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Bohn's Standard Library. 



Cozs'i lUnKdn of tlu Dqln of- 

UuUxmiiigh. Pmtmilt. In 3 Tola. 
%* Ad AUu of tile pEane of Mutboron^s 

Bmnmont and Flstchor, a popular 

ScLecUm from, Bj Lkioh Hunt. 
Beokmann'i Hiitor; of Inveiitioiu, 
DIscD'erlcs, mi OrlgUu. RevlKd uid 
enlarged. Partraili. In i vok. 
Bmnei'i OKlM) Worki. Tmasiated bv 
UasiHowitt. /'DTlnitl. In t voli. 
VdLI. TbeHdgtibonrtialutbFrTalet. 
Vol, a. The Pnuldeni'g HiagbUr, 

N»pLM nndcr SpMilsh Itomtnlon. Timi- 

latfd from Ihe Oennui of Alfred iv 

Caml'i Coustai Berolatiini in £iir- 

Luid. Fox'i UiBlDrf Slid jAostUle^B 

Memoir of Jun« II. FurtiaO. 
Cellini (BenTMiQtiq, Henuiin o£ 

TniniUtad by Robmib. ftnlrail. 
Clonde'i BDmlnion of the Aratw is 

SpnJo, TnneLiied by Un. Fosci. In 

Cowpei'i Completa Worki. Edited, 
nd CorreifpoDileiiu. 

- HUtoT7 of tlw HonH of 

roater*! jDhn] Ufo and 

LMtatM at Broadmaad 

Ouipel Edited b; J. E. Biuhu, Id 

Critioal EuftTl. Edited br 

J. E.Rit*sD. In avail. 
EiMTi— On Deolcion of Om- 

Snaff— On the B*il* of to- 

KiaoellaiiMaJ Work*. In- 

cludinc bli Eh*/ oo Doddridge. Frt- 

raUer*! CAndnvi Frindpal Worici. 

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OlWtlW'l WoAm, traDibled into En^ 

Ittb. tainls. 
Toll, I. ud X ADtdblognpliT. 13 Bgoki ; 

•Dd Tniela la lUlr. FruuK. wd 
Swlluttaud. .PcTlraie. 

Vol. S. Finsl, Ipliigenli. Torqulo 
Tuu, I%D»nt, it., bf HIh Swih- 
wiCKj iind GOU voD BerlkblDfnn, by 
8fc WitTBB SatTT. ^— -■— — 

TdI. 4. Puems tmd Tales. 

QMgmj'i (I)r.)lTidBiLOGB, DMtrlnM, 

u3 DnUei or tbe CtaiUtku Rellglnn. 
Gniiot'i BepreieatatiTe Qonnuosnt. 

Xrudiud t? 1- S. Scoua, 
HistoiT«f UHEagUihSero- 

iDiloD at IHO. TnsaiaUri br WIUUH 

Hiitnro'^^^'il^t't"- "^^"^ 

Isted b; Wiluah HAziin. In 3 Toll. 

Hvngur; iti BlitMT *n^ Berdii' 

Uoiu ; with ■ Uemolr of KMialli from 
MW ul ButtioaUc MiHca. f srfroA 

HutoUiiNn [ColoiwI), MMiuiin n^ 

•nd ui AccoDnt of Uu SIbe* of lathom 

Loidi ZIT. Fcrtrail*. In 

Jnnini'i lettmi, with Nott^ Ad- 

lunutttie'i HIitoTj of tliB CHmid^ 

BoiUTstiinL of A« Mouuohr, 

vlIhliKlu. i'Bfroili. Id* Toll. 

. Freneb BctoIbUok of 1B4S, 

Willi k ana AoniKjifKf. 

I^nii'i HlitoTj of Painting. Traiu- 

J. A. St. Ions. ilirtraiL In 1 loli. 

lift aad Lenon, witii Ex- 

trscu Htm Us CotmnoD-Plua BeokJ, by 
LUlMT'i laUo TbOIc. Tranalat^ bf 
WiuuH Kuun. earinit. 


TtanhlM.fmUi't WtUn <d 

The PriDot, wid other Worki 
Ksniel'i Hiitory of Qtrmany. 

Kclielet'i Life of Lvtkur. TnuisIaUd 

_ Ttj>Tnnii BAinbliO' TramJated 

-. FMneh BvntBtiMi, Tith la- 

Ki^et'a Fniuh BttrtJatioa from 

3199 lo 1914. Pin-traxt, 

KUton'l FrOM Workl, witli Indn. 

Hitford'i (MIm) Our ^ll«ga. 

proved lotion, oompli ~ ■••--■ 

ITeandeT'i ChaToh Blitcoy. Tnmi- 
taUd; wUhGenenUadu. IsIOtdI*. 

— — Lib of Qaiik Tmnskied. 

mftoiy of Ctariitiaiilh^mM. 

Oulitikn Lift is the Ettrlr 

wd MtddloAEo. Including bla'Ligbt la 
Duk PlaoL' TnuuiliUd. 

Ooklej'* HiitDiy of tlie Baraemi, 

Rflvlfled ADd compleled. Portrait. 
Buke'i Hiitory of tlMFopM. Tmis- 

Beynold^ {Biz JmIuu) litomy 

Works. Ptrrtrait. In 1 vols. 
BoHoe'i Lift uid FostilLaUa of 

L«i X, villi thB Capfrlgbt NiMH, and in 

Index. FortrsiU. \b 3 lols. 

Lifb of Loimuo do 1[«di«i, 

irlth tbeCopTilght Noleiitm. fVlrait 
Bnilik, Elttoiy of, b; Walixb K. 

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tnulUsd. xlfli Gea«r»1 Index. 

- Sramatio Utenttm. Ti-ai 

L PottraiL 

- Kodem Hlitory. 


SbBridsn'i Snnuitie Worki and 

Idle. PvrUoit. 

Samondf I Litentme of Om Bouth 

of Eniirae. TrueltUei] bf BMCce. i>or- 
bni^ iDl vdU. 
Bmlth'i (Adam) nieiny of the Horal 

Uodem BUboiy. Ja 3 vok. 

IiMtnrM on the franoh B»- 

mnlioa. InlToU. 

Stnim'i Homing CDmmnning* wiUi 

God, at DerotLoiul UedlUtimu »[ Everf 
Taylor'i (BiahopJerem;] Eo^Idnng 

Wealay'i (John) LUa. Bj J 

UnUtina with Bolin's Standard Library. 
Irrlng'i (Waahlagtos) 

W«kL LildTok. 3i.«iieKn. 
ToU 1. SalmiiEaDdl tuid Eoli^erbocbH. 

/■ortraii ^ tte Juttor. 
Vol. 3. Skelcb Bodlc mid life or Oalil- 

Vol. 3. Bncsbridie HbU ud AbboU- 

Ainl mtd HflwtteHL 
ToL 1. Tsis of •. TnTrJIer mil tha 

Chillii^wiHiili'a Baligion of Fro- AUmmbn. 

tortanU. 3t. «d. 
OlaaliD Talaa. Coaiprising ia One 
It esteemed imiki ot tti* 

Damoitluaiea and JEhUiwi, tlia 

On'OcatOt. Tnnditdd br Lelud. bi. 

IKalcMin and Kowbray on Fonltry. 

EdlUdbjUnl^DMV. iOulnUfnuby 

Tol. 10. CoiHiiiHt of IHori 

Bofland'i Britiali Anglei** Kannal. 

ImpTored utd enlarged, itj ^waku Jua^ 

■in thoAfta w**^ 

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lAwranoe'i Lwtnrsi ... .. 

live Autom;, Pbyaloli^, ZotAosj, and thg 
Nitml HlUorr of Uio. JUuHraltd. St. . 
lilly't Introdootiott to Aibotogy, 

BhakMOMTfl'! WoAf, vltli Lib, 

byCuuHEBa. ]n dtuDond lypu. 

or, HPtfA 40 Engranngl. 6». 

XFnol* Tom'i CaUu. With Introdno- 

1017 RsmuliB, by Uie Bev. J. Shshiai'. 

Prlntid <n a luja cl«ar ttt*. iUutro- 

VUe, Wide World. Rj ELruBBTH 

Bohn'8 Historical Library. 


Jsin't llemidn of tlw FratenAan 

Fapin' IHuj and Corretpondenco. 

Indited by Lord Brajbrogke, WIUi Im- 
poTttnt AddlUoiu, incLoding nDmarom 
Luicn. lOutlTaUdvitk'mamMl-ortnia. 
In 4 VOlL 

JtfM'B Kamoin of tba Bel^ of tlw 

8tuut& Ineludlug tbs ProteBUiiBte. Wilh 
General Index, Upviardt qf 10 Poriraia. 

From offlclnl i 

prlvblfl wd pnoilc. 

{Jiut wmflttei. 

Bohn's Library of French Memoirs. 


Kasunn of FhlUp do ComnllMf, I Hlatotj at Lool* XL PartnOi. 

odqUIdIdcUis Hltlorinor Lddlg Xl.ud > vaU 

I Ctau-lei VIIL, ud st Cbulu tbe Bold. 

Dulm of BaigundT, To whkb !• Idded, 

Hie Bandiloiis Cfarvolcl*, « Secret I 

Bohn*8 Ekdkool and College Series. 

mnroHK with tsb btandabd libbabt. 

How TetUnust mia) in OtmIc 

SrieebHh-i Ten, with Uw *uliiiu ttmd- 
tap of Mm nol achdi It I«t of i»n>i>d 

si ReferRKO In ths nuilD ; ■]»■ 

Crf'lal IntTodDcUao and Cfaranaloglail 
Tablf). TKo/tMotinkOa Iff 9reic Jfotw- 
jfirifO. (tUpacec) U.eil.; orwllhUH 

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Bohn'a Illnstrated Library. 


FUzuku'i iMtUM OS Benlptnn. 

AUra't Bkttlu of tlu BriOdi Jlvrf. 

Arloito'i Orlando TnrioiD, [a Eng- 
lldiVeraB. BtW,-8,Ro™. TwOvefitie 
Bttffravinfft. In 3 -to\L 

Beohiteiii'a Cag« and CkunlMT Birdi. 

Wa* tit pbtw cotouTBif. 7s. M, 
^onomi'i mneveh and Iti Fslwwi. 

Now EdlUoo, RvlKd ud cnnBidersUr 
ai\Mrt^ bolta In nuUa uid PliteR, In- 
olodiDg ■ Fnll Account ot (ht AujrUn 

B^l^-y^ jfljgi,^^ '"-' •- .1.. W-.i 1 

With Vwionun 

tToUa, m nognpbr, ind 1 Onml Index. 
Edited bj Henki u. Boon. nirQr beiw- 
iiful nbittriaUmt. 

■ ; or, further Uhairated laih 

Csttcnule'i EvMiiagi •( Haddon 

fivn daiffTU by himi^, Ibe L«tterpre« 
by tlH BiaoKEV Db C^ubelu. 
China, Ptctoiial, SsiOTiptiTe, and 

di4 Bomefld, Sluu, and Anun, flearly 
IM Jllutra^imi. 

Craik'i (Q. L.) Foniiit of EnowlMlga 

nnder DIIUcuIUb. ilLmlmled ■■- ' — 

KeviHd Edition. 

[.nut PuUis&cd. 

fe- niWT>iaiiy . Thieo Connei and a 

I>««Tt A SeriM of Tiiej, iciUl BO Au- 
■umut iUwImtiiJiii b]) CntOiAaak. 
Dante. Translated tw I, C. Wright, 
H_A. Kev Fidltlon, arcrnllT nvlwd, 
^MMKit and » iButraMmi «> Aaii, 

Didron'i Hictorf of Chiiitian Art; 
- — ■ 1 lopoognpl)/. From tl» 

'■a Btchingiiy atvr^Cn,ikAar\}c. na 
Gdmm'a Oammw OntlMl; n, Oar- 

nuin JbIt TsLm ind KipqlM- 8»rl«. 
Trins^ated bf Fjwai Txiua. iVmhivm 
n^»d«tt( fry CVuiitlhanJI:. 3), &I. 

Holbein'i Dance of Death, and Bible 

Cull. Upwarrit iif 1(1) tu^jaU. UomH- 
ftiUy unjfTaiKi in /ae^mile, with Inlio- 
dnciioq and DMcrlptloni b» ItiB Isle 
FuHCO Dduci and I)r. T. F. Sudw. 
STOlMnl. Ti. M. 

Hewitf * (Uary) FiotorisI Calendar 

of the SeaKui. Kmbodjing the whole of 
ABmi'g Calendaf of Maton. t^mrdi qf 

(KaiT and WilUani) Steriw 

oTI^IIdi and Foreign LKe. Ticmts teait- 

(i/ij Enffravingt- 
Eimt'i (Leigli] Book liir a Comai. 
£^My eH^rmely b«auti/tiJ Enffraningr, 
India, Fiotorial. Deioriptive, and 

HIttoricil. fmn the Earliest Tims u the 

Pra»nL f^piKlrdf 0/100 JtwJn^flpifij* 

lene'i ^eodoteioflh^i. Nev Bdi- 

Eitto'i SetlptDie Landa and Biblleal 
Auaa. H Van, bfautifUUn iHfniMd on 
filed, via aContalUnglDdci. 

1 or, toiih llie mapj cohartd. 

Undmy*! (Liad) Xetten on "Egypt, 

EdDm, uid the H0I7 laod. New UkUtloD. 
enlaced. TAirty^ia AeouC^/til Aigras^ 
fnf (, nnil z JKipe. 

lodge'i ?ortruti of Illsitriana Fw- 

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So much has been dooe to the present Fart, that ta enmnerate 
all tlie articles revised iroold almost amotmt to reprinting the 
whole of the titles. 

The onrions enquirer may refer to Galleries, Gibbon, Gilpin, 
Goethe, Goldsmith, Gkinld, Gray, Greene, Gregson, Halibnrtoo, 
Hall, Halle, Hallam, Hamilton, Hearoe, Herbert, Herodotus, 
Heywood, Hoare, Hobbea. Hogarth, Holinahed, Holland's Basi- 
liologia. Homer, Hone, Hood, Hook, Hone, Horace, Hume, 
Hnnt, Hunter, asd Hntton. 

Full half the work ia now completed, and the most diffi- 
cult part of the task overcome ; it is therefore hoped that the 
r^nainder will proceed with less delay than heretofore. But 
there is no intention of lettjng speed take the place of care, an^ 
Subscribers are requested, under any circumstances, to await 
the completion with reasonable patience. 

The book does not pay at its present price, the Pablisher 
therefore reserves to himself the right of advancing it to ffon- 
Sabscribers immediately aller publication of the concluding 


Tori Street, Covenl GanU*, 
April 26, 1869. 

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' i 

-See Du- 
ll liOOVB. On^r, 

'I iElhony, GoLD- 

G.A.— Thebe- 

^ nefltsthatOhiTB- 
B ataeyye by 
Jeans Chnet cru- 
cified, tramlftted out of French inW 
Engiikh by A. G. Printed by H. 
Bynnemui, n. d. l^ino. 

B«l)u<br, ISM, Si. ISi. 
G. jL— The Widdow'i mite oit 
into the Treasure-hoaae of the Fre- 
rogBtivea, and PmjBea of the Vir- 
gin Mary. With ellowanee, 1619. 

Bright, II. 15«. 

G. B.—See Gabtek, Benisrd. 

G. C. — A Watch- wordefbr Warw . 
Cambridge, 1596. 4to. 

A nUgl^i i iMounc, conilaiiiig otdilrt; 
iHiei, dedlMtud lo Um Hi; or ud Alder- 

G. C— Secrete of Angling, im- 
parting the beet and choiceet Ei- 
periments for taking all aorte of 
E^h, witii Flj, Womae, Paste and 
other baite, by C. 6., a brother of 
the angle. Lend, for B. Baldwyn. 
1705. 12mo. 
Id proae, H ftm. Bealdsii Seclpei for 

goibsbr'a la 1^. Mb. Nuhd. pt. 1. 
G. C. — The Minte of Deformiiiea. 
Lend. W. Jonea, 1600, 4to. 
An UDnilig Sitin npoii the Vuilly and 

ot'ilH Engtiih li Imltata Waaigam. 
Helwr, pt. It. 768, *l. l*i. Sd. 

O. K. — 5«« GlBBOH, Edmund. 
Gbutt, Bdward. 

G. F. — Ste QoDwnf, Francis, 
QOLnsmTH, FiBuoii. 

G. Or.^See Gbeco, Gioaohjuo. 

O. G. of S. — A ficetioui Poem 
in Imilafion of the Cherry and 
3Iae, giring Account of the En- 
t^ataiument LoTe and Dcapair got 
in the Highlands of Scotland ; >«- 
Tealed in a Dreajn to one in Fur- 
suit of hi* Btohi CowB. By O. G. 
of S. Eitob. 1701. lamo. 

Q. H.— The Mirrour of Majestie. 
Land. 1618. Set Uikbob. 

G. I. — De Bebua Bnb impoio 
MHrchiooiaMont«roearuni in Scotia 
gestie. lond, 1647. ISmo. Set 


IlWIh, **«, Ul. Sd. 
Or. I. — M, Some laid open in hia 
coulcra ; wherein the indifferent 
reader may easily aee how wretch- 
edly and baulj he hath handeled 
the cause againet M. Penri, dona 

3' r an Oiford man to hie friend in 
unhridge. Without place or date, 
secretly printed (circs 1588). Umo, 
Brighi, 11. Bs. 
G, 3. — An Apologife for Women 
Einde. Lond.Ed, AUde, 160&. 4to. 
A pmUhiI Iiml Inifll.' Old Ptajs, 1. UelHi,pt.iT.T80,31,Ia, 

G. J,— The Ifaaks of Flowers 
preeented by the Qmtlemen of 
Graies Inne at the Court of White- 
hall in the Banqoetting Eonae 
upon Twelfe-night, 1613. By 
J,G,,W.D.,andT,B. Lond.Wl*. 

vitb tba LM7 I'nDrai, duighter u tbe 
Eirl gf BulTolk. KtllHles, SEl, it, Ot, Rui- 

Q, J. — Dreadlul Burning of 

London, a Poem. Lond, 1667. 4to. 

Nuau. pL L um (with Btbu taef). 

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a. T. 

G. J.—Srt(i<maK,J. dKEtx, i. 
QiiAimL, Joeeph. 

Q, L. — Essajm and Cbaraoten. 
Bt t. a. 1661, 8to. 

Bn^ In lot 17H. A up; li Is ths M>- 
IgsB CDllKtiDn. 

Q. P. — A. mooming Diti 
the Deaeaa of Pnns Heoij Earl 
of Anindd. 1679j Loud, bj John 

ReprlMed In tbe tenth Tolume of tbc 
Huleiu XLiMl1U7. 

G. E.— Salutem in Oiristo. 1571. 

On T pi>C*>. A letl«r nmcsrulnf the 
ncoad nmmltnwnt of the Uufce of Sot- 

lUj of Ootofcer, I'wi. Tour loulog bro- 
ther in Lawe. ft. G.' Thmtght to ba done 
3~ WlUlun OmIU. It vne probably piinl- 

U.B. — An Exhortation and fruit- 
ful Admonition to lert 
and modeet Matrones, 
ing Tp of tlieir Cliildren in godl; 
Education and boushold Discipline : 
Sy R. Q. Load, for Itich. Ling, 
1584. Jfimo. 

A copy l> m tbii Utlone CollecUon. 

Q. E, — Tirginia's cure, or an ad- 
viaire narrative concerning Virginia, 
disooTering the true ground of that 
dinrche'a unhappinees. Lond. 1662. 

B^lEbt. ITI. 

G. B.— ^ GoirsE, Richard. 
GonLS, Rahert. Gb£Ens, Kobert, 

G. T.— The Frier* Chronicle ; 
or, the ^^le Legend of Priests and 
Monkei Lives. Lend. 1623. 4to. 

G. T. — AnavfOT to Wither's 
Motto, without tt frontispiece : 
ifhet«m Nee habeo, nee careo, nee 
euro, are neither approved nor con- 
fated, but modeetly controuled or 
qudifled. Oxford, lfi25. 

in Witber-e 

Wllb frmHipleea. Bothal^a Ip Dm. 

G. W.— Hutoiy of the Church 
of Great Britain to the Year 1667. 
liond, 1676. 4to. 7s. 6d. Sm 
Cuvaaa HiaToar, p. 419. 

There le * CbDich Ufitory ofFnaM by 


G, W.—Stt GsniSAUij'WillUiD. 
Obrt, William. 
Gabaus. — The Oonnt of Gsbatis, 

' the extravagant Mjsteriea of the 
CabaHstB. Lond. 1680. l£mo. 
GordDiutoan, 2302, 4a. Piom tbti noiX 

the Abb* de' Monlftmcon in TUlaiB, ud 

GiBH, Rev. Thomas. Finia Fj- 
ramidiB, or Disquiaitiona cODCem- 
ing the Antiquitj and tcientiflc 
End of the great Pyramid of Oizah, 
and of the first Standard of linear 
Measure. Lond. (1S05). Svo. 
FonthUI, ia02, 7b. 

Gabbbtt, Joseph. A digested 
Abridgment and comparatire Tiew 
of the Statute Law in England and 
Ireland to the Year 1811. With a 
Supplement. Lond. 1812-lS. rojal 
" . 4, vols. U. iB. 

inlyliulty artuiged Id lb« order oC 

Treatise on the Criminal Law. 
Dublin, Svo. 3 vols. 

Gabble, Gridiron. Ste Haslb- 

BOD. Jos. 

Gabelhodee, Oswaldus, Dr. 
The Boock of Pbyaicla, translated 
out of High-duche 1^ Doctoor 
Charles Battax, and now out of 
Low-duche into Englishe by A. M. 
Dorte, by Isaack Caen, 1Q99. foUo. 

Gabbius. SftTiKwrnrtjIbo*. 

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GuiaUBT, John. TheDoetrine 
irf NstiTitie*, with Qie Doctrine of 
honrj Queationa. Land. 1668. 
folio. IS*. 

Wllhpi>Ttnlt,>tiit.Bl,liTC»H. Con- 
■tible.MS, U li. 

Nktnn Predltilarnin.or lb« Hotan of 
Frollflu. Lond. IMO, ISmo. port, by 

CDllMUon ar NitlTlliH In CL, OcdI- 

„ , JdlUtlM 

BriUata Mui«mi. 

GiDDBasitr, John, of. Sou 
AngliCA ptsctics UediclnEC a c&piCs 
at pedes JoASHBaAHSUCi. Papiee, 
1498. folio. Van. 1506 and 1516. 
Iblio. Naples, 1506. folio. Again, 
Aiuebourg, 1595. 2 vols. Ho. 

QiymauL, Jamei. Unheard-of 
Curioaitiea oooceroing flie Talis- 
mania Sculpture of the Persians, 
Ou HoroacopB of the Patriarchs, 
and the Bcadiuz of the Stam. 
Translated hj Edra. Chilmead. 
Lond. 1660. 8to, 6a., folding platea. 
' id br Dt. Adam 

dernned by th> 
^ the dUnm 

'led br Di 

lunnd EabblDleal wilWr, vh Ubniira 
ta the Caidiul BicbsUea. 

O^ai, Bit Henr;. Alter Britan- 
aie HeroB : or, the Life of the 
most honourable Enight, Sir Hemy 
Oage, late Gloremour of Oiford, 
epiWmis'd. Oifbrd, 1646. 4to. 

mUiy ic 


d Digbr, 

I, 13l BiDdlay, pt I 

- John, F.A.S. The Eiitorj 

u.ii>>.ad. BHght,u.ii 

GiOE, J., F.A.3, History and 
mtiqnitiee of ThingoeHun tired, Co, 
SuSblk. Lond. 1838. roy^lto. plates, 
a 14a. ed. UBOK FiFis, 11. 7e. 
aieatim-~-Tla», Dadlcatlon to the M>r>- 
111 it Ilrlat<^ AdTsrtlaanwiil, Piriilita 
iidFlaH«d*MHbad,iiiidLtit of Platea; 

— M. On Crypti^raphT Or 
Vriting. Korwich, 1809. » 

the West Indies. 

folia. 10s. 

I msleii^i on tl 

la co^ed 


»ini Editioit, snlarged hj tbs AnUior, 
inH baintlfled with Hspa. Load. ISA. 
bllD. Binder, p(. i. ISn, IL II.— Thikd 

-acter of Abp. L 

llDdlej. PC 

Oaobe, William, LL.D. Ulisees 

^ui, Tragwdia nora. In Xd« 

Christi Oioniee publics Academicia 

itata, octavo Ida* Februaril, 

1591. Oion. 1692. Bvo. 

DedlutLon to Lord Bockhiirsl, iflar 
vbloh s» Hveral commsiidatocT Terssi. 

Sin eight!, 
elunr. TnnBdla. Oir 
:lTalaa ConmdlL 

. 1U9. Bio. 
poet Mped.llr 

[i T.i.jTm , Qnbriel Henrj. His- 

de la Bivalitd de la Zrann- «t 

de I'Angleterre. Paris, 1771-7. 

12rQO. 11 Tols. 

Bona nplas bear the daleoTinS. Aa- 

liar edition. Puli, I81B. Svo, t nla, 


;, Google 

854 Bill 

A Colleotion of Prints iUtutnttTe 
of Engliah Scenerj, from origiiutl 
DrawingB engr&Tsd bj WaHa and 
Laporte, Ixmd. 1802. folio. 73 pUtes. 
tfuuu, pt. L UMIS, II. Tl noon. 
Nonli,,moDiotii,A<.lCH. Dairda^ 

Sliebib of bis lifo by PhUip ThlskiiNS. 
Lund. lies, limn, 
Utt, by Q. W. FDlaher, edlud br his 

piiui, ac 

OiuHBKiBi), ThomM. "ttw tire 
Mid wonderfrll History of PerUn 
Warbeck, prodaimbe hinueUe 
Bicbard Hie fourth. Lond. D. G. 
for Nath. Butter. 1618. 4to. 

A-4 S, In fours. DHllelteil 'To — 

Tbs HisUrie of Trebinnde, In four 
Book!. L«nd, l«6.4ta. A Mt of Tiles. 
Ltoyd, Ht, U. iDKlla, 11.4*. eusTRii, 
IIH 11.141. BdKfaC.l^. 

The Olocy of Ecglud, « ■ True De- 
•ciipclaD oT iDuif gicellsnt PnrogtHTU 

trlumphc th OTer ill Nittoai In Ihfl World. 
lAUl. Bdwd. QrUBn. 1619. ltd. A oopy of 
tbii ■ntartilnlDg work li inths Brlllih 
A trDfl,«ieTTiplu-7i»iid 

BlDdler, pL U. 14S7, X. 13t. Sd. 

auspoBi), T., D.D. Sie Bod- 
leian librMj. 

Thli Isuned dlTlne bu pnblllhed most 

iDlnoree GevcI, Ueph>iatloij,£tyiuoli>^»n 
JItgnum, SuldH. Slabeu^ &«. 

QiLABSi, SieuT do. Lb Tttsd- 
nie heweose, on Crcanwel politique. 
Lerde, 1671, 12mo. 

with frontlBpi^GA GomUinlng ■ portnlt 
BtO.CromwsU on boiwbKk. Dent, pt.I. 
STI, nunicce, Bu. Blndler, pt. 11. 258, 
IL ISa. Nuuu, pt. I. l!Sa, 6a, 

Sdoor d« IjODdm, on golltnde do CoDT. 
CglufM, ion, ItBO, ea. From tlH Eli*. 

Gu^snrs, Niebolu. A brieh 
BeharMl of the Doings at Po^TS 
in Fntunoe, betwixt ttie Iiorim of 
Spiritutkltv and the Ministers of the 
Oosple. Lond. (1B61.) I6ino. 

Giia, C. B, van. Bishop of 
Himater. The Life nod Actions of. 
In whioh is sn Account of the most 
oonaiderahte Actions of Europe in 
his Time. Lond. 1680, 12in». 

Gai.1, Cimetan. FJramiiB acid 
Thiabe, a lorely Poem. Lond. 
1617, 4to. 

— John, D.D. Sermons on «b- 
veral Ocoseions. Second Edition. 
Lond. 1726. Sto, i toIb. 16s. 

With pwlnlt by Vertna. Gil* su 

unong th* BapdaCs. Sa Wall, Wm. 

— Boger. Begistnim Honoris 
de Richmond, 172S. Set BiCB- 


— aamueL The Hiatorj and 

Antiqnitius of the Cathedftd Church 
of Wineheater. Begun by Henry 
late Earl of Clarendon, and con- 
tinued to this Time by Samuel 
Gale, Gent. Lond. l7lB or 1723. 

pt 1. IHD, rniali, I4>. Font- 

uii." "lip. ot Ely, 383,' IJ, ea, Bimltayl 
pt. il. BBS, li. Dinl, pU I. 873, liik6d. 

;, Google 

fk Kli *t Rieliui 

landt f-96i if V 


Reprinted In tha Rn. B.'r. Cuuil'l 
Llv«i of tba BlihaiH of Wiiicheiter. 

aiLB,Tlieophilua. The Court of 
the Qentilea, or > Discourse on the 
Origin and 0He of human Xieantiag. 
Loud. 166e-f& 4U>. Five Partr 
21. 12b. 6d. 

ThU le*ni«l lod eUbonu vnik, tl 

uftD l4unlDg,phllo«(ipby,and rellfrloTi 
the juidADt HcriptdTv And ths Jawlr 
Gburah,isBtlL11ngTait nput«, TUali 1.1310,11. Ilk. Injilli, 574,81.11 
Winiui^ T27, Are piirU, W, PKrt. I. 1 
PhlloIogT.IMB.andaeiinlsn. Pari. II. ( 
P1il1oAopb7Tl67D,BndKgKlD,]Q7a, Piirt.1l 
Of the VultT or Pigu PhllDuphT, isr 
Pirt. Iv. Of nfOrmed Phlloiuiphf, 1«TT. 

— Thomm. Certaine VfoAa of 
Chini^erie. Lond, 1B63. 8to, 

TbreavoadcutpoctrdleofOaU. Bright, 

Tbli emlnant larEeOD urfEd In tha 
■niiTaf Uaorr VIII. at Honlreul In I6M : 
audio tut of KlDg Phlllu at Et Qulntln, 
Id 1U7.— Aaother adltloa, IKS. Ito. 

— l^o. et J. Fxi^L, Berum An- 

5Iimrum Suriptores vetens. Oion. 
684, 7, 91, folio. 3 vol*. 10/. lOs. 

torieil .nilquirr, panlcularly the flnl by 
Fulmin. wmalt.llSS.Si.lSa.6ii. Boalh, 
44fl7, BI. ea. Deot, pL 1. ttB. IL lOl. 



iia AnfllcanjB Scrlptor 
it Godlclliiu nea. nui 

. l Petri BlM 

ronica da Uallraa. a. Ann 

met, 6. Hlalutla Cnfluti 



RsKnni AngliB. 

Codd. me..' edlU, open f (lonue Gale. 
Oion. 1081. CunfniU.—l. OlIdB Kietoria 

WIllMdl Ebon^nele. S. Hennll Hlelorte 
Brllonum. 4. jHDDleAeaaril CbroDlna 
FudSencUNKill. G. Ru. Hicdanl P.iW- 
chronlwn. 6. WIIL MalmaabnHaBeU da 
Anllqiiiteta Olaatonleiuli " " " 

Wllhelml MulmiuhiiHana 

I. HIeto 1 

ft Eplfematna , 
a Foidan leoU ( 

G-ALBN, Ckudiua. Opuaculs 
varia. Or. et Lb(. n T, Goulstono. 
Land. 1640. 4to. 

— Do TempermmontiB et do in- 
qnali Intemperie Libri tree, Tho- 
& LinicR) lDt«rprete, Cuitabr. 

per loumem Siberch, 15E1. 4to. 

— lied In a good Roman lalUr, wllh 

■t pnrgaia Uadlauwntl* M 

;, Google 

8S6 QkL 


iiUbri tii*, 

t Ml> SI 1* unsud ■ KtUB TrutlM 

11 8lillU,Tho. 

Oalebcs, &o. Set BoocAOIO, 

Qaithkpits, Fetrnt Btiiocen. 
QallL De Tito ao moribiu ittqae 
guiis miraculo Sancti Ificholai de 
Xollentiiio. Comedia. No plaoc or 
printer, but (Lond. B. I^ion.) 
12aui. 161«vei. 

A eopj, luppoHd imlqua, li Id th« 
Llmbeai LlbnTf. 

QufBEDDB, Monumetejui*. Stt 
Jeftiky of MoDinouth. 

Oaluti, Junea A. Italj and 

ltd Inhabitants. An Account of a 

Tour in that Country in 1816 and 

1817. Land. 1620. 8to. 2 TOls.ea. 


cop7 bjUhomM Saluabmy. Loud. 
1661. folio. 
[Mkatcd taUrJohnDenbun. Thli 

Anmi a portloii of SftliulniTy'A malliA- 

kuulatid bf TtaD-WHlon. Load. lT3(l.4ta. 

, e&ii 

Oau., 7. J., H.D. &* Sruu- 
Him, J. O., M.D. 

Q^xunii, Ant. Bm Anbian 

Gallutf.— A l^aatiae of ■ Gal- 
aunt. Iiond. by WTnkrn d« 
Worde. 4to. n. d. 

Jollar, ISM (mXtrn], 1% Si. 

A fngDHBt g( thli poem li nprlnM ta 

of Engluid, dingbter 
"- Df Philip, dnltB of 


iGuuuTi * Coneetin of 
the b«t Piotnn* In th* Ptw- 

EulDrOrfiird,[iiow>t Bt. 

ihIb, aiL 10 

April, MM, 10 __ _ __ 

BtrmwlHCT7 Hill, ISIS, 411. Oa, Pioon. 

liBBi QiuiRT : iCoHHUiinof Printi, 

Id niimbe^ sngnTed bj Wlnitaidej 

I Dtben aner pikiotingt by tbo b»t 

EulofDub;. Loud. ITSd.lmj. lOUo. 

luxiai OF FuBioit, sltli eolonred 
_...te«. Iiond. KM,*o. IB, TowmXty, 
pt.ll.Bn,aToti.«.10i. DanduToU,!^ 
e f oK 1TM-~^1S(H, moRBCo, M. 
The HiBToaio 0*ij.iBr or Poanuiia 
•D PAimiai : and Blognpfalcil Ravlsw : 
inulnlDE a Mef Atcoont of thaLlT«i of 
ilftbralAd Uan In BTU/Affa 

and Coimbnr; > 
.be flntM Ipw 
bbd modvm, m 

;, Google 

GriaxtOKB — contintud. 

Dutch ud EDellHh Sdii»1a. iriih 

F<«srFR. Lond, ia07— 18, Biipe 
folio. <a pittas, Twelve DOB. Pul 

«1 W-lSs.M.eMh. A131hBUinbi 
tainlng rent tddltlanal pLalea, vli 
TrompetBT, »fl*r Terbiirg ; De«lh o 

»fl«r VelHiSqnei ; iind the B07 >nd 1 

(tehlngB Da Indlt Mper, 101. Oi. ^ker, 
1865, lU. 

ChDlxdeOnvureAk VEan-foTted'ftpr^g 
IM Peinluret DriglDiles, at 1» Mubrei 
de In QalHle de Lucieb BomriHTi. Lond. 
UillH-, 18IS, Imp. 4to. lia pUm. 81,89. 

. Lond. 1809- IS. 
. I>u1is of York, £ 

tiln ind InlinA, wlib blognphiul N> 
Ucat, (bT JohnTiTloT.) Land. CideU. 
ISOB-lfl, S lob. tUlu «t». Fuliliihedln^ 

und. IBZJ, (ftsmrds Rrutlr n 
1 Toll. «Uu 410. 41, 4i. Pboofi,H 

ll^iod In 6 ptTtx, 18 oiiffTivlnKi, 
nwOFB, publfibed it W. Ba. 

Flnt Mutan of the EDgUtbu?! 
School., In tbe poMotiiDn of EhrI 
bl[ltr uid geutry; vlth blogrmpbli 

«. Ill 

FiiBH'a HinoniL PoRTKin Oiilebt 
of UluitrlolU KPd omiiHat pflnodAreft of 
lbs nlnetMnth e*ntui7, wlIli memolrv by 
Jardu Hid 3(elilllDt. Land. Flahcr, 1839 

81. UUI PIPIB. Imp. Btd. pub. lit. IOh. 
LAiaiFimb IiidlipniarB,publlihed,l(U. 

PoRnun, vllh blo(nphl«>; puhllihod 
br the SocCetT (H ttaa D[miiioa of Uufnt 
Knowladn. Lond. 1831—87, imp. Sto, 
T roll. pnUIAod Id H pirU, leS pottntlU, 

S Toll, falL>,iHilf the portnlu, th» let- 
Urpn« DM bsTliig bun iriBted tUi 

editad br S. C. Hill. Lond, leM. 4ta. 4 
Tola, published Si. la. aajih >ol. Vol. S 

PAFBH vera Bold without the deecriptlon^ 

CoHivitT"! GullaTTofPiatDreaflOpletei, 
aDgraradlnouUlnebTF.Jonbert. Loud, 
priTsUlTprlnled.iSM, 410. Kd, Wllh 

Lond, Bchn, IH3«. 410. Bedu«d to SI. la! 

Tumuis Q JLLE.T. Outllnea In Lllho. 
ffraphy, hj the MisBaa Tunwr. from & 

llnBon Tumor]. YKnouth, 1840, amS 

'HjT'ios.LGiLtm! of Mcturaa^ by tha 
Oreil Mastan. presented by IndlTtdDala, 

rchaaad by grant of ParliamoDt, 

Joiiei(ndCa.Dd.4to.avols, Putt- 

(bTNattUi)laBI.5a. Proof impreialonaoa 
French ptper,4l,4ieuh, FsooraoKliinu 
"Apun, Al. Aa. EKch^ all reduced. Uh- 
iTTBaan Pb,»ph, only a fnw taken. 

moKanh)18S8-iee3,putalithed In 18 part* 
1?'™'5? "I'li'".!?.'?"'!''/""?' " *•■ "^ 

, ISa. ed. 

Pnooira, before letters, on Irnit rlru, 
'U. JiB.; aft«nrarda,bl.fia. AnrisT'i Pmoora 
Lud BTCBiKoa,A Beta taken off, ontf lAna 

13 eilsraslnga from Plelnrsa In her M»- 
Jraty'a Collection >t BucklnKham Palaea. 
Puliliehed under the tupaijulandence of 
ohn LInuell, Esq, Lond. Bohn, |B». 
real 4U. li. ill. t(d. muii Peooia, N. 6a. 
buLBICH GlUJini, A. aeriea of 60 «" 

lotures In chat Collsollon, eiaeutad by 

reduced dr Bohn) to lU. 16a. 

These ptatH harlng all baen pnhUahed 
lepantelr, and few aeta being eompleta, 

1. CaaiwtelU and Villa of Heuaua at 

S. Land^pa ' . '. da™ 
>. Landacape, with Cows— Cuyp 
4. UunUig Partr . WwTwmana 

iigitizcii;,. Google 

858 eu 


g. Brtik Qde 


' Clinda 
O. Pouuli 
ling the Bridge Fyatktt 
'■—■'—'-' MuilHo 

UtTMlil ; Ciiyp 

N. Foul 

Embarkktion of St. Fi 

Landsupe . '.A.Cnjf 
Liuid«apa— Momliig— J. Both 

LandBcapa— EvcDluff— J. Both 
Tb« AisiiiDptLan . N. Fcuaila 
Ccitl4«« aod FIgun*— S, Teolen 

B3. Luidiofw 
SS. LudsuH 

SLPIgoni w 

Windmill . Bui^itMl 

41. ACibo . . . W.T4DderTeM« 

43. Soldien GuiLiir . ailmuKoH 

U. Bi.ln«herd . . TecU™ 
- 44- ItkUan Landaupe . Knrel du jATdln 

46. The Flower Girl . Mnrillo 

M. aiinl CedlU . . Gnerclno 

. KimldaJirdlD 

49.-TWO Hon. 

M»iuij(enieot «r P. W. Tonnm. Loud. 

rTad In the itippl* h dottad huuht. 

PjLFn. Pioon on Isdla p»*r, Inp. M, 
publlstatd It ai. 41. CoLDuno UD 

▼ICh hiatoritfti end biograpbLul NotLcei bv 
JobB Yomlg, LDDd. I^ 4ti>. D nils. N. ft.. 
SS3 etchings- i-^RaE pafkh, vlth prooCi 
on lodU piip«r,fu]io, 9lr flB. £h Butku. 
CstalcwueofUe PIclureH >t Obobvixob 
HouBi. London : with EKhlnga. aecompn- 

Dled vlth hiatorlcal kod blognipblcsl 
Notlcod- hy John Vanng, Load. 182]. 41o. 
91. 13l dd- 42 etchlni^. LABOR pafu, 
lndi» praoh, fclio. PuhU^ed «. da. 
OdliiT of' the Pictuna of J. J. A>ani. 

[He LKicKamm liBrt. -ith Elchlnpi, ifr 
:til NotluH hr John Young. iJiod. IIOS, 

DeHMiptlve (.Ittklogue of iConoctlonrf 

leuioa of Nir John FbimHa LnciemL 
But. BjWUUunCanr.wllliOBculuud 

;, Google 

' GiusBiZB — eonlimui. 

Krrui^Ad under tli 

1 en^Md; 

loriai in England, -Itli i CriticlBm o 
LoDd. I^, fHup. BvD.' 6>. 

Ji™™'™?:™™:^!. Bootm,., 

or, K ColliBllon *f Oi» pH»dp«l Pictupoi. 

•lati»dliiiutUnbrR««n; vltkdaHrip. 
tl*<.eritlal,«id bllorlol Notlw, bf 
I>>iclH«».HiiI». FabUili*dini»uiib«n. 

•uh MDMiDlns Bli pUtw, IL «d. Com. 

plated In IT Tola. imiiU Sro. mnUliiliig 
IlSO plUH, ITI 1T>. rediKfd to N. 8a. 
Tl^^lah School .M putiliahad a.- 

l88ptaI»,M 91. ]!■. ndtusd u 11. lU.Sd. 

Cftalo^a or the Ilik Q>i.i,k«v, 1S«7. 

AatatMun, i83S. Imp. dw. Tirenty-lKa 

CDp^» printed .1 th. eipanu rf iha Pra- 

pnetor. Jaaee Watu Buaaell, of llain 

Galuxno.— An Historical Bo- 
Might; Oi&nt Oollieno, and the 
Grest Knight KoaoniuB and hie 
AB90ci(it«9. Dublin, 1694. 4to. 

Si. ad. Bead. M8i,4i, Lloyd, 10% «b, 6d. 

a-iLLiHKUS BediviTus, or Mur- 
ther Till out, etc, tieing > true ac- 
count of the De Witting of Glen- 
coc, OaShey, etc. Edinb. 1696. 4to. 

OiAuxr/iiY, Joaeph. Brief Com- 
uentariM upon Buch Parts of the 
Berelation and other Prophecies 

Qallowai. — Encouragement (or 

[Jadertakers in the Flautstion of 

Kew Qalknra;. Sdinb. 1625. 4to. 

A s>p7 i(lD Uw Brltlib Uiuaiua. 

Gallovae Familj. See Wil- 

Gallcs, ComeliuB. The im- 
potent Lover, accaratel; deeoribed 
in ail Elegies on old Age ; with 
the old doting IistcJier'a Keseat- 
mente on the post Pleaeuns, and 
TigourouB Performances of Yooth ; 
made English from the Latin, b; 
Honenden Wallier. Loud. 16B8. 

Bead, «se6, 83.— 1<M, Umo. U. 
Gailt, Henry, D,D, Two Dis- 
sertations on Greek Accents. Lond. 
1764—62. 8to. 

Goiaal, 31S2, Bn, Sd. FaMshed inonj- 
nHmaly. Sm Fmtm, John, It.A, 

Galfims, John. A aynoptical 
Compend of British Botui; (from 
ClasB Uonandria to Poljgamia in- 
clusire), arranged after the Lin- 
nean Sjatem. Lond. 1806. 12mo. 

Second 6dltlan,X.ODd.lS!a,l?iiio,~Thlrd 

Ga],t, J^ohn. The Life and Ad- 
ministration of Cardinal Woleey. 
Lond. 1812, 4to. 
thia vork (tipaired In the Quaitoily Re- 

rha Truadlaa of Haddalan, Anmc 

tte and audlei of Benjamin Weal, 
rrlTKl la Enirlandr 3 parts. Loud, 

Leuan from th* Ltvanl. Land. ISIS, 
ro. 10a. U. 
llctaiM, hislaiktl sad Wogiaphkal, 

;, Google 


<i andar Out nime of ctae BoT. Mr, 
(■ in^ ■ Tbii book vu wilUen bj 
ift of Lord tfttn, Laai. 18WL liwip. 

lalettlil n- 

liuCnted by 

Aulobli^nplir. IjDDd.lS3S.8Ti>.lT(ilB. 

Hli Lltanry LIta inl HtooelUnlt*. 

Lond. ISM. pott aro. a iDli, II. lie " 

TM( wiiUT wu th« inthor of ■ 
pulu NOTOLi, Ttt.; The Mijoln, 

Billiih.18il.13iiiD.Bs.— «TTihlraLegitiu 
Edinb. 1831. tImi>.Ti.— Sir Andrew Wflia 
af thU Ilk. Lond. IBS3. 3 mli. ISmo. II. 
IL-Tbe Pinroit. Lond. 1829. ISikd. Is. 

— TheTrlilKifUiinntLTiidHT. Bdlnb. 
ISSS. en>. — Tba Enull. Edlnb. 1S23. 
3 Toll. ItmD. IL II. and ilmn. 6>.— The 

Ilmo. ^.— The Fonsten. Lond.' lS2n. 
6m.— ThBListorthaL^rfiL Lood.lSM. 

BetUtn tn lb* WoodL Land. 18S0. ISmo. 
'3 TolH, 150 — SouthBimJu. Laud. 1830- 

Kt Bro. Jl Tobi. w. Ilfl. 6d. — D^le Cor- 
J a tbe Ecalgrmiils. Lund. ISSl, posl 
»\i. U. Hi. Bd.— Tho LItoi of Itaa 
niyen, Lond. ISSl.poit gro. ItoIi. 11. 

6. II. 11 


.BTol).ll.l[B.ed.— TbaS 
lB3a'.)-Tli« Hamber, > 


(fwinliiB port Ti. of the Rommidj. ..__ 
NoTallit'a Llbnry. Load. lStD.>^Ttae 

Eirttaqnike, S toIi. Hdu. 1(, Ii Rlug- 

bui <rilbiilis,3 Toli. 13mn. 11. ta.-Tlia 
Spaavire, 8 roll. llmo. 1/. )■.— RoUiaUn, 

T0<i. poot 8to. li. III. M.— Qlenfall. Wmo. 
en.-ea'orU of ■□ iDTilId, ISdo. Si.— 

d«-of p'^.Si 

GtAXTHBBUB, Phil. QsItenUex- 
aDdrUdoa aJTe 0«at«niin AUxindri 
magni Iiibri decern, 4to. 

A. copy d this ealobntod po«tiuI tnrk. 
inth Pyiuoo'* mark, li daieribad in 
Deol^* tnpplamOBt to Unltaln, and Id 

■■vaT«l ftoral^ edltloEU- la 
fbuDd tbtt trite Tono lo ofUi 
' iKddl. in Boyllam cupleu TlU 
din.' Bitncts rnm tba niirk ■ 
con'a Hlntory of Bn^ liah Poatiy. 

QlLYMSO, Ant. Account of Iha 
DiacoTotys of the World, from 
their flrat Origin to the Teu* 1655 ; 
trui9lal«d sod published bj S. 
HscklujL Lond. Q. Biehop. 1601, 

Black Latter. loglii, ETB, «. Jadli. 
188, mulo, a. Baprloted In the awviid toL 
of tba Oxford CollectioD of Vorigai and 
TnToli. TbaorlglnLlahanltaUpHnled 
Rh the HacktuTt Bodaty. 

Gamaob, William, Linii-Wool- 
■ie : or, two Centuriea of Epigram- 
meg. Oxford, 1613. 12mo. 461eaTe«. 

Of no marlt, dedicated lo Katbeiino, 
Lady MuieU. BIndlay, pt. 11, BBS, ISI. 
Fury. 61. Be. Some eopiei beu ths data 
of 1^3!. A copy la in tba Bridgvatar 

Qambido, Qtolbey. An Ac&- 

demj for grown ^reemea, IS 
platee ; and * n"«l« of Eorseman- 
ahip, 17 plates. Land. 1787-91. 
4to. 2 vols. 
A lively and anterlalnlDg Jen d^eprit 

1189,31. ti. Academy. 1781.11 " ' 

^yUll- "- 

Qaubls, •Folm. Ajres and THa- 
loguea to be Bnng to the Theorbo- 
Lute or Ban- Viol Lond. 1666 or 

with portrait by T. Crou. BlBdlejr, 

— John, A.M. An Eeaaj on the 
different Modes of Communioation 
bj Signals. Lond. 1797, 4to. 12«, 

— Views of Society and Man- 
ners in the North of Ireland. Lond. 
1813, 8to. 12s. 

Sketcbei of History, Polltia, to. taken 
In Doblln and Itae North of Inland, In 
1B10. Lond. 1811, S>D. 

Oamble'a works an entertaining, though 
BDDiewhat bordering on the extraTi^rant. 

Gaubou), John, M.A. Works. 
Baa, 1789. 8to. 6b. 

Beat edition. With poctiall bf W, 

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Hlbbui. The tiorki of thti dLntoe, m 
BLBfaoporthe Mi>nTl»lCliDRh,Heiniisb 

bv Tbomu EnUiH. Qlugov, 1839, 

a-iHBBLl>, W. Wdsh Qrammar. 

Canoartheii, 1727. Sto. 10s. 6d. 

OuiB. — An nuhapp; Osme at 
Bootoh and Xlsglien, and some 
Papen ^Tan in bj tlie Commis- 
sioaera to tiie honourable Houses 
of Hie Parliament of BngUad. 
Bdinb. 1646. 4to. 

Lb^d.ltle,^ Conitiililg,1019,9a.ed. 
WhlW Knigbts, S7I1, Sa. 

Gakbb moat in use in England, 
IVanoe, KtA Spain ; Bonte of 'ffiuch 
vera never printed before in 
lujgvuee, Lond. 1690. 12mo. 
Bright, (n.d.ita-M. 

GAMUfs. — A modest Defence of 
Gaming. Land. 1753. 8to. 

An imniul Hltirs, repdiiUd Id tbe tint 
volume of Dodilcy'g FugltlTS Plece- 

Th« Art imd M^aterr of amdaro 

^bBcoin'plMt'OiunMW. Lona. OoUhihiW, 188 

UTfll <ff GuueatBTH. Load. 171 

■Ith ■ bontlBijleee. Ksed. t943, 

the faith of the Catholie Cborcb. 
Lond. 1812. Sto. 6a. 

TwaLatUn lathaRcr.HarbeitlUnli, 

'.D. Loud. I81S-13.Gto.Bi. 

A Den^nca of tbB ancient Flllli, ori Ml 
Eiposltion of tba Chriitiim 
s Hriea of contniTendll SennoDS. Load. 

The works of this CUboUo elersTHiaa 

Gajidt, joeeph. The Rural Ar- 
chitect. Land. 1806. 4to. ?a. 6d. 

Conaifltlag of fAilaua dealgDB for couatry 
bulldlngi, Kcompunled ullb gnaad pUiu, 
eatiniBtae, and deecrlptiona- 
Deitgna (Or Coltana, CoClus Fenna, 
idotberRunlBuildingi; IncJudlngBa- 
anu-giteaudLodgu. Loud. UOA, Un 

Qamoamklli, J. T. A. Interest- 
ing Letters of Pope Clement XIV. 

Suigeaelli), to which are prefixed, 
ecdotes of bia Life, &o. Trans- 
lated &om the !Frencb. Lond. 
1777. 12ino. 4 vols, with a portrait. 
These Leltan, 4acrtbed to aesnnelli. 


_.j« _.. 

;an and &barp«ra. 
Nuhh, b1. 1. 1241, U 
)H,Cbarlea. Lcc 

a, Tbeopbl- 

Gahubb Ourton's Needle, 1S76. 
Set Snui, John, 

Oaks, LudoT. de, Baro de 
Bracher t de Romecour. Faral- 
lelum 01i«e neo non Oliveri! Crom- 
welli Frotectoris. Lond. 1666. folio. 

Sir M. U. SykM, pt 11. 66t 
TovDeleT. pt. i. M3, BL Hull 

8(.i88.6d. Biddny, pt a est*, 

Ganpolfhe, Ear. Peter. 
ha^f ; or, a full Derelopement of 


Qae. Ber, Sti Gabtkb, Bernard, 
Gabbellbbs. — A profitebie Mid 
necesaarie Discourae for the Ueet- 
icg with the bad GarbelUng of 
Spicee used in theee Daiea, Ac 
Lond. 1591. 4to. 

Oough'aBritlibTopocrtpb7,l.esl. Bwd, 
U67, lit. «d. 

Gabbeh;, Sam. Oollectiona re- 
lating to the Theoiy of Money, and 
the oflhirs of the UinL Lond. 
1792. 3 Tola, small Sto. PriTalel; 

GiBBrTT, George. A historioal 
and descriptiTB accoimt of the 

Jariahei of Monkwearmonth and 
lishopweumouth, and the port and 

;, Google 

862 Oi.a 

borough of Sunderlaiid. SuildBr- 
Und, 1819. 8to. plat«a. I69. 

QAB0iLU8odel»TegB. Sm Tboi, 
Gore. dels. 

QlBDiLls, HieodoTS, Lioiner 
and BouaelleT, Life of^ with a, par- 
ticular Description of the Murder 
of Adiw King, Bnd the inhumane 
JlMcea taken to conceal the same. 
Lond. 1761. 4to. with a plate. 
NisuD, pt.f.lS3a,Sa. 

QtVDKH, Aiei, Theatre of Scot- 
iah Eiaga. Edinb. Juaea Wataou, 

HBlMr,pt.iT. 14*. B<nbiirgbB,3)MS, II. 
ISi. now in the OmnTiLle Ubnir, Uritiili 
REpiinled bj the AfaboUfbid CInb. &t 

Oaahxubtonk, Francis Qarden, 
Lord. TraTeUing Uemorandiuiu, 
made in a Tour upon the Con- 
tinent of Europe, 1786-8. Edinb. 
1791-2. am. Bto. 2 vols. 6b. 

An uuiiig siul iiiiBlllgiDl vork. 
Towiwler. pi. H. 36i, »c M. A ncond 
•dLtioD of vifL 1. wppaand, Edlob. 17^^ 
Arur tbe ■■&(«■■ deatb, In 17>3, ■ third 
▼alma wu r^nled, sonUlnlBE hia life. 

Oasdiubb, Edni. The Trial of 
Tobacco. Land. 1610. 4to. 
A«pt1iId Iha BrtUah Husanm. 

— Jamaa, MA. ApnustioalEi- 
poaition of our Baviour's Sermon 
on the Mount. Loud. 1720. Bvo. 

^ John Sm^Iman. The Art 

and Fleaaure of Han Hunting. 

LonA 1750. 8to. 4». 

Tfaii PimphU 

™o.,. -ubJMt.) c 

< tbOM In tda edIltMi'Dr I«K. 

Oabdikeb, Bichffid. An account 
of the Expedition to the Weat-In- 
(lie«, against Martinico, Quadalonpe, 
and other the Leeward lalanda ; 
Bubject to the Erenoh King, 1769. 
Biimingham, Baakerville, 1762. 4t«. 

— BamneV D.D. A Booke of 
Angli^ig or Eiflhing, wherein ia 
ehewed, by conference with Scrip- 
tures, the agTeraneut betveeae the 
Fishermen, Eiahea, Fishing of both 
natures, Temporall and St^pturalL 
PrinUd b; Thomas Purtbot, 1606. 

CMoim.^-^ pp.; Eplatle S pp.; Ad- 
Tbli book au bmglil In at Dr. Colbm'a 

:. for 


rfllama. Ses Hoik's Yaar Book, p. 160B. 

— Stephen, Bishop ofWincheeter. 
Oe vera Obfldientia Oratio. Lond. 
n .«:dib. Tho. Berthelet, 1581. 8to, 

ThLa onllan Is reprinled In Ihe eemnd 

iiasn. Lond. leeO.' Oilur Editiimt. 
Jamburj^, ex Offiolu FranclKl Bholi, 

England's Qrie»anca [ ^' '^' 

tor a. BicEleton), 1MB, IBmo. A 
eights. SothBb7lBp.D*lT),Ju 
t, li.l7B. Bright, 4l. 16«. Anoll 

U. Skau, V- I3a. 
JIl.beaUsB title pap 
ta O. Cramwall, 1 pi 

H. SingletoD'a 

r. uet. 

Conqoastla ad Bnceniin it hnnodMlH 
Bludam Pieodologia. Ixit. isil. 4lo. 
Sti M. M. Hrkas, PL 111. tin, IL lb. 

Tba Raacrrns" i* ^' Boialaha Fox, 
othenrTK called the Biiinloalion of tha 
Hnatar.danlasd by BtaDeDOaidlner. Im- 
prrnlad at Batrti, IMS. ^WaAnanw 

;, Google 

ita. Sir M. U. Bykaa, pC. 111. 
letoU ad HArdo- DacttnliD- 
in of ths DaoU* Bophlstrle, 

Boberu Toye, 1546, lamo. Thli 

ms Ottolique Fii: 

id Chftr^l oT Ro« 
Jleyiin Byasbop of 

ind AbhtUco of thi 

tme, XtdehjiaamBjt- 

A mppoBed Lunanl, bjOirdlnar, Bl- 
ahap of WiiHbeBUr.— A. Baton upon, or 
Hspliutltn Id th* UDU. Baprlntad 1m" 
■ copy. anppoHd unlqua, In Ui« libnry < 
ths LwdnD Sodelr of Antlqurl«, In th 
until vDliinM nlUi* lUrlaiwi HIksUiu; 

OABsnrsBiWiti. TablesofLoga* 
Tittmu. Land. 1743. 4to. 15e. 

ReprintAl wid enUiBSd edition, Ailg- 
Don, mo, BDiiU foLlo. Another, FlnnH, 

Oabsiiib, llialiBrd, of Shreiri< 

bfltriB. ProEtablo Inetnictiona for 
the Usmiring, Sowing, and PlsJiticg 
of Kitchen GardenB ; very profit- 
able for the CommonwealtEi. Lond. 
bj Edw. Allde for Edirard White, 
1B99. 4to. 

Anoihcr edlUoo. Loud. Allda for Wblta, 
— Thomaa. An historieal Ac- 
oount of Dunwich, Blithbiu^b, and 
Southwold 1 with Eemarle on Kinie 
Plafea coatiguooi thereto. Lond. 
1764. 4to. 1^ lis. 6d. 

I4«a, 17a. Blrettell, 1 
lim..— Pp, S80, heaidel t 


Gabdmob, Ber. John. Views 
tsien on or new tbe River Rhine, 
at iix la Chapelle, and on ths 
Kirer Maese, engrsred in Aqua- 
tints by Uie Author and his son. 
Lond. I7B8. atUs folio, 
two pictnraaque Tlava. Thara are proof* 

GiBDYNK, Alei. Garden of 
Grave and Oodlie FlowreB, SonelB, 
&c. Edinb, Finlaeon, 1609. 4to. 

prlnlad on TULDI. Bolton, IGSa, 901. 

GABumsB, Geo. Dcecription 
of the Hew Worid, or lalanda and 
CoQtinentB of America ai thev 
nere all in the year 1649. Lond. 
1651. 12mo, 

Fonar, W, Hircli, IB&T, II. 10*. 

Oaekt, 5. Great Brittan'i Uttl* 

;, Google 




he Hiito] 

Calendar, or IWple Diiry ; m re- 
BHrnbranoe of Three Duea,TU. 24th 
Mar., H. M. James's Proclamadon, 
Sth Aug. Govnie's Ttmbod, aad 6th 
No*, the Gunpowder Treason. 
Lond. J. Botle, 1618. 4to. 11. 1b. 

QiXhAHO. — The loTsl Garland, 
or a Choice Colleotion of Songs. 
The fiah Edition with Additions. 
Lond. 16B6. 12dio, 

ftMbd in Bflliw'fl AnecdDU^ 

& North ConnUle G> 
ISH-llmo. Thlrtr coplet 

Tba Qolitn GuUnf ol 
Il^t, wherein le coDUlntd 
oTmur «' tha Kinp, Que 
Ab, bring moM pleuut Soi 

tMsUl sditloa irltb addltioiu, pi 
I. Duam.iaVO, llmo. imou a^ 

Oa^iid (A) of Batli, 'hen 
rIngalaiMpnperTuiM. Nawcai 
llmg. tbiek paper. 

Tba Ciiilom Hoosg Oariiod 
caelU, ISIO. 13nio- 

Tbs J.^1 
brSrC. K.S_ 
prlnWd. Svg. n 

Th* DnelitH ot Puttnmnlh'ii Qariasd. 
Edlsb. 18«T, «lo. 
LoTci Otrispd, or 

Land. And. Glark. 16 
IBM, il. Ite. 

Cuptd'e Portae, "fti 
koRtaAn. ud Rlnsji, i 

LonJ^. C. for J. Wright ~i 

Songs. compoBBd bj 
1«M.Sto. ^tterK 



choice collection 

of «Dg>. LoBd. J. s. 

m. Onljacople. 


U.DdDclfght. Sa 

Seuihiv, TKomu, 

ryOsrlimd. EKoe)- 


Oulnad of Gkdden Bohi. 3— JTonh 

Biuaei Omrland. Sag Tinoa, Judh. 
Hoyal EichkDgB OHrlaad. Sk Tin. 

BiTmAlyne. Abbotsford. Koibnrghe 

Oilur AiUunii.— Load. Wynk. di 
IfiOO, iLo, A cop7 le In tba Br 
aegiB.— Lond. R. Pyimon, 1609, 

id Pynaon. ISOO. 41o.— Loi 

Words, loia <to.— Lond. W. di 

Voc^b. Intr. 1614, 81. I,oild.W.d« 
e,lM7,4lo. H»ber,pt.Tlll.Ute4lo. 
i, W. da Words. Wranftaui, vitb 
I. InCr. 1&30, 4U. 

Multonun VocabnlonuD equi- 
nun Inlerpretatio. Lond, 
Wjnkjn daWorde, 1499. 4to. 
■ -iprlilnlhoBrltUb MuHum. OlUr 

■MetiooarlnM Artia Alcbynilje. Bail^ 

Garnet, Henry. A Kelstion of 
the Proceeding agaiuBt Heniy 
Qamet a Jesuite, and his Confe- 
ea. Land. Bob. Barker, 1606. 

307. 41o. Sh Oukpowmr Plot. 
Apologia pro Uonrlco Oamelo ■ 

GaEIfBTT, John, Bishop of 
Clogher. A ])iBeertation on the 
Book of Job, ita Nature, Age, and 
Author. To which are added four 
Sermons. Lond. 1719, Ito. 

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GiSNiTT,T.,M.D. Obiervationn 
ona Tour through the Highlnnda and 
Part of tha Western Iries of Scot- 
land, particolarlj Stafia and Icohn- 
killi to which are added, a De- 
acription of the Falla of the Cljdo, 
of the Country round Moffat, and 
BO Analyaia of its Mineral Waters, 
Lond. IBOO. 4to. 2 vols. 

IllDttnUd by ■ mapind S! pl«te« in 

SiBBAMi, William. The Arte of 
faiTB, oorracted & finished by Cap- 
litre Hitehco<i. Lond, 1591. *to. 

MOa, 8a. M. IriKlil, 6T^t>-M. WbllO 

Gabbick,' Darid.' The Dramatio 

Worts. Lond. 1768. 12mo. 3 Tola. 

Lond. 1798. 12mo. B vols. 

• relcbBd and lnip«r(ect colIecHon. 

Buty rit-jatr OKT\tlL. Boeil, 8118; 

s'lvx Tnrls for and agatnat D. Gu- 
ngalhn wlUi m»oy tr«ta ralnllng lo 

.1. 19s. 

Ml.. Fonlhill, 
GiBBIKB, Bob. Antonie, a Tra- 
mdie J witJi a Discourse of Life 
Death, bj Ph. Moniaj, both n 
t^ in French, and done into 
eliah by Msrj Herbert, Conntesa 
Sf Pembroke. Lond.""" "' 

Rhodes, 12S0, BL las. I 
41. IDs, Brlltht, 7f, -lolli 

92. 4to. 

il. lis. ItoibnrgliB, 560S, 61. K 

itaCoiTMpondenM,lll"Btr*lad wUh 

. Lond. 1S31-3, Imp. 4W. S ">ls. 

""si'imrapET of David GarUck. See 

GabboW, D. W. Ilie' Hiatory 

id Antiquities of Crovdon, with 

Sketch of the Life of Ahp. Wliit- 

gitt. Crojdon, 1818. 8to. 

— History of Lymington. to. 
Hants. Lond. 1825. 8™. 

QiSiBB, Bernard. The tragical 
History of two EngLsli Louers, 
1&63, writteB by Ber. Gar. Lond. 
156S. IGmo. 

Inthn edlUon lbs (IHb li 'poinpey Uie 
Grwl, bts Wro ComeliMB Trtgedy.' In 
Iha MuMum; also in Malons'. 

GdBBiBC, Edmund, TheOoun- 
trie Gentleman Moderator. Col- 
lections of such intermairiagea as 
hsTS beeiie betveene the two BoyaU 
Lines of England and Spaine, since 
the Conquest, &c. Lond. Edward 
Allde. 1627. 4to. ISa. 

— George. A Description of 
the different Tarieties of Oien 
common in the British Isles. Jjond. 
(1800), oblong folio. 1/. Is. 

BmlNlUshad wltb 3S »lound sDiraT 

— AnowYeMeaGifto. ByB.G., 
Citizen of London. Lond. Henry 
" eman, 1B79. 4to. 11. lis. 6d. 

idpnu. 1. A.Pgwrlpd««( tlw 

;, Google 

lad ; ultli ■ folding <rinf- 

H>rda or KmC (BUubel 
pTaUnded mraUUonk, mi 

■b«irl^ llifl bflhhTlDar of FTBbM, aeot- 
luid, Ac. toHina Fop«t, before the Re- 
fonutloa. ft1«fat, A miiy li la 
UisGniiTineCaUe.tiaii Muunm. 
Gabtbb, Bemacd. Tha jojfull 
Kecejring of the QueencB most 
excellent M&jeAtie into Norvicli. 
Lond. 1578. 4to. 

Ssi liciiuiTa. Queen, p. 127. 
GiBTBB. — The StatuteB of Uie 
most noble Order of the Garter. 
Lond. 1766, 4U>. 

FirtT copiei prluted. Reprintecl, 1786. 
ISIi. 1— 

Tbe Order 
A paifect Cale 

It. Oeo^ 

la Order of the Ou 

Gabih, Sir Samuel, M.D. DU- 
tiFoem,with a Key. Fifth 
■ "-"}.8to. with front. 

penauT, a I 
edit, lond 

Tlifl DiipflnaftET tniu 
<»Deun of ^yilolenB, ■ 

Gabmidb, Miia. An Eaaaj on 
Light and Shade, on Cobun, and 
on Compoeition in genenL Lond. 
1805. 4to. 15s. 

Pp. SO. with II pliUc 

OnuraflntAl Oroiipe. dosciiptLve of Flow- 
en. Birds, BhellB, ud 1di«U. Lond. 
IWS, Impnlil tiillD. U. Ila. «d, 

OiBZOHi, Th. The Hospitall of 
incnnble Foolei. Lond, 1600. 4to. 

GordoDitooD, lOOS, 31 69. Nuun, pt, 

Gasooibnb, or Gmooyoks, Geo. 
Foetioal Works. 

Kwtly »ll OMColme'i FMllal irorfcj 
ire npHnled In Chilmen' lotion of 
Ihe Poeli, and notices of him will be 
fimai In Wood'i Athene OioDinuea, 

CeasBra Litanrik, liritlali BlbHacmpfli 
Wsrlon'a Ecgllsli Foetrr, and Hltacn 
BIlillQKnphli PoeUiia. 
Wm-kas, Flrat Edition — ' A hnnlni 

Posle.' LoDd. for Rlehutt« Bmlt^ n. 


ST6, M. St, BIM. 
iiold at Sanndan' 
SOS, am, II, Its. 
. lU. HallInU, 

lon-j'^'ba Poa'ies, 

Ih |IS7G), ixa. pp. Ha. 

I. a. arkei 


and Wlietslijne'a 

f, Gahrtal 
«i, Te»Id 


lock, 1676, 

BIbL Anithk 
ih Ihe Masque, 

Tha Steale i 
Complaints of 1 

Anglo-Poal. !St 

it One hundred mpiea 
also be found In tbe first 
s' Progreuea of Q, Elii, 

Satrie, vIOi th* 
«. Lond. m Rl- 

Ll'leavaaHS. m. 

in tbe BrlUih BlbUognplier. 

Digitizcii;,. Google 


Tba Fmlteg of Wutb, Ths Comvdle of 
Snraiwi. Tba Tnxedla el locuu. The 
BtHla QIUH, Tha ComaUInt of Phvln. 
■MB*. Tt»gtonaofFsrrnii.Ddi>lennlml, 
ni Iba Pleunn M KaMi>'>'<h ''••'i.' 
Land. Aball JaOt*. uei, m 

muksd 35 1 rs. 87 i 91, 91 ; 98, 93 ; 

uS^ nut pigeil. 'Heirben,' title i 

■Monio 'Supposes' (Bngllahed In I( 
llMl; (RUI np. 1 (0 174; ( I 
OIn alghU, fl 11.1; pBKBH 87 to W 
nlwl; pugai W, ^0 titia to 'Idcu 
Tba«BtlTso( Ibispamon iMaonryi 
■uluty jugad u to pnoluda nollf 
nen. ' Weedes.' [llle &> before i dd, 
to Ma :P{>. to Till. Q Iv. KiBlHlngi : 
ZlHalgfat>,ClT.ip.(. ItOmarkedl 

bUiik ), DMtullon to ImiQnjt or Wl 1 . . ... 

It.) "rKwlIrt (^rn'il!!'ta"4fc«" 
ni.»llo8K.>o.riudoii OMrtIa-- 
hmSBS DiFkad EM: KT-4 on 
■lAa; M»-1CI marked SOMlBi Ui 
vtftia. ■TbaCoDiildntiirPhUnsaiM,- 
nila ai bafara, bnt dai«d UHB, dm i»tl: 
DadluUm to tba Lord Gnjat Wtltoo 

-"'"'■"■- """.PP- ffl»toaiii™i 

. -I^IT I SHTfltt; 317,141 :3IU^k. 
'Tha PrinaalM Pleanrai <i,l kaiMlwonli 
Cutla,' on A B C, Id alithci ; M Iwve* un- 

iBugiM SlB.aia 
td S17 ( 8l^«18; 


ikln. of Verw; i luvu 


17t, raaekl) ptll, IS^.oHlur'waniing. 

tai. 4m. ti. Roilijrdba, Mie, »ith tha 

intaiM^lsa^TniM bii>i.;^£>.VJlI. Qabi, Jotm, D.I}. The Hiitoiy 

K».MU, pt t. , 

Rtaodai, Ilia, SL 
H. BriKbt, 1!U, Uc 

-.-ladro froB ArloitfL 
isee. Boprfnlsd In WorkM, 

wki^h, u II fomu itia am AS 

eded b • lea/"'^^ ''^ '■'*'' '™' 
pGuiouiUj' boTud ap aa a Mparata edi-. 
l^HaatL tnm Eurlpld*^ hj O. Q. and 
'noslaKiiisaliiiutEiorOnilailDiH, lad 
lera hj thta praaentad. An. USB. Edi- 
oa or 1087 tbhru part of ■ Haarbes/ pp. 

The W^Uorthg I>in;rUi irtlh hiB tan 
bdiVFEied 4 Dyct for drnan of tba 
eiijllm I>eirUng«,eoraiiionly called day- 
.■ DronkKdM. Itopr. by R. Jhonoa, n.d. 
HuuD. pt 11. IM», fjl. 8,. ad. dO ctplaa 
roprioleo, Edin. ISSS, ooe m thj,™ & In 
tlis GrenTlllo LIbruy. 

The QrtBf of Joy, certafDe Blaclai 
whsnlo tbo donblftii I>eligbtaiaf Hmuc 
Ljti, ara dlaplaled. Wrlttan to tiM 
<jiiesneinioatuMUaBlM«Jaatla,UI«. A 
MS-lDibaBrttldiltBaaiua. Tlndadlek- 
tlon and a apadntB of the wMm an 
prloted In B<lo«>a Anaodotai dUMr. IL 

Lite of Oaieaiciifc Sk 'WBimroKi, 

Gabii, Frtrick. A Joomil of 
the Vojsgea and TraTdi of s Corp* 
of DiaooTCTT under the Command 
of Captains Lewie and Clarke, from 
tha mouth of the Eirer Uiuoun, 
through the interior Parta of If orth 
AmenoB to the Paciflo Oaan, 1804- 
6. Printed, Pitteburgh. BeprinC- 
ed, Load. 180a 8to. 

A maigia Journal. FonthlU. KB, 10>. 

Gisaranua, The Life of Nic. CL 
Fabrioius, Lord ot Pieresl, truia- 
Uted bj W. iUnd, M,D. Loud. 
1657, 8to. port, by Gaywood. 

BUhop WsrbuMoD ityiai Oamndl'a 
Pblloaophla Epicurl one of tbo lublaat 
kg or nhlloaophy of theag tatler tlmaa. 

"ba VanltT of Judidarr Annriogr. 

;, Google 

86F) OAT 

of Gnttc*, from the Xectanon of 
JJeundet of UaoedOD, till ita final 

BnlijactiDii to the Bomui Power, 
in eight Boobu Lond. 1782. 4to. 
IDi. 6d. 
RsprinUd Bull, 119!, Hvo. ( tdIl 

Rnm the flnt liatsbllshniaiit of the SUUs 
■ " IhBnr of tfaalr Ll- 

GlBTBXu,, FrandB, Bishop of 
Okeater. QuiBtian InetitutM, or 
the unoa^ Word of God, oollecled 
(mt of the old and new Teetamenta, 
digested under proper Heads, and 
d^Tered in tde ve^ Wordi of 
Soriptare. Land. 1707. IZmo. 4e. 
Lond. 1823. 12mo. 2 Toli. 2a. 6d. 

•TMi nluUe Httia w«A, *Uib 

iiwy tfc« r 

1> nnlnant dl- 

Gateb, Oeffiref. The Defenoe 
of Uilitarie Praleaaion. Lond. 
1679, 4«o. 

Dedluud to 'Ednrd ie TcTB, Eui« of 

O-AlTOSli, Lionei Publio Good 
nithout priiBta Intereata ; or a 
oompendiouB BemoDetrBuca of the 
sad Bute and Condition of Virgi- 
nia, &a. Land. 1657. ita. 

Trinlind Fw 

,e Duib rt Mr. W. 
(UoDsr Sir John Bow. 

panllvl puBaf!fli at full l«igtb, iru txtt 
tHitiUihed In llOf, tnd hu aaa bnn »- 
pntrdir pilnled Id Kmo. ud ISmo. " 
ma,y ba Tcrr ndTADUfftoiuIr niMtLtBti 
far uiT of ihb liraar dt mon upanili 
■- ■ -■•■■—- Bt«lMipQ|—' 

lq ThHlogl- 

I, DliHTtoUodeKIiutra 

Icitl; OpiiH 

De Ncmiiui Tetngni 
WlUlinii, 7U, eg. 

F In Chun 
I. llw. B^ 


Gatti, Aleesandro. Xa Caceia, 
Poema heroico. Lond. 1619. BtO> 

A eopr <• in the Bclllih atuHum. 

Giu (Jhone). Sicht waj to 
the kingdome of Herine is tecMt 
hair in the oommandis of God, in 
the. creed and Fater Noster. In the 
qohilli a] Chriaeine men sal find 
id thing jat is noidfol to the Bsl- 
uatjon 01 the Soul. With an epistle 
to the Lords and Barons of Soot- 
Prentit in Ualmw. iQIari- ' 
borough). By me Jhone Hctehs- 
traten, 1533. 12mQ. 

Cbilmen, 1841. IM, USi, HoppuBd 
Datqiw, no nlher eofr kmnB, 

Qaitsbn, John, auooeeaiTelj 
■ Bishop of Bietor and Worcester. 
] Eoclesise AngUcanse Svupiria, in 4 
Books. Land. 1659. foUo. 12i 

Vlth portrait, a small whola Innf^rh. 

Ileruplalei : oi, a Defence sf the HI- 

I Gnutand. Lond. IMS, 4tD. Willi par- 

Gacdentio si Lvcca, Signor. 
Memoirs of. Lond. 1737, 8to. 9*. 

Thia adnitnbls Ivnrk It partly a n>- 
maDCB and partly a sclielnfl of patriarchal 

Gadlj, John, Select Caaet ol> 

;. Google 

■ OAO 

Conscnence tonciung Witohes and 
Witchcraft. Lend. 1816. 12mo. 

Hu''a?wftcli-&id«n. Btei, asm, ea. 
8k«gg, 10^ 

Priclique ThBorlM : m nOn Bpeeu- 
litbmi upon JeauB Cbriil's PredlcdDo, 

FruHgna TtuoitstaFuiegyrlqii*. Load. 

MitnoUoH, or the hoi]' Uidnea 
n^ ftgaimt evil Hen. Loiui. 
Ifmo. Brtght. Ba. «d. Acrl«ous,wt 
liwts. Till ba fbniid In the Hetni 

Anita BanoM %t Ulnitliigdiio. Loud. 

DlK«un» or ADillUtiT B»o 
(k^Bl HATidHameneiiBt. Load, li 

OArLFBiDO and Barnardo. The 
Pitytull Hiatorie of two loving 
ItalianB ; Oaul&ido and Bamordo 
leVtijne. TranBlaled out of Italian 
into Englieh meeter, b; John 
Droat, of ThiiTis Inn, G^ent. Load. 
H. Binneman. 1570, 12ino. 
Inslllle. Keferred tobyilalonolnaNoW 

which tli'atPliy-MfoHDdeil. BythB dia- 

ler 'for Mr, Co^lS^, by P. Shoherl, Jun, 

G&1XLTIKB, Jaquea. Rodomon- 
tadoa, or BraTadoes and Bragac- 
diomes. Lond. 1610. 4to. 
In flie Ualaaa CollaaLlon. 

— Abb^. A. Method of making 
Abridgements. In two Fart«. 
Lond. 1800-1. 4to. pub. at 12. l9. 

Gauhtlett, Ebt. Henry. An 
Eipoaition of the Book of BereU- 
tion. Loud. 1821. 8to. 

iniabad In the pulBh dinnh ot Olney, 

QrAVTOcA, M. The Life and 
military E^tloib of Pjrriiua, King 
of Spii^ in bIi Boo1« ; renderad 
into Bngliah hj Tbomaa liattima. 
I»nd. 1751. 8to. 5g. 

la onglniil wu publlihad in LoDlun 

FrigeuiUffius. Pol 
jonS. 1593. 4to. 6a. 


Gbriatiana. Lon< 

Gatutok, p. Histoire tra- 
gique et memorable de Pierro de 
QaverBtOD, Uignon d'Edouard II. 
d'Angletorre, dediSe au Due d'Es- 
pemon. 1B88. 8to. 10s. 6d. 
r«Tourtte of Henry III. of FnnceTSent,' 


Oayin, Anthony. A master Key 
to Popery. Lond. 1725-6. 12mti. 
3 TOls. 10s. 6d. 

Qawahb. See GoLASBiTB and 
Qawanb. OiWATHB, Sir, Sdited 
by Sir F. Madden, for the Bannatyne 
Qub. Sre Appendii. 

GiT, John. The Works. Lond. 
1772-5. 12mo. 6 vols. 

a roll 

Al, 11,11 

prEmed Loi 

PoBnanererheforepriiiled. LoBAlsao. 

-ne. pp. 147. 

Fablbs by the Ula Ur. Gay. Lend. 

K-3e, 410. a voii. aoagb, me, ij. *t. 

;, Google 

CU.T — eiMtiniitd. 
OUrr AIMmi^1TSB« Pro. S nil. witb 
btaUa bj GnTclDb uid Vudflrgiicbt, IGo. 
Tbg» ralimiM w«i* tnoiimUr nininteil 
In erc—Naircutla, 1TT8. Roibnrgfat, SMO, 
ll. M^-iiOiii. vm, i Toll. Slockdals's 
•dlUn. Undler, pL U. Sffi, IL ITi.— Ii- 
InitnUd tIUi Hotel, ud the UTe of tb« 
Anthor. br the R«t. Wm. Coie. Sills- 
bnrr, 1786, 12mo. ta.— NaveuUe. ITW, 
llmQ.— Ljond. 81«kiUIi,lI88, t toIs. Imp. 
Sn>.TO|>l<iUa.i;.ie>.— Lwd.(lIM). ISmo. 
loi. U. WbltUnglum'* edlUoB vilh TO 
pllUl, ftequantif reprinted, Sl— FuIb, 
printed for Ant. Aug. Benourd (bj Cr«- 

roooplee priori 

• wbieh > 

added FablBi of lldvard Moon Paili, 
DMora eteieotTpe edition. 1800, IBnio. ia. 
TUun TiTIK. 3t, a. Of niliDil (tna 
printed). JiiimI,1S,4I.U. Another Edi- 
tion, to wblch la added On;'B Ele 1:7 writ, 
tenin aCountrrCbui^-jard. Parli, print- table. 0»vsiinn 
(one copT). Load. 1666. ISina. edited bf 
0. V. Onn, llluatraled by Barrey, 6s. 
Fuui by Mr. JobnGay.wltli an Italian 

A BeluUon of 'Pablei by John Gay, 
rariiedbf Jameariiiniptre. Huntlngdini. 

Thlrtytbree original Dealgni rroni 

aftei Uaniage. Aa aaenmed name. Tlie 

author «aa Captain John Dnrant BniiL 

Pngreu of a Rake : or, Ihe Templar's 

Eilt. in ten Cxiitdi, In Kndlbrands Tame. 

Fooodad npon Henrlb'i lix p^ntlngv. 
Some eo^i have plateL 15a. Baker,id0. 
11. Dh 

Gata, Louia dc. Tbe Hsrmn 
Ceremoniei of all NsUodb. Lond. 
16SS. Sra. 

OaTTOK, Edmund. FegtirouB 
KoteB on tha "SMotj of the ra- 
noini«dDoiiQuixotle. Loud. 1651. 

BlndleT. pt i. ISft, b. BUnley, I2D. 
ILSa. HaaHaii, pt.1. IStT.ea. Strettell, 
lM8,m. lteTlud,<irlUlConwminu,AI- 
tnrattoiu, tfni AddiUou i ud adapted to 

d Plw by 11.B Bo, 

Cbari» T 

t7t Bright, 


The Arto(LDiigevlty^I,Dild.l8S», Ito. 
ip. 110. Beed, ffTM, IBs. Sd. Nasai^ 
it.1. 1697,, Blbl. Anglo-Poet. t\6, 

SBj', \l. ISa, Peny.'ll. BtlH, 18a. 'attegg, 
,Walk. ByHedgiTnr- 

.e tats Laid Ben. 

berville. Chaplain t 

The Religion ofaPtiyilclini i 

Heher, pt 1. U. resold Bliaa, 41. Ss. Skegg, 

HIgbnesse JaSes' Diika rf Yorke, Kc. 
Oion. 1«6«, <to. HeUor, pt. Iv, 775, U. 

Qazxbb, Angel. Pi* bikrU, 
cIbHb lambu eipraau. Londini, 
1657. 12mo. 6e. 

Qazettes. — London OuettcB, 
from the commencement in 1666, 
to the present Time. Lond. foL 

in ISS! at soot,, another, not i;ufla perfHct, 
ailOM, White Knighii, 1789, from Miy 
to October, nOi, Campaign of the Diik* 
of Harlborongh, SI. 81. Roiburgha, gap- 
plemani, IM, from 1680 to 17o£ 8 tdIi. 
BLBa. TenelVi pt li. «ei, isas— »M, 

;, Google 

« Tidi. BL 10a. Duke of Turk, mi, 
1>9M ^intlng rrom JalTS7, 1711, Io'dm. 
17«S), M Tofa. OU BaslKnwsb, 18<C^ M 

Oaeopstlaciuk AngUcanniD : 
Mntuning the BBriratton of En- 
g\ah Worda, proper and common g 
tttAt in an AJphabet diatmot. Lond. 
I6S9. 8to, 

Glr P. Thompxin, 3K, lOi. - Nhho, 

Qazui, Clara. The Pbys of 
Clara Qazul, a Spanish Comedian. 
8to. 4a. 

GsBEB, th« Arabian Fbiioiopher, 
Worka o^ Engliehed by Bichard 

nindrj Draughtes for Glaiiera, &o. 
with the Maner how to anneii in 
Ola«. Land. IG15. 4to. 

Gkddeb, Aleiander, LL.D. Me- 
moirs of hia Life and Writings, \>j 
J. M. Good. Lond. 1303. 8to. 6a. 

— James. Easa; on the Com- 
position and Haoner of Writing of 
the Ancienta, particularly Plato. 
OUeg. 1748, 8to. Es. 

plsying nms lMm\iig and Ingenuity. 
ttaonpipiB. wull™^7M,■IHl^ocM,l^^. 

— Michael, LL.D. Miaoeilano- 
OUB TracU, Lond. 1730. 8ro. 3 
Tola 10a. 6d. 

>il«s.TncU. I 

SSL 871 

TheroDDdl orTnntplilnlrdliMTend 
not a hiTa b«n > ttet AraeinblT-. Loud. 

lew. Btd— 1114. s™ Ss.ed. 

B«tei«ITrmct»«g»lDiit Poperr. I*na. 

— William. Saints Recreation, 

third Part, npon the State of 

Grace (in Terae), Edinb. 1689. 

Gee, Edwimi, U.D. St«ps of 
Ascension to Chid ; or s Ladder to 
HcsTpn. Lond. 24aio. 

— John. Hie Foot out of the 
Snare, or Detection of Practise* 
and Impostures of Priests and 
Jesuits in Engluid, with a Cata- 
logue of the Bomiah PHeeta and 
J^esuita about London. Loud. 1624. 

d IVaxl. Tha HusoDd sdLllDn Is nprlnted 

work, Tia. the CiEftlDgne of l^opLih Books, 

b«rorUor^D'a PhcEDii BrlumnLcua. 
I«M. 4to. Blndlej, pt il. laiS, ited! 

— Joshun. llie Trade and Oom- 
nuvee of Great Britain conaidered. 
Lond. 1767, 8fo. 4a. 

An otHmsil tiMtlu. FoTTDsrsdlUaiu, 
Land. 17X9—1781, Bio. QlUg. 1T8D, S>C 

Gelii Philip, K.A. ObaerTa- 
tioni on the Idiom of tiie Hebrew 
Language respecting the Powere 
peculiar to the diiferent Tenaes of 
Verba, and the Communication of 
Power from governing Verba to 
Subordinates connected with them. 
Lond. 1821, Sro, 

(v CD BplrlMinl B^ntlain and Con- 
u. L.oil<t. 1M7, 1^0. Si. M. 

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iraid (he AmeadmeDt ol the laat 
Bngliab Tranalstion of the Bible ; 
or, a Proo^ by manj- InBtaooca, 
that the late Tnmelation of the 
Bible into Engliali maf be improT- 
ed. Lond. 1659, foUo. 16b. 

A »«i7 ourion. wrk by *n AmlnUn, 
vlio Bcnnia a tULVe bsd no high Dplnion 

but > verr lileli napeot fiir tha ' launed 

— Sir William. The Topogra- 
phy of Troj and its Vioiuity i il- 
luatnit«d and explained by Draw- 
ings and DeacriptLona. Lond. 18(4. 

With U ptaUi. soma of wMoh are w 

lounul. 'Mr. Oell'B Topopaphyof TiDf 

810. D»p. Driiry, 1&37, Sg. FonUiiU, TM 
jinnerlnthellorH. Lond. IB2B. 8vo 
Qeography and AnUqiillleH of Itbua 

410. Fonlhill. iei6, al.Bi. Combe, 818, 

Attlu.'^ll. rollo. (publlibadbytba 
DUMUntl Sodel;). llonh, pi- U. 173, 

TopagTKphj' oT Rome and iUrleloitT. 

of Home mODDlfld ind in a oue. 3 tdJb. 
II. li. The mip aopmnUlr. 10s. 

Pawum ; the topographr. ediflcea 
and ornanunU of Pompeii, bySlrWm. 
OeUuid J.P.QiiDd}. Load. iei1-U, imp. 

I, by Sir* 

BOcoplea priDladj it. llB.6d.euh, reduced 

Qellbbt, Chr. F., Pro&Mor. 
Eia Life, with a Csune of moral 
LeeaoDB, &oin s French Tnnala- 
tion of the original Qennan. By 
Mn. Bouglu. KeUo, 1805. Sto. 3 

TOU. 7». 

BepriDted Land. IBlO.llnHt.8 Tola 4i.«d. 
Gblli, John Bapt. Circ«a traiu- 
lal«d into Englyahe by Eeniy Iden. 
Anno Domini 1557. J. Cairood, 

■Lica Lnraa. T4,lBal|4ita. Haiiea, 
pti. IKO, niiala, &i, Gokbmld.aM. H. 
North, pt 1. 12tl, II. lit. «d. Bindley, 


a of the Florenlina 

Tba fearfull 
ConiKr, truiBlated from 

Engllah by W. Barker. L .. 

US rblloa, without lnlroductloa.~I.ODd. 
1W», IBmo. Inglla, eil, Si. 8d. Tnua- 
laled by Tom Brown. Load. 1701, Sio. 

GsLMBBAHD, Henry. TrigoD')- 
metm Britannioa. Qondn, 1633. 

Thll WOTfc ms piiDc^pally writtM by tha 
celebrated matfaeiutieian Henry Brlnte. 

the Hot. Williun Beloe. 
1795. Svo. 3 vol*. 18a, 

;, Google 

IB English, of ■ fsTT dialenll and IhItiki- 
tiT8»Ili«. DnuT,SSI,ll.lta. FontbUI, 
aw,H.10m. Ninuu, pt.1.8!, Il.Ii. 

OiLUDs, Job. a Gtelliitone. Ao- 

cUmatio ad Jikcobom I. in ScotUm 

redeuntem, Edinb. 1617. 4to. 11. la. 

AcgprKlQlhsBrltiibHiueani. Qor- 


n NapHu Fridarid V. 

eidfllb. IMS, *to. 

GeUIHI, Ihomaa. CompendioBS 
tolius Anatomie Delineatio, .£re 
BiuriLta : Land. 1545. falio. 
UUe. The plilss in iiippoHd to havs 

Qmiihuhi, Franc. Ehiidstnao- 

■ Bure Guide to Harmonj and Mo- 
duLLtion. Loud. 1743. folio. 

and natlciB ft bU <rork>. will bg (odhI In 
BrnHj'tHiitsTT, iT.611, Ao. 

GraiflTTFB Pmtho, Geo. De Tir- 
tutibits Libellus. Il«m Aristoteles 
de Virtutibits et Vitiie, Fawconeri. 
Oion. 1T62 8to. 

GnrFEBTiNQA, Chriateman. 
Sewtn out of Qermaiij. A Dis- 
oourae of a cruell MurdereF named 
C. QempBrtiuKSj who had kjUed 
in bia Life "^me nine hundred 
three score & odde Persons, trans- 
lated from the Dutch, b; G. P. 
Ipsw. 1684, 16mo. 

A eopjr b in tb( Billlih Hnmiin. 

Gbub. Set Dablet, Bichard. 
Oaix. Uaolbobouoh. 

Gehbbbixe, Claude, Hietoire 
de Caraiuius, Empereur de 
Grande Brelagne, prouvie par lea 
Uedailles. Faris, ]740. 4to. 

Helwr, pLil. 2i4£, IB. H. 

Gbnbsib. Ste HtnraiB, William. 

GBnau, the Book of. An euct 
reprint, page for page, of the autho- 
riied veruon of 1611 (in the Bo- 
nian letter). Oxford OniTenitj 
Pnu, 1832. llo. 

iwi^ hj lb* delAfatefl af tha UniveP- 
' Piv'fl, for thn purpove of conpu-Lnit 
viriuiu xlltisiu Df the last Ud r<n* 

thaDlogj. a«SKt,«e,&i. 

ths HsbriMr Accent FsIdU, bf J.^lucf 

tan of aenHi>, B}' Eswnni (I>t. Butt, 
the TrlBltT, und' their cruliTB Power, li 

Lond. 1«S, Sto. 
CmuildenllonBOn (h* Buk ot Qniula. 

Gbbbst, Iter. John, of Bath. 

Some Acconnt of the English Stage 
&OTn the Besloration in 1660 Co 
1830. Bath, 1832. 8to. 10 Tola. 
pub. at 61. 6b. reduced to 12. lOi. 

GiBSTA. — The Lawea and Bl^ 
tutoa of Genera, as well concomiDg 
eoclesiaatical Discipline as dvil Se- 
gment, &o. TnutBlated out of 
Frencbe into Fngliabe, by Robert 
Fills. Load. Bowland Hall, 166& 

Heed, «S31, «a 

KlDBty-flTe lUTfii 

^uofGeneTL Tbel 

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John CiTlTin. ~lniii bj~ CrUpTa (it Qe- 
iHn)UM.STO. Ferrr.lLlt. Another 
•dlUon. wIUhhI plus, UM, Sro. An- 
ottMr adltloB. Land. IMI, 4ta. Sh Fbe- 
ali, Tol S. Iioe. 
Pn>p«lt)giu uid Prindplu of Dlulnl- 

^. .J ^^ diapdlwl iB (tw Vni- 

>"^ by caRiia Bludsnta of 
ndn H. Tlwod. Btu 
F^iTI, PraftMon of Di- 
inb, bjr Bobert Wslda- 
lt>. Pp. S7« (mlBpriiu 
smi viiD VDiB kod Bmti, 3 p^ffea ; Uke- 
■IM title, aplatle dedknUiT to ' the Lord 
MlsboUa. E«rl« irf Oetomg, *o.' by Ao- 
thooli PdTi, end ' To Ih*Kakd<ak>iTea. 
— Neirlle miTHBd vlth HHadrie Addi- 
tloiH. Imprfntad IrlH, 16mo. 

Tli« TiooWei o( Oene™, iniiilited by 
W. p. for T. NBloon, IBSl, 4to. Bright 

the tD»n of Zutjhm. -"' -'-'- "- 

enterprlH ot "' " " 

Diolioitla tben, 
and M. AntboDlt 
■loltle, fte. El 

iria U* H<OMty' 

Dr. Woodirudp Lom. iriv, iw- 

Tba Ouen Cilaehlim, truslitad hem 
tttVimch. Lond.lB1G. Itmo.^g. 

The DDetriD* of tb* Ghonb of Genen, 

Odtlhi, Madame la Contcsw 

ie. Hemoiree. Lond. Bro. 8 vols. 
An EnKllBh tmuUtlon vu piibllBhed 

Uili nlo^ntad'aaUioreBi tuve ilu been 
triuwJaled Into EngUah. 
GENineEa, Bdmnnd. The Lift 

and Death at Mr. Bdmund Qe- 

niaeea, Prieat, crowned with M»r- 
tyrdome at Lcmdoii the lOUi Daj 
oC Noreiaber in die yen mji.xci. 
St. Omera, 1614. 4to. 

with rn)fit1iplHe,portnlt,andtI other 
cortom prtnu by MiTtln BM. Towiieley, 

lii.i«. Gonl™.loiin.'»eO,'lM.i««. G«nl- 

QsNOA.— The Berolutioiu of Ge- 
noa, &om the earliest Aeoounta to 
the Conolusion of the Peace in the 
Year 1748, including the variona 
laautTeotlons and Diaturbanoes iu 
Coretca- Tiaualatcd irom the 
French. Lond. 1751- 12mo. 8 Tob. 

dlaplayio^ coasidenUe nnrch. 

Gemt, Thomaa. The anoient and 
modem History of the fiunoua City 
of York. York or Lond. 1730. 
em. 8to. 

Bir P. ThompHB. MB, Ida. H»th, 
4fi87, 13a. Bp. or Ely, SMt. It. lla. ltd.,^ WhluKnlgbli. 
1665, Ba. Dant. pi. L 880, 11. I3a. Cu- 
faluo.—Pp. vUt, we, and addoDda, ninva 

folded plM of >be city to fwia Iha till", 
and a folded view of York to IVoiit p. t. 

DlTine EDlertaliuHiitl, or penitential 
Dmlisa, SI«ba and Groan of the wooidal 

Anckant and modaTn ntatoTy of the loyitl 

othw HacBa Inyortailif™. Yott, 1J8S, 
Bto, WhIUKntEhta.ieeeLlTi. BiDdley, 

Et. II. 8BT, use. Heath, dses. Ulla. 
ip. of Ely, aw. IdL NaHan, pt. 1. IMS, 
lUa, SliP,TbiiTnp30D,lM.ll.TB. UOyd, 
S»4, II. la. OiUaKia.— Pp. Ill ; poatle^ 
dedloa(loTi,apagea: SCndley Pai^dn pp. 

Abbey. There are 16 vood 

Annalaa Hej[lodinit Hull 
History of the Town of Kl 
Uull. York, 173A, 9ro. V 
J9S4, II. St. BlDdlay, ptil. 

;, Google 

Unn; ptBfice.ll puges; cootenla, 8 n»g«. [ 

•crip^ S&piiges; >nd nimn of the •ub- 

view ofi^lon iipcn Hull; la fnat 
Ihelllla. S. S. w.lTospwTl of IheHlgli 
Church, p. 13. a. Plmof Klnnlmupoi 
Hull p. SI. *■ Tlie Riilni if It. Hiiiy> 
Abber, Yi)rk|P. IIS, t, Ths Bqiisiitriu 

west View of 8™rboroii|[h, p, 11 of Ihe 

A aKDHndlDm UlttoTj olEngltni lad 
RoToe. York, 174I,13iiiD. Svola. While 
KnighU, 16M, IGs. Tovwley, pt. II, HT, 
li. ai. 

TotkiblmunXr chaVoDWDed KlngTB^ 

Whits KoigHU, 1««S, llf. l'3>, 

Tfaa Hiiloty it tha grut Eutmi Win- 
In 3t."p«Mi^^Ci.lhBd™l, YoA. (Yarfc, 


leloE Iha naal Mihful ip'rlaal 

Iho iilatorj,' pp. 1— IM; Index, 1) i»ge< 

f«4 of thie tnuu1tor7 

itory of tbs tndant 
. aloo > llet of boska 
d by Oeot. 4 pagai, 

™Be ™york clibed?Iupd t." of xS'r^^ 
on ons Plata bf T. Oenl, an ganeralir 
fbiiDd in tha rolome, uaatad on a blank 
[I0I7 Lift and Daatb of St. WlnsfTed 

Platy dlapU^ad, lu iha holf Ll(» ai 
Dnlh otBt. Roben^armlt of Kiiareeb 

P>t«r PMrlia, Mb* an' El^ac Fuloi 
dlaloBiM oooaitonad brtluiBioal lanioot 
d«th of Chariai Hoaiud, Earl of Carllil 
A pDSB. York, [1T38] Itao. 

fattam of Piatf, or Tryala of Patlano^ 

a vorthy and oharltJOilEbeholden, baing 
ithsriid and perfanned at hii beseai, 30 

Life, written I17 blnaelf, Lond, 1B33, 

extremely am ui-lng piece of Anlobloi;n- 
phy, edilad by Iba Ka*. JoaeiA Bnntart 

QsHTiUB, Alber. LL.D. D« 
Legationibua Libri tree. Lond. 
1&85, 4to. 
Dedluted to Blr Philip Bidnay. Bind- 

wUl b* foond in Wood'a Athen. Oion. 

— ficipio. Faraphruis aliquot 
Psalmorum Dayidia Carmina he- 
roico. Lond. 1581, 41a. 

phraaea. Lond. lUl, <(°. Bioaiey, pt. It. 

m, loa. ed. 

Gbhtlb Craft. Fleaaant Eis- 
tory of the Qtmtle Craft Lond. 
F. Oolw, 4to. iazm 1670], with 

The flnit part of tha Hlxtory of. L<nd. 

1. Title with 

Flnl Edit 1«SS, Ijin-dowoa— Lond. 
1076, 41o. Be. Sd. I^IOD. 1T2S, I9>.— 4ta. n4 
Bindley, pt. II. 1860, II. Iti. 8a Caitri* 

GsKTLBMAK, TobiM. EnKlani!'* 
Way to irin Wealth, nnd to em- 

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ploy Ships and Mwiiuin. Iiond. 
1614, 4to. 

The b. 

,BiUhy Kingdom of Europo, by fc 

nnciog thu nshlng Tndc. Lond. foLli 


the CommenoemeDt in 1731 to Dec. 
1869. Lond. 8to, 203 Toll. 

Vttkt of York, SOSB, r 
iDdeui, BKf';. t>eDt, 

Oent, pt 

Dec. laSS (IJfli-lBsa "L 

uu(LoMi"r iC Pr^ectorf] 
hia eulr uBKlitea, by Ji 

A lilt of the PUUi, Uipe, 


— The nii»celhuieoiii Corre- 
(poiideiioe. 9 Noa. with Tndn in 
one Tolama. Land. 1T42-8. Sto. 

— X Selection of (he Articles 
from the Gfentlemui'a M»s»«inB, by 
John Walker, of New College. Se- 
cond Edition. Oiford. Lond. 1811. 
—Third Edition, 1814, 8to. 4 vols. 

Btntull. laOB, 2L 14). Doke of York, 

Tfiaflnt edition vu in i Toll. §to. 1609, 
to vhlcii Is genenlif idded thA 4tii toL, 

HmthlT Mlwellur, conslating of (Ktk 
nry) Hem, Hlnlory, Philosoplij, Poetr;, 
UluIO, TnDdnLlona, Ac, to he contHuiet 

3td1i.1^ ThoBntDumlMrof thia work, 
■hleh >u ed^Ud by PoUr Motleni, is 
d»ted J»nau7 IBM. ThelufcHoT.lSM. 
The Oentlomu^ JoamiL Tho flnt 

count of itU the fortifled cltiei iDiI tone Id 
£iinip«,(ppe>redoii the lad Jutr, ieas,4tc 
Oenlleniia'a Migulna jnd MootUy 

. .or 17M IT 


Lond. 1988, folio, TowiieHy, pt.ti. SO*! 

. «l»ut 90 folio plntoi, all dedt- 
litroniofttaswDik. L,oad. 1710, 

intlBuina'aK«ie»tloii. Sto. Su 

OK edlllona. &• Whole Duty of Una'a 
'ork^ In vhlcb It la Included. 

Oboffbft of Monmouth, Ste 
Jbffbbt of Uonmoul h. 

Qeoqbafhis veteria Scriptorea 
Ghieci (et Arabiei) minorea, cum 

:terpret»tione Latins, DisBerta- 
tioniboB w Annotationibue (Henr. 
Dodwelli, J«. Hudson, et EdT. 
Wella). Oionii, 1638-1713. 8to. 

p. fUndolpiT, 6: 

ODIenti of aljtht dluaiUtioDt by B. D«d- 

nonlB Perfplna, pf. 4 not numbered, pp. 8 
pumbind.— EMylula Periplna, pp. S and 

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GtEOSB APnix-r«onf Inaii. 

E6,— AgathnrctdlB PnipiDH, pp. landed. 

16.~ATriuil Peripl'ii Marls Eirtbnel. pp. 
S ind 88.— Neinhl PsrinlLis,pp.l indM. 
— MArdtnl HanclHlB Ferlpliis, Ac, pp. 
4 and 83.— Ponti Eiii\nl et MeoUiils 

UUones SI Adden'i*. pp. es.-Epiatol* et 
PrBfiUonoi, pp.S.-InSai, &c. 11 laavei. 
—Vol. II. 17Ca. Title, -ith Bngreved 

GEO 877 

GiOQBAfar, — Journal of Ihs 
Bojal Geographical Society of 
London, 1831-58. Vob. 1 to 28, 
8to. maps, &a., still continned. 

GlOLOGT.— Tranaaotiona of thB 
Geological Society, establiihed 
November, 1807. I^tSeriea, Svola. 
1811-1831. Second Series. 7 toIb, 
1822 to 1856. Loud. 4to. 12 tolh 
181. 18*. 
Jounut, ToU. 1-11, ca SOL 1SSl-<lf^ 





gnphHH, pp. U 

nd'wB.— A 

tc. 18 




,' p 





I A 











-EiwrpU ei c 

niKll MHId 

blnm ImlpimiD, pp. *».— C 





'XT'ctlon to ¥. Cherrj 

ind • Lectori, 

e.— H. Dod»rili 

3iHeruilo de 


sad 67 

.— DionysU Orb ill 

)e«:Mplio, Ac 


1. «.S pp. lea 

j,Tleni Deneriptlo Orbli Temm pp. Be.— 

Pinphrasia la HioDyalf hriegOJln, pp™! 
ud 38. SciiatU, &0. ;p. St— BS.— Id. 

mi,'the tltla,dedicallon,>Ddpnf![ca, la 
the edlUcu of Cloii;ilui frinled al Oioa 

pUU>. Pnbllalied al II. 8(. each. 

Geopoktcobith, sive de Be Ilus- 
tica, Lib. XV. Gr. et L&t. OrtBca 
euro M3S. contulit, Frol^oraeno, 
Kobuks et Indices odjecit Pet. 
Needham. Cantab. 1704. 8to. 

A TalDBtile edition. Wliltlt, 867, lOi. 
Dent, pi. i, SBt, niEiia, ia>. Ueitli, S81& 
I5a, Willlasu, IM, moTocc^ U. lOa. 

0EOFONICA : Agricultural Fur- 
suits. Translated from the Greek, 
by tha Rev. T. Owen, M.A- Lend. 
1805-6. 8to. 2 ToU. 129. 

A good trapBlallan. 

GlOR»E, Saint. The Martyi^ 
dome of Saint George of Cappa- 
docia : Titular Patron of England, 
and of the most noble Order of the 
Garter. Lond. 1614, 4to. 

Pp.32.witbnri>dediaiiDns. Aftertli* 
poem, are lioea entllied Sappblca. (tbi 

Anglo-Poat. MI, 101. I0«. reeold at Hann. 
den'lnlSI3.rDrSI.I6i. Dr. 
Dlbdln, In hla ediUon of Am*^ Trpogn- 
phlcal Antiqnillee, DDUcei 'The i.jtt et 
that glorlnoi Martyr Salat Goorg*,' 4to. 
pKntrd by Pynaon 

champion of England, Bt. G»ti™n 

hauiaiTied the Wn^^nghter of Egypt, 

nJ. ISmo., My, iaM,«. 

Lond. IWl, 4to. Pp. M. A punpbiet 
tahen fnim Hrylln'i Ulitory. 

The Hlttory of BL Gootgn, the lutint- 
Hon of tho nobte Ordar of tlie Gartn, 
and a Calalogua of all the Kalghtl OBlll 

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878 eso 

Sat AiHVoi.*, Eliii. Oaktii. Bit- 
IB, Pttat. LowioK, Tho. 

GcoBftB It King ol Orai Bri- 

Ao Uitoricd Aiwirat of Qtotgi Uw!« 
(K, Owrge I.), eooUlning hH 0mi«Ic«7- 
llfo. LincMlsr, 171*. a™. With por- 
trslt. MironiB of Toifniihtiid, 866, b>. 

A Colwioiil*! for th* ReMption of hla 
ll»)Mtyup<mhliArrivil from U?ll™* 
toWoKiiiglioinorGrBitBril^n- ™°™ 

^^itaof KlnBGMrgBl. Looit-lH*" 
M,8«.StoH. li»rqiiii of Trmoblund, 

Aonji of K. OefflW I. toni. 1717-18. 

A iteitsw of Ui8 Kolgni of Georgo I. and 
II. By » L»dy. Berniok, "f*-,""^ 
S Tds. 9b. An IrdiBorenl perf™-""- 
Hoilnirgli*, Bupplemeni. ow, II- H. 

OBOsaB II., King o* <*™at 

The Fmio of Iho Proeeedinn lo 
RolJ Coron»UoB of King Gwrgs II 
QnMD CuoUnB, tha nth of OctoDer, 

"TlHSolBnmitlM M the Coroin«< 
X:.QHfKaU. PriaWd in the Ybk 

TVHt on tlie Coroiiiitlini of K.Qeorge 
IT Uld Q. CuroUiie, OctflbaT 11. '""" 
■pokso liy tho ScbolATB of WoBimi 
Behool. ToirhichlB BuljJolnfdUiei 

■CodiOi of tho Kings inn QiiBomi of 
lind. bond. 17111. 8to. pp. 70. an 
fnrat by A. Wilkor, oonUlning tbfl 

°*Latie™ botwoon bl» Mnjosly ind the 


Unnoln of lh« lut tes yian of th* 

Ucmoln ofUiarticaaf QeMEiII^by 
ot* HorvoT, (dllef by J. W7 Crokor. 
ond. 1M7. feo. 1 iota. 11. U*. 

dioMB IIIt Kiiig of Qm« 

Iccount 0( Ibo CormnonlMobiiorTeil 
Cbarlotte, on Tuesiny, lbs Mod Day of 
B^ptenter. Li.nd,ljSl.«o.irtlh.pl4U^ 

^l Septembst, bolng the Day ip- 

poinled for "''''■^'j'"""^,''""^ "J^" 

, and Older 

111. ' 

n Gait. 

t and Family. 

III. and q 

j1«. with IB portriila, Bi. publlahed — 

■ho Public and PrivaM Life of Georgo 

IIU by Rohstt Uuiih. Lond. Iffii. IKi. 

^ I."tliri ftom hlo Majaaly lo Uu 1»M 
Lord Kenyon, ontho Coronitlm Oalh^ 

iat7. 41o, Si. pp.U. KdlUdbyDr.PblU- 

l> MaJ«( 

Bey to QoetUngcn, nod Ih. ..— ~ ... — 
■ew Illdvniltr tbera. ITIB. Sto. 

Thi Oounoldal of tba laurment o 
King OKine the Seooiid, oo Tnaaday, th. 
llttrDayrfHoMiohw- "«>. m->. 

Ab Aoeoont of tho Conmatlon of Kin( 
«6orgo 11- Lond. Heo. *!<>■ ^ „ , 

A panloular Account of the Botamnl 
tioi UKd at the CorentHlora of K. Georgi 
II. and Q. Camltno. Lond, 1781. Sto- 

A Berlew of the Beign of Qcorn ui 
Beoond, In whioh a new Light Is Ihro-i 
„.. »K. TMrtaaptJAOB, and the Lffocta o 

QKOBaB TV; King of Great 
The Form and Ordei of ths Berrtee ind 

Ce'nmonial of the ConmaUoo of Sing 
George IV. In the Ahboy of Bt Potei*», 
WesBninslir. Waevairaler, by J. 
Whitiker, folio. PriBUdvkUluniiFe^ 
illh nomsrans full-length porlr^U and 
.IlnminatlDns, Urge folio. PnbllBhad by 
)UllscHpUoa at 100 gs. On VoiMIt, In 
imperial foUo, all copies printed tor 

bey. Jnly 19, isal, publlohod by bin 
Majesty's ospeslal command, by the lata 
Sic Geo™ Najlar, in a Series of aboio 

peitnUa of muy ol 

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Qbobsi IV,— cm 
IpdlTldiiili who .e™ 
Hubes^ Eauiei wiih 

Nr>Mllt7Uid OsnUy,!! 


YDung, Eu. Xcifc He»ld, li; Ht 
BahD. Atlks foUi>, hf. bd. mam 

Lirs ud Rtlpi of Omn I 
WilluH. Load. 1831, UfiH). £ TDla. ..^ 

Life gf OcOTga IV., b; RabeH Hnlib. 
Lend, 1 Toll. §T0, plates. 

FanoDAl Hliiory ot Qui 
CrolT. LoDd. ISW. pmt Sv 

ACoIltcUr- -* ■" ■— 

n of tlifi m jaterloi 
« ua fnnceu ChulBtU, B 
L>dT Ann H>raUb>n. U>nd. ISS2, Bm. 
SToii.ll. 1>. BuppreaKd. 

IHuT of tlH Timei of George lY,, in- 
tanpened with <iii«1iul Letton of Quhd 
CUDline lad oifacr dliUngulihad Fanoni. 
By UdrChKriolMBiirT. Lond. 183% Sro. 

OBOltoi-A-QBEEHB. — A pleatuit 
cODceytfld Comedie of George-ft- 
Greene, ths f inner of Waketteld. 
Lond. 1699. Ho. 

JoUcy. 1B«4, (£ luTU US.) U. 
An uionTmoiia ploy; 'tutidry Timai 

— The Pinder of Wakefield: 

being the mnry History of George- 

ft-Oreene, the lustj Pinder of Uie 

North. Lond. 1632. 4to. 

Black Icttw. Gordoiutoiiii,18H,«.li, 

HlHtDT7 or Ooorgo t Oncns. Plndor of 

RspriDUd In Thomi'ColtwUon of auly 


For uuiher uoount at thla eeltlinud 
nhmetar, ■■ W (H.) A Bmllid of tbe 
Jollvy PiBiuol «tlHtM vUllM fHiDd 

Id R. Grsan'i DnnwUs Worti hj I>TC« 

Gbobsibeius, JoMph, Abp. of 

Samoa. A Uescription of the pre- 
sent State of Samoa, Nicaria, Pat- 
mo!, and Uoust Athoo, tranalited 
into Englieh {bj Heniy Denton). 
Load. 167S- 12mo. 

KoltUBD of tba stnnge Finding onl of 

1867, lamD. 

Gbsako, Charles Lord. Bar- 
ratiTe of Procaedmga id aereral 
Suita of Laf between Charlee Lord 
Gerard of Brandon, and Aleiaiider 
FitMa, Esq. Hague, 1663. 4to. 
A copy li In tho bnii>b Uuwiud, inl 

»™n. Mr M. M.'a,kM,prUi.llll. U lo. 
— Alexander, D.D. Die«erta- 
tiona oa fiubjecM relatife to the 
Genius and Eyidenoee of Cbristia- 
nitT. Edinb. 1T66. 8to. 6a. 
Ad eitMined work. UhIIi, Ml, C*. U. 

r OD GenI 

Loud, E 

truly phlJooophle t 

— Gilbert. Inatitulea of Bibli- 
cal Criticism. Second Edition. 
Edinb. 1808. 8to. 12s. 

Xarih. Tliegieatarput DfUuSntMi- 

— John. The Herbal, or gene- 
ral History of Plants, enlarged b; 
Tho. Johngoo. Land. Adam lalip, 
1633. folio. 

■neemed. WbiU Knighti. t..-, 

Dent, pt. 1. 1S39. vlih puts) eoJounid. 
lDanieGli,«I,e>. Nu»n, pt. <. IMS, runt.. 

—iMia. 16M; folto. Wburght, 17M, 

htU, H4», IU.-ll.uai PAFKL Leigh and 
Botheby (aanua), April, lUI, tu. 10a.~ 
Flnt ar Oanrdo'i tdltloB. Land. UM, 
(OUd. Wltb Taad.nil portrait 

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-Amlhsr. IxiDd. IBM 
to Bli WilUr Bulalsh 

Q-nuKDO, the nnfortuiuto Span- 
iud. &( GiwiDiB, Don. Gou. de. 

OsRBiBB, Sir Battbuu-. The 
Inteipretof of jho Aoademj for 
fbiTun LanguBgea uid >U Qabla 
SoMuoe* and Exercises (in Enf'~~'~ 
tui French). Lond. 1618. 4t. 

pt: U. SK *ill> OnUar'* Cuoiuel » 

■l*tuua to ■ TnnUer In Ui Coonn 
wUh HvUudfln, G«niuuu, V*iieti4Dii, 
lUIUu, Spuludi kMl Fnncb; srltun 
to « piliialT TnTBllH rr>r > VideniMniii. 

To M M. . 
ThB Plu uid Kvtei oT hi> Audlmr mt 
Isltaul Gnan. Idnd. letS. 410. 
M«t humbls Banaulnius to PuU*- 

Hutqlila EEpfauioa of hU Integriej 
Lnd Zula to l£i(UDd. (to. 
lo th* PipTil4B LlbiVT tX UmgdKlfiB 

Mlagt, CHobtldia, It ■ miuelluieaiii 
oIlKtloD entlUBd ' Enliei, Muiluiii, 

— Charlea. Elogium Heroinum, 
or the Praise of northj Women. 
Lond. 1651. I6mo. 

BlnitIeT,pLiiL3B.lJ,8>. AMprttln 
Uie Brttiih Uiueam. Blbi, !>. 

— OeoTKB, D'Oaril^. Tlie false 
FsTonrite disgraoed, a^ the Be- 
ward of Loyd^, a Tragi-comedjr. 
Load. 1657. ISmo. 

Pp. lis. dediotsd to Aniinr de Vers, 
Bui of OitmA. As. ud 1 othon; then 


OxEitxos d'Anqlitebbb. — La 
plaiiante & delectable Histoire de 
G£ril£oa d'Angleterre ; mise en 
Francoise, par Estiaiiiie de Maisoa 
neufie. Fans, 1572 and 158& 8to. 
2 vole. 
subnrgiie, sue. voL II. use, II. li. 

1 vol. whiti Knighti, me, Hfc Gold- 
smid, S8S, m. ed.. 

OsBiuin (Christ. St.). TreaUae 
concerning Uie Division between 
(he Spiritoalitie and Tempondilie. 
Lond. Berthelet, n. d. 12nto. 

Sothebr. Ij. tOi. Au (dlUoD printad 
by Rob. fMDi<m, 

OEBUiNicoa Ccear. Seliquio 

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GEBHiXT. — 'BM WamingB of 

Ovnuuif, by wonderful Signw i 
Prodigies [by — Brinck ma i r ], 
The IiUBsionB of Gennome, with 
aU the Civil and Bloudy Wsires 
therein from 1618 
portraits and map, — A tnis Kelft- 
tion of the bloudy Battell fought 
foure dayes and fonre nighta to- 
gether, between Cuke Bernard tod 
Winseren end John de Weerdt, the 
l)uke of SavellL — The lAmenta- 
tioua of Germany, with a tme Re- 
preeentation of ita miserable Bitate 
(bj P. Vincent). — L«ihrjnue Qer- 
muiia, or the Tears of OermaDy, 
unfolding her woefiil Distress. 

9 AnatfMea, BtorlM. As., ■ Cr 
, Lend. 1801, llmo.lTotr 
innaa Th«tre, br Ban]. Thom 

■ud Verv, (bf MIhE, G. Knlgbt.) Wind- 
IDT, IBli. lAao. ThinjeoplHpriDUd. 

Talfli tnailat«d fruu tba Q«nuA Lu^ 
guga. Obent, I8M I9nio. In. 

Qvnnui poputar Stortai tmulalBd frua 

I cf the Brt plHK 

Hilly ft 
•11 prlnn 

Speclmeiu of I 

kI blDgraphtcai 

Id, ud to [taa Enguik 


Senuny, U8(. Bm Oiss- b 

■t lb« Gsniim Emplra wilh 
tu IMBCrlplion of Osmanr. Lcmd, 1S9S, ° 
410. WWW Knight., U*S,ai. ' 

Til* KLilorr of tbe Gannui E-. 
Mug ■ ConlinualioB to Ecbard'i I 
HUtory, Lmul. 1731, Svo. ! voli. B 

Ths Garmin Hpy, wltb Bacnt BlitoT? 
of Ifae lavtirat FlimigHUidPrlDoau" *-- 

AcM Oennmnlci, or tha IltaniT He- 
moir. of Germany. Loud, 1748, Ito."-'- 
Dsaoripata Jounwy through lh« 

'agings by Gcorga Crult 

(Iba Duke of Bedlbrd). Lend 


The ail . -, --- 

CoDTanatloa of n Fdher vlcn nil i;iiii, 
dun, by Qeinar. 3, Tba Set of Hoiaoa, 
■ dnmatla Fiec«, by Emdorff. Edinb, 
ITU, Std, U. 

The Gennan Ulaeenany ; muliittiig of 
l>raiDai, Dlaloruci, Tans, and 
t«lu,!n>dby5.T- - - -— 

Perth, ITSe, 

I TidL pUtai, IL la. 

G-gBHABB, John. Siftlarium Bo- 
[lanuiu, siva Eiplicatio Notanun 
ut Litterarum, quie hactenns re- 

fi-iri potuerunt in Marmoribus, 
pidibiu, NuminiB, Ao. Lond. 
1792. 4to. lOs. 

veaiptored Id Ihe itodr of Roman 
prlnled enllre In Ibe L«idoD adlUoB of 

— Philip. A Ro^y Inuectiye 

the Defence of Uie Gwpell 

againat loch as murmure and 

woorke what thej can that tha 

Bible ihoulde not haye fraa Pa*- 

Land. 1647. 16mo. 

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dluled ta K. gdwirdVI. tj PhllllDpe 

GIebbohd, J. Poems, ohieflj in 

the Scottuh dialect. Glug. 1802. 

aEBBinrr, B. P. A. Catalogoe 
and De»criptioii of the Etohmga 
□f Bambruidt Taa-Ithjii, wiUi 
some Account of hi» Life. Lond. 
175S. ISmo. portrait. 

Brocliiitt, 1887. Ua. 

Qbbsok, John. The Iraitation 
ot Christ. Ste KMtPIB, XhomsB i. 

— The Aita & Craite bo knowe 

well t 

9 of 

r. Dibdl]l.l.K78-BS, Dibdln'aXoD 

— The Trajtto of the Art of 
good Ijujng uid good dejing, 
transktjt at Paris the xiti Da; 
Hay, of Fraucb in Englysh, oon 
thawsand v hondreth and iii ittara. 
Impcentjt in Paris Jii Day of the 
Mowneth of Maj. ' ' 

of thi> c 

Impacftot St th« begl 
ay, PL I. 178, 18J. BOW i 

ita Knigt 


— The Crafte to lyue weU ft to 
Aje well, translated out of Frensshe 
into Engljsehe, &c. the xzi Daje 
of Januarja, the Yare of our Lord 

This cnrious TolniOB. «iil«lnln|[li»rdly 

edlUiHi br W. de Wnrd*) la dlilded Inio 

die v«IL 1. TbaCDmrae' "' Anlscrybta 
(M. exxl). a. Th0 fyftenft 3yimes (fol. 
liiiiTll, m.). *. Th« grela Judmnmt 

■0 iRTgular, tlul afur foUo luill «• i 

Snl fonr follog of the Joyea of Pundyi* 
ue not numbeml. The tiuulstar liui4 

— The Crafle to lynewdl and lo 
^e welL WeatmjiiBtere by W, de 
Worde, 1506. 4t«. 

Seven Tnvwi. An sbrtdgmeD^ *Hm- 
liWly, or Itie ttormer walk. 

QsBVim SB Camfazib. — Tlie 
HiBtoiT of tlie famous Preacher 
Friar Ohirund de Campaiae [ otbei- 
wise Garund Zotes. Translated 
from the Spanish, bjN^ugent. Lond. 
1772. 8yo, S vols. 

Thli Hlstmr b7 Fettaer jMpta Fnndt 
de riili, wis written to ridknle the >b- 
isrdltles of the Itloenut BpsDlsh preu)i- 
ere. The DmniUtor bu sdopted the it^le 
ofTrlitnmBhenilr. WilltemB, RS, mo- 
rKU.2i.Si. Wmett,M7, l»i. A Dotka 

Gbsbnius, D. Willielm, D.D. 
A Hebrew Leiioon to the Booka 
of the old Testemeot. Traosbted 
from the Qerman, by Christopher 
Leo. Cambridge, 1S25-S. royal 4to. 

Wiley, 18M, ioy»I 8to. II. Ha. M, By B. 
P. Tra^llci. Loud. Bigiter, IMS. Udlll 
4tD. II. Bb. Sd. — Lond. ISM. aiiiiU4to. 

hj l>r. Lee. Lond. Duncui. Bvo. 11- Se. 

Hebrew amamaj-p by B. DAvies. Lend. 
B)«9ler. IMS. unill 4ta. 10>. — Olber 
tnoalulDna, l^ Prof. Hunrlti, third edit. 
Lond. Teylor. IBM. 8»o.I3».— Bjr Dr. Lee, 
Lend. Ddiku ISM. Bro. IL6s.— Bt 

— Sse QiBBh, Joeiah W. 

GiSNBU, Conrad. The newe 
leweU of Health, in i Parts, pub- 
lished inEoglishe, by George Baker, 
Chimrgian. Lond. H. Denham, 
1676. 4to. Black letter. 
PUnr. Wblt« KdI^U, 17(10. Sl BOS' 

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GBSSKBit, Solomoii. Works, traoB- 
Uted from the GemuiD : with tame 
Account of hii Life and Writinga. 

Wilh aiuniTliigi, ifter deslgnB by 

aiDtliird. 1^ wDrkB of tl 

Tlui Deilh or Ab«L, Innslaud br Mtry 
CQUjtriwltitotxhe engnvcr, JohnCoIlyerJ. 
Load. 17SI, llmo. St. 

Tbs Duth of A1>«1, ittevpted In ths 
Stjle or Hilton br ttaa R«t, Tbomu 

Runl Poemi. LAad. 170^ hdiH Sto. 

M-D^wfth'. Irfller to S. F^e.lln'^ 

Lond. lII6,'<to. atretlsli, icm. 139, U. 

Sslect IdTl*. trenslsMd Inlo Ensllsh 
VeraB b; the Ker. ti^orgs BaIeof. Land. 

GsBT, Edmund. ATreatueagaiiist 
the preuee Maaea in the bebalfe 
and Furtheraunca of the mooste 
holje Conununian. Lond. 1648- 

16, in elghti, be»rd«9 the dtdlotlon lo 
HalBUT Cbak*. Sir M. U. Bykei, pt. IL 

GzsTA GlUTORCU : or, the His- 
tory oE the hi^h and mightj Prince 
of Purpoolo, &c. &c. Lond, 1688. 

4to. ( 

fical.) _ 

IcoUd t 

Sruyth, Gnq. The Prince of Pnrpoole vHi 
Mr. HenTT Helme*. a Norfolk Bentleinin. 
NuuD,pCl.l703,l3a. BoanU,. 
TUi plw» U iiuBrCad by Hr. Hlchola In 
hiB Progniwi of Q. EliEtbetli, 1788, tdL 

leWynkyn d 

BUckltttn. ^ 

idLpled by Bhikapun. 
r, l.ydCTle,.OMleve, anil 

mud ifl Douofl'fl lUoBtrmtlaDi 

— ( A Record of Ancieot Bia- 
toiyu (15 Tales). Black letter. 
Loiifl. 1918. 12mo. lOs. 6d. 
ItKt, ISmo, BriEhC, 7i. 1871, Ixind. fer 

MrU.M! SykeH, ™rt'. 74. 11 Ss.— 16Sb' 

ISmO'— 170S, 12nio.-Gta»e. 1753. l«nio, le. 

— Fortj-eight Histories, origi- 

— Traneiated from the Latin, 
ith preliminary Observation! and 

copious Notea by the Ber. C. Swan. 

Lond. 1824 post 8vo. 2 vola. I8a. 
GETHnJ, Lady Ch-ace. I^liqniie 

Oethinianie ; a Collection of choice 

Diseoureea, pleaaant Apophthegms 

and witty Sentenses. Lond. 1699. 

4to. with Portrait by Faitliome. 

«cripu from the worki of Lord Biicon.— 

Di<*i;on,_by Jw. FnTthonie, Jiin. Bmsou] 


t-»[ininiurAhhey). Uindley, ni.n. 
a, 21 Bl. naold BrlRhl, SI. 17». 

Gethimoe, Sichard, .Caligra- 
loteohnia ; or the Art of faire 
'ritin;:, Ac. Loud. 1652. folio. 
11 onntaliK BO nlHinj, .Ith portrait of 
aetlilngc, BL S3, bf J. Cliintrr. 

b pnrlrmU by Pr 

;, Google 

GBtBBian Okniuiu.BoiiuB,1666. 
12ma. Portiut, aod mgraTed tide 
after Salntor Bosa. II. Ba. 

0HOBT. — The GhoM, or the Wo- 
man wean &e BneohM, a Coioedj. 
Ixmd. 1663. 4to. 


GiBBOir, Ectward. The Histi>i7 
of the Deoline and FaU of the Bo- 
Empire. Lond. 1776-88. 4lo, 

lan ue Din* sdltloiH of tbe l>t tsI. % 
ID lint "" '■< ™^i **" '■" *■■' *""' 
Jie noWs al the root of the pi(«. 
aJmri^ T7S1, lil. 7». Ko»cneiBB7, 

Tha HosHt atumL Land. 1«6& &)• 
BuTBwuTs, Rlnhaid, p, MA »l. 1. 

Tlnakou. BrPalliPluiiUom. Edinb. 
ITSS. fbUo, 48 »*. friNB April », ins, b> 
M«. IB. ITBS. A yatlgdln] pvbUeatloa 

Ossan. Tb«Ci)i»ple«tWlK»rt,l» 

atoris, by Jarrli. Uni- 1BS3, 
Slnrlei, UIlHtad vlU 

FitDdi. Ohoits. uid aplrtu, br J. 
Rldclino, LiHia,lBM.lSiiul. 
Bh Biucbb and Calht. 
GuiniOHX, Feter. HUtorr of 
Naplea, bandated into Endian b; 
Capt. JameaOgilTie. Lond. 1729-31. 
folu>. 2 Tola. il. IZa. 6d. 
An utHowd woik. 
GimvTK^ Horatio. On Cheaa. 
Sk Sakkut, J. H. 

GlBBOH, CiarleB. AWorkirorth 
the Beading. Load. 1591. 4ito. 
Thirty loivBB, 'whnreln is cnUliad 

pithy Apothequei, Ag. Loud. ISM. 4tD. 

aUChriitlan.. Lond! IfiSO, 4to. 

fbrtaUa for Matter u compandlDaa foi 


IS Forma fbr domail 

Mamciri*. I<™d. 1988, 

10 Onfer 

agalut Tnmbla. 

. CuDbildi^, ISM, f p. 

i F(iia— Land . 1781. (in. 
n, STB. 11 mil.— Lena. 

The Hiitorj, Ae. Oiford, 

Talboft and Fiokering, 1S28. Bto. 
3 Tob. 82. Ss. 


lonapiiUlthad in 

9 ■ntbor's Uf^Unia, 

pKtIcnUi'ly tn th» 

OiMk ootaa, Hinaetod, uaoa firii, In 
n^ STO.fiftT caplai prinlad, 81. Ss. 

HIMOT at tha DoellDO and FaU of tha 
Boaun Empfra. vtth the notoi oT OuiuiC, 
edllodbrthsBoT.H.H.UIhDan. Lond. 
1838-8, 8TO. 11 ToIi.N. Sl— aeomdaditian, 

iDouB Empin, complel 

and Fall of tha 


liyChilnier>,8To.8 toIi.— Load. Cidtlt 
1888, Sro. 8 TDll. — With Dnualr b* 
WILL YDon^Dun, anraotyped in DIM Tol 

ll.W.— L«nd.Virta«,(18G0) Imp. 
la. port. >nd pliloB, II. ISa, And 
lerodlUDBa. — Wiih notei by M 
d GalaoL raili, Baudrjr, Iwn 

;, Google 

0IBBOH, Edward— wnttowtf. 

— Hietory of the DBolinB »nd 
Fallof the Roman Empire i tor tbo 
use of Familiea and joung Penons. 
By Thonwa Bowdler, F.R.S. Lond. 
1826. 8to. 5 vols. 12. lis. 6d. 

And all Allualoni of im fnipropar VtaAeaey 

— HiBtoiy of the Decline and 
FiUoftheBomiui Empire, abridged. 
Lond. 17B9. 8to. 2 TtSe. 10b. 6d! 

An flxcAlLflnt ftbrldgment bj Uw £ct- 

■•oU. ISmo—Purin 181^ 8vo. 
P»rii,t8a9,a " ■ - ■ - 

ailuAn it r«DipIre Romttn, tndult 
pu Le Cleic da SiiitghtDdi, Demgiuilcr, 

nvue ot corri^ (pM Mmd. OuLuit), prt- 

laU}T\M, tndottft dBl FTUiun d«l Big- 
Don Le Clen ds Sept-ChCiiea. I^nuim*, 


OeaahLchta dea verfiUH dad uulATguip 
(OD F. A. W.Winek. 

du SOmlKhec 

Apology for Chriltlinlty.Ini 
• un •!> FJw.rd GlbhoB. Kiq. By 
Biihop of LlaadUl. 

SillilHirT, B.D. 

:i on tbe two tut Chiptsn t 

«™ shleay to 
Bjr » OenO«niMO( 


rt tha Tnilh of ChrislUMIj; t 


to the A 

jyth I<onii^ UjL., Vicar of 
._. I>ul)lln, 1778, 8vo, 
EumlnaUon ef tlw nitoenth ud 

jnili Chiptsn of Mr. Oililioii'a Hl«- 

tor of Itaa De^lM and Fall of tita BODaa 
Emplia. iBwUgkUaVlnorihaPiwraaa 
of &t CbiUUao irilfioi 1* ahan |g b« 
tboided ofl tba Waraptoaalatlaa tt tlia 
' ilhocalueltaa; aadBU ~ " 


BaiUol (Mtega, 

-|. BlDdlay. [ 
riiltui*, at. 
'S. ^'indt 

Flariuiim are pro- 
Iwud Davia, B.A. vC 
■ - ind. 1778. e™. 

, wtth the Yladtullon aod 

Cbapten of the Stitorr of 

A BepiT to Mr. Gtbbon'g Ttnaiullon ef 
ima FUBU«>. ByHaotjEdirartl D«tI«. 
.A. Lond, 1779, Sru. Wllllanil, fiM, 
ith 'Wbltaktr'i KeTleir of Olbbou, 
rsi, II. I&i 

A abort Appeal to tba Poblic. By (ba 
entteman (Francts £yTv) who te partl- 

-jlarty addrvued Ed flin PoHtuHot of the 

VlwUcatlon of soi 

and Iflth ChantdT 

DMiineind Fall 

Pngnui acid Eatabllihi 

Cbrlltianltr, In Reply (0 the IKth 
of the Decline and Fall of Ih« 

mplre. By Oeorffe Langht^in, D.l 

80, Ito. ll. Sd.~178e; 4tD. aa. iA. 

CHIibon'ti AKOuntof Chditlanl 



LoDd. ltBl-3. Sto. 

