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This work is the result of a series of activities, and its final scope 
was not anticipated for some years. In the course of some studies of 
bird morphology and related topics, about three thousand references 
were accumulated. During the preparation of a still unpublished 
monograph on bird anatomy, the problem of the form of publication 
of the bibliography was discussed with friends. From some of them 
came the suggestion that it be published separately so that it might 
be available to workers who might not possess the monograph. 
Later, a letter came from Dr. E. W. Gudger suggesting that the 
arrangement used in Bashford Dean's A Bibliography of Fishes 
be considered. I had not contemplated anything so ambitious as this, 
but was influenced to adopt some of its features, and gradually the 
scope of the work was extended. 

The year 1926 was set, originally, as the limit of literature cov- 
ered. As it became impossible to complete the work until some years 
later, other references were added as they came to attention, even 
as late as 1938. The comprehensive search ended with literature 
for 1926, however. That year was selected, partly through circum- 
stances, but largely because Biological Abstracts began then. 

As now presented, the titles are those relating especially to the 
field outside taxonomy; that is, anatomy, physiology, ecology, 
behavior, and related subjects. Taxonomy and distribution are 
not ignored, however, as especially important works have been 
included and bibliographies are listed. Paleontology is included 
except for titles preceding the publication in 1921 of Lambrecht's 
catalogue. Parasitology is largely referred to various excellent" 
bibliographies, especially the Index-Catalogue of Medical and Veteri- 
nary Zoology of Stiles and Hassall. 

It was not practicable to cover the vast field of poultry economics 
and management, but it is well represented. References to aviculture 
as found in general bibliographies usually were included, especially 
when they indicated work by scientific men. The migrations of 
birds are mentioned in the literature of all times, and the number of 
titles referring to this subject is exceedingly great. Many of the 
contributions are in the form of brief notes which are frequently 
of little or no scientific value. As articles on migration were noticed 
in bibliographies, those of more than one or two pages in length were 
selected, especially if they appeared in periodicals of some scientific 



It was not easy to select ecological references, because of the 
difficulty of deciding what are contributions to ecology. Articles 
written by ecologists were accepted, and titles sent by ornithologists 
which they classed as ecological were also accepted. A number of 
publications which have ecological bearings, though obviously not 
written with a clear-cut ecological viewpoint, were also included. 
All of these are indexed under ecology. 

One of the most common ornithological topics is that of habits. 
A limited number of references to articles dealing with the habits of 
birds are included. These were selected usually from the stand- 
point of special interest and the scientific reputation of the periodical 
publishing them. There is no sharp border line between the litera- 
ture dealing with habits and the literature of behavior as interpreted 
by animal psychologists. In the index, titles were classed under 
"behavior" when they appeared to have, in my judgment, the view- 
point of a trained student of animal behavior, or when they might 
be of interest to such a person. Items of general interest on the 
habits and behavior of birds occur in many general works on birds. 
The student who may be interested in a more complete bibliography 
of these topics than here attempted is referred to such publications. 

In general, the probable use of a work like this was considered 
at all times in the selection of titles. It was recognized that it would 
be used mostly by investigators. Uncritical literature is of little or 
no value to them. However, the enormous number of publications 
that had to be considered required many swift decisions. A liberal 
policy was necessary to avoid the omission of contributions of 
possible value to some student. A less critical policy was followed 
with the older literature. References to articles on alleged hibernation 
of birds were included, for instance. As this work was in progress 
for a number of years, a strictly consistent policy was not possible. 
My viewpoint varied from time to time in spite of attempts to main- 
tain a uniform policy. 

Every one who has done much bibliographical work appreciates 
the difficulty of finding a large portion of the literature, even when 
the titles have been collected. No one library contains most of it, 
and not even all the libraries of any single country contain all of it. 
Fortunately, the Union List of Serials in Libraries of the United States 
and Canada appeared soon after the major portion of this work 
was begun. This was of incalculable value in locating periodicals 
in American libraries. However, a large amount of time was spent 
in finding rare periodicals not in this list and publications not in 


serials. Inaugural dissertations and other privately printed pam- 
phlets were especially troublesome. They often are not catalogued 
in libraries even though present in the stacks. By consulting cata- 
logues of various American and European libraries, all but a very 
small number were located. Single publications often involved many 
hours of search and much correspondence. In order to save others 
this labor, it was decided to indicate the library in which each publi- 
cation not commonly distributed in libraries was found. It was 
realized that this knowledge would not be so valuable for students 
outside of North America. Nevertheless, they may find the informa- 
tion useful in the case of rare publications. North American 
students can use the Union List for periodicals, but there are many 
references to serials which even the Union List does not locate. This 
practice of indicating libraries in which publications are located was 
used liberally, even for many that are to be found in a number of 
libraries contributing to the Union List, and especially for volumes 
issued before 1890. Though a majority of the publications listed are 
in Chicago libraries, thousands are not. It was necessary to make 
many trips to libraries in other cities, sometimes for extended periods. 

Meager and inaccurate titles, especially when they refer to rare 
or obscure publications, are vexing and time-consuming. "Inflation" 
of them has involved consultations and correspondence with many 
librarians as well as examination of many lists of periodicals and 
numerous book catalogues. In order to save users of this bibliog- 
raphy from such troubles and yet secure the economy in space which 
abbreviations of the names of periodicals produce, it was decided to 
have a key list. Such a list, however, to be effective requires con- 
sistent use of these abbreviations. 

Names of periodicals are variously abbreviated in different bib- 
liographies, and no published list of serials contains all that are cited 
in this bibliography. A World List of Scientific Periodicals published 
during the years 1909-21 (Oxford University Press, Milford, London; 
2nd ed., covering the years 1900-33) is the most complete. Its 
system (1st ed., primarily) is usually followed, and its rules for abbre- 
viation (pp. 15-17) are applied to serials not included. It has not 
been practicable to recognize all recent changes in the names of cities 
and countries. 

In the labor of checking the accuracy of the typed references, 
considerable use was made of "student service" engaged by the hour. 
Such helpers assisted in locating articles in bound volumes of periodi- 
cals and often in checking for accuracy. The catalogue cards were 


left inserted in the volumes, saving me much time for my special 
work of noting the contents. At the same time, I decided whether 
the publication should be included. Brief notes were made on the 
cards for use in making up the subject index. These notes included 
references to genera when these were indicated in the publication. 
Much of this work was done in library stackrooms. 

All reasonable efforts have been made to secure and check 
references to old or obscure publications that might have any possible 
use to the investigator. For the sake of economy in publication, 
however, existing bibliographies are used so far as possible, as for 
instance in the case of the literature of paleontology before 1921, 
already mentioned. Special bibliographies are mentioned in the 
subject index, and there is a list of general bibliographies. A list 
of abstracting journals has also been added. 

Periodicals which are primarily or entirely ornithological are 
designated by an asterisk in the key list. Other ornithological peri- 
odicals not cited in the author catalogue occur in a list which follows. 
This second list includes many which have little value to the investi- 
gator, but which have the spirit of the true naturalist or may be 
useful in aviculture. Some of these, as well as others in the list of 
cited serials, were established by boys who later became trained 
investigators. My own first attempts at publication were in one 
of these uncited periodicals, The Curlew. 

Acknowledgments are due to many persons for aid and interest. 
Numerous favors were received from librarians in all of the libraries 
cited. Special mention is made of frequent and exceedingly pains- 
taking aid over a number of years from Miss Emily Dickinson, for 
many years librarian of the biology library of the University of 
Chicago, and to Mr. H. E. Mose of the John Crerar Library. Other 
librarians who deserve special mention for much help, especially by 
correspondence, are Miss Mary B. Cobb and Mrs. Caliste Crane 
Harris of the Boston Society of Natural History Library, Dr. 
H. M. Lydenberg and Mr. A. D. Osborn of the New York Public 
Library, Mr. F. E. Brasch of the Library of Congress, Miss Anne S. 
Pratt of Yale University Library, Mrs. E. M. Wilcoxson of Field 
Museum of Natural History, Miss Emma B. Hawks, United States 
Department of Agriculture Library, and Miss Hazel Gay of the 
American Museum of Natural History. Lists of bibliographical 
references for certain topics were sent to me by Dr. Witmer Stone, 
Mr. W. L. McAtee, and Dr. Walter Landauer, from which I obtained 
a number of items. Other persons to whom especial acknowledgment 


is due for aid are: Dr. William Beebe, Captain Hugh S. Gladstone of 
Scotland, Mr. 0. A. Hanke, Dr. Nagamichi Kuroda of Japan, Dr. 
Frederic T. Lewis, Dr. Harry C. Oberholser, Dr. T. S. Palmer, and 
the late Dr. C. W. Richmond. 

It took about ten more years to complete this work than was 
estimated originally. More than two years were occupied largely in 
checking the manuscript for errors, and this involved much use of 
student service. Grateful acknowledgement is due Loyola Univer- 
sity for the large amount of financial support given for this service. 

To have Field Museum of Natural History as publisher 
was exceedingly gratifying and convenient. Its fine Edward E. 
Ayer Ornithological Library was useful in many ways during the 
eighteen years of active preparation of this work. For their cordial 
co-operation I am especially indebted to Mr. Stanley Field, Presi- 
dent of the Board of Trustees of Field Museum; Mr. C. C. Gregg, 
Director of the museum, and his predecessor, Mr. Stephen C. Simms; 
to Dr. Wilfred H. Osgood, Chief Curator of Zoology; and to Mr. 
Rudyerd Boulton, Curator of Birds. During final preparation of the 
manuscript for publication, Mr. Boulton has assisted in revising 
the names of genera in the Subject Index. I wish also to acknowledge 
especially my great appreciation of the care and skill devoted to both 
manuscript and proofs by Miss Lillian A. Ross, Miss Josephine Thorn- 
ton, and Mr. David Gustafson, of Field Museum's publication staff. 









A. For economy in publication, titles have been more or less 
simplified. Words and punctuation marks have been omitted 
where not necessary. On the other hand, all details important in 
indicating the length of a publication and its illustrations have 
been included. 

B. Authors' titles are arranged chronologically as to years and 
alphabetically as to publications within the same year. 

C. Additions to titles or inserted explanatory words and trans- 
lations of titles are included in brackets, [ ], parentheses being used 
only where they occur in original titles and as indicated in Paragraph E. 

D. Rules of the American Library Association have been fol- 
lowed in transliteration of Slavic names except that transliterations 
in common use have been retained. Where more than one transliter- 
ation has been used commonly, the choice has been in favor of the 
major usage or the one resembling most closely the American Library 
Association form. In abbreviations of names of Slavic periodicals, 
ligatured diphthongs have been avoided. The i in every such 
diphthong has been retained, but the arc has been omitted. 

E. References to periodicals have the name of the periodical, 
whether abbreviated or not, followed by a comma, and the volume 
number in bold-face type, followed by a comma. Series numbers 
are placed in parentheses, immediately preceding volume numbers. 
In the case of publications appearing in proceedings of societies, 
etc., with a date earlier than the actual date of publication, this earlier 
date is placed in parentheses immediately after the name of the 
periodical, and preceding the volume or series number. If no volume 
number occurs, this year number appears in bold-face type with 
no parentheses. The year of publication appears in bold face 
immediately preceding the title. This practice with reference to year 
of publication, title, etc., was not followed consistently in the accumu- 
lation of the first few thousand references, as its importance was not 
realized at the beginning. References which could not be verified are 
usually given as found in bibliographies, with few or no changes. 
Light-face roman type with no parentheses is used for the year of 
publication of other references to the same title. 

F. Initial capitals in foreign languages are unaccented, as, for 
instance, Etat for fitat. The letter e has been substituted for 
German umlauts of initial capitals (e.g., Ue). 



G. The library in which the publication was found during the 
procedure of verification is indicated by an abbreviation placed at 
the end of the reference after the illustrations, except for periodicals 
and books generally occurring in large libraries. This practice 
was followed liberally whenever it was deemed useful, and 
especially for years preceding 1890. The abbreviations used are 
those employed in the Union List of Serials, in the case of American 
libraries. The method followed in this list was used in preparing 
abbreviations for foreign libraries. The use of such abbreviations 
does not indicate that no other library has the publication. Many 
may have it. American workers will of course consult the Union 
List for possible location in a library more accessible than that indi- 
cated by the abbreviation. 

H. Asterisks have been used for references acquired too late for 
personal examination or not accessible to the author. One asterisk * 
indicates that the reference was verified by a librarian through cor- 
respondence. Two asterisks ** are used for libraries described as 
having the publication but where verification was not made. Three 
asterisks *** indicate that the publication could not be located even 
after extensive search and correspondence. An asterisk has also been 
used to designate ornithological periodicals in the key list, and in 
the subject index to indicate especially important publications. 

I. The following list of abbreviations is used to indicate libraries 
where publications were verified. 

AW. Universitatsbibliotek, Wien, Austria. 

CaM. McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 

CS. Leland Stanford Junior University, California. 

CtY. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 

CU. University of California, Berkeley, California. 

DA. United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 

DKU. Universitetsbiblioteket, Kj0benhavn, Denmark. 

DLC. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 

DSG. Library of Surgeon General, Washington, D.C. 

DSI. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 

ELNH. British Museum (Natural History), London, England. 

ELZ. Zoological Society of London, England. 

FHU. Universitetsbiblioteket, Helsingfors (Helsinki), Finland. 

FrPBN. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France. 

GB. Stadtbibliothek, Breslau, Germany. 

GF. Senckenbergische Bibliotek, Frankfurt a. M., Germany. 

HSG. Private Library of Captain Hugh S. Gladstone, Dumfriesshire, 


laSA. Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Ames, Iowa. 

1C. Public Library, Chicago, Illinois. 

ICF. Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois. 

ICJ. John Crerar Library, Chicago, Illinois. 



ICU. University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. 

IEN-M. Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois. 

IF. R. Biblioteca Nazionale, Firenze, Italy. 

IP. R. Biblioteca Palatina, Parma, Italy. 

IU. University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. 

IU-M. University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois. 

JTU. Tokyo Imperial University, Tokyo, Japan. 

MB. Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts. 

MBA. American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston, Massachusetts. 

MBM. Boston Medical Library, Boston, Massachusetts. 

MEN. Boston Society of Natural History, Boston, Massachusetts. 

MdBM. Library of Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Mary- 
land, Baltimore, Maryland. 

MH. Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

MH-P. Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Cambridge, 

MH-Z. Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

MiU. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

MnRM. Library of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. 

MoSB. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri. 

N. New York State Library, Albany, New York. 

NCE. Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York. 

NIC-A. New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
New York. 

NJP. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. 

NN. New York Public Library, New York City. 

NNA. American Geographical Society, New York City. 

NNC. Columbia University, New York City. 

NNM. American Museum of Natural History, New York City. 

NNN. New York Academy of Medicine, New York City. 

Ober. Private Library of Dr. H. C. Oberholser, Washington, D.C. 

PPAN. Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

PPAP. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

PPWI. Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia, Pennsyl- 

PW. Bibljoteka Uniwersytecka, Warszawa, Poland. 

RMS. Private Library of R. M. Strong, Chicago, Illinois. 

RPB. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. 

SB. Schweizerische Landesbibliotek, Bern, Switzerland. 

SSKB. Kungl. Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Storrs. Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station, Storrs, Connecticut. 

WH. Library of Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis- 

WU. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. 

WW. Wheldon & Wesley's Catalogue of Ornithology. 

J. The abbreviations used for names of periodicals cited have 
been taken from the World List of Scientific Periodicals where 
available. In the case of serials not in this list, the principles em- 
ployed in it have been used except that abbreviations for Japanese 
periodicals have been taken, when available, from lists in the Japa- 
nese Journal of Medical Sciences. When not in these lists, abbrevi- 
ations of Japanese periodicals have been copied as indicated in the 


bibliographies from which they were obtained. In the key list of 
abbreviations which follows (pp. 19-82), periodicals cited more 
than once or twice are usually included. Especial care has been 
taken to insure explicitness with regard to the small number of 
periodicals which are in neither list. 

K. The explanation of principles used in the abbreviations for 
names of periodicals has been taken verbatim from the World List 
(1st ed., vol. II, pp. ix-x) with minor changes and omissions. 

Prepositions and articles normally are omitted. In abbreviations 
of English titles, capitals are used throughout. In other languages, 
nouns have capital, adjectives small, initial letters: . 

Bulletin of the] Scientific] Soc[iety of] N[ew] Y[ork] 

Publications de la] Soc[iete] sci[entifique de l']Aisne 

The conjunction "and" (with the corresponding words in other 
languages) is omitted except in titles consisting only of two nouns 
connected by "and," and where it connects broken compounds: 

Field and Forest 

Hannov[er] land- u[nd] forstw[irtschaftliche] Ver[eins] Bl[att] 

Number is not distinguished (Bl.=Blatt and Blatter); neither 
is any distinction attempted in English between substantive and 
adjectival forms (Sci.= Science, Sciences, and Scientific). Where 
possible, cognate words in all languages are reduced to the same form: 

Acad.= Academy, Acadeinie, Academia 
Ann. = Annals, Annales, Annalen, Annali 
Sci.= Science, Scienza, Sciencia 

Soc.= Society, SocietS, Societa, Sociedad, Sociedade, Societas, Societate, 

Normally the place of imprint is omitted (except when needed 
to distinguish periodicals with the same title) ; but when the abbre- 
viated form would leave it uncertain what was the language of the 
original, the imprint is added for all except the best-known language 
of those between which confusion could arise, taking the order of 
familiarity as being (i) English; (ii) French; (iii) German; (iv) 
Italian or Spanish. 

Prog. Sci. (without imprint) = Progress of Science, London 

Prog. Sci. Paris=Progres des sciences, Paris 

Prog. Sci. Torino =Progresso delle scienze, Torino 

Prog. sci. (without imprint, since there is no confusion with English) = Progres 

scientifique, Paris 

Prog. sci. Milano=Progresso scientifico, Milano 
Ann. Biol. Paris= Annales de biologie, Paris 
Ann. Chim.= Annales de chimie, Paris 
Ann. Chem. Berl.= Annalen der Chemie, Berlin 

In the Germanic and Scandinavian languages, where long com- 
pound words occur freely, the different parts of the compound have 



been abbreviated as if they were distinct. With nouns no hyphen 
is used between the parts, but each part is made to begin with a 
capital letter: 

EntwMech. = Entwicklungsmechanik 

Compound adjectives are similarly contracted, but between the 
parts a hyphen is inserted: 

Med.-chir . = Medizinisch-chirurgische 

It is not considered necessary to give a list of the abbreviations, 
as most of them are self-explanatory, and reference can be made to 
the full form. Exception is made of the following German forms, 
some of which differ somewhat from those in common use: 

Bl., Blatt 
Mbl., Monatsblatt 
Wbl., Wochenblatt 
Zbl., Zentralblatt 

Mhft., Monatsheft 
Schr., Schrift 
Z., Zeitschrift 

A partial list of abbreviations for place 

Aberd., Aberdeen 
Afr., Africa 
Amer., America 
Amst., Amsterdam 
Ariz., Arizona 
Aust., Australia 
B. Aires, Buenos Aires 
B.C., British Columbia 
Belg., Belgique 
Berl., Berlin 
Bgham., Birmingham 
Brux., Bruxelles 
C.G.H., Cape of Good 


Calif., California 
Can., Canada 
Carol. Carolina 
Colo., Colorado 
Conn., Connecticut 
Deuts., Deutschland 
Edinb., Edinburgh 

Engl. England 
Esp., Espana 
Fr., France 

s' Grav., s' Gravenhage 
Ind., India 
Ire., Ireland 
Ital., Italia 
Kans., Kansas 
Kbh., Kj0benhavn 
Lond., London 
Lpool., Liverpool 
Madr., Madrid 
Manchr., Manchester 
Mass., Massachusetts 
Mex., Mexico 
Mich., Michigan 
Minn., Minnesota 
N.J., New Jersey 
N.S.W., New South 

N.Y., New York 

Mschr., Monatsschrift 
Wschr., Wochenschrift 
Ztg., Zeitung 

names is as follows: 

N.Z., New Zealand 
Neb., Nebraska 
Okla., Oklahoma 
Ont., Ontario 
Penn., Pennsylvania 
Phila., Philadelphia 
Qd., Queensland 
R.I., Rhode Island 
S. Afr., S. Africa 
S. Aust., S. Australia 
Spb., St. Petersburg 
Scot., Scotland 
Stockh., Stockholm 
Tasm., Tasmania 
Tex., Texas 
Trin, Tob., Trinidad 

and Tobago 
Viet., Victoria 
Wash., Washington 
Wis., Wisconsin 

L. References with the same title but to different periodicals 
are listed together without repetition, as is done in the Catalogue of 
Scientific Papers compiled by the Royal Society of London. Reviews 
and abstracts are usually treated in the same way, being placed 
after the reference to the publication reviewed or abstracted. The 
name of the reviewer or abstractor does not appear ordinarily. 

M. Vernacular names are not usually employed in the Subject 
Index. The name of the probable genus is substituted instead. 
Thus Gallus is used for "common fowl," German "Huhn" or "Huhn- 
chen," French "poulet," Italian "polio," and so on. In case some spe- 
cies of Gallus other than domesticus is mentioned, the species is 


indicated. Columba is used for "dove," "pigeon," "Taube," etc. 
The common house sparrow, Passer domesticus, appears as Passer. 
Generic names have been taken as given without revision, except in 
the Subject Index. In the case of group names, e.g. Galliformes, the 
system of nomenclature used in Wetmore's (1934) revised system 
has been employed. 

N. A limited use has been made of the asterisk in portions of 
the classified index to designate publications of unusual importance. 
The asterisk is used more often for comprehensive works, but is 
sometimes employed for relatively short papers when these are 
considered to be especially important. As a rule the importance 
of a publication was judged from the standpoint of value as an 
original contribution to knowledge. Recognition is given, however, 
to works of an encyclopedic character. The asterisk has not been 
used for works involving birds only incidentally, no matter how 
important they may be. 

O. Information concerning the period of publication and loca- 
tion in libraries can be obtained from the Union List of Serials in 
Libraries of the United States and Canada by Winifred Gregory (New 
York, H. W. Wilson Co., 1, 1927+) and Pool's Index to Periodical 
Literature (Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and, Co., 1, 
1893 +) . The following publications give useful information concern- 
ing some journals not in the Union List. 

(1) American Newspaper Annual, N. W. Ayer and Son's 
Directory of Newspapers and Periodicals. A Guide to Publications 
Printed in the United States and Possessions, the Dominion of 
Canada, Bermuda, Cuba, and the West Indies (Philadelphia, 1, 
1881 +). ICJ. 

(2) Christian Gottlob Kayser's Vollstandiges Biicher-Lexicon 
. . .1750-1910 (Leipzig, C. H. Tauchnitz, 36 vols. in 33, 1834-1912). 

(3) Willing's Press Guide and Advertiser's Directory and Hand- 
book A Concise and Comprehensive Index to the Press of the 

United Kingdom (London). 

(4) The following work is useful in furnishing data concerning 
periodicals: Gesamtverzeichnis der auslandischen Zeitschriften 
(Gaz.), 1914-1924. Auskunftsbureau d. deuts. Bibliotheken, Berlin 
Preussische Staatsbibliothek, 1929. 


For explanation of symbols, see pages 11-16. 

A, d. Heimath. Aus der Heimath. Ein naturwissenschaftliches Volksblatt. Glo- 
gau; Leipzig. 

