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A Gift from the Library of 


and Rector of Saint Aldan s Church 

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The text of this Greek Testament was in the main 
first published by the Bible Society of Wiirttemberg 
at Stuttgart in 1898. It was prepared for that 
Society by Professor Eberhard Nestle, D.D., of 
Maulbronn, and he has revised the three editions 
which have followed the first. By the kind per 
mission of the Wiirttemberg Society the Britisli 
and Foreign Bible Society is permitted to adopt its 
latest text (the 4th) and to publish it in England 
under Dr Nestle s care. 

The text is the resultant of a collation of three 
of the principal recensions of the Greek Testament 
which appeared in the latter half of the 19th century, 
viz. those of Tischendorf, editio octavo, 1869 72 (as 
reproduced in the 4th edition by Oskar von Gebhardt, 
1898); of Westcott and Hort, 1881 (impression of 
1895); and of D. Bernhard Weiss, 18941900 
(second edition 1902). The readings adopted in the 
text are those in which at least two of these editions 
agree. An exception to this rule has been made in 
the case of St John v. 3, 4, and vii. 53 viii. 11. 
These passages have been retained in the text, but 
they are placed within special marks. 

Besides this edition with critical apparatus, another 
is published containing the text by itself. 

The apparatus at the foot of each page indicates 
every variation of any importance in the resultant 

text above it, in words, spelling or punctuation, from 
(1) the Textus Receptus, and (2) the Greek Text 
which avowedly or inferentially underlies the English 
Revised Version of 1881. For the purpose of com 
parison a Greek Testament printed for the Society 
at the University Press, Cambridge, in 1876 has been 
used in the main to represent the Textus Receptus as 
hitherto published by the Society. It gives (but not 
with perfect accuracy) the text of the Elzevir edition 
of 1624, which was based on that of Robert Estienne 
[Stephanus], Paris 1550, and which took the name of 
Received Text from the preface to the edition of 1633. 

The readings of the English Revisers are gathered 
(1) from the list furnished by them and reproduced by 
Scrivener (Cambridge 1881, 1894) and Palmer (Oxford 
1881, 1901); and (2) inferentially from a comparison 
of their English with the Greek text of the present 
edition. In some cases these readings can only be 
inferred with probability, and not with certainty. 

Variations are indicated in the footnotes as 
follows : 

No mark A reading found in the Textus Receptus (or 
the Society s 187G edition of it) which takes 
the place of that in the resultant text above. 

+ Plus indicates something added to the text, 
and minus something omitted from it. 

( ) When a Greek reading is enclosed in curved 
brackets, the variation is in punctuation 

An upright bar separates the variations in 
a single verse. 

1", 2" &<. When the same word recurs in a verse, the 
numeral indicates the particular one in the 
series to which the variation applies. 


/c.T.X. Is used in the cases where a particular reading 
or spelling will recur in the N.T., and the 
correction is made at its first occurrence, 
onco for all. 

( = Stephanas-Elzevir s or the Society s edition.) 
S stands for the T.R. when the same varia 
tion occurs in that text, and in the Eng. 

11 ( = Revisers.) R, by itself, indicates a variation 
which occurs only in the Revisers text, and 
is one of those to be found in Scrivener s list 
of the Revisers avowed readings. 

R Indicates a reading of the Revisers, which has 
IKJCII inferred from their English, but is not 
specified by Scrivener. 

(R) The R is enclosed in curved brackets when the 
inference as to what was the Revisers reading 
is probable, but not absolutely certain. 

SR } Are used when the variation is common to 
SR , T. R. and R. V., with more or less certainty 
S(B)) m the latter case, as already explained. 

R 1 , R 1 Are used when the variation occurs in the 
Revisers text, as distinguished from their 

" 1 , R" 1 Are used when the variation occurs in the 
Revisers margin, as distinguished from their 

1 , m- Are used when there are more marginal read 
ings than one. 

Indicates the limit in the text to which a 
variation applies. 

[ J Double brackets (e.g. Markxvi. 9) mark passages 
which the critical editors, or a majority of 
them, consider very early interpolations. 

< > Indicate a passage for which ancient authority 
is in part wanting. 


Accents and breathings are only inserted in the 
apparatus when the variation turns upon them. In 
the use of initial capitals for 0ed?, Kiynos, XpioTo?, 
Ilvevfjia, Aiu/3oAo?, etc. the general usage of the 
English and American Revisers is followed. 2aravas 
is always regarded as a proper name. 

The black type for quotations, the strophic ar 
rangement for poetry, and the division into para 
graphs, chiefly follow Westcott-Hort. The verse 
division is that of Stephamis, 1551. 

The side margins contain parallel-references com 
piled from (1) the 11. V. of Luther s translation, 
(2) quotations from the O. T. found in Westcott- 
llort and Tischendorf-Gebhardt, and (3) other 

March, 1904. 



BiySAos y evto-ctos I^crou Xpiorou viov AauclS 1 Lk 3 23 _ 3a 

vlov A/Jpadp.. ^ ^h. IT. 11. ^ 

A/?paap, fycwTjo-fV TOV I<raa/c, IcraaK & 2 GI>. 21, 3. 72 ; 

yeW7<rev TOV Ia/ijy9, laxwyS St fyevvyo-fv TOY laJY ai 

lovSav /cat TOUS d8eX<iovs avroi). Iov8as 8e evev- "? iCh. 2,5. 9. 

v , v v v r, v , >/->/ G "- * :w - 

vrjcrfV TOV <vap<i Kat TOV Lapa. (.K TT^S Wa/xap, Ru.4,^8-2!. 

