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Full text of "Bibliography of works relating to, or published in, Hawick : with an appendix containing a list of Hawick newspapers, local maps, and music"

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of Works relating to, or published in, Hawick ; 
with an Appendix containing a List of 
Hawick Newspapers, Local Maps, and 












of Works relating to, or published in, Hawick; with an 
Appendix containing a List of Hawick Newspapers, Local 
flaps, and flusic. By James Sinton, Edinburgh. 

When printing was first introduced into 
Hawick, in or about the year 1781, the town 
was a very primitive place of about 2800 
inhabitants. Beautifully situated at the con- 
fluence of the Slitrig and Teviot, and surrounded 
on every side by majestic hills, it presented a 
strikingly picturesque appearance. The old 
Tower of the Barons of Drumlanrig, with the 
Parish Church of St Mary's situated on a 
prominent eminence, and the Moathill near by, 
all conspicuous landmarks, would give a char- 
acteristic appearance to the town, which then 
consisted of quaint but strongly-built houses. 
The majority of these were thatched, and thus 
lent an old-world aspect to the place. Its 
distinctive feature is its picturesque situation 
among the hills, and on the banks of the sylvan 
Teviot. Sir Walter Scott's beautiful lines in 
the "Lay of the Last Minstrel," written as 
they were when the river was not yet polluted 
with the residua from the numerous factories, 
not inaptly applied to it a century ago : 

" Sweet Teviot ! on thy silver tide 

The glaring bale-fires blaze no more ; 
No longer steel-clad warriors ride 

Along thy wild and willow'd shore ; 
Where'er thou wind'st, by dale or hill. 
All, all is peaceful, all is still, 

As if thy waves, since Time was born, 
Since first they roll'd upon the Tweed, 
Had only heard the shepherd's reed, 

Nor started at the bugle-horn." 

Its first printer was George Caw, of whom 
few notices are extant, and regarding whom the 
historians of Hawick are strangely silent. In 
his " Annals of Hawick" James Wilson merely 
mentions that " in this (1782) or the preceding 
year a printing-press was introduced by Mr 
George Caw. One of its earliest productions 
was ' The Poetical Museum,' containing, 
amongst others, Eskdale, a poem by the late 
Thomas Telford, engineer, published in 1784." 
In making some researches for fuller informa- 
tion regarding this printer, my attention was 
directed to the fact that in a list of subscribers' 
names appended to the second volume of 
" Sermons on Various Important Subjects," by 
the Rev. John Young, minister of Hawick, 
which was printed in Edinburgh in 1780, there 
appears the name, " George Caw, printer, 
Edinburgh. " If this was the same printer, it 

would not only seem that he already had some 
connection with this place, but also that he had 
established a press in Edinburgh previous to 
the one in Hawick. Probably on account of 
competition in the capital, he thought he would 
better his position by removing to Hawick. But 
evidently he did not meet with the success he 
anticipated, for it appears that about the end 
of the eighteenth century he transferred his 
printing outfit back to Edinburgh, where he 
remained in business, I believe, until 1822. In 
confirmation of this I find that " George Caw, 
printer, Liberton Wynd," appears in the 
Edinburgh Directory for 1805-6 (the earliest I 
could procure) ; and this entry is continued 
down to 1821, after which it appears in the year 
1822-3 as "Caw & Elder, Lyon Close, High 
Street." After this it drops out altogether, the 
latest date being presumably the year of his 

The first book bearing Caw's imprint of which 
I have any record was published in Hawick in 
1783, and is entitled " The True State of the 
unhappy controversy about the Burgess Oath, 
being a discourse delivered before the Associate 
Presbytery of Earlston, at Kelso, the 8th day of 
October 1782, etc., by John Young. Hawick: 
printed by George Caw. Sold by the Author, 
and at the printing oflBce, East End of the 
town. M,Dcc,Lxxxiii." 12mo, pp. iv., 60. 
This was followed in 1784 by "A display of 
genuine Christianity, and Christian love, &c. 
By the late Reverend James Hervey, A.M. 
Hawick : Printed and sold by Geo. Caw. Sold 
also by Messrs James Ekron, Hawick ; C. Elliot, 
Edinburgh, &c. m,dcc,lxxxiv." 12mo, pp. iv., 
156. A copy of this little volume which lies 
before me has the following quaint inscription 
in the autograph of one of the Hawick pub- 
lishers of the work : — 

" When this you see, 
Remember me, 

James Ekron." 

In the same year Caw's " Poetical Museum" 
appeared, which was one of the better known of 
the early Hawick-printed books. Many of the 
Border ballads — afterwards utilised by Sir 
Walter Scott in the "Minstrelsy of the 
Scottish Border" — were first published in this 
collection, which was a highly creditable pro- 
duction for Hawick at that period. Of two 
copies which I have recently examined, one has 




a TigDette frontispiece entitled •'Nancy of the 
Dale," while the other has a copperplate engrav- 
ing of a different subject, but bears no title. 
Others seem to have been issued without any 
embellishment of this nature, but the point of 
special bibliographical interest is the suppression 
in some copies of an epigram entitled " Modern 
Chastity" (p. 380) and the substitution of 
" Acrostic by a young girl in Hawick." The 
last book from Caw's Hawick press which I have 
been able to trace was the Rev. Thomas Boston's 
" View of the Covenant of Grace," published in 
1788. It can only be a matter of conjecture, 
but it is more than likely that shortly after this 
period he gave up business in Hawick and 
removed his printing material to Edinburgh. I 
have no evidence that he carried on business in 
Hawick and Edinburgh contemporaneously. 

Another printer, who flourished nearly two 
decades later, was Kobert Armstrong. He 
was a lineal descendant of the celebrated 
Johnnie Armstrong of Gilnockie, and grandson 
of the Rev. Robert Riccalton, minister of 
Hobkirk. He was first apprenticed to Dr James 
Wilson, a surgeon in Hawick. When a young 
man he worked at Kelso in the office of 
the "British Chronicle," conducted by Mr 
Palmer ; but subsequently he commenced busi- 
ness in Hawick on his own account as printer 
and bookseller. In 1809 he became postmaster 
in succession to Miss Inglis, which appoint- 
ment he held in conjunction with his printing 
business till his death, on 7th July 1852, at the 
age of eighty-three. His publications, forty- 
four of which are recorded in my list, extend 
over a period of fifty years. The first in order 
issued from his press, so far as I have been 
able to learn, was one of the poetical works of 
James Ruickbie, entitled ' ' An Elegy on the 
death of Whisky," a small pamphlet of 8 pp. 
published in 1801. In 1811 he edited and 
published a fine collection of songs under the 
title of " Banquet of Euphrosyne," which met 
with a very favourable reception. Though 
undoubtedly a good anthology of Scottish and 
English songs, it has one grave defect, 
especially for a collection emanating from a 
Hawick press — it does not contain a single 
piece by Dr John Leyden, the poet of Teviot- 
dale. Truly, " a prophet is not without honour, 
save in his own country." 

The literature that has gathered round the 
ancient custom of riding the marches is very 
considerable, and many editions of the songs 
sung on that important occasion have appeared 
from time to time. " Flodden Field," the most 
popular of these, written by James Hogg, 
demands special notice on account of the 
extreme rarity of the early editions of that poem. 
Of the first edition, indeed, there is no copy 
known to be in existence ; and of the second, 
only one, so far as I am aware, has been 
preserved. It is in the possession of Mr W. S. 
Nichol, Wilton Burn, and is entitled, " Flodden 
Field, a Poem," printed by Robert Armstrong 
in 1824. It is in the form of a pamphlet of 12 
pp., and is dedicated to the Magistrates and 
Town Council of Hawick. In his preface Hogg 
says : " The following poem, which was once 
before published, and which in its present form 
has undergone several correetions and amend- 

ments, I take the liberty of dedicating to you, 
as the constituted authorities of my native 
town, under the hope that, should you discover 
in it any merit, you will extend to it your 
public support and patronage. The piece com- 
prises the battle of Flodden, that proved so 
disastrous to Caledonia ; together with a short 
sketch of a heroic attack made by the youth of 
Hawick, by night upon the English, in which 
the latter lost their standard and were com- 
pletely routed. Mustered as you are so soon to 
be under the banner of your Cornet, may the 
song of an obscure bard gi ^e interest to that 
occasion ! may it inspire you with the belief 
that, from times of even seeming barbarity, we 
have derived not merely the early principles of 
our patriotism, but many other important 
advantages! and, when it recalls to your minds 
the warlike achievements of your ancestors, 
may it tend to foster in your breasts not only 
the love of your country, but an ardent zeal for 
the protection of your native rights and 
privileges." There is another very rare edition, 
probably the third, in the possession of Mr 
Adam Laing, Burgh Chamberlain, entitled 
" Flodden Field and the Colour ; or, Hawick 
Common-Riding," printed by R. Armstrong in 
1829, 6 pp., but it does not bear the author's 
name. There is attached to this copy an old 
MS. of the original air of " Teribus," as played 
by Walter Ballantyne, town piper, in 1777. 
Another early edition was printed in Edinburgh 
in 183G by John Elder, High Street, and sold 
by Walter Elder, bookbinder, Hawick, and con- 
taining a list of the Cornets from 1719 to 1835. 

