in his own 
heart is a fool : but whoso walketh 
wisely, he shall be delivered." 
"Atheist" are self confident, that 
they shall rule the world. Let us 
note some of their ideas. Lenin 
said, "Every religious idea, every 
mention of God, or idea of God, is 
unutterable vileness. We must fight 
all religion." Marx said, "My one 
object in life is to dethrone God." 
Trotsky said, "I want you people 
to organize and keep organizing, in 
order that you can overthrow the 
dirty, rotten U.S." Stalin said. 

The ground of a certain rich man . "Communism (atheism) must and 
brought forth plentifully: And he, will conquer the whole world." 

Lucifer said, Isa. 14:13-15, "For 
thou hast said in thine heart, I 
will ascend into heaven, I will exalt 
my throne above the stars of God: 
I will sit also upon the mount of 
the congregation, in the sides of the 
north : I will ascend above the 
heights of the clouds ; I will be like 
the most High. Yet thou shalt be 
brought down to hell, to the sides 
of the pit." And the 12th verse 
says, "How art thou fallen from 
heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morn- 
ing ! how art thou cut down to the 
ground, which didst weaken the 

thought within himself, saying 
\/Vhat shall I do, because I have no 
room where to bestow my fruits? 
And he said this will I do : I will 
pull down my barns, and build 
greater ; and there will I bestow all 
my fruits and my goods. And I will 
say to my soul, thou hast much 
goods laid up for many years ; take 
thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. 
But God said unto him, Thou fool, 
this night thy soul shall be required 
of thee : then whose shall those 
things be, which thou hast pro- 
vided?", Luke 12:16-20. 

"Atheists" hate religion with a nations!" 




Recently the "xA-theists" have just 
warned the Jews in Russia, that 
they must not pray, even in their 
own homes. Will persecution, from 
the "atheists" come to Christians? 
Before He left the world, Christ 
foretold of the persecutions that 
would befall His disciples. Also in 
His "Revelation" He tells in the 
13th chapter what will befall His 
saints, in the last three and one- 
half years of this world, under the 
power of the "beast." Luke 21 :12- 
19, "But before these, they shall 
lay their hands on you, and per- 
secute you, delivering you up to the 
synagogues, and into prisons, being 
brought before kings and rulers for 
my name's sake." This was for the 
disciples and they experienced it, 
but what about the saints in the 
future? Jesus said, "And it shall 
turn to you for a testimony. Settle 
it therefore in your hearts, not to 
meditate before what ye shall an- 
swer : For I will give you a mouth 
and wisdom, which all your adver- 
saries shall not be able to gainsay 
nor resist. And ye shall be betrayed 
both by parents, and brethren, and 
kinfolks, and friends ; and some of 
you shall they cause to be put to 
death. And ye shall be hated of all 
men for my name's sake. But there 
shall not an hair of your head perish. 
In your patience possess ye your 

"Atheists" philsophy . . . Teaches 
it is right to He, steal, cheat, break 
promises, treaties, murder and de- 

stroy whole civilizations, if it will 
promote their cause. Also they are 
hypocritical, which is characteristic 
of a "fool."Luke 11:39, "And the 
Lord said unto him, Now do ye 
Pharisees make clean the outside of 
the cup and the platter ; but your 
inward part is full of ravening and 
wickedness." "Atheists" literature 
. . . Teaches juvenile delinquency, 
impurity, sexual promiscuity, dis- 
regard of marriage, disrespect of 
parents. It opposes God, Christ, 
and the Bible religion, openly. It 
advocates violence and hatred. 

Prov. 14:8, "The wisdom of the 
prudent is to understand his way: 
but the folly of fools is deceit." We 
should not fear "atheists," but guard 
ourselves against them. We should 
not fear the devil, nor any of his 
adversaries. Matt. 10:26-31, "Fear 
not therefore : for there is nothing 
covered, that shall not be revealed ; 
and hid, that shall not be known. 
What I tell you in darkness, that 
speak ye in light : and what ye hear 
in the ear. that preach ye upon the 
housetops. And fear not them which 
kill the body, but are not able to 
kill the soul : but rather fear him 
which is able to destroy both soul 
and body in hell." 

In conclusion, we again look at 
God's Providence. "Are not two 
sparrows sold for a farthing? and 
one of them shall not fall on the 
ground without your Father. But 
the very hairs of your head are all 
numbered." No. dear reader, we 



must not fear "atheism," but keep 
ourselves from it, and guard our 
children. Our textbooks, from the 
first grade through the university, 
are subtly designed to turn our chil- 
dren from their parents. Also from 
love of country, from God and the 
Bible, and to brain-wash and pre- 
pare them for the acceptance of 
international "atheism." "The fool 
hath said in his heart, that there is 
no God." May God help us. 
Bro. Wm. Root 

1612 Morphy St. 

Great Bend, Kans. 67530 


They borrowed a bed to lay His 
When Christ the Lord came down, 
They borrowed the ass in the 

mountain pass : 
' For Him to ride to town : 
But the crown that He wore, 
And the cross that He bore, were 
His own — 
The cross was His own. 

He borrowed the bread when the 
crowd He fed. 
On the grassy mountain side. 
He borrowed the dish of broken fish, 

With which He satisfied; 
But the crown that He wore, 
And the cross that He bore, were 
His own — 
The cross was His own. 

He borrowed the ship in which to sit. 
To teach the miultitude, 

He borrowed a nest in which to 
He had never a home so crude : 
But the crown that wore 

And the cross that He bore, were 
His own — 
The cross was His own. 

He borrowed a room on His way 
to the tomb 
The passover lamb to eat. 
They borrowed a cave for Him a 
They borrowed a winding sheet : 
But the crown that He wore. 
And the cross that He bore, were 
His own — 
The cross was His own. 

Sel. by Sister Ada Whitman. 



My life is but a weaving 
Between my Lord and me, 

I cannot choose the colors 
He worketh steadily. 

Ofttimes He weaveth sorrow, 

And I in foolish pride 
Forget Hie sees the upper 

And I, the underside. 

Not till the loom is silent 
And the shuttles cease to fly 

Shall God unroll the canvas 
And explain the reason why. 

The dark threads are as needful 
In the Weaver's skillful hand 

As the threads of gold and silver 
In the pattern He has planned. 

Sel. by Ruth M. Snyder 




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MAY 15. 1965 

No. 10 

"FoT the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUiR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Blessed are they which are per- 
secuted for righteousness' sake : for 
their's is the kingdom of heaven. 
Blessed are ye, when men shall re- 
vile you, and persecute you, and 
shall say all manner of evil against 
you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, 
and be exceeding glad : for great is 
your reward in heaven : for so per- 
secuted they the prophets which 
were before you," Matt. 5:10-12. 
We have a small part of a sermon 
of our Lord and Master for our 
meditation. We feel it will apply, 
some time in our life, to each and 
every one who conscientiuosly lives 
"for Christ's sake." 

Let us first consider the word 
"Blessed," just what does it mean? 
It is a state of happiness, of Chris- 
tian success and of heavenly joy. 
One who is blessed enjoys his priv- 
ileges, has a feeling of peace and 
guiltlessness and of service unto 
others. We might sum up the feel- 
ing of a blessed person as, feeling 
that they are working with Christ. 

The best example we have of one 
who is persecuted is to consider the 

lot of Christ and His apostles, not 
just at one specific time but con- 
sidering their entire lifetime. Perse- 
cution includes : run down in word 
or deed, pursued to harass, con- 
sidered as the offscouring of a 
group and even to the extent of 
being pursued and tortured. Per- 
secution is usually amplified in the 
dark or under cover, especially if 
the ones doing the persecution do 
not want to be known. "Others 
were tortured, not accepting deliver- 
ance : that they might obtain a bet- 
ter resurrection : and others had 
trial of cruel mockings and scourg- 
ings, yea, morever of bonds and 
imprisonment," Heb. 11:35-36. 
Christ warned His followers, "Mar- 
vel not, my brethren, if the world 
hate you," 1 John 3:13. 

"Blessed are ye, when men shall 
revile you, and persecute you, and 
shall say all manner of evil against 
you falsely," v. 11. Naturally this 
is cause for sorrow and remorse, 
but spiritually it should be consid- 
ered as a blessing. Notice the rea- 
son, it is false and without sufficient 
foundation. They may use nick- 


..ames, reproach and charge you 
wim false charges. We can find 
numerous instances of such treat- 
ment in the Aces of tne Apostles, 
the early church at work. The early 
stages of persecution usually come 
from the tongue, "And of all their 
hard speeches which ungodly sin- 
ners have spoken against him," Jude 
15. Since such speeches are un- 
godly they are usually done liehind 
o le's back or under cover, that the 
source is not found out. 

Why are Christ's followers thus 
treated? "For righteousness' sake" 
for Christ's sake. Christ's main in- 
terest was that all should be done 
for righteousness' sake. "Who shall 
separate us from the love of Christ ? 
shall tribulation, or distress, or per- 
secution, or famine, or nakedness, 
or peril, or sword? As it is writ- 
ten, For thy sake we are killed all 
the day long; we are accounted as 
sheep for the slaughter," Rom. 8: 
36. The apostles were beaten and 
warned not to speak in the name of 
Jesus, Acts 5:41. Persecution is an 
opportunity of glorifying Christ, of 
doing good, of experiencing special 
comforts. "What shall we then say 
to these things : If God be for us, 
who can be against us? He that 
spared not his own Son, but de- 
livered him up for us all, how shall 
he not with him also freely give us 
all things?" Rom. 8:31-32. 

Human nature reacts under per- 
secution with : bitterness towards 
the persecutor, perhaps even to 

hatred and retaliation or else some 
shrink into despondency, careless- 
ness and uselessness. James tells us 
of the boldness and happiness of 
those who suffered persecution, 
Jas. 5:10-11. Our text admonishes 
those who are persecuted to rejoice, 
for the future holds a far greater 
joy for those who endure. Paul 
does not tell us to take pride in our 
trials for Christ and His purpose of 
life, but rather to take pleasure in 
them. "Therefore I take pleasure 
in infirmities, in reproaches, in 
necessities, in persecutions, in dis- 
tresses for Christ's sake : for when 
I am weak, then am I strong," 2 
Cor. 12:10. 


As a minister of the Gospel. I am 
greatly disturbed concerning the 
amount of ungodly printed material 
that is being circulated among our 
citizenry. Obscene pictures, por- 
nography, lewd, sexual and grossly 
evil literature are flooding the 
mails. Visit the average of our news 
stands and what is publicly dis- 
played there, is rotten to the core ! 

What was once considered 
reputable nationally circulated mag- 
azines now have a Sex Article 
headlining nearly every issue. The 
press, the radio and I am told, the 
television are appealing to the wea- 
zy side of life. All highly endorse 
liquor, cigarettes and the very 
things that destroy the soul. 



What used to be comical car- 
toons have turned into indecent, 
suggestive and morbid strokes of 
the pen to incite the animalistic na- 
ture of man. Froim what I read, 
censors no longer cut out of movie 
films, ibedroom scenes, nudism and 
every evil of satan. I read that if 
they did, the public would raise an 
uproar. That they are demanding 
the real thing! 

In the March 1965 Coronet Mag- 
azine, on page fifty-eight an article 
entitled, "DO WE EXPECT TOO 
a certain M. D., goes to some length 
discussing the subject of marriage. 
I am sorry that such an article 
ever came ofif the press. Wherein 
the Bible holds marriage a solemn 
ceremony, binding as long as life 
shall last, this writer has put before 
the reading public a very false im- 

I quote from this article, "The 
concept that marriages are made in 
Heaven and that they are a natural 
way for people to express their sex- 
ual needs and their heeds for love 
is certainly not true." He further 
states, "Similarly it is far from 
true that most married people love 
one another." "Certainly, as far as 
sex goes, neither men nor women 
are basically monogamous. Most 
married people today are not faith- 
ful to their spouses. It is only nat- 
ural that their sexual interests 
should vary from time to time." 
The entire article is of such a trend. 

He closes the article in the last 
paragraph with these though'-s, 
"Love, sex and marriage do not 
necessarily go together. These peo- 
ple could well stay single and satisfy 
their sexual and loving needs out- 
side of marriage, as so many mar- 
ried people do today." 

God pity one to advocate such a 
theory, totally against the Word of 
God. Marriage is of God. Marriage 
is "until death doth part." My Bi- 
ble tells me that one who indulges 
in sex with an unmarried person is 
a fornicator and with another mar- 
ried person is an adulterer. My 
Bible tells me NO ADULTERER 
shall enter Heaven. My God and my 
Bible do not permit sex and love 
outside of marriage, even if many 
people are guilty. We are so near 
to the time "As it was in the days 
of Noah." Certainly we have a host 
of false teachers, deceiving and be- 
ing deceived. 

r thank God for the position the 
Dunkard Brethren take on marriage 
and divorce. It is Bible. But, where 
are the Churches that have the same 
Bible we do? How can they keep 
on their rolls, as members in good 
standing, those who are living in 
corrupt sin every minute of their 
lives? Divorce and remarriage is 
popularized today. The press is full 
of it. Such literature distributed 
by the thousands of tons every 
month is a cancerous sin that is 
eating the spiritual life lines out of 
our nation today. Where are the 




Taneytown, Md., May 15. 1965 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
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March 3, 1879. 

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Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md. 21787, Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greantown, Ohio 44630, 
Assistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif. 95351, 
Associate Editor. 

preachers of our land that they do 
not cry out mightily against such 
wickedness ? 

As I leaf through what the world 
judges as good magazines, I see so 
many full page advertisements sug- 
gestive to the public, and particular- 
ly our young and rising generation, 
those things that if followed, are 

For Instance, nearly every adver- 
tisement that wants to produce the 
proper effect and catch the eye of 
the public will depict a "nearly 
nude" woman. My Bible tells me 
that women are to be DRESSED 
and in modest apparel. The im- 
modesty of the printed page certain- 
ly lures the public in the wrong di- 

The next I see wrong in the same 
ad, is the hair style of the woman 

in the picture. Her hair is cut short, 
put up in a way never intended, 
and as worldly as the beauty par- 
lor can create it. Now, turn to the 
word of God. Paul, in the eleventh 
chapter of first Corinthians con- 
dems the cutting of hair. Who are 
the women of the land following? 
Are they following the plain, old 
fashioned, sincere. God-fearing, 
Spirit-filled ministers of the land, 
or are they following madam fash- 
ion? The answer is obvious. 

Let us look at the ad a little 
closer. The woman has a cigarette 
in her lips. She is offering one to 
her boyfriend, who is laying beside 
her in shorts. Her very smart at- 
titude in the way she holds her 
cigarette and the way she puffs the 
smoke is to instill in the minds of 
the reader, that she is doing the 
popular thing ! That those that do 
not smoke, are far behind and that 
they better catch up. 

The entire ad is very suggestion 
of sin. It presents its message in 
such a way that thousands will be 
induced to try to duplicate in their 
lives, what appears in the ad. That 
is exactly what the advertiser spent 
his money for. 

Dear readers, WHERE ARE 
HEADED FOR? I recently read 
an article in a magazine, that em- 
ployers in industry are having a 
problem. Women come to work so 
scantly clad that they have to send 
them home. 



Personnel managers are embaras- 
sed when women sit before them 
for an interview. They cannot be- 
gin to cover their legs and they 
■don't try ! I recently was in a law- 
yer's office. His secretary came in 
and was actually dressed hideous. 
After she left, he said to me, I do 
not like such attire, but if I say 
anything to her she will quit and 
the next one may be worse. 

Brethren and Sisters, we have the 
Gospel standard for dress and 
hairdos. We have the Gospel stand- 
ard for modest living, let's live by 
it. I am old fashioned enough to 
know that where a brother or sis- 
ter are truly living for Christ in 
word and deed, that brother or sis- 
ter is pleasing to our Father in 
Heaven. I know that such are the 
salt of the earth. They are the pre- 
serving power. It is because there 
IS yet sufficient salt, that God has 
spared. But the salt is becoming 
very scarce. If the salt has lost its 
savor, wherewith sihall it be salted? 
May we earnestly contend for 
the faith once delivered to the 
saints. Where are we at? We are 
at the threshold of His coming. We 
can see the handwriting on the wall. 
May we let the WORLD go by. 
May it hold no attraction for any 
of us. May we cleave to the Church, 
zealously, tenaciously and contin- 
ually until Jesus comes. 

Bro. Paul R. Myers 
Box 117, 
Greentown, Ohio. 


Since some have mis-understood 
the thoughts of the writer, concern- 
ing some of the statements in our 
article in March 15 Bible Monitor, 
beginning on page six, we offer the 

Please follow . . . page six, right 
hand column. "Peter was given the 
"keys" of the "kingdom of heaven, 
or kingom of God." The "keys" 
were given unto him personally, 
but not for the purpose of giving 
him personal authority. He was 
favored the use of them, or the op- 
portunity under the power of the 
Holy Spirit, to open the door of 
Salvation through Christ on the day 
of Pentecost. The power of bind- 
ing and loosing was given to the 
Kingdom, or Church, and not to the 
Apostle. This is proven by Matt. 
18 : 17-18. The Apostle Peter claimed 
no power for himself. The Holy 
Spirit was the Power, through 
words of Christ, the Gospel. 

Following our article again. . . 
"It was Peter who opened the 
"door of opportunity" to Jewish 
Brethren (those who would receive 
Christ on the day of Pentecost and 
to the Gentiles in the house of Cor- 
nelius, Acts 10 :34-46. NOTE : The 
"door of opportunity" and not the 
"door of the Kingdom," the Holy 
Spirit did that. The "keys" are fig- 
urative of either expression, as a 
key in Scripture, as well as in the 
natural world is used to lock, or 


unlock doors. 

Near the bottom of right hand 
column page six. "There was no 
assumption by the apostle Peter of 
any other authority or power, ex- 
cept from God, through the Holy 
Spirit (to bind or to loose.) Note: 
this was written in Parenthesis. The 
power of binding and loosing was 
for the kingdom, or Church. And 
he claimed no more for himself 
other than to be an apostle by gift 
I I Pet. 1-1 ) and an Elder by office 
(1-Pet. 5:1). We might also add 
to the above. The apostles were 
commanded of the Lord to tarry at 
Jerusalem for the "POWER," 
(Holy Spirit) all power is accred- 
ited to Him, as He gives the Church 
the power to "bind and loose." 
Thank you, see Acts 1 :4. 
Bro. Wm. Root 
1612 Morphy Street, 
Great Bend, Kans. 67530 


For those who have ears to hear, 
for it shall soon come to pass. 

(The following article borders on 
material which is controversial but 
which we feel needs our prayerful 
study in this day and age. the 
thoughts are the understanding 
of our Brother and not necessarily 
of the Dunkard Brethren church. 
If it only increases our interest and 
faithfulness unto God's Word, it 
will have been very valuable to each 

reader. Editor.) 

After having read about the Rider 
on the White Horse, a brother in 
the Lord asked us to write about 
the other riders mentioned in Rev. 
6. This we shall do in the fear of 
the Lord. "And when he had opened 
the second seal, I heard the second 
beast say. Come and see. And there 
went out another horse that was 
red : and power was given to him 
that sat thereon to take peace from 
the earth, and that they should kill 
one another : and there was given 
unto him a great sword," Rev. 6 :3-4. 

Since the breaking of the first 
seal of the scroll and the riding 
forth of the rider on the white 
horse introduces the day of the 
Lord, the coming of Jesus for His 
bride being the very first event ; the 
breaking of ttie second seal and the 
riding forth of the rider on the red 
horse is an event which will occur 
immediately after the rapture of the 
bride of Jesus. "For yourselves 
know perfectly that the day of the 
Lord so cometh as a thief in the 
night. For when they shall say. 
Peace and safety ; then sudden de- 
struction cometh upon them, as tra- 
vail upon a woman with child ; and 
they shall not escape," I Thess. 5 : 
2-3. Thus we realize there will be 
an outward peace before the thief 
comes, although it is like the quiet- 
ness before the storm. Then sud- 
denly the storm will l)e let loose. 

When the Rider on the red horse 
rides forth, he will take peace en- 



tirely from the earth and a great 
sword is given to him, which means 
that he will bring raging warfare 
overall ; not only among nations, 
but a man shall kill his neighbor 
and as Jesus said, "Now the brother 
shall betray the brother to death, 
and the father the son ; and chil- 
dren shall rise up against their par- 
ents, and shall cause them to be put 
to death," Mark 13-12. Thus the 
red horse is the spirit of warfare, 
revolution, rebellion and murder. 

The prophets from of old have 
prophesied about that day, descri- 
bing it in the worst terms. "Alas 
for the day ! for the day of the Lord 
is at hand, and as a destruction 
from the Almighty shall it come," 
Joel 1:15. "A day of darkness and 
of gloominess, a day of clouds and 
of thick darkness, as the morning 
spread upon the mountains : a great 
people and a strong ; there hath not 
been ever the like, neither shall be 
any more after it, even to the years 
of many generations. A fire de- 
voureth before them; and behind 
them a flame burneth : the land is 
as the garden of Eden before them, 
and behind them a desolate wilder- 
ness ; yea, and nothing shall escape 
them, . . . The appearance of them 
is as the appearance of horses ; and 
as horsemen, so shall they run," 
Joel 2 :2-4. 

It was the same vision which 
John saw in the Spirit and this is 
described in Rev. 9:9-10, These 
terrible horses which spue out fire 

and brimstone are modern tanks, 
the locusts are airplanes and other 
war machines which are now being 
prepared by East and West in com- 
petition. John gives the number of 
theses horses, 200,000,000. "They 
had a king over them, which is the 
angel of the bottomless pit, whose 
name in the Hebrew tongue is Ab- 
addon (destruction), but in the 
Greek tongue hath his name Apol- 
lyon (destroyer)," v. 11. It is pos- 
sible that this person is the rider 
on the red horse. 

We shall take a deeper look at 
the red horse and its rider, in order 
to identify them. The vision of the 
red horse was also seen by the 
prophet in Zech. 6:1. He saw four 
chariots coming out from between 
two mountains and the mountains 
were mountains of brass. These two 
mountains of brass apparently are 
the two blocks of the big Powers 
dominating the world. In the first 
chariot were red horses and we 
recognize the rider on the red horse. 

This chariot is followed by a sec- 
ond in which are black horses, which 
corresponds exactly to Rev. 6, the 
rider on the black horse coming 
just after the red horse. He has 
a balance in his hand and his voice 
declares, "And I heard a voice in 
the midst of the four beasts say, A 
measure of wheat for a penny, and 
three measures of barley for a pen- 
ny; and see thou hurt not the oil 
and the wine," Rev. 6 :6. This re- 
fers to great famine upon the earth. 


wnen great sums of money must be 
paid even for the daily bread. But 
those who are made righ:eous by 
the blood of Jesus, shall never lack 
the daily bread. Zech. 6 tells us 
that the black horses go forth to 
the north country and are a.h\e to 
quiet the anger of God in the north 

Next a pale horse appears and 
he that sits upon it, his name is 
death, and hell followed wnth him. 
Authority is given unto him over 
the fourth of the earth, to slay with 
the sword, with hunger, with death 
and by the beasts of the earth. Yet 
not one hair shall fall from the head 
of the anointed ones, without our 
heavenly Father's Will. 

When the prophet Zechariah saw 
these terrible chariots appearing, he 
asked the angel that talked with 
him, "What are these, my lord?" 
And the angel answered, "These are 
the four spirits of the heavens, 
which go forth from standing before 
the Lord of all the earth." Thus 
we understand that the first chariots 
are the four spirits of winds of 
heaven. These four winds are also 
described in Rev. 7:1, "And after 
these things I saw four corners of 
the earth, holding the four winds 
of the earth, that the wind should 
not blow on the earth, nor on the 
sea, nor on any tree." "Till we have 
sealed the servants of our God in 
their foreheads" v. 3. The four 
winds are being held fast today by 
God's four strong angels, just like 

raging war horses are being held 
back from rushing into the battle 
before time has come. How terrible 
will it be upon the earth when they 
are loosed? 

The red horses are the strongest 
horses seen by Zechariah, which are 
to go to and fro through the earth. 
The Lord said, "Go, walk to and 
fro through the earth." Thus we 
realize that God permits this, even 
the strongest spirit to go over all 
the earth, again showing that the 
red shall take peace away from all 
.he earth. This red power or spirit, 
which so greatly desires to penetrate 
all the earth and which shall finally 
succeed in taking away all peace 
from the earth, has already been 
operating in the air long before. 
Even before the final riding in Rev. 
6 and Zech. 6, we find in Zech. 1 
which describes the time in which 
we now live, just before the storm, 
Zech. 1:8-11. 

This red spirit has been operating 
upon the earth, where it has caused 
revolution, rebellion and much 
l)loodshed. It is that wicked, pro- 
fane spirit of Marxism, Socialism, 
Nazism and Communism, which 
shall finally reach its greatest pow- 
er under the anti-Christ rule. It 
is the spirit and mystery of lawless- 
ness which already works, only 
there is he who restrains (the Holy 
Spirit in the overcomers), now un- 
til he be gone (by the rapture of 
the bride) and then shall the lawless 
one be revealed, 2 Thess. 2:6-12. 


This spirit will hate and blas- 
pheme God, burn Bibles, persecute 
and kill His saints and the elect of 
Israel. Communism is the religion 
of Satan, who always counterfeits 
God, whereas the Gospel reveals 
the true love of God. The first 
Christians in love had all things in 
common, whereas the spirit of anti- 
Christ confiscates goods giving it 
to the state. The Christian says, 
All mine is thine ; the power of 
Satan says, All thine is mine. The 
overcomers lay down their own 
lives in the blood of the Lamb ; the 
anti-Christ goes forth to endless 
bloodshed under their red banner. 

That spirit of falsehood and de- 
ception, which works either in the 
East or West, whether Communist 
or Capitalism shall finally culmin- 
ate under the rule of the beast, 
whereas the Father sent His Son 
to save the world, Satan will send 
his son fanti-christ) to destroy the 
world. Whereas the Holy Spirit 
glorifies Jesus, leading us to wor- 
ship Him alone ; the false prophet, 
looking like a lamb but speaking as 
a dragon, shall work great signs to 
lead men to worship the beast. 
Whereas the Holy Spirit is the seal 
in our hearts 'till the day of re- 
demption ; the false prophet causes 
all, small and great, rich and poor, 
free and bondmen to receive a mark 
upon their right hand or upon their 
forehead. Rev. 13. But the Word 
of God tells us that everyone who 
accepts that mark, name or number, 

shall go eternally lost, being com- 
sumed in the lake of fire, away from 
the face of God. He who hath an 
ear, let him hear. 

In those days there shall be trib- 
ulation upon earth as never before 
nor shall ever come after that. The 
christians who refuse to accept the 
mark of the beast and will not wor- 
ship the anti-christ will be persecu- 
ted by him, and more blood of 
saints will Le poured out in the days 
of his rule than at any previous 
time in the history of mankind, 
Rev. 13:7-10. 

The angels of God on the four 
corners of the earth are still hold- 
ing fast the strong winds but how 
long will they be held back? The 
'ongsuffering of God waited in the 
days of Noah while the Ark was in 
preparing, into which few, that is 
eight souls were saved. For the sake 
of eight souls God postponed His 
judgments upon the whole world. 
Marvelous God, how great Thou art. 

Thus Jesus is waiting today while 
His bride is preparing herself for 
His coming. This preparation is a 
much greater work than the build- 
ing o'f Noah's ark. Jesus' bride is 
without spot or wrinkle or any such 
thing, she will stand before Him 
holy and blameless in the burning 
first love. There are however some, 
who were first called who have fal- 
len from their first love to Jesus. 
Others in their stead are now being 
called by the Holy Spirit, to take 
their position and inherit their 


glory. As yet the door is open and 
no man can shut it. Rev. 3 :8. Dear 
brother, sister, friend the veins of 
Immanuel are still open, Go down 
into the stream, wash your garments 
and be transformed to an overcom- 
er, by the blood of the Lamb. Je- 
sus is waiting for you. Come now. 

Your Bro. and Sister Crete 

and Ulf Oldenburg 
5330 Blackstone Ave. 
Apt. 109, Chicago 15, 111. 


For those who plan to attend it 
will be necessary for you to bring; 
your own pillows, sheets and 
blankets. There will be bedding 
provided for those who cannot con- 
veniently bring it. In sending your 
reservations, please state how many 
of the family will be together and 
how many will stay in the dorm- 
itories. There is space also for 
those with house-trailers. 

Please have your reservations to 
me not later than June 1st, as we 
will leave for the Conference 
grounds about that date. Send your 
reservations to : Carl E. Reed, 
4716 E. 139th St., Grandview, Mo. 
After June 1st send to Nazarene 
Camp Grounds, Grand Ave. and 
Fuller Road, West Des Moines, 
Iowa. Phone No. 277-8603. 
Lodging Committee : 
Carl E. Reed, Martin Meyers 


The Ridge congregation met for 
Council March 13, with our Elder, 
3i'Ielvin Roesch, presiding. All bus- 
iness was taken care of in a chris- 
tian manner. We were made 'happy 
when Bro. and Sister Peffer moved 
into our vicinity and were received 
into the church. 

The congregation called for an 
election for a minister. Bro. George 
Dorsey and Bro. James Kegerreis 
took the voice of the congregation 
and Bro. Peffer was chosen and in- • 
stalled. In November Bro. Melvin ^ 
Roesch was re-elected as presiding 

We are glad for those who come 
and worship with us, from other 
congregations and invite them back 
at any time. 

Sister Irene Harris, Cor. 

The Bethel congregation was hap- 
py to ihave Bro. Earnest Miller from 
Harrisonburg, Va., with us for a 
two weeks revival meeting, March 
14 through March 28. Bro. Miller 
gave us messages on what is in front 
of us and that we should be ready 
to meet our master. We all were 
filled with many thoughts to dwell 
upon and we should strive to do 
better each day. We were very 
happy to have Sister Miller and 
Bro. Alfred in our midst also. May 
we remember Bro. and Sister Mil- 
ler and his family in prayer as he 
goes into other fields of labor. We 



were blessed with good crowds and 
were made very happy, when four 
were received by Christian baptism 
and five were received by their 
former baptism. 

On April 25 we held our Spring 
Lovefeast. Although the day was a 
little gloomy, we had good atten- 
dance and were fed richly both 
spiritually and physically. We were 
happy to have the following minis- 
ters with us throughout the day : 
Jacob Ness of Shrewsbury, Adam 
Fahnestock, Ammon Keller, La- 
verne Keeney, and Allen Eberly of 
Lititz. They each gave us good 
thoughts on which to dwell. In the 
evening 115 were seated around the 
tables with Bro. Ammon Keller of 
Lititz officiating. 

We want to thank each and 
everyone for coming out to these 
meetings and enjoying them with 
VIS and invite all back again. 

Sister Darlene Longenecker,Cor. 

I do not have the opportunity to 
thank you individually, so I wish 
to thank all the brethren and sisters 
for the cards, hankies and all, dur- 
ing my affliction and most of all 
for your prayers. We know the 
Lord is yet able to perform miracles 
today and we praise Him for Divine 
healing. Thanks so much again and 
God bless you till me meet again, 
if it be not upon this earth we wish 
to meet you in Heaven. 

Sincerely, Mrs. Amos Rutter 


Timothy Lee Eberly, 22-month 
old son of Luke B. and Rita Y. 
(Longenecker) Eberly. Bernville. 
Route 2, Penna., died in the Read- 
ing Hospital, April 4, 1965 after a 
long illness. In addition to his par- 
ents, the child is survived by his 
grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 
F. Eberly, Lebanon, Rt. 1, and Mr. 
and Mrs. George H. Longenecker, 
Bernville Rt. 1 ; his paternal great- 
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 
Z. Balsbaugh, Myerstown ; and his 
material great-grandparents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Nathaniel Longenecker, 
Lancaster and Mrs. Alma Meade, 
Bernville, Route 1. 

Services were held Wednesday, 
April 7, at 2 P. M. in the Bethel 
Dunkard Brethren Church with 
Bro. David F. Ebling and Bro. 
James Kegerreis officiating. Burial 
was made in the adjoining cemetery. 

One little boy has gone from our 

To his heavenly home, there to 

'Till his Mama and Daddy come up 

there, too 
Where there's no more sorrow and 

no one gets blue. 

We can't understand why these 

things must be, 
But one thing we know, that one 

day we'll see 



Our little Timmy if we're faithful 
and true, 

It sure gives us something to look- 
forward to. 

Everyone loved him, don't ask me 

Cause there's too many reasons to 

He was one little angel come down 

from above, 
He was made full of happiness and 

full of love. 

Whoever thought that he'd have to 

Through so much suffering, pain 

and woe. 
But he bore it all, poor little tot, 
He sure went throvigh an awful lot. 

While in the hospital he was every- 
one's pet. 

Nurses gathered round and he'd 
their attention get. 

They'd tell him to wink, so he'd 
blink his big blue eyes. 

Mama would push him in his wheel- 
chair so he would not have to 

How he loved the little playroom 
down beyond the hall, 

He'd play with the stove and ket- 
tles, and ride the horse 'till 
you'd think he'd fall, 

Then at the end of the day, he'd 
have to go back to bed. 

With his pillow puppy on which 
he'd lay his blonde head. 

He'd look forward to Mama com- 
ing in day by day. 

She sure was faithful to him in ev- 
ery way. 

Then would come the time that he 
could go home. 

To be with Mama and Daddy, but 
not for very long. 

Then it was back to the hospital 

he'd have to go , 
Oh, why did little Timmy have to 

suffer so? 
Only God knows, so He called him 

up home 
To be with other little children that 

he had known. 

There was Debbie and Crystal and 

Grandma Eberly, too, 
Who are all up there in heaven, 

somewhere beyond the blue. 
Now we sure do miss him, the lit- i 

■tie boy of our hearts. 
But we hope to go, too, where no 

one departs. 

So let us look forward to that hap- | 

py day, i 

When we can see Timmy and with | 

Jesus stay, | 

I know we'll be happy when we get | 

up there, | 
Where there's only happiness for 

everyone to share. 

— Written by an Aunt 

Church member, are you a lifter 
or a drifter? 




"For God so loved the world, that 
lie gave his only begotten son, that 
whosoever believeth in him should 
not perish, but have everlasting life," 
John 3:16. God is love and is be- 
stowing His great love upon us. 
His great love passes worldly un- 
derstanding for His is rich in mercy. 
"Keep yourselves in the love of 
God, looking for the mercy of our 
Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life," 
Jude 21. We should be strong in 
the grace and wisdom of God, for 
the riches of His grace are of great 

"And the child grew, and waxed 
strong in spirit, filled with wisdom : 
and the grace of God was upon 
him," Luke 2 :40. We should grow 
in the grace and knowledge of our 
Lord and Saviour. His kindness 
is shown towards us through His 
grace. The grace of God was abun- 
dant in sending Christ Jesus unto 
us. "For the grace of God that 
bringeth salvation has appeared to 
all men," Tit. 2:11. If it were not 
for God's grace and mercy, where 
would we be today? 

It is not God's Will that anyone 
should perish but that all should 
come to the knowledge of the truth 
and be saved. True Christians have 
a desire that all people turn from 
darkness to the marvelous light of 
the Gospel. "Be ye therefore merci- 
ful, as your father also is merciful," 

Luke 6:36. Turn to the Lord for 
He is gracious and merciful. Bles- 
sed are the merciful for they shall 
obtain mercy. God's mercies give 
us protection from destruction. A 
merciful man doeth good to his own 
soul. The psalmist said, I trust in 
the mercy of God, all His paths 
are mercy. Do justly and love 
mercy. We should develop the 
mercy of Jesus in our lives. God's 
mercy will always be with us as 
long as time lasts. 

The Christian spirit is a spirit of 
grace and mercy, extended to others. 
When Christ was here on earth 
some called to Him to have mercy 
on them in their afflictions. God- 
fearing people are filled with mercy. 
If we are filled with the good and 
holy Spirit, we will extend love unto 
others. "Bear ye one another's bur- 
dens and so fulfil the law of Christ," 
Gal. 6:2. When we think of the 
laws which people had who lived 
in the time of old dispensation, the 
sever punishment which was meted 
out for sins. Today the gift of God's 
Son to the world means to us a 
great blessing of grace and mercy. 
Through God's love we are abun- 
dantly blessed with grace and mercy. 
What are we extending to others? 

I and my wife were blessed with 
the privilege to leave the cold part 
of the country for a short time and 
visit some friends in the sunny and 
warm climate of Florida. We were 
made to feel that here people ex- 
tend a more gracious spirit towards 



one another than in some parts of 
the country. While we were visit- 
ing some friends there, they insisted 
for us to visit some of their relatives 
here. We received a hearty welcome 
and an expression of gratitude for 
our visit. The Bible was brought 
to the family table and an expres- 
sion of how it's reading is neglected. 
Are we a light to the world, do we 
make people think how they should 
turn unto God's Word? 

We all should hear, read and 
obey the Word of God. The psalm- 
ist said, "Blessed is the man that 
walketh not in the council of the 
ungodly . . . nor sitteth in the seat 
of the scornful. But his delight is 
in the law of the Lord ; and in his 
law doeth he meditate day and 
night," Psa. 1 :2. The Bible is neg- 
lected in homes among many who 
will not abide by it. Other things 
are taking its place that should not 
be permitted in our homes. We have 
heard some good sermons from 
ministers pleading for the people to 
obey God and turn away from the 
evils and sinful pleasures of the 

We have seen people from many 
parts of our country and have spok- 
en to some who seemed to be grate- 
ful to meet others from far away. 
We have seen many large orange 
groves and many other trees and 
plants which do not grow in our 
cold climate. We visited Key West, 
the south-most city of our Country. 
Here we saw trees imported from 

Africa, planted and growing. The 
earth is the Lord's and the fullness 
thereof, I know the most of us will 
be able to see only a small part 
of it. The earth and its contents 
are perishable. God has prepared 
a better place for His servants. No 
sorrow or tears in that city four- 
square, whose walls are of jasper 
and whose streets are paved with 
gold. The upper-most desire in our 
hearts should be, that we are true 
and faithful to God so that we may 
receive all the blessings that are in 
store for His children. 

While we were touring Key West 
we were told to look at those small 
boats in which people risk their 
lives to cross ninety miles of ocean 
to get out of their communist home- 
land. We were told that thousands 
come here each year. Do we ap- 
preciate as much as we should, the 
blessings of God which are still 
ours? Our mind should be centered 
above the perishing things of this 
world and our aim that which is 
good and acceptable unto God. As 
those who profess to be followers 
of Christ, are we doing our duty? 
If tried could we stand up the test 
like the faithful men of God which 
are recorded in His Word. What 
is awaiting the rising generation? 

We hear that communism, which 
has spread over a great portion of 
the earth, is an enemy of Christian- 
ity and people are being destroyed 
for their belief and worship of Al- 
mighty God. During the past, cruel 




merciless dictators have caused 
much suffering, misery and the de- 
struction of milHons of Hves. Our 
Naaon's sacrifice for the freedom 
of all peoples appears to a large 
extent not appreciated. It is ter- 
rible to think what would take place 
if the great nations would use the 
terrible destructive weapons of to- 
day in warfare. Many are turning 
their ears away from the truth and 
turning unto fables, turning the 
grace of God unto lasciviousness. It 
appears that freedom and religious 
liberty are threatened today. We 
are abundantly blessed by a coming 
gracious and merciful God. We 
have showers of blessings. The 
blessings of God rest upon His peo- 
ple. The poor in spirit are blessed. 

By seeking first the kingdom of 
God the necessary blessings will 
come. Blessed are the meek for 
they shall inherit the earth. If we 
are true and faithful God will bless 
us with all spiritual blessings. In 
our Country we are abundantly 
blessed, yet the blessings of God 
were with John the revelator on 
the lonely Isle of Patmos. Blessed 
are the pure in heart for they shall 
see God. Blessed are they that are 
l^ersecuted for righteousness sake 
for great is their reward in heaven. 
As we hear of people risking their 
lives and being destroyed in other 
parts of the world to gain freedom. 
Are we thankful, do we appreciate 
the blessings we have? 

We are blessed with the Holy 

Bible, the church and its services, 
the Bible Monitor where we can 
read about our church at work 
across the nation. It is filled with 
very interesting things of the Bible 
and concerning the experience and 
good work of some of our elders 
while they were in other parts of 
the world ; including the Holy Land 
where Christ and His disciples and 
faithful apostles labored. It is sad 
to think that many seek the perish- 
ing things of this life only and are 
not making any effort to gain the 
great eternal City of God. Its beau- 
ties cannot be fully realized in these 
perishable bodies. "Eye hath not 
seen, nor ear heard, neither have 
entered into the heart of man, the 
things which God hath prepared 
for them that love him," 1 Cor. 2 :9. 
No darkness, no storms but great 
peace and the eternal light of God. 
Blessed are the peacemakers for 
they shall be called the children of 
God. Blessed are they which do 
hunger and thirst after righteous- 
ness for they shall be filled. 

Christ, our pattern, was filled 
with the love, grace and mercy of 
God. As comfortable weather, green 
trees and plants brighten our lives 
physically, just so the love, grace 
and mercy of God should continue 
to brighten our lives spiritually. In 
this world there are terrible things 
taking place that come through 
hearts filled with evil. God's bless- 
ings rest with people that are true 
to Him and to the nations that do 



not forget Him. Those who forget 
God, destruction is awaiting them. 
Blessed are they that do His com- 
mandments for they shall have a 
right to the tree of life and enter 
in through the gates to the eternal 
city of God. 

Opportunity is neglected as many 
do not accept the blessings of God. 
Blessed be the name of the Lord. 
The apostle Paul looked beyond 
the hardships and trials of life on 
earth because the blessed crown of 
life is awaiting those who love 
Christ's appearing. What our Coun- 
try needs is to turn unto God and 
His Word that they may learn and 
know what is required of them. 
Through His help and guidance we 
will always have His protection and 

Bro. J. F. Marks 
R. 3, York, Pa. 


Pilate saith unto them, "What 
shall I do then with Jesus which 
is called Christ?", Matt. 27:22. This 
question was asked of the chief 
priests, the Elders, the Sanhedrin 
and the multitude of people who 
were seeking to destroy Jesus. This 
same question is asked today of 
every person who is old enough to 
reason, not by governor Pilate but 
by the Holy Spirit. These people 
all met with a decisive hour, all had 
a decision to make which would 
determine their eternal destiny. So 

they said, Give us Barabbas and 
destroy Jesus, His blood be upon us 
and our children. 

Judas betrayed Him for thirty 
pieces of silver. Peter denied Him 
thrice and the others fled away from 
Him. My what a night, what a 
day, what a time that must have 
been ; did it ever grip your heart ? 
My Jesus all alone ! Listen to me 
please, everyone who ever has and 
is walking upon God's earth, from 
that day to the end of the age, who 
has come to the age of accountabil- 
ity and must answer this important 
question. What will you do with 
Jesus which is called Christ ? "What 
think ye of Christ? whose Son is 
He?", Matt. 22:41-42. Permit me 
to say. The way you answer these 
questions will determine where you 
will spend eternitv, in heaven or 

The sin ciuestion has been settled. 
Jesus settled it once for all, forever, 
Heb. 10:14. The sin debt has been 
paid, redemption has been pur- 
chased, the ransom has been satis- 
fied. Jesus was God in flesh, recon- 
ciling the world unto Himself, 2 
Cor. 5:19. Salvation has been 
brought down to man and presented 
in Christ Jesus. But unless you 
think right about Christ, accept 
Him as your sin-bearer, for your 
cleansing, as your justification and 
as the power that will take your 
life and make you what the Father 
would have you to be. ; yes, receive 
Him and I mean all of His teach- 




ings, into your heart: activating, 
dominating and motivating your en- 
tire life by His Spirit, or you will 
never enter into the pearly-white 

They said, "Give us Barabbas." 
Barabbas appears to have committed 
three crimes at the least : he was 
imprisoned for murder, for sedition 
and for felony. A sorry combina- 
tion of offences ; we may pity the 
parents of such a son. Think of it, 
this wretch is brought out and set 
in competition with Christ. They 
are so blood-thirsty against the 
Saviour and so moved by the Jew- 
ish rulers, that they with one con- 
sent asked for the freedom of Bar- 
abbas. We hear nothing of a single 
objecting voice. So with marvelous 
unanimity they cry, Not this man 
but Barabbas. No doubt they knew 
that he was a notable offender and 
guilty without a doubt. 

This fact is very significant. 
There is more teaching in it than 
we might imagine at first sight. 
Have we not here, first of all in 
this act of the deliverance of the 
sinner and the binding of the in- 
nocent, a sort of type of that great 
work which is accomplished by the 
death of our Saviour? You and I 
may fairly take our stand by the 

be a murderer, how great is that 
sin and especially among professed 
Christians? Beloved, suppose we 
take inventory of our national life, 
our commercial life, our social life, 
our economical life and our religious 
or spiritual life. It comes to this, 
we with Barabbas must die or Christ 
must die. Yiou the sinner must per- 
ish or Christ Immanuel, the Immac- 
ulate, must die. He died that we 
may be delivered, For the wages of 
sin is death, Rom. 6:23. The soul 
that sinneth, it shall die, Ez. 18:20. 
Sin, when it is finished, bringeth 
forth death, Jas. 1 :15. Can we all 
have participation in such a de- 
liverance today? Though we have 
been robbers, traitors and murder- 
ers, yet we can rejoice that Christ 
has delivered us from the curse of 
the law, having been made a curse 
for us, Gal. 3:13. 

Christ has borne our law-curse 
that we might have the faith-bless- 
ing. We can accept His finished 
work on the Cross and appropriate 
it by faith unto ourselves. He 
(Christ) stood covered with His 
people's sins, had more sin laid up- 
on Him than that which rested upon 
Barabbas. In Him was no sin. He 
was altogether Holy, harmless and 
undef iled ; guile was not even found 

side of Barabbas. We have robbed in His loving mouth. "He who knew 

God of His glory, of our love and 
devotion unto Him, we have been 
seditious traitors against God the 
Father, the Son and the Holy 
Spirit. If he that hateth his brother 

no sin, was made to be sin for us : 
that we might be made the right- 
eousness of God in Him," 2 Cor. 5 : 
21. Jesus' imputation, but you bet- 
ter not do what: the chief priests. 



the elders and the multitude of the 
people did, nor even Pilate ; for you 
cannot wash your own hands from 
sin and be free. 

How can you say, Not Christ 
but Barabbas? By your very ac- 
tions. Hear me please. Actions 
speak louder than words. Jesus 
says, "His words are spirit and they 
are life," John 6:63. "Now if any 
man have not the spirit of Christ, 
he is none of His," Rom. 8 :9. Jesus 
says, "He that loveth me not keep- 
eth not my sayings : and the word 
which ye hear is not mine, but the 
Father's which sent me," John 14 : 
24. "In the beginning was the 
Word, and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God," John 1 : 
1-2. He watches over His Word to 
perform it, the Word is settled and 
sealed in Heaven, and will judge 
everyone in the last day. So all 
you need to do is reject, neglect, 
disobey, disregard and deny His 
Word. Yea, any part of it, and 
you are saying "not Christ but 
Barabbas." The Holy Spirit tells 
us, "Be ye not unequally yoked 
together with unbelievers," 2 Cor. 
6:14. Many professed Christians 
say, we can fellowship with the un- 
righteous, we can have communion 
with darkness, we can have concord 
with Belial, we can have part with 
an unbeliever and we can have 
agreement with idols. Yes, we are 
not as narrow as some, read 2 Cor. 
7 :1 and 6:17. I want to inform you, 
who ever you are. without fear or 

favor and very dogmatically and 
positively, whoever takes an attitude 
like this is simply saying. Away 
with Jesus, Crucify Him, give us 
Barabbas. Definitely you cannot 
have both. 

What is the foremost thought 
and desire of the mind and heart 
of the great majority of people to- 
day? Money, pleasure, honor, fame, 
self-esteem, self-respect, self-exalta- 
tion, and we could go on. Few 
people want to follow the meek and 
lowly Lamb of God, that taketh 
away the sin of the whole world ; 
Who suffered and died that all 
could be saved from a burning, 
blistering hell. His great love 
wherewith He loved us has not 
been laid unto the heart by most 
people, as it should be. Sad, that 
most people who hear or read the 
story of the crucifixion, it has no 
more effect upon their mind and 
heart than a common tale. What 
this world, yea churches every- 
where, needs is a real, genuine, 
heaven inspired. Holy Ghost revival. 
Yea a born again experience which 
must begin with the individual, and 
largely from the pulpits of the 
churches. Everyone can have it, if 
they really want it. Revival means 
new life, new energy and a re- 
baptism of the Holy Ghost. What 
then is our inspiration? What is it 
that we want most? Why is it that 
we reject Christ, by occupying our 
minds, time and talents with the 
"Lust of the flesh, the lust of the 



eyes and the i^ride of life," 1 John 
2:15-17. Are you not conscious of 
the many good things you receive 
of Him? Had it not been for Him, 
you would be dead in the beggardly 
elements of sin. 

But for the marvelous grace of 
God, you would be shut out from 
hope, enduring in body and soul 
unutterable pangs of eternal punish- 
ment. The fact you are not there, 
should make you love and bless 
Him. Who has said, "Come unto 
me and I will give you rest. Take 
my yoke upon you and learn of 
me." Why will folks prefer their 
own gain and self-indulgence to that 
Blessed One, to whom we owe so 
much? Just common gratitude 
should cause everyone to deny them- 
selves for Him who denied Him- 
self so much that He might bless 
us all. There are no neuters, no 
betweenites ; you either serve Christ 
or Belial ; you are either with the 
Lord or with His enemies. Who is 
on the Lord's side today? Who is 
tor Christ and the cross, for His 
blood and for His throne? You are 
either for Him or against Him, you 
are either numbered with Him and 
His people or with Cain's group, 
Balaam's group, Korah's group, 
Gen. 4:1, Num. 16. 

The decision is yours and affects 
each and every person. " And if it 
seem evil unto you to serve the 
Lord, choose you this day whom ye 
will serve ; whether the gods which 
vour fathers served that were on 

the other side of the flood, or the 
gods of the Amorites, in whose land 
ye dwell : but as for me and my 
house, we will serve the Lord," 
Josh. 24:15. Today is the day of 
salvation, now is the accepted time 
to determine our place and attitude 
of Christ, for the end of the church- 
age is near. "Behold, I stand at the 
door, and knock : if any man hear 
my voice, and open the door, I will 
come in to him, and will sup with 
him, and he with me," Rev. 3 :20. 
Will you hear Christ and the apos- 
tles? Will you open your heart's 
door? God grant that this little 
message may at least cause us to 
stop and think seriously and soberly. 
E. F. Schildt, 

R. 1, Taneytown, Md. 


"There is a way which seemeth 
right unto a man, but the end there- 
of are the ways of death", Prov. 14 : 
12. Never in history was there a 
time when men thought their ways 
were right, as it is in this day and 
age. I met a man in the hospital last 
year who was seeking knowledge of 
the Bible, who said. If I could only 
find a way and believe in that way, 
I would be alright. I tried in my 
weak way to explain to 'him that 
anyway would not do. That Paul 
believed with all his iheart that he 
was doing right, when he persecu- 
ted the church before (he was struck 
down on the way to Damascus, but 



tiis sincerity did not save him be- 
cause ihis way was wrong. 

