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Secretary and Librarian of the Institute of Jamaica 


The Institute of Jamaica 
Agents in London : H. Sotheran & Co., i^o, Strand 
AND 37, Piccadilly, W. 

The Institute of Jamaica. 



Kingston— Temporary Address: 133, Orange Street. 


Subscribing Members. — The Subscription is five shillings (or to those 
who wish to borrow additional books seven shillings and sixpence) per 
annum payable on election, and on the ist of April in each following year 
(or semi-annually at the option of members). 

Members Enrolled under Law 3 of 1909. — Members of the Kingston 
Athanaeum and other similar institutions are entitlde to be admitted as 
members of the Institute for each current year without subscription on 
applying to the Secretary and satisfying him that they have paid their 
subscription to the institution through which they apply. 

SUBSCSIBERS TO THE LIBRARY pay two shillnigs for three months' right 
to borrow books and magazines on the lines of the five-shilling-a-year 
membership, or three shillings for the facilities of the seven-shilhngs-and- 
sixpence-a-year membership. Unless recommended by a member of the 
Board, they must lodge a deposit of ten shillings. 

Country Members. — The Government allows free transit by post to and 
from the Library in the case of books which may be taken to represent 
reading for the sake of improvement (not novels) and certain periodicals. 

The Catalogue of the Library, 1895, may be purchased, price 2s. 
There is a card catalogue in the Library, kept up to date. A printed 
Supplement is being prepared. 

Boxes of Books. — Boxes of 100 selected books are lent to local insti- 
tutions or private individuals, in the country, at a charge of £2 los. (or 
^i 5s. for the older sets) per annum, payable in advance. The boxes are 
exchanged as often as is found possible. 

The Library, ReadIng-Room, Museum, and Portrait Gallery.— The 
Library and Reading-Room are open to the public every week-day from 
xo a.m. to 5 p.m. ; the Museum from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (shown only to 
students) ; the Portrait Gallery is temporarily closed. 

Arts and Crafts. — A Competitive and Loan Exhibition of Arts and 
Crafts is hel dannually in February. Prospectuses will be supplied on 
application to the Secretary. 

Art Classes. — Art Classes are held in connection with the Institute 
at Wolmer's Girl School. Art Mistress, Mrs. J. A. Allwood (late of the 
Peterborough School of Art). 

Classes in Photography.— Classes in Photography are held. Lec- 
turer and Demonstrator, Mr. A. B. Hitchings, ist Class Medallist of th« 
City and Guilds of London Technical Institute, for Photography. 

Office Hours.— 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Forms of application for membership and further particulars mfty bo 
obtained on application to the Secretary. 




Secretary and Librarian of the Institute of Jamaica 

The Institute of Jamaica 
Agents in London]: H. Sotheran & Co., 140, Strand 
AND 37, Piccadilly, W. 


1. Barbados 

2. Martinique (French) 

3. Dominica 

4. Guadeloupe (French) 

5. montserrat 

6. Antigua 

7.* St. Kitts — Nevis 

8. Virgin Islands 

St. Thomas & St. Croix (Danish) 
PoRTo Rico (United States) ... 
Santo Domingo (Republic) 
St. Domingo (Former French Colony) 

Hayti (Republic) 



16. Florida (United States) 

17. Honduras 

Nicaragua (Republic) 

Costa Rica (Republic) 

Panama (Republic) 

Colombia (Republic) 

Venezuela (Republic) 

Curacao & St. Eustatius (Dutch) 

British Guiana 

Dutch Guiana (Dutch) 

French Guiana (French) 




St. Vincent 

St. Lucia 

West Indies, generally 



British West Africa 

Parliamentary Papers relating to the 


37. Index 








West Indies 


npHE Institute of Jamaica in 1902 published under the title 
" Bibliographia Jamaicensis" a list of Jamaica books, pam- 
phlets, magazine articles, newspapers and maps, most of which 
were in the Library of the Institute. 

In 1908 a Supplement was published bringing the list up to 

The Bibliography now published covers the remainder of 
the West Indies, so far as books and pamphlets are concerned. 

The entries are arranged chronologically under geographical 
divisions ; commencing with the Barbados, the sentinel of the 
Caribbean, taking successively the islands to the northward and 
eastward returning along Central and South America, and con- 
cluding with the Windward group. Many titles have been 
abbreviated for the sake of economy. 

An index is added giving reference to all the books in the 
three lists. 

Books not in the Library of the Institute of Jamaica are 
marked with an asterisk. 

The Bibliography does not pretend to be exhaustive, and 

any notes for a revised edition will be gratefully received. 


Kingston, Jamaica. 
August, 1909. 



A Brikfe Relation of the late 
Horrid Rebellion acted in the 
Igland Barbadas, in the West- 
Indies Acted by the 

Waldronds and their Abettors, 
Anno 1650. By N. Foster. 

1650. * 1 

The Same. Reprint. 1879. 


A Declaration set forth by the 
Lord Lieutenant Generall, the 
Gentlemen of the Councell and 
Assembly occasioned from the 
view of a printed paper, entituled 
An Act prohibiting trade with 
the Barbados, Virgenea, Bermu- 
des and Antego. Uagh. 1651. * 2 

Bloudy Newes from the Barba- 
DAES, beiiig a true relation of a 
. . . fight between the Parlia- 
ment's navie, commanded by Sir 
G. Ayscue, and the King of 
Scots' forces under the command 
of the Lord Willoughbv. 

1652 [1651] * 3 

A Brief Relation of the Beginning I 
and Ending of the Troubles of 
Barbados, with the true causes 
thereof, set forth by A. B., a Dili- 
gent Observer of the Times, 

,1653. * 3a 

Acts and Statutes of the Island of 
Barbadoes. . . by the governor 
of the island, together with the 
charter of the said island. . . . 
Edited by J. Jennings. London. 
[1654?] * 4 

A True and Exact History of the 
Island of Barbados. By R. 
Ligon. 1657. [3^c] 5 

The Same. Later ed. 1673. * 

The Same. Histore de I'lsle des 

Barbados. 1674. * 

History of Barbados, St. Chris- 
tophers, Ac. By T. Davis. 
London. 1666. * 6 

Society of Friknds in Barbadoes. 
To Friends in Barbadoes, Vir- 
ginia, Ac. [1666?] ♦ 7 

A True and Faithful Account of 
the Four Chiefest Plantations of 
the English in America. By S. 
Clarke. [Virginia — New 

England — Bermud&i — Barbados.] 
1670. * 8 

Great Newes from Barbadoeb, or 
a true . . . account of the grand 
conspiracy of the negroes against 
the English. 1676. * 9 

Address of the Executors of Sir 
William Cpurten and Sir Paul 
Pynder ; or a Hue and Cry after 
their Goods and Chattels. 

1679. * 9a 

A Relation of the great Sufferings 
and Strange Adventures of Henry 
Pitman, Chirurgeon to the late 
Duke of Monmouth. 1689. * 9b 

The same. Reprinted in Vol. VII. 
of Arber's Garner. * 

The Groans of the Plantations, or 
a True Account of their Grevious 
and Extreme Sufferfngf by Ui« 
heavy Impositions upon Sugar, 
and other hardships, relating 
more particularly to the Island 
of Barbadoes. Bv Edward 
Littleton. ^1689. * 10 

The Present Case of a Barbados 
Planter, and reasons against lay- 
ing a further duty on sugar. 

[1695?] ♦ 11 

Reasons humbly offered (in behalf 

of the Island of Barbados) to the 

Hon. House of Commons, against 

laying a further dutv on Sugar. 

* [1695?] * 12 

The Laws of Barbadoes collected 
in one volume by W\ Rawlin, 
Clerk of the Assembly of the Said 
Island. 1699. * 13 

Some Considerations humbly 
offered to both Houses of Parlia- 
ment concerning the Sugar 
Colonies, and chiefly the Island 
of Barbadoes. 1701. * 14 

A Few . . . Reflections upon a 
paper styled : Some Considera- 
tions concerning the Sugar 
Colonies and chiefly the Island 
of Barbadoes. [1701] * 15 

IVIarry, or Do Worse. A Comedy, 
By W. Walker [a native of Bar- 
bados]. 1704. * 16 

A Letter, from the most Consider- 
able Proprietors of the Is- 
land of Barbadoes . . for 
establishing the African Trade 
bv a joint-stock. [Bwha- 

dos]. 1709. • 17 


A Voyage to the new Island Ton- 
seca, near Barbados. 1708. * 17a. 

An Ode Pindarick on Barbadoes. 
[1710?] * 18 

An Account of the number of 
negroes delivered into the 
Islands of Barbados, Jamaica 
ai' i Antego. from the year 1698 
tc 1708, since the trade was 
opened. . . [1710?] * 19 

The Cass of William Sharpe, Esq. 
[rt'ating to the Island of Bar- 
ba'los] 1712. * 20 

The Present State of the Sugar 
Plantations consider'd ; but more | 
especially that of the Island of i 
Barbadoes. 1713. * 21 I 

Sermon before the Governor and i 
Assembly of Barbadoes, on the 
thanksgiving day, for the Sup- 
pression of the late unnatural 
Rebellion [in Scotland]. 

1717. * 22 

A Representation of the miserable 
state of Barbadoes under the 
arbitrary and corrupt adminis- 
tration of Robert Lowther. 

[1719] * 23 

Barbadoes Packet, containing 
several original Papers giving an 
account of the most material 
transactions that have lately 
happened in a certain part of the 
West Indies. 1720. * 24 

Acts of Assembly passed in the 
Isle of Barbadoes, from 1648 to 
1718. >^^ 1721. * 25 

The Same, ' 1732 * 

The Present State of the British 
Sugar Colonies considered : in a 
letter from a gentleman of Barba- 
dos to his friend in London. 

1731. * 25a 
The British Empire in America 

cor«iidered in a second letter from 
a f ^ntleman of Barbados. . . 

1732. * 25b 
Fou Years' Voyages, including 

B; bados. By G. Roberts. 

1726. * 25c 

A DtiTECTiON of the state and sit- 
uation of the Sugar Planters of 
Barbadoes and the Leeward 
Islands. 1732. * 26 

A Supplement to the state 

and situation of the present 
Bugar planters of Barbadoes and 
the Leeward Islands. 1733. * 

Proposals offered for the Sugar 
Planters' Redress, and for reviv- 

ing the British Sugar Commerce, 
&c., in a further letter from a 
Gentleman of Barbadoes to a 
friend in London. 1733. * 27 

Yarico to Inkle, an Epistle 
[founded on the story in Ligon's 
" History of Barbadoes "]. 

1736. * 28 

Some IVIemoirs of the first Settle- 
ment of the Island of Barbadoes. 
. . . Extracted from ancient re- 
cords, papers and accounts. . . . 
Also remarks on the laws and 
constitution of Barbados. 

1741. ♦ 29 

The Same. 1743. [3 c] 

Caribbeana. Tr. from 2022 to 29a. 

Journal of his Life and Remark- 
able Convincement of embracing 
the principles of Truth, as held 
by the people called Quakers, and 
also his travels and labours in the 
service of the Gospel [in Barbados 
and Jamaica, &c.]. By T. Story. 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1747. * 30 

Observations on the Changes of the 
Air and the Concomitant Epidemi- 
cal Diseases in the Island of Bar- 
bados. ... By W. Hillarv. 

1752. * 30a 

The Same. 

2nd edition. 

The Same. 

1811. [2h 

The Natural History of Barbados. 
In 10 books. Bv Rev. G. 
Hughes, A.M. 1750. [3 c] 31 

Sketch of the one Great Argu- 
ment. By J. Rotheram. Oxford. 
1754. * 31a 

Treatise on Husbandry or Plant- 
ing. By W. Belgrove, a regular 
bred, and long experienced 
Planter, of the Island of Bar- 
bados. 1755. * 32 

A Defence of the conduct of Bar- 
badoes during the late Expedi- 
tion to IMartinique and 
Guadaloupe in a letter to the 
Right Hon. Gen. Barrington. 
By a native, resident in the 
Islands. [Attributed to Sir J. 0. 
Alleyne.] 1760. [3o.l 33 

Acts passed in the Island of Bar- 
bados from 1643 to 1762. revised 
by Hall, with Index and Abridfr- 
ment. 1764. * 34 

A Short History of Baft^ados, 
from its First Discovery ord 
Settlement to the present t-me. 


By G. Frere. New ed. Cor- j 

rected and enlarged. London, i 

1764. [2 b.] 35 j 

Remarks upon the Short Hisfory 
of Jamaica. 1768. * 36 

Considerations on the Negroe j 
Cause, addressed to Lord Mans- i 
field by a West Indian [S. Est- 
wick, LL.D., of Barbados]. 

The Samt. 2nd ed. 1773. * 

1772. * 3T 

Yarico to Inkle, a Poem. By a 
young Gentleman of Trinity 
College, Dublin. Dublin. 

1774. * 38 

Remarks on the Evidence delivered 
on the Petition by the West India 
Planters and Merchants to the 
House of Commons, so far as the 
same resi>ects the Barbadoes and 
Leeward Islands. 1777. * 39 

Society for the Encouragement of 
Arts, Manufactures and Com- 
merce. Institution and first 
proceedings. . . [and, continua- 
tion]. Barbados. 

[1781-1784]. * 40 

Treatise on the Glandular Disease 
of Barbadoes, proving it to be 
seated in the Lymphatic System. 
By Dr. J. Hendy. 1784. * 41 

Instructions for the Manngement 
of a Plantation in Barbadoes and 
for the treatment of Negroes. 

1786. * 42 

Letters on Slavery, with Ad- 
dresses to the Whites and to the 
Free Negroes of Barbadoes, and 
Accounts of some Negroes Emi- 
nent for their Virtues and 
Abilities. By W. Dickson. 

1789. * 43 

The Principles by which a cur- 
rency' is established, a coinage 
formed, and the money circula- 
tions of this island (Barbados) 
may be restoriwl and prescribed. 
Barbado.*. [London printed.] 

1791. * 44 

The Public Acts in force: passed 
by the Legislature of Barbados, 
1762-1800. A digested abridge- 
ment of the said Acts. . By S. 
Moore. 1801. * 45 

Philadelphia. 1811. [2 h.] 30a 

Letter to J. Beckles, Esq., Attor- 
ney General at Barbadoes, and 
Correspondence between them on 
the subject of the Conveyance of 
the Kendal Plantation being un- 
fairly obtained. By Sir P. 
Gibbs. 1^02. • 46 

Proceedings of the General Court 
Martial in the Trial of Major J. 
Gordon, 8th W.I. Reg. 

1804. * 47 

The History of Barbados, from 

the first discovery of the I ijind, 

in the j^ear 1605, till the xes- 

sion of Lord Seaforth, 180 By 
J. Poyer. 

1808. [3 > 48 

On the Geology of Bari^^^oe» 
[from Linnaean Soc. Trans.] By 
Dr. Skey. 1812. * 60 

Mitigation of Slavery. Part I. 
Letters and Papers of the late 
Hon. J. Steele. Part II. Letters 
to T. Clarkson, Esq., M.A. By 
W. Dickson, LL.D. 

1814. [H.C.] 51 

Remarks on the Insurrection in 
Barbadoes, and the Bill for the 
Registration of Slaves. 

1816 * 52 

Report from a Select Committee of 
the House of Assembly appointed 
to inquire into the . . causes . . 
of the late insurrection. Barba- 
dos. [1818?] * 63 

Report of a Debate in Council on 
a Despatch from Lord Bathurst 
to Sir H. Warde, Governor of 
Barbados. Bridqe-Town. 

[London reprinted.] 1823. * 64 

Report of a Committee of the 
Council of Barbadoes, appointed 
to inquire into the actual con- 
dition of the slaves in this island. 
1824. * 55 

Lectures on the Gospel of St. 
Matthew. By Rev. W. M. Harte, 

Rector of St. Lucv, Barbados. 
2iid ed. 1824. [3g.] 55a 

The Barbadoes Girl. A tale for 
young people. 1825. f.] 56 

A Declaration of Inhabi its of 
Barbados respecting th demo- 
lition of the Methodist <^hapel. 
Barbados. 182( * 67 

Parochial Sermons prea id in 
the West Indies. By homas 
Parry. . . Oxford. 1828. * 58 

Authentic Report of the Debate 
in the House of Commons, June 
23, 1825, on Mr. Buxton's 
Motion relative to the Demoli- 
tion of the Methodist Chapel and 
Mission House in Barbadoes, and 
the Expulsion of Mr. Shrewsbury 
from that Island. 1828. * 58a 


A Statement relative to Codring- 
ton College, extracted from the 
Reports of the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts. 1829. * 59 

An Address delivered to the can- 
didates ,for Holy Orders in the 
Diocese of Barbados and the 
Leeward Islands. By W. H. 
Coleridge, Bishop of Barbados. 
1829. * 60 

On the Codrington Estates : A 
Letter to the Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. By Rev. J. Riland. . . 
1830. [In Tracts. 34d.] 61 

Flora Barbadsnsis. By J. D. 
Maycock. 1830. [3 b.] 62 

Account of the fatal Hurricane by 
which Barbados suffered in 
August, 1831. By the Editor of 
the *' West Indian." Bridge- 

Town. 1831. * 63 

A Letter to the Right Honourable 
Earl Grey, First Lord of the 
Treasury, &c., on the subject of 
West Indian Property. By H. 
P. Simmons, Esq., a planter of 
Barbados. 1832. [2 i.] 64 

The Seaman's, Practical Guide for 
Barbadoes and . the Leeward Is- 
lands. . . By a Captain in the 
Royal Navy. 1832. * 65 

Christianity and Slavery ; in a 
course of Lectures preached at 
the Cathedral and Parish Church 
of St. Michael, Barbados. By E. 
Eliot, B.D., Archd(^con of Bar- 
bados. 1833. * 66 

A Letter . . relative to th^ distri- 
bution of the Parliamentary 
grant for the relief of the 
sufferers from the hurricane of 
August 11th, 1831. By W. H. 
Coleridge, Bishop of Barbadoes. 

1833. * 67 

Barbadoes, and other Poems. By 
M. J. Chapman. 1833. * 67a 

Form of Consecration of the British 
Chai)el and Burial Ground [at 
Caracas]. By W\ H. Coleridge, 
Bishop of Barbados. 1834. * 68 

Charges and Addresses delivered 
to the Clergy of the Diocese of 
Barbados and the Leeward 
Islands. By W. H. Cole- 

ridge, D.D., Bishop of Barbados. 
1835. * 69 

Desultory Sketches and Tales of 
Barbados. [By Easel.] 

1840. [3 g.] 70 

Creoleana : or, Social and Domes- 
tic Scenes and Incidents in 
Barbadoes. By J. W. Orderson. 
1842. * 71 

A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord 
Stanley, M.P., Principal Secre- 
tary of State for the Colonies, on 
the Sugar Question, with some 
account of the anomalous 
position of Barbados. By a late 
member of the House of Assem- 
bly. 1842. [2j.] 72 

A Charge delivered in the Cathe- 
dral Church of Barbados, August 
24th, 1843. By T. Parry,' Bishop 
of Barbados. 1843. * 73 

The History of Barbadoes. By Sir 

R. Schomburgk, Ph.D. . . . 

1848.- [3 c] 74 

A State of the present condition of 
the Island Barbadoes . . with 
some reasons why there ought 
not to be any more duties on im- 
ports, lard or sugars, than what 
already are. . . By a merchant 
trading in the AVest Indies, n.d. 

* 75 

Codrington College in the Island 
of Barbadoes. By T. Parry, 
Bishop of Barbados., 1847. * 76 

Charge delivered, 1852, by T. 
Parry, Bishop of Barbados. 

Barbados. 1852. * 77 

Laws of Barbadoes. 



Letters on the Labouring Popula- 
tion of Barbadoes, with a preface 
by Meliora. 1858. [2 i.] 79 

Association of Non-Resident Pro- 
prietors and others for the im- 
provement of the Religious and 
Social condition of the Labouring 
Classes in Barbadoes. First An- 
nual Report. 1858. [2 i.j 80 

Charge delivered, 1861. By T. 
Parry, Bishop of Barbados. 

Barhado.'^. 1861: * 81 

Laws of Barbados. 1864. * 82 

Report on the Population of 

Barbados. By Governor Rawson. 

1872. * 83 

Report on Cattle 
Diseases. Barbados. 

and Mule 

1873. * 83a 

Report on the Rainfall of Jamaica. 
By Governor Rawson. 

1874. * 84 

Education Commission Rep>ort, 
1875-76. Barbados, 1876. 

[30 g.] 85 



Charge delivered in St. Michael's 
Cathedral, Bridgetown. By J. 
Michinson . . at his visitation 
. . March 5th, 1874. Oxford. 

1874. * 86 
Papers relating to the late disturb- 
ances in Barbados. [P.P.] 1876. 

[3 d.] 87 

Further Papers relating to the 
Disturbances in Barbados. [P.P.] 
.July, 1876. * 

The Same. February, 1877. * 

The Same. March, 1877. * 

Financial Reports for 1874 and 

1875, by the Auditor-General of 
Barbados, and Return of Taxa- 
tion. 2 parts. [P.P.] 

1876. * 88 

Correspondence in 1877 respecting 
the constitution and administra- 
tion of Barbados. [P.P.] 

1877. * 89 

Charge delivered by J. Mitchin- 
son. Bishop of Barbados, at his 
second visitation. Oxford. 1879. 

* 90 

Constitution and Administration of 
Barbados. [P.P.C-2645.] 

1880. * 90a 

Chemical Report of the Agricul- 
tural Society of Barbados. 

1880. * 91 

Experiments in Yellow Fever in 
Barbados. [P.P. C-4015.] 

1884. * 91a 

Union of the Windward Islands. 
[P.P. C.4482.] 1884-5. * 91b 

Account of a "West Indian Sana- 
torium. By J. H. S. Moxby. 

1886. * 91c 

The Cavaliers and Roundheads of 

Barbados, 1650-52. With some 

account of the Early History of 

the island. [By N. D. Davis.] 

Georgetown, lierr^., 1887. 

[la] 92 

Royal Visits to Barbados. By C. 

P. Bowen. Barbados. 

[1887.] * 93 
The Barbados Diamond Jubilee 

Directory and West Indian 

Advertiser. By S. J. Fraser. 
Barbados. 1887. * 94 

— — The Same. Barbados. 1901. 


The Same. 1905. [M.C.] 

For Faith and Freedom. By W. 

Besant. 1888. * 94a 

The Same. 1890. [36b.] 

About Barbados. By Rev. J. Y. 
Edghill. 1890. [M.C.] ,95 

Journal of Major G. Washington, 

in 1751-2, while on a tour to 

Barbadoes. By G. Washington. 

Albany. 1892. * 96 

History and Guide to Barbados. 

By J. H. Stark. Boston. 1893. 

[3g.] 97 

Laws of Barbados . . revised and 
consolidated by the Commis- 
sioners, H. A. Bovell and W. H. 
Greaves. Barbados. 

1893. * 98 

The Constitutional Crisis of 1876 in 
Barbados. By C. P. Clarke, 

LL.B. Bridgetown. 1896. * 99 

Westward Ho! with Nelson. By 
N. D. Davis. 1896. [la.] 100 

Barbados. Letter to Mr. Charles 

Heneage, being a review of the 

debates . . in the House of 

Assembly. By G. H. Croney. 

1899. * 101 

Hurricane and Relief of Distress iii 
Barbados. [P.P.C. 9205, 9550.] 

1899. * 101a 

Extract from, the various Records 
of the Eari^ Settlement of Jews 
in Barbados. By E. S. Daniel. 
Privately printed. 1899. * 101b 

The Husband Hunter : An Anglo- 
Barbadian Romance. By M. 
Elliot. [n.d.] * 102 

The Educational System of Bar- 
bados. [P.P. Cd. 2377.] 

1905. * 102a 

Notes on the History of the Jews 
in Barbados. By N. D. Davis. 
(In Publications of American 
Jewish Historical Society). 

1909. * 102b 



JouRNAEL uy't Schip (le Prins te 
Paert, van wegen het gehasseerde 
op't eylandt Martenique, voor 
geralden op de zU July, 1674, 
Amsterdam. 1674. * 103 

An Account of the Expedition to 
the West Indies against Martinico. 
With the Reduction of Guadelupe, 
and other Leeward Islands subject 
to the French King. By Cap- 

tain R. Gardiner. 
[IHustrated.] 1759. * 104 

The same. 2nd ed. 1760. * 

T?ie same. 3rd ed. Birmingham 

■printed. 1762. [3a.] 

The Same. Relation de I'Expe- 

dition aux Indes Occidentales cen- 
tre la Martinique, Avec la Reduc- 
tion de la Guadelupe et autres 
Uses sous vent appartenent au 
Roi de PVance, en 1750. 3me. ed. 
Birmingham 2?^m^ec?. 1762. [3 a.] 

A Genuine Account of the late 
Sacred Expedition to Martinico 
and Guadeloupe. By H. Wal- 
pole. 1759. * 104a 

Pieces de proces instruit contradi- 
toirement au Conseil superieur ,de 
la Martinique^ entre le Procureur- 
General; d'une part, et la Societe 
des Jesuites, d' autre. [Marti- 

nique? 1763.] * 105 

ExTRATT des Registres du Conseil 
Superieur de la Martinique (entre 
le Procureur-Gener^I du Roi . . et 
Le Frere Pretril). [Martinique? 
1763.] * 106 

Voyage a la Martinique, contenant 
diverses observations sur la 
Phyeique I'Histoire naturelle 
I'Agriculture, les Moeurs, et les 
Usages de cette Isle. . . [Par 
T. de Chanvalon.] Paris, 1763. 
[3 b.] 107 

The Case of Colin Campbell, late 
Major Commandant of His 
Majesty's 100th Regiment. Lon- 
don, privately printed, 1763. 

* 107a 

Proceedings of a General Court 
Martial, held at Fort Royal, in 
the Island of Martinico, on the 
6th, and continued by adjourn- 
ment to April 14th, 1762, upon the 
Tryal of Major-Commandant Colin 
Campbell, 1763. * 107b 

Proceedings of a General Court 
Martial on a charge preferred by 

J. Campbell, Rsq., against Maj.- 
Genl. Monckton [relating to trans- 
actions in the Island of Marti- 
nique.] 1764. * 108 

Recit des derniers evenemens arrives 
a la Martinique. [Paris? 1790?] 

* 109 

Journal exact de la situation dans 
laquelle etoit la Martinique, a 
I'epoque du 18 octobre, 1790. 
[Paris, 1790.] * 110 

Outrage fait a I'uniform national 
par M. Damas de Marillac, sur 
MM. Blanzel et Barrot de Moissac 
passagers sur le navire la Fran- 
goise desiree mouille en la rade de 
Saint-Pierre, la nuit du 14 au 15 
Juin 1790. [Paris 1790.] * 111 

Recit des evenemens arrives a la 
Martinique, depuis le 3 juin 
jusqu'au 9, contradictiorement a 
la relation publiee per MM. Ruste 
et Corio, deputes de St. Pierre. Par 
Blanchetiere-Bellevue. . Paris ? 

1790. * 112 

Reputation complette des accusa- 
tions portees par MM. Ruste et 
Corio. Centre M. de Damas 

[governor of Martinique.] Par 
Blanchetiere-Bellevue. Paris. 

1790? * 113 

Revolution de la Martinique, depuis 
le premier Septembre, 1790 jus- 
qu'au 10 Mars, 1791 (et Reponse 
au Memoire intitule : Memoire de 
M. Damas, Gouverneur de (la 
Martinique, sur les troubles le la 
Martinique.) [Paris?, 1791.] 

* 114 

Memoire de M. de Damas de 
Marillac, gouverneur de la Marti- 
nique, sur les troubles de cette 
colonie. [Fort Royal, Martinique? 
1791.] * 115 

ExTRAiT des deliberations de I'Assem- 
blee Generale de la Martinique du 
15 Avril, 1790. [On the reception 
of a deputation from the Grena- 
diers, declaring their fidelity to 
their flag.] Au Fort Royal Marti- 
nique?. [1790.] * 116 

Recit des evenemens arrives a la 
Martinique, depuis le 3 juin jus- 
qu'au 9, contradictoirement a la 
relation publiee par MM. Ruste et 
Corio, deputes de S. Pierre. Par. 
Blanchetiere-Bellevue. Paris. 

1790 * 117 



Pieces justificatives sur I'aflFaire de 
la Martinique, qui constatent la 
conduit-e patriotique de M. de 
Damas, gouverneur-general de 
cette colonie. Par. A Dillon 
(Count). [Paris' 1790.] * 118 

Copies et Extraits collationnes, des 
pieces de la procedure, suivie 
devant les tribunaux de la Marti- 
nique, entre les interesses au 
bateau Anglois Thomas Spencer et 
la Douane de sette Colonie. 

N.D (c. 1800). 118a. 

Adresse a Messieurs les Colons de 
la Martinique. Par de Curt. 
Londres, 1801. * 119 

Code la Martinique. Nouvelle ed. 
Par M. Durand-Molard. 5 torn. 
Saint Pierre, 1807-14. * 120 

Substance of a Speech in the House 
of Commons upon the second read- 
ing of the Martinique Trade Bill. 
By J. Marryat. 1809. * 121 

Papers presented to the .House of 
Commons, relating to the Capitu- 
lation and Surrender of Marti- 
nique. 1809. * 121a. 

MoNOGRAPHiE du Trigonocephale des 

Antilles, ou grande vipere fer- 

de-lance de la Martinique. . . 

Par Moreau de Joannes. Paris. 

1816. * 122 

HiSTOiRE Physique des Antilles, 
Savoir: la Martinique et les lies 
de la Guadeloupe. Par A. 

Moreau de Joannes. Tom 1 [onlv 
published.] Paris. 1822. * 123 

Statute de la Martinique. Par Re- 
nouard. 1822. * 124 

Affaire des Deportes de la Marti- 
nique, Memoirs, Consultation, 
pieces justificatives, &c. Paris. 

1824. * 125 

Origen y objets de las reclamaciones 
del gobierno Frances de la Mar- 
tinica contra la marina de Colom- 
bia, 6 coleccion de documenti 
relativos a esta materia. Caracas. 

1825. * 126 
Homme de couleur de la Martinique. 

A un Colon; sur I'Emancipation 
civile et politique appliquee aux 
colonies Frangaises. Par C. C. A. 
Bissette. Paris. 1830. [in Slav. 
Pam. 2h.] 127 

Calomnies devenues verites ou 
Reponse au pami>hlet de MM. 
Lacharirere et Foiguet, delegues 
des Colons de la Guadeloupe. 
Par C. C. A. Bissette. Paris. 1831. 
[In Slav. Pam. 2h.l 128 

Reponse a la Brochure de M. 
Fleuriau, Delegue des Colons de 
la Martinique. Par C. C. A. 
Bissette. Paris. 1831. [In 
Slav. Pam. 2 h.] 129 

Reponse a MM. de La Charriere et 
Foiguet, de la Guadeloupe. Par 
C. C. A. Bissette et Fabien (de la 
Martinique). Port*. 1831. [In 
Slav. Pam. 2 h.] 130 

Lettre au Ministre de la Marine et 
des Colonies sur la necessite 
d'arreter la Reaction aux 
Antilles Frangaises. Par O. C. A. 
Bissette. Paris. 1831. [In Slav. 
Pam. 2h.] 131 

Des Colonies, avant et apres la 
Revolution de Juillet, 1830. Par 
L. Fabien (Mandataire des Fran- 
Qais de couleur de la Martinique). 
Paris. 1831. [In Slav. Pam. 2 h.] 


Consultation pour juge d'lnstruc- 
tion a la Martinique, renvoye en 
J'rance pour rendre compte de sa 
conduite au Ministre do la Marine 
et des Colonies. Par H. Duquesne. 
Paris. [1832?] [In Slav Pam. 
2h.] 133 

Observations sur les Projets de 
Lois Coloniales, presentes a la 
Chambre des Deputes. Par. C. C. 
A. Bissette. Paris. 1832. [In 
Slav.. Pam. 2h.] 134 

ExAMEN Rapide des Deux projets 
du loi relatifs aux Colonies 
adresse a la chambre des Deputes. 
Par C. C. A. Bissette. Paris. 
1833. [InlfcJlav. Pam. 2 h.] 135 

Appel aux Amis de I'Humanite 
centre un epouvantable arret. Par 
Fabien. Paris. 1834. [In Slav. 
Pam. 2h.] 136 

Enquete sur le Serpent. Par E. 
Rufz de Lavison. Sairit Pierre. 

1843 * 137 

HiSTORiE de la Martinique. Par S. 
Dancy. 1846. * 138 

Etudes historiques et statistiques 
sur la population de la Martini- 
que. Par E. Rufz de Lavison. 2 
vol. St. Pierre. 1850. * 139 

Elogie funebre de Mgr. Porchez, 
Eveque de la Martinique. Par 
Abbe Dergny. Abbeville. 

1860. * 140 

Les Bambons. Fables de la Fon- 
taine travesties en patois Creole. 
Par un vieux Commandeur 
[Marbot]. Fort-de-France. 

1869. * 141 



Etude sur le langue creole de la 
Martinique. Par J. Turiault. 

Brest. 1874. * 141a 

La Martinique. Par Pardon. 

1877. * 142 

Etude sur la colonie de la Martini- 
que. Par H. Rey. 1881. * 143 

Evenements des 18 et 19 Juillet, 
1881, a Saint Pierre. Par V. 
Schoelcher. Paris. 1882. * 144 

La Martinique. Son Present et son 
Avenir. Par Contre Amiral T. 
Aube (ancien gouverneur de la 
Martinique). Paris. 1882. 

[H.C.] 145 

Les Antilles Francjaises. Par N. 

Basset. Paris. 1886 * 146 

Souvenirs de la Martinique. Par 

C. Misraer. Paris. 1890. * 147 
La Martinique. [Hurricane of 1891]. 

Par H. Monet. Asnieres. 

1891 * 148 

L'OuRAGAN de 1891 a la Martini^ 
que. Par E. Fortier. Paris. 

1892 * 149 

Trois Ans a la Martinique. Par 
L. Garaud. Paris. 1892 * 150 

Origines de la Martinique, 1625- 
1720. Par M. I. Guet. Vannes. 
1893. * 151 

La Culture du Tabac a la Martini- 
que. Par E. D. Blerald. Paris. 

1898. * 152 

Notice sur la Martinique. Par G. 

Landes. 1900. * 153 

Mont Pelee and the Tragedy of 

Martinique. By * A. Heilprin. 

Philadelphia. 1903. [9 h.] 154 

Oraison funebre prononncee par 

le R. P. Binger au service pour 

les victimes des catastrophes des 

Antilles. Par A. Binger. Maurice. 

1902. * 155 

In the Ruins of St. Pierre. By 
F. Sterns-Fadelle. Boseau. 

1902. * 156 

Destruction of St. Pierre, Martini- 
que. By J. H. Welch and H. E. 
Taylor. New York. 

1902. ♦ 157 

The Burning of St. Pierre and the 
Eruption of Mount Pelee. By F. 
Royoe. Chicago. 1902. * 158 

The Martinique Horror and St. 
Vincent Calamity. By J. M. 
Miller. Philadelphia. 1902. * 159 

La Catastrophe de la Martinique. 
Notes d'un reporter. Par J. 

Hess. Paris. 1902. * 160 

Les Eruptions volcaniques et les 
tremblements de terre. La Mar- 
tinique. Par C. Flammarion. 
Paris. .1902. * 161 

La Martinique avant et apres le 
desastre de 8 mai, 1902. Par 
Lasecroux. Monlins. 1902. * 162 

The last days of Saint Pierre. The 
Eruption of Mount Pelee, etc. By 
T. W. Hand. Ottawa. 

1902. * 163 
The Tragedy of Pelee. A Narrative 

of personal experience. By G. 
Kennan. Ntvw York. 1902. * 164 

St. Pierre and Mount Pelee 
through the stereoscope. By G. 
Kennan. New York. 1903. * 165 

Le Desastre de la Martinique, La 
montagne Pelee. Par F. de Croze. 
Limoges. 1903. * 166 

Les cataclysmes de la Martinique, 
Saint Pierre et Saint Vincent, 8 
mai— 30 aout, 1902. Par P. 
Deschamps. Paris. 

1903. * 167 

Volcanic Actions and the West 
Indian Eruptions of 1902. By J. 
L. Lobley. London. 1903. * 168 

XJne Histoire vecue des cataclysmes 
de Martinique, 1891—1902. Par 
E. Puchateau-Roger. Lille. 

1904 * 169 

The Tower of Pelee : New studies of 
the great Volcano. By A. Heil- 
prin. Philadelphia. 

1904. * 170 

La Martinique et La Guadeloupe. 
Considerations economiques. Par 
E. Legier. Paris. 1905. * 171 

Saint Pierre-Martinique, 1635-1902. 
Annales des Antilles Frangaise*. 
Par C. L. L. Paris. 1905. • 172 


Regulations for opening the 
Island of Dominica as a Free 
Port approved h^ the \V"est 
Indian and North American 
Committees. [London, 1766.] 

* 173 

An Act for laying a Tax on Wood- 
land, Dominica. Roseau. 

1772. * 174 

Relation de la Prise faite par les 
Francois, sur les Anglois, de I'isle 
de la Dominique, situee entre la 
Martinique et la Guadeloupe, le 
7 September, 1778, suivie de I'Ex- 
pedition de Flsle Rhode-Island^ 

Laon. 1778. * 174a 

Thb History of the Island of Do- 
minica. By T. Atwood. 1791. 
[3 b.] 175 

A Treatise on the Yellow Fever, 
as it appeared in the Island of 
Dominica, in the years 1793-96: 
to which are added <>bservations 
on ... . some other West India 
Diseases, also the chemical ana- 
lysis ... of the hot mineral 
waters in the same island. By 
J. Clark. 1797. * 176 ' 

Two Sermons preached at Domi- ! 
nica ; with appendix, containing 
minutes of three trials at Roseau 
and strictures on the Slave Trade. 
By Rev. G. Peters. 1802. * 176a 

Defence of the Hon. A. C. John- 
stone ; including a View of the 
Evidence produced on his Trial, 
with the Sentence. 1805. * 177 

Laws of the Colony of Dominica. 
BoM-au. 1818. [34a.] 177a 

A Short Memoir of Thomas Emes, 
late Major, commanding the fifth 
regiment, commandant of His 
Majesty's troops in this colony. 
Dominira. 1824. * 177b 

Correspondence on Disturbances 
among the negroes in the Island 
of IXominica. [P.P.] 2 parts. 
1844-45. * 178 

Views in the Island of Dominica,, 
By Lieut. Whitworth Porter, 
R.E., and Mrs. Porter. 

1840. * 179 

Correspondence on Disturbances, 
among the Negroes in the island 
of Dominica. 2 parts. [P.P.] 

1844-45. * 179a 

Laws of the Island of Dominica, 
from 1763 to 1841. [From 1841 
to 1859.] 2 vols. Dominica. 

1858-60. * 160 

Birds of Dominica and St. Vincent. 
1878. * 180a 

The Battle off Dominica in 1782. 
By N. D. Davis. Demerara. 

1882. * 180b 

Return to an Address of the House 
of Lords . . for Copies of Ex- 
tracts from the Correspondence 
on the subject of the late Fatal 
Disturbances in the Island of 
Dominica, 17th Nov., 1893. 

* 181 

Report of the Royal Commission 
appointed to inquire into the con- 
dition and affairs of the Island 
of Dominica. [P.P.C. 7477.] 

1894. [3d.] 182 

Report on the Agricultural 
Capabilities of Dominica. [P.P. 
C. 8801.] 1898. * 183 

Report on the Caribs of Dominica. 
[P.P. Cd. 1298.] 1902. * 183a 

Report on Roads and Land Settle- 
ment in Dopiinica. [P.P. Cd. 
1784.] 1904. * 183b 

Notes upon the Island of Dominica. 
By Symington Grieve. 

1906. [3 g.] 183c 

Dominica. Pamphlet prepared by 
Sir Hesketh Bell, K.C.M.G. Re- 
vised and enlarged by Douglas 
Young, ('.M G. Administrator of 
Dominica. Barbados. 1909. 183d 




A Notable and wonderful Sea-Fight 
betweene two great and wel- 
mounted Spanish Shipps and a 
small and not very well provyded 
English shipp [off Guadeloupe] . . 
Amsterdam. 1621. [De M.C.] * 183a 

Reasons for keeping Guadaloupe 
at a peace, preferable to Caaiada. 
Explained in five letters from a 
Gentleman in Guardaloupe. 

1761. * 184 

A Candid Answer to a pamphlet 
called " Reasons for Keeping 
Guadaloupe at a Peace, prefer- 
able to Canada," &c., in a letter 
to the Author. [By Alderman 
Beckford.] 1761. * 185 

A Detection of the false Reasons 
and Facts, contained in the five 
letters, entitled, Reasons for 
Keeping Guadaloupe at a peace, 
preferable to Canada. By a 
Member of Parliament. 1761. 

Adresse de FAssemblee de la 
Guadaloupe, aux Assembles ad- 
ministratives de Sant-Domingue, 
envoyee aux deputes de cette 
colonie a I'Assemblee Nationale 
pour appuyer et renforcer la 
denonciation solemnelle du 

Comte de la Luzerne, faite par 
la deputation de Saint-Dominque. 
Cap Francois. [1790.] * 187 

Rapport fait a I'Assemblee 
Coloniale de la Guadeloupe le 10 
Novembre, 1790, au nom de la de- 
putation envoyee a la Martinique 
pour y etablir la piix. Paris. 

•[1791?] * 188 

Adresse de 1' Assemblee generale 
Coloniale de la Gudeloupe a 1' 
Assemblee Nationale [of France]. 
Adresse a M. de Damas, par les 
deputes de I'Assemblee Coloniale 
do Tabago. Fort Royal , Marti- 
nique. [1791;] * 189 

Observations presentees a 1' 
Assemblee Nationale par les mem- 
bres de la Municipalite de la 
Basse-terre-Guadeloupe et par 
les citoyens de la meme ville, 
pour demonstrer I'iniquite, 1' 
incompetence et la Nullite de 
(livers arretos de V Assemblee 
coloniale de V isle Guadeloupe. 
Pan-is. 1792. * 190 

Commission etablie pour examiner 
la situation du Volcan de Guade- 
loupe. Rapport. . . 

Au Port de la Liberti, Guadeloupe. 
An VI. [1798.] * 191 

Examen des deux projets de loi 
sur I'organisation des Colonies 
et sur les droits civils et poli- 
tiques des Hommes de Couleur. 
Par R. Mondesir (Mandatairo 
General et special des hommes de 
couleur de la Guadeloupe). Paris. 
1831. [2 h.] 19a 

Observations sur le Projet de Loi 
relatif aux Droits Civils et poli- 
tiques des Hommes de Couleur 
des Colonies Frangaises, adressees 
a la Chambre des Pairs. Par 
R. Mondesir. Paris. 

1833. [2 h.] 194 

Des Deux Projets de lois relatif aux 
Colonies. Par R. Mondesir. 

Paris. 1833 [2 h.] 195 

CoNSEiL Colonial de la Guadeloupe. 

Abolition de 1' esclavage. Paris. 

1848. * 196 

La Guadeloupe Pittoresque. Par. 
A. Sudan. Paris. 1863. * 197 

Annuaire de la Guadeloupe. 

1868. * 198 

La Guadeloupe depuis sa decouverte 
jusqu'a nos Jours. Par Pardon. 
Paris. 1881. * 199 

La. Colonie de la Guadeloupe, et 
le projet de loi sur les sucres. 

Paris. 1884. * 200 
The Guesde Collection of Antiquities 
in Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe. By 
O. T. Mason. Washington. 

1884. * 200a 

Culture de la Canne a sucre a la 
Guadeloupe. Par P. Boname. 

Paris. 1888. * 201 

Guadeloupe et Dependances. Par. 
La Solve. Limoges. 1889. * 202 

La Guadeloupe. Renseignements sur 

I'historie, la flore, le faune, la 

geologie. Par. J. Ballet. 3 torn. 

Basse-Terre. 1890-99. * 203 

La Guadeloupe. : les Enfants cele- 
bres Leonard, &c. Par. P. 
Vauchelet. Paris. 1894. * 204 

The Same. Dugommier. 

Montreuil. 1899. * 

La Martinique et la Guadeloupe. 
Considerations sur 1' avenir et la 
culture de la canne, la production 
duo sucre et du rhum. Par E. 
Legier. Paris. 1905. * 205 



Acts of Assembly of Montserrat, I Laws of Montserrat from 1668 to 
from 1668 to 1740. 1740. * 205a | 1778. 1780. * 205b 



A Brief Account of the Sufferings 
of the Servants of the Lord called 
Quakers : from their first, arrival 
in the Island of Antcgoa, under 
the several Governours ; from the 
Year 1660 to 1695. By J. Lang- 
ford. 1706. * 206 

Copy of the Articles exhibited by 
Mr. Freeman to the House of 
Commons, against Col. Codring- 
ton, and some observations and 
remarks in answer to the same 
[relating to the Leeward Islands.] 
1702. * 207 

The History of Col. Parke's Ad- 
ministration whilst he was Cap- 
tain-General and Chief Governor 
of the Leeward Islands ; with an 
account of the Rebellion in Ante- 
goa, wherein he, with several 
others, were murther'd on the 7th 
of December, 1710. By G. 
French. 1717. [3 b.] 208 

A Letter to Mr. G. French. 

1719. * 208a 

Answer to a Scurrilous Libel in- 
titled a Letter to Mr. G. French, 
occasioned by his History of Col. 
Parke's Administration, with 
Character of W. Hamilton, Esq., 
present Captain-General of the 
Leeward Islands as to the f omen- 
tors of the Rebellion and Murder 
there. By G. French. 1719. * 209 

Acts of Assembly passed in the 
Charibbee Leeward Islands, from 
1690 to 1730. 2 vols. y34-64. * 210 

Acts of Assembly passed in the 
Charibbee Leeward Islands, from 
1690 to 1705. 1740. * 211 

Two Letters to Mr. Wood on the 
Coin and Currency of the Lee- 
ward Islands. 1740. * 213 

An Act Supplementary to the 
[Antigua] Militia Act. 1756. * 214 

Unfortunate Shipwright, or Cruel 
Captain, being a faithful narra- 
tive of the unparelleled vSuifer- 
ings of R. Barker in a Voyage to 
the Coast of Guinea and Antigua. 
1762. * 215 

Essay upon Plantership. By S. 
Martin. Antiqua printed : London ; 
re-printed. 1765. * 215a 

Funeral Sermon by F. Gilbert at 
St. John's, Antigua, on the death 
of N. Gilbert, p:sq., of the said 
Island. Antigua. 1774. * 216 

Brief Account of the Island of 

Antigua, together with the Cus- 
toms and Manners of its Inhabi- 
tants, as well White as Black ; as 
also an Accurate Statement of 
the Food, Clothing, Labor. [By 
J. Luff man.] 1789. * 217 

Facts relating to the cruel treat- 
ment of the Enj^lish prisoners of 
war at Point a Pitre and St. Mar- 
tins ; interspersed with occasional 
remarks. . By an English Clergy- 
man, ^.ntigua. 1796. * 217a 

Collection of Exotics from the 

Island of Antigua. By A Lady. 

1800. * 217b 

The Laws of the Island of Antigua 
consisting of the Acts of the Lee- 
ward Islands. 1690-1817. 

1805-18. * 218 

The Police Act of the Island of 
Antigua. Anfigua. 1814. * 21 

Letters to a Friend in reference to 
some Defect in the Polity of the 
British Leeward Charibee Islands, 
inscribed to his Excellency the 
Captain-General. By Philiarcus. 
Jarnaira. 1815. * 220 

Trial of J. Hatchard for a Libel on 
the Aides-de-Camp of Sir J. 
Leith, Governor of the Leeward 
Islands, and the Grand Jury of 
the Island of Antigua. 

1817. * 221 

Ten Views in the Island of Antigua 

. from drawings made by W. 

Clark, etc. 1823. * 222 

An Account of the Loss of the 
Wesley an Missionaries in the 
Maria mail boat, off the Island 
of Antigua, by Mrs. Jones, the 
only survivor. 1826. * 228 

An Act [passed by the Legislature 
of Antigua] to provide for the . 
Support and Education of the 
Poor Children of the several 
parishes of the Island. Antigua. 
[1831] * 224 

West India Question, the Outline- 
of a Plan for the Total, Immedi- 
ate and Safe Abolition of Slavery, 
Bv J. Phillips, of Antigua. 

1833. * 225 

A Catechism of certain Moral, 

Social and Civil Duties, adapted 

to existing Circumstances by the 

Wesleyan Missionaries of Antigua. 

1836. * 226 

Narrative of the late awful and 
calamitous Earthquake in the- 


West India Islands of Antigua, 
Nevis , St. Christopher, Guada- 
loupe, etc., on Feb. 8th, 1843. 
Written by an eve-witness. 

1843. [2 b.] 227 

Antigua and the Antignans. A full 
account of the colony and its in- 
habitants from the time of the 
Caribs to the present day. 2 vols. 
[By Mrs. Flanagan.] 

1844. [3 b.] 228 

Memorials from Antigua respecting 

the Sugar Duties. P.P. 

1847. * 229 
A Charge delivered to the clergy 

of the Archdeaconry of St. 
Christopher's in 1847 ^ By 1) G. 

Davis, Bishop of Antiqua. 



On the Finances of the Island of 
Antigua. By T. Price. Antigua. 
1854. * 230 

Childhood. The Annual Sermon [on 
Mark ix., 36, 37] for the Ladies 
Society for promoting Education 
in the West Indies. By W. W. 
Jackson, Bishop of Antigua. 

1860. * 231 

The Laws of the Island of Antigua, 
1668-1864 [compiled and published 
under the supervision of Sir W. 
Snagg]. 1865. * 232 

Account of all Sums advanced to 
the Islands of Antigua, Montser- 
rat, and Nevis, and of all Sums 
repaid by reason of such ad- 
vances with the Interest paid 
thereon during the vear ending 
Jan., 1875. 1875. * 232a 

Catalogue of Books in the Public 

Library of Antigua, ii.d. [ab. 

1880]. [34 b.] 233 

De Successione Apostolica necnon 
Missione et Jurisdictione Hier- 
archise Anglicana3 et Catholicse. 


unacum Appendicibus et Indici- 
bus : Auctore Venerabili Doctore 
Jacobo Clark, Archdiacano Anti- 
guensis. Georgiopoli in, Guiana 
Britannica : Londini : Edinhurgi : 
1890. [6 h.] 234 

Report of the Results obtained 
on the Experimental Fields at 
Sken-ett's School, 1892. By 
Francis Watts, F.I.C., F.C.S., 
and F. R. Shepherd. Antigua, 
1892. [32 j.] 235 

The Church Calendar for the 
Diocese of Antigua, in the pro- 
vince of the West Indies, for . . 
1893 . . Edited bv Rev. R. J. E. 
Scott, M.A. [3 g.] 236 

The History of the Island of Anti- 
gua. 3 vols. Bv V. L. Oliver. 
1894, 96 and 99. [34 c.] 237 

Agricultural Journal of the Lee- 
ward Islands and St. John's, 
Antigua. 1894-5. [34 c.] 238 

Catalogue of Works in the Public 
Library, Antigua, n.d. And 

Supplementary Catalogue of the 
Books in the Public Library of 
Antigua. St. John^it. 

1897. [n.b.] 239 

By-Laws of the Antigua Public 
Librarv. St. Jchv^a. 

1899. [n.b.] 239a 

St John's Citv Board. By-Law 
No. 1900. .S7. Jnhn'><. 1900.* [n.b.] 


Hurricane and Relief of Distress in 
the Leeward Islands. [P.P. C. 
9205.] 1899. * 239a 

The Sugar Industry of Antigua. 
[P.P. Cd.2878.] 1906. * 239b 

Newer and Strange Newes from St. 
Christopher's, of a tempestuous 
spirit, which is called by the In- 
dians A Hurry-cane or Whirl- 
wind. 1638. * 239c 




Le8 particularitez de la defaite des 
Anglois, avec la prise de leurs 
Forts, Armes, et Drapeaux dans 
I'Isle de S. Cristophe, en 
I'Amerique, par les Frangois, 
<;ommandez par le Commandeur 
de Sales, sous I'Authorite de la 
Compagnie des Indes Occiden- 
tales. Paris, 1666. * 240 

Ce qui s'est passe a la Descente des 
Anglois, en I'Isle Saint 

Christophe, ou ils ont perdu plus 
de mille Soldats tiiez, ou faits 
prisonniers, par les Troupes que 
la Compagnie Frangoise des 
Indes Occidentales, y entretient. 
Paris, 1667. * 241 

Ce qui s'est passe a la Guadeloupe, 
et dans les Isles voisines : d'ou 
les Anglois ont ete repoussez, 
avec perte de la plupart de leurs 
Vaisseaux. Paris. 1666. * 242 

♦Suite des Affaires des Frangois, en 
I'ile de Saint Christophe, depuis 
la Victoire qu'ils y ont r'em- 
portee sur les Anglois : Et les 
Particularitez du Combat donne 
entre une Fregate des Cheveliers 
de rOrdre de Nostre-Dame du 
Mont Cartnel, et de S. Lazare, 
et les mesmes Anglois. 

Paris. 1666. * • 243 

Relation de la prise des Isles de 
Saint Christophe and de Saint 
Eustache, situees dans 1' 
Amerique, par les armes du Roy 
de la Grande-Britagne. 

[Z^aWs?' 1690.] * 244 

Sermon of the Funeral of the Hon. 
Col. F. Collingwood, and of his 
Lady, who were both interred in 
St. John's Church, in the Island 
of Nevis, in America, May 29 
and May 31, 1690. By T. Hes- 
kith. 1700. * 245 

Farewell Sermon preached in St. 

John's, at Nevis, in America, 

25th May, 1701. By T. Heskith. 

1702. * 246 

The Case of the . . distressed 
Planters and other inhabitants of 
the Islands of Nevis and St. 
Christopher. [Londan, 1710?] 

* 247 

The Case of the present Possessors 
of the French lands in the Island 
of St. Christopher, offered to His 
Majesty and both Houses of 
Parliament. 1721. * 248 

An Act for granting Aid to His 
Majesty by Sale of Annuities t-o 
the Bank of England at Four 
Pounds per Centum, redeemable 
by Parliament, and charged upon 
the Duties on Coals and Culm ; 
and for further applying the Pro- 
duce of the Sinking Fund, and 
for enlarging the time for Ex- 
changing Nevis and St. 
Christopher's Debentures for An- 
nuities at Three per Centum. 

1728. * 249 

A Letter to a Member of Parlia- 
ment setting forth the value of 
St. Christopher's land. 

1730. * 250 

A Short Account of the Hurricane 
that passed through the English 
Leeward Caribee Islands, 30th 
June, 1733. With remarks by an 
Inhabitant of St. Nevis. 

1733. * 251 

Acts of Assembly, passed in the 
Island of St. Christopher, from 
1711 to 1739. 1739. * 252 

Act for granting to H.M. one 
Million .... and the Sum of 
£21,000 Is. 8id-, arisen by Sale 
of Lands in the Island of St. 
Christopher's. 174Q. * 253 

Acts of Assembly, passed in the 
Island of Nevis, from 1664 to 
1739, inclusive. 1740. * 254 

The Same. Abridgement. 

1740. * 255 

Natural History of Nevis and the 
rest of the Charibee Islands. By 
W. Smith, M.D. 1745. =^ 256 

Tryal of J. Barbot, Attorney at 
Law, for the Murder of M. Mills, 
at a Court ... in and for the 
Island of St. Christopher, Friday, 
Jan. 5th, 1753. 1753. * 257 

Acts of Assembly passed in the 
Island of St. Christopher, from 
the year 1711 to 1769. 

St. Christopher. 1769. * 258 

Petition and Remonstrance of W. 
Wharton, Jos. King, W. Feuille- 
tean, &c., to his Excellency 
W. Woodley, Captain General 
and Governor in Chief of H.M. 
Leeward Charibee Islands in 
America. St. Christopher. 

1769. * 259 

Argument or Speech of J. 
Gardiner, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 



who stocxl committed by the pre- 
teaided Assembly of this island 
for a pretended Contempt. 

St. Christopher. 1770. * 260 

A Treatise on Planting from the 
origin of semen to ebullition . . 
By J. Pet-erkin. 2nd ed. 

St. Christopher. 1790. * 261 

Laws of the Island of St. Christo- 
pher . . from 1711 to 1791. 

St. Christopher. 1791. * 262 

Trial of J. D. R. Rouvellet, Esq., 
of the Island of St. Christopher, 
for Forgery. 1806. * 263 

Case in Nevis, 1817. [E. Huggins's 
alleged severe chastisement of 
slaves.] London, 1818. [H.C.] 264 

Natural History of Nevis, and the 
rest of the English Leeward 
Charibee Islands in America. By 
Rev. Mr. Smith. Cambridge, 

1745. * 264a 

Papers relating t-o the Commission 
sent from St. Christopher to. in- 
quire into the condition of the 
Island of Anguilla. [P.P.] 

1826. * 265 

Details of a Case of Piracy, in the 
capture of the Brig Carraboo, of 
Liverpool, Finlay Cook, Master; 
comprising the Official Corre- 
spondence relating to a Claim 
made by his Honor the Com- 
mander-in-Chief of St. Christopher 
to the Commandant of St. 
Eustatius and Saba, for the resti- 
tution of the Vessel and Cargo. . . 
2nd ed. St. Christopher, 1828. * 266 | 

! Report of the Commissioners for 
taking the Census, January 1st, 
1855. Together with analytical 
tables. Basseterre, 

St. Ch.ristop)her. 1855. * 267 

The Statutes of the Islands of St. 
Christopher and Anguilla. 

1857. * 268 

The Laws of Nevis from 1681 to 
1861, inclusive: with appendices 
and index. [Compiled and 

arranged bv H. C. Huggins.] 

1862. * 269 

An Account descriptive of the 
Island of Nevis. By J. A. B. 
lies. Norwich. [1871.] 

[3 b.] 270 

i Leprosy. Bv W. Munro, M.D., 
I CM., late Medical Officer, St. 
Kitts. Manchester. [1879J. 

[3g.] 270a 

Report . . giving a short account 
of the Flood of 1880, and the 
funds received. Basseterre. 

1880. * 271 

The Question of the Hour! Rea- 
sons for representative govern- 
ment. By T. Liburd. 

Basseterre. 1887. * 272 

Vital Statistics of Anguilla. [P.P. 
C. 9411.] 1899. * 272a 

The Sugar Industry of St. Kitts- 
Nevis. [P.P. Cd. 2878.] 1906 * 272b 

The Georgegus Isle. By G. Ather- 
ton. 1908. [3g.] 272c 



An Historical Account of the Vir- 
gin Islands in the West Indies, 
from their being settled by the 
English near a Century past, to 
their obtaining a Legislation of 
their own in 1773, and the lawless 
State in which His Majesty's 
Subjects in these Islands have 
remained since that time. By 
G. Suckling. 1780. * 273 

Trial of Arthur Hodge, late one 
of the Members of H.M. Council 

for the Virgin Islands at the 
Island of Tortola, for the Mur- 
der of his Negro Man Slave. 

1811. * 274 

Letters from the Virgin Islands: 
illustrating life and manners in 
the West Indies. 1843. [3 b.] 275 

Report on the condition of the 
Virgin Islands during 1897. [P.P. 
C. 8883.] 1898. * 276 



C. G. A. Oldendorp's Geschichte der i 
Mission der- Evangelischen Briider | 
auf den Caraibischen Inseln S. 
Thomas, S: Croix und S. Jan. ! 
Heraiisgegeben durch J. J. Bos- 
sart. Barby. 1777. * 277 

Beskivelse af Oen S. Croix. Af H. 
West (Pastor). Kjohevhavn. 

1793. * 277a 

Observations upon the State of 
Negro Slavery in the Island of 
Santa Cruz, the. principal of the 
Danish West India Colonies. 

1829. * 278 

Reminiscences of a 46 years' resi- 
dence in the island of St. Tliomas. 
Bv J. P. Nissen. Nazareth, Pa. 
1838. * 279 

The Winter of 1840 in St. Croix, 
with an excursion to Tortola and 
St. Thomas. By J. Smith. 

New York. 1840. * 279a 

A HiSTORic.vL Account of St. 
Thomas, W.I., with its riise and 
progress . . and incidental no- 
tices of St. Croix and St. John's. 
. . By J. P. Knox. New York. 
1852. [3 b.] 280 

The D.\nish Islands. Are we bound 
in honour to pay for them? By 
J. Parton. Boston. 1869. * 280a 

St. Croix's Flora. Af Baron H. F. 
A. Eggers. Kjohcnhavn. 

1876. * 280b 

The Same. Washington. 1879 * 

In Danisch-Westindien. 1732-60. 
Bv A. V. Dewitz. Nirsky. 

1882. * 281 

Leaflets from the Danish West 
Indies. By Dr. C. E. Taylor. 

1888. ♦ 282 

A Diplomatic Fiasco. The rejected 
Treatv for St. Thomas. By, E. L. 
Pierce. Boston.. 1889. * 283 

Det danske Vestindien. By H. 
Cavling. Kjohenhavn. 

1894. * 284 

The Same. Danisch-West- 
indien. von H. Cavling. Deutsch 
von D. Burmeister-Norburg. 

1902. * 

Om dansk Vestindien. By H. M. 
W. Fischer. Kjbenhaven . 

1896. * 285 

An Island of the Sea, descriptive 
of the Past and Present of St. 
Thomas. By C E. Taylor. 

St. Thomas. 1895. * 285a 

A List of Books on the Danish 
West Indies. Congressional 

Librarv. Washington. 

1901. * 286 

Kampen om dansk Vestindien. 

Kjbenhaven. 1902. * 287 

Dansk Politik, og dansk Vestindien. 
By Tilskuer. Kjbenhaven. 

1902. * 288 

Flora of the Island of St. Croix. By 
C. F. Millspaugh. Chicago. 

1902. * 288a 

Brodvemeninghadens Mission. 

Dansk- Vestindien. 1769-1848. By 

H. Lawaetz (Pastor). Copenhagen. 

1902. * 288b 

De dansk-vestindiske Oer. By C. 
M. Hansen. Esbjerg. 

1903. * 289 

Bet.enkning over Fordlioldene paa 
de dansk-vestindiske Oer. 

Kjbenhaven. 1903 * 290 

The Building of an Island : being 
a sketch of the geological struc- 
ture of the Danish West Indian 
Island of St. Croix or Santa Cruz. 
By John T. Quin, F.R.G.S. 
[New York printed.] Christian- 
sted, St. Croix. 1907. [3 g.] 291 



HiSTORiA geografica, civil y politica 
de la Isla de S. Juan Bautista de 
Puerto Rico. Por I. Abbad. 

Madrid. 1788. * 292 

The same, reprint. Porto Rico. 

1866. * 

SiGLO de Oro, en las Selvas de 
Erifile. Por Bernardo de Bal- 
buena. Madrid. 1608. * 293 

El Bernardo, o Victoria de Ronces- 
valles. Poema heroyco. Por Ber- 
nardo de Balbuena, Bishop of 
Porto Rico. Madrid. 1624. * 294 

Grandeze Mejicana. Por B. de 
Balbuena. Madrid. 1629. * 295 

CoNSTiTucioNS Sinodales. . . Por 
Damiano Lopez de Haro, Bishop 
of Porto Rico. Madrid. 

1647. * 296 

Voyage aux lies de Teneriffe la 
Trinite, Saint Thomas, Saint 
Croix et Porto-Ricco, 1796-98, 
sous la Direction du Captaine 
Baudin, par P. Ledru. 2 vols. 
Paris. 1810. * 297 

HiSTOiRE de la deconverte, et de la 
oonqiieJte, et de ila ooilonization de 
Ponto R'ioo. Par A. E. Morin. 
2 vciLs. New Orleans. 

1812 * 297a 

Reglaments sobre la Educacion, 
trato y ocupaciones que deben 
dar a sus esclavos los hacendados 
o mayordomos de esta isla. 
[Porto Rico, 1826.] * 298 

Relacion Circumstaifdiada [sic] de 
todas las obras publicas que se han 
emprendido y oontinuado en la isla 
de Puerto-Rico en el aiio de 1828. 
Puerto Rico. 1829-33. * 299 

An Account of the present state of 
the Island of Puerto Rico. By 
Col. Flinter. 1834. [3 c.] 300 

Sailing Directions for Porto Rico, 
the Caribbeo Islands, and the 
coasts of Colombia and IVIosquito. 
3rd ed. 1852 * 301 

BiBLiOTECA Historica de Puerto Rico 
oontiene varies documentos de los 
siglos XV.— XVIII. Por A. 
Tapia y Rivera. Puerto Rico. 

1854 * 302 

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de la Isla de San Juan Bautista de 
Puerto-Rico. Por J. J. de Al- 
costa. Puerto-Rico, 1866. * 303 

NuEVO Cancionero de Borinquen. 
Coleccion de poesias. Por M. Soler 

y Martorell. Puerto-Rico. 


La Abolicion en Puerto-Rico ; 
primeros efectos de la ley de 22 
de Marzo de 1873. [Articles re- 
printed from ** La Discussion "]. 
Madrid. 1873. * 305 

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guedades de la isla de Puerto-Rico 
(Borinquen). Por D. E. Dumont. 
Havana. 1876. * 306 

Isla de Puerto-Rico, estudio His- 
torico-geografico. Por IVI. Abeda y 
Delgado. Puerto-Rico. 

1878. * 307 

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Rico. Por A. Govin y Torres. 
Puerto-Rico. 1887. * 308 

La Autonomia administrativa en 
Puerto-Rico. Por J. de J. Domin- 
guez. Puerto-Rico. 1887. * 309 

Los Indios Boriquenos, estudios 
etnograficos. Por A. Stahl. Puerto- 
Rico. 1889. * 310 

Die Lepidopteren-Fauna der In- 
sel Portorico. Zum Druck vor- 
bereitet durch M. Saalmtiller. Von 
H. B. Moeschler. No title. Franh- 
fort-on-Main, 1889. [3 c.] 311 

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Sarda. Madrid. 1889. * 312 

Theresa at Porto Rico. A Tale of 
the Insurrection of 1791. By A. 
Fresneau. Chicago. 

1889. * 312a 

Conferencias de Abuli, celebradaa 

con R. M. de Labra sobre politica 

antillana. Por F. Cepido. Ponce. 

1890. * 313 

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Gomez. Madrid. 1891. * 314 

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1894. * 315 

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1894. * 316 

Benefactores y Hombres Notables 
de Puerto-Rico. Por E. Newmann 
Gandia. 2 vols. Ponce. 

1896. * 317 

EsTADO moral de los factores de pro- 
duccion en Puerto-Rico. Por F. 



Lopez-Tuero. Madrid. 1896 * 318 
Reeimen del gobierno de la isla de 

Puerto-Rico. Madrid. 1897. * 319 
America. Estudios historicos y 

filologicos. Por L. Llorens Torres. 

Madrid. 1898. * 320 

The Story of beautiful Porto-Rico. 

By C. H. Rector. Chicago. 

1898. * 321 

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York. 1898. * 322 

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F. A. Ober. New York. 

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possibilities. By W. Dinwiddle. 
New York. 1899. * 325 

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M. A. Hamm. New York. 

1899. * 326 

The Porto-Rico of To-<lay. By A. 

G. Robinson. New York. 

1899. * 327 

American Colonial Handbook : Facts 
and Figures about Puerto-Rico. 
By T. C. Copeland. New York. 

1899. * 328 

Notes on the Forest Conditions of 
Porto-Rico. By R. T. Hill. 

Washington. 1899. [34 a.] 329 

The Civil Law in Spain and 
Spanish -America, including 
Puerto-Rico. Washington. 

1900. * 330 

Investigation of the Aquatic Re- 
sources and Fisheries of Porto- 
Rico. Washington. 1900. * 330a 

List of Books on Porto-Rico. Con- 
gressional Library. Washington. 

1901. * 331. 

The Stony Corals of the Porto Rican 
Waters. Bv T. W. Vaughan. 

Washington. 1901. * 331a 

Pictorial History of America's 
New Possessions. By M. Halstead. 
Chicago. 1902. * 332 

Opportunities in Porto-Rico. By C. 
H. Allen. 1902. * 333 

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Porto-Rico to the Governor and 
other officials on their official 
duties. New York. 1903. * 334 

The History of Puerto-Rico. By 

R. A. Van Middeldyk. New York. 

1903. * 335 

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Gonzalez Font. Barcelona. 

1903. * 336 

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N. Collins. Washingto7i. 

1903. * 336a 
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Brau. New York. 1904. * 337 

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1904. * 338 

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L. Stejneger (in Rejwrt of U.S. 
National Museum, 1902). 
Washington. 1904. [33 c.] 339 

Political Development of Porto 

Rico. Bv E. S. Wilson. Cohimhus. 

1905. * 339a 

Message from the President of the 
United States . . transmitting 
the Report of the Governor of 
Porto-Rico. Washington. 

1906. [3 g.] 339b 

The Aborigines of Porto-Rico and 
neighbouring Islands. By J. W. 
Fewkes. [In 25th annual report 
of Bureau of American Ethno- 
logy.] Washington. 

1907. [33 f.] 340 

United States Report for the year 
1907 on the Trade and Commerce 
of Porto-Rico. [Diplomatic and 
Consular Reports.] 

1908. [n.b.] 341 

II. SANTO DOMINGO (Republic). 

HjSTOiRE et geographie de I'ile His- 
paniola on Santo Domingo. Par 
E. E. Jaubert. 1689. * 341a 

Observations sur Jes poissons recue- 
illis dans un voyag,Q a la Bale de 
Samana. . . Par C. E. Thevenau. 
St. Lucia. 1788. * 341b 

Description topographique et poli- 
tique de la partie Espagnole de 
I'isle de Saint Domingue. Par M. 
L. Moreau de Saint-Mery. 

Philadelphia. 1796. * 341c 

The same. A Topographical 

and political Description, etc. Tr. 
by W. Cobbett. Philadelphia. 
1796. * 

Present State of the Spanish 
Colonies ; including a particular 
report of Hispanola, or the 
Spanish part of Santo Domingo ; 
with a general survey of the 
settlements of the South Conti- 
nent of America. By W. Walton. 
2 vols. 1810. [2g.] 342 

History of the island of St. Do- 
mingo, from its first discovery to 
the present period. New York. 

1824. * 342a 

'The History and Present Condition 
of San Domingo. By J. Brown, 
M.D. 2 vols. Philadelphia. 

1837. * 343 

AcTOS legislatives del Congress con- 
stitucional y decretos del Presi- 
dent e de la Republica Dominicana 
en 1846. Santo Domingo. 

• [1846] * 344 

Leyes Dominicanas. 3a sesion de la 
primera legislatura en 1847. 

Santo Domingo. 1847. * 345 

Cuentas generales de la Republica 

durante el aiio economica de lo de 

JuHo de 1847 a 30 de Junio de 1848 

certificadas. Santo Domingo. 

1848. * 346 

Sinodo diocesano celebrado por. . . 
el Sr Dr. T. De Portes e Infante. 
. . Arzobispo de Santo Domingo 
en . . 1851. Santo Domingo. 

1851. * 347 

A Geographical Sketch of St. 
Domingo, Cuba and Nicaragua, 
with remarks on the i>ast and pre- 
sent policy of Great Britain, 
affecting those countries. By a 
Traveller. 1850. * 347a 

Punica Fides! or a short statement 
of facts connected with the recent 
breach, by the Dominican Govern- 
ment, of the Second Article of the 

Commercial Treaty, exchanged 
between England and the Domini- 
can Republic in 1^50. St. Domingo. 

1852. * 348 
HiSTORiA de Santo Domingo. Por 

A. del Monte y Tejada. Havana. 

1853. * 349 

The Same. 4 vols. Santo 

Domingo. 1890-92 * 

CoNSTiTucioN politica de la Republica 
Dominicana. Santo Domingo. 

1854. * 350 
Dios, Patria, y Libertad. Republica 

Dominicana. El Senado Consul- 
tor . .en nombre de la Republica 
Dominicana, ha dado la siguiente 
ley sobre aranceles de importacion 
y exportacion. Por M. de R. 

Mota. Santo Domingo. 1855. * 351 

Reincorporacion de Santo Domingo 
a Espaiia. {Madrid? I860?] * 352 

Santo Domingo, Pen-pictures and 
leaves of Travel. By Keim. 

Philadelj^hia. 1871. * 353 

Report of the Commission of Inquiry 
to Santo Domingo. 'Wasliington. 
1871. * 353a 

Letters on the proposed annexation 
of Santo Domingo. Bv S. S. 
Howe. New York. 1871." * 353b 

In the Tropics. By a Settler in 
Santo Domingo. With an intro- 
ductory Notice by R. B. Kimball. 
1864. [3 b.] 354 

[The same. Later ed.] Life in 

Santo Domingo. 1873. [3 c.] 

Santo Domingo Past and Present: 
with a glance at Hayti. By S. 
Hazard. 1873. New York. 

[3 c.] 354a 

Enriquillo. Leyenda historia do- 
minicana. Por M. de J. Galban. 
Santo Domingo. 1882. * 354b 

Description de I'isle de Sainct- 
Domingo. Par J. and R. Par- 

mentier. 1883. * 355 

La Republica Dominicana. Reseiia 
general geografico - estadistica. 
Santo Domingo. 1889. * 356 

Samana et ses projets de cession, 

1844-91. Par Saint-Merant. Paris. 

1896. * 357 

Le Peril dominicain. Par J. Justin. 
Paris. 1896. * 358 

Contribution to the Ornithology of 

San Domingo. By G. K. Cherrie. 

Chicago. 1896. * 358a 

R LuDWiGS Reisen auf Santo Do^ 
mingo. 1888-89. Von W. Sievers 
Berlin. 1898. * 358b 



T^HE Dominican Republic. (Jamee- 
town Exposition). 1907. 

[3g.] 358c- 


12 ST. DOMINGO (French Colony). 

Relation Verdadera, en que se da 
quenta del horribde Huracan que 
SobrevJno a la Isla y Puerto de 
Santo Domingo de los Espanoles, 
el die quinze de Agesta de 1680. 
Madrid. [1681?] * 359 

Statuts et reglemens faits par la 
Compagnie Royale de Saint 
Domingue. [Paris, 1716] * 360 

Carta sobre la mision de la Isla de 
Santa Domingo. Por N. IVIargat. 
Paris. 1728. * 360a 

Carta sobre los antiguos habitadores 
de la isla de Santo Domingo. Por 
N. IVIargat. Paris. 1731. * 360b 

HiSTOiRE de I'Isle Espagnole ou de 
S. Domingue. Par P. F. X. de 
Charlevoix. 2 vols. Paris. 

1731. [3 c.] 361 

ExAMEN raisonne de la proposition 
faite aux anciens Colons de Saint- 
Domingue, relativement aux 
quatre cinquiemes de Tindemnite 
qui^ leur a ete allouee, lesquels 
s'elevent a cent ving millions. 
Paris. 1736. * 362 

Melodies Indiennes. Par L. F. 
Querard. Oaj^e Francais. 

1736. * 362a 

HiSTOiRE et Description de I'ile 
Espagnole on de Saint Domingue, 
et de I'ile de la Tortue. Par G. 
H. Renard. 2 vols. 1740. * 362b 

Relazione de . . terremonti accaduti 
ultimanente '•^sir Isola di S. 
Domingo, della Giammaica, ed 
altre nell' America. Pesaro. 

1752. * 363 

EssAi sur les colonies frauQoises, ou 
discours politiques sur la nature 
du gouvernement, de la population 
et du commerce de la colonie de 
S. D. [Saint-Domingue]. Par 
Saintard. 1754. * 364 

Relation d'une conspiration tramee 
par les negres, dans I'isle de S. 
Domingue. [Paris. 1758?] * 365 

Ordonnance i>ortant creation d'un 
corps de troupes-legeres, designe 
sous le nom de premiere legion de 
St. Domingue. Par C. H. Estaing, 
Count, Governor. Au Caj) Fran<^ais. 
[1765]. * 366 

Almanack de Saint Domingue pour 
I'Anneo 1765. Cap Frangois. 

1765. * 366a 

EfrSAis geographiques sur I'jle de 

I Saint Domingue. Par J. N. Bel- 
lin. Paris. 1766. * 366b 

Description Geographique de De- 
bouquemens qui sont au Nord de 
rile de Saint Domingue, Avec des 
cartes et des plans des Isles que 
forment ces Passap^cs. Et des 
Dangers qui s'y trouvent : pour le 
Service des Vaisseaux du Roi. Par 
N. Bellin. 1768. * 367 

EssAi sur r Historie Naturelle de 
1' Isle de Saint Domingue. 

1776. [3 c] 368 

EssAi sur I'histoire naturelle de 
Saint-Domingue. Par Pere B. 
Nicolson. Paris. 1776. * 369 

Considerations sur I'Etat present de 
la Colonie Frangaiso de Saint 
Domingue. Par M. H. D [auber- 
teuil]. Paris. 1776. * 370 

Historie de VHq de Saint Domin- 
gue. Par H. E. Michelin. 

1776. * 370a 

Tableau Statistique de la popula- 
tion du commerce et des industries 
dans la partie Francaise de Tile 
de Saint Domingue, compare avec 
les releves officiels pour la partie 
espagnole. Par H. E. IViichelin. 
1785. * 370b 

Memorias de la Colonia Francesa de 
Santo Domingo, con algunas 
reflexiones relativas a la isla de 
Cuba. Por un viagero Espanol. 
Madrid. 1787. * 371 

Lettre des Colons residens a St. 

Domingue au Roi : le 31 Mai 1788. 

[Paris? 1788] * 372 

Premier recueil de pieces interess- 
antes, remis par les Commissaires 
de la colonie de Saint-Domingue, 
a MM. les notables, le 6 Novembre, 
1788. [Paris. 1788]. * 373 

Letters des Commissaires de la 
colonie de Saint Domingue, au 
Roi. [Paris. 1788.] * 374 

Extract du registre des deliberations 
du Comite colonial de St. 
Domingue, seante a Paris : du 27 
Janvier 1789. [Paris. 1789]. * 375 

Extrait des Registres de la deputa- 
tion de Saint Domingue. [Con- 
cerning M. Morean do Saint Mery, 
accused of fomenting distur- 
bances.] [Paris. 1789]. * 376 

Faits et idecvs sur Saint-Domingue, 
relativement a la revolution 
actuelle. Parii. 1789 * 377 



Memoire en faveur des gens de 
coleur ou sangmeies de St.- 
Domingue, et des autres Isles 
frangoises de I'Amerique, adresse 
a I'Assemblee Nationale. Par 
Gregoire. Paris. 1789. * 378 

Precis sur la position actuelle de la 
deputation de Saint-Domingue, 
aux etats-generaux. 

[Versailles. 1789.] * 379 

Precis remis par les deput«5s de 
Saint-Domingue aux six commis- 
saires du Comite d' agriculture et 
de commerce charges de rendre 
compte a I'assemblee nationale de 
I'approvisionnement de cette Isle. 
Versailles. [1789]. * 380 

Ordonnance, concernant la Liberte 
du Commerce pour la Partie du 
Sud de Saint-Domingue du 9 Mai 
1789. Po7't-au-Prince. 

[1789]. * 381 

Reponse succinte des deputes de S. 
Domingue, au memoire des Corn- 
mergans des ports de mer, distri- 
bue dans les bureaux de 
I'Assemblee nationale le 9 Octobre. 

1789. Versailles. 1789. * 382 

Approvisionnemens de St. -Domingue 

[Reponse . . aux motions de . . 

deputes de St. -Domingue, a 

I'Assemblee nationale]. Versailles 

[1789]. * 383 

Decret de I'Assemblee generale de 
Saint-Domingue, rendu le 28 mai, 

1790. [Paris? 1790]. * 384 

Assembled generale de la partie 
fran(;oise do Saint-Domingue . . a 
la Municipalite de Paris. 

[Paris. 1790]. * 385 

Lettre des membres de I'Assemblee 
generale de Saint-Domingue, 
arrives a Paris, jusqu'a ce jour a 
I'Assemblee Nationale. 

[Paris. 1790]. * 386 

NouvELLES ofEcielles . . Extrait 
d'une lettre de I'Assemblee 
generale de la partie Frangaise de 
St. Dominque, a I'Assemblee 
Nationale [concerning the denun- 
ciation of the Count de la 
Luzerne]. [Paris. 1790]. * 387 

Lettre des deputes de Saint- 
Domingue a leurs commettans en 
date due 12 .\out 1789, interceptee 
par un malatro, communiquee a 
M. le Comte de IVlirabeau et 
denoncee par cet honorable col- 
leguo. [Paris.] 1790. * 388 

Lettre dea deputes de la province 
du Nord de Saint-Domingue, a 

Messieurs les citoyens des districts 
du Port-au-Prince. 

