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ilS i'^-'^'Sl'^ 















Bibliotheca Americana 

mnlo^m of moak^ 






PART I. -1482 TO 1601 

WAiti) i^otes 







U-i St-i. 


rS-i ' rtf 


' ^ 




:lw -CavCc-- fjiAxrurn— 

(J QA-tA/ti^iuCC,' 

ffini buntntb topCra pifnttli foe t><c^tt citculatlon. 

RivERSutt Press: 
FHtyTED By H. o. uouaHToy ax 

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The Gist edition of Part I. of thiB Catalogue, embradng 302 titles 
of books printed before the year 1601, was issned in 1865. The Cat- 
alogae consisted of tliree Farts. The Second Part, in one volume, 
embraced ihe titles of books printed in the XVIIth centnry ; and the 
Thiid Part, in two Tolnmes, those of the XVIIIth centoiy. Since 
dial time lai^ additions haye been made to the collection, and partio- 
olarl; for the period covered by Part I. Instead <^ printing a supple- 
ment to the entire Catalogue, it has been deemed best to reprint Part 
I., and incorporate the additions in their proper chronolc^cal places. 

In the former edition of tiiis Part the titles were not given in full ; 
in the present, they are, in all cases, an exact transcript of the title 
pageB, except in a very few instances of German books where they are 
exceedingly long. The collations are alao more complete in the present 
edition, and many of the notes have been extended. Ab the more 
important books relating to the discovery and settlement of the several 
parts of America, and the earliest pablications regarding Columbus, 
Veepucuus, Magellan, and other early navigators and authors fall 
within the period embraced in this Part, some of these notes are quite 
extended. In some of them the claims of various navigators to the 
discovery of America before Columbus, are examined at length. 

The historical value of the early collections of voyages and travels 
is so great that it has been thoi^ht beet, in order to facilitate the 
researches of scholars, to give full analysea of the contents of several 
of them. Such analyses have accordingly been given of the " Paen 
novamenie retrovtOi " of 1507, the earliest collection of voy^es, and of 
the collections of Grynfeus, Ablyn, Bamosio, Kden, and Hakluyt, which 

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have been bat imperfectly given in other catal<^ues. Analyses of the 
collections of De Bry and HuIfduB are to be found in the bibliograph- 
ical works of De Bure, Camus, Weigel, Brunet, and Aeher. But it is 
singular, when we consider the value of the collection of Hakluyt, 
vastly greater for its information relating to North America, and par- 
ticularly to the porldon north of Mexico, than that of De Bry or Hul- 
fiius, that no analyeie has been ^ven of it by bibliographers. Oldys, 
one of the earliest of these writers, in his small volume, entitled "Tie 
Britith Librarian" printed in 1738, in 8vo, gives a fuller account of 
Halcluyt's collection than is to be found in any other work. 

Faceimiles have been given of some of the early maps relating to 
the New World ; also, of title-pages of rare books, printer's devices, 
and portraits of distinguished navigators and writers upon the gec^rs- 
phy and early history of this continent. 

In the collection will be found a few books printed before the dis- 
covery of America, such as the cosmologies and ge<^raphies of Clau- 
dius Ptolemy and Pomponius Mela, and the "Imago Mundi" of 
Peter d'Ailly. The first two show what was known of the geography 
of the world before Columbus and Vespudus had added to it a new 
continent ; and tlie various editions of the geography of Ptolemy, 
printed in the latter part of the XVth century, and during the XVIth, 
of which there are many in this collection, present a better view of the 
prepress of gec^-aphical discovery in America than any other books. 
It is proper to state, however, that the edition of Ptolemy, of 1482, 
which begins the catali^e, altliough printed ten years before Colum- 
bus had reached the New World, strictly belongs to our subject, as 
Greenland is laid down on one of the maps. 

The " Imago Mundi," which contains treatises on geography, was a 
favorite book with Columbus, and was much studied by him. His own 
copy, filled with marginal notes in his handwriting, is atill preserved 
in the *' Bihliothsca Oolumbtna " at Seville, and is justly considered 
one of its greatest treasures. 

If we were to include in a collection of books relating to early 
America only such as were written excluuvely on the subject during 
the XVIth century, the nnmber would be very small, and hundreds 
would be omitted which contain a map, a chapter, or a few sentences 

,d by Google 

of the ntanost importance relating to it. Hence every early book 
Trhich containa any reference to Columbos, Vespucius, Magellan, 
Sebastian Cabot, or otber original discoTererB, finds a place in this col- 
lection. It would at first hardly be thought that a History of Genoa 
or the Polyglot Psalter of 1516 appertains to America, yet in them are 
fonnd hic^raphies of Columbos of much interest, and it is only by a 
perusal of these and similar notices that ve can form a just estimate 
of the impression which his discoTcry made upon the age immediately 
succeeding Ma own. The early works upon navigation and cosmol- 
ogy often contain important geographical facts, which historians would 
in vain search for elsewhere. 

There are also in the collection a few books whose titles refer 
entirely to the eastern world, yet in them are found chapters or pas- 
sages which pertain directly to America. A few of these it may be 
proper to mention. Thus, Mendo^'s " History of the Great King- 
dom of China " contfuns several chapters relatii^ to Mexico, with 
some of the earliest accounts of the first visits to New Mexico. In 
Lndovico Yarthema's "Itinerario" wholly relating to eastern coun- 
tries, Venice, 1520, and many times reprinted, is embraced, in cer- 
tain editions, a supplementary chapter containing Grijalva's Itin- 
erary of Yucatan. In Leo Africanua's " SUtoriale Description de 
CAfrique" Paris, 1557, are the letters of Vespuciua, with relations of 
voyages and travels in other parte of the world. Lloyd's " Higtorie 
of Cambria, now called Wales," London, 1564, contains the passage, 
so often referred to, upon which the Welsh rest their claim to the dis- 
covery of America in the eleventh century. 

The voyages of certain Dutch and Portuguese navigators have a 
place on account of their discoveries in the South Sea and the East 
Indies ; while others are introduced which relate to northern coun> 
tries and to explorations in the Arctic Sea. Some of these contain 
matters of great interest relating to Greenland and the adjoining seas. 
Still other hooka may he mentioned which have not hitherto been 
classed among "Americana." Among these are Brant's ** Stultifera 
NavU ; or Skip of Fools "; yet this once popular and quaint old book, 
first printed a few years after the discovery of America, has an allu- 
sion to that event. The work of Marco Polo, describing eastern coun- 

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tries in the Xlllth century, has a place on aooount of the preface to 
one of the editionB by the celebrated Ramosio, who makes a compar- 
ison between Marco Polo and Columbos. A few other books poaseas- 
ing corresponding daima also have places heie. 

The titles have been transcribed from the originals with great care, 
and each one is reproduced in its exact orthography, howcTer incor- 
rect that orthography may be. Many of these books, as is well 
known, were printed before the langu^ea of modern Europe were 
folly formed ; hence it often happens that the earlier Latin, German, 
Dutch, Spanish, and French titles exhibit obvious incongmitiefl, the 
same word being sometimes differently spelled in the same title. 

At the end will he found an Index, in which the titles are placed 
in alphabetical order to &ciHtate the finding of any one when its date 
is unknown. Such as relate to particular countries also have a place 
under the name of the country ; but ho large a number of the books 
comprised in this catalogue relate to many different countries under a 
general title, as " The Indies," embracing all Spanish America, that 
this plan could not fully be carried out. A few books received while 
the Catalogue was in press, too late to insert their titles in their 
chronological places, are placed at the end. The following are their 
titles in brief : — 

Ptolamffini Cosmographift VioendM. .. .Folio ..1475 

PtolemMl OeognphiaA Rome Folio. .1490 

Vuoa ds Guna. Calooen (rtprua) Antwerp ....4to. ...1504 

American Veipnd HI. Von d«r neil gefanden R^ioa 4lo IMS 

Mors, Thomas. Utopia Puis l!iiio...l916 

I'tolemana anctii ratitatiu ArgralOMti .Folio ..19S0 

Ptolomaei Qsognphiae. Reproduction of Oreak aiMiaacript 

Pomponiui Mela. De Orbig lita Batle Folio . . 1 5S2 

ApisD, P. Coimograpbiciia (£atiii) .Antirerp ....4lo 1633 

Lb Coimograpbie (PrencA). Antwerp ... ,4to.... .1M4 

Coamogr^ihie (i^u<cA) Antwerp .. . .4to 15SS 

Coiinographie (CuteA) .....Antwerp .. ..4to 1S61 

More. ThoEna*. Utopia Venice llino...lS4e 

Salaiar, F, C. Meaico en 1654 [reprM) Mexico 8to ....1BS4 

K«Ia9am lerdadidra doa trahallio* . . . . d5 F. de wnto (re/i.) ...Lisbon 4lo 15ST 

Munster, S. Coamognpbej Bule Folio ..1564 

Thevet, Andr^. La CaamoKraphie Uoireraelle Pari* Polio ..1576 

Butera, Q. Uescrittione di lutia la Terra Bergamo.. ■ .Sto 1594 



1. ninmintitioa ftom the litpagsof PtblBmy'i " Cotm^raphia ".tl]m 1482.. 

S. Titla: CMnntmi' " E[H«tolB de innilia noriUr tepertli " Pari* 1493.. 

3. Title: Gtfnuui tnatlstioii of Letter of ColmnbDa StrMbsiK 1497.. 

4. Title : Brant'i " Stnltifera Unrit" {Ship of Fooli) Bule 1497. . 

i. Title: IjttUaol Vespodiu tol^nrentio da Hedicli Fui* 

& Title: Veapoeln*' " D« or* ubuctick" ArgentiDe... 

7, Title: Vespiudiia' "Von dernew gefdndBn Begioo " Nuremberg . . 

B. Title: "PHdDOTBmenteTMroT&ti" HDan 

9. Title: " Itinenrinni Poita^lsniiam " Hilui 1S08. . 

10. Title: 'Veipi>dai"'NeiTe nnbekiuittielsndte'' NaTember^ ..1508. . 

11. Title: Datch tnDiIftiioa of Third Letter of Ttepndn* Antwerp 

19. kUp fnnn Peter Hartyr't " Legatio Bebjionica" Bitpali 

13. Hap fiDni Stotntioa's " Cotmogrkptaia " Cnieow 1513.. 

U. Title : " Pulterinm HebrKenni, Onecmn, AraUenm," ete.....Qeno«. 

15. Htle: PomponioB Mela'a " Qeograpbia" Vienna 1G18. . 

16. Title: Bndao'i "Snmade Gcographia" Serille 1519.. 

17. T1tl« : "Coplader ITewen Zejtnng anu Pmillg Landt " 

18. Hap, " Tjpni Orbii Unirenalii," from Solinnt-Camen. Vienna 1530.. 

. 19. Title: LudoTico Varttuma'B " ItineiaHo " Veoice 1530.. 

30. Title: Peter Martyr** "De nnper reperti* InBnlii" Btile 

SI . Title : " Paeal noTamente ritrorati *' Venice 1621 . . 