A minister came to see him and 
he read from John 3. Concerning 
the 5th verse, "Verily, verily, I say 
unto thee. Except a man be born of 
water and of the Spirit, he cannot 
enter into the kingdom of God," 
the man asked. What does it mean 
to be born of water? This minister 
answered. We were all born of wa- 
ter when we came into the world 
from our mother's womb. Is it any 
wonder that people are deceived, 
when ministers thus explain the 
meaning of the Bible. Is it any 
wonder that the world is in such a 
condition, that peoples hearts fail 
them for fear and for looking af- 
ter those things which are coming 
upon the earth. People do not know 
what to believe because they do not 
study their Bible. 

We talked of the doctrine of our 
dhurch and many things, but it 
seemed he was seeking an easy way. 
Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth 
and the life: no man cometh unto 
the Father, but by me." Jesus taught 
us the way, the way of the Cross 
leads home. "Verily, verily, I say 
unto you. He that entereth not by 
the door into the sheepfold, but 
climbeth up some other way, the 
same is a thief and a robber," John 
10 :1. We know that no thief or rob- 
ber will enter There, except they 
repent. Yet people are trying to 
climb up many ways. They want to 
go, say and do, just like the ma- 

jority do and that seems right un- 
to them. The Bible tells us. "Love 
not the world, neither the things 
that are in the world. If any man 
love the world, the love of the 
Father is not in him," I John 2:15. 
Jesus said, "Verily, verily, I say 
unto you, I am the door of the sheep," 
John 10:7. There is one door in- 
to the kingdom and only one. There 
are two sides however, the inside 
and the outside, on which side are 
you? If we are on the inside of 
Christ, we are safe from the storms 
of life, but if we are found on the 
outside we will find no warmth 
when the storms of life rage. We 
can be almost persuaded and stand 
close to the outside of the door, but 
we will find no shelter unless we 
are inside. Perhaps there is just 
one thing in our life that keeps us 
on the outside, away from His pro- 
tecting care. Let us search our 
hearts daily for the things which 
may keep us from entering the ser- 
vice of Christ. "Enter ye in at the 
strait gate : for wide is the gate, and 
broad is the way, that leadeth to de- 
struction, and many there be which 
go in thereat : because strait is the 
gate, and narrow is the way, which 
leadeth unto life, and few there be 
that find it," Matt 7:13-14. It seems 
today everyone follows the crowd, 
they stay on the broad road that 
looks smooth and wide, and are not 
concerned of where this way leads. 
Thus they do not see the little nar- 
row path, that leads from earth to 





glory. A few may stop and look, 
but as it seems rocky and rougih, 
they rush on in their haste along 
the broad road. But ah, there are 
a few that are concerned where the 
path leads and strive along the nar- 
now way which leadeth unto life 

Oh if only people would serious- 
ly consider, in the light of God's 
Word, they would realize that the 
broad road and the pleasures of this 
world are leading to destruction. 
May we turn and labor for Jesus 
before it is too late ? David said, Thy 
w^ord is a lamp unto my feet, and a 
light unto my path. Not every one 
that sayeth, Lord, Lord shall enter 
'< into the kingdom of heaven, but he j 
that doeth the Will of my Father , 
which is in heaven. We have the | 
[ Will of Almighty God to follow, 
' why spend valuable time in our own 
j way ? There is only one sure way, ^ 
surrender your all unto the nail i 
scarred hands of the Lord Jesus and 
He will cleanse all your sins. He will 
'' confess you unto the Father and He 
will stand with you at the judgment 

Beware if you do not serve Je- 
sus, you will fall into the hands of 
an angry God. A God who is angry 
with sin and wickedness every day. 
There's just one way to the pearly 
gate. To the crown of life and the 
friends who wait. It's the old Cross 
road and the way goes strait. Yes, 
there's just one way to the pearly 
gate. — -Sister Myrtle Broadwater 


John 13:35, "By this shall all 
men know that ye are my disciples, 
if you have love one to another." 

To be able to understand our 
text fully we should also read the 
preceding verse which says, "A new 
commandment I give unto you, that 
ye also love one another." Ask any 
Sunday school child how many com- 
mandments there are in the law, 
and immediately he would say ten. 
However, if you were to search the 
commandments you would not find 
the one spoken by our Lord record- 
ed in them. God would have done 
the people a grave injustice if with 
His finger of lightning. He would 
have inscribed this commandment 
on the Tablets of Stone. Not that 
love wasn't taught under the Law, 
it was, but love under the law had 
many reservations connected with 
it, for no provision had been made 
for a new life. Therefore it was 
necessary to intersperse with love, 
the code, "An eye for an eye and 
a tooth for a tooth." 

But now all is different — no more 
are we controlled by the "eye for 
an eye and a tooth for a tooth," 
standard, but we are enjoined to 
"love one another as I have loved 
you." In other words Jesus says. 
My love for you is my standard for 
your love for one another. 
I To evaluate the depth of Christ's 
love for us, we need but consider 



His life while here on earth and 
especially the last three years of 
His earthly ministry. Read in the 
Scripture how He was abused, spit 
upon, smitten, beaten, mocked, re- 
jected by His own people, and then 
taken out to Calvary's mountain to 
die the most cruel death known to 
man. the death of crucifixion. Was 
He compelled to die? Was He 
forced to take upon Himself our 
sins? Did He do it unwillingly? 
Did it take much persuasion to 
cause Jesus to be willing to suffer? 
No, a thousand times no, Jesus 
suffered willingly. He didn't have 
to be coaxed or persuaded. Why? 
Because He loved us. 

My friend, can't you see the love 
of Christ in that rich crimson flow 
from Calvary that is ready to cover 
your sins? He wasn't compelled to 
die, but He knew that you and I 
could never be reconciled to God 
without His blood being shed. Jesus 
is saying, Calvary is the exhibition 
of my love for you — now you go 
and love one another as I have loved 
you. My friend this is staggering, 
for Jesus goes on to say, By this, 
this is when you love one another 
as I have loved you, then, all men 
shall know that ye are my disciples. 
Jesus didn't say your talents, your 
gifts, your preaching, your praying, 
your testifying, giving, etc., was an 
evidence that you are my disciples. 
Only when you love another as 
Christ loved you. do you have the 
proof or evidence of discipleship. 

Possibly some are saying. I just 
can't love everybody. There is so 
and so down the road, and across 
the field is another one I can't love. 
Then, my friend, don't talk about 
being a child of God, a new creation, 
or a disciple ; for unless you can 
love as Jesus did your profession is 
an empty thing. 

If you have the love I'm talking 
about, spite fences will be torn 
down. Long standing feuds and 
grudges will be forgotten. You will 
stop gossiping about everybody in 
the church. Instead of cliques pro- 
ducing factions your church will 
pull together. You will not serve 
"roast preacher" to your family for 
Sunday dinner. The old deacon's 
prayer will not seem so dry after 
all. Brother, sister, without this 
love you as a professing Christian 
will fuss and fight, fume and steam, 
complain and growl, and everybody 
will be wrong excepting "thee." 
Then on Sunday morning you will 
put on your best "pious and sanc- 
timonious look" and loudly sing, 
"Oh how I love Jesus." Paul says 
that that kind of love is "sounding 
brass and a tinkling cymbal." John 
says such a man is a liar. The world 
says, that kind of a Christian is a 
hypocrite. Finally God will say, as 
you try to gain entrance into Heav- 
en, depart from me ye workers of 
iniquity I know you not. 

Will you come to Jesus today, 
and allow Him to make yoii a new 
creation and impart to you a love 



that will make you love everyone? 
God bless you, we are praying for 

— William L. Rosenberry 

Sel. by Sister Sheila Stump 



The easy roads are crowded 
And the level roads are jammed. 
The pleasant little rivers with 
The drifting folks are crammed. 
But off yonder where it's rocky 
Where you get the better view, 
You will find the ranks are thinning 
And the travelers are few. 

Wihere the going's smooth and 
You will always find the throng, 
The many mores the pity 
As they seem to drift along. 
But the steeps that call for courage 
And the task that's hard to do. 
In the end results in glory 
For the true and faithful few. 

Sel. by Naomi Ruth Snyder 


To know one's own ignorance is 
the best part of knowledge. 

Preacher, be sure your trousers 
are wearing out at the prayer spots. 

Helping others is like a wheel- 
there is no end to it. 

Some people don't look up until 
they are flat on their backs. 

I do not know why oft' round me 
My hopes all shattered seem to be, 
God's perfect plan I cannot see 
But some day I'll understand. 

I cannot tell the depth of love 
Which moves the Father's heart 

My faith to test, my love to prove 
But some day I'll understand. 

Tho' trials come thro' passing 

My life will still be filled with 

For God will lead thro' darkened 

But some day I'll understand. 

Some day He'll make it plain to 
Some day when I His face shall 

Some day from tears I shall be 

For some day I shall understand. 
Sel. by Margaret Myer.s 

He who fails to pray does not 
cheat God, he cheats himself. 

FOR JUNE 1965 

A soul can never be defeated till 
it gives up of its own accord. 


June 6 — Andrew's New Friend. I 
Chron. 16:8-10, John 1:35-42. 

June 13— A Good Neighbor. Luke 

June 20 — Four School Boys. Dan- 



id 1. 1 

June 27 — A Boy's Lunch. John 

June 6 — Our Citizenship. Eph. 2. 
1 — Is the blood of Christ the key 
by which we gain citizenship 
in God's kingdom ? 
June 13 — Preaching the Gospel to 
the Gentiles. Eph. 3. 
1 — Is being rooted and grounded 
in love the key to a broader 
understanding of his work? 
June 20 — There Is One Body, One 
Spirit, One Hope of Our Call- 
ing. I^ph. 4. 
1 — How can we determine wheth- 
er we are keeping the unity 
of the spirit? 
June 27 — Christ's Love For The 
Church. Eph. 5. 
1 — What does redeeming the time 
consist of? 

JUNE 1965 


Memory verse, Rom. 6:23, "For 
the wages of sin is death ; but 
the gift of God is eternal life 
through Jesus Christ our 

Tues. 1— Jer. 31 :31-40. 

Wed. 2— Isa. 59:9-19. 

Thurs. 3— Heb. 10:9-26. 

Fri. 4— Job 10. 

Sat. 5— Ezek. 3:15-21. 

Memory verse, Psa. 32:1, "Blessed 

is he whose transgression is 
forgiven, whose sin is covered." 

Sun. 6— Rom. 14:13-23. 

Alon. 7— Heb. 3. 

Tues. 8— Eph. 4:17-32. 

Wed. 9— Acts 7:51-60. 

Thurs. 10— I J no. 5:6-21. 

Fri. 11— Psa. 5\. 

Sat. 12— James 1 :1-16. 

Memory verse, Psa. 51 :2, "Wash 
me thoroughly from mine in- 
iquity, and cleanse me from 
my sin." 

Sun. 13—1 Jno. 3. 

Mon. 14— Jno. 1 :29-39. 

Tues. 15 — Isa. 53. 

Wed. 16—1 Pet. 3:13-22. 

Thurs. 17—1 Pet. 2:13-25. 

Fri. 18— Psa. 103. 

Sat. 19— Ezek. 18:1-9. 

Memory verse, Prov. 14:9, "Fools 
make a mock at sin : but among 
the righteous there is favour." 

Sun. 20— Prov. 8:13-26. 

Mon. 21— Deut. 24:14-21. 

Tues. 22— Tosh. 7:6-15. 

Wed. 23— Heb. 9:19-28. 

Thurs. 24— Isa. 59:1-8. 

Fri. 25— Gal. 1. 

Sat. 26— Rom. 4:1-8. 

Memory verse, Rom. 5 :12, "Where- 
fore, as by one man sin entered 
into the world, and death by 
sin ; and so death passed upon 
all men. for tliat all have sin- 

Sim. 27 — James 4. I 

Mon. 28— Rom. 6:1-16. 

Tues. 29— Jno. 16:1-16. 

Wed. 30—11 Thess. 2. 



JUNE 1, 1965 

No. 11 

*Fo(r the fiaith once for all delivered to the Saints.' 

OUjR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Gk) into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more rig-hteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


It is a great individual satisfac- 
tion to feel that we are doing what 
we should, or perhaps what we are 
able to do. None of us like to be 
singled out as being disobedient or 
sinful. One man prided himself by 
saying, Well, I try to do as good as 
I know anyway. How many of us 
will honestly confess that we do, or 
even try to do, as good as we 
know? Perhaps the greatest guilt 
we have is to feel that we are not 
honest with ourselves. To fall short 
when we honestly feel, that we did 
the best we could, is nothing to be 
sorry of. Not one of us will boast 
that we lack something, for God has 
abundantly blessed each one of us, 
although in different ways. 

Christ was a perfect man. He 
was heir to heaven. He was always 
true to His Heavenly Father. Yet 
how did Christ feel about Himself? 
"And Jesus said unto him. Why 
callest thou me good? there is none 
good but one, that is. God," Mark 
10:18. What do I have to boast 
about? We find the humble Christ- 
like spirit in the prophet Isaiah, Isa. 

6:5, "Then said I, Woe is me: for 
I am undone ; because I am a man 
of unclean lips, and I dwell in the 
midst of a people of unclean lips." 
Humility is one thing most of us 
lack. No doubt it is easy for each 
of us to name one thing and per- 
haps many things in which we lack. 
Just what can we be certain of? 
It is certain that if we lack the Lord 
', Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we 
lack all. If we lack the spirit of 
1 Christ in our lives, we lack much. 
j We have some very precious prom- 
! ises in the New Testament, which 
I we all can personally realize. These 
^promises are for those who believe, 
trust, obey, humble themselves and 
are willing to serve Christ, accord- 
: ing to His instructions. If any of 
these promises are not ours, the 
fault lies with us alone. We cannot 
excuse ourselves because someone 
else does not live as they should. 

"But one thing is needful : and 
Mary hath chosen that good part, 
which shall not be taken away from 
her," Luke 10:42. We are not all 
gifted to excel others in various 
abilities. We each have some abil- 
ities by which we can, serve our 


Lord and Master. Notice "by which 
we can serve our Lord," that does 
not say we must or even will, but if 
we can why not do it? As long as 
there is future time, there is an 
opportunity to choose and not lack. 
"Brethren, I count not myself to 
have apprehended : but this one 
thing I do, forgetting those things 
which are behind, and reaching forth 
unto those things which are before," 
Phil. 3:13. That which is behind 
we cannot change but a vast oppor- 
tunity may lie before us. Notice the 
zeal "reaching forth," is that my 
zeal ? How much of my talents and 
efforts reach forth? 

May we conclude with a Scrip- 
ture which encourages each of us 
to consider lest we might lack, one 
or many things. It warns us against 
that common sin which so many fail 
to take a sure hold upon, belief or 
faith in Almighty God. It warns 
us to urge, caution and l)eware, not 
just once but daily, lest we might 
be deceived and lack a steadfastness 
which will endure unto the end. 
"Take heed, brethren, lest there be 
in any of you an evil heart of un- 
belief, in departing from the living 
God. But exhort one another daily, 
while it is called today ; lest any of 
you be hardened through the de- 
ceitfulness of sin. For we are made 
partakers of Christ, if we hold the 
beginning of our confidence stead- 
fast unto the end," Heb. 3:12-14. 
"If we hold," do any of us lack the 
faith which we had at one time? 


"For even hereunto were ye 
called : because Christ also suffered 
for us, leaving us an example, that 
ye should follow his steps," 1 Pet. 
2:21. Verses 19-23 give us a pic- 
ture of a beautiful life, because it 
suffers for well doing. Looking to 
the example Who was perfect, we 
find He endured grief, suffered 
wrongfully, was oppressed and af- 
flicted, yet He opened not His 
mouth. When He was reviled. He 
reviled not again ; when He suffered 
He threatened not. Then His heart 
touching prayer : "Father, forgive 
them, for they know not what they 
do :" such love, such patience and 
such compassion. 

For even hereunto were ye called : 
that ye should follow His steps. 
Now if we follow His steps we will 
nO' go along with the world and 
do the things "everybody is doing," 
but will choose rather to suffer af- 
fliction with the people of God than 
to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a 
season. Neither will we be ashamed 
of Him and His Word in this 
adulterous and sinful generation. 
Though they think it strange that 
we run not with them to the same 
excess of riot, speaking evil of us. 
Suffering the reproach of Christ is 
not something to be avoided, for we 
read, "If ye be reproached for the 
name of Christ, happy are ye ; for 
the spirit of glory and of God rest- 


eth upon you : on their part he is 
evil spoken of, but on your part he 
is glorified," 1 Pet. 4:14. 

Following Jesus in humility. "Let 
this mind be in you, which was 
also in Christ Jesus : Who, being in 
the form of God, thought it not rob- 
bery to be equal with God : but 
made himself of no reputation, and 
took upon him the form of a serv- 
ant, and was made in the likeness 
of men : and being found in fashion 
as a man, he humbled himself, and 
became obedient unto death, even 
the death of the cross," Phil. 2 :5-8. 
Jesus being equal with God, and 
having the glory with the Father 
even before the world was, John 
17:5, was willing to leave that glory 
and become a servant, and suffer 
the agony of the Cross for our re- 
demption. He was rich, yet became 
poor that we might be rich. 

The great necessity of humility is 
given by Jesus when He set a little 
child in the midst of the disciples 
and said, "Verily I say unto you, 
Except ye be converted, and become 
as little children, ye shall not enter 
into the kingdom of heaven. Who- 
soever therefore shall humble him- 
self as this little child, the same is 
greatest in the kingdom of heaven," 
Matt. 18:3-4. It is hard for human 
beings to admit they are a sinner, 
but the one who said, God be merci- 
ful to me a sinner, went down to his 
house justified, Matt. 18 :13-14. The 
young man who learned through 
trials, that the way of the trans- 

gressor is hard ; when he came to 
himself, went to his father and said, 
I have sinned against heaven, and 
in thy sight, and am no more worthy 
to be called thy son. Thus he was 
met with open arms of love and 
with much joy, Luke 15 : 17-24. 

We begin with God in humility 
and it must be a daily walking in 
humility, for Peter tells us to be 
clo.hed with humility : "For God 
resisteth the proud, and giveth 
grace to the humble," 1 Pet. 5 :5. 
"For thus saith the high and lofty 
One that inhabiteth eternity, whose 
name is Holy ; I dwell in the high 
and holy place, with him also that 
is of a contrite and humble spirit, 
to revive the spirit of the humble, 
and to revive the heart of the con- 
trite ones," Isa. 57:15. Pride and 
self must go, if we are to have the 
indwelling of the One who should 
have first place in our lives. These 
few Scriptures show, not only the 
necessity of humility but give en- 
couragement to follow Jesus in 

Following Jesus, in Forgiveness. 
"Forbearing one another, and for- 
giving one another, if any man 
have a quarrel against any : even 
as Christ forgave you, so also do 
ye," Col. 3:13. In "Matt. 18:21-22. 
we read that Peter came to Jesus 
and said. Lord how oft shall my 
brother sin against me and I for- 
give him? till seven times? Jesus 
saith unto him, I say not unto thee 
until seven times : but, until seventy 





Taneytown, Md., June 1, 1965 

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times seven. Following these two 
verses we learn of one who was 
forgiven a great debt of ten thou- 
sand talents. Yet this man would 
not forgive his fellowservant who 
owed him only an hundred pence 
and cast him into prison. When the 
lord of the first servant, who had 
been forgiven such a great debt, 
learned of this he was wroth and 
delivered him also to the tormentors 
till he should pay all that was due 
him. We have been forgiven of a 
debt, that was impossible for us to 
pay. The burden of that debt, wihich 
we could not bear, was taken off of 
us when we sought forgiveness from 
God. .Shall we not have compassion 
on others, as God had compassion 
and pity and mercy upon us? Jesus 
said, "For if ye forgive men their 
trespasses, your lieavenly Father 

will also forgive you : but if ye for- 
give not men their trespasses, neith- 
er will your Father forgive your 
trespasses," Matt. 6:14-15. 

Following Jesus, In Service. Jesus 
came not to be ministered unto, but 
to minister. When the people mur- 
mured because Jesus was eating and 
drinking with publicans and sinners, 
He said, "They that are whole have 
no need of the physician, liut they 
that are sick : I came not to call the 
righteous, but sinners to repent- 
ance," Mark 2:17. Jesus prayed, 
"As thou hast sent me into the 
world, even so have I also sent 
them into the world," John 17:18. 
As He continued to plead with the 
Father on behalf of His own. He 
prayed, "Neither pray I for these 
alone, but for them also which shall 
believe on me through their word ; 
that they may be one. as thou Fa- 
ther art in me, and I in Thee, that 
they also may be one in us : that the 
world may believe that thou hast 
sent me. Vs. 20-21. In V. 23 He re- 
peats His plea for unity, that the 
world may know that thou hast sent 
me and hast loved them, as thou 
hast loved me. Jesus was greatly 
concerned for His very own follow- 
ers. Also His concern for the world 
was, that they might know. So tlie 
ministry of reconciliation was given 
to us and we become ambassadors 
for Christ, to go forth with the 
message of reconciliation, 2 Cor, 

Jesus' commission was to go witli 



the Gospel, baptize and teach His 
commands, Matt. 18:19-20. "But 
when he saw the multitudes, he was 
moved with compassion on them, 
because they fainted, and were scat- 
tered abroad, as sheep having no 
shepherd," Matt. 9:36. Then He 
called His twelve disciples unto 
Him and gave them power to cast 
out unclean spirits and heal the 
sick. Thus He sent them out preach- 
ing that the Kingdom of Heaven is 
at hand. In Luke 10 we find Jesus 
appointed seventy and sent them 
out, two by two, to heal and say to 
them, the Kingdom of God is come 
nigh unto you. Here again we find 
Him pleading with the seventy, that 
since the harvest truly is great and 
the labourers few, they would pray 
that the Lord of the harvest would 
send forth labourers into His 

Jesus gives us a beautiful picture 
of the union between Him and those 
who belong unto Him and also the 
results of this union. As the branch 
must abide in the vine to bear fruit, 
so must we abide in Him and He in 
us, to bear fruit. "He that abideth 
in me, and I in him, the same 
bringeth forth much fruit : for with- 
out me ye can do nothing," John 
15:5. "Ye have not chosen me, but 
I have chosen you, and ordained 
you, that ye should go and bring 
forth fruit, and that your fruit 
should remain : that whatsoever ye 
shall ask of the Father in my name, 
he may give it you," John 15 :16. 

If we have experienced the sav- 
ing and keeping power of Jesus 
Christ, if we have come before God 
with a broken and contrite heart, 
yielding unto Him as clay in the 
hands of the potter, presenting our- 
selves as a living sacrifice, to be 
prepared by Him and used by Him, 
then we are ready to go forth to 
the harvest field. The preparation 
is important. The next thing of im- 
portance is to go. "He that goeth 
forth and weepeth, bearing precious 
seed, shall doubtless come again 
with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves 
with him," Psa. 126:6. Nothing is 
said here of eloquent speech or of 
a magnetic personality, but the com- 
passion, love and concern that sends 
one forth weeping, is of tremend- 
ous importance. Now to bear the 
precious seed. Yes, you can tell the 
love of Jesus, you can say He died 
for all. ' 

This world is sick. Man is try- 
ing to find life on the level of self 
interest. He is seeking life from the 
wells of pleasure and material gain, 
but this only ends in disappoint- 
ment and frustration. Surely the 
harvest is great and the Lord of the 
harvest needs labourers. We do 
have the responsibility of keeping 
separate from the evils of the world 
and be not partaker of their evil 
deeds. But we have also a grave 
responsibility of going forth with 
the remedy for those evils, for God 
is not willing that any should perish. 


While the souls of men are dying 
And the ^Master calls for you, 
Let none hear you idly saying, 
"There is nothing I can do." 

Gladly take the task He gives you, 
Let His work your pleasure be. 
Answer quickly when He calleth, 
"Here am I, O Lord, send me." 

Bro. Roy J. Swihart 
Goshen, Ind. 


"And Jesus sat over against the 
treasury, and beheld how the people 
cast money into the treasury : and 
many that were rich cast in much. 
And there came a certain poor 
widow, and she threw in two mites, 
which make a farthing. And he 
called unto him his disciples, and 
.saith unto them. Verily T say unto 
you, That this poor widow hath cast 
more in, than all they which have 
cast into the treasury : For all they 
did cast in of their a1)undance ; but 
she of her want did cast in all that 
she had, even all lier living," Mark 

I have wondered already why 
Jesus was sitting and watching the 
l^eople throw money into the treas- 
ury when He was so little concerned 
about this world's goods. The Spirit 
has shown me lately concerning 
these few verses and I believe He 
wants us to understand, and has 
])ointed it out as He did to His 
di.sciples. I thought perhaps the 

revelation may help others as it has 
iielped me to understand. Also I 
have ofien wondered about the im- 
mense building of the temple and 
why it was so costly when Jesus 
rebuked anxiety for costly things 
upon earth, where moth and rust 
corrupt and thieves break through 
and steal. The people of our age 
uphold, elaborate, and justify their 
costly church buildings because Sol- 
omon built a great and costly struc- 
ture wherein to worship God. 

Beloved, let us not take Scriptures 
and rob them of their true meaning. 
Solomon was an O. T. type of 
Christ. He built the temple accord- 
ing to God's plan. The house which 
he built was a type of God's Church. 
y\s it was many years (46), Jno. 
2 :20, in the building so has God's 
Church been many years in the 
building. Much pure gold was used. 
Pure gold is God's choice metal 
which has been tried in the fire and 
all dross removed. So is much of 
God's Church made up of pure g(jld 
saints, tried in the fire of affliction. 
There are many truths concerning 
this temple, the Church of the Liv- 
ing God. As the temple has been 
destroyed or ])artly destroyed in 
nast ages so has the light of God's 
Church been brought very dim 
through the ]iowers of Satan. P>nt 
l)raise His Holy Name there have 
always been those who have been 
willing to sacrifice and rebuild the 
temple — so it has been with the 
Church of God, 


In my spiritual mind's eye, I can 
see Christ, haggared and worn sit- 
ting tliere quite a while, watching 
Ov'cr the treasury, and what people 
are dropping in. The treasury was 
at the door of the temple, and as 
the people entered they may drop 
into the box however much they 
chose. So with us when we enter 
the church of God we immediately 
begin our offerings to the Lord. He 
does not force us to put into His 
treasury. We do that of ourselves 
according to our love for Him. 

The picture today : Christ is the 
Head of His Church, He is still 
very much interested in His treas- 
ury and He is standing by taking 
note of what we put into His treas- 
ury. Not that He is interested in 
dollars and cents, but in the things 
that we are committing unto Him 
against that day. II Tim. 1 :12. Al- 
though this, too, means money it 
includes much, much more — the 
best possible witness we can be for 
our Lord and Master in faith, vir- 
tue, knowledge, temperance, pati- 
ence, godliness, brotherly kindness, 
and charity. Read I Peter 1 :4-8. 
By so doing we keep our Lord's 
commandment, "Lay not up for 
yourselves treasures upon earth, 
where moth and rust doth corrupt, 
and where thieves break through 
and steal : But lay up for yourselves 
treasures in heaven, where neither 
moth nor rust doth corrupt, and 
where thieves do not break through 
nor steal : For where your treasure 

is, there will your heart be also," 
Matt. 6:19-21. 

Because the Jews did not accept 
Christ they were cut off, leaving 
them to be the widow. Hence the 
Gentiles was the wild olive branch 
that was grafted into the tame olive 
tree, through the Church of God, 
His Temple, His Building. There- 
fore the Gentiles were the first ones 
to throw into His treasury. Some 
have been rich in God's sight and 
have put in much, but Brethren 
and Sisters, we have not done our 
best, we have not given all. I be- 
lieve Christ is now haggared and 
worn. He has spent a life on earth 
where He gave all, even to His life 
blood for His Church that we might 
be of gold in that temple. How 
much of our all are we doing? Is 
everything we do to the honor and 
glory of God? Is He foremost in 
our meditations ? Are we constantly 
witnessing for Him? Do we give 
Him our earthly substance? 

Christ has been taking note of 
our offerings ever since the day He 
sat in the temple. Our account book 
will be opened and face us some 
day. I wonder if we will be asham- 
ed ? I do not believe the poor widow 
will be. As I mentioned before, the 
poor widow represents Israel. At 
the crucifixion of Christ, Israel's 
eyes were blinded (what a blind- 
ness), but when Jesus comes to 
the Jews at the rock Peter to which 
they have escaped during the tribu- 
lation they will all accept Him there 


when they see the nail-pierced hands 
and feet and be forever His people. 
At that time they will have nothing 
of their own except what they have 
on when they flee Jerusalem. The 
Lord will be supplying all their 
needs. But so complete will be 
their acceptance of Him that they 
will give all that they have. They 
will be late comers into the king- 
dom just as the widow was the last 
entering the temple. 

Dear reader, the end of the age 
is near. Storm clouds are fast over- 
spreading the sky, the machinery of 
Babylon is fast going into full op- 
eration. Who will answer the call 
and flee the doom intended for 
Satan and his angels? Read Jer. 
51 :6. Read God's Word, study His 
precepts, ask for wisdom and un- 
derstanding and knowledge, for the 
guidance of the Holy Spirit, pray 
vv^ithout ceasing, praise Him, cast 
out, cast out, cast out self reserva- 
tions, and do all He shows you that 
you might be sanctified and accept- 
ed with the Philadelphia Church of 
Rev. 3:7-13. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ and the 
Holy .Spirit be with you is our con- 
stant prayer. 

Ruth M. Snyder 
R.D. 2, Box 170 
Oakland, Md. 


I have received much good from 
these references and liope others 

will benefit also by them : 

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as 
thyself," Lev. 19:18; Matt. 22:39. 
If we all would do as this verse 
tells us, the world would be a much 
better place to live in. Many times 
there are little things we can do 
for our neighbors, which will in 
return bring us the joy and satis- 
faction of having done something 

"Depart from evil, and do good ; 
seek peace, and pursue it," Psa. 
34:14. Also shun evil and look for 
good. These will keep us from 
much danger. 

"Even a child is known by his 
doings, whether his work be pure, 
and whether it be right," Prov. 20 : 
11. If children can be known by 
their doings how much more us 
grown-ups should realize what our 
life shows to others. 

"Blessed are the peacemakers : for 
they shall be called the childre:i of 
God," Matt. 5 :9. Have you ever 
thought of what the people of the 
reverse attitude can be called ? Think 
of all the riots in the South and tlie 
many people who are persecuted 
because of their race and color. 

"Therefore all things whatsoever 
ye would that men should do to vou, 
do ye even so to them," Matt. 7:12. 
If all in America would follow this 
rule, turmoil would cease, riots end 
and much happiness and peace of 
mind could be found. 

"Love your enemies, do good to 
them which hate you." Luke 6:27. 


Many find this liard to do, but it 
is one of the commandments God 
expects us to obey. Once I had a 
neighbor who caused me all sorts 
of trouble. One day I did some- 
thing for her and after that she 
was one of my best neighbors and 
helped me whenever she could. I 
felt I had gained a friend instead 
of an enemy. 

"Be ye therefore merciful, as your 
Father also is merciful," Luke 6 : 
35. Where would all of us be if 
our Father in Heaven were not 
kind and merciful to us all? Why 
not return mercy to all we come in 
contact with? 

"Forgive, and ye shall be for- 
given," Luke 6 •Zl . Haven't you 
heard people say, I just can't ever 
forgive that person for what he has 
done to me? Where will you and 
I stand in the day of judgment if 
we take that attitude? 

"By love serve one another," Gal. 
5:13. If we serve one another with 
envy and strife in our hearts, we 
only gain enemies and unhappiness. 

"Bear ye one another's burdens, 
and so fulfil the law of Christ," Gal. 
6 :2. I have many times felt like my 
burdens were great, but after look- 
ing around I saw many with greater 
burdens than I. By helping others 
it helps lighten our load and makes 
you feel like your life has been 

"Be ye kind one to another, ten- 
derhearted, forgiving one another, 
even as God for Christ's sake hath 

forgiven you," Eph. 4 :32. If we 
follow this advice we will feel peace 
within our hearts and will gain 

"Children, obey your parents in 
the Lord ; for this is right. Honor 
thy father and mother," Eph. 6:1-2. 
If all children would love, honor 
and obey their parents, so many 
would not end up in the courts of 
our land. I think, if many fathers 
and mothers would love their chil- 
dren more, their children in return 
would love, honor and obey them 
more. Many a child is driven from 
home and into trouble because of 
the lack of love from their father 
and mother. Who then is to blame? 

"Children, obey your parents in 
all things : for this is well pleasing 
unto the Lord," Col. 3:20. Think 
of how many times the Lord is dis- 
pleased with the action of disobedi- 
ent and ungrateful children. Then 
also, think how pleased and happy 
He is with each child who obeys 
and honors his parents. 

"Be not forgetful to entertain 
strangers : for thereby some have 
entertained angels unawares," Heb. 
13 :2. Many times as we see a dirty, 
poorly dressed person on the street 
or highway, we feel as if we would 
not want them in our home. Some- 
times we see someone in need but 
feel we just don't have time to stop 
and talk to them or see in what way 
we could help them. 

"Create in me a clean heart, O 
God, and renew a right spirit with- 



in me," Psa. 51 :10. If we all would 
say this verse each day as a prayer, 
I am satisfied and know we would 
not need to worry about our con- 
duct. Thus people could see the 
good in us and we could see more 
good in other people. If we had 
the right spirit, we would follow all 
the commandments which are in the 
verses I have mentioned. May we 
all strive for better Christian con- 
duct in the future. 

Sister Almeda Strayer 
P.O. Box 354, 
Converse, Ind. 46919 



Clearville, Pa. — June 18-27. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. — July 11-25. 
Broadwater, Md. — July 23-Aug. 1 
Grandview, Mo. — July 25-Aug. 8. 
Plevna, Ind.— Aug. 8-22. 
Swallow Falls, Md.— Aug. 15-28. 
Bethel, Pa.— Aug. 15-29. 
Ridge, W. Va.— Aug. 16-30. 
Walnut Grove, Md.— Aug. 30- 

Sept. 12. 
Lititz, Pa.— Sept. 19-Oct. 3. 
Waynesboro, Pa. — Nov. 8-21. 

vited, come and enjoy these meet- 
ings with us. 

Sister Bertha Dorsey, Cor. 


The Lord willing, the Grandview 
congregation will hold a two-week's 
series of meetings from July 25 to 
Aug. 8. There will be all-day serv- 
ices Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 
7-8, with Communion services Sat- 
urday evening. Bro. Hayes Reed 
from Modesto, Cal., will be our ev- 
angelist. Everyone is invited to 
come and enjoy these services with 

Sister Jolene Andrews, Cor. 

The Lord willing, the Broadwat- 
er congregation will begin a Re- 
vival meeting July 23 and close 
Sunday, Aug. 1, widi Bro. Harley 
Flory as evangelist. All-day meet- 
ing and Communion Saturday, July 
31. To these services you are in- 


We, the mission point of the 
Waynesboro congregation, are look- 
ing forward to a Rjevival meeting 
at Ward's church, if the Lord wills, 
from June 18-27, with Bro. Ernest 
Miller as evangelist. Services to 
begin each evening at 7 :30 P. M., 
daylight saving time. 

All are invited to attend these 
meetings with us and enjoy Chris- 
tian fellowship. At the closing of 
these meetings there will be all-day 
services on Sunday. June 27. Bring 
your lunch as dinner will be served 
on the grounds. Come and hear 
what the Spirit saith unto the 

Sister Rachael Mallow, Cor. 

Please make the following correc- 
tions in your Feb. 1st Issue: 



Hartz, Paul A., 703 W Cherry St., 
Palmyra, Pa., M. 

Peffer, John, Star Rte. 6, Spring- 
field, W. Va. 26763, M. 

Roesch, Melvin C, Antioch, W. Va. 
26702, E. 

Peru, Ind. Pray for tliem tliat tliey 
will continue to improve. Pray for 
the church here at Plevna. Visitors 
are always welcome. 

Sister Almeda Strayer, Cor. 


The Plevna congregation held 
their regular quarterly council 
March 31. After hymn #705, Bro. 
Clarence Surbey read Psa. 1 and 
led in prayer. Our Elder, Vern 
Hostetler, took charge. Arrange- 
ments for District Meeting were 
made. Four more brethren were 
appointed for our building commit- 
tee. It was decided to start in the 
near future, on the most needed 
repairs of our church building. After 
the treasurer's report, Bro. Harley 
Rush led in prayer. 

Bro. Jacob Ness of York, Pa., 
has consented to hold our Revival 
meetings from Aug. 8 to 22. On 
Mar. 14 Bro. Hostetler preached a 
very good message for us. On April 
4, Eld. Herbert Parker brought us 
a very timely message. Prepare to 
meet thy God, Amos' 4:12. Again 
on May 2 Bro. Parker brought us 
another message, Christ in you, hope 
of glory, Col. 3 :1-17. 

Five weeks ago Bro. and Sister 
Robert Parker and two of their 
children were in an automobile ac- 
cident. The parents were in the 
hospital for five weeks and the chil- 
dren were released the next week. 
They are now at their home, R. 1, 

The Lord willing, the Goshen 
congregation will be holding their 
Revival meetings June 20 to July 3. 
Bro. Ulf Oldenburg will be our 
evangelist. We give a hearty wel- 
come to all who can come and be 
with us in these meetings. 

Sister Maxine Swihart, Cor. 


The Midway congregation met 
in council March 13 with our Elder, 
Vern Hostetler, presiding. Bro. 
Hostetler gave us an interesting re- 
port of the situation at the Torreon 
Mission as he found it when visit- 
ing there last December. 

We did not meet in January and 
February, but now have resumed 
services the first and third Sunday 
of each month. The General Mis- 
sion Board is to supply us with a 
minister on one of these Sundays 
each month. For this we are thank- 
ful. We welcome any to come and 
worship with us. 

Bro. Paul B. Myers, Cor. 

Sister Lois W. Cassel, daughter 
of David and Ruth Cassel of Man- 
heim. Pa., and Bro. Lindley Wells, 
son of Cameron and Sister Mabel 
Wells, Lancaster, Pa., were united 


in marriage, Jan. 23, 1965, by Alton 
Bucher, minister and uncle of the 
bride. They are now residing at 
R. 1, Lebanon, Pa. 

We want to take the privilege 
just one more time, to thank all the 
beloved brethren and sisters and 
kind friends for their help, gifts and 
faithful prayers, on the behalf of 
our little Timmy's illness and death. 
Alay God bless each one and con- 
tinue to remember us in prayer, that 
we may meet liim again some sweet 

Bro. and Sister Luke Eberlv 


brorhers, Russell of Louisville, O., 
Howard of Miami, Fla., and Wil- 
lard of North Canton, O. Also four 
grandsons and ten great-grandchil- 
dren. His wife, Lottie, passed from 
this life five years ago. 

Royal was a carpenter by trade 
a:id was employed by the Mohler 
Lumber Co. until 1946. Since that 
time he has been confined to the 
Massillon State Hospital. Funeral 
services were conducted at the 
Wideman funeral home. North 
Canton, by Eld. Paul R,. Myers, 
assisted by Eld. Lester Sentfen and 
Eldon Petrv. 


TRICT, JUNE 21, 1960 

Interpreter, J. Wm. Miller, 
Dayton, Ohio 


Was born Sept. 19. 1891. son of 
J. Peter and Alice (Mohler) Holl. 
He lived in the North Canton. Ohio, 
area most of his life, except a few 
years near Mogadore. 

He was married to Lottie Slick 
in 1908. To this union were born Matt. 16 : 18, "And I say also unto 
two daughters, Marjorie Humbert , thee. That thou art Peter, and upon 
of North Canton and Edna of the ' this rock I will build my church ; 
home. He was baptized into the , and the gates of hell shall not pre- 
Mogadore Church of the Brethren ! vail against it." 1 Cor. 3:11, "For 
in 1910 and united with the Orion i ( ther foundations can no man lay 

Dunkard Brethren in 1926 and 
maintained his menil)ershi]i there 
until death. 

He is survived by : two daugh- 
ters ; two sisters, Mrs. Ada Arehart 
of Mogadore and IVIrs. Stella Myers 
of Elizabethtown, Pa., a sister. 
Myrtle, died in infancy ; three 

tlian is laid, which is Jesus Christ." 
Eph. 2:19-20, "Now therefore ye 
are no more strangers and foreign- 
ers, but fellow citizens with the 
saints, and of the household of God ; 
and are built upon the foundations 
of the apostles and prophets, Jesus 
Clirist Himself being the chief cor- 



iier stone." 

Those who are members of the 
assemblies of Jesus Christ can ex- 
pect to encounter jarrings from 
within. This must be, that the 
righteous may prove themselves and 
that the true and false may be re- 
vealed. The first Christians suffer- 
ed much tribulations from the 
world, and even today those of the 
true faith will have tribulation. If 
we today will Jive close to Christ, 
tribulation will come from the 
world. These trials from without 
are a sure proof of our faith, and 
we are glad that our faith can over- 
come the world, Yea, our faith over- 
comes the world and Satan. To have 
this faith we must fast in our hearts. 
We cannot overcome if we do not 
have a strong faith. The first Chris- 
tians had faith and love from God 
through the Holy Ghost. The first 
Christians were filled with the Holy 
Ghost. After being thus filled, then 
came tribulation over the assembly 
of believers at Jerusalem. Con- 
sequently, the early Christians were 
scattered everywhere. The true 
faith of Jesus Christ came first 
from the apostles. The first martyr 
was Stephen, and likewise did the 
rest of the apostles give their lives 
for God. 

From history we find that be- 
tween the years of 100 and 200 A.D. 
the Christians held fast to the apos- 
tles' teaching and baptism. For 200 
years the Christians had severe per- 
secution and strife with the great 

powers. In the period of history 
between 200 and 300 years after 
Christ, we find that Constantine 
took on Christianity and brought to 
the assembly (or church) heathen 
ways. The Christians then had 
great troubles from him over bap- 
tism, and many had to give their 
lives for their faith. This cost the 
Christians much blood. I believe 
those who gave their lives for Christ 
during the first 300 years are the 
souls under the altar, crying, "How 
long, O Lord, holy and true, dost 
thou not judge and avenge our 
blood on them that dwell on the 
earth ?' ' 

I have a history book printed in 
1772 entitled "History of the Old 
and New Brethren, 300 to 860 A. 
D." This book is at my home in 
Denmark. Also, I have one with 
me beginning with 860 and con- 
tinuing to 1770 A.D. It is called 
"History of the Brethren, Old and 
New." In it we can follow the line 
of the true faith very closely. There 
is much written in it about Walden- 
ses. They follow in a direct lineage 
from the first Christians. They were 
before Peter Walso. He was not 
their foundation. He came from 
Leon, France, in 1100 A.D. He came 
into contact with them and became 
one of them. They eventually split 
into two groups. The first group 
held fast to triune immersion bap- 
tism, the lovefeast, the holy kiss, 
feet-washing and the communion. 
We find a line of the true Christians 



coming from these. Because of 
strife among the CathoHcs, many of 
the Waldenses were misled. The 
first group went to the mountains. 
They had much persecution, and 
from this time many Christians gave 
their lives. 

I was in Leon, France and Vi- 
enne, France, where the first Chris- 
tians gave their lives to the wild 
animals in amphi-theatre, were 
burned at the stake, etc., but they 
held fast in the faith. This should 
be a strengthening of our faith. We 
are not yet in Heaven. We have 
to prove ourselves. We find the true 
Christian Assembly came into great 
strife with the Catholics in the 
mountains. History tells us the 
greatest strife was between the early 
Christians and the Catholics. Of the 
two groups who came from this 
strife, one took the weapons of war 
in self-defense, and the other would 
not. Those who took up arms arej 
the ones we read and know about 
today. They accepted infant bap- 
tism, etc. The other group remained 
non-resistant and kept the Bible 
baptism, and consequently were cast 
out of the land. They came to Bo- 
hemia and became known as the 
Bohemian Brethren. We notice 
these bethren came from the group 
that held fast to the apostolic faith. 
In 1400 John Huss became one of 
them, and is known in history as a 
leader among them. These believers 
had much strife from the Roman 

About this time there was a great 
baptist awakening among many in 
Europe. These Bohemian Brethren 
were eventually scattered to Ger- 
many, Switzerland, Holland, etc. 
Here we find what history calls the 
Anabaptist movement. These first 
brethren in Germany from whom we 
have descended came from the Old 
Bohemian brethren, who had roots 
back to 200 A.D. So we see the 
lineage is unbroken. From Bohemia 
to Germany came many Bohemian 
Brethren. There were two groups 
of them in 1700. First the Bohem- 
ian Brethren came to Count Zin- 
zendorf, who had a free state. Later, 
in 1723, many of them who were 
wnth Count Zinzendorf fell away ov- 
er infant baptism and stood alone in 
like faith to the Lutherans. Some 
of the old faithful group went to 
Schwarzenau. In 1700 in Schwar- 
zenau there were many Pietists 
and Separatists. History says there 
was much strife in Schwarzenau 
over baptism, the communion etc. 
Alexander Mack is not the foun- 
dation of the assembly, Christ is 
the foundation. The assembly has 
ever stood on the Word of God. I 
believe Alexander Mack was a 
very honest man. He was not bap- 
tized by one of the brethren in 1708 
before he baptized the others. He 
had much fellowship with the 
brethren from Switzerland — the 
Bohemian Brethren — who had 
triune baptism, etc. There is a book 
in Hamburg, Germany, which Bro- 



ther Ulf Oldenburg had in his po- 
session for one week, which tells 
about Christopher Hochmann from 
Haven. It says that Alexander 
Mack had baptism from the Old 
Bohemian Brethren. I believe he 
was formerly baptized of these 
brethren and that he later baptized 
the others even in 1708. 

There was also persecution in 
Germany, and the brethren had to 
leave. The first ones came with 
Peter Becker to America. Others 
stayed in Europe, Hamburg, Al- 
toona was then in Denmark. They 
had their own king, who gave them 
a special place so the persecuted 
people could live in safety. From 
Schwarzenau many also came to 
Creyfeld. from Creyfeld many went 
to America, but the Solingen Breth- 
ren stayed in Creyfeld, then later 
went to Hamburg, Altoona where 
lived many Mennonites, Quakers, 
* Taufers, Tunkers, Dunkers. 

From Copenhagen came two 
blood brothers, Soren and Simon 
Bolle. They searched the Bible, then 
went to Hamburg, Altoona where 
they came into fellowship with the 
Creyfeld Brethren and were bap- 
tized by them. They went back to 
Copenhagen and held meetings in 
homes and baptized many there. 
Soren BoIIe went to Norway in 
1742 and baptized 25 there. The 
Danish church history tells that 
they had much persecution in Nor- 
way and elsewhere, but they have 
kept the faith until today. 

Now we would like to speak con- 
cerning the assemblies in the last 
times. First we find that Israel suf- 
fered much in her day. Next we ob- 
serve the sufferings of the house- 
hold of the Holy Spirit. Now the 
assemblies in these last times must 
expect similar trials. 

The seven churches of Asia, in the 
book of Revelation, represent var- 
ious ages of time. The last days are 
depicted as the Laodicean age. We 
are living there today. Rev. 3 : 14- 
19 reads, "And unto the angel of the 
church of the Laodicean write ; 
These things saith the Amen, the 
faithful and true witness, the be- 
ginning of the creation of God; I 
know thy works, that thou art neith- 
er cold nor hot ; I would thou wert 
cold or hot. So then because thou 
art lukewarm and neither cold nor 
hot, I will spue thee out of my 
mouth. Because thou sayest, I am 
rich, and increased with goods, and 
have need of nothing; and knowest 
not that thou art wretched, and 
miserable, and poor, and blind, and 
naked : I counsel thee to buy of me 
gold tried in the fire, that thou 
mayest be rich ; and white raiment, 
that thou mayest be clothed, and 
that the shame of thy nakedness do 
not appear ; and anoint thine eyes 
with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 
As many as I love, I rebuke and 
Chasten : be zealous therefore, and 
repent." From this we find the as- 
sembly thought she was in good 
condition and in need of nothing, 



and did not realize the miserable 
condition she was in. We must 
prove ourselves in tihis time. We 
feel too much that everything is all 
right. We think we are right in all 
things, but instead we are wretched, 
and miserable, and poor, and blind, 
and naked." Brethren and Sisters, 
here we stand before God. His eyes 
see deeper than ours. He will prove 
out in our lives and will cast out 
the evil. 

We are so fortunate that Jesus 
has given us the opportunity to 
make ourselves right with God. We 
can see the love of Christ for the 
Church, Who gave His blood on 
Golgotha. The Lord Jesus will not 
leave the assembly to die out. We 
must think seriously and buy gold 
that we may be rich, and white 
raiment that we may be clothed. We 
must buy Gold from God. Gold in 
the Bible represents the godly na- 
ture. This is the pure gold Christ 
has given. He gives us the godly 
nature. We are not of the old nature. 
We have been born of Christ Je- 
sus. We have been purified through 
the bread of the lamb, and there we 
must stand. That is what God is 
seeking, and we stand in this place 
with Him, and He will give us 
riches that are not from the world 
but from Himself. What we have 
in this world shall pass away. Those 
who will stand for God have re- 
ceived from God. 

The Bible tells us we shall not 
have treasures on earth but in hea- 

ven. The Bible tells us that if the 
heart is centered on things of earth, 
where the treasure is there will 
the heart be also. Brethren and my- 
self, our treasure must be with 
Christ, our Bridegroom. We must 
clothe ourselves to hide our naked- 
ness. We are unclothed before God. 
From men we can hide much, but 
before God everything is revealed. 
God knows us better than we know 
ourselves. God proved Abraham, 
God proved the early Christians, 
and he will prove us in these last 

In Rev. 19 we find that wihite 
linen is what the Bride shall have. 
God knows our works and our do- 
ings. The Ix)rd tells us, "I will give 
you white raiment." Do you want 
it? You must be humble before 
God. You must know Him, and by 
yourself you must give a true wit- 
ness. We must give ourselves over 
wholly to the Lord. He .says. 
"Anoint thine eyes with eye salve, 
that thou mayest see." God will 
give you oil to anoint your eyes 
that you may see. It is very neces- 
sary that we receive it in these last 
times. It must come from God. not 
ourselves. We live now in these 
days when prophetic word is go- 
ing into fulfillment. The time of 
the Gentiles is getting short. The 
fig tree is shooting forth buds. Je- 
sus says. Look up, I am coming 
quickly. Brethren, let us watch and 
pray to stand before He who comes 
quickly. Let us cleanse ourselves in 



the blood of the Lamb. Let us ever 
watch for Christ day and night so 
we can say, "The Spirit and the 
Bride say, Come." May we Keep 
our hearts pure and 'be ready in 
these last days. I pray this every 
day, in Jesus name. Amen. 

Explanation : 
it was our privilege to hear this 
message on History of The Breth- 
ren, as given by Joihannas Hansen 
of Denmark. This was truly inspi- 
ring and informative. 