[Paris. 1790]. * 389 

Extrait des Registres des delibera- 
tions de I'Assemblee provinciale dm 
Sud et de la Seance du ler Mai, 
1790. Port-au-Prince. [1790]. 390' 

Assemblee generale de la partie de- 
Saint-Domingue aux Frangois. 

[Paris. 1790] * 391 

DiscouRS sur les troubles de Saint- 
Domingue. [Bv the Count de^ 
Mirabeau?] [Paris. 1790]. * 392 

Adresse de I'Assemblee generale 

de la partie frangoise de Saint 
Domingue a I'Assemblee nation- 
ale. [Paris. 1790]. * 393 

Lettre de I'Assemblee provinciale 
permanente du Nord de Saint 
Domingue a M. le gouverneur 
general, et arret e de ladite Assem 
blee f>our la dissolution de 
I'Assemblee de Saint-Marc. 

Port-au-Prince. 1790 * 394 

Lettre de I'Assemblee generale de 
la partie frangoise de Saint 
Domingue, aux chambres du 
commerce et manufactures du 
royaume. [Paris. 1790]. * 395 

DiscouRS prononce a I'Assemblee 
nationale le 2 Octobre, 1790, au 
nom de I'Assemblee generale de la 
partie franyoise de Saint Domin- 
gue. [Paris. 1790]. * 396 

Rel.^.tion authentique de tout co 
qui s'est passe h Saint Domingue 
avant et apris le depart force de 
I'Assemblee coloniale. . . 

[Paris. 1790]. * 397 

Addresse des membres de 1' 
Assemblee provinciale du Nord do 
Saint Domingue si I'Assembee 
nationale. Paris. [1790]. * 398 

Petition nouvello des citoyens do 
couleur des Isles frangoises (de 
Saint Domingue) a I'Assemblee 
nationale. . . Paris. 1791. * 399 

Petition faite a T Assemble© 
Nationale, par MM. les Com- 
missaires de I'Assemblee generale 
de la partie frangaise de St. 
Domingue, le 2 Decembre, 1791. 
[Paris. 1791]. * 400 

Appel inter jette . . a I'Assemblee 
Nationale. [Paris. 1791]. * 401 

Adressk do I'Assemblee generale 
de la partie frangoise de Saint 
Domingue au Roi. [Parts?] 

1791 * 402 



Adresse de I'Assemljlee provinciale 
du Nord de Saint Domingiie a 
TAssemblee Nationale sur le 
decret du 15 mai, en faveur des 
hommes de couleur libres des 
colonies. Paris. 1791. * 403 

Aux CoNSTiTUANS de I'Assemblee 
generale de la partie frangoise de 
St. l>omingue. ci-devant seante a 
Saint Marc. [Paris]. 1791. * 404 

Lettre ecrite par MM. les Deputes 
extraordinaires de I'Assemblee 
provinciale du Nord de Saint 
Domingue, a MM. les colons 
reunis a I'hotel de Massiac. 

[Paris. 1791]. * 405 

Copie de la lettre de Messieurs de 
I'Assemblee provinciale du Nord 
de Saint Domingue, datee'^du Cap 
le 2 Nov., 1790, a Messieurs les 
Commissaires extraordinaires 

aupr^s de I'Assemblee Nationale. 
Paris. [1791]. * 406 

Concordat, ou traite de Paix entre 
les citoyens blancs et les citoyens 
de couleur des quatorze paroisses 
de la province de I'ouest de la 
partie frauQoise de Saint 
Domingue. [Paris. 1791]. * 407 

Adresse au Roi, et discours a leurs 
majestes et a la famille royale, 
des colons frangais de I'isle de St. 
Domingue reunis a Paris. 

[Paris, 1791]. * 408 

Adresse au Roi, prononcee par les 
Commissaires de I'Assemblee 
generale de la partie frangaise de 
Saint Domingue le 2 Decembre, 
1791. [ Par is f- 1791]. * 409 

A Particular Account of the com- 
mencement and progress of the 
insurrection of the Negroes in St. 
Domingo, which began in August 
last : being a translation of the 
speech made to the National 
Assembly . . by the Deputies from 
. . St. Domingo. 1791. * 410 

Thf Same. 1792. * 

The Sam< 


ExTRAiTS des registres de TAssem- 
blee gcMK'rale de la partie frangaise 
do Saint Domingue. I'ari". 

1792. * 411 

KxTRAlT des registres <h' JWssem- 
blcM* provinciale de I'ouest [vote 
of thanks to M. lloumej. 

/'ttrt-<iu-Prinn'. [1792]. * 412 

Convention Nationai.k. Arrete 

I)ortant suspension des citoyens 
)eHi)arbe8, Cambefort, et autres 
officiors inilitaireB de la Colonio de 

Saint Domingue. 

[Paris. 1792]. * 413 

Le Mot du vrai legislateur, sur la 
revolte et les incendies arrives a 
Saint Domingue, au mois d'Aout, 
1791. [Paris. 1792?] * 414 

Reflexions politiques sur les 
troubles et la situation d© la 
pai-tie frangoise de Saint Domin- 
gue. . . . Paris. 1792. * 415 

Suite des pieces justificatives rela- 
tives aux troubles de Saint 
I Domingue. I*aris. [1792]. * 416 

I Memoire historique des dernieres 
revolutions des provinces de 

I I'ouest et du sud de la partie 
frangoise de Saint Domingue. 
Paris. 1792. * 417 

Suite de Memoire historique, 

etc. Paris. ... 1792. * 

Production historique des faits qui 
de sont passes dans la partie de 
I'ouest depuis le commencement 
de la Revolution de Saint Domin- 
gue. . . . Port-au-Prince. 

1792. * 418 

An Inquiry into the causes of 

the insurrection of the Negroes in 
the Island of St. Domingo. To 
which are added observations of 
M. Garran-Coulon on the same 
subject, read in his absence by M. 
Gaudet before the National As- 
sembly, 29th Feby., 1792. 

1792. [3 b.] 419 

True State of the Case of the In- 
surrection at St. Domingo. By 
T . C 1 a r k son . / ps%o ich . 

1792. * 420 

Observations sur la situation poli- 
tique de St. Domingue. Par F. 
R. Pons. Paris. 1792. * 420a 

Liberte, Kgalite, Fraternite. A la 
Convention nationale. 

[Paris. 1794]. * 421 

Extrait d'une lettre, sur les mal- 
heurs de Saint Domingue en 
general, et principalement sur 
rincendie de la ville du Cap 
Frangais. Pari^, an If. 

[1794]. * 42'J 

Les Calomniateurs, Laborgne, Poi 
verel, Sontonax et complices ap- 
pelles au tribunal revolutionnairo 
par les commissaires ties patriotes 
de St. Domingue. deputes ijres I > 
Convention nationale. 

[Paris. 1794]. * 423 

Convention Nationale. Lettre 
ecrite de New Yorck par les de- 


putes de Saint Domingue a leurs 
commettans. [Paris. 1794]. * 424 
Convention Nationale. Relation 
detaillee de& evenemens rngJ- 
heureux qui se spnt passes au 
Cap depuis Tarrivee du ci-devant 
general Galbaud. . . Paris an II. 
[1794]. * 425 

Adresse a la Convention nationale. 
[Signed by Page and Brulley, 
" Commissaires d^ Saint Domin- 
gue," imprisoned in the Luxem- 
bourg]. [Paris. 1794]. * 426 

Au Comite de salut publique. Ob- 
servations sur une note remise par 
Dufay, Garnot. Mils, Belley et 
Boisson. [Paris, 1795.]. * 427 

Reflexions sur la Colonic de Saint 
Domingue, ou Examen appro- 
fondi des Causes de sa Ruine et 
des Mesures adoptees pour la 
retablir. Paris. 1796. * 428 

An Enquiry into the Nature and 
Causes of the great Mortality 
among the troops at St. Domingo, 
with practical remarks on Fevers 
and Directions for the conduct of 
Europeans in Warm Climates. Bv 
H. McLean, M.D. 1797. * 429 

An Historical Survey of the 
French Colony in the Island of St. 
Domingo: comprehending a short 
Account of its Ancient Govern- 
ment, Political State, Population, 
Productions, and Exports ; * * * 
Calamities * * * since the vear 
17S9 * * * and a detail of ' the 
Military Transactions of the 
British Army in that Island to the 
end of 1794. By Brvan Edwards. 
1797. [3 c.] 430 

The Same. New ed. 1801. 

The Same. Storia dell isola di 

S. Domingo. Trad. dnll'Inglese da 
J. B. Breton., e transportata dal 
Francese in Italiano da G. Briolo. 
Torino. 1803. [3 g.] 

Answer by way of Letter to 
Bryan Edwards, Esq., M.P., 
F.R.S., Planter of Jamaica, etc., 
containing a Refutation of his 
Histoi icai Survey on the French 
Colony of St. Domingo, etc., by 
Colonel Venault de Charmillv. 
1797. [8 c] 436a 

The Same. Lettre a Bryan 

Edwards. . . . 1797 ** 

Rapport de Julien Rnimnnd, com- 

missairo deleguo par lo gouverne- 

ment FranQais aux ilea sous le 

vent, an ministre do la Marine. 

Cap Fran<;ai^. [1797]. * 431 


A Voyage to Saint Domingo, in the 
years 1788, 1789 and 1790. By 
F.A.S., Baron de WimpfFen. 
Translated from the original 
manuscript, which has never been 
published, bv J. Wright. 

London. 1797. [3f] 431a 

The same. Voyage a Saint 

Domingue. Paris. 1797. * 

The same. Reisen nach St. 

Domingo. Erfurt. 1798. * 

HiSToiRE de Saint Domingue, 1' ele- 
ment noir et la colonization fran- 
gaise. Par H. Isambest. 

Sinninari 1798. * 431b 

Lettre de M. Malouet, Depute de 
St. Domingue a les Commettans, 
Londres. 1798. * 432 

The Coffee Planter of Saint 
Domingo ; with an appendix, con- 
taining a view of the Con.stitution, 
Government, Laws and State of 
that Colony, previous to the year 
1789. To which are added some 
hints on the present state of the 
Island, under the British Govern- 
ment. By P. J. Labourie, LL.D. 
1798. [11 i.] 433 

Relation officielle de I'Expedition 
de Saint Domingue. Extrait du 
Moniteur. Paris. [1802]. * 434 

La vie de Toussaint-Louverture. 

Par M. Dubroca. Paris. 

1802. * 434a 
The same. Life of Toussaint 

Louverture. 1802 * 

Htrtoire <le Toussaint-Louverture. 
Par Ct)us* d'Aval. Paris. 

1802. * 434b 

Memoir of Transactions that took 
place at St. Domingo, 1799. By 
Capt. Rainsford. 1802. * 435 

History of the Island of St. 
Domingo. Edinburgh. 

1802. * 435a 

Colonies Modemes sous la zone 
Torride, et particulierement de 
celle de Saint Domingue. Par B. 
Saint-Venant. Paris. 

1802. * 435b 

Manuel des habitants de Saint- 

Domingue, contenant un precis 

de I'Histoire de cette ile. Par 

S J. Ducteurjoly, 2 vols. Pans. 

1802. * 435c 

L'Incendie du Cap, ou le Regne de 
Toussaint L'Ouverture. Paris. 
An X. [1802]. * 435d. 

Remarks on the late war in St. 
Domingo, with observations on 



the relative situation of Jamaica, 
and other interesting subjects. By 
Colonel Chalmers. 

1803. [3 b.] 436 

De8 Veritables Causes qui out 
amene la mine de la Colonie de 
Saint Doraingue . . Par un obser- 
vateur de bons sens, ami de la 
justice. Paris. 1814. * 437 

Account of the Insurrection in St. 
Domingo begun August, 1791. 

Edinburgh. 1833. * 438 

CoMPENDio de la Historia de Santo 
Domingo. Por J. G. Garcia. 2nd 
ed. 2 vols. Santo Domingo. 

1879. * 439 

L'Odyssee d'un normand, P. Lefranc 
de Saint-Hauldej a St. 

Domingue au dix-hutieme siecle. 
Par V. Advielle. Paris. 

1901. * 440 

Saint-Domingue, 1629-1789- La 
Societe et la Vie Creoles sous 
I'ancien Regime. Par P. de Vais- 
siere. Paris. 1908. [3 g.] 440a 


Buonaparte in the West Indies : or, 
The History of Toussaint L'Ou- 
verture, the African Hero of St. 
Domingo. By J. Stephen. 

1803. * 441 

The Opportunity ; or reasons for an 
immediate alliance with St. 
Domingo. By J. Stephen. 

1804. [M.C.] * 442 

An Historical Account of the 
Black Empire of Hayti. By 
Capt. Rainsford. 180o. [3 b.] 443 

The Same. Geschichte der Insel 

Hayti, etc. Hamburg. 1806. * 

Speech of Mr. White in Senate on 
the Bill interdicting all inter- 
course between the United States 
and the island of St. Domingo, 
Feb., 1806. * 443a 

Reply to Colonel de Charmilly. By 
Lieut. -general Tarleton. 

1810. * 443b 

Journal Historique de la Revolution 
de la partie de Test de Saint Do- 
mingue. . . Par G. Guillermin. 
Philadelphia. 1810. * 443c 

Precis Historique des derniers 
evenemens de la partie de Test 
St. Domingue depuis le 10 Aout, 
jusq'a la Capitulation de St. 
Domingue. Par G. Guillermin. 
Paris. 1811. * 444 

Code Henry, Loi de Commerce, Loi 
Penale. Ca^j Henry. 1812. * 445 

Le Systeme Colonial Devoile. Par 
Baron de Vastey. Cap Henry. 

1814. [3 c.] 446 

Relation des glorieux evenemens 
qui out porte leurs Majestes 
royales sur le Trone d' Hayti suivi 
de I'histoire . . du roi Henri I. et 
de la reine Marie-Louise, par 
Comte de Limonade. . . 

1814. [3f.] 447 

The History of Toussaint Louver- 
ture. New ed. 1814. [3 f .] 447a 

Almanach Royal d' Hayti pour 
I'Annee, 1815. Cap Henry. * 448 

Collection of Haytian Papers, with 
account of rise, progress and pre- 
sent state of Hayti. 

1816. [3 f .] 449 

History of the Island of St. 

Domingo from its first discovery 

by Columbus to the present period. 

[By Sir James Braskctt]. 

1818. [3 b.] 451 

Haytian Pai)ers. [Christophe's pro- 

clamations, etc.]. Bv Prince 
Sanders. Boston. 1818. * 452 

Mfmoires pour servir a I'histoire de 

la revolution de Saint-Domingue. 

Par Pamph. de Lacroix. 2 vols. 

Paris. 1819. * 452a 

Republique d' Haiti. Loi sur 1' in- 
struction publique (14 Juillet). 
Port-au-Prince. [1820]. * 453 

Constitution d'Hayti du 27 Decem- 
bre 1806, et sa revision ; du 2 Juin 
1816. Saint Marc. 1820. * 454 

Le Cri des Colons proprietaires a 
Saint Domingue, expatries et 
refugies en France, ou Api^el a la 
Nation. Paris. 1822. * 455 

A Visit to the capital and chief ports 
of the isle of St. Domingo. By 
Cap. G. R. Pechell, R.N. 

Portsmouth. 1824. [3 f .] 456 

History of the Island of San 
Domingo, from its discovery by 
Columbus. Xew York. 

1824. * 457 

HiSTORiE de la Catastrophe de Saint 
Domingue. Par A. J. B. Bouvet 
de Cresse. Paris. 1824. * 458 

De I'emancipation de Saint Domin- 
gue dans ses lapports avec la 
politique . . de la France. Par 
N. A. [Count] de Salvandy. 

Paris. 1825. * 459 

Report on the Mines known in the 
Eastern division of Hayti, and the 
facilities of vjorking them. By W. 
W^alton (British Agent at Hayti). 

1825. * 460 

Historie d'Haiti (He de St. Domin- 
gue) depuis sa decouverte jusqu'en 
1824. Par Ch. Malo. Nou. ed. 
2'aris. 1825. * 461 

Code Civil d'Haiti. 

[Paris] 1826. * 462 

Histoire Politique et statisque de 
I'isle d'Hayti, Saint Dominque ; 
ecrite sur des documents officiels 
et des notes comminquees, par 
Sir J. Braskett. Par Placide- 
Justin. Paris. 1826. * 463 

Code des Colons de St. Domingue, 
avec des Notes par Vanufel et 
Villeneuve, avocats. Paris. 

1826. * 464 
Sketches of Hayti ; from the expul- 
sion of the French to the death of 
Christophe. By W. W. Harvey. 

1827. [3 b.] 465 



The Rural Code of Hayti ;- in 
French and English. With a pre- 
fatory letter to the Earl Bathurst. 
1827. * 466 

Les six Codes d ' Haiti : suivis d'une 

table raisonnee des matieres. 

Angers. 1828. * 467 

The Present State of Hayti. By 
J. Franklin. 1828. [3 b.] 468 

Notes on Haiti. 2 vols. By C. 
McKenzie (Consul). 

1830. [3 c.] 469 

MS. Note-book of notes and sketches 
made in Hayti in 1831. By Richard 
Hill [of Jamaica]. [3 c] 470 

Circulatres du President d'Haiti 
aux Commandans d'Arrondisse- 
ment sur 1' Agriculture. Port-au- 
Prince, 1831. * 471 

Geographie de Pile d'Haiti. Par B. 
Ardouin. Port-au-Prince. 

1832. * 471a 

Account of the Insurrection in St. 
Domingo begun August, 1791, by 
J. G. Hopkirk. Edinburgh. 

1833. * 471b 
Relacion de la fiesta del aniversario 

de la independencia de Hayti, 
celebrada el de enero de 1834 aho 
31 (de la independencia). 

[Sai7it Domingo. 1834.] * 472 

Petition des Anciens Colons de 
Saint Domingue a la Chambre des 
Deputes. Paris. [1835?] * 473 

Loi sur les droits de douanes [1835]. 
Par J. P. Bover, President. 

[Port-au-Princ(^ 1835]. * 474 

II Furioso Nell'isola di S. Domingo, 
IMelodrama semi-serio. 1836. * 475 

Notes of a visit to some parts of 

Haiti. By Rev. S. W. Hanna. 

1836. [34 c] 476 

St. Domingo. Historisch-romantis- 
ches Gemalde . . Neger-Resolution. 
Von B. Hess. Nordliausen. 

1837. * 476a 

The Rural Code of Havti, literally 
translated. Together ^with letters 
from that country concerning its 
present condition. Bv Z. Kings- 
ley. New York. 1838. * 476b 

Historical Sketch of the Revolu- 
tions and the Foreign and Civil 
Wars in the Islands of St. Domin- 
go. By P. S. Chazotte. 

New York. 1840. [3 c.] 477 

Haytien Revolutions. Lecture on 
and Sketch of the character of 
Toussaint-L'Ouverture. By J. IVTc 
Smith. New York. 1841. * 477a 

Brief Notices of Hayti: with ita 
condition, resources, and pros- 
pects. By J. Candler, 

1842. [3 b.] 478 

tjESCHicHTE der Insel Haiti. Von 
Jordan. Leipsic. 1846. *479 

HiSTORiE d'Haiti. Par N. IVIadiou. 
3 vols. PoiH-au-Prince. 1847. * 479a 

Precis Historique des faits relatifs 
a I'Emprunt d'Haiti. Paris. 

1849. * 480 

Glimpses of Havti and her Negro 
Chief. Liverpool. 1850. * 480a 

Hispaniola, Hayti, Saint Domingo. 
By E. Bathurst. Privately 
printed. 1851. * 481 

Recueil general des lois et act«5 
de gouvernement d'Haiti. Par 
Linstant Pradine . Paris. 

1851-65. * 482 

Album Imperial d'Haiti. 12 plan- 
ches, daguerrotypoes par A. Hart- 
mann, lith. par Lacombe, Ott etc., 
d'apres des dessins de Severyn, 
Crehen, Hartmann etc. New York, 
[1852]. * 483 

Remarks upon United States inter- 
vention in Hayti. . . By B. C. 
Clark. Boston. 1853. * 483a 

Petion et Haiti. 
Remy. Paris. 

Par J. 



* 484 

The Life of Toussaint L'Ouverture, 
the Negro Patriot of Hayti. By 
Rev. J. R. Beard, D.D. 

1853. [3 b.] 485 

A Plea for Haj^ti, with a glance at 
her relations with France, Eng- 
land and the United States for the 
last sixty years. Bv B. C. Clark. 
Boston. 1853. * 485a 

Etudes sur I'Histoire d'Haiti. Par 
B. Ardouin. 10 vols. Paris. 

1853-61. * 486 

Htstoire des Caciques d' Haiti. Par 

Baron E. Nau. Port-au-Prince. 

1854. * 486a 

The same. 2me. ed. Paris. 

1894. [3 c] 

L'Empp]reur Soulouque et son em- 
pire. Par G. d'Alaux. Paris. 

1856. * 487 

Geschichte von Haiti. Von J. 
Handelmann. Keil. 1856. * 487a 
Histoire des revolutions d'Haiti. 
Par Saint-Amand. 

Paris. 1859. ♦ 488 
Geshichte von Haiti. Von H. 
Handelmann. Kiel. 

1860. * 489 



Remarks on Hayti as a place for 

Afric-Americans, and on the 

Mulatto as a race for the Tropics. 

1860. * 489a 

Guide to Hayti. By J. Red- 
path. Bo>^ton. 1861 * 490 

Haiti, ses progres, son avenir avee 
. . une Bi biographic d' Hayti. 
Par A. Bonneau. Paris. 

1862. * 491 

Haiti und seine Rassen Kampfe, 
historisch entwickelt. Von. L. 
Contzen. Coloync. 1863. * 492 

HiSTOiRE descriptive et pittoresque 
de Saint Domingue. Par J. de 
Maries. Paris. 1869. * 493 

^Phe Black Man, or Haytian Inde- 
pendence. . . Bv M. B. Bird. 
Xew York. 1869. * 493a 

Reflexions siir Haiti. Par Delorme. 
Paris. 1873. * 494 

Wit and Wisdom of the Haytians. 
Bv J. Bidelow. Xtiv York. 

1877. * 495 

Haiti, treize ans de Sejoiir aux 

Antilles. Par Eldin. Toulouse. 

1879. * 496 

V.I. Negro Santos de Santo Domin- 
go (Toussaint Lonverture). Por 
R M. de Labra. Madrid. 

1880. * 496a 

Le Pays des Nej^res : Voyage a 
Haiti. Par E. La Selve.' Paris. 

1881. * 497 

Der franzosiche Feldzug aus St. 
Domingo, 1802-03. Von A. Mos- 
bach. Breslaii. 1882. * 498 

Les detractenrs de la Republique 
d'Haiti. J'ar J. Auguste. Paris. 

1882. * 499 

Le Grand Insulaire. L'Isle de 
Haity. Par A. Thevet. 

1883. * 500 

La Republique d'Haiti et ses 
visiteurs 1840-82. Par L. J. 
Janvier. Pari.<. 1883. * 501 

Haiti aux Haitiens. Par L. J. 

Janvier. Paris. 1884. * 502 
Les Antinationaux. Actes et prin- 

cipes. Par L. J. Janvier. Paris. 

1884. * 503 

TJne Aunee au Ministere de I'Agricul- 
ture et de I'lnterieur. Par F. D. 
Legitime. Paris. 1884. * 504 

L'Independance nationale d'Haiti. 
Par E. Chancy. Paris. 1884. * 505 

Anexion y guerra de Santo Domin- 
go. Por J. de la Gandara. 
Madrid. 1884. * 506 

Hayti or the Black Republic. 
By Sir S. St. John, K.C.M.G. 

1884. [3 b.] 507 

Les Affaires d'Haiti. Par L. J. 
Janvier. Paris. 1885. * 509 

Haiti: une page d'histoire. Par L. 
Laroche. Paris. 1885. * 509 

Le Pantheon haitien. By E. Em- 
manuel. Paris. 1885. * 510 

The Birds of Haiti and San 
Domingo. [illustrated with 

coloured plates.] Bv C. B. Cory, 
F.L.S. Boston, U.S.A. 

1885. [2d.] 511 
Rkcueil general des lois d'Haiti. 

Par Linstant de Pradine. Paris. 
1886. * 512 

Les Constitutions d'Haiti. 1801- 
1885. Par L. J. Janvier. Paris. 

1886. * 513 


La Politique exterieure d'Haiti. 
Par J. N. Leger. Paris. 

1886. * 514 

The Aborigines of Hispaniola. By 

H. L. Roth. 1887. * 515 

Haiti en 1886. I»ar P. Deleage. 

Paris. 1887. * 516 

The Treatment of British subjects 
in Hayti. Re-printed from ** The 
Times." [1888]. * 517 

1 Nouvelle geographic de I'ile de 
i Haiti. Par D. Fortunat. 

Port-au-Prince. 1888. * 518 

j Code Formulaire de I'Etat civil 
d'Haiti. Par J. Servincent. 

Part -au-Mri nee. 1888. * 519 

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L. Borno 

[Corheil printed? 
* 528 




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1891 ■ 



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Haiti son 


Par F. Mar- 
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passe, son avenir. Par 
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* 545 

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Des Institutions judiciaires et de la 



justice de pais en Haiti. Par J. 
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1902. * 573 
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raant. Havre. 

Etude sur le 
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Hayti and Santo Domingo. [Diplo- 
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1908. [n. b] 581 



Company of Adventurers for the 

Plantation of the Ishmds of 

Eleutheria, formerly called 

Buhama. Articles and Orders. 

[London. 1647]. * 582 

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their Situation, Product, Conveni- 
ency of Trading with the Spani- 
ards, etc. Bv J. Graves. 

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Florida, and the Bahama Islands. 
By Mark Cateshy. Revised by 
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Islands. 1764-1799 inclusive. 

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1801. Nassau. 1801. * 

1804-05. Nassau. 1805. '^ 

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giving a particular account of the 
Bahama Islands. By D. Mc- 
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Assembly of the Bahama Islands, 
on the Bill before Parliament for 
a general registry of slaves in the | 
West Indies. Bahama Islands, i 
1816. * 589 ' 

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made on board the sloop * Orbit,' 
on a survey of the Bahama Banks. 
By E. C. Ward, F. Mallabv and 
others. New York. 1820 * 589a 

An Official Letter from the Com- 
missioners of Correspondence of 
the Bahama Islands to G. 
Chambers . . concerning the pro- 
posed abolition of slavery in the 
West Indies. Nassau printed ; re- 
printed London, 1823. * 590 

Lettkrs from the Bahama Islands, 

written in 1823-4. By Miss Hart. 

Philadelphia. 1827. * 591 

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14th March, 1842. . . By Sir G. 
C. Anderson. Nassau. 

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to 1861 inclusive. 1862. * 

Another ed. 1877. * 

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of 1850. By W. J. Woodcock and 
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New York and the Bahamas. 
[P.P.] [1864?] * 595 

— — The Same. Further Papers. 
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1864. By Governor [Sir R. W.] 

Rawson. Printed for Parliament. 

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Barcot. 1869. * 596a 

The Same. 2nd ed. 

1871. * 

Report of George Preston, Esq., as 
Special Comm.issioner to Yuca- 
tan, to inquire into the work- 
ing of the t'ibre Industry in that 
Country. Nassau, Bahamas. 1869. 
[3c.l 596b 

Corals and Coral Islands. By 


J. D. Dana. Nnv York. 

1875. * 596c 

of Health and Pleasure. By G. 
W. Benjamin. Niw York. 

1878. * 596d 

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taining many Birds new to the 
Islands, and a number of un- 
described winter plumages of 
North American species. By C. 
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1880. [2d.] 597 

The Same. Revised ed. 

1890. * 

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Newhaven, Conn. 1880 * 597a 

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Fisheries, with a description of the 
islands. By Rebus. 1883. 

[3 f .] 598 
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1883. * 59Ra 



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collections of Life in the Bahamas. 
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Bahama Islands. Arranged and 
presented for publication by the 
Author's permission, with notes 
and additions by C. S. Dolley, 
M.D. By J. Gardiner, B.Sc, and 
L. J. K. Brace. [From the Pro- 
ceedings of the Academy of 
Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 
1889.] -1889. [3 b.] 601 

iNvrsTTGACioNis sobre el derrotero do 
Cristobal Colon per los Bahamas. 
♦Por A. M. Manrique.' Ai'rccife. 

1890. * 602 

Report on the Sisal Industry of the 
Bahamas. By Dr. Morris. 

[?ab. 1890.] * 603 

RiCPORT on the Fibre Industries of 

Vacatan and tlie Bahamas. 

P.P. 1890. [3 c.] 604 

Report on the Fibre Industry in the 
Bahamas, written by James Rae, 
Esq. Nassau. 1891. [3 c.] 604a 

A Winter Visit to the Bahama 
Islands. B. Col. 11. W. Wilson. 
Paper read before Massachusetts 
Horticultural Soc. Boston. 

1891. * 604b 

History and Guide to the Bahama 

Islands. By J. H. Stark. Boston. 

1891. [3g.] 605 

Ten years Chief Justice of the 
Bahamas, 1880-1890. The opinion 
of Sir Richard E. Webster, Attor- 
ney-General, delivered in the 
House of Commons, on " Flogging 
in the Bahamas," discussed and 
compared with standard authori- 
ties. By H. W. Austin. n.d. 

[3 b.] 606 

Progress of the Bahamas for five 
years, 1888-92. Nassau. 

1893. * 606a 
Reconnaissance off the Bahamas. 

sity. Bulletin.] Cambridge^ 

U.S.A. 1894. * 607 

A Romance of a Governership and 

its refutation. By Sir A. Adderley. 

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C. L. Edwards. With music. 

Boston. 1896. * 609 

Running the Blockade. By T. E. 
Taylor. 1896. * 609a 

Farmers and Fruit Growers' Al- 
manack. Bv C. T. McCarty. 

Nassau. 1896. * 609b 

Lectures. By Dr. D. Morris, de- 
livered in Nassau. Nassau. 

1896. * 609b 

In Sunny Isles : chapters treating 
chiefly of the Bahama Islands and 
Cuba. . Bv G. Lestor. 

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early attempt at Colonization. By 

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Plant (Agave Sisalana) and the 
extraction and preparation of the 
Fibre at the Bahamas. 1900. * 612 

Statute Law of the Bahamas. Col- 
lected by Sir O. D. Malcolm. 

1901. * 613 
Salt Industry of Inagua. P.P. 

1902. * 613a 

Bahamas Islands. General Descrip- 
tive Report. , the Annual Re- 
port for 1902. P.P. 1904. 

[3d.] 614 

In Sunny Lands. By W. Drysdale. 
N^tw York. n.d. * 614a 

Educational System of the Baha- 
mas. P.P. 1905. * 614b 

The Bahama Islands. By G. B. 
Shattuck. New York. 1905. 

[3f.] 615 

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tions to a Flora of the Bahamian 
Archipelago. By C. F. Mills- 
paugh. 1906. * 615a 

Sketches of Summerland, giving 
some account of Nassau and the 
Bahama Islands. By G. J. H. 
Northcroft. Nas-^av. 

1906. [3 f .] ei£b 

13. CUBA. 


Rklacion de los Gobern adores de la 
Isla de Cuba desde Hernando de 
Soto hasta el afio de 1654. M.S. 
ia Bibl. Real, Madrid. * 616 

li'AcTE du Parlement d'Escosse. . . 
avec. . la prise de la villa de S. 
J ago en I'isle de Cuba par les An- 
glois. Paris. 1662. * 616a 

Instruccion para los elerigos Mision- 
eros de la Isla de Cuba. Por S. 
Perez de la Cerda. 1679. * 616b 

Original Papers relating to the 
Expedition to the island of Cuba. 
174 * oxu. 

Breve resiimen de lo acaecido en el 

sitio de la Habana por los Ingleses 

1762. M.S. in the British Museum. 

* 616d 

JExtracts de los diaries del Goberna- 
dor y commandante de Merina 
durante el sitio de la Havana, 
1762. M.S. in the British 
Nlu^eum. * 616e 

FiORA CuBANA exliibeus characteres 
generum et speciarum plantarum 
circa Havana crescentium. F. W. 
Nascher. Leipsic, 1 58. * 616f 

Ai^TicuLOS de Capitulation Conveni- 
dos entre S. S. E. E. D. J. Pocock 
... y el Conde de Albemarle . . . 
y por S. S. E. E. el Marques del 
Real Transporte . . }>ara la Ren- 
dicion de la Plaza y navios espaii- 
oles en su Puerto. Ilavaaa. 

1762. * 616g 

An Authentic Journal of the Siege 

of Havana. By an Officer . . 

1762. * 617 

The Great Importance of the 
Havannah, set forth in an Essay 
on the Nature and Methods of 
carrying on a Trade to the South 
Sea, and the Spanish West India. 
By R. Allen. 1762. * 617a 

Historical Views of the Last Glori- 
ous Expedition of H.M. Forces 
against the Havannah, 1762. 
Twelve Copper-plate Views of 
H.M. Ships under Command of 
Sir G. Pocock, the Earl of Albe- 
marle and Rear- Admiral Keppel, 
by Lieut. P. Orsbridge, drawn by 
D. Serres, engraved by P. C. 
Canot. [1763?] * 617b 

Britannia's Triumph in the year 
1762 (Being a series of 12 capital 
prints representing the operations 
of H.M. fleet and army employed 
in the attack and conquest of the 

Havannah). By Ph. Orsbridge. 
1766. • 617c 
A Correct Journal of the landing 
of his Majesty's forces on the 
island of Cuba, and of the siege 
and surrender of the Havannah. 
By P. Mackellar. 1762. * 617d 

Jc'Urnal of the Capture of 
Havanna. By Col. A. Money- 
penny. 1762. * 617e 

An Authentic Account of the re- 
duction of Havana. 1762. * 617f 

Relacton del formidable Terremoto 
acaecido en la Cindad de Santiago 
de Cuba enel mes de Junio de 
1766. Por M. Boza v Vergara. 
Maxico. 1766. * 617g 

Tragica Descripcion que bosquexa 
lax Cindad de Santiago de Cuba 
causada por el porrendo terre- 
moto. Por M. J. Serrano. Mexico. 
1766. * 617h 

Noticia formada de orden del Senor 
Marques de la Torre, gobernador 
. . de la isle de Cuba, de los 
candales que se han invertido en 
las obras pilblicas executadas 
durante su mando en la Havana. 
[Havannah, 1777.] * 618 

Idea geografica, historica y politica 
de la Isla de Cuba. Por J. M. 
Penalver. Hahana. 1781. * 618a 

Compendio de memorias para 
escribir la Historia de la Isla 
Fernandina de Cuba. Por I. J. 
Urrutia. Havana. 1791. * 618b 

Memoria sobre medios que conven- 
dria adoptar para que tuviese la 
Havana los caminos nece^sarios. 
Por N. Calvo. Havana. 

1795. * 618c 

Rei acion de las Escuelas de uno y 
otro sexo, que pay actualmente en 
Cindad de la Habana. Por F. 
Gonzalez. Hahana. 1793. * 618d 

DiscuRSO sobre las buenas propieda- 
des en la tierra bermeja para 
cultura de la Caiia de Azucar. . . 
Por A. de Moreion. Havana. 

1797. . * 618e 

Exposition sobre el metodo obser- 
vado en la Isla de Cuba, en el cul- 
tivo de la Caiia dulce . . por J. R. 
O Farrill. Havana. 1793. * 618f 

DiscuRSO sobre los obstaculos que 
han im]>edi(]o prngr'-^sar las Col- 
menas en la Isla de Cuba, y medio 
de fomentarlas. Por T. Romay. 
Havana. 1797. * 618g 


MtMORiA sobre la defensa general 
de la Isla. Por A. Arango y N. 
del Castillo. 1797. * 618h 

MirwoRiA sobre el mejor ' modo de 

fabricar el aziicar. Por J. F. 

Martinez de Campos. Havana. 

1797. * 618i 

OxTiA de Forateros en la Habana 
para el ano de 1781. * 618j 

Cakta a todos los Medicos y Cirii- 
janos de Santiago de Cuba, de 
Jamaica y Provincias de la Florida. 
Por S. J. de Hechavarria. Santi- 
ago dc Cuba. 1771. * 618k 

Beschreibung der Nisei Cuba. Von 

S M. Quasdanovich. Vienna? 

1791. * 68lL 

Letters from the Havana during 
the vear 1820 1821. 

[3 f .] 619 1 

Recuerdo 6 coleccion de verdades 
a cerca del estado politico de la 
Isla de Cuba. i 

[Havanna ? 1821 ?] * 620 ; 

The Atrocities of the Pirates ; j 
Narrative of the Unparalleled I 
Sufferings endued by the Author j 
during his Captivity among the \ 
Pirates of the Island of Cuba . . \ 
By A. Smith. 1824. * 622 : 

The Same. Translated by G. 

hotz. Braunsweig. 1825 * 

L'IsLE de Cuba et la Havane. Par 
E. M. Masse. Paris. \ 

1825. • 623 

Manuscript Diary of a journey to 
Cuba, America and Canada in 
1826. By Richard Hill. 1826. 
[3f.] 624 I 
Memoria sobre el cultivo del cafe 
en la isla de Cuba . . Sampalve. ; 
1827. • 625 1 

ExposiciON estadistica de la isla de j 

Cuba. Traducida del Frances [of 

A. de Humbolt] al Castellano. Por 1 

J. B. de V. y M. Paris. i 

1827. * 626 i 

CuADRO estadistico de la . . Isla ' 

de Cuba. Correspyondiente el aiio 
de 1827 .. . Hahann. 

1829. • 627 

Letters written in the Interior of 

Cuba, between the Mountains of 

Arcana to the East, and of Cusco 

to the West. By Rev. A. Abbott. 

Boston. 1829. * 627a 

Cuba: or. The Policy of England, 
Mexico and Spain with regard to 
that Island. 1830. * 628 

HiSTORiA economica-politica y esta- 


distica de la isla de Cuba. Por R. 
de la Sagra. Habana. 

1831. • 628a 

Aranceles generales para el cobro 
de derechos do introduccion y 
estraccion en todos las aduanas 
de los puertos habilitados de la 
. . Isla do Cuba. Habana. 

[1834.] * 629 

Carta de un patriota . . Cadiz. 

1835. 629a 

Ecsamen analitica de la Balanza 
general del comercio de la isla de 
Cuba en el afio de 1834 . . 

Habana. 1835. * 630 

The Same. 1835. Habana. 

1836. * 

The Same. 1836. 


Rosamond Cuthbertson : or a Nar- 
rative of the Captivity and 
Sufferings of an American 
Female, under Popish Priests, in 
the Island of Cuba, with a full 
Disclosure of their Manners and 
Customs, written by herself. 

1837. * 630a 

Estado actual de la Isla de Cuba, 

y medios que deben adoptarse 

para fomentar su prosperidad 

con utilidad de la Madre patria. 

Madrid. 1838. * 631 

Historia de la Isla de Cuba y Cate- 
dral de Santiago de Cuba, /n " El 
Plantel." Habana. 1838. * 631a 

Laureles del oidor honorario de la 
Audencia dcjla isla de Cuba, Don 
Jose Ildefonso Suarez . . 

Madrid. 1839. • 631b 
Truinfos de Don Jose Idefonso 
Suarez . . . Madrid. 

1839. * 31c 

A Letter to W. E. Charming, D.D. 
on the subject of the abuse of the 
flag of the U.S. in the island of 
Cuba. By R. R. Madden. 

Boston. 1839. * 631d 

Poems by a Slave [Juan] in the 

island of Cuba. Tr. from the 
Spanish by R. R. Madden. 

1840. [34 c.] 632 

Observaciones sobre la Isla de 
Cuba. [Santiago? 1840?] * 633 

ViAGES. J. de Salas y Quiroga 

torn 1. Isla de Cuba. Madrid. 

1840 * 634 

Travels in Cuba, with Notices of 
Porto Rico, and the Slave Trade. 
By D. Turnbull. 1840. * 635 


Paseo pintoresco por la Isla de 
Cuba . . torn I. Hahaiia. 

1841. * 636 

Isla de Cuba pintoresca. Par F. 
Mialhe. Havana. P1842 * 637 

Les Etats Unis et la Havane. Sou- 
venirs d'un voyageur. Par J. 
Lowenstern . Paris. 

1842. * 638 

Notes on Cuba, an Account of its 
Discovery and Early History 
the Country, Resources and 
Wealth . . By a Phvsician. 

BoHon. 1844. * 639 

Informe Fiscal sobre fomento de 
la poblacion blanca en le Isla de 
Cuba y emancipacion progresiva 
de la esclava , . Madrid. 

1845. * 640 

ExTRACTO alfabetico de los acuer- 
dos generales e interesantes de 
la junta superior directva de 
Hacienda . . por el asesor gene- 
ral del ramo D. J. F. Diaz. 

Ilahana. 1846. * 641 

CoLECCiON de articulas satiricos y de 
Costumbres. Por J. M. de Car- 
denas y Rodriguez. Hdbana. 

1847. * 641a 

HiSTORiA fisica, politica, y natural 
de la Isla de Cuba. Por Ramon de 
la Sagra. 13 vols. Madrid. 

1849-1861. * 642 

The Same. Histoire physique, 

&c. . . traduite de M. S. Ber- 
th elot. 2 vols. Paris. 

1842. * 

The Island of Cubat Its Resources, 
Progress and Prospects. By R. 
R. Madden, M.D. 1849. [3 b.] 643 

Aves de la Isla de Cuba. Por J. 
Lembeye. Habana. 1850. * 644 

Cuba and the Cubans, comprising 
a History of the Island of Cuba, 
its present Social, Political and 
Domestic Condition. By the 
author of "Letters from Cuba." 
New Yorh. 1850. * 645 

AjiBUM Pintoresco de la Isla de 
Cuba. [Berlin, about 

1850.] * 646 

JVIemorias sobre la Historia Natu- 
ral de la Isla de Cuba, acompa- 
iiadas de sumarios Latinas y ex- 
tretos en Frances. Por F. Poey. 
2 vols. Habana. 1851-58. 

[101.] 647 

The United States and Cuba : Eight 
years of Change and Travel. By 
J. G. Taylor. 1851. * 648 


Life of General Marciso Lopeja. 
By a Filibustiero. New York. 

1851. * 648a 

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Cuba y su gobierno. Con un apen- 
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Correspondence between the 
United States, Spain, and 
France, concerning alleged Pro- 
jects of Conquest and Annexa- 
tion of the Island of Cuba. 

Jiosfon. 1853. * 649a 

Immigracion de trabaj adores espa- 
iioles (en Isla de Cuba). Por U. 
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1853. * 649b 

The Cuban Rover, or Life in the 
West Indies. By the author of 
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Traveler in the Tropics ; a Poli- 
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1854. * 650 

Gan-Eden: or. Pictures of Cuba. 
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Boston. 1854 * 651 

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1855: * 652b 

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[3 c.] 653 

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1856. * 653b 



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Lands of the Slave and the Free, of 
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1857. * 655a 

Memoria sobre los medios que exije 

el mejoramiento de la agricul- 

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Hahana. 1857. * 656 

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car de la Isla de Cuba. Por E. 
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tero. Hahana. 1857. * 657 

CoLECCioN de reales ordenes y dis- 
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6 torn. Hahana. 1857-60. * 658 

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sobre la isla de Cuba. Por J. A. 

Saco. 3 torn. Paris. 



La Question de Cuba. Paris. 

1859. ♦ 660 

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To Cuba and Back. A Vacation 
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1859. [3 b.] 661 
The Same. Boston. 1875. * 

CoLECCiON de articulos (educacion, 
criticas, etc.). Por A. Suarez v 
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Apuntes para la historia de las 

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South and North, or Impressions re- 
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Cuba die Perle der Antillen. Von 
J«gor von Si vers. Leivsic. 

1861. * 663 

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forth in an address to Marshal 
Espartero, from the Committee 
of the British and Foreign Anti- 

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Las Reformas en la Isla de Cuba. 
Madrid. 1862. * 666 

Presupuesto de gasbos e ingresos 
del Ayuntamiento de la Habana 
para el aiio de 1862. Hahana. 

1862. * 666a 

Independence of Hayti and Liberia. 
Speech bj' Hon. C. Summer. 

Washington. 1862. * 666b 

CriJA en 1860, 6 .<n cuadro de sus 
adelautos on !a publacion. la 
agi'icultura. <'l comorcio y las 
rentas publicas . . Por Ramon de la 
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J. de la Pezuela. 4 vols. 

Madrid. 1863-66. * 668 

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la Isla de Cuba. Por F. de Cas- 
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Hahana. 1865. * 671 

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1866. * 675 

Recopilacion de las reales ordenes 
y disposiciones del ramo de pre- 
sidios, dictadas i>or el gobierno 
de S. M., y pwr la capitania 
general de la Isla de Cuba, desdo 
1798 hasta 1867. 2 tom. 

Hahana. 1867. * 676 

Informacion sobre reformas en 
Cuba y Puerto Rico. 2 tom. 

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Memoria derigida al Exemo. Dr. 
Don F. Gerrano y Dominquez, 
Gap. -Gen. de la isla de Cuba. Por 
J. de la Concha. Ma..t ,^. 

18e7. * 677b 



Agricultura Cubana. Tratado 
general del cultivo del cafe per- 
fecionado. Por J. M. Fernan- 
dez y Jimenez. 3 ed. 

Hahana. 1868. * 678 

The Stranger in the Tropics. Being 
a Handbook for Havana, and 
guide book for travelers in Cuba, 
Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. 

New York. 1868. * 678a 

Cuba y Puerto Rico. Las Antillas 
Espanolas ante les naciones 
civilizadas. . . Caracas. 

1869. * 679 

Reformes dans les iles de Cuba et 

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Paris. 1869. * 679a 

Cuba before the United States. 
Remarks on the Hon. C. Sumner's 
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Cuba. Fragments of a letter 

addressed to a distinguished party. 

New York. 1869. * 679c 

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6 su ruina. . . Por N. P. 
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Monroe Doctrine. A'ew York. 

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* 681b 
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1870. * 681b 

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J. A. Logan, of Illinois. Washing- 
ton. 1870. * 68ic 

Statement of A. E. Phillips, late 
Acting United States Consul at 
St. Jago de Cuba, showing the 
circumstances which forced him to 
abandon his post and seek protec- 
tioji at Jamaica. Washington. 

: 1870. * 681d 

Cuba with Pen and Pencil. By 
S. Hazard. Hartford, Conn. 

1871. [3 c.] 682 

Cuba in Revolution : a Statement 
of Facts. By J. M. Macias. 

1871. * 683 

My Winter in Cuba. By W. M. 
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La Verdad Historia sombre sucesos 
de Cuba. Por F. J. Cisiieros. 
New York. 1871. * 683b 

Observaciones a la ley prepara- 
toria de 1870 para la abolicion de 
la esclavitud en Cuba y Puerto- 
Rico. Bayona. 1872. * 684 

The Pearl of the Antilles, or an 
Artist in Cuba. By W. Good- 
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The Pearl of the Antilles [Cuba). 
By A. Gallenga. 1873. 

[3 b.] 686 

Tratado elemental de economia 
politica. Por R. Rossi. 

Matanzas. 1873. * 687 

Little Cuba, or circumstantial evi- 
dence. Philadelphia. 1873. * 687a 

The Mambi-Land, or Adventures of 
a Herald Correspondent in 
Cuba. By J. J. 0'K,elley. 

1874. [3 c.] 688 

Life of Capt. Joseph Fry, the 

Cuban Martvr. Bv J. M. 
Walker. Hartford. 1875. 

[3g.] 689 

A Winter in Cuba. By G. Haven. 
JSew York. 1875. * 

Enumeratio Piscium Cubensium. 
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[32 k.] 690 

LTle de Cuba. Par H. Piron. 

Paris. 1876. * 691 

CuADROS sociales. Por Valerie. 

Hahana. 1876. * 69la 

Los Tres, primer os Historiadores 
de la Isla de Cuba. [Editores R. 
Cowley y A. Pego.] Reproduc- 
cion . . Tomo I. Llave del 
Nuevo Mundo anteniural de las 
Indias occidentales. La Hahana 
descripta. . . Por D. Jose Mar- 
tin Felix de Arrate. Tomo II. 
Teatro Historico, , juridico y poli- 
tico militar de la isla Fernandinla 
de Cuba y principalmente de su 
capital la Hahana. . Por el Dr. 
Don I. J. de Urrutia y Montoya. 
Tomo III. Historia de la Isla de 
Cuba y en especial de la Hahana. 
Por D' J. Antonis Valdes. 3 vols. 
Hahana. 1876-77. [3 g.] 692 

La Cuestion de Cuba Off gen, 
caracter, vicisitudes y causas de 
la prolongacion de aquella 
guerra. . . Madrid. 

1878. * 693 

CUBA. 39 

QtTKBTiON Cubaine. L'Esclavage et 

la Traite a Cuba. [Translated 

from Spanish by R. E. Betances.] 

Paris. 1876. * 694 

DicciONARio Biografico Cubano. 
Por F. Calcagno New York. 

1878. [3 g.] 695 

ViDA del presbitero Felix Varela 
(de Cuba). Por J. T. Rodriguez. 
Nueva York. 1878. * 695a 

EsTUDios sobre las cuestiones Cuba- 
nas. Paris. 1879. * 696 

Cuba indigena. Por N. Fort y 
Roldan. Madrid. 1881. * 699 

La Reforma politica en Cuba. Por 
C. Bernal. Madrid. 

1881. * 700 

Die wirthschaftliche Lage Cuba's. 
Von F. G. de Larrinaga. 

Lnpzic. 1881. * 762 

El Cepo y el grillete ; la esclaviti^d 
en Cuba. Madrid. 

[1882.] * 703 
Proyecto de immigracion nacional 
para la isla. Por J. Curbelo. 

Haharm. 1882. * 704 

Derecho administrativo vigente en 
Cuba. Por A. Govin y Torres. 

Hahana. 1882. * 705 

]*apel presentado por D. V. Valiente 

censor de la Sociedad Economica 

de Cid)a de. los Amigos del Pais. 

(Mem. de la Soo. Econ.) Hahana. 

1882. * 705a 

Cuba : monografia historica. Por 
A. Bachiller v Morales. 

Hahana. 1883. * 706 

Cuba primitiva. Origen, Linguas 
tradiciones a historia. Haltana. 



Observaciones magneticas y 

meteoroldgicas del Real Colegio 
de Belen de la compania de Jesus 
«n la Habana. Hahana. 

1884-85. * 707 

Tres cuestiones sobre la isla de 
Cuba. De donde venimos? Donde 
estamos? Adonde vamos"? Por 
J. G. Arboleva. • ' 

Havana. 1885. * 708 

Due South ; or Cuba past and pre- 
sent. Bs M. M. Ballou. 

Bosfon. 1885. * 709 

Diary of my trip to Havana. By 
J. Mark. Manchester. 

1885. * 710 

Apuntks para el presente y por- 
venir de Cuba. Por Pujol y 
de Camps. Hahana. 1885. * 711 

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New York. 1885. * 712 

Consptracy : A Cuban Romance. By 
A. Badau. New For^. 1885. * 712a 

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Por A. Govin y Torres. Hahana. 

1886. * 713 

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Por R. G. Eslava. Havana. 

1887. * 714 

Apendices al Codigo penal vigente 
en las islas de Cuba y Puerto 
Rico. Madrid. 1887. * 715 

Naturaleza y civilizacion de la 
grandiosa isla de Cuba. Por M. 
Rodriguez-Ferrer. Madrid. 

1887. * 716 

Historia de la Revolucion y guerra 

de Cuba. Por G. Gelpi y Ferro. 

Hahana. 1887. * 718 

Arpas amigas. Coleccion original 

de poesias . . Habana. 

1879. * 696a 
Agricultura de los Indigenos de 

Cuba y Hati. By A. Reynoso. 

Paris. 1881.' * 697 
Notas acerca del cultivo en camel- 

lones. Agricultura de los Indi- 

genas de Cuba y Haiti. Por A. 

Reynoso. Paris. 1881. * 698 

El 27 de Noviembre de 1871. Por 

F. Valdes Dominguez. Hahana. 

1887. * 719 

Cuba. Bocetos historicos. Por J. 
Workman. Barcelona. 1887. * 720 

El Pais del jChocolate. Por F. 
Moreno. Madrid. 1887. * 721 

Guide to Tobacco Planting as 
practised in Cuba. Translated 
[from the Spanish of 1878].' 

Colombo. 1889. * 722 

El Camagiiey. Viajes por el in- 
terior de Cuba. Por A. Perina y 
Pibernat. Barcelona. 1889. * 723 

La Reforma electoral en nuestras 

Antillas. Por S. Andres. Madrid. 

1889. * 724 

Cuba et Puerto Rico. Par H. 
Castonnet des Fosses. Lille. 

1889. * 725 

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A. Conte. Hahana. 1B89. * 726 

Conferencias de Abuli. Por F. 

Cepeda. Ponce. 1890. * 727 

Espanoles e insurrectos. Por F. de 

Camps y Feliii. Hahana. 

1890. * 72a 



GuANAHANi. Investigaciones sobre 
el derrotero de Cristobal Colon 
per las Bahamas y Costa de Cuba. 
Por A. M. Manriqiie. Arrerife. 

1890. * 729 

Cuba y siis I'artidos Politicos. Pot 

Joso Mavuei-Y-Ros. Kingston, J a. 

1890. [3 b.] 730 

EsTUDio su el movimiento cientifico 
V literario de Cuba. Por A. Mit- 
'jaiis. Hahana. 1890. * 730a 

La Reforma Electoral en las 
Antilles espaiiolas. Por P. M. de 
Labra. Ma<1rid. 1891. * 731 

GuiA geografica v adiniuistrativa de 
la isla'de Cuba. Vox P. J. Im- 
berno. Hahana. 189]. ^' 731a 

La Habana artistica. Apuntes his- 
toricos. Por S. Ramirez. 

Hahana. 1891. * 731b 

PuNTOS de vista. Articulos y con- 
ferencias. Por N. Heredia. 

Hahana. 1892. * 732 

Tablas cronologicas de los reales 
consejos supremo y de la camara 
de las Indias occidentales . Por 
A. de Ijeon Pinelo. 

Madrid. 1892. * 733 

La Raza de color de Cuba. Por G. 

Millet. Madrid. 1894. * 734 

Cronicas de la guerra de Cuba. . . 

Hafjana. 1895. * 735 

CiTBA y sus jueces. Por R. Cabrera. 
Flladelfia. 1895. * 736 

7'he Sa7ne. Cuba and the 

Cubans. Philadelphia. 1896. * 

Cronica de la guerra %'e Cuba. Por 
R. Guerrero. Barcelona . 

1895. * 737 

Kl Problema colonial. Por R. M. 
de Labra. Madrid. 1895. * 738 

La Gukrra de Cuba. Por E. A. 

Flores. Madrid. 1895. * 739 
Cuba y la Reforma colonial en 

Espafia. Por R. Delorme Salto. 
Madrid. 1895. * 740 

Cronicas de la Guerra de Cuba. 

Hahana. 1895. * 741 

Relaciones comereiales entre la 
Peninsula y las Antillas. Por 
P. do Alzola V Minondo. Madrid. 

1895. * 742 

EsTADO Moral de los factores de 
produccion en Cuba y Puerto- 
Rico. Por F. Lopez Tuero . 

Madrid. 1896. * 743 

El Patriotismo y el billeto de 
banco. Por I. Romaiia. Hahana. 

1896. * 744 

The Story of Cuba. Her struggles 
for Liberty, the Cause, Crisis and 
Destiny of the Pearl of the 
Antilles. Bv M. Halstead. 

Chiraijo. 1896. * 745 

The sanw. 6th ed. . . 1898 * 

AsuNTos CuiiANOS. Colecciou des 

articulos y poesias. Por J. M. 

Izaguirre. New York. 1896. * 746 

Cuba, justificacion de su guerra d& 
independencia. Por R. M. Mer- 

chan. Bogota. 1896. * 748 

Le reforma colonial en las Antillas. 
Por R. M. de Labra. Madrid. 
1896. * 74J> 

Kosmos-Vkritas. La Independencia 
de Cuba versus la Autonomia de 
Espana. London. 1896. * 750 

The Recognixion of Cuban Belli- 
gerency. By A. S. Hershey. 

Philadelphia. 1896. * 751 

Que pasa en Cuba? Por L. Gonzalez 
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articulos. Mexico. 1896. * 753 

A Cuban Expedition. By J. H. 
Bloomfield. 1896. * 754 

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administrativo. Madrid. 

1896. * 755 
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1896. * 756 

La Gup;rra de Cuba. Estudio 

Militar. Por G. Reparaz. Madrid. 

1896. * 757 

Les Etats-Unis, Cuba, et les droit 

des gens. Par H. de Nimal. 

Charleroi. 1896. * 758 
La Guerra en Cuba. Por J^ 
Menendez Caravia. Madrid. 

1896. * 75ft 

BosQUEJO de un plan de campaiia en 
la Isla de Cuba. Por J. J. d© 
Murviedro. Madrid. 1896. * 760, 

Revolucion Cubana. Por C. M.. 
Urien. Buenos Ayres. 1896. * 761 

The Island of Cuba. Descriptive 
and Historical Account. Bj' A, 
S. Rowan. New York. 

1896. * 761a 

Legislacion Militar. Por R. M. 
Alanis. Hahana. 1896. * 761b 

Estudio de las razas humanas que 
ban ido poblando sucesivamente la 
isla de Cuba. Por F. Vidal y 
Careta. Madrid. 1897. * 762 

Cuba unter spanischer Regierung. 
New York. 1897. * 763 



Cuba y la opinion piiblica. Por C. 
Amer. Madrid. 1897. * 764 

The Real Condition of Cuba to- 
day. By S. Bonsai. Nno York. 

1897. * 765 

Album de la trocha. Breve reseiia 
da una excursion feliz desde Cion- 
fuegos a San Fernando. Por E. 
Canel. Hahana. 1897. * 766 

The new Constitutional Laws of 

Cuba. Bv A. Cuyas. New York. 

1897. * 767 

A Cuban Amazon (Evangeline 
Cisneros) Bv V. L. Dunbar. 

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Cuba in war time. By R. H. Davis. 
1897. [3 f.] 770 

Caoba the Guerilla Chief: a Real 
Romance of the Cuban Rebellion. 
By P. H. Emerson. 1897. * 770a 

Free Cuba ; her Oppression, Strug- 
gle for Liberty, History, and 
Present Condition, etc. By R. M. 
Merchan. With History of the 
War, by Gonzalo de Quesada. 
1897. * 
Cuba unter Spanischer Regierung. 
von E. C Preiss. New York. 
1897. * 772 

F.CTS and Fakes about Cuba. By 
G. B. Rea. New York. 

1897. * 773 

EsPANA, Cuba, Estados tJnidos. 
Por J. N. Santos. Madrid . 

1897. * 774 


Santiago de Cuba before the war. 
Bv C. L. Wallace. New York. 

List of 

1898. * 
relating to 


* 780 
By D. 

* 781 

* 787 
By E. 

* 788 

do la Guerra de 
Madrid. 1897. 

Cuba. ; 

' 775 

liKS Inquisiteurs d' Espagne, Cuba. 
Par F. Torrida del Marmol. 

Paris. 1897. *. 776 

The Diplomacy of the United 

States in regard to Cuba. By J. 

H. Latane. (American Historical 

Association Annual Report.) 

1897. * 777 

EsTUDio geografico de la isla de 
Cuba. Por A. and J. Luzon. 

Toledo. 1897. * 778 

Cuba und die iibrigen Inseln W^est- 
indiens. Von Baron D. v. 
Schultz-Holzhausen und R. Sprin- 
ger. Wurzhurg. 1897. * 779 

Columbia's War for Cuba. A story j 
of the early struggles of the 
Cuban patriots. By H. A. Tupper, 
Jt. New York. 1898. * 779a 


Congress Library. 
Washington. 1898. 
The Archaeology of Cuba. 
G. Brinton. 1898. 

HiSTORiA de Hispana en America. 
Cuba. Por J. de Alcazar. 

Madrid. 1898. * 782 
South America : History of tho 
struggle for liberty in Cuba. By 
H. Butterwoi-th. New York. 

1898. * 783 

Four Centuries of Spanish rule in 

Cuba. By I. E. Canini. Chicago. 

1898. * 784 

Cuba, past and present. Bv Richard 
Davey. 1898. * 785 

Under the Cuban Flag. By F. A. 
Ober. 1898. [3 c.] 786 

Cuba. Seine Geschichte. Von W. 
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Spanien och Kuba, etc. 
Svensen . Stockholm . 


Entre los Rebeldes. . . La 
de la guerra. Por G. B. Rea. 

Madrid. 1898. * 789 

P]l Problema cubano. Por P. de 
Alzola y Minondo. 1898. * 790 

Ml gestion ministerial rcspecto a la 

Isla de Cuba. Por A. M. Fabie. 

Madrid. 1898. * 791 

i Marching with Gomez. A War 
'' Correspond.»nt's note-book. By 
G. Flint. Boston. 1898. * 792 

Comment I'Espagne conservera 
Cuba. Lyon. 1898. * 793 

Cuba, its past, present and future. 
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Relacion documentada de mi 
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1898. * 799 


The Island of 
Rowan and M. 

Cuba. By A. S. 
M. Ramsey. 

1898. * 300 



The Rough Riders, 

I'lLE de Cuba. Par H. Piron. 

Paris. 1898. * 800a 

New Constitution, establishing self- 
government in the islands of Cuba 
and Poi-to Rico. With comments, 
etc. Neiv York. 1898. * 800b 

Under three flags in Cuba. By G. 
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Cuba and international relations. 
Bv J. M. Gallahan. Baltimore. 
1899. * 802 
The. same. London. 1902. . * 

The Rescue of Cuba. An Episode 
in the growth of free government. 
By A. S. Draper. Boston. 

1899. * 803 

To-MORRow in Cuba. By C. M. 
Pepper. New York. 1899. * 804 

American Colonial Hand-book : a 
book of facts about Cuba. By T. 
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1899. * 805 
Official History of the Spanish- 
American War. By Leslie. 

WusMngton. 1899. * 805a 

By T. Roose- 
1899. * 805b 

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Our Island Empire. A Hand-book 
of Cuba. By C. Morris. 

Philadelphia. 1899. * 807 

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New York. 1899. * 808 

History of American Expansion nnd 
the storv of our new possessions. 
By M. Halstead. ^New York. 

1899. * 809 

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dada en ** San Carlos" Cayo 
Hueso, et 24. x. 1897. Por D. 
V. Tejera. Hahana. 1899. * 810 

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New York. 1899. [3 c.] 8]1 

The War in Cuba : Experiences of 
an Englishman with the V.S. 
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1899. * 812 

The Sinking of the *' Merrimac " : a 
personal narrative of adventure in 
the harbour of Santiago de Cuba. 
By Lieut. R. Pearson Hobson. 

1899. * 813 

" The Maine " : An Account of her 
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1900. * 821 
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Insulrrection and Spanish- 

American War. By C. Mus- 
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1901. * 827 
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1902. * 828 

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1902. * 829 

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1904. * $32 

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1904. * 833 



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1905. * 836 

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[3g.] 836a 

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CUBA. 43 

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1909. [3f.l 838d 


16. FLORE)A. 

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general de la Florida. Por A. 

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1723. * 838e 

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By J. W. Gambler. 1883. * 843 
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t 1885. * 850 

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de la 

* 877 



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St. Augustine. 1905 * 880 

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[Inclnding British Honduras, Honduras and Mosquito Shore.] 

A Journey over Land, from the 
Gulf of Honduras to the great 
South Sea, performed by J. Cock- 
bum and five other Englishmen. 
1735. * 882 

The Same. 2nd ed., A. Faith- 
ful Account of the Distresses and 
Adventures of J. Cockburn, 

etc. * 

The Same. 3rd ed., The Un- 
fortunate Englishmen. . . Taken 
by a Spanish Guard a Costa. . : 
Gulph of Honduras. 1773. [2 a.] 

Remarks on a Passage from the 
River Balise, in the Bay of Hon- 
duras, to Merida, the Capital of 
the Province of Yucatan, in the 
Spanish West Indies . . with des- 
patches . . relative to the Log- 
wood Cutters in the Bay of Hon- 
duras. 1769. * 883 

A Full Answer to the King of 
Spain's last Manifesto, respecting 
the Bay of Honduras and the 
Mosquito Shore. . . . 

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Case of His Majesty's Subjects 
settled on the Coast of Yucatan. 
1789. * 885 
Case of His Majesty's Subjects 
settled on the Mosquito Shore. 

1789. * 886 

Case of the Agent to the Settlers 
on the Coast of Yua.tan and the 
late settlers on the Mosquito 
Shore, stating the whole of his 
conduct in soliciting Compensa- 
tion for the losses sustained. 

1793. * 887 

An Account of the British Settle- 
ment of Honduras ... to which 
are added sketches of the man- 
ners and customs of the Mosquito 
Indians. . . . By Captain G. 
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The Same. 2nd ed. 1811. * 

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Settlements on the Mosquito 
Shore. By Bryan Edwards. 

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Honduras. Jamaica. 

1824. [3 c.] 892 

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BeUize. 1830. [2 a.] 893 

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dans la province d' Yucatan, 1834- 
36. Par Frederic de Waldeck. 

* 894 

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(1841). By J. L. Stephens: with 
engravings from drawings bv Mr. 
Catherwood. 1843. * 895 

Narrative of a Residence of the 
Mosquito Shore ; with an Account 
of Truxillo and the adjacent 
Islands of Bonacca and Roatan ; 
with a Vocabulary of the Mosqui- 
tian Language, hy T. Young. 

1842. * 896 

The Same. 2nd ed. 1847. [3 b.] 

Views of Ancient Monuments in 
Central America, Chiapas and 
Y^ucatan. By F. Catherwood. 

1844. * 896b 

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unjust strictures published against 
Honduras. New York. 1848. * 896c 

Correspondence respecting the Mos- 
quito Territory. [P.P.] 1848. * 897 

History of Yucatan from its dis- 
covery to the close of the 17th 
Century. By Charles St. John 
Fancourt. 1854. * 898 

Notes on Central America, particu- 
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San Salvador. By E. G. Squier. 
New York. 1855. 

The Same. Die Staaten von 

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von K. Andree. Leipzic. 

1865. * 

A Nautical Description of the Gulf 
of Mexico and Bay of Honduras. 

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The Affair of Greytown [Mosquito 
Territory]. By G. Stapleton. 

1857. * 900 

Explorations and Adventures in 
Honduras. . . By W. V. Wells. 

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la Baie do Honduras. Paris. 

1857. * 902 

The Laws of the Settlement of 
British Honduras in force in the 
twentieth year of the reign of 



Queen Victoria. Belize. 

1857. * 903 

The States of Central America ; 
their Geography, Topography, 
Climate, Population, Resources, 
Productions, Commerce, Political 
Organization, Aborigines, etc., 
etc., comprising chapters on Hon- 
duras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, 
Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, 
The Bay Islands, The Mosquito 
Shore and the Honduras Inter- 
Oceanic Railway. By E. G. Squier, 
M.A., F.S.A. 1858. 

[3 f .] 903a 

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Honduras. Por J. M. Medina, 

President. [Compiled by C. 

Madrid.] Paris. [Po?'*??/ printed.] 

1866. * 904 

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officials . . Par (Consul) E. Pel- 
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and Statistical. By E. G. Squier. 

1870. * 905 

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Unexplored Portion of British 
Honduras. By H. Fowler. 

Belize. 1879. * 907 

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P.P. 1880. * 907a 

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on 31st December, 1881. 2 vols. 
1882. * 908 

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descriptive account of the colony 
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Its Resources and Prospects. By 
D. Morris. 1883. [13 c.] 910 

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duras. Bv Maria Soltera. 

Edinburgh. 1884. * 911 

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Honduras. Por V. Herran. Paris. 

1884. * 912 

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New Orleans. 1885. [2 a.] 913 

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(Duke) G. de Bustelli-Foscolo. 

Eoma. 1886. * 914 

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Lombard. Chicago. 1887. * 915 

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tains, British Honduras, By J. 
Belamy. [In Geo. Jour.] 

1889. * 917 

Honduras : the land of great depths. 
By C. Charles. Chicago. 

1890. • 918 

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(Bureau of American Republics). 

1891. * 919 

Handbook of Honduras. (Bur-eau 
of the American Republics.) 

Washington. 1892. * 920 

The Handbook of British Honduras 
for 1892-93. Comprising historical, 
statistical and general information 
concerning the colony. Compiled 
from official and other reliable re- 
cords by W. Bristowe. 5th year 
of publication. Edinburgh. 

1892. [3 c] 921 

The Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus 
palmarum) in British Honduras, 
its Life, History, Habits, and 
Economic Features. [Reprinted 
from the Kew Bulletin, February- 
March, 1893.] Bv F. H. W. Bland- 
ford, M.A., F.Z.S., F.E.S. 

1893. * 922 

Mosquito Reserve Disturbances. 
Convention with Nicaragua. P.P. 
1896. * 922a 
The same. P.J>. 1906. * 

Researches in the 
Honduras. . . By 
Cam br idgc , Ma-^s . 

Breve Noticia sobre 
M. Lemus and H 

Am Stillen Ocean. 

Honduras. Von G 


Uloa Valley, 
G. B. Gordon. 
1898. * 922b 

Honduras. Por 
G. Bourgeois. 

1897. * 923 

Erlebnisse in 

1898. * 925 

La Republique de Honduras : notice 
historique, geographique et statis- 
tique. Par H. Jalhay. Anvers. 

1898. * 926 
Boundary with Mexico. P.P. 

1898. * 926a 

Das Nordliche Mittel-A m e r i k a . 
Reisen und Studien, 1888-1898. 
Von C. Sapper. Brunswick. 

1899. * 927 

BioGRAFiA del General F. Morazan. 
Por E. Martinez Lopez. 

Tegucigalpa. 1899. * 928 

Mensaje del Sen or Presidente de la 
Republica de Honduras. 

Tegucigalpa. 1900. * 929 



NoMBRES geograficos indigeiias de 
Honduras. For A. Membreiio. 

Tegucigalya. 1901. * 930 

HisTORiA de la guerra legitimista de 
Honduras en 1903- For F. Som- 
oza Vivas. Tegucigalpa. 

1903. * 931 

Tratado de cohtabilidad fiscal. For 
P. M. Martinez. Tegucigalpa, 

1903. * 932 
Deuda del Ferrocarril de Honduras. 

For J. M. Moncala. T egiicigaipa . 

1904. * 933 

La Frovincia de Tegucigalpa. For 
R. E. Duron. 7\'gucigalpa. 

1904. * 934 

Ley de Enjuiciamiento Criminal de 
Honduras. Tegucigalpa. 

1904. * 935 

Hqnduras : Geographical Sketch. 
Natural Resources, Laws, Econo- 
mic Conditions, Developments, 
and Frospects. By A. K. Moe. 
Washington. 1904. [3 g.] 936a 

Leyes militares 1881-1904 de Hon- 
duras. Tegucigalpa. 

1904. * 936 

Tratados vigentes entre la Republic 
de Honduras y les demas Repub- 
publicas de Centro-America. 

Tegucigalpa. 1905. * 937 

Report to the Government of British 
Honduras upon the outbreak of 
yellow fever in that Colonv in 
1905. Bv Rupert Bovce, M.B., 
F.R.S. 1906. [3d.] 937a 



•Canal of Nicaragua, a project to 
connect the Atlantic and Pacific 
Oceans by means of a Canal, by 
Prince Naj>oleon Louis Bona- 
parte. Privately printed. 

1846. * 937b 

Mosquito, Nicaragua, and Costa- 
Rica. 1849. * 938 

Der Freistaat Nicaragua. Von A. 
von Billow. Berlin. 1849. * 938a 

CENTRATi America : describing each 
of the States of Guatemala, Hon- 
duras, Salvador, Nicaragua and 
Costa Rica. . . By J. Bailey. 

1850. [3g.] 939 

The Volcanoes of Central America, 
and the Geographical and Topo- 
graphical Features of Nicaragua 
as connected with the proposed 
Interoceanic Canal. By E. G. 
Squier. 1850. * 940 

Nicaragua: its People, Scenery, 
Monuments, and the Prop>osed In- 
teroceanic Canal. By E. G. 
Squier. 2 vols. New York. 

1852. * 941 

Walker's Expedition to Nicaragua : 

a history of the Central American 

War and the Sonora and Kinnev 

Expeditions. Bv W. V. Wells. 

New York. 1856. * 942 

The Destiny of Nicaragua, Central 
America, as it was, is, and may 
be, by an Officer in the Service of 
Walker. Boston. 1856. * 943 

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tral America, Nicaragua, Hondu- 
ras and San Salvador. By K. 
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Future. . . By P. F. Stout. 

Philadelphia. 1859. * 944a 

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W. Walker. Mobile. I860. * 945 

Descriptive Account of Captain 
Pim's Project for a Railway across 
Nicaragua, with Collinson's"^Rei)ort 
and estimate of cost. 1866. * 946 

Letter to Captain Pirn on the Phy- 
sical Geography of the Nicaraguan 
Railway Route. Bv Dr. Maury. 

1866. * 946a 

A Ride across a Continent: a Per- 
sonal Narrative of W^anderinga 
through Nicaragua and Costa 
Rica. By F. Boyle. 1868. * 947 

NoTAS geograficas y economicas sobre 

la repiiblica de Nicaragua. Per 
P. Levy. Paris. 1873. * 948 

The Naturalist in Nicaragua. . . 
By T. Belt. 1874. * 949 

The Same. 2nd ed. 1888. [13 i.] 

Nicaragua Canal ; Report from the 
Committee on Foreign Affairs on 
bill H. R. 4245. 1882. * 950 

Arch^glogical Researches in Nica- 
ragua. Bv J. F. Bransford. 

Washington. 1881. * 950a 

El Rio de San Juan de Nicaragua, 
etc. Por M. M. de Peralta. 

Madrid. 1882. * 951 

The Gueguence ; a comedy ballet in 
the Nahuatl-Spanish language of 
Nicaragua. Bv D. G. Brinton. 
Philadelphia. 1883. * 951a 

Nicaragua y Panama en el sigle xvi. 

Por M. M. de Peralta. Madrid. 

1883. * 952 

Percement de I'isthme de Panama 
par le canal de Nicaragua. Par 
N. Belly. Paris. 1885. * 952a 
be, hy an Officer in the service of 

Antiquites coram iques trouvees 
dans le Nicaraf^ua en 1882-83. Por 
C. Bovallius. Stockholm. 

1885. * 952b 

Exposition of the Errors in Ad- 
miral Ammen's pamphlet, '* The 
Certainty of the Nicaraguan Canal 
contrasted with the uncertainties 
of the Eads Ship Railwav." By 
E. S. Corthell. Washington. 

i886. * 953 

El Canal Interoceanico de Nicara- 
gua. Por D. de Mercado. 

Bruselas. 1887. * 955 

Via Nicaragua. By Mrs. A. Hort. 
1887. * 956 

L'Isthme Americain. Notes d'un 
premier voyage, 1858. Par F. 
Belly. Bruxelles. 1889. * 958 

Commercial Directory qf Nicaragua. 
(U.S. Bureau of Amer. Republic.) 

1891. * 959 

Buchanan's Conspicacy, the Nicara- 
guan Canal and reciprocity. By 
P. Cudmore. New York. 

1892. * 960 

Relation of the Nicaragua Canal to 
American Commerce. By W. P. 
Frye. 1893. * 961 

Nicaragua : Studies on the Mos- 
quito Shore in 1892. By C. de 




[Amer. Geo. Soc.] i among gentle Savages [in Mos- 

1893. * 961a ! quito Territory]. By C: N .Bell. 

1899. [34 b.] 968 

Etude economique sur la Republi- 
qne de Nicaragua. Par D. Pector. 
Neuchatel. 1893. * 961b 

Nicaragua en los primeros anos de 

su emancipacion. Por F. Ortega. 

Paris. 1894. * 962 

The Key of the Pacific : the Nicara- 
gua Canal. By A. R. Colquhoun. 
1895. [13 d.] 963 

The Nicaragua Canal and the IVlon- 
roe Doctrine. By L. M. Keasbey. 

New York. 1896. * 964 | Hydrography of Nicaragua. By A. 

Nicaragua : war of the filibusters. I P- ^^Y^^- '^^'•^•'SnArP^^l^^iSfd 
By D. B. Lucas. Richmond. \ Survey.] 1900. 972 

Physiography and Geology of region 
adjacent to the Nicaragua Canal 
Route. By C. W. Hayes. [U.S. 
Geol. Soc. Bulletin, Vol. 10.] 

1899. * 969 

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Medina. Paris. 1900. * 970 

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1900. * 971 

1896. * 965 

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K. von Girsewald. Braunschweig. 

1896. * 966 

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1897. * 967 

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1898. * 967a 

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Ocean to Ocean : an account of Nica- 
ragua and its people. By J. W. 
G. Walker. Chicago. 1902. 973 

Notes on the Nicaragua Canal. By 
H. J. Sheldon. Chicago. 

1902. * 974 

Honduras. Geographical Sketch, 
natural resources . . (Bureau of 
the American Republics). By A. 
K. ]VIoe. Washington. 

1904. [3g.] 974it 



BosQUEJO de la Republica de Costa 
Rica. Por F. Molina. 

Madrid. 1850. * 975 

Memoir on the boundary question 
between Osta Rica and Nicara- 
gua By F. Molina. Washington. 
^ ^ 1851. * 975a 

An Inquiry into the question of 
boundaries between Costa Rica 
and New Grenada. By F. Molina. 
Waahington. 1853. * 97ob 

Die Republik Costa Rica. Von M. 
Wagner und C. Scherzer. 

Z>ti/?.sR-. 1856. * 976 

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tion and resources. By M. M. 
Peralta. 1873. * 976a 

Costa Rica and the Banco Hipote- 
cario. By R. Machado. 

San JosCt. 1881. * 977 

CosTA-Rica, Nicaragua y Panama. 

en el siglo XVI. . . . Por M. M. 

de Peralta. ^ ^^^ 

Madrid. 1883. * 978 

Costa Rica en el siglo xvi. Por M. 
M. de Peralto. Madrid. 

1883. * 979 

VocABULARiUM der Sprachen des 
Boruca-Terraba, und Guatuso- 
Indianer in Costa Rica. Von B. 
A. Thiel. Braunschweig. 

1884. * 979a 

CoDiGO Fiscal de la Republica de 
Costa Rica. San Ju.<(i. 

1885. * 980 

Costa Rica y Colombia de 1573 a 
1881. Por M. M. de Peralta. 

Madrid. 1886. * 981 

Republica de Costa Rica. Historia, 
etc. Por E. Villavicencio. San 
.Tost. 1886. * 982 

CoDiGO de procedimientos civiles de 
giiense. San Jose. 1887. * 985 

Alegeto de la Comision Nicaragii- 
ense contestando la exposicion de 
la Comision de Costa Rica sobre 
limites. San Jos,'. 1887. * 984 

The Same [in English]. 
San Jose. 


Exposicion sobre limites presentada 
al arbitro Seiior General E. P. 
Alexander por la Comision Nicara- 
giiense. San Jose. 1887. * 985 

TAc Same [in English]. 

San Jose. 1887. 

Abgument on the Treaty of Limits 

between Costa Rica and Nicara- 
gua. By B. Soto. Washington. 

1887. * 986 

c osTA Rica : Reply to the Argument 

of Nicaragua on the Treaty of 

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20. PANAMA. 

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ment of Scotland to his Friend , 
at London, concerning their late ! 
Act for establishing a Company of 
that Kingdom Trading to Africa | 
and the Indies. 1695. * 1025a , 

Some Seasonable and Modest 
Thoughts, l^artly occasioned by , 
and Partly concerning the Scots i 
East-Indian Company. Humbly | 
offered to R. H., Esq., a member : 
of the present Parliament. By j 
an unfeigned and hearty Lover \ 
of England. 1696. * 1025b , 

A Letter from a Gentleman in the . 
Country to his Friend at Edin- 
burgh, wherein it is clearly proved 
that the Scott African, and 
Indian Company, is P^xactly cal- 
culated for the Interest of Scot- 
land. Edinburgh. 1696. * 102oc 

A Short Discourse of the present \ 
Temper of the Nation with re- ; 
spect to the Indian and African 
Company ; and of the Bank of i 
Scotland. Also of Mr. Paterson's | 
pretended Fund of Credit. By : 
J.H. Printed by John Reid. 
Edinburgh. 1696. * 1025d 

A Perfect List of the several 
Persons Residenters in Scotland, 
who have subscribed as Adven- 
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Africa and the Indies . . . Edin- 
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the Royal Company of Scotland 
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with a Brief Display how much it 
is their Interest to apply them- 
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that which is Foreign. By James 
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the General Assembly of the 

Church of Scotland to the Council 
and Inhabitants of the Scots 
Colony of Caledonia in America. 
[Darien Colony.] Glasgow. 