During the past few years the Hawick 
publishing trade has reached the height of its 
vigour, and its activity still continues. The 
most successful, pretentious, and widely-known 
of the productions in recent times are Mrs 
Oliver of Thorn wood's " Upper Teviotdale and 
the Scotts of Buccleuch," Messrs Craig and 
Laing's "The Hawick Tradition of 1514," and 
Mr Winning's edition of Captain Walter Scot's 
" True History of the name of Scot." To the 
well-known and old-established firm of Messrs 
W. & J. Kennedy the increase and vitality of 
the Hawick publishing trade owe much ; and 
it is safe to say that its capability of expansion 
is by no means yet exhausted. 

To collect and arrange all the titles of the 
various books, pamphlets, and articles relating 
to, or published in, Hawick, has been a work of 
great labour, and it has occupied my leisure 
time extending over a very considerable period. 
I have, however, been greatly assisted and 
encouraged by my friends, Mr J. J. Vernon, 
Mr Adam Laing, Mr John W. Kennedy, and 
Mr W. E. Wilson ; and I take this opportunity 
of acknowledging my indebtedness to them. I 
have also been much indebted to Mr J. Young 
of the " Hawick Advertiser," who has furnished 
me with a considerable number of the entries in 
my list; and to Mr Adam Grant I wish to 
convey my thanks for assisting me with the 
compilation of the list of local music. I am 
further obliged to Mr George Watson of Oxford 
for kindly undertaking the revision of this 
paper when passing through the press. Lastly, 
I have to thank Mr John Orr, Edinburgh, who 
has not only furnished me with many of the 


entries in my list, but has allowed me free use 
of some of the rarer volumes in his library, 
which contains one of the finest collections of 
Hawick-printed books extant. 

Ainsworth, Bernard. Teviotside Legends and 
Stories. 18mo. Hawick. N.D. 

Aitken, K. D. Hi-I-Obby; or, Hi-wo-Bobby. 
8vo. Jedburgh. N.D. 
Contains frequent references to Hawick, where 
the " character" lived. 
Alison. James P. The Hermitage Chapel. 
Historical Notes and Report on Excavations 
at the Chapel of St Mary at Hermitage in 
Liddesdale. 8vo. Hawick, 1901. 
Allan, Rev. W. G., B.D. The Monks of 
Melrose : Lectures on Early Border Church 
History. Sm. 4to. Hawick, 1892. 

Annual Register (The), or a view of the History, 
Politics, and Literature, for the year 1767. 
3rd Edition. 8vo. Lond., 1779. 
Great Hawick Flood of 1767, p. 116. 

Antiquary (The). A Magazine Devoted to the 
Study of the Past. No. 50, Vol. IX. 
Lond., 1884. 
Teribus ye Teri Odin. By Karl Blind. 
Pp. 63-72. 

Arkle, Rev. James. Sermon Preached in the 
Church of Hawick, Dec. 5, 1805, a Day 
appointed for National Thanksgiving for 
the glorious Victories obtained by our 
Fleets over those of the combined foe. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1806. 

Armstrong, John, M.D. The Art of Preserving 
Health : A Poem, in Four Books. First 
published in the year 1744. To which is 
prefixed, a short Account of the Author. 
8vo. Hawick, 1811. 

Armstrong, John, of Gilnockie, 1530. Sm. 4to. 
Hawick, 1897. 

Armstrong, Robert. The Banquet of Euphro- 
syne : A Selection of the most esteemed 
Songs, Scotch and English. 8vo. Hawick, 

— A New Edition. 8vo. Hawick, 1816. 

Auld Brig, Competing and other Poems on the. 
8vo. Hawick, 1851. 

^' Auld Brig" of Hawick, Lines on the Removal 
of the. By C. E. S. P. (Broadside). 
Hawick, 1851. 

Barrie, James. Historical Sketch of the 
Hawick Golf Club. 8vo. Hawick, 1898. 

Bartholomew, John, F.R.G.S. Gazetteer of 
the British Isles. Edin., 1887. 
Hawick, p. 362, 

Baxter, Richard. Compassionate Counsel to 
Young Men. Edited by Rev. Samuel 
Charters, D.D. 8vo. Hawick, 1810. 

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, History of the. 
8vo. Berwick-on-Tweed, London, and 
Alnwick, 1831-1903. 

Branxholme, Historical Notes relating to. 
By William Eliott Lockhart of Borthwick- 
brae. Vol. XI. pp. 421-466. 
Cessation of the Flow of the River Teviot, 
27th Nov., 1838, Notice regarding the. By 
Dr Douglas, Kelso. Vol. I. pp. 184-188. 
Cessation of the Flow of the River Teviot, 
Note on Dr Douglas's Paper on the. By 
T. R. Vol. I. p. 201. 

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, History of the 

— Continued. 
Chapel of St Cuthbert's (The) on the 

Slitterick and Chapel Cross, Roxburgh- 
shire. By Walter Deans. Vol. XIV. 

pp. 143-145. 
Communion Tokens of the South-Eastem 

Border of Scotland. By Rev. David Paul, 

LL.D., Edinburgh. (Hawick and Wilton.) 

Vol. XVI. p. 118. 
Denholm and its Vicinity. By Sir Walter 

Elliot, K. C.S.I. , of Wolfelee. Vol. V. 

pp. 307-325. 
Denholm, Natural History of. By J. A. H, 

Murray, F.E.LS. Vol. V. pp. 326-330. 
Elliot, Sir Walter, of Wolfelee, Memoir of. 

By Hugh F. C. Cleghorn, M.D., LL.D., 

&c., of Strathvithie, St Andrews. Vol. 

XIV. pp. 358-365. 
Harden and the Harden Relics, Notes on. 

By J. G. Winning. Vol. XI. pp. 484-486. 
Hawick and its Neighbourhood, On. 
Geology of the Hawick District. By Pro- 
fessor James Elliot, Goldielands. Vol. VII. 

pp. 71-74. Antiquities of the Prehistoric 
Period of the Hawick District. By James 

Brydon, M.D. Pp. 74-78. Antiquities of 

the Historic Period. By Mr Robert 
Murray. Pp. 78-81. Trade and Manufac- 
tures of Hawick. By Mr David Watson, 
P. 81. 

Hawick and Wauchope. By Mrs M. G. 
Craig, Hawick. Vol. XIV. pp. 9-18. 

Hawick for Cavers and Denholm, Berwick- 
shire Naturalists' Club Meeting at. 
Vol. XVI. pp. 62-67. 

Hawick for the Slitrig and Robert's Linn, 
Berwickshire Naturalists' Club Meeting at. 
Vol. XIII. pp. 61-72. 

Hawick, Meeting of Berwickshire Naturalists' 
Club at. Vol. VII. pp. 12-15. 

Hawick, Meeting of Berwickshire Naturalists' 
Club at. Vol. XL pp. 330, 386-398. 

Lepidoptera of the Hawick District. By 
William Grant Guthrie. Vol. XV. 
pp. 332-345 ; Vol. XVI. p. 101. 

List of the Rarer Birds seen or captured in 
the Hawick and neighbouring Districts, 
mostly in 1875. By Sir Walter Elliot, 
K.C.S.L, L.L.S., &c. Vol. VII. pp. 
524, 525. 

Rattling, Roaring Willie. By the Late Sir 
Walter Elliot of Wolfelee. With additional 
Notes by W. Eliott Lockhart, Esq. Vol. 
XI. pp. 467-483. 
Border Bardesses, The Sisterhood of. Re- 
printed from the Columns of the " Hawick 
Express." 24mo. Hawick. N.D. 
Border Constituencies (The) Unionist Almanac, 

1895. 8vo. Edin,, 1895. 
Border Counties Magazine, The. Vol. II. 8vo. 
Galashiels, 1881. 
Robert Wilson, the Historian of Hawick. 
By R. Murray. Pp. 73-77. 
Border Magazine, The. An Illustrated 
Monthly. 4to. Glasgow and Edin., 1896- 

Border Tower, A. [Hawick]. By J. R. P. 
Vol. IX. pp. 32-35. 

Curious Border Marriage Custom, A. By 
John G. Galbraith. Vol. VII. pp. 177-178. 


Border Magazine : The — Continued. 

Dead Bell, The. An old Scottish Custom. 

By George Watson. Vol. IX. pp. 72-73. 
Diacovery of an Ancient Ciat, near Hawick. 

Vol. I. p. 20;>. 
Edgar's Hawick Guide. Vol. VIII. p. 117. 
Golf in Hawick. Vol. III. pp. 216-219. 
Great Hawick Flood, The [1846], Vol. 

II. pp. 185-188. 

Hawick, A Legend of. By Elizabeth M. 

M'lnnes. Vol. XII. p. G9. 
Hawick Arclifcological Society's Jubilee. 

Vol XI. pp. 199-200. 
Hawick Archajological Society's Transac- 
tions. Vol. VIII. p. G9; Vol. IX. p. 49; 

Vol. XII. p. 134 ; Vol. XIII. p. 58. 
Hawick as a Tourist Resort. Vol. V. pp. 

Hawick Characters. Vol VI. pp. 19G-197. 
Hawick Common-Riding Songs. Vol. VIII. 

p. 109. 
Hawick Gathering-Cry, The. By Morris 

Clyde. Vol. II. p. 173. 
Hawick Gill, The. By G. Watson. Vol. 