33. Title; Colamboa' "Ein ichoneneneZeitang" Aiigibmf....l53S.. 

33. Cortei before the Emperor Charlea V. and hii court 

94. Portrait of Feidinand Magellan 

35. Tide ; Uazimflian of TranajWania, " De Holnccis hmlii " . . , . Colore 

96. Title: Pirckefnier, " Qennaoie exTariii Sciiplor. explic«tio".NQ[«inbei%.. . 

97. Title: Cortee"'DeIniali>niiper inventii" Ci^ne. 

98. Title: Onedo'i " HiatorU general de 1m India* " Serille 1535.. 

99. Title: Xerte" " Conqai«a del Peru " Venice 

30. Title: Valencia's " Theaoro de virlnde* ". Jf.delCampo.lS43. . 

31. Title: Cordova'i "Docirina Cbriitiana" Mexico 

39. ^csimile of page from the " Mauoal de Adnltol " Mexico 

33. Title: Xerea' " Conquiita del Pern" Salamanca... 

34. Title: Oomara'i " Hiatoria genetsl de lai Indiw " M.delCampo.l553.. 

39. Htle: ManBler*! "TreatjM of the nawe India" London 

36. Title: Oomara'l " Cronica de la Nnera EipaSa" Qaragofa 

37. Fottrailof Sebattian Mnniter, Coimographer. 

38. Title: Peter HartTr'i" Decades of the aeireWorlde," by Eden.London 1555.. 

39. Title: Medioa'a " Arte del naregar " Venice 

40. Title; Hollna'i " Voeabalario Uexkana" ..Mexico 

41. Title: OimT*'s"CoimogTapUa" Milan 

,d by Google 


12. Title: Sir Thomu More'i " Utopia " London IB5S..303 

43. Map allowing the Tojagea of the Zeni Vemee 15S8. .SIS 

44. FortruC of Dr. Caningham, aatlior of tiie " CosmogTvphicol 

Qlaise" London 1559. .315 

45. Title: Poga'a " Pro»i»ione«, CednlM," etc Mexico 1563.. 224 

46. Portrait of GeronimiiB Benioni (wood-out) 230 

47. Title: Brant'i "Ship of Fools," bjrBarcla; London I5T0..843 

48. Portrait of Sebaa^an Brant, author of the " Ship of Poola" 

(wood -cat.) 344 

49. Title: Holina'a "Arte de la lengaaMexicaiUij Ca8lellana".. Mexico IBTl.,i5S 

50. Map from Sir Hamphrej Gilbert's " Ifew Fauage to Cataia "., London 19T6..S56 

51. Title: Settle's acooant of S'rohisber'g voyage made in 1ST7.... London I5TT..S67 

52. Title : Frol»8beT>B Three voySifB* [Qeneva] IS7B . . 273 

53. Title: Goniara'B"PleBsantHiat.ofthe Conq. of new Spajoe".. London 1578. .275 

54. Portrait of Dr. Nicholas Monardes (wood -cat) 281 

65. Title: Zarate'a " DiBcoverie and Conqaest of Pern " London 1581 . .28S 

56. Title: HakIajt'8"D!TeraTa7ige8ionching the disc. of Amer."..London 1582.. S89 

57. Map from the lame 1582.. S88 

&S. Portrut of PsEer Apian, Cosmo^apher 294 

59. Tide: " ConfcasioDnrio para loa cnrai de Indios ".. Lima 1985 ..298 

60. Title: "I^nrentii GambaraeDenarigadoiie C. Colombi".... Borne 15S5.. .199 

61. Portrait of Theodore de Bry 316 

62. Portrait of Sigmnnd Fejenbend, Bookseller (wood-cnt) 320 

63. Title: Hariot'a " Tirginia," from De Brj. English renion 1590. .3S8 

64. Portrait of Gabriel Lasso de la Vega (wood-cnt) 414 

65. Portrait of Pedro de OBa (wood-cot) 429 

66. Portrait of J. H. Linscboten 449 

67. Title: WytSiet's " Descriptionii Flolemaicn Anf^entum " . . .Amsterdam...l59B..456 

68. Tide: "ConreesionarioenlengnaMexicana j Ca*lcllana" S. TIatilalco.l599..45S 


). Wood-cnt, Angel and Shepherds from the Colnmbns Letter, Paris 1493.. 

2. Wood-cnt, Title to the Nnremberg Chronicle, reduced 1493.. 

3. Vignette, Portrait of Ferdinand from the Verardus-Colnmbos 1494 . . 

4. Device of Be Mamef, printer, Paris 1499 , . 

5. Device of the printer fWim the " Cosmographiie Inlrodnctio" 1507.3 

6. Vignette of American Indians from the Dntch Vespndns 1508 . . 

7. Device of Galliot du Pre, printer, Paris...-. 1516.. 

8. Device of Frederic Pejpus (Artemisius), Nnremberg 1524. . 

9. Device of Hervagias, printer, Basic 1 S32 . . 

10. Device of Jehan Petit, printer, Paris 1532.. 

11. Device of J. Bebelius, printer, Basis 1533.. 

13. Device of Henry Peter, printer, Basle 1533.. 

13. Beginning of text of the "Novus Oibis," of GryoKn* 1534 .. 

14. Device of George Ulric, printer, Strasburg 1534.. 

15. Device of Christopher Prosch, printer, Tiguri 1534.. 

16. Vignette A^m " iJettera de la oobil dtta" 1535.. 



IT. Vignette of Globe ftom tbs " Cosmognphia " of Apiu) 1 539 ... 1 

18. Wood-cat of T«Meli from MediDi'i " Aita deNkvegar". 1545... 1 

19. Wood-CDt of Sphera from SacroboBCO "deaphmim" 1545... 1 

30. Derice of C. Frocdi from Honter's " Cosmographies " 1546 . . • 1 

SI. Arnu of Colnnttnu from Oviedo's "Cronies de lu India* " 1 547. ..1 

83. Tul-pieoB from the " Conqniala del Pern" of Xeita 1647... 1 

33. Tiil.pieco, a printer'! deTice, from Mote's "Utopia" 1546. ..1 

34. Tail-piece with derioe of NicoloBueaiioi of Venice. 1548... 1 

25. DoTiceof J. Bellero, printer, Antwerp 1554... 1 

36. DeTiceof Hartio Nncio, printer, Antwerp 1954...! 

37. Vignette from Vol. L of Bamiuio'B " NaTigadooi " 1S64...1 

38. Vignette from Vol. IL of lUmnlio'i " NaTigatiOQi " 1S5B. ,.1 

39. Vignette from title to Cabe9a de Vaca'a "Belocion j Cotnentario* " 1555... 1 

30. Vignette from title to Darinel on "La Sphere detdenx mondee" 1666... 1 

91. Vignette, rererte of title, from Molina's " Vocabnlario " 1S55. ..1 

33. Dcriee of Di^o de lunta, printer, Ljoni 1556. . .9 

33. Vignette from Ciefa de Leon'* " Biit. generali deU' India " 1557 .. .J 

34. Derjce of Jacob Bojer, printer, Lfoni 1557... S 

35. Vignette, Sonth American nativet, fr«m Hane Staden 1558... S 

96- Vignette from title to Thevei'e " Prance aotaredqne" 155B...S 

97. Vignette from title (o Zeno'g " Commentatii del Viaggio" 1658. ..9 

38. Device of Giordano Ziletti, printer, Venice 1660...! 

39. Derice i^ F. Loreniini da Torino, printer, Venice 1560.. .i 

40. Device of Qabriel Giolotti, printer, Venice 1561... S 

41. Vignettefhim title-page to Abl4n's"IfieQweWeerelt" 1563... i 

43. Vignette from title-page to Mote's " Utopia," Baul 1963... S 

43. Vignette from title-page to Zante*! Pern, Antwerp 1569. . .i 

44. Vignette from titlo-pige to Cie^a de Leoa'i " Chroo. del Peru" ..1564. ..i 

45. Derice of Giordan Ziletti, printer, Venice ■ 1565... S 

46. Vignette from title-page o! Mnnitsr'i " Cosmographie " 156S. ■ .i 

' 47. Derice of Aldoi from Gomaia's "Hist, dee Indee Ocddentalei " 1669...: 

48. Vignette from title-page of F, Colombo's " Viu de Chr. Colombo " 1S71...] 

49. Derice of Michel Sonnliu,printer, Pari* 1578...: 

50. Derice of Pierre I'HniUier, printer, Paris 1588 ... ! 

51. Derice of H. Gotart, printer, Barcelona 1591...^ 

58. Derice of Enitatina '^Hgnon, printer, Oene*a 1694... ^ 

53. Vignette from dtle of Botaccio'i " D Mo&do e ine parti" 1595...' 




Cbeatissimopatiii pavlose 
ccvndo pontifici maximo, 

On me fugit beatiflime patcr.Cuc^ fummo 
mograpbus pinxiffe in bis aliquid nouari 
attemptarcmua fore:ut hie nofter labor in 
multorii reprcbenliones incurreret. Otnnea 
enim qbanc noftram piftura quebis tabu 
laa quas ad te mittimus continetur viderit 
geomctrice prefem'm rationie ignari.ab ea 
qua ptolomeus edidit-paululum abborren 

fac simile of tfip teginningof Pto]emys 
Cosmographia- of 1482- 


iH'j^ ^lyi'f- 

5iftecnti) Centurg. 


OLEMY, Claudii FtoleiriFei .Cosmographire lib. 

nil, Interprete Nicolao Dounis Creriiiano. Amio 

ICCCCLXXXri. ( Colophon on the reverse of the printed 

eaf which follows the last map:) Claudii I'tolomci 

■in A I lexandiini Cosmi^raphie | octavva et vltimvs 

iber | explicit : | Opvs Donni Nicolai G«nna | iii 

secvndvm Ptolomevm | finit. | Anno mcccclxxxii. Avgva | ti 

vero Kalendaa xvii. | Impreaavm Vlme per logeni | oavm virvni 

Leonabdvm I HOL prefati oppidi civia. | 

Folio. 69 unnumbered leaves, in double columns, with signa- 
tures ; 32 maps, engraved on wood, colored. The capital letters 
illuminated, as well as the borders which surround the printed 

Tbe lirtt leaf contain kq epistle from Doitis, (he tr>n»laior, to Pope Paul II. 
with this title; " Beali'ttimo patri Pado te | ccndo Pontifici Maximo. \ Dunit Nieo- 
tan Germanes. | " 

Beneath this is a richly illuminated letter, vrilh a piclnre representing the Irana- 
lator on his knees, presenting his book to the Pope. The illumination is the width 
of the printed colnmn. The text Ibllons and ends on (he reverse of the aixtj-ninlh 
leaf, Hral colnmn, with (he words: "aliijai. Hit igitur prefinilii qne rrtlant in- | 
cipieniia tunt. \ Hinc MtipnUvr tabcU." 

Each of the thirty-tno maps occupies a double leaf, tho deecrip(ion being on right 
of the first leaf. Tbe Urst is a map of the world having almre it the following : 
" Intadjiliim fal prr Jocnnrta de Armiihtim" Of the other maps, foorteen are of 
Edrope, four of Africa, and ihirteen of Aria. 

In some copies are serenleen leares containing ■ table of chapters entitled, " IM 
loeu ae mirabUB/vt mim | di: tt priiiio dt tribes orbii | paiiibvt, \ " 

This Latin version of the Geography of Ptolbht is by J*conuB AlcoRi.Ui, snr- 
oamed SoAmPAiiiA, (he pince of his birth. He dediuited it, in 1410, to Popb Al- 
BSANDBR V. The first edition waa primed at Vbnjck, by the hrodicrs LepitT/iiiir, 
inl4T5, without any maps. The second at Rome; by vlmo/rfog Cuctinot, in 1478, 
in which were inserted, for the first time, maps engraved on capper. 

Towards tho middle of the (ineenth century, Niciiolax Dohis. or DoNNia, a 
Benedictine of the convent of Reichbhbaoh In Bavaria, after having reviewed 
this version and increased tbe number of maps from (wcnty-seven to thirty-two, 
subraitted his mannscript to Pope Paul II. and bejrged permission to dedicate it 
to him, and replaced it with n dedication of bis own composition. 