It has been very precious to us 
and we pass it along to our Bible 
Monitor readers. 

' Bro. and Sister Parker 

Troy Rt. 3, Ohio 


I have shown unto you a more ex- 
cellent way, therefore covet earnest- 
ly the best gifts. — I Cor. 12:31. 

While reading an old magazine 
last night, I came across the follow- 
ing quotation from an unknown au- 
thor : 

"One of these days I must go 
shopping. I am completely out of 
self-respect. I want to exchange the 
self-righteousness I picked up the 
other day for some humility, which 
they say is less expensive and wears 
longer. I want to look at some tol- 
erance which is being used for wraps 
this season. Someone showed me 
some pretty samples of peace. We 
are a little low on that, and one 
can never have too much of it. And, 

by the way, I must try to match 
some patience with that my neigh- 
bor wears. It is very becoming on 
her, and I think it might look well 
on me. I might try on that little 
garment of long- suffering they are 
displaying. I never thought I wan- 
ted to wear it, but I feel myself 
coming to it. And I must not for- 
get to have my sense of appreciation 
mended, and look around for some 
inexpensive everyday goodness. It 
is surprising how quickly one's stock 
of goodness is depleted." 

This list was developed by some- 
one else to fit his or her particular 
needs, but each of us can make his 
own list. A good place to start is 
as we stand before the mirror early 
in the day. But a sihopping list is of 
no value unless used as we market. 

Scripture Reading : I Cor. 13 : 

Sel. by Hayes Reed. 


Youth is the time to seek the Lord, 
Time to insure our great reward. 
Yet while the lamp holds out to 
The vilest sinner may return. 

"Remember now thy Creator in 
the days of thy youth, while the 
evil days come not, nor the years 
draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I 
have no pleasure in them," Ecc. 
12:1, These are the words of the 
wise man. 

It is very important to surrender 



our lives to the Saviour while 
young. There will be less desire to 
do so as the years go by. The fol- 
lowing are some figures to prove 
this : Dr. Spencer examined 1000 
persons who professed faith in 
Christ. 548 were converted under 
20 years of age. 337 before they 
reached 30 years of age. 86 before 
they reached 40 years. 15 before they 
reached 50 years. 5 before they 
reached 60 years and only 1 between 
60 and 70 years. "Come ye children, 
hearken unto me : I will teach you 
the fear of the Lord." Psa. 34:11. 

In our youth we have plenty of 
ambition. We are hopeful of every- 
thing and trust everyone. We have 
our lives before us and all looks 
bright. If we have the Lord in our 
heart we are happy in His service. 
In fact we find our greatest plea- 
sure in His service. If we serve 
Christ half-heartedly, with some 
thoughts of Him on Sunday and 
our interests in worldly things 
through-out the week, our lives are 
miserable. He requires our whole- 
hearted service. When we ponder 
over what Jesus sacrifices for us, 
our "all" is so small a sacrifice to 
yield unto Him. Do we find greater 
pleasure in following the actions 
of others and the fashions of the 
world, than in living the simple 
way of life for Jesus? May honesty 
and truthfulness be our measuring 
stick. Paul gave us a good exam- 
ple to follow, "Finally, brethren, 
whatsoever things are true, what- 

soever things are honest, whatso- 
ever things are just, whatsoever 
things are pure, whatsoever things 
are lovely, whatsoever things are 
of good report ; if there be any vir- 
tue, and if there be any praise, think 
on these things. Those things, which 
ye have both learned, and received, 
and heard, and seen in me, do : and 
the God of peace shall be with you," 
Phil. 4:8-9. 

It grieves our heart to see our 
youth waste their precious time in 
useless things. They could accom- 
plish mucih in the Lord's service 
and for others with their strength 
and ability. Following are a few 
thoughts I will quote from a clip- 
ping : 

Time is power — we have no 
right to dissipate it. 

Time is money — we have no 
right to waste it. 

Time is influence — we have no 
right to throw it away. 

Time is life — we must value it 

Time is God's — He gives it to 
us for a purpose. 

Time is a sacred trust — we must 
answer for every moment. 

Time is wisdom — we have no 
right to be ignorant. 

Time is preparation for eternity — 
we must redeem it. 

So often when we are young we 
do not realize how important it is 
to obey our parents in the Lord. 
If we obey them we will have no 
regrets. People will be sorry the 



rest of their lives, if they disobey 
their parents when young. Paul 
tells us in Eph. 6:1-3, "Children, 
obey your parents in the Lord : for 
this is right. Honour thy father and 
mother ; which is the first command- 
ment with promise ; that it may be 
well with thee, and thou mayest 
live long on the earth." 

And if my parents speak the 
I must obey them in the Lord. 

Not steal, nor lie, nor waste my 
In idle tales or foolish plays. 

It is very important to seek the 
Lord's Will when making decisions 
in early life, lest we make a miser- 
able failure of things. It is good to 
choose the best associates so there 
will be less temptation to sin. We 
can keep ourselves out of a lot of 
problems by refusing to go to evil 
places. We do so ueed the Lord's 
help in choosing the right compan- 
ion. So many choose too hastily and 
regret it later. Last year at General 
Conference I was happy to learn, 
there are young people who seek the 
Lord's guidance when they spend 
the evening together. Wihat could 
be better for a successful christian 
life, than praying together? Some 
also discuss the Bible doctrines to- 
gether. Such couples will follow the 
Lord's leading and ever be happy in 
Him. May there be many such be- 
lievers in our Lord. "O taste and 
see that the Lord is good: blessed 
is the man that trusteth in him," 

Psa. 34:8. 

O children, come and taste His 
Come, learn His pleasant ways 

And let your experience prove 
The sweetness of His grace. 

Then let us love and serve the 
With all our youthful powers, 

And we shall gain a great reward 
And glory shall be ours. 

Sister Ethel Whitmer 
40286 Lincoln, Street, 
Beaumont, California. 


The soul is sealed hard with pride. 

Dark is the hidden grave. 
And who shall roll the stone aside 

That Jesus Christ may save. 

The foes of truth have thought 

to Vin 
Their demon tongues rejoice; 
They set a watch, lest one within 
Should hear the Saviour's voice. 

But moving tireless through the 
He gently speaks once more ; 
The gracious hand that bears a 
Has touched the prison door. 

"Awake ! Awake ! and I shall be 
Thy resurrection power — 

Thy pardon for eternity 
Hangs on this very hour." 



The watchers quake before His 
The great stone rolls away. 
And in the listening dawn is heard 
The glad redeemed one pray. 

Sister Myrtle Broadwater. 


I missed church last Sunday. By 
so doing, I cast my vote with the 
enemy to close our church doors. 
I voted also to keep the Bible closed, 
and to silence the voice of my prea- 
cher. By staying home, though I 
did it not deliberately or intention- 
ally, but because of neglect and lazi- 
ness. I allowed myself to be used 
by the enemy by staying away, 
therefore the devil and the Athiests 
should rejoice by gaining my vote 
with their endeavors to close every 
Bible, and every Bible believing and 
Bible preaching preacher in Ameri- 

How many of you can I persuade 

to stay home with me next Sunday ? 

Sel. by Hayes Reed. 


God sent Bro. and Sister Walter 
Bird to us in February. How won- 
derful are good sermons and chris- 
tian fellowship. How timely was 
Bro. Bird's stirring message. Pray 
God to ihelp us to be numbered 
among the few who choose this day 
to say, "As for me and my house, 
we will serve the Lord." 

God's people are few. Of the 
thousands living when Noah built 
the Ark. only eight were saved. 
Throughout history God's people 
have been in the minority. In con- 
sideration of the drawing near of 
the end of time, we will try to bring 
a lesson from Deut. 6:1-25, Beware 
lest ye forget the Lord. 

This chapter is very good to 
teach us of God's protecting hand 
to the family of Egypt. Joseph was 
sent of the Lord to Egypt to save 
ihis people. It seemed cruel to be 
sold as a slave, but he was soon in 
Pharaoh's favor and was made a'l 
ruler. God had a purpose to pro- 
tect Joseph so that he might save 
his family from famine. 

Isa. 31:1-3, God says. Woe to 
them that go down in Egypt. Hor- 
ses are strong and chariots are 
niany, but "they look not to the 
Holy One neither seek the Lord. I 
feel certain this is the cause of our 
nation's difficulties. We are head- 
ed for a downfall. In spite of the 
many beautiful new churches being 
built each year, the crime rate is 
rising. This is a symptom of evil 

When the people of Israel were 
brought out of Egypt to Canaan, 
only two of the original adults got 
into the promised land. Here is a 
spiritual comparison: let Egypt be _ 
the world of sin, those who want 
to be saved leave Egypt and be- 
come christians ; on the way to Hea- 
,ven, spiritual Canaan, the christian 



travels througih a wilderness. In 
Egypt we live in the bondage of 
sin, until Jesus comes and releases 
us by conversion, from that bondage. 
Eph. 2 :2, "Ye walked according 
to the course of this world." 2 Cor. 
4 ;3-4, But if our gospel be hid it 
is bid to them that are lost, and 
those that believe not. Eph. 6:12, 
"For we wrestle not against flesh 
and blood, but against principalities, 
against powers, against the rulers 
of the darkness of this world, 
against spiritual wickedness in higih 
places." These scriptures prove 
that the nations are ruled by the 
forces of evil. Sad as it's condition 
seems now, our nation was founded 
on God's Word. The constitution 
was formed by God-fearing men, 
but it is now being called unsatis- 
factory by a great number of peo- 
ple, who want to remove God's 
name from all things once credited 
to His providence. All these are 
symptoms of a sick nation. 

In Egypt the Israelites had no- 
thing to look forward to but slavery, 
yet they yearned for the ease of 
life and the fleshpots of food, be- 
ing dissatisfied with the freedom 
of the wilderness under God's care. 
They were sure that they would all 
die for hunger. They forgot entire- 
ly that they were free, that God 
was leading them to rest and com- 
fort. Satan is a harsh taskmaster. 
A little evil leads to great evil. How 
else can we account for crime? Vi- 
olence is done as witnesses refuse 

to come to the aid of a victim for 
fear of "being involved." They say, 
it is none of my concern. Am I my 
brother's keeper? 

The people of Israel came to 
Canaan, not on merits of their own 
for they could not earn it. God 
promised it to Abraham and his de- 
scendants. Deut. 6:10, "brought 
thee to the land which He sware 
unto thy fathers." His promise must 
be kept so the remnant would re- 
ceive the promise. Vs. 11:12, 
"Houses full of all good things, 
which thou filledst not, and wells 
digged, which thou diggedst not, 
vineyards and olive trees, which thou 
plantedst not ; wJien thou shalt have 
eaten and be full ; then beware lest 
thou forget the Lord, which brought 
thee forth out of the land of Egypt, 
from the house of bondage." We 
might think it cruel that God drove 
the people out of the land the Israe- 
lites were to have, yet they were 
not God's people because they had 
forgotten Him long before. We 
have done nothing to earn or merit 
Heaven. By His grace and love we 
are given this opportunity. People 
forget where the blessings come 
from. The prosperity and security 
we are desperately searching for, 
is based upon things and not upon 

This Country's economic de- 
pression was a sad experience. 
Those who lived through it now 
are trying to give their children 
what they missed. This is under- 



standable but it can be dangerous. 
In gaining economic security we 
might forget it was God and not 
man who brought us out of trou- 
ble. V. 5 tells us to love God with 
all our heart, all our soul and all 
our might. This includes even our 
thoughts. What we do is based on 
what we think. If our thoughts are 
right our deeds will be right, if 
wrong our deeds will be evil. 

V. 7, "Thou shalt teach them 
diligently unto thy children." I won- 
der how many families of our na- 
tion have read these words to their 
children, taken them to church and 
.taught God's Word to them? V. 8- 
9, "Bind them for a sign upon thine 
'hand and write them on the posts 
of thy house and gates." We may 
have difficulty understanding these 
verses, our brains and hands are 
the means of accomplishing things 
and God's Word on their hands as 
they worked, was a reminder of His 
instructions. Remember these peo- 
ple had no Bible to read, as we do. 
How do we regard our many 
Bibles? A book a thousand years 
old is considered precious and cost- 
ly. Our Bible is centuries old, is it 
precious to us? 

If we want to live good lives, we 
must have good thoughts. The fact 
that there are so many names on 
church books and so few God-fear- 
ing christians, shows that we as a 
nation do not think of God often 
enough. Jesus said, "Watch ye 
therefore, for ye know not what 

hour the Lx)rd cometh. We read of 
forces in our land dedicated to the 
destruction of Christianity. A news- 
paper printed two striking com- I 
ments. The one quoting a noted 
historian, We cannot afford to have 
a national government, we need a 
world government. This is the only 
way to survive in an atomic age. 
The other account was on the world 
peace conference. It's purpose is to 
work better understanding between 
religions. Beware dear reader, when 
the day comes that church and gov- 
ernment are united, will be an op- 
portune time for the anti-christ to 
take over. 

The christian has many reasons 
to feel that something terrible is 
about to happen. Ministers every- 
where are proclaiming the prophecy 
of the end of the world. Men in high 
places are dedicated to bring about 
one power, intertwined in the Na- 
tional Council of churches. "Where- 
fore come out from among them, 
and be ye separate, saith the Lord, 
2 Cor. 6:17. Many professors seem 
blinded to this instruction. It would 
seem natural that the church down 
the road and the one across the 
street, all christians, would be more 
united. Yet watch the merging, 
where is the Gospel obedience, the 
Gospel salt? 

I trust that we may direct our 
acts and thoughts, that we might 
be prepared for Heaven, even though 
we must stand alone. We know the 
wicked will want rocks and moun- 



tains to hide them from the power 
of God. The true christian will be 
happy to see Christ come, because 
he knows that He is coming to de- 
liver the faithful from this evil 
world. The true christian is look- 
ing: forward to that g^rorious meet- 


Sister Elta K. Blyt'he 
822 W. Calhoun, 
Macomb, 111. 


My careless friend, how can you go 

Along from day to day, 
Without a thought that after death 

Your soul shall live for aye? 
What use for Christ to shed His 

And die on Calvary, 
But man to ransom and prepare 

For long eternity? 

A fading flower, a with'ring leaf — ■ 

How quickly life is o'er; 
Then where will you your future 
spend ? 

Oh think ! — ■ f orevermore. 
Can gold or silver, home or friends, 

Or comforts to you be 
Of greater worth than to prepare 

Your soul eternally? 

Remember, time is passing fast; 

Its end is very near ; 
Though heedlessly you sneer and 

"Oh, I ;have nought to fear," 

Vain man ! You're drawing near 
the cHff 

That ends brief time for thee ; 
A few steps more and you will sink 

Into eternity. 

Life e'en at longest, oh, how short! 

The cradle, then the grave — 
A vast eternity beyond 

Our souls for which to save, 
Oh why not turn while yet you 

Too late it soon will be — 
A glorious life you may possess 

Throughout eternity. 

Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman. 

He that does good deeds will 
some day have a "deed." 

Reformation is no guarantee to 
eternal life. 

— — - 

Two marks of a Christian — giv- 
ing and forgiving. 

O Lord who lends my life, lend 
me a heart full of thankfulness. 
— o 

A loose tongue often gets his 
owner in a tight place. 

Smile awhile and give your frown 
a rest. 


It is a sad religion that is never 
strong except when its owner is 




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JUNE 15, 1965 

No. 12 

"For the faith one© for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"For God hath not called us unto 
uncleanness, but unto holiness. He 
therefore that despiseth, despiseth 
not man, but God, who hath also 
given unto us his holy Spirit. But 
as touching brotherly love ye need 
not that I write unto you : for ye 
yourselves are taught of God to love 
one another. And indeed ye do it '■ 
toward all the brethren which are 
in all Macedonia : but we beseech I 
you, brethren, that ye increase more I 
and more," 1 Thess. 4:7-10. Which ' 
is more holy : sincere brotherly love 
towards all who try to serve Christ 
or selfishness, enmity and hatred 
of one another? 

Notice the sharp warning in our ; 
text ; if we despise man, we despise 
not only man but God who hath so 
spiritually blessed each of us. Also 
brotherly love for one another is 
so certain, so necessary, so Godly 
that it should be no question, 
Whether we are to strive earnestly 
to have brotherly love or not. Def- 
initely, God is love and He has in- 
structed His writers to mention it 
so often that it should be no ques- 

tion among us, whether it is neces- 
sary or not. Love for God and for 
our fellow man are the two most 
essential commandments of the New 

Paul commends the Thessalon- 
ians for their love to all the brethren 
in all Macedonia and that includes 
practically the entire church, except 
for the parent church at Jerusalem. 
Yet Paul expects their love to in- 
crease more and more. Now if they 
had love to all the brethren. How 
could it increase? Does not this 
expression simply strengthen the 
importance of brotherly love? "Be 
kindly affectioned one to another 
with brotherly love ; in honour pre- 
ferring one another," Rom. 12:10. 
Can we carry out this exhortation 
without sincere brotherly love? 
Many in the world do not have 
brotherly love, but rather try to 
down someone else or get ahead of 
them, so they do not prefer them 
but rather belittle and hinder them. 

As the Christian graces are added 
into our lives we find, "And to god- 
liness brotherly kindness ; and to 
brotherly kindness charity," 2 Pet. 
1 :7. Can you possess brotherly 


kindness without having brotherly 
love, I doubt it. As we go through 
life there are some things that we 
wish to forget, some things that we 
are sorry of, some things that we 
wish to improve upon very much. 
"Let brotherly love continue," Hel). 
13:1. Are there any of us who do 
not cherish brotherly love enough 
that, by all means we wish it to 
continue ? 

"Honour all men. Love the 
brotherhood. Fear God. Honour 
the king." 1 Pet. 2:17. This book 
which Peter has written is direct, 
definite and might be referred to 
as a summary of Christian teach- 
ings. Among the many things which 
he exhorts us to do is, Love the 
brotherhood. Did you ever medi- 
tate upo.i these several chapters or 
this thought in particular? Just 
what all does it include to "love the 
brotherhood"? Certainly something 
particular, some deep feeling and 
some special concern is meant to 
be perpetuated between those of like 
precious faith. Can anyone deny 
that brotherly love will bring : peace, 
joy, concern for others, mutual con- 
cern and rid us of selfishness, hate, 
envy and a haughty spirit? 


"And when the day of Pentecost 
was fully come, they were all with 
one accord in one place. And they 
were all filled with the Holy Ghost, 
and began to speak with other ton- 

gues, as the Spirit gave them utter- 
ance," Aces 2:1, 4. How does this 
compare to ceremonial worship? Is 
our life and mind directed by the 
Holy Spirit? Christ had told the 
disciples, "For John truly baptized 
with water ; but ye shall be baptized 
with the Holy Ghost not many days 
hence. But ye shall receive power, 
after that the Holy Ghost is come 
upon you : and ye shall be witnesses 
unto me both in Jerusalem, and in 
all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto 
the uttermost part of the earth," 
Acts 1 :5, 8. How much are we, as 
professing Christians, witnessing for 
Christ in this world in our day and 
age? Are all Christians, all church- 
es, and all church-members of one 
accord? "Jesus saith unto him, I 
am the way, the truth, and the life : 
no man cometh unto the Fatlier. but 
by me, " John 14 :6. 

"My sheep hear my voice, and I 
knC'W them, and they follow me," 
John 10 :27. "I am the door : by me 
if any man enter in, he shall be 
saved, and shall go in and out, and 
find pasture," John 10:9. Does 
Jesus lead you and I to all kinds of 
sports, that which amuses, enter- 
tains and satisfies the lust of the 
flesh ? "Jesus answered and said 
unto him. If a man love me, he will 
keep my words : and my Father will 
love him, and we will come unto 
him. and make our abode with him," 
John 14:2.3. "For the prophecy 
came not in old time by the will of 
man : but holy men of God spake 


as they were moved by the Holy 
Ghost," 2 Pet. 1:21. "And they 
were all filled with the Holy Ghost, 
and they spake the word of God 
with boldness," Acts 4:31. How 
does this compare with our usual 
gatherings today? "Looking unto 
Jesus the author and finisher of 
our faith; who for the joy that was 
set before him endured the cross, 
despising the shame, and is set down 
at the right hand of the throne of 
God," Heb. 12 :2. Is Jesus the 
author of the way you are living? 

"I say the truth in Christ, I lie 
not, my conscience also bearing me 
witness in the Holy Ghost," Rom. 
9:1. "Follow peace with all men, 
and holiness, without which no man 
shall see the Lord," Heb. 12:14. 
The apostles were chosen and sent 
to administer the Gospel to the 
Gentiles, that they might be ac- 
ceptable, being sanctified by the 
Holy Ghost. No man is justified by 
the law in the sight of God. Christ 
hath redeemed us from the curse of 
the law. For ye are the children of 
God by faith in Christ Jesus. For 
as many of you as have been bap- 
tized into Christ, have put on Christ. 
Some professors worship the Father 
in heaven and disregard the Lord 
Jesus, the mediator and advocate of 
their soul. Jesus Christ the right- 
eous is, "The propitiation for our 
sins : and not for ours only, but 
also for the sins of the whole world," 
1 John 2 :2. "Even the righteous- 
ness of God which is by faith of 

Jesus Christ unto all and upon all j 

[hem that believe : for there is no 
difference : for all have sinned, and ; 

come short of the glory of God," 
Rom. 3 :22-23. We conclude that i 

salvation is through faith and not '■ 

by the deeds of the law. "But God 
commendeth his love toward us, in 
Jiat, while we were yet sinners, ; 

Christ died for us." Rom. 5 :8. We 
are justified before God through the 
blood of Jesus. We find joy in the 
worship of God, through our Lord 
Jesus, by whom we have now re- 
ceived the atonement. As sin hath 
reigned unto death, even so might 
grace reign through righteousness, 
unto eternal life in Jesus Christ. 

Though we are not under the 
law, but under grace, yet we must 
walk in newness of life. "For the 
wages of sin is death ; but the gift 
of God is eternal life through Jesus 
Christ our Lord," Rom. 6:23. Re- 
deeming grace came by Jesus Christ 
and His shed blood upon Calvary. 
"For I determined not to know any 
thing among you, save Jesus Christ, 
and him crucified. And my speech 
and my preaching was not with en- 
ticing words of man's wisdom, but 
in demonstration of the Spirit and 
of power. That your faith should 
not stand in the wisdom of men. 
but in the power of God," 1 Cor. 2 : 
2, 4-5. That we might know the 
things that are freely given to us 
of God. Not in the words which 
man's wisdom teacheth, but which 
the Holy Ghost teacheth; the 



TaneyLown, Aid., June 15, 1965 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
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March 3, 1879. 

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Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio 44630, 
Assistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif. 95351, 
Associate Editor. 

"For the Holy Ghost shall teach 
you in the same hour what ye ought 
to say," Luke 12:12. It shall come 
to pass that whosoever shall call 
upon the name of the Lord shall 
be saved. "Not with eyeservice, as 
menpleasers ; but as the servants of 
Christ, doing the will of God from 
the heart," Eph. 6:6. "For do 1 
now persuade men, or God? or do 
I seek to please men? for if I yet 
pleased men, I should not be the 
servant of Christ," Gal. 1 :10. How 
can anyone claim to be a Christian, 
without serving Christ and obeying 
His words ? We cannot come to tlie 
Father outside of the Lord Jesus. 

natural man receiveth not the things | ^°^^ precious is Thy book divme 
of the Spirit of God. How about | ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^'^ Saviour's love, 
many church-members of this day ^ome Holy Spirit faithful guide 
and age? "Let this mind be in you,»^^'th all Thy quickening power. 
which was also in Christ Jesus," • ^^^^^ Holy Spirit with love divme 
Phil. 2 :5. That at the name of Jesus, | 
CvCry knee should Ijow and every 
tongue should confess that Jesus is 
Christ. "For they that are after the 
flesh do mind the things of the 
flesh : I)nt thev that are after the 

Soirit the things of the Spirit," 
IvMii. S:5. To be spiritually minded 
is life and peace. 

Our life is a testimony for Christ. 
Thus if any have not the spirit of 
Christ, he is none of His. For as 
many as are led by the Spirit of 
God. they are the sons of God. The 
Spirit beareth witness with our 
spirit, whether we be the children 
of God and joint-heirs with Christ. 

That we might receive the Saviour's 
I love 

To guide us by It's power. 
His gentle voice we may heed 
By Thy wisdom, power and grace. 
Thy love divine all love excelling 
Gracious Spirit guide us home. 
Oil Laml) of God, for sinners slain 
Follow Jesus, t'will guide us home. 
Bv heeding the Gospel's cheering 

The Holy Spirit will be our guide. 
Come sinners and seek His grace 
Through the shelter of His Cross. 
Your brother in Christ, 

Wm. N. Kinsley 
Hartville, Ohio. 




The members of the Dunkard 
Brethren church at Englewood are 
looking forward to a two-weeks Re- 
vival meeting, from Aug. 2- Sunday 
evening. Aug. 15. Bro. James Keg- 
erreis from the Bethel congregation 
has consented to be with us at this 
time. May God richly bless Bro. 
Kegerreis, that he will bring such 
soul stirring messages that much 
good will be accomplished for 
Christ's Kingdom. Please come and 
enjoy these meetings with us. 

Sister Maxine Surbey, Cor. 


I The Waynesboro congregation 
met for regular Council March 27. 
Eld. Addison Taylor opened the 
meeting, read 2 Thess. 2 and led in 
prayer. Our Elder, Howard Surbey, 
then took charge of the meeting. 
Sunday school officers were elected. 
All business was taken care of in a 
Christian manner. 

■ On May 2 we met for our spring 
Lovefeast. We were glad for the 
presence and help of many visiting 
brethren and sisters. The follow- 
ing ministers gave us much spiritual 
food to meditate upon : David Eb- 
ling, Ray Shank, Laverne Keeney. 

holy kiss, into more important 
duties of the church. 

In the evening, we surrounded 
che Lord's tables with Eld. Addison 
Taylor officiating. After observing 
the ordinances of the Lord's house 
and partaking of His sacred em- 
blems, we should be better prepared 
to serve the Lord and our fellow- 
men. May the Lord bless each one! 
for their coming. 

Sister Elizabeth Wisler, Cor. 


An explanation of James 3:1-12 

Notice that word "your" in the 
title. That means YOU, and not 
your neighbor ! This is to be an 
individual examination in the light 
of the Scripture. 

Most of us have been sick at 
some time in our lives, and hav^' 
called in a doctor. I very well re- 
member the visits of our family 
doctor to our home when I was a 
boy. I saw him pull his chair up 
close to the bedside of the patient, 
take out his watch, check the pulse, 
listen to the heartbeat, and then 
(almost always) he would say, 
"Now let's see your tongue !" 

And if the tongue was coated 
with a thick yellowish coating, he 
would declare that the sickness was 
due to an upset stomach. Strange, 

After taking the voice of the con- 
gregation, Bro. Frank Shaffer was j isn't it, that a little organ like the 
ordained to the eldership, and he i tongue, so far removed from the 
and his companion were received, ' stomach, should be a sort of index 
by the right hand of fellowship and to our physical condition r* But may 


I say that your tongue is not only Him. When asked why they did 
an i.idex to your physical condition, not take Him, the officers answered : 
bu. your tongue also reveals your "Never man spake like this man." 
character ! I Do you know why no man ever 

Listen to a person talk for a spoke like Jesus? Because no man 

few minutes, and his conversation 
will tell you a great deal about his 
character. Conversation mixed with 
profanity and cheap slang reveals 
a mind and heart that are not clean, 
for, "out of the abundance of the 
heart, the mouth speaketh." The 

ever lived like Jesus ! His speech 
revealed His sinless character ! And 
just so your tongues discloses 'your 
spiritual condition. What do men 
see when they hear you speak? Are 
they convinced that you know Jesus 
Christ? Or do they classify you 

one who talks constantly, but never with the rest of the hell-bound sin- 
says anything of value, indicates an ners of this world ? 

empty life. There IS truth in the 
old saying, "An empty wagon rattles 
the loudest." We need to learn the 
truth of an old Negro's prayer : 

"Oh Lord, please fill my mouth 

With worthwhile stuff. 

And tap me on the shoulder 

When I've said enough !" 

The Scripture says, "Be slow to 

speak," James 1:19; and, "Study 

to be quiet." I Thess. 4:11. Wise 

men talk because they have some- 1 verse 3 : "Behold we put bits in the 

thing to say ; fools talk, because they horses' mouths, that they may obey 

us ; and we turn about their whole 

The "bit" is just a small instru- 
ment, but men can control the move- 
ments of a large animal like the 

We go now to the third chapter 
of James for the Bible teaching 
bearing upon the Christian's use of 
the tongue. James uses seven com- 
monplace things to illustrate three 
great truths pertaining to the 
tongue : 

LIFE, vs. 3, 4. 

The first illustration is found in 

just have to say something! Your 
tongue not only reveals your phys- 
ical condition, but it exposes your 
spiritual condition as well. 

Language is the dress of thought. 
Everytime you speak, your mind is ' horse with it. The horse itself will 

on parade, and you are revealing to 
others what lies hidden under the 
surface. Even the underlying char- 
acter of Jesus was disclosed by the 
use of His tongue. Some Pharisees, 
John 7, had sent out officers to take 
Jesus, but they returned without 

not know which is the right and 
best way to go. l:»ut the small "bit" 
will regulate that. And just so, a 
little "bit" of a word can set the 
direction of a young life for good, 
or for evil ! D. L. Moody (evan- 
gelist who led thousands to Christ), 


said that he was led to give his life 
to God by a thoughtful Sunday 
school teacher who spoke a few en- 
couraging words to him. Parents 
and Sunday school teachers have 
opportunities to drop little "bits" 
of words that will have tremendous 
effects. The words you speak may 
determine the difference between 
Heaven and Hell for your child's 
eternal destiny ! In fact, the oppor- 
tunities and responsibilities are so 
far-reaching that James says in 
verse one that we should not desire 
the position of the teacher. 

The second illustration is found 
in verse 4: "Behold also the ships, 
"which though they be so great, and 
are driven of fierce winds, yet are 
they turned about with a very small 
helm, whithersoever the governor 

I like to think of this verse as 
picturing the lives of older folks 
who have battled across life's oceans 
and storms and tempests of trouble, 
wave after wave of misfortune 
breaking over them, hardly know- 
ing where to find a haven of peace 
. . . and there are many unfortunate 
souls out on life's sea, driven with 
the wind and tossed . . . how often 
in such circumstances, has a word 
of good cheer, or of simple testi- 
mony or of fervent prayer, or of 
joyful song, served as a "helm" to 
guide the troubled, tempest-tossed 
soul into the great calm of the 
Saviour's blessing! 

How can your tongue guide life? 

Little "bits" of words can guide a 
child's life into the right mold, just 
as a "bit" in a horses mouth can 
guide him in the right direction. 
Secondly, the tongue in your mouth 
plays a role as great as the steer- 
ing apparatus of a huge ship, for it 
can guide some tempest-tossed soul 
into the great quietness of the Sav- 
iour's blessing. Yiour tongue (prop- 
erly controlled) has a great ministry 
in guiding others ! 

LIFE, vs. 5-10 

The first illustration is given in 
verses 5-6 : "Even so the tongue is 
a little member and boasteth great 
things. Behold how great a matter 
(forest) a little fire kindleth. And 
the tongue is a fire, a world of in- 
iquity, so is the tongue among our 
members that it defileth the whole 
body, and setteth on fire the course 
of nature ; and it is set on fire of 

One tree will make a million 
matches, but one of those matches 
will burn a million trees. So de- 
structive is a little fire, and the 
tongue can be equally destructive! 
The great Chicago fire in 1871 de- 
stroyed almost half the city, and 
made 125,000 homeless. And it all 
started because a stubborn cow kick- 
ed-over a lantern in a barn near the 
edge of the city! A pan of rice 
boiled over onto a charcoal stove in 
a small home in Korea back in 1953. 
Before twenty-four hours had pas- 


sed, three thousand buildings were 
completely destroyed. Fire is de- 
structive, but so is the tongue ! The 
tongue can make the whole of life 
a blazing hell ! 

The second illustration is given 
in verses 7-8: "For every kind of 
beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, 
and of things in the sea, is tamed, 
and hath been tamed of mankind, 
but the tongue can no man tame." 

And what a beast the tongue can 
be ! Ferocious beasts of the forests 
and wild birds of the jungle can be 
tamed ! I heard of one man who 
put his head into the open mouth 
of a big shaggy lion ! History tells 
of the early Roman governor who 
tamed fish. He had a name for each 
fish, and when he called a particular 
name, that fish would appear at the 
surface of the water ! Yes, even the 
fish of the sea can be tamed. But 
tlie tongue can no man tame. That 
verse does not say the tongue can- 
not be controlled, Init it does declare 
emphatically that no man can tame 
it. But I know Someone who can ! 
I know because I've seen Him do 
it ! But without the taming touch 
of God. what a beast the tongue 
can be ! 

The third illustration is found in 
verse 8 : "It is an unruly evil, full 
of deadly poison." 

A deadly, poisonous drug does 
not need to be taken in large doses 
to be effective, just a drop or two 
will suffice. Just so, the tongue 
does not need to utter long speeches 

in order to be poisonous, just a 
word or two can set mischief afoot ! 
Let a child's poem tell you what I 
mean : 

"I lost a little word, only the 

other day ; 
It was a very naughty word, I had 

not meant to say. 
But then (it really was not lost) 

when from my lips it flew. 
My little brother picked it up, now 

he says it too !" 

The tongue can be like a deadly 
poison, a destructive fire, and a 
ferocious beast. And before leaving 
this part of the message, I would 
like to take up the bitter job of 
pointing out some of the very com- 
mon mis-uses and sins of the tongue, 
which are Iiarmful to ourselves and 
to others : 

1 . Euphemisms — A euphemism 
is a mild word sul^stituted for a 
more unpleasant word. Most of us 
have used these words at some time 
or anotlier. I want you to consider 
what I am about to say in the light 
of Matthew 12:36, "But I say unto 
you, that every idle word that men 
shall s])eak, they shall give an ac- 
count thereof in the day of judg- 
ment. For by thy words thou shalt 
be justified, and by thy words thou 
shalt be condemned." To he prac- 
tical, here are some specific ex- 
ami)les (in the fear of God) : 

(a) My ijoodness, wasn't that a 
lieavy rain ? It simply poured down ! 
What will people do who live along 


the rivers? Goodness me, they'll 
be flooded out !" 

(b) "Judas priest, that was a 
close game." 

(c) The fisherman who saw a 
large black bass fall off the hook 
and back into the water, says, 
"Gosh that was a big one." 

(d) The farmer missed the nail 
and the hammer hit his thumb and 
he said, "Doggonit!" 

Did you know that "gosh" and 
"golly" are euphemisms for "God"? 
They are mild words that actually 
mean "God." And "darn," and 
"darned," and "darnation" are mild 
words for "damn," "damned," and 
"damnation." And when one uses 
the phrase "gosh-darned," he is ac- 
tually uttering the shocking expres 

exactly what do you mean?" This 
is it: 

If a fellow-Christian gets a new 
car, he's too worldly. 

If his family is poorly dressed, 
he's too lazy. 

If the preacher is emotional, he's 
a fanatic. 

If he is not emotional, he's stiff, 
starchy, and reserved. 

If a brother changes his place, 
and sits farther back than usual, 
he's backsliding. If he sits farther 
front, he's trying to impress the 
preacher ! 

Satan is the accuser of the breth- 
ren. Jesus told the Pharisees that 
those who do the deeds of the devil, 
are tJhe children of the devil. One 
who constantly criticizes and accuses 

sion, "God-damned." Careless ex- others, becomes a child of the devil 

pressions, such as "goodness," 
"mercy." "gracious," "well I'll be," 
and "so help me," should have no 
place in the vocabulary of the child 
of God! 

Where the use of such slang ex- 
pressions appear in the home, you 
will usually find very little devotion 
to God ! Jesus says that we will 
give account for every "idle" or 
"careless" word. Notice, NOT "ev- 
ery profane word," or "every lying 
word," BUT, every idle word" ! 

2. Criticizing. I'm speaking of 
ways in which the tongue harms 
life. Criticism is a deadly poison 
that destroys character, consumes 
churches, and discourages the spir- 
itually weak. You say, "But just 

because he is doing Satan's work. 
Now that may be rubbing the fur 
the wrong way! Cats don't like to 
have their fur rubbed the wrong 
way, and I think that's what 
prompted one man to tell Billy Sun- 
day that his sermons rubbed the 
wrong way. But Billy said, "I'm 
not rubbing the fur the wrong way. 
let the cat turn around!" 

A weary man, riding a Pullman 
car, was unable to sleep because a 
little baby (being cared for by an- 
other man) kept on crying. The 
man (trying to sleep) finally blazed 
out : "Why don't you take that baby 
to its mother so the rest of us can 
get some sleep?" "Friend," said 
the kindly man who was Caring fof 



the baby, "I wish I could. But my 
wire, tne baby's mother, died yester- 
day. Her body is in the baggage- 
car ahead. W'e're taking her back 
to her old home town for burial." 
Immediately the other man was sor- 
ry, and he ihimself took care of the 
baby for a while, so the heart- 
broken father could get some rest ! 
If we would only know the burdens 
that others are bearing, we would 
not be so critical. 

3. Judging Others. To judge is 
"to pass an opinion." And most 
of us are not in a position to judge 
others, for we have too much in our 
own lives that would not sound so 
good if it were blazed abroad ! 
Jesus said, "Judge not according to 
tlie appearance, but judge righteous 
judgment," John 7:24. In other 

begged his wife to let him sell the 
suit and buy her a new dress, but 
she wouldn't have it that way, be- 
cause the suit was given him ! 

We need to learn an old Indian 
prayer : "Great Spirit, help me never 
to judge another until I have walked 
[WO weeks in his mocassins." Fel- 
low-believer, let's stop this awful 
judging and criticizing, and stop it 
forever ! You're injuring yourself, 
the church, and the kingdom of 

4. Gossiping. The gossiper knows 
everybody's business. He finds out 
all about the most intimate family 
matters. Whenever you see him 
(or her), he has something new to 
tell someone. And how a story can 
grow as it travels across party-lines 
and backyard fences ! To gossip is 

words, never pass an opinion unless: "to repeat something which may 
you are absolutely sure of the facts ! , injure someone else." This is a very 

There was a poor couple who at- 
tended services regularly at a certain 
church. Both dressed poorly, but 
one Sunday the husband had a new 
suit, but the wife wore the same 
old faded blue dress. Of course the 
])eople noticed it. Immediately some 
began to say that he was cruel and 
inhuman and inconsiderate. "Prob- 
ably paid $65 for it," and "guess he 
used his wife's washing money to 
buy it" ; such expressions could be 
heard. Those folks judged that man 
by his appearance, but they did not 
know the facts. First, his sister's 
husband died two weeks before and 

common sni among professing 
Christian people, and I fear we 
don't realize how hateful a thing it 
is in the eyes of God ! The Bible 
says, "He that uttereth a slander is 
a fool," Prov. 10:18. And when 
God calls a man a fool, there is 
something seriously wrong with 
him ! That word "fool" is so awful 
in the eyes of God, that Jesus said 
that if I call my brother a "fool," 
I am in danger of "Hell-fire" ! 

Lives have been blasted, minds 
poisoned, reputations smeared, and 
churches have been split as a result 
of gossip. "But," you say, "it is 

gave the suit to him. Secondly, he only natural to di.scuss other peo 



pie." And I answer, "Yes, but the 
Christian is super-natural, he has 
received a divine nature, the nature 
of God!" 

"There is so much that is bad, in 

the best of us. 
And so much that is good, in the 

worst of us. 
That it doesn't become any of us 
To talk about the rest of us !" 

"Some of you are tattlers and and 
busybodies, speaking things which 
ye ought not," wrote the Apostle 
Paul, I Tim. 5:13. Please don't 
repeat anything you hear that is 
injurious to others. 

5. Lying. A lie is any kind of 
planned deception. A lie can be 
spoken or acted. Billy Sunday 
started a revival campaign in a small 
western town one Sunday evening. 
He told the audience to read the 
seventeenth chapter of Mark until 
the following evening. He called for 
a show of hands (those who had 
read the seventeenth chapter of 
Mark). Almost half the audience 
raised their hand. Mark has only 
sixteen chapters ! 

The Bible says, "Wherefore put 
away lying and speak every man 
the truth with his neighbor," Eph. 
4:25. Again, "He that speaketh lies 
shall perish," Prov. 19 :9. And yet, 
so many times, things are said which 
are not meant ! Compliments are 
made, without being felt! I've had 
people stand up and tell me bare- 

faced lies without even blinking an 
eye ! Lying lips are an abomination 
to the Lord, His wrath will be re- 
vealed against all who speak and 
act lies ! God is the sovereign, un- 
erring Lie Detector ! 

6. Foul Talking. To tell impure 
stories, or to enjoy hearing others 
tell them, or to make witty remarks 
that have a double meaning (one 
innocent, the other, unchaste) , . . 
these are all out of the question for 
the man of God ! 

The Bible says : "Put off all these ; 
anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, 
filthy communication out of your 
mouth." Col. 3:8. Neither filthi- 
ness. nor foolish talking, nor jesting 
... let it not be once named among 
you as becometh saints," Eph. 5 :4. 

7. Loud Talking (Anger). An- 
ger is primarily a sin of the spirit, 
but it usually results in losing con- 
trol of the tongue, and so I say a 
word here. The Bible says, "A soft 
answer turneth away wrath, but 
grevious words stir up anger,' 
Prov. 15:1. 

A wife was seeking advice from 
her minister. Her husband was be- 
coming unbearable. He flew into a 
rage at the smallest matters. If 
supper wasn't ready when he came 
home from work, he was angry. 
If she made something that he was 
not especially fond of, he stormed 
and fumed. And the wife confessed 
that she too would get angry in 
return, when her husband became 
angry. The minister said, "I have 



bome medicine that has worked 
wonders in other cases similar to 
yours." The directions were as fol- 
lows : "When your husband gets 
ai^gO'' go ^i^to another room and 
take two large tablespoons-full of 
this medicine, and hold in your 
mouth until your husband quiets 
duwn. W'hen empty, return to have 
the bottle refilled." The medicine 
did work wonders ! When she re- 
turned the third time, the minister 
told her to re-fill it at her kitchen 
faucet ! 

The seven points we have just 
discussed should be sufficient to 
show that the tongue can be harmful 
like the destructive fire, the fer- 
ocious beast, and the deadlv poison. 

LIFE, vs. 11-12 

James uses the "fountain" in verse 
11. and the "tree" in verse 12, to 
llustrate how the tongvie blesses 
l.fe. How inviting and refreshing 
is a cool fountain of water on a 
blistering hot day! Just so your 
longue can be a blessing that will 
refresh the lives of others (just 
r':e a fountain of cool, sparkling 
water). Did you ever notice the 
obscure verse, I Cor. 16:17? "I am 
glad for the coming of Stephanas 
and Fortunatus and Achaicus : for 
they have refreshed my spirit and 
yours." It must have been a joy 
to be in their fellowship ! The time 
seems to be so short in the presence 
of such people ! 

Often when folks reach the point 
of death, they struggle to speak for 
the last time ! I have seen the loved 
ones standing around the bedside of 
their dying father, waiting anxiously 
for some parting word, perhaps a 
word of thanks, or a word of advice. 
But there always comes that strange 
moment when a great stillness 
touches the dying one ! 

The eyes stare from the sockets ! 
The lips become as dry as the 
desert sand ! 

The lips have spoken for the last 
time ! 

Not a word can be added to the 
conversation of life, and not a word 
can be retracted ! 

What has been spoken, has been 
said for eternity ! 

Christian friend, my prayer in 
closing is, that each of us will so 
resolve, that when we finish the 
journey of life, and our eyes will 
start from their sockets, and our 
lips will l)ecome as dry as the desert 
sand . . . that our words will have 
been such that will have helped, and 
not hindered ; encouraged, and not 
discouraged ; brightened, and not 
dimmed the hopes of others, both 
for this life, and for eternity ! 

Peter was recognized as one of 
the disciples of Jesus by the test of 
the tongue. Poor Peter, in the hour 
of trial, resented it, but zve should 
ivelcouic it . . . that is, we should 
be glad if our manner of speech 
does betray us to Jesus ! 




"Oh that it might be said of me, 
Surely thy speech betrayeth thee, 
Thou hast been with Jesus of 

Thou hast been with Jesus of 

Galilee !' 

Let us pray, as did David, Psa. 
19:14, "Let the words of my mouth, 
and the meditations of my heart, be 
acceptable in thy sight, O Lord my 
Strength and my Redeemer." 

Have you never become a Chris- 
tian? Do you have trouble control- 
ing your tongue ? Just as the "tree" 
which God showed Moses (Exodus 
15:23-25) made the bitter waters 
of a place called Marah, sweet . . . 
just so, another "Tree," the cross 
on which our blessed Lord died 
. . . can heal the poison of your 
bitter tongue and sweeten the jlozv 
of your speech! I invite you to 
come to the foot of that Tree, and 
let Jesus be the Master of your life 
. . . and your whole bitter life will 
be made sweet ! 

"Set a watch, O Lord, before my 
mouth ; keep the door of my lips," 
Psalms 141:3. 

— Sel. from Bible Helps 


Our text today is taken from the 
wise saying of Solomon as found in 
Proverbs 13 :15, "The way of trans- 
gressors is hard." Notice our text 
does not say the ways of transgres- 
sors are hard — but the way of 

transgressors is hard. I've known 
some transgressors wihose ways 
were quite commendable. They were 
at times quite sympathetic, kind, 
liberal in their gifts to God's work 
and were anxious to help "the 
cause" whenever they could; yet 
they were transgressors. They were 
transgressors not necessarily because 
of their ways, but because of the 
way ti-iey followed. 

For a little while we want to no- 
tice why the Way of Transgressors 
is hard. First, the way of transgres- 
sors is hard because that way sep- 
arates and takes one farther from 
God. Jesus said in His Word, I am 
the Way the Truth and the Life, 
no man cometh unto the Father but 
by me. Almost 2,000 years ago Je- 
sus was lx>m in this world to pre- 
pare a plan by which man could 
find his way back to God. Jesus 
accomplished this by shedding His 
blood on the cross. But tihe way of 
transgressors is the opposite to the 
Saviour's way. That way leads 
away from God and the following 
of that way destroys the possibility 
of getting back to God. The way of 
transgressors is the broad way which 
leads to destruction and eternal 

Ever througih life the call of God 
comes to the transgressor appealing 
to the soul to return to the Straight 
and Narrow Way and God. Some- 
times this call comes strong and 
other times it comes weak. Yet we 
confess the call was heard. But 



traveling the way of the transgres- 
sor tends to drown out the call of 
God and conviction through the 
pleasures that sin has to offer. Yes, 
sin has pleasure, pleasure that ap- 
peals to the lust, pride, and flesh. 
But this pleasure does not satisfy 
and finally the thing enjoyed be- 
comes empty and repulsive. 

The Way of the Transgressor is 
Hard. I've talked to men, espec- 
ially now am I thinking of one, wiho 
comes to our door for help. Even 
though we do not the work of the 
Slum Missions occasionally we have 
the privilege of helping a slum 
derelic. This man comes to us un- 
der the influence of Liquor, dirty, 
and vile. Nevertheless his drunken 
stupor reveals the true contents of 
the heart. Weaving back and forth 
to keep himself on his feet he breaks 
down and sobs, "What can I do ; 
how can I find deliverance?" That 
man is prayed with, given some- 
thing to eat, and then staggers ofif 
to another saloon. He is traveling 
on the trangressors hard way. 

I've stood behind the pulpits of 
Missions in the slum section of the 
city, and looked into the faces of 
men and women bloated with drink, 
dirty, fagged, shoes worn out — 
bodies full of dope, dheap bootleg 
liquor and nicotine. They heard the 
Gospel, were touched to tears and 
sobs when spoken to about their 
mothers and what Christ could do 
for them. After service they stag- 
gered out into the dark night to 

sleep, God only knows where. No 
future — no hope only sin, suffer- 
ing, disease, and finally Hell with- 
out God, yet one day those same 
men and women were pure boys 
and girls. 

Some time ago I stood face to 
face with a man who once knew 
God. But now his business was poor< 
bills were piling up. He was threa- 
tened with the electric being turned 
off — couldn't pay ihis building and 
loan payments. Worse than that he 
was experiencing home problems 
and poor health. Hear me dear 
friends the way of the transgressor 
is hard. 

Notice further that God has per- 
mitted the way of transgressors to 
be hard because people turn to God 
only as a last resort. Sin, as stated 
before, is appealing and finds its 
pleasure in the flesh, appetites, lust, 
and pride. The soul being corrupted 
is restless and drives the flesh to 
worldly pleasure for satisfaction. 
Even though the soul ihas tasted at 
sin's fountain that lasting satisfac- 
tion and contentment does not come. 
During this time the Holy Ghost is 
appealing to the soul to try God's 
way. The soul, however, will dis- 
regard God's call until its cup of 
iniquity has become so full that in 
desperation or as a last resort the 
soul calls out to God for help. 

This is what Paul experienced 
before his conversion on the Damas- 
cus Road. We don't know when 
Paul was first convicted, but after 



he witnessed the stoning of Stephen, 
God spoke with such force that 
Paul tried to drown out conviction 
by persecuting the church. Going 
down to Damascus God spoke again, 
and this with such power that Paul 
was knocked down, stunned, and 
blinded. Paul upon hearing Jesus' 
question, asked, "Who art thou?" 
Notice Jesus reply, "I am Jesus 
whom thou persecutist, it is hard 
for tihee to kick against the pricks." 
In other words, Paul you are try- 
ing to drown conviction by your 
persecuting the church. Paul then 
gave up and yielded his life to 
Christ. But my friend don't wait 
until God gets you down and as a ^ 
last resort, to save yourself, you 
must give up. Such a way is a hard , 
way. I 

The way of transgressors is hard j 
because the end of that way is hell \ 
and eternal destruction. My friend, j 
you can't afford to be a transgres- 
sor, for you will lose your soul. But | 
if you will come to God and come 
repenting, you shall be saved. Come 
now and confess your sin, your ' 
meanness, your ugliness. Do it now , 
and turn away from it all and God 
will accept you. 

William L. Rosenberry. 

Sel. Sister Sheila Stump. 


THE LAST, EPH. 5:16 

It may be the last of the years 
quickly flying, 

It may be the year when the Mas- 
ter will come; 
When the land of the holy, for which 

we are sig'hing, 
Will burst into view — The Fath- 
er's glad home. 
It may be the last of earth's 

checkered story. 
The last of the desert, the furnace, 

the thorn ; 
The last too, of service in weakness, 

then glory. 
The Lord will have come, the Star 

of the morn. 
It may be the last time the earth 

to awaken, 
To finish the story of sorrow and 

toil ; 
Of feeling unloved, neglected and 

Of treading in pain earth's thorn 

covered soil. 
It may be the last time the daily 

cross choosing, '^ 
The foot-prints of Jesus retracing 

below ; 
Earth's glitter and glamour so 

tempting, refusing 
Companionslhip with the unseen 

Christ to know. 