Apoglacj; with Rel 
Chapter of Mr. Glbbi 
Kan. Benry Taylor, 

A Reply (a Hr. Qlhl»n'a Tlndleatlon ef 

HDlh Chaptera of the II titory of the De- 
iliaaandFallofUiBRominEmplra. Con- 
ainfng a Heytew of tbe Errera ill 11 ratiln- 
id In thcM Chapten. Hy Juoee Cb.l- 

ihicli Hr aibbon baa ualgned for tbo 
■apid ProgreM of ChrliUanlly. By Sir 
Daild DalrymplB, Hart. Edinb. 17Bt 
ltii.8e. PorotlifctracU. •uHiiLW. 
A poetical Addnaa In Edward mbbea, 

;, Google 

ellia and F 

.Uot UlB 

toiuii Bmpi™. 

Land. 1788. iU. 


IH on Itia tb 




Eiq. Lond. 


»ched brfon 


6f C»rabridK9. S8Ui Ju 

an'tlDiu NoUou 


Mr. QibboHH 

ItoqiM Hii 

017. B, W 

. Dlimj. U.D. 




n Empire, V 

uig. IV. V. mud 

iewed. bj- 

mi taker. 

SvD. WUlitmi, 

eS7. 'ilb DiTla' Betil7 U Gibbon, ITIS, 

ll. iSa. 


Edoard Gibbon, viDdlat<Dg 

ExperieoM. B7 N. NiibtH, ILA. Chil- 

Ci^fulMlone delV euma del Cii>el- 
lamo hlto da Glbbnn, jwi H. Siwdalleri. 

Gibbon, Ednard. The Mie- 

Uoneous Worka, with Mamoira 

of hia Life and Writings, com- 

\ bj himself: illiutrated 

the Letten, with occaaioital 

Hotea and Narratiye, bj John, Lord 

Sheffield. Lond. 1799—1815. Ho. 

la of Yott. St^. 2 Yols. TJ. lOt Hind- 

1784. tlo.— 1785. Bvo. TheiB Istttra weio 
ably inawered by ibacelebnled Pnrfaiaor 
Poraon Mid Bluhep Manb. TbreeofTni- 
Tia' lettna van origtully publlabed Id 

Ad Atumpt to aMoiinC du Ibe InAdelLty 
ef Iba lata Bdwd Qibbon, Eiq.,roiiad< ' 
■■ iirfra. piiWiihed by '-'■ 

Lori Shefflald; with RaSe 

beat Means of olwlrlnlt tlie p 



InclodlDE ■!> AccDiint of t 



l.yttlaura. ByJ-hnEiana 

A.M. Lond 

IJPI. 8vo. Ba.«d. 

Trill mpba of Chrt-llmlly 
dtapland; bslD«aaAii9ver 

Lord nod hie 

Apoallea ppediciad the nan 

.pproMh of 


r own Time 

byN.NIabalt H.A. D»l, 


'a Word or two to Vtnd 

ution of Iba 

Univetilty 0/ Oxford, aod 

of Miedalau 

College in p,i.11cul.r^ '"'S.S^ K?"£"- 
moQB Aapersfona of Mr. Q bbon [by Mr 

HDidl.1 Lond. 1797. 4». 


with aconiinentari by the lale Edward 
Gibbon, Esq. and Notts hy tLe lata Lord 

Gibbon. e5i. and the Edinburgh Reiloi 

an. By Win. Cocliliuni. M.A. lSCe,8v( 

CoDoleeand InWresllngVlawoftheOI 

)aetl0B of Mr. Gibbon, that onr Lord (on 

II, ff^ 

n the Study of Llteratun. 

AnUqnitieaof the' 

utely for presenli.] 

— J. Vaj Fatality ! or tome 
ObservntionB of Lsya luekj »nd 
unlucky ; concluding with aome 
Bemarka upon the Fourteenth of 
October, the auapicioua Birth-daj 
of hie Eojal Highness James, Duke 
of York. Printed in 1679. folio. 

wflm'tcal 'ilaiiillMieB" wlVaddlS™ 
printed in Ihs etgbtb loloma of tbe Har- 

;, Google 

mora correct Blazon in Lstine tliBU 
hath {omierlj been used. Lood. 
1682. 8to. 

Pp. laS, Bilh dedluHon lo Robert 
BtinM,E»rlo( AyleabuTT, » Preftua "' 

OiBBOH, Tbo. Account of t 

Set of Madrigals and Mottets of G 
Parts : apt for Viols and Tehees, 
lond. by Thomas Snodham, 1612. 
4to. 61. Sb. 

HBbm, pt *UI. ITOT, wltli olher plewl, 
tL»>. BriKbll>lthothsrpl>K«H),W 

TbeTolume (Tenor) 1> dedlcowl to BIc 
ChristDpher Hilloi, Knt., mid eniMLiii 

Mmial AnuinrJiTii Society. ^ 

— Thoma«, D.D. Uemoira of 
eminently pious Women, vho ner« 
Omunenla to tbeii Sei, Blessings 
to thdr Families, and edifVin? Ex- 
amples to the Churcli and World. 
Lond. 1777. 8to. S vols. 12s. 

The work D(apii>u>EaKlL>b dtlMStu. 
Bindley, pt. li. Sffl, ISi.— Ai>otber»dLtlini, 

witli partnlti. II. lOi. 

Bhetorte, or ■ View of Ha nrlodlpul 
Tropat and Ficurei, In thtir Origin md 
Fowem. WttbaviriflyorRulMMtKiipe 
EcTon >nd Blemlehu, and ittim Pro- 
piiely and ElegaoEe inCoinpoiitUin. Loud, 


ID E'angeliul u 

QiBBl, Jamea. Bibliotlieea Bsd- 
cliTioua, or a short Desaripti 
the Badcliffe Librar; at Oxford. 
Lend. 1747. folio. 7i. 6d. 

- 1, with portrmlu of Dr.HadcUffe 

of » 

GiBBS, Joaiah'W.,A.U. AHebr«w 
and English Lexicon to the old 
Testament, including the Biblical 
Chaldet^ edited, with Improve, 
ments, from the Chmnui Work of 
Profeaaor W. Geseniua. Lond 
1827. Svo. II. 6e. 

Tbki mptint of tlie Aiaedcui edition of 
1B24 Is edited, Hi thBTBat care, by the Rer. 
Lucelot Bhupe, HTa. 

— Kot. Philip. An histori- 
cal Account of compendious and 
swift Wntini; ; with an Easa; 
towards a Jarther Improvement of 
the Art. Lond. 1736. 8to. 

The htstorlul account diaplaya exten- 
aWe nmdli^, fiDHTlLal judgment And 
mncb kaoirledge of Iha theory of the art, 
but tbe syitem la eln^arlTobKure Kitd 
omfnaed. Naaiau, pL I. ISBS, date 17K, 

QaaoK, Sir Alexander, of Durie. 
The Decisions of the Lords of 
Council and Bession in the most im- 
portant Cases debated and brought 
Wore them, from Julj 1621 to 
JuIt 1612. Edinb. 1690. folio. 

With portnlt by Wbile nfler D. PitOD. 
Boibughe, lOM. 7a. M. 

— Antony. A Woman's Woortt 
defended against all the Uen in 

"' " ' I them to be 

tent, and abso- 
lute in all virtuous Actions than 
any Man of what Qualitie soever. 
Written by one that has heard 
much, scene much, but knowes a 
great deal more. Lond. J. Wolfe, 
1599, 16mo. 
n«d 9SW, II. !«., OordoBstonD. 100. 
Bindley, pt. Ill, 84. «. IB^ 


litreaMi Anne Rusaoll, Margaret Ral- 
> q.' Blliibeth. He iut«> It lo be a 

id IHDsUleil by a Cellos and Mend of 
LH then abfODt.' Ac. A nnmberof pnetl- 

jn fnm the 

la' of tbe Cheraltar 

;, Google 

888 aiB 

GlBBOK, Edmund, (acceauTelj 
BuhmofLinoolnandLontton. Co- 
dex Jurii Eoclesiastici AngUcuii 
Second Edition, rerised and cor- 
rected with large AdditionB bj the 
Author. Oxford, 1761. folio. 2 Tola. 
31. Zt. 
TliK m4lutgL HHutitiitiani, UBona. ra- 
id «rUi!lwo(lh« Churoh ef Ent 

«Lpal ]K»d« otcoatroYtaj between Frote»- 
tnnta and Pkplali, bj die most fimiuent 
diTlsei of tlH chnreb of EngLind, chiofir 
In ti» nigii <a luof* II. 

A naw •dlHoo, unfuU)' reTlBed ud 
«d<tsd br tha Rer. Dr. Cummlnc. Losd. 
IMB-48. audi Bro. IS tdIl (if. 1&. 

Supplemanl lo OHmoh's PrsMrr.tiTe 
^m Fop«ry^ being Importuit tT«H.Uii«4 
OD the Romlih ceutrorenr. Loud. 1318, 

— Paatona Letten. 12mo. 4«. 

Br.tfltm. ThsBnliiaaiia, third ind 
borth btten on nvrlited IB Nihop Bu- 
diM/a BndiliUloo ThMlocksm. 

Tbfa leuned pielaU puMlibed tnuu- 
lullaiu lit CHmden'i BrlUnnU wtlh iddl- 
liou 1 tbs Cfaranicwn Suonienin, Anglo- 

— Joseph. The HiBtory of Glas- 
gov, from the earliest Aocounta to 
the preaent Time. With an Ac- 

count of tlie Else, Frogreat, and 
preaent State of the different 
Bnnchea of Oommerce and Manu- 
bcturee now carried on. (Haagow, 
1777, Sto. 6a. 

FoDthllLSSTS, Ul 

Gibson, Bev.Eemiet. A Comment 

upon Part of the fifth )oum^ of 

Jjitoninua tlirough Britain. Lond. 

1800. 4t<>. 11. 10a. 

— Leonard. A Tower of Trua- 
lineBBe, wherein euery Christian 
fighting vnder the Banner of Chriat 
maj defende himselfe against the 
cruell Assaulta of bis Enemiea. 
(Lond. 1555.) lemo. 

In nree and proH. Bright, IM. 

— Matthew, M.A. A Tiew of 
the ancient snd preaent State of 
the Churches of Door, Home-Lacy, 
and Hempsted. Load, l7a7, 4to. 

— Thomaa. A breve Chronjcla 
of the Bjshope of Bomea bleesjnge. 
See CeboniCleB. 

An uOHint ot this noted phrslol'n. ■ 
wlSrbe (oS iu Wood'. Aih™. Oion. 

QllEOED, A., D.D. Tables of 

English silver and gold Coins, with 

Descriptions. Lond. 1772. ito.Zt. 

Prltf fetslf printed. 

— C. H. Eistorr of the Wan 
occasioned by the Prenoh Eeiola- 
tion. Lond. 1816. 4to. 2 vols. 

;, Google 

teHuit, Bpplled tu tha upuitie Df the nn' 
luroed. LoniLRirToblBCoaka.ieSi.llo. 

Vitchenft*. LhhI. MM. ' 

L Dlnhvoa 
B8i>Mi>t»d hf 


LoDd. H. Inlaid, ItW, 4lo. 10a. « 

GIISOEB, Humfrey, A Voue 
of Oilloflowers, eche differing from 
Other in Colour and Odour, ;et all 
iweete. Lond.fbr J.Penn.lASO.lto. 
Uie KdtJ Library. 0°EIU»'hM glten 

— John. A History of the Po- 
litical LifB of the Right Hon. Wil- 
liuQ Fitt, including some AcMnmt 
of the time tn vhich he liied- 
Lond. 1809. roTal Mo. 8 vole. 

bh AMaL, p< 

irfateh Ual Ho« oatol 

■omllr nlallng 

Thii pollttul Tri'ter, okHs raal i^uw 
wu Jakn Blebud OnM. coatrlbuMd to 
iha aitaMUhnHBt oT Uh Brltlih Citiie, 
-JxxiMa Harlan, 
winmuif tha 

— Ji±D. He Church of Eng- 
land'! wish Ibr the 'BMtortng of 
Primitive Discipline coiuidered. 
Lond. 1708. Svo. 10s. 6d. 

— Wm-TheBaviadandMnTud. 
Sixth Editioo. Loud. ISOO. 12mo. 

imo, Wltli p]>t«i indrStothud. Whlia 
■.KtfflitM. IMS. ISa. UMi pirii. Sir U. 
I.B7kai,pI.L 1289,101. Llo;d,6eT,ia>. 

toiw PMqulo (John WtUiams). 

OiLSKBT, C. S. Historioal, To- 
pogrsphioal, and Heraldical Surrey 
of the County of Comwali. Plj- 

— Bariea, Prea. of the Royal 
Sooietj, Some ancient CbristniBs 
Carols, with the tunEfl to which 
they were farmeil; sung in the 
Wert of Eaghmd. Together with 
two ancient BallAds, a Dialogue, 
&o. lond. 1823. 8to. 5b. 

A lltaru7 Hod miialcal cuTlaiLty. Jotan Kelgviii,Osnt. Editad by 
■vtai Gilbert. Lond. 1^ Bto. 


e KS. Blttorlei of Nr. IU1> (ml 
^ODkln. Land. tSST-A »n. I toIi. 


Sir Humphrey. A Diaconaa 

of a Disoouerie for a new Passage 

Cstaia. Lond. Henry Middleton 

for Bisharde Ihones. 1576. 4to. 

Buciuim. AeopTliln thoBiitlih 
HuHUDL J4dls, MB, irllh 'A gaiur>l 

klloD of Cbl> dluwrarr; &.Sii.—Ccllatlm. 
B— I S in fbund.XcanulBidg'FiuIlu 

untalnlDg Uifl titla. ''Omga Gucnlgne, 
Eaqulre. In the Iteader/ ' A prophftlnl 
Sonal nt tha lame Gurge Guinliis,' ' A 

;, Google 

rAtter or sir Humfrer GlllKrt. KnigfaV 
uid tba Ubl«. At il I U ■> (>»nl 

OiLBEBT, Bir Hiimphn;. DeNs- 
ngstiotM in Dovmn Orbsm Colo- 
nUm losoepU, Carmen i«i/^- 
TucAv Stephani FBrmeDii Budwi. 
Load, apnd Thomuu PnrfutJum. 
An. 1682. 4to. 

Elgbllstiea. Aeopjliln Um BriUib 

tDrtumu tuTJgktor BirHumpbny Ollbert 
wtll be founiT In l>r, Bliw' Bdlti™ " 
^T'»llt'( Allien. Uion., sod hit Vor>gi 
NeirraiiulliiB), in U88, will ba flHiDd 

— Sir Jaffiref, Lord Chief B»on 

of the Xiohequer. BepcrU of 
Case* in Equit/ and Exchequer, 
from 4 Q. Anne to 12 Gleoc^ I. 
Lond. 1742. (olio. ISe. 

The L»w of t™. 

I irth Edition, brlt-S. 



Her. Thomu. Bagknd*! 
PaHing Bell (1676). 4to. 

A'nmgli »mJ h»rah plooaof poetry, i*. 
plenlBhod wltb pbuiKtIcLain uid pblii*^ 
pblal larmi,'- Jnl. i Wioi. 

— Thomat. VoTsgo from New 
South WbIb. to Canton in 1788, 

Tiem of the Iilanda dis- 
ooier«d. Lond. 17S9. 4to. 7*. 

' ' in of thli TojMgt vUl 

PbiUlp'ji Voy«ee tfl N. a. W«l». 

— William, M.D. De Magnete. 
Land. 1600. foUo. 79. 6d. 

L vork cooUlnlng muj cnrloiu BipA. 
lents ind IngBBlng BuggciUnni. nd 
iDipIeti HlalorT of an that bid b«a 

ibnniba, ITW, Si. OUtr Bdiliau. Sw. 

In ^hll». 

becuH ons of ih* Coil, of Phyiloluu In 
Lond. and phrilclan In ord. In Q. Ellia- 
belh, >bii bad id hlgb a (alne tn him. 

ucouugK kit auidlai.'— jtal. i> Wmd. 

— "Wm. Tho AngWi Delight, 
w *1bo the Method of Fishing id 
Hackney Rirer. Lond. 1676. 12mo. 

Haworth.8S» ■" °- 

to,— Sedln. iMH, tb 


iTLav of ETide 

of ETidsnce. Kilh Edillon, 
, Ac by JamH B«dssl<ili. 

Ulal«7 and Pnntlrw ol Eich«4Der. 
Lond. 17iS.BTD. 

La* and FneUH vt Common PIsai. 
Lond. 171*. Bvo. 

Cuei In I'w and Gqultr, vlth two 

tke otbar on Iba CoDStitnllan oT Engiand. 
Lond. 1760. Sto. 

On Bauti. Lond. 1768,8*0. 

tjiw al DBilBBt. Loud. lira. Bta. 

Thla leiiHd Judu pubUahMI HTSnl 

— SamueL Fona SanilstiB j or 
the healing Spring at Willow- 

prinwd irltliont diit«, about ITSO. Ua- 

— W. TheHoiricanei atlieoio- 

phical and weatem Eclogue. To 
whiob is subjoined, a aolibuy EflU- 
sion in a Summra*! STening. Bria- 
tol, 1796. ISmo. 

A noiitm Df thli Utlla po«B will b« 
found In RstTDipacCive RaTlii<r,i. laO-tS. 

OutBlai, Ste liB EUoB. 

OiLBT, or 611.BI1, Ant. An 
Answer to the deuilhah Detection 
of 3lephane Gardener, Biishoppe 
of Wjneheater. Lond. Qrafton, 
1547. 16mo. Blank letter, 21. lie. 

ud Hnuloi M. «i, b«lda ' Tfa* Table* 
snalimore. In|(Ul,Mg,lfo. 

A CommeDtarye Tpon tbo Propbat Hr- 
eha. Aono Doml. ^.D.LJ. Land, by 
John Days. lemo. 10a. Sd. OIInelglltK. 
At Iba and ' A prayer At Iba King.'— lUI. 


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GlLBT, Ant. — ivnlimied. 


&i APfARIL. D-ZA, T. DllLOOnB. 1 J 

GiLCHBiBT, James P. The Ori- 1 J 
gin and History of Ordeals, with ■ i 
a Begistor of the principal Duels: ^ 
■ince 1760. Lond. 1821. 8vo. 49. I ^ 

— John, A CoUeotion of an- 1 v 
oient and modern Scottish Ballads, ; b 
Tales, Bod Songs ; with eiplanatorj ] ' 
Notes and Oteervations. Edinb. j i 
1815. lamo. 3 TOla. 13b. 

uet, English tnd HlDdMstmnea, 
itlng Ihe iHllDqulal iDUnoniH d 
i>, an funtltar Bulitlecu, witli Ihg 
Df India, ImmedlaletT on tbeli 
n HlndooiUn, IschidiBIt the Ar- 

iindeeRnmaa ontLDt^gTspllIu] 

— John Borthwicfc, LL.D. Bri- 
tish Indian Monitor ; or the Anti- 
Jargonisf^ Stranger'a Quide, Orien- 
tal Linguist, and other Works on 
the Hindooatfluee Language eom- 
presaed. Edinb. 1806-8, 8vo. 2Tola. 

abirr'-Uller. Lond. 1330, 8va. IL lOs, 

llldai ut wi IsUm. In Anblc and llla- 

Orlenliil Fibuilat. or. Pnljslot trans- 

IB. Calcutta, 179a. tic I 
Tnlgaily nlled llin Moors. 

[IndwflUnoa Laoffuage. Cal- 

thBOry Htand or (all, bin proipactna c«nn( 

Tbt Hlndo* Manual, or iDmIkI of luiJli 
Calcutta, iaD3. 4(0. 

Partl-j potitorof the Rntnan, Peraljui.andNagns 
^^"b. f.|,amctnTa. Ejlmpla and Nmpouud, In thoir 
826. HI. spplicaMon In the HindcnaUDBe linguaga. 
'olume. c»leulla,180a-3.n)Tal8To,aTOla. 
'"' "" I Many wnrk. h, tbe Ilindooitann lao- 
»* t .n-l (ruaffehavftboencoiiipoBOdiiiidarthaanper- 
^ '~T I lDl«ndanea oT DoBUnOIIcbitst, udprlnlel 

I GiLDis, gurnamed the Wise, the 
i oldest British Historian. Opus 
inOTiun. Gildas Britannus ntona- 
choB alii aapientis cognamentum est 
indittun, de calamitate, eicidio, et 
conquestu Britannia, quam Angli- 
am nunc Tocant ; author Tetostua a 
multis diu dearderatiu, et nuper in 

Ctiam D. Cuthberti Tonstalh, 
idinen.Epiacopi, formolia eieu- 
Ibus. Loud. D. d. [aed. 152&] 

I FInt sdltloD, witli a dedluUoa to ag^ 

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TcauiUU, uid • ^ ^ ,^~ ,^ 

pirfT*™ VmkU. Roiburgho, ssaa, 16 
Dent, pi. i- 688, IS"'-* '''„''^'°"„" 
hli HflntTT^m.'— e"><. QildMiatarme 
brQillbon tdeihlning Jerenil«h. OA 

ley, pl. ii. HI. I'i". Hibbert, B378, 

aoiC'"*»"M' * ™''^ ?," ^fo*""'^; 

Hnunm. Ths beBleditLon »ill ba 1 
to GslB't Collection of Brlttah HIlUl 

Inru, Hetdelbarg', iW. md Mooon 
Heber. Brit Ediled by Peine. 
AnedlUoB sd fldoio Cod. MSS. r 

by ibe English Hialoricai Society, 1 

OtLDAB. The EpiBtle, entitled 
De Eicidio et Conqueatu Britannioi, 
tniiBUted into English bj Thomas 
Habmgton. Land. 1638. lamo. 
Willi pntinai by MurahMl. Gou 
1«8, lis. Sir P. ThoDipmn, MS. 1 
K«ii»ii,P«. 1.1336, 16s. White KniBhu, 

Thii work onnUin* u «liijtol«r « jn* 
liraphy u Tho. Ctmplon'n (Obwrreilom 
heworkililuoWdby Dr. JohiHon. Bo«- 
llflj *Ui' 1S», UMiwPKR. Bindley, 

Sun'd Fhiloiupfals of holy Boripture: 

AJeiander, D-D. nAPEPFA, 
Parerga, si™ Poetiei ConatuB. Lond. 
163Z. 12mo. 






rormer tnnt 



ib*'»ddiiioiii, in 

pmliT. A notice of Gill, who Bnoceeded 
hl.f.lber M he»d mmarof BL Pwil'e 
, >n. lesfi, »lll he found in Wood'i 

John, D.D.. An Eipoaition 
of (he Old and Hew Tertaroents. 
Lond. 1743-63. folio. 9 vols. 

Gn-DOK, Charles. The oompleta 
ArtofPotirr. In Sii Parts, with a 
Dictionarj of Quot»tioni. Lond. 
171B. 12Q10, a vols. 

"e*n>. Bouot^ 1436. 6^. sd. 

Bto, 1719, »l>io one of Wjcberly, hnt thli 
Is ool known In print or to wh.t nl- 
Uchsd. Ll>es of Bngllah Drntoatlck 

Gili, Aieiander. Logonomia 
Anelioa. QuA Oentis Senno bci- 
lius addiadtur. Seconda Editio, v 
paulA oonectior, aed ad Taum m 


accommodatior. Ixmd. , 

lUr^'oH" he BTble. "it UHghlV •Ue- 

wllh portrair, 18a- — Lond. 1768. 4lo. 
h partrB.ll.— Lond, 1716. ilo. Edinb. 
6,8vo,avol., 10.. 6d, Lond. Ajlott, 

■h considered. In Itopir 

Lond. IU8.8»0.««. 

iceiDlng Ilia Antiquity 

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fjlTJ', John, D.D —caBlmued. 

of the HebTBv LuiguHH. Laltfira, Vrn 
AlibonndeipiwlUoii khI dthnce oT 

BodT of doetrlniil uid prutjal DiTlnlly. 

HminHtlDQ of the Hvend Paau^h 
Sciiplure mtie Um of by the Armliili 
{being •□ »r»ir8r to Whilby on tho F 


till) empln. tb( .._ . 

QuiIJHX, John, Si 
SYlivJX, Sir JuTTLM, Bart, 

GiLLBBPlB, — . NamitiTa of 
the most remu-liable Eveata of the 
Life of K, Williair. in., also ■ re- 
Tised Histot? of the Siege of Lon- 
dondercy. Beny, 18Z3. 8to. 

-— Aleiander. An Eiatorical 
Beriew of the RojbI Marine Corps, 
from its original InBtitulion to iU 
present Era, 1803. Lond. 1803. 4to. 

ud irlthtn tho Upper Counlrr. Leeds, 
IBIS. BVD. Tttil in«p4i. lOd. 

— Qeorge, Minister Kt Edin- 
burgh. A. TreAtiae of miscellanj 
Quostiong. Edinb. 1649. 4to. 6>. 

OIL 893 

QiLLiEB, John, D.D. Hiitorical 
Collections relating to remu-kabte 
Perioda of the Succeaa of the Gos- 
pel. 8to, 2 Tola. Glasgow, 17B4, 
with a Supplement.— 12ioo. 1761, 

Clirliliinll)' Knd oT Cburch hlHlory. A 

John, LL.D. The History 

of Ancient Qreece, ita Colonies ua 
Conquests, from the earliest Ac- 
counta till the DiTision of the 
Macedonian Empire in the Bast j 
including the Hietoir of Literatmv, 
Philosophy, and the Fine Arti. 
With Maps, and a comi)lete Index, 
forming the first portion of his 
History of Gbeeee. Lond. 1786. 

ibniKhe^ TS«, II. IBs.— Loo4. IIW, 

The History of the World 
from the reign of Alexander to that 
of Auguatus, (forming a sequel to 
the previous work.) Lond. 1807. 
'to. 2to1s. 21 2b. 
Bapiinled, Lond. 1810, Brn. 4 toIi. Tha 
>o Worki were publlah«d logethu tn 
320, u tlie Hlglory or Oi«e«, S ToU. 

CoHecUini of umlsiit ud n.odtmi QaMlB 
Hcoi ud KBga. hoai. ItM. Sid. 
— B. P. MiiUners Quilt, or the 
AnniTersuy. Edinb. 1819. am. 4to. 

- Sir B. B., Mqor-QM. He- 
irs. Lond. 1816. Sto. Portrait. 

Liuuii urn. lofslSio, 


copies prtalad. 

A» Chllde Atsrtque.— Oarmsn StoriH. 
GiLLiLiiai, Thomas. The Dtb- 
matic Mirror. Lond. 1807. ISmo. 
2 vols. 8s. 


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f chliLas Id oliunh. In ■ lattei to tlie Dl 
)lr of FbU( Nsff] ind of 

ot dl. Edmniul'B Dgrr, tn the Cniinlj of 
Suffolk. Si. Edmunii'tBdrT, IBOl, 
Bts. Fp. Till ud 911, wltli (bur t 
Nuun, pt L I3S8, lli. 

G-ILLK*Y, Jamce. Caricatures, 
printed from the orJgliiHl pUtei 
deaigned imd engroTed bj himse 
between 1779 and 1810, compriain 
OiB beat Political and Humoroii 
Satires of the Beign of Oearge the 
Third, in npwarda of six hundred 
bighlj Bpirited engravingi, atlaa 
folio. St 8a. 

Our PT0ta>t4nC Fi>nfkth«rt. Load. 
TlglliDtluiandfaliTlnMi. Land.lBU, 

Pauutry of tlH Bordar. Loud. 181S, 

The Spirit of the QimhI : or lbs fimr 
F.TangEllBU alucldilsd ^ eiplinilorT 

trido tnd VigHiBtloe, n- 

lalUt, WT, BB.M. A Amnar ei 

lalurbyUr. Landsuroununiliighliii, 

Glllt, Sarah. Beceipts. Lond. 
1662. firo. 

Wllh ■ portnlt af a. Ollly, by W. 
FnUbonH (iinar Lair). Thlapoitnilt vu 
aftsrwuda illend [o Hannab Wooley. 

— Ber. Wm. SUjiheii. Nar- 
rative of an Excuraion to the 
Mountsins of Piodmontin the Year 
1823, and Beaearohes among the 
Tandoia or Waldenaea, Protestant 
Inhabitant* of the Cottian Alps- 
Second Edition. Land. 1825. 8vo. 

Vaudols, »lth ■ noiL« of this f.lihful 
tnd most [ntenetlng (ccoimt, irlll be 

I Treatise ■ 

I- TemplatioDB. Edinb. 173S. 8vo. 63, 
WllUaiiii.T7a, ISl— Fint edlUim, Load. 

— WiUiam, H.A. Observationa 
on the River Wye, and aereral 
Parte of South Walee. Sk. relatiTa 
chiefly to Pictureaqoe Beautr : 
made in the Summer of the 
Tear 1770. Lond. 1783. Bro. IBs. 

First atfltloD, prlnt*d on von' caur 

lOe. Sd.— 

Tblnl editlnn. iani. 17M. Bv 
Fourth cdlllon. Lend. 1«», fas. 
itltbDut plates. Pp. I«0, bMidal liCle 

tlia duty I 

- NauraauTouB^ LdDll-I7as.eTi).lT0la. 

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Jb«r.iLtl<,M, reUllvB chtBflT w Pitt 
■esqufl Bgouv, mida In the *e4r ms, 

.trlFlliBUiaHuiHDBDraoon.AHp, Loud, 
iol>.-Thtrd edition. Ixioil. 1808. Sto. 


™d lOUBd Judg- 

1768— I8W. 71. 111. ed. Sowdesiien, 

1 in «o, Fonlhiu/acai llTol>.o« 

firti slifiDiu, 291. Ign. «d. Blr U. U, gykeg. 

NcibVb Wilis, nlsllre clilefly to pic 
tuniBJde UmuIy; 111 lioToi instil a foi 

li^iuy on ITIdU. Loud. 1763. Bto.~ 
Load, 1781. Bto. St. — Lnod. 1793. 8vo. Tf 
— .LAAOB PAriB, 410. flftb edltlADj 10Ofi, 7| 

Ttuw XMiyi 1 OD plstiuHiiH Bum J 

iFle wrIOH Df bU nctunaoDs 
Ding u .olt 8vo„™nenilly 

1, ttupeMtng Ihe rouiidmUra of 
iScbooL Loud. law. SvB. 

The Day, repreientiiig the 
Effects of a Morning, Nooutidn, 
and Eiening Bun. Bojal 4to. 30 
platei. Load. 1810,1/. lOe. 

— LiTes of the BefornieTe, 
Lond. 1809. 8to 2 vols. 18s. 

1. LordCi 

Tlia Lite it Uonird Gilpin, wll 

Edw. ^^, Ltmd. IJBl, 8™,wilh 
If St. Gilpin oulied b; W.i 

I of Pr»gm, Riid 
a. uH. oTo. fia. Boflc«, 000, 

01 Thomu Ciuinar, Anh- 
■nurbuir. Land. 1781. Bia. 

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QiLFni.WilliBiD.U.A. InBi^ 
■itton of (he New Teatunenti m< 
teoded u an Introduction to the 
Stiidjof the Scriptorea, hj pDinting 
out the Inding Sense and Connec- 
tion of tlie sacred Writen. Land. 
1790. 4to. 7a. 


of Kuland. Lfind. 177ft. Secood edltic 
1781 Bin. 'Thla book gnalj mtHu tl 
attention of Touigpflnoiu.'— -^ WaOeit, 
Vn. 11ms. I nlL 48^1811. 1:iino. 2i. 
Two Sonona. The Snt, preached 
Ike primur VWutlHi of Ihe Biahop 

Chtneelto of t£a Dlouia Sept. Utfa, 

of H. ».'■ BhlpQllebeI^. l^nd. iaQ§.Bro.6i. 
GlOLO. — Account of the tmoue 
Prince Qiolo. Lond. 1692. 4to. 
With portrall. BLndley, pt 1. »0, H. 
GiOTTAKO, B. del M. Temp. t. e, 
Bert. Yomia of the Middle Temple. 
0IBATFI, Alex. The remarkable 
HistoiT of Maaaniello, the Fisher- 
man of Naplee. Land. 1664. am. 8to. 
Wfalta Kulgtiti, %6!, !18, Heprlnted 
An enct Hiitoria of tbe Uta RSTola- 

ftonlliptaui, *B. 


of St. David'e. Itinerarium Cam- 
brisB eea laborioete Balduini Cant. 
Archiep. per Wolliam LegatianiB 
accurata Deacriptio, cam Annota- 
tionibnl D. PoweU. Lond, 1806. 
4to. 16b. platea. 

TVo bnndted mplnn prlnt«l. Edited 
br air R. Coll Homo, BirL lahok fihl 

. . _. __. _ jet topofrapher 

M.C.iiZXXTiil. translated, and illua- 
trated with Tievs, Annotations, and 
Uoare,Bart. Lond. 1806. 4to. 2 Tols. 
Tbe Inrned editor's uuitaUiHU and 
notoi are pMullarlr valeaUe. Brockett, 
177i.niMl», 8i.B». !.»»« PiPea, .ilh 
proof platea. Sir M. U. Srkes, pt. L ISil, 

brie, monciiD, 101. Ida. Whits Knlgbla, 
1M& mor. lOf. IM. 

OlnLdoa Cambrenda' Irbh Ulatnie 
traDilatod, vlLh Bopplle to tlio aaid 111*, 
lorle from tbe Death of Henrle VIII. to 
U87,1iir JobuHooker. PrInUd wttbtlQ]- 
lnibed'HCtuDiilclB,lsai, felioiaomallmea 
fonDd separate. ' Tba nrnt partial rvpre- 
tieiitatloo ^ the Irlah hlatory, Tortby of 

primun edlta. 


itow Bupbaal Vila, dudo 

, , rare MatJhiel Kail?. Dub. 

QlBABD, John Baptist, The Case 
of this Jesuit Father and Uiaa C. 
Codiere. Land. 1733. 12mo. 4 Tolt. 


QlEDLMTOHE, Rev. Wm. Ob- 
rrations on the Tiaioru of Daniel, 
and on Port of the Book of the 
Berelation of St. John. With an 
Appendix. Oxford, 1 820. 8vo. 7b. 6d, 
Kmi, Jaa. aeventj-five Por- 
traits of cdebrated Funto^ from au- 
thentie(MginalB. Lond. 1S17. 4to. 
Brocketl, U0», lb. 

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Mortli, t 

_. __ir«l,J.M.W. Cooil,W. 

GlitTOH, DanieL The complete 
Pigeon-fuicier ; or, % new Treatise 
on domeetio Pigeons. Iiond. 1779. 
12mo. 4s. 

With pliiM*. A TUT Jndldoni compt- 

QiSBOBHX, Thomis. An Enquiry 
into the Duties of Hen in tbe 
higher and middle Classes of So- 
deij in Oreat Britain, reaulting 
from tlieir reepoctiTe Station!, Pro- 
fessions, and EmploTments. Lond. 
1794. 4to. 7«. 

Sto. 1 Tola.— leil. Sn, i mti.— IS24. 8va! 
SvolL Tba monl vriKngxXUr. 01<h 

Tbe Principles of Monl Phlloiapbr In- 
THtlnlad, and briflflr HppUed to tbe Cdh- 
.Ululloo oC ClTll aoctnly : togBtlier iDth 

OLA 897 

!■ a pKultsTlr sttrastlTa, sot drBelent 
In path^Uc incldanl vc dlnsuloiuL dfr. 
eo™tlDn.'-i>r. iJra*.. 
CuuldentlDDi on the bula ud ths 

Eatabllabfd l^urch of Boglsild. Lond. 

An Eoqu^Ty Tespeetliis LoFO H DUO of 
Uie dlvlna Attrlbulsi. Loni. J838, >m.U 

OiBSOBMB, WiUiam, D.D. Anln- 

Siiryinto the Principles of Hational 
rder ; with Befleolions On the pre- 
sent State of the Chriatiim World, 
the probablb Causes of Vfai, and 
the iMst Ueans of promoting and 
seeurini; the future Peaoe of Eorope. 
Lond. 1798. 8to. 4to, 

Prelud tra Mi ttMtB, siittn by Ed- 
wsrd, Bui of Clamidon, oo lbs iubjtct or 

aiBHOSDB of Salens, iTritt«n 

A fngcnmt of tbll tmndT Is prlDted 
In BrydgBi- C«niun Uwraili. 

Q-LADBES8. — The Treasure of 
Gladnesse, Lond. 1566. 16mo. 

Wfafle Knlghti, 41«6, mor. IL lli.ed. 
„. It BdlUoo, UM—sgsiB 

miileSei. Lsnd.l' 


tended prlusrllj' fc 

Inl tlme.''ln- 

QuDwnt, Francis. He Persian 
Hoonahee. ToL 1. first edition, 

i CaloutCa, 1795. SeoDnd edition, 

- 1739. Thirdedition.CalcutU.lSOO. 
— Vol. 3. second edition. Calcultn, 

, 1799. roval 4to. 2 vols, (in £n- 

b gliah). 



EauvB on the Reiullocllim of Frtenda 
In the World to come. Lond. IBK. ISmih 

Sormong. Lond. 1801. 4, 10. 8>o. S Tela. 

PiwniB. Suffld and Uonl. B^cnnd edl. 
tlon. I.nnd.lTW. small 8vo. ■OUbim<ts 

paueuisf JDM dalni* looriiUiildMctlii- 
Uan. Th* waA SBtUlsd Walka In ■ Fonat 

Tbeaame. Second «ditl«i,raTliBd,eor- 
roolad. >nd cnnalilod ; prinUd In the Kit- 

The Penlin Unlde, eibibltlng tfas Ara- 

College at Fort WUlUm In Bengal. Cal- 

gllehChan ' »n n n. 

ifcottt 1' 

lalcnlta, IT 


;, Google 

Glidwts, FranciB — cmtiniitd. 

Tba loala of Wniiim Cutmi, tin Bnt 
In Ut«n iimguB, u ColeyDi liyielf to 
Tli»t Bv«f well diapowd nun miy 

n ibe Refti Ltbrar 
, E.rtSpincar' 

•iidAlTTlrdtKbui, Tni 

CalcuIU,lT8S.8'a. Ba. 

GLiNTiL, B, Da ProprietatibuB 
Reruin, large folio. Gothio type, 
itliout plaice or dat« (bnt Basle, 
rca 1170-2.) 

AcMtding to Pmnier, L 1*1, printHl U 
BaslB by RIcbe) >pd Wanalar {but Heyn 

lAngid ICevaDue Tenni. Caicuiu, 17 
AaUUcUlKclbnr. Ci]cniu,1188.fa 

Sm AbdulkurrBom. Ayeen AklMiy. 
Jiio. P»rT0l. Tslaa of a P»m>L S.Di. 

GLiiorB,M. New "VojagB to the 
EbhI Indies, with an Account of 
Bantam. Lond. 1683. 12mo. 
J»aiB,B8,rdort«o,i!. 17«. 

RtUaon of BB aiitnrluii»,le Vor»ge to 
the Kingdom ot B<-nKsliu Loud. IWH. 

Glamtii, or GIJJTILI.A, Bar. 
tholomew. De ftoptietatibus Ee- 
rum. Large foLo. (without place o> 
da(«,l)ut Cologne, circa 1470-1). 

Fiiiw IDiTioH. Gothic type, »aieavet 

llnea.' ^™t.'!Ml']("e™ "'nibllOK"- 
pben hBve hitherto beeu utenal vari 


De Froprietatibaa Benim, 
(Lngduni) H, Kstoria de Bene- 
Bbejm et M. Beinhardi de Argen- 
1480, folio. 

fi»t deled edition 1b Ihat of CoL 

(tranalated into Enffliah by ilohn 
Treviss). Loud. Wjnk jn de Worde, 
n. d. foho, wood-cuta. 
Hlai^k letter. This, the meetmegulBunt 

lualni»l with voo4 cnta. A ver; fine 

uSeum! WhiwkniKhHi,H78,'HM.Ilfi. 
Alchonie. 1%, loiperfecl, ISL 13i. Rox- 


TJie Mcnud 





oe, »ii. I*~ 

Tyoog. Anllfl. by D 

. Dihdln, U. 

HlbLSp.ncer.iT. 11 

-la. ■ 

e Ikrvm. 


in edibus Tha. 




^5"?-'"«'iV"">i«' .^ 

flljime. 130 

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ig tbs ptlai 

QjjtsviL, B. Batmui i; 
Banhotome, ha Books de 
pri(!tatibuB B^ruiDf newlj corrected, 
enlarged A amended, 4c. Lond. by 
Ihomaa Eaet. 1BS2. folio. 

Mr. D«ica In of opinion ihit ai 
wore HI eitremel J veil KqniiDled vltli 
Uil9 vork, Blndlar, pi. i. IM. 31. r 
Nuud, pt L 43S, II. ITl. Sir H. 
aykei, pt. 1. *eu U. !«•. (^Mlaltoi.— ' 
Brtflw tn ' ThA pmloMfi of lh« tn 

I/irl Henij Cnij. To tha fttuler,' 1 
UlilH, and a natalacm •>( U»- baidest 

tiiDB prinUog t«ran flrjl In ^^)*^< ^ 
wwke •Sprinleil br Thonui BerUiBlet, 

— Bl libro da laa proprieda- 
dea de Iti coaaa, traaladado de Ia- 
tin en Banutnce par fray Vicente de 
BiirgoR. TholoM, H. itejeir, 1494, 
folio, iroodcute. 

a«Ibio L«tur. LeiTei In doubls co 
lamDBirith aluiiKlaici. Ustwr, pL 1. 2889 
U. Again. ToleJfi, lbi», folio. Biiok teiwr 
— Cj commeDce ung trea excellent 
livTO nomme le proprietaire dea 
chosea ; ceetuy lirre i\it translal^ 
de Latin en Jnui^oia Tan 1372, et 
le translata frera Jehen Corbiciion, 
et f eate reriaite par Frere Pierre 
Ferget. I^on, M. Huac, 1482.1»i:ge 
fc^ iroodcutB. 

G«tM< Lettti. Olfaar ediUona. Lyon, 
do. la RtO, 1485, folio.— l.yoD M Hu.i, 
ItSI.—Lyon, U. Huiz, USl, folio.— Ltou, 
TtjttB^aHee, IGOO, fa:io. Lynn, J. Cyber, 
no data., folio.— Farla, Tecard. do dale. 

GLAimLLB, Sir John, Ent Ite- 
porte of Cases of oontroverted Eleo- 
tiona, 21 & 23 Jametf I. Lond. 1775. 
8¥o. 7». 6d. 

PnSied la an hlrtoiial aMWUitnf the 
ancient right of datarmlnliiff eaaSH npon 
conOorartad alKtiona. 

— Rev. Joaeph, SsddoctenniB 
triumpluttui : or, a full and plain 
Evidence oonceming Witcliee and 


<ritfa l> 

vlilcB bj Falthorae. Townaley, pt i. 

iBiS. Bvo. RoKoe, 18W, ISa. ITOO. S™ 
Boibl.riihe, 1886, 7a. ed. 

Varlly of Donnatlilng and cnnddem 

1 oKglnal, aQd (in mat' 
impMd with tha T 

degrading InlailecLuuveakiiflBflaa.' 

philosophical CoTialderatlQnfl toricbliiir 
t!>e Bxing of Wllohri and Wltchisr>ri. 

of Lmdon. Second edlUoD, Lond. lt«!. 
4ta. — Third adition, Lond. ISSS, Btu. 

Plus altra; or. the Prognie and Ad- 
TaDoBmonl of Knouiedge ilDcetfae Daya 
of Arlatotls. Lond. 1688. Sio. Sa. Ac- 

aitlmalilg Df Ihla aathofi vorka. Qor 

;, Google 

wiiUiigt'wUl be S»»4 m Wood'* AtHoiL 

ni..wTTT,11juiiilph de. Tractahu 

d« Ledbiu et Contoetu^mbiu Beg- 

Br«li«liris8(i, li*. KumaroH »rlr ed- 

— De Lmbos, tranBlsted with 
BoUb, b7 Jotm B«amei. Loud. 
1812. 8»o. 13b. 

Glapthobvi, Hnuj. Plajrjuid 

tliii urtter, whom WtnstMioy nmJI* 'dj 
of Ibe eht«fe«l dramBlIc pneta of tli»l w-g 
Till bflfbuodlmbaEBtrDBp&criTaRoTlv 


iHuslia, 4BS1, b. BtoeiBM, MST, ». 
Bli^«,IlW,6>. 0(itdoiBtou,10(0,Sa.6d. 

iBgitf ou PUr», «, It* „ , _, , 

Ainliii anl Purtbrali, u It hith been 
Hted at tlw CoBrt J-*" "••'- «-i-"" 
LoDiLine.4to. nei 

The HoUender. ■ CmnedT. 
4ta. KhodsB, 114S.4II. Boibn 
4«.6d. Boiwell,OT4,4..fM. 

noa, ILHi. FoDthlU, M^ILlGl. Tbll , 
' 9toiT viLI be liHind In the eilteenlh 

Qli£0OW Monutio 'Rw^ter and 
Cit; BecordB. See miTUNS 
Club, Appendix. 

QLiBB, John. WorkB. Bdinb. 
1761 OT 2. Bvo. 4 vols. 16«. 

■crEptQrt, wblcb are worthy o/ Btt«DIion, 

"--' --' '-' -ution.— Perth, nea, 

V the ai^Uitlon of 
QIuiIUh dt BmideinimluiB. 

GiABB.— Xha Msnaer bowe to 

■troeile or paint in QUa : the tt-oe 

of the Ci " " 

Beceptes ol 

If. OijimI, ttinburghe.O 

Ler, pt il. 

e CuUora, &c. 161S. 

A copylii In the Uiltliib Hnieani. Ba 
QiDDi, Welnr. 

OI.AMB, A, of ths Truthe. Im- 
printed bj Thonutf Bertbclet. 
(IfiSS). 16mo. 

g (. In etghts, Thi) tnct tnats Df tilt 
divonx er ifenry Till, bom Kitharlneof 

king. IngUi, 6sa, 16*. White Knlgbte, 


Olam, The, of Han'a Fol^. 
Land. 1615. Ito. 

A cnriou liiTectlvs tgaloBt tba V<ee>. 
Follies, ena Fuhiona of the limeB.— 
Bright, 1). lOa. 

— George Henrr, M.A. Ser- 
monB on Tuioui dnbjectei more 
mrtictiiuly Cm OiriBtiBQ Faith and 
Hope, and the Consolations of Re- 
ligion. Xond. 1798. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 
^ Wlllieme, 780, ii. 

— SamueL A Couree of Leo- 
turee on the holy FeatiiaU. Loud. 
1797. 8to. 68. 

Wllliame, TI9, Ite Bacond BdltiOD. 

GlASSFOBD, James, fiemarka 
on the Constitntion and Practice 
of the Scottish Courts of Law. 
Bdinb. 1812. Bio. 7b. 6d. 

Eiaar on llis Frlnclplee of ETldema 
and their AppLicullon to Sublecta of Jo- 
dtelel Inquiry. Edinh. 1820. arc. 18g. 
Qlabiorbdbi. — The History 

;, Google 


tnd AntiquitiM of Qlaatonbuir. 
Ste ^siMBB, Thonme. WAwrak. 
A iliart dtHiipttoD of tbe wUen of 

Kconntoruie e^Eti Id > Tulity ii[»3« 
— n.IJBJ.Bio. 

Wilt tl 

d Effiac 

nf the 

Balb, 17G1, Sto. 

A complut iDd Kn(h«ntlc]l Hlitsrr a 
a* Town uid AbbBf of Qlutonbuir 

THted. Loud. Bm. pp. lot. Dent. pC. I 
IflU, mull, II, T(iinuley,pt,ll,«iS, 
lIUHn, PL 1. ISM, lla. 

Gubtobuhsib, Johsnnes, Ohro- 
luca. Set Hbabhb, Thomw. 

QU.1IBIB, John Rudolph. The 
Work* ot trtnalftted into EDg""- 
bj (Sirutopher Ficke. Lood. It 
folio. 16*. 

Tba wmkit of thti cmliMDt cbsml 

•u OiB dtajoTSTM of ■ ™ry usefol 
iluiC al^ vhich 76tb«ftn hta nune- 

GiiSABiHoe, or a CoUectioD of 
difene renivkable Fuugea. 1651. 

Bud, SIM, ISa. 

Sixes, &c performed at the 
SocietT of Earmonuti. Lond. 6to. 

Prlnlod tta pruenUtlon to tfa« mein- 
bers oolj, »t_lhii_BipEiiM of Mr.^BDrge 

eu> 901 

in tha l»b, SOtb, and 21it Yeara 
of QooTge ni. Fonnh Editioo, 
with Additions bj Mi. Set], ZVeTa> 
Lond. 1813. rojal 8to. 2 Toll. 
21. 2i. Tola. 3 and 4, edit«d by 
E. Soicoe, 1831, 21. 
Tfaa Hlitory of the Cuai oT nitiv- 
iTtod ElHtlons. tried and detennlned 
irtDg tbB Bist BeerlKD of tbe I4lb Fir- 
muBt of Ontt Briula. Lond. 1802. 


Int TolaDW of Hlnelluek Scotlu. Glu- 
[ov, 1890. 

G4llieiiiia ndidTDi, « Haitber irlll 
rll'ting oC G1«mo*, Q$ltatj, A«. Ediab. 


tha Hlpoi 

WoitniiutAT Abbey. 


ivo. idi&— ( 

QLna-, G«orge, Bp. of tbeSiptao. 
Church of SeotUnd. Ocouional 
Sennons. Edinb. 1803. 8to. 7*. 

Dfnedoiu for Iba Study of Tbeolm. 
la > Hilei of lallen bom k Blehop to bli 
MO, m hl» idmiielon to Holy Ordert. 
Loud. 18S7, Bto.«lg«dlted 1 Bnppltnifntta tbeCn- 
eyclopBdlE BrltuDla, uid otbsr vorki, 
Qlsmbau, Edward. Honour- 
able Actions of that moat famona 
Toliant English man, Edward Qlem' 
ham, lately obtained aosinit the 
Spaniards and the How Leagne, 
in four sundrie Fighte. tond. i J. 
for Wm. Bailej. 1591. 4to. 

Blndln, pL It, IW, II. Sa. Jadli, 301, 

moiwno, GL 5g. Reprint. ISW, Sto. la. M 

a-LBKBBXTn, SjlTeater Douglas, 

I«rd. B^orti of Cum in K. B. 

larapl la made to pdnt oat tha unwa of 

the catutrophe [by Puton]. 1811, Bto. te 

Sh Duiiuii, Loid, CunuRi, £iul o£ 

OUWSOOBlfHU Ahsuouu. — 

5m Swost, Ihomw. 

Olodobbtkb, Bobert of. Sit 
HiABn, Thomas. 

aLOUCBBm.— Some Aocojont of 
the CMhedral OiuTch of Gloucealer, 
iUaitiated irith Plana, ElefationB, 
and Sflctiont of thai Building. 
Land. 1809. atlaa foUo. II. la. 

FdUiihad by the Society of Antlqiulaa 
It ei. «t. SOTentsen pUtsa, vllh tiUe- 
paga^ aoma aoeouDt of tbe oaUudnl, 4 

Sagea, ml daacrlpUon* tC " 

, WlllatI, SBl, 81. Si. 

n of Antlqntttca 

ra of Antlqntttca In 

.. ._(ireo). 

AOoUaethmofCoatBaf Arrna, boraaby 
tha NoblU^ aad Oantix of Iba Comly of 
Otoncaetor. Oloiieaitar, itM, 4la^Laad 
lira.4to.7i.ed. CoUeoledl^BlrQeiBin 

Tha msiatr Bod AotlqiltteB of OI**- 

;, Google 


903 GLO 

G-LOFCSBTIB — mitlmed. 
enttr. CirencMUf, 1781, S»o. Sti Bnn- 

A tnu uid ImpuUfel Hlib^ of tiifi 
miuurv Oi]vemineiii at tha ClHeDt Qlou- 
nitar. The wcond Bdltloa; pnbUslisd 
hr AothDTltT. i.i>ad. 1647, ■DUU ito- A 
S 4, DDl InctndlnR title, wiOx portltlC of 
1l. Ktraia. Rtei, 4010. 11a. ReprinUd 
la lbs Afih Tolumn of the Somen' CoUeo- 
ilmi of TnoB. Tba first EAlUon ippauad 

A Topognphlcal DMCriptlon of OtoD- 

(«o. pp. is). 

pubUahed u 

BobucriberM— Addrei 

GloucoatflT, hy Johi 

UpqnUlB town of Cicosiw the JlJldBy of 
J«r. isa, by the Lord MiniosaH Brat- 
ford, &e. Loud. 1842.— A Fanloulu rels. 
tion of the KcUoD befon CmneeeteT 

dlemas IM;, 1S41, •rittao b^'u E;ii- 
wltiiou.— Uelition of Uu (aSlog of Cl- 
eoitsr. Id lb* couotT of GlouBtsr. on 
Thuradiy, Fab. 3, 1643, Ac. Hnl 10 ■ fiiend 
in Londini by nne who was prew ' 

1«4£.— The petition of the tnhikbltuU ^ 

WtUw ind'bi 
plicei. alaM tne; le 
Lond. 1S4S.— Tnu r 

Is Miteel 

DuntT- LOH. ipui— a mie reuiiiin i 
tha lata axpedltioo of hL> Eicelleuc 
KADt BmH of Euu, for Uia relief i 
QteweMar, wllh Uie deBcripilDn of th 
1^( *t Nawbury. Loud. l«4S.— True an 
•iiwt nleUou of tha muabiuce of tli 
two ragliDauta of tba Trained fienda t. 
Um Cl^ it lioodon, *«. IM, fttf (ha nllaf 

<d towudi Qloncet- 

it the cltT of Okuwur, to I 
ma Into tbe hsnda of tbe Car 

uy Lord Digby and sir Wm. 

caadLn^ of the ever-reDownad Cc 
" ly, &o. An. Lond. 1B44.— A 
y obUEned by Coloitell HaH 
ormlog of Sir John Wlnler'a I 

uniting earttdn ofannbea, 8 April, 1848. 
LOnd. April 10, IStl. Appasdlz— Indai. 
PLiTia, Porlralt of Maauy to fUa the 

Utla— Uap of aiBDcaatenhln, ptga ili 

Baoners and I>e>lca 'of CdL W. Cooke, 


Qloveb, Bichard. Leouidu, a 
Poem (in tn-elfs Books). Lond. 
1799. a Tola, post 8vo. 

DuroTeny'a edition, with pUtaa. Nu- 

1. I7SS, Bm. 

calebnilad lltanry 
ir, from tha Baalg- 
V.lpolB in 1T«. to 

R. Dnppa. ' The eola t 
molia af Ihla lulEai, b 

llH> baa 

;, Google 

Olotzb, Bobert, Somenet He- 
rald. OniiniirT of Anns, augmenteid 
nnd InproTed with Indeiof 10,000 
imtnes. In soL 1 of " ~ 

Title of Queen Elizabeth to the 
Sngluh Crown. 

tSii Mtoca (tnilBrt tha ugwnof JDhn 
Leiler. Blihop ur Kou, to tin cUlm of 
tha hmin of Suffolk, wu contldsml hf 
Bir W. Dncdils u ooe of aiorei'* Ixat 

Sa MiLLia, Thsmu. 
GtoiD, John. ABtro-meteorolo- 
gia: or, Aphorisnu and Diacaunes 
of the Bodies celestial, thetr Ka- 
tun* and Tnfinencea. Lond. 1686. 
folio. 9b. 

A leuMd publlutliia. with portrait of 
Oiud, nt. S9, 1077, by K. TClilu. An u- 

OOADBT, Bobert, of Sherbonie, 
An niuatratioD of the Hoi; Strip- 
turee, bj Hotei and Explications on 
the Old and New Teatament. Sher- 
borne, 1759-70, fbho, 3 Tola, platee 
BolhebT'i In 1S91, II. ISi. TEe pub. 

j«>r 1768, 4nd It liu been h^neDlly »- 
printed. •[[ conUln. rainy JnrllclDU 
valnH,' bdt'vhilalteeemitobeonbodai, 
It ja vritten eatlntj on the Arlaa bypo. 

BemKfka npoa nrtalD Fauagea In a 
■Wett aDtltled id llluitratloa of Iba taol; 
Sorlptuni. By (ba Ber. W&ltar Balloa. 
Lonll7sa,llinci. As able little wock. 

QOD. — A Treatdae of tiie Nature 
of God. Load. Tho. Creede for 
Bobert Dexter. 1599. I61110. 6s. 

A to Q, iB aiahta (A S bhnk). la. Wtl- 
ton hia arlduittT Imitated th<> iTDrk— tba 
OHnlDfoftbedialognein the flnt edition 
a tba Cnaiileat Asglar l> aeulj'lii tb* 
aama TOni—pana of Cotton'* treallsa 
an also rerr jdmller. Dr. Cotton'i lale, 
ISM U it 

God'i Uandy-wRka In 'Wonder* mlr*. 

Uod'i Judininenti upea the GenUta 
ipt»uti»d Chuieh, igidiut tha modani 
Uypotheele of some andant Apoealyn- 

......... . — -,»6a.l8«. 

. . _*DUnd, U 
Ood dotb loTB thia 

:e of God. Hare 

Lond. Wfnken do Worde, ilo, vood-cst 
at the end. In Verse. Unknovn to all 
Blbllograpban. Helior,pL iT.JSi, «.«.. 
Goj>, John. A Discoune of the 
great Crueltia of a Widow towards 
H fOUDK Qeatleniaii, and bj whAt 
MeaDS he requite the same, set 
forth in EngliahYerae. Lond. Wpr. 
bjHen.Binneman. 16iao. 
Black latter. SleeTaiu, IDtO. teBlt- 

GoDASTHTB, John. Of Inieota. 
Done into English and methodiied, 
with the addition of notea (b; Mar- 
tin Lister, M.D.) York, 16S2. 

printed. Oravea, !«, St J 

the original, Tlth en appendix by Uater, 
wai pnbllihed, luitd, lesfi. 8vo, da. 

6ODBOLT, John. Beportainthe 
aeTBral Oourta of Beooi^ at West- 
minster, in the Beigns of Q. Elisa- 
beth, K Jiunes, and £. CSiarles I. 
Fabliahed b; W. Hughe*. Lona. 
1652 or 8. 4to. 18a, 

QooBAHD, William. A. Neasle 
of Waspes lately found out and dis- 
covered in the IjOW Countreys, 
yealtlins as swete Hoot aa some 
of our English Bees. Dorl, 1615. 

Do(i from tbt Antlpodee, la dl Batjn. 

A HaiUftWIialp, with ether mff- 
lalind'llka Cam fetoht from immcit tha 

bntHUcia Uinumrlsts aad Abaast* «t 
■ha TlBH. Imprtntad at tha Antlnsilai, 

-ndaiatobabongl.tT-'— "- -'- 

" '-- "am- Tbl 

of Uie InDeVTempTa, « 
of IM eplgrami. entitled latlrM. Bn 
wa,3t.iu Uaber, pt.lT.N.6s. 

;, Google 

A utrriiall DUIogna, m 

tht giHt ind Ifalt trulT* Womu-litMt 
DtocyoH. Imuliiled tn tbe Ldw« Cmn- 
lijH to an uui OamUawomini u in not 
idtagMthw Ula pot y>t wall DUDpfed. 

Sjt kttuk upon UiB omila hi), iiiiii. 
tk* Law CoonMo. JoUav, ISM, KM. tr. Ma. H k. Cd. 

QtotKT, Qjim, Qeneaiope of 
the Einfea of EpgWid. Lond. 
Printed by GylM Qodet, {1560- 
1562), folio, wood caU. 

Brwnatieaiof all our ktngB, fkboloqii 
laA Mil, fino lb« tlma of BniU lo &U 

tallw UlniT otEari apoDar.lhBOthartn 
a* OmiTllla Lilmn, BriUab Bluaam. 
Ai IHbdhi'* AtOi ARlmrp.l. lao. 

QoDKBSTiKrIidiiioadbufy. Me- 
moin of tbe Ufa and Death of Sir 
EdmondburjOodfi^. Iioad.lBsa. 

WUtapoctaaltbrTBaHoT*. FiiDtlilll 
lOU, lit. Uord, ISS, Ti. Naaun, pt. 1.' 

QonntR i» BoiiOftHi.— The 
laet Biege and Oonqoeete of Iheni- 
aalem, with many otiuiF Hietoryea 
therein Dompryaed : Tnaslated uid 
reduoed oat freiuhe into Eogljehe, 
^ ms R^piiple Panon« Wjlliuu 
Cuton. Bmprynted ia th Abbay 
of WeelniinBter, zx of NoTembris 
1481. filio. 

TMi T^aaw aoatalu 146 laavw. Tha 
piabM and tabia ■ t, b 1. On the nola 
of ttaaBnUng'--' 

rl Spencdr'a, are 
iperftot. Set Asaa' Typog. Antiq. hjr 
r. Dlbrlln. L laCkT. B1£l Siwur. It. 

GoDiBiDtis. — The Boke of Know- 
ledge of Thjuges Ttiknowen apper- 
tejnynge to ABtrODOmje with cer- 
tayne neoeesaiye Rulea, and oer- 
tajne Spheres coutajnyng herein. 
Compiled bj Godfridue Buper Pal- 
ledum de Agricultura Angliostum. 
Impr. by ms Robert Wjer. IGmo. 
Two edit' 

e with eutB, the 


QoDOLFKiH, John, LLD. Tha 
Orphao'B LegHCf : or, a teaUuuan- 
tary Abridgment in three Parte. 
Poorth Edit. Lond. 1701. 4to.6i. 

An account of Godolptiln. vbo vu 

Sfdnej, Earl o^ Lord Trea- 
surer to Queen. Anne. Three Fable* 
in Terse. I. The Lion in Love, to 
the Lad; Anne ChurchiiL II A 
Councill of Bstii, to the Earl of 
Marlborough. III. Of the Wood- 
ward and the Forreat. Salisbury, 
1817. 1818. 4to. 

PrlTatdl)' printad fM ArcbdcaeonCoxe. 
10 oDplH on linp.4ta., and la ondiDiy4tat. 
OoDa. — The Assemble of Qoddes, 
with the IntennetaciOD of the 
Ifamee of the Qoddee and Ood- 
deaaaa aa is reheraed in fliis Tretyse 
aaPoeteewiyta. Without Place of 
Printer's If ame. 4to. 

It enda on tbe Hcond teaf ifLBT lign, Q 

flrit publlabed bf WTnkla da Woida. 
and aftenratdi br Frnaiin. Bu CluDcar'B 
— ki edit, IBM, fnl. S79. 

lie IntarpretaciG of Goddes and Qod- 

GODWBLL, ( j. Declaration of 
the davioee, shews, ic., before her 
Miyeatie and the French ambassa- 
dor in Whiteunweek, 15S1. 12ino. 

De PrwayliboB Angliro Commenta- 
riiu. Edidit &ul. Richardson, D.D. 
Cantab. 1743. foUa. 1^. lla. Sd. 

Beat editloa of tliLi luoat exoaUant and 
□■efal work, with a portrait of IbaW^iDp 
and otbar embalbHhmanU. Oodirln wi« 
adianwd bj Q. Elisabeth to tbe aplica- 
pat order fOrtha good aorrloaatliat be bad 

1831, niaaU, If. iSa. [,»R0« pif'numi- 
Uung. eoi, iL IM.—The fOrmer edition. 

A Catalogue of Uia Blabapaor ''■yf'*"*. 

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QODWTN— randnunJ. 

Lnnd. UOL 4b>. Hsotb, «M1, Sl » 
HIS. ila, Blndler, pL il. 163&, Ti. Iti 

Konjin Angllonnm H«uico Till. 

not appeftr to this book, but tli« Lnl 
iHbUn dT 0bb cbapler rorm Fnncle 
Godirlnn muolor.— leie. IW. CJOLI 
IIIG. Si.— Uu. Com. IBM. 12mo. Si. «■ 

AnulH of Englind, containing 
KolgBMof Honrf VIlI,Edw»rdVI.. . 
Unrr-^DgUsbad, corrMUd, uid Inlirted 
• 1th th* iulhor'i cainaBnl, by Morgi 

ud Q. U&iT. Bindley, pi 1. 1T8S, 11 

Lund, ISSi, llsil), 6a. From thli phlloio- 

Shlcik] »jDHDC0 Bwift li aLippoiwd to hare 
Frtved BDina portion of hlB Vdylafl to 
Upiiti. BeprlDtod 16^7, 1768, «c. 

pAHlng gmt lover of TonerftbleintiguItT 
■ud iirgood lltentuTe; will be found Id 
Wood's Athen. Oion. 

QoDWTNjVanci*. Domestic Archi- 
tecture, in Designs for Matisions, Vil- 
las, Lodges, Ac vith Estimates uid 
Specifications. 2 foIb. royal 4to. 96 
21. 12a. 6d. coloured pUtes, 4£. 4s. 

— Katy. SMWoMTONKCttilT. 

— Mo^an. The Negro's and 
Indian's Advocate Suing for tJieir 
admission (by Baptism) into the 
Cliurch — with an account of Seli- 
gioa ia Tirginia. Xiond. for the 
author. 16B3. Bro. 

— (P.) History oF Theeves. 
Lond. 1639. 12mD. 12s. 

— Thomas, D.D. Ifoses and 
Awon : or the civil and ecclaaiasti- 
cal Bites ol the ancieut Hebrews. 
Loud. 4to. 6b. 

Thli work ns la great nqiisat ■* a 
tlone. TvelRh adllion, ISB._ZalIiL 

ties. Oion. 1B13. 4ti>. An esteemed work 
in ludsj. RepTlntad, 1638, Ac, An. 

doDvrai, Wm. Hi^torf of the 
ComniODwealth of Eneland, from 
its Commencement to the Bestora- 
tion of Charles II. Loud. 1824— 
28. 8to. 4 Tols. 21. Bb. 

«, laiS, nnd 

u^ta on Dr. Pur's epltil SenDon. 

of Geoffrsf GhaiiMr, tbe esrly En- 

Fiiand snd KlniiDiln, Joiin""! Gs!^ 

men, qplnio^^A^t^ uid Lllsntnn 
EngUnd^ In lbs rourlesutb Cenlur)-. 

tklnloff ind IniEruatlve. EdwATdi, 40. 
ISi. Hlndley, pt. il. 1401, If. ia. Hn). 

evL iGi. FoBtiiiu, laei, il i^. Beed, 
lo.aiusd. eir u. u. Sriu«, pt. I. 

H, IJ. Si. Lloyd, es, li. H.-Somnd 
...UoD. Lond. 1801. Sro. 4 toI*. Tlth 
portrait. Lloyd, S6j If, la. 

Fleetirood ; or. tbe aew Hin of Feelint. 
ond. laofi. 13tao. 3 vols. lOi. 0d. 

T>o Tragedies, tU. AdUbIo and Faulk- 
a. Load. 1800 and 8. Bro. 

An EavaT OD Bspn1sbt«a, or a Proposal 
r ereetine aome llemori^ ot ths fllni. 
iDus Dead Id all Ana, on lbs Spot irhere 
LSit BemnlnsliSTeMeBlnlarred. Lond 
ne. llmo.<a 

LItu at £dwaid and John TUUpi. Na- 
isfi aod Pupils or HUton: Including 
ulDua PsFtloulan of the Literary aud 
illlloal Ulitoty of tbelr Tlmea. To 
blob are added, 1. OolIeeUom (orthe Life 

Mlllon.byJohnAubrey.FJt.a., printed 
amIheMii.copylntheAatilliole.n Hu- 
lum at Oilatd. II. The I JCa of UIIiod, 

;, Google 

OODWIH, W. — eonHnued. 
hj Sdwiird Fhnipi, printed In tha Yu. 
leM. Umd. IBlfi. llo. 1^. iTl. «nd«o 
»i[fa pDiti^u of Piesldcut Brsdshn 
Wtlllwn LIII7 the Astralogtr, lod 'Itiiii 


IcM. H. I. II 
: aTileortlunthCenti 

that 3iibJ«oL L«h1. 
»ble work, dlsplftTlng 1 
—OaatKTiy Snitm. 
Medioln et the siitbur of ■ TlndloUliw 

criift, Mrs, Coiwio), Lend, 1798. IKm 

1 bis I 

I uaeful Ihilh 

ISnio. te. frsquontlT mprlnWd. Tnuia- 
lited b^ Mr. PntL Ijmi. 1818. litmo. fis. 

donwttiWerler. Kaw York. ITW^^wlt 
lamo. (eonulDeil in Cluals Tilu, Udo. 


The Blilw. IIW. 8h OBTnuay. 

Ffoh, 1788. 810. Si. ' 

IpbigtDle In Tsuiii. buiUUd ir ' 

Uanweg. Berlin. IHl.SvD. 
Clevige, ■ Tmgsdy. 1766, Sto. 
Eimont, i. TrigedT, Load. SMsden 

—J Olley, 1SI8. ISmo. Sl 

'Puitheon, or tllstory of Ihs Oodt '0 

lend; 'Oultiiw 'or^ Engllih Hlston^ 

Oreoce? 'OnlllnBe 'of Engllril' G?.i«- 
mtr.' (nd ' Febleo, escleDt ud miKlem.' 
HiDT of thoia baTC pu»d Ihrovgh uie. 

OoED^ C. A. O. Sbmoiiab oi 
Ifsture and Art, collected on a 
Journey in Oreat Britain during 
the Tean 1803 and 1S03. Trana- 
Inted from the original 0«rnutn bj 
Q^omas Home. £ind. 160S. 12mo. 
3 Tola. 10a. 

Neir tJll* onlT-flnt Inaed u 'Ih 
StTaiie;«r Iv En^Und ; or Trereln In Qna 

relgHr'i opinion of ^Und,' isn. »■. 

id. 1818. &. 

Uemun uid Borothvit : 1 
imeten, b). 12iiio. Loud, li 

Hoiman end Dorotliu, and UHLner 
TsnilulanbrProlknDrWhnnll. OUodk 
iTD. prIntelT ^DtBd, n. d. 

Hemiin ud DorotUoe, ImwUtid bj 

loelhe, b]- Benjamin Thompam. LooA 
801. Bto. A ftpnner tJtDKljiiJoB wai pnlx 
iibad anonjmoul;, 179^8™. 
WIlhelD Melilei'. ApprendoMhln, k 
lonl, traniUted by t£^u Carole. 

Button, trtuielated from the Qer< 
man \ij Anthonj Aa&are, Eaq. 
With an Appraidii, containing Bx- 
traota from aome of Hutton'g For- 
formanoea, a liet of his Works, and 
othw Papers. Laud. 1769. Sro. 

artloie, under Dorriia'i Woata, 
FMutu IToB Iha Oorman of Ooatba. 
ond. ISll, 4lo.~Lcod. BooHv, ISn, Bvo. 
oU> th< adtUooa wu« prtaUd wiik 

--UOB tnm tbn Onnai Br Loid Fiu^i 
Ixnma Oower. Loud. 181% STii.-.Sec<)nd 
edition. Lond. )8», tta. 8vo. 1 mla. ua. 
A faTooRliIa critlqnB on Ihli Tenlon ap- 
IHamllnUia 4aart.B<T. xulv. IStMI. 

;, Google 

Fmui, tniuUUd by John UUIi. Lood. 

*0. a»o. 

Fuiil, tniulaUd Hi Lewli Fllmc 

D. 8b.— Foarlh BdlUi 


, truuUtad vlth natal ij J. S. 

ikDBt, DHrt !. tniuUtad I97 U[u A. 
nwy, Bto. Lonil. Nult. tSU, IBa. 
augt, put S, >nd atfasr pwmg. by ~ 

For the but Ten 

Ml* Analrnliarthe Tnindy. Loi 
WB,tUi.U.U. Keduwd tglOa.S 

Taiqtuto Tbabd : & drtoittEc Poe 

tbaOanasD; with otlm OSFiniD 

Tf»MUt«d bj ChulH Dei Voeux. Lood. 
WT. 8*0. pp. Bin. 

Oo«lhe'iLyrEcPD«iu, tnuHlfctAdTiyEd' 
t>r A.Bmring.liiino, ijnid. ies8.Tt.ed. 

aDelbsLyrlKhaQedliihtan. Etoii,ie3». 

i«aid ed^tioQ weru printed on oi 

TbeoIT or Colonn, tmiiteted by C. L. 
EutlikB. Lond. 1840, Sra. lli. 

Autobloniphj, tniMlattd by FiFke 

Ae* uid Canleniponriaa. t^- a. H. Law 
Lond, leu, Btu. li Toll. li. lOi. 

Thli does not conl^n, u might he p 
nwrelyineauiyonthein. - 

Lifa, rrom hii lulobiojcnphlcij pape 

1 ui lutnduetUin ud 



Botal, by G, 

H. Noebden. 

.ODd. Iftdl, 

dto, lOtSd. 


S"^'""""*" '^ •'"• 


™ vith > Child (BiUbHX 

Load. Ism-SS 





Hew York, 18tS. lanu.. 6>. 

n Fr*™, tnni 

tad by R. 

Fetle. Lrad 

Ul»d by John 


li. UBd'ueedto 

Young Bid 

imtn'i Uomnde, 

from the Gt 

nin u cdlud by OoelUe. 



Uw of Ooelhe, from Ihe Ger- 

by Biir>li 

Aiutiu. Lond 

IH3!i, umill 8vo. 

biogmphy; T 

from my 

own life, tn. 

DiLiied from lb 


by Jobn 0» 

,fD.d; ilso, Le 

Ion Item 


od Tnveli In 1 


■ted by the 

iohn'e ' Btandard Lihi»iy.' 

.ORHE'i WOBE3, TOl. B. OVUtiG 

Work! ; DomprlBlDg Pkoiit, Ipblgenii In 

''-nrie,Twquillo Tmbo, Egmoni, D-uik 

»d by AniiA Svuiwkck ; uid G«tB Ton 

'licbingeu, tranetaied by Sir Waller 

It (reTlsed by Henry G, Bohn]. Lend. 

GosPB, Thomaa. Three ekoel- 

lent Tragediea. Lond. I6E& Sto. 

Khodei. 11G9, Ti. Roiburghe. 3901, 

H. 8d. Ooffe'i tngiedlu >re ' fuU o( ildt- 

it merit.'— W. ffiSird. 

Thn Riging Turk, or B^i — "-- " 

md, alrigedy. Load. IKU. 

lU, li. Soibnnhe, ISM, Sl n. 

The DonngioumTurke, or Amnrtth ths 

)nC,(T»gedy,LDnd. 1689.410. RbodH, 

iua, Iloxbnrftbe.ttea,aL 

~'it Tngedyof Ormlei Lond. 16811, 

Khodee, ne7,aa, Biibnrghe,««3. XL 

Rleti BhapheFde»-..B Tmiji-Coni^dy, 

mi njphAbetioid (but vary iucuiiuuti 

;, Google 

talDKoe or >11 anch Pliyl tbtl evsr 
isnrinled. Loihi,lflfie.4ts. BoibiirKhs, 1 
II, fa. ed. Field, i30, Us. Ebodei, IS8, • 

the French, by Dr. Thompson. 
Edinb. 1761. 8to. 8 Tola. 16b. 

mri, In eoiuldenbla nqnest Bnekslt. 
ISM, Ih. Blr P. ThDiDpun, MO, If, fa. 
buaiFini, ll.lli.«d. WUUuu, 78», 

OoiAQBCB ijn> Oawaitb. — The 

knight^ Tale of Oolagriu and 
Qawsne^ (84 lenvee), with other an- 
cient Poems, in the sune Tolmne, 
Edinburgh be Walter Chepman and 
Andrew Uyllar. 1508. small 4t<i. 



UnlwrRb.of lrhlt^b«l 


WIlTua Dmobt, (UOe). 6 pigss. 

II. Th« PIfHbr of DnDbu sod E» 
, III. TbeTreBsorilisTm Mult tWmm 

IV. BJtad ot Lord Itamirf Slew.rt, 
Lord of Aublgnr, &c. bjr Dusbu, (IGOei, 

V.^The TmltiB of OrphBn. ud Eui 
dlM [bT HonrTKdil (IH)8), la puea. 

VI. Ana Bakt at Und Comaiile ta t 
King lunr to renll Ua nsbiK, (IGI)B|, 

VII. Tba MsTtneat DiBpott of Ctun- 
e«. (IHS), M_mga>. 

Vltl. Sjr Bglmunm of Arlora, (IM)^, 

(16081, IS PW!M. 

psr1,aj¥ tbaprloclpA] topics 

paired In E.W. BlHgdon'i Uodani SU- 
' caveriu. 

QoLS, The, Headed Cane. Land, 
post 8vo. 1822. 

Written by Dr. W. Uumlchul, ni 
ooDtslna soeedotea of lin. Rftddlffe, Maftd, 
Aaka-, Pitulm, ud Bsniia, 
A aecond edition, enluged, l§9a, poat Sro. 
OOLDSK EAQI.B. See Easls. 
0«U>EnLeQEI'II. 5«VOEi»lXB. 

GoLDBir Ptbtu. 3m Waoi- 

POSDB, Richflrd. 

GoiDESBOBOTTda, John. 5k 
BsowiTLOW, Richard. Goinj>B* 

QotDlcuTT, John. The Anti- 
quities of SicllT, etched bj Pinelli 
of Kome. Lon^ 1819. imp. 4to. 15a. 

BpUlmena of SBdeot Decontlons from 
PmnpelL 1820. Imperial SVD. 21. 3a.— 4Co. 
tL 4i. reduced to II. 11a. Bd. 

QoLSlHe, Arthur. A Discourse 
upon Qie Eartiiquake diat happ«ned 
through this Beahne of Englande 
and other Places of Chriatendam, 
tiie silt of Aprill, 1580. IGmo. 
suonnt of OoTdlni ud of I 

I), (Itttf), impcrfaot. 

<. On 

■Itendlng Ua repttnt, t« >oL 1. Qutch^ 
Kobln Hood. 

— The aame, reprinted ; edited 
brD.Lung, Edinburgh, 1827. «o. 

Vallnm, i coplH. Of thla rapriai, only Ta 
eoplea, and thoaa man or Isaa duu^«d, 
mnpnaarrad trva iKn wUeb bippaud 

Ooi-BBBBT, X M. S. TraTelsin 

Africa, 1T86-T, translated bj Wil- 
liam Mudford. Lond. 1803. 12mo. 
2 roll. 9a. 

1678. Beprinled, 1825. SmEoi- 
BDBOHE Club, Appendix. 

QouDOMi, Chmea. Memoirea 
pour serrir a I'Eistoire de es Vie. 
Lond. 1814. Svo. 2 vob. 

An Engllah trualstlon bj Jobn Blank 
■ppesnd, Lond. 1816, 8to. 1 tola. 

Two Comedloa, Iha PUiua of ■ FsmilT. 
■nd Ptimels, trtnaUted Into EncUih, with 
the ItsIliD Origbui]. Lond. IIST. On. 

GoiJ)BMiTH,!Fruicia. Epitaphs, 
mdi other Translations at the end 
of H, Qrotii B^tizatonun Fuero- 
rum Inatitulio. Set O-soritra, H. 
— Lewis. Becueil de Decrits, 
Ordonnsnoe*, Traill de Fail, 
Maoifeatea, ProcIamAtioQs, Di*- 

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GOLDBUTH L. — cantiauAl 
eonre, 4c, &c. d* Napoleon Bona- 
parte et des Sfembree du Oouveme- 
ment BWfsis, depuia le Bnimaire, 
An. 8 (Norembre 1799) jniqu' i 
l' *nTi A» 1S12 iDcluuTemmt. Ei- 
truU de Maniteur. Loud. 1813. 
8to. 4 torn. 

— Secret Histoiy of tlie CabiDet 
of Buonaparte. Sro. Sixth EditioD. 
Lond. 1811. 10». 6d. 

— Oliver, M.B. The Boman 
Hiitoiy from the FoondatioD of 
the City of Borne, to the Deatnic- 
tion of the 'Weatem Empire. Iiond. 
1769. 8»o. a Tob. 12s. 

3lch bu pasHd througb 


proprittelT tunned tli«ia wiiipUiUoni 

The GtBOUn HIttmy, ftom the urlleit 
SUt* to th< D«th or Akiudar ih* Onit. 
LoniL vrii. Sfo. 9 Tola. lOg. FnqneDtlj 
reprinud. It hu bew abridged for iba 

Hlitaryof En^lind, ftvm tbs evJlest 
Tlmu to the Deith at GoDrge H. Loud. 

60L 909 

The Buatlei at EngUHb P<Mti7. wlisot' 

PaemB for Yonne L^u, balng ■ cotlM- 
Hon of Iba best pieces Id our ungiiaga. 
Lend, 1707, ISina. BUb, 18l— Kspiliiud, 
Loud. 178^ Ittno. 

— Poem* bf Goldsmith and 
PameU. Lond. 1796. 4fo. 

Pp. II md 76, with •oDd cut! bTBairiek. 
It Is Hid thiL K. Qeorge III. oiimi ble 

TbA bloETsphiciJ flketchee nn from tb« 
pen sf luu B»d, White Kiil^ti,180i, 
mor. If. Ua. BUaraiu 873. 18i. Bmckatt, 
17& moiweo, 31. 4e. Blndleji, pt U. l«ie. 
ISt. Dant, pc. I. 1M7, with SomeirlUe'i 
ChMe, ITSe, inorcicce. U. Sl IUii1hir)h. 
34H,wilh3iiiDerTme. ILUa. Btta,&tO, 
" - Drury, 19611, monicw, 

— "-,rrj 


throng nmnaroo! edlUoiu. 

— Hiator; of the Earth and ai 
mated Nature. Load. 1774. 8to. 
Tola, plates, 21. Ss. 

FoDlhill, SIM, 41. Ba. In xiina eoptea 
la a luf In which ibe cel>bn<ed maihemr 
tlotaD, Msclaurln, la repneeDled aa beln„ 
HbJestlotUDf r"ali>i:- The leaf w»a 
eanoelled.— Bewud edilliim Loud. IIT( 
Sire. S TDls.— A. new edition. Load. 1701 
Itam, B lOlB.— Lund. IBOa, Bro. « Tola.- 
With eoTTaoUoDS andaddltlona fay Di, Tni 
ton, Linid. ISIS. Bro.e Toll. 9let«>.~LoTid. 
18M, « Tols, Bio.— fl vols. Svo, IBM. With 
Lifa.bT IrvloB:. Lend. 18a0-n>yal 8fD. t 
Tgl>.l£-Ahnd«sdbrFllklugtoB. Load. 
1SOT, Sto. *e nlsUs.-Abrldged u Natural 
lUatorr, t Tola. Uma. SO coloond plalea. 
LoDd. lU8.lla.ed. 

A Suney of aiparimenlia FblloaopbT, 
eoDald^red In Ita preacat BtMe of Im- 

.TiH. 0ns 

h Lift by E. F. 
rsiroetfiTO. Loiid.ine,lDa. M, 

;, Google 

9t0 eoL 

Qoumnrx, O —cnittintitd. 

— MiBcellaneom Works. Anew 
ediliOQ. With >n Account of hii 
life Bud Writings (by Bp. Percy ; 
the whole edited bj Sun. £ose). 
Load. leOl, 8to, 4 Tole. 

NuHU. pt. i. 1848, UlL Rdwh. 1«9S, ai 
Ut^lSOB, IXmc B Tola.— 181% Sin. * lOli. 
— 18!0,e<(i.4To1>. Iliv>ckett,ia9e, II. IBs 

VfnAt, BOW flnt collMUd, litta Notes 
t* Junei Prior. Loud. 1837. On. * toIs. 
StSs. TottalitdlliDiiiaHuieUniegJalned 
tbaLlfsofQiUlmlth.b; J.PrlM. l.oiid, 
ISST, Bto. a TolB. foimlDg togatbsr 8 vols. 

Workg, vlth ■ LKe uid NoUi. Loud. 

ledKnslirtba EuhingCluli. Lond.lSit, 
rap. 8vo. W. Ha. tolombiec 4to. 6L m. 
:Dloo]bl«' fallo, 101, IDs. Prooh, lU Uta. 
— Edwin and ^nguliTin Firil 

A feir «ml« onlj' pllntsd. Bvo. Ihu 
R«ed. H*beT,pt.lT. 
Ltft of GoMunlth (by Bp. Taej). Land. 

a (be bla RsUkIih 
Ik.Sl Qoldamlth' 

Putili.hed unonymiHuly. 

Tbt L[l« of Riebd. Nub, Etq. of Bkth. 
EitncMl (rmn hlBorlginil Fipen. l/md. 

London, lo hit Priendj 

ITBt. I2iDr>. S tdIb. M. TbHH letUn flnl 
ftppeftrod Id tbo Ledgor, and liaT« often 

betm npitoMd In 1 toL 
The Vlcu of WikaBoId, ■ Tile. Lond. 

c.TilM prlntoi^ Junot ia, U- »>.— Pan!, 
18&),18ino, RBBOti>rd'» odiUon. OnniL- 

Dorrin^tL Lond. !& 

luMoi. Iiond. 1SB7, Sto. 
1. Fornar, Ulnitntsi] vltb 


Utt. I 

GOLMOH, Wm. ObservBtiooB on 
the Pasiage between the Atlantic 
" ' '"" Pacific Ocean, in two Me- 
the StraitB of Aniui, uid 
die DiBoorericB of DeFocte. Ports- 
mouth, 1798. 4to. with a map. 8*. 
Fn&iei la an falotDrlul abridgment at 

hill, 3ft7, 17>. DnuT, 198S, lOe. 

QoisywKL, HeniT. A briefe De- 
cUration of the Siewee, Derioes, 
&c. before the Queeoes Uajestie 
and the French Ambasradoun, in 
Whiteun weeke. Land, bj Robert 
Waldegrare. 15S1. 

OnlTone cnp7 kaown, Blndlar, pL II. 

[. BjkM, 

, Joller, II 

>1iinie of Nlcholt' 

1825. 12ma. Be. 

GoLOWHiH, Captain, B.IT. Hsp. 

rative of his Captivity in Japan, 

during the Yean 181^ and 1618. 

Lond. 1818-19. Sva 3 vola. 

A proUi and tadlona amniDt, oantaln- 

degnta lb* baiTlDHa of the nairatlTe.* 

Yol.lU.,entttlad'B>colt>iiaonao/ Japan 

;, Google 

-™ly wile 


ted rroEd Kmnpfiir, Thun- 


G^XBAiru), M. Endimion, an 
eioellent Faco;, elegonUj' inter- 
preted, from the French, fay Bichd. 
Hurst. Lond. 1637. 8yo. 

HTUther'i SecnuUT. GnOa- 
elghu, with BnjWillljM br 
&c. NuHo, pt. L laS, *i. 

byT. M. Gibbi. Lond. 1721. folio, 
'WiUi IDS pUtM bj- D«rel, mtttr the d«- 
■IgnaofOlhoVcDiiiii. Nuuu, pt- 1, 17t7, 

Pp. aio, with two franttsplBmi by Cedll, 
Then in thne tltlee tc the dlS^tenC por- 

10>. Reed, a»e, 11. Be. Niwu.'pL I. 
ISfiO, II. li. Blbl. APKlo-Foet. 806, Bl. 3i. 
BIT U. U. SyUi, St. L asi, msnioco, ISs. 
Llnd,«00,iSLM; Blodlw, 11. ISi. 

Tb* Tnttdia of IddoHldE srnnLDuke 
ofUtlul. LDii4,l«^19Dw.wlthifraatii- 
pleo*. filiod*i,116i,lLed. 

The LerltM Ravange, eonUlnhur poeU- 
al MtdlUUone on the 19 nd tO Ctiplen 
«r JiidgH. Lond. leSB. im. 8td. — 1«SS, 
vJlhtbePoeniB, Sto. with 1 frontlgplece. 
Hebet, pt li. 

SannoiuaiilPet.>.ltLll,lE,lS. LoDd, 
l«H»to. ^ 

OoMXZ, Ume. de. La Belle As- 
iemhUe, or theAdventww of twelve 
Daj*. Lond. 1766. 12nio. 4to1s. 
10b. 6d. 

mid trsTela. trem the French, of whlrb 
C)oKO.u.iadaMenilofa,Jotui. 3n 

OoNDOlUB, Count. See Corrov, 

GonbjLLBB, Domingo. Bee Qos- 
WIH, Francia. 

OoBziOA, B. Aloysiaa. See Cb- 
PiHius, Virgilio. 

OoHZUiBa, Don IbnoeL llie 
Voyage to Oreat Britajn, contain- 
ing an Aooonnt of Bngland aad 

UKMCond^Torunie of Pintenon'i Collec- 
gllshmui, oDl improbibly of Dunlel Defoe. 
Ooov, Jobn Mason, M.D. The 
Study of Medicine. Third edition, 
by Samuel Cooper. Lon± ISZH. 
Sto. GtoIj. — Fourth edition. Load. 
1634. 8ro. 4 Toll. 
Thii edition conUlne tike ■slhor'i flul 

oddldoiul modern Infonnotlon on pbTKio- 

iiOreitor}', Ll^D. Lond. ISlg, 

OoonALL, John. Tfae Lyberttes 
of the Cieargy, collected Out of the 
Lawee of this Bealme, boath necee- 
aarvfor Tycars and Curstes. Lond. 
E. WytT. lamo. IG leoTcg. 

A copy la In i^mboLh libraTT. 

Baptist. The Tiyall of 
Trauell: or, 1. Tlia Wondera in 
TrsTfill. 2. TheWorthea of Im- 
vea 8. The Way to Trayell, In 
three Bookea epitomized. Lonil. 
John Norton, 1630. 4to. 

poatlul wol^conelillng of 40 lelTex, 
oted lo Ellnheth, Ouetn of Bohen.ii, 

^'BiTuy.UuehioiwiiaaafHDnvT. du.,niHU,2<. BlrH.M.STlci'ii. 
pi. i. 1S», K. Blbl. Anglo-Pool, aii, VI!. 
13a. Hiditiey.llH. Ulg.^ke(g,Iga. He- 
ber, IT. IBs. 

— Charles, M.D. The Eojal 
ColWe of FhyaidanB of London, 
founded and eatabliahed by Law. 
Lond. 1684. 4to. 

B — QqqS, tweldestltle'pa^&ndlLcenrB. 
aIoo An eplatle dedicatory to Lord Ouild- 

Tha CoUodga of Ptiyalciun vlndiuiled. 
Nation lULLfallyrEpreBBntBd. Loud.lt7rtl, 

;, Google 



GooDUi, Wiltsr. An 
tion of ths Letten sud to be wricten 
bj UuT, Queen of Scots, to Jsmee, 
Earl of BothwelL Aleo bd Inquiry 
into the Uurder of King Hanry. 
EdiDb. 1764. Bto. 8 Tob. 

BnekMt, l»r, »■- DanI, pL i. eW, 
M-Sd. RralNUtfw, B7H, ISg. 

Am iBbodostlni to Ihs Hlitorr wid An- 
ttnlttw e( SeoOud. Lwd. iiSS, Sra. 
and p»&»d to QvOmH'* EdICioD at Fop 
*— '- --"-'--iiiieML LloTd- aoi, 9l ed. 
■■-- -— «,ptLlSM, 

— Edinb. 1T7^ 1> 

OooiiooLB,B«T. Henry. Aoooont 
of Francii BobicMni, hanged and 
qoartered at Charing Crou for 
■tealing the great 3eale of Bnglsnd. 
I.ond. 1618. 4to. 

Nunn, pt. 1. 1715, Ita. 

Tha ronderful DiKoverr of EUubeth 

Cmttcthm, CondviniiKtlon, ind DeaUi, to- 
(■llier wllh tbs Dsvira Aeceu la liar, 
aad thali Confennca togatlisr. LoDd. 

Qoonnuow. *« Bobin Good- 

QoODHireH.Wni. EngliihGen- 
tleman'a Library Slanual, or Quide 
for the formatian of a Libran of 
Select Literature. Lond, 1B2T. 
8to. 7b. 

— Uotirea to the Stady of Bib- 
lical Literature. Lond. 1836. 8to. 

CKWDIESON, William. An hie- 
toricri and topogro^ical Ssray 
npoQ the Islands of Corfu, Leuca- 


Qocmius, Chriat., D.D. How 
superior Powers ought to bo obeyed 
of tlieir Snbiects. Geneua, John 
Crixpin, 1558. ICino. 

«g.ln.t Queen MM7'—»''n-i™. Hellis, 
mi, tl.4>. Drteh>,if la. 

una, TK, II. I 

Br. Qabriel, Dean of WeMminiler 
(founder of Bnthin School), by the 
Ber. B. Kewootoe. Balhin, 1816. 
4to, portrutB. 

— Historr of hie own Times, il- 
ItutratiTe of the Courts of Q.neen 
Elizabeth and EingJtuueel. Edit- 
ed br J.S, Brewer. Land. 1839. 8to. 
2 TolB. ports. 1^ 8a. reduced to 9a. 

— John, Dr. Penitent pardoned. 
Lond. 1679. 4to. with plates. 

nd the afBwT <i( n- 
penHDCfl, iinaDruifl pjinbla ef thft pndl. 
gilum. Freqnenlly prinled. 

Good Mamnibb. — A lytell ne- 
oesBarye Treatise, intituled Good 
Manner*. Impr. hj me Bob. Wyer. 

GoutalH il^. k in torn, aod eaaiiita 
d( iiU ihaptan. 

QooDWu", CriBtepher. The 
Chauee of the dolorous Louer, 
newelv oopyled. 15S0. Lond. by 
W. de Worde. 4to, 

Seven lUTea. ' A. lunaaMNa slarr 
vltbont pttho).'— Ifurtini, 

— The Mavden'g Dreme, com- 
md made in the Yere of Our^. Impr. 1^ me 

Wver. 4to. 

rli<^ wllhoitt lisiRtnation.'— War- 

^ BliUta 


Pontiflcn guedemque ApoBtrope. 
X. Elegiis. Lond. 1629, 4to, 6b. 

This work wm truHlitad lou English 
bj Jchn Tlun, nndu- Uia foUiivliis title 1 

. — Babel's Balme : Or the Honey- 
combe of Bome'a Beligion, with a 
neet draining and straining out of 
the Bomieh Honey thereof Bung 
in tenne most elegant Xlegiea. 
Lond. G. Porslowe, 1624. (trans- 
lat«d by John Ticars). 

— John. Imputatio Kdei ; or, 
a Treatiee of Justiflration. Lond. 
1640. 4to, 10b. Gd, 

With ■ iMinrait ar OaodwlD, M. A, ISU, 
bf U. Glmar. 

;, Google 

Usht Mid Kljbt wall ms(| ot.ftbilah 
■nd mputlmll EviDirr Into Iha Fnoed- 
Ingi or Iha Annr Ondor Lord Filr&i, 

UHited. Lond, 

oriiy of tbo ScriptnreH 
>1B iDBiit. Prefixed Is 


III, 4S8, witb A.DtJ-CiLTiller- 

GOB 913 

OOOOB, Bnrnaby. TbawholeArt 
and Trade of Hii8l)andT7, ia four 
Books. Lond. 1614. ita. 

6o[dnn[d. 381. Ui, North, pt ill. SOT, 
SL Ftnt edltlnn printBiln Ifi§S.4ta. 

ODKgs piibHshed timnsUttons of Ari9- 
toUo'i Gatei^riei, Herefllneblua, Lopea d« 
MtndMa'ii Bpanlah Pnivorbl. N«ogeorguH, 
PallngenluH, uid Virgd'a tieoi^ta ; tui 

Cn'rioni LetCon rsg&rdtng ttio Msr- 
prlnted la tiieBHlitgIi,iT. B07-11. ,Sm 


OooBOO Paramaton. Sm Bab- 
nriMOB, Beniamm. 

Goosi, Mother. Tale*. Set 


QoosiCAFFS. — Sir Gjlea Ooose- 

ud RapTobktIoii 

nortB of thia o«Ubnt«d » 


.GooDwiH, Pliilip. TheMjataiy 
of Dreamee biBtoricsIly diaooiicfed, 
Lond. 1656. 12mo. 5b. 

- Thomas, D.D. The Worke 

foho. 5 Tol5. 81. 6a. 

Tba work! of [bit dlatligulahad non- 
coTiftnnlal of Ibo iijdap«ndent clua Lre 
held m conaUenbte utbnitioo. Pro- 
filed li ■ portnit ot Goodirin br B. 
White, ta uob Folumo. 

— Thomaa. The Histoir of the 
Beign of Hemj V. Lond. 1701. 

With portnll. 'Complied ftom Rood 
uttaorltlea.'— Mntm. Dant, pt. 1. UM, 
Sa. Boibm^, BSM, 8s. 

QoooB, Bamabe. Eglogs, Epi- 
taphee and Soonettes nevl; mritten. 
Lond. by Tho. Colwell for Kaufe 
Mewbery, 1S68. IBmo. 

Of LbiB poadBftl work It it aoppoud 
lailj two coplea exlbl, one of vbtch la In 

ISl &«iold,ll*bir,putlv,l«i.S>. 

Bindley, pt <l. 14^1 


OOBDOK of LochuiTBT. Encou- 
ragemenU for Buch as ihall hare 
Intention to bee Undertaken in 
the neir Plantatioa of Cape Breton, 
now Hew GBliowaj, in America, by 
mea LoehinTar. Edinb. 1025. 4to. 

GOBfoH, B«T, Sir Adam, Bart. 
LII Leoturea on the Church Cate- 
chiBm. Land. 1817. 8to. 3toU, 12b. 

atoHi. Lond. 17S0. 8*0.3 Tola, with pot- 
tnlL 10a. 
DlaCDoreei OD Mlwt Snlijeoti. Bit 

— Aleiandor. Itinerarima Sep- 
tentrionale : or, a Journey throu^ 
moat of the Counties of Scotland, 
and thoae in the North of Knglaod : 
in two Parta, witb a Supplement. 
Lond. 1726-32. folio. 72 pktea. 

Roxbur^bo. Biippl. T^; wlibont the 
Bupplaueat, 1T33, II. Sl Blsdla;, pb 1. 

;, Google 

rglw, 7*», withoul 
Ileot, pt. 1. isa, rnuli, «■ Uwtli 1723, 
K 10*. GoDtteih^ HO, N. Ue. ed Bir 
U. II.B} lUO, 71.171. fld. Nu- 
•u, pt. 1. ITtt, nuta. 111. 15*. 

QoBDOM, AlBiAndar. Tbe LiTes 
Pope Al^snder VI. uid hii Son 
Carar Borgi*. Lond. 1729. folio, 

aprabendlns U» Tin In lb* nlgni 

n lUl? fi 



y^VsudBTSn^l. fX! 

nii««, ftngixved by V 

T n 'Bauyi tanrdii eipl idnlns the 
Igiirai on the Cofin of 

nl MuDm! bolonKtng lo Cipt 1 


— Alaiander of AcliintoDL The 
Historj of Peter the Great, Em- 
perar if. Rueeia, AberdeOT, 17SB. 
8»o. 2 toIb. lOe. 

— C. A. A concise Hiotory of 
the antJBiit and iUustrious House ol 
Gordon. Aberdeen, 1754. I2mo. 

PiinMIr priolsd. Jidii, S4, 111. 

— D. Phannacopinai, or a Ta- 
ble and TasB of Uie Piycea of aU 
iiBoall Medicamente, aimple and 
compound, oootained in Mb Apo- 
thecarie and ChjmicBU Shop, within 
Mr. Kobert Farquhar't high I-odg- 
inga in Hew Aberdeen. Aberdeno, 
l^S. 4ta. 

GordoiulDiiii, 10)1, K Ti. M. 

DeUbay. A general hiitory 

of all the royal and noble peraon- 
flgee that have anfiired in Great 
Brilmi and Ireland for high treason 
and other 

_. -0.8to. StoIb. ports.lJ. 1b. 

- George. AnnaU of Europe. 
Loud, 1739-43. 8to. 6 toIs. 15a. 

GoBDOir, B. FathfT Jamet, tor- 
named Huntley. OoatroTeraiarum 
Epitome. Augiut Pioton. 1612-20. 
4to. 3 toIb. 

OorionrtonB, XS, » Toll. 7i. 8d. Thli 
work l«t (0 ths publluUim of Uia Fbtlo- 
loeli Bun of OUului. 

Bummirf ot ttaa CoDlrorvrtii^ «henbi 
nn brtsflr tnaled Ok ibMti QnaaUoni 
of DlrlnltT, BOW 1 Dani tn Dlipata bs- 
twe«in Othsllku u^PnlHtuti. Pw> 
iDinii SuperhmiDi, 1018. Brt. lOi. Sd. 

— Jamea, of the fiunily of Lea- 
more. Commentaria in Sacra Bib- 
lia. Parii. 1636. folio. 8 toIs. 

Tlieu Tolumu, iccordlng U Wilch, 
eonuln mADT UOiigi wUcli nay be md 
•lib profit. 

■d Annum uune CbilBtl ISIT. Augiilt. 
FLcton. IBIT. foUo. t Toll. OordonatouQ. 
lOBi, ISl AnedlLCaLAgiip. 1614. 

— Ber. Jamei. A Hiatoiy of 
Ireland, from tbe earlieet Aooount 
to the Accompliahment of the 
tTnioQ with Great Britain in 1801. 
Loud. 1806. 8to. 2 toIb. 12s. 
ippcind. PtrlD, ISOS, Svo. S toIb. 

IteTiilqUonlita, Inin Ihsy^u 17S2 till Uio 
SnpprHihHi of tbe ItebellloiL Witb in 
App«Ddii(alUnitm1siDnieFftcU. DnbUn, 

phy ind min 

— John, Dean of Sarum. Pa- 
ne^riqae de CoiwratulotioQ pour 
la Concorde dee Boyaumes de la 
Grande Bcetngne en Tnit^ de Be- 
ligion et vnique Boyau(«. Boehellc^ 
1603. Svo. 

Roibunbo, 84Mj lOi. fld. Tho Bunfl 

— The gamo. Iranslateti into 

;, Google 

GoBDOH, John— eonftnunf. 
English bj E. G(iini9h>D). Lend. 
1603. 4to. 
Pp. «, not Including UIU 

udlDK UIU 

HDixDftbe Kings HLlaiiic, it WbiiehLU. 
Load. ieM.4ta.Bi. Pp.62,iii]t iDclading 
title. Oardoiuloun, 878, 13a. 

Asti.BeUirmlno-Torur, Loud. MIO, 
dto.— Load.lSia.4u. GonloaaCiiiio,»S^. 

This uuirsr to Card. Bdlinaina con- 
ddU of ui Int^nnixtora of proBe *ad 


bfctor RHnm Utgon Britumlie esse C 
thoUca ndel lenm Derenionm. Loi 
ISI1.4ta., M3», lOs.Sd. 

EnEUnd And Scndand'a Happlueoa 
bslnit nduceil to UoUr ef BeliRlon uod 
K. Jimea. Lond. I6U1. 4to. 

Ths wcred Doclrino of DLiinlUe gat 
end ont of tbe word of God. Load. 161 

«. the 1 

EhtBDOH, iTobD, ol Olencat 
Uemoin of, by himself. Loud. 
17S3. 12mo. front. 5s. 

— John, of Buthlav. DelTiip- 
tiJ9 BolHrti Seneacalli 6coli» tttque 
Eliiabethte Mora Dissertatio. 
Edinb. 1749. 

— Sir John, of Inyergordon. 
CorreapODdence of, occasioned bj 
the Behellioii of 1716. Ediii.l83&. 
small 8to. 

30 coplea printed lor Ur. Mildmeni, 
CopLefl on thiclE piper. 

— John, M.D. A S;g(«ia of 
Anatomy, vich Twentj.two Enira. 
viaga of th« Skeleton of tb« Hu- 

aoa. 913 

I man Body. Edinb. 1816.17. 8vo. 
U la. 8to. 

A niiiEli'^Bteeiiied vork. 

Obaerratlpna OD the Slructiin of tlis 

Brain. eomprUIng tn EaUiuta of the 

cuius of fin. Qall and Spunhelm la 

— Ber. Loudon H&rcourt. Ste 
Dish WOOD, Mrs. 

— Patriot. Neptunus Britan- 
nious Coi^donis. De luctnoso 
Henrioi Principia Obitu, et felici- 
bus Caroli AuBpiciia : queis immii- 
tuB Frederici et Elizabeths Uv- 
menieus. Land. 1613. 4to. 

eilnn. 21/. Reuld, Haber, pt. It. »Di; 
Tbs rinoTB Hlitorte of Ktng'iMbart 

Dlh Seota Md ^llah. Enlwgaii "Ith 

rghe, S43T, Ua. aHogg, If. la. Blbl. 

I^se Lockhart. Personal 
Hemoirs of Men and Uanners at 
Home and Abroad, 1780 U> 1S30, 

ith Literary Anecdotes, Lond. 

130. 8vo. 2 »o1b. portrait. 

— P. Hiatory of the War in 
America from its commencement 
to the canclusiou in 1783. Dublin, 
1785-9. 8¥o, 3 Tola. IBs. 

— Sir Bobert, Bart. A Genea- 
logical History of tbe Earldom of 
Sutherland, from its Origin to the 
Year 1630. With a Continuation 
to the Tmt 16S1. Edinb. 1813. 

3 B 

;, Google 

Thlinliubls pabllntliio, «dlt»d t( 


Hlliben, 3i 

af SuBlird, and la no! I* til* Duke 
Sutherlaad'g library. 

OouKmofBothieiiuy. Histoi7of 
Scot'* ASain, 1637 to 1611. 3 Tols. 
and TouiiB of Aberdeen. Stt 
SpxiDma Clitb, Appmda. 

~ Tho. A Cordial for low 
Bpirits, bemg a CoUeation of 
ouB Tract*. The third IinpreMion, 
reriaed and improTed, with maaj 
■dditJoOBl Articlea (by Biohard 
Buvn). Lond. 1763. 12mo. 8 vola. 


If piimi 

The PilUra of Prieatcrati and Ortho- 
d<ii7 ehakeu. Lend. 1TS8. ISino. 4 Tob. 

Tbia cdflbrated political willflr pub- 
Ikbad tiuBlatlons oi BaUoEl uid IWidi. 
Bx CATO'a Letlen. 

— Tkw F. History of Pennajl- 
Tsnia. Philadelphia, 1839. 8to. 
10s. 6d. 

— History of Ancient Heiico. 
Riiladelphia, 1S32. 8to. 2 toIb. 7b. 

— History and Qaxetteer of New 
JerBBT. Trenton, 1834. 2 vols, 
lOe, 6d. 

— Colonel Thomas, of Minilaw. 
Deeoription of his Cabinet of 
Ancdent Coins. Friratety printed. 
Imp. 8to, 14 plat«a. 

— Thomas. Memoirs of the 
Greek Berolntion and the struggles 
of the Patriot*. 2 vols. 8vo, Bdinb, 
1644. lOs. 6d. 

— William. The History of the 
ancient, noble, and iUustriouB Fa- 
mil; of Glordon, Ac. together with 
an eiact Hillory of the moat re- 
markable TroneactioTis in Scotland, 
Ac. Sdinb. 1726-7. Sto. 2 vok. 

lay, pt II. eas, maiwia. ». Tgvulty, 
— " US. II, 10b. Hebai,ai.B<. 

William, D.D. The History 
of the BiBe, ProgTMi, and £stab- 
tiahment of the Independence of 
the United States of America- 
Lend. 1788, 8vo. 4 vols, 
QoKB, Thomas. Oatologna in 
rta Capita, seu Oaaaea, alpha- 
betico Ordine conoionatue, qui ds 
< Re Heraldica scripscrunt. Ozon. 
1674. 4to. 12a. 

This tnct dleplBTi much tBlenl.ud (he 
books Br* eluied in a SDlenliflc melbod, 

SMbsbj'a la Kardl, 1823. ISl— A flHIDer 

Serlfil alpbabetlca Latino- A DBllea, No 
iDlbB Geatilltlornm, aWe CogBonilDum 

Annus la AnglU floruara: t Llbri. Jul 
MtnuKrlplla qui Tfpla siciuls, alUiin* 
uMqnioris Huniimenlli l.ttlDia coV 

. ThiB labia la, according to 


l^*\ij dtnUTcd and FBbehood un- 

laaked. Lond. ISSl, du. TbsBalhoini 
cboaenblgb-BheritrrorWmahlrsln lesO. 
It vbloh time some Bipei^ou on bis clia- 

Nomenclatoa G«o|CTaph1ci3S Latino- An- 

leaTCB of Introducttirr mattfir. &teev«nii, 

GOBITIVB, Laonii. Or»tio Lb- 
onhardi Goretii, Equitis Poloni, de 
UatriTnonio Kegie ac Bcfin« Aa- 
liie, HiBpaoie, Ac. Ad Fopuluni 
rincipeaq : Ajiglin. Lond. 1554. 

CmitalnB K, la tbtrn. Brlgbt, If-lU. 

(^OEQEOCS (A) Oallery of Gal- 
lant Inventions. Set Fboctob, 

OoBOES, Sir Ferdinando. Ame- 
rica painted to the life. Load. 

;, Google 


OoBOM — amtiimtd. 
-aaaioa. Genend title, 
dcKTl ptioa of New 

Engt»iid, pp. H , TItIa, 

and b»tii »id £7 hI Biwtk, 10 I 
PreaiAd li ■ Bgun npnuentiiisAii 

the JudidsDi UMief Is ■ bhp ' An 
Dencrlp.' lleb«,pt.ll. 2I.SI. 

OoBEAX , Oeoi^e Oomelins. The 
Hiatoiy and Antiquities of Ejiiee- 
bnrj and St. Neot'e in Hontiiig- 
donshire ; and of St. Neot's in the 
Goymtj of CommU. Lond. 1820. 
8to. 18s-. 

With BD engnvliigg. won PIPES. It. li. 
Sswnd adlttm, 18H, Sro. 3 Toll, ruu 

A SuXemmt niliiDltted to the HembaR 
dT tbe Biittsh end Fnrelgi Blbls Soeislyim 
llie Impropilet)' of circuiting tha upoerr- 
phsl Books Indlacctinlii&telr Intarmfii^ad 

lAtlva to the llteriLry blstorr uf tlie Apo- 
ciTph*. The dCcoDd Bdmon Is the beat. 

— QeneaJogioal Aocoimt of tbe 
Breton and Anglo-Breton I'smilies 
de QorraiQ in the Maine, Hertford- 
ehire, durinv the SII. ZIII. andixlT, 
Centuries. Load. 1837. roysl 8so. 
Prlnte edi tlM of only 18 loplei. 

GOETH&, C. Thoughts upon that 
Part of Eerelations which compre- 
hends the History of the Western 
Empire of Europe, from the Com- 
mencement of Fopery lo its Orer- 
throv in 1796 : comprehending a 
Series of 1260 Years. Lond. 1807. 
8ro. 69. 

ehewine the unit; of the prophecies ot 
DsQlelkiH BsdriB with the ApocslypBe; 

which sre BOWKUm •" ChriBtendfm!" ' 

GoBion. S4e Joseph Bik Go- 

GUB 917 

Sto, 2 Tols. 11, 4s. Second edilion, 
enlarged, 3 TOls. Whittakw, ISU, 
11. 16s. 

A nsaftd cocnpiUtiaD, pnbllnhed innam. 
ban. Third ediHoDt rltb s aupplsnuii- 
lal Toluma, complellnf th* voA to the 
prsKBt tlioe. Load. ISM, Sto. « vols. If. 
Hi. 6d. The sapplemeDtal roldaia Is 
sold Heperstely, 1^. 

'A Topofrephlcal DlctloDsrr of Orest 
Brlulu u>d Iralud, <rlth uTspi bj Sld- 
ner Hall. Land. 1838, 8 vols. Svo. end 

ChwPBL. — The naked <3oipd, dia- 
corering what our Iiord and hia 
Apostles preoched [written by Ar- 
thur Buiy, B.D., for which he waa 
eipelledj. Lond. 4to. 1690. 

GoBPiiB. — Tbe four Goapels, 
tranelated from the Greek, with pre- 
liminH; Dissertations, and Notes 
critic^ and eiplanatoiTi b; George 
CunpbfOl, D.D. Land. 1789. 4to. 

One of (be bast apecimaiis or a mnals- 
Uon of Ihe Scripture' la inr lingtiiLge. 
Oouat, Illl, U, 4it. The nolea which ac- 

entaiT on the four eianguIliM, and 

The foDF Goapeli, nitn AonoistionB oy 
Jie Be», John Lonadala, D.D. Biahop M 
Uehfleld, and tbe Kev. Wm. U. UaJe. 
Lond. RkvlzlAlon, 184fl, 4lo. 

" ' Reeeclioni en the fOsr OoBpels, 

Obsarrstlons opoD the nar Qospela 
ihe<ih« thali Del^Ca, >nd ho* (h tbosi 
DefKli. together wllh the Writings of Bt 
PsaL hice mialed the Compllen of on: 
Church Berylce.&c.theiebT evincing thi 
Keoeaalty of rerlblDg the whele by Aulhv 

. - 1807, Bto. 2 toll 
on. Iftl^Abordean 

Ma. — ISil. 
1811, Sro. 4 
. 810. 4to|8. 



1719, d» 

. ««QOB- 

:iT FamlUis ud Baboola, 

>ols. WlillwDa, 1«42,1J 

;, Google 



of InfidsUIr. 

E.ingeliata mule dm of wrilMn Dooo- 
meDts in the OompoaltJoQ of th«lr Otupels^ 
I»nd. ISlfi, Svo. 

AnnoUtioiu on t>i« trOt Qoiptla, &0. 

&e EpiiUu uid Qoapeli. BTUEeliL 
HiLi. iitliiir. 

GOBFKLLSS, The, of Djatares. 
Lond. by W. de Worde. 

lUlyfollc-'- ■-■--■ '- •-' 

Piuen.FbTenuidUielrEicuMn. Land- 
tern, ISmo. Dedloitad to -U. Phllipp 

Heberi'pt. It. Owiloiiitinini UX& (IS 
lures noting), Uta Blndler, pL IL SIG, 
II, 6>. Lloyd, WB, «. e«. PMry, N. Itt W. 
Jolley, ISM, V. 4e.— Loud, UBS, I6mo, A 
— M4,»ile>TeL. Tbe title, epietledadlu. 
torv, ODd to the TCKdar, 7 iBATU. BriEht 
EI-Ub. Bllei,6t.7i.M. 

ReplT to ateplien QMaoa'a BoIukiI or 
AboM, (by Tho». Lodga). 16re, Blwk 
letter. Beed, aTM, Kusui, pt I. ISM. 

■■ - ■ - -|lBd{lSM)iiiil 

Actlone, proolnff 

id« wd thi 

GtWBiP. — Oossipa Feast, 
rail Tales (proae and verse), taking 
a View of Things peat, disooiireing 
of thingB present, and of ooryectu: ' 
ofThings to come. Lond. 1647. 
A copy Ii in theKiltieli Utuenin, Bright, 

men irear the 


iKltCniedy. I 


e vhen Gos^pB i 



GOBBOH, Stephen. The Sol 
of Abuae, conUiinitig a ple«aimt 
Inuectire against Poetes, Fipere, 
Pluers, Jeatera, and such like Ca- 
terpilWsofaCommonnelth. Laud. 
bjThomas Woodcocke, 1579.iemo. 

Ded<cit«<l to 'M. Philip Sidney, E*- 
igiiier.' Slceveits, 1437. Koibnrghe, aeflO, 

lod by tb« ShikBpeue a«lely. 8a Ai>- 

Tbe Bphemertdei of Fhiilo, denlded 

lis ought to follair [bat deslrelb to nhnke 

vllbout kindling hia Ciioler, or hnrdn^ 

In fonra Folnli 

Stephen OoBion.' Q, in elghla and fiv« 

■ '■ - ■ Bindley, pt II. 8S0, W. 

JoUey,SI.lOL Bright, 

It Paul'a CroBi*. Lond. lOSft 
Kxond and third Blast of Betnit 

i. lemo. On the back of 
le HUB are ina arms of the city of I.OD- 

nparato leaf li the priulei'B colophon. 

At Ihe'end of Kerton'e Ml'nor of Man'a 
Ife, I5§0, li a poem by QosBon, entitled 

GoBTKLO, Walter, The Coming 
of Ckid ill Mercy, in Vengeance. 
Lond. 1658. Svo. 

□uH eitracEs from thla ftlDEnlaTlltUe 
ire eiven In Brydgos' EeaUtata. HI. 

Charif s smart and O, Cromwell united, 

F, pt. i, 328, 108. HQlila.SaV, IBs. Wilt* 
lights, IJB!, SB, 

GOBTLIKO, 'Wiffiaro, M.A. A 
Walk in and about the City of Can- 
terbury. The aecond Edition. 
Canterb. 1777, 8to. 

;, Google 

SMt •dlU«. BiDdley, pt. It. 180, nt- 

Cbritt CbDRh Ci 
lenta mud emu, 



—Fourth t 

GflBYKKILi^ Edward- The 
Fnyge of all Women otiUod Mu- 
lieru Pean. Lond. by me Wjlljam 
Myddytton (1544). 4to. 

BlMk letter, pp. 40. BIbl, Anglo. Pi 

2M.' li. Hlbberl, 348^ III. lit Ho.: 
1:Kir;he,3IiJ, Hsber, pU It. Imp. by Eyngs, 

GoiBEB, JohD. Fapiat miBrepre- 
Mnl«d tmd represented. 4to. Iiotid. 
1666. FreqaenHy Teprinted. 

Bonmi Cadelle nMM h>v« besD pnth 
Ushed In 18 Toli. limo. 31. 3a. 

OooBBHAUMOB, The, of Enigm 
and Pryiices. li>Qd. by EicWde 
Pyneon, 1511. *to. 

QocaB, Wiliiam, D.D. A Com- 
menUry on tiie whole Epietle to 
the EebrecTB. Loud. 1655. folio, 
2 Tola. II. 15s. 

GovQH, John. EooleaisAnglicana 
Hirenodia. la qua parturbatiesi- 
muB Begni et EncUaiffi Status anb 
Anabapfutics Tynumida lugetur. 
Lond. 1661. 8to. 

— Eiehard, P.S.A. Bepulohral 
MonumentainQreatBritain. Lond. 
1788.96. Imp. foL 3 Tola. uanaUj 
bound in 5. 151. 

Muy uplei of thla rilaible nrk wan 
deiUyiyed b^ fire, pArtlcul&rl^ the third 

eighteenth oentnrr. Dent, pt t. 1338, 

lllning the four Aral Centurioa. 1783. 
irodncUen,' and eight lloei ftom Pien 

Site of a cn»H, dtc. errooeonalr atated to 
Mt p. JitLI. a leaf, contilDlng tli« 
" 'Century XI.' Witt Hii llao« ftom 

Axed li a pottialt of Gouge, vltb eight 
by W. PiithoTM. Thhi uelebnled purl- 

OcvG-K, J. The strange Dis- 

corery, s Qfragi-comedy. Lond. . 

1640. 4to. 

Roiburgbe, SOIH, St. Rhodea, 1174, Ii. 

— Kot. John. A godly Boke 

irliereiii ia coatayned certay tie Bulee 

to bee exercised ft put in Prsctiae 

ly »U Chriitea S.'" 

D the Campe ol 

' Lond. IKl. 16D10. 

Se la eights. The pinlogne la thni 
reiHd: Qohn aouhe Piator to (be 
Parlihe of Bayncte Peteni in ComhlU of 
Lendu^ to tba Ctuiatlan Seader.' 

irked SO", k:— 

1 words 'Cantor; 
from SliakeapaAre ] 

(Vol. ll^ Part 1.) Part II. Ua«Mre«ljwr. 
(In. Containing the arteenlh Century. 
IfW, HUmila 'Virfums ir.' and tlUa, 
two leayea; IntnduoUon (half-UUe), lilt 
oTplalea la the introduction, pp. 1—tI, -, 

iDtroduotioo, pp.1 — eccxU. Aftarp. Iill 
are pagea 'Ixll and UUI' ; after p. ocixi 
pageiMuil' 10 ceiuTlil', Plate QLMonu- 
ucBla at Woodfud. (. c " 

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Go iron — tenlinutd. 
nuksd pUts iv; pkle lil la *i 
mu-lMd p-ocixTllI iDBlud of ec 
■n two p UM* »1U ; It p. cc\i 
plMAi of iiiuner>]A,OBa npfcrtte 
OD tlie l»tt«r-pnu s nl p- c»cx 
glul bnM tnm St. Albui'ii la 
W| on p. M»U la ■ npneent 
fonaiil, Mt Dodwd lo the Llal a 
Vol. II. Part II. CDoUlDliig Ch 

ofplnteipt i— li"'; ■ la»f ' 

Slia^upean, Umij V. Csntui 

.flM p*K9 laa »ro pp. IM- to ia 
Is D9 plala Ivlil 1 pints LiTii 
laUsr-prus gf p. IB) ; plale u 

'' DexalpUDn of Bsiuchuap Ch^Hl ad- 
, Joining IB the Church of St M«i7 u 
Wurilck. Lend. 1809. 4W, Pp. K, ei- 
h cluilTB of tbs hiir tills ud title, witli 7 
, folded pUlsi ol manumsiila of tbe Enrla 
^ of Warwick, tnrn Oough'a Bspnlabnl 

^ i Brldih TopogrephyL or 4n hlitcrlcU 
! I AocDUDt of whut hJkS beea done for tUlla- 
j trjting ths topognnhlMl Antiqultlai of 

1 1 Braclett,' I0J6, maai'^ 2i. fli. Bir M, m! 
g , Sfkea, pt. I. 1391,lUB9i>,Si. 7a. M(rq. at 

: of 8 folding padl- 

Tha HIatarf uid Antiqnlt 

p™!!. 780° W.'aS'r M. Xsykea, pt. i. lassi 

, 21. lOs.— The forum edltiw. Load. 17S8. 

I A ump«ntlT* Tiair of tlie uncient 
HaouiDBaU of IndU; putieululy thoH 

I Wrtlen. llliutntsd wllh 10 PiliH. 

I Lond. llSfi. 4to, Fontbm, 1966, l>a. 

An Account of I rich illutnlnited Ulaul. 
eieoulsd ror Jobs Duks of Bedn>Td, Ka- 
caat of FnuKse under Henry VI. Loud. 

t, pt. t. 

~_ pi. I. ISM, \l 

H. SykM, 
at. The 

biiUHicml pmU, IIB p«ga"j »npeniiti,ic. 
pp. 133-, Indei ud lilt of bookB, B pagea- 
kaj^nud 1899. 

Load. l?Tfi. Bto, i Tola. 9b. fiecoDd ediUoD, 
Ths' Hiatory of ths Abbey nf Bcc, In 

boKtipHon dsa Koyaulma'i d'Angle- 

ioBH fM ins, vu me 
miBul, nt ths ialfl « um uuuubh w 
Portlind'a Collection, na ramliusd hjr 
Nr. Edwudi, ud lAer bali»8lBg to tlia 
lite Daks of Hurnnrough, ttaa lata Jobs 
Mllner, Em., and BIr John ToUn, (who 
gaTa IMO golneai (or It), la now dspsaitsd 
fn the collection oflhe iirlUeh Muaeow. 

Colna of the Selencldn, KIhh of Syria ; 
rroQ the EstahllalimeDt of thelt Rslgn 
. under Beleuciu NIcalor, la the Uelennl- 

tagns, par I>e la Barre. Pacia, lesa, 
loalratMl wllh pbitat, Sngllib Notaa. i 
hiatorloal Pre&sai. Loud. ins. dio. IS 

Far ths orlgiBal MHUou, aH Fuuk. 

A Catalan* ol *>» C'''" "^ Cannta, 

^. 1 Tenmark and Eagtud; with 

Lond. HIT. dto. Broakett, ISUi, 

»- F. Baitobiai, 

'- ley, nt. I. W. SI J8t. Od„ pL 11. 1 

ir Ptatw >r 
ba lata Mat- 


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bk {p. 1»8). 

Sa mcBOU, Job 
Bndlelin LIbnrr- > 
Arctutolo«rt«. Cjiinii 
DiKEL, BuIkKy, an. 
MmguiM (SelBtlon. 

GoDOH, Richard. Human Haturs 
diaplajed in Uie Histmr, Antiqui- 
tiea, and Memoirs o( Middle, eo. 
Salop. Written in 1700. Middle 
Hili, Wonxwter. 1834. folio. 

P[lT>lalT printed by Ur Tbomu Pbll' 
Uppi, bL Ds- 

— William. LODdinum triuni- 
phaiu : or, an hiitorioal Account of 
the grand Influence the Actiona of 
the City of London have had upon 
the Afbin of the Nation for man; 
Aeea past Lond. 1682. 8to. 6a. 

Pp. Sli, b«ld« HUs Hud dadloitioii, i 
leKvee; to Ui4 naddr»apag«,udamta, 
one page. 

OrOOLlxi, John. Adminble and 
memorable Historiea, containing 
the Wonden of our Tim^ done out 
of French by S. Grimeatone. Lond. 

To thiiworfc It it pntabto out «4t17 
dnmatlati irita Miuch liletilat. Qordon- 
■unn, U«l,Ba.M. BtMTsai, lt8\10>.ed. 

OulTLBirBN, Edirard. The Blue- 
Tiad, a eatjrioal Poem. Lond. 
1805. 8to. 

wh<t« Knightb iTse, ai.ioiL B*Hid, 

GorLD, John. The Birda of 
Europe. Lond. 1S32-37. imperial 
folio, 6 vola. 449 coloured platea. 

PnbUihal U H putu, 7tL b. mi bow 

— The BircU of Anitralia. Lond. 
1B37-4B, imp. folio, 7 val>., or with 

' Dent, 8 Tob. colouredplatea. 
bad In SS parti, U at ». &. each, 
se, U. Iti, and Supplenwnt, 3 


IF Bird! of k 

Intmdwtin M tte BMa of Aiutralla. 
I.inid. ISiS, S'o. 

— Birdi of Alia. Land. I 
1868, It ug. imp. folio. Publiahing 
in puts al 8f. 3i. each, IS out 

— Century of Birda from the 
Himaln-aD Mountaini, imperiid 
folio, 80 coloured ptatea, (the later 
oopiea have the gronnda oobured). 
Publiahed at 14^ 14» Lond. 1B32. 

— Monograph of the Barnphas- 
tidn or Toucsni. Lond. 1B33-6, 
imp. folio, 3 parte, 31 coloured 
plat«a, 72. 78. Supplement, 1S£G, 
2 parta. Together S parte, 121 12a. 
—Second ecQiion, 1854, 12/. 12>. 

— Monograph of the Trogonid*. 
Lond. 1836-8, large folio, 8 parte, 
36 colonred pUI«8. Puhhehed SI. 

— Monograph of the Odonlo- 
phorinn, or Partridgee of America. 
Lond. 1844-60, large folio, 8 parte, 
coloured platea. Fubliehed 8'.8i. 

— Monograph of the TrochihdEC, 

Gunilj of Humming Birda. 

Lond. 1860-61, imp. foL 26pta. coL 

platea, 32. 3a. each, forming 5 vola. 

— HvXMDia BmcB. A Gene- 
ral History of the Trochilido, or 
Humming Birde, with eepeoial re- 
ference to theCollectionof J.Ctould, 
F.B.8. &c. (aa exhibited in the 
gardene of the Zoological Society 
of London), by W. C. L. Martin, 
foap. Sto. 16 coloured platee. 
Lond. Bohn, 1852, 5s. ortlieplat«a 
heightened with gold, 10a. 6a. 

— lOOHEB Aticm, orflgureaand 
deeoriptionB of new and interesting 

fi>Ua. 2 parts, all publiahed. An un- 
finiehed work. 18 coljnited platea. 
Fubliehed at Zl. lOe. 

— Hammala of Auatralia. Lond. . 
1845, H Mg. parU 1 t« 13. Imp. 
folio, 32. 8e. each, atill proceeding. 

— Monograph of the Maoro- 
podids, OF family of Eannrooa. 
Lond. IS41-8. parta 1 and 2, Imp. 
Iblio, St. 3b. each. 

- Bobert. Foemi chiefly con- 

ng of Bahra and eatyric^ 

Bpiitba. Lond. 1639. Sro. ^. 

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L 1700. Hsber. 

Luiui Saeckln. ■ Bttjrt. vllti nil 
FHme. By R. a. Land. lS7ft. Bro, tS 
BlbL LIvyd, 87, U. If. 

GorLsaBOBOCBE, John. B«- 
porta in til die Court* at West- 
minster, 28th to ASrd Q. Elizabeth, 
with learned Argumeata at the Bar 
■od on t^ Bench. Lond. 1653. 
4to. gs. 

RcpTfnted lam, 410. M. 

QoiyXLAT, Robert. Statislictil 
Aocount of Upper Canada, with a 
gener&l Introduction. Lond. 1S22. 
8ro. 8 Tola. 11. la. 

— WiUiam, M.D. ObeerratioDa 
on the natural Hiatorr, CHmata, 
and Diaeaaea of Madeira, IT"' — 
1808. Lond. IBll. 8to. 6b. 


tba PnlH or tbe Gout, a Psndn 
ieasut tnd pniSubla. Lo«]. ISI., _. . 
Itli ■ frDntUplaoa. Nusau, pt. il. TMi, 

OowiB, Foots, M.B. A Sketch 
of the Materiala for a new Historj 
of Cheabire, with ahort Aocounta 
of the Chniua and Manners of ita 
Inbabitanta, and of aome local 
Cuatoma peculiar to that dis- 
ttngniahed Conntf, Lond. 1771. 
4to. 2e. 6d. 

Cheater, ms. tta. Gi, A tk\Td k 

al Lund. In imi^wb- alw 'iublli£ad an 

Thera hu likswiis pabUsbAd ' Ad Ad- 
dreai U the Public ralaUie b> the pro- 
poud Hlatorj of GheshLn/ dared ChemiB- 
ferd, Feb, I, mi, and (Igned Foole Qeirer, 

— John. Confeaaio Amantia i 
the Oonfhaeyon of the Louer. Weat- 
meatro by Willyam Oailon, 1*83. 
(tniaprinC for 1^). folio. 

Ooim's CoDhMio Acntntii la ' do na- 

■hleh deliKbied tlie iwdenoT the middle 
■oe.' Ae WerlDu'a Peetrr. Section III. 
WII]ett,l<K», SISJ, Wtalte KDlihbi, 1%7, 
2061. lea., h«dM, the eli Bret leave* want, 
log, IBII. He., Keibarghe, Btm. S9W. fimu. 

iga- 1. being blank), eod occuple* bIx 
. .,..'..-i i^egine end le Dumh^wd ■foTlr; 

Typog. AnOq. by Dr. DlbdlB, 1. m-Sa. 

— De Confedaione Amantia. (in 
English). Lond. By Tho. B«rthe- 
let, ieS2. folio. 
Second edition. conalsHng of fol. I»l, 

SykH, nu>it,bfKo(arPayBe,N.lleied! 
nwU, Bkagg, U 19i. NaaHn,.pC L l»l, 
41. 11a. BoKoe, uaa,Si.St. Haber.lLUe. 
Knight, ISH, M. «*. Bright, 101. 6b. 
— De ConfeaaioneAmaotii. Iiond. 

of M. II 

UennVIlUpnruieuitUble, Sleeve-. 

Gough. m03 21. Peiry.pL 

!1B8, «. ITa. 

881*1. ifuke of Gmfuie, 636 

Heme T«ke, 

*I.Jt White 


«d. Heath, 



BlbL Angle- 


and collated 


tile author, end a Oloaeary] 

by Dr. Rein- 

holdFaulL Lond. 1867,8.0 

ill be fbond 

In the lewnd 101001™ of Ctailmera' edition 

bargba Club by Earl Oower. Sir M. M, 
Sylwi,1BE8,K. Se. Boeirel], SO^JS, H. «s. 
Dast, pt. 11, 1906, V. IDi. 

— lOustrationa of Qoirer. Ste 
Todd, H. J. 

— I^i^omachis. 1676. See 
FiNCSB, J». 

QowBH John Ruthven, Earl of. 
A History of the Life and Death of 
John, Earl of Qowcie^ Kith preli- 

;, Google 

auntaj Diuertatioiu i 
new uid intereiting details of tlTe 
"Qowrie CouBpiraciee," by the Ker. 
Juuee Scott, Ferth. Edmb. 181B. 
&« bunilnl >nd Bfty eoptei printed, M 

A Ponrme of Tnjei to b« used •!«- 
Y«™iheflfthuf Aogu«: lhBD»To(hl 
HIghneue hippy DclL-dMncB from Ih. 
trtLterou ftttfiinpt of tbe Eu-lfl of Oowr; 
uid hlH Brother, wltb their AdherenU 
Loud. laoa. 410. 

Tenonm ConJunUona »untio. Edinl 
CbarUrls, ISOl.tto. 

tba nuULtanJI und vyla Cooqilricle, it 
tampBd igilDit the King's MijEHiie, 
FereoD,fct Kuict JolinBloiin, upon Twys 

printed In ths third volnme at the Hir 
leleD HlHslluiT. Another edltliHI, Land 
1600, 4to, LlOT^ S9^ Si. tfd. Reed, Bses 
«i. IbeIIi^ 760, SL 10a.— Land. Val Sim 
aei, iwa, tV>. Jedia, 130, lie. Gonlon 
■toun. 1072, II. 131. WhltsKDlglite.ieiM 
Ifti. Kepabllebsil with nolei 1^ Sii 

1757, llmo, SMUeuMiaTV. 

GbaBB, John Ernest, D.D. Spi- 
oilegium SS. Patrum, ut et Hare- 
ticomin, Seculi poit nittum Cbrie- 
tura I. n. UL Oion. 1724. Bto. 
X Tole. 12e. 

SimlA. AUhoughalKledoD tbetiUepaife, 

mor. 31. lie. TB3,Dior.!J.llt.-Oion.l714l 
Bro. 2 ™n. tOa. 
An Emy npon two AnMe HSa. In the 

fiBA D23 

DiHsrtitlo de TuilaTlllIe TO Intarpn 

tll»Us, e( BcmedlH .b' Ipso in Hemplari 
ejuidem VerslonlB Bdltiaoe adhlMtll, de- 
qne bnjni Kdltloai) Kellquiii lam Uuin- 

Eplatoli edDn.J. UllUna, quloatsiidi- 
noTB Tu> 6 EdlUonlB gpec^ilu. Oioo. 

Grace, Henry. Tba Hiitory of 

the Life and SuflWingB of Henrj 
Grace of the Count; 
of Southampton. Bettding, 1764. 

Uemoin of the 
Family of Grace, being a Genea- 
logical Hietory of tlie Family of 
Grace, from their settlement in Ire- 
land, temp.Henry II., to the present 
Time. Lond, 1823. Bojal 8»o. 
ISb. 6d. 

nrnlelr printed. At the end of the 
jme will be fQnnd dlreclioai for pUolng 

n plilnirpi 

to he eiuni In (bem. Where-' 
' 'a HlataheB eboDt both 

Dia. IB copies w. 

leemed tnct,is. 3d. 

Soma InataKSK e( the Defect! and 
OBlaaloBi Id Hi. Whlalon'a CoUeeEloB of 
■ The TeitimoDleafmn tba Barlptnm ud 
the Fatlian, ■galnit the traa DeitT of 
the 8oD and (be Holy Gboal,'— to irtiloh 
la pramlHd aome AeDonnl of the leantd 
Doctor, indoi ■ " 
In the Bodleli , . 
IdDd. m% Sto. pp. luU. and 30. 