A. d. Natur. Aus der Natur. Leipzig. 

A.d. Walde. Aus dem Walde. Wochenblatt fur Forstwirtschaft. Tubingen. 

A. Natur u. Geistesw. Aus Natur und Geisteswelt. Leipzig. 

Aanteek. prov. utrecht. Genoot. Aanteekeningen van het verhandelde in de Sectie- 
vergaderingen van het Prov. Utrechtsch Genootschap van Kunsten en 
Wetenschappen. Utrecht. 

Abeille Paris. L' Abeille; me'moires d'entomologie or Abeille; journal d'entomologie. 
Socit6 entomologique de France. Paris. 

Abh. bayer. Akad. Wiss. Abhandlungen Kgl. Bayerischen Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften. Math.-Phys. Kl. Munchen. 

Abh. bohm. Ges. Wiss. Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftli- 
chen Klasse der Kgl. Bohmischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Praha. 

Abh. Geburtsh. Gynak. Abhandlungen aus dem Geb. der Geburtshilfe u. Gynae- 
kologie. Mitteilungen aus der 2. Frauenklinik d. Univ. Budapest. 

Abh. geol.-palaeont. Inst. Greifswald. Abhandlungen aus dem Geologisch-palae- 
ontologischen Institut der Universitat Greifswald. Bamberg. 

Abh. Ges. Wiss. Gottingen. Abhandlungen der Kgl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften 
zu Gottingen. Berlin. 

Abh. heidelberg. Akad. Wiss. Abhandlungen der Heidelberger Akademie der Wis- 
senschaften. Math.-Nat. Kl. Heidelberg. 

Abh. naturf. Ges. Gorlitz. Abhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu 
Gorlitz. Gorlitz. 

Abh. naturf. Ges. Halle. Abhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu 
Halle. Halle. 

Abh. naturh. Ges. Number g. Abhandlungen der Naturhistorischen Gesellschaft 
zu Niirnberg. Nurnberg. 

Abh. Naturw. Hamburg. Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiet der Naturwissenschaf- 
ten hrsg. vom Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein in Hamburg. Hamburg. 

Abh. naturw.Ver. Bremen. Abhandlungen hrsg. vom Naturwissenschaftlichen Ve- 
rein zu Bremen. Bremen. 

Abh. pomm. naturf. Ges. Abhandlungen und Berichte der Pommerschen Natur- 
forschenden Gesellschaft. Stettin. 

Abh. preuss. Akad. Wiss. Abhandlungen der Kgl. Preussischen Akademie der 
Wissenschaften. Phys.-Math. Kl. Berlin. 

Abh. sachs. Ges. (Akad.) Wiss. Abhandlungen der Kgl. Sachsischen Gesellschaft 
(Akademie) der Wissenschaften. Math.-Phys. Kl. Leipzig. 

Abh. senckenb. naturf. Ges. Abhandlungen hrsg. von der Senckenbergischen Natur- 
forschenden Gesellschaft. Frankfurt a. M. 

Abh. Ver. Naturk. Cassel Abhandlungen und Berichte des Vereins fur Natur- 
kunde zu Cassel. Cassel. 

Abh. zool. anthrop.-ethn. Mus. Dresden. Abhandlungen und Berichte des Kgl. Zoo- 
logischen und Anthropologisch-ethnographischen Museums zu Dresden. 

Abst. Del. Orn. Cl. * Abstract of the Proceedings of the Delaware Valley Orni- 
thological Club of Philadelphia. Nos. 1-4, 1890-1900. (Cont'd as: Cassinia.) 

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South Wales. Sydney. 



Abst. Linn. Soc. N. Y. Abstract of Proceedings of the Linnaean Society of New 
York. New York. 

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et arts de Bordeaux. 
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(Continues Novi Commentarii. Cont'd as: Nova Acta.) Akademiia Nauk. 

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dicinske Selskab. Kj0benhavn. 

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Kioto. Kioto. 
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fors (Helsinki). 

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as: J. Dept. Agric. S. Afr.) Pretoria. 

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1-7, 1877-84, as Pfaelzische Gefliigel-zeitung.) Leipzig. 

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wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Isis. Dresden. 

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Allg. Z. Psychiat. Allgemeine Zeitschrift fur Psychiatric und psychisch-gericht- 

liche Medizin. Berlin. 
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Amer. J. Psychol. American Journal of Psychology. Worcester, etc. 
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tory. (Cont'd as: Nat. Hist. N.Y.) New York. 
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Amer. Nat. American Naturalist. Boston. 

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Amer. Vet. Rev. American Veterinary Review. (Cont'd as: J. Amer. Vet. Med. 

Assoc.) New York. 
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der Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte. Berlin. 
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de la Habana. Habana, Cuba. 

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An. Inst. Clin. med. B. Aires. Anales del Institute modelo de clinica medica. 

Buenos Aires. 

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An. Mus. La Plata. Anales del Museo de La Plata. La Plata, Argentina. 
An. Mus. nac. B. Aires. Anales del Museo nacional de historia natural de Buenos 

Aires. Buenos Aires. 

An. Soc. dent, argent. Anales de la Sociedad cien tinea argentina. Buenos Aires. 
An. Soc. esp. Hist. not. Anales de la Sociedad espanola de historia natural. 


Analyst. Analyst. London. 

Anat. Anz. Anatomischer Anzeiger. Jena. 

Anat. Hefte. Anatomische Hefte. Beitrage und Referate zur Anatomie und 
Entwicklungsgeschichte. Abt. 1. Arbeiten aus anatomischen Instituten. 
(See Z. ges. Anat., Abt. 1.) Abt. 2. Ergebnisse der Anatomie und Entwick- 
lungsgeschichte. (See Z. ges. Anat., Abt. 3.) Wiesbaden. 

Anat. Rec. Anatomical Record. Philadelphia. 

Anat. Stud. Anatomische Studien. Leipzig. 

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Ann. Anat. Physiol. path. Annales de 1'anatomie et de la physiologic patholo- 
giques. Paris. 

Ann. Basses-Alpes. Annales des Basses-Alpes. Bulletin de la Socie'te' scientifique 
et litte>aire des Basses-Alpes. Digne, France. 

Ann. biol. Paris. L'Annee biologique. Comptes rendus des travaux de biologie 
g6nerale. Paris. 

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Ann. Carnegie Mus. Annals of the Carnegie Museum. Pittsburgh. 


Ann. Chem. Med. Annals of Chemical Medicine. London. 

Ann. Chem. Pharm. Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie (Liebig). Leipzig. 

Ann. Chim. (Phys.) Annales de chimie (et de physique). Paris. 

Ann. Derm. Syph. Paris. Annales de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie. Paris. 

Ann. Ent. Soc. Amer. Annals of the Entomological Society of America. Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

Ann. Fac. Med. Perugia. Annali della Facolta di medicina della Universita. (Sub- 
title varies. Ser. 2, 1-9, as Atti Ace. med.-chir. Perugia. 10-12, as Memorie 
della Accad.) Perugia. 

Ann. Fac. Sci. Marseille. Annales de la Faculte des sciences de Marseille. Mar- 

Ann. franc,. Anat. PhysioL Med. Hist. nat. Annales francaises et etrangeres d'ana- 
tomie et de physiologie, appliquees a la me'decine et a 1'histoire naturelle. 

Ann. franc.. Arts Sci. Lett. Annales franchises des arts, des sciences, et des lettres. 

Ann. franc., etrang. Anat. PhysioL Annales francaises et etrangeres d'anatomie et 
de physiologie. Paris. 

Ann. Freniat. Annali di freniatria e scienze affini. Torino. 

Ann. gen. Sci. phys. Annales generates des sciences physiques. Bruxelles. 

Ann. Gynec. Obstet. Annales de gynecologic et d'obstStrique. Paris. 

Ann. hist.-nat. Mus. hung. Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis Hun- 
garici. A Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum Termeszetrajzi Osztalyainak Folyoirata. 
(Continues Termesz. Fiiz.) Budapest. 

Ann. Hyg. prat. Annales d'hygiene pratique. Etampes. 

Ann. Igi. (sper.) Annali d'igiene (sperimentale). Torino. 

Ann. Inst. Pasteur. Annales de 1'Institut Pasteur. Paris. 

Ann. 1st. maragliano. Annali dell' Istituto maragliano per lo studio e la cura della 
tubercolosi. Geneva. 

Ann. Lye. Nat. Hist. N.Y. Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History of New 
York. New York. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, including 
Zoology, Botany, and Geology. (Ser. 1, 1-5, reads: Annals of Natural His- 
tory; or Magazine of Zoology, Botany and Geology. Continuation of Mag. 
Zool. Bot. In 1841, Mag. Nat. Hist, was incorporated with this periodical.) 

Ann. Mai. Oreil. Larynx. Annales des maladies de 1'oreille et du larynx. Paris. 

Ann. Med. nav. col. Annali di medicina navale e coloniale. Roma. 

Ann. Med: vet. Annales de me'decine vete"rinaire. Bruxelles. 

Ann. Microg. Paris. Annales de micrographie specialement consacrees a la bac- 
teriologie aux protophytes et aux protozoaires. Paris. 

Ann. Min. Paris. Annales des mines. Paris. 

Ann. Mus. Hist. nat. Marseille. Annales du Musee d'histoire naturelle de Mar- 
seille. Marseille. 

Ann. Mus. Hist. nat. Paris. Annales du Museum d'histoire naturelle. Paris. 

Ann. Mus. Stor. nat. Genova. Annali del Museo civico di storia naturale di Ge- 

Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. New York. 

Ann. Natal Govt. Mus. Lond. Annals of the Natal Government Museum. London. 

Ann. Natal Mus. Annals of the Natal Museum. Pietermaritzburg. 

Ann. naiurh. (Mus.) Hofmus. Wien. Annalen des K. K. Naturhistorischen (Mu- 
seums) Hofmuseums. Wien. 

Ann. Nevrol. Annali di nevrologia. Napoli. 
Ann. Oculist. Annales d'oculistique. Paris. 


Ann. OUalm. Annali di ottalmologia. Pavia. 

Ann. Ottalm. Clin. ocul. Annali di ottalmologia e clinica oculistica. Pavia. 

Ann. Paleont. Annales de palSontologie. Paris. 

Ann. Paras, hum. comp. Annales de parasitologie humaine et comparee. Paris. 

Ann. Phil. The Annals of Philosophy. London. 

Ann. Phys. Annalen der Physik. Halle; Leipzig. 

Ann. Phys. Chem. Annalen der Physik und Chemie. Halle; Leipzig. 

Ann. Phys. phys. Chem. Annalen der Physik und der physikalischen Chemie. 

(Continues Ann. Phys. Title varies.) Leipzig. 

Ann. Physiol. Annales de physiologic et de physicochemie biologique. Paris. 
Ann. Psychol. zool. Annales de la psychologic zoologique. Paris. 
Ann. Qd. Mus. Annals of the Queensland Museum. Brisbane. 
Ann. Sci. nat. Annales des sciences naturelles. (6) Zoologie. Paris. 
Ann. Sci. Observ. Annales des sciences d'observation. Paris. 
Ann. Scot. Nat. Hist. Annals of Scottish Natural History. (Cont'd as: Scot. Nat.) 

Ann. Soc. acad. Nantes. Annales de la Societe R. academique de Nantes et du 

dpartement de la Loire-Inferieure. Title varies. 
Ann. Soc. Agric. Loire. Annales de la Socie'te' d'agriculture, etc., du d^partement 

de la Loire. St. Etienne. 
Ann. Soc. Agric.Lyon. Annales de la Societe d'agriculture, histoire naturelle et arts 

utiles de Lyon. Lyon. 

Ann. Soc. beige Micr. Annales de la Societe beige de microscopie. Bruxelles. 
Ann. Soc. Emul. Ain. Annales de la Societ6 d'emulation de 1'agriculture, sciences, 

lettres et arts de 1'Ain. Bourg. 
Ann. Soc. Emul. Vosges. Annales de la Societe d'emulation du departement des 

Vosges. Epinal. 

Ann. Soc. ent. Fr. Annales de la Societe entomologique de France. Paris. 
Ann. Soc. geol. Belg. Annales de la Soci6te geologique de Belgique. Li6ge. 
Ann. Soc. Lett. Sci. Arts Alpes-Marit. Annales de la Societ6 des lettres, sciences 

et arts des Alpes-Maritimes. Nice. 

Ann. Soc. Jinn. Angers. Annales de la Societe linneenne de Maine et Loire. Angers. 

Ann. Soc. linn. Lyon. Annales de la Societ6 linneenne de Lyon. 

Ann. Soc. Med. Gand. Annales de la Soci6te de medecine de Gand. Gand, 

Ann. Soc. Med. St. Etienne. Annales de la Soci6te de medecine de Saint-Etienne 

et de la Loire. Saint-Etienne. 
Ann. Soc. Set. med. nat. Brux. Annales de la Societe R. des sciences m^dicales et 

naturelles de Bruxelles. Bruxelles. 

Ann. Soc. zool. malac. Belg. Annales de la Societe R. zoologique et malacologique 
de Belgique. Bruxelles. 

Ann. Transv. Mus. Annals of the Transvaal Museum. Pretoria. 

Ann. Trop. Med. Parasit. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology. Liver- 

Ann. Univ. Brux. Fac. Med. Annales de l'Universit de Bruxelles. Faculty de m6de- 
cine. Bruxelles. 

Ann. Univ. Lyon. Annales de l'Universit6 de Lyon. I. Sciences, M6decine. Lyon. 

Ann. univ. Med. Annali universal! di medicina e chirurgia. (Continues Annali di 
medicina straniera. 1817-74 as Annali universali di medicina.) Milano. 

Ann. Univ. Perugia. Annali dell'Universita libera di Perugia. Facolta di medi- 
cina e chirurgia. Perugia. 

Annee for. Ann6e forestiere. Paris. 

Annot. zool. jap. Annotationes zoologicae Japonensis. Tokyo. 


Annu. Mus. zool. Acad. St. Petersb. Ezhegodnik Zoologicheskagp Muzeia Imp. 

Akademii Nauk [Annuaire du Musee zoologique de T'Academie Imperiale des 

sciences]. Leningrad. 
Annu. Soc. Emul. Vendee. Annuaire de la Societe d'emulation de la Vendee. 

(Agriculture, sciences, histoire, lettres et arts.) La Roche-sur-Yon. 
Annu. Soc. Nat. Mat. Modena. Annuario della Societa dei naturalisti e matema- 

tici di Modena. 
Anz. Akad. Wiss. Krakau. Anzeiger der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Krakau. 

See Bull. int. Acad. Cracovie. 
Anz. Akad. Wiss. Wien. Anzeiger der Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften. Math. 

Kl. Wien. 
Anz. bohm. Aerzte Naturf. Anzeiger der Versammlung der Bohmische Aerzte und 

Naturforscher. Oznamovatel Druhedo Sjezdu Ceskych Lekariw, etc. 
Anz. Ges. Aerzte Wien. Anzeiger der Gesellschaft der Aerzte in Wien. 
Anz. orn. Ges. Bayern *Anzeiger der Ornithologischen Gesellschaft in Bayern. (1, 

1919+) Miinchen. 
Apicoltore. Apicoltore. Milano. 
Aquila. *Aquila. A Magyar Ornithologiai Kozpont Folyoirata. (1, 1894+) 

Arb. anat. Inst. Sendai. Arbeiten aus dem Anatomischen Institut der K. Japa- 

nischen Universitat zu Sendai. Tokyo. 
Arb. biol. Anst. (Abi.) Berl. Arbeiten aus der Biologischen (Anstalt f. Land- u. 

Forstwirtschaft) Abteilung f. Land- u. Forstwirtschaft am Kais. Gesundheits- 

amte. Berlin. 
Arb. GesundhAmt. Berl. Arbeiten aus dem Kais. Gesundheitsamte (Beih. zu d. 

Veroffentlichungen d. Kais. Gesundheitsamtes). Berlin. 

Arb. neurol. Inst. Univ. Wien. Arbeiten aus dem Neurologischen Institut (Insti- 
tut f. Anatomie u. Physiologie d. Zentralnervensystems) an der Wiener Univ. 

Leipzig; Wien. 
Arb. path. Anat. Bakt. Arbeiten auf d. Gebiet der pathologischen Anatomie u. 

Bakteriologie a. d. Pathologisch-anatomischen Institut zu Tubingen. Braun- 
schweig; Leipzig. 
Arb. path. Inst. Univ. Helsingf. Arbeiten aus dem Pathologischen Institut der 

Univ. Helsingfors. Berlin. 

Arb. zool. Inst. Graz. Arbeiten aus dem Zoologischen Institut zu Graz. Leipzig. 
Arb. zool. Inst. Univ. Wien. Arbeiten aus dem Zoologischen Instituten der Univ. 

Wien und der Zoologischen Station in Triest. Wien. 
Arb. zool.-zoot. Inst. Arbeiten aus dem Zoologisch-zootomisches Institut in Wiirz- 

burg. Wiirzburg; Hamburg; Wiesbaden. 

Arch. Agric. Nord. Archives de 1'agriculture du nord de la France. Lille. 
Arch. Anat. micr. Archives d'anatomie microscopique. Paris. 
Arch. Anat. Physiol. Archiv fur Anatomie und Physiologie. (Continues Deuts. 

Arch. Physiol. 1826-32, Meckel's Archiv; 1834-58, Miiller's Archiv; 1834-76, 

Arch. f. Anat. Physiol. und wissenschaftliche Medicin. In 1877, divided into 

two parts: Anat. Abt. = Arch. f. Anat. und Entwickelungsgeschichte; Physiol. 

Abt.=Arch. f. Physiologie.) Leipzig. 

Arch. Anthrop. Braunschw. Archiv fur Anthropologie. Braunschweig. 

Arch. Antrop. crim. Archivio di antropologia criminale, psichiatria, e medicina le- 

gale. Torino. 

Arch. Augenhlk. Archiv fur Augenheilkunde. Wiesbaden. 
Arch. Biol. Archives de biologic. Paris; Gand; Liege. 

Arch. Biontol. Berl. Archiv fur Biontologie (Gesellschaft Naturforschenden 

Freunde). Berlin. 

Arch. Biother. Archives de biotherapie. Paris. 
Arch. din. Bordeaux. Archives cliniques de Bordeaux. Bordeaux; Paris. 


Arch. EntwMech. Archiy fur Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen. (In 1923, 
united with Arch. mikr. Anat. as Abt. D. of Z. wiss. Biol.) Leipzig. 

Arch. exp. Path. Pharmak. Archiv fur experimentelle Pathologie und Pharraako- 
logie. Leipzig. 

Arch. exp. Zellf. Archiv fur experimentelle Zellforschung besonders Gewebezuch- 
tung. Jena. 

Arch. Farmacol. sper. Archivio di farmacologia sperimentale e scienze affini. 

Arch. Farmacol. Terap. Archivio di farmacologia e terapeutica. Palermo. 

Arch. Fisiol. Archivio di fisiologia. Firenze. 

Arch. gen. Med. Archives generates de me'decine. Paris. 

Arch. ges. Physiol. Pfliiger's Archiv fur die gesamte Physiologic des Menschen und 
der Thiere. Bonn. 

Arch. ges. Psychol. Archiv fur die gesamte Psychologie. Leipzig. 

Arch. Gynaek. Archiv fur Gynaekologie. Berlin. 

Arch, holldnd. Beiir. Nat. Heilk. Archiv fur die hollandischen Beitrage zur Natur 
und Heilkunde. Utrecht. 

Arch. Hyg. Munch. Archiv fiir Hygiene. Miinchen; Berlin. 

Arch. int. Med. leg. Archives internationales de mdecine legale. (Cont'd as: Re- 
vue de droit p4nal, etc.). Liege; Bruxelles. 

Arch. int. Physiol. Archives internationales de physiologic. Liege; Paris. 

Arch. ital. Anat. Embriol. Archivio italiano di anatomia e di embriologia. Firenze. 

Arch. ital. Biol. Archives italiennes de biologie. Pisa; Rome, etc. 

Arch. klin. Chir. Archiv fiir klinische Chirurgie. Berlin. 

Arch, maroc. Archives marocaines. Paris. 

Arch. med. Angers. Archives medicales d'Angers. Angers. 

Arch. Med. comp. Archives de medecine comparee. Paris. 

Arch. Med. exper. Archives de medecine experimental et d'anatomie patholo- 
gique. Paris. 

Arch, med.-chir. Normandie. Archives medico-chirurgicales de Normandie. Le 

Arch, med.-chir. Poitou. Archives medico-chirurgicales du Poitou. Poitiers. 
Arch. mikr. Anat. Archiv fiir mikroskopische Anatomic. (In 1923, united with 
Arch. EntwMech. as Abt. D. of Z. wiss. Biol.} Bonn. 

Arch. Mus. Hist. nat. Paris. Archives du Museum national d'histoire naturelle. 

Arch. Naturgesch. Archiv fiir Naturgeschichte. Berlin. 

Arch, neerland. Physiol. Archives neerlandaises de physiologie de 1'homme et des 
animaux. 's Gravenhage. 

Arch, neerland. Sci. Archives neerlandaises des sciences exactes et naturelles. La 

Societ6 hollandaise des sciences a Harlem, 's Gravenhage. 
Arch. Neurobiol. Madrid. Archives de neurobiologia, etc. Madrid. 
Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. Chicago Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry. Chicago. 

Arch. nouv. Mus. Hist. nat. Paris. Archives nouvelles du Museum d'histoire na- 
turelle. Paris. 

Arch. Ohr.-, Nas.- u. KehlkHlk. Archiv fiir Ohren-, Nasen- u. Kehlkopfheil- 
kunde. (Title varies. 1-97 as Arch. f. Nasenheilkunde.) Leipzig. 

Arch. Ophtal. Archives d'ophtalmologie. Paris. 

Arch. Ophth. (Graefe) Albrecht von Graefe's Archiv fiir Ophthalmologie. Leipzig. 

Arch. Ottalm. Archivio di ottalmologia. Napoli. 

Arch. Parasit. Paris. Archives de parasitologie. Paris. 

Arch. path. Anat. Physiol. Virchows Archiv fiir pathologische Anatomie und Phy- 
siologie und fiir klinische Medizin. Berlin. 


Arch. Pediat. Archives of Pediatrics. New York. 

Arch. Physiol. Halle. Archiv fur die Physiologic. (Reil u. Autenreith.) Halle. 

Arch, physiol. Heilk. Archiv fur physiologische Heilkunde. Stuttgart. 

Arch. Physiol. norm. path. Archives de physiologie, normale et pathologique. 

Arch. Protistenk. Archiv fur Protistenkunde. Jena. 

Arch. prov. Med. Archives provinciates de medecine. Paris. 

Arch. Psych. Geneve. Archives de psychologic. Geneve; Paris. 

Arch. Psychiat. Nervenkr. Archiv fur Psychiatric u. Nervenkrankheiten. Berlin. 

Arch. Ross.- u. GesBiol. Archiv fur Rassen- und Gesellschaftsbiologie. Leipzig; 

Arch. Schiffs- u. Tropenhyg. Archiv fur Schiffs- und Tropenhygiene, unter bes. 
Ber. d. Pathologie u. Therapie. Leipzig. 

Arch. Sci. biol. Napoli. Archivio di scienze biologiche. Napoli. 

Arch. Sci. med. Archives des sciences medicales. Paris. 