4>ttps Se eyewrj(TV TOV Etrpw^t, ^Eitrpiap. of 

tyewrjcrev TOV Apa/x, Apap. 8e lyfwr)o~cv TOV 4 

A/xivaSd/3, Afjiiva.oa.f3 oe fytvvrjcrfv TOV Naacr- 

crtov, Naa(rcru)v Se fyewrjatv TOV 2aAp.cov, 2aA- 5 Ru. 4. i.-^n. 

/xajv 8 fyfvvrjo~fv TOV Boes CK r^s Pa.^d/3, Boe? 

8c eycwr)o~ev TOV Iw^S^S e/c T^S Pov0, Iwftrjo 

of eyfvvT)o~fv TOV Iccrcrat, lecro at 8e fywr)o~ev 6 28.12,24. 

TOV 2oA.o//.wva K r^s ToS Ovpt ov, 2oXo/xojv Se 7 i cii. 3, 10-14. 
tyfnnr)o~fv TOV Po/3od/A, Poj3oa.fji oc tyevvrjo~fv 
TOV AySid, AySia Se eycVv^crev TOV Ao-d<f>, Ao-a< 8 
8e tyfwrjo~ev TOV I(i>o-a<aV, Iwaa^aT 8e eycv- 
vt]<Tfv TOV Iwpd/x, Iwpa/A 8e fytwrjvev TOV Oei av, 
O^eias 8 (ytwvjo-fv TOV Icod^a/z, Iwd^a/A 8e 9 

TOV "A^a^, A^a^ 8e lycwrjo-fV TOV 
E^ext as 8e tyevvyaev TOV Mavao-(T^, 10 
8 lyewrjcrev TOV A/acis, Ap-ws Se 

3 6a/p 5 

SR 1)^5 12 6 

7.8 Acrd- Affd 8.9 ( Of/a* Ofias) 10 

1, 10-21 Kara Ma.99ai.ov 

i Ch. 3. is. m I 1 fyfvvrjo-fV TOV Iwo-etav, Iwcreias 8e 

TOV If^oviav Kat TOVS dSeX^ous avrov ITTL TT}? 

1( EzrV" I2 / ATOt ccrt a ? BaySuXwvos. Mera Se TT)V fj.fTot.Kf- 

triav BaySuXwvos le^ovtas eyevvT^crev TOV 2aXa- 

OnjX, ^aXaOirjX of fyewrjcrcv TOV Zopo^3a/3eX, 

13 I Zopoj3d/3fX. of eyevv^crev TOV A/3toi 8, *A{3t.ovo 
of fyfvvrjo-fv TOV EXia/cet/A, EXiaKei/x 8c eyei - 

14 vr/crev TOV Aojp, A^wp 8e eyaa^/trev TOV 2a8wK, 
2a8a)K 8e lyewrjcrfV TOV A^tt//., A^et//, 8e cyer- 

15 vrj(TfV TOV EXiot 8, EXtov8 8e eyevvr^crev TOV 
EXea^ap, EXea^ap Se fyfvvr]<Tfv TOV M.aOOdi , 

1 6 Ma$$av 8e eyewTycrev TOV Iaco^, laKw^S 8e 
fyewrjcrfv TOV Iojo-^^> TOV avSpa Maptas, c^ i^? 
fyfwrjOr) Ir/a-ovs o Xeyo/zevo? Xpto~TOS. 

1 7 IIao~ai o*v ai yeveat O/TTO A/3paajj. ea)9 Aaret8 

yeveat SeKareVo-apes, Kat, a.7ro Aavet8 a>s TT}? 
f*.fTOLKfo~i,a.<; Ba^St Xwvos yeveat 8e/<areo"O"apes, KCU 
a7ro T^5 yueTotKecrtas BaySvXaivo? ecus Tor Xpto TO? 
yeveat 8e 

i.k. 1,35. 18 Tot) 8e *Iiy(TOi5 Xpto-Toi) TJ ye veo t? OVTW? ^r. 

fjivr]O-Tfv0ficrr]<; T^S /xr^Tpos aurov Mapt as TO> Iw- 

o~T](f>, Trptv >/ crvveX^elv atTOVS fvpfOrf ev yao~Tpl 

ig f^ovaa IK HvetJ/AaTos Aytov. Ia>o~7< 8e 6 dv^p 

avT^s, 8tKaio? cSv xat /XT^ ^eXwv avTr/v Seiyyuart- 

ia 20 o"at, ffiovXr/Or] XdOpa a.TroXvo~a.i ai Trjv. TO.VTO. of 

avrov fv@v/jLr]8fVTO<;, loov ayyeXo? Kupibu KaT* 

ovap lcf)d.vf] avT<2 Xe ycuv Icoo"^^) t;to? Aaveto, /AT/ 

(f>o{3r]6fj<; 7rapaXa/3etv Maptav T^V ywat/ca <rcw 

TO yap ev a.vrfj yevvrjOfV fK IIvev/xaTOS eo~Ttv 

- 1 -^ 1 c 2,2i. 21 Aytov. Tf^fTaL of vlov, KOI KaXe crets TO 

10 ( Iwo-iW) 11 ( Iwcrt as) 15 Mar^av PS 

18 K m ITJCTOU | yevvtjfft? \ fJ.vrja T. yap 19 irapa.- 

5et7,uaricrat 20 Mapid/x. 