XII. pp. 157-188. 
Hawick Gill and the Tappit Hen, The. By 

A. G. S. Vol. XII. pp. 167-168. 
Hawick Hailstorm, The. Vol. VI. pp. 

Hawick in its Infancy. Vol. IX. p. 69. 
Hawick 120 Years Ago. Vol. IV. p. 179, 
Hawick Tradition of 1514, The. By W. E. 

Wilson. Vol. III. pp. 138-140. 
Hawick Volunteers, The. Vol. VII. pp. 

History of Hawick. By D. S. Vol. VI. 

pp. 165-166. 
History of Hawick from 1832. Vol. VII. 

pp. 198-199. 
Horns Hole (1514). By "Teekay." Vol. 

III. pp. 88, 89. 

"Horns Pool," or "Hornshole." By G. 

Watson. Vol XI. pp. 207-209. 
Kershaw, John, Hawick. A Character 

Sketch. By James Waugh, Jedburgh, 

Vol. III. pp. 99, 100. 
Laidlaw, Councillor T. H., J. P., Hawick. 

By Wm. Sanderson. Vol. VI. pp. 101- 

Laing, John T., Esq., of Linden Park, 

Hawick. By an Edinburgh Borderer. 

Vol. II. pp. 81-84. 
Macnee, George Eraser. — In Memoriam. 

By W. E. Wilson. Vol. X. pp. 61-63. 
" Magenta Robbie," An Amusing Border 

Character. By J. G. G. Vol. XI. pp. 

More Hawick Characters. Vol VIII, pp. 

Murray, Dr J. A. H. Editor of The New 

English Dictionary. Vol. III. pp. 181-183. 
Murray, The Late Mr Robert. Vol. VI. 

pp. 161-164. 
Noted Hawick Magistrate, A. [Bailie 

Hardie.] Vol. VII. pp. 116-117. 
Old Hawick Tradition (The), on which the 

annual celebration of the Common-Riding 

is now principally based. 1514. By 

R. S. C. Vol. IL p. 209. 
Oliver, The Late Mr James, Thomwood. 

Vol. X. p. 175. 

Border Magazine: The — Continued. 

Parish and Kirk of Hawick, The. By W, 

E. Wilson. Vol. V. pp. 207-208. 
Puir Auld Hawick. By "Teekay." Vol. 

I. p. 89. 
Sonnet — To Hawick. By J. C. Goodfellow. 

Vol. IX. p. 227. 
Story of "Up wi' the Banner," The. By 

John G. Galbraith. Vol. III. pp. 136-137. 
Teviotdale. By "Teekay." Vol. II. p. 

Teviotdale Guizards, The. By the Late R. 

Murray, Hawick. Vol. VIII. pp. 219-220. 
Thomson, James, the Hawick Poet. By 

James Edgar. Vol. IV. pp. 133-136. 
Under the Shadow of the Moat. By 

"Teekay." Vol. L p. 208. 
Walk from Moffat to Hawick, A. Vol. 

XII. pp. 159-160. 
Watson, The Late Mr David M'Bumie. 

Vol. VII. p. 215. 
Where Slitrig and Teviot Meet. By 

" Teekay." Vol VI. p. 16. 

Border Rhymes. By Free Lance, Lilliesleaf. 

Svo. Hawick, 1899. 
Boston, Rev. Thomas. A View of the Covenant 

of Grace from the Sacred Records. Svo. 

Hawick, 1787. 
[Botfleld, Beriah]. Journal of a Tour through 

the Highlands of Scotland during the 

Summer of 1829. (Privately Printed.) 

Norton Hall, 1830. 
Hawick, p. fy. 

Bowles, Fred. G. New Songs ; An Anthology 
of Contemporary Verse. Svo. Loud., 

Contains Verses hy R. S. Ci-aicj, M.A.,. 
LL.B., on Hawick and Border themes. 

Brewster, David, LL.B. The Edinburgh 
Encyclopajdia. Vol. X. 4to. Edin., 1830. 
Hawick, pp. 6G1-GG2. 

Brown, Thomas, M.A., Hawick. St Mary'* 

Loch. A Poem. 24mo. Hawick, 1889. 
The Battle of Ancrum Moor. 24mo. 

Hawick, 1889. 
Bruce, Michael. Sir James the Rose. ISmo. 

Hawick, 1885. 
Brydon, James, M.D., F.S.A.S. Account of 

the Examination of a Sepulchral Cairn at 

Shaws, Selkirkshire, &c. 4to. Hawick, 

Brydone, James. Guide to Melrose, Abbots- 
ford, Selkirk, Hawick, Berwick, &c. 

12mo. Edinburgh. [1858.] 
Buccleuch Memorial, Hawick, Description of 

the. Svo. N.P., N.D. 
Burritt, Elihu. A Walk from London to John 

O'Groat's, with notes by the way. Svo. 

Lond., 1864. 
Hawick, pp. 27S-2S0. 
Caledonian Songster, The. Songs, selected 

chiefly from Burns, Macneill, and Ramsay. 

To which are added, a few English Songs. 

18mo. Hawick, 1805. 
Campbell, Alex. Journal of a Tour in the 

Scottish Border in 1816, with a brief sketch 

of the Author's Life. By James Sinton. 

4to. Hawick, 1904. 


Carlyle, Rev. Dr Alex, of luveresL; Auto- 
biography of the, containing Memorials of 
the Men and Events of His Time. 8vo. 
Edin. 1860. 
Hawick, pp. IfiG-IflS. 
Carre, Walter Riddtll. Border Memories ; or, 
Sketches of prominent Men and Women of 
the Border. 8vo. Edin. 1876. 
Contains many references to ILnclch notables. 
Case of Mr Scott and the Kirk-Session of 

Hawick. 18mo. Ilawick. N.D. 
Catalogue of Antiquities, Paintings, Sculpture, 
&c., on Exhibition in connection with 
Hawick Archajological Society. March 
1866. 8vo. Hawick, 1866. 
Catalogue of the Exhibition of Paintings in the 
Subscription Rooms, Hawick, for the 
benefit of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 
May 5, 1851, 8vo. Hawick, 1851. 
Catalogue of the Hawick Eine Art Association 
Exhibition, 1883. sm. 4to. Hawick. N.D. 
Do., 1884-5. sm. 4to. Hawick. N.D. 
Catalogue of the Pubrc Library of Hawick, 

1792. 8vo. Edin. N.D. 
Cathels, Rev. David, M.A. Ourselves and 
Our Times. A sermon preached to the 
Young Men's Guilds of Hawick and Wilton 
Parish Churches. Svo. Hawick, 1887. 
Christian Manhood, A Sermon to the 
Hawick Volunteers. 8vo. Hawick, 1889. 
Landmarks ; a Common - Riding Sermon 
Preached in Hawick Parish Church on 9th 
June, 1895. 8vo. Hawick, 1895. 
" Honour the King": A sermon Preached in 
Hawick Parish Church, 20th June 1897. 
Svo. Hawick, 1897. 
The Reformation and John Knox. Svo. 
Hawick, 1905. 
Cathrae, Thomas. History of the Teviotdale 
Farmers' Club. 12mo. Hawick. 
Scott Centenary at Branxholme, Hawick, 
12th August, 1871. 8vo. Hawick, 1871. 
Resume of the Discussions of the Teviotdale 
Farmers' Club, 1859-1874. Svo. Hawick. 
Caw, George. The Poetical Museum : contain- 
ing Songs and Poems on almost every 
Subject, mostly from Periodical Publica- 
tions. 12mo. Hawick, 1784. 
Chambers's EncyclopajJia. vol.5. EJin.,1906. 

Uairick, p. 590. 
Chambers, Robert. The Picture of Scotland. 
Vol. L Svo. Edin., 1S27. 
Hawick, pp. 95-100. 
Charters, Rev. Samuel, D.D. A Sermon on 
Intercession, and on Instruction concerning 
Oaths. Svo. Hawick, 1785. 2nd Edition, 
same year ; 3rd Edition, 1786. 
A Sermon on Alms, Preached in the Old 
Church of Edinburgh, 1st June, 1788. Svo. 
Edin. 1788 ; 3rd Edition, 1795. 
Sermons and Meditations Suited to the 
Lord's Supper. Svo. Hawick, 1807. 
Sermons. A New Edition. Svo. Hawick, 

Sermons. 2 Vols Svo. Hawick, 1809. 
An Historical Sermon on the Revolution, 
1688. 8vo. Hawick, 1812. 
Sermon on Backsliding. 12mo. Hawick, 

Charters, Rev. Samuel, D.D. — Continued. 
Sermon on the Duty of Making a Testaraentc 

to which is added, the Form of a Testa" 

ment, with Directions for making it valid, 

according to the Law of Scotland ; by 

Thomas Usher, Notary Public. Svo. 

Hawick, 1812. 
[ ] An Essay on Bashfulness. Svo. 

Hawick, 1815. 
Sermons. A New Edition. 2 vols. Svo. 

Edin., 1816. 
A Sermon on Devout Retirement. Svo. 

Hawick, 1825. 
Christison, David, ^[.D. Prehistoric Forts of 

Scotland, Particularly in the Border 

Counties. Svo. Hawick, 1896. 
Chronicles of Gripfast, King of Nibbledom, 

The first Book of the. In five chapters. 