Arch. Sci. med. Torino. Archivio per le scienze mediche. Torino. 

Arch. sci. Med. vet. Archivio scientifico di medicina veterinaria. Torino. 

Arch. Sci. phys. nat. Archives des sciences physiques et naturelles. Geneve; Lau- 
sanne; Paris. 

Arch. Sci. Prac. Med. Archives of Scientific and Practical Medicine and Surgery. 
Philadelphia; New York. 

Arch. sci. Soc. vet. Hal. Archivio scientifico della R. Societa ed Accademia vete- 
rinaria italiana. (Cont'd as: Arch. sci. Med. vet.) Torino. 

Arch. Soc. ital. Chir. Archivio ed atti della Societa italiana di chirurgia. Roma. 

Arch. Thierhlk. Archiv fur Thierheilkunde. Aarau; Zurich. 

Arch. Ver. Fr. Naturg. Mecklen. Archiv des Vereins der Freunde der Naturge- 
schichte in Mecklenburg. Gustrow. 

Arch. VerdauKr. Archiv flir Verdauungskrankheiten mit Einschl. d. Stoffwech- 
selpathologie u. d. Diatetik. Berlin. 

Arch, vergl. Ophth. Archiv fur vergleichende Ophthalmologie. Leipzig. 

Arch, uriss. prakt. Tierhlk. Archiv fur wissenschaftliche und praktische Tierheil- 
kunde. Berlin. 

Arch. Zellforsch. Archiv fur Zellforschung. Leipzig. 

Arch. Zool. Anat. Fisiol. Archivio per la zoologia, 1'anatomia e la fisiologia. Ge- 
nova; Modena; Bologna. 

Arch. Zool. exp. gen. Archives de zoologie experimental et generate. Paris. 

Arch. zool. (ital.) Napoli. Archivio zoologico (italiano). Napoli. 

Arch. Zool. Zoot. Archiv fur zoologie und zootomie. Berlin. 

Ardea. *Ardea. Nederlandsche Ornithologische Vereeniging. (1,1912+) Leiden. 

Ark. Zool. Arkiv for zoologi utgifvet af K. Svenska vetenskapsakademien. 

Arkh. vet. Nauk. Arkhiv Veterinarnykh Nauk (Archives des sciences veteri- 
naires). Leningrad. 

Arsskr. Vet. Soc. Upsala. Arsskrift utgifven af K. Vetenskaps-societeten i Upsala. 

Art med. Anvers. Art medical. Anvers. 

Art med. Paris. Art medical. Paris. 

Ateneo veneto. Ateneo veneto. Rivista mensile di scienze, lettre et arti. Venezia. 

Atti Ace. Agiati. Atti della I. R. Accademia roveretana di scienze, lettere ed arti 

degli Agiati. Rovereto. 
Atti Ace. Fisiocr. Siena. Atti della R. Accademia dei fisiocritici di Siena. Siena. 

Atti Ace. Georgo. Firenze. Atti della R. Accademia dei Georgofili di Firenze. 

Atti Ace. gioenia. Atti della R. Accademia gioenia di scienze naturali. Catania. 


Atti Ace. Lincei. Atti della Reale Accademia nazionale del Lincei. (1870-76. 

Cont'd. in three series: Transunti, 1876-84; Memorie della classe di scienze 

fisiche, 1876 + ; Memorie della classe di scienze morali, 1876+ Each series 

bears the general title Atti. For 1847-70, 1-23 see Atti Ace. "Nuovi Lincei." 

Rendiconti della classe di scienze fisiche etc., 1884-91. Rendiconti delle 

sedute solenni, 1892+) Roma. 

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Atti Ace. med.-chir. Perugia Atti e rendiconti della Accademia medico-chirurgica 

di Perugia. Subtitle varies. 
Atti Ace. "Nuovi Lincei." Atti dell' Accademia pontificia dei Nuoyi Lincei. 

(After 55: Atti della pontificia Accademia romana dei Nuovi Lincei.) 

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matiche. Napoli. 
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naturali in Ferrara. Ferrara. 

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istriana. (1872-1902 as Atti della Societa veneto-trentino di scienze naturali 

residente in Padova. 1904-08 as Atti della Classe di scienze naturali, and Atti 

della Classe di scienze storiche.) Padova. 

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rali. Napoli. 

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Atti Soc. ital. Prog. Sci. Atti della Societa italiana per il progresso delle scienze. 

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civico di storia naturale. Milano. 
Atti Soc. ligust. Sci. nat. geog. Atti della Societa ligustica di scienze naturali e 

geografiche. Genova. 

Atti Soc. med.-chir. Perugia. See Atti Ace. med.-chir. Perugia. 
Atti Soc. Nat. Mat. Modena. Atti della Societa dei naturalisti e matematici di 


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Union.) (1, 1884 + Continues Bull. Nutt. Orn. Cl. Indices of both to 1930.) 

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Zeitschrift fur die gesammte Biochemie. Braunschweig. 
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Beriicksichtigung der Oologie. (1,1924+) Berlin. 

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in Naumannia.) Stuttgart. 
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turwissenschaften im Wien. Wien. 
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Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte. Berlin. 
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Gesellschaft in Basel. 
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Freiburg i. Br. 

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schaft. Halle. 
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wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft. (Cont'd as: Jahrb. naturw. Ges. St. Gallen.) 

St. Gallen, Switzerland. 
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sische Gesellschaft fur Vaterlandische Kultur. Breslau. 
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schen Vereins in Innsbruck. Innsbruck. 
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Natur- u. Heilkunde. Giessen. 
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thie" in Neisse. Neisse. 
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des Landwirtschaftlichen Institut der Universitat Halle. (Cont'd as: Kiihn- 

Archiv.) Berlin. 
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schen Gesellschaft (Akademie) der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig. Math-Phys. Kl. 
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Gesellschaft in Frankfurt am Main. 
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Verhandlungen der K. Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Berlin. 


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schen Vereins. Danzig. 
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schaft fiir Luftf ahrt. (Supplement to Z. Flugtech.) Miinchen. 
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caise. Paris; Nancy. 
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lenii Imp. Obshchestva Liubitelel Estestvoznaniia, AntropologTi i Etnografii. 
Biologische Zeitschrift. [Issued by the Zoological Department of the Imperial 
Society of Lovers of Natural History, Anthropology and Ethnography.] 

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1930+) Boston. 

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New York. 

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of Birds. (1,1903+) London. 

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para el estudio y tratamiento del cancer. Buenos Aires. 
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tomia comparata della R. Universita. Genova. 

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Boll. Soc. adriat. Sci. nat. Bollettino della Societa adriatica di scienze naturali in 
Trieste. Trieste. 

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tazione. Firenze. 

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diche e naturali in Cagliari. 

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che in Siena. Cont'd as: Atti. Ace. Fisiocr. Siena. 

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Soc. romano per gli studi zoologici.) Roma. 

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and Communications, Read to the Boston Society of Natural History. Boston. 

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Budapest Royal Medical Society.] 

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Medical Society. Annual Reports.) 

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Brit. Med. J. British Medical Journal. London. 

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de France. (Cont'd as: C. R. Acad. Agric. Fr.) Paris. 

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ences. (Preceded by: Bulletin de 1'Academie des sciences, des lettres et des 
beaux-arts de Belgique. Title varies.) Bruxelles. 

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tersbourg. (Izviestiia Imp. Akademiia Nauk) 1860-1927. (Bull, scientifique 
Acad. Sci., St. Petersb., 1836-42.) Leningrad. 

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lettres de Toulouse. (Cont'd as: Mem. Acad. Toulouse.) Toulouse. 


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in Catanio. (1888-93, Boll, della sedute della Accad. 1893+) Catania. 

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tion. New York. 

Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural His- 
tory. New York. 

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sciences. Paris. 

Bull. biol. Bulletin biologique de la France et de la Belgique. Paris. 

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Index 1-15, 1892-1905.) London. 

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Buffalo, N.Y. 

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bridge, Mass. 

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Bull. Calif. Agric. Expt. Sta. University of California Publications. Bulletin of 
the California Agricultural Expt. Station. Berkeley. 

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of the University of New Mexico. 

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(I, 1899+ Cont'd as: Condor.) Santa Clara. 

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ment Station. Ithaca, N. Y. 

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Bull. Dept. Agric. S. Afr. Bulletin of the Department of Agriculture, Union of 
South Africa. Pretoria. 

Bull. Dept. Geol. Univ. Calif. Bulletin of the Department of Geology of the Uni- 
versity of California. ( 1-2. 3-12, 1902-21, have title Univ. Calif. Publi- 
cations. Bull, of the Dept. of Geol.) Berkeley. 

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1919+) Salem, Mass. 

Bull, Essex Inst. Bulletin of the Essex Institute. Salem, Mass. 

Bull. gen. Ther. Paris. Bulletin general de the>apeutique m&licale, chirurgicale, 
obste'tricale et pharmaceutique. Paris. 

Bull, Gulf Biol. Sta. Bulletin of the Gulf Biologic Station. Cameron, La. 

Bull. Histol. appliq. Lyon. Bulletin d'histologie appliquee a la physiologic et a 
la pathologic et de technique microscopique. Institut d'histologie de la 
Facult6 de medecine de Lyon. Paris. 

Bull. Illinois Lab. Nat. Hist. Bulletin of the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural 
History. Urbana. 

Bull. Inst. Bulletin of the Institute of Commercial Research in the Tropics. 

Bull. Inst. gen. psychol. Bulletin de 1' Institut general psychologique. Paris. 
Bull. Inst. oceanog. Monaco. Bulletin de 1'Institut oce"anographique de Monaco. 
Bull. int. Acad. Cracovie. Bulletin international de 1'Acade'mie des sciences de Cra- 

covie. (1889-1900. Cont'd as: Bull. int. de 1'Acad. polonaise des sciences et. 

des lettres. Se>. A. Sciences math. et. naturelles. Ser. B. in German as Anz. 

Akad. Wiss. Krakau.) (Polska Akademija Umieje.tnosci, Krak6w.) 
Butt. int. Acad. Prague. Bulletin international. Acade"mie des sciences de 1'Em- 

pereur Francois Joseph I. (1921 + as Cesk6 Akademie V6d a UmSni v Praze. 

1890-1920, as Ceske 1 Akad. Cfsafe FrantiSka Josefa pro VSdy Slovesnost a 

UmSni.) Praha. 


Bull. Kans. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Manhattan. 

Bull. Kentucky Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Kentucky Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. Lexington. 

Bull. Lab. biol. St. Petersb. Bulletin du Laboratoire biologique de Saint Peters- 
bourg. (Izviestiia Leningradskil Nauchnyl Institut imeni P. F. Lesgafta. 
Series 1 as Izviestiia Sankt-Peterburgskaia Biologicheskaia Laboratoriia. 
Series 2, 1-7 as Izviestiia Petrogradskil Nauchnyl Institut imeni P. F. Les- 
gafta.) Leningrad. 

Bull. Louisiana Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Louisiana Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. Baton Rouge. 

Bull. Maine Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Maine Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Orono. 

Bull. Mass. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Massachusetts Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. Amherst. 

Bull. Mass. Aud.Soc. *Bulletin of the Massachusetts Audubon Society. (1, 1917 +) 

Bull. Mass. Bd. Agric. Bulletin of the Massachusetts Board of Agriculture. 

Bull. Mass. Dept. Agric. Bulletin of the Massachusetts Department of Agricul- 
ture. Boston. 

Bull. med. Paris. Bulletin medical. Paris. 

Bull. Mich. Orn. CL *Bulletin of the Michigan Ornithological Club. (1-6, 1897- 
1905.) Grand Rapids; Detroit. 

Bull. Missouri Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin. Missouri Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Columbia. 

Bull. Mus. Cauc. Bulletin du Musee du Caucase. (Izviestiia Kavkazskago Mu- 
zeia.) Leningrad; Tiflis. 

Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harv. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 
at Harvard College. Cambridge, Mass. 

Bull. Mus. Hist. nat. Belg. Bulletin du Musee Royal d'histoire naturelle de Bel- 
gique. Bruxelles. 

Bull. Mus. Hist. nat. Paris. Bulletin du Museum national d'histoire naturelle. 

Bull. N. E. Bird-Band. Assoc. *Bulletin of the Northeastern Bird-Banding Asso- 
ciation. 1-5, 1925-29. Cont'd as: Bird-Banding. 

Bull. N.J. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the New Jersey Agricultural Station. 
New Brunswick. 

Bull. N.Y. Agri. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the New York Agricultural Station. 

Two Stations: Geneva, and Cornell at Ithaca. 
Bull. N.Y. St. Mus. Bulletin of the New York State Museum. 
Bull. N.Y. Zool. Soc. Bulletin of the New York Zoological Society. New York. 

Bull. Nevada Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Nevada Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Reno. 

Bull. New Hamps. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the New Hampshire Agricultural 
Experiment Station. Durham. 

Bull. New Mex. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the New Mexico Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. Mesilla Park. 

Bull. Newton Nat. Hist. Soc. Bulletin of the Newton Natural History Society. 
Newtonville, Mass. 

Bull. Northwest. Univ. Med. Sch. Bulletin of the Northwestern University Medi- 
cal School. (Cont'd as: Quarterly Bulletin.) Chicago. 

Bull. Mitt. On. d 'Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club. (1-8, 1876-83. 
Cont'd as: Auk. Index with Auk to 1900.) Cambridge, Mass. 

Bull. Ont. Agric. Dept. Bulletin of the Ontario Dept. of Agriculture. Toronto. 


Bull. Oregon Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Corvallis. 

Bull. Penn. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. State College, Penn. 

Bull. Pharm. Paris. Bulletin de pharmacie. Paris. 

Bull. Purdue Univ. Agric. Expt. Sta. Annual Report of the Indiana Agricultural 
Experiment Station. Lafayette, Indiana. 

Bull. R. I. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin. Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion. Kingston. 

Bull. sci. Fr. Belg. Bulletin scientifique de la France et de la Belgique. (Cont'd 
as: Bull, biol.) London; Paris; Berlin. 

Bull. Sci. Labs. Denison Univ. Bulletin of the Scientific Laboratories of Denison 
University. Granville, Ohio. 

Bull. Sci. math. astr. Bulletin des sciences mathematiques, astronomiques, phy- 
siques et chimiques= Section 1 of Bull, universel des sciences et de 1'indus- 
trie. Paris. 

Bull. Sci. med. Bulletin des sciences medicales= Section 3 of Bull, universel des 
sciences et de 1'industrie. Paris. 

Bull. Sci. nat. Geol. Bulletin des sciences naturelles et de geologic = Section 2 of 
Bull, universel des sciences et de 1'industrie. Paris. 

Butt. Soc. acad. Brest. Bulletin de la Societe academique de Brest. Brest. 

Bull. Soc. acad. Cher. Bulletin de la Societe academique litteraire, artistique et 
scientifique du dpartement du Cher. Bourges (Cher). 

Bull. Soc. Acclim. Fr. Bulletin de la Societe nationale d'acclimatation de France. 

Butt. Soc. Agric. Dep. Lozere. Bulletin de la Societe d'agriculture, Industrie, sci- 
ences et arts du departement de la Lozere. Mende. 

Bull. Soc. anal. Paris. Bulletin et memoires de la Societe anatomique de Paris. 

Bull. Soc. Anat. Physiol. Bordeaux. Bulletin de la SocietS d'anatomie et de phy- 
siologic normales et pathologiques de Bordeaux. Bordeaux. 

Bull. Soc. Anthrop. Paris. Bulletin et memoires de la Societe d'anthropologie 
de Paris. Paris. 

Bull. Soc. Avic. Herault. *Bulletin de la Societe d'aviculture du departement 
de 1'Herault. (1,1896+?) Montpellier. 

Butt. Soc. belg. Micr. Bulletin de la Societe beige de microscopic. Bruxelles. 

Bull. Soc. cent. Med. vet. Bulletin et memoires. Societe centrale de medecine 
veterinaire. Paris. 

Bull. Soc. Chim. biol. Paris. Bulletin de la Societe de chimie biologique. Paris. 

Bull. Soc. Etud. Sci. Angers. Bulletin de la Societe d'etudes scientifiques d'Angers. 

Bull. Soc. for. Belg. Bulletin de la Societe forestiere de Belgique. Bruxelles. 

Bull. Soc.fribourg. Sci. nat. Bulletin de la Societe fribourgeoise des sciences natu- 
relles. Fribourg, Switzerland. 

Bull. Soc. geol. Fr. Bulletin de la Societe g^ologique de France. Paris. 

Bull. Soc. Hist. nat. Afr. N. Bulletin de la Socie'te d'histoire naturelle de 1'Afrique 
du Nord. Alger. 

Bull. Soc. Hist. nat. Autun. Bulletin de la Socie'te' d'histoire naturelle d'Autun. 

Butt. Soc. Hist. nat. Colmar. Bulletin de la Societ6 d'histoire naturelle de Colmar. 
(Mitteilungen der Naturhistorischen Gesellschaft in Kolmar.) 

Bull. Soc. Hist. nat. Doubs. Bulletin de la Soci6t6 d'histoire naturelle du Doubs. 

Butt. Soc. Hist. nat. Moselle. Bulletin de la Socie'tS d'histoire naturelle du d^parte- 
ment de la Moselle. After 1873: Bull. Soc. Hist. nat. Metz. 

Bull. Soc. Hist. nat. Toulouse. Bulletin de la Socie'te' d'histoire naturelle de Tou- 
louse. Toulouse. 


Bull. Soc. linn. Nord. Bulletin de la Soci6t4 linneenne du nord de la France. 


Butt. Soc. linn. Normandie. Bulletin de la Societ^ linneenne de Normandie. 
Bull. Soc. Med. Chir. Bordeaux. Bulletin et memoires de la Societe de medecine 

et de chirurgie de Bordeaux. Paris; Bordeaux. 
Butt. Soc. Med. Chir. prat. Paris. Bulletin et me'moires de la Societe de medecine 

et de chirurgie pratiques de Paris. Continuation of: Bull. Soc. de m6d. 

prat, de Paris. 
Bull. Soc. Med. Gand. Bulletin de la Societe de medecine de Gand. (Cont'd as: 

Annales et bulletin.) Gand, Belgium. 
Bull. Soc. med. Hop. Lyon. Bulletin de la Societe medicale des h6pitaux de Lyon. 

Butt. Soc. med. Hop. Paris. Bulletin et memoires de la Societe medicale des ho- 

pitaux de Paris. Paris. 
Bull. Soc. Med. ment.Belg. Bulletin de la Societe de me'decine mentale de Belgique. 

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professionnelle. Paris. 
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de France. (Cont'd as: C. R. Acad. Agric. Fr. Title varies.) Paris. 
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luxemburgeois. (Monatsberichte Gesellschaft Luxemburger Naturfreunde.) 

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Moscou. [Isviestiia Moskoskoe Obshchestva Ispytatelel Prirody.] Moskva. 
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naturelles. Neuchatel, Switzerland. 
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et arts. Nevers. 
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naturelles. Zapiski Uralskago Obshchestva (Liubitelel) Estestvoznoniia. Eka- 

Bull. Soc. Path, exotique. Bulletin de la Societe de pathologic exotique. Paris. 
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naturelles de 1'Yonne. Auxerre. 

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et naturelles de Bruxelles. (Cont'd as: Annales et bulletin de seances.) 

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Bull. Soc. Sci. Moscow. Bull, of the Imperial Society of Lovers of Natural Science, 
Anthropology, and Ethnography, in Connection with the Imperial University 
of Moscow. Izviestiia Imp. Obshchestva Liubitelel Estestvoznaniiia, Antro- 
pologi'i i Etnografii pri Imp. Moskovskom Univ. Moskva. 

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d'Elbeuf. Elbeuf. 

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de Nlmes. Nimes. 

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de la France. Nantes. 

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de Reims. Reims. 

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de Rouen. Rouen. 

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de Sa6ne-et-Loire. Chalon-sur-Sa6ne. 

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de Lyon. 

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naturelles et des arts industriels du d6p. de 1'Isere. Grenoble. 

Bull. Soc. vaud. Sci. nat. Bulletin de la Society vaudoise des sciences naturelles. 

Bull. Soc. veneto-trent. Sci. nat. Bullettino della Societa (Accademia scientifica 
veneto-trentino-istriana) veneto-trentina di scienze naturali. Padova. 

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Bull. Soc. zool. Geneve. Bulletin de la Societe zoologique de Geneve. Geneve. 

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Station. Storrs, Conn. 

Bull. Tex. Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. 

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reau of Animal Industry. Washington. 

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reau of Biological Survey. (Preceded by: Div. Economic Ornith., 1885; 
Div. Ornith. and Mammology, 1886-1896; Div. Biol. Surv., 1896-1905.) 

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vision) of Chemistry. Washington. 

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sion) of Entomology. Washington. 

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as: Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries.) Washington. 

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Geographical Survey of the Territories. Washington. 

Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus. Bulletin of the United States National Museum. Smithso- 
nian Institution. Washington. 

Bull. Univ. Asie centr. Bulletin de l'Universit6 de 1'Asie Centrale (Tachkent). . . . 
Blulleten Sredne-aziatskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta. Tashkent. 

Bull. Univ. NewMex.Biol.Ser. Bulletin of the University of New Mexico. Bio- 
logical series. Albuquerque. 

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tion. Logan. 

Bull. W. Virginia Agric. Expt. Sta. Bulletin of the West Virginia University 
Agricultural Experiment Station. Morgantown. 

Bull. W. Virginia Dept. Agric. Bulletin. West Virginia Dept. of Agriculture. 

Bull. West. Reserve Univ. Bulletin. Western Reserve University. Cleveland,0hio. 

Bull. Wis. Nat. Hist. Soc. Bulletin of the Wisconsin Natural History Society. 


Bull. Worthington Soc. *Bulletin of the Worthington Society for the Study of 

Bird Life. Shawnee-on-Delaware. 
Bull. zool. Bulletin zoologique. Paris. 
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France. Paris. 
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des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Bordeaux. 
C. R. Acad. Sci. Leningrad A. Comptes rendus de 1'Academie des sciences de 

1'Union des Republiques S.S. (Doklady RossiTskoI Akademii Nauk.) Series A. 

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belles-lettres et arts de Lyon pendant 1'annee 1890. 
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sciences. Paris. 

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C. R. Assoc. franc,. Av. Sci. Compte rendu de 1'Association franchise pour 1'avan ce- 
ment des sciences. Paris. 
C. R. Inst. vet. Kharkoff. Comptes rendus des travaux speciaux de 1'Institut 

veterinaire a Kharkoff. (Sbornik Trudov Kharkovskago Veterinarnago Insti- 

tuta.) Kharkov. 
C. R. Soc. Biol. Compte rendu des seances et memoires de la SocietS de biologie. 

C. R. Soc. philom. Paris. Compte rendu sommaire des seances de la Societe philo- 

mathique de Paris. Paris. 
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naturelle de Geneve. 
C. R. Soc. Sci. med. Gannat. Compte rendu des travaux de la Societe des sciences 

medicales de Gannat. 