Kara Ma66aiov 1,21-2,7 

avrov lrj(rovv auros yap (rakrei TOV Xaw avrov 

diro TOJV dynapriaiv OLVTWV. Tovro Se dXov yeyovev 22 u. 7. u. 

ira TrXfjpiaO fj TO pr)6fv VTTO Kupiov 810. TOV irpo- 

I8ov T| irapdc vos 4v -yao-rpl i ^tt Kal W^erai vi<5v, 23 
Kal KoXtVova-iv rb 6vo|ia avrov Eptjiavoi)T|X, 
o ecrriv fj-tOfp/JLyvevo/jitvov Mt0 Tjfxciv 6 0<Ss. *~/ep- 24 

avr<2 o ayyeAos Kuptov, cai 7rape A.a- 

/?ev Tryr yvvaica avroC- Acat OVK eytVwcr/cev avrrfv 25 Lk. 2, 
ecus ou T/cev vtov /cat CKoAeo-ev TO ovo/xa a^TOV 

Tou 8e IT/O-OU yewrjOevros Iv Br^Aetyu, T^S 2 i.k. 2, 1-7. 

eV ^epats HpwSou TOV ^acriXea)?, t8ov 
yaayot aTTO dvaToXaJv TrapeyevovTO et5 c lpoo"oX7;/Aa 
AeyovTes IIou eo-nv 6 TC^^f^ Bao-fAevs TCOV 2 NU. 24. i: 
louSatwv ; eiSo/Atv yap auTOu TOV dorepa ev TJJ 
dvaToAij, /cat. T/ TrpO(rKvvr)(rai avrw. d/cov- 3 
eras o"e 6 ySao-tAcvs HpwSr^s erapd^Or), KOL irao-a 
IcpocroXvfjia avrov, KOL o"uvayayu)v TrdvTas 4 
TOVS dp^tepeis Kat ypayu.yu,aTis TOU Xaov iirvv- 
OdvfTO Trap avraiv TTOV 6 XptcrTos yevvaTai. ot 5 J" ;, 5 . 2 - 
8e e Trav ai Tw Ev Br^^Xee/x T^S lovSataS OUTCOS 
yap yeypaTTTat Sia TOV 7rpo(j>r)TOV 

Kal erv B^OXe^ ^ Iov8a, 6 

ovSa^jiws JXaxCo-rt] I ^v TOIS T| - y f JL< " lv lovSa* 
IK <rov -yap t\v<rTai T|-Y^( IVO S 

8<rris iroufiavet TOV Xa<5v \LOV rbv lo-pa^X. 
TOTC Hpwo^? \dOpa KaXeVas TOVS //.ayovs 7 
Trap avTiOiv TOV ^povov TO> <^>aivo//.evov 

22 viro TOU K. 24 Aie-yep0j 25 TOV ut 


II, 3 HpwSTjs o /3a(7i\ei j 5 eiirov 

3 A 2 

2, 7-17 Kara Ma.60a.iov 

8 do"Tepos, xal TTffjuf/as aurovs ets 

e^eracrare aKpt/3u>s Trept TOT) TraiSibv 
8e evpr/re, aTrayyetAaTe /xot, OTTCJS Kayw 

9 eA$a>v Trpoo-Kwr/o-w avraJ. ot 8e aKOUcravTes TO{) 
y3ao~iAetoS eTropevOrjo-av KOL ISov o dcmy/a, ov eTSov 
ev rJ7 ttvaroA.^, Trpo^yej/ avrovs ti)S eX^aiv fordOr) 

10 tTravw 01) ^v TO TrcuSiW. tSdvTcs 8e TOV dcrrepa 
1 1 e^dprjaav ^apav fjLe-ydXrjv cr<f>6&pa. KOL eX^ovres 
eis T^V outlay eTSov TO TratStoi /XCTO. Maptas TT/S 
/juqTpos avrov, KOI 7reo"OVTS TrpocrcKvvTrjcra.v avr<2, 
Kal dvot^avTcs TOVS 6r)cra.vpov<; avruiv TTpocrrjvf.y- 
KO.V avriS Swpa, )(pvcrov /cat \ifta.vov /cat crfjuvpvav. 
1 2 Kat ^p^yu,aTto"6evTes K<rr ovap /A-^ dvaK(ifjuf/aL Trpos 
Si dAA.7ys 6801)^utprjO a.v ets T^v 

Kx. 2, is. 13 Ava^a)p ^o"ttVTtov Se avTwv, iSou dyycXos 
Kuptov <^atVTai KaT ovap TW Iu>o"r)<f> Aeycov 
Eyep^eis TrapdXaftf TO Traioiov Kal TTJV [JLrjTtpa 
OVTOV, Kal <f)fvye et? AiyuTTTOv, Kat to~$i e/cei ews 
uv CITTW o~of jiteAAet yap HpwS^s ^Tetv TO ?rat- 

14 8tW TOU d7roAeo"at aiuTO. 6 8e eyep$ts TrapsAa- 
/?V TO 7rat8tW Kat T^V fji-rjTfpa avrov VWKTOS Kat 
HOS. n, i. 15 avf \ittpr] (rev eis AiyDTrroj/, Kat T^K eWet ews T^S 
TeAevr^s HpwSov tVa -TrXypwOrj TO pijOev VTTO 
Kvpt ou 8ta TOV TrpoffrrJTOV AeyovTO? E| Ai-yvirTOu 
(KaXscra TOV vldv pov. 

1 6 TOTC Hpa)8^s t8a)V OTI fv7rai)(6r] VTTO TCOI/ 
/Aaywv 0v/Ji<Ji)@r) Atav, Kat a7roo"TtAas dveTAcv 
TravTas TOVS 7rat8as TOVS v B^^Aee/A Kat ev ?rao-t 

TOtS OptOtS aVTT^S ttTTO 8lTOt)s Kttl KaTWTepO), KaTO. 
Jer. 31,15. 17 TOV ^pOVOV OV ^Kpt/3cOO-V TTttpa TO>V /ACtyWV. TOTC 

8 a*-pt/3ws e^eracraTe 9 ecrrr? 11 ei/pcw 

15 yiro TOU K.vpiov 


Kara MadBaiov 2, 17-3, 4 

TO pr)6ev OLO. Itpe/xiov TOV Trpo<J>TJrov 

4>v^| v Pafwt ^KOV<T<)T], 18 Go. ss.ia. 