12mo. N.P., N.D. 
Clerical Despotism and Synod of Justice, or. 

True State of the Case between the Rev. 

J. A. Wallace, Free Church, Hawick, and 

David D. Scott, Esq., Briery -yards, &c. 

12mo. Jedburgh, 1856. 
Congregational Church, Hawick, Hand Book of 

the. Svo. Hawick, 1889. 
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Ewen, Robert — Continued. 

Industries and Banks. Svo. Hawick, 1885. 
The Relief of the Nation. Svo. Hawick, 

Dull Trade, its Cause and Cure. Svo. 

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What is Free Banking? Svo. Hawick, 1870. 
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Exhibition of Local Portraits and Pictures, 
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Bri(j,facin(] p. 49. 

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Journal through the Counties of Berwick, 
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East, West, and Mid Lothians, in the year 
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The Social Life of the People Politically 
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and Verses. 




Occasional Poems 

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The Common-Riding. Reprinted 

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The Bibliography of Hawick. 

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Illustrated Guide to Hawick and Vicinity. 

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Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. 
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*' Adventure in Hawick" pp. 5-10. 

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latterly at Galashiels. 1897. 

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Impressions of, and Lessons from, Burma. 

18mo. Hawick. 1901. 
The Father's Will and How to Know it. 

18mo. Hawick, 1901. 
A Trip to Central America. 18mo. 

Mr Chamberlain's Proposals. 

Kelso. 1903. 
A Trip to South Wales. 18mo. Kelso. 1905. 
Diary of a Tour to the West Indies in 1901. 

18mo. Hawick [1905]. 
A Tour in England. 18mo. Kelso. N.D. 
Hall, William, Newcastleton (Roxburghshire). 

A Border Village. Svo. Hawick, 190."). 


Hall, William — Continued. 

A Border Village (Roxburghshire). A Plea 
for the People, «&c. Svo. Hawick. 1907. 
Liddesdale, Roxburghshire. 8vo. Hawick. 

Hallidaj', John, Hawick. The Rustic Bard. 
Svo. Galashiels, 1847. 

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for the use of Parish Schools. Svo. 
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Sermons. Svo. Hawick, 1811. 

Harvey, Rev. James, MA. A Display of 
Genuine Christianity and Christian Love, 
&e. 12mo. Hawick, 1784. 

Hawick and Wilton, The Antiquities, Ecclesi- 
astical and Territorial, of the Parishes of. 
Reprinted from " Origines I'arochialea 
Scotiffi." With a Preface by J. C. Good- 
fellow. Svo. Hawick, 1899. 

Hawick, Answers by Magistrates of, to the 
Notice of the Hawick Farmers' Club 
respecting the May Market and Tup Fair. 
Addressed to Editor of "Kelso Mail." Svo. 
Hawick, 1836. 

— Archasological Society, Constitution and 

Rules of the, as passed by tlie Society on 
March 12, 1896. 12ino. Hawick. N.D. 

— Archajological Society. Grand Bazaar and 

Fancy Fair, in the Exchange Hall, Hawick, 
10th, 11th, and 12th October, 1895. Hand 
Book. 4to. Hawick, 1895. 

— Archajological Society, Transactions of the. 

4to.' » Hawick, 1863-1885, 1888-1890 (4to 
and Svo. Hawick, 1891), and 1898 to date. 

— as a Tourist Resort. 4to. Hawick. N.D. 

— A Guide to: Being No. 192 of The 

"Borough" Guides. 12mo. Hawick. 

— Burgh of, A Bill for altering and amending 

the Constitution of the. Folio. London, 

— Characters. Second Series. 8ro. Hawick, 

First Series. See Murray (Robert). 

— Flood of 1767. See Annual Register; 

Carlyle (Dr Alex.) ; Wilson (James). 

— Friendly Society, Regulations of the. 

Instituted 1779, for the Mutual Relief of 
its Members in Distress. Svo. Hawick, 

— Friendly Society No. II., Regulations of 

the. Instituted in the year 1802, for 
mutual relief, during the time of inability 
to labour, thro' sickness, infirmity, or old 
age. Svo. Hawick, 1803. 

— History of, from 1832. 12mo. Hawick, 


— History of. See Border Magazine : Murray 

(Robert); Wilson (Robert). 

— Home Mission Hymnal. 16mo. Hawick, 


— Political Union, Objects and Rules of. 

12mo. Hawick, 1831. 

— Public Library, Catalogue of. Svo. Hawick, 


— Song Book, The. Svo. Hawick, 1893. 

— Songs and Recitations. 8?o. Hawick, 1900. 


Ilawick — Con tin urd. 

— Songa and Verse, The Book of. 8to. 

Hawick, 1902. 

— Suggestions by "A Burge=.8" to the Ilonour- 

able the Magistrates and Town Council of 
Hawick for Improvement of the Town. 
8vo. Hawick, 1840. 

— Total Abstinence Society, Jubilee Services. 

8vo. Hawick, 1888. 

— Traiition of 1514. See Border Magazine; 

Craig and Laing. 

— Volunteers' Bazaar Handbook. 4to. Hawick, 


Hendry, Rev. James, A.]\[ A Display of 
Genuine Christianity and Christian Love, 
&c. 18mo. Hawick, 1781. 

Henry, Eev. Matthew. A DiscoarHe concerning 
Meekness and Quietness of Spirit, &c. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1813. 

Hill, Eev. Rowland, A. if. Journal nf a Tour 
through the North of England and Parts of 
Scotland. Svo. Lond., 1799. 
Hdwlck, pp. 11-17. 

[Hilscn, John.] The Scott Centenary at 
Brnnxholm, near Hawick, held August 12, 
1871. 8vo. Hawick, 1871. 

Hislop, Eev. D. Sermon on the Death of 
Eich.ard Eurdom. 8vo. Hawick, 1890. 

Eislop, Eev. Eobert. We would see Jesus. 
A Sermon jjreached in Hawick E. U. 
Church, Feb. 24, 1895. 8vo. Hawick, 

Hogg, Alex. A., Huicick. Reminiscences of 
" Jock the Ladle." Svo. Hawick, 1807. 

Hogg, James. Flodden Field, A Poem. [Second 
editio;).] fcap. 8vo. Hawick: Printed by 
Eotert Armstrong. 1824. 
[Only one copy of the above is known to be 
in existence, and is now in the possession 
of MrW. S. Nicbol, Wilton Burn, Hawick. 
A later edition with " The Colour of 
Hawick Common-Riding" added, revised 
and corrected by the author, was published 
by Mr James D. Kenncly in 1S;',7. Many 
subsequent editions have appeared, in 
which are included the '=01d Common- 
Riding Song " by Arthur Balbirnie (which 
first appeared in Wilson's History of 
Hawick, 1825); "Pawky Paiterson's Auld 
Grey Yaud;" "I like Auld Ilawick," by 
Frank Hogg; "Up wi' the Banner" and 
"The Border Queen," by James Thomson ; 
and "1514."] 

[Hogg, James.] FloddeQ Field, and the 
Colour; or, Hawick Common-Riding. 
18mo. Hawick: Printed by R. Armstrong, 
and sold by Walter Elder. 1829. 
[This also is a very rare edition, and is 
probably the third. A copy is in the 
possession of Mr Adam Laing, Gledswing, 

Hogg, James. The Works of the Ettrick 
Shepherd. Edited by the Rev, Thomas 
Th'.rason. Royal 8vo. Vol. I. Lond., 
"Round about Hdvuck," p. 318. 

Hogg, John, LUUfi^lenf. Poems on Different 

Subjects. 12rao. Hawick, 1806. 
Home, Lieut. Wm. With the Border Volunteers 
to Pretoria. Svo. Hawick, 1901. 

Hunter, A. S. Miscellany. Svo. Hawick, 

1811. 2nd edition same year. 
Inglis, John, Wilton, ITuwirk. The Border 

Land and other Poems. Svo. Kelso, 1879. 
Border Land, and other Poems. Introduc- 
tion by R. S. Craig, M.A., LL.B. Svo. 

Hawick, 1907. 
Irvine, William. An Easter Ramble. Svo. 

Hawick, ISCO. 
Jardine, James. Weensland : Past and Present, 

and the Old Corn Mills of the District. 

Svo. Hawick, 1896. 

Jeffrey, Alex. An Historical and Descriptive 
Account of Roxburghshire from the most 
Ancient to the Present Times. Svo. Edin. , 
" Of tlie Tou-n of Ilawick;' p. 223. 
The History and Antiquities of Roxburgh- 
shire. Vol. 4. Svo. Edin., 1864. 
" Of the RecjaJity of Ilawick " pp. 265-297. 
" Of the Barony of Wilton" pp. 298-306. 

Johnman, Rev. W. A. P., M.A. Horse- 
Racing : or the Turf and its Produce. Svo. 
Hawick, 1888. 

The Religion of the People called Quakers. 
A Lecture. Svo. Hawick, 1888. 

Capital and Labour : in Vie v of the Present 
Railway Strike. A Discourse. Svo. 
Hawick, 1891. 

In Memoriam : William Inglis. A Discourse. 
Svo. Hawick, 1891. 