.' (Na> depoalted 

pp. l«a. Dedleited to Rlebud 1 

bySbeffleld 6r■e^ the ranislnder 
Bar. Hob. EUiav, Rector of St Joh 

nblin, 1819, Bto. pp. IM. 
^bulea BithDnt, Esq. 

prime dlitrthoUon. ma 
» portnlta, engnvixl bj 

;, Google 


« vrltten (t Jeipolnt Abbe;, Kll- 
f. LoDd^B20, rtyj. Bro, pUtefl. lakok 
1. 4to. OaoenU; tdjolusd to [b« Ug- 

.■Usr from Om CoddUk oT Nlthl- 
- ncpeofLoniNlihB- 
of LoDdon. Feb. IS. 

of the n 


Lond. 15f», 1569. 

. oa. MBut,pt.i.l3OT, «, N. 
0, ruHl^ tl, li. HornB T 
, 19e. Ming, of Toinuhend, 1 
me»ii,st. t, irW, JJmK 8I;8.; 
n, 8§B, isi. 08 

QBAauv<leAntiaco,Lucu. The 

Spanish OaUuit, tnnslMed ont of 

Spuiiih by WilL Style. Load. 

1H40. I2mo. 

UediuCed lo Prim Cliulea. Wlitte 


— Lorenio. The Heroe of Lo- 
renzoe. A Piece of SpaiUBh Wit, 
translated by Sir J. Skeflntoa. 
The Pre&ce by Iiaak Walton. 
Lond. 18mo, 1653. 2/. 2b. 

OBUnru.! Mcundum Morem et 
ConBurtudinem Ecclesie Sanun 
politueiniii Formnlii. Faria. in 
otRa. Nic Preroet, ImpensiB et 
»uiDptibaBW.deWocde,15a7. folio. 

OiSer XSIuu^Piirla. (Mtd In I^odDn), 
Brrkmin. (SUo, ISIB. Pule, Pr«Fo«^ 
Impr. Eteg^nuilE G- K4I, Juim, U>3S. 

Qbascb Ccxrtaxtiasmt. Stt 


Ousi, Thomas. The Ifos^y, 
royal 8to. Dablin, 1815.— Second 
edition, with pUtea. Dublin, 181G. 

of llterntiin «n fuinlBli. 
Ttu. Uaon, the p«l. 

Qkuue, John. Poems, consist- 
ing of Elwiea and miBcellaneous 
Pieces. Editib. 1773, 8vo. 

QBXvniS, Jo. Geo. Orstionea 
rari». l^ect 1702. 4to. lOs. 
1. D« ElpidlUona BriCuula. J/mt. 


ORAimv, Bi^urd. A. Chronicle 
at large) and meeM History of the 
ASbyree of Englande and Kintjea 

OnUalio). Tlile 

11 af Qilei 

Km:, d^tej IMS; i>t itae buk, Nimei at 

Raiider, T.'n. (Thon»s NenlOD) In kII, 
ini.r7imdTat)le>ii4. L.]Ue«VB«. Th« 

" To the Reeiier." me laif. The Hletirie 

te of loBt, the devLce i>f Grwon, 
S. ImprlnUd by Uenrr Uen- 
B.TDttTl mnd Huiuffi«r Toja, 


Gr&inos, B. Chronicle, orHietotj 
f England i to which is added, hu 
Table of the Bailiffs, Sheriff's and 
Mayors of the City of London, from 
the Year 1189 to 1568 incloeiTe. 
Lond, 1309, 4to. 2 lols. 2J: 2b. 
Ed»«rfa, 667, W. m. ftt. 
An Abridgement of the Chron- 
icles of England, gathered by Bicb- 
ard Grafton, CitizenOf Lond. Anno 
Doro. 1S63. In jGdibus Bieardi 
TottyL 16dio. 10s. 6d. 

DDdlay. Con- 

)i tw 


, tEs tllle-^g. 

fion. M^hlslfaarre'l «i£ SefUmoos 
qa«T John Sluw. ate AmBB' Typog. 
iqulIiBB, by Dr. Blbdln, 111, i«-7. 
«-aSiioiu.— Lend, by K. Tottyll, ISSi. 
p. TbDmpiiHi, 3S3, Ta. «<!.— Nsnly ud 

;, Google 

illlMDtIr eometea, ud Bnlihsd tha lut 
or Ocuber, inO. Lund, bf Bfchiida 
Toltjll. IBmo. Nmwli, pt. 1. IMl.iuMi., 

WlUm 'lW7, 2*;.— Newly Mnwted, &o, 
lftT3. And In IheDdB of tbfl Abrldgs- 

■pecliUj DM aicsllent coimior of Co'mpil- 

of Larcsiter/ iftflr which Lb Unltijii'B 
■ddnH u ihs Rwdu. The ibronlslt 

GiumiH, R. A. Uanoell of the 
Chroniolea of EngUnde from the 
Cresoion of the Worlds ta this Tere 
of our Lords 16S5. Abridged und 
eolleoted by Eicbard Grafton, 
Lond. b; J. SjBgstaD. Z4mo. 

An (brtditiiiant ot tbs mbridgmflnt. 

diivi, and sucb ms ue am iltogellier go 

and spiiUs tn tba rudsT. Ttae maniell 

prlliclpi.1 fLlrrij and Ma index. 

— A litle Treatiae, contwuing 
nun; proper Tabias and F 

Adami, leil. Townalar, pt. [. I 
Gbahah, DougaL An i 

and Bxtmotion of the late Bebel 
in Britain, ItiA-e. (invene). Qlaag. 
1787. 12mo. 

Tbs fifth BdltlDD. Pp. im, Inelndlng ■ 
wood'Cut portrait of th« author,— QlMg. 
lTT<.Unia. <1. i:. ll. Raihurghe, 
MT8, it. «d.— Ninth •dltlon. OUagDV, 
laniD. IBOe. Pilltirk, 1813. limo. 

— J. A,, LL.ii. A deicriptiTe 

Sketcli of the present BtoW ofTsr- 

moDt, one of the United States of , 

Amehoa. Load. 1797. Sto. Cb. bi 

ronthUI, ISOa, I9i. . * 

t of the Yean 18S1, 1322, and 
- Lond. 1824. 4to. 

Msmoln of tha Life of SlehalaB Fci 
s\a. Lond. 1830. Sto. with portn 

Thna 'Months jaiwd In the UonoUl 

HBond Edition. Lond. IStl. Bvo. An 
teraatlng and wall-written plctora at mt 
tiorH andcharactar. toj^lber with NotLi 
gn tha piodoDtlun of the >dI1, to. 

Joomal of • Kanldenee In Chill duri 
the Ybm ISW, and BTOfaga Crom Chili 
Brui] In 1B23. Load. I^ 410. I>ni 

yo7«go of K.M.B. Blonde, to tha 8«i 
wieh IsUnde In the jean 18MA with ai> 
iDtroduotion ttj Maila Orabami. l^ind. 

GhoASAU Oenealagy. SmBbown, 

G BAH AKE, James. Foenu. Lond. 
1807, 8ro. 2 toIh. 

In Tol, 11. Iicontaliwd a dnmatlD porm, 
entitled Hut Stuart. Lord Bfron temod 

plctoreo ■ two volomea of Cuit by flepn. 

BrlllBh Geor^ci. Bdlnb. 1809. 4t». 
Wallaeo, I Tragedy. Edliib. 17», 8n 
Sli copltu printed. Bolhnrgbe.IOB, Con 

QaiOiJtx, Jamee. Hirtory of 
the United Statea from the Flanta- 
tioa of the Britiah Colonies. Lond. 
1836. 8to. 4 toIb. 1/. la. 

— Simion. The Faarionate 
Sparkeof arelentineUinde. Lond. 
1601. 4to. 


;, Google 



jKlDflHll, £iq.,«a,l&i8. 

B, Thomas, de Peckbmn. 
Su Cbzhxs. 

0auA^ iSa Gbet (Lady Jane). 

Gbailb, Ed. Little Timothie, 
hii Lesaon ; or, a summarv relation 
of Qie bistoriool part of Holy Scrip- 
ture, plaioelj and (kmiliu'lj com- 
prited in mester. Loud. W. Hall, 
tbrJ. Idan, 1611. 12mi). 
WruigfaAjD, flnt •dltlau, a. 4h. Third 

EdlUoB, prioted by - 

Hebu, pL It. BIG, S 

QRiraeEo, Jsmee, M.D. The 
SugsT Gine, a Foem, in four Booke, 
with Notes. Load. 1764. 4to. 4b. 

paved iiTflrjeLe^iLEiii^JudlcloiuraTiHw 
vT tkU didftctle poem, bf Dr. JahnaaQ. 

aKuncAB. — A short Introduc- 
tion of (Latin) Granunar. 1548. 

Kuir Editions. Loud. WdIIb, U7!. 

H Uie eLglit FuU of 

'-- the l!;4n.' 1«SS. 

■well, 1113, 6a. «d. 

QBAmuitCA Anglicana pneci- 
' pue quataaiu a Latina differt, ad 
. unicain P. Band methodom concin* 

- natft. In qua perspicue dooetur 
■ quicquid wf hmus lingiue cogni- 
tionem requiritur. Cantab, et of- 
Ecina J. Legall, 1694. Vocabula 
Chauceriaoa quadam eelectivea et 
minus rulgoria ipae hodie Foetamm 
delicts, una cum eoruin aigoificalis, 
Auotore, G. P. 

ISnia. CoUalim.—A to D la efRbtfl, B 
Only one copy known, in me UrenyllU 

GstuuOMT, Count de. Memoin 
of the Life of, trausL bj Mr. Bojer. 
Lond. 1714. 8- 


llhutrlAJlnju Rex noeter' hoc DomlT 
(Tulgul Juult ul non all* qiiun luHi nc 
per toUm AngUuu puerle pnetegeretu 
Lend. Tbo. Berlhilet. IHO. Ito. A up: , 

Sued on tsIIdid, which belooEed to K. 
w. TI., 1> In the Luobetb Libi-ai?. 

The Wtrr of OiMDiner. A Ttigli- 
CaiaM|T acted hj the Scbolua of Cm 
bmk Bcbod n»n ihui onc«, ml wlltac 
eppluue, Ac Lond. 1066, 12nio. P 
tlci^ Jung IS, ISM, It. St. 

Omninir Wun, or Eight puns of 
apeeeb, with the Lunenteble bumlDg of ■ 
Pellr Sohoole, Ibno. d. d. m vent. 

— A collection of Latin Heia- 
meter lines, with Bnglieh trans- 
lation of each. 

' A month, fuie, a chrnne, e tothe, m , 

throte,' An. 
Oiifkclei, mentuin. deni, giitl»r,1lngnii, Ac. 
Wynkyo de Worda, 1508. *Io. ileber, pt. 


Sa. The pnanl \itw 
nndoubtedlr fultbhi). 

Alio a penonalblatorref Charles 
II., and the Boecobel Trade. WItb addl- 
-loDsl UlnttiaHoni [editod by H. Q. Bobn). 
.ond. 18M. smillSm St. ed. AmcD( 


Gbakasa or Obbhasa. See 
Lewis de Gbekada. 

GitAVOOHS, — de la. Jacobi 
Stuarti &, MarJEB Beatricis Estis 
Eboraci et Albuiie Ducom Bpi- 
thakmium. Lond. 1763. 4to. 

Grand, See Ls Geumd. 

— G. F, NarratiTe of the Liflj 

' a Gentlemau long resident in 
India : oomprehending a period the 
moet erentful in the hutoir of tiint 
country, with regard to the rero- 
lutions occasioned- b; European 
interference. Cape of Good Sope, 
1814. 4to. 

Ghahkpbj, t. de. A Voyage 
to the Indian Ooean and to Ben- 
gal, 1789-90. To which is added, 
a Voyage in the Bed Sea. Tnuis* 

;, Google 


lated from the French. 
1803. 8to. 2 vols. 10s. 

Wltb tiDgnTingi idA ft Tiflv of thA cita- 
del or Cilcntta. 

OiUHaB, John. The Golden 
Aphroditis ; -nhich he entitleth his 
Garden. At Lond. H. Bjime' 
Anno 1577. '" 

nrliL 3a hIh) Rltson's filbUognphls 

GaAHOEB, Bee. James, AI.A. A 
Biograpliicsl History of England, 
from Egbert the Great to the Hero- 
lutiou. With a Supplement. Land. 
1769-74. 4to. 5 vols. 

Gsrrick, lOBO, t nil. U. in. M. 
Hirq. otToinuheDd, lUB,2{.17a. Bp. af 
BlT,9«,ll.lTi. Roibijrt(he.8377, RB'- 
.Me'of^SrieZf.-'fh" 8ec^d''Edlirf!i' 
with Ui^ AddilloDi ind ImproTements. 
Lood. 17TB. Bvo. * toLs. wllhportinil of 

fnu ebna* to pluw llui huda near 
Uth.'— Tbe tiiti sdltion. Loud 
8n. t TDl*.— Fooith sdltlon. Lond 
Sni. t Tols. villi ponnlt of ths i 
WHlIs Kuighti, 18W. «. !i. 
ruiB.ln nyil Sro.-Fiftb editioi 

Oraafer, H.A., 

PMiini, Bn. PnbLlihed b; Rlchu 
lUndlar. pt lU. ISIl, Tl uw. ei. It 

IT Pnrtnlu, in- 
'1 Bupplameikt. 

W. Hew Wonderful Mu- 
Benm. See V/osoxattrL. 

Obant, Andrew, M.D. Histoty 
of Brazil. Lond. 1809. 4lo. 

— Charlen, ViBcouot de Taui. 
The HiBtory ot Mauritius, or the 
Isle of France and the neighbour- 
ing Islands, from their first Dis- 
covery to the present Tims. Lond. 
1801. 4M. maps. 

Tbis work, compoKd prloelpallr fnun 
the papers sad menioLra af tbe auUiar'd 
tithet, U Uluatrmled with mipa. 11 om- 
taiDS mucb lafonDstlon rflspsetlDg Uui 
pbyaiCBl state, bst^ooTs, climate, srdl, 
prodiictLoDS, sod the rnaunera of tbe Id- 
bibitiuiti. Dulta of Yoik, tax, Ua. Font- 
bUl,3U,I7e. Aiwlbtradltlaii,4l(i.lGa.ed. 

Msniolrei btetorlquee, gtoinloglqncji, 

SlitlDues et mlliCaires de Is MiIsDn de 
ant. Lend. 1796, 8va. Bladlsf, pt. 11. 

— Edward, D.B. QroaB Lin- 
guee Spicelegium. Lond. E. Bin- 
nemsn, 1575. 4to. 

Dedluted to Lord Burleigh. Boavell, 
afe, as. 6d. Thin vorfc was epilomlied \iy 
CemdeD, end publlibed ender tbe title .■( 

dierle, Unnt, ' the moH noted Lallnltl 

Weatmlnster scbooL 

— James, Advocate. Essays on 
the Origin of Society, Language, 
Property, Qovemnient, Jurisdic- 
tion, Contracts, and Murisge ; in- 
torsperscd with Illustrations from 
the Greek and-Oaelio Languages. 
Lond. 1765. 4to. 6s. 

— James, Lieut. B.N. The Nar- 
rative of a Voyege of DiseOTery, 
1800-2, to New South Wales. Lond, 
1803. 4to. pi Hies. 

PreAied L> en eccnnt of the origin "T 

lug from tbeit uee. Dniry, IK7, lUa. 

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Fonthin, 8074, irltta pUtu pUa lai 
Qba^v, James. Thoughts on 
tbe Origin and Deaoent of the Qael i 
with an Account of tOie Ficts, Ca- 
kdooiuu, imd Soots g and Obsw- 
Tationa reUtive to the A.utheutici^ 
of the Pocoia of OHian. Btob. 
1814. Sto. 6s. 

— Jobnion, M~4, A Summarr 
of. ths Historj of the English 
Church, and the Sects which have 
departed &om bee Comitiimion. 
Lond, 1811-26. 8to. 4 toIs. 21. 2b. 

bas UluwEu pubUeh«d senaoju, poemai 

wltbixitH. Li^lBSllsvo.DotptibllBbid. 

— Patrick, Master of Ctr»j, 
afiarosids seventh Lord. Letters 
and Papon misting to, from 1564 to 
1608. Edinb. 1836. 4to. 

— Hon. Robert. A Sketch of the 
HiatoiT of iJie East India Com- 

sny, from its Foundation to 1773. 
1. 1813. rojal Sto. 5b. 

— ^1., of Lsggan. Letters 
from the Mountains; odng the real 
Correspondenoe of a Lsdv between 
the Tears 1778 and 180t. Lond. 
1807. 12dio. 3 Tols. lOs. 6d. Sixth 
edition. Lond. 1645. post 8to. 2 
toIb. 11. la., reduced to lOa. 6d. 

Etahyt ta the SnpenUtiDns of (be 
Hlgblmnduri of Scdtlmd; to wbicT 

, I,oiid. ISM. put Bv 
QaiSTHAB, Henry. 


Wife ; or Leah instotd of BacbeL 
Land. 16U. 4to. Again 1643. 
Ordered to be burned. 
An edlEloD. ISM, lu. Nssssa, pt. L 

Gbahteak, Sir Thomas. ThePri- 
BOner against the Prelate { or a Sia- 
loguebetweea the Commcoi Gsolui d 
Cathedial of Lincobi (1650). 8vo. 

" 89, wilh *. woud-cut Iroallsplsoe. 
Anglo-Potl. 8'" " '- " 


I. 90, 1 


&BiimiLB.A-B.,M.D. St.Pe- 
tershurgh, a Journal of Trexels to 
and from thst CapitaL Limd. 1828. 
8vo. 2 vols, plates, 15s. 

Bpu ol Geiraui*. 1§43. Svo. lOs. M. 

Bpsa of EogUnd. ISll. B Toll. port. 

The Baftl Society in tlie IfttbGHiturr, 
1888, 8»o. other Worts various. 

— Denis. TTie Eeaigned Oiris- 
tian and imdMinted Bojalist. 
B«uen, 1689. 4to. mtL portrait. 

bimller, pL [L 1887,61, ea.Bodd,3f. lis. 

— Charles. SynopBis of the 
Troubles of England during the 
last 1800 Tears. Lond. 1747. 
13mo. as. 6d. 

O-AABSi, Giflcomo de. The true 
Arte of Defence, with a Treatise 
of Deceit or Faleinge, and with a 
Waie or Mesne by priuate Indos- 
trie to obtaine Strength, Judge- 
ment and Aetiuitie. EngUshed bj 
J. &. Gentleman, Lond. 1694. 4to. 

Priuled ipHomui typB, fUh cut.. II 

1= J-.H1— .«J .nil™ 'I. Hnrrow, Loi'd Go- 

t night ol 

ar. Lond. Vautrollier, 1575. ] outer,' by T(honiH) (Xhiimliyard). 


HBntf, Loide BorkoJye.' 

— ThomsB, M.A. A Marriage 
Sermon: A Sermon caUed, A 
Wife mistaken, or a Wife and no 

Bright, 21. 

OBATABOLiTa, Qnlielmul. The 
Castei of Memorie, englished bj 
Willyaro Fulwood. Lond. 1562. 

Dadiotei to Lotd Robert Dudley.— 

;, Google 

Land, 1573,1800. A up<- oT Ibla •dltlon 
U In lbs BrlUoh Mi>Hiim.--L(Hid, W, 
Hov, n. d. HuHU. pt. L ia«a, 21. Briglil, 
IZ b. Ad u<»niit of the vi>rk wuTbs 
ronnd In Fslmigla's Ar> of Ucmoi?. 

A IMrevtion lOr tba Hnlth ol Uiglii. 
tnlHud 8tadHilA'>«ll>ti*d<f'™><l>e 
lAIln) bv TChoiDu) (((■'Un). r.Diid, bf 
Wlttlim How, 1B71 lemo. X[li]. Ex- 
tracts ire given from thli w orl in BrydgBii' 


choice Temarj of English PUjb, 
compoeed upon especial Occasiooe, 
- by sevend ingenious PersoiiB- Ijon<L 
1662. l2mo. 

Coot»ln> the Lordon Mild, byT. W. ; 
ThB Mintage Brokar by M. Vf.; end 
Grim, the Cpllier at Croydon. Roi- 

]. M. De Bello 
inEn^sh. Lond. I6S7.6to. 
f the copies Kre cjutrnt^ from 

OUTIVB Fiuscca. Qratii Fa- 
liaci et M. Aur. Oljmpii Nemesi- 
■ni CynegeliiMii, euro Hotia, &c. 
Tho. JolmBon : acoedunt Hier. 
Fracwlorii Aloon, to. Lond. 1699. 
8vo. 3a. 6d. 

A leod edition of the Latin poet FiOli- 
cua Qntina, Orld'e utemiKiriLr)'. 


. Nsa> 



Edward. Epiatolffi Obacol 

Gbatiav, Right Hon. Henry, 
Sp«eche9 in tlie Irish and in 
the Imperial Farliamenta. Lond. 
18Sa, 8to. 4 Tola, portrait. Fub- 
liahed at 21. 8a 

Lellur on the Unio'a, wtlh i ConimentKy 
Mad.lM.^L^'lStT; 8™ i.'^id.' 

GuAVMT, John. Natural and 
Folitioal Observations upon the 
Billsof Mortality. Land. 11)61. 4to 
Sir Vf. ttitj «M 'the cUtef dinclor 

OBA 929 

ind antboi o( (bta piece.'— AricDlm. TlM 


lefiCtli III JS~; tbei 


.... Jsa Btlle of MortaLhr, 

Gbatb, Qeo. Ana. Memoirs of 
Joan D'Arc, of Bu Lya, fommonlj 
eailed the Maid of Orleana, (chiefly 
irom the French of the Abb£ Len- 
glet Du Fresnoy, with an Appen- 
dix and Notea. Egham, 1B12, 8to. 

Pp. ilvl end ill. FoDtUll, 1S2, Se. 

Obaveb, George. British Orni- 
thology, or History, with coloured 
Representations, ahewmg all the 
known Speciea of British Birds. 
Second Edition. Lond. 1821. rojsl 
3ro. 3 vols, 3/. 3s. 

PubliehiulitTI.I7i.ed. EuihToLhu 
48 pbiteu ud dsBcriptlona, Pint edition. 

HonDgnph of tlie Brlileh Oruua. lan, 
rojelSvo. No- 1. 13 plitea, vitli descrip- 
(loiis, pleln li- 0j. cdound So. 

Tlie Nilnrallefi Pocket Book, or Tont- 

Lond. t8te,royel gio. P«ti.(eUpubi4.died) 

— Ser. John. The Historjr of 

Cleveland in the North Riding of 
the Countj of York. Carlisle, 

"si,"'?, v'sm' BrLilge'''p, «3. " The 


;, Google 

Rosdof Life. 177B, 8vo. Several ddlOon 

tnoslsUong. Sh AxTOiiiNue. ta. 

Orates, Richard, D.D., Dean of 
Ardagh. Ijecturea on the iaai last 
Books of the Pentateuch, deeUned 
to shew the difine Origin of the 
Jewish BeligioQ, chiefly from in- 
ternal Evideni^ ; in three Farf«. 
Xond. 1816, Svo. 2 toIs. 

blbliMlemdenL-Lond. 18OT.— Fifth edi- 
tion. Loud. 18S9,8vo.14b,— aiithediUoD. 
Load. IBM, Btd.— Eiijlilli edlUoD. Lond, 

On tlia Trinity. Lend. tS40, Sro. Sb, 

The FiTBt FrolscUDn, To vhlch ar 

umeied, tbe BegntalloDB for the Eiaml 

...... ... >. -ja aiatuia flilng ih 

Duti«i oF the Prof^AOTEbip ai 

PJli]D£Dphiu1 Enquiry, 
inor of acripWrerBEen^ In 

Translated by J. T. DeBsguliarj 
Lood. 1747. «o. a Tols. 
BeBt edition. Koiburghe, IMI, lie. fl< 

BstionempeitiDentia: acoeditOra- 
vins Epistok ad Msffbium dePoesi ; 
et ej uaiiani Vita ab Angelo Fabronio 
Bcripta. Loud. 17B2. 12nio. Sa. 6d. 
Df III Hagton roetlcn, tr»f Greci, Lnilni, 
eiegsDt tnntise, adlted by T. J. Mattilu. 

QaiTius, Aaylice QEBiTBS. 

Gail, Andrew, D.D, A Deline- 
ation of the Parables of our blessed 
Saviour. To which is prefixed, a 
Dissertation on Fai'ables and alls- 
goi-ical Writings in general. Edinb. 
1777. 8to. 6s. 

A very senBible mrk. Williune, TStS, 
ISi.— Edlnh. 1814, 8T0. Be. 

— Andrew. The Eiperienoed 
Millwright. To which is prefixed, 
a short Account of the general Prin- 
ciples of Meiihanics, and of the Me- 
chanical Powers. Edinb. 1806. 4to. 
1/. Ids. 

ThePloiiKh-nright's AaHlBUnt. Edinb. 
IBia, royal Svo. wUb lfleng»TlneB,I(n. 
A Trenthe on Spinning Uadiinery. 

drie Parts o 
eunderie Bules of breuiiie of Worke, 
&D. Lund. W.lforton, 1677. 12mo. 
Btigbt. 11, 13s. 

— Hugh. Letters from Canada, 
during a Kesideoce there in the 
Years 1806-7 and 1808. Lond. 
1809. 8to. 5s. 

FoniWH, MS3, lOs. 

— Lord, of Kinfauns. ChIb' 
logue of his Library, compiled br 
D. Morison, jun. Kinfauns press, 
folio. Ifiaa, Prirately printed, 
within borders. 

Wrsnghun, loan, lf.lBi. Eyton, IMS. 

— Eobt.,D.D., Bishop of Bristol. 
The ConneiioD between the Sacred 
Writings and the Literature of the 
Jewish and Heathen Authors, par' 
ticularlj that of the Classical Ages. 
Second Edition corrected. Lond. 
1819. 8to. a vols. It Is. 

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GuiY, Eobert, D.D.—eonlinuei. 

A moat ulmlrlbls work, in &JnsLd8rtbl< 

A Key la Ui« Old TaiUmeul uid Apo- 
wen "nn'peeUTglr wriuen. "Lend. IJi^, 

tllM edlUon of both. Tegg, 1811, Bto. ga. [ 
blnlng 1 lirgs portion of valuible Infonnt. ! 
□umeraua •dltiODl whicli luire been print- I 

— Bunuel F. A natural At- 
l«ng«m«nt of British Plaota, with 
an Introduction to Botany. Lond. 
1821. 8to. 2 Tola, vith coloured 
plates, 10b. 

Gbat, Thamu—eimtinrKd, 
9199. 12.109. Unas FiPEH, tn impariU 
Its. Sotlieliy'i in ISil, 32. fia. ND;t£, pt. 

«.riT 10 

uepeli. bi 

— Thomaa. Worka, edited by 
T. J. Mathiaa. Lond. 1814. royal 
4to. 2 vola. pub. at St. 8e. Large 
Paper, at 12/. 12b., both reduced to 
about one fourth. 

Beat edlUoo, conUlDinE OriT'i Puma 
BDd Leilen, vlUi memolrB br Vm. Ma- 
son; towhith ■r«Bubl»iud,aitrutBplil- 
lolOKlcsl, poetical. Mil critical, Aun Ilia 

BjQdleT,pt.ll!lUi>,U.b>. Du'ke ofYorlc, 

1. 8s, A^n, Land. lllfS. 

Pwnia and Lallera, vith Uanain by 
W. Masoh, M.A. York, me. em-o Bra. 
4 •all. A favonrita adlttoa. Uealh, 1S18, 

Wma. NairedlUoD. Loud. John Uiir- 
ny,177S,BniaU Bn. plaua.— Again. lltH. 

Poem.. WilhNolMbTGn.B«BTW.iB- 
riBLD.B.A. Lond.lTW.STD.Ja. Sd.LABai 

Fiieltcal Worka. Glug. 1791, folio. 

Bi.<die7,pi. i. isei.aa. 

ri by Bodoul. SM coplea. Blnllleyj)!. II. 

Bvc. P.ibllibed bf Dii Rovcraj. ' Rob- 

M. ByktL pt. 1.' 1S98, IBs. Willtann, TIfS. 
lllitBtiated with Weatali's plBIci. pr.«fi, 
im. maroua, 12. lOe. LieussTi-jirBH. 
Fonthlll, aars. with two aata af pljita>, 
ona proofB CQ ledta paper, ai. «a. On 

d, Wlllluna, 789, 1 
of IheiD pnwli^ moiocia. & 

;, Google 

Gbai, Tticaatt—tmiHHitd. 
Work!, wllh critiol SoUt ind >d 
Bmj on kit PoatiT, by "l" R". J"a» 

e. UHl Life br Bar. J 

Posnu ud Lcttan. Land. 1S30, Bro. 
Dnirv, 1883, 8b. «d. 

Pocltul Vort» ud LatMrai with k 
If «DiolT «r bla Llfo sod Wiltlnga. Lend. 
BiUdiryn, ISaS, croira 8to. S ™b. wllh 

Pmina, with Life by Hitford. Land. 
ISSd, anwll Svo. h.— ISSS^l. Thick nper, 
VO prlntsd. Published In the Aldine 
PmM. Kcpnbllihed br B«ll uid Daldj, 

II. II 1. Sd. 

Elegf , ItluHmted by tha Etching C) 
Lend. 'ISIT, Sto. SL Sb fsllo. Pux 

md PrsDth. Lond, T»n Voont, 18« 

Gny'i Elcgyhu beau tnoslfilcd int 
* Ynilelj' c3 lu^iiigSH, by emlnac 
cchalan hC home jukd Abnwd; the cii 

SDAl flnt ■pHtnd la tfaa " AIbahzLdb t 
ThB BBrd, kb Ods, wilh iUuBlr«tion» b 

Cumbrldge. witli NoUb by tha Rev. J.Mil' 
fort. LoDd. 185S, Sto. 

QTtj'o LBlUn, 2 vols. ISmo. (In Sburpa') 
PnsB Writers), 

Gny'a Corrcdpondenca with the Rer, 

A CitilBfiu oC the AntlqaltlM, lloiiiM, 
pBrki, PluulloDi, Bcenu ud aituiiiiHii 
■- ■"- lBnd»ndW«leB,«mng8d.econiing 
ilphftbetlcftl Order f» tba BBTerhl 
. . es, 1773, ISmo. Printed ibr prints 
dlBtribclioD by Gr.y'« frfend. W. Muod. 
Aeiin 1187, l^mo. 

!rhe TriTBller'B Compudoa In > Toiir 
thtough EogUnd md Wilei, A new edl- 

Adiillona. Lond. 1789, ISmo.X" The 

ogll>b AIlw. 


Her of Q»y, by T. J. Usthlu. Lond. 

dBAT.Wm. HiBtorical Sketcli or 
Ihe Origin of English Prose Litera- 
' — -J -'- progress till the reipi 

tore, and 

I. Lond 


QEir. Sit Q«Br. 
Giut's-Ibs. — The Or^VInD 

Journal, from Oct. 28, 1762, to 
Sept. 21, 1754. 101 Nob. By 
Afthnr Murphv. 

ThB first t£nDB. appennd Id ■ newv 
pApsTCiilltid thcCrBTleTDbD, On 8ep1.?9, 
1753, it eppeHted mu b distinct perlodiat. 
—Lond. 17ee, l^mo. 1 vols. Dedieeliid 

paUiimtion (re 101 Emja, Oarrick, 

Qbeafbakm, Valentine. Ac- 

coimt of Val. Oreatraks and di<ers 

□f his atrange Cures. Lond. 16A6. 


With imrlTalt ot a. BtroklDB > mu'* 

lUhed Ml Dublin, I6a8,<to. 
Wooden uoMLncleB,ot 

Llnjd. Lond. 186^*10.31. 

count 0/ several minoiiln 
formtd bjF iho Sttcklug u( 

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Vilentliie OruUrtk. By HeiU7 Stabbg. 

ThenrKedlDgThreaTruli. Bindley, 

Si. atS,tl,ita. Steenns, 1441, Ifli.Sd. 
hIM KniKhls, 1904, otDUllc IfaB pOC- 
tnll,Si. Lloyd. 028, i;. 8a. 

Gbbates, John. UisceDuieoiu 
Works : to vMch it preflied, an 
historical and critical Account of 

•MordlnKloDr. AdlmCl 

11, 08. ThI 

Bl^ TibuLs Oeogrmpii 

g8. A fonnei 

ue, DM Nua 


th« Pymmldi in Bgrpt. Lend. IMSSt 
Wilh poTtnIt by E. ktuuUJ. Kaibnrgli 

Collsctlon at Vojofvi 

1641, 8>g. Reprinted In tliuaecon 

ur) Tn'ela. 

TheOrt^ne and Antiquity or 
jcUih WelghU and Meuuru dl 
Gy their nstr iKreement >l 

Bingnplili Briiunica, viu not wirttttn by 

A DoBcrlptlon of the grand Sdlgnior^a 
Serullo,ortl>o Turkish Emperor'aCourt. 

Hhthdbol]^! FeriiKi; iiDaeum liypotbui- 

Onvll, Pei^cs et Lutiiw. Lend. ISSi) 

SuAbulMi. aeognnfaicTeterlaSarip- 

SBB 933 

OuATsa, Thomw, DD. De 
LinguK Arabico) Utilittte & Pne- 
Btantis; Oratio Oiouii habita 19 
Jul. 1(137, Ik. Oion. 1639. 4to. 

— Thomas. Songa of Sundry 
Kin dee, Ik. folio. 1S04. unique. 
SI. Si. 

Gbebnxb, Ezek. Tiaions uid 
Frophedea coac^eminK England, 
Scotland, and Ireland. Load. 1661. 
12mo. 8e. 

Qhecb, Charlea F. Facts aiid 
Obsenations reapecting Canada 
and the United SU(«s of America. 
Lond. 1819. 8to. 

Pp.172, ' Eridedtly Ibe prTidnfltion oT A 
pUlii.siinjifble. practical man.' — Qnarl. B'^u. 

Qhbco, Gioachimo. The royal 
Game of Cbees. Load. 1750. ISoio. 

Ooldamld. 1»2, «a. Thid ISiigllab tnne- 



GBKTCK.^Recherche* anr I'Ori- 
gme des Arts dana la Qrece. iSct 
D ' Habcabyille. 

Qkbeh, G. Diaaertatio de Begno 
MagniB Britaonitti. Witteb. 1667. 
4to. Ss 

rlo lIcywDod. Ho»l, 8e!9, 4L KUodei. 
i. Perry, PL 1, JOH, 34. lU. Bindley. 

- Joumoy from Aleppo to Db- 
.0118, in 1735. ByJ. d Lond. 
6. 8to. 

'Itliamap. Bellla. 643, Sl SI Fmb 

— Stt Voyagea and TraTela. 

;, Google 

934 SEE 

Gbseh, Matthew. Ilie Spleen 
»Qd otlier PoamB, with a pre- 
fatoiy Essay bj 1. Ailun, U.D. 
Lond. 1796. nnall Bto. plates b; 
Stothwd, 5a. 

Fini AdlUon ippeuvd In i;B7, Bro.: Hb 
iDDluded in DDdHls;'H CoUwttinn. 

— Thorns*, Bishop of Ijnoohi. 
A Dissertation on Eathusiaam. 
Lond. 1755. 8io. 
The apneoiili H-nliiln. an "tnM, Bllh 

— Tliomas, of Ipswich. Ei- 
tracts from the Diw7 of a Lorer 
of Literature. Ipflwieh, 1810. '" 
Not prlntid for Mle, Blniiler, pt, t 

— Tftlentine. Tho Hi 
and Antiquities of the City snS 
Suburbs of Worcester. Loud. 1796. 
4to. 2 tqIs. 
Doke of Vol*, M09, K.ISa. BindleT, 

it. ^. Kiatmrgia. 8691. 'll 18b. Sap. 
plemsnt, SSS, IL Sb. mt (i. e. thire) 

fndvtAB. with dkiGcllonfl farpltc^ the 

Cbarchof Worce«ter,'l7th of July, 1797. 

0»4a'a lllator? of Woreeit«r, ui) should 
be laswieil st p»go 54 of vol, 1. 

A Survey of lb« Ctly of WorooHUr. 
Woneater, 17*1, 8™. op. Im, with 18 

ie97,'Be.°^wn«leT. pt II. MS, 7b. "ed! 
Nauau, pt. I, is;3,eii. White Eolehls, 

Buck, and 

LomL Igmo. 1! 

ireen, prlntaelleT 

Geehh, William, of Ambleside. 
The Tourist's New Guide, contain- 
ing ■ Description of the Lakes, 
Mountaina, sod Sceneiy in Cum- 
berland, Westmorland, and Lanca- 
shire. Kendal, 1819, Svo. 2 vols. 

ntde duM 

if Bighlaen yeira ii 

A UoHcrtptlon of elitv Sludlei from Ni- 
.nn. etched In Ihe »^ Ground by Wm. 

by falmUv hi Cumberland, WeBDnortuid, 

pp. 30, beaLdei (ho plates. 

William. Annals of George 
UL from his Accession to the Petico 
of 1801. Lond. 1805. Svo. 2to1s, 

Obe£NE, Alexander- Ilie Foli- 

:uan cheated ; a Comedy. Lond. 
1663. 4to. 

Roibiitgha, BOH, 4a. Rhodes, 1184, Is. 

eld,e32\Sa. Uehar.aa.fid. 

— Anne. The Wonder of Won- 
ders, beint; a hithful Belation of 
one Anne Oreene, Servant to Sir T. 
Keed, being brought to Life alter 
Execution for Murder. 1651. 4to, 

This 'KmuitniaLdwai han^'d Id Iba 
castle of Oion. for miirderinjf her butrd 

;, Google 


Dal they finding life <n her, - 
her lo u£^-^»i. A h-MA 

4 froDtlFLpLece. Niiuewi, pt, i. 


Thlssuthor'iiflret pwfonnim 

id. mi. Bto. Qur- 

PMtleil Eui!B. 
rick, »». 1(U. U, 

■ of Pludiir, Feralos, Apollopi 

— 6-. a. &« Geocoe-a-Q&bsni. 

— Bobert. Dramatic Worka, to 
which are added, hi* Poems, with 
»om8 Account of the Author, and 
Notes, bj A. Djce. Lond. J631. 
enmU 8fo. 2 vols. 11. 1b. 

7%i Dmmat marlad vUh an iifiErisI: ■ 

RKton'n UlbllDKnplila PoetLu, Berken- 
bonl'i BlognpbU UUnrla, BBkei'i Hlo- 

KphU Unmadca, Clblier'g Liiei of the 
lU, Wrwd'x Fiitl OiQuleoui, nods- 
le^'H CoLecUon of OM Pliyi, sdlUd by 
CoUlsr, and the Retroap«ctlve l{e7leir. 
OCdrmCyleo Oieen* ' one of the greiteirt 
pUD^Ielesn aud relnen of «ur 1u)sh>«b 


U,4lo. Blpdlej, Dt. U. is<s) 

12T6,liH.ed. Uoiburghe. «6«0,Ul(i.Sd. 
Steeveui, HS4. Reniiuted In tbe flrnt 

en Studentaof both 

Uiilven , . 
•ome ' TiinpKlnrlonB Ingodluu,' among 
which in KyiVd'Hold pUyof Umlet, pub- 
lished In IKS. Mo. 

PanduAto Ibo Triiimnh nf Tlntft. Loud. 
I(>§8. [IritiahUnBeiini.— lSSS,7l.«s.— ima. 
tl. Si.— tear, Uiilone Collectlni.— isoe. 
Heber, pt It. UnlnnB CDllectlon, 4ta. 

lOBft'liJ. »;.-16»,12s. 'This Is the BiM 
The plBuinl ind dOllBhtftil History of 

ILlSe. Wburgiie,'««e9, Il.'as.— il»3^' 

oietndAttimi •at^.r illftrail tlOipagn, 
ilhia btm Uunight i«u<r la Isih Ulm u 

Peilciidea Die Rluke.Binith : m golden 
Hetbode hoir to tw the Hind In plena-ml 
■nd prafltihle Eiercl-e. I.flnd. 1S8S,<to. 
A productlOD of csosidenble Interest, cob- 

;, Google 

aBERNI B. — cmlinutd. 

■liUng or >tlni•^ nflHIHHii. ind poetry, 
in lU pnDiiibimT prlncipiIlT tiHDBlmtcil 

Hiabni^. wet. Hebar, Sl.iae.ed. 

|j>ii«.lG9l^lS»a,4b>. Bright l(.l(,-ii.<. 

t Put dT Camr-. 

IBn. Bibl, Anglo-Foet. «M, 7i. 7a. JolJi 
The SpuiiHti MiwqllBrmdo, Lond. I 

1M», 4M. Dnke o( Onfuin, see, 7J. ?8. 
WaadhouM, SI. ISl M. Uslone Collets- 

The RoT»l EichMiw ; imot»ynrng tnn- 
1.1 Buna Ruls, KailHirg)iB,We3, use. 

Htbl. Annlo-PMt. S 

Si, Biabargbi 
. Lond.ieeO. . 


1640, M. Bibl. Aog1o.pMt 

II. I8i! Freallng. sL Bh. ' Bkei^, W. IBn! 
— n. d. 4b>. A-€, ei luio. INHd, 2I7B, 
lU. IUalmrsb«,eest,SI.St. 

A luWil* Dueonrj of GooHugs, Vtw 
diUJTpneUwd br Bundrrlnd PenonB, 
nllad Conk CiUben, ud CnwBblLen. 
With ■ Plasoana of Iha CogBuge ot Cnl- 
Um. Land. INl, *M. A coin i> Id tbe 
Britidi HoHum.— Uet, 41a. Ueb«r. pL, BtHveu,eei. RodHughceeH. 

Tha OnmnddiaTk* o< CooBj-Cstobliig. 

The Iblrd md 

Coueoiuga tc the Commoihwealth- Load. 

mi.' Roibnrghe, 864*. Haber, It. l«. 

V.lOg, TbeaelaacaTetUinttasHdaiia 

The UafeiKc oT Cennr-uteblng, bj 
Culhben CenuT-utcher. Lend, lGe3,4to. 
Steare^^esi. EoibarghB, eeiM. Hebar, 

quutliina eoncantag ConiB-faaad, ind 

BleoTODi, ee§. Imperhet, Ita, Roibnrghe, 

Ne.a.n,pt. 1.17*3,11.9.. Ii.gli.,7re, SI. 
lis. Sd. GonlonitDun, lOlS, U. (a. BIU. 

AngiD-FiKt. aes. e;, lea, ed. Brtgbt, si. 

LadT FIti-Waltn'a 

PhllomeU, the Ladr 
NlgbdnitiJs. Land. IDM, 

RMd, 3180,' U.' Hebit,'pt. It. ', 
■»nlm((,a!.Sa.-1007. Mfdglay, 4 

11.2a. Heprinled ta the Srsl TO 

~A Qa1p°foriln ipaiart Courtier 

fU L nhs, iL lie. ed. Crmwford 
An adit low. Thle timet. »hli 

tlDoed toe aeTaa ftti^ ud ooco 

;, Google 

Ghksse, B -™ 



P-rk. in iSe fi 

MIscelluB. u 

btr, d>te IBM), printed for O. r. (G 

Pi,™i™e.)-ia08. ito. 

ple». Iilglla,'7l*,Bi 

■ DM, 11.11^ Ruburgh 

II I3>. Miilnne ColLection. UlUnon. 


636. 4l0. HlratU 


SOD. 7i. 7fc-L0Ild. by E 

PmloJ! JK, " 

l>«a l4ue. Lou 

IBTO.llo. Haber, DJ. 13, 

fl'lo'^J.' ''h 

lier. pt.wl-160S.'*to. 

i-K, «0 1«. 

Bladler, pL IL. ISM, w. 

KnubU'lBOe, SLiS>. Perr,. It , 



—1888.110. See*, 21J 

U lu 6d. iid 

biirghe, wee. Si. IS. 

StrttWII, 103 

«. IG9. Bibl. AukIo. 

Poet. 296, et. 

Henh,pl.lii.71B,ai. 8) 


from KeiTOn > 

ii«i(. isaa. Hr. Dr« 

bu not been lb, 

open iliB Life >nd n™ih oCMr. Ne3 
Crau bllan >nd C^ny^tihen lb> 

.oibiirgba,«I>4. He- 

ber, pt. It. v. h. 

TbaRepmtuieeofltDbartanene. Hu. 
tsrsf ArMi: wherein, bj biniHir liliid 

rblilooM hilt; oltb tb* Minner ol 
Dnth. Lend. Itsa, tto. FlfUen 

I^S, ^ """^ **■ ^'' *'*'™'' "^"'^ 

Hon for the Folli of hi. rtn. Lond. foi 
The, Mewmim (ISM). 4to. Thlrty.Qne 
iuTan. BU«i.Bn8,S87,ai.H. RoibiirgUe, 
WW. Tl. lOi. niold. Heber, pt. It. 

— IBOiHto. ThiHiB mmilly ippeudod to 

Tbg'henonble^litorte of Frier Buon 
*Tid Ftier Bong.j, u It »m pUld by bar 

Cirit edition, of great mritV. Mdiioa'a 

1608, llab8r, Lond.ieSO.llo, A— H 
In fours, with froatlsploca. Rhode", IIBR 
U.Bi. BleeTeni,lia&B>. Heber, II. lOk 
Hoibnrgba, EOOe, lis.— l«afi. iw. Kliodea, 
1188, ]1>. Hlbbcrt, SiM, ll. la.— n.d. 

laflit' Old PlijB, U, II.lL Reprinted Id 
CoUier'B HJUtlon at Dodiley'i CollectloD of 
nld n&yi. 

pUldbeforetbatJueaDB'gMeJeiUe. IaihI. 
IGSLlto. Haber, pi. li.30J.lCla.—lW».4tii. 
In the Uilaiu Collaetlon. Rhodee, 1186, 

- The eomleiH HUtmie ef Alphoxani. 
King oTAmgon, ult hath bene aundrr 
Tiia.inctirf. Lond. 1B8T, Btbik, IBSS, 
llU.iras.lto. Acoprliln lyird F, Egar- 
•—'■ '"■ KhodBB, 11B7, A 4 want- 

ing. K. 10 



h ofPalla. 

ae Co lecdoD. 


Pan of the 





la. iltunDii,Il.lti. 

Haber, pt 




of Fande. 

S^ai. W, 




'Edward da Van, KarlorOxenford' u 

Only Dua eopT known.— 1S97, lleber. Id 
perfect, U. 13l— ISM, Id MalaDH'i Colla 

V. ioa. BlbL ADflo^Mt. 'm, »r» 

t The Scottlnh Ulatorle of Jamea IV. 
line at Plodden. eDterm lied with a plea- 
nt CoDiediB pteaentsd hy ObDnm (ile) 

ndrle Tlineii pnUlkaty plalde. l,Dnd. 
8S.4IO. Heber.ptil.isl! IntfaaEollee- 
>n of the Marquli of 8 taSHd.— IfiW. «ta. 

impanj by Tbomae Creeda, May IB, 
H, In Thorpe'a Uatalogua, 35!. 
PeiielopeiWBb,*hanlnaehrlatall Wr- 

r of feminine Ferftatlon repnaanl* to 

urao'a which inera beautlftei tha Hind of 
Women than Appanll or Jewell, In thra* 
comlcall HiitorlBS, Land. 1«01,4ta. A 
pitue tract, intenpaned with poati7, d*- 
dlealed to tha CoDnleana of Gnnbartaiid 
and Warwieke. Boawelt, aee, Tt lla.— 

l«n.4lD, InTene, BrJcbl,TI.iSa. 
Halene Collection, 
lite of Turtle DoTeji,or the tragleall 
T of Bollora and FIdello. tond. 
....... teKnlgbli, 

;, Google 

Qbebiib, K — eiMimvtd, 
BIr U. M. Bvliei, It. I. lS*n, I 
n. 7l. Bnind, KM. onff two copieii 

K. 48. Ueber, ;t, <t. wmd-siit dd Tttle. 
prtntad In the eighth volume of the 

Fueirell Co FoIIt, xenl la Counlen tni 
SoliolU™ u m Prenldsnl lo w«nie them 
mm tb« Tiilne UsUghU that dnwai 

MB. Copiou.e.lncw from this trmctere' 

gTen Id Birdgea' UritlBh B[lil[iicnph«r. 
. lin— G8. Heber, pt Lt. 8J. lie.— Coed. 
IMT.llo. BLuk Letter, pp. 88. Roiburghe, 
eetQ, 11.108. SI«ETeiM.8Sl. UIU. Aiwla- 
Faet.S»S,».T>. Gordonetwin.llME.lJ.IM. 
Nuuu, pt i. 1730. Ut. Reed. tin. II. I<. 
liea.tLf. flwlh, pt. Lll. Bright.31,101. 
"■-- ^iitoFoof ArbKlo.King 
Kortoiie in hie Lore lo tte Mm Dorallcla. 
ISIT. In theUiloneColl^eeUiin.— Iffjfl.llo. 
To which in added A lovely poem of Pyr- 
uniiii md ThlnlH. fThlilsfrom the pen 
of Danet™ C ■ • ■ - • ■ ^ 

fair Emm 

Conqueror. ' Acted bT the Len 

from the per 
■n mi-SIOK?) 

The Historj of Joba. 

"fGZ.i''vam^"ai aXneSTlBW 
ISM. ShB.B. 

t MIUl M nmdiuKe, Me IH Koverte of th 
An of Chutliia Id fUee DTEs-plsy, lui 
otiMr uiiftvfm QuMe. Lond. .lohnDan 
tar. n.d. In HatOBe CdleMlen. 4to. Ir 
Hrtcd br Ut. BsallnhlB Llai, bui staiti 
botubeGreHH'iibrBehjB. flL«frvenB, TMi 
Farmer, 19". Bright.d»t« 1667, toip. liU 
t Oreem In t^mneyle nena rafwd froB 
hli Omne to wryte the Inglqus Bloryo of 
hla faire Valeria of London, 4to. Load. 

I Oreena'a G hoot hannUng Conny Caleb- 
oth: with the menj Concelta of Dr. Pinch- 
tncka, a notable HakiahlK. I.aikd. 16M. 

bir San 


■rlnnda or Bannel Rid. 

iiKllDBor LagerdamalDe, 
ny B. n.iiD,z*ieBvea, Black UtUr. Ki- 
poatedly altribuled tn Robert areem, hut 

tOreena'aTu Quoque. Su COOE. John. 

t Orlmslloa Fonimai,le by Mr. Milons 
attributed lo Robert Greene, bin It te ler- 
talDly Roliert Bntoo'a. Saa Uutoi, 

Obeine, Kobert Berkelj. A 
DewlT-inTanted Table for exhibiting 
the GeiieBlog7 of Jesua Christ, as 
giTen hj St. Matthew and Bt, Lube. 
Lond. 1822. 8vo. 

Thli table l> Ineanloaal* eomtracted ; 

I notea eililMt. in a nmill ohdpuh. Ilia 

— ThomiiB, Actor, A Poet'a 
TiaioD, and a Ftince'a Glorie. 
LonA 1603. ito. 

Pp. M. Am - 

. 'Bri*ghl,Ji.llij. 

m by who. 

0( BhakipAiira'a, an 

GBiEtrriBU), B. W. Qenealog; 
of the Family of Tyndall, iogelhar 
'with the Fedigreea of aereral Fami- 
lies trith whom the; hare formed 
alliancea : ahewing the conneiioQ 
witli the line of Flaataaenet, som- 
piled fi-am Records, So. 1S43. 
imp- folio. 
I'rlTately printed by Geo. Booth Tyn- 

In royal Svo.. tba Pedigrees and^ refer- 
atlllB In Bvo. being printed lo it (1B13.) 
Ghsekbau, Richard, TheWorka 
of Kichard Qreenham, Mioistcr and 
Preaoher of tba Word of God. 
Lond. 1599. 4to. 

GrBenham waa a puritan divine of con- 
siderable talenla and popularity. Hla 

commenury on paalm »ii.— The Hcond 
edition, reviled, correclad and nnbliahtd 
by Uranry) Hlellasdl Lend. IBM. *ui. 
—leof. folio.— UlS. iSlio. 
S7l,I0iLed. Solbafay-i In len, Uti. 
Qbeehbixl, lliomaa. The Art 

;, Google 

the productions of tbe PurlUiu, I 
Ixdga o( tlie BcrinlHraa ; but. tike mo 

ORB 939 

Gbfbnwich Hospitu. Stt 
CooKB, John'. 


tronomioBl Obeeirations, bj J. 
Pond, for the jeaii 1811 ta 1835, 
folio. 1(. iB. each year. By G B. 
Airy, 1836— lB17,roval 4to., Bi.lOs, 
each year. 184S to iHS6, ut.der tlia 
title of Astroaomical, MRguelical, 
and Mftereoiogical Obserrationa, 
9 TOla. royal 4to. 21. IDs. each 
AtryiAulronomlc.-- ' ■ " — 

1 olber 


Qbeenlahd. — Tru8 and perfeet 
Description of Three Voyages (to 
Greenl&nd), so etrange and wonder- 
full, tliat the like natli ncTer been 
beard of before. Trsiielat«d by 
William PLillip. Lond. 1609. 

:k teller. BUctey, 

Two Jon; 

Ood'8 poirer tnd Pnw 
Ilia mlrunlDUB Prtwrvi 
■Bca of sigbt Ennllahnu 


GsBBNOUQH, G. B. A critical 
Eiamination of the flrat Principles 
of Geology. Lond. 1819. 670. 
10b. ed. 

Memoir of » Geologial Uip of Ehr- 
Uitd and Wilai, with * large map, sanillT 

QsBiK-BooM.^Che secret His- 
tory of the Oreen-Boom : contain- 
ing Butheatio and entertaining Me- 
moirs of the Acton and Aetresaea 
in the three Tbeatrea Boyal (by J. 
Haslewood). X<ond. 1790. lEmo. 

Keed, 8IM. ISi. 8d. — Second edition 
(Villi addlUons, iltenlloDi. Ki>d omls- 

8126, ifiB. Field, IiM, Be. ' 

Appeodii to tbe 1 




18ir.— TWre Yean" Catafcgue of 

IBM.-Mulielfiw'i Ledg:erof Sura, 

leu.— 1. Ueeoriptloii of the Truult 
Circle, 5i. 
11. Hegulatlonii of the Bojal 

^tcrtpUim or ti 

I Years' Catilogiu 1 

on, tiom 17W-ia3a, 

the Bayjtl ObserratOTT tt GreeniHcll. 
Lond-Sro. 1S2T-S, net priQEed fOr Bale, 

Gbbenwoos, James, The Vir- 
gia Muse. Lond. 1717. l^mo. 

While KBigbU,WaO, ISL-BeeoDd edit. 
Lend, ins, limo. Skegir, la. This 
vrltei Ukevlw publlihed^tha Loudon 

titat E:i«S^0niiEimii^lTI1,whi^leit^ 
Is pnlaed br liaao BlckerataS, Esq, Id 

— John. An Answere to George 
GKffiird'a Treatise agwnst the Do- 
' " '- ■ Lond. ISSa 

;, Google 

Obbenwood, Will A Descrip- 
tion of the PaBsioa of Love, Ac. 
Lord. 1657. Sto. 

trmn Hnrlon'ii AoBtomf of MelADCboly. — 
^■1. Wood. 

Gbbbpe, Thomu. Thetmeaoi^ 
perfcct Hewea of the woorthy anfl 
T»IUiint Eiplojtee perfooniied " " ^ 
doone bj that TsJiuit Knight, 
Pmuneie Drake; not onelj atHai 
Domingo and Carthsfena, but also 
now at Galea and vpon the Coast of 
Spayne, Loud. IiDp. b; Charle- 
WDod. 15ST. 4to. 

Qbeqobi Naziahzeh. In Juli- 

Onecie, et ej usdem Authoris non- 
niiUiB aliie : Or. edidit K MontagL. 
Elonffi, 1610. 4to, 68. 

idated bj Tho. 
Drant. Load. 1568. 8™. 

From Miunnell'iCiulogue, pp.MiDd 
TS. Eplicr»nui from Sra(pir)' NMllnnen 
wilt be (imnd In Jabez Htigbes' UlmellB- 

Obeoobi, Bt., aumamed the 
Onet. De Cnra Fattorali Liber 

n full of bbntsiu nt 

3xK,ei, 18M- 

— See Elbtob, Elii, 
SuooHiYH. d^«c Bxnro. Car- 

— The aeleot Histoij of the 

loose and inceetuoiu LoTea of Pope 
Qragory Til. commonly caJl'd Hil- 
debnuid, and of the Cardinal de 
Bichelieu. Lond. 1722. 12ma. 

Gbkoobt Kill. An Oration or 
fiinflrall Sermon, uttered at Boome, 
at the Buriall of the holy Father 
Giworie the XIII. who departed 
in Chriat Jeaua, the 11 of Aprill, 
1586. Imprinted 1585. 16ino. 

t dnriing Id Hurp- 

GiBBQOBT, David. Astronomies, 
Fhyaicee et Geonietrin Elemenia. 
Oion. 1702. folio. 6«. 

An salesiDBd "(irk. LlBaR PAPH, lii. 

An EogUsh tnnilatloD ippeand la 1138. 

This amlMiit fflithemitldio pnlillihtd 
■ nlsable tdldiHi of EECIId'i worki, Ac 

— Donald. Hietotr of the 
Wectem Isles and IslandB of Scot- 
land &om 1493 to 1626, with In- 
troductory Sketch and Notes. 
Edinb. 1836. 8to. 7e. 6d. 

— Edm. An hiatorioal AnatA- 
myof Chriitian Melancholy. Lend. 
1046. 12ino. 

With portrait bJ W. M«.l,.ll, ' «. SI, 

— FraBois. VotiTum Carolo, 
or a Welcome to Charlee II. from 
Woodstock School Lond. 1660. 

- Qeorge, D.D. A Dictionary 

;, Google 



of Arts »ntl Science*. Lond. 1806. 
4bo. 2 lob. platea. 
Edwurris, «», nwitu, 31. iOs. A ooiii- 

Cllaliun now In littlo toquesl, inougb, on 
M Mil puliUrj»Uon, it bid u BileDiiivB 

lidnrdB, M. 6a. 

PinwoplilMl »nii LlUriTT Ebmjs 

— John. Works, in two Parts. 
The &nt containing Notes and 
ObBetrationt upon eeieral Pas- 
Mges in Scripture ; the second 
hit Postiunia, being diTsrs learned 
TracU upon TBiious Subjects j in- 
cluding bis Bocoont of the Boj 
Bishop of Samm. Lond. 1671, 
' 4lo. 

rl i. wM orlgtmlty prtctsd Oion. 

pr edition. Lond. 1 

BhltayX the Uh of Sloi 
Fersoafl- Load. iSOS. liihv- - ..... 

Obbgobt, George, M.D. 
ments of the Theory and Practice 
of Phjsic, for Students. Second 
Edition improyed. Loud. 1B2G. 
8to. a ToU. IGs. 

giitb edition. 

— Juniw. Optics promolft, eive 
abdita Eadiomm reflcctoram ^ & 
refractorunt Mjstena, Oeometrice 
enueleata. Lond. 1663. #o. 

ita the CiiHu Sun. 
_iottbim», md cmnitllD 
ftppBued Load- 1660j 4K 

An Mmant of Ortgorr, ' UiB mirsels of 
wiU tie found In Wood's Atlwn. Oion. 

— John, M.D. Works, with 
a Memoir. Ediub. 1788. crown 
8to. 4 Tols. 

Ednrdi, lOe, II. Is. OaMimU- 1. A 

WlUi plslea. A work of gnit nse both 

A fonDHodltlon. IBM. S^o. 1 lolii, with 
pt&tn.— Lond- ISlfi. Bro. 3 tuIs. with 

51 lUs.— Fourth edltloB. Lood. IB!«.lndi. 
(0, wKli plitei. 

L«tten u • Friend on the Evldeiice, 
Docni™, uid Duties of lb* ChrisUmo 
RellglOD. Lond. 1B16. 12nw. 2 voll.— Tho 

— James, M.D. Conspectus ' 

MedioiniB tJieoreticB, in iJsum 

Aoademicam. Ediob. 1818. 8to. 

2 Tols. ■ 

The Irsl edition appeued Edlnb. ITBO- 

° °""*""" !. Chiir. 

lUe'UDD br Yanahiet, llmo. IS38. U. 

iHleineBUof plane »nd spherical Trlgo- 

mstrr. Liind. 1818. ISbo. 6s. 

Hints to the Teachers of Mathematlea. 
.Jmo, Lond. IBM. Be. 

Uathematlcs for p[Mtl»1 Men, by Law. 
Bra. third edition. Lond. 18(8. 11, la. &• 


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Obssbok, Mattbew, F.JLS. A. 
Portfolio of Fragments, reUtive to 
the HUtory and AntiquitJe* of the 
Count; Palatine »nd Duchy of lan- 
cuter. 1S17. folio. 3f. 39. 

Thli book wM oci^mllT pubUihed la 

•uppMniBEUrT panlon 

■ founh pin, 
i atsnttalj it 

it «alia, tim utaC furwii 
luUrd t]tl«. I luTj tfU* ta 

liiT, I^l !.— PigiiT, a, a*, S, 3', *, 

B, B-, »• *, », «•, I u 15a. Afi a.— 1 

to 1B4, IW, 164". IBS lo 170^171^: 
Vtl'.md Old OMtmliimii, Lktnai, n ' 
vagat; 171 tolTB.lW, ITS', tTSt»» 
MO", Ml", Ml—. /«™-v "» fco™ 
fliUroa Oarc*; 131 to !»<,%*'. SSS 
no.SM)'. 290", aw, toas. ftn s—ai 
pendlx: title, I IsiT; pp. I tocrlll. Pliti 
—MaUhta Grsgm, Biff ill 9i-ei, 
/ooetflb.- Plu oT LuDCUUr Cinlle, i 
Ciice p.l|Hipof LuHuhln.lfiSS.W.SJ 
tobup. 1; UtneilDgror tbe Euls m 

p. 41 ; Oentaio^y of lAt kmos of Dme\ jr, 
m i SiliMrrf 77/., p. B8 ; BiMr* 777, p. 
61 1 EUUanl IM tllatk TVi'nn, ji. 120 ; 
ToBtr al UturpeA, p. 172; Avghbm 
Church and PsnweHh Church, p. 184 ; 
SumehurU CoOcM, p. 1B9 t A nalict bard 
•^ tfwrpMl. 11. IBB ; Ortai eortai.ilSpdK 
-Zti: Itaitaa. CoB^tf Sc/lo«, 

BaU, t>. 21^; Itabtlia, 
p. BiSS ; Enri of Oirhg, j 
" ■■ - ■■ i7/nK,a«i»<./ 


(TiuriA. XmOtllir.f. SM ', AnHU R^iu 
inl l7Mri« ICIiiH, 890 ; Mr. JtlBl Binvm, 
•I. 2S0 : Bdaard (At Alnak JVinu u faa 


Matthew Sapn- Land. 1787. 4(o. 

10*. 6d. 

An unHillilutor)' cmr. DnkaofYork, 
9904.119, Bcibiirtlht., 2007, ISh. 

Qbelot,Wiii. Joseph. AToyage 
to ConBl&ntinopie, tranalated from 
tha BVeach bj J. Philipe. Lond. 
1683. 8vo. 

With pliUi, DnuT, ie6E, ta. td. Nu- 
uii, pM. ine,s>. 

Obemisa. — The Lawa of Ore- 
nads, from 1763 to 1805. By 0eo. 
Smith. Lond. 180B. 4to. S; 8i. 

QBRtiniXE, Sir BevilL Tei-aca 
on the Dentil of. Oiford, 16«. 4to. 

Qough, 173*. Ita. 8d. Bkege. It 10«- 



Be.m G« 

nitlle, itiu G»n- 

vbs au > 

ilB bj Ilie 


11, near 

Bith, J 

ly (he 6th, 


ind con 

■t Lond. 1 

ISI, 4to. 

16*0, brF 





pt. i". 1 

16, 11. I3«, 

.k8M, m. 

and Jojful 

bDir Ulr Ktlph [loplnn, 

Sir Bal 








Lord George Nugent. For- 
tugaL A Poeic; in two Fart«. 
Lond. 1812. 4to. lit. A second 
edition, 1813- 8to. 

Waiiam Wyndhiun, Earl. Ox- 
ford and Looke. Lond. 1829. 


r print. 


— Nugs Metricie. Lond. 1324. 
royal 4to. portrait. Privately 
E;rti>n, IDSA, SI. IOh. Wnngliim, wHb 

Obbluiav, H. H. a. A Diew 

tatioa on the Gipaiea, translated I j ..... ... 

(bun the Qsnnan) into English by ' Armada of the King of Spainei 

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Iiond. For Wm. Ponwnbie. IB91. 

SoUieby, ISM, *l. ISa. 

Qrenville, St, Hon, Thomaa. 
BiblioUieca QreriTilliaiift, or Biblio- 
graphical notices of the 
Ritrioua booliB forming hia libmy, 
by J. T. Pajne and H. Fobb. Loud. 
1842-48. 8TO. 3 yol3. il. ie. 

I..MK p.wn-ray.l BvcSroli. Pnb- 
ll>hed>t;f.I!i.6d. CUoi, III. 


Qkeskah, Jamee. The Picture 

of Incest, or the 8(017 °^ Cinyraa 

and Mprha. X^nd. 1C26- 12mo. 

— Sir Thomas. An Account of 
the Biae, Progress, and Foundattoi 
ofGresbam College, with the Life 
of Sir Thomas Qi'esham. Lond. 
1707. 4to. 
pp. <B, ueluslTS of the Illle page. 

tanietit of BIr Thonao nre«haTD,Kt., AIm 

SInurua Sianaurlua, F 
tflenmyiDiig Fncutorlua 

ghly inw. 

.. W) i. 

Ghivillk, Sir FiUie, Kniglit. 
See Bkookh, Lord. 

F. Maxims, Charactera, and 

Bcflectiona, critical, satvrioal, and 

■ Lond. 17B6. B 

liihed an 


lam Colleg*, M. [1S26] printad Cm 
rler Memoir or Sir ThoiDM Oreiihim, 

Robert Ksje. The Scottiah 

Ctjptogamio Flora, or coloured 

Figuree and Deacriptions of Cryp- 

togamic Plants found in Scotland, 

Edinb. 1822-8. rojal Svo. 6 vols. 

~ cokinKd plJiUD. FubllKhtd at 

a., reduced 10 Hl.Ba. F\Uat plalii, 

badmt 101. lOs., nduwd to CI. Hi. 

«rby'rEiit-llab 'ttnianJTM "olli! 

iBued with Dsw 
&«W«'kd, JoBu. Oaaw, NebBdilah. 
GnESSET, J, B, Ver-Vert; or, 
the Parrot of Herere, a Poem in 
four Cantos, freelj translated from 
the French, Lond. 1793, 4to. 
2s. fid. 

By Al«i. Oeddea, LL.D. Anolbm- 
tnnxlalSiia l>7 J. a.Coopar. Load. 17Ga. 

Gbebwell, Eer. W. Parr. An- 
nals of Pansian Typogrsphy. Loud. 

1818. 8vO, 6s. LABOE FAFEB, 

lOa. 6d. Cuts of printer's marbe. 

A clew of the earlr Pulslan Oreak 
Preaa; Including the Uvea o( llie 8U- 

iJiMkpr' • " ' 


llhdonglng tollieoi 

GnETiLLi Family. See Ehhohd- 

IN, Joseph. 

Gkkw, Hehemiah, M,D. The 
Anatomy of Plants, with an Idea 
of the philosophical History of 
Plante. Land. 1682. folio. 83 

Bothaby'" io I8M, It BoMue, 

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KlDBdam or God, Loud. ITOl. folk 
porrrtll by R, White. St. 

Tha olbar puUluUimi of tbla » 
bouulcft] phUoHopher ■» now of 

Qbby, lad; Elizibeth, Qumo of 
Edward IV. See Sixraos, Tliamw. 

— Lady Jane. TLe literary Ke. 
maim of, with a Memoir by K. H. 
yicoUi. Land. 1826.— Second edit. 
1832. nose 8to. 7«. 6d. Large 
P»per. 8vo. ISi. 

dncUoaoTLkdj JuwOrfly'a ifeni and tLe 

Jtna by tli< Grue of Qod, qii«i» of 
Englanil, Ac, to kll our nHMI IduIiik, fiS th- 
fiitl tai obedlenl BubJ«u. U.>i). lu 
.£dibUH Rich, GratVut, IMS. nilio. for 

in U> nHHtt." ft Is repHnted >i u'^^ In ihe 
« Eniilish fled fr^im ui« 

Romu 'I'Tnonj 


111 Englli 
little ia 

to Lvf Uui.'— 6(rj;pc^d 
innce. IfiaZogne.wise, held lie 

.... Life, Cbuiclor 
L9dy Jam Ora;[. Ijinii. IT14, Bvo. 

Lady JuH Ony. > Tncrdy, by N. 
Rowe. Loud. 1116, 410. ts. FrcquoDilr 

Bmce Acnmnl of th* Lady Jue Gray, 
D.iigtlt« of the UuHe of BiAoIV, pinicn- 
iBrly before ber Deelh. Together ■ith 
four Pepere irritten Kith ber own Hand, 

rd Oiiildfiint liudley, 

JO Ladja Jane, a Tlghta 

EngUeh TnulatioD, Zuiioli, 

la. IntlKelithv'Vunie^rTbe 
tha £ii«llah Cbuidi. 8» 

•■•uiu>ai»(0.) liOW»>,D, CiBM^. 

— Arthur, Lord of Wiltcm. Ste 

— Forde, Lord Clrej of Werte. 
The aecret History of the Rye- 
house Flot, and of Monmouth'a 
Bebellion. Lond.l 754, 8to. 
■eir.''i»folo ti,o £rt af S,S°m/. H^ 

— Richard, D.D. A Syatem of 
" English Ecclesiastical Law. Lood. 
. 1748. 8to. 7s. 

Beat oditlou. with Ihe addillon of 
mmvLDal rvnsrencea to tbo pteua of Bp« 
I Olbbon'* Codoi. 

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A uew Kpd emny Waj oT 1«uaing He- 
hnv •ithoiit PolnU. Loml. 1738, Bit. 

ThLi leKDei lUvlm pqbllihrf otter 

QkeT ThomBH de. The Compleat 

HorMmananil expert Ferrier. Loud. 

1670. 4(0. Bererol editions. 

pp. 683, »llh IT leiVE«,i:oliUlllling UKa. 

Qrey on borubAGt. 'tnLd by Tbo. Hiod 
■t the BUek Bull Id CBmhlll.' i cop/ or 
Uh piJnl Df Rilpb Lord HoploD, 1«3>. Alio. 

— William. Chorographiftj or 
■ Surrer of Newcastle a|K)a Tine. 
Hewcaefle, 1649. Hmnll folio. 

B— F, 31 pigM, besides title ; \ L»l\n 
■Isdlutlea; >d the undid rendar, alined 

■ame cnplee ef (be tract. Reprknted Id 

folio, p'rinled jpoii foclycipwrltlngpipei 
B— M. « pagBH ; beildeii two tilleT>»|WJ 

bundled and twenty coplee printed. Bi«< 

— Zacharr, LL.D. Critics 
hutorical, and eiplanatorj Notee 
on Shakespeare, with Emmdstions 
of the Text and Metre. Loud. 
1764. 8vo. S vols. 10s. 


Cojon'ra. Land, n-d.^o. LloTrl,eil', lii. 
Tliie leamed divine publlilied end 
edited inenf otber worke, emoiw tbem 
luaoT LMntnienlel tneti. A« BuTun, 
Samael Nial, Daniel. OLDiiiaiUohn. 

and marueilous Epietle concerning 
the terrible Judgement of God 
Tpon him that for Feara of Han 
denjeth Cliriat and the bnowen 

Veritie : with s Pre&oe of Doctor 
Caluine. TnHislat«d out of Latin 
intoo Eoalieh by E(dward), A(gl- 
ionby). Worceter, bjJhon Oswen, 
ISgO. ISmo. 
The Cmh el Fnndi Spin.— OMo- 
KifoM.— Lond. by H. Deohun for W. 
irlsii. n. d.— Load, by Jbon Syngntui 
■ willyem Nonoa, ie83, IBmo. 
Obiesbacb, J. Crlseos Qrics- 
ichiann in NoTum Teatamentum 
niopsie, Edidit Joaepbus White, 
.ion. 1811. 8to Ba. St* Iuta- 

Gbisti, Jsniee, M.D. The His- 
torjofEaintictuttka andtheSuril- 
■ki laltuidi, with the Countries 
«nt, tnuiBUted (from the Biw 
of Krasheninnieow) into En- 
glish bv James Oriere, M.D. Glou- 
ater, 1764. 4to. 
rghe,*Tl'8l^ Ot.' Fgolhlll, W66,'ll. 

Q&imH, B. FideasB, more 
chaste than kinde. Lond. for M. 
Lownes by the Widow Orwin. 1596. 
16m 0. 

— Oregorj. Stt Microcosm. 

— Lewis. The Doctrine of the 
Asie ; whereunto i> added, in Vene, 
the Aese's Complaint, Balaam's Be- 
plj, and the Author's Apology: 
written by R. W- Lend. 1661. 

Bright, R l!. 
Rnlei or ure, being Ooid Wlahei to 
the Clergy and Lally, for whoia n«e the 


Griffinhoof, Anl^, i. ». George 
CoLHAH the Younger. 

Oeiffiih, Alexander. Strena 
Varasoriensis ! or a new year's Gift 
for the Welsh Itineranla. Lond. 
16544 4to. 

A irua relitloD ol the hlrUi, coune at 

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BloBlh.for > Siip^of 
tlienln, &c. Loiid.l6S_, _.. 

Qkiifithb, E. Collection of 

Anoieut Beeords relating to the 

'Boroof^ of HuDtiugdon. Lond. 

8to. 1827, 9a. 

Ckhi of Supposed ExempUon trfna 

lliilory of the Pariah of Si. 
Ilolboro. Lond. 1B30. Btd, lOa. < 

— Elizabeth. The Morality of 
Sllakespeare'i Drama illiutrated. 
Lond. 1775. 8vo. 7fl. " ' 

Kyenimnin, playa. 4e. p 

— 0«OT«s Bishop of St. Asaph. 
Some plainDiKouraee on the Lonl' b 
Supper, is. Oion. 1684. 8to. 

~ John, M.D. IraTels id Eu- 
rope, Asia Minor, and Arabia. Lond. 
1805. 4to. portrait. 

Gough, 1798, ISn. ad. Than lr»TBl« 
hi'e bean InnaUted into FreDch by 
Bertruid liu«n. Farla, 1813, 8vo.2 vola. 

— Michael (sire Alfordue). 
Fides Segia Britannica, eire An- 
nates Ecclesis Brilannicte. Leodii, 
1663, foho. 4 toIb. 4i. 4b. 

— Richard. Geologiral and 
Mining Surveja. Dublin, 1B14-18. 
Svo. a ToU. 10b. 

— Sichard. An eitract of the 
Historjand C^ealog; of the noble 
fiuoilieB of the Earl and Countess 
of Northumberland. Dublin, 
1764, 8to, 

— Roger. An Eesftf to prove 
that the Jurisdiction and Consei^ 
vancj of the River of 'Xharoes, 
&c,, ia committed to the Lord 
MafOF and (^tj of London. Lond. 
1716. 8to. 68. 

Same upiei In 

QxiFFiTBB, A. F. Bibliotheca 
Anglo- Foetica, Ste Bibliotkbca. 

UBliiANSiBI, Gio Battisla. Re- 
pudio della Begina d'iDghiltem, 
trad, di Franzeae. Bologna, 1658. 

A copy ii In the BrlDah MaHDm. 

Qbiu lUi. Ste OaiUOAU). 

Qiui[Aij)i, Stacey. Origines 
Geaealogicee I Published cipreaBl; 
for the Assistance of Claimants to 
heredilaij Tides, Honours, or Es- 
tates. Lond. i^2S. 4to. Published 


Qrimeston, or Gbimbtosk, Ed- 
vard. Historie of the Nether- 
lands, with Continuation by William 
Crosse. Lond. 1627. folio. 12s. 

Elizabeth. Miscellanea ; Me- 
ditations ; MemoratiTes. LoDd. 
1604. Bto. 14 chapters. 
Pp, S3. A cop; of Ihli mlBeelliHiuoB 

and la Beloc's Anecdoles, and Brydgen' 

iiai. Th^se'dlticn eoDlaluaachapiFn' 
QmHH, Le Baroa. Correspond- 
ance litteraire, philosophique et 
critique, address^ k un Sourerain 
d'Allemagne, depuis 1770 jusq'en 
1782, par le Baron de Orimm et par 
Diderot. Lond. 1813, 7 vols. 8yo. 
; much InConotlion Do Ihe wibject 

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(An nbrldgDifliii 

Gbimm'9 Mother Tales. See 
Msbton's Worka, 1767. IZmo. 
— Tales from the Germui. See 


Gkiuoils, Nicholas. Arclii- 
propheta, Tragfedia, jam recens 
in Lucem edits. Cbloo. IMS. 

Thli IdUn tF4g«dr l> dsdlated to Dr. 
Bicbird Cm, Dem of ClihsKbDRb, Ol- 

Lond. 1663,8' 
QrlnuLld 1i 

■ ^Ortmoa'S, Onmjiid, or Qrlmibold, wdll 
be liniDd in Wood^B Ath«[L Oxon. and In 
Bectlon il of WmIod's Uiamy uf Kn- 
KliBh PMlry. 

OaluaTOH, Hon. Charlotte. His- 
tory of Goriuunbiuy. 

vniel/ s 

GsiifiiTOHB, Williun, Lord Yis- 
count. The Lanjen Fortune, or 
Love in a, hollow Tree. Lond. 
1705. 4ta. 

1379, Ik, Tawnele/ pi. 1. 176, Ss. 'Lix- 

Yofk, Mid ftftenrards of Canter- 
burj. A Sormon at the funeral 
Solemnities of Frinee Ferdinanilug, 
the late Smperour, the third of 
October, 1&64. Lond. J. Dave, 
1564. 4to. 

hi. l*tlBr w'£^ BJLiibsth In '"^iDdfcati™ 
of fropliearlDK. Lond, ini),a>o. 

RemildH, edlLfld br ths Kev. Wm. 
NlctoUon. Camb, 18ii,8vo. ,Sai t«ltet 
Soctely, Appendix. 

— William, Hawking, Hunting, 
Fouling, and Fishing, with the true 
Measures of Blowing, — Now newly 
coUeOted by W(illiam) G{t7nd«ll). 
Lond. by Adam Islip, 1596. 4to. 

Block Istur. U>wonli,Me,4J. 4(.HII- 
ner, itt. mmit. «l. prlnlcd by Ed. Aide. 

E:f,wiiDtlng.W.TH. Lond, AUde! 

Gbindlat, Capt. Robert Mel- 
ville. Scenery, Costumes, and Ar- 
chitecture, chiedy on the West«ra 
Side of India Lond. 1830. royal 

4tO. 36 plates. BEAUnPTLLS co- 
UDOSEO. Published in ail parts. 
12Z. 12». reduced to Bl. 8a. 

Obinfi£LD, Edward, M.A. Ser- 
mons ou the Parables and Miracles 
of Jesus Christ. Lond. 1819. Sto- 

«nt of the ChrlBtlu 

itarenca lo lbs »lv» 

Lond. 1827. en. 

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9-18 eno 

Qbikitbld, Bd. — tvtihaied, 
A Seilptunl iDqnlrr Inu Iha i 

and Import of lb« EniA^ jutd likeJi 

Ood la lUU. IdDd. 1637, Sio. 
Ttas lUlUn Armidii oT 1860, cml, 

vlth UieSiiudihAniuilftanseS. Sputa, 

lamo. Loud- □' 4- 

onuvlt Novl TuUmenU JJell«nlaliu 
llliutnti rwHDi editor. Land. lB4e. gvo. 
1 Toll. II. lOe. ae Tnluoennini MoTum 

An ApolocT for Ibe B*pliiufait, in irbieh 
Its clUma to trtUiul mi cw»Di»l bu- 
tborllyura WtBj lUlsd ud TlndleiUd. 

ThB JasuiH, a tditorfoal ikelah. Loud. 
latS. Sto. ea. 

Ornisaaitx, P. The Cutoll of 
Labour. 1506. ^mCabilb. 

G-KIBKL. — The admirable Hittoi; 
of patient OrUeL Lond. 41 ~ 

Ebiburghe, 6880, IL Sg.-l«Sl, 

U. U. Bjkta, pt. II. JV-dala 161- 

tMni or Iflll, ud tlia fidlowJDit, dued 
ITOe. nprintad br ita Pari; asdal;. 

Tba Ulitory of tlia Mirqnaaa fit Bab* 
and patlant Grlasel. Lond. 170B. Ha. 
tiUnltT, lEO^n. d. dio. • 

The pleasant Comedla 
■ell. im. 8« BiiTOHTC 
tba Shakeapaan BoclaC;. 

Patient Qrlaald, a CoDiadF, hr Balph 
BadcllOa. Not printed. 

Qkobiahvs. Sea DEBBKnairB, 

GEOHOviDa, J. Note in Teren- 
tium. Oion. 1756. 8tq. 3s. l. f. 
4a- 6d. 

LAsaa FAPU. WlUiama, 806, morocco, 

Obos, Chwlee Henry. A fiinaral 
Oration to the Memory and Id 
Honour to tlie Margrare of Bran- 
d«mbujgh and Anapach. Soutli- 
Mnpton, 1807, folio. 
Ootuh, me, M. Sd. FonthUt is£, lOi. 

Gbose, FranoiB. The dntiquitieB 
orEnglandiuidWal6e,4ToU. With 
a Supplement, 3 toU. Loud. 
1778-87. super rojal 4to. 6 ToU. 

ThlH, tha flnt edition, la tha one moat 
piUad bT dUwton, Tha luppleinental 

Tolmnea an freouentlr vantln;. Bind., niaila,ltU.llta. mrM.M. 
Srkaa, pt 1. 1S«L maala, Ul. ISs. Heath, 
4ia», lOt. ISa. BaekRwd, la 1817, I2», 
with Iha -Bsatlahd nd Ireland, on larga 

fidlocoplei of tttockdal/a repciot have 
thepUtaacoloaiedfhut thay are WHthleaa 
'" an; «x. 

— I^e Antiquities of EnglaDd 
and Walea. Lond. Hooper, 1783, 
imperial Sto. 8 vols. 

StntMl,10M,niotDeK^Mt.3a.ed. Baed, 

iprvaaiDDB. Theedltionaindto.aod fc 

Kbilshed br SUckda)* many jaani )> 
Fa vary bad impreaalma of tba pla 

Slater, which are dlatln^lBhable bj 
hyiaathe InsCTlptloiia In a hair letler. 

Btockdile'a editlDo' la worthieiw. 
— The Antiquities of Ireland. 
Lond. 1791-5. imperial 8to. 2 Tola, 
bi^rorlul ana daicrlptiTe porta 

"'-^kdaLa'almprBaaioala wortblena. 
A Treatise on Ancient Annour 
and Weapons, illuatrated by Plates 
taken trtnn the origini^ Ariaour in 
the Tower of London, and otlier 
Arsenale, Museums. Mid Cabinets. 
Lond. 1786. 4to. 

toiborglia. SS8X, If. 111. Marquis ot 

alh, IMS; il. Us. Sd. Becunird, iria- 
ooii edlUm of the UUltarr Antiqul- 

;, Google 

Qbobb, Fnocia. Militaiy Anti- 

Siitie* respecting a Hietorf of the 
nglieh Armj &dui the Cooqaeat to 
the preeeDt Time. Lond. 1T86-8. 
4to. 2 vols. 

FubUiheil In nnt. st M. ueh. Heilb, 
IM4. 11, Nsrqiila of Toonahtad. I — 

— Uilitar; Antiquitiea, including 
the AnoieDt Armour. A new Edi- 
tion, with maC«rial Additions and 
ImprOTementa. Loud. ISOl. 4to. 

Bra. KDIbuiBhC, 7008, e«. M. Blndky, 

pt. II. 


Tlifl UmmUflTi GODtaialnji Blitnn 
Ewsys, by UiB l»ta PrmnclH Orom, Eaq. 

production «> origintll^ pIlbllBhed In 
the Enitlisb ChrgnlCle. Aa ImprDiWl 
•dlllan olll be fOimd <n the Ullo. 

Rules fnr dnalTig CBrlcnIunii, vlth u 
Eb»t on Comic Pllnllng. Lond. 1J861 

Ue. Oaugh. ISOfi, ISi. Blndle; 

Fonthm, 7 

I, lOt Bnickelt, IMS, vilh Pegn'i 
MpplWDent. 1S14, I£b.— Lond. ITtO, Sio. 
Oroee und Pegge'a Gleiury.-Lond. 1838, 

AaMsicil bietlonsiT of Ih* Tolgtr 

edltidn art 'iKiiDDwnntK nnd eiplaneClDne 

CHle; which In tlie liler editions hnTS , 
betoeltheraiiiltMiiuiofteiwd. FoiithUI,[vi 

See Anllqurlui Kepertorr, Duuii, 

— Rer, John. Sennong on vari- 
ouaSubjeota. Lond. 1S00-16.8to. 
6 vols 

— * John Henry. A Voyage lo 
tlia Eait Indies ; b^an in 1760, 
with Obeervptions continued till 
1764. Lond. 1772. 8to. 2 vols. 

eitlr ImproTcd, Lond. 
'^^1 etebln^bx Ctpt. Q\ 


Koyaltjand Lajaitf, 1647. 4to. 

Wltb « ftontlsplece. Blndler, pt. li. 
1*41 6t ToKMloy, pl.l.M2,lI&, 

GsoBiEB, AbW. A general De- 
Bcription of Chins, tranglaled Irom 
the French. Lond. 1788. 8io. 
2 Tola. 

Wltb ■ napoT China, ud etbar plitai. 


Q-HOBLKY, Peter John. A Tour 

. London] or new Obaerrationa 

I England and it> Inhabitants. 

Translated from the French bv 

!Fhomas Wugent, LL.D. Lond. 

1773. 8to. 3 vols. 

lis work. Tsl.iible u aihlUHnf our 

b'iDienpn>™^tlnn!°Hu*tb^M^, IS^ 
t> OB the Writ v'iti be found la tbs 

u'onsou lUlr'tnd its In- 

Written in Fnoel 

;, Google 

<}5I) SBO 

GBOsaETBBiB, or Gb(wtekai>, 
Robart, Bishop of Lincoln. A 
Twatjse of Husbandry which 
Mmtar Oiostheda BotjmeByBsl 
of Lynooln mode and tnmshited 
ot Freneshe 

A copy of Chll WDT 

Englyeahe, ito. 


Briiftm ifllirfor 

nonlr.byJ.O.HnlHi " 


ir the twBlTE 


QBOsrmKOB. An account of 
the descent of WiUi&m Le Otob- 
yenoc, now living in Bewdly in the 
Countj of Worcester, July 9, 1776, 
8vo. Pbivately Pbikted. 
ScEopE Botr. 

Q-aoTuxia, Ant, de U, 
gegundo Aleae. o venerable Padre 
'Fr, AiYsangel de Escocia, Predica- 
dor Capuehino de N. P. S. Fran- 
cUco. Yalencia, 1657. 4to. lOa. 6d. 

GBOmTH, Hugo. De Veritate 
Beligionis Christianfe Liber cum 
NoCia JoanniB Clerici. 

Ti, l!hDD. Lani. 1840, 















I by aymoo PmriEk 

Lend. I«e 


slKtion by Cl« 

of wb 




-.n BsltKlon, i 

lii Books 

by Hi 

BO Grot 

n>, with Note 

enth Bdok br 

Mr. Le Cl«rc 





d« Tsritote Hcliirioais ChflB 

tUn-k with tlie 





ail Booki: Iiuulated Into Ea 

5».- land .1814, 1 

English Ver>H. 
ChrlsHuite Rollnlo- 


!k, Onoi 

— Ope™ Theoloeion, 3 toIs. ito. 
Lond. 1679, 10s. 6d. 

— AnnotatioDeainy.etN.Teata- 
niBntiini, jaita Editionem Amalel- 
odunensem, lato^ucxix, a Sam. 
Moody, A.M. Lond. 1727. 4to. 
S vols. 12b. 

ADDOtitloDei Mlectte In nornm Tasta- 
menlDTn. OiHi. 1<I7^ limii. 
IniUtiitinties Juria Nitune at Gentium, 

— The RighteoifWar and Peace, 
in three Boola, tranalatcd int« 
Engliah. To which are added, all 
the large Votes of Barbeyrac. 
Lond. 1738. folio. 

Lond, t7is; 

e>th. By C. B(>rl»d^e). I^nd. 

rvn.-.Lond. 1«», Bro. 

TranaUted, with Notes and 
lUustnitioDB &om the beet political 

egal WritOTS. By th 
Campbell. A.M. Pon 
1814, 8to. 3 vols. 


;, Google 


WorkH. Writlen ortgtn«U7 

.ond. 17M, Bro. Si 

The Aulhoritj of llie higlieil Powers 
»bou[ wcred Things, twiibUied by Cils- 
imnBBtu-li-dKlB). Ixind. 1861, Bvo. 

The iloiimer Conifortea, or Eplsltea 

AoBwar psmarf lod recomniendeit by J. 

(crnlDR tlie SiUEfmraoii of Chdgt, tniii- 
tatedbyW.H. Lwid. 1693,8^0. 
Anll-DodwelllBID, tiiuulixed by PhU>- 

Chrisei Passion. A Tnupdy, 'Wllh 
AnQolntloni liyGeocgBSniiilrB. Lond. 
1640 SDJHll Svo. pp. Ifi6. ItlLodea, 20^, 
Bi. M BiM ADglo-F<4I. ens, 12^.-1087, 
ero. H-tth plitet. AhDdei, wis, Ba. 

JoBspiu K Trige'dy, «llh Annouilom by 
F.anUIi GoLfiBSllth Eiiq. Lond.(l«M). 
Svii. Hoihurghe, OOa), 7b. N««8iii,pt' 
188S. Tb. BibL. AnglcPoot. Blfl. 41. « 
BiodLey, |it. II. 671., Willi two pottnJU b 
CiwiB, II. 9b. SHegg.lta. 
The Aniiqiilly of tlis CommonweBll 

SC. Herbert. Loud. ISM, royd Bt 
The Llfc of the tmiy eminent «i 

n OrotiDB, vilh brief 

'll,eNtrhen"niie.' "y 
LiMoloe luu. Ltad. 

■B highly ptaiBOd by Ur. 
"a'nujte. Loud, 1741-2. 
)Dr>l Piilloropby. Lond, 

Joseph. The Histctr of tha 
Life and Timea of Cardinal Wolney. 
Load. 1742-4. 8to. 4 vols. 

gh, IBIO, IJ. 17b. MitqulB of Towni- 

Twn UIbIoruob in the E 
iounlBof Wnlaey's twoCoI 

Murqnil of Town-liend, 1S3S, morocco, 
SI. lit. Fonlhill.aa 1'. Ifls. CdlalUm— 
Title, ona leif; drfltellon, 4 pBgcs; In- 
trr^tlctJon. T pK!*"! lives, pp. 8, 4. 47^ 

Wmiein, thliil Duke of DeTouhiie, en- 
gruoil by Binning. 

— Matthew. Tha Hutona oi 
Pelops «iid Hippodamia. Where- 
uDto are sdioyned auudrie pl«asact 
Deuiees, Epignuos, Songe* and 
SonnetUa. Loud, bj Abel letfa, 
1687. amall Sto. 

Only tve eoptea of thie iHetletl mrk, 

AnelD.Foet. RU.'sOI.'ieBold M Siiuodeii' 
■ ; la lei^ SN. 4b. 

;, Google 

witty ProTtrba, PItliy SenMoegi, mi 
Wtn mmllu. eotlicted out or Uie OoUen 

losophera. InlwoperlB. Lond. S. GtHion, 
16S& filwk lettar, B right, Mf. IDi. 

Geotb Fakilt. — The Pedigree 
of Thomas Grove, of Feme Houae, 
in the County of Wilts, Eeq, Anno 
Dom. laiS. Evfeham, foUo. 1819. 

A B&Dgta nheet, wllli artai And qiurteiv 
In^ of Ibfl CUblty of GnrH. eojcrmv^d by 

I. Mnilixr. 

Id printed for 


OuALTXB, Bodolpb. An hnndnd 
threc«iK>re and theaa Homelyea 
or Sermone, vppon llie Aotea of 
the Apostles, written b; Saint 
Luke ; made by Radulphe Oual' 
tbeie Tigurine, and transkled (bj 
lohn Bridges Ticare of Heme), 

Qbovi.— The Grove: a CoUeo- ' 
tiOQ of Original Foema and Trans- 
lations, &a. Lond. 1721. Bro. 5s, 

OsoTsa, Ber. John. A Greek 
and English Leiimn. Third Edit. 
conaidenibW enlarged, and oarefully 
feriaed. Qlaagow, 1829. 8ro, 16s, 
Dealgned fur tlie una of utiools ud Ui« 
UDdcrKTkdiut* couru of a mllaglMa sdu- 

Ohub-Stbeet Jodbnal. — Me- 
moirs of the Sooietj of Grub- 
Street, from Jan. 8, 1730, U> Aug. 
24, 1732. folio, 138 aos, 

II. S>. To ihia puMiHtloii 

liilbshta Eode: Tnnalals 
110 EoKllah* by J. 0, f 
hrial TnithHll, IGGB, Ifln 
ae Thamaa Oisen, ssrvsal 
LDd, wAt imprisoned a-' 

Dr. Slory, (or teing 
H«lvra, edit. 1670, 

gifehed, Ji 


Obitteb, Samuel. Funerslia 
Marie Beginee M. Britannia. Amat. 
1696, foho. 

Sl[ U. U. aykes, pL I. 13«3^ Ita. 

Oruithboiiiitb, JacobuB. Set 
Bbatkwut, Richard. 

Ohyubtoh, &iu. Set Gbikss- 

ION, 4o. 

Gbtnxite (Jacob). Thecognois- 
ence or badge of both ohurehes, 
ahowing, bj the Word of God, 
iiov unjustly the Papists differ 
from the Protestants in every article 
ot the Creed, &o. Trana. by T. M. 
Imp. for T. Woodooke. 1681. 

inu, (nn^led br Robert Norton. Lead. 
.78, lemo. BriBht, IJ. 
A germon upon the Pnpbrt Zenliutliih, 
inaltled Into Ensllsh bv Uoaaa Wlllon. 
ond. UBO, ISmo, 

Serraona on lfa« Prophet Joel, tnoilMad 
r loba Lodbarv, Lend- Ibft^, Iflmo, IGh. 
OUALTEB. Patrieet fllii Bpicedia 
in Obitum Joh.Parkhursti Epiacopi 
HordorioBMia. Tigur. 1676. 4to. 
Bright, u»n PiPEa. 4to. IJ. la. Sm 

Gfakd, T. de la, Sn Cobbler. 

Gdassuh, — The G uardian, fron 

Mareb 12, 1713, to Got. 1, 1713, 

ftdltlons In Svo, 

le pertodleil 


OvAam, Battiata, II Pastor 
Sdo. Londra per Giouanni Tolfeo, 
i spese di Giocopo Casteluetri, 1591. 

;, Google 



UudU7,pt. IL 1W2, Ba. M.-<}]4f 

I.D1KI. ISIII, ISmo. i 

111 IS2S, lis. Brigbt, 2i»^Ui 
]2iu<>. R(<e4,S310.3i. Kuiau.i 
St. Rbodei. Ml, 8a, 

H)' Sir Sichard FuihiT. Li 
ila. Dsdluled to Prince ChtrU 
7875, with pDrtraLI of Guatin 
DlndLeT, pt. U. U31, 1 
with ill ■ - 

Id Evuu, IMS. 71. 

tlece hf Croas, Vasaui. pi. I. nn 
.liii))ey.] 143i,li, in. UuBcoe, : 
l/.lliM. BriKhi, U. lOn. liebor.pi 

FmnlKwe, KnlebL Land. 1676, 
mm. AnKlo-f(>at.i&7,U.lB. Saiuu, 

Ur Glk. Setde. Land,! 

, JwMaooerefthaOrigtoU 

(b^WiP.Otvvs). Leod.lT^anialieTa.Sa, 

In Emllih Uuk *«Ra, bj WUllun 
OUppanon, Edlnb. Sts. 

In Engllab bluk Tan«. Edlnb. ISOB, 

Guizzo, Stephen. The civile 
ConvertBtion, translated by George 
Pettie, difided into foure Bookes. 
Loud. 1581. 4to. 79. 


GlTElfH. — The Genealogy and 

baoki^AnoUiei edlttno. 

ohroDological EiEtoiT of the illus- 
triOLu Family of Guelpb, oc Wdphj 
^th an Accoimt of the Bise of 
that Name. Lond, 1714. B« 
A copy <i In the QrlUah Uiuei 

igh^-tiro Prints, 
engrared by F. Burtolozzi, lia., 
from the original Drawinga of 
Quercino, in the Collection of his 
Majesty, Lond. 1764. atlas folio. 

by Boydall 
1607, it. l«a, ad. FoHlliiU. 4773, 

Bevantj-tlirae Frlnta engrHvad by 
(olnizl. &c. from tlie iirlxinil l>ic1 

wbola publiabed togathai 
166pUla»,BI. 68, 
lof ba.iBii, coiililnlng 91 

6i;Bei, Edwin. History of En- 
glish Bhythms. Lond. 8to. 1838. 
2 Tola. 

snatliar protogDa. the uvnniaDt tf the 

Kk, and Iba labia. Baaldaa theaa pi*- 
H, tba DIall aoBUliu fiiL SSS. inc]u£ns 
16 lattara, wbieb ira not in tb* Franah 
copy IMS, Mia Tbl> adltiiHi It nvlMd 
and comcled, and a finrth book, antlUad 
' Tha Cavnuad Caortlar,' anueiad. Whlta 
KnlgliU,ie«e,>nirocii», SI. 14b.— uez, «ts, 
109. Sd.— 1^, Itii, IOh. Gd.— leiB, liillo, 

A Backa of the ImientioD or tba Art of 
HadigatLcn, and of tba graata Tnaallaa 
wUloEe tharpiBss thml Hlla In Galllea. 
LoDd, Kir Ral|.b Navbenie. 1676, ito. 

Chirlet Howard, Baron of Efflngbam.' 

Knlehl, LoDd. IMS, lemo. O.lnclghbi, 
dedicated la 'William. MarquUDrNortli- 
anjpton. Earls oT Euex and Lorda Par.' 
—With Bundi? apt Notea In tbe Hargant 
by T. I'Tmme. IG7fi. ISma, Black letter. 
Tbia edition laandtlad ' A Locklng-glaaa 
for Iba Court,' Inglli, 607, 10b, 6d. 

A Cbniblcla aontayning tbe Unea of 
laimaluupaniDnoritamaCTnJuto Alei- 

;, Google 

irU, H. 9rk», 


ConUliw 4S4 pu«, besldu dedlratlan I 
A gsuand tiLble of the titles of evary chaj 

^nTF'tmlUAr EphUsa. IruBlibid b 
Edmd H«lla»u. I^d. IG7^4[a. Coi 
Ulm, bmldu thp ilKdluOnn u BIT Hrnr 

pt L iaM,9a.— i^nd. isn. 

pt. IL t(22, bl^lGSJ, 4tn. 

Tb« Uoiinl of lialiiiiie. Loud. UM, 
4to. Blnd]«7,pt. II. 14^1, Ha. 

MoiinlCKlnane.the Seooodnrt. Lmd. 
1697, 4M. IngllB.TW.lB. ed. 


OviAM. — A Publication of Oni- 
iina'a Plantation i newly Tuider- 
laken by the Earle of Bu-kshire 
Mid Compuij ; for that most fa- 
mous RiTer of the Aintuones in 
America. Lond. Wm. Jonsa, 1632. 

Thlrtwn luTW. 
11. JiidlE, W4, e<. e> 

A fieUUon of * 
Lond. 1BI& 4lo, Foi 

Qdibebt, J. Anth. SjpoL A 
gieneral Essay on Itli^tary Tactics .- 
with an introductory Discouree, &o. 
Translated from the French, by an 
Officer (Lient, Douglas). LoncL 
1781. Sto. 2 yoU. 9s. 

A work fwiattly la ooiuldonlilB npn- 
tK^on ukd nquBBt. 

OuicciABDH*!, TVanc Delia 
Istoria d'ltalia Libri XX. da G. 
Bolandi. Load. 1822. 8yo. 10 
toIb. 11. 7a. 

A correct sdiUon of a TaloaUs Uilart- 

— The History of Italy, from 
the Year 1190 to 1633. Traoe- 
lat«d into Engliah by Ibe ObeTslier 
A. P. Qoddard. Lond. 1758-Bl. 
8to. 10 ToU. 

E>r1 of Kenj, 238. SL lOi. Ednrdi, 

TDs. 21.111. wiuati,i076,ai.iai.ed.d>ta 

KBKllih,byOtBT%jFenttm. Lond 

lulio. O. Pentoo 1h a 'good old timiiBli- 
tar.' tfuM. S«i.— Lond. 1M». foils. "--' 
Mil, «■. lliudkoy, tu 1. 188^ Bh. 


loibnrglie, asM. tm. Cd. 








Unit QiiirtoriM sf 






flod. C. Bh>o..t; 


folia. Tkli 

bi.laeMS ■)» 



n osd Kogli»h 




linn tran»l«lodbT Martin, with pa- 

— I^>d, TheQcBoriptionof the 
Low Countreja, kc. gathered into 
an Epitome (hy Tho. Danett). 
Lond. 1591, 16mo. 

—IBM. ISiDD. Inglll,MB,4$. 

Flamlih School ;l Pilnllog. tnniilnTtrl 
froin hi> DOBcrlpllon of the Nelheriaiidii, 

I79e, UmhSs. i.AUjiru'iK.iDtto.Ga, 
QmiMyrT, Thomaa. De Thentiia 
BritanniciB, Lond. 1691. 4to. 
ToHoeler, pi. il. 9S0, maala, Su. 

pclogy for the BatJi In aomfliHttblre. 
n iccoDDl tt Ouldott, and of bla putt- 

;, Google 

li(a«ona, will be found lo Wood'i Athen, 


Onisira, T. Ant. Oratio in 
Funere Marue Britxnnue Begins. 
Koms, 4to. W. Martin, 16&9. 
— Another edition, Bonue, ei o£ 
Salviani, 1669. 4to. 
m. »•, Od. Ulbbert,'si. 181. BUH,ax>«.' 

aciu), William. Tha sealed 
Book opened, or ui EiplioatioQ of 
the BoTeUtioM. Lond. T"'" 

The vrlttnga of thli lirlne sn in con- 

TheiHir Suiifiaof Chilnlui locenH. 

Tlie ODlT War to E^TitltiD. Load. 

Hanoony of alt (be FMpbell. Loud. 
1S98. llmo.— leiS. Sto,, Aberf. 1858. 8.0. 
I Fanmiilol o^ ChrJsfi De»8e 


IwpltaLs. Ab«rd. I«33.4I 

pctlalljr b/ Salmoi^llBMi 
■gtlQiit Poperlft fit GMl 

ion and AnpIIeatlnn of ihs 
Tkon, Land. IROS. Bvo. C"ii< 
a. BinrlLaT,»10.1O-.Bd. 
e of tlsTld, or an Eiiioihloi 
kofSamoel. Uiford, ISW. 


EngUflbman, ' 
LcranieTil; all at 

itaof AnMqiilKa; 
dT and Klood of 

by ihe Popa. tha on 

Gotlbfohd. — 
Ouildford, co. S 
1801. 8to. 

GniLKTiLLK, Will de. The Pj!- 
—- — of the Sowlej tnwiiilated 
Englisahe, &c. 

I. It 

Hi'stoiT of 
. Guiktford, 

gremaee of tl 
WeBtmestre, 1483, folio. 

Abord. hj Edw. Eaban, 1639. Iva. lUdl- 
eaicil tn U>rlA Stawan, CnuTHeiu or 
Marra. the Counleaaa of Hinliall, and 
Lady PeUifgo. BIndlay, pt U. 

Aaairsr t» a Fonlah Pamphlet, eallod, 

Typoi;. Antlq. by Dr. Dibdln, l,U>2-(i|. 
Bibl. BpenMr. W.SB3-*. 

QuilLaTlEBB, M. de 1*. Ac- 
count of B late Voyage to Athene ; 
with the preaenf Siste of tha 
Turkish Empiiv. Lood. 1677. 
8to. 4«. 

Gfillbmsau, Judm. Tba 
Frenchd Chimrgerja, tnmeUted 
out of Dutch into Englishe by 
A. M. Dort, 1697-8, folio. 

;, Google 

956 oin 

Odixm, John. i. DUpla^ cf 
ITerHlUr;. The siith Edltiaa, im- 
prov'd with large Additiong. LoDd> 
1724 folio. 

UcBt edlHan of ■ wark bUII In gemni 

ne'r pobilahed. pi Ib aUttd Ihil [he nil 
oriuroC thlKForkwii Dr. J°1iii 
b»m, Dem of Bocklne.l BtMvena 

I„I1«U it J.. UBOI PiFIB. Nmwu, pi 
1 17BT, niaali^ tL »B. WlllBtt, 1070, 1W 
WitKO TsTlH. CdOiiHin.— Title, Ui. 
GnllHm'a vnCu», Ublei, and the table ot 
pp. l-DOi > DfipUy oT HemWry, pp' 
1— MO: or P^ecedenl^)', bf Sir Gtorre 

V CHpt.' John Loga"! pp.»7-ai5, Ml— 7b! 

Pattof Honour, pp.'l—SO; A Colleo- 

Araa, pp.'si-M: A W«lr>n«T "pl»ln- 
inK the aaverml Tcrmi med Jiy HenJdi, 

Wfa.— piiW. AliBto(thaportraLta,'4c, 

filiM. li.'wj— B, 

Her^d,, Birdgei' CBUuni LIM- 

pKKaa 2T1— & Ths pnflitares • 
ltUa,«Ith ■ vond-oit border, deil<< 
telili iDoat neitd MiilaeU*, ea ap 
eipUlBln^ tlw frenttipLeoB, end c< 
mentUT Tanaa, le the omrteoiu r 
>i>d tha taUa or tha flnt BcUon, toi 
7 lenvaL Copies or lUa adlUon kiiik 

197, B, oonteinlng 

m the Biilleh Uu- 

fclLo, Pp. 4*8. pp. 
K Gsoeln^oii.' Pp. 

. m A^teelnR with 

npp.SO— 1 

cODUiDlng ea etcheiuemwl fOr Tho 
Hovard, EMTle of Arundell mud Stii 
There are maDT erTors In the pegini 
ud».U8uide are omitted. The 
flituni ana title. dadlcaiioQ to ■ Thoi 
narlo of Armdell end S^ntij; ' to 

pub1lihar,an4 Iha table of thaArettaatfoo, 

Srd, Land. l«S8.fblla. pp. 43»,b^9ldea de- 
dIcaCIOD, and preface, liileedt Hon, having 

ooiiHidered ^be mom correct, the*™hH^ 
qiieot onci having been ipollt by B. Blotna 

' 4th. LosSTiMO, folln. Tbia fourth edl- 

llon'iirK. Cherlei II., is dcdiealed lo !he 
Mar^uliof Hartfbrd by Kklieid lilofoe, 

QentlenHn,' by Fnncle Newer. Tlie work 
ta eitended to 444 pagM. The'ReRJiler 
of the KnlghU of tlia aartei' la dedicated 
totlie E«l of Northiiniberlaiid, and the 
" ■ ■ • -Jamiiela' to Sir Edmond 

Blduinl Itloms. Theaa 

II. folio. In Ibil Brarth ' 

Mcon. isrt. I 

page; > conclusion, one leaf; table, S 
leavee. The preBiturea are. a title, tn 

IV. Bertram Atbburnhata. Edw. Le 
Divlii icolp. p. 10, V. John Lord Ba- 
laayie, Barron of Worlabfe. B. Whits 

ihertabiiry, |i. 14. VJL. Heneaga Lord 

(«. bin throne), p.'ifl. IX. The n,jml 
Atehelremeiiloflili Uajoty. ;. la. X 
XI. Klevea Atchelvementa of bukea. p. 
— ■"■ "'-—-- '-ilet. Uirqaeo o( 

;, Google 

f Allul 

rl<» Ue.ui 

cUln R. While 
XXVi. TlioDiu B< 


lip. p. M. XXTlf 
XXnLVAldileieDHnU of [lii)><ip>! 


It. Eirlt « 


Tb« Binnsr dlipliT'd. Loud. ITW-e. 
flVo. S >iili. Uta. Sd. Vol, I. pp. £711. Vol. 
11. pp. 070 to SH, lnoludlng tli- IndlMI xl 

Qdilpjk, [Edw.] Skialethei*. 
£m SkuiiEtbeia. 

-The go 
of 6i 
G66. 4to. 7b.' 6d. 

RaUUon of th« t 


Stgna or Hoon, taai 



In Onlpu: 
of lbs Fnncli In 

1>rE»ll9h Nsvlgatora, nho gsva tbem 

ScU. B/H. ■■', fimierly.CspUlnIn 

I'-fEMh. Loud. 1791. tio. WUlotl, 715, 
11a. Dniy, lua. ru»iii. Ita. 

GutOK, J. M. B. de 1a Mothe. 
Poems translated from the French 
of Madam de Cl'iiion by the Istu 
William Cfjwper ; to which are 
added eome original Foemo of Wm. 
Cowpsr, not inserted in his Works. 
Hevvport Pagnel, 1801. I2mo. 

Tbs elemplir; Lllb of Un>e. Qnjoa, 
tnoiUtol by T. Dlgbf Bnoksii. Load. 



Sigismni " 
statclje Tragedie of Guiacard and 
gismond. Set Hait, Joseph. 

WiLiKE, WiDiam. 

— The life of St. tTmula, and 
Guiscard and Sigismund. 161B. 4to. 

bnrgh« Club br the Duka of DeTHiililra. 
T^ilrtj-one coplet primed In bl«clc lulter. 
mrM.BTkei,163t,SI.Ni. Hi»irell.a(H4,4J. 
Dent, pi. II. 1313, SL2i. Hsnilint,ie&8,!l,il, 

QtraaE, SsmueL A Catalogue 
and det^led Account of a Taluable 
and curiouB CoUection of M8S. col- 
lected in Hindostan. Lond. IBOO, 
4(0. 2a. 6d. 

OciBl. — An niatary containinge 
that wbiob hath happened sent the 
Departuie of the House of Outae, the 
Conslsble, and other trom the Court 
being at Bt. Germaini. 1562. 16ma. 

•r'uuv^e, u! 

U.DJ^XII. Lond. bj. 


••- Slid Kliu:itiu'tt< 
1. bf HouUnd Hk 

1 for Ednird BvllOD, 

HsABHX, Thomas. Willi 
Newbnrj. Eiatoric«l Sodei 

Odllitbb, John. Travels 
John OulliTer, By John T 
Lond. 1731. 12mo. 2 to1«. 

;, Google 

958 Bvs 

VUh i froutlBplKe b7 Hi^mnh. Stee- ; 
TdDL ia», El. ad. Gough, 151T, it. Bd.. 
WUIeK, ion, Si. 

Odluvebuita. a Sequel to 
Pope and Swift. Lond, 12mo. 
172S. cuts, it. 

QuLLITKB, LemoeL See Swrer, 

QuMBLi, Thomss, D.D, The 
Life of General Monck. Lond. 
1671. 8to. 69. 

With An eicflUen[ notiee of 
tUa tory or roynHW Ufe of Muiit will he 

285— 91, ilT.lS3-ai. Gough, ia02,BB.M. 

GUKS, John. An historioal In- 
quiry respecting the Performance 
on the Harp in the Highlands of 
Scotland. Lond. 1807. 4to. 7b. 6d. 

Disn up by datin »f the Highlud 
floeiety. i-xbob fihk. 18s. 

— William. An Inquiry into 
the Origin end Influence of 
Gothic Arcliitecture. Lond. 1819. 

A work diipliyiiiE niy conildenbli 

— Cartonenaia, or au Account 
of the TapestricB m the Palace of 
tiie Tatican. Lond. 1831, 8yo. 


Gdjwikq, Peter, aucoeeeively, 
Bishop of Chichester and Elj. A 
Contention foe Trntli ; in two pnb- 
lio DiBputations between Mr. Gun- 
ning and Mr. (Hen.) Denn, eon- 
cerning the Baptism of Infante. 
Lond. 1658. "- 

3obl«m nnmuked. FHrig, 1«SS, ISmc. 

The pMClwl, or Lent Fut, mpostoliMl 

and perpaltuL WUb u Appendix. Load. 

A'»ved<tt«a,pub]i>hed in (ha Libnry 
or Aiiglo.C*tliitla Tbeology. Oirord, 

QuHKHia FxHitr.— Documents 
of the. Cheltenham, 1831. ro;al 
8»o. privatelj printed, lOs. 6d. 

.I'n of the Ghmpowder-Treason : 
collected from approved Authors, 
M well Popish as FroteBtont. Lond. 
167S. 4to. 

plol.' Eeprliitsd io I1i« B»MDd volmns of 
-■-- "-maiV Collection of Tncu, and In 
ltd Toluma of tbe UstIiIhi 3dli- 

The Amigmnent ind Eiecntlsa of 
_.LteTr»IMr — " - "--—-••—- 

lor, IhB tifoui,™. 
lit, reprinted ii 

■ Kelitionorth 

tides. Bya'.B.C.l>.E.Aiidiio"tiyconaii=i^ 
TorsMS from the fowdor-Treason. Uy 

ftc. Frankflirt, 16M, «w. With PlalBa 
ANirrafiTflof thoGunpo-aerPlcttiy 

LiohioMMnnl puMlsbedln 'Criraiial 
Triali,' one ol Cliules Knlghl's nhiUlng 

&t GiBBBT, Honry- ViciBS, John. 

relallng to tb« Ounpovdar Flut. ^» 

GuNTEB, Edmund. Works. 
Fifth Edition, corrected, io. by 
WilL Leyhoume. Lond. 1673. 4to. 

Bext edilion of thisemlnant mBtbemii- 
tlciao'i vorka. A sev titls-piige ii pro- 
filed 10 Boma copleo nf this odltiao, date 
leiiO, and DIlltDg U a aliU> edition. 

;, Google 

riiblished by Symoo Patrick, D.D. 
Fiddlev, p. 1. 1883, U la. ii. 
(W, lI.Si. HKnth.teiS. Ulklwrc, 
8S53. 161, niuiE pAfEii. Dent, pi, 1. 
1333, ruBBit, SL it. Duksr, 383, II. Sa. Sir 
M. ». Syke».Ht. I. tSBT, U. 8n. North. 
m. 11. ITI, niMfii,*!. 4ii. Fonlhill, 835i, II. 

1768,«.i9«.-CoHai«ii. "Pp W8, not lu- 
cliiding li*lC.IItls, title,Bnd prersce signed 
S, P.— PJalM. 1. The -ost proipeet of 
the Cilliednl. Du. K1i>e «. H. The 
north prospect. D. Klii;?d<>L, and no. p. S». 

■ItHr piece, p. BS4. Bome oiilea, U Ik seld, 

An Epttome of Mr. Giinlon'a HlBlorr 
of I'eterburoiigh Cathedral. Tlie eleventh 
edition. Feterb. 1801, Sid. *i Dp. vllh a 
vlev or the Cathedral. 

OruDOH, Thomh, The Eistorj 
of the high Court of Parliatnent, 
its Antiquity, Fre'emiaence^ imd 
Authority, with the Histcir of 
Court Baron and Court Leet. Lond. 
1731. 8to. 2 vols. 


Ottblt, Dr, Anatomy of tbe 
Hone, trsnstated from the Q«mian 
b^ P. Willymott. Oblong folio, 
with TolumB of Engliah lettm-presa 
in 8to. Lond. 1833. puh. ai Zl. Se. 
II. It. 

OuHNiLL, William. The airia- 
tian in complete Aimour. Lond. 
1655, 6, 8, 62. small Ho. 4 vols. 

Botheby'Bln 1(01, 11. IrL— Glaeg. 1T6T, 
fbllD. l^ li,— Idnd. leoB. 8to. t •oU U. iH. 
—Lond. lesi, 8T0. * ToU. II, lOi.— Lend, 
la ,2<olB.e>o. 

GCBIJET, HudeoQ. ObeerrationB 
on the Bajeui Tapestry. Lond. 
1817. 4(o. 



— Joeeph. Brachyfraphy, 
an easy and compentuons Sye 

of Short-hand, improred by Tho- 
mas Oumsy. Lond. 162S. Fifteenth 
edition. 12iD0. 10a. 6d.— Improred 
edition, 12mo. 1S43. 

— W,, M.A. The Pocket Bic- 
tionary of the Holy Bible. Loud. 
1826. ISmo. 

Selected and irranKed from GaliDet, 

GURT7.BB, Nicholas. Be Wil- 

belmi III Mag. Britaniiin B^is 

Eipeditione Hibemia FaDegyrioua. 

Am»t. 1690. folio. 
Gdbton, Glimmer. fiM BmtL, 

John, Bishop of Bath and Welle. 

BiTSOir, JosE^b. 
GuaiATEs ADOLPKtrB, King of 
TfldBn. The new Star of the 

North shining upon Oustavus 

AdolphuB. Lond. 1033 4to, 29. 6d. 

Sii BUHE, Tjcho. HinTB, ReT.Wal- 
r. Swedeo. S>edleh Intelligencer. 
GiiBTiVUB Adolphcb IT., King 
of Sweden. An historic] Sketch 
of the last Yrare of the Keign of 
GustaTUa Adolphun the fourth, late 
King of Sweden. 1812. 6vo. 10s. Bd. 
GuTCH, John. CoUectanea Cu- 
3es ; or, miscellaneous Tracta re- 
lating to the History and Anti- 
Siitiea of England and Ireland, 
e TTniTersitiee of Oiford and 
Cambridge, and a Variety of other 
Sutgecta. Oxford, 1781. Bro. 2 

ChieST collected, and no* flnt pi<b- 
llnhed, ftaa the Afanuecripta of Airh- 
blahop eancroR, given to the Bodleian 
Library bj the Ute Blebep Turner. Kox- 
burghe, BGW, l&i. Iltath, <63«, Ua. fld. 

Sa WiMD, Antony L 

— J. M., of Bristol Obeerrt- 
tionB or Notee upon the Writingd 
of the Ancients, upon the Hste- 
riala which thej used, and upon 
the introduction of the Art of 
Prinf ing. Bristol, 1827, royal 8to. 

Htb copiei prfuted ?or private dlitiitni* 

Su BDan(-HooI^ WiTBia, Georg*. 

OUTHBIE, Maria. A. Tour, 

1796-6, through the Taurida, or 

Crimea, the anlicDt Kingdom of 

;, Google 

the otho' Countriea on the north 

Shore of tiie Euzine, oeded to 
BiuBiit b; the Peace of £amardgi 
ind Jub;. Lond. 1802. 4to. 

with ■ s»p sad encnTlngs of eoliu, 
medals. See. A Ilvsly deutlpUon of [he 
vuioui trlbea tbit Inhibit th« (Mcisb. 
Th« put whlsh Te1at«B to uUquftieH was 

je89,ll«.^OougM™e,ilii. Koiburglie! 
Tier. U. la. LAEOBPiraa. 

QiTTRRtii, William. A general 
EiBtoiT of Sagl&nd, from the Invo- 
eion of the Ronume to the Rerolu- 
tion in 168S. Lond. lTU-51. folio. 

A TorjhletoTTrfBngUna.liTonmeiiiw 

Ralph's Ennland. 8 TolB.fbUo. S«KilJ.H. 
Dent, with Rnlpb'a. i vola. il. 

A geoenil Hlitoiv of Scottaad, ttom the 
earliest Aeuianti to the preeeiit Time. 
LmiJ. 1187.8. Bio. 10 toU. Pnbliihed In 
niimben. Brockett, 1^», U 5a. Tone- 
1«r, nt. II. IfiO, II. Ua. OtiUct, 991, 31. 
Koibursbe, sroe, 3L IDl 

■i^irriHD the best AuthorlUaa. L<>n.l.l713. 
ttiL Vol. I.pp. te9. New title, 17S;!, with 
dfldlcaUgii to K, George III. tuI. II. 1763, 
376 pageaF An uorellabJe, Incomplete 
cumpllallon, en the plu ot Dugdale aoil 

A eenenl Hlatory of the World, Irrm 
the Cieatinn tn the prewnt TIniB. By 

Lnnd, 1761-7. evo. la 'OU. Publlahid In 

a. Johnson, llrockatl. 1128. 1(. 10a. 
A ffeographtciJ, lltBlortcal, and comniar. 

Id all .lien, the Gret In 1770, Mlh In 18:^1 
410. ThesDiRllMeaareiDOBllrabridged. 
ISmo. 1818, edited bj Di.enpon. 

GtTTHET, Henry, Bishop of Dun- 
beld. Memoirs. Loud. 1702. 8to. 

BoxbuKha, StTO, t3e. Bp oF Gl7,3M, 
185. Hlbbert, 3«W, 8i.— Gla.g. 1717. 
ISmo. la. In the Cbethim Library u, 

primed one. 

Gut, Borl of Warwick. Cy 
commence Qny de Waniioh, Cbe- 
Tolier d'Angleterre. Paris, pour 
Fronooie Begnault, 1525. folio. 

lut nnnibered li 


— The Booke of the mosta tIo- 
toryoiu Prince Guy of Wamick. 
Lond. hy W. Copland. 4to. 

tOD'i UWUny of English Poetry. 

— The HistoTT of Guj Earle of 
Warwick. (La Verse.) Lond. by 
John Cawood. 4to. no date. 

— The famous Hieloty of Guy, 
Earl of Warwick, in Veree by 
Samuel Rowiaoda. Lond. 1667. 

TblBTBr^onlsdlflbrent from GopeUnd's 
edition. WhlteKnlgbD|,S71»,7l i;ii.6d. 

— The renowned History of Guy 
Earl of Warwick. Lond. 4to. 
Printed for C. Batea m Fye Comer, 
(about 1700). 

Ito. RoiLbnrghe. 32^, t 

II. 10a.— Lond. ITta 


8mo. of this popular 
bed about 1868, by 

;, Google 

Br Bamiul Peue. I.L.l). Lund. IIS 
Pun r>f no. Nit:1iolii> BIbl. 1 

Qdt, 'niomas. Cop; of the Isit 
Will and TcatameDt of Thomas 
Guj,foniniaroftheHo8pilaL Lond. 
172G. 6to. 2a. 1732. 8to., wilh Ad 



_.n EiBT on Dwitli-Bsa Ch»rit7,t 
pUIWlnlhe Llfc of Ur Tbomu 

the lloiiriM), MBdmna Jm >j|chDl 
Stint AlbiiDS, tnd Hr. Fnncli Ban 
(rnundei ot tba AlmnhoBMi In Vi 
ohipel), lita of Loulon, Unper, 
Land. I7S3. Bro. [AKribsd to John 

Qvfi Hospital Reports, Fint 
Seriea, 183G-1842, 7 toIb. 8»o. 4i. 
lis. Beoond Series, 1813-66,8Tob. 
averaging about ]4«. each. Third 
Series, 1856-56, 3 toU. 7s. Sd. each, 
and New Series, 

Gdtdickbbs, p. W. 5m Wit- 
rOLB, H. Hiitorio Doubts. 

Gdtlkirdb, Sir Bidui^ This 
il thebegynnpigeand contynuaimce 
•of the Pylgrymage of Sir Bieharde 
Oujlfarde, Knighte and controuller 
unto our late Sourerajgne Lord 
Kpig Henrv the VII., and howe 
he went nith l^s eerrauntes and 
eompa^ towardea Jhenualem. 
lond. E. Pvnson. 1511. 4to. 

BUek latter. OnOaliim. A—K. In liim. 
fUity letvsB. UnlqufL Cildesott, 1831. 
3N.,noir[iiUieQnD>llieCDll«Uoa. Se- 
pitntJDgbytbeCAUJU Socibtt. 

OvYOH, L'Abb^ DissertAtioD 
<m the Amazons. 

QenOeman'ii JUKgsdna far ITil. 

ClUYS, Peter Aug. A sentimental 
Joumn^ through Greeoe, translated 
from UiB French. Lond. 1772. 3 
Tola. 12mo. 6s. 

Wlllall, lOSI, Si. 

ChTTBB, John, D.D. The practi- 
cal Expositor ; or, an Exposition of 
the Kew Testament, with oceasionsl 
Not«s and serious Becolleetions at 

1 of eadh Cliapter. Load. 

1781. »lo. S Tola, with pOTtmtt. U 3a.— 
Dr. tioTW vu ID omlnent diueDtln.^ 

GrzUAH, Hinda and Hannam 
outatript, being a Discorery of the 
irbote Ait^ Misterj and Antiquity 
of TheeTee and Theering, with their 
Statutes, Laws, Ciutonu and Prac- 
tices ; together with many newand 
unheard of Cheat* sod TrepBoaiiigs. 
Lond. 1667. 12nio. 

With a fioutianien. Nasuo, bL I. 

GwxDiB or GwTDiB Family. 
Set WrnvB, Sh- John. 

Gwnxni, Sir Heniy. A Collec- 
tion ol Acts and Beoorda of Par- 
liament, with Records of Caeea 
argued and determined in the 
Courts of Law and Equi^, respect- 
ing Tithes. Lond. 1801. royal 8fo. 
4 toIb. — New edition, with notes by 
C. Ellis. Iiond. 18''5 rojol Bto 
i vols. 11. 12s. 

CoDdnil of Iha Corporation of Iha City 
f LMulon rvKiHMSIins the BahuUdln^ at 

NotllitAnuitBCloniMlUJUiia. Man- 
ila Nullcon of tiieBulldlDgl of ArcMWcU 

;, Google 

phT, or EitiDplei of aliai 
u fur Ihelr PrulMllun. & 

'u^.-MeirsdlUni. Land. 181^. I 

Bd. Mpiiui. : 

ipBdIt of AicUtMtnn. Innid. 

1 Dt the nnubia 

Criddsm. 1 

"Tbeirchllectunl norki of Kr.'owiU I 
tn in gnU ealimatlon. 

QwiNEiT, Ambrose. The Life, 

strange VojageB, and uneommon 

AilTenturea of A, Q. the lame 

Begguvman. Lond. S<o. Ss. 

FrequenUy rEprlnud 

Qwray, Eleanor. Memoirs of 
the Life of Nell Qwinn, Mialregs to 
K. Charles II. (bj John aejmour, 
Comedian). Lond. 1753. 8to. 

A kind oF pHDeejrIe on Nell. Lloyd, 
141,1.^80. riold, 1193, lis. 

— Lifa, by Peter Cunningham. 
Lond. 12mo. 1S50. 

OwiNNB, Matt. Kero, Tragiedio, 
Lond. 1603. 41o. 

liDibnritliA, MSS, Si. BlndleTi pt. il. 
lias, It 6d,— LoLid. 1839. lUino. M. Sd. 

Re-d, 79I«. It las. i:lndle7, pi. 11. 'l4St i 

*s. Koihuwhs, ansa. 4*. s 

OiitioneidiueLnndinllubKielD.A'.i- | 

ri nf T. Bertbelst. 

ler..nd jotoThondoofUia lYoOTke. Lond, 
15M. Impr. In iliB Hov. of T. BflMbolBl. 

QwYM, David. Certaine Enghah 
Verses penned by Dsrid Orwyn,vrho 
for the Space of elueven Yeares and 
ton Monetbs was in most grieuoua 
Servitude in the Gkllies, rnder the 
King of Spaine, Ac. Lond. bj 
Eichard Hudson. (1568 ?) 16mo. 

Ilfurlcl OomlUB Dcrbleuii, ice Oion. 
was. 410. 
Ill AueHarem Chpnica, Hd Tiia Ms- 

Iho-I Oiryim AdverBKrU. LDiid.U(II.4ln. 
A hfeofairyiuwirlllbefoiiad In Wood's 

OwiNNETE, JohD. A brief De- 

clai-ation of the notable Victory, c 

^usn of God to Queue Mary, made ' 

in the Church of Luton, bj John j 

Gwinneth Vicar there, the S3 Julj, p 

1553, in llie ilrst Tere of her Keigu. P 

A pUTDeDsrcODitrstlonof JoHnF] 
ndtiitthiidyii^ of Lulio Bccipture. lULd of 

ad.iai.lU. JoUey, SOI. 153. Unique, 
ill the coplu quoted bolng tbe s*m«. 

Ow^rNlT, John. London and 
Woatiuinster improred. Load. 
1766. 4to. U. la. 
To vblch ti prefixed a diKonrsaaa pnb- 



. Tlie dedlc^Uun to the King ■■■ 
n by Dr. Sen. JoliOBOO. E«id,«««, 
Beker, -ua, 19*. Dent, pt L 1*79^ 
m. II. ITi. CMmlin.— Pp. itI ind 

;, Google 


■n Account of the Earl of Olen- 
caira'B Eipedition, 1653-4. By a 
Fereoa who was Eje and Ear Wit- 
neaa to erei^ Transactioo. With 
an Appendix. Edinb. 1822. 4to. 

Uf thji curloog work on BcgtUih biitery 
BU wrllMp hy Mir Wkilei SaU, B«t 

Gybbon. Sh GibbOK. 

GrvriXD, Ac. Sa Oiffobd, 

Grrm, A, for the Ven- Yere, or a 
PUthc^ Fleeaujit«, and Profitable 
Path-waie to the Black Letter Para- 
dTse. Comb. 163S. IZaxo. 

A BibUognphlal Jan d'eaprit (by tbe 
BaT. C. Hutihanis). OBlj SO oopiu. Prl- 

Eh oppoHt 

nUlr prinMd. Wnnibam, ITa. BUib 

GrLKS, J. P. Elemente of He- 
breir Grammar. In two Forts. 
Lond. 1B14. 8to. 

Tbe dlOleiiltlei >bl 
proE»ia In tba Hebr 

^« praHDt gnuamar. wh^ch La cbuac. 
tsriaadbr almplMtjof mumemailclui- 

An Euar on tbe anlbenlldrr or tba 

Gtxlivb, Pet. Tbe Antiquittea 
of Ckmstantinople, translated from 
the Latin by John BslL Lond. 
1729. 8vo. 6s. 


;, Google 

ton. 6te Da- 
t rrta, John, of 

TlH inlUdl h. H. 
I ' Abnhun BKt- 

«i11, 1 lUak-'—Aia. A Wood. 

H. A. — ITie Scourge of Teniu. 
1618, 1614, 1620. Stt Yencs. 

H. ^.—Ste Kakb, Bdward. 

H. F. — SwHnioHiKBOii, SWieie. 

H. H.— A ConBultorie for all 
ChrUtione, most godl; uid eaniestl; 
v&mTQg all Fwple to hewtae leaat 
tlu^ bean the Name of ChrUtiaiu 
in Tain. Woroestor, by John 
Obwbd, 1549. 16mo. 

Blukletlw. loglii, see, U 18l 

H. H.— £'mEollavii,H. Mii- 

K.'l.—'Uhe Diyel of flia Vanity 
or the TTunwkiiig of UmtbeT, in b 
brief Declaration of the Oaoo-Iicke 
— complotted Treason lately dia- 
corered, & Foem. By I. E. Lond. 
1606. 4to. 

A cartoui poetlal (net on the Qbd- 

Sird«r Plot. aiMwm. SSt, ITi. Sir M. 
Sfkes, pi. I. lOlM, 41. *». Sngbl, II. 
Hebur.ptiT, It 

H. I. — The HoTie of Correotioii ! 
er emrtajne Satjricall Epigrams, 
*c, written bj I. H-, Q«nt., lond. 
1619. email Svo. front. 

Pp. K. Pnibablr wrillm. by John 
H«tb. Bindley, pt- Hi. USD, 81. 13a. «d. 
BIbL Angls-PDet. 8M, GL Sl Hsber. pi. 
It. 81. IS. pt Till. U. Bl Ho ftnnt. Uu- 
vaiil, 18Ba, ai. lOa. 

H. I.— Newea 
Lond. 1613. 4.U). 

H. J.— King Chwlee hie Enter- 
tainment and LondoD'e Lojaltie, 
being a trne BeUtion utd De«orip. 

t of Barbaiy. 

tion of the HamMT of th« CitiM 
Welcome, and fiipreaion of th« 
Subjects Lore to hu Boyall Mqn- 

t bie Betorn from Sootland. 

. 1641. 4to. 


J.— Apx"'*"'"'") M,» View 
of Anliqai^, preecrated in a Hhtn^ 
hot rafflcicnt Aoconnt of eome c^ 
the Fathers, by J. H(ow6ll), M.A. 
Lond. 1677. 8to. 68. 

%-aen Howell) Tien of AoUiDlly. LouL 
SO. 8>o. 

H. J. — Choice Compendiom, or 

Collection of the nevest and most 
sligbtfiil Songs. Lond. 1681. 12mo. 

H. J.— The Onedan Stoiy, being 
an bietorical Poem, with the Qrort^ 
bj J. H. Lond. I6S4. 4to. 

With ■ iVoBllipleca, oontitidiw t pop- 
Inll of tbeiatbw, J, H, l.a. J.Huriag- 
toD.DDileratiH. Heber, pt. TiU. Ss. 

H. J. — Laneaeter'e Afuracre, or 
the new way of Advancing the Pro- 
testant Beligion, and eipreesing 
Loyaltia to the King and Queene. 
Lond. 1643. 4to. 

Oougb, 3917, 9i. a. 

H. J. — Works for Chimney 
Sweepers. Sn TobaoCO. 

H. J.-Thia World's Polly, or 
a Warning Pe«o« diecbarged at die 
Wickednesse thereof. Lond. W. 
Jaggard, forNicholaa Bourne, 1615. 

Some Tenea it tlu end, mgahiBta tul- 
eome DedlutliinB. Habei. pt. Till. at. a>. 

H. J.— The Holy Lirea of Qod'i 
Fropbets. Land. 1664. 12mo. 

H. I. or J.—St« Hau, John. 
HiiWABK, Sir John. EiUtJohn. 

;, Google 


H, B, 

Hbate, Jamea. 
John. Hoaiix, John. 

H. I. M.—S«e HTim, John. 

E. I. R.—'Rie most eicellent 
ffiatoris of I^simachui and Ysr- 
Kou, Daughter to Sjllaniu, Duka 
of Hjmta, in IberatUa. Load. 
1601. 8to. 