K\ KO.L 68vp|ibs TroXvs* 
*Pa)(T|X. icXa,ov<ra ra Witva avTfjs, 

Kal OVK tyOcXcv TT-apaK\T]0f]vai., OTI. OVK fUrCv. 
TeAeirr^cravros 8e TOI) Hpa>3ov, i8ov ayycXos 19 
Kvpiou ^aiVcrat /car ovap T<3 ltacrrj<fi ev AiyvTrrw 
I Xcyouv Eycp^cis irapoLXaySc TO TrcuSi ov /cat TT^I 20 E- . u*- 
fj.rjTtpa. avrov, Kal iroptvov t? y^v la^pa^A. TC^VT/- 
Kaariv yap ol ^rjrovvrc 1 ; TTJV I/^XT/V TOV TraiSiov. 
6 8c ytpBfl<; Trapfkafifv TO 7rai8tW Kal TT)V fir)- 21 
Tpa at-roD KOL elcrrj^Ofv eis y^v Io"pa7^A.. O.KOV- 22 
o~as 8e OTI "Ap^e Xao? ^3ao"iXcvci T^S lovSaias O.KTI 
TOV TraTpos avrov HpwSov c^oftrjOr) tKei atreX- 
KO.T* ovap avf^toprja cv eis 

raAiXaias, Kai eX^wv Ka.TWK7](rev cts 23 iJt. i. ss ; 2. a 
rXr)p<a6rJTO rOtv Jn - * 4S - 

Ev 8e TCUS r]fj.f POLLS c/ceivais VapayiVcTai 3 >nt , j_,," 

6 BaTrrioTT/s Krjpvo crittv tv rfj epr/fjua 
T)s lovoWas, Xeywv MeTavoeiTC* rfyyiKfv yap 2 4,17. 
T/ y3ao"tXia Taiv ovpavfav. OVTO? yap eo~rtv 6 3 ii. *).s. 
pr)Bfi<i oia Ho~cuov TOV Trpo<f>r)rov XeyovTOS 

^wWj POWVTOS tv TQ p np- y 
ETOi|xd<raT i-f|v 68iv Kvpiov, 
tvOtias irowiT* Tas Tpipovs avrov. 

A VTO? ot 6 IcocivT^s t*X V TO v ^ v / !Aa avrov a7ro 4 2 K. i. 8 
Ka/AT^Xov *cal ^WVTJV ofpfiaTivrjv ircpl TTJV 

17 5ta] jnro 18 Pa// | ffptjvof K<U 

19 /car ovap <ftau>erai 21 ij\dfv 22 tiri TT;S [ 
curt Hpa)5ou row irarpos ai/roi/ 

III, 1 IwavvT;? \T\. 2 KOLL \fyuv 3 5to] firo 

3, 413 Kara, 

ocrtfrvv avrov rj & Tpocfrr] TJV avrov a.Kpt6e? KOL 

5 p.e Xi ayptov. Tore e^tTropevcTO wpos avrbv lepo- 
o"oXu/Aa Kat Tracra 17 Iov8ata Kat Tracra 17 ?rept- 

6 xcopos T u lopSavou, Kat e/3a7TTiovTo ev TOJ 
Iop8avi7 Trora/AW VTT avTOv^^Ofj.o\oyovfjiVOL ras 

7 ap-aprtas avrS)V. lBu>v 8c TroXXou? TCUV 4>apt- 
(TaJuav KOL 2a88ov/<ata)v cp^ofj-evow; eirl TO ySa?r- 
Ticr/u.a elTrev aurots rewT^/xara e^tSvaiv, Tt? 
VTreSeL^fV v/j2v (frvyelv CLTTO T^5 /AeAXoucny? opy^s; 

8.9 TroirjcraTf ovv KapTrov aiov 7~>}s /xeTavot a?" Kat 

yU/>/ So^TC XtVCtV CV Cttl TOr? IIaTpa ^OfJLV TOV 
.n \ v ^w <\/ /-^^ > 

Appaafji Aeyw yap iy/.iv ort ovvarat o Weos K 
TWV \i0u>v TOVTWV eyetpat TfKva T(i> 9. IO T/S?/ 8 17 O.&VT] TTpOS TT^V pto.V TU>V 8 

Ketraf Trav ovi/ SevSpov yit^ TTOIOW KapTrov 

Jn. i,i5.2fi.2r.:B. II CKKOTTTerat Kat ts Trp ^aerat. eya> p-V 
cv vSan ci? /Aeravotav 6 Se oVicra) 

lo-^uporepos /AOU ecrriv, 01 OUK eip.t 
TO. VTroS^/Aara y3ao~ra<rat avro? i> 
is, so. 12 ^SaTTTicret cv IIvet /xaTt Ayta) Kat irvpt ov TO 
TTTVOV tv rfi X et /-^ ttvrow, Kat BiaKaOapLeL TT)V 
aXcova avroi), Kat o^va^et TOV CTITOV avrov eis 
, TO 8 a^ypov KaTaKdvcrfi Trvpt 

1317: 13 TOTC TrapaytveTat 6 IT^O~O{)S CLTTO TT}? FaXt- 
L I^. S, liTai Xatas ?rt TOV lopSavT/v 7rpo5 TOV "Icoav^v TOU 
14 ftaTTTtcr&rjvaL VTT O.VTOV. 6 8e SteKwXuev avrov 
Xe ycov Eya> ^petav e^a) VTTO crov /3aTTTLcrOrjvai, 
1 5 Kat o-v epXT? ?rpos /xe ; " a7TOKpi$et5 Se 6 I^crors 
A<^)S apTf ot;TO)S yap TrpeVov co"Ttv 