In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Macrae. A Sermon. 
8vo. Hawick, 1892. 

In Memoriam: The Duke of Clarence, with 
Life Lessons. Svo. Hawick, 1892. 

In Memoriam : George Blaikie. Svo. 
Hawick, 1897. 

The Archajology of Bazaars and of Kindred 
Trade Associations. 8vo. Hawick, 1895. 

Unfermented Wine, or Divine Teaching on 
Temperance. Svo. Hawick, 1895. 

Short Papers read by, at Dalkeith and New- 
battle Abbey, 11th July, 189G. Svo. 
Hawick, 1896. 

Our Programme; with special reference to 
the Monumental Commemoration of Past 
Celebrities. 8vo. Hawick, 1897. 

A Talk on Military Weapons, Ancient and 
Modern, with description of examples from 
the Museum and from without. Svo. 
Hawick, 1899. 

After Twenty Years: An Address. Svo. 
Hawick, 1900. 

The Bi-Centenary of James Thomson, 
Author of " The Seasons," at Southdean, 
8th Sept., 1900. An Address. Sm. 4to. 
Hawick, 1900. 

The Ordering of the Church of God. A 
Discourse. Svo. Hawick, 1902. 

Celebration of the Semi-Jubilee of. Svo. 
Hawick, 1905. 

" Saut Ha'" and its Tragedy, with an 
Excursus on the Ancient Salt Industry; 
and a Supplement on Salt, Social and 
Symbolical. Svo. Hawick, 1899. 

Who give Hawick an 111 Name: The Pres- 
bytery or the Press ? Svo. Hawick. N.D. 

Sermon on Church and State. Svo. Hawick, 


Jon and of Stagshaw his wife, The History of. 
8vo. Hawick, 18G5. 

[Keir, William.] A Summons of Wakening; 
or, the Evil Tendency and Danger of 
Speculative Philosophy exemplified in 
Leslie's Inquiry into the Nature of Heat, 
&c. 8vo. Hawick, 1807. 

Kennedy, John W. The Scottish Borderers at 

Marston Moor, 16i4. 4to. Hawick, 1002. 
The Teviotdale Regiment. David Leslie's 

March from Hereford to Philiphaugh. 4to. 

Hawick, 1903. 
Kennedy, R. K. A Voyage to Natal. 8vo. 

Hawick, 1900. 
Ker, Brother Thomas. Short Historical Sketch 

of Hawick St John's Lodge of Freemasons. 

8vo. Hawick, 1892. 
Knox, William. Some Correspondence Printed 

for Private Circulation among the Poet's 

Relations and Friends. 8vo. Calcutta, 

Laidlaw, T. H. Decoration as a means of 

making Home Beautiful. 8vo. Hawick. 

Laidlaw, William. Recollections of Sir Walter 

Scott (1802-1804). Edited from the MS. in 

the Laing Collection, University Library, 

Edinburgh, by James Sinton. 4to. Hawick, 

Laing, Adam. Branxholme Castle and the 

Land of the Scotts. 8vo. Hawick, 1901. 
Lauder, Sir John Dick, of Fountainhall. The 

Decisions of the Lords of Council and 

Session, from June 6, 1678, to July 30, 

1712. Vol. I. Folio. Edin., 1759. 
Weaver!^ of ILncick, pp. S4S-249. 

Lauder, Sir Thomas Dick, Bart. Scottish 
Rivers, with Preface by John Brown, M.D., 
LL.D. Sto. Edin., 1874. 
Hawick and Vale of Teviot, pp. l^Q-lGIf.. 
Lawson, Rev. George, D.D., Selkirk. Sermons 

to the Aged, &c. 12mo. Hawick, 1810. 
Lawson, John Parker, .1/.^. The Comprehen- 
sive Gazetteer of Scotland. 8vo. Edin. N.D. 
Hawick, pp. G25-62S. 

Leyden, Dr John. Journal of a Tour to 
Gilsland and the Cumberland Lakes, June, 
1800 ; and [Journal of a Tour to the Eastern 
Borders, Sept., 1823,] By J. H. With 
Introduction and Notes by James Sinton. 
4to. Hawick, 1900. 
Scenes of Infancy : Descriptive of Teviot- 
dale. With Historical Notes. 12mo. 
Edin., 1803. 

Scottish Descriptive Poems ; with some 
Illustrations of Scottish Literary Antiqui- 
ties. 12mo, Edin., 1803. 
Contains Poems hi/ William Fowler, who is 
said to have hern Rector of Hawick about 
the close of the sixteenth century. 
See Good fellow ; Sinton; Wilson (James). 

Lindsay, William. View of America, to which 
is prefixed a Narrative of a Voyage from 
Dumfries to Saint John, New Brunswick, 
in the Year 1819. 8vo. Hawick, 1824. 

List of Electors for Parish of Hawick. 8vo. 
Kelso. N.D. 

Little, Rev. William. A Sermon Preached in 
the Church of Westerkirk, Dec. 5, 1805, a 
Day appointed for National Thanksgiving 
for the Victory obtained by the British 
Fleet over the combined Fleet of France 
and Spain, off Trafalgar. 8vo. Hawick, 
1806. 2nd edition same year. 

Lockhart, Wm. Eliott, of Borthwickbrae. 
Historical Notes relating to Branxholme. 
8vo. Alnwick, 1886. 

Lorrain, William, Schoolmaster, Jedburgh. 
Book-keeping by Double Entry, &c., "for 
the use of the Schoolboy. To which is 
added, for the use of Young Ladies, a 
Course of Book-keeping by Single Entry. 
8vo. Hawick, 1807. 
The Academic Reader and Reciter; &c. 
12mo. Hawick, 1810. 

Luff, J. George, Hawick. A System of 
Mastering Pitman's Manual. 8vo. Edin., 
How to make Hawick Rich and Popular. 
8vo. Hawick, 1899. 

[ J Thoughts on Clubs, by a Country 

Cook. 8vo. Hawick, 1899. 

[■ ] What are our Magistrates Thinking 

about? 8vo. Hawick, 1905. 
The New Publican. 8vo. Hawick, 1906. 
Income Tax Corrector. 4to. Hawick, 1907. 
McKie, Thomas. Summer Rambles. Svo. 
Edin., 1906. 
Haicick, pp. SO-81. 
Maclagan, Rev. Mr, Melrose. Process against 

the. Svo. Hawick, 1785. 
McMichael, Archibald C. Notes by the Way, 
chiefly in the Counties of Roxburgh, 
Selkirk, Peebles, Berwick, and Haddington, 
Svo. Ayr. N.D. 
Hawick and Wilton, pp. 77-84. 

MacRae, Rev. John, D.D., Hawick. Sermons. 

Svo. Hawick, 1851. 
Sermon, Preached on Wednesday, April 26, 

1854, being the day appointed for the 

National Fast. Svo. Edin., 1854. 
The Scripture Law of Marriage, with refer- 
ence to the Prohibited Degrees. Svo. 

Hawick, 1861. 2nd edition. Edin., 1862. 
Sermon on the Completion of the Fortieth 

Year of his Ministry, Svo. Hawick, 1883. 
Sermon on the Death of the Duke of 

Buccleuch and Queensberry. Svo. Hawick, 

Sermon on the Death of H.R.H. Prince 

Leopold. Svo. Hawick, 1884. 
Sermon on the Life and Character of General 

Gordon. Svo. Hawick, 1885. 
Sermon, Preached in Hawick Parish Church, 

26th April, 1885, on the Church of Scotland, 

Disestablishment and Religious Equality. 

12mo. Hawick, 1885. 
Funeral Sermon on the Life and Character 

of the Rev. James Stewart, Minister of 

Wilton. Svo. Hawick, 1886. 
Sermon on the Life and Character of Her 

Gracious Majesty the Queen. Svo. Ha- 
wick, 1887. 
, Pulpit Memorial of the Life and 

Character of. By Rev. John Mair, D.D. 

Svo. Hawick, 1892. 


[Mason, John, A'f/.so.] The Border Tour 
throughout the most important and interest- 
ing places in the Counties of Northumber- 
land, Berwick, Roxburgh, and Selkirk. By 
a Tourist. 12rao. Edin., 182G. 
Ilaut'ck, j>j>. I4G-I6C. 

Maxwell, Right Hon. Sir Herbert. A History 
of the House of Douglas. 2 vols, 8vo. 
Lond., 1902. 
Haivick, col. I. pp. 11(2; 219-220. Vol. II. 

pp. 250 ; 260-262. 

Minto, The Right Hon. Lord. The Speech of, 
at a General Meeting of the County of 
Roxburghshire, &c. 8vo. Kelso, 1803. 
Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select 
Committee of the Roxburghshire Election 
Petition, with the Poll Books. Folio. 
Lond., 1838. 
Relafes t<i the Election Riots at llawirk, 
Aiu/ust, 1837. 
Monthly Chronicle (The) of North-Country Lore 
and Legend. Vol. I. 4to. Newcastle, 
Hawick CoDiiiton-Iiiding. By J. C, Good- 
fellow. Pp. 207-211. 
llaicick Slogan, p. 331. 
IIennita(je Vastle. By ]V. E. Wilson. ISSD. 

p. 562. 
Branxholme Tower. By W, E. Wilson. ISDO. 
p. 432. 
[Morrison] A. L. What We Saw in and 
around London, by " John and I." 18mo. 
Hawick, 1881. 
Morrison, John, Greenock. The Amenities of 
School Life under Payment by Results. 
8vo. Hawick, 1895. 
Formatiou of Character and the Duty of the 
Day School in relation thereto. 8vo. 
Hawick, N.D. 
Morrison's Business Directory for 1890. Svo. 