Librarg. Vxait, ; others in Ihe B 

Claudidb I'tolkmt, a celebrated aslronomor and geographer, wm a native of 
EoTPT, thoii(;h it ia uncertain whether he won bom at Pblubium, or Ptolsnaib, 
in the Thkbaid. He flourished at Alexavdri* in 139 a. d., and there ii positife 
evidence that ho was living in 161 *. d. Both as an aatronomer and geographer 
he held aupreme awaj over ibe tDinda of almost all the acientiflc men from hia own 
lime down to about the beginning of the sixteenth ccntarj. Ai a geographer he 
appears before his rcadera as the corrector and improver of the works of a prede- 
ceaaor, Habim.s of Tyre, aboat whom, except from Ptolemt'b writings, little 
is known. Hia geographv ia divided into eight books, most of which are little 
more than a catalogue of placea, with their latitude and longitnde, and a brief 
description pralixed to each mntinent and countrj'. The rest of the work eonlains 
details regarding his mode of noting the positiona of places, bj latitude and longi- 
tude, with a calcnlalion of the sphere of the earth, and the extent of surikce then 
known. His geography was the standard text-book till the great maritime discov- 
eries of the fifteentb centnr; showed its deficiencies. 

"Of all [the ancient geographers] that I hare named," writes Rah dhio, "Ptol- 
£MT, as the latest, possessed the greatest extent of knowledge. Thus, towards the 
North, his knowledge carries him beyond the Caspian, and he is aware of its being 
shut in all around like a lake, — a fact which was nnknown in the days of Sthabo 
and Plimv, tho<i|:h the Romans were already the lords of the worid. But though 
hia knowledge extends so far, a tract of fifUen d^rees beyond that sea he can 
describe only as Terra Incegnita : and towards the South be ia fain to apply the 
same character to all beyond [be Equinoctial." — Preface to Marco Polo't Trai'di. 

This edition of the Geography of Ptolkht, although prior to the discovery of 
AuERicA, obtains a place in an American collection for the reason that of the five 
new maps ailded by Dohib, one of them, a map of the regions in the Sarmatic 
Ocean, under the Arctic Circle, represents Gbbkmlano, which is laid down 
under the name of Ench»neland, Uii as a peninsulnoF Ihe continent of EnsoPB. 
This map WHS prepared bv him belbrc 1471. 

We notice the following editions of Ptolemt, before the year 1600 : Vicbncb, 
H. Ltailapii, U7S, without maps ; Roue, A. Baddnck, 1478 ; Ulm, Ltmmrdat Hoi, 
U82 ; ./. <fe AIIkiho, 1486 ; MoxK, P. de Tane, 1490 ; VttNBTlIB, BernliaFdiia, ISO? ; 
1tiiM«7'ow'nu<1503;VBNi£Tiisy. P. cfe LtadM, 1511 ; Arobstori (Strabboubo) 
J. Scliotti, \h\3 ; Gruttiger, \520,\Sai,l&2S; LuODUHi, T'recAaeMSSS, all in folio; 
CoLOitix; Rnreinwidaiuii, IMO, in 8ro; Basil. A. Pefn, IMO, folio; Ldoduni, 
/>Drla, IMl, fbliu; Basii^ PHri, 1943, 1543, IMS, folio; Vbhbtia, Pedrtaaio, 
IMS, in 8vo; VknBTIA, Valgrai, IS6I and 1565; Zilttti, 1564, 1574, In 4to; 1596, 
4to; 1598,iblio: Sauo, 1599, 410. 

Keferenea. — B«v»KT, ifanutt. Vol. IV., col. 953; BiUiotheca GrwimUiaMi, 
p. .581 ; Von Praet, Col. det Liira *ur .■ri.n. Bib. dtt Roi, Vol. V., Ko. 1. 

* POMPON UMELLAECoamographiGeograpiiia: | Prisciani quoqz 
ex dioayBio Thessidonicetisi de ) situ orbis interpretatio. | Pompo- 
nij Mellaede orbis eitu Liber primus. | Prooetnium. [ (^Colophon:') 
Pomponij MelLe vna ciiprisciaiia ex dionysio de orbis situ interpre- 
tatione fiiiit. Erbardue ratdolt Au ] guatcsis impressit. Venb- 
TiiS. 15, Calen. Aiigusti An | no salutia nostra 1482. Laus deo. 
ito. Title in red. Text be^nning on the same page. 47 «n- 
Humhered leaves. ®otljit tttttx. Map of ihe world. 

,d by Google 


The map ahowa Eoropb, Asia, md the northcni portion of ArRiCA. On the 
Utlerwe lind theNiLx, wiih ill lourcra in two lakes, onedircctlj on the mjiiiilbr, 
the oiber jnst aoutb of it. TheM lakes com^pond in plncc with tliose now called 
the Albert and Victoria Nianza, showing that ihe^ were known to the geog- 
raphen st least four centuries before their late reJiscoTery. At Ibe wiiih, streams 
ridng in noanlsini flow to these lakes. The Niorr in WEtTBRH Afhica is aliio 


1ILLY, Pierre u'. Ymago inuiuli lueipit Prima figm-H. | 
{At the end, on the Z8th leaf Explicit Yituigo inmuli 
a dBo Petro de Aylliaco Epo Caiiifracefi | <le Bcriptiira 
et ex pluribuB Actoribus recollecta. Aiino dni. m.ccgc. dticio | 
Augusti duodecimo. | 

4to. 38 unnumbered leaves. Without title-page, place, or 
date. The title, " Ymago mundi," is on the reverse of the first 
leaf, the right being blank. 

Upon the right of the thirtj^eighlh leaf begins ibe second tract. " Ejiiloyut majii't 
Mmtdi," This is followed hj varioui tracts as follows i " De l^glfiui tt StttU ; " 
" Dt Corrteiione Kaka/birii ; " " De Vent Ciclo Lunnri ; " " De .Coiicoiilimlia Arlro- 
mtmia Verilatii cum Theologia et cum HgHorica Narralitme;" and seTeral olhti-!", 
by John Gebsom, a disciple of IVAillt. Aaono brgiiis on the same page wlic-m 
the previous tract ends, it a evident that all were printed at the same lime. Tho 
voiame thus cloa«a ; — 

" Jommtt gertoa CanceUarii jiariiien OimtadatK coRlni tiq/trAicioto* j dieram vluer- 
wilora. Fiiiit JUifiter." 

The dale of this rotume iii very ancertain. Panzbr, Vol. X. p. IM, places ii 
among books printed at Louvaih ; see also Fanzsr, Vol. IV. p. 81, Ko. 44. and 
Vol. IX. p. i46, No. 109; and Uaik, " Rqwrlorium Bib.," Vol. I, p. 91, No. 831; 
Grarmb, " Tmor da Livra mm," VoL 1. p. 81 . 

The earliest assigned date to the first edition is about 1480 by Sbrha Santah- 
DRB ; 1483 by Lambirkt ; and 1490 by Jbak dr Laumoi-, which latter date is 
adopted by Humboldt. In the British MiiBKim is a copy, in which is a raan- 
Dscript note assigning the priming of it (o John op Wkstphalea, Lodtaih, 
1483. We are disposed to accept Ibid date, rather ihnn a later one, aa the topography 
of the book, the colored initial icciers dune by hand, and the want of a title, whtvli 
it a characteristic of the earlier printed books, all ){o to strengthen our decision in 
adopting- the dale under which we have placed the " Iiaago iluiuli," 

Allhoagh this book was printed bcAire the discovery of Ahihica, it posscsseH. 
nevertheleda, an interest, from its connection with Columbl'B. It waa a favorite 
of the great navigator, by whom itwaa maeh studied, and, by many, it is supposed 
thai he foDod in it tlie opinions which suggested to him the feasibility uf a western 
passage to India. Mr, Irtthq gives the following account of the book : — 

" The author being in Sstille, and making researches in the DiUiolheca Volum- 
biaa, the library given by FernaIiiiO CoLniiniis to llio cathedral of that city, he 
came aceidentally upon the work of I'i!:DBa Aliaco. It is an old volume in fulio. 
bound in parchmenl, published soon after the invention of printing, conluining a 
collection in lAlin of astronomical and cosmui;raphtcal tracts of fSDRO (arPETKKj 
i>ii Aliaco, Archbishop of Cahbray and Cardinal , and of his diadple John Grr- 
»ON. ALtACO was born in 1340. and died, iiecordini; lo some in Ulfi. aceordinK in 



othen in I4S5. lie wna ibc author of many worki, and one of the most learned 
and Bciantilic men of I1I9 ity. Lab Casas is of opinion ilial hw wriiinirs had more 
effect in Btimulating CoLumiiis to his enterprise than those of any other author. 
Htti work was to fHtnilinr to C01.UI1BI1B, that he ]iail tilled its whole marf-in with 
Lalin iiules ia his nwn baadwritiog ; cidng many things which he had read and 
gathered elsewhere. This book, which was verj old," continues Lab Cabas, " I 
had many times in m; hands, and I drew some tilings from it written in Latin by 
the said Admiral CiiBiBTorHHB Culuhbdb, to verify certain points appertaining 
to his hittory, of whii'h 1 before was in doubt." — Hiit. ludlai, lib. 1, cap. II. 

" It waa a great sAiisfaction to the author," continues Ha. Ibtiito, " to diacover 
this identical volume, iliis Vade Mecuni o( CoLCitaai, it) a state of good preser- 
raiion. The ooiea and citationi mentioned by Lab Cabab are in Latin, with many 
abbreviations, and run throoghout the volame j calling attoniion to the most striking 
passages, or 10 those which bear most apon the theories of Colcmbdb ; occasionally 
containing brief curotnenta or citing the opinions of other authors, ancient and 
iDodern, dtber in tapport or contradiction of the text. .... This volume ia ■ 
most cnrions and inlcreiiting document, the only one that remains of COLtmncB 
prior to hii discovery. It illiutrates bis researches, and in a manner the current 
of his thoDghia, while as yet bis great enterprise existed hat in idea, and while ho 
was seeking means to convince (he world of ita practicability. It will be found 
also 10 contain the grounds of many of his opinions and speculations on a variety 
of subjects." — Li/a 0/ Coiambia, Vol. U. pp. 11. IS, note, New York, 184S, and 

Mk. Majob, in speaking of the winds and currents, the fiicis concerning whkh 
CoLUUBue had gathered from seamen, says, — 

" While availing himself of these sonrcci of information, Coluvbob stndied 
with deep and careful attention the works of such geograpbicol authors as Enpplied 
suggestions of the feoiibiliiy of a short western passage to Ihdia. Amongat these, 
the " Imago Mtmrii" of Cardinal I'ikhbb d'Aii4.t (Pktbub db Aliaco), was a 
raroriie, and it is probable that from it he culled all he knew of the opinions of 
Abibtotlb, Stkauo, and Sbmeca, respecting the fiicility of reaching India bj a 
western route. 

" The fondness of Coluhddh for tlie works of Pibbkb d'Aillt, a Frenchman, 
has caused a recent French writer, M. Mabobv, to put fbrth the empty pretension, 
that the discovery of Ahebica was due to the influence of French teaching, whereas, 
not only was the " Imai/o Mundi " itself a compilation from ancient authors, bnt 
the first edition was nut printed till many years after CoLnNDtra had devoted him- 
telf to the purpose which ended in his great discovery." — Liji of Prinet Havy oj 
Porlvga/, p. 349. 

Fur a farther discussion relative to the " Imago Mnadi" and its furnishing Co- 
LUHDOB wiih his inspiration for the di^nvcry of the western world, see IUajor's 
work above mentioned. Lomddk, IS68, p. '149. 