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Calif. St. J. Med. California State Journal of Medicine. San Francisco. 
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as: Proceedings of the Canadian Institute.) Toronto. 
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Canad. Rec. Sci. Canadian Record of Science. Montreal. 
Cardinal *The Cardinal. Audubon Society of the Sewickley Valley. (1, 1923 + ) 

Sewickley, Penn. 
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haltung. Geschichtsverein und Naturhistorisches Landesmuseum in Karn- 

ten. Klagenfurt 
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ten. Klagenfurt. 
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niola: Zeitschrift f. Heimatkunde. Musealvereins f. Krain. Izvestja Muzej- 

skega DruStva za Kranjsko. 1908+) Ljubljana (Laibach), Yugoslavia. 
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(No. 5, 1901 + Nos. 1-4 as Abst. Del. Orn. Cl.) Philadelphia. 
Cellule. La Cellule. Lierre; Lou vain. 
Cesky Obuvnik. Cesky Obuvnik. Praha. 
Charlesworth's Magazine. See Mag. Nat. Hist. 
Chem. News. Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science. London. 


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Chicago Med. J. Exam. The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner. Title varies. 

Chicago Med. Rec. Chicago Medical Recorder. Chicago. 

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del et terre. Ciel et terre. Bruxelles. 

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Circ. Kans. Agric. Expt. Sta. Circular. Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station. 

Circ. Minn. Agric. Expt. Sta. Circular of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment 
Station. St. Paul. 

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reau of Animal Industry. Washington. 

Circ. U. S. Diy. Bipl. Surv. Circular. United States Dept. of Agriculture. Divi- 
sion of Biological Survey. Washington. 

Circ. U. S. Div. Chem. Circular. United States Dept. of Agriculture. Division 
of Chemistry. Washington. 

Civilingenieur. Der Civilingenieur. Leipzig. 

Ckteland Med. J. Cleveland Medical Journal. Cleveland. 

Clin. med. ital. Clinica medica italiana. Milano. 

Clin. vet. Milano. Clinica veterinaria. Milano. 

Clinique Brux. Clinique. Bruxelles. 

Collect, acad. Collection academique. Dijon; Paris. 

Comm. Essex Inst. Communications Read before the Essex Institute, Salem, 

Comment. Soc. reg. Sci. Gotting. Commentationes Societatis regiae scientiarum 
Gottingensis. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Gottingen. 

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Coop. Orn. Cl.; subtitle varies. Indices.) Santa Clara, Calif. 

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in Princeton University, N.J. 

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the Carnegie Institution. Washington. 

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1863-73 as Les Mondes. 33-58, 1874-81 as Kosmos. Les Mondes. 1882-84 
as Cosmos les mondes; revue hebdomadaire des sciences et de leurs 
applications.) Paris. 

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D. Ni. Jibi Inkokwa Kw. K. Dai Nippon Jibi Inkokwa Kwai Kwaiho. (Japanese 
with abstracts in foreign languages.) [Zeitschrift f. Oto-Rhino- u. Laryn- 
gologie.) Tokyo. 

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schaften. Math.-Nat. Kl. Wien. 

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schaftlichen Gesellschaft zu Jena. 

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Deuts. Arch. Physiol. Deutsches Archiv fur die Physiologie. Halle; Berlin. 

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Deuts. Jagerztg. Deutsche Jagerzeitung. Neudamm. 

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Deuts. landw. Pr. Deutsche landwirtschaftliche Presse. Berlin. 

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chende Pathologie. (1-22, 1875-97) | United with Oesterreichische Z. f. 
wiss. Veterinarkunde to form Z. Tiermed.) Leipzig. 

Diana. Bulletin de la Diana (Societe historique et archeologique du Forez). 

Diet, encycl. Sci. med. Dictionnaire encyclopedique des sciences medicales. Paris. 

Dinglers J. Dinglers polytechnisches Journal. Berlin. 

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kikh Vrachel. [Bulletin of the Congress of the Society of Russian Physi- 
cians.] Moskva. 

Dnevn. zool. Old. Obshch. Lyub. Dnevnik Zoologicheskago Otdieleniia. Imp. Ob- 
shchestva Liubitelel Estestvoznaniia i Etnografiii pri Moskovskom Universi- 
tetie. [Journal de la Section zoologique de la Societe Imperiale des amateurs 
naturelles, d'anthropologie et d'ethnographie.] Moskva. 

Dnevn. zool. Old. Obshch. zool. Mus. Dnevnik Zoologicheskago Otdieleniia Ob- 
shchestva i Zoologicheskago Museie. [Tageblatt der zool. Abth. der Gesell- 
schaft und des zool. Museums.] (T. 3, No. 3 in Izviest. Imper. Obshch. Liubit. 
Estest., etc.) Moskva. 

Dnevn. zool. Soda. Dnevnik Zoologicheskago Sada. (Messager du Jardin zoolo- 
gique.) [Bulletin of the Zoological Garden.] Moskva. 

Dobuts. Zassh. Dobutsugaku Zasshi. [Zoological Magazine.] Tokyo. 

Dom. Med. Mon. Dominion Medical Monthly. Toronto. 

Dresdner Bl. Geflilgelz. *Dresdner Blatter fur Gefliigelzucht. Dresden. 

Dublin Q. J. Med. Sci. Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science. Dublin. 

Echange. Echange. Revue linneenne. Lyon. 

Ecology. Ecology. All Forms of Life in Relation to Environment. Official Pub- 
lication of the Ecological Society of America. Brooklyn. 

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Edinb. J. Sci. Edinburgh Journal of Science. Edinburgh. 

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Edinb. Mon. J. Med. Sci. The Edinburgh Monthly Journal of Medical Science. 

Edinb. New Phil. J. The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Exhibiting a 
View of the Progressive Discoveries and Improvements in the Sciences and 
the Arts. (Preceded by Edinb. Phil. J. Merged into Quart. J. Sci., later 
J. Sci. Lond.). Edinburgh. 

Edinb. Phil. J. The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal. (See Edinb. New Phil. J.) 

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Endocrinology. Endocrinology. Glendale, Calif. 

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Ent. News Phila. Entomological News. Academy of Natural Sciences, Phila- 

Entomologist. Entomologist. London. 

Erde. Erde. Weimar. 

Ergebn. Anal. EntwGesch. Ergebnisse der Anatomic u. Entwicklungsgeschichte. 

Ergebn. Biol. Ergebnisse der Biologic. Berlin. 


Ergebn. Zool. Ergebnisse u. Fortschritte der Zoologie. Jena. 

Ertek. term. Korebol. ErtekezSsek a Terme'szettudomanyok K6re"bol; Kiadja a 
Magyar Tudomanyos Akade"mia. Budapest. 

Esculapio napol. Esculapio napolitano; giornale di medicina, chirurgia e farmacia. 

Essex Nat. Essex Naturalist. Essex Field Club. Buckhurst Hill; Stratford, 

Est. i Geogr. Moskva. Estestvoznanie i Geografiia. Moskva. 

Ex-pi. Sta. Rec. Wash. Experiment Station Record. Office of Experiment Stations. 

Ezhen. klin. Gaz. Ezhenedielnaia Klinischeskaia Gazeta. [Weekly Clinical Ga- 
zette.] Leningrad. 

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field, Mass. 

Fane. J. Land Water. Fancier's Journal and Land and Water. (1877. Cont'd as: 
Famil. Sci. Fane. J.) Springfield, Mass. 

Fane. J. Poult. Exch. *Fancier's Journal and Poultry Exchange. (1-3, 1874-76. 
Cont'd as: Fane. J. Land Water. Title varies.) Springfield, Mass. 

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Feuille jeun. Nat. Feuille des jeunes naturalistes. Paris. 

Field and Forest. Field and Forest. A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Natural 
Sciences. Bulletin of the Potomac-Side Naturalists' Club. Washington. 

Field Nat. Quart. Field Naturalist's Quarterly. Edinburgh. 

Finsk Jakt. Finsk jakttidning. (Cont'd as: Finlands jakttidskrift.) Helsinki 

Flandremed. Flandre medicale. Revue scientifique et pratique. Gand; Haarlem. 
Flora og Fauna. Flora og Fauna. Naturhistorisk forening for Jylland. Silke- 

borg, Denmark. 

Flugsport. Flugsport. Frankfurt am Main. 
Fm. Poultry. *Farm Poultry. (1-27, 1889-1916.) Boston. 
Fmrs" 1 Bull. Wash. Farmers' Bulletin. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Washington. 
Folia anal. jap. Folia anatomica Japonica. Tokyo. 
Folia haemal. Folia haematologica. Leipzig. 
Folia neuro-biol. Folia neuro-biologica. Leipzig. 

Folia serol. Folia serologica. (Cont'd as: Zeitschrift f. Chemotherapie.) Leipzig. 
For. and Stream. Forest and Stream. New York. 
Forh. skand. Naturf. M</>ie. Forhandlinger ved de Skandinaviske Naturforskeres 

M0te. Oslo; Kj0benhavn. 

Forh. VidenskSelsk. Krist. Forhandlinger i Videnskabsselskabet i Kristiania. Oslo. 

Forst- u. Jagdztg. Forst- u. Jagdzeitung. Saaz, Czechoslovakia. 

Fortschr. Med. Fortschritte der Medizin. Halle. 

Fortschr. Rontgenstr. Fortschritte auf d. Geb. der Rontgenstrahlen. Hamburg. 

Fortschr. VetHyg. Fortschritte der Veterinar hygiene. Berlin. 

France med. France me'dicale. Revue d'e'tudes d'histoire de la me"decine. Paris. 

Froriep Notizen. See Notiz. Nat. Heilk. 

Fukuoka. Ikwadaigaku-zasshi. Fukuoka, Japan. 

Gac. med. Cartagena. Gaceta medica. Cartagena. 

Gac. med. catal. Gaceta me'dica catalana. Barcelona. 

Gaea Koln. Gaea. Natur u. Leben. Koln. 


Gann. Gann. Ergebnisse der Krebsforschung in Japan. (Japanese Journal of 

Cancer Research.) Tokyo. 
Gaz. din. S. Paulo. Gazeta clinica. Sao Paulo. 

Gaz. hebd. Med. Chir. Gazette hebdomadaire de medecine et de chirurgie. Paris. 
Gaz. hebd. Sci. med. Gazette hebdomadaire des sciences medicales de Bordeaux. 
Gaz. Hop. Paris. Gazette des h6pitaux civils et militaires. (La lancette fran- 

caise.) Paris. 
Gaz. Mai. inf. Gazette des maladies infantiles et d'obstetrique. Journal de pe- 

diatrie et d'obstetrique. Paris. 
Gaz. med. Nantes. Gazette medicale de Nantes. 
Gaz. med. Paris. Gazette medicale de Paris. 
Gazz. med. Milano. Gazzetta medica di Milano. 
Gazz. med.-vet. Gazzetta medico-veterinaria. Milan. 
Gazz. Osp. Clin. Gazzetta degli ospedali e delle cliniche. Milano. 
Gefied. Welt. *Gefiederte Welt. (1, 1872+) Berlin; Magdeburg. 
Geflugelborse. Gefliigelborse. (1, 1879+) Leipzig. 
Gefliigelwelt *Geflugelwelt. (1, 1909+) Chemnitz. 

Geflilgelziichter Frankfurt. *Gefliigelzuchter und Vogelfreund. Frankfurt am Main. 
Gefliigelzuchter Leipzig. *Geflugelziichter. (1-22, 1896-1917.) Leipzig; Connewitz. 
Gegenbaurs Jahr. See Morph. Jahrb. 
Gel. Anz. bayer. Akad. Wiss. Gelehrte Anzeigen, herausgegeben von Mitgliedern 

der K. Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Miinchen. 
Genetica. Genetica. s' Gravenhage. 
Genetics. Genetics; a Periodical Record of Investigations Bearing on Heredity 

and Variation. Princeton, N. J.; Baltimore. 
Geog. Rev. Geographical Review. New York. 
Geol. Mag. Lond. Geological Magazine. London. 
Gerfaut *Le Gerfaut. (1,1911+) Bruxelles. 

Giorn. Ace. Med. Torino. Giornale della R. Accademia di medicina di Torino. 
Giorn. Agric. Indust. Hal. Giornale di agricultura, industria e commercio del re- 

gno d'ltalia. 
Giorn. Anal. Fisiol. Pat. Giornale di anatomia, fisiologia, et patologia degli ani- 

mali. Pisa. 
Giorn. Assoc. napolet. Med. Nat. Giornale dell'Associazione napoletana dei medici 

naturalisti. Napoli. 
Giorn. Fisica Chim. Giornale di fisica, chimica, storia naturale, medicina ed arti. 


Giorn. int. Sci. med. Giornale internazionale delle scienze mediche. Napoli. 
Giorn. 1st. lombardo. Giornale del R. Istituto lombardo di scienze e lettere. Milan. 
Giorn. Med. vet. Giornale di medicina veterinaria. Torino. 
Giorn. Soc. ital. Igi. Giornale della R. Societa italiana d'igiene. Milano. 
Giorn. Soc. vet. ital. Giornale della R. Societa ed Accademia veterinaria italiana. 

(Cont'd as: Giorn. Med. vet.) Torino. 

Glasg. Nat. Glasgow Naturalist. Glasgow. 

Glasnik hrv. narodosl. Dr. Glasnik Hrvatskoga narodoslovnoga Drustva. Zagreb, 

Glasnik hrv. prirodosl. Dr. Glasnik Hrvatskoga prirodoslovnoga Drustva. Zagreb, 

Globus. Globus. Illustr. Zeitschr. f. Lander- u. Volkerkunde. (Cont'd as: Mitt. 
a. J. Perthes Geog. Anst.) Braunschweig. 

Gotting. gelehr. Anz. Gottingische gelehrte Anzeigen. K. Gesellschaft der Wissen- 
schaften. Gottingen. 

Gotting. Stud. Gottinger Studien. Gottingen. 


Graefe's Arch. See Arch. Ophth. (Graefe). 

Guide Nat. Paris. Guide du naturaliste; revue bibliographique des sciences 

naturelles. Paris. 

Gull. *Gull. Audubon Association of the Pacific. (1,1919+) San Francisco. 
Guy's Hasp. Rep. Guy's Hospital Reports. London. 
Hand. ned. nat.- en geneesk. Congr. Handelingen van het Nederlandsch Natuur- en 

Geneeskundig Congres. 

Hannov. land- u. forstw. VerBL Hannover land- und forstwirtschaftliches Vereins- 
blatt. Hannover. 

Harv. Psychol. Stud. Harvard Psychological Studies. Boston. 

Hastings Nat. Hastings and East Sussex Naturalist. Hastings. 

Haven. Haven. Medlemsblad for de samvirkende danske Haveselskaber. 

Hilgardia. Hilgardia. A Journal of Agricultural Science Published by the Cali- 
fornia Agricultural Experiment Station. Berkeley. 

Himmel u. Erde. Himmel und Erde. Leipzig; Berlin. 

Hist. Acad. Sci. Amst. Histoire de PAcademie Royale des sciences [de Paris], avec 
les memoires de mathematique et de physique, tires des registres de cette 
academie. Amsterdam. 

Hist. Acad. Sci. Paris. Histoire de PAcademie Royale des sciences avec les me- 
moires de mathematique et physique. 

Hist. Berwicksh. Nat. CL History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. Aln- 

Hist. Soc. Med. Paris. Histoire de la Socie"te Royale de medecine, avec les memoires 
. de medecine et de physique medicale, tires des registres de cette societe. Paris. 

Hist. Soc. R. Sci. Montpel. Histoire de la Societe Royale des sciences. Lyon; 

Hokkaido Ig. Kw. Z. Hokkaido Igaku Kwai Zasshi. [Mitt. med. Ges. zu Hok- 
kaido.] Sapporo. 

Homme. Homme; journal illustre des sciences anthropologiques. Paris. 

Hornero. "Hornero. Revista de la Sociedad ornitologica de la Plata. (1, 1917 +) 
Buenos Aires. 

Humboldt. Humboldt. Monatsschrift fur die gesamten Naturwissenschaften. 

Humming Bird. *Humming Bird. (1891-95.) London. 

Hyg. gen. appl. Hygiene generate et appliquee. Paris. 

Hyg. Rdsch. Hygienische Rundschau. Berlin. 

Hyg. Viande Lait. Hygiene de la viande et du lait. Paris. 

Hygiea Stockh. Hygiea. Stockholm. 

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Jahrb. Kinderhlk. Jahrbuch fur Kinderheilkunde und physische Erziehung. 



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kunde. Wiesbaden. 
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seums von Karnten. Klagenfurt. 
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lichen Gesellschaft. St. Gallen, Switzerland. 

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Abstracts (National Research Council of Japan). I. Anatomy. Tokyo. 
Jap. J.Zool. Japanese Journal of Zoology (National Research Council of Japan). 

(1,1922+) Tokyo. 

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Jap. Med. Wld. Japan Medical World. Tokyo. 
Jber. bohm. Ges. Wiss. Jahresbericht der K. Bohmischen Gesellschaft der Wissen- 

schaften. Praha. 

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tomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte. Jena. 

Jber. Fortschr. Anat. Physiol. Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der Anatomic 
und Physiologic. Leipzig. 

Jber. Fortschr. Tierchem. Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der Thierchemie der 
Physiologischen und Pathologischen Chemie. Wiesbaden. 

Jber. Ges. Fr. Naturw. Gera. Jahresbericht der Gesellschaft von Freunden der Na- 
turwissenschaften in Gera. 

Jber. Ges. Naturk. Dresden. Jahresbericht der Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Heil- 
kunde in Dresden. 

Jber. naturf. Ges. Emden. Jahresbericht der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in 

Jber. naturf. Ges. Graubiinden. Jahresbericht der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft 

Graubiindens. Chur. 
Jber. naturh. Ges. Hannover. Jahresbericht der Naturhistorischen Gesellschaft in 

Jber. naturw. Ver. Halle. Jahresbericht des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in 

Jber. naturw. Ver. Osnabriick. Jahresbericht des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins 

zu Osnabriick. 
Jber. orn. Ver. Munch. * Jahresbericht des Ornithologischen Vereins, Miinchen. 

1-3, 1897/98-1902. Cont'd as: Verh. orn. Ges. Bayern. 
Jber. schles. Ges. vaterl. Kult. Jahresberichte der Schlesischen Gesellschaft fur 

Vaterlandische Kultur. Breslau. 
Jber. Thierarz.-Schule Munch. Jahresbericht der K. Central-thierarzneischule in 

Miinchen. [After 1889 as: Jber. K. Thierarztliche Hochschule in Miinchen. 

Supplement to: Deuts. Z. Tiermed. vergl. Path.] 
Jber. Ver. Naturk. Mannheim. Jahresbericht des Vereins fiir Naturkunde in 

Jber. Ver. Naturw. Braunschw. Jahresbericht des Vereins fiir Naturwissenschaft 

zu Braunschweig. 
Jber. Vogelwarte. * Jahresbericht der Vogelwarte (Helgoland K. Biologische 

Anstalt). (1-4, 1909-12 ?) Leipzig. 
Jber. westf. ProvVer. Wiss. Kunst. Jahresbericht des Westfalischen Provinzial- 

vereins fiir Wissenschaft und Kunst. Miinster. 
Jena.Z. Naturw. Jenaische Zeitschrift fiir Naturwissenschaft (Medizinisch-Na- 

turwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zu Jena). 


Jhft. Ver. Math. Naturw. Vim. Jahresheft des Vereins fur Mathematik und Na- 

turwissenschaften in Ulm. 
Jhft. Ver. vaterl. Naturk. Wiirttemb. Jahresheft des Vereins fur Vaterlandische 

Naturkunde in Wurttemberg. Stuttgart. 
Jibi Inko. Rin. Jibi Inkokwa Kyoto Rinsho. (Japanese.) [Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 

of Kyoto Clinic.] 

Jikkenlg.Z. Jikken Igaku Zasshi. [Japanese Journal of Experimental Medi- 
cine.] Tokyo. 

Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin. Baltimore. 
Johns Hopk. Univ. Circ. Johns Hopkins University Circulars. Baltimore. 
Juzenkwai Z. Juzenkwai Zasshi. (Japanese.) [Journal of the Juzen Medical 

Society, Kanazawa.] 
K. norske Vidensk. Selsk. Skr. Det Kongelige Norske videnskabernes selskabs 

skrifter. Trondhjem. 

Kaibo. Z. Tokyo. Kaibogaku Zasshi. Tokyo. 
Kans. Cy. Rev. Sci. Indust. Kansas City Review of Science and Industry. Kansas 


Kans. Univ. Sci. Bull. Kansas University Science Bulletin. Lawrence. 
Kbh. med. Selsk. Forh. K0benhavenske medicinske Selskabs Forhandlinger. 


Keio Ig. Keio Igaku. [Keio Medical Journal.] Tokyo. 
Kenn. en Kunst. Kennis en Kunst. Haarlem. 
Kilmarnock Rambl. Soc. Ann. Kilmarnock Glenfield Ramblers Society Annals. 

Klin. Mbl. Augenhlk. Klinische Monatsblatter fiir Augenheilkunde. Erlangen; 


Klin. Wschr. Klinische Wochenschrift. Berlin. 
Knowledge. Knowledge and Illustrated Scientific News. London. 
Koll. zool. Kab. Varsh. Univ. Kollektsii Zoologitseskago Kabineta Imper. Var- 

shavskago Universiteta. [Sammlungen d. Zool. Cabinet d. Kais. Univ. War- 

schaw]. Warszawa. 

KorrBl.deuts.Ges.Anthrop. Korrespondenzblatt der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur 

Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte. Braunschweig. 
KorrBl. NaturfVer. Riga. Korrespondenzblatt des Naturforschervereins zu Riga. 
KorrBl. naturh. Ver. Rheinl. Westf. Korrespondenzblatt des Naturhistorischen 

Vereins flir Rheinland und Westphalen. Bonn. 
KorrBl. naturw. Ver. Sachs. Thiir. Korrespondenzblatt des Naturwissenschaft- 

lichen Vereins fiir Sachsen und Thuringen in Halle. 
Kosmos L. M. See Cosmos Paris. 
Kosmos Leipzig. Kosmos. Zeitschrift fiir einheitliche Weltanschauung auf 

Grund der Entwickelungslehre. Leipzig. 
Kosmos Lwow. Kosmos. Czasopismo Polskiego Towarzytswa Przyrodnikow imi- 

enia Kopernika. Lwow (Lemberg). 

Kosmos Stuttgart. Kosmos. Handweiser fiir Naturfreunde. Stuttgart. 
Kiihn-Archiv. Kiihn-Archiv. Arbeiten aus d. Landwirtschaftl. Institut d. Univ. 

Halle. Berlin. 
Kyoto Fur. Ikw.Z. Kyoto Furitsu Ikwa Daigaku Zasshi. (Japanese.) [Journal 

of the Kyoto Medical University.] 
Kyoto Ig. Z. Kyoto Igaku Zasshi. (Japanese with abstracts in foreign languages.) 

[Journal of the Kyoto Medical Society.] 
Lancet Lond. Lancet. London. 

Lanes. Nat. Lancashire Naturalist. [Cont'd as: Lancashire and Cheshire Natural- 
ist.] Darwen; Manchester. 
Landw.Jahrb. Landwirtschaftliche Jahrbiicher. ; Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftli- 

che Landwirtschaft. Berlin. 


Leipzig. Mag. Naturgesch. Leipziger Magazin fur Naturgeschichte und Oekono- 
mie. 1781-85, Leipzig. Mag. f. Naturkunde, Mathematik und Oekonomie. 