Hawick, 1890. 
Morrison's Dictionary of Decisions. 4to. 
Edin. V.Y. 
Contains several pertainirif) to Hawick and 
Murray, Dr James A. H. A Week among the 
Antiquities of Orkney. Svo. Hawick, 
Sanct Cuthbert's Chapelle, by ye Slitrith. A 
Legend of Old Hawick ten centuries ago. 
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before the second annual meeting of the 

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Another edition in a somewhat diffej'ent form 
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The First (16SS), Second (1776), and Fourth 
{1S9-^) Editions were published at Edin- 

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Ashkirk, 7th Oct., IS 10, in consequence of 
the death of Thomas S. Ilardie, D.D. 8vo. 
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A Sermon, Preached in tlie Church of 
Langholm, 7th July, 181 4, the day appointed 
for a National Thanksgiving. 8to. 
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The Antiquity and Importance of a Volun- 
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Baronet of Stobs, 1071-1693, Some Notes 
on the. By Alex. O. Curie, F.S.A. Scot. 
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Ancient Barrier called "The Catrail," with 
Plans, Remarks on the. Bv Wm. Norman 
Kenned V, Esq , Hawick. Vol. III. 1862, 
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Burial Mound at Cavers, Roxburghshire, 
Notice of a. By D. Christinon, M.D. 
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Wooden, Eckford, Roxburghsbi'-e, Notice 
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Cist, containing an Urn, found near Eckford 
in Feb. 1889, Notice of a. By John G. 
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Feud between the Elliots and the Scotts 
during the years 1564, 1565, and 156G, 
Notes on a. By Robert Bruce Armstrong. 
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Fortifications on Ruberslaw, Roxburghshire, 
and Notices of Roman Remains found there, 
Description of the. By Alex. O. Curie, 
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pp. 219-232. 
Local Museum at Hawick, Report on. Vol. 

XXII., p. 394. 
Notes (1) on Three Carved Norman Capitals 
from Hobkirk, on Rulcwater, Roxburgh- 
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Wa^'side Cross at Harwood in Hobkirk 
Parish. By Alex O. Curie, F.S A. Scot. 
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Notice of a. By Capt. J. H. Anderson, 
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Prehistoric Antiquities from the Shires of 
Berwick, Roxburgh, and Selkirk, Descrip- 
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Society of Antiquaries of Scotland — Continued. 

Quern in a supposed Grave, containing 
Burnt Human Bones, at Commonside, 
Roxburghshire, Notice of the Discovery 
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Maps of Scotland : the Roxburghshire 
Roads, Notes on the. By James Mac- 
donald, LL.D, Vol. XXIX. 1895, 
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Sun-dial at Hawick. Notice of. Vol. XXIV, 
p. 187. 

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Published in Edinburgh. Printed in 
Hawick. 8vo. 1813. 

A Sermon delivered in the Church of Wilton, 
on Sunday the 3rd July 1825, on the 
occasion of the death of Samuel Charters, 
D.D. , late minister of that parish, with an 
address containing his character. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1825. 

My Own Life and Times, 1741-1814. Edin.^ 

Hawick, pp. S/r34. 

Southern Counties Directory. Kelso, 1866. 

Iltnrir/c, ]>.[>. 

Speeches on the other side of the Bar in the 
case of the Rev, J. A. Wallace, 
Hawick, and David Dundas Scott, Esq., 
Briery-yards. 18mo. Jedburgh, 1856. 

State of the Process of Division of the 
Commonty of Wilton. Robert Langlands 
of that Ilk, and others, against Henry, 
Duke of Buccleuch, and others. 4to. 
Edin., 1764. 

Statistical Account of Scotland (The Old), 

8vo. Edin., 1796. 
Parish of Hawick. Bif the Rev, Robert 

Gil/nn. Vol. VIII. pp. 521-53^. 
Parish of Wilton. By the Rev. Dr Charters. 

Vol. 11. p. 394 et seq. Vol. XV, 

pp. 64I-G43. 

Statistical Account of Scotland (The New). 

Roxburghshire. 8vo. Edin., 1845. 
Parish of Hawick. By the Rev. J. A. 

Wallace. Pp. 379-419. 
Parisli of Wilton. By the Rev, David 

Stevenson. Pp. 76-S6. 
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Edin., 1871. 
Steven, Rev. Wm., Selkirk. The Family in 

Earth and Heaven. Sermon, Preached in 

connection with the Death of the Rev. 

Duncan Stewart, 31. A., Hawick. 8vo. 

Hawick, 1908. 
Stevenson, Rev. David, Wilton. Sermons on 

Important Subjects, Doctrinal and Practi- 
cal. 8vo. Hawick, 1841. 
See also under " Statistical Account." 
[Stewart, Charles.] Andrew Macpherson : A 

Tale of the Borders. By Karl Brown. 8vo. 

Hawick, 1905. 
Stewart, Rev. James, Wilton. Wilton Sabbath 

School Hymnal. 16mo. Hawick, 1877. 
Last Sermon Preached in Wilton Church, 

12th Sept., 1886. 8vo. Hawick, 1886. 


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Scenery and Manners in Scotland during 

the years 1799 and 1800. Vol. II. 8vo. 

Lond., 1801. 

Hawick, pp. S62-27S. 

Storie, James. Poems on Several Subjecta. 

870. Hawick, 1837. 
Sturrock. Rev. D. A.. Midholm. A Catechism 

for the Times. 12mo. Hawick, 1843. 
Swinton, Archibald, Advocate. Report of the 
Trial of Cairns, Turnbull, Smith, and 
Lamb, before the High Court of Justiciary, 
at Edinburgh, on the 18th Dec, 1837, for 
the Crimes of Mobbing and Rioting, and 
Assault committed at Hawick, &c. 8vo. 
Edin., 1838, 
Sym, Rev. Arthur Pollok, B D., Lilliedeaf. 
A Border Synod, 1891-1901. [Merse and 
Teviotdale.] 8vo. Hawick, N.D. 
Tancred, George, of Weens. Annals of a Border 
Club. 8vo. Jedburgh, 1899. 
Rulewater and its People. An Account of 
the Valley of the Rule and its Inhabitants. 
8vo. Edin., 1907. 
These contain many interestinfj references to 
Taylor, John, D.D. The Lord's Supper Ex- 
plained on Scripture Principles, and 
Adapted to the use of Common Christians, 
&c. 12mo. Hawick, 1801. 
Teribus ye Teri Odin. See Antiquar)/ ; Wilson 

Teries on Tour through the Lake District. By 
J. A. ("Gilnockie."^ 8vo. Hawick. N.D. 
Teviotdale Friendly Society, Regulations of the, 
for Relief of Old Ape. Instituted at 
Havfick, 1806. 8vo. Hawick, 1806. 
Thomson, James, Hawick. Doric Lays and 
Lyrics. 8vo. Edin., 1870. 2nd edition, 
8vo. Glasgow, 1884. 
Thomson, Rev. John, Hawick. Alexander Hope, 
A Hawick Story. 2 parts. 12mo. Hawick, 
Address to Ploughmen. 8vo. Hawick, 

The Art of Weaving Spiritualised. 8vo. 

Hawick, 1869. 
Voices from the Plough ; with Essay on the 
Bondage Svstem, by Mrs Williamson. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1869. 
History of Peter Plough. 8vo. Hawick, 

Sermon, Isaiah ii. 10. 8vo. Hawick. N.D. 
The Art of Plowing Spiritualised. 8vo. 
Hawick. N.D. 
Thomson, Mrs, Rosahe, Hawick, Speeches 
delivered by, on different occasions. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1882. 
Thorburn, Robert, Merchant in Hawick. 
Summons of Reduction Improbation against 
Adam William Thorburn, Jamaica, and 
William Thorburn, Merchant in Hawick, 
&c. 4to. Edin., 1827. 
Topographical (The), Statistical, and Historical 
Gazetteer of Scotland. Vol. I. Edin., 1856. 
Hawick, pp. 749-755. 
Turnbull, The late Rev, Gawin, Caerlanrig 
Chapel. A Sermon on Meekness. 8vo, 
Hawick, 1832. 
Valuation Book of the County of Roxburgh. 
Foolscap. Hawick, 1813. 

V«rnon, J, J. The Parish and Kirk of HasseQ- 
dean. 4to. Hawick, 1879, 
The Jacobites in Teviotdale in 1715. Svo. 
Hawick, 1896. 

St Mark's Church, Hawick, and its Associa- 
tions Prior to the Reformation, and Con- 
cerning the Surname " De Hawick." 8vo. 
Hawick, 1898, 
The Parish and Kirk of Hawick : 1711-1725, 

Svo. Hawick, 1900. 
The Hawick Military Association, 1798- 

1802. 4to. Hawick, 1901. 
Chiaholras of that Ilk and Stirches. 4to. 