4 auroi; T;! 6 Trora/uw 7 S(R) ^aTTTicr/j.a 

avrov 8 Kap-rrovs afious 10 5e /cat 17 ll /3a7rrifa> 
I yuas 14 SR o 5e Iwawijj I (Trpdy /^) 15 Trpos 


Kara Matf&uoi/ 3, 15-4, 9 

7rA?7pd>crai, Tracrav 

array. /3tt7TTtcr$c(.s S 6 I^crovs v$vs 16 
aviftr) UTTO Tor vSaros* /cat tSou Tjve^^Orjcrav oi 
oi pavot, /cat etoW IIvev/Lta cov KarajSalvov uxrel 
TrepifTTepdV, fp%ofjifvoi> ITT avrov KOL looii (fm>vT) 17 ]J 5 - 7 
TO>V ovpaviov Aeyovcra OVTOS cortv 6 Yios ftov 
6 dyaTTT^TOS, ev <5 cu^OKvycra. 

Tore 6 ITJCTOVS dv^^r; eis T^V cp7//xov VTTO 4 MU. i. ii ii 
TOU IIvcv/Aaros, Trcipacr^vai VTTO TOT) StaySoAou. He ^ ]5 
Kui v^crrevcras ?}/Aepas rccrcrepaKOJ Ta *cai Tfcrcrfpa- 2 fK^j 28 " 

vvxra? vcrrcpov fTTfivacrfv. KOL 7rpocrfX.6wv 3 Gn. 3, 17. 

a^ojv etTrev aur<5 Ei Yios tt TOV eoi), eivre 
Tva o[ XiOoL OVTOL aproi yevwvrat. 6 & OLTTO- 4 Dt. 8,3. 
xpiOtls CLTTfV FcypaTrrat OVK ITT dpru) p.6va> 
Xt|<reTai 6 dvOpwiros, dXX 4irl iravrl p^ptari ^K- 
Tropfvopitva) 8ia <rr6[iaTos tov. Tore TrapaXap.- 5 s?, ss. 
ySavet avrov 6 8ici/3oAos eis T^V ayiav TrdAiv, Kai 
(TTrj(rtv O.VTOV crrl TO Trrepvyiov TOV Upov, Kai 6 ]>. 91. 11. 12. 
Ae yet avra) Et Ylos t TOU cov, ySaAe creaurov 
KUTW yeypaTTTat yap OTI 

Tois ayytXcis avrov ^vrtXtirai irpl <rov 

Kai TTt )^lpa)V dpOVCTLV CT, 

(it) ITOT irpo<TK<}4 T]S irpos Xt0ov TOV irdSa o-ov. 
</>?; avTal 6 IT/O-OVS IlaAir yeypaTrrai OVK ^K- 7 in. 6. is. 
ircipdo-cis Kvpiov Tbv 0c<Jv <rov. ITaAtv Trapa- 8 
Aap.y8dvi aurov 6 SidySoAos eis opos {nf/rjXbv Atav, 
/cai SciKHxra aiTW Trdfra? Tas /JacrtAet as TOU 
KOO-/AOU Kat T^V Soav atToiv, /cat etTrcv aurw 9 
Tavra crot irdvra. Sejcraj, eav Trecrwv 

16 Kai pairTiffO. o I. atx^t) tvOvs \ SE , 
avru | TO Hv. rov 0. | SE /cai ep\. 17 (E m /ton, o 

IV, 2 (cat VWCT. reffffap. 3 Trpotr. airrw o Treip. 

fiTrtv, 4 -o(2) 5 1ffTri<rn> 9 Xe-yei | Tai/Ta 



4, 9-21 Kara 

in. e. 13. 1O /ttot. ToYe Xeyei aur<3 6 I^o-ous "YTraye, Sarava- 
yeypaTTTat yap Kupiov rJ>v 0<5v trov TrpoorKuvrjo-tis 

jn. i. 51. 1 1 Kal avrw [idvu Xarpcvcrtis. Tore d^oycriv avToV 
6 Sta/JoXos, /cat tSou ayyeXot Trpoo-JJX^ov Kal 

12-17 : 1 2 A/cova-as 8e on Iwaviys TrapeboOr) dve^wp^o-ev 
i.k. 4 , u! is. 13 eis TT/V FaXiXatW. /cat KaraAiTrwr T^V Na^apa 
cA^aiv /caTWKTjo-ev cts Ka^>apvaov/x T^V Trapa- lv opiot? Za/3ovXwv Kai N 
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Kara Ma.00ai.ov 6, 19-31 

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Mk. 3, 14-19. 

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Kara Ma0#cuoi> 11,19-30 

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12,1-14 Kara MaOOaiov 

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Kara Ma00a.Lov 12, 15-27 

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12,28-39 Kara Ma##aiov 

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Kara MallaiOP 12,39-49 

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12,49-13,13 Kara 

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HO. 8, 2S. 50 LLOV Kal ol a8fX<j>OL fjiov ocTTiS yap OLV 

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Lk. 8, 38. /!/ f/cs\>v \c\v 

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Kara WaOOaiov 13, 13-23 

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avrots 17 Trpo<f>r)Ttia H<raXov r/ Xtyouo-u 
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13,24-34 Kara Ma60aiov 

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Kara Ma##aioi> 13,34-45 

ySoAais TOIS a^Aois, Kai %wpl<; TrapaySoArJs 
XuAei aiTOis* OTTOUS TrXrjputGrj TO prj&tv Sia TOV 35 Pt.78,2: 
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13,45-58 Kara MaOffauov 

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Katva Kai TraAata. 