Tbd hlilorla !• prinlAd la the tilick 

Ih* RDmu. Tha dgdicaHsn u < Hanry 
'WHoibsilT. £v1« of EauIhunplDn,' la 
^Kned I- 11. A Dopv Is ia tkie E U aam w e 

H. L. — Diotionnairie, Fwinch 
and Enriiah, b; E. L. Lond. 
E«tU7 Bvimenuui, 16T0. 4to. 
Inglii. I»4 morocco, 41. 1 It. 

E. M.— Historia Britannue. Oi. 
1640. Sae Bsiiumu, and 8. (E). 

E. If.— Ifathaniel Hooke. Btt 

H. M., D.D. Set Uvstcs, 

H. B. — The Promina, containing 
tha Maner, Place, and Time of the 
inaitt illiuter King Jamea the text, 
hia flreC Famase to the Feildis: 
directit to his Uienes he P. E. fa- 
miliar Seniitoor to his Maieatie. 
Edinhurgh be Johne Rob. for H, 
Charteria, 16B0. ISmo. 

H. P. See Hdub, Patrick. 

H. B. — A Discoursa of the na- 
ttoDul EiceUenciea of England, 
{bv Richard Bawkina.) '"'■■' 

ttnllii, UO, Bo. ad. AnD 

H. B. — Paradoiical Aeserttona 
•od philoaophical Problenia, full of 
Ddight and Hecrfation for all 
Lsdiea and youthful Fancies. Lond. 
lUd. 12II10. 

H. B.— The School of Becre^ 

tion. Lond. 1681. 12mo. 

riaarEoTT. HnurUi, BSl. llL—lTIO. 




bf DiTld LtlDg. 

' digeated, bj B.(oben) 

E.{oiTlett), Baq. Lond. 1706. l£mo. 

7i. ed. &ont. and one ■plate. 

Havonh, 88T, null, Mi. Bat 
la18Z9, iri. M ibur, lai, IOl 

H. B.— The Boyal Partime of 
Cock-fighting. Lond. 1709. 8to- 
SothebT'a Id IB2S, ITi. Hllaer, 137, 
4a. «d. Habsr, pL 1. U 

H. E, — See Khu-im, Rich. Hat- 

CKBB, B. ElAD, Bich. HlTBBBT, B. 

E. B.— Boa Cceli, or a Uiacd- 
lony of Bjwnilatione, Divine, Moral], 
Ac Ijimd. 16ia 12mo. 
Habra, Ta M. 

H. 8.—Se* EASSma, Samuel. 
HABgviT, Samud. Hzbsb, S. 

H. T.— The BesTtie of the re- 
markable Yeaie of Orace, 1638, 
the Teare of the great Covenaiit of 
aoofland. Edinb. 1638. 4to. 

BlRht learea. Sdptiiilad is ' Vartfua 
"■— - -PBglel™ dcotlBh Poetry,- adlud 


B(Hliini|he, eiSO, 14a. 

H. T.— Eialory of Sir Bichard 

WMttington, three Times Lord 

Mayor of I/)ndon. Lond. Pi-inled 

for Thaokeraj, Ito. 

WlUi TOod cdU. NaaiaD, pt. ». %0, 


H. T.—See EnvoOD, Thomae. 
Howiu, ThoB. 

H. W.— a^land'i Boiroif, or a 
BVvewell to Eaaei, with a Comne- 
moration of the famona LiTes and 
untimely Deaths of many irorthie 
peraons which haye lived in Eng- 
land. Lond. published for E. 
Ruckett, 1606. 4to. 

'HODuun Epiupbea,' [be CMdiJidd oa 
K a lays prlnud at Loodoa by ViIcdUik 
aimmea, leofi. 

H. W.— *r-«HA»nfoin>, WiUiam. 
Esu^Williiini. EiOEBS, William. 
HOMOF, William. Hd«KU, W, 

Habixzdk. -A neir Trasslation 
of the Pnyn- of Habakkok. the 
Praver of Hoses, and the CZXXIX 
Psum, with a Conunsntary, Ik. by 
Wm. Green, M.A. Canib. 1755. 4te. 
I'lopfwleiifUaWkknk. Oifcid,ie46.4u* 

;, Google 

Hamsci, Elias. The preaeot 
State of the Ottomau Empire- 
Loud. 1781. 8to. 6s. 

cllus. UilcntU, 17Da. Std. 6a. 

Habihstoh, Thamaa, aeueted 
by hJB son WilliBin. The Historie 
at Edirard IV. ot England. Land. 
Th. Cotes. 1640. folio. 

BKUtctaeoQ, ij ElatiMks. 
B383, Bs. Hdtth Tooke, 307, 

■In o('k. Ch.rlehI.,larepL 

— William. Castara, (in three 

C), with a Preface and Note« bj 
lea A. Elton. Sristol (IS12). 

which oughl li 
Gh^InKm' edition of ib'c^iitiBh Voea, ta 
flouthey's Xarly BrUiih AcU. 

GuUn, roanii tMnmti to hli WUt 
Lid> Ijicie, duightcr of Lord PovJa, 1 
IwcTuis. LaniTuSM. 4to. E«ed, esst 
1^ Llord, BS3, II. 14a. Oordonslooi 
IIBT. 11. 17S, North, pt. ill. 7E3, rnQrocco 

The second ediUon. conectel tai ing 
mented. (two pirtaV Land, I63S. limo 
pp. 16T, with MUe, Ac. S kivcs. Whib 
KotBbta, 1849, 1««. Llojd.HW. moroccc 
11.4a. Bindley, pt II. E3% II. 11a. 6d 

The thlii 8diUoiI,ln'8p«rU, comoler 

prlnud la Uodale; a CollecUoa of old 
ODier'atioiuspon theHlatotts of Henry 

LloTd, 015,101. 
\ Hackk, Capt. Wniiaiii. A Col- 
. lection of original Vojag 
"owlej'i Voyage r< 
Sharp's Joumej i 
ot Darieo, Wood's Toy- 
age thjo' the Streighte of Magellan, 
and Roberta' AdTsntures among 
the Corswra of the LeTant. Lond, 
J. Knapton. 1699. 8to. 
Soiburghe, 7144, tt. Naaaui, pt 1. 

Uaceet, John, Bp. of Litchfield 
and CoTontiy. Scrinia reeerate : 
the Life of Archbishop Williams. 
Lond. 169S. folio, portnit by 

nc^ett, ' 

il. 18s. Bindley, pL 11. 633, at ISa. pt 
ill. MIS, twn Isevei wanting, II. 13b. 
BibL Anglu-Foet. 3», Sf.Ss. 





Ihele-a ab. 

tnds with 









hi me, D.D. 


1676. fot 


Ithome, (D 


— ChristianC!on9olation>, taught 
from fiye heade in BeligioD. Faith, 
Hope, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, The 
lond. 1671. 12mo. 

Inaened by Bp. Hebar. Id toI. I. of his 

lUon ot Bp. Jenmy Taylor's Work!. 

EaCeett, Maria. Brief Aoooont 
of Cathedral and Collegiate Schools. 
Lond. 1827. 4to. U. Is. 

PntVATEH fuHTED. With WO Appm-. 

lOIBTRini El.t«lH)St»AEI« DlVI PlUU 

>irDiNiHBie, now Aiat prioled bom the 

— Correepondeace and Evidences 
reepectiDg the antient school at- 
tached to Saint Paul's Cathedral. 
Lond. 1614. 4to. Privately printed. 

;, Google 

Haceeit, John. Select and re- 

mar^Bble Bpitsplu oa illiiBtrious 
and olJiBT Peraoni, in several Parts 
of Europe. Lond. 1757. lamo. 


1 Kti varka.' Seed, 

Hackiuk, Bev. James. ■ 
Love and Madness. 

HtSDiNSTON, The Earl of. Po- 
ems on several Occasions. Load. 

1765. 8vo. 

Enlrenwlv mersiiltli * " 

tiUllon einTollvcoiTHl 

■—1137. Rmi), 
— 1783.' ~Bi>ibui«ba, 8488. Us. Sd. 3voli! 

Hadsoh, Walter, LL.D. Lueu- 
brationei, passiia coUecIa t edits, 
studio & kbare ThomEe Hatcheri. 
Iiond. a. Seresium. 1567. 4to, 

This colleetlanor Ontloni ud EpIMlei 

tan. Item, EpiBtolK etl Ju»bl. Adhmi 
rBlmniDiuldlacenUiliniuleitlDB. Om- 
Bia tmo conpnhsuu VenlbuA Authore 
D. Guilt. Huddim. Lond. >pud Beg, 
VnoUnm.lHifi. lamo. ChiUIus ! itiHU. 
A SlAt of til* E^1nll■*11 Feule, ihii 
li the £v»ven of D. H^on ag^nit the 
Eplill* erUiennlmuiOiorluaiPonugill, 
■ntliled a Peuie tor a PrinH, Tnnalaied 
wt of Lattyn Lnto b^nittlnbe b^ Abraham 
HartirslL Lond.W, Seraa, (1B«0). Itoo. 
Beber.pLv. 71. 

i.oiid. O. fiarendini. 1678. lOm". Bright, 

pre Euaogollrie Veilntla 

artaken and ciMltiDUed b; M. 
9, and now eDgltshad by Jaines 

A knlLtlog Tp to Ihe Reader.' 
1 part of thia work la nprlnled 

TTjn i.MV, George. A r.evr and 
complete History of the Town aJid 
Coimtf of Kingston upon Hull. 
Kingston upon Hull, 1788. 4to, 

Taimelay, pt. li. 981, il. Wi. «d.— Crf- 
UMm, Pp. S87, buldea title, dsdlcatJoD, 

tzreo. Fagpa 1S&.B are repeated 

— Gieo., E. I, S. Introductory 
Graminatical Bemarks on the Per- 
sian Language, vrith a Tocabular;, 
English and Persian, the Spelling 
regulated by the Persian Character. 
Bath. 1776. 4to. 

Acodidlng to Dr. Adam Clarke, Ibll 

Oiammatlcal Rem* 

in Bengal. Load. l?7a. Si 

arda vlth follmrii^ Kile. 

;, Google 

Eaebsil, Bey. Jolin Qott&ied. 
Letters on ths Nicobar lelande. 
Lend. 1812. 8n>. Ss, 
— ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i MiraioiBirT of 

L Hup BobLuHB* 











H&VEZ. A Specimen of Fenian 
Poetry: or, Odee of Hafez, wttb 
an English TranaUtion and Para- 
phrase, by John Kiohard»OQ,F.SA 
Lond, 1774. 4to. 6s. 

Acconliiig lo Dr. Adun Clarke, ■ very 

hMt tlut un ba nut Into ths bsods of i 

Select Odee from tha PBralsn Poet IIi- 
tei. TrutUted into Engllih Vene, «Lth 
Hates eritiol ind eipluolorr, br Jobn 
NML LoDd- 17S7. 410. Fonthllt.tgTO.fiB. 

Ftnlsn LTrtu, or (13) scittxred foema 
from the IMwuil— HtSi; wllb l^rik- 
phnsei In Terse tod Prosa. • CHlilogaa 
oFlha Qual* u unoiteil In > Hsniiecrtpt 

PlctBK of Pilenn 

declared by aTSrgs CraoioentaiT 
(b; James FyUtjiitoii). Lond. 
1560. 16mo. 

9. ISs. 

, ByT. 

1 tlie ChethuD 
otter, uid other Illiis- 
l.Hindky. Laod.ieOO. 

ELuoD. — A Catelo|[ue of the 
Hafbd lihraiy, in two Farts. 
1806-7. 8to. 

Put 1. A C4tsloeiie of tba Peiaro U- 

bnty noir nt HifoJ. 1306. Sro.— A Cil»- 
logne of tbs Bafod Uhni ~ ' 

Hifod, laOT. ero. The i 


Habeb, JosBphj D.D. An 
planation of the elemeutaiy i 
racters of the Chinese ; wiU 
AnslTBia of their ancient Symbols 
and Hieroglyphic. Lond. 1801. fol. 

DSBl, pt.1 """ 
ru7 qnuk, w\ 

umrihta truh vbich be »Ua ChlnsM, 
i; oquklly ooDtemptlbJe od 

n hriria.'—QwiTl.Saibx. 
>Ddl> •! " 

tbe Skbrlonlen biicks.'— <Niirl.£< 


fae«ti of Ibis volume ve prlalod in a 
ant letter frHu the otbor puts. 
EBDB uid Abdlu Prophetaa, tbe oi» 
Eted, llie Dtber neirl}' added, ud both 
.ge deolBied ('ith ui EipoilUon b; 
IB Pilkingtonl. Load, ISSS. ISaio. 
iletur. Inglls. §, ISe. 
Heggeva the Prophet. Wbore vnlo Is 
added > noat plentlfBl) Commentarle ga- 

J. J, Gryneui &t. tranal. b^ Chr. Ta- 

Hasoabd, John, LL.D. Eeports 
of Cases in the Coneiatory Court of 
London, containing the Judgmenta 
' 3ii WiUimn Scott. Lond. 1822. 
'alSvo. 2 vols. 21. 2i. 
. valnaUe eoUKtion. 
:eporu of CsiH Id the HIgb Cenit of 

> Eccleilaetlial Courtt of 


sleeatee, lB»-». Load. ISSMl. roy. 
Bvu. 8 Toll. 61. Ma. Vol. IV. Parte lAl 

Report of tbe iDdgnWDt lo Der v. 
Clark and Clark, 4cltT«ad by BIr John 
NLeholt, In the PrsrngaUTB Cenit of Can- 
terbury, Easter Term, 1816. Land. IIOA 

HioaiT, J. Two letters to a 
Fellow of the Society of Antiqaa- 
ries, on the Subject of Gothic Ar- 
tJiitecture. Camb. 1813. royal 8to. 

BihL Aaglo-Poet B2S, S. Sa. Bright, 
I.2g. Beber.iriththeVialnDB, &o.lU4>. 
Vialooe.- " ""■- "'-■ — •* 

!. aa. BibL An|h>-F(»l 

;, Google 

1. I82l»^(g. A i»PT li 

Sat Bannitf BrIIlih 

HAOTHOEPXTCTiTed. Eent,1817. 

PisMOted to Uw Hamtien of the Roi- 
bnrghe Clnb by Sir E. Biydgti. It mi 
piincad at tlw printa pnu it Lee Prifry, 
entirelj on lodU ttapar, BOHWeLl, 8041, 
SI. 108. Sir M. if. Sykeg, ISM, It. U. 
DeoL pt. li. urn, U. Si. 

SL9.ia, Juitei. A. topoeTt>p'>ia^ 
Hid hiiWrioal Account ttf tha Town 
of EeSu), and of the Town and 
OMtle of Boxboi^ &o. Ediub. 
1SE5. 8vo. 6s. 

Hues, Jsraei. Tha Dje^i 
Awistant. Iieeds, 177S. 12nio. 
68. 6d. 

A niefUl comptlitloa. 

A Hill to Uie Dyen ind Clotb-mkken. 
Lend. tTTt>. Sro. Si. 

EUUB, Bir David DaliTmple, 
Lord. *''"''l' of Scotland, from 
the Jjjoeanon of Malcolm IIL to 
the Aooeaaion of the Houie of 
Stewart. Bdinb. 1776-9. Ito.Srols. 

A wotk hUhly ipaken of bv Dr. Joho- 
■m, Thn dulim It to bo ' i boot vblcb 
will tltnjt «U j It hai such a lUbllUT of 

panctulltF or Gltativn. 1 never befntre 
rud SeoEcA miDE7 vilb cortildty.' Boi- 
borcbf, SnO, 19l Biodlay, pt. 11. Mr, 
Ml — Heir otiUon, to Tbhsb an ad- 
ded, HT*nl viluabla Traeti nliClTa to 
the HlMorr and Antiqnlclei of Seolland. 
Edlab. im, 8T0. 8 mi. Boibiuvbe, sril, 
ISi. Fnilhlll,Stn,3Lla EadofKenr, 
MT, a.— Edlnb. IBl*. Sro. S toIi, pub- 
lUhed at U. Iti. «d. 

— TriMjta rdatiTe to tiie HUtory 
tad Antiqaitie* of Scotland. Edinb. 
1800. 4to. 
Boiburgh^ 8800, II. Sl Blr M. K. 

a>lM,pt.l.SU,lLie>. OnifciiU.— 1. A 
italaeiia of (Iw Idtdi of Senlon. tnm 
Um In 'tttaOm of A* Coll^a of JnRlee 
la tha Yau IBS!, with hlBtacleil Notai. 
Edlskinet pp. lT.ia,udS8. a. ACa- 
talama of iLi Faenltr of AdTaeate*. fton 
Iha laMltatkn of Uib GolleRe of JoMe* 
-"--" — '-"-'- -188, op. a. a. Tha 
■ of Dr. Fnaeki 

HAi 9G9 

itlarburr, Blihop or Boeheilar, lod W» 
rneiidi, la l7tG. Printoa In the Year 

lilts. 4. CaBom of ibe Clinrch of 8wt- 

:lis heU at Perth, jl.i>. IS42, and tJj. im. 

iBtlqniuoritaciam Majenateoi and as 
juinlrr iDto the ADthantlcltf of Legu 

SacndPoemii oraColbicUonof TiaoB- 
-*' — — ' Paraphraiei fetm the holy 

PnpoialafbT iwTylna: on a (wtalapub- 
llo Work Id tha City of Edlabuish. Edln, 

Brftlih BoBgi lauad toIiOTB and'^rtaa. 
Edlnb. 17H, Umo. FlRy aoplei prlntad. 

A H«niiDn which might hi<a bam 
pieaahad la Eaat Lolhlinnpontha SBth 
Day of Oetobar, 1T6I, fniiB Acta tiTlU. 
1. 9. 'The barbanua people iheved ui no 
Uttla ktadneii.' Edlidi. nsi, lemo. Be- 
printed Id 8to. 1TS4. An aftectlng dli- 

Bacond adiUcm, carrecled, or, Sro, Olu, 

Eov, 17M. ei.— Uamorlili lud Letten, 
1 tha reign of Cbarlei I. or. Sro. Glaa- 
gow, nw. Si, Both publUbad from tha 
ariglDill in th* Adrooatea' Ubiaiy at 

A Catalogna of tha Lordi of Beiuion, 
rtan Iba lutltDUoa of the CoUen of 
Jagtlee, In 1683; wUh hlntorlaal Sotai. 
Edlab. ITST.dto. (RnriBladlntlia roluma 
of hli Tracts tSKtV 
A SpiidaMB tf Hole* on tlie Btatota 

Tha addlUonal Can of Ellaabeth. glaln- 
Insthe Title and Dignity af the Coantaw 
oT Bnthariand. Edlnb, im, *la. 

Remiiki on tha Hlator* of Sootland. 
EdiDh. ms, cr,gTo, 4a,ed, aoihorgha, 
8SM, wltli Lad EUbaak'i ObenraUoai, 
18b. M. 

Bnnalu of OhiUtlaB AnUqnlty, wttb 

19mo.l v^.lf.l>.' Vol, 1, Account a>th« 
Martna at Smyrna and Ltddi, ToL > 
Trial of Joittn Martyr, Cyprian, Aa. 
Vol, S. Haitjii of Paleatlne, baa Enw- 

;, Google 

lag Tol.l of lile Kemiim it ClirtBluiii 

Pr^wnSi for Unitonnlty of Welehts 
ma Heoauns In St> Edinb. HIS, 

their Uirrtngeii, OlilIdnD, end Tios of 
thalr Dutb i iliw of tho Kloge of Eng- 
land end FniHie, ud of Uh Popes irho 

qnlliei of the ChriiUui Cbutch. Olug. 
An iDquirylnle tbe gKODduT Cansei 
wbleh Mr. Gibbon hu ualgned for tbe 
TftT^ ProgiBM of Cbrtotienitj. Edinb, 
1768, 410. ei, Roibnrgbe, 61*. 16«. 778i, 
11. ax. — Second edlllon. Edlnb. IBOa c 

Skelch Df tbs Lirtof John Bsitl>7, As- 

Sk«uh ^'uie'ufec? jobn I^KiqlilflD. ■ 

Kciilit riieet, «bo llTed ■bonl leoa 41a. 

eitetoh of tbe Life of Geoi^ lAsUe. 

OimtaTBS Adolphus, King of SnelSeo. 4lo, 

afcsKh of the Life of Murk Aleimnder 
Hoyd, 4L0. with poitnlt 

The little Freeholder! « druBiUe En- 
tertainment, 1190, Umo- Roiburgbe, 5024, 
3b, 6d. Beed,aOS4,lla-ed. 

Fonr nnpubUidiad Fragments, tIe, JAto 
nf MootKNK, A pbllosophieal Esiay. 
TifoCople»(oiie printed on one lide only). 
Answer (a Gibbon (H ori^ally Intended, 

wu taken from bii own Month, not long 

sblaKaigneo! __ _, 

Eliiiibeth. Loud. W. How, for 
B. JoImeB. (1575.) 16mo. 

HAiTHiK, Riobird. lihot Lond- 

A— O. Uiodley, pt. II. niula, ' 

^iog title. 

Uinnam'B lu 
yind. lese, lano. 

lU Knlation of tbe deif- 

limo. Pp. It, not In- 

ftreweU ta Ih* World. 
Pp. 14, not Indnding 

Thn Bffecb an 


TneHday (17 of June). 

See MOBUE, Junes. 

I SjlTPi. 


d Abiitea 

of Engiiib l-iMtcT. 

Hewoi ont of fnwlee CbDRhjude, In 
eight Batirea. Iflmo. Lond. Impr. by 
CbarlewoDd. lfiT9. 5m Wist'b dLtalDgiui. 
ITTS, no. IMS, IBs. 

OftheOold'e Kingdom* and Iblaunhelp- 
Ing Age ; deurlbed in iDDdryPoeme Inter. 

of more jipkIaII lEespect: *ai befbre the 
BavA 19 an Oration of speech tnlended U ' 

;, Google 

4,41o. blbl. Angto-Poet. see, 
vmniiDe 111 >fwr p. to, SI. Ss. Bindley, 
pt. il. ISW, El.Sa.6d. Keber, ptii.lMai. 

nlM IhB perpetual rejoyca of Ihe godlye, 
even In tbii Ijle. Lend. H, Dcnluiiii, 
1668, s™. 

HiEEWHJ,, George. .An A.po- 
lo^ 0( Declaration of the Power 
and Providence of God in the 
Gorenuuent of the Worl± Third 
edition, in eii book*. Oxford, Wm. 
Turner, 1635. folio, front. 

<h MuHum. 

Hlbbert, 8 __. _ . , 
iHued vllh lnr«rlar impreBBtona of Iha 
plates undsr tlie edgisaJ data, II. Bb. 
HiKEWTLLjJ. APictaceeqtieTour 
1 the laland of Jamaioa, from 
DrawingB made in the Years 1 R20 
and 1821. Lond. 1825. rotal 4to. 
William. Modus teoendi 
Porliamentiun : or the old Manner 
of holding Farliaments in England. 
Lond. 1669. 12mo. 5fl. 
BeprlDted ISrl. Hmo. An accoDnt tt 

»l and enIlghU 

ewill, an 

a ItBt I 

D Ihe Brl. 
Uah Mtueum, will be found lu -Wood's 

— JamcB. The Hietorj of 
Wiadeor and its Neighboui^ood, 
Lond, iS13. imperial 4to, II. Is. 

(14) vlgoeite 

o tho (ii) 

Ealf-l'lfe ' 

— A Picturesque Tour of Italy, 
from Drawings made in 1816-17, by 
J, Hakerrill and J. M. W. Turner. 
Lond. 1S20. 4to. published at 
71. lOs., but amce redaced to less 
tiian half price. 
CoD^Bllng or 12 psrtB : part I ■ppesrad 

10, 181. 




I. wuh 

larkalilB o 

HiKLUTT, Eicbard. The prin- 
cipal Havigetions, Tojagea, and 
Qiscoreries msde bv the English 
Nation. Lond. Q. Bishop and B. 
Sevberie. 1689. folio. 

This Tolnme, which baa Ihe adTanlan 

flnl voliiniB of the edition lesa^ieoo. 
dedlHtloii lo Sir F. Wal>iinghuii',KDt, t« 

statei that he bad intmded lo inMit an 
account of Sir F. Dralu's voyagB, bnt 

I in anj olhM 
Ir P. £r'^k«'a 

— The principal NavigationB, 
Vojages.Traffiqueeand DiseoferieB 
of the English Nation. Lond. 
G Bishop, R, Newberie, and K. 
Barker. 1598—1599—1600. folio. 
3 vols, in 2. 

-10 of 

;, Google 

HakLVit — coHtimiei/. 

nntluf or li Hiipj-'Uftd by 


>f tj™ 

133S. il. Blndlav, pt 1. S04T, AJ. El. 
H, M. S7keB,pl.l. l»rO,rusili,,N.12e 

U>a tol«« to C»ilii, » raprlnL 71. 
Mlninii of Townilwnd, 17% 1L 17l, 

Tol.lliie.'iaili,"7i. Wuiin! 7"lO, with 
■Hup, 81. Ua. Winrstl, 1171. IN. Jl..., 
310, with ttaam^ Hlbbart,3T4fl, 
■Itb tb« applaBenUl ralona, 1811, 61. 

htiim. TaLLlnevlEW. ^MftiJiB 
<piiitl« ieMaunt, pnl^a to Oh rudar. 
«aaplllDflBtUT TBHH ud ft oftUlofn* of 
tba TOfus*, &«. In the fint Tolune, 1! 
iHVH. TodiieonrtbeorlglulDr'The 

wnrint there ua onlr ibvbd. The oriil- 
nal ADdB ftt p. 610 vlth ■ woodcut, anil a 

IGW, Fart I. pp. 1—312; the BWODdput, 
pp. l—aX; aliDtllla, e^tla dcdlat«l<^ 
a catalMii* of the EngUab nmn, Aa. 8 

lucej. voi.iii. dated 1000, i>i-eae,>taii 

U Uf,eplaite dedtcatori«.«gaiiei»l eatalogiie 
dlulded. 8 learea. lo aoma eoplu of thir 
IlilrdvohimeisftDuporthawoild, -Atrui 
liydroffnphlcal description of ao mud 

eoaerad and la ooiome to our knovled^. 

tlooefleeft, but with the addltloD<^»i 
F. I>imke'a Yora^ tncad upon IL [UdIj- 

XrUw^nt ad 

tncad upon IL [UdIj 
isp, vhyi wa> too lat 

It, and IlaUnrt i 

flnt ediUea till Mai; i 
b* flulafead, uaMtueDU* the tvo tnua 
fM Uu Snt ud aannd adltlw an aot t&e 
aame. St tba QiavTiUa Caulogna tot 
fuitbardatall*. Thai ■-"■ ' " 


oa mapln ^ 

.nfulll^HaUuulB ._ 
n<^Enn^.l li tbeuld 
set ta cDpIeabaTlDg tha 

mastloD of it U omltUd 
amad In tba Uat of etm- 

LDaieflnflalanalraiiof thaw 

IltklBjl wm taa tinind in OUi 

HtklBjIi.— — 

Ubnriaaj and In Cli 
Maiitlna DlagoTOT la 

EipUoatDiy Catalesae < 

lajl and Pnichu. 8a alao FrBfuea ts 
tlie Rapiliita laauad by tba BaUU7t 


icHm^L thia l> inMnoM i 
ond. ini. 4lD. Thla, wl 
* the lourtb and the wb 

iT Intaraatlni 1>1»- 
xed or pnbTlthtd 
legeatlen, but nat 
ibraled coiopllatlon, (a 
■Dd other nnaral Col- 

t fbno ti 

M*U.iiyt'b CoUedMa of the esrlj 
ToyBgd, TriTale, nod DJBCOTerieB 
of tba Gngliah Nt^on. A new 
Edition, irith Additiona. Loud. 
1809-12. royal Ito. 6to1». 71. 17b. 6d. 

Tvo himdnd ud fifty capita printed. 

tbeadditli>ii(Hth«aTOTaRea<thkh vera 
puUUbadln theflrstadltl<m.Hid«nlltad 
la the lecond. It Itkertaa baa a aupple. 

Tele priuwd by Bafclarl, or at hla lunea- 
tiOD, Thlch twms the latter part of tba 
(bnrth, and the vbole of the Btth volnisa. 

men, and aHenraiTl by Ih. _ 

and Bretona : and certain Hetea at Adnei- 
' I n>r ObaemaiiDiia, neeeaaarla for 
ihall banifter make the tike 

Jadli, 137, ni. 

f!ir£fiin (from 

nainea,fA6, lie, 

I leavea, Ij, 17*, 

1 leaf. 

a F, In 

log pa^ beginning 'AIbq')--! and K,4 
^ leach, eodlng ' Imprinted at Loodoa 

laa Davaon, IGB^' fMloirad br •% 
I ecnte,' Ac., 1 leaf-<Tha aama Ut- 

I leaf— -A note of B«aitl*u Oa- 

bolea,' 9 lewrea, the laat rage being blank. 
"Tiara are two wood-ent mapa, oh la 
itltled 'Saptanlrlo OMt nniTenalla 
lacriplLo,' with latter preaa at the foat 

lUuatrl yUo, d 

FhUlipa B 

;, Google 

Haelutt — cob/ inus 

«oord copr In ilie 
gnph D(Hik1ti;t, 

Beprtntvd with memoli 

Tlixtalm rlohlr TdBgd, by the Dnerip- 
UoB A Iha nulne Lud of Florjdn, luu 
n«ttMd(li> ■ ' - ' ■' 

«mUni»n ' 

of Don Faidlundo d« Boto, 
dredmbla ll«DinliUCompftiiLe' wnttea 
br ■ Fgrtonll Oantlemu of Bluu, [Fer- 
dlnuiddA Boto^oniploled Id 111 tho Action, 
and tnulAtfld out of the PorlupieH by 
Slchiid EtklTTL LODd.1609.tU>. llMth, 
«7T*,Ue«. Oordonmouii, Il»,li. il».M. 
Riprlnlud Id the flfth lolume of the now 
■dnion ot HiklnTt'eTaTsgei: elaoTlth 
tOilOaat br W. B.Ryo,8Ta. ISSI. Sm 
Hnkluft Bodetr. Apfehdix. 


The Hlitorla of li 
itiaiag at tttrr - 
Bptslud^ tUc 
fnplid tfuHt 

nriaOa of 

II. aa. 

ei or the Indlui 


D Envllsh by U. Lok« Oedt- Load. 

■■ in, pL 1. iaae, im. uiienBn, 

•prinlsd in Mr. Eieu' odltion 
otHiklDyt. ^Retronp.Ks'.iLIOO-as. 

tDB, P«tar. 

HuiiAJiB, Bobert. The Eri- 
deuce and Authuritj ot Divine 
BereUtion. Edinb. 1816. Sto. IS 
vol*. Third editiou. Lend. 1S39. 
12mo. 2 TOla. 128. 

A ntj euellwt book, eeyi ttt. Orma, 

•ubjoet ot nrelition. 
LttMrtoM.J.CheneTltie, PuUc end 

• oltyofOeuTe. 

f tho conduct of I 
Bh end Foraiga B 
the Apocrypbe, . 

£ip«9ltioa c 
MukniKhC, 1 

. By A 

dtne, of A 

edition eolersed. Load. 1803. Sto. 

Hat.b, Sir Matthew, Knt., Lord 
Chief Justice of the King's Bench. 
The flistoiy of the Common Law, 
with oa Ansijaie of the citU Part 
i^ the Law. The sixth Edition, bj 
0. ButmiDgt^n, Seijewit at Iaw. 
Iiond. 1820. roTol Sra. 1/. 10«. 
Beht «dUlon, 

Bfepietlemue meitnue, or DietApbyaicel 

Heitb, 14ia,6a.ed. 

illh»pnrlr»iL— ie7«-7.8TO 
On the origlntl iDitllolii 

re OriglniUon of Kenklnd, 
w Light o( Netiire. Land. 
"Ih poitmltby Tin Hove. 

n. Poirer,eDd 
In concemiog 

The Jurlidlctlon of tha Lords 1 

nCoTMUo. Tb* Bit- 
lory of Iba Fleu of tha Cnnrn. raUMwd 
from the ortRlDil HSS. by BoUom Emirs 
-' "-icola'i IDD. iillh iddltlaDil Note* 

th* Pl«u et tb« CnwD, by <]«in 

— .SeriHDtatLaw. AnmrEdltiiiL 
labridfinaiU of the Statate* nla^ 


;, Google 

HlXB, Sir M. — amtiimed. 
Tlmei tlw Calami RelinaKfhjtba- 

B7il right! 

cflon of modem raE 
wltebenfL Land. 1^6. 4to. 

Ul> Un> and deith, by Dp. Gsn 

mu Doghert}'. 


TI>U.U.e». H 

flnt ippund 



Pom. Lond. imiarao 

Brat cDllecwd 

ud n 


>re pnfiifld hlH 



Appendi. lo 



liiB mt] 

^J^i. I 








tiolleniiMB on 



Bisilc, 1501 


, Ant Kd 

burger, 1616-lg 







HmnniMa) Aleiund 

ri da Siia (per Pa- 


SuUlB, ^Vii. 


uiier tertium eententiarum. 

Venetiii. Job. 

de Colonia. 



«(«i-C»rthy for SCO fr. 

HAI.SR, orAIeB,AIexander. (Scot- 
tiih Thtologian of the ISth eeTitury.'j 
An eipediat Laicis legere Novi Tea- 
(sinenti Libroe Iiingua TemHCula, 
Bd eereuuEdmum Scotia Begem 
JacobuiQ T. Disputatio intoP Alei- 
ftndruni jUeaiom Scotum et Johm- 
Cochlmim A.D. 1533. 16rao. 

nar, 2f- Sa- A copy ii Id tiie Luuboth 


HlxEN, Don Juan Vsii. "Sax- 
rative of bis Imprigonment u the 

Inquilition. Load. 1827. 8to. 2 
vob. portrait. 

Haijs, Alexander. Ste Alex- 


H*tBS, Alaiander, {Theologiau 
ijfl/ielSlh century,) called Iht Ir- 
vfragabte Doelvr. Sunraia Theolo- 
gin quadripftPtittB, Norim. 1481— 
82. folio, i Tob. S/. Sb. 


„, Anolher •dltlon, 

pUce DT data. 4fi]. Ltpa.l5M-Bva. 
DaVlrtutlbna. PmIo. Petit 1509. 410- 

). fullo. Llpa. 1II«6. 

■nm. Upi. IMa. 8to. 
Colwrtalioad pi-'*"" 
1.-. I <_, 1666. oiu. 

> ad SS Artlruli 

;, Google 

.. LES, John, of Eton. Works. 
Nowrirstoollectedtogctlier. roulifl, 
Glasgow, 1765. am. 8to. 3 toIs. 

.iberpriinuseipo^tlononi super 1 
I DavidiK. Ups. iS96- avo. 
>Uputsl1o da perpetuo — ""-" ■ 

^rreti Bl«plira 

«nini de Ulis. et 

DUput. Ill.'dc Mertlalore el JiHlifica- 
tore HominlK. LipB. 1564.H>o. 
UiapuUUuDBSiijusQmnea. Lips. IG63. 

Sie" Lives mrciiamclers of Writers of 
(bo Scots Nwfon, TOl. 11. p. 18S. 

— 5ee GiEDiSKE, Stephen. 

IlALES.Jolin. ADeclftrationoftho 
Succession of tha Crown Imperial 
of England. Lond. 1563. 4to. 

TblsilMlar»llon»uiirtitl8ii In f.ivont 
of Ihe prolenrion. of U.e Hou"e rf Suffolk 
to Iho tiwo on il,e, JenilM ol EliJ«botU, 

H-rt.Ml,l. """."l^^^j'^l'tfijf; 
nnv Qiixeiis of acolUnd. It; MoTgiin 
PJilUppe*.' LclGC, lliTl. 

iUo^ Loud. 

Synod of Dort, not before printoil. Loud, 
fls.— Lond. laaa, Sn. WiUioms, Blt^ 
.._ Account of ihe Llfaond Writings of 

(br Peter Melienni), Lond. 1719. »"•■ 
BiblKrt. 361B, lOs.M. 

" FMber's Now-Yeir'a Gift to hie 
ea(>. Ilibbert,S6l«,B9, 
irsl treots coDcenilng tho sin .geln^t 


l^i.d.lJlB. lamo. 

Hales, Stephen, D,D. Statical 
(sajB. Lond. 1769. 8vo. 2 toIb. 

s,' nhicli ™ fiWi pubtlehcd in 1727, 

e Slepliei 


And niimeroua other oorka, priHipnllx 
DO subJi>Ft9 of Nitural PbiloGOphr. 

— WilliBDi, D.D. A new Ana- 
lysis of Chronologj. Loud. 1809- 
14. 4to. 3 ioIb. in 4. 1/. 5s.— Se- 
cond edition, Lond. 1830. Svo. 4 
Tols. 31. 3s. 

The most vtlni.bla ihroiiologieiU "ort 

f tbo primitive nati 
les lending to remc 

__..._ linporfKitloo 
prending sTstems.' 

;, Google 

976 HAL 

Hubs, WiUiam— eMifi>i«*il 
■--■—- tloaum. DDb. 1764, 410. 
nun. Loml. tSOO, 4to. 
BthtprlBtlMl Pnwh*- 


Fmltta Id &• BbIt Trinity tka DMtrfm 
tf ika Ooml. iM Bibelllu UnlUHutn 
■ben ti> In tke God-denrtug Apottur. 

Euar on Iha OrigiD ind Pnilty or tka 
piinltlTe Church ot Iha Brltiih Islaa. 
Loud. IBig, BVD. 111. 

Hauobd, Sir HeiiTy, Burt. An 
Aocount of what appeared on open- 
iu ths Coffin of K. Chaiba I. at 
mndaor. Loud. 1B13. 4(o. Ss. 6d. 

Raprlnted Ln tha following irorh. 

EsiaTi and OnUoni »ad at tha Ro^al 
CollasaoCFbr^^uu. Lond.lSai. Again 

^"■" """"•1 JoBeph. Gothic 
Ornaments in tha Cathedral Chiirch 
of York, drawn and atchod. York, 
1T95. uDperial 4to. pub. at 91. Ss. 

engiaved tllla; dadlcaUoa; iDCmducllon; 
dawrtntion of plaUi 1 9t laavea prlnUdoo 
ons alda. and UK of iDhaortban, > pagRs. 
SlrH.H.STk«.pl.l.lMlt,T).iaB. iSr-Kti. 
aw, 1S43, SI. ToBMler, fU II. 9M, ni«-la, 
«.11>.«d. FoalhlU.HM. T/. 
lisa. TDHta, SI. ISa.M. Kaprlntad<DlS07 
undar Iha old dau,«.ta. Nair edition, 

Fragmenta Tetiiita ; or Iha Rataalni of 
aiKlant Bnlldinga InVork. York, I8U7, 
Imperial 4to. pub. at U, Si. SI platea. 

Haibed, it. B. Coda of Gentoo 
Law8 1 or, Ordinatiore of the Pun- 
diU, from a Peraian Translation of 
theSanaorit, LoD. 1776.1to. 10 "' 

Lood. 1!81. 8to. Edwardl, 71B, 


Bnuai, 1778, « 

ongal Luguaj 

HiLIBDKTON Family, Memoriala 
0^ edited by Sir Walter Soott. 
Edinb. 1820. 4to. frontispiece. 

ThlrlyooplcapriDtad. Boawell, 1737, Bi. 

HlXIBTTBTOK, Thomas Chandler. 
Hiatorical and Statistical Acconnt 
of Bora Scotia. Halifai, 1829. 2 
Tols. Bto. map and plates. 2nd 
edit. Hal. 1830. 2 toIs. Svo. IJ. la. 

la ISSti thli gauUeinan, long a Judge ot 

otla, contrlbutad a aarlea of hn 
latMn to a local Jonnul ander iha 

, /ma of BaniEL Suca, af Slick- 

TtUa,b7 wfatah ba haa itBe* baan nqntaitr 
kBOKii. Thtaa van aftenmda pub.lB Tola. 

Tha ujtais aad doinca 
of SaaHKlBUekrfP"-^-™- '- — — 
1S3T. and aaiW IE 
BaprlnM, [dad. U Cbeapgr edldona, Ta.fld. IK 

LettapW ef tha Great WeM«a, Phil- 
adelphia, lSe», Sa Sd. Land. 1840, post 
8to. IOa.Sd. Oheaper edition, -^ " 

1, Phlladf^il, IE 

t^glleb In Amaileiu' 
»1 Sto. 11. 18, 

a humour by naUva 

Lirlea [acrapa edited 

lT0tLp,8».31g. Naved.ISn».IS&3,S>L' 

HAuFAX, Cha. Uontague, Earl of. 

Poetical Works. Lond.1716. Sro.Se. 

With portnit by Tender Qucht. Ra- 

MlBcellanaiue Worka. Land. 1701 870. 
Uaith.l^t,8i. Hlbbert, 3817, 10a. Sd. 

Tha Lite and Hiicallaneopi Woriu. 
Loud. 1716, Sto. with portrait. 

— Geo. Saville, Marq. o£ Cha- 
racter of Charlea IL and political, 
moral, and miacellaneoua Thoughts. 
Lond. 1T50, Sto. Bs. 


;, Google 

iDfC the Chriitun Belinon, uid in I 
nartioiilar oonoeraing the CSiarcb of I 
lapiJ Borne. Lond. 1776. 8Tr '- 

IWi^Id LIuDn'o Imi ChMpel 

ImIdc Uia H«adi < 

GUan. Loud. 1 
~«nb. ITSC 8vo. 

KuifiJC and its Gibbet Law 
placed in a tnie I^t, Iioiid. 1708. 
iSmo. front. 6i. l.M0I,4i. Wllto Knlffau, 
18H^ ». I^wr. IW. 1^ <<' Hlbtart. 
Mn,T>.&L TbttMlutbMi' - 
ni Di. gunnel Uldgler. - 
ittOt JunM Hmllar, aun 

Churd. sUnwd the ftonDnr - 

&i (ITSl). miUSn). va-K, Including ih( 

(^'■-u^ ..J t'i J- 


Htitnrv of tlw Famoui I 
iDVarkctlra. Wllhitnii 
■uient odd axUaatty 
whlcb anadd«d,BBT«Dgsiip«B«*«g*. 
or an hiittwlul awoani of Hi* tnglul 
PthHhi of lilT John EUnd upon the ptr- 

■IIKt.Ae. L 

Tbo Hlalory ol ths Ton wHI PulBh oT 
Htlifu. H.IIftl(IT8B).P— "--■■ ■■- 

seta. 6>. Pp. 6tB, am 

tltta. Thi ubla ef Euwr dues tormi 

TtiTjgmiTnWj Fetor. A Com- 
pendium or general Abridgment of 
the Facility Collection* of Deei- 
■ioiu of the Lords of Coanci] and 
Sesiion. Irom Februarj' 4, 1752, to 
the SesBioQ of 1817,— »riHi a Litt 
of the fiubjecta or general Titles, 
Abetract of tlie JudgmenU of the 
House of Lords, Alphabetical In- 
dex thereof and a comprehoisiTe 
general Index. Edinb. 1819. folio. 


>ik «UI w 

i Eqully. Load. 1S», aro. 

&UXZT, Ladj Anna Unrrsj. 
lite ot Edinb. 1701. 4to. 
BIndlsT, pt. 11. SUB. vlth her pntnlt 

11 ReSceilaM tod OlasiTii- 

Ea£l, Arthur. Sn A. F. 

HilA Cmit. Basil, R.N. Ao- 
oonnt of a Vojage of Diioorery to 
the Weat Coast of Corea and the 
Qrat Loo Choo Iiiand in tlie 
Japan Baa. Lond. 1818. 4to. co> 
loured plstea. 

with ID amandlT oontili^ii^ ebina 
ud Tulous bydtamphlul ud KlinUtlg 
iiotlcw br Cipt. Bull Ball, mmt a too- 
baliu7o( IhaLooChH^ *-" " 

lugunbrH, J. 
Ing and ileuiiw 
•hie (br Ita *a,rf- 

Es. Btntttll, 
. lis. W.— Ee- 

j;«gr«ph[' nd 

Srkes, pL I, im, U. Dnk' 

" '"i. Druiy, 196S, II 

IJ. Hlhbert, B714, I 

— Eitracta from a Journal 
written on the CosBto of Chili, 
Pern, and Mexico, in the Years 
1820, 1S21 and 1822. Lond. 1824. 
post Sto. 2 Tols. with a ch^. 

Loud. m%. Sm. to. M. 
Edinb. 1^ post 8vo, 3 toU. 
J Btelilnm fnrra Sketches 

SnrU. Edinb. I88«,eTe. ia>.«d. 
FalohwDrk.orTnTelilnBIorlM. Lrod. 

Sjiin UDd tli.Beat of War, pogOTO. 

— Edward. Chronicle. Stt 

;, Google 

978 "Ai 

H Ait, Francis. An Eiplioetion of 
the Dial, ererted, in 1669 in the 
King's Gardea at London. Liege, 
1673. 4to. 

Wilb pikte. Sir M, H. Srkes, pi. i. 

KdiHaa Id LnUn. LHdil Ebui.'lRS, 410. 
Kslcb Wnngtaun, If. 

— Qeorge, D.D., Buhop of 
Chester. QMumphs of Bome orer 
Despised ProtMtancj. 12ino. Lond. 

— Ker. Jsmes. Trarels in Scot- 
land bf ui unusiul Boute : with 
a Trip to the Orkneye and He- 
brides. Lond. 1807. roy.STo. ZtoIb. 

nnd ehorte Sentencep, as ^ell of 
holy ScriptuTB as others. Lond. 
bv Tho. Marshe, 1565. 16mo. 
'Brl«Iit, (wutlng tfll« uil lut luf of 

„.liih pMtrv, Svo. It. B50-1. ElMOli'a 
UibUognphiii FHtlci, 132-8. 

H.IIX, John, of Durham. Hone 
TaoiTBo : or, Ee«ay» and gome ocoa- 
■ionall Considerations. Lond. 1646. 

^201. Prefixed la a poitnll of Hkll, Oough, 1817, 145. 
Towmlej, pt il. 4M, muU, Ifa. Ulb- 
bert.3«2S, ga. 

— Travela thronghout IreUnd, 
partjcularl; the interior and least 
blown Parts. Lond. 1813. Svo. 2 
Tols. 16s. 

— Sir James, Bart. An Essa; 
on the Origin, Hiatorj, and Prin- 
ciples of Gothic Architecture. Se- 
cond edition. Lond. 1813. imperial 

Wilh eo pUtM. Dmrr, IBSe, meBlB, 6i. 
SlcU. M. S7kei,pt.l.l4I0,SM0>, Hlb- 
bm, »», nuiii, 61. — rir«t «"" 
Edinb. 1707, 4to. OdhbIi, l»l,!i. ! 

— John. Certajne Chapters 
taken out of the Prorerbee of Solo- 
mon, wiUi other Chapters of 
the holy Scripture, and certajne 
Paalmea of David, translaled --'- 

; against the 
Aries of Kecromancie, Witchcraft, 
Sorcerie, Incantations, &o. Com- 
piled in Metre bj I. H. Lond. 
Printed b; Bowluid Hall, 1563. 

Black Idler. Aeoprliln EirlBpencer^ 
Libnry. See Hrj3gei' BrlUiib BibUo- 
grapbsr, ii. B«-Ba. 

— The Coiirte of Tertue, con. 
tayning many holy or amretuall 
Songes, Sonnettes, Psalms, fiallette, 

Uoyd, ei7, 1 


LlOs. Hebsr 

pt li. nio: 

11. an. Nar- 

-wl,18S8. 11. 

win be (Omul 1 


en. OnoiL 

PoBnn.Caoib.lMft nn. 

8ei,ea.«d. Re 

id, easB. 9>. 

ftrettell, 691, 

Sa. IJoTd, «IB 

10.. «d. 

v,«,an, k l! 

1IX, withjwrl 

«lt, Bt IS. 

bj Hanbal. 
pormit, U 

3ibl. Aoglo-PMt Ml. at 

3s. «d. Hit 


portrait, Bi. 

Uanard. port 

11. lOe.-WIUi ■ lib o( 



.Bart. Load. 

considered Id a Hevlev of the Scotch 
BtDiy. Lend, 1661, ere. Llord.eiS, Ha. 
A tommr Edillon appeared at EdlDb<iivh, 
Paradoxe&bj Job. deUBalle 41.0. John 

PublWiBd bj Joh. bavies of Kidwelly. 

— John. Emblems, [Sparkles 
of Divine Love], wifh efegsnt 
Fiirores newly published. Lond. 
E. Dflidell, (164S). 18mo. 

Pp. laa. Nusiu, pt. i. i4ie. h. laa. 

Blhl^ Anglo-FoeL S«0, nior. «. «B. Ui>d- 
ley, pt.lll. 111, «J.BB.6d. Bright, last 

— John, of Eichmond. Of 6o- 
Temment and Obedience, as they 
Btand dissected and determined by 
Scripture and Reason, in iv. Books. 
Lond. 1664. folio. 6b. 

— John. Select Ohserrations 
on English Bodies, or Cures in 
desperate Diseases. En^isbed by 
James Coot. Land. 1657. 12mo. 

pears, and gives caana of pemons con- 
nected irith lbs Famil]', and alto of Dny- 

;, Google 

Another tiWan, with DirMtionB for 

6"'ll."llul)lw. LqS, 1678. 8vo.— Loud! 
ie83,§ro. with pOTtmlt hy While. " 
uu, pt 1. 1412, Sk. Brlgtat,B>.«d. 

EAjj.,Johii. Memoirs of the riglit 
tQIuioiu Jol^n EaU, the htte 
&mous uid notorious Bobber, 
penned Crom bis Mouth some Time 
before his Denth. Lond. 1708. 8t 

Huuan. pt- I. IMl, Sa.— Loill. t?14, 8i 

. Wo™'""' 
flrsC collected, with some ei^count 
of his Life and Sufi^ngB, -written 
b^ himtelf ; a, new edition revised 
and corrected, with conaidersble 
additions, a translation of all the 
Latin pieces, aud a Qlosearj', Indi- 
ces, and Notes, (by the "Rev, Feter 
HaU). Oiford, 1837-39. 12 toIb. 

ro. 71. it 

The Kings Frophecie, or 
Weeping Joj, eipressed in a jioeni 
-o the Honour of EiigLind, two 
(rent solemnities. Lond. Imp. for 
ijmon Watersou, 1603. 12mo. 

Bright, ImptrfMt, sndlna «« p»g« H, 
but tde ddIt copy known), ei.liM. 

— Tirgidemiarium, the three 
flrst and iJu'ee last Bookes of 
bjting, Sstyres, corrected and 
amended with same Additions bj 
J. H. Lond, Rob. Deiter. 1590 
1C02. Ifimo. 
be found In Wirlon'ii Hlitoiy of Engllali 

sn^d uld rt 

e portnit of Hall. 7 
KnlL preBiBd,is 


Ihi^e esteernVd 

Gloaairr lndBi, and occialonii Holei, 

them thu bsa't poetry and tmoet satire la 

1? TO])' Publi'ahed'it 4L ii. tisQE 

tha EuBll-'h IsnguiLge, and that ha had 

tins. In royal Sro. 6!. 6>. 

Prelt Lond. <■ portlnn of the tdiUon of 

neied are'CertiJiio worthyo toanvacrlpt 

Poems, of ireil >otiqulll«,TeHnied Iodi; 

1S0«. 8to. BroU. Publishad it it. 

Hlooa In (bo atodlo of a NorlhfDlke Gcil- 

1, The' etately tragedy of Oolaoard and' 

the, is thus made up : Works first 

Slamodd. 2. The°Northeme Mothe.-. 

ooUected and published in 3 rola.fol. 

blesalnir. S. 'Pha Way to Thrifle.' Parnf, 
pt,l.i§31 £{.139. boawel1.I18B,«. IM. 

port. lond. 1647-62, Hardlfeits, 
Lond, 1633. folio. The Shaking of 

Blndluy, pt iv. »1S, BI. IBs. N, Nasaau, 

pt.1 HW. 11 la. Lloyd, 1.^4, 71. Ite. 

the OHtb Tree. Lond. 1560. 4to. 

ilr M. M. Syked, pt. I. H37, U. Bs, Hlb- 
berl, 3625, morocco, U. lOs. Blbl. Ad^ 

Together, 5 Tole 5(, 6s. 
(^OUlnn. Vo).I,wlthsT>Meiiowadded 

Foot.36S,2U. retold flrtKbl,3i.!s.ed. 

to the Mine, *nd lodsi, 1647, contains 

VirgldomUr™, eti Bwkaa. FInl 

1M7, but reckoned tn thf pagination, pp. 1 

—1863. AlphsbeticalTubls. IS leaves.— 

Vol.3. ThaaecondToiaeorihoCDnlem- 

ttl^-htV This fln't edition «*■ huint hf 

SlB. — Vol. 8. DlTare TraatlBea. written 

order of the Arohblahop of CMiterbur, 
■Tid Bishop of London. Uright. 12 partiL 

■iHtn sevsnU ocoilons, leet. Title. To 

SI. IBa. ed. The three lut Bookes of 

the reader, one leaf, pp. I U 1018, with 
a portmlt, Ortipln t«i Ouebamn, 

by ting Batyree, 1688. 
Vlnddemlarum. The three last Baskes 


of bytlng Satyrs. Lond. H. Deiler, 1888. 

IBmn, 10« pages. 

rill. 21. IBa. BIimier, Lond. 
110)1. Ueiter, ISTO. ISmu. Ctk'Um^K, 

Load. 1917. taiia. 

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HiiJ^ Bp. — ojni 
two IMIM, B—Kr, !■ algbn. Fin^-flT 

VlcBUemiunm. Battra* In ill Bsoki 
Oiford, IIU, llmo. Edlled by (he Rai 
W. ThmoiMmi, of Quaen'i Colleg*. Raad 
C8M,S(. ^uth, 18I»,ia>.ed. QirilDk 
lOOB, I*. Blndler. pt. II. 610, IDi. 6d, 

Batin*, vlth tht lUuitntlDdi nt IhL 
BeT. Tbo, Wutoi, whI ■IdlllniiU Notm 

^s.w.BiDgu. utaUwiofe,iea4,i2mD.SL 

VlrnldanUniili : BilirH. In six BookL 
Edlnb, ISH « Loud. PlckailDK, 182S, 

AppQnded 1i a fflofluir, vmi some ax- 

' — Mundus slUir el idem i 
lem aoitraliB ante hao lemper 
incognite. Aatliore Marcuria Bri- 
btmiioo. rrancof. a. d. imall Sto. 
288 pp. eagnvtA title uid 4 maps. 

WETtaKd^tt, 1860, 111. Nuun.pi.i. 
1400, U UiTBfliban.SSlS, 7a. A;le>«iiit 
iDTMllT* afalBit tba ehincterlstlc ti»9 
at Tidmu MllMit, &«D •hieh, It ii uid. 
Swift bomwd Uh Uu of fliillliei'B 
TrwaU.— HuwT. IW7. Sir H. M. Bykea, 
M U. 190, tU^rruuof. IBM, I^iod. 

Vnodu iltu at Idam. i;u]ipu]el](, 
CItUu Solla poatlca, Idaa Helpiiblica 
pliUoaMhlen. %u«i. Nora AtlanllL U1- 
tnJaetC IMS. Umo. with maps. Gonloo- 
— T«,118e,8«.W. Blbburt, S819, T- "' 

aT«7 tiling 
egoaaetadwltb pncnation, laya neal 
Mnaa w tba oplnloiu oT utTDliigen.'^ 

For a traii^tioii,a«HilLiT, JohD. 

— ContempIatioDs on tiie His- 
torioal Faaaages of tlie Holy Btor;. 
Lond. 1G12-15. 8to. 8 toIs. 

Thla work It, aocantlng to Doidridgs 

C<mtam|datloiia on tba Saerad Hlntory, 
altand from tba WorkaDf Blabop Hall. 
Br Ototge UmTj Cllaaia, HJl. Lond. 

uoDlj undarti^Q bj th 

. LoDd. Edwd. (Iriffin, 

A plain and fatnj liwr 
. by Way ot Paraphrase, 
of all the bara Teiti of the whole 
Divine Scripture. Land. 1633, 
folio. 18». 

' Thaw tipoaltoiy notaa an T«rT valu- 
able, eapaclally for ahowlng the spirit and 
foRa or maor vxpnBsloni that occur.' 
Dr. DoidTiige. LXiaa fafu. U. 7h. An 

Bvoka. Loud, IGOa, Svo.3E.6d. 'A. 

Lo'nd. les'l, 410. ' "" 

latles. InaliWaJea. Lend. 108.11, 

nu3lk.8«. Ingil.,e;4ni»^B,"l(».Bd! 

. a DlaoiuBlva from Popary. Load. 

Peace with Soma, togalharwftb tha 

a preface hj ibe Hot. E. Blekamiaib' 


irlHlHine and CbrliUaDlU*. Land. 

A SenaoD oa the happllr-mrond 
4.»dlflad Chappell of tha Karlo of Ei 

lemon oT publlka Tbaockiglulns 
t baforo bla Maili ; Jan. SB, 19SH 
<a1. SI, vera. IB, 20. Lond, 18»l. 

kniwe'c ts Fopa Vrhan, hla Innrba- 

rrencb Klog, eiupenUog bin 
tthe ProtesUDls In France: wllh 

iw», «to. QoidoDBlou^ lOM, «■. 

;, Google 

Hux — eenthtutd. 

Tht aid RtUglDn, Land. ItSO.Sn. 
Tka RenwdragiliutFnruHDeu. Lod 

CirUlne Irreftigitils FropiMlUoiu T«i 

BAL 981 

An mwilonUal Leltai to ■ FencD of 
Qn^lly. 1-K,*.18M,1M. 
The BiOm of Olleul; or, ComtOrti (or 

inno, Pp. BSD. A poilhiimoiii 

i, Bwred Aphorisms, ftod B«- 

of ohloh Archb. Cshtr 
rspUed in bl) truliM of 

Hli LIfa uid TlOLM, bv Jobn Jddbb, 

Lond, la . Bto. llL 

Hiii,Bev, Peter, BX TetmBria 

I' Uetrictt t Bjmptoms of Blipae, 

irigiiiAl and translAted. Loud. 

i 1824 4to. 

36 uplti. FrlnMIr pilnM. Sotbebr'a 

n An^oei to ths wdioui Yindlei- 
tmeUTiDnus. Lond. 1W1, 4ta. 
- on slaodgrous Reporu agnlnflt 

on. OnPMLmim^M. Lnnd.lWli 
■0. pp. 68, not Including lille. 

Loud, IftB, 410. 
lecDiit Sonl uid (bs tna Priionr, 

nnbly of IM- 


.iinds, for ConOnuft- 

. UjitarT of QodUnasL— Al 

Is WorU. Lood. iwa, ISn 

Ham, B. a Kererie.- 
^ Character of Oleander, and an 

; Ebsej on Poeby and Fhilcwophy. 
"l Leicester, ISIG. i2iiio. ODl;6copiri 
J printed. 

1 — Kobert. See HETiyit, Peter. 

;, Google 

Ealt^ Ser. BobOTt, M.A.. 
Leicester. Worke, nith > Meuioir 
of hii Life, by OlinthuB Gregorj, 
and B critical estimate of hit 
reotor and writingB bj John Forater. 
Lond. 183a. 8to, G toIs. Si. 16s 

UBSE P1.PEB. U. 58. 

FTeqnently reprinted. 6 tdIb. Sti 

hn), 18M, 1S4S, 1M4, U. 
noirbjDr. GrcBory,. 

1808, by Jo 
Fifty Sei 


brief rtetch of bin Life, lOHelbi 
NotH br C. Bidhnni. Lond. I8M. o. 

Bleiciiphiciil KecDiteDllDn* of Kc 
H>11,bT!l.W. Monte. Lond.ISM,! 

— ThomaB, D.D. Pmebria 
Florfe, the Downfell of Maj Gbmee. 
Lond. H, Mortlock, 16G0. ' 

oiburghe, I 


laa. Nund, ut. i. 1111, 7e 
2e. Hibbert, S«n. til. 

VmdlciB Litenmm, or 
Kii'Hed. CenCuriD lura, 
aipoundlDg Bcriptura. Rl 
or a BTDiipais of tha Trope 
in tb« Holy ScrLpciiree. 1 
IT a Wbip tor Webuler 

mS, 111. These traits w 

Sittcee'^Df lhi» "eminent 
and ef his Torke will be fou 

ejected oteUeued HInliier 

Hau, William. Mortalities' 
Meditfttiona : or a Deeoriplion of 
Siniie, a Foem. Land. 1624, 4to. 
Hebet, pt. L 11. 4b. 

— See Hailb. 

KiLSAM, Uemy. A. Tiew of 
the State of Europe during tie 
Middle Ages. Lond. 1818. 4to. 2 


. Hvo 8 vols. — Fonrtli eil 

18Sr. 8V0.8 vols.— EigliUi edilleD. 1841. 
Svo.StdIi.— Hlntb edlUoD. Lend, 1S4a. 

7 Notee, Bepsraiely, Sv». 184S. Kh. 6d. 

i A. H. borBhera. Parle, IBSO-S. 4 vela. 
>.— BecDod edition. Parti, 18£7,1 Tola. 

Henry VII. to the Be»tJi of Geoi^ 
II. Lond. 1827. 4to. 2 volfl. 

of bfslory, md to be receWed wtth Ihe 

Introduction to the Literature 
of Europe in the fifteenth, Biiteenth, 
and aeventeonth nenturiee. Lond. 
1837-39, 8vo. 4 vols. 3i, 

I, 1839, e^o. * ™ia. 

Llteru7 Eeu 
je. Id Murray's KX^ayRi 

;, Google 

An edltlrm gf hti Wnrka, under Uie Hlli 

10 ToU. p«t evD. Loud. lSe7. ea. pel 
Toluma, euh aold nepuoU. 

E<uu.s, Edwarde. Chbohiclk. 
Jinow sdga lia >Briail(™» In ItiTHVolumt 

I BtlilwOitat GTlTtmllian 

ir Halle'B deMl 

B djinK 

of II 

Ibmof IL" — Hlibourh bA(QnJftoii} pu1>- 
llbhed H Chronicle, which kou tznroMf 
under hii on nime. Up. TumBr, In tab 
Blliltothen Brtunnlc*. p. 979, citss sn 
edlUon prime* by Benhelet, ditsd ISti, 

utlonto^ngHency Vlll'.,U1tno«n,itlB 
ttaBTSfora regBrded u >uppoalllana. 
Tba Title ofthe^illsgiie of IHglg » 

■nd tlluatre fuDeKea of l.incutre md 

of the other, beglnnTiie >C the tyino of 

orthiH denlslon. and BO iuocaftiively pro- 
outyng to Che reii^ne of the hlgb tnd 
prudent prince king Hcnrj the elghl. Ihe 
Indubitable floveriod Ten belre of bath 
the U)^ llnigea, 1648. Theprecedlngiii 
Ita^oentreofBleaf, i.a-.... 

un»«dbjGr«nm for 

tknof Btntatsl Mn^Bdvard VI. )^ the 
upper eompittnwnt eoutilninc t]ie Sing 
^U1d« in Firlliment, thu loxer behiE 
ttaa PrlnUr'i rebuJi of > Tan, wjlh e Qraft 

«■ «(. ™rfe, V a-^li 

TiUe. In bUck le 

HAL 983 

to the Resflcr.' (The two he»d Uaei of 

BnglTsiie wrilBre; out ««i. ' Nwnet of 
[ho HialorieBconleTDBa En DilB volrnne, 
jne ptgB ; printed In very lereo type, occu- 

Lnd Imprint in q^ 
PrinOegle. At. 
Hart grfcee, 6J. E 

iva L THK bNyON,£e, down to IBIS, [In 
kithic Bluk letter.uid differing fttiinths 

til ending u ba^re. Oaliatini.-'^tU,, 
' ■" n the GenealnglcilTreel which hu 
Idttion of 'WnereuDto li added to 

ilBtoiyeB, w'hvch ia Kynge Henry the 
III., Henry llie V., Utary the VI„ uid 

cnpying hilf tl 
Hon to Henry 

Henry VI. end 

iigitizcii;,. Google 

« foi tha «dl»ODi 

Halle, Edward — eoHtinued. 
ton. OnflMi pitnUd MU oT tha t 
UBrenl UmM, irblch m fiiuad - 

dated lto,>n<>r*1«R«' 
for iHiOf vlilcfa an Id amaii mm, hpu 
bSTtafonlgiiaiipeafaiua. Noisdai ror 
tba fbnr lint hlitoilaa In on laDtral al- 
plubM bw ti*an aaan. Hater, pL Iv. 
SI. IBi. 1 anothar. flwr. TL 

nWn(fwu<.lS48-60. Tllla. THE VHl- 
i^D. (acoiinaad oT tha Oanuloctcal Trea). 

of Hanrj tba 

Kf npia H~J(»tr, I»n, cum prlTlle; 

r«iulliia 1} 
hll»: Ta 

""SJ ' 

. of hlB relm], 2M 
Ogii. h.T{ng oiie 

... ^rohLHIedbyActOfParJiunenl 

». Ithsematglnal TehranceB tli rongh- 
CWiBiMii— Title, THE VNI, &o., 
iloglcal Trea .a Id pra- 
lieiEuoto li added ta 

tho Seian of Henrr YIII. («dit«d 
b; Sir Heorv Ellie}'. Loud. 1809. 
ravBl 4to. 21. 2a. 
This ediHon la CHmfullrcollatedvith 

Ealleb, Albert de, M.D. Me- 
moin, b; 'Tha. Henry. Worringtoii, 
1713. IZmo. 3s. 6d. 

Lcitan lo bin DaugUIer on the trglh of 
ChriHiUnlTT. UiDd. n. d. lamo. voli. 

The oorka o( UaUer are »U1 heU la 

Haixet, Joflepli. Ind^ Libro- 

mMSS. Grsecorum et VersioQum 

itiquBjvm Novi Foederis ; quos 

J. MilliuB et L. Kiiat«cua cum t«rtU 

Edilione Sl«pluuiica Gontolerunt. 

Lond. 1728. 8to. 

— A. free and impu-tUI Study of 
the Uolj Scriptures reconuQended, 
being notes on peculiar tcita, with 
Diicouraee »iid Obaenatiooe, etc. 
Lond. 1729, 32, 36. 8yo. 3 yoIb. 

lea by'l dlaHDliDK minltter at B»l*r— 

Hallki, Edmund, LL.D. Tabu- 
lie ABtronomice. Lond. 1749,4to 9e. 
Lond. nW. ilo. portialt, 12«. An ac- 
vill be fDiind In Wood'i Atheu. OiDU. Stt 

HiLLlDAY, Sir Andrew, M.D. 
A Genealogical History of tie 
House of Giielph or Boyal Fsmilj 
of England. Lond. 1820. 4lo. fls. 
WLth ponralt of tbe king aod plate cf 

' Hater, in ended, U^ 3a. 

— Chronicle i containing t^ 
History ot England during the 
Beicn of Henry IV. and tbe suo- 
ceeding Honanha, to tbe end of 

.«4!4.Uli, Tbia 

jind. ISiS. Bra. 2 volt, ulth plelaa. 8n. 

Memoir oTItaa Campaign or leiB. Parla, 

A nneral Tlev ot the preaant auta of 
inatlci and lunaUo aiyinme Id Gnat 

^wWesI Indlee; tba natonl and nhy- 
leal Uiliirr of theWlndnid anilLia- 

;, Google 

n ■iskneu ind mortilLIjr In 

nm 085 

IB Ralnap. Bailaii, ' 

, FrmtllllL, 

Hals, William. Ste Cobkwu^ 
HiLsrEiD, Bobert. Baocinct 
Oenealopte at the aoble >ad an- 
cieot Hoiu>ea of Aldo, or de Alneto, 
Broc of ShepTiale, LiitiniBr of Dun- 
tieh, Dnvton of Drayton, Mauduit 
ot WermmatBT, Greene of Drajton, 
Vere of Addington, Fila-LewBs of 
Weat-HornedoD, Howard of Effing- 
ham, and Mordaunt of Tuney, ju«- 
tifled by publio EiH^orda, anoient aod 
eitant Ohartere, 4o. Lond. 1685. foL 
Thli book wu dnvn up br Henrr. •&- 
«nil EMlorpB«rboruugh,irlihllio alAat 

CD. B»aCDrd, Had printed Kl Lbe chpl „ 
OcMtloiu, Dent, pt. I. 1S40, lUmiKed, 

ItbruT of Kr O* 
MtiHtiin. Aiop; 
Lord Peterbonsrig 


ntUy. pt. il. 8S0, 


Eul of Faterb-'vaiiiih ■■ ■ Tlgnetti, oii 
■ oHeniy, E.3o( Pet« 

b. H.l-tMd. onn 1«f 

the Hon 

bum, dned E 
1 l«.Batlnelad 

and ■ luF >t p. I 
■ Oenatloglul Pi 

h "opl-l-' 

UoiiM or ORane, pp, 10— 930k vl 

n,pp.Wl— Sl&KlMi 

UiMjdatia. Tba Kouh of Flti-Lsi 
pp. SB— K Hitb two pUtu. 
pp. S»4 It ■ iMf MBUInliig > I 
'^Uaogitogial Pnoik,' A«. TkeHniM of 

Haltburton, Tbomae. fl'atural 
Beligion ineufflcient j and Kerealed 
neoeasiuy to Han's Happinees in 
his prewnt State, An. Edinb. 1714. 

UiuiLTON, AnUion; Count. M^ 
moir«B du Comtc de QramuiODt. 
NouTelle Edition, augmentoi de 
Notea et Eolaircisaemeaa aeoeoairei, 

EiT Horaee Walpole. Strawberrr 
ill. 1772. ita. 

Wilh tb»a pnrtnlta. Of tli[i edition 
100 onptsi w«n printed. Klmite, 3», 

Nuuu, pt. 1. ie04, morocuM, b^ Kegsr 
Piyna, II. 17i. Uli M. K. Syku. pi. i. 

a99^U.Ua. 'B>ker,e33,,aDciit, 
II. fa. Bindley, pt. U. «IIS, with a port. 

OAirRmrtu. Loh). l)od>I(7. <T8a.M>. 
■wUh i portrmilL too. ed. 

Edition orate da Luu Portnlti, gnTd) 
d' iprb lea Toble>iii orli^oanx. Loud, 
choi EdTiidi (ITtH). 410. Text, pp. SIS. 
notei, pp. IT. ■Ipbibathkltabka.inddlne. 
lioni Id tba Mndar, 1 letno, tAta Utlea 
U, SlaaTOL s<.Sb. An 
m appmnd at tba wme 

la ptalH, SI. Sh Morth, 

-BlDdlav.Uta. mitaKnlitit^ 
x.tLtU. MMTMia, laoMt St. 
Edirud).171,nHcoaaa,ai. uaeiRruai, 
-"■■ "■- portF^la«I«imdDBtli«onUlMi 
Mr, to KMisblo dnvlDt*. P'~ 
eoplM ao prinlad. HeRb, -• " "~ ' 

la. Oi. «d. ToifBr' 

orliiiu) dmlDf I 

oil, villi tlie ntimli 
I lOI. In EdwarU Cnu 

HoRb, DL U. lU, oo- 
. ToiubIm', pt. t. tin, 
MvlDf of LvT Watara 

d. maikad idl. In Edwa 

;, Google 

Nsumlla edition, trictit I'liiH KnCti 

Lood. IBlf. rojtS Svo. ! vnlt witli 04 po 
tniU br E. Sorinn, ». ii. This sdUlo 
*u nvlud b^ Bertnnd da HciltTlUo, 

. tniulKtlvii or the Epinia U Ccn 
Inunnont Lond. 1811, Stu. 1 vols, w 
4 portnEta by Scrlven, &e- iL tSi. 
"his adlUon liM oasrlj lOO MU of vm 
ble DDten mid llliutnttlon), froiii U» | 

Boyer. Loi>d. 171*, 

Land. 18&3, gmiilt 8< 

by Hit. 

B, H.T.Ryde 

ai<.»d. OneofBolin'sulnvolumea. 

Huf ii;toh, James, Duke of. Di- 
mtus Dei J or God's Juatice upon 
TreacheiT and TreaioD, nemplified 
m hia Life and Death. Written b; 
March, Nedbun. Lond. 1649. 4to. 
7b. 6d, 
. A> Boun.OlllMrt, Bp. Bf Billabnry. 

— Jameo, Dote of Hamilton and 
Brandon. Memoirs of the Life aad 
Family, Lond. 1717. 8to. 

Dent, pt. 1. ISSd, T>, 

— James, late Duke of Hamil- 
ton. Memotre. lond. 1742. &T0. 
Bb. fid. portrait. 

A troe ind Impirtiil Aecnant of lb« 
ADiin«it7,Qiuvre1,vidDuel batwan the 
lite Daka of HunlltoD and (ha Lord 
Hohim. Lend. ITfii.Bvo. 

Hahtltok FamiIiT. Memoirs of 
the House of Hamilton, b; Dr. 
Hamilton Buchanan, 1825. Sup- 
plement, by Anderson, 1827. 4to. 

too pMdIIr, b]F Alton. iSw, Svo. 

BapiT to ite HiastatemaDta of D. C. 

imUlon BnehinaD el Durdowle, bv J. 
Iddtll. 4(0. I8H. 

The iKia MlM Onliton StapnaT, datwb- 
r of the celebnled coIIfciot, JoHp)i 
ilitoo. Esq, nude oiteAi'lva (MhHitlDni 
r B cOKiplele HIslor? of Ibin oohle Fit- 

llojiB Iba libruTlefibTliar toHlaiT^la. 

count of the East Indies. Edinb. 
1737. 8v. 2 vols. 
K.wiaii, pi. I. MU.tta. Roiborgha.TSIO, 



— Andrew, Hector of Kilskerrio. 
A true Relation of the Actions of 
the Inniekilline-Mcn, &om their 
first taking up Arms in December, 
1688, for the Defence of the Pro- 
testant Buligion, their Lirra and 
Liberties. Land. 1690. 4to. 

Pp. Ix, end ee. 

— Archibald, Dialogua de Ctai- 
fusione Secte CalTinianm apud Seo- 
tica Ecclesise Nomen ridicule usur- 

Emtis. Paris, 1677. smsll 8to. 
edicated to Marf, Queen of Scots. 

Celvlnlane ConfUalcnlii DeicoilBtredo, 
eenlre meladlom MlnlBtrrmtm SooUs Bos- 
potuloaam. Farii, IfiSI, 8vo, 

— Charlea. An historical Bo- 
lation of the Origin, Progress, and 
final Dissolntion of the Qorera- 
ment of the Bohilla Afgans, in Uie 
northern ProvinceB of Hindostan, 
compiled from a Persian Manu- 
script and other original Papers. 
Lond. 1787. 8to, Bu 

— Sn HlBATA 

— Transactions during the Beign 
of Qneen Anne ; from the Union 
to the Death of that Princess. 
Edinb, 1790. Svo. 5s. 

Ulbbert, ASM, es, Ueber, pt. li.ea.Sd. 

— Eliiabeth, Letters of a Hin- 
doo Bajah ; written prerious to, 
and during the period of liie Resi- 
dence in England. To which is 
prefixed a preWinwj Dissertation 

;, Google 

n the Eif tarr, Bcligion, and Man- 
Bra of thB ifiiidoos. Lond. 1796. 
TO, 2 vols. 10a. 

arai Principle. Loud. ISOS, 

loln of Ihe Llf^ or At^rippliia, Ih* 
:tr Gemianlciifl. Loud. 1811, ISmo. 

era on ths »leoient«ry Pilnciples at 

lOlraorinotlvmPblluKriiiliiin, Bftth, 

MlB^Ben^r.Uiid.iaiftBvo.a'tolB. 78.fl/, 
HAU1I.T0K, Emoia, Iddy. Me- 
moirs, with illiistrstivo Anecdotes 
of msnj of hvr moat particular 
Friends and diatinguialiod Con- 
tsniporariee. Lond. 1815. Sto. 

AltlliideH, ifier Iba AntlqiiB,bT Lu)y 
E. EInnillton, LDad. 1807. <to. Mplnlta 
In outllu, 103, ed. 

Hamilton, formerly Buchanan 
Francis, M.D. Account of thi 
EiDgdom of Kapaul, and of tlie 
Territories anneied to this Domi- 
nion bj the Houae of Oorkha, 
Edinb. 1819, 4to. 21. 2s. 

— OaTianus. Bchola Italica Pic- 
tone, nre aelects ijiuedam Bummo- 
ram e Sehol» Italica pictotum ta- 
bnlK tere indsee. Bomie, 1773. 
large folio, it. 4«. 

41 plaMt, flountljw the title, Hevlni? 
bean publiibri by Wrsnari, It Is unnsi- 
d*md part ot Ibet serlee. The following 

S«bl1a Itillu ti'tla'plQUrlM, elva Ta- 
nmin BdlW, eunipllbun Put. I'luU Mim- 


— George. A Tojage round tlia 
World, 1790-9. Berwick, 1793. 
870. 4s. 

Fi>iillil11,28SS, IBa. 

— ElemenU of the Art of Draw- 
ing in its Tarioufl Branchel, Lond. 
1812. Sto. 10a. 6d. 

IIIUHtnleditllh SI eagraFliigii, plain ind 

— George. A genern! Introduc- 
tion to tha Study of tlie Hebrew 
Scriptures J witli a critical History 
of tha Greek and Latin Versions of 
tlie Siimaritan FentaMuch, and of 
the Chaldee FarapbrBses. Dublin, 
1814. Svo. 7s. 6d. 


Hugh, auocBssiyely Bishop of 
Clonfert and Osaory. Be Seciioni- 
bus concisis Tractatos geometricus. 
Dublin, 17S8. 4to. 7a. 6d. 

' ilueHli itork. Truulated Into Eo- 

ui. ol'lh Life. ' Uoi. ISOe, royal 

John, Ahp. of S^ Andrewa. 

The Oitechisnie, (hat ie to saj, ane 
of the Christin People in materig of 
our Catholik Faith and Beligi 
act fiirth be ye n: 
ill Ood Jobne, Archbishop Oi sanc-c 
Androos, Legal nait and Frimat of 
ye Eirck of IJcotliuid, in his Pro- 
vincial Counaalo, Laldin at Bdiu- 
burgh tlie XXVI Day of Jon. 1G51. 
Prentit at Sanct Androus, at the «x- 
oftheArbp. 1SS2. 4to. 

Ifltler. ConitiiWe,Ml.iir|»rf-rt. 
e K^gbu, ibU, '\„vf 

!. Farher 


;, Google 


HAintTON, John, Dr. in Theolo- 
gi^ Aue citbolik and bcile Traic- 
tiie, draain out of the halie Scrip- 
turea, &o. on the rciU sud corponill 
PreuDce of CrystU pretioui Bodi« 
end Bluiie in the Saorameiit of the 
Alter. Paria, 15SL IBnio. " 
iiHiW. inpLvl. £1. tin. tlila* treillw, 

Lordia Buwat; li ' ifditxt Id hU Soiiuc 
niw, Huie, His Queue's HmleiUe of SwI 

lowing work <ru inltlen b; Altsi. Htime 

IntiUIhlt Iteul in dixcmie Uitt (nak M 

inenui tuglddei villi nrMiw rraierei 

the Epistle to lite Mma-tta (K. J xioes VI 

bgth at tba^tKiunlH and end. Eilneti 

br Lord H™les"lna'Bket«)ioftlie Life <? 
JoliB Hamlltiw,' jiiinlsd about I7S4. 

— Johti. Btsreogrephy, ot 
complete Bod; of FerspecCire, 
all ita Branchea. Lond. 173S. foUo, 
2 vols in 1. 12. 6s. 


— Patrick. Patrick's Pbcei. 
Tranalited and publiahed by John 

HeprlPted tn toI, I. of tha Falhen of 
tlie EngUsb Chnicli. It ia also tsbe fonnd 

HamlltoiL uiuBllr coDsldered' tlie Snt 

i^. A liemolrof blmliaa beenpiibUab- 
ad In^tlw Bei. F Lurlmer. Edlub. ISN, 

— Terriek. Antw:, a Bedoueen 
BomincB. Tnnelated from the 
Arabic Lond. 1619-20. crown 8<o. 
4 Tola. 

Dnuy, W9». IJa. 

— Writer. A (teogrmihiiuJ, ata- 
tiatical, and hiatoncal DeaoriptioD 
of Hiadoetan and the aiyacent 
CounttT. Lond, 18I». 4fa). 2 vols. 
U7a. j 

mold neber,[ Pnblkhedattl.lO.M. ' Anlnestlmabla 

ad, and 'fallhful°piclure"if'l1ie"i.'b"r8 
lartla than taj fonuar vork on tba 

Uaxiltok, William. See Wal- 
lace, Sir Wm., and Msitland Club, 


— Life and Oharaeter of James 
Bonnetl, Accomptant • Oeneral of 
Ireland. Lond. 1707. Svo. port. 
3b. Gd. 

— William, of Bangour. Pocma 
on sereral Owaaiona. Edinb. 1760. 
ISmo. 8b. 6d. 

FreAied la a portrait by K. Btranee, 
Pirn Edition. Ed Inb. IStnn. 1113. -Second 

rWiUinm, KnI. Antiqnit^a 
lea, O-recques, & Bomainea, 
1 Cabinet de Mr. Hamilton 

Sr. D'Hsncarrille) en Ao- 
enFranqaia. Naplea, 1766- 

folio. 4 vols. 


(par le 
7, royal 

1 U. Bptet°^"'t''ml. n^sala; 
r-illatt, lira, *ai. Is. Kdwarils, 

'edition, Florence, 1601-8. itlai 
fol.4T.dK. sKhoolaurw] plalea.nol so Anel; 
eiMuted as Ibe edition of Nap]e^ llee-T. 
Collection of Engnvinga 
from ancient Taaee, moatlj of pure 
Greek Workmanship, discovered 
in Sepulchrea in the Kingdom of 
the tvfo Sicilies, bul chieflj in the 
neighbourhood of Napiea. Pub- 
lished bj W. Tiachbein. Naples, 
1791~B, atlas folio, 4 vols. 
A»"l'"l - -' "-■" 

1 letieT^piesB deactlption, Fontb 
«.7>.ed. Combe, l^HS. U. 16). 
[. U. BrkM. pt. 1. 1878, nieela, Ij 
PelD lures del VaMi antiqnea di 
.jCtiOD de S. Eic. U, le Cbavallei 
ton. FluranM. 1600-8. atlas folli 
atOpIalei. WItb deseripltoDi in 

. 1919, 

;, Google 

rniilqiien, &c. tins dn Ctbinet do Gheri- 
Uer Hunlltun. PulB, 1803^10. lUurDl. 
4l»ru. CoDibe, 9l34,».3a. 

Hauiltoh, Sir Williun, Ent 
Outlines &om the Figures and 
CompositionB upon Ihe Greek, 
Boman, sad Etruscan Vases of the 
utte Sic William IlHmilton ; with 
Borden drawn and engraved faj 
Ihomai Eirk. Land. 1801. 4to. 

1 »[ sii 

le of Yor) 

, Brock- 

North, pL , , 

pltln ird colmired. in mcnocca, W, ISa. 

— ObserrationB on Mount Te- 
aurius, Mount Etna, and otlmr Vol- 
ranoB, Lond, 1774. 8yo. 

Hatli, «S6, lit 8d. Dmiy, 1700, la. 

— Campi Fblegnei. Obserra- 

tions (in EngliBh and Freaeh) on 
tha Volcano* of the two Siciliei. 
With a Supplement. NaplM,I77& 
9, folio, 3 toIb. 

a riinsX'8"ppUni«it. 

^be f lata >re cnlourMl In Imltatlan at 
dmlnia. Edwurda, T<M, rnui^ 31L 
Dmt. nt I IMI. 1.,..™™, XL Roi- 
WhEls Knightg, 

to Ihe DTlginkl eillilnn. 

— KeT. Wiiliam. Letters con- 
cerning the Northern Coast of An- 
trim, Iceland. Lond. 1786. Sto. 6e. 

tmviwllj nvnnii 

-ITtO. BtB. Mlbbart, 

— SirWm. Bemarts on arreral 
Parta of Turksy. Part I. JEgyp. 
tiaca, or some Account of the an- 
cient and modern State of Egjpt, 
as obtained in the yean 1801 and 

mry, IW n 

HIbtxrt, SI», 

HiHllToy.Wm, Gerard. Parlia- 
mentarj Logiek ; to which are sub- 
joined two Speeches, delirered in 
the Honae of Commons of Ireland, 
and Other Piecee. Lond. 1808. 
8to. 6s. 

Johnwn, LI..D. PrvfiKnt 1^ « portrtlt of 
Hamlltou. Hibbert, S«att,10>. 

EufLET. The Efstorie of 
Uamblet. Lond B. Bradocke, for 
Thomas PaTier. 1608. 4to. 

hiB celebnled trmK«dr. Kavrlnled In 

1 the Arabic Langiiago, by Ahmad 
lin Abubekr Bij. Walishih: and 
now in English. Lond. 1806. 

Pp. III. H, and ise. Stnltall. 1039^ 
Ts. ed. Drui7, pi. II. uu. On. A modarn 
but Euiliiiia productlnn, rnWIj (saj^s H. 

laio, pp. HS-71) 'atiribii'd 'lo lUa An^ 

— Campaigna of tlie Osnun 
SaltaOH, chiefly in Weetem Asia, 
from Bajezyd Ilderim to the Death 
of Murad the Fourth, 1389 to 1640, 
traoslated byThomas Aguila Dale. 
Lond. 183!S, VoL 1, 8to. (all that ha* 
^peered), with a large map of 
Western Asis. 

Hauhoi'd, Antiian;. A Di- 
gested Index tfl the TeFm Beport«, 
snd others, during Geo, III. and 
IV. aiialyCicsall}' arranged. Second 
Edition, im proved and enlarged, 
with a Supplement. Lond. 1824-7. 
royal Bro. 2 vols. 22. 2s. 

inddtlcnniiKdlnK. R,C.P..aDd Eiclk 
during the nipiaof OMrt* III. nod iV> 

;, Google 


IK, eomblDlng tbeoT? 

■ 111! ynuviin.MtilliieludingllM plHdingll 

In tlia HTenl utl«u. Lond. IBie, royal 

Anilysii of Uia principlea of Pluding. 
Land, ISU.Sto. 

iDga ■□ PftrlUrnedlj Iha puling « Public 
■od I^lvste BIIKanil the LtwoTKlBo- 

tlon. Lnnd. 1674, [ullo, * 

[Mil, ISO, BvD. PitUiihF 
AnglrCith. Tb»k«T- i 


U of that 

UlUie difficult 

iliin. Ne«~*dltlon;'tha edUio 
compired vKh ttaU of 1702. 
ISU, 4Ti>lri. en>. ll.tOL TliU 
Iji sr»t lod gni' " 


<e Cltn — 
lid lidded • I 



bllili«dTo EnKii'U. Und. 1099, 
Bnof^FMlin.. I.nnd. 16*9,(0""- Bp. 

rfX' j 


ediwd bythi 
T. ...forilMO.J 

[(wd. ie4e-«0, Svo. 

Oiroid, ISII.81 

HinelMii Lai 
r*ck. Loud, I' 

hunh ol eiiKlud. 
llibad b; FcukIi 

RIaLllb.wrltUn by Jobn Fan,Bp. of 

HummrD, Jamec. Poems. 
Baprlnlsd In tlia alaTealh Toluoa af 

Kl^iu, origlDally pijbliah«d by Lord 
Gheetariald, wen onca very popuiar- 

— John. Leah and Bachel, or 
the two fruitful! Sietera, Tiiwms 
and Mftiylmid : thair present Con- 
dition stated. Land- 1656. ita. 

Foslar, March IS&T, 71. ISa. 

— CoL Bobt. Letters. 1764., 


— Tho. The Ute Commotion 
of certainB PapisU in Hereford- 
shire, oocaaioned by (he Death of 
one Ahce Wellington, a BecusaDt, 
who nae buried after the Popish 

(he I 

1 of i 

Moore, Lond. 1 
Llojd, 636, la. BrlffbI{18«l),UllB. 
— William. Poema. Lond. 1665, 

SUvtlell, 1038, IDl. «d. Wrui|;1iun,lB.U 
Hahond, Q«OrgB, riNEYMA- 
TOAOriA: a Discourse of Angela 1 
Also something touching Devils, 
Apparitions, and Impulaes. Lond. 
1701. 4to. 5s. . 

the World. Lond. 1643. 4 


usau, pt I. l»6e, 6a. Jadlo.n7,riuala, 

EiHOB, Ealph. A tire Dis- 
-.iTTse of the present Estate of 
Virginia. Loni J. Be»le for W. 
Welby. 1615. 4to. 

;, Google 

ItiSTPBEy, Hob. Trevor, Tic-^ Britaiinia, LathmoQiTilla 
BromliamenBia, Poematft, nunc pri- 
muin curantB Alio Joan. Trevor 
cditft. PanuiE, TypU Bodoniania, 
179S. folio. 

OnehuDdrnd and fifteen loplei printed. 
Highly c"n>™«nded X.'.-'l* Hf'A'}S^ 

HANBTTitT, Eov. Wm. The Hie- 
tory of the Rise and Progreas of 
the charitable Foundations at 
Churoh-Langton. Lend. 1767, 8to. 

i\ty', pi. t. &7b7«. 8".' I>ont, pi. i. 

In tlie Ureuv'tUe Callectlon, Brltlbh Hn- 


HaHPOLE, HiMPOOLE, Or llui- 
PULI.. See BOLLE, Richard. 

Hamfson, Jolm, A.B. Memoirs 
of the lata Eer. John Wesley, AM, , 
witli aKeview of his Life and Wi-it- 
in^, and a History of Uethodism, 
fi?m iU commencement in 1729 
to 1790. Sunderland, 1791. 12mo. 
3 TOle, 9e. 

Haufbhixe. — The Annua! 
HampBhire Eopository. (Winches- 
ter, 1799, 1801.) 8to. 2 toIs. 

ai Dec, 

Bvo. IS 

— Sit WiXSEB, Historv. Beb- 
BT, Pedigrees. Bhanih!, toaails. 

HiMPTOK Court Confereuce. Ste 
Bablow, Willkm. 

HiHPBTEAD, Capt. J, A Trea- 
tiae on Naval Tactics. Lond. 1808. 
royal «o, 

'CentalDlns ■ neir sod May mode 

rormad by fleeti at sai mi/ Im repie- 

HlNAPE, Nicholas, Patriarch of 
Jcmsalein. The Enasmplca of Vir- 
tue and Vice, gathered out of )ioly< 
Scripture. Engljshed by Thoiuw 
PHTuelt. Anno 1661. Lond. 16mo 

PayneU. Ann< 

Hajjdel, George Fraderieli. Mil- 
eicsl Worka, pubhahed by Sam. Ar- 
nold. Lond. 1785-97. foUo. 33 vols. 

Works in score, 14 vols, fo 
Lond, 1814—53. 

~ub11i.hod by Itis IIiiKlel SodetT- 
Vocal Worka, arrangud wUli 

Lelecl Pieces of Mnaic, compoaed by J. C. 
Liid 04 plHlea «r music. 0i, Fine fifek. 

Hanoeh, CoL Qeorge, (after- 
wards Lord Coleraine). The Life, 
Adventures, and Opinions of, vrrit- 
ten hy Himaelf, Lond. 1801. 8vo. 


hltW Yean- 
• -The Rate 

;, Google 

992 HAir 

UU. ■m toUliv fnnUaplHB ifUi 
pldton b^ H«]Di£le, 16a. 

HiiTMKii, Meredith, D.D. The 
Butorie of Irel&nd. Bt Meredith 
Hanmer, D.T)., Edmtmd Campion, 
Hariatmrough, and Edmund Spen- 
MT. Publithed by Sir Jamee Ware, 
Knight. Dublin, 1633. fotio. 

UoTd, «h IL 13a. Beei, H16, 11. 
Uiioi Ftru. EMhaby'i In 1824, If. 1 
CWIatJsiL— a«Mr^ TIU«,— DnliutlDii 
Lord Dnnty Wuilirorth, one l»f. P 
rxg W the HliloriH, mic Ictf Dedlc 
tlDn to RobDt Dodlar, Bmi °f DeaUf 
■ndtotbg Uitlnc Reader, n leiTtg— la 
tfxleaTBI. Ctauimi, pp. 1 to 186, wl 
FinltiEwOLped.omlMK /ra»i«r. incli 
^ Martebtmuffhf pp. 1 tit 323. Sjytn* 
Didlatloii to Locd Depntr Went>Dri 
sua leiJ. TntKt, tro Jutcl pp. 1 

tJusMi, coDMrnlDg the Bmn of Irelud. 

IHanuUUoD,' in. Lo^ IfiSI. lu. I 

The BnptlEliieof k Totk*. A Senooo 
pnulisd altbaBaepltklliirStKalherla, 
S Oolo. IMS, St the MpUiing of one Chl- 
buio, % Turk*, boma kt Nt^ropontkifl. 
Loud. R. WkldegrsTS. lemo. F t, In 
alRhtg. Ingl<a,68D,fil. IIelwr,Tll.lB.6ll. 

&t Ompioh, Kdm. Chibki. W. En- 

UIIUB. pAnaOITB 01 PlIBOSB, Robert 

— Sir Thomu, Speaker of the 
House of Commona. Correspon- 
dence, 1706—44, with Memoir of 
hia Life, by Sir Henry Bunbury ; 
and other Belicks of a Oentlemau'a 
Family. Lond. 1838. 8vo. 7fl. 

sir ThomieHinmer edited a Hue edl- 
OifMd In W*^ and aglln to mo. 

BuniiM, B. See Susans, 

SASiTiX, T. The Pulpit AbbIb- 
Unt, oontaining 260 Outlinta or 
Skeletons of Semonj. Loud. 1810. 
IBmo. 4 Tola. 10«. 6d. 

Fifth edltlon.rerlsed by thBBoT.JuBea 

HAmiT, Patrick. Philomel. Th« 
Nightingale, Sheretine, Bud Mari- 
ana. — A. happy Kugbaod : — Elegies 
on the Death of Queen Anne, wi^ 
Epitaphs — SongB and Sonets. 
Lond. for N. Butter. 1622, 8to. 
A nra TolmM, In Atb parti. BnpaTtd 

the botlom eentn occupied with a poitnlf 
or the ■ntfa«'. Uatriul Dedication and 
ConHBendelofT 'Veraafc 4 leavai. 'Philo. 
mslii, the Nightingale,' cowlaUng at lOG 

to It. 

.-TIHb, ■ 

dd edition). Dedieatoiy Poema, Sc^ 
. •!. The Poem L vll. to S 111.— 
e 00 N It. ' Eleglei, fa.^ «. Anofc' 

.—Title. ' Bangs and Sonnata,'' dadl- 
d Id nine ali-lloo^ itaQcmi. 'To Sir 

Ti. (page' SM). BeT. A nhd. WraBg- 
. origlul frontlaplecebTC. dePaBi, 

B ot*Denni«rk, and a cop7 o( it 
Bri)'eie<ntedbrH.ilodd,101. Blnd- 

— ^ . with a portrait of Anoa of Damnark, 

by Ciiipln de Fute Inaerted. SSI. 14a. 

Beiold, ^eiry, 3BJ. «•. AEalD, BIr M. M. 

Brke^ 421. Again, Bbt. H. Uce, ni. 

Haber, (wanting title and Avntlii^etE), 

la,' wia reprinted In ISil, aqnaie ISmo. 


&. Happy Quaband, or DlT^oHoiu for a 

Ives BehaviOTr towards her Huaband 
HT Marriage. To whloh ie adloyned the 

BlpkCl, another tfue, 'Bemaiiu after 
Death, At. By lUehard Brathwayt*, 
Gent.' bearing data leia. (br R. ReTennar. 
Parry, pt. It. 309, 81. ia. Sd. Jolley, (iruil- 

~ s EleglM on the Daath of Queens 

;, Google 

Adim, irltb EplUpbH. Land. ISIII. 

A— D, IB le«»ei, AMpTlilntheBrl 

MuMnm. Bindlsy, pt.iT. iOW.Sl. King 
•nd Lotbie'a In Hircit, 1810, HI. Bs. 

Hanhib, Bichard, Aime for the 
Arohan of Saint Oeorge's Fields, 
now corrected b; ThomoB Bick and 
others. Lond. 1664, 16mo. 

HuTHO.-— The Voyage of HaniK . 
traiiBlttted, uid accompanied with 
the Greek Text ; eipUined &om tha 
Aooounta of modeni Travellers i 
defended against the Objections ol 
Mr. Dodwell, and other Writers : 
and illustrated by MaM Jrom Fto- 
leinj, D'Anville, and BaiigaiuTilJe. 
By Thomas Falconer, A.M. Oi- 
Cwd, 1797. 8to. 

Tll» OIlalDKl Greek iBCon'tttned In Hud 
•«'• 0»gk tieoBTiplusn. SuOiooufhi' 

HAiroTiB.— Histoire secrete de 
la Duchesse d'Hanorer, Epousa de 
George I. B«i de k Grande Bre- 
togne. Lond. (Hamburg), 1732. 
lEmo. 6n. 
. Btesranii, «70, lOn. Sd.— 1TS6, ISmo. 

Hah's Beere Pot His luTiaible 
Comedies of See me and See me not, 
acted in t^e low countries by a set 
of Health Drinkers. Imp. by D. 
Belchier. 1608. 4to. 

Sothebr'a, ISSl,5I.3ii.ed. 

Hahrabd, John. Entries of 
Declarations and other Pleadings, 
£c. Lond. 1685. folio. 10s. 

— T. C. Typographia, Lond. 
1626. royal 8to. ports, and plates. 
11. Is. 

An hUlorioil ikslch of Uh atlgfn mni 

tlomfbrcaradiieling etary depKrtni™t in 
■n aSBtt, sort s dsKcrlplLon of stsr^oljin 
aud lUhognphT. Fubllnbed si 31. Si, 


— Lake. Biographical Memoir 
of. Lond. 1829. roy. 4to. with a 
portrait. Not printed for sale. 

Hahsok, John. Time is a Turn 

, CoBt«, or England's Threefold 

Metamorphosis i also a Pageant 

Speech or Idyliou pTonounoed to 

the CStie of London. Lond. 160i. 

SkSK, 71. 

Hanson, Sir Lerett. An Accurate 
Historical Account of all tlie orders 
ofKnighthoodin Europe. Printed 
abroad! no date. Hamburgh, 1803. 
2 vols. 8to. Set Ehiqbthoud. 

Hanway, Jonas. An historical 
Account of the British tmde over 
the CftspUn Sea. Lond. 1753. 4to. 
4 Tols. jnaps- 

Portamoulb la KinKilon upon Th»nni«. 
Second Adltiun corrected ud enUrged. 


iheeired of Ihlivnrk.' Jonas aDinlred 
iTelUng sbroad, but 

to. Printed by tlie 

in bumble HIS. Lond. 1TT4. Sro. 
Blebrvted phllsntliroplit printed 

Hogh. Lond. IT®. 8»o. portrail,6s. 

Harsbbt, Sir William, Enight. 
A Frophesie on Cadwallader, last 
King of the Britainea. Lond. T. 
Creede. 1604. 4to. 
SlrPblllp Herben. Knight' of Iha" Bulli, 

vbervln tj^u (Jccuion of C 

;, Google 

Iniicblng thB Church the 12, 13 i 
Sldaar, or UailptnthM; brisflfih 


Harbib, Thomu, nieArminiui 
rrieit's hat Petition. 1612. lond. 

plBcB. lDglln,73*,U Sh. Skegg, 161. 

HiBcmuB, Jodoeus. Orstio ad 
Seuatum Angl. pro Instauralione 
Reipublicai AngliOe, proquo Eeditu 
Begiualdi Pali CkrdliuJiB. Lond. 
Joannig Cawood, 1554. I61110. 

A CBpj li In Ihe BrlUih Huhiiio. Sei 
enyftt Eccles. H«ii<ir. pt. li[, UI7. 

HiUCOORT, GeoHW Simon, Earl. 
AcMimt of the CSiurcii and re- 
iDBJns of the Manor House of Stan- 
ton Haroourt, in the CounW of Oi- 
ford. Oifoisi, 1808. 8to. PriTntely 
printed. SeBYsTvaittSoKUMXHli. 

BAEComtT, Simon 6b, Barl of. 
Set Stuhon. 

— Bobert. A Belatjon of a 
TojBge to Quiana. Lond. 3. 
Beala, 1613. 4to. 

Pp. B8. BIndkr, pt. Ik 1881, II. Is. 
Bakfr, XS, It. Ti, lllbbert, STIt, lOi. 

12SS, II. 1*. BaprCnh 
volume or the Uerte 
puUdlyl " " 


1 UtmllnT, Hid 
fu^i. ' '"^ " " 

HisDnuji, J. The Hietoiy of 
the Tovn and County of Galwaj. 
Dublin, 1820. 4to. plstee. 

TbiH elHbnnle parfonDinee t> ■ ralu- 
Bhle adiiiUon to liiiti tapognphf. Ba- 

HabdUjO, or HaBDTiro, John. 

Obroniole in Metre, &o the first 
Begynnyns of Englade, mto jt 
BeigneofEJwardo y' fourth, where 
he made on End of hie Chronicle. 
And from j' Tf me ie added a Coti- 
nnacion of the Storie in Frose to 
thU our Tjrae, &o. Lond, in Of- 
flc. Bicardi Orafton, Januari, 1513. 

iJie ChrqJdo, oii fol. I. 

— Chronicle, with a biographical 
and literary Prebce by H. Ellis.- 
Lond, 1812. royal 4to. 11. lOa. 

Beat edition. collLted vlth the Seldan. 
Aehmole, wd I.tiiKla<riia US», witU u 

HABDina, J. W. Bketohes ia 
Korth Wales ; consisting of sii 
Flatee, coloured to reaemble Draw- 
ings ; with letter-press lUastrationa. 
Lond. 1810 folio. 1^ 1b. 

— Samuel, Sicily and Naples 
or the &taU Union, a Tragedy by 
S. H, A. B. 6 C. Ei. Oiford, 1640. 

Baivell, ITOl, 8a. Bolhuishe, 5022, 

— S. and E. The Biographical 
Mirrour, comprising a Smes of 
ancient aad modem English Foi> 
traits, with some Account of their 
Lives and Worts (by F. G, Wal- 
dron). Lond. 1795-98. 4to. StoIs. 

A Hsrtea ot English porlratU, ftlrLj- ri.. 
cated.butlnnogreeteiiliiDiitlop, BIndlor, 
pt. [I. 1841, 3 Tolk. «. Sa. Sd. Sir 
Syksii, pt. iil. tl38. 2 volH, 2J. Ta. dough, 
Ufl, S Tola, Si. lis, Collalim.—VoL I. 
Title, data ITM, addiui, eontente, ud lesTBi: the -ork. pp. lsO,<rith 

Iil portraits. Vol. III. Title, 
enta, emta and corrigenda, 
work, pp. 100. with ae portii. 

;, Google 

HADsnO, Thomas, D.D. An 
Ansvera to Maieter iTelles Cha- 
leuge, bj Doctor Harding. Douaie, 
by lohn Bogard, 1B61. «o. 9i. 
AnDthBr. ediiloD 'lugmenteS vjth «r 
bf wnusm Srl'ius, 16^, lenta. O, 

veiplH, « OffliHna Ig 

-Agiln IBOT, 4to. 

An jiceouDt or thlB ' CaT»t of Popery^ 
will be found in Wood'. AtEen. Olon. 

HABSlHaB, Oeorgc. Miscellane- 
ouB Wortg, in Prose snii Verse, 
with Preface bj John Nichols, 
Lond. ISIS. Svo. 3 toU. portrute. 

Biognpblul B 

t Pr. I 

pt. II. ma, isi. pt. iv. sso, M. ed. bos- 

*el1,l329,4B.ed. Beed, 8900, 1(.S8. 

Hakdottii', Joh. J. Harduini 
ad Censunun TeC«rum Scripti^rum 
Frolegomena (»deate OliTeto, cimi 
Prsfetione W. Bowjeri). Lond. 
1766. 870. Be. 

In thia <rork Futher Hurionla ' an- 
ilnavonra to dnriinrl nnit auMhllih hia 

iliUi* to the HKleni 

HAB 305 

Eabsbbs, Sir Q^oduib, Ent. Re- 
ports of Chbsb in the Exchequer, 
&om the Year 1665 to 1660, 
and froiv thence continued to 21 
Chu. IL Lond. 1693. folio. 10s. 6d. 
JM to Sil.' '" *™ " °' 

Habdwioei, Fhilip Yorke^ Eari 
of. Caaea temp, Hardvicke, in 
K. B. 7, 8, 9 and 10 Geoi^e II. ; to 
vhich are added, some Detemiina- 
(Jona of the late Lord Chief Justice 
Lee, and aUo two Equity Caaea bj 
Lord Chancellor Uardwicke. Se- 
cond Edition, with Notes and Be- 
ferences by T. Lee. Lond. 1816. 
royal Bro. V. *a. reduced to 5b. 


with Notes, Jn. by Wm.Kdsiray. Lcnil. 

Reports of Caaea In Chincery from 
1738 tn Jone, l!90,rrDm the DrigtnalMSS. 
and Iho eonlanipormiieQm Berorta. com- 
pared wllh and eoTr«t«d hy I4rd Hard- 
wlcko'a Noleii, with NoIbb and Keferoncoa 

and to the Rogytar'a Books. Lond. IBW, 

— Miscellaneous State Papers : 
from 1501 fo 1726. Lond. 1778. 
4to. 2 Tols. frontispiece. 

Id. Wlllatt 11«, 

[UlbnrrfiH, BK 

— Catalogue of the MSS. in 
Lord Hsrdwicie'a Library, with an 
Appendix by Wm. Coie, Archd. 
of Wilts. Lond. 1794. 4to. 

Bindley, Pt. I. IKS, 21, IDs. Reed, m, 
ll.Bn, Heber,ptl.ltl.lOa. Wr«nRh»ni,lS>, 
Life of Lord Chmwllor Hardwiehe, 

Hassy, Francis. Memoirs of 
the politic*! and priyato Life of 
James Caulfleld, Earl of Charle- 
mont. Lond. ISIO. 4to. porto«iL 

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996 BAB 

Tlifi *ark BiippUeH ■ gresl denl of In. 

h« oMal^ mm u^Ilher "^'. "ilib- 
ben, «!iS, Bn. ubsi mfih. II, Gi.— Se- 
copd edition, ISia, Sro. a mis, lis. 

Habdt, Jolm. DMoription of the 
Uet Yojsge to the Bermudas, in 
the ship A^u^gold, in Verge. Land. 
1661. 4U>. 

A com' la in tli« Br)tl*b (tOMiuii, diU 
leit. FneUns. 1329, 1«L 

— J. A PictureHque ind de- 
BcriptiTe Tour in the mountainfl of 
the High P>-reDeeB, compriBing 24 
coloured views, (mounted), with ao 
■coount of the bathing establish- 
mente in Uiat department of France. 
Lond. 1824. ra;al Bro. 18e. 

— Bei. Saomel. The prindpsl 
Frophecieg of the Old and Hew 
TeBlament : partiDularlj thoae in the 
Bit* velation of St. Jobn, compared 
and eapluned. Loud. 1770. 8to. 

DruiT, llia,U.ei. WlUiuEi,SIB, 

— Thomas Dufl^ia. A Catalogue 
of tlie Lord Chancellors, Lord 
Keepers of the Qreat Seat, Masters 
oftheBoUe, fe. Lond. 1B48. rojal 
8to. 260 printed. 

— Deaoriptionof the OomEoUb 
in tlia Tower of London. Lond. 
1838. roral 8to. 

Wnngliun, 11.1b. 

Bv EiellBh Hliuitiu] Society, In Ap- 
pendli. RKCokDa, tulilie. 

HiRBynQ. Sfe HiSBiSB. 

Haee, Francis, D.D., sue- 
cessiTel; Bishop of St. Asaph and 
Chichester. Works. Lond. 1746. 
8to. 4 vols. 10s. 

ITH. Sm. 4 roll. Huth, BOO, 49. ea. 
Willelt, low, 169. ThlB l»n»d prelnts, 
who dittlngiilBheil blmnelf la the Buigo- 
rtiui amtniTersT ualiut Hoidley, puli- 
ILihed u ediUon at TereMx, with Doles, 
■nd the Book of PuJinB In Hsbreir. 

— John. St. Edward's OhoBt, 
or Anti-Nonnanisme. Load. 1647. 

A three.nari Inet, nprinted In the 
■liih, eighth, and ninth Tolnmes oT the 

Habtletb, Henr;. A Banquet 
of EESayes felcht out of fiuoous 
Owens' Confectionary, disht out 
and serv'd up at Uie Uble of Mecie- 
nas. Lond. 1653. small 8to. 
vsr£inlaGS,10i,ed. Ue'ber, pt. Ii. ei, 

HABsaATB, SVanoia. A CoUeo- 
tiaa of Tracts relative to the Law of 
England, from Manuscripta, now 
first edited by Francis Hargrare. 
Lond. 1787. 4to. Vol. i. U. Is. 

a vols. IM. nduced lo 7b. 6d. ' 

Habsbotb, Ely. Ilie Yorkijiire 
Quetteer. Knaiesborough, 1S06> 

Pn. S34 [A 3 toOg i), Tltli B Ihlded mip 
br John Cut. 

AnecdotM of ArcbeiT. York, ITM. 
13nio. BroiAett,IM«,ds, 

The History at lbs Csatla, Tomo, and 
Forest of Kn&resboTODgb, with Unmsate 
and lU medltln.l SortngB. York, ITS!. 
IBmo. ThB bI.Ut Edition, with consldt'- 
ible Additions. Knaresh. ISM. ISmo. I>p- 
4i», *lth 10 piBlei. baaldes seren) on the 

— W. History and Description 
of the Citj of York. York, 1818. 
royal 8to. B rols. 

HABQiaiOH, John Lord, Baron 
of Elton. Sit Stock, Bi^iard. 

— Sir John, Ent. A new Dis- 
course of a Btde Subject, csilled the 
Metamorphosis of Aiaz. Written 
by Misacmos to hi« Mend and Cosin 
PMostilpnos. Lond. K.Fie1d, 1596. 
With the Apologie, printed 1696. 
An Anatomie of the metamorphosed 
Ajai, Sc. By T. C. iTaueller, &e. 
Lond. K. Field. 1B96. 12mo. 

CD^^tton.— The MeUmorphoelB, A— I II 
In elgLtB, BlitT'Sli luves. Tb* ApDln- 
giB, AsDdlil. in Bights, twenlT'ieven, 
leiiTBH. TliB Anntomle, L eight leareiu 
atrettell, 688, *l. ilB. «d. BIdJibt. ft- it. 
SOS.GI.IOl aicF.Tboinp«iD,3IG,«.II}s. 

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ta Apoliiiita, lU. Uaji, ISSl, wltli Tfl- 
uir'sFloirtrorFriaiidililp.lfiTT, H.Ta,6d. 
lBriia,lliea with Ulruea apni Alu, IBM 

SI.IOk Il««d,ng9,TBICCFAnB,VltbUlTI 

HI own Alu, uae, IM. IQt. Tbl> son 
hid all B. dadli»U«Q to Tbomu Kuktuo 
Eaq^udnotabTthsmntluir. SmBOoel. 
Anted. U. KiSi. Ktuld, atber, pLvl. 
8l.Si.ed. Again, BllB-ThlB Indioniuaaii- 
■imeomUDMmuch leunlngwlth man hn- 
1 1..J .1 — -"-"-otlnipTOMlepim 


It tur irrltlng It 

IS wu ntuKd for prloUng 
"- — ••■ Li forWd (•■- 

HABraaroB, Sir John, Ent. 
" An Ajmlogie. 1. Or rattiCT 
B«tniction. 2. Or rather a S., 
cantation. S. Or rather a Beca- 
pitulation. 4. Or rather a Bepli- 
cation. 5. Or rather as Eiamuia- 
tion. 6. Or rather an Accuealion. 
7. Or rather an Explication. 8. 
Or rather an Eihortation. 9. Or 
rather a Consideration. 10. Or 
rather a ConGrmatioa. 11. Or 
rather all of Uiem. 12. Or ratlier 
none of them. Lond. (1596). 

Pp. S4, wllhitut ■ Utle-pagB. BIW, 
Anglo-PMI. tsa. MM. 

— YljBses upon Aim. Written 
by Mieodiabolea to hia Friend Phi- 
larotea. Land. Th. Oubbins. 1596. 

A— D In elgbts. ThirtT-two Iutsb. 
TIiIh mKr be Gonildend m a thim put to 
tbe HetunorphMla. 

— The Metamorphosia of Ajai, 
with the AiiaUiinj and Apology : 
to wbich is added, UljsaeB upon 
Ajai (edited by B. W. S' ' 
Chiewick, 1814. small 6to. 

HoMu, pt I. UM, in. Htmliall, HOT, 
189. air H. U. Brkes, pi. I. Itl8, ISn. 
Uindlar, pt il. am, 1;. Ib. Hlbbon, MM. 
lUrwanl, 186% II, *i, with lia. 
taken from a copf formerly belong 

lo tmUlna Btuiui. Blbt Anglo-Poat 
a2S,aw. 8»e«:g, SI. lla. SoUwbj.tnlsn 
Idiie IBOS), ft£ Skagft 2t. III. Repilnicd 
undertbetlUeoTTlieScbDola of foleiw 
wltli addition of tbe Pmxpti of Rmun' 
'Ins. I-ond. 181T. Again, IBM, ISoio. 
Bihl. Anglo-Foal. BM.iH. 8tegg,«. 
Harwapd, 11. ie«. Crawfurd, 18M, 81. Sa. 

HaeihOTOH, Sir John; Most ele- 
gant and witlie Epigrame, digested 
into fbure Books. Lond. 1633. tol. 

Appended to Harlngton'H tranBlatlOD of 

Oilier JldUkmi. 
J. J. Budge, 1816. Vt. This lint 
1 HHit^ni only IIB epiirmmg, and 
the 4th book of the entire eallec- 
1 1618^ 1825, and ie8t. StuTtne, 697. 
._. Boewall, 1001,11. BlrM.M. 
8yke^ pt. I. UJ9, 11 Ua. Bkegg, 81. T«. 
'lngbt,ai. Heber.pLlr.Uto. Lond.Q.P. 
jrSohnBiidge. iSlAamalia™. Ueber, 
t. it. 18l SEeeven^ ha ilz ka -n.»... 

Sle«T«ni,BB9,8;>.ad. IL 8», ll! 

— The History of PoBndor and 

Plostella; with other Poems. Lond. 

1651. 8vo. front, by Droeahout. 

SLSa. Km 

orgUe, 1 

'. lee. 

Jarl£glon,bf 8"a 
imsti'n linMnr. 

old ape^ing baa bee 
aone objectionable dm 

— The Englishman's Doctor, 
the Sclioole of Solerae, or Fhysicall 
Obsorvationa for the parfeot Pre- 
serving of the Body of Man in oon- 
tinualT Health. Lond. Hehne, 1608 

A briefa View of the State of 
the Churoh of England as it stood 
in Q. Eliiabetlrs and K. James's 
Beima to the Teere 1608. Edited 
by J. Chetwjnd. Lond. Jos. Kir- 
'- '.653. 12mo. 

Ilolrma remarks npon IkeBlabopiot 
EU filbberl, 9643, norocco, sk. HarwanI,' 

— Hugie Antique : being a mis- 
cellaneouB Collection of original 
Pftj>erB in Prose and Terse i wnttsn 
during the Heigna of Henry TTII. 
Edward VI. Q. Mary, Eliiabetlt 
and K. James i by Sir John Haring- 
ton, Knt. and by others who lived in 
thoaeTimes. Selected from authentic 
Hemaina by the late Henry Haring- 
Wn,M.A.,aiidnewly arranged, with 
illustrative Notes, by Shomas Park 
F.S.X. Lond. 1801. Bto. 2 vola. 

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crilUoD. Mr. Pirl[obHr7u, ' In reconduct- 

takcD the UbMt7 o/ni|«Unp HTsnl pnw 
p1«c«a,«hkebbAd Appeared In preceding 
edltloDfl, uid af InurdDg oth«n thHl 
MWmAd ta poneu BtTDnver olalniH fiir ad- 
Bluion Into * mtitagi lanaat. Uach 
of Uia former poety Is llkBirtm oraillBd, 

pilnled In l^ttall'i oirlj UMinbUge of 
mnn ind aonnou.' Bindley, pt. II. S0«, 
II. lb. Sir M. M. Sykes. pt. 1. 141B. 13b, 

WMOBham, 128. fAght, (Park's copy with 
MS liidUloni,) IJ, 16).— Olher ulilitins. 
Vol. I. 1T6S. Koibutghe, SMI. Is.— 11. 
1116. fH.— IJJB. correctcil md enlu-gad, 
13n>o. S Toll. Hlbten, MU, 7b. 6d.— A 
neir MUUdil Loud, 1191. lima. 3 toU, 


HAsmeTOH. Stt KiSBUiaiOT. 

Babiot. Sa Harbiot. 

Eabibi, — Abu MohamnuKtu Al- 
cuemi mlgo diet. Hanii Q uinquaee- 
BiiDU9 ConcesBua BtureiuiB e Codice 
MS. BibliothecBE BodleiaiuB, La- 
tine coDvereus a Job. Uij. Acce- 
dunt Dialog! Peraico - Aiiglid. 
Oxon. 1774. 4to. 6i. 

Adventum of Aiwa Z^de, of aurTD], 

of Bngland deinonatrat«d. 
Lood. 8to. — iepriDt«d, Loud. Sto. 

Hasleiah IjIbubt.— CabJoguB 
BibliothecfG HarleianB, in Locos 
commimea dietributni, cum Indies 
Auctomm. Loud. 1. Osbonie. 
1748—5. 8to. 5 foJb- 

Km, wltb the uslaUnce of Oldyi mi U>ll- 
Uln. The Litln dedlciitlDn to Lonl 
Csrtsrol oiB written by MalH^ra. vbo 
tlgo fumlslied many blnU for the iluaia- 
utloQ. AuDTdlDg to Dr. tlnke,Toli. L. 

intliuar?" WllUun Oldvi, Dr. Jflhnsm 
completing tba undertftUug. Tbenrefue 
was vritlen by Dr, Johnson. "? 

>e AlUh Dim 


ud Junn Alee. 

■e Jiua A 

Al Hulii oT BsBL tnnilated rnm the 
Anblc. <rlth AnDotedoiB, by Theodore 
Preelon, M.A. Lond. ISHI. Sto, 

EABisira Faulua ArctomaetiT, 
give EdmunduB TJreulaiius pkiptec 
UBUTpatiua Judicium de tribuuati 
dejectus ; et propter libellum famo- 
BUHL in judicium vocatus. Anno 


1 library 

Oaborne pnrcbued the 
for 1S«0^ tlie mora 
. it Oldyi declueB, coot 

it Ely, lli,' 6 'ohi. ll.'°e«. 


Eablbiab M9S. Ste BsmsR 

Eakleiav Miscellant. — The 

Harleian Miscellany ; a Collection 
of ecsrce, curloiu, and ent«rtaiiiing 
FampMeta aud Trscta, aa well in 
Mauuscript aa in Print, eelect«d 
from the Librarj' of Edward Harley, 
aeoond Earl of Oxford. iDter- 
Bperaed with hiBloriool, political, 
and critical Annotationa b; the 
late WUliiun Oldya, Eaq., and some 
additional Notee bj Thomas Park, 
F.S.A. Lond. 1808— 13.rojal* 
10 vols. Ul. 168. 

ThiB valiuhla po11tl«t, hli 
iDtlqoakdui record, an Indla^ 

polltlHt, hlatorlul, and 
n IndlaHDiable aoi- 

Hablec, Sir Bob., Earl of Ox- 
ford. The Cune of Poperj and 
Popiah Prince* to the CSvil Qoyem- 

1 131. W Hibbert, BJM, irllh the ti 
plementaiyTolnmeBby Park, 181S,nml», 

A t»« abatti o( ■ Citalogne ol tlie 
UgS. la thta Ubnry wu appanded to 

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am edlUon (which ni nilgiiuLlly tuned 
ie puCft), buE, tbroDgh Uifl iKnonoa of ths 
binder, It ig ofWn duiflclsot 

Tha Huielu UiHelluiT ehniMliigl- 
«11r umiged, br J, Milhun. Ldnd. 
laoS-ll. Sts. li Toli. pnblJahad at SI. 89. 

Thli t) k repdut ^Iha flnt •ditloI^ iii 
alir«»togl«ii Older. 

A ttalaedon tnm tba HarlaUn ULual- 
lany of Tracta whlob prinolpally ragird 
Engliail R<Btnr7i of whlcti many kre 
nlkiTed to bT Hatne. Loud. UK, ito. 
SlDdtof, pt. iil. ISM, lOg. 

HakI:!;, Jonathui. An histori- . 
oal Easaj on tlie State of Plijeici in : 
the Old and New leBtament and tlie 
rphol InteiTol, Lond. 1TS9. 
— A DLHlogudbetvrMne 
the Comiine Beeretary and Jalowiy, 
touohjnge the UnBtableceeee of 
Harlottfl«. Lood. by John Kjnge. 
4to. No dal«. 

niaik letter, 4 leaTea. Habar, pt. It. 
61. §1. Bd. Kepiinlcd in tha flnt to- 
liima of Beloa'i Anecdotei of Lltermtnrfl 
and Bcarea Booka, pp. 880.08. Tirentr- 
fli'a onpiea nprloted in fHalinLle, i^r 
J. P.CollleT, by P. Sbobarl, inn. (ISM). 
Hanrard,!a8.i«. •' ^ ' 

Tha Harlofa Piwran, belna tha UK 
er tha notad Moll Haekabont. Bra. Lond. 
I7ta. Whits Knlfhta, im>, u. 

Tbe Harlot* • ProgreH. or tha Hiimonn 
of DroTT Lonft. la ni eantoi- Load. 1T39. 
ftvo. With tiulB to flmcb cuiEO, in ohUro 
obaeoro. Biker, 1738, UBg.—nni) edi.) 
Hon, with ail prlnta. 8to. Flald, im 
lie.— Siith edition, ITK. 9n. 

Tba Harlot*! Prograaa. Sal Qat, Ji> 

HAKHAn, Ibomaa. A Caueat 
for commen Oraeton Tulgaraly 
called Yagabonea, nevl; aiigaiflnted 
and inlaned. Loud, hy Wylliam 
Gryffith, 1567. 4to. 

fflark laitar. iDjMe wmh, d»dl«ted^r»- 

AuSSr I) 

id Inlarnd by U 

jLlotberi^titlad ' The Qronnoirorl 
0Diiy4atihlng.' Lond. tsei. «to. 

matching.' Lond. 

Gaulle Readar-i Health,' w 
oTghirung Bleljrbt, t- ' 
OnnmdworkB pi Coni 
ii.d. $«asiiKE,Bo 

— A Caveat, or Warning for 
common Cuneton, Tulgarly calltxl 
Tagabonda. Land. 1614. 4to. 


ra, pt. L 1»U, 10 
18§8, 16a. Hlbhert,» 
Tha Pratsmltj of 

B edition 



aBHgei lUiutrAtlng tha maDQeTB of 
iwlod, which will be found of maUrlal 

liana mat vlih ui oar earlTBugUib druna. 
ateeTeiu.SM,niaiU, U.ISa. In(tii,T3S,nior. 
SLHa. BlndlaT, leeg.SI.lla. Bnx- 
bunhe.aMT.faiOa. retold, HebarOrltb 
the nlT Ocdera of Knarea, ou W, d. i.), 
pt.ti. dl,lta.ed. FBrrr, pt. II. ^ mar. 
101. lOi. North, pt. UL aST, moroeco, lei. 
Uebar, pL tIL U. Ua.— Ajuther ediUon, 

HiBlCAB, John. Protomartyr 
BritaiiQus, liie Elegia aacra in 
CkinTeraioiiem at Maiiyriain Sancti 
Albani. Lond. 1627. 4to. 

An account of this 'eieelleDl Grecian 


ben. Old 

_.. . ir. John . 

c, editor of St. Chrrtaetno, Ac 
HiBUB, Anthony, 1. 1. Wxcas- 

— Thomaa. ObMrratioiu on 
dlTertFanagcBOf Scriptnre. Lond. 
1776-87. 8to. 4to1b. 

BlndlaT, pt. 11. IWi, I61. HcJIii, Ml, 
II. llSa.~Wl[lluna, 817, W. 8«. ' la thia 
work Qumeioqa paeiagea af Baiptara are 
placed In a Ugnt altHetbar aawi tha 
meanlDRi of othin vUah ar* not dlaoo- 
renble fay melliadi aamiDoiilr niad Inr 
interprelara,are aatl afh ot orily aaiiaiiilnail. 
and many probable ocaklaativaa offered ta 
the BlbUcd Btudent.'-^!Sa>. T. U. Bant. 
Tha orlElual adltloa appeared 17fld>Svo.lD 
I Tol,— Ponttb edit with a new ArraiigB- 
ment, many Importut AddlUmu, and 


I Woiki, containing hla 

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meuolc tij Wm-Youagiuiii. L,ou(l. ISH. 

HiSMOH, D. W. A Journal of 
Tojageg Bod TrsTela in the Inten'or 
of Ninth America, between the 4Ttli 
and EiSth Degrees of North Lsti- 
tnda, eilen£ng from Montreal 
nearly to the Paoiflc Ocean. An- 
dorer, Vermont, North America, 
ili20. 8to. 
A iDrtnn ud mUreUliiE IIIUs toIuim. 

Habmovy of the Mueea, or the 
G«nUeiiiul and Ladya choiceet Ee- 
creatioD, a Collection of Poems. 
Lond. 1654. 12mo. front. 

UplTeiua HumODy, nmilating of b 

with Uie Ui^c utd DhIeoi enxnTAd. 
174S. 4(0. Hiauu.ptlU. U3S,lI.Is. 
PriMlplM ud PowBP of " 

HiBMOHi of Birds. — A Proper 
Nev Boke of the Armonyof Byrdes. 
London, Imprjntsd by Wjghte, 
(Slearee). I2ma. 

I- j_.i ,^ prohaWy— ' — 


rationibua, aimnl bo celebri wioto- 

ritatfl, robarat*. Paris (1670). 4to. 

TnietatiM da racnriD ait FiDtHUOHni 

tiun {Sertconim. P.rta (IwO), *lii. 

HASFtFEU), John, D.D. Oon- 
cio habitft coram Patiibua et Clara 
in Eccleeia FHulina Londini 26 
Octobrii, 1653, &e. Lond. 1668. 

D 4, In cigfata, half BbaaU, prlatid In 

A noubte and Inarnea Sennon or Ho- 

1660, In the Calhednl Cl.orci of 8. Kql 
In London. Lend. Kob. Cal;, IKS. ISmo. 

grand lealol for Iho Horn. Cath, reHglin,' 
will be found In Wood's Atben, Oion. 

— Nicolas, LL.D. HietoriaAn- 
glicana EccleBiaetica. A^jecta Nar- 
ratioiie de Diyortio Henricl Till. 
Hegia ab Uiore Catlicrina et ab 
Ecdesia Bomana DieeeaEione ; 
Bcripta ab £. Campiano et edita a 
B, Oibbono. Biiaci. 1622. folio. 

Bebor, pt. tv 

raaoU Buod Bollan 

~~A'pD«ni In sli.llne ataDcii. Probablv 
wrlltea bf John BkeltoD. Edited b; y- 
CoIHbt, for the tertj Society. «m A 

Hakkbbs, Ber. Wm. Welcome 
and FareweU, a Tragedy. (Privately 
printed.) Lond, IBST. aqnarelZmo. 

Mao. Serniona at CambrldRe. 

Habolgub, Franciscus. Ord. 
Min, Hcb. Lirneriuensum, Vita 
fiemplaria Beati Tliuiibi Alp 
majorem, Archiepiscopi TuameoBia. 
Bom. leeo. ito. 

HonHi, II, 11a. 

— Thomas S. Tbeol, Lecl«rem 
■fubilatnm Narratio facti, jurisque 
disquiaitio in Lite jam rertente 
int«r BduB. Adm. P. P, Franciecnm 
Copingerum et Cteanor, inviotia 

If Ely, n 

Iban painfully perfonned, and abatliiir 

desetves of all poslerily.'— ,,lw. d Wood. 
ua, copleifCont^nlng many things vlilch 
do not appear In the printed volunjo, will 

IMaJi^ nei, eoDIn Biimml Ponlieealui, 
glnum WppnCTStoreE. el I'^sodoniartyiBH, 

Blau of the CroH, p, 66?, nrcly found In 
ie book, 11. 9a. run pwia. S;. Sa, Tha 
lattsia A. H. L. H. B, £. V. E. A. C. at 
Ike and of tha book ilBnifr Aactor Bnlna 
LlhrlKlchoUuiHarpaafeldfli. Eplseopiia 

Bt FnUar'B Ch, mstXli. p, 14S. 
Haskadeh, B. B, CanCabrigia 
depicta ; a Bene* of Engraringe 
repreaenting the most pictureaijiie 
and iateteating E^Ufioea in the 
Univerai^ of Cambridge, with an 
Account of each. From Drawings 
bv B. B. Earraden, jun. Oamb. 
1S09. 4to. 

Pp,lM,bBBlda an ugtavad title 1 dsdl- 

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(UW SS) pUUa, (MB pigs. LABOI PAPEB, 

onn tauutred upla prinud. Ull>Mr(, 
S7i& ruMli, ai. fe. ii«a»iTfjpn,wltli 
pnoCion IiuUii piper. Rhit eoplsB printed, 
Tbe lugs upcr ssplea lii'd i ispMste 
bluk Isif p^dsed It lh« alcw o( ttie prim- 
ed dewtipUoD, irlth Uie suns of the col- 
lege It IBs held oT ths pigs, fcc the 


Lend. IBl*. 'upet-royil Bvo. This. So 

ElghlVtoi „_,. . 

IDR Ihs prlDcipii ind moil pieUiieRque 
ObjKta la the UolTsnltT. Slie Kiln. 

10 ri><:h«s bf 8, with 1 plin of Cimbridge. 

Netley Abbey. Aqoi-tinled by J. B.Hir- 
nden. lail. Slislltnchee bTllf 
CoBtunieoftlieUiilTeraltyaf Cimlirldge. 

'HiaaBTB{WO- ThBMwket.or 
Fajre of Uaurers. Imp. Lond. 
Mverdmui. 1660. I2nio. 

Norili, pt. llf. ^ IOb. Townley, tL Sa. 

Eabsihotob, JsmeB. Works, 
with Acoount of hi» Life, hj John 
TolMid. Lend. 1771. 4to. 

BestediUoiL Hetth,lS>3.ll.S«. HeUl\ 
e.^1, riiieli, II. 6e. Nusui. pt, I. ISll, 11. 
Iinrr, UH, mule. It 8>. Dsn^ pt li. 
US.niHU,U.Sa. Hnibert,S739,U,lli.Sd, 
(MireUlUi.— LeBd.l7ao>lle. Huwe, 
ISM, It liL KeibBrgbe, 8TT, Si,— Lend, 
I7ST, with Ll(i It mrch. Mlo, portnll by 
V, dec OuehL WillstL 1181, Ge, 6it. 1.J1HOB 
nm. Gitilek. WB. »s. 8d— Loud. IT«, 
with Llh by BIrcb, [ello. Bindley, pt, 1. 
*DM, a^gd. LieasrAPii. Fontblll, lOlt, 



BoBweelth tbtt hu sti 
Uie peblle. 

Polltlcel — , .. 

with poTtnlC br HelUt. NorUi, pt. 111. 

— Bir Jaittei, Horn COnte- 
cntn. DiTine M«ditatioiu, ot 
Spiritiul Pwtime. Loud, 1682. 


of LedT Herrlnirton. M. 80, IdH, oetigea, 
brFilthoiBS, Bindley, pt.1, MSB,, 
Habecptl.Sl.; Ft.ll.lU. Sks(g,».Ee. 

UAA 1001 

Wm, The Comendation of 
Uatrimony. Impr. b; Kobt. Bed- 
1628. 4to. 
_ . Dibdln megtlaiie ainther edlUoD, 
printed by John Bulsll. 

Eabhimbtoh. SH EAXINOTOIt. 

Eabbiot, IhoiDiu. Arlia analy- 

w Fraiii Ad .Xauatioiiea jUge> 

bniiciw nOTA eipsdita et eenerali 

Methodo iMoUendaa. Lonu. 163I> 


Iworkwhlcli, lueidlng to Dr, HDtUm, 
mi. In ill Its perte, merke of greit g6- 
Kuul orlglitllltr. 

-IpUlnlbe Appen^li 10 Bndlsy; Mle- 
lleneouiWDrki.bfRlgiud. Oion. 1833. 

— Sii Debbt, Theodore. Hig . 
rYT SoctETT, Appeodii. 
Hasbib, BartlL Liuua >erius 
Fetronii Arintri MatroDAm Ephe- 

■iam, huo a4i'°''"'t''' DiiBertalion- 
cuIeb quatuor philosophiceB. Loud. 
less. lZm6. 4i. 

— BonJMnin? List of CoT*nt 
Qardeo Ladu*, or New AlsJantis ; 
vith the Uaii of Heunre'a CaIcii- 
dAT. Lond. 1760 to 1793. ISmo. 

The ftnt volnme of tUi noteriow 

h»« Isnit met the public ipprshMioo, 
ud hli ImpiTtlilllj hu Imib baea tbs td- 
mintioD of hi! nuBbmleiimden. Ths 

bU Tsmuki, ud the utonlihln« Tul«t7 
of hl> dsKriptloH, mniit plue him m 
fu beyond tb* poweiof mellca saef Inl- 

Inge with anrlnlled hawiiu to poaterliT,' 
'who ibell erei reed Iba hrrulo, ths 
■ubllae, the ekgut Hirrla, bnt with ■ 

;, Google 



Babbib, B. The Qhoat of : 
Zing, or a Night at Senrj'a, an ( 
Description of tlie most oelebrBted 
Indies of Vleosure who frequent 
CoTent GlardeD and other Ports ) 
likenise those in Keeping, their 
Keepers, ialiODd. (1785). sm.Svo. 

— Hentj. Dictjonaiy of En- 
glish and HindostAny i to which ia 
annexed a copious and useful alpha- 
betioal Idst of proper Names of 
Hen, Women, Towns, £o. ToL 2. 
Madras, 1790. 4to. 

— James. Works, with a 
count of his Life and Character, by ' 
his SOD, the Earl of Malmesbucj. 
Lond. 1801. 4U>. 2 vols. J ' ■ 

Botbnr^be, r ' 

— Tlie History of Kent, in Are 
Parts. Voll. (aU published). Lond. 
1719. folio, 

Wlllett, 1181, ai, IBB. Nuun, pL 1. 
1M2. riuBLi, il. 13b. Sd. TonaleT. pt. 

PI.LI48I, rcorwco, V, lee. Hutfa, 1SIS3, 
K. Qeorge the Seoond'i copy, mleJ irith 
ivd ]1i»B, ind bouDd In bin* TurWi IK. 
tSH.— Cbiiottok TttiB! dediaUoD to K. 
UeDTKr 1 , 8 ptgu , u«fu», t ps(eii : wa 
od(r, S ptgei; lilt oi BubHiUnn, Ac 4 
pogBB; the hiatoTT, Kflprk^B^ IndeXiftd- 
alilonfl and BmendstiDoB, pp.l-icL — Plates. 