Leopoldina. Miscellanea curiosa medico-physica Academiae Naturae curiosorum 
sive Ephemeridum medico-physicarum Germanicorum curiosarum, 1670- 
1706; Academiae Caesario-leopoldina Naturae curiosorum Ephemerides, 
1712-22; Acta physico-medica acad., 1727-54; Nova Acta, 1843-70; Novo- 
rum Actorum, 1873-95; Leopoldina, Amtliches Organ der Kaiserlichen Leo- 
poldinisch-Carolinischen Deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher, 1859-1923. 
Leopoldina. Ber. d. K. (Leopoldinischen) Deuts. Akad. der Naturforscher, 
1926+ (K. Leopoldinisch Carolinische Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher.) 
Jena; Leipzig; Halle, etc. 

Lichtenberg's Magazine. See Mag. Neu. Phys. Naturgesch. 

Liebig's Ann. -See Ann. Chem. Pharm. 

Lingnan Sci. J. Lingnan Science Journal. Lingnan University. Canton. 

Lond. and Edinb. Mon. J. Med. Sci. London and Edinburgh Monthly Journal of 
Medical Science. Edinburgh. 

Lond. J. Med. The London Journal of Medicine. London. 

Lond. Med. Gaz. The London Medical Gazette or Journal of Practical Medicine. 

Long Is. Med. J. Long Island Medical Journal. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Lotos. Lotos. Naturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift hrsg. vom Deutschen Natur- 
wiss.-medizinischen Verein f. Bohmen "Lotos." Praha. 

Loudon's Magazine. See Mag. Nat. Hist. 

Luftschiff. Bielefeld. LuftschiSahrt, Flugtechnik und Sport. Halbmonatsschrift 
fur das gesamte Ballon- und Flugwesen. Bielefeld. 

Luftverkehr. Luftverkehr. Leipzig. 

Luonnon Ystavd. Luonnon Ystava. Helsinki. 

Lyon med. Lyon medical. Lyon. 

Mag. Akad. Ert. Magyar Akademiasi Ertesito. A Mathematikai, es Termeszettu- 
domanyi, Osztalyok Kozlonye. (Report of the Hungarian Academy. Com- 
munications of the Mathematical and Natural Science Sections.) Budapest. 

Mag. encyc. Magasin encyclopedique; ou Journal des sciences, des lettres et des 
arts. Paris. 

Mag. ges. Thierhlk. Magazin fur die gesamte Thierheilkunde. Berlin. 

Mag. Nat. Hist. The Magazine of Natural History; and Journal of Zoology, Bot- 
any, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology. (1-9, Loudon's Mag., etc. 
10-13, Charlesworth's Mag., etc.) London. 

Mag. neu. Naturk. Magazin fiir die neuesten Zustand der Naturkunde mit Riick- 
sicht auf die dazu gehorigen Hiilfswissenschaften. (Voigts Mag.) Jena; 

Mag. Neu. Phys. Naturgesch. Magazin fur das Neueste aus der Physik und Na- 
turgeschichte. Lichtenberg's Mag. [Cont'd as Mag. neu. Naturk.] Gotha. 

Mag. orn. Kozp. *Magyar Ornithologiai Kozport. [Hungarian Central Office of 
Ornithology.] 1898. 

Mag. Zool. Bot. Magazine of Zoology and Botany. Edinburgh; London. 

Mag. Zool. Paris. Magasin de zoologie. Paris. 

Maine Nat. Maine Naturalist. Thomaston. 

Manicomio.- Manicomio. Archivio di psichiatria e scienze affini. Nocera, Italy. 

Maryland Med. J. Maryland Medical Journal. Baltimore. 

Math, naturw. Ber. Ung. Mathematische und naturwissenschaftliche Berichte aus 
Ungam. Leipzig. 

Math. term. Ert. Mathematikai es Termeszettudomanyi Ertesito. (Magyar Tudo- 
manyos Akademia. German ed.: Math, naturw. Ber. Ung.) Budapest. 

Math.-fys. Medd. Mathematisk-fysiske Meddelelser. Kgl. Danske Videnskaber- 
nes Selskab. Kj0benhavn. 

Mber. preuss. Akad. Wiss. Monatsberichte der K. Preuss. Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften zu Berlin. Berichte 1-20, 1836-55. Cont'd as: SitzBer. preuss. 
Akad. Wiss. 


Med. et Hyg. MSdecine et hygiene. Bruxelles. 

Med. Jahrb. osterr. Staates. Medizinische Jahrbiicher des K. K. Oesterreichischen 

Staates. Wien. 
Med. Jahrb. Wien. Medizinische Jahrbiicher. K. K. Gesellschaft der Aerzte zu 

Wien. Wien. 

Med. Klinik. Medizinische Klinik. Wien. 
Med. KorrBl. Wiirttemb. Medizinisches Korrespondenzblatt fur Wiirttemberg. 


Med. News N.Y. Medical News. New York. 
Med Phys. /. The Medical and Physical Journal. London. 
Med. Pickw. Medical Pickwick. Saranac Lake, N.Y. 
Med. Pr. Medical Press and Circular. London. 
Med. Prog. Medical Progress. Louisville, Ky. 
Med. Rec. N. Y. Medical Record. New York. 
Med. Times Land. Medical Times and Hospital Gazette. London. 
Med. Times N. Y. Medical Times. New York. 

Med. Viest. St. Petersb. Meditsinskiia Viestnik; Eshtshenedelnaya Gazeta. [Medi- 
cal Courier.] Leningrad. 
Med.-chem. Untersuch. Medicinisch-chemische Untersuchungen, aus dem Labo- 

ratorium fur Angewandte Chemie zu Tubingen. Berlin. 
Med.-chir. Ztg. Medicinisch-chirurgische Zeitung. (Cont'd as: N. med.-chir. Ztg. 

and Med.-chir. Monatshefte, Erlangen.) Salzburg; Innsbruck; Miinchen. 
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Helsinki (Helsingfors). 
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in Nederlandsch-Indie. Batavia, Java. 
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1'Academie Imperiale des sciences de St. Petersbourg. Akademiia Nauk. 
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pellier. (a) Medecine. (b) Sciences. Montpellier. 
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lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique. (Cont'd as: Memoires. Acad. R. de Bel- 

gique. Classe des sciences. Serie II.) Bruxelles. 
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Savoie. Chambery. 
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mie [Royale] des sciences de 1'Institut de France; ou Collection des me"moires 

des savans etrangers. Paris. 
Mem. Acad. Sci. Paris. Memoires de 1'Academie des sciences de 1'Institut de 

France. Paris. 
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tersbourg. Cl. phys.-math. (Zapiski Imp. Akademii Nauk.) Leningrad. 
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lettres de Toulouse. 
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fis. mat. e nat. Roma. 

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ences. Boston. 
Mem. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. Memoirs from the American Museum of Natural 

History. New York; London. 
Mem. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History. 



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ment Station. Ithaca, N.Y. 
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d6mie R. des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique. Bruxelles. 
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Entomological series. Pusa; Calcutta. 

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Mem. Inst. polon. Econ. rur. Pamie.tnik Paristwpwego Instytutu Naukowego Gos- 

podarstwa Wiejskiego w Pulawach. Memoires de 1'Institut national polonais 

d'economie rurale a Pulawy. Krakow. 
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arts par divers savans, et lus dans ses assemblies; sciences mathematiques et 

physiques. Paris. 
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di scienze matematiche e naturali. Milano. 

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ary and Philosophical Society. Manchester. 
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delle scienze. Roma. 

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Bologna. Cl. di scienze fisiche. Bologna. 
Mem. R. Ace. Modena. Memorie della R. Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti in 


Mem. R. Ace. Torino. Memorie della R. Accademia delle scienze di Torino. 
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tiques et physiques de 1'Institut. Paris. 
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sciences, arts et belles-lettres du dep. de 1'Aube. Troyes. 
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Alzate." Mexico. 
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Mem. Soc. esp. Hist. nat. Memorias de la R. Sociedad espanola de historia natural. 

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Strasbourg. Title varies. 
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Societa italiana delle scienze. Verona. 
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Mem. Soc. med. Emul. Paris. Memoires de la Societe medicale d'emulation de 

M6m. Soc. nat. Agric. Fr. Memoires de la Societe nationale d'agriculture de France. 

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Kievskago Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel.) 
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turelles et mathematiques de Cherbourg. 


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arts et des lettres du Hainaut. Mons, Belgium. 

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arts de Lille. 
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de Saone-et-Loire. Chalon-sur-Sa6ne. 
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et naturelles de Bordeaux. 
Mem. Soc. lose. Sci. nat. Atti della Societa toscana di scienze naturali. Memorie. 


Mem. Soc. zool. Fr. Memoires de la Societe zoologique de France. Paris. 
Mem. Wern. Nat. Hist. Soc. Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society. 


Mendel J. Mendel Journal. London. 
Messagerorn. *Messager ornithologique. Ornitologicheskil Viestnik. (1-8, 1910- 

17.) Moskva. 
Mhft. naturw. Unterr. Monatshefte fiir den naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht 

aller Schulgattungen. Leipzig; Berlin. 
Mhft. prakt. Derm. Monatshefte fiir praktische Dermatologie. (Cont'd as: Der- 

matologische Wochenschrift.) Leipzig; Hamburg. 

Mhft. prakt. Tierheilk. Monatshefte fiir praktische Tierheilkunde. Stuttgart. 
Microscope. The Microscope. Washington. 
Midi. Nat. Midland Naturalist. (Cont'd as: Amer. Midi. Nat.). Notre Dame, 

Mitt. aarg. naturf. Ges. Mittheilungen der Aargauischen Naturforschenden Gesell- 

schaft. Aarau, Switzerland. 
M itt. allg. Path. Sendai. Mitteilungen iiber allgemeine Pathologic u. pathologische 

Anatomie. Sendai, Japan. 
M itt. deuts. Ges. Naturk. Ostasien. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fiir 

Natur- u. Volkerkunde Ostasiens in Tokio. 
M itt. embr. Inst. Wien. Mitteilungen aus dem Embryologischen Institut d. K. K. 

Univ. in Wien. 
M itt. Geb. Med. Chir. Pharm. Mittheilungen aus dem Gebiete der Medicin, Chi- 

rurgie und Pharmacie. Kiel. 
Mitt. Ges. Physiokr. Mittheilungen der Gesellschaft fiir Physiokratie in Bohmen 

zu Prag. 
Mitt. Gsndhtsamte Berl. Mittheilungen aus dem Kaiserlichen Gesundheitsamte. 

Mitt. Lebensm. Hyg. Bern. Mitteilungen aus dem Gebiet der Lebensmittelunter- 

suchung und Hygiene. Bern, Switzerland. 
Mitt, mahr.-schles. Ges. Briinn. Mittheflungen d. K. K. Mahrisch-Schlesischen 

Ges. zur Beforderung des Ackerbaues der Natur und Landeskunde in Briinn. 
Mitt. med. Fak. Tokio. Mitteilungen aus der Medizinischen Fakultat der Kaiser- 

liche Universitat zu Tokyo. 
Mitt. MusVer. Krain. Mitteilungen des Musealvereins fiir Krain. (See Carni- 

olo.) Ljubljana (Laibach), Yugoslavia. 

Mitt, naturf. Ges. Bern. Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Bern. 
Mitt, naturf. Ges. Solothurn. Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in 

Solothurn. Solothurn, Switzerland. 
Mitt, naturw. Ver. Greifswald. Mitteilungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins 

fiir Neu-Vorpommern u. Riigen in Greifswald. Berlin. 
Mitt, naturw. Ver. Steierm. Mitteilungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins 

fiir Steiermark. Graz, Austria. 
Mitt. oest. Reichsbd. Vogelk. *Mitteilungen des Oesterreichischen Reichsbundes 

fiir Vogelkunde u. Vogelschutz in Wien. 1-13, 1901-13? 


Mitt. orn. Ver. Wien. *Mittheilungen des Ornithologischen Vereines in Wien. 

(1-21, 1877-97. Cont'd as: Schwalbe [Beiblatt]. Section fiir Gefliigelzucht 

und Brieftaubenwesen. 1-21, 1877-97.) Wien. 
Mitt. Ver. sacks. Orn. *Mitteilungen des Vereins Sachsischer Ornithologen. (1, 

1923+) Dresden. 
Mitt. Ver. Verbr. naturw. Kenn. Mitteilungen des Verein Nordlich der Elbe zur 

Verbreitung Naturwissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse. Kiel. 
Mitt. Vogelw. *Mitteilungen iiber die Vogelwelt. Blatter fiir Vogelkunde und 

Vogelschutz. (1,1902?+) Nurnberg; Stuttgart. 
Mitt. zool. Stat. Neapel. Mitteilungen aus der Zoqlogischen Station zu Neapel. 

(Cont'd as: Pubblicazioni della Stazione zoologica di Napoli.) Berlin. 
Mod. Zooiat. Torino. Moderno zooiatro. Torino. 
Mon. Hints Poult. *Monthly Hints on Poultry. (1, 1906+) London. 
Mon. Int. J. Anat. Physiol. Monthly International Journal of Anatomy and 

Physiology. (Vols. 2 and 3 as Mon. Int. J. Anat. and Histology. Cont'd as: 

Int. Mschr. Anat. Hist.) Leipzig. 

Mon. J. Med. Monthly Journal of Medicine. (Title varies.) London; Edinburgh. 
Mon. Micr. J. The Monthly Microscopical Journal; Transactions of the Royal 

Microscopical Society. (Title varies. Preceded by Trans. Micr. Soc. Cont'd 

as: J. R. Micr. Soc.) London. 

Monit. zool. ital. Monitore zoologico italiano. Firenze. 
Morph. Arb. Jena. Morphologische Arbeiten. Jena. 
Morph. Jahrb. Gegenbaurs morphologisches Jahrbuch. Eine Zeitschrift fiir Ana- 

tomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte. (1924 + as Jahrb. fiir Morphologic und 

mikroskopische Anatomie.) Leipzig. 
Motorwagen. Motorwagen. Berlin. 

Mschr. Kinderhlk. Monatsschrift fiir Kinderheilkunde. Leipzig; Wien. 
Mschr. Psychiat. N enrol. Monatsschrift fiir Psychiatric u. Neurologie. Berlin. 
Mschr. Unfallhlk. Monatsschrift fiir Unfallheilkunde u. Invalidenwesen. Leipzig. 
Munch, med. Wschr. Miinchener medizinische Wochenschrift. Miinchen. 
Munch, tierarztl. Wschr. Miinchener tierarztliche Wochenschrift. Miinchen. 
Murrekt. *The Murrelet (Pacific Northwest Bird and Mammal Club). (1, 1920 +) 

Seattle, Wash. 

N. Amer. Fauna. North American Fauna. Washington. 
N. Amer. Pract. North American Practitioner. Chicago. 
N. Amer. Vet. North American Veterinarian. Evanston, 111. 
N. Denkschr. schweiz. naturf. Ges. Neue Denkschriften der Schweizerischen Natur- 

forschenden Gesellschaft. Zurich. 
N. Giorn. Lett. Nuovo giornale dei letterati. Pisa. 
N. J. Agric. New Jersey Agriculture. New Brunswick. 
N. Med. Phys. J. New Medical and Physical Journal; or Annals of Medicine, 

Natural History, and Chemistry. London. 

N. med.-chir. Ztg. Neue medicinisch-chirurgische Zeitung. Salzburg, Austria, etc. 
N. Mem. Acad. Sci. Brux. Nouveaux memoires de 1' Academic R. des sciences et 

belles-lettres de Bruxelles. 

N. Mem. Soc. Nat. Moscou. Nouveaux memoires de la SociSte Imp. des natura- 
listes de Moscou. (Moskovskoe Obshchestvo Ispytatelel Prirody.) Moskva. 

N. Notiz. Nat. Heilk. Neue Notizen aus dem Gebiete der Natur- und Heilkunde. 
(Cont'd as: Tagesber. Fortschr. Nat. Heilk. Continues Notiz. Nat. Heilk.) Er- 
furt; Weimar. 

N. Schrift. naturf. Ges. Danzig. Neueste Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesell- 
schaft in Danzig. 

N. Y. Med. J. New York Medical Journal. New York. 

N. Z. J. Sci. Tech. The New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology. Well- 


Nachr. Ges. Wiss. Gottingen. Nachrichten von der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften 
zu Gottingen. Math.-Phys. Kl. Berlin. 

NachrBl. deuts. malakozool. Ges. Nachrichtsblatt der Deutschen Malakozoologi- 
schen Gesellschaft. Frankfurt am Main. 

Nasha Okh. Nasha Okhota. Leningrad. 
Nasha ptits. Zhn. *Nasha Ptitsevodnaia Zhizn. Kiev. 
Nat. canad. Naturaliste canadien. Quebec. 
Nat. Geog. Mag. National Geographic Magazine. Washington. 
Nat. Hist. N. Y. Natural History. American Museum of Natural History. New 

Nat. Hist. Rev. Natural History Review; a Quarterly Journal of Biological Sci- 
ence. Natural History Society of Dublin. Dublin; London. 

Nat. Note Book. Naturalists' Note Book. London. 

Nat. Poult. J. *National Poultry Journal. National Utility Poultry Society. (1, 

1920+) London. 

Nat. Sci. Natural Science; a Monthly Review of Scientific Progress. London, etc. 
Nat. sicil. Naturalista siciliano. Palermo. 
Nat. Verd. Kbh. Naturens Verden. Kj0benhavn. 
Natur deuts. naturw. Ges. Natur. Deutsche Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. 


Natur Halle. Die Natur. Zeitung zur Verbreitung naturwissenschaftlicher Kennt- 
nis und Naturauschauung fur Leser alle Stande. Halle a. S. 

Natur u. Haus. Natur und Haus. (Cont'd as: Blatter f. Aquarien- u. Terrarien- 
kunde.) Heilbronn. 

Natur u. Offenbar. Natur und Offenbarung. Miinster i. W. 
Natur u. Sch. Natur und Schule. (Cont'd as: Mhft. naturw. Unterr.) Leipzig; 

Natur alienkabinett. Naturalienkabinett mit Naturalien- und Lehrmittelmarkt. 
Griinberg i. Sch. 

Naturalist. Naturalist; a Monthly Journal of Natural History for the North of 
England. London. 

Naturaliste. Naturaliste. Paris. 
Nature Lond. Nature. London. 
Nature Paris. Nature. Paris. 
Naturen. Naturen. Bergen. 

Naturforscher (Sch.). Naturforscher (Schoenichen). Berlin. 
Naturforscher (Ski.). Naturforscher (Sklarek). Wochenblatt zur Verbreitung der 
Fortschritte in den Naturwissenschaften. Berlin; Tubingen. 

Naturh. Tidsskr. Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift. Kj0benhavn. 

Naturw. Beob. Naturwissenschaftlicher Beobachter. Frankfurt am Main. 

Naturw. Mhft. Naturwissenschaftliche Monatshefte fur den biqlogischen, che- 

mischen, geographischen und geologischen Unterricht. Leipzig. 
Naturw. Rdsch. Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau. Braunschweig. 
Naturw. Wschr. Naturwissenschaftliche Wochenschrift. Jena. 
Naturwissenschaften . Naturwissenschaften . Berlin . 
Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned.-Ind. Natuurkundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie. 

Batavia, Java. 

Natuurk. Verh. holland. Maatsch. Wet. Natuurkundige Verhandelingen van de Hol- 
landsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen te Haarlem. Haarlem. 

Naluurk. Verh. prop, utrecht. Genoot. Kunst. Wet. Natuurkundige Verhandelingen 
Provinciaal Utrechtsch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. 



Naumannia. *Naumannia. Organ of Deutsche Ornithologische Gesellschaft. 

Stuttgart; Dessau; Leipzig. 
Nautilus. Nautilus. Philadelphia; Boston. 
Ned. Arch. Genees- en Natuurk. Nederlandsch Archief voor Genees- en Natuur- 

kunde. Utrecht. 
Ned.Bijdr.Anat. Nederlandsche Bijdragen tot de Anatomic (Petrus Camper). 

Haarlem; Jena. 
Ned. Lancet. Nederlandsch Lancet. Tijdschrift voor de geneeskundige Weten- 

schappen in Haren Geheelen om Vang. (Subtitle varies.) Amsterdam; 's Gra- 

venhage; Utrecht. 
Ned. Tijdschr. Dierk. Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor de Dierkunde (K. Zoolo- 

gisch Genootschap Natura Artis Magistra). Amsterdam. 

Ned. Tijdschr. Geneesk. Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. Amsterdam. 
Nerthus. Nerthus. Wochenschrift fur Pflanzen und Blumenfreunde. Altona. 
Neu. hamburg. Mag. Neues hamburgisches Magazin, etc. Hamburg; Leipzig. 
Neue bait. Weidmannsbl. Neue baltische Weidmannsblatter. Riga. 
Neurol. Bull. Neurological Bulletin. Columbia University, New York. 
Neural. Zbl. Zentralblatt. (Cont'd as: Zentralblatt f. d. gesamte 

Neurologic.) Leipzig. 

Nevraxe. Nevraxe. Recueil de neurologie normale et pathologique. Louvain. 
New Eng. J. Med. The New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery, and 

Collateral Branches of Science. Boston. 
Ni. Biseib. Gak. Z. Nippon Biseibutsu Gakkwai Zasshi. (Japanese.) [Journal of 

the Japanese Urological Society.] ' Kyoto. 
Ni. Byor. Gak. K. Nihon (Nippon) Byori Gakkwai Kwaishi. (Japanese and 

foreign languages.) [Trans, of the Japanese Pathological Society.] Tokyo. 
Ni.GankwaGak.Z. Nippon Gankwa Gakkwai Zasshi. (Japanese.) [Journal of 

the Japanese Surgical Society.] Tokyo. 
Ni. Tiks. Gak. Ho. Nippon Tikusan Gakkai Ho. 
Nidiologist. *The Nidiologist. (1-4, 1893-97.) Alameda, Calif. 
Nied.Arch.Zool. Niederlaendisches Archiv fur Zoologie. Leyden; Leipzig. 
Nieuwe Verh. proefonderv. Wijsbeg. Nieuwe Verhandelingen. Bataafsch Genoot- 
schap der Proefondervindelijke Wijsbegeerte. (See Verh. proefonderv. Wijsbeg.) 


Normandie med. Normandie medicale. Rouen. 

Norsk Mag.Laegevidensk. Norsk magazin for laegevidenskaben. Oslo (Kristiania). 
Norsk orn. Tidsskr. *Norsk ornithologisk tidsskrift. (1, 1920+) Stavanger. 
Nos Oiseaux; Bull. *Nos oiseaux; bulletin. Societe romande pour 1'etude et la 

protection des oiseaux.) (1,1913+) Neuchatel. 
Notes Leyden Mus. Notes from the Leyden Museum. Leyden. 
Notiz. Nat. Heilk. Notizen aus dem Gebiete der Natur und Heilkunde. Froriep 

Notizen. (Cont'd as: N. Notiz. Nat. Heilk.) Erfurt; Weimar. 
Nouv. Ann. Mus. Hist. nat. Paris. Nouvelles annales du Museum d'histoire natu- 

relle. Paris. 
Nouv. Bull. Sci. Soc. philom. Paris. Nouveau bulletin des sciences de la Societe 

philomathique de Paris. 
Nouv. Mem. Soc. Nat. Moscou. Nouveaux memoires de la Societe Imp. des natu- 

ralistes de Moscou. (Moskovskoe Obshchestvo LiubitelelPrirody.) Moskva. 
Nova Ada Acad. Sci. petrop. See Novi Comment. Acad. Sci. petrop. 
Nova Acta Soc. Sci. upsal.Nova, Acta Regiae Societatis Scientiarum Upsaliensis. 