Colonel YilLK, in his [ranGlaiiun of " 7'A( Bonk of Marno Polo," in speaking of 
the influence that the travels of thiscelebraiod man had upon the great navigator, 
thus writes : — 

" The fact seems to be that Columbdb knew of Polo's revelations only at 
second hand, iVom the tellers of the Florentine Tobcanblli and the like ; and I 
ranuot find that he ever refers 10 Polo by name. Though to the day of his death 
be WAS full of ima)>n nations about jCifanou and the land of the Great Khan ai 
bi-ini; in immediate proximity to his discoveries, these were bnt accidents of his 
great theory. It was the intenn: cunvii^tion he had acquired of the absolute small- 
ncss of the earth, of the vast extension of Ahja eastward, and of the oonsequent 
nurrowness of [he Western Ocean on which his lilii's project was based. This 
he BL-cins 10 have derived chicflv from the works of the Cardinal Pibbrb 
~ BooL 0/ Marro Polo. Vol, Lp. exxxi., note. 

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In tb« Appendix to his " Sou* on CUunbi*," Hr. Hassissb glve» a noto Axim 
tbe libnrisD of Ibe Colambina Library, at Sbtillb, relating lo tbe booka once be- 
longing lo COLDNBDB BUd wbich ooDtaiu antograph not«B oT tlie gT«at narigator. 

BeaidM the " Ymaga Mindi," there aie a few otbera, among whieb ii a copy of 
tbe CraTeU of Mabco Polo in the Ewt, wbich eontains such notes. This a an 
interesting fact, and sbom that Colukbui did read and stady boob that related 
to distant parts of the world, wbich he expected lo reacb by udling weitward. 


* BS3| ARVAJAL, Bebnabddt. C Oratio enper pnestanda 
KjIbJ Bolenni obedientia Sane- | tissimo. D, N. Alexandro 
y^fiJ PapsB YI. ex parte Chris- | tianissimorum. doininonim 
Fenuuidi & Helisabe (>ic) Re | g^ & Regiufe Hiepanise: habita 
RoiDEB inooDBlsto I rio publico pet. R. Patrem dOm BemardlDum 
Car- I -uaial Epm Cartha^nefi. die mercimi, xrx. lunii Sa- | 
lutis Christiane. M.cccc.xciii. Pontilicatus eiusdem | D. Alex- 
andri Anno Primo. In qua fuere quattuor ce | lebres Oratores : 
NobilissimuB dfifl Didacua Luppi | de Faro GallecisB uicerex. 
R. D. Gundissaluns Fer- | nadi Heredia Archiepiscopus Tarra- 
conen. Idem. D. | Bemardinus Caruaisl Epos Carthaginefi. D. 
lohan- j nee Methina Episcopus Pacensis. 

C Vitulua & Leo simul mor&bontnr: & puer paruu | liu 
minabit eoe. Eaajs. XI. [1493,] 

SmaU ito. Without date or place where printed. Afactimile. 
ITrarulalum. A Sertoon on the eolemn pledge of obedience from the most 
Christian soTcreigns Ferdinand tind Isabella, £ing and Queen of Spain, 
to our Most Holy Lord Pope Alexander VI.; delivered at Rome in a 
public assembly, by tike K. P. Lord Bemardia Carrajal, Bishop of Cartha- 
gena, on Wednesday, Jane 19, a. d. 1493 ; and of the Pontificate of tlie 
same Lord Alexander, the first year ; four celebrnted orators being present, 
et«. The calf and the lion shall dwell togetlier ; and a little uhild shall lead 
them. Isaiah xi.] 

BiBHABDiH DE C1.KTAJAI., k Spanish Cardinal and Stateaman, was bom atwat 
I4M, and died in 1522. While filling the office of Bpaniah Embassador to the 
CoDTtof Bom he delivered this oration, which con tainsone of the earliest ailusions 
to the New World. He was excommonicated bj Pope Juuus II. The passage to 
which we Teter will be fonnd on the reverse of the sixth leaf, the lixteentb line, and 
is rendered by Hr. HiBBiiax as follows: — 

" And Christ placed nnder their [FsBDiHAitD and Ibabblla's] rule the Forto- 
bjlte |Cah*st] Islands, the ferdlity of which has been ascertained tobewon- 
derfiil. And he lias lately disclosed some odier nnknown ones towards tbe Ihpibs, 
which may be considered among the most precious things on earth; and it is 
believed tlut they will be gained over to Christ by the emissaries of the King." 

Re/ertnca. — Panzbr, AnuaUi Tfpog., Vol. IL p. 506 ; Hihsisse, Bib. Amer- 
icana Fetui, No. 11 ; BiblioAeca GrenviHiana, p. 118. 



* COLUMBUS. C Epistola Chribtofori Colom : cui etas nostra 
multii debet : de | Insuiis Indie supra Gangem nuper inuetis. Ad 
quae perqren | das octauo antea menae auspiciia £ ere inuictiaaimor' 
FeruSdi & | Helisabet Hispaniar' Regu missus fuerat : ad mag- 
niScum dfim | Gabrielem Sanchis eonmde serenissimor' Regum 
Teaauraria | miasa : qua nobilia ac litteratus vir Leander de Cosco 
ab Hispa | no idiomate in latinum oouertit tertio kal's Maii. 
M.cccc.XCiii. Pontificatiis Alexandri Sexti Anno primo. 

4(0, 4 un.nw?7j6ered ieavea : thirty-three lines in a fvll page. 
®oll|lc Celtet. On the revene of the fourth leaf ia CoEVA- 
bia's epigram. 

[Trfm$lation. — Letter from Christopher Coloni ; to whom our age oweth 
' much : concerning tlie lalauds of India beyond the Ganges recently discov- 
eretl. In the search of which fae wan sent under the auspices and at (he 
expeoie of the most invincible Sovereigns of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella : 
addressed to the most noble lord Gabriel Sancliis, Treasurer of the same most 
serene moDarchs: which the noble and learned man Leander de Cosco trans- 
lated from the Spanish idiom into Latin, the third day of the calends of May, 
1493. The year One of the Pontificate of Alexander VI.] 

Without place, date, or printer's name, bal according to Major, printed by 
Slephtn f JannatatRoMK, in 1493. — BMograph/ Cclumbut Ltlltr, p. 3. 

The reasons for placing thii edition of the Letter of Colnmbus first on our list of 
the several editions in this collection will be (bund in a note to the last one. No. 10 
All the editions of the Columbns Letter ore now very rare ; a copy of this 
edition was priced by Mossra. Ellis & Obkene, London, in 18T2, at £140. 

Befin-au-es. — MuoR, Bibliograiihs of the Firit L^lrr of 6Wum6iu, No. I j HiR- 
BiBSB, Bib. Americana VetuM, No. 4 ; Mr. Lbkox's edition of Si/liacio, Appendix, 
pagexliir., letter C; Bib. GrenviUiaaa, p. 158; BnuNaT, Vol. II. colnmn IG4. 

' COLUMBUS. C Epistola Chbistopori Colom : cui etaa noa- 
tra multum debet : de ] Inaulia Indie supra Oangem nupet inuetia. 
Ad quae perquiren | daa octauo antea mense auapiciis & ere inuio- 
tiammorum Femandi | ac Heliaabet Hispaniar' R^il missua fue- 
rat : ad Magnificii dDm [ Gabrielem Sanches : eoi-undem serenis- 
simorum Regum Tesau | rariu missa : Qua generosus ac litteratus 
vir Leander de Cosco ab | Hispauo idiomate in latinu couertit : 
tertio Kalen' Maij. M.CCCC. j xc.iij. Pontificatus Alexandri 
Sexti Anno Primo. (^At the bottom of the tixth page ia this col- 
ophon:') % Impressit Rome Eucharius Argenteus [Sitber] Anno 
dfli. M.ccccxciij. 

4to. 8 unnuvtbered leaves; forty lines in a fidl page. (Sotllic 
%tVHx. The initial letter Q ornamented. 

The title is the same as that of ibe preceding ; the names of both Pbrdinabd 
and Isabella being mentioned. 

Btjertncfs. — Major, Bili. of f\rat letter of Cidnmbia, No. 2; IIarriose, Bib. 



Americana CefMs, No. S ; Mr. Lenox's edition of Si/Uaao, Appendix, pige xliT. 

letter ]) ; BiUittheca Grenvilliana, pnge 156 ; Bruket, Sfanad, Vol. IL colnmn 

■COLUMBUS, Chrktophee. C Epietola Christofori Colom: 
cui etas noetra multii debet : de | Ineulia Indie supra Gangem 
onper innentis. Ad quas perqui- ) rendas octauo antea mense 
auspicijs & ere iDuictissimi Feman- | di Hispaniarum Regis misBus 
f Herat : ad Magnificum dilm Ra | phaelem Sanxis : eiusdem seren- 
issimi Regis Tesaurariu miasa : | quam nobilia ac litteratus vir 
Aliander de Cosco ab Hispano | ideomati in latinum conuertit: 
tertio kal's M^j. M.coccxciij. | Pontificatua Alexandri Sexti 
Anno Primo. 

Small 4(0. Without place or date, four leaves, thirty-four 

lines ill a full page. <Biotl)it Cetttl- A facsimile. 

SappoMd to bars been primed b; Sixphen Planndc, at Rons, aboDt 1493. But 

roar cOfHes of tbii edition are known. One in the Qeneral LItirary of the Britiih 

Matenrn ; ■ lecond in the Granville IJbrarj of the tome inttitntion ; a third In 

the Roj^ Litmrf, HmriCH ; and a fourth in the Library of S. L. M. Bablow, 

Eiq., New Tobk. 

Rt/emiea. — Harbisrk, Bi^. Amaiaiiia Vetat, No. 1; Majob, Blhliogn^ig of 

CViuihu IfttUr, No. S ; Mr. Lbsox'b SgUaew De lanJiM, Appendix B. 

* COLUMBUS.] De Insuus inventis | Epistola Cristoferi Co- 
lom (cui etas nostra | multa debet} : de Insulis in mari Indico 
nup* I inuetis. Ad qiias perquirendas octauo antea | mense : aus- 
picijs et ere InoictisBimi Femandi | Hispaniarum Regis missus 
fuerat) ad Mag | nificam dam Raphaelez Sanxis ; eiusde sere | 
nissimi Re^ Thesaurariii misea. quam nobi j lis ac litterat' vir 
Aliander d' Cosoo : ab His | pano ydeomate in latiuii conuertit : 
terdo kl's | Maij. MiCCCC.Xciij. Pontificatua Alexandri | Sexti 
Anno Primo. 

Small 8vo. 10 unpaged leaves, 27 lines in a full page, with- 
out place, date, or printer's name. ®otl)tc CtttCT. With eight 
wood-cuts, one of which is a repetition. The first wood-cut repre- 
sents the arms of Castile and Leon. The second, a ship, with 
the words "OCEANICA Classis." The third, a ship, with a 
boat approaching the shore, upon which is a group of naked sav- 
ages. Probably intended to represent the landing of ColUMBUS. 
At the top of the engraving are the words " Insula hispaka." 
The fourth, islands, upon which several towns are marked. In 
the foreground is a ship aTid a castle. The fifth is No. 2 repeeUed. 
The sixth, the building of a town, with the words " Insula 
hyspana." The seventh, a full-length portrait of Ferdinand, 
holding the escutcheon of Castile and Leon in his right hand, 
and that of Gbanada in his left, with the words " Febnandus 

,d by Google 


EEX HYSPANiA." The eighth, the arms of "Granata," with 

the name above. 