Hawick, 1902. 
Mungo Park and his Companions: A 
Centenary Retrospect. 4to. Hawick, 1905. 
Ecclesiastical Place-Names of Roxburgh- 
shire. 4to. Hawick, 1907. 
Vernon, W. F. History of Freemasonry on 
the Borders. Svo. Lond., 1893. 
Hawick, pp. 193-210, 261-26S. 
"Vindex." A Letter to the Reformers of Hawick. 

Svo. Edin., 1836. 
Volunteer Mobile Brigade Scheme and the 
Border Battalion of Rifle Volunteers. Svo. 
Hawick, 1890. 
Walker, David. The Border Pulpit, being a 
series of Sketches of a number of Ministers 
of various DenominaMons in the Border 
Counties, &c. Svo. Edin,, 1877. 
Some of the Sketches are of Haxvick Ministers, 
Wallace, Rev. J, A. Statistics, having refer- 
ence to the Ravages of Cholera in the Tovm 
and Neighbourhood of Hawick in 1849. 
ISmo. Hawick, 1850. 
Pastoral Recollections. Svo. Lond., 1845. 
2nd edition. Sro. Edin., 1864. 
Pastoral Recollections addressed to his 
Congregation at the close of the second ten 
years of his Ministry in Hawick, May, 
1853. Svo. Edin., 1854. 
Communion Services according to the Pres- 
byterian Form. Svo. Edin., 1865. 
See also under " Statistical Account." 
Warner, Rev. Richard. A Tour through the 
Northern Counties of England and the 
Borders of Scotland. Vol. II. Svo. Bath, 
Hawick, pp. 49-52. 
[Waters, David.] The TwaFrien's; or, the 
Ghost o' Coffer Ha', A Poem ; and 
Francisco ; or the Man of Brass. Also 
Holy Tammie's Prayer. 8^0. Edin,, 1838. 
2nd edition, Svo. Hawick, 1895. 
Waters, David, Haicick, Scripture Hymns by, 
12mo. Edin., 1843. 
Original Hymns. 12mo. Edin., 1845. 
[Watson, D. McB.] Exhibition and Handi- 
craft Competition, Buccleuch Memorial 
Hall, Hawick. Svo. Hawick, 1887. 
The Family of Gledstanes. Their connection 

with Hawick. Svo. Hawick. 1897. 
The Family of Langlands of that Ilk, 4to. 
Hawick, 1901. 
Watson, George, The Jedburgh Staff, 4to. 
Hawick, 1901. 
The Annals of Jedburgh Castle. 4to. 
Hawick, 1902. 
The Incident at Jedburgh in 1571, and its 
Consequences. 4to. Hawick, 1903. 


Watson, George — Continued. 

Jeddart Justice : An Enquiry into its Origin. 
4to. Hawick, 1901. 
The Story of MaifJen Lilliard : Is it a Myth? 

4to. Hawick, 1904. 
The Archdeaconry of Teviotdale, with 
special reference to the Deanery of Teviot- 
dale. 4to. Hawick, 1907. 
The Stone Circles of Roxburghshire. 4to. 
Hawick, 1908. 
Watson, James, Galashiels, Living Bards of 
the Border, 8vo. Edin., 1859. 
Verses by natives of Hawick, j^p. 8S-1S1, 

Watson, Robert F. Crichton and Borthwick 
Castles. Reprinted from " The Castellated 
and Domestic Architecture of Scotland." 
4to. [Edin.] (Privately printed), 1890. 
150 copies piinted solely for the use of the 
Members of the Haiviclc Archirological 

Webber, James B. Rambles round the 
Eildons. 8vo. Hawick, 1898. 

"Whitehead, James" [Dr C. J. W. Dixon, 
Hawick}. Love's Tribute, a Sonnet 
Sequence. 12mo. Edin., 1904. 

Wigan, Lewis D., Chisholme, Haivick. The 
Rook as an enemy to Sport and Agriculture. 
8vo. Hawick, 1898. 

Wilcock's Sure Foundation. 8vo. Hawick, 

Williamson, George, Late Minister of the 
Gospel at Hawick, A Brief Narrative of 
the Unreasonable, Violent, and Cruel 
Treatment of, &c. 8vo. N.P. 1788. 

W[illis], R. L. Journal of a Tour from London 
to Elgin made about 1790 in company with 
Mr Brodie, younger brother of Brodie of 
Brodie. 8vo. Edin., 1897. 
Hawick, p. If-fy. 

Willison, Rev. John, Dundee. The Afflicted 
Man's Companion, &c. 8vo. Hawick, 1810. 

Wilson, Charles J. Some Particulars of the 
Suggested Forth and Clyde Ship Canal, &c. 
8vo. Hawick, 1891. 
Lecture on Trade. 8vo. Hawick, 1903. 
Visit to South Africa with British Associa- 
tion. 8vo. Hawick, 1907. 

Wilson, Rev. Gabriel, Maxton. A Speech 
without Doors, wherein the Grievance of 
Patronage is Considered, &c. ISmo. 
Hawick, 1785. 
The Trust. A Sermon at the opening of the 
Provincial Synod of Merse and Teviotdale 
at Kelso, Oct. 17, 1721. 18mo. Hawick, 

Wilson, James, Torvn Clerk of Hatcick, 
Annals of Hawick, a.d. 1214-1814. With 
an Appendix of Illustrative Documents. 
8vo. Edin., 1850. 
Hawick and its Old Memories : With an 
Appendix, containing Biographical Sketches 
and other Illustrative Documents. 8vo. 
Edin., 1858. 

, Memoir of. By W. E. Wilson. 4to, 

Hawick, 1907. 

Wilson, Rev. John Marius. The Imperial 
Gazetteer of Scotland, or Dictionary of 
Scottish Topography. Vol. II. Royal 8vo. 
Lond. N.D. 
Hawick, pp. 51-5 Jf. 

Wilson, Rev. John Rudge. Prophecy and 
Poetry : A Sermon preached on the occasion 
of the death of Lord Tennyson. 8vo, 
Hawick, 1892. 
Spiritual Weapons of War : A Sermon 
preached to Hawick Border Rifles. 8vo, 
Hawick, 1895. 
The Foundation Rock of the Church; a 
Sermon delivered at the Opening of the 
Synod of Merse and Teviotdale. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1896. 
Patriotism : A Sermon preached to Hawick 

Border Rifles. 8vo. Hawick, 1897. 
" Not Peace, but a Sword," a Sermon. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1899. 
Hardship and Character, a Sermon. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1904. 
The Soldiers at the Cross, a Sermon. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1907. 
Wilson, Robert. A Sketch of the History of 
Hawick ; Including Some Account of the 
Manners and Character of the Inhabitants ; 
&c. 8vo. Hawick, 1825. 
A Disquisition on the Corn Laws, &c. 8to. 
Hawick, 1826. 
Observations on the Character and Working 
of the Reform Bill, &c. 8vo. Hawick, 
The History of Hawick: Including some 
Account of the Inhabitants, &c., to which 
is appended a Short Memoir of the Author. 
2od Edition. 8vo. Hawick, 1841. 
Wordsworth, Dorothy. Recollections of a Tour 
made in Scotland, a.d. 1803. Edited by J. 
C. Shairp, LL.D. 8vo. Edin., 1874. 
Haw irk, pp. 26S-271. 
Young, Adam, Burnhead. A Sermon on the 

Future Judgment. 8vo. Hawick, 1844. 
Young, Rev. John, D D., Hawick. The True 
State of the Unhappy Controversy about 
the Burgis-Oath, being a Discourse 
delivered at Kelso, the 8th of Oct., 1782. 
18mo. Hawick, 1783. 
Essays on the following Interesting Subjects : 
Government, Revolutions, &c. 8vo. 
Edin., 1794. 
A History of the Commencement, Progress, 
and Termination of the late War between 
Great Britain and France, &c. 2 vols. 
8vo. Edin., 1802. 
Young, Rev. R., Teviothead. The Buccleuch 
Book : with special reference to Allan- 
haugh. 4to. Hawick. N.D. 
On the History of Education in Scotland. 
4to. Hawick, 1879. 
Young, Widow, Hawick. Songs and Poems on 
various Subjects. Edin. (Printed for the 
Author), 1823. 


Amos, Walter. Reminiscences of Southdean. 

8vo. Hawick, 1897. 
Border Almanack, from 1869. 12mo. Kelso. 
Contains obituary notices of Hawick people. 
Border Magazine. 8vo. Edin., 1863. 

Hawick Cross. By W. Norman Kennedy. 
Pp. 24-36. 


Border JIagazine, The. An Illustrated 
Monthly. Vol. VI. 4to. Edin., 1901. 
Bianxholm Castle and the Land of Scott, 
By W. S. Pp. 139-140. 

Border Treasury of Thiugs New and Old. 4to. 
Galashiels, 1874-5. 
Contains local references, 

Bute, Marquis of. Arms of the Royal and 
Parliamentary Burghs of Scotland. 4to. 
Edin., 1897. 
Description of the Hawick Burgh Arms. 
Pp. 1S0-1S3. 

Charters, Kev. Samuel, D.D. Sermons. 8vo. 
Edinburgh, 1813. 

Craw's Business Directory. 12mo. Hawick. 

Dean's Time Table. Hawick. 1890 to date. 