Novi Comment. Acad. Sci. petrop. Novi Commentarii Academiae Scientiarum 

Imperialis Petropolitanae. Akademii Nauk. (Cont'd as: Acta Acad. Sci. 

petrop., followed by Nova Acta, etc.) Leningrad. 
Novit. zool. Lond. Novitates zoologicae. A Journal of Zoology in Connection with 

the Tring Museum. London. 


Nuovi Ann. Minist. Agric. Roma. Nuovi annali del Ministerio per 1'agricoltura. 


Nuovi Ann. Sci. nat. Nuovi annali delle scienze natural!. Bologna. 
Nuovo Ercol. Nuovo ercolani. Milano. 

Nuovo Giorn. bot. ital. Nuovo giornale botanico italiano (e Bolletino della Soci- 
eta botanica italiana). Firenze. 

NytMag. Naturv. Nyt magazin for naturvidenskaberne. (Cont'd as: Nytt ma- 
gasin for naturvidenskapene.) Oslo (Kristiania). 

Obshch.ritssk.Vrach. Obshchestvo Russkikh Vrachel v Pamiat N. I. Pirogova. 

(Society of Russian Physicians in Pirogov's Memory.) Moskva. 
Occ. Pap. Bishop Mus. Honolulu. Occasional Papers of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop 

Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History. Honolulu. 

Occ. Pap. Calif. Acad. Sci. Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sci- 
ences. San Francisco. 

Occ. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Mich. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology, 
University of Michigan. Ann Arbor. 

Oefvers.svensk.VetenskAkad.Forh. Oefversigt af Kongl. Svenska vetenskapsaka- 
demiens forhandlingar. Stockholm. 

Oest. ChemZtg. Oesterreichische Chemikerzeitung u. Zeitschr. f. Nahrungsmittel- 
untersuchung, Hygiene u. Warenkunde. Wien. 

Oest. Forst- u. Jagdztg. Oesterreichische Forst- u. Jagdzeitung. Wien. 

Oest. Vjschr. uriss. Vet. Oesterreichische Vierteljahresschrift fiir wissenschaftliche 
Veterinarkunde. Wien. 

Oest. Wschr. Tierhlk. Oesterreichische Wochenschrift fiir Tierheilkunde u. Revue 
f. Tierheilkunde u. Tierzucht. Wien. 

Oest.-ung. Bl.Gefl.-Kaninchenz. *0esterreichisch-ungarische Blatter fiir Geflugel- 
und Kaninchen-zucht. (1-5, 1878-82. Cont'd as: Allgemeine Gefliigelzeitung.) 

Oest.-ung. Rev. Oesterreichisch-ungarische Revue. Wien. 

Oest.-ung. Vjschr. Zahnhlk. Oesterreichisch-ungarische Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Zahn- 
heilkunde. (Cont'd as: Wiener Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Zahnheilkunde.) Wien. 

Oevers. finska Vetensk-Soc. Helsingfors. Oeversikt av Finska vetenskaps-societe- 

tens forhandlingar. Helsingfors (Helsinki). 
Ohio Div. Conserv. (Bull, or Res. Bur. Circ.). Ohio Department of Agriculture. 

Division of Conservation, Bureau of Scientific Research. (a) Bulletin, 

(b) Research Bureau Circular. Columbus. 

Ohio J. Sci. Ohio Journal of Science. Columbus. 
Oiseau. *See Rev. Hist. nat. appl. 

Okayama Ig. Kw.Z. Okayama Igaku Kwai Zasshi. (Japanese.) [Journal of the 

Okayama Medical Society.] 

Okhot. Viest. Okhotnichil Viestnik. [Messager de chasse.] Moskva. 
Onderz. physiol. Lab. Utrecht.- Onderzoekingen gedaan in het Physiologisch Labora- 

torium der Utrechtsche Hoogeschool. Utrecht. 
Ool. Rec.*The Oologist's Record. (1, 1921+) London. 
Oologist. "Oologist. (1,1884+) Albion, N.Y. 
Open Court. Open Court, a Monthly Magazine. Chicago. 
Ophth. Rec. Ophthalmic Record. Chicago. 
Ophthalmology. Ophthalmology. Milwaukee; Seattle. 

Opusc. Soc. med.-chir. Opuscoli della Societa medico-chirurgica di Bologna. 
Oregon Nat. The Oregon Naturalist. 
On. et Avicult. "Ornithologie et aviculture. Ptitseviedienie i Ptitsevodstvo. 

Orn.Beob. *Der ornithologische Beobachter. (L'Ornithologiste.) (1,1902+) Basel. 


Orn. fenn. *Ornis Fennica (Ornitologiska foreningen i Finland). (1, 1924+) Hel- 
singfors (Helsinki). 

Orn. Jahrb. "Ornithologisches Jahrbuch fiir das palaarktische Faunengebiet. 
(1-29, 1890-1918.) Hallein. 

Orn. Lond. *The Ornithologist; a Magazine of Ornithology and Oology. (1, 1896- 
97.) London. 

Orn. Mber. *0rnithologische Monatsberichte. (1, 1893 + Suppl. to J. Orn.) Berlin. 

Orn. Mschr. *0rnithologische Monatsschrift. Mschr. deuts. Vereins zum Schutze 
der Vogelwelt. (1, 1876+) Halle; Leipzig; Magdeburg. 

Orn. Ool ""Ornithologist and Oologist. (1-18, 1875-93.) Rockville, Conn.; Paw- 
tucket, R.I., etc. 

Orn.Zbl. *Ornithologisches Centralblatt. (1,1872+ Suppl. to J". Orn.) Leipzig. 

Ornis. *Ornis. Journal of the International Ornithological Committee. (1-14, 
1885-1910.) Wien; London. 

Orv. Hetil. Orvosi Hetilap. Honi es Kiilfoldi Gyogyaszat es Korbuvarlat Koz- 
lonye. Budapest. 

Osprey. *Osprey. (1896-1902. Subtitle varies.) Galesburg, 111.; New York; 

Ottawa Nat. Ottawa Naturalist. (Cont'd as: Canad. Field Nat.) Ottawa. 

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and Medicine. New York. 
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Association. Cont'd as: J. Amer. Vet. Med. Assoc. 
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naturali in "Pisa. 
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Archaeologists' Field Club. Warwick. 

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Societe philomathique de Paris. 

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physiques et naturelles de Bordeaux. 

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of Medicine. Louisville, Ky. 

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Gewerbe, Industrie und Wissenschaft. Leipzig. 

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ispytatelel pri Imp. Varshavskom Universitetie. [Proceedings of the Meetings 
of the Society of Naturalists at the University of Warsaw.] Warszawa. 

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shchestva Estestvoispytatelel. [Comptes rendus des seances de la Soci6t6 
imperiale des naturalistes de St. Petersbourg.] Leningrad. 

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Grenzwissenschaften. Berlin. 

Psychol. Rev. Psychological Review. Lancaster, Penn. 

Ptitseviedienie See Orn. et Avicult. 

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Ornithological Series, (f) Zoological Series. Chicago. 


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perfezionamento in Firenze. (a) Museo ed erbario coloniale. (b) Sezione di 

scienze fisiche e naturali. (c) Sezione di medicina e chirurgia. Firenze. 
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Quart. J.Micr. Sci. The Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science. London. 
Quart. J. Sci. The Quarterly Journal of Science. Title varies. Became J. Sci. 

Lond. July 1864, absorbed Edinb. New Phil. Mag. 
Quart. Rev. The Quarterly Review. London. 
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neta Imp. Varshavskago Universiteta. [Arbeiten aus d. zool. Kabinet d. 

Kais. Warschauer Univers.] Warszawa. 
Rob. zoot.Lab. Varshava. Raboty iz Zootomicheskol Laboratorii Varshavskago 

Universiteta. [Arbeiten aus d. zootom. Laborat. d. Univ. Warschau.] 


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Ray Soc. Pub. Ray Society Publications. London. 
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S. Africa. 

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Rec. Ind. Mus. Records of the Indian Museum. Calcutta. 
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Rec. Mem. Med. Chir. Pharm. mil. Recueil de memoires de medecine, de chirur- 

gie et de pharmacie militaires. Paris. 
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Belgique. Leiden. 

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Recreat. Sci. Recreative Science; a Record and Remembrance of Intellectual 

Observation. London. 
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Reliable Poultry Journal.) Quincy, 111.; Dayton, Ohio. 
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dell' Istituto di Bologna. 
Rend. Ace. Lincei. Atti della R. Accademia dei Lincei. Rendiconti. Cl. di sci. fis. 

mat. e nat. Roma. 
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sedute solenni. Roma. 
Rend. Ace. Napoli. Rendiconti della R. Accademia delle scienze fisiche e mate- 

matiche. Napoli. 
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Britain. London. 

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Virgin Islands. Tortola. 

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Rep. anal. Chem. Repertorium der analytischen Chemie. Hamburg. 

Rep. Anat. Physiol. Repertoire d'anatomie et de physiologie pathologiques. 


Rep. Aust. Assoc. Adv. Sci. Report. Australasian Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science. Sydney. 

Rep. Belfast Nat. Hist. Soc. Report and Proceedings of the Belfast Natural His- 
tory and Philosophical Society. (Cont'd as: Proc. and Rep.) Belfast. 

Rep. Bright. Suss. Nat. Hist. Phil. Soc. Report. Brighton and Sussex Natural 
History and Philosophical Society. Brighton. 

Rep. Brit. Assoc. Report of the British Association for the Advancement of 
Science. London. 

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New South Wales. Sydney. 

Rep. Cancer Comm. Harv. Reports of the Cancer Commission. Harvard University 
Medical School. Boston. 

Rep. Commiss. Patents Wash. Report of the Commissioner of Patents. Wash- 

Rep. Devons. Assoc. Adv. Sci. Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of Science. Plymouth. 

Rep. Baling (Nat.) Sci. Micr. Soc. Annual Report of the Baling Natural Science 
(Scientific) and Microscopical Society. 

Rep. Ent. Soc. Ont. Annual Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario. 

Rep. Exp. Fms. Canad. Annual Report on the Experimental Farms. Dept. of 

Agriculture, Canada. Ottawa. 
Rep. gen. Anat. Physiol. path. Repertoire general d'anatomie et de physiologic 

pathologiques, etc. Paris. 

Rep. Indiana Agric. Ex-pi. Sta. Annual Report of the Indiana Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station. Lafayette. 

Rep. Kans. St. Bd. Agric. Report of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture. 

Rep. Leeds Nat. Club. Annual Report of the Leeds Naturalists' Club and Scien- 
tific Association. 

Rep. Maine Agric. Expt. Sta. Annual Report of the Maine Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station. Orono. 

Rep. Marlboro. Coll. Nat. Hist. Soc. Report of the Marlborough College Natural 

History Society. Marlborough. 
Rep. Mich. Acad. Sci. Annual Report of the Michigan Academy of Science. 

Rep. Mich. Agric. Expt. Sta. Report of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment 

Station. Lansing. 
Rep. Minn. Ent. Report of the Minnesota State Entomologist. St. Paul. 

Rep. Missouri Bot. Gdn. Annual Report of the Missouri Botanical Garden. 
(Cont'd as: Annals.) St. Louis. 

Rep. N. J. Agric. Expt. Sta. Report of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment 

Station. Princeton; Trenton. 
Rep. N. Staffs. F. Cl. Annual Report and Transactions (North Staffordshire Field 

Club). Stafford. 
Rep. N-Y. St. Mus. Sci. Din. Report of the New York State Museum, Science 

Division. New York. 
Rep. N.Y. Zool. Soc. Annual Report of the New York Zoological Society. New 


Rep. Nat. Bd. Health Wash. Reports (Annual) of the National Board of Health. 

Rep. Neb. Agric. Expt. Sta. Annual Report. Nebraska Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Lincoln. 

Rep. Neb. St. Bd. Agric. Annual Report of the Nebraska State Board of Agri- 
culture. Lincoln. 


Rep. Ohio Agric. Expt. Sta. Annual Report of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment 
Station. Wooster. 

Rep. Ohio St. Bd. Agric. Annual Report of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture. 

Rep. Pharm. Nuremb. Repertorium fur die Pharmacie. Nuremberg. 

Rep. Pharm. Paris. Repertoire de pharmacie et Archives de pharmacie. Paris. 

Rep. Quebec Soc. Prot. PI. Annual Report of the Quebec Society for the Pro- 
tection of Plants from Insects and Fungus Diseases. Quebec. 

Rep. R. I. Agric. Expt. Sta. Annual Report of the Rhode Island Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station. Kingston. 

Rep. Rugby Sch. Nat. Hist. Soc. Report of the Rugby School Natural History 
Society. Rugby. 

Rep. S. Afr. Assoc. Adv. Sci. Report of the South African Association for the 
Advancement of Science. Cape Town. 

Rep. Smithson. Instn. Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian 
Institution. Washington. 

Rep. U. S.Bur. Anim. Ind. Annual Report of the U. S. Bureau of Animal Industry. 

Rep. U. S. Dept. Agric. Annual Report. United States Department of Agricul- 
ture. Washington. 

Rep.U.S.Geol.Surv. Annual Report of the Geological Survey of the United 
States. Washington. 

Rep. U. S. Nat. Mus. Report of the United States National Museum. Wash- 

Rep. U. S. Surv. Terr. Annual Report of the United States Geological and Geo- 
graphical Survey of the Territories. Washington. 

Rep. Wellcome Trap. Res. Labs. Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Lab- 
oratories. Khartoum. 

Rep. Wellington Coll. Nat. Sci. Soc. Annual Report of the Wellington College 
Natural Science Society. Wellington, New Zealand. 

Res. Bull. Missouri Agric. Expt. Sta. Research Bulletin. Missouri Agricultural 
Experiment Station. Columbia. 

Rev. arg. Hist. nat. Revista argentina de historia natural. Buenos Aires. 

Rev. biol. Nord Fr. Revue biologique du nord de la France. Lille. 

Rev. /ran?. Endocr. Revue francaise d'endocrinologie. Paris. 

Rev. franc,. Orn. "Revue frangaise d'ornithologie scientifique et pratique. Soci- 
6te ornithologique de France. (1,1909 + ) Paris. 

Rev. gen. Bot. Revue generale de botanique. Paris. 

Rev. gen. Clin. Revue generate de clinique et de therapeutique. Paris. 

Rev. gen. Sci. pur. appl. Revue generale des sciences pures et appliquees. Paris. 

Rev. Hist. nat. appl. Revue d'histoire naturelle appliquee. Societe nationale d'ac- 
climatation de France, (b) *L'Oiseau. (1-11,1920-31. Cont'd in new series 
as simply Oiseau). Paris. 

Rev. Hyg. Paris. Revue d'hygiene et de police sanitaire. Paris. 

Rev. int. Sci. biol. Paris. Revue internationale des sciences biologiques. Paris. 

Rev. Laryng. Paris. Revue de laryngologie, d'otologie et de rhinologie. Paris. 

Rev. Mag. Zool. Revue et magasin de zoologie pure et appliquee. Paris. 

Rev. med. Est. Revue medicale de 1'Est. Nancy. 

Rev. med. franq. Revue medicale francaise. Paris. 

Rev. med. Suisse rom. Revue medicale de la Suisse romande. Geneve. 

Rev. Med. trop. Habana. Revista de medicina tropical. Habana. 

Rev. Microbiol. Epidem. Saratov. Revue de microbiologie et d'epidemiologie (et 
de parasitologie). (Viestnik Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Parazitologii.) 


Rev. Mondes. Revue des deux mondes. Paris. 

Rev. Mus. paul. Revista do Museu paulista. Sao Paulo. 

Rev. Quest, sci. Revue des questions scientifiques, publiee par la Socie'te' scienti- 

fique de Bruxelles. Louvain; Paris; Bruxelles. 
Rev. sci. Bourbonnais. Revue scientifique du Bourbonnais et du centre de la 

France. Moulins. 

Rev. sci. Limousin. Revue scientifique du Limousin. Limoges. 
Rev. Sci. not. Revue des sciences naturelles. Paris; Montpellier. 
Rev. Sci. not. appl. Revue des sciences naturelles appliquees. (Also Bull. Soc. 

Acdim. Fr. Vols. 36-42. Title varies.) Paris. 

Rev. Sci. nat. Quest. Revue des sciences naturelles de 1'Ouest. Paris. 
Rev. sci. Paris. Revue scientifique. (Revue rose.) (1863-70, as Revue des courssci- 

entifiques de la France et de Petranger. 1871-81, as Rev. sci. de la France 

et de Petranger.) Paris. 

Rev. suisse Zool. Revue suisse de zoologie. Geneve. 
Rev. trimest. microg. Revista trimestral micrografica. Madrid. 
Rev. Tuberc. Paris. Revue de la tuberculose. Paris. 
Rev. zool. Paris. Revue zoologique, par la societe cuvierienne. (After 1849 as: 

Rev. Mag. Zool.) Paris. 

Rev. zool. russe. Revue zoologique russe. (See Russk. zool. Zh.) Moskva. 
Rev. Zootech. Revue de zootechnie. Paris. 

Rhea. *Rhea. Zeitschrift fur die gesamte Ornithologie. (1-2,1846-49.) Leipzig. 
Ricer. Lab. Anat. norm. Roma. Ricerche del Laboratorio di anatomia normale 

della R. Universita di Roma. Cont'd as: Ricer. Morfol. Roma. 
Ricer. Morfol. Roma. Ricerche di morfologia. Roma. 
Ridgway Orn. Cl. Bull. *Ridgway Ornithological Club of Chicago. Bulletin. 1-2, 


Riforma med. Riforma medica. Napoli. 
Riv. Biol. Rivista di biologia. Roma. 
Riv. Igi. Rivista d'igiene e sanita pubblica. Roma; Torino. 
Riv. ital. Orn. *Rivista italiana di ornitologia. (1, 1911 +) Bologna. 
Riv. ital. Sci. nat. Rivista italiana di s cienze naturali. (Subtitle varies. 1881-88 

as: Bollettino del naturalista, collettore, allevatore, coltivatore.) Siena. 
Riv. ital. Terap. Rivista italiana di terapia e igiene. Piacenza. 
Riv. neuropat. Rivista neuropatologica. Torino. 
Riv. Patol. nerv. ment. Rivista di patologi nervosa e mentale. Firenze. 
Riv. sper. Freniat. Rivista sperimentale di freniatria e medicina legale delle ali- 

enazioni mentali. Reggio nell'Emilia. 

Rochester Nat. Rochester Naturalist. Rochester, England. 
Rozpr. biol. med. wet. Rozprawy Biologiczne z Zakresu Medycyny Weterynarnej 

Rolnictwa i Hodowii. Lwow (Lemberg). 
Rozpr. ceske Akad. Rozpravy Ceske Akademie Cisafe Frantiska Josefa pro VSdy, 

Slovesnost a UmSni. [Dissertations of the Bohemian Academy of the Em- 
peror Francis Joseph for Science, Literature and Art in Prague.] Praha. 
Russk. Arkh. Pat. Russkil Arkhiv Patologii, Klinicheskpl Meditsiny i Bakterio- 

logii. [Russian Archives of Pathology, Clinical Medicine, and Bacteriology.] 


Russk. Vrach. Russkil Vrach. [Russian Physician.] Leningrad. 
Russk. zool. Zh. Russkil Zoologicheskil Zhurnal. Moskva. 
S. Afr. J. Sci. South African Journal of Science. Cape Town. 
S.Aust.Orn. *South Australian Ornithologist. (1914+) Adelaide. 
St. Hubertus. Sankt Hubertus. Wochentliche illustrierte Zeitschrift fiir Jagd, 

Hundezucht, Fischerei und Naturkunde. Cothen, Germany. 
St. Louis Med. Surg. J. St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal. St. Louis. 


St. Petersb. med. Z. St. Petersburger medicinische Wochenschrift (Zeitschrift) . 


Samml. klin.Vortr. Sammlung klinischer Vortrage. (R. von Volkmann.) Leipzig. 
Samml. Nat. Med. Sammlung von Natur- und Medicin-, wie auch hierzu ge- 

horigen Kunst- und Literatur-Geschichten. Breslau; Leipzig, etc. 
San. J. Glasg. The Sanitary Journal; a Journal of Hygiene and Public Health. 


Sch. Sci. Math. School Science and Mathematics. Chicago. 
Schles. landw.Ztg. Schlesische landwirtschaftliche Zeitung. Breslau. 
Schr.berl.Ges.naturf.Fr. Schriften der Berlinischen Gesellschaft Naturf orschen- 

der Freunde. Berlin. 
Schr. Ges. ges. Naturw. Marburg. Schriften der Gesellschaft zur Beforderung der 

Gesamten Naturwissenschaften zu Marburg. 

Schr. naturf. Ges. Danzig. Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Danzig. 
Schr. naturf. Ges. Dorpat. Schriften herausgegeben von der Naturf orscher- 

Gesellschaft bei der Universitat Dorpat. Dorpat, Esthonia. 
Schr. naturw. Ver. Schl.- Hoist. Schriften des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins fur 

Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel. 

Schr. phys.-okon.Ges. Konigsberg. Schriften der Physikalisch-okonomischen Gesell- 
schaft zu Konigsberg i Pr. 

Schr. Univ. Kiel. Schriften der Universitat zu Kiel. 
Schr. Ver. naturw. Kenntn. Wien. Schriften des Vereins zur Verbreitung Natur- 

wissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse in Wien. 
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Stationen in Osterreich. (1898-1913. Preceded by Mitt. orn. Ver. Wien.) Wien. 
Schweiz. Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. Schweizer Archiv fur Neurologic und Psychia- 

trie=Arch. suisses de neurologic et de psychiatrie. Zurich. 
Schweiz. Arch. Tierhlk. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde. Zurich. 
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chenzucht. Schweizerischer Ornithologischer Verein. (1-39, 1877-1915?) 


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Sci. Agric. Scientific Agriculture. Ottawa. 
Sci. Amer. Scientific American. New York. 

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can Monthly.) New York. 
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Sciences. New York. 

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rica. Pretoria. 
Sci. Bull. Sydney. Science Bulletin. Dept. of Agriculture, New South Wales. 

Sci. Gossip. Science Gossip. An Illustrated Monthly Record of Nature and 

Country-lore. London. 
Sci. med. bras. Sciencia medica; revista brasileira de medicina e sciencias affins. 

Rio de Janeiro. 

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Sci. Mon. Toledo. Scientific Monthly; an Illustrated Magazine Devoted to the 

Natural Sciences. Toledo, Ohio. 
Sci. News. Science News. Salem, Mass. 

Sci. Proc. R. Dublin Soc. Scientific Proceedings of the Royal Dublin Society. 
Sci. Prog. Lond. Science Progress. A Quarterly Review of Scientific Thought, 

Work and Affairs. London. 


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4, Biology.) Sendai, Japan. 

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Scot. Nat. Scottish Naturalist. Edinburgh. 

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[Sei-Ikwai Med. J.] Tokyo. 

Sem. med. B. Aires. Semana me'dica. Buenos Aires. 

Sem. med. Paris. Semaine medicale. Paris. 

Sem. Okhotnik. Semia Okhotnikov. [The Hunting Family.] Moskva. 