It may be the last ! Then all mys- 
tery ending. 
In radiant light from the sunshine 

of God ; 
And oh, what a welcome as we are 

'Twill more than make up for the 
difficult road. 
Sel. by Sister Ethel Whitmer. 




What care I for the world 
Her glory- or esteem. 
Since she with all boasted power 
Can not my soul redeem. 
But Jesus Christ on Calvary's tree 
There bore my sin and died for me, 
He gave to me the victory 
W^hat care I for the world. 

The world with all her pomp 
Her vanity and zest, 
Could never still my restless soul 
But only bring unrest. 
Jesus gave me rest and peace 
He made my doubts and fears to 

Since now He doth my joy increase 
\\^hat care I for the world. 

What care I for the world 
Her course will soon be run, 
And vanish like the morning dew 
Before the rising sun. 
The living Christ will e'er abide 
He is the rock in whom I hide. 
Since He doth all my need provide 
What care I for the world. 

What care I for the world 
Since all in Christ I find, 
He is so very dear to me 
So tender and so kind. 
My constant friend, my faithful 

The One in whom I dare confide. 
Since He is ever by my side 
What care I for the world. 

The world, her wealth, her fame 
And all she holds so dear. 
Cannot endure the wrecks of time 
They all must disappear. 
But Christ the rock will e'er en- 
My anchor holds, I know it's sure, 
Since now in Him I rest secure 
What care I for the world. 

Sel. bv Sister Rebecca Beck,, 


O what do you think the angels 

Said the children up in Heaven. 
There's a dear little boy coming 

home today, 
He's almost ready to fly away 
From the earth we used to live in. 
Let's go and open the gates of joy, 
Open them wide for this dear little 

Said the children up in Heaven. 

Far on the earth do you hear 

them weep? 
Said the children up in Heaven ; 
For the dear little boy has gone to 

The sihadows fall and the night 

clouds sweep, 
O'er the earth we used to love in. 
But we'll go and open the gates of 

O why do they weep for the little 

Said the children up in Heaven. 

God wanted him where His little 
ones meet, 



Said the children up in Heaven. 
He shall play with us in the golden 

He had grown too fair, he had 

grown too sweet ; 
For the earth we used to live in. 
He needed the sunshine the dear 

little boy 
That gilds this side of the gates of 


Said the Children up in Heaven. 

Fly with him quickly, O angel 

Said the children up in Heaven. 
See ! he is coming, look there, look 

At the jasper light on his sunny 

Where the veiling clouds are riven. 
O hush, hush ! the swift wings furl 
Taking the hand of the tired little 

And leading him into Heaven. 

Mrs. Rita Eberly. 


'"God is a Spirit." A spirit is a 
person, and a person is a being who 
has self -consciousness, a self -de- 
termining will. God is a Person, 
whose attributes are infinite. 

"They that worship him must 
worship in spirit and in truth." 

We read also that "God is light," 
but what is ligiht? That is a mys- 
tery. The Bible tells that " light is 
that whioh makes manifest." That 
tells us what light does, not what 

light is. Every ray of light is cap- 
able of being analyzed into the sev- 
en prismatic colors of the rainbow. 
Blend the seven colors of the rain- 
bow, and you have rays of white 
light. Blend all the seven attributes 
of God, and you have the God-light, 
— the whiteness of Deity. 

"God is love." What a glorious 
Being God must be, whose very 
nature and name is love ! Love is 
not so much an attribute of God, 
as it is the sum of all His attrib- 
utes. In a sense, all His attributes 
flow out of love, and twine around 
and beautify and glorify His love. 
His attributes all flow out of love, 
just as the seven prismatic colors 
flow out of tlie white ray of light. 

For example: God would have 
no attribute of holiness, were He 
not love. Holiness means wholeness 
or perfection. God would not be 
perfect without love. God would 
have no attribute of justice without 
love. God loves justice and hates 
injustice. God would not have the 
attribute of righteousness without 
love. God loves righteousness and 
hates iniquity. God would not be 
omnipotent without love. God could 
make a world without love, but He 
could not redeem a world without 
love. God would not be omniscient 
without love, for love knows some 
things that God would not know, 
were He not love. God would not 
be omnipresent without love, for 
He could not dwell in a human 
heart were He not love. God could 



not be merciful or gracious without 
love. So, all God's attributes flozv 
out of love. They are so many dif- 
ferent forms of love. 

Now to present the subject in 
another way. All God's attributes 
twine about love. His is an infinite 
love, an eternal love, an omniscient 
love, an omnipotent love, an omni- 
present love, a holy love, a right- 
eous love. Thus all His attributes 
flow out of love and twine around 

Now, if all God's attributes are 
.so many forms of His love, it is 
easy to see that God is love and 
nothing but love: in His nature and 
character. Love is written on all 
the movmtain tops and flashes in the 
evening stars. The deep, heavy sea 
rolls its music and every note is 

Love waves in the fields of corn. 
Love is in the morning dew. Love 
comes in the musical drops of the 
shower. The fact is, all nature is 
one gigantic flower and its world- 
wide perfume is love. Love dances 
in all the harps of gold, breathes 
in all celestial songs, glistens in the 
jasper walls, and sits upon the great 
white throne. The thoughts of God 
are love. His will is love. His 
dispensations are love. His judg- 
ments are love. His words are love. 
His labors are love. His joys are 
love. His tears are love. 

Man was made in the image and 
after the likeness of God. Therefore, 
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God 

with all thy heart, with all thy soul, 
and with all thy strength, and with 
all thy mind; and thy neighbor as 
thyself. This do, and thou shalt 
live," Luke 10:27-28b. 

Sel. by Montez Sigler 


(We are living in a time which 
demands our very serious thinking 
and praying concerning the teach- 
ings of the Holy Bible. The follow- 
ing article is the serious concern of 
our brother and not necessarily the 
feeling of the Dunkard Brethren 
Church. — Editor.) 


The writer by inspiration of the 
Holy Scriptures, dictated by the 
Holy Spirit of God, feels the need 
for a closer investigation of the 
Holy Word of God, the "New 
Testament" and this applies to ev- 
ery member of the Dunkard Breth- 
ren Church. This, to see whether 
we are properly indoctrinated, con- 
cerning the function and the leading 
of the Holv Spirit: John 14:26, 15: 
26-27, 16:7-9, 1 Jno. 5. 

Beloved brethren and sisters of 
the Dunkard Brethren Church, 
greetings : We are of the body of 
Christ, with many of our dear ones 
who have gone on before. We sol- 
emnly admonish all of us, the writer 
included. Developments have now 
(some recently taking place) de- 
veloped of the highest significance 
to all our local congregations. In 
more than the 257 years of the his- 



tory of the existence of our Breth- 
ren, there has never been such "sift- 
ing of the wheat" concerning our 
faith, which is the "faith which was 
once deHvered unto the saints," as 
there is at this time. 

Surely we are living in the days, 
in the period of the Gospel Church 
Age, in which the Apostle Paul has 
warned us. That which would come 
to pass, the "Rapture of Christ's 
Saints," His Church, which is His 
Body, of which He is the Head, 
and which "Rapture" we believe is 
at the "Day of Christ." 2 Thess. 2 : 
1-2, "Now we beseech you, breth- 
ren, by the coming of the Lord Jesus 
Christ (which we believe to be at 
the time of Armageddon), and by, 
our gathering together unto him." 
(This we believe will be the Rap- 
ture, at the "Day of Christ." Two 
events in one coming.) 1 Thess. 4: 
14-17, 1 Cor. 15:51-52, Luke 17: 
28-29, 1 Thess. 5:1-3, Zech. 12:2, 
Zeph. 1 :2-3, Zech. 12:2-3, Zech. 14: 
1-4, Rev. 16:15-16, 2 Thess. 1 :7-10, 
Rev. 19:11-17. This will be the 
day when Christ will be revealed, 
the day of His Revelatoin, it will 
be in two events, yet one coming. 
Luke 17:30, "Even thus shall it be 
in the day when the Son of Man 
is revealed." It will be a day of 
separation. "Let no man deceive 
you by any means : for that day 
shall not come (the day of the Rap- 
ture and coming, which is the day 
of Christ, see texts above), except 
there come a falling away first (a 

great apostasy of the true saints, 
and not their being taken away), 
and that man of sin be revealed, the 
son of perdition." Who is he? We 
say the devil and Satan in the form 
of the first beast of the Revelation, 
the "beast out of the sea," Rev. 

This beast of "Mystery Babylon" 
must first be revealed, before the 
Rapture of the saints and the "day 
of Christ, at His coming." This is 
according to Paul's word here, yet 
modern translators of the Holy 
Scriptures have changed the ren- 
dering of this, the King James Ver- 
sion of the Holy Scriptures. Noth- 
ing like what we now see, has ever 
happened before, since Christ built 
His Church, which is His Bride, of 
which He is her Head. Of which, 
consequences will reach unto many, 
many, so-called churches of Christ, 
all over the world. A new, so-called 
"Confession of Faith," a new spirit 
has crept in and is creeping in, 
very near to the "flock" which is 
the body of Christ. See Matt. 25: 
1-10, Luke 13:6-10. 

In our day the new confession of 
faith, actually lays the ground- work 
and is a pattern for the development 
of "apostasy," in which a multiple 
of so-called Christian faiths in Christ 
is leading in the channel of the one 
World Church. Brethren, let us be- 
ware. Great emphasis is placed upon 
what is called "Christian Unity," 
which is not a unity, based upon 
the Sacred Word, led by the Holy 




Spirit, because it repudiates much 
of that "Word." The demand for 
true Christian unity, is so pressing, 
that the most radical changes are 
being recommended, so that all the 
so-called churches of like faith, only 
so-called, of the various denomina- 
tions, may be prepared to unite 
organically. Their goal is an ulti- 
mate reunion, or union, apart from 
the Gospel, for the preparation of 
Christ's Coming, which does not 
indicate they believe in "a falling 
Siway first," as saith Paul. God help 
us. Where are we? It is later than 
we might think. This goal leads ulti- 
mately to a reunion with the Roman 
Catholic Church. This confession 
of faith, is indeed very new among 
our people. Yet we have seen its 
approaching for some ten or more 
years. This new element stands 
alone, in the history of the beloved 
Church. It is not modern enough 
to guide the present, neither is it 
ancient enough to represent the past, 
the Church of our fathers. 

"Does the Church's message 
cliange?" Has our Gospel changed? 
God never changes. With the most 
emphatic emphasis we declare to all 
our Brethren and to all Christians, 
who may read this article, that we 
confess our faith by declaring what 
the Bible, the Holy Scriptures 
teach, that is just what God has 
said in all His Word. We believe 
God ! God does not change. Our 
conservative faith is a preserving 
faith; Woe be to him, or her who 

taketh away therefrom or addeth to. 
His Word does not change from 
generation to generation, neithef 
can it be amended. Jesus Christ is 
"the same yesterday, and today, and 
forever." The Gospel does not 
change. It is the everlasting Gospel 
of the grace of God. 

Paul said to the Galatian Breth- 
ren, "I marvel that ye are so soon 
removed from him that called you 
into the grace of Christ unto an- 
other gospel : Which is not another ; 
but there be some that trouble you. 
and would pervert the gospel of 
Christ. But though we, or an angel 
from heaven, preach any other gos- 
pel unto you than that which we 
have received, let him be accursed," 
accursed. As we said before, so say 
I now again, If any man preach any 
other gospel unto you than that ye 
have received, let him be accursed." 
Gal. 1:6-9; see 1 Cor. 16:22. This 
new Confession (emphasizing the 
Holy Spirit, apart, or out of har- 
mony witli Christ, the Word), 
therefore turns the church away 
from what the Holy Scriptures teach 
us, the "thus saith the Lord" to 
confessing what the present apostate 
church feels is its present message, I 
mission and current need. 

Let us therefore consider what 
the new Confession says about those 
who hold on to the "faith once de- 
livered unto the saints." They say 
they have no zeal for "Mission 
Work," no love of Christ in the 
heart, that they are dead, a formal 



group, who hold to "rules" of legis- 
lation, rather than having a zeal for 
the Salvation of souls. My beloved 
Brethren, let us not be disturbed by 
false accusations. "God knoweth 
them that are His." We judge no 
man, but we do know that God's 
Word is our judge. "Judgment must 
begin at the house of the Lord." 
Let us take courage and press on. 
There are many souls all around us 
in whom we should strive to bring 
to Christ. "The harvest is great 
luit the labourers are few" . . . 

In closing let us note : 1 Tim. 4:1, 
"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, 
that in the latter times some shall 
depart from the faith, giving heed 
to seducing spirits (spirits of men) 
aad doctrines of devils." Spirits of 
men who are not willing to be led 
of the Holy Spirit, yet claiming through the Holy Spirit. 
V. 2 of the same chapter, "Speak- 
iag lies in hypocrisy ; having their 
conscience seared with a hot iron." 
Also 1 Tim. 6:11, "But thou, O 
ma 1 of God, flee these things; and 
follow after righteousness, godli- 
ness, faith, love, patience, meek- 
ness." See 2 Tim. 3:1-7. "In this 
the children of God are manifest, 
and the children of the devil : who- 
soever doeth not righteousness is 
not of God, neither he that loveth 
not his brother," 1 Jno. 3:10. V. 7 
of the same chapter, "Little chil- 
dren, let no man deceive you : he 
that doeth righteousness is right- 

eous, even as he is righteous." 

Is there any obedience required 
in carrying out the "Great Com- 
mission"? Are the all things, which 
Christ taught His disciples, requir- 
ed in making disciples in all na- 
tions? Matt. 28:19-20. We know 
the answer. "The new neutralists, 
these of the new confession, tell us : 
"The words of the Scripture are 
the words of men, conditioned by 
the language, thought, forms and 
literary fashions of the places and 
times at which they were written." 
My beloved, this is a doctrine of 
the devil. Let us beware of the doc- 
trines of devils. Also they say, that 
they reflect the views of life, his- 
tory and the cosmos which were 
then current and the understanding 
of them requires literary and his- 
torical scholarship. Further they 
say . . . The variety of such views 
found in the Bible shows that God 
has communicated with men in di- 
verse cultural conditions, and that 
this gives the Church confidence 
that He will continue to speak to 
men in a changing world and in 
every form of human culture." If 
this be so . . . God will continue to 
speak to us today as He did in the 
past and "in every form of human 
culture." This therefore would make 
the Word of God, that is its words, 
simply the words of men. 

How different this is from the 
Inspired words of the Apostle Paul. 
Heb. 1:1-2, "God, who at sundry 
times and in divers manners spake 



in time past unto the fathers by the 
prophets, Hath in these last days 
spoken unto us by his Son, whom 
he hath appointed heir of all things, 
by whom also he made the worlds." 
"See that ye refuse not him that 
speaketh (which is Jesus Christ the 
Son). For if they escaped not who 
refused him that spake on earth 
(that is God the Father through 
Moses), much more shall not we 
escape, if we turn away from him 
that speaketh from heaven." He 
that speaketh now is Christ, through 
His Holy Word, led to it by His 
Holy Spirit. Let us one and all 
hear that Word. May God help us. 
Bro. Wm. Root 

1612 Morphy St. 

Great Bend, Kans. 67530 


I wish to speak of a very serious 
subject. Of a deadening malady and 
a closing of one's eyes to his best 
interests. It affects the welfare of 
the soul. When I went to school, 
I copied from the blackboard, "Pro- 
crastination is the thief of time." 
I find in God's Word that is not 
half of the definition, it will rob 
you of your soul's salvation ! We 
find in evangelistic meetings and 
in personal work after preaching 
the Word, much evidence of the 
presence of the Holy Spirit. Many 
go away, one to his farm, another 
to his merchandise. The evangelist 
need not be discouraged or ashamed 

if Ihe 'has done his duty, the respon- 
sibility is on the hearers ; Jas. 4 ; 
17, "To him that knoweth to do 
good and doeth it not, to him is sin." 
"Behold, now is the day of salva- 
tion," 2 Cor. :3. We have no prom- 
ise of tomorrow. 

Someone has said, "The way to 
hell is paved with good intentions." 
How true that many yield to the 
devil's subtile voice, wait for a more 
convenient time. Felix no doubt 
heard the urge of the Spirit to ac- 
cept the perfect way, but deferred 
the matter saying, when I have a 
more convenient season, I will call 
for thee. Acts 24:25. King Agrip- 
pa gave evidence of the Spirit's 
pleadings when he said to Paul, 
"Almost thou persuadest me to be 
a Christian," Acts 26 :28. For one 
so close to the kingdom and then 
to fail causes one to drop a tear. 
There are three steps into the king- 
dom of God : Faith, repentance, and 
baptism. There is only one step to 
death and destruction. At a peril- 
ous time in David's life he said, 
"There is but one step between me 
and deatli." 1 Sam. 20:3. Jesus 
met a learned man, a scribe, ac- 
knowledging the words of Jesus as 
the truth he said unto him. Well, 
Master thou has said the truth ; for 
there is one God ; and none other 
but he. And to love him with all 
the understanding, and with all the 
soul, and with all the strength, and 
to love his neighbor as himself, is 
more than all whole burnt offerings 



and sacrifices. And when Jesus saw 
that he answered discreetly, he said 
unto him, thou art not far from the 
kingdom of God, Mark 12:32-34. 
Not far, is how tai? It could be 
where time ends and where eternity 

Pleasure, riches and the cares of 
this world are hindrances to the 
pleadings of the Holy Spirit, Mk. 
10:17. One came to Jesus and ask 
him, Good Master, what shall I do 
that I may inherit eternal life? And 
Jesus said unto him, Why callest 
thou me good? There is none good 
but one, that is, God. Thou know- 
est the commandments. Do not com- 
mit adultry, Do not kill. Do not 
steal. Do not bear false witness, De- 
fraud not. Honour thy father and 
mother. He answering him said, all 
these have I observed from my 
youth. Then Jesus beholding him 
loved 'him, and said unto him. One 
thing thou lackest ; go thy way, sell 
whatsoever thou hast, and give to 
the poor, and thou shalt have trea- 
sure in heaven ; and come, take up 
the cross, and follow me. And he 
was sad at tlhat saying, and went 
away grieved ; for he had great pos- 

In Luke 16 we have recorded a 
man tlhat enjoyed every thing this 
world affords and he fared sump- 
tously every day. He had no regard 
for the poor and sick, even to give 
the crumbs from his table. He died 
and in torment realizing his con- 
dition cried for mercy, and begged 

for water to cool his tongue. All 
hope of deliverance was gone and 
he became concerned about his five 
brethren, lest they come to this 
place of torment. A tragic account 
of a wasted life and a lost oppor- 
tunity. Dear Reader, are you heed- 
ing the warnings given of impend- 
ing danger and sudden destruction ? 
This may be my last message and 
it may be your last invitation. We 
may not be able to hold a great re- 
vival or go to foreign shores, but 
we can stand in the way and warn 
those on the broad road of that 
awful chasm of destruction. Are 
you ready for the judgment? Are 
you concerned about your loved 
ones? Have you told your neigh- 
bors of the love of Jesus? Do they 
know the penalty of disobedience? 
Now is the day of Salvation. 

L. A. Shumake, Louisa, Va. 

FOR JULY 1965 

July 4— TEMPERANCE. Hannah, 
A Woman Who Loved God. 
I Sam. 1:9-28. 
July 11 — In A Big Storm. Matt. 

8 :23-27. 
July 18— Six Friends. Mark 2:1- 

July 25 — Thank You For Jesus. 
I Thess. 5:18, Luke 17:11-19. 
July 4— TEMPERANCE — Prov. 
1 — Is the fact that many parents 



withhold the rod of correction 

from their children the cause 

for much intemperance today? 
July II' — The Christian's Armor, 

Eph. 6. 
1- — ^Can we possess any one part 

of the armor of God without 

possessing all? 
July 18 — Christ Living In Us, 

Phil. \. 
1 — What were the things that 

happened to Paul which he 

spoke of in verse 12? 
July 25 — Every Knee Shall Bow 

and Every Tongue Shall Con- 
fess. Phii. 2. 
1 — Are men today trying to work 

out their own salvation without 

fear and trembling? 

JULY 1965 


Memory verse, James 1 :6, "But 
let us ask in faith, nothing 
wavering. For he that waver- 
eth is like a wave of the sea 
driven with the wind and 

Thurs. 1 — Josh. 23. 

Fri. 2— Eph. 4:1-16. 

Sat, 3— Rev. 2:18-29. 

Memory verse, Gal. 6:9, "And let 
us not be weary in well doing: 
for in due season we shall reap, 
if we faint not." 

Sun. 4— Heb. 3:1-12. 

Men. 5— Heb. 6:1-15. 

Tues. 6— Heb, 12:1-14. 

Wed. 7 — James 5. 

Thurs. 8— Jno, 15:1-14. 

Fri, 9---Gal. 5, 

Sat. 10— Rev, 2:1-11, 

Memory verse, Rev, 3:11, "Behold, 
I come quickly : hold that fast 
which thou hast, that no man 
take thy crown." 

Sun. 11— I Tim. 6:6-21, 

Mon. 12— Acts 4:13-22, 

Tues. 13—1 Kings 13:1-11, 

Wed. 14—11 Kings 22:1-7, 

Thurs. 15— Job 23. 

Fri. 16— Dan. 3:13-25, 

Sat. 17—11 Thess. 3:6-18. 

Memory verse, James 4:8, "Draw- 
nigh to God. and he will draw 
nigh to you. Cleanse your 
hands, ye sinners ; and purify 
your hearts, ye double minded," 

Sim. 18— Col. 1:21-29. 

Mon. 19— Col. 4:1-9. 

Tues. 20—1 Cor. 1 : 14-30. 

Wed. 21—11 Pet. 3 :8-18. 

Thurs. 22— Rom. 12. 

Fri. 23—1 Pet. 5. 

Sat. 24— Acts 13:38-43, 

Memory verse, Matt. 10 :32, "Who- 
soever therefore shall confess 
me before men, him will I con- 
fess also before my Father 
which is in heaven." 

Sun. 25— Job 11, 

Mon. 2(^Luke 9:51-62, 

Tues. 27— Acts 1 :1-14. 

Wed. 28—1 Cor. 15:45-58. 

Thurs. 29— Gal. 5:1-18, 

Fri. 30— Eph. 6:10-24, 

Sat, 31— Mark 13:1-13. 



JULY 1, 1965 

No. 13 

"Fotr the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


Through the protecting care, 
bounteous blessings and the many 
liberties granted by our Heavenly 
Father and the concern of brethren 
and sisters, we were again privil- 
edged to enjoy the General Confer- 
ence of the Dunkard Brethren 

A number of things greatly im- ' 
pressed us throughout our journey ; 
of over 2000 miles : j 

The beauty and growth of vege- ' 
tation resulting from the rainfall | 
this year. We cannot ever remem- | 
her of seeing trees and crops so ^ 
green and thrifty over the Country | 
in general. Although some sections 
show late growth because of wet 
and cool weather. 

The security and activity so man- 
ifested by the many buildings under 
construction and the many good 
highways being developed, gives us 
an idea of the blessings and wealth 
of our Country. We realize the 
utmost necessity of very carefully 
following the guide maps and al- 
so the loss of time and disappoint- 
ment of poorly marked roads, es- 

pecially at confusing points. I won- 
der how much concerned we each 
are about very carefully following 
the unquestionable guidebook, the 
Holy Bible? Do we allow confusing 
interpretations of God's Word to 
cause us delay, uncertainty and pos- 
sible sidetrack, on our journey 
heavenward ? I am impressed by the 
numerous publications aiming at di- 
recting people heavenward. Is our 
first concern on the teachings and 
admonitions of Christ and His 
apostles, which Almighty God has 
so well preserved? 

The speed and carefree attitude 
at which people in general are liv- 
ing, was outstanding. When only a 
moments thoughtlessness or a slight 
mistake can cause severe hardships 
or even sudden death, yet people in 
general rush on. There will surely 
only be a short time until all will 
be ended for you, for me; then 
what ? 

The amount of wealth at the dis- 
cretion of each individual, as shown 
by the automobiles, machinery, 
clothing and food available to near- 
ly every person. Whatever my por- 
tion of these blessings, how am I 


using them ? How much am I glori- 
fying God, through my control of a 
portion of God's blessings? 

The number of young people and 
growing children present at Con- 
ference impresses one with the bles- 
sing of being brought up under 
Godly influence. To know and be- ! 
lieve the fact of an eternal God to I 
be praised and the soul-thrilling 
joy of their praising Him with 
hymns, was very impressive to me. 
May we each be impressed with the 
joy and lasting fellowship of Godly 
deportment, at all times through- i 
out our entire Hfe. I 

It was an encouragement to find I 
those from Europe with a zeal for ' 
Christ and His kingdom. To find 
those who have not enjoyed the 
])lessings and freedom which we j 
have, with a zeal and devotion to j 
Christ and His kingdom. To find , 
those of similar precious faith seek- 
ing fellowship and 'the privilege to 
worship with people who believe in 
the saving blood of a risen Redeem- 
er. We pray that we may under- 
stand one another in the light of the 
Xew Testament and that we may 
labor to so live for Christ that many 
souls may be drawn unto Him. 

The many Gospel messages 
warned us and encouraged us in our 
christian service. Are we carefully 
and prayerfully living the "Faith 
(ince delivered unto the saints"? 
Time is rushing on, our Ijlessings 
are many and our concerns are 
many ; do we take time to be holy ? 

I see no reason for not faithfully 
following our Lord and Saviour. 
"For we dare not make ourselves of 
the number, or compare ourselves 
with some that commend them- 
selves ; but they measuring them- 
selves by themselves, and compar- 
ing themselves among themselves, 
are not wise," 2 Cor. 10:12. "But 
after thy hardness and impenitent 
heart treasurest up unto thyself 
wrath against the day of wrath and 
revelation of the righteous judg- 
ment of God ; Who will render to 
every man according to his deeds : 
to them who by patient continuance 
in well doing seek for glory and 
honour and immortality, eternal 
life," Rom. 2:5-7. Do we compare 
ourselves among ourselves, or do 
we compare ourselves with Christ 
and the apostles? We cannot eval- 
uate "eternal life" but of the small 
part we understand about it, we 
cannot help but ever long for it. 

As long as we are in these carnal 
l:)odies, we have nothing to brag 
about, for we are prone to err. The 
faith and examples of our forefath- 
ers will do us no good, luit rather 
make each of us more responsible 
unto Christ our Saviour. We each 
have made grand and sincere vows, 
are we living such lives daily? Are 
we still following all the Gospel 
teachings fully? Are we living to 
please God or to please men? Do 
others see Christ in me? How much 
of our time and talents are used to 
follow the temptations of Satan? 


The faithful were called chris- 
tians at Antioch because those who 
Were not of them, saw the christ- 
like life in ■them. Do people see the 
big I in me, is pride controlling me 
or is Christ living in me and I in 
Him, to the extent that it over- 
flows unto others? '"I am crucified 
with Christ : nevertheless I live ; 
yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: 
and the life which I now live in the 
flesih I live by the faith of the Son 
of God, who loved me, and gave 
himself for me," Gal. 2 :20. 





Part I 

(a) It is our purpose, in this 
work, to show that the Bible teaches 
that the Church of Christ, spoken 
of by the Apostle Paul in Rom. 1 1 : 
5, is the "election of Grace," is the 
Church, which is the "Bride" of 
Christ, (b) We wish to follow 
this "remnant" of God's people, re- 
ferring to them from Gen. 3:15, 
which teaches the ideal "seed" of 
God (which is Jesus the Son of 
God), through the entire Bible to 
the "Marriage Supper of the 
Lamb," Rev. 19:6-7, on through 
the "Millennium" to the "New 
City," the "New Jerusalem." (c) 
Abraham, a type of Christ, is faith 
and a test of our faith. He was an 
ideal man, called out by God. For 

two thousand years under God's 
"universal government," He (Godj 
made His Will known to man as 
individuals, which was the "Mes-^ 
sianic hope." (d) The ideal medi- 
ator Moses, who is a type of our 
Mediator Jesus. Deut. 18:15-17. 
(e) The ideal law, which was not 
perfect, which precedes the law of 
grace, which is perfect, Exod. 20 : 
1-18; Jer. 31:31-34. 

(f) The ideal priest . . . "Aaron," 
who is a type of Jesus Christ our 
High Priest, who is in heaven, 
reigning over His Bride the Church. 
The ideal "Priest," Christ, who en- 
tered once for all into the Most 
Holy Place, heaven itself, with His 
own blood to make an atonement 
for the sins of the people. The 
whole world, those who will accept 
Him, and none others, Num. 25 : 
12-13. (g) The ideal King, David, 
who was a type of Jesus Christ, 
who is King of kings and Lord of 
lords. Christ was born "King of 
the Jews." He acknowledged His 
Kingship, while here on earth. He 
will be King of kings when He 
comes to reign in His kingdom the 
"Millennium," on earth. He is the 
King of Glory, 2 Sam. 7:11-16, 
Psa. 11. (h) The ideal temple, 
Solomon's Temple, a type of God's 
Holy Temple the Church. Isa. 2 : 
14; Zech. 6:12-13; Isa. 9:6-7. (i) 
The ideal Suffering Servant, who 
is Jesus Christ, both in prophecy 
and all throughout the New Testa- 
ment. Isa. 42:1-5, and all texts in 



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the Xew Testament, teaching of His 
.Vionement, His shed blood. At this 
point wc quote from E. S. Young's 
l)ook. "The New Testament His- 
tory", page 12, 13, "Slowly but 
surely the chain that Ijrings to the 
Ideal unwinds. Through the Proph- 
etic age there is a gradual unfold- 
iag of the Messianic Hope in the 
portraiture of the 'Suffering Serv- 
ait.' Israel and Judah were car- 
ried into captivity and the obedient 
remnant is willing to suffer for the 
sake of those who are to be de- 
livered. Thus the remnant that is 
ti) save through obedience the dis- 
obedient, is a sifffcring servant, 
tyi)ical of the ideal Suffering Serv- 
ant, Christ, who is by His own suf- 
fering through obedience to save 
the disobedient." We believe the 
"obedient remnant," are those who 

did and those who will receive 
Christ and His Gospel, through the 
Church, Jno. 1:11-13, Jno. 12:48. 
(j) The ideal prophet, Moses, a 
type of Christ. Deut. 18:15-19. 
"The Lord thy God will raise up 
unto thee a Prophet from the midst 
of thee (from Israel of their line- 
age), of thy brethren, like unto me 
(like God, the Father) ; unto him 
ye shall hearken ; According to all 
that thou desiredst of the Lord thy 
God in Horeb in the day of the 
assembly, saying, Let me not hear 
again the voice of the Lord my 
God, neither let me see this great 
fire any more, that I die not. And 
the Lord said unto me. They have 
well spoken that which they have 
spoken. And I will raise them up 
a prophet from among their breth- 
ren, like unto thee, and will put 
my words in his mouth ; and he 
shall speak unto them all that I 
shall command him. And it shall 
come to pass, that whosoever will 
not hearken unto my words which 
he shall speak in my name, I will 
require it of him." See Acts 7 -.37- 
39, 10:38. The prophets were the 
most spiritual teachers of the Old 
Testament. They were God's mouth- 
pieces by which His messages were 
delivered to the kings and priests. 
Their mission was to set out into 
clearer view the coming of the 
"Ideal Prophet" and arouse the na- 
tion with the spirit of expectation. 
Isaiah, an ideal prophet, proph- 
esies of God's Remnant. 


We now begin our subject. "The ass his master's crib: but Israel doth 

Election of Grace." What is it? 
1 Sam. 12:22, "For the Lord will 
not forsake his people for his great 
name's sake : because it hath pleased 
the Lord to make you (His chosen 
Israel) his people." The preceding 
verse says, "And turn ye not aside : 
for then should ye go after vain 
things, which cannot profit nor de- 
deliver ; for they are vain." Let 
us now turn to Rom. 11:1, 'T say 
then. Hath God cast away his peo- 
ple? God forbid." What do we 
think prompted Paul to speak these 
Words? His message — of this en- 
tire chapter, concerning the fall of 
Israel, the Jews, we think prompted 
his words. It was the Inspiration 
of the Holy Spirit. He received 
all his Gospel from Jesus Christ. 
He may have been directed to the 
ancient Scriptures, the Prophecy of 
Isaiah, written in approx. 760 B.C., 
Isa. 1 :l-9. Let us note the ninth 
verse, "Except the Lord of hosts 
had left unto us a very small rem- 
nant, we should have been as Sod- 

not know, my people doth not con- 
sider. Ah sinful nation, a people 
laden with iniquity, a seed of evil- 
doers, children that are corrupters : 
they have forsaken the Lord, they 
have provoked the Holy One of 
Israel unto anger, they are gone 
away backward. Why should ye 
be stricken any more? ye will revolt 
more and more : the whole head is 
sick, and the whole heart faint. 
From the sole of the foot even unto 
the head there is no soundness in 
it; (Beloved we might take this as 
a lesson for the apostate church ) 
but wounds and bruises, and putri- 
fying sores : they have not been 
closed, neither bound up, neither 
molified with ointment (the oil, the 
Holy Spirit's guidance through 
God's Word). Your country is 
desolate, your cities are burned with 
fire : your land, strangers devour it 
in your presence, and it is desolate, 
as overthrown by strangers." 

This was to come to pass and has 
come to pass. "And the daughter 

om, and we should have been like | of Zion (Christ wept over her) is 
unto Gomorrah." Sodom and Gom- 
orrah were utterly destroyed, ob- 
literated. Please read verses eleven 
through seventeen, which shows 
their utter depravity. Also note 
Israel's state. Verses 3-8, "Hear, 
O heavens, and give ear, O earth : 
for the Lord hath spoken, I have 
nourished and brought up children, 
and they have rebelled against me. 
The ox knoweth his owner, and the 

left as a cottage in a vineyard, as 
a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, 
as a besieged city." This was the 
remnant of Israel in the time of 
Isaiah 760 (?) B.C. Let us follow^ 
that "remnant" to the time of the 
coming of Christ the Messiah. Isa. 
4 :2-3, "In that day shall the branch 
of the Lord (Jesus who was to build 
the temple of the Lord, the Church, 
Zech. 6:12-13, also when- He fe-^ 


turns to earth to Jerusalem in the shall rest upon him (it did at His 
coming day, a double significance) ' baptism in the river Jordan), the 
be beautiful and glorious, and the • spirit of wisdom and understand- 
fruit of the earth shall be excellent ' ing, the spirit of counsel and might, 
and comely for them that are es- 1 the spirit of knowledge and of the 
caped of Israel. And it shall come fear of the Lord." Here we have 
to pass, that he that is left in Zion ' the seven spirits upon Christ, fig- 
(Jerusalem, which is a type of the urative of the one Holy Spirit, in 
Church), and he that remaineth in ] the plentitude of His power, f re- 
Jerusalem (when Christ comes to quently spoken of in the "Revela- 
Jerusalem). shall be called holy, i tion." 

even every one that is written among . A prophecy for blinded Israel 
the living in Jerusalem (the Jews, | after the redemption at Mount 
the 144,000 sealed, when Christ , Olives and Jerusalem. Isa. 11:16, 
comes to the Mount of Olives at ' "And there shall be an highway for 

Jerusalem)." Please note also verse 
4, "When the Lord shall have wash- 
ed away the filth of the daughters 
of Zion, and shall have purged the 
blood of Jerusalem from the midst 

the remnant of his people, which 
shall be left from Assyria ; like as 
it was to Israel in the day that he 
came up out of the land of Egypt." 
Tlie reader will notice that we are 

thereof by the spirit of judgment following the remnant of blinded 
(by the Holy Spirit), and by the i Israel, before the second coming of 

spirit of burning (a purging, puri- 
fying by the blood of the Lamb)." 
See Rev. 14:1-6. 

We believe this "remnant" proph- 
esied of here by Isaiah has a double 
significance, to the remnant of grace 
and also to the redemption of blind- 
ed Israel, when their eyes shall be 
opened and grafted back into their 
own "olive tree." Following the 
remnant. Isa. 11:1-2 (713 B.C.?), 
"And there shall come forth a rod 
out of the stem of Jesse and a 
Branch (Christ the Messiah, He 
came, in the days of Jolin the Bap- 
tist, 4 B.C.?) shall grow out of 
his roots (the roots of David, Is- 
rael) : And the spirit of the Lord 

Christ the Messiah. Isa. 37:4 (710 
B.C.?), "It may be the Lord thy 
God will hear the words of Rab- 
shakeh, whom the king of Assyria 
his master hath sent to reproach the 
living God, and will reprove the 
words which the Lord thy God hath 
heard : wherefore lift up thy prayer 
for the remnant that is left." Jer. 
6:9 (612 B.C.?). "Thus sayeth the 
Lord of hosts. They shall thorough- 
ly glean the remnant of Israel as a 
vine : turn back thine hand as a 
grapegatherer into the l)askets." 

A future gathering of the rem- 
nant of Israel. Jer. 23:3 (599 
BC?), "And I will gather the rem- 
nant of my flock out of all countries 


whither I have driven them, and 
will bring them again to their folds ; 
and they shall be fruitful and in- 
crease." Space forbids our writing 
out all the prophets have said, and 
what our Lord hath said concerning 
this, but suffice it to say, we believe 
this regathering of God's remnant 
of blinded Israel will take place, 
"when ye shall see the budding of 
the fig tree." We think God will 
seal them in their foreheads near 
the middle of the 70th week of 
Daniels prophecy and they will flee 
to their wilderness (mountains) 
Until the coming of their King 
Jesus, there to redeem them ; Zech. 
12:9-10, Rev. 14:1-6. See Rev. 12. 
The blessing for the blinded rem- 
nant in the coming day. Jer. 31 :7 
(606 B.C.?), "For thus saith the 
Lord ; Sing with gladness for Jacob, 
and shout among the chief of the 
nations : publish ye, praise ye, and 
say, O Lord, save thy people, the 
remnant of Israel." Ezek. 14 :22- 
23 (594 B.C.), "Yet, behold, there- 
in shall be left a remnant that shall 
be brought forth, both sons and 
daughters : behold, they shall come 
forth unto you, and ye shall see their 
way and their doings : and ye shall 
be comforted concerning the evil 
that I have brought upon Jeru- 
salem, even concerning all that I 
have brought upon it. And they 
shall comfort you, when ye see their 
ways and their doings : and ye shall 
know that I have not done without 
cause all that I have done in it, 

saith the Lord God." Micah 2:12 
(730 B.C.?), "I will assemble, O 
Jacob, all of thee; I will surely 
gather the remnant of Israel ; I will 
put them together as the sheep of 
Bozrah, as the flock in the midst 
of their fold : they shall make great 
noise by reason of the multitude of 
men." Zeph. 2:9 (630 B.C.?), 
"Therefore as I live, saith the Lord 
of hosts, the God of Israel, Surely 
Moab shall be as Sodom (at Ar- 
mageddon), and the children of 
Ammon as Gomorrah (wasted and 
destroyed at Armageddon), even 
the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, 
and a perpetual desolation : the 
residue of my people shall spoil them 
(those who fight at Armageddon, 
Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem, 
Zech. 14:14), and the remnant of 
my people (the sealed of the 12 
tribes) shall possess them.' 

We have now followed the "Rem- 
nant" of blinded Israel to the New 
Testament. Our next article, after 
a brief review of the. last 400 years 
B.C., we shall take up the "Rem- 
nant of Grace," the Church. 
(To be continued.) 
Bro. Wm. Root 
1612 Morphy St. 
Great Bend. Kans. 67530 

Kindness is a language the dumb 
can speak, and the deaf can hear 
and understand. 

Be kind to your enemies ; after 
all you are the one that triade them. 




Luke 6 :46, Jesus speaking. "Why 
call me, Lord, Lord, and do not 
the things which I say"? Luke 16: 
13, "Ye cannot serve God and man- 
non." Eph. 6:6-7, "Not as man- 
pleasers, but the servants of Christ, 
doing the will of God from the 
heart : with good will doing service 
as to the Lord, and not to men. 
Neither is there respect of persons 
with him." Do you seek honor from 
man or God? John 12:26, 35. 43, 
If any man serve me, let him fol- 
low me. Jesus said unto them, Yet 
a little while is tlhe light with you. 
Walk while ye have light, believe 
in the light, that ye may be the chil- 
dren of light. I am come a light in- 
the world, for they love the praise 
of men more than the praise of 
God. Col. 1 :10, "That ye might 
walk worthy of the Lord, unto all 
pleasing, being fruitful in every good 
work, and increasing in the know- 
ledge of God." V. 13-14, "Who 
hath delivered us from the jxiwer 
of darkness, and ihath translated us 
into the kingdom of his dear Son : 
in whom we have redemption 
through his blood, even the for- 
giveness of sins." Be dead with 
Christ from the rudiments of the 
world, which are all to perish with 
the using, after the commandments 
and doctrines of men. 

Col. 3:10, 15, 17, Having put on 
the new man, let the peace of God 
rule in your hearts, to the which 

also ye are called in one body ; and 
be ye thankful. Let the Word of 
Christ dwell in you richly in all 
wisdom and whatsoever ye do in 
word of deed, do all in the name of 
the Lord Jesus. Set your affections 
on things above, not on things on 
the earth. Col. 3 :23-24, Knowing 
that of the Lord ye shall receive the 
reward of the inheritance : for ye 
serve the Lord Jesus. Whatsoever 
ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord 
and not unto men. Not with eyeser- 
vice as menpleasers. Jesus Christ is 
the rock, the foundation of His 
church. Matt 16:18, Upon this rock 
I will build my church. Jesus Christ 

I being t!he chief corner stone. I Pet. 

' 2 :6, It is contained in the scriptures. 
Behold I lay in Sion a chief corner- 

I stone, elect, precious and he that 
belie veth on Him, shall not be con- 
founded. Unto you which believe 
He is precious. Eph. 2:19-20, We 
become fellow-citizens with the 
Saints, and of the household of 
God : and are built upon the foun- 
dation of the apostles and prophets, 
Jesus Christ himself being the chief 
corner stone. AVho hath called you 
out of the darkness into His marvel- 
lous light. Ye were redeemed with 
the precious blood of Christ, as of 
a lamb without 1)lemish. Gal 3:13, 
Christ hath redeemed us from the 
curse of the law, being made a 
curse for us : that the blessing of 
Abraham might come on the Gen- 
tiles through Jesus Christ. We are 
saved by grace and not by the works 


of the law, that we might receive 
the promise of the Spirit through 

Gal. 3 :26-27, For ye are all the 
children of God by faith in Christ 
Jesus. For as many of you as 
have been baptized into Christ, 
have put on Christ. For ye are 
all one in Christ Jesus. Gal. 
5 :4, Christ is become of no effect 
unto you, whosoever of you are 
justified by the law; ye are fallen 
from grace. Gal. 5:18, If ye be led 
of the Spirit, ye are not under the 
law^ How many so-called church 
members believe tliese Scriptures? 
Y. 14, For all the law is fulfilled 
in one word, even in this, Thou 
shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. 
How many practice this command? 
By love serve one another. Walk in 
the Spirit (the Holy Spirit) and ye 
shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. 
Bear ye one another's burdens and 
so fulfil the law of Christ, not re- 
ferring to the old Mosaic law. Be 
not deceived, God is not mocked, 
For whatsoever a man soweth, that 
shall he also reap. He that soweth 
to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap 
life everlasting. As we have there- 
fore opportunity, let us do good un- 
to all men. 

Eph. 2 :4, But God, who is rich 
in mercy, for His great love where- 
with he loved us, even when we were 
dead in sins, hath quickened us to- 
gether with Christ, (by grace are 
ye saved) : and hath raised us up 
together, and made us sit together 

in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 
For by grace are ye saved through 
faith. Without faith it is impossible 
to please God. It is not of our 
works, lest any man should boast. 
For we are His workmanship, cre- 
ated in Christ Jesus, unto good 
works, which God ihath before or- 
dained that we should walk in them. 
That at that time ye were without 
Christ and strangers from the cov- 
enants of promise, having no hope, 
and without God in the world : but 
now in Christ Jesus ye who some- 
time were far off are made nigh by 
the blood of Christ. And came and 
preached peace to you which were 
afar off. Now therefore ye are no 
more strangers and foreigners, but 
fellow-citizens with the Saints. 
I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus 
Christ for you Gentiles. The Gen- 
tiles did not get the Gospel until 
after Pentecost. Acts 2, When the 
day of Pentecost was fully come, 
they (the apostles) were all w^ith 
one accord in one p^ace. And they 
were all filled with the Holy Ghost 
and began to speak as the Spirit 
gave them utterance. Before this 
time the Gospel was preached to 
the Jewish nation or people, which 
were under the law. Christ's resur- 
rection began a new age. Matt. 10: 
5, These twelve Jesus sent forth, 
and commanded them saying. Go 
not into the way of the Gentiles, 
and into any city of the Samaritans 
enter ye not : but go rather to the 
lost sheep of the house of Israel 



He taught them how to pray, as 
they at this time and age were ig- 
norant of the day of Pentecost. Je- 
sus did not teach the Gentiles how- 
to pray, He sent the Holy Spirit 
to teach us how to pray. Some Gen- 
tiles say the Lord taught me how 
to pray thus, and repeat what they 
call the Lord's Prayer. 

2 Pet. 3:1-10, Beloved, I now 
write unto you, that ye may be 
mindful of the words which were 
spoken before by the holy prophets, 
and of the commandments of us the 
apostles of the Lord and Saviour. 
There shall come in the last days, 
scoffers, walking after their own 
lusts. The heavens and the earth 
are kept in store, reserved unto fire 
against the day of judgment and 

7:14, Strait is the gate, and narrow 
is the way which leadeth unto eter- 
nal life and few there be that find 
it. The harvest truly is great Init the 
laborers are few. 

Hark, the voice of Jesus calling 
Follow Me, follow Me. 
Slill His patient voice is pleading 
Follow Me, follow Me. 

Yes leave all at His bidding 
Follow Me, follow Me. 
For Thy love all else forsaking 
Follow Me, follow Me. 

John 1.16, For the law was given 
by Moses, but grace and truth came 
by Jesus Christ. All things were 
made by Him. He was in the world 
and the world was made by Him. 

perdition of ungodly men. The Lord . and the world knew Him not. Matt 

is not slack concerning His prom 
ise, but is longsuffering to usward, 
not willing that any should perish ; 
but that all should come to repen- 
tance. The day of the Lord will 
come as a thief in the night, in 
which the heavens shall pass away 
and the elements shall melt with 
fervent heat, the earth also and the 
works that are therein shall be 
burned up. Nevertheless we accord- 
ing to His promise look for new 
heavens and a new earth. Not ev- 
ery one that saith unto me, Lord, 
Lord, shall enter into the kingdom 
of heaven, but he that doeth the 
will of God. Luke 13 :3,5, Jesus 
said, I tell you, Except ye repent 
ye shall all likewise perish. Matt. 

7:12, Therefore all things whatso- 
ever ye would that men should do to 
you, do ye even so to them. How 
many people practice this motto? 
Hear the voice of Jesus calling? 
Matt. 18, Except ye be converted 
and become as little children ye 
s'hall not enter into the kingdom 
of heaven. Be ye also ready, for 
such an hour as ye think not, the 
Son of man cometh. Boast not of 
thyself of tomorrow, for thou know- 
est not what the day may bring 
forth. Partiality is becoming pre- 
valent in the world, injustice by ad- 
vantage, force or power. 

Man receives the knowledge of 
God and the Lord Jesus Christ, by 
divine revelation. Who then is a 



wise and faithful steward ? John 5 : 
39, Search the scriptures, for in 
them ye have eternal life. 

Grace is the joyful sound 
And charming tidings it will bring, 
Hear the Gospel's cheering sound 
Bring salvation to all the world. 

Come sinners, and seek His grace 
By the shelter of His Cross. 
Grace our souls to Jesus lead 
And peace from our Lord. 

Grace brings pardon for sin 
Grace allows us to enter, 
Through the steps grace displays 
Grace will bear us safe above. 

Lord. I care not for riches 
Neither silver or gold, 
I want to make sure of heaven 
And to enter into that fold. 

Oh Jesus, my Saviour 
Is my name written there. 
In the book of Thy kingdom 
On the pages white and fair. 

Your brother Wm. N. Kinsley 
Hartville, Ohio 


Sunday. To these services you are 
invited, come and enjoy these meet- 
ings wuth us. 

Sister Bertha Dorsey, Cor. 

The Lord willing, Bro. Ernest 
Miller will hold our evangelistic 
meetings, beginning July 27 and 
ending Aug. 8. Come and enjoy 
these meetings and worship with us. 
Bro. Alvin Silknitter, Cor. 


At this time we would like to 
thank all the brethren and sisters, 
of all congregations for : their help 

! in prayer, gifts and many cards, 
sent to us during our stay in the 
hospital. May God bless everyone 
in your thoughtfulness and continue 
to pray for our recovery, so we may 

i be able to continue with the work 

j left for us to do. 

' Bro. and Sister Robert Parker 

R. 1, Bx. 175, Peru, Indiana 

The Lord willing, the Broadwater 
congregation will hold a Revival 
meeting from July 23 to Aug. 1, 
with Bro. Harley Flory as evangel- 
ist. Services on Saturday, July 28, 
at 2 P. M. and all-day meeting on 'plaining. 

Trust in yourself- and you are 
doomed to disappointment. Trust 
in your friends and they will die 
and leave you. Trust in your money 
and you will have it taken from you. 
Trust in reputation and some 
slanderous tongue may blast it. But 
trust in God and you are never to 
be confounded in time or eternity. 

— D. L. Moody 

Discontented people do the com- 




by B. E. Kesler, 1912 

"Those who speak and write in- 
telligently upon the subject, speak 
of the unconscious interim between 
death and the resurrection morning, 
in which sentient being is suspended 
as a 'sleep'." — Pastor Russell in 
What Is the Soitlf—Fage 7. Then 
follow a number of Scriptures in 
which the dead are said to "sleep" 
or to have fallen "asleep," all of 
which is very good. But now hear 
^Ir. Russell again : 

"So the dissolution of these (or- 
ganism and breath of life) from 
any cause, puts an end to sentient 
being, — stopping thoughts and feel- 
i-igs of every kind. The soul (i.e., 
sentient being) ceases. So if a hu- 
man or animal body be destroyed, 
as by consumption or accident, the 
soul, the life, the intelligence, ceases. 
So the soul, life existence, of man 
or animal would cease, if the breath 
of life were cut off by drowning or 
asphyxiation, while the body might 
be comparatively sound. But so soon 
as the spark of life is gone, soul 
or being has ceased." — What Is the 
Soul?, pages 7, 9. 10. 

Now, Mr. Russell is the present 
day champion of what is known as 
"the soul sleeping doctrine," but 
how, in the name of reason, intelli- 
gence or the Bible can a thing be 
asleep that has "ceased"? In four 
different statements he says that the 
soul at death "ceases." Then, as if 

by conscious inability to do so, he 
fails to tell us how it can be asleep 
after it has "ceased." Nor have any 
of his followers, so far as I know, 
attempted to tell us how it can 
"sleep" after it has "ceased." 