11. '^H^ Street 

31. 4l, 


. OoodncBlon.iLlsa, n.Mi: 
IM. m lghlhuiiCoiirt.p,. 

Id Lej-bonta C«0«, p. 173. 

.; m t, phllomphluJ Inqnlrj 
Lond. ITEl, Sto. Umnerolfully li 
uioundt^HomeTooke.— 1?6G,8to. Boh 
o»,8l,aii.6d,— 17J1,8™. HomoTooke 
8I«, ollta MS. doUb b7 H. Took', 1«J 
RcptinKid 1IT7. ITSl, ITBg. Bro. Truis 
Utad 1pU> SnaOs bj U. Thiirot. Puii 

TbrM TnatlHa. I. Art. II. Unglf 
PilDUng, and FoaCry. III. Happioesi 
Lond. 11«S, e>a. — im, 8vo. — mi, Sid. 
Horne ToDke, SIB, vitli US. notes by U. 
Tooke, it. Gs. 

PhlloBo^lalArrangemenEp. I.nTifl.17TK. 

PhllDlogltjal EnqutelBi. ir 

TulouB Work! (collMtsd). H»tb, IflM,«,i;;i-8,«.lSB,Bd. wuiii-- 
eSK, ini-81, 6 TDli. qustn Cbuloi 
copy, morocco, 41. <s. 

— John, D.D. Leiicon Tech. 
nicum : or a Dictiooary of .Arte 
and Sciences, folio, 2 toIs. 12b. 

Five edi Uont oppured beCon 1711, 

onwof Ur 

Saven Ctakj. p. 
980. S3. Tnn- 
34. SnnbrlilgB 

. 310 (muked 873). 97. Kappa TbaOFll 
DBUle, p. 31B, 88. WBldeniharB,p. 316. 
B. Bqusrrloa, p. 3SS. 40. Pendock'WeBt- 

— John, D.P. A CoUeotion of 
VoTSges and Trayela. Lond. 1744- 
B. folio. 2 vols, maps and plates. 


VoTigBi ind TimTeU, In 6 toU folio. 
A> Vintiiia. BdvardB, 4SS, ni«U, 81. 
MarqiUB of ToMniliond, lTa^ 3:. 1B>. 
Maiun, pt. 1. 1M1, miala. U. IDs. ~ 
170B, foils, S Tola. WlUett, 11S8, 11. 7b. 

— 17H toUo, 3 TolB. Fcmthllj, m». 

;, Google 

U 17*. U. Hnth, 3198, tt Htbbert, 

Habbib, Jobn. XreatUe upon t1 
Mtxlee, or ■ Farewell to Mrent 
Kicki. Lond. 1716. Svo. 

— JoBepb. An Eiuaj upon 
MoDBy and Coinflp In Cwo Parts, 
Loud. 1757, 8to. 8s. 6d. L. P. 6s. 

— Moses. The Aureliaa 
Natural Hiataiy of English Ineects, 
together with the Plants on which 
thej feed. Lend. 1766. folio. 

Fi.8a,vith44<»laandplatea, A high- 


I.Diid.ITBl,rn1, pp 


til tnaei,s le.veii 

MUlonna fnr 1798 


reTlied brWe.t- 

■wool m plalM 


d likeDranIngs 

tpna; BQhn, 1810, 

folio, «.»>. 

— AnE«po 
■ecCs (in Kag 


of English In- 
and l-rench). 


lond, 1776, 4t. 



1«8. AbeiuHful 
n.— 1783,110. wdth 

BI mloorod puts. 


i. Ml, 

«quliit4l7 o 

llnn'j Pncket Corap»Xa LuniJ. lJ70,ei 
pp. 88, Si. M. A very OMtul IHtlc irorL. 

— Robert. WorltB. Lond. 1636. 
folio. 15s, 

— 8., D,D. A Commentary on 
the fifty-third Chaptei- of Isitiah. 
Lond. 1739. Svo. 6a. 

A enrloui and launsd vark, com. 
mBDded I17 Dr. Doddrtdgs, 

— Thad. Mason, D.D, The Na- 
tural History ot the Bible. Boston 
(MaasBchusotta). 1820. 8to, 

Lonil. 1^ isms. ' ' 

— Wailffl-, Hibemioa j or, an- 
•ient Tract* relating to Irdaud. 
Dablb, 1770. Sto. 

HAB 100.T 

9. sir Richard lloltnn'a De- 
L»« ind BtiluWH ft KQglalld 
.it'a Aamsr to Sir R. Boiloo'n 
jipharom allonioique Ktlplo- 
(BeprlnUd wltb additloDa In 
CPiT and AnriqulliBH of theCitr 
«. Bvo. will t»o plus, &t. 

l'notionunni«Hkeil:«01alogiui. Dublin, 

ii,Sn. H Dili t, MS, St. 

ChBHialonrof tlio Lir« and Iteicn of 

m. Honrr, trlnMofNaMaii and OwnifB, 

ullholdBt of ib« Uniwd Ihroiincea. 

ngnffiaEltind, Smtland^PninM, and Irr- 

id, &o.(Wni. Ill.)In«hlcbtlwAaklra 

. Inland an mom putlcularl; handled 

tban In any othtr IIIBI017. With an Ap- 

pandli. oontulntiiK Coplai of xiina otld- 

iialPtpcnDothlibErLopiiWBhcd. llliu- 


-. HlbbBfi, Stu 

Pp. Kffl. Appenrtli ind IiuJm, IHdl ff- 

■■ ■ if HaiTlntrton, aiibsoribaili'NaiDM, 
e, ConUDIs, DispoBltlonof Iha PIat*>, 
fi, and the Istmduotlon lU [agaa. 

;, Google 

1004 HAR 

HiJiBiB, Wm., D.D. Aocoimt of 
the Lives and Writings of Jtunes I., 
ChorleB I., 0. Cromwell, and Chas. 
n., witb the LiTSB of HLgh Peters 
and of tlie Author. Lond. 1814. 
8to. 5 v<da. 
rrrnn MlgigiJ vriien ukd BUt« pipeci. 

An Acownt of Hugh Paten. Lund. 
1151. S'o. Sa. Bd. 

An Atoonm of the Lift ud Writlngi 
of Jtmeii the First, King otQnU Uriuiii. 
Loud. nS3. Svo. Sa. Lond, llll Sio. Ti. 

An Acmunt of the Lite ud Wriltnga 
of Churlu 1„ KlDg of Qrul Brluln. 
vo.— 17IJ. a™. Lloyd, B7. 

t of the Ule of Olfvtir 
ijroiowell. TO which la ndded, on Ap- 
WUdli of origtnml Papera. now first pub- 

Eabbibon, Dr. Tlireni Sy^ 
bemici; or, Irelaod B^mpathiziiig 
witb England and Scotl^d, in a 
Bad Lamentation for the Lobs of ' 
her Josiah. Lond. E. Coles for 
John North. 1659, 4U>. 

Jamee. The Life of Lord 
Nelson. Lond. 1806. 8to. 2 vols, 
eiy Imllfliinnt life of >n idmlnbLe 

i- ^'S' 

if Ch«l 


LItcb, collected. lT<e— 13. 8io. 5 vols. 
HMth,lMS,W. Nuua,pt.l. 1426, lI.Ss. 
Dent, PL 1. sea, II. 14^ Hlbhen,SM6. 

— Willuun. A Catalogue of 
the Library of the Boyal Inatitu- 
tioQ of Great Britain. Second edi- 
tion. Lond. 1821. rojal 8to. 

and litBiBture, methodiully dlEeilsd, 
irltb BD nlphabetical Indel of nuthom. 
It lUewlH iucludes a complete list of ill 
the Greek HritarB, by the late Re*. C. 
Bumey, D.D. Noeuii, pt. L UIS. 12. Zs, 
Dniry, 17W, In ht«ahto, II. 8«.— The 
ant edition. Lond. l£Oa. Bvo. Ba. Luaa 

ine, Neir enitlon, edited by Bei^uiiin 
VhKenC, Sto. 1S»7. 16s. 

— &OT. W., LL.D. Elranents 
of the Cbildee Language. Lond. 
1S22. 8vo. 

Intended u ■ eiipplement to the He- 
brew gnniBBr, ud i genenl introduction 
to tba Aruuin dUlecti. 

— Hiss. Coloured Drawing of 
Britiah Butterflies, from the Col- 
leoti^ of Hr. W. E. Leach, with 
letter-praflB Deeoriptions. Xlieter, 
imperul Uo. 4 Nos. 


John. Yet a Course at the 
Bomjahe Fore. A diaclosjnge or 
openynge of the manne of Bynue 
conCajned in the late declaration 
of the Popes olde finthe made by 
Edraonde Boner. Zurich, Oliver 
Jacobson. 1543. 16 mo. 
BlukLelur. GenerallrattribuUd to'elghti. Sotbehy, 1846, II. ISi. 
Fruer, 1B62, tl. 4ii. A copy la In the 
Gienvllle Llbniy. 

— John. Account of the De- 
parture of Frederick, King of Bo- 
hemift, from Heidelberg to Prague 
to take the Crown of that £^g- 
dom. Dort, 1619. 4to. 

A copy le In the Orilleh Hueaoni. 

The ttailcid Lift ind DeeUi of Miilcy 
AbdiU Melok. Ule King of Bicbaria. 
With a Proposition lo sU Chrittlau 
Prlncea. Delphi, LVXS. to. 

The UsHBlab already come.or FiDafs of 
ChcinUanlty, vrtltan In Batbary. Amat. 

— John. The Principles of Mr. 
Harrison's Time-keeper, with Plates 
of the aame. Load. 1767. 4to. 5s. 

PubllBbed by Urdor of tlie Conimla- 
alonera of Loogltudo. Ten tboncand 
ponods weifl granled to Mr. Uarrlsou fbr 

BamarkB on a Pampbret lately pnb- 
Uahed by tbeBav.Ur.lliakelyne. Lond. 

Narrative of the Proceedings for ending 
the LoDgitnde by Mr. HarrlBoa'a Time- 
keeper. Land. 1766. Bto. 

NlnatM of the PmceedliiKa of tb* 

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HiBniBOH, Jalin— eenttJiuH 
CnniniijMlviieiii cooHniliig Ur. Bin 

An 4™'inl of thB 'Oolng of Mr 

Hkninon'i Watch, U tla BDynI Obstrv^ 
lory, rmn Mn; 0, ITflB, to Much i, 
Together irllb lh« orl jtnal 0)mn. 
■nd Cslculsllons of the nuns. B 
K«r, NeilL Uukalyiu, Lond.KST. _... 

llBAMnt fol lAfi DlOCOVATT of ttlB Longi' 

(iida>tSu,attlulr MHtlnnontlieaSih, 
»ita,ud WlbiKMar.ud 181h oC Jmw, 
im, with IHpMt U OUTTlDg Into Eu- 
Mllon K DiiBh of u Am pUMd Id lb« 
lut Stnlon of Pulluieiil, u nl>l« to 
the glTlng Kr. John llarAoii * BsnM, 
upon hit iqaUd; a DluoTuyof tlie Prio- 
cTplu of bin Wileh or Tinw-ke«i>er. 41a. 

rmtlng th« PirUciirMiof Ihe BritlaEAS^ 

Meenn. U&rrlioQ uid L« Boj\ ^r flndLu 
tlia LoDgHude It Se>, >diI of the Froori 
mide of ihetr Worke. By M. Le Hoy, 
Clock-aukertatheKlng. Done froni the 
Fnncti by » Pellov of t^e Borit SodetT. 
410. la, M. 

Hasbiboh, Robert. A. Btrange 
Bdstion of tiui eudden and violent j 
Tempest which hnpned at Oiford, i 
May 81, An. 1682. Oiou. 1682. 

— Sir George. Baport oa the 
Laws and Jurisdiction of the Stan- 
ntriee of ComwaU. Loud. 183&. 
8to. Not published. 

Pragnwoti and Scnpa of HiMtory. 
Land. ISM, roni ito. 1 roll. PrlTitclr , 
printed, ISt I 

— Stephen. The aeren Archea I 
of Triumph erected in Honor of K. 
Jaiaes I. at his Maieatiee Entrance 
and Paaaage through hia honour- 
able Cittj of Loudon, upon the 

Lond. 1604. 
and ft«nUa^«e,vl(h 

>1^ v»Utl0DS, Slf. 10a. Ad analytiauf 
tta« oork, wllh ailneta, »lLt be found <d 
Nlcholi- ProgreMes of K. JaniBB 1, 

— Walter. A new and uniiersal 
HtBtory, DeecriptioQ, and Survey 
of London, i£e. Lond. 1776-6. 
folio, plates, ISa. 

Ad (nacourats oomi^Utiali, pnbllahod 

Habbos, W. The Antiqiiiiiei 
of atamford and St. Martin's. 
Stamford, 1785. 12mo. 2 vola. 

C.inpileil ehloBy rrom Peck's Amialx, 
Hlih Notoa : to ■bich It added tlieir pn- 

PagFii, !!>, IS an osaiuei.-Flala. 
Bpeed > map of BtamfDrd. S. Sl Leoi 
ard'MChorcS, p.eO. 8. Broim'sHomili 

gTHphf A N. Proapecl of Lord Burgbley 

' ' - ipllal. p. aatk T. MonuDimt of Rlcbu 

It. p. ns. 8. Mouuuient of WlUlai 

d Burghley. p. 173. A folded Uble i 

of me MS la piBlad Ordlnanui made by 

The Ulatory of Market-Uarborengb in 
Leicealenhin and Ita Vicinity. Uukel- 

^Initerehire the Genttei 
' Tha'HHtwy of 

a folded II. 

Part U. 

Tbework eat. 

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HuaownfO, The, of Hdlj a 
Uirscle Flay, with lutroductioD, 
XnoalAtioD, and Notes, by J. O. 
HalliwelL Loud. 1&40. 12mo. 3e. 

1S«8, On Indli piqiar. 8to. Sa.^ ' 
Habky, Blind ; or, HfiNBT the 
MinBtMl £m WitLiCR, Sir Wm. 
— Georee OwBn. The Q«nea- 
logj of Jsmea, King of Qrtat 
Brittapie, &;c., with bu lineal De- 
scent iroDi Noah, &o. Land. S. 
Btafford for T. Baliabnr;. ]601. 
4to. (Title, Dedicatbn to Jtuoee, 
pp. 69, and nine esgraTed Tables, 
one folded.) 

White KnlghM.iSW.W.lU.M. Qor- 
dnutoDD, Ills, II. 171. KDjbnrghe, e7U, 

Bt II. IBM, St. 15«'. e<!thFi>r'a In 182fi| 
SI. 81. King utd Lochee'd In ISM, 

Eabbtson. Set HiXBisoN ) 

HABaiTBT, Samuel, 

Bishop of Chichester and Norwich, 
and .uehb. of York. A Discouerj 
of the fraudulent FraetieeB of John 
Bamd, concerning the possessio: 
of Will. Somen. £«nd. 1599. 4t( 

Anseole sod senMbls wcrk, viih a fin 
Tain of Innr. Iniredtieed irltb Th 
EplaOa toUisBaBdAr.— B.U. SMpNHi 
Bui a tshla of contents. BlndlaT. pU i 
G7>,4i.Sd. I{eed,lW^UlL 

A DMlantloD of ei^gtaDS Poplsb In 

M^eitlai Buhjects rrcnn llielr AllegisDO 
«e. under tbe Preteuce of ou-llngout 
Devlla, pnctlHd by Edmunds sllu Vbi- 
lon, s Josulla, &o. Lond. 1803,4io. Froni 
tblivork ShsteiHsreceruialTbomoed 

tngedf Dt Unr, Boiborghe, *72. 89. 
Nortb, pk 111. Wl, 14a. BiiEbt. IL ISs. 

East, Alraander. The tragi- 
oomical History of Alexto and 
AngeUcft. Loud. 1640. ISmo, 
7b. 6d. 

In pmra and tscss. HIbbert, 3648, 
mqnnw. Us. Uaber. pt tID. ISa. pt. U. 

— BeoTj. X godlie Exhortation 
to all such as professe the Gospell, 
vherein they are by the swete 
Fromisea t}t^of proooked and 

sirred np to follows Uie ssms 
iu liriug, and by the terrible 
Threates, feared from the cootnuj. 
1549. Lond. by John Day and 
William Seres. I€mo. 

CddUIdi is lesres. Heber, pi. t. 

A godly iMir abort TrBS(y»e Inatmoting 

precyrahBlouda. Lond.byKobenStoiigli- 
ion, IMS, ISmo. Conulna IT Utves. 

— John, Chester Hprault. An 
Orthographie. Lond. by W. Seres, 
156S. 16ino. 

Bluk letter. A eopr In Inlha BridBli 
HuHain, Home TooVe, SIS, Bl. Sa. re- 

pleunre. Lond. H. Denbim, ItUO, 4to. 

— Sir WiUifuc, Ent., Lord Jus- 
tice of Scotland. The Examina- 
tions, Arraigtunent, and CoDTiction 
of George Sprot, Hotarj in Aye- 

W. Aspley. 1608. * 
Hlb^rt, '8731. 11° llS 

■piracy ia reprinted In the Dintli ToliiDifl 

Habte, Rer. Waiter. The Hia- 
toiy of the Life of OuataTua 
Adolphu* King of Sweden, sor- 
nsmed the Groit. Loud. 1759. 
4to. 2 vols. 
Tba beat mllltu? hiaiorr In ooi ■>»- 

proceeded not from ImbecLllty, but from 
quli cj Towiube'iid, 14B1. iu 9i>.— ITST, 

;, Google 

1T37, Sro, Uetwr, moraoci), St.— Lood. 
An Eauron Batire, pirticiulu'ly on th« 

Habtfobd, CountcsB of. Cor- 
respondence between Frsnc«e, 
Countess of Hartford, (sfterward 
Ducheaa of Somerset) and Hen- 
rietta Looisa, Countess of Pomfrat, 
between the Years 1736 iui4 1741. 
Lond. 1805. ISmo. 8 vols. 


Habtsill, Geo. Gonersll Ca- 
Iendsj^ormost«wie Astronomicoll 
Tables. Lond. 159t (olio, 
of the .iithur In the lilla. A copy Is lo 
by GBdtiuiT, 16M. Ito. with engraved 
■ whole-lennlh wiiralt by B, Qiywood, 

HABTUTf, Darid, M.D. Obser- 
Tstiona on Man, Ms Frame, his 
Dutj, and his Eipeotatioiu. Lond. 
1749. 8to. 2 vols. 6e. 

■Tbli vork Is written irith slniniliir 
eloHiKMOf thought] and lo he well on- 

Jeit. of 11. By .^»ph Prieiiloy, LL.D. 
I^nd, ins, Sto. Hlbbert,3M9,ll>i. Loud. 
1190. 8vo. 

— John. (Bookseller.) Catalogus 
uniTeraalis Librorum, in onini 
Fac^iiltaCs^ Liugiuque insigninm et 
rarUsimonmi. Lond. 1701. Svo. 
2 vols. 6b. 

Of no raerll or uUllty. 

Eabtub, Bamuel. L^acie, or 
an Enlargement of the Discourse 
oa Husbandrj used in Erabantand 
Flanders, Iiond. 1651. 4k). 

HolllB, est. TH.-eMOi>d Edition, irllh 
an ApiMiidli. Lond. KM, Ito, Tbli 
»drk <ru >rilMn by Robert Child, at 
UartUb'a i«qiHal, «lia oorrecWd, nrlaed. 

Thia ' 

>e Mend of U 
Itlah Museum 

n Fluidws, 

eea. and Traeu ni Huibudry, 4M. Blnd- 
BT, 1901, " — 
The Complf 

Refbimed Virginian 



Imvea, In Virginia. Lond. 16M, *to. 

HiRrsHOBNB, Her. C. H,, MjL 
Book Baritiea of Cambridge, il- 
luatratfld bj Original Letters and 
Notes. 1839. 8to. pub. ntll. lis. 6d. 

LiBOB PiPBB. 21. 12s. 6d. 

— Ancient Metrical Talea. 1829. 
Sto. 12b. 

'tFUi,oii]r II printed. Eyloil,2f. 6<. 


mS King' ' 

A Tale of King Ed>ui] and lbs SI 

herd— The Lady Lhat wie In Dyipayra— 

A Tele of the Unnatural Uaugbter— A 

Historical Uemorlala of NoFtbAmptDD. 
Load. 1^0. Ba. 

Sepulchral Remilni In Nerthamplon- 
shire. L^n-l, Iftno Se.ed. 

Hastwbll, Abraham. Hegina 
Literata, sire de Eliiabethn in 
Academiam Cantabrigiensem ad- 
ventu, &c. Anno 1S64, Aug. 6, 
Narratio. Londini in T^pog- Guh- 
elmi Seres, 1G65. 16mo. 

Collation: Title and Adlectoitin, S>e 
Jnten, Teit, B to F T) In eights, forty. 

Hsnrluted In the Hrat TolnmB of NI- 
oboli'PrtigreeMiof QneeoEllEahMh. A 
copy Is in tbe GtenvTile Library, Biltisli 
MuJHum. Debar. nulned.ZI. 

A tme DUcDUTH iipoa tbe Uatter of 
Martha Broasler of Eonuntln, pretended 
lo he poueiMd by the DeViL Lmd. 

Habyet, Gabriel Foiu- Letters 

d oertiuiie Sonneta: eapedallj 

touching Bobert Greene ana other 

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Foeti hf him abiu«d t bet ii 
dentally of diren excellent Persona, 
and Bome MHtten of Note. Loud. 
J. Wolfe, 1692. 4to. 

■□a pbllo] 

Id Dttanrm, ai. leg. Beprtoled In the 

Sitaim. ArM 4 EinrctUtl 
hani. H. Blanemiiii, Ifii; 
fon™. Brlghl,H846)UlS 
ClnnniuTi, Tel OnUo 
habits CanubrlgiB Hd si 

ofNl'cliols' frog 

SmllhTs v«l M __. . 
OUtu ThoDK amlthl. 


. With ■ 

Dl. 1, 1914, ai. 7b. Sir U. M. STkw, with 
Iha BhetDc, 1G77, U <a. Uuber, wlUi pre- 
TioDi Book, U. Sc 

Tbreo proper tndirlniehalUirLeltan, 
An. USD. &g Shhbii. Bdmnnd. 

PlfirHi Superarontion, or ■ dbit PrKyae 
o( ttatoM Auai * I>repuiitlue to esrwln 
Isrgv DlKounH. Intituled Nuh« S. 
Fim«. Lfflri.J.WoUI^IaGe,' 

tUriDne(.Ba. Jollsv.lSM. M.1S>. Joll 
<S3, K. fe. Reprinted m [he tewDil 
mw of tbs Arclieica. 
A Collection at Pleui, TlE.Cleer«lir 

r, 1SK-] 


Hastit, John. A dueanrsiTe 
Frobleme oonoeniiiig Propheciee. 
Jxnid. 1B88. 4to. 

Thl> work li euilone, ■« bslng. In op- 

tioiu, deddedlf i^iiut _._ ^^. .__ 

ondai, preunded pnipbetitee, Ac IngLs, 

ISA. «a. BomtU, 1S(S3, lli. Sundan' 
in 1818, II. Sl R«ed,siuil.lla.ed. 
Habtit, John, A.M. ThaHiBtory 

— Rich. Ad latrological Dis- 
course Tpon the Coniunction of 
Satume and lupiter, which ekall 
liappen the 38 Day of April, 1683. 
With a Declaration of the SSecU 
which-tha late £c1ip>e of Che Suniie, 
1683, is jet hecrafter to- woorke. 
Lond. Bjnneman, 1582. 16ino. 

This sstmloglcid Iiiict htd the effUl nf 
thRi>liiK the irholB kingdom Inw Hie 

othsr; the firni with tin qnotUliHu In 
Latin, the eecond wllb tbeiii tnuelated 

Bynnamui, limo. leSt. Bright, I8e. 

— PliilaiielphTa, or a Defence of 
Brute sud the Brutana Hiatory. 
Lond. J. Wolfe, 1593. 41o. U. lOs. 

thflEdrloft™.. Slee>en a, 1678^78. m!, 18B8, 12.. IngllB, TSa I8i.. 
While Knli^his, 1928, St. 12a. 6d. Weifs 
CDp;,iHiv InlbaOieuvllleLibniy.erltlBli 

— William, M.D. Opera omnia: 
a Colle^o Medicorum Londinenai 
edita. ^66. 4to. portrait, [I. U. 

— -■- - hyDr. 

ee. 4to. porti 

(ha JiHiiiwIs of tb 

(ha Jdh 

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ElMeltatlcmes it OeDwntime inlmill- 
uu. AmalalHd. Etc. lesi, ISmo, 

De lioai Cudla. FiucToct, IBKt lt& 
First edition. 

HiKTYB, John. HiBtories of 
Sslaam, Jonae, John the BaptiBt 
new rooduled in Verae, with noten, 
Lond. E. Cotes, 1653. 12ino. 
Heber, pt. iv. m. 
Habwabd, Simon. A Discourse 
of the aereral £inda and Causes of 
Lond. 1607. 4Ao. 

Sir E. Advice, with Life; 
whereunto is annexed divers re- 
markable instructions, written by 
the Ute Earl of Euei, Lond. 
164a, 4to. 

Lightnings. Iiond. 1607. 410. 
' VntuS t>T ocuiloiT of > katal 

whlob, on 

iigley. In aiirrey ; ind in Ilw a»m". 
iLolufloiLo ^Ffmentiot ^Dodlfi 
»,• OotdonB* •■- - "-- 

1. Town* 

norlu, prlnKd 1GS3- 

— Solace for the Soldier and the 
Sajlour. lond. T. Orwin, 1592, 4to. 

Haswood, Edward, D.B. A 
new Introduction to the Studj and 
Enonledge of the New Testament. 
Lond. 1767-71. 8vo. 2 vola. 

Of Ibla work, written by ui Arlsn dli- 

Ihesa dlnserUtlMU diBpUr B«»l erudl- 

Otlln of the Naw Tastunent, tliey ni-s 
lertiinly to ba leeommaitdad to the theo- 
loglcul etodanl.' WlllUnis, 8», morocco, 
II. Ta~Second edition. Lund, IJiS, Bvo. 

saa, U.' ThU Soelnlan' divine puhliil'ied 
aevf«l othet tlienlogid .or*«, llkf »!«. 
u edlUaa of the G reolc TesUmeut, Ac, 

~ A View of the various Edi- 
tions of the Greek and Roman 
Classics. Lond. 1790. 12m( 

Degli A 

lis, 1793. laoo.Sva 
Biognphl I, CtsuLi 

Lond, 1TT8, llmD. 9 ' 

— Edward. Populonim et TTr- 
bium aelecta Numiunata Oneoa ei 

'n Is Pari 


College, Cambridge, &om 
Foundation in ifis to the Tear 
1797, with an Account of their 
Lives and Pretitrments ; collected 
from ariginal MSS. and authentic 
biogn4>hical Works, Loud. 1797. 

Rsed, am, 18b. Blndlsr, pt U. ISM, 

ADnotstloni on Ganeala; with Obner- 
'itloni doctiinal and pnoUoaL Irfind. 
1788, Bid. U, a compHiUoa from vuiDua 
lutbora, Mr. Harwood pabllibed asiiinl 
lUiflr works. 

Her. Tho. The History and 

Colkctad IVom vsiioua public record! 

983, U. is, Nuun, pt, 1, ISIb, IL 2i. 
TownelS7, pt. II, OSD, If. 19b. Uan^iita of 

Sothehj'i In 1826.21, 6a, Baker, 866, with 
some addillonil platu. il. ie. Beckford 

cathednl. To faoa ths tide. 3. An an- 
cient Tlaw of the dtr, p, t88, S. Ths 
indent weat sate, p. IBS, *. Dean Dan- 
toa'a market cnwi, p, US, K. A pUttiimie, 
p. 483, a, Ed;all lllil, p. HI, Kronling 
p. aeo la a retnra rsliUls to tlie poor. 

— A Surrty of Staffordshire. 
See EsDsawiCKK, 

With portnlta, pobllahed at IL IB, 

Hasletoh, Bichard. Btraoge 
and wonderful Things happened to 
ltd. Uasteton, borne at Braintree 
in Eaaei, in his ten yenree Trs- 
uailee in many Forraine Coimtrirs. 
Penned as be delivered it from liia 

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on Mouth. Lond. bj A. I. 
(Adorn laUp) for WiUum Bar%. 

1596. 4W. 

lo. H«bi 

HiaiKWOOD, Joseph. SomB Ac- 
count of tiie Idfe &nd Fublioatioiia 
of Uie late Job^ Bilaon, Esq. 
Lond. 1624. 8n>. 

Wltb SllhoaetU poiMIt, pnblidwd ml 6l 
anea.BoomQaulpi or, Ornitr •■111- 
Dlpt. By QTldlroa OiUile, GauL Cond. 

Th1« MaUemio, ■ member at lbs Roi- 
bnrgbs Club, edtt«d Hvenl Ttliuble 

was m gnsl contrtbutor to Brjidgea' Csn- 

1749-E2, containing Obaerratuma 
in natural Histor;, Ph^raick, Agri- 
CultviiB, and ConuoercB r partioa- 
larlj oQ the Holy Land, and the 
Matarol History of the ScripCurei. 
Load. 1766. 8to. 7». 6d. 

ThSM tnvelB, which ub Iin60ilim<inl7 

ilBlorl.n, W8P8 ortglDilly wrillan in the 
iwediah lUEniga, uid pubUihed by Lln- 
IBU1, Townsler. pt It, 36t, Ida. 6d. 
iouiih, IMO. IflL WUletC, 1(»6, 189. 6d. 
lu.ib, MU, i:. S>. 
HUTEI), Edward. The History 

and Topographical Survey of the 

County of Kent. Canterbuiy, 

1778-9S. foUo.lTob. ll,G2S.ruBS(>, !«/. 169. Wll- 

letl. 1186,121. 6a. N»BBmo,pl.i.l»4S,wiOi 

HisSELL, J. PietureaqnB Tour 
of the Isle of Wight. Fkte» en- 
grared in Aquatinta. Loud. 1790. 
8to. 2 ToU. 15s. 

printed-, dediutio 

And d«scribtiTfl 
Jb of b[B Works 

Hi6BBiQtriaT, Frederick, M.D. 
..' Tojsges and TraTela in the Lerant, 

Eight Dcplea pTinled. A Ui^ PV«r 
copy Id ihfl GradTlllfl Libnir conuW 
flftwD jLddlCioiuU pUtes, wbldi aro t«i7 

CoUatUm—VA. I. Cantertniry, WTS. 
Title ud dedl»Uon,SluTe9;prete».8 
peffes; list ofsubBarEbeTS,4puM; iDtr». 
SuoUon lo the genena blHtory, pp. i-tU: 
contenti, one page ; the topo^pblcal 
surrey, 6&i) pagtb; kn sIphaiHtiesi lls^ 

alllBl.&cpp. I— 72; 

relml page; the 

p.l— 81; Llolof (40)pLBlea,oneJ)»g«. 

Eiliiiry^ 1799. TiUe Kid dedtMtlmt 
d, 71^ ptgei; lodo^ &0. M pigos; 
- The Hiatoiy and tc 

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wrreoted, and continued to the 
present Time. Canterbury, 1797 — 
1801. Svo. 12 yoIb. 61. 6h. 

Vol.1, CstiMrligiT, 1787.' Tl lie, one leaf ; 
TltlB, OM le»f; dndiCRllOTi, ln'd«,'»nd 



^lu/1 d^I» 


lee: Indai, VP 


he binder, one pig^ 


J cents nued, Ac 

B7apw«. Vol 

dedication. In 

dn. mnd dine 


he binder, pp 

i— iiiTi; the 1 





to the binder,™ 


6a>p»ge>. Vol. VII 

C»ntorbuiy, 17: 

dec, <md dW 

the bindar/pp 

1— llHll ; the [opos 


cal etirvsy cod 

tinned, 60* i»g 


the Wnder, one 

1.VI1I, Cnntep 

bufy, J799. Title. 


lion, iiidei, and 


binder, one pai»; topoerspblcel survey 
continued, SIO pages. Vol. k. TltlB, deA{- 

to the'publlc end dlrecliime tnths binder, 
two leevee ; the iniBKrmphiol enrvej' 
contlnned, Ac. «a peyee. Vel. Xl. Ceo- 
tetbuTT, 1801. Title, dedlcitiM, prefice. 

HiSTlKOS, SirEdwatii. Account 
of the ConlroTeray between Brmald 
Lord Grey, of Euthin, and Sir Ed. 
Eastings, in the Court of ChiTaliT, 
in the reign of King Henry IT., 
edited by Sir C. Q- Young. Lond. 

1811. folio, privately printed. Ej- 
ton, 1848. 

Eabiojob, Henty Lord. See 
BBom, Richard. 

— Sir Francis, Knt. A Watch, 
word to all religious and triio- 
hearted Englishmen. Lond. P. 
KingBton, 1598, IGmo. 

HaBllngs, eccortlng to Wood, 'wee a 
eipeclally In those'rtUtli^ to the eontro^ 
piets.' Bright, 11, We. 

An Apoiogte, or Defepee of the Watch- 
«ord inlDBt the Wird-werd, pobliihed 

the title of N. D. Lonil. i«JO, Ito. Blight. 
3k PiKBOBj, Robert. 

— T. Vestiges of Antiquily. 
Lood. 1813. imperial folio, 11. 1b. 

e. vrlth the citbednl, » 

!el authoTltlev IS paces, Including the 
tie, preface, ma Hat of pUtae. 
— Warren. Narrnlive of the lu- 

Wiliett.lSa. Sir H. H.3Tk»,inDr., 
Hlnutei of ETldance t^en at the Trial 
t Warren Rnatlngs; with Appendiiee. 

Hatches, A., Cimtab. ineti- 
tntio, Epitlialamium, et Militia viri 
ao Militis Cbriatiani. Lond. 164E. 
12mo. with a ctu^oos plate, repre- 
senting a curtain drawn before the 
head of the author. 

Bright, R Ss. 

HAT8BLL, John. Frecedenta of 

Proceedings in the House of Com- 

mone ; with Observatiooa. Lond. 

1818. 4to. 4 Tola. 6L lOs. 

rlta and beat eitltlgii. edited bf Lord 

_ Mtar. Brockett, lbM,*l. da.— FInt 

edition, Lond. 1770-81, 3 vols.— Second 
-•— 1. Lood.KBS^^to. 4 Tola. Soi- 
e, 1134, 4 vole. 81. 16b. WlUett, 
ii- 4d. Edvarde, 606, 3 Tola. 14s, 

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EiTnoE, ou les Ammm du Boj 

de Tamu-an. Cologne, 1676. 12ma. 

The (uuoun at K. Chulu II. mid Uia 

BrsniDnd. atreHell, 706, mormra, U«. 

BQinier, eee, ii. isa, whtu Knighu, 

Knights, 186<i 69. 

Kjvqktov, 3iT Qnres Champ- 
ne;. Rudimenta of Bengali arom- 
mar. Loud. 1821. ita. ll. lOi. 

Beagilt SsImUoiu, ullli InDilnUDiM 
lad ■ ToalHiluT. Loud. lEBS, 4(o, 

A. QUamr, BangiU ud EaglLib, U 
tXfMa tlM 'AittiltJhu tbeBitria Stnglim- 
ciD, the billot? or R«]> Ki»hu Chuidts, 
iht Fonulu PwiUiT", t>i« Hlupuliu. 

Silntd In BngUiih, 
Qi> of sItlHi lu 
added an iadfix, 9f 

mutitutlon Is sipoaed from th« encrouh- 

— ThomRS. Engliahmen for mj 
Money, or a pl™ant Comedy, 
called A Woman will hare her WilL 
I,ond. 1616. 4to. 

Sbodea. 1235, il. la. Bindley, pL II. 
1808, 3A Be. Roiburghe, 4Ur, 71. JoLlej-, 

ia.' Rhcidea, IS^, lI.~Lond. 1631. ta. 

— William, The pleaaaunt 
CoiQOdie of Patient Oriestll, as it 
hath been aundrie Times latclj 
plaid by the Eight Honorable tho 
£arle of Nottingham, Lard High 
Admirall, bis Serranta. Lond. 1603, , 

EiUKaL, Ebn. See Odulby, 

EiiniKiiS, AngUee HAWKitrs, 

EAtTNOE, Ererard. A trie Be- 
port of the Arraignemeiit and Exe- 
cution of the late Popish Tnutor 
Euerarde Haunce ; executed at Ij- 
borne. Lond. 15S1. 16rao. 
TowDele7,pt. I. MO.moroem. U ISs. «d. 

Haubted, p. Senile Odium, 
CamoKlia. Cantab. 1633. Igmo. 

A Lktln com"''' ArfAl A* nii»n'D TiJ. 

lei^, Cambrl 


:, Bs. Bindley, 

KlDguid Quoen at UambridRs, 
4to. Roiliuiuhe, 6038, dB,6il. 

lum, A Loctire to the PMJpla, 
^r Hgiliut ^pmratlsta- Oion, 

HAVESBica, Araoldua. Specaltun 
HereticiE Crudelitatig. Colon. 1608. 
12mo. If. lis. 6d. 

Ilsttyruni CmIuhLi- 


i of EngUnd andWides. Lond. 
M, Wright leeo. 4to. 
"■-ckeli,165tia«.M. A former edition. 

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Havissb, NicholM. The line 

of Liberalitie. Lond. 1669. 16mo. 

Ow haiulTOd mi [blrtv 1esv«. An 

If-es. ' ' 

Hawus, Tho. The SruigeUeal 
Szpoeitor: Or, a Comnieiitw; < 
the Holy Bible. Lond. 1765- 
folio. 2 vols. 21. 2s. 
A work of little ealbutloii, DrlgtinUl^ 

Ald>lnkl«, md cbipliln IB the Co 
of HuDtlD^doD, &C., publiehed sei 

BiM, Dulenalon, mi Kailiil a' "■- 
ChuTcb of CbilBl ; from (be Birth 
SkvlouilaCbapnHDtTiiiis. LouLiaot). 

Bjwib, Edward. T»jteroyi 
Percrea and Cateebjea Proeopopeia. 
Lond. 1606. 4to. 
Tblii pootlcsl tnust, of t*«lTe 1» 




Bolbenyiinieai, 1«. i 

_„ S80,*0I. Peiry.ia. Hobep, 

ri. It, «J. Ub. "^ 

— Jo, The Taliant S%ht of the 
Centurioa of Xondnn against five 
SpsnUh gaUrrs. Without place, 
1G91. 4to. 

— Bobert. The Hiatory of 
Fnmlingham, including brief No- 
tices of the Mastere and FoUowb 
of Pembroke Hell, in Cambridge. 
With coniiderable Additions and 
IHotM by Robert Loder. Wood- 
bridge, 1798, 4ta. 

T'o bnndred and tllj conlai printed. 
CoUnliin.— Ft , iI I . >nd (BS, TilbdirKCUuni 
for placing iht |ia) cdU, uid llil of boolie 
printed mnd sold by the editor, 1 pagan. 

— - or Hawib, Stephen. The 
Paate IVmo of Pleaaure. lond. 
by W. da Worde, 1609. 4to. 
prrnied IGlT.iu, T4 InelRhta and fours 

pt Iv. ill. 10*. I.ond. 
1M4, 4ta. D d In foil 
XoibuTgtaa, Siaa, IBI. Id 

SOTS, Bve leavoi UB, iOL 199. mold Bo*, 
well, ISM. IBl lii nmlA Brigbt. lOJ. lOt 
UtUnon, Iparl at last leaf, Imp.) lU. Ba.— 
ljod,bTlttota.TDtt«I,](ififi.4u. SiMiaDe, 
eOl, «. Js. ; remld Heber, pt. It. 111. lOa.— 
Lond. bj Ibon Waiey, lBU,4to. pp. 2111, 

Hawbb, or Hiwis, Stephen. The 
Conuereion of Swerers. Loud, by 
W. de Worde, 1609. 4to. 

In EogUib ocUvo etantaa, irtlli Utin 
Isninut*. Roiburghfl, SMI, Ifflporfoct; 

edlL 4ta. bj me Jonn Bullar, iLd. CAldt- 

— The Bismple of Verto, com- 
pyled by Stezphyn Hawyi, Lond. 
by W, de Worde, 1630. 4to. 

WltbToodcuu. Slgn.A,G, and e,ln 

OnlTooaliiioviL Boxburgh«,3!IT0.fl0i.r«- 
■old, Haber. pt. It. SL Si. ; igalD 18M, ail. 

— Ajojfull Medjlacyon to all 
Bnglonde of tbe Coronaoyon of our 
moost natural! Bouera;ne Loi^le 
Kynge Henry the Eyght. 4to. 

A ccpT of tbla tract, printed by W. de 
Worde. i> among Bishop Uore'e booka 
In the Fubllo Library at Canjbridge. 

— Cotnfort of LoTBTS, Em- 
prynted by me Wjnftn de Worde. 

£ndB on tbe tafana of C tj. In aliu. 
Onlr one copy known. 

~ Tbe Temple of Olasse. Stt 
Ltdoatx, John. 

For intimation n>ap^ct1itff Havoa ai>d 
hla pohlkatloniL tv KIILi* rinvlniflnfl ,tr 

-. ,1. 10.11. 

nrydee.V Ceniun Litanrla. Ultsoa'a 
Blbl. Poet 6&40. 

Hawke, Michael Eilling ii 
Murder ^ or, an Answer to a trea- 
eonouB Pamphlet entitled Killing 
is no Murder. Lond. 1657. 4to. 

Hawker, Bobert, D.D. Worla, 
nith Memoir of his Liie and Writ- 
ings, by the Jter. John Williams. 
Lond. 1&31. 10 vols. 8to. poMrait, 

'>. at SI. Ss. reduced to 31. Ss. 

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Lonit.lSt!. IOtoIi. Itmo. Bold BepsnMIr, 

Wltb Kit coaplete. Lood. 1S46. fcsp. 

OiharWorki Mpststa, vli.; Momlng 
•nd EieolDg I'ortlim. Numeronisdltlaiu, 
from Umo. toSio.of (11 priui.— HplrituHl 
aiunei'. LddiI. 1840. ISmti. t tdIi. Oa. 
— Spill twl RellKtloDB. Lend. 181S. 

iitoiD. a -"Ht. en. 

Hawkeb, Col. InatructionB to 
jaung Sporlamen. Seoond edition, 
Loud. 1616. — Ninth edition. 8to. 
Loncl. 184*. 11. Is. 

Haweeswobih, John, LIi.D. 
in Account of the Vojogea under- 
taken for making PiBCOTcries in 
the Southern Eemiaphere, and snc- 
oemiTely performed b^ Commodore 
Bjron, Captain WaUu, Capt. Citr- 
teret, and Capt. Cook. Lond. 
1773. 4to. 3 ToU. 

With cnts, churts ud m>pi. Toirao- 

Tol.t. PHoore. Biik«] 
y qnuien, Uia Doctor 

tusked fmin [ 

Sa Cuui, Capt. 

Hawkins. — Sit Babhwb, Ju- 
liana. Qblssal, William. 

Hawkins, Sir Chriatopher, 
Bart. Obeerratioiis on the Tin 
Trade of the Ancient* in Cornwall. 
Lond. 1811. rojgJ 8to. 

FppthUI, law, ea. 

— £., MA. A DUsertation on 

Lond. 1819. Sro, 

I cnblHi oC glut Inlerett 

, '— OmM. BtoitK. 

— Edward. 8ilTer Coini 

imd Impoitaaci 

England arranged and described. 
Lond. 1S41. 8to. plates, ubqb 
PAFBB, ro«l 8to. 

— See British Muaenm. 

— Francia. See Youth's Be- 

EAVKiNa, Sir John. A tru# 
Declaration of the troubleaomo 
Tojaga (the ucond) of Mr. John 
Hawkina to the Parte* of Gnfuea 
&, tlie Weat Indies, 1667 and 1568. 
Lond. 1569. 8vo. 

Sv HuuiTT-B CollacUon.. tdI III. 

— Sir John. A general History 
of the Science and Practice of 
Music. Lond. 1776. 4to. 6 rola. 
l»nr»i(8. G.Tilck,10iT,«.14i«d. Drury, 

Ktur.sfUr eirJoahna 

Abbey « 

City of 


— Jobn Sidney. A History of 
the Origin and Eatabliahment of 
Oothio Architecture. Lond. 1613. 
royal 8to. lOe. fid. 

JU eRaemBd work. FoDlUIl, IMB, IL 
All Inquiry into the Natun and Hlatorr 

Dlilarly of tbo Dramatic Species. tcDdlpK 
Co iHsrt^D Iho La*a of Comic ketn la 
both theie Luieiiigei. Lond. 181T. 8to. 

SHEcaaUiGH. BiinB,J.T. Vwci. 
LaHLdt. Ac 

— Sir Bichard, Ent. Obsorra- 
tiODs on bii Voyage to the South 
Sea, Anno 1593. Lond. J. D. for 
Johnjaggard. 1622. folio, 

KaauH, pt. I. IMi, Ss. Keti. MSO, 
lSB.Cd. Sotheby's In IS!*, USa. HIbberl. 
3TH,lt. LiBQipiriB. JadlB, 

Society. J817. Sto. Sie AppBsiiuL. 

eOM), by William Kidley or Polntai, of 
Bllia' odltloD oT Wood'a Athen. Oiou.' 

;, Google 


HiWEniS, Bidutrd. See H. B. 

HiwiisB, Sir Thomas. Un- 
happy Prosperiti^ eipreaaed in the 
Hutcriea of .^liuB Seiamu and 
Philippa the Catwoian. Xranalated 
from the Fi'ench. tond. 1632. 4to. 

With fruDtliplMe. OonliHiatoaii, 1208. <S». 

— Thomas. The Origin of the 
Inelieh Drama, illustrated in its 
TanonB Sped**, Tii. Mystery, Mo- 
rality, Tragedy and Coroody, by 
Bpecimens from our earliest Writ- 
ers, with eipUnatory Notes. Ol- 
ford, 1773. crown 8vo. 3 yola. 

Kmburghe, 8781, 18s. ComlM, 871. 18a. 
81rM.M.avk8a,st.l.l428,lBa. Naswu, 
pL 1. 1*36, 1Z9. Stnttell, <n», 13b. BHd, 
sua. lit, Sd. BUevena, 1315, lla. 6d. 

— Thomas. A Commentary 
npon the first, second, and third 
Epistles of Saint John. HaUiax 
sad Lond. 1808. Sro. 

— William. Apollo sbroTing. 
Lond. 12iao. 

■ Compoaed for tke acboUKTB of the (Me 



wood, Lond. 1824. royal 8to. 2 

Tols. 2^ 12s. 6d. 
A leuned. compnhanBlTa, and Tiloible 
>Tk. Tb« flTBt edition appeared In IT16. 
Ha-VKBUOOk, Nicholas. A short 

historical Account 

Bridge ; 

newltone Bridge at Weal 
Lond. 17S6, 4tD. 

p. 47, >l(b 6 plaua. Dent, pt U. tB3, 

Kftprlnted [n 1730- 

liWKWOOB, Sir John. The 
Honour of the Tayiours, Or the 
famous ftud renowned history oE 
Sir JohnHawtwood. outs .1687 -ito. 

Dtteraon, Si. 13«. Bd. Hodgsoi -■ 
Jollej.W. '^"'-'- ' — " ■""' 

asUd bj Uiem 

aeigb I: 

omedy o 

1. I4S8. SL i 

lialwd bj E. W.,notlc 

lory of Engllsli Poetry, 111. B», nolo q. 

Kmsu, ptl. SI, ISs- 

— OoTOlla Taria i Bclogis tree 
conteita per Ghil. Hawkinum Scho- 
larohsm Hadleianum in Agro Suf- 
fblciencL Cantab. 1634. 12mo. 
With front, by T. Cecil, and plate. 

AtoIlnelghli,8»tU. Oougb, 18*3, 

ias.«d. Blr M, H. Sjtea, ' ' "■' 

Blndl«T, pt. il. ISi, «. 

— WiUiam, M.A, late Poetry 
Piu&Mor in the UniTersity of Ox- 
ford, and Pellow of Pembroke Col- 
lege, iWts in Divinity, and Mis- 
oSanie*. Oxford, 1768. 3 yols- 

— Wiliiajn, Serjeant-at-Law. A 
Trottise on the Fleas of the Crown. 
The eighth Edition, by 3. Cur- 



). I868,8i.fi9.— 


Scott the vrittng of Quel... 

HlwoBTH, Adrian Hardy. Le- 
pidoptera Britamiioa ; a^iungitur 
Dissertatioaes ad ^tor. natur. 
spectantes. Load. 1808-9-11-28. 
^o. 4 parts, 21. 2s. 

' -•srj nloable woik, Hidom Aand 

dred copLea eilaL 

— Sam. A Description of the 
Dukes' Bagnio, MinOTal Bath, and 

newSpaw. Lond. 1683, 12ino. 
Beed^ 1074, da. HUBau,pt. 1. 143T. 11)- 
Hawtbit, E, C, Master of Eton 
College- IlTrifogliooTYeroSBhani 
Metnci d'un Inglese. 1689, 8to, 

OoOatlof. %ilf-tlt]B ud title -, dedlulloi 
Spaitai! pnfaM, pf. li— iIt; ants, 
■epinla sllpt Uia hlsCorj, A«, pp, I- 

;, Google 

eo&: Pimhiile SniuilnniiE 
t*i7.BTaTi. LiMQ.Pip.K. 

EaI, Edward. A Hietoiy of the 
IneurrectiOD of the Coontj of 
Woifopd, A.D. ITSB. Dublin, 
1803. 8*0. lOn. 6d. 
Io«I tbiD gsnenl. Fr^«d kg ■ mip o( 

— George. The Confutation of 
tlie Abbota of Crosroguels [Qi 
[in Kennedy] Masse. Edmb. bj 
Robert Letpreuik, 1563. 4to. 

Contsiu MluTse, Incrpding (be pi 
tnce to tb* niidei, vhlcb bcglna on fall. 
PuMck, JUDB 9, 185^ 111. 

— flir Gilbert, Buk« of the 
Order of Knighthood. Edited h; 
Beriah Sotfietd, Esq. 4to. ~ 
Abbotaford Club, Apebsdix. 

— John. A Speech delivered 
to the Eine's most excellent Ma- 
jestie, &t hiB Entrie into his good 
Towne of Edinburgh (be 16 of 
Ua^, 1617, in the name of the 
Majistrates and Citizens. Edinb. 
1617. 4to. 

With ■ wood cut portnlt. A copthm 
mirkAd in i> bwkoelfer's ncttt csUIoeus 
tlil-U. Pltulra.SL Heter.ll.llM. 

— Peter. Adysrtisemenla io 
theaubjectBofScotland. Aberdeen, 
1627. 4te. 

Fruer. SI. 18>. 6d. Bomsr, SI. £9. 

— Eiobard. An Essay on the 
Origin of the Royal EamUj of the 
Stewarts. 1722. 4to. 

Hlbtwrt, 3738, 19a. EesTinted Edinb. 
1783. 4(0, 

— A Vindicstion of Eliiaheth 
More from the Imputation of bemg 
a Concubine j and her Children 
from theTacheof Baatardy. Edinb. 
1723. 4lo. 

Bindley, pt. il. 1887, 41 Sb. Renrloted 
Ertfnb. lesfl. BtoT" '" ' ' ™' 

— Richard Auguetina, Prior of 
St. Pieremoot. Oenealogie of tbe 
Sainclaree of Roselyn, including 
the Charter of Boeelyn. Edinb. 4to. 
1836. folding plates, lOScopies, and 
12 larjije Uiick paper. 


Hir, William. Works [on Defiw- 

mity, &c.] Lond, 1794. 4to. % rols. 

Wllhiwitraltof Hit sod of Woof his 
ion». BlDdley, pt. il. I84e, 9j. 

Bellglo Pbllooophl, ot tlia prlndph* of 
monillty and Chiiatiinity, Ulaatntad 
friHD ivleiraruisuniysrss, BDdnfmu^i 
sltuMion In It, Lond. 1763, Sro. 

HiiEH. Set BoMBET, L, A. C. 

HirBB, Cbarlos. Treatiae of 
FJuiione, and a short Disconrge on 
Conic Sections. Lond. 1704. folio. 

olniy ot the SepliuiBlot, IHl, 81-0, 
were Hli pnbUabed looDyniouiilj, 
William, A Natural History 
of British Birds, Ac. with tbeir 
(39) Portraits accurately drawn, 
and beautifully coloured &om Na- 
ture. Lond. 1775. imptrial foho. 
U 16a, *^ 

"Vlllelt, 11B8, with addiUoDil nl»t*a 
n Pennant, ai.3s. North, pL li: 6M. 
'h tn **■ P"''""' ^*'' ^'' *^ 
' a brief dABcripUan of each aubject In 

Birds, from the Managery of Osterly 
Park, with their Descriptions, 1794. 

One hi 

no pages of tiat, with 

■Iglnal copies wan 

on, and contain only 8 

irghe, I8DS, t7]asla,fil, 1 

iloured ^itaa, > 

arr beiuUflillT cownna, and 
Iflsraatlr, Many o! the 
"- "■- -" --Indlng por- 

ii.; — ' ■■"- Towneley, 

r MS, morocco, 61. IBs, Bd, 

EirsABiH, WiUiam. Greece, a 
Poem, in three Parta 1 with Motes, 
claasioalllluBtrations and Sketchea 
of Scenery. Lond. 1814, 4(o 
FuhUahed ttSi.lia.ed. 8itM.U Sykes 

HiiLEY, William. Memoira of 
his Lift and Writings, written by 
himseU. Lond. 1826. 4lo. ayols. 

;, Google 

rreqiienily denciaDl In ensrEj »nd mio 
pRSBlon, iDculcste much alegaot und jiidi 
ctouB GtiUdun, and dlSUiie mnch II eh 
OTM llieli rSBpecU'e •ubjocte.' — Di 

X phlliiiiophlul, hlttorlcKl and man 
Emy OD old Until, hy a Fnend to th 
SiaUThcud. Lond. 1789. cravnSia.Svoli 
WllUtl, 1101, ISs^lTilS. FoathMl, SH 

HAT 1017 

ZI.6S. Wniatt, IIM, Tith tha Engllah 

lUllao origlim'l. 

Haiu. Thesauri Britannici Fan 
prima, seu Museum Numaiiun, 
InljnprBta Alojaio Coinito Chris- 
tiani : Fan altera, interprete Jos. 
EhelL Tindob. 1762-4. 4to. 
Eeiili, liS6.ll. 1!b. 
' NolJEia de Libri rori iieUa 
Lingua Italiaua. AnnesaoTi il Libra 

l!mo, Baue oF the edlUoni 
a tbe Death of Sli.Wni. 

1 ItAlian 

di S 

Q-, FontBniiii. Londro, 1726, 8vo. 

on. Chlcbooler, 1( 
B Tola. Dnity, 1 

wtly. b 

oeaddlUoiu, at MUan, 

Tata Theatre. Lond. 1TS4. Jto, Boibucgki 

Euaya on Bcnlptara : ' ~ ' 
EplfUeal ■ ■ ■" 

thrsa Gplatlei 

An Ebmt oo Epla Poetr;, with Hotfla. 
Land, 1781, 4Ca, 

A paellealEplatletoanamlneneP^DUr 
(Georga EomnaJ), Land. 1718.110. 

OrJEiiorFanillHLoat; with an Apiien- 
dii. Lend, 17M. 410, OriglDallT pre- 
fliedtDB^dell'aedlclan or Hilton. UoIUb, 
an, IDa. ed. Edwaida, G7, 8a. uasa 
itrsm. In nTal 4lo. Sir U. U.SjIceB, 
pt. 1. 14SS, U 111. BlDdlST, pt. II. 1074, 

TbtM PlaTa, wllh a PreCu* ; IndndlDg 
dnmitlo ObterratlonB of llie lata LtaaE. 
Oen. Buwrne, Chlchealer. IBll, Sro. 

Ballads avaitS on Aneodoui nlatlug 
to Animals, Cblch. 1800, laiiw. 

Skk Cowpii, Wd, 

Hath, Nicolas Vrancia. 11 Te- 
■oro Britamiioo, arrero il Museo 
Nummario. Loodra, 1719-20. 4to. 

Boxbiu|lie,90e7,9s.U, Towneter, pt. 1. 
M,lGa.,pt.U.Bfi3, IDa.Sd. GnKkatl.lSce, 
ISa. CoomlH, icm, Ta ed. BtntMll. 1044. 
roMla, U. la. Lauii rariB. HMb, 141(1, 

. IflB, IngUs, 710, i 


Hathah, Botiert. Quodlibets, 
lately come OTer from Mew Brita- 
iiiola. Old Newfoundland. Epi- 
grams and other email parcda, 
both moraU and dirios. Land. 
1638. iU>. 

Thla oolleotlon of BplitramilB mentlaned 
vlth reapect by WarbiTi. A copj la Id 

Bolhsby'B la 
. B38, l!l,l!a. 
U.8a, Skegg, 

"HiraiC "Bios. The life and 
Death of Martin Lulher, Lond. 
J. L. for John Stafford. 1641. 4to. 

Vlth Afint. and portrait by Holmant. 
Dnlw ofarafton, Sdftlls. SirP.Thoaip- 

Tu' ' ■ mwa crltis, an einUent UngnJal, 
and a lolld dlTlne, beloTed or Isuned 
man, and partlcnlarlr napeeCAd by Sal- 
den,' A llai of hl> wiitlDga will be fgnnil 

HizHES, Hoptoa. The Scrip* 
tore Account of the Attributea and 
Wonhip of Qod ; and of the (Hia- 
ract«r uid Offloei of Teaus Christ, 
Lond. 1760. 8to. 

A poflthnoiDUa fiocEnlan traatlae, pnb- 
llibadbylbaantboi'Bion. BliF.Thomp- 
sttn. SIB, Sa,— Bapabllahad bj the Bar, 
Theaph.LlDdBa}'. 1790. SvD. Ho]lli,a07,Aa. 

— Joseph. The Life of tis fa- 
mous Comedian Jo. Ei^ns, oon- 
t-f^jng his oouical EiploJtt *ft't 

;, Google 

portT^t ln»rted, IBi. Bwsiill, UJS7, 

Ths lnOl KiaUke.or Ihs Plot ifoUtd. k 
Tragedy. Lond. 169S. *tn, Eeed, 7a[9, 

HAyB,Mfti7, FenmleBiogTspbT; 
or Metuoira of illustrious and cele- 
brated Women, of all Ages and 
Countries, alphabetically BrTaiige<]. 
Lond. 1803. crown 8to. 6 toIs. 
1(. lie. 6d. 

Haytrb, Bev. John. Report 
npoQ the Herculanemn MSS. Land. 
1811. rojal 4k>. 

An intxneUDE work. Wblta EnlghU, 

UiTTHOH, (Armeniu.) Here be- 
gjuueth a Iftell Cronjcl^ trans- 
ited and imprinted at the cost and 
charge of Bycharde Pjnson, by the 
oommaiuidament of the lyghte hieh 
and mightj prince Ednarde, Duke 
of Buckuigliain,yerle of Gloucester, 
StafTorde and ilortham|>tOD. Bj- 
charde Pjnson, n, d. folio. 

litedtirBarclsr. No oilier copy knoirn. 
One of IhA iDDflt Tilutble or tim uArW 
accoDDti of Uie But. The origliial teil 
la primed wiUi Ktmi Folo'a nlitloas. 
Helmatid. I ESS. *IB. 

Hatwabde, Sir John, LL.D. 
The Life and Bugne of Kiag Ed- 
ward VT. Lond. 1630. 4tfl. 

With portrait liyS.P»Me,»ndfrortJs. 

HO, Sft. 8a. 6d. Nu'mi 

RBAder.' 4 leATM. This hifltorv, dcdi- 
1 m 'ery eiKoniliuiic tsnoi. u tha 
of EiHi, blKbly IrtiUud Q. £Uu- 

lucli tlia bookrDr treuoB. 
9CL8>.8d. LlHOIFAPia. Bp.oCElf, 

21.21, liibben, a74i,moi«i»,N.eii. 

-.bon"ding"Tf"oV!?(nai tu^ole'tj Just 
rfimarks, tlioUBh. ICMrding to BlmUoo 
find fitrype, to bfl rend wilh uiTtlon. S'>- 

Idfl Reprinted in tlie necond and nLbtli 
vo1uiD?a of the HufeiKn Miacelluy. 

or lupreoiBcie In AiTiIni of IteMgton. 
Lond. ISM, 4I0. OardDnBtena,lU»,3B.ed. 

DAvld'B Tenrea, or Cooceptiones open 
Ibe Pnilmea of RepenUnce. Land. 1031. 
ltd. nvnL by W. Paiae. Lond. 1(03. 
ISmo. Lond. td33.41e. Lend. lBSS.4to. 
lOe. «d. triib poitr^C and fhiotlBpiwa. 
iMni. less. lihnD. 

Cbriat'a Pimjer upon tbe Cnwn t^r 
hlj eDemiu. Lend. 1623. Umo. 

Hatwass, Thomae. The Bri- 
tish Muse, or a Collection of 
Thoughts, moral, natural and sub- 
lime of our Ecglish Poets : who 
flourished in the 16th uid 17th Cen- 
turies. Lond. 1738. ISmo. 3 toIs. 

AMoriim to Warton, Ifae looet eomp™- 
benslTe ud •irKtcDmnKin.plaea ImoIi eleor 
moat Hsloent poeia, tluougbout tha nlga 

;, Google 

of Q. eilubeth (Dd tftsmrds. Ttitprt- 

bell. Hsaaau, pti. 1440, lea. Hihbei-t. 

seea, n». bm. wtweoet. wa, ulss. 

urEngllihPaetT7.1I10.11caa.8iiili. Sir 
U.H. Syku, pit. 1116, )9b. Bindley, 

HiTwooo, Ura. Eliza. The 
Secret History of the preaent In- 
trigues of Uie Court of CaramniiiB. 
The Second Edition, corrected. 
Lend 1727. 8to. 68. 

•This publt™Uoo, and Tlw New Ulopta,' 

dtngnce. uid promoted her to & alLuatloa 
in th9 DunnlBd of Pope- Her BuhseqijeDt 

DiKheM otArgyle. 

A Spv DU the Conjuror, or e Colleclton 
of SUHieB rfilAllhg to Dunout CAmpbctl, 
Lond. 1TZ6. Bvo. 6s. Hlbbart,Mei,6a.M, 

Thll Itltlioreis publlsfaad > imrtetyDf 
noveli &c., Dunv of Ihom Tory popoUr In 
their iij. S» Urike'i Eswyn, toI. It. 

Hazliti, Hot, Win,,M.A. Ser- 
monafortheuBeofFamilieB. (Pub- 
Ushed b J aubeoriptioii.) Loud. 1303. 

2 ¥ol8, Bto. 
The father ofWni. Hulltt. He i1» 

ml Unit 

n, during ■ retl. 

— WiUiam. The Bloquenoe of 
the British SeiiHt«. Lond. ISDT. 
8to. a Tol«. 11. 4b. 

A Hleetlonot Ibe ben qwMbMof tba 
Iboflt dlitlDMlihed puJtunentAFT tpwk- 
en, from ibe h«giimll% of the ralgn at 

Hew lod inprm'ed Onnimur i 
ilnelliih Tongue. Loud, IBIO. ISmi 
Free Tbougbu on Public Afhin. 

in In conjuDotlon vlth Lei^h 


t, it. 463, IOh.M. flemnd e 


181B. 8vo. An edition pdi 

ed hy 


Lond? 1818, lllnio. S? 

A Vie* of the £i>«1i>ta St*ee : » 


Sertei of DnniBtle i:rli 

1818. 8^0. Tb.— Lond. ISil. 

IBSl. ISmo, Sl ed. 


tore, on the English P«tB 


d U the Surrey InBtltntlon. 

llMl Eeuy., -Uh Bketche. ef r..b- 

lie ( 

hmet.™. Lond. Wm.Hone 


New edition, IB'^, 8vo, 


Ue Tslk, or original EeuyB. 

1. 8vo, i vols.— Second edition, 


-Third edition. Lond 

IMl. 13mo,'6B. 


natltutlon. Lend.' 

n. Lond, 1640. 6s, 

new u>lt,^ httm. WIlB^n 

18d(U-Ne- edit. 

reviled by hlB Hon. Lond. 18(2. (siowa Hvo, 

Spirit e?"ihe Ago, 

rortntti. Lond. U26 

avo.-Tbird edit. 

diledhyhUion, (.nn 

, 1868. ISmo. (!«. 

EBUfB on lb. Prlw 

plei of HnmiFi 


wnB'o. repni>tc« 

with additions. Lord. 


Reply loMalthn,pn 

Is Es»y on Po- 

pulatlon. 1 Anonymous. 

Philn Speaker, Opinio 

ns DO l)ODki.'ue)C 

and Things, Two aeries 

Lond. Mont a.<d 

Clarke, 1826. BvD.arols 

.— Seeond edillun. 

Lond. 1861.-S. ianio.5 

voli. lOa. 

rough F[»Bce and 


Uber Aniorln. ot'ihB 

new PygmalioD. 

Lond. 182a. Wmo. itw. i. 



by his SOD, Lond-lSW 


Chancteriitls in the 


Rnieault'a Huhmi. Lo< 

■d. 18a*. Km. 8x0. 

-Third ediUoo.ien. n 


;, Google 

1020 nEA 



1 Fiiggot rf F««h BUok., or Ptf[> In 


1S31. Loril.1651. poMBTO.SvoH. U.4i. 

C"Dvw«ll0Q. of Juo» Nor 

e««id sdltioD. Loud. 1S53. post Htd. I 

|>.iia. luao. aniiUiva. 

TlrtllJ.*.. *^ 

Dkeu:lj«(<Jritltiil Aaiiaat)oC th 


(d|<.a Pitture O^rtuof Eng]>D 


Life by blH Son, ukI Thoi^liU on 
Bint ud Wrttiin by Sir £. L. 
ADd B«re««nt TufouH. Loud. IS 
S Toll, portnlt, leduced to Ua. 

*r« proved cri^flal natleafl of ucli 

— Stt Ahoet, HoicaoFT, 
fioHTHCOTE, TiiCKEB, Abmhiim. 

UB.UI, Captain F. S., a^nru'ds 
Sip B^nois Bond. Rough Notes 
taken during some rapid Journejg 
Bcrois the ^mpaa and among the 
Andes. Lond. 1826. poat 8to. 

HibbaH, S6ae, lOs. '^SH. tketches, 
but the oulllns 1b geoenUy bo well uid 

of > llnlshBd pioture.'— 0"o«- Jlaw™- 

Bepubllotaej Id Hnmy'ii wHefl. and 
Colonis'-- ■■— •"-- " ■■- 



£nilg»tiun. Loud. 1838. St 

ilei tnm the BnuuieBi of 

Lift of Bnco, tlie Abpiinit.n <m 

lis FumtlT Llbrirr. 
■A. NamtliB' Moring hi. Gon 

■nloi of tha Cuudit. Loud. IBM. Bio. 

Tba SmlgnsL Fifib edition. Lond. 
lUT. poctSni. 111. New BdlHon, In 
Kanaka Rallwaj BavUng. I'Oad, t8&9. 
poiteva. >H.6d. 

Defencelaa atats nf Oreat BribUo. 
LduL IBSO. post Bn, lla. 

Sukera and Fok«n on 



— Bicbord. The English Bogus, 
described in the Life of Meriton 
Latrooa, a wittj eitniTagant. 
Lond. 8to. 4 toU. generaUy bound 
in a, 1671—80. 
With portraitand ci 

neldom round c 


1 II. 

lie FlMtlng Ik 

Ibe Uumoun of 

Becond edition. Lond. n. d. Nustu, pc 

li.'dW, lis'. Ni.«u, pi! I. lMS™-^®t. 
wlthportnUt byW. Bodley. Uo"de»it«ll, 

MndimWhcedls? o*', tI.e'faehioBablo 
MlxB diHCDvered, with D] Her modeil Pre- 

fc Domplaiiant Com- 
I, RhoduDOQIadoe, pleisaat 
ISmo. Thiol edition, wiibportrallTllort, 
taa, 3L 10a.-Wlth addlUaDs, 1«87. 

;, Google 

T«aaa'B Cabinet uDlook'd. Loud, n 

i. (tontlaiJeu. 

Hkadlbt, Henrv. Select Bettu- 
ties of Ancient Eoglish Poetiy, 
with Bemorka. A new Sdition -, 
to vMch ore added, his orisinal 
FoemB, &o. and a biogra^ical 
Sketch of his Life. B7 Henry 

Kett, B,D. liond. 1810. 

%ro. S Tole 14e. 


■ ana t>.... 


iro-Q 8vo. 

Brtlnent hlD^npb 

BfDdlsV, pt il. *a, f. 

Hradbioe, Bar, Stmet. 1 
View of the MineratoCTi l^o- of 
the lelond of Arran, viUi Noticea 
of Antiquities, and Suggaitiona for 
improring the A^culture and 
fineries of the Bighlandi and 
Islm of Scotland. Edinb. 1B07. 
8to. 10». 6d. 

Ebali, William. An Apologie 
for Women ! or, an Oppoaition to 
Hr. D. G(ager), hi« Assertion, 
Who held in the Aut at Oiforde, 
Anno 160S, That it waa Uwfoll 
for Husbauda to beats theit Wires. 
Oiford, 1609, 4to. 

A-I, In roun. It. II. U. 
HULET, Jolfn. DiBcorery of 
a new World) or a Daecription of 
South Indies hitherto unknown, bj 
an English Mercury. Lond. imprint- 
ed for £. Blount, n. d. small 8to, 

p HiJl'B Mnndns iLlar «t li 

pt. I. aai 

onlhlll, 3e 

lunua, pt. 1. 140«, «. Is. 

Heltbe. Printed b; 
■mall folio. 
i'kls aork la eUcdr In jtois, bnt vltli 

IneiKhlB. . 

k lalUT facdmlle, published 

- The Oouemall of Helthe, with 


Night, with the Nature gf the III SygnsB. 
Lond. bj T. CnlireU. IBmo. Sluk letter. 
Frequently reprlnlad »l»ut thn Elois of 

TbB grew Efll of HBiltli Drinking ; or, 
a DlBcounw irtienila the oHgliial Evil sui 
UlH:hler Df Dricklogof l[e()thBsredts- 
mv.»d ud detect, uid the PiacDu 
With serenl Remedlei end «D- 

oppoted. With sere 
(CdoIMieslDallt, Ic 
sad Ceneeqaei •'■ 


SI pnritsnicsl wr 


from Prince of Walaa' Fort in Hud- 

iBaj.totheFrosen Ocean. Lgnd. 

1795, 4to. mapa and plates, U. la. 

, S7M, 1«». fown-- '■ 

tara«iaj. pL II. 

Hkaukz, Thomas, M.A. Womis. 

K vols- iincuf, sold for 1 

6s. AtWlllet'se>Is,18ia,KTDlinikea 
DDLABHRPAFBB, soldifluntaly, pToductid 

4t miVa the wldl- 

;, Google 



Hsutm, T., M.A. BeliqDue' 
Bodleiaiue) or tome genuine B»- ' 
loune of Sir Thomas Sodky. 
Lond. 1703. Bto. 

Reed, una, es. «il. RoibDrghe. 9293, 
IBa. CDJJilkn.— Pp. 400. liuluding the 

So 'oUjt' BriOah Libnrlu, awJW. 

— Duotor Hiatorieas ; or, a short 
System of UmTorwJ History, Ox- 
ford, 1704, 8to. a vole. 

A useful "ork, bul now anpmssded.— 

— Th« IttnenuT of John Leland,' 

tbe ^tiguary. The second Edi- 
tion, coll&ted and improved from 
the origiDal M3. With the Addi- 
tion sJbo of a ^neral Indei. Ox- 
ford, 17*4-6. 8to, 9 vols. 

Threa hundrad SDd fifty oaaiee printed. 
B™kett, 1878, SI. IOh. Ear[ of ftorlon, 
1304. ». lis. KDibuTj;he, «H9, UDCUI. 
». I&>. LAHui PAPU, InrDviilSril. Firi7 

Kl. IBs. CcUiiliini.— Vol. i. Tltto, dnla 

L Heith,4lM,L 

— The Life of .Alfred the Great, 
by Sir John Spelman, Kt. Pub- 
lished from the original MS. in the 
Bodleian Library ; with consider- 
able Additions, and aevend histori- 
cal Bemarks. Oxford, 1709. 8vo. 
DBnt.'pt'l. llMS,mocooio, 21. Sa. TBlfil 

CMala>.—Ptg<a asi, lncludli^ the dedi- 

— The Itinerary of John Leland, 
the Antiquary. Published IVom 
the original MB. in the Bodleian 
Libran, by Thomas Heame, M.A. 
Oirord, 1710-13. 8vo. 9 vols. 

Onetaundred nod e\gbt eoplea prtnUd 


twg pletsB at pp. 9i and US. 

the Antiquaiy. Ti 
printedfromMr Heame'a corrected 
copy in the Bodleian Library. Ox- 
ford, 1768-70. 8vo. 9 vols. 
Pablldedatn-Ia. Ooogh. ISHI, vith 

mfil 8vo! piibUshod 'at at. 9a. Hellll, 
•348, tl. 8a. llolUa, 7S3, SI. lis. Uoyd, 

H. M. Bykes, 

t, S70«, n 

I. 1S84, D 

— Eenrici Dodwelli de Parma 
Equeatri Woodwardieno Diaaarta- 
tio, Accedit Thorns Nell Dialogus 
inter Beginam Slizabetham et 
Biobertum Dudleium, Comilem 
LaycflStrin, Ao.tin quo de Acade- 
mi» .JLdiflciis prseclms agitur. Ox- 
onii, 171S. 8to. 

PubllBhed at 4ii. At ameeticg of tbe 
heads of heuUB of the University of Ox- 


reprlnied Id Lelud'a Itinerary, voL Ix. 

Le said book under 

;, Google 



Uorton, 1378, IBs, Rsed, 1139, II. tt, 
iiea,U.lS». Willetl, 1110,U. Hlbbertl 

' 1 iHa ^rint of tlie BhlAld, and thor«Areld 
oLIitr plales od the letteT-preaa. 

— Joumu LelandL Autiqiurii 
de Kflfavu BritanmcU Collectanea. 
Ei Autogntphis deBcripeit, edidiC- 
que Tho. Eeamiufi, qui & Appea- 
dicem subjecit, tokunqne OpuB 
Notis et Indies adomaTit. Ozonii, 
ITIG, 8to. 6 Tob. 

OnQ hundred And fifty «p1«i prtnFed 
tfll.10a.ttcb. Reed, lite, U Us. Rg- 


Gough, isM, il. it. klbbert! 

— Jouimg Lelandi Antiqunrii de 
Kebyfl BritanniciB Collectanea, Edi- 
tio ftlterft ; aoeedunt de Rebvs An- 
glieame Opvaovla VDj'is. Lond. 
1770 vel 1774. 8to. 6 tols. 

.^ Qoiig_MB45,r - 

SSs, at"- •= 

3709, Si. 

viil. l.pp. Mr(m('iSdi'nB''h'liinS 

«iid»ft«llh4pl»tM. VoLfl.(. tpt-li; 

pp. aBT.TW, RotlncIudLng tlda. VoL III. 

— Joannis Boui Antiquaril 
Warwicenaia Historitt Rerum An- 
glue, deseripsit, Notiaqim et Indies 

adomavit Tho. Heamius. Aocedit 
Joannis Lelandi Antiquarii Nffinia 
in Mortem Henrici Duddelegi Eqni- 
tia ; cui prteSgitor Teetimonium de 
Lelando. Oionii, 1716. 8vo. 
Porfy-efghl copies printed, at IBs, mch. 

■llle Ltbrarr- OoUaiion.- 

— Joannis Kosei Antiquaril War- 
wiceneis Histocia Begum Anglice. 
Editio secuuda. Oionii, 1715. 8vo. 

I. Sir M. M. Sykes. pt 1. 

— Tifi Livii Foro-Julieneifl Vita 
Henrici Quinti, Regie Angliie. Ac- 
cedit Sjlloge Epistolarum, a — ''" 
Angliffi Priacipibua ' 

Oionii, 1716. 8fo. 

Botnite, eo«, If. 


I,, 3i. 13l Sd. 
I'lllett.'lliB, el. Se-ed! 

— Aluredi BeveriaceneiB An- 
oalefl, aire Hiatoria de Gestie Be- 
gum Britanniee, Libria ii. Oionii, 
1716. Svo. 

fMorWn.iaja.liiTB. Rollerta,76a, 
Seed, 41S&,l£.l«i.ed. Townele;, 
13». ei. 16>. 6d, I.lRO< FAPIR, In 
Svo, Forlr-clght copim printed, Kt 

SIrM. M, Byke9,pt.l.lS«,«l. ICB. Dent, 

(t. 1, 1010, morocfo, 11. lOg. Nuua, pt 1. 
(4fi, H. laa. Hetib, 4276, WX. Dike ol 
Onnen, Sei,2W. WUIatt, UOt, 3U. Vio- 

;, Google 

Hb*B8E, Iliomu— confmtwd. 


-. , » library 

hgobulmd Ui« MS.of Aluredaa. 

— Giulielmi Koperi Vita D. 
ThomEe Mori Equitia Aorati, lin- 
guA Anglicum conteito. Ac^imt 
Mori Epistola de Scholasticii qui- 
busdam Trojanoe aeae appellanti- 
bus ; AcHdemiES OiomensiB Epis- 
tols et Orationes aliaque multte ; 
Anonjmi Chronioon Godetovia- 
num I et Fenestnirum depictorum 
Eceleeiee ParocMalis de Fnirford 
in Agro Gloceatriensi Eiplicatio. 
TeneuntspudEditoram. 1716. 8to. 

r, pt, ii 


Tojal 8vo. ForlT-eight 

June 1866, l«. CoJtaiiw.— Fp. v— 
SdG. PreBnll u« ■ portnlt of 
Mora, ind 4 UUe-pngo, boOi engrSTBd by 

— Q^liIie)Im Cimdrai AoQalea 
lUrum Anglioanim et Hibemics- 
rum, Begnaate Elizabetlio. A.D. 
1717. 8ro. 3 to1«. 


Clough, law, at 12h. 6d. Reed, 

Ti>lDiiifl copuina tvo portnita of Que. 
EKiBbetb, engnved byVemie, KflBipi 
liirMby Frs.Hlljntil ■nd I.OltTEr. Vi 

— Ouilielmi IfenbrigsnsLi His- 
torio, eiTe Qironioa Benim Angli- 
cnrum, libri qoinque. Acceduut 
Humilue tres eidem OnQielmo k 
Viris erudili» adscripts. Oxomi, 
1719. 8to. 3 Tok. 


Eur! of 

, Gough', 1660, 

lite of GrHflon, 

RMpecl oT tlis Uliiiwl of Baikf. 
— TlioniB aprotti Chronio*. 
htonii, 1719. 8to. 

Published at Bs. Riiba-U, 80S, Tl. 
owTOley, PL i. lM,Ja. M. Ket^tHO, 
lOi. 6d. OODfh, IHR, 10b. «d. finckelL 
'""lis, E»rl of Morion, laSS, 18s. E4- 
, 668, oncut, ISs. Eojturgl*, 89*^ 
i-iBOB PAPiit, in royal Bio. pob- 
It lit. Healh, 4264, ISi. Drviy. 

T8,'at. lOa.'Uiblieit, 9«80, ai. UlM. 

i-piaa V4nt tLe pltLe. 
— A Collection of Curioue Dis- 

Dnrees, written by eminent Antiqua- 
ries, upon gerersl Heads in our feig- 
lieh Antiquities. Oxford, 1720. Sto. 

ea. Tm 

V. Sa. DnkB oT Onl 

;, Google 

i. Sikei, 


i. 1468, n 

iorfo)*,— Fp. 

KiDg Ednard the ConfasKir'i ChBuIl 

Bt laUp. Sa OUyi' Biiclsb Librsritu, 


— A CoUectioD of ouriouB Dia- 
courses. To wliioh are added s 
great NumlMT of aDtiqtuu7 Dis- 
counei written by the Bnme Au- 
thors, most of them now first 
publiahed &om the origiUHl Monu- 
BcriptB. Lond. 1771 or 1775. 8to. 

Beat edition, edlMd by J. Ayloffe. Reed, 

work, pp. 8M, vltb s plule of KiDg Ei 
. vim the CmidiuDr'i Cbapell sllsllp. 
Vol. II. pp. 449, noE includliw tlie title 
KDdconteiita. three Ift&Tei; kndu] 

Bpiscoporum BonniUsa, de Cano- 
IUC& ObedientU Archiepiscopu 
CuituarieuBibuB prffiatanda, et Leo- 
nardi Hutteni Diasertatio, Atigliffi 
cotiBoripta, de Antiquitatibus C 
niengibus. Oionii, 1720. 8vo. 


Dute irarafWu.SM. eJ. 'ilindteyi 

emu.iid»a.ertlMmenl),irltli twoplales. 

— Robert! de Ayesbury Historia 

de mirabilibua Gcfltis Ediardi III. 

totenus ineditB) e Codioibiu M83. 
oripit ediditque Tbo. Eesraius. 
Sii et Appendicem eubnemit. 
lonii, e. Th. Sheld. 1720. 8to. 
Pabllsbed At lOs. EKrlof Morbm.lSSA, 
II. Ua. Koberta,Tua.ll.l7a. Boibnrghe,' 

Brackatt, 14T1, «. Oonnh, 1887, Hi. llii. 
VnnalltiTl, 81. IKa. fli ColialioB.— Pp. Ivt 
>nd 384. At p. 380 ia ■ folding plit«, ' glen- 

— Johannia de Fordun Scofi- 
cliromcon geaurnxun^ una cum ^us- 
Oionii, 1732. 8to. 6 to1«. 

1. BobBrt* VB2,ai.lOi, 

Eu-l 01 

■^t, W. Ree. 

188,81.88. felTlelt,' 

I of GnftoD, sa;. 

ISSI, beildei aevsnl on the leitop. 

The Hiatoiy and Antiquities 

of Gisatonbury. To which are 

added, (1.) The Eudowment and 

Orders of Sherington'a Chantry, 

founded in Saint Paul's CTiurrfi, 

London. {2,) Dr. Plot'a Letter to 

the Earl of Arlingtoo cODoeming 

Tbetford. With a Preface and 

Appeudii by Thomds Hearae. Oi- 

ford, 1722. 8ro. 

3De huodnd tnd fiftr mplea printed, 

lOn. each, Dowdsiwell, saS, miabk 

it*. Str P. Thompioiv W^ U. U*. 

il of Uorton, 1288, Sf. Edwuda, H^ 

cm, 31. i7e. lahw Piraa, tn topi On. 

rcy coplea prlulad, at II. eioh. Ko- 

ni, 774, Si. IfiB. While KnlgtitL<B», 

[bJk, u. 4a. Naaiuia, pt. i. 1483, rnaaia, 

fii. Hlbben. S68S, mula, m. lOa. 

, ViL SB. 'sindlBy,' pt. <l! 
Dppodte tlie Utle-pige, i.K 


;, Google 

1026 HEA 

Heabm, Thoxaia—cenlinaed. 
moctutcy hill, p. ><■ 3, ^ (I'd >»- ^>>iee 

Hemingi Chartnlarium Ec- 

clesiffl WigorniaisiB. Oiomi,1723. 
Sto. 2 Tola. 

LiBOCBT PiPBt In 4lo It'eclfDrd; to IHl^i 


IBB, Bi. Sa. The four Tolnmts o( tteaa re- 

LsDEKiTll ■.!« icentnUr mid togelliBr, 4 

W7 BMUt. W. la.. 6d. EetI of Morun, 

taso, li. r«. wiiiMt, 111^ «■ "1"" 

1 rt in »r iH TDT&i fiToT IL lib 

sir K. M. Stltes pi. 1. 1B81, fli. 10»., 

— A Latter, oonteimng an Ac- 
count of Bome Antiquities between 

Dent, pt i. loss, moioKo, «. 10«. To-^^ 

Windsor and Oiford i with a List 


of the sererBl Picture in the 

ieian Library. Oifocd, 1735. rojal 

Vol. II. w. 817—743. 

— Robert of Gloucesler-B Chro- 

Published ftt 3b. ed. Dordesvell, Bit, 

iiiole, witli a. GloasBrj ot old words, 

r™l»,11.13», M«.tl.. 4»S, «^B. N»- 

&c. Oitord, 1724. 8vo. 3 vols. 

«.!., pi. I. ilB7, TU89I1, B(. fii". Dent, pt. 1. 

«. 10s.' CDUaliwi.— pp. 'i& inoiudillg ni- 
BdverliBemenl for Pet« Lsngtoft's uid 
Jolmof GlMtonhury's ChroniclBB. This 

talioK.— Voil.pp. idvandSW VoL II. 
pp. SflB-TSZ. 

— Keprinted by Bagater. Lond. 
1810. 8to. 2 vols. 
Thl» edLUon h«i one piiga of lulflitiooil 


'■ Peter Langtoft's Chronicle, 
with a Glossary of old words, Ac. 
Oiford, 1725. 8to. 2 vols. 

PuWtaheil il 11. 1«. ItabsrO, 788. It 18i. 
Eurl of Morton. 1292, 21. 10s. EdwimlB, 

I, SS3, nvolK n. as. 
. ed. WhlU Knlehts, 
HlrM. M. 1. 

)W, 81- Si.' UlbbMt, 
lu, pt. 1. 148S, 8i. 16>. 
To«i>el8T, pt. 1. IBl, 

. bote of Gr»ft™,8eB,ail. 

— Beprinted by BagaWr. Lond, 
1810. 8to. 2 vols. 

~ 9 edillon hu fonr psgea of uldl- 

— Johannb Confi»tris et Mo- 
nachi QUstonienBis Chronica, eive 
Hietoria de Ecbus GlBstoniensibofl. 
Oionii, 17S6. 8vo. 2 Tola. 

Publiahed at II. In- Edwards, 6S1, on- 
cut, aJ.lSB. Robcrtji, 783, 31. IBB, Keed. 

Vol l.'pp. iiil and 'S84. Vol II. pp. 

— Adami de Domerhara Hiatooa 
da Rebus gestis GlaetoniensibaB. 
Oionii, 1727. 8to. 2 Tols. 

One hnadred and flftf copleB prlalod, 
at 11. Ik. each. Nusan, pt 1. 14K), niula, 

less 91. Ifis. Kdvardil.'689,nncnt,U. 4s! 
Boiburglie. 8S1S, 41. 14a. Sd. Bart of 
Morton, 1294, Bl. ISi- L*BO» nn*. In 
royalBso. Fiftrcoplaepplnt<d,»tW.aB. 
eaeh. Dmt, pt 1. 1009, morocco, 7L Ta. 
Hcub, 4aW, ft SB. Sir M. M. Bytes, pt. 1. 

;, Google 

HE A. 

Eeabns, Thomas — cBtiliButd. 
1664,111. WillBll. nu, lli-lli. B 

i».M. CoUatim,— 

a folUBd iBKTlpUo 

ol. I. pp. a 

— IM, nod 

ThomEB de ElmhiuQ Tita et 

Gesta Henrioi Quinti, Anglonim 
Eegis. Oionii, 1727, Bvo. 

HEA 1027 

loitifaua WarmcffliBibus ; JoannU 
Berebloci Commentarii da Eebu« 
geatiB Oioniffi, ibidem commocaiit* 
Elizabetlia Begins ; et D. Bioordi 
BaronetlJ, Namtio hialorica de 
Caroli, WsHifB frinoipia, PbiduIo- 
rum in HisraniBm Itinera. A.D. 
MDCXxni. Oionij, 1729. 6 

i e-s 

— Liber Niger Scaccorii, Wil- 
hdmiqiie etiwn Worcestrii Annalea 
Berura Inglicarum. Oionii, 1728. 
8to. S vols. 

' Eirl of Morton, 1' 

* roT^Bvo. FltlTcontss printed, «l li. li. 

' euh. Kaboru, 7M, SI. St. Huth, tSlO, 
31 ISa. M. Dmt, pt. t. 1018, N, 71. Bd. 
air U. M, BTkea, pt. 1, 1S!2. 8). Hibt>ert, 
MM, 91, WiUett, U'ffl. 101. IQk.^JIo- 


— Johaonis de Trokdowe An- 
niJes Edwardi II. Heorici da 
Blanefocde Cbroniea et Edwardi II. 
Tita, a Monacho quodam Malmee- 
biirieusi fuse eoarrata. Oiouii, 
1729. 8vo. 

PubllBlied St 10s. M. Oongh, l«61>. no- 


Libar Niger Scaccarii, &o, 
Editio altera ! accedimt Charta 
antiquai et Opuseula Tftria Hieto- 
riam et Antiquitatea Angliie spec- 
tontia i et antehac inedita. Lond. 
1771 vol 1774. 8v0. 2 vols. 
Edited bv Sir Jos, Ayloffe. Reed. 

;"?.-»;?:■ ;^r.i8"^vs,^i'irM'! 

Hlblwrl, 8107, 11 Wlilu KnlBlits 15W, 

Thomeo Ceii TindioisB Anti- 

quitatia Aeadamim Oxonianais con- 

Joannem Caium Cantabrigian- 

1. Oionii, 1730, 8to. 2 vols, 

ns bnndred luid S!ty eoplei printed. 

. CsWalioii.— Vol. I. pp, xuv OM lo- 
ng ttUa, and 3M; ■ 1»r 'Elanehnt 

pp. 39T-i 



Historia Vita et Eegni Bi- 
cacdi n. AjiglifB Begis, a Mo- 
nacho quodam de Eveahani con- 
lignata. Aooeaaerunt, pnater alia, 
Joannia Boaai 

[istoriola da Co- 


il of Morton, : 

I, Bykei, ft. i. 

wniett, 11 

wrata, iBH'pagB"'''*'"l"ii-pp" sis'-^ 
with adTBrtlaeniflol, ons leaf. 

— Walteri Hemin^rt, Cano 
nkd de QiMiebumtk Historia So 
B«bu« gestii Edrardi 1. Bdvardi IL 
S n 

;, Google 

HBiBns— cenfiniMiI. 

uid Edrardi III. Oionii, 1731. 
8to, 2 vQla. 

Odb hundrtd uddrtyw ,*t 

ail&.' Wlllatt, 1118. «. am' 

im 81. 71. «iL LiBoi 1 yil 
Sto. Fifty copluprlnud,.! 11. ^oacb. 

pt. 1.1581 


— A Vindication of those who 
take the OMth of Allegiance. 
Frinted !□ the Year ITSl. 8to. 

Th« (Ollo>ring i. th« title of Ihl. t»<.l, 
■A Vindlutlon of (lio*e obo tike ths 
Oith af AUfgiuiH to hli prewiit Unleslie 
hlHIl Peijurle, Injiigllu, and Sliloj-Kllie, 

i'"'wh "T" 'f™ ^ '"l" "h*^ ff ' b " 
the CoiomoirGmil of i Nation Is >hat l8 

)g af which th« Ciw 
n U pirUoili 
o a llDii-Jura 
mtlls Teatei.' KobarU.TT 

king Step 

Wlllalt, IISS, SI, Ga. CoUaiim.—fp. lii 
aod 80, not including the tltle.pai;e and 

— Duo B?runi Anglicarum 
Soriptore* yeteres, viz, Thomaa 
Otterbouma et Jolunnee Whetham- 
at«de, ab Origine Gentis BritanniMD 
usque ad Edrardum IT. Oionii, 
1732. Sio. 2 vols. 
One hundred find fifty copie 



! Vol, ii.pp.ics- 
— Ghronicon ai 

I. IBOT, lit. 13a. 

J Annalea Prio- 


ntua de Dunstaple, una cum Sx- 
rerptis e Chartulario ejusdem 
PrioratUH. Aecedit Appendix. Oi- 
onii, 1733. 8to. a vols. 

One hundred and Aftyeoplea printed, 
«. Bb. itohorta. 771, 31. Sa. Koibuiglio, 

Bne'kett, HSO, «. Tn. Reed, ««, '«. 18^^ 
Oongh, ieW,M. Earl of UortoIL ISn IM. 
Liiioi FiPEB, la roial a»o. ntlj Dopies 
printed, at ii. ia. each. Dent, pt. L IDll, 

1586, tL si. 6d'. HMlh, «K!^ 7t'»8. w'. 
Hibbert, S701, IK. Tovneler, pt. I. ISO, 

Jid Ul, not Including ad 
1 leaf. Vol. U. pp-Hs- 

— Benedictni Abbas Fetmbur- 

ria, de Tita et Geatis Eenrici 
et Bioardi I. Ozonii, 1736. 
Sto. 2 Tols. 

Roibnrglie, SMI, SI. ii. Boberti, 785, 
31. 5l. EdwudI, MO. uncut, 41. Tawnel>;y, 

isa^u. is. Qough, laie, u. t<a all. 

pt. 1, isa, . 

Earl of Ml... 

H. 1^ SfkU 

lUbtiert, 8701. lli. Gb. Uuka or'arartan, 
8/4, 22i. Its. ed. Willetl, 1108, KM. *». 
" ■ ■ - ■ I. pp. 1.1111 anil 880. Vol. 

_. 1 varia ad Historiani 
Britaonioam illiutrandani, Mre 
oiim inicuJpta, Studio et Otui 
ThonuB Heame, A.U. Oionieniis, 

1737. folio. 

Denl,pt. 1. 1490. Bindler, pi. i. V>3, 

LllB. TbleiDlDma,liHludlnRlbetltla- 
pafa, swulBta of EngraTlnn. on flftyjBM 

' warlu of Hearrn. Thelecond Edl- 
untaiolng addllU 

■■—- mm a po 


iMVen of Ui. Fi^^ri,'^^ an atinin 
"■- —de. 

Impartial Memoriala of the 

Lifo and Writings of Thoiaaa 

Ileame, M.A. bj aeTBml Han<b. 

Lood. 1736, 8vo. Ss.. 

Cp. 70, not including Utla-p^tBi la 

— The Life of Mr. Thomas 
Heame. Oxford, 1772, 8to. 
Tlua tiacC lOiou a portion of* Tb* 

;, Google 

MraiorUiosa eminent Antlquulei Joba 

ilWood.'&c™Pp.tT»nd'ia9. Tbare la 
r. dupllMM lo«f, pug* 1!8', > ponratl of 
UMmH by Vertue, end >li oilier pUtea, 
lllwwlBB an indej, four lewei. 

HeoirdAna. 5« Brydgw' RABlilut, 1. 
6B_81 lee— TS, 648— Mi II. 7B— 90. 
Oxoaiuit, vol. in. Lelters wrllBn bj 
emlnant Per»a* Id the 17Ib and ISlh 
;;entiirteB. Loi>d.I81S,Sro.a volg, InS. 

Unrnlau Bibllotbeca,— Biurpts tmra 
the Cdtnloeiw «t "i« Library o( ThomM 
Heuis. Load. 18*8, roial Svd. portnK 
fnnb tbe origLiu] copper 47 Vertue. Av 
vauIVBriRUd (vi'i'Vft Biitfirld,En. IS copia. 


evo. BO cople. printed, 8i. 10s, 

Campanlon W the Gnide, >pd Qolde to 
the CnmpinJon, [By Thn. Wuton). lamo, 
Hkabkk, Thoa. The Antiquities 
of Great Britain, engraved hy Wm. 
Brme from Drawings made by 
Thomas Hearne, with a descriptive 
Account of each Sulneot in English 
and French. Loud. 178S— 1807. 
oblong folio. 2 toIs. 

lli. Ue,', >llli twoBe'tqofpUtea, 
"nepnwfc before lU«Lell»rB,291.2«. fledt- 
furd. iniaiT,S9, praofeend etcblnge, rut. 

n^HHlB, k ISl ed. DeDt. ft. i. 1191, ruHilei 
Ueibt.— The Hiatorr of the 
Human Heart ; or the Adventures 
of a Young Gentleman. Lond. J. 
freeman. 1749. 12mo. 
Btraotu™ Dt'fnMullnsV ih"'dellMte 

Heath, Beryamin. Notte nve 
Leotionea ad JBechyli, Sophochs et 
Euripidis, quEe Bupersunt,Drsiiia1a, 
deperditorumqae Baliquiaa. Oxouii, 
1762. 4to. lOs. 6d. 

An eiteemed TDik. Duke of Onrton, 
391,11b. nrui7,I»S7,niHli, ISb. Btee. 

PruoTDfUieillvioaliilHtiiDK, Unity, >nd 

Gs. Stury, 1T14. 6e. ed. Mueau, pt. 11. 
4M, niBBii, lOa, Sd. 

— Charles. Hiat^rieal and de- 
scriptive Accounts of the Town of 
Momnouth. Monmouth, 1801. 6ro. 
Une hundred uid thirty-three leavts, 
or iee piMn, including > deKripUvn k> 
conntof the Kymln Fadlinn; with no- 

Hiatoricel end UeicripBie AoKmnti of 
RjigUcKl Uiutle. MoDinouth, 1801, Svo. 

Tfie Eicuralon do»n the Wje ttma 

otenSeld ud 

Gloceilw. MoniBon[h,17B3,8vo, 76p>.geB, 
Tlntem Abbey. |Sei»nd Edition,) Mon- 
The first edition, enisliUng of dBpp.! 

— James, A brief CSironicIe of 
the late intestine War in the three 
Kinedome of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland. In four Puts. LonU. 
1663, Svo. 

' Stmt oD^ei bsTB in them the pletnTes 

nr, which makes the hook mined (li« 

de beEng moetlj' compiled fnnn l^lng 
psmphleu, and ell lOrls of neiri-booki, 
there are iDDDinenble emn ifaerefii,e). 
psoiall; u to neme and ttne, ihtngi 
ehleflr ivqulnd in hlalaty.'>-.ijiti. i Waoi. 
The ^ntad liit of [be Heeds le nlmoat 

i. — Vw7', fcnr pnr- 

«, fukleO. p. Ifl, b. ui-u. 
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HiATH — conlimitd. 
Lesley, p. 93. e. F-irl of Btnfford. p. S4. 
7. linrrl bigby. p. 41. 8, Earl of LiniLMT. 
p. a3, R. Lotd flrooke. n. 70. 10. Lor' 
UttleUn. p. Tt. II, Sir Willlun Wdle 

£4cl of MUEheiWr. p, lOi. 14. An] 
lllabap of CutaibuiT. p. III. 15. Earl< 
Ewu.p.IIT. le. BIcTbDinuPiJchi. 
lU. if. KIOBChvldonttaeBuBbld, 
M3. IS. KliiiiCbul«ithsB«wiid.p.4I 
19. Duluo/ Hunllhw. p. txi, 30. Gu-l i 
HidlkDd. p. Ml. SI. Ixird Cip«l. p. W 

ofUonlmu. p.4a 
p. UB. U. E^ • 
V.B Tnimp. p. A 

SS9S. 18. Juu 
llm CronmlL 
Wmrtck. n. 7S8. __ . 
T36. 81. KIcliud Oram 

King crowned.' p. 906. 
p. »». S8. Puog. p. « 

i«ai.8T0.ieM.8FO.— W 
mm Ibe End at lesa 
Phltips. Load. 1676, t 
4m. HHlb.UM^m. 1 

, 14. Eui or Dubr. 

M«yikw. p. 71 

i, Duteoraion- 

11. Loud. 1881. Pilnted 
B|)iUpU)onllia Death of 


iDdllTerentpnrtTiiUaro. CnnnwtU. Bind- 
l«f,pt. li.MIpBB.— 1871i.8vo.wlihportr»fi 
ofCroniKBll. Lloyd, 89. 6.. Hojfii, 601, 

HuiH, John. Two Centonei 

of Epigramiiiee. Lond. J. Wiiidet. 
1610. 13mo. 

Inscribed to Ur. Thomu Bllson. A 
oopf ii In Ibe British MoHum. strU.M. 
Brtw, pt L 1*28, a. e». n»ld, llJIi-B, 
II. en, Bindley, pL II. UO, Bi. 9b. Llovd 
W.9a. FarTT,Sf.B>. Heber, pi. It, U, 18a. 

— Bobert. A doadj Newve«^» 
out. Loud. 1609. 4to. 

— Bobert, Clarealella ; together 
ith Foeme, ooctwioiial EWies, 
Epigrama, Batjn. Loud. 1660. 

pMli»a EcTle*, II. 2M-Se. 

- Bobert. A natural and hif- 
Lcal Account of the leUnda of 
lly. To which b added, a general 

Account of ComwalL Lond. 1749 

or 1750. 8.0. 

Llo;d, ^ ISa. ': 

if lojal Engltlh Marly™ and 

-ia. Naaiiiu,pl.i. I5M.II 
poiiimlu, II. la. KMd.l: 

llahed apanynonslj. 
I. Sir M. si. aykPB. 

ij addlUau. Lond. 1071. S> 

118,88. 'Wlllell 

. Fonlhill, 
18 pa^H^ 

*Momit,B-Og*,*Mja^'; 'h^~'. 

A draagbt of lfa« Islandi of Bcilly, i. A 

-utb-oait .loir of Upnor CaatlB. p, 118. 

A foUWI labia, p. UT. RepTlDt«d Id Ibe 

u>nd Toiuma of PlDkenoB'B CoIIkUod 

VojagBB and TnvfllB. 

Hebeb, Reginald, BUhop of Cal- 

Ltta. NarratiTO of a Joomey 

through the Uppei' Provincea of 

India, from Calcutta to Bombaj. 

Lond. 1S2S. 4to. 2 vols, platee. 

" — e («w coplBB wBTB priniftd on nil 

A blsblT TilnablB, IptamUu, and 
moM ddlg&tfut work. EaprinM, Loud. 



Be, tnil ISn mod ISSO, Bra. 3 tiiIh. it. In 
cv Ynrk, 1828. 8vd.K>d1s. Abrld):«d,: 

The Per»i>nalltT >nd Om« oT lh« Cbrit 

InKnaUnd. By 

Blxboporcilciiiu. 1j>nd. IS 

PiriHhChurehof Hodnal '- 

Firth edlUon. Loud. 18M.eTa.lTDli.lE 


Wldov. Lsnd. leSO. tti 

HlBBBDE)i,WillUm,M.D. Com- 
meatarii de Morborum Hutoria et 

Curatiane. Loud. 1802. 8vo. 7b. Ad. 

An HJItloa of thl* Tklotbla vork wu 

pnbllihpd la EugLlsb It ibe iude Hi 

■ItTieHPUKt, an Eiuy on UBihrJdk- 
tliin >pd Thariiu. (Cuab.} 17U 

Hebbew Tiles i leleotod and 
tranBlated from the Writings of tlie 
■nuient Hebren Stgea [ to whioh u 
prefixed, to Ehhj oq the anm- 

Siirod Literatura of the Hebrews. 
J KpDKB Hurwiti. Lond. i 
fic. Bto. Tb. 6d. 

Hups Hebndug; nr, so InqaliT lnt> 
IS sTsmenUTT i^ndplH of the Btnic- 
irs of the Heb«» Lingugt. By « 
[ember of the Bayel Ineti Audemr 

Ln eeay Method of 

letbod of acquiring ibe Hs- 

IIkctobs — The HeotorB j or, ths 
false Ch&IleDge, e, Corned;. Load, 
1656. 4to. 

HeDATjI, In Pii-nea. Cllcutt*, 
1807, 1808. Sto. 4 Tols. 

Hesati, vrhic^h ii oonunonl; 
called the Kifujsh, a treatise on the 
queations of Uohammedsn law, 
published by Hukeein Molawea 
Abdol Mi^eed (in Arabic). Cid- 
cutta, 1B33. 4to. 4 vols. 

iDSTab, icommsntsryontlM Hsd^rah. 
EDoplied bT Hebunnsd Akmul-eoddla 
Ibn kehsmmsd HsBefi, edit, br KoonihM 
Ueii]edKnbur,Ae.(iaAnblo> Cstautti, 
1831. Second •dlUM. ISBT. Ud. II. IT*, ad. 


d>n laiF, br Hukeem HoDluTt* Abd«l, 
UtiJeed, iDd Dtlwn, (ia AnUo}. Csl- 

Hkdata, The, or Guide) a Com- 
mentary oD tbe MuMulmaD Laws, 
tntnsUted b; Cltaries Ilaniilton. 
Calcutta, and Load. Senile;, 1791. 
4to. 4 Tols. 81. 8s. 

Keselim, Francis. The whole 
Art of the Stsf^e. TraiiBlated from 
the French. In four Books. Load. 

|. BoitiiirKhe, 4106. Sa. 8DppL M9. 
6d. niQdlaT,Dl.U. 18M, Bi. lllliben, 


Hedibictb, Benj. Qneaata 
Leiioon Manuale. 

A nncli eaie«in«d tsd hIMj mietiil 
Tork.-Cun Bern. Pstilck. Land. 1T3I. 

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™" ''^'"' 

PlutnnL.t whlro 

ritiesl Remarti 

HEiiLBr, T. Banishment of 
tjipid. Bin«]l 8ro. Impr, for T I 

S^A'- '^•""' *»"• 

HBKLET,J™eph. Letters on the 
Beauties of Haglej, ~ " 
Laaaowes; with c: 
and Obaer-fttiona „„ „„ ^„aen, 
lutein Gsrdening. Loni 1777 
ISmo. 2 ToJs. 6a. 

Foothill, aSB7. II. 71, 

HaiTorADBS. «« Wruiiwa, c 
Hmuw-B (P^e»o,) Hi.lorie»l 
Works, *«Appendii. 

Hbqbniioesihb, Christ. Do. 
mestr«l or Houshoide Semona 
for a godly Housholder, to hia 

H. Eeguialde. Ippiswicb, by John 
Oswen, 1548. 16mo. 

SU"o,1;et li^TC' *'^"- - 

of St. Cathbert, witi, fhe int" 
^""i**°f ">» Church of Durh™ 


|:|bjGTumbull.LL.D. Lond. 1740 
I or 1. 810. a vols. 
,j^^«ui, isjo, u^ats, an. s »^ 
I HEISBIF8, Daniel. The Hoblo- 
aease of the AssB. A Worke ««. 
l<«mBd,aDdeicelieat, translated l™ 
Bl k i*" ''™^^*'- ^^S5. W 

ncum at ArifltirchuB u 


Use. Cmwlt isia, 

HiiwooD. Si 

M pl«»'.X 

HHivcaniH or 
Hbtwood, El. 

Hh^ Arthur. The IT Go.. 
P^ ^mo-uzed. Beading, 1759. 


|Kok ^'"^- ^'^''- ^»1^ *^ 

"■ ,'* » ""'»lly "^Jolnetl to tl" 
North, n*7i;*M'^'lt" ^'™*'"'' 

A H /'e Tl ^""■""") ii™tof), ihSl 3: 

|lne« r;S"„o 'j!^V^m''pV^ 
N?c"»if Breton '^^' """"^ 

IMS. Ot^twirt 
'""■ ^^f Ahp. 

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derdowDB, and newly corrected 

ail J augmanted. Lond. 1587. 4M. 

0ns hundred ini mytio Ubvm. be- 

1, hulf-itaeeti. Tbs 


vitta divert ne 
OifoM. iDd 01 

. BlndUr, pL IL 188T, 

,Ti,il74,d.lBlWSP- ■"' 

r Psqrllsl and Tonr- 

elaetsbta UiBtoir of WhilUngton'i 

Colledm, oUiemiae (lulgiirlr! eiUed N«w- 

Ximd. 1103, fsL Bnai, Ua. 

- blgherC ■ ■ ■■ 

live red pi.nphrutl»1lT, Id 
WilLlsmLble. Loud, 1S38, 4 
pt 1. 1826, IB". North, pt. 

^thla'pliD AdTei 


^^ „_r^- iad Chivrlele*. Wrlf — 

flriitinillT la Qnek bv HaLledonu, In 
Bnnks; [ha tint fire tnnsl^lwl b; 
PjrKnof ftnilLtri IhB l"t Bye by 
bum T>U, Land. lena. B'e. ds. 
tnniliUou or the lul fonr bi»kg Ig I 

mueS Ism so! It *« reprtnled 1 
Ittrno. Btse'Biui, 481, Sa. M. W 
KnlKha, 1BI3, lOa. 
UsUodonli. Bj C. a. Lond. 1117, Ilaw. 

Heliodonn. Longni, »nd AchlllH Tutliu, 
literally trknilttml. put Sn>. M. Ii 
Boin'i Clauieal Liiraryj 



.. Ltoyd,788,8«. 
« auide t« Ball. 

__ ___ . • of Theigenei 
rlclea, & fiomknUi tTKrulated 
Greet of Haliodon 
iTsli.;!. An ■mil 

>D tn ImlltUon oT 

P"7T,r,ne R, ThomM. life, with 
tlie Manner of hia murdering tui 
Muter and Mistrese. 1678. 4to. 

Hkllwis, (E.) a marvsil deci. 
phered, being an Eipoaition oo the 
12th chap, of Herolutione. 4to. 
Lond. B. Bobioion for 1. Win- 
nington, l&BS. 

Botheby, 11. It 

Ezuiotrr, F. M, Tan. Para- 
doiical Disconraes concerning the 
MaococoMn and Microcosm of the 
greats and lesser World, and their 
Union, translated by J. B. Jjond. 
1686. Bto. 

The irorln of thli myitloil Tbloniry 

— J, B. Tan. Works, traneUted 
folio. 168. 

rer of PjiracelaiiB pTiuclpilly nil 

intliilrv. Id which he made Mmi 

portjuit dlsoOYBilfls pirUenUrlr ol 

h Constable. Lond. 1664. 

Hallodonu, Lul 
nun.«dlU4'ni. Gam. t,Buuiu. mi u, u 
Hbll.— The PraisB of Hell ; ■ 
■ View of the infernal Heeioi 
Truulated from the Fiencb. l>ond. 
1760. ISmo. 2 Tok. 


Broke Loou, a Poem. 
. Roxburi^he, S35J, 21. St. 
plea hDwe mortaU SfDD0 1 

I'ayneg and Doloures vlthln (be Ptrai 
HtlL And ^nt Eumpla of a Fitter < 
■n Uouiliolds tba whloheMwe two »— '- 
Hd tbs Tontmentei of Ball. Ii 
Bobert yTjw, ISmo. Gmtalu 

8ai CBllLEtOK. 

Hjelkb, Anth. Zach. TnTds 
Ota Buenos Ayre«, by Potosi to 
ima, with Notes by the Trans- 
lator, Lond. 1806. 12mo, 6«. 

TTt"" to Diacourse, or witty Epi- 
eromi. Load. 8vo. 1663. 
* Towntey, 1/. is. 

— AeDiaooimaB. 
Help.— A Pore Helpe. The 
bocUer and defence of mother 
holy Kyrke, And weapon to drive 
heooe^ Al that against her wircke. 
■- o. 

sstlrs vrtttan la tbs Skaltonlcal 

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itjlaiDd pnbllihad ibrmt tsajeiii la 
Srt Strtpii'i Ecd. Mam, , WlBTO 
^LlHtoTT at EogUati r«tr7| mnd Bktdo 

KutF. The Forme and Moner of 
Subvention, or Belpjing for pore 
FoopU, deTjaed and practtBed in 
the Cytie of Hyprea, in Flanders. 
Lond. b; Thomas Godfraj, 15S5. 

DBlicWil to Q. Anne Boleyn, br Ilia 
tmiulntor, Wm. UuslmlL ln«[^«IS. 

HBLTiTins, C. A. A tft^atise 
on Man, hia intellectn&l Faculties, 
and hia Education. Traiislal«d 
from the French, with additional 
Kotes, bj W. Hooper, M.D. Loud. 
1777. 8to. 2 Tola. 12g. 

■ orH. H 

iItrUus. Ib fnll of di 
, Loud. 1810. SvOm 3 

9 Mnlem Fnnoh. with 

SrAt«ni of Katun, l pOBthDmopB Work 
nl U. Hel'BtluB. TmnsUtsd bT Daniel 
luacEnWn. LoDd.lBlt, 8va. Sa.; 

H11.WXB, Tho. Admonition to 
Ihe Congr^ation called the new 
Frrelere. 1611. 12mo. 

A i»p7 Ib In the BriUih Mnaaum. 

IIelt^. History of Hil^aa 
Knight of the Swanne. Lond. bj 
AV. de Worde, 1612. 4to. 

— The Hiatory of ye noble 
Heijas, Knjght of tho Swanne, 
newly translated out of Freneshe 
in t<i Euglyaahe at Thinatigacion 
of ye pujeaauiit and illustryoua 
Prynce Lord Edwards Duke of 
Buekyngham. Lond. by W. Cop- 

A copy, snppovvd to ti4 nniqna, lain 

C^plaiid'i edition li c 
CnilMtloa g[ Buly Pi 

Onawpyon WrI Him Paper. Bjiod; and 

HSMINQ, Thomaa. a' complete 

Surrey of Scripture GeoemphT. 

Lond. 1818. rojd 4to. 

Wllh nipa and a churl of tit World. 

HmiHBTOED, Waiter, Sn 
Heabne, Thomaa. 

Hemihbcb, MonachuB Wigor- 
nieneis. Set Eeahni, Thomas. 

Kkkmibo, Nioh. A Poatill or 
Eipoaition of the QoBpel, tranal. 
by Arth. Oolding. Lond. 1569. 
4to. 12b. 

:prinl»d 1574, *to. 1W7, a, d. 


ST8. Lond. «la. 


. ^ .„ .he EphealaM, Irans. 

Uted by Abr. Flaming. Lond. ICSl.ilo. 

Tba Preachtr, IruaUlad by l(ohn) 
H(orefall). Lund. 1574, ieillo.-ibT«. 

~ie Faith at Uis Chorcli U 

EaioiiNog, William. The fetal 
Contract, a French Tragedj. Lond. 
for J. M. 1653. 4to. 

, tin. Khodea, 12S8, U. & 
H Tngedv, Of thair IkUl an 

0, Roibui^a, KM, If. Za, KIiad«h. 
07,11.41. Hebar, pt.i.139. 
Hbkault, C. J. F. A new chro- 
nological Abridgment of the Ilia- 
ton' of France, traoBlated, witJ) 
additional Notee, by T. Nugent. 
Lond. 1762. Svo. 2 Tola. 12b. 

~ rlaf, but aplritad, detail of iba 

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•vontl, hm, euitwm, kc, (Mm Ui« wlgn 

Hknadi/t, C. J. F. Comflie, 
Testale.Tmgedie atrawbenj Hill, 
176S. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 


undred mid flftf wt 
(ley, pi. 11. 1109, ni 

Hencksl, John Fred, Pjrito- 
logiaj or, e, Historj of Pyrites. 
Lond. 17 B7. 8to. 6b. 

HiNDKEBON, A., M.D. History 
oC ftncient and modem Wines. 
Lond. 1824. 4to. wood-oute. 

An eiullcnt oork, dlepliying oos^ldai- 

jD IndlH paper, 

— Andrew, M.A. Histoty of 
tli6KBbftmon,174B and 1746. Lond. 
1753. 12mo. Jifth editi 

a LlfB of V 

■ndy ud Kiig of England. 

William AngDitui, Duke 
Lond. lJaa,STa.SL 

— Captain. An account of the 
British Settlement of Honduras. 
Lond. 1S09. 8to. 

— Ebenezer. Irelioid, or the 
Journal of a Besidenoe in that 
Island, 1814-15, Ediub. 1818. 8to. 
2 vols. 

Wltli a map and snffreTlimB. An in- 

nouune, hlatopy, Kttrature, and anUqni Ilea 
oriba l.Und; and the rellglmi chawcler, 
mannan, and cnBtonie of iU lutaabiBiitL 
BlbUol RHeaiehea and TraTalu ' 
BaaBia, IncludiiiE a Tour In tbe Crii 

dent on U 

I UiiiartaUaa on Haoa lllkkelian'a 

J candid polltlul 
•ill not tall toap- 

HEir IU35 

It Danish) Tran»UtIon of tbe 

The Hook of tbe 1 

jprislnB obserrallone 
tade during a tour to tbe valleya of 
.ledmontln 1844 with remarks respwt 
log the origin, hlilon-, and preMnJcon- 
ditlon of that Interetdng people. Lond. 

HiNDBBaoB, Jamea, A Histoiy 
of the Brazil, comprisiiw its Geo- 
graplij, CommeTce, Colomzation, 
Aboriginal luhabitsjita, &c. Lond. 
1821. 4fo, 

with 2 mapa and 37 plates, pabllihed 

— John, AiAor. Lettan and 
Poems, with Aneodotee of his Life, 
bj John Ireland. Lond. 1736. 

With portrait. FnntMIl, ISO. ICH. 
A Monody on the Deatb of Jobn Hen- 
demon, by O, D. Harley, Lend. ITS', Ito. 

— E. The Arraignment of the 
whole Creature at the Barre of 
Belieioni Beason, and Eiperience. 
Lond. 1631. 4to. front. byDroe*- 

Hebet, pi. li. 13s. 
Hemoham, 3ir Ralph de. Sum- 
ma magna at parra. 

PrintFil vlth e\T J. Fortesene da Lait- 
dlbiu LeguiD AngUs, 

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1036 Hzir 

Hbhut, John, the Orator. The 

compleat JjingulBt ; or, aa 
Ter««l Granunar of all the 
f iderable Tongue* in Boing, Lotid. 
1718.21, 8vo. 

Dant, pt 1. Ml, ISs. Tbe iriirki 
nLclirHred iDui evince e consltUnl 
taat of iDformelloD, and greAt uuteneu 

Oratory, Lorid. 1T86, 8»o. part L llc- 
prlQled Id vol, S of Uall'h Pnymflii 

Tbe Appeel of Iba Ontorr tn tb* (U 
igea of Chrlitiully. Loud. IT97, Sto. 

— Samuel, D.D. A DiBsertation 
on the conlTorerted Pauages in 
St. Peter and St. Jude, oonceming 
the Augela tlut ainiied, and who 
kept not IheiT flrst fislale. Lond. 
1778. 8to. 2a. 

fllHemcloni on the Subject of __ 
th EclDEiie, the J^iUgorj In tha (bird 
«lt, and th« pricnuT Deblpi of tlin 

Qeoritli, and th« 
JEnili of Vlridl 

Hbwsbmn, L. a new Diecoverj 
of a Tut Country in America, 
between New France aod New 
Mexico. — With a Continuation : To 
which is added, sereral new 
cOTeriea in North America, 
publiahed in the French Edition. 
Lond. 1693. 8vo. with map. 


HiMNiEBB, Sir Frederick, Bart. 
Notes during a Vieit to Egypt, 
Nubia, and c£e Oaeis, Mount Sina}, 
and JeruBalem. Lonii. 182Z. 8fo. 
bt placed by OiB gtda 


Chronica. Ste Savile Scriptores. 
The flret >ix booli will be found in 
the MoDuinenta Eiet. Brit, edited 
b; Fetrie, folio. 1S48. 


of 8Mph*D, King of England, ■ 

tnm Cha Roman h 

EENBisru mVh t*, Queen of E. 
Cbarlaa I. Hiato^ of Henrietta 
Uaria, Queen of England. Jjoad. 

I of Walea. 

ui of Ml 

line of AuBIDbJT. Al» POT' 

tuUuli^udof ChailcB, 

BaTne dadrande Bretagna. Piriii, 18e(k 

HEKSiETlrA, Daughter of Eing 

Chaylee I. Lachrymn Cantabri- 

lea in Obitum Henrietta Ca* 

I. Begis et Martjrie Filis, 

DucisBSE Aurelianenua. Cantab. 

1670. 4to. 

BIndlaj. pt. II. lee, Th. ed, 

:nbt J,, "Kiag of England. Se* 

Hatwabs, Sir John. 

Eekbt II., King of England. 

Tbe Ufa of Hanry Oia BacoiS, King of 

iglud. I.ond, leii, 4ta. Sl ed. flila 

Acei oierlooliad Id tba lusei dinmldea. 
Ii repiliiied In Uu flfUi Tolnina of Iha 

Sfio BuuvoTON, Joiieph. Ltttletov, 

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HssBY in,. King of Eiwland. 
Tbe TroubleBoDU Lffa und fialgaa M 
King Henry the Third. Loud. ISlt, 4t(i. 

8h CorKHi, BIT Bsbeit. Chahbeb- 

LIWI, Ed«rd. 

Hknht IV., King of Bnglaad. 
Su HaTWABD, Sir JoliD. 

Hknby T., Kine of England. 
Tbe femoua VicioSeB of llei.iy the 

of IbiB edLIlan ti'lutbe Britliih Museui 
-'Load, by BKnurd Al!Dp. Ttil>editi< 


The fieUyll of Bgyngc-uurte end 11 
*net UEfl fif Bone, by tynge Henry 
finnminith, Iho fylbe of tbe nemo thL. 
wen Geiicoyiie and Qyeime and Norromndy. 


Hbnbt til, King of England. 


fibMH; MdlH Apoatnllce prothonoteriun, 

rliiim VI], Angllie Reitam, Nl penUm 

nlHUI, Lend. Bleb. Pynun, n. d. (IGOe). 
«to. CoUaliim^A, n.C.ln foun, Iwelve 

bnry, Brlllah Hunanm. probAbly unique. 
The ant Dooke ot tbe I'leoerrmtlon of 
King Henry the ilj. irhen he Ten but 

k ot ti-a lllle li tho roUoniOK.- 

>rlnt with a good lettnr, Ibis hooka, md 
'Tint each Tord JeillHll, not ■ wDnl nor 

IintmctioM given by King Heoiy the 
SevenUi u> bin Ehibu«adorji, when ha 
intruded to mHTTy rbe young Queen ef 

SrBt ap]>V:mred In the Bt- Junee' Chrnnji^ 

Loud' ma, 110, 3a, 6d. Publlj.bed°by 
Tbuniu AbIIb, Khii. Iteed, an, it. «il. 

Sutulea conctmyuge tbeCoinyn Wela. 
made In tbe Pjirlisiuenl of Ilie King 

K. Henry VII. aud bin liaue. Wllhoul 

four.' 184a). Heprlniad In Amex' TypogT. 
Antlqiiltlai, by Herbert. tqI. lit p. 1789. 

pHee par lul falte wntro L<»'la XII. 
HlnIoireduKagnudallanryVII. Bnut. 

The moat plaaaant Song of Lady Baaay, 
ItaB eldeit Daugblsr of KtnK Edward the 

life end macrlaKE of Gllubeth of 
York, Quean of llenry VIL, and from 
'"~'"g been originally composed at tta« 

1 value,— Another ' edition by the 

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HaVBl VTIL, King of England nihlw", WSB, BtonseiLlL ISt^Wlltont 

dapueuMtnparaiuDM^IatitnlM- ciLt 

mnrnPrumniionggidDeTltvliilU. (It n '• 

•uti ItiniJ El nilotlo Donn Onraiirlel. < , 

Dia ^ AdciuU, I&IL bo diia or plue, , ' 

«o. Thitt luvei, proUblT printed at I Utt^m ' nulbui innletlulniu Piln. 

''"^' Fmudie, D"mlnin HrbemU, u FUH 

EpiBIoli InTiilliiiEinl Reilii Anglla et Derenw raipondlt, td onuidini Eplativ 

FniMlemdCBUininMijutiiUni.WilhDiit.liiH Uanlnl Lutheil.adH iiilaiI,*tl|Kluii 

e Pope, Hr, , 

1], ^. tjmiuUted byT.W. 
. Hlndle;, pt. II. US, dlitt 

Ipsum Kegium LegoatlbPi 

s. e. Eplstola 
. In .£dib. Ftd- 

Lonit. Id £dlbil> l-rnwiiUnK 1621,* 

tidDBbTalgnstunarS, (:781eBTe9)! Tt 
vtrk la InieRed In ItlHhop Flihe 

87kM,pM. 118S^ruaal>,ll.iaa. Dlndb 

E. II. ioe9, Kith the aulagnph of, ■: 
8. nelea I17. Abp. Cranmor, 801. «». 1 

.yng Bmry the EIrtt, 
and of FnlUa, Def &iDr 

ye fnre.ayil Lnihen 
llehardB P^DHin. IBmo. 
"" elKhtd. 

Kid Hlbbert, S9 

Tha calabraud edi 
Eighth's Ulter.u 

LpUtnla Kcgll AnKliin ad P 

Blraaburgb, H 


B> prinlcd by Pvn«in. ai 

— ler (dltlMi, ' eom 

indiOWKYllltSHnpIiana; ElitbtlMTM, 
its, 4tn. vltboot pTice. but ColonlB. A 
spy la In tbi Brllfih Uniauni. 
ArtleaU U. Uilberl, de CapHliUM B*- 

talnlng 'LIbnun hunc IdtIcUhb. Angllie 
Begla.Pldei DefenKrlsconm Mart.Xu- 

toUdwii ulndulEentla apo>ii>liu Auibo- 

Frnw^ IBM^Afwol. Gronlngel, 16M, 

<to, with an EpIaUt bj- Emmuuii, and a , .-,^ 

CommandatloD br Abp, Wirhaui.— Ad1>. I ETkes, pL 1. I(S8, BI. 7a. Qough, IS38, 
iatt,4i<>. lii.-Nopl»«,lMiS,4ta. U 10«.- 11. m. Briebl, 41. Ui. 6i. 

brirtde Saamay. Laid. IWl, f ■- "--■--"-■ — ■*— 

US3,I«mi>. WlUeit, 1233, ui 

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Henst YlU.—eentiaHti. 
tinuum totlua ItnllB u OiUiB 
mUram CenuTa da VerltAta lUli 
liMitlDBli, Tldtllnt, quod dun 

■liTlDD at DMunll prvhIblluiD i 
Ponclfti tiatt hnlugoiadl M 

Eaidt. ldnd.T.Benfa«lsi,lMO, 
j,pttl.MB,ito. Wilk>.Si, 
Ikm. .,»,. A-Q,lo(bur».78le 

AudcmleiDf lulyudFnuu. I 

(vlihiiiitdLU). Htsck letter. Acn|> 
ilieOrMnl1leI,lbr«7.Uritlili Huh 

Hmricl OcUtI Fnnclc et Anglin __„_ 
Ctarlitlinlialnit u D. HrbernlB ds Scntlii 
nponiu >t dedlllnue efnlila Tonwcen. 
vltliout plue nr duCa, 1». Six laan 
vritta 1 vi»d«iil Df Ihe anaa of Englai 

tnC«dln>ll)^brldg«,Abp,iir Ytrk, 
tnpj' Ilia tba OmiTlllelAbraiT, flrttli 

■naadng Id iha Anhwolaffla. 

DaMnniuUn D. SiphBlla Cameo! 
CaBKolel RegnlaHa. fut* aaper cantru 

A wiiy lilnlhflGnnTlLlaLlbnTjiBrld 

ElegsDB conillltinpntUlaitHuImaT 
tiiu AoffllA per IDBjfDlficuni D. Rami 


Onncllium D. HEennTinl Pnaldflll pn 
In"li>ilja, Kiga AukIIb. una cum reapnn. 

BdiliilD. lIononlK, 1531, Ito. A ro]iy S In 

ag Onnvllla Library, llrldaTi Muwum. 

DlHuputlaDei tni H, Fnuidtlll Bouo- 

HEK 1039 

nlia lagnm profaiaoria pro niuat. Km 

Blelorto, eoram mmmo pcmlifloa Clemanta 
acpMiqo et ucrotaiKlD ^ua SeuUi hablua, 
meniibua Aprllli et Hill, IWi. Without 
place or d&te (but Rnma, lypti AntBladik 
tui. A copy li in the OreoTllle Library, 

A copy ia In the O 


DM at ad lulu 

lam pnaclatl D. eicnw- 

vlct. RegiH AnKlle, noa 

dDlua da Plaloilo advo 

or, pneKFlnll III 





date {but Root, 1B38), 

■ Hiyn" MauatorLnw 

Iraea, IiIb Tiry Wyfe. Imiimited at 
:iinoberge,l6*!,4lo. (WnulDlrKatnftpnm. 
L copy la In the Lanibetli Library. Ite- 


t «lj"n 

liiaria at par bravia Apologia alra tJonfu- 
tatlo, all!, A Jo. Lodovl» Virei, 4U>. 

mberffie. An liDp«rfUt copy la In 

irltiab Huaoum, and s paiftet ona In 

itolre du Dlvom da Hanri VIII. 
UatheilDe d'Arraam. Amat. (Pariai 
INITIO. Wilttanby the Abbd Ii^l. 
iolai daalied by tba boll* Cnneent 
o[ the Kliigai motK koiMunUa Comuajli^ 

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Id «igliti.~Loi]d. t^ J« 

i HomiDli 


utio. Lond. Berthflei, IBM, «to. 

oiigiiiiil Leitsr rnm & Gcnttaiou 
Friend. gl^trB k ahort A«ciiat <rf 
irk *Dtitl«d 'Pl> et Cithollu In- 
in the B«ign of 

- KldjHeniT v'ur/ciii'oflV' 
" e Cb&rg«a of 

IhCii line the King ut fonb bii liOuni ' 
iiijmicUoni Id the clergy, which probably ^ 

leiiu nt ChrliLin Tbeolo^8»o 
el MUrt Regis Anglla, *o., u 

Lund, by f liumu Berllielel, 1537 

If. Is. Wbtw Knight*. «17B,n.orM^,.» , 

8olIHby(Bp. D»ly],Jime!ifl,185a.«. 10.. j 

li>r,.ni »ll .1,],, qu, uer.m Clirisll fiSui- 

1 proSlenlurao Kss coufB.TB. Addiliu 

nt LlbiiUua llle. qiioiu supeiloH Auw, 

d. in .*dfb. T. Barihelel, I&S^ iBuio. 
Ulna tan iBires. The Limbttli LI- 

intnlnl sddlllDMl i 

643,4li>. Conuin. e «, in the 
[sadET' by UiB King, xhicli 

Jitil»vit,&d. Lgnd. In jBdlbo* 

TbomH Bsnbclel>. 16fi7, IBmo. It jnn- 

,- I«lnii 19 leaves. H»lllwall,lS6S, 3J.8.. Not 

noticed in Dr. DiWiL'H edition alAmf 

, Tyiioe. Anllquities. A copy Ib in iba 

, Lambfltb Library, aod ULi^bar in Ibe 

QronTllle Ubrmry. 

A OUasa of t^e Tmtb- Loud. Tli.Bar- 

helai. n. d. Bvo. Blick letlar. A /«r. 

i— Elnsv""- fjonr. FortyleiTei. A 

ppy ia in Ibe OiT^oyllle Llbriiy. 

Philalediie 1 1 rperbaroi In ABHcaloptniiB 
num 4U0d tirDpediem in lucent dibit, nt 

Moitlolaid,l£3^dlo. i 

IngllB tiegiu 

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Waxt Tm—emlhrned. 

la to the QnnrillBLllinrj, Billlali 
Conalllnm (Dper Tirtbni HMHn 

, tlo. BIghl 
)nnTltl8 U- 

Ji dIfflnlKTi 

mnrteom VIM. tC Calharionn Anglle 
K«gM contTMti. L«U MIBomiBliiPa- 
dtoiilirMiirtll.USi.roliii. Abroidalde 

A dniy Ih Ln tb» GnoTllle Lllinty, Brl- 

aantootlaa por Sioctllateni tiiua nuur 

f llai EigwD, al qnaniJuii Minun aiotan 
3b Boland, Doalwtliii a in Kpcdeliue 

at oarOi «m» In lllla emWtilla at compre- 
htnila per Hdlclim beta. wtUtont niace 
or date, iU. CeUoUm. A— a In t«M 

TweatT luiei. A copt la In the Gnu- 
Ti)leJbr«7, BriU.h*^iu.eun.. Bright, 


KtlJiliia nn EnBsLland und Fnnkreioh 

du obfniMn hanpu, nuh Chrlalo, der 

ndnin, mahnr dia Rslcha, und aadare 

*]]■ ChriatI, dartfi del KUnlg gnndUieh 

nraKh ai»^t. wanmb ernlt auff du 

CtulUnioTirviDcenU niaeh[Ich Oene- 

tala, Oder aln gamain Cencllln ganandt, 

konieo <r«rda and <><a nfarllch e> .ti- 
dtmi aer. ao die waren ^MT Chriicl ba- 


.'8 Heno- 

BeraiUulml el indrll ItegH AngltB 
VlnceiitlDa.vTtebergiB,U30,iamo. £lKlit 
An EplBilB ometur thaTIII.:_iiri[- 

why the Kynges Hyghenea owghl neythcr 

tbe Ernges Hyghenea, Ac, is tonchln^ 
the Counellle Indicted >t Mejitua, Ac 

Conl»lns nineieeo pigen. Brlgbl,'si. lln. 
Thii amall place, one or the. If not ttas 

In the Hari. UlBull. vol. 111! There an 

hith r.fb™!^. 
AdUenrlcunVIII, AngllB et frandu 

Ad Outlelmum DucemJullB field rlia.ele! 
Vimili Epiatola. Ad Annim Du«m 
JnllmcenHcni Reglniim Anglle, liber epl. 
gramniaton j Eiidam BtlgeHo aiitore. 
" " ■ ihfl Oaa- 

le LIbrei 

inti e 

.17, Britl>)i Un- 

I. Nc^onla Com. Vtrooanala dia- 
nihont piaca or data, dto. O/eaiiim. 

A .uppljnation to Hanne thenyghl, 
^ngluidt and Inland, IbM. 

clao; Bi AigUeolnLik- 

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1(H2 HKS 

HnsT Tin.— eoniiB"«t 

ttnnni •enai. Wilbml ylue, USO.Bi 
Eltna luves. A nmr ta la tlie annitl 

KepiidiD dslU Kelna Hull d'lnghtl- 

Oio. ButtiBU del Grilludiri. Boaoal*. 
1458,410. BngHUlOt. 

A Supplycucion lo our most wueralgne 
Lorie kyagt lleiitrthe Ejght, Kynga 

IT pcinlor. IBM, 

:lifl Appeiulli lo hli Jlob«rt de 
Baptlnled mthelhtrdioInniB 
-lAlui MlBHllany, »iid In Iha 
I niunb.rof thePumphlaleer. 
a HbdtI Vlll. a. Anna BolajD, 
■t»docUoii; pr*cM«et d'OH 
niique lurAniie Heileyil- ((" 
llet.J Purl', flUK), Imp. ttio. 
329; wklh porlnkitaof Uuuy 
!fiO ooplea, 10s, dd lluwud, 

il. Bg. Beprlsled, full, lies, 

^Ulon of 1S2« li KmetfniH 

HenirUit Eighth. 

rd Lord, of Chsrinicy. IiijtDiCTiaiis. 

Eenbt, Prince of WbIbs, Son of 
E. Junn I, 

A true I(*piiTl«ri« of Ihe most (rtiun- 

tmt uid roysl Ationipli aliment oftlw 
ptlama of Frederlck-HBiiry, Prinei nt 
ScoUind. aolcoinlEed tlie 30 Dtj of 
Aupial, 1BB4 Wliib, B. J''^*PiJJ 

IDl^i^H'um. BiDdle!,9l'l*.Sd. 