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A Defence of the Scots Settlement 
at Darien, with an Answer to the 
Spanish Memorial against it, and 
Arguments to prove that it is the 
Interest of England to join with 
the Scots and protect it ; to which 
is added a Description of the 
Countrv and a particular Account 
of the Scots Colony. By Philo- 
Caledon [PAndrew Fletcher, of 
Saltoun]. 1699. * 1029 

A Description of the Province and 
Bay of Darian, giving a full Ac- 
count of all its Situation, Inhabi- 
tants, Way and Manner of Living, 
and Religion, Solemnities, Cere- 
monies, and Product, being vastly 
rich with Gold and Silver, and 
various other Commwlities. By 
I. B[lackwell]. Edinburgh. 

1699. * 1030 

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the Manners of the Inliabitants, 
and Riches of the Countrey. By 
a Gentleman lately Arriv'd. 

• 1699. * 1030b 

A Short Account from, and Des- 
cription of the Isthmus of Darien. 
where the Scots Collony aie set- 
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the Isthmus and Entrance to 
the River of Darien. According 
to our late News, and Mr. Dam- 
pier and Mr. Wafer. Edinburgh. 
, 1699. * 1030c 

The Same. Trad, par De Mon- 
tirat. Paris. 1706 * 

A Letter, giving a Description of 
the Isthmus of Darian (Where 
the Scot's Colonic is settled) ; 
From a Gentleman who lives 
there at present. With an Ac- 
count of the Fertilness of the 
Soil, The Quality of the Air, The 
Manners of the Inhabitants, And 
the Nature of the Plants, and 
Animals, etc. An d a particular 
Mapp of the Isthmus and En- 
trance to the River of Darian. 
Edinburgh. 1699. I030d 



Observations of a Person of Emin- 
ence and Worth in Caledonia, 
written to his Friend in Boston, 
N.E., on their Scots Settlenient, 
New Edinburgh, at Darien, in 
America ; with an Account of the 
Nature and Condition of the 
Country, and good Disposition of 
the Natives towards them, and of 
their addressing the president of 
Panama. Dated at Fort St. 
Andrews, Feb. 18th, 1898-9. 

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Manner and Occasion of the 
Scots Colony's coming away from 
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ment at Darien, Answer'd Para- 
graph by Paragraph, By Philo- 
Britan. 1699. * 103()h 

A Just and Modest Vindication of 
the Scots Design for the having 
Established a Colony at Darien. 
With a brief Display how much it 
is their Interest to apply them- 
selves to Trade, and particularly 
to that which is foreign. 

1699. * lOaOi 

The Golden Island or the Darian 
Song. In Commendation of All 
Concerned in that Noble Enter- 
prize of the Valient Scots. By a 
Lady of Honour. Edinburgh. 

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A Defence of the Scots abdicating 
Darien, including an answer to the 
defence of the Si.ots Settlement 
there. [Bv James Hodges.] 

Edinburgh. 1700. * 1031 

Certain Propositions relating to the 
Scots Plantation of Caledonia, and 
to the National Address for sup- 
porting thereof. Glasgow. 

1700. * 1032 

The Address presented to His 
Majesty at Kensington, 11th June 
1700, by the Commissioners ap 
pointed by Parliament, in support 
of the motion "That our Colony 
of Caledonia in Darien is a legal 
and rightful settlement." 

[1700]. * 1033 

Scotland's Grievances relating to 

Darien. Humbly offered to the 

Consideration of the Parliament. 

1700. * 1034 

Representation and Petition of the 
Council General of the Indian and 
African Company to Parliament. 

1700. * 1034a 

The Original Papers and Letters 
relating to the Scots Company 
trading to Africa and the^ 
Indies. . . . 

1700. • 1034b 

An Enquiry into the causes of the 
Miscarriage of the Scots Colony 
at Darien, or an answer to a 
Libel entitled " A Defence of the 
Scots abdicting Darien." ... 
Glasgow, jjrivately printed. 

1700. * 1035. 

The Original Papers and Letters 
relating to the Scots Company, 
trading to Africa and the Indies, 
from the Memorial given ia 
against them taking Subscriptions 
at Hamburgh, by Sir Paul 
Ricault, H.M. Resident there, to 
their last Address sent up to H.M. 
in December, 1699 (with the Supn 
plement). 1700. * 1036 

A Short Vindication of Phil. Scot's 
defence of the Scots abdicating 
Darien : Being in Answer to the 
Challenge of the Author of the 
Defence of that Settlement. . . . 
1700. * 1036a 

Certain Propositions relating to 
the Scots Plantations of Cale- 
donia, and the National Address 
for supporting thereof, briefly 
offered to Publick View, for re- 
moving of Mistakes and Preju- 
dices. Glasgow. 1700. * 1036b' 

A Full and Exact Collection of all 
the considerable Addresses, 

Memorials, Petitions, Answers, 
Proclamations, Declarations, Let- 
ters, and other Publick Papers, 
relating to the Company of Scot- 
land trading to Africa and the 
Indies ; since the passing of the 
Act of Parliament, by which the 
said Company was established in 
June, 1695, till November, 1700. 
1700. * 1036c 

Scotland's Right to Coledonia 
(Formerly called Darien) and the 
Legality of its Settlement, as- 
serted in three several Memorials 
presented to His Maiestv in May, 
1699. By the Lord "President of 
the Session and Lord Advocate 
on behalf of the Company of 
Scotland, Trading to Africa and 
the Indies. 1700. * 1036c 

The Application of the Scots to 
Foreign Trade, Commended and 
Encouraged: and their late at- 
tempt to have Settled at Darien, 
fully Vindicated from all that 
hath been excepted against it. 

[1700?] * 1036d 

Caledonia: or, The Pedlar turn'd 
Merchant. A Tragi-Comedy. As 
it was acted by His Majesty's 
Subjects of Scotland, in the King 
of Spain's Province of Darien. 

1700. * 1036e 

A Speech in Parliament on the 10th 
day of January, 1701. By the 
Lord Belhaven, on the Afiair of 
the Indian and African Company, 
and its Colony of Caledonia. 

Edinburgh. 1701. * 1036f 

An Enquiry into the Caledonian 
Project, with a Defence of Eng- 
land's Procedure (in point of 
Equity) in Relation thereunto. 
In a Friendly Letter from Lon- 
don to a Member of the Scots 
African and Indian Company in 
Edinburgh, to guar^ against Pas- 
sion. London. 1701. * 1036g 

A Letter to a Friend at Edin- 
burgh from Rotterdam ; Giving an 
account of the Scots affairs in 
Darien. Bv J. Byres. 

1702. * 1036h 

Two Proposals Becoming England 
at this Juncture to Undertake. 
One, for Sen^uring A Colony in 
the West Indies, As His Majesty's 
Propriety now to be enter'd uix)n, 
or for ever lost. And the other, 
for advancing Merchandize, and 
the Crown-Revenue To at least 
40,000 l.p. An. 1706. * 1036i 

Memoirs of Darien, giving a short 
Description of that Countrey, 
with an Account of the Attempts 
of the Company of Scotland, to 
Settle a Colonie in that place , . . 
Written mostly in the year 1700, 
while the Author was in the 
American Regions. Glasgom. 

1714. 1036J 

The History of Darien. Giving a 
Short Description of that Coun- 
try, an Account of the attempts 
of the Scotch Nation to settle a 
Colony in that place, a Relation 
of the many Tragical Disasters 
which attended that Design ; with 
some Practical Reflections uj>on 
the whole. By the Rev. Mr. F. 
Borland. . . Written mostly in 
the year 1700, ^yhile the Author 
was in the American Regions. . , 
Glasgom. 1779. * 1037 

Account of the late Expedition 
against the Isthmus of Darien 
under the Command of Sir Gregor 
McGregor. By W. D. Weather- 
head. 1821. * 1038 


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United States in relation to the 
proposed Congress at Panama, 
May 17, 1826. * 1039 

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America. By J. L. Stephens. 
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The. Same. 12th ed. Illustrated. 

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the Isthmus of Panama. By H. 
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Travels in Central America. . . By 
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tion of Original Letters by 
William Patterson, and Official 
Documents relating to the Estab- 
lishment of a Colony at Darien. 
. . . 1695-1700. By J. H. Bur- 
ton. Bannatyne Club. 

1849. * 1043 

I Wild Life in the Interior of Cen- 

I tral America. Bv G. Bvam. 

I 1849. 1043a 

I The Mahogany Tree : its botanical 

character . . . also notices of the 

projected interoceanic Canals of 

Panama, Nicaragua and Tehu- 

antepec. Liverpool. 1850. * 1044 

j Wanderings in some W'estern Re- 
publics of America, with remarks 
I upon the cutting of the Great Ship 
! Canal through Central America. 
By G. By art. 1850. * 1045 

Memoir of an eventful expedition 
in Central America. . . By P. 
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State of the Great Ship-Canal Ques- 
tion. Convention between Great 
Britain and the United States. 

1850. * 1046 

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munication between the Atlantic 
and Pacific Oceans, through the 
Isthmus of Panama. By Lieut.- 
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Darien Ship Canal : with a full 

history of the Scotch Colony of 

Darien. 2nd ed. 1853. [3 g.] 

The Isthmus of Darien in 1852 : 
Journal of the Expedition of In- 
quiry for the Junction of the 
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (and 
Engineer's Report). By L. 

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A Story of life on the Isthmus. By 
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1853.. * 1050b 

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New York. 1855. * 1051 

'Communication to the Board of 
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and to the Stockholders. J\etv 
York. 1855. * iq51a 

doRRESPONDENCE With the United 

States respecting Central America. 

1856. * 1052 

Further Correspondence with the 
United States respecting Central 
America. 1856. * 1052a 

The Clayton and Buhver Conven- 
tion of April 19, 1850 

1856 * 1052b 

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versy between New Granada and 
the United States, 15th April, 
1856. Liverpool. 1857. * 1057 

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the Merchant-Statesman. From 
a MS. in the British Museum. 
1701. . . . Edited by S. Bannis- 
ter, M.A. London. 

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William Paterson, the Merchant- 
Statesman, and Founder of the 
Bank of England : His Life and ; 
Trials. By S. Bannister, M.A. ' 

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Founder of the Bank of England : 
with Biographical Notices of the 
Author, his Contemporaries, and 
his Race. Edited by S. Bannister, 
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Percement de I'Isthmus cle Panama, 
par 1g canal de Nicaragua. Par ' 
F. Belly. Paru. 1858. * 1054 1 

Seven Years' Travel in Central i 
America. ... By J. Froebel. 

1859. [M.C.] * 1055; 

Correspondence respecting Central 

America, 1856-60. [P.P.] 

1860. * 1056 

History of the Panama Railroad ; 
with Traveller's Guide and Busi- 
ness Man's Handbook for the 
Panama Railroad and its Con- 
nections with Europe, the United 
States, etc. By F. W. Otis. 

New York, 1861. * 1057 

L'ISTHME du Darien. Par Don J. 
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Illustrated Memoir of an Eventful 
Expedition into Central America, 
resulting in the Discovery of the 
Idolatrous City of Iximaya . . . 
described by J. L. Stephens. 

1863. * 1059 
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mander B. Pim, R.N. 

• 1863. [13 d.] 1060 

The Isthmus of Panama. Bv C. T. 

Bid well. 1865. * 1061 

Note sur les Sepultures in diennis 

du departement de Chiriqui (etat 

I de Panama). Pur M. A.'Zeltner. 

I Panama. 1866. '= 1061a 

i History of the Railroad and the 
Isthmus of Panama. By F. N. 
Otis. New York. 1867. * 1061b 

Dottings on the Roadside in 
Panama, Nicaragua and Mosquito. 
By Commander B. Pim, R.N., and 
B. Seemann, Ph.D., F.L.S. 

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Historical and Statistical upon the 
Projected Routes for an Inter- 
oceanic Ship Canal between the 
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. By 
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lantic and Pacific Oceans by the 
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Par B. de Saint-Pol Lias. Pari.^. 

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with accompanying Correspond- 
ence in relation to the proi^osed 
Interoceanic Canal between the 
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 

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1884. * 1083 


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gress of work on the Ship CanaL 
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1888. * 1095 
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Capuchinos en Cf^ntro America. . . 

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1889. * 1100 

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des comites independants. Par 



R. Lebbe. Barhezie.ux. 


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Su historia. 



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{Many of the Darien entries are taken from this work.] 

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descumbrimiento del 



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ada. Por J. de Castellanos. 2 
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Washington. 1907. [3 g.] 1303b 



CoNSTiTUCiONE sinodales del obispado 
de Venezuela y Santiago de Leon 

de Caracas. 

Por D. de 

Bancs y 




* 1303c 

The same. 


The same. 


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1875. * 1342 
DocuMENTOS para la Historia del 


Libertador de Colombia, Peru y 
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Peace, and Adventure in the Re- 
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Requesta al libro que ha publicado 

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Washington en el centenario de 

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1883. * 1368 

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Madrid. 1883. * 1369 

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Arosemena sobre limites entre 
Venezuela y Colombia. Madrid. 
1883. * 1370 

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Caracas. 1883. * 1371 

Araure! Drama historico en tres 




Per C. Martinez. Caracas^. 
1883. * 1372 

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Por R. de La Plaza. Caracas. 

1883. * 1373 

Guzman Blanco y su tiempo. Con- 
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de este eminente repiiblico en la 
regeneracion de Venezuela. Por 
Hortensio. Caracas. 1883. * 1374 

Literatura Venezolana. Por Hor- 
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1883. * 1374a 

A.LEGATO presentado per parte de 

Colombia en el arbitramento de 

limites de con Venezuela. Bogota. 

1883. * 1375 

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1883. * 1376 

Centenario de Bolivar. . Por S. 
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Libertador, Bolivar. Por P. P. 
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mementos del Libertador Bolivar. 
Por R. Chacon. Caracas. 

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Madrid. 1884. * 1380 

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zuela. Por M. Briceno. Bogota. 

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" Alegato " de Colombia. Madrid. 

^ 1884. * 1382 

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frontera entre Venezuela y 
Colombia. Madrid. 1884. * 1383 

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Venezolana leide en Junta publica 
de 27 de octubre de 1884. Por E. 
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Anuario estadistico de los Estados 
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Bolivarienne. Par H. Karsten. 

Berlin. 1886. * 1391 

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Venezuela. Par G. Marcano. 

Paris. 1890. * 1411 

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Cuestion limites de Guyana. 

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cuestion con Inglaterra. Por E. 
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CoNFERENCiAS sobro practica del 
sistema representative en Vene- 



SBuela. For S. T. Atienzo. Caracas. 
1890. * 1415 

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pt. For T. A. Macpherson. 

Valencia. 1890-91. 


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1891. (Ministerio de Relaciones 
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lugica en las regiones de los 
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La Verdad de los hechos. For D. 

Monagas. 1892. * 1432 

VoM tropischen Tieflando zum 

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1893. • 1434 

Au Venezuela. Le general J. Crespo 
Far A. Fadula. Rome. 

1893. • 143a 

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en la Exposicion Universal Colom- 
biana de Chicago en 1893. Nutva 
York. [1893]. * 1436 

The same in English. New York. 

1893. • 

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A. Olavarria. Valencia. 1894. * 1437 

La Mision diplomatica de F. 
Nichelena en la Gran Bretana. 

Caracas. 1894. * 1438 

Memorias sobre las revoluciones de 
Venezuela. For J. F. Heredia y 




Manual de historia de Venezuela. 
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1895. * 1440 

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poranea de Venezuela. For E. 
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Exposicion que dirige al Congreso 
el Ministero de Hacienda en 1895. 
2 tom. Caracas. 1895. * 1442 

Faralelos en el centenario del liber- 
tador de los esclavos en Venezuela, 
• J. G. Monagas. For E. Pepper. 

Cura<:ao . 1895. * 1443 

Resena Geografica de Venezuela. 
For F. Vizcarrondo Rojas. 

Caracas. 1895. * 1444 

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Spanish Main. By Major W. E. 
Wood. Middleshorouijh. 1896. ±447 

Souvenirs. Au Venezuela, 1876-92. 

Par Madame L. Roncayolo. Parity. 

1896. * 1448 

Three Gringos in Venezuela and 
Central America. By R. H. Davis. 

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summer. By W. E. Curtis. 

New^ork. 1896. * 1450 

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1896. * 1451 

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Fortoul. Paris. 1896. * 1452 

Venezuela. Codigo Civil. Caracas. 
1896. ♦ 1453 



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der Vereinigten Staaten von Vene- 
zuela. (Ministerio de Fomento.) 
1894. Caracas. 1896. * 1454 

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zuela political y militar (1858- 
1886). Por L. Level de Goda. 

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zuela. Von V. Pappafara. Inns- 
bruck. 1897. * 1456 

With the Trade- Winds. A jaunt in 
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New York. 1897 * 1457 

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. . . Par C. M. E. P. Benard. 

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1887. * 1460 

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cion periodo constitucional de 
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del General Castro y su Gobierno) . 
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1904. * 1471 

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Natural Resources, Laws, Econo- 
mic Conditions, Development and 
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Washington. 1904. [3g.] 1472 

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potencias aliadas. Caracas. 

1905 * 1474 

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dent). Caracas. 1905. * 1475 

Espozo geografico, r^ursos, natur- 
ales, legislacion, condiciones 
econom., desarrollo alcanzada, 
prospecto de futuio desenvolvi- 
miento di VenezuCia. Por N. V. 
Goiticoa. Caracas. 1905. * 1476 

ViAGE del General C. Castro al Cen- 
tre, sur y orient© de Venezuela. 
Por R. Tello Moacjza. Caracas. 
1905 * 1477 

GoBiESNOs de Venezuela des de 1810 

hast a 1905. Por M. Landaeta 

Caracas. 1905. * 1477a 

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de la Haye. Par A. Gache. 

Paris. 1905. * 1478 

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Par J. Humbert (Bibliotheque des 
Universites du Midi). Paris. 

1905. * 1479 

Li> HiSTORico. . . Refutacion a la 
Historia por L. Level de Goda. 
Por B. Tavera-Acosta. Cindad- 
Bolivar. 1906. * 1479a 

En EL Sur. Por B. Tavera-Acosta. 
Cindad-BoHvar. 1907. * 1479b 

Las Palmas de la flora Venezolana. 
Por A. Jahn. Caracas. 

1908. ♦ 1479c 



Authentic Rebel Papers seized at 
Saint Eustatius, 1781. London. 

1781. * 1480 

An Explanation of the case relating 
to the capture of St. Eustatius, in 
which is included the several com- 
missions appointing the Agents to 
manage the business of the cap>- 
ture. 1786. * 1480a 

Reclement op het beleid van de 
regering, het justitie-wezen, den 
handel en scheepvaart, mitsgaders 
de instruotien voor den gouver- 
neur der eilanden St. Eustatius, 
St. Martin en Saba, den boek- 
houder generael op het eiland St. 
Eustatius, den commandeur des 
eilands St. Martin en den boek- 
houlder aldaar. AmMerdam. 

1815. * 1480b 

Reglement op het beleid de reger- 
ing, het justitie-wezen, den handel 
en scheepvaart, mitsgaders de in- 
struction voor den Gouverneur 
Generael en den raaxl contrarol- 
leur Generaal op het eiland 
CuraQO. Amsterdam. 1815. * 1480c 

Beschrijving van het Eiland 
Curagao en onderhoorige Eilanden 
. . [Door G. G. van Pad- 
denburg.] Haarlem. 1819. * 1481 

Reglement voor de Nederlandsche 

Portugeeache Israelitische Hoofd 

Sijnagoge te Curagao. Cura<;ao. 

1833. * 1482 

Blik op den vroegeren en tegen- 
woordigen toestand van het eiland 
Curagao. Botterdam. 1848. * 1483 

Wetboeken en Reglementen voor de 
Kolonie Curacao. ^sGravenliagt. 

1868. * 1484 

D?. Nattjurlijke hulpbronnen van de 
kolonie Curasao. Door A. M. 
Chumaceiro. ^s-Gravenhage. 

1880. * 1484a 

BoEKi di Leza pa uso di skool di Dia 
Domingo na Curacao. Curazao. 
1881. * 1485 

Curacao en zijne bewoners. Door A. 

T. Brusse. Curai^ao. 1882. * 1486 
De Geologie van het eiland St. 

Eustatius. Door Molengraaff. 

Leiden. 1886. * 1487 
Geschiedenis van Nederlandsch 

West Indie. Door A. M. Kollewijn. 

Amcrsfoort. 1887. * 1488 

Bericht liber eine Reise nach 

Niederlandisch West Indien. Von 

K. Martin. Leiden. 1888. * 1489 

Geologische Studien iiber Nieder- 
landisch West Indien, auf grund 
Eigener Untersuchungen. Von 
K. Martin. Leiden. 1888. * 1490 

BoEKi di Leza pa uso di scool di 
Muchanan na Curasao. Curazo. 

1891. * 1491 

Note sur les Antiquites et Petro- 
glvphs de rile d'Aruba. Par A. 
L.' Pinart. Paris. 1892. * 1491a 

Zal het Kiesrecht Curasao tot het 
Kannibalisme voeren? Door A. 
M. Chumaceiro. Cvra^ao. 

1895. * 1492 

Present chikitoe pa muchanan di 
Scool Catolico di Curagao, Bonaire 
i Aruba. Curagao, Nijmegen 
[printed 1896]. * 1493 

A Synopsis of the History of the 
Jews of Curagao. By Rev. J. M. 
Corcos. Curazao. 1897. [19 a.] 1494 

La Colonie de Curagoa. Door De 
Veer. ^ 1898. * 1495 

Rapport betreffende een reis door de 
Kolonie Curagao. Door J. Have- 
laar. 's-Gravenhage. 1902. * 1496 

Beitraege zur Anthropologie, 

Ethnographie und Archseologie 

Niederl. West indiens. Haarlem. 

1904. • 1497 

Netherlands. Report for the year 
1907 on the Trade and Commerce 
of Curagoa and its dependencies. 
(Diplomatic and Consular Re- 
ports.) 1908. [n. b.] 1497a 


The Discoverie of the Empyre of 
Guiana, with a Relation of the 
Citie of Manoa (which the Span- 
yards call El Dorado), and of the 
Provinces of Emeria, Arromaia, 
Amapaia, etc. By Sir Walter 
Raleigh. 1596. * 1498 

A Relation of a voyage to Guiana. 
Describing the climat, situation, 
fertilitie, provisions and commo- 
dities of that country . . . By R. 
Harcourt. The patent for the 

Plantation of which country, his 
[aiestie hath granted to the said 
R. Harcourt. 1613. * 1499 

The Same. 2nd issue. 1626. * 

A Publication of Guiana's Planta- 
tions, newly undertaken by the 
Right Honourable the Earl of 
Barkshire and Company, for that 
most famous river of the Amazons 
in America. 1632. * 1500 

Surinam Justice . . being a publi- 
cation of that i)erfect relation of 
the . . disturbances in the Colony 
. . set forth . . by W. Byam . . 
couched in the answer thereunto 
by Robert Sanford. 1662. * 1501 

An Exact Relation of the most 
execrable attempts of John Allin, 
committed on the person of his 
Excellency Francis Lord Wil- 
loughby of Parham, Capt. General 
of Guiana, and of all the Caribby 
Islands, and our I^iord Proprietor. 
By W. Byam. 1665. * 1502 

An Impartial Description of Suri- 
nam upK>n the continent of 
Guiana in Americi , With a 
history of several strange beasts, 
birds, fishes, serpents, insects, 
and customs of that colony, etc. 
By G. Warren. 1667. * 1503 

The same. Een onpartijdige 

beschrijvinge van Suriname. 

Amsterdam. 1669. • 

A Seasonable Proposition of Pro- 
pogating the Gospel by Christian 
Colonies in the continent of 
Guiana. . . By J. Oxenbridge. 

[1670?] * 1504 

Amerikaansche Voyagien, behel- 

zende een reis na Rio de Berbice. 

Door A. van Berkel. Amsterdam. 

1695. * 1504b 

Journal of Travels into Guiana, 
in the year 1674, in order to Dis- 
cover the great Lake of Parima, 
and the many Cities said to be 
situated on its Banks, and reputed 

the Richest in the World. By J. 
Grillet and F. Bechanel. 

1698. * 1505 

Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave. By 

Afra Behn. [1698 : and many 

later editions.] ♦ 1505d 

Oroonoka : a Tragedy. By T. 
Southerne. 1699. * 1507 

The Case and Proceedings for and 
against Mr. Jeronimy Clifford, 
Merchant and Planter, at Surin- 
am, May, 1715. * 1508 

The Same. The Case and Re- 
plication of the legal representa- 
tives of Jeronimy Clifford. 

1763. * 

Conduct of the Dutch, relating to 
their Breach of Treaties with 
England, particularly their 
Breach of the Articles of Capitu- 
lation for the Surrender of Suri- 
nam in 1667, and their oppres- 
sions committed upon the English 
Subjects in that Colony. 

1760. • 1509 

Kortbondige Beschrijving van de 
Colonie de Berbice. 

1763. * 1509a 

An Essay on the Natural History 
of Guiana, in South America, 
containing a description of many 
curious productions in the animal 
and vegetable systems of that 
country. . . . By Dr. E. Bancroft. 
1769. [3 b.] 1510 

Requeste, Memorie, en Bijlaagen 
voor Pieter Pama cum suis, eige- 
naars van Plantagien gelegen in 
de Colonie Berbice, 

1774. • 1510a 

Memoire sur les Colonies Demerary 
Essequebo et Berbice. 

1782. * 1510b 

Capture of Demerara by the 
French By Col. W. Byam. 

1782. 1510c 

Brieven over het Bestuur der 

Colonien Essequebo en Demerary 

tusschen Aristodemus en Sincerus. 

Amsterdam. 1785-8. 1510d 

Request en Memorie ter deatructie 
van het verzoek van eenige 
Britsche Kooplieden. 

1802. • 1510f 

KoRT Historisch verhaal Colonie 
Berbice. 1805. * 1510g 

Voyage to the Demerary, contain- 
ing a Statistical Account of the 
Settlements there and of those of 


the Essequebo, the Berbice and 
other Rivers of Guyana. By H. 
Bolingbroke. Norwich. 

[1807]. • 1511 

The Same. Philadelphia. 

1813. • 

Nachrict von Suriname. . . von 
Quandt. Gorlitz. 1807, * 1511a 

Narrative of a Voyage to Surinam, 
and a residence there during 1805- 
6-7. By Baron Albert von Sack. 
1810. [3f.] 1512 

Judicial, Practical and Mercantile 
Guide of British Guiana. By Van 
der Linden. 1814. 1512a 

New Sailing Directions for the 
Ck>ast of Guayana, comprehend- 
ing the Colonies of Cayenne, 
Surinam, and Berbice, with the 
Rivers Marowine, Surinam, Cour- 
tantin, Berbice, Demerary, Esse- 
quebo, &c. ; also Instructions for 
Sailing into Port Spain and Cha 
guaramas Harbour, in the Island 
of Trinidad. By J. W. Norie. 

1816. * 1513 

Address to Planters and Merchants. 
By J. C. Jennyns. 

1816. • 1513a 

Examination of the Report of the 
Berbice Commissioners, and An- 
swer to James Stephen, Esq., re- 
specting the Crown Estates in the 
West Indies. By J. Marry at. 

1817. • 1514 

A Narrative of the Expedition to 
the rivers Orinoco and Apure in 
1817. Bv J. Hippislev. 

1819. • 1514a 

Report of the Criminal Law at 
Demerara and in the ceded Dutch 
Colonies. By J. Henry. 

1821. * 1515 

Charges against Maj. -General John 
Murray. 1821. 1515a 

The Judgment of the Court of 
Demerara in the Case of Odwin 
V. Forbes on the Pica of the 
English Certificate of Bankruptcy, 
etc., with Cases. By J. Henry, 
late President of Demerara. 

1823. * 1516 

Considerations on Negro Slavery ; 
with Reports illustrative of the 
Actual Condition of the Negroes 
in Demerara, etc. ; with Sugges- 
tions for Ameliorating the Con- 
dition of the slaves. By A. 
M'Donnell. 1824. * 1517 

Report of Proceedings against Rev. 


J. Smith, of Demerara, who was 
tried by court-martial and con- 
demned to death on a charge of 
aiding and assisting in a rebellion 
of Negro Slaves. 1824. * 1518 

Substance of the Debate in the 
House of Commons on the motion 
o€ Henry Brougham, respecting 
the trial and condemnation to 
death of Rev. John Smith, late 
Missionary at Demerara, 

1824. * 1519 

London Missionary Society's Re- 
port on the proceedings against 
Mr. Smith on a charge of assist- 
ing in a Rebellion of the Negro 
Slaves. 1824. * 1519a 

Account of Insurrection of 1823-24. 
By Joshua Bryant. * 1519b 

Report of H.M. Privy Council in 
the case of William Rough, Ser- 
geant-at-Law, Demerara, against 
Lt.-Gen. John Murray, Lt. 
Governor of that Colony. 

1825. • 1520 

Indian Notices : or Sketches of the 
habits, characters, languages, 
etc., of the several Nations [of 
British Guiana]. ... By W. Hill- 
house. [Georgetown.] 1820. * 1521 

The Demerara and Essequibo Vade- 
Mecum of Laws and Regulations, 
Civil, Military, etc. Bv A. Steven- 
son. 1825. * 1522 

Outalissi: a Tale. By C. E. Le- 
froy. 1826. * 1522a 

Observationr on the Demerara 
Memorial in a Letter to a Gentle- 
man in the Countrv to his Friend 
in London. 1828. * 1523 

Speech . . in the House of Commons 
on 6th March, 1828 . . upon an 
appeal against the compulsory 
manumission of Slaves in Deme- 
mara and Berbice. By Sir R. J. 
W. Horton. 1828. * 1524 

De West-Indische Maatschappi. 

1828. * 1525 

Appeal to Privy Council, Hughes v. 
McTurk. 1829. * 1525b 

Proceedings relative to the func- 
tions of the financial representa- 
tives of British Guiana. George- 
town. 1832, * 1526 

Demerara : a tale. By Miss H. 
Martineau. 1832. * 1526a 

An Address to the Colonists of 
British Guiana from a member of 
the Court of Policy. Demerary. 

1833. * 1527 



Observations on British Guiana. 
By Dr. Hancock. 1833. * 1527a 

Journey up the Massaruni. By 
W. Hillhouse. [in Geographical 
Journal]. 1834. * 1527b 

Summary of Colonial Law. By C. 
Clark. 1834. * 1527c 

Missionary Sketches: British Gui- 
ana. 1835. * 1527d 

A Charge delivered to the Clergy of 
the Church of England in British 
Guiana. By W. H. Coleridge, 
Bishop. Demerara. 

1836. * 1528 

Apprenticed Labourer's Manual. 
By Rev. A. Mansie. 1836. * 1528a 

Expedition up the Cuyuny River, 
British Guiana, March 1837. By 
W. Hillhouse. [in Geogr. Journ.] 

1837. * 1529 

Dissertatio de Febre Flava. Door 
P. J. Uylenbrook. 1837. * 1529a 

Letter from Rev. L. Strong. 

1838. * 1529b 

Rev. J. 

* 1529c 



Freedom Hymn. 

Correspondence and Colonial Ordin- 
ances respecting the Duties of 
Masters and Servants in British 
Guiana and Mauritius. 

[P.P.] 1838. * 1530 

Further Correspondence relating 
to British Guiana. 

[P.P.] 1839. * 1531 

Answer to Letter from Rev. L. 
Strong. 1839. * 1531a 

Sermon by R. J. Tucker, Essequibo. 
1839. * 1531b 

Letter of Rev. J. Ketley to the 
''Patriot, 1839." * 1531c 

Correspondence relative to the Hill 
Coolies and other Labourers who 
have been introduced into British 
Guiana. [P.P.] 1839-40 * 1532 

Report of Messrs. Peck and Price, 
who were appointed at a Meeting 
of the Free Coloured People of 
Baltimore, 25th Nov., 1839, Dele- 
gates, to visit British Guiana, and 
the Island of Trinidad. Baltimore. 
1840. * 1533 

Hill Coolies : A Brief Exposure of 
their deplorable condition in 
British Guiana and Mauritius. By 
J. Scoble. 1840. * 1534 

the Provision of a Civil List for 

Despatches and Papers relating to 
the Colony of British Guiana. 

[P.P.] 1840. * 1535 

Report : Aborigines Protection So- 
ciety. 1840. * 1535a 

Historical Notices of the Congre- 
gational Church. By Rev. J. 
Ketley. 1840. * 1535b 

Memorial by Mr. [R.] Schomburgk, 
who lately explored the Interior of 
British Guiana, relative to the 
boundaries and Claims by Vene- 
zuela and Brazil to portions of 
British Guiana. [P.P.] 

1840. * 1536 

British Guiana. Despatches from 
Governor Light to Lord Glenelg, 
17th Dec. 1837, to 15th July, 
1839, with Enclosures, etc. 

[P.P.] 1840. * 1537 

Observations on the Climate, Soil, 
and Productions of British Guiana. 
By J. Hancock. 2nd ed. 

1840. * 1538 

A Description of British Gui- 
ana, geographical and statistical : 
exhibiting its resources and capa- 
bilities, together with the present 
and future condition and prospects 
of the colony. By Sir R. Schom- 
burgk, Ph.D. 

1840. [3 c.] 1539 

The Same. Reisen in Britisch- 

Guiana in d. Jahren 1840 — 44. 
Nebst einer Fauna und Flora von 
Guiana. . . . Leipzig. 1847-48. * 

Papers respecting the Immigration 
of Labourers and the return of 
Coolies to India ; with Report on 
the State of the Labouring Popu- 
lation of Demerara and Berbice. 
[P.P.] 1840-43 * 1541 

Twelve Views in the Interior of 

Guiana. By C. Bentley. With 

letterpress by R. H. Schomburgk. 

1841. [23 d.] 1542 

Nya Sverige i Sodra Amenka jemte 
Beskrifning om "British" Guiana 
. . Stockholm. 1841. * 1543 

Reisen in British Guiana und Oron- 
oko. Von 0. Schomburgk. 

1841. * 1543a 

Papers relating to British Guiana. 
Civil List. 2 parts. 

[P.P.] 1841-42. * 1544 

Sir R. Schomburgk's Reports on 

the Boundaries of British Guiana. 

[P.P.] 1841-43 * 1545 

Petition to combined Court for re- 
duction of Expenditure. 

1842. * 1545a 

Refobt of Orphan Chamber. 




Chaboes of the Bishop of Guiana. 
1843-64. * 15450 

Local Guide of British Guiana. 

Demerarij. 1843. * 1546 

Court of Policy. Enquiry into 
Charges against T. C. Bagot, 
Colonial Registrar. 1844. * 1546a 

El Dorado. By J. A. van Heuvel. 
New York. 1844 * 1546b 

Manual for Justices of the Peace of 
British Guiana. By G. R. Whin- 
field. 1845. * 154oc 

Petition for Immigration to British 
Guiana. 1845. * 1543d 

Papers relative to Constitutional 
Reform. 1845-46. * 1546o 

Review of the Prospects of Sugai 
Cultivation. By G. Ross. 

1845. * 154r>d 

Extract from Report of R. G. Butts 
[on Emigration]. 1845. * 1546e 

Reis naar Demerary. Door J. E. W. 
F. V. Raders. a. D. L. Wolfson. 

1846. * 1546f 

Orders in Council regulating, in 
British Guiana, Mauritius, St. 
Lucia and Trinidad, the relative 
rights of Masters and Servants 
and Contracts of Service. 

[P.P.] 1846. * 1547 

Crown Lands. [P.P.] 1846. * 1547a 

Missionary Labours in British 
Guiana, with remarks on the man- 
ners, customs, and superstitious 
rites of the aborigines. By Rev. 
J, H. Bernau. 

1847. [3 c] 1548 

A Charge to the Clergy of the 
Diocese of Guiana. By W. P. 
Austin, Bishop. 1847. * 1549 

Meteorological Elements of British 
Guiana. By P. Sandeman. 

1847. • 1549a 

Report of Committee of Railway 

Company, British Guiana. By F. 

Catherwood. 1847. * 1549b 

Starch-producing Plants. By J. 

Sheir. 1847. * 1549c 

Thoughts on British Guiana. By a 

Planter. 1847. * 1549d 

Despatches, 1844-47, relating to 
Coolie Emigration to British 
Guiana and Trinidad, Expenses 
incurred and Funds provided for 
the Service. [P.P.] * 1550 

Memoirs of the Rev. John Smith 
Missionary to Demerara. By E. 
A. Wallbridge. With a preface 

by the Rev. W. G. Barrett. 

1848. * 1551 

Reisen in British Guiana. Von 
R. Schomburgk. 

1848. * 1551a 

Advice to Labourers of British 

Guiana. By Rev. G. Macfarlane. 

1848. * 1551b 

Papers connected with the Enquiry 
into the Management of the Penal 
Settlement. 1848. * 1551c 

Tables of Exchange for British Gui- 
ana. By A. Craigen. 

1848. • 1551d 

Report of Committee on the Griev- 
ances complained of in the Ad- 
ministration and Government of 
British Guiana : Evidence and 
Index. [P.P.] 1849. * 1552 

Correspondence showing the state 
of the Dispute between the Com- 
bined Court and the Governor, 
respecting the Estimates for the 
Public Service, and the Civil List. 
[British Guiana.] 

[P.P.] 1849-50 * 1553 

Eight Years in British Guiana, be- 
ing the Journal of a Residence in 
that Province, from 1840-1848 in- 
clusive. By IJarton Premium. 

1850. * 1554 

Church of British Guiana and the 
Colonial Committee of the Church 
of Scotland. 

1850. • 1554a 

Acts of the ATK)stles translated into 
the Arrawack tongue. By Rev. 
T. Schultz. ifew York. 

1850. * 1554b 

Second Report on Thorough Drain- 
age. By J. Shier. 1850. * 1554c 

Indian Missions in Guiana. By Rev. 
W. H. Brett. 1851. * 1535 

The History of British Guiana. 

Abstract of the Census of British 

Guiana. 1851. * 1555a 

Address to the Commercial Interest 
concerning a Navigable Canal in 
British Guiana. By J. L. C. 
Playter. 1851. * 1555b 

Legends and Myths of the Abori- 
ginal Indians of British Guiana. 
By Rev. W. H. Brett, [n.d.] [3 b.] 


Journal of the Bishop of Guiana's 
Visitation. 1851. * 1556a 

Trial of Geo. A. McKidd for Libel 
on Governor Barkly. 1851. * 1656b 

Directions for testing Cane Juices. 
By J. Shier. 1851. * 1556c 

The same. 1877. * 

Report of Commission of the State 
and Prospects of British Guiana. 

1851. * 1556c 

Correspondence between the Gov- 
ernor of British Guiana and 
Earl Grey on the subject of Con- 
stitutional Reform. 2 parts. 

[P.P.] 1851-52. * 1557 

Appendix to Report of Board of 
Health, British Guiana. 

1852. * 1557a 

A Charge delivered by W. J^. 
Austin, Bishop, to the clergy of 
the diocese of Guiana, at the 
Visitation, in the Cathedral 
Church, Georgetown, 1851. 

1852. * 1558 

Demerara, after 15 years of Free- 
dom. By J. Brumell. 1853. * 1558a 

Report of the Inspector of Schools 
of British Guiana. 1853. * 1558b 

Notes of Inspection of Georgetown, 
by J. M. Johnstone, Health 
Officer. 1853. * 1558c 

Reports on Guiana Diocesan So- 
ciety. 1853-1866. * 1558d 

Papers relating to Chinese Immi- 
grants recently introduced into 
British Guiana and Trinidad. 4 
parts. [P.P.] 1853-58 * 1559 

Patriotic Fund :' Address of E. A. 
Wallbridge. 1854. * 1559a 

Correspondence respecting the 
Maintenance and Repair of the 
Sea Wall at Georgetown, Deme- 
rara. [P.P.] 1855. * 1560 

Catalogue of Contributions trans- 
mitted from British Guiana to the 
Paris Universal Exhibition of 
1855. Georgetown. 1855. * 1561 

The History of British Guiana. 
Comprising a general description 
of the colony ; * ..^rrative of some 
of the principal events from the 
©arlist period of its discovery to 
the present time ; together with 
an account of its climate, geology, 
staple products and natural his- 
tory. By H. G. Dalton, IVl.D. 2 
vols. 1855. [3 c.] 1562 

The Missionary's Wife. By Rev. 
Henderson. 1855. * 1562a 

A Manual of Plantership in British 
Guiana. By A. Macrae. 

1856. * 1563 


May Morley and other fugitive 
pieces. By W. T* Veness. 

1856. * 1563a 

Correspondence between Governor 
Wodehouse and the Colonial 
Office on the recent Disturbances 
and Compensation Claims. £50,000 
[in British Guiana]. [P.P.] 

1856. * 1564 

Manual of Plantership in British 
Guiana. By A. McRae. 

1856. • 1564a 

Correspondence respecting the 

Registration Tax. British Guiana. 

[P.P.] 1957, * 1565 

Guiana : geographical and historical. 

By J. 0. Bagdon. 1857. * 1565a 
Second Report on Yellow Fever. By 

Dr. D. Blair. 1857. * 1565b 

Rules of D' Urban Race Course. 

1857. * 1565c 

Correspondence between Rev. T. 
Bell and the Colonial Committee 
of the Church of Scotland. 

1857. * 1565d 

Letter to Earl Grey : Charges 

against Lieut. -Governor Walker. 

By W. Crichton. 1857. * 1565e 
Address at St. Mary's, Corentyne. 

By Rev. T. Farrar. 1858. * 1565f 
Correspondence' etc. R. Duff, G. 

Harper, etc. 1858. * 1565g 

Ventilation of Immigrant Ships. 

1858. • 1565h 

Rules of Georgetown Athenaeum. 

1858. * 1565i 
Inauguration of Missionary Jubilee 

Memorial in Bethel Chapel. 

1859. * 1565i 

Who Pays for Immigration? 

1859. * 1565J 

Address to the Members of the 
General Assembly of the Church of 
Scotland. By R. Duff. 

1860 * 1565k 

Three Sermons on Special Occa- 
sions. By Rev. H. Read. 

1860. • 15651 

Sugar Cane Cultivation in British 
Guiana. By E. Conolly. 

1860. • 1565m 

Baptism of Converts from Judaism. 

1860. * 1565n 

Emancipation in the West Indies: 
Two addresses by E. B. Underbill, 
and Rev. J. T. Brown. 

1861. • 1665o 

Case of J. Howell, and Suspension 
of R. G. Butts. 1861. * 1565p 




Report of Commission of Church of 
Scotland in British Guiana. 

1861. * 1565q 

Natural History Society of British 
Guiana. By-Laws. 1861. * 1565r 

Expedition in Search of El Dorado 
and Omagua. By Pedro de Ursua. 
Translated by William Bollaert, 
with introduction by Sir Clements 
Markham. 1861. * 1566 

Proceedings of the Natural History 
Society of British Guiana. George- 
town. 1861. • 1567 

Free Cotton : Where and how to 
grow it. By W. H. Holmes. 

1862. * 1567a 

Bent's Guide to Ordinances of 
British Guiana, 

1831-1861. [n.d.] • 1567b 

Report on Georgetown Scripture 
Readers' Association. 

1861-1862. * 1567c 

Chinese Emigr.\tion : A Trip 
through British Guiana. Bv Rev. 
W. Lobscheid. 1862. * ■l567d 

Report of Clerical Committee on 
Education, etc. 1862. * 1567e 

Sermon by Rev. G. Lillie. 

1862. * 1667f 

Catalogue of Contributions from 
British Guiana to the London 
International Exhibition. 

1862. • 1568 

Geography of British Guiana. Bv 
Rev. J. Foreman. 1863. * 1568a 

Lecture on the English Language. 
By S. P. Thomson. 1863. * 1568b 

Catalogue of Natural History So- 
ciety and Address of W. Walker. 

1863. * 156Bc 
Resignation of J. T. Gilbert. 

1863. * 1568d 

Law of Arrest: Two Cases in Bail 

Court. 1863. * 156Se 

Sailing Pirections for the Coast of 

Guayana, from the river Maranon 

to the river Orinoco. . . 

1864. • 1569 

Charge to the Clergy by the Bishop 
of Guiana. 1864. * 1569a 

Index to Ordinances to, 1864. By 
D. Arrott. 1864. * 1569b 

Lecture on "Noah's Curse." By 
Rev. J. M'Arthur. 1864. * 1569c 

Poems. By F. A. Belgrave. 

1864. * 1569d 

Vesper Cogitations. By F. A. 
Belgrave. 1864. * 1569e 

Scripture Readers' Association. 
Proceedings, 1864-1866. * 1569f. 

Letter of J. T. Gilbert concerning 
his nomination to the Court of 
Policy. 1865. * 1569g 

Wickedness and Doom of the Papal 
Anti-Christ. By H. Bleby. 

1865. * 1569h 

Report on Villages. By N. Cox and 
^\. J. Jeffrey. 1865. * 1569i 

Case of Manoel De Freitas, and 
Speech of C. J. Beaumont on the 
Gaol Delivery Bill. 1865. * 1569i 

Remarks on the Antiseptic Pro- 
perties of Megass. 1865. * 1569k 

An Illustrated History of British 
Guiana. By G. W'. Bennett. 

Georgetown. 1866 * 1570 

The Same. 2nd ed. 1871. ♦ 

The Same. Abridged ed. A 

History of British Guiana. George- 
town. 1875. [M.C.] •■ 

El Dorado ; or, British Guiana as a 
field for colonisation. By Rev. W^. 
T. Veness. 1866. [3 c.] 1571 

British Guiana : Being Notes on a 

few of the natural productions, 

industrial occupations, and social 

institutions. By Rev. R. DuflF. 

Glasgow. 1866. * 1572 

BouRDA Will Case. 1866. * 1572a 

Address to the people of the Urqu- 

hart Mission. By Rev. T. Slater. 

1866. • 1572b 

Mission^ to Corentyn Indians. By 
W. T. Veness. 1866. * 1572c 

Chinese Emigration. By W. Lobs- 

«L«,V1 • 1Qfi« * ^e:70,^ 




Ruins of Time, and other Poems. By 
W.E.Roberts. 1867. * 1572e 

Catalogue of contributions trans- 
mitted from British Guiana to the 
Paris Universal Exhibition. 

1867. • 1572f 

Pastoral Letter. By Rev. R. L. 
Webber, M.A. 1868. * 1572f 

Removal of Chief Justice Beau- 
mont. 1868. * 1572g 

The Indian Tribes of Guiana. . . By 
Rev. W. H. Brett. 

1868. [3 c.] 1673 

Index to Ordinances, 1864-1869. By 
D. Arnott. 1869. * 1573a 

Instructions to Captains of Emi- 
grant Ships. 1869. * 1573b 

Report on Distillery Lees. 

1869. * 1573c 



Inquiry as to Treatment of Immi- 
grants. By G. Des Voeux. 

1869. * 1573d 

Public Opinion on the Militia 
Question. 1869. * 1573e 

De la Contagion, seule cause de la 
Propagation de la Lepre. Par Dr. 
C. L. D. Landre. 1869. * 1573f 

The. Same. Over de Oorzaken 

der Verbreiding van de Lepra. 
1869. * 

British Guiana. Directory with 
Almanack and Diary for . . 1870. 
Demerara. 1870. [3 b.] 1574 

Report on Estates' Hospitals. 

1870. * lo74a 

Sugar Cane Cultivation. By E. 
Conolly. 1870. * 1574b 

Reports of the Geological Survey of 
British Guiana. By J. G. Sawkins 
and C. B. Brown. Demerara. 

1870. [3f.] 1574c 

Report of Commissioners on the 
treatment of Immigrants in 
British Guiana ; with Appendices. 
3 parts. [P.P.] 1871. * 1575 

Correspondence as to the Com- 
plaints of Portuguese residents in 
British Guiana. [P.P.] 1871. * 1576 

The Coolie. His Wrights and 
Wrongs. Notes of a Journey to 
British Guiana, with a review of 
the system and of the recent Com- 
mission of Inquiry. By E. Jenkins. 

1871. [2g.] 1577 

The Arawack Language of Guiana. 

By D. G. Brintom Philadeljihia. 

1871. [3 c] 1578 

British Guiana. Correspondence on 
the Recommendations of the Com- 
missioners. [P.P.] 1872. * 1579 

Proposal for new Cathedral. 

1872. * 1579a 

Position and Prospects of British 
Guiana considered. By R. B. 
Whitfield. 1872. * 1579b 

Immigration Ordinance. By H. 
Kirke and S. T. Fitzherbert. 

1873. * 1579c 

Handy Book of Village Law. By J. 
Brumell. 1873. * 1579d 

British Guiana. The Essequibo and 
Potaro rivers, with an account of 
the Kaieteur Falls. By Lieut. 
Col. Webber. With map and 
frontispiece. 1873. * 1580 

Resolutions agreed upon at the 
Conference of the Bishops of the 
West Indian Diocese, assembled 

at Georgetown. Demerara. 

1873. [J.p. xxvi.] 1581 

Papers as to a Disturbance among 
the Indian Immigrants. British 
Guiana. [P.P.] 1873. * 1582 

A Pastoral issued by the Bishops of 
the West Indian Diocese, at their 
Conference held at Georgetown, 
Demerara. 1873. [j.p. xxvi.] 1583 

Pastoral Address to the Congrega- 
tion of St. Paul's. By Rev. T. 
Farrar. 1873. * 1583a 

Preliminary Report or outline of 
the principal duties of the Agricul- 
tural Chemist to the Colony of 
British Guiana. By J. Shier, 
LL.D. 2nd ed. 1874. [2i.] 1584 

Schedules of Contract for Works in 
Demerara, War Department. 

1874. * 1584a 

Court of Review Cases, 1856-1873. 
Alves, Dampier and Maxwell. 

1874. * 1584b 

Journey in the Interior by British 
Guiana. By E. F. im Thurn. 

1875. * 1584c 

Harvest Thanksgiving Sermon at 
St. Paul's. By Rev. T. Farrar. 

1875. * 1584d 

Report on Agricultural Wants of 
British Guiana. By W. Russell. 

1875. * 1584e 

British Guiana : Its present Posi- 
tion and future Prospects. 

1875. * 1584f 

Canoe and Camp life in British 
Guiana. By C. B. Brown, Assoc. 
R.S.M. ' 1876. [3 c.] 1585 

Botanical Reminiscences in British 
Guiana. By R. Schomburgk. 

1876. * 1585a 

Twelve Essays on the Cultivation 
of the Sugar Cane. 1876. * 1585b 

Voyage to Berbice, 1735. Reprint, 
1877. * 1585c 

Reports on the Condition of Coolies 
in Surinam. [P.P.] 1877. • 1586 

Journey to Kaieteur Falls. By E. 
F. im Thurn. 1878. * 1586a 

Sermon at St. Andrew's, Victoria. 
By Rev. T. Farrar. 1878. * 1586b 

The Demerara Sugar Case : Ameri- 
can Dark Sugar. 1878. * 1586c 

Seven Essays on Agricultural Sub- 
jects. 1878. * 1586d 

Report of the Bishops' Conference. 
1878. * 1586e 



Sermons: By Rev. T. Greenough. 

1878. * lo86f 

British Guiana Exhibits at Inter- 
national Exhibition, Paris. 

1878. * 1586g 

RoRAiMA and British Guiana. With 
a glance at Bermuda, the West 
Indies and the Spanish Main. By 
J. W. Boddam-Whetham. 

1879. [3g.] 1587 

Sermon: By Rev. F. J. Wyatt. 

1879. * 1587a 

Petition for Railway to Berbice. 

1879. * 1587b 

St. Philip's Guild Rules. 

1879. * 1587c 

Three Essays oi the Manufacture 
of Rum. 1879. * 1587d 

A Journey in the Interior of British 
Guiana, [in Proc. R. Geo, Soc.] 

1880. * 1588 

Mission Work among the Indian 
Tribes in the Forests of Guiana. 
Bv Rev. W. H. Brett. 

1880. [34 c.] 1589 

The saTiie. 1881. * 

Reports on Soils from British 
Guiana. By T. Jamieson. 

1880. * 1589a 

Address to Diocesan Svnod. Bv 
Rev. T. Farrar. 1880. * 15891) 

Animism of the Indians of British 
Guiana. By E. F. im Thurn. 

1880. * 1589c 

Sewerage and Drainage of George- 
town. By Dr. W. Knight. 

1880. * 1589d 

Indian Pictured Books of Guiana. 

1881. * 1589e 

Leprosy in British Guiana. An 
account of West Indian Leprosv. 
By J. D. Hillis, F.R.C.S. With 
plates, coloured and plain, from 
drawings and photographs of 
patients at the asylum. Engrav- 
ings from camera-lucida, drawings 
of pathological specimens bv E. 
Noble Smith, F.R.C.S., and ex- 
planatory remarks by P. S. Abra- 
ham, M.A., F.R.C.S. 

1881. [3g.] 1590 

Chapters from a Guianese Log- 
Book. By Rev. C. D. Dance. 

1881. * 1591 
Origin of the Guianian Indians. By 

H. V. P. Bronkhurst. 

1881. * 15913 

Results of Census of British 

Guiana. 1881. * 1591b 

Reports on Insects injurious to the 
Sugar Cane. By J. H. Comstock. 

1881. * 1591c 

Enquiry into working of the OflBoe 
of Administrator General of 
British Guiana. 1882. * 1591d 

Address : By Rev. T. Farrar. 

1882. * 15910 

East Coast Water Supply. By W. 
Russell. 1882. * 1591f 

Dark Sugar Question : Review of 
Commissioner's Report. 

1882. * 1591g 

Res Anolo-Israeliticae. By Rev. 
T. Farrar. 1882. * 1591g 

Missions to the Indians. Address 
by Rev. T. Farrar. 1882. * 159rn 

Among the Indians of Guiana, being 
sketches chiefly anthropologic from 
the interior of British Guiana. By 
E. F. im Thurn, M.A. 

1883. [3 c.] 1592 

The Colony of British Guyana and 
its labouring population. ... By 
Rev. H. V. P. Bronkhurst. 

1883. [3 c.] 1593 

Combined Court Sketches. 

1883. * 1593a 

Papers: Quarantining of the 
"Sheila." 1883. * 1593b 

Lectures on British Guiana and its 

Young Men. Bv G. A. Widdess. 

1883. * 1593c 

Ordination Sermon. By Rev. T. 
Farrar 1883. * 1593d 

Explorations in the neighbourhood 
of Mounts Roraima and Kukenam. 
By H. Whiteley. [in Proc. R. Geo. 
Soc.] 1884. * 1594 

West Indian Yarns. By "X. Beke." 
[G. H. Hawtayne.] Georgetown, 

1884. [lb.] 1595 

The same. New ed. Georgetown. 

1890. • 

The Ascent of Mt. Roraima ; with 
Mr. H. I. Perkin's narrative. 
[in Proc. R. Geo. Soc.] 1885. * 1596 

Sketches of African and Indian Life 
in British Guiana. By Rev. J. 
Scoles. Demerara. 1885. * 1597 

A Journey on the Berbice River and 
Wieroonie Creek. By E. H. 
Glaisher. British Guiana. 

1885. [3f.] * 1598 

Colonial and Indian Exhibition 
(London). Catalogue of Exhibits 
in the Guiana Court. 1886. * 1599 



A Voice from the Woods : Groete 
Creek. By W. T. Pieters. 

1886. • 1599a 

Fibre- Yielding Plants of British 
Guiana. By J. Rodway. 

1886. • 1599b 

Records of the Demerara Turf. 
Part 1, 1829-1854. 1886. * 1599c 

Papers on the Peasantry. By W. 
Russell. 1886. * 1599d 

Lecture on British Guiana. By 
Hugh Watt. 1887. * 1599e 

The Apcstle of the Indians of 

Guiana : a memoir of the Rev. W. 

H. Brett. By Rev. F. P. L. Josa. 

1887. [34 c] 1600 

Royal Agricultural and Commer- 
cial Society of British Guiana. By- 
Laws, Rules and Catalogue. 

Demerara. 1888. [3 f .] 1601 

Supplement to " The Magisterial 
Law of British Guiana." By A. 
J. Pound. 1888. * 1602 

Among the Hindus and Creoles of 
Guyana. By H. V. P. Bronk- 
hurst. 1888. * 1603 

Chronological History of the Dis- 
covery and Settlement of Guiana, 
Vol. i., 1493-1668. By J. Rodway, 

F.L.S., and T. Watt. Georgetown. 
1888. [3g.] 1604 

Geschiedenis van de Kolonien 
Essequebo, Demerary en Berbice. 
Door P. M. Netscher. 

's-Gravenhage. 1888. * 1605 

"Zorg": a Story of British 
Guiana. By V. Kirke. [3 c.] 1606 

Records of British Guiana. By N 
D. Davis. Z>emerara. .1888. * 1607 

Physician, Heal Thyself. By L. de 
Souza. 1888. * 1607a 

Labour Ordinances. With notes 
and forms. By C. B. Grose. 

Demerara. 1889. * 1608 

Digest of Cases decided in the 

Review Court of British Guiana, 

1856-91. By E. A. V. Abraham. 

Demerara. 1889: * 1609 

Fruit Export Scheme. By Rogers 
and White. 1889. * i609a 

Sermon. By Rev. W. B. Ritchie. 

1889. * 1609b 

Disturbances in Georgetown, March 
19th and 20th. 1889. * 1609c 

The Administrator General's De- 
partment and Ordinances 15, 16, 
and 17 of 1887. By B. E. C. 
Belmonte. Demerara. 1889. * 1610 

British Guiana Medical Annual, 
and Hospital Reports. Edited by 
J. S. W^allbridge, M.R.C.S., and 
E. D. Rowland, M.B. (Edin.) 
Demerara. 1890. [3 g.] 1611 

The same. Edited by J. S. Wall- 
bridge and C. W. Daniels. 9th 
year of issue. Georgetown. 

1897. [M.C.] * 

Pharmacology of Curare. By Dr. 
J. Tillie. 1890. * 1611a 

Cruise of the " Ocean Queen." By 
P. Stewart. 1890. * 1611c 

Historical Geography of British 

Guiana. By H. V. P. Bronkhurst. 

Demerara. 1890. * 1612 

New Overseer's Manual. By Rey. 
J. G. Pearson. 

Georgetown. 1890. * 1613 

Index to the Laws of British 

Guiana, 1870-90. By C. T. Cox. 

Demerara. 1890. * 1614 

Diffusion in Demerara. By L. 
Jones. 1890. * 1614a 

A Voyage to Berbice in 1735. Trans- 
lated and privately printed for N. 
Darnell Davis in Demerara [before 
1891.] * 1614b 

Demerara Railwav Handbook. 

1891. * 1614c 

Rules of the Demerara Dramatic 
Club. 1891. * 1614d 

Ordinances and Regulations, British 
Guinea Gold, etc. 1891. * 1614e 

Essays and Fables in Creole English. 
By M. McTurk. " Quow." 

1891. • 1614f 

Education in British Guiana. By 
P. de Wever. 1891. * 1614g 

Las Fronteras de Venezuela. Par 
J. M. Rojas. Paris. 1891. * 1615 

History of British Guiana from the 
year 1668 to the present time. By 
J. Rodway, F.L.S. 3 vols. George- 
town. 1891-1894. [M.C.] • 1616 

Report of Commission for opening 

up the interior of British Guiana. 

1892. * 1617 

British Guiana : the North- West 
District, [in Proc. R. Geo. Soc.] 

1892. • 1618 

Notes on the history of the Church 
in Guiana. By T. Farrar. 

BerUce. 1892! * 1619 

British Guiana and its resourcea, 

1893. * 1620 

Phases or Evolution in the Guiana 



Forest. Bv J. Rod way. 

1893 • 1620a 

Birds of the Botanic Gardens. By E. 
and Mrs. Percival. 1893. • 1620b 

The Colony Militia. By J. Rod- 
way. 1893. * 1620c 

Falstaff : a Comedy. By J. Veecock. 
' 1893. • 1620d 

Handbook of British Guiana. By J. 
Rod way. Georgetown 

1893. [3 g.] 1621 

Catalogue of the Exhibits of British 
Guiana. By J. J. Quelch. 

Chicago. 1893. [331.] 1622 

Tropical Gardening in British 
Guiana. By J. F. Waby. 

Demerara. 1893. * 1623 

In the Guiana Forest : Studies of 
Nature in relation to the struggle 
for life. By J. Rodway. With 
introduction by Grant Allen. 

1894. * 1625 

— Thf mme. 2nd ed. 1895. [3 b.] 

From Religion to Revelation. By 
W. B. Ritchie. 1894. * 1625a 

Laws OF British Guiana. New and 
revised ed. 5 vols. Oxford. 

1895. * 1626 

British Guiana and its Resources. 
[By Robert Tennant.] 

1895. [3 f .] 1627 

Four Months of Travel in N.W, 
British Guiana. By G. G. Dixon. 
[in Geo. Jour.] 1895. * 1628 

A Criminal Code and Constabulary 

Manual for British Guiana. 2nd 

ed. By C. Francis, J. P. and 

County Inspector of Constabulary. 

Leyton, Eng. 1895. * 1629 

Stark's GuiDE-Book and History of 
British Guiana. By J. Rodway 
and J. H. Stark. Boitfon. 

[1895.] [H.C.] * 1630 

The Overseer's Manual. Demerara. 

1896. ♦ 1632 

Notes on British Guiana and its 

Gold Industry. By H. J. Perkins. 

1896. * 1633 

Royal Agricultural and Commercial 
Society, British Guiana. By-Laws, 
Rules and Catalogue. Georgetown. 

1896. [3 k.] 1634 

The Story of Forest and Stream. 
By J. Rodway. 1897. [3 g.] 1635 

Demerariana: Essays. By W. A. 
Ireland. 1897. * 1636 

I British 

Twerty-five Years 

Guiana. By H. Kirke. 

1898. [3f.] 1637 
British Guiana, or Work and Wan- 
derings. . . By Rev. L. Crookall. 
1898. [3f.] 1638 
Report on a Collection [of Birds 
Mammals, Reptiles, Crustacea, 
and Insects], made by F. V. 
McConnell and J. J. Quelch, at 
Mount Roraima. \in Linn. Trans.] 
1900. * 1639 
Creole Life in British Guiana. By 
Rev. J. Speirs. [bef. 1902.J * 1640 

The Proverbs of British Guiana. . . 
By Rev. J. Speirs. Demerara. 

1902. [3f.] 1641 

A Naturalist in the Guianas. Ev 
E. Andre. 1904. [3g.] 164*2 

The Creole Tongue of British 
Guiana. By J. Van Sertima. Ntw 
Amsterdam^ Bertice. 

1905. [3f.] 1643 

Negro Humour. By J. G. Cruick- 
shank Demerara. 

1905. [3f.] 1644 

Correspondence relating to Distur- 
bances in British Guiana. [P.P.] 
March, 1906. • 1645 

Further Correspondence relating 
to Disturbances in British Guiana. 
[P.P.] 1906. • 1645 

British Guiana and its resources. 
By J. B. Harrison. 

1907. [3 f .] 1645a 

A Text-book of the Geography of 
British Guij^a, the West Indies 
and South America for the use of 
Schools. By A. De Weever. 4th ed. 
Demerara. 1907. [3 g.] 1646 

Batteau and Banaboo, or a trip to 
the Massaruni Diamond Fields. By 
Rev. W. G. White. Brigg. 

1907. • 1646a 

De Vogels van Guyana. Suriname, 
Cayenne, Demerara. By F. P. 
Penard and A. P. Penard. 

1908. • 1646k 

The Geology of the gold fields of 
British Guiana. By J. B. Harri- 
son, C.M.G., M.A., F.I.C. With 
historical, geographical and other 
chapters by F. Fowler and C. W. 
Anderson. 1908. * 1646c 

A Souvenir of Emancipation 1838- 
1908. By W. H. Hinds. 

• Georgetown. 1908. * 1646d 

The Argosy Handbook and Direc- 
tory of British Guiana for 1909. 
Georgetown. 1909. [3 f.] 1646ie 




Correspondence between the Vene- 
zuelan Government and H.B.M.'s 
Government, about the frontier, 
etc. [M. de Relaciones Exteriores.] 
Caracas. 1887. * 1647 

Latest Correspondence on the 
limits of Guiana. Caracas. 

1887. * 1648 

Limites Britanicos do Guayana. Por 
R. F. Seijas. Caracas. 1888. * 1649 

Limites Guayaneses entre Venezuela 
y la Gran Bretaiia. Por A. 
Guzman Blanco. Paris. 

1890. * 1650 

Limites Guayaneses. Epistola del 
Presidente. A. G. Blanco. 

Paris. 1890. * 1651 

Una palabra mas sobre Limites 

Guayeneses. Por A. G. Blanco. 

Paris. 1890. * 1652 

British Aggressions in Venezuela. 
The Monroe Doctrine on trial. By 
W. L. Scruggs. Atlanta. 

1895. * 1653 

Lord Salisbury's Mistakes. By W. 
L. Scruggs. Washington. 

1896. * 1654 

The Venezuelan Question : British 
aggressions in Venezuela. By W. 
L. Scruggs. Atlanta. 1896. * 1655 

Documents and Maps on the Boun- 
dary between Venezuela and 
British Guayana, from the 
Capuchin Archives in Rome. By 
Rev. J. Strickland. Eome. 

J896. * 1656 

HiSTORiA oficial de la discusion 
entre Venezuela y la Gran Bretana 
Bobre los limites en la Guayana. 
New York. 1896. * 1657 

Official History of the discussion 
between Venezuela and Great 
Britain on their Guiana boun- 
daries. Atlanta. 1896. * 1658 

Before the Venezuelan Boundary 

Commission. Brief for Venezuela. 

Washington. 1896. * 1659 

Documents submitted to the Boun- 
dary Commission by the Counsel 
of the Government of Venezuela. 
3 vols. Washington. 1896. * 1660 

Aleoato de Venezuela. Contesta- 
cion al " Libro Azul Britanico," 
con el tftulo de ** Documentos re- 
latives a la cuestion de limites 
©ntre la Guyana Britanica y Vene- 
zuela." (M. de Relaciones Ex- 
teriores.) Caracas. 1896. * 1661 

Frontera Venezolana. Correspon- 
dencia entre los Estados Unidos 
y la Gran Bretana. Caracas. 

1896. * 1662 

Memorandum del Ministerio acerca 
de la Nota de Lord Salisbury al 
Senor Olney, fechada a 26 de 
Nov. de 1895. Caracas. 

1896. * 1663 

Memorandum by the Ministry of 
Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, rela- 
tive to the note of Lord Salisbury 
to Mr. Olney, Nov. 26th, 1895. 
Atlanta. 1896. * 1664 

Memoria que presenta el Ministro de 
Relaciones Interiores al Congreso 
de los Estados Unidos de Vene- 
zuela en 1896. Caracas. 

1896. * 1665 

Fallacies of the British * ' Blue 
Book " on the Venezuelan Ques- 
tion. By W. L. Scruggs. Washing- 
ton. 1896. * 1666 

Documents and Correspondence r€v 
lating to the boundary between 
British Guiana and Venezuela. 
Presented to Parliament, March, 
1896. 2 pt. 1896. * 1667 

L I M I T R s Guayaneses entre los 

Estados Unidos de Venezuela y la 

Gran Bretana. Por A. G. Blanco. 

Paris. 1896. * 1668 

British Guiana and Venezuela. 
Documents and Correspondence re- 
lating to the question of Boundary. 
Presented to Parliament. 

1896. [34 d.] 1669 

The same. Further Documents. 

1896. [34 c.] 

Venezuela — British Guiana Boun- 
dary Arbitration. Documents and 
Correspondence relating to the 
Question. 2 parts. 

1896. [P.P.] * 1670 

Maps to Accompany the Venezuela- 
British Guiana Boundary Arbitra- 
tion. 1896. [P.P.] * 1671 

HiSTORiA official de la discusi6n entre 
Venezuela y la Gran Bretaiia sobre 
BUS limites en la Guayana. Nueva 
York. 1896. * 1672 

Documents relating to the question 
of boundary between Venezuela 
and British Guyana. Submitted 
to the Boundary Commission by 
the Counsel of the Government of 
Venezuela. 3 vols. Washington. 

1896. * 1673 


Alegato de Venezuela . . relatives 
a la cuestion de limites entre la 

Guyana Britanica y Venezuela. 

Caracas. 1896. * 1674 

British Guyana boundary Case. Be- 
fore the Venezuela boundary Com- 
mission. Revised ed. 1896. * 1675 

Venezuela. The British " Settled 
Districts " argument. 1896. * 1676 

Official History of the Discussion 
between Venezuela and Great 
Britain on their Guiana Boun- 
daries. Atlanta. 1896. * 1677 

The Venezuelan Question : British 
aggresions in Venezuela, or, the 
Monroe Doctrine on trial ; Lord 
Salisbury's mistakes ; fallacies of 
the British "Blue Book" on the 
disputed boundary. By W. L. 
Scruggs. Atlanta. 1896. * 1678 

Question de limites de Guayana. Los 

trabajos de la comision investiga- 

dora de Washington. Caracas. 

1897. * 1679 

Report and accompanying papers of 
the Commission appointed by the 
President of the U.S. ** to investi- 
gate . . . the true divisional line 
between Venezuela and British 
Guiana." 3 vols, and 1 vol. of 
maps. Washington. 1897. * 1680 

El Libro Amarillo de Venezuela, 
1897. Caracas. 1897. * 1681 

U.S.A. Commission on Boundary be- 
tween Venezuela and British 
Guiana. Report and Accompany- 
ing Papers . 9 vols. Washington. 
1897. * 1682 

Venezuela Boundary Commission. 
Report of the Special Commission 
appointed by the President, Jan. 
4th, 1896, to examine and report 
upon the true divisional line be- 
tween the Republic of Venezuela 
and British Guiana. 4 vols. 

Washington. 1897-98. * 1683 

British Guiana boundary arbitra- 
tion. The Case of the United 
States of Venezuela before the tri- 
bunal of arbitration to convene at 
Paris under the provisions of 
treaty between the TJnited States 
of Venezuela and Her Britannic 


Majesty signed at Washington 
Feb. 2nd, 1897, and The Counter- 
case. 9 vols. New York and 
Baltimore. 1898. * 1684 

British Guiana Boundary Arbitra- 
tion. The Case on behalf of tho 
Government of H.B.M. The 
Countercase. 12 vol. 1898. * 1685 

Case of Venezuela before the Tri- 
bunal of Arbitration. 3 vols. New 
York. 1898. * 1686 

The Counter-case of Venezuela be- 
fore the Tribunal of Arbitration. 
Vol. 1-3. New York. 1898. * 1687 


. Vol. 4. 


1898. * 

The Printed Argument on behalf of 
Venezuela before the Tribunal of 
Arbitration. 2 vols. New York. 

1898. * 1688 
El Libro Amarillo de Venezuela, 

1898. Caracas. 1898. * 1689 
Historique du conflit anglo-vene- 

zuelien en Guyane des origines au; 
traite d'arbitrage, 1493-1897. Par 
G. Pariset. Paris. 1898. * 1690 

Guiana and Venezuela Cartography. 
By P. L. Phillips. Washington. 

1898. * 1691 
El Libro Amarillo de Venezuela, 

1899. 3 pt. Caracas. 1899 * 1692 
Arbitration between the Govern- 
ments of H.B.M. and Venezuela. 
Proceedings, etc. 11 vols. Paris. 

1899. * 1693 
Further Papers [relating to tho 

Boundary of^ British Guianal. 
Case, Counter-Case, and Argu- 
ment of Great Britain. 3 parts. 
1899. [P.P.] * 1694 

Further Papers [relating to the 
Boundary of British Guianal. 
Case, Counter-Case and Argument 
of Venezuela. 3 parts. 

1899. [P.P.] * 1695 

Further Papers [relating to the 
British Guiana Boundary Ques- 
tion]. Award of the Tribunal. 

1899. [P.P.] 1696 

British Guiana and its Boundary 
[Col. Inst.] 1900. * 1697 



Vertoogh, hoe nootwendich^ nut 
ende profijtelick het &ij voor de 
vereenighde Nederlanden te be- 
houden de Vriiheyt van te hande- 
len op West-Indien, In den vrede 
metten Coninck van Spaignen. 
Door W. Usselinc. 1608 ♦ 1698 

KoRTE en wonderlijcke Beschry- 
vinge van de Seltgame Wanschep- 
sals van Menschen . . in het Con- 
inckryck Guianae ; aen het Meyr 
Parime . . Amsterdam. 

[1635?] * 1700 

True Narrative of ye late troubles 
in the Colony Surynam. By Col. 
Wm. Byam. 1661. * 1700a 

<Gebedt Van . . . Balthazar ger- 
bir, Baron Douvilly, Patroon 
ende Commandeur van de Geoc- 
troyeerde Guianse Colonie, op't 
Schip St. Jan Euangelist. 

Amsterdam. 1659 * 1700b 

Ini'ORMatie voor de Rechts geleerde 
di van wegen d'Edele Heeren 
Bewinthebbers vande . . . West- 
Indische Compagnye gherequir- 
sert. . . Door den Baron Don- 
villv. [Amsterdam, ? 1660] 

* 1700c 

A SoMMARY Description manifesting 
that greater Profits are to bee 
done in the hott than in the 
oould parts off the coasts of 
America. By Sir B. Gerbier. 

Rotterdam. ? 1660. * 1700d 

Beschrijvinge van het Heerlijcke 
ende Gezegende I^9.ndt Guajana. 
Waer inne gelegen is de seer voor- 
name Lant-streke genaemt. Ser- 
renamme. [Door 0. Keye.]. '«- 
Gravenliage. 1660. * 1700e 

The Same. Leipzig. 

1672. * 

Vertoogh, Een, Van de consider- 
abele Colonie, by de . . Staten van 
HoUandte ende West-Vrieslandt, 
uytgeset op de Vaste Kust van 
America. 1676. * 1701 

Beschrijvinge van Guiana. . . . 

Hoorn. 1676. * 1702 

Consider atien van West^Indische 
Compagnie over de Directie van de 
Colonie van Suriname. 

1682-87. * 1702a 

AccooRD tussen de Staaten van Zee- 
land en de West-Indische Com- 
Sagnie, wegens't overnemen, van 
6 Colonie van Suriname. . - 
Amsterdam. 1713. * 1703 

AccooRD met de Staaten van Zeeland 
aangegaan wegens de koopi en 
overneminge van de colonie van 
Suriname. (1713). * 1703a 

Beschrijvinge van de volk-plan tinge 
Zuriname : vertonende de opkomst 
dier zelver Colonie de Aanbouw en 
Bewerking der Zuiker-Plantagien, 
enz. Door J. D. H[erleinj. 

Leeuwarden. 1718. * 1703b 

Dissertation sur la generation 

et les transformations des Insect* 

de Surinam. Par M. S. Merian. 

La Haye. 1726. * 1703c 

Berigt door Directeuren van Suri- 
name overgegeven aan de Staaten 
General. 1731. * 1703d 

OcTROOY . . . de Colonie ^an Suri- 
name. Hague. 1752. * 1704 

KoRTELiJKE en Zakelijke Beschrij- 
vinge van de Colonie van Zuri- 
name . . . Door T. Pistorius. 

Amsterdam 1763. * 1705. 

Extract uijt het Register der Reso- 
lutien van de Staaten General. 

1763. * 1705a 

Sterkte en Zamenstelling van het 
Garnizoen der Kolonie Suriname 
voor het jaar, 1765. Door C. A. 
van Sypestyen. * 1705b 

Traite des Maladies plus frequentes 
a Surinam. Par P. Fermin. 

1765. * 1705c 

The Dutch Displayed; or a succinct 
account of the Barbarities, 
rapines, and injustices committed 
by the subjects of Holland upon 
those of England. 1766. * 1706 

Description generale, historique, 

geographique et physique de la 

Coloniale de Surinam. Par P. 

Fermin, JM.D. 2 vols. Amsterdam. 

1769. * 1707 

The Same. Nieurve. Algemeene 

beschrijving. 2 vols. Harlingen. 
1770. * 

Bechrijving van Guiana of de 
Wildekust, in Zuid America ; . . . 
Door J. Hartsinck. 2 vols. 

Amsterdam. 1770. [3 c.] 1708 

Resolutie van Haar Hoog Mogende 
De Heeren Staten Generaal der 
Vereenigde Nederlanden, Contin- 
eerende nadere Poincten omtrent 
den vaart en handel op de Colonie 
van Essequebo en Demerary. 
Amsterdam. 1772. * 1708s 


Requeste, Memoire, en Bylageii voor 
P. Pama, cum suis, alien, zoo 
Eigenaars van Plantagien in 
Berbice. 1774. * 1708b 

Reglement op de Administratie 
der justitie en de Manier van 
Procedeeren, in de Rivieren van 
Essequebo en Demerary, Gear- 
resteert by de Vergadering van 
Thienen en by Haar Hoog 
Mogende de Heeren Staaten 
Generaal der Vereenigde Neder- 
landen, den 4 October, 1774, geap- 
probeert. * 1708c 

Plantae Surinamensis. Door J. 
Aim. Upsal. 1775. * 1709 

Tableau historique et politique de 

I'etat ancien et actual de la 

Colonie de Surinam et des causes 

de sa decadence. Par Ph. Fermin. 

Maestricht. 1778. * 1710 

Nachrichten vora Lande Guiana, 
dem Oronocoflus, und den dortigen 
Wilden. Aus dem Italien von Ph. 
S. Gilii iibersetzt. Hamburgh. 

1785. * 1711 

Bbieven over het Bestuur van Esse- 
quebo en Demerary ; gewisseld 
tusschen Aristodemus en Sincerus. 
Amsterdam. 1785-88. * 1712 

Essai Historique sur la Colonie de 
Surinam. . . Avec I'histoire de la 
Nation Juive Portugaise et Alle- 
mande y etablie . . Paramaribo. 

1788. • 1713 

The same. Geschiedenis der 

Kolonie van Suriname. Amsterdam. 

1791. • 

Beschryvino van Guiana en cen 
Vericht van de rivieren en plan- 
tagien Berbice, Essequebo, en 
Demerary. Amsterdam. 1794. * 1714 

Narrative of a five years' Expedi- 
tion against the revolted Neorroes 
of Surinam in Guiana, 1772-77. 
By Captain J. G. Sterlman. 2 
vols. 1796. [3 g.] 1715 

Tht same. 2 vols. 1806. * 

The same. 2nd ed. 2 vols. 

1813. * 

The tame. Vovage a Surinam. 

Paris. 1799. * 

The same. Nachrichten von 

Surinam. . . . Hamburg. 1797. * 

SiTRiNAAMTscHE mcngelnoezy. Door 
P. F. Roos. Amsterdam^ 1804. 

* 1715a 
Governments Bladen, Svrinam. 

1816 et seq. * 1715b 
BuRiNAAMSCHB Almanack. 1820 ef sea 

* 1715c 


Joanna, or the Female Slave. A 
West Indian Tale — founded on 
Stedman's narrative of an Expedi- 
tion against the revolted Negroes 
of Surinam. 1824. [3 f .] 1716 

Aanmerkingen op eene Verhandel- 
ing betreffende de Kolonie Suri- 
name. 1824. • 1716a 

Aanteekeningen betrekkelijk de 
Kolonie Suriname [door E. L. 
Baron van Heeckeren]. Arnhem. 
1826. • 1716b 

Slrinaamsche Almanak voor eet 
jaar 1833 en 1834, uitgegeven door 
het departement Paramaribo. 2 
vol. Amsierdam. 1833-34 • 1716c 

Verzamfltno over de Plantagien 

Waterland . . Door G. Blancke. 

1834. * 1716d 

Dm Landbouw in de Kolonie Suri- 
name. Door M. D. Teenstra. 

1835 * 1716e 

VoTAGE k Surinam, description des 
possessions neerland dans la 
Guyane. By P. J. Benoit. Av. 
100 dessins, pris sur nature par 
I'auteur, lithogr. par Madou et 
Lauters. Bruxelles. 1839. * 1717 

Het Godsdienstig onderwijs der 
Negerslaven. Door J. Van O. de 
Vries. 1841. * 1717a 

BiJDRAGE tot de Kennis der Kolonie 
Suriname. 1842. • 1717b 

Ontwerp ter verbetering Financielen 
Toestand der Kolonie Suriname. 
Door J. U. Tydemnn. 

1842. • 17170 
Suriname en de'^egering. 

1843. • 1717d 
Verzamelino van Stukken aan- 

gaande de Surinaamsche Aangele- 
genheden. 1845. * 1717e 

Beschouwino van het Adres . . . 
Svrinam. 1845. * 1717f 

Gedacten en Wenken de Kolonizatie, 
. . in de Nederlandsche West- 
Indien. Door J. J. Pennink. 

1845. * 1717g 

Vfrzameltng van stukken nopens 
Suriname. 's-Gravrvhage. 

1846. * 1717h 
Bijdrage tot de Kennis van Suri- 

namp's Binnenland. Door A. 
Copijn. 1847. * 17171 

Enumeratto Orchidearum Surina- 
mensium. H. C. Focke. 

1848. * 1717J 
Beschouwino over de Kolonie Suri- 
name . Door J. van der Smip(9*»n. 