But why does Mr. Russell teach 
that the soul "ceases" at death? 
Why is his theory subject to just 
criticism? Because he says the soul 
is mortal. He says that man, at his 
best estate, is only a higher organ- 
ism than the beast, that in his or- 
ganic and associated characteristics 
he is only a brute of higher order. 

But does not the very fact that 
the dead are said to be "asleep," 
or to "sleep" prove the undying 
quality or immortality of the soul? 
When one sleeps, do the organic or 
vital processess of life cease? True, 
in sleep as in death, muscular ac- 
tivity ceases, but the vital and the 
intellectual processes, to a limited 
degree, are as active as when awake. 
Indeed, the mind, in some instances, 
has been known to accomplish the 
solution of problems and questions 
during sleep that were impossible 
while awake. Thus the Scriptural 
statements al^out death being a 
"sleep," fully harmonize with the 
doctrine of the immortality of the 
soul, and are positively against Mr. 
Russell's idea that the soul "ceases" 
in death. 

But we are cited to Eccl. 9:5, 
"The dead know not anything." 

1' Here we should remember that it 
is only the body that dies a cor- 



poreai death. Psa. 115:7 says, "The 
dead praise not the Lord." Of 
course not, while dead. At the 
transfiguration of Christ, Moses and 
EHas, who had been dead a number 
of years, appeared, — not in resur- 
rected bodies, however. Did they 
themselves know they were there? 
Certainly. Were they conscious be- 
ings at this time? Surely. Did the 
apostle know they were conscious 
beings? Most assuredly, for they 
saw them "talking with Jesus," 
Matt. 17:3. 

The body of these men, we know, 
had decomposed, and if the soul 
"ceased" at death, what part of .them 
was it that appeared here? 

At the burning bush "the voice 
of the Lord came unto him (Moses) 
saying, I am the God of thy fathers, 
the God of Abraham, the God of 
Isaac, and the God of Jacob." Jesus 
explains by saying: "God is not the 
God of the dead but of the living," 
Acts 7:31-32; Matt. 22:32. Then 
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not 
dead, i.e.. the real spiritual part, the 
soul, was not dead, and while dis- 
solution of the "organism and breath 
of life" had taken place long ago, 
yet the soul did not "cease," as Mr. 
Russell teaches. 

Again, "I (John) saw under the 
altar the souls of them that were 
slain (previously to this) for the 
Word of God, and for the testimony 
which they held (while living) : 
And they cried with a loud voice, 
saying. How long, O Lord, holy 

and true, dost thou not judge and 
avenge our blood on them that dwell 
on the earth" (now) ? And it was 
said unto them, that they should 
rest yet for a little season, until 
their fellow-servants also and their 
brethren, that should be killed as 
they were, should be fulfilled." Rev. 

Here are some martyrs who had 
died before John, and whose souls 
John saw under the altar while he 
was living. Had their souls "ceased" 
when dissolution of their "organ- 
ism and breath of life" took place 
in death, — as Mr. Russell teaches? 

If these souls were not conscious, 
rational beings, how could they be 
concerned about their living ene- 
mies? When asked about their 
punishment, the answer is to wait 
a little while yet. How could Dives 
(Luke 16:28) do the same thing if 
his soul "ceased' at death, and there 
is no consciousness after death? 

Dives had not lost his memory. 
He remembered he had some broth- 
ers, and knew the exact number 
— five. He was very sure that hell 
was not a desirable place to be in, 
for he was "tormented in this 
flame." So his consciousness must 
have been very keen. He saw his 
brothers were coming to the same 
"place of torment", so his percep- 
tion must have been quite acute. 
He realized that it was wrong living 
that put him there and was bringing 
his brothers there, so his reasoning 
and thinking powers must have been 



quite normal. It is further pre- 
sumed that he was not enjoying 
very much of his repose in sleep, 
and that if he had ever heard the 
teaching of Mr. Russell ahout the 
soul, hell and torment, he now 
realized that somebody could be 
woefully mistaken about the place. 

Now, does the soul sleep? No, 
if it ceases at death, as Mr. Russell 
teaches. No, if it be mortal as he 
teaches. No, if it be only the "bring- 
ing together of an organism and the 
breath of life," as in the lirute, as 
Mr. Russell would have us believe. 
Yes, if it is the vitalizing energy 
that permeates spiritual beings, and 
lives on and on after dissolution of 
the body. Yes, if it is the "spark 
of life" that is infused into us by 
the great Father of spirits and re- 
turns to him at death. Yes, if it 
is the part of man which, though he 
may "kill the body," he cannot 
liarm. Yes. if it is the immortal, 
undying energy imparted by God 
to man, which God has in his own 
keeping, until the morning of the 
resurrection, when it will be given 
another habitation in our glorified 
resurrection bodies, raised incor- 
ruptible, and so to live one and on 
forever and forever. 

Yes, the soul sleeps the "sleep of 
death," but not the sleep of "cessa- 
tion,' inactivity and unconscious- 
ness. The soul possesses conscious- 
ness, thought, perception and rea- 
.son,, even while the l)ody lies cold 
in death. True, "there is neither 

work, nor knowledge in the grave," 
but the soul does not go there, 

"Were I so tall that I could grasp 
Creation in my span. 
I must be measured by my soul. 
It is the mind that makes the man, 
Sel. by Montez Sigler 


"Watchman, what of the night? 
Watchman, what of the night? The 
watchman said. The morning Com- 
eth and also the night : if ye will 
inquire, inquire ve : return, come," 
Isaiah 21:11-12.' 

Jesus in speaking to his disciples 
in regard to conditions in this world 
just prior to his return to this earth 
said, "And what I say unto you I 
say unto all. Watch," Mark 13:37. 
Again, Paul in I Thess. 5 :S-7 says, 
"Ye are all the children of light, and 
the children of the day : we are not 
of the night, nor of darkness. There- 
fore let us not sleep as do others ; 
but let us watch and be sober, for 
they that sleep, sleep in the night; 
and they that be drunken are drunk- 
en in the night." As is generally 
admitted, we are in a time of con- 
fusion of voices and therefore ten- 
sion and uncertainty everywhere. 
The cause may not be- understood 
nor a remedy apparent; So, there 
is a temptation to refuse to retain 
it in one's consciousness because 
its contemplation is painful. There- 
I fore as Paul says, they that sleep. 



sleep in the night of darkness. On 
the other hand, there is a general 
trend toward material wealth and 
prosperity everywhere. The stan- 
dard of living is rising even in so- 
called backward countries. This 
causes men to indulge in various 
luxuries ; Their mind being drawn 
away from the spiritual and true 
values of life, they seek exciting en- 
tertainment and indulgence of their 
sensual natures. Judgment being 
warped, strange and spurious doc- 
trines, both politically and spiritual- 
ly, are imbibed. This is drunkenness 
— ■ spiritual drunkenness, because 
of the night of spiritual darkness 

But the Apostle Paul says we 
are Children of the day and not of 
the night : so let us watch, be alert 
and sober, not drunk with spurious 
doctrines and ideas. To this end are 
we sending out this message, that 
the light of truth of the word of 
God may shine in the darkness. 

Since the first ecumenical council 
called by Pope John XXIII at the 
V^atican, Sept. 1961, there has been 
a great change in the Catholic 
Churdh. They have completely re- 
versed their policies in many re- 
spects. They are cooperating with 
protestant social programs and 
church services which could not 
have occured l^efore. They have 
changed the language of the mass 
from latin to the language of the 
various countries in which the 
church services are held. They have 

to the Greek Orthodox Church 
from which they separated many 
centuries ago, and are making over- 
tures to the Protestants and also 
the non-christian religions in the 
Far East. They are sending an ap- 
peal to the heads of all protestant 
denominations all over the world to 
join them in forming one universal 
world church. 

Pope Paul VI called the third 
session of the ecumenical council 
early in September, 1964; It closed 
October 21st. It was expected that 
the matter of liberty of conscience 
in worship would be voted on in the 
session. But at the last, the Pope 
would not let it come to a vote. 
But it will be the first matter of 
business for the next and last ses- 
sion. There is no doubt but that it 
will be granted for it is said there 
is a strong sentiment in its favor. 
If this is granted it means that all 
religious groups may unite with the 
Catholic Church and still retain 
their present forms and ceremon- 
ies, but only by the authority and 
under the auspices of the Po^pe. 

All this brings a situation be- 
fore each and everyone in the world, 
with new decisions to make. Just 
what is liberty of conscience in 
worship? Here in America we have 
hailed it as a great pillar upon 
which our political government is 
based, because it separates church 
and state and prohibits the state 
from enacting laws which prohibit 

allegedly granted limited communion ' us from worshiping according to 



our own conscience. But if a re- 
ligious organization becomes a 
world church, embracing all relig- 
ions as a basic principle, then the 
principle of liberty of conscience 
becomes nil and void to all w^ho 
connect themselves to that organ- 
ization. For all who do so, must 
accept all religious as valid and as 
authoritive as their own. This is ex- 
actly what the Roman Catholic 
proposition means. The Bible tells 
us that such a world religion will 
obtain in the latter days and will 
enforce its tenents upon all the in- 
habitants of the world, as we shall 

We turn to Revelations 13. and 
read of a beast which John saw 
rising out of the sea having seven 
heads and ten horns. Horns indi- 
cate power, authority. The fact that 
there were ten of them, would in- 
dicate there were various nations 
over which the beast had sway. 
The name of Blasphemy was upon 
his heads, and in the seventh verse 
we read, "It was given him to make 
war with the saints, and to over- 
come them." When we read church 
history of the early centuries, we 
find the Roman Hierarchy fulfilled 
this description. The Pope did, and 
is still making the blasphemous 
claim of being the vicar of the Son 
of God. And when the Church ob- 
tained the secular power of Rome 
they persecuted the christians as 
severely, or even more so, than the 
secular government before them. 

In the third verse we read : "And 
I saw one of his heads as it was 
wounded to death." In the 15th 
and 16th centuries, after the art of 
printing was discovered and books 
were cheaper and the Bible was 
more generally read, Martin Lu- I 
ther, followed by many others, broke 
away from the cruel and oppressive 
yoke of the Roman Hierarchy. This 
was followed by a general Protes- 
tant movement all over Christendom 
and the Pope lost his secular pow- 
er over the nations. This gave rise 
to many Protestant sects. Many mi- 
grated to America to get away from 
the confusion and persecution caused 
by the Protestant movement. Fin- 
ally America broke away from the 
oppressive yoke of the King of 
England and established its own 
government on the principle of re- 
ligious liberty for all. 

In this atmosphere of religious 
liberty for all, the antagonism be- 
tween the various groups subsided 
and a spirit of religious unity grew 
and became more popular as time 
went on. Out of it came various 
church unions; the American Coun- 
cil of Churches followed by others 
and finally the World Council of 
Churches. Quite a few major de- 
nominations united separately. So 
it has become a universal trend. De- 
mocracy is often spoken of as 
synonomous with Christianity. The 
idea is of Protestant origin, and 
develops into the second beast as 
spoken of in Revelation 13:11-12, 



and we quote: ''And I beheld an- 
other beast coming up out of the 
earth ; and he had two horns Hke a 
lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 
And he exerciseth all the power of 
the first beast before him and 
causeth the earth and them which 
dwell therein to worship the first 
beast, whose deadly wound was 
healed." As we stated above, the 
idea of world church unity is a Pro- 
testant idea. The Catholic Church 
has stayed aloof from it for a long 
time, until now they are going all 
out for it, and we can expect rapid 
developments. And by it the dead- 
ly wound is being healed. As we 
read in the seventh and eighth ver- 
ses: "And power was (will be) 
given him over all kindreds, and 
tongues, and nations and all that 
dwell upon the earth shall worship 
him, whose names are not written 
in the book of life of the Lamb slain 
from the foundation of the world." 
This paper, pleading for all re- 
ligions to join the Roman Hierarchy 
to form a one world ohurch, quotes 
various passages from the Bible in 
support of their proposal. We 
heartily agree that the Church of 
Christ must be one and not di- 
vided. "There is only one body, 
and one Spirit, even as ye are called 
in one hope of your calling ; One 
Lord, one faith, one baptism, One 
God and father of all, who is above 
all, and through all, and in you all." 
This allows no room for various 
deities with various theories and 

hopes of the ideal life. It gives no 
room for various ideals of the one 
God by the same name. It gives 
room for only one Father, who is 
above all, and in all ; one faith and 

Such a unity cannot be obtained 
by a federation of all the perversions 
of truth, all the many denials of 
truth, all the heresies and disobed- 
ience of God's commandments and 
all the corruption which Satan could 
invent down through all the centu- 
ries to the present time. Union by 
federation with such principles, 
without conversion, is a union on 
disobedience and contempt against 
the God of heaven and his com- 
mandments. It is none other than 
the golden cup of spiritual fornica- 
tion which the woman whose name 
is Mystery, Babylon the Great, is 
offering; and the whole world has 
become intoxicated on it. (Rev. 17: 
1-2). Rev. 18:2 says "she has be- 
come the habitation of devils, and 
the hold of every foul spirit, and a 
cage of every unclean- and hateful 
bird." — "And I heard a voice 
from heaven saying. Come out of 
her my people, that ye be not par- 
takers of her sins, and that ye re- 
ceive not her plagues." 

Wm. H. Coning 
P.O. Box 227 
Gettysburg, Ohio 

Those who pawn themselves to 
the devil, must go to Christ to be 




There are always reactions when 
a man or woman steps out and be- 
lieves on Christ, and especially is 
this true in non-Christian lands. 
The religious pattern of the society 
has been broken, and the Satan-in- 
spired persecution that often follows 
stems from both fear and hate. 
Thousands of individuals during the 
centuries have been beaten and tor- 
tured and killed for their faith in 

In our day of ultranationalism 
and distrust between nations, polit- 
ical overtones are added to this 
persecution. Christianity is equated 
wath what is called "imperialism," 
and it becomes an act of national 
disloyalty — or even treason — to 
worship the Lord Jesus Christ. This 
is what happened in China. 

In Other areas where the Alliance 
works, which must of course be 
nameless here, this same strategy is 
being used, as illustrated here. Un- 
def the weight of such pressures 
ivPidt ivould yon do? 

. . . The police visited our village 
and quietly told my family they 
didn't think it was necessary for us 
to believe any longer. They didn't 
order us to stop believing or threat- 
en us with punishment. They used 
that phrase, "It's really not neces- 
sary." . . , What zvould you do? 

... I was studying the messages 
the I_X)rd had laid deeply on my 
heart for Sunday when someone 

came to the door. It was a city 
official with a notice that I should 
march in the anti-American parade 
on Saturday. . . . The implications 
were subtle. If I didn't march I 
might be accused of being linked to 
"the other side" — or worse. If I 
did, in the public's eye I would be- 
tray my beloved missionary friend, 
who happens to be an American. 
. . . What zvould you do? 

. . . That morning I heard it ovef 
the radio : "Anyone who has any 
contact whatever with American 
government officials will be charged 
with treason, punishable by death." 
... Of course, the missionaries 
aren't with the government ; every- 
one knows that. Or do they? "They 
are still Americans," I overheard 
a group of men say at the cornef 
eating stall. . , , If I attend church 
when the missionary is present I 
might be suspected. But it's now I 
need Christian fellowship. It's now 
I need to hear the Word of God. . . . 
What zvould you do? 

. . . Again and again the police 
came to talk to us about working 
for the American. I wouldn't listen 
at first. I had worked for this mis- 
sionary almost ten years. I under- 
stood him. I loved his God. But 
then the threats began to get worse. 
They affected my son who was a 
student at the local high school. 
They had pictures of him washing 
the American's car and doing other 
things. . . . What zvould yoii do? 
' These are days of confusion with 



many kinds of trials for the Chris- 
tian. Take this as an urgent call 
to intercession. Pray first that each 
believer will be given spiritual un- 
derstanding and wisdom in every 
test. Then, as he sees the issues 
clearly, pray that each will decide 
resolutely and decisively so as in 
no way to betray his Lord. 

Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman 

HEBREWS 12:18-29 

(verse 28) 


I firmly believe that the Church 
of God will have to confess her own 
sins before there can be any great 
work of grace. There must be a 
deeper work among God's believing 
people. I sometimes think it is about 
time to give up preaching to the 
ungodly and preach to those who 
profess to be Christians. If we had 
a higher standard of life in the 
Church of God there would be 
thousands more flocking into the 

Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman 

Any cult that adds to or takes 
from the Word of God, is false 
and dangerous and is the deception 
warned of by Jesus. 


I have had many troubles in my 

life, but the worst of them never 

To use a pretense of religion to 
lead God's people astray, is one of 
the greatest evils of all time ! 

When a man lives clean and godly, 

Walks by faith and acts through 
Keeps himself in tune with heaven, 

With his heart on things above ; 
Knows the Bible and its Author, 

Leans upon His holy arm, 
It is wise to give attention 

When he speaks to give alarm. 

Gods alarmist sees the danger 

That's confronting you and me. 
And he sounds a note of warning 

Lest we lose our liberty. 
And go down beneath the surface 

Of the raging ocean waves. 
Like the vessel that is sunken 

And no captain ever saves. 

God's alarmist knows the purpose 

Of the sly and cunning foe; 
Knows that he is set to drag us 

To damnation down below ; 
Set to keep us out of heaven 

Where there's peace for evermore, 
And where saints across the ages 

Have marched safely on before. 

Oh, give heed to God's alarmist 

Who may preach across the earth. 
Or proclaim a note of warning 

That is of profoundest worth ; 
Who is prayerful in his warning, 

Honest, earnest in his soul, 
Telling you of what is coming 
That will keep you from life's 

— Walter E. Isenhour 
Sel. by Sister Ada Whitman 




Would you my disciple be, leave 
all and follow Me: 

Father, mother, sister, wife, breth- 
ren, children. 

Your own desires, farms, lands and 
houses too ; 

Everything that hinders you. 

If you love these more than Me 

You cannot My disciple be. 

Would you my disciple be? 
Take thy cross and follow me. 
Earthly things do not treasure. 
Leave the world with it's pleasure. 
Do not seek the world's renown, 
Neither seek an earthly crown. 
You must from the world keep free, 
If you would My disciple be? 

Would you my disciple be? 
Deny thyself and follow me. 
Go, seek the sheep that are lost. 
Rescue them at any cost. 
From the tempest and the cold. 
Bring them safe into the fold ; 
Where they'll safely sheltered be. 
All who come and followMe. 

Would you My disciple be : 
Take My yoke and learn of me. 
1 am meek and lowly too, but 
Have plenty of work for you. 
See the harvest now is w'hite. 
Must be gathered ere the night. 
To the fields and do your best. 
Learn of me and you'll find the rest. 
Sel. by Sister Rebecca Beck. 


Slow to suspect— quick to trust 
Slow to condemn— quick to justify 
Slow to offend= — =quick to defend 
Slow to expose- — -quick to i^hield 
Slow to reprimand— quick to I 

Slow to belittle— quick to appreciate 
Slow to demand—quick tO give 
Slow to provoke- — ^quick to conciliate 
Slow to hinder^-quick to help 
Slow to reSent= — ^^quick to forgive 
For love's Baptism — let us plead 

and pfay, 
Sel. by Sister Margaret Myers 


For today's text we are select- 
ing one of the most beautiful ver- 
ses recorded in Holy Writ. This 
verse Is found in Matthew 11 :28 — 
"Come unto nie, all ye that labour 
and are heavy laden, and I will give 
you rest." 

Rest is a condition that all man- 
kind strives and seeks after. In the 
realm of rest is the physical rest 
which is enjoyed by all weary, tired 
people. And then there is the spir- 
itual rest that our text so beauti- 
fully suggests is possible. Lastly is 
the eternal rest to which every Saint 
of God is striving for and deter- 
mined by the help and grace of 
God to some day enter into. 

Today we wish to consider the 
spiritual rest. This rest is not for 
the foolish hearted souls who do not 



need Jesus. Nor for the light mind- 
ed and frivilous. This rest is not 
for the materiahstic, money hungry, 
fun seeking or pleasure mad group. 

This rest is for the toihng ones — 
the heavy laden ones. This rest is 
for those whose burdens have be- 
come so heavy that they no longer 
can be carried. For the weary, the 
discouraged, for the cumbered, and 
heavy hearted ones, the invitation 
to enter into this rest is given. It 
is for you who are saying it is no 
use. This is the group that Jesus is 
inviting to come to Him to rest. 

Notice how we obtain this rest — 
by coming to Jesus. This is a volun- 
tary action based upon one's will to 
come. One doesn't have to come, 
for if you feel you can carry your 
own burdens Jesus will allow you 
to do so. If one feels one can solve 
one's own problems, and face one's 
own difficulties, Jesus says, "You 
may." But my friend, your burdens 
and discouragements are not lifted 
by sympathetic friends who extend 
handclasps and enfold us into arms, 
of comfort, or by change of environ- 
ment. If they are changed by these 
it is a false security and sometime 
we must face the same battle all 
over again. 

Rest can only be realized as we 
come to Jesus. A face to face con- 
tact with Jesus will forever settle 
your burdens, fears, dispairs and 
load of sin. However, sometimes it 
is difficult to get to Jesus. You re- 
member the story of the palsied 

man who was carried by four men 
to Jesus ! They came to the house 
where Jesus was preaching. It w-as 
packed with people, inside and out. 
They just could not get to Jesus by 
ordinary means. But you remember 
what they did ! They lifted the 
stretcher, with the man on it, to 
their shoulders and climbed up on 
to the roof. They removed the roof 
tile and lowered that man by ropes 
to Jesus' feet where he was healed. 
It was difficult to get him to Jesus 
but they succeeded, however. 

Take the case of the woman who 
had an issue of blood and had spent 
all her money to doctors but to get 
no better. One day she heard that 
Jesus was in town. She was deter- 
mined to get to Jesus, but between 
the Lord and this woman was a 
multitude of people. She started 
through the crowd, excusing her- 
self as she pushed and shoved. She 
did not want to be rude but she 
must get to Jesus. She came within 
ten feet of the Healer. The crowd 
just would not let her pass. Did she 
stop? No indeed! But'^in our mind's 
eye we see her dropping to her 
hands and knees crawling on the 
ground between the legs of the peo- 
ple. Finally through the crowd she 
saw the hem of Jesus' garment. "If 
I could just but touch His garment 
I shall be healed." was the cry of 
her soul as she reached out, spraw- 
led on the ground, and touching the 
hem of His garment, she was com- 
pletely healed. 



It took some effort, some strug- 
gle, some work to get to Jesus, but 
these folk found the rest they longed 
for. You too can find this rest if 
you will come to Jesus. 

However, this rest has some 
enemies who will do their best to 
destroy the sweetness of rest. The 
first enemy we notice is Fear. The 
disciples and Jesus, one day were 
going across the Sea of Galilee in 
a boat. Jesus being tired, laid Him- 
self in the stern of the boat and 
went to sleep. After awhile a storm 
arose which almost swamped the 
boat with the waves. The disciples 
w^ere frantic with fear, and upon 
shaking Jesus cried out, "Master, 
carest thou not that we perish?" 
Jesus arose and commanded the 
storm to cease — - and there was a 
great calm. Why were they fear- 
ful? They bad no confidence in 
Jesus. They had not tried Jesus' 
ability to protect them during the 
storm. Fear will come to your iheart 
and destroy rest, if you have never 
tested the Lord's ability to keep you 
safe during the storm. How could 
the boat go down if Jesus was in 
it? How can your little "bark" be 
swamped if Jesus is in it? We are 
as safe with Him in the storms as 
we are in the calm. 

Another enemy of Rest is Com- 
mon Sense. Common Sense is a 
gift of God given to human nature, 
but supernatural sense is the gift 
of God given to the spiritual. No- 
tice Jesus* words in Matt. 6:25, 

"Take no thought for your life, 
w4iat ye shall eat or , . . drink : not 
yet for your body, what ye shall 
put on." This is not reckless living; 
This is not carelessness, laziness, 
slothful business or indifference to 
life. This is absolute trust that He 
is able. Common sense carefulness 
in a disciple is infidelity — unfaith- 
fulness. It produces cares and wor- 
ry. Remember Jesus did not say 
the devil would choke out the Word 
— ^but cares. Common sense says. 
"I will not trust where I cannot 
see." Supernatural sense says, "I 
have no job, I need food, clothing, 
no money to pay my bills. The 
Lord will provide. I will rest in 

The third enemy of Rest Is Hu- 
man Toil. The disciples toiled all 
night fishing and caught nothing. 
Jesus got into the boat and told 
Peter to cast his nets. With reluct- 
ance he cast one net and pulled in 
so many fish that almost sank the 
boat. When Peter fished by his own 
human knowledge he caught noth- 
ing — thus was tired, worn, and dis- 
couraged. Under Jesus' instruc- 
tions, he fished less hours, spent 
less strength, and caught so many 
fish that he could hardly take care 
of them. Human toil is a drudgery. 
It is a trial and error proposition. 
It is disheartening and discourag- 
ing; but toil under the guidance of 
Jesus is pleasure, joy delightful, 
victorious and restful. 

The last enemy of Rest is a lack 



of faith. The writer in the Hebrew 
letter speaking of Abraham wrote, 
"He went out not knowing wheth- 
er he went." Doesn't such a con- 
dition bring misgivings, wondering, 
confusion, fear, anticipation of the 
future? Not to the one who is rest- 
ing in Christ — for He is our 
"Cloud" by day and our "Pillar of 
fire" by night. Faith never knows 
where it is being led. Faith doesn't 
care where it is being led for it 
loves and knows the One who is 
leading. The root of faith is the 
knowledge of Jesus. Herein lies 
strength, power, success, victory 
and Rest. Do you have this Rest? 
If not come to Him. 

Sel. Sister Sheila Stump 


"Fathers, provoke not your chil- 
dren to wrath." 

If our children are to obey us 
parents, what kind of parents are 
they to obey? Paul tells us nega- 
tively at first. We are not to be 
like godless tyrants. This means 
that in dealing with our children 
we are not to be harsh and oppres- 
sive and unfair. "Do not provoke 
your children to anger," says Paul : 
and anything we do that awakens 
a rankling sense of injustice in the 
heart of a child of ours is not in 
harmony v/ith God's plan for the 
Christian home. Positively, Paul 
says, we parents are to bring up 
our children "in the discipline and 

instruction of the Lord." Christian 
nurture involves discipline, but it 
is all in the Spirit of Christ who 
loves us all — especially our children. 
Are we, then, the kind of parents 
God wants us to be? — Day by day. 
Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman 


I have walked alone w4th Jesus 
In a fellowship divine; 
Nevermore can eartih allure me, 
I am His and He is mine. 

On the mountain I have seen 
Christ my Comforter and Friend; 
And the glory of that vision 
Will be with me to the end. 

In my failure, sin and sorrow. 
Broken-hearted, crushed and torn. 
I have felt His presence near me. 
He has all my burdens borne. 

In the darkness, in the shadow. 
With the Saviour I have trod. 
Sweet indeed have been the lessons, 
Since I've walked alone with God. 

I have seen Him, I have known 
For He deigns to walk with me ; 
And the glory of His presence 
Will be mine eternally. 

O the glory of His presence, 

the beauty of His face ; 

1 am His and His forever. 
He has won me by His grace. 

Sel. by Margaret Myers. 




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JULY 15, 1965 

No. 14 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"I therefore, the prisoner of the 
Lord, beseech you that ye walk 
worthy of the vocation wherewhith 
ye are called" Eph. 4:1. Most of 
us think much of our vocation, med- 
itate upon it often and devote much 
time and effort towards it's duties. 
Of what value do we consider our 
spiritual vocation, a servant of the 
Lord Jesus Christ? How much do 
we meditate upon it? How much 
time and effort do we devote to it? 
Or is that up to brotlier or sister 
so and so to do? "Take my yoke 
upon you, and learn of me ; for I 
am meek and lowly in heart : and 
ye shall find rest unto your souls," 
Matt. 1 1 :29. How much progress 
have we made in "learning of Je- 
sus"? Perhaps a lack of meekness 
has hindered progress in our chris- 
tian vocation? 

"Blessed are the meek: for they 
shall inherit the earth," Matt 5:5. 
This seems just the opposite to that 
which is practised in this world. It 
seems almost every avenue of life, 
takes pride, boldness and a striving 
spirit to get ahead. "But I say un- 

to you. That ye resist not evil : but 
whosoever shall smite thee on thy 
right cheek, turn to him the other 
also. And if any man will sue thee 
at the law, and take away thy coat, 
let 'him have thy cloke also," v. 39- 
40. This is what we call the second 
mile religion, and certainly God 
knows what He is talking about. 
One thing we should remember, 

I each iday or hour may not work out 
just as we think it should, but God's 
Word will definitely come to pass 
at His appointed time. "Bless them 
which persecute you : bless, and 
curse not. If it be possible, as much 

I as lieth in you, Hve peaceably with 

,all men," Rom. 12:14, 18. "Do all 
things without murmurings and 
disputings : that ye may be blame- 
less and harmless, the sons of God, 
without rebuke, in the midst of a 
crooked and perverse nation, among 
whom ye shine as lights in the 
world," Phil. 2:14-15. Remember, 
with God all things are possible. 

j We do not believe that any reader 
will question this fact. We are liv- 
ing "in the midst of a crooked and 
perverse nation." What is the pur- 
pose of a light? To show the way, 


to guide, to reveal dangers. and pit- 
falls. Am I a blameless and harm- 
less light? 

What example did Christ give us 
along the lines which we have been 
considering? "Then said Pilate un- 
to him, Hearest thou not how many 
ihings t'hey witness against thee? 
And he answered him to never a 
word ; insomuch that the governor 
marvelled greatly," Matt. 27:13-14. 
■"Now I Paul myself beseech you by 
the meekness and gentleness of 
Christ," 2 Cor. 10:1. "Put on there- 
fore, as the elect of God, holy and 
beloved, bowels of mercies, kind- 
ness, humbleness of mind, meek- 
ness, longsuffering ; forbearing one 
another, and forgiving one another, 
if any man have a quarrel against 
any : even as Christ forgave you, so 
also do ye," Col. 3 : 12-13. We could 
give verse after verse to show the 
meekness which was the rule of 
life, with Christ and the apostles. 

"And the servant of the Lord 
must not strive ; but be gentle un- 
to all men, apt to teach, patient, in 
meekness instructing those that op- 
pose themselves ; if God peradven- 
ture will give them repentance to 
the acknowledging of the truth," 2 
Tim. 2 :24-25. The servant of the 
Lord does not use the offence, the 
spirit, the attitude and the methods 
which the man of this world uses. 
■'To sjjeak evil of no man, to be no 
brawlers, but gentle, shewing all 
meekness unto all men," Tit. 3 :2. 
True, the one who carefully tries 

to minutely follow the New Test- 
ament teachings may not get ahead 
as fast or as far, as this world con- 
siders getting ahead. But God has 
promised to always take care of 
His own. and He has all power to 
do it at all times. On the other hand 
the duration of the things which are 
considered of value in this world, 
is very short compared with the du- 
ration of things eternal. In closing. 
How should we adorn our bodies in 
meekness? "But let it be the hid- 
den man of the heart, in that which 
is not corruptible, even the orna- 
ment of a meek and quiet spirit, 
which is in the sight of God of great 
price," I Pet. 3:4. 


"And the Pharisees came to him, 
and asked him. Is it lawful for a 
man to put away his wife : tempting 
him. And he answered and said un- 
to them, What did Moses command 
you? And they said, Moses suffered 
to write a bill of divorcement, and 
to put her away. And Jesus answer- 
ed and said unto them. For the 
hardness of your heart he wrote 
you this precept. But from the be- 
ginning of the creation God made 
them male and female. For this 
cause shall a man leave his father 
and mother, and cleave to his wife ; 
and they twain shall be one flesh : 
so then they are no more twain, but 
one flesh. What therefore God hath 


joined together, let not man put 
asunder." Mark 10:2-9. 

Let not man put asunder or part, 
why? "And he saith unto them, 
\'\'hosoever shall put away his wife, 
and marry another, committeth 
adultery against her. And if a wo- 
man shall put away her husband, 
and be married to another, she com- 
miteth adultery", Mark 10:11-12. 
"But I say unto you. That whoso- 
ever shall put away his wife, saving 
for the cause of fornication, causeth 
her to commit adultery : and who- 
soever shall marry her that is di- 
vorced committeth adultery". Matt. 
S :32. Why did Jesus say. Saving 
for the cause of fornication and not 
for the cause of adultery? Adultery 
is sexual intercourse between a mar- 
ried person and another, not tJhe 
spouse. Fornication is voluntary 
sexual intercourse between an un- 
married person. Both are sinful and 
unrighteous. Yet only one. forni- 
cation, gives us the right to put 
away that one, and then only if we 
have entered into marriage not 
knowing that fornication had been 
committed. Thus we have the only 
Scriptural reason to put away the 
one who committed this sin. Jesus 
gives no grounds for divorce for 
adultery. Dear reader remember 
this and be not deceived. 

Paul writes, "It is good for a 
man not to touch a woman. Never- 
theless, to avoid fornication let 
every man have his own wife, and 
let every woman have her own hus- 

band," I Cor. 7:1-2. Marriage is 
for life. "For the woman which 
hath a husband is bound by the law 
to her husband so long as he liveth ; 
but if the husband be dead, she is 
loosed from the law of her husband. 
So then if, while her husband live- 
th, she be married to another man, 
she shall be called an adultress. but 
if her husband be dead, she is free 
from that law ; so that she is no 
adultress, though she be married to 
another man," Rom. 7 :2-3. Only 
death can separate what God hath 
joined together. Nothing can sep- 
arate body and soul, except death. 
Where then does man get the au- 
thority, or right, to dissolve that 
which God hath joined together? 
Let all who love the Lord Jesus, 
cry out against this ungodly prac- 
tice, especially the ministers of God. 
"For as a young man marrieth 
a virgin, so shall thy sons marry 
thee : and as the bridegroom re- 
joiceth over the bride, so shall thy 
God rejoice over thee. I have set 
watchmen upon thy walls, O Jeru- 
salem, which shall never hold their 
peace day or night: ye that make 
mention of the Lord, keep not si- 
lence," Isa. 62 :5-6. "Son of man, 
I have made thee a watchman un- 
to the house of Israel : therefore 
hear the word at my mouth, and 
give them warning from me. When 
I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt 
surely die ; and thou givest him not 
warning, nor speakest to warn the 
wicked from his wicked way, to 



Taneytown, ]\Id.. July 15, 1965 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 21787 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R, 2, Taneytown, 
Md. 21787, Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio 44630, 
Assistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., As- 
sociate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif. 95351, 
Associate Editor. 

save his life; the same wicked man 
shall die in his iniquity ; but his 
blood will I require at thine hand," 
Ezek. 3:17-18. "Know ye not that 
the unrighteous shall not inherit 
the kingdom of God? Be not de- 
ceived : neither fornicators, not idol- 
aters, nor adulterers,, nor effemin- 
ate, nor abusers of themselves with 
mankind," I Cor. 6:9. 

Oh young people, please heed 
Gods warning and keep yourselves 
pure and unspotted from sin. To be 
pure is to be unmixed, we cannot 
serve God and Satan, each is sep- 
arate one from the other. We either 
serve God or we serve Satan. We 
cannot mix good with evil. A good 
example is that of oil and water, 
put them together and try to mix 
them. They will not mix, for they 
are different compounds and can- 

not l^e mixed to form a common 
material. We are living in very sin- 
ful times and sin is about us on 
every hand. So I plead with you 
my young people, do not try to mix 
sin and righteousness but do as Je- 
sus did, come out from among them 
and Ije ye separate. To mention a 
few of the sinful things which are 
so prevelant in these last days : 
smoking, drinking, unlawful sex, 
dope, cursing, immoral dress and 
loose morals. We want to note es- 
pecially the one which we think is 
degrading most of the young today, 
fornication. Please take heed to this 
warning dear young man and wo- 
man. When we commit fornication, 
we lose our greatest possession and 
that is purity. Jesus said, "Blessed 
are the pure in heart : for they shall 
see God," Matt. 5 :8. When we lose 
this purity we have fallen from Gos- 
pel purity and will soon engage in 
many other sins which we have not 
heretofore yielded to. 

I firmly believe if young people 
were married in their purity, we 
would have quite a different society 
today. Divorce courts would close 
and so would many promiscus as- 
sociations : beer halls, dancing, mo- 
vies and other breeders of sin. Thus 
we could enjoy pure marriage, pure 
children and a pure church. How- 
can we worship a pure God unless 
we are pure? We are pure only 
when Jesus abides in us and we in 
Him. If we want pure children, 
they must come from pure parents. 


Our Jesus was born of a virgin, 
not one who had committed forni- 
cation, else Jesus would not have 
been pure. God used Mary because 
of her purity. Again I plead, young 
man, walk like Jesus, young woman, 
walk like Mary, and God will per- 
form wonders through you. Keep 
yourselves unspotted from evil, for 
Jesus is coming soon. Remember He 
is coming only for His own, the 
pure and holy. His bride is a spot- 
less, unblemished church. The spots 
and blemished which are not re- 
moved, will remain on this sinful 
earth, as nothing which defiles can 
enter as a part of Christ's bride. Do 
you want spots and blemishes on 
your record? 

Bro. Paul Stuber 
515 Main Street, 
Akron, Penna. 17501. 


Are we looking forward to 
Christ's return for His Bride? Are 
we alert and fully aware of the fact 
that we are approaching that time? 
By steadfast unmoveably always 
abounding in the work of the Lord, 
so we know our labours are not in 
vain. We are to be truthful, honest 
and laboring for our livelihood. The 
time will come that opportunity 
will be past, to prepare for the 
eternal home of peace and rest. As 
it was in the days of Noah so shall 
it be again when Christ comes. 


"This know also, that in the last 
days perilous times shall come. For 
men shall be lovers of their own 
selves, covetous, boasters, proud, 
blasphemers, disobedient to parents, 
unthankful, unholy, without natural 
affection, trucebreakers, false ac- 
cusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers 
of those that are good, traitors, 
heady, highminded, lovers of plea- 
sures more than lovers of God," I 
Tim. 3 :2-4. We should not be 
among such foolish people but rath- 
er use our talents wisely for Christ. 
Life in this world is uncertain but 
death in this life is certain. 

I feel sorry for children who do 
not respect their God-fearing par- 
ents and do not prize their great 
heritage and blessing of the Holy 
Bible that is preserved for them. 
We who have been raised in a 
christian home can never repay the 
debt of gratitude we owe towards 
our parents. Many children do not 
receive the blessing of the Gospel, 
at the family table and are not taken 
to Sunday-school and church ser- 
vices. The world is full of offences 
and violence. It seems that restitu- 
tion to a large extent is a thing of 
the past and much needed rest is 
at times destroyed. 

As God looked upon the wicked- 
ness of the human family in the 
days of Noah, it grieved Him and 
He ended it with the great flood. 
It has been long ago prophecied that 
wickedness will again become great 
and grow worse. We see many Cos- 



pel prophecies coming into fulfil- 
ment. Many individuals do not 
live true to their promises unto God 
and man. bringing to themselves 
regret and sorrow. One of the worst 
things the Apostle Paul found on 
all his travels was false brethren. 
Those that will not do God's com- 
mandments and become offended at 
His W^ord, are not prepared for 
Christ's return. 

We should never praise ungodli- 
ness as people are often called out 
of this world suddenly. We need to 
praise, honor and glorify God. We 
should be ready, today is the time 
for salvation. False Christ's will 
arise and deceive many. Blessed are 
they whom the Lord finds watch- 
ing and waiting for Him. The Lord 
is at hand, His coming will be as a 
thief in the night. When they say 
peace then sudden destruction com- 
eth and the earth and the works 
therein, shall be burned up. 

"For our conversation is in hea- 
ven ; from whence also we look for 
the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ," 
Phil. 3 :20. He suffered, died upon 
the Cross, arose from the dead and 
His disciples saw Him ascend into 
heaven. He told His disciples, I go 
to prepare a place for you and I 
will come again to receive you, that 
where I am ye may be also. "Be- 
hold, I come (juickly : hold that fast 
which thou hast, that no man take 
thy crown," Rev. 3:11. Blessed is 
he that watches and keepeth his 
garments. Blessed and holy is he 

chat has part in the first resurrec- 
tion. Beware, judgment for the dead 
wathout Christ is sure. "Neverthe- 
less we, according to his promise, I 
look for new heavens and a new I 
earth, wherein dwelleth righteous- ^ 
ness." 2 Pet. 3:13. Man does not 
know the day or hour of His com- 
ing, neither do the angels but the 
time is hidden with the Father. 

W^e are to be ready for Christ's 
coming. "When the Son of man 
shall come in His glory, and all the 
holy angels with him, then shall 
he sit upon the throne of his glory," 
Matt. 25:3L Our greatest concern 
should be that we have obeyed His 
commandments. Heaven is a pre- 
pared place for a prepared people. 
Some have left us, whom we loved 
and shared trouble and sorrow to- 
gether in this world. We can look 
forward to a place where we can 
share in eternal peace and joy, to- 
gether with all the redeemed. To- 
day there are many who are not 
interested in the saving Gospel of 
Christ. Also many who are look- 
ing for part of His doctrine to bring 
them salvation. To be prepared we 
must accept and do our best to 
.'ollow all the doctrine of Christ. | 
The saving doctrine of Christ is 
not offensive unto true followers, 
but rather a comfort and consul- 

When the apostle Paul saw his 
time on earth was coming to a close, 
he thought of his good work, the 
sood fisfht of faith and the crown 



of righteousness which is laid up 
for the faithful. "Looking for and 
hasting unto the coming of the day 
of God, wherein the heavens being 
on fire shall 'be dissolved, and the 
elements shall melt with fervent 
heat," 2 Pet. 3:12. We should con- 
tribute our life and work unto God. 
If we praise and honor that which 
is untrue we are not prepared for 
the first and best resurrection. I 
remember the time that church 
leaders went to see those who did 
not take an active part in church 
work and tried to interest and en- 
courage them. Christians are a light 
unto those who are living in dark- 
ness. I know of cases when church 
leaders have become stumbling- 
blocks. Jesus said beware of false 
prophets which come to you in 
sheep's clothing but inwardly are 
ravening wolves. By their fruits ye 
shall know them. Those who sow 
to the flesh shall of the flesh reap 
corruption. Those who sow to the 
Spirit will reap life everlasting. 

The harvest is great but the lab- 
ourers are few. Christ set a great 
example of forgiveness. While they 
were taking His life He said, Fa- 
ther forgive them for they know 
not what they do. Peter fell, through 
the weakness of the flesh, and later 
on in his life became a strong pil- 
lar for the church. The trend of 
the human family, to a large extent, 
has always been away from God 
and few return. Christ said. When 
I come again shall I find faith on 

the earth? Those who continue to 
work for honor and praise, that 
which they know is not right, are 
deceived. The apostle Paul said, I 
am not ashamed of the Gospel of 
Christ, for it is the power of God 
unto salvation. We should become 
fully reconciled unto God and to 
man, according to His Word. Only 
the truth will stand the test in the 
day of judgment. Those who bring 
severe offences to others often be- 
come stumbling blocks. Let your 
light so shine before men, that they 
may see your good works and there- 
fore glorify God. 

After the apostle Paul was con- 
verted he contributed his life to 
the mission of Christ. He went 
through severe hardships and suf- 
ferings, he did not fail in the re- 
sponsibility that was laid upon him. 
We also have record of other faith- 
ful apostles who were faithful and 
true to Christ until death. The 
threat of death in this life did not 
discourage some from their great 
responsibility, of being true and 
loyal to Christ. Christ is coming 
with the angels in the air, are we 
ready for the judgment? We should 
not put the honor, praise and glory 
of men above God's praise. If we 
live true unto God, through Christ 
Jesus, the day of His return to 
earth will be joyous. When He was 
here on the earth many followed 
Him for the loaves and fishes and 
not for spiritual food, honoring Him 
with their lips , but their hearts were 


far from Him. Also many sought 
only to find fault with Him. 

We are living in a day of much 
extravagence and wasteful living, 
while many in the world do not get 
enough to eat. Christ said when He 
was on earth, Gather up the frag- 
ments that nothing be lost. Our 
lives should be such, that if evil is 
spoken of us, there will be no jus- 
tification for it. In the beginning of 
this year I and my wife had a sur- 
prising and unexpected experience, 
we were seated beneath a shade 
tree, eating our meal. When a bird 
came from the tree and shared in 
the meal, eating from our hands. 
This has made me think of the pro- 
phecy of the surprising and unex- 
pected return of Christ to earth. 
The fowls of the air have nests 
but the Son of man hath no place 
to lay His head. Do we feel we 
would welcome the unexpected Je- 
sus? This little active bird stand- 
ing in my wife's lap, made me think 
of our children when they were 
small, whom we loved and cheris!hed 
and of our sacrifices and struggle 
for them. Jesus loves us as little 

I always felt that those who 
raised me had a great desire for 
their children, to do that which is 
good and acceptable in the sight of 
God. This is always the hearts de- 
sire of true christians. I know par- 
ents are often criticized liecause of 
their children. Just an example. 
one person said to me. You are too 

good to your children and another 
person said. You are not concerned 
enough about your ohildren. Thanks 
be to God's Word which removes 
the impossibilities and unjust 
thoughts and words of others, from 
life's pathway. 

\Vhen Christ was here upon the 
earth they found fault with Him. 
We need to keep up the good fight 
of faith and never give up, for the 
crown of righteousness is at the 
end of life's race. We have sad con- 
ditions today, many children do not 
have God-fearing parents. Also 
many children do not appreciate 
the great blessings of God. This 
year has brought to me new ex- 
periences of my lifetime. What is 
in store for our future? There is 
a falling away and a departing 
from the faith of the Lord Jesus 
Christ. Let us contribute our 
praise to God and that which is ac- 
ceptable unto Him. Grow in grace 
and the knowledge of the Lord Je- 
sus. Ask Him to lead, guide and di- 
rect us in the way He would have 
us to go, that through His mercy 
we may have salvation. Let us make 
sure Christ's return will not be a 
disappointment to us. Heaven is a 
prepared place for a prepared peo- 
ple. ''Keep yourselves in the love 
of God, looking for the mercy of 
our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal 
life," Jude 21. 

Bro. J. F. xMarks 

Rt. 3, York, Penna. 



Bro. J. P. Robbins, 1953 

First of all let me say, I firmly 
believe that, the Church today is 
greatly in need of the Holy Spirit, 
without it the Church will abso- 
lutely fail. Second, I firmly be- 
live that the leaders of the Church 
of today must be Spirit-filled men, 
if the Church is to grow spiritually. 
Third, I believe that if the church 
leaders will be willing to be led 
by the Holy Spirit, there will be a 
wonderful change take place in her 
work. Fourth, in order for the 
Church to carry on her work suc- 
cessfully, she must have willing, 
consecrated workers filled with the 
Holy Spirit. The elders, ministers, 
pastors and deacons, with their 
wives and families must be Spirit- 

Fifth, in the Sunday school we 
need consecrated men and women, 
who are filled with the Holy Spirit. 
In the song service, we need spirit- 
ual leaders. So many are not willing 
to be used in the work of the church 
and Sunday school. There are too 
few who attend prayer meeting. 
God wants willing workers. Sixth, 
I believe that one of the things the 
church of today needs is, an entire 
separation from the world, if she 
is to be the Church of Christ. Too 
many do not want to cut loose from 
the world. We are told not to love 

the world, neither the things of the 
world ; if any man love the world 
Jie love of the Father is not in him. 
May God lead us all in the way that 
leads to Heaven. 

The church needs men and women 
who have been regenerated, born 
again into the Kingdom, born from 
above. Regeneration does three 
things : Changes the desire, changes 
the affection, changes the relation- 
ship. These three things are all 
important to our Christian life. 'Tf 
any man have not the spirit of 
Christ, he is none of his," Rom. 8 : 
9. If the church will give Christ 
His right place in her plans then 
the church will be able to save more 

The church is greatly in need of 
strictly following Christ and His 
teachings. Jesus said, "Follow me, 
and I will make you fishers of 
men." Again Jesus said, 'T am the 
way, the truth and the life." Again, 
"If you love me keep my command- 
ments." Also, "If a man love me, 
he will keep my words : and my 
Father will love him. and we will 
come unto him, and make our abode 
with him," Jno. 14:23. 

Now if we have the Holy Spirit 
abiding within us, we will not hesi- 
tate to keep the commandments of 
Christ. I feel certain that if the 
church will follow the leadings of 
the Holy pirit she will not go 
wrong, but otherwise she will 
utterly fail. 

Sel. by Sister Keplinger 




Our congregation plans a two- 
week revival meeting from Aug. 1 
to Aug. 15. Bro. Paul Hartz has 
consented to be our evangelist. We 
invite your attendance and prayers 
for these meetings. 

We were privileged to enjoy an- 
other Lovefeast on May 23. We 
were thankful for all those who 
came to worship with us, and es- 
pecially grateful for those who came 
and broke the bread of life. The 
visiting Elders and Ministers were : 
Howard Surbey, Joshua Rice. Rav 
Shank, A. G. Fahnestock, Amnion 
Keller, Frank Shaffer. John Peffer, 
Allen Eberly. and Laverne Keeney ; 
also our presiding Elder David Eb- 
ling. Elder Howard Surbey offi- 
ciated during the evening services. 
Sister Fern Ness. Cor. 

The Church at this place is look- 
ing forward to having a two weeks 
series of Revival meetings August 
15-29 with Brother Dale Jamison 
evangelist. Will you pray for the 
success of these meetings? Come 
and enjoy them with us. They will 
close with a Lovefeast the 28th. 
Our attendance and interest have 

Church. We were called together 
in special Council April 2, Elders 
William Root and Dale Jamison 
being present. An election was held 
for two deacons. Brothers Roy and 
Martin Meyers were chosen. They 
with their wives were installed into 

Our Spring Lovefeast was held 
April 3-4. We had a number of 
visiting ministers from our District : 
also Bro. Ulf Oldenburg of Chicago. 
Bro. William Root officiated. The 
services were wonderful and so 
highly spiritual. We all felt we 
were lifted up in the Spirit. 

Then the General Conference 
came to West Des Moines. I think 
everyone from here was privileged 
to attend. Even the older members 
were in attendance for most of the 
services, for which we were all 
thankful. We felt we were sitting 
in heavenly places. The fellowship 
and renewing of former acquaint- 
ances is always a pleasant part of a 
Christian's experiencecs. The ser- 
mons all gave us much spiritual 
food. We very much appreciated 
the two Denmark brethren who 
preached for us. also Sister Olden- 
l)urg who accompanied her husband 
and was present among us. 

We pray God to help us to live 
more spiritual in the future, because 
of all the inspiration we have re- 
ceived during these services. Hop- 

been good. The yearly visitation 

by the Deacons to the Church mem- 1 ing to see some of you at our Re- 

bers brought a number of sugges-l vival. 

tions and admonitions before the I Sister Beulah Fitz, Cor. 



The Lord willing, tlie Pleasant 
Ridge congregation plans to hold 
their Revival meetings from Aug. 
8 to Aug. 22, with Eld. Aanmon 
Keller as our evangelist. Closing 
our revival with a Harvest meeting 
Aug. 22. Come and enjoy these 
meetings with us. 

Sister Ruth Kleinhen, Cor. 