A tnie Acsompl of Iba Ituptlnu of 

II0D17 Fndartck, Ftlnu of ScotUad, ud 

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Hbsst, p. of WJm,— «mi««^ 
nnv Prtnn orwalu. Lund. 1808, 4lo. 
BBprlntsd Id the third Toluma of Nichols' 
PrognuM of Q, Ellzibotb, ISM, In tha 

liy, tlw/ourlh of JUI18 lut P"'^*=' 

!e1ebnt«l U WhltebLll the Bftb Day of 
lims, leiOi ieyitei bv gimael Duii«l. 
rha nuchlDeiyof thii Mamjaeor PiRUDt 
>»■ tauiitti hr Inlgo Jonam Whlla 

;o"nfH.w'e,'^i/a" af"' Ba°^ril^ in 
^ichola' PrognnHH of K, Junes I', md 
n the Hconi Toluma of Ox Bonun Col- 

Oreal EritMna MmiTntne Qumuil, 
tlTcn to ill fsKhriill Horrowniil snbiHti 

»r«d. U eonalalt of nlnotMn BOPDatI, 
ind u addreia ' to the »d baniahold of 
■rinca Benrr.' BiwUe;, pt. if. TI - 

Landam Lore to ths RoTil I 

)fe RepoiM of the Kur.Figlit u 
■ ■•UyoTBIrAon; 

Fire Workc. . 

addniud to the Lord 
Campboll, KnlKhi.f 

pi. i.'bj. 1B«. si.' 

PdlKlpla WllllB. Land. leia. 410. 

^B?iMdiuTn CMtahrlglmBt in O 

«o. CuitaS.''l8ia."tto. CoSJtbU 
Sl II. B18.*it 

Eidjllii in Obltum Henricl Plil 
Oion. mil, ttn. Bindley, pt. il. 810 

OloooWn MIto. leia. 

Spirliiial Odours to Ilia Uamorr of 
Prlnoe Henry. OiBwJ, 1818. *lo. 

Tha t'onenils of tlie h<^ Bid mlgbt; 

HKU 1043 

PrlnCB HaniT. LbdiI. WIS. 4to. Reed, 
400S, 4s. Kibt Angto-Po«t. 111. Raprlnlad 

oat ifrittan or edilod by Drummonil. II is 
froin the preis of the prfotar be employed.] 
Contalna Epitaphs by 'W. Druiiiniond, 


n, Wn,. Ro-lay^ 

a prl«d 

61. 6d. 








bree Llegl 

f PriBM 


Touniei.t, J. Webster, end 

Primed on blaoitw 

t». Load. lew. tia. pp. 


yd. 7a»; 





ry rf his 



; tr*iul 

Cad from the French by 

i. Leyden, ISM. 4to. A oopy la in 


■ ori^lnn 



g J^es 

Printed liom th 


LIbruy In tfa 



*Bli,4o.ofPrlKfl Honiy 



rln« He 

iry. hia Life, Deelh, and 

1 akelcU 


rohn 'wood-»rd, In iSs Aivocntes' 



BiECB, Thomea. 


C^nyiDS. Thoma 

CH *!■'-' 




HiNBi, Dute of Qloucester. 
Rpleedit In Obitiim Hanrici Dneii Olo- 

Hbhst m. of FrsDce. The 
Eingee edict for (be reuDitin|[ of 
his aulgectM in the Cstholique 

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Apostoliqoe tnd Bomish Chnrche. 
Load, B. Jonee, 168S. 4ti>. 

Bluk Utlar. 
Ths Cathollo uuie. 01 tha hoiril pno. 
tic« oT mnrdgring Uil«>, JiutlS^ IM 

•ubbed bj Juues Clsmenl, ■ Dontnlan 
' feimt, LkL una Enf, Lodd, 1673. 4to. 

II; trmiiAUIed by E. A. Load, bj joha 

Tha Slitafi^ of Fnnce, for tbe Deslb oT 
Bniy IV. Wilh IhB Oiitlon m ' ■ 

Thfl FfVDeh Hflnld BammaDloff All ' 
ChiiitUn PilDWi to t ireoenl Cnii 
for ■ haty Wur aftaliul tb« gmt £di 
of CbitnaMloai* ui all hli aUTei.u, 
Ibfl oflouUm oT tbfl UurLher of Heair tbt 
Oiwt LoBd. 1611. tlo. G>. Piobtbl; 
vritun I^ 0«i«^ UKtiwIlLiia. 


KlogofFnon. Tninlited (by WllUi 


L(tUn iMy«r belljn pubUibtd. Loaj. 

iDtarHtlng An«dDlu of Henry IV. of 
FiuHft. CoDt^Dtnff Bubllma Tnlla aud 
llialy Sdliei of Wit of Ihit UaimRh: 
dlg«t*d Into cbnniDloglal Order, mil 

Hekby the Uinatrel, or Blind 
Hany. 5m WiLLiCB, Sir Wm. 

Eenrt, Uattiiew. An Eipoei- 
tion of the old and new TeBtament, 
edited bj 0«o, Bidder ajid Joseph 
Hughes, with the Author's Life, 
by Sajnuel Palmer. Lond. 1811. 
4to, 6 Tols. 

; pcltion. Ihouuli 

amtsueDfCnnbomai the tbiid, to the 
Itij Clifford, 

Tbe berayk LUS ud doptonble Duth 
of Henry the 4tli, tnnslited by rynwitou. 

TbeHlBimrarHenry IV. by Iba Bishop 
of Rodes. iiiLd tiuuUted by J. D. LDnq. 

Aneodotea of Hanry IV. af Fni 

Gate lo Lltanluia j witb MianI of ble tlie 

■■'- Ufa. by J^Oeird. Lond. Ijfl7. ISmo. 

k Matbod for F 
DC— Edlnb-'lSlS. 19 

- -„ boratolore pnbil , 

oilglnBl tlia., an iqiFeBdii on slut 

;, Google 

V<ry eiany bj the BsTd. Jolui Bmm. 

A Uethod of Pnjei. Load, 1T10. Svo. 
Oflen nprintad. 

Selaat SBrmoas. Lond. 1T31. Bn. irllh 
ponraAt b^ J. Taylor. Tu. 

A Tr»0H ou UiiiilBni, ibridgcd ttoa 

|Hibliib«d br Thnoiu UobLiu. IXnw. 8b. 

ComiDenULry on the Pulmi. Lond. 
IBGS. foa Svo. wood ente, 4a, Sd. 

Hekby, Ber. Philip. The Iiife 
and D«th of, b; his son, the B«t. 

Matthew Heniy. Load, man; edi- 

FlnttdlUaiL— Loud. Sto, lase. B*cand 
edition. Loud. 1099. flvo. portrait by 
Whil& vM.lSa. LDDd. 171^ 
Sva-ponnlt. HeprlntedentlrelnWoids- 
•rortli'e EeclMLutic»l Blognplij, »nd In 
tU tba ReLljloui BlDcraphlaB, Neir edi- 
HoD. enlussd by J. B. Wllliui*. Land. 
IBW. Bvo. EdL 

— Bobert, DJ). The History 
of Ebeat Bribun, from the Bnt In- 
rasion of it b; Uie Bomoni under 
J«liu»C»«r to Henry Till. Writ- 
ten on a new Flao. Edinb. and 
Load. 1771—93. 4to. 6 lols. 

' \ vork of tw loconiideTaljIe nputib- 

Hkhby, Wm., M.D. The Ele- 
meuta of eiperinientaJ Oheniistry- 
Ninth Edition, compreheadiug iH 
the reoenC BiMiOTerieB. Lond. 1323. 
8ro. S Tola, with plates. 

HstimsBOli, Bobert. The Testa- 
ment of Cresseid. Edinb. 1693. 4to. 

CH, In bum. A. oopt i 
HnHnm.— Edinb. lelt 1... 

Kabena ud HMknw and Um Teala- 
mentof tb« Onsadd. Edinb. IBM. 410. 
A/. ISi. Ad. SIxij-Ato Doplea printed fur 
tbe Demben of the BHrnUJn* GInb, it 
the eipenie of GeorfB Ghalnieri, Esq. 

The Tnlle of OrpbeuB Krog, and ho* 
he »ld to Henyn (k lo Kel to seek bte 
Queue. Prinud by Clif^pmiui lad Myllnc 

The bludy Bert. 

nltr w 

h OUben Sluu 


•Quart- ^cW<«.— An admirable 
the Monthly itavleo; and In 

I?FH»e"u' rcalam ("tiea "of 

HI. Sir a. K. arken, pi. I. 
101. MarijiilsorTownahend, 

nuation, itMi'm. Hi. Heath, 

».3k-lI8a,BT0. lOvoli. me 

ai IfiL— 1800. 8t(i. U tela. >]t 

Drorj, 1738, Bi. 6«.-ronrth ai! 
in. Beat edition, irlth 1 gei 
—1819. Sto, 12 TOla, and Am 

hf'CiS^.^'^ Touted' 

. Thli work 

found <D the collectloiia of Uallea, Flnkei^ 

FiihUl. BdinhiiT^h, lfl31. Sm SbOf. 

In tbe Appendix of voL II. of Dr. Notu' 
edition or Sumy and Wyat'i Worka. »lll 
be (bond the Talla or the Uplandla Uou 
and the Banna Haiu, printed from tbe 
Harlalao MS. Ho. S8S0. 

HsMBBlXJ, J. H. Histoiy of the 
County Palatine of Oheeter, 1823. 
4to, pkteB. 

— Samuel, M.A. The Saion 
and English language*, reciprocal- 
ly iUuB^atxve of each other. Land. 
179S. 4to. SB. 

Horns Tooke, 838. Ba.ed. 

Spaelnuna and Pant; EontalnlDg a 
HIatary or the County of Kent, and a 

of EdTiid the CDofcRot' to lidwaid tSa 

clTll, and untlcalHratotyof South Bri. 
tain, with Ita gradual and comparative 
Prognaa la Trade, Arte, Papnlatlon, and 
Shipping, from aiithenlle Daeumeiftit. 
Lond. l19B.4to. ltoibur|the,eeiT, Se.ed. 
C<iUelim,—Ff. XTill (no pacei iI-iIt}; a 
amnniary tahle, 18 pigea ; tlie hlatory, IM, 
- ' '1 pages, with i map of Kant. Sm 

;, Google 

1046 Hts 

Hershaw, JoMph,Bp. of Fetov 
borough. Hone aubceeiw, or ipun 
Houn of MeditatioDB upon ~ 
Duty to Qod, toothers, and to 
wItm, in two Puta. Ibe Nrrenth 
Edition, corrected and much en 
lanred. Lond. 1661. 18mo. 

with u (DgtiTsi] UU« by Glorei 
T)ia Int pui Is Inwrlbcd la l^ij Anne 
CDtUnffton ; tliB secwd. to Wm, Jujcod, 

Up. of LODdDD. 

iHDBfHiB ud UuipSDe, 10S7, DH put onlj. 
— SecMHl •dlUon tin tn> p«rw\ 1«SS.— 
Th Lrf edition, »«6I (UOt, IHilJi Thoouli 1. ; 
or » Ml«»ll«iiy of MediUtk- ■'-■--■ 

II umm),— Fourth «•"•' 

lew. ^laprlnted.l 

tdlUoo, 1«M, (U it . -,. 

XiddBT (ddad ■ third pkrt, iwprtiitod M- 
puniMjr IB llOi, anlltled • A Stw Yeu>I 

Hemblowe, Philip. BiaiTi from 
1591 to 1600, edited bv J. P. C»l- 
lier, for the Shakspeare Society. Ste 


Hentzneb, FauL A Joumej 
into England in 1598. Stranberr; 
Hill, 1767. 8to. Tignett* on title. 
Wiipolo emplDTod RIchud Btntley, 

g pictun 


EHztbeth. Wmatt,]33«,R?a. Beckfoid, 
in I8IT, in, SI. B[oc1cstt,9eS9, inor.lI.S>. 
StretUII, 1SI«, nnont. II. ISl Oirrlck, 

D«ii, pt. I. «4T, morocea, 19b. Bisdlar, pL 


Tnielaln Eoglind. 1 

._» Englud, IBse. Pi 

lag, leor. tto. Fifty uplH piintsd at 

elTiIapreHotT.E. Williams. Wl 

n In the Batroqieoilve Keriinr, 

II. IlL-Othsrodliiou. BnialB,I«IT.4la. 
NmecnlMrg, 1818. 8m. and MBB. BTii.with 
iddlUonaasdamap. HilHr,I6a. HiHnit. 
on Am piper, SI. la.— Lglpilg. issi. Std. 

Ebfbdkn, Robert. Libellus lin- 
guUria quo demonstratur quodDeus 
■it. Edinb. 1714. 8io. 10s. 6d. 
FortT4lgbt capiat prlDUd. 

Hepesstiok. Enchiridion ad 
iSSB, Fidem recenaitum, cum 
Notia Tariorum, pnedpue Leonvdi 
Hotchkis, curante Tbomaa Gaie- 
ford. Aocedit ProcU Chreatoma- 
thia Orammatdca. Oionii, ISIO. 8to. 
A moit cxullent and Tihiabt* odIUon. 

U-IM.' B*p!lat*d>l Utpilg, lS«l,eTo.T>: 


Editia » 

Uaunu de StUiI 

ChrentoEuthu Oi 

VtdIh-Sto, AfovoopnipnnnaoDmku 


Rbftatxhceitb, Liber Fulnio> 
mm, FroTerbia Salomonia, hber 
Sapientia et Novum Testuneutum, 
Latine. Lond. Tho. Serthelet, 
I&35. 4to. 

ThI* fnnni Ibo flnt portion of i Latin 
Blhlo, of wliicfa or, man ia known. 

— Liber Job, et Evangelium Hi- 
codemi, Anglo-Saiouice. Hiatoria 
Judith, Dano-Saionice, ed. Edward 
Thwaittw. OxoD. 1698 or 1699. 
4 learee, 168 and S2 pag««, 
and a plate. IJ. Is. 

AraTublework. Oion 1718. nnl Bra. 
U»lh, tHS, II, Ha. 

Hbpwith, John. Tlie Caledo- 
nian Forest. Lond. 1641. 4to. 

I, efet, 1 

Uttenon, 31. la. 

HiBACLTTCrs. The Biddlee of 
Heraclitvs and Democritna. Lond. 

1598. 4to. 

.slaw In Bi 

PDLM. Bibl. AnRlo-Poet. «ll, «6J. 
•oM"PMry,W.Bi). Jolley, 1P44, 311. lOa. 


HmiOLmra. Chmtiuiaa 
the Utui of SorroiT. Loud. Bio. 

IIbbaijibt. — Hiitorioal Aitee- 
(lotee of Heraldry and CbiTalry, 
tendine to shen the Origin of man; 
English ind Foreign Cotta of AnoB, 
Ciroumstanoee, and Oiulonu. Wor- 
cester (1796). 4to. 



ft gatun] inTiudua- 
UOD, pp. 17 ; beildcH *a solved title by 

thKt Pajim Klsher, Ihs poel, published II 
bwk of Hursldry In iaS& olifch mdf be 
tills SjTiKppili, Altliouah tlw ftuthor'iauDe 
iB noi •nied. 
Tbs Art of HenldiT, aontilDlDg ths 

EnMlgii, &a. Lond. 1730. Sm. (i. Pp. 
t», with nirtrpUti- 

Wm. Copland, l&mo. FrHueatlr npriiK- 
wL—Lcmd. br mt Rob. Redman. ISrao. It 
--' rign.K.4.. '--■ 

Hbbbbbat, Nicholas de. &w 

AXASIS us 0.1VLE. 

Hebbbbt, Edward, Lord, of 
Oherburj. The Life and Eeign of 
K. Henry Tin. Lond. 1673. foUo, 

HtorvUIhe King, with' partralt of Hanry 
vilI.l,j-W.F(allhoma). ThlB«ork,Myt 
firaosm, 'baibaoDaTer culumedoiia of 
tba bait hlaturlu In lilt English Isnfuaga: 


lOa. Ad. Gough, leoe, 1S>. Lii 

. 'WtlnKllie'pi^Oill.'Jl. Maciiiils or 
Tmnubend, llll, tl. Bright, 111,— IMS. 
■■■ wllh ponrill, Jh.M. ttoaow, in. 

Hbbb*!.— Thegrete Herbal. In 
Southwark, by me Peter Trererii, 
1516. foL 

Praqiiantly «prinl»d.— Southwatta. by 
Palar Trevarla, ISH. fol. IngUa, BOI, 
tl Whlta Kolghu, ma, due 

>, 1S3S. folio 

aibaon.lSM. fol.-Lond. by Jhon Kyneo, 
IMl. fcl, ConBliblfl, WS, «. 4.. rtlTta 
Knlght.,l»78,i;. I7i. Hebet, IJ. 18a. 

laind. by ma B^Fhaids fi>aoku,U2a.4i 

y ma BTFhar 
a I, in bun. 

Ratnn. Rarltr, tII. 81T..3I.— Lond. II 

H.Dod*lay,llD. wHk tba iBelinlB* parr. 

..... '—■ -• Tabla.Ta.ftl. Sm. 

-.. „ — M.— ms. 4IO. -ttti ti» 

port. Ti.Sd. Wlllalt. IWl. lla^l7M.41a. 

port. Ediiardi,41,miir.ll. 1*. Cimtbiuad 
'"-Oealh.irlUi LaIMn Trlttao lurlDK 
■Idaoaa at the Pnneh Caur^ ddt 
ibUabad rrnm tha Orlglula. haoi. 
', 1888. "lib portrmlli ■— ^-• 

1 portrmlu Lnaeftad.— 
.6d.— Wltliap»falni7 

Fati^&g. Paria, IBU, I 
-Thlid ^t. im, Una, 

;, Google 

1048 BER 

DiUnrtUmtaiilqn'alleen dlidnetaK 

It TiD. BtldulDtu, 
Wlthont plus, 

Laaa. laee, lemn. 

I'p.UH, A41WTaii,B-a,tiialghM. Bibl. 
An^o.p«t. STB, 1«. B..lheb/i la 182», 
lU.M. BLxdlar, pL II. ess, «. ISa. Rcber, 
|Jl It. U. 4m. Otter-on, 3i H. Bright, 

Ds »>1lgioiH GentUliim Emmmqiia 
npad tu Cioi'lH. Amet.iasn,4ta. U»tli, 
liM'. ««,— AithL IJOO.Sto.— In Engllth. 
TmnaUtedbrWIlUainLeli. Liind.nOfi, 

A DLalnfcna betvHD a Tator uid hLa 
Pupil. Und. IISS, 4to., 
l>». WllltU. 1U»,13>. U(>]]la,«as,IBa.Bd. 

Heath, lur, II. ai. 

HbbbebI, Lady Luct, of Powia. 
The' Methods of Ueiuiiig Mau. 
Bnigea, 1742. 12mo. 

— Ladj Eliubeth. ^« Boite- 
WUT, Iticliu*d. 

Hrbbkbt, George, B.A. Worm, 
in Versa uid Proae. mth the Liyea 
eF tlie Author written bj Izaal 
Walton (uid Bamsbiu Olc^. Load. 
Pickering, 1863 — 67. 8to. 2 rob. 

A iiHTloiia sdiHoo, with sntaa bj g. T. 
Ooteiidt*. taihO* by Walton. Load. 
Plekarias, IM^ > nla. Itam. port. IOh. 

PrtKlpiit' CuvHKi 

Ml*bravtt Csntitb. 

PDamala vmrtl Argtmu 
lino. 4a. Fubllabad br n. LriiuiHtnun. 

The Temple. BMred PMna and Print 
RJaenlatLna. Ciml>.lBno.(USl)pp.»M,i 
wr eoplM of tbia, the fliat and ranat edi 

piskailng, 18^ IW. la. Baemd edition. 
Cuab. 18SS, lemo. Bib. Analo Peetlea, 
K. n: Hibbert, 3IM, 4a. il«ber, pt. L 

mer. !(. IBa.-Thlrd Edit. Camb. 1«34, 

Edit. Cmrab. 1BS8. IStoo.' Sebat, 

;h1:dil. Loiid.'iese. I'lmo.-ElBhlb 
Lond. ISeO, l»niO.-mnth Edit. 
D tndai. L'ind, IWT, lloo.— Tenth 
irltb Lita br li. Walun (Ito the 

Plckerinn, I4>. — Twelfth Editinn^ 
I the lAte, and an Alphabetical Table. 
1. IICO, ISun.— Thlrteeaib Edit, with 
- Lond. I709.12mo. portrait by SturL 
lerlPi!, 3a. M. Fraallng, very Une, In 

rlstcil, 1780, llmo. Si 

eJiHoIi, wI 

- Fifteenth Edl- 
WiIUhl— New 

Ih Ufa br WalloD. 

IB44, ISmo. So. A cwy oa 

Beprinted, ISl^ Oa.— Afaln, 

after l«0, the date d 


-SecDiid edition, entitled, ■ Ja- 
..i.n.orOiiUairflab, ic.' IBBI. 
uKli the 'Remalni,' Pint edi- 
ting), with the 

Life b7 la. Walloii, and abio that br hla 
Brst Bingrnpher, Bamabu OI<it. Load. 
Pickering. I§41-t8, lima. nnlfOrmlrprlnt- 

ilfin-m ly prin t. 

Pooma, 18U-*8-«).' 
imple: or theCharad- 

De of Herbert, an 

i Revle>, 

Comaro on Haaltb 

1. p. 31IS-»3. 
Herbert Iranali 
aod Long Life. 

Works, irith Bemarki on hii 
Writingi, and a Sketch of his Life, 
b; Wm. Jerdan. Loud. 1BS3. 
laU Bvo. 

Poetical Worka, with Llf^ and rHaaer- 
ioa bT OUTlllmn. Edlnb. 1BA3, Svo. 4a. fld. 
PoedoU Worka, edlied by WUImotL 
no. lAnd. BoaUedge, ISn, Ga. 


■, Sir Percy. Certi 
CoaueptioDB or ConBiderations of 
Sir Perc; Herbert, upon the strange 
Change of Peoples Ditpoeifiona 
and Aetions, in IheM latter Times. 
Directed to his Sonne. Load. 
1652. 4to. 
Brnwell, 1380, Bn. H«bn, M. tU. lH. 

p, HO I'l Ibt Action wliiiA IVnaU hu 
vimUsd lii'Th« HanilL.' 
_ — Sir Thonus, Bftrt. A Rela- 
tion of SDUie Years TtbtcIb into 
Africa and the grea(«r Asia, eape- 
ciaUj the Territories of the Persian 
Monsroh}', and some Ftkrts of the 
Oriental Indiee and Isles ai^a 
Lond. 1677. folio. 

DialDgiu betveen tvo dt three menj 
CoblaiB; aUh dlreriSnngii, fulUf MlfUi, 

iroDdKiDt. 6onii>iutoiin, 1196, «. Blndlaj, 
Cievei ant of Jetlniton. or m. DUIo^e 

muii wltb nrUine Sontpi of the llU 

■I«>|ni o( K 
Hertwrt, M^iir Himtlnitnn. UdI. Bdnid 
• UiU. Hid Br. Ueury IMnbrmee; vllb 
Mis Chinoter of Ibil blxHd Uortrr, tiy 
tht Kef. John Dlodntl, Hr. Aleiuder 
ll>-ndenon,>Dd the Anlhomrdw PrtneelT 
Klleu: to which liulded, the duthbed 
Kep^ntuKa of Ur. L«nthi1, Bpeftliflr ot 
the Lodf Pu1kiD«iiti «Ttrut«d cm of h 
l.atl*r, villun Irani Oiford, Bapt IWa. 

Nmll. Li>iid.ISIB,en>inie>cSL uuii 

— Tliomaa. Secunda Voi Po- 
pnli) or, the Commons Qratitude 
to Philip Earle of Pembroke and 
Uont^mer;. Printed in the Sesre 
1611. 4to. 
'Fhli puqtlBBl tiut, unitBdnjr of fear 

Kurl, irhole len^h, la full robei of cOlcf. 

An Elcirla npnn the De«l 
Eirle DC jbumfford. Loid I 

— William. Stt Fxubxoeb, 
W. H, Barl oC 

— William. Antiquities of ths 
Inni of Court and Chsjicaty. Loud. 
1804. rojal 8to. 13s. 

BlndteT, pt. U. ta. S>. liboi PArn, 

BSOS, IOl Beckrord, In IBIT, SI, with 

Hi^I-Htle, title ud dsdicatlcni (0 Laid 
l^ldnn, B leiivee ; iil'ertlHmcnt, S jwgn i 
eonlcDU,«p»|feJi the uillqollj, &c„ STT 

HIitoTj of the xU fTMt LlTcrr Com- 
pjinlef of Londoa, B*c. S vcU. 18BT, L.&UB 

— Hoii,BQdIteT.Wm. Uiscella- 
neoiu Poetrf g and seleot Icelaodio 
Poetiy, tnuialated from the Ori- 
ginals, nth Notes. Lond. ISOa. 
crown 8to. 2 vols. 12a. 

Kalga, a Pi»in. I<i Bar«n Crnitmi. with 
KoIB.. I.ciid. IBIS. e>o. I>nirv.mi.4^ 

AniirrUldunc. roiil Bto. it plaUii. 
LoBd.UU.U.Gi.; platoeolviiTeil.Rieh 

;, Google 

1050 BXB 

Umlluwou Worka, liHliidliig AttllA, 
lS9B-<i. 3 nilo. erg. 11. ill. U. 

Hkbbkrt, Eon. AlgemoD, Nim- 
nxl, a DuooDTM on Dertain puasge* 
of History wkd Fable. Lond, 1828- 
80. 4 Toll, (toL 4 in 2 parts), 8to. 
b;. Eb. 

BrttunU aftar tli* Homui, buLBS 
AttelDpt to 11IIUtT«ta UW nllgloiiH and I 
UUol llaTolDllnH rf that Prorlnn Id I 
Sfth and auicisadiiic CwtDiita. Loi 
ime-ti, 1 Toll. 4IO. lE 11a. 

An &Hr on Haodnildk Benij Id Brl- 

dlitmve tha AntlqnltT of AoaelHi 

HEHCUI.UBCIE. — The Antiqul- 
tiee of Heroulaneam ; tnuislated 
from the Italian by Thomas Mai 
tjn and John LeKice. Loud. 1773. 

inHj tlila TOlBiDt untalnlnit tbt 
tum, publlBb^. Nuaaa.pL 11.147, 
Hnlllti, lie, W. Si. Ulndlar, pt. lU. 

UarcalananaCam Volumlnnm 
Panel, OianH llthognphliit ncodi 

each part. Dniry, I74S, morooeo, St. ■ 

HbbccIxAUBNSU : or arcbeologv 
cal and philologioal Dissertatione, 

Hiatorjr of the mighty Uennilei of 
Oreeoe. Lond. 4to. 6s. 

Hkbd, Darid. A. Colleotion of 
ancient and modem Scottish Songs, 
heroio Ballada, &o. Edinb, 1776. 
12mo. 2 vols. 

A collection of much merit KaibarglM. 
819S, II. Is. Field, ISS8, IlL'-A fonaar 


St. John, from the Qerman. To 
which ie prefiied a short biographi- 
cal Account of the Author (by Sir 
Qeorge Duckett), Lond. 1821. 
12mo. 6s. 6d. 

Uutllnea of a PhlloaniliT at tbt RlilorT 
ot Uao : truBlaud fnm, tha Qinnan br 

Ortuital DialorBH. Loud. U 
Spirit oTHelmw Poetrj, tranili 

HzKDBOir, Henry. Ara Memo- 
■iiB ; the Art of Memory made 
plaine. Lond. 1651, 12mo. 

elDiglo'a Art of Memory, 

HeheTObd, — The History and 
AntiquitieB of tlie Ci^ and Cathe- 
dral Cboreb of Hereford. Lond. 
1717. 8to. 

By Dr. a RairlliHOD, Deiit.p(. DOSl, 
lOl. SlrF,Ttaanip<Hin.M, lOi. N, Bliiil- 


111. and S54, •ndlng n 
Append^ — i Index, ' 
leadet.' &c. pp. V-8t. 

pigeii 'To tba 

Tbe i.» CmnmoU^n of certain Papl-bs 

among the Buins of Hercnlaneum. 

Lond. 1810. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

•anl, whn'^u b"rtBd''al't'ar ^'poplth 

Pp. :jII. irlti e pHteB, A MelilT tn- 

tPra»liB|! Toliima, ifas Joint ppKliiclluii of 

near Heroford, npon Tiis«ilayi in Wbltaiio 

Ilia Rlghl Hon. Wiu.Dnimniond and Mr. 

week laat puit, leuo, &D. 1806. at*, a 
lexea, blaek letUr, Hlbbert, aoU, Ss. 

lubait Walpnle. 8a i:dln1>. Kevlew, 

XTl. M^M. and Qnan. Ruriaw, ill, 1-30.,lMI,es, 

Chan™ of the Ciljof Harerord panlad 

ly WllUim II. HareftpTd, 1820.410. On 

|ty Jolin ll«ylcr, A.M. T.. "hloh 1> lub- 

HiBK8BiCHnrB,ConrBdos. Foure 
Bookea of Htisbandrie, newly en- 

Cd and inoressed by Bamaba 
e. Esquire. Lond. 1586, 4to, 

"'-'ICT, pt. 11. 1S04, fis. DOsr aUUomi. 
.u. fteed, llie, lis.— Land. UIT. 
1G7S, lu, — ISM. 4to. ~ ItH, 4ta, 
Inglll, t«S,te. — laOO. 4U.— ISOL 410.^ 
WM. 4tD. Rj Oervue Marklirua, 

Hessest, William. Sight fiule 
of Christian Charitie. Lond. Ba 
Jhonea. 1680. 4to., pt rl. llL 
Hbrdis. Stt HiBBIMS. 

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HiBlOT, Qeorgfi, Jeveller to 
King Jamea TI. Memoirs, with 
an hiftoricitl Account of the Ho«- 
pilol founded by him at Edinburgh. 
Edinb. 1B23. 12mo. U. 6d. With 




d d«acrlpllTfl 

— Oeo. TraveU through the 
CuiBdae. To which is eubjoiaed 
a oomparatiTfl View of the Manners 
and Coaloms of Beieral of the In- 
dian Nations of north and BOuth 
America. Lond. 1807, 4to, 

Pp. Ill, ind ms. On p. 803 u« dlree- 
tlouB fiir plulnE the plsui. Fnntbm, 

The Hlslorr of Cunids, froiD Its flnt 
D1>«T«7. Lmd. leOl Sto. Ti». MM. 

Hbbkbsh. Insba-iUerkern. The 
Forms of Herksm, collected from 
a Variet; of M8S. supplied vith 
the dietinguiehing Marks of Con- 
struotian, and translated into En- 
ehsh : witli on Index of Arabic 
Worde, explained and arranged 
under their proper Boots. By 
Francis Balfour, M.D. Caloutta, 
1781. 4to. 11. l8. 

Ths flnt work printed In Ifaa beaiiUfiil 
Tuleeik ohmctar [nventtd b; Sir U. 
Wllktsa,— Loml. 18M. Sn. U. 

HlKKUf, Arohbiahop of Colane. 
A simple and religions Conaultation 
by what Means a Christian Refor- 
mation may be b^o, &o. Land, 
by John Daye, 15*7. 16mo. 

WiniuDi, 8*9, mo 

h^. I 

li.Sd. Sothe- 

Isrgsd. Sotfaebr, (Bp. DHj), June I 
lSie.aLU. Denrer,]!,!!. i6>. A Wl 
Is ID the l.unlHth Llbrarr- 
The right Intlltuolon of B»ptlm 

Hh of Mitrlmoole. by Wolfpngiia Mt 


DeolmHoa of tt 

Hbkuahniva, BntgeniB. Bri- 
tannia Magna, sive Ineularum Bri- 
tannicarum geographico-hiBtorica 
Descriptia. Amst^ 1661. 16mo.7a. 

W,1U. Ulbb«r1,S7W,nioivoca,lSB. ' 

HsBiuHNTe, Godof. Elements 
DactrinEe Metrics. Olaag. 1S17. 

An esteemed work, reprinted tnm the 
third Ldpiie edlHDii, pnhllihed In ISIS. 
Drurr, lT«,10».6d. 

elements of the doctrine of MeCnu, 
■Llirld|ad and truuiUted into Bi^llBb b; 
John Seeger. Loud. 1890. Ora. Ta 

DlMHUtlo de EUpsl at Fleonumo In 
Orwu Ungne. To be Rmnd et the and of 

caUed Asclepjus, oontaining 16 
Chaptan, with a Oommentary, 
trHnsLbyDr.Ererard. Lond.1657. 

tlon to Ihelste UiscinirsB upon the grent 
16^. ISiDO. Kaprlnteu Lond. 1S&7. llmo. 

Hebhisuhax Colophonius. De 
Poetarum st Fhilosophorum Amo- 
ribua Fragmentiim, ei AUieniei 
Libro nii. deBumptum et emenda- 
tius editum, cum Notis. («d Jac. 
Bailey). Load. 1B2&. 8to. 


HES>iEnOAl.L Banquet dnal by 
a Spagiricall Cook. Xond. 12mo. 
16G2. &s. 

HiBHua Philotophns, Qenti- 
liam Philoaophonua Irriiio, Or. et 

;, Google 

HiBMiPFm BediTiTaa. SteCo- 
HAUSIK, John Henrj. 

HlftlDT. Hie lAmeatable Vision 
of the Derout Hermit, tranilaled 
b.T W. Yatet. Manchect«r, ISia. 

Herod l> 

Ceun • 

Loud. 1S29. 110.— KcpriMiil, 
SILllow. HoraBT»ks,feMI,. 
lAB'k ImpeHjLl Ulitorr conTerted 
imlo P«am b)i <;, B. Sit»|t it 
N.4ii>. Nunu, pti. iMi.ii,*!. 

■Iinllsa orthe OTlgliul MS. 

rnUd for prlnM slnalitlc 

EsBKtTX. Sei Lb Hibuitb. 

Hbbct, SamneL Domiu Ctr- 
thiuiana : or ta Account of the 
CHuuter Hooaa ; widi the Life and 
Deidi of Thomss Sutton, Esq., ' 
Load. 1677. 8vo. 

Kludlxy, pe. 11. UB. 41. fsa. Ruth,' 
Bl wniell^ 1K7, »L CuOUwn.— 1 
] iBftf ; apintlfl dfldlatory, 7 paKea ; 
t^en, 3f jugea ^ poem, 19 pagBi i centi 
9 TugeH ; blBtiiricM put, ^ p*l^h ; 
emu, t. PhU4. — l, ForCntt at 

t. Ordlc'li 'Cinfaniiioi Monuhu^ j 
3. iDterlor of ■ ChiiKJi, p. U3. 

EsaOiyoliSixUBK. — TlieLorefl 
of Hero and Leonder, a mock Fo«m, 
witJi choice pieces of Drollery. — 
Loud. 1651. 12nio. 11. U. 


Hebodut. Historitkrom labri 
viii. Gt. et Lat. recogniti et Kotis 
illuetratL Oion. 1704. 8ro. 6a. 

A good edlltoD, edtled hj T. Heims. 
URStPtHi. I>«,ruai<ii 

ItOB, an. Dmry, ITU, 4a. Bd. i. 
FiFU. IIe>Ih,ti48,l(.i>. 

AntoDlnl FhiJoiopbl VIUjaJo. Xlpb 
coiwcrlpta. EdlnU 1724. Bvo. ta. A 

Vlcholu Smyth, Lend, hj W. 


lOn.Sd. Sir P. TbompeoD, Bt, lOi. 6d. 

The I£elr ippu«nt,or Ibe Lift at Cob- 
modue. Tnniliited tnm tbe Graek, itlih 
I PntlM idnpted to Il» nniMit Tlmee. 
lAiid. 1780. Std. U. «i. An alegul tnAf 

Hebosuni Partitlonea, Qneoe. 
E. Codd. Farieinis edidit Jo. Fr. 
BoissoiuKle, cum Notia philologicia. 
Loud. 1819. 8to. 6t. 

Hbeodotcb. EiBloriiruiD Libri 
Codicem Sani^roHi MS. denuo 
contolit necnon reliquun Lectionis 
TarieCatem commodiua digeasit Aa- 
notat. Tftriorum et odjecit T. Qsia- 

>!■- ^perUI 

Stepbaal Apoloi 



Wcwellnfli M BetiU. GdlA 

;, Google 


Hksoboh™ — eonlmuid. 

, B«hirfllghBU8erl| mm Artuu 

Neurit I 


mm edit. Balcli si Bcfaubii Go 
Oiooli, 1§08, Bio. S Toll. ICt An < ^ 

I fdiUon, ISO, S 

r0, with ftoploaa Ert^liqli Noien, parlly 

Sllod, pmrtlf arlginiil by Stnoknr. 
, ie35, 1 •aU Umo.— Sacond sdldim, 

erodotng, Qr. fnm Hie beit edition by 

Busduliii, Or, dill CoiumiinMry In En- 
l Rllah by J. W. UUksilay. Lond. IH&l, 

~ ' - . ei rewu. Seh-rfsbini- 

ai Or. fron 

IB Lsipi^ edition. Vol. HI. minUli 

Leetlonis Edd. gchirelgiiieciaerl. Relull 
•t SchBftrl, »ii We«ellnaio-V«lcken.m 
cum Iddlce Renm. Edinb. 1817, Bra. i 
TOla.16.. The folloiilng BBnemiy ucomi 
niei Hiliedllion: • WeKellngli, V«Uen. 

iplmiialory, by the »st. J. JldTanlx. 

I Lib. II. et 111. (Ili« Sgylil) Or. 
Ilh GngUab NoUa and nnllnilnary DIa- 
nationally tha Kay. J. Keuiell. l.diul. 

Han-dotl Tlta Homeii Qr, IMm Hlatorift 
neumm at Lnllniiruni lltennun. J. 
Binaldll. Etonie. 1TSS. 4to. 



ailaguB, 1818, Sto. Si. 



lard, tl 

1 Euler 


I taliiarlif Il»;)Kalden> 

srBobert Domiar/Mdiiiepliitle'Talhe 
lenUamen Keadar',' botli algned B. U. 
, probably Bamahy Bloh. 

The J^yiillan and Qrealaa Hlatory of 
Heredotnj, tranal. from the Oietk by 
I'tae Llttlelmry. Third edition. Lond. 

I tloa'liltilltHiianlvery&liliniJ.tboiilUwt 
~'rii sdltloo. Loud. ITOe, Syo. 
burths, jcai. Sa. «d,— gMand 


Notta Valekmaril, Weaullnitll, 
que et aoli Ulaitwil J. Itohvale 
aceadlt PorH Dietlonarlum lonloui 
Priutley, 18H, 810. S Tola. SI. 

irarodotna. OnKS, ai Saeiai 
8<ihvalitha>iiHTl ; aoeedant Trte' 
(jMgtapbU UarodotEa. Sumoa 

I. Load. IT13, Si 

rha Hbtory ft HarodntTiri, trmniL IWnn 
1 Onak, vllh Nulea, by the Rct. Wm. 

loD ll alaianl, but vary panphnatl- 

iigitizcii;,. Google 

Bm. 8 TOli^Iii UH thI. » 

Tha HlaloTT of Hani 
rmu ihi Onek. wlih Nm 
prlen. Lond. lin, Svo. 
Bon pubU.hed. 

HtniiliiUis lltenlly tni 
tfllb ProH, with Noiai 
uuvlur, Ad- Oxfbnj, It 

Edmund Uuniil.vlUi N 
■si cdliaL ft leognslikci 
tmiiMory E—tf, tot > e 

at Bkehr, wLtl] feognpJiLcHl ULd j 

, vlth cinlciiiiNf 

HlalDiiu, ScrtpCarlbiu WmmIIdkIo, V 

keurio, iliiiquii. Edidlt At «iu idldit 

NQlMonHerfNiolu>, li 

Heal. Ttmnnl.ted from 

ilie French nf p. 

H.Linhsr ia»;Sig.S 

tloD, edIUd by CMlcf. 

Ixrai IBM, a vols. 

dotu., (Or Che u-a of 

Lond. lS*a. Svo.-BMood 

adHlon, urrset: 

Id mnd enlarged. Lond, 

IBM, Bqlin, p»I 


sa*elEhienwl L«i 

GTMwUttliilin. Lond 

ISM, Prieitley, 

Bto.T>.— Oiford.lggO, 8t 




■Dd gvnanl Indei by DrnvLi. Lood. 

mMl«r(J. T.), Aul^ala nnd BumTnary 
M Hatodolm, with yariom Tabtofc l.ond. 
IMS, p«t Btu.— Semnd adtUon, eirli 
ISftX.— Third edition: irlih a saner 

UlfEird, ISeSt Si 

.. >o( Handntai 

Itlaatraud bf Q. 1 


Hebolt, John. Sermones Dis- 
cipuli de Tempore per CireiUiuii 
Aimi, cum Fromptnario Eiemplo- 
nuQ. Lond. per Jnluno Nolarii, 
ISIO. 4to. 

A enpy of Ibis woik ta Id tha Britiih 

Hebok, Bobert. LeUen on Li- 
terature. Bj Bobert Heron. Lond. 
1785. 8to. 

OeDenlly atutbnted la Plnkeiton. Roi- 
burgtae, 0468, Cm. Fonihlll, 1181, lis. 

— Bobert. Historj of Scotland, 
from tbe earliest Timea to tbe .^ra 
of the AbalitioD of the hereditary 
Juriadictioua of Subjecta, in the 
Year 1748. Perth, 1794-9, 8to, 



A na« uid coniplore Sj^bIau of nnUi 
■alOwignphy. Tairlili:h<>added,(pl 
loaophlcal Via* of nnlvsnal Hlit«T.Si 

and hietorical Table oi 
lie* of Heron of Newark, &c., Teri- 
fiad throughout bf Becorde, and 
other authentic Documenta. Print- 
ed in the Year 1797, datad 1799, 
(drawn up bjE. Hasted, theKeatish 
Hiatorian). folio, 1/. 10s. 

Printed by the lata Sir Robert Hhtdii, 
Earl, for prirau dl«tribnllrjn. With a mxa 

tlib Kuaann, Idu^Gla at ToimlieDi], 
lilt, II. 141. 

Nolaa, blatorieal. hlwrapblea], anae- 
••"•ic^ and ptOl tier' ----£-•—■ 

it dnce pobliiheiL 

IBM. pilTataly pi 

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Hbxpobt. Rer. BrUn. An Etaaj 
on Truthe of Importance to the 
HappinesB of Mankind, wherein the 
Doctrine of Osths, as relatiTe W 
religious and oiiil QoTeminent, U 
impartially considered. Translated 
from the Oermaiu Lend. 1768. 8ifo. 
pfc U, 808, IL 

HiaBESA, Ant. de. Historia del 
Regno de Escoua, en lu M Anoa 
de Maria Estuarda Ref na. Madr. 

. Tlie luihn of til 

In ttu Britlih Himiini 

AdTerUnolu de Inglntem. CingSfa, 

The geneni HIitaTT of [ha Tut Contl- 
not >nd IsluiHi DfAinarlu, uumonlr 
lUed Uia Wo-i Imlien, frmn ths BtW DiB- 
iTprr UiartDT: with the best Account 
w fwple (ould elvB o( tlutr AnMqnl- 
■" '---il tjCtgt.Jr'-- ° 

of Witeii, and Emit*, 3 levnt ; HMperi. 
des, pp. 1-Xi'> ; ilJaNeblsNumbeni, filed 
IMT, till* mid pp. 1-7B, with pi)itr»ll by 

Helllla^Lde^ &a. L«iid.BDliB,185%Stmo. 
fronli.pfece, Bh. 

WCMiolwl Komiirks by J. '^t, D.D,), 
lirl»»l (18101, anull 8ru. pp. ass, with the 
hrid, lulograph, and hU of the poet. 
Dniiy, IBM, %,. w. 

SelMtloiia from the Heitperldoe «nd 
Worlu, by the lite C. Sheit, Bh. tS,.i- 
7.AA. Looil. 1S», Umo. 

Hekbigs, Lord. Memoirs of the 
Reign of Marj Queen of Soots, and 
early part of James VI. ito. Stt 
Abbotbfosd Club. Appensix. 

HiBBiNO, Franois, M.D. Poema 

Culatorium in lagressum R. 
>bi L ad Anglicans Rapub. 
Qubeniacula. Lond. ll>03. 4to. 
the BriMsh 

A mr»dflit UefBDU of 

I i^Uffoo. Lofld. 

the Csrtbbce IsUnde, w 
i> acth Totame of Chun 


— Fernando de. Thomas Mora. 
Madrid, 1617, Bvo. 9s. 

UBBBiOE,Robt. Foetical Worlia, 
with a biographical Notice. Edited 
by T. Mailland, Esq. Edinb. 1823, 
or Lond. 16S5. crown Sto. 2 toIb. 
1/. Is. 

With a wood-CDt portnll oT Hetrick. 
uaai Flru, In «ta, Tirenty-afe copies 

iind°D^loe."'Lond. IMs! Bid. ll'bheti 

'M agalniC the Plague. 

._ ... UrstBils, Itir, and NoTem- 

bei Ibe 6, I6W. lUl. &e Vioias, John. 

— - - illflcLaiMiConluratioiil---' 

— Itionias, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. Letters to William Bun- 
combe, Esq. deceased, torn t!ie 
Year 1788 to the Year 1757. with 
Not«a and an Appendix. Lond. 
1777. 12mo. Ss. 6d. 

Snven SenDona on pablLo Ofleailoiu. 
Lond. lI«3.Sro.»i. M. 

HBREraa. — A Herrings Tayle: 
Contayning a poeticall Fiction of 
diners Meters worthie the Bead- 
ing. Lond. for Matthew Lownes, 
1698. 4to. 

£l,lnfl)iin. Brt^t,UTs. 

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va ■mwmn to ^ait Ui 
th« vdtlDge of SpenH 

HzBBOau^ OftToliiu. Oatslogue 
of Sun. Load. 1796. Mo. 10s. 
Taken from Hr. Fliisueid'i obHm- 

tba HiiUrli Cmlanli, and not InHtted Ic 
the Brltlib CiUluia. VTUb an lDdu,(( 

Iiunt baloDflDg ta iha SUn of Ui« BrI till 
aUlocaa. Te wMch li added, a celles 
tfawofamta tkat itioiild be naileed tii 

With iDtmdiiDiorT and upUtiuitary re- 
Biaika to each sf tbem, br Willikm Uera- 
cbeL LL.D. PuMlihed bv order, aud at 
tba aipsDM of the Rc^al Socloif . 

— Sir J. F. W. Discourse on 
the Study of Natural FhiloiopLy. 
Loud 1831. 12ino. 


telewuplc rane7 of ths n 

th«Tl.lble be.vell^«™ „, 

LoDd. IMT. dto, 18 platu, U. 4>. 

Uaanel sF Solenllfie Inqulij. Land. 
IdlO. poal 8ti],~ Seoend edition. I^nd. 
lesl.poitSva. lOtSd. 

Ouflinei of AaUoDOmr. Loud. IStt. 


TnatlM on J^sOenoBij. Ij»>«. IBBS. 
l£iqi>.Gs. l\a Laidnet'i CTclopBdlt, roL 

On Sound aad Light. In£^.Jf;lnif»l. 

On Cbemloat AoUon Df tli9 Sotar Speo- 
On' Nllrats of SlKer. In PMkiKpS. 

I and ol 

Ebgst, Richard. See Abbow- 

HiBTFoSD, Earl of. Expedition 
into Scotland Set ScortABB, 

Hebtolst, Levii. A complete 
ColleotioD of the Treaties and Con- 
veotionfl, and reciprocal Begulationi 
at preasnt Bubsiating between Chreat 

Britain and Foreign Poven, and of 
the LawB, &c. Xond. 1820—61. 
8to. 8 vols. Bl. Bb. 

A Tamable >™rk, compiled from anthen- 
Uc documenlB. The foreign treattea an 
awompanled bj KngUth tniulatlau. 

Hbbvbt, John, LtmL Lattew 
between lord Herref and Dr. 
Hiddletoo conceruin^ tJie Boinan 
Senate. Fubliehed from the original 
ManuBcripts by Thomai Knowles. 
D.D. Lend. 1778. 4to. 

Wllh porlialt, Dturj, iws, Sa. Wll- 

don. [ADDa.f B«oiid edition. Loul.lTSi. 
au Oiaaaa |[. 

— Chr. Letters from Portnga], 
Spain, Ita^, and Geimnny, in the 
Tears 1769, 1760, and 1761. Lond. 
1785. 8to. 3 TOli. 

WUIett, 1231, ISa. FonthUI, S88S, 

— Fred, Ite TTaval History of 
Great Britain. Lond. 1799-1800, 
8vo. G Tols. 

Ittla eiUraatlon. Dsnl, pL 1. SM, 

i edition, ITiS. 12mo, 3 vol 
. Wliletl, lias, «». Sd.— 171 
Toll. Ueptinstall'a edition, 
. Wmiama, seO, morocco. 


Tbe Lifa and Uharacler of Janea rie> 
tj, b/ Jotm Brom. Lond. Igai. Bto. 

HBrrelana; or gnptiic and lllarary 

:ev. Jamei Herrey, Bcirbro', Cole, iai!3. 
imo. on coloued paper, StoI 

;, Google 

HmOD. Opent, Gr. et Lat. 
nim Notis Variarum, edidit Th. 
Eobinaon. Oiod. 1737. 4to. 15b. 

T^n omlflK printed, irhloh i 
QUmtlniclibniiM:— Brldnh Mni 
« Chnmb Coltags, OlfOnl ; Dnk* at 

R. H. HolRjtd, Baq,, (Mng tha 

mm tn Anbblihrm PKtarX 

VH Bid bj NUIEIOD St BrtghtnT 

join ufi. Tor U. Ifti. Ad. ; then b 

mm ftir ISO!., vlUi wboH llbruy I' P>wd 

to lt« pnHDt poufluor. Roytl Lrnnrr, 

Paris: ud th* annvHlo Llbnry, BMtUh 

Bllblip at 
■py of IbB 

Th« Qfra^tki of Hmdod, li 

ih. IBh. BlndlBy. pi. 11. 

Tba Worka, tnuialiUd fi 
hr Kr. T. Conke. l.ond. 
TTIth » bmlliT Honmh. 

n l>T Tbtabidil and 
'RDlwokii. Holtla. m7, lla. 

id Chalmcn' Coliutloni of 

li of Hoiriod tho Aacraan. 

ThmniLi, tniHUted ia Enfflmh prou bv 

Trllar. iDd mn. Lond. BoHd, ISK. B'. ' 
EtBima, ThoroM, D.D. The 
Fnrliament of Cli>7ste. AntweTpa, 
by WUliam SiMub, 1666. foUo. 

HI7 1057 

Hebs, J. a. The Life of Ulrio 
Zwingle, the 8wi« Reformer, tnna- 
luted from tho Frenoh, by Lucj 
AJkin. Lond. 1S12. Bro. 9s. 

Heme, Andreas. The Qorem- 
ment of all Estates, translated by If . 
Soorman. Lond. by H. Denl^m. 

Hebsbn, The Landgrave of. See 
Motimas, Edvord. 

Hebtkb. — A newe Entorlude 
drawen out« of the Holy Scripture, 
of Oodly Qaeene Hester. MSLXI. 
Lond. by Wylljam Pickeryngo aud 
Thomas Eacket. 4to. 

A Mp7 la In tlie Ktimbl* eoUeatlon at 
Id>]r^ now tba propart^ of tba Duke nf 

Hetlbt, Sir Thomas. Beporii 
taken in the Srd, 4th, 6th and 7th 
of King Charles t., argued by most 
of the King's Bajeaots at the Com- 
mon Fleas Bar. Land. 1657. folio. 


HiTT, ThomM. A Confutation 
of an aBtrologicall Discourse, vith 
a Prediction of the Coi^unction of 
Satam and Japiter in 1S83. 16mo. 

HnrcE, lieut. William. A 
Voyage up the Persian Gulf, and a 
Journey &om India to England in 
1817. Lond. 1819. 4to. 

Pp. (59, vlth plaUi, pnbUihed at II. M. 

Hew.— A merry Jest of (by) 
Dan Hew, Muiik of Leicestre; 
and how he was foure Time» slaine, 
and once hanged. Lond. by John 
Aide. n. d. 4to. 

1n<ildRnEll>hT«r«>. A eopr la In tha 
RnllaUn Library. BepriDtedlnBrydgu' 
Hrlliuli mbllOKraphar, 11. ESS-^l. 

HEniUDiitB, William. Eilaria, 
or the Feative Board. (Songa.) 
Lond. 1798. 8to. 

with pOTtnllt. Raad, SB13, 19s.Sd. 

. Hewitt, Ber. A. Set Caboliha. 

Hrwlstt, Kct. John. Commen- 

tariea and Annotations on the lioly 

;, Google 

1024 HKZ 

Scriptuns. Lond. 1S16. 8to. 6 
Birl ot Ksrry, m. It ITn, &• Brett 

HbwboJT, Williani. Opera Om- 
ik. Lug. Bat. 1795. 8yo. icarce. 

— Worka, withan Introduction 
uid noMe bj (Jeo. GuUiver, Esq. 
3»o. 1846. 

Hkwbon. — A HjmnB to the 

gmtle Craft, or Hewson'e Lameuto- 
tion, 16&9. folio. 

A tapj 1' In Ibe BiltUli MnKnm. 
HcoHni nduc'd; OT, the Bhii«iiiikeT 
Rtuni'd tobUTrnds. I«ei,4to. 

llBKaAU, Henij. A Tongue 
Conil)at, lalelj happening between* 
two Engliah Soul^ere in the TQt- 
boflt of Qravesend. Lond. 1623. 

le uniUry Art, Delft, 

. Delph, less, 4ta. with ■ plan. 
LUiuii,l2M,6&ed. WhiuKnlgbtB, 

Urigbt, In. ei. 
Ion or the Slut at the Bnxe ud 
prising of WeaelL DhI^. 1830, 

cnJfttVBd, tpd enrkliAd by Dan- U^nLey. 
JMUid. ISIS, Ua. 

^leg* oT firedk Lond.lfi37, fijlo. pUtcB. 

UkI, John, D.D. Lectures in 
DiTiuily delivered in Cambridge, 
1780-86. Cambridge, 1796. 8ru. 
4. Tola. II. lis. 6d. 

WilllunH. at, laorwcn, *1. Sn.— Caid- 
btidge, KXi, era. 4 volt. il. i*. 



n, edited by Tnrton, Lwd. 


. WrlUnga 

Hsr, Richard, LL.D. Three Difl- 
9ert«tioiie on the pemiciouB Effects 
oF Oaniing, Duelling, and on Bui- 
cide- Cambridge, 1812. Sro- 68- 

Ibrae Kuccemivu jmf^ 1763, 4, Ud 6, *t 

— Willism, F.B.S. Tract* and 
EsuyB,morBlBndtheoIog:icaL Leede^ 
1823. 8to. 12s. 

Life, by Jnha Pearwn. Land. iSSt, 
Brn. with ponnlt, 123.— A new edlthiii, 

Hbtpos, Sir ClirtBlophec, Knt. 
A Defence of judicial Astrologies 
in answer to Mr. John Chamber. 
Camb. 1603. 4to. 12«. 

OlngiMl I) 

1 KrEOmeBJa,' 

— John. Eugeiiius Theodidac- 
tue. The Prophetioal Trumpeter 
lonndmg an AJlarum to England. 
Lond. 1655. 8vo. 

m Tone. Lloyd, S94, ruaila, SI. S>. 
Skem, II- ISl 

The Dli»oT«ry of the wonderfali Prs- 

nh Toliuna of Ihe Somen Col- 
: eth od ot Roelstnieiiui Phy>!ck- 

a, wltbtho Iduof 

'i d" the Woiuf Lond. lOO, 
nil b; T. Crou. WUliBDiB, 

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HsTixn', John — conUmud. 

Cmmogniphs' In four Bonis. By Ptttt 
Hsjlf n, D.D, impro'ed, &c. by Edmund 

Odi Iinp«rialli. being aelect Ei«n 
of Philo»ph7, PnlicT, Wm, a««rBBi 
Umd lees, im.Svo. HltUrl, 3^ ru 

Tba win Man's Cmvn ; or. tie O 

-eunU la idded Pnintboiiptaac 

b h<9 bilL Unaele 

the !;o^^oii'^'*0«'or|^ 


HEiLiH.orHEYiTC, John, D.D. 
Theolo);i(»l Lectures at Wsstmin- 
eter Abbey, with aa InterprefaUon 
of the New Testament ; to whir^ 
are added, select Discourses upon 
the Bereral Poiuta of rerealed Re- 
ligion. Two Parta. Land. 17i9- 
61. 4to. 2 Tols. 10s. Od. 

HKTini, Peter, D.D. A Help 
to English History, with great Ad- 
ditions. Published by Paul Wrijjht, 
B.D. Loud. 1774. B™. 12s. 

, limo.— With a 
ilnson. Innd, 18 
euMm. Loud. I 

e Middle Agee dI the Gbnn 

The UiatDTle or Eplscapls. Id twg 
Paru. BrTUeophtliiiChurelidian. Load. 

Locluaia vtiidicata: or Ih* Chnrcb r>I 

^nlsd lu the ■ulboi'B Ulatorj 'ot the 

.nrt Tiew of the Lfte and RaiRn or 

«unla, Hlalorr of the K» 

iigitizcii;,. Google 

iWedlu to ba nfiwmBd. 
■mlniUan et Doctor Hot] 

IjOH. IVU, TDIID- Ilk tail Kuuiiua 

•itnma uimMltr *#■<>■■* tlio porltiu 
bonlad hbs Into IIm oppoolM aitrnno oT 
ttmnrUu: (be CUliii&a.-ICro, fDlio. 
TUidedllloii,ini,«9lia. Hibbnt,3e64, 
Sa^Anothv (dlUoo with Llh, bj John 
Bumti, «dltWl br Jm. Cnt^ Bobeitum. 
Oak. lSa,S*«. Sn^ Kbllihod br 
■ - ■ • - !^ Biitorinl SoeitiT. 

L'b Ren>niiKtIoii 

or tli« Church ol l^lngluld. Written br 
woy oT Lellsr. *j Dr. HeyBn, by H. N. 

olghi leovH, OenenDr itirlbuUd to 

HBTUn'J hiatorj. Kg Ntcolson'a Kiator. 
Ubi. Bnraet't HlKt.ofUiBiUfannstloa. 
Blibop Bmrlow'a ReiDJllus. 

CyprUoM Anglioiu; or the HlHtorr 
of tHo Utt tud Dutb at Will. Lmi, 
Arrhb. sf Cinlerbarr, Ac Load. 18S8, 
folio, »>^ie7I, nrilo.— Diiblln, ITIS, foUo. 

Aeriui ledlTlTsi; of, tbo Ulatoir oF 
th« Prutntsrtui, fntm IBM to 1M7. 
OlfoiBl, imo, Mia, Hobor, pt ill. 8t 

HlilDrii QuinquutlculiTli. or ■ blito- 
lioal DeclinitlDD of tbo Jiidement of the 
WHtern Cbnrchon, ud mora purlLoulul)' 
of tboCbureh oF Engluul. on the avucoD- 
tnmrled point! reproMliodirHbthsnaon 

Ltal. USl, Iblla. wlUi ■ portnlt of UerUn, 

A Coda fnm tb> AItu ; or. on Am>«r 
«• Dt. Ji WUIIui'i latitt to Um Tl«r of 

SUM IDil thins Hid to be written long 
uoe br m BlnlitaT In Unculnahlre. ind 
prlnlad leir. Load. 1897, 4ta. I3a VfOr 

Obtamtjoni on the Btatoria of the 
ninl «r Kl0( Cbirlei, pubUihed by 

Tll< pumblo tt the Ttni oipsunded 
■■1 M>Mr*l Im ton HnuDDii [on Hitt. 
Ml K-A.] with three other jermonB on 
Am n. ai), 31- (CoMMraUonJ John i. 
IL (Puihm Snndar) John i. 17. (Be- 
ftn tha Kins, 1S4I). Loud. 1669, 4to. 

,„,th« nmnteor 

:1a. posLtivc, pnlamial. 
intnlned In lbs Apoatlu' 

Idtlu. LoiHl. I6TS. Od'lo. 
BU Ulb, bj th« UaviL Otorgt Vtaoa. 

Anothar Lifo of Hnlfn na pnbllabed 
br John Banuid, D.V., 

A ooploun noIlHoT HsTlin'i worha. &c 
■ill bo round !□ Wood'a Athen. Oxou. 

HiYMK, BenjuniQ, M.D. Trsots, 
hutorical and gtatietical, an India ; 
with Jounuda of aevorol Tours 
through T&rions parte of the Fenin- 
auU. AIbo an account of Sumalra. 
Land. 1614. 4to. 12b. 

Hbtbice, TbomsB. Uiacellan; 
Poems. Csmb. 1691. 4Uh 

Pp. aoe. BIM. Aughi-Poet. B70, 11 5*. 
Sotbebf'alnlSil.Sa. Haoaau, pi. I. USS, 

Hbitcood, 'BOJs. n Moto 
d' Eliseo Heiiodo Ingle«e. FiOTen- 
IS, 1556. 12ma. 

A imall tre«tl» In HaUi^ la lira 
booka. alyled 11 Mora fioni »c Tbo. More, 
at whose boiue luCbebea the aathot iDp- 

lanaUons with leitoed moDof Ua lime. 
It la dedicated to Cardinal Polo. Hib- 

matlat John Kajrwood, will be found Ik 
Wood'a Athen. Oion. 

— Jasper. &r Seneca's nijestee. 

— John. Worksi, (Prarerb^Epi- 
grams, &c.). LontL impr. b; Thoa. 
Powell, 1562. 4to. 

Black lotter. Bothabya In AprU 182S, 
ImpBffoot. Bl. 4a. Roiburghs, 3301, with 
H07woad'B Spider --' >■■"- <""<"> --i 

ie ^dar ao^Pllel 

—resold North, pt 

S4, i;L17a. Otto- SUbna (all ODD- 

5 exactly Iha asms ae that of UXt). 
.hyH. Wrkea, 1688, *lo.— A eopr 
ia edition fa la ^Brltlah lim 

RMd.flBS7. ElSa. ROKOe, 1SS3 


!.4a. Dowdnoall. 424. 


;, Google 


HnrwoOD, John — conlimitd. 
of thii editlgD 1i In the BrlUsh MuBen 
BlbbBrt,SBll,iiiiir«u»,31.UB.ed. SIT 
mil, 1D86, morcrco, TL ITa. M. yrb 
KnlKbu, IMS, uonK».Si.8>.— LoDd. 

iM. Blbl, Angl*pMl.'M9. PenT, pi. 

by '»' in' 1^1, 4 '''■ bLoiW. W- "*■ 

! lut l«f nprlntid, SL lb. «d. Hlb- 
] bort «»16, niMia, «. 10>, Inslii, 7«, 71 
anrdoiutouD, IIM, Bf. 8s. Sir It, U. 
. Sykai. pi. iL MB, niMiv 81. 8b. Whjte 
' KniKliU, 1M2, mor. lOi. 6ii. Towooley, 
SMfla. Blbl. Anftlo-Poet. sis, ill. Ron- 

"t^ th'/v 

the f rem, the CurKieiiid Htjinvt Pretu. 
I.niid. br W. Raelcll, 153S. nriia. Only 

re«lil &ehe"°i2i'6i— 'i'fec-ilmlla ra- 

Klii>deB.^riI.<l«, Irepriuted In cVown'svo, 
Cliiswlck lloss. ISiO. 

Of Gnntylnea *iid N'abylyte. A Dya- 
Inga bettreen Ih* Msrchnunl. Ih* Knyght 
and tha Plnwraan, cnniptled In Huierof 
added theieto to mike n^ery Faityniaand 

(IM»), maU foll- 

7£. W copies ml 
A CHaloguo 

1. tJi'lely 'reprinted ii 

ArnlDg la ESeit Ihi 
I'roYprbet In the En 

Tbe Spldoi 

of title). Lni 
«ta. Dlick L 


prefiied u Holln- 


dealalh ea 

profundle and beynod .Jl 

meunra of 

lilll, tb 

»lfe tbat m 

uulo the meulne 

""Tha'iiy called tl 

Bfonre P.'-. a very 

PalmBr, a Ferdoner. 

id ft Fed 

ar. Lond. bvWIK. 
opy la In the ilrttlBll 




«h Muaeiitii.-vWilh- 
dato. Reprinted Id' 

Itodsloy's C 



A Bslnde 


etheJlaoer. parity 

be Matter, 

n the mo. 

nd lyko Manage 



and Que 

nesBlehoea. Lond. 



nnlqoo,inthe library 


of ADllqnarlei., 

Takyngo of Bceib. 


. Keprinted in tb# 





f Wit 

nd Folly, b™ fint 

PiRCT SocixTT, Appendix. 

•la* and vIllBis. MS. UarL SBT, foL IIC, 
in tbe British UaMDD. 
A Description of a Bunt nobis Lsdye 

No. 1708, fol, 108. A pDBtleat portrait of 
Queen Mary I., prlntej entire In Park's 
edition ol Wslpole'i Royil and Noble 

S« winTDifi Hi.lory of Engll.b Poetry, 
BiTMOH's BIbUngnplila Poellca. Woau'n 
---■-■■ iefE«Jy 

;, Google 



HrrwoDD, NatliBiiiel, (brotht 
Oliiar, ind like hini, aa ^e 
minuter). Chrutduplayed, a series 
of Sermoiu. Load. 1679. Bro. 

— Ee». Oliver. WoAa, now 
first oollected, rerised, and ar- 
ranged : including aonie eitremelf 
sciircB tracts, and others from v 
published MSS. Idle and Londi 
1827. Bra. E roU. 21. 2s. 

i)f the FreMbf tlrlsn CoilKreEatloTia I 

— SamneL A Digest of lie 
Law respecting Caim^ Elections. 
Lend. 1812. 8ro. 

A fomun' edlilnn ippetred ITVO. On 
Hits mirk IB •ullior vu eugigcd op- 
wuAt or twalve reua. 

A DiRflal of ue Lsir nspMtlDg Bo* 
rongh Electiona. IdDd. iroi, SvD. lOi. 

A VlDdlolliin of Ur. Fdi'i lllitorraT 
JuniM IL KlDR of Engluid. LoniLlSu, 

4tD. M. 

Ilin AiikId-Suou aoTonimeDtB. Land. 

— Thomas. Dramatic Works, 
with ■ Life of the Poet, and re- 
marks on his writings, b; J. Payne 
Collier. 2 toIb. Svo. Iiond. printed 
for the Shakespeare Society. 1856. 



Mn It a 

'e-Ai- In the pre&c« to one nf his pUvB, 
Tl.n Eugliih Irnvellnr; ha tella iia, th.t 


nil, snd iDliHta, ind lutlf tb 


(H«Ui«]l), Jnne 14, IBBB, 7i.-Thirf Edi- 
tion, H. Lownea. 1010- Hebor, pt IL 
lOi. «d,-Foanh Edltloa. 161fl, tio. Hinih. 
pt.lll.M«.a:.lK.«d.-FlfUi EdltlDi>,iei6. 
Ito. ltliDdeH,IM9, ll.ea. H«d,7S8adau 
laao I ZJ.^a. Bindlf 7, pL tl. MSL BL Sa. 

Ingll^OW Pl>!- 

41, li.48..-lSS9.4io. 

• Tha <«opd 


bath'a Trouhlea. 

Tha Building » 

the Koyall Eictauigs, 
vciMory In An. igls. 

and >he Aimou 

With IbB Humo 


■to.' A-l.^ln" 

t.™. B..ll.Bt,7, [ll.lllwellx 

Jiin. 1*, I85S 

lll.-Ul.d, 1833, 4IO. 

KhodsB, lare, 1 

la.-163», 410. Two perle. 

Head, Te§S,ll. 13 

. Hoiburgfis, SOU, ai. 

■ The M. 

der the E»h; with 


■lib Varien r>r 

delecUble Mirth. Ixrad. 

Edition. aolhebT-., 18»l, 

L isa. llebel 

17>.— leae. Reed. T9ee. 

Ok, 8d. 7680, Hi. M.— 1«ST. Rhodes. Ml*. 

I.U. Blndiej, 


The Kipe nf 

haa-ece. a tnn Boma 

Tragedia. Fin. 

Edition. I.ond. prlDted 
to, Naoiau. PL 1. ailT. 

or J. H. IBOa, 4 

Troy, a foem, dlv'ldw! Into II sei 
poatlcBli Tales. ConcludlD^ n'tli an 

Jclndlng ni 
ra th^re. 

Roaun, 13M. 11,8s. Sir K. U.BFke^pt.i. 
1S3S, Iftg. Biiidlof, pt. — . JtOGS, !■■. 
pt.1. leel.niada, IBb. HIUw^' 


Hbtwood, Thoe. — 

» ^nitU 

illy.— Lond. 1888, 41o. hr\glit, 

An Apsliwy for Acton, eoDtslnliMt tlirea 
brtsfu TtmUmb, 1. Their Aql\qutiy, S. 
Their naotenl Dignity. B. Ttio Irue [rue 
or thsic Qiiility. Land, leii, 4ID. IS*. 

e.muica. dUuuMd u Iha E>it of Wor- 
Hilsr. Bdiburglia, tOIO, £1. fii. Dlndlej', 
iit.U.10Ifl,ai. Bbodu, !S», ». a>. Bawl. 
6el9. *U1i J. Gnen'i BeriUtlon, 1616. 
ud kajoarxl'i Agio's VlndluVon, 1U8, 
4J. HeTWOod'i ApologTliiBprinudlnllie 
Uilpd »0lu«i8 of (ho goDisn Colledtloq of 
TruU, and by UiB aii(Lli«iiCBrB Soolaty, 
A fioenjl ElsEin upon Iha Uelth Df 

Reprinted by tb« Ferey Society. 

Wr ID*Ak^o"l1l»"l"lrtll of He 
I, and tbs Baiw or I'nworplna, & 


old, Oudnar, V. Sa. Dent, 

indry Trtuoipbi, PuRaiintB, and Sbairi 

in. Oeonte Whilmora. Lond. 1631, *K 

■ The'falr Uald of the WBat.i)r lOIrl 
onh Gold- A Comedy in two Parti 
ond. 1A01, 4(0, HoKbur^he, 60bS,linpei 

i3b! Famar.BJ.'ea.' 
"igitnd'iiEllubeth.herLlf^ and Trot 

be Crown. Loud. I'sSl, liiuo. wit 
nit of Eiiiiheth at WoodiUcli. b 

pt i. 958, niwla, Ba. 8d, Townolay, p 
I. iSB, 31, la,— Cambridga, 1S3ll, wit 

I. HapciDl«d 111 

b*te £nlghl 

1817, 4to. Koiburgbe, 6016, IJ. lli. 8d. 
KliodeB, lail, 11. 4a. Field. 1188, II. 8>. 
While knlgbla, 83S7. RBpilDled in Dod^ 
ley'e Collection of Old I'leyi. Tbe flrat 
edilloa, data ISDT. la of eitnordinaty 

'*^"' Hooks ofvartoua 

HiiloryMnoeringsWooioni iniMrtbedby 

JhoiBrHeyw^e.^Lond. 1SS4, folio. A 
nion amuilng work, diaplaylng muoh 
TNevcb and leamiDK- Toneltr, pt i. 


. loRlu' Old riaya, 49, 21. 14i, 
Bojoiirgne, sijes, 81. 10a. Hebor, 11. Ba. 
Ft li.Bbi)de>,i:82,8s, 

toTigo I or LondoD'a Fountain of Arts and 
ftciencea: eini'eaaed In anndry Trtumpha, 
fageants, and Bbovn, il the Initiation of 
the fight hDn.Micholaa Kaynton lata the 
•iayonilty of tbs fanioue and frrjenownad 
«7. Loud, 16aa. 4,0. 

Kead,;99i »a. Rhod 

Reprinted tn vol, vl. of Old Playi. 

In Bnndry Triumph!, Pagunta 
,.„., 11 the Intugunllon of iba 

right ban. itiiph FKeman. Lond. 1S8>, 

A pleaaant Comedy, called A Haiden- 
Head well loot. I.ond, IBM. 4(ii. Bead, 

;, Google 

10>. RspriDMd 

PoMiTof mtBlKnR. 410. 

FhOoutiuHiIKi; ST I 
spened, diHMUd, ind >a>t 
lSSS,4ti>.voad-<ut Hbhu 
HIbbtrt, taia, morocco. Si 

thfllT NuMI, Oldero, Bnd Ot6asi 
FM or LnOfer, with bli AoKOlt. 
lOUo. Fnnttipiwa b)> T. Cecil 

■ioiui,iiiv^u.Si. Kowwe, laae, 1 

tbe UdtbtUn of Christ Cletbron 

lltaJUtaMl^ l-ooi. isas, *M, Bright, 
A cllUmge fcrBslTtlB. . Trmnl-oonifldy. 

LODd. 1638, 41a. Rliode^l*8T. Un K«i- 
l)urghs,SOeJ, ISs. IiiBila'OldPI»7S M. 
U.&. RaprintedlnToLTi.aroldl'Iar''- 

1818, 8T0. 


«. (to,— Lona. 1840, 4to. Bud.isaa,&>.6il. 


A tnu Diuouiu of tb« two InruiiDni 


y,pi. i.a ._ 

in, pt.U.ia8S. Heprtnttd br J. StuR, 
barimlle, olm IBIS. 
A tnw Ducrlptlon 0( bU Maleitlea 

Brill ablp built ibia Yeti ieS7. tt Wooll- 
tcb. In Kenl : to the geett aiory at d^it 
Encllob Matlou, *nd not pinleli'd in the 
wbDle CbrlilUn WaM : pabllabed by A 

Bbodea, im 81-" lioibufghe; fiOTJ,' 11 

'BGratlBblp, 16IU,' 
Dg >wl ihe levall 
uedy. Lond. 

Seprtii'ied taiol.Ti. or Old Pliyt'isitl, 
Pteuuit Dltlofi'ei and DnniiDa'a »- 

Ovid, &c. With sundry Emblomfl from 
lUMbiiH Cataliu. Afl KlHO certaLne Ele- 

ISStUbdo. atrettell, BDa, Ita. Ree'd,8SI6| 

B: It. Ili» «nr, II. flii. nJruibam, II.' 
rifbt, bMUtUU copy, II. Sl Uilmral, 

nion«»,ll>s. White KDl|tht<<, 
KoIbucght.Saei, lI.Ba. l>a>iien«ll,S30, 
11.5a. Biiidlflr,nt.ll.33B, ll.l9tL Itlbl. 

Angio.Poet. Bd. Bi[cgii,s>. 

Londlol Speculumt or London's Mlrnir, 
erprest in sundry Triumphs, Fsffewibi, 
■uS Shens St the InlUstJon of the St. 

don. Land. 16S7.410. pp.%. BIbl, AdkIi- 
Poet. S32, 31. lOi. Bindley, pt. II. 1073, 
41. 4i. Rhodes, IS8S, W. Sc HehBr,pI.[. 
il. Ut. 6d. 

I'sgeuiu sud Stiowes, Ht the Initistlont 

be wlee Woman of Hogedto,* Comedy. 

I, Ob. Rhodos, ISSt, 1). ta. Boibl^e. 

[indlnl StAtufl puftdis; or, Londm's 

impliB, ?i«esnts, nod Shenei, >t the 
IilloDorihe rigbi hen. Henry Omay 
the Us^onltyor the CItjr at London. 

fesTes. ''l. isao, IJ. Ii. BUn- 
ley, W, II, )0s. T.JSs. 
Reader here youll plainly leeijudiinient 

HeywDod. Loud. 1841, 4to. with n-onlii- 
piece (by Holler), Eoihurghe, WBO, 14». 

A l4epanliui to s'md; : or the Tarlve 
ot&wsk- Load. lOtl, 4to. pp. B.fmpiil«^ 
u The. Haywood upon eonieeturfl. Blbk. 
Angto-Foet. SS3, II. Ua. Beber. pt. Ir. 

' Fortime by Lai^ and Sea, a Tr^l- 
Mmodj. By r. Iloyitoml and W, Bow- 
ley. Lend. leee. Its. Rhodee. 12M;I0l 
North, pt ill. G2I. IBi. Roiburgba, Wt^ 
ij. la. Reprinted by the Bhakavean 

The itenerall Hlatory of Womai^ em- 
talnlnitthe Lives of ibe ooat hdyasd 
f fo/ana, the moat bmona Aod inluMM 

;, Google 

In nil Ages, eiMIIy dewrilwd not only 
Itom jneUoU Flctlona.biirtnun Diamait 
viclent, n»den, uid umlred UtitorLkDi 

3>c Gbeev. 

HsrwooD, Thomas. Hie Earls 
of Derbr und the Verse 'Writen of 
the XVIth and XVIItb Centuries. 
Manchester, 1824. 4to. Oul; 64 
copies, priratel; printed. 

UiBBEBT, Henry, D.D. Syrtmna 
Theologioum ; whereunto are added 
certaine Disooorses. Zjond. 1662. 
fdio. IZi. 

With tlH inChor'i portnti, bf D. Log- 

ing''Tmstnwemgi«,'&c mb]»n,Ma, 
— Samuel, M.D. A Description 
of the Shetland lelands. Edinb. 
1S32. 4to. 

kbla. Otvtj, ilia, m 

IHjtorj of th« C"Ueg8 ud CDl1«Biale 
riiunh of Jlinehe'ier. Land. 1838, tta. 
IJ. luel. Linn PAFia, nyd «lo. W. ta. 

UlBI&HIA. See TitSLAtm. 

UiBEBHiccs' Le(t«re, or a pbilo- 
eojihical UisceUanj. Tbe second 
edition, with a compleat alpbabeti- 
cal Index. Lond. 1734. 8to. 2to1s. 

eiiilDeiithiindilnUablln. Itli ■ttrlbiiud 

KiOEEHtiiati,!, Her. Edmund. 
Works. Oiford, 1716. 8to. 8 vols. 

copdlr ordilnwl. ;■[ ruMlelr b>^ defl- 
niKe to the proluy, sod thtt of Ills ovd 
dIocflUD La putleuur: an Impudent Tio. 
lenl. ItaMSOt IM<nr, ■mr iroibluum*, u 
&t H bf ooull be, b) hte rlithi rsTamid 


HicEES, Oearge, D.D. Lingua- 

im vett, Septentrionaliuni Thesatt- 

ma grammatico-oriticuB et arclueo- 

'deicui. Oion. 1703-6. tol. 3 vols. 

— '-• ■■' -^HomsTwJe.BW,!*!.^ 
TL Hel»T,pt.l. U. ISt.Sd. 
An<ilbar,pt, vll.«.ias.s£ WUlan,1IH, 
121. lis. LAISE rinH. Koiburglia. S171, 
131. Ua. Hutb, IK, Hcsekittt, 
1M5. moriieu, Wdttoii, 

InstlUtliRBi OnmiutlcB AiiftlaSu- 
Dnkie, MiH»Oi>thl«iB,a Q. H Lokeilo, Gruo- 
mitlci IiUndio Roulptai Jooa. Uitilo- 
pis Llbnmm 8«pt4iibrloiul1inii. A«»di( 
Kay.Bmmrii Btrmoloctcso Drttsnnlcnm. 
Oxod. 1689, 4lD. An ' UGCAllent perlbrin- 
HUM.'— A'ieHw-. Dent pt. iL S?i 1/. «>. 
Hone Taake,S8D,U. lis. ed. Boiborglie, 
3170, SL ISi. ed. Broekalt, 1787, U. li. 
Ulbbert.3818. RSi. 

AngloSaxonlca ex Hle^ 
~ BMitmlTlaualliiin The. 

._ .J> ra. Thwuilei). Oioo. 

Ilndlar, pt. UL IT, lOi. 6d. 

.dsu; one on Dm Chrlitlia 
meaumoii. ibe vtlier of the Dignity of the 
Epl'Kopil Older, with ■ luve Pnfrue, tn 
Answer tn a Book enaUed The Kigiiu oT 
the Chrttttu Chnrch, with u Appendix. 
Land.l711,Bn.3TotLBL Flnt edition, 
I ml. Lond. M07, STo.-8seoDd odiilsa, 
with (Ulbt veiUtloiK, ITOT, Sro^Be-U- 
■md. with a new title onir, dated 17W ; 
nelUieroT these two lutiuaHd editloni 

to Uie edition of llll In liu.when a m* . 
title was given of Uiat dUa^FeorOi edi- 
tion, nvlieil. Oifbid, 1847, Bro. S toIs. 

Ommvisnial Dtsuareea, contBlafnc 

Wm. Elitub'i ones oT Derotlon, nied In 
the Anglo-Suon Chunh, vltb a Truiila- 
tlon ud HoteL Limd.l7tft<n,BF0.3Ttda. 
Hlituried Oollaethmi relating to the 

• ' "-Ht Britain, (tttill 

.A.). Land. 1708, 

r. Qeo. Hlekea. Load. 

Tbla Isan^ dlilne nUUied ether 
works, nuellf oatnToru^ aba Bewactl 
(olumei of HmaBS, Aa. 8d Llbraiy of 
Anglo€alboUc Theolocf, In kmrotx. 
DaTomn In the anettnfWar oKHBiaa, 

rith Psalus, Rr">aa nl FraTcn te 
T«7DSTc< th* Weak, sod anrr Halj- 
ajof IheYear.rebnaedbraPacBoa et 

;, Google 

Qniutr, ud I 

but sdlClon, 1' 

llibcd br O. H<ek«. 
d. — RapllnMd, Ixind. 

bat Ui« srigliul lulhnr wu Jakn Austin ; 
t}ui mboTA bUpUtiori to th« BudliBb 
Chimh ou br Mn. Suunnih BopUm ; 

It hu bHooiB ■ ■loek''b<»k,uid 1b°1^ 
quantlT nprintfd. 

■ HiOEU, Wm. BOTetation rrreii.- 
ed; being a pmotical EipOiition of 
the BerJotion of St. John. Lond. 
16S9 or 61. foUo. 6«. 

Th« eoplea niUi tha diiM rf IM; 
■ portnll of cbB tnlbor Id ■ aim 

— Cspt. Williun. Orammstical 
Drollery, cODBiating of Foema and 
Songs. Wlierein ^e Bulea of the 
IfouDs and Verbs in the Acoe 
tie plMiaatlf made eaeie, for the 
Benefit of ^ly that delight in a 
Tract of this Nature. Land. 1682. 
Pp. ISO. BibLAiigli>-Paat.Sn,U. 

■aMSatmdtra tnlB18,SI. Si. RHd, , 

It.lOi. BlikdtS7.iiLll.aM,4I.10i. Whli« 
Knights. isns, 31. ln|ill>,«Te.U.8i. " 
bnr(he. StOS, IL U. Hlbben, ^S, 
HB.DoM.brT.Pu'— n.d. I 
Itj, pt. IL tOtftLWi. Pan?, pt. 1. 13W, 

LondoD DrolleTf. 5« T>aoiA.tiT. 
Ulford Drollery ; bein^ no* Poet 

AmpotMbr CapLW. nicka. Lond. 
Heber, PL I. IDs.— Load. 1700-— Land. 

jano.i5..M. mbbBn,S82B,ii>. 

Codes bouH J«iU. Third nUIIoa, 

Bona ucannt of this ' Upeler, who, npon 
tbe nalanllao of K. Cl]irleiII.,ab»lned 

Hic-HDLIEB. See Uan-Wohan . 

HlOKST, Thomaa. Storia della 
Fittura e la Bcultura. Calcutta, 
1788. 4to. Vol I. lOs. 6d. 
Id IMiMO and EnglUb. 

HlOEHlN, Charlea, B.D. S«r- 
moDi (XlV.andXII.). Lond. and 
Oxford, 1706-18. Sro. 2 rob. 6). 

HlEBOCLES. In Burea Carmina 
Commentani, Gr. et Lat. una cum 
Hotis Buiyunctis, edidit R. W(»r- 
8.T.P. Lond. 1712. 8to. 

WiileU. 1236. Bb. 
De F^Ylde1lU■et 


a/keii, pt i. I44I, SI. I«a. 

upon tha CloWen Tet»» o 

of Jobn Hall and Lj 

a GoDiniaiitiTy of Hlanolu apaD 
{olden Yenet of Pjtb^rons, tnns- 
from tlia Oreek (b; J. Uoec). Glug. 

e Commenury of HienKlas upon 
foldaD Verees of tha PTthamraanH, 
liCsd, irltb NoUj anil IlliutratlDnK, 

>rocleB upon tha ^Idan Verxas of 
...- ^'ytba^raand. InStADtey'H llifitarr 
of Pbllui'iili)'. 
A ri«e .trsnatatloD of tha JaaH of 

Tha ECblul Fngmanl 



HiBXOifB, or HiEBOHnnn!. 
JxROHB, Saint. 

Himos, Samuel, D-D. Wortee, ' 
with B Life of the Author. Lond. 
1620. folio. 2 vols. 16«. 

Ths Hcond ToLuina cointM* ot hi 

pt It. 70!^ il. ISs. M.— isbe, it 

CerUlne B( 

, LDod. 1007, Umo. ^ 

pt. <li.S^ Loud. 1«», IXmo. lnglJi,eS3, 

HmooiTPRics. — A. breefe oou- 
jeotursl Diacourae upon the Hiero- 
slyphicall Letl«n and CtiarscterB 
found upoD two Fiebes taken near 
Mantrand, in Denmark, the 2ath 
of NoTember, 1B87. ito. Gs. 


WiiPOLF, Horace. 

HlODEN, Ean. The Polycrony- 
con, conleynyng tJie BerTngea and 
DedM of rnanj l^mea, in eyght 
Books, Im. Imprinted b; WilWn 
Cuton, 1482, folio. 

1'IiIh hlgUrtial Olll PWIlldl wu iir<|!lii- 
bIIt writUo in Latin b^ EUanTph llig<1«n. 

«veii emch. Sa Amu' Tjpos. AnUq. 

rlUih BIlillDgnpher, tT. MS— 6*. HlbL 

— Polycconjcon. Soulhirerko 

by my Peter Treueri*, 1527, folio. 

A pugtniir)' r«print of W. ds Worde'i 

da Tnv<u In 
mud* mil nn 

iRtg EDgllili 1^ Jnh 

HH ie>. niold Pepvi, ISM, 411. Rdwir 
4S0. SB luTU wanting, 171. 17t. Sir M, 

^llle'tt, 11117. n lenTM SSlntu. But 

BotlwfcV IBlew™;, Ang. 1867,'* lu' 
fimlmlled, 701. Hsbsr, pt. It, g lei' 

Ham Umm. Ah Amu' Ttpw. Ant! 

KDr. DlbdlB, pC I, ias-ca. AbL BpODci 
It, tOI-SMI' 

d tible 49 leSTM, and a lear at end a>a- 
l. by Dr. DIMin, 111, 40-1. brjdgti' 

HiQDSK, William, M. A. ATiew 
of tbe English Conttitution, with 
It«sp«ct to the Authorilj of tlie 
Princa and the Allegiance of the 
Subject. Lond. 1709. 8to. 4«. 

Imren/.- Til Irdedl lino. Lend. 1710. Sto. 
— IJie. 
A DabDH of llie View of tha EngUali 
'■ CODItllullaD. Load. 1710, Bto. 

HlGTOHD, John. The Institution 
if a Genlleman, in tliree Porta. 
'- Lond. 1660. 12mo. 

. Hcbi 


HiaeEBOH, — , New England's 
! Plantation ; or, a ihort end true 
t Dewniption of the Comicodiliei 
; andDiecommoditiMoftheCkiuntfy. 
' Lond. 1630. 4to. 

;, Google 

Hup OODUInlnc a psrtnit of CipUli 
Smitli. Bindlir, nt i>. 163. BoUiBbT, 

li uldcd » Uiur HDt by llr.'aum, u 
KDKliHr& got of N<* Englud. Lgod. 

laao, ta. Boihabr, ism, si. id*. 

VLmama, Bryan, M.D. Ftulo- 
SDpbiual Emaji concenung Ught. 
Lond. 1776, e»o. 6*. 

Thla luUioF, vhD iru Opeialor 
Sickefr Tor PhlLotnplilul Eiperl 

if Oriental Colo- 
nies, who emigntted from India. 
Loud. 1829. Ha. al.St. 

inU the orlffiu Df LiDRiugsi, NiUoiu 1 
Belighn. Loud. 4ta. 1 tdIl HJ; 

EloOOMil, John. An Answer 

Mr. Willism Perkins concemiag 

Christ's DescensionintoHeU. Oion. 

1602. Sto. 

Thii wr1i«r tiaiei tha fourth edition 

IIiHtnry.,aro.L.r. Vol. II. 
HiUoilcd >nd Eritlul Banirki onBlibop 
BnnHl'i Hlitofy of his ovn Tine. Loud. 

— Sir Thomas, Knt. A Puneml 
Oration, spokea over the QraTe of 
BUxabeth, Oounteas of Eseei, bj 
her Husband, at her Interment in 
the Cathedral Church of Winehes- 
ta-, Sept. 16, I6S6. Lond. 1656. 

' Ai tGl> famptaltt li ntnmel^ rua, 1 
eoHlnda that tfi* «piH of It wen, lor 

ud deitnjred j thoofh few pieMs of thli 
kind h«« has d»«r>ed tn portah.'—dw. 
^. Oraniier. See Wood' lAtlien. Oioubj- 
Di. BII«9,ULU1,1t.U3II. 

A Panegyrto to tlia King. Lead. 100, 

Ttaa Hlaloif o( Inf Buaa, Captaln- 

JaoBral of th* OttomaD EmMra, at ttie 
nraahHi of Cinadla. Load. 168^ Bro. 

Sj'kei, pt . U. 88, lOa. 

Hio-E Geruak Docmb, The, 
from M»» 4, 1711, to May 12, 1716. 
100 no9. folio. 

A tlsBiie of nonMOM sad political 
abuH, wrlltan bj PhlUp UoniKk. vim 
in very deaerradly itlgiaatJaed by Pope 
In bis Dnadad. LaQd. IIIO, ISdd. a toU. 

HiSBLiKS SociBTT. — Priie £a- 
B>78 and TnuubtionB of the High- 
land Society. Edinb. IT99, &c. 
8to. 6 ToU. V. 12s. 6d. 

HiSKKOSE, Anthony. Pietsa 
Loodinensis ; the HUtory, Design, 
and present state of the Tarioun 

Sublie Charities in and near Lon- 
an. Lond, 1810. 8to. llli pp. 
10s. 6d. 
A View of lb* CbarlUble iDsUtDttona 
Ubllgbad In >iid Dear Loi>d<,n, ohle«r 
irlDg the last twBlTs Yean. Loud.iaai, 

TfasHlalDiyoftbe hoDonrable A rtillery 

— Joseph. A critical Eiami- 

ition of those two Paintings (by 

Bubens) on the Ceilini of the 

Baoquetrng-House at WhitdialL 

Lond. 1761. 4to. 

lai otkers In tha theorr, of penpectlTe. 

^Iplsi of Dr. Bmok Taylor. Loud, vm, 
lU. aia. 

— KaUian, LL.V. Joi Eode- 
siasticum Anglicanum. Land. 1810. 

ito. loi. ed. 

with pottrall of th* anttior. 

;, Google 


Hiqh-Stiwabii. — An hutorioal 
Dieserution on Che Origin, Anti- 
quity and Functions of the Office 
of Lord Eigh-Steirtvd of Bnglaud. 
Lond. 1776, Sto. 

Ceitkin OburviUciiu tai 

a PrtnclplM at the Clirl.U.n EtllBloii. 

HlLDBOP, John, D.D. 'I'lio MlB- 
oellaiieouB Works. Lond. I7a4, 
12nio. a vols. 8s. 

jiehiUay or Hlib- 

a Hlgh-UDiunbteihlp or 
Rsprlnted In (li« Sflli 

■a of tht Somen Collootlmi 

HiLisra, (Hughe). Eeavrrec- 
tion of tile Mosae, with tlie won- 
derful rertuea of the s«ne. Imp. 
at Straaburir, in Elsus, 1554^ viCh 
the decree of Singleton the Preacher, 
prohably by John BbIo. 

Chalmon, n.old, Urlght, W. IS*. 

HiLDBE, Thorn aa. Conjugal 
Counsel, or aessonable Advice both 
to unmarried snd married persons, 
tend. 1653. 8to. 

WilS poitrsit oflhe mithor bj Vinghin. 
■t M,1BSI. An mifiimmnn bi>ok,»rltWii 

»Bd /nmHIWer.hlielillilHin: lo-hom 

HiLOBBiAic or HuAEBsaui, 

Arthur. CLII Lectures upon 

FsalmeLI. Lond. 1S3S, folio. IZa. 

Kepriiiledie.S, folio, 13i. 

CVIII LMtuiw iipon til* IVth of John. 

^''£l^J17"rSnmend^''hy I>". w" 
lluu in his ClurliUui Pruclier. 

I[tU>mBT, Mark, D.D , Bishop 
of Sodor and Man. Memoirs of, by 
the Ber. Weeden Butler. Lond. 
1799, 8to. 

■eMaoa.'~-aeih H. J. T-il. 
HlLDTlBDJ C. Catalogue of 
Majors, &e. of York. Set York. 

HiLi., Aaron. Dramstic Works 
[17 Plays], with Life of the Author. 
To «hieh are ailded, LoYB-I*ttors. 
Lond. 1760. 8to. 2 vols. 
Hehor, pt. .li. - -■ ' 

u Beed,B134, 

ihiiL srn, 

r», U. IDs. 

mnlaiii Penuiuot Uis lut CBUUiry. Lond. 

Hll.1^ Rer. Brian. Observations 
and BemarkB on a Journey through 
Sicily and Calabria, in ITbl. Load. 
1792. 8vo. 

With ipulKTipt. conMrilnK*™* "- 

]teB[,pt. t 

■ GJeorjB, D.i). Lectures i 

HIiLoTT. Lond. 18H.§vo. 1S~, 

A Vtair of III* Coo'lKutton of tbe 
ChiUDh of Butlsad. edlnb. IglT, Sro. 

— Henry David, D.D. Essays 
on the ImtltuCions, CktremmenC, 
and Manners of the Statet of Au> 
oiMit Qreece. IZmo. 7s. 

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Hiu,BiTJobii,M.D. TheVege- 
tabb Sjatem. Land. 1756-76. folio. 
26 roll. 61. 6a. 
Fnbllitaid It S§ gulnsu. A nmgnia- 

plaud It tha aipcnH and undeV the 
uDoiuga of tba Eui of Jtnto. Wilh 
1M1 (»u>PBn> plutlia, |iub11>b«4 *t im 
enliMU. Ssnndcn' In 1818, lU. 12s. 
TowMtay, pt. U. 962. niHl«, ITt Ck 

Eden, or ■ con pleat body or Qirdanlng, 
Load. 1773, folio, r^ortnlt ind 80 plf"- 

Snta. By Lady U 


■8, bu only new tllle pagej 

I a Dev plate in Tola. S uid S. 

ivlew of tba Worlu orthaBaya 
Society St London. Loud. 17GI, 4to. *: 
Ad Kttempl to plan the Roysl Soclet 

llfht, haeauM tlial body would not Bdml 

Hlalory or tli« MaMrii Uedlu. Loud. 

Tho Blow of PUnta and cuiae o 
Hon in the SenalU>e Flant eipli 
Lond. I7BS, llnia. 

Biotlo Kotuy. Lond. 17SI, folio, »llli 
U teuna of rianta, plain, «■. odonn ' 
North, ft 11. S71, II.— Second adlL Loi 
177S, Mio. 

Tim Dtltlih Herbal. Lond. 17K, fbllo, 

l«, pi. 11. 8&, IL fln. WIllBtt, UM, 

— ' -'■ ■ Lond. 1780, 8"." 
Lond. 178^ 

e»rly Gnnrth; eipUinod by the Mi- 

booka. Lend- 1770, nyal foUo, «3 mloond 

Foaill^ •rrmnged acmrdlng to Iheir 
ohvlooa Cbamelorti wlUi their Hlitoty 
and Dwsriptlane. Lond. 1771, Sro. 81. 

177s, fblla,pta(ai coloured 

nf tba Ula Sir John Hill, U.D. KiX^. 
1779, Bto. 

Hn.1, Jolm, LL.D. The Sjna- 

njmfe of the Idtin Luigu&ge, wttli 

ft DisBBrtotion on the Fores of ita 

Prepoaitioiis. Edinb. 1804. 4to. 

'Ansiabmalework.'— IV(l!f. 

— Jolm, EmbleniB, witli Ele- 

Kat Figures. 2 parts, IBiuo- 
inted for R. Daniel, n, d, 

— (Hon. Ed.) CorreSpondonPB 
while Enioy to the Duke of Savoy, 
in the reicn of Queen Anne. Jul; 
1703, to May 1706. Edited b; tha 
Rev. W. BUckley. Lond, 810. 
1845. 2 vola, 11 8b. 

— - Sir Eiuhard, Bart. An Apo- 
logy for Brotherly Loye, imd for 
the Doctrines of the Church of 
England, &c. Lond. 1798. Svo. Ea. 
TTili la considered sa im able uuwor 10 
laiiboney'a Guida. 

— Robert, Sketches in Fln'n- 
den and Holland, Lond. 1816. 
■ QD. Ha. 

Wlthplateilnuiutlnts. Dnirr.lira, 
iailt,U10a. DukaorVork,IttS,niii^ii, 

— Ber. Roirland, A.M. Journal 
of a Tour through the Nortii of Eng- 
land and Parts of Scotland. Se- 
ooiid Tour through the Highlands 
of Scotland and narth-weHt Parts 
of England. Lond. 1799, 1800. 
" ■ 2 yola. 

In a aopomto lMr'i''an''d Ihe U^w/our 

id Ihe •ii'is-/nnli. 

M.A. by the Rav. W, Jones, adllerl by 

Lond. 18i£i. portrait, Ha, 
_jimHr> of, bT Itaa Hei. Ed. Syd 
ftlp.Sro. Lond.lSU, Sa. 

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Hrti,. Tho9. The proffitalile Arte 
of Gardening, now the third l^e 
est fourth : to whiohe 19 added, 
much neceeiiaTj Matter, Sx. Lond, 
1663. 16mo. 12s. 

FrnnSQt]]' nprluteil. Olh^ BOliimt. 
— Lona, John DuT, IBmo. Bnd« on the 

laelU, 81 

J, ti. ii.'im 


Ayraa or FiJu tot thni 

HiLTOM, Walter, D.D. SoolaPer- 
fectionia : (Eugliahed} ; the Ladder 
of Perfection. Impreasus Anno 8a- 
lutia 1494. folio. 

thnBina Id Ihe tlnta or &- Jlenir VI. 
In BighM, eiMDt ^r, waia, which hiva 
t^rof^lhe'toliime'inir ba oonildend"i 

Keauen. otiha BumH, of tbetr Orbea, 
•nd of the Earth, «c. The Bscoiid.ntthe 
■pherlull ElBtnanU, of Iht cateitlulL Clr- 
cIbfi, Hid of their V»M, Al. Ordwly Mt 
(nrlh. Lond. by T. Judaon, for W. Jag. 
Ipinl, iSM, Mo. BJTpp. and «l»bl8 with 
many prgjectloni. frefliad 1b an epistle 

1870. e>. — Lond. 

Sd. DoirJeivell, saa. 

HiLSET, John, BUhop of B 

cheater. See Fbimeb. 
An ««ount of HilHev or HlWealej w; 

HlLTOH, John. Cntch that catoh 
can; a ohoioHCollettionof Calchi 
Bounds, and Canons for three 
four Voices. Load. 1652, oblong 

A nllRctlon 


helped to BolB 

rD>allB(> In pr 


dutlng tbB Iri 

of Ihelr eutn 

d Buppreeulon 

PKhlic amiMiBD 

In thl..oli, 

ctebralflft iU, 



iecnunlo°r Illlt 
bB found In Ua 




"reelinz, UM, part of tl 
.ond. ly II, hpweil,. 

I. TowneiBT, p(. 1. ese, ej. sl wbito 

..iU,S12S,iiiorte»,7i. Heber.pdi. 
S/. kIK. Freezing, a perfect copy, fij. 7a- Od. 
Loacombe, 71. JOB. UopleB ot thlB adilloii 
are Id the KrituhMaseum, and In the Lam- 
beth Library.— Load- letS, Bto. Con- 
■table, 419, -U. Botbebj'a In 1S31, St.— 
Lund- Wi. snao. 4h.— Lond. 1879, <to. 
In thle edition, Abr- Woodh«ad 'ebangcd 

deijllheui luote intclllxlblelorordliurr 
capaoltleB.'^.inf. d Wiod. 

— A derouta Boke oompjled by 
Master Walter Hilton to a derouts 
Man In teinporall Estate how ha 
shulde rule liim. Lond. Impr. bj 
Ridiarde Fcdbod. 1506. 4to. 

White Krifiihti, S137, monKcn, U. 4a. 
WIUi, ibtr, 61. ISi. Homer, ISM, GJ. It. 
Another BilitiDn, entitled The medlsd 
Ljft. linpr. by me Robert Wyer, JSmn. 
9fm f. In foiin). Itnj). Julran Notarj, 
I65r,*ta. Oulcli, 18SS,«.8a. TbiB [reatlut 

— William. ^Relation of a Sii- 
corery lately made on Ihe Coaat of 
Florida, in the ship Adventure. 
Lond. 1G64, 4to. 

A»pyl«lntheBrttlghUaMnm. An- 

priced 61, 6it. Some copies bave the Im- 
print, Brlxiol. mr B. Hoon, 1004. 

HiLTie. Sfe Heizas. 

TTrn rHT.inBK, John, D.D., Bishop 
of Peterborough, Sermons, Lond. 
1796. 8to. 5s. 

;, Google 

1072 HTK 

Hum, Cftptain Jamei. No Jeat 
lil[« • true ieat : beinj; A Compen- 
dioiu Beoord of the men^ Life uid 
mad Exploit* of Copt. Jamee Hind 
the gnat Bobber of England, hang;'d 
at Woroeatar, Bepl. 24, 1662. 
Lond. 1074. Mo. 

Bluk latur, iiiih wood-cut «t title.— 
lB80.1tino. Raprinted In ruilmllu bj J. 
Blurt. Lond. ISIS, dts. ga.ftt. T*ohuii- 
Sni coplca prlntid; il» In SmHioo'a 
TncU, 1817. HlU»rt.4eH»>' 

A nncind CapL Hind i or, the LIK lod 

We hiiTe bmnghtonr Hopi to » fine 

belDf Ml hlitorlul NunUie nf Uipt. 
HIdJ, Loud. 1861, Uo. 

ThB true ul perteot nletlon of Uklng 
Cut. J. Hiod. Lond. iWl. ta. 

The lut Win «nd Tflaumeot of C»pt. 
JuMiHlnd. Lond. l«tl,4to. 

Thi TrUI of Cant Junes Bind, at tlie 
OU BukT. Lend. ISM, 4ta. 

The D«1*ntlon o{ Ciptu. J. Hlnd.ud 

8t■t^*llh 1 H»rr»U»B of *1l hli Tmielt 
Loud, iffil, tlo. with portnlt. N*tun, 

E. 1. 3118, ill. pumgr, 11. It, Reprlnled 

The Pettttm dT CepL Jimea Bind la 
the Goniuvll of Bute. Lond. IWil. 4(a. 

of Pri«i Uaveli, or tha PrtoIlKee of thu 
RiudThlefCeBla. JmneaUInd, ^ J. B. 
lAitd.lKl.dto. A oop7 la In tlie BdUah 
HiHUim. KtMidea, 814, «i. 4a. 

The EngllBh OnnDin. or (he Blstorr 
of thu nonmlbird Tlilsf Cipt. Junei 
Hln4. Br QeoTfce Fldgi. Lond. Id52,4tn. 

APintn purge Helenchoir; or merry 
Newaff'niiNeirHts; wherein liut forth 
the Je>t>v«c.ofCeiX.Utnd. Lond. 1«K, 

Ihelifo, udoTiH, ic. of^ipt. jKmei 
wHli hli ns" Pi\«reM0 through Ber 

Vera, end William QllhertBOn, n. d 

tiiL Bleck leuer. Botliebj, «dgss mn- 

enl, ilM.j, 1S6&, «. raiold, HnIUwell, Mey, 

— John. The Mirrour ot 
Worldlj I-BinB. CompoBed by I. 
H. M. Lond. 1603. IBmo. 

Fp.«0 reprinted In the eighth' 
of lEe Herlalen MiHellenr. 

l^ibnrghe, Sk, t 

u, tie, iiL 


Kibi! ' A^riih-FHt. I«(i"l&i.' HMfler, 
U.iei.Bd. Uebar.pLli.U.lSiLSd. No- 

Ceninm Uteruli, and Collier') Pse^ 

HucDiBiTBLL, Thoioaa. The 
History and Antiquitiea of Bcar- 
boronpi and the Vioinitj ; with 
Vieife and PUns. York, 1798. 4to. 

Dent, pt. <i. 7r^ russli, ISg. Nmuh. 
pt 1. 9IM, lOa. ed. (MteliiHi.— Pp. SDl, 
Widea title end dedlutlon. two leave, ; 

and errata, Bpageni and (ndei, 7 pagea. 
eUla.—t, View of ttcarboiwigii. I. Seal 
of the Borough of Scarborough, p. 144. 
of the Boftmgb, aod of tlia 

ieinity of 

)f Whllby, p. i 

■ough, lBSa;8io. 
D. Quint. 

edlUon,wllliLlfe. & 
II. It. and 410. II. 11 

HoroooB. Siei 

HmroH, Sir John, PhjBii 
Ordinary to his Majeelie's Person. 
Memtaree. 1679. Lond. 1814, 
12mo. 4b. 

OiH hnndrad copies printed,— The 

— William. Life andMedits- 
tioiu. Load. 166S. 4to. lBS(>,U3i. tteed,4E3B, 

^PSBltrs, Andrew. The tnia 
Triall of a Mane omie Selie, trans, 
laled bj Tho. Hewton. Lond. 


by t 

n- Trtppe, 

Und. 167a 

n EplEioIam JaCDbt 





D^'^aSi ad 


Parti uni 


iir, Lond. 

1B77, 16O0. 


^'i-^Hca of 



the Patho 

J to the 




dham. Lo 

earti tree. 

Lyfe and 

!fiB«Aa, O^thlua, "^ Inlo 



IM. Hatnr,Dt.T.l!L 

CMina of ChtlatliBltl*, tnnslit 
JatanLndhui. Loud. IDTO, 4M. 

irhkb be Omrtlh tb* Force Ibat U 
ud IlooB hiva onr Man, 4ud I 
■eerol wbetliar the nsTlls hare b«< 
aii«nn It H>«liMl Arti. Ac , irsD 
b^ Rob. Tanea. bind. IMI, ISms. 

Compandlum Phrilou ArlaMtalB, oam 
iDdka. Load. ices. I«iiH. 

CatsShlima, tnuul. by I. H. Land. 

HiroLHO and ISABBi.i.A.^rhe 
Hutorie of the tragicke LoTea of 
Hipolih) sai Isabella. Lond. 1633. 

WUh a ftmitlBpIOM, Nii'SM, pL 1. 
UTO, Gl. Bindley, pt. II. S3M. moroxo, 
U.dl. Hlbbert,9S91, IDOIOCOO.ea.ed. 

HlFFK9l:KT (J, H.) Cliapten on 
Early English Literature. Loud. 
1837. post 8vo. 

Hrppc>CHATEa. — Opera varia. 

HippMroHi Aphorisinl Liber priiDni, 
Or. el UU ™ VemtoM Joh. tfeumii. 

XTii. 1108, It 
rlbni. Lib. 

lent edition. Dnur. 2176, 
Aphorlanjl, Or. 

^odH al Almaloreen. 

EdlUoiie til. jii 

PniBped HartiBii. nuiiuix-ivuuui lU 

CoacasPrsnotlova Sjnop^lH. Accaraate 

imm>.bBi>idssd«iliai.tiODlD br. Hltcbel 
o( Guildford, U. To Iheie AnnotattoDi, 

HarUuiiu' UIIb' tranilaUoD, ani^icd. 
The work li cbleBr lutendad lot young 

Aidiinitms (Oneli), vllb ■ TramlaUiiii 
Into Latin and EncUali. UTTbomaaGiiar. 

ham. ign, 4u. 

QeDnliH Worka traniUtsd br Adama. 

Sooinr, Appsodli. 

Aphoriania tvanalaled by Humftar 
Lloyd. Sv-Hi<Ftiiua, Pet 

tUt Bmke at llie Fnaacea of denym 

■i Semplla, Sheiiffe of Ban- 

added Aphnrlams by C. J. Sprengel. 
LoiHl. ITOe. Bra. da. Lond. IISS, Sn. M. 

Hlppocratea upon Air, Water, asd Situ- 
ation, upon Epldemloal Dtaeaaaa and npon 
ProxiKHIIta inacnta Dtseuei aspedall*. 
With Tbueydldaa' AeccunI of tba nune 
at Alhena, tranalaled, maUtudla'd and 
lllDBtratftd vlth qaeful and axplaoatory 
KoUa, byFrandi ClinoD, N.D. Lor^. 

Epidemiol, tn iev« 

otlou, by B*i 
K ilo. 1»>, 

The Pnignait\oa and P( 
Moff.l, iSb. Lond. 17MC8' 

HlPPOLYTTTB. — The Hifltory of 
HippoljtUB, Earl of Dougliia, with 
the secret History of Macbeth. 
Lood. 1741. 

Denl, pt. [. ITU, 13a.— Lond. IlOe, 8*0. 

>iadDiiA. &c. by Johi 

KiKABTBOO, Gruffyd. Ou Sjn- 
r pen Kambero ygyd, Wedyr- 
gjnnull ; ei pymiwys aegyfansod- 

«w,r j 

crynodsb ddoaparthm a 
throfiiodio awedrwy ddyual jstiyw. 
Grnihd Hiraethoo prydydd o wj- 
nedd Ib. Comwy. Lond. by Kycho- 
Us HyU. 8to. no date (circa 1660). 
The BrIHali Prorert™, by Oni^d HI- 
lived abnit IMO. The aork bat sicaped 

;, Google 

107-1 Bta 

BiBPmrB, Fetnu. The Tr«sim 
of Helth traaUted into Uiigljah 
b; Eu&e LlQfd, who hath added 
je Oaueee and Sjgnes of evaiy 
Djtwm, n' the A^oriames of Hi- 
pocrates. Loud, b; Wjlljam Oop- 
land. lenio. 

L elgl,u. 

LoDd. I 

HiBTOBji. HiaTEiONici. Set 
WsiOHT, Abraham. 


exact and eu-lr Account of the 
most raluable Books pubhehed in 
the several parts of Europe, niCh 
D complete nlplia belied Jodex. 
Lond. 1730, &c. 8vo. 4, toIb. 

ThiH eiuUent niDnthly JDDmal.edlltld 

re.r 17»*.' 

HiaTosicAi. REaisTSB. Lond. 
1714'33. (includinj; two supple 

rdoTpkDoiBSS. Hflbo' 

cerning Che Changes of Ilelieion 
in the Beigus of Henry VIII., Ed- 
ward TI., Mary and Elizabeth. 
Lond. 1636. 8to, 

, or brief Aeeonnt 
markflble Transac- 
. Lond. 168S. 8to. 

— Colleeli 
of the most 
tions, 1680-1 

HiBTOSiBB. — Modem Histories 
rppresented in fiomance. Lond. 
1656. 4to. 

pt H. 1308, IJ. 

HisiOBT. — The secret History of 
the Reigns of King Charles II. and 
King James II. 1690. 12mo. 4«. 

iislorr at Ilia Kolgna of K. CbKrlea Ilnd. 
md K. Jitnea llud. ISBI, lima. Sa-M. 
i Preach tr&iuULidD appeared, Cologu, 

The Hii'tory of ths UnliD -t Englund, 

iiicsl BlbliotUequs. I 

■ tew Dua 

Siro7t^9work spWred LnMn^.ieBt. 
SuWorki. AluLffeofjDhDUuTiUn. 

Mnp«c™Df GrestBriuLn. Jsmu I., 

EnMi. m plue, 1735. 

Isn^oua Hlitoiy, tnm Ibe CreaMon 

ITM, nnder the title of Hiiiiiriail M*- 
motm of tlia EDsllili Uwb, Iniu ef Caui, 


HiBTBioHiSTix ; or, the Playei' 
■whipt. Loud- foi Tho. Thorp. 
1610. 4to. 


HOl ■ 1075 

HiTOPiDESA,the. Bookl. in'Ssn- 
skrit, with Orammaticd Antdf sis by 
Professor Johnaon. Lond. ISIO. «o. 
The Eeetofndea of Teeehnoo^ 
Sanaa, in a leriefl of coimeiited 
Fables, interspemed with morsl, 
prudeDtial, and political roaiims, 
translated from a ' "'' 

tjie SaDBkreot laoi 

r the 


Birth-placea, Besidencea, and fune- 

ml Moniunente of the moat distin- 

auisbed Antora. Loud. 1818. 8to. 

With platei Flsld, lOsl, Sa. 

HiTOHCoCK, Rob, An Hiatorical 
Tiew of the Iriah Stage. Dublin, 
178S-94. lEmo. 2 toIj. 

Nmuu. pt. 1. 1031, Gi. Rod, SI3S, 

planatory Notea by 
Bath, 1787. large 81 

H1TCHIN8, ForteBcue. The Hie- 
tory ot Cornwall, from the earlieat 
Becorda and Traditiona, tc 

B'esent Time, edited by Mr. Samuel 
Tew of St. Austell Helaton, 
18S4. 4to. 2 Tola. 3^. 3a. 

OiUalioi.— Vol. I. Pp. Tl & T2ft, I 
olndln); tlil«, dsdlotion by Ihe put 

HnoFASiSA i or, aalutary In. 
atruction, with introductoty Be- 
marka on the Engliab Ijuigiuige, 
by H. T. Colebrooke. Senunpore, 
1804. 4to. 

PuMliliFd U II. Si. Wllhcnt the Re- 

its. lie PI 


a, bat irltbgui 


with e 

by Ch. Wilkini. 

HnjD, John. 1^ Storie of 
Storiea, or the Life of X^riat, atv 
cordinjt to the foure holy Evan- 
gelista } with a Harmonie of them, 
■ 1 Table of their Chapters an4 
Tersea, Lond. 1632. 8to. IDs. 61I. 

Pp. a4T, irllh . Wbl8 .nl arraU, i 
kavi-i ; beHdeo tUI«, tn tlie rsiid<;r, ood 

Hits.— The HiTe : aColleotioD 
of Son^a. Lond. 1732. 12mo. 4 
Tole. with fronta. to each vol. 

ford, i 


Works, with an Index and an in- 
troductoiT Aoconnt of the Author. 
Lond. 1TT3, folio. 3 rols. 

FnrtnU of llie Blihnp, ij J, Bulra. 
Oai>Mt,!M0,!l lla.Bd. Uealh.HI.U.IGi. 
UEOcriraa. Duks ofanftni, 10e,«,i(m. 

HoABE, Prince, An Inquiry 
into the requieite CultiTatiou and 
present State of the Art of Design 
in England. Lond. 1306, poet 
8to. 6a. 
pp. utr. ana 9T0, Tith 1 phM of 'Th* 

Aodsmlo Annta. Load. ila. IBtX-t. 
PuliKalied peHodlulty. 

The Arttat. Load. 1U»-I0, 4I0. 1 rrXi. 

EvtimclirnHnaCDmBpondBiicevLlh Iha 
ABid«ailu Bf Vienna ud SI. Paiv'^ - 

taal the Artaorn 

■bieb la f nazal a 

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it Chs Eiht- 


a Lonl Blibop oj s 


•OH. by Itersr, ■fUr Diixse. »•. Pub. ml 

pla«ii,na4L d( vliUli tun bHD ]iDbUiilii>d , 
EolKB, Ridiard. A Journil of 
the ShrietRl^ of Biohard Hoftre, 
Esquire, in the Tenre 1740-41. 
Publiabod from & Manuscript Copy 
in hii own Esnd-writiiig. Bath, 
1815, To;>l 4to. with a BaU of 
Kamee and Sums eubscribed at 
OuildhoU for BuppreHing the Be- 
bellion of 1746, be heing Uieii Lard 

Tw«ny-fl« DDplM printed It th« ei- 

Fyloii,lSi. (Wiuto*.— pp.l(i«(B— pjwith 
the FkoUt of Ui»n, 3 pp. ; snd tbe BolL 
— Sir Kchard Colt, Bart. An- 
cient EiEtoTf of North snd South 
Wiltshire, fonning % toU. royal fol. 
Lond. 1810-19. withST pUtes, pub- 
lished at %\l. LABSE PAPEB. BtlaS 

folio, published st 311. lOe. Since 
reduced to less tlian hnlf-price. 

The Ancient Htatorj of Bouib Wll^ 
nhin. Lcmd. 18IS. CUInlvn.— Pp. 25t, 

nf AndentWlltBhln.' Tliii tltle-pngs 
wu cunelled on Ibe dellTery of the Cblid 

^n» AlMdeal HlttoT}- of Horlh Wilt- \ 
■kin. Land.lSI». Pp. 1%I, bwddci tlllt 7 

tndu, 4 lanes : also SI plilea. 

~ HUtoiy of Modern Wiltohire. 
11 parCa, forming 6 volumes, folio, 
plates and maps. Xond. 1822-52. 
published at 431. 

i '¥..;' 

BrltMboicD BuemtTjni. Lond. 13^, foVio, 
il mnd H PMet' 100 printed. Brifbt, 

Bhiftesborr, ISM, 81D. 8 plilSB. E7lDn.BH. 

flvo. SO pp. irllh 16 pl»tM, Wcoplea jilnt. 

«t Mlnciiiid Sands Edltlin, R^s Edgsri 
flUffi, Carmen Vetug Anttllcom cnn li. H. 

Signer LabruEll.) Ronta, I7M, fo 
plate B, 

A DeaDriptlon of tbe Hditso am 


Il Wlltihlnil 

(nlUei. l>nirT, 1878, 
pLll. 9WS, U. Ul 

(be Isle of Elba. Br 
>are, BirU Illnatrmted 
It Inlereatlng Sceneiy, 
I, hi SlrR.C. llsare, 
Ih. Lond. 1814, royal 

o Ibe JonruJ, Die »- 

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ehBTUMr of BuenipirM. uuiu Tiemm. 

A CiUlocue vt Booki nUtlng to tbe 
Hlalory nod TopoBraphy of U'^J, tol- 
Itcted during the Yaui 17§6, 17g7, 17BS, 

Tuein copies printed (or praaenli. Coie, 
a33,4J.iei. lleber,S1.15B. G7Wn,1J,£a. 
A Cildogns of BDOke nUtlne tn the 
History init Topognphf ot England, 
'Witeii, Scalluid. and Irflud, Sy Sir 
KIcTiiri fjnll Homrs, Birt. Cocoplled 

(Mntiipieca. ' Tweoty-flve «iiia> printed 
pt. f. 1«B, «. 10.. HebBT, W, m. Dent; 

Ktpdntsd, RBi. 

RHollKtloM Abroid. during the Ys«n 
1T85, ira», 1781, M88, 1768, 1790, »lld 17M. 
Bmh, 1815-18, roynl Sid. Irols. Twenl)-- 

Bo'cnZroTioH. S »nd i. Coie,' 173, 
Iir la. Hinrolt. IBI. IM. 
HlnU on the TopoRnphy of WilUhlre, 

A CiMilcil Tonr thiongh Itily "od 

h'i'I' ^^-'nol^'^t^'arbldnf C 

».U« l> hi. Cl.B.lo.1 To.)t. lx.nd. 

819, «0. Drury. »I78, maaifc R lOn. 

Lend. IBIS, 8vo.ivoH.IOKld. 

PwIiRiui nod MemolrB of the Funlliei 

Ho«, of Blthfonl, 1)0.00: Mo«.. o( 

T."^'B«ok.; Ho.^. of London, Mld- 

BHi; Hm™, of Ml«h»m. Surrey ; 

mi"Elm«, Surrey! Hoere,'of Borelim, 

lcb>;^ Coll, B.n. 1|1^^^<'»- 

ouei »t Witl«n, Brntop, "nf 8"™- 

See blULDDS C»iasM«ii. 
— Wm. AmuBement of L«i- 
e Houre. Lond. 4to. without 

itte. (1816). 

-nrughim, Utt. 

HOBiET, Sir Heary. Eeporta 
in the B^gQ of Junea I., with 
■ome few Cases in the B«igil of 
Elizabeth. FilUi Edition, reaised 
■nd oorreeted bj E. Chilton. Lond. 
1724. folio, It lie. 6d. 

Load. 1B24. 2 toU. 8vo. 

— James Moleawortb. The Life 
and Extraordinary Adventures of 
J. U., ahas Henrr Qriffin, alias 
Lord Massey, the HewmarkBt Duke 
of Ormond, Ac. By N, Dralloc. 
[CoUard]. Load. 1794. IStuo. 2 
vols. Sa. 

The inlhoi'i lumvwuCoUsrd; It la 



HOBBIB, Thomas, of Malmibnry. 
WoBSf, English and Latin, now 
first collected and edited by Sir Wil- 
liam MolcBWorth. Lond. 1B39-45. 
16 vols. 8vo. pubhsbed SI. 8b. re- 
duced to 31. ^. 

The EnBlHh works form 11 yob. Sro. 
ud .re Mill Mp»t»Mly mt Iha itducfd 


HehBT, pt, yll. Abp. Attethnry'e copy, 
161B. Oirrlck, IBSl, IL 4i,- Ken itoled 
uila with it* old date, eon. 1680, rollo. 

IliiloiophloBi RuillinfBli MDowntng 
aovenunont >nd Society. Lend. lUi, 
121DD. With froDUiplMo. md S eDDTiT- 
iniri, by Viaghu. FInt edlUoD of ilili 
lnu»UUon,lloUli,M8,lli. HuUi,1231, 

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EOBBES — eonlinued. 
Ia corp4 polldana on lu eleniADts i 

BUL Bsrbisn), Lt7de, EJe. lesa, li 

», i«r Th. 

Open TihllOflophfeH oraq 
with poitTHll bj Filthon 

a oalj, KppBAred Loud. 

a pLIlwopliiMl 

1. Hdlet. Lund. 1EI3, 
La Nilun HnmiLne on «ip«ition dea 

bub). Lond. (AniElerd.) 1112, Bm. Evd. 

OeiiTns d« HobbBB. NeufcbsMI, i;B7, 
Sto. 2 .dIh. 

Vita, CiTolopoll, 1B81. iniiill 8vo. 
A~Hh. In dghlii, A, S Inns, Hh, 

ler, with portrait by FKllhoroe. 

Tncis. Loid. lees. Svo, OirrK*, 
llSS,dste lest, with ponnltof Hobbu, 
fis. 6d. Both, !330, dllln, e«, 

Trlpm, In thne UlaFsunua, I. or Hd- 

III. or LlbcrtT Hud NefSBiliy. Land, 
MM. S>o. Heitb, 1199, Sa. GUTlck, 

Htitord EMitHlutlu Cinnlna «IeglH» 
CMKlmulL Aug. Trisob, 1688, Bto. 

HoBHOrraB, Benjwnin. Benmrks 
on sereral Parts of Fr&nce, Itelr, 
Ac,, in the Yean 1783, 4, and 5. 
Bath, 1796, 8to, priyatelv printed. 

Laudovoe, et. &<, Blndlof, pt. 11. 433, 

— John Cbih, now Lord Brough- 
ton. A Joifme; through Albaoia, 
and other PtOTinoe* of Tarkej in 
Europe and Aiult, to Conslaoti- 
nopte, during the Years 1809 and 
ISIO, (in company witb Lord Sj- 
ron). Load. 1812. 4to. — Second 
Edition, 1818. 4to, 2 toIs. coloured 
plates, 22, 2e. 

ntaintnu Dli- 
. Ld^, 181B, 

HoBSON. The pleuont conceits 
of Old Hobeon, the menr Lon- 
-'-'ner, 4to. 1607, 4t 

Beprlnted for lilt Percy Sode^r- 

— John. See S. T. 

HoBY, Sir Edward, Knight, A 

Counter-snarle for lehmitel Bab- 

ahacheh, a Ceoropidan Lj'cftOnite, 

Lond. 161S. ««. 5s. 

■r ID ' The Overibnw of tb* 
I«, by J; R. 181- ■ 

it. T(b™h!hu) H(l«n*) 

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hli HlbernU, will bt found Id Wwd'i 

HocCLBVi, Thomas. Foems, 
never before printed, selected from 
B MS. in the PosBessioa of 0eorg8 
UaBOQ j with a Preface, Nat«9 and 
a GIoBaarj. Loud. 1796. Ito. 6a. 

Bibl.Angl».P«,LSiS,li.lUed. Boi- 
bnrghs, SaM, ten. Rdscm. 1381, II. ll. 

HocTS POOTB, Junior. Tlie Ana- 
tomie of L^erdemain. Load. 
1634 4to. 

nw, lit. Wblu Knight^ IStS.'u la. 
Hlbben, SMs, moruw, 11*. Tnen ue 
MTsril Ghip.lMok editloDi la tSno. 

HODDlSDOli, John. Sioa end 
PamusTg, or EpignunB on aeieraU 
Teita of the old and new Testa- 
ment. To which are added, a Poem 
on the Psuion, a Hjmn on the 
BeaurrectioD, Aecention and Feast 
of PenteoDst. Lond. 1650. imall 


ISS, betldH tltls, i 

ChrUlophai _. 

eoinpliinenUT7TerHi signed , 

B. liinli, W. Irnmei, >i;l J. Drrden of 
Trin, C., Unther 4 leivei. Blndlei, pi. 
II. 477, ai. I»». fllbl. Anglo-Poel. SgS, 
SLSi. BIeskk, W.S«. R?ed, 
aaiB, Itlth ■ fiC'SliDllfl dnwlnit of Ihe 

Miiun, pt.l, Itaa.lSt. L1o;d, tet, DO 
portnlt. U>, Hober, pi, U. fil. 

— Tho, Mori Vita et Eiihu : 
or, the Historr of Bir Thoma* More, 
Bometime Lord High Chancellor, 
OolUcted out of several Author* 
b; J. K Loud. 1662. Sto. 

Pp. IM, with pDrtrmltb); Bletnka. Ao 
InwreBtliiff abTldrnoeD* ™ tbe prlDclphl 

r>- aathebj'a Ll Dw. 181^ lisr-^l4DiL 

BOO 1079 

HoDQB, Charko. The Biblical 
Hopertoryi or, a Collection of 
Tracts la Biblical Literature. Bj 
Charles Hodge, Hie Ber. Dr. Alex- 
ander, and K. B Patton. Kew 
York, 18Z5, 4c. 8to. 

HoDaia, Nathaniel, M.D. Loi- 
motogia ; or an hiatoHcal Aooounl 
of the Plague of Loadon in 1665. 
Loud. 1720. 8vo. 6b. 

An aiiltien(\c, but int£ta] aRonnl, 
irritUn In m rheUrlul tnd (ffKted UjU. 

— Bichard. A apecial Help to 
Orthographie J or, the True-writing 
of Engh^. Lond. 164^, Uo. 

Pp. S3. Soma modea dT Bpelllng vbicb 
HodgeB TfiDtured Id part Ui adopl, w 
now gensnllj adopted. Ni^aau, pi. I. 

EDglish PHmroM : the auleit wsj lot 
Bpelllng and resdlog orEnglliU, Loud. 

Th« plilnait DImtloni Ibr true Writ- 
ing or Engllib. Lond. IMS, laoH. 

— W. An hiatoriral Account 
of Ludlow Castle, with an Appen- 
dix. Ludlow, i803.8vo. 

- Walter, D.D. ElUiu ; o 

IS CbriB 

sihlMud In tha 

. IJSfl, 8fo. 4t. Sd. 
WiUiam. Select Tiews in 
India, drawn an the Spot in tJie 
Years 17BO-3, and eieculed in 
Lond. 1786. imp. fol. 
- bei3reth< 

', ^«^y p™ 

SM, pnofb bcfDra (hs lelUn, ISL 13a. 

— Travels in India, during the 
Tears 1780, 178L, 1782, 1769. 
' 1. 1793. *to. 

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1080 HOD 

pp. IM, wilb U pUMi. BInllsr, pti. 
1«S». Id. irao, 17b. Wlllixp.1, IISS, IflL 

£ilnrd>, SIS, SI. 108. 


HoDSsnr, John. Oftlligrsphia 
6T»cft et P<B(3Uogniphia Oneca, 
engraTed b; E, Asuby. Loud. 
1807. imp. 4to. I6«. 

HODSBKIM, Thomu. TraT«la in 
the North oE Germtm;. Sdiob, 
1820, 8to. a lols. 

HonaBOH, Key. C'hriit. Instruc- 
tioai for ttie use of GandidateB for 
Holy Orders. Lond. 1817, 8vo. 

WiUimuft era, m.-SB-enih (flii. 18S0. 

History of <J. Annt'i Bounty. Iffrf, 8.a 

foundsd on Sir Ibbso Newton's 
Method. Lond. 1736, 4to. 
This m«Uiein«llcUn publbHed other 

— John. HiBtorj of Northnm- 
berland. Newcastle, 1820-58, ito. 
in three parts, forming 7 vols, en- 
eraiiDae, pub. 221. labse faj. S8^ 

^ l'B« I ID 1 vol. l«18i PmiLvol. 1, 

HonnrB, Anglitt Hods. 

Ho»80ir. WmiftiD. Tractate on 
the elerenth Article of the Apostles 
Creed. Lond. 1636. 12mo. 

pt 11. 682, 21.78. TowneUy, pi. i. 44J,' 
U 119.— Second xiiCLan. 163^ 8to. vith 


Wltkportnlt nd a 

Lond. ISmo. 

Holt Sdinsb. 

HoDT, Humphrey, D.D. Da 
Biblionim Teitibua originalibia, 
Tersionibu* Orecie et Latina Vul- 
guta, Libri IV. Oxon. 1705. folio. 

A ISHTWd (lid Ht«ID«d DlUalU) WDrk 

quent writsn hsTS bssn Bnitly Indcbled. 

ooe hu dlipliyed eFther more koowledgs 
al the snliject. or more critical ngscilr 
tbinHody.' ConUuiIa of tlie foBrbooki. 

. Hlstoili 8choluIloi 

it.itoiT of English Corn 

gtlred to lUly on the U)iln« ot 

;, Google 

by E. Jwe. Lend. IMS. p«t Bro. Its. p 

Horaun, Dtuiiel, D.D. Offlcina , 

TheologicB. Edimburgi, mipri- a 

mebat Jobumes Scbeak, 1596. ~ 

Hoa-AN ■ MoOidlDBS ; or, the 

Butch Hudi bra*. Lond. 167i 8to. 

Pp.121. I(us»ii,pt.i.i63l,6). Blaaior, 

HoBiETH, Eichsrd. DiaBerta- 
tiones GramniKticJee ; sive Eia- 
men ooto pBrtium OrationiB, inter- 
roeatorium et res ponaorium, Anglo- 
' ■• -- Lond. ITia. 8vo. 

n) Hon 

IS fkthet 

'liim Hoennb. Field, 148B, 
IW. umaiey, pt. Hi. lis. 

William. A CcJlection of 

the Graphic 'WoriB of, atUs folio 

Eoiborgbe. ISlSi In 3 vols, nioal of [hf 

hulf moro™t, gill edges, IL Ti. 
Hogarth reeWredj being the 
entiro Works as originally pob- 
lished, re-engraved b; T. Cook. 
Load. 1B02. atlas folio. 

In no esllniatiea, the plitts belnc 
lEdl/ ™plfi Md much lees (omplele 
faui Doydell ud Hetth'a edltloDi of (b* 
iiHglMlMppera. llihould t» maoinp*- 
iled b7 k deiertpUTe TOlnme in gurta. 

— The genuine graphio Wotki 
jf William Hogarth, oonaisting of 
IBO engravings luthfuBy copied 
from the originals. By Thomaa 
Cook. Lond. Tagg. 1813. 4W, 

Bnllielv plitea, should h.»e ' An«- 
of ths oelelinted Wm, Boganh, 

»o£ ruBJii/lSW. W Bolheby't, J8S8 

itnUocUonoHOOprlntslBBvols. rw. 

-The genuine Works otWil 

lUm Hog-U. Lond. [1790] 
atbe folio. 

Oh hundred «id Oir« rtUan, p«b 
ll.hed bj aeon. BoydalLirlih wo pot 
miusniHabte. SoOieby'stn J^lte- 

— The genoine Works of Wil- 
liam Hogarth, toad. 1820-2. Btl«» 
folia. 156 BUbjecta on 119 plaWs. 
published at 30 guineas. Saoore 
ON Ibdia papbb, 50!. 


icrlpllon ol bii 

— Hogarth moralised (bv John 
Tnisler, LL.D.). Lond, 1768. 8vo. 

Hogarth moralized by John 

Trualer, edited by John Major. 
Lond. Major, 183L post Svo. 
11. 16s. 
A neir Bet at plates, fwantifUlly «- 

— Hogarth illustrated. ByJoha 
Ireland. Lond. 1791-8. royal 8to. 
3 vols. 183 plates. 

Roibarghe, ISIS. 71. M*. Beed, S9I>> 

ie pige. II. «s. RtprInU 

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HooAUTE — aintumed. 
■Old utbcMot 1781. Ednrd>,3K,aTat«. 
nHU, II. loiD nprintad. 180S, [0}>1 Sio. 

im— S, ronl evo. t TDll, KUM, ISIS, 
U lOi, OoMnnU. UC. 4J. T>. uboe 

tralad wltb Ibg Blohingii ■ml pimfil, SLlba. 
ruoM Buter, 760, 91. Ita. Bd, 

— Hie goDuine Work* of 
■William Hogarth, illiiBtrated with 
biographical Anecdotes, a cliro- 
nological Catalogue and Com- 
■ mea^rj. Bj John liii^hola and 
tiie htfl George Steeiens. liOiid. 
18(»-17.4to_^3To!B. (VoLS, - 

BMr-atnet, ud Ih* fon r aueei oT Cmcltr. 

Loud. IT61, Svn. »llh I porlr. o( ttoBmrth, 

Fluid, UUO. irltli pormlt at Hogartli, 

LiDii p4>Dr Iqi fltpllquM teti GalAmpeH de 
luD>. Ilnguib. Loud. 17M, Bra. Ulb- 

Pli« D»7ii' PorBgrimUon wiib Thom- 
'b«« eunTlnga ocduc la fonc diflenDt 


'ClaTis Hogarth iana,' 
id often deBcient 

upplemenlaiT, an i 
i.iMa FiPEii. eiratlsU, lUB, S TDla. 