1849. * 1717k 



De Zicktetsestand in de Kolonie 
Suriname gedurende het jaar, 
1853. Door Dr. C. Landre. * 17171 

Geneeskundige Wetenschappen. 

1853. * 1717m 

Vervolg der Bijlagen behoorende 
tot de memorie aad den Konig . . 
[Door Baron van Raders.] 

1853. * 1717n 

Beschouwingen van Suriname. Door 
C. A. van Siji>esteijn. 's-Graven- 
hage. 1854. * 1717o 

Over de Hervorming Regerings- 
Stelsel in Nederlandsche West- 
Indie. Door B. E. C. Belmont e. 
1857. * 1717p 

Mr. J. J. Mauricius, Gouverneur- 

Generaal van Suriname. Door C. 

A. van Sijpesteyn. ' s-Gravenhage. 

1858. * 1718 

Almanak Nederlandsche West Indie. 
1859. * 1718a 

Geschiedenis vail Suriname. Door J. 

Wolbers. Amsterdam. 1861. * 1719 
De Manja. Familie Tafereel uit het 

Surinaamsche Volksleben. Door 

Schaik. Arnhdm. 1866. * 1720 
KoLONiSATiB van Europeanen te 

Surname. Door A. Halberstadt. 

Leiden. 1871. * 1721 

Dutch Guiana. By W. G. Palgrave. 

1876. [13 i.] 1722 


Kappler. Stuttgart. 1881. * 1723 
Surinaamsche Planten en Cultuur- 

gewassen. Door J. M. W\ van 

Meeteren. Amsterdam. 1883. * 1724 
0ns Rijk Suriname. Door A. J. 

Riks. Rotterdam. ^ 1883. 1725 

Les Habitants de Suriname. Par 

(Prince) R. N. Bonaparte. Paris. 

1884. * 1726 

Onze West. Door W. E. van 

Goeterwoude. den Ilaag. 

1884. * 1727 
La Guyane Nederlandaise. Par Wes- 

terouen van Meeteren- Leiden. 

1884. * 1728 
Enkele Beschouwingen gewijd aan 

de belangen der Kolonie Suriname. 

Door A. C. Wesenhagen. Rotter- 
dam. 1886. * 1730 
De Provincie Suriname. Door F. 

L. Geerling. den Haag. 

1887. • 1731 
Surinam, sein Land und seine 

Kultur - Vcrhaltnisse. Von A. 

Kappler. Stuttgart. 1887. * 1732 

Het Vijftigjarig Jubile der Boeren 
in Suriname. 1S45, 21 Juni, 1895. 
Door J. E. Mullcr. Suriname. 

1895. * 1733 

Het Regeneerings-Reglement van 
Suriname. Door A. J. van den H. 
van Vordt. Leiden. 1895. * 1734 

Europeesche Kolonisatie in Suri- 
name. Door H. Pijttersen. 

's-Gravenhage. 1896. * 1735 

Kolonie Suriname. Afbeeldingen 

b e t r e ffende Cultuurgewassen, 

Plantages, Gouldvelden. Haarlem. 

1896. * 1736 

Ebn en onder over de West. Door 
A. C. Wesenhagen. Rotterdam. 

1896. * 1737 
Ordinance of 7 September, 1882, 

containing provisions relative to 
the exploration for minerals on the 
ground of Surinam. Paramaribo. 

1897. * 1738 
Onze West. Reisschetsen. Door A. 

H. Pareau. ^s-Gravenhage. 

1898. * 1739 
Suriname het Goudland der 

toekomst. Door O. E. G. Vosmaer. 

Den Ilaag. 1898. * 1740 

Beknopte Aardrijks Kundige besch- 

rijving van Suriname. Door Loth. 

Amsterdam. 1898. * 1741 

Samengevatte verordeningen betrek- 

king hebbende op de Goudindustrie 

in Suriname. Amsterdam 

1900. * 1742 

Bijdrage tot de Kennis der cultures 

in Suriname. Door H. van Cap- 

pelle. Amsterdam. 1901. * 1743 

Geologisch - bermannische Skizzen 

aus Surinam. Von G. C. Du Bois. 

Freiberg. 1901. * 1744 

Overziciit van de cultuurgewassen 

en boschproducten in verband 

met niiverheid en handel in de 

Kolonie Suriname. Door C. J. 

Hering. Paramaribo. 

1902-03. * 1745 
Album der Coppename-Expedite. 
Leiden. 1903. * 1746 
De Binnenlanden van het district 
Nickerie. Door H. van Cappelle. 
Baarn. 1903. * 1747 
Overzicht der geschiedenis van Suri- 
name. Door J. R. Thomson. 

's-Gravenhage. 1903. * 1748 
De Surinaamsche Wetboeken. 
Bewerkt door H. Ligtenberg. 

's-Gravenhage. 1903. * 1749 
Anales de Guyana. Por B. 

Tavera-Acosta. Civ dad Bolivar. 

1905. * 1749a 
Au Travers des forets de la Guyane 
hollandaise. Par H. van Cappelle. 
Paris. 1905. * 1750 
Beitrage zur Volkerkunde von Suri- 
nam. Von C- H. de Joeie. 

Leiden. 1908. * 1750a 




Letteb escrite de Cayenne conten- 

ant ce qui s'est passe en la des- 

cente des Frangois et leur estab- 

lissement en I'Amerique. Paris. 

1653. * 1751 

Description de la France Equinoc- 

tiale cydevant appellee Gayanne, 

et par les Espagnoles, El Dorado. 

Par Le Febvre de La Barre. Paris. 

1666. * 1752 

Voyage du Chevalier Des Marchais 

en Guiane et isles voisines et a 

Cayenne 1725-27. Par J. B. Labat. 

Paris. 1730. * 1753 

Description geographique de la 
Guyane, contenant les possessions 
et les etablissemens des Frangois, 
des Espagnoles, des Portugais, 
des Hollandoig dans ces va&tes 
pays. . . Par S. Bellin. Paris. 
1763. * 1754 

Drs Plantes de la Guiane Frangoise. 
Par F. Aublet. 1775. * 1754a 

Memoirs pour servir a I'histoire de 

Cayenne et de La Guiane Fran- 

coise. . . Par M. Bajon. 2 vols- 

Paris. 1777. * 1754b 

Tableau de Cayenne, ou de la 
Guiane Frangaise, contenant des 
Renseignemens Exacts sur son 
Climat, ses Productions, les 
Naturels du Pays. Paris. 

1779. * 1755 

Reflexions sur la colonie Frangoise 
de la Guyane. 1788. * 1756 

Voyage a la Guiane et a Cayenne 
fait en 1789, et annees suivantes. 
ParL.M.B. Paris. 1798. * 1757 

Narrative of the deportation to 
Cayenne of Barthelemy, Pichegru, 
Willot, Marbois, La Rue, Ramel, 
etc., with Facts relative to the 
Revolution of 1797. By General 
Ramel. 1799. * 1758 

Tableau de Cayenne ou de la Guiane 
Frangaise, contenant des ren- 
seignemens sur son climat, ses pro- 
ductions, etc. [Par Viscount Gal- 
ard de Tarraube]- Paris, an VII. 
[1799.] ♦ 1759 

The same. Neue Reise nach 

Cayenne . . Mit Anmerkun^en von 
M. G. Leipiz. 1799. * 

The. same. Wien. 


Memoire sur la Guiane Francaise. 

Par Le Citoyen. Jacauemin. Paris. 

1799. * 1760 

Anecdotes secretes sur le 18 Fruc- 
tidor, et nouveaux memoires des 
deportes a la Guiane ecrits par 
eux-memes. . [ed. by L. G. 
Michaud.] Paris. [1800?] * 1761 

Memoire sur la Colonie de la 
Guiane Frangaise et sur les avan- 
tages politiques et commerciaux 
de sa possession [drawn up, from 
notes by — Vidal, French resi- 
dent in Guiana, by F. J. Giraud]. 
Paris. An XII. 

[1803]. * 1762 

Voyage a Cayenne, dans les deux 
Ameriques et chez les Antropo- 
phages. Par L. A. Pitou. 2nd 
ed. Paris. 1807. * 1763 

Description abregee de la Guyane 
frangaise ou tableau des produc- 
tions naturel.os et commerciales 
de cetto colonie, explique au 
moyen d'une carte geologico-topo- 
f;raphiqiip dre->see par M. Poirson. 
Par. M. Leblond. Paris. 

1814. • 1764 

Instruction Nautique sur Pes cotes 
de la Guiane Francaise. Par Lar- 
tique. Paris. 1827. * 1765 

Mission do Cayenne. Par W. H. 
Laus. 1837. * 1765a 

Deliberation du Conseil Colonial de 
la Guiane Francaise, sur la pro- 
position de M. Passy et le Rapport 
de M. de Remusat, relativement a 
I'abolition de I'esclavage dans les 
colonies francaises. Paris. 

* 1839. * 1766 

Commission de la Colonisation de la 
Guiane frangaise. Par Le Cheva- 
lier. 1843. ♦ 1767 

Coup d'oeil sur la situation agricole 
de la Guyane francaise. Par Ber- 
nard. 1843. * 1768 

Notice Historique de la Guyane 
francaise. Par Ternaux-Compans. 
Paris. 1843. * 1769 

ExTRAiTS des auteurs et voyageurs 
qui ont ecrit sur la Guyane. Par 
Victor de Nouvion. 1844. * 1770 

La Guyane. Par A. E. Cerfberr. 

1851. * 1770a 

Mission de Cayenne. Par Motezon. 
1857. * 1771 

Renseignement sur la navigation des 
cotes et des rivieres de la Guyane 
frangaise. Par Gouy. (Depot de la 
Marine). Paris. 1865. * 1772 



Notes et Souvenirs. Guyane Fran- 
9ais. Par F. Bouyer. 

1867. • 1773 

Voyage chez les Indians [French 
Guiana]. Par Delteil. 

1870. • 1774 

Introduction a I'Histoire de Cay- 
enne, suivie d'un Recueil de 
Contes, Fables, et Chansons en 
Creole. Notes et Commentaires 
par Alfred de St. Quentin. Etude 
sur la grammaire Creole par Au- 
guste de St. Quentin. Antihea. 

1872. • 1775 

Agriculture de la Guyane francjaise. 

Par Sagot. 1874. * 1777 

La Guyane frangaise. Par Mourie 

1874. * 1778 

Catalogue des produits des Colonies 
frangaises [Exposition Universelle 
de 1878]. 1878. * 1780 

Voyage d' exploration dans I'inter- 
ieur des Guyanes, 1876-77. Par 
J. Crevaux. Paris. 1879- * 1780a 

De Cayenne aux Andes, 1878-79. 
Par J. Crexaux. Paris. 

1881- * 1780b 

Guyane francaise. Par E. Nibaut. 
Paris. 1882. * 1781 

Grammaires et vocabulaires Rou- 
couyenne, arrouage, piapoco et 
d'autres langues de la region des 
Guyanes. Par J. Crevaux, P. 
Sagot et L. Adam. Paris. 

1882. ♦ 1782 

Notice sur la transportation a la 
Guyane. (M. de la Marine.) Paris. 

1885. * 1783 

La Guyane et la question peniten- 
tiaire. Par J. Leveille. Paris. 

1886. * 1784 

La France equinoxiale. Par H. A. 
Coudreau. 2 torn. Paris. 

1886. ♦ 1785 

La Guyane Frangaise. Par F. Hue. 
Paris. 1886. * 1786 

Les Trots Guyanes. Par L. F. Viala 

Monfpellier. 1887. * 1787 

The same. Later ed. 1893. 

Les Frangais en Guyane. Par J. 
Gros. Paris. 1887. * 1788 

Les Gisements Auriferes de la 
Guyane frangaise. Par H. Babin- 
ski. Paris. 1888. * 1789 

Histoire de la Guyana francaise. 
Par E. C. E. Maurel. Paris. 

1889. * 1790 

Dix Ans de Guyane. (Societe de Geo- 
graphie). Par H. A. Coudreau. 
Paris. 1891. * 1791 

Chez nos Indiens. Quatre annees 
dans la Guyane frangaise. Par H. 
A. Coudreau. Paris. 

1893. • 1792 

Simples notes de voyages. Par A. 
Domergue. Part*. ' 1893. * 1793 

Les Jesuites a Cavenne. Par P. 
Mury. Strasshurg. 1895. * 1794 

Limites de Guayana. Caracas. 1896. 

♦ 1795 

PopuLARNO-przyroduiezG opowia- 

dania z polztu w Gujavie francuz- 
kiej, . . 1865-71. Bv K. Jelski. 
W. Krahowie. 1898. * 1796 

Frontieres entre le Bresil et la 
Guyane francjaise. Memoire pre- 
sente par le Bresil au gouverne- 
ment de la Suisse, arbitre entre le 
Bresil et la France. 5 torn. Paris. 
1899. • 1797 

The same. Atlas . 2 torn. 

1896. * 

Seconde Memoire. 4 tom. Berne. 

1899. ♦ 

Atlas. 2 tom. 


La Richesse de la Guyane frangaise. 

Par G. Brousseau. Paris. 

1901. ♦ 1798 
Choiseul und die Katastrophe am 

Kourouflusse. Von W. Marcus. 

Breslau. 1905. * 1799 

Notes, essais et etudes sur la Guy- 
ane frangaise. Par A. Dangoise. 
Paris. 1905. * 1800 

La Main-d'oeuvre dans les Guyanes. 

Par J. Duchesne-Fournet. Paris. 

1905. ♦ 1801 



•Cbibii of the Sugar Colonies, or an 
Enquiry into the Objects and pro- 
bable Effects of the French Ex- 
pedition to the West Indies . . . 
to which are subjoined, sketches 
of a Plan for settling the Vacant 
Lands of Trinidada. [By J. 
Stephen! . 

1802. [3f. and 2h.] 1802 

A Statement, Letters and Docu- 
ments respecting the Affairs of 
Trinidad, including a reply to Col. 
Picton's Address to the Council of 
that island. By Colonel Fullar- 
ton. 1804. • 1803 

Letter to Lord Hobart. By Colonel 
T. Picton [a Reply to Colonel Ful- 
lerton's Statement, Letters and 
Documents, respecting the Affairs 
of Trinidad]. New ed. 

1804. * 1804 

Refutation of the Pamphlet which 
Colonel Picton lately addressed to 
Lord Hobart. By Colonel FuUar- 
ton. 1805. * 1805 

Travels in Trinidad during 1803. . 
By P. F. M'Callum. 

1805. [3 a.] 1806 

A Letter . . on the subject of Tor- 
ture introduced into the British 
Colonies, as connected with the 
laws of old Spain. 1806. * 1807 

The trial of Thomas Picton, Colonel 
of the 54th ResLment of Foot, 
and late Governor of the island of 
Trinidad, for torturing Louisa 
Calderon, in the island of Trini- 
dad. 1806. • 1808. 

Letter to Lord , on the Subject 

of Torture introduced into the 
British Colonies, as connected with 
the Laws of Old Spain. By Col. 
Fullarton. 1806. * 1810 

Evidence taken at Port of Spain, 

Island of Trinidad, in the Case of 

Louisa Calderon, with letter to 

Sir S. Hood, by Col. T. Picton. 

1806. • 1811 

An Address to the British Public on 
the case of Brig. -Gen. Picton . . 
with Observations on the conduct 
of [Col.l Fullarton and the Rt. 
Hon. J. Sullivan. By Lt.-Col. E. 
A. Draper. 1806. * 1812 

Sir Thos. Picton's Evidence, taken 
at the Port of Sr)ain, in the Island 
of Trinidad, in the Case of Louisa 
Calderon. 1806. * 1813 

Political Account of the Island of 

Trinidad, from its Conquest by 
Sir R. Abercrombie in 1797, in a 
Letter to the Duke of Portland, 
by a Gentleman of the Island. 

1807. ♦ 1814 

Letters of Decius, in answer to the 
criticism upon The Political Ac- 
count of Trinidad, and upon the 
defence of the crimes of Governor 
Picton, in the Anti-Jacobin Re- 
view under the title of the " Pic- 
tonian Prosecution." 

1808. • 1815 
An Appeal to the Imperial Parlia- 
ment upon the claims of Trinidad 
to be governed by a Legislature 
and Judicature. By J. Sanderson. 

1812. * 1817 
Report of Commissioners on the 
subject of Titles to Land in the 
Island of Trinidad. 1823. * 1818 
The substance of a speech delivered 
by J. Marryat. Esq., in the House 
of Commons on Thursday, July 
25th, 1822, upon Mr. Hume's mo- 
tion for appointing a commission 
of enquiry to report on the state 
of the Island of Trinidad. 1823. 
[2 i.] 1819 

An Address to the Rt. Hon. Earl 
Bathurst, relative to the claims 
which the coloured population of 
! Trinidad have .... By a Free 
I Mulatto. 1824. [3 f .] 1820 

I Report of Commissioners of Legal 
Inquiry on the Colony of Trinidad. 
[PP.] 1827. • 1821 

Extracts from'*Evidence taken by 
the Committee of the Council of 
Trinidad for inquiring into the 
Negro Character. [P.P.] 

1827. • 1822 
Lettres pour la justification du Rev. 
S. Power. Trinidad. 

1830. ♦ 1823 
Five Years' in Trinidad and St 
Vincent : a view of the Social Con- 
dition of the TMiite, Coloured and 
Negro Population of the West 
Indies (1820-25). By Mrs. A. C. 
Carmichael. 2 vols. 

1834. * 1824 

Memoirs and Correspondence of Lt.- 

General Sir T. Picton. By 

H. B. Robinson. 1835- * 1825 

— — The Same. 2nd ed. 1836. * 

History of Trinidad. By E. L. 

Joseph. Trinidad. 

[1838]. • 1836 



Observations on the present con- 
dition of the island of Trinidad. 
By W. H. Burnley. 1842. 

[3 b.] 1827 

Papers on the Supply of Labour and 
the general condition of the 
Colony of Trinidad. 3 parts. 
[P.P.] 1847-48. 1828 

Views of Trinidad. From Drawings 

by M. J. Cazabon. Paris. 1851. 

[H.C.] * ,1829 

Laws of Trinidad, 1831 to 1848. 

1852. * 1830 

Papers relative to the condition of 
the Sugar-growine Colonies. Part 
III. Trinidad. [PP.] 1853. * 1831 

Trinidad : its Geography, natural 

resources, administration, present 

condition and prospects. By L. 

L. A. De Verteuil, M.D.P. 1858 

[3 b.] 1832 

The same. 2nd ed. 1884. * 

Synopsis of the Fresh Water Fishes 
of the western portion of the Island 
of Trinidad, W.I. [Reprinted from 
the annals of Lyceum of Natural 
Historv, New York, vol. VI.] Bv 
T. Gill. 1858. [32 j.] 1833 

Report on the Geology of Trinidad, 
or Part I. of the West Indian Sur- 
vey. By G. P. Wall and J. G. 




The Theory and Practice of Creole 
Grammar. By J. J. Thoinas. 
Port-of -Spain. 1869. [3 f .] 1835 

Papers on the State of Education in 
Trinidad. [P.P.] 1^70. * 1836 

Historte de Tile de la Trinidad sous 
le Gouvernement Espagnol. Par 
P. G. L. Borde. 2 vols. Parin. 
1876, 1882. [3 c.] 1837 

Cocoa as grown in Trinidad, and 
how to plant it in Cevlon. 

1879. * 1838 

Proceedincs of the Scientific Asso- 
ciation of Trinidad. 1881. * 1838a 

Laws of Trinidad, 
bv G. L. Garcia. 

Revised ed. . . 
1883. ♦ 1839 

CoRRT'RPONDFNCE ou the receut 
Coolio Disturbance in Trinidad, at 
the Mohurrum Festival ; with re- 
port thereon by Sir H. W. Nor- 
man. [P.P.] 1885. 

[M.C.] ♦ 1841 

Trtntdad, Trarle and Taxes Com- 
mission. 1886. Porf-of-Spain. 

1886. [34 c.] 1842 

Tptntt>ad, a fielfl for Emicrration. A 
Sketch. Bv H. J. Clark. Pnrf- 
of-Spain. 1886. [3 b.] 1843 

Instructions for Raising Tobacco 
Seeds. By J. H. Hart. Trinidad. 

1887. [32 k.] 1844 
The Banana Trade. By J. H. Hart, 

F.L.S. Port-of-Spain. 1887. 

[32 ] 1845 

A Guide to Trinidad. Handbook 
for the use of Tourists and Visi- 
tors. By J. H. Collens. 2nd ed. 

1888. [3 c] 1846 
Classified List of the Wood-produc- 
ing Trees of Trinidad. 1888. 

[32 k.] 1847 

The Fruit and Banana Trade. Over 
3,000,000 Bunches of Bananas a 
year sent from Jamaica to New 
York. How many can Trinidad 
send? By J. H. Hart. Port-of- 
Spain. 1889. [32.] 1848 

Trinidadiana : chronological review 
of events. By J. M. Bodu. Port- 
of-Spain. 1890. * 1849 

La Brea. By G. Wilson. San Fer- 
nando. 1891. * 1850 

Iere, the land of the humming 
bird : being a sketch of the Island 
of Trinidad. By H. J. Clark. 

Trinidad. 1893. * 1851 

Catalogue of Books in the Public 
Library, Trinidad. Port-of-Spain. 
1892, and Supplement for 1893-4- 
5. [33 k.] 1852 

" Cacao." A Treatise on the Cul- 
tivation and curing of Cacao 
(Theobroma Cacao). By J. H. 
Hart. Triniaad. 1892. [3 b.] 1853 

Nutmeg Planting in Trinidad. By 
J. H. Hart. Trinidad. 

[32 k.] 1854 

Chaguaramus Scheme of Don Siegert 
for constructing docks. By F. R. 
Hart. Trinidad. 1894. * 1855 

Geography of Trinidad and Tobago. 
By J. A. De Suze. Trinidad. 

1894. * 1856 

History of Trinidad: from 1781 to 
1839. Bv L. M. Eraser. 2 vols. 
Port-of-Spdin. 1896. [3 b.] 1857 

EssAi sur 1' Agriculture de la Trini- 
dad. Par J. de Verteuil. 

Beauvais. 1896. * 1858 

Guide Book and History of Trini- 
dad, Tobago, Grenada and St. 
Vincent, trip up the Orinoco . . . 
By J. H. Stark. [1897.] * 1859 

The Trinidad Centenary Pocket 
Guide Book. By T. F. E. Evers- 
ley. Trinidad. 1897. * 1860 

T797-1897. An illustrated souvenir 
album of the Centenary of Trini- 
dad. Edited bv J. Paget. 
Port-of-Spain, 1897.] * 1861 




Centenary of Trinidad. Oflficial Pro- 
gramme. Port-of -Spain. 

[1897]. • 1862 

Early English Colonies in Trinidad. 
By J. Scott. Port-of -Spain. 

1897. * 1863 

Victoria Institute of Trinidad, Cen- 
tenary Exhibition. Catalogue of 
Historical Section. Compiled by 
L. M. Fraser. 

[Trinidad, 1897]. * 1864 

Thb old Bar and the new Bar. Re- 
miniscences. 1820-1892. By A. R. 
Delamere. Port-of -Spain. 

1899. ♦ 1865 

Guide Book to the Masonic and 
Friendly Societies of Trinidad. By 
H. 8. Billouin. Poi-t-of -Spain. 

1900. * 1866 

GuiA comercial de Trinidad. Por F. 
Vizcarrondo Rojas. Port-of -Spain. 

1901. * 1867 

Some Reflections on the Carnival of 
Trinidad. By E. F. Clialamelle. 
Port-of -Spain. 1901. * 1868 

Gold and Coal in Trinidad. By R. 
J. L. Guppy. Port-of -Spain. 

1902. • 1869 
Laws of Trinidad. Port-of -Spain. 

1902-05. * 1870 

Trinidad Tourist Guide and Com- 
merdial and Professional Register 
of Port-of-Spain. Port-of -Spain. 
[P1902]. [IVI.C] ♦ 1871 

The Caura : a narrative of a journey 
up the Caura River. By E. 
Andre. Trinidad. 1902. * 1872 

Trinidad and Tobago. The Mirror 

Almanac and General Commercial 

Directory. Purt-of -Spain. 1902. 

[3 g.] 1873 

Is this Imperialism ? History of the 
Port-of-Spain Water Question. 
Port-of-Spain. 1903. * 1874 

Papers relating to the Recent Dis- 
turbances at Port-of-Spain, Trini- 


dad. [P.P.] July, 1903. 

[M.C.] • 1875 

of the Commission of En- 
into the Recent Disturb- 
at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. 
July, 1903. [M.C.] * 1875a 

Further Papers relating to the Dis- 
turbances at Port-of-Spain, Trini- 
dad, in March, 1903. [P.P.] 
April, 1904. [M.C.] * 1875b 

Minutes of Proceedings of the Com- 
mission of Enquiry concerning the 
Riot at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, 
on the 23rd of March, 1903. [Port^ 
of-Spain, 1903]. [M.C.] * 1875o 

The Commission of Enquiry into the 
Water Riots of Monday, 23rd 
March, 1903. Together with ad- 
dresses. . . . Report of the Com- 
missioners. . . Port-of-Spain. 

1903. [M.C.] * 1876 

Industrial Trinidad. Issued by the 
Victoria Institute of Trinidad. 
Trinidad. 1903. [3 g.] 1877 

The Book of Trinidad. Edited by 
T. B. Jackson. Port-of-Spain 
(London printed). 1904. [3 f .] 1878 

Trinidad and Tobago Year-book. 
1905. Compiled by J. H. Collens. 
Trinidad. 1905. [3 g,] 1879 

The Centennial Tourist's Companion 
to Trinidad, Historical, Descrip- 
tive and Anthropological. By L. 
O. Innis. Port-of-Spain, 

n.d. • 1880 

Trinidad Civil List. Trinidad. 

1905. * 1881 

The Growth of Trinidad. By R. J. 
L. Guppy. W. Trans. Canadian 
Inst. 1905. * 1881a 

Hansard : Debates in the Legisla- 
tive Council of Trinidad and To- 
bago. Jan. -Dec., 1907. Trinidad. 
1908. * 1882 

General Rules and Racing Rules of 

the Trinidad Turf Club. Trinidad. 

1908. ♦ 1883 


28. TOBAGO.f 

Le Tableau de Tlsle de Tab age, ou 
de la nouvello Oiialchre . . [para- 
D. de la Roche]. Par C. de 
Rochefort. Leyde. 1665. * 1884 

Rr.LAZiONE della Vittoria ottenuta 
alle 3 di Marzo 1677. Dall'eccel- 
lentisaimo signore Conte d'Estrees 
viceammiraglio di Francia^ 
del General Rink Olandese all' 
Isela del Tobacco. Roma. 

1677. * 1884a 

The Present Prospect of the 
Famous and Fertile Island of To- 
bago ; with a Description of the 
Situation, Growth, Fertility, and 
Manufacture of the said Island. 
To which is added. Proposals for 
the Encouragement of all those 
that are minded to settle there. 
By Captain J. Poyntz. London. 
Printed by G. Larkin for the 
Author, and are to be Sold by 
Thomas Malthus, at the Sun in 
the Poultrey, 1683. * 1885 

The Same. Reprinted in 1901. 

[3 g.]. 

The Life and Strange, Surprising 
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 
of York, Mariner, who lived eight 
and twenty years all alone in an 
uninhabited island on the North 
Coast of America, near the mouth 
of the great River Oroonoque. . . 
Written by Himself. [By D. 
Defoe]. 1719. * 1886 

The mme. [Chandos Classics]. 

The same. [Globe ed.] [27 a.] 

Tobago : or, A Geographical Descrip- 
tion, Natural and Civil History, 
with a full representation of the 
produce . . . [About 1750]. * 1887 

Summary Account of the Present 
Flourishing State of the respect- 
able Colony of Tobago, in the 
British West Indies. 

1774. • 1888 

Acts of the Legislature of the Island 
of Tobago from 1768 to 1775, in- 
clusive. 1776. * 1889 

Representation by the Creditors of 
the Island of Tobago to the 
United Committees of Colonies 
and Commerce, to consider the 
memorial presented to them, 
praying a repeal of the arret of 
29th July, 1786. 1791. * 1890 

Tobago : or, A Geographical 
Description, Natural and Civil 
History, with full representation 
of the produce and other advan- 
tages arising from the fertility, 
excellent harbours, and happy 
situation of that famous Island, 
n.d- [Before 1865]. * 1891 

History of Tobajyo. By — Wood- 
cock, Chief Justice. 1867. * 1892 

A Handbook of the Colony of 
Tobago. By L. G. Hay. Srar- 
horough. 1884. [2 a.] 1893 

Tobago. Hints to Settlers. (Depart- 
ment of Agriculture for the West 
Indies). 1906. [3 g.] 1894 

tSee also under Trinidad. 



The Grenada Planter ; or a Full and 
Impartial Answer to a Letter in 
the Gazetteer of October 22, 1768, 
relative to the conduct of his i 

Ex cy G R. M le | 

[General Melville], (dated Nov. | 
14, 1769). • 1895 I 

Letter to Right Honourable Earl i 

of H b h [Hillsborough] on ; 

the present situation of affairs in ' 
the Island of Gr-n-da [Grenada]. ' 

1769. * 1896 I 

Audi alteram partem, or a Counter- ' 
Letter to — Earl of H— 11— gh on | 
the late and present state of , 
affairs in the Island of G — n — a, ; 
in which it is clearly demonstrated i 
that the Troubles and Confusion ' 
. . . took their rise . . from the | 
arbitrary and partial disposition 
of Governor M 11. . . 

1770. * 1897 I 

Narrative of the proceedings upon ' 
the Complaint against Governor ; 
Melville [of Grenada]. 

1770. * 1898 
Observations upon the Report I 
made by the Board of Trade I 
against the Grenada Laws. I 

1770. * 1899 

Considerations on the 4} per cent, 
collected in Grenada, and the 
Southern Charibbee Islands, by 
His Majesty's letters patent 
under pretence of the prerogative 
royal without grant of Parlia- 
ment. 1774. * 1900 

Speech by Lord Mansfield, in giv- 
ing the judgment of the Court of 
King's Bench, Mondav, Novem- 
ber 28, 1774, in the* cause of 
Campbell against Hall, etc., for 
raising a Duty of 4^ per cent, on 
all Exports from the Island of 
Grenada. By a Barrister. New ed. 
1775. * 1900a 

Laws of the Legislature of the 
Island of Grenada and the 
Grenadines. Ch-enada. 

1778. * 1901 

La Prise de la Grenade, Piece en 
un Acte. Paris. 1779. * 1902 

New Plan of the Island of Grenada, 
from the original Survey of Mens. 
Pinel, taken in 1763 by order of 
the Government . . . with Book 
of References by Lieut. D. 
Paterson, Assistant to the 
Quarter-Master-General of His 
Majesty's Forces. Fadtn. 

1780. * 1903 

Letters to a young Planter. Writ- 
ten on the island of Grenada by 
an old planter. 1785. [3 f .] 1904 

Regit des troubles survenus a la 
Grenade. iSt. George? 1795?]. 

• 1905 

A Review of the Events which have 
happened in Grenada from the 
commencement of the insurrection 
to the 1st of May : by a sincere 
well-wisher to the Colony [T. T. 
Wise]. *S'^ George, Grenada. 

1795. * 1906 

Narrative of the Revolt and Insur- 
rection of the French inhabitants 
in the island of Grenada, by an 
Eye-witness [G. Turnbull]. Edin- 
burgh. 1795. * 1907 

A Brief Enquiry into the causes 
of, and conduct pursued by, the 
Colonial Government, for quel- 
ling the insurrection in Grenada. 
. . 1795. In a let4;er from a 
Grenada Planter to a Merchant 
in London. 1796. * 1908 

Report of Committee on the Peti- 
tion of the Proprietors of Estates 
in the Island of Grenada. 2 parts. 
[P.P.] 1801-12. • 1909 

Memoirs of .Tosias Rogers, Com- 
mander of H.M.S. •' Quebec." By 
W. M. Gilpin. 1808. * 1911 

Laws of Grenada, from the year 
1763 to the year 1805 . . and an 
index . . by G. Smith. 

1808. • 1912 

1766 toJl875 [with a supple- 
ment, 1875-1876] 1875[-76]. • 

1857. St. George, Grenada. * 

1897. 1897. • , 

A Practical Summary of the Con- 
stitution of Grenada. By W. D. 
Davis. .S'^ George^s, Grenada. 

1833. • 1912a 

The Constitution of the Judicatures 
of Grenada. By W. D. Davis. 

183. . * 1912b 

A Narrative of the Insurrection in 

the Island of Grenada, which took 

place in 1795. By J. Hay. 1823. 

[3 c] 1913 

Society for the Education of the 
Poor. Third, Fourth, Fifth, An- 
nual Report. Grenada. 

1827-29. ♦ 1913 

Report on the condition of Indian 
Immigrants, and the working of 
the new Immigration Law in 




2 parts. [P.P.] 
1879. • 


Papers relating to the vote for the 
parsonage of the disestablished 
church at St. George's. 

1885. • 1918 

Historical and Descriptive Sketch 
of the Island of Grenada. By S. 
Wells. Kingston, Ja. 1890. 

[3 b.] 1919 

Laws of Grenada. 1897. * 1920 

Public Library. Catalogue of the 

Books. 1893. St. Gtorgt, Grenada. 
[33 k.] 1921 
Tht same. 1904. [3 f .] 

The Grenada Handbook for 1897 ; 

also for 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 

1907, 1908, and 1909. By E. 

Drayton- [3 g.] 1922 

Problems of Crown Colony Adminis- 
tration. By Sir Charles Bruce, 
G.C.M.G., Governor of the Wind- 
ward Islands, 1893-97. . . . 

1908. • 1923 




jLuthentic Papers relative to the 
Expedition against the Charibbs, 
and the sale of Lands in the 
Island of St. Vincent. 

1773. • 1924 

References to the plan of the Island 
of St. Vincent, as surveyed 1765- 
1733, by J. Byers. 1777. * 1925 

A Narrative of the OflBcial Conduct 
of V. Morrisj late Governor-in- 
Chief of the Island of St. Vin- 
cent and its Dependencies; writ- 
ten by himself. 1787. 

[3 b.] 1926 

A Sermon preached before . . the 
Governor and Council of the Island 
of Saint Vincent on 28th Dec., 
1809. By J. Guilding. St. 
Vincent. 1810. * 1927 

Laws of the Island of Saint Vincent 
and its Dependencies from the 
first establishment of a legislature 
to the end of the year 1809. 

Bridgworth. 1811. * 1928 

From 1810 to 1821. St. Vincent. 

1823. * 


The Colonial Practice of St. Vin- 
cent ; containing an abstract of 
the Court Acts. By C. Shephard. 
1822. [3 a.l 1929 

A Communication from Sir C. Bris- 
bane, Governor of Saint Vincent^ 
to the House of Assembly of that 
Colony, enclosing Lord Bathurst's 
dispatch. . . 1823. * 1930 

An Account of the Botanic Garden 
in the island of St. Vincent, from 
its first establishment to the pre- 

sent time. By L. Guilding. 

Glasgow. 1825. * 1930& 

A Communication from Sir Charles 
Brisbane to the House of As- 
sembly . . dated 17th August, 
1826, enclosing certain bills for 
meliorating the condition of . . 
the slave population of the 
Colonies. . . 1826. * 1930b 

Account of the Number of Slaves 
employed and quantity of Produce 
grown on the several Estates in 
the Island of St. Vincent and its 
Dependencies, from the year 1801 
to 1824. Kingstown. 1825. * 1931 

An Historical Account of the Island 
of St. Vincent. By C. Shephard. 
1831. [3 b.] 1932 

Correspondence relating to Riots 
at the Island of St. Vincent, and 
Proceedings taken against the 
Rioters. [P.P.] 1863. * 1933 

Laws of St. Vincent. 1884. * 1934 

Historical Sketch of the Colony of 
St. Vincent. By T. B. C. Mus- 
grave. Kingston, J a. 1891. 1935 

Further Correspondence relating to 
Volcanic Eruptions in St. Vincent 
and Martinique in 1902 and 1903. 
[P.P.] 1903. ♦ 1936 

Report on the Eruptions of the 
Soufriere in St. Vincent in 1902, 
and on a visit to Montague Pelee 
in Martinique. Bv T. Anderson 
and J. S. Flett. 1903. [3d.] 1937 

Tropical Hygiene Primer with 
Health Caiechism. . . By C. W. 
Branch, M.B., CM., Edin. 2nd 
ed. Kingstown. 1907. 

[3 g.] 1938 


31. ST. LUCIA. 

Memorials of the English and 
French Commissaries concerning 
the Limits of Nova Scotia, or 
Acadia, and St. Lucia. 1755. * 1939 

Relation of the late intended Settle- 
ment of the Islands of St. Lucia 
and St. Vincent in America, in 
right of the Duke of Montagu in 
the year 1722. 1725. * 1940 

Candid and Impartial Considera- 
tions on the Nature of the Sugar 
Trade, the Comparative Imp>ort- 
anc6 of the British and French 
Islands in the West Indies, with 
the Value and Consequence of St. 
Lucia and Granada, truly stated. 
By J. Campbell. 1763. * 1941 

EssAi sur la Colonie de Sainte-Lucie. 
Par un ancien Intendant de oette 
isle [D.M.A. Chardon]. Suivi de 
trois memoires interessants, deux 
concernant les Jcsuites [par L. N. 
Protrel] et le troisieme le general 
d'Oxat. Neuchatel. 1779. * 1942 

Observations on the Diseases which 
appeared in the Army on St. Lucia 
in 1778 and 1779, to which are pre- 
fixed Remarks calculated to assist 
in ascertaining the Causes of those 
disasters. . . [By John Rollo.] 

1781. [3g.] 1943 

The Case of Edward Drewe, late 
Major in the Thirty-fifth Regi- 
ment of Foot. Exeter. 1782. * 1944 

Almanach historique, chronologique 
do commerce, d'arts et metiers 
pour les Colonies, prec. de I'etat 
aotuel de Tadministration de la 
Justice et police te» Ste. Lucie 
pour I'annee 1789. Castries. * 1945 

Adrkssk des Planteurs et Citoyens 
de risle Santa Lucie, a M. de 
Damns, gouverneur, et a I'assem- 
blee Coloniale de la Martinique. 
Au Fort Royal, Martinique. 

[1791]. • 1946 

Lettre ou instructions de I'Assem- 
blee generale coloniale de I'isle 
Sainte-Lucie la Fidelle, a J. B. 
Thounens, son depute extraordi- 
naire aupres de la Convention 
Nationale. . . 

[Paris. 1793.] * 1947 

An Exposition of a Series of Un- 
precedented Persecutions on the 
part of Major-General A. Wood, 
Commandant of St. Lucia and the 
Persons and Authorities acting 
with and under him against J. 
Bridgman, Esq., Collector of Hia 
Majesty's Customs in that Island; 
privately printed. 1811. * 1948 

Four Essays on Colonial Slavery, by 
J. Jeremie, Esq., President of the 
Royal Court of St. Lucia. 

1831. • 1949 
The same. 1832. * 

Reply to Mr. Jeremie's Pamphlet, 
by an Inhabitant of St. Lucia. 

1832. * 1950 
St. Lucia. Historical, statistical 

and descriptive. By H. H. Breen. 

1844. [3 c] 1951 

Laws at present in force in the 

Island of Saint Lucia. 1853. * 1952 
Civil Code of Saint Lucia [prepared 

by G. W. Des Voeux . . and J. 

Armstrong.] 1879. * 1953 

Code of Civil Procedure of Saint 

Lucia [compiled by J. Armstrong.] 

1881. * 1954 

Laws of St. Lucia. New ed. Oxford. 
1889. * 1955 

Building in St. Lucia. By J. T. 
Rea. Inverness. 

1898. [34 c.] 1956 

The St. Lucia Handbook, Directory 
and Almanac. Barbados. 

1899. * 1957 

The Lucia Handbook. By E. G. 
Garraway. 1902. [3 g.] 1958 



De la Natural Storia de las Indias. 
Por G. F. de Oviedo. Toledo. 

1526. * 1958a 

Pbtf.r Martyr ab Angleria de rebus 
oceanicis et orbe novo decades tres 
[iv.] . . Basilae. 1533. • 1959 

The fame. The Historie of the 

West Indies ; containing the Actes 
and Adventures of the Spaniards 
which have conquered and peopled 
those Countries. Published in 
Latin by Mr. Hakluyt, and trans- 
lated into English by M. Lok, 
Gent. London. 1809. [2d.] 

SuMMARio de la naturale Historia de 
rindie Occidentale composta de 
G. F. Oviedo y Valdes. 

1534. • 1960 

La Historia general de las Indias. 
Por G. F. de Oviedo y 
Valdes. Seville. 1535. * 1961 

The Same. L'Histoire Natur- 

elle et generalle . . traduicte [par 
J. Poleur]. Paris. 1555. ^ 

HisPANiA Victrix. Primera y 
segunda parte de la Historia gen- 
eral de las Indias . . Por F. Lopez 
de Gomara. Medina del Campo. 

1553. * 1962 

The Same. Historie generale 

des Indes occidentales et terres 
neuvea. . traduite par M. Fumee 
Sieur de Marly le Chastel. 

Paris. 1568. * 

The Same. La Istoria de las 

Indias Caragoca. 1652 * 

Historie del Signer Don Fernando 
Colombo, nelle quali s'ha partico- 
lare e vera relatione della vita e 
de' fatti dell' Ammiraglio D. Cris- 
toforo Colombo, et dello scopri- 
mento ch' egli fece . . nuova- 
mente di linpcua Spagnuola tra- 
dotte nell' Italiana dal S.A. Ullo.a. 
Venetia. 1571. * 1963 

Historia Natural y Moral de las 
Indias. By J. de Acosta. 

Salamanca. 1589. * 1964 

The Same, overv door. J. H, van 

Lindchoten. Enchijon. 1598. * 

The Same. The naturall and 

morall historie of the East and 
West Indies . . Translated into 
English by E. G[rimestone]. 1604. 


The Same- Tr. par R. Reg- 

nault. Paris. 1606. * 

Bbevissima relacion de la destruy- 
cion de las Indias . . colegida per 

B. de las Casas. 

Sevilla. 1552. * 1965 

— The Same. Tyrannies et cruan- 
tez, etc. Anvers. 1579. * 

— The Same. Histoire admirable 
des Horribles, Insolences, Cruatez, 
et tyrannies. . . Lyons. 1694. [2 b.] 

— - The Same. A relation of the 
First Voyages and Discoveries. 

1699. [2 b.] 

— The same. CEuvres de Las 
Casas ; precedees de sa Vie, et 
accompagnees de Notes histori- 
ques, additions, developemens . . 
Par J. A. Llorente. 2 vols. 

Paris. 1882. [2 c] 

Beschryvinge ven verscheyde Lan- 
den, gelegen onder Africa ea 
America . . door Jan H. van 
Linschoten. Amsterdam. 

[1600?] * 1966 

The same. J. H. van 

Linschoten : his discours ut 
voyages into ye Easto and We-^t 
Indies. Translated by Wfilliam] 
P[hillip]. 1598. * 

HiSTORTA general de los Hechos do 

los Ca.stellanos en las Islas i tierra 

firme del mar ooeano. Por A. 

de Herrera Tordesillas. Madrid. 

1601-15. * 1967 

A Notable and wonderfull Sea- 
Fight betweene two fireat and 
well-mounted Spanish Shipps and 
a small and not very well provyded 
English Ship^. . Amsterdam. 

1621. [De M.C] * 1967b 

EiJGHENTLiJCKE Beschrijvinghe van 
West Indien hoe die Landen en 
Proventien gheleghen zijn. van 
P. urdonez de Ceballos. 
Amsie dim. 21 * 1967c 

Placcaet by de Hooghrio. Heeren 
staten Generael der Vereenighde 
Nederlanden, ghemaeckt op 'tbes- 
luijt van de West Indische Com- 
pagnie. s'' Gravenhaqp . 

1(621. * 1967d 

Ordonnantien ende Articulen, Be- 
raemt by de Hoogh Mo. Heeren 
Staten Generael der Geunieerdo 
Provintien ophet toe-rusten ende 
toe-stellen van eene West Indische 
Compagnie. 1621. * 1968 

The Sam,e- Description des In- 
des Occidentales. Amsterdam. 1622. 



The same. General History of . . 

the . . the West Indies. Translated 
by Capt. J. Stevens. 1725. * 

NiEUWE weredlt anders ghenaempt 
West-Indien. Amsterdam. 1622. 

* 1969 

NiBUWE wereldtj ofte Beschrijvinghe 
van West-Indien . door. J. de 
Laet. Leyden. 

1625. * 1970 

The Same. Beschryvinghe van 

West-Indien. 2nd ed. Leyden. 

1630. [3 b.] 

Sir Francis Drake revived, calling 
upon his Dull and Effeminate Age 
to folovve his noble steps for Golde 
and Silver ; Relation of the rare 
Occurrences in a Third Voyage by 
him into the West Indies. 

1626. * 1971 

Two Speeches in Parliament, the one 
concerning Religion, etc., the 
other concerning a West India 
Association at a Committee of the 
whole House in the Parliament. 
By Sir B. Rudyerd. 

1642. * 1972 

Aenwysinge : Datmen vande Oost en 
West-Indische Compagnien een 
Compangie dient te maken. 

Graven-haghe. 1644. * 1973 

Description of the New World, or 
Islands and Continents of 
America, as they were in the 
year 1649. Bv G. Gardyner. 

1651. * 1973a 

Historip: of te laerlyck Verhael van 
de Verrichtinghen der Geoctroy- 
eerde West-indisch^ Campagnie. 
Door I. De Laet. Leyden. 

1644. * 1973b 

Vertoogh, Over den Toestand der 
West - Indische Compagnie, in 
Haar begin, midden, ende eynde, 
met Een Remedie tot Redres van 
deselve. Eerste Deel [all published[. 
Rotterdam. 1651. * 1973c 

Teatro eclesiastico de la primitiva 

Iglesia de las Indias Occidentales. 

Por G. G. Davila. 2 vols. Madrid. 

1648-55. * 1973d 

A SuMMARiE and true discourse of 
Sir Francis Drake's W^est Indian 
Voyage . . 1652. [23 e.] 1974 

The W^orld Encompassed by Sir 

Francis Drake . . 1652. [23 e.] 

Sir Francis Drake Revived 

Being a Summary and true Rela- 
tion of foure severall voyages madu 
by the said Sir Francis Drake to 

the West Indies . . [with preface 
signed R.D.] 1653. [23 e.] 

The English Hero; or. Sir 

Francis Drake Reviv'd. Danger- 
ous Voyages, Admirable Adven- 
tures, Notable Discoveries .... 
revised, corrected ... by R.B. 

1692. [23 e.] 

Certainb Inducements to wcll- 
mJnded people . . to transport 
themselves, or servants or agents 
for them into the West Indies for 
th© propagating of the Gospell, 
and increase of trade. 

[1643?] * 1975 

Discoverie of the Coasts and Con- 
tinent of America from the Egui- 
noctiall Northward, and of the 
adjacent islands. By the Revd. 
W. Castell. 1644 * 1975a 

HiSTOiRE et voyage des Indes Occi- 
dentales, et de plusieurs autres 
regions maritimes et esloigneea 
Par G. Coppier. Lyon. 

1645. * 197& 

TooRTSE der Zeevaerdt, varlichtende 
W^est Indien, Brasilien, Guinea, en 
x^ngola. Dienstich voor Stierlie- 
den [compiled by J. Colom]. 

AmHerdam. 1648. * 1977 

The English- American : his travail 
by sea and land ; or a new Survey 
o'f the West Indias . . Bv T. 
Gage. 1648. * 1978 

The Same. A New Survey of 

the West Indies : or the English- 
American, his Travail by Sea and 
Land . . 2nd ed. Enlarged by 
the Author. London. 1655. [2 d.] 

The Same. 3rd ed. London. 

1677. * 

The Same. Nieuwe ende seer 

naeuwkeurige Reyse door de 
Spaensche West-Indien. 2nd ed. 

Amsterdam. 1700. [2d.] 

The Same. Nouvelle relation. 2 

vols. Amsterdam. 1720. * 

HiSTORiE generalo des Isles de 
S. Christophe, de la Guadeloupe, 
de la IMartinique, et autres dans 
PAmerique. Par J. Du Tertre . . 
Paris. 1654. [3 b.] 197» 

America : or, an Exact description of 
the West Indies, more especially 
of those provinces which are under 
the dominion of the King of Spain. 
By N. N., Gent. 1655. * 1980 

A Dialogue [between a Soldier and 
& Seaman] containing a compen- 
dious discourse concerning the pre- 
sent design© in the West Indies 
. . 1655. * 1981 



HiSTOiBB Naturelle et Morale des 
lies Antilles de TAmenque. [By L. 
de Poincy, revised by Charles de 
Eochefort]. Avec un Vocabulaire 
Caraibe. [By Pere Raymond]) 

Rotterdam. 1658. [2d.] 1982 

The Same. Reveue et augmen- 

tee de plusieurs Descriptions, et de 
quelques eclaircissemens, qu'on 
desiroit en la precedente. 2nd ed. 

Rotterdam. 1665. [2d.] 

The Same. The History of the 

Caribby-Islands, viz., Barbados, 
St. Christ-ophers, St. Vincents, 
Martinico, Dominico, Barbouthos, 
Monserrat, IMevis, Antego, etc., in 
all XXVIII. In two Books. . . . 
With a Caribbian Vocabulary [by 
Pere Raymond]. Rendered into 
English by J. Davies, of Kid- 
welly. 1666. [2d.] 

Petit Catecliisme. . Trad, en la 
langue des Caraibes Insulaires. 
Par R. Breton. Avxerre. 

1664. • 1982a 

Remonstrantie Aen de Ho. Mo. 
Heeren de Staten Genera«l der 
Vereenighde Nederlanden ; overge- 
geven don. Juny 1664. Bij de 
Heeren de Bev.'int-hebberen van 
de Geoctioyeerde West Indische 
Compagnie der Vereenighde 
Nederlanden Op ende jegens 
Verscheyde Memorien van den 
Heer Resident Charisius, wegens 
de (gepretendeerde) Doensche 
Africaensche Compagnie, aen haer 
Ho. Mo. overgegeven. Amsterdam. 

1664. * 1982 b 

Diction AIRE Caraibe-francais. Par 
R. Breton. Avxerre. 

1665. * 1982c 

SoMMiERE Aenteyckeninge ende de- 
ductie Ingestelt by de Gedemiteer- 
den vande Hooge Mogende Heeren 
Staten Generael der Vereenighde 
Nederlanden op de lest-ingediende 
Memorie van den Heer George 
Downing. ^s-Gravenhnge. 

1665. • 1982 d 

Historie : van Saken van Staet en 
Oorlogh in ende omtrent de 
Vereenigde Nederlanden, begin- 
nende me4> 't uytgaen van den 
Treves (1621) en eyndigende met 
den jaere 1668. Door Van Ait- 
zema : met vervolg. door L. 
Sylvius. 11 vol. 's-Gravenhage. 
1669-99. • 1982 6 

Jolrnael gehouden op 's Lants schip 
De Spieo;el van 't gene gepasseert 
en verricht is op de Vloot van 
haer Ho. Mo. de Heeren Staten 

Generael der Vereenighde Neder- 
landen, soo in de Middellantsche 
Zee als op de kusten van Africa en 
America onder 't Beleyt van 
Michiel de Ruyter als admiraal en 
de heer Jan Cornelis van Meppelen 
als vice-admiraal in de Jare 1664 
en 1665. Amsterdam. 1665. * 1982f 
Gfbrauche Sitten und Producte von 
Cuba, Hispaniola unde einiger 
anderer Wistindischer Inseln. Von 
J. von. Petersdorf-Klasten. 

Colonia. 1665. * 1982g 

Zee-Politie der Vereenigde Neder- 
landen ende in twee boecken be»- 
chreven. Door J. Tjassens. 2de 
druck. ^ s-iiravenhagen . 

1670 * 1982h 

Thesaurus Indiens, sen generalis in- 
structor pro regimine conscien- 
tiae, in iis quae ad Indies spectant- 
Didacus do Avendano. 2 vols. 

.Antverpiat. 1668. * 1983 

Norte de la contratacion de las In- 
dias Occidentales. By J. d© 
Veitia Linage. Sevilla. 

1672. * 1983a 

The Same. The Spanish Rule of 

Trade to the West Indies : contain- 
ing an account of the Casa de Con- 
tratacion or India House, its Gov- 
ernment, Laws, Ordinances, 

Officers and Jurisdiction 

IVIade English by Captain J. 
Stevens. . . 1702. [2 i.] 

Relation de I'Origine, Mceurs, Cou»- 
tumes, Religion, Gucrrea et 
Voyages des ^Caraibes. Sauvagoi 
des Isles Antilles de I'Ameriques, 
faite par le Sieur de la Barde. 

1674. * 1984 

OcTROiJ by de Hoogh Mog- Heeren ^ 
Staten Generael, verleent aen de 
West-Indische Ci)mpagnie. 

s'Gravenhage. 1674. * 1984a 

ARTicuL-Brief van de Geoctroyeerd* 
West Indische Compagnie. 

s'Oravenhage. 1675. * 1984b 

KoRT Berattelse om Wast Indien 
eller America. 1675 * 1985 

CuRiEUSi Aenmercking ne der 
bysonderste Vost in West Indische, 
Werwondereus, waerdige Dingen, 
hevens die van Clima, Africa, en 
andere Gewesten des Werelds. 
Van S. de Vreis. Utrecht. 

1682. * 1986 

Friendly Advice to the Gentlemen- 
Planters of the East and West In- 
dies. In three parts . . . Philo- 

I theos Physiologus [Thomas Tryon]. 
Edited by A. Sowl© in the 

I year 1684. * 1987 



The English Empire in America ; or 
a View of the dominions of the 
Crown of England in the West 

■ Indies. By R.B. [" E,obert (or 
Richard) Burton," i.e., Nathaniel 
Crouch]. 1685. * 1988 

The Same. 7th ed. 1739. * 

Popery displayed in its Bloody 
Colours ; or a Faithful Narrative 
of the Horrid and Unexampled 
Massacres and all Manner of 
cruelty committed by the Popish 
Spanish party on the Inhabitants 
of West India, 1689. * 1989 

An Historical Account of the Rise 
end Growth of the W'est India 
Collonies, and of the great advan- 
tages thej' are to England, in re- 
spect to Trade. By D. Thomas. 

1690. [2j.] 1990 

A True and faithful Relation of 
the Proceeding! of the Forces of 
their Majesties K. William and 
Q. Mary in their Expedition 
against the French in the Caribby 
Islands in the West Indies, under 
the Conduct of His Excellency 
Christopher Codrington, Captain 
General and Commander-in-Chief 
of the said Forces, in the years 
1689 and 1690. Written by J. 
Spencer, Jnr. Secretary to the 
Honourable Sir T. Thornhill, 
Baronet. . . 1691. * 1991 

The Same. Reprinted in the Har- 

leian Miscellany. * 

Zeer aanmerkelijke Reysen gedaan 
door Jan Erasmiis Reining, meest 
in de W^est-Indien en ook en veel 
anders deelen des werelds. Samen- 
gesteld door D. vander Sterre. 

Amsterdam. 1691. * 1992 

A Brief Account of the present de- 
clining state of the West Indies, 
in reference to its trade, and in 

Particular, that of the Barbadoes. 
y a West-India Merchant. 

1695. * 1994 

Relation de 1' Expedition de Cartha- 

gena, faite par les Frangois en 

MDCXCVII. Par L. de Poin- 

tis. Amsterdam. 1698. * 1995 

The Same. An Account of the 

taking of Carthagena, in the year 
1697. . . . 1698. * 

A new Voyage round the World of 
Capt. W. Dampier. Describing 
the Isthmus of America, several 
Coasts and Islands in the West 
Indies. . . 2 vols. 1699. [2 g.] 1996 

History of the New World, called 
America, with an Account of the 
Manners and Customs of the 
Oricinal Inhabitants, a Historical 

Account of the English Settle- 
ments in the West Indies, namely, 
Jamaica, Barbadoes, Antigua, 
Nevis, Montserrat, New England, 
New York, Pensylvania, Virginia, 
Maryland, Carolina, Georgia. 
Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. 
Dublin, [c. 169-]. * 1997 

Reflections on Mr. Burchet's Mem- 
oirs, or Remarks on his Account 
of Captain Wilmot's Expedition to 
the West Indies. [1695]. By 
[Colonel] L. Lillingston. 

1704. • 1998 

Mr. [J.] Burchett's Justification of 
his Naval Memoirs in answer to 
Reflections made by Col. Lilling- 
ston. 1704. * 1999 

Verscheyde voornaame reysen, van 
Georg, Due of Cumberland, na 
W^est-Indien, in 1586 en 1598. 
Leiden. 1706. * 1999a 

The British Empire in America, con- 
taining the history of the dis- 
covery, settlement, progress and 
present state of all the British 
Colonies, on the Continent and 
Islands of America. . . By J. Old- 
mixon. W^ith curious maps of the 
several places, done from the new- 
est surveys by H. Moll. 2 vols. 

1708. [3 b.] 2000 

The Same. 2nd ed., corrected 

and amended. 2 vols. 1741. [3 b.] 

The Same. Het Britannische 

Ryk ni Amerika. Tr. by G. Wet- 
stein. Amsterdam. 1721. * 

The Same. Das Britische 

Reich in Amerika. Lemgo. 1744. * 

The Allies and the late Ministry de- 
fended against France . . showing 
the necessity of England's enter- 
ing into the Grand Alliance, and 
that by it we are obliged to insist 
on the restitution of Spain and the 
Indies to the House of Austria. . 
3rd ed. 1712. * 2001 

Journal des observations physiques, 
mathematiques et botanique faites 
sur les cotes meriodionale et dans 
les Indes Occidentales de 1707 a 
1712. Par L. E. Feuillet. Paris. 
1714. * 2001a 

Voyages aux Indes Occidentales. Par 
H. Westerman. 1715. * 2001b 

The Voyages, Dangerous Adventures 
and Immenent Escapes of Captain 
Richard Falconer, containing th* 
laws, customs and manners of the 
Indians in America . . his narrow 
escape from the island of Domi- 
nica. . . [by W. R. Chetwood]. 

1720. * 2002 



Laws of the British Plantations in 
America relating to the Church 
and Clergy, Religion and Learn- 
ing. ■ 1721. * 2002a 

Voyages a travers de Golfe du 
Mexiaue, suivi d'une description 
des lies Antilles de TAmeriqiie. 
Par E. Svlvie. 2 vols. 

1720-21 * 2002b 

Etudes sur la Mineralo^rie des Antil- 
les. Par C. S. Montaigne de 
Nogaret. Paris. 1720 * 2202c 

Voyages de Frangoia Coreal aux 
Lides Occidentales. . . Traduits de 
I'Espagnol. now. cd. Paris. 

1722. * 2002d 

NouvEAU voyage aux isles de 1' 
Amerique . . Par J. B. Labat. 
6 torn. Paris. 1722. * 2003 

The Sam". 8 vols. Paris. 1742. 

[2 a.] 
Voyages and Travels of Captain N. 
Uring, with draughts of the Bay 
of Honduras and the Caribbee 
Islands, St. Lucia, etc. 

1725-26. * 2004 

A Treatise of the diseases most fre- 
quent in the West Indies, and 
herein more particularly of those 
which occur in Barbadoes. By R,. 
Towne. 1726. * 2005 

L?:8 VisiBLES Avantages de la pro- 

chaine guerre i>our la grande 

Bretagne et ses alliez. . . Traduit 

de I'Ann-lois. 2nd ed. La Haye. 

1727. * 20d5a 

Observations upon the treaty be- 
tween the Crowns of Great 
Britain. Franco, and Spain con- 
cluded at Seville. 1729. * 2006 

Observations on the Conduct of 
Great Britain with regard to the 
negotiations and other transnc- 
tions abroad [relating to the 
Spanish disputes in the West 
Indies]. 1729. * 2007 

Craftsman Extraordinary: being 
Remarks on a late pamphlet, en- 
titled " Observations on the Con- 
duct of Great Britain." By C. 
D'Anvers. 1729. * 2008 

Some further Remarks on a late 
Pamphlet entitled " Observations 
on the Conduct of Great Britain." 
particularly with relation to the 
Spanish Depredations. . . Bv 
C. D'Anvers. 1729. * 2009 

Letter to Caleb D'Anvers, Esq., con- 
cerning the State of Affairs in 
Europe, as published in the 
Craffsman, Jan. 4th, 1728-9. Pv 
J. Trott. 1730. * 2010 

Letter to the Bishop of London, 
from an Inhabitant of His 
Majesty's Leeward Caribbeo 

Islands, containing some Consider- 
ations on His Lordship's Two 
Letters of May 19th, 1727, etc., in 
which is inserted a short Essay 
concerning the conversion of th© 
Negro Slaves in our Sugar 
Colonies. 1730. * 2011 

N.\DER Prolongatie van het Octroy 
voor de Westindische Compagnie 
en van de eerste prolongatie van 
dien, voor den tijd van nog dertig 
jaareii . x^-ijravt nhaqv. 

1730. * 2011a 

Tht Same. Naoer Prolongatie 

van het Octroy voor den Westin- 
dische Compagnie. 's-Graveyihuge. 

Remarks upon a Book entituletl The 
Present State of the Sugar Colon- 
ies considered, wherein some of the 
Consequences and Effects of re- 
straining our Trade are examined. 
1731. * 2012 

Bibliotheca Americana Primordial 
An .Vttempt towards laying the 
foundation of an American 
Library. By Bishop W. Ken- 
nett. 1731. / 2012a 

The Importance of the Sugar 
Colonies to Great Britain stated, 
and some objections to the Sugar 
Colony Bill answered in a letter 
to a member of the House of Com- 
mons. * 1731. * 2012b 

Memoirs of the Maratime Affairs of 
Great Britain, especially in rela- 
tion to our concerns in the West ^ 
Indies. By the late John Pullen, 
Esq., Governor of Bermudas. To 
which is added Captain Pain's 
Short View of Spanish America. 

1732. [2j.] 2013 

A Comparison between the British 
Sugar Colonies and New England, 
as thev relate to the interest of 
Great Britain. 1732. * 2013a 

A True State of the Case between 
the British Northern Colonies and 
the Sugar Islands. 1732. * 2013b 

Proposals offered for the Sugar 
Planters' Redress and for reviving 
the British Sugar Commerce. 

1733. * 2013o 

Some Observations on a direct Ex- 
portation of Sugar from the 
British Islands, with answers to 
Mr. Toriano's objections. By J. 
Ashley. 1735. * 2013d 



A voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and the 
West Indies : in His Majesty's 
ships the Swallow and Weymoutli. 
By J. Atkins. . . 1735. [2 b.] 2014 

The. same. 2nd ed. 1737. [2 b.] 

The Miserable Case of the British' 
Sugar Planters, wherein is con- 
tained • . the advantages of a 
direct Exportation from the Sugar 
Islajids to foreign markets, 

1738. * 2014a 

A Description of the Windward 
Passage, and Gulf of Florida, with 
the Course of the British Trading 
Ships to and from the Island of 
Jamaica. . 1739. [34 c.] 2015 

Description of the Windward Pas- 
sage and Gulf of Florida. . . 2nd 
ed. 1739. [lb.] 2016 

The English Cotejo; or the Cruel- 
ties, Depredations, and illicit 
Trade charged upon the English 
in a Spanish Libel lately published 
. . compared with the murders, 
robberies, barbarities, and clan- 
destine trade proved upon the 
Spaniards, by a Sufferer. 

[P1739] * 2017 

Traanen van een grijzen Hollander, 
gestort om de naare toestand van 
zijn land, veroorzaakt door de 
schandelijke overwinning del 
Engelschen in de West-Indien. 
Door W. V. O. Caspersz. Amster- 
dam. ^^781. * 2017a 

A Geographical Description of the 
coasts, harbours, and sea ports of 
the Spanish West Indies; particu- 
larly of Port Bello, Cartagena and 
the Island of Cuba. Written in 
Spanish by Domingo Gonzalez Car- 
ranza, his Catholick Majesty's 
principal Pilot of the Flota in New 
Spain, anno. 1718. To which is 
added an appendix, containing 
Capt. Parker's own account of his 
taking the town of Porto Bello, in 
the year 1601. With an index, 
and a new and correct chart of the 
whole . . [Edited by C. Smith]. 

1740. [2d.] 2018 

Memoirs and Considerations con- 
cerning the Trade and Revenues 
of the British Colonies in America. 
By J. Ashley. 1740. [3 f .] 2019 

Present State of the Revenues and 
Forces, by Sea and Land, of 
France and Spain, compared with 
those of Great Britain, with a view 
of those Countries of the Spanish 

West Indies that will probably b» 
the seat of the present War. 

1740. * 2020 

Supplement to Britain's mistakes in 
the commencement and conduct of 
the present War, wherein the late 
glorious success of Admiral Vernon 
at Porto Bello is particularly con- 
sidered. 1740. * 2021 

Present State of the British and 
French Sugar Colonies. 

1740. * 2021a 
Historiadores primitives, de las 

Indias Occiden tales. Por A. Gon- 
zales Barcia. Madrid. 

1740- * 2021b 

'I he Same. Madrid. 1749. * 

C.*ribbeana. Containing letters and 
dissertations, together with Poeti- 
cal Essays, on various subjects and 
occasions ; chiefly wrote by several 
hands in the- West Indies and some 
of them to gentlemen residing 
there. . . 2 vols. 1741. [2 c.] 2022 

A Geographical and Historical Des- 
cription of the Principal Objects of 
the present war in the West Indies 
. . 1741. [2g.] 2023 

A Concise History of Spanish 
America . Collected chiefly from 
Spanish writers. Bv J. Campbell. 

1741. * 2023a 

The Same. A complete History 

of Spanish America. 1742. * 

Letter from a Member of the last 
Parliament to a Member of the 
Present concerning the Conduct of' 
the War with Spain. 1742. * 2024 

Le Code Noir ou recueil des regle- 
mens rendus jusqu'a present, con- 
cernant le gouvernement, I'ad- 
ministration de la justice, la 
police, la discipline et le com- 
merce des negres dans les Colonies 
frangaises, et les conseils et com- 
pagnies etablis a ce sujet. Paris. 
1742. * 2025 

Thoughts on the objectionable 
System of labour for Wages in th© 
West India Colonies. By H. J. 
Ross. 1742. * 2026 

Journal of the Expedition to Cart- 
hagena. 1744. [3 g. and 2 j.] 2027 

Journal of the Expedition to La 
Guira and Porto Cavallos in th© 
West Indies, under the Command 
of Commodore Kuowles. 

1744. * 202S 



JotTRNAL of the Expedition to la 
Guira and Porto Cavallos in the 
West Indies, in a letter from an 
Officer on board the Burford to a 
friend in London. 1744. * 2029 

The American Traveller. . . A new 
historical collection . . containing 
a compleat account of . . the West 
Indies . . with an account of 
Admiral Vernon's taking of Porto 
Bello, Fort Chagre and Cartha- 
gena. . . 1745. [2 a.] 2030 

State of the Sugar Trade, showing 
Consequences that must attend 
any additional duty thereon. 

1747. * 2031 

Thf Spanish Empike in America. . . 
By an English Merchant. 

1747. * 2031a 

Relacion historica del viage a la 
America meridional . . por J. Juan 
y Santacilla y A. de Ulloa [ad- 
miral]. Madrid. 1748. * 2032 

- The same. 
America. . 

A Voyage to South 
3rd ed. 2 vols. 
1772. [3 a.] 

Tbatado historico, politico y legal de 
el comerncio de las Indias Occi- 
dentales pertenecientes a los Reyes 
Catholicos. Por J. Gutierrez de 
Rubacalva. Cadiz. 1750. * 2032a 

Defence of Captain Digby Dent to 
the Complaint made against him 
by Rear-Admiral Knowles concern- 
ing his behaviour in the Expedi- 
tion against Saint Jaeo de Cuba. 
1749. * 2033 

iVii? of Making Sugar, with an Ap- 
pendix on the Art of Fermenting 
and Distilling Molas&e, etc., for 
Rum. 1752. * 2033a 

The Works of James Houston, M.D., 
containing his Life and Travels in 
Asia, Africa and America, with a 
particular Account of the Scotch 
Expedition to Darien in America, 
the Rise, Progress and Fall of the 
two Great Trading African and 
South Sea Companies, the late 
Expedition to the Spanish West 
Indies. . . 1753. [3 c.] 2034 

Memotres des Commissaires du Roi 
et due ceux de sa Majeste Britan- 
nique sur les Possessions et les 
droits respectifs de deux Couron- 
nes en Amerique. Paris. 

1755-57. * 2035 

I Memoptals of the Courts of Great 
Britain and France since the Peace 
of Aix-la-Chapelle relative to the 
limits of the Territories of both 
Crowns in North America, and the 
right to the Neutral Islands in the 
West Indies. Hague. 1756. * 2036 

HiSTOiRE et Commerce des Antilles 
Angloises, ou I'on trouve I'etat 
actuel de leur population et des 
details curieux sur la constitution 
de leur gouvernement. 1757. * 2037 

An Account of the European Settle- 
ments in America, in six parts. By 
E Burke. 2 vols. 1757 * 2037a 

The. Same. 5th ed. 2 vols. 

1770. [2 d.] 

H18T01RE et Commerce des Antilles 
Angloises. Ou Ton trouve I'etat 
actuel de leur population et quel- 
ques details sur le commerce de 
contrebande des Anglois avec les 
Espagnols dans le Nouveau Monde. 
[Par G. M. Butel-Dumont.] Paris. 
1758. [2 a.] 2038 

Dkscription Geographique des Isles 

Antilles possedees par les Anglois. 

Par S. J. N. Bellin, Ingenieur de 

la Marine et du Depost des Plans. 

Paris. 1758. [2d.] 2039 

]\[emorie, betrefFende de Pryzen door 
de Engelsche Oorlogs-schepen en 
Kaapers gemaaakt op scheepen 
van Ingezetenen van deezen Staat, 
gaande naar, of komende uit de 
West-Ind ien . A mater dam . 

1758. * 2040 

Histoire generale des voiages. 3me 
partie. Voiages et Etablissemens 
aux Antilles. 1759. [3 b.] 2041 

Lettres sur les operations du Pere > 
de Lavalette, Jesuite, et superieur 
general des missions des isles fran- 
<;oises du vent de I'Amerique, , 
necessaries aux negocians. [en 
Europe.] 1760. * 2042 

Enumeratio Systematica Plantarum 
quas in Insulis Caribaeis Vicinoque 
America, continente detexit novaa 
aut jam cognita emendavit. N. 
J. Jacquin. Leyden. 1760. * 2043 

The American Negotiator : or th© 
various Currencies of the British 
Colonies in America ; as well the 
Islands, as the Continent. . . By 
J. Wright. 1761. [3 g.] 2044 

A Description of the Spanish Islands 
and Settlements on the coast of 
the West Indies . . illustrated with 
thirty-two maps and plans . . en- 
graved by Thomas JeflFerys, Geo- 



grapher to His Majesty. 

1762. [3 b.] 2045 

The same. 1774. * 

Account of the Spanish Settlement 
in America, in four parts [with 
account of the Siege of Havannah, 
etc.] 1762. * 2046 

Selectarum Stiupium American- 
arum Historia in qua ad Linnai- 
anum sj'stema determinatse dos- 
criptseque sistuntur plantse illse 
quas in insulis Marti nica, Jamaica, 
Domingo, aliisque, et in Vincinse 
continentis Parte, observavit. 
N. J. Jacquin. Vindohonce. 

1763. [34c.] 2047 

Candid and Impartial considerations 
on the nature of the Sugar Trade. 
The comparative importance of the 
British and French Islands in the 
West Indies : with the value and 
consequence of St. Lucia and 
Granada trulv stated. [By J. 
Campbell, LL.D.] 1763. [3 c.] 2048 

Thoughts on Trade in general, and 
our West Indian in particular. 

1763. * 2049 

Peregrinations of Jeremiah Grant, 
Esq., the West Indian. 1763. 

[34 a.] 2050 

An Essay on the more Common West 
India Diseases ; and the remedies 
which that country . . produces. 
To which are added, some hints 
on the Management, etc., of 
negroes. By a Physician in the 
West Indies [J. Grainger]. 

l*: 64. * 2051 

Considerations which may tend to 
promote the settlement of our 
y New West-India Colonies, by en- 
couraging individuals to embark 
in the undertaking. 1764 * 2052 

TicAiTE explicatif d'uu herbier de 
plantes medicinales recuellies dans 
un voyages a la Nouvelle Espagne, 
dans I'isthme de Darien et a I'lie 
de Cuba Par C. L. A. Waller- 
ton. 3 vols. Nancy. 1767-70. 2052a 

ViCTiMA. Real legal, discurso unico 
juridico-historico-politico sobr© 
que las vacantes mojores y men- 
ores de las iglesias de las Indias 
Occidentales. . . Por A. J. 

Alvarez de Abreu. Madrid. 

1769. [3 c] 2053 

Voyages et Arentui-es du chevalier 
de . . . oontenant Jes Voyages de 
I'anteur dans les Antilles Fran- 
coises. . . 2 vols. Londre.H. 

1729. * 2053a 

A General History of the Britisb 

Empire in America. By J. H. 

Wynne. 2 vols. 1770. 

[2 b.] 2054 
TfiE West Indian : a Comedy as it 

is performed at the Theatre Royal, 

Drury Lane. New ed. 

1771. • 2055 

Considerations on the Negro Cause, 
commonly so called [Sommerset v. 
Knowles and others]. Addressed 
to . . Lord Mansfield . . by a 
West Indian [S. Est wick.] 

1772. * 2056 
Noticias Americanas. Por A. de 

Ulloa. Madrid. 1772. * 2056a 

HiSTORiE philosophique et politique 
des Etablissemens et du Com- 
merce des Europeens dans lea 
deux Indes. [Par Abbe G. T. F. 
Raynal.] Parts. 1774. * 2057 

The same. A Philosophical and 

Political Historic of the Settle- 
ments and Trade of the Euro- 
peans in the East and West 
Indies. . . 3 vols. 1788. [2 c.] 

The same. 2nd ed. 6 vols.. 

1798. [2 c.] 

The sani". A Philosophical and 

political History of the Settle- 
ments and Trade of the Europeans 
in the East and West Indies. 3rd 
ed. Tr. by J. Justamond. 4 vols. 
Dublin. 1779. [34 b.] 

The Substance of the evidence on 
the petition presented by the 
West India Planters and Mer- 
chants to the Hon. House of Com- 
mons, as it was introduc'd at the 
Bar, and summ'd up by Mr. 
Glover on Thursday, the 16th 
March, 1775. [2 i.] * 2058 

The Evidence delivered on the 
petition presented by the West 
India Planters and Merchants to 
the Hon. House of Commons. By 
Mr. Glover. [1775.] [3 b.] 2059 

Remarks on the Evidence de- 
livered on the petition presented 
to the West India Planters and 
Merchants to the House of Com- 
mons on the 16th of March, 1775. 
. . by Richard Glover. 1777 * 2060 

The West India Atlas : or a Com- 
pendious Description of the West 
Indies. . . By T. JefFerys. 

1775. [34 c] 2061 

The English Pilot : The Fourth Book, 
describing the West India Navi- 
gation, from Hudson's Bay to the- 
River Amazon, Jamaica, Cuba,, 


Hispaniola, Barbadoes, Antigua, 
Bermudas, Porto-Rico, etc. 

1775. * 2062 

Tht same. 1778. [34 c] 

The North-American aaid West-In- 
dian Gazetteer. 1776. [3 g] 2063 
The Atlantic Pilot . . from the 
gulf of Mexico along Cuba and 
the Martieres through the new 
Bahama Channel. . 1776. * 2063a 

A Description of the West Indies : 
a poem in four books. By Mr. 
[J.] Singleton. 1776. [2 j.] 2064 

Letters and Essays on the Small 
Pox and Inoculation, the measles, 
the dry belly-ache, the yellow, 
and remitting and intermitting 
fevers of the West Indies. . . By 
different Practitioners. [J. Quier, 
J. Hume and others.] 1778. * 2065 

The West India Merchant. Origin- 
ally printed in the "London 
Evening Post." 1778. [3 b.] 2066 

The Present State of the West 
Indies. Containing an accurate 
description of what parts are 
possessed by the several powers 
in Europe. . . 1778. [3 c.] 2069 

Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum 
IcL>nes, quas in lusulis Martinica, 
Jamaica, Domingo, aliisque, et in 
vicina) continentis parte, obser- 
vavit rariores. N. J. Jacquin. 
[only 12 copies were executed.] 
Viennia. c. 1780. * 2070 

A General Account of the Calama- 
ties occasioned by the late 
tremendous Hurricanes and 
Earthquakes in the West India 
Islands. By Mr. Fowler. 

1781. [3g.] 2071 

Account of the Battle between the 
British and French Fleets [under 
Rodney and de Grasse] in the 
W^est Indies, near Guadeloupe on 
April 12th, 1782, in a letter to 
Lord Dalrymple. [By Sir G. 
Blane.] 1782. * 2072 

Memoire du Comte de Grasse, sur 
le combat naval du 12 avril 1782, 
avec les plans des positions prin- 
cipales des armees respectives. 

* 2073 

Compleat Pilot for the West 
Indies, including the British 
Cannel, Bay of Biscay, etc., etc. 
By T. Jeffreys. 1782. * 2074 

West India Atlas : or, General Des- 
cription of the West Indies from 
actual Surveys, with historical 
Account of the several Countries 


and Islands. By T. Jeffreys. 

1783. * 2076 
Free and Candid Reflections occa- 
sioned by the late additional 
duties on Sugar and on Rum. Bj 
J. G. Kemeys. 1783. [34 c.] 2076 

HiSTORiE Philosophique et Politique 
des Isles Francoises dans les Indes 
Occidentales. Par G. T. F. Raynal. 
Lausanne. 1784. [3 g.] 2077 

Voyage d'un Suisse [Giraud-Chant- 
raus] dans differentes colonies 
d'Amerique, pendant la dernier 
guerre, avec une table d'Observa- 
tions meteorologiques faites a 
Saint-Domingue. Xeuchatel. 

1785. * 2078 

West Indian Eclogues. 1787. * 2079 

Short Account of the Naval Ac- 
tions of the last War. . 

1787. * 2079a 

Wrongs of Almoona, or the 
I African's revenge. Liverpool. 
\ [1788.] [34 a.] 2080 

Letters from Sir George Bridges, 
now Lord Rodney, relating to the 
Capture of St. Eustatius and its 
j dei>endencies, and showing the 
state of the War in the West 
Indies at that period. 1789. * 2082 

Reclamations pour les colonies des 
Antilles ; adressees au roi et a la 
•nation. [Pariti, 1789] * 2083 

A Treatise on Tropical Diseases ; on 
Military Operations ; and on the 
Climate of the West Indies. By 
B. Moseley. M.D. 2nd ed. 

* 1789. * 2084 

HiSTOiRE de la domination Espagnole 
dans les iles d'Amerique appelees 
Antilles. Par H. Illiers. 2 vols. 
1789. * 2084a ^ 

A Short Journey in the West 
Indies. 2 vols. 

1790 [2 a. and 34 c] 2085 

Journal Nolden i skibet Christian- 
dad paa reisen til Cuba, Puerto 
Rico og Vest Indien. By J. O. 
Winslow. 1790. * 2085a 

Les Colonies frangoises, aux 
Societes d'agriculture, aux manu- 
factures et aux fabriques de 
France. Por F. R. J. de Pons. 
Paris. 1791. * 2086 

An Address to the people of Great 
Britain on the propriety of ab- 
staining from West India Sugar 
and Rum. [By W. Fox.] 

1791. * 2087 

An Inquiry into the causes which 



produce, and the means of pre- 
venting diseases among British 
officers, soldiers and others in the 
West Indies. . . By J. Bell, 
M.D. 1791. [2h.] 2088 

Mlmorias historicas sobre la legis- 
lacioii y gobierno del comercio de 
los Espanolefl con sus colonias en 
la Indias Occidentales. Por R. 
Antnnez y Acevedo. Madrid. 

1791. * 2088a 

An Appeal to the Candour . . of the 
people of England, in behalf of 
the West India Merchants and 
Planters. 1792. * 2089 

A Voyage to the South Sea, under- 
taken by command of His 
Majesty, for the purpose of con- 
veying the Bread-Fruit Tree to 
the West Indies, in His Majesty's 
ship the " Bounty," commanded 
by Lieut. Bligh. . . . 

1792. [13 d.] 2090 

A West Indian : Converted and 
Slave grateful [in verse]. Edin- 
burgh. 1792. * 2091 

Reasons why the People called 
Quakers cannot so fully unite 
with the Methodists in their Mis- 
sions to the Negroes in the West 
India Islands and Africa. By 
C. Phillips. 1792. * 2092 

Considerations addressed to Pro- 
fessors of Christianity of every 
Denomination, on the impro- 
priety of consuming West India 
Sugar and Rum, as produced by 
the Oppressive Labour of Slaves. 
Dublin. 01792. * 2093 

Historia del Nuevo Mundo. [By J. 
B. Munoz.] Madrid. 1793. " 2094 

^ The History, Civil and Commercial 

of the British Colonies in the 

West Indies. By B. Edwards. 