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16, 17-27 Kara Ma##aioi/ 

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18,28-19,5 Kara Ma.66a.iov 

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19, 17-28 Kara Ma##cuoi> 

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27, 64-28, 11 Kara MaQQcuov 

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Kara Ma00auw 28, 11-20 

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Ju. i, 19-30. , 

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Kara Mapicov 1,9-20 

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1,20-32 Kara Map/cov 

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/yiicr^wTajv aTr^X^ov oTTtcrco aurou. 
2128: 21 Kai eicTTropevovTai eis Katiapraovu, Kai 

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Mt. 7, 28. 21. 22 ycoyr/i eSt SacTKev. Kat ^7rX^crcrovTO CTTC TJy 

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Kara Map/coy 1 , 3245 

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Svvacrai p.e Ka$aptcrai. Kat OTrXay^vicr^eis CK- 41 
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45 e?r] ev \ ira.vTa.\o6fv 


2, 112 Kara MapKOv 

ets Ka<apvaou/x. St ^/xe- 

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TToXXot, COCTTC fJ.r]KeTl. X0>petl> p.f]O TO, TTpOS TT/K 

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a^>. a/x. 11 eyeipai, /cat 12 ?^y. ev^ewr, /cat a/>. | 


Kara Ma/3/coi/ 2, 1220 

eto-Taor$ai Trdvras Kat 8odfiv TOV eov Aeyov- 
TUS OTI Ovrws ovotTTore t8a/zcv. 

Kat C T} A$cv 7ToA.iv Trapa TT)V $aAao-o-av Kat 1 3 13-17 : 

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2, 21-3, 4 Kara MapKov 


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[fJidriov Tra.Xa.iov et Be /AT], atpet TO 

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lit. 12, fl 14. 
Lk. 6. 6-11. 

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Kara Mayo/co^ 3, 415 

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/ \ \ /i /x \ v \ x ~/\ Mt. 12.15. i. 

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lovSatas Kat OTTO lepocroXv/Awv Kat aTro r^s 8 Mt. 4.29. 
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3, 15-28 Kara 

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Kara Map/cor- 3,28-4,6 

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4, 6-18 Kara Ma/5/cov 

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Kara Ma/3/coz> 4, 18-31 

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4, 315, 2 Kara MapKov 

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TOV o^Xov TrapaXa/xySavovcriv avrov a>s iyv ev T<3 

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veTai \ai\a\fr fj.cya.Xrj avcfj-ov, /cat TO. 
eTre^SaXXev ets TO TrXotov, wore -^87;<r&a.i. 

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Kat Xeyoucrtv avTu) AtSao-KaXe, ov /At Xet o-ot oVt 

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p.eyav, Kat eXeyov Trpos dXX^Xou? Tt s dpa 
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Kara Map/cot 5, 214 

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aKatfapra), os rr)v KaroLicr)o~iv ci^cy * v TO ^ S A 11 7 ?" 3 
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5, 1427 Kara 

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Kara MapKoi> 5, 2740 

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5, 406, 7 Kara 

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Kara Ma/o/coi 6, 720 

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105 D 5 

6, 20-29 Kara Map/coz> 

e<oy8etTO TOV Iwav^v, i8ajs at TOV avSpa Sucaiov 
Kat aytov, Kat cn veTT/pet airrov, /cat dKOVcras 


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Kara \IapKOV 6, 30-41 

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Ir/o-ovv, Kat a.iTTjyy(Xav avrw Trdvra oVa iiroi- 
rjaav KOI ocra eStoa^av. Kai Xeyet avrots Acvrc 31 
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107 06 

6, 4154 Kara M.apKov 

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ytja-ev Kat KaTKXao~cv TOVS apTovs Kai coioov rot? 
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ev fj.cria Trj<s 6aXao"o~^?, Kat avTOS yu.ovos CTTI T^S 

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eXavvetv, iyv yap o ave/AOS evavTtos avTots, Trept 

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avTwv, Kat Xcyet avTOts apo^elTe, eyoi etyni, //.-^ 

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apTOts, dXX ?^v avTwv 17 Kapota Tr 

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Kara Map/coz/ 6, 547, 6 

arTwv CK TOV TrXotbu ev$vs tTrtyvovrcs CLVTOV 
I Trcpie o pa/iov oXrjv rrjv ^wpav (KfLvrjv KCLL rfp- 55 
UVTO fTrl TOIS Kpa/3a.TTOis TOVS KUKU>S e^ovTas 

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7, 7-19 Kara MapKov 

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a.^Tir TT)V evToXr/v TOV eoi), tva TT/K irapa^ocnv 

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Kara Ma/Hco? 7, 19-30 

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7, 31-8, 6 Kara Map/cov 

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Kara Map/coy 8, 6-19 

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8, 19-31 Kara Map/cov 

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Kara MapKOv 8, 31-9, 1 

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9, 213 Kara 

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Kara Maptcov 9, 14-25 

Kat fXOovTfS Trpos TOUS wa$T?Tas ct8ov ovXov 14 1429: 

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Trpos avTov9. Kat v#vs TTUS 6 0^X05 t&ovres 15 
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9, 25-37 Kara MapKov 

],-*. 26 Or)<; 15 avrov. Kai Kpaas KOLL troXXa cnrapda<; 
ef)X6fv Kat eye vcTO wcret veKpos, wore TOUS 

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TT/cras TT7? x t P os auToi) r/yfLpev avrov, 

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Kara MapKov 9, 37-50 

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Col. 4,8. 

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9,50-10,14 Kara MapKov 

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Kara Map/an/ 10,14-26 

TUJV yap ToiovVtov COTIV 17 ySatrtAcia TOV cov. 