A Pelikbki facsimile of the Libhi-Lbnos in wood-cnt, prinlcd in Pabis about 
1860. The two leaves wanting are replaced bj the kindness of Mr. Lbnox, who 
posaeues the aa\j perfect original copy known. In the Bibtiographical notes to 
Mr. LENOX'i beautiful reprint of Syllacio's " De Imidi)," he has given fscsimiles 
of all the wood-cuts in the traet. The title varies little fvotn the others, except that 
Ferdinand is onlj mentioned, without Isabella, rb in Numbers 1 and S, and 
Raphael, instead of Gabriel Sanuhbz in the sAme nambers. 

/fe/(!r«icM. — Major, Bib. Firit Let. r^ Caluisba*, No. 4; TIarK18Bb, Bib. Amrr- 
icana Vetui, No. S ; Bib. GrenviUiana, page US ; Mr. Lenox's edition of StlLaCIO, 
Appendix, pige xxxvi. letter A. 

8 COLUMBUS.] Epistola db Ihsclis de | nouo repertis. Im- 
preasa parisiiis in capo g^llardi. | (On right of the second leaf:) 
Epistola ChnBtofori Co | lora : cui etas nfji multu debet : de In- 
sulia indie supra Gangem | naper inuentis. Ad quas perquiredas 
octauo aiitea mense au | apiciie et ere inuictissimi Femandi His- 
paniarum Re^B tnissuB | fuerat: ad magnificii diiz Raphaelem 
Sanxis. eiusde aerenissi | mi Regis Tesaurariu missa: qua nobilis 
ac Iratua vir Aliader ] de Cobco ab Hispano ideomate in Latdnu 
conuertit: tercio kl's | MaiJ. M.cccc.xcm. Potificatus Alexadri. 
VI. Anno Primo : 

4(0. 4 unnumbered leavet, thirty-nine lines in a full page, 
t&olhit Utttet. On reverse of title Corvaria's epigram and a 
vfood-cut repreienting the angel appearing to the »hepherd». 

,d by Google 


{TranMiitum. — A letter concerning the Islands newly cliscovi-reil. Prinied 
at Paris, in the Champ-Gitillard. 

Letter from Christopher Colom : to whom our ^ owelh much : concern- 
ing the Islands beyond the Ganges recently diacovereil, el«. (The remainder 
the same as No. 5.)] 

Ualil recently, this was believed to be the only original copy known of tbis edi- 
tion ; bnt it now appean, from a reprint of it at Fakis in 1S65, with a irnnslaiion 
and notea by Ldctbn db Rosht, that there ii another copy in the Biblioth^ue 

Rrferemxt. — Hajob, B^. of FirtI Letter of ColunJm. No. 5 ; Habhisse, Bib. 
Americaaa Vetiu, No. 5 ; Hr. LsNOi'a ed. of Stllacio, Appendix, page xlv 
letter E. 

•" COLUMBUS.] Eptstola db insulis nouiter repertis. Im- 
pressa parisius In campo gaillai^]i. 


[Printed by GuY Marchand, at Paris] witkuut date, hut 
»uppo»ed to have been in 1493 or 1494. 4io. 4 unnumbered 
haves, thirti/-^ine lines in a full page. ®ott)ic ftettn. Thin 
edition is in all respects like No. 2, with the exception of the dif- 
ference in the title, of aw additional wood-cut filling nearly the 
whole title-page, representing two cobblers at work, one cutting 
leather, the other making it wp, bearing the words " Fides 
FiciT " and GuiOT Marchant " (^whtch seems to indicate the 
printer'), and at the end of the letter, tke words " Chriatoforo 
Colom Ocewie claasis Prefectus " being omitted. 

,d by Google 


\^Ti-anidalii»i. — I.otter concerning tbc liilanil)> nevly iliscovered. Printeit 
at Paris, in the Champ-Gail lard.] 

Re/rretuxi. — MaJOB, B!h. of Firit LtOer of CWumfiiu, No. G ; Harbiihb, Bib, 
Ama-ieaaa Vttat, Ko. 6; Mr, Lbmox'8 etiitioa of Stllacio, Appendix, page 
xxzTii. leUer F ; Bsuim, Vol. II. coIuidq 164. 

It has long boen an unsettled qaMlIon which of the six earl; editions ir» the 
firtt, of this celebrated letter of Coldhbdb. Bnt one of them bears a dale, that 
of 1493, but it is probable that the other ftre irere printed in the same ;eir. Be- 
cent bibliographen, including BacHBT, GasBBSE, HAsaieas, and Majob have 
diacossed the subject, and arriTedaE dilftrent remits. Hr. Lenox, in the Appendix 
to his elegant reprint and translation of the letter of St[.l.acio, has given fac- 
similes of the lilies and other portions of the several editions. But in fixing apon 
the prioritj, no two agree- 
Since the publication of the flnt edition of this catalogue in 18B6, Ur. Bar- 
rissb'b Talnable Bibliograph; has appeared, in which be has enlarged upon the 
subject nrare than any previous biUiogfapher. As the lesnlt of his inquiries he 
aaslgni the prioritj in publication to that which Mr. Lbnox places second, or B, 
and which Mr. Major ranks as No. S. Tlio compilers of the Gbrntillb Caialegm 
saf that it is very difficult to decide " which is the earliest; " yet the; place at the 
head of the list iliat to which Mr. Harhimb assigns the third place, Mr. Lbmox 
file fourth, and Mr. Major the secoad. Mr, R. H. Majob ii one of the officers of 
the British Mnsenm, and is the most recent bibliographer who has endeavored to 
solTe the mjatery. With copies of the several ediiioni before him. and with the 
necessary materials for a morn thorough investigation of tke subject than can be 
made except in a great public library, Mr. Major has pnxluued an easay which 
carries with it great weight; and after a careful perusal of the arguments adduced 
by him nnd uihen, we fed dispowd to agree with him in the rank or podlion in 
which he lias placed the several editiom of the Letter. 

These letters, as is well known to those who have compared them, bear important 
dillerences. In the titles of two of tlieni the names of FBaniBAHD and Isabella 
appear; in two other* that of Ferdinand only is mentioned. In those which con- 
lain the names of Ferutnand and Isabella, we hate Garbiel Sakcbbs or 
Sahckis, md Leandrs db Coeco. In the two others referred lo, thi^ are in- 
eorreetly written Baphabl Sahiis and Auarimr i>e Cosco. Hoarding the 
two editions printed at Paris there is no dispute, all placing them the fifth and 
sixth in order. 
The case is so clearly stated by Mr. Major that we present bis aigument in his 

" On examination of the titles it will be seen that the six editions resolve them- 
selves by several very strongly marked features into two distinct groups. One 
of these groups, embracing four of the editions, is cbarBcteriied by remarkable in- 
accuracy in three separate points — all (bur exhibiting all these inaccuracies in 
rommon ; while the remaining two, being free ftom them, stand dearly defined into 
a distinct group by themselves. 

" Thus ; the titles of the editions numbered 3, 4, 5, G, all speak of Colunbub 
being sent out under the aospices and at the expense of Fbri>ihand, King of Spsin, 
without rettarence to the name of Queen Isadklla. They all describe the letter as 
addressed to the Treasurer ' Saiizis,' instead of ' Sanchre,' whose Christian 
name they pervert from ' Gabriel ' to ' Raphael.' Furthermore, they all convert 
(he Christiiin name of the (ranslator from ' Leamuer ' to ' ALiAitDHR.' 

" The titles of the editions numbered I and S, on the contrary, give tlie names 
of both the sovereigns, call the Treasurer in No. 3 Sanchks, in No. 1 ' Sanchis,' 
hill not Sanxis, and rightly name the translator ' Lbakbeb dk Cosco.' 



"Now there U no difflcnli; in Bhuvini; which of Ihcsc }^'Jp« hu the merit of 
comctoets, or which the demerit of incorrectneM. 

"It is perfecti; welt known that in U93 Fekoliknu and Isaiieli.a held the 
common title ot Kega de Ei/xAi. Wbe(h«r 'SATiCHGti'or'SAHxis' sbonld be 
the correct krm of spelling the name of a Spaniard who wai Tretunrer to the 
Spanish sorereigns it woold be wu-tc of lime lo qaestion, and ihat his Christian 
Diune was Gabbikl and not Rafhael, we have clear eridence from kq independent 
document in the ArchiveB of Simahcas, dated December, U95, for which the 
reader U referred to Nayasbkte'b ' Caieccim dt Viaget,' Vol. III. p. 76, line 16, 
where be is called ' El toorero Gauriul Sakchkz.' liis name is also mentioned 
more than once bj Zdrita in hts ' jlao/et de Aragan.' 

" The qneatioa then arises whether the palm of priority is lo tie conceded to the 
correct or to the incorrect form. Now all these sii tiitcs BKreo in statint' that tho 
original Spanish letter of Coldnbos was sent to the Trcnsurcr Rojal. But for a 
letter to be sent, it mnat carry an address, and if CoLtiitHL'H inserted in such 
address the Treasnrer's naiae, be, w^o knew Spanish so well, would not have in- 
suited that digniiaij by oonierting his Bnmatne oF Sanchkz into Sasiis, or bin 
Christian name of GABSTBLinloRAPRAKL. But cvvn if we suppose that be omitted 
tbename altogether, as u probable, and simply superscribed his tetter with tiK title 
of the Treasurer, tbe bet still remains that the traoslatoror editor of the first editioa 
derired the information that the letter was so sent, directly from the Treasurer 
himself, who at least knew his own name nnd would not allew it to be transmitted 
ht publication (if Colukbus had been guilij of the blunder) nnder the form of 
' Raphabl Sahxis.' Nor would he, holding a high official post, have been guilt; 
of the nialadreiK of omitting ibo name of the Queen in the description of his own 
title. Now of our two gronps of printed ktten it is indisputable that that one 
must take preoedence which coioes ininediately in connection with (he original 
source, and as that souire is al the same time the head-quarters of correctness, it 
follows that correctness mast be the criterion of priorilj. 

" We thus Hnd our six candidates for the glory of ' editio princeps ' reduced to 
two. Now theae two issued from two difRrent printing-pRsses. Ooe of them is 
printed by ArgaUea, i, e. SUbrr, and bears his name with the imprint, ' IlOMS, 
M99.' The other is without printer's name or place or date of publication, but is 
indisputably from the prinling-preas of Sl^>kaitat Ptannck, as may be seen by com- 
paring it with a work of BsHtDicrDS ]>B Ncbsia of the same date, entitled, ' In- 
dpit l&elliude comervatiame tanitaiis traadum ordineniatphtJi^i diMtindia per exiauim 
doctoremimigiitnna Benalictiimctmiianlu*.' In^mttuin Sume per magiilnai Sctpiarmiit 
FliauJc. Anno Domini mcccexeiii, quarto nan Haii. la this and other works from 
the same prses the form and tfpe precisely corre^tpond with those oFour letter." 

Here follow descriptions of these books and of pecniiariiies cotnmon to the 
Cnhaibia Lettet and tbe publications of Flanhck. 