SitzBer. Akad. Wiss. Wien. Sitzungsberichte der Kais. Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften in Wien. Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. Abt. I. Mineralogie, Krystallo- 
graphie, Botanik, etc. Abt. III. Anatomie u. Physiologic. 

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Wissenschaften. Math.-Phys. Kl. Miinchen. 

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Wissenschaften. Math.-Nat. Kl. Praha. 

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derung der Gesamten Naturwissenschaften zu Marburg. 

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phologic und Physiologie in Miinchen. 

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Freunde zu Berlin. 

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Uchen Gesellschaft Isis zu Bautzen. 

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lichen Gesellschaft Isis in Dresden. 

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chen Gesellschaft zu Jena. Suppl. to Jena. Z. Naturw. 

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Dorpat. Protokoly Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel pri Imp. Jurjewskom 
Univ. Jurjew. (Title varies.) Dorpat, Esthonia. 

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zu Leipzig. 

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schenden Gesellschaft zu Rostock. 

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torischen Verein der Preussischen Rheinlande und Westfalens. Bonn. 

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Gesellschaft fur Natur- u. Heilkunde zu Bonn. 

SitzBer. phys.-med. Ges. Wilrzb. Sitzungsberichte der Physikalisch-medizinischen 
Gesellschaft zu Wlirzburg. Suppl. to Verh. phys.-med. Ges. Wurzb. 

SitzBer. phys.-med. Soz. Erlangen. Sitzungsberichte der Physikalisch-medicini- 
schen Sozietat in Erlangen. 

SitzBer. preuss. Akad. Wiss. Sitzungsberichte der Kgl. Preussischen Akademie der 
Wissenschaften. Berlin. 

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Mat.-naturv. Kl. Oslo. 

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Smithson. Misc. Coll. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Washington. 

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Sperimentale. Sperimentale. Archivio di biologia normale e patologica. Firenze. 


Spolia Zeylan. Spolia Zeylanica. Colombo Museum. Colombo, Ceylon. 
Spraw. Tow, nauk. warsz. Sprawozdania z Posiedzen Tpwarzystwa Naukowego 

Warszawskiego. (C. R. des seances de la Soc. scientifique de Varsovie.) 


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Strahlentherapie. Strahlentherapie. Berlin; Wien. 
Stray Feathers. *Stray Feathers. (1-12, 1872-88.) Calcutta. 
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of Owens College (of the University of Manchester). Manchester. 
Stud. Biol. Johns Hopk. Univ. Studies from the Biological Laboratory. Johns 

Hopkins University. Baltimore. 
Stud. Biol. Lab. Owens Coll. Studies from the Biological Laboratories of the 

Owens College. Manchester. 
Stud. Intell. 06s. The Student and Intellectual Observers of Science, Literature 

and Art. London. 

Stud. Morph. Lab. Camb. Studies from the Morphological Laboratory in the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. London; Edinburgh. 

Stud. Mus. Zool. Univ. Coll. Dundee. Studies from the Museum of Zoology in Uni- 
versity College, Dundee. 

Stud. Physiol. Lab. Camb. Studies from the Physiological Laboratory in the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. Cambridge. 
Studi sassaresi. Studi sassaresi dell' Istituto fisiologico della R. Universita di 

Siiddeuts.Bl. Gefliigelz.*Suddeutsche Blatter fur Geflugelzucht. (1-18, 1876-94?) 


Surg. Gynec. Obstet. Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics. Chicago. 
Svensk. VetenskAkad. Handl. Kongl. Svenska vetenskapsakademiens handlingar. 

(1780-1812, as Nya handlingar, etc.) Uppsala; Stockholm. 
Swiss Cross. Swiss Cross, a Monthly Magazine of Popular Science. Agassiz 

Association. New York. 
Tagebl. deuts. Naturf. Aerzte. Tageblatt der Versammlung Deutscher Naturfor- 

scher und Aerzte. 
Tagesber. Fortschr. Nat. Heilk. Tagesberichte iiber die Fortschritte der Natur 

und Heilkunde. (Continues N. Notiz. Nat. Heilk.) Weimar. 
Termesz. Fiiz. Termeszetrajzi Fuzetek. A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Segel- 

yevel Kiadja a Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum szerkeszti M. Sandor. (Cont'd as: 

Ann. hist.-nat. Mus. hung.) Budapest. 
Termeszett. Kbzl. Termeszettudomanyi Kozlony. [Journal of Natural Sciences.] 


Terre vaudoise. Terre vaudoise. Journal agricole. Lausanne. 
Teysmannia. Teysmannia. Batavia, Java. 
Thiergarten. Thier garten . Stuttgart . 
Tierwelt. "Tierwelt. Schweizerischer Gefliigelzuchtverein. (1, 1890+) Aarau, 

Tijdschr. Diergeneesk. Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde. (Title varies.) Utrecht; 

Tijdschr. ned. dierk. Ver. Tijdschrift der Nederlandsche Dierkundige Vereeniging. 

Timehri. Timehri: Being the Journal of the R. Agricultural and Commercial 

Society of British Guiana. Demerara. 

Tohoku Ig. Z T6hoku Igaku Zasshi. [T6hoku Medical Society.] Sendai, Japan. 
Tokyo Ig. Kw. Z. Tokyo Igaku Kwai Zasshi. (Japanese with abstracts in foreign 
languages.) [Mitteilungen der Medizinischen Gesellschaft zu Tokyo.] 

Tokyo Iji-Shinshi. The Tokyo Iji-Shinshi. (The Tokyo Medical Journal.) 


Tori. *Tori, The Aves [now simply, Tori.] Bull, of the Ornithological Society 
of Japan. (1,1915+) Tokyo. 

Trab. Lab. Invest, biol. Univ. Madr. Trabajos del Labpratorio de investigaciones 
biologicas de la Universidad de Madrid. Continues Rev. trimest. microg. 
See Trav. Lab. Recher. biol. Univ. Madr. 

Trab. Mus. Cienc. nat. Madr. Trabajos del Museo de ciencias naturales. Institute 
nacional de ciencias fisico-naturales. a. Serie botanica. b. Serie geologica. 
c. Serie zoo!6gica. Madrid. 

Trans. Acad. Med. Ire. Transactions of the R. Academy of Medicine in Ireland. 

Trans. Amer. Assoc. Gen.-Urin. Surg. Transactions of the American Association 
of Genito-Urinary Surgeons. New York. 

Trans. Amer. Micr. Soc. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society. 
(Preceded by Proc. Am. Soc. Micr. Title varies.) Lancaster, Penn. 

Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. 

Trans. Assoc. Amer. Physic. Transactions of the Association of American Physi- 
cians. Philadelphia. 

Trans. Bot. Soc. Edinb. Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society 
of Edinburgh. 

Trans. Caradoc F. Cl. Transactions. Caradoc and Severn Valley Field Club. 
Shrewsbury, England. 

Trans. Cardiff Nat. Soc. Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society. Cardiff. 

Trans. Conn. Acad. Arts Sci. Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts 
and Sciences. New Haven. 

Trans. Dumfr. Gall. Nat. Hist. Soc. Transactions and Journal of the Proceedings 
of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. 

Trans. Eastbourne Nat. Hist. Soc. Transactions and Journal of the Eastbourne 
Natural History Society. Eastbourne, England. 

Trans. Edinb. Field Nat. Soc. Transactions of the Edinburgh Field Naturalists' 
and Microscopical Society. Edinburgh. 

Trans. Edinb. Geol. Soc. Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society. 

Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London. 

Trans. Epidem. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Epidemiological Society. 

Trans. Highl. Agric. Soc. Scot. Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural 
Society of Scotland. Edinburgh. 

Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science. 

Trans. Lab. Exp. Biol. Zoopark Moscow. Transactions of the Laboratory of Experi- 
mental Biology of the Zoopark of Moscow. Trudy Laboratorii Eksperi- 
mentalnol Biologii Moskovskogo Zooparka. 

Trans. Leeds Nat. Cl. Transactions of the Leeds Naturalists' Club and Scientific 

Trans. Leicester Lit. Phil. Soc. Transactions of the Leicester Literary and Philo- 
sophical Society. Leicester. 

Trans. Linn. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Linnean Society of London. (Zoolo- 
gy). London. 

Trans. Linn. Soc. N. Y. Transactions of the Linnaean Society of New York. 

Trans. Lond. Nat. Hist. Soc. Transactions of the London Natural History So- 
ciety. Cont'd as: Naturalist. 

Trans. Med. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Medical Society of London. 

Trans. Med. Soc. St. N.Y Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of 
New York. Albany. 


Trans. Med.-Chir. Soc. Glasgow. Transactions of the Medico-Chirurgical Society 
of Glasgow. 

Trans. N.Y.Acad.Sci. Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences. 
New York. 

Trans. N. Z. Inst. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute. 

Trans. Nat. Hist. Soc. Glasgow. Transactions of the Natural History Society of 
Glasgow. Cont'd as: Glasg. Nat. 

Trans. Nat. Hist. Soc. Northumb. Newc. Transactions of the Natural History So- 
ciety of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. London. 

Trans. New Hamps. Med. Soc. Transactions of the New Hampshire Medical So- 
ciety. Concord. 

Trans. Norfolk Norw. Nat. Soc. Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Natu- 
ralists' Society. Norwich. 

Trans. Obstet. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Obstetrical Society. London. 

Trans. Ophth. Soc. U. K. Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society of the 
United Kingdom. London. 

Trans. Path. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Pathological Society of London. 

Trans. R. Irish Acad. Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy. Dublin. 

Trans. R. After. Soc. Transactions of the Royal Microscopical Society. (Title 
varies. See Mon. Micr. J.) London. 

Trans. R. Soc. Canad. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Ottawa. 

Trans. R. Soc. Edinb. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Edin- 

Trans. R. Soc. Mauritius. Transactions of the Royal Society of Arts and Sci- 
ences of Mauritius. 

Trans. R. Soc. S. Afr. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa. Cape 

Trans. R. Soc. S. Aust. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia. 

Trans. S. Afr. Phil. Soc. Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society. 
(Cont'd as: Trans. R. Soc. S. Afr.) Cape Town. 

Trans. Stirling Nat. Hist. Soc. Transactions of the Stirling Natural History and 
Archaeological Society. Stirling, Scotland. 

Trans. Tex. Acad. Sci. Transactions of the Texas Academy of Science. Austin. 
Trans. Woolhope Nat. F. Cl. Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists' Field 

Club. Hereford. 
Trans. Worcestersh. Nat. Cl. Transactions of the Worcestershire Naturalists' Club. 


Trans. Zool. Soc. Lond. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London. 
Trap. Acad. nat. Reims. Travaux de 1'Academie nationale de Reims. 
Trap. Lab. Recher. biol. Univ. Madr. Travaux du Laboratoire de recherches bio- 

logiques de 1'Universite de Madrid. (Also Traft. Lab. Invest, biol. Univ. Madr. 

Continues Rev. trimest. microg.) Madrid. 

Trap. Lab. Zool. Wimereux. Travaux du Laboratoire de zoologie maritime de 
Wimereux-Ambleteuse. (Title varies.) Paris. 

Trap. sci. Univ. Rennes. Travaux scientifiques de 1'Universite de Rennes. 

Trap. Soc. Nat. Kharkow. Travaux de la Societe des naturalistes a 1'Univ. de 

Kharkow. Trudy Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel pri Imp. Kharkovskom 

Universitetie. Kharkov. 

Trap. Soc. Nat. St. Petersb. Travaux de la Societe Imp. des naturalistes de St.- 
Petersbourg. Trudy Leningradskogo (S.-Petersb.) Obshchestva Estestvo- 
ispytatelel. (See Prot. Spb. Obshch. Est.) Leningrad. 

Trap. Soc. Nat. Varsovie. Travaux de la Societe des naturalistes de Varsovie. 
Trudy Varshavskago Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel. Warszawa. 


Trav. Soc. Sci. med. Moselle. Expos6 des travaux de la Socie'te' des sciences me"di- 
cales du de"partement de la Moselle. Metz. 

Trav. Sta. physiol. Coll. France. Travaux de la Station physiologique de Boulogne- 
sur-Seine, annexe du College de France. 

Trib. med. Paris. Tribune medicale. Paris. 

Trib. med. Rio de J. Tribuna medica. Rio de Janeiro. 

Trud. gos. Inst. eksper. Vet. Trudy Gosudarstvennogo Instituta Eksperimental- 
nol Veterinarii. [Transactions of the Government Institute of Experimental 
Veterinary Science.] Moskva. 

Trud. Lies. opyt.Diel. Trudy po Liesnomu Opytnomu Dielu v Rossii. [Trans- 
actions of Experimental Forestry in Russia.] Leningrad. 

Trud. Obshch. Est. Kazan. Trudy Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel pri Imp. Ka- 
zanskom Universitetie. [Transactions of the Society of Naturalists of the Uni- 
versity of Kazan.] Kazan. 

Trud. Obshch. Ispyt. Prir. Kharkov. Trudy Obshchestva Ispytatelel Prirody, pri 
Imp. Kharkovskom Universitetie. (Also Trav. Soc. Nat. Kharkow.) Kharkov. 

Trud. Siezd. russk. Est. Trudy Siezda Russkikh Estestvoispytatelel. [Transac- 
tions of the Congress of Russian Naturalists.] 

Trud. varsh. Obshch. Biol. Trudy Varshavskago Obshchestva Estestvoispytate- 
lel. Protokoly Otdielen'iie Biologii. Warszawa. 

Trud. varsh. Obshch. Est. Trudy Varshavskago Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel. 
(Also Trav. Soc. Nat. Varsovie.) Warszawa. 

Tubercolpsi Pavia. Tubercolosi. Giornale italiano di studi e di lotta sociale 
antitubercolare. Pavia; Milano. 

Tuberk. Arb. Berl. Tuberkulosearbeiten aus dem Kais. Gesundheitsamte. Berlin. 

Tufts Coll. Stud. Tufts College Studies. Scientific Series. Medford, Mass. 

U. S. Comm. Fish. Rep. United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries. Report 
of the Commissioner. Washington. 

Uch. Zap. kazan. Vet. Inst. Uchenyia Zapiski Imp. Kazanskago Veterinarnago 
Instituta. [Scientific Records of the Kazan Veterinary Institute.] Kazan. 

Uch. Zap. mosk. Univ. Uchenyia Zapiski Imp. Moskovskago Universiteta. [Mem- 
oirs of the Imperial University of Moscow.] Moskva. 

Ufficiale. Ufficiale sanitario. Napoli. 

Ugeskr. Laeg. Ugeskrift for Laeger. Kj0benhavn. 

Umschau. Umschau. Uebersicht iiber die Fortschritte u. Bewegungen auf d. 
Gesamtgeb. d. Wissenschaft, Technik, Literatur u. Kunst. Frankfurt am 
Main; Leipzig. 

Ungar. Arch. Med. Wiesbaden. Ungarisches Archiv fur Medizin. Wiesbaden. 

Univ. Calif. Pub.Geol. University of California Publications in Geology. Berkeley. 

Univ. Calif. Pub. Physiol. University of California Publications in Physiology. 

Univ. Calif. Pub. Zool. University of California Publications in Zoology. Ber- 

Univ. Chron. Calif. University Chronicle. University of California. Berkeley. 

Univ. Cincinn. Bull. University of Cincinnati Bulletin. Cincinnati. 

Univ. Toronto Stud. Physiol. University of Toronto Studies. Physiological Series. 

Univ. Toronto Stud. Psychol. University of Toronto Studies. Psychological Se- 
ries. Toronto. 

Untersuch. Naturl. Mensch. Tiere. Untersuchungen zur Naturlehre des Menschen 
und der Tiere. Giessen. 

Untersuch. physiol. Inst. Heidelberg. Untersuchungen des Physiologischen Insti- 
tut in Heidelberg. 

Uppsala LdkForen. Forh. Uppsala lakareforenings forhandlingar. Uppsala. 

Uppsala Univ. Arsskr. Uppsala universitets arsskrift. Uppsala. 


Uragus. "Uragus. Zhurnal Sibirskogo Ornitologicheskogo Obshchestva. Jour- 
nal of the Siberian Ornithological Society. (1, 1926+) Tomsk, Siberia. 

Util. Poult. J. ""Utility Poultry Journal. Newport, Shrop. 

Varshav. univ. Izv. Varshavskiia Universitetskiia Izviestiia. [Warsaw University 
Communications.] Warszawa. 

Verh. Akad. Wet. Amst. Verhandelingen der Konink. Akademie van Wetenschap- 
pen. (a) Natuurhist. geolog. en med. Wetenschappen. (b) Wis- en natuur- 
kund. Wetenschappen. Amsterdam. 

Verh. anat. Ges. Jena. Verhandlungen der Anatomischen Gesellschaft. (Issued 
with Anat. Am., Erg. H.) Jena. 

Verh. berl. Ges. Anthrop. Verhandlungen der Berliner Gesellschaft fur An- 
thropologie, Ethnologic und Urgeschichte. (Issued with Z. f. Ethnologic.) 

Verh. deuts. derm. Ges. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesell- 
schaft. Breslau; Berlin. 

Verh. deuts. path. Ges. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Pathologischen Gesell- 
schaft. Jena. 

Verh. deuts. zool. Ges. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft. 
Berlin; Leipzig. 

Verh. Ges. deuts. Naturf. Aerzte. Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft Deutscher Na- 
turforscher und Aerzte. Leipzig. 

Verh. Ges. Fr. Naturw. Gera. Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft von Freunden der 
Naturwissenschaften. Gera. 

Verh. Ges. Kinderhlk. ^Verhandlungen der Versammlung der Gesellschaft fur Kin- 
derheilkunde. Wiesbaden. 

Verh. holl. Maat. Wet. Haarlem. Verhandelingen uitgegeeven door de Hollandsche 
Maatschappye der Wetenschappen te Haarlem. 

Verh. jap. path. Ges. Verhandlungen der Japanischen Pathologischen Gesell- 
schaft. Tokyo. 

Verh. naturf. Ges. Basel. Verhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in 

Verh. naturf. Ver. Briinn. Verhandlungen des Naturforschenden Vereins in Briinn. 

Verh. naturh. Ver. preuss. Rheinl. Verhandlungen des Naturhistorischen Vereins 
der Preussischen Rheinlande, Westfalens u. des Reg.-Bez. Osnabrtick. Bonn. 

Verh. naturh.-med. Ver. Heidelberg. Verhandlungen des Naturhistorisch-medizi- 
nischen Vereins zu Heidelberg. 

Verh. orn. Ges. Bayern.* Verhandlungen der Ornithologischen Gesellschaft in Bay- 
ern. (1-3, 1897-1902, as: Jber. orn. Ver. Munch.) Miinchen. 

Verh. phys.-med. Ges. Wiirzb. Verhandlungen der Physikalisch-medizinischen Ge- 
sellschaft zu Wiirzburg. 

Verh. proefonderv. Wijsbeg. Verhandelingen van het Bataafsch Genootschap der 
Proefondervindelijke Wijsbegeerte te Rotterdam. Cont'd as: Nieuwe Verh. 
proefonderv. Wijsbeg. 

Verh. prov. utrecht. Genoot. Verhandelingen van het Prov. Utrechtsch Genoot- 
schap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Utrecht. 

Verh. schweiz. naturf. Ges. Verhandlungen der Schweizerischen Naturforschenden 
Gesellschaft. Geneve, etc. 

Verh. siebenbiirg. Ver. Naturw. Verhandlungen u. Mitteilungen des Siebenbur- 
gischen Vereins fur Naturwissenschaften in Hermannstadt. 

Verh. Ver. GewFleiss. Berl. Verhandlungen des Vereins zur Beforderung des Gewer- 
befleisses. (Cont'd as: Gewerbefleiss.) Berlin. 

Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien. Verhandlungen der K. K. Zoologisch-bqtanischen Ge- 
sellschaft in Wien. 1851-59, as Verh. d. K. K. Zool.-bot. Verein, etc. 

Veroff. beamt. Tierarz. Preuss. Veroffentlichungen aus den Jahresveterinarbe- 
richten der Beamteten Tierarzte Preussens. Berlin. 


Versl. buit. wet. Verg. ned. dierk. Ver. Verslag van de buitengewone wetenschap- 
pelijke Vergadering der Nederlandsche Dierkundige Vereeniging. (Suppl. 
to Tijdschr. ned. dierk. Ver.) Leiden. 

Versl. gevxme Vergad. Akad. Amst. Verslag van de gewone Vergaderingen der Wis- 
en natuurkundige Afdeeling. Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen te 

Versl. Med. Akad. Wet. Amst. Verslagen en Medeleelingen der Koninklijke Aka- 
demie van Wetenschappen. Amsterdam. 

Versl. Ned. Gasth. Ooglijd. Verslag (Jaarlijksch) betrekelijk de Verpleging en't On 
derwijs in het Nederlandsch Gasthuis voor Ooglijders. Utrecht. 

Vesmir. Vesmir. Praha. 

Vet. J. Veterinary Journal. London. 

Vet. Obozr. Mosk. Veterinarnoe Obozrienie. (Revue veterinaire.) (Moskovskoe 
Obshchestvo Veterinarnykh Vrachel.) [Veterinary Review; Journal Issued by 
the Moscow Society of Veterinary Physicians.] Moskva. 

Vet. Rec. Veterinary Record. London. 

Vet. Vrach. Veterinarnyl Vrach. Leningrad. 

Veterinarian Lond. Veterinarian. London. 

Viet. Nat. The Victorian Naturalist. Melbourne. 

Vidensk. Mead, naturh. Foren. Kbh. Videnskabelige Meddeleser fra den Naturhis- 
toriske Forening i Kj0benhavn. 

Viestnik Estest. Obshch. Spb. Viestnik Estestvoznaniia Izdaniie S.-Petersbourgska- 
go Obshchestva Estestvoispytatelel. Revue des sciences naturelles publiee 
par la Soci6te des naturalistes a St. Petersbourg. 

Viestnik Obshch. Vet. Spb. Viestnik Obshchestvennpl Veterinarii. (Obshchestva 
Veterinarnykh Vrachel v. S.-Peterburg.) [Courier of Public Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Issued by the Society of Veterinary Physicians of St. Petersburg.] 

Virchows Arch. See Arch. path. Anal. Physiol. 

Vjschr. gerichtl. Med. Vierteljahrsschrift fur gerichtliche Medizin und offentli- 
ches Sanitatswesen. Berlin. 

Vjschr. naturf. Ges. Zurich. Vierteljahrsschrift der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft 
in Zurich. 

Vjschr. prakt. Hlk. Prag. Vierteljahrsschrift fur die praktische Heilkunde hrsg. 
von der Medicinischen Fakultatin. Praha. 

Voen.-med. Zh. Voenno-meditsinskil Zhurnal. Leningrad. 

Vogelzug. *Der Vogelzug. (1, 1930+) Berlin. 

Voigts Magazin. See Mag. neu. Naturk. 

Vrach. Dido. Vrachebnoe Dielo; Nauchnyl Meditsinskil Zhurnal. [Medical Jour- 
nal Devoted to Science and Medicine.] Kharkov. 

W. Amer. Sci. West American Scientist. San Diego, Calif. 

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bury, Conn.; 4 as Wilson Quarterly; 5 as J. Wilson Orn. Club.) Oberlin, 
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Yearb. Pub. Mus. Milwaukee Yearbook of the Public Museum of the City of 

Yearb. U. S. Dept. Agric. Yearbook of the United States Department of Agri- 
culture. Washington. 