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10,2634 Kara ~MapKov 

crais f7rX?7o-<roi TO Xeyovre? Trpos eaurovs Kal 

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Kara MapKov 10,3346 

Kai 7Tpo0"7ropuoj Tat avr<a IaKa>/?os *ai Iwa- 35 3545: 

e \ n n * i \ > ~ A * \ Mt 20, 20 - 

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10,46-11,5 Kara MapKov 

47 oSov. /cat axoucras OTI 

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i.k. i, ^-3*; . <f>ayr] Kat Br^^avtav Trpos TO opo? TOIV EXatwv, 
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aj5e 4 aTTT]\6. Sf \ TOV ?ra;X. | ?rp. TT/f 6. 


Kara Map/cot 11,516 

iru>Xov ; ot 8e eiTrav avTOts Ka$u)S etTrer o Ir^crovs 6 
Kai a.<f>r)Ka.v OVTOUS. /cat <f>fpov(riv Tor TruiXov 7 
Trpds TOV IT^CTOVV, Kai 7ri/?aXXovo r t avraJ TO. 
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11, 16-28 Kara Map/cov 

OVK T7<tev tva TIS bieveyicr] cr/ccvios Sta TOU tepou, 

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12, 717 Kara 

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Kara MapKov 12, 18-29 

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129 E 

12,29-38 Kara MapKov 

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Kara Ma/3/cov 12,38-13,6 

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131 E 2 

13, 6-18 Kara MapKov 

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Kara Ma/3/coi/ 13, 18-30 

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13,30-14,5 Kara MapKov 

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Kara MapKov 14, 617 

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14, 18-30 Kara MO/>KOI> 

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Kara MapKov 14,30-41 

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137 E5 

14,4155 Kara 

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Kara Ma3KO> 14,6567 

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139 E6 

14,68-15,7 Kara MapKov 

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crv Tt Ae yt9. /cat l^ijXOev e(0 eis TO irpoavAtov 

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219: 2 veyKaj/ /cat Trape ow/cav IleiAaToj. /cat 

Mt. 27, 11-30. , v , , ^v TC-D \ \ " 

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Kara Ma^/cov 15,721 

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15,22-36 Kara MapKov 

22 /cat (f>f poverty avrov CTTI TOV PoXyo^av TOTTOV, o 

Ps. 89. 21. 23 IcTTLV fJ.f.6fp/J.r)VCv6fJLVO<; KpaVtOV TO7TO?. KO.I 

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Kara AOVKO.V 1, 11-23 

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1,2336 Kara KOVKO.V 

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1,60-64 Kara AOVKOLV 

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Kara AOVKO.V 1,6476 

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2, 22-35 Kara AOVKO.V 

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3, 1527 Kara Aou/cav 

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Kara AOVKO.V 3, 274, 5 

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TOU EX/AaSa/u. TOU *Hp TOV Irjcrov TOV "EXte^ep 29 
TOV "lajpctyu. TOV Ma$0ar TOU Aeuet TOU 2u/zcojy 30 
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o~rpf\l/ev O.TTO TOV lopodvov, /cat ^yeTO ev T<5 

1 S. IB, 1. IS. 

2 S. C. 14. 
Ku. 4, 22. 

1 Ch. 2, 1 BS. 

Gn. 29. 35. 

On. 21, 2. 3 ; 

11. 10-26. 
1 Ch. 1, a+-27 

Gn. 5, -32. 
1 Ch. 1-4. 
Go. 11, 10 ; 4, 25. 

Gn. 6, 13. 


Mt. 4. 1-11. 
Mk. 1, 12. 13. 

IIveu/AaTi tv TT7 fprffJua r)p.epa<i Tfcra-epaKOVTa. 2 

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TTOS. Kat dvayaywv auTov ISet^ev auV<3 7rao"as 5 



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Kara AOVKO.V 6, 22-34 

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6, 3443 Kara Aou/cav 

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Kara AOVKCLV 6, 437, 5 


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171 F 6 

7, 515 Kara AOVKO.V 

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Kara AOVKO.V 7, 16-26 

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7, 2637 Kara AOVKOLV 

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Mai. 3,1. 27 repov 7rpo(f>r)Tov. OUTOS (.CTTIV Trepi ov ye ypaTrrat 
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Kara Aov/cav 7, 37-47 

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fv TTJ oiKta TOU <I>apio-aiou, /co/Auracra <iAa/?a- 
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7,47-8,10 Kara Aov/cav 

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Kara AOVKCW 8, 30-41 

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Kara XOVKO.V 11,5-17 


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12, 34-47 Kara Aov/cav 

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12,58-13,11 Kara A.OVKOLV 

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Kara AOVKO.V 14,23-35 

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14,35-15,13 Kara AOVKO.V 

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Kara Aou/ccu> 15,13-25 

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15,2516,5 Kara XOVKO.V 

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16, 1627 Kara AovKav 

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17,823 Kara AOVKOLV 

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17,37-18,13 Kara AOVKO.V 

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Kara \OVKO.V 18, 13-25 

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18,2540 Kara Aov/ccu/ 

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3, 1527 Kara 

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9, 2810, 1 Kara 

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10, 13-27 Kara 

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10,40-11,13 Kara Ia>avr]V 

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11,5412,9 Kara 

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12,2134 Kara 

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Kara Iwavrjv 12, 3448 

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12,48-13,10 Kara 

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Kara Icoavrjv 13,1023 

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13,2336 Kara 

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16,519 Kara 

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Kara Icoair^ 17, 10-23 

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Mt. 26, 36. 
Mk. 14, 32. 
Lk. 22, 39. 
2S. 15,23. 


Mt. 26. 47 5R. 
Mk. 14. 43 52. 
Lk. 22, 4753. 

Lk. 21, 37. 

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Kara Icocu/Tp 18,8-19 

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Kara Iwai^i/ 18,31-19,2 

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19,212 Kara 

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Kara luavrjv 19, 13-23 

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19,2334 Kara 

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20, 417 Kara. 