The peculiaritiefi in the edilioas published by Pi^nnck and Silbbr once estab- 
lished, Hr. Hajob caJls attention to the following remarkriile dilference between 
the tiro editions: — 

" In the Plannce editioB the distance sailed by Coluvdub along the north 
coast of HiHPAnioLA is stated as 1U.X1111 miles. In 8ii.bkr'b ihe same figures 
occur minus tbe n, and with no space left for tbe letter to hare bllen out. Mow it 
being nndervtood that one of these is -a copy from the other, whether through a 
transcriber's or a compositor's band, if we suppose (hut the Silbbb edition which 
was ninHi the i>, appeared tint, we must perceive that the error is one which no 
special knowledge could enable the editor or printer of the other to suspect, much 
less to rectify, and yet in the Fi,ANi>nK edition we should find it so rectified. 
Whereas if the Planhck edition be supjwsed to be the flrKt, wc have no such difll- 



cutter to encounter, but simplj meet (in the Sii^er edition) with a neglif^nt omi£- 
dion of a leller, which may so easily happen. The next inquiry, of course, is, 
which number is right, SM or &i miles ^ Fortunately we hsTe the mcana of 
anawen'ng thiH qacelion with certainty, for >$ we poasesa two copies, or copies of 
copica, of the originaJ Spauiah letter, wo find that the tranalator, Lhahdkb oh 
Coaco, converted the leagues of the Spanish original into miles by multiplying 
them, thongh ignoranlly, by 3 ; and in one of theae two copies, which can in other 
reapecta be ahown to be far more correct than ita fellow, theae leagaes arc staled 
aa 1S8, which rorreapond exactly with S64 miles. It muat be clear, then, that the 
edition coDtainine the number !iS4 was derired from the original accounts, while 
that which contained the nnmlier 61 had allowed the d to be lost. The result I 
submit to be that Pueinck'b edition muat claim ihfe palm to priority. 

"But before 1 leave this subject I muat call attention to a tiotable fact, which 
opens up the question whether the real slitio princept has perished, or not aa yet 
come to our knowledge. It happens that the length of the north coaat ofHiapAH' 
. IOI.A ia twice stated by Columbdb in this letter. The Jint mention of it is gjven 
correctly in Plahnck's edition aa ' milliaria dixiiii,' which 1 have already shown to 
be a right number, while in SruiBR the ' d ' ia lost, and the Dumber stands ' Ixiiii.' 
TbewGoiufrocQtionoflheleDElhof theooaat ia given u/tJx incorrtalji bi/ both as dil. 
1'his fact, brought into combination with those evolved by oar compariaon of the 
two tents, notbnl.v corroboratea the non-originality and aecondary position of Sii^ 
nam'ti edition, but it raisea a quealion na to whether Plahbck's was not preceded by 
another which haa never come to our knowledge, in which both nnmbera were cor- 
rectly given. It might be cot^ectured that Colo mbi.s himself wrote the second num- 
ber incorrectly, but herethe different Spanish texts eome valuably to our aid, and the 
cnrions circumstance that the tranalator Cusco converted the leagues of the Span- 
ish into miles in the Latin, supplies a most welcome means of solving the riddle." 

For notices of the letter of Colchbus see ibe following : — 

I. Brdmkt, J. C. Manuel da Libniire. elc. Pakis, IS61, S vols, royal Bvo. 

fi. Graehss. Trfyir de Livra Barei el PrAiaa, etc DimBDliH, ISftS. 8 vote. 

3. Hakrisbe. BiUiolAeea Aiaericaaa Viiiatiuima. New York, mdooci^ti. 
Boyal 8vo. 

4. Major. Tie BMograp/ig of the Firjt Letter of Chrutopher Columbia, daerih- 
ing ha Diicooery of the New World. London, 1872. 12mo. 

5. SiLLACitrs, NiCOI.aHb. De lusidia Meridiani alque Indici Maria Ni^ttr In- 
rentii. With a translation into English by the Kev. JoBV Muluqan, A. M. 
New York, 1860. 4to. 

6. Bibliolluca GtenuilUana. LoHlMH, 1843. 4 vols, royal BvO. 

"COLUMBUS, Christopher. Sefior por que se que aureis plazer 
de la grand | victoria que nto aeQor me ha dado en raivyaie | voa 
escriuo esta por la ql sabreys como e xxxiij | diae pase alas Indiaa 
cola armada que losiltn | striaimos Rey & reynantos seOores me 
dieron | donde yo falle muy muchas Islas pobladas con gete syn | 
numero. y dellafi todaa he tornado poss | essio per sue altezaa | 
conpi-egon y vadera real estedida y no me fue cotradicho : etc. 
{At the end .•) 

Fecha en la ealaiicra sobro las yslaa de canaria a, xv. de febrero. 
Mill y qaatroeientos y noueuta y tres ailos. 

Kara lo que inandareyB. El almiraute. 

,d by Google 


Nyma que yenia dentro en la carta. 

Despues desta escripto ; y estando en mal de Caatilla ealyo | 
tanto viento comigo. sul y sueste que me ha Cecho descargar | los 
nauios por cort aqai en este puerto de lyebona oy q fue | la mayor 
marauilla del mudo adonde acorde escriuir a sua | altezas. En 
todas las yndias he siempre ballado los tempo | rales como en 
mayo adonde yo fuy en xxxiij. dias y toIti [ en xxviij saluo 
questaa tormentaa me ban de tenido. xiiij. di | as corriendo por 
estamar. Dlzen aqua todos loshombres | de la mar qne jamaa ono 
tan mal yuierno no ni tatae ver | didas de naaes, fecha a. idiij. 
dias de maco. 

f<8ta carta embio Colon a lescriuano Deracion [ de las Yslas hal- 
ladas en las Yndias, Contenida | a otra De bus Altezas. 

Small ito. 4 leaves. Without title, colophon, date, or prin- 

t^'s name ; 32 lines on a full page ; on the eighth page 11 

lines, followed by a poitacript of 14 Itnet. Semi ®0ll)ic £cltet. 

A facsimile. 

[ Tranilalioa. — Sir : Becaaae 1 think jaa will b« plesaed with the great 
mccess which our Lord hu granted me in my voyage, I write tUa in order 
that you may know that in thirty-three daye ' I passed to the Indies with the 
fleet which tlie illustrious King and Queen our oovereigng entrusted to n 
where I found very many Islanda filled with people without number, and 
all these I have taken posBewtion for their HighncBsea, with proclamation and 
nnfbrling the royal standard, and no one opposed me, etc. 

pone on boaid the caravel oS the Cuiary Islands the xv. of February, 
One thousand four hnodrcd and ninety-three. 

By your orders. The Admiral. 

Anyma * which wot imerltd in the letter. 

After I wrote this and being in the sea of Castitle, there came out sueh a 
wind with me, south and southeast, that I was obliged to unload the vessels 
and run into this port of Lisbon to-day, which is the greatest marvel in the 
world, from whence I write to your Highnesses. In ijl these Indies I have 
always found the temperature as in Uay, where I went in thirty-three days ' 
and returned in twenty-eight days, notwithstanding these storms kept me 
fourteen days running by this sea. All seanuin say that they have never had 
so bad a winter, nor so many losses of vessels. Done the Uth day of March. 

Columbus sent this tetter to the Auditor of Accounts, of the Islands found 
in the Indies, contained in another to their Highnesses.] 

The first letter of Columbiii, in Spanish, addressed to Luis de Saktahobl 
was diioovered a Tew years since in tbe Ambroaian library at Milah, and since 
itolen. Fortnaately a fiicsimile was taken betbie this piece of bsrbnrisni was 
com milled . 

1 Evidently an error, oa it ig well known that Columbub wae Tl days at sea, or from 
August 3 (o October H. 
9 Nj/ma, or Angma, means a written paper inelosed in a letter after the letter U 




There is a discrepanr; between the dftta in tbii Taiion and Ihote in other ver- 
sioni. At the clow, the date is at Che Camabi Ibi^hds the 15th orFebrnuj, U93, 
and that of the Anyma the 14th of March. Nitabsbtb's reprint, fh>m a mani 
Bciipt copj of the same letter in the Royal Arehfrea at BmANOAB exhiblta mh 
varUttong. He laji that the ialandi aeen on the 15th Febmarj wett the Aeorks, 
not the Caharibb, and that the latter date ahoald read tbe 4th instead of the 14th, 
of March. The tract is beliered to hare been printed in Spain. 

Rtfertnca. — Huloriad Magaatie, New York, for September, 1 BM ; HahRibSe, 
Bib. Amencaaa Vetia, No. 7 ; NiTAHRain, Caiaxim dt Vlagtt y 
Madmd, 1B25-3T, Vol. I. pp. 167-175. 

"SCHEDEL, Habtmann.] Regis- 

trum I huius ope | ris libri cro | ni- 

canim cii figuris et ymagi j bus ab 

inicio miindi : | QEnd cf Colophon on 

reverse of the map which foUow» 

leaf CCXCEE. :) Ad in taitu autem 

et precea proridoru duiu Sebaldi 

Schreyer et Sebastiani kamermiuster 

hunc librum domiDus Anthonius 


sit. Adhibitis tame viris mathe- 

matJcis pingeDdicqz arte peretiesi- 

mia. Micbaele wolgemat et Wil- 

helmo Pleydeawurff. quarii solerti 

acuratisfflmaciz animaduertione turn 

ciuitatum turn iUusbium Tironim figure inserte simt. Consum- 

matum aut«m duodecima mensLH Julii. - Anno ealutis nTe 1493. 
Large folio. Title, reverse blank, one leqf; reffitter 19 tm- 
nuTobered leavet ; text i-ccxcix. leaves, unth part of a map 
forming another, making 300 leaves. The large capitals Ultimi- 
nated. 2,250 v)ood-cwU in the text, engraved hy PletdeN- 
WUBPF and WoLOBMTJTH, the latter Albert DubEb's master, 
whose names appear in the subscription on the reverse of the 
ZOOth leqf. Three blank leaves, numbered CCLYlin., CCLZ., 
CCLXI., left for the purpose of annataiions, with the head line 
" Sexta etaa mimdi." On leqf CCCLXVI. is the follovring : — 

Completo in famosiaaima Kurembergensi urbe Operi de bis- 
torija etatum mundi. ac deacriptione urbium. felix imponitut 
finis. Collectum breiii tempore Auxilio doctoris bartm&ni 
Schedel. qua fieri potuit diligeotia. Anno xpi Millesimo qoad- 
ringenteaimo nont^esimotercio. die quarto menaiB Junij. 

L^ea, and figures of emioeni 

ar of the publication of the 



book. Many oT ibe cnia an often repeated. Thus we flnJ k portrait of a lepol- 
dve looking man, hia coitnme that of the Gerinani of the Middle Age, who 
reprcKnta Pasib, the lover (rf Hblbm. We can faardly conceiTe the beantiful 
Greek to hare been capdrated bj anch a boorish looking indiTidnal ; jet, *o pleaaed 
wai the aalhor of the Chronicle, that thii portrait is afterwanli repeated mThaleb, 
Ahastatids, Odopkbdcs, and linall; aa the poet Dxntb. At tome of the New 
ToMK pictorisla keep itock heada fbr thieves and gwlndlere, which the? bring fbr- 
irard whenever the oceaaion requires them, the ecoDomical printer bad his stock 
head for king[s and emperors ; another for popes ; a third for bishops ; a fbnrth tor 

This large Tolome, which is better known as the " Nurambery Chnmidt," claims 
a place in the preteat coUec^on oo accoont of a passage which it coataini coavey- 
ing the idea that Aimici was discovered by Habtih Behaiii, anterior to Co- 
LDHBca. This work, as its title stales, ii a " Regitur of Iht Bookt of the CKmade* 
and Hiitaria, witk Jigurtt and iliiutratioiu ftom At beginiKiKg of (As World." The 
passage to which we relkr is fcnnd on Ibe reverse of leaf cexc, and is as follows : — 