[Plates and maps.] 2 vols. London. 

1793. [3 a.] 2095 

The same. 

The tame. 

2 vols. Dublin. 

1793. [3 a.] 
2 vols. London. 
1794. [3 a] 

The iame. 1 vol. 

1798. ■ 

— The tame. 3rd ed., with con- 
siderable additions. Illustrated 
with plates. 3 vols. [with 
*' An Historical Survey of the 
French Colony in the Island of 
St. Domingo: comprehending an 
account of the Revolt of the 
Negroes in the year 1791, and a 
detail of the I^ilitary Transac- 

tions of the British Army in thai 
island in the years 1793 and 1794" 
and a " Sketch of the Life of thft 
Author, written by himself a 
short time before his death." "A 
Tour through the several islanda 
of Barbados, St. Vincent, Anti- 
gua, Tobago and Grenada in the 
years 1791 and 1792: by Sir 
W. Young, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., 
and a History of the War in the 
West Indies from its commence- 
ment in 1793 "]. London. 

1801. [3 a] 

-^Ths same. To which is added a 

general description of the Bahama 
Islands by D. M'Kinnen, Esq. 
4 vols- and an atlas. 

Philadelphia. 1805, 1806. * 

The same. 4th ed. Illustrated 

with plates, [maps and portrait]. 
3 vols. London. 1807. [3 a.] 

The same. 4 vols. Baltimore. 

1810. * 

* The same. 4 vols. Philch- 

delphia. 1810. * 

* The same. 4 vols. Charles- 
town. 1810. * 

The same, oth ed., with maps 

and plates. 5 vols, and Atlas. 
London, Edinburgh and Dublin. 

1819. [3 a.] 

The same. Historic Civile et 

Commerciale des Colonies Anglaises 
dans les Indes Occidentales ; depuis 
leur decouverte par Christophe 
Colomb jusqu'a nos jours ; suivie 
d'un tableau his'torique et 
politique de I'lle de Saint Domi- 
ngue avant et depuis la revolu- 
tion francaise. Traduit de 
1' Anglais de Bryan Edouard, par 
le traducteur des Voyages 
d'Arthur Young en France et en 
Italie. Paris, an ix. (1801)- 

[3 a.] 

The same. Burgerlyke en Han- 

delkundige Geschiedenis van de 
Engelsohe Volkplantingen in de 
West-Indien, uit het Engelsch. 2 
vols. Haarlem. 1794. [3 a.] 

The same. Geschiedkundig© 

Beschouwing van St. Domingo * * 
Uit het Engelsch. Haarlem. 1802. 

[3 a.] 

The same. An Abridgment of 

Mr. Edwards's Civil and Commer- 
cial History of the British West 
Indies. 2 vols. 

1794. [3 a.] 2095a 

Des Moyens de conserver les An- 
tilles a la France si nous avous 



une guerre maritime. Par J. B. 
Boyer-Foufrede. Paris. 

1793. * 2096 

A Treatise on the Intimate CJonnec- 
tion between Agriculture and 
Chemistry, addressed to . . . . 
the Proprietors of West India 
Estates. By A. Cochrane, ninth 
Earl of Dundonald. 

1795. * 2097 

Instructions for Missionaries to the 
West India Islands. 

1795. * 2098 

Etat, condition et usages des Negres 
des Antilles, compare avec la con- 
dition des negres de la Cote d'or. 
Par J. O. Winslow. Amsterdam. 

1795. * 2098a 

Facts relative to the Conduct of 
the War in the West Indies, col- 
lected from the Speech of the 
Hon. H. Dundas in the House of 
Commons, April 28th, 1796. 

1796. * 2099 

Journal of a Voyage to the West 
Indies, on board the Economy- 

1796. * 2100 

An Account of the Campaign in the 
West Indies, in the vear 1794 . . 
By Rev. C. Willvam's. 1796. 

[3d.] 2101 

The samt. Atlas of 5 plates in 

aquatinta. 1796. * 

Letter on the causes of the rapid 
and progressive depreciation of 
West India property. n.d. 

[?ab. 1800]. * 2102 
Memotre justificatif de la conduite 
de la Grande Bretagne en arre- 
tant les Navires Etrangers et les 
munitions de Guerre destinees 
aux Insurgens de I'Amerique. 

1801. * 2103 
Treatise on Sugar, with Miscellane- 
ous Medical Observations. By 
B. Moseley, M.D. 2nd ed. 

1800. * 2104 
The Sugar Cane. By J. Grain- 
ger. 1802. [le.] 2105 
An Essay on the more Common West 
India Diseases. By J. Grainger. 
2nd ed. Edinburgh. 

I8O2; [1 e.] 2107 

A Treatise on Tropical Diseases, 
on Military Operations, and on the 
Climate of the West Indies. 

1803. [3g.] 2108 

Zeluco. By J. Moore, M.D. 2 vols. 

1803. [3 f .] 2108a 

Proceedings of the General Court 

Martial in the Trial of Major J. 

Gordon, of the late 8th West 
India Regiment. 1804. * 2109 
A Tour through the British West 
Indies, in the years 1802 and 1803, 
giving a particular account of the 
Bahama Islands. Bv D. McKinnen. 
1804. [2g.] 2110 

War in Disguise, or the Frauds of 
the Neutral Flags. [By J. 
Stephens.] 1805. * 2111 

The mine. 4th ed. 1806. [3 f .] 

An Answer to " War in Disguise." 
1806. * 2111a 

Notes on the West Indies: written 
during the expedition under the 
command of the late General Sir 
R. Abercromby : including observa- 
tions on the island of Barbadoes, 
and the settlements captured by 
the British Troops, upon the 
Coast of Guiana. . . 3 vols. By G. 
Pinckard, M.D. 1806. [2i.] 2112 

A Practical Treatise on the 
Diseases of the Stomach and of 
Dinevstion, including the History 
and TreatmcTit of those Affections 
of the Liver ind Digestive Organ* 
which occur in persons who return 
from thf^ E: st and West Indira: 
with Observations on various 
medicines, and particularly on the 
improT>er use of Emetics. By A. 
D. Stone, M.D. 1806. * 2112a 

The same. 2nd ed. With ad- 
ditional letters from Martinique, 
Jamaica and St. Domingo. 2 
vols. 1816. [2i.] 

The West Indian. By Mrs. C. 
Mathews. Gninshomugh. 

1806. [34 c.] 2118 

The Coffee Planter, or an Essay on 
the Cultivation and Manufacure ^ 
of that Artic^le of West India pro- 
duce. Bv J. Lowndes. 

1807. * 2114 

Thoughts on the Value and Import- 
ance of the Colonial Trade, by 
C. Bosanquet. 1807. * 2115 

Letter to W. Manning, M.P., on 
the Causes of Depreciation of 
West India Property. By C. B. 
Bosanquet. 1807. * 2115a 

Outltne of a Plan for the better 
Cultivation, Security, and De- 
fence of the British West Indies. 
By Capt. Layman [RN.]. 

1807. * 2116 

The West Indian Common-place 
Book. Compiled from Parliamen- 
tary and official documents ; 
shewing the interest of Great 



Britain in its Sugar Colonies. By 
Sir W. Young, Bart., F.R.S., 
M.A. 1807. [3 b.] 2117 

Report from the Committee of the 
Commercial State of West India 
Colonies. 1807. [34 c.] 2118 

An Enquiry into the state of the 
British West Indies. By J. Lowe. 
3rd ed. 1807. * 2119 

The same. 4th ed. 1808. [2j.] 

Observations on the necessity of 
introducing a suflBcient number 
of respectable clergymen into our 
colonies in the West Indies. . . 

1807. * 2120 

Suggestions relative to the preserv- 
ing the Health of the Troops in 
the West Indies consistently with 
the Defence of the Islands. 

1807. * 2121 

The Interest of Agriculture and 
Commerce inseparable, by W. 
Lushington. 1808. * 2122 

List of Accounts for Service in 
Jamaica, the West Indies, and 
other parts in British North 
America, with Lists of Names, 
Amounts and nature of Service. 

1808. * 2123 
A History of the West Indies, con- 
taining the natural, civil, and 
ecclesiastical History of each 
Island : with an account of the 
Missions instituted in those 
Islands . . in connection with the 
Rev. J. Wesley. By T. Coke, 
LL.D. 3 vols. Liverpool, 1808, 
and London, 181i^— 1811. [3 a.] 2124 

A List of Sinecures or Offices exe- 
cuted wholly or chiefly by Deputy 
in Jamaica, Barbadoes, Leward 
Islands. 1808. * 2125 

Letter to the Governors, Legisla- 
tures, and Proprietors of Planta- 
tions in the British AVest India 
Islands. By B. Porteus. 

1808. * 2126 

Voyages d'un naturaliste et ses ob- 
servations, faites sur les trois 
regnes de la nature . . en 
Espagne, au continent de I'Ameri- 
que Septentrionelle, a Saint- 
Yago de Cuba, et a St. Domingue. 
Par E. Descourtilz. 3 vols. Paris. 

1809. * 2127 

Letters from Canada written dur- 
ing a residence there in the years 
1806, 1807 and 1808 . . . ; Exhibit- 
ing also the Commercial import- 
ance of Nova Scotia, New Bruns- 
wick, and Capo Breton, and their 

increasing ability, m conjunction 
with Canada, to furnish the neces- 
sary supplies of Lumber and Pro- 
visions to our West India Islands. 
By H. Gray. 1809. [2 j.] 2128 
Present State of the Spanish 
Colonies ; including a particular 
account of Hispanola . . with a 
general survey of the Settlements 
on the South continent of 
America. By W. Walton [British 
Agent at Hayti.] 2 vols. 

1810. * 2129 

The West Indies and other poems. 
By J. Montgomery. 2nd ed. 

1810. [34 c] 2130 

The same. 3rd ed. Philadelphia. 

[34 b.] 

The same. 6th ed. 

1823. [H.C.] • 

The same. 7th ed. 1828. * 

Authentic History of the English 
West Indies, with the Manners 
and Customs of the Free Inhabi- 
tants, including their Civil and 
Criminal LaAvs, etc. ; a descrip- 
tion of the Climate, Buildings, 
Towns, Sea-Ports. 1810. * 2131 

The Present ruinous situation of 
► the West India Islands. . . By a 
Native of Jamaica. 

1811. [34 c.] 2132 

Geographical and Historical Dic- 
tionary of America and the West 
Indies. By A. de Alcedo. 

1812. * 2133 

The History of the Discovery and 
Settlement to the present time of 
North and South America and the 
West Indies. By W. Mavor, 
LL.D. [1812.] [2 a.] 2134 

Narrative of the loss of the *' Cen- 
taur " in 1782: also Copy of the 
Sentence of the Court Martial. 
By Captain J. N. Inglefield. 

Brentford. 1813. * 2135 

King of Sweden's Custom House 
and Excise Ordinance for the 
Island of St. Bartholomew. Stock- 
holm. 1813. * 2136 

Des Colonies, et particulierement 
de celle de Saint Domingue; 
memoire historique et politique. 
Par Col. Malenfant. Paris. 

1814. * 2137 

The Travellers' Guide to Madeira 

and the West Indies. Haddington. 

[1815]. [3 b.] 2138 

The Edinburgh Review and the 
West Indies] with observationa 



on the pamphlets of Messrs. 
Stephen. Macanlay, etc., and re- 
marks on the Slave Registry Bill. 
Bv Colonist. Glasgow. 

1816. * 2139 

Thoughts on the Abolition of the 

Slave Trade, a ad Civilization of 

Africa. [Bv J. Marryat, M.P.I 

1816. * 2140 

An Exposure of some of the 
numerous mistatements [.stV] and 
misrepresentations contained in a 
pamphlet commonly known by 
the name of Mr. Marryat's Pamph- 
let, entitled " Thoncrhts, etc." 

1826. * 2141 

Antidotk to West Indian Sketches, 
drawn from Authentic Sources. 

1816. * 2142 

More Thoughts occasioned by two 
publications which the authors 
call " An Exposure of some of the 

• numerous Misstatements, etc." . . 
By J. Marryat, M.P. 




More Thoughts still on the state 
of the West India Colonies, 
and the proceedings of the 
African Institution. By Joseph 
Marryat, M.P. . . 

1817. [3b.l 2144 

The same. 1818. * 

Medical and Miscellaneous Obser- 
vations relative to the West India 
Islands. By J. Williamson. 2 vols. 
Edinburgh. 1817. [1 e.] 2145 

The Travellers' Guide to Madeira 
and the West Indies. . . By a 
Young Traveller. Haddington. 

1817. * 214.5a 

A Defence of the Wesleyan Metho- 
dist Missions in the West Indies : 
Including a refutation of the 
charges in Mr. Marryat's 
"Thoughts on the Abolition of 
the Slave Trade, etc." By R. 
Watson . 1817. [3 d.] 2146 

Souvenirs des Antilles. Voyage en 
1815 et 1816, au.x Etats-IJnis, et 
dans 1' Archii>€l Caraibe ; . . par 
M 2 vols. Paris. 

1818. [8 b.] 2147 

Letters on the West Indies. By J. 
Walker. 1818. [2 c.] 2148 

Om Westindien. By O. E. Bergius. 
Stockholm. 1819. • 2149 

A Voyage to the West Indies. . . . 
By J. A. Waller. 

1820. [3 c. and 3 a.] 2150 

Recherches sur les Poissons toxi- 

cophores des Indes occidentales. 
. . . Par A. Moreau de Joannes. 
Paris. 1819. * 2151 

Derrotero de las Islas Antillas . . - 
formado en la Direccion de traba- 
ios hidrograficos- 2nd e>d. 

Madrid. 1820. * 2153 

Voyage to North America and 

the West Indies. Bv E. Montule. 

1821. * 2154 

Flore Pittoresque et Medicale des 
Antilles. Par E. Descourtilz. 8 
vols. Paris. 1821-29. * 2155 

Some Considerations on the present 
distressed state of the British 
West India Colonies : their Claims 
for relief, particularly against the 
Competition of East India Sugar. 
Bv a W>st Indian. [Attributed to 
Sir S. Clarke.] 1821. * 2156 

The Different Modes of Cultivating 
the Pine Apple from its first intro- 
duction into Europe. By A Mem- 
ber of the Horticultural Society. 
1822. * 2156a 

Substance of a Debate in the House 
of Commons on the 22nd May, 
1823, on the Motion of Mr. W. 
W. Whitmore, " that a Select 
Committee be appointe<l to in- 
quire into tbe Duties payable on 
East and West India Sugar. 

1823. * 2157 

Statement of the Claims of the 
West India Colonies to a Protect- 
ing Duty against East India 
Sugar. ^ 1823. * 2158 

Observations on the Application of 
the West India Dock Company 
for a renewal of their Charter. 
Bv J. Marrvat, MP. . . . 

1823. • 2159 

Reply to the Observations of 
J. Marrvat . . on the West India 
Dock Charter. 1823. * 2160 

KoROMANTYN Slavos, or West Indian 
Sketches. By the author of "The 
Solace of an'invalid." 

1823. [1 b.] 2161 

Colombian Navigator; or Sailing 
Directory for the American 
Coasts and the West Indies. By 
J. Purdy. 1823. [3 f .1 2162 

A Reply to the Arguments con- 
tained in various publications re- 
commending an equalization of 
the duties on East and West 
Indian Sugar. By J. Marrvat 
M.P. 1823. * 2163 

A Letter to W. W. Whitmore 



. . pointing out some of the 
erroneous statements contained in 
a pamphlet by J. Marryat, en- 
titled * * A Reply to the Argu- 
ments," etc. 1823. * 2164 

On Protection to West India Sugar 
[By Sir George Larpent]. 2nd ed. 
With answer to Mr. Marryat's 
"Reply." 1823. * 2166 

Some Considerations on the present 
distressed state of the British 
West India Colonies, their claims 
on the Government for relief, and 
the advantage to the nation in 
supporting them, particularly 
against the Competition of East 
India Sugar. By a West Indian. 
1823. * 2167 

East and W^est India Sugar : or a 
refutation of the of West 
India Colonists to a protecting 
duty on East India Sugar. [By 
Z. Macaulay]. 1823. * 2168 

BoME Remarks on a pamphlet "East 

and West India Sugar," by a 

Well-wisher of the West Indians. 

1823. * 2169 

A Letter to W. W. Whitmore, 
pointing out erroneous statements 
in Mr. Marryat's " Reply," by 
the Author of " East and W^est 
India Sugar " [Z. Macaulav]. 

1823. * 2172 

Relief for the West Indian Dis- 
tress, showing the Inefficiency of 
Protecting Duties on East India 
Sugar. Bv J. Cropper. 

1823. * 2174 

The Geography, History and 
Statistics of Anerica and the 
West Indies . . Bv H. C. Carev 
and J. Lea. 1823. [21.] 2175 

Le8 Antilles frangaises, particu- 
lierement la Guadeloupe, depuis 
leur docouverte jusqu'au 1 er 
Jan. 1823. Par E. E. Boyer- 
Peyreleau. 3 torn. Paris. 

1823. • 2176 

Joanna, or the Female Slave. A 
West Indian tale. 

1824. [3 f .] 2177 

West Indian Pretensions refuted. 
By J. Stephen. 1824. * 2178 

Coleccton de las Viages y Descubri- 
mientos que hicieron por mar los 
Espanoles desd© fines des siglo 
XV. Con varios documentos 
ineditos concernientes a la His- 
toria de la Marina Castellana y de 
los Establecimientes Espanoles in 
Indias. Coordinada e llustrada 
por M. F. de Navarrete. Madrid. 
5 vols. 1825. 1837- * 2179 

Six Months in the West Indies in 
1825. By H. N. Coleridge. 

1826. [2 a.] 2181 
The Same. 3rd ed. 1832 [2 a.] 

The Same. 4th ed. 1841 [2 b.] 

The Same. Zes Maaden in de 

West-Indien in 1825. Vrij vertaald 
uit het Engelsch door J. G. 
S[waving]. Dordrecht. 1826. * 

Wanderings in South America, the 
North-W^est of the United States, 
and the Antilles in the years 1812, 
1816, 1820 and 1824. By C. Water- 
ton. 1825. * 2182 

The Same. New ed. with bio- 
graphical introduction and ex- 
planatory index by the Rev. J. G. 
Wood 1879. [13 i.] 

The West India Question Practical- 
ly considered. [By Sir R. J. W^. 
Horton.] 2nd ed. 

1826. [34 c.] 2184 

Letter to R. W. Horton, Esq., 
M.P., containing strictures on a 
pamphlet [by him] entitled, "The 
West India Question practically 
considered." 1826. * 2185 

Derrotero de las islas Antillas, de 
las costas de Tieria Firme y del 
Semo Megicano. Boqotd. 

1826. * 2185a 

A Critical Review, by G. Mathison, 

of a pamphlet [by Sir R. J. W. 

Horton] entitled, "The West India 

Question practically considered." 

1827. • 218e 

Notes in the defence of the Colonies, 
on the increase and decrease of the 
slave population of the British 
West Indies. By a West Indian. 
Jamaica. 1826. [3 f .] 2187 

No Colonies, no Funds!!! proving 
that the present certain destruc- 
tion of the West India Colonies 
will yet involve the National 
Debt ! ! ! Addressed to the Abettors 
of Injustice. By a West Indian. 

1826. • 2188 

Chronological History of the West 
Indies. By Captain T Southey. 
3 vols. 1827. [2d.] 2189 

First Report of the Commissioners 
of Enquirv into the administration 
of Criminal and Civil Justice m 
the West Indies. S Jamaica], 

1827. [4].] 219a 

Epitome of the West India Question, 
in the form of a dialogue between 
an abolitionist and a West Indian. 

1827. • 2191 



The Laws of the British Colonies in 
the West Indies and other parts of 
America. By J. H. Howard. . . . 
2 vols. 1827. [3 c.] 2192 

A Speedy End to Slavery in our 
West India Colonies, by safe, 
effectual and equitable means for 
the benefit of all parties concern- 
ed. To which is added a supple- 
ment [on the present state of the 
Slave question.] By T. S. Winn 
(formerly resident in the West 
Indies). 2nd ed. 1827 [2 c] 2193 

A Practical View of the Present 
State of Slavery in the West 
Indies. Bv A. Barolav. 2nd ed. 

1827. ^[2b.] 2194 

The Same. 3rd ed. [1828]. [2 b.] 

West Indian Reporter. Jan., 1827, 

June, 1828. [2 a.] 2195 

A History of the Life and Voyages 

of Christopher Columbus. BV W. 

Irving. 4 vols. 1828. [21 g.]^2196 

The Same. 4 vols. Paris 

[21 g.] 

The Same. Together with the 

Voyages of his Companions. 2 
vols. 1849. [21 g.] 

The Same. In Spanish. 

Madrid. 1854. * 

Sketches and Recollections of the 
West Indies. By a Resident 

1828. * 2197 

The West India Question plainly 
Btated ; and the only practical 
remedy briefly considered in a 
letter to the Right Hon. H. Goul- 
burn. Chancellor of the Exchequer. 
By Fortunatus D'Warris. 

1828. [2i.] 2198 

Dk Wkst-Indische maatschappij be- 
haiideld in een gesprek, gehouden 
in bet losement De IVIunt te Am- 
sterdam. Amsterdam. 1828. * 2198a 

A Journal of the Life, Travels 
and Christian Experience of T. 
Chalkley . New ed. . . detached 
from his works. 1829. [3g.] 2199 

RouTiER des Isles Antilles. 3me. ed. 
Traduit de I'Espagnol. Par C. F. 
Chauceprat. Paris. 1829. * 2200 

The Same. 4me ed. Augmentee. 

. . Par C. Rigault de Genouilly. 
PaHs. 1842. * 2200 

Report of the Incorporated Society 
for the Conversion and Religious 
Instruction and Education of the 
Negro Slaves in th© British West 
India Islands, for 1829. * 2201 

Effects of the late Colonial Policy 
of Great Britain described, in a 
Letter to Sir George IVIurray, shew- 
ing the Effects produced in the 
British West India Colonies by 
the recent measures of Govern- 
ment. 2nd ed. 1830. * 2202 

Letter to the Marquis of Chando* 

bv a W^est Indian Planter. 

1830. * 2203 

West India Mission. Revised by 

the Committee of Publication. 

American Sundav School Union. 

Philadelphia. [1830?] * 2204 

Breaking the Line. Statement of 
Facts . . connected with the great 
battle 12th April, 1782. . . By an 
old Naval Officer. Cheltenham. 

1830. * 2205 

Four Years' Residence in the West 
Indies. By the son of a Military 
Officer [F. W. N. Bayley]. 

1830. [2 h.] 2206 

The Same. 2nd ed. 1832. • 

The Same. 3rd ed. enlarged. 

To which is now added a faithful 
narrative, derived from oflBcial 
documents and private letters, of 
the hurricanes in Barbados, St. 
Vincent and St. Lucia, in August, 
1831. 1833. [2j.] 

An Address to the Members of both 

Houses of Parliament on the West 

India Question. Bv A. McDonnell. 

2nd ed.' 1830. * 2208 

Presbyter's Letjefs on the West 
India Question, addressed to the 
Rt. Hon. Sir G. Murray. Bv H. 
Duncan. 1830. * 2201^ 

The Present State of the British > 

Sugar Colonies considered, in a 

Letter from a Gentleman of Bar- 

badoes to his Friend in London. 

1731. * 2210 

Perdre on Sauver Les Colonies, 
viola la Question. Par le Comt© 
de Santo Domingo. Paris. 

1831. [2h.] 2211 

Patronnes ou Lib res de Savan©. 
Reclamations en lour faveur. . 
Par un Homme de Couleur. Paris. 
1831. [2h.] 2212 

Memoirb au Ministre de la Marino 

et des Colonies, et la Commission 

de Legislation Coloniale. . . Paris. 

1831. [2h.] 2218 

Short Review of leading and 
operating causes of the Distresa 
of the British West India Colo- 



nies. By Sir E. H. East. 

1832. • 2214 

Narrative of his Shipwreck and 
consequent Discovery of certain 
Islands in the Caribbean Sea, 
by Sir E. Seaward, 1733-49, edited 
by Jane Porter. 3 vols. 

1832. * 2215 

The Same. . . Edited by Miss 

Jane Porter. 3rd ed. 2 vols, (in 
one). 1841. [2 h.] 

West Indies. Pamphlets III. An 
account of the Insurrection in St. 
Domingo, 1791, by J. G. Hopkirk 
(1833): Speech of Sir Daniel K. 
Sandford, 1832: Mr. Borthwick's 
Orations, 1832 : The Voice of the 
West Indies and the cry of Eng- 
land. [1832] [2h.] 2216 

Report from Select Committeo en 
the Commercial State of the West 
India Colonies ; together with the 
Minutes of Evidence, and an ap- 
pendix. 1832. [3d.] 2217 

The Humble Petition of T. Brad- 
ley, formerly Lieut. -Col. of the 
2nd West India Regiment, to the 
Hon. the Commons of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain. 

[c. 1833] ♦ 2218 

Pauperism on a great scale, or the 

Case of the West India Planters. 

[1833?] * 2219 

Domestic Manners and Social con- 
dition of the White, Coloured, 
and Negro population of the W^est 
Indies. By Mrs. A. C. Carmichael. 
2 vols. I&.i3. [3 b.] 2220 

Transatlantic Sketches : Visit to 
North and South America and the 
West Indies. By Captain [Sir] J. 
E. Alexander. 1833. * 2221 

Vindication of a loan of £15,000,000 
to the West India Planters, show- 
ing that it may not only be lent 
with perfect safety but with im- 
mense advantage both to the West 
Indians and to the people of Eng- 
land. By J. Cropper. 1833. * 2222 

Letter to T. F. Buxton, in refuta- 
tion of his Allegation resjjecting 
the decrease of the Slaves in the 
British West India Colonies. By 
A. McDonnell. 1833. * 2223 

Speeches of Mr. Barrett and Mr. 
Burge, at a General Meeting of 
Planters, Merchants, and others 
interested in the West India 
Colonies. 1833 * 2224 

The West India Sketch Book. By 

Trelawny Wentworth. 2 vols. 

1834. [3g.] 2225 

A Residence in the W^est Indies and 
America. By Lieut.-Col. T. S. St. 
Clair. 2 vols. 1834. [3 c] 2226 

Dissertatio nonnullis Morbis Cuta- 
neis in Indiis Occidentalibus. R. 
Easton. 1834. * 2226a 

A Voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and 

the West Indies ; in His Majesty's 

Ships the "Swallow" and 

Weymouth. ... By J. Atkins. 

1835. [2 b.] 2227 

The Same. 2nd ed., 1837. [2 b.] 

Details sur 1' Emancipation des 
Esclaves dans les Colonies 
Anglaises. Par Z. Macaulay. 
1834-5. Paris. 1836. [3 f .] 2228 

History of the West Indies. 
By R. M. Martin. 2 vols. I. 
Jamaica, Honduras, Trinidad, 
Tobago, Grenada, the Bahamas 
and the Virgin Islands. Vol. II. 
British Guiana, Barbadoes, St. 
Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica, 
Montserrat, Antigua, St. Christo- 
pher's, etc. 1836-37. [2 a.] 2229 

The West Indies. The Natural 
and Physical History of the Wind- 
ward and Leeward Colonies. . . By 
Sir A. Halliday, K.H., M.D., 
F.R.S.E. 1837. [2g.] 2230 

Letters from the West Indies, dur- 
ing a Visit in 1836 and 1837. By 
W. Lloyd, M.D. [1837]. * 2231 

Th<i Same. 1838. [2h.] 

The Laws and Constitution of the 
British Colonies in the West 
Indies, having Legislative Assem- 
blies. By H. I. Woodcock. 2nd 
ed. 1838. * 2232 

Truths from the West Indies. By 
Capt. S. Hodgson. 

1838. [2 b.] 2233 

Negro Education in W^indward and 
Leeward Islands. Report by C. 
J. Latrobe : Appropriation of sum 
voted by Parliament: Report on 
Lady Mice's Charity. 

1838. [4i.] 2234 

Statistical Report of the Sickness, 
Mortality and Invaliding among 
the troops in the West Indies. 
By Captain Tulloch. 1838. * 2235 

Emancipation in the West Indies. 
A Six Months' Tour in Antigua, 
Barbadoes, and Jamaica in the 
year 1837. By J. A. Thome and 
J. H. Kimball. New York. 

1838. [2 b.] 2236 

Letters from the W'est Indies. By 
S. Hovey. 1838. [2 h.] 2238 



Statistical Report on the Sickness, 
Mortality and Invaliding among 
the troops in the West Indies 
presented to Parliament. 

1838. [34 c.] 2239 

The West Indies in 1837. Being 
the journal of a visit to Antigua, 
Montserrat, Dominica, St. Lucia, 
Barbados and Jamaica. Under- 
taken for the purpose of ascer- 
taining the actual condition of the 
negro pK)pulation of those Islands. 
By J. Sturge and T. Harvey. 

1838. f2i.] 2240 

The Same. 2nd ed. 1838. [2 j.] 

Observations upon Lord Glenelg's 
speech, delivered 20th February, 
1838. 1838. [2i.] 2241 

Remarks on the State and Prospects 
of the West Indian Colonies. By 
Capt. J. W. Pringle. 

1839. [34 c.] 2242 

Statistics of the Colonies of the 
British Empire in the West Indies 
... By R. M. Martin. 

1839. [3 g.] 2243 

Suggestions for the consideration of 
the British W'est India Proprie- 
tary. 1839. [2i.] 2244 

A Winter in the West Indies and 
Florida. . . Bv an Invalid. New 
York. 1839. [H.C.] * 2245 

West Indian Affairs. By Sir E. 
Cust. 1839. * 2245a 

A Winter in the West Indies des- 
cribed in familiar letters to Henry 
Clay of Kentucky. By J. J. 
Gurnev. [With prefatory letter 
to Sir Thos. Fowell Buxton, Bart.l 
2nd ed. 1840. [2 j.] 2246 

The Same. 

New York. 1840. 

The Same. Un Hiver aux An- 
tilles en 1839-40. tr. par J. J. 
Pacaud. Paris. [2 h.] 

Extracts from Papers printed by 
order of the House of Commons, 
1839, relative to the West Indies. 
i., Progress of Industry and 
general condition of Society since 
let August, 1838. ii., State of 
the Law as it now exists; iii., 
New Laws proposed to meet the 
new relations of Society. iv., 
Administration of Justice, v., 
Prison Regulations, etc. vi., 
Laws, relating to Immigration 
and Deportation from one Colony 
to another, vii., Proceedings of 
the Local Legislatures. 

1840. [311.] 224- 

Present Condition of the British 

West Indies : their Wants and the 

Remedy for these. By H. Morson. 

1841. * 2248 

Life, Voyages, and Exploits of 
Admiral Sir F. Drake, with many 
Original Letters. Bv J. Barrow. 

1843. * 2249 

Report of the Acting Committee to 
the Standing Committee of the 
A\est India Planters and Mer- 
chants. 1843-48. * 2250 

The Saifie. 1848, 1849 and 1850. * 

Practical Observations on the West 
India Navigation, by a Com- 
Tnander of one of the Royal Mail 
Steam Packets. 1844. * 2251 

Colonists and Manufacturers in the 
West Indies, translated from the 
French of Paul D'Aubre. 

1844. * 2252 

Guide to the Madeiras, Azore«, 
British and Foreign West Indies, 
Mexico and Northern South 
America. By J. Osborne. 2nd ed. 

1844. [3g.] 2253 

The Same. 3rd ed. 

1845. [34c.l 

The Same. 5th ed. 

1847. [34 c.] 

Letter to the West India Proprie- 
tary on Improvements in Colonial 
Machinery. By J. Biggs. 

1844. 2254 

Estelle; or the Conspirator of the 
Isles. A tal< of the West Indian 
Seas. By J. H. Ingraham. 

Boston. 1844. * 2254a 

Narrative of a visit to the West 
Indies in 1840 and 1841. By G. V 
Truman, J- Jackson, and T. B. 
Lonstrett. Philar/plphia. 

1844. * 2254b 

West India Directory, containing 
instructions for navigating the 
Caribee or Windward and Lee- 
ward Islands, Porto Rico, Hayti, 
or St. Domingo, Jamaica, Cuba 
and the Bahamas. New ed. revised 
and corrected. By J. W. Norie. 
8vo. 1845. [3g.] 2255 

Sixteen Years in the West Indies. 
By Lt.-Col. Capadose. 2 vols. 

1845. [3 b.] 2256 

Essay on Tropical Agriculture. By 
P. L. Phillips. 1845. * 2256a 

Report of the Acting Committee to 
the Standing Committee of West 
India Planters and Merchants, at 



their half-yearly Meeting, 11th 
March. 1846. [n.d.] * 2257 

Die Antillen mit Besonderer 
Riicksicht auf die Emancipation 
der Negersklaven geschildert. Aus 
dem Franz, iibersetzt, von G. 
Fink, von Victor Scholcher. 2 
vols. Stuttgart. 1847. * 2258 

Thb Real Bearings of the West 
India question, as expounded by 
the most intelligent and indepen- 
dent Free-Trader of the day ; 
edited by Jacob Omnium. 

1848. [2i.] 2259 

A Second Letter to the Right Hon. 
John Lord Russell, etc., by Jacob 
Omnium. 1848. [2 i.] 2259a 

Remarks on the Present State of 
our West Indian Colonies, with 
Suggestions for their Improve- 
ment. 1848. * 2260 

West India Interests, African Emi- 
gration, and Slave Trade. By 
Hon. Captain Denman. 

1848. * 2261 

Light-houses on the West India 
Islands and the adjacent Coasts. 
Corrected to 1848. 1848. * 2262 

The Same. Down to 12 later eds. 

1880. * 

Claims and Resources of the West 

Indian Colonies. A letter to the 

Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone. By 

Hon. E. H. Stanley. 3rd ed. 

1850. * 2263 

Mahogany Tree: Its Botanical 
Characters, Qualities and Uses, 
with suggestions for cutting it 
in the West Indies and Central 
America. Liverpool. 

1850. * 2264 

Impressions and Experiences of the 
West Indies and North America 
in 1849. Bv Robert Baird, A.M. 
2 vols. 1850. [2g.l 2265 

Memorials of Missionary Labours 
in Western Africa and in the 
West Indies. By Rev. W. 
Moister. 1850. * 2266 

Proposed Mission from the Church 
in the West Indies to Western 
Africa. Barhadoes. 

1850. * 2267 

Further Facts connected with 
the West Indies, a second Letter 
to the Rt. Hon. W. E. Glad- 
stone, M. P. (late Secretary to the 
Colonies). By Lord Stanley. 

1851. * 2269 

Notes on the Mineralogy, Govern- 
ment and Condition of the 
British West India Islands and 
North American Maritime 

Colonies. By A. Cochrane, 9th 
Earl of Dundonald. 1851 * 2270 

Arthur Conway ; or Scenes in the 
Tropics. By Captain ^lilman. 

1851. [3f.l 2272 

Five Years' Residence in the West 
Indies. By C. W. Day. 2 vols. 

1852. [2d.] 2273 

Case of the British West Indies 
stated, by the West India Asso- 
ciation of Glasgow. Glasgow. 

1852. * 2274 

Libel of Spanish Lies. Found at 
the Sacke of Cales, discoursing 
the fight in the West Indies, 
twixt the English Navie, being 
fourteene ships and pinasses, and 
a fleete of twentie saile of the 
King of Spaines, and of the 
death of Sir Francis Drake. 
London. [1596.] A facsimile re- 
print. Edited bv J. P. Collier. 
1853. [2h.] 2275 

Obras. Bv Don J. A. Saco. 2 vols. 
New York. 1853. * 2276 

Suggestions relative to the im- 
provement of the British West 
India Colonies. By S. Bourne. 
1853. [34 c.] 2277 

The Importance . . of thorough 

Drainage in the British West 

India Colonies. By S. Bourne. 

1853. [34 c.] 2278 

Souvenirs des Indes Occidentales 
et Impressions Intimes. Par 
H. E. Marquand. Overnsey. 

1853. * 2279 

The Sugar Duties. By a West 
Indian. [1854.] * 2280 

The West Indies before and since 
Slave Emancipation, comprising 
the Windward and Leeward Is- 
lands' Military Command 

By J. Davy, M.D., F.R.S. 

1854. [2 c.] 2281 

A Bibliographical and historical 
Essay on the Dutch books and 
pamphlets relating to New 
Netherlands and to the Dutch 
West India Company. . . By C. 
M. Asher. Amsterdam. 

1854-67. ♦ 2281a 

Scenes in the Caribbeana Sea: be- 
ing sketches from a Missionary's 
note-book. By H. Bleby. 

1854. * 2281b 



Gospel Reminiscences in the "West 
Indies. The condemned negro; 
or man's victim, God's chosen. 
By the author of " God our 
Refuge." [1855?] * 2282 

Christophe Colomb, Historie de sa 
vie et de ses Voyages d'apres des 
documents tires d'Espagne et 
d'ltalie. [By A. F. F. Comte 
Roselly de Lorgues.] 2 tom. Paris. 
1856. * 2283 

The Spanish Conquest in America 
and its relation to the history of 
slavery and to the government of 
Colonies. 4 vols. Bv A. Helps. 
1855—1861. [16 j.] 2284 

A Statistical Account of the West 
India Islands, together with 
general descriptions of the Ber- 
mudas, Bay Islands, and Belize, 
and the Guayana Colonies. By 
R. S. Fisher, M.D. New York. 
1855. [3 b.] 2285 

A Voice from the West Indies : 
being a review of the character 
and results of IVIissionary efforts 
in the British and other colonies 
in the Caribbean Sea. By Rev. 
J. Horsford (St. Vincent). 

1856. [M.C.] * 2286 

The History of the Church of Eng- 
land in the Colonies and Foreign 
Dependencies of the British 
Empire. By J. S. M. Anderson. 
1856. [6m.] 2287 

Historie et Commerce des Antilles 
AngloJses: leur population et 
quelques details sur le Commerce 
de contrabande des Anglois avec 
des Espagnols dans le nouveau 
Monde. . . 1858. * 2288 

Narrative of a Voyage to the 
West Indies and Mexico, in the 
years 1599—1602. By S. Cham- 
plain. Translated from the ori- 
ginal and unpublished manu- 
script, with a biographical notice 
and notos by A. Wilmere. Edited 
by N. Shaw. [Hakluyt Societv]. 
1859. [2 c.] 2289 

The West Indies and the Spanish 
Main. By A. Trollope. 1859. * 2290 

The Same. 2nd ed. 1860. [2 i.] 

The Same. 5th ed. 1862. [2 i.] 

The Same. New Yorh, n.d. 


Immigration to the British West 
Indies: Is it the Slave Trade re- 
vived or not? By Rev. W. G 
Barrett. 1859. * 2291 

Cheap Sugar, or Coolie Immigra- 
tion to the West Indies. 

1859. * 2291a 

Sugar, Slavery, and Emancipation: 
a series of articles originally pub- 
lished in the Anti-Slavery Re- 
porter, exhibiting the true cause 
of the alleged failure of emanci- 
pation to be the waste of Pro- 
duce on West India Estates; also 
Correspondence on the above 
subject between the West India 
Body, the Duke of Newcastle, 
and the British and Foreign 
Anti-Slavery Society. [185-] * 2292 

Calendar of State Papers. Colonial 
series, 1574-1660. 1860. [4 f .] 2293 

America and West Indies. 

1661-1668. 1880. [4 f .] 

1669-1674. 1889. [4 f .] 

1675-1676 and Addenda, 1674- 
















Jan., 1693— 14th Mav, 1696. 

1903. [4f.] 

15th May, 1696— 31st Oct., 

1697. 1904. [4 f .] 

27th Oct., 16f»7— 3l8t Dec.. 

1698. 1905. [4 f .] 

1699 and Addenda, 1621-1698 

1908 [4 f .] 
Illustrations of the West Indies. 
Vol. I. Sailing directions for the 
Caribbean Sea, ^inlf of Mexico 
and Florida. Vol. II. Description 
of the islands in the Caribbean 
Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Florida. 
By W. S. Andrews. 2 vols. 

Sidmouth. [I860]. [2d.] 2294 

Captain Brand of the "Centipede," 

a Pirate of eminence in the West 

Indies. By Lieut. H. A. Wise. 

1860. * 2295 

The Ordeal of Free Labor in the 
British West Indies. By W G 
Sewell. 1861. [34 c.] 2296 

An Account of the Cruise of the 
St. George on the North Ameri- 
can and West Indian Stntion dur- 
ing the years 1861—1862. Bv N. 
B. Dennys. 1862. [2j.] 2297 

Key to Progress of the West Indies. 
By R. S. Lambert. 1862. * 2297a 

The Wfst Indies : their Social and 
Religious condition. By E. B. 



Underbill, LL.D. 1862. [2 b.] 2297b 
Las Antillas. Von T. Waitz. 

Leipzig. 1862. * 2297c 

The Sugar Duties: Intended as an 
answer to Mr. H. Nelson's Pam- 
phlet entitled " The Sugar Duties 
Discussed." By R. J. Cruikshank. 

1863. [2i.] 2298 

Treatise on the West Indian in- | 
cumbered Estates Acts, 2nd ed. i 
By R. J. Cust. 1863. * 2299 

Twenty-nine Yeabs in the West 

Indies and Central Africa, 1829- 

1858. By Rev. H. M. Waddell. 

1863. [2 a.] 2300 

On the Sugar Trade and Sugar 
Duties. A lecture. . . By L. Levi. 

1864. [2i.] 2301 

El M4dico Botanico criollo. For 
R. de Grosourdy. Paris. 

1864. * 2302 

Flora of the British W^est Indian 
Islands. By A. H. R. Grisebach, 
M.D., F.L.8. 1864. [2j.] 2303 

A Steam Trip to the Tropics; or 
Description of a Visit to the West 
Indies ; including part of Central 
and South America. By Dr. J. 
Hawkes. 1864. * 2304 

Coi.p:ccion de documentos ineditos 
relatives al descubrimiento, con- 
quista y oolonizacion de las pose- 
siones espafioles en America y 
Oceania, sacados del Real Archivo 
de Indias. Madrid. 

1864-66. * 2304a 

Years Ago: A Tale of West Indian 
Domestic Life a-; the eighteenth 
century. 1865. * 2305 

Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue 
of a valuable collection of books, 
pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, en- 
gravings, and engraved portraits, 
illustrating the history and geo- 
graphy of North and South 
America, and the West Indies. 

1865. [27 n.] 2306 

W.S.W. A Voyage in that direction 
to the West Indies. With illus- 
trations from original drawings 
by the author. Bv R. Elwes. 

1866. [3 b.] 2307 

Africa and the West Indies. By 
W. Moister. 1866. * 2307a 

The Prince of Kasna : A West In- 
dian Story. By the Author of 
" In the Tropics." . With intro- 
duction bv R. B. Kimball. 

i\ew Yorh 1866. * 2307b 

A Trip to the Tropics and home 

through America. By John D. S. 
C, Marquis of Lome, K.T. 
G.C.M.G. 1867. [2j.] 2308 

Journal kept during a Tour to the 
West Indies and South America, 
in 1863-4. By R. W. Moore. 
With Notes from the Diary of her 
Husband, and his Memoir, by Dr. 
G. Truman. Philadelphia. 

1867. * 2309 

Sailing Directions for the West 
Indies. 1868. [2 j.] 2310 

The Life of Las Casas, " The 
Apostle of the Indies." By Sir A. 
Helps. 1868. [21 d.] 2311 

The Same. 3rd ed. 1873. [21 d.] 

The Same. 4th ed. 1883 [21 d.] 

The Life of Columbus, the Dis- 
coverer of America. Chieflv by A. 
Helps. 2nd ed. 1869. [21 g.] 2312 

The Theory and Practice of Creole 
Grammar. Bv J. J. Thomns. 
Port of Sjmin. 1869. [3 f .] 2313 

Historia de las Reyes Catolicos D. 
Fernando y Dona Isabel, escrita 
por el Bachiller Andres Bernaldez. 
Sevilla. 1870. [17 e.] 2314 

At Last : A Christmas in the West 

Indies. By Rev. C. Kingley. 2 vols. 

1871. * 2315 

The Same. 4th ed. 

1874. [2d.] 

Thz Same. 9th thousand. 

1879. [2 d.] 

Stories About. By Lady Barker. 
1871. [1 b.] 2316 

Unter den Tropen. Von C. F. 
Appun. 2 vols. 1871. * 2316a 

Monumental Inscriptions of the 
British West Indies from the 
earliest date ; with Genealogical 
and Historical Annotations . . . 
illustrative of the Histories and 
Genealogies of the 17th Century. 
. . . Engravings of the Arms 
of the principal families. By 
Captain J. H. Lawrence-Archer. 
1875. [3 a.] 2317 

Historia de las Indias. Por Barto- 
lome de Las Casas. 5 vols. 
Madrid. 1875. * 2318 

Report on the Telegraphic Deter- 
mination of Differences of Longi- 
tude in the West Indies and Cen- 
tral America. By Lieut. -Com- 
mander F. M. Green, U.S.N. 
Washington. 1877. [2d.] 2319 

On the Death-rate among assured 
Lives in the West Indies ; being 
the exi>erience of the Scottish 



Amicable Life Assurance Society Un Parisien dans les Antilles. Par 

during thirty years 1846-76. By 
J. Stott. Glasgow. 

1877. [32 j.] 2320 

Notes by a Field Naturalist in 
the Western Tropics. From a 
Journal kept on board the Royal 
Mersey Steam Yacht "Argo." By 
Rev. H. H. Hieccins. Liverpool. 

1877. [2 b.] 2320a 

Aux Antilles. Par V. Meignan. 
Paris. 1878. * 2321 

A Young Squire of the Seventeenth 
Century : from the papers of 
Christopher Jeaffreson. By J. C. 
Jeaffreson. 2 vols. 1878. * 2322 

West Indies Director v. 

1878. * 2322a 

Tf'=' Wfrt Indies. By C. H. Eden. 
F.R.G.S. 1880. [2g.] 2323 

Campp in the Caribbces : the Ad- 
ventures of a Naturnlist in the 
Lesser Antilles. By F. A. Ober. 

E^Hvhurgh. 1880. [2i.] 2324 

Les Colonies frangaises. Par P. 
Gaffarel. Paris. 1880. * 2325 

Select Letters of Christopher 
Columbus, with other original 
Documents, relating to his four 
voyages to the New World, trans- 
lated and edited bv R. H. Maior, 
F.S.A. 2nd ed. 1870. [21 g.] 2327 

Report of Experiments connected 
with the Coffee Leaf Disease. D. 
Morris. 1879. * 2328a 

In the Tropics. By J. Marrat. 

1881. * 2329 

The Leeward Islands, past and 
present. By Hon. T. B. H. 

Berkeley. 1881. * 2330 

Traite des maladies europeens aux 
Antilles. Par L. J. B. Berenger- 
Feraud. Paris. 1881. * 2331 

Outlines of Geology of Noth-Eastern 
West India Islands. By P. T. 
Cleve. 1881. * 2331a 

Capture of the Pirates, and other 
Stories of the Western Seas. By 
H. Bleby. 1881. * .2231b 

Female Heroism ; and Tales of the 
Western World. By H. Bleby. 

1881. * 2231c 

My Coloured Schoolmaster; and 
other Stories. Bv H. Bleby. 

1881. * 2231d 

Capital and Labour in the West 
Indies. By C. S. Salmon. 

1883. * 2332 

Quatrelles. Paris. 1883. * 2333 

The West Indies enslaved and Free. 
By Rev. W. Moister. 

1883. [3f.] 2334 

Depression in the West Indies. By 
C. S. Salmon. 1884. * 2335 

Christophe Colombe, son origine, 
sa vie, ses Voyages, sa famille et 
ses descendants . . . etudes 
d'histoire critique. Par H. 
Harrisse. 2 torn. Paris. 

1884. * 2336 

Cruise of the Montauk to tbe West 
Indies. Bv J. MacQuade. 

New York. 1885. * 2337 

The Navigation of the Caribbea.n 
Sea and Gulf of Mexico. By W. 
W. Gillpatrick. Wnahington. 

1885. * 2337a 

Sources of discoiitent in the West 
Indies. By F. H. Wilcher. 

1885. * 2338 

The First Three English books on 
Arnerica [Ploll] — 1555 a.d. Being 
chiefly translation, compilations, 
etc., by Richard Eden, from the 
Writings, Maps, etc., of Pietro 
Martire of Ani^hiera . . . Sebas- 
tian Munster, . . . Sebastian 
Cabot, of Bristol. . . With Ex- 
tracts, etc., from the Works of 
other Spanish, Italian, and Ger- 
man Writers of the Time. Edited 
by E. Arber, F.S.A. Birmingham. 
1885. [3 c.] 2339 

A List of the Birds of the West 
Indies, including the Greater and 
Lesser Antilles, excepting the 
islanrls of Tobafo and Trinidad. 
By C. B. Cory. F.L.S., F.Z.S. 
Boston, U.S.A. 1885. [2d.] 2340 

The Same. Revised ed. Boston. 

U.S.A. 1886. [2d.] 

" GoMBO Zhebes." Little Diction- 
ary of Creole Proverbs. By L. 
Hearn. New York. 

1885. [3g.] 2341 

Cruise of the " Ceylon," 1885. By 
N. May. Malvern. 1885. * 2342 

Sport, Travel and Adventure in 
Newfoundland and the West 
Indies. With illustrations by the 
author. By Capt. W. R. Kennedy, 
R.X. Edinburgh. 1885. [3 g.] 2343 

In the Trades, the Tropics and the 
Roaring Forties. Bv Annie Ladv 
Brassey. 1885. [2 g.] 2344 

Question before the Windward 
Islands Union. By N. D. Davis 
Georgetown. 1886. * 2345 



Les Antilles. Par L. T. P- de 

Rosny. Paris. 1886. * 2346 

(Colonial France. By J. F. Norman. 

1886. Zo'*i 

West Indies and British Honduras. 

Handbook and Catalogue. By A. 

Adderley. [Colonial and Indian 

Exhibition, 1886 1 ^ ^^^^ 

1886. [3f.] 2348 

^Commercial and Technical Report 
on West Indian and British Hon- 
duras Products, at the Colonial 
and Indian Exhibition, 1886. 
Compiled by J^gMoCarthy, F.C.S^ 

Jottings on the West Indies and 
Panama. [By^A^^Badford.] ^^^^ 

Etymology of the word Rum. By 
N D. Davis. Georgetown, B. 
Guiana. 1886. * 2350a 

Through the West Indies. By Mrs. 
G. Layard. 1887. [2 a.] 2351 

Jottings of a Cruise in ^h© West 
Indies. By Rover. 1887. * 2352 

West-Indische Skizzen. Von K. 
Martin. Leiden. 1887. * 2353 

Bfricht iiber eine R«ise nach 
Niederlandisch West-lndien. Von 
K. Ma.rtin. Leiden. 1888. * 2353a 

Romance without Fiction: or 
Sketches from the Portfolio of an 
old Missionary [in the West 
Indies!. By Rev. H. Bleby. 2nd 
ed. 1887. [3 b.] 2354 

Three Cruises of the United States 
coast and geodetic survev 
steamer '' Blake," in the Gulf of 
Mexico, in ti^e Caribbean bea, 
and along the Atlantic Coast of 
the United States, from 1877 to 
1880. By A. Agassiz. 

y 1888. [111.] 2355 

Vegetable Resources of the West 
Indies. By D. Morns. ^ ^^^^^ 

The Spanish Main; or, Thirty Days 
on the Caribbean. By E. T. HalL 
Buffalo. 1888. * 2356 

Down the Islands. A voyage to the 
Caribbees. By W. A. Paton ; with 
illustrations by M.^^J. Burns.^^^ 

West Indian Conference on Quar- 
antine. 1888. 2357a 

The English in the West Indies, 
or the Bow of Ulysses. By J. A. 
Froude. With illustrations, en- 
graved on wood by G. Pearson 
.fter drawings ^by^ the. autho. 

Mr. Froudm's Negrophobia. By N. 
D. Davis. Demerara. 1888. * 2359 

Froudacity. West Indian Fables 
by James Anthony Froude. By 
J. J. Thomas. 1889. [3 b.] 2360 

7^/w Same. Philadel'phia. 

1890. * 

Obeah: Witchcraft in the West 
Indies. By H. J. Bell. 

1889. [2 b.] 2361 

The Lesser Antilles : A Guide f or 
Settlers in the British West 
Indies, and Tourists' Companion, 
By O. T. Bulkeley. 1889. * 2362 

The West Indies. Published under 
the auspices of the Royal Colonial 
Institute. By C. W. Eves, C.M.G. 

1889. [2 b.] 2363 

The Same. 3rd ed. 1893. [2 b.] 

The Same. 4th ed. 1897. [2 b.] 

The Birds of the West Indies. 

Including all species known to 
occur in the Bahama Islands, the 
Greater Antilles, the Caymans 
and the Lesser Antilles, excepting 
the Islands of Tobago and Trini- 
dad. Illustrated. By C. B. Cory. 
Boston, U.S.A. 1889. [2d.] * 2364 

Canada, the West Indies and 
British Guiana. Bv Hon. J. 
Macdonald. 1889. * 2364a 

Untersuchungen iiber Gest^ine und 
Mineralien aus West-lndien. [S.A. 
ans ; Sammlg. d. Geolog. Reichs- 
Museums. Leiden.] By J. H. 
Kloos. no title, n.d. [2 c.] 2365 

Les Colonies Frangaises. Par 
Henrique. Parts. 1890. * 2366 

The Caribbean Confederation. A 
plan for the Union of the fifteen 
British West Indian Colonies . . . 
[and] a Refutation of the chief 
statements made by Mr. Froude 
in his recent work, " The English 
in the West Indies." Bv C. S. 
Salmon. [2 b.] 2367 

Une Excursion aux climats tropic- 

aux. Par L. Provancher. Quebec. 

1890. * 2368 

Primer Viaje de Colon. Por H. C. 
Leyva y Aguilera. Hahana. 

1890. [3 g.] 2369 

The West Indian Bundle of Sticks. 
By N. D. Davis. Demerara. 

1890. * 2370 

Colonial Consolidation. The West 
Indies. By N. D. Davis. 

Demerara. 1890. * 2371 

Voyages aux Antilles. Par D. Le 
Hirbec. Laval. 1890. * 2372 


Christopher Columbus and how he 

received and imparted the spirit 

of Discovery. By Justin Winsor. 

[1890.] [21 e.] 2373 

A Historical Geography of the 
British Colonies. Bv C. P. Lucas, 
B.A. Vol. II. The West Indian 
Dei>endencies. 1890. [16 h.] 2374 

The Same. 2nd ed. revised 

and brought up to date by C. A. 
Atchley, I.S.O. 1905. [3'g.] 

Mamma's Black Nurse Stories. West 
Indian Folk-Lore. By M. P. 
Milne-Home. Edinburgh. 

1890. [34 c.] 2375 

Note sur les Petroglyphes et Anti- 
quitos des Grandes. et Petites 
Antilles. Par A. L. Pinart. Paris. 

1890. * 2375a 

The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, 
Wrappers, Post Cards, and Tele- 
graph Stamps, of the British 
Colonies in the West Indies, to- 
gether with British Honduras and 
the Colonies in South America. 
With thirty-two sheets of Auto- 
type Illustrations. Compiled and 
published by the Philatelic So- 
ciety, London. 1891. * 2376 

Cristobal Colon, su vida, sus 
viajes, sus descubrimientos, por 
Don Jose Maria Asensio v Toledo. 
2 torn. Barrrlona. [1891]. * 2377 

MiTtsTrMMT'Ti Trip to the West Indies. 
By L. Hearn. TrinirJad. 

1891. * 2378 

Historical Geography of the West 
Indies. By N. D. Davis. George, 
town. 1891. ♦ 2379 

Life of Christopher Columbus. By 

C. R. Markham, C.B. London. 

1892. [21 g.] 2380 

■ Catalogue of West Indian 

Birds, containing a list of all 
species known to occur in the 
Bahama Islands, the Greater 
Antilles, the Caymans, and the 
Lesser Antilles, excepting the 
Islands of Tobago and Trinidad. 
By C. B. Cory. Boston, U.S.A. 
1892. [2d.] 2381 

The Negro Question. By J. R. 
Maxwell. 1892. [24 e.] 2382 

YouMA. The Story of a West Indian 
Slave. By L. Hearn. 

1890. [2 b.] * 2383 

The West Indian Pilot. Published 
by order of the Admiralty. Vol. 
I., 5th ed., 1893. Vol. II., The 
Caribbean Sea, 4th ed., 1887 and 
1891. 2 vols. [2 c.] 2384 


In Sugar Land. By E. Phillpotta. 

1893. * 2385 
Christopher Columbus. His own 

book of Privileges, 1502. Photo- 
graphic facsimile of the Manu- 
script in the Archives of the 
Foreign OflBce in Paris, now for 
the first time published, with ex- 
panded text translation into 
English and an historical intro- 
duction. . . . Compiled and edited 
by B. F. Stevens. 1893. * 2386 

Gossip of the Caribbees. By W. R. 
H. Trowbridge. New York. 

1893. [2 b.] 2387 

The Same. London. 1895 * 

In the Wake of Columbus. Bv F. 
A. Ober. Boston. 1893. [2 1.] 2388 

Aborigines of the West Indies. By 
F. A. Ober. Worcester, Mass. 

1894. [2 a.] 2389 

Voyages aux Antilles. Par G. 
Verschuur. Paris. 1894. * 2390 

Report on Yaws in Tobago, Gren- 
ada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and 
the Leeward Islands. By H. A. 
A. Nicholls. 1894. [34 c.] 2391 

The Butterfly Hunters in the 
Caribbees. By Dr. E. Aaron 
Murray. 1894. [2 b.] 2392 

CoLFCCTON de dociimentos ineditoa 
relatives al descubrimiento, con- 
quista y colon izacion de las pose- 
siones espafiolas en America y 
Oceana. Sacados del Real Archive 
de Indias. 42 vols. Madrid. 

1894. * 2392a 
At the Gate of Samaria. By W. J. 

Locke. * 1895. * 2393 

Letters Written from the West 
Indies by Viscount Sir S. Hood. 
Illustrated by Extracts from logs 
and public records. Edited by 
D. Hannav [Navy Records Soc.] 
1895. ♦ 2394 

Tours in the West Indies [Royal 
Mail Packet Company]. 
I 1895. [34 c.] 2395 

The African in the West Indies. 
By E. G. Ingham, Bishop of 
Sierra Leone. [1895]. [34 c] 2396 

Cruising among the Caribbees. By 
C. A. Stoddard. 1895. [34 c.] 2397 

Relactones Comerciales entre la 
Peninsula y les Antillas. Por P. de 
Alzola y IVfinondo. Madrid. 

1895. • 2399 

Les Guerres des Antilles de 1793 a 

1815. Par I. H. de Poyen-Bellisle. 

Paris. 1896. * 2400 



The Webt Indies and the Spanish 
Main. By J. Rod way. 

1896. [34 c.] 2401 

The Demagogue of Lady Phayre. 
By W. J. Locke. 1896. * 2402 

A Study in Shadows. By W. J. 
Locke. 1896. * 2403 

The Derelicts. 

By W. J. Locke. 
1897. * 2404 

Sugar and the West Indies. By T. 
E. S. Scholes. [1897]. [1 b.] 2405 1 

With the Trade Winds. A jaunt 
to the West Indies. By I. N. 
IVlorris. New York. 1897. * 2406 

In the West Indies [Views]. Phila- 
delphia. 1897. [34 b.] 2407 

Don Luts' Wife. A Romance of the 
West Indies. . . . By L. H. Shuey. 
Boston. 1897. [H.C.] * 2408 

The British West Indies and the 

Sugar Industry. By J. W. Root. 

Liverpool. 1899. * 2409 

Blackie's Tropical Readers. Books 
1 and 2. 1897. . [1 b.] 2410 

The IVIemorial of the West African 
Association on the distress in the 
West Indies. 1898. * 2411 

The Church in the West Indies. By 
A. Caldecott. 1898. [34a.] 2412 

The Wooings of Jezebel Petty fer. 
By H. IMacfall. 1898. [34 a.] 2413 

Idols. By W. J. Locke. 

1898. * 2414 

Symbolae Antillanae seu Funda- 

imerita Florae 'xndiae occidentalis. 

edit Ignatius Urban. Vols. 1—5. 

1898. et. seq. * 2415 

Cuba and Porto Rico, with the other 
Islands of the West Indies. By 
R. T. Hill. 1898. [3 b.] 2416 

The Same. 2nd ed. New York. 

1899. * 

Journal d'une Campagne aux 

Indes occidentales 1781-82. Par 

Count G. J. de Revel du Perron. 

Paris. 1898. * 2417 

Yellow Fever in the West Indies. 
By I. Anderson, IVi.D. 

1898. [34 c.] 2418 

Under the Trade Winds. By A. 
M Williams. Providence. 

1898. * 2418a 

Tangweera, Life and Adventures 
amongst gentle savages. By C. 
N. Bell. 1899, [34 b.] 2419 

The Voyage of Robert Dudley to 
the West Indies, 1594-95. Edited 
by G. F. Warner [Hakluyt Soc] 
1899. * 2421 

The West Indies. By A. K. Fiske. 
New York. 1899. [3 c.] 2422 

Loup-Garou! By E. Phillpotts. 

1899. [34 a.] 2423 

West Indies. Articles on the West 
Indies by the Special Correspon- 
dent of "The Times" [newspaper 
cuttings.] 1899. [3 c.] 2424 

The White Dove. By W. J. Locke. 
1899. * 2425 

Massachusetts' Soldiers in the West 
Indies. Accounts of the expedi- 
tion under Admiral Vernon in 
1740, and the Siege of Havana in 
1762. [Soc. of Colonial Wars.] 
Boston. 1900. * 2426 

Two Years in the French West 
Indies. By L. Hearn. New 
York. 1900. [3 g.] 2427 

West Indian Annual Commercial 
Directory, 1900. By J. N. Light- 
bourn. St. Thomas. 

1900. [3g.] 2428 

The Story of the West Indies. By 
A. Kennedy. [2 a.] 2429 

A Glimpse of the Tropics, or four 
months' cruising in the West 
Indies. By E. A. H. Jay. 

1900. [34 b.] 2430 
Pamphlets issued by the Imperial 

Department of Agriculture for 
the West Indies. [Edited by Sir 
Daniel IMorris, K.C.G.IVI.] Bound 
in 4 vols. 1900-1903. [If.] No. 1. 
Hints and suggestions for the 
treatment of the Moth Borer in 
Sugar Cane. By H. Maxwell- 
Lefrey. No. 2. Hints and Sug- 
gestions on Planting in Tobago 
By Edward R. Smart. No. 3. 
Summary of the Results of the 
Cultivation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment 
Stations at Barbados, 1900. By 
Professor d'Alburquerque and J. 
R. Bovell. No. 4. The Harmful- 
ness of Bush Fires. By Dr. H A 
Nicholls, C.M.G. No. 5. The 
General Treatment of Insect 
Pests. By H. Maxwell-Lefroy. 
No. 6. Recipes for Cooking Sweet 
Potatoes from the West Indies. 
No. 7. The Scale Insects of the 
Lesser Antilles. Part I. By H. 
Maxwell-Lefroy. No. 8. Sugges- 
tions for the Cultivation of Vege- 
tables in Barbados. No. 9. Bee- 
keeping in the West Indies. By 
I W. K. Morrison. No. 10. Ex- 




periments with Manures and Le- 
guminous Plants at Barbados, 
1898-1901. No. 11. Hints tor 
School Gardens. By William G. 
Freeman. No. 12. Summary of 
the Results of the Cultivation of 
Seedling and other Canes at the 
Experiment Stations in the Lee- 
ward Islands, 1900-01. No. 13. 
Summary of the Results of the 
Cultivation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Exoeriment Stations 
at Barbados, 190i. No. 14. Screw 
Worm in Cattle at St. Lucia. By 
H- Maxwell-Lefroy. No. 15. Plain 
Talk to Small Owners at Mont- 
gorrat. By His Honour F. H. 
Watkins. No. 16. Hints on 
Onion Cultivation at Montserrat. 
By His Honour F. H. Watkins. 
No. 17. The General Treatment 
of Fungoid Posts. By A. 

Howard, A.R.C.S. No. 18. Re- 
cipes for Cooking West Indian 
Yams. No. 19. Summary of the 
Results of the Cultivation of 
Seedling and other Canes at the 
Experiment Stations at Barba- 
dos, 1902. No. 20. Summary of 
the Results of the Cultivation of 
Seedling and other Canes at the 
Experiment Stations in the Lee- 
ward Islands, 1901-02. No. 21. 
Cotton and Onion Industries in 
the West Indies. No. 22. The 
Scale Insects of the Lesser Antil- 
les. Part II. By H. Maxwell- 
Lefroy. No. 23. Notes on Poul- 
try in the West Indies. By J. 
Barclay. No. 24. Dominica, 
Hints to Settlers. By H. Hes- 
keth Bell, C.M.G. No. 25. 
Ground Nuts in the West Indies. 
By W\ G. Freeman. No. 26. 
Summary of the Results of the 
Cultivation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment Stations 
at Barbados, 1903. No. 27. vSum- 
mary of the Results of the Culti- 
vation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment Stations 
in the Leeward Islands, 1902-03. 
No. 28. Barbados and Porto Rico 
Molasses. No. 29. Lectures on 
the Diseases of the Sugar-Cane . 
By L. Lewton-Brain. No. 30. 
Summary of the Results of the 
Manurial Experiments with 
Sug.'ir-Cane at the Experiment 
Stations in the Leeward Islands, 
1902-03. No. 31. A. B.C. of Coi^ 
ton Planting. No. 32. Sum- 
mary of the Results of the Culti- 
vation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment Stations 
at Barbados, 1904. No. 33. 

Summary of the Results of the^ 
Cultivation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment Stations 
in the Leeward Islands, 1903-04. 
No. 34. Notes on Rabbit-Keeping 
in the West Indies. By J. Bar- 
clay. No. 35. Information in 
regard to Agricultural Banks. 
No. 36. Manurial Expverimenta 
with Suo-ar-Cane in the Leeward 
Islands, '1903-04. No. 37. Culti- 
vation of Oranges in Dominica. 
Bv His Honour H. Hesketh Bell, 
C.M.G. No. 38. Cultivation and 
Curing of Tobacco. No. 39. Sum- 
mary of the Results of the Cul- 
tivation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment Sta^ 
tions in the Leeward Islands, 
1904-05. No. 40. Seedling Canes 
and Manurial Experiments at 
Barbados, 1903-05. No. 41. 

(Bound separately. See No. 1S94). 
No. 42. Summary of the Results 
of the Manurial Experiments 
vvdth Sugar-Cane at the Experi- 
ment Stations in the Leeward 
Islands, 1904-05. No. 43. Cotton 
Seed and Cotton-Cake-Meal on 
West Indian Plantations. By 
Professor J. P. d' Albuquerque. 
No. 44. Summary of the Results 
of the Cultivation of Seedling 
and other Canes, together with 
Manurial Experiments with 

Sugar-Cane carried on at the Ex- 
periment Stations at Barbados, 
1904-06. No. 45. A. B.C. of Cot- 
ton Planting. (New and en- 
largeil edition'). No. 46. Sum- 
mary of the Results of the Cul- 
tivation of Seedling and other 
Canes at the Experiment Sta/- 
tions in the Leeward Islands, 
1905-06. iNo. 47. Summary of 
the Results of the Manurial Ex- 
periments with Sugar Cane at 
the Exnerimont Stations in the 
Leeward Islands. 1905-06. No. 
48. Hints for School Gar- 
dens. By A. H. Kirby. 
No. 49. Summary of the results 
of the Cultivation of Seedling 
and other Canes, together with 
Manurial Experiments with 

Sugar-Cane carried on at the Ex- 
periment Stations at Barbados, 
1905-07. No. 50. Summary of 
the Results of the Cultivation of 
Seedling and other Canes at the 
Experiment Stations in the Lee- 
ward Islands, 1906-07. No. 51. 
Summ.ary of the results of the 
Manurial Experiments with 
Sugar-Cane at the Experiment 
Stations in the Leeward Islands, 



1906-07. No. 52. Hints for School 
Gardens. (Revised edition). By 
A. H. Kirby. No. 53. A.B.C. of 
Lime Cultivation. No. 54. Fun- 
gus Diseases of Cacao and Sani- 
tation of Cacao Orchards. By F. 
A. Stockdale. Bound in 4 vols. 
1900-1908. [If.] 2431 

Aus DEM Lande der Karaiben. Von 
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12 5 


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Management of the [Slave] Trade 
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Company of England. 1730. * 2495 

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and Support of the British Plan- 
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Themselves and all others His 
Majesty's Subjects trading to 
Africa and the British Colonies 
and Plantations in America. 

[? About 1750] * 2500 

Short View of the Dispute between 
the Merchants of London, Bristol, 
and Liverpool, and the advocates 
of a New Joint-Stock Company, 
concerning the . . African Trade. 
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Presentation of the Injustice and 
Dangerous Tendency of Tolera- 
ting Slavery. . . Bv G. Sharpe. 

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ment lately awarded by the Court 
of King's Bench, or what is com- 
monly callefl the Negro Cause. Bv 
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The Dying Negro: a poem [bv T. 
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The same. 3rd ed. 1775. * 

The Just Limitation of Slavery in 
the Laws of God ; compared with 

the unbounded claims of the 

African Traders and British - 

American Slave-holders. By G. 

Sharp. . . 1776. [35 g.] 2506 

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Conversion of African Slaves in 
the British Sugar Colonies. By 
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a stop to the Slave Trade. By 
Rev. J. Ramsay. 1784. * 2507a 

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Slavery of the Negroes, written 
in 1776. By T. Day. 1784. * 2508 

Account of Some parts of Guinea 
and the Slave Trade. By Captain 
W. Snelgrave. 1784. * 2509 

A Caution to Great Britain and 
her Colonies in a short represen- 
tation of the calamitous state of 
the enslaved negroes in the 
British Dominions. By A. Bene- 
zet. new ed. 1785 [34 a.] 2510 

An Apology for Negro Slavery : or 
the West India Planters vindica- 
ted from the charge of inhumani- 
ty. By the author of Letters to 
a young planter. [G. Tumbull.] 
2nd ed. 1786. * 2511 

Thoughts and Sentiments on the 
Evil and Wicked Traffic of the 
Slavery and Commerce of the 
Human Species . . by Ottobah 
Cugoano, a native of Africa. 

■B 1787. * 2512 

Manual for African Slaves. By 
Rev. J. Ramsay. 1787. * 2512a 

West Indies. Pamphlets I. A L etter to ^ 
the Society for the purpose of effecting 
the abolition of the Slave Trade, from 
Rev. R. B. Nickolls, 1788: Remarks upon 
the evidence given by T. Irving, Esq. . . 
before the Select Committee . . on the 
Slave Trade, 1791 : The Duty of Abstain- 
ing from the use of West India produce, 
1792: A country gentleman's Rea6on> 
for voting against Mr. Wilberforce's 
motion for a bill to prohibit the impor- 
tation of African Negroes. 1792: A Sum- 
mary of the Evidence before the Com- 
mittee of the Privy Council relating to 
the Slave Trade, 1792: Remarks on the 
late decision of the House of Commons 
respecting the Abolition of the Slave 
Trade, by T. Gishorne, 1792: Brief Re- 
marks on the Slave Registry Bill, 1816: 
An appeal . . in behalf of the Negro 
Slaves in the West Indies, by W. Wilber- 
force, M.P., 1823: Colonial Slavery. 
Letters to the Rt. Hon. W. Huskisson, 
by J. A. Yates, 1824: An Attempt to 
■trip Negro Emancipation of its diffi- 
culties as well as its terrors, 1824: Is 
the system of Slavery sanctioned or 
condemned by Scripture? 1824: The 



injurious effects of Slave Labour, 1824: 
Anti-Negro Emancipation. An Appeal to 
Mr. Wilberforce, 1824: The Support of 
Slavery investlRated, by J. Cropper, 
1824: A Sketch of the African Slave 
Trade, n.d. [after 1827]: A Letter to 
the Rev. Dra. Cox and Hoby . . relative 
to the question of Slavery in America, 
by the Rev. T. Willcocks, 1836: Imme- 
diate Emancipation : the Speech of Lord 
Brougham in the House of Lords, Feb. 
20th, 1838: Haiti and Spain, a Memorial 
by Richard Hill, 1862: On the Negro's 
Place in Nature, by J. Hunt. Ph.D., 
1863: A Short Sketch of the Evidence 
delivered before a Committee of the 
House of Commons for the abolition of 
the Slave Trade, 1792: The True State 
of the Question addressed to the peti- 
tioners for the abolition of the Slave 
Trade, 179—: A Dissertation upon the 
nature of Service or Slavery under the 
Levitical Law, by Rev. B. Bailey, 1824: 
A Plain Statement of the Rights, etc., 
claimed by our Colonies under charters 
granted to them. 1833: The Slave Colo- 
nies of Great Britain; being an Abstract 
of the various papers recently laid be- 
fore Parliament, 1825. [4 m.] ♦ 

An Essay on the Slavery and Com- 
merce of the Human Species, par- 
ticularly the African. By T. 
Clarkson. 1788. * 2513a 

Considerations on the Emancipa- 
tion of Negroes, and on the Aboli- 
tion of the Slave Trade, by a 
West-India Planter. 1788. * 2514 

Remarks on the Slave Trade and 
the Slavery of the Negroes, in a 
series of Letters by Africanus. 

1788. * 2515 

An Essay on the Unpolicy of the 
African Slave Trade. By T. 
Clarkson. 1788. * 2516 

Objections to tlie abolition of the 

Slave Trade. By Lev. J. Ramsay. 

1788. * 2516a 

Objections Answered : a reply to 
Arguments in Defence of Slavery. 
By Rev. J. Ramsay- 1788. * 2516b 

Address on the proposed bill for 
the abolition of Slavery. By Rev. 
J. Ramsay. 1788. * ' 2516c 

An Account of the Slave Trade on 
the coast of Africa. By A. Fal- 
conbridge. 1788. * 2517 

The Capacity of Negroes for Reli- 
gious and Moral Improvement 
considered, with Cursory Hints 
to Proprietors and to Govern- 
rnent for the immediate Meliora- 
tion of the Condition of Slaves in 
the Sugar Colonies. Bv R. Nisbet. 
1789. * 2518 

Speech on a bill for regulating the 
conveyance of Negroes from 
Africa to the West Indies. . . Bv 
Beaufoy. 1789. * 2519 

An Essay on the Comparative ©flBci- 
ency, of Regulation, or Abolition 
as applied to the Slave Trade. By 
T. Clarkson. 1789. * 2520 

An Attempt to prove to the Convic- 
tion of every rational British 
Subject that the abolition of the 
British Trade with Africa for 
Negroes would be a measure as 
unjust as impolitic, fatal to the 
interest of this Nation, ruinous to 
its Sugar Colonies. 1789. * 2521 

Answer to Clarkson, showing the 
antiquity and the lawfulness of 
slavery. By G. Francklyn. 

1789. * 2522 
Observations on the Attempts 

made in England to effect the 
Abolition of the Slave Trade, 
showing the manner in which 
Negroes are treated in the British 
Colonies in the West Indies. By 
G. Francklyn. 1789. * 2523 

Observations on the Slave Trade, 
and a description of some part of 
the coast of Guinea. By C. B. 
Wadstrom. 1789. * 2524 

Report of the Lords of the Com- 
mittee of Council . . relating to 
Trade and Foreign Plantations . . 
concerning the present state of 
the Trade to Africa and particu- 
larly the trade in Slaves ; and con- 
cerning the effects and conse- 
quences of this Trade, as well in 
Africa and the West Indies. . . . 
1789. [4 h.] 2525 

Considerations on the Abolition of 
Slavery and the Slave Trade. [By 
T. Burgess.] Oxford. 1789. * 2525a 

West India Trade and Islands. 
Commercial Reasons for the non- 
abolition of the Slave Trade, in 
the West-India Islands, by a 
Planter and Merchant of many 
years' residence in the West 
Indies. 1789. * 2526 

Abridgment of the Minutes of the 
Evidence, taken before a Commit- 
tee of the whole House, to whom 
it was referred to consider of the 
Slave Trade. 2 vols. 1789. * 2528 

Observations on the Project for 
abolishing the Slave Trade, and 
on the Reasonableness of attempt- 
ing some practical mode of reliev- 
ing the Negroes. Bv Lord Shef- 
field. 1790. * 2529 

Doubts on the Abolition of the 
Slave Trade. By an old M.P. 

1790. * 2530 

Lettre aux citoyens de conteur et 



negres libres de Saint Domingue | 
et les antres isles Frangois de ^ 
TAmerique, par H. Gregoire. 

[Paris. 1791.] * 2531 

Letters on the Slave Trade and the 
state of the Natives in those parts 
of Africa which are contiguous to 
Fort St. Louis and Goree. By T. 
Clarkson. 1791. * 2531a 

Address to the Inhabitants of Glas- 
gow, Paislej^ and the Neighbour- 
hood, concerning the African 
Slave Trade. By a Society in 
Glasgow. Glasgow. 1791. * 2532 

The Debate on a motion for the 
abolition of the Slave Trade in 
the House of Commons on April 
18th and 19th, 1796. 1791. * 2533 

Question des hommes de couleur 

libres . . par F. R. J. de Pons. 

[Paris. 1791.] * 2534 

A Country Gentleman's Reasons 
for voting against Mr. Wilber- 
force's motion for a bill to pro- 
hibit the importation of African 
Negroes into the Colonies. 

1792. * 2535 

A Very new pamphlet indeed. Con- 
taining some strictures on the 
English Jacobins and the evidence 
of Lord McCartney, etc., before 
the House of Lords respecting 
the Slave Trade. 1792. * 2536 

Old Truths and Established Facts, 
being an answer to a " Very New 
Pamphlet indeed." 1792. * 2537 

Historical Sketches of the Slave 
Trade, and of its effects in 
Africa. Bv Lord Maunciister. 

1792. * 2537a 

Address to the People of Great 
Britain [resp^eotfully offered to 
the People of Ireland] on the 
Utility of refraining from the use 
of West India Sugar Ruin. 6th 
ed. 1792. • 2538 

Slavery [and other] Pamphlets 

I (4) Substance of a Speech 

intended to have been made on Mr. 
Wilberforce's Motion for the Abolition 
of the Slave Trade. 2nd ed. 1792. . . II. 
(1) Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave 
Trade and Civilizat'on of Africa. . . by 
J. Marryatt. 3rd ed. 1816. (2) An Ex- 
posure of some of the numerous Mis- 
statements and Misrepresentation.^ con- 
tained in a pamphlet commonly known 
by the name of Mr. Marryatt's Pamph- 
let, " Thout,'hs on the Abolition, etc. " 
1816. (3) A Defence of the Bill for the 
Registration of Slaves. By James 
Stephen. In Letters to William WiJher- 
force. Esq.. M.P. Letter the first. 1816. 
(4) ATore Thouehts occasioned by two 
publications which the authors call " An 
Exposure, etc. " and " A Defence of the 

Bill for the registration of Slaves." By 
J. Marryat, M.P., Agent for Grenada. 
1816. (5) A Defence of the Bill, etc. 
Letter the second. 1816. 111. (1) The 
Directors of the African In.stitution. 
Ninth Report. 1815. C > The Sam«. 
Tenth Report. 1816. (3) The Samt. 
Special Report respecting the Allega- 
tions contained in a pamphlet entitled 
" A Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq., 
bv R. Thorpe." 1815. (4) A Letter to 
William Wilhurforce, Esq., containing 
remarks on the Reports of the Sierra 
Leone Company, and African Institution. 
4th ed. May, 1815. (5) The Same. Feb.. 

1815. (6) \ Letter to the Duke of 
Gloucester, President of the African 
Institution, from Zachary Macaulay. 
2nd ed. 1815. (7) A Reply " point by 
point " to the Special Report of the 
Directors of the African Institution, by 
R. Thorpe. 1815. (8) Postscript to the 
same. 1815. (9) .A. Short Review of 
the Reports of the African Institution 
and of the controversy with Dr. Thorpe. 