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1-59 as Anat. Hefte, 1 Abt. Abt. 2. Zeitschrift fiir Konstitutionslehre. 1-7 
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Oesterreich. Wien. 
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phare. (1-7 as Z. des Deutschen Vereins zur Forderung der Luftschif- 
fahrt. 8-15 as Z. f. Luftschiffahrt.) Berlin. 
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Z. Mikr. Zeitschrift fur Mikroskopie. Organ der Gesellschaft fiir Mikroskopie 

zu Berlin. Berlin. 
Z. mikr.-anat. Forsch. Zeitschrift fiir mikroskopisch-anatomische Forschung. 


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(Abt. A of Z. wiss. Biol.) Berlin. 

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Cont'd as: Pommersch. Gefliigelz. 1910-11 as Z. f. praktische Geflugelzucht 

und Vogelkunde.) Stettin. 

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II. Zeitschrift fiir Sinnesphysiologie. Leipzig. 

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Genussmittel. Berlin. 
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Biol.) Berlin. 
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Z. uriss. Zool. Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliche Zoologie. Leipzig. 

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tomie. (1, 1923 as Z. f. Zellen- und Gewebelehre. Abt. B of Z. wiss. Biol.) 

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luzhnol Rossii. [Memoirs of the Imperial Society of Agronomics of Russia.] 

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Bull. Soc. oural. Sci. nat.) Ekaterinburg. 
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tomie. Deutsche Pathologische Gesellschaft. Jena. 
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ten. Abt. 1. Medizinisch-hygienische Bakt. und tierische Parasitenkunde. 

Originate u. Referate. Abt. 2. Allgemeine landwirtschaftlich-technologische 

Bakteriologie und Mykologie, Protozoologie und Pflanzenschutz, etc. Jena. 
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Zbl. Physiol. Zentralblatt fur Physiologie. Leipzig; Wien. 
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Ministere de 1'instruction publique.] Leningrad. 
Zh.Nevropat. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii imeni S. S. Korsakova. 

Zh. russk. Obshch. Okhran. narod. Zdrav. Zhurnal Russkago Obshchestva Okhra- 

neniiia Narodnago Zdraviia. (J. de la Socie'te russe d'hygiene publique.) 


Zoe. Zoe; a Biological Journal. San Francisco. 

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Zool. Beob. Zoologischer Beobachter. (Cont'd as: Naturw. Beob.) Frankfurt am 


Zool. Bull. Zoological Bulletin. (Title varies.) Harrisburg, Penn. 
Zool. Gart. Zoologischer Garten. Zeitschrift fur Beobachtung, Pflege und Zucht 

der Thiere. (Cont'd as: Zool. Beob.) Frankfurt am Main. 
Zool. J. Zoological Journal. London. 
Zool.Jahrb. Zoologische Jahrbucher. (1-2 published with subtitle: Z. [1888 +, 

Abteilung] f. Systematik, Geographic und Biologie der Thiere. Abt. 1. 

Systematik [1926 +, Oekologie], Geographie und Biologie. Abt. 2. Anatomie 

und Ontogenie. Abt. 3. Allgemeine Zoologie und Physiologie der Tiere. 

Supplement-band, 1886+) Jena. 
Zool. Meded. Zoologische Mededeelingen. Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie 

te Leiden. 
Zool. Res Roma. Zoologicae Res. Collectio brevium dissertatipnum novarumque 

investigationum ad universas zoologicas doctrinas spectantium quae periodice 

eduntur sub directione Petri De Vescovi. Romae. 
Zool. Zbl. Zoologisches Zentralblatt. Leipzig. 
Zoologica N. Y. Zoologica. Scientific Contributions of the New York Zoological 

Society. New York. 
Zoologica Stuttgart. Zoologica. Originalabhandlungen. Hrsg. von C. Chun. 


Zoologist. Zoologist. A Monthly Journal of Natural History. London. 
Ztg. Zool. Zoot. Zeitung fur Zoologie, Zootomie, und Palaeozoologie. Leipzig. 


Allgemeine deutsche Blatter fur Kanarienzucht. Leipzig; Volkmarsdorf. 

Allgemeine Gefliigel-Zeitung. Wien. 1-2, 1883-84] | Continues Gefliigelhof 
und oestereichisch-ungarische Blatter fur Gefliigel- und Kaninchenzucht. 

Allgemeine Kanarienzeitung. Altenburg. 

America avlcola. Santiago de Chile. 

American Bird House Journal. Waynesburg, Penn. 

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American Osprey. Ashland, Ky. 1, 1885|| 

American Osprey. Plymouth, Conn. 1, 1890|| 

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American Pigeon Keeper. Peoria, 111; Chicago. 1, 1898 + 

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American Poultry Journal. Proceedings of American Poultry Association 
included since 1917. 

American Poultry Association News. Fort Wayne, Indiana. 1, 1925 + 

American Poultry Fancier and Stockkeeper. Boston. 1-75, 1888-1925] | 1888- 
1913 as American Stock-keeper; 1913-16 as American Fancier and Stock- 

American Poultry Journal. Chicago. 1,1874 + 

American Poultry Raiser and Live Stock Journal. Philadelphia. 1885-1908?|| 

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American Poultry Yard. Hartford, Conn. 1-7, 1878-88|| 

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American Poultryman. Dayton, Ohio. See Farm Stock Success. 

American Poultryman. Lincoln, Neb. 1-20, 1894-1913|| 1-15, 1894-1910, as 

Poultry Gazette. Merged into Progressive Poultry Journal. 
American Racing Pigeon News. Norristown, Penn. 1, 1885+ 1885 to 1910 as 

Homing Exchange. 

Annotationes ornithologicae Orientalis. Tokyo. 1,1927 + 
Annual Report of the National Association of Audubon Societies. New York. 

1905+ Before 1905, published in Auk as Reports of the Union's Committee 

on Bird Protection; after 1905 in Bird-Lore. Reissued in Separates. 
Annual Report of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. London. 1, 

1891 + 

Apteryx, The. A New England Quarterly of Natural History. Providence, R.I. 

1, No. 1-3, 1905H 
Archives d'ornithologie suisse (Schweizer Gesellschaft fur Vogelkunde). 1, 

1932 + 

Arkansas Poultryman. Little Rock, Ark. 

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Audubon Bulletin (Indiana Audubon Society). Crawfordsville, Indiana. 1, 1921 + 
Aus Theorie und Praxis der Gefliigelzucht. Berlin. 1-5, 1907-17|l 
Australian Pigeon and Rabbit Journal. 
Aves, conejos y abejas. Buenos Aires. 1, 1919 + 
Aviculteur. Nantes. 1881-88] | 
Aviculteur. Paris. 1898. 



Aviculteur du Berry. Bourges. 

Aviculteur francais. Paris. 1,1923 + 

Avicultor. Mexico. 1, 1919 +? 

Avicultura practica. Arenys de Mar, Spain. 

Avicultura practica. Santiago de Chile. 

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1-12, as Pet Dealer; (Ser. 2), 1, Nos. 1-2 as Avicultural Magazine. 
Aviculture beige. Renaix. 

Aviculture commerciale et internationale. Charleville. 
Aviculture et 1'apiculture du Sud-Est. Lyon. 1-4, 1923-26|| 1, Nos. 1-4, as 

Aviculture du Sud-Est. Merged into France rurale. 
Aviculture pratique. Paris. 1912-14|| 
Aviculture pratique et sportive. Montillier sous Lausanne. 
Aviculture; revue traitant 1'elevage scientifique, pratique. Tours. 
Avifauna. Los Angeles; Santa Barbara, Calif. 1, 1895-97|| 
Baby Chick. Chicago. 

Bateleur, The. A Quarterly Journal of African Ornithology. Nairobi. 
Bay State Oologist. Pittsfield, Mass. 1, 1888|| 
Bericht des Ornithologisch-oologischen Vereins zu Hamburg (Hadersleben). 


Bird Calendar, The. Cleveland [Ohio] Bird Club. 1, 1905+ 
Bird Call, The. (Pennsylvania Audubon Society.) Philadelphia. 1, 1887|| 
Bird Lover. London. 

Bird Lovers' Monthly. Liverpool. 1, 1931. 
Bird News. San Francisco, Calif. Nos. 1-6, 1909|| 
Bird World Magazine. London. 1-2, 1906-07|| 
Bird-banding News. 

Bird-banding Notes. Washington. 1, 1922+ (mimeographed). 
Birds. Chicago. 1-3, 1897-98|| Cont'd as: Birds and All Nature. 
Birds and All Nature. Chicago. 4, 1898|| Cont'd as: Birds and Nature 


Birds and Nature Magazine. Chicago. 5, 1899-1907] | 
Bittern, The. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 1, 1901|| 
Bittern, The. Damariscotta, Me. Nos. 1-9, 1890-91] | 
Bluebird, The. Cleveland; Cincinnati. 1-12, 1910-20] | 1-6, No. 2, as Nature 

and Culture. 

Boletin de la R. Academia gallega. La Coruna, Spain. 1, 1906 + 
Bulletin avicole. Saint-Girons. 
Bulletin de 1'aviculteur frangais. Yerres. 

Bulletin de la Federation nationale des societes d'aviculture de Belgique. Bruxelles. 
Bulletin de la Ligue francais pour la protection des oiseaux. Paris. 1-12, 1912-25] | 

(Cont'd as: Bull, de la Federation des groupements frangais pour la protection 

des oiseaux.) 1, 1926 + 

Bulletin de la Socie"te des aviculteurs francais. Paris. 
Bulletin de la Societe d'aviculture de la Haute- Vienne. Limoges. 
Bulletin du Cercle des fermieres et Club avicole de 1'Oise. Beauvais. 
Bulletin of the American Poultry Association. Mansfield, Ohio. 1, 7-1918] ] 
Bulletin of the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. 
Bulletin of the British Oological Association. 1, 1926 + 
Bulletin of the British Society of Aviculture. London. 

Bulletin of the Eastern Bird Banding Association. Glenolden, Penn. 1, 1924 + 
Bulletin of the Florida Audubon Society. -Winter Park, etc. 1, 1919 + 


Bulletin of the Iowa Ornithologists' Union. 1, 1929 + 

Bulletin of the National Association of Audubon Societies for the Protection of 
Wild Birds and Animals. New York. 1, 1915 + 

Bulletin of the New Hampshire Audubon Society. 

Bulletin of the New Haven Bird Club. 1, 1908||? 

Bulletin of the South African Ornithologists' Union. 1, 1929 +? 

Bulletin of the Vermont Bird Club. Burlington. 1-8, 1906-14|| Cont'd as: 
Bulletin of the Vermont Botanical and Bird Clubs. Burlington. 1, 1915 + 

Cage Bird World. Baltimore. 1,1919 + 

Cage-Birds and Bird World. London. 1,1902 + 

California Poultry Journal. Los Angeles. 1-13, 1915-26. Merged into Pacific 
Poultry craft. 

California Poultry Tribune. Los Angeles. 

Canadian Poultry Chronicle. Toronto. 1-3, 1871-72||? 

Canadian Poultry Journal. Hamilton; Toronto. 1, 1915 + 

Canadian Poultry Journal and Pigeon Fancier. Beeton, Ont. 1-5, 1888-93 1| 

Canadian Poultry News. Owen Sound, Ont. 1-19, 1898-1919||? 

Canadian Poultry Review. Toronto. 1, 1877 + 

Canadian Poultry World. Victoria, B.C. 1, 1914 + 

Canaria. (Kanaria) Blatter fur Liebhaber feiner Kanarienvogel. Stettin; Leipzig. 
1, 1877 + 

Canary and Cage Bird Life. London. 1-18, 1905-14. Merged into Feathered 

Chat, The. North Carolina Bird Club. Raleigh, N. C. 1, 1937+ 

Chickadee, The (Forbush Bird Club). Worcester, Mass. 1, 1932+ (mimeo- 

Circular. National Association of Audubon Societies. 1, 1915 + 

Colombophile francaise. Lille. 1, 1887 1|? 

Commercial Poultry. Chicago; Marseilles, 111. ?-1910|| 

Cook's Poultry Journal. London. 1886?-1917|| 

Cooperative Poultryman. Los Angeles. 1,1925 + 

Curlew. Orleans, Indiana. Nos. 1-7, 1888-89] | 

Deutsche Gefliigel- und Bienen-Zeitung. Louisville, Ky. 1-?, 1879-82 1| 

Deutsche Wild- u. Gefliigelhandler. Berlin. 

Eagle, The. Frankfort, Indiana. 1, 1891 1| 

Eastern Bird Banding Quarterly. Philadelphia. 1, 1934 + 

Eastern Poultryman. Freeport, Me. 1-6, 1899-1905|| 

Echo de 1'aviculture. Bougival, France. 

Educational Leaflets. National Association of Audubon Societies. New York. 
1, 1902 + 

Egg Reporter. Waterloo, Iowa. 1, 1893+ Cont'd as: U. S. Egg and Poultry 

Eggs. Scientific Poultry Breeders' Association. Rudgwick, England. 1, 1919 + 

Eggs (and the Intensive World). Poole. 

Everybody's Poultry Magazine. Hanover, Penn. 1, 1897 + 

Fanciers' Gazette. Indianapolis. 1-24, 1883-1906|| Cont'd as: National Poultry- 

Fanciers' Gazette. London. 

Fanciers' Guide. Montpelier, Indiana. 1921-27|| Merged into Standard Poultry 

Fanciers' Journal. Philadelphia. 1-10, 1888-93|| 

Fanciers' Journal and Sportsman's Chronicle. Philadelphia. 1-11, 1888?-1893?|| 


Fanciers' Monthly. San Jose, Calif. 

Fanciers' Review. Chatham, N.Y. 1-14, 1888-1900|| Title varies. 

Fanciers' Review. London. 

Fancy Fowls. See Poultry Fancier. 

Farm Bureau and Poultry News. Hayward, Calif. 

Farm Stock Success. Springfield, Ohio. 1-25, 1880-1908] | 23, No. 4, as Ohio 
Poultry Journal. 23, No. 5 24 as American Poultryman. 

Feather. Washington, D.C. 1-17, 1895-1913] | 

Feathered Life. London. 1-24, 1903-14] |? 

Feathered Racer. Beverley, England. 

Feathered World. London. 1,1889 + 

Feathered World Year Book. London. 1, 1910-30] |? 

Feathers and Live Stock Fanciers. London. 

Field Lark, The Old. Blue Island, 111. 1, 1936+ (mimeographed). 

Fins, Feathers and Fur. St. Paul. 

Flicker, The (Minnesota Bird Club). Minneapolis. 1, 1929+ (mimeographed). 

Florida Audubon Bulletin. Daytona Beach, 1919-1926. Cont'd as: Florida 

Florida Naturalist. Daytona Beach. 1, 1927+ Continues Florida Audubon 

Florida Poultry and Stockman. Fort Lauderdale. 

Foreign Bird Notes. Ashbourne. Cont'd as: Bird Notes. 

Forest and Field. Gilbertsville, N.Y. 1, 1892 93] | 

Fowls and Eggs. Cape Town. 1904-06. 

Fur and Feather, Rabbits and Rabbit Keeping. London; etc. 1, 1890 + 

Gefliigel-freund. Scalfeld. 1-9, 1887-95] |? 

Gefliigelhof. Berlin. 1-2, 1881-82] | Cont'd as: Allgemeine Geflugel-zeitung. 

Gefliigelhof. Vienna. 1-12, 1883-94] | 

Geflugel-markt. Leipzig. Organ fur Gefliigel- u. Vogelziichter, Zoologischer Gar- 
ten, etc. 1-4,1887-90|| 

Gefliigel- u. Obstbauzeitung fur die Provinzen Pommern, Posen, Ost- u. West- 
preussen. Konigsberg i. Pr. 

Gefliigelzuchter Jahrbuch. Hamburg, Wis. 

Georgia Poultry Herald. ?l-4 of Southern Poultryman. 

Handbook. National Poultry, Butter and Egg Association. Chicago. 

Hawkeye Ornithologist and Oologist, The. Cresco, Iowa. 1-2, 1888-89] | 

Heron, The (Woodmere Academy [Long Island, N.Y.] Bird Club). 1, 1930 + 

Homing News and Pigeon Fanciers' Journal. Oldham. 

Homing Pigeon. London; Birmingham. 1, 1905 + 

Homing World. Bradford, England. 

Hoosier Naturalist, The. Valparaiso, Indiana. 1885-88. Cont'd as: Kansas City 
Scientist. 1889-91. 

Hummingbird, The. Chester, Penn. 1, No. 1, 1890|| 

Illustrated Poultry Record. London; Toronto. 1-7, 1908-15] | 

Incubation. London. 

Incubator. St. Joseph, Mo. 1, Nos. 1-5, 1905]] 

Indiana Audubon Year Book. 

Inland Bird Banding News. 1, 1929 + 

Inland Poultry Journal. Indianapolis. 1,1896 + 

Internationales Gefliigelzuchtjournal. Berlin. 

Iowa Bird Life (Iowa Ornithologists' Union). Winthrop, Iowa. 1, 1929 + 


Iowa Ornithologist. Salem, Iowa. See Western Ornithologist. 

Iowa State Poultry Journal. Grimes. 

Jahrbuch der Vogelkunde. Stuttgart. 1, 1907-11|] Cont'd as: Kosmos-jahr- 

biicher; Jahrbuch der Vogelkunde. 2-3||? 
Jahrbuch des Internationalen Frauenbundes fur Vogelschutz. Berlin. 1-8?, 


Jahrbuch fur Vogelfreunde. Dresden. 1-4, 1905-08||? 

Jahresbericht der Ornithologischen Beobachtungstationen in K. Sachsen. Dres- 
den; Berlin. 1888 + 

Jahresbericht der Ornithologischen Station in Salzburg. 1913-14||? 
Jahresheft. Bund fur Vogelschutz. Stuttgart. 
Jahresheft. Staatlich autorisierte Versuch- u. Musterstation f. Vogelschutz v. 

H. Frhrn. v. Berlepsch. Gera; Reuss. 
Japan Poultry Journal. Nagoya, Japan. 1931 + 

Journal of the British Society of Aviculture. London. 1-11, 1918-23|| 
Journal of the National Poultry Institute. Newport, Salop., Eng. 1, 1915+ 1-2 

as Poultry Competition Monthly; 2-10 as Utility Poultry Journal. Cont'd 

as: Harper-Adams Utility Poultry Journal, 1927+ 

Journal of the National Poultry Organisation Society. London. 1-7, 1907-1913|| 
Kalender fur Gefliigelzuchter und Vogelfreunde. Berlin. 1891-92||? 
Kentucky Warbler, The (Kentucky Ornithological Association). Bowling Green, 

Ky. 1-4, 1925-28||? 
Keystone Poultry Journal. Beaver Springs, Penn. 

Kocsag (A Magyar Ornithologusok Szovetsigenek es a Tiszantuli Madarvedelmi 

Egyesuletnek). 1, 1929 + 

Leaflet. National Poultry Organisation Society. London. 
Leghorn World. Waverly, Iowa. 1, 1916 + 
Leipziger Geflugelzeitung. Leipzig. 1-13, 1900-12||? 
Letter of Information (Nebraska Ornithologists' Union). Lincoln. 1925-32|| 

Cont'd as: Nebraska Bird Review. 
Loon, The. Sulphur Springs, Indiana. 
Loon, The. White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. 1-10, 1889|| 
Lose Vogel, Der. Leipzig. 1, 1913|| 

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Massachusetts Poultry Society Journal. Amherst. 1-2, 1916-18|| 
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National Poultry Journal. Harrisonburg, Va. 1-3, 1909-11 1| 
National Poultry Magazine. Buffalo, N.Y. Preceded by Poultry Monthly. 


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National Poultryman. Indianapolis. Continues Fanciers' Gazette. 
National Poultryman. Newport, Eng. 

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02 1 1 (mimeographed). 
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1923 + 

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Ohio Poultry Journal. Dayton. See Farm Stock Success. 
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Title varies. 

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Poultry Bull. 

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Pigeon Flying (National Association of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers). 

Philadelphia. 1-22, 1893-1914] | 
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Merged into American Pigeon Keeper. 
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Pigeons and the Pigeon World. London. 
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Poultry Digest. New York. 1-6, 1906-11 1| Merged into Poultry Monthly, 
later National Poultry Magazine. 

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Merged into Canadian Poultry Review. 
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Poultry Herald. Toronto. 1-2. 1878-79||? 
Poultry Husbandry. Waterville, N.Y. 1-9, 1906-14|| Merged into Farm 


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Poultry Journal. London. 

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Poultry Journal. 
Poultry Monthly. Hove. 

Poultry Monthly. Syracuse, N.Y. See National Poultry Magazine. 
Poultry News. Dallas, Tex. 

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21 1 1 Merged into Canadian Poultry World. 

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Poultry Review. Elmira, N.Y. 

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Poultry Success. Springfield, Ohio. 1,1889+ Continues Poultry Record. 

Poultry Supply Dealer. Chicago. 1-6, 1926?-32|| 3-5, 1928-31 as Poultry 
Supply Dealer and Hatchery Monthly. Combined with Baby Chick and 
Western Poultry News. 

Poultry Topics. Lincoln, Neb.; Warsaw, Mo. 1-27, 1891-1916|| 1-12, No. 7 as 
Poultry Topics. Merged into Independent Farmer. 

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Before 1905 published in Auk. Since 1905 in Bird-Lore. 
Report of the Nebraska State Poultry Association. Central City. 
Report of the New Hampshire Poultry Growers' Association. Durham. 
Report of the New Jersey Audubon Society. Trenton. 
Report. Poultry Institute of the Province of Ontario. Toronto. 
Revue d'aviculture commerciale. Paris. 
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Western Poultry Journal. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 1, 1888-1914. Cont'd as: 
Plymouth Rock Monthly. 

Western Poultry Journal. Los Angeles. Title varies. 
Western Poultry News. Lincoln, Neb.; Decatur, 111. l-5,?-1895|) 
Western Poultry World. Denver, Colo. 1-12, 1902-14||? 
Western Poultryman. Salt Lake City. 1-7, 1914-20||? 


Western Poultryman. Winnipeg. 7-1923 1| Merged into Western Gardener and 

Bee Keeper. 

Western Poultryman and Dairy Journal. Kearney, Neb. 1-2, 1904-05|| 
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Zeitschrift fur Vogelschutz und andere Gebiete der Naturschutzes. Berlin. 1-2, 

1920-21. Cont'd by Naturschutz. 

The contents of current numbers of various ornithological periodicals are 
given in The Auk since 1884, and in The Ibis since 1896, more completely since 
1922, This has also been done to a variable extent by the Wilson Bulletin since 
1926, by The Emu since 1923, by Bird-Lore since 1901, and by Bird-Banding 
since 1930. The Wilson Bulletin, since 1929, has furnished useful information 
concerning the place of publication, officers, etc. Detailed information concerning 
a number of rare publications more or less devoted to ornithology is given by 
Frank L. Burns in "A Bibliography of Scarce or Out of Print North American 
Amateur and Trade Periodicals Devoted More or Less to Ornithology" (Oologist, 
1915, 32 [Suppl.], No. 7, 32 pp.) and by Wm. J. Fox in "A List of American 
Journals Omitted from Bolton's 'Catalogue of Scientific and Technical Periodicals, 
1665-1895.'" Bull. Bibliography, (1908), 5, 82-85. These lists include some 
journals not entirely devoted to ornithology which are not mentioned in this work. 


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