" The Ihfaht Henkt observing how nairow the limit* of the kingdom of Pob- 
TDOAi. were, and solicitous of extending them, by the persuasion of geographer*, 
was indneed to the exploration of the Spaniib Ocean, and discovered many differ- 
ent itUnda never before inhabited by man. Among others, he sailed to a tunoas 
island, which he found, much to his satishction, thongh wholly DDpeopled by men, 
was extremely fertile, covered with wood, abonoding in springs, and well adapled 
10 the sapport of man. Hither he sent men of dilftrent nations fbr the porpose of 
patting it in culture, the name of the island is Hadsiba, whence Ibe name of 
Uaddia wine. Be likewise discovered many other islands, which be caosed lo be 
peopled with Christians ; Ibr example, those of St. OaoKoa, Fatal, and Pioo, of 
one of which, prodnetire of wheat, he made a grant to certain Germans, to be peopled 
with Flemings. In after time, that is to say, in the year 11S3, Johh II., King of 
PoBTQDAL, a man of great spirit, fitted out certain galleys, furnished with all 
neccssarica, and sent tbsm lo explore the country towards Etbiofia, beyond the 
columns of Hibcolcs. He, moreover, gave the command of Ibem to two captains, 
Jacob Cam, a Portugneae, and Haxtih Bkbaim, a German, of NcxiaBEKO, of 
a good family in BoHUiiA, a man expert in gei^raphy, capable of bearing with 
patience the toil of a Ha lifs, well read in the taiitades and longitodea towenis the 
West of Ptolkmt, and used to long voyages. These two by the help of the gods, 
ploughing the sea at a short distanoe from the shore, having pasted the equinoctial 
line, entered Ibe nether hemisphere, where, fronting the East, their shadow fell 
towards the Sonth, and on their right hand. Thus did his indnstry throw open 
a new world hitherto unknown, and which none for many yean before had at- 
tempted to explore, except the Qenoese, who failed in the atUBupt. The object of 
the voyage being now efihcted in this manner, in the twenty-sixth mouth from tlieir 
departure, the Davigatora letnined lo Foktdoai., though not without losing a 
nnmber of men. At a token of their sncce**, they brought back with them pepper, 
grains of paradise, and many other articlea too nnmerous to mention. Owing to 
Ibe diMOveiy of this new world, a great qnantlty of pepper is braaght to Fuir- 
tua. Much might he written on this snbiect, which, lest I should be tedious, I 

Fortnnately, the original manuscript of the " Ckronidt," in the handwriting ot 
ScHBDBi., is preserved at NoBBiiBBsa ; hut the passage contained in the extract 
above given is added in a difi^nt hand. The manuscript of the German tranala- 
tion, finished in 1493, haa also been examined and a without the lines in queatiOD, 
which allude lo the fitting out of galleys by John U. 

The claim for this pretended discovery is not a recent one, the subject having 
been disciwed, more or leas, Irom the lime of COLUklBua himself. The case is 



fairly stated, accompanied by the opinions of Tarions nritera, in a memoir in the 
xith volame rX PiNKBmon'i CaUeOioiu of Viyagei, entitled " Particahn nupectinf 
the CavaOien M. Bthaim, mth a DtMaiption of Hit Terratru^ CHobt." Tianalated 
from the German of Db Mubk. In this memoir the author says, that " the anci^t 
deeds and diplomw eonsnlted make no mention of the discovery of the Hbw 
World, or of the paisage of the Stsattb of Maoelijib by Bshaim," yet, con- 
tinaee the writer, "the more I examine the plan of bis globe, the more I conc^*e 
doabtfnl that glory which Color and Maobllah hare hitherto had ascribed u> 

Bnt the most recent aa well as the moat elaborate memoir on the sahject is the 
" OttehidU del Setjakrtn Riittr Martin Bdiaim bocA dtn Skatea oorhandtnai Ut- 
jtuixfen bearbeiiet," by Dr. F. W. Ohillavi. [HigWrj of the narigator. Sir Mar- 
tin Bbbaih, &om the oldest known documents.] This is accompanied by an 
essay by Alsxahdbb ton Humboldt on the earliest maps of AnBiCA and the 
globe of Bbbaim, of wbieh representations are given. Our space will not permit 
ns to enlarge on this qnestion, and it docs not seem necessary lo describe the globe 
ofBBKAiii, which does not relate to America. 

A singular train of collateral events places Behaim in enrioui Jaitapoution and 
comparison with Colcubch, whose glory be never wished to disparage, althoagh 
others have attempted to do so for him. They were bom in the same yejr and 
died in the same month. Bbhaiu and Colcmbus were ai Libbok at the aaroe 
time, and both engaged in nautical projcctu. 

" But the most prominent materia] that has been employed for detraction fl*om 
the fUae of Colchbcb in favor of Martin Bbhaim. was the famons globe made 
by the latter in 1492, and slill existing in the poeaeseion of hia descendants in their 
andent mansion at Ndrkmbbbo. All sorts of claims have been set up by the 
Nnrembergera in behalf of their distinguished countryman on the araerted evidence 
of this globe. HAHtMifJif Sohbdbi., in the feroous ' Nureinberg Chronicle,' pub- 
lished in U93, had happened to speak of Brhaih and Cam having crossed the 
equator and reached the other hemiephere, and this auggeetive declaration seems 
to have supplied the Nnrembergers with the idea that long before CoLUKsna or 
Maobllah sailed in those seas, Bbhaiu had discovered not only Ambbica, but 
the Straits or Maobllam. The beat refutation of these assertions is Bbhaim'* 
globe itself, copies of which are given In the elegant Life of Bbbaim, by Dt. F. 
W. Ghillakt, published at Nukembeso In 1853, and In the mi^^lficent atlu 
prepared by the Vicohtb db Santahbu, and elsewhete. Even letleri by Bbhaim 
himself, found in the archivea of Nubbhbbbo, have been referred to in ratification 
of the same claims; bat their futility is proved by tbe date of the letters diemselres 
(I486), plainly pointing to the voyage with Diboo Cam, the limits of which are 
clearly defined, and ftom which Bbhaim retnmed in Apri] or May of that year." 
— Major, Li/eof Prince Henry of Portugal, X,ovdov,IB68, p. 327. 

Reference. — Brcmbt, Mamel, Vol. I. coL 18G0 j Harrisbb, Biblialhtai Ameri- 
aaa FtAu, No. 13 ; Gkabbsb, Tr^or det Livrei Raeei, Vol. II. p. 13B. 


1ERARDUS-C0LUMBUS.] In i^Tjdem SereniBsi | mi 
Ferdinandi HispaDiar* regis, Bethi | c£e & regtu Qranatse, 
obsidio, victoria, & triuphns. Et de Insulis in man 
Indico I nuper inuentia. 

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[TVontJafion. — To the praiw o£ the inort Ulustrioui Fenlinand, King of 
Spain, Bethica, and Granada, the siege, victory, and triumph. And of the 
Islands newlj- dlKCOvered in the Indian Sea.] 

( Th^n a full length wood-cut portrait, with the leords at the top :) 
Feraandns. Rex. hyspanie. (^Reverge .') In Betliicu triuphii : 
c^ratulntio. S. Brant, followed by a poem of twenty-eight lines. 
(^ On the right of the second lee^--') Caboli Vebabdi Cssenatia 
Cnbicularii Fontificii in | hiatoriam Baeticam ad It. P. Raphaelem 
Riarium | S. Georgii Diaoonnm Cardinalein. (^Colophon on the 
right of the 29th leaf:) Acta Lndis RomaniB innocedo octa | no in 
Bolio Petri sedebte Anno a Na | tali Saluatoria M.cccc.xcn. | Vn- 
decimo Kalendas Mali, j . | Nihil sine carsa. | .1, B. | 
(Basle : Bergman de Olpe.') {On the reverse of the 29th leqf:) 
De Insolis nnper in | man Indioo reperiia. and beneath a wood-eut, 
the tame aa the third tn the COLTTMBUS Letter No. 4 : a ship, with 
a boat approachir^ the shore, probably intended to represent the 
landing of C0LDMBU8. (On (Ae right of the SOtA leaf:} Db 
Inbitlis nufbb iNUEirns | Epistola Chriatopheri Colom (cai etas 
nostra mnl | tnm debet : de Inaulia in niari Indico nuper inuent | 

,d by Google 


is : ad quBS perquirendas octauo antea mense : au | apiciiB St ere 
inuictiasimi Feruundi Hispaniaru Re | ^a nuBaua fuerat) ad Mag- 
nificii dominu Raphae | lem Sanxia : eiasdem Berenissimi R^s 
Thesauraii | urn nuBsa : quam nobilis ac litteratus vir Aliander | 
de Coeco : ab Hispano ideomate : is latinum con- | uertit : tercio 
Kalendas Mui. M.cccc.xdij. Pontifi | catua Alexandri Sexti 
Anno primo. 

4(0. S6 utmumhered leave* .mtkfive wood-cut*, the tame at 
in the COLCMBDS Letter No. 4, although differently placed. On 
the right of folio 36 ta a shield bearing the arms of Spain, and 
on the reverie, a ghip, over which are the wordt, " Oceanica 

The Snt part of thi* work U a draniR acMd In 1493, rdating to the cooqncst of 
GuHADA fVom tbe Uoon, by FBUtijtAifD ; Ifae latter put, bt^oning on the right 
of the thirtiath leaf, ia ibe letter of CoLDmna. 

RefirtMtt. — Hakbisie, Bii. Americana Fefiu.,Ho. IB ; BUliaUiem Gmmlliana, 
page 761 ; Brvkbt, Manvddu Lib., VoLT. col. 11S9; Graxbbb, Tr^ter det jAvra 
Rant, Vol. 11. p. SS8. 

" SCYLLACIO, NICOLO. De inaults nuper inventis. Ad sapien- 
tisBimum Lnduvicnm Mariam Sfortiam Anglum Beptimnm Medio- 
lani Ducem : de insolia mendiani atque indici maris sub auapiciia 
inTictiasLmorum Hegum Hiapaniaram nnper inventiB : Nicolai 
syLlacii siculi artJam et medicinsa doctoris philosophiam Papiie 
iiiterpretantis Prefatio. (-4( the end ,■) Vale ex papia Idibua 
decembribus MccccLxxxxiiij . 

ito. The original is without place or date, bvi wa» probaMy 
printed at the close of the year 1494 or the heginmng of the year 

The present copy is tbe priTBte reprint for James Lehoz, Esq., of New Tosx, 
with a translation into Engliih, and notes, bj the Ber. John Hdclioah, A. H., 
Niw YonK, I8S0, 4to. Hr. Lenox posseasea one of the two original co|h«8 
known of this letter. Tbe other is in the Trievlao Library, Milan. 

The woil U accompanied b; an English translation of • letter to the Chapter of 
Sbtillb, by Dr. Cbanca, physician to the fleet of Coldmbub, id his second and 
tblrd TOjsges, and a biblit^raphical notice of tbe seTeral edi^ns of the Letter of 
CoLOMBOe describing his first roysge, with brief notices of his other vojagee. 

NioooLO 8iLt.ACio was bom about tbs middle of the filtoenih centnr;, at Mbs- 
BiRA. After a short time passed in Spaih when qnile young, he repaired (o the 
Unireraity of Patia. In USt he again visited Bpaih, and on his ronm ioItalt, 
delivered lecinres on philoeophy at the Unirersity. 

" In I4S4, while Sillaoio wis thns employed at Pa via, living at the time with 
Giovanni Antonio Bibbtta, Gcoliblmo Can a, a noble personage, wrote to him 
from Spaik, describiag the discoveriea recently made by Colohbdb. These letters 
he immediately translated into Latin, inserting such other accounts as were then 
universally current. And, as he himself declares, without changing or adding any- 



tbiog, he priated the relation wbich it now proditced, after being loat sight of Im 
neaiiy foot centnriet." 