Everyone is invited to attend the 

joint Harvest meeting of the Engle- 

wood and Eldorado churches at 

Englewood, Ohio, Sunday, Aug. 1. 

Sister Maxine Surbey, Cor. 


1 am pressed to write a few lines, 
t as an expression of thanks to every 
member of the Dunkard Brethren 
Church who made welcome, either 
at General Conference, in your home 
or in your Church, our dear Bro. 
Johannes Hansen from Copenhagen, 

God blessed us the privilege of 
spending three weeks and one day 
with this Godly brother. Because 
of infirmites beyond our control, 
we are deeply indebted to others 
who aided us in driving our car, 
thus enabling us to partly repay 
Bro. Johannes for what he did for 
Bro. Haldeman and myself while 
we were on the Lord's mission in 

Bro. Johannes had written and 

asked me if we could take him 
around during his visit in America. 
We wrote back that we would do 
our best. Between the time we 
picked him up at the Cleveland, 
Ohio, airport June 2 and the time 
we left him at the Harrisburg, Pa., 
airport June 20, we had the pleasure 
of taking him to Conference, to six 
different congregations and to visit 
in twenty-eight homes of brethren 
and sisters. 

Many other invites were unful- 
filled because of the lack of time. 
While he was so kind to us and 
shared his home with Millard and 
I for nearly two weeks, time per- 
mitted him to be in Bro. Millard's 
home only one night and only one 
day in my home. Others that wished 
to meet him, met us along the high- 
way, where we spent a few hours 
in Christian fellowship. 

In our report to all the Elders 
of the Brotherhood, regarding our 
Mission to Denmark, and in the 
various congregations where I spoke 
after our return, I emphasized the 
fact that the Denmark Brethren 
where a very devout, pious and 
dedicated people. All who heard 
him and met him, I am sure, have 
the same high regard for him. 

Upon his return to his home he 
wrote me a wonderful letter. In 
it, he asked me to thank the entire 
Brotherhood, all brethren and sis- 
ters, for what they did for him while 
he was visiting in America. He beg- 
ged God's blessing on each brother 



and sister. I answered his letter 
and expressed in behalf of the en- 
tire Brotherhood, our thanks for 
his coming to us and wished him 
Gcd's blessings on his wonderful 
work in Denmark. 

I personally heard him preach 
nine times. I missed one evening 
at Quinter due to sickness. These 
nine sermons came close to my 
heart. I know it came close to 
others. Why? Because he is a 
man of God and speaks with the 
power of the Holy Spirit. 

In closing I want to thank all 
the dear members in whose homes 
we visited, not only for your won- 
derful hospitality shown to Bro. 
Hansen, but for the wonderful kind- 
ness and hospitality shown to my 
wife and I. God bless each of you. 
And may God bless Bro. and Sister 
Haldeman for the part they bore in 
making possible, the pilgrimage 
we shared. The General Mission 
Board helped liberally in the work, 
also, for which we thank God. 

One of Bro. Johannes's first re- 
(juests was, that he wanted to go to 
Pennsylvania to purchase some plain 
clothes. We were able to find what 
he wanted. I am happy to report 
that our dear Brother from Den- 
mark took back to Denmark two 
])lain suits, two plain bonnets and 
six i)rayer veils. How wonderful ! 
Bro. Paul R. Myers 

one, I take this means of thanking 
one and all, for the lovely cards, 
letters and the prayers offered in 
my behalf during my illness. All 
were very much appreciated. 

Sister Emma Ruff, Ceres, Gal. 

The Lord willing, Bro. Ben Klep- 
inger will hold our Evangelistic 
meetings, from Aug. 20-29, with 
our Lovefeast Saturday, Aug. 28. 
To these services you are invited. 
Sister Irene Harris, Cor. 





Part 2 


As I am not able to write each 

The Prophetic age closed for Is- 
rael, approximately 400 years, B.C. 
The voice of the Ancient Prophet's 
are not heard. The Messianic Hope 
for blinded Israel, for its fulfill- 
ment until the night of 400 years 
had passed, and the dawning of a 
new Day has come. This new day 
shone forth, when the voice of the 
Prophet of God, John tlie Ba])tist. 
the forerunner of the Messiah 
Christ was heard. 

God liad long ago promised this 
Messiah to Israel, but when He 
came they rejected Him, Jno. 1 : 
11-12. Gen. 49:10, "The sceptre 
shall not dej^art from Judah, nor a 
law giver from between his feet, 
until Shiloh come (Christ) ; and 



unto him shall the gathering of the 1-23. This is a New Birth (spir- 

people be." Israel had lost their 
earthly kingdom. God promised 
them a new (spiritual) kingdom. 
D'an. 2 :44, "And in the days of 
these kings (of Gentile dominion 
of the nations) shall the God of 
heaven set up a kingdom, which 
shall never be destroyed. 

Israel rejected that spiritual 
kingdom, which was preached by 
John the Baptist and Christ the 
Son of God, their Messiah. Hence 
that kingdom was taken from Israel. 
Matt. 21 :43, "Therefore say I un- 
to you, The kingdom of God shall 

itual), not natural birth. Born of 
water (Christ) and of the Spirit, 
two fold, Jno. 3 :3-5. 

Returning now to Rom. 11:1-4, 
"I say then, Hath God cast away 
his people? God forbid. For I also 
am an Israelite, of the seed of Ab- 
raham, of the tribe of Benjamin." 
Paul was an Israelite and he was 
in the Church, which is the Election 
of Grace. Acts 22 :3, "I am verily 
a man which am a Jew, born in 
Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, brought up 
in this city (Jerusalem) at the feet 
of Gamaliel." No, God has not 

be taken from you, and given to a i cast away His people which He 
nation bringing forth the fruits ' foreknew. He provided a way for 

thereof." (the Gentiles, the Church) 
Jno. 1:11-13, "He came unto his 
own (that is, the Messiah came to 
Israel), and his own received him 
not." That is Israel lost their king- 
dom, their election, their covenant 
and their promises. 

"But as many (of Israel) as re- 
ceived him (both Jew and Gentile), 
to them gave he power (by birth 
into the kingdom, the New Birth) 
to become (note the word become) 
the sons of God, even to them that 
believe on his name." Note : To 
believe on His name is to accept 
His word of authority, and His 
personal testimony. Which were 
born (not of corruptible seed, but 
by the word of God, which is the 
living Word Christ), not of blood, 
nor of the will of the flesh, nor of 
the will of man, but of God, 1 Pet. 

them, who would come into the 
Church, and a way for those who 
are blinded in part to be redeemed 
when Christ comes, and they are 
grafted in again into their "Olive 
tree." Psa. 94:14, "For the Lord 
will not cast off his people, neither 
will he forsake his inheritance." 

What was God's inheritance, 
mentioned here? We believe it was 
Israel's return unto righteousness, 
for the next verse says . . . "But 
judgment shall return unto right- 
eousness, and all the upright in 
heart shall follow it." Gal. 3 :28-29, 
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, 
there is neither bond nor free, there 
is neither male nor female : for ye 
are all one in Christ Jesus." This 
shows us that Jews (Israelites) can 
receive their inheritance through the 
Church, if they will accept Him 



during the Church Age. "And if 
ye be Christ's, then are ye Abra- 
ham's seed, and heirs according to 
the promise." 

Nevertheless Jews (Israelites) 
who will not accept Christ and His 
Church during the Church Age, 
must wait for their inheritance, 
until Christ returns to earth to 
redeem them, as we understand, 
this is simple Gospel truth, when 
we rightly divide the word of truth. 
God will redeem Israel for His 
Millennial kingdom. Amos 9 :8-9, 
"Behold, the eyes of the Lord are 
upon the sinful kingdom, and I will 
destroy it from off the face of the 
earth ; saving that I will not utterly 
destroy the house of Jacob, saith the 
Lord.''' The 144,000 will be re- 
deemed. "For, lo, I will command, 
and I will sift the house of Israel 
among all nations, like as corn is 
sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the 
least grain fall upon the earth." 

Romans 1 1 :2, "God hath not cast 
away his people which he foreknew 
(a remnant of the whole house of 
Israel will be saved in the coming 
day). Wot ye not what the scrip- 
ture saith of Elias? how he maketh 
intercession to God against Israel, 
saying. Lord, they have killed thy 
prophets, and digged down thine 
altars ; and I am left alone, and 
they seek my life. But what saith 
the answer of God unto him? I 
have reserved to myself seven thou- 
sand men, who have not bowed the 
knee to the image of Baal." All Is- 

rael had not forsaken God. Paul 
calls attention to the Scriptures, of 
the prophets, when there were seven 
thousand men faithful, yet under the 
law. The Lord knoweth them that 
are His. We know also that there 
were some in Israel when Christ 
came, who accepted Him, when He 
called them. His followers. 

Salvation is of the Jews, saith 
the holy Scriptures. Nevertheless 
God has chosen us, the Church in 
Him before the foundation of the 
world. Eph. 1 :4-7, "According as 
he hath chosen us in him before 
the foundation of the world, that 
we should be holy and without 
blame before him in love : Having 
predestinated us (the Church) unto 
the adoption of children by Jesus 
Christ himself, according to the 
good pleasure of his will. To the 
praise of the glory of his grace, 
wherein he hath made us accepted 
in the beloved. In whom we have 
redemption through his blood, the 
forgiveness of sins, according to the 
riches of his grace," 

Here is the Remnant of Grace, 
the Election. Rom. 1 1 :5, "Even so 
then at this present time (in Paul's 
day) also there Is a remnant ac- 
cording to the election of grace.'* 
Here it is . . . for the next verse. 
vs. 6, proves it is the New Cov- 
enant, New Dispensation of Grace. 
"And if by grace, then it is no more 
of works (the law of Israel) : other- 
wise grace is no more grace. But if 
it be of works, then is it no more 



grace : otherwise work is no more the Sfift of His Son. This includes 

work." Verse 7 shows that Israel 
has not obtained the inheritance 
as a nation, they are not any more 
the "election." "What then? Israel 
hath not obtained that which he 
seeketh for but the election 
(Church) hath obtained it, and the 
rest were blinded." Language could 
not make this plainer than this 
record here, that the Church is the 
Elect, or Election. Verse 8, "Ac- 
cording as it is written, God hath 
given them (Israel) the spirit of 
slumber, eyes that they should not 
see, and ears that they should not 
hear; unto this day." (Paul's day 
and even until now.) 

Before we review the remainder 
of this eleventh chapter of Romans, 
let us study the doctrine of the 
"Elect." as it is outlined in Holy 
Writ. Who are God's chosen elect? 
God first chose Israel to be his 
elect, but did they retain the elec- 
tion? Let us see. While we do not 
know the mind of God, Rom. 1 1 :34, 
yet we believe it was God's Divine 
plan to save the entire world, that 
is. all who will call upon Him, and 
all who will heed His call and come 
to Him. through the Redemption 
of His Son, the promised Messiah 
to Israel. See Jno. 3:15-16. We 
think it was not only God's purpose 
to save His people, who would live 
under His first, imperfect Law, 
His law to Israel, but to save all 
in the Dispensation to come, who 
would accept His salvation through 

the Church. See Eph. 1 :3-5, quoted 

Also Gal. 4:4, "But when the 
fulness of time was come, God sent 
forth his Son, made of a woman, 
made under the law, to redeem 
them that were under the law (Is- 
rael), that we might receive the 
adoption of sons." Rom. 8:29-30, 
"For whom he did foreknow, he 
also did predestinate to be con- 
formed to the image of his Son, that 
he might be the firstborn among 
many brethren. Morever whom he 
did predestinate, them he also called : 
and whom he called, them he also 
justified : and whom he justified, 
them he also glorified." Do we get 
the picture? Israel lost her elec- 
tion, hence the Church is a remnant 
of Israel's seed. Nevertheless Is- 
rael shall yet receive her earthly 
inheritance in the coming day, al- 
though she has lost her spiritual 
inheritance as a nation. God's word 
is sure and He never forgets His 
promises, which were made to the 
fathers in Israel. 

God had a Divine -plan, for call- 
ing out a people for His elect and 
for the Salvation of the world. 
Hence, He called a man, Abraham, 
made a Covenant with him, made it 
an everlasting Covenant. Then He 
confirmed it down through the line- 
age of Israel, until they broke His 
everlasting Covenant and through 
His seed, Christ, He promised them 
a New Covenant. The prophet Jer- 



emiah prophesised of this New 
Covenant, in Jer. 31 :31-32, "Be- 
hold the days come, saith the Lord, 
that I will make a new covenant 
with the house of Israel, and with 
the house of Judah : Not according 
to the covenant that I made with 
their fathers in the day that I took 
them by the hand to bring them out 
of the land of Egypt ; which my 
covenant they brake, although I was 
an husband unto them, saith the 

The Apostle Paul in writing to 
the Hebrews, and us, showing the 
excellency of Christ's Priesthood, 
over the Church, explains the New 
Covenant promised to the House 
of Israel, through Christ. Heb. 8: 
1-9, "Now of the things which we 
have spoken this is the sum : We 
have such an high priest, who is 
set on the right hand of the throne 
of the Majesty in the heavens ; A 
minister of the sanctuary, of the 
true tabernacle (God's building the 
Church), which the Lord pitched, 
and not man. For every high priest 
is ordained to offer gifts and sac- 
rifices : wherefore it is of necessity 
that this man have somewhat also 
to offer. For if he were on earth, 
he should not be a priest (for they 
had enough priests in Israel, none 
would be needed), seeing that there 
are priests that offer gifts according 
to the law : Who serve unto the 
example and shadow of heavenly 
things, as Moses was admonished 
of God when he was about to make 

the tabernacle : for. see, saith he, 
that thou make all things according 
to the pattern shewed to thee in the 
mount. But now hath he (Christ) 
obtained a more excellent ministry, 
by how much also he is the medi- 
ator (that is Christ) of a better 
covenant, which was established 
upon better promises. For if that 
first covenant (which God made 
with Israel, before they rejected 
His Son ) had been faultless, then 
should no place have been sought 
for the second. For finding fault 
with them (because they brake His 
everlasting covenant), he saith, Be- 
hold, the days come, saith the Lord, 
when (notice the word when, when 
the Seed would come) I will make 
a new covenant with the house of 
Israel and with the house of Judah." 
Here we see the New Covenant 
through Christ, the Covenant of 
Grace, the Election of Grace, the 
Church. V. 9, "Not according to 
the covenant that I made with their 
fathers," as seen by the words of 
the prophet, written above. 
(To be continued.) 
Bro. Wm. Root 

Great Bend, Kans. 67530 

There is no more spiritual har- 
mony between saints and sinners, 
than there is between angels and 

If you always tell the truth, you 
will never have to remember what 
you have said. 




If I must pass through waters 

I'll go and not repine; 
Or climb the mountain rough and 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 
If I must feel the sharpened knife. 

For pruning back the vine, 
If this will bring new shoots of life. 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 
Or maybe take the lower seat, 

If this is Thy design. 
And watch my friends with honor 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 

If for a season I am cast 

Like gold to he refined, 
Into the oven's fiery blast. 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 
Or crushed by sorrow's piercing 

As grapes are crushed for wine. 
If this brings sweetness to Thy 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 
It's in the night time, not at day, 

The stars in beauty shine. 
The darkness forms the milky way. 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 
So come what may, I will not stray, 

But to thy plan resign. 
I still will walk the narrow way, 

Thy will, dear Lord, not mine. 

by Wm. McChesney who was 
Martyred in the Congo, 1964. 




Sel. by sister Ada Whitman 

It goes without saying that every 
Christian home should have a fam- 
ily altar. Unfortunately, however, 
many children of Christian parents 
are allowed to grow up without 
knowing the blessings of this agen- 
cy in the home. 

It is at the family altar that Je- 
sus is first introduced to the men 
and women of the morrow. There 
it is that the seed is sown in young 
hearts which brings forth an hun- 
dredfold in later years. Where the 
family altar does not exist in the 
home, the great influence for good, 
which it always exerts, is lost, and 
perhaps lost forever. 

Much is being said and written, 
at this time, on the subject of 
"What Is Wrong with the World?" 
and still more on "What Shall We 
Do to Help Conditions?" It is cer- 
tain that the lack of the family al- 
tar in the homes, during the past 
few generations, has been largely 
the cause of the present unrest, in- 
fidelity and apo'stas3^^ 

Unless there is a fixed time, each 
day, for worship, prayer and the 
reading of God's Word, it is pretty 
sure that most of us won't "find 
time" for it. The family altar elim- 
inates this danger. It becomes a 
habit — a good habit, which, once 
formed, will not likely be broken. 
For the daily meditation upon the 
things of God, listening to his 



Word, and time spent in prayer will 
become such sweet seasons of re- 
freshing that there will be no de- 
sire to dispense with them. 

Christians wiho have no family 
altar in the home find their road a 
great deal harder to travel and their 
burden heavier than would other- 
wise be the case. Perhaps, in the 
following lines, we find the most 
apt expression of this truth : 

"It is sweet to have an altar in the 
There to meet with Jesus face 
to face; 
There to tell your sorrow and your 

And receive from him abundant 

"Build today the family altar, 

Gather 'round the mercy-seat, 
Bring your burdens, fears and trou- 
Lay them at the Master's feet." 
Sel. by Montez Sigler. 


Somebody knows when your 
heart aches 
And everything seems to go wrong, 
Somebody knows when the shadows 
Need chasing away with a song, 
Somebody knows when your lonely 
Tired, discouraged and blue, 
Somebody wants you to know Him 
And now that He dearly loves you. 

Somelx)dy cares when you're 
And your mind grows dizzy and 

dim, I 

Somel)ody cares when you're weak- 
And fartherest away from Him, 
Somebody grieves when you're 

You are not lost from His sight, 
Somebody waits for your coming 

He'll drive the gloom from your 

Somebody loves you when weary 
Somebody loves you when strong, 
Always is waiting to help you. 
He watches you — one of the 

throng , J 

Needing His friendship so holy I 

Needing His watch-care so true, \ 
His name? We call His name Je- 
He loves everyone. He loves you, 
Sel. by Sister Margaret Myers 


Oh sinner. Why will you not 
come to the fold? 

Why will you remain in a world 
that's so cold. 

The Saviour is waiting and long- 
ing today 

To give you full pardon, so come 
while you may. 

He's waiting today, why longer de- 

The Saviour is waiting he'll meet 
you half-way. 




Destruction and death is all satan 

can give. 
Then will you not come unto Jesus 

and live? 
The life-blood which did from His 

loving heart flow, 
Will cleanse you and make you e'en 

whiter than snow. 
He'll cleanse you today, why longer 
I delay ? 

The Saviour is willing, he'll meet 

you half-way. 

Oh come to the Saviour for He 
is the door. 
He opens ahke to the rich and the 

The morally good and the vile 

steeped in sin, 
They all need His pardon, must 
enter therein. 
I He'll pardon today, why longer de- 
r lay, 

The Saviour is longing. He'll meet 
you half-way. 

Then come to the Saviour before 
it's too late. 
This moment may settle your des- 
tiny's fate. 
The Saviour is pleading, give heed 

to His call. 
There's plenty of room in the fold 
I for us all. 

He's pleading today, why longer 

The Saviour is willing, he'll meet 
you half-way. 
Sel. by Sister Rebecca Beck. 


By I. N. H. Beahm (1943) 

If one wishes to read the gist 
and the best of all stories on the 
creation, let him read what Moses 
has to say on the subject. 

If one wishes to get the gist and 
the best of the Old Testament on 
how to live, let him read the Ten 
Commandments. The Decalogue 
deals with the external act rather 
than with attitudes. 

If one wishes to read the gist and 
the best of the New Testament on 
how to live, let him read the Ser- 
mon on the Mount, which deals 
with attitudes rather than with the 
outward acts. 

If one wishes to get the facts and 
supernatural workings of Jesus 
Christ, let him read the records as 
given by Matthew, Mark, Luke, 
and John. 

If one wishes to get the nature 
and scope of the gospel charge to a 
preacher, let him read what Jesus 
says to the twelve in Matthew 10, 
and what Jesus says to the seventy 
in Luke 10, and what Paul says to 
Timothy in his letters to the young- 
er man. 

If one wishes to get a knowledge 
of the workings of the apostolic 
church, let him read the Acts of 
the Apostles. 

If one wishes to get a full and 
unique comparison of the law and 

I of the gospel, let him read Romans 
and Galatians and Hebrews. 



If one wishes to get a knowledge 
of pastoral care for the individual 
and for the church, let him read 
Paul's two letters to the Corin- 
thian church. 

If one wishes to get a real prob- 
lem in Bible study, let him read the 
Book of Revelation. 

If one wishes to get the full re- 
velation of God to man, with re- 
spect to both the old covenant and 
the new covenant, let him read the 
sixty-six books of the Bible. 

Sel. by John H. Kintzel 


John the Baptist is standing in 
the midst of the multitude, teach- 
ing them, when suddenly his atten- 
tion is arrested by the sight of 
Jesus coming toward him, — He, 
whom he has, about forty days 
ago, baptized under such marvelous 
circumstances, and with God's won- 
derful testimony. And then He 
had so suddenly disappeared, he 
knew not where. All this now 
flashes through the Baptist's mind 
(as is clear from John 1:33). And 
so, possessed with the thought, 
John cries out as he sees Him 
coming back again, "See, there He 
is, the Lamb of God that takes away 
the sin of the world." "This is the 
One that I have been telling you 
about, for Whom I have been pre- 
paring the way. Indeed, my whole 
mission has been simply this, to get 

people ready to see and recognize 

Then John tells the thoughts that 
are in his heart. He speaks of that 
wonderful scene which now fills his 
memory ; of the opened heavens, the 
descending Spirit, and the Father's 
voice (verse 32). 

Then another memory flashes 
through his mind and he testifies 
concerning that. He is thinking of 
that day in his life, out in the des- 
erts, when he was preparing him- 
self for his life work and waiting 
upon God under the fullness of the 
Spirit's power, - — that day when 
God called him definitely to his life 
work and gave him his instructions 
and commission. It was then that 
God had also told him, most defi- 
nitely and exactly, how he might 
recognize the Messiah for whom 
he was preparing the way. God had 
then foretold about the descent of 
the Spirit from the opened heaven. 
This was to be the sign of Him who 
was to baptize with the Holy Spirit. 
John himself, having been full of 
the Holy Ghost from his mother's 
womb, could wish for nothing great- 
er for other men, yes, for all flesh, 
than that they might likewise be 
baptized in the Spirit. 

And so, with his mind filled with 
such memories as these, he caught 
sight of Jesus (who had so instant- 
eously disappeared), now coming 
back again and approaching him. 
He could not help being over- 
whelmed with the thought and feel- 



ing that this was the very climax 
of his one mission, — the very pur- 
pose for which he came, — to point 
Him out to Israel and to turn peo- 
ples' heart to Him. And in such 
a moment of illumination, how can 
he help but cry out, "Behold the 
Lamb of God," and follow it up with 
the most definite and emphatic 
testimony to the people, about what 
God had taught him that he might 
show it to them ! 

Turning now to the events of the 
next day (verses 35-42), we note 
that the place in general, of this 
scene, is the same, — still by the Jor- 
dan, — but the persons are different. 
John is not now preaching to the 
multitudes, but is standing in per- 
sonal conversation and friendly fel- 
lowship with two of his disciples, 
when, suddenly they see Jesus as 
He is out walking, that morning, 
at some distance. John again calls 
their attention to Him and to what 
he had said concerning Him yes- 
terday (verses 35 and 36). 

In verses 37-39 we have the ac- 
count of their meeting with Jesus, 
of their visit with Him for a day 
and its results. When these dis- 
ciples, John and Andrew, heard 
their teacher's testimony to Jesus, 
they followed Him up (verse 37). 
Naturally, of course, Jesus turns 
when He discovers it, and, noticing 
that they are desirous of meeting 
Him, He inquires what they wish. 
Naturally again, too, they seem 
somewhat embarrassed, and, fum- 

bling about for something to say, 
find some non-committal remark to 
make, in asking Him where His 
lodging place is, implying, of course, 
that they would like, sometime, to 
call on Him (verse 38). With gra- 
cious courtesy He gives them an 
immediate invitation to go home 
with Him just then, since they both 
seem to be at leisure. It was just 
about ten o'clock (for John, writing 
very late, reckons as we do, — ac- 
cording to Roman time), and so 
they would have the larger share 
of the day for a visit together. So 
they accept His invitation. 

Accompanying Him, they spend 
the day with Jesus at His lodging. 
What a day it must have been! 
What would you not give to have 
been there ! It was a day such as 
John could never forget. He re- 
members it with the utmost detail. 
Every little incident is fresh in his 
memory when, — now as a very old 
man, — he is writing his Gospel and 
recording the incidents. Noi other 
event recorded by him remains 
fresher in his memory than that 
memorable day, long ago in his 
youth, when first he met his Mas- 
ter. Indeed, it was such an exper- 
ience as transformed and complete- 
ly changed the course and charac- 
ter of the lives of these two men. 
It detached them permanently from 
John ; it won them, at their first 
introduction, to become his disci- 
ples ; it filled them with a passion 
for winning others to become pu- 



pils of their newly-discovered Tea- 
cher, They are convinced, indeed, 
that he is not merely a great Tea- 
cher, but that he is the very Mes- 
siah himself, for whom they were 
expectantly waiting. 

This is the message which An- 
drew makes it his very business to 
bring to the attention of his bro- 
ther Simon, and when he has hun- 
ted him up, he has no hesitation 
in saying, at once and emphatically, 
that they have found out the Mes- 
siah (40 and 41). And feeling ab- 
solutely assured that if his brother 
could only meet Him, he also would 
be convinced, he brings him straight 
to Jesus (42a). 

His brother did indeed have 
something of the same experience 
which they had had ; because Jesus, 
looking him through and through, 
discerned at once the true character 
of the man, both his strength and 
his weakness, and predicted that he 
would come into possession of his 
better self (42b). 

The scene of the following day is 
a moving picture of a journey from 
the place at the Jordan, up towards 
Galilee, where both Jesus and these 
men, who were going with Him, 
had an invitation to attend a wed- 
ding at Cana, probably at the home 
of one of their common friends or 
relatives. And so Jesus and these 
men set out on the two days' jour- 
ney. As they were going along the 
road, they find another man, also 
on his way to the wedding, Philip 

by name, who was a fellovvtOwns-- 
man of Andrew and Peter (verse 
44). Jesus invites him to become 
His follower (verse 43), 

How deeply Philip himself is 
impressed with Jesus comes out a 
little later, for as they are proceed- 
ing on their journey, at some dis- 
tance removed from the road, under 
the shade of a fig tree, Philip, 
catching sight of an acquaintance 
of his in the act of worship, sets 
out immediately to tell him also 
of his wonderful discovery. How 
well considered his judgment and 
how thorough his conviction, is 
strikingly indicated by the way he 
makes the announcement to his 
friend. In his mind he has tested 
it out by the Scriptures of the law 
and the prophets. He has inquired 
into the home and the ancestry of 
the One in whom he had put his 

Even so Nathanael is skeptical. 
Especially are his suspicions aroused 
at the mention of Nazareth, for evi- 
dently he shared the common pre- 
judice against the place (46a). But 
Philip, remembering how he himself 
had come to his own settled convic- 
tion, can only plead with Nathanael 
to accompany him into the presence 
of Jesus, perfectly certain that Na- 
thanael, too, will, in the same way. 
be won (46b). 

And so they make their way 
across lots by a less circuitous path, 
and join the company of men walk- 
ing along the main road. As Jesus 



sees them approaching, He, speak- 
ing to His companions, points out 
rhe essential characteristics of this 
new man (47). Nathanael, over- 
hearing the remark and recognizing 
that he is a perfect stranger, is 
siartled. Upon inquiring of Jesus 
how He could have any knowledge 
of his character, Jesus replies in 
a way that indicates His Divine 
insight into his real character (48). 
Nathanael finds himself suddenly 
filled with a boundless faith in Jesus 
as the true Messiah (49a). And 
Jesus assures him that in the future 
he shall have far greater evidences 
of his true character (50). And 
then He adds that they shall see the 
very heavens opened and angels 
coming and going. 

Sel. by Montez Sigler 

"He that covereth his sins shall 
not prosper ; But whosoever for- 
saketh them shall have mercy," 
Prov. 28:13. 

Kindness is a language the dumb 
can speak, and the deaf can hear 
and understand. 

Beware of hypocrisy ; it is better 
to be "one-sided" than "two faced." 

To know one's own ignorance is 
the best part of knowledge. 

If we claim to be saved, and yet 
do as other people do, what are we 
saved from? 

Preacher, be sure your trousers 
are wearing out at the prayer spots. 

Be not deceived. Arsenate of lead 
and pancake flour look alike — so 
false doctrine can be deadly. 

Helping others is like a wheel — 
there is no end to it. 

The confession of evil words is 
the beginning of good works. — 


Those who marry under God's 
direction will never need a divorce. 


Aug. 1— A Box For God's Book. 

Exodus 25:1-2, 10-16; 37:1-2, 

Aug. 8— Timothy's Bible Verses. II 

Tim. 2:15, 3:15-17. 
Aug. 15 — The Book The King 

Read. Psa. 119:9-16, II Chron. 

34 :29-33. 
Aug. 22 — The Story Philip Shared. 

Acts 8:1-8, 26-40. 
Aug. 29— The Beginning. Job Z7 : 

1-14; Gen. 1. 


Aug. 1 — Zeal Without Proper 
Knowledge In Vain. Phil. 3. 
1 — Is there danger that our glory 
might be in our shame? 



Aug. 8 — Stand Fast In The Lord. 
Phil. 4. 
1 — Is one who lacks moderation 
in danger of being unstable as 
a Christian? 
Aug. 15 — The Pre-eminence of 
Christ. Col. 1. 
1 — Could we realize the goal of 
perfection if Christ was com- 
pletely pre-eminent in our lives ? 
Aug. 22 — Buried With Him in 
Baptism and Risen By Faith 
Unto Newness of Life. Col. 2. 
1^ — What should be our under- 
standing of principalities and 
powers ? 
Aug. 29— A New Life With Christ 
In God. Col. 3. 
1 — How can we determine as to 
whether the peace of God is 
ruling in our hearts? 

AUGUST 1965 


Memory verse, Deut. 6:5, "And 
thou shalt love the Lord thy 
God with all thine heart, and 
with all thy soul, and with all 
thy might." 

Sun. 1— Acts 12:1-13. 

Hon. 2— II Cor. 7:1-11. 

Tues. 3— Phil. 1 : 14-28. 

Wed. 4— Acts 3:1-13. 

Thurs. 5 — Luke 2 :25-36. 

Fri. 6— Rom. 10:1-11. 

Sat. 7— Matt. 23:27-39. 

Memory verse, Jno. 9:4, 'T must 

work the works of him that 
sent me, while it is day : the 
night Cometh, when no man 
can work." 

Sun. 8— II Cor. 1 : 12-24. 

Mon. 9— Eccl. 9:7-18. 

Tues. 10— Rev. 3:14-22, 

Wed. 11— Luke 22:39-47, 

Thurs. 12—1 Cor. 12:18-31. 

Fri. 13—11 Cor. 5:1-11. 

Sat. 14 — James 5:10-20. 

Memory verse, Psa. 119:2, "Bles- 
sed are they that keep his testi- 
monies, and that seek him with 
the whole heart." 

Sun. 15— Deut. 6:1-13. 

Mon. 16— Micah 7:1-7. 

Tues. 17— Joel 2:12-21. 

Wed. 18— Isa. 59:16-21. 

Thurs. 19— Acts 20:28-38. 

Fri. 20—1 Cor. 9:13-27. 

Sat. 21— Heb. 2:1-10. 

Memory verse. Jer. 29:13, "And 
ye shall seek me, and find me. 
when ye shall search for me 
with all your heart." 

Sun. 22— Eph. 1 :3-23. 

Mon. 23—11 Pet. 1 :1-17. 

Tues. 24—11 Tim. 1 : 1-14. 

Wed. 25— Jno. 2:12-25. 

Thurs. 26— Jno. 4:27-39. 

Fri. 27— Jno. 9:1-14. 

Sat. 28— Luke 8:37-49. 

Memory verse, Prov. 3 :5, "Trust 
in the Lord with all thine heart ; 
and lean not unto thine own 

Sun. 29— Isa. 69:1-10. 

Mon. 30— Neh. 4:19-23. 

Tues. 31— Psa. 119:137-145. 



AUGUST 1, 1965 

No. 15 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 




"A certain man had a fig tree 
planted in his vineyard ; and he 
came and sought fruit thereon, and 
found none. Then said he unto the 
dresser of his vineyard, Behold, 
these three years I come seeking 
fruit on this fig tree, and find none : 
cut it down ; why cumbereth it the 
ground? And he answering said 
unto him. Lord, let it alone this 
year also, till I shall dig about it, 
an 1 dung it : and i^ it bear fruit, 
well : and if not, then after that thou 
shalt cut it down," Luke 13 :6-9. 

We believe that we can all medi- 
tate upon this parable and gather 
much spiritual food for our never 
dying souls. This fig tree was 
greatly blessed, a certain man had 
selected it. It was not left to sur- 
vive in the wilderness of sin but 
was among the selected trees for 
the man's vineyard. It was planted 
in a favorable location, where it 
could : be watched, pruned, dug 
about, dimged and cared for. The 
owner had a perfect right to expect 

fruit from the vineyard which he 
had the oversight of. He was not 
looking for leaves (signs of exist- 
ence), or blossoms (beauty or deco- 
rations), but he was only looking 
for fruit (that which was pleasing 
to him and which would bring him 
some return for his investment). 

God has chosen believers to serve 
Him. It is a blessing for each one 
of us to be chosen by God, from 
among the many people upon the 
earth. God is just and longsuffering 
to usward. He came three different 
years hoping to find fruit upon the 
fig tree. Do you feel that God has 
given you ample time to bear fruits- 
Have you ever disappointed God? 
Dear reader, if we each continue in 
our lukewarmness, in our careless- 
ness, in our unconcern and in our 
disobedience ; what will God do ? 
"Because I have called, and ye re- 
fused ; I have stretched out my 
hand, and no man regarded ; but 
ye have set at nought all my coun- 
sel, and would none of my reproof: 
I also will laugh at your calamity ; 
I will mock when your fear cometh ; 
when your fear cometh as desola- 
tion, and your destruction cometh 


as a whirlwind ; when distress and 
anguish cometh upun you. Then 
shall they call upon me, but I will 
not answer ; they shall seek me 
early, but mey shall not find me," 
Prov. 1 :24-z8. Study these few 
verses and see our pitiful condition 
when God removes His favor from 
us. Why, Ye have set at nought all 
my counsel. Is this true in my case? 
Will I repent ? or perish ? 

Alas someone intervenes on our 
every behalf. The dresser (Christ) 
of the vineyard intercedes on behalf 
of the unfruithful fig tree. It has 
had three chances. l)ut Lord, still ; 
give it another chance. Then I will 
work with it and plead with it (dig, 
alx)ut it and dung it) and perhaps 
Ijy another year it will bear fruit. 
Are you listening to the caretaker ? j 
Are you feeding upon His nourish- 1 
ment and yielding to His encourage- 
ments? Study John 15:1-5, believ-; 
ing it and you will grow thereby 
and bring forth much fruit for the 
Master. You are occupying some 
place in God's vineyard, you are 
a chosen tree, why are you not l)ear- 
ing fruit? Certainly not the Mas- 
ter's fault, not the Caretaker's fault, 
but definitely the fault of the tree 
and that only. 

Beware, dear reader, you will 
liave no other chance. God has been 
very longsuffering with you already. 
Xow througli the intercession of 
Christ you still have another chance. 
Will you heed the instructions of 
Christ? It is so late already that 

it will take each and every detail, 
which He has left, in order to save 
you and permit you to bear fruit. 
"But and if that evil servant shall 
say in his heart, My lord delayeth 
his coming ; and shall begin to smite 
his fellowservants, and to eat and 
drink with the drunken ; the lord 
of that servant shall come in a day 
when he looketh not for him, and 
in an hour that he is not aware of. 
and shall cut him asunder, and ap- 
point him his portion with the hypo- 
crites : there shall be weeping and 
gnashing of teeth," Matt. 24:48-51. 
Are you satisfied to look forward 
towards this kind of fruit ? God has 
given the instructions and laid the 
foundation. How will vou build? 


God's Word clearly teaches, in 
the eleventh chapter of first Corin- 
thians, the Doctrine of the Prayer 
Veil. God is the author of this 
Doctrine. The Apostle Paul wrote 
it as he received it. In verse 23, 
he said. "For I have received of 
the Lord that which also I delivered 
unto you." This teaching did not 
originate in the mind of Paul, but 
it originated with God. 

God has set all the requirements 
essential to salvatidn. I firmly l)e- 
lieve that the prayer veil upon the 
heads of professed women, is highly 
essential to salvation. I believe that | 
tlie Bible teaches that a professed ' 
woman, without it. has no hope of 



The Apostle Paul assigns many 
reasons for the prayer veil. The first 
is the order of headship, stated as 
follows : "The head of every man is 
Christ ; and the head of the vi^oman 
is the man ; and the head of Christ is 
God." Again, God established this 
headship, not man. In verse four, 
if a man prays or prophesies having 
his head covered, he dishonoreth 
his head. Therefore when he prays, 
he uncovers his head so that he 
does not dishonor his Christ, and 
also as a sign that recognizes Christ 
as his head, as his authority, and 
that he is '-ubject unto Him. 

Now, notice God's order for the 
\voman. "Every woman that pray- 
eth or prophesieth with her head 
uncovered, dishonoreth her head ; 
tor that is even all one as if she 
Were shaven." If a woman prays or 
prophesies with her head uncovered 
she dishonors her head. I believe it 
means herself, her man, and her 
Christ are all brought to dishonor 
because of her disobedience to the 
Scripture. Too, Brethren and Sis- 
ters and friends, this Scripture does 
not say, "All Dunkard Women" 
but every woman that prayeth or 
prophesieth regardless of what 
church she may be a member. 

Here is my authority for the need 
of the prayer veil for salvation. 
Certainly anyone who purposely dis- 
obeys God's commandments will not 
enter Heaven. Certainly, those who 
are a dishonor to Christ will never 

gain the Eternal Home. It is be- 
coming a sad time when there are 
remaining but a few professors of 
Christianity, who do believe the 
Scriptures. Jesus says, "If ye love 
me, ye will keep my command- 
ments." By the unveiled heads we 
have direct evidence of the lack of 
love, on the part of many so-called 
Christian women. 

The woman that veils her head 
witnesses to the world that she is 
a believer in God's Word. That she 
recognizes her place in the order of 
headship as God ordained. She 
bears testimony that she has sepa- 
rated herself from the world. She 
is letting her light shine. It is a 
sign that she has accepted her God- 
appointed place, and therefore is in 
favor with Him. But most import- 
ant of all, her veil becomes a sig;. 
of her authority to pray or proph- 
esy. Without it, she lacks authority 
and therefore is completely out of 
place, when she attempts to worship 

Another reason given in this 
Scripture for the need of the prayer 
veil is "Because of the Angels." 
Verse 10, "For this cause ought the 
woman to have power on her head 
because of the angels." What part 
do the angels have in prayer? Heb. 
1 -AA, "Are they not all ministering 
spirit, sent forth to do service for 
the sake of them that shall inherit 
salvation?" We have a wonderful 
example of the part angels have in 
the order of prayer. Daniel was a 



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praying man. Let us notice die 
reading of Daniel 9:20-23, "And 
while I was speaking, and praying 
and confessing my sin and the sin 
of my people Israel, and presenting 
my supplication before the Lord 
my God for the Holy mountain of 
my God. Yea, while I was speaking 
in prayer, even the man Gabriel 
whom I had seen in the vision at 
the beginning, being caused to fly 
swiftly, touched me about the time 
of the even ol)lation. And he in- 
formed me, and talked with me. and 
said. O Daniel, I am now come 
forth to give thee skill and under- 
standing. At the beginning of thy 
supplications the commandment 
came forth, and I am come to shew 
thee : for thou are greatly beloved ; 
tlierefore understanding the matter, 
and consider the vision." 

This and many other examples 
in God's word clearly show that the 
angels are sent forth in answer to 
prayer to minister to us. If a wom- 
an attempts to pray unveiled, there- 
by disregarding God's command, 
can she expect God to send angels 
to administer to her? Therefore, let 
her be veiled. We have another 
deep rooted reason in verses 13-15 
for the prayer veil. "Judge in your- 
selves ; is it comely that a woman 
pray unto God uncovered? Doth 
not even nature itself teach you, 
that, if a man have long hair, it is 
a shame unto him ? But if a woman 
have long hair, it is a glory to her, 
for her hair is given her for a 

This teaching has many irtiplica- 
tions. First, a woman is to have 
long hair. How long? As long as 
God caused it to grow, I believe 
that it is wrong for a woman to cut 
off one-half inch of her hair. Ac- 
cording to Scripture, she has robbed 
herself of that much glory. If a 
woman's long hair is a glory to her, 
then for her to cut her hair is to J 
shed herself of her glory, and the ' 
result is to bring shame upon her- 
self. In Paul's time infamous wom- 
en cut their hair ; which branded 
them as to what they were. In this 
Scripture, Paul classes an unveiled 
praying woman in the same category 
as a woman that has her hair cut 
or is shorn. Verse 5, "For if the 
woman be not covered, let her also 
be shorn; but if it be a shame for 


a:-i.woman tbi shqjmi: or -shaven, let 
her he covered. '5Ji jii::/!^' ir;ou!; gf! 
Since praying iiunveiledti and 'XiSt- 
ting off the haiD3ai::e'i:equially dis- 
graceful in the, sight of God; we see 
the postive need of a Woman, both 
keepim^i'laeDxikakbcaiird:'. visearihg the 
prayer, veil.! ;What:about the. ^v^omaii 
whp-. hasucut .oiinher ".hairv "or a 

fuses tO: wear the prayer Hreil. ; ' They 
both are "a shame unto itheir head, 
their husband; j>tlffiir , ,. C;hrisb,y i their 
Q'^d cis^-j]^ ii-5iVf[ .t)lil nv/o -lui'u 
-■r "r {RossiMyi: -3 Lnd1ihing[ 'j sq^peauss'ii^orife 
•ridisubus -iajth^r^ight'of'i God -than 
•lofi ; a , ,w;Qtnaan with bobbed hair to 
•a^t^emp!t;'to .w«ari-a' prayer veil over 
itvr I She- already; has become a shame 
to Him by cuttingi hen ihaiir. /'The 
prayerj.;veil. will : never 1 coven :the 
shame.r It tonly- shakes matters; woHse. 
.Why am; I writing astlE do?; Lhe- 
,Iieve very 'firmly in the rieed of the 
.prayerfvejl, and prayer veils do not 
.gai^with i bobhedTharr^i' ;Whtereii the 
-hair:4sTcut^,rs'00n;the' firayeir veil 'h\ 
forgotten,; . and ' well it i should be, 
because !oilce the hair is cut the 
prayer, veil has no place. 
c*- .' - ' I earnestly plead with every sister 
,of our church that you do not cut 
-one particle of your hair. That you 
: never give up the wearing of the 
.iprayer veil, and: jfhat you do not 
ijsettle for toO: small a prayer veil. 
•)Where the: prayer Veil is missing ; 
-iti dlidlmoit allT comenaiti jonce;;] IThey 
')grew littler >;andf littlerv were woi'n 
-lessi ifrequ^htfiand -finatlyv- idisckrded: 

When the prayer veil was laid away, 
the church lost her powers When 
we remove essentials; we are power- 
leasjfiirri £ ri^dy/ Jsrli avsibd I 

I believe that' we ' need - t<o - ieach 
and preach and write on these 
things, lest they slip from us. I be- 
lieve that one of the reasons that 
worldliness has crept into and even 
has engulfed many churches, is be- 
cause they depa;rted Irom the Scrip- 
tures'..,: ,1 ; : " • 

I|i:arn not one bit interested in 
those denominations that are adding 
to their numbers by leaps and 
bounds. And are building additions 
to their churches, to bring more of 
the world -in as an attraction. Why 
am I not interested ? Because they 
are not obeying • the Scriptures. 
They would not,-^in many instances, 
allow their sisters to wear the pray- 
er veil. Their religion is a cold 
fornj, and Christ is not in it. Con- 
seqnently,,; there is no Salvation in 
it, ; eitherf . I earnes'tly . plead that we 
be consistent in ' our thinking and 
practice. There are those that con- 
tend that the hair is the;.:,covering 
Paul speaks about. If'the' haii^ is 
what he meant, there would be no 
need of this chapter. .Neither could 
a person/.take it.ofif,; oDputiit ©jj: at 

Will..,i:[;q 3-tnl'xl :ti\H^^ 'o [ni-fl -J^'' 
: Swrnnjarizing ;andrdlofeing. regard- 
less of how few deridminations con- 
tinue using the prayer veil, may 
we never discontinue. I believe it 
is essential and L believe it is a 
greatjv source ' oi paw:er for the 



church. I heheve it is a protection 
to our sisters, from the adversary 
of our soul, the Devil. 

I believe that when a ministei 
stands before his congregation, the 
sight of the many prayer veils is 
strength to him during his hour of 
preaching. He knows that the sis- 
ters liave faith and when you are 
s[)eaking to a body of believers, it 
is a wonderful help and blessing, 
jesns said, "If ye CONTINUE in 
m.y Word, then are ye my disciples 
iiideed," 8:31. Pray God that 
we shall always continue l)el!eving 
in and wearing the prayer veil. 

Bro. Paul R. Myers, 
Greentown, Ohio 


"What T say to you, I say imto 
all, watch," ^lark 1,5 :v37, these are 
the words of Jesus. Let us learn 
how and why the Scribes and Phari- 
sees watched Jesus. "And they 
watched him, whether he would 
heal him on the sal)bath day, that 
they might accuse him," Mark 3 :2. 
"And the Pharisees went forth, and 
straightway took council with the 
Herodians against him, liow they 
might destroy him." Mark 3 :6. At 
the trial of Jesus before Pilate, the 
S':ril)es and Pliarisees watched the 
time they could persuade the multi- 
tude to crucify Je.sus and release 

Jesus said l)eware of the leaven 
of the Pharisees and Sadducees. 

The disciples thought He was talk- 
ing about bread, He answered. Be- 
ware of the doctrine of the Phari- 
sees and Sadducees. "For I say 
unto you, that except your right- 
eousness shall exceed the righteous- 
ness of the Scribes and Pharisees, 
ye snail in no case enter into the 
kingdom of heaven," Matt. 5 :20. 
Read Matt. 23 and see the sinful 
life they lived and the woes Jesus 
pronounced iipon them. They con- 
demned souls, forgetting to watch 
their own life. When Jesus began 
to preach, teach and perform mir- 
acles, some watched Jesus and came 
to be healed of their diseases, some 
came for bread and fish, and a few 
came to watch and learn the words 
of everlasting life. 

The twelve that Jesus had called, 
followed and watched Him daily. 
They saw Him praying. They said. 
Lord teach us to pray. They asked. 
Lord increase our faith. Jesus went 
to the temple to teach and worship. 
When they left the temple, His dis- 
ciples told Jesus to look at the beau- 
tiful temple. Jesus said. The time 
would come that not one stone 
would be upon another, for it would 
be utterly destroyed. Later they 
asked Him. When these things 
would be? Jesus said, Take heed 
that no man deceive you, watch. 
When ye see Jerusalem beginning 
to be surrounded 1iy an army, flee 
to the mountains. Those tliat l)e- 
lieved Je.sus' words, fled out of the 
city before it was entirely surround- 


ed and they were saved. 

Judas went to the chief priests 
and asked them what they would 
give hull, if he would betray Jesus 
in the absence of the multitude. 
The price was thirty pieces of silver. 
From that time on he watched 
Jesus to betray Him. Judas died a 
sad, miserable death. After Jesus 
and the eleven left the upper room, 
they entered the garden of Geth- 
semane. Jesus said, "Watch and 
pray that ye enter not into tempta- 
tion. The spirit indeed is willing 
but the flesh is weak," Matt. 26:41. 

v\'atched Jesus after His baptism. 
Al the end of His fast Jesus was 
hungry, Satan tempted Him and 
said, Command that these stones be 
made bread. In every temptation 
Jesus refused to obey Satan, He 
watched and prayed to obey His 
Heavenly father. "Watch ye, stand 
fast in the faith, quit ye like men, 
be Strong," 1 Cor. 16:13. "Con- 
tinue in prayer, and watch in the 
same with thanksgiving," Col. 4 :2. 
Paul taught that we should live the 
life of Jesus, Watch and refuse to 
live the many ways of sin that 

They fell asleep. Jesus told them ] Saca:i offers. Jesus taught that we 
to watch and pray. When the dis- j should be ready when He comes, 
ciples saw the mob bind Jesus, they j "Watch ye therefore, and pray al- 
fled and forsook Him. Peter fol- ' ways, that ye may be accounted 
lowed afar off. When He came to ; worthy to escape all these things 
warm himself they said to Peter, ; that shall come to pass, and to 
Thou art one of His disciples. He ' stand before the Son of man," Luke 
denied three times saying, I know 21 :36. 

not the man. The cock crew, then 
he remembered the words of Jesus, 
Before the cock crow thou shalt 
deny me thrice. Peter went out, 
wept bitterly and repented. 

After Jesus arose from the grave. 
He taught Peter to watch and fol- 
low thou me. Peter learned and 
obeyed. "Be sober, be vigilant be- 
cause your adversary the devil as 
a roaring lion, walketh about, seek- 
ing whom he may devour," 1 Pet. 
5 :8. "Ye therefore, beloved seeing 
these things before, beware lest ye 
also, being led away with tlie error 
of the wicked fall from your own 
steadfastness," 2 Pet. 3:17. Satan 

Bro. D. K. Marks 
R. 3, York, Pa. 


We have returned to our homes 
from another Church Conference 
and while it is good to be home, it 
seems that we have left something 
behind. Something beautiful is 
missing that we would like to go on 
forever, we feel a foretaste of what 
heaven will be like. I know we have 
all stored up beautiful memories 
and should strive to do our best for 
our Master. There will never be 
another Conference just like this one 



was, someone will not be there or 
we may never have: .a. chance to 
enjoy anQther one. . . ; 
.J, ■ Mmy> - ple^$fint. , tlmughts fill my 
memory from the sermons preached 
from God's Holy Word. AVe must 
always be on guard as the Devil is 
always about, seeking whom he may 
dcAfour. Yes. the Devil is never lazy 
i^i(^ his work. When we are not 
watching the Devil ^ sows tares in 
our Hves. ' . We : musti be awake, 
alert and always on guard. God 
expects us to work and not sleep, 
He wants fruit from our lives. 
Our living says something. What 
do our neighbors see in us? What 
are we .doing for those outside the 
fold?, Do we have high standards? 
Are they above sinful places and 
the things of the world? What are 
we doing to influence out bWn chil- 
dren ? 