Easthope, John, Haulck. The Literal Inter- 
preter or Pupil's Guide to the meaning of 
English Words derivate and compound. On 
a plan quite original. Ss-o. Jedburgh, 1835. 

Edgar, James. Book of Hawick Songs and 
Verses. 8vo. Hawick, 1902. 

Greenhill, Rev. C. K., M,A., of Roherton. 
Sermon preached 24th March, 1878, with 
special reference to the death of Allan 
Eliott Lockhart, Enquire, of Borthwickbrae 
and Cleghorn. 8vo. Hawick, 1878. 

Gunion, Rev. Andrew F., Hawick. The 
Culture of Imagination. Jedburgh, 1853. 

Hawick Total Abstinence Society. Collection 
of facts, documents, and correspondence 
relative to the Discussion upon Total 
Abstinence w hich took place in the West- 
end Secession Meeting - house. 8vo. 
Hawick, 1843. 

Inglis, John, ir///oH. Poems and Songs. 8vo. 
Edinburgh, 1866 

Key burn, James, Lodge St. James No. 424. 
Burns Anniversary Address. Hawick, 1897. 

Page 7, col. 2, for Harvey, Rev. James, read 

Hervey, Rev. James. 
Page 8, coL 1, delete three lines under "Henry, 

Rev. James." 



1842. The Hawick Observer and Scottish Bor- 

der Intelligencer. 

This was the earliest Hawick News- 
paper. The first number was issued 
30th April, 1842, and continued month- 
ly till 30th September of the satse 
year. It was published by Mr James 
D. Kennedy, at his shop in Sandbed. 

1843. The Tablet, Hawick, 1843. 

Published monthly. Only three num- 
bers were issued. 

1846. The Hawick News- Letter. 

Extracted from the "Border Watch," 
Galashiels. Printed by Brockie and 
Jamieson. Had a very brief existence. 

1847. The Hawick Monthly Advertiser. 

The first number was published 6th 
May, 1847, by Mr James Dalgleish, 
but only three were issued. 

1854. The Hawick Advertiser and Roxburgh- 
shire Gazette. 

It was started in 1854 by Mr James 
Dalgleish, and appeared fortnightly 
until 1857, vhen it was issued weekly. 
The present proprietors are Messrs 
Morrison & Co., Ltd. 
1857. The Hawick Times. 

First numbc-r published 16th May, 
1857, by Mr Robert Black, bookseller, 
17 High Street, Hawick, but only 
twelve numbers were issued. 
1870. The Hawick Express. 

The first number was published 1st 
October, 1870, by Mr James Dalgleish. 
Mr James Edgar is the present proprie- 
tor and editor. 
1882. The Hawick News. 

Started 28th January, 1882, and 
publishefl by Messrs Vair & McNairn. 
1882. The Hawick Telegraph. 

First number appeared 28th January, 
1882, butitwasdiHContinuedabout 1891. 
1882. The Border Standard. 

Published by Messrs W. Morrison 
& Co. It was afterwards transferred 
to Langholm, but is now defunct. 
1886. Hogg's Journal. 

Issued monthly from the presa of 
Messrs Vair & McNairn in 1886, for 
George Hogg, Newcastleton, It was 
discontinued after the publication of 
five numbers. 
1897. The Hawick Free Press. 

Published by Mr William Henderson, 
begun 7th July, 1897. 


1606. Mercator's Atlas. Map of Southern 

1630. Deucaledonius Oceanus. 

1654, Blaeu's Atlas. (4)Teviotiaru/(/oTivedaiI. 
Auct. Tlni. Pont. lo, Blaeu excudlt. 

1725. Hermann Moll's Atlas. (9; Llddesdule, 
which is the South Part of Roxburgh- 

1770. Stobie. Roxburghshire, by Matthew 
Stobie, Land Surveyor, engraved by 
John Hayly. Scale, 1 inch to a mile. 
4 sheets. 

1794. Statistical Account of Scotland. .Maps 
by Local Authorities. 

1824. Plan of Hawick, by John Wood, Edin- 

Reproduced in reduced scale in Mrs 
Oliver's " Upper Teviotdale and the 
Scotts of Buccleuch." 

1826. Lothian's County Atlas of Scotland. 
Roxburgh. No. 8. 

1829. Lothian's Historical Atlas of Scotland. 
Map No. III. Scotland under the 
Romans (a.d. 80 to 446), with ancient 
and modern names ; and shewing the 
Sites of the Roman Camps, Native 
Forts, Druidical Circles, &c. 

1832. Thomson's Atlas of Scotland. Roxburgh- 
shire, in 2 sheets, by Messrs King- 
horne, Cranston, & Clark. (The map 
was published independently in 1822.) 


Local Maps — Continued, 

1842. Law8on, John Parker, M.A. The De- 
scriptive Atlas of Scotland. Roxburgh- 
shire, drawn and engraved by J. Brown. 
P. 515. 

1845. New Statistical Account of Scotland. 
Roxburghshire, engraved by W. H. 

1850. Plan of the Town of Ilawick and Environs, 
Surveyed by Walter Tennant, 1850. 

1850-60. Ordnance Survey, on scale of G inches 
to a mile Roxburghshire, 48 sheets. 

1858. Ordnance Survey Plan of Hawick and 

Wilton, on scale of ten feet to a mile. 

1859. Ordnance Survey Plan of the Parish of 

Wilton. 1859. 

1863-G9. Ordnance Survey, on scale of 1 inch to 
a mile. Roxburghshire, sheet 17. 

1895. Bartholomew, J. G. Royal Scottish 
Geographical Society's Atlas of Scot- 
land, scale 2 miles to an inch. Biblio- 
graphv of Atlases of Scotland given 
(pp. 16-18). 

1897. Ordnance Survey Maps of Hawick. 
25 inches to a mile. 1858-1897. 



Pringle, John. A Collection of Reels, Strath- 
speys, and Jigs, with a Bass for the 
Violoncello or Pianoforte. Dedicated to 
the Hon. Miss Elliot. Folio. Edin. 
Printed for the author. N.D. 
A Second Collection. Dedicated to Lady 
Scott of Anrrinn. N.D. 

[The music of "Teribus," I believe, appeared 
for the first time in print in Pringle's 
Second Collection, under the title of 
"Hawick, A Strathspey" (p. 16). The 
MS. music of the original air in the posses- 
sion of Mr Adam Laing, referred to in my 
introduction, is evidently an early copy of 
the older set as i)laye(l by Walter Ballantine, 
town piper in 1777. When it first appeared 
in manuscript is doubtful. Many of the 
other tunes in both collections bear local 
titles, such as "Hawick Lasses, a Reel," 
"Wilton Lodge, a Strathspey," " Teviot 
Banks," "Lady Minto's Favourite," 
"Lord Minto's Waltz," "Miss Scott of 
Sinton's Strathspey," "The Fertish Hill," 
" Robin&law" (Huberslaw), " Minto House, 
a Strathspey," and "Miss Scott of Ancnim's 

Local Music — Continued. 
Published by Mr Adam Grant, Hawick. 

Teribus. Song. First time printed with piano 

accompaniment. 1882. 
Branxholme Waltz. Adam Grant. 1882. 
Bordtr Queen. Words by James Thomson, air 

by J. Rutherford. Arranged by Adam Grant. 

Hawick. Words by J. L. Hercus, music by 

Adam Grant. 1887. 
Three old Hawick Tunes from "Adam Howison, 

his Music Book. Begun Hawick, 19th 

April, 1766." 

1. The Lasses o' Hawick. 

2. Lament on the division of Hawick. 

Common, 1777. 

3. The New Bridge of Hawick. 
Edited and arranged" by K.E R., Hawick. 

Three Humorous Hawick Songs. Arranged 

by Adam Grant. 1893. 
Witch of the Wisp Hill Polka. Music by 

Adam Grant. 1896. 
I like Auld Hawick the best. Words and 

music by T. Ker. Arranged by Adam 

Grant. 1900. 
Up wi' Auld Hawick. Words by T. Caldwell, 

music by Adam Grant. 1901. 
Our ain auld Toon. Words by T. Caldwell^ 

music by Adam Grant. 1902. 
Teribus, New Version. Words by R. Craig, 

music arranged by Adam Grant. 1907. 
Clinty. Song. Words by J. E. D, Murray. 

Music by Adam Grant. 

Published by Messrs W. & J. Kennedy, Hawick. 

Drumlanrig Quadrilles, introducing all the 
Common- Riding Ai-s. Compiled by 
William Laidlaw, arranged by R. W. 
Manning. 1895. 3rd edition, 1907. 

Up with the Banner. Words by James Thom- 
son, music by W. Inglis Robaon. 

Hawick Among the Hills. Song. By John 
Inglis, music by W. I. Robson. 

Cornet's Lancers. By T. Tinniswood. 

Cornet's Schottische. By T. Tinniswood. 

Oor Bonnie Border Toon. Song. Words by 
Robert Hunter, music by F. G. Scott. 

I like Auld Hawick. By F. Hogg, music by 
Mrs Dumbreck. 

Star of Robbie Burns. Song by James 
Thomson. Music composed by James 

March Militaire: The Border Mounted Volun- 
teers. Composed by John Oliver, Bort- 
haugh, Hawick. 



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