1816. IV. (1) Cursory Remarks and 
Plain Facts connected with the Question 
produced by the proposed Registry Bill. 
By J. W. Orderson, late of Barbadoes. 
1816. (2) An Examination of the Prin- 
ciples of the Slave Registry Bill . . By 
G. W. Jordan. F.R.S.. Co'onial Agent 
for Barbadoes. 1816. (3) The interfer- 
ence of the British Legislation in the 
internal concerns of the West India 
Islands deprecat-^d. By a zealous Advo- 
cate for the Abolition of the Slave 
Trade. 1S!16. (4^ Observations on the 
Bill introduced hy Mr. Wilberforce for 
the more effectually preventing the un- 
lawful importation of Slaves, etc. 1816. 
(5) The Reviewer reviewed . . . respect- 
ing the Slave Regi.stry Bill. By T. 
Venahles. I8I6. (6) .\n Inquiry into the 
Right and Duty of compelling Spain to 
relinquish her Slave Trade in Northern 
Africa. 1816. (7) The Penal Enact- 
ments of the Slave Registry Bill exam- 
ined, in a letter to Charles N. Pallmer. 
Esq., M.P. 1816. (8) Substance of the 
Speech of Charles N. Pallmer, Esq., 
M.P.. in the House of Commons . . 1816. 
(9) A Brief Re^uew of tiie Actual Con- 
dition and Treatment of the Negro 
Slaves in the Briti.'^h Colonies . . By 
Captain Henderson. 1816. (10) Observa- 
tions upon the Oligarchy, or Committee 

of soi-disant Saints . . By an hereditary - 

planter. 1816. V. . . (4) An Inquiry ^ 

into the State of the British West In- 
dies. By J. Lowe. 3rd ed. 1807. (5) 
Reasons for establishing a Registry of 
Slaves in the British Colonies: beinc a 
Repo-t of a Committee of the .African 
Institution. 1815. ^6) An Examinat'on 
of the Report of the Berbice Commis- 
sioners and an Answer to the Letters 
of James Stephen, Esq.. respecting the 
Crown Fstafps in the West Indies. By 
J. Marryat. M.P. 1817. (7) More Thouehts 
still on the State of the West India 
Co'onips. . . Bv J. Marrvat. 1818. (8) 
Antidote to "West Indian Skptch^'s " 
d'-awn from authentic sources. I. Con- 
dition of the Slaves in the British Co'o- 
rips: F»-oni Pinckard's Notes on the 
West Indies. IT. A Short Accoiint of 
the Afri'-an Institution. . . Bv Sir J. 
Leith. ITI. The Actual Condition of 
the Negroes in the British West Ind'a 
Co'oni*>g. TV. The Calumnies of the 
African Institution further illustrated. . 
[V. missing.] VI. Observations on the 
Ameliorated condition of the Negroes in 



the British West India Colonies. 1816. 
1817. VI. (1) A Letter to William Wil- 
berforce, Esq., M.P. (By Rev. G. W. 
Bridges], [dated] Jamaiea. 1823. (2) 
Compensation to Slave Own<^r8 fairly 
considered in an Appeal to the common- 
sense of the people of England. By A. 
H. Beaumont. 2nd ed. 1826. (3) Opin- 
ions of Henry Brougham, Esq., on Negro 
Sla,very. With remarks. 1826. (4) Let- 
ters on the West India Question, chiefly 
in answer to Mr. James Cropper. By 
T. F. and Vindex. Liverpool. [1823]. 
(5) Letters on the subject of the Duties 
on Coffee. Second Letter. Third Letter. 
By E. Corrie. 1808. (6) A Defence of 
the Planters in the West Indies, n.d. 
(7) An Address to the Members of the 
new Parliament on the proceedings of 
the Colonial Department. . . [By — 
Innes]. 1826. (8) Mr. Stephen's at- 
tempt to influence legislation . . con- 
sidered in a letter to Charles Ellis, Esq., 
M.P. By C. Thomson. 1826. (9) Eng- 
land enslaved by her own Slave Colo- 
nies. . . By J. Stephen. 1826. (10) The 
West India Question practically con- 
sidered. 1826. (11) The West India 
Legislatures vindicated. . . By A. 
M'Donnell. 1826. VII. . . . VIII. (1) 
Speech of the Rt. Hon. George Canning 
. . . for the Amelioration of the Con- 
dition of the Slave population in . . the 
West Indies. 1824. (2) Negro Emanci- 
pation morally and practically con- 
sidered. . . 1824. (3) The Correspon- 
dence between John Gladstone, Esq., 
M.P., r.nd James Cropper, Esq., on the 
present state of Slavery in the British 
West Indies. . . . Liverpnol. 1824. (4) 
A Dissertation upon the nature of 
Service or Slavery. . . By Rev. B. Bailey. 
1824. (5) An Appeal and Caution to the 
British Nation, with proposals for the 
immediate or gradual Emancipation of 
the Slaves. By a Member of the Domin- 
ica Legislature. 1824. (6) Letters to 
the Pt. Hon. William Huskisson. By 
J. A. Yates. liverponi 1824. (7) State 
ment of the Plan. Object and Effects of 
the Wesleyan Missions in the West 
Indies. 1824. IX. (1) Remarks on 
West India Affairs.^ By J. R. Grosett. 
M.P. 1824. (2) The Reviewer reviewed 
respecting the Slave Registry Bill. By 
T. Venables. 1816. (3) Observations on 
the Bill introduced by Mr. Wilberforce. 
1«16. (4) An Apology for West In- 
dians. . . By F. G. Smyth. 1824. (5) 
A Reply to the arguments contained in 
various publications recommending an 
eoualizat'on of the duties on East and 
West Indian Sugar. By J. Marryat, 
M.P. 2Tid ed. 1823. (6) On Protection 
to West Ind'a Suear. 1823. (7) East 
and India Sugar, or a Refutation 
of the claims of the West India Colo- 
nists to a protectine dutv. . . 

1823. [2 h.] 2539 

The African Slave Trade; or a 
short view of the evidence, rela- 
tive to that subject, produced 
bf^^ore the House of Oommons . . 
Edinburgh. 1792. * 2540 

A Frtkndly Address to the inhabi- 
tants of this happy land . . to 
which is added an essay on the 
S^ave Trade and on Libels. By 
Amicus. 1792. * 2541 

Slavb Trade. A Full Account of 
this species of commerce ; with 
arguments against it. Translated 
from the French of Abbe G. 
T. F. Raynal. Southwark 

[1792 ?] * 2542 

Interesting Narrative of the Life 
of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus 
Vassa, the African, written by 
himself. 7th ed. 1793. * 2543 

Considerations on the Present 
Crisis of Affairs as it respects the 
West India Colonies, and the 
probable effects of the French 
Decree 'for Emancipating the 
Negroes. . . 1795. * 2544 

An English Country Gentleman's 
Address to the Irish Members of 
the Imperial Parliament on the 
Slave Trade, with extracts from 
Evidence before Mr. Wilberforce's 
Committee. 1802. * 2545 

Practical Rules for the Man- 
agement and Medical Treatment 
of Negro Slaves in the Sugar 
Colonies. By a Professional 
Planter. 1803. [34 a.] 2546 

Horrors of West Indian Slavery. 
[1804] * 2547 

Horrors of the Negro Slavery exist- 
ing in our West Indian Islands, 
irrefragably demonstrated, 2nd 
ed. 1805. * 2548 

Serious Reflections on the Slave 
Trade and Slavery. By Granville 
Sharp. 1805. * 2548a 

History of the Negro Slave Trade 
in its connection with the Com- 
merce and prosperity of the West 
Indies, etc. By R. Bissett. 

1805. * 2549 

The Substance of Three Speeches 
in Parliament on the Bill for the 
Abolition of the Slave Trade, and 
on the Petition respecting the 
State of the West India Trade. 
By G. Hibbert. 1807. * 2550 

New Reasons for abolishing the 

Slave Trade. . . Bv the author of 

" War in Disguise'" fJ- Stephen]. 

1807. * 2551 

Letter on the Abolition of the Slave 
Trade. By W. Wilberforce. 

1807. • 2552 

Three Letters to the Planters and 
Slave Merchants, principally on 
the subject of Compensation. By 
T. Clarkson. 1807. * 2552a 

De LA Lttterature des Neg^res ; ou 
rccherches sur leurs facultes in- 


tellectuellea . . par H. Gregoire 
[Count, Constitutional Bishop of 
Blois]. Paris. 1808. * 2553 

The same. An Enquiry concern- 
ing the intellectual and moral 
faculties and literature of Ne- 
groes. Translated by D. B. 
Warden. Brooklyn. 1810. * 

History of the Rise, Progress a,nd 
Accomplishment of the Abolition 
of the African Slave Trade by the 
British Parliament. By T. Clark- 
son. 2 vols. 1808. * 2554 

The same. New ed. 1839. * 

A Letter to the Govertiors, Legis- 
latures and Proprietors of Planta- 
tions in the British West India 
Islands. By B. Porteus, Bishop 
of London. 1808. [3 b.] 2555 

Poems on the Abolition of the Slave 
Trade, written by J. Montgomery, 
J. Grahame, and E. Benger. 

1809. * 2556 

Rules for the management of 
Negro Slaves. By A Professional 
Planter. 1811. * 2556a 

Abstract of the Acts of Parliament 
for Abolishing the Slave Trade 
and of the Orders in Council 
founded on them. 

1810. [34 a.] 2557 

Remarks on that Article in the late 
Treaty of Peace, which permits a 
French Slave Trade for five years. 
Kendal. 1814. * 2558 

Thoughts on the Abolition of the 
Slave Trade and Civilization of 
Africa, with Remarks on the 
African Institution and an Ex- 
amination of the Report of their 
Committee, recomending a Gen- 
eral Registry of Slaves in the 
British W^est India Islands. 

1816. * 2560 

"Edinburgh Review" and the 
West Indies, with Observations 
on the Pamphlets of Messrs. 
Stephens, Macaulay, etc., and 
Remarks on the Slave Registry 
Bill, by a Colonist. Glasgow. 

1816. * 2561 

A Defence of the Bill for the 
Registration of Slaves, in letters 
to W. W^ilberforce. [By J. 
Stephen.] Letter the first. 

1816. * 2562 

The same. Letter the second. 

1816. * 

Examination of the Principles of 
the Slave Registry Bill and of the 
means of Emancipation, proposed 

by the Author of the Bill. By G. 
W. Jordan, of Barbados. 

1816. * 2563 
Interference of the British Legis- 
lature in the internal concerns of 
the West India Islands respecting 
their Slaves, depreciated by a 
Zealous Advocate for the Aboli- 
tion of the Slave Trade. 

1816. • 2564 
The Speech of J. Stephen, Esq., at 

the annual meeting of the African 
Institution . . 26th March, 1817. 

1817. * 2565 
Breve Resumo sobre a Naturaleza de 

Commercio de Esclavatura e das 
Atrocidades que d'elle Resultam ; 
sequido de Huma relagao His- 
torica dos Debates que termina- 
ram a Final Aboligao. Londres. 

1821. * 2566 
Letters to Mr. Wilberforce, M.P., 

recommending the Encourage- 
ment of the cultivation of Sugar 
in the East Indies, as the certain 
and natural means of effecting 
the total Abolition of the Slave 
Trade. By J. Cropper. 

1822. • 2567 
Letter in Vindication of the Rights 

of the British West India (>>lo- 
nies, in answer to Mr. J. Crop- 
per's letters to Mr. Wilberforce, 
Esq. By T. Fletcher. 1822. * 2568 

The Cries of Africa to the Inhabi- 
tants of Europe. . . By T. Clark- 
son. P1822. * 2568a 

An Appeal to the Common Feelings 
of Mankind on behalf of the 
Negroes inj the West India 
Islands. By R. Hawker. 

1823. * 2569 
Letter to John Bull : to which is 

added the sketch of a plan for ^ 
the safe, speedy, and effectual 
Abolition of Slavery. By a Free- 
born Englishman. 

1823. [34 a.] 2570 

A Letter to M. Jean-Baptiste Say 

on the comparative Expense of 

Free and Slave Labour. By A. 

Hodgson. 2nd ed. Liverpool. 

1823 [34 a.] 2571 

Relief for West-Indian Distress. . . 
By J. Cropper. 

1823. [34 a.] 2572 

Appeal to the Religious, Justice, 
and Humanity of the Inhabitants 
of the British Empire on behalf 
of the Negro Slaves in the West 
Indies. By W. Wilberforce. 

1823. * 2573 



Negro Slavehy : or, A view of some 
of the more prominent features 
of the state of Society as it exists 
in the United States and the 
Colonies of the West Indies. 

1823. * 2574 

Thoughts on the necessity of im- 
proving the condition of the 
Slaves in the British Colonies 
with a view to their ultimate 
emancipation. By T. Clarkson. 
1823. * 2575 

Letter on the Means and Import- 
ance of converting the Slaves in 
the West Indies to Christianity. 
By Hon. Sir G. H. Rose. 

1823. * 2576 

Substance of the Debate on 15th 
May, .1823, on Mr. Buxton's 
motion for Gradual Abolition of 
Slavery. 1823. * 2577 

Review of some of the Arguments 
which are commonly advanced 
argainst Parliamentary interfer- 
ence in behalf of the Negro 
Slaves, with a statement of 
Opinions which have been ex- 
pressed on that subject by many 
of our most distinguished States- 
men, including Earl Grey, Earl 
Liverpool, Burke, Pitt. 

1823. * 2578 
Immediate, not Gradual Abolition 

. . Shortest, Safest, and most 
effectual means of getting rid of 
West Indian Slavery. [By E. Hey- 
rick.] 1824. * 2579 

Negro Emancipation morally and 
practically consicl^.red, in which 
the Justice, Policy, and Expedi- 
eoicy of the Measure are imparti- 
ally stated and candidly ex- 
^ amined, with a Critique on the 

Petition of the West India 
Planters, etc., to the King. 

1824. * 2580 
De l' Emancipation des Noires et de 

I'Independance des Indes-occiden- 
tales. . . Par J. Taylor. Londres. 
1824. [34 a.] 2581 

Speech of Rt. Hon. G. Canning in 
the House of Commons, March 
16th, 1824, on laying before the 
House the " Papers in Explana- 
tion of the Measures adopted by 
His Majesty's Government, for 
the Amelioration of the Condition 
of the Slave Population in His 
Majesty's Dominion in the West 
Indies."" 1824. * 2582 

Emanctpatton or Practical Advice 
to British Slave-holders: with 
suggestions for the general im- 

provement of West India Affairsu 
By T. S. Winn. 

1824. [2 a.] 258S 

Emancipation of the Negro Slaves 
in the West India Colonies con- 
sidered, in answer to Mr. Wilber- 
force's Appeal. 1824. * 2584 

Impolicy and Injustice of Emanci- 
pating the Negro Slaves in the 
West Indies. 1824. * 2585 

The Support of Slavery investi- 
gated. By J. Cropper. 

1824. * 2586 
CoNSiDERA^i'ioN on Ncgro Slavery. 
By A. M'Donnell. 

1824. [2 a.] 2587 

Anti-Negro Emancipation: an Ap- 
peal to Mr. Wilberforce. 

1824. * 258& 

An Address on the State of Slavery 

in the West India Islands. 

[By Rev. R. Hall.] 1824. * 258& 

The Slavery of the British West 
India Colonies delineated . . By 
J. Stephen. 2 vols. 

1824 and 1830. [34 c.] 2590 

Emancipation of the Negro Slaves 
in the West India Colonies, con- 
sidered with reference to its Im- 
policy and Injustice. 

1824. * 2591 

The West India Colonies ; the 
calumnies and misrepresentations 
circulated against them by the 
Edinburgh Review, Mr. Clarkson, 
Mr. Cropper, etc., examined and 
refuted. By James M' Queen. 

1824. [2i.] 2592 

The Colonial Controversy, con- 
taining a Refutation of the 
Calumnies of the Anti-colonists 
in the State of Hayti, Sierra 
Leone, India. By J. M' Queen. 
Glasgow. 1825. * 2593 

Impartial Review of the Question 
pending between Great Britain 
and her West Indian Colonies, re- 
specting the Abolition of Negro 
Slavery. . . by a Resident and 
Proprietor in the West Indies. 

1824. * 2594 

The Slave Colonies of Great 
Britain, or a Picture of Negro 
Slavery by the Colonists them- 
selves. 1825. * 2595 

The Same. 1826. [2i.] 

Opinions of Henry Brougham, Esq., 

on Negro Slavery, with Remarks. 

1826. * 2596 

The same. 1830. * 


England Enslaved by her own 

Slave Colonies. An address to the 

Electors and People of the United 

Kingdom. Bv James Stephen. 

1826. [2 i.] 2597 

The mme. 2nd ed. 1826. * 

Slavery in the West Indies, a 
Speech by Lord Viscount Dudley 
before the House of Lords, March 
7th, 1826, on Lord Bathurst's 
Motion for adopting the resolu- 
tion of the House of Commons, 
May 15th, 1823. 1826. * 2598 

A Few Thoughts on the Abolition 
of Colonial Slavery. By T. 
Chalmers. Glasgow. 1826. * 2600 

Negro Slavery : Observations in 
answer to an "Address to the 
Clergy." 1826. * 2601 

Brief View of Colonial Slavery. By 
a Barrister [J. M. Hogg]. 

1827. * 2602 

Anti-Slavery Monthly Reporter. 
Vol. 1. June, 1825— May, 1827. 

Vol 2. June, 1827— May, 1829. 

Vol.3. June, 1829— Dec, 1830. 

Vol.4. Jan., 1831— Dec., 1831. 

[34 a.] 2603 

The System, a Tale of the West 
Indies. By C. Elizabeth. 

1827. * 2604 

A Short Review of the Slave Trade 
and Slavery: with considerations 
on the benefits which would arise 
from cultivating tropical produc- 
tions by free labour. Birmingham. 
1827. [34 a.] 2605 

Two Letters by Rev. J. Riland . . 
Relative to the slave-cultured 
estates of the Society for the pro- 
pagation of the Gospel. 

1828. [34 a.] 2606 

Appeal to the Earl Bathurst, when 
Colonial Minister, on the Uncon- 
stitutional Continuance of For- 
eign Laws in the Colonies ceded 
to Great Britain, with a Preface 
on the direful Revolution project- 
ed in England and excited in the 
British Antilles by the Advocates 
of Negro-Mania. By J. C. 
Jennyns. 1828. * 2607 

Report of the Proceedings of the 
New England Company for the 
Civilisation of the Indians of the 
British Colonies in America and 
West Indies. 1829. * 2608 


Slavery as it new exists in the 
British West Indian Colonies: 
Letters between T. Clarkson and 
B. Greene. 1829. * 2609 

Pamphlets on Colonial Slavery, (i-) 
Extracts from Sermons on the West 
Indies. 1829: (ii.) Speech on Abolition 
by A. Thomson. Edinburgh. 1830. (iii.) 
Address by Anti-Slavery Society. 1881: 
(iv.) Speech of Dr. Lushington on Aboli- 
tion. 1831 : (V.) Report of Agency Com- 
mittee of A-S. Soc. 1832: (vi.) Defence 
of the Baptist Missionaries. 1832: (vii.) 
Facts and Documents. 1832: (viii.) 
Analysis of the Report of a Commit- 
tee of the House of Commons on the 
Extinction of Slavery: (ix.) Memorial of 
the Anti-Slavery and Abolition Societies: 
(X.) The Anti-Slavery Reporter for 1829, 
[2 h.] 2610 

Pamphlets on Slavery in the West 
Indies. II. Sur I'Emancipation civile et 
politique appliqu6e aux Colonies Fran- 
caises, par C. C. A. Bissette. 1880: 
Perdre on Sauver les Colonies, par lo 
Comte de Santo Domingo. 1831 : Dea 
Hommes de Coleur, par Mondesir-Rich- 
ard. 1830: Colonies, par A. Cr^mieux. 
1831 : Colomnies devenues V^rit^s, par 
Bissette. 1831: R<5pon!;e k la brochure de 
M. Fleuriau, par Bissette. 1831 : Examen 
des deux Projets de loi sur I'Organisa- 
tion des Colonies, par Mond^sir Richard. 
1831 : Patronn^s ou Libres de Savane. 
1831: Lettre sur la n^cessit6 d'arrfiter 
la reaction aux Antilles Francaise, par 
Bisette. 1831 : M6raoire tur les Amelior- 
ations Legislatives et organiques k ap- 
porter au R<5gime des Colonies Fran- 
gaises, par Bissette. 1831 : Des Colonies, 
avant et aprfes la Revolution de Juillet. 
1830. Par L. Fabien. 1831: A mes com- 
patriotfes, par Bissette. 1831: Rfiponse 
de M.M. Bi.=<sette et Fabien de la Mar- 
tinique k MM. de la Charri^re et 
Foignet de la Guadelope. 1831: De- 
mande en grace pour Ad&le, jenne esclave 
de la Martinique. 1831: Lettre de M. 
Foignet. 1S31 : jPtHition relative au 
droit d^nie aux esclaves de se pouvoir 
en cassation. 1831 : Petition dei 
Hommes de Couleur de I'lle Bourbon. 
1831: Reclamations et observations pour 
les Patronnes on Libres de Savane. 
1831 : Correspondence between MM. Lari- 
faudi^re and Fougainville and Bissette: 
Consultation pour M. Hcrme Duquesne, 
Juge d'Instruction k la Martinique: Ob- 
servations sur le projet de loi relatif aux 
droits civils et politiques des Hommes 
de Couleur de Colonies Frangaises. Par 
Mondesir Richard. 1H33: Examen Rapide 
des deux Projets de loi relatif aux Colo- 
nies. Par Bissette. 1833: Appel aux 
amis de I'Humanite. Par Fabien. 

1834. [2 h.] 2611 
A Letter to Sir Robert Peel on 
British Colonial Slavery. By 
John Campbell, F.R.S.E. Edin- 
burgh. 1830. * 2612 

Pamphlets on Slavery in the West 
Indies; containing articles on : (i.) Negro 
Emancipation no Philanthropy, a letter 
to the Duke of Wellington by a Jamaica 
Landed Proprietor. London. 1830. (ii.) 
Presbyter's Letters on the West India 
Question, addressed to the Rt. Hon. 
Sir George Murray, G.C.B.. M.P., Colo- 
nial Secretary. By H. Duncan, 



D.D. 1880. (111.) Debate on Col- 
onial Slavery in the House of Com- 
mons, 13th July, 1830; containing the 
speeches of Mr. Brougham, Mr. Pro- 
theroe, Mr. Keith Douglas, Mr. William 
Smith, Mr. Wilmot Horton, Sir George 
Murray, Mr. Otway Cave, Mr. Manning, 
Sir Francis Burdett and Mr. Secretary 
Peel, (iv.) Report of Debate in House 
of Commons, on the presenting by the 
Marquis of Chandos, of the petition of 
the planters, merchants and others, in- 
terested in the British West India Colo- 
nies. 13th December, 1830. ' (v.) The 
Speech not Spoken being a reply to Mr. 
Brougham's speech on Colonial' Slavery, 
(vi.) Suggestion of a plan for the effec- 
tual abolition of Slavery in the West 
Irdies. By C. Masrea, of Demerara. 
1830. (vii.) Final appeal to the 
public on the West India Question. . . . 
by the Rt. Hon. Sir John Sinclair, Bart. 
[1 C] 2613 
The Substance of a Course of 
Lectures on British Colonial 
Slavery. By Rev. B. Godwin. 

1830. [34 a.] 2614 

Substance of the Speech delivered 
at the meeting of the Edinburgh 
Society for the Abolition of 
Slavery. By A. Thomson, D.D. 
Edinburgh. 1830. [34 a.] 2616 

Thoughts on British Colonial 
Slavery. By Rev. D. Wilson 

. . 1830. [34 a.] 2616 

The Guilt of forbejii *^.g, to deliver 
our British Colonial Slaves. A 
iermon . . By Rev. D. Wilson. 

1830. [34 a.] 2617 

Thl Duty of prompt and complete 

abolition of Colonial Slavery. A 

sermon ... By Rev. S. C. Wilks. 

1830. *l[34a.] 2618 

Abstract of the British West Indian 
Statutes for the Protection and 
Government of Slaves. 

1830. * 2619 

British Colonial Slavery, compared 
with that of Pagan Antiquity. 

1830. [2i.] 2620 

Is West Indian Slavery justifiable 

by the New Testament? Dublin. 

[1830?] ♦ 2621 

First Letter to the freeholders of 
the County of York on Negro 
Slavery : being an Enquiry into 
the claims of the West Indians for 
equitable compensation. By Rt. 
Hon. Sir Robert John Wilmot, 
Bart. 1830. * 2622 

Second Letter. 

1830. [2i.] 2623 

Liberia, or the Early History and 
Signal Representation of the His- 
tory and Signal Representation 
of the American Colony of Free 

Negroes on tbe Coast of Afrioa, 
compiled from American Docu- 
ments. By William Innes. 

Edinburgh. 1831. * 2624 

The History of Mary Prince, & 
West Indian Slave. Related by 
herself. With a supplement by 
the Editor [T. Pringle]. . . 3rd 
ed. 1831. [34 a.] 2625 

Speech delivered at a general meet- 
ing of the Society for the Aboli- 
tion of Slavery, April 23rd, 1831. 
By Dr. Lushington. [2h.] 2626 

Review of Dr. H. Duncan's Letters 
on the West India Question. 
Edinburgh. 1831. [34 a.] 2627 

Memorial of the Anti-Slavery and 
Abolition Societies of the United 
Kingdom to Baron Glenelg, His 
Majesty's Principal Secretary of 
State for the Colonial Depart- 
ment. [2 h.] 2628 

Exposure of an Attempt recently 
made by certain West Indian 
Agents to mislead Parliament on 
the subject of Colonial Slavery. 

1831. [34 a.] 2629 
Address to the People of Great 

Britain and Ireland unanimously 
adopted at a general meeting of 
the London Anti-Slavery Society, 
April 23rd, 1831. [2h.] 2630 

Letter from Chairman of the 
Slavery Committee of the House 
of Lords to the Duke of Rich- 
mond — containing an Exposure 
of the Character of the Evidence 
on the Colonial side produced 
before the Committee. By Legion. 
1832 [34 a.] 2631 

A Second Letter from Legion. 

1833. [34 a.] 2632 

The Utter Extinction of Slavery an 
object of Scripture Prophecy : a 
Lecture . . with elucidatory notes 
by Joseph Ivimey. 

1832. [34 a.] 2634 

The West India Question, Immedi- 
ate Emancipation. By C. Stuart. 

1832. [34 a.] 2635 

Report of the Agency Committee 
of the Anti-Slavery Society. 

1832. [2h.] 2636 

British Colonial Slavery [Documents 

submitted to the British Public 

by the Committee of the West 

India Planters and Merchants]. 

[1833.] ♦ 2637 

West India Question. The outline 
of a plan for the total, immediate, 
and safe Abolition of SlaTery 


throughout the British Colonies. 
By Joseph Phillips [latef of Anti- 
gua.] 1833. [34 a.] 263S 
Opinions on Slavery and Emancipa- 
tion in 1823, referred to in a re- 
cent debate in the House of Com- 
inonS; by T. Fowell Buxton, with 
additional Observations, applic- 
able to the Rt. Hon. E. G. 
Stanley's Plan for the Extinction 
of Slavery. By. W. H. Barnley. 
1883. * 2639 

Immediate Abolition of Slavery, 
compatible with the IBafety and 
Prosi>erity of the Colonies. By 
G. F. W. Mortimer. Nexvca^tle- 
upon-Tyne, 1833. * 2640 

The Sinfulness of Colonial Slavery. 
A lecture. By R. Halley. . . . 
2nd ed. 1833. [34 a.] 2641 

Review of the Rej)ort of a Select 
Committee of the House of Com- 
mons on the State of the West 
India Colonies. . . . Liverpool- 
1833. [34 a.] 2642 

Corrected Report of the Speech of 
Viscount Howick in the House of 
Commons on Colonial Slavery, 
with Appendix, containing a 
Plan for the Abolition of Slavery. 
1833. * 2643 

Wages or the Whip. An Essay on 
the comparative cost and produc- 
tiveness of Free and Slave 
Labour. By J. Conder. 1833. 
[34 a.] 2644 

Statement of the Causes which 
aflFect the decrease or increase of 
the slave population in the 
British Colonies. Bv E. Irv- 
ing. 1833. • 2645 

Analysis of the Report of a Com- 
mittee of the House of Commons 
on the Extinction of Slavery. 
[2 h.] 2646 

Letter to the Lord Chancellor on 
the Abolition of Slavery. By a 
West Indian. 1833. * 2647 

A Safe and Practical Course in the 

West India Question [abolition]. 

[1833?]. * 2648 

Litter on Negro Emancipation, 
showing the nature of the In- 
crease of the forced Labour im- 
posed on the Negro Population 
of some of the West India Colo- 
nies. By B. Evred. 

1833. * 2649 

Report of a Lecture on Colonial 
Slarery and Gradual Emancipa- 


tion. By P. Borthwick. 

Edinhurgh. 1833. * 2650 
Substance of an Address on Negro 
Emancipation, March 5th, 1833, 
bv G. Thompson. Glasgow. 

1833. * 2652 

Full Report of Meetings of Messrs. 
Thompson and Borthwick at 
Dalkeith, 22nd March, 1833. 

GlasQow. 1833. * 2653 

Letter to T. Fowell Buxton, M.P., 
in refutation of his Allegations 
respecting the decrease of the 
Slaves in the British West India 
Colonics, by A. M'Donnell. 

1833. * 2654 

Present Condition of the Negro 
Population in the British Colo- 
nies, particularly in relation to 
the working of the Apprentice- 
ship System established under 
the " Act for the Abolition of 
Slavery." 1837. * 2655 

A Review of the Report of the 
Select Committee of the House 
of Commons appointed to inquire 
into "The Working of the Ap- 
prenticeship Syst-em in the Colo- 
nies, the Condition of the Ap- 
prentices, and the Laws and 
Regulations affecting them which 
have bf^en passed." 

1837. • 2656 

The Life of William Wilberforce. 
By R. I. Wilberforce and S. 
Wilberforce. 5 vols. 1838. 

[20 d.] 2656a 

Strictures on Jhe Life of William 
Wilberforce, by the Rev. W. 
Wilberforce and the Rev. S. 
W'ilberforce. By T. Clarkson. 

1838. • 2656b 

Biographical Sketch of Thomas 
Clarkson. By Taylor. 

1839. • 2656c 

The African Slave Trade. By Sir 
T. F. Buxton. 1839. 

[35 g.] 2657 

The African Slave Trade and 
its Remedy. 1840. [35 g.] 2657a 

Sir T. F. Buxton and the Niger 
Expedition By Read. 

1840. • 2657b 

Report on Free Labour presented 
to the General Anti-Slavery Con- 
vention. By J. Sturge, Esq., of 
Birmingham. n.d. [ab. 1841]. 
[H.C.] * 2658 

Present Condition and Wants of 
the British West Indies. By 
H. Morson. 1841. * 2659 



Some account of the Trade in Slaves 
from Africa as connected with 
Europe and America ; from the 
introduction of the Trade into 
modern Europe, to the present 
time ; especially with reference to 
the efforts made by the British 
Government for its extinction. 
Bv J. Bandinel. 1842. 

[35 g.] . 2660 

Colonies Francaises. Abolition im- 
mediate de TEsclavage. Par 
V. Schrolcher. Paris. 1842. * 2661 

Dialogue between a well-wisher and 
a friend to the Slaves in the 
British Colonies. Bv a Lady. 

[34 a.] 2662 

The Emancipation of the Negroes in 
the British West Indies. By R. W. 
Emerson. 1844. [2 g.] 2663 

Sir T. F. Buxton : a study for young 
men. By Binney. 1845. * 2663a 

Speech of the Right Reverend the 
Lord Bishop of Oxford, in the 
House of Lords, February 7th, 
1848, against the admission of 
Slave Labour sugar on equal terms 
with Free Labour produce ; with 
an appendix illustrative of the 
impetus given to the slave 
trade bv the bill of 1846. 

1848. [2i.] 2664 

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verklaring de Slaven. Door J. C. 
P. Wesenhagen. 1849. * 2664a 

Plan eener Trapsgewijze Emanci- 
patie der Slaven. Door H. de 
Bruijn. «a851. * 2664b 

The Conquerors of the New 
World and their Bondsmen, being 
a narrative of the principal events 
which led to negro slavery in the 
West Indies and America. By 
Sir A. Helps. 2 vols. 1848, 62. 
[3 b.] 2665 

Thomas Clarkson : a monograph. By 
Elmes. 1854. 2667a * 

De Emancipatie der West Indische 
Slaven. Beschouwd door eenen 
belangeloozen kolonist. 

Amsterdam. 1857. * 2668 

The Results of Negro Emancipa- 
tion. A speech delivered at a 
public meeting held in London, 
August 1st, 1859, the 25th anni- 
versary of the Abolition of Slavery 
by the Parliament of Great 
Britain. Bv F. Hincks. 

1859. [2i.] 2669 

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West Indies. By C. Buxton. 
1860. * 2670 

Emancipation in the West Indies. 

By F. Sanborn. Concord, Mass, 

1862. * 2670a 

Recollections of William Wilber- 

force. . . By J. S. Harford. 1864. 

* 2670b 

The same. 2nd ed. 1865 

[21 d.] 

The W^rong of Slavery, the Right of 
Emancipation, and the Future of 
the African Race in the United 
States. Bv R. D. Owen. Phila- 
delphia. 1864. * 2671 

A Sketch of the life of Thomas 
Clarkson. 1876. * 2671a 

Memoirs of Sir T. F. Buxton, edited 
by his son, Charles Buxton, with 
an Enquiry into the Results of 
Emancipation. 1877. * 2672 

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africana en el Nuevo Mundo. Por 
J. A. Saco. 2 vols Barcelona 1879, 
Havana 1892. * 2672a 

HiSTORiA de la esclavitud de lo» 
Indios en el Nuevo Mundo. Por J. 
A. Saco. Habana. 1883. * 2672b 

West India '" Compensation " to 
the owners of Slaves : its history 
and its results. By E. Sturge. 
Gloucester. 1893. [3 g.] 2673 

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and the Slave Trade. By G. Wil- 
liams. 1897. * 2674 

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caises. Par L. Peytrand. Paris. 
1897. * 2675 

GuiLLERMO Wilberforce, gran liber- 
tador de log negros. Madrid. 

1900. * 2676 

Life and Letters of Zachary Macau- 
lay. By Viscountess Knutsford. 
1900. [21 j.] 2676a 

Souvenirs d'Adrien d'Epinay. Ex- 
tracts relatifs a la seconde mis- 
sion a Londres eu 1833. Abolition 
de I'esclavage. Fontainehleau. 

1901. * 2677 

William Wilberforce. By T. Bux- 
ton. 1903. * 2678 

How W. Knibb fought Slavery and 

won Freedom. By F. C. Lusty. 

1904. [n.b.] 2679 




Db Americaensche Zee-Rovers. 
Behelsende een. . . . Beschrijving 
van alle de voornaemste roveryen, 
en onmenschelijke wreedheden, 
die de Engelse en Franse Rovers 
tegens de Spanjaerden in 
America gepleeght hebben. . . 
By A. O. Exquemelin. 
Amsterdam. 1678. * 2680 

The Same. Piratas de la 

America, y suz a la defensa 
de las costas de ftidias occi- 
den tales. . • Traducido de la 
Por el Dor. de Bonne Maison. 
Colonia Agrippina. 1681. * 2681 

TJie Same. BucANiERS of 

America, or a True Account 
of the most remarkable assaults 
committed of late years upon 
the coasts of the West Indies 
by the Bucaniers of Jamaica, 
and Tortuga, both English and 
French. . . By John Esquemeling 
[A. O. Exquemelin ]. Translated 
into English from the Dutch. 

1684-5. * 2682 

The Same. HiSTOiRE dee 

Advanturiers qui se sent signalez 
dans les Indes, contemant ce 
qu'ils ont fait de plus re- 
marquable depuis vingt annees. 
Avec La Vie, les Mceurs, 
les coutumes des Habitans de 
Saint Domingue et de la Tortue ; 
et une Description exacte de ces 
lieux ; ou I'on voit I'establisse- 
ment d'une Chambre des Comptes 
dans les indes, et un Etat, tire 
de cette Chambre des offices tant 
Ecclesiastiques que Seculieres, ou 
le Roy d'Espagne pourvoit, les 
Revenus qu'il tire de I'Amerique, 
& ce que les plus grands Princes 

de I'Europe y possedent 

Par A. O. Oexmelin. Translated 
from a Spanish manuscript. Edit- 
ed by — de Frontignieres, 2 vols. 
Paris. 1686. [2 g.] 2683 

The same. Nouvelle edition. 

Augmentee des Exp>editions que 
les Flibustiers ont faites jusqu'a 
present, et des Cartes Geogra- 
phiques des lieux ou ils ont fait 
descente, avec les Plans des Villes 
et des Places dont ils se sont 
rendus maistres. . . . Paris. 

1714. [2g.] 

The same. Paris. 1886. * 

The same. London. 1898. * 

History of the Buccaneers of 

America. By J. Bumey. Re- 
printed from the edition of 1816. 
1891. [2 c.] 2684 

The same. The Buccaneers of 

America. . . By J. Esquemeling. 
Now faithfully rendered into Eng- 
lish. With facsimilas of all the 
original engravings, etc. [Re- 

printed from the ed. of 1684, to 
which is added a reprint of the 
4th part by B. Ringrose. Ed. by 
Henrv Powell]. 

1893. [M.C.] * 2685 

The Voyages and Adventures of 
Capt. Bartl. Sharp, and othera 
in the South Sea : . . also Capt. 
van Horn and his Buccaniers sur- 
prising of la Vera Cruz. To 
which is added the true relation 
of Sir Henry Morgan ; his Expedi- 
tion against the Spaniards in the 
West Indies . . 1684. 

[34 c.] 2686 

HiSTOiRE des Avanturiers qui se 
sont signalez dans les Indes. . . . 
avec la vie, les mceurs, les cos- 
tumes des Habitans de Saint 
Domingue et de la Tortue. . . . 
Par A. O. Oexmelin . 2 vols, 
vols. Paris. 1688. * 2687 

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de sud, avec les Flibustiers de 
I'Amerique en 1684. et annees 
suivantes. Par Raveneau de Lus- 
san. Paris. 1689. * 2688 

7'Ae same. A journal into the 

South Sea,> etc. Written in 
French by Sieur R. de Lus- 
san. Never before in Eng- 
lish. 1699. • 

A General History of the Pyrates : 
[chiefly those of the West Indies ; 
also list of their names.] 2nd ed. 
with considerable additions. By 
Capt. Charles Johnson. Vol. I. 
. . . With the remarkable Ac- 
tions and Adventures of the Two 
Female Pyrates, Mary Read and 
Annie Bonnie. 1724. [2 a.] 2689 

Bucaneers of America, in four 
parts, newly translated into Eng- 
lish. 1704. * 2690 

History of the Bucaniers in 
America. Translated into English 
[from works by Esquemeling, 
Ringrose, de Lussan]. 4th ed. 2 
vols. 1741. ♦ 2691 

History of the Bucaniers of 
America in four parts, the whole 



written in several languages by 
persons at the transactions. 

1774. * 2692 

History of the Bucaniers ot 
America. 1810. * 2693 

History of the Pirates, Free- 
Booters, or Buccaneers of 
America, from the German of J. 
W. von Archenholz. By G. 
Mason. 1807. * 2694 

The Buccaneer: A Tale. By A. M. 
Hall. 3 vols. 1832. * 2695 

History' of the Lives and Bloody 
Exploits of the most noted 
Pirates : their trials and execu- 
tions. Hartford. 1835. 2696 

Leonard Lindsay, or the Story of a 
Buccaneer. By A. B. Reach. 
2 vols. 1850. [2j.] 2697 

The Monarchs of the Main ; or Ad- 
ventures of the Buccaneers. By 
G. W. Thornbury. 3 vols. 
1855. [3 b.] 2698 

— The same. With 
bv Phiz. 1858. 

[3 b.l 

Los Pirates en Cartagena. Cronioan 
historico - noveleecas. Por S. 
Acosta de Samper. Bogota. 

1886. * 2698a 

The Buccaneers and Marooners of 
America, being an Account of 
the adventures and daring deeds 
of certain notorious Freebooters 
of the Spanish Main. By H. 
Pyle. 1890. * 2699 

La Piraterie gur I'Atlantique au 
XVIII siecle, dans ses rapports 
avec le commerce breton. Par L. 
Vignols. 1890, * 2700 

Story of the Filibusters. By J. J. 
Roche. 1891. * 2701 

Les Corsaires francais au XVIe 
siecle dans les Antilles. Par G. 
Marcel. Paris. 1902. * 2702 

On the Spanish Main; or some Eng- 
lish forays on the Isthmus of 
Darien. By J. Masefield. 

New York. 1906. * 2703 



Bhort Sketch of the temporary 
regulations for the intended 
Settlement near Sierra Leone. 
By G. Sharp. 1786. * 2703a 

A Voyage to the River Sierra-Leone, 
on the Coast of Africa ... in a 
series of letters . . . with an ad- 
ditional letter on the subject of 
the African Slave Trade. . . By 
Lieut. J. Matthews. 1788. * 2704 

Substance of the Repo5;t3 of ^the 
Sierra Leone Company for 1794, 
1795, 1796, and 1798. [4 bound in 
1.] 1794-98. [3g.] 2705 

An Account of the Colony of Sierra 
Leone, from its first establishment 
in 1793. . . . 1795. * 2706 

An Authentic Narrative of the Life 
of J. Wall, Esq., late Governor 
of Goree, and . . account of his 
execution. By a Military Officer. 
2nd ed. 1802. * 2708 

The Trial of J. Wall, Esq., for the 
murder of Benjamin Armstrong 
at Goree, in Africa. By C. A. S. 
Pennington. 1802. [2 i.] 2709 

Observations upon the Windward 
Coast of Africa ; the religion, 
character, customs, etc., of the 
Natives. By J. Corry. 

1807. * 2710 

Mission from Cape Coast Castle to 
Ashantee, with accounts of that 
Kingdom and adjacent parts of 
Africa. By T. E. Bowditch. 

1819. ♦ 2711 

Voyage to Africa : narrative of an 
Embassy [to Ashanti]. By W. 
Hutton. 1821. * 2711a 

Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, 
with Notes and Researches rela- 
tive to the Gold Coast and Inter- 
ior, and account of the present 
war. By J. Dupuis, H.B.M. Con- 
BuL 1824. * 2712 

Account of the Gold Coast and His- 
tory of the African Company. By 
Governor H. Meredith. 

1812. • 2713 

Liberia, or the Early History and 
Signal Preservation of the Ameri- 
can Colony of Free Negroes on the 
Coast of Africa. By W. Innes. 
Edinburgh. 1831. [2 k.] 2714 

Narrative of the Ashantee War 

(1823-31), with state of Sierra 

Leone (1820). By Major Ricketts. 

1831. • 2715 

The White Man's Grave: A visit to 
Sierra Leone in 1834. By F. H. 
Rankin. 2 vols. 1836. * 2716 
Seven Years' Service on the Slave 
Coast of Western Africa, includ- 
ing Journal as Governor on the 
Gambia. By Sir H. V. Huntley. 
2 vols. 1840. * 2717 

— — The same. 1850. * 

Vocabulary of the Yoruba Lan- 
guage. By Rev. S. Crowther. 

1843. * 2718 
The same, with introductory re- 
marks by Rev. O. E. Vidal. 
I ' 1852. • 
! Vocabulary. English-Yoruba and 
Yoruba-English. [1856J. ♦ 2718a 
Western Africa: its condition, and 
Christianity the means of iti re- 
covery. By D. J. East. 1844. 

[H.C.] • 2719 
The Case of our West African 
Cruisers, and West African Settle- 
ments fairly considered. By Rev. 
G. Smith. 1848. * 2720 

Life, Scenery and Customs in Sierra 
Leone and the Gambia. By 
T. E. Poole, D.D. 1850. 

[2 k.] 2722 

Eighteen Years on the Gold Coast 

of Africa. By B. Cruick- 

shank. ... 2 vols. 1853 * 2723 

Abbeokuta, or Sunrise within the 

Tropics . . Yoruba Mission. By 

"Mica Tii«L.«» . IQKQ • CtnCiA 

Miss Tucker. > 



Captain Canot; or Twenty Years' 
of an African Slaver. By T. 
Canot. [Edited] by B. Mayer. 

1855. * 2725 


Ntiv York. 


Western Africa: its History, Con- 
dition and Prospects. By Rev. J. 
L. Wilson. 1856. * 2726 

Six Years of a Traveller's Life in 
West Africa. By F. T. Valdez. 
1861. • 2726a 

European Settlements on the West 
Coast of Africa : with remarks on 
the Slave-trade and the supply of 
cotton. By Capt. J. F. N. 
Hewett. 1862. [2 k.] 2727 

Wanderings in West Africa. By a 
F.R.G.S. [R. F. Burton]. 

1863. * 2728 

Wit and Wisdom from West Africa ; 


or, a book of proverbial philo- 
sophy, idioms, enigmas, and lacon- 
isms.' Compiled by [Sir] R. F. 
Burton. 1865. [2 k.] 2729 

Letters on the Political Condition 
of the Gold Coast, with a short 
account of the Ashantee War, 
1862-4, and the Awoonah War, 
1866. By A. B. Horton. 

1870. * 2730 

The Old Testament in Efik. Edin- 
burgh. 1873. [6 k.] 2731 

Fanti and Ashanti. By [General] 
Brackenbury, R.A., and Captain 
G. L. Huvshe, R.B. 

1873. * 2732 
CooMASSiE and Magdala : the Story 

of two British Campaigns. By Sir 
H. M. Stanley. 1874. * 2733 
The Story of the Ashantee Cam- 
paign. By W. Reade. 

1874. * 2734 

The Ashanti War : A narrative pre- 
pared from the official documents 
. . By [General] H. Brackenbury, 
R.A. 2 vols. 1874. * 2735 

Through Fanteeland to Coomassie : 
a Diary of the Ashantee Expedi- 
tion, 1873-74. By F. Boyle. 

1874. * 2736 

Ashanti and the Gold Coast, and 
what we know of it. By Admiral 
Sir J. D. Hay. 1874. * 2737 

Akim-Foo, the History of a Failure 
[Ashantee Expedition, 1873-74]. 
By General Sir W. F. Butler. 

1875. * 2738 

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Ellis. 1881. * 2739 

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C. Sibthorpe. 1881. * 2740 

The Geography of Sierra Leone. By 
A. B. C. Sibthorpe. 1881. * 2741 

The Land of Fetish. By A. B. 
Ellis. 1883. * 2742 

To the Gold Coast for Gold. By 
R. F. Burton and V. L. Cameron. 
2 vols. 1883. * 2743 

West African Fisheries, with par- 
ticular reference to the Gold 
Coast. By C. A. Moloney. 

1883. * 2744 

Annexations to Sierra Leone. By 
J. M. Harris. 1883. * 2745 

W^FST African Islands. By A. B. 
Ellis. 1885. [2 k.] 2746 

SuoGFSTiONS of the Wants of Sierra 

Leone. By S. Lewis. Freetown. 

1885. • 2747 


Commerce of Sierra Leone. By P. 
Lemberg. Sierra Ltone. 

1885. • 2748 

Die Yoruba-Kiiste. Von A. Mann. 
Stuttgart. 1886. * 2749 

Die West Kiiste Afrikas im Alter- 
thum. von E. Goebel. Leipzic. 

1887. * 2750 

The Tshi-sj>eaking Peoples of the 
Gold Coast. By Lieut.-Col. A. B. 
Ellis. 1887. [34 d.] 2751 

Sketch of the Forestry of W'ost 

Africa. By A. Moloney. 1887. 

c [11 a.] 2752 

Story of the Niger. By R. Rich- 
ardson. 1888. * 2753 

Sierra Leone: or the White Man's 
Grave. By G. A. L. Banbury. 

1888. [2 k.] 2755 

Africa. By E. Reclus. Ed. bv A. 
H. Keane. Vol. III. West 
Africa. [1888]. * 2755a 

Glimpses of Fever Land ; or a Cruise 
in West African Waters. By A. 
P. Crouch. 1889. * 2756 

The Ewe-speaking Peoples of the 
Slave Coast of W^est Africa. By 
Lieut.-Col. A. B. Ellis. 

1870. [24 e.] 2757 

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Frey. Paris. 1890. ♦ 2758 

La Mellacoree et la colonic de Sierra 
Leone. Paris. 1890. * 2759 

Manual on Cultivation of the com- 
mercial products in Sierra Leone. 
By H. H. Lardner. 1890. * 2760 

La Conquete de I'Afrique occiden- 
tale par le soleil. Par C. Tel- 
lier. Paris. 1890. * 2761 

The Land of Death. By E. Eiloart. 
1890. * 2762 

Minnen och bilder fran Guldkusten. 
By C. F. L. W. Stromberg. Lund. 

1890. * 2763 

History of Liberia. By J. H. T. 
McPherson. Baltirmyre. 

1891. • 2764 

Table of Events in Yoruba History. 
By J. A. 0. Payne. Lagos. 

1893. * 2765 

History, Trade, Resources and Con- 
dition of the Gold Coast. By H. 
H. J. Bell. Liverpool. 

1893. ♦ 2766 

A. History of the Gold Coast of 
West Africa. By Lieut.-Col. A. 
B. Ellis. 1893. [241.] 2767 



The Yoruba-speaking Peoples of the 
Slave Coast. By Lieut. -Col. A. 

B. Ellis. 1894. [34 d.] 2768 
A LA cote occidentale d'Afrique. 

Par E. M. Laumann. Paris. 

1894. * 2769 

SiERUA Leone after a hundred years. 

By Rt. Rev. E. G. Ingham. 1894. 

[34 d.] 2770 

The Hansa Association. By Sir G. 
T. Goldie. Woking. 

1895. • 2771 

The West African Liquor Trade. 
By Sir G. T. Goldie. » 

1895. • 2772 

History of the Gold Coast. By C. 

C. Reindorf. Basel. 

1895. * 2773 

Niger and Yoruba Notes. Ed. by 

C. F. Harford-Battersby. 2 vols. 
1895-6. [34 e.] 2774 

To KuMASSi with Scott, on the 
Ashanti Expedition, 1895-96. By 
G. C. Musgrave. 1896. * 2775 

Von Kyebi nach Kumase. von D. 
Huppenbauer. Basel. 

1896. * 2776 

The Downfall of Prempeh : a Diary 
of Life with the Native Levy in 
Ashanti, 1895-96. By Major R. 
S. S. Baden-Powell, with a chap- 
ter on the political and commer- 
cial position of Ashanti, by Sir G. 
Baden-Powell. 1896. * 2777 

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M. Esser. Berlin. 1898. * 2781 

Travels and Life in Ashanti and 
Jaman. By R. A. Freeman. 

1898. • 2782 

The Gold Coast, Past and Present. 
By G. Macdonald. 1898. • 2783 

Nine Years at the Gold Coast. By 

D. Kemp. 1898. * 2784 

Notes on the Folklore of the Fjort 
(French Congo), with introduc- 
tion by M. Kingsley. By R. E. 
Dennett. 1898. * 2785 

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Kingsley. 1899. [34 d.] 2786 

The Story of West Africa. By M. 
H. Kingsley. 1899. • 2787 

A Short History of Sierra Leone. 
By J. J. Crooks. Dublin. 

1900. • 2788 

Fifty Years in Western Africa. By 
A. H. Borrow. 1900. • 2789 

Wallach's West African Manual. 
By H. Wallach. 1900. • 2790 

Stone Implements on the Gold 
Coast. By L. W. Bristowe and 
H. P. F. Marriott. 1900. * 2791 

British West Africa. Its rise and 
Progress. By Mai or A. F. 
Mockler - FeiTyman, F.R.G.S., 
2nd ed. 1900. [2 k.] 2791a 

The Ashanti Campaign of 1900. By 
Captain C. H. Armitage and Lt.- 
Col. A. F. Montanaro. 

1901. • 2792 

The Relief of Kumasi. By Captain 
H. C. J. Biss. 1901. • 2793 

Hints and Suggestions for travel- 
ling ou the West Coast of Africa. 
1901. * 2794 

The Siege of Kumassi. By Lady 
Hodgson. 2nd ed. 1901. 

[34 d.] 2795 

The Sherbro and its Hinterland. 
Bv J. J. Alldridge, F.R.G.S. 

1901. * 2795a 

Rise of British West Africa : com- 
prising the early history of the 
colony of Sierra Leone. By C. 
George. 1902. * 2796 

Handbook of Sierra Leone. Man- 
chester. 1902. * 2797 

Affairs of West j Africa. By E. D. 
Morel. 1902. [34 e.] 2798 

History of the Colony of Sierra 

Leone. Bv J. J. Crooks. Dublin. 

1903. * 2799 

L' Insurrection de Sierra Leone en 
1898. Par H. Rolin. Bruxelles. 

1903. * 2800 

CuNNiE Rabbit — West African folk 
tales. By F. M. Cronise and H. 
W. Ward. 1903. [34 d.] 2801 

Gold Coast Native Institutions, 
with Thoughts upon a Healthy 
Imperial Policy for the Gold 
Coast and Ashanti. By C. Hay- 
ford. 1903. * 2802 

Hints, Suggestions and Medical 
Notes for those travelling in Weet 
Africa. By W. H. Crosse. 

1903. * 2804 

WEST-Afrika. Von M. Schantz. 
Berlin. 1903. * 2805 



The Advance of our West African 
Empire. By C. B. Wallis. ' 

1903. * 2806 

Letters and Journals from West 
Africa. By E. W. Castle. 

1904. * 2807 

Camera Pictures on the Gold Coast. 
1904. * 2808 

From Kabul to Kumassi. Twenty- 
four years' of soldiering and sport. 
By Sir J. Willcocks. 

1904. * 2809 

Fetishism in West Africa. By Rev. 
R.H.Nassau. 1904. [34 d.] 2810 

The Gold Coast and the Fantis. By 

L. R. Foot and T. F. E. Jones. 

1904. * 2811 

Fanti Customary Laws. By 
Sarbah. 1904. * 

J. M. 

Verb. Sap" 
Africa. By 

on going 
A. Field. 





Cross River Natives. . . By Part- 
ridge. . . 1905. * 2814 

Camera Pictures on the Gold Coast, 
By P. A^ McCaain. 

[1905?] * 2814a 



Rej-errinq to the West Indies oenerallt. • 


1760. Papers laid before the House of 
Commona by the Commissioners for 1 
Trade and Plantations ... for the better 
securing . . the Trade to Africa. 

1750. • 2815 1 

1789. Minutes of the Evidence taken before ; 
a Committee of the House of Commons, ; 
being a Committee of the whole House to i 
whom it was referred to consider of the 
circumstances of the Slave Trade, com- 
plained of in the several petitions which 
were presented to this House in the last ; 
cession of Parliament, relative to the ; 
African Slave Trade. [4 g.] 2816 I 

1790. Minutes of the Evidence ^aken before | 
a Committee of the House of Commons, i 
being a Select Committee, appointed on 
the 29th day of January, 1790, for the 
purpose of taking the examination of i 
such witnesses as shall be produced on 
the part of the several petitioners who 
have petitioned the House of Commons 
against the abolition of the Slave Trade. 

[4 g.] 2817 

1807. Report of Committee on the Commer- 
cial State of the West India Colonies. 

♦ 2818 

180t. ACCOUNT, presented to the House of 
Commons, of the Principal Articles of 
Provisions and Lumber imported into 
His Majesty's Colonies in the West 
Indies, in 1805-6-7. • 2819 

1811. Report of Committee on the Practi- 
cability and Expediency of supplying the I 
West India Colonies with Free Labourers i 
from the East. • 2820 

1815. Papers relating to the West Indies. 

• 2821 

Papers [Parliamentary] relative to the Slave 
Trade. [4 h.] 

1815-1822. Vol. I. Papers showing the present 
state of the Slave Trade, April 1815. 1 
Papers relating to the Slave Trade, 4th 
July, 1815 -7th July, 1817:— February, I 
1819: Further papers, 25th June, 1819; | 
Negroes; Copies of the several returns ] 
annually made by the Collectors of the '■ 
Customs in the several West Indian 
Islands, 19th February, 1821: Copies of 
all communications from Sir Charles Mac 
Carthy, Governor of Sierra Leone, 80th 
March, 1821 : Admiralty Correspondence, 
2nd April, 1821: in the Mauritius, 
18th June, 1821: from His Majestv's 
Commissioners at Sierra Leone, eth 
January, 1S21 : Admiralty Correspond- 
ence, 22nd April, 1822 : from Sir 
Charle."* MacCarthy, 20th March, 1822: 
British and Portuguese Mixed Com- 
tnission in London, 22nd April, 1822- 
Capture of French Ship " Sylphe," 14th 
June, 1822 :the Portuguese brig "Gaviao" 
and the Spanish Schooner "Anna Maria." 
26th July, 1822. (4 h.J 2822 

1821-1823. Vol. II. Papers relative to the 
Slave Trade. Correspondence with (a) 
His Majesty's Commissioners at Sierra 
Leone, (b) with Foreign Courts relative 
to the Execution of Treaties (c) with 
France (d) with the United States, 1821, 

(e) Foreign Powers, 1822-1823— July, 1823; 

(f) the British Commissioners at Sierra 

Leone, the Havannah, Rio de Janeiro and 
Surnam, 1822, 1823. [4 h.] 2828 

1823-1825. Vol III. (a) Papers relative to 
the Slave Trade, May, 1823; (b) Admir- 
alty Correspondence, 10th July, 1823; (c) 
from the Duke of Manchester, Governor 
of Jamaica, 14th May, 1823; (d) Captured 
Negroes, 18th June, 1824; (e) Return of 
Slave Population in the West Indies, 14th 
June, 1824; (f) Concerning a Portuguese 
Ship callod the " Donna Paula," 18th 
June, 1824 ; (g) Slaves wrecked in the 
"Donna Paula." Hth June, 1824; (h) 
from Governors of Sierra Leone, Mauri- 
tius and Cape of Good Hope, Hth June, 
1824; (i) Naval Correspondence, 6th May, 
1824; (j) Slaves captured at Sierra 
Leone, 2nd June, 1824; (k) Captured 
Negroes. 16th March. 1825; (1) Further 
papers relating to Captured Negroes, 16th 
March, 1825 ; (m) Correspondence with 
Mauritius, 11th May. 1825; (n) Naval 
Correspondence, March, 1824— Jan. 1825; 
(o) Religious Worship of the Slaves in 
Demerara, 11th May, 1825; (p) 
Slaves Captured and Condemned at 
Sierra Leone. 30th May, 1825. [4 h.] 2824 

1823-1825, Vol. IV. (a) Correspondence with 
Foreign Powers, 1823-1824 (Spain, Portu- 
gal, and Brazil, Netherlands, France, 
United States) ; (b) with the British 
Commissioners at Sierra Leone, Th» 
Havannah, Rio de Janeiro and Surinam, 
1823-1824; (c) The Same. 1824-1826; (d) 
with Foreign Powers 1824-1825 (Spain, 
Portugal, Braxil, Netherlands, France. 

[4h.l 2825 

1824-1827, Vol. V. (a) CORRESPONDENCE with 
the British Commissioners at Sierra 
Leone, the Havanah. Rio de Janeiro and 
Surinam. 1824-18-25; b Th« Same. 1827; (c) 
The Samf- 1825-1826; (d) Foreign Powers, 
1824-1825 (Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. 
Netherlands, France); (e) The Same 
1825-1826; (f) The Same 1827. 

(4 h.l 282«^ 

1825. Vol. VI. (a) "^E Melioration of the 
Slave Population in His Majesty's Pos- 
sessions in the West Indies, and on the 
continent of South America, 1825; (b) 
The Same, Additional Papers. 1825 

[4 h.l 2827 

1825-1827, Vol. VII. (a) Correspondence with 
the British Commissioners at Sierra 
Leone, The Havannah, Rio de Janeiro, 
and Surinam, 1825-1826; (b) Foreign 
Powers, 1825-1826 (Spain, Portugal, 
Brazil, Netherlands, France) ; (c) British 
Commissioners at Sierra Leone, The 
Havannah, Rio de Janeiro and Surinam, 
1827; (d) Foreign Powers. 1827. 

[4 h.] 2828 

1826-1827, Vol. VIII. (a) CAPTURED Negroes 
(Second part of Major Moody's Report) ; 
(b) The Mauritius and Bourbon, and the 
Seychelles, 1811-1817. 20th April, 1828. (c) 
The Smme 1818-1825, 9th May, 1826; (d) 
Liberated Africans located in Sierra 
Leone, 18th May, 1826; (e) The Mauri- 
tius, 2nd May, 1825; (b) Mauritius, 13th 
May. 23rd May, 1826. (g) The Same, ist 
May, 1827; (h) Sums of Money paid for 
Captured Slaves, 8th May, 1827. 

[4 h.l 2829 

* Parliamentary Papers treating of individual Colonies are for the moat part placed 
those colonies. 



1828-1829, Vol. IX. (a) BRITISH Commis- 
sioners at Sierra Leone, The Havana, Rio 
de Janeiro and Surinam, 1828; (b) For- 
eign Powers, 1828 (Spain, Brazil, Portu- 
gal, Netherlands, France, Denmark, 
Sweden) ; (c) British Commissioners at 
Sierra Leone, The Havana, Rio de 
Janeiro and Surinam, 1829 (d) Foreign 
Powers, 1829 (Spain, Brazil, Portugal, 
Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden). 
[4 h.] 2830 

1825-1830. Vol. X. (a) Naval Correspon- 
dence, Nov. 1825— July, 1827. (b) Cap- 
tured Negroes (Mr. Dongan's Report and 
Major Moody's Remarks thereon). 11th I 
July, 1828. (c) the Seychelles and the i 
Mauritius, Feb., 1828. (d) Slave Popula- | 
tion in His Majesty's Colonies, 12 May, '■ 
1829. (e) Sierra Leone Population, 12th 1 
May, 1829. (f) Free Labourers and manu- 
mitted Slaves, Trinidad, 12th June, 1829. j 
(g) Report on Mauritius, 1st June, 1829. \ 
(g) Honduras Indians, Demerara and j 
Trinidad Slaves, 3rd June. 1829. (i) Slave I 
Population, Colonies, 23rd June, 1830. (j) , 
Hottentot Population, Cape of Good 
Hone, 1st July, 1830. (k) Sierra Leone, ! 
17th Feb., 1830. [4 h.] 2831 

1881. Vol. XI. (a) Commercial, Financial 
and Political State of the West India 
Colonies, 7th Feb., 1831. (b) Escheated 
Slaves in the West Indies, 7th Feb., 1831. 

(c) Jamaica. Treatment of a Female 
Slave, by Rev. Mr. Bridges, Feb , 1831. 

(d) Mr. J. A. Sullivan, Provost Marshall, 
Jamaica, 10th March, 1831. (e) Meliora- 
tion of the Slave Population in the West ' 
Indies, etc., 10th March. 1831. (f) Pro- 
tectors of Slaves Reports, 1, Demerara, | 
10th Mar., 1831. (g) Slave Manumissions, ! 
Jamaica, 1817-182fi. 26th March, 1881. | 
(h) Slave Laws, West Indies. 28th Mar., 
1831. (i) Slave Population, 28th March. 
1831. [4h.] 2832 

1838-1839. Vol. XII. (a) CORRESPONDENCB 
with British Commissioners at Sierra 
Leone, the Havana. Rio de Janeiro, and 
Surinam, May, 1838— Feb., 1839. (b) 
The Same. Further Correspondence, 
1838-9. (c) Foreijrft Powers, May, 1838, 
to Feb., 18.^9 (Spain, Portugal, Brazil, the 
Netherlands, and Sweden). (d) The 
Same. Feb., 1839— May, 1829 (Spain. Por- 
tntral and Brnrin. fo\ ^f,^ g^^g 

May, 1838, to Feb., 1839 (France, Den- 
mark, Hans Towns. Tuscanv, Two 
Sicilies). (f) 7he Same, Feb. to May, 
i8«q (Two Sicilies). ( g) The Same 

May, 1838— Feb.. 1839 (Conference: Aus- 
tria. Russia. Buenos Ayres. Egypt, Haiti, 
M«»xiro. Montevideo. New Granada, Peru, 
Venezuela, United States). (n) The 
Same. Feb. to May, 1839. [4 h.] 288S 


1823-26. Vol. I. (i.) Papers presented to Par- 
liament [in 1824] . . in explanation of the 
measures adopted . . in Melioration 01 
the condition of the Slave Population . . 
in th** West Indiea and on the Continent 
of South America, (ii.) The Samt- 
presented in 1825. (iii.) Tho Same, pre- 
sented in 1826. [4 g.] 

1826-28. Vol IL (i.) Further Papers, 
presented in 1826. The Same. 

presented in the year 1827, 

missing]. The Same. presented in 
the year 1828]. [4 g.] 2884 

1825-26. Three Reports of Commissioners on 
the Administration of Civil and Criminal 

Justice in the West Indies and South 
American Colonies. 3 parts. * 2835 

Second Series. 3 parts, 1827-29. • 

1828. Account of the Extent and Situation of 

the Crown Islands in the West Indies. 

Map. • 2838 

1831. Correspo.nde.nce on the State of the 

Gaols in the West Indies and South 

American Colonies. • 2839 

1831. Papers relating to the Commercial, 
Financial and Political State of the 
British West India Colonies. * 2840 

1831-32. Papers on the Measures adopted by 
the Government for the Melioration of 
the condition of the Slave Population m 
the Wes^'^ India and South American 
Colonies. • 2841 

1832. Report of Committee on the Commer- 
cial state of the West India Colonies. 

• 2842 

1832. Report of Lord's Committee on the Ds- 
tressed Condition of the West India 
Colonies, and on the Laws and Usages of 
the several West India Colonies in re- 
lation to the Slave Population ... 2 
vols. • 2848 

1833-35. ABOLITION of Slavery. Papers pre- 
sented to Parliament . . in explanation 
of the measures adopted . . for the Abo- 
lition of Slavery throughout the British 
Colonies. Part I. Jamaica, 1833;1835. 
1835. Part II. Jamaica (continued), Bar- 
badoes, British Guiana, and Mauritius, 
1833-1835, 1835. Part II. (continued), 
Antigua, Montserrat, St. Christophers, 
Nevis, Virgin Islands, Dominica, St. 
Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, Trinidad, St. 
Lucia, Honduras, Bahamas, Grand Cay- 
manas, Bermuda, Cape of Good Hope, 
1833-1835. 1835. [4 h.] 2844 

1835-47. Parliamentart Papers relative to 
the West Indies. 45 vols. [33 p.] 2845 

1885, Vol. I. Papers in Explanation of the 
measures adopted . . for giving effect to 
the Act for the Abolition of Slavery 
throughout the British Colonies, (Sche- 
dule of Instructions. Jamaica, Barbadoes, 
British Guiana and Mauritius, 3833-35). 
Return of the several periods of Resi- 
dence of the Bishops of Jamaica and 
Barbadoes within their respective 
Dioceses since their appointment. 

1885, Vol. II. Papers in Explanation of the 
measures adopted for giving effect to the 
Act for the Abolition of Slavery in the 
British Colonies: (Antigua, Montserrat, 
St. Christopher, Nevis, Virgin Islands, 
Dominica, St. Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, 
Trinidad, St. Lucia, Honduras, Bahamas. 
Grand Caymanas, Bermuda, Cape of Good 

1835, Vol. III. Statement of the expenditure 
by Great Britain on account of the 
several colonies for the years 1832-34. 
Copies of communications received by 
His Majesty's Government relating to the 
hurricane at Dominica, 1835. Honduras: 
Commission granted with respect to the 
command of troops. Return of Local Mag- 
istrates appointed special Magistrates- 
Copies of all the population returns re- 
ceived from slave colonies since the last 
were printed, up to the present time 
(1835). A copy of contract for the loan 
of £15,000,000 to be raised under the Act 
3 and 4 Will. IV., c. 73. for the compeu- 
sation to the owners of slaves; with pro- 



ccedingK and tenders respecting the 
«ame. Estimates, etc., miscellaneous ser- 
vices, for the year ending 31st March, 
18S6. Order in Council, dated 31st July, 
1835, declaring that adequate and satis- 
factory provision had been made by law 
in the islands and colonies of Antigua, 
Bermuda, Bahamas, St. Christopher, 
Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad, 
Mauritius and the Cape of Good Hope, 
for giving effect to the Act 3 and 4, Will. 
IV. c. 73, for the abolition of slavery 
throughout the British Colonies. Colonial 
Revenues. General abstract of the 
revenues and other receipts of the local 
governments of the several British 
Colonies, in the year 1833, also general 
abstract of expenditure in'^irred by the 
local governments of the British Colonies 
from colonial resources in 1S33. Copies 
of any instructions given relative to com- 
pensation claimed for negroes who had 
not been regi=3tered as slaves. Treaties 
between the King of France and the 
Kings of Denmark and Sardiania for the 
most efTectual suppression of the Slave 
Trade, 1834. Additional article to the 
treaty concluded at Stockholm, Nov. 6th, 
1824. between Great Britain and Sweden 
for the prevention of the traffic in slaves 
signed at Stockholm, June 15th, 1835. 
Correspondence with the British Com- 
missioners at Sierra Leone, the Havana, 
Rio de Janeiro, and Surinam, relating 
to the Slave Trade, 1834. Correspondence 
with Foreign Powers relating to the Slave 
Trade. 18.']4. 2845 

188C. Vol. 1. Papers in Explanation of the 
Measures adopted for giving effect to the 
Act for the Abolition of Slavery in the 
British Colonies. Part III. (1) Jamaica 

183C, Vol. II. Abolition of Slarery through- 
out tht> British Colonies: Part III. (2) 
(Barbadoes, British Guiana, Mauritius, 
Antigua, Montserrat, St. Christopher, 
Nevis, Virgin Islands. Dominica. St. Vin- 
cent, Grenada, Tobago, Trinidad, St. 
Lucia, HoHfJuras. Bahamas. Bermuda and 
Cape of Good Hope, with appendix. 

183C, Vol. III. Report from the Select Com- 
mittee on Negro Apprenticeship in the 
Colonies, together with the minutes of 
evidence, appendix and index. 

18S6, Vol. IV. Papers in Explanation of the 
Legislature of Jamacia in reference to 
the amendment of their original Act for 
giving effect to the Act of Parliament 
for the abolition of Slavery. Slave Com- 
pensation Fund, relating to the West 
India Compensation. Registrar of 
Colonial Slaves Office. Slavery Abolition 
Act, Tobago. Return of Imports from 
the West Indies and Mauritius. Negro 
Education, Appropriation of £20,000 to- 
wards the erection of School-houses 
Slavery Abolition (Jamaica). Slavery 
Abolition Act. Barbadoes. Correspondence 
with the British Commissioners at Sierra 
Leone, the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and 
Surinam, relating to the Slave Trade, 
1835. Correspondence with Foreign 
Powers relating to the Slave Trade, 
1835. Treaty for the abolition of the 
Slave Trade, signed at Madrid, Jm^o 
28th, 1895. 284C 

1837. Vol. I. Papers in explanation of the 
Mea.sures adopted for giving effect to the 
Abolition of Slavery throughout the 
British Colonies, Jamaica, Barbados, 
British Guiana. 

1837. Vol. II. REPORT from the Select Com- 
mittee on Negro Apprenticeship (Colon- 
ies). Copy of a Memorial addressed to 
Her Majesty's Government relative to the 
System of Negro Apprenticeship in the 
British Colonies ; and of any reply there- 
to. Copy of the mstructions addressed 
to the Inspector aiipointed to visit th» 
schools in the W^est Indies, which have 
received a share of the Parliamentary 
Grants of 1835 and 1S36 for Negro Edu- 
cation. An account of the quantities of 
sugar imported into the United Kingdom 
from the West Indies and Mauritius, and 
of the parts of those quantities re- 
entered for exportation between 6th 
January, 1836, and 5th January, 1837. 
Church nnd School Expenditure, 
Jamaica, for 5 years ending 30th Sept., 
1836. Correspondence between Her 
"Majesty's Government and the Govern- 
ment of New Granada respecting 
the imprisonment of Mr. Pro-Consul 
Russell, at Panama, 1837. Corres- 
pondence with the British Commis- 
sioners at Sierra Leone, the Havana 
Rio de Janeiro, and Surinam, re- 
lating to the Slave Trade. 1836. Corre- 
spondence with Foreign Powers relating 
to the Slave Trade, 1836. Additional 
article to the treaty between Great Bri- 
tain and the Netherlands, for the pre- 
verition of the traffic in slaves, signed at 
The Hagvie. February 7th, 1837. Con- 
vention between His late Majesty the 
King of the French and the Hans Towns 
' for the more effectual suppression of the 
I Slave Trade, signed at Hamburgh, June 
I 9th. 1837. 


I 1838. Vol. I. Papers in explanation of the 

Measures adopted for giving effect to the 

I Abolition of Slavery throughout the 

I British Co'onies, .limaica. Barbados and 

I British Guiana. Copy of a Report from 

C. J. Latrobe. Esq., on Negro Education 

in Jamaica, with correspondence relating 


1838. Vol. II. Copies of all Orders of Coun 
cil, or Colonial Ordinances, for the better 
regulation and enforcement of the rela- 
tive duties of Tn;\sters and employers, 
and articled servants, tradesmen and 
labourers, in the Colonies of British 
Guiana and Mauritius; and of cor- 
respondence relating thereto. Return of 
Slave Vessels cajitured under the late 
Spanish Treaty. Accounts of slave com- 
pensation claims, for the Colonies of 
Jamaica, Antigua, Honduras, St. Chri- 
stopher's, Grenada. Dominica. Nevis, Vir- 
gin Islands. St. Lucia. British Guiana, 
Montserrat. Bermuda. Bahamas. Tobago, 
St. Vincent's. Trinidad, Barbados, Mau- 
ritius, Cape of Good Hope. Copies of all 
orders in Council, British Guiana (con- 
tinued). Copy of Memorial to the Oueen 
In Council from the Gustos and the in- 

India Imports. Slave Cessels captured. 

1838. Vol. III. Report of Captain J. W. 
Pringle on Prisons in the West Indies. 
Part I, Jamaica, 1838. Part II., Bar- 
habitants of Grand Cavenanas, West 
badoes, Antigua, Montserrat, Tortola, 
St. Lucia. Negro Education, Windward 
and Leeward Islands, (i.) Copy of Re- 
port from C. J. Latrobe, Esq. (ii.) Ap- 
propriation of £30,000. (iii.) Report of 
Mico Charitv. Copy of a letter, dated 
17th March, 1838. written to the Lords 
Commissioners of the Treasury, on the 
subject of the drawback on refined sugar. 
A return of slave vessels brought before 



the several Courts of Mixed Commission- 
ers for adjudication between 1st January, 
1828, and 1st January, 1838. Papers re- 
lating to the measures adopted by the 
Legislatures of Barbados, Montserrat, 
Nevis, Virgin Islands, St. Christopher 
and St. Vincent, for the abolition of the 
system of apprenticeship on the 1st 
August, 1838. Protest of the Agent of 
Jamaica relating to the West India 
Prisons Bill. Memorial to the Queen 
from the Assembly of Jamaica on the 
subject of the Foreign Slave Trade. 
Papers relating to the Measures adopted 
by the Legislatures of Jamaica, British 
Guiana, Dominica, Grenada, and Tobago, 
for the Abolition of the system of Ap- 
prenticeship on the 1st of August, 1838. 

1838. Vol. IV. Correspondence with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and Surinam, 
relating to the Slave Trade, 1837. The 
.Same. Further series. 1837. Correspon- 
dence with Foreign Powers, relating to 
the Slave Trade, 1837. The Same Fur- 
ther series. Convention between Her 
Majesty, the King of the French, and 
the King of the Two Sicilies, for the 
more effectual suppression of the Slave 
Trade, signed at .Naples, February 14th, 
1838. Statistical report on the sickness, 
mortality, and invaliding among the 
troops in the West Indies, prepared from 
the records of the army medical depart- 
ment and war office returns. Appendix 
to report on the sickness .mortality and 
invaliding among the troops serving in 
the West Indies. 2848 

1839. Vol. I. Papers on the condition of the 
labouring population in the West Indies. 
Part I. Circular Instructions, Jamaica 
and British Guiana. The Same. Part I. 
continued (4) (2) (:"■). 2849 

1839. Vol. II. The Same- Part I. continued 
(5), Jamaica, Britii a Guiana. Part II., 
Barbados, St. Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, 
Trinidad and St. 1 ;icia. Vol. II., Part 
II., Report from €. J. Latrobe, Esq., on 
Negro Education in British Guiana and 

1839. Vol. III. The. sln^. Part III. Lee- 
ward Islands (Ant.gua, Montserrat, St. 
Christopher, Nevis, Virgin Islands, Do- 

1839. Vol. IV. The S*me. Part IV. Baha- 
mas, Honduras, Mauritius, Cape of Good 
Hope. Part II., continued. Windward 
Islands Government, viz., Barbados, St. 
Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, Trinidad. Re- 
turn of the amount of British Fore* in 
the Bay of Vera Cruz, at the taking of 
St. Juan d' Alloa, etc. Report of Hall, 
Prlngle and Alexander Campbell on the 
atrocities of slave traders (Jamaica). 
Correspondence relative to the conduct 
of the negro population, Jamaica. Re- 
port of Captain Milne, of H.M.S. Snake, 
relative to certain atrocities alleged to 
have been perpetrated on board a Portu- 
guese slaver, captured by the Snake, etc. 
Applications for bounties for capture of 
Spanish and Portuguese slave vessels. 
Copy of extracts from any further com- 
munication made to Her Majesty's Secre- 
tary of State, by the agent for Jamaica, 
relative to the state of that island. An 
account of the value of all exports from 
Great Britain to Jamaica from the year 
1830 to the present time; distinguishing 
each year. An accpunt of the quantities 
of sugar imported into the United 

Kingdom from the West Indies ani the 
Mauritius, and the parts of those q«an 
titles re-entered for exportation between 
5th January, 1838, and 5th January, 
1839. Papers relative to the West In- 
dies. Part I. (4), Jamaica, continued. 
Copies of Acts passed by the Legislature 
of the island of Jamaica. Correspondence 
relating to the affairs of Jamaica (re 
Agent and Meeting of Planters). Copy 
of Memorial of the Association of 
Jamaica Proprietors. Copy of Memorial 
of Mr. Joseph Woodhead on behalf of 
the officers and crew of Her Majesty's 
brig Buzzard, as captors of the Spanish 
schooner Circe, illegally fitted for the 
traffic in slaves. 

1839. Vol. V. P.^PERS on the condition of 
the labouring population. West Indies. 
Part 1. Jamaica (continued), British 
Guiana (continued). Correspondence re- 
lative to the condition of the Hill Coolies, 
and' of other labourers who have been 
introduced into British Guiana. Return 
of the number of national and other 
schools in Jamaica, 1837. Return of slave 
vessels brought before the several courts 
of mixed commission for adjudication, 
since 1st January, 1838. Communications 
relative to the agricultural state of 

1839. Vol. VI. Correspondence with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and Suri- 
nam, relating to the Slave Trade, from 
May, 1838, to Feb., 1839. Correspondence 
with Foreign Powers relating to the Slave 
Trade (Spain, Portugal, Braeil, the 
Netherlands and Sweden). 

1839. Vol. Vli. COrtRESPONDENCE with 

Foreign Powers, parties to the Conven- 
tions between Great Britain and France 
upon me Slave irade irom Ai^,y 1st, 

1838, to February, 1839, inclusive, Cor- 
respondence witn Foreign Powers, not 
parties to conventionb feiviug ugat oi 
search of vessels suspected of the Slave 
Trade, 1838-9. Correspondence with the 
Britisli Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
the Havana, and Rio de Janeiro, relating 
to the Slave Trade, from February iind, 
to May 31st, 1839. Correspondence with 
Spam, Portugal and Brazil, relative to 
the Slave Trade, from February 2nd, 

1839, to May 31st, 1839. Correspondence 
witli Foreign Powers parties to tne con- 
ventions between Great Britain and 
France relating to the Slave Trade, 
from February 3rd, to May 3rd, 1839. 
Correspondence with Foreign Powers not 
parties to conventions giving right of 
search of vessels suspected of the Slave 

, Trade, from February 2nd, to May 3rd, 
1839. Copies of Acts passed by the Legis- 
lature of th^ Island of Jamaica. 35 Car. 
II., Cap. II., 32, Geo. III., Cap. II., 55; 
Geo. III., Cap. 19, and 5, Will. IV., Cap. 
2, 1839. 284» 

1840. Vol. I. Correspondence on the con- 
dition of the Hill Coolies in British 
Guiana. Order in Council relative to 
Immigration into Trinidad. Returns re- 
lating to Commissioners of Arbitration 
under the Slavery Abolition Act. Tem- 
porary Barracks at Maroon Town, Ja- 
maica [with plan]. Papers relative to 
the immigration of labourers into British 
Guiana. Correspondence relating to the 
Barracks at Nassau and Turk's Island 
(Bahamas). Correspondence relating to 
the issue of fresh meat rations to the 
troops in Jamaica, the West Indies, and 



Bermuda; Extracts from reports of Medi- 
cal Officers relating to health of troops 
in the Bahamas. Correspondence re- 
apecting liberated Africans. Jamaica im- 
ports from 1835 to 1839. Copy of any 
charter granted to any Joint Stock Com- 
pany formed for carrying Mails to the 
Colonies (Royal Mail Steam Packet Com- 
pany Charter). Contract for the con- 
veyance of mails to the West India Is- 
lands. Instructions of the Lords of the 
Admiralty, for regulating an inquiry as to 
the advantages of different ports, for de- 
parture and arrival of West India Mails. 
Papers relative to the affairs of British 
Guiana (with map]. Correspondence re- 
lative to civil list, British Guiana. 
1840. Vol. II. Papers relative to Jamaica. 
The Sam». Part II. Barbados. An 
account of the Quantities of sugar and 
other produce imported into the United 
Kingdom from the West Indies and 
Mauritius, between the. 5th day of Jan., 
1839, and the 5th day of January, 1840; 
and of the parts of those quantities re- 
exported. Correspondence on the subject 
of the convention of a General Council 
and Assembly in the Leeward Islands. 
Treasury Minutes^ on the subject of an 
advance of £32.000 for the relief of 
British Guiana. Return relative to slave 
vessels brought before the several courts 
of Mixed Commission for adjudication, 
since the 1st of January, 1839. Copy of 
the report of the committee appointed 
by the Lords of the Admiralty to enquire 
as to the comparative advantages af- 
fordf^d by different ports in the channel 
as ports for the departure and arrival 
of the West India Mails. 