—'The Works of William Ho- 
nrth, including the Analysis of 
Beauty, elucidated bj Deacnption«. 
criticd, moral and historical, found- 
ed on the most Rpprored Authori- 
tiee ; to which is prefiied. Home 
Account of his Life. Bj Hios. 
Clerk. Lond. 1810. rojal 8yo. 

in Bditlim 

nnil7 " 

— Hogarth's Works. Lond. 
Jonee, 1830, republished bj Brain. 
lB4a. 4*0. 2 Tol9. ISO plates. SI. 3s. 

— The Analysis of Beauty. 
Lond. 1763. 4to. with two folding 

LKs it Hogirth., s 
HofidleT, M.D., be)^ imc 
UiMnof (he AulysiB of ) 
HontU finlilied it Car II 

Reprinted with CapL O 
dnwiiiff CArlcftlDTea Lsi 

TiunlaUd Into Franc 
Full, 1800. 


'PdoU Uteij pnbUiilLtll, 

ITbile kniKhla 

Ho^nVB Hi 

hla Works by Wilpole, Gtlpln, ChurlM 
Lanib,and othera; and nCBthtnguvoTbia 

in ExpJanAtioo cj Hogvtb's I 

>n« half sf the World 

thB lUa Mr. Hogarth, 
, ISIT, vktb iiio prtfiflg 

naTaloEna of Hognrtll'a 
In Snalloii strut, leDt. 

he Genius of Hogaita, 

;, Google 

HoaiTtTH — (MntHuad. 

ind u«'¥>?mE!ly dediotsd Co wmiim 
Wireof Grest Moughlon, Norlhuanion- 

biir«h."Lond. ibloiid *lo. no/iU. «. 3i. 
frbene ire 111 lucluded Id Bild<fln-| ind 

HoQO, James. Poetical Works. 
Edinb. 1822. lamo. 4 toIb. 

Bblljulfl ukd Songir fniiDd& 
lW«nd>^ T•^r». Edlnb. I 

BonKB AdtptAd to th« II 


qri«n lirndB, 1 Po«o, In Sil KoDka. 

Ths Bniwnls ol Bndibrtk, 
Ttlu.lnl'nK. Edinb.lBlS.I! 

jKoblU Italics of Seotluid 

Tha PllgrliDi at t 

HOL 1083 

The Sb^pberd'i CulaDdu. Edltib.lS!9, 

S^e'' bj th« Eltrlek Sbepberd. Edlnb. 
1S31, Sto. 
A Green Book. Edinb. ISSS, 8>o. 

— T. The bbuloue Higlory of 
the Ancieot Eingdoui of Cornwall. 
Lond. 1827, 8to. 

Hoa Faced QisTixwotLUf. 
Set Shihieb. 

Hoeo-AKD. Sh Hvooabd. 

HoHEHLOHB, Frince. Miracle 
wd to have been wrought bj 
Prince Hoheolohe, in Ireland, on 
Mondaj, the Oth of June, 1823. 
Lond. 1823. 6to. 


Holbein, John, or Hana. Tha 
Dance of Death ; painted by H. 
Holbein, and eDgraied by W. 
Hollar, (Lood. 1790), plates from 
the original coppers, cnnm 6to. 

Tbe Frefsrc inS deicrlpllan at Iha 

I, modfl ij Dan Joba L^dgile, 
foldllifr pitu, basldeJiVir tlllaluf 

&«(fan..-EdlDb. ]788,4to, BlDdler, 

pUIn ud solannd, |Bi>n><», 11. tW^la M 
copper.putsi, dona Ihun oiiglul d«id(ni. 

;, Google 

to vhleh UK pnflxsd dcKTiptlaiM i 


ih,&c Elclisd 

Kl bvH.- 

EoLHSiN. Daace of Death, exhi- 
bited in elegant engniTiiigB on wood, 
iritb a disaerlatioa on the •everal re- 
pre«ent»tion» of that aubject, but 
more particularlj on those iicribed 
to Macaber and Hani Holbein bj 
V. Douce. Lond. Pickering, 1833, 
8to. 66 pUtea. Fuhlishcd I'. Is. 

— Icones Biblicse ; or, Illug- 
trntions of the Bible, with Intro- 
duction bj T. F, Dibdin, Lond. 
183^ 90 wood engraxings bj John 
and Maty Bjfield. crown 8to. 
publiebed at 1^ la. 

Telldm. Bii mplu. &> Bntc, p. I(>(^ 
col. I. 

— Dance of Death : with a Di»- 
eertation by F. DonM ; alio BiBLB 
Cuts, conaisting of Ninety HIus- 
tratioDs on wood, with IntnKluction 
bj T. P. Dibdin, D.D. Lond. 
1858, emaU 8vo. In Bohn'a II- 
luatratad Library, 7b. 6d. 

Thl> volume ramptliea tli« two preeed- 

— Imitations of Holbein's 
Drawings of Portraits. Set Ca±!t- 

HoLBEsa, Iiouii Baron. An 
Introduction W uniTeraal History, 
tronsL from the Latin, with Notes, 
by Gregory Sharpe, LL.D. Lond. 


ly th 

Kdreil. br W. Radcllfle, A.B. Lond. 1787, 
n. Hifibetl.SB7e,6fc 
Sa KuBica. 
■ Holboeh-Deollbst ; or the 
Beautiful Chloret surprised in the 
Bheets. All the Love Songs and 
Poem, with which eha hath 
been trealedi to which is anneied 
' Flora's Cabinet Unlocked.' Lond. 
1673, am. Bro. 
Hanrud, ins, U. tu. AfDiOLuaiu. 

HouDBHi, Antony. Hie GOf 
ama Scboole. Loud. P> Shorty 

1597, 4to. 

An unique mpy. In Dr. Blmbulfa Hd- 
■ieal t.i1>iiu7, rormulr Evelru'i. 

HOLCOT, or UoLXOT, Robcrt, t.a. 
Bichardus de Bnsi, Duaehnensii 

HOLOBOPT, Thomas. Travels 
from Hamburgh, tlirouah West- 
phalia and the Netherlands, to 
*■ is, Lond. 1804. 4to. 2 vols. 

ilLlta. Duko of York, MM, IL ISl. 
Lbrldgnieiit bj John Fnllun appeared 

liiT, Ndmi, and oUier Papera [bj Haa- 
,11. Lond. laia, limo. S vOm. portrait, 
. U. alirldged edlUau. Longniaii, Ita7, 

HoLSBK, Qeorge, H.A. An At- 
tempt to Dlustrale the Book of 
EcclesiaBtei. Lond. 1S22. Svo. 
10s, 6d. 

itD the reliBiiini ObligitiDn of keepio; 
olT one D>r In geien. Lond. 1825. B>D. 

IteS. Lond. ISSCBto. 

dlcaUd. Load. 1833, 8td. 

L Scriphiral Vindication of Chnreh 

il etijoeUona of NDncoDfomiiU. LoDd. 

-■be Authoiity of TrrflUon In matlwi 
of BellglOD, Lond. lB38,Hm«UBvo. 

Cbriallao EipDBllor; or a Practical 

A Traatlie on JaadficaUon, Loo 

;, Google 


HoLDIV, John. An Ebbs; to- 
wards s cBtionai SyBtaiQ of Mueio. 
Glug. 1770. Ito. 

— Lawrence. A FarapliI'HSa On 
the Books of Job, Psalmg, ProTerbs, 
and Eculraiaetee, iTith Notea. Land. 
1763. 8to. i vois, 6a. 

Oh of !)>■ vonl BpeclmBDB In 
EngllBb luirarngb of pBTHplinBtlc ll 
preUllmi, by "• Un'Ullu diaWn 

A Pmriphnu on IbiIhIl CtwlDuTard, 

EoLDBB, William, D.D. The 
Elements of Speech, an Esuy, c 
Inquirv into the natural Produc 
Hon of Letters : with an Appendi 
eonoerning Penona that are dei 
and dumb. Lond. 1669. Svo. 

be hu«d, diBU 

tad, .Dd 

Uh iBllera 

f our ijph 

wkd cturff. 

tlllt 11 IB 

weH won 

ry lover 


Most, but putlciilorlr 

f lyric p. 

rooJ m 



JTmi.S. Or 


111 held 

in oUlmiitlHi 

A Tr^ntln 


da iDd 

prilKlplM Of 


— ITOl, Bro. 




» »«»niiiv TlkH 




HoLDEBiTESB, ISirj. Note« re- 
lating to the Manners and Customs 
of the Crim Tartars, written during 
a four jears' Besidtnice among that 
People. Land. ISmo. 6b. 


HoLDBWOBTB, Edward. Be- 
marks and DissertationB on Virgil, 
with some otlier classical Observa- 
tions. PubUahed, with sereral 
Motes, and additional Bemarks, hj 
Mr, Bpenee. Lond. 1768. - 

utta, : 

k, Nu. 

by lh EDKK'h Iniulatiaii, wu piiutud 

HoLDBWOBTn, Richard. Pnelec- 
tiones Theologies, babiCsi in Cal- 
legio GreBhainensi apud Irijndi- 
nensea. Load 1661, folio. 
ThB V4llc]' of vLaoii,''lD lilBermoiu. 



br good HUH sad sobar pltty. 

— Ber. Bichard. Bemarks on 
the Arabian Nights' Entertain- 
ments; in which the Origin ot 
Sinbad'e Toyages, and other Ori- 
ental Fictions, is particularlj con- 
-idered. Lond. 1797. 8to. 

Aq ucslleat IitUa norlc. BlndlBy, pt.lL 

II, iB. Uoiburiib*, aie^ 6>. r«iUim, 

1 Ehuj on the ChuulAr of Dlnsas. 
itlnnled In Homer, load. 1807, Svo. 
i. FHiIbl)l,l«74,TB. 
- Bobert. Farthenia Inriolata 
or M^den'Muaick for the Yi^ 
ginaUa. Lond. Mo. 

Botbtbf'B In IKB, IM. 

;, Google 

HouHBHED, Ralph. The Chro- 
nicUa of Eughmde, ScotUnde, and 
Ireluide, hj Baphsell Holinihed. 
Loud. 1677. folio. 2 toU. 

The flnt ud tannins •dlllon of thlg 

HoLivaHBD, Bolph. Ohronidea 

of England, Sootland, aiid Iralond. 
Lond. 1586-7. folio. 3 loli. in i. 

TIili Hcond cdlUon wu ■upsrrlHd, 
comcTA(]> tod Bnlargad llf AbnhHn 

1- p,..ll.,»( 
" S41, 7i. 1 

Mr, pt L ICiI. IfiL Ditu, 


1,311,10a. WIIUW, 
J Urge copy, snp- 

CuOatiim, *8.— Vo 

ftflcfom. Jdaaier o/ 1h« Raquesto, by W 

pp. 1 to 618. T&bU of tliB prEncipLl mat 

ti^i of Irell^dT^i W,— 'cSdiJi °lon 'ic 
Sir HantT Sydney, LorSe DspMtiB of lifl. 
Isnd tnu li>tA.'— ' Tbd DenchpliOD a( Ire- 
hm.'SetaiM,— 'ThaHialorifloflrelaoii, 

- - ■- . ■i_'xille. 

da; vlSTT). pp. Wl u 

rat UbL Vol II. Title, u before 

'Hntort*«fEi — 

ine.-TiUe, H 

ioKiilar Nota Knd voni 

Engl.nd IB dedlMlrf'^ ■ sir Willtam 
a, Knight,' Ac, by W, II, Aflsilha 

[Euh feli^dom hu • Hptnu tit 
V^V. P^lDB. *«■ EngUnd la m t 
Hrta; bvfbnuid nftar tn« conquest; t 
■hnnBT cpf thaea, Tith Seotluid 4nd I' 

ISa. BtaaTeai, 1W», niulik m. Cnv. 
G>rd, IBM, m^. ISL IOl Hebar, pt, 1. 81. 
LoKonlie, 663, 83J. lOa. Hmnrolt, wUh 

thit of fcwta 

. of Eagltnd.—dleesled, JR. hr Abt, Flem- 
ing; HOi pigBB, DedluUan to Sudar, 
one leaf. Vol II, 'Tlie aeeood Voliuna 
of Chronlclai ; cuntsining Iha DaMripUijo, 
Gonqueal, Inhabitation and tTQnhtwmo 

■ugmented', eontinucd from the Deilh of 
King Henris Ibe Blghl TnUt thil pra- 
Mol Time of Sir loUn Parol Knight, LonJ 
lleputlei tK. By lohn Hooker, lUu 

DescrlpUnu ud Htatorla of Butlud; Rnt 
publl>b»d br tha atld R. B. ud osw nra- 

;, Google 

HoLtNBHKa, Ralph — conlinutd. 
lie rauLfd, lnI»rgeil,«Tid mntLnuoa toiliK 
prownl Yeare, by F(r.ncisl TXhIii). 15B6; 

■Sir Uenrie Sidnpia Knlghl/ bj H. Holin- 
■hi^d. Niiiiie>ofaiithDn,oneW. Another 
dsdiMlion lo him by Klch. fllnnlhursl, 
wlio compiled the deacrtptLon of In^liiid; 
UDUlniDg 61 p<«*8, thtn 'The Irish 

tnmlatfd— bv lahn Hookor.' Dediuud 
to 'Slf Wolter Raleltib. KnlitKt,' Ac. 

lo ' Lotd Robert Ididloy, Eirle of Lelci 

oiniDonl7 died Ihe Conqueror 
laing by Ilegreej of 1( 
dim >tld Ques,,. of Ecgland ir 

The htslory Is now enlarged by Abr. Flem- 
tioi'jof Pr. Thin, the abiidKement of R, 

cnn-llU. of ISea p»eea. besldet Ibe pre- 
fiieB.indiUl^lenltbeend. 'FiiilBbeS In 

'citir^tlona'to'tlnllnilied'i Chronlelog, 
reprinted 1/58, folio, Willi™ tlje Con- 

of Smtlaqd; p. mi to 431 1' p. 433 to 436 ; 
p. 44a to um. An, Reg, aS, Q. Kllubelh, 

1671. An. Reg! 58. * Al8o' twelve psfni 

HoLiNSHED, Ralph. Chronicles of 
England, Scotland, and Ireland. 
Lond, 1807-8. 4to. 6 vols. SI. 8b. 

wilrorlS^npe^IendBnc* of ilr Heorr 

HOL 1087 

Dlbdin, wd others As fir n' the trad* 

Chronleles. The! 


Vetih Chronicle, by Roberta,. 


1.11. ih. 

;Ottiah Chronicle, 
or a complete flistorj wid Descrip- 
tion of Scotland. Arhroalh, 1806. 
4to, 2toJ8, with portrait. 2S>. 
A wretched [«pTlnL 
HotHOT, Robert. Set BtKY, 
Richard de. 

HouAND, Henrj Richard Fox, 
Lord. Some Account of the LiTca 

Lond. 1817. pott Sro. 2 toIs. port, 
Blrll.M.BrlM,pt.l.lSR,ll>. FInt 
edition. I8Cie,Sio.lT0l. BiDdle;, pt. IL 

;, Google 

HoUiAVi), Ijori—eimiiaued. 

— Foreign BmniniacBncos, edited 
b; bia Sod. Load. 1850. pint 8to. 
pub. at 10s. 6d.— Again, 1851. 

OpiDliHiji. l-munStl.MlaibjttoT- 
lu. Lond. linis. 1841. 

Hlnory of tha Whig Purtr. Lood. 
Bid. t voU ISg. 

S» Valtou, Honc«. WALnxaUFi, 

HOLLiU'li, AbrnluHn. litkumachio, 
OF HoUand'a Sea Fight. A Poeta. 
Lond. 1823. «o. 

- — Erniy. A IreBtise sgunst 
Witchcraft. Cftmb. 1690. 4to, 

BlmUo)-, pt. U. aOBS, IBB. pt iT. 

rg J beeing 
and haeW E%iea of aU 
flLIBH KCIOS, from the Conquest 

TDtiU this present ; 


BoiUp.II.Ui.Gd.10a. 4 Uanrj Uia FLnt. 
R, E. iKiilpatt. 13a, fi. BMphen. An la 
b* aold by Compton llolladd, IL IZh. 1L 
a. Heun'thaSd. Are la be aold b^ Camp. 
Ud Holland. IL Ida. 1. Klekanl. aur- 

be lold by Complon HoUud. U. ITs. 
18a. ISa. 13. Edward raure^ad the slack 

SLSa. !«. Henn IV. Antabaaold^ 

R. E. aculp. lee. Ila. 18. Heorr the VL 
R. £. aculpalt. II. 10a. 18. £dvud tba 
4lb, R, Elgtnoka, •CDlpait. fti. lOa. 
«i. Edward the ». Are oi be aold br 
Compum Holland. ISa. 11.14a. ll.Rlehud 
tba 3. Are to be Bold by Complon Bol- 

Ars to be aald brCamptoa HollaiHt.K. SB. 

Dtlarara, Kulp. Si. Ta. 3i. 13a. ad. ««, 

3i. Paaa^a Kuip. L. «." 
1!, 111. 6d. 2a. Maria, (li 

ipaaratoba complat* 
love enumerated, bnt 
mtaina them uauaUr 

le addUiooa, wllb Ui 

;, Google 


HoLLiHB, Henry — conlmufd. 

Simas IV.. K. of ScnlB, »M liy C/mpOn 
ETo'Idih^ SI. ISH.Sd, 31. 

Muy, Q. nt ScdU. fiimeb. tl. lOs. 

riwnBil, luppOMd unlqiTB. Ml. ei. 
Fracifrtck II. of BoUemt«, mW I17 Oa. 

Hli Bnn. PrlriM FrwJerick Henry, Bold 
bTB* Rwim.iU. 13s. 6d, 

Another of him, In »n ovtl, 

Duke of RmuB'Ick, Bold liy Bogrr 

Henry IjOtA DBfTtley, Hold by Grorge 

iin, Kill 
itlsnd. Oio. 

HOL 1089 

nmenli). G«riclt,lOTO,Bi.Be- Hlb- 

Btieiwll, 14S8, Uiirt 

i WlllUmi, %m, 10 
On the fly-Hif of It. 

reprinted ty Tripbook.) : 

JjidT Franco.. Co>inteju of Herltoi 
Mid bv S. Daniill. 331- 11*. 

Rlthd. Whitlnglrm, thrlco Lord M»T 
J(.JIHr«i<. «l.4>, 6l.Ts.ftl, 

HnlI'd Suko, Clilinney-sweepsr. Pli 
poiJwt.mdBtithwiyniiin. BoldbyCotnjiMn 
b^Umil ODiy (no liopresslona knoirn, 301. 
da. II bu been boouilftillT copied by 
SylTHter Hurdlng. >nd >g(la1iy Ceulfleld. 
— HOTortlogia Anglic*, hoc est 
clariraimorvm et doctiBaimomn 
aliqiot Anglorvni, qvi floryerynt 
■b Anno Cnati M.D. vaq. ad pre- 
untem Aaavm M.D. C. XX. 
Efflgiea, Tibe et Elogia, duobua 
Torais. Authore S. H. Anglo 
Britanno. ImpenBis Crispini Ma- 
llei Calcottrapliiis et Jansonij Bib- 
liopolie Amhemiensifl. folio. 
. Thf« work contsfns the flrst n-g- 
•erlen of English heide, secersi of wl 
an done by the tunlly of Ps>«.(6S lie 

«.-8. Lidy Jim 
Bllubeth. On p. 31 


Dd p '68.-17. Sir NloJioliiB Bkmi. 
80,-18. Bir HumphreT Gllberl, 
;or. On p.M.— 1». Blr Henry Syd- 
5. On p. 67.-20. Blr PWltp Bid- 
I p. 71.— 91. Robert Dudley, li^rl 

■S3. Sir I 
On p. (K.-M. 6' 
H»lg>tor. On p. 

:lehud OrBnTllle, 

;, Google 



H0Lt.lim, Henry — eonllautd, 
diab, Nsilgmtor. On p. Bf>.—ie. Chrido- 
phsr C»rllla, Suvlwlor. On p. 8S,— W. 

16M. Btliima pp. 96 ^W.— 28. ■-'■- 

Euei. On p. U7^-B3. a, Cliaord, 1 
CumbertmJ. On p. 121.— M. RnMrl 
BulorBillilHii7.Onp.I93.-3S T 

t. 1*7.' M, John Hurtngloo, Loni H«r- 
iCton or Elton. On p. 132— ST. Jobn, 
Mcamil tort Haringlon of Elton. Be t»een 
pp. 184-6.-88, JoSo ColBt, Ue.n of 81, 

t^r. On p. It7, — Ut John Bnidfuid, M>r 
tyr. On p. 160.— *1. fllBhop Hugh Lalj. 

NlchoUs" ttuilKJ, Uiity,. 'On p. 166.- 

— is. Abp°°Tb™u Cr.nm-r Oh. isSS. 
On p. 181.— le. Jobn Bile, RUhop of Oa. 
Bor7. Betvoen pp. — 47. BL&hop 

Vtrint;. On p. 194.-S6. Archh, Edmu 
Gclndill, On p. 168.— S6. John Fox, M 
tyroloKlBl. On p. Ml.— 57, Archbp. i 

IluoifcsT. On p. SOT. 
B.T.P. On p. ii».-' 

TaDifhui, tip. of London. On p. 231-— 

Th« rgilowliut Hierant of th« pieturea 

■ copy of thebojt ullhMS.nijtfH, (pro. 
b>bl7 wrlllen soon nfter the publlmiion) 

eir J. ™Lrt™ B«n.— No.. Vs, 4. Fwni 
Itishmond. H. Holbeln.-fi. From Lan- 
batli HouiM.-e. From WhItehaU. H. 
Holbein.— 7. From ths B»il of Henrotd's 

11. Pnmi ■ wbaltOengUi ntWbltehdl!— 
■uod,— 17,lEb rrouDtioptnUieStniid. 


-IB. From Bnrnirll'i 
Dhn de Crili.-21. F™ . . 
-Si. From Blutlniwr'i H»ll.— 
olinde CrIlE.— e4,2S, 26, 27. 28, St. . 

Illin Onllery.-Sl? From lii« Pembn 

1 ona In IlDll 

-SI. From one nt Cambridge iv Ciina 

be'ti>'nonse?-M. Fmn''l>r, Foi™?s M™i 

son*rhoiije.— st^Ftian onTM Oi^ri.— 

W. From hli picture In his deserlptionof I 

HoxxAHD. Monunienta aepnl- 
chralia Sancti Fauli. B7 H. H. 
(Hen. Holknd). Lond. (1614).4to. 
- ■ nein and dnll psrrfmnnncs.'- Alsrf. 
Wlai4™-The inscripiiona from the 

Macedonia, &c. during the Years 
1812 and 1813. Lond. IS16. 4to. 

be found In Ihe Q.i.rterly lUTle-.iiilL 
325-68. Dmrr, 21S2, U. 9s. Blr M. H. 
Syk«s,pLI, 15(»,mesi».2I. 12i.«d. Eid 
of Kerry, sea, 31. Gb. HIbben, 3960, 21, li. 

leil 'noUi and Beaeetlou. LobB. 

lunonUsnUlPhyriolagr. Umi. 

iigitizcii;,. Google 

HoLtAND, Heiekifth. A. Com' 
mentarj' upon iheRereltttion of St 
John. Loud. I60O. 4ta. 

With» portTKi. of lbs MthM. BlDd- 

— Hugh. A Cjprca Garland 
. {ac the Sacred Forehead of our late 

Soueraigna King James. Loud. 
1625. 4to. 
Tvelve l«Te>. Lloyd, TU, 11.68. Fne- 

pinchuiB-lfhe fint Book. Loirf. 1«», 
Bm. Itmo. Unique. In the BodlelaoLl- 

Hugb Bollind pnfliei nroa to the 

— Sir Bichard. The Buke of 
the Uowlat. Edinb. 1823. 
21. 2s. 

A Bitin OD E. Juneg II. or BentTuid, 
pnsenled U, the memlnn a( tha Bbiuii- 
tyneClnb tyDiTidLiUie.Biq. Soteoly 
CDplen printed, irlCh s Tmliubla hlitDiiul 
prertca. ULd tatIoub readtnga. 

— Robert, M.A. The holie His- 
torie of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ's Natiritie, Life, Actes, 
Miracles, Doctrine, Death, Fassion, 
BesuTTBction and Ascension. Loud. 
1591. smaU 8vo. 

Pp. Sse. 'Osthered into Enitlish 

— SamueL Eomanoio-MMtii j 

or, a Romania on BomaQcee. 

Printed for the Author, 1660. 12ino. 

I'p. 3Lfl. A aav tlElB-pR^ to Pan Z^n 


Holland. — The Character of 
Holland. Loud. 1665. folio. 

BOL 1091 

A Iteharun of th» nobll Vlctarr unit 
Tcrtbrow, irhlch the ProtubintB of tlie 

nke, at Alba his Shipii of Amilerdsm, 
l(h the Inking of tbc Birl iif Biwid, and 
lalr Admiral BosBhujsen. vltb diners 

The Duleb Whore, or the' MisB of Am- 
onlsm. Lond. 1680. 12ido. Fonliilll, 

The Uutth drawn to tbs Life. Lond. 
164, inina-nlth franllipler*. lleed,3»2S, 

Inyd, lis, 4s. eS. 

iti, 1683. North, II. 

HlBCorr of the IteniblicH of Hollond. 
Und. 1J&, Syo. 2 volB. Roibiiisbe, J3fil, 

HijitorroT the IMs Revnlnilon Id ibe 

jeorge EllU Koibnruhe, 1969. 7a. ' 

An HlHlorlral AcFounl of (tie Brlllih 
[tegtmenln oinplcyed Biuca tbs Helen of 
i. BlliBbBlli. in tlie Foimstion and ln- 

ot the Scolcb Briga^. LoJ. ln»,8vo. 

ingniBli^mi'ltt«ry"coTn' raSwd In onr 

KiB.eT ¥'™ti telatl'g to IMIaai', 
n i villa, timber, pt. vl. II. ISii. 

Ho rnK Ti'H XiEAQUBB, an hit- 
□rical Discourse of the Life and 
ittions of Dona Britaniuca Hol- 
laiidia, the Arch Mistria of the 
wicked Women ofEutopia. Lond. 
1632. 4to. With a wood-cut front- 
ispiece, 2i 12s. 6d. 

In ChiB » 

ths aXimS'^pr(jvlntBs'to"tlie'"'sulM It 
at peace conc'luilud betveen 1*111110, King 

h7 H.V. Imp. by John Wolfe, lew, 
pDtUek, 19KI, l^Sa. { 

Hou^iB, Wenceslaus. Theati-um 
Mulienun, seu Varietas Habituiun 
Foeminei Seius. Lond. 1643, Sro. 
48 Etchhtgt ^ Pejnale Cottums. 

4SptaUB. Oarrlek. 1139, 11.81. Ueber, 
pt. liU. SI. la.. Bd^lWO, 4to. Brottalt, 

AftcrnanlB mlsBued hy Sob, Sajer, 

;, Google 

1092 . QUL 


tlw MWUUa u th> e>>IlIIU7<ro^Iu^ u 

Uht an Id lht< Um*. IMO, se pUtn. 

UalinM, Loud. R. Sirer, n.d. Sro. 

Enaluul >nil FrlDEipillty of WiJu 
«i«tlT dMoribed, wlilth e.BT7 Bhesn 

thaoi, Id III M«ppeJ, engrmved by HolUr. 

Bold b; Tbo. Tanner, 1«44, folio. 

Hip. of Ei.jtl.~J. l™l 1814,8.0. 

A ViAC i»l Vi«- of U,e To-fl of UuU 

b/ W. HollM, folio. 

TMwi of Ksgllib Citbeilnai, foll^ 

<MlMM fnm, 48 plittl, n d. 

H>MU of tb. NobLlfw. 4«. « le.». 
«C mgiMTlng* of the NobllltT In their 

uuUonrobo- pmbiblTiH porlnlta. 
A Ciul^ue of the Woifci of Hullu-. 

HoujM, Deoiil, Lord. Me- 
nioin ot, from 1641 to 1648. Lond. 
1699. 8<o. 

Portnlt bT R. WhtU. Blodlef, vL H. 
IN6, Ot. Roibnrgba, 8487, *a. Hutb, 
(461. Ca. NiuMii, pi. t. 1«H, Cl VUleli, 


HoLLiDiT, Ber, EVbdcu, 
ceUanea CurioAa Hathematit 
Lond. 171E-9. 4to. 9 Noa. 
Tblii writer IlkewlM pDbUibed HTonl 

— John. The Life of Williun, 
UtsEarlofMuufield. Lond. 1797 
Ito. portrait. 

Hlbbort, seta, Se. «d. Duke of York, 
I«sa.8L Bracket!, ins, U 1b. 

HOLUHSBEBBir, William, 
hitbny of Nizam Alee Khaun. Sot 
badi of the Dekhan, arranged s 
follows : Geographical and histor 
cal obserTationB on the present an 
fomur Btete of ths DeUian { lit 
moira of Wuara Alee Khann'i pn 
deoeuora, in fbnr •ectJona. B.iaiorj 
of tbe Nizam, -with an Appendix. 
CaloattB, 1805, 4to. 


H01.LIS, 'Ihomaa, F.K. and A.S.S. 
Hemoiri. Lond. 1780. rojal 4to. 
8 Tola. 

PiiTklalr printed. Vol, I. Pp. *>■<' ^^ 
Ke.vlUi Uportnluudplalae. VvLU. 

Pp. KIT'-84I1^ not IndudlBs half ttlla. ala 
ulndei, Illu>e<. ^ItolwHQ pmga SU 

•S77'lo'-IW4-. Coinbe,iasl,l(,ai. BlBd> 
lej, pt 111. m, 11. 13.. alt U. M. a]>k«, 
pt.1, IGW, rustle, V.U. UoUle, m, 
11. llLSd. Heill..iee6, 41, Ta. Broebell, 

63! end MS. mid Um jam. of Sr I*. New- 

HOLLIB, Thoa. Brand. Hranoin 
of. (b; John Dime;, D.D.) Lond. 
1808. roTal 4to. portnit, II. le. 

PrinMlf prlnled. Bilidl07, pi. IL U8, 

HOLLOWlT, BeDJaroin. Origi- 

8to. 2 Toia. 12a. 

Hollomj'i Woiki tn HnteUnaOBiao 
and OrifeUBB Id perfMtioD. 

LellM u4 Spirit, w Annstatkoa apa 
the Seriplurea eecudlUK 10 both. Oxford, 

HoLiTBAHS, Claodiui. A Dic- 
tionarie French and Engliah. Lond. 

The flrit FreDob ind Englleb dlcUooair 
publlibed Id EnKltnd. 

The Fnneh Bdiool».iDii]iler. rnto the 

Talkei. Lond. 1M& 8™. Hebor, pt. I. 
li.«d. I]ebeT,p(.ill.delBie28,l.L— Land. 
□. ± Btd.— Lond, 1631, ISmo, ta. 

iDeh Tout 

vhloh muT be lulled 
Worte of the Freueli Tongue. Load. 
IMO, ISmo. 
CempodlFIoi, ore 


-IMT, 1 

Btndisf, pt. t< tsr, «>.- ieU8. ISmo. Bl«4- 
Ier,pt.ll. SaE,Bi. Heber, pt. Tl. 4lM. 


The Fnnoh Lltllatsn; 
French iDPgue. Lond, V 

-1BT&— IHB, lemo, 
— - - — IB»7, 

pL I. ISM, 

HoLUAii.JuiiBa. Travela tlirough 
Ruuia, Siberia, Foluid, Saiouj, 
HutoTer, &c., undertaken during 
the Yeare 1822-4, while BuSerins 
from total Blinduesa. Loud. 182^ 
8to. 2 roll. 

PubUihed ■( U. 41. THICK Pins, Witt 

Sil« m India UMr. Daks of York, 
1% II. ta. 

HunUTsaf * Jonrner tbnngh Fnnce. 
IUI7, BiTor. SulUerland. pirU of Qer^ 
TnftiiT, HolUibd, and tho Netherluds 
Land. 1833, Sra. 

A Vorsfe [wind the ^orld, iDclDdln j 
Traveli tn Afrits, Asia, AusInluU, etc 
from IS» ID ISSa. Lend. ISM-B, Bto. 4 
TolB. puULehed K. l&k ndnod 1&. 

EOLKB, Bundle. The Acndemy 
of Armorj, op a Slorehouae of Ar- 
mor]' and Blazon. Chaater, 

Hlhbert, BSnb, KL 12l. t 
1966,71.101. Boa>el1,lKg,; 
c.r, c, .., '"'->*. M. Syki 


eud of Ihe book euggested to D 

1. 'lAird',' 

afion by Kud)e Uolmo. Land. ISZl, 

lla, pp. 46. Finf doplea printed. 

HOLKB, Wilfrids. Tlie Fall uid 

ill SucDesw of BebellioQ from 

Time to Time wherein ia oonCained 

Uatter mosCe meete for all Eitstei 

to vewe. Written in old Englldie 

Versa. Lond. bf Bearj Biiuie- 

man (1573). 4to. 

Blick letter, pp. 88. A copr l> la tba 
LUDbelb Library. Anothsr edition, dalMI 
1673, Hebar, pt. It. Si. Ss. Solhoby'i In 
IKl «. iH. Sd. lioi.chor, Bt SB. mold 
Bright, ei. as. Bd. 

Eouas, Abie], D.D, American 
Annalfl : or, a chronological Hiatorr 
of America from its Urat Discoverr 
14B2 to 1806. Cambridge (in 
Americt),180&.S<o.3Tola. Second 
edition, 1808. Reprinted, Lond. 
1813. 2 vols. Svo. New and rerieed 
Cambridge, U.B. 1829. S 

Ilapleytng gnt iD- 

Cam^iid^e In Maiuchne- 

leaf.- Book I. t\g. Ft 

he ftellnglr 91 

Compiler. A dedlcal 

hilf-aile, ell. A u> 
Titale tiro luTsi. 

George. 81ietche» of •ome 
of the aouthem Counties of Ire- 
land, collected during a Tour in 
the Autumn of 1797. In a Series 
of Letters. Ixmd. 1801. 8to. 6e. 

— Eer. James Ivory. The Re- 
'elalion of St. John the Divine 
elucidated, from its Commence- 
ment, l.D. 96 j and an lilustpation 
cf the new Jerusalem, and oartain 

>rtionB of Daniel and EiekiaL 
and. 1815. 8vo. 2 vols. 16«. 

— I. H, H., F.S.A. Trcstiae 
I the Coal Mine« of Durham and 

Northumbarland. Lond. 1810. 8vo 
platM, 10a. 6d. 

— John, F.S.A., of Eeffonl. 
A deicn|)tive Catalogue of Books 

;, Google 

Iff9i HOL 

in his Library, with NoticflB of] 
AnChori and Printers, i parts with 
2 SupplemMta, NoririctC 1828-40. 
8to. portrait and plate. 
FAnlxlf prluled. 
HoLKB,N>thaniel, D.D. llieRe- 
Burrection revealed ; or the Dawn- 
ing of the Daj Star about to rise 
and radiate k visible inoommrable 
Glory upon the universal Church 
on Earth for a thousand Years, 
etc. Lond. 1663. foUo. 10s. 6d. 

wlih 1 lupplBmenUrr wotlt if tlis s»nw 
author. Lond. ISW, Btd. 

A learned work.dlipliylog cenaiiloriblB 
kDS'ledn of tke eeiipama, written bj 
> NDDcenfatmlM, and fliu-mooerthv man. 
A notice of him wlU be found in Wood'. 

— Robert, D.D, Annual Ac- 
counts of the Collation of the MSS. 
of the Septuagint Verfion. Oi- 
ford, 1789—1803. Svo. 

Eigh.l Sennoiin pro«elicrt Iwfore flu 


|Q«OT^ ni. 1816, to MichaelmM 
Term, 58 Oeorge III. indusire, 
1817. Lond. ISia. royal 8to. ToL i. 
all publiahed. 1'. 6e. 
SjileiD of tl>e ihlpplnj: and naviitation 

hiclilyeiHBniFd tiyC 

Holt, Jolin. 
de Worde. «o. 

A GnuniniUcal Ti 
m 8 parts. ForlT-slBiineivffli. i_. ... 

— Sir John, Kut., Lord Chief 
Justice of the Court of K. B. Life. 
Lond. 1764. 8vo. 8s. 6d. 


fCleo CBsBiBi^yindobi 

(Sneciiaen et liis Septuagiul.) 

EpIilDlie EpiKopo UniKlmensi A 

peadli: gum Vsixionii SeptUKiuIa-Vii 

lit danao edendB Bpedmlne ad Fotmi 

ooniraotiore. Oion. ITSSi folio. 

TreaUeea on rsUgious and sciiptui 


Roibnrgba, TS1B, SB. 
Holt, Francie Ludlow. Beporta 
of Cases at Niai Prius, in the Com- 
mon Pleaa, and on the Northern 
Ciroait, ftom Trinity Term, 56 


— John. Characters of lie 
Kings and Queens of Englaud. 
Loud. 1786-6. 12mo. 3 vols. 

vork for Uie iiuIinicUuu of youths I7»4, 

— Thomas. Fearful News from 
Coventry, or a Relation of T. 
Holt's having sold himself to Qie 
Devill. Lond. 1642. 4to. 

HoM?. — Miraculous Newes from 
the City of Holt. Lond. 1616. 4to. 
utile liile; 'Mimculouijlewesfroinlha 

menta la come. FillUbllr craoiUIed,' 
HotWBrj, John. Catastrophe 

Mundi, with an Appendix. Loud. 

1682-3. 4to. 5e. 
A severe Utaek en the Poideh putv. 


•-^ 'I 

HotWELL, J. Zeph. Interesting 
historical Evtaito relative to the 
ProvincM of Bengal, and the Em- 
pire of IndoaUn. In three Farts. 
Loud. 1765, 7, 71. 8to. 

— IIM, 4to. with fronliBplBM. Wllk 
11», 11., and otliar edltloM. LoDd. [181 
8T0. Insorini In Dod.ley'8 Annii»l I 

iiii»"T«cu, by J. Z- HoUitbU ud 
Fllwldi. Lcmd, 1774, ero. 

— Bev. Wimwii. A mytholo- 
jncaL etymological, and hiBtorioal 
Dietionarj. Lord, 1793, 8to. 

EltraclBd from Ur'anl'i) Anilyrts of »n- 
elenl Myll;ulOK7. limit, pi. L lOSa, Bn. 

HotrDAY, Barten, B.D, A Sur- 
ym of the World, in Vecae, in Ten 
Book.. Oiford, 1661, »m. 8to. 

Po. 1S8. Bindley, pLU. Sia,8>. Nm- 
W„, put. 1888, 9«. Carry, pi. I. M18, U 
Blhl.Ai.glo.r«t. S88,ai.««. Som»lln.e. 
with Kp...te titlea "j^^^„^^^,^*'; 
J^pid ind Peniua, will !« fouad la 

TKEhnomnlii: or, lbs Uurtue sf the 
Arls. > CwnuJle. Lo"ii. IUSO, «lo. S« 
1818, &. Hi-'eJ, 'W8. 8.. Koi^rBh«, 

HOH 1095 

HoiiT Litn>. Another edition. 
lond. by W. de Worde, 1624, «o. 

Aooordrng « Ame», ' a ,)e»cripUra of 
- VoyigB to Jemfieiem by <•"* John 

oreaim.' Stt KetioapeclJT* Kevlev, 

— Infonnflcon for Pjlgrjmea 

nto the Holy Lande. 1824. 4to. 

dbdi, pt. 11. law, SI. Sm Roibi»oh» 

HoLTOKB, Thomaa, A larpB 
(Latin and Enghsh) Dictionary lu 
three Parta. Lond. 1677, foUo. 
But ediUoo. Bent, pt. 11. IBa, 11. §L 

HOLTBOOD'HonsB, — The Hie- 
tory of the Abbey, Palwa, and 
Chapel Bojal of Holyrood-house ; 
including an Account ot the Sanc- 
tuaiy for insolvent Debtora. Edinb. 
1831. 8yo. 6s. 6d. 

With engrsTliigt 

Hon, . Select Views in 

Mjeore, the Countiy of Tippoo 
Sultan; from Drawings taken on 
the Spot by Mr. Home ; with his- 
'oriow Descriptions. Ijond. 1794, 

BfndlBy, pt.ii< IWO, 11. IDs. Dukeof 
rork, MM. ll FoDtbiU, 81^ cbolw im- 
prcuioni, SI. S>. H, 
Deaaription of Serlngapetam, tfav capl- 

sTr Hiii^e!"Bii« ecgmved by U. BUMa. 

dPliyt, 6 

n.d.iio. R'-buighj, 6m'lJ,7^-l«Ift 
Bindley, pi. 111. S2W) !<■ 8fc— 1981, 4ta 
UtterioB. ia=2, 19». 

HOLi Ghost.— The Tree and 
jii Frules of the Holy Qoost, 
Lond. by Eob.CoplandB. 1584-6, 4to. 
Fti.ioiitfol.liilx. in lbs Hpencer Library. 

Vila III Frult« of tlis Holy Goo»l. 

Holy Ghost Chapei.. Set IjO&- 
OON, Sam. 

HotT Land,— Informaoyon for 
Pylgrymes unto the Holy Lande. 
liind. by W. de Worde, 151B, 4to, 

Twmly l«TOs. Heber, pt tL «. IW 

— > Cbsrlea. A new cnruouiv- 
gioal Abridgement of the Histtwy 
of England. Lond. 1791. 8yo. 

Ajnadom oorapllatton, ""^"Ijj^ 
1^, PL U.*818, 8*. HibbBrt.8889,«». 

- Sir Eyerud, But. Lcctorei 
on oomparatiye Anatomy. To 
which is snfajoined Synopsis Sya- 
f-dmBtia Tt^mi Animahs. nunc pri- 

mum ex oyi aLoaincaiioniuuB ^j 
positi. Lond. 1814.23. royal 4™. 
4 vols. Supplement forming vole. 
6 and 6. . Lond. 1828, together 6 
vols. 4to. reduced to 6J. 6e. 

IlluitreWd byiipir4rd< of BOOengrav. 
lng^p^lblillhHl«tlBL18■. uaotri™. 

This emtsSDl fuofeuwi of anilomy and 

;, Google 

vtmrr hu pnbllahed other Torta, In 
higb nliinillan vith tli« prahHloii. 

ObHrratiou nu Ih« tnitmeit of 
iMotoni tn the Unthn. lant. Brn. 

OhHTrmtlana on dlaeuei of tht pnatnU 
gUnd. Lmd. IBII, Bto. 1 vd!h. A third 
TOl.pDbllibadlDia . BHondadlCBiola, 

Sat IIi;«m, JohD. 

HoHS, Heiuj. Sf Eakh, H. 
HOKB, Lord. 

— June*. The Soriptnre His- 
tory of ths Jevi and (heir Bepub- 
lio. Loud. 1737. Sto. 2 toU. 
U. 111. 6d. 

ChrialkiD TbMli«r. 

— John. Worki, now flrit col- 
lected : to which is prefixed on Ae- 
oount of his Life uid Writings. 
B7 H. Usckenzie. Edinb. 1822. 
8ra 8 TOla, portrait. 

Dmry, USe, 17i. Sd. 

■.eel, n 


llitorr Df the RebelllDD In 
i. Lrmd. 1803. 410. ' A < 
clullr umnlete in [udetaDa.i 

wttk « 

of UMOIT.' Bir M. M. S;taa, pt. 1. 15»7, 
UUc tM»otYari,ia6,lL Bltmicf, 
pt. H. IWft U. 8a. D«Dl, pl.ll. 381, ll.lOa. 
RMOwBlit, SMO. II. ISa, Hlbbart, SSfil. 
It Ita. Itepilnitri In 182:t, Umn. ud lo- 
alndcd Id hla WoAa. 

Eonsi Ofe&i, Gt. et Lot. cum 
Scholiis, et Hotia perpetois in Teit- 
um et Scholia, necnon Tariis L«c 
tiooibuB ; operft, et studio Joa, 
Barnes. Cantab. 1711. 4to. 2 vols. 

plats Oreek BcboUa which ai> 

U. !«. WUIett, uei, IL 

'.. llB, Sd. Slsiiler, 
U, iOt. ed. Duke at 
1, p(.LS138, 

is .pica Greet. 

Homan Illaa, 

Ke of OnthoD, 433, mon 

.Id Botbab^'a 

■ ThaalmShcld 

1706 or 1711,8™. a lola! 

and l),e ™pl.,» 

n hiTKB paper an priud 


LAKOE riFis. I>uk« of 

M1705, monmo, W.I*.. 

Wllllnnia, eai, 

duta ITOS, melDCOL 3/. 

Ho«no,807, a»tfa 1705 and ITU, Jnaala, 

VilllimH, 906, dalee 1T4S 

.i>d 1760, lion. 

1760, il 6a. Wllllama, 

906, daua IIM 

^^Honieri lli.» 

Gr.elJ,al. Lcal.173^ 

er sdltlona, 170^ Ilia, 

"ni^ri Itiaa 

Gr. el Lat (cure Malt- 

»lre> Lond.l 



ClArke. Loud. 

Odim-.. Gr, a 

B> ^e noDDulUa H8S. 

machii, Hymnl 
a S. Cluke^ 

inoto nllcUa psnim ed- 

lectas idjeeit 8 

am. Clarke flline. Uat. 



A njj wiract 

and rniKb aatumad adl- 

tlon. Blndtey, pi. IL 3096. N. fis. Naiau. 

ben, «aO, mora. 

Ooufh.waO,6(.S>. Hlb- 
wi,Bf. 16a. LABaxriru. 

Dake of Grsfto 

n, 418, morocco, 421. mt 

tell. IIK&, mi.™ 

i. 1588,nlMla,Jg^.Bt^^lt- 

™, sua.. Dent,pt.lL 

u.iea. wiiiett,iisi,iai. 

iM, morocco, 1 
The lutP >™ 






Hour — eiuiliaar4. 

f«* but liltle TUHd by BollHUn ; to (hi* 
n»T b« (dded tha oijatj of llW, of 
wliieli Ib..^ hu b«. w alW *m>k Is 

hua et OnoTlllo *»<iu.eiici«'Th.Or*u. 

Till., U. KoBon, R^bdolpti, Cl«™r, ot 

Kogan.' Um KmooIo obMrTod thiC th* 
•dlton bid (low mncsh (o dtpneliu iho 

namu luu, Or. at Uit nn Hotii 

>dopM*UU.'<Mdl.«.. LA>a.»Pn. 

Clukll. lAid. t7H, Sto. 1 Toll. 111. 

IS ooplM prinlod ta, pnubli ; «i(h tbroa 

LiBom Pimt, IJ. It— Loud. IBM, 1 toI^ 

OBTM.i, csum BM1. Ctartli. LOirt. WW. 

8TO.1 vol!.— Loni. 18M, 1 «1.. 8to. JOi, 

roMild Deot, pL 11. 184, <3I. lOt. Bp, 

-Lmd, 18»8,»vol.,e»i.. 10iL-l.oi.d.lSW. 

lUlldolph,7«9,nion»ool7M.e<. WitlUiu., 

lTolJi.STU.lti. Cluko'i edltloiM or tlia 
UuMOdynM, Or. (t Lut una Nodi 

738, motweo. Sit I9l. In IBM, K^y 
>t u mstloB broagbt HBL Ul 

HmncrlOpon: IllUBtOd7»H,nnKe. 
Oioo. tjp.ei»reni1.ia»,18nio.S»oli. A. 
Bomwt rrarinl of tho Qmn.lllo toit 
DraTy,la»i,at. Bomll, 401, lAo. 


Ciniili»Hi>iMi<a,ai.(I1lHe( Odji- 



Homart Ulu, OnBOO, OIuedb. roDlIt 
' Honari niu, Onw*. Glugno. 
1I4T. iboIISto. SToti.lOi. %bli 

Open Qr. H LM. ai edit, (tern. Clirka, 

Bnieai, 17«-«e, uir Ulle, ITN, ISmo! 

Homarl Open, OneM, ex edit Stm. 
CUrka.jiluBocli]. aiugiw, ITSM^ fol. 
4 TdL Ob« of tbo moU iplendld KpoeJ' 
nienftOfQnektypoE(^pbrextiuit. ICeiio- 

ar^ioLiOL— 1S8B, niHii,ei. Dh^sli. 
l4HNm«ee«.i.iMi»pn. WtlUt^fsor. 
U. airU.H. BTkaLK.LUUS,tL UsuUi, 
SSIT, nail, lOf. Bn. Kudolpta, tfS, 
(ii.aU.N. M. FontMll,«MI4t«i. (;opl» 

'■«. The 

lUuK, '«6^ ttvt. Witlg. Scbati SdIuiI, 
OioB. ina, Sto. Diwt, 1990, \t. lEa. 
Huth, 4m «. llL Bmiintsd, Oun, 
1707, Ato. i Tot., It 10.. uiai Pipn. 
St 9l— Andn. Oion. lSie-17, 8to. 4 toIi. 
It lOd. !Ht§ Index neutr hjvetg &«n rejnint- 
td, apptUt aqitalt^ to aU fditioM. 

OHIVIU.IOHD1I), ' OdT>»B uudlt For- 
«>iil oolletlo CodicU HuleUsl MI4. 

nou 1097 

' Inpendi DD. RseklBc- 

K. FjiTm Ksraat. Lend. 1B08, rml Svo. 
M ooplea printed. Blibop of EIt, 7L n. 
Uladl^, pt U. 1119, It &. Bamiiar lu 
Mir 1&^ 7t Home Tooke, SSO; U. U. 
ReprlDteJ, LoDd. 1830^ M It tc roni Bto. 
■rlthtvoDipL Blrll.H.8Tkai,pt.L 
IMS.ltli. Dnii7,iaBlt,lt8L&(sibe.Bn, 
ITi. The Fnltfomou portion wu uriar- 
vmnU prf oted eepentely, with ftddltioDS 
ind ilUntiou, la ViJpy'i Cloulnl 

Open Qi. Oion. BUu, ISlO-11, Btms, 
4 lok 10.. 

Hotli InUgrii Bom. CUrk*, kc«sKlt V%- 

qnl »t ou* Nolu .Jnonll. Olu>ii>, 
1S14,8to. BtoIi.V. »t.ed. A beiDtituI 
uid ooRoet reprint of (he LeIpBle odilioa 
of 17W44. iriOi tbB .ddldan a? WolTl 

V, ISe. ed. SotbobT^ Id 18S4,' It 111. 


pendix of ExBunuHa nlstlng to tho 
.^nUo dlgKniiiu, biLtlen of pnjoodr, dl.- 
lec(,ete. Drurr, lees, I7i. uuitipu. 
Dcury, 1S», It 4*. 

Honeri IIlM ot OdTMHi, Oneee. Giuir. 
1819»voH.7». AnedlUoDuniroimaltli 
tbe RflgoDi'fl Ciuloi. 

CUrend. ISU, 8t<i. 

loU. Ul. LIIOI 

;, Google 

eDniu,mar«xi>, U Kej^iUd, OiC. 1834, 

nt OiJtwjoir md Biyvii Bxacrmt » 
tfleruar^ aadtd to tkt aboto, and iirt 

0»n. Load. Pt^ning, 1830, 
S*olt pDUlthadSr 

ibllthad 9a 


Hunvtt, oDTiunii, 81 

I»i8. ar. (rom llifl 
Eiiillali Notu, edits 

On, Or. a* On* flnt bonfei, tIUi tha 
mtontioD of the DIcvniDii, Engliafa 
HMH, alocuiT, &S. ^ AnlhoD. Nev 
Yi>A,lSt(LUiiu.T(.W. RtgirlntednDder 
tha ■BpnUKDdtBM of DiTiu, Lnnd. 
ISM, i£do. Bi. U.— Edltsl br Dr. HiOor- 
I.«id. IMT, lana. It. Bd. 

Homac') Illii Boi*« It. v. Tl.tltli 

•ditim, by B. Dirtu, LL.D. Lend. 18W, 
pott Sto. 4>. M. 

lUu, Gmoe, noDoidliis lo the tait of 
Dr. Kenmd)', ulih orlgrml HWt.&e. by 

OdjiHa, thiH But hooka, rnHn the 
Tut of IMwt : wllb EngUih Bipluutot? 
NoWa, Cbraoology, As. Br D. B. Blekls, 
I^ D. CuahcUBn, UiS l£ma. 

ud OdfHU, Or. DisdoiftL Ous. 

d four ooplea priDtad. 

■ per. UuCinhr,TS 

FoDthlU, Mn, 

Tao Bookes r>r Hamer'g Illldlis, tniw- 
of Onnlhim, U.P. Loud. 1S§I. 410. 

In the AlEiaudrinii ToniB of Blemhold. 
Sleerenii, «18, rueala, 21, IT.. Whits 
KnightI,£l(e,lU l(OI111in(l>e,2388,SI,SlL 

wlUi t'lt^a iiiid dadlutloiiu niv Tbomu 
Ceclll. Knlgl.l. 

mem. Prince of Foetes. trioxUMd Koord- 
Ing to the GrOBke, Id .liidgDiont of his 

Gent ""tMd. bj'3. Wlndet, 1688, 4m! 

lOpmifu. The first portion of ChapmBn'i 

IBB. Bright, 61. Se. : 

;, Google 


Vali Lond.'foiN. Ilutuc! 

Knight. 1S13, 

Ijmd. J. B. BiDiita, ISS' 
Bodnrxd copies dT tliB < 

Id. Knight 

moiupiin; thlsdUtloD, 

. [Ihe III Bnl Bookea), 
ie to Iha Qreek, Iff 
Jjond, Imiirlntfid t7 

KUlngnipb, li In Iha Doues Coll«Uon •! 

Hnmer'ii Odywwi (tb< iili Bnoliei 

by CKO°CH»P!ir™ l™1 KlchuH FlaLdl 

jnived Utls — New edttion, with NoIm. 
ie. bj Dr. W. C. Turlnr. Loud, KnlKhl, 
1S48. pMI 8ro. wood ciiU iflar Fliimtiti, 
— AnDthsr edillou, witta InlnidiicllDn and 
Nil? a bj the Hut. Bleburd Hmper. Lond. 
1887, i Tola, pwl STO.mgrmTed llUe, 12a. 
The wnoT.ii WoMl of Homat. prince o( 
POBtB, in bis IDldl IDd OdraiWB, tnini- 
latad nceocdlng to the Greeke, by Gro. 
CH.PHiB. Lond, B>L. felnuHfllSl. Col- 
t.i™.-Eni!nir*d 'f'l" by W 111 l.m Hole. 

^TitTed plate 'To Uie Imortall Memorla 

InJ^ge^'^oAnne'o^i!!™ of Engl^! 
oi.a le.(. To Itie Raaiar (In ver"' " 




mgn-yei or other title). Dedlutlan (It 

r^t, ( lelv™(ii»rked A s'to tI.) Work 
B Id I 1 In eighla, pp. 1 to S7ft ode l«r 

A porlnit of CbApmui, qlkt. 67, HaF- 

i^uly 1. 


Lloiully f^und InaeT . 

W.WiT air M. Ij', 8v'liei,'pl. 1, 16% 

- "Indley, pt, i. »6, W. With -'- 

ijromadili. Uitghl, 181. Ga. 

HOU iog<> 

Pope obntrei of tbla venloii 'Ibat m 

BvtRicnovioKtcHii, hli llymns and 
EpiurbDH. Iraiialnlod br Gcoive Cbapoian. 
Lond. J. mil, fio *!(-. Sir Sf M. Svte«, 

Fihb 3itln:"il.._ . , 
wiu ^juaiHHir; all tnuUt^d by Ghapm 
Edited hr the Bev. Kkbud Hoopu, f 



. Chlhirlck.lSISt 
wiin pon- o[ tiflUDun, IZmb Hlhbert, 

The Shield of Acblllei, by G, Cbip- 
mu. Lood, Uee, 4ta. 
Homer hia lllids, tnnilAted, adoro'd 

ahould be round ■ bHntlhllf entrared 
■ ork la dedlciled)(ngraved by W.Ptltli- 
rociiD, BD^Bb)-''. May, 1^, IBl. IfiB, 

Homer hiB Odyanea Iniulated, adora'd 
nolalionil V'j'obn Ounby. Load. 166*, 

Toliimai. FoBthin, sm. and illh ObiI- 
bya Vltgll, 166*. K.— Pope rrequfully 
apoke In (he latier part of bis llfi of the 
ezqidaEte pleaaim wblch the peraaal or 
Orilby-a Homer and Bandy.' 6rli guTe 

The Travcla of L'lpBea. liDDd. 1(173, 
lamo. PP.1M. PnbliBWd IB ■ gpedmen 

. illbl. AucIo-Vmi 

iigitizcii;,. Google 

Angta-Poal. 881, maniui 


tssa, tablets. 

The niid (In bUnk lam) ; -lib Niiti 

Ibe Life of iFomer, b; Uxliine D'AcIe 
doiH num the Francb by Ur. Oldixin 

•omputdirlthlha oVmIc 'To which • 
nUii, •Dm* gnmmatiol Notes b; U 

JobwiB. >Dd > Ian .--■■-■ 

ThlH Uuik-Ti 

S. 4ta. II voli. (Ihe oriilnil aub^ 
Ion edltini, tbe Illnd In e roll. 17I&. 
ieOd;it*y InB voIb. ins^). BIdiI- 
it. il. 1BS2, 7t. Bb. Fonlhlll, 641, 
I, Ad. WItlett, urn. miKKto, III 

S890, «.-376a, 10 

oU. Uam. 



pt. 1, 1090, SI 


™, by QiLm 

mDch ncTdltl 


lUau. Ednrdi, 

ne xeoond edllloi 

Popa-i Hooar'a Illid ud OdyMor 
(without Hot»)' Lond.ieiB.lmperlstevo. 

printed brBsiiBlay. iiuic pxm, 

Popo^i Hoiaei'i IllJMt ftnrt OdysBey. 1806j 
Sto, 13*o1fl. DnrovomvV behiitlml erU- 
tion. wUb plntei attor Slolhud. UBM 
riFEi. »T>1 Sto. with prmr p1iteB,«I. Ei. 
1} rolL iDpsriil Sto. IndU pn»&, 61. Bi. 


Iliad, tnniUted by Popt, witli HoKi bT 
, ..__ . <. .1^ UiuMimted wilt 

11% lUutmS 

iniulated (lito 

UbrM7),'ei. . 
The Iliad o 



(. 13a— Third ecllUon, S voli. Itao. Dub- 
In, 1818, 7». ad. 
Tb« Iliad and Odyawy oT Homer, 

ime poelkal aplrit, (xayt Dr, A.UIuke) 
Ible Kcond eameted edition of Cnwper'* 

(fotmlng part o( Cowpbi'b Worki), 4 tola. 
plslea, Id Bobn'e gUndard Llbnrj, 

The Iliad of Homar, tranilated Inlo 
EnKllib Prose, witb explanatory NotM. 

li. 3e.-16»,' Sio! a Tola. Third edlHoo, 

T. A.' fluekley, (In Bonn's Claie. Ubra^ 

;, Google 

The OdTW 
Engl lata Prow 

Lond, ISK, puit 8>D. S>, «d, 

Hwai'i tllul. (nuUwd Into Engllo 
rbluk) **rM, bv J. C. Wri(h[, U.J 
Book! I^-tL CwDbildva, tSBB, tnw 

For Oapmm'i owaiatieiu, me p. tOOO. 
Tn« BtttcU iKIwene Fmgi ud Hii 

pt. 1». IN, 



t. EUblHrt,SUSa,13B.6d. 

Inta KDgUih bf Hi. Fuk«r. Loud. 1100 

s™. ^ 

11a or thi Fngi wid lb 


Zollui. ud 1 

. Lif* "f ZDUn>, by Dr 
Loi.-I. 1717. twoedftloni 

Tl.» P«»ll 

win* data, Bon 

l..«d. ll«rinUd In Ur 

F»rMir« FMV 


■dlllm ot the 

Bahn'i ■dillaii 


BlrT. m.wkl 

»). I^nd. l«31.18:no. 

HOU 1 101 

Tli-t-Tln. Vti u. Fnacolt CiriHB d« 
Ktnll'.h Town. Kgt it hiiit Ana flhi pr* 
Ml 5fr PrmcU Palgnivt). A qiialon a 
■JoiiM iiaa PuniphrMa an Vara Anglola, 
pnbhiia pur X. Fopa. 17S7, 4to. 7t. Sd. 
Hymn, and Epignmi, by H. J. Pjo, 


Bonari Gnomologia. dupllci Parallali^ 

mo lllimr. Gr. etUl. con. Ob«rv.i.»o 

aejnU, C. C 

!8,e>o.*l 6d. '"™'' 

Scholu Qnao*. Oion. IBM, 8»o.2 rote. 

ColarldgB'i (H. Nelaon) tnlmdiieltiMi Is 

HouxB. A burlesque TronaU- 
Lcm of, in tene. The fourth Edi- 
ian unproved. Lond. 1797. $vo. 
2 Tola. 
Beiladlt[on,irithfaiimon)niplatai. A 

rydMi, bat which ottaii traiugmss. the 
lunda of decency. Nuain, pi. 1. SBO, 

ITTO, lima. £td1i. ollh Rvnilipieeea. 
Homer a la Mode, a mock Potm upon 

lllada. Oiford, IMI, gro. By Jamai. 
aftamuda Lord Sciidimon. Naiaau, nt. 
' "",Ba. Lloyd, eae,4ii. Blodley, pt. II. 


;, Google il 

Bu ttmum'i Lullogun, or tbn Etrnot 
ol Wsnli In Hoinar. fc. b; M. Kl>tali 

vlih ■ crldul Pntiue uid Iwnwd Notei. 

EouEs. Sm Holhss. 

IIuKBLTS, (An), to be ruda in 
the time of the Peetilenuo, b; Bp. 
Hooper, 15S3. ito. 

WhlU Knlghti. U Si. 

Rouiuia. — CertsjT.e Sermons 
(lii.) or Homilies, npiiojiited by 
tliB Kjngea Maieetie [EdH-nrdVI-J 
to be declared, and redde by all 
Perwniee, Ticars, or Curates, ouery 
Sundaje in their Churches, where 
the; have Cure. Anno 1H7. 

[Aonlllei, FInt Book, wrltien b 

QueniM rEJiubetli] Jj^utla. Lmcf. br 
Klchivd Jvgg« (nd John Civnod, IMe, 41a. 

&un. Af^ tn IHl tvo ediUoDi, Diw is 

— The second Tome of the Homi- 
liea. Lond. 1563. 4to. 276 
iBBTea. Containing xi Diacouises. 

■Kirlag th« uDie dale : ibii uiuldrrsd 

ie. ». tSK. 

noted edlllniL Lnnd. 
t etgrbtB, and P p p six 

iLT, An. Anlmt IHiolMdleBca 

rural RBtHlllon, (no tltle.pua). 
LnDd. Jngge and Cawnnd, l97S.1ti>. £ii- 
[ba iftsr-priuUid eitlMnat af tba 
lu, lolAt"'^. The enrlltHt edtlloo 
le III talh. Lend. J. BUI, 1613. 

ilect Siibjocu: W^ 

binder, u biliin). A. 1 la Q K. on ■hich 
Jt ttt coIaphoD fend dcvioee. 

HnmillH (ill dlrided Into ixiU pti.| 
]t.flnfla^lHS.(Augult). nevly Imprinl- 
•duulbTthe KinfM Aulhorlie divided. 
(TlUt, r- ■■-' .■.-.-.- '-.- 

It. iDglii 
•roefeT to 

e bean made, aipveljiUy to 
J Iba Kynicea HifhneHi 

So'rdoJ S.rt"''Lond ^Svo a°vo1 
api>eart to hive parfnr 

pfeTochlfel dorgr-' — -^ TmaHtv- 

In the Tlnie of Q, Elli. 1B)3, IXir 

d. IW.Svn.Sh.' 

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HosBrtJS, J. Keratton Atl»s, 
containing Ids Cosmoerapbicttl Dea- 
aription oF the World. Lond. 1635. 
folio. Maps, one of Virginia, with 
head of Capt. John Smi^. 

HoHB, William. Ancient ^s- 
teries Described, eepeciallj the En- 
glish Miracle Plays, founded on 
Apocryphal New Testament Story, 
inoludmg NoUoes of Ecclesiastical 
Shows, tim Feetirals of Fools and 
Assee, the English S07 Bishop, 
t)ie Descent into Hell, the Lord 
^layor'g Show, Guildhall Giants, 
Christmas Oajols, tx. Lond. 1823. 
8to. Flat«s on copper and wood. 
10s. 6d. 

In (ha OTlJ;:bul copEei tiis plats of Grrg 
lod UBgDS li colnuml. 

— Everj-Day Book 1 or Ewr- 
lasting Calendar of Popular Amuee- 
mrnts. Sports, Pastimes, Cere- 
monies, Manners, Customs, and 
Erenta ; forming a complete -llis- 
tory of the Year, Months and Sea- 
sons, and a Perpetual Key to the 
Almanac. Lond. Hunt andClnrte. 
1835-7. 2Tois. 8vo. B20wood.out». 

— The Table-Book. Lond 2 
vols, {genernlly bomid in 1), 1827- 
8. liewood-euU. 

— The Year-Book of Daily Re- 
creation and Information, concern- 
ing Semarkable Men, Manners, 
Times, Sesecns, Solemnities, Merry- 
Ma kings, Antiquities, and Noreltjes. 
Lond. 1832. 8to. 114 wood-cuts. 

Hnue tliat /Kk Sidlt. ^frUsM uttlion, 
ISM— Th* Uan In (ha U»d, Ncmlj-iijA 
editwn. 1831.— The <iii«Ti'H<CirDlliie, wife 
of Ceoigs IVlhJ Mililiiioiilal Ladder, 

the Bill agilnil the Queen, (ormn.lly 
mhll^Bd ™ 1 sheet i-^f"""). -rtth^i.t 

Sank Nnte (s poLitted Faeiimllo) —Bank 

Ua.oriheOrlKliiDr llr.Slnp'siuine.ttiiik 
tJiltoi, 1920— A Slsp at Slop, ISH.— As- 
penloiu AnHW«red.(» Itsplrlosn *Mc\t 
Ml tb* Apocrynlial Hew Testament, In 
the QnanariT £s>l»v for Octolwr, 1881.) 
IBM.- Another Article for the 


rnlly so 

..rl7 hU 

— Fu:etiBi and Miscellanies, willi 
One Hundred and Twenty Engray- 
ings by George Cruikshank. L^ind. 
1B37. second edition. 8»o. ISs. 

_he lanrer portion of this volume haft 
preTlouHiT apiieand under the title ol 
'Popular Political Tract!,' vlthogt date, 
Byo. IDs. ed. 

'Tna ApocRiPHii. Nin TtBTiHnrr, 
8vo, [Diirth edition. ie»>-l, being all tho 
Gmpetii, Ephilei, ud other pieces nov 

ogfor BItine (be Noble Lori.U 
rtholonuw fair InrarreetloiL i 
lald Poner Plot. laiT, M. 
I'oUtlcal Cstechlui, 1S17, Sro. U. 

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Tb* BnlM, t* Dnun, As. 1S1T, Srs. U. 

Tbg ApiwItKia to F^l Hill, . 

pHnd to JuiHaSTnipiaoD, with ■ dvclgn 


Trill tt Jobs Hunt &r Llbi 
ini, In K. B., adlMd bjr Hon*. 

Tha KJng*! TiutaHnC of Uh Qiun, 
■boHIy lUUd, 1*. 

Tha PnnntiTgi of aQiHeaCanuHor 

Tba <|DgaD'( CiM atitad. by Chulu 
PhUHpa, Eaq. (adlUd bj HoiH). "" ' 

The Maid ud tbs Mifpla. «1 

Caahnaa.ftiraiaapliigrnai the 

aoa.Sn. Cd.— Capt. UarrentBr for Blguiiy, 
in mamliig the Daiiithtar of Paul OLlliert 
Batohar, Btd. «d.— WabsWr ti. BaldwlD, 
for ■ Libel, chin^DS Adultery belwaen 
Iha Daks of WaUtncton and Lad j C. W. 
■WabaWf.Bie.ed.-lfflidO, T. BereBford, 
a. Earl fiaellTa. fte Grim. Con. 8vo. ei.~ 
Wright a; Braham.fbrCriia Uoa. the fuU 
BapOTt, with Kamoln of Mr, Brahani. 
8n>. fa.; u AbriUgment, Svo, «d.— Tbe 
BloodJHiMiTllan, Taughaa, Uitum, Mac- 
br, and othna, thair four TrtalH, Bept, 
ISia. with ao Acenint of tha WitnaH 
Dnka, iM FnhM, Bra. la. M. — Tba 
BlMd GonapinUra of ITB^ with ■ por- 
tnl^ li.— Tba gamriDa ConlHiloii of Thoa. 
Badwaith, aieoutad Ibr tha Huidar of 
Elliabeth BaanDonj nlaHsx hli aon- 
aUot VtilutlonB bf tha anidand Wo- 
nun'a Appirltlan. Bio. 9i, 
Trill of Elluhath Fanaing, adltad br 

KralarlonaCaaa of Elli. FaanlnK.M. 
Four Triali it Kingtioa, April G. UI8, 

lug CblMrea. &c. Ac with % Qiiait^ 
to Mr, Eipliuua taapaeUog Bliiibeth 
FeniiiBg, Bvo. Ad. 
Tba Hlraculova Boat tortimd by tha 

TribaUH Df tha ^bllo P^n to tha Me- 
nMHT of tha lata Hr. Whltbnid, 1B16, 

A Bkateh fkm ppbllo Uh; Waap not 
fbruai aodotharFatnii. IBia.era. 
Ham'i Irfxd Hyroii'i Con^, idaplad as 

ProapaolBa i^ tha Apiief]ni]u>l Kew 
Taitionnt. lSU,eT«.ed. 
LtnaaontbaDaathof .awirihad to 

A Bpaaeh it Dutalln, Id bahalf of tha 
Qaeut, h* John Flnlir, Eag. adHed hr 
Hoaa. lSn.BTO.M. 

Tha Bpfrit of DaapotlDi (hr Dr. Kwi]. 
Baonnd adttlOB, IBlCsra. la. M. 

Illntito Eolfiaflti bom Eanpa, J. •. to 
Samara In Ot Uallad Btatia, Sn. li. 

Asoourtof tb* Blaia IB LabdML Daa. 1, 
1810; with Mamaln and Anaedotea of 
PnilDD, Djill, tha Watiaii FtaUj, Thoa. 
Hpame, At. threa Pim (wrlttan hr Bona) 

Kepiirl or tha Bpi.Beldi MaaUng, Fab. 


Ut. Wbltbraad'i Uttar Daja ud Daath, 
with MBiDolr, and Report of tha loquaa^ 
Bto, port 3a. «d. 

SeDtJisaDta of Kaipeot to Mr. WMt- 

la of K. B, B 

rldaa, Eaj. wltk 
itar udnlanta, 

Napolaon fead the Bonrboiu, Bvo. Gd. 
Kapoleon'a DeportitloD,TraitueB^Ae. 

Napoleon'i Appall to tba Britlih Na- 

il DunHoD imill 

Fer&aUai^ iBilUlins K^nlatlooi of tha 

Raalit, or be Rnlaed ; or the Death oC 
■a PropaitiTai, Bvo. viiAiplau, Ii. 

Tha MldBlgbt iDtndar! or Old Nick 
E CarHoi Hooae, i pDera, In 3 piita^ 

'hirlotta and Prince Leopold, nlf er be- 
na publlihed, Bto. with a plate, la. M. 

flier airiw St. Panl ; a Poem, Bii. la. 

Tba Dake'i Wedding, nhewlng hnw hta 
»7al Highnea. [i .. Duke of Kent] got ■ 
IrangB Wlla abroad, Ae. B'l. Sd. 

TbeBliakBaiUaf Bhiekheith, a aaw 

Tha 'will of 1 great Penonaga, wbn 
led of 37 mortal Stiba, M. 
The woafnl CDBdllloa of John Bull, 

;iq. Sd. 

An Auount Df tha CDnTenloa {tnm 

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tline'-biiif^nca. Keprlnled f 
LoufhborougbTfllegmph dhvhpb 

Up thB RlilM, In L. 

' HOBMIO WlLLO, a Chaunt, 
Printed bj the Bjere, uid sold b; 
Um Crren. Newcude, 1715. 8to. 
Bnckatt, 1628, U. it. 
EOHOUB. — The LiwB of HoDour, I 
or Aooount of Titles, Bigziities, 
OScen, te. Lond. 1726. 8ro. be ' 

Thfl flr.l edition of this nieruludwflU- i 

Tentb edlllixi, Load. Hoiou, II 


new tdk, IMS. G*.-8«nnth'edlt. 'l.aHl. 
UoIOD, iSK, bB^Elennlh adit. IWI, 6*. 

Dreun^EngtiM Ana. LoBJ. Bsfnt, 

llonani Angllunl. 1713, AtSwAI, 
The Liwi of HoiHKir. 1B8S. 5m 

Eoircitiu Acu>iKiK, or the 
fomoiu Putorall of the £iir 6hep- 
hau-deM« Julietta, don« into Bd- 
gliih by R. Tofte. lyOnd. 1610, 4to. 

iDlanperHd wttli poslr*. Bed, Bll, 
leL BuiiidenlnlB1g,II.ISr>. Blodlej, 

61. IL 1881, ISi. NAiiuii.pLlLlSm.ll.Ki. 
Hooii, Thomu. WKimi and 
Odditiea in Prose «nd Verw. Sint 
and aeoond Series. Lond. 1S28-T, 
2 Tola, post 8to. manr cuts, 11, la. 

Odea ud AddnsHt to Onat People 
(inltten In conjirnelion with J. 11. Bey. 

•thai Poamn, Land, IH», giDal B'd. 8a, 
National Tilei, Lond. llarrlMinAlni- 

wortli, I8«, 3 viiln. pvit Bto, II. U, 

Tho Epplng llunl, llluatralad with S 

engnTlnn on wiml by George Crullt-i 

■hanli. Lond. till, lS2S,ltuio,*>,fld. 
TylnoT 11*11, I RoTOI. Lond. IBBt. 8 

vola. Boat a™, Reprintod Id 1 TCl. pi' 

8>o Lona.lKnttST 1840,l»>.— 18<9,3s.( 

—IBM, BouUedge, S«, Sd, 

Lond. 1880 to 1^, 10 tdI*, lamo, ml 11 
•Kb. ToL II, L-ind. Cf4biini. 1S19, i; 

lUf /jUwrfvi" «'»1"*' 

PbD ud Panon PIclDrai, br Tboou 
Hood (the Yonnger). Loed. Hiinl ud 
Blaeket, 1807. poit 8to. 10a, W. 

HoosBTKBit, Henrf, Diationa- 
rinin AnBlogiciun Lingua QnecEe, 
Csnteb. 1810. 4to. 

DmiT, 1186, ranlii, IL St. 
To Ihti la laatllj f nfliad Ph, Cattlcrl 
l)a«ip]iFlulnai araKonini enm AncUrto. 
F. L. ibre«h (TnJ. ad Bhen. ITfi7j. 
Cantab. ISIO. Dotb woiki iren printed 
br thi ulTlea of Dr. Pan for Dr, DaTT, 
yaitar of Calm Cell. 

HooesTiBH, Hsnij. Boctrina 

Particulamm Linguie OmBcm, in 

Spitomen redegtt C. a Schuti. 

aiaag. 1813. Sto. 

Ad ealeemad work. Dmrr, I9IS, ts. 

Hook, Theodore £dir. SayiDgi 
uid Doings. First Series, 1824. S 
Tola. post. 8to. Second Seriea, 18S6. 
3 toIb. poet Bto. Third Serial, 
1S2S. 3 Tola, post 8to. Theee 9 
ToU. published at il. 14a, 6d. Be- 
printed in 8 Tola. fcsp. teo in Col- 

Tbia. bla Brit nore], vu poMlihed 
dalo, and^prored afalinn: Daxrthdtu 
aftervarda nniodalled lo ' aaylnga aB^ 

;, Google 

lies HOO 

Hook — c«nfinn«f. 

» of Uiduisl Kellr. ISM, 
tH. — Lond^ 2 toIb^ poat Sto 
HovbI (thought to be hli 

! Brut, ISar, S Toll, post Bi 
. M, Id I vol. ISmo. IMS, Sn. M. 
In theWrooBjOr Blnlm Denllij, 


HoOEX, ColoneL The secret Hia- 
torj of Col- Eoote'e N«i?otUtioDE 
in Scotlujd, in Favour of the Pre- 
lender, in 1707. Lond. 1760. 8to. 
3s. 6d. 

— Nathaniel. The Roman Hu- 
toij, from the Building of Bome 
to the Buin of the CommoQwealth. 
Lond. 1757-71. ito. 4vols. 

with iDLpd «id ofher pUtAU. VoU. I. 
[[. III. liaTB been HieraJ timet reprinted 
Inlto. Nji>s»n,pt.t. 2l80,6J.Ss. ^etlh, 
2210, Bi. Sir M. M. Srkes, pL L 1800, 
StlH. J»Dt,pt.ll. 2Se.». Goaeel. tSOR, 

SI. iGt. ed— Lond. nee. svo. ii toIh. 

8o(hBb]fl in ISM, W. l6a.-l.oiid. I82S. 

r Married, ISSR. S 


Precept and Practice, isio, B vole, podt ^ 

Mr. HooHe'a Ob- 

nal of K. F181U7 (edilad bj 

wni Hook, by tlif lle<, K. B. Umlton 
FarhKni. imrd edilum. IMS. 2 loll, poet 
are. If. 11.— Fourtb edition, in ItoL peal 
Svo. 1E03, Sh. 

Hooks, Andrew. BriBtullia ; or, 
Memoirs of the Cilj of Bristol, 
both oiyU and eoclesiaaticel ; in 
two Parts. To which is ^refiied a 
Disaertatjoa on the Antiquity of 
Bristol. Lond. 1748. Svo. 78. 6d. 
pp. 85. I.iclu'llng title, dedieitlnn, np- 

HooEE,R<ibt.,M.D. Posthumous 
Works, containing his Cutlerian 
Lectures and other philosophical 
Discourses. Published by Rich. 
Waller. Lond. 1705. folio. 

Tiriety of corions phMl ■ " 

si., 1(. 16. Tl 
philosopher u 

Descriptions of rairnil 
sULgnifflng GluBOB. 
folio, pliu*. KuesDipi 
PhlloMphicRl Collw 

1 l66l.n 


PhlloHnlilial EiiMrtmenli ■<■ 

MIcroBeoplo UDiemlionB. hmi. 179\ 
(olio, Si. An tbhditnieiit of tha Mlcro- 
gnphlA, vltb tha origlOMi puteo. 

HooEER, J. Sae TOWBLL, John. 

— Eiohard, D.D. Worki, u- 
ranged by the Her. John Z^Ue. 
Land. 1836. 8to. 4 Tola. Reprinted 
tond. 1S41, 8to. STohi. Third Edit. 
Oif. 1S4S. 8to. S To]a. 12. lis. 6d. 

■WortU, with LIfa by I>u« 'WtlUin. 
tlni. 17B8, ■ — '- '^- " 


Oift>Td, ITBS, 3 mil. Btd. Draiy, 1916, 

Ha. pt. 1. ISM, II.' wmii 
pl|i|aUii,«.13i. Oirard,l§a( 
II. II. 

Worki,iritb Life bj Will. , 
dnelloii, ■ LUb g[ bi>i lainganlBt. Thomu 
CutvrlEht, knd NoUi bir B. UubuiT. 
Laid. 1^, Sto. a vols. 

W«ki, TiCb L|[« bf Wiltim. Lond. 
Tin, ISS8, Svo, 9 Toll. )l. Ii. Haw (41- 
Urm. Id 1 vol. Loud. ISIS, Bro. III. 

Worki.wltbtLlfatryWiItoD, Oxford 
Ub. Ptsm. 18U, Sto. !I tdIl 1!>. Thlg 
•ditlon li lUdrdlng to Kebla'i am 
naat, amlttio^ tfaQ iiorea. Ag^a, Oi 

An Acenant of tba particular boot! or 
liasu by Cartwriubt and i—- — —>-'->- 

on liKlai. PeOty.iim ba foi 
ADUdotsi, I. lfl-93. 
Tba Un or EcclubuUiMl PoUtr, 

(I6M), folio. Fli«l 
the ant four Ko 

■l.lh' Bookf I^ond. I61S.-Tbs HTanth 
and alghth Book), Lond. 1818, Ito. 

Tha Eleht Books, (and tanned tb« 
Worki). l^nd, folio, Isn.^LoDd. M. 

5..— Lond. toL 1% fl^e 


TbaWorke. Lond. isei, ftllo, with 
■ fTontlnileca br Fidlborne, eontalnlnv 
Hookar'a pocMlt. BindlaT, pL 1. m£ 
16a.— LodJ. l«e«, (yonl.— Lonj. iwa, foL 
with LII^ br Walton fbr the Snt time.— 
Lond. not, itil. Blndler, pi. I. 18a, ed^ 

Life, b/ fVilton. 5ss Wiltob, Ium. 
HoOKBB, Richard, WeeUj Uis- 
cellan;. 1T36-B. Sto. 2 toIb. 

— Thou. HistoiT of New Eng- 
land, from the English planting m 
IG28 to ieS2. Load. 1651. Uo. 

BriEtat, aseg, 18b. 

— William. New Enjlaod'i 
TeBi«« (br Old England's feaica i 
- Sermon. LoncL 1641. 4to. 

— WiUiam. Pomona Londinon- 
j, containing Bepreaenlatians o 

the beat Froita cultiTated in Britial 
Qardens, with Deacriptiona. Lond. 
18ia 4l<i. 49 coloured plataa. 


Fol. Noi. 

HooKKB, SirWm. Jaclaon, Lt.D. 
Journal of a Tour in Iceland, in 
"ununar of 1809— Second Bdi- 
Lond. 1813. 8to. 2 vola. 

r bounx, ti»eUieT 

the lubjcct of this 

monUi, 1811, 8>o. 

IluUDlogla Britinniaa; conUlnlngth* 
osiea of Oreat BliUln and Ireland, 
'itamatlcallT amiwad and deacHbed: 
1th Plataa iUutAUTe of the Chamctan 
of the QenaT4 and Spadai. Bt W. J. 
"— "erandT.Tarlor.ll.D. Lond. 1818, 
-Land. 1897,8*0. tloaunmn rhim, 
adllhin. anlanad br Wllam. Bvh 

1DU If Vm . Z.1nnm^ JJ J. ^ * 

;, Google 

HooKB, lyr.—cnlinutd. 

DncriptlDDi of Dev or HlUa kno* 

BHdBh jDUKBrfoUlDlA ; bAlDg ■ B 

tHrul DMcitptloD.wlUi FIgumoru 
SpadBi «f tlia OflDDB uid njiflmecopl 
AMlfMI of tba PhU. Loud, leifi. 4 
E[^tT-fiiu pUtH eolound, vlth th 
McriptioiM, DaHldaa Tour BapplAoieDti 
plUa,ei.Si. LAiul rins. fo&D, 101. 1 
The Emtio Flo™. Edinb. 1§23-I, «■ 
Sis, ■ Toll, m cnloiind pUtei, publlit 

tADj of the Northom F 

- ttiOL. Lad. Isao-M, 41 

la. auth, fbrnlnff S vols. 

BoUDT Df CipUln BeMher'B Taneo, 
y sir W. J. Hookar •nd O. A. W. 
kniotL Lond. 18SI — 41, JO puti, fbrm- 

V'. auh pari, Tvducwd JW.Ahv 
VIclorliLKagt*. L,oi>d. Beaira, MU, el*. 
' phut fdllo. ooloiind pliu^ U lU.«d. 

1 . ... or flgurea, with brief 

in aod ranurfc^ of 

leonati FlUcum, ft^TiTai uid J—ailp U uBj 
nf Kanu, priulpill]' vl mA u buxa tia« 
■ItD^Uiar nniKitlced ij Botulita or in- 
oirMtlr flKured. B^HoiAwkiidOiwriU*. 
Loud. IffiMI. Mlo, 1 Tab. HO mioani 
' pUtM,pabU*bedlK4iLndi»d.lti;UL 
Cenliny of FwB*. Idod. UM, «la, U. 

amTB,81rJ.B. Woodvjiai. 

EooEBS, N. Amanda, > Sacri- 
fice to an unknown Goddeus, or a 
Free-will Offering of a loring Heart 
to a Svreet-hoart. Bf N. H. of 
Trinity Colledgs in Cunbiidse. 
I«nd. 1653. NuU 8to. tronOa- 

Sbleld, In hia IntrodnctJoD la llmTTiHii]r, 

10 CnrtlB'i Boduitciil Mam- 
Eine. Uod. isas. a vola. tayl Sra. i '' 
tf oolonrad plitei, nnb. 11. 16*. 
BrlCiita Fli>nt,flriliadlUi>n, Land.) 

edition. Loud. USO, ISmo. 
plilas, 11. li, S« SHira, Si: 

CentoTT of Onhlduaoui _ 
litroductlon by J, (J. Lyona. Loud. 1S48, 

Qulde to kvr OMtiem. 
tamo. la. Nflir cdllion, Loe 

JooTul of Botaaj, ind 1 
HIanlluiy. Idod. Beere, le 

LomToa Joanvl of Botany 

HooLB, John. 'Hiree TmgedieB, 
iz, O7TU9, TymaatheH, and (So- 
■nice. Lond. 1768, 70, 76, Sva. te. 

Asaph, aftenrar 
• Wells. Works. Oifoid, WBff. 
'' folio, portrait. 

Fiihlfihedbynr.HuDt. Heath, 80% ■>. 

~ Wlllluds, IMI.U 
, 0iIi>rd,18!)%lnt1*.B«fc 


JewUb' WIUl fen Appendix. Lood^ll 
Sto. BollK, 68S, morocw, Si. Hei 

HooFRBjS.E. DeTalsntiniu 

nimHsreii Conj ectiine, quibns illiiu 
Origo ei JBgypt. TbeoL deducitur, 
Lond. 1711. 4to. Se. 

or thii Dul tlia Htbor nlDtad trmtr 
»p[ea n>r pdiiU dlaalbutlon. 
— Ja. The History of 
bellioii and Ciril Wan duriiiK the 
Beign of 'KJag Clurlea the Vint. 

1 and CirilWan during the 
Loud. 1788. fi^o, plates. 

— John. Bubop of 01oaMit«r. 
Tuioui WoAb. 
Th« imk< oT tblii cmlnant pnlUa ua 

Id tlia dtrjir OlMKMt 
BuLI Wini»n;ed 

iotlatr Ij tbi Km. Boa. Cur. Camb. 

letlai* and otbn jilKSi^) edjud to' 

mb. litl, Sto. I for sonUnU 
uvui •uiiuoH (« Fuk«r Soditr, Ap- 

l OMiluldan of CbrliU and of hli 
yn, emnlTd b» Johm Hoopsr, Anns 
if. ZTTTOh by Avguttym Prie«, IMT, 
no. A ts U Tl, In aighu, dedluted to 
vvd, Duk* of SoDianeL DvnTer, S, 
lei. luUi. 709, 8i. 6d. OoldunM, 
1, 8a. BlAliT, pt. 11. ie% 15>. Hebar, 
4a. Anothar, tf. li. Wblta Knighta, 


■nd pnrnd tor C(btli(arer) Koidell). 
Land. (IHI), Umn. Re^ntsd in the ttib 
Toliinu. of tba FMhen of Iha Engliah 
Chnrcb, ud by lb* Ptrkar Society. 

Aa Anawer Tnto my Lord of Wyn. 
clientei') Boaka. lolyUyd ■ DaUctlon of 
Ilie Denyla Saphlatrya, wbenltb ba cob- 
helb (be TDlaniyd Fsopla af tha tnir 
nyleef In tba mooat blaaiyd SaonmanC 
of tha ADlt«r nadfl by jDhuin Hoopar. 
Zurych, by AnisatyiH Friaa, Anno 1M7. 
4to- Gantalu i, ui Amn. Raad, 0GS, 

A DaelmOaii of tba ian holy GSiuHin. 
demaDtea of AUnyrtha God, imUn Eio- 
K, Den. 9. CoUsatyl out of tba Seilpnin 




Tba dale 



> DiapclBt. 

u the 


ttla 'V 




NouambrH Anm 


p.. Bindley, PL 

11. *8i,16.L 


ISe. B 









IBBO, Iftio. 


lie.— L 





iflh lolnnia 

30 ni>de tb* illlj Day 

leaTaa.— Lond. b; 

>Dd. by Thomu Pnrfbot, ISmn. 
C 4, Id alghU. 

A godly CoDfeailDn ud Prnleatacian of 
U» Chriatlan Fiyth. Loud, by Jobs 
Daya (IBM), Ito. Q In foura. Wbita 
Knlgbu, niS, G). Bindley, pt. IL 1817, 

1S81, ; 

Fiyth. Loud, by Jobn 

G). Bindley, pl^ IL 1817, 

eli^ti.— LoDd. by Christ. Bwkai^ 

IT by Ban 


J. Oairen, la&% 

Whiu Knlgbu, 
_.. _... rekold ilabei', pt it. i.. v.. no- 
jnlntedln tliaflrtbTolunieofTheFelberi 
-' the Engllah Cburtb. 

' hla leilnal auch b> reporud, thatba 
ined Qneen Mary, Ac. Loud. IfM, 
tmo, Pany, pt. 1. MBS, 3;. 11a. Hiber, 

An Apologya agalnate Iba Repcrt Ihat 


;, Google 

]110 HOO 

•f Om ApolcwT mn 'niUTM l*tl«rL 

CbtuIiw oamfortkbl* Exp«LI1oiu TpoE 
(h* ulll. Llll. Hllll, »ild uiYll Pililmai 
t! DiTld. Loud, 1180, llo. ReprlnUd li 
th* flftb rolume of Ths FtUun of thi 
UngUih Glmrch. 

Hoonm, Margiret. iioet feerfoR 
Newei from the Biihoprio of Dur- 
bun, being the BeUtion of M. 
Hooper being poiseaeed b; the 
Derd. Lend. 1641. 4to. 

A copj la Id tha tiritlth MoHum, 

— SamueL A ajWera of Doc- 
trine* contained in Divine Berela- 
tioiL. Boston, 1S11,Sti>. 2 Toll. 

Wlllluu, tie, 18>. 

— William. The flying Pen- 
man) or the Art of Short-writing 
by » more euie, einot, compendioue 
■nd speedy Wsy. Lond. 1674. 
12mo. 7e. 6d. of Ui« «utlior,'bT J. DrapBOtitr. 
\ibiU KnlEbtB, ««>. 10*. 

— W., M.D. national Eecre- 
■tioDB, in which the Principles of 
Numben end natural Fhiloeophj 
are clearly and copioiulj elucidated 
by a Beriee of easy, entertaimng, 
interesting Eiperimenta ; among 
which are ell those commonly per- 
formed with the Cards. Loud. 
1774 8td. 4 toIb. 

— D«ot,pl.l.K»S,ll.«fc Abrlrlge4,aToL». 

— Bobert, M.D. Medical Dic- 
tionary. Lond. 1826. Svo. 

Fifth sdlUon, emuiderably enlaced.— 
asventh sdUlon, by R. Oirnei, 1829. 
Eighth Edltlon^rK.annt, Lond.lSE 
11. lOi. Dr. Hopper hut published olli 

&« Tluui li BuljjKt. Loni 

flhortlr ■rttmids appeimd D. 1*. 
Llnden'i Leltsr, ihenlDK Hocwm'i mlt- 
Ukeiudamin. Chnlar, 1717, Sre. 

HOF TBI Bkkwss. — Lament- 
able CompUint* of Hop the Brewer, 
and Kilcalfe the Butcher. Lond. 
1611. 4to. 

nmui, pt. L ^aea, \l ia>u ativt, Ft. 

HoFi, Bir Thotnai, Bart. Minor 
Practices, with Notes and ObserrB- 
tions by J. Spottiawood : to which 
is Bubjoined, an Acoount of all tfae 
religious Housee that ware in Scot- 
land at tlie Time of the Beforma- 
tion. Edinb. 1734. I2mo. 
An utNined lugai work.— A fbnner 
Id CirDlam T, ' BrlUnnlanim Hv- 

— Thomaa, F.A.8. The Cos- 
tume of the Aucieute. Land. 1809. 
royal Sto. 2 role. 200 plates, pub- 
lished 21. Zb. or lABOK PAPKB, royul 
4to. il. 14*. 6d. 

An eiUtmod irort. Duke of York, 
M68, il. B». North, nt, II. «l, rM^ 
a. 18a. Wbita Knights, ailS, monm^ 

utaK''F^U in^4to.' BInfllvl'iit. 1). 167% 

tioiu. Lond, IMl, re 

amlloM. Lond. 180 
pUIBB. DukoofYork 
lilt. 17U, «. Si. u 
portal MIo. 

D«lgm Df niodem 
graced In OuUlnehy 

n>«. »^ 

yal 8ro, a Tola. SU 

re and iottnal T#- 

'nn°3l.i<. PoBt- 
aoa p*rB.iiilffl- 

EIo"rT MMoa. fbllo. 
m the Hlatorr of 

r.[ «lltloD, Load. 
ond edition, IBM; > 
. Land, royal Sto. 


— Thos. Anastasius, or Oie M«- 
moin of a Oreek ; written at tho 
Close of the 18th Ceratuij. Uiiid 
ICdition. Load. 1S20. orown 8*0. 



Ad eitnindlHr)> vaTk, nnitln* the 
•DUrtilnnient ol » noTal wlUi the in- 

SL U. l«a. Neir edition, in 1 viil. ISmo! 

5l Loud. Bender. Redudsd laSa.ed. 

BU17 ea tbe Origin uid Prwiwcti of 

Hu. Wd. leai, s TDii. svo. 31. lai. ed. 
Hops, Sir Tbomai, of CnugLuUl. 
Suu?. 1639 to 164G. 4to. 

— Sir Williuu. The eomplest 
Fencmg-Msiter. Lond. 1691. 
12mo. with plaC«a. 

White KnigEu, Kit. 111. Beoond edit 
Lond.lSSS.iamo. BIr W, Hops putil\atud. 
Mtenl oihar waAa on FenolDg. Ac. 

HoFB, The, of the Faithfiill, 
tnuuL bj Miles Carerdole, out of 
high Alnuuie. Lond. 16"" ■ «— - 


HoPKiM, D&vid. A Vooahdwj 
of Peraian, Arahio, and English. 
lond. 1810. lOTBl 8»o. It li. 

Jtbrldied tma Dr. Wilkin^ tdlHon ef 
Ushuidnn*! DlctioDuy. 

— Mteehiisl, D.D., Bishop of 
Bsphoe, oftenrards of 'Deny. 
Works, with his Life, by Uie Eer. 
Josiah Fratt. Load. 1809. Svo. 
iTols.withportrait. li. 16b. i-ilUia 
PIFBB, in rojal Bto. 21. 12s. 6d. 

Lend. ITIO, (ello vitta portrait br J. 
BtDrt,l(.4a. Comrdetaadltion, with Ma- 

Impaiial Sin. Lond. Boho, 18se, Us. 

— UattheiT. The Discoveiy 
of Witches, in Ansver to Beve- 
rsH Queries lately delivered to the 
Jodgn of Assize for the Oountr of 
Noifolk. Lond. 1647. 4to. 

Thts daleetible book (10 pagu) Is 1 
UBUDted with ( ourlMis rtontiipieoe, 
vlileh, oodsr the ettglea of Hopkins, ■ 

work. Ball 

H of Tsriens Imps 

lUudH tathlawitiibfliide 


MS. AxKo- 

1B». U, Us. «J. Inglii, less, morocco, 
Sl.13s.ed. BlodlsT, pt. It. 1063, with 
the frondspleca {$, oe-ilmUc), ISi. 

HopEDia, Sam. HiBtori<»l Me- 
moir* telating to the Housat-buo- 
auok Indians. Boston, N.E. 1763. 

BOB 1111 

EopxiHS, W. FreparatioD ants 
the Waje of Life. Lond. B. 

Waldcgrare, 1531. I2mo. 

HopKiKE, Thomas. Flora Olot- 
tiaiia. Glasgow, 1S13. 8to. 7s. 6d. 

A estalDg^ns of tho IndlgenouB plsnts 
on the buika of the Clyde nnd in the 
BElghtHDrbood of the dt; of Qluiow. 

Flan Anoula. A geoeial Tiair of 
thaAnomalleH In IbaTagelsble Kingdom. 
G1«W. 1817, a™. 

HoPTOM, Axthnr. A Concoi- 
dam^of Yearee. Lond. 161Ei. 810. 


pognphleil GLuB. Lond. 1611, 4to. 

A notl« of Hoptam, ' the minile of hts 
■Lge f^ levntng/ will be Anud Id Wood's 


HOBB Beatte Uarite Virginia 
naum Ecclesits Sarisburiensis. 
Lond. Coiton. 12ino. 

Of this edition, printed by Cutor. ■ 
frsgmsBl, conaiiUng of eight p>ges only, 
'-"--wn. It IB probably the only llhno. 
a printed hj Caiton. Sa Aine*, by 
Dlbdln, TOL I. ne-8. 
Itolhamagi, Sto. 1494. Ba BlbL Bpan- 
ir, ToLlT.Ml^ 
Lond. (R.FnuiiD], 8*0.1485. AiBod. 

Lond. R. FynioD, its. n, i. 

Baaen, Karrer, pm J. Diehard, Sto. 
\gl, A oopj oB viLuw Is Id th« Brldih 

Oougb Col 

CoUectloDB, Oifiird; 

o B. Voatrt, Bto. 

and the rnbU< 

FartB, Pigouchet, pi 

Firii, Hygmaa for Blnioa Yastn, ions 

Without plasa or prfntar, UBL Sra. 

i3J,8TO. ISttSro. 

Parle, Hajdonm Sto. 149fi. A copy 



;, Google 

PkrtH, PLgonehit pro B. 
UOI. A acipT DD •■u.Dii, StT. T. Hoqwr. 

LoDd. W.aeWonla, «lo. ' — 

Th« Cftlendu' ti fmm IH 
Sothsl»T. Noi. 186S, asi. A >ii 

P.^ Plgi.uoh.t 

LoDd. JnlUn Mo 

hf, «* vtium, 481 

Curia, HopjIL I 

ipeuU WIIL BnU 


>Rtt<in,8>a. IBIO. 

U In llw Bodle 
PhIi, KuTSr, invi u mipt ■ W. DhIi 
WjBkTii a« Worte, 410. IBlO. 

cuU. Bothebr'i,Hir. 18l»,*i>i>li 

Loud. Wynkyo de Word^. 41 

PriiiU>d In ■ luge nieul tfpe. I 

'1iDp«rf«et), 1st 

d. PTiuon, k 
i. W.deWM 

Firii, llTTckniaii, 4to. 1M4. 
Pirf*, BfTskian, Bra. IBll. 
Pul^ BjnkBMi, Sto. 1518. 
Pub, Bjnkmu, 4ia. UlS. 
Pul^ Bt(im*, 4to. UlR. 
PulK HnmiB. Bn. IGIR. 
Puii, Bunull, 4b>. laie. 
Purii, BTRkmu, per NCo. Hy, 
folio, ISIS. 

Pirii l^ihlre, S'o. 1620, 

Paris, Hygnian, 41(]. 1S20. A « 
TVLUiH la In UiB BodlaUn Uiinrj. 


IBM. A copr on TEUOK la in th« Brjtisli 
MnMam, Hukell Collectinn. 

Faila, J. BigDim. pro BicU. Fih 
llmo. 1G31. L 'v twelves. 

Paris, Bfrekman, 41a. IBtl. 


Woide, limo. itSO. 

Pitii, Begnault, 4(o. 1S38, 
Paris, KegDAult, Bm. 1538. 
Fafla, Repiuilt. 4>o. 1837. A aim on 
TiLUH wu In Mr. Maakall'a pMaesiio 
Parla, B«iiaBlL Sts. 1517, Toneley, 


Pari*, BrTokiBai), pn Praraat, 
Puili, HaidlKIID. 153T. nn 
In tha EmI <jf Aahbunlii 

Paili, J. SToiite pn> T. Karrar, lOno. 
(No ptaoa.) Wy«r, 18ino. 1SB3. (81. 

< daUd Mar SS, Ism. B>uni 
in Libnrr, anoUiat In iha Spi 

Lond. K. Toy.lSiDO. It 

Load, uelijiu oT J. 

Rnnen. J. Coaein, llm. (182% 
i^arla, Kacnanlt, Svo. 
Parla, Ue^ault, 4U. (16i4). 

. and tncilttt. 

Parii, Brddell. 

Patii, Kerver, 9 Toll. 8to, {B 
PariH, PolterlD, Blnd1sr,Ta5, to 

HoKs BettUs UaruB Tirpnia ad 
una Eooleiis Ebomoantu. Loud. 
Wriflfct, 8to. 

RoHn, Bamanl and Cou^ 4tii. Ull. 

Pdi rnrtber lnfaniutl« n«p«tli1K tba 
ngoliic Tolunuta o( Utng, aad in irkav 
poauailon inplaa an, vi Llal of PrinMd 
Serrlu Roakv anonllnit: to tba aadnt 
Uau of Ills AngUotn Chnnh [by Hi. 

;,Gooj^lc J 


UnraB], pDbllBbed br Mm 

Ho&x. Printte DevolionB 
Pnotbe of the ancient Church 
called 'The Hoon of Pmie™' 
publiehed br Authoritie of Queen 
Eliaabeth, 1560-165S. lEmo. ISs. 

A CrviBUtlon of the Hons, oT unwm- 
mOD Dccamiue, but of wbLcb aeveral edL- 

Hobs BiTBBSOivx : ObBerrationa 
and DiscoDTsea, Lond. 1620. email 
Pp.511. Tbii >«ik iB by Borne uttrt- 

hy Dthan lo dllbert CavendiBb. Si 
Edilldn of Loid Ocfanl'H Bo^at ud Noble 

EOBXXnTlL Sti Obuhitu. 
EoBiTics, QuintuB FUcons. 

Q. Honfii riuci Tenvilnl, Poeta 
LttIcI, PoCmiiUoDiDiii, doctlsBliii ta Scbollje 
Uloitnti. Lond. IST4, Sro, IO9. Sd, 

Qnbitl Hontll PodnaU, doe ~ ~ 
BetaidllBetDoalfl mllguot AnnoUtl 
nbutnM. Loitd. we, Sto. 

(JTlBetl Honta Foeouta onml 

Oros; dM«M(Blt etiui Invnun 
Hehidla ft AsDototloiHI qnlm 1 

HontlBi, cum BoluUii Join, 
I-md.lSM.Sio.fti. Flnit odltlon. 
Ilonoe iBcitremelTUwfut for a 

Hontll Opam, InUrjnt 

rez, ndU 

lepHnled IIP lo m ncaol < 
llonUl Open, koh. 

{edenM Ju, Talboii < 
A Bupeib ud conect «dl 

Hontlui enm milB L 

Uh. ITin, llmo. Sa. A 

tUWrn, puUiilie 

tf Dr.TiUnt. 
BontU Open, 

HotlsMqoe " — 

DDdar tlia Inipedloi 

9. BeDIIe;' 

11,«to. Bei 

ue oT the belt editloai oT 
burgbe, SM», lie. Th* 
.__,._ ihlsb Bantleyoontilbuted 
il Biitei)itu publiihed it An- 
171^ and nliBued vltb a Hw 


. 0. BenUer'i 
'Inied eaparatslf m.\ 

H«n&vi Flucua, *d i 
IflPtlelL EdktJoi»m e^neaiu, noiai ajt- 
Idlt Th. Bentlaliit. Cantab. 1713, Sro. 

on Bentley'e »te>. 

Healh, t01B.».,«d, 

Wimami, M4, n.o- 

■ rAPAi of Vol. 1. 


Horatll EclogB, 

SoUe Wtt, 

Lond. 17a^oM73^ 

pHil'' Heath's 

isse. 3t. ed. LARun 

ia.M. MacCartliy, 

106 fr«iM, Dint, p 

. L 1098, moroceo. 

11. I8»r-Tbe flnt 

kiltlon, Lond. 1701, 

hu been eitoTled It) 

a" best edition eTsr 

pubLlEhod. ohtle oth 
ingl,o(lt. Itfotm 

" tS^lf'of'S^ 



Horstll CamilTiiiin 

Libif V. nonnlt 

undavit fleo. Wada. Lond. Bow jor, 
iraUl Open, lenela Tabulli Inddil 


, IKS, moiDoivi, 11. !>. Healb, 4(B0, 

00, W. e>. Towneley, pt 1. 1», 

pt.lL!M7, morociNi, <£. Kn. 'Wtllett, 

lieo, il. Jta. W., II.eM, mo- 

leaa K. 'm«I^' of To»nahen™IM3, 

rooeo, SI. 49. BoIhnrgliB, 1873, 3t Bl. 

7W, moiweo, Sf. Sa. SleevenB, tSi, Una 
-"-kay, ai. 18>. Uaber, Tery flue, old mu- 

ll Open, edldllJ. 

17M, Pvo. 


HorMirFlucl Open, ad Idem adltlaall 
■IterimCauubrlgleailigaMlfata. La^ 

;, Google 

1U4 HOB 


a htOt tai- 
Load, tjpli Brindlsr. 

I7M, Unw. iOt. Bd. CiHuinonIr t 

TBI nmiOlJUTl »DlTHlir. Tll9>h» 

tbB7 w»™ prtntwl wore hang up li 

NonlUiRudiiit ill tha cars aiea, i 
iDAcenTADlBH «i1itt a list oTvhich wL 

1J.7IL Rdxbuivhe, 
Hcntil Open f 
Dublin, ITU.Srn. 

Biiiiiie]',pt.ii. aie,; 

This ediUriD toruii o 
Jm'oIl tni PeiilL 
..HonUlOp,™. I 

•Ota. n>7»1 8»o. WhllB Kntgtitl, bkv, 
nor. ILlSi. Heatb. 4023^11. (B. 


. Drnrj. laoi, wKh Gnvauft 

i» ejpnrgmU; Id 


mmco by ttoger !■» 
■ M.i(."srKeB, pt'lZ 

miullf Hpoltad.) KtiDlFy. 


book.' Ktbbtrl, * 

LI. l«»,Uboe-iklii, 

10, moroeco, IW. Ita. 
qua (UHnnot. re- 
butrnill Oilbtrlni 
Dd. 1794, l«mo. 1 TOU. 

Uey'n »i"S Mr. Htirk- 
t^ecUreji. Hillbei% 


...D-Zcuniinie. Loud. 18UI, Itea. Si. 
The Rsgent edition. 

U. Bl Btnttell, IVH, Di 

;, Google 


HoBACB — eontnued. \ 

A fcwcoBlsa wen printed 00 iBBli P«P»», 
■ndSonvKLLCM. Wlllima, 9Se, K. IKa- 

Kpisliilft id PlKimi, liTB it Arte Po- 
itlcn Liber, u Rcuailont Qitlielmi Bia- 

HoriLtU S>» 

tC Epiile 

lloi»tll Overt, cum not 

ItoT. H. PtmWe. Umi, I8S 

frith aipl«n»torr Not«i Ir 
Antb™. Lond, PrititHy, T. Ktiglii- 

hli Lire, ediled 

Lend. 18^ Sio. 

fustntlDni] taut ^tho'ut 1.11^. Land. IGSil, 

fall. Linos ririB, uaiisllr illvldsd into 
0. roHil 8vo. TbBW TolumeB form put of 
HoraUi FUmI Opera omoU, com In- 

tnvlt Fred.Onil, lloeHng. Olasg. ISaa, 
87D. p«tal. "^'«™,'«' "';?■ A"!; 

"H^ntifoperm, wlOi a H«no!r bj-th« 

Loud. GrlBo, laSB, post Svo. 7b. fld. 
Horadl Opera, Mporgita ed Knot 

br Ibe SsTd. A. J. Uacluia. Loud. 

thsAntlquan^T.O.acoll. Loni BeU, 
ISM, 6*. 


H. U. S' 


liontll HitjTB «l EplitOlie, with Pm- 
lenaienit md English Notsi, by Vr. 
M'Caol. Dublin, l83S.lZma.ea. 

Horatll BclogB, oum nntle In naum 
Scholinim. cata K. Arnold. Land. 18(3*, 
I Toll. llmo. lOi. 

Hontli Open, with Engllih Noiea, by 
WCiol Md^PheHor. Dn(illn.l8tft,Te.M, 

Hnimtll Open, with t CommentirT ind 
•iplenitory Note! eelfcled from llo— '— 
Orelllu., Antbon, »nd otban, by 
Wheeler. Dublin, 1848. ISmo. lOi. 

Horatll Op«v ''* ^S.t'l'.'ijl'" 

6d. Btbl. Anglo-I 
., IV. 11 «a. Ullerion 
f uton'a PoellT, pi. !•■ : 
Honce his ArtA of Pe 

Brydge^ Bw- 
I of Horue, En- 

Engliah, luudiT new 
^ond. leil, tie. pp-M, 

BIbl, AnglD-Poel. SM, 41. U. BleeTHu, 
^se,3^. lloyd, 7B9, U »•, 

The Odei and Epodee In Latin ud En- 
ellib Vane, br Sir T. Hawklm, KM. 
Lond. l«a, *to. The litlepag* li tmt 
neatlv engnved. Blndle;, pt. W. 7M, 
lb. M. LoDd. 16SI, IBmo. pp. IM. The 
title la enxTiTed. UlbL Anglr>.Po«t 3SI, 
ILta. NuuH.pLI-lUT.ta.'XbB thinl. 
, ediUsD, Mleeted, lnDiUt«d, nTlewid end 

;, Google 

HoaiTB — con I iHUrd. 

CBUrnd,vlU>inu7iufire br Sir TfhoiMii) 
ll(»Uu). 1«U. Land. ilmo. pp. 178, 

Workai of [he Anthor, nenr prinUd 1m- 
fort. LoDd. ISM, lima. pp. IM, irlth 
rront. br UinhiU. Uord, 8B7, 11. ISi. 
BiU. Aocla-F«t. 4M, U. 4». HIbbert. Tavnsle)', pt i. Ml.'lL Ul. Bl^ 
U. 11.17, IBl 

All thn Odu ud EpodMof Horue.irilh 
•elect Bmtirei mi Eplitlei af Honu in 

EngUrt'' ■-- ' ='-'"■> ■•■" "— 


r. a(mlth). lM9,B>a. 

Le,aa. t^B>^ 


Fuuhos). Lind. ISbi, Sni. 
TvD Od« of Bonn, raUtln 

8h Wow'b : 

Ths Fomi of Honce. Odsi, itaUni. 
ud Bplitlei, pinpbnMd br nvtnl 
BindL Load. 1881^ Btd. pp.428, with 
port- of Aloi- Brain«, br lAgnn. «iid of 
Konce, br Duniul]. bibl. Anilo-Poel. 
78, let &olh«Wi m IBtl, I&i.— 1871, 
White Kpightl, am, Gi. 

HoniM'i Art of Poetrr, mida GnRliih, 



Vane, bj Tbni. Ciwch. Loni 

la narei likely to Riln (bs ■pprobinon of 
tho public OUUr afiliini,— iai8--lTlt, 
Umo. vHh pntnlEof Cnaeta.SLM. WUIe 

Hm^pLl. IIOS, DHmoobTBoen niTHi 
L1>i. HIMhi^ 40». monceo, IL Ua. 
-1716.— 17W,— 1780^1780, wllh poH«tt. 

M. TnuuUUon of Dr. Bantlar'a 

Nmu^ donginlfae BantlslanBtila. (Bj 
Oldlimrtb.) Loud, ail. II. ISi. lima. 
l!4pArtA,forTnlDg9 voIl A bnrlnqiiB crf- 
llaua on Dr. BantteT'i Honoa, of i»B- 
>l dandle tdant, ISi. 

*oa(TT, br the EatI at 
L the, nDO-SLfid. 

Tba Odea of Komae, by Hearr Cox- 
ell. OitOcd, ITU, tto. 
The Worka of Honea, traail»ted liilt 
lltenl ProH, by Thotniu Creeeli, with 
' a Latin t«it. Loud. 171S, limn. 1 vola. 
1 alegmtly pilntad adlUon, bnt tba 
.tiD text Is iacateet. — nil. Urns. S 

H once'iOdea. Epodax, and Ci 

Workaof Horaoa InEuHA Pr 
TnnalatloB »d Dula?i Notaa, 
rd Watited, Eaq. Land. 1718, 19 

A TmulitinD at the Odot ind EpodH 
Han, A.B. Lond. 1787. Svo. 

Tba Worka of H<inea In EnglHh Pnx* 
with the Notaa and Latin Teit Lood. 
1741. 8>o. 3 Tola.^ II. la. Tbli la myellr 

wasoiiilul^priiited. It Ih a napactabla 
work, but Inferior to Wataon'a ud 
gmarfi. OUfl- adi(in>,-.Loikd. ITM. Sro. 
"1, Oerriok, llM,i8s.ed.— Lond.lTda 
i Tola. ~ Lond. ITGS, 8n. 2 Tola, 
lami. MO, n10^«le(^ U. ISa. — LODd. 
avo-lKdi.— Lond. ieil,Sis.lnlb 

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The Work! gf Ham*, (nubttd Into 
KoHliiti Prose, with tlie oriffiDAl I^iin, 

STO, 3tq1>. The nmal UMful adlllDO i^ 

tramUtlon. 11 h(.a ttie Tirions reidlna 
prjpoiwl by Dr. Bentlej'; lad Dr. Donglu' 

of Hemes, with their iiz«B uid iUub, — 

1T». 6d,— Lond. 17Ab, &tfD.1t volB, Rariiiad 
br B. Pilrick.— LoDiL ITBO, On. 3 voli. 
Kuiui, fU I. 1M2, 1S9,— A neiredltlDn, 
nrtwd itnl cocnctM by Wm. Crukelt. 
MA. Load. ITS!, Sts. ■ ToU. Hlbbert. 

A poaUcal Tnnilatlan or tlie Wocka of 

ir / . Thoiupsi 

¥0(t. A BDlendld edition. L^rgt tj 
Ulbbert, tm, II. Nuuu, pL I. 1 
U IL OiiTlek:, lltS, let.-Lond. 11 

Drurr^, 1MB,' U>. HMt'ti, 4M5. U A 
Lond. IIU.I Toll.— The eighth edit 
Lond.l77G^i:imo.4Ta1a. WhltoKnlgl 
Moe, Iti. Sir H. M. Byksi, 16i— A i 
•ditlon, alth uldlclonti NoHl llT Stw 
Dciboll. LoDd. 1607, llfmn. 4 voljl, . 

Tiw y 

I, with the DTlglntl Tei 

leniluml Ordl 

rigbt Pro'niH 

Hag). I.Dnd. 
Terj uefUl *ur«- 
Ronu'i Art of Poetry, tnnileted by 
rilllem INipple. Esq. Lend. ITU, 4to. 

Ih TTmiiiletloa [bT J°bn SUr 


HonHI Ojien, Tlth tbrea Earilili 
Tmn>l(tlHU, ud Noua erltlul tnin- 

Cilorr. Petlnghui, 17d3, 4tfL Hll>- 
Ull, II. ai. 
Tb* Work!. tniubit«] lltaimUr Inlo 
Enrillb ProM (Kllli the LUIn Text) bj 
Chrbt. Bmert, A.H. Lond. U5S, limo. 
3 vole. ri. UieM ta leunan, lUld fn- 
q«ntlf KfrioMd la ndou forme.— ITSI, 

The Worka of Bonca, In Eogllak 

hltlorlcel and crltlcil, collected end puli- 
llabad br Ut. DuncoDlie. Lond. lTH-9, 
8ro. a TaU.~ Second edition, Lond. 1TS7, 

amell pralie.'— i>r. Drain, 

The Works of Horace, In EoElllh 
Yene, by WLlllan and John Diincombh 
and other Uaoda, with Notea critleal and 
hlatorlcil. Second Edition, wltb manr 

siwclei of Drill 

oraca, trmnaleted 
la of tha orl^iual, in hudlbiuti* 

of Honca, In an eaar and Inlalll^bla 
Btyle. The Ssoond Edition. rBTlawvTuid 
ImproTed by the Autlior. W. Oreea, H.I). 
LlTerpool, 1785.— LlvsrpiHrt, IT77, Bra, da. 

aO»r*e Calain. bond. 

[ion to tba lyilem of Rlihop Hard. Be- 
printwl. much improTed, In Uw tUrll 
Tolama of the utkoi's ' PniM OB MnnI 
Ocdulons,' avo, lAod. 1TS7. 

Epiatia to tba Fleoa, en tb* Art of 
Poetry, InnaUud Into Engllah Terse, 
<rl<b Ubaorratlons and Nelu. EdlDb. 

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EOEiOi — amlbtiitd. 

Tlw LttIc Wocki of HoTUi, ti 
lato EngUab Vane, wtlli otb« P 

Load. ITBM, Bto. I ' 

Six Bitln* In % etrla l 
ImluUau ud UtonI V«nl 

Art tt PoattT, tni^tail Inia ^^lih 
Vana. IiTWnilaiaCUUH,LL.B. Cool. 

Til* Ljrteki of Ugnoe, comprttliig hi> 
Oim, BpndM, utd BxaUiOdo, In Ed- 
ItUita Tane, wtUi tha LhUd Tsit icilHd 
--" ad (by Dr. HotI). Lond. ■"" 

. PrlnUlf priDtad. 

EpIiUaa in Bagllsb Vana, tiT Chulai 

Uofd. Blnnlii(hkni,181!,8vo. Prlntelj 

printtd. 'Wnnchiuii, 9i. Sd, naold E,Ttoii, 

f » Tantim «f HanM'i 
)dH. By P. Wnngbuo, 
IBVl. Sto. FUlr enpiei 

KaT. Frucli Wnni^hui, IBSl.Sn 
BapriutBd for privata clnnil&tiHi 

Odaa or Horue, InniUUd Into 
Tbth, bj QiST. Oxford, 183^ cr 

HontU Plud Open 

Ordo udTerbil Tnnilitioii iDlerlloullT 
■miufld. Bv P. A. Nuttell.LLJ). Land. 

ieas,iimo. i tok. isl 

rlDoa Odai, die, b 
Hitton, Dirdui, 

Tilp7, 18U, 1 

Odaa at Hoi — ,— „— , 

Tane, by PaeL 1BS8, ISmo. 3i. «d. 

Honn, lltanlly tnuaUtad In 

n, AJid others. Loud, 
(Bipphie) Id Engllih 

Henee, bsBdat*d Utanllr, IM tbe nw 
of StodaDta, byU. P. Hugbton. Land. 
ISM, ItauhSi. ndsoed toU. 

Horua'a Eputa*. aetln*, and GpliOaa, 
truBUtad (Into TaiM) br tb* On. F. 
Howei. Lend. lUMtmo. <*. 

Honea'B Odu, Ulenlly trUilUad br 
I.a.RobbiHb L<iBd.U«,STaU.iaBa. 

LudiTiuad matnt. wltb iDtrodactloiu aad 
LOt*«,by F. W. Nairmeu. Lond. 1863, 
Tbe Ode> of Bonce, UtanUr 

ce, UtanUr truu. 
ne, b; H. 0. Bobla. 

Tba Odaa tt Honaa. fn torn Bookn, 
InuiUlad Into BagUih Lyrle Tsm. br 
[.Old lUnnairorth. Loud. IBM. njij Bn. 

II. li. Liioi rxrai, impar. Bto. u. Sl 

Hontlnt icIbrmKtiu: atn, Eimeiids- 
lonea omnas qnlbni Edldo BaoUeiuk k 
rulnrlTna dlidngnKur, auEnioA fid* in 
iDum callactB. Loud. ITU, S». 3i. 
inli, Lood-llia, 8m Si.Rd. 

FITS aitnotdlniry Letlen 


>d Q. HonUnm 


am. Load. 


Uontina dana 

Iltitni ab 




U— U. 

Lood. I'm. Sto. Sl 

M.rkl«,d, Epl 

luBontll Loc* 




ni. ina, bt 

0. Da. 

a, tnoslatad liy Bcrive 

iRitlon aii>eaniln| two Odu of 
Im Library at fioma. i<OBd. 

;, Google 

SlephiDD WattoD. Ed 

Ba MucLUTD, fat. 

UotbuVB BenoDiK wen hlgliLf pi 
br Dr. JshnHn. 

HoBXin, William. Ynlg 
Ijond. per Bicbsidum ¥jt 
1619. 4to. 

A tout In In tbe BrlHBb Ununc 
nlmbfe collMtlon ot AunUlu HDf 
phnw, khI iphcitliiiiii. In LillD un 

liei.— Lond. W. da Woide, UK) 
Oudoar, IW. ISa. 

— AntiboBaioon ; od Oulielmum i 
Iiilimn. EpUtola Aldrisii ad Hoi^ ' 
nunuiD. Epistola protonatis ad i 
nindem HonnaDum. Apotogeticc 
Hormani ad Protonatem bifariui 
Lond.infedibia P;nBotuaiiiB,1521, | 

HoBlTE, Ctu. (etaliomro). Car- 
Riinti in obitum Qui. fVliitakeTL 
■ Lond. 3. Wolflui, 1596. 

<p, ULl1}iiimoU«d by hli BlDgnphen. 
- George, D.D., Bishop of TSor- 
wich. The Worte, with Life by 
. W. Jonee, H.A. Land. 181B. 8to. 
" Is. port. SI. 

preUI? ire vDutd by dl demml- 

□d. BobD, lOffil, STO. 

lelKtloiu fram BlKhr 

I. IS*. Load. 18*8, 


Bright 51. 7s. M. 
■nlnWlirliish Ua 
unbgih Uhnrr. At I 
id part is s severs i 

Loud. 11T9— H 8' 

It. 4s. New ediUiHi. 

a..-h 3, Id /ouis, g hsTlnr eight iBSTei 

EoRNBT. Oharlea. Stt Duo- ' 
DALK, Sir W. 

— William. The SoorrBe of 
Drrnkennea. Lond; 1618. 4k>. ' 

in InBdellly. Oiftrd, 1784, 
4ew edItloD, Lend. RlTlngUn. 


. Blbt. Aiutld'l'nel 

WrsBghaiD, IW. IDs, 

UoBHB, Andrew. Uirror of 
Jiuticea. To which ia added, the 
Divenity of Oourta and their Ja- 
riadietioD, traoalated into English 
by W. Hughes. Loud. 1768, 8to. 


Bait aditlon of this caiiaiM, InlsniUng, 

itlima tn S toIs. 3 
. Lond-lgO^Sn. 

gnph;. Lund. It 

— John. The Divine Wooer; 
or a Poem aetting forth the Lots 
and Lorelineaa of the Lord Jeaui, 
ius. by J. H. a Serrant of Clod. 
Load. 1673, 8to. 

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1123 BOB 

Pv. Ha. ItaHM, aoi, Ul BlU. 
Angts-PoeUcii, M6, £L ii. ^atxr, pt It. 
II. Hkegg. 10.. 

HoKHE, Bobert, Biihop of Win- 
cheater. An Anaweare made to ■ 
Booke entituled, the Dedarotion of 
■ache Scrnples and Stues of Con- 
•denoe, toochinge the Otbe of Su- 
pramw^ u U. ^hn Feckenham b; 
WiTtinge did deliuer mto the L. 
BUhop of Wiocheater, irith hii 
Beeolutioili made Uiereunto. Loud. 
hj Etaaj WjkBi, 1666. 4(o. 

OordoailaiiiL lOea, " 
Aag Gut, Lady 
— Thomas Hartvrell, B.D. An 
Introduction to the critieal Studj 
and Xnowledgc of Itie Holy Scrip- 

Tba inott Important Theotogiul pnbll. 


IVlb. Jxpnd. isaa, 8VO. 4 TolB- 
Lond. 182A, ero. 4 Tola.— Vllb, Con 
uidtiDlllieed. IllDBlntedoithDnni 
Mapi and Facaimllea sf BIbUul > 

Enlarged spd cm 



Irala tt at MlpnUvt Rooka. and a BIk 
IJoRnfililcal liat of Edltlaoa of liu, Ser1p> 

einnl rxnIoDi, br the B<^. t' II. Uon^' 
B.D. The (iritlad part Tavrlttao, and the 
mnainder isTiaad and edited by B. P. 

etiid; D 

1 Ibe 

itrated vltb 

1HS2. lamo, Thi» 
[ia QiBiiiiai, an abridgment of 
lar^T iQtTDdvcCIOD, ia BO ar- 
rmnged a> to form a eomprebODHlTe guide 
lo Ibe atud; of IIib Bible, and la weH i2api- 
■A to gBoanl nad«^, Th« antadit^a 
Lppcared l€^. cud ww rvprnM ia Uie 
-ame ypar at Botton, i^umcnuHUty 8a. 6d. 

Htnuil of Biblical BlbUographf . Lund. 

aaa, svo. la^ Thia r«ui> pmof tbe 

latrndDctlmi' to the Scrlptnraa a> pilnied 
n tbe edition oflBS4. 

Vol. S, adlL IMS, emprlM lbs MaiHtal 
f BIMIcal Blblioirapti]' in t*D Pana : — 
Part 1, HoIt acHplureL— S. Sacnd Pbl- 
Imopby, Crlticiamt ud iBlcrpratatioiaii 
of tlie Hnir Bciipiuni. 
An Inlroduclion lo ibe Study »r Bib- 

The Scrlptnn 
England Tlndita 

, corrected aod enlarged. 

Inea' (or tbe Clualflnllnii cl 

bnrj; Bubmltted la tbe Trnnti'ea < 

:0pieB priTatrly prlDfed. Sothcby 


of Biblical OeoETiphr and Anilquitlea, IX>nd.lH36,I£mo.5B.— fiiiIhedltlon,Leild. 
bj the Bev. T. H. Hm™, H.D. 18a.— VoL 18:9, limo. 

ticisnu of the Na> Teaumen^ wlih Asa- 1 Celleg*, Cambridge. ISn, Impoial Sio. 


HOBira, T, H.— mm* 

iTOll. Od SllOl 

VHw of IhB M 
Bocond ediUon. L 

Wfidon, Lond. 6«" IBmo i>'«A 

\utilaiietm\a\BtTj,Aoctr\o*^iiA lltLirej, 
or the ApoitoUa precapt nod patteni, dko, 

Athuulu Cre«l. Hecond tiiU Land. 
tSST, ISmo. 

fonnslLon. a. Tha Mliqulty of Ihs Rs- 
llglMl of P«t«lUnts d« 3. 
■rtoMfMTof "ahfrltiK to the Pn.Msttnt 
Chnreh. *. Rora»nl»ra conlmdiMory lo 
tha filblB. Tonlli edition. Loud. ISW, 

M«tlol»(rj; or, hcM snd aildancu 
deDOBitntliig th« worablpof tb« blotxed 
Vlrg[n M»r)-, hf tha Chareh of Boiua. 
Lond. IMI, 

B\1i]loznphioU NoMi on Oo Book of 
Juhar. l.i»id. 1833, Sro, Du Doitald- 



Bsu/'on (ha' Blatorj of Llton^ee, 

oslr 1* eonlM. ArcUdeacwii Wr»ii,(h«in, 
with iDtog. luta, te HMld J. W. K. 
£rton, I8i§. 1*. ti. 

LUk of Blihop Boreiidgo. Loud. Bts. 
ISM, onlT all eoplti prtnled Hpinte 
from hl> tdltlon of^lhe *orki. Wnng- 

Bieood edltlM 

Enamr ud Filr 
ind •dCllon, 1848, li 

I:,M^184^ IBmo, >■, 
poparj, tha Enamj ud Filiini 

Tha Rai, Ur. Homa hu betn ■ verf 
Indeflitlgiihle irricar nod (dllor, eipsoLitUr 
In thedapuuaint of Blbllognph)'. For 

(■ Duuio'I ClfclDpndiri Bittiograpliiet. 

HOBmoK, AntbonT, D.D. Se- 
Teral Sermoiu upon the fifth of St. 
ifatthev; twng part of Ohriit's 
Sermon on the Mount. Third 
Edition. Lond. 1717. 8»o. B to1». 

IMihliahad ij Klnhop Kllder, vho hu 

DhHTTU, 'A grant tbId of ^triod do- 
or the primitive iIinpUElt; and nkl, lad 

LoDd. l«ra, S^o. <>.— Land. MSB. Bn. 
froDtlaploM.— ITH 8T0. irlth a fnmtii- 
pleCD by Wm. Hogmrlh, it. 

An accountofHoniBck, 'ft fluent nnd 
florid preubor, ftnd varj popolftr Ja l,Dn. 
dOD li>d WaiUnlnltar,' with ft liH of h[l 
worka, vUl be Ibund In Wood's Attain. 

HoBinniAH, rrederick. Jonmal 
of Trayeli, from Cairo to Mour- 
toak, the Capital of the Kittgdoin 
of Feixui, in A&jca, in the Year* 
1797-8, Lond. IBOa. 4to. 

Hlbbert, 41W, 8a. BiddlBT, pL M. IMS, 

C«ad1n^ of the Aftlcu AuodftUou. 
nd. 1810, D »o1a. Svg. 
HoBSiua, Qeorge. Benini Bri- 
tannicarum Libri VII. Lugd. Bat. 
164a. ISmo. it. 

• Qulbiu rai In Angl[ft, Scotlft, at Hibar> 
Alft ftb ftDDQ 1I.DC.XLT. bello gain, expo- 

Pp. 410, wltta a H 
I Sd, HftBftn. pi. 1. II 

ftotiifti length ii ftbout 261).'- Qaarl. Sn. 

EOBSHAU, in Suasei.— Truo and 
Wonderful!. A DiAcourse relating 
a strange and monatrous Serpent 
(or Dragon) Uteljr digcoTered, and 
yet living, to the great Annoyance 
and divers Slaughters both of Men 
and Caltell, by hit strong and Tio- 
lent Fojson, in Siutei, two Milea 
from HorsBiu, in a Woodo called 
St. Leonard's Forest, and tliirtia 
Miles from LonduD, this present 

;, Google 

Uonth of Anmut, 1614 Wifli the 
tnu Generation of Serpents. Loiid, 
bv John Trundle, 1614. 

'Hrprtnled <ii Ihs Ihiid Tolum* of the 
IlsrtaUB lElHellinr. 

HoBSBCKOH, Junes. India Di- 
reotorj, ac Dinctions for wlia^ to 
■nd from die Ewt Indi«^ China, 
New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, 
Braiil, and the intaijacent Parts. 
Third Edition. Lond. 1826. 4to. 
2 Tola. Oc^B'^f bound in one), 
published U. 6a. Iiond. 1836. 
Fonrth Edition, irith atlai in folio. 
Lond. 1B4L Fifth Edition, with 
Atlas, 4i. 6s. 

ComplM ehleS^ (nun orlglBtl Journdi 
It Ika Eul IndU Houh, >nd f»m nb- 

tireDt7.oiia run' upeilSDiw In UTlgu- 

HottBKluiiBHtF, The, ot England, 

Si. Inglli, tU, «l 

HoBSET, Sir Jerome. TrsTella 
in BuBsil^ 1676 to 1591. Nov for 
the first time printed entire, from 
his own MS., edited b; E. A. Bood, 
18S6. (with Giles Fletcher's Buwe 
Commonwealth). Sti Haklujt So- 
dttj, Appoldil. 

HoBSFiiLD, Ber. J. W. The 
History and Antiquities of Lewes 
in Sussex, and its vicinity, with an 
Appendix. By Gideon A. Sfantell, 
P.L.andG.a, Lewes, 1824-27. 4to. 
S Tols. plates and pedigrees, SI. 3a. 

HLilory uul Anllijaillei of tbB County 
oTSusHi. Lew(i,lS3e,4ta,, 

EoBansui, 'I1ios.,M,D. Zoolo- 
gical Researches in Jara and the 
Keighbouriog Islands. Load. 18S1- 
24. royal 4to. 42. 4b 

BIsbt »rU,ucb with night mlrigred 
|ri>leg,1>jW. DuIsU, puU lulled at 1S>. 

speelu M inlDids preriouilr imknowp to 
DeiciipilTa CrttaloKKs at the LsplAop- 

of tbe Eut Inila Compsny ; iUulnWit hj 

eumoiphosLs or lodiui lopidopter*, 
1th lnliTtducloT7 obaarvHUiidfl on m gHi«- 

>iid. 183^ tU. Publlihed Id >1i piKi 
II. 111. 6d, each. Proob ud Colound 

idjei^t Rob. Uruim. Lond. lB3S-lo[tbrH 
prirtu <u I Tal. n^il 4Ui. 10 plstos, tl. Gi. 
Coloured Plste^ 71. Ii. 

UooBIxr, John, U.A. Britanni* 
smsna, Or the Roman Antiqui- 
9 of Britain : in three Books- 
Loud. 1732. folio. 

ioni Hulre5i of t 

— Bamnel, successiTsiy Bishop 
of St. David's, Rochester, wid St. 
Aasph. TbeolociiouWoseb. Lond. 



HoBdLST, Sam. — eontinutd. 
' Cadell, 8 Tola, 8vo. with ganeral 
titles, uadnted ; oompciBing Ser- 
niOaa,2TOla. 1829. Charges, 1B30. 
TranrfBtion of tlie PsalmB, with 
Notes, in one vol. 1S33. Biblical 
Criticism, 4 Tola. 1844i. Together 
B Tols. 32. 3e. 

•iKl Tracta; funning In^lhsr ID iDlB. 


ui Appendix by the Rbt. Henea^ 

CrtUcul DlsqnlslUoiui on (he tlghlsenth 
ISO], tla. fupi'rnuil in BUlW C* 
ElemeotRry TreaKHS on tbs runda. 

.„.._. .^..Tldp^^OJ^,^^---^ _-^-.^-- 

On Virgil'i Two Swaorw of Honey, ind 

tlgitlng the EtiBlngii and Hettlngi of the 
filed sun. Lend. tS»,4to. 49.S<1. 

SemoDi. Dnndee ind Und. 1810,1!, 
13, M, e.o. t vol.. Nmuiu, pt II. 1^7^ 
Loud. 11. lOa. Mew ediL l^nd. I8!», Bto. 

Tlsllattoni V Samnel Honlef , LL.D., 
r.B.3,F,S,A,Bl>hapof3t, Aeapb. 18U, 
8Te.»s. NewMlt.Lond.8ve. 1830. 

Samnal iii,n\i,"l.\^!^ y ^.i'iiM Lord 
Blitaep of St. Aupb. Dundee, 1813, 8vo. 
Hlbbart, 40U). l3e.-LDnd.S><i. lAt. 

faU«>rl«l Boeke it the Old TeeUneot; 
■IH m ih« flnt Ding pnphtclal Boeki. 
Land. 190^ Bro. 1 toIl Xdttwl br the 

Book of Pulme, trenelaled from the 
Hebrew, with Nnlee, eiplinitoiy ud on- 
UmI. Third edlllon. Lond. ISSS, Svo. IS*. 

Sa Husil. luUR, Puuu. 

HosBTius, J. U. Faradisni 



HoBTlctrLTCBK. — Transactions 
of the Horticultural Society of 
London. First Series, 4to. 7 Tola, 
Lond. 1812—1830. Second Se- 
ries, 1835-43, toIb. 1,2, and3(end- 

1843-8 (all publiahed), coloured 

Ulbbert. 41», vols. 1. II, III. 7I.Es,Rd. 