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Kara lajavrjv 20, 1727 

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20,2721,7 Kara 

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21, 1825 Kara 

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8e Trvev/^ta ^a>^ 8ta 8i/caioo~vv77v. et 8e TO Ilvev^ta 1 1 

Gl. 5. 17. 

i P. iii. 


31-38. 4. 
3,27. 7. 23.24. 

Jn. 1,14. Ph. 2, 7. 
Ac. in. 38 ; 

15. 10. 
He. 2,17; 4.15. 

Gal. S, 16. 25. 

Mt. li 34. 

Jn. 8. 43 ; 12. 39. 


1 Co. 3, 16 ; 12, 3 

Gal. 2. 20. 
Ph. 1,21. 
1 P. 4, li 

23 SB- -e? 2 25 SR ei/xapitrrw R m x^P s 5e 
VIII, 1 iTjffou, fj.rj Kara crap/to. vfpnra.Tovffii>, a\\a 
a trvfVfw.. 2 ere] SR /j.e 9 aXX 10 5t 


8, 1124 II/305 

TOV cyet pavTos TOV Irjcrovv fK vcKpuiv otKt iv vplv, 
6 cyet pa? K vKpu>v Xp<.o~Tov Iiycrovv ^woTroiT^cret 
/cat TO. OvrjTa o~<o/xaTa V/AUJV Sta, TOV evoiKovvTos 

6,7.18. 12 "Apa ovv, a$fX<f>OL, o^eiXerai ecr/Aev, ov 
Gi. 6. ^a 13 crapKi TOV KOTO, crdpKa. ^rjv. ft yap Kara 

14 Trpa^et? TOV o"oj/xaTos ^avarovre, ^crecrOf. ocrot 

yap IIvev/AaTi eoi) ayovrai, OUTOI vtot CLCTLV 

r., T M 7 - I 1 ? eoi!. ou vap fXdBere TrveCua SouXeias TraXii/ 

Gal. 4, 5. t). -^ r \ \ / ^ /i / 

eis <opov, dXXtt cXapere TrvcC/xa i;iopO"ta?, ci/ a> 

2 Co. 1,22. 1 6 /cpa^o/AV A. fipa 6 IlaTr^p. avro TO IIj/i;p:a 

cruvfJiapTvpcL TO? Trveu/xaTi rjp.u>v OTL <r/J,ev TfKva 

Gal. 4, ?. 17 eov. ei 8e Tt/cva, Kat K\i]povo^oL- K\r)pov6fj.oi 

p.fv eov, crvvKX-r)povofj.oL Se XptoToi;, ctTrep o-vv- 

2 Co. 4^17. 1 8 TroV^o/ACi iva Kai (TwBo^acrOCjfjLfv. Aoyt ^o^tat 

yap OTI ov/c a^ta TO, TraOri/J-aTa TOV vvv Katpov Trpos 

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Coi. 3, 4. 19 17 yap aTTOKapaSo/aa T^S /CTtVews rryr aTro 

EC. i, 2. 20 TWV Diwv TOV ov aTrcKSe^eTai. T^ yap 

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iji i 3 3 1; 2I V7ror al/Ta > ^ eXiriSl StoTt /cai avTTj 17 KTI CTIS 

fXfvOepdiOr/crfTaL O.TTO T^5 SovXeta? Ti/5 <f)Bopa<; 

eis Tryv fXfvOfpiav TT)<; So^rys TOJV TfKVW TOV 

22 cov. oiSa/iev yap OTI Traaa 17 KTUTIS ODVOTC- 

2 Co. 5, 2. 23 vd^fi Kat crvvwStVet a^pt TOV vvv ov p.ovov 8e, 

dXXa, Kat avTOt TT^V aTrap^^v TOV ITvev/zaTOS 

l^ovTt? r]fJifi<; Kat avTOt ev eavTOt9 o"Teva^op:cv 

vto^eo~tav a7TK8^op:VOt, T^V aTroXvTpcocrtv TOV 

2 Co. 5, 7. 24 o"wyu.aTO5 7]fJi(av. TTJ yap 

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TO evoiKovv avrov Hvev/j.0, 14 ei(T. mot 15 a\\ 

20.21 SB , eir eXTiSi (S , B m ) on 23 /cat TJ/J.. avr. \ 
(ffTtv., vioO. arrexS. rrjv) 


11/305 POJ//.CUOUC; 8, 2436 

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rt IXxictj ft Se o ou ySAeVo/xev eA7rio/aev, oY 25 
VTTO/AOVT)? aTr-eKc^d/ze^a. fio-auYws Sc Kai TO 26 

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6.11.13. IP. 2,& 
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Eph. 4, 2). 
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Eph. 4. 7. 

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Ps. 120, 5:128,6. l6 Kttt OO~Ol TO) KOVOVt TOVTUI O~TOl\TnO-OVCTLV. tlp^vri 
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Col. 1, 11; 2,12. ?, / , ,, v / 

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Ps.8,6. ^rt 28,18. 22 /cat eV TCO ue XXovTf Kat iravTa vrreVafev virb 

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Col. 1, 24 , A C , ( e /L " 

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2 Th. 3, 1 V* / / / / 

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.III. 1, 1.2; 17. 5. 
Gn. 1, iff ; 3, 5. 
Is. 53. 3. 2C.8,9. 
He. 2. 14. 17. 

He. 12, 2 ; 6, 8. 
Jn. 10, 17. 

Ac. 2,33. 

Kph. 1, 21. He 

Is. 4-i. 23. 
Jn. 5. 2i. Kev. 


1 P. 1. 17. 
Pi. 2, 11. 

Jn.15.5. 2Co.3A 
1 Th. 2, 13. 
1 P. 4, 9. 

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