1840. Vol. III. Correspondence with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and Suri- 
nam, relating to the Slave Trade, from 
June 30th to December 31 st, 18.39. Cor- 
respondence with Spain, Portugal, Braell, 
the Netherlands and Sweden, relative to 
the Slave Trade, from June 1st to Dec, 
1839, inclusive. Correspondence with 
Foreign Powers, parties to the conven- 
tions between Great Britain and France, 
upon the Slave Trade, from June Ist to 
December 31 st, 1839, inclusive. 

1840. Vol. IV. CORRESPONDK.VCi with 

Foreign Powers, not parties to conven- 
tions giving right of search of vesseli 
suspected of the Slave Trade, from June 
Ist to December Slst, 1839. inclusive. 
Correspondence with the British Com- 
missioners at Sierra Leone, the Havana, 
Rio de Janiero, and Surinam, relating to 
the Slave Trade, from January Ist to 
May 10th, 1840, inclusive. Correspon- 
dence with Spain, Portugal, Bra«il, the 
Netherlands, and Sweden, relative to the 
Slave Trade, from January Ist, 1840, to 
May 10th. 1840. Correspondence with 
Foreign Powers, not parties to conven- 
tions, giving right of search of vesseli 
•uspected of the Slave Trade, from Jan. 
1st. to May 10th, 1840. r/je.S«mc. Fur- 
ther series. Papers relative to the 
negotiations between Great Britain and 
Portugal, about the suppression of the 
Slave Trade. Treaty between Her 
Majesty and the Republick of Venezuela, 
for the abolition of the Slave Trade, 
•ifned at Caracas, March 15th, 1839. 2860 

1840. IXTRACTS from Papers printed by order 
of tbe House of Commons, 1839, relative to 
the West Indies, arranged under the fol- 

lowing heads: Progress of Industry and 
general Condition of Society since Aug. 
1st, 1838: State of the Law as it now 
exists; New Laws proposed to meet the 
new relations of Society ; Administration 
of Justice; Laws relating to Immigra- 
tion and Deportation from one Colony to 
another; Proceedings of the Local Legis- 
latures. • 2851 

1841. Vol. I. Reports from the Select Com- 
mittee on West India Mail's; together 
with the .\finutes of Evidence, Appendix, 
etc. Correspondence between the Gov- 
ernment of India and Court of Directors 
relating to the Hill Coolies. Returns re 
lating to foreign sugar entered for con- 
sumption and of foreign sugar refined in 
bond in 1840. Account relating to sugar 
imported into the United Kingdom from 
1815 to 1840. Copy of the Memorial of 
the Council and Assembly of Jamaica to 
Her Majesty against the reduction of 
the duties on foreign sugar. Copy of the 
memorial addressed to the Secretary of 
State by the agents for the several 
colonies in the West Indies on the sub- 
ject of the alteration of the duties on 
foreign .'^ugar. Account of wine and 
spirits imported and exported, retained 
for home consumption, duties paid, etc.. 
for the year 1841. Abstracts of the net 
revenue raised in the island of Jamaica, 
in the years 1838-89; of the expenditure 
or appropriation of the same, and of the 
number of slaves, according U> the last 
registration in 1832. Scale of sugar 
duties to be proposed by the Chancellor 
of the Exchequer in Committee of Ways 
and Means. 2852 

"841. Vol. II. Papfrs relative to the affairs 
of the West Indies. 1841; British Guiana. 
The ame Part II. Jamaica. 

1841. Vol: III. CORRESPONDENCB with th« 

British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
the Havana, Rio de Janeiro and Surinam, 
relating to the Slave Trade, from May 
nth to December. 31st, 1840, inclusive. 
Correspondence with Foreign Powers re- 
lating to the Slave Trade, from May 11th 
to December 31^, 1840. Correspondence 
with Foreign Powers^ parties to the con- 
ventions between Great Britain and 
France, upon the Slave Trade, from May 
11th to December 81st, 1840. inclusive. 
Correspondence with Foreign Powers, not 
parties to conventions giving right of 
search of vessels suspected of the Slave 
Trade, from May 1st to December Slst, 

1840. inclusive. Correspondence relative 
to the Slave Trade at the Gallinas. Copy 
of a despatch from the Governor of 
British Guiana, dated 16th July, 1841. 
transmitting a report on the state of the 
labouring population of Demarara and 
Berbice. Treaty between Her Majesty 
and the Argentine Confederation, for the 
abolition of the Slave Trade, signed at 
Buenos Ayres, May 24th. 1839. Con- 
vention between Her Majesty and the 
Republick of Hayti, for the more effect- 
ual suppression of the Slave trade, 
signed at Port-au-Prince, December 23rd, 
1839. Treaty between Great Britain, 
Austria, France, Prussia and Russia for 
the suppression of the African Slave 
Trade, signed at London, December 20th, 

1841. 2858 

1841-2. Vol. I. Papers relative to the West 
Indies, Jamaica, Barbados, 1841-42. THB 
Same. Antigua, Trinidad, St. Lucia, 
Grenada, 1841-42. The Same. British 
Guiana. 1841-42. 



1842. Vol. II. Keport from the Select Com- 
mittee on West India Colonies, together 
•with the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix 
and Index. 

1842. Vol. III. and IV. Report from the 
Select Committee [appointed to inquire 
into the state of the British Possessions] 
©n the West Coast of Africa, together 
with the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix 
and Index. Part I. Report and Evi- 
dence. Part II. Appendix and Index. 

1842. Vol. V. Correspondence relative to 
the introduction of Indian Labourers 
into the Mauritius. Returns of Vessels 
which have been adjudicated in the 
Courts of Mixed Commission at Sierra 
Leone from 1830 to 1841 ; of Powers with 
which treaties have been con- 
cluded for the suppression of 
the Slave Trade; and of slave 
vessels brought before the Courts of 
Mixed Commission for adjudication, be- 
tween 1st January, 1840, and 31st Dec, 
1841. Return of the amount paid for 
salaries and incidental expenses for the 
Commissioners established on the part of 
Her Majesty under the treaties with 
Foreign Powers for suppressing the 
Traffic in slaves . . . Also return of the 
number of persons now receiving pensions 
for service in the said Commissions. Re- 
turn of slave vessels brought before the 
Courts of Mixed Commission for adjudi- 
cation, and of all claims for bounties on 
tonnage between 1st January, 1840, and 
31st December, 1S41 ; and return respect- 
ing proceeds of slave vessels and cargoes 
captured and cof^demned under the Act 
2 and 3 Vict. c. 73. Return of the num- 
ber of vessels employed on the West 
African station since 1828 ; also Return 
of slave-vessels captured by Her 
Majesty's cruisers since 1831, and the 
di.sposal of the slaves. Treaty between 
Her Majesty and the Oriental Republick 
of the Uruguay, for the abolition of the 
trafflck in slaves, signed at Monte- 
Video. July 13th, 1839. Treaty for the 
abolition of the trafflck in slaves be- 
tween Her Majesty and the Republics 
of Bolivia, signed aj Sucre, September 
25th, 1840; Texas, signed at London, 
November 16th, 1840 ; Mexico, signed at 
Mexico, February 24th, 1841; and Por- 
tugal, signed at Lisbon, July 3rd, 1842. 
Correspondence with the British Com- 
missioners at Sierra Leone, The Havana, 
Rio de Janeiro, and Surinam, relating to 
the Slave Trade, from January 1st to 
December 31st, 1841, inclusive. j 

1842. Vol. VI. Correspondence with Spain, i 
Portugal. Brazil, the Netherlands, Swe- 
den, and the Argentine Confederation, 
relative to the Slave Trade. 1841. 

1842. Vol. VII. Correspondence on Slave 
Trade, with Foreign Powers, parties to 
Conventions under which vessels are to 
be tried by the Tribunals of the nation 
to which thpv belong, 1841. Correspon- 
dence with Foreign Powers not parties to 
Conventions. 2854 

1843. Vol. 1. Returns of the number of 
Immigrants into the British West India 
Colonies and British Guiana, from the 
Ist day of August, 1834, to the latest 
period the same can be made up ; and 
for all votes of money for purposes of 
immigration and annual expenditure of 
the same for the like period. Copy of 
".trreipr ndence relative to the conduct 
of the Lieutenant-Governor of St. Kitts. 

Copy of the regulations made and orders 
issued by the Government of Bengal for 
the protection of coolies (labourers) pro- 
ceeding to and from the Mauritius, or 
any other place. Returns of the num- 
ber and tonnage of sailing and fcteam 
vessels registered and of those that en- 
tered and cleared coastwise, at each of 
the ports in the United Kingdom and in 
the Colonies for the year ending 3l8t 
December, 1842; also the number of ves- 
sels built and registered with their ton- 
nage, etc.. in 1840, 1841, and '42. Re- 
turns of Shipping registered and ofitt:ed 
and cleared at the several ports of the 
Isle of Man, and of the colonies in 1841, 
also of ships built and registered nt e»ch 
port of the colonies and ohe United 
Kingdom I'rom 1821-41. Returns of Emi- 
gration during the year 1842. An account 
of the quantities of sugar imported into 
the United Kingdom and the quantities 
retained for home consumption, the rates 
of duty charged on the home consump- 
tion, and net revenue accruing there- 
from ; with a comparative statement of 
the average prices of British plantation 
and foreign sugars, in each year from 
1840 to 1842. Copy of Treas.iry Minutes 
of April and August, 1842, directing the 
Post Office to prepare an .'stimate of 
Foreign and Colonial Postage; together 
with a copy of such estimate. Copy of 
an Act passed by the Legislature 01 the 
island of Jamaica, in the month of 
December last, imposing duties on all 
articles imported into that island for 
internal consumption, together with 
copies or extracts of any correspondence 
relating thereto. A Return of the num- 
ber of ships of war employed for the 
suppression of the Slave Trade in 1842. 
An account of the quantities of sugar 
imported, entered for home consumption, 
and remaining in warehouse at the latest 
date that can be given for this year; 
comparing them with the quantities at 
the same date last year. Returns relat- 
ing to sweets or made wines and rum. 
Copies of extracts of any correspondence 
relating to the return of coolies from 
British Guiana to India. Report from 
the select committee on the case of the 
ship Guiana, and the dismissal of the 
appeal in the said case ; together with 
the Minutes of Evidence. An account of 
the declared value of the various articles 
of British produce and manufactures ex- 
ported to Cuba, and quantities of articles 
of the growth and manufacture of Cuba 
imported into the United Kingdom dur- 
ing each of the ten years ending 5th 
January, 1843. Account of the quanti- 
ties of coffee imported into the United 
Kingdom, entered for home consumption, 
etc., from 1820 to 1842; of cocoa from 
1832 to 18-12 ; and of cheese and butter, 
from 1830 to 1842. Copy of correspon- 
dence relative to the conduct of the 
Lieutenant-Governor of St. Kitts. Copy 
of a Legislative Despatch from the Sec- 
retary to the Government of India to the 
Secretary at the India House [relative to 
East India Slavery], dated 15th April, 
1843, Conies or extracts of correspon- 
dence relative to the abolition of slavery 
in the island of Ceylon. Papers relative 
to emigration from the West Coast of 
Africa to the West Indies. Copy of the 
correspondence which has taken place 
with regard to the removal of the Penin- 
sula. West India and Oriental Mail 
Packets from Falmouth ; and of any 
Treasury Minute relating thereto. Papers 



relative to the earthquake in the 
West Indies. Papers relative to 
the expedition to the River 

Niger. A Bill for carrying into effect 
the Treaty between Her Majesty and the 
Mexican Republic, for the abolition of 
the traffic in slaves. A Bill for carrying 
into effect the Treaty between Great 
Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia, for 
the suppression of the African Slave 
Trade. Additional article to the treaty 
concluded at Lisbon, July 3rd. 1842, be- 
tween Her Majesty and the Queen of 
Portugal, for the suppression of the 
trafflck in slaves, signed at Lisbon, Oct. 
22nd, 1842. Treaty between Her Majesty 
and the Republick of Chile, for the 
abolition of the trafflck in slaves, signed 
at Santiago. January IQUi, 1839. Ad- 
ditional and explanatory Convention be- 
tween Her Majesty and the Republick of 
Chile, for the abolition of the trafflck in 
slaves, signed at Santiago, August 7th. 
1841. Treaty of amity, commerce, and 
navigation, between Her Majesty and 
the Oriental Republick of Uruguay, 
signed at London, August 26th, 1842. 

1848. Vol. 11 CoRRESPONDE.NCE with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
the Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and Suri- 
nam, relating to the slave trade, 1842. 
Correspondence with Spain. Portugal, 
Brazil, the Netherlands, Sweden. Monte 
Video, the Argentine Confederation, and 
Bolivia, relative to the Slave Trade, 

1843. Vol. in. Correspondence on the Slave 
Trade with Foreign Powers, parties to 
conventions under which vessels are to 
be tried by the Tribunals of the nation 
to which they belong, 1842. Correspon- 
dence with Foreign Powers, not parties 
to conventions giving right of search of 
vessels suspected of the slave trade, 


1843. P.APERH relative to the Earthquake in 
the West Indies. 2 parts. • 2854a 

1844. Vol. I. Correspondence relative to 
emigration of labourers to the West In- 
dies and the Mauritius, from the West 
Coast of Africa, the East Indies and 
China. General Report of the Colonial 
Land and Emigration Commissioners. 
Emigration of Indian Labourers to the 
West Indies, etc. Emigration of Indian 
labourers into the Mauritius. Returns of 
Bailing vessels registered at each port 
of the United Kingdom, including Isle of 
Man, etc., in 1843: of vessels entered and 
cleared coastwise in 1843; of number and 
tonnage of vessels registered at each of 
the ports of the Colonies ; of vessels 
built,, registered, sold, wrecked and 
broken up in 1843. Copy of the memorial 
to Her Majesty, of the House of As- 
sembly of Jamaica, on the distressed 
condition of the colony. An account of 
coffee imported into the United King- 
dom; coffee entered for home consump- 
tion, showing the rate of duty, together 
with the amount derived therefrom, and 
stock of coffee in the United Kingdom, 
of each description, in bond, on 3l8t 
December, 1848. Copy of the memorial 
addressed by the Agent of Jamaica to 
Her Majesty's Government relative to 
the reduction of the duties on foreign 
sugar and coffee unaccompanied by any 
reduction of duties on those articles, 
the growth of British Possessions. Re- 
turns relating to sugar. Return of the 
income, expenditure and debt, for the 

years 1841-42, for each of the British 
West India colonies. A bill for author' 
ising Her Majesty to carry into imme- 
diate execution, by orders in Council, any 
treaties for the suppression of the Slave 
Trade. A bill for granting to Her 
Majesty certain duties on sugar import^ 
ed into the United Kingdom for the ser- 
vice of the year 1844. A bill for the 
better regulation of Colonial Posts. 

1844. Vol. II. Correspondence with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Surinam, the 
Cape of Good Hope, Jamaica, St. Paul 
de Loanda, and Boa Vista, relating to 
the Slave Trade, 1843. 

1844. Vol. III. Correspondence on the 
Slave Trade with Foreign Powers, parties 
to treaties under which captured vessels 
are to be tried by mixed tribunals, 1843. 

1844. Vol. IV. Correspondence on the Slave 
Trade with Foreign Powers, parties to 
treaties and conventions, under which 
captured vessels are to be tried by Tri- 
bunals of the nation to which thej 
belong, 1843. Correspondence with 
Foreign Powers, not parties to treaties 
or conventions, giving a mutual right of 
searrh o' vessels suspected of the Slave 
Trade, 184S. 

1844. Vol. V. Instructions for the guidance 
of Her Majesty's naval ofBcers employed 
in the suppression of the Slave Trade, 


1844. RETURNS of Income, Expenditure and 
Debt, Tariffs of the West India 
Colonies, British Guiana and Mauritius. 

1844. • 2858 

1845. Vol. I. FIFTH General Report of the 
Colonial Land and Emigration Commis- 
sioners. 1845. Copy of the memorial of 
the House of Assembly of Jamaica to 
Her Majesty, transmitted by the Gover- 
nor on the 21st day of December last Ire 
sugar and coffee]. Correspondence re- 
specting the BUgartt of Cuba and Porto 
Rica. An account of the quantity of 
sugar admitted for home consumption 
under the 7th and 8th Vic. c. 28, specify- 
ing the country jof which such sugar is 
the produce. An account of the quan- 
tities of sugar of the several sorts im- 
ported into the United Kingdom in each 
year, from 1840 to 1844, both inclusive. 
Returns of any discriminating duties 
heretofore imposed between mus- 
covado and clayed sugar, and 
under what authority, etc., and 
papers relating to the duty to be charged 
upon various descriptions of sugar partly 
refined or purified. Import and export 
duties on sugar in France ; the recent 
modification for regulating the excise 
duty on beetroot sugar, etc., also ex- 
tract from General Tariff of import duties 
on sugar in the United States. Order 
of Her Majesty in Council of the 28th 
November. 1844, admitting into the 
United Kingdom sugar, the produce 
of Venezuela, at a duty of 34s. per cwt. 
Copy of a memorial from sugar refiners 
and others, to the Lords of the Trea- 
sury, respecting alterations in the sugar 
duties. An account of imports into the 
United Kingdom, of sugar molasses, 
rum. coffee, and cocoa, from the West 
Indies and British Guiana, distinguish- 
ing each colony for the year 1844. A 
bill for granting to Her Majesty, 
for a term to be limited, cer- 
tain duties OD sugar imported into 



the United Kingdom. A bill to repeal 
the duties of excise on sugar manufac- 
tured in the United Kingdom and to im- 
pose other duties irj lieu thereof. Copy 
of correspondence relating to the sup- 
pression of the Slave Trade. Returns of 
the number of vesBels furnished with 
slave warrants, and other returns and 
pepers relative to the Slave Trade. Ac- 
counts relating to trade and oa /ii?ati m, 
customs duties and tonnage of vessels. 
Copies or extracts of despatches relating 
to the disturbances in the Island of 
Dominica. Returns of foreign and colon- 
ial Bishops, etc., clergy (colonies), 
British Colonies, Grants of public money. 
Religious instruction (colonies and 
India). A bill to facilitate the recovery 
of loans made by the West India Relief 
Commissioners. Copies of the last cen- 
sus of the population taken in each of 
the British West India Islands and in 
British Guiana ; together with informa- 
tion subsequently received relative to 
the number of emancipated negroes who 
have become freeholders,, the extent of 
land purchased by them, and the sums 
of money paid or payable for such pur- 
chases. Correspondence relative to In- 
dian labourers in the Mauritius. Ac- 
counts of exports to and imports from 
the British West India Colonies, the 
East Indies, Ceylon, China, etc.. lor each 
of the past five years, ending 5th Janu- 
ary, 1845 ; also the number of ships that 
have entered and cleared for the above 
places during the same period. Return 
of the names of the Legislative Council 
in each of our colonies or settlements not 
having Legislative Assemblies, from the 
year 1836 to 1844, inclusive, with the 
profession of each member; distinguish- 
ing those who hold appointnients or 
emoluments in the gift of Government, 
other than pay or allowances attached to 
, their military rank. Return of the names 
of the agents for colonies at present act- 
ing In Great Britain, and recognised as 
such by the Colonial Office, the salary 
they receive, etc. A bill to regulate the 
trade of British Possessions abroad. 2857 

1845. Vol. II. CORBESPONDENCE with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Surinam, Cape 
of Good Hope, Jamaica, Loanda, and Boa 
Vista. Correspondence on the Slave 
Trade with Foreign Powers, parties to 
treaties, under which captured vessels are 
to be tried by mixed Tribunals, 1844. 

1845. Vol. III. Correspondence on the 
Slave Trade with Foreign Powers, parties 
to treaties and conventions under which 
captured vessels are to be tried by tri- 
bunals of the nation to which they be- 
long, from January Ist to December 81«t, 

1844, inclusive. Correspondence with 
Foreign Powers, not parties to treaties 
or conventions giving a mutual right of 
search of vessels suspected of the Slave 
Trade, from January 1st to December 
31st, 1844, inclusive. Convention between 
Her Majesty and the King of the 
French, for the suppression of the traffic 
in slaves, signed at London, May 29th, 

1845. Papers relating to the conven- 
tion between Great Britain and Brazil on 
the Slave Trade. 

1845. Vol. IV. REPORT from the Select Com- 
mittee on Colonial Accounts ; together 
with t^f. minutes of evidence, appendix 
and index. 

1845. Vol. V. Copies or extracts of cor- 
r«8pondence relative to the labouring 
population in the West Indies. 2857d 

1846. Vol. I. Correspondence with th» 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
Havana. Rio de Janeiro, Surinam, Cape 
of Good Hope, Jamaica, Loanda, and 
Boe Vista, relating to the Slave Trade. 

1846. Vol. II. Correspondence on the Slay* 
Trade with Foreign Powers, parties to 
treaties, under which captured vesseli 
are to be tried by mixed tribunals, from 
January 1st, to December 31st, 1845, in- 

1846. Vol. III. Correspondence on the 
Slave Trade with Foreign Powers, parties 
to treaties and conventions, under which 
captured vessels are to be tried by Tri- 
bunals of the nation to which they be- 
long, from January Ist to December 
81st, 1845, inclusive. Correspondence 
with Foreign Powers, not parties to 
treaties or conventions, giving a mutual 
right of search of vessels suspected of 
the Slave Trade, from Jan. let to Dec. 
3l8t. 1845. 

1846. Vol. IV. The Reports made for the 
year 1845, to the Secretary of State hav- 
ing the Department of the Colonies, in 
continuation of the reports annually made 
by the Governors of the British Colonies, 
with a view to exhibit generally the past 
and present state of Her Majesty's 
Colonial Possessions; transmitted with 
the blue books for the year 1845. Fur- 
ther correspondence respecting the 
sugar of Cuba and Porto Rico. An ac- 
count, showing the quantities of sugar 
of the several sorts imported into the 
United Kingdom . . . from 1815 to 1840, 
following a comparative statement of 
the average prices of British planta- 
tions . . . Return of date of Order in 
Council regarding sugar, 21st April, 1846. 
Copies of the two Orders in Council, 
dated 8th August, 1845, and 6th April, 
1846. An account of the quantities of 
sugar imported into the United 
Kingdom ; the quantities retained for 
actual consumption, the lates of duty 
charged on the home consumption, and 
net revenue accruing therefrom ; with a 
comparative statement of the average 
prices of British and Foreign Plantation 
sugar, in each year from 1841 to 1845, in 
continuation of Parliamentary Paper, No. 
290, of session 1841. An account of the 
quantity of foreign sugar admitted into 
consumption from 14th March, 1845, to 
5th April, 1846, distinguishing that ad- 
mitted under certificate as the produce 
of free labour, and that which has been 
admitted under the stipulations of 
treaty ; together with the foreign coun- 
tries from which the sugar admitted 
under treaty has been imported. A re- 
turn of the amount of duty received on 
sugar during the financial year 1845-46, 
specifying the amount received under the 
different rates of duty. An account of 
the quantity of sugar imported, and of 
that entered for home consumption, in 
the financial year 1845-46; distinguishing 
the quantities liable to each separate 
rate of duty, and the amount of duty 
received on each. Account of foreign 
sugar now in bond (not including that 
admissible under the Act 9 Vict. c. 5). 
Account of foreign sugar in bor.d on Ist 
July, 1846, at London, Liverpool, Hull, 
Bristol and Newcastle, quantity admis- 



%ih\* to home consumption, tit. Return 
•flowing th« price of brown muBCOTado 
■ugar ; the stock in hand ; the quantitiei 
brought to charge, etc. Copy of mem- 
orial from the Chamber of Commerce of 
Kingston, Jamaica, to the Treasury ; and 
of the report of the Chamber on the 
Sugar Duty Question. Return specifying 
the quantity of Sugar . . grown in or 
exported from the territories of the East 
India Company in the years 1844 and 

1845. respectively. Copies of an Order 
in Council, dated 7th September, 1888, 
for regulating in British Guiana, Trini- 
dad. St. Lucia, and Mauritius, the rights 
and duties of masters and servants, etc. 
Return of number of ships of war. of all 
class'^s, employed for the suppression of 
the Slave Trade in the ye.T 1845. An 
account of the imports into the United 
Kincdom. of sujrar, molasses, rum 
coffee, and cocoa, from the West Indies 
and British Guiana, for the years 1831 
to 1845, both Inclusive; distinguishing 
the quantities imported from each 
colony in each year. Copy of a memor- 
ial of the .Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 
to the Lords Commissioners of Her 
Majesty's Treasury, dated 9th March, 

1846. Copies of Correspondence between 
the Secretary for the Colonies and the 
Lords of the Treasury, on the appoint- 
ment of an Assistant Secretary to the 
Co'onies: of minutes or Ordnrs in Coun- 
cil since the year 1«3.'?, relfiting to the 
establishment in the Colonial Office. 
Sixth General Report of the Colonial 
Land and Emigration Commissioners. 
Copies or extracts of despatches and 
correspondence between the Colonial 
Office and the Authorities in each of the 
West India Colonies, relative to a pro- 
posed loan of money in aid of the immi- 
gration of labour into those Colonies ; 
also, copies of the resolutions passed by 
the Legislative Assembly of each 
Colony, in relation to the said proposed 
loan, during the years 1843, 1844, and 

1846. Vol. V. Papers, in continuation of 
those presented last year (Sessional 
Paper. No. 642. of 1845), relating to the 
labouring population of the British 
Co'onie.s. (West Indies and Mauritius). 
Part I. Stato of the labouring population 
in the West Indies and Mauritius. Copies 
or pxt'-acts of any orders in Council, etc., 
respecting the supply and labour in those 
Co'onies since 22nd April, 1846; Part II., 
Immigration of labourers into the West 
Indian Co'onies and the Mauritius. A re- 
turn of the provision, if any, made by 
law or otherwise, in Her Majesty's dif- 
ferent Colonial Posspss'ons, for destitute 
persons of the following classes: 1st, 
widows and fatherless children, or de- 
serted women and children ; 2pd. old and 
Infirm persons; 3rd. persons diseased in 
body or mind. Also a statement, so far 
as the same can he given, of the actual 
condition of such several of per- 
sons in each of the said Colonial Posses- 
eions. A similar return and statement 
for the Ionian Islands. Copy of the 
Regulations or Instructions under which 
the Crown Lands in the West India 
Co'onies and British Guiana are permit- 
ted to be put up for sale. Copies or 
extracts of any correspondence with the 
Co'onial Authorities relatinor to the Sti- 
pendiary Macistracy : Copies of all laws 
repulating the relation between masters 
and servants, and of all laws constituting 

ApMftl or Inferior Criminal Courts, or 
cxtcadiBg tb« Jurisdiction of th» 
Stipendiary or Local Justices In th* 
Emancipated Colonies ; and copies or ex- 
tracts of the correspondence relatinf 
thereto. Copies of the several Tariffs, 
Tax and Corn Ordinances, which had 
bten passed by the Colonial Assemblies 
or Legislatures in the years 1843, 1844, 
and 1845 ; and copies or extracts of the 
correspondence relating thereto. Part 
III. Stipendiary Magistrates, Laws of 
Masters tnd Serrants. Courts of Appo&I, 

1846. Vol. VI. A Return of duties Imposed 
in each Colony In British America and 
the West Indies on the principal articles 
the growth or production of, or im- 
ported from, any or all of the British 
Colonies. A Return of duties imposed 
in each Colony in British America and 
in the West Indies, on goods the pro- 
duction or manufacture of the United 
Kingdom. Similar returns for the Cape 
of Good Hope, Mauritius, Ceylon and the 
Australian Colonies. A return of duties 
imposed in each of t!ie Indian Presiden- 
cies, and in the Prince of Wales Island, 
on the produ tions or manufactures of 
the United K -igdom. A return of duties 
imposed in et h of the Indian Presiden 
cies, and in the Prince of Wales Island, 
on the products of each other, and on 
those of any British Colony. A return 
of duties impvjscd in any British Colony 
on the impolation of the products of 
the Indian P esidencies or of Prince of 
Wales Island A return of duties im- 
posed in the several British Colonies 
and Possessions, British India InclusiTe, 
on the exports of their several produc- 
tions. A return of ships and tonnage 
belonging to each, and every British 
Colony and to British India. A return 
stating the number and tonnage of Tes 
sels arriving at, and departing from, 
each and every British Colony, and to 
and from British India ; the countries to 
which such vessels belong, and the places 
or ports from which they come and to 
which they depart; for the last ten 
years. A return Jot the description and 
value, or quantity, of imports to and 
exports from each and every British 
Colony, and to and from British India; 
specifying thi' countries whence imported 
and to whicli exported, for the last ten 

1847, Vol. I. Correspondence with the 
British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, 
Havana. Rio de Janeiro, Surinam. Cape 
of Good Hope, Jamaica, Loanda, and Boa 
Vi.sta, and proceedings of British Vice- 
Admiralty Courts, relating to the Slave 
Trade, from January 1st to December 
31 St. 1846. Correspondence on the Slave 
Trade with Foreign Powers, parties to 
treaties u^der which captured vessels are 
to be tried by mixed Tribunals, from 
January 1st to December Slst, 1846. In- 
clusive. Correspondence on the Slave 
Tradf with Foreign Powers, parties to 
treaties under which captured vessels 
are to be tried by tribunals of the 
nation to which they belong; from 
January 1st to December Slst, 1846, in- 
clusive. Correspondence with Foreign 
Powers, not parties to treaties or con- 
ventions giving a miitua! right of search 
of vessels suspected of the Slave Trade; 
from January Ist, to December Slst, 1846, 
inclusive. Returns showing the particu- 



lars of disbursements constituting the 
diflterence between the gross proceeds of 
the sale of the slave vessels "Jehovah" 
and " Diana" and the net proceeds paid 
into the Vice-Admiralty Court; also copy 
of the condemnation, and certificate of 
the breaking up of the hull of the 
" Diana." A return of the appropriation 
•of all sums of money received as proceeds 
of vessels or property condemned for 
violation of Laws or Treaties prohibiting 
the Slave Trade ; of sums paid since 1807 
to captors of vessels condemned ; of sums 
paid in satisfaction of expenses or dam- 
ages arising from prosecutions, etc. 

1847, Vol. II. Seventh General Report of the 
Colonial Land and Emigration Commis- 
sioners. Copies of all papers relative to 
the further Progress of Emigration from 
Africa to the West Indian Colonies. 
Returns showing the number of Free 
Emigrants into Jamaica, British Guiana, 
Trinidad and the Mauritius, since the 
abolition of Slavery in 1834 ; the number 
of Liberated Africans, and their destina- 
tion, and the number of Emigrant 
Labourers now ordered by the above 
Colonies. Commercial Tariffs and regula- 
tions, resources and trade, of the several 
States of Europe and America, together 
with the commercial treaties between 
England and foreign countries ; part the 
twentieth, Hayti, and foreign West 
Indies ; by John MacGregor. Returns of 
the amount of dr.ty received on sugar, 
from 5th April, 1846, to .5th January, 
1847; and of all sugars that have been 
stopped for alleged inaccurate entry at 
London and Liverj-ool during the same 
period, etc. Copies of any Memorials to 
Her Majesty from the Island of Jamaica, 
and from the other West India Colonies, 
respecting the Sugar Duties, together 
with copies of the replies thereto. Copy 
of reports to the Board of Excise on the 
production of spirit from sugar and 
molasses. Copy of further report to the 
Board of Excise on the production of 
spirit from sugar and molasses. An 
account of the imports into the United 
Kingdom of sugar, molasses, rum, coffee 
and cocoa, from the West Indies and 
British Guiana, for. -the years 1831 to 
1846, both inclusive ;' distinguishing the 
quantities imported from each Colony in 
each year. An account of the imports 
into the United Kingdom, of sugar, 
molasses, rum, and coffee from Calcutta, 
Madras, Ceylon and the Mauritius, for 
the years 1831 to 1846, both inclusive; 
distinguishing the quantities imported 
from each place in each year. Returns 
of the quantity of sugar used by 
Licensed Brewers, and taken into stock 
by Distillers in England, Scotland and 
Ireland, from the passing of the Act 10 
Vict. c. 5, and 10 Vict. c. 6, to the 5th 
July, 1847. Account of the quantity of 
Foreign wine imported, exported and re- 
tained for home consumption, during the 
year ended 6th January, 1847, also ac- 
count of Foreign and Colonial spirits, 
etc. ; quantities shipped as stores during 
the same period; together with the 
quantities of wine and spirits of each 
sort remaining in bond. Abstract of the 
net annual produce of the duties of cus- 
toms on all articles imported into the 
United Kingdom, in the two years 1845 
and 1846, etc. Copies of all memorials 
and representations from Canada and 
other Colonies, representing the differen- 
tial duties on goods imported into the 
Colonies, ajid respecting the operation 

and effect of the British Navigation Laws 
on their commerce, since 1845. Return 
of all Lighthouses in the Colonies and 
British Possessions abroad ; showing the 
date at which each Lighthouse was 
erected ; the original cost thereof, and 
from what funds defrayed ; the annual 
expense since its first erection, and from 
what source the same was paid. Also, 
an account of the annual receipts, and 
application of all monies received as tolls 
for such Lighthouses. Copies of corres- 
pondence relative to erecting a Light- 
house at Barbados ; despatch of the 
Colonial Secretary to the Governor, and 
documents in the Colonial Office respect- 
ing application of money, etc. Returns 
of the number and tonnage of vessels 
registered at each of the ports of Great 
Britain, T-eland, etc., on the 31st day of 
December, 1846, etc. Returns relating to 
shipping and tonnage, outwards and In- 
wards, and to the declared value of 
British and Irish produce and manufac- 
tures exported, from the year 1840 to 
1846, both inclusive. Number of Colonial- 
built vessels and their tonnage, register- 
ed in each year in the United Kingdom 
since 1841, and on the 31st day of Decem- 
ber, 1846, etc. Accounts relating to trade 
and navigation. Custom duties and ton- 
nage of vessels. Copies or extracts of 
any correspondence between the Secre- 
tary of State for the Colonies and the 
Governor of Jamaica and Trin'dad, re- 
specting the operation of the Navigation 
Laws in those Islands. Returns relative 
to the actual Government expenditure 
and receipts of the Island of Mauritius, 
for the years 1844 and 1845; of the pen- 
sion granted to the late Auditor-General; 
and of the appointment of an Auditor- 
General and Assistant Auditor-General 
for the Island of Mauritius. Copies or 
extracts of correspondence between Her 
Majesty's Government and the Parties 
int^restrd in Railways in Ceylon, Trini- 
dad. British Guiana and New Brunswick. 
46 vols. 1835-1847. [33 p.] 2859 

1848. The'^t r e Further Correspord- 

ence (Jamaica and other West India 
India Islands). • 2860 

1848. EIGHT Reports of Committee on the 
condition and prospects of the interests 
connected with Sugar and Coffee Planting 
in the East and West Indies and Mauri- 
tius. 10 parts. ♦ 2861 

1848. Correspondence with the Governors of 
the Sugar-growing Colonies as to the 
Distress now existing in these Colonies. 

* 2862 

1848. Laws. Ordinances and Rules in force 
in the West India Colonies for the Regu- 
lation of Labour between Masters and 
Labourers. * 2863 

1848. Correspondence relative to the Dis- 
tress in the West Indies and Mauritius, 
and on the general condition of those 
Colonies and the promotion of Immigra- 
tion. * 2864 

1848. Acts for the Suppression of Vagrancy, 
or Enforcement of T,abour Contracts 
passed since 1834, but disallowed. • 2865 

IP.51-53. CORRESPONDENOE relative to the con- 
dition of the Sugar-growing Colonies; 8 
parts. (1) British Guiana; (2) Jamaica; 
(3) Trinidad. • 2866 

1854. Correspondence relating to the re- 
moval of Troops from the West India 
Colonies. • 2867 


relating to 




India Relief Loans. 

1867. Papers relating to Chinese and Coolie 
Immigration to the West India Colonies 
and British Guiana. • 2869 

1858. CORRESPONDENOB on the subject of 
Emigration from China to the British 
West Indies. • 2870 

1869. Correspondence between the Colonial 
Office and the Governors of the West 
Indian Colonies and the Mauritius as to 
the condition of the Labouring popula- 
tion. ... 2 parts. • 2871 

1867. Papers relating to the various Reli- 
gious Bodies in the West Indies. • 2872 

1871-72. Papers as to the Ecclesiastical grants 
and the establishment of Religious 

Equality in the West Indies. 

2 parts. 
• 2878 

1878. The Sam* Further Papers. 3 


1871-72. Report on Leprosy and Yaws In the 
West Indies. By Gavin Milroy, M.D.: 
with correspondence on the discovery of 
an alleged cure for Leprosy. 2 parts. 

• 2874 

1171. Correspondence respecting the federa- 
tion of the Leeward Islands. • 2875 

1884. Report of the Royal Commission 
appointed in December, 1882, to inquire 
into Public Revenues, Expentftture, Debts, 
and Liabilities of the Islands of Jamaica. 
Grenada, St. Vincent, Tobago and St. 
Lucia, and the Leeward Islands. Part I. 
Jamaica. Part II. Grenada, St. Vincent, 
Tobago, and St. Lucia. Part III. The 
Leeward Islands and Appendix. Part IV. 
Supplementary remarks (with maps). To 
which is added a Supplement to the 
Jamaica Gazette, containing a report by 
Co'onel Grossman, C.M.G., R.E., and 
George Baden-Powell, M.A., on the West 
Indian Incumbered Estates Court. Also 
further correspondence respecting the 
West Indian Incumbered Estates Court. 
[4h.] 2877 

1885. Papers relating to the proposed union 
of the Islands of Grenada, St. Lucia, St 
Vincent and Tobago. • 2878 

1884. Correspondence respecting the Com- 
mercial Convention concluded between 
Spain and the United States relative to 
the West India Trade. • 2879 

1885. Corresponde.nce respecting the negoti- 
ation of a treaty regulating Trade be- 
tween the West India Colonies and the 
United States. • 2880 

1888. SUQAR Bounties. • 2880a 

1892. Rates of Import Duty in force in the 
British West Indies and in British 
Guiana. • 2881 

1892. Correspondence relative to the com- 
mercial arrangement negotiated in 1891- 
92, with the Government of the United 
States in regard to trade between certain 
of Her Majesty's West India Colonies 
and the United States of America. [3 a.] 

• 2882 

1897-98. Royal Commission on the Agricul- 
tural Resources and Requirements of 
British Guiana and the West India 
Islands: Reports, Evidence, Appendices, 
and Statistical tah'.es. 5 parts; maps and 
diagrams. 2888 

1897. Correspondence relating to the Sugar 
Industry in the West Indies.. [3 e.) 2886 

18^7. Report of the 'Nv'est India Royal Com- 
mission. With subsidiary report by D. 
Morris. D.Sc, and appendix (Minutes of 
Proceedings and Evidence). 3 vols. [4 i.] 

1899. West Indies: ( orrespondence relating 
to the hurricane on the 10th and 12th 
Sept., 1898, and the relief of Distress 
caused thereby. [3h.l • 2888 

1899. Further Correspondence relating to 
the Hurricane on the 10th and 12tb 
September, 1898. [3 h.l 2888 

1900. West Indies: Correspondence relat- 
ing to the Hurricanes on 7th August and 
8th September. 1899, and the relief of 
Distress caused thereby. [8 h.l 2889 





[The names of Authors are printed in small capitals, of the subjects of 
Memoirs in ordinary type, and of Cartographers in italics. Numbers with 
DO sign preceding them refer to this work ('• Bibliography of the West Indies ") ; 
those preceded by B.J. refer to " Bibliographia Jamaicensis " ; and tho«e 
preceded by S B.J. to " Supplement to Biblographia Jamaicensii."] 

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BuRDEJT, Sir Francis 2613 

BuRDETT, William S.B.J. 276 

BuRGE, William, Q.C 2224, 

, B.J. 52, 676, 838, 
S.B.J. 470, 473 

Burgess, Thomas 2525a 

Burke, Edmund 2037a 


BuRNEY, James 2684 

BURNEY, W. H 1842 

BukNS, M. J 2357 

BURREAU, P 1289 

Bi;rton, Robert (or Richard) ... 1988 
Burton, Sir Richard F. ...2728,2729, 

Burroughs, Cornelius S.B.J. 7 


Butcher, Mrs. T. B B.J. 343 

Butel-Dumont, George Marie ... 2038 
Butler, Arthur G., F.L.S., 

F.Z.S B.J. 1014 

I^utler, Sir W. F 2738 

Buttenshaw, William Roberts, 

M.A. B.J. 778, 1094 


Butts, R. G i546e 

I^utts, R. G .,...156^? 

Buxton, Charles 2670, 26/a 

Buxton, Thomas Fowell 2657, 2678, 
S.B.J. 308 



Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell 58a, 2223, 
2577, 2639, 2654, 2663a, 2657b, 2672 

Byam^ George 1043a, 1045 

Byam, William 1501, 1502 

Byam, Col. William 1510c, 1700a 

Byers, John 1925 

Byers, Prof., M.A., M.D.... S.B.J. 694 

Byles, W. Duncan B.J. 244, 945 

Byndloss, Elizabeth S.B.J. 287 

Byres, James io36h 

Cabot, Sebastlan 2339 

Cabrera, R -j?/^ 

Caceres, J. M '.. 1075 

Cadena, p. J 1217a 

C.AiNE, W. Ralph Hall S.B.J. 247 

Caivano, T 1462 

Calcado, E 1387 

Calcagno, Francisco 695 

Calcano, E 1414 

Caldecott, a 2412 

Calder, Charles M B.J. 746 

Calderon, Louisa 1808, 1811, 1813 

Callahan, J. M 802 

Callander, Rev. Thomas B.J. 374 

Calvo, J. B 9SS 

Calvo de la Puerto O'Farrill, 

Nicolas 6i8c 

Camacho, S 1377 

Camacho Roldan, Salvador... 115b, 

1254, 1270 

Cambefort 413 

Cambrils, I. DE 1096a 

Cameron, Major Allan B.J. 100 

Campbell, Alexander 2849, 

B.J. 66 

Campbell, Archibald S.B.J. 624 

Campbell, Maj.-Gen. Archibald 

S.B.J. 203 

Campbell, Charles S.B.J. 281 

Campbell, Major Colin ... 107a, 107b 
Campbell, Douglas 'Houghton 

B.J. 1074 
Campbell, Rev. Duncan Houston 

B.J. 137 

Campbell, John B.J. 651 

Campbell, John, LL.D. ...2023a, 2048 

Campbell, John, F.R.S.E 26)2 

Camppet.l, John 1941 

Campbell, John ic8 

Campbell 1900a 

Campbell, Mrs (nee Bournf) 

B.J. 71, 512 
Campbell, William Alexander 

S.B.J. 608a 

Camps y Feliu, F. de 728 

Candelier, H 12-5 

Candler, John 478, 

B.J. 208 

Canel, E 766 

Cavivi, J. E 784 

Canning, George 2539,2582, 

Canot, C 617b 

Canot, Theodore 2725 

('antero, Justo G 657 

Cappelle, H. van 1743. 1747* 1 750" 

Capper, Thomas, B.A....B.J. 777, 1091 

Capadose, Lt.-Col 2256' 

Cardenas y Rodriguez, J. M. de 


Cardwell, Edward, M.P B.J. 86 

Cardwell, Edward, M.P B.J. 849 

Carey, H. C 2175 

Carleton, George 672a 

Carleton, Mary S.B.J. 206 

Carlile, Rev. Gavin BJ- 385 

Carlile, Warrand S.B.J. 50J 

Carlile, Rev. Warrand B.J. 385 

Carlisle, Charles, Earl of S.B.J. 197 
Carmichael, Mrs. A. C. ... 1824, 2220 
Carpenter, George H., B.Sc. 

B.J. 410, 412 

Carver, Mary S.B.J. 272 

Cartwright, Charles, M.D....B.J. 357 
Castelfranc, Rev. Gideon S.B.J. 530a 

Castell, Rev. William 1975a 

Castellano, Juan de 1240a 

Castillo, N. del 6i8h 

Castillo, Pedro P. del 1327c 

Castle, E. W 2807 

Castonnet des Fosses, H.... 554, 725 

Caspersz, W. V. 2017a 

Castro, General Cipriano 1475, 1477 
Castro, General Cipriano ... 1468, 147J 

Castro, Fernandez de 669 

Catherwood, F 896b, 1549b 

Catesby, Mark 584 

Cathcart, John S.B.J. 126 

Caulfeild, Colonel James E.W.S. 

B.J. Ill 

Cailin, A 1326 

Caulin, Fr. Ant 119a 

Cave, Otway 26r5 

Cavling, H 284 

Cazabon, M. J 1829 

Cazeneuve, p. de 1394 

Cei'Ido, F 313, 727 

Cer'-berr, a. E i77ca 

Cervera y Topete, Contr.-Almir. P. 


Cervantes, P, P 1378 

Cespedes y Quesada, C. M. de... 824 

Chacon, R 1379 

Chadwick, Osbert, C.E., C.M.G. 

B.J. 208 

Chalamelle, E. F 1868 

Chalkley, Thomas 2u;^ 

Chalmers, Colonel 436 

Chalmers, Thomas 2600 

Chambers, G 590 

Chambre, Major B.J. 933 

Champeau, E 1292 

Champlain, Samiel 22S9 

Chandler, W. E 1084 

Chandos, Marquis of 2203 

Cil-vney, E 505 

Chanvalon, Thibault de 107 

CHAP^rAN, M. J 67a 

Ciiapple, Joe Mitchell S.B.J. 689. 


Chardon, D. M. a 1942 

Charlils, C 9'8 

Charles, Frederick S.B.J. 608 

Charlevoix, P. F. Z. de 3O1 

CiiARMANT, A 576 

Charmilly, Col. Venault de S.B.J. 628 

Charmilly, Col. Venault de 443b 

Charnay, Desire 1090 

Chateaubriand, de 447 

Chatterton, C. G B.J. 902 


C'HAZorrE, Peter S 477 

Chenery, C. L S.B.J. 133 

Cherrie, G. K 358a 

Chesterton, George L. ^ 1309 

Chetw GOD, William Rlfus 2002 

Chiche, a 1155 

Chitty, ?:dward B.J. 397, 593 

Chumaceiro, a. M 1484a, 1492 

Cisneros, Evangelino 768 

Cisneros, F. J 683b 

Clareno, J. P 136 

Clark, B. C 483a, 485a 

Clark, C 1527c 

Clark, Henry James 1843, 1851 

Clark, Hubert Lyman B.j. 1026 

Clark, J 176 

Clar.'c, Jacob (Archdeacoh) 234 

Clark, Rev. John B.J. 134 

Clark, W. G S.B.J. 256 

Clark, W 222 

C;lark, W. J 808 

Clarke, Charles Pitcher, LL.B. 99 
Clarke, John B.J. 136, 

S.B.J. 288a 

Clarke, R. E B.J. 809,810 

Clarke, Samlei 8 

Clarke, Sir S 21^6 

Ci.abkson, Thomas ... 420,25133,2516, 

2520, 2531a, 2552a, 2554, 2568a, 

2575, 2609, 2656a, 2656b, 

B.J. 21,841 

Clarkson, Thomas 51,2592,2656c, 

2667a, 2671a 

Clay, Hon. H B.J. 300 

Claxton, Lieut. Christopher, 

R.N S.B.J. 463a 

Clements, W. A B.J. 505 

Clerk, James Otway B.J. 311, 

S.B.J. 2 

Cleve, p. T 2331a 

Cleveland, Mr S.B.J. 53 

Clifford, Jeronimy i5( 8 


CocKBURN, Sir Alexander B.J. gi 

Cockblrn, Frederick B.J. 91 

Cockburn, John 882 

Co'hrane, Capt. Charles Stuart, 


Cockerell, Theodore D. A., F.Z.S., 

F.E.S. ...B.J. 401, 402, 404, 542, 

921, 1000, 1018, 1019, 

1020, 1022, X027, 1066, 

S.B.J.295, 316, 317, 



Cocking, Ralph M B.J. 242 

CODAZZI, A 1327 

Codrington, Christopher 1992a 

Codrington, Colonel 207 

CoEN, G 1094 

Coke, Thomas, LL.D 2124 

Coleridge, Henry Nelson 2181 

Coleridge, William Hart 

(Bishop) 60, 67, 68, 69, 1528 

Coll v Toste, C.ayetano 316 

COLLENS, J. H 1846, 1879 

Collier, J. P 2275 

CoUingwood, Col. Francis 245 

Collingwood, wiie of Col. Francis 

Collins, Frank Shipley B.J. 1074a 

Collins, G. N 336a 

Collins, Rev. William Edward 

S.B.J. 682 

COLOM, J 1977 

( or.QUHouN, A. R (,63, 1170 

Columbus, Christopher ... 2196,2283,. 

2312, 2327, 2336,2360,2373, 

2377» 2380, 2386, 2388^ 

B.J. 6-9 

Colombo, Fernando 1963 

C omstock, J. H 1591C 

(^ONANT, Franklin Story ...S.B.J. 322 

< onant, Helen S io-}o 

Concha, Jose de la 649d, 677b 

Coxder, Josiah 2644 

( onolly, E i56:;m, 1574I 

Constable, Captain John, R.N. B.J. 94 

CONTE, F. A 726 

(onto, C 1239 

( ONTZEN, Leopold 492 

Cook, Lieutenant 883 

Cook, Finlay 266 

Cooke, Hon. Francis B.J. 573, 

S.B.J. 441a 
Cooper, R. Elliot, M. Inst. C.E. 

* B.J. 96a 

Cooper, Rev. Thomas ...B.J. 37, 39, 41 
Cooper, Rev. Thomas... B.J. 38, 43, 48 

CoPELAND, T. C 32i, S05 -^ 

CopijN, A 17171 


CoRBiN, William, T.B S.B.J. 529 

CoRCOs, Rev. J. M 1494, 

S.B.J. 560a 

Cordova, Michael de S.B.J. 641 

Cor al, Francois 2oo2d 

<^orio 111,113,117 

Cork, Rev. Josias B.J. 519, 758 

Cornish, Vaughan, D.Sc ii86e, 

.S.B.J. 68i 

C^ORRALES, M. E 1227 

( ORRiE, Edgar 2c^9 

CoRRY, Joseph 2710 

Corthpxl, E. 1 0^1 

( orton, a 3231797 

CORTY, E. C S.B.j.660 

Cory, Charles B., F.L.S.... 511,5)7, 

867, 2340, 2364, 2381 

Cosmao-Dumenez, S. M 1131 



CouDRKAi', H. A 1785, i7.)i, 1792 j 

Courteen, Sir William 9a 


B.J. 75, 80, 83, 89, 94, 98, I 

540, 542, 545, 553, 73T, I 

788,789,791, 792 I 

Cousin d'Avai 434b i 

Cousins, Herbert Henry, M.A. ; 

B.J. 1093, i 
S.B.J. 390, 393, 406 

Cowan, David B.J. 85a j 

Cowley, Rakaei 692 , 

CowPER, William, M.A. ...S.B.J! 303 \ 

Cox, r. T i6t4 ; 

Cox, Griffith N B.J. 1081 

Cox, N i56f)i : 

Cradwick, William B.J. 539 ; 

Ckaigen, a 1 55 id 

Cranch, John S.B.J. 272 

Craskell, Thomas ...B.J. 2ic-2if, 36a 

Crkmieux, a 261 T 

Crespo, General J 1435 

Crevaux, j. 1232a, 1780a, 1780b, 1782 

Cronise, Florence M 2S01 

Cromwell, W. N 1172 

Crommelin, May B.J. 901, 993 

Ceoney, G. H 10.: 

Ckookall, Rev. 1 163S 

Crooks, J- J 27S8, 2799 

Cropper, James 2174, 2222, 2513, 2539, 

2567, 2572, 2586 

2539. 2568, 2592 

Croskery, Rev. Dr. Hugh S.B.J. 553 

Crosley, Henry B.J. 506 

Ckosse, W. H 2804 

Grossman, Co\., C.M.G 2877 

Grossman, Colonel, R.E. B.J. 729, 732 

Crowther, Rev. Samuei 2718 

Crouch, A. P 2756 

Crouch, NATHANirx 19S8 

Croze, F. de ^ jbo 

Cruicksviank, Brodie 2723 

CilUTCKSHANK, J. G 1041 

Cruikshank. R. j 2298 

CUDMORE, P .:)6o 

Cuervo. A 1293 

CuKRVo, A. B 1258 

Cullen, Ensign S.B.J. 43 

CuLLEN, Dr. Edward 1049 

Cumberland, Richard S.B.J. 577 

CuNDALL, Frank 2481 

B.J. 9, 248, 264, 335, 

922, 923, 954, 984, 989, 1 106, 

S.B.J. 48, 250, 299, 306, 

^ , 622,666,733,734 

Cur];elo, j 724 

Curran, C. Ribton B.J. 741 

Curt, de uq 

Cunns, William Eleroy 1450 

CusT. Sir E 2245a 

<'J -^T, R. j 22(;9 

Oithbertson, Rosamond 630a 

<tVAS, A 767 

Ualbemar, j. j. 

565. 574 

D'Al!-urquerque, Prof. J. P. ... 2431 

D.ALBY, Thomas 1990 

Dallas, Robert Charles B.J. 77, 

S.B.J. 599a, 633 

Dalton, Henry G., M.D 1562 

Damas, — DE 189 

Damas, — de 1946 

Damas de Marillac, — de 115 

Damas de Marillac, — de 113, 114, 118 
Dampier, Capt. William... 1030c, 1996 

Dan.a, Prof. J. D., LL.D 596c 

Dana, Richard Henry 66j 

Dance, Rev. C. D 1591 

Dance, Ch. D 1343a 

Dancer, Tmomas, M.D....B.J. 97, 169, 
422, 427, 463, 466, 467, 468, 831 

Danc\, Sidney 138 

Danc.oisE, a 1800 

Daniel, E. S loib 

Daniels, C. W 1611 

D'Anvers, Caleb 2008,2009, 

S.B.J. 213 

D'Anvers, Caleb 2010 

D'Arainyille, Arthur 648b 

Da[:i<erteuil, M. H 370 

Daunt, A 1297 

Davey, Richard 785 

Davies, John 1982 

Da VILA, Gil Gonzalez 1973d 

Davis, Anthony B.J. 679 

Davis, A. P 972 

Davis, Daniel GATEWARi)(Bishop) 


J 6 

Nicholas Darnell, C.M.G., 

92, 100, 102b, i8ob, 1451, 1607, 

2345> 2350a, 2359, 2370, 2371, 

2379. 2475 

Richard Harding 770, 1449 

William Darnell 1912a, 1912b 

Davy, John, M.D., F.R.S .,. 2281 

Day, Charles Willi.\m 2273 

Day, Thomas 2505,2508 

De Bruijn, H 2664b 

De Cordova, G.abriel Joshua 

S.B.J. 334 

Decius 1815 

Defoe, Daniel 1886 

De Freitas, Manoel 1569J 

De Gijselaar, N.C 1120 

De Geoje, C. H 1750a 

De La Beche, Sir Henry Thomas 

F.R.S. ...B.J. 45, 1076, 1077, 1078 
Dc la Beche, Sir Henry Thomas 

B.J. 44 

De Laet, Joannes 1970 

De La Marine, Madame 1783 

Delameke, a. R i8b5 

Delap, Francis B.J. 95 

Delkage, P 516 

Dei.evante, M iiSia 

De Lisser, Herbert George 

B.J. iioi, 1102, 

S.B.J. 665, 722 

De Lissek, Rose B.J. 828 





Dklorme Salto. R 740 

Delorme, — 494 

Delteil, — 1774 

Demakchy, E 1123 

De Mercado, D 955 

De Montagnac, Noei B.J. 900 

De Montirat 1030c 

Demoticts Philalethe 653a 

Dendy, Rev. W B.J. 134 

Denman, Hon. Capt 2261 

Dennett. R. E 2785 

Denniston, Rev. J. M B.J. 387 

Dennys, N. B 2297 

Dent, Capt. Digby 2033 

Depons, F :*. 1304a 

Drago. L. M 

Drake, Sir Francis 

Depute 1132 

Dergny, Abbe 140 

Deschamps, P 167 

Deschanel, P 1082 

Descourtilz, E 2127,2155 

Desir, D 5^2 

Des Marchais, Chevalier 1753 

Desparbes 4^3 

Despard, Edward Marcus. ..B.J. 360, 
S.B.J. 277 

t>E SOUZA, 1 1607a 

D'Estrees, Comte A 1884a 

De Suze, J. A 1856 

De Veer, — M95 

Des Vceux, J. W 1573d* ^953 

Des Vceux, Sir William 2442 j 

Devot, J 553i 37' I 

De Vreis, S 1986 I 

De Vries, J. van O ^7^7^] 

De Weever, Aloysius 1646 

De Wever, P 16148 

Dewitz, a. von 281 

Diaz, D. J. F 641 

Diaz, R M^o 

Diaz Lemos, A. M 1234 

Dickson, William, LL.D 43. 5' 

DiDRER, A 1404 

DiGNUM, Andrew Graham B.J. 50 

Dillon, Arthur (Count) 118 

Dingwall, Rev. R B.J. 330,861 

V B.J.67e 


G 1628 

M.A B.J. 1015 

S.B.J. 607 



1971, 1974,2249, 

Drake, S. A 840 

Draper, A. S 803 

Draper, Lt.-Col. Edward Alured 1812 

Drayton, E 1922 

Dresel, H. G., U.S.N B.J. 1016 

Drew, Stephen S.B.J. 536a 

Drewe, Major Edward 1944 

Drolillet, L 1067a 

Drouin-de-Bercy, M B.J. 288 

Dry, C 1092 

Drysuale, William 614a 

Duane, Col. William "97* 

D[i;e. C 5/2 

Dii Hois, G. C 1744 

Durois, Marcet 249od 

Du!;ois, V 1098 

Dr HKOCA, M 4342^ 

Du Blit, C. H 1134 

B.J. 94 


J 1801 

S.B.J. 201 


Robert 2421 

Viscount 2598 

Du Casse, Admiral 
Dui:hateau-Roger, ] 


Duck, Thomas 

ducoeurjoly, s. j. 



DuERDEN, J. E., Ph.D 245a 

B.J. 10, 405, 407, 411, 413, 

619, 623, 957, 1029, 

S.B.J. 324,-327. 698-702, 

705, 706 

Dutay, 427 

Duff, Rev. Rodert i565g, 1565k, 157a 

Dugommier 204 

Duggan. Rev. R. A. Cevestus 

S.B.J. 564 


D''Invilliers. E. 

Dixon, George 
DODD, E. A. ... 
DoD swell, F. 

DoDSwoRTH, Francis S.B.J. 243 

DOFLEIN, F 2434 

DoiDGE, James B.J. 1089 

DoLLEY, Charles S., M.D 601 

Domergue, a 1793 

Donaldson, Rev. Colin B.J. 656 

Donunguez, J. DE J 309 

Doolittle, Thomas S.B.J. 115 

Douet, Charles Frederick, D.D. 

S.B.J. 305 

Dougan, Mr 2831 

Douglas, Keith, M.P 2613 

DovLEV, Colonel Edward ...S.B.J. 6 
146, 153. 159 

DlMAS. A. 

Dumunt, D 
DUPAS, — ....f.... 
DuNHAR, V. L. ... 
Duncan, Henry, D 

Duncan, Rev. Peter 

1116, 1117 




D 2209, 2613 

B.J. 113,126. 
S.B.J. 77 
Duncan, P. Martin, M.B. ...B.J. 449 

Dundas, Hon. Henry 2099 

Di NDONALD, Archibald Cochrane 

9TH Earl of 2097,2270 

DuNLOP, Robert Glasgow 1042 


DupERiY AND Sons, A S.B.J. 245 


DUPONT, A B.J. 418 

Dupuis, Joseph 271a 

DupoNTES, p. Chemin 249od 

DUQIESNE, HERME 133, 26<1 


Durand-Savoyat, M iioo 

Duron, R. E 934 

Du Tertre, Jean Baptiste 1979 

D'Warkis, Fortun.\tus 2198 

Earle, Edward M. B.J. 532, 611, 615 



*'Easel" 70 

East, Rev. David J 2719, 

B.J. 134 

East, Sii E. H 2214 

Easton, R 2226a 

Eastwick, E. B 1332 

Egonomiste 1125 

Eden, Charles, H., F.R.G.S. ... 2323 

Eden, Richard 2339 

Edghill, Rev. J. Y 95 

Edouaed, E 530 

Edwards, — 584 

Edwards, Bryan 430, 891, 2095, 2095a, 

B.J. 24, 76, 282, 927, 928, 

S.B.J. 449, 574, 575, 627, 

629, 630, 630a 

Edwards, Bryan ...S.I3.J. 17, 445, 628 

Edwards, C. L 609 

Edwards, J. L S42 

Eggers, Baron H. F. A 280b 

Ehret, George Dionysius ...B.J. 416 

Ehrmann, T. F B.J. yy 

Eiloart, E 2762 

Elder, Dempster & Co S.B.J. 258 

Eldin, — 456 

Elgin, James, 8th Earl of ...B.J. 381, 

S.B.J. 292, 307 

Eliot, Edward, B.D. (Archdeacon) 06 

Elizabeth, C 2604 

Elliot, D. G 2467, 2480a 

Elliot, Martin 102 

Elliott and Lazarus B.J. 953 

Ellis, Colonel Alfred Burdon . 

2739> 2742, 2746, 2751, 

2757, 2767, 2768, 

B.J. 107, 974 

Ellis, Charles, M.P 2539 

Ellis, Rev. John Bot-rne B.J. 147 

Elmes, 2667a 

Elmgren, Gabriel B.J. 1031 

El WES, Robert f 2307 

Emerson, R. W 2663 

Emerson, W. R 2440 

Emery, R B.J. 313 

Emes, Major Thomas 177b 

Emmanuel, Edouard 510 

Emmekson, p. H 770a 

Epinay, Adrien 2677 

Erba, a 10J4 

Erbach, E. zu 1430 

Erenchun, F 653b 

Ernst, A 1344 

Escobar, J. D 1218 

Escoffery, John B.J. 668, 676, 677 


Eslava, R. G 714, 717 

Espeut, William Bancroft, F.L.S. 

B.J. 940 
Espeut, W. B BJ-243 


EssER, M 2781 

Estaing, Charles Hector (Count) 


Esteller, a 1423 

EsTWicK, Samuel 37,2056 

Etheridge, Robert, F.G.S., 

F.R.S.E B.J. 451 

Etienne, C. P 1242 

Exquemelin, Alexander Olivier 2680, 
2682, 2683, 2685, 2687, 2691 

Evans, H. B B.J. 309, 

S.B.J. 229 

Evelyn, Lyndon Howard ...B.J. 758 

Eves, C. Washington, C.M.G.... 2363, 

B.J. 602, 604, 980 

EVEKSLKY, T. F. E i860 

I'^VRED, B 2649 

EwEN. William B.J. 854 

Eyre, FMward John ...B.J. 81-93, 243, 
37^^ 380, 711, 713, looi, 
S.B.J. 33, 44, 46, 47, 131 

F.,W. B 24;3 

Fabens, J. W 1050b 

Fabie, a. M 7^1 

Fabien, L 130, 132, 136, a6ii 

Falcon, Mariscal Juan C ^3A3^ 

Falconuridoe, Alexander 2517 

Falconer, Capt. Richard 200a 

Fancourt, Charles St. John ... 898 

Farrar, Rev. T. i565f, 1583a, 1584c, 

iS86b, 1589b, 15916, i59ig, 

i59ih, 1593d, 1619 

Fawcett, William, B.Sc, F.L.S. 

B.J. 445> 446, 447. 542, 1057, 

1067, 1083, 1084, 1085, 

1086, 1088, 1096, 

S.B.J. 345 

Fer, Steur de B.J. 10 

Ferguson, Robert 1026 

Fermin, Philibpe, M.D. 1705c, 1707, 


Fernandes, David Dias B.J. 584 

1'>:rnandez, L 991 

Fernandez de Piedrahita, L. ... 1220 

Fernandez y Jiminez, J. M 678 

Ferret, A 555 

Feuillet, Luis E 2001a 

Feuilletean, W 259 

Feurtado, Walter Augustus B.J. 245, 
303, 722, 923a 

Fewkes, Jesse Walter 340 

Fiddes, Alexander, F.R.C.S. 

B.J. 481, 487,488 
Fiddes Alexander, F.R.C.S. 

S.B.J. 362 

Field, A 2813 

Figarola-Cameda, Domingo ... 838d 

Figueroa, Henry Frederick B.J. 715, 

S.B.J. 364 

Fink, J 2258 

Finlason, W. F B.J. 92, 711, 713, 

S.B.J. 44,45,46,46a 

Finlayson, J B.J. 43a, 44b 

Firmtn, a 539,547.569.5/9 

Firth, Charles Harding, M.A. 

B.J. 14, II* 

Fischer, H. M. W. 285 

Fisher, H. N. Stg 

Fisher, Richard S., M.D 2285 



FiSKE, A. K 2422 

FlTZHERHEKl., S. T ^579^ 

Flammarion, C V 161 

Flana»^.an, Mrs 228 

Fletcher of Saltoun, Andrew... 1029 

Fletcher, Rev. Dun'Can B.J. 379 

Pletcher, Thomas 2508 

Flett, J. S 1937 

Fleurian, — 2611 

Pltnt, G 792 

Flintee, Colonel 300 

Flukes, E. A 739 

I-LORIDLAN. L, M 1 119 

Florez de Ocariz, Jua^^ ii86f 

Flower, Sir William Henry, 

K.C.B., F.R.S B.J. 400 

FOiONKT, — 2611 

Foiguen 128, 130 

FocKE, H. C 1717J 

Fogg, Captain Christopher, R.N. 

B.J .94 
Fontane, M 1134 


I'OOT, L. R 28-1 

Forbes 1516 

Forbes-Lixdsay, C. H. 1184 

Ford, Joseph Charles B.J. 914 

Foreman, Rev. J i5(><Sci 

Forrest, A. S 2477 

FOkT Y Roldan, \ 69.) 

Fortier, E 149 

Fortunat, Dantes 518, 527 

Foster, Rev. Henry Blaine B.J. 141 

Foster, Nicholas 1 

folgainvii.le, — 2611 

FouLKS, Theodore S.B.J. 223 

Fowler, Frank 1646c 

Fowler, Mr 9073,2071 

Fowler, H 9.7 

Fox, William 20H7 

Frances, Jane S.B.J. 272 

l< ram:is, (Jlaide 1629 

P^RANCKLVN, G. ... 2522, 2523, B.J. 21 

S.B.J. 13 

I'RANKLiN, James 46S 

Frantzils, Dr. A. von 9oc;a 

Fraser, L. M 1857, 1864 

Eraser, S. J 94 

Eraser, Mrs. (nee Webbi) ... B.J. 896, 

897, 8q8, iios, 

S.B.J. 721 

Freeman, J. J B.J. 122 

Freeman, Richard Austin 2782 

Freeman, William G., F.L.S. ...2431, 

rreeman, Mr 207 

French, George 208, 208a, 209 

Frere, George 35 

Fresle, J. R 1207a 

Fresneau, a 312a 

Erey, H 27-8 

Friedrich, G. 


Froeuel, Julius locf; 

Froude, James Anthony 2358 

Froude, James Anthony ... 2359, 2360 

Fry, Captain Joseph 689 

Fkye, W. P 9'ji 

Fullarton, Col 1803, 1S05 

Eullarton, Col 1802, 1810, i8ij 

Fuller, Stephen B.J. 637a, 639, 

S.B.J. 16 

EuRSDON, C. A. T B.J. 54i 

Eyfe, Alexander Gordon ...B.J. 509 

Fyke and Sinclair S.B.J. 3 

Eyfe, Laurence R B.J. 601, 764, 

914, 915, 918 

Cache, A 14;^ 

(iAEHLER, 1 1083 

Gaffarel, P.\ul 839,2325 

G\{;e, Thomas 197S 

G.\GiNi, C 1003a 

Galban, Manuel de J 354b 

C.ALiXDO, A 1295, 1354 

Galpine, Rev. Calvin S.B.J. 268a 

C.ALLEGO, T 769 

(iALLEXGA, Antonio 086 

f.A.MIilER, J. W 843 


Gannett, H S28 

Garaid. 1 150 

Garcia, G 877 

Garcia, G. L 1839 

(MKCIA, J, 1318 

Garcia, Jose Gabriel 439 

Garcia, M 1380 

(iARCiA 1728 

Garcia y ("iAKCia, — 1215 

Gaucon, a 10S8 

Gardiner, John 260 

Gardiner. John, B.Sc 601 

Gakdkxkr, Captain Richard 104 

Gardner, Aston W B.J. 345 

Gardner, Rev. William James 

p B.J. 5 

Gardner, Rev. William James B.J. 978, 

S.B.J. 670 

Gardner and Co S.B.J. 260 

G\RDVXER, George '973* 

Garnot, — 427 

c,arkax-coulon, — 419 

Garkaway, E. G 1958 

(iARRFOTT. E. B 24.^4 

Gaud, P S.B.J. 226 

Gaul, Gilbert B.J. 987,991 

Gedge, Rev. J. Wycliffe, M.A. 

S.B.J. 517 

CiEEKLING, F. L 1731 

Gelpi y Eerro, G 718 

Gp:xer, h 656 

George, C 2796 

George, Rev. Thomas Parker 

S.B.J. 726 
Gerbier, Sir Balthazar (Baron 

DouviLLY) 1700b, 1700C, i7ood 

GiBBs, Archibald Robertson ... 909 

GiBBS, Sir Philip 46 

Gil Poktoul, J 145a 

Gilbert, B. D B.J. 1071 

Gilbert Francis 216 

1 62 


Gilbert, Francis 216 

GiLBKRT, James Stanley 1182 

Gilbert, J. T i568d, 156'jg 

Gilbert, Nathaniel 216 

GiLii, Ph. S 1711 

Gill, Theodore iH^3 

Gill, W. B S.BJ. 420 

Gillespie, Major-General Sir Robert 

Rollo BJ. 364a 

Gillies, Rev, William, D.D. 

BJ. 542» 790 
Gillies, Rev. William, D.D. B.J. 964, 

S.B.J. 304 

Gii.lpatrick, W. W 2337a 

Gilpin, W. M. 1911 

Gikaud, F. J 1762 

Giraud-Chantrans, — 2078 


GlSBOUNK, T 2513 

GiSBORNE, L 1050 

Gladstone, John, M.P 2539 

Gladstone, W. E 2263, 2269 

Glaisher. Ernest H 15^8 

Glenelg, Lord 2241,2628, 

B.J. 59,60 

Glover, Mr 2058,2059,2060 

GoDBURY, John 8.13. J. 611 

GoD.Af.\N, F. D., D.C.L io6c;a 

Godwin, Rev. Benjamin 2614 j 

Goebel, E 2750 j 

GoERiNG, A M32a 

Goi.DiE, Sir G. T 2771,2772, 

Gomez, F 817 i 

Gomez, J. G 314 j 

GoNiNO," J 1090 I 

Gonzalez, Felix 6i8d 

Gonzalez Alcosta, L 752 

Gonzalez Carranza, Domingo ... 2018 



Gonalez Font, J 336 j 

Gonzalez Gujnan, F.* 141 9 

Goodman, Walter 0S5 

Goodman, H 68id 

Gordon, Alexander B.J. 931, 

S.B.J. 638 

Gordon, Charles, Bishop B.J. 157, 


Gordon, G. B 922b 

Gordon, George William ...B.J. 505 
Gordon, George William B.J. 81, 93, 

S.B.J. 37,42 

Gordon, Major John 2109, 

S.B.J. 57 

Gordon, Rev. R B.J. 330 

GoviN Y Torres, A 308 

GoRRiE, John B.J. 84 

GossE, Philip Henry, F.R.S. 

B.J. 396, 398 
Gosset, Beresford Smylie ...B.J. 542 

GoviN Y Torres, A 705.713 

GnuY, — 1772 

Grabham, Michael, M.A., M.B. 

B.J. 542, 1027, 
S.B.J. 708 


Graham, Rev. John H. H. ...B.J. 808 
Graham, R. B. Cunninghame ... 878, 

Graham, Rev. William, ..B.J. 803, 805, 

806, 8n, 

S.B.J. 566 

Grainger, James 2051,2105,2107 

Grange, Lucie S.B.J. 693 

Grant, James B.J. 893 

Grant, Sir John Peter ...B.J. 715, 978, 

S.B.J. 300 

Grasse, Comte de 2073^ 

S.B.J. 54 

Graves, J. 583 

Gray, Alexander S.B.J. 263 

Gray, Rev. C. F B.J. 791a 

Gray, Hugh 2128 

Gray, S.amuei B.J. 882 

Grayson, Vice-Admiral S.B.J. 50 

Greaves, W. H 98 

Green, Lt. -Commander F. M., 

U.S.N 23,9 

Green, Samuel S.B.J. 76 

Greene, Benjamin 2609 

Greenhough, Rev. J. G., M.A. 

B.J. 388 

GREENOUGH,*Rev. T i586f 

Gregoire, Henri (Count)... 378, 2531^ 


Grey, Earl 1557 

Gre3% Earl 64 

Grieve, Symington 183c 

Griffing, j. R 844 

Griffith, Lieut.William G....S.B.J. 287 
Griffith, Sir William Brand- 
ford B.J. 746 

Griffith, Rev. William B.J. 527 

Crignon, Colonel S.B.J. 30 

CrRiLLET, John 1505 

Grillo, M 1299 

Grimestone, Edward G 1964 

Grisebach, a. H. R. M.D., F.L.S. 

2303, B.J. 434 

Groot, j. M 1250 

Gros, j 1708 

Grose, C. B 1608 

Grosett, j. R., M.P 2539, 

S.B.J. 222 

Grosourdy, Renato de 2302 

Grotius 1074 

Guerrero, R 737 

Guerrero, T 6/3 

GuF.T, M. 1 151 

GuiLDiNG, Rev. John 1927 

GuiLDiNG, Lansdown i93oa 

GUILLERMIN, G 4430,444 

GUINAN, G 14(54 


GuMiLLA, Joseph 1304 

GuppY, R. J. Lechmere ...1869, i88ia, 

GuRNEY, Joseph John ... 2246, B.J. 839 

GusTAFSON, A 1077 

GiJSTAvus, Vassa 2543 



Guzman,, A. L 1352 

Gutierrez de Aliu, J. M 1328 ; 

Gutierrez de Rubacabra, Jose... 2032a ' 

GuriEKRKZ SonuAL, J '/V 

Guzman, A. L. ^354 

Hack. William B.J. 68, 87, S.B.J. 191 | 
Haddon, a. C, M.A., D.Sc. B.J. 10 I 

Hagan, a 7)Q 

Hackett, James 1307b 

Hakewili., James B.J. 290 

Halberstadt, a 17^1 

Hale, H. C 1174 

Hauburton, R. G., Q.C. B.J. 859 

Hall 34, .3900a, 2849 

Hail, A. U 32-2, 7'H 

Hall, A. M 2695 

Hall, Charles W 128; 

Hall, Edward T 23^,6 

Hall, Colonel Francis 1195 

Hall, John S.B.J. 117 

Hall, Maxwell, M.A. B.J. 458, 459 
S.B.J. 136, 348 

Hall, MaxweU B.J. 65a 

Hall, Rev. R 2589 

Hallam, G B.J. 579 

Halley, Robert , 2641 

Halliday, Sir Andrew, R.H., 

M.D., F.R.S.E 2230 

Hallowes, Maj. -General Henry 

Jardine B.J. 966, S.B.J. 64 

Halstead, 332, 745, 809 

Hamilton, Admiral Lord Archi- 
bald B.J. 353, 354 

Hamilton, Col. J. P 1198 

Hamm, Margherita a 326 

Hancock, Dr i52;a 

Hancock, J 1538 

Hand, T. VV 1^3 

Handelmann, Heinrich 489 

Handelmann, J 487a 

Hanna, Rev. S. W 476 

Hannay, David 2394 

Hansen, C. M 289 

Hanson, Francis B.J. 282 

Hauaine, Fr 1394 

Harcourt, H 852,857 

Harcourt, Robert 1499 

Hardy, Iza Duffus S51 

Harford, John S. D.C.L 2670b 

Harford-B.'Vttersby, C. F 2774 

Hargrave, Mr B.J. 17 

Harley, Sir Edward S.B.J. 193 

Harper, G i563g 

Harris, J. M 2745 

Harris, W. R 24-2 

Harris, William, F.L.S. B.J. 1068 

Harrison, Frederic B.J. 392 

Harrison, John Burchmore, 

C.M.G 1645a, 1646c 

Harrison, Thomas B.J. 52a, 53a, 57, 86 

Harrisse, Henry 2336 

Harshberger, John W. ... B.J. 1075 
Hart. Francis Russell, F.R.S.S. 

1855, 2482 

Hart, Johx Hinchley 1844, 1845, 

1848, 1853, 1854, 

B.J. 766, 1046, 

1047, 105O' ^053, 

S.B.J. 332 

Hart, Miss 591 

Harte, Rev. William Marshall... 55a 

Haktman, C. V 1023 

Hartmann, — 483 

Hartsinck, Jan Jacob 1708 

Harvey, Thomas ...2240, B.J. 63, 317 

Harvey, T. C. 5-14 

Harvey, W. W 465 

Hassam, J. T 611 

Hatchard, John 221 

Havelaar, J 1496 

Haven, G 689a 

Ha\vker, Robert 2509^ 

Hawkes, Dr. J 2304 

Hawtayne. George Hammond, 

C.M.G 1595 

Hay, J i9i3 

Hay, Sir John Dalrymple 2737 

Hay, L. G 1893 

Hayes, C. W. <i^^ 

Haykord, Casely 2802 

Hazard, Samuel 354*. 683 

Head, Henry 249of 

IlEARN, LaFCADIO 2341,2378,2383,2427 

Heath, Rev. E B.J. 251 

Heaven, Violet B.J. 870, 871 

Hechararria, Santiago, J. DE...6i8k 

Heeckeren, E. L. Baron 1716b 

Heilprin. a 154,170,855 

Heine, W 1050a 

Hellenius, Carl N B.J. 1036 

Helps, Sir Arthur ... 2284,2311,2312, 

Hemming, Sir Augustus William 

Lawson, G. C.M.G. S.B.J. 301 

Heneage, Charles© 101 

Henderson, J 2477 

Henderson, Captain 2539 

Henderson, Rev 1562a 

Henderson, Captain George 888 

Henderson, George ... B.J. 729, 857 
Henderson, Captain J. S. B.J. 79d 

Henshall, J. A S48 

IlENDY, Dr. James 41 

Henny. Thomas B.J. 505 

Henry, J 1515,1516 

Henrique ^366 

IlEREDiA, N 732 

Heredia y Mieses, J. F 1439 

Hering, C. J 1745 

Herran, Victor 912 

Herrera Tordesillas, Antonio de 

1697, B.J. 6,7,8 

Hershey, a. S 751 

Heskith, Rev. Thomas 245,246- 

Hess, B 476* 

Hess, J 160 

Heuvel, J. A. van 1546b 

Hevvett, Capt. J. Y. Napier, 

F.R.G.S b;-*? 