RamenUunl Bocieti'i Proceed Inn, 

Uemoln of the CaledonUn HoHlonl- 

\Sj m Dtpnl.llon'of the Caledonian Borti^ 
etilttiral SoclelT, f-Mlnb. 1823, 8to. pp. 

HOBTOH, Thomna, D.D. Gipo- 
aition on fonr select Psalnu. Lond. 
1675. folio. 10s. 6d. 

Thli learned divine wan master of 
Qneen'e Coll. Gaoibrid^, aad Ticar of 
Qraat Bt. Helen'a, London. 

Ferlv-ili Batmniu npon the wboW 
eljthlh Chapter at the Eplttle of tha 
Apoatle Paul Id the Bomans. Loud. 1674, 

;, Google 

H<»H>F, Job. TberamTrMuJa 
«f *a Bogliiluiun, who wm 
heard of in thne and trcotie yec 
ip4oe. Loud. W. Wt%ht, 1&91. 

HospTFiu.—'Dia Order of fh« 

■ ■ -■ I. BQd 

and bondage In thiSpuUbOiilUjt.' U*- 


Holu, tTBnslated from the He- 
brew, yriih Saiee ezvihottoTj and 
eritioa], b; Samuel Hor«Iej, Biihop 
of Booiieater. Beoond edition, cor- 
rected KoA enlaced. Land. ISOi. 

BiDdur,pt.u.i«ss,i9L iriuimi.rti, 

IL lOa. On of tba Ablut plwu of cii- 

of tho auOior'i Blbliont Crtttdam. 

The PrephMlM of Homi, tr«i_ 

vllk ft ComnMBUrr ud Hotu, bj JtuH 
Heda.AJC. Laii£ 1711, Bro. 

Hoenra, StaniBlaoB. The Hatchet 
of Hereeies. A most " 

Treatiee of the BegyimTiig of He- 
reajea in onr Tnne. Translated 
outof LatenintoBhtglTshBibirBidi- 
ard Slwklocl. Antwerp by ^g. 
IHert, 1566, 

SiinijBl Petjt, Esq. ncntarr or tba Ad. 
mtnllT. StretuU, 1(»7, Si. TowiHleT, 
pLL{l^7>.6d. Inglli, icnfl,aL 

Host*, Paul. TreatiieonHBral 
Tactics, translated with Notes, &c. 
bj C&pt. BoBwalL Edinb. 1634. 
4to. 52 platea, Si. lOe. rednoed to 

In net, Ch. O'Brnn pdMMied Kworfc 

sn {fiTii Crc^utlou tn «lo. obieBf u- 
tnet«d fntii Ibe original Freneh eittloa 

TliB oTiglnaL of tbia work vao printed 
at LronA in 1097. fbllo. II eontuna tba 
ftrflt dflBcriptioo 1^ tba eeleinlad m*. 
nffinm of hmUng tbe line, ttr Uw 

of Jobn Clark of Bldio, Idld Rodiwv, 
and Sir Gbarlea Dougta*. Sk Itaaiurlr 

HoKBlM, Oh«rlca. As Intro- 

dnotion to the Tentooick Philoeo- 

K' 'le, &e. Englished by D. F. 
□d. 1650. I^mo. 

prehce to tlili woik li the fol- 

lowing;— ^r 

■J, bBlght, 

t file 

'. Ninelj-fivefollog.lwIdH 
F.plfUaa dndiuUTT, ubte, Sa. Hlb- 
beit, tot*, mamca, II. St. loglli, loa, 
U.Ms. Homer, II. 14a. Hsbei, pt. U. II. 
) iln«keIl,May,18Sl.21.Ui. 
ur thaapmee Wordeof Qode. Lon- 
fayos bi J^a Bi«ard, 1W7, Sro. fol. IIS, 

HoBIUtB, O. A. TrBTBiB in 
Ethiopia, above the second Cata- 
raot of the Nile, illiutratiTe of the 
Antiqaities, Arts and History of 
the aacient kingdom of Meroe. 
Ifap and 90 Clustratioiia of the 
Temples, PrTamids of Meroe, 6i- 

HoTomH, Francis. IVanco- 
Gallia ; or, an Account of the an* 
dent &ee Stste of France ajod 
other Parts of Surope, upon tba 
Loss of their Liberties. Trans- 
lated by Lord Ifolesworth. Ziond. 
1711. 8»o. 38. 6d. 

An eiuUant work on tba original bU- 
toTf and gonmmcdt of Franca, fanuarly 

Hmius, DaT. Traits mr bs 
Coutumee Anglo-Normandcs, qui 
ont iti publi^ en Augletam det 
pnia le oniieme, jniqn'BD qoatOT- 
ziemc SiMe. Eonen, 1776-82. ito. 
4 vols. 


I opltnUiy of tin Ui 

_« d ttaa Fnnsh moDi _. _ 

nets from DomejidmV'book. A. L&wb 
imry r. t. GlinvtL Vol. H, 1. IJl 
f Ualcolm MtckeiuHth, necoDd of I 

Duod Dotoi oipUntlorr uid 11 
of tb« Uwi UM euHUaiA 0/ Ed| 
Fruce, vltb Ubiea of lb« 

Ancleiuaa Loii it* Pnoc 
nri^aa duo l« C«iiniDH An. 
urn or 17SB, 4to, S T^, 31, 

rMcUoDmlrs sialytlqu 
otymoloftlqiiB, cTlclquo et ]i 

HouBKixsn, Ja. HesdtoflUiu- 
trioos Feraoni of Great Britain. 
1743-52. folio. 


B»aM titling, ft. I. 

Sk Bjbob, Tbonu. 

EocBUi. Sei Hownr. 

HoPsH, John, D.D. BuocenBiTelj 
Biibop of Oxford, Lichfield, Co- 
ventiT, and Worcester. SennonB 
aud Ciuaaa, irith Memoir of his 
lib br W. Ruudl, B.D. Oxford, 
1831. 8vo. 

- Life. 

Sti WlLMOT, John, 
vt of BfahDp Uougta 1 
iwk. LoDd. 17(3, 4bi. 

Honfts.Capt.W. ThePraotineof 
Coiirt«-MutiBl ; alio the legal £1- 
poaition and military Sljplanation 
of the Uutiny Act and Artitdee of 
War. Lond. 1626. 8to. 



Lond. IBM, Bto. 

Kneiml Courta-Mutai. CaleslU, legl- 
ike of York, WO, UDmeeo. IL li. 
HocaaroK', John. X Colleotion 
for LcproTOment of Husbandry and 
Trade, reriaed by Eicb. Bradley. 
Lond. 1727-8. 8vo. A yola. 
■ Willatt, IMS, 6fc— l«92-BftT, fcllo. 
Mirqula oT TownBhsnd, 1B06, uw. 1 ts 

— Tho. The Compleat Miner, 
or a CoUectioD of the Ixnt, Li- 
twrtiea, &c. of the aereral Mines in 
the Countiea of DerW, Qlouoeeter, 
and Someraet. Lond. 1688. 12mo. 

RnirinUd tn 17Sa Stei 

■loDi vt tht Klnsn 

The Liira ud C 
I Iha Foreit of I 
Land. 1887, 12ino. 
— Wm. Sff QBiBsrc 
HousHTON-HiLL.— The Pleni, 
Eterationii and Bactions} Chimney- 
Piecea and Ceilinga of Hooghton, 
in NorfoUc, the Seat of Sir Bobert 
W«]pole. Publiihed by 1. Ware. 
Lond. 178G, atlaa folio. 
ThLrlT-foot piiLtoB, with > UU« ukd 
■tin idTBRlKnient.— IIS^ bUo. 
HoDLBBOOK, William. A Black- 
amith and no Jeaiiit ; or the Smith 
of Kvlborough. LcHtd. 1660. 
12mo. front, 
Lond. 1T«, liino. ntlh front. Bomber, 

. sd. KuuD, pi. I. lem, loi. Bni, 

<S70, la. UD^d, 18, 6a.— IMS, irllh tria- 
"~'~e. Niaun, ptl. IWO, ««.— ICTT, 

HottHK-BBKixyna.— The Cat«P- 
pillen of thia Nation anatomized 
m a brief Diacorery of Houae 
breakera and Pick pocketa. lo 
whidi is added, the Manner of 
Hectorinit and Trepuming. Lond. 
1669. 4to. 

A »pr la in Ibe Btltlib UuMnm, 

;, Google 



HoFBEBOLD BooKS. — Ancimt ; 
Eoglub, u published b; Hr, Fleck- 
ering. 1. Northumberland. 2. , 
Henry VIII. 3. PrinceM Man'.! 
4. Elizabeth of York. Load. 1B27- 
31. 4 ToU. Bvo. a. 4e. 
Ste ABiimiiKUD Cim, Appmdli. An- 

daoltbtar of Henn Vtll. HiRT, Q. of 

UKD, H. A. PEier, EatI of. PEoni,S(in, ' 
BOXBUIOBI Cldb. Tbohhoi, Thomu. 

HoFBlluir, John. A Topogre- 
phieal Deacription of Cumbei^Biid, 
WestmoreUnd, Lannashire, and a 
Part of the Weat Biding of York- 
■hire. Carlisle, 1800, Bvo. 
- - ■■-—■-. FoBtbUt aiss, 


HoTKniBF, John EykjTi. A 

general Treatise on the Principle 
and Practice in which Courts of 
Eijoi^ are guided in Matters of 
Fnud. Lend. 1S25, royal Bvo. 2 
ToU. 21. 12a. 6d. 

How. Sk Howi. 

HowiKD FAimT, — Memorial 
of Charlea Howard, Esq. of Grey- 
ah}ck, and Ulna Frsnoee Hoirara, 
of the Family of Norfolk, of Eng- 
land ; translated from (lie EVench. 
(1763). 4to. 

; mddrBM i 


. IM of (U) pUlB,, ud 
to the mipof the loTls, S puRea: ! 
daKripilni,Bp.S3A; aildltioiii 
tvo pagve. Betveen pp. 176- 
Vtet, -A dsKripHTa Tonr,' _.., 

378 rn re[W«Wd, iird fullow p. feo; pp. 

'WniC Riding at Yarkahirs. Cirllili!, 
1800, S'o. Fonlfalll, £19^ I3i.-CuUale, 
ISCe. Drnry, 18W, 4s, 6d. 

HorsToH, A. L'EooBM Fran- 
r^ae. Faria, 1608, 12ino. 

— William, H.D. Eeliquiae 
Hotutoniann, seu Iconee Plaiita- 
rum in Arnica meridioiuli collect. 
Iiond. ITBl, 4to. 26 platea, 7a. 

HoT¥i>rK, Jo. Anglici. Carmen 
Billunicuin de Pasaione Domini. 
Oandavi in off. P. Cesaris. no date. 

HelHi, pt. 1. &. M. 

— Boger, Chronicle. Ste 9a- 
Tn,E; and for Translation tet 
Bohn'a Antiquarian' Library in Ar- 

EowAKS FiurLT. Indicstiona 
of Memorials, Monamecle, PaiDt- 
lags and Engravingi of Persona of 
the Howard Famfly, and of their 
Wives and Children, and of thosa 
who have married Ladies of tbo 
name, and of the Bepreaentativea 
of some of its branchea now ei- 
tmct. By Henry Howard of Corby 
Castle. Corby Castle, privately 
printed, 1S31. folio, portrait*, 
plates, arms, &c. 
DakB of BiiBMi, Si.iBs. Gw.feaker, 

HOWABD. See C .m.i ir.F, Earl 
of. NoBfOLX, Duke of. Noete- 
AxnoN, Earl of. Sxaitfokd, Xiord. 
SuiEEET, Eari of. 

HowjLKD, Hon. Chis. (ninthDnke 
of Korfolk). Historical AnecdotM 
of some of the Howard Faioily. 
Lend. 1769, 8*o. 

InKillHd to Chaiia Honrd, Esq. of 

Qrerstock Caslle, Guruberiand. OouBb, 

•■"' Ba.Sd. Skr M. M. Hyk«, pt. IlW 

Marqnlt of Tnaalimil, tSSS, 8a. o£ 

;, Google 

TtaougbU, E»i>rii ind UailDii. . .__ 
lies, tSms. Bindler, pt. 11. 60^ irlth hii 
Aoecdotei of tha llowiri Fiunilr, 1768. 

HoWABS, Chss. Devout Medita- 
tiotia I or s Collection of Xhongbte 
upon religious and philoaophi- 
cal Subjects. Land. 8to. 

A -rirj populir work, 0Tiglii»ll7 pul)- 
llsbcd mnoDymouBl^, HDd fre^uea^'' ' ~ 

— Hon. Edward. The British 
Princes, an heroick Foem. Loud. 

ind Eu*y9.wlib> 

— George. Wolaej the Cardi- 
nal and his Times, conrtlj, political, 
and eoclesiasficaL Lond. 1824 8ro. 

7b, 6d. 

[lD«ird publiihed iieTenl tnstlMa of 
U<F, sqiiLl7, uid rai 

— John. Jul Account of the 
principal Laiarettos in Europe; 
with varioiu Papers relatlTS to the 
Plague ; together with further Ob- 
■ervatioDS on some Foreign Priaona 
knd Hospitals ; and additional Be- 
marks on the proaent State of those 
in G. Britain and Ireland. War- 
rington, 1789, 

lurghe, 9SS, ICU. Be 

1. OnTEii 

Tba SUIa at tlia Prluns In England, 

with Appendix. Wurtn^LOD, 1784, — 

A Vlflir of Ihe GbJLiibCter 4Dd public 
Servlcsj of the UU John Ho-ird. Esq. 
Df John MhlD. M,D, Loud. ITS!, bra. 

ni. mo. po 

By IhB Bsv, J, A. FloliL Lood. ISaO, 
Lift, br T, Tajlor. Lond. Itew. Ti. 
EowiBD, Lnke. Climate of Lon- 
don, deduced from Meteorological 
Obaeirationa, Lond. 1818. 2 Tob. 
6to. El. Second Edition, enlarged 
i continued, Lond. 1833. 3 tob. 

). 158. 

— Leonard, D.D. A. Collection 
of Letters and State Papera from 
the original MS8, of many Princes, 
great Fereonages and Statesmen, 
together nith some curious and 
scarce Tracts and Pieces of Anti- 
quitj, religions, political, and 

Plecei In Prow and 

— Philip. Thoughta 
■ ■ ' he OioTw , 

Cosmogoniea, Chronologies, and 
origind Traditiona of ancient Na- 
tiona. Lond. 1797, 4to. 12e. 

Sir B. Knt. Poems, Tii. 
A Fanegyrick to the King, Songs 
and Bonneta, the Blind Lodj a 
Comad;, the fourth Book of TirgU, 

;, Google 

112S ] 

HottAU), Sir 
Sutiiu hia Aohilleii with Annota- 
tioiUi and a Puit^rick to G^nenll 
Monck. Lond. 1660. nn.STO, 6>. 

BibI, Anglo-Poet. 874. IL 10.. CMMim. 

— A— U III 

«lRbt8. C 

Koar niiir FUvei. Lond. I6S6, foUo 
0«rriek, lt«S, S..M- 

PLt« wit rliTij, Load. ISB, fOlIo, 
with port. bT R. Wblu, it. 

Drnutln Work!. Limd. im, ISniii. 
With portnll by Vertne. Euth. 1S13. 
U. Sd. n«ld, m 31. Sd. Koihurghg 
1914, f. Sd. 

HlnoricalObHrntiouDpoD the Relgoe 

Pp. IM, Mt tadidbtg Ilt1«. 

Th8 Ulstorr tf tha Rdgw of Edvard 
■nl KMurd II. Lend, IWO, 8to. «•. 
Thick pAm. 7t. Sd. Muqulenf Tgnt- 
htfod. lG&4r a pnoenttUoii oopr. IJ. 8«. 

Tba HlatoTj of Bell^on. Load. ISH, 

HowB, EarL A 'Stmtiye of 
the Pnmedinge of bU M^sBty'i 
Fleet, nndec the Command of Eart 
Howe, from the Sd of May to the 
2d of June, 1795. Lond. 1796, 
Pp. IW kDd S pUtea. Fontblll, ISTl, 

— John, A.M. The Worts, 
with Life bj the Eev. John Hunt. 
Lond. 1810-22. Sto. 8 Tola- 31. 3e. 

Cilimr. Losd. Bohu, ISS^ U. lOi. 

— Joaiali. A S«rmon before 
the King at Ch. Cb. on Faalm 4, 
7. Oion. 1644 ? 4to. 

Printed In nd latten. Ttalrtr «pNi 
itPtHk off. Sa HeuiH'B Bob. of (Hon- 


Hmn, MicbaeL The last and 
wont of the Buab Bangsrv of Tsn 
Diemen's Land- NorratiTe of the 
chief Atrocitiea committed bj this 
great MnrdereF and hia Aesociatea, 
during a Period of six Te^^ in 
Tan Diemen's Land. From au- 
thentic Source* of Infonnation. 
Hobart Town, printed bj Andrew 
Sent, 181 S. 12m 0. 

' TblH Is tbs gnftteat Utemrr cnrioritr 

child of Iha prvBB or ft ilatA tndj flfl«D 

teui old I It vlll of DDiirea be nprlntad 
eni-bDt oorcopr, the copyjwcoo,, 

tarif'SsTlew, ulil. 7S-S3. 

— William. Phjtologia Britan- 
nicB natales ezhibens indigana- 
nuD Stirpium sponte emergentimn. 
Lond. 1650. 8to. 

Tbli work coDtoins 1220 ^uti. Bmra 

UB In lbs 'Fbftsla^is Brltannlci' U 
imieisd to B. Loiel'i Enehirtdlon Bii- 
tumlmmn. Oxou. 16tKi, 1065. 

HowBL, L. BTnopaig Csnonmn 
S. S. Apootolorum, et Conoilionua 
ah Ecclee. Qrffica receptonun nee- 
CoDciliorum, de Xkxlea. Bri- 
icEB et Anglo-Saxonion, etc in 
compend. redact. Lond. 1706. foL 

SjDOpsli C 





Lond. 1710, 


intlfluU to ISK. 




set In » f nw 1 itht. Lond. I r 

2 8ro.*u 


bo HolT B 

Lond, 1714 J. Btiirt. 

mstini: »riodi or EniBih hisMr— ths 
signs of Jiuneg L nd Chutes L— dtaoorer 
Tsrloty ot lltanture, and abofnid with 


frimd of Jonson. and tha flnt who bnra 
tho ofBca at roTal hUtoriograjAir.'-^ 
Wrlm. A)ltet[MpsMiT*ItaTin,pt.lT. 

;, Google 


' a! Garope, 1303-40. 

Piria, 184t.4ta. Portuidpunfl. 
VoUi, or 1 Poem Korall pr«Hnl«d 
Mtjettf n» > iHir Yttn Qin. 

iislloiii for fbrrelns TrurelL Laiii. 

A Surrey of tlie Selgnorifl of Venlq, 
oiuL 16Gl,fDllo. If brqult df Torubsiid, 

Ths Viglrm, or ■ duiogiis betwcoD tha 
Mile ind tlie BodI* fueled Id b If diuLd^ 
ceun. Load. uneU Bra. 1661. 8keni 

The wonder^t ud deplonUe HLBtorr 
' the Utur Ilin.1 of fta Jewi mud ol 
It City ef Jemeilem. Ixind. tOH. SVD. 

br ' Mdlu el Boue,' rapreHDttng • o*- 
tiUh leollnlng wiliut sn oit King 
end LocUe'i la Mircb 1S1D, lli. Sd. re- 

'CdlleoUon of Truu. II vu UkewlKO 
tnooUled inlo U.ILO 'AngllB Buipirii 

Tbe Frebemlneue ud Pedlgiea of 

HOT 1 1 29 

Lniln LndoTlei ; or. tb» Life of Uaia 

ml de Klchelleii. Loud. IMS, (bile. 
Oordooitoun, 1131, Si. M. Boibarsb*. 

Bell* ecoto-AngUcL' AlMef of ell 

the BMIali (Dd raertlBl EneoonUnvhlok 
hdva hippaned 'Islxt Englufl ud Boot- 
Und. Uind. IMS, 41a. A 'BBHrfleUl' 
perfomance, sooordlDg toBlBhopHieDlHiii. 
A perfect Deeolption of the People 
end Cduhdt of Seetlud. Lend. lEU, 
llo. Silly, WebuM 

If ugne ud Ceaiedr. Lend, leu, iia. A 
trmoBlatiDa from the Freneh- Roiburjhe, 

Perluetntlonof theCltTofLDDdon; Tber*- 

mluuii. Loud. 1«07. im. to). Tbliworkli 
moitly Uken from Blew'! Borver ud hli 
eootlmutor*. Toimelej, pi. IL 8M. IL 8e. 

huUl ttaa, II. 61. aindier, pt i. xm, 

11. Lloyd, 811, U. Brooketl, 1888, IL B<^ 
Wblla KDigbU, «I6, moimu, SI. St. 
Duke of York, MM, U. 14a. OoOaliin.— 
Tills, om leaf; Latin and EigUah Ujhb in 
— '--> of LondoD-kitdc% t pacMi dedl- 
, a nana; ■ 

ued lOT pagH, eamiata bat ei M 
; tha index aad oMalani* U tka 
I'a worka, S pagta. Pp.^l-M. un 
ired St^St 1 immedUulT ifur p. 
immeDuea p. SOI. pp. Ul~tM an 
Dambuad 363, ^ ^ 0. ibM^L A whsU- 

;, Google 

iMfUi pntnit of th« luUiiit, la > eloili 
C Heln ud Boua kuIb. 3. A roldw 
Tlav of L«iidM biftin ilia Urut Fin 
Hlik Biunbanil ReAniHU. 

L«ii»B Tetnglotl«i. An EDgUnb 
rrmehj lUIUn-BjiMliih, PlrtlDnMT, wltt 

tinisca. Ggrdoiistciun. liao, Sn. Bui 
borghK !164, IL Bb. Bncliell, 16SS, ISt 
Hamuli ot TowTuheiui, IflOe, «a. Hib 
bart. ilta. 12i, Duke i>/ York, seei, ISa. 
Hew EngLlib aiul Bpaniih Gnmm.i 

. „ _.., Eillteilby 

PlTDe Flaher. Bibl. Anglo-Post 3M, 
3I.S9. BLndleT,,4l. II(«d,TO46. 
a. Si. Blbben. 11, Sa. BelBaued Hime 

Howsui, John. An Bbis^ on 
the WaivOsJleja of the AncienU. 
Bdinb. 1S36. 8>o. Ss. 

— Laui-enoe, A.M. A compleat 
Hittory of the Hoi; Bible. Lond. 
1729, 8vo. 3 »ols. 

Blnilley, pi. tL 3M, IL !».— 180ft ISmo. 

Bar. G«o^ BuTdar. H.A., by wboni it 

HowELi. Thoe. Delightftil Dis- 

COuraeB to ■iindry purpoeoa. Lond. 
■bout l&BO. ISmo. 

BlULk iBlter, dsdluted to tbe Ladyi 
liljt CounUiiH or Pembroka. 

— The Arbor of AmitiB [ where- 
in is oompoaed plesunt Poenu and 
pretie Poesies. Lond. Denham, 
1568. IGmo.— 1569. 

Pp, lOt, dadlcmted to tbe Ludj Anna 


'■ R[at« 

..J. jrapbfa Poelici, «lao 

BiTdgss' Censnn Lilarula and Britlah 

— Thomas, U.D. Joornnt of a 
Psaaage from India b; an unfre- 
quented Route throueh Armenia 
and Natolia. or Asia Minor. Lond. 
1790. 8to. 5e. 

Pp. 1B7, -ilhimap. Poiiiiiin,sao»,ii>. 
Dniry, 1967. dkte 1T91, Sb. Sd. 

— T. B. See Tarns, Slate. 

~ William, LL.D. An Inetitu- 
tion of general Hietoiy from the 
Beginning of the World to tho 
Conquest of England. Lond. 1660- 
65. &lio.4ToU. inS. 
A v&luftblfl work, pralaed br Gibbnn. 

i, ieea (to ii 

I. Theu 

Howis, Ber. Thomas, Criti- 
cal Obaeirationa on Books aadenC 
and modem. Lond. 1776. Sto. 
4 vols. H. 2a. 

Hthed tnoDynauBly. The inthw 
Kt Noriricb,uid Is called' tbe Leuih 

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HcnrQKATi, Frsncis. in Beaay , 
on the ancient and present State of 
Btsmford. Stamford, 1726, «- 

Howie, John. Biographia Sco- 
ticana i or, a brief historical Ac- 
count of the Lives, &c. of the most 
eminent Scots Worthies, 1503-].688. 
Second Edition, corrected and en- 
kroed. Glasg. 1781. 8vo. 
BlnaiBj, pi, U. 433, 12b. HflbM, pt. ill. 

keir edition, editerl bj Cusltir. Edlnb. 
»nd 'iota's, by McG»vin. ' Glug. 1827, 

HowiBON, James, M,D, A Dic- 
tionary of the Malay Tongue aa 
Bpolien in the Peninsula of Malacca, 
the Islanils of Sumatra, Java, Bor- 
neo, Pulo Penan g, &o, in two Parts, 
English and Malay, and Malay and 
English i to which is prefixed, a 
Orammar of the Malay Language. 
Loud. 1801. 4to. il. 

A sort o( eomWeribis merit. 

— John, filetehes of Upper 
Canada. Edinb. 1821. 8vo. 10a. 6d. 

suinaUoD.'— SecoDd EdlUon. Ediab.ISiS, 

HowiTT, Samuel. Field Sporte, 
illustrated in SO coloured Designs, 
by S. Howitt. Lond. 1807, folio. 

Duke or York, ie»8, SI. lit. Dent, 
IM. , , 

N«"W(irko(Anlmiiliii prlnollisll)- do- 
■Vtiied ftom tbe Fables of M^g, Omy, 

PoMljm Field 

■ of Anlmela. Land. II 

HoWLKOLiB.— A merye leate of 
B Man that was called Howleglas, 
and of many meruajlous Thioges 
and leates that be dyd in Lis Ljfe, 
in Eaatlande and in many other 
Places. Lond. by Wjlljam Cop- 
land. 4to. 

Conuloe M 4 m fDiirs, ilo.bT.rgl.e, 
«381, imperfect, HI. 6a. re.nld lieb«r,pi. 

Imperfect. Is In Ibe Qurick CoUeelini In 

HowuTT, John. Ste pAsaoBI 
or Pebbohb, Robert. 

— Bartholomew. A Selection 
of Views in the County of Lincoln ; 
comprising the principal Towns and 
Churches, the Remains of CaatlcB 
and Religious Houses, and Seats of 
the Nobility and Gentry [ with 
topographical and iiiatoncal Ac- 
counts of each Tiew. Lond. 1805. 

Beckfoid in ISII, II 

. Lond. 1812, 41 

nil, uae, 

Duke of York, 2888, It eg. Som* eopi. 

The BrltlBh Presene. Lond. royal 4t 
nine nos. 38 engraTliwa PiibllHhed i 

HowsoB, John, D.D., auccessiTe- 
ly Bishop of Oiford and Lurbam. 
Certaine Sermons wherein is proTcd 
that St. Feter had no monarehicall 
Power over the rest of the Apostles. 
Lond. 1622. 4to. 

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1132 HCB 

Hot, Thomai. Two Eh^b 
Tha former, Ovid de ArW Amuidi, 
or tlie Arte of IiOvo : tlie first 
Bool. Ths UiitT, Hero and Le- 
ttnder of Muueu* bom tlu OraeL 
Lond. 1682. 4to. 

— Jo. An Historieil Sarre; of 
Hbt, C^^ies. York, 1816. 8»o " 

HniBTE, Jmm. The Eiu 
tion of Mene Wit«. Englished bj 
B. C. Esq. Lond. 1591. llo. 

I. M. BTke«, p>. U. au, la^— Lcod. ISM, 

HviBB, Uich. Insucurationi 
Jacobi et Annn Angliee Regis et 
BegiiuB FtEsnea. Lutet. Par. 1603. 

A copy ia In ttia BrlUsli Udmudi. 

HrBBABV. Esther Hnbbanl'a 
Tales 1 or the Ant and the night- 
ingale. T. C. toiW. Cotton. 1604. 

Agalii,H«1ier,pl.lT. ei. 

— William. The tmgicall and 
Umentable Historie of two &Tth- 
full Mates ; Cb}^ ^^^ "^ ""^ 
china, and Alcione bi»> Wife, dnwea 
into E^liah Meeter. 1569. Lond. 
by W. Howe for E. Johnea. lemo. 

Elgbt IMVM, In lUatM, bisck leH^. 
Thl« ttoTj Is also to be tonnd in OoWlng'B 
tranBlallon of tbaelavenlh bookcfOTid'i 
UeUmorpboKi. Sa Wacun'a Hlalar; 
of BngUab Poatty, and Bllion's BibUo- 

— William. A NamtiTe of the 
T^miblea with the IndisuB in Hew 
England, from the Bret Flaoting 

thereof in 1B07 to 1677. Borton, 
1677. 4to.with * Map, mpposed t« 
be the first exeouted in ' - ' 

Kuiburgha. Snpplemwit, t 
Inslla, 7IS«, 1«(. CcitatUm^l 

p, (Iha £ 

a boen emnU 

laa.aa, mirkad (T) impawd, 1i 

rain yew 

Vh9 Happjneaa of a Peopla in the Wla- 
U what lansl ongbt Is ie. Boatsn, 

HcsBOOXB, Wm. An Oration 

ontnlatorie to the high and mightT 
Jamee of England, Ao. Oxford, 
bj Joseph Barnee, 1604. 4to. 

King and Lochte'a In ISli, «. lEi. Kr 
PTlutad from the copy Id ths Bodleiaa 
Library In Niebola'^ PngnsHa of E. 

Hvsix, Fntncig. Obaorationa 

I the natural Hietoiy of Bees. 
TVAnalsted from the OiiginaL Loud. 
1806. 12mo. 5a. 6d. 

— P. The natiitsl Hialoryof 
Ants, tranelated from the Etench, 
with Notes, bv J. B. Johnson, U.D. 
Lond. 1820. 12mo. 9s. 

HvEBRiNB, Qaspar. ArichStore- 

hoose or Treasury for the Sicfce, 

tnuulated &om the Dutch bj Tho. 

God&ie, Esq. Lond. 1578. 16mo. 


HUBEBT, Oonrade. Eiitoria do 
■pita, ObitT, &o. D. Martini Bvceri 
& Pavli Eagii. Item Historis Ct~ 
tharinae yermilke, D. Petri Mar- 

"a TennUij Conjngia, eihnnuM, 
idemque ad honeatam Sepulta- 
I restitutffi. Argent. 1562. Sro. 
7s. 6d. 

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orec M tbe ediur. Connds Uiibert, « 
Ii(d be^a one st BuMr-i ctilef friF.ndi 
CuDbridpi, bj Ardiblshop Oriodil. 

Htjbkbt, Sir Trancis, Knt. The 
Eiltorie of Edniird the Secoiid, sur- 
naioed CBrnarran, one of o\a En- 
gluh Eiags : toother with th< 
ntall Doimfall of hia two mfor- 
tvinate FsTorifw Gkyeston and 
Lond. 1629. small 8to. 

t bcotber of air Hy. Holiin. 

EgyptH P&vourlte, > Fown. Lond. I«31. 
Sro, pp. IM. Bibl. Anglo-P»t.SS7, SI. Si. 

II. 1S2B, SI \'' llndley, pi' 176, 7™i>. 
Hibbert. VIBI. mniw», Jl. 1«>. Heber, 
pt, It. IGa. AjioUitt, pt, Ix. Ss. M. Bkegg, 

— Bobert, aliai Forges, Qeat. 
A Cilalopie of nuuiy naturai lU- 
hetira, with gnat Industiy, Cost, 
and thirty Year* Traval in foraign 
Countgru«,ooUeatedb;. Load.l6^. 

Pp. T8, BDt <iM)ndli>K litis. 'Tbuen- 
ristis* uv d»r Jy to be Hen, it the plkCA 
eilltd iha Muaiek Houm, at ths Uiter, 

AwCber sdltloD, pp. H, (dm U70) lamo. 
HucEB, J. B. A. A iMdestrian 
Tour through North 

Uirougn II 
I of Lettet 
}. 2s. 6d. 

Load. 1796. 

A Memoir of, with 
his InTentions in the Manufacture 
•f Cordage. 1821. 4to. Ss. Printed 
•gain in 1865. ito. 

HUD 1133 

Sa Phitouphlnl TnnwoHnns, to uhlch 
ha vu t. vslnmble contribulor. 

HrcDSSKiBD, Kev. Oeorge, M.A. 
Poems, iucludiDg Salmsgnnili, 
TopsT-Turr;, Bubhle and Squeak, 
and Crsmbe Bepetita. With Cor- 
rections and original Additiooi. 
Loud. 1301. I2mo. 2 toIs. 

- ibiirghe.8«>a,T8. HibbBrt,4(»a«i. 

bliutlon of orl^btl FoAtir. Loud, 
llo. Boibdi^ba, 8M0, Si. 

Topiy Torry, with AnMdotas sod Ob- 
serratlons LllmtntiTS oT leading CbsrsA- 
tfita la the ptesent QovemEaeDt of Frann*- 
Lond. 1798, b™. R»iburgha,8601,a<.l 

Ttis Wlcumlcal Chaplet, a Seleelton 
DTlp^nal Poaliy, Lend. 1804, erawn 8^ 
Baiburghs, 3s6s. H. 

Lei CtaamplgDoni dn I>l>)>|^ or >> 
^Ib Holes. LoDd. 1806, cniwii 8m *». 

— William. CatijMua Libro- 
rraa Manusoriptorum Vtri clariS! 
mi Antonii a Wood. Oiford, 1761 


jiarsj-"-" • 

HcDtBua. Ste Bdtler, Sam. 

Bmtyrisi, or Hiidlhrii. In Pwss, wrttUn by 
an Lnknownhind. Lend. IMS, «lo. pp, 2*. 



Tlioa, [In Verea by Ned. 




)3. Alsa wooud adlllou 

in 1707 



Dalth HBdlbru. Ba Hoo*.- 
Bootch Hudlbra*. Set Coitii, 


[ilBll Hodlbras. Sa Tittwaj., 
Horrrr, WllUam, 
firlllili Hudlbni. S- WaiD, 

3qdlbru the foorih 

SalnHpeotlTe Reilew, lU, SIT—St. 

HrsLEfTOH, father Bdcbard. A 
short and plam Way to Faith and 
theOhuroh. Load. 168S. 4to. &«. 

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1134 nim 

W<th tn iHiiin ronnd tn K. CliaTlri 
lh« 8««iiDd'acJat«t,Kn(limK«ountof 

HuDBOM, Heoiy. Desoripti 
IMuiwtio gei^mphiiH DeUctionu 
Freti, aire, TruuitTB od Occuui , 
mprk Tenu Americans. *■"«> , 
1812. 4ta. 

wherein u proved litUe Thinfi >r« 
better then Great. 'WritteQ fcj 
MiorophilTa. IiOniL 1636. 12ini). 

a 'Heber, pt. Tt s£ lOt 

HcDSOH.John.D.D. Introduftio 
. ad ChroaogrHphiam ^ fiive Atb chro- 
;ica in Epitome redacla. Oion. 

Joseph. An Accoont of six 

, Years Hesidence in Hudaon'a-hsy, 

, from 1733 to 1TS6, and 1744 bo 

; 1747. Lend. 1752, 8vo. dt. 6d. 

With dniighu (nd plug. Ab hsDul 

■ 'William. Flora AngUca. 

HVET. Peter Daniel, Bishop of 
■ ATrauche«. Hemoira of, writteii 
' bj himaelf. Translaled from tha 

ui-u du monde sppeKg In Ten- 

Y^ifCL Sh Baeujtt Sooutt, Ap< 

— Jeffery. The New-yeeres Gift j 
presented at Court, from the Lady 
Famila to the Lord liinimiiB, 
(commonly called Little JefTerie) 
her Majesties Servant, nitb a Letter 
aa it was penned in Short-hand 

i Dud. EiHlli Eplicopl Abrinliai. 

tlboi.' Dt. Put (In tlie SOI. Parri- 
ftys that th« «rller ImpropBily luaa 
ir « on th« UtL«-|Hge. 
B Hlalai7 of the Commem uid Na. 


A TnaUse of RmnuiceBiiidUielcUrt' 
giul. Lond. isrs. ISmo. 

iptilcU Trettlu on (be Hnmia 
. l[iig. Loud. 173S. era. ■i(l| 
poitralt. noma Twke, Utl, Us. 

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HutHtiiTD, Dr. 0, W. Art of 
prolBnging Life. Tranelated from 
the Gecmwi. Lond. 1797, 8to, 2 
ToU. 10b. 6d, Hew edition, by E. 
WilMTO. Lond. 1854.12mo.23.6d. 

Hdo, John Leonard, D.D. An 
Introduction to the Writings of the 
New Testament, tranBlated from 
tJie Oennan {with Hotes) by the 
Bev. D. Or. Wftil, LL.D. Land. 
1837. 8ro. 2 voia. 

whicli isoppohed to thB J^ttciam^ 

dl"ii»B.'-i!™. T. H. Bma. Now edlOoi 
1»^ Fcmdiok, Lond. Md Naw York, 16U 
ft'O. ISs. 

HtrsaiBD, Milee. Worts. 
' Msyslor HiiKB«rfle,nr Mllei Hogmrc 

tory of Engllsli Poetry, anil BitBon'i Bll 
The AbuB« of (lifl bleued Bacrameiit d 

BHUd. IMS. Sw CnniviKi B^lw^ 

A TreMI«6™i'lieii'lhe Pnh-W«Te I 
the Toirrt of Perfection. Lood. by tu. 

* freitlaa deolulnil hoT Cryat by poi 

«aiiD, and taon li hilh pleu'd Ood to 
rtni; Cryat liome igiLoliy Qo. Msry. 

obort Wyor, «o. In English tt 
le>ted lo Q. Majy, ' Manaa M»Lt, 1A5{> 

iKli Piulni"or UnTld, cslled f^ pro 

The Mapliylng of the Proloatmntse «ni 
indry theic Prutliis>,vllli ■ D«ciiptlB 

HU& 1135 

ofthslr Abuaei. Lond.infdl- 
Cnli, 1558, leino. folloe IW. wi 
Homer. 18M, W. 16a. Haber, 

B C piraphnistlullr itpplled a 
of the World doth at thli Dv 

693, m 


HcsHES, George, B. D. Aa 
a:n&l;ticBl Eipo»ition of QeneeiB, 
and of iiiii Chapters of Eiodua. 
Delivered b a Morning Eierciso 
on the Lord's Day. (Plymouth) 
1672. folio. 138. 

— Bey. Griffith. The natural 
History of Barbadoes. Li ten 
Books. Lond. 1760. folio. 29 plat*B. 

•ith coloured pUUa.' Beckford In ISlf 
S04, moroEU, d 

— (H.) Beauties of Cambria, 
in its Landscape Scenery. Lond. 
1823. oblong 4to. 36 remarkably 
beautiful wood engravings on India 
PAf EB, published at SI. 3s. 

— Ji^z. MisoellanieaiiiTerae 
and Prose. Lond. 1737, 8to. 
8e. 6d. 

Elsgint tramlatlDTU of porUons of th« 
ualcs will ha found Id thli volume. 

— John. Foema on seTeral 
Occasions, irith some select Esaaya 

Prose. Lond. 1736. 12mo. 2 

Wtthportitlludplatea. uuitripu. 


Letters by seviml emlnsiil Pmwns d«- 
euad. Including Hi* Corrsipaiideoca 

ib>ni the OiiglnA]^ 
' 7 and hitturtcBl. 

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1138 ma 

HvBHM, John, A.M. ItiMmr 
of FroTcnceandtkeBhona. Lond. 
1B88. 6to. with «t«hiiiga. 

A ukM Inokj u>d nau paiti i>f It 
T«r7 inuntdD^, pnlHd by Blr WhIIvt 
Scon, In lb« introdnstlm to Qautln Dor- 

of the IMnmrj or the BbuH, lojAl Ito. 
TtooU oa India p*!*". 

— Michael. A pUin Tfarrafive 
and nnthentic Jouriul of the Be- 
bellion begun in 171S. Lond. 
1747. 8to. 

— ThoB. Hone BriUimicte, or 
Studiea in anaient Britiah Uutoiy. 
Lond. Sto. a vol*. 18«. 

— (Thofl.) The Hiafbrtunes of 
Arthur, Uthar Pendragon'i Son. 
Imp. t^ B. Bobinson, 15S7. 12ico. 
]«. Ua. 3otbeV.P''l-I%T,3i.S<h 

~ Bar. T. 8. Tmrela in Sicily, 
Oreeoe uid AUxmia. Lond. 1820. 
4to. 2 Tols, 

Clualu], uU;ii»rl«, tnd deecrlptlTs 
of the itate of Hciety, polltiul. stril, 
ivItglDiu, eEid domutlc^ boulDf mukB 
of niDOhiAfannHUoii end onqufry. * vound 
JwEgmeot sod good edautioD. Druty, 


ItetVeflljbirTof Englan 
1 TLmo. Limd. UaS, Bl 
1.— flKDad edi CIsn, reilK 

— W. Hunater and Abingdon; 
or the open Rebellion there, and 
unhappy Tumult here. Oxford, 

— William. The American 
PbyEioian, or a Treatiae of the 
Boota, &e. growiug in the Bnglish 
Plantation. Lond. 1672. 12mo. 

HcaBKOi, BaTid, LLD. Lon- 
don, being an accurate Hiaton uid 
Dfscription of the Britiah Metro- 
polii and ita Neighbanrhood, to 
thirty Uilea extent, from an actual 
Perambulation. Lond. 1806-9. 
8vo. 6 rola. 

nf the Tork >ltl bs (bunil Id Upcott'i 
English Topogimphj, ft. H. MB— 11 
Waike IhroD^ London. Inclndins 

{Iff* copies priutod), 1^GL A eoUetioa 
win ha fDimd In Upcott'a EogBlh Ti^, U7B-ai. 

An E^toioo of tha PriTila(Hor Lod- 
doa, kjiciiidiiijr SoalhvBrk, ■■ EraaMd b^ 
Bo;>l Chuten, As. L«id.iei6,UDHi.ta. 

Edqo, Hermannua. Pia Deei- 
deria, vii. 1. Gemitna Anima 
piBniteutia. 2. Yota An. auicte. 
3. Suapiria An. amantia. Editio 
poatuma reoogniltt et emendata. 
Lond. 1677. 

The tiiD iKit hooks of Qniilu' Em- 

Retroipoclive XoTtew, pL ji. Itl— W, 
Pie Deildarli ; or, dlrlne AdireeHi, In 

Englished hj Edm. : 

HniBK, Bohert. A Treatise on 
the Nature, Economy and pnctioal 
Management of Beea. Lond. 1815. 

8to. 10a. 6d. 
HcIlBBBT, Chailee. Uuaeani 

bury, 1822. 8to. 

*CoBiplled from eminent anthoiitlea, 
mathodlallj um^. Intenpenwl wltk 
oiifiitil hiute, obMmUona,' «e. 

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AnUqnltlsi of C 
410. »•. iHniiFBa 

HcldSbiCUB, Biiliop of Axiffi- 
Inirg. An Eput«l of moche Learn- 
ing, Mmt Tnto Nicolae By asboppe 
of Borne, the first of that Ifatne : 
agnyiut the TomarriBd Cbaatitie of 
i^veetee. 16mo. 

mor.lDs. 1nsllB,'48n,nii>r.If.ll>.6d. ' 
Httm. (J.) TJoioMkiiig of tlia 
Follitique AtheUt. Loud. B. Ho- 

UokDown ts Anion/ 1 Wood. 

— John, M.D. Elemonta of 
Botany. Uanchwter, 1800. Sto. 

WItb ititeen sngHTlDn. Bothelir'sln 

h Flon, or n Llaoflui Ar- 
r Brttiih PUnU. HsMhe*. 
, BoaHbT*! In 183S, 11b. 

— Thomw. Select Letters be- 
tween the late Duoheea of Somerael^ 
Lady LuiboFouch, Miss Dolman, 
Mr, Whistler, Mr. E. Dodaley, 
Wm. Sheustone, Esq. and others. 
Lond. 1778. 8™. 2 toIb. 7». 6d. 

H Lidf, hli Pnpll, alcnlsUd 
U Tuu, FBpiUtfl tJiB Jadgmi 

HlTLLUAlIDBL, C. A Msnlul of 

Lithography, translated from the 
French. Lond. 1821. Sto. 6a. 
Al» KTenI PunpbleM an the Impron- 

flCLU, J. Detmption and 
Draught of a new-invented Machine 
tor carrying TMsels ont of or into 
any Harbour. 1737. 12mo, 

daHTlntlon of a ateuDbooE. Oanlnarj 
II. ISi, «d. 

HtTLOBT, Bic^iard. Abecedarium 
Anglico-Latinum, pro Tyrunculia. 
Lond. in offlcina Chilielmi Siddell, 

J, '■ At the nd Ii ' ■ wrnntlan to Ihe ICa- 
Biahnp of El)' ; uid thU It Ihoulil b* 

be PloceGt Pbrvee, gathered out of the 

ng. IdOd, in .£dlhuH ThomB Uuihy, 
oW, from' the verlaos iddttloDi and Im- 

by olben 

m. a ^Dod Bpedmon of Klg- 
id, witli lout Latin opigruu 

mona upon the Endences o1 
tianity, or the diffioultie* of Holy 
Scripture, founded by theB«T. John 

The Rev. J. Enlse died In 1790, bat Uw 
fundi being inadequ.u the lecWrei were 
not unimenced till l^. 
IBWI. C. Benton. ISU. H. Alfbid. 

18W. Tenplo Che- 

ISST. Temple Cbe- 

1B3§. IS3S, 3B30. No 

1831. J.J. Blnnt 

1817. Cbr. Woids- 

1848. Chr. 'Worda- 

1849. W. a. Unm. 
UeoTW. G. Hum- 
IBftl. O. Cnmy. 

1840. T. T. Bmlth. 1869. C. H. Elli»tl. 
1811. H. AUbid. 

EnmoLi>T, Alexander de. Po- 
litical Esu; on the Kingdom of 
New Spain, with phjiieal Sactioni 
led on Batronomicat 

iw Spain, i 
d Maps ibi 

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1138 HITH 

EmcBOLDT — eetttimitd. 
ObiOTstioa* uid trigonometticftl 
and barometrutal UeamrBmniti. 
Tnnakted from tha original Frendi, 
by John BWk. Land. 1811-lS. 
8to. 4 vdU. 

politlqiie, the d» vblch I have mlde of 
ainL will be BulGrlFiilL7 npiwraiiL In- 

•VBIT p»e«, inllBarlf Impniniblo. Heflrel 
■pplled the llfhts nf Kleace to the Neir 

In filling up.'— fFonTi Mtaia. igl. 11, 

EeHircbei BuiMmLng the InitltnHoni 
(cd Hnnumenu of the incieTit Inhibi- 

by Aleianiler de HmnbDldt, >Dd Irana- 
Ulmi. Lond. lB14,S<o. StoIs. irLlli 19 
?l'^ii^er*°Mir n'i^e°ofVfomM wS 
CardiUens, and MoDumente of the Indl. 

neat, daring the Ynn lTW-1804. Kf 

A geognowciil Esoar on tfle SnperpO' 
Idtian of Kocki In botb HemiaphuiL 
Lend. Isra.Sro. Ida. Sd. 

S«Ieclloiu [rom the Works of (be Buron 

;., bv Jobn Taylor, 


iBiUlfd bf Vn. 

' Vtewa.' Ac), Imuleied b; Hn, Stldu. 
Load. LoDgmui, 1M4A, I^mo, 3 YSlL 7a. 

HuKE, Aleiander. Hjmaei, or 
Mored 8oDgB, wherein the right Taa 
of Pofisie may be espied. Whero- 
unto (tre added, the Eiperienc« of 
the Author'a Youth, and certain 
Precepts eeruing Co the Practise of 
SanctiScatian. Edinb. hj Bobext 
Walde-graue, 1699. 4to. 

A KejnrndettoDoctorfAdtiDlHI 
MrninB the DeBcenBC* of Cbrialintr 
(lG93).tIa. Hlblwrt, 41S7, IL lOa. 

vBTji aeoreata ooimsmtng^bat Suble 

\tood, 1829, Query If new title opiy.' Be- 

tobe found, pt. 111. a031^-Olug. lees.Sro. 
— Edlnb. l«Bg. 8to. 

Elementa OnouiKtics. Edlnb. IBIl, 
ODiU Bto. a copy 11 In tbe BtIUbIi lfa> 
•eiiDi. Roibiitghe, SOTO, 13b. 

Gnmmatiea noo In tjKnm JoTentutU 

Regnl 'scbollle laperat*. Edlnb. UIS, 
Svo. Heber, pt, vll. ISa. 

Tiiunipba of LovB, ud CllluUlla, ud 
I>eatli. Edinb, laM, ISmo. Bindley, 

— Anna. Ste Pxtbiboh. 


HnrajDaridjOfGoaeoroft. The 

Hi'tory of the Houses of Douglas 
and AnauB. Edinb. 1644. folio. 

Uiwwelt 1357, 11.10L Bom* CD^g or 
thin curfoiu •'ork b«r the d.t* of IMS. 

Aneue^Edlnti' no data. Ooufiti, 1899, 

title ud dedlnnlon to K. J«oitB,8 lex>e». 

^■pbn-AmtrylllH.' Ixind, 1806, 41a. 
A— E,901»^u- ftrlgbt, II. 1i. 

Lt«vh PoeUIl.ln lHi»P»rt« dlitlBcU. 
I,(nid.l«e,*u. A— S.lnfonn. 

loKle dai iBertlet, Wla pu vn Pare ile U 
Oumpk^la da Jeiu» d« Lerak* : « nfa4«« 
ChrUt. de U (>ii»p«snie J* Wui lei Tr«li 
ChreaUcu. D. H. Imprtml I'An 1SI2, 
■mtll Sm Pp. Sftl, t*i>l*«i title, dedict 
tioci to K. Jimaii I. uid prefue, S Inrei. 
Cnnslible, wa.nitb Ihe suloErLph of tba 

titia ud dedlutiim to PiinEe Cherlei. 

Eegi »TO ptot Wii s'Pj^TJ ""^ l"^ 
Edlnb. IWf, 41a. Six laBvei. Ggriloni- 

ApologU BMiUnu Mil MschtaTelH In- 
goLlvm, MMlnsluin in Libro snein In- 
scripiit Prtnclpem. P»ri<, IBM, 4to, Pp. 

UKTldiH h'tihII TtaengrlL, Weddetburn 

Blcie, i^. A— B, In fours, F »id O, ( 
le.™, H-L, III founi.-P.rH. 1«S», IXi 

llbor. Edlnb. 1819, 41n. M«rir»ra, la-id. 
Sa ABBoraeuBD Cun, Appendix. 

— airD»viil,of Crowrig. Diaij, 
1700.1707. ^wBANitiiTHB Club, 

Uwoeilki Detolla, Ifln-ITOT, wltb Ap- 

nuu 1139 

peudLi ind Kstai. Edlnb. IMS, Luam 

Eras, BsTid. The History of 
EugUnd, from the InTuionof Juliiu 
Cieaar to the lUrolutioil in 16SS, 
8 rols. The History of Eneluid, 
from the Betolution to the Death 
of George the Second. By T. 
Smollett, M.D., 6 vols. Oifoi-d, 

'0. 13to19. e/. 3a. 6d. 

edllion lita been (dded * IM 

im fislr'a Chmnoloclctl 

lUtognphH. engntod 
■'.-luiiMawM. Tlires Enplei oan 

■hs HHWry If toKltai^ tmia Julind 
air's Invasion to Henry VIL, tla. 3 

d under ttae Uoii's et Tudor. 4(r>.« lola. 

ulnlog lbs lisiinii or Junaa i. and 
•rieil. Edlnb. 1TS4. ThoHUUrrof 

nvsidlli, ud Reigns of Chuleg II. ud 
neiII.4to.i7M. ToBclheFSTOlB. Thli, 
ant edition, li ^11 of EcoIHclami, 
ny or •rhlch Hume comsUd In aabH- 
ratodltlona. Duke of Yorll,Wnj, «. Bfc 

uane edition, for vfalch 

.h porlrHlla ineerlod, II 

tod Sotaolny'a sdltliHi, with sottL 
odEuO. i.»uFL»FtB, FtdtUU, 
ftlM, DtikeofYerlE m^ien^ 
While KnlghiB, iixa, gwneot, 
9. — fiowyer'H lomplDon* ediUoti, 

.don la lesa, br T. S. HugliH. 
J. 1S8U& llmo, n Tob. il. Ci 
m. Lond, Ball Mil DaUoo, 

;. Google 

Stt« D«a. ol WlIU™ IV, br Dr. H. "|il,*??i . 
■ ^ ■ ~ --"■ -o,lMi8T<i, 10 ^IVi?"^ 

IlttoTT of Knir- fi'-J'ti," 
Vlriiie, IStT, 8 toI>- tormi 8vo. »L lii. M. ( ? ™L':- 

Hmiie ftnd fimollelt n HiBtory of Eog- 
UoL with n nev nnenl Index, oompFetB 
IBI n.1. liDperiil Bn. Lgnd. U. O. Bohn, 

Tba HtBlorr of England, abildgM from 
Bom. By the Antbor of tbe Abrldg- 
mntof Hr. aibbnn'i Roman Hlltorf (lbs 
Bar.Cliartu Herefonl), with a Contion- 

LetUn "n Mr. H'iinie''i> Hlsloryof OrM 

work, "ritMn bj Dan. MicquMn, D,l).. 
baa been often roferrad W witb high »p- 

Xnnland bTJaiei^TDVUBiLLJ). Loud, 
ins, Sto. 3a. «d. 

HlMoln d'AngflBtem dnpola I'lnraHloii 
da JalH Ctaar Jnaqa^ la raTolQtJoD do 
1888, Bad. par f Abbt PrcTost at Hani, 
ft^ mtStt pai M. Lafbrn Canehy; 
■I drairia cetM ipaqse Inain'B 1780, par 
SwdeMj tndnlt UnMI par H. H. Dea- 
•niatHMMcttt. ATMBHOontlDnaUon 
pa AMpbiM at AlUn, trad, par H. U. 
EMpraaatlfaimiolitt. Fmdfad'Bn eiaal 
(urlaTlBatlM «rtu da HuiBeparM. 
Campeuon. Puli, IBlS-n Svo. n volt, 

ADOtliar edIIioD. Paris, UOt-St, Bin. 

11 nil. TIU-UH FAPU. 

— The PhiloBopbical Works of 
PsTid Hume, Esq. now first ool- 
lectad. Edinb. 18E6. 8to. 4 vols. 

M, S nlB. 4bi— Loud. 1764, 
id.l7e8,*to.»Tolt Daal, 
a,U. li. Babar, «■ I. Sa. 
Ua,M.— Lnid. 1777, Sro. 

uoea.brtba Editor. ' 
, Lond. I7§3, It 

(Riris). 178S, le 

tliair Taria' 
8 Tola. (Hoi 

.Load. 1817, 3 

. Polltieal, and Dia- 

EnaTi, Mor»l 

Hal 'LDiid.1711. tie third edition. Ml 
TKled, with Addltlona. Loud. 1748, lemc 
ToLll. Phlloaophlcal Eahajs Buiteniln 
hBinanUndentaiHliDK. Edlnb.irtH, IStek 
—Third adit. Lond, 1748. Vol. 111. An Ei 

Fanl btaaartatloiui, Tli. L Tba natnn 


TllLon). Ami 
Loud. 1830.' 

poilOqnai (tiad. pu 1 

CoireepondaDCA wllh 

o tha Kml 
ton. E^ak. 


LaumT'lJSMVsi, BdilWlbTDr.llW- 
r«T. Edinb. 1841. 8f9. 
Life, writtanhjliimaalf. ^"''■^^^ 

Auounl of tba Life and WrlUnga of D. 
Hnmo. BTT.E.Rllchia. Lond. ie07,8»». 

Ufa and Oorreapondt — • — 

baqMllbed byhla nept 
Soolatv of H^Hntmntll, a 
■oureea, ndLledbyJ.U 

Lattetaof EmineDl Fanona lo D. Btm*. 

Edlnb. 1840, Btd. 

— Darid (Nephew offlw Hi»to- 
risn). Commentaries on tiielMT 
of Sootlaud, respecting the P yyHp - 
tion and PuniBhment ol Cri»«W. 
Edinb. 1797. 4to. 2 toIii, W. Bm, 

An Mteemed vork.— Beund tlMai^ 
Edinb. I8I», 410. S Yola.— Third adUM. 
isn. — Fourth edldon, by B. B. Brik 

nai^fln™TTlal for Crioai. lalM.WH 


HmotiSii Patrick. ThaFrmnine, 

vontening the Maner, Pl&ce and 
Tiioe of King Junes tlie Bait Ui 
flrat passmg to the Feildes ; direotit 
to hi» Hieaes. Be P. H. familiar 
9enutout to hia Meiestie. Edinb. 
be Johne Boa. 1560. ita. 

be etnuldered u ttw Ant altonipt 10 11- 
liiiCnte on Engllah cluilD by copfouB 

of Bucred Writ, ra 

— Captalne Tobiaa. Foetinall 
Miisioke. Loud. J. Wmdett. 1607. 

■ Prinelpilly mftda for tiro Base Viola, 
jel K coDtriiad thKt ft mir be pMi B 

with much fMllluB.' A (opT 1« In the 
llrKlsh MuHun. 

First part of Ajm, Fnnoh, PDlllita, 
■ltd DlhHi, toieUisr, Kine 1q tubleturB, 

d«l, ie(»,'l61li>. Bright, U. m. 
EuusBBDFS, Anglict Hcu- 


Httmohs OanniiHii. Where a 
Han ma; be verie merrie and «i- 
oeeding well used for hia Sixe- 
penoe. Lond. for William Fire- 
brand. 4to. n. d. 

A medler of eplmsmi and Mtlrea. 
at»T<ni,Sl8,lI.— ie07,lto, Koibunha, 

taia,ai,iat. Biudisr, 6I. l6>. «d. 



Dravne ia Pioportion to tue aeri 
rail antique leetures. Lond. 160i 

A— D,Id fnuci. AcoiiyoflblicollecCIo 
of epjfrruna In henjlcTerae la id £h- 
^Bcur'i Ubniy. 

HuuoiTBa and ConTersationa of 
- 1. 1673. ■ 

rill. 4s. 

HlTMOtiBiBT, The. Lond. 1724- 
S. 12mo. 2 vola. 10b. 6d. 

S«nnty-tbna «aun on • gnat Tuietv 
of >ub)«ti. 

HyuPHBBf, Laurence, D.D. 
Oratio ad Ue^iiam Elisabetham, 
in Aula Woodatochienai habitn. 
Lond. 1575. 4to. 

iH reprliilfld Id NlchoU' Proffreuoa of 
a EUubeib. Tol. 1. 1TS8. Anutbei' 
BdlUon, Wi. 

The Nobloa, or nf Hobllitye. In Ibree 
Bookoa, Wh^rotD la coapled the smiiU 
TiwRw of Ptalit, n Jeoo, dot alio Ehr- 
liahcd. DLicK LtTTRB. Lond. Imprinted 
hf Thomaa Marahe. Ifi63, ISmo. BlrP. 
'niompwin. 281, RSi. BIrH. M. Brkea, 
— tLSaiJa. Hf.ber.nt.Tl.lS*. Bkarg, 
9h. The I.iliii W'irk ' OpIlnulM bTvu 
Nnbllllila,' 4o. vu ptlnwd ' ~ ■ 

. 11. 37I1M, PL 1. 
of Ely, 968, Us.' Hal»r,pt"u!ll!°' "''' 
Load. U. Ulddleton, 18SI.4. Bto. Bright. 
«,B-11. Oiford. lOBf^Bio, ™ 



Hdhphbeyb, Dayid, D.M. Ai^ 
historioal Account of the Sooietj 
for propagating the Qospel io 

;, Google 



tOniga Ps'ti, BDd of their Mis- 
■ioQi to Sorth and South Caro- 
lina, pBnneylT«iii», Maw Tock. 
Lond. 1730. B>o. 12b. 

HtnDBKETS, James. ObsBrra- 
tioni on ths actual Stale of Ihe 
Enaliib Lam of EeJ Property; 
witi^theOutliuBof aCode. Lond. 

leae. svo. i6». 

SwDnd adllliin. Lond. 18S7, Srs. 

A Tsluble »DTk, of whlcL uHllenl 
critlfoH (npeiLnd Id iha EdlnlHiigli ud 
Qiurterly Bistlewi. 

UVItOEBrOXD Fauilt. Sit 

Ho ABE. 

UuHABUT, Lerek. Five lookea 
orer the Profwsors of the English 
Bible. Lond. 4to. 1642. 

HniBiB, WOliam, A Hyra full 
of Honye, containing the first 
Booke of Mosea, called Oeneais, 
turned into Eagliah Meier, with 
Notee in the Margin. Lond. by 
ThoniBB Marshe. 1678. 4to. 
IMdluMd to Kobert Dudley, £ulfl of 

heb^. ■ 

1 IhWy-Bii luTo 

.— ieie,MmD. B«ed, isi.ed 

Nunn, pt I. 

, ChrlBl 

Lond. Denhun, 19»^ aimo. 

HcHT, John. British Ornitho- 
logy. Norwich, 1816-22. Bro. 13 

Euh part contiJiB tvelTB oalonnd 

— John, of Newport Pagnell. 
Vindiciffi Terw Pietstis, or Evan- 
gehcal SanctificatioQ trnfy Stated 

-id Vindicated. Printed at Chil- 
<n Emia, near Bedf<»d, 1719. 

Tho ptau at printing nnmoDUowd by 

— Leigh. The Story of Bimini, 
a Poem. Lond. 1816. fecap. Sro. 
port. Third edition, 1819, lamo. 

BiiillK. or, ■ collection of Fonns. 

Perrj, pt, 1. SS«S, m. Blbl Anglo.P«t. 

the London Theatres. Indndlng nnenl 

K Utt*n™«, «, B-. Heb«r,pl.l.£.18.. 

oftheatage. BylheAnLhorofOiaTba- 

EnglJXvewr. "bm, 7™ aImJ^^ 

atrlcal ^loUun'. In the wwUy F.»« 

Hunnli, and ofhi. vorslon of the Psilnii, 

called The News. Lond. ISOT, lJn».- 

irlll be found In llH rcrth-slitb lection of 

Second edition, 1608, I!rac. 

WirMo'a HiitoTT of English Poetry. 
Souen Bobs of i sotro-fiill Boole for 

Blue Blocking Revemilmg, L<Bld.a.<. 

LIlBiafyPoeliei-Bmlt, lama Lond.n.*. 

Lond. 1809. Sro. 

cominoiille called Fisnllentliiil ; fnined 

Inlo a Forme of familiar PrUora, uid 

Anyntaa, a Tale of Ihe Woods. Ikm 

»dnced into M«ter by WIlliaiB HniinM. 

the Italian of T«u». Lond. ISU, Uu>. 

Lond. printed Id the now d.olUng bonu 

of UoDTle Uenhau, inm. I«mr>. The 

Bathos In Tascsny, tianalaWd tUm 

DoscenTof Libirty, V'jluk. iMrf. 

Poore Widows Mlta,' Ac. At p. «9, a 

fouOi title, vli, 'Comfitubla Ulalog»; 

The Keaaetor, Noa. 1 to 4. LaMLlSNi 

4o. At p. fff ba^ Pi-ayem In Prcaa. 

RefcnDiel'B R^ly lo the EdtnliB^ 

l^J^' m^' Stl.. ^sVr* M^K. 

Report on the Atloney-QeoaraPlIMt. 

Bytes, pt 11. 31, ffiorodo, 31. Iga. resold 

raatlon. IBII. 

Pickering, Bl. Ife. 6d. - 1681. - 16BT.— 

Vltra-Cnpidariuli a Satin onWIUaaa 


Hcirt, Iieigli — eimtimitd. 

Land. 181S, l^niD. G Tr^ PuhUglwd In 
ISpuo, m2h. ed. «eh. 
Til* Feut or tlie P«u,<rith Notes, and 

The Eumlner. Load. 1811, enini Sn. 
it. BECond edlUon, ISIS. 

FnliAgai or, Poema orlfflniit uid tm^ 
tat«d. LdihI. 1S1§, laniih 

TLB Indlutor ; (conaiillnE of ICO Dnm- 
ban, HbUihed wteUj ■>' M.) Load. 
1819-11, fonniag a nU. nitd. 8*0. Tb« 
■ntiod onlr codpLbU vdKkiii. It wu 

Tbs Llbanl i TatM and ProH rroni Ui 
aooth. Lond. 1823, 1 tdU. Sto. 

Indicator ami CamnuiDn (aalHlloni 
Loud, IBSl, pml 8vo. i tola.— Lond. 18» 
« Tola. poitBTci. portrait. -New edil. (irlt 
Ilia Bear), ISIS, and IE*!' IM^ n;al Svi 
10a. Sd. nduced Cs. 

Tlia Literary EianilDer i pubUalia 
VHUySttd. or ItalDped, rd. Iinni Jul 
t, 183a, to !>«. 37, l«a. S0 DOS. mad. Sn 

B, and af bta Visit 

ima; S nit. past Sto. II. lla.Sd.— I33a, 
Uma. ■>. «d.-lB90. lanw. Sa. ed. 

Poattcal Work!. Land. ISSS, Sro.— 

LoDdDn Journal. ISM-S, (olio,! role. 

Captain Bvord add Captalo Fen. ■ 
poano, Lond. ISW, ficp. 8vo.— TblrdedlL 
ISIS, laino. 3a. «d. 

I«gaDd of Flonnea, a play. LiiDd. 
ISM. Bto. 8l Sd. 

Tha 8ear, or comnon niaaea rafraaliad. 
Lmd. IStO-t 8>a. 3 parte.— 1818, amtai 
Bto. Si, Sd. Republlahad vllb th< indl- 
oator, tsa, aid alnes, royal Sto. lOa. «d. 

Tba FalJray, a lore aury nf old times, 
poan. Lond. I8U. Sra. inxd-cuts, Sa. 

Ons Hondrad Kamanoee of Baal hUe. 
Lond. lSt9, royal 8>o. Ss. M. 

thsH firat raqiili 
Ba. -Third edLtlo 

Hinr 1143 

' Chriitiinlam, ISmo. Lond. (ISU). A 

Hannal of Domastlc Dsvotiona. Prlattd 

only for priimeclrcutatioa 
. Hen, Woman, and Booki; a nlacHm 

it Bkatehea, easaya, and critical memDln 

from bl» UDOollacted proae writings. Lond. 

1S4T, soeC 8Ta. 2 mil. II. la.reducvd to lOi. 
A Jar oT Honey rrom Honnt Hybia, II- 

InitraUd by K. Soyte. Lond.I8<T, Svs. 

— Lond. ISOa, lamo, 

wiib 46 lIluBtrationa. l^nd. IStS, post 

HeadinR (or lti>l]ws.y>. Load. 1 

TablB Talk; Imaginary Conraraat 

-16&I, post SvD. reducad Ss. Sd. 

'allbaadDutT. Lond. IKS, ISno. S' 
Storlaa In Vstm. Uod. 18S5, 11 

Tba Old CoDTt BnbDrb. Lond, 1 

ia, LyriM and oi 


Wit ud Hun 
Enajleh Posti, ol 

and critical oddiii- , 

Btv. M.— Land. 18H, »due«d B*. 

ileotad from Iha 
lUi Land, lew; poat 

i tnm 

moTHJly objact 

opl^OM CI 

ird Llbru 

Hturr, ThoB., D.D. Obierrationa 

on eeTeritl PaauigeB in tha Book of 

ProrerbB, with two Seraooni. Oif. 

1775. 4to. 

A Taloabla vork, dlaplaylng cflnaider. 
able oriental laamlny and sound Judg- 

Da AnIliniUte, Elenntla, et Ulllltale 

LiDiiiie: AraUcn Oratlo. Oirgn. IT3S, <la. 

, — T. P. Eiemplura of Tudor 
Arohitecture, adapted to modem 
Habitations : with iilostratiTO De- 
tsUi, from aelected ancient Ediflcee t 
and Obtervations on tha Furniture 
of the Tudor Period. Lond. 1830. 
4to. 37plat«a,publi>hed2;. Sa. New 
■dition, IB51. reduced 12. 4a. 
A work of 

;, Google 

Es On i^otnniqiifl do- ( 


Diiilfiii far PAnouge Hdqhs, Alma 
RoOH^ As. unnicd a MDord with VLI- 
]•«■ BoMknT- Loot. ISU, ito. U.1l »■ 

AnUUtton CamsMtn. Lend. ISZr, 
4lo. II. l».—»tw t^Uon, IBM, nliKwl 

llh It pUlOL 

HuiTTAB, Alex. IVettise cf 
Weight*, HeM and Meaaures of 
ScoUand. Together with the Art of 


Hebor, pL T. Ti. 
HturraB, Alei., M,D. Geoivical 
E«>&}s ; in which the Food of 
Planli ia pBrticukrlj conaidered, 
Bevend new Comforts reconuaended, 
and other important ArticUa of 
Husbandry explained upon the 
PriocipleB of Vegetation. Lond. 
1803-8. 8to. e vo\>. 



HiTNTSit, John.F.B.S.&c. Surg^otJ 
Worki, with Notee bj J. F. Palmer. 
Lond. 1886. Sto. 4 Tola, with an 
Atlaa of 60 plates in Ho. dated 
1837. 3(. 10b. reduced to II. IBs. 

The utnnl Uiitsrr of (be UomaD 
T«Ul. With • Bappltunent. LondoD, 

CoiamHUarr, inlHen In Ignotna, u 
nvlssd. York, 1804, limo. 4l 

— Heniy, D.D. Sacred Bio- 
graphy I or, the History of the 
Patriarchs ; being a Course of Lee- 
luree delivered at the Bcota Church, 
London-walL Land. 1784-92. 8to. 

pMt edmonln nnBiol.Svo, 188. 

B«mKii8 und Dlher mlKoUia»ui Fleoea 
To which ufl profijud a blDi^apblcK 
SUlch or hlB life, mud ■ crltiul Accoim 
of hli WrltiDgi. Lond. ISOl, Bro. 1 vols 

The Hlit«7 of LiHidoD Hid Its £n 
TinHU. Lond. 1811, roytl ita. 3 TDls 
U. 3t. Publiihed Id pmrta. Ihe Srat up 

«to. Dent, pt-lL 2S8,U. CoOiilin,— Vol 

rf^hS?" ""' * ta tha" rinSdlS ' V™ 
A Rnr4h»t neir iilin of LoDdaD. S.J, 
HmIs, icntp. f . SSL Plan ol London oftei 

MiyeBtj'B Nai^. j 
Joumu of the Transai 
Jackson and Not^olk Island, witb 
the DiBoovariee which haTO bem 
in New South Wales and in 
uthem Ocean, since the Pnb- 
lioation of Phillip's Toyegc^ coot- 
piled from the official Papers ; in- 
cluding the Journals at OoremoN 
Phillip and £ing, and of land. 
Ball ; and the Voyages from Bis 
first Sailing of the Sirius in 17tS, 
to the Betum of that Bhip'i Cbu- 
pany to England, in 1782, Load. 
1793. ito. 

inaps, Choiti, Tlni^ 
7, l!>. td. Hirnls 
[«d. Foa^ 


Spnt. hunt. IBOfi, fiilio. A mtfnUlen 
HcNTES, J. Dunn. Uemoirsof 
CaptiTitf (UDODgst the Indiana of 
North America, from Childhood to 
the Age of Nineteen ; with Anec- 
dotes de«oriptiTe of their Maimeni 
ftnd CustomB, ftc Land. 1824. Sto, 

— Eer. 'joB., F.A8. Hai- 
lamehire. The Hietoty and Topo- 
graphj of the Parish of Sheffield 
m the Count; of York, vith his- 
torical sod descriptivs Notjoee of 
the Farishee of Eccleefield, Hani- 
worth, Treeton, and Whiston, and 
oftheChapeliyofBndMd. Lond. 
1819. folio, il. 4a. 

Halluuhlr*' l> u highly ivpt»l>tal for 
ItiTurfoDB other mtnu aifortba tUd- 

Umilsi bu liint>da«d. Huwood Is 1868, 
01. tM. LIROI riFiH. imUlibMl il. St. 
HlhiBrt, taes, ruiiLi, tl. la. 

Smitli-Yortihl™. Th« Hliloiy ui To- 
pontphT of the Deanerr at DoooulQr Ir 
th«Dl™M*iid Conntyof York. Lond 
IRIS-Sl, Alio. 1 Tnla. 81, 8l. Hwnid i 
18it3.Iil.16>. Flft7-flve wpi« van tikai 

eroivB Bto. Bl OontAtnlDR Ui« jwenUv 
wardi In uBA In IbA dkMnct of HaUani- 
■hln la tha Conaty of York , to wb ' ' ' 
added TbuHby'i CatalDgos of 1 
DWd In tha Wot BidlDg, and W* 

llmo. iai7. Antn, IBM. 

TntrgdaeUon to (beVtlH EecleilMtlei 
of King Hhut VIII. royal Sro. 18M. 

Cataloguai of tha EngUiti Uooutls L 

Calalogna of tha Library of tha Prlary 
at Bratlon, Torkiblra. Lond. Uo. ISSI. 

Tbrea Catalognea deaerlblnc the Con- 
taoU of tha IM Book of tha giebaiiiu. 
Lond. 1888, Sto. 

Latlar on tha Ciowb CaoDiiriaa, I8n. 

Din^ltlon OD tha Soaaa> Oricin, Ac, 
of ghakipeara'a Tampeat. Lond. 18N, 
flfB-UKIIiHntal, Luai piraa, 1 oopUa, 
Aoeonnt of the Alioutlon and BMOvary 
of tba Eautti of tba Offlaya U NoRoa 
IBITM. LaniL IBil, pMt Bto. 

Htnr 114; 

Tha RiM of tfaa Old Dlxaat. eianpli 

'ITOt. Load. 1843, evo. 

lipedMon (o 
l^ort I 

:oUecliDni coiiceinloa the Euly Hia- 
rorr of (bo Fonoden of New Plyioontb, 
the Bntcolmiita of H*<r England. Lood. 
poit 8vo. lasa 

A Shaaf of Qlatniniri aftar Blograuhara 
ofHUtoD. Lond, pMl Bra. IBM. 

in of tha udantUlnatnlaT 
"---..bla Period and 

Qaoi SylTiatrina 1 UmMTlala ot HOia 
of my goDd and rallfbiDa aBOMIon, or 
Elaren OaDeratloni aTa PiirilaD Faadly. 

Ijind. printed for prlTata dtatribotlaaaiily, 

S«Ci.Tni>ien, George. Mnaa,Cniun. 
Cutotx BociETT. Rboobd CoMKuaioa. 

HtTHTKB, WiUiam, M.D. An** 
tomia Humani ni«ri Qrayidi, Ta- 
bolii (S4) itltaatrata. In Latin and 
Engliah. Birmingbiui], 1774. atlaa 
folio. SI. St. 

A BOparb work of nnoommon merit, 
prlnlad b^ B^f^i?"^'. 7Rf*^ ^> 

An anatomlul IHaqnliltlon of tba hu- 
man graTld Utama and Ita Contenta- 
Load, 17M, «(«. 

— William. Tnrdt in 1792, 

Aooonnt of that City, Second 
Sdition, oorrected and colii-ged. 
lond. 179S. Sto. S toIi. 
With a map and Mrtnlt of Sallm_ 

, -I - " 

OoD^. 18S0. Tl 

Faii'lhlu7MIs! IL 

' - ■*-- - -rol.— Loan, loui^v 

d ^taa, Waoolea print 

1*7, pt. U; UB, nuHa, SI. H. 

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1148 Hm 

Himra, Wm^ A-H^ Surgeon, i 

AnEMU OD the DL>«aMs incideut to 

IndiaD Beunm or Lascars on long 

Vojifti. CUcutta, 1824. fiiL Ts. 

Priuud at llM CompnoT'i Pihl 

A anelM AcEDont of Dig Kiigdoni ot 
Ftn, CdcBlui, ITW, rofd Sti>. Ba.— 
HbW, pL il. ItL Lsad.lTWJtnio, Tlil> 
vorX hM b««ii »l>a tnuiaUtad Into FruKh, 
vLth DOUd bf M. Lkdglta. 

Hmrnio.— Tho Booke of Hunt- 
ing, whereunto ia added the Mea- 
mrea of Blowins. Load, bj ma 
WiUiani Copland. 

Sh DnDii'a BiU. DseaaL lU. SO. 

TbgHuolmsofUiaHan. Anandml 

hiTB been btghlf rellibtd b; tlia udut 

Cuoll oT tbi il»n diM; npriiited an- 
tlM Id Iba bmh to Hulsiri»4'* «IIU«i 

doellei^ dHtrlUi^ Uh Metbod of Har>- 
hantlng prullied bf Uu antks. IiBoiL 

EoirauiaDON', neiu7 of. Chro- 

Bm Batiu I and, for TnnHatkB, » 
Bon'a ADtliauiin IJbrary. 

— Bobert, Earl of. Stt Eobim 
Hood. MmuAr, Anthonj. 

— ^le ConnteiB of. A Sermon 
preadied at the Funeral of the 
OoDDtMB of Huntingdon. I"" 

Wllk a rare portnit of tba Ceantaaa, 
ItJ. PiT». BrMgavaMr Dupllea' 
Jnaa, UM, «. «>■ 

~ John. Ste Pahtolabdb, 

-> FeengB. S- Bml. H. S. 

— Heniioe. Sn HlKslCl, D.D. 
HmimcoroKn, George Imac, 

Bishop of Hereford. An Introdno- 
tdon to tho Writing of Glraek. In 
two psrta. 8to. 5e. 

Tbij ineoippanblQ wk bu 
timnKb nDBUoaH vdiUoiu. 

Ifatrica qnBdua nonoMnpUM. 
tore OKTilb l(uai UunUngfaM, i 

GollHUni of HimaMiophia. tTSS, Sto. 
IMHODTHa (S() SB dUbnal BabjeeU. 

ThonghtB nn tiio Trinity. Somnd (41- 

;h>rK» ind Dtbar ThMlogtcal vorki, 
idited bf U. HilDtiUKford, 1. 1. H LcuL 

Tbil learned inlita hu poMlibed la- 
reial dUmi woriii, asd edlled Piadu. 

HomBSTOit, Bob. EpistolK, 
ICO. Tetenim mathematioorum grs- 
!or. lat. et arabmn arnopaiB, rol- 
lectore Ed. Bernardo ; pnemtttuo- 
tur Huntingtoni et Beniardi vita 
' itore Th. Smithir. Load. 

tMi. iret 4la 

An Apo1o£r far tbe VonootinpTiIca, 



Ber. William, S.S. Works 
ilated to the Close of the Tear 
. Lond. 1811.— Lond. 1820. 
Bto. !0 Tole. publUhed at \il. 

Select Workih edited br hla ion. Eba- 
1B38, U. lit «d. Beptlnled, tSWlL b. 


HtrHTon, Philip. A Treatise of 
Monarchy, oontuning two Parts. 
With e. Vind" 

le two : 

TbH . 
he mnet learned tfveti 

If OifOtdla 

a decree of tbe onKenltr of O 

IHiDd la Wood's Alhen. Oion. 

Buos of Bordenu. Hoe b*> 
gynnetbe Uie Boke of duke Hnoa 
of Bordeuie, and of them tlat 
issnyd fro hrm (tnuiiUted lij Six 
John Bonrchier Lord Bcawt). 
Lond. printed b; Copland. «irM 
1540. foUo. 
BIlH, Dnlque, two luTai 4aUM M 


HtTBAOLT, Jacques. Foliticle, 
moral, and manml DisoourHw. 
WritteD in Frencii, tranelBted into 
Sngliah bj Artb. Goldiug. Loud. 
1695. 4to. 


HtntD, Bichard, Biahop of Utch- 
6eld and CoTentrr, afterwards of 
Worcester. Worts. Lond. 1811. 
8fo. S tdIs. 11. lis. 6d. 

WLtb portrait. Eu] dT 

si- of lJii<]oi>rst3'lH"Hi°i4 'DiHortho 
bMt Mholin In lfa> klnKdw —' -' 

monl eh»ncrei: th«t tritanui 

Honl ud pnlllioil Dial 

Lelten on Chlvilry wd Re 

nl 0«cui<oii of Psnlni 

true Ueuiing of tti 

Tatelj printed. V 

J. TJ>eLaiti<ni<iDULilialr7Uic 
tat appeared lu I7«l, Svo. 
HJiK-.tJoD to the •t'xlr <^ Oi' 
at. In patUcnIu, enncarnliie 
1 of Papal Rome: In tnelvi 

-of IhsHlghlKBT 

ChaHl, at Die I 

OlonceaUI, lyind. I'tTS, Bvo. B>.- 
Sn. a Tob. m. LUBE r>Ftn, Si 

has lon([li«n known and dulj ag 

•-JTrn. T. 

Lond. m»-§8,8>o. BtoU. WlUlan* 
l.ll. lil.manMOO, 3A10S. 

HcHBiB, Jamei, D.D. Foelical 
snd Dramatic Works. Oxford, 
ISOa. 12nio. 3 vols. 

A noUcs of tlurdfa's poema irlll be 
Jllf B Ravlsw, pt I, 


HoBUBTOMi, BukUIL Newea 
from Borne, concerning the bios- 

S'lemona SacriSce of papistical 
assei irith diuers other Treatigea 
very godly and profltable. Can- 
orbury, imprentM by John My- 
chaU for E, Chamton (or Cam- 
pion, tlie Jesuit), n. d. 16mo. 
Hlbber[,40TS,Ua». Solbeby, !I. 111. 
Hfbtlit, Thomas. A concise 
Aocount of soma natural Curio- 
ss in the Enrirons of Malham, 
Craven, Yorkshire. Lond. 
1786. 8to, 5s. 
"' pt. II. A91. Ha. Uarqnia of 

Its. CMMIcnt— ^p. (8, with appeDdlx 
and dlrecUoM to Ih* binder (b-o 8) am 
pafu, alia ihrea plates. 

HintwiTZ, Hyman. Elements of 
the Hebrew lanniage. Part I. 
Orthogrsphy, with Kotea and a 
TocabuIaiT. Lond. 1807. 8to. 
Fart II. Etymology and Syntax. 
Gto. I2i. 


^fl preii, ^bopstoi 
Wimuf hamj 6h. 

<l ndmlrabts work.'— tfuirtertv 

iBST on tha atui ulatlBii n 

t^asT on tha a(L 

iKtad and ttaoalaicd 

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ud Synlmi 

tion of all the FubUc Ordere, Or- 
din&ncM uid Declarktiona of botlj 
Hoiue* of FuliaroeDti from If arch 
19, 1643, to December, 1646. Lond. 
1646. folio, foratiapieoe, 7a. 

ACsllHtJaor lU B«moDRtwK«. De- 
(luiUou, to. te. lntw«n th* KJdk'i 
iwHt aiuUmt HitlutT luu) Mi Pull- 
nent. Load. IfltS, tto. wlUi nfrool. I 
Luai PAn>,Si. Bitfhtilli. 

Hdibahd. — Hia Hmbani), 
Poeme eEpTe6aed in > complnt 
Man. Loud. L. liale. 1614. itaiU 

BUamu.lOU. Blbl. Angls-pMt )M2, 
mnneo, aoi. Hidnlsr, In ISie, 11' " 

The Dbllrlur Huliui 

comE^ HumoDrt of be 
big Kill. Loud. ITlff.l 
KnighU, wie, «•. 
Th« Utubfljid. In Aam 

lAxi. 1160, a 


HiTBBAmBY.— A news Tracte . 
TwBtytB mooBt profytable for ■!! 
Htubondenieii : and rerf frutefull 
for sll other persona to rede. Lond. 
Impr. bv Bichwde Pydboq (1523). 

Futhfiill Monitor, or tho 
of that Bnfferine Protestant whei 
under (nils and confinement (ii 
Terse). Load. 1689. 4to. 
Bkugg, 111 

HvggEnr. Stt PiLFAT. 

Hdbsst, Joseph. The Glory of 
Chriat unveiled g or, Ihe SiceUeooe 
of Chriit Tindicated. Lond. 1706. 
4to. 21.2a. 

Ood'a OpwItlDiiB or GrmiK; bit DO 
OSen Df Onsg. L«id. 1707.STO, te. 

HiTTCSUOS, A. CalleotioQ of 
Treatiaaa relatiiir to (he national 
Debt* and fuoda. Loud. 1721. 

Th« work! ar Hnlchnon « t|ia Na- 
t^Diui debt, As. an hkgblj tpokm of hf 

Hdtcbesoh, Francis, LL.S. A 
8;>tem of moral Phiioaophj, in 
thiee Books. To which ia prefixed, 
some Aeooont of the Author, br 
tlie Ber. Wm. Leechman, D.]>. 
Olasg. Fonlis. 1755. small 4to. S 

IIiilUi,BSS,10(.ed. Ha(ib,llBI,U.lli. 

Ujleil bj Dt. I 
of eompoiLtlen, tm 

table DbserratloH' " 

■Ute«D Lectvz«& 
foapel erf Jvna 


i. lea-t, 

- Qilbert Treatise on the Offleaa 

Juatiee of the Peace, Con* 

sUbls, lus. Edinb. 1815. 6to. 4 

^n noellenl iierk.— ISOe, Sni. I Tok. 

HCTCBIM, Eclvard. Sampson's 

>ff Bone against the Spiritoal 

Philiaiine, containing aund^ god> 

ly and christian layers. Lond. 

1601. ISmo. 

n borden. IngUi, 8* 
lint oriUedlTtnewinia 

HcTCniNa, John, U.A. The H» 



Townalieiid, 1811, JL ITa. 

en tli« InqalBllio Gheldl, pi. l-_, .. _ 

InelDdlng ui siUictrrHn iha HOond Mug 

"f Dmytoo'i Polyollili- "- ' '- 

eluding AppendlT, b1i 

iloiu, pp. 1—418. Belbn p. 1 ti ■> h>V 

illla ' Bludlbrd Dlvtiron,' ^ pp. ISt uid 

2M u* rapeiMd, ud bafine Q- "-■ 

23S l> ■ mit-Utle ■ BiUport DI1 

1-81. Plge61«DU1nllltI 
U., in ihs 1 - ■ ---- 
JiOH worked 

iltud. Vol. II. TiSttjA 

HcTCHixa, John, M.A. The 
Hiatoiy and Antiquities of the 
County of Dorset. The second 
Edition, corrected, Kugment«d and 
improved bj Siclurd Oough tatA 
John Bonrnr Nicholi. Lond. 
1796-1815. folio. *Tols. 60(. 

Lawjh p&pEa, vtlh pr<wf-plates. BIr 
M, M, ByfcBn, pi. I. IMft Til. 8i. NoHli, 

flBf.'ria. Dent.V if IBO.'ru.iKMl 
Sothebr'l tn I6H, iincut, 77J. (— - 
llw..— ?ol. I. 1796. TIHe, dlTlelom, «re. 

■Ld«i lb« Urn Ubie >t p. IS. la uoUmt 
folded lur, °An Ascount ol Robert Lmm- 
bert/ ^kv. Pp. 69—71 an »pear«d with 
BD ', tnd fiMow p, SI i pp. lat—SvltbiD 
■ fallow p.»8;pp.M» -TO, with u-CDUliw 

S. 870 1 pp. *T6-64 witb (ID ■ follow p. 
14: pp.ras-^wlib in ■. eoatiinlng (h* 
pMlm* of Uredilt of Horton, bnam p. 
Mi. VoL III. IBIS. Titlt, lllTUisii% fc. 

bf Mohmrd PnlleoEi, M.U., pp. It. and 
Pige. SM-8 u^ repentelwtth nn ■, and 

'898, whieb tut ronulns Hat of pUUa, 
dtc. TtUe.'Appendli.'ttis.. OBBteaT: Hl- 
dandneteoiTlnada, pp. nl-411,*4U— 
- 496 Om> ' ^ COnUlDlnf mlotlMt lilt of 
■ddltloDiil pbitaii)sbglnGtDftlia popalk- 
Ihw *et, ui Indaiea, pp. MS-AM, vlOth 
lutMiittlBi dtiMtioiii lo Um Mndufiii 


□ Hi. Nlohols' 



Bn, Pah, 8, ISOB, C^laa 

aUtDanR Iha two loLi. of Ibe flnl adltion 
andei iltered tlllsa, whLili ocualoim le- 
dandnaoy aa vaU aa dadcdaudea. Tba i 

Blojfraphlcal Aoecdotoa of Iha Rot, 
JohD Hatcblns. Bt tha Stet. O. Blng- 
itB.. Locd. 1786, tto. Ko. iiilv. of 
Kktiol*' Bib, Top. Brii,— WItb AddlUoni, 
•DdaPortnitofHr.Hutehlaa. 18U,410. 

«• It prtn 
.,^_Lb» witb pi 
Tba HlatoTT 11 
boanH, In the G011U17 01 
BiaalM and eontlBnad to the ppaaaot 
Tima^ br Blcbard Goiii;!! and Jahn Bow- 

padlRTw of the IWgbr family. 

HcTCHiyaoH, Ooremor Tho- 
TOM. The History of the Colonj 
of Maaaachuaett's Buy, 1620—1746. 
Lond. 1765-7. 6vo. 2 irole. Another 
edition, Salem, 1T7E. 8to, S volt. 

HLBI017 of tha Colonr of Miauchuaetfa 
Bar, tnm 1618 to INl. [Vol, 1.) Boaton, 
ItM, 8vo. The lama fnm IBM 10 ITM. 
(Vol. il.) Boatoe, ITST. 

HIatOrr of Iha ProTlDca of Haaiachn- 
•att'i Bar, from 1748 to 17T4, edited In tail 
" — ' — Ifomiiij rol. ill.) I,DDd. isn^ 

OB the Dediratloii of Iha 
■tiUid«l)>hla. Lend. ITl^ 

;, Google 

1150 HDT 

LMtfn of H. Bntshln 

BWOTUtt, M.OIlvtr.toT 
E«i„»I>. udj.riT.1.8. 


ih* Hilaar In the mmt odlmii light, mai 
l)r. B«>>J. t 

and Writingt of Medical Charactora, 
from the earLest period. Lend. 
1709. 8to. 2 Tol». 93. 

— Fmncis, Biihop of Doim and 
Connor. An Historical Eisay 
■Witchcraft, Lond. 1718. Sto. 

Int]' SflMnlIil anit mMbulcBl. — Lflid. 
-Loud. ITAO, 

Vol. V[(. Tin 


rer, juid devtlopei i 


logiHl Ubh qf lh« nnobtr 
wntcbBt burnt u witcbe.. l«l 


Loud. 17S0. Svo. It ws. »n.» 

tti by 

1, 18BJ 

41. H«[h, HW, 6'h.'«i1. G.^. 

b. RrockeU,iea8,8i. BMeTen., 

txreoo »rih«A.<clent HiHo'r 

l>ilva to miinil. Dublla, ir34, 8 

Illbbert, W77, niorwcQ, rtchlr 



Lifa of Arehbp. Tlllobiaii. inS. Sto. 

»m be 

fiHinl in Uie aiiih ti>lum« of 


Theologwal Wwka. With 


plement. Lond. 1749—65. 8vo. 13 

vol.. 8t Sa. 

WlllUuni, Wt, Tl. Hi. 6d. ■ Tl 


Hob, « 

their luttKir «u iba toaain <,t 


■HWH sT ths moat celebraled inen 


Fortiea, BUiop nOTQe/°>lr."t^ 


rnunl i— _ — — -. 

Blbt.aM-«. anMiu.-Viil.I.II.Mow 
PrIikclpiL— Lond. ITSl-T, Bn. Vol, I 

[. Tmcii 

Vel. x"r 

periOT Clergy, w I .o^hei e yet™ b^ri h^rjln 
tbe Proportlii Tor publiahlne tboWorki 
or Mr. iTuUhlDFun. lynd. I71M, Hie. 
An Abetrect ti-om Uie WorBi of John 

ohineo™^f^ either eeM"h^b.litiilo ?« 
hliworka, or.kejr'lulbeni. ABein. Lond. 

X.'r. Leioinita Frlnelplonim »euica- 
rum IlutcbinKnl. Lend. 1134, Ito. 

— Iriicy. Memoira of tbe Life 
of Col. Hutchinson, witli origuul 
Anecdote* of man; of hi> Con- 
t«mpontnea, and a lummuy Bo- 
view of public A&i™. To whidi 
ia prefixed, the Life of Mrs. Hut- 
ohuiBon, written by henelt Loud, 
1806. 4to. aportraiU. 

A .»l«bl. and InlareiUiifr bletoilMl 
■ort. mbbert,414*,ll. re, Bmdl«r,pt, 
11.1871,11. Kerquleof Ta*iiEbend,IC7T, 

— Boger. The Image of Ood, 
Bole of a true ChriatUn. LiHid. 
b; John Dise, 1560. ISina. 

itbfulbecluxiionof'ctirtiua kdr 

Dylan]-. Whlbi Siiighbi,Kt8,lL Jl» 

Works. &a Parker Society, Appandtl. 

— W. An Eicunian to tiu 

Lakoa in Weatmor^nd uid 0«a^ 

berUndj vit^ a lour llilll<tll 


Part of the northern Coiintii 
tlie Years 1773 and 1771. Lond. 
1776. Sto. 

Ednrdi, 6SS. Oi. M. BtndlBT, pt II. 
310,7>. PpMS-irtlhtltlB.oiielfflif; IH- 
uenry, two p«su •■ (laDordu > * " 

f u firs' Bp, 


1778-80. 4fo. a vol>. 


4SI.U.U1.U. Hnmii 

of Hp, Fiijta^ twopaj^n; tEi« pedlgrea 
ui ihe ttjaily of RIdddl, IS psgea; the 
pfldt^AA ot the ffticLliea of Bllton, Ac- 

— The HiatotT and Antiquitit 
of the County Palatine of Durhair 
Nawcastle, 1785-94. 4to. 3 Tola. 



I colDEffA, p. 4U. fi. Bp 
B. Bishop Mltthev, p 
Io.r*jn. p. m. R np 
. Blflhop Goflln, p. &3'i 

10. BlitaopCntvt 
p. IMS. 18. Blub. 

i?8J. Eng«ved HIIb-b^, onB le« 
trodnction. 8 p>Be»; Hliilory. A 8— 

SlSpngu. FbleL— l.TtmCliirteri. 

Ad by Bp. PndHT, p. S. 3. Durhun AbbflT, 

6 m S, I>or6»niC«UiBdr»l, p. »"■ ■ 
.E, Wtm ot tb« old C»tl«, p. 8^ 
DiirhaiB Banki, p. 31S. B. AVi«vo 


la. B. yitw 




IB pedtgrtM, 

— The History of the County 
of Cumberland, and lome PUces 
adjacent. Carlisle, 1794-8. 4lo. 2 

DakBofVork, 28IS,».Si. NjuuH,ptl. 


Blffht Ubtoi of (hB popuUihKi, &a. ki 
Uile. on lira ■hBBM, mnd at p. ■«« 
Mded Ubla or Iha medium of moDO] 

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Hottbt, Ubwi. Of'lhaWood 
Mllad ChiMnm, that li««l«th tlia 
TnodiB FoexM, Ae. (tnoibted hj 
Tho. PiTiial). Lond. Itt86. lem- 

Blii41*r,pLU.Mr,wltks^U In 
•LlLIte. Briffat, lOi. M^UM. M 
hkit, BtO, IL Iwd, IIU, 1«L— IMOt 

Th* TrtadM, or Trtaltl«i al Re 
ThenlD 70a lull Ha whM TbJiuu ba 
■Itbw Mt br, TMd, at hu«4 il Rsbm. 
LoBiL kr TtoBH OiMnj, Sto. 

Sm ipU'--- "■ 

Eimoii, Ottherine. The Toor 
of *<Wi-j lelBcted ud amnged 
from (he best Authors. .'- ' 
1819-21. Bto. 3 Tol>. 

With ■ mip u aub nlunia. 

— Oiurkt, LL.D. A Couiw of 
HBthematio. Serenth EiStioQ. 
Lond. 1819. Sto. 3 Tola. II. lis. 6d. 

Bajtl MiUtUT CDllage U Wi 

. Aii«41tlan,*dludlirOng«7i 

DiTlJ, 1.0IUI. ie«D, Sio. 1 Tola. U ti 

Edited br Buth«[«>id, Load. T«sg, U 


A Ke7 la tbo litut Edition of Dr. Bnt- 

DOID BUfOVBanvu Baa roeuHi, « 
•d (Mb Ibt Ladta^ DtOT. i™ «■ 

mJ PnUnu, ud tbilt BolDtkiu. LDnd. 
tm, Itiiui. TU* forma Iha tilth and 

Tal>lBa of Uie Pnducta and Poiren of 
NDmben. With an Inlnduelioa. LauL 
1T31, Mid, U. U. Pablliliad by srdet of 
lbs ConmiiMlaBan nt Lonrltiids. 

MaUHmatical Tablu^ Logiiilhiiii. 
L«id. 1T8S, ntal Bto, ICH. A maatsr. 
Bt«a ofl ta kind, nnrlDted 17M. 18(II> >BH 
IMI Mith •dillonj.-ElaTeiith ediUon. 
Land, nral Sto. ISa.-Twelfth adltion 
i»]8«, Sto. Ila. 

Ekmenta of CobIe BmUou, wltb acleet 
ExereiaeH La vartoiu Brancbei of Uathe- 

fla. Ths dlsbnlMlmathaiiiatielaB ilgg- 

■Bodile d« piwlalon at da clarlt.' 1 

A HtlhMillaal *a< FUhnpUeal Dlo- 
UaduT. LoM. ITM, 41a. 1 Tola. 11. IOl-- 
' BdliMn, with imaacniva AdAUom 

TbaPriwIplaaorBrldcaa. Tha'Meoa< 

phieal Bsbjesta. Lond. 1811, Sto. ■ Tala. 
ISa. With piatralt tt tha uthor.— im 
4IO. T0I. I.obIt. 

Aiilbmelli and Book.kaajiliig, adlted by 
MiTiiard, Dinataanth odLtlon. ISti 
•—- 88,— Uind. IBW, IS— ■- 

TaUoo, both InThaOT 
-entb edit. 

Htrrron, Hem^. Folliw Anato- 

ie : or Sa^na and aa^ricall ^i- 

gmna : with a oompendioaa ma- 

toryof IzionaWheele. Lond. 1619. 

Reed, TUirr, II. ta. BIbl. Anglo-Poet. 
'SI, MM. 10a. Brlgbt [Imperfectl, Uda. 
epilitad for the Percr Socle tf. 

em dLaehATffed Tpoo ' 
iar«f. Laai. Uli. 4to 

— Jamee, U.D. Theory of the 
Earth, with FrooGi and Uliubstiona, 
Edinb. 1796. 8to. 2 toIs. If. ISa. 
Thia axtnfagaMtbearr haa baao Ohu- 
vtad and daftnded by tha «IbIiib1h1 Pto- 
iBKiF PhjiMr. and 'An ample, mxiti. 

DUaertatloiii oa dlSennt SnldeetB !■ 
■atoral PMKHopbr, 1191, 4U. 
isn, and the Pmgraai of keaaoB, floB 
Biiae to Selence and Pbiloeephy. £dlak 

— Jjuke. The Blaeke Dogge el 
Sevgate. 5t# NiwaATi. 

Uatther, Dean of York. &»■ 
at Yorke before Henrie, Eaite 
of Huntington. Land. T. I^wkw, 
IGTa 12mo. 

Heber, pL t. SB, to. 
Sir Biobard, Ent. SmBbuk- 
WAIT, Richard. 


HtrrroB, Sir B., Knt. EejioHs i 
oontumng nuuiy ohoioe Oosca in the 
B«igiu of Junes and Charles I. 
Second Edition. Land. 16S2. fblio. 

Ban tdlUn.— 18U, AHIo. 

— Robert. The Siun of Di- 
vinitie dmren out of Latin. Lond. 
1561. 16mo. 

Bindlay, pt.lll. eSl.U nsr* sid Se- 
nu. 1543. CnvfUrd, Sf. BrJglit, lUlned, 

— WiQiam. WoREa, eolleoted 
Into 8 Tob. 8to. plalee. Load. 
ViehollB, 1817. 2l..l2a. 6d. 

Thia nrfH li made np of tka Hpanta 
ta|»iirnip)ilul lotka publlabad at iiSer- 
eutpatiodabf Hlebala, and niaaual vlUi 
■aiuniutluln IBIT.— dmWnU: 
ToL 1. Ltft, 1911. Jmmt from Bit- 

1. BMOo a! BonHorth Flald, 

}. UlBtoTT of DuTby. leiT. . 

of Blackpool, ISIT, 

— a Trip la Caatbam, IS 

Hutton'a Tspagnsblal 

■arradly aateaiDM hi Oi 

crIpttoD Of BliukiHwI, In Lanci 

Uabad bj Uia ume i 
730 aoplaa printed anil 
•Btgonf Ibaliitiablun 
Tha Oinrt or lta|ua 

AppeuUi, pp. 60 
Utalorj of Uie 
* ""pplenaent h 

Jsnnw)' from Blmlntbuit t«tADdon. 

mta, Irilh a print DfLon- 
HB. KeprlDled, 18IB, In 

of Dnbj.tnm Um re 

S30pag«. Kaprinled ISIT. 
fiemarks npos Nerth Wilaa, being t] 

of tb* PrindpaBt)'. Umi. iKS, s™. 8> 


wthani, a Wataring.nUcB 
SiUemltr of Yorka^ln. 
10a. 6^^. SIS, luolndlbg 
jtr Uflt oTpUtee, Hod book* 

'Talas. iaM,'8T(i.wltlia 

purtnllof Blohard Jll. Uoji,eie,es.M. 
Boibnigba, sua, tOa, dd. Bindlaj, pk II. 

Tha Hlalon sf lbs BomaD WaH, whlcb 
craaaaa tha Island of Britain, fniiu tha 
Oamiaa Osaan to tha Iriib Saa. Saoond 
adIUoit, with GomoHona. Land. 1613, 

paK«3~]8n3, SVD. u.sia, Sa. 

Lift, written hj hlmaalf, Inolndlni- ■ 

parMciiIar Account of the RIota at Bli^ 

tha iHitoi7 nf Ma tamlly, publiahed br 
hia Diughlar, Lond. IBIS. Sto, Fmtbltt. 
aoSS. IDs. U, with a porinill. Second 
adltion,IS17,STii. portrait. RapahllihFd 
by RhariM Kolghl, Lodd. ISU, In 1 Tol. 

One of the moat entertaining and lo- 
itiuatlva of Uereaotlle autoblograpblaa. 
HvTTon, William. A Tojage 
to Afri™ 5 including a NaimtiTe 
of ui Embatay to one of tiie inte- 
rior Xingdoms in the ;«ar I62(X 
lond. 1821. 8to. 

;, Google 

1154 »TD 

HUXBAK, John, M.D. Olwerr- 
ationei de Mre et Horbis epide- 
mid*. Lond. 1739, 62, 71. 8vo. 
3 Toli. 7i. 6d. 

Tbli *bI»iiI pbraMu nobUibed Mlier 
vnrka, lb* moM utHBSil of whieb la ui 
EiiMT m Feian. Hli Uwito™ of b«rk 
■lill birid* lU luk in tli* PbunRopcolL 

HuTSRHB, Chriilian. The ce- 
lestial World ducoverei Lond. 
1699. 8td. 

SoTstml eMRj™ vrttMi bj Uili oe(«- 
hmtod mithenidlclui ud utrnnomer 
Hill ba rooAd Id Die Pbllosiiptikil Trui' 

A copr in ibv GKrflofe collecttoii, now 
in Ihe Srldsh Hdhohi.— Imprtnttd by 

klm' Orlgiii oV Uh Bngliah Dnins. 

Hide, Thomas, D.D. Vetmim 
Persanun et Medonim Sehgioms 
eorumqae Magorum Historia. 
Oxaa. 1760. 4to. 

B«al edition or > very letnied tnl Im- 
porunt work. ■WllUtini, 718, noromo, 
h. 1U. Foalhill, 1830. 11. lU. Btulb, lee. OoaMt, SM6,U.«s. SiM- 
le;, 134, 41.101. HiUnn, U(S, oUnio- 

formnr adttlon. Oionll, 1700, 4>d. 10s. 6d. 

Byntagnu Diesermtlonnm quu oHm 

ThMBii Hyds (Bpiritlin edldlt Acoes. 

tiiqiie PnlegomenA, cum Appeodlca de 

Gregorio ahupe, LL. D. Oionii, li87, 4ta 
tlraBs'^lSt. 'ar)aMl,S»M, It lie. ad. 
Hath, ties. II.!?'. 

CaUlogne ImpnBiornm Llbrormn Blb- 
HtflMiw ItodlelUim In AcufleinU Oioni- 
enil. Oionil. 1674. Mto. Pp.TM,lDclu- 



ttital^ietaitm Bibbl Abnliuo Ablml- 
•en<ot Abb«D.JactalB Pnm par Imuiaf' 

Dipiiutea in AuU BigU eiponlt, et 


Dt. Uyds wlU be taai 

B Knighli, 

Htooonh, Theoph. His first mo- 
tiiea to suspect the integriW of his 
Keligion in the detection of FaJae- 
hood in D. Humlrey and D, Field, 
of Purgatory and 

ic the Dead. Lond. 12mo. 

, lirielit,Sa. 

Hyil, Hzltoh, &e. Set Edj, 
Hn/TON, &e. 

Hymen's Pkielvdu.. Ste Cii- 
FBEHEDB, Q. de Costes de la. 

Htmsi.— Eipositio Hpnnornm 
secundum usum Sarum. Impr. 
per me Theodericum MaulJiii in 
Oppido Aloysten. Comitatu* 
Flandrie, 1487. 4to. 

relghl le 

a, rollD, 14 

itudiog the Utl* 

itmlniur, Wjtkya dt 'Words, Uoa 

weip. M. H. Hoochitntemis, 4tB. 

a. Jullu NoUjt. 4to. U06. 

1. Wynand de Worde, Ho. JUj^, 


Ltnd, Ptomii, 410. UOS. 

Lond. JdUu MoUrr, «la. IGIO. 

Loud- Riehd. Pnmn, 4to, Ifill^ 

Loud. WynasA de Wurdft, 4(d. 1M4. 

Load. Vynwd da Woide, 4io, IGIS. 

Lord. n^Dkrn de ^0100,410. IMT. 

FUly-flHU laiTei, luiliidlu the UU 
WUU Emght^ M18, mut^. iSt. 

Load. WynkTii do WordB, 4tD. IBIS. 

Other idlUou vlCtaonl d*t< or ^lua I 

Cdane (DO pitoter), 4to. 

IiODd. PynjOD, 4to, 

Htuhi. — Hynutonim cum Notis 
OpuBculum, Moimiiuiii ubiuh in- 
■ignigEocleeieSarubiuiGiiiEii. Loud. 
^DBon. Jan. 6, 1506. 

. BilshI, 

AntnTp, BumDond, VldoL 4to, oi 8n. 

ADtnip, ByrbDU, ito. lian, 
Antinip,4W.lUt. Bothilij, April lOT, 

Load- RlngatoD tnd flntton, 4to- Ifififi. 

Kysd. Set SiSD. 

Hmi>i,B. It«r Lnmtannm ; or, 
YojHge of het Uuegtie Qu«en Ea- 
tbmn« from Lisbon to London. 
Lond. Bob. Faulett. ISmo. 

A Fsaai, !0 leivei, Id Om OranTtUo 

HI7ATIA I or Uie Historr of ■ 

moat BODompliihed Lady ; who wu 
torn to Pieces hj the Clerey of 
AJeiHadria to gratify their jioh- 
biehop, St. OtHL Lond. 1673. Sro. 
Hyt-Dootob, The. 

A fooUih piper, commBiued In im bf 
Jolm Benloy, In defSnoe ot Sir Kobert 
Walpole'i bUDlnliitAtloa, oxuadod odIt 
Is vliuleim bj Its DndsoWKr, Tbe H1|L 
Oarnun Daetor. It iru contliiiiad la 

Hyfhisdtoiuobu, vidt Fou- 

BUIlng, FrlsUr aad SlarMtj-paT, GiiMfoM, B«l*r- 

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longfcllaw'i Foadoal Worki, oan 

Tineii^'fair poffa Bagravifiga, by Biria 

fatter and oAn-i. and a two Partrnii. 

; or, wittout the illustration 

Kanyafi Muterntan Beadj; or, 
'n» Wreck ot the Puifln. 93 JingramngE, 

Kltiloii J or, SoenM in At 

rim. (Wrtllen for Youns Peopta.) Jtlw. 

Wrate and Thwo Cntten. 

New KdliLon. Aim ■ Memoir of ths 
Aothor. WiA 10 SUd Er!gTairaigi,fnm 
Di^uingi by alarkiin StantJItld, R.A. 

PriTateer'B-lIan Ona Hnn- 

dnd Yun Ago, sif>^ Bngravinoi on 
sun. ajltr StoOiant, 

Settler* in Canada. New 

Edition, nnfitu Engranivfi fry GUbtrt 


^nij*td Bntrraviiigt m SlaL 

Killer't EUtorf of ths AurIi^ju- 

ons. Wriiten In ft populir ttvie, on the 
bMit ol Shiron -ftamer. forfnirt y 
Alfrid. Xap qf Saxon Britam, ami la 
6UiboraU EngravivffK on stteL 
Hilton's Foetleal Worka. 

With a 

U thiFueDu 

Vol. I. PuiidlM Lort, Hmplete, wllh 

U«aiolr. Notea. mi lodeiT 
Tot a. Piradfie Hagalned. uid other 

Foenu, Bilb Vertul iniki t« all Ibe 

Br Kljor JoBKa, R-lL L 
F. U. Niooua BJl. m 

NiooUnl'i HiitoTT of tho Jwnit*: 

their Origin. Piogren, DoctitiKh uxl I>fr 
ilgoi. Itm I'oniaitt iif LevDlo, Loimit, 
Javlir. Bm^iia. Jcquavaa, pire la Oiait, 
and Pope GavpawdU. 
Norway and Iti Soenory. Comprii- 
ine Prl(»'i..Juuniid, with large AddlUoM, 
am) B Bmd-Book. Edited bjT.KoMBia. 

Pari* and it* Enviioni, inBlnding 

Vmallles, BL (iloud. uid Eicuralon. Inio 
the ClmniiiigiH IMitrlct^ An lllusmted 
Handbook ft* Travellers. Edited bj T. 
YoBiamn. Twatty-ei^ )mitt\ful, Sn- 

Potrarch'gSonnati, and Other Poemi. 

hnnda. WUh a"Llfe of'^e ^^y^ 

Pickering'* History of the Bacei of 

Mui, with an AnalytlcsJ Synopala ol Ihe 
Ural Hialory of Man. By Dr. "■■' 
' ■' ■ ■ wmawii Pertnitt. 

Hh the plata aobmred. 

published at 31. U. by Uw 

Pictorial Handbook of London. Com- 

KhilTig Ita ADtlDulEles, Archllecnin, Arti, 
anotactnrei, "Trade. losUtaUom, Ki- 
hltiiUon^ Subnrbe, Ac Tue hanired 
and five Bnffr^vinffM, and a iarye Map, by 

Tbia Tolama contaliu itnve *MI pago, 
and li nodcinbtedlr Uie ctwaptaCBn- 
■hlllhig voluine ever prodooad. 
Piotorial Handbook of Kodern Qeo- 

^•Un. nbairaUd 



Too large Edltiou of tUa voluma have 
beta told. The pnamt Hew Edition 
la wnecteduid improred ; lud. Iwelilei 
Inlnidiidiig tlie recenl Cenauaea of 

the chaogea which have taken place 
'- Italy and America. 
PoaUoal Work*. Edited hj 
gi. a Tola. 

Homer** niad. With, latro- 
1 and Notea by J. 8. Waikw. M.A. 
enUte Scttu qf Plam- 
■Kui'a Daigta, bauiiifulty Mwianil by 
J6aa (in Uu/M s«. tin). 
Homer'* OijiMtf, Hjrmu, 

mail, and IntrodnclloD and f(utea by J, S, 
Watbor, H.A. /tiBmofl'f iJaignt, freoi*. 
lifvUg nWTBHd fry Jfotai. 

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fopt'i Ub. lododli^ mtDT of tui 

•rJit imd IVanilaKnu^ ut. 

PottMT ai pDRMlkin, and other 0I»- 

ieoU of Tcrui (■ OnUe u> Uh Enowlolgs 
on. Ta wblcA U iiUtd an Bntmnd Liit 
of .11 lb. ■ " " 

Don M«k> u>l Ifam^iiDU. 

; oT, eelimrtd. IDl. 6<t. 

PmiVi (FathBT) lUlioBM. New 

EdtUon, nvlBHl and Uifily ugmenleJ. 

TVBity-imt ipirilel suMam lin Matiiv. 

BtorMtiou ia EOtootiiiK. Br 

sfilCT- Harrcy. and 9 Srvraaintt on .^fsl, 

Ssdding'i HUtoTj ud D«W!i^tioai 

of Wlna. Adclfnt tnd Modem. Ttrnt) 
bratd^ai Wooicutt. 
BftblUNl OmM*. With niastratioos 
bi Ktoteukd uiit tt^BTEr. Tioebir braa- 
tiful ' ' ■ "■ 

; or. without the Steel iUiutm- 

TheprttHat muim cxUmi. 
BonM in tke BiuMMia Omitiir;. 

Sew Edition. ItiviMd bj the AuUior. 
miatntai fcy SI fnt Steel BngratArigt. 

SvathaT'i lite ot Kelnm. With 

Additional NoteK lUuilniled wOk U 

Starliitg't (Kih) Voble Deeii ot 

Women \ or, Kiramplw ot Komale Ojurage, 
ForHtndB, Mid Virtue, rtwrtan Samtifirf 

'IUM«ftliaO«nU;m;Ui9l>Qlif^itftj i 

Lemiu ol Horani. -Vumetmu TRudaA, ^ 
and B £lael £>vraafii^. a/(«r AMkird. 
Tauo's Jaitualmi SellTarod. Trus- 
Ititsil Inlo EnglSli SpeuHfrlan Vena, wjlb 
■ Ufa or Ute AuUior. Bj J. H. Wiirm, 
£4U jnvmirfnjn on St«l, and 31 oa 

Walksr'* Xsnlr Bcvdm, Gin- 
Ul^n« Skiting. Biding. IMilDi^ HmUDft 
Slnotlng, Sattiag, Ronint Soimmli« tc 
Naw EdldoD, rsFbtd br ' Cutdu" 
Partf-Sovr SUri Itata, md iiHHnM , 

ValMn'i Oomplsto Angler. Bditsl 
b> Esvuii Jiegc. E^. To «Ucb la , 
added an Aoanat af FliUiig SUtltoe, Ac. 
by H. a. BOBH. Cfmnll ^ IBS At- ' 

i or, tciih 26 additional pag* 

lUiHlTatlmi on S(«I. IL id. 

WellingteB, life et Br An Ou> 

SoLim. rmn th» mUalalaot lluwelL 

'Wlilte'* Hatanl HlttOi ot 8tk 

bonu. Wta Nona b; Sir WOLTUiJu- 
DniijuidEDWiiit.J«a^Kaq. /[[hIibM 

; er, tntA fA« filuiM cofMPeA 

UlDenlon, OoocholOEr. BelaD]^ £■(•■ 
molog;. wnittaoloey. Oetmne. Bnbnl- 
d«7, Sk EacHtoin, An 
HdbIc ()ii>f«a«»al aol *< 

bwrapby. be «. 

Eianlaea, PalirUiv, PtwtocnpbT, 
EdIM In dbtlBgoUbsd Pntamm 

Bobn's ClasBloftl Library. 
wnxanu with the btabdabd libbabt, at 5». pee touikx 


siu KarMlUnna. Hntorr of 

, AppUMUz to. Cuitainine 
BW KeadinpB given In Benmnn-i 
mDiu Edition of JEei:bj\a^ Bj 

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Cupid mi Pi^lie ; and Hit. Tlglie'i 

Aiistoplutnei' Oomadiei. Liurall; 

-W.J.UlCIlB. ITOlfc 

Vol, 1. AchamliiiB, Knights, Clo^^^ 

Waipi, Puce, and Blnli. 
Vol. 3. I^tdatralB, ThfiviophoTlBiDBS, 
FrogB, Eccleeluuue, azid Pluttu. 
AlittOtls'l Sthiw. LiKnlly T^HDfr- 
l>iolaa0[ of Klog'B Collegs. 

— ; — Folltloi ULd BsimoBiiM. 

TnflalatAl bf £. Wufuhd, M.A. 

ItettphTdca. Litei'&]1j Trans- 

kbn], with Notes, AnaljalB. )i:»miD&iiOD 

II? H-Mahob. U A,^u>lQold UedaillBt In 
IleuiibyBks, T.C.D. 

"Biiimj of Aninnli. In Ten 

Bosln. 'I'riDBliited. wlOi Motfg uMl Indei, 
bf BicluiD Cbesbhell, H.A. 

Ormnon ; or, LcnioBl Trsat- 

tHb. WitHMoiM.** l(rO.F.Oi>«n,M^ 

BhAtOcic B&d FMtilM. Lite- 
rail; Tmualua^ wkh Examioatioii Qdw- 
iluiii and Sole*, bj ui OiLoiikin. 

AUinuM*. Th« DeipDOHjihista ; or, 
Ibe Buquet of tta Lunwd. TranaUlsd 
\i3CD.Ywat.SA. Svoli. 

Oebibt. Complete, with the Aleian- 
drlM. Arrtcan, and Bp— ' 
rally TitHiiUUd, wUb 

diottdt QtaXMa, Literally Trans- 
lated by C II. VaK«E. B^. In t vol). 
Vol. I. Omtalni th* (kaUoia agtloat 

Verrei, tt eartrait. 
Vol. 3. Catllipe, Archlu. Asrarian 
law, Ralilriaj, Murena, ^lU, to, 

Suaiu.CiBllui, HUo, Llgarlui, &c 
Vol. 1. UlKellaneoni OritliiD& and 
Bbrtorliil Works; wllb Oeueisl In- 
dex U the lour voliune*. 

on Oratory and Oraton. Bj 

J.B.Waimii', M.A. 

on tbe nature of tlit Qodi, 

DlTiiutton. Fate, Idwa, ■ Rapublic. Ac. 

Offleet, OlA Ag», Friond^p, 

Gclplo's Dream, Hmdoiis, &c Lllcrallj 
I'Tunaiat^, bf E. ^iiaomt. St. V- 
DamoathenM' Omtieiu. TranilatAl, 
nlib Hotia, by C UiSB KtfNUiT. In t 

1. The Olyntblac Philippic, and 

Vol. S. Agalnet Lepttoea. MMIai. An- 

UicUonaiT of Latin QoatALoxia. 

c^udlpg Prov^U, Miiiluo, U.iIUti, 1 

Blcns&N Lasrtiiu. Lii^ and Opin- 
loi.tofUieAnclentFblIaHiiheiB. l-iku- 
tsled, vHb NoUs, by a U. Yohok 

ElKiptdei. Liter^ljr Translated. 2 rob. 
VoL 1. HMalia,an>tia. Uedea. Uippa' 

Ktoa. Alceetlj. Bjudue. Uenclidte. 
hlgeala In AnlUe, aod Ipblgeaia lu 

Uetrlcsl VetaloiH >if 

Qreek BomancM of Hdiodonu, 

Longos. and AcbiUes 'i'atjas. 
Harodatiu. A Now and Liternl 
'l-rauKtstlo^ by Hsiar C«ai, H.A., ol 
Worceiler College, OifonL 

Eeiiodi OalHrnaotms, and Sioognif . 

Umally aVantiaMd, wlih MoWa, tj J. 
Homer'i lUad. Literallj Tramlated, 
by an Oiorub. 

OdTiiej, ^miif , fte. Lit«- 


Eonoe. LilenlW Tnuislnted, by 

Inatin, OomaUn* 'Stifot, and Enbv- 

plus, Uwally Tramlaied. »lih ^ol« 
and ludei, by J. 8. WjiBoK, MA 
JnTanaL Fsnini, Solpioia, and Li^ 
dlluiL By L. KVU.B, U.A. Willi Uia 
HeKial Venloa by QUTord, fimliifin. 

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ToL S. Boofei n— N. 

Vol «. Bmb 3} lo Uh cod I (Kd IMki. 

Liuaa'i FIiMfallB. Tnu»kt«d, with 
Nou^ bj H. T. Ran. 

LoOretilH. Lit«sllj TrUBlttcd, with 
NolM, «w Da Rot. J. 8. WiTim, M.A. 
And Uie Uetrinl Ytnirti bj J. H. QooD. 

Kutl&l'i Epigmiu, oomplBte. Liu- 
nllr Tnodiled. Bull Kcunipuilnl bT 
cniDr'morB Venn TninliUau Ml«led 
from (ha Worki or EogUib Pcieu, uil 
oUier lourcH. Wltb a mpkHU. Indsx. 
DouUe TDlDme (am pig«). It. ti. 

Orld'i WoAi, oompleta. LiUnllj' 
Tnntlite^ 3 volt. 
Vol. I. nM. TrIitiE. OilMUei. &B. 
Via. I -■ 

V. Tcuis, wA (ha Hftrtod Tsnlm 

riftto<t WoAl. TraniUted by the 
Bar.H.&iniuloUign, IdStoIi. 
Vol. 1. TboApdon oT Soenu*. CHM, 

Fbnlu, OoflM, nvticana. Pluednu, 

TbtBicUK EnUijptaren IjiU. 
ToL 1. TbaRepoMlf^Timinii, ftCriUii. 
Vol s. Ueoo. EnUndmnih Tbs So- 

pbid, auusnui, Ou^iH. Punic- 

ntdH, bk] tbe Buqaet. 
ToL 4. Ptaltebu, Chvoddei, Idcb«. 

Hm Two AldUidM, ul Tea otbB 

Filial TTatBTBl HiitoiT. Traiuliitcd, 
with Coploiu Nolo, br the liU JOhw 
BMtooK, M.D., FJiJ., ind H. r. RiuT, 
B.A. InBvoH. 

SscuiKlui. UtenllT TniuliWd. ud no 
eompvited br PoeUol Tmoa^ fron 

QiiatUUn's InMtntM «f fc rtf i 

LIUnLlf A*ul*u4 with NoM^ Ac; kT 
J. B. WAmr. JLA. lotntU. 

■•lliut, nam, ud Talldai Fster- 

QilDi. Witti Oiplaiu Rule*. BiognphMI 
NdUdh, uid Index, t7 J.a.W«n[ur. 
BopliMl*!. The Oiford TraaslatioD 

Willi 1 complete Indei (■axmuiel;, 
giilsg the lulinde and longMode of env 
piKn named In the M^t. loip.STo. >*.«£ 
Btnbo'i Ow^nphj. Traiulatcd, 
with CDpUoi Hei«, I? W. FiuniB, 
M.A. asd H. C. iLUduOK. E^. WIU 
lnd#x» ^ving the Aim 3 *m E jud Uodern 

SnMoniiii' Utm of tlie Tvdm 

Ccun, and otlier Work*. Tbooieaa'a 
TnflglaUoq. larlsetl with Kolek bj T. 

Tadtw. Litnsllv TnudaUd, with. 
Hobs. Ina™n. 
Vol. 1. TbaAQuto. 

Vsl. X The Ht>t«7, Oanuol^ Anl> 
«la.kc Wlthlndei. 

Tbmum and Fhttdnu. B7 fi. T. 

HlLBT, B^ 

neoeritiu, Bkn, Moachna, mi 

TfrlBUL Bf J. tlAVn. K.A. 'Vlthtta 

Ueuiul Vei^loDiorCbaimaa. 
IhnordidN. Literal^r TrandaMd Iw 

KeT.ll.Diu. InlToli. si. M.sidL 
TjXgSL Literally Tnunlited br Dl- 

TDHiii. Hew EdlUoD, ateroUr nvML 

Xenoplioii'B Work*. In 3 Tola. 

Vol 1. The Anabaili and MouoraUUa. 
Netfi. b; J. a. Wai- 


F.ltOiL, He 

a\. %. CTTDpEdls and Bellonka. Br 

J. S. WATaOH, U.A., and the Her. & 

Dl. a. The Mlior Woita. Br J. B. 

Bohn's Boientiflc LibraiT. 

;, Google 


Oil enrlieil ttlDH. By J. W 
KoHE. Jtoubls Valume. lOa. 

toAtSI of DatM. CompreheDdiDg the 

Elncipsl Fii»> Id Ihe CbmDolagy Bnd 
liui; of the World, (roDi llw curiiest ts 
1I10 present Urae, alpbabetlully unn^. 

BoUst'i Kaniul of I«ohnical Analr- 
uul AnIHglal Satelance*. ffr B, K. Fiui. 


BsUonthBHand, itsMeehB- 

■ Heinolr 


V. MtDi,Ei. Hon.Sa 

Colour. CDDtaining Qi< 
H^moDj ukI CtmtTul of 

_. ._ .._ .001 Ibe French hT CHAinin 
Uabtkl. 0nl7 (empleW Edition, fneral 

'; or, with nn Hddltioual teiift 

of 1« Plates In Colnnra. It. Sd, 
Comte't FMIoiophy of Hit Sinenoet. 

Eim«inaHr'B Eiitoiy of KBgie. 

TrocaUled bj WlLLUk Honm. Wllh 

beat satbenllmtrf Sloiiee of Apparitioiu, 
DietuDB. Table- Inmbift ud SplrltRap- 

WlieTBU'l Aitraiiom7 and 

Oeiienl Pbrnln, cuuidered vlth leCur- 
eme B Naianl I'beolosr- ^. XI 

■ Chalmeri on ^lA AdftptfttiozL 

Oerpantu'i (St. W. B.) Zool<^. A 

SyitemulG View of UH SlnHiure. U>bl W, 

Hftndbook of Gsme*. B7 virioua 
AmiWDn (Dd PrDfesBora. Cumpiiilng 

chance, ikin, tzid Diannaliieiteiltr. In 
■11, aboTS 10Biniei(tlie WbiM, DraDgbU. 
and BlUiardi being enieclallT oomiseljen- 
riie). Edited by U. O. Boas., lUu- 
traltd bji nwatnmi IHagramt, 
Ho^t (JftbM) Xlamonta of S^ati- 
meuul and Natonl KiUoaophT. Con- 
taining Uedunlo. Pnenmilla, Bydiv- 
...... „_._._„._ .-.— .jg^ optK^ 

1, and U>g- 
irged. l/p- 

Hind'i introdnotioa to Aatronemj. 

With a VoubnlaTT^ containing an Kipln- 
nation of all the Temu In preient nie. 
Sen Edition, enlai^ed. Kvmeram £n- 

CiUoiln, Electric^ 

Kmlisnioal PUIotophr, Ai- 

trogoiay, and Horolofiy. A PopuUr Ki- 
fnelticii. 183 JUuttrtUtimi, 

. T^«tabIo thjAaiogj Mid 

Syalenliitic Bousy. A complelu Intro- 
dnctlon to Ibe Knooledge of Plants. New 
Edition, leriied, mider arrangement wtlta 
tbe AnlboT, by tL Laitebsteb. U.t)., &c. 

Animal Ply«ioI(^y. Kew 

Bdlflon, Ihoronxhly revLied, and In part 
t»-wrttten by the Aotbor. Qjitord* ijf 
BOO ta^tat tUuttratiotu. 61. 

OIlmi CongiHi of 1862. A Collec- 
Uonolltae liacdu played, and a Selection 

preeeed are IndoAed. and new and com- 

prebeujl'e Indlceo aie aiHed. 
'— ^TrkToUinABietioa. InSrola, 
■now* of Haturo; or, Con- 

templitloni of the Sublime Phenomena of 
Ciealion. Tranilited by E. C, Orr« and 

Eninplirey'i Coin CollMtor*! ^ 
Dual. A popular Jntiodnctlon to 
Sluily of Coins. JHiiliiDjlnMid Stig 

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Bmt^i (BabKt) f ortrr of fai«M; 

NMm. Br Pntwur Knw. New EdI- 
Odo. «ii1irs*d. 
Indn rt OatM. A« BUI/i TxKa. 

LeeCorei on Painting. 

•Inps ihioaBli Ilia lile uf ^Vigtll ind Dor- 
HUMn. New Ediiim. by T. Kurjnr 
JoMia. B«i. //vntaviu bmiUifuU) ax. 
aiitd TToaJcutf, aj\d a Ideological Mafi, 

Kadili of CvMtim; or, 

FtoH Ltuoni !■ fleiilg«7 ud Ibe Btndjr 
of OricBDkBFnulid: Indudlng 0«^osk«L 
EioudnM. Neo EdtUnn, nWwd. nto- 

JfiVcf AvIonAl'laKi. -, — 

iKaati/Ul madeuU. InlTalL.TLl^tub. 

ItKtta'M CtaUM of a«W. Being 

Un HUsbM lUl t«t GuH* -' ' ■- 

0«nl«d'lB01lllBVatan,fta. Portrait. 

Biehardtiiii't Qeologj, inelndins 


don. Tnn^iHl by A. Hnviin. 

CateuttdJIap^tkdGeognt/f/tifr^ Pu 

Smlth't 1P7") GwilogT Mid Si 
uin ; or, TIM Rtlulm tHrtaecn lU 
Scrrlptnrei tad Unilo«ii3l Sdenn. 

StanlBT*! CUtiiflsd B71UIPEU of 

Bteanton'i Chtu^l^wi'* Hfl"**™* 

TlQwiiU, FTpjnuiif of 370 JUtuCnottau. 

Agiicnlhiral Chemliby ; M, 

Otacmtcil Field Ijkiuih. AiMiMid * 
Finnen. TmutKlfd, wiUl HdH^ It 
Prortuar Romn, FX.A. Tn wUdili 
•dded. I Fipn m Liquid Hmm, V 

¥»■• (Dr. A.) Ortton Vuifirtnt 
of Oiul Riiuln. >r>KaiaCI(allr ioMfr 
Bated ; wltb an ttitnidiiclor7 vltir <4 hi 
cnqnntlva lUts In FocMn QjaMrtw. 
New bkliUDo. nrlwd Hid cumMri !• 
UiepreieD(Uiiu,bTp, USooiana. (^ 
kimdral and ^Viv "'«''"■*'«*■ la*"*^ 


or. An Stpgdtluo uf tbe Faclixy &Ua 

BoIux'b Cheap S«rifls. 
B«t1i«, Tba; «r, Tli* Xonntaineer 

aCUiBAtlu. ATaleof Muoaia.bTW.S. 

u*YD,li.n. ii.ftL 
BoavHlVB Uft ot Jduaon. Indud- 

Hblt Tour la Ow HeMdu, Taur Id 
If, Ma. Edited, with Urn addltloiu 
uid Nolo. bT tlu Uigtal Hod. Joav WiuoH 
OoKEii. Tke maiai and Duwt oomptela 
Oop/rlght EdlUoD, n-unuiged Bvl t«- 



C*p* Md the Ktffln. A Diary of 
FI«B Vfui' RnlilcDce. Wllb m Ouplar 
of Adilo lo L'mlgrinu. B; H. W*iui. 3i. 

Car^Bnter'B (Er. V. B.l FliTiioloe; 

or A CotipliaoT oader 

An HLmorliHl BMnnncc by 
a de Vlczif. Tnulaud bf 

Smsnoii'BOTatioiusndltotlirM. li. 
BtpreientuUTe Hsn. Com- 

plMf. II. 

Franklin's' (BmjMniu] CFentdna An- 
loMngrsniij. From tbe Original Muid- 
tciipl. Bj' Jaied Bpaieb. li. 

Oeiriniu'i Introdnetion to tlie Eii- 

toiy of Ibe ISLta Coaluij. Ftina tbe 

the Bitme. Second Series. 1». 

■ Snowlms^ jiolJierTBlea, li. 

Bowlst letter. Is. 

Haute witli tlw BBven OaUai. 

iTTlog't (Waibln^n) Lift of Ka- 

- Lift of Goldimith. is. 6d. 

- Sketch Sook. \s. 6J. 

- lals* of B TravDller. li. 6(1. 

- Tour on tha Prairiei. Is. 

- Conquait* of Onnoda uul 

- Lift of Colnmlnii. S toU. 

- Companioai of Colmnbiu, 

- Advautnret of Captain Bon* 

- Knlskerbocbr*! Vow Tork. 

Irrin^iAlibotibnluidHmntMd. 1t> 

SnuwWdgoEaU. U. M. 

Wolftrt'i Boost, and otlier 

Lift of TMhington. Aurho- 

rlMd EdlUoD (uniform wiib Iba Woilis). 
^nt Fmaait, *e. E paiU, vlUi Oeaeai 

• Lift (md Lotten. By bu 

Neplirw.PiEitBEE.lBviiKi. FortraU. !□ 

%■ F« Wuhington Irving'! Collntnl 

Lsmartiiie't OenevWe; or, Th« 

Hlaloiy Df t Servuit GirU Tniulilal \ij 
A. B. SOOBLE, II. id. 

BtonemaBoa of Saiu^Mlnt. 

A TIUigB Tjile. Ij. BA 

Tbros Konttu in Power. i>. 

Uon Euntinr and Sporting T.ifa {n 

AlgErti. By JULBs Gekjied, Ilia " Lion 

fiULer." Ttidrt Engravingt, \m. Ad. 

London and iti EnviToni. By 

CiHDt RcDpno. Kamrroittllivlraiimt. 

HayheVi Image of Iu« PaOier. 
TVeZiv fogt lUuitrationi on Stal bjf 

Kodem ITovsllati of Fnnee. Con- 

lainlng Piul Huet, the Young Mid^hlp- 

Susi PbyalolQgT ol ihn Urn'en 
Jtnny, uid Uuabuida, 'by Paul 

, Newmuu 


Xnnebaiuen'i (Baron) lift and Ad- 

PreaolteTi and Frsaehang. 

lug skeWhpt vl " ■- 

ChklnierB, Irving 

Eaadftrd and Heiton. By Tuohas 
1>AY, Ji\gAtJi.>rt&}ffTaBingrbyAneJa!f- If, 

Taylor's El Dorado; or, Fiotnrei of 

the Gold Hcgloii. Ivoli. li.ocb. 

Willis's (B. Parker) People I hmvt 

Met; or, Piclnret af Swlelj, and Pvuplo 
ofUark. U.ed. 

Convaleseont ; or, Bauble* 

•od AdnntDrci. Ii. Sd. 

lift Bora and Tkere ; or, 

Skelcbn of Society nod Advoiture, ti. HI. 

Hnrry-graplu ; or, Bketches 


- Peneillingi l9j Uw Vaj. 



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