There is only one way to be re- 
deemed, we mvist apply the blood 
of Jesus to take away our sins. This 
puts us on a higher plane of living. 
Think of what it means to l)e lost, 
IQ^ spend eternity in hell suffering 
eternal pimishment. It is a wonder- 
•ful , opportunity ' to work our way 
towards iHeaven. Where will we be 
-with : our ) loved ; r ones throughout 
eternity? If 'We are not redeemed 
we are in bondage to the Devil. 
We' must express our love for God 
^ft-eiiM-The' redeemed are filled with 
rtlie! -Spirit. Some fruits I 6f the! re-' 
deemed afe : love^ l|3eaoe, Irihg-suf- 
iering, dders-of the Word.; Our ac- 

tions speak for us. We walk in the 
Spirit and not after thejlleshylifi iwe 
are His true followersj.. I ..: -j; ... ; 

The Bible speaks i of aifaHiiig 
away in the last days. We must be 
steadfast, strong, and 'hold fast to 
the teachings of Christ and nOt 
moved by every teaching. Day bj^ 
day the Devil tries to ;deceive us. 
It is impossible to take- poison witlfif^ 
out harm to i ■ Qur i physical ^' body. 
Likewise /We D'aiinot let! sin enter 
without harm to our soul. But 
thanks to a loving God, sin can be 
repented, of, if we allow 'ourselves 
to be cleansed i by- , His blood and 
live faithful unto Hini, ' 

Everyone should I count the cost 
and consider what it means to be 
lost. Can we allow sin to enter our 
lives, when it will rob us of our 
home in Heaven ? A home whei^e 
love abides; when sin cannot enteif'; 
where sickness, death and sorrow 
will be no more., ; Dear i+eader,!cah 
we afford to miss this home for'thie 
one we get under sin? Which will 
l^e eternal punishment where no 
good thing dwelleth. The! pleasltres 
of this life are only material, ' thley 
do not last. ; Will wei trade such 
things : lor ' a iHeavenly home ?//t)(io 

Every eye shall see Jesus. Do 
we ' W9.iit i this to he a happy* joyous 
meeting'?! Or 'shall ; wei cflry ffor •jdae 
rocks and 'mounitains iito hide 'iis'? 
Isn't it worth any effort on our 
part, to take part in the first' resur- 
rection? / Let 'Md? strive, >:work i and 
give' outliverj^i'Jlest tq^-.^jun- Master, 


We need Jesus in our lives as we 
never did before. No doubt some 
things are lacking in our church and 
in our lives. Finally everything will 
go according to God's plan. We 
need greater power in our lives and 
in our church. We are not seeing 
the power manifested as we should. 

The living Christ is here with us, 
in our heart and in the church. We 
need to take Jesus into our life, in 
our work, in our every word and 
deed. We should organize our lives 
in accordance with His Word. He 
left a precious promise, to direct 
and care for us and to strengthen 
and guide us. He is forever with 
us, wherever we are. He can touch 
our sick anywhere over the world 
and we are never alone. He will 
always be with us if we live wholly 
for Hirn. He lifts us over the rough 
and stormy way. I always remem- 
ber the verse, "I can do all things 
through Christ which strengtheneth 
me," Phil. 4:13. 

We do not know what trials and 
temptations we will have, but we 
do know that Jesus will be there as 
our guide. To the Lord who died 
for us, .we owe so much. Let us all 
work for purity, faithfulness, and to 
bear fruit for His kingdom. If you 
will open the door of your heart, 
Jesus will come in. Everything that 
man needs is in this world and in 
the world to come. Without Christ 
we cannot hope to succed in either, 
but with Him failure is impossible. 
No human mind has ever been able 

to comprehend the height, the depth, 
the length and the breadth of the 
eternal realities which reside in 
Jesus. He contains all the fullness 
of the God-head bodily, Col. 2 :9. 

There are very few in the present 
generation who refuse to believe 
that Christ was born. However 
many do not believe that He was 
born Divine, nor will they admit 
that Jesus Christ is God. He is 
the supreme God revealed unto us. 
Kings, powers and crowns are fall- 
ing rapidly. One after another, great 
names flicker and go out and are 
soon forgotten. But the name of 
Jesus is ever increasing in might 
and glory. His is the one Name 
that goes steadily marching on from 
generation to generation. What 
great name, but the name of Jesus, 
allows man to die in peace? Jesus 
tells us that His name is sounded 
around the world and that the Gos- 
pel will be preached in every na- 
tion, then will the end come. The 
end of reigns of sin, sorrow, heart- 
break and trouble. 

As we meditate over world con- 
ditions, we see this marvelous pre- 
diction wonderfully fulfilling. We 
may know that we are nearing the 
dawn of that better day, when sin 
shall be no more. There is a land 
that is fairer than day, where we 
can walk and not faint. How com- 
forting it is to know that there is a 
place prepared for those who are 
willing to live and love this dear 
Jesus. Where their fondest ambi- 



tins will be realized and where men 
will live with a perfect mind, in a 
perfect body, in a perfect world, 
forever. Will you not accept Hirn 
and His commandments so that at 
last He will present you faultless 
before the Throne, Jude 24? 

Sister Viola Broadwater 
La Vale, Md. 



On Alarch 2S, Bro. and Sister! 
Clarence Surbey came to us in ' 
blessed Christian fellowship. We 
share with you the helpful and in- ' 
spiring words which God gave Bro. 
Surbey for us : 

John 1 : 1-14, "In the beginning 
was the word, and the word was 
with God, and the word was God." 
This is a large and important sub- 
ject which we have to deal with, the 
subject of God. Gen. 1 :1, In the 
beginning God created the Heaven 
and the eartli. I do not know ex- 
actly what is meant by the beginning 
but that is not important. The 
Word tells us to be of the same 
mind and this means to live in peace, 
through the principles and doctrines 
of the Word. To live in peace is 
the most important thing. Whether 
in or out of the church, anything 
tliat destroys peace is ungodly. We 
proclaim to be followers of the 
Prince of peace and that is enough 
reason to live in peace, even though 
there are many reasons for such 

The older and more intelligent 
we become, we still understand only 
the beginning of heaven and earth. 
Earth without form and void, is 
difficult to understand. Darkness 
was upon the face of the deep. I 
do not know what you understand 
by the deep, but it was part of God's 
creation. John 1 :5, "And the light 
shineth in darkness and the dark- 
ness comprehended it not." The 
same is true today, darkness does 
not understand light. When the 
Spirit of God begins to work on the 
thoughts of men, things begin to 
happen. Christ was King of kings 
and Lord of lords, 1 Tim. 6:15. 
"Who is this that darkeneth counsel 
by words without knowledge," Job 
38 :2. God reproved Job but he 
never lost his integrity. It seems he 
made the mistake of assuming 
knowledge he did not have. His 
attitude to God was, "I'm sorry if 
I have done wrong." This is a 
good attitude for us to have today. 
We will answer unto God for both, 
right and wrong. 

Amos 4:13, "For lo, he that 
formeth the mountains, and createth 
the wind, and declareth unto man 
what is his thought, that maketh 
the morning darkness, and treadeth 
upon the high places of the earth. 
The Lord, the God of hosts, is his 
name." This is to refresh our mind 
of what God is and how serious it 
is when we take Him too lightly. 
Daniel told the King of Persia, "He 
who gave thee breath will call you 



to account." God has unlimited 
knowledge. His judgments and His 
ways are past finding out and even 
our hairs are numbered. 

David could not build the Temple, 
because he was a man of war. Solo- 
mon was permitted to build it, be- 
cause he was a man of peace. The 
glory of the Lord filled the temple. 
We may build only as God directs 
and with peaceful material. God 
picked out a people and told them 
to follow His rules to the letter. 
They did not follow it that way, 
do we follow the New Covenant 
that way? The law of the law was. 
An eye for an eye and a tooth for 
a tooth. Judgment for transgres- 
sion came on the morrow, or yet 
the same day. Today transgressors 
may sin and still live. However, 
God will reward or punish, even 
though we may not be called to 
account immediately. God is so 
great and we are so small, yet He 
will dwell within our hearts if we 
will allow Him to do so. The Bible 
tells what God requires and we 
should abide by it. 

Faith is good, hope is wonderful 
and charity is the best. Rev. 21 :4, 
"God shall wipe away all tears." 
What does this short verse mean, 
it could mean literally but I believe 
it means spiritually. He will wipe 
away tears, pain, sorrow and death. 
Are you laboring towards that end? 
We are all going to give an account 
unto God sometime. Our disposi- 
tion of the Bible truths will deter- 1 

mine where we will spend eternity. 
Life is so short, why are we so 
prone to waste it? 

Sister Elta K. Blythe, 
822 W. Calhoun, Macomb, 111. 


The Lord willing, Bro. David 
Skiles of Cuba, New Mexico, will 
hold a two-week's revival from Aug. 
15-29. Pray for Bro. Skiles that he 
may bring us inspiring messages 
and that the lost may find Christ 
and take Him as their personal 
Saviour. To these meetings every- 
one is invited. Come and worship 
with us. 

Sister Darlene Longenecker, Cor. 


The Lord willing, the Walnut 
Grove congregation will begin a 
revival meeting Monday evening, 
Aug. 30 to Sept. 12. Bro. Ernest 
Miller of Harrisonburg, Va., has 
consented to be our evangelist. 

We plan on having our Lovefeast 
Oct. 3, all-day services with com- 
munion in the evening. Remember 
all these services in your prayers 
and come to worship with us. 

Since the last writing, Bro. Allen 
Eberly and family came into our 
midst one Sunday and he brought 
us a message from God's Word. 
May the Lord bless him, as well as 
other visitors who come to worship 
with us from time to time. 

Sister Ruthanna Sauerwein, Cor. 



The Lord willing, the Cloverleaf 
congregation will Ijegin a revival 
meeting Sept. 12. Bro. D. Paul 
Reed will be our evangelist. The 
meeting will coiitinue for two weeks 
and close with a Lovefeast Sept. 25. 
We invite all to come and worship 
with us. May our prayers all be for 
a heart full of faith in a living 

Sister Rosella Kasza. Cor. 

The South Fulton congregation 
plans our annual Lovefeast Sept. 
4-5, the Lord willing. Services Sat- 
urday at 2 P. M.. Communion 7:30 
and all-day services on Sunday. 
Everyone is welcome and do come 
to be with us for these services. 
Sister Martha I. Harman, Cor. 


We wish to express our sincere 
thanks and gratitude to the many 
members and friends, for their ex- 
pression of sympathy both by card 
and letter, at the time of the sudden 
death of my dear husband and our 
father, Luther B. Carroll. 

His wife, Sister Carroll, and four 
daughters : Clorine George, 
Bessie Warren, Ruth Ottley 
and Alice Smart. 

W^e, a part of the Waynesboro 
congregation, have l:)een blessed with 
another series of meetings from June 
18-27. Bro. Miller sure gave us 
some very inspiring messages, 
which made us all have a greater 
desire to live better lives for our 
blessed Lord. Four souls were 
added to our number by Christian 
baptism. We know there was re- 
joicing in heaven for these souls. 
We want to thank all those who 
came and worshipped with us. May 
God's richest blessings go with Bro. 
Miller in his labor for the Lord. 

Sister Rachael Mallow, Cor. 


The Lord willing, the Swallow 
Falls congregation will start their 
Revival meetings Sunday, Aug. 15, 
with Eld. Ernest L. Miller as our 
evangelist. Lovefeast services will 
be held Saturday, Aug. 28. Eve- 
ning services will begin at 7 :30 and 
Sunday services at 10 A. M., exam- 
ination service at 2 P. M. Saturday 
(all time D.S.T.), There will be 
services Sunday, Aug. 29, with din- 
ner provided. Everyone is given an 
urgent and sincere invitation to 

Bro. Paul H. Mellott, Cor. 


Was born January 27, 1884, in 
Waynesboro, Tennessee, and de- 
parted this life in Sacramento, Cal- 
ifornia, on May 1. 1965, at the age 
of S>^ years, 3 months, and 3 days. 
He united with the Church of the 
P.rethren at the age of 25 ; trans- 
ferred his membership to the Dunk- 



ard Brethren Church in Ceres, Cal- 
ifornia in 1945. He was installed 
into the Deaconship soon after his 
baptismal vows in which he served 
until his departure of this life. 

He is survived by : his wife, Jella 
M. Carroll, of 63 years ; father of 
Clovie George of Thousand Oaks, 
California ; Bessie Warren and Ruth 
Ottley of Sacramento, California; 
Alice Smart of Lodi, California ; 
brother of Elise Thompson of Ten- 
nessee. Also survived by five grand- 
children, seven great-grandchildren, 
and two great-great-grandchildren. 
Also a host of friends in many parts 
of the United States. 

He along with his devoted wife 
were long and devoted workers in 
the church in which they served. 
The family has lost a devoted father 
and husband, but their loss is Heav- 
en's gain. Funeral services were 
conducted by Bro. Hayes Reed from 
the Colonial Chapel of Clark, Booth 
and Yardley, Sacramento.. Inter- 
ment Live Oak Cemetery. 





Part 3 

In closing part two of the above 
subject, we were discussing the 
"New Covenant." Let us proceed 
with that doctrine. First please read 
and study carefully Heb. 9:1-10. 
then let us consider these words, 

"But Christ being come an high 
priest of good things to come, by a 
greater and more perfect tabernacle 
(House of God, the Church), not 
made with hands, that is to say, 
not of this building (the tabernacle 
under the law) ; Neither by the 
blood of goats and calves, but by 
his own blood he entered in once 
into the holy place, having obtained 
eternal redemption for us." (For 
Jew and Gentile alike.) 

"For if the blood of bulls and of 
goats, and the ashes of an heifer 
sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth 
to the purifying of the flesh : How 
much more shall the blood of Christ, 
who through the eternal Spirit of- 
fered himself without spot to God, 
purge your conscience from dead 
works to serve the living God?" 
Heb. 9:11-14. Also, "And for this 
cause he is the mediator (meaning 
Christ) of the new testament, that 
by means of death, for the redemp- 
tion of the transgressions that were 
under the first testament (those un- 
der the law), they which are called 
of God through the church (to the 
end of the world) might receive the 
promise of eternal inheritance," 
Heb. 9:15. This does not leave any 
hope for Gentiles, after the "rap- 
ture" of the Church, does it? 

Please again read and study close- 
ly Heb. 9:16-26 as space forbids 
that we write all these out. Hence, 
verses 27 and 28 give us the con- 
clusion of the matter, "And as it is 
appointed unto men once to die, but 



after this the judgment : So Christ 
was once offered to bear the sins 
of many (all who accept Him, all 
who are born again, into His King- 
dom, Church), and unto them that 
look for him (those of the Church 
only, and the sealed of Israel, as we 
understand) shall he appear the sec- 
ond time without sin (those who 
are Redeemed, at His Revelation, 
the Church meeting Him first in 
the clouds) unto salvation." The 
sealed of Israel meeting Him at 
the second advent of His revelation, 
at Jerusalem, at the time of "Arm- 
ageddon ; as we understand the 

Let us now study further. Salva- 
tion is open for both Jews and 
Gentiles alike. Israel rejects Salva- 
tion through faith, as a nation. Rpm. 
10:1-4, "Brethren, my heart's desire 
and prayer to God for Israel is, that 
they might be saved. For I bear 
them record that they have a zeal of 
God, but not according to knowl- 
edge. For they being ignorant of 
God's righteousness, and going 
about to establish their own right- 
eousness, have not submitted them- 
selves unto the righteousness of 
God. For Christ is the end of the 
law for righteousness to every one 
that believeth." 

Please study carefully Rom. 10: 
5-8. The remaining verses of Chap- 
ter 10 tell us all, Jew and Gentile, 
how to be saved in Christ through 
the "Election of Grace," the Church 
of Jesus Christ- Now, turn to Rom- 

are saved by Christ's 
in His body. Paul's 

ans 9. We 
blood only, 

solicitude for Israel, as a nation, 
The first five verses of this chap- 
ter reveals, special privileges be-^ 
stowed upon Israel. Study care- 
fully, beginning with verse six, we 
learn of those who are true and 
false Israelites. "Not as though the 
word of God hath taken none effect, 
For they are not all Israel, which 
are of Israel : Neither, because they 
are the seed of Aibraham, are they 
all children : but, in Isaac shall thy 
seed be called," vs. 6-7. Consider 
carefully verses 8 through 13. 

Going on with verse 14, "What 
shall we say then? Is there un- 
righteousness with God? God for- 
bid. For he saith to Moses, I will 
have mercy on whom I will have 
mercy, and I will have compassion 
on whom I will have compassion, 
So then it is not of him that willeth, 
nor of him that runneth, but of God 
that sheweth mercy," Rom. 9:15-16, 
Now study verses 17 through 23, 
Verse 24, "Even us (the Church), 
whom he hath called, not of the 
Jews only, but also of the Gentiles.'* 
Note verse 23, "As he saith also 
in Osee, I will call them my people, 
which were not my people ; and her 
beloved, which was not beloved. And 
it shall come to pass, that in the 
place where it was said unto them 
(the Nations, Gentiles), Ye are not 
my people ; there shall they be called 
the children of the living God." vs, 



Also, the Apostle Peter tells us 
who are God's chosen people. 1 
Pet. 2:9, "But ye (Gentile Church) 
are a chosen generation, a royal 
priesthood, an holy nation, a pecu- 
liar people; that ye should shew 
forth the praises of him who hath 
called you out of darkness into his 
marvellous light : Which in time past 
were not a people, but are now the 
people of God : which had not ob- 
tained mercy, but now have obtained 
mercy." That is, the Gentiles have 
now obtained mercy, through the 
Gospel of Salvation, the Gospel of 
Christ given to the Church, who are 
the "Election of Grace." Yet for 
all this the Apostle Paul tells us a 
"remnant" of Israel shall be saved, 
which the Bible teaches us will be 
in the coming day. 

Rom, 9 :27-33, "Esaias also crieth 
concerning Israel, Though the num- 
ber of the children of Israel be as 
the sand of the sea, a remnant shall 
he saved ; For he will finish the 
work, cut it short in righteousness : 
liecause a short work will the Lord 
make upon the earth." This when 
He comes to Armageddon, at Mount 
Olives. "And as Esaias said before, 
Except the Lord of Sabaoth had 
left us a seed, we had been as Sod- 
oma, and been made like unto Gom- 
orrah. What shall we say then? 
That the Gentiles, which followed 
not after righteousness, have attain- 
ed to righteousness, even the right- 
eousness which is of faith. But Is- 
rael, which followed after the law 

of righteousness, hath not attained 
to the law of righteousness. Where- 
fore? Because they sought it not by 
faith, but as it were by the works 
of the law ; For they stumbled at 
that stumbling stone; As it is writ- 
ten, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumbl- 
ing stone and rock of offence : and 
whosoever believeth on him shall 
not be ashamed." 

Let us now turn to Gal. 3 and 
study the entire chapter. Noting 
closely the following verses. "That 
the blessing of Abraham might 
come on the Gentiles through Jesus 
Christ; that we might receive the 
promise of the Spirit through faith. 
Brethren, I speak after the manner 
of men ; Though it be but a man's 
covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no 
man disannulleth, or addeth thereto. 
Now to Abraham and his seed were 
the promises made. He saith not, 
And to seeds, as of many; but as 
of one. And to thy seed, which is 
Christ. And this I say, that the 
covenant, that was confirmed before 
of God in Christ, the law, which was 
four hundred and thirty years after, 
cannot disannul, that it should make 
the promise of none effect. For if 
the inheritance be of the law, it is 
no more of promise : but God gave 
it to Abraham by promise. Where- 
fore then serveth the law? It was 
added because of transgressions, till 
the seed should come to whom the 
promise was made ; and it was or- 
dained by angels in the hand of a 
mediator. Now a mediator is not 



a mediator of one, but God is one. 
Is the law then against the prom- 
ises of God ? God forbid : for if 
there had been a law given which 
could have given life, verily right- 
eousness should have been by the 
law. But the scripture hath con- 
cluded all under sin, that the prom- 
ise by faith of Jesus Christ might 
be given to them that believe," Gal. 
3 : 14-22. 

We have now given to the reader, 
ample proof, for the fall of Israel, 
as a Nation. She must be "redeem- 
ed" for her Spiritual inheritance 
and her earthly possession, as we 
understand the Holy Scriptures. 
We could bring many more Scrip- 
tues, both from the Old and from 
the New Testaments, concerning 
these facts. Nevertheless we have 
given enough to prove Salvation by 
Grace through Christ, which places 
us into His Body the Church, which 
is the "Remnant of Grace." 

Let us now return to our Scrip- 
ture text Romans 1 1 :9 and study 
Israel's restoration. "And David 
saith. Let their table be made a 
snare, and a trap, and a stumbling 
block, and a recompense unto them : 
Let their eyes be darkened, that 
they may not see, and bow down 
their back alway." We have pre- 
viously shown in verses 7 and 8, 
that Israel hath not obtained, that 
which God seeketh for: but the 
election, those who accepted His 
Son and came into His Kingdom, 
"the Election of Grace" obtained 

it, and the rest of Israel were blind- 
ed. This had been prophesied and 
written of them, vs. 8. Verses IL 
14, "I say then. Have they stumbled 
that they should fall ? God forbid : 
but rather through their fall salva- 
tion is come unto the Gentiles, for 
to provoke them to jealousy. Now 
if the fall of them be the riches of . 
the world, and the diminishing of I 
them the riches of the Gentiles ; 
how much more their fulness? For • 
I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch \ 
as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, 
I magnify mine office : If by any 
means I may provoke to emulation 
them which are my flesh, and might 
save some of them." These verses 
show the failure of the Jews, which 
teaches the Gentiles a very decided 

Verses 15-22, teaches us Gen- 
tiles, warns us against boasting. 
Study these carefully. Verses 23- 
24, "And they also, if they abide 
not still in unbelief, shall be grafted 
in : for God is able to graft them in 
again. For if thou wert cut out of 
the olive tree which is wild by 
nature, and wert grafted contrary 
to nature into a good olive tree." 
That is, the Gentiles being cut out 
of the wild tree of the Nations" 
and grafted into the good olive tree, 
Israel. "How much more shall these, 
which be the natural branches, be 
grafted into their own olive tree?" 
The Apostle put this in the form 
of a question, showing us that Is- 
rael who were the "natural branch- 



es'.' would in God's own time be 
grafted into their "own olive tree." 

Paul then proceeded to tell us, 
in harmony with the Word of God, 
through the mouth of the prophet 
Daniel, and by the word's of Christ 
in His Revelation to His Church, 
the time when they would be grafted 
in. Verse 25, "For I would not, 
brethren, that ye should be ignorant 
of this mystery, lest ye should be 
wise in your own conceits ; that 
lilindness in part is happened to 
Israel, until the fulness of the Gen- 
tiles be come in." When will that 
time be? Israel now believes in 
part, they believe in God but do not 
l:)elieve in Christ their Messiah. 
This is a controversial subject. By 
the help of God and the guidance 
of His Holy Spirit, we will endeavor 
to make this clear to all who read 
these articles. 

We take the affirmative, that the 
"fjilness of the Gentiles will not be 
^t:p^ -i;in, until Christ returns to 
earthy when He comes to redeem 
Israel. When He comes at His 
."■'revelation, " at the very end of the 
rV^qrld, at the time of the battle of 
"'Armageddon." Bible proof that 
-]t-\'HS is correct. First, Daniel said, 
1-^5^4, "Seventy weeks are deter- 
-fj^lfedPti^on thy people (meaning 
-J§?a^li)f;;ijaa.<irnup©ji, ;. thy holy city 
'K^JertisS&leiaaf) ,'jrfo I'fin-ibhovt'h©! trans- 
, greg^i^^l, [f^rifil ; :t#!-i mak€T ^ri< !fei!id: bf 
cm^9, bthi t!(|Krtial4©;iBECOJTQiH^tioii3f(jr 
f Jpiri^wlfy ,; an4- t(f> .bring rm I everlasting 
a¥i^'it.BGtt>sn;^#g, vaadii fe :3eair;:Uppitbe 

vision and prophecy, and to anoint 
the most Holy." The universal 
doctrine of many men, in the re- 
ligious world, we hear it preached 
and taught oh so frequently, that 
Daniel did not know what was 
revealed and stated to him in his 
vision. That is in essence men teach 
that there are only sixty-nine, or 
sixty-nine and one-half weeks, de- 
termined to finish the things stated 
in the text. For they say, the 
Church goes up out of the world, 
and Israel's eyes are opened at the 
beginning of the seventieth "week," 
before the "Great Tribulation," or 
some time during the "Tribulation," 
but Daniel said 70 weeks, and we 
believe he meant all of those weeks. 
Reader, would you or I dare to 
add to or take from, the Holy Word 
of God, including the Revelation? 
(To be continued.) 

Bro. Wm. Root, 
1612 Morphy St., 
Great Bend, Kans. 67530 


We want to look at and study 
this little word with three letters. 
Sin has ensnared the whole world, 
enslaved all flesh and its author is 
the Devil. We want to discuss sin 
from three aspects or points of view. 
What is sin? The effects of sin; 
and the wages of sin. 

First, what is sin? Any thought, 
-V^ofd for )deed that is contrary to the 
law of Gord-, whether by omission or 
^omnii&sionr^jis, sin., The; hymn writer 



expresses the thought in the Hymn- dangerous thing to commit the sin 
al, page 183. When we in the judg- . of foolishness. If God peradventure 
nient stand, in that mighty company, will give them repentance, that they 

And the Judge shall question us, 
Oh, what shall our answers be? 
what for every trifling thought, and 
each idle word we say? What for 
every sinful act, we may do from 
day to day? (Sins committed.) 
\\^hat for all our want of faith, 
what for all our lack of love? Can 
we hope a crown to gain, and a 
mansion bright above? (Sins of 
omission.) This hymn is compiled 
from Job 31 :14. 

Let us see what the Bible says, 
Prov. 24:9, "The thought of fool- 
ishness is sin." Yot; do not need 
to say it, just think it. My, how 
much of it comes out of people's 
mouths today. Eph. 5 :3-4, "But 
fornication, and all uncleanness, or 
covetousness, let it not be once 
named among you, as becometh 
Saints : neither filthiness, nor fool- 
ish talking, nor jesting, which are 
not convenient (suitable) : but rath- 
er giving of thanks." You see this 
foolish stuff is classed with fornica- 
tion, uncleanness and covetousness ; 
and none of these hath any inherit- 
ance in the kingdom of Christ and 
of God. V. 5. 2 Tim. 2:23, "But 
foolish and unlearned questions 
avoid." V. 16. "Shun profane and 
vain babblings." This is God's 
Word, I did not write It but I 
believe It. Read the whole chapter, 
we could give many more refer- 
'ences. Let me hasten to say, it is a 

may recover themselves out of the 
snare of the Devil, read vs. 25-26. 
"For, whatsoever is not of faith is 
sin," Rom. 14:23. Jesus commands 
it. Mark 11:22, "Have faith in 
God." Heb. 11:6, "But without 
faith it is impossible to please Him 
(God)." Again I say, God demands 

If we preach or teach the Gospel 
or even read the i^ible and do not 
have faith, it is sin. If we sing and 
pray without faith, it is sin. To 
assemble ourselves together and 
read, sing, teach, preach, pray and 
worship without faith it is sin. Faith 
Cometh l)y hearing and hearing by 

the Word of God. The Word of 
God produces faith, when any one 
hears it, believes it and gives heed 
to it. Every word, everv verse, 
every chapter from Gen. 1 :1 to Rev. 
22:21, is the very breath of God. 
His spirit and life, John 6:63. To 
doubt one word places the doul)ter 
with the unbeliever and their place 
will be eternally in the lake which 
burneth with fire. Rev. 21 :8. 

Let me hasten to say, it is a very 
dangerous thing to tamper with 
God's Word. Rev. 22:18-19, "For 
I testify unto every man that hear- 
eth the words of the prophecy of 
this book, If any man shall add unto 
these things, God shall add unto 
him the plagues that are written in 
this book : and if any man shall take 



.'.way from the words of the book 
i^i this prophecy, God shall take 
away his part out of the book of 
hfe, and out of the holy city, and 
from the things which are written 
in this book." Beloved, not one 
;romise is left for anyone who adds 
to or takes from God's Word. They 
have forfeited and frustrated every- 

of her sins, and that ye receive not 
of her plagues;" but we are satis- 
fied to say that we are missionary 
minded. I meet people who admit 
the ship is too far gone to turn 
around and the house is on fire with 
God's judgment but they argue that 
there are souls on the ship and in 
house who our help may save. Well 

thing that God's grace would have {poor, blind, ignorant people you 
given them, even their eternal life, i need some spiritual vitalizer, you 
Let me warn everyone who reads need a Holy Ghost sent revival. To 
the Word, you l)etter believe, obey 1 sacrifice yourself is noteworthy but 
and say eternal yes to every word to stay on a ship headed for de- 

in this inspired Book. "To know 
to do good and do it not is sin," 
Jas. 4:17. How many times do we 

struction or in a burning house is 
preposterous to say the least. 
Friends of mine be reasonable, 

refuse to do the things which we i please would it not be far better to 
know and admit we should have j lead the souls off the ship or out 
done and still we are not doing of the house, thus saving yourself 

them ? 

In talking with people they say, 
I knov^^ I should read and study 
the Bible more than I do but I just 
do not have time. Others sav, I 

and those who will give heed and 
follow you, 1 Tim. 4:16. Would it 
not be better to obey the voice of 
the Lord than to sacrifice, 1 Sam. 
15:22-26. Read these marvelous 

know I ought to do some missionary ^ verses, I did not write them but I 

believe them. 

Beloved, I am serious, I verily 
believe there are more souls going 

work, I should talk to some folks 
whon I know are not in Christ. 
Yes, we know we should let our 
liglit shine. Matt. 5:14; we know 
that we should walk as a child of 
light, Eph. 5:8; we know that wfe 
should put on the whole armour of 
God, Rom. 13:12; we know that 
we should have no part with un- 
righteousness, with darkness, with 
belial, with infidels, with idols. 2 

to hell because of the sin of omis- 
sion, than of the sin of commission. 
The transgression of the law is sin, 
1 John 3 :4 ; an overstepping of the 
law, Luke 15:29. "All unrighteous- 
ness is sin," 1 John 5 :17. This 
caps the whole sin question. "These 
six things doth the Lord hate : yea. 

Cor. 14 :18. We know that the j seven are an abomination unto Him : 
Bible tells us. "Come out of her, j a proud look, a lying tongue, and 
my people, that ye be not partakers ' hands that shed innocent blood, an 



heart that deviseth wicked imagina- 
tions, feet that be swift in running 
to mischief, a false witness that 
speaketh Hes. and he that soweth 
discord among brethren," Prov. 6 : 
16-19. The number seven in the 
Bible always denotes completeness, 
perfection and fulness, every sin, be 
it ever so small or so great will 
come under one of these seven head- 
ings. Let us say this. Either one 
of these mentioned sins is enough 
to damn a soul to hell, if practiced. 
Having studied what sin is, we 
now go to the second phase, The 
effects of sin. Sin grows, develops, 
produces, Jas. 1:14-15. Sin binds, 
enslaves, entagles, Gal. 4:3; 2 Pet. 
2:20. Sin defiles the blind. Tit. 1: 
15; corrupts the heart, 'Jude 10; 
Matt. 12:33-37*1 sin destroys, Deut. 
28 :20-24, 45, 48-61'; sin condemns, 
1 John 3 :20-21 ; sin separates from 
God. Isa. 59:L4; sin dooms, Rom. 
6:23, Rom. 2:1-8, 'll.^Sin pays off. 
Now we all like pay when we work 
and we expect pay from the one for 
whom we work. We do not or 
should not and cannot fexpect to 
any pay from the Pay-mastef whom 
we are not working fof or have not 
been loyal, faithful and in allegiance 
too. Neither -can we serve two 
masters, Matt. 6:24. Rev. 3:15- 
16. So when we are engaged in or 
submitting to sin. our pay-master 
is the Devil. He is a hard master, 
cruel. dangeriouSj: treacherous, de- 
ceiving and powerful. The Devil 
is the prince of this world, John 

12:31; and the prince of the power 
of the air, Eph. 2:20. 

The Devil attacks every human 
person in three iways : the lust of 
the flesh/ the lust of the eyes and 
the- pride, of life, 1 John 2:15-17. 
N<D humanj person in themselves has 
ever or ever will conquer this prince, 
but when. Christ comes into the 
heart of a believer and takes posses- 
sion of the life, then and ' then only 
are ; we ' more than conquerors 
thr'ough Him that loved us, Rom. 
8 :35-39i Jesus conquered for us 
and gave us victory over the world, 
the flesh and the Devil. He is even 
now at the right hand of God, mak- 
ing intercession for us> Rom. 8:31- 
■34, 1 Praise- His iwooiderful, holy, 
impartial name. irn j.i ' 

Now the third phase of siny by 
no. means: the least, the wages of 
sin,*. Sin .will: be paid off in full and 
nothing Willf bfe withheld, a Complete 
retribution^ ((death)': The 'wages of 
sin is death ; physical death, spirit- 
ual death and eternal death, Rom. 
6 :23. It always was deatih, Gen. 
2 :15-l!7.i,i"The soul that sinneth, it 
sliall die,"'Ezek. 18:4, 20. God 
hatelsi'sinv God cann6t! lodk upon sin 
and its wages always willbe death. 
God ■ cannot and will not cbndone 
sift-. God' demands holiness. With- 
out holiness no> man shall see the 
Lord. Heb. 12:14. God does not 
demand anythihg i that He will 'not 
supply: fif ■ we [meet' th6 fc6nditions. 
Gdd'demauds a perfect sacrifice for 
- ski' i ,and| He suppliedi ; thM in His 



clear Son, our Saviour. He made 
His Son to be sin for us, that we 
mignt be made the righteousness of 
God in Him (Jesus), if we beheve 
on Him and accept Him into our 
Hfe, 2 Cor. 5:21. God turned His 
l)ack on His Son, so to speak, when 
Jesus had all the sins of the whole 
world laid upon Him. 

I say again, God cannot look 
upon sin. He cannot be tempted with 
evil, neither tempteth He any man : 
but every man is tempted, when he 
is drawn away of his own lusts and 
enticed. Then when lust hath con- 
ceived ; it bringeth forth sin ; and 
sin, when it is finished, bringeth 
forth death." Jas. 1 :13-16. Hear 
it please for it is God's Word and 
we had all better hear. Why do 
people tamper and play with sin? 
Why is it that many so-called 
Christians are so lukewarm and in- 
different relative to sin? Is it be- 
cause they do not know the height, 
depth and breadth of sin and its 
consequences? Are they willingly 
ignorant of the ultimate reward for 
sin? Don't they care whether they 
land in a burning blistering hell, 
where the worm shall not die, neith- 
er shall the fire be quenched, Isa. 
66:24; Mark 9:44-48. 

Sin originated with Satan, Isa. 
14 : 12-14 ; entered the world through 
Adam, Rom. 5:12; was and is uni- 
versal, Christ alone excepted, Rom. 
3 :23, 1 Pet. 2 :22 ; incurs the penal- 
ties of spiritual and physical death, 
Gen. 2:17, 3 :19, Rom. 6 :23 ; has no 

remedy but in the sacrificial death 
of Christ, Heb. 9:26, Acts 4:12; 
availed of only by faith. Acts 13 : 
38-39. Sin may be summarized as 
three-fold : an act, the violation of 
or want of, obedience to the revealed 
Will of God ; a state of absence of 
righteousness ; and a nature of en- 
mity towards God. We all are guilty 
with no exception. 

There are three deaths mentioned 
in God's Holy Word : dead in tres- 
passes and sins, Eph. 2:1-4; for as 
in Adam all die, 1 Cor. 15:22. The 
origin of the first man was of the 
earth, earthy; he was head of the 
creation and the adamic creation is 
flesh. David says in Psa. 51:5, 'T 
was shapen in iniquity : and in sin 
did my mother conceive me." Solo- 
mon says in Ecc. 7 :20, "There is 
not a just man upon earth, that 
doeth good, and sinneth not." Paul 
in Rom. 3:9-18, 23, The whole 
world is guilty before God, all are 
under sin, none righteous, none 
good, none seeketh after God, all 
have sinned and come short of the 
glory of God. So you see it is very 
evident that all who have not ac- 
cepted Christ's finished work on 
the Cross, are dead in sin. Now 
God's holy, divine and righteous 
law and will demands death for sin. 
So Christ fully met this, in every 
believier's stead and toehalf, ful- 
filling every demand of God's law. 
He hath made Him to be sin for us, 
who knew no sin, that we might be 
made the righteousness of God in 



Him (Jesus), 2 Cor. 5:21, 1 Cor. 
1 :30. Living He loved us, dying 
He saved us, buried He carried our 
sins far away ; rising He justified, 
freely forever ; one day He's com- 
ing. Oh glorious day. Praise His 
holy name forever. 

Now please hear the third death, 
Dead to sin. Everyone's condition 
before receiving Christ, was, is and 
ever will be. Dead in sin. Worthy 
of death, worthy of and doomed for 
a burning, blistering hell. But Jesus 
came and died for sin, 1 Cor. 15 :3, 
Rom. 5 :6. Redeemed, delivered, 
justified and set every believer free 
from the guilt and penalty of sin. 
Thus we are made new creatures in 
Christ Jesus, born again, a new~ 
creation. "If any man be in Christ, 
he is a new creature" (creation) 
read and study 2 Cor. 5:14-18. We 
are dead to sin by being dead to 
the old life and by yielding to the 
new life through Christ. How can 
folks be baptized, promise to serve 
the church, profess to be born again 
(new life) and then willingly, woe- 
fully, perniciously commit sin and 
live in sin? Have they really been 
born of God? Have they put off 
the old man and put on the new? 
Eph. 4:17-24. If one has really 
been born again, should there not 
be a union with Christ and Chris- 
tian living? Should not Christian 
fruits be evidence and demonstra- 
tion for proof of that union? God 
grant us all grace and mercy. 

E. F. Schildt, Taneytown, Md. 


Closed doors, especially when one 
has the sure knowledge that they 
are locked, present a grave problem 
to one who wishes to enter. Ap- 
proaching — hopeful of entering at 
will — such sight and knowledge im- 
mediately sets up a mental cat- 
aclysm. Either one is in some way 
assured that he may not pass those 
doors, or he is beseiged with specu- 
lations as to how he may best over- 
come the barrier that lies in his way. 
In Matt. 16 :19 Jesus himself says. 
"I will give unto thee the keys of 
the kingdom of heaven." and that 
declaration typifies the power He 
is willing to give to each of His 
followers. The keys to the King- 
dom of Heaven are indiscriminat- 
ingly placed in the hands of all 
seekers for entrance. 

Everyone who truly desires to 
enter will find an open door, for 
he may bring with him, if he will, 
the keys which will let him into 
the riches of Christ's kingdom. 

They are not hidden under the 
mat or behind the door jamb, for 
the exclusive use of but a few. They 
are public property — waiting, al- 
ways ready for some one to claim 
them. Every soul may find the doors 
opening to his seeking fingers. The 
Bible holds the kevs out to — vou. 

The religion of Jesus Christ is 
practical. Does it not dovetail into 



every corner and crevice of our 
common duties, of everyday life, its 
happenings and its needs ? Salvation 
IS not the result of ecstatic feelings, 
of extraordinary experiences, but 
of simple faith in Jesus Christ. 

Faith stirs up love : "We love, 
because he first loved us"- — -earthly 
reflection of heavenly love. Love 
says : "How can I best please 
Him?" Listen to the Master's re- 
ply : "If ye love me, ye will keep 
my commandments." The Bible 
overflows with instructions for prac- 
tical living : it teaches us how to 
turn enemies into friends : "When a 
man's ways please Jehovah, he 
maketh even his enemies to be at 
peace with him." It teaches prac- 
tical helpfulness : "Bear ye one an- 
other's l)urdens, and so fulfill the 
law of Christ." It teaches us that 
the fragrance of religion is to per- 
meate the homeliest, commonest 
details of the life of a Christ-fol- 
lower : "Whether therefore ye eat, 
or drink, or watsoever ye do, do all 
to the glory of God." 

The Bible has to do with real life. 
When we read false guide-books, 
such as are leading many men away 
with their false ideas and with bril- 
liant speculations of man, we can 
but exclaim : "Far, far apart are 
the thoughts of our God, which 
are to-usward in love, and the fer- 
tile imaginings of men !" Passages 
that are bright and clear with 
vSpirit-filled truth, some of these 
false teachers would strive to side- 

track in a quagmire of doubt. 
Minds, upon whom the shadows of 
doubt and sin are falling, can see 
but darkly. The streams of our 
God run pure and clean, but the 
streams of men's minds are often 
defiled and impure, so that eyes 
are blinded to the wondrous purity 
and beauty of the streams of God 
that run through the Bible and that 
have such a timely appeal to a 
thirsty soul. 

So many guide-books of men are 
misty, vague — a wonderfully bril- 
liant indefiniteness ! It is as if they 
said: "Let us take a delightful 
journey far out in the wonderful 
Land of Nowhere." The Bible is 
sharp, pointed, direct! It has a 
fashion of saying: "Thou art the 
man !" The Bible has a goal ! Words 
are not used at random — they aim 
at the bullseye ! Its standards of 
life are clear-cut as are the moun- 
tains after a winter rain. It handles 
sin without gloves ! The Bible has 
no word anaesthetics or apologies 
to offer for sin, after the pattern 
of many a human guide-book. No 
anaesthetics, but a cure ! Dead unto 
sin, but alive unto righteousness, 
is the Biblical ideal, and this comes 
to pass only through Him who was 
made "sin in our behalf; that we 
might become the righteousness of 
God in him." 

Sel. by Montez Sigler 

Some people don't look up until 
they are flat on their backs. 




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AUGUST 15, 1965 

No. 16 

'For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more rig-hteous, 
more holy, and more perfect throug-h faith and obedience. 



"Go ye therefore into the high- 
\vays. and as many as ye shall find, 
bid to the marriage". Matt. 22 :9. 
Our subject might be considered in 
two ways : first that of hindering 
sinners and second that of being 
among and around sinners ways. 
We wish to meditate upon the first 
consideration. Ways of hindering 
sinner-i from coming to their Lord 
and Saviour. 

The hinderance of sinners falls 
into two methods : lack of encou- 
ragement for sinners to come to 
Jesus and ways of discouraging sin- 
r ners from coming. We feel that the 
f seriousness of our subject "Stand- 
ing in the way of sinners" is clear 
to every reader and we need not 
discuss how terrible and detrimen- 
tal this would be for any christian 
to engage in. Without any question, 
any small item which might "stand 
in the way of sinners" would be 
very dangerous for any follower of 
Christ and he would not want such 
actions to be once named among any 
professor of Christianity. 

As we consider hinderances to 
sinners coming to Jesvis we find, 
that anything which is not an en- 
couragement for and an attraction 
to draw sinners unto Jesus, is a dis- 
couragement and a hinderance to 
their learning of, looking for and 
longing to fellowship with Jesus. 
As we meditate we find many en- 
couragements : ones regular church 
attendance and being active in 
christian work, noticeable interest 
and zeal for Christ and all com- 
mandments which He taught, ones 
attitude at all services which con- 
vince others that we came to wor- 
ship and please our Lord, Godly at- 
titude and deportment during all 
services, christ-like use and control 
of our tongue, humble submissive- 
ness to Christ's instructions and 
brotherly love for others. Here we 
find a few of the things which will 
draw, please, urge and lead sinners 
unto Jesus. Did you notice in your 
meditation that the lack of either 
one of these graces will hinder, 
stand in the way and turn away 
sinners from Jesus? 

"It is impossible but that offen- 
ces will come : but woe unto him. 



through whom they come, it were 
better for him that a millstone were 
hanged about his neck, and he cast 
into the sea, than that he should of- 
fend (hinder) one of these little 
ones," Luke 17:2. Dear reader, 
whether we fully believe it or not, of us live in a hole, hid away 
from others. "For none of us liveth 
to himself, and no man dieth to him- 
self," Rom. 14:7. The things that 
we do and say cannot be hid from 
others, sometime someone will find 
it all out. whether today or in many 

Today we may not receive recom- 
pense for all we do or say and may 
think our efforts were in vain. Dear 
reader the end of the harvest is not 
today, it may be a long way off. Do 
not be discouraged, do not turn 
from the right ; the w^ay of Jesus 
will bring it's reward someday. "Be- 
hold, the judge standeth before the 
door," Jas. 5 :9. This Judges record 
is true and nothing is missing. He 
and He only controls the door into 
the kingdom, will I be allowed to 
enter? We need to very carefully 
guard every little thing which might 
encourage some poor unsettled soul 
and in no way place one jot or tit- 
tle as a hinderance in the pathway 
of one of Jesus' precious ones. 

A soul can never be defeated till 
it gives up of its ow:i accord. 





Part 4 

lie kind to your enemies ; after 
all you are the one that made them. 

(Note and study the conclusions 
of the writer, not necessarily the ac- 
cepted conclusions of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church.) 

At the close of part three of the 
above subject, we were discussing 
the time when the eyes of blinded 
Israel shall be opened, and the "ful- 
ness of the Gentiles be come in," 
Rom. 11:25. We have stated that 
according to the prophet Daniel it 
will take the entire seventy "weeks" 
to fulfill his prophecy, and nothing 
less. Bringing in the time of Christ's 
returning to earth, when the "most 
Holy" shall be anointed. This is 
entirely in harmony with Christ's 
message to the Church in His 
"Revelation" to John, Rev. 10 :7. 
"But in the days of the voice of 
the seventh angel, when he shall 
l)egin to soimd, the mystery of God 
should be finished, as he hath de- 
clared to liis servants the pro])hets." 

We remind you dear reader, that 
each "trumpet" sound is pictured 
from this reference as a period of 
days. The "seventh trumpet" is the 
last one, the last Trump. 1 Cor. 
1 ? :52 ; 1 Thess. 4:16: Matt. 24 :31 . 
Also Rev. 10:5-6. tells us that at 
that time, "that there should be 
time no longer." Also Rev. 11:18, 


gives us a summary of all that is 
to be brought to pass at, or during 
the days of the sounding of the 
seventh "trumpet," including the 
pouring" out of the seven angels' 
"vials" and the Battle of Arma- 

Let us return to Rom. 1 1 :26, 
"And so all Israel shall be saved : 
as it is written, There shall come 
out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall 
turn away ungodliness from Jacob." 
That is all who are sealed of the 
whole house, meaning Christ will 
Come out of the heavenly Sion, 
when he comes to reign on Mount 
Sion, or Mount Zion on the earth, 
at Jerusalem. See Ezek. 37:12- 
20, Rev. 14:L6. Please study 
Ezekiel very carefully. It is the 
time of the first "Resurrection," and 
the gathering of the twelve tribes of 
Israel, those that are sealed, when 
Christ comes to earth, as we under- 
stand. Also read Zech. 12:9-10. 

Again hear Paul's words, "For 
this is my covenant unto them (Is- 
rael), when I shall take away their 
sins. As concerning the gospel, they 
are enemies for your sakes : but as 
touching the election, they are be- 
loved for the fathers' sakes." Please 
read and study well the remaining 
verses of this eleventh chapter of 
Romans. Beloved reader of these 
articles, you may never see this con- 
cluding article of our subject on the 
pages of the "Bible Monitor," nev- 
ertheless the writer has prayed earn- 
estly in the Spirit, that the "Moni- 

tor staff" will allow its being print- 
ed. This because, we are living in 
a day of great confusion, both in 
the true Church and in the "Re- 
ligious World" concerning the 
Church, in the end time. 

In conclusion we will follow the 
Church, the "Election of Grace" 
throughout the days of the Anti- 
christ and the seventieth week of 
Daniel. Eirst ... we find her de- 
scribed in the messages of Christ, 
given to Him by His Father, sent 
by His angel to the "stars" (minis- 
ters), of the seven churches of Asia. 
Those seven Churches are sym- 
bolical of the True Christian Church 
in seven distinct periods of the 
Church age. From the days of the 
Apostolic Church, to the coming of 
Christ. Those messages are ap- 
plicable to the True Church in all 
seven periods. We follow the "Elec- 
tion of Grace," the true Church, to 
the time of the first half of the 
"seventieth week," on through to 
the end. Turn with us to Rev. 12: 
17, "And the dragon was wroth 
with the woman, and went to make 
war with the remnant of her seed, 
which keep the commandments of 
God, and have the testimony of 
Jesus Christ." 

Who are the remnant of the wo- 
man's seed? The answer to this 
text and others we shall bring, will 
solve the mystery of pre-tribulation 
rapture of the Church. Let us care- 
fully study R)ev. 12. Who is the 
"sun-clothed woman" of verse one? 



Tanevtown, Md.. Aiisr. 15. 1965 

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Bretnren Church in the plant of 
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Associate Editor. 

Alls., We believe she is a symbol 
of Israel. In conclusion of this sub- 
ject we want to give you questions 
and answers. Some commentators 
review the "sun-clothed woman" as 
l)eing the Church. Ans.. We find 
not a word in Scripture, showing 
where the Church ever "bore a 
maii-clhld." Ques.. Who "cried and 
will cry, in the coming day, travail- 
ing in birth, and pained to be de- 
h'vered?" Ans., Israel at "Rama," 
and again, to be delivered from great 
"tribulation," during the first half 
)f the seventieth week, v. 2. 

Ques., Who is the "great red 
dragon"? vs. 2 and 9. Ans.. It is 
tlie devil and .Satan, who gives his 
])Ower to the Beast, the man of sin, 
at this place. Ques., Who has the 
"seven heads and seven horns and 
seven crowns?" Ans., It is the 

"first Beast out of the sea," ch. 12 :3, 
Rev. 13:1-6; he is of the Revised 
Roman power, also the "man of 
sin," 2 Thess. 2 ;4-6. Ques., Who 
is the "man-child"? Ans., It is 
Christ. Ques., When does the 
"woman, Israel flee to the wilder- 
ness, mountains"? Ans., Near the 
middle of the week, v. 6. Ques., 
"How long will she he fed there?" 
V. 6. Ans., For 1260 days, 42 
months, "a time, times and a divid- 
ing of time," wliich is 3^4 years, 
the whole of tlie last half of the 
week, V. 6 and 14. Ques., "Who 
will be cast out of tlie heavens? in 
a war?" Ans.. Ilie dragon and his 
stars, angels, in the form of the 
first Beast and his followers, v. 7 
and 13. Ques., "Who follows the 
'Woman,' Israel, with a flood?" 
Ans., The dragon in the form of 
the Beast, v. 15. Ques., Who helps 
the "Woman," Israel? Ans., The 
earth, perhaps by a great earth- 
quake, or terrific storm, v. 16. 

Ques., "W'ho are the remnant of 
the woman's. Israel's, seed? with 
whom the dragon goes to make 
war?" Ans., The Church is the 
remnant of Israel, saved at Christ's 
first coming, v. 17. Ques.. Who are 
they that kee]) the commandments 
of God. and liave the testimony of 
Jesus Christ? Ans., It is the 
Church, the "remnant of Crace," 
without a doubt, v. 17. Ques., Who 
will be given ])0wer to make war 
against the .saints and overcome 
them phy.sically? Rev. 13:7. Ans., 


It is the same ten-horned beast. 
Ones., Who are those saints? Ans., 
Undoubtedly they are the Church, 
the "remnant of Grace." Ones., 
Who are they that worship this 
Beast? Ans., "All that dwell on the 
earth," however the Word indicates 
an exception, only those "whose 
names are not written in the book 
of life of the Lamb slain from the 
foundation of the world," v. 8. If 
all who dwell on the earth worship 
him, "who would be left to get the 
victory over him?" Rev. 15:2, 
Rev. 20 :4. 