Heyrick, Elizabeth 2579 

HiHBERT, George 2550 

Hibbert, George ... B.J. 41 S.B.J. 635 
Hibbert, R B.J. 38, 39 


Hicks, Colonel George S.B.J. 401, 524, 

526, 528a 

HiGGiNS, Bry.'VN, M.D B.J. 503, 


HiGGiNS, Rev. Henry H 2320a 

HiGGiNSON, Thomas Wentworth 

S.B.J. 29, 649 
HlLDRETH, R B.J. 845 

HiLDVARU, G. G. ..■ 2459 

Hill, H. R 1041 

Hill, Richard 470, 624, 2513, 

B.J. 238, 262, 312, 319, 

395> 396, 398, 1002-1012, 

S.B.J. 310-312, 468, 546, 

548, 040 

Hill, Robert T. 329, 1017, 1162, 2416, 

B.J. 454 

Hill. Robert T B.J. 67c, Cyd 

Hillary, W., M.D 30a 

HiLLHOusE, William 1521, 1527 

H illhol SE I S2/b 

HiLLis, John D., F.R.C.S 1590 

Hillsborough, Earl of 1896, 1897 


HINCHCLIFFE, W. G. ...... S.B.J. 565 \ 

HiNCKS, Francis 2669 i 

Hinds, W. H 1646(1 ' 

HiNTON, John Howard, M.A. 

B.J. 371, S.B.J. 288 

HiPPlSLEY, G 1514a 

Hirst, Dr. George S. S., M.B. 

S.B.J. 372, 623a 

Hitchcock, Albert S B.J. 1064, 

1065, 1073 

Hobart, Lord -.. 1804, 1805 

HoBsoN, Lieut. R. Pearson 813 

HoBY, Dr. James B.J. 370 I 

Hocking, Sir Henry Hicks B.J. 733 

Hodge, Arthur 274 

Hodges, James 1026, 1031 

Hodgson, Adam 2571 

Hodgson, Capt. Studholme 2233 

Hodgson, Lady 2795 

Hogg, James Maitland 2602 

H olden, Luther L B.J. 992 

Holder, A ;...„ c)o6 

Holmes, W. H 156/a 

Uolton, L F 1207 

Hood, E. P B.J. 708 

Hood, Sir Samuel 2394 

Hood, Sir Samuel 1811 

Hooker, W. J. ... B.J. 1039, 1041, 1042 

Hooper, E. D. M BJ- 439 

Hooper, F. A S.B.J. 397 

Hopkirk, J. G 471b, 2216 

Hort, a 956 

HoRTENSio i374> 1374a 

Horton, a. B 2730 

HoRTON, Sir R. J. W 1524, 2184 

Horton, Sir R. J. W 2185,2186 

Horton, William, M.P 2613 

IIorskord, Rev. John 2286 

HosACK, William B.J. 820 

riouGHTON, L. S S53 

Houston, James, M.D 2034 

HovEY, Sylvester 2238, B.J. 295 

Howard, Albert, B.A 2431 

Howard, J. H 2192 

Howard, Robert B.J. 1037 

Howard de W^alden B.J. 511 

Howe, Mrs. J. W 062 

Howe, Samuel, Dr. G 253b 

Howell, J 1565P 

Howell, ||. E S.B.J. 297 

llowiCK, Viscount 26^)3 

Hubbard, Gardiner Greene S.B.J. 676 

llUBER, B 626 

Huberich, C. H 1176 

PIUE, F 17S6 

Huggins, E 264 

Hucjgins. H. C 269 

H u ghes 1 525b 

Hughes, Rev. Griffith, A.M. ... ji 

Ilugues, Clovis 1158 

Humbert, J 1479 

Humboldt^ Alexander von 626, 653, 


Hume, Hamilton B.J. 380 

Hume, John 2065 

Hunt, Benjamin J 489a 

Hunt, J., Ph.D 2513 

Hunter, John, M.D B.J. 464, 

S.B.J. 355, 357 
Huntley, Sir Henry Vere 2721 


HURLBUT, W. H 651 

Hurst, T. W 1159 

Huskisson, William 2513, 2539 

Ilutchings, Mary Ann B.J. 367 

Hutchinson, Lincoln 1303a 

Hutton, William 2711a 

IIUYSHE, Capt. G. L 2732 

Hyams, Abraham S.B.J. 486 

Hylton, Kitty S.B.J. 26 

Ietersdorf-Klasten, Gustavo 

von i982g 

Iles, J. A. B 270 

Illiers, Henry 2084a 

Imberno, p. J 731a 

iM Thurn, Sir Everard F., M.A., 

K.C.M.G. 1584b, 1586a, 1589c, 1592 

Ingham, Bishop E. G 2396, 2770 

Inglefield, Capt. J. N 2135 

Ingraham, J. H 2254a 

Inkle 2S38 

Innes, — 2539 

iNNES, William 2624, 2714 

INNTS, L. 1880 

iNSUA, W. A 826 

Ireland, W. A 1636 

Irving, Edward 2645 

Irving, T 2513 

Irving, Washington 2196 

Isambert, Henry 431b 



Ives, C 597^ 

Ives, R. H B.J. 185 

IviMEY, Joseph 2634 


J., W. E S.B.J. 275 

Jackson, Charles Hamilton ...B.J. 383 

Jackson, John 2254b 

Jackson, Robert, M.D. B.J. 369, 4615 

Jackson, T. B 1878 

Jackson, Wnj,iAM Wai.rond 

(Bishop) 231 

Jacqi.'KMIN, Le Citoyen 1760, Nicholas Joseph ^.... 2043, 
2047, 2070, B.J. 417 

Jahay, Henry 926, 1286 

Jahn, a 1479c 

James, Alexander MacGregor 

B.J. 826 

Jameson, Rev. William B.J. 377 

lamio'-cn, T T^S()a 

Janvier, L. J.... 501,502,503,508,1^13, 



Jarier, de Mendoza i32()a 

Jaup.frt, EnoLARDE E 341a 

Jay, E. a. H .* 2430 

J.\Y, VV. M. L 683a 


Jeffrey, W. J 1569! 

Jeffervs,Thomas 2045, 2061 J 2074, 2075, 
B.J. 30, 32, 33' 33a, 36 

Jeffrey-Smith, Una B.J. 873 

Jekyll, Walter S.B.J. £^98 

Jelly, Thomas B.J. 842 

Jelski, K 1796 

Jenkins, Mrs. (nee Jackson) ...B.J. 880 

Jenkins. Edward 15^7 

Jenman, George Samuel B.J. 436, 1045, 

1049, 105 1, 105*2, 1063, S.B.J. 337 

Jennings, J 4 

Jennyns, J. Clayton 1513a, 2607 

Jereme, John ! 1949 

jereTTT^, John iO-;o 

Joannini, Frank 1 1180 

BJ. 3SS 

Johnson, Capt. Charles 2689 

Johnson, Charles W B.J. 1021 

Johnson, Duncan, S S.B.J. 707 

Johnson, Eleanor S.B.J. 287 

Johnson, W. F ii8ib I 

Johnston, George P 1178a i 

Johnston, James, M.D. ... S.B.J. 262, 1 
370, 646a. I 

Johnstone, James S.B.J. 239 | 

Johnstone, Col. Hon. Andrew 

Cochrane 177 

Johnstone, J. M T558C 

Jon'f:s, Mrs 223 

JoNts, L i6i4a 

Jones. T. F. E 2811 i 

Jopp, Dr S.B.J. 361 I 

J^)RD^N ^yg I 

Jordan, D.avid Starr B.J. 1024 I 

Jordan, G. W 2539, 2563 

JosA, Rev. F. P. I i6oo 

Joseph, E. L 1826 

Josephs, Matthew S.B.J. 58* 


JiDAH, Abraham B.J. 705 

JuDAH, George Fortunatus B.J. 247, 

S.B.J. 68 

JrsTAMOND, J. O., F.R.S 2057 

JrsTiN, J 358, 556, 561 

Kalb, C. de 961a 

Kai'Plkr, a 1723, 1732 

K.arsten, Hermann 1391 

Kaufman, E. B 799 

Kaye, Sir John William B.J. 375 

Kean, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 

S.B.J. 641 
Kkane, a. H., B.A. 1069,2439,2755a 

Keasbpiy, L. M 964, 967b 

Keif/e, P. H B.J. 76b 3S3 

Keith. Sir Basil, B.J. 783 

Keller, W 570, 2438 

Kelly, J S.B.J. 225 

Kemeys, John Gardner 2076, B.J. 574 

Kkmp, Denis 2784 

Kenkan. G 164,165,815 

Ke.nnedy, a 242(1 

Kennedy. Capt. W. R., R.N. ... 2343 

Kennett, Bishop White 2012a 

Kerr, David B.J. 118 

Kerr, Captain S.B.J. 51 

Ketley, Rev. Joseph 1525b, 15290, 


Keye, Otto 17000 

Keymis, Lawrence 1498a 

KiDD, Joseph B B.J. 299 

Kidd, W. J B.J. 46, 78 

Kimball, J. Horace 2236, B.J. 64 

Kimball, Richard J? 354,2307b 

Kimberley. Earl S.B.J. 486 

King, Rev. David, LL.D. ... B.J. 456 

Kfxg, G. 874 

King, Joseph 259 

King, Wh.liam, D.C.L B.J. 271 

King, William S.B.J. 351 

Kingdon, Rev. B. Bayly B.J. 482 

Kingsley, Rev. Charles 2315 

KiN(JSLEY, Mary II. 2778, 2785, 2786, 


Kingsley, Z 476b 

KiRBY, A. H., B.A., 2431 

KiRKBY. Colonel Richard B.J. 94, 

S.B.J. 265 

KiRKE, Henry 1579c, 1637 

KlRKE, V 1606 

Kitchin, Thomas B.J. 25b, 28a, 29, 83 

Klein, Patrick B.J. 502 

Kloos, J. II 2365 

Knibb, Rev. William B.J. 79, 80, 113, 


Knibb, Rev. William 2679, 

B.J. 370, 371. 373, 388, 

S.B.J. 288, 298, 538 

Knight, James S.B.J. 148-151, 171 



Knight, Joseph S.BJ. 274 

Knight, Dr. W isSgd 

Knollis, Humphrey B.J. 12 

Knox, John P 280 

Knowles, Commodore Charles 

2028, 2033, 
S.B.J. 125, 159, 438 

Knutskord, Viscountess 2676a 

KoEP, C 1071 

Koi., H. VAN 1471? 2462 
Koi.i.EwrjN, A. M 1488 

I-., r. J 174 

La Barue, Sieur. de 1984 

La Barre, Le Febvre de 1752 

Labat, Jp:an Baptiste i753» 2003 

Labatt, Phhjp C B.J. 760, 

S.B.J. 639 

Labol'rie, p. J., LL.D 433 

Labra, Raphael M. de 496a, 731, 738, 


La Charriere, — . de 261 1 

Lachariere 128, 130 

Lacombk, — 483 

Lacoste, Perfecto 830a 

Lacroix 1 332a 

Lacroix, Pamph. de 452a 

Laforest, a S.B.J. 242 

Lagerheim, G B.J. 1054, 1061 

Lami^ert, R. S 2297a 

Lameda, 1 1461 

Landaeta Rosales, M 1407, 1461, 


Landes, G 153 

Landre, Dr. C. ?:, D. ... i573f, 1717I 

Lan(,ford, Jonas 206 

Lanier, S 841 

Lans. W. H 1765a 

Lapi.ante, Eduardo 657 

La Plaza, R. de 1373 

Lardner, 11. H....*. 2760 

Larifaudiere, — 2611 

Laroche, L 509 

Larpent, Sir George 2168 

Larrazabal, F 1327a 1332b 

Larrinaga, F. G. de 702 

Lartique, — 1765 

La Rue 1758 

Las Casas, Bartolome de... 1965, 2318, 


Las Casas, — 231 1 

Lascrol'x, — 162 

La Selve, E 202 

Latane, J. n 777 

Lathy, Percy J B.J. 412a 

Latrobe, C. J 2234,2847 

B.J. 66, 756 

Lalmann^ E. M 2769 

Lavaysse, Jean Francois D.auxion 


Laverde Amaya, 1 1222, 1406 

Lavalette, Pere de 2042 

Law, Edward, afterwards Lord 

Ellenborough B.J. 163 

Lawaetz, H 288b 

Lea, j. 
Lea, P. 

Le ("hevalier 
Ledri'. ^ndre 

Lawrence-Archer, Captain James 

Henry 2317, S.B.J. 179 

Lawson, Robert B.J. 480 

C'aptain, R. N 2116 

Mrs. Granville 2351 


B.J. iia 

Leard, John S.B.J. 56 

Lebp.e, R iioi 

Leblond, — 1764 

Leborgne, — , 423 

Lecesne, Lewis Celeste B.J. 668, 676, 



Pierre 297 

Lee, Mrs. Lionel B.J. 264 

Lee, William Rastrick B.J. 714, 716 
Lee Warner, Sir William, K.C.S.L 

S.B.J. 308a 

Lefranc de Saint-Haulde, P 440 

Le'l ROY, C. E 1522a 

Leger, J. N 514, 580a 

Legier, E 171,205 

Legion 2631,2632 

Legitime, F. D 504, 534 

Legitime, General 534 

Le HiRBil:, D 2372 

Lejanne, E 1232a 

Leith, Sir James 2539 

Lemberg, P 2748 

Lembeye^ J 644 

Lemire, C 1177 

Lemoine, a 1109 

Lemos, Angel 1280 

Lempriere, S.B.J. 358 

Lemls, Manuel 923 

Lennox, Arthur, F.G.S. ...B.J. 451 

Leon, Carlos 1445 

Leon, Eml. X B.J. 862, 863 

Leon Pinelo, A. de 733 

Leonard 204 

Le Selve, E 497, 525 

Leslie 805a 

Leslie, Charles ... B.J. i, S.B.J, i 

Lesseps, C. de 1130 

Lesseps, F. de 1130 

Lester, G 610, 798 

Leveille, J 1784 

Level, A 1358a, 1364 

Level de Goda, L 1455 

Levi, Leone 2301 

Levien, Sidney S.B.J. 614, 615 

Levy, Charles B.J. 739 

Levy, George B.J. 544 

Levy, P 948 

Lewis, Matthew Gregory, M.P. 

B.J. 291, 930 

Lewis, S 2747 

Lewton-Brajn, L., B.A 2431 

Leyva y Aguilera, H .C 2369 

LiBURD, T 27a 

Liddell, Colin B.J. 59-64 

LiGON, R 5,28 

Light, Governor 1537 

Lightbourn, J. N 2428 




LiLLiE, Rev. G 1567! 

T,n.T iN(;sTON, Col. Like 1998 

Lillingston, Col. I i99Q 

Lilly, Col. Christlan S.B.J. 158 

Lilly. Colonel Christian. ..B.].'ji,y2h, 

LiNDO, Abraham ... B.J. 721, 727, 850 

LiNDO, A. A B.J. 836 

Lindsay, Rev. John, D.D. B.J. 783, 

S.B.J. 169 

LiNSCHOTEN, Jan Hi'ijghen van. ..1964, 

Linstant-Pradine, — .... 482,512,528 

Lisle, Rev. George > S.B.J. 74 

Littleton, Ivoward 10 

Livingstone, William Pringle 

B.J. 864 

Llorens Torres, 1 320 

Llovd, Lieut. -Col. J. A 1047 

Lloyd, William, M.D 2231 

lobley, j. l 168 

LoBSCHEiD, Rev. W CS^yd, i572d 

Locke, W. J. ... 2393, 2402, 2403, 2404 
2414, 2425, 2451, 2455, 2478 

Loewenstern, J 638 

Logan, John A ^ 68 ic 

Lombard, T. R 915 

Long, Charles ... B.J. 13, S.B.J. 171 

Long, Charles Edward ... B.J. 685, 

S.B.J. 691 

Long, Edward 2503, B.J. 2, 

S.B.J. 9, 140-147, 160, 162, 
165, 168, 173, 178 

Long, E. C 845 

Lonstrett, Thomas B 2254b 

Lopez, General Narciso 64^a 

Lord, S.B.J. 613 

LoRNE, John, D.S.C, Marquis of 2308 

Loth, — 1741 

Lopez de Gomara, Francisco ... 1961 
Lopez de Haro, Damiano (Bishop) 296 

L0PEZ-T( ERO, F 318, 743 

Loscombe. Colonel A. R. ... S.B.J. 67 

LoTZ, G 622 

Lowe, Joseph 2119,2539 

LovvERY. W 875 

Lowndes, John *. 2114 

Lowther, Robert 23 

Lucas, A 1137 

Lucas, Sir Charles Prestwood, 

K.C.M.G., 2374 

Lucas, D. B 965 

LucKOCK, Rev. B B.J. 67 

Ludlow, J. M B.J. 709 

LuNAN, John B.J. 429, 667 

Lunan, John, Jr B.J. 675 

Luffman, John 217 

Lushington, W 2122 

Lushington, Dr. Stephen 2610, 2626, 

BJ. 835 

T,us?AN, Ra, EaEai; de 2688, 26Q1 

Llsty, F. C 2679 

Luzerne, Count de la 187, 387 

Llzun, A 778 

Luzon, J 778 

Lynch, Mrs. Henry (n6e Ellen 

FouLKS, B.J. 376, 818, 883, 884, 

885, 887, 888, S.B.J. 60a 

Lynch, Sir Thomas B.J. 625, S.B.J. 159 

Lynch, Sir Thomas B.T. 267, S.B.J. 201 

Lyttelton, William Henry... B.J. 28J 

S.B.J. 145 

M 'Arthur, Rev. J 

M'Callum, Pierre F 

McCann, p. a 

MacCarthy, Sir Charles 
McCarthy, John, F.C.S. 

McCartney, Lord 

McCarty, C. T 

... 1806 
... aSas 
••• 3349 
••• 3537 
... 6o()b 

Macaulay, Zachasy ai68, 2173, 

3228, 2539 
Macaulay, Zachary 2139, 3561, 2676a 

Mr( oNNEi.L, F. V 1639 

McCormack, Simpson B.J.6ai 

McCrea, Harry B.J. 110, 926, 

S.B.J. 65 
McDermot, Rev. Canon Henry 

Miles Fleetwood, B.J. 796, 801 

McDermot, Thom\s Henry, B.J. 825 

1 100, S.B.J. 606 

Macdon.ald, G 2783 

Macdonald, J 2364a 

M'Dunnell, Alexander... 1517, 3208, 

2223, 2539, 2587, 2654 

Macfadyen, James, M.D. B.J. 431, 432, 

S.B.J. 709-713 

Macfall, Haldane 2413, B.J. 889 

McP'arlane, Alexander Bruce 

B.J. 782, 1094 

Macfarlane, Rev. G »5.S^J> 

McGeachy, Edward S.B.J. 637 

I McGeachy, Edward B.J. 45b 

McGregor, Sir Gregor 1038, 1308 

MacGrkgor, JoHhfe 2859 

M'Grigor, James M.D. ... S.B.J. 58 
j Machado, R 977 

! MaCIAS, JlAN M 6S3 

I MacKellar, Patrick 6i7d 

I McKenzie, Andrew B.J. 929a, 

! S.B.J. 576 

I Mackenzie, Arthur F B.J. 941, 

I S.B.J. 633 

j McKknzie, C'harles 469 

; McKidd, G. A i«;56b 

McKiNXEX, Daniel ... 588, 2095a, 2110 

. McLaughlin, E. N B.J. 827 

I Maclaurin, John S.B.J. 274 

I McLean, Hector, M.D 429 

MACLEOD, Alexander B.J. 759 

! M'Mahon, Benjamin B.J. 65 

j Macmillan, Allister 249og 

I MacNeill, Hector S.B.J, n 

1 Macnutt, Francis Augustus 249oh 

! McPherson, j. H. P 2764 

j Macpheeson, T. a 1416, 1418 

I MacQuade, j 850, 2337 

j Mc«^ueen, James 259a, 2593 

I Macrae, Alexander 1563 



McRae, a 1564a j Martineau 

McSmith, J 477a 

Mc'luRK, M i6i4f 

McTurk 1525b 

Madden,. Richard Robert, M.D. 631c, 
632, 643, B.J. 292 

Madiou, N 479a 

Madrid, C 004 

Magrath, Rev. John 
Major, R. H., F.S.A. 
Malcolm, Ian, M.P. .. 


B.J. 784 


... B.J. 994, 

S.B.J. 718 

- 613 



Malcolm, Sir O. 

Malenfant, Col 2137 

Mallaby, Francis, U.S.N 589a 

Malo, Ch 461 

Malouet, — 432 

Maluquer, D. Jose 994 

Manchester, William, 5th Duke 

of 2824 

Manderson,, Lieut. James R.N. 

B.J. 575 

Mann, A 2749 { 

Mann, Lt.-Col. R B.J. 51b I 

Manning, W., M.P 2613 

Manning, W., M.P 2115a 

Manrique, a. M 602, 729 

Mansfield, Lord 37, 1900a 

Mansie, Rev. A 1528a 

Mansing, J. See Three-Fingered 

Manville, a. II 846 

Marbois 1758 

Mari^ot 141 

Marcano, G 1411 

Marcel, G 2702 

Marcelin, F 529,540,558,573 

Marcelin, L. J 550 

Marcou, J 1138 

Marcus, W 1799 

Maret, H ^ 1163 

Margat, N 360a, 360b 

Marillac, Damas de iii 

W \R!C, J 710 

Markham, Sir Clements... 1566, 2380, 


Marles, J. de 403 

Marmol, Fr. J 1346 

Marquand, Henri E 2279 

Marquet de NoRViNS, J. (Baron) 564 

Mai-'raquin, J. M 1241 

Marrat, J 1591, 2329 

Marriott, H. P. F 2791 

Marryat, Joseph, M.P 121, 1514, 

1819, 2140, 2141, 2143, 2159, 
2160, 2163, 2164, 2171, 2539 

Marsden, Peter B.J. 280 

Marsh, Florence L B.J. 322 

Marshall, J B.J. 479 

Marti. J 823 

Martin, K 1489,1490,2353,2353a 

Martin, Major M B.J. 239 

Martin, Robert Montgomery... 2229, 

Martin, S 215a 


Martinez, C 

Martinez, P. M 

Martinez Lopez, E 

Martinez de Campos, Julian F 

Marvin, Prof. C. F S.B.J. 679 

Marwick, William B.J. 390 

Masefield, John 2703 

Maskka, Colin 2613 

Mason, George 2694 

Mason, O. T 200a 

Masse, E. M 623 

Massee, George B.J. 442, 1055 

Mathison, Gilbert 2186, B.J. 286 

M\thon, jE 535 

Matthewman, L. de V. ... S.B.J. 687 

Matthews, Admiral S.B.J. 164 

Matthews, Mrs. C 2113 

Matthews, F 806 

Matthews, Lieut John 2704 

Maunsell, Samuel Edward, 

Brigade-Surgeon B.J. 496 

M-uirel, E. C. E 1790 

Mauricius, J. J 1718 

Mavor, William, LL.D 2134 

Maxwell, James, M.D. B.J. 705, 470, 

S.B.J. 227 

Maxwell,* J. R 2382 

Maxwell-Lefroy, H., B.A 2431 

May. N 2342 

Maycock, J. D 62 

Mayer, B 2725 

Mayhew, Rev. William, M.A. 

S.B.J. 537b, 552 
Mayner-y-Ros, Jose 730, B.J. 491, 493 

Medina, C 970 

Medina, Jose Maria 904 

Medina,. J. T 833 

Meeteren, J. M. W. van 1724 

Mp:i':teken, Westerouen van 1728 

Meignan, Victor 2321 

"Meliora" 79 

Meivill, General 1895, 1897, i8q8 

Melville, F. J 578 

Membreno, a 930 

Menendez Caravia, J 759 

Mercator, Gerardus B.J. 2 

Merchan, Rafael M 748, 771 

Meredith, Henry 2713 

Mere wether, Mr. Sergeant B.J ^^82, 
S.B.J. 471 

Merian, M. Sibyi.le 1703c 

Merrick, Rev. Richard ... S.B.J. 288a 
Metcalfe, Sir Charles Theophilus 

Bart B.J 375, 689, 690 

Metcalfe, Sir Charles Theophilus, 

Bart, B.J. 368 

Mialhe, F 637 

Michaud, L. G : 1761 

MiCHET IN, Henri E 370a, 370b 

Middleditch, Rev, T B.J. 367 

MiiLER, J. M 159 

Millet, G 734 

MiT.LicAN, A 1259 

Millspaugh, Charles Frederick 28^3, 




M'l.MAN, Capt 2272 

Milne, Capt, R. N 2849, BJ. 66 

Milne-Holme, Mary Pamela (nee 

Ellis) B.J. 867, 2375 

MiLNER, T. H B.J. 297 

MiLROY, Gavin, M.D. 2874, B.J. 475, ; 

S.B.J. 360! 

Mils, — 427 I 

MiMANDE, P 1133 

MiNOT, George S 1892 \ 

MiNOT, James B.J. 706, 714 . 

Miraheau, Count de 392 j 

MisMER, C 147 I 

Mitchell, Hon. Hector ... S.B.J. 359a 1 
Mitchell, Hon. Hector ... B.."",. 471, 472, I 
MiTCHiNSON, John (Bishop)... 86, 90 

MiTjANS, A 730a 

Mockler, Ferryman, Major A. F., 

F.R.G.S 2791a 

Moders, Mary S.B.J. 206 

MoE, Alfred K 936a 

MOESCHLER, H. B 311, B.J. 399 

Moissac, Parrot de iii 

MoiSTER, Rev. William 2266, 2307a, 



Molina, Felipo 975' 975a, 975b 

Moll, Herman i^.J. 13, 14 

Mollien, G 1193 

Moloney, C. A 2744, 2752 

Mona(;as, D 1432 

Monagas, J. G 1443 

Monagas, Jose Tadeo i327d , 

Moncala, J. M 933 i 

Monckton, Maj.-Gen 108 j 

Mondesir, Richard ... 193, 194, 195, 

261 1 

Monf.t. H 148 

Moneypenny, Col. Alexander ... 617c 

Montagu, Duke of 1940 

Montalvo, J i3S8b 

Montaigne de Nogaret, Charles S. 


Montanaro, Lt.-Col. A. F 2792 

Monte y Tejada, Antonio del ... 349 

montekiore, a 856 

Montero Barrantes, Francisco 996, 
looi, 1002 

Montgomery, James 2130, 2556 

Montirat, de 1025 

Montule, K 2154 

Moody, Major 2829,2831 

Moore, — 2309 

Moore, F. F 2458 

Moore, John, M.D 2108a 

Moore, Rachel W 2309 

Moore, S 41^ 

Moore, Thomas C, A.S.M. B.J. 762 

Morales y Morales, V 827,832 

Morazan, General F 928 

Moreau de Joannes, Alexandre 122, 

123, 2151 
Moreau de Saint-Mery, Meredic 

I- 341c 

Moreau de Saint-Mery 376 

MoREjoN Y G.\To, Antonio 6i8e 

Morel, E. D .". 2798 

MoRELET, Arthur de 1065 

MoRELL DE Santa Cruz, Pedro A. 631a 

MORKNO, F 721 

MORETON, J. B S.B.J. 216 

Morgan, Sir Henry B.J. 268, 

S.B.J. 691 

Morgan, W S.B.J. 230 

MoviN. Alexandre E 297a 

Moritzen, Julius B.J. 1097, 1103 

Morris, Assistant-Surgeon ... S.B.J. 43 

Morris, C 807 

Morris, Sir D.aniel, K.C.M.G. 603, 

609c, 910, 2328a, 2355a, 2431, 

BJ- 437> 43^, 442, 518, 

522, 523, 526, 530. 598, 1048, 1060, 

S.B.J. 329, 379, 648 

Morris, Rev. David R. B.J. 795, 824, 

S.B.J. 94, 95, 543, 581 

Morris, I. N 1457,2406 

Morris, Movvrray 2441 

Morris, M. O'Connor ... S.B.J. 294 

Morris, Valentine 1926 

Morrison, W. K 2431 

Morrison, William, M.A. S.B.J. 588 

Morse, E. S 1160 

Morson, Henry 2248,2659 

Mortimer, G. F. W 2640 

MosnACH, A 498 

Moseley, Benjamin, M.D. 2084, 2104, 

2108, B.J. 462, 501, 

S.B.J. 353, 356 

Moses. Bernard 1277 

MOSQUERA, T. C. DE I2o6, I2o8 

MoTA, Manuel de R 351 

MOTEZO.N, — 1771 

MouciiOT, P iioa 

Mould, Alex, M B.J. 148, 946 

MOURIK, — 1778 

xMOXLY, J. H. S. ^, 91 

Mueller, W .' 787 

MUENCH, E I20ia 

Mulgrave, Earl of S.B.J. 634 

Muller, Carl * B.J. 1069 

Muller, J. E 1733 

Mulry, Rev. P. E. X., S.J. B.J. 990 

Muncaster, Lord 2537a 

Mi'Noz, Iuan B*utista 2094 

Munro, W., M.D., CM 270a 

Munster, Sebastian 2339 

Mr'RDocFi, J. B 599 

Murray, David B.J. 102 

Murray, Sir George 2613, B.J. 676 

Murray, Sir George, G.C.B. 2613, 

2202, 2209 

Murray, H. A 655a 

Murray, Henry G. ... S.B.J. 232, 597 

Murray, Henry G B.J. 855 

Murray, John B.J. 677 

Murray, Maj.-Gen. John ^STS* 

Murray, W. C B.J. 868, 874 

Murray-Aaron, Dr. E 2392 

Murviedro, J. J. de 760 

MuRY, P 1794 



MuSGRAVE, Sir Anthony, K.C.M.G. 

B.J. 32s I 
Musgrave, Sir Anthony ... B.J. 384a | 
MusGRAVE, George Clarke 801, 822a, 


Mlsgrave, T. B. C 1935 

MussoN, Samuel Paynter B.J. 914 

Myers, C. S S.B.J. 598 

Myngs, Captain Christopher B.J. 112 

N., N 1980 

Naar, Benjamin S.B.J. 63 

Nascher, Freidrich W 6i6b 

Nash, Alfred G., C.E., B.Sc. 

B.J. 960, 1080a 

Nash, B.J. 323 

Nassau, Rev. R. II 2810 

Nathan, A. McDowell B.J. 618, 

S.B.J. 386 

Nau, Baron Emile 486a 

Navarrete, Martin Fernandez 2179 

Navser, S 543 

Negrin, J 674 

Neish, James, M.D. ... B.J. 524, 531 

Nelbon, H 2298 

Nelson, R. J 593 

Nelson, Wolkred 1106 

Nelson, W 1093 

Nelson, Colonel B.J. 85, 91 

Netscher, Peter Marinus 1605 

Neumann Gandia, Kduardo 317 

Newcastle, Duke of 2292*, B.J. 562, 563 
Newton, Sir Edward, M.A. K.C.M.G. 

B.J. 391 

Nibaut, E 1 78 1 

Nichelena, F 1438 

Nicholas, F. C 2457 

NirHOLLS, Dr. HEK.iy Alfred 

Alford, C.M.G., M.D. 2391, 2431, 

B.J. 769a 

Nicholson, Sir Cparles A. S.B.J. 580 

NiCKOLLS, Rev. R. B 2513 

NicoLsoN, Bartholomaeus 369 

Niederlein, Gustavo 967a, 1016 

NiMAL, H. de 75! 

NissEN, JoHAN Peter 27g 

Noel, Baptist Wriottesley B.J. 88 

NoRiE, J. W 1513,2255 

Norman, A S.B.J. 237 

NoRifAN, Sir H. W 1841 

Norman, Sir Henry Wylie G.C.B. 

S.B.J. 308a, 695 

Norman, C. F 2347 

Normanby, Constantino Henry, Mar- 
quis of B.J. 838 

Norris, Sir John S.B.J. 164 

Northcroft, G. J. H 615b 

Norton, A. J 821 

Norton, Charles Ledvard 859 

NouvioN, Victor de 1770 

Nugent, Maria, Lady B.J. 296 

Nunez, Ricardo 1247, '286 

Nuttall, Enos, D.D., Archbishop 
of the West Indies B.J. 137, 

14s, 151, 152, 157, 158, 159, 
163, 165, 166, 797, 798, 799, 800, 
804, 812, 937, 955 

S.B.J. 520, 528, 557, 558, 
560, 561-563, 567, 570, 571, 725, ,26 

Obelitz, OVE S.^.2l8 

Ober, Frederich a. ... 324,786,2324, 
2388, 2389, 2464, 2486 


O'Connor, General S.B.J. 41 

Odwin 1516 

Ogle, Sir Chaloner ... S.B.J. 164, 270, 

Oexmelin see Exquemelin 
O'Farrill y Herrera, Jose 

Ricardo 6i8i 

Ogilby, John B.J. 308 

Ogilvy, John B.J. 4a 

Ogilme, James, M.D. B.J. 498 

O'Kellky, James j 688 

Olaudah Equiano 2543 

Olavarria, D. a 1433. 1437 

Oldendokp, Christian Georg 

Andres 277 

Oldmixon, John 2000 

O'Leary, General 1350 

Olivares, J. M i327d 

Oliver, V. L 237 

Olivier, E S.B.J. 704 

Olivier, Sir Sydney, K.C.M.G. 

2481a, B.J. 1905, S.B.J. 595a, 723 
Olivier, Sir Sydney S.B.J. 302 

Ot NEY, — 1663, 1664 

Olyphant, Mr B.J. 636 

Omnium, Jacob 2259, 2259a 

Oneby, Major B.J. 356 

Oi'isso, A 1161 

OkDERSON, J. W 71,2539 

Ordonez de Cebali.os, Pedro ...1967b 

Orrett, William H B.J. 538 

OjvSi de Mombello, G 1409 

Ortego, E 1261 

Ortego, F 962 

Orsbridge, Lt. Philip 617b, 617c 

Osborne, J 2253 

" Othello " S.B.J. 15 

Otis, F. N 1057, io6ib 

Otiobah Cugoano 2512 

OUFFROY, E. V)Y. 523 

Oughton, Mrs. Samuel ... S.B.J. 579 
OuGHTON, Rev. Samuel ... S.B.J. 538 

Or'GHTON, Thomas S.B.J. 296 

OvIEDO Y BaNOS, J. DE 1390 

OVIEDO Y Valdes, Gonzalo 

Fernandez 1958a, i960, 1961 

Owen, R. D 2671 

Owen, Commander R., R.N B.J. 54 

OxBERRY, W S.B.J. 577 

Oxenbridge, John 1504 

OxtoRD, Bishop of 2664 

P., L. H S.B.J. 668 

Paasch, Dr. H B.J. 342 

Pacaud, J. J 2246 




Pachano, J 

Paddenburg, G .G. 

Padula, a. ...: 

Paez, General Jose Antonio.... 

. 148 1 

• 1435 

Paez, Ramon 133^ 

Page, — 426 

Page, Dr. Samuel B.J. 254 

Paget, J 1861 

'^ IN, Capt 2013 

Palache, J. Thompson ...B.J. 540, 542 

Palau, Lisimaco 1272 

1'alc;rave, William Gifford ... 1722 

Pallmer, Charles N., M.P 2539 

I\ama, Peter 1510a 

Pama, Peter , 1708b 

Panton, Rev. David Brooke, 

S.B.J. 82, 86 


Morrison. ..B.J. 948, 









Panglosse, — . 
Panton, David 

Paponot. F. 

1096, 1 103, 1 105, 
1121, 1128, 1144, 

Paim'akaka, V 

Pardo, Fr. G 

Pardon 142, 

Pareau, a. H 

Pariset, G 

iarke, Colonel .*.... 208, 

Parker, Captain 2018 

Parkhurst, Dr. V. P B.J. 320 

Parkin, John, M.D B.J. 476 

Parmentier, J 355 

Parmentier, R 355 

Parry. John B.J. 51a 

Parry, Thomas (Bishop) 58,73,76, 

77, 81 

Parton, James 280a 

Partridge 2814 

Pasaron V Lastra, R 659 

Passy, M 1766 

Paterson, Lieut. Daniel ...174b, 1903 

Paton, William Agnew 2357 

Patterson, Robert B.J. 57 

Paterson, William 1043, 1057a, 1057b, 


Paul, E S.B.J. 643 

Paul, E S.B.j.64< 

Pauleus-Sannon, H 566 

Pavne, J. A. 2765 

Paz, M 1249 

Pearce, Frank L B.J. 961 

Pearson, Rev. J. G 1613 

Pechell, Captain G. R., R.N. ... 456 

Peck, — 1533 

Peckham, E. G S.B.J. 703 

Peckham, G. W S.B.J. 703 

Pector, Desire 961b 

Peel, M.P 2613 

Pego, Andres 692 

Pelletier, E 904a 

Penalva, Jose Maria 6i8a 

Penard, Arthur Philip 1646b 

Penard, Frederick Pali. 1646b 

Penn, William S.B.J. 5 

Pennant, Robert 1627 

Penninck, J. J i7i7g 

Pennington, C. A. S 2709 

Pennock, Rev. Thomas B.J. 118 

Pepper, C. M 804 

Pepper, E 1397, 1441, 1443 

Peralta, Manuel M. de 951, 952, 976a, 

978, 979. 981, 997> 1015. 1018^ 

1019, 1021, 1022, 1240, I25I» 

1285, 1288 

Percival, E 1620b 

Percival, Mrs. E 1620b 

Pereir.\, R. S 1224 

Perez, Felipe, 1212, 1226, 1249 

Perez de la Cerdu, Sebastian ... 615(1 

Pekez-Triana, S 1301, 1467 

Perkin, H. 1 1596 

Perkins, H, J 1633 


Peter Martyr i959, 2339 

Peter, Rev. G 176a 

Pelion 484 

Petre, F. Lor.aine 1303 

Petekkin. Joseph 261 

Pevtrand, 1 2675 

Pezuela, J. DE LA 668 

Philalethes, Demoticus 653a 

"Philiarcus" 220 

Phillip. 1966 

Phillippo, Dr. James Cecil, M.D. 

I^J- 327, 457. 490, 495> 525 

Phillippo, Rev. Ja.mes Murcell 654, 

K.J. 134. 302, 384, S.B.J. 85, 504 

Phillips, Catherine 2092 

Phillips, A. E 68id 

Phillips, Edith C S.B.J. 603 

Phillips, Joseph 225, 2638 

Phillips, P. L 1691, 2256a 

Phillpotts, Eden 2385, 2423 

I'hilo-Caledon 1029 

Pichegru 1758 

PiCTON, Col. Thomas 1804,1811 

Picton, Col Thomas 1805, 1808, 1812, 
1813, 1815, 1825. 


Pierce, E. L 283 

PiERSON, A. T 27S0 

PlETERS, W. T 1599a 

PlETRI, D 1363 


Pi.M, Commander Bedford, R.N. 

1060, 1063, B.J. 73 
Pirn, Commander Bedford 946 

PiMENTEL, N. P 680 

PiNART, A. L 109I, 1491a, 2375a 

PiNCKARD 2539 

PiNCKARD, George, M.D 21 12 

PiNEL, — 1903 


PiNTO, J. DE B.J. 277 

PlO, L 864 

Piquant, O 533 

PiRON, HiPPOLYTE 691,800a 

PiSTORius, Thomas 1705 

Pitman, Henry 9b 

PiTON, L. A 1763 



Pitt, Thomas S.BJ. 157 

Pitt, Right Hon. William ...S.BJ. 15 


Placide-Justin 463 

Platzmann, J 2443 

Playter, J. L. C 1555b 

Plaza, J. A. de 1205 

Plummer, Charles B.J. 761 

PoEY, Felipe 647,670,690 

PoiNCY, Louis de 1982 

PoiNTis, Louis de 1995 

Pointis-de • 1189 

Poirson, M 1764 



Polhill, David S.B.J. 272 


Polverel 423 

Pons, Francois Raimond Joseph de 

420a, 2086, 2534 
Poole, Thomas Eyre, D.D. ... 2722 

Porchez, Mgr 140 

Portland, Duke of 1814 

Porter, Jane 2215 

Porter, R. P 811 

Porter, Lieutenant Whitworth 

R.E. 179 

Porter, Mrs. Whitworth 179 

Portes e Infante, Dr. T. (Arch- 
bishop) 347 

PORTEUS, Beilby (Bishop). ..2126, 2555 
Portland, William Henry, ist 

Duke of S.B.J. 187 

Posada Gutierrez, Jeneral J. ...1213a 

POUJOL, A 526 

Pound, A. J 1602 

Povey, T S.B.J. 193 

Powell, Henry 2685 

Power, Rev. Samuel 1823 

POWLES, L. D. 600 

PowLES, — T. 1213 

Poyen-Bellisle, J. H. de 567, 2400 

Poyer, John 48 

PoYNTY, Capt. John 1885 

Pratt, Ann B.J. 484, 485 

Preiss, E. C 772 

Preston, George 596b 

Preston, William S.B.J. 17 

Preston-Muddock, J. E... .S.B.J. 241 

Premium, Barton 1554 

Pretrel, L. N 1942 

Price, A. B S.B.J. 139 

Price, Captain George E., M.P. 

B.J.90. 734, 735^736 

Price, — 1533 

Price, Thomas 230 

Price, Thomas S.B.J. 25 

Prichard, H 568 

Prieto Font, J 829 

Prince, Mary 2625 

Pringle, Hall B.J. 66, 517 

Pringle, Capt. J. W. 2242,2847,2849, 

B.J. 837 

Pringle, Thomas 2625 

Protheroe, — M.P 2613 

Provancher, L 3455 

Pujol y de Camps, M yn 

PuLLEN, John 2013 

PULLEN-BURRY, BESSIE... S.B.J. 240, 244 

Pullen, Lieut. T. F.. R.N B.J. 55 

Purdie, William B.J. 1040 

PURDY, J 2i6jj 

PusEY, Rev. J. Henry BJ. 924 

S.B.J. 621 

Pyle, Howard 2699, B.J. 98* 

Pyndar, Sir Paul 9a 

Pyne,J. B S.B.J. 226 

Quandt, Christlieb 1511a, 



Quelch, J. J 1622, 

Queipo, Vasquez 

QuERARD, Louis F 

QuESADA, Gonzales de 

Quesney de Beaurepaire, J, ... 


Quijano Otero. J. M. ... 1020, 

QuiN, John T., F.R.G.S 





1 165 

Radcliffe, a. F S.B.J. 604 

Radcliffe, Rev. John ..-B. J. 787, 793, 

794, 819, 865, 934, 936 

Raders, J. E. W. F. von i546f, i7i7n 

Radford, Alfred 1086, 2350 

Rae, James 604a 

Rafter, Captain 1308 

Rainsford, Capt-^in Marcus 435, 440 

Raimond, Julien de 431 

Ralegh, Sir Walter 1498 

Rambler S.B.J. 249 

Ramel, General 1758 

Ramel 1758 

Ramirez, S 731b 

Rampini, Charles B.J. 320 

Ramsay, Rev. James, M.A. 2507, 
2507a, 2512a, 2516a, 2516b, 2516c 

Ramsa)', William B.J. 680 

Ramsey, M. M 800 

Rankin, F. Harrison 2716 

Rafkin, 1 BJ- 45 

Rathbun, Mary J B.J. 1023 

Raulin, M B.J. I 

Rawlin, William 13 

Rawson, Sir Rawson W. 83, 84, 596, 
S.B.J. 719 

Raymond, Pierre 198* 

Raynal, Abbe Guillaume Thomas 

Francois 2057, 2077, 2542 

Rt;a, George Bronson 773, 789 

Rea, J. T 1956, 2448 

Reach, Angus B 2697 

Read 26q7b 

Read Rev. H 1565b 

Read, Mary 2689, B.J. 355 

Reade, Winwood 2734 

"Rebus'* 598 



Reclus, Armand 1072,1166 

Reclus, Elisee 1211,1278,2755a 

Reclus, J. E 1279 

Rector, C. H 321 

"R^DCAM, Tom" see M'Dermot, T. H. 

Redpath, James 49° 

Regal, Dr. Fritz 1291 

Regnault, R 1964 

Reid, Dennis B.J. 34 

Reid, T. a. Constantine ...S.B.J. 135 

Reid, J. H B.J. 330 

Reid, Captain Mayne B.J. 891 

Reindorf, C. C 2773 

Reinh.^rdt, Charles, M.D... .S.B.J. 688 

Reining, Jan Erasmus 

Reiss, — 

Remusat, — 

Renard, Gustave 
Rennie, James — 


Renny, Robert ... 



B.J. 3 

Renshaw, C. Stewart B.J. 758 

Reparaz, G 757 

Restrepo, Jose Manuel 1200 

Restrepo, J. P 1237 

Restrepo, Vincente 1236, 1246, 1 28 1 
Restrepo Tirado, Ernesto 1268, 1269 
Reusch, Dr. Hans B.J. 339,*S.B.J. 343 
Revel de Perron, G. J. de 

(Count) 2417 

Revenga, L. J 1330 

Rey, H 143 

Reynolds, Charles B. ... 838b, 838c, 
2487, 2488 

Reynoso, Alvaro 697, 698 

Rhodes, Thomas B.J. 351 

RiCART, J. R 1427 

RiCAULT, Sir Paul 1036 

Richardson, R 2753 

RiCKETTS, Major 2715 


RiKO. A. J 1725 

RiLAND, Rev. John 61,2606, 

B.J. 60, S.B.J. 284 

RiNGRosE, Bash 2685, 2691 

RippiNGH.AM, John B.J. 287 

Ritchie, Rev. W. B 1609b, 1625a 

RiVERO, J 1368 

RivoDO, E 1384 i 

RoBB, Rev. Alexander, D.D....B.J. 377 | 

Roberts, George 25c ! 

Roberts, Orlando VV 1201 j 

Roberts, W. E 15726 i 

Robertson, G. D S.B.J. 623 j 

Robertson, James, A.M. B.J. 38 — 41,89 ; 

Robinson, Albert G 327,836 

Robinson, Dr. Anthony B.J. 393,418 

Robinson, Dr. Anthony B.J. 1000, 

S.B.J. 295 


H. I 
J. K 



....B.J. 996, 1099 
S.B.J. 668a 

Tracy 1182, 


ROBSON, Rev. George, D.D. B.J. 150 

Robson, Rev. John, M.A., D.D. 

B.J. 80a 

RoBY, John B.J. 240, 241, 904, 

S.B.J. 282, 286 

RocHA Gutierrez, R 1243 

Roche, J. J 2701 

RocHEFORT, Charles de ... 1884, 1983 
Roche, -Grellier, — ... 531, 537, 541 

RoDDAM, Captain, R.N B.J. 96 

Rodney, Lord 2082 

RoDRiQUES, J. C 1085 

Rodriguez, J. 1 695a 

Rodriguez, T 1385 

Rodriguez de Toro, Fr 1311 

Rodriguez-Ferrer, M 716 

Rodriguez Freste, J 1233 

RoDWAY, James, F.L.S. 1599b, 1604, 

1616, 1620a, 1620C, 1621, 

1625, 1630, 1635, 2401 

Roelants, H.A . M 1397 


Rogers 1609a 

Rogers, Com. Josias 1911 

Rojas, a. 1334, 1340, 1345, 1360, 
1367, 1402, 1417, 1424 

Rojas, F. Vizcarrondo 1444 

Rojas, J. M. 1342, 1400, 1421, 1615 

Rojas Paul, Dr. J. P 1419, 1431 

RoLiN, H 2800 

RoLLO, John 1943 

ROMANA, 1 744 

Romay, Thomas 618 

Romero Torrado 756 

Roncayolo, E 1448 

Roosevelt, Theodore 805b 

Root, J. W 2409 

Roos, P. F 1715a 

Rose, Sir G. H 2576 


Francois Felix, Comte 2283 

ROSNY, L. J. P. DF. 2346 

Ross, D. Palmer, *k.D., Edin. 

S.B.J. 293 

Ross, G i546d 

Ross, H. J 2026 

Rossi, D. ver B.J. 22 

Rossi, R 687 

Roth, PI. Ling 515, 521 

RoTHROCK, J. T B.j. 1062 

Rotheram, John 31a 

Rouanet, G 1145 

Roi'GH, William 1520 

Roughley, Thomas B.J. 33 

RouNDELL, Charles Savile ...B.J. 851 

Roume — 412 

Rouvellet, J. D. R 263 

RouziER, S 545 

Rover 2352 

Rowan, A. S 761a, 800 

Rowe, Sir Joshua B.J. 59 

RowE, L. S 338 

Rowland, E. D. M.B 1611 

Roxburgh, AD.-kM B.J. 542 

Roxburgh, Archibald B.J. 520 

Roxburgh, Thomas Laurence 

B.J. 914,961 



RoYCE, F 158 


RuDYERD, Sir Benjamin 1972 

RuFZ DE Lavison, Etienne, 137, 139 

RUIDIAZ Y Caravia, E 863 

Ruiz, P. M 1471a 

Rush, William H., M.D. ...S.B.J. 696 

Russell, Thomas B.J. 763 

Russell, Pro-Consul 2847 

Russell, W i584d, isgif, i599d 

Russell, Lord S.B.J. 469 

Ruste Ill, 113, 117 


Sachs, C 1347 

Sack, Baron Albert von 1512 

Saco, Jose Antonio, 659a, 2276, 2672a, 


Sadler, M. E B.J. 777 

.Sagot, P 1777, 1782 

Sagra, Ramon de la ... 628a, 642, 667 
St. Alpans, William, ioth Duke 

OF B.J. 985 

Saint- Amand, — 488 

St. Clair, Lieut. -Col. Thomas 

Staunton 2226 

Saint-Cyr, Dathan de ...B.J. 967, 968, 
969, S.B.J. 371, 583, 584, 692, 693 
St. John, Sir Spencer, K.C.M.G. 


Saint-Martin, J 1158 

Saint-Merant, a. de 357 

Saint-Pol Lias, Braude 1069b 

St. Quentin, Alfred De 1775 

.:)T. Quentin, Auguste de 1775 

Saint-Remy, Joseph 484 

Saintard 364 

Saint-Venant, Uarre 435b 

St. Vincent Edward, 2nd Viscount 685 

Salas y Quiroga, y: de 634 

Sales, de 240 

Salmon, C. S 2332,2335,2367, 

Salvandy, Narcisse Achille, 

Count de 459 

Salvin, Osrert 1069a 

Samper, Jose 1058, 1210 

Samper, Agudelo, J. M. ...1221, 1206a 

Samuel, Lionel L B.J. 740, 

S.B.J. 498 

Samuel, Rev. Peter B.J. 125 

Sanborn, F. B 2670a 

Sanchez, R. H 1366 

Sandeman, P 1549a 

Sanders, Prince 452 

Sanderson, John 1817 

Sandford, Sir Daniel K 2216 

Sandmark, Gustav B.J. 1030 

Sanford, Robert 1501 

Santacilia, P 660a 

Santo Domingo, Comte de 

221 1, 261 1 

Santos, J. N 774 

Sapper, C 927, 1171 

Sarbah, J. M 2779, 281a 

Sarda, a 31a 

Sargeant, George E B.J. 373 

Sargeant, Herbert H 838 

Sarria, J. F 1434 

Saulmier, E 1104 

Savage, Edward A B.J. 753, 

S.B.J. 419 

Saville, S. E B.J. 997 

Sav.ille-Kent, W 598a 

Savygnac, J 1463 

Sawkins, James Gay, F.G.S. ...1574c 
B.J. 451, 1080 

Sawkins, J. G B,J. 506, 5oh, 51 

Say, Jean ^Baptiste 2571 

ScHAiK, — 1720 

Schantz, M 2805 

^(Cherzer, Carl 944, 976 

Schoelcher, Victor 144, 520, 2258, 



ScHOLES, Theophilus E. Samuel, 

M.D 2405, S.B.J. 595b 

Schomburgk, Otto 1543a 

Schomburgk, Richard ... 1551a, 1585a 
Schomburgk, Sir Robert ... 74, 1536, 

1539. 1545 

Schryver, o. de 1465 

Schultz, Rev. T 1554b 

Schultz-Holzhausen, D. von 

(Baron) 779 

ScoBLE, John 1534 

Scoles, 1 1597 

Scotland, George B.J. 698 

Scotland, Rev. Horace. ..B.J. 453, 963 

S.B.J. 572 

Scott, Rev. David 2490a 

^COTT, J 1863 

Scott, James, M.R.C.S B.J. 174 

Scott, John, C.B 1178a 

Scott, Rev. R. John E., M.A.... 236 

Scott, Michael B.J. 880,881 

S.B.J. 600, 601 
Scott, Sir Sibb.ald David, Bart. 

S.B.J. 321 

Scott, W. E. D B.J. 1017 

Scruggs, W. L. 1290, 1653, 1654, 
1655, 1666, 1678 

Seacole, Mrs. Mary S.B.J. 289 

Seaward, Sir Edward 2215 

Sebii.lot, a 1115, 1146 

Sebillot, M 1146 

Seemann, Berthoi.d, Ph. D. ... 1063 

Seijas, R. F 1395, 1649 

Selfridge, Thomas O 1067 

Sells, William S.B.J. 19 

Semple, Robert 1306 

Senior, Bernard Martin ...S.B.J. 224 

Senex, I B.J. 11 

Senior, Lieut. -Colonel Henry 

B.J. 886, 1 108, 1 109, S.B.J. 672 

Serrano, J. A 1348a 

Serrano y Dominguez, Francisco 


Serrano, Miguel Jose 6i7h 

Serres, D 617b 

Servincent, P. T 519 



Seutttr. Matthew B.J. 7 j 

Setoh-Kaub, W. S S.B.J. 300 ! 

Sewkll, W. G 2296 j 

Shaen, William, M.A B.J. 85 ^ 

Sharp, Capt. Bartholomew 2686 i 

Sharp, Granville ...2502,2506,25483' 

2703a j 

Sharpe, Thomas H B.J. 543, 556 | 

Sharpe, William 20 , 

Shattuck, G. B 615 ! 

Shaul, Rev. B. J B.J. 807 

Shaw, Norton 2289 

Sheffield, Lord 2529 

Sheldon, H. J 974 

Shephard, C ••.. 1929. 1932 

Shiel, M.P 2449,2460 

Shier, John, LL.D 1584 

Shier, J 1549c, i554C> ^SS^c 

Shonts, Theodore P 1185 

Shrewsbury, — 5^* 

Shower, J S.B.J. 116 i 

bHUEY, Lillian Hinman 2408 | 

SiEBiTT. Rev. Adam, A.B. ...S.B.J. 532 j 
Sibthorpe, A.B.C 2740,2741 I 

SlEVERS, W 314a, 358b, 1288a, 1396 1 

SlGSBEE, C. D 814 1 

SijLvius, L * i982d I 

Sijpestijen, C. a. van 1705b, 17170, 


SiM.MONS, Henry Peter 64 

Simmons, W. E 971 

SIMMS, Rev. Canon William, M.A. 

B.J. 769, 949, 1082, 1087, 1090 

Simpson. James B.J. 2ic-2if, 36a 

Simpson, J. M 580 

Simpson, Mrs. M. C. M. ...S.B.J. 672 

SiNCERL's i5iod, 1712 

Sinclair, Augustus Constantine 

B.J. 106, 383, 705, 764 

Sinclair, Sir John, Bt 2613 

Singleton, J 2064 

Sivers, Jegoe von 663 

Skey, Dr 50 

Statiey, E S.B.J. 188 

Slater, Rev. T 1572b 

Sligo, Peter Howe, 2nd Marquis of 

B.J. 62,684 
Sligo, Peter Howe, 2nd Marquis ot 


Sloan, O. S 1167 

Sloane, Sir Hans, Bart. B.J. 270,415, 
S.B.J. 354 

Smart, Edward R 2431 

Smith, Aaron 622 

Smith, Astley S.B.J. 253 

Smith, Caleb 2018 

Smith, General Corson B.J. 341 

Smith, C. J., Archdeacon B.J. 935 

S.MITH, Rev. George 2720 

Smith, G 1912 

Smith, Hugh M 869 

Smith, James 279a 

Smith, Rev. John ...1518, 1519, 1519a, 


Smith, JohnM B.J. 45c 

Smith, Rev. Mr 264a 

Smith, M. E 388 

Smith, Pamela Coleman B.J. 872 

Smith, Raynes W B.J. 505 

Smith, Mrs. J. J. [M. E.]... S.B.J. 298 

Smith, William, M.D 256 

Smith, W'Illiam, M.P 2613 

Smyth, F. G 2539 

Snagg, Sir W 232 

Snelgrave, Capt. William 2509 

" Snod, E." S.B.J. 607 

Soeterwoude, W. E. van 1727 


Sollas and Cocking S.B.J. 257 

Solomon, George B.J. 794, 795 

Solomon, Lucien F., M.D. ...B.J. 494 

SoLTERA, Maria 911 

Sommerset, James 2056, B.J. 17 

Somoza Vivas, F 931 


Sontonax 423 

Sotom.ayor, W. F 649a 

Sotham, Nathaniel B.J. 36 

Soto, B 986 

Soublelte, General C 1408 


Soulouque 487 

Southerne, Thomas 1507 

Southey, Capt. Thomas 2189 

Speck, William B.J. 444 

Spedding, James S.B.J. 474 

Speirs, Rev. James 1640, 1641 

Speer, Captain Joseph Smith B.J. 572 

Spence, j. M 1335, 1339, 134S 

Spencer, Aubrey George, Bishop 

B.J. laj 
Spencer, Aubrey George Bishop 

B.J. 785, S.B.J. 54, 
Spencer, J. W. ... S.B.J. 346, 347 

S PENCER, J AMES « 1 992a 

Spencer, Thomas 1991 

Spraggs, John Duff B.J. 821 

Sprengel, Kurt B.J. 465 

bPRINGER, R 779 

SQt;iER, E. G 8983,9033,905, 

940, 941 

Squier, Mrs. M. F 1065 

Stahl, Augustin 310 

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn B.J. 381 

Stanley, E. G 2639 

Stanley, Hon. G. H 2263,2269 

Stanley, Staff Com?nander G., R.N. 

B.J. 65 

Stanley, Sir H. M 2733 

Stanley, Lord, M.P 72 

Stapleton, Augustus G 900 

Stark, James H. 97, 605, 1630, 1859, 

B.J. 350 

Stead, Alexander S.B.J. 278, Captain J. G 1715* 1716 

Stedman, Mary S.B.J. 206 

Steele, James W 712 

Steele, Joshua 51 

Stejneger, Leonhard 339 



Stephen, James ...441,442,1802,2111, 

2178, 2539, 2551, 2562, 2565, 

2590, 2597 

Stephen, James 1514,2139,2539,2561 

Stephens, John Lloyd 895, 896a, 1040, 


Sterne, Henry B.J. 59 

Stern, Philip S.B.J. 646, 717 

Sterns-Fadelle, F 156 

Steuart, J 1320 

Stevens, Benjamin Franklin ... 2386 

Stevens, Caftain B. F B.J, 79(1 

Stevens, Captain John 1968 

Stevenson, A 1522 

Stevenson, J S.B.J. 445 

Stewart, Phil i6iic 

Stewart, J B.J. 285 

Stirling, Vice-Admiral Sir Charles 

S.B.J. 59 

Stockdai.e, F. a., B.A 2431 

Stoddard, Charles Augustus... 2397, 


Stoddart. Daniel J B.J. 440 

Stokes, A. P 2456,2456a 

Stone, Arthur Daniel, M.D. ...2112a 
Storks, Sir Henry K., G.C.B. B.J. 86 

Story, Thomas 30 

Stott, John 2320 

Stout, Peter F 944a 

Strange WAYS, Thomas 889 

Stricker, Samuel B.J. 533 

Strickland, Rev. J 1656 

Strickland, Robert B., B.A. B.J. 778 

Stromderg, C. F. L. W 2763 

Strong, Rev. L 1529b, 1531a 

Stubb, Henry B.J. 414 

Stuart, Charles 2635 

Stuart, Admiral Hon. Charles 

S.B.J. i8i 

Stuart, Villiers B.J. 334 

Stubel, — c 1216 

Sturge, E 2673 

Sturge, John 2658 

Sturge, Joseph 2240, B.J. 63 

Suarez, Jose Ildefonso ... 631a, 631b 

SuAREZ Y Romero, A 66ia 

SucnET, J. M 549 

Suckling, G 273 

Suffield, Earl of B.J. 50 

Sullivan, Caroline B.J. 951 

Sullivan, G. H 1172 

Sullivan, James B.J. 505 

Sullivan, J. T 1079 

Sullivan, John 1812 

Sullivan, J. A 2832 

Sumner, Charles 666b, 679b 

Sundstral, F 575' 2433 

Sundstrum, John B.J. 534 


Swartz, OLOF...B.J. 419, 420, 421, 424, 


SWAVING, J. J 2181 

Swete, John B.J. 651 

Swift, F. R 879 

SvKES, Rev. George B.J. 343 

Sylvie, Edouarde ,.... 2002b 

Symmonette, Ethel Maud ... B.J. 337 

Taaffe, Theobald S.B.J. 27a 

Tapia y Rivera, A 30a 

Taft, William H 830a, ii8oa 

Tarleton, Lieut. -Gen. 443b 

Tarraube, Viscount G.\lard de... 1759 

Tauste, Fr. de 1187 

Tavera-Acosta, B 1479a, 1479b, 

I ,r^ '749a 

Taylor 2656c 

T.aylor, Charles Edward, M.D., 

F.R.G.S 282, 285a 

Taylor, H. f^ 157 

Ta3'lor, John S.B.J. 73 

! Taylor, J. Glanville 648 

|T.\YLOR, R B.J. 32 

\ Taylor, Thomas E 609a 

Teenstra, M. D i7i6d 

I Tejera, D. V 810 

Tejera, E 1362 

TKJf^i^A, F 1355, 1440 

Tejera, Miguel 1341a, 1347 

\ Tellier, C 2761 

I Tello Mendoza, R 1468, 1477 

Temple, George B.J. 894 

Ternaux-Compano, — 1769 

: Texier, C 536 

I Theveneau, Charles E 341b 

I Thevet, a 500 

I Thiel, B. a 979a 

' Thomas, Dalby 1990 

I Thirion, Eug 1330b 

I Thomas, Herbert Theodore 

! B.J. 331, 999 

Thomas, J. J 1835,2313,2360 

Thome, J.\mes A 2236, B.J. 64 

Thompson, Ann S.B.J. 27a 

Thompson, Sir Edward Maundu 

S.B.J. 735 

Thompson, George 2652,2653 

Thomson, Andrew. D.D 2615 

Thomson. A 2610 

Thomson, Charles 2539 

Thompson, James, M.D. ... B.J. 469 

Thompson, J. R 1748 

Thompson, Robert B.J. 588, 595 

Thomson, S. P 1568b 

Thomson, S. Poweli B.J. 853 

Thornbury, George Walter ... 2698 
Thornton, Swinford Leslie, B.A. 

B.J. 750, 1098 

Thorp, William B.J. 972, 995 

Thorpe, Robert 2539 

Thounens, J. B 1947 

Thrasher, J. E 653 

Three-Fingered Jack ... B.J. 361-363, 
S.B.J. 275, 276, 280, 283 

Tijedman, J. W ^l"^!^ 

TiLLiE, Dr. J i6iia 

Tilskner 288 

TiNLiNG, Rev. Edward Dodd 

S.B.J. 60s 
Tippenhauer, L. Gentil 551 




TiTFORD, William Jowit, M.D. 

B.J. 428 

TjASSENS, J igSaf 

Tomes, Robert 1051 


ToNDUZ, A 1003b 

TORRKY, B 866 


TosiER, Captain John S.B.J. 49 

TosTA Garcia, F 13^0 

Totterdale, Hugh S.B.J. 266 

Toussaint-L'Ouverture ...434a, 434b, 
435c, 441, 447a, 477a, 496a, 520 

TovAR, M ^ 1202 

TowNE, R 2005 

Townsend, Elizabeth Crayne 

S.B.J. 285 
Townsend, Vice-Admiral Georgia 

S.B.J. 53 

Townsend, H. Tyler B.J. 403 

Townsend, M. J 1152 

Trapham, Thomas S.B.J. 350 

Trelles, C. M 838a 

Treves, Sir Frederick, Bart. ... 2484 

Trevv, Rev. J. M B.J. 47 

Trollope, Anthony 2290 

Trott, John .• 2010 

Trowbridge, W. R. H 2387, 2450, 


Truman, Dr. George 2254b, 2309 

Tryon, Thomas 1987 

Tucker, Rev. R. J 1531b 

Tucker, Miss 2724 

Tui.LOCH, Capt 2235 

Turbill, Hannah S.B.J. 272 

TuppER, H. A 77ga 

Turiault, J. 141a 

Turnbiill, Archibnld BJ. 700 

Turnbull, David 635, B.J. 68 

TuRNBULL, Gordon 1907,2511 

Turner, Godfrey B.J. 977 

Turner, Thomas Bryett ... S.B.J. 413 
Turner-Turner, J 876 

Ubeda y Delgado, Manuel 307 

ITlJI.ENBBOCK, p. J 1529a 

Ulloa, Antonio de 2032,2056a 

UlUA, J. DE 1361 

Underhill, Edward Bean, LL.D. 

1565O, 2297b, 
BJ. 93, 315. 384, 848, 849 

Underhill, Dr. E. B B.J. 850, 

S.B.J. 33, 36, 128 
United Fruit Company ... S.B.J. 259 

Urban, Ignatius 2415 

Uribe. a. J 1292 

Uribe Angel, M 1238 

Urien, C. M 761 

Uring, Capt. Nathaniel 2004, B.J. 566 
Urrutia y Montoya, Ignacio 

Jose de 6i8b, 602 

Ursua, Pedro de 1566 

UssELiNcx, W 1697a 

Vaissiere, Pierre de 440a 

Valdes, Dominguez F 719 

Valdes, G. de la Concepcion ... 652a 

V^-^LDES, Jose Antonio 692 

Valdez, F. T 2726a 

Valentin, E.mile S.B.J. 692 

Valerio 691a 

V^aliente y D'Elgado, Pedro ...679a, 


Valpy, Leonard Rowe B.J. 310 

Van der Linden 1512a 

Van der Smissen, J ^7^7^ 

Van der Sterke, D 1992 

\'an Middeldyk, R. a 335 

Van Sertima, J 1643 

Vanufel 464 

Varela, Felix 693a 

Vastey, Baron de 446 

Vauchelet, P 204 

Vaughan, Samuel S.B.J. 271, 441 

V.u'Ghan, T. Wayland... 331a, B.J. 454. 

S.B.J. 323 

Vedovelli-Breguzzo, C... 1260, 1263. 

1273, 1274 

Veecock, J i62od 

Veitia Linage, Joseph de 1993 

Velasquez, Pedro 1045a 

Velasco y Rojas, M. de 1365 

Veloz Goitico.a, N 1472, 1476 

Venables, (General Robert ...B.J. 14, 365 

Venables, Thomas 2539 

Vendryes, Henry. ..B.J. 450, 758, 1028 
Veness, Rev. VV. T. 1563a, 1571, 1572c 

Verdereau. a. E 1 107 IVJ 9i3 

Vergara y Velasco, F. J. 1266, 1279, 

1296, 1 ^0 2 

Vergara y Vergara, J. M 1213b 

Verite, H 1147 

Vernon, Admiral Edward 2021,2030, 

2482, B.J. I, 

S.B.J. 119, 121, 126, 

267, 268, 269, 690 

Vernon, Rev, B. J B.J. 304 

Verschuur, G 2390 

Verteuil, J. de 1858 

Verteuil, L.L.A. de 1832 

Vezey, C. E 2454 

VlALA, L. F 1787 

Viallate, a 1181 

Vibert, E. C. P 560 

Vidal, — 1762 

ViDAL, Rev. O, E 2718 

Vidal y Careta, F 762 

Viglietti, C. M 1252 

Vignols, 1 2700 

VijiL, P. G 1202a 

Villafana, J. G 1257, 1428 


Villa viCENCio, Dr 1353 



Villettes, Lieut. -General William 

Anne B.J. 364, S.B.J. 279 

Vincent, Frank 1115a 

Vincent, Captain Samuel, R.N. 

B.J. 94 



Visser, Nicolas B.J. 9 


VORDT, A. J. VAN DEN H. VAN ... 1 734 
VOSMAER, O. E. G 1740 

Wahy, J. F 1623 

Waddell, Rev. Hope Masterton 2300, 

B.J. 133 
Wade, Captain Cooper, R.N. B.J. 94 

VVadstrom, C. B 2524 

Wafer, Lionel 1025, 1030c, 11 73 

Wagner, M 976 

Waitz, Theodor : 2297c 

Walcott, Richard Augustus S.B.J. e;59 

Wai.dkck, Frederic de 894 

Walker, H. de R 2447 

Walker, James 2148 

Walker, J. W. G 973 

Walker, Jeanie Mort 689 

Walker, General William 945 

Walker, General William 942,943 

Walker, Lt.-Gov 1565© 

Walker, Ralph B.J. 929 

Walker, W 1568c 

Walker, William 16 

Wall, G. P., F.G.S 1834, 

B.J. 449> 451 

Wall, Joseph 2708,2709 

Wallace, Caroline L 779b 

Wallbridge, E. a 1551, 1559a 

Wallbridge, J. S., M.R.C.S.1611, 1638 

Wallach, H 2790 

Waller, John Augustus 2150 

Wallerton, Charles L. A 2052a 

Wallis, Charles Braithwaite ... 2806 

Wallis, J. B 2806 

Wallop, Gerard S.B.J. 695 

Walpole, Horace 104a 

Walpole, Maj. -General B.J. 75 

Walrond, Theodore, C.B. B.J. 381, 
t- S.B.J. 29^; 

Walton, C. S 330,820 

Walton, William 342,460,2129 

Warburton, Bartholomew Eliot 

George 1048 

Ward, Edward B.J. 269, 

S.B.J. 209 

Ward, E. C, U.S.N 589a 

Ward, H. W 2801 

Ward, R 873 

Ward, S. R S.B.J. 39 

Warde, Sir H 54 

Warden, D. B 2553 

Warner, G. F 2421 

Waring, Dr. E. J., CLE. ...B.J. 386 

Warmington, Arthur B.J. 89, 

S.B.J. 34 

Warner, Alice S.B.J. 598 

Warren, G 1503 

Washington, G 96 

Washington, Major G 96 

Washington, Rev, S. J, ...B.J. 154, 330 
Wateriiouse, Charles O.... B.j. 1013 

Waterton, Charles 2182 

Watkins, Frederick Henry, 

LS.O. 2431, S.B.J. 667 

Watkins, Mrs. F. H 2489 

Watson, J. B 849 

Watson, Rev. James ... B.J. 135, 389 

Watson, Rev. James B.J. 382, 

S.B.J. 291 

Watson, Richard 2146 

Watt, Alexander ... S.B.J. 634a, 634b 

Watt, Hugh i599« 

Watt, Thomas 1604 

Watts, Francis, F.I.C. ... 235,2445 

Weatherhead, W. D 1038 

Webber, Lieut. -Col 1580 

Webber, Rev. R. L i572f 

Webster, C. . B. S.B.J. 254 

Wedderbui*a, John S.B.J. 274 

Wegener, G 2462a 

Welch, T, H iC7 

Wellington, A, M 953 

Wellington, Duke of 2613, 

B.J. 49 

Wells, Septimus 1919 

Wells, William V 901,942 

Wentworth, General ... S.B.J. 121, 126 

We NT worth, Trelawny 2225 

Wesenhagen, A. C i73o> ^731 

Wesenhagen, J. C. P 2664a 

West, H.i 277a 

Westerman, Hans 2001b 

Weston, William B.J. 570 

Wetstein, G 2000 

Wharton, W 259 

Whinfield, C. R 1546c 

White, Rev. W. G 1646a 

White 1609a 

White, Col. Fred, B. P. ...S.B.J. 134 

Whitehouse, W. F B.J. 505, 507 

Whitei.ey, Henry B.J. 58 

Whiteley, Henry 1594 

Whitfikld, \< H T57ob 

Whitfield, R. P B.J. 408, 409 

Whitmore, W. W., M.P 2157 

Whitty. Captain I. S. ... S.B.J. 226 
Widdess, G. a 1593c 


WiLBERFORCE, SAMUEL (Bishop)... 2664 


WiLBERFORCE, WiLLIAM 2513,2552,2573 

Wilber force, William ... 2539, 2562, 

^567, 2568, 258.. 258^, 2<isf'a, 

2670b, 2676, 2678, 

B.J. 24, 35, S.J. B. 15 

Wiles, James B.J. 430 

WiLCHER, F. H 2338 

Wilks, Rev. Samuel Charles ... 2618 

WiLLCocKS, Sir J 2809 

Willcocks, Rev. T 2513 

Williams, Alfred M 2418a 

Williams, Cynric R B.J, 289 

Williams, F. H 858, 865 

Williams, Gomer 2674 

Williams, James B.J.6i 

Williams, John S.B.J. 352 

Williams, Rev. Joseph ... S.B.J. 547 
Williams, J. Rowland, M.A. 

S.B.J. S28b 




Williams, W., F.R.S.E. ... B.J. 546 

WlLLL-VMSON, J 2145 

Willis, C. W B.J. 340, 1025, 

S.B.J. 236 
VVillot 1758 


VViLMERE, Alice 2289 

Wilmore, John S.B.J. 264 

WiLMOT, Sir Robert John, Bt. 2622, 


Wilmot, Capt 1998 

Willoughby of Parham, ITrancis 

Lord ^ 1502 

Willoughby, Earl of 

WiLLY.\MS, Rev. C 2101 

Wilson, Arthur b B.J. 621 

Wilson, Rev. C. A S.B.J. 594 

Wilson, Rev. Daniel 2616, 2617 

Wilson, Edward G 339a 

Wilson, G 1850 

Wilson, H. W 604b, 822b 

Wilson, Rev. J. L 2726 

Wilson, N.\thaniel S.B.J. 287a 

Wimpffen, Francis Alexander 

Stanisl.aus, Baron de 431a 

Windsor, Thomas, Lord •..S.B.J. 194 

Winn, T. S 2193,2583 

WiNSHip, George P.arker 11 73 

WiNSLOW, Jens O 2085a, 2098a 

WiNSOR, Justin 2373 

Wise, Lieut. H. A 2295 

Wise, R S.B.J. 359 

Wise, T. T 1906 

Wodehouse, Governor 1564 

WoLBERS. J 1719 

WoLCOTT, M. O S.B.J. 587 

Wolfe, C. Toler S.B.J. 720 

WoLFSON, D. L i546f 

Wood, Mr S.B.J. 428 

Wood, Mr 213 

Wood, Maj.'Gen. A 1948 

Wood, 7. 7 55a 

Woon„ General Leonard 830a 

Wood, Major Walter E 1447 

Wood, Rev. J. G 2182 

Wood, J. J S.B.J. 4 

Wood, William ... B.J. 282, 561, 628 

Woodcock, Chief -Justice 1892 

Woodcock, Henry Iles 2232 

Woodcock, Willl^m John 593 

Woodhead, Joseph 2849, B.J. 66 

Woodley, W 259 

Woods, Marg.aret Louisa (Mrs. 

Henry) B.J. 998, S.B.J. 685 

Workman, J 720 

Worsley, a S.B.J. 34a 

Worsley, Edward Joselyn 

S.B.J. 404, 405, 664 

Wright, John 2044 

Wright, J 431a 

Wright, R. S S.B.J. 488 

AV'RIGHt, William, M.D. !B.J. 366, 
1032, 1033, 1034, 1035 

Wrong, George M S.B.J. 307 

Wyatt, Rev. F. J 1587a 

Wyld, James B.J. 54a 

Wylie, Commander B.J. 258 

"Wyllarde, Dolf" S.B.J. 610 

Wynne, J. H 2054 

W^yse, L. N. B 1089,1x22,1148 

Yarico 28,38 

Yates, John Ashton 2513,2539 

Yolland, E S.B.J. 609 

Young, Douglas, C.M.G 183d 

Young, Rev. Robert S.B.J. 533-535 

Young, Thomas 896 

Young, Sir William, F.R.S. ... 2117 

Zambrana, R 671, 677a 

Zarra(;oritia Baron, Leopoldo, 1005, 

• B.J. 465 

Zeltner, M. a io6ia 

Zerda, L 1329 

Zoeller, H 1078 



Periodicals for the Year 1909 

Agricultural Gazette, New South 

Kew Bulletin* 

Knowledge and Scientifical Progress 

Agricultural Journal, Cape of Good in the twentieth century 


Agricultural News, (Barbadoes)* „r u 

. *^ , , Literary World 

Art Journal ^ . . ^ ^. . „ 

■' Louisiana Planter* 


Bulletin, Department of Agriculture, 

Jamaica* « 

Bulletin of American Republics* 

Cassell's Magazine 
Cassell's Saturday Journal 
Catholic Magazine, (Jamaica)* 
Catholic Opinion, (Jamaica)* 
Century Illustrated Magazine 
Chamber's Journal 
Christian Science Sentinel* 
Contemporary Review 

Empire Review 
English Mechanic 

Musical Herald* 

National Review 


New York Herald 

Nineteenth Century 

North American Review 

N'orthern News, (Jamaica)* 

Pall Mall Magazine 
Presbyterian, (Jamaica)* 
Presbyterian, (Trinidad)* 
Public Opinion 
Publisher's Circular* 

Fortnightly Review 


Gardner's Monthly, (Jamaica)* 


Geographical Journal, (London)* 

Gleaner, (Jamaica)* 


Guardian, (Jamaica)* 

Harper's Magazine 
Hibbert Journal 
Home Art Work 

Illustrated London News . 

Review of Reviews 

Saturday Review ^ 

Scientific American, and Supplement 


Strand Magazine 


relegraph, (Jamaica)* 
Times, (London) 

United Service Magazine* 

Jamaica Gazette* 

Jamaica Times* 

Jamaica Weather Report* 

Journal of Education, (Jamaica)* 

Journal of the Jamaica Agricultural West India Committee Circular* 

Society* West Indian Bulletin* 

Journal of th« Royal Society of Arts* Windsor Magaxina 




Post Frei. 



















1892 Grati4 











Root Food Growth in Jamaica. By Rev. J. Cork ... 

Some Objects of Productive Industry : Native and other Fibre 

Plants. By D. Morris 

Outline of a Lectrue on Vegetable Chemistry. By J. J. Bowrey ... 
The Cultivation of the Orange in Jamaica. By Dr. James Neish ... 

The Vine and its Culture. By Rev. Wra. Griffith 

The Cultivation of the Ramie. By Hon. J. C. Phillippo 

On a New Beverage Substance : The Kola Nut. By Dv. James Neish 
The Advantages to result from Railway Extension. By Hon. W. B. 


The Mineral Springs of Jamaica. By Hon. J. C. Phillippo 

A Provisional List of the Fishes of Jamaica. By T. D. A. Cockerell, 

F.Z.S., F.E.S 

Institute of Jamaica Lectures : Agriculture 

List of the Decapod Crustacea of Jamaica. By Mary J. Rathbun 

The Economic Geology of Jamaica. By F. C. Nicholas 

The Rainfall Atlas of Jamaica. By Maxwell Hall, M.A. 

The Meteorology of Jamaica. By Maxwell Hall, M.A 

Systematic Catalogue of the Land and Fresh-water Shells of Jamaica. 

By Henry Vkndryes 1899 ^dj 

The Mosquitoes or Culicidae of Jamaica. By F. 'V. Theobald, 

M.A., and M. Grabham, M.A., M.B. (illustrated) 1905 6d. 

The Journal of the Institute of Jamaica {illustrated)— | 

Vol. I., Pts. i., ii., iii., iv., (others out of print), per part 6d.; 

Vol. II., Pts. ii. and v. (Pts. i. and iii. out of print) ... ix. 

Vol. II., Pt. iv. (Special *' Aboriginal Indian Remains " | 

Number) ^•*"* 

Vol. II., Pt. vi „ ^\ 

Vol. II., bound : 1894.99 15XJ 

Bibliotheca Jamaicensis : Some account of the principal works on | 

Jamaica in the Library of the Institute. By Frank Cundall, i 

F.S.A 1895 6i] 

Bibliographia Jamaicensis : A list of Jamaica Books and pamphlets, 

magazine articles, newspapers and maps, most of which are 

in the Library ox the Institute of Jamaica. By Frank Cundall. 

Supplement to Bibliographia Jamaicensis. By Frank Cundall ... 

Bibliography of the West Indies. By Frank Cundall 

Classified List of Books; Agriculture 

Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Institute 

List of Books on Jamaica in the Library of the Institute Excerpted 

from the Catalogue . 1894 jrf 

Classified List of Books (Except West Indian) added to the Library 

since 1895 ^9^9 ^^ 

Studies in Jamaica History. By Frank Cundall. Illustrated by 

Mrs. Lionel Lee 1900 »/j 

Biographical Annals of Jamaica. By Frank Cundall. (Illustrated) 1904 W 
Jamaica in 1905 : A Handbook of Information for intending Settlers 
and Visitors. (With Illustrations and Map.) By Frank 

Cundall (out of print) ^9°S 

Political and Social Disturbances in the West Indies : A Brief 

Account and Bibliography. By Frank Cundall 1906 

A Brief Guide to an Exhibition of Maps of the Sixteenth Century 
Illustrative of the Discovery of America. By Frank Cundall 

(Illustrated) 1906 6J 

Lady Nugent's Journal. Jamaica One Hundred Years Ago. 

Edited by Frank Cundall. (With Illustrations and Maps) 1907 a/ 
Jamaica Place-Names. By Frank Cundall «909 ^d 












University of Toronto 

*!;»■!' »tMAj'.i-U-<?-# 


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