Ques., Who is the two horned 
Beast, of verse 11? Ans., It is the 
"false prophet," Rev. 19:20, 2 
Thess. 2 :8. He performs great 
wonders, "exerciseth all the power 
of the first Beast," who has 10 
horns. He sets up an image to the 
"ten horned beast," and a decree 
that all men shall worship him. We 
believe this is the "hour of tempta- 
tion, which shall come upon all the 
world (not the saints) to try them 
that dwell upon the earth." That 
it is not the "Great Tribulation" at 
all. We think the Great Tribulation 
is the entire first half of the week, 
under the "fifth seal," during the 
reign of the "man of sin," who con- 
tinues to reign 42 months, Rev. 
13:5, Dan. 7:25. His reign begins 
when he comes riding upon a "white 
horse." Rev. 6:2, Rev. 6:9-11. The 
last half of the Week is "God's 
Wrath," poured out upon apostate 
Christianity and the Beasts and 

their worshippers. Ques., Will the 
Church be kept from that great 
hour of temptation? Rev. 3:10. 
Ans., Yes. How kept? We do not 
know. God only knows. His Word 
is true. It may be He will keep 
them, while in exile, upon some 
lonely isle, in prison, or in concen- 
tration camps. We know noc. God 
knows. We do know — His Word 
is true. 

Ones., Does Luke 21 :36 say 
that the Church will escape all the 
things that shall come to pass in 
the last days? Ans., We think not. 
It is an admonition and for prayer, 
for worthiness to escape them, 
while here on earth, and to stand 
before the Son of man. God did not 
take Israel out of the world, in 
order for them to escape the Egyp- 
tian's plagues. God did not take 
away the three Hebrew children, 
that they might escape the "fiery 
furnace." God did not take Daniel 
away from Nebuchadnezzar's king- 
dom, that he might escape the 
mouths of the lions. They all stood 
before God on the earth. Their 
faith saved them. 

Ones., Is Rev. 4:1 a symbol of 
the Rapture of the Church, its ful- 
filling at the time, of the ushering 
in of the 70th Week? Ans., We 
think not. There is not a single 
word in chapter 4 which tells of 
anything that is to happen on the 
earth, as was revealed to John. It 
was a vision he saw of heaven. 
Chapt. 5 is the setting for the things 


which are to happen in the future, 
the seventieth Week. The "roll," 
or seven sealed Book is the "key." 
together with the entire Bihle, for 
the proper understand of the Book 
of "Revelation." The seventieth 
Week hegins at Chapt. 6:1-2, where 
the "seals"' are opened. 

Ques., What does Rev. 14:9-13 
teach? Ans., It teaches me that it 
is the saints, the "Election." the 
"remnant" of the "woman's seed," 
Israel's seed. Note : "Here is the 
patience of the saints : here are they 
that keep the commandments of 
God, and the faith of Jesus." v. 12. 
Who are they? Evidently they are 
the same saints mentioned in Chapt. 
12:17. V. 13, "And I heard a voice 
from heaven saying unto me, Write, 
Blessed are the dead which die in 
the Lord from henceforth : Yea, 

will take place at the second Com- 
ing of Christ, which is the day of 
Christ, will go to the "Marriage 
Supper" and return with Christ in 
His Glory. All Scripture will bear 
this out. See Matt. 24:29-31, Mark 
13 ZJ , Luke 17 :26-37. Showing the 
two events of His coming, and that 
it will be like the one day, yet two 
revelations. 1 Cor. 15:31-52, 1 
Thess. 4:13-18. 2 Thess. 2:1-8, 2 
Thess. 1 :7-10, Jude 14; Two Events 
. . . 1 Pet. 1 :7, 13, Rev. 1 :7, and 
many others. 

Beloved, the Religious world has 
brought down throughout the 
Church Age a controversial doc- 
trine o:i this subject. The fact that 
it is so universally taught is suf- 
ficient reason, within itself that we 
cannot accept it. In the light of 
God's Word, we have never ac- 


saith the Spirit, that they may rest | cepted it. See Scriptures above 
from their labours ; and their works 
do follow them." That is, from that 
day forward, yet it is applical)le to 
saints all through the Church Age. 
We have now followed the "Elec- 
tion, the remnant of Grace" through 
the period of the Church Age. We 
nnder.stand they will reign with 
Christ on this purified "earth," for 
1000 years, appear at the "Judg- 
ment seat of Christ," at His king- 
dom ; stand pure and white, at the 
"Great White Throne Judgment," 
where the books are to be opened. 
Then occupy the "Eternal City," the 
"New Jeru.salem." We understand 
that the "Rapture" of the Church 

this concluding article fails to ap- 
pear in "Bible Monitor." we feel 
confusion will still exist, upon the 
above subject. Let us one and all 
study our Bibles, eat their contents, 
digest the same and assimulate the 
contents. May God add His bles- 
sings to His Holy Word, is our 
TItc end. 

Bro. Wm. Root, 
1612 Morphy St.. 
Great Bend. Kans. 67530 


Thixse who pawn themselves to 
the devil, must go to to be 





Faith is a dependence on the 
Veracity of another. Thus, trust is 
called faith, because it relies upon 
truth of a promise. "Now faith is 
the substance of things hoped for, 
the evidence of things not seen," 
Heb. 11:1. But without faith it is 
impossible to please Him : For he 
that cometh to God must believe 
that He is, and that He is a re- 
warder of them that diligently seek 
Him," Heb. 11:6. 

Here we see what faith is, and 
that it is impossible to please God 
without it. But ! Will faith alone be 
enough? The cry of our modern 
preachers today, is only believe, the 
Lord will do the rest. Is that the 
teaching of Jesus? "And He (Je- 
sus) said unto them, "Go ye into 
all the world and preach the gospel 
to every creature. He that believe- 
th and is baptized shall be saved : 
but he that believeth not shall be 
dammed," Mark 16:15, 16. 

Not he that beheveth only, but 
he that believeth and doeth shall 
be saved. Believing is faith. Bap- 
tism is doing. Faith only would not 
be enough. Even so, faith, if it hath 
not works, is dead, being alone, 
Jas. 2:17. So we see faith, without 
repentance and baptism, is dead. 
From that time Jesus began to 
preach, and say, "Repent for the 
kingdom of Heaven is at hand," 
Matt. 4:17. "Thou believest that 

there is one God : Thou doest well : 
the devils also believe, and tremble. 
But wilt thou know, O vain man, 
that faith without works is dead?" 
Jas. 2:19-20. 

"By faith, Noah, being warned 
of God of things not seen as yet, 
moved with fear, prepared an ark 
to the saving of his house : by the 
which he condemmed the world, 
and became heir of the righteous- 
ness which is by faith. By faith, 
Abraham, when he was called to 
go out into a place which he should 
after receive for an inheritanoe, 
obeyed ! and he went out, not know- 
ing whither ohe went," Heb. 11:7-8. 
We have here enough proof that 
it takes, not faith alone, but : also 
works. Had Noah believed only 
would that have been enough? Ver- 
ily, no : For we see how being 
\ moved with fear, he began to ivork, 
to prepare for himself and his fam- 
ily to build the ark. God did not 
tell Noah to beheve only, but to be- 
lieve and do. "Make thee an ark of 
gopher wood : rooms shalt thou 
make in the ark, and shalt pitch it 
within and without with pitch. And 
this is the fashion which thou shall 
make it of : the length of the ark 
shall be three hundred cubits, the 
breadth of it fifty cubits, and the 
height of it thirty cubits. A window 
shalt thou make to the ark, and in 
a cubit shalt thou finish it above: 
and the door of the ark shalt thou 
set in the side thereof; with lower, 
second, and third stories shalt thou 


make it," Gen. 6:14-16. 

Had Noah answered God and 
said, I believe thee God. I know 
thou will do these things, but I don't 
fear. I have faith in thee. Would 
that have saved Noah? Why did 
Noah move with fear and prepare 
the ark if faith only would suffice? 
Because Noah beheved that God 
would do just as He told him, save 
him, if he does what God told him 
to do. So Noah believed and did as 
he was commanded to do by God, 
build an ark and go inside where 
there was safety. So this same God 
has, and is, speaking to us today. 
Our God has even prepared the ark 
for us today, Noah had to prepare 
his own. He gave His only begot- 
ten Son, something not made with 
his hands, but by God, that if we 
come to Him we shall be saved. 
That is just as it was with Noah, if 
we come and do as He told us to : 
He told Noah how to build the 
ark, and pitch it with pitch inside 
and outside, and make only one 
window, why? Pitch outside so the 
water doesn't come through, and 
the Ark fill up and sink, but in- 
side, why? 

Jesus said, "Believe, repent, and 
be baptized and ye shall receive the 
Holy Ghost." Here we do as Noah 
was commanded to do, prepare the 
inside and the outside. Believing 
and repenting, preparing the heart 
which is inside, so it can receive the 
gift of the Holy Spirit, which we 
receive after we have pitched the 

outside by baptism. So the things 
of the world cannot come in ; if 
the worldly things come in the 
Holy Spirit must flee. Pitch with- 
in and without. 

How aliout the one window? The 
light of the body is the eye : there- 
fore when thine eye is single, thy 
whole body also is full of light : but 
when thine eye is evil, the body al- 
so is full of darkness. Take heed 
therefore that the light which is in 
thee be not darkness. If thy whole 
body therefore be full of light, hav- 
ing no part dark, thy whole shall 
be full of light, as when the bright 
shining of a candle doeth give thee 
light. Luke 1 1 :34-36. From this 
one window your light will shine 
if your candle is burning and will 
illuminate thy way, not only for 
you, but that others may see Jesus 
also. But beware if you have faith 
only, it will be with you like the 
five foolish virgins whose oil got 
all and the light went out. So pitch 
within and without, so evil cannot 
get in and smother the light. Have 
faith with works and you can say 
with James, "Yea, a man say, thou 
hast faith, and I have works : shew 
me thy faith without works, and I 
zvill slieiv thee my faith by my 
zvorks," Jas. 2:18. 

We do no work for salvation, 
this is truth, else could we boast, 
for this a gift of God which He 
gives to those who sincerely ac- 
cept Him through sincere repen- 
tence. For if we do not repent of 


our sins we have no faith. Now 
since salvation is free, where does 
works come in. Please read Matt. 
25 :14 thru 30, Here We have Jesus 
explaining the need of works. Je- 
sus tells us here that a man trav- 
eling into a far country calls his 
servants, and delivered unto them 
his goods. Now to one he gave five 
talents, to another two, and to an- 
other one talent. Why not all the 
same? Jesus said, according to their 
ability. But it was the same gift to 
all. Jesus then tells us the one with 
five talents used them and gained 
five more ; and so the one with two, 
he made two more ; but he with one 
buried his gift, said to himself, I 
will keep what my master gave me 
so I have to return to Him again 
when He returns. Jesus tells us 
when the Lord returned He rec- 
koned with them, and the one who 
received five talents came and 
brought five more, so also the one 
with two talents brought two more. 
The Lord was so pleased with these 
jaithful workers that He made them 
rulers over many things. But woe 
was to the one who had faith only, 
for he kept that to himself whidi 
his Lord had entrusted to Him, so 
his Lord took away even that he 
had and gave it to him who already 
had much, and cast out the unfaith- 
ful worker, and there will be weep- 
ing and gnashing of teeth. 

Is faith without works enough? 
Will we accept the words of Je- 
sus or will we rely on mans' words ? 

What good is something dead? And 
faith without works is dead. God 
took away our sins, so we must 
keep ourselves free from sin and 
this takes work. Fighting the devil 
is hard work, day after day. Work 
for the night is coming, wherein 
no man can work. 

Bro. P. F. Stuber 
Akron, Penna. 



Bethel, Penna. — Aug. 15-29. 
Dallas Center. la. — Aug. 15-29. 
Oakland, Md. — Aug. 15-29. 
Eldorado. Ohio — Aug. 22 - 29. 
Walnut Grove, Md. — Aug. 30th - 

Sept. 12. 
McClave, Colo. — Sept. 12-25. 
Lititz, Penna. — Sept. 19 - Oct. 3. 
Waynesboro, Penna. — Nov. 8-21. 

Antioch, W. Va. — Aug. 28. 
Dallas Center, la. — Aug. 28. 
Oakland, Md. — Aug. 28. 
South Fulton, 111. — Sept. 4. 
Mt. Dale, Md. — Sept. 26. 
Walnut Grove, Md. — Oct. 3. 
Waynesboro, Penna. — Oct. 10. 

The Lord willing, Bro. Eldon 
Flory of Hart, Mich, will hold one- 
week series of Meetings, from Aug. 
22 to 29. Pray that souls may be 
convicted of the error of their way, 
before it is forever too late. 

Sister Dorothy Blocher, Cor. 




I wish to express my thanks and 
love to all. who remembered me 
with visits and birthday cards on 
my 8yth birthday, July 17. Yours 
in christian love. 

Bro. Wilfred C. Holjlit 
c/o Camden Nursing Home 
Camden, Ohio. 

Sister Dixie Gibbel, daughter of 
Bro. and Sister Jacob Gibbel and 
Bro. Duane Heisey, son of Bro and 
Sister William Heisey, were united 
in marriage July 9. 1965 by Eld. 
Ben Klepinger. They are living at 
Ludlow Falls, Ohio. 


We welcomed our elder, Bro. 
and Sister George Replogle, to our 
Spring council meeting. We feel 
it was a Divine dividend on our 
spiritual finances. Our "bank" in 
Heaven must be kept solvent, just 
as our daily business bank accounts 
are, in order that we may prosper 
in Christianity. Don't forget to pray 
for Bro. Replogle in his daily work, 
that he may grow in Grace for the 
spiritual work God has given hini 
to do. 

I don't think the fear the apostle 
was speaking of is a natural fear. 
We are not to fear God as we would 
a bodily enemy. He will not inflict 
our physical body in a physical 
way. He wants us to have a spir- 
itual fear, to be a separate people, 
to be different from those who fear 
physical pain. I believe everyone 
of us has a feeling that we do not 
want to do something to displease 

Paul wants us to keep alert and 
on guard that we lose not the prom- 
ise, that we live by Him, through 
Him, and for Him. If we accept 
His teaching and commandments 
we will not lose it. The Gospel has 
been preached to us as to the Corin- 
thians. The Word did not profit 
them because faith was not mixed 
with their hearing. They did not 
believe that Jesus was the Christ. 
James says faith without works is 
dead. We can't do all good works, 
have all knowledge and understand 
all mysteries, but if we have not 
charity it profits us nothing. 

W^e don't follow Christ by actual 
works but by faith. How about 
you and me? When we read the 
Bible and understand and meditate 
do we really have faith? If we have 
knowledge and faith it will bring 

His message (juote : I like to 
think of the Rest God has prepared forth fruit. We can't say we beHeve 
for his children. It tells us in He- i if we have dead faith or dead works, 
brew 4:1-4, "Let us therefore fear. We must seriously think of Heaven a promise being left us of en- i and examine our minds to see if 
tering into his rest, any of you.' we really want to be a peculiar 
should seem to come short of it." people, to believe and to be willing 



to humble ourselves in order to gain ^ 
Heaven. I 

Are we like Abraham ? Do we | 
really believe God will do what He 
says? I think there will be a great 
and awful surprise on the Day of 
Judgment when the sheep and the i 
goats will be separated. Some will 
say. "We have done wonders in 
Thy name." What was wrong with 
those individuals? They must have 
been "professional" people. That is, 
professing by works instead of 
faith. Don't you think they will be 
surprised when they learn their 
good works were not enough? 
Many profess a form of GodUness 
but forget there must be belief, fear 
of God, and faith mixed with their 
works. Fear of God doesn't seem to 
have much effect on people today. 
I am fearful they have forgotten 
to seek first God's Kingdom and 
not after other things are done. 
You can't buy the righteusness of 
the Kingdom. It is not bought. It 
is God's gift. Lest any man should 
boast, Eph. 2:8-9. How is it? Do 
we have faith mixed with work? 

When the Jews heard the gos- 
pel their faith was not mixed with 
the preaching. They heard but did 
not believe, therefore ; brought forth 
no fruit. It is no trifling matter 
in which God brought to us His 
Son, that we may know the recom- 
pense of reward. To those who let 
Him into their hearts, does it have 
an effect on our hearts today? Paul 
consecrated his life to Christ and 

we, too. can be consecrated and at 
the end receive the glory of eternal 
rest. It takes effort to do our daily 
work, but after a nights sleep we 
are refreshed and ready to begin 
a new day. The soul must have 
spiritual rest also. 

Think of the seriousness of this 
terrible judgment. The words Je- 
sus taught will judge us. What will 
be the consequence ? I wonder when 
we appear before the Tribunal bar 
whether we are going to receive the 
spiritual rest. Is our soul going to 
be at peace and contentment ready 
to receive its rest? When we are 
followers of Christ we have a right 
to partake of the tree of life. Mix 
faith with gospel and we live in 
trust of God's reasonable service. 
We think of the wonderful place 
God has prepared for us. The apos- 
tles saw Jesus go to Heaven. We 
will see the same Jesus come again 
in a Glorious body. At the sound 
of the last trump, in the twinkling 
of an eye. We shall all be changed. 
I Cor. 15:5-52. Let us fear lest we 
miss this glorious change. 

James says if we offend in one 
point we are guilty of the whole law. 
But there is the possibility to live 
above sin when we allow God to be 
part of our very being. The love of 
Christ constraineth us, II Cor. 5 : 
14. What do we think? Does the 
love of Christ constrain us from 
evil that we might escape a devils 
Hell and gain a Saints Heaven. Je- 
sus said, " if this cup be not passed 



from me, thy will, not mine, be 
(lone. I wonder how often we say 
that? In the troubles of this life, do 
we really mean not my will, but 
Thine ? That is what it is going to 
take for us to get that city where 
the wicked shall cease from trou- 

Think of the great power man 
has in his inventions and accom- 
plishments. Compare it with the 
world of nature where God has I 
power that man is helpless in the 
face of. Man has a great store of 
knowledge, but he can go only as 
far as God allows him to go. With 
God all things are possible even to 
delivering us to eternity. Man can- 
not do this. Have we enough faith, 
mixed with the gospel, that it will 
deliver us to the sunny bank of Jor- 

Sister Elta K. Blythe 

822 W. Calhoun 

Macomb, 111. 


Much of the Bible is devoted to 
the prophets and the works of the 
prophets. They were rugged in- 
dividuals, who walked and talked 
with God and were fearless in com- 
bating Satan and his forces. They 
were individuals who feared not to 
stand alone, if need l)e. for God. 

Moses as a young man feared 
God and loved His people. No 
doubt he was educated in the ways 
of the Egyptians, perhaps to be a 

future Pharoah of Egypt. But he 
still was not strong enough in the 
Lord and far enough from Satan to 
be able to stand before the king. 
Therefore, he fled into the desert 
wilderness, there to learn humility 
and obedience to God and to become 
a rugged individual for Him. When 
he emerged 40 years later he was 
no longer the fearful prince. He 
could face Pharoah now in the face 
of adversity and he was prepared 
to lead a million and a half stiff- 
necked and murmuring people for 
40 years through the wilderness. 
Yes, he stood almost alone for God 
before them at times, and many 
times he fell face to the ground 
grieved and undone because of their 
wickedness. But God was with him : 
He gave him the ability to be a 
great leader, He gave him power 
that could not be withstood. He 
gave him longsuffering. and endur- 
ance. He gave him wisdom and 
understanding without measure. 
Praise the Holy name of the Lord. 
His arm is not shortened. He can 
and will do the same today. We 
need it as never l)efore. But where 
are the tried and true Moseses who 
have come through the wilderness 
experience possessing the power of 
God. who are victorious over Satan 
and his forces, and unafraid to face 
the workers of darkness with the 
power from on high? --■ I 

Jeremiah, sanctified from his 
mother's womb, for the purpose of 
being the great prophet he was, 



was told of God to prophecy against 
his own rebellious king and people, 
and not be afraid of their faces. 
Did he do it ? Yes ! But he was 
thrown into prison, even into the 
dungeon of mud and mire and fed 
with bread and water. The king 
and people chose to go into captiv- 
ity rather than obey His voice. But 
Jeremiah obeyed and their blood 
was not required at His hand. 
Praise the Lord. Who dares to be 
a Jeremiah in the last part of this 
20th century? Oh, Lord, send rug- 
ged individuals with Your power 
who will not be afraid of their faces, 
who will not be afraid of scandal, 
who will not be afraid of being cast 
out by men ; yes, too, individuals 
who are not afraid of the miry 
dungeon, or even death. 

Daniel and his companions were 
carried captives from their own na- 
tive land into a strange land among 
a strange people, before a strange 
king, and before strange gods. Did 
they do as Babylon did in order to 
have a good reputation among the 
officials of that kingdom ? No, praise 
God, they chose the lions den and 
the fiery furnace instead, and glori- 
fied God in a heathen land. Who 
will dare to be a Daniel? Who will 
dare to stand alone? Who will dare 
to have a purpose true? Who will 
dare to make it known? 

The well-educated man, the apos- 
tel Paul, after he was struck down 
on the Damascus road, disappeared 
into the Arabian desert, for how 

long it would be interesting to 
know. But when he emerged, this 
well-meaning strict Pharisee who 
had sat at the feel of Gamaliel, had 
been educated in the most powerful 
school of all time, not the teachings 
of men, but God's seminary ; was a 
rugged individual ready to preach, 
heal, cast out devils and endure af- 
flictions for the cause of Christ. 

"Of the Jews five times received 
I forty stripes save one, thrice was 
I beaten with rods, once was I 
stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, 
a night and a day I have been in 
the deep; In journeyings often, in 
perils of waters, in perils of rob- 
bers, in perils of mine own country- 
men, in perils by the heathen, in 
perils in the city, in perils in the 
wilderness, in perils in the sea, in 
perils among false brethren ; In 
weariness and painfulness, in watch- 
ings often, in hunger and thirst, in 
fastings often, in cold and naked- 
ness. Beside' those things that are 
without, that which cometh upon 
me daily, the care of all the church- 
es," II Cor. 11:24-28. These are 
the things Paul suffered, some of 
them from his own people. Who 
dares to be a Paul? Let's hie off 
to the desert, the wilderness, to be 
alone with God in the greatest of 
all schools of instruction in the 
Lord's academy. The Lord is wait- 
ing to use those who emerge as 
overcomers. Praise His Holy name. 
Even our Saviour did not begin 
His ministry until after His wilder- 



ness experience where He was 
tempted of Satan and was an over- 
comer with the Father. Praise the 
Lord for His example. Oh, that 
we might strive to be like Him. 
We need wisdom, knowledge, un- 
derstanding, faith, love, patience, 
humility, and power from on high 
to combat Satan and the organized 
forces of this world. We must be 
individuals who are willing to stand 
alone, if need be, for God, just as 
the prophets of old did. Satan has 
been practicing lies and deception 
ever since the Garden of Eden. He 
is shrewder now, I believe, than 
ever before, even to imitating our 
Saviour. It behooves us to try the 
spirits whether they be of God, to 
compare them to the Word of God 
and the lives of the prophets with- 
out doubting. Beware of the blind- 
ness of Satan that is darker than 
night; may we accept the Word of 
God that we not fall a prey. My 
prayer is that we lay aside the things 
of this world for a wilderness edu- 

Ruth M. Snyder, 
Box 122, R.D. 2, 
Oakland, Md. 


"But whoso shall offend one of 
these little ones which believe in 
me, it were better for him that a 
millstone were hanged about his 
neck, and that he were drowned in 

the depth of the sea," Matt. 18:6. 
We may be offending someone and 
not be aware of it. Again we may 
offend someone, know it and still 
keep on doing it. 

There are those who were bap- 
tized and we rejoice that they wish- 
ed to have their sins washed away, 
but sad to say they were hurt to 
the heart by those who took pictures 
of them while they were being bap- 
tized. Now, Birethren and Sisters, 
I think we should be very careful 
not to offend, those who are just 
starting out on life's Christian path- 
way or even anyone else. I believe 
we should all be thinking and pray- 
ing at such a time, for the one who 
has accepted Christ, that they might 
hold out faithful to the end and 
then we will not have time to take 
pictures. I do not l)elieve Christ is 
pleased with this (do you want your 
picture taken without permission?), 

"It is good neither to eat flesh, 
nor to drink wine, nor any thing 
whereby thy brother stumbleth, or 
is offended, or is made weak," Rom. 
14:21. There are many other ways 
to offend one another, let us be 
more prayerful and careful what we 
say and do, as a member of the 
Dunkard Brethren church. "Where- 
fore, if meat make my brother to 
offend, I will eat no flesh while the 
world standeth, lest I make my 
brother to offend," 1 Cor. 8:13. 

In Christian love, 

? ? ? ? 





The following taken from an ed- 
itorial in a secular paper is worth 
passing upon: 

"The question is often asked 
whether such expressions as "Tut, 
Tut," are profane. In one sense 
everything of the sort is at least 
mildly profane, and in most cases 
these expressions are only sugar- 
coated forms of profanity. As we 
have remarked before, there are a 
number of common expletives which 
appear innocent enough on their 
face but which are merely oaths in 

"Such phrases as 'Judas Priest,' 
'Gee Whillikens,' 'J^t^^^W Cris- 
mus,' 'Gee-Whitaker,' 'Gee-Mimey,' 
'jingo,' 'Ginger,' and even 'Gee,' are 
simply euphemisms for 'Jesus 
Christ,' or 'Jesus.' The pious old 
lady who exclaims 'Land Sakes,' 
is not conscious that she is using a 
corruption of 'Lord's Sake,' Even 
'Dear Me' is but the English ver- 
sion of the Italian 'Dio-moi — my 
God. Of course 'Golly,' 'Gum,' 
'Gorry,' 'Gosh,' 'Grab,' 'Goodness.' 
'Lordy,' 'My Land,' etc., are weak- 
ened versions of 'God' and 'Lord.' 
And 'darn,' 'durn,' 'drat,' 'ding,' 
'dang,' 'dash,' 'dum,' and so on, are 
only half-hearted dilutions of 
damn.' " 

"Expletives have no meaning un- 
less they have a profane one. They 
are in nearly all cases an unsanoti- 

fied or irreverent appeal to divine 
or superior forces and this is pro- 
fanity in the broad sense. 

"Of course, when people use 
these expressions they do not usual- 
ly intend them in any profane sense. 
The youngster that begins every 
statement with 'Gee' does not rea- 
lize that ihe is falling into a bad hab- 
it and virtually swearing. It is his 
way of letting off a little of his 
superfluous steam. But if he has to 
say 'Gee' when a boy he is very apt 
to feel the need of using stronger 
terms of profanity when he grows 

The above, coming from a sec- 
ular source, shows the thoughts of 
at least a part of the public press 
on the question of profanity, and 
ought to be an eye-opener to those 
who profess to know the "truth as 
it is in Jesus," We, as a holy 
people, would do well to take this 
truth into our closets and pray the 
Lord to heljj us. Not a few are 
known to use some of the above 
expressions of profanity, and be- 
fore sudh parties go after the wick- 
ed blasphemers, it would be well 
for them to get rid of all their by 
luords and expletives that smack 
of the profane. Jesus said : "But 
let your communication be Yea, 
Yea i. e., yes, yes)' Nay, Nay (i. 
e., no, no), for whatsoever is more 
than these, cometh of evil," Mat- 
thew 5 :37. 

Selected by John H. Kintzel. 




The Scriptural setting for this 
article is found in the seventeenth 
chapter of Acts. Paul was on his 
second missionary journey, in re- 
sponse to the call of the man of 
Macedonia : "Come over and help 
us." He had preached the Gospel 
in the face of opposition and perse- 
cution, but when the disciples felt 
that his life was in danger, they 
sent him to Athens, where he waited 
for Silas and Timothy to join him 
that they might continue their 

Rome was at this time the polit- 
ical head of the world, but Athens 
was still the center of its learning 
and culture. The mighty empire of 
Greece had fallen before the savage 
legions of the newdy risen empire in 
Italy, but it conquered its conquer- 
ors, for they largely adopted its 
civilization. It was about the year 
54. Art, literature, and philosophy 
were at their height in Athens when 
the Apostle of the Cross arrived. 
It does not seem as though he had 
intended to launch a missionary ef- 
fort liere. But as he passed about 
the city and saw its images and 
altars, he could not be silent, and 
he was drawn into discussion with 
various persons. Finally he en- 
countered some of the students of 
the various schools of philosophy 
for which the city was noted. There 
were some of the Epicureans, who 

taught that pleasure is the chief 
purpose in life ; there were some of 
the Stoics, who believed that the 
highest purpose was to attain mas- 
tery in all things, including self^ 
mastery. Our account says that 
they "brought" Paul to Areopagus^ 
or Mars' Hill, from which some 
have thought that he was placed 
under arrest. But it seems as though 
his questioners simply took him to 
this outdoor couftroom because it 
was the most convenient place for a 
public discussion. And there, over- 
looking the great city, and sur- 
rounded by statues of the Athenian 
gods and goddesses, he preached a 
sermon which is unrivaled in liter- 
ature for the great truths which it 
compresses into a few sentences. 

A master at finding points of con- 
tact, the Apostle found his oppor- 
tunity among the noble statuary of 
the city, "For as I passed by," he 
says, "and beheld your objects of 
worship, I found an altar on which 
had been inscribed, 'To an Un- 
known God.' He whom you wor- 
ship in ignorance. I am declaring 
to you." 

Our English translation does not 
show the courteous manner in 
which he addresses the men of Ath- 
ens. The expression translated "too 
superstitious" meant to them "very 
reverent to your gods." Even his 
statement of their ignorance does 
not cast any reflection on their in- 
telligence, the word he uses means 
simply "without knowledge/' But 



from this starting-point he proceeds 
to make ten statements, five con- 
cerning God, and five concerning 
man, which summarize the entire 
truth of the Gospel. We shall pro- 
ceed to examine them. 

1. God is the creator of all things 
("God that made the world and all 
things therein," verse 24). 

2. He is the supreme ruler of the 
universe ("seeing that he is Lord 
of heaven and earth"). 

3. He is everywhere ("dwelleth 
not in temples made with hands"). 

4. He is self-sufficient ("neither 
is worshipped by men's hands, as 
though he needed any thing," verse 

5. He is the giver of all good 
things ("seeing he giveth to all life, 
and breath, and all things"). 

These are the five statements 
concerning God. The next five are 
concerning man and his relation- 
ship to God. 

6. That all men are of one com- 
mon race ("and hath made of one 
blood all nations of men for to dwell 
on all the face of the earth," verse 

7. That God controls the history 
of man ("and hath determined the 
times before appointed, and the 
bounds of their habitation"). 

8. That God is concerned about 
man, and desires his fellowship 
("That they should seek the Lord, 
if haply they might feel after him, 
and find him, though he be not far 
from every one of us. For in him 

we live, and move, and have our 
being; as certain also of your poets 
have said. For we are also his off- 
spring," verses 27-28). 

9. That man by himself could not 
find God. (In verses 29 and 30, 
Paul tells the Athenians that their 
own ideas of God were entirely 
wrong. "Forasmuch then as we are 
the offspring of God, we ought not 
to think that the Godhead is like 
unto gold or silver or stone, graven 
by art and man's device. And the 
times of this ignorance God winked 
at : but now commandeth all men 
everywhere to repent:"). 

10. That God has appointed Je- 
sus to be man's Judge and Saviour 
("Because he hath appointed & day 
in the which he will judge the world 
in righteousness by that man whom 
he hath ordained ; whereof he hath 
given assurance unto all men, in 
that he hath raised him from the 

At this point we wish to make 
two general statements about re- 

First : that man is incurably re- 
ligious. There has never been found 
a place or tribe of men who did not 
have some form of religion. The 
French philosopher Rousseau, who 
was called a heretic principly be- 
cause he rejected the teachings of 
the Roman Catholic Church, once 
said that if there were no God, it 
would be necessary to invent one. 
And that is what man usually did. 

Second : that except where men 



had received the revelation of the 
true God, they always invented or 
imagined gods like themselves. Thus 
the god of the Africans is a colored 
man, that of the Indians a mighty 
hunter. The gods of the Northmen 
were warriors. The religion of the 
Greeks in Paul's time was one of 
the most complete and systematic 
that ever existed, and its gods and 
goddesses were very much like the 
Greeks themselves. They were 
brave and generous, but also proud 
and revengeful. They quarreled, 
were unfaithful in marriage, in- 
trigued to gain advantage over each 
other, even stole from each other. 
The worship of the Athenians con- 
sisted of attempts to please the gods 

and goddesses who were friendly, things 

influence. Its teachers are the great 
educators and philosophers, It is 
taught in universities and semi- 
naries ; it is believed by many, per- 
haps most, of the ministers of the 
Christian Church. The impact of 
Christianity upon the world has been 
so great that here in America no 
other religion would be considered. 
But just the same, the religion of 
American today is very different 
from the religion that Paul taught- 
It may best be described as Modern 
Christianity. We now want to take 
Paul's ten statements, one by one, 
and compare them with what the 
Greeks believed, and also what 
Modern Christianity teaches. 

1. That God is the creator of all 

and appease or defeat those who 
were unfriendly. It was just such 
a system as the colorful and fickle 
Greeks might have been expected to 

But today the religion of Greece 
is only history. No one any longer 
believes in Jupiter, Pluto, and Nep- 
tune. Their altars have crumbled 
in dust, and men's minds have 
sought out new ideas to follow, new 
gods to serve. They have been 
seeking for centuries for the truths 
that they will never find by them- 
selves, but which are revealed in 
God's Word for all who will accept 
them. The world today has a re- 
ligion, just as the Greeks did. Its 
principal teachings are accepted by 
practically all people of learning and 

The Greeks did not ascribe to 
their gods any creative power. They 
believed that matter always existed- 
They had various legends describ- 
ing how various things came into 

Modern Christianity accepts the 
theories of modern science that mat- 
ter always existed, and that the 
present state of things, including 
man. came into being through evo- 

2. That God is the Supreme 
Ruler of the universe. 

The Greek gods, although pow- 
erful, were not all-powerful. The 
Greeks believed that there was a 
power, called Destiny, which even 
the gods could not escape. 
I Modern philosophy has gone one 



step ahead of the Greeks. It teaches 
that the mind of man is the highest 
intelligence in the universe, that 
man alone can attain mastery over 
its secrets, and that he will con- 
tinue to master them until he is 
actually master of all. 

3. That God is everywhere. 
The Greek gods were local. They 
could be at only one place at a time. 
Beside this, each one had his place 
or sphere of influence, to which he 
was restricted. 

Philosophy today teaches that 
God is impersonal, and many of us 
would be surprised to know to what 
extent this is believed. The writer 
recently read an account of an in- 
vestigation by a university teacher 
of the beliefs of teen-age children. 
The report says, "The average teen- 
ager thinks of God not as a person, 
but as an omnipotent and omni- 
present bodiless spirit." 

This point is so important that 
we wish to look at it for a moment. 
We have shown how the gods that 
men invent resemble themselves. 
The God of Modern Christianity 
was conceived by the most noble 
and intellectual of men. They did 
not endow him with faults, as the 
Greeks did, they have conceived 
. Him as perfect and good in every 
respect. But — and this is where 
they follow the pattern of all man- 
made religions — they conceived Him 
only in form which human minds 
can grasp. The idea of a personal 
intelligence superior to man is be- 

yond their comprehension : they 
cannot imagine a person who can 
know the number of hairs on the 
head of every person and notice the 
fall of every sparrow, together with 
all the other innumerable details of 
the universe. And so they conceive 
God in a way that they have already 
been acquainted with, as an imper- 
sonal force, like gravity or electric- 
ity, acting through laws which are 
never altered. By this reasoning 
they cannot accept the miracles of 
the New Testament, the Virgin 
Birth, or in fact anything super- 
natural. For these things can only 
be learned by revelation, as they 
were revealed to Peter and the other 

We shall proceed with our com- 

4. That God is self-sufficient. 
The Greeks believed that their 
gods were dependent on each other 
and on external circumstances, just 
as men are. They were subject to 
the power of Destiny. 

Modern Christianity teaches that 
God, being impersonal, has no pow- 
er of independent action. Have you 
ever heard the expression, "God 
has no hands except my hands, no 
feet except my feet, no voice except 
my voice." Though it is sometimes 
thoughtlessly quoted to incite us to 
greater Christian activity, it is the 
teaching of Modern Christianity. 

5. That God is the giver of all 
I The Greeks believed that their 



gods were capricious, sometimes 
giving good gifts and sometimes 
bringing evil upon men. It was 
necessary to humor them constantly 
in order to secure their benefits. 

Modern Christianity teaches that 
God can only inspire good things in 
men. In this sense it looks upon 
achievement in science and art as 
God-inspired, but still the works 
of man. 

We now come to the five state- 
ments concerning man. 

6. That God made man of one 

The Greeks believed that they 
came from a separate and superior 
race. They referred to all non- 
Greeks as "barbarians." See Acts 

Modern Christianity in theory 
follows Paul's teaching and asserts 
the equality of all men. But its 
practical effect is to preserve the 
prejudices of human nature, since 
it does not have the tmifying power 
of the common love of a personal 

7. That the history of man is 
controlled by God. 

The Greeks believed that the 
gods were subject to the same forces 
and limitations as men, and that 
even the gods could only in part 
control their own history. 

Modern Christianity teaches that 
history is the result of cause and 
effect, and that man makes his own 
history. God's only influence is in 
inspiring men to better actions. 

8. That God is concerned about 

The Greeks believed that the 
gods were mostly concerned about 
themselves, and cared little for man, ■ 
According to their legends, the Tro- 
jan war was fought as the result of 
a beauty contest among three god- 
desses. This does not show much 

Modern Christianity denies God's 
power to be concerned, since He is 
only an impersonal force, like grav- 
ity or electricity. 

9. That man by himself could not 
find God. 

To the Greeks, there was no es- 
sential difference between the gods 
and man. They believed that it was 
possible for men to become gods. 

Modern Christianity teaches that 
man is essentially good, and his 
badnesses are the result of bad 
teaching or the influence of bad 
environment. Therefore he can be- 
come good if given the opportunity. 
Modern Christianity knows of no 
way in which men can be improved 
except by their own efforts. 

10. That God has appointed Je- 
sus to 1)e man's Judge and Saviour. 

The Greeks knew nothing of 

Modern Christianity accepts Je- 
sus as a great teacher and a super- I 
latively good man. But it refuses to 
acknowledge Him as divine, except 
in the way in which all men are 
divine. It does not teach that He 
is coming again to judge the world, 



as Paul taught. 

In studying over these compari- 
sons, we are amazed at the small 
differences between the beliefs of 
the Greeks, whom we consider as 
idolatrous heathens, and the teach- 
ings of Modern Christianity. The 
teachings which we have set forth 
have been gathered from the writ- 
ings of religious teachers and edu- 
cators of many denominations. We 
i:)elieve that Bible-loving Christians 
everywhere would with one accord 
reject this false religion. But if you 
ride on the same train, you get to 
the same place. We believe that 
many church members go along 
with the trends in their own de- 
nominations without any investiga- 
tion of where they are headed. We 
are going to list four practical tests 
by which readers can judge whether 
their own denominations are fol- 
lowing the true religion or the false. 

1. Paul preached that there is 
only one true religion. He did not 
try to point out the good points in 
the Greek religion, he simply called 
on them to repent. Modern Chris- 
tianity teaches that there is good in 
all religions, that all are seeking a 
better way of life. If the trend in 
your denomination is toward more 
recognition of and fellowship with 
other faiths and religions, to that 
extent it is following Modern Chris- 

2. Paul preached separation from 
the world. Modern Christianity 
teaches that the world is getting 

better and that it is our duty to help 
improve it. But if we believe the 
Word of God when it says that the 
world is under condemnation, we 
will see the necessity of separating 
from it. When the Titantic struck 
an iceberg in 1912, the passengers 
would not believe she was sinking, 
and many refused to enter the life- 
boats until it was too late. If the 
trend in your denomination is away 
from separation and toward more 
mixing with the world in projects 
for social, economic, and political 
betterment, to that extent it is fol- 
lowing Modern Christianity. 

3. Paul taught that the church 
must maintain high standards of 
membership and strict discipline. 
Jesus said that only those who 
would take up the cross could be 
His disciples (Luke 14:27). Paul 
instructed the Corinthians to dis- 
fellowship the fornicator in their 
midst (1 Cor. 5:3-5), and to re-in- 
state him when he repented (2 Cor. 
2:4-8). He instructed the Thes- 
salonians to withdraw from those 
who were disorderly (2 Thess. 3 : 
6). But Modern Christianity is 
against discipline in the church. It 
seeks instead to secure the accept- 
ance of Christian standards of con- 
duct by the entire body of society, 
both by teaching and legislation. 
If your denomination is seeking to 
increase its membership and its 
financial support while at the same 
time relaxing its standards of dis- 
cipline, to that extent it is follow- 



ing Modern Christianity. 

4. Paul taught and placed in op- 
eration a very simple and entirely 
democratic form of church govern- 
ment. The unit of authority was 
the local church. The elders were 
responsible for the administration 
of discipline. The voice of the 
membership was the governing 
power. There was no central super- 
vision of the local churches. Jesus 
approved this system by holding 
each of the seven churches of Asia 
hidividually responsible for condi- 
tions existing within it. 

But the leaders and teachers of 
Modern Christianity have small 
faith in the ability of people to gov- 
ern themselves. Consequently they 
have always tried to concentrate the 
governing power of the churches in 
central organizations. The logical 
end of this system would be to have 
all religious activity in charge of a 
single organization, and we find that 
Modern Christianity is working to- 
ward this end. Then, if history re- 
peats itself, we may expect this 
organization to be finally seized by 
one man who will become dictator 
of all religion. The Bible teaches 
that this will actually happen : the 
religious world at the time of the 
coming of Jesus will be under the 
dictatorship of the false prophet 
(Rev. 13:11-18, 19:20). If the 
trend in your denomination is to- 
ward centralization of power and 
away from local rule, to that extent 
it is following Modern Christianity. 

We challenge the reader of this 
article to apply these tests to his 
own denomination and see which 
way it is going. Is its trend away 
from the world, toward the teach- 
ings of Paul and Jesus? We are 
afraid that most denominations will 
be found to be following the trends 
of Modern Christianity. If they are* 
they are in danger of being among 
that number who will be disappoint- 
ed at the coming of Jesus (Matt. 
7:21-23). The world is a sinking 
ship, slowly filling with iniquity 
until she comes to ruin. Jesus is the 
lifeboat, get into Him, and you will 
be safe from the wrath to come. 

Sel. from Bible Helps 

If you never see me you'll miss 
nothing ; if you never see my Lord 
you'll miss everything. — L. A.S- 


"Study to shew thyself approved 
unto God, a workman that needeth 
not to be ashamed, rightly dividing 
the word of truth," II Tim. 2:15. 
This man of God, abiding in Jesus 
Christ, feeding his soul upon the 
word of truth, spreading forth the 
good news of salvation, has learned 
to be obedient to the Master, and 
can be the happiest man. It mat- 
ters not whethef he preaches, 
teaches or is just one of the fold. 
He is a workman of the highest 
degree and has the Divine ap- 
proval to his labor. 



Every workman has a skill in his 
line of work but this one finds a 
delight to use his skills in the ap- 
plication of the word of truth. A 
good farmer does not use a harrow 
to take the place of the plow. The 
good carpenter would not use the 
saw to take the place of the level. 
The good mechanic will not take 
the screwdriver to remove a burr. 
They have all studied their line of 
work and learned the what, when 
and how of each tool in their line. 
The servant of God likewise studies 
the Word, meditates upon it and 
seeks Divine guidance to learn the 
proper use of each and every line 
of the Word. For the Scripture 
has in It a full sufficiency, to meet 
the most exacting needs and many 
problems of humanity. 

"For all scripture is given by 
inspiration of God, and is profitable 
for doctrine, for reproof, for correc- 
tion, for instruction in righteous- 
ness,' II Tim. 3:16. The workman 
of God is not left to shame in his 
work for it is a worthwhile work, 
nothing to be ashamed of. A de- 
light he finds in the study of the 
words of eternal life and with the 
help of the Holy Ghost he rightly 
divides or makes application of the 
word of truth. There is plenty in 
the Word for doctrinal teaching 
and there, is no lack in it for re- 
proving sinners. To correct the 
errors in life, it has an amply supply 
and sufficient in every detail is its 
counsel for Godly living. It is like 

the materials for a ready-cut build- 
ing; no cutting to do, neither no 
pieces to add, but only follow the 

John B. Shank, 
Rt. 2, Box 164, 
Greencastle, Pa. 

Ai\-\y cult that adds to or takes 
from the Word of God, is false 
and dangerous and is the deception 
warned of by Jesus. 


I have had many troubles in my 
life, but the worst of them never 


To use a pretense of religion to 
lead God's people astray, is one of 
the greatest evils of all time! 

Discontented people do the com- 

There is no more spiritual har- 
mony between saints and sinners, 
than there is between angels and 



Sept. 5— Big Sister Miriam. James 
1:22-25; Exodus 2:1-10. 

Sept. 12 — When Jesus Was Twelve. 
Psa. 122; Luke 2:40-52. 

Sept. 19 — The Good Samaritan. 
Eph. 4-31-52; Luke 10:25-37. 

Sept. 26 — As Timothy Grew. II 



Tim. 1:1-5: Acts 16:1-5: I 
Cor. 4:17. 

Sept. 5— What Our Life Should Be 
Among Unbelievers. Col. 4. 
1 — What are the requirements to 
be able to walk in wisdom to- 
ward them that are without? 
Sept. 12 — -Serving The Living God. 
I Thess, 1, 
1 — What manner of men are we 
in the eyes of those that are 
without ? 
Sept. 19— Satan Hath Hindered 
Us. I Thess. 2. 
1^ — Does Paul imply that there is 
more to saving souls than just 
preaching the Gospel? 
Sept. 26— Paul's Desire To Meet 
With the Brethren. I Thess. 3. 
1 — Do we place enough import- 
ance on concern for each others 
spiritual welfare? 



Memory verse, Mark 4 :9. "And he 
said unto them, he that hath 
ears to hear, let him hear," 

Wed. 1— Tno. 15:1-5. 

Thurs. 2— Jno. 15:6-17. 

Fri. 3— Jno. 15:18-27. 

Sat. 4— Matt. 13:18-23. 

Memory verse. Matt. 13:16, "But 
blessed are your eyes, for they 
see: and your ears, for they 

Sun. 5— Matt. 13:24-30. 

Mon. 6— Matt. 28:16-20. 

Tues. 7— Matt. 26:6-13, 

Wed. &— Matt, 26:26-32, 

Thurs. 9— Matt, 26:51-56. 

Fri. 10— Mark 2:18-22, 

Sat. 11— Mark 2:23-28, 

Memory verse. Mark 3 -.3$, "For 
whosoever shall do the will of 
God, the same is my brother, 
and my sister, and mother," 

Sun. 12— Mark 3:23-29, 

Mon. 13— Mark 3:31-35, 

Tues. 14— Mark 4:2-9. 

Wed. 15— Mark 4:21-25. 

Thurs. 16— Mark 4:26-31, 

Fri. 17— Mark 6:7-13, 

Sat. 18— Mark 7:5-13. 

Memory verse. Mark 7:21. "For 
from within, out of the heart 
of men. proceed evil thoughts), 
adulteries, fornications, m-^r- 

Sun. 19— Mark 7:14-23, 

Mon. 20— Mark 8:14-21. 

Tues. 21— Mark 8:34-38, 

Wed. 22— Mark 10:2-12. 

Thurs. 23— Col. 3:12-17. 

Fri. 24— Mark 10:13-22. 

Sat. 25— Mark 10:35-45. 

Memory verse, Mark 12:29, "And 
Jesus answered him. The first 
of all the commandments is. 
Hear, O Israel ; The Lord our 
God is one Lord." 

Sun. 26— Mark 11:20-26. 

Mon. 27— Mark 12:1-12. 

Tues. 28— Mark 12:18-27. 

Wed. 29— Mark 12:28-34. 

Thurs. 30— Mark 4:10-20. 



SEPTEMBER 1, 1965 

No. 17 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints." 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Let no man despise thy youth ; 
but be thou an example of be- 
lievers, in word, in conversation, 
in charity, in spirit, in faith, in 
purity," 1 Tim. 4:12. Youth is 
often a distrustful period of one's 
Hfe, a time in life when we are a 
poor example of a whole-hearted 
Christian and it can be even a period 
of life when most people despise us. 
However, in this case the apostle 
upholds Timothy as a good ex- 
ample (pattern) in many ways. 
Actually such a pattern would be 
very valuable in any of our congre- 
gations or even in our brotherhood. 
Youth is often a poor example in 
their words and especially their 
entire conversation. Such an ex- 
ample as Timothy might have much 
influence on the young people in 
any congregation or even in a whole 
body of believers. 

"In all things shewing thyself a 
pattern of good works : in doctrine 
shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sin- 
cerity, sound speech, that cannot be 
condemned ; that he that is of the 
contrary part may be ashamed, hav- 

ing no evil thing to say of you," 
Tit. 2 :7-8. Again we find Paul 
giving some very serious and com- 
plete advice to the young man Titus. 
I doubt if the apostle wasted so 
many words and such good advice, 
but he no doubt thought that Titus 
would follow his advice in detail. 
Again we must consider such ad- 
monition of great value and capable 
of doing much good for a certain 
congregation or for the church at 
large. We notice he even considers 
that the good example of Titus will 
change the lives of those who might 
be otherwise minded or behaved. 

"And ye became followers of us. 
and of the Lord, having received 
the word in much affliction, with 
joy of the Holy Ghost : so that ye 
were ensamples to all that believe 
in Macedonia and Achaia. For from 
you sounded out the word of the 
Lord, not only in Macedonia and 
Achaia, but also in every place your 
faith to God-ward is spread abroad ; 
so that we need not to speak any 
thing," 1 Thess. 1 :6-8. To be an 
apostle who was an example to 
others is of great value, especially 
since he received his instruction 


tnrougn great affliction and tiirough 
ihe joy of the Holy Ghost. Did 
you notice in this Scripture, the 
far-reaching affects of the Christian 
life of the Thessalonians ? Yes, in 
almost every place in the brother- 
hood their most holy faith was 
noticed and considered. 

"Take my brethren, the prophets, 
who have spoken in the name of the 
Lord, for an example of suffering 
affliction and patience," Jas. 5:10. 
James refers to the prophets as an 
example of suffering affliction and 
patience. We could refer to Jesus 
and even His apostles (after they 
were converted ) as good examples 
of suffering affliction and patience 
also. "And they departed from the 
presence of the council, rejoicing 
that they were counted worthy to 
suffer shame for his name." Acts 
5:41. Am I an example of suffer- 
ing affliction and of patience in the 
name of Jesus? or do I y