" The Toyage to which this aceonnt refers. Is the Mcond, that on which CktttJM- 
BDS eaned fVom Cauiz,oii the 15th September, 14S3. The Hrat island he discorercd 
wM called DoMiNiu, from Ibe daj on which it was seen. The second was named 
Mabia-Qalahtb, or Voi^mtb, after the Admiral's vesseL He then lislled in snc- 
cesiion QuADi.ix>nFB, Santa Ckoz, the Island of St. John the Baptist, now 
PoBTo Bico, and last of all, Hihfanioi^, in which he had the previoni jear 
founded the fort of the Nativitj. 

" This Toyage has also been described by other writers of the same age. Among 
these are, the physician, Chahoa of Sbvillb, who accompanied CotUNBUS in 
this sxpedition, and also Pbteb Mabttb. of Akghieba, or AltouiKiA. Tbe 
letter written bj the former to the Chapter of Setilia remained in mannscript, 
until printed bj Natabbbtb, in bis " CoUodcm d« lot Viagtt y DacabrinuttUat que 
lacunm por Mar lot Etpamaia da ,fina M liglo xt." ft^oBis, 1BZS-163T ; and the 
account of Pbtbb Mabttb, Srst pobliihed at Seyille, in ISII, and more ftilly at 
Aloala in 1516, has siace that date been fieqoently reprinted." — Introdudion lo 
SiUaeio, p. xi. 

In hia narratiTe SlLLAClo fidLs intOKreral errors, one of which is " that Coldm- 
BDB initcad of steering towards the west, passed into the Indian Ocean around the 
Continent of Atbioa, taking in this manner tbe course punned a few years after- 
wards by Vasco db Gaka." HimBoij>T has endesTurad to apologize for thcue 
errors. Hr. Lemox adds that " Signer Rookiki, in attempting to account far [be 
extnine scarcity of the namtion, cotjectures that the author himself withdrew it 
la far aa poeaible ftom circalation, on the detection by SroRXA, to whom the work 
was dradicaied, of tbe error into which be bad fallen respecting ibc coarse pursued 
by the navigators, and an argument in support of this opinion is drawn fnaa the 
omisnon of this letter in a Tolume containing hi* diflerent treatises, which was le- 
pnUished in UIW." — /iKndntfi'M, p. xvii. 


OLUMBUS.] Eyn SCBON hiibsch lesen tod etlichen 
inszlen | die do in Kurtzen zyten firnden aynd durch de 
I kiinig von hispania vnd sagt vo groezen wun | derlichen 
dingen die in de selbe inszlen synd. | (^Colophon ;) Getmcht zu 
StbaszbubO vff grtineck to meister Bartlomeaz KUttler ym iar 
M.cccc.xcvij. Tff sant Jetonymus tag. 

4to. 1 unnaitAered leave*. 30 lirua in a page. (9atl)il 

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CetUr. On the title-page a wood-cut of the King receiving Co- 
LtTUBUS, which M repeated on the reverse 0/ the Uut leaf. 

(Ffn rc55n?iibrc5Ieren.w«*aic9ot mglcit 

fiinfgwii^ifpiimiwpnofafitvo groKenwun 

[l\arulatiiin. — A ftoK, beautiful roaUing, coDCcming sevoral iBlands lately 
diHcovered by llie King of Spain 1 giving an account of great and wonderful 
things found in Mud lalandg. Printed at Struburg by Bartholomew Kuitler.] 

A Cermao tranalatios of Ihe first " Letter of CobtnAw." 

A(/<raneM.— HxKBiiSB, Bib. Americana Vtiut., No. 19; Brdhbt, Uatuui da 
Librmn, Vol. IL, col. 165 ; Mr. IjtNox'a edition of Stllaoio, Appendix, page 

'* BRANT, Sbbastlan. Stultifera nauis | Narragoie profectio 
I nis Dimque satis laudata Nauis p Sebastia- | num Brant, 
vemaculo Tulgarique sermone & \ rhythmo p canctor mortaliiun 
fatuitatis se- | mitas effugere cupientdiL directioe, speculo, | como- 
doqae & salute: proque inertis ignaueque | atulticie ppetaa in- 
famia, execratiotie, & con- | futatione, nup fabricata : Atque iam 
pridem | per Jacobum Locher : cognomento Philo- | niusum 

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Sueum : in latiauai traducta eloqui- | um : & per aebastiannm 
Bnmt: denuo aedulo | que reuisa': felici exorditur principio. | 

(^Colophon, on the reverse of folio cilv. :) Finifi stultifere 
uauis I Finis Narragonice nauis per Sebaatia- | num Brant Tulgari 
sermone theutonico que- [ dam fabricate : atqae iam pridem ji 

£>mltifera nauis 


RUain$rattslaudata>l<uifd eSebaRU^ 
ntini BzanLvemscolo mtliartqsfermoiK t 
iMbtaopauaoif mozuUiiin hmiitati« ft* 

cdmodoqs t (Hote-'Vi0ti!iiinmia igaaueqi 
lDt«(fMc/iMief«bik«t4/2lt(|;i4m pzidcm 

Jacobum Locher cognomento philomuemn in latinu | tmducte : 
perque pretactam Sebastdana Brat j denuo revise ; aptiaaimisque 
cocordantiJB & snp- | plantationibus exomate. In iaudatiaeima, | 
Germanie vrbe Babiltensi, nuper opa & pro | motione Johannis 
Bergman tie Olpe. An [ no salutis nostre Millramo (_sic) quad- 
ringentesi | mo. [1497.] non^eeimo septimo kalendis Martiis : 
I Vale inclite lector. 

(^At the end of the regitter .-) Finit RegiBtrum stultifere Nauis 
Imps- I 80S in imperiali vrbe Augusta per Johanne | Schenspetf;er. 

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Anno siilutis noetre Mille- | aimo quadriugfintesimo nonageBimo 
septimo. | kl: ApriliB. | 

Small Ato, but \2mo in nze. Title, vfith wood-cvi of a vessel 
loaded with fools, terminating on the reverse, with a wood-cat 
beneath. Preliminary matter of Epigrams ii.-x.; text xi.-cxlv. 
leaves; register three leaves unnumbered; reverie of last leitf 
blank. 116 wood-cuts. (Solvit Xcttn. See facsimile, sise of 
the origtTial, above. 

On tho right of leaf lzxvi[. in the chapter endtled " De geograjMca rtguma 
inquititime," U the foHowing punge, which U iatereitiag for iti earl; alluiioD to 
the Mew World ; — 

" Frestita cosouigraphi Instrat doeonieta Stnbooit : 
latactu toto nil flnit orbe ^de. 
Qoicl gMmeler effl tantai in peclore cnnw 

Condpia : iacusum circolM iata terit 
PlininB eirauit, qnaui* apeclabilia aoclor : 

Erroria Tirioa & Plolotaena habet. 
Inaaoa aiquide mnltord rarda laboraot : 

Bebui ID incartis qnos ita sudor agit 
Aotca qne fnerat priadi incognita CeUoe : 

Expouta eat ocolii & maoifeata patst. 
Hesperie ocddue rax Ferdinandus : in alto 
Eqnore aac g£t«a repperit inDiiinerai." 
"TAtShip o/FoaU," bj SiBaaTiAB Burt or Ba^HDr, ie a Qerman satirenpon 
the fblUei of all ranks. Wastov saT*, "the author appean to havD been a man of 
oniTerial emditiDii, and bis work, for the moai part, is a tiasua oF citadoiM tma 
the ancient poets and biBlorians." — Bitt. ofEtigtiih Pottq/. The original Oerman 
edition waa printed at BasLK by B. de Olpe, in 1491, and manj tiaei reprinted. 
There are translatioDs in Latin, French, Low Saxon, Flemish, and EngUsh. Tbe 
fint French rervon appeared at Paris in 1497. The English Teraion, b; Auz- 
AMDEa BABCLA.T, wa« printed at Lohdoii bj R. I^/tuon in 1509. See alao, in tkto 
coiJection, the French reraion of 1499, Lochbh'h edition, Basil, 1573, and the 
English edition by JiAn Cawaod, Lohdom, ISTO, for an additional note, with a 
translation of the passage relating to Ambkica. 

Rtfenaeu : Obabhb, TrOor dt* Livru Bart*, Yol. I. p. 530 ; Brdhxt, MatBtd, 
Vol. Lttd. I308-IX09; "OiXMiMK, BO). Amervxma Ytlv*.,Additiinu,TSiam\»n3,i, 
6, and S3. 


IRANT, Sbbastiah. La nef des folz da monde. 

(^Large wood-cat, in which are represented four vessels 
laden with fools.') 
(D Hommes mortelz qui deurez scauoir 

Comment on peut en ce monde bien viure 
Kt mal laisser : approcber venez veoir 
Et viBiter ce present ioieux liure 
A tons estatz boone doctrine i) Hure 
Notant lee maubc et vicee des mondains 

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«.j flFTEESTH GENTVR7. 23 

Venez y toas et ne faictes dedains 
Dudit liure nomme dea folz la nef 
Si Tous voulez voub en trouuerez maintz 
Au pellican cheiix geoffroy de mamef. 
( Colophon .-) Cy finist la nef des folz da monde. Premieremet 
copoeee en alemau par maistre Sebastien braat dooteur es droitz. 
ConsecutJaement daleman en latyn redigee par miUBtre Jacques 
locher. Retieue & omee de plusieutB belles concordances et ad- 
ditions par ledit brant. Et de nouuel translatee de latyn en 
fracoys et imprimee pour Geoffroy de mamef libnure de PABIS. 
LfQ viii jour du moys de Feburier. Lan. M.ccccxcix. 

Folio. Titiey one leaf: 7ex£, ii.-Ixzrriii. leavei : TaUe one 
leaf, at the end of which it the colophon : printer't mark on the 
reverie of another leaf, 118 wood-cutt. 


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prinud in 1497. BRimr «nd Qejuemk notice edi^ns of tirii Teraion ptinted at 
Pabib in 1497, UBe, «nd 1499 in folio; at Ltohb Id 14»9, iSM, 1590, 1579, and 
1583 In imall 410. PisiB witboQt date in 4to. 

Fint printed in Oermin in 1434. In the chapter on Geography an paaiagei 
relating to the Nair World, for a tranilatioa of which ne the Bngliih nnion bj 
BiAOLAr, prinUd at Lohdok in IS70, in this coUectiiHL 

Aj both the French and English Tenioiu of thii book (the Uttw fn particnlar) 
Taiy greatly ftom the original German, we gire the pwaage which Kftn to the 
New World, with an aecompanjtng traniladon (tee rerene of folio zliiiL). 

" Coniidarc Ici falti de Plin cobien qnil fdit grant et ipertabte aiKdenr ; ta 
trouneraa qnll erra. Et Ptolomee anaii en aee fiuti et diti a terriblci et dinenee 
ertenra. Et veritablement en rain l^Mnient lei cnean de plnetenre que ausax 
demaine tellement qnili m aneatent aox choeea incertainei. Et par td> bli eat 
mainlenant ezpoue anz yenlx et manilbite la terra qni paraaftt ealoit inoognone li 
qoe le roj Ferdinand en la haoile mer deapaJgne a tronue gcni innnmenblaa." 

[TVoRtJaJuni. — Coniider the atatementi of Pliny, no matter how great and 
leqMCtable the anthor waa ; yon will find that he erred. And Ptolemy, loo, in hii 
statement! and opinioni has terrible and diTen miitakea. And tmly Tain ia the 
labor of the works of many who sweat at the hand to sach a degree as to pall 
np only at nncertalntiee. And by soch fools is now eipoaed to Tiew and made 
maalfiMt the land which prerionaly was unknown nntil King Ferdinand diacorered 
innnmerable people in the great Spanish ocean.] 


Sixteentj^ Centurt)* 


" HEDEL, Haetmann, Das biWIi IX-r [ Vnm- 

iken vnnd ge | schichten mit figii | ren viid 
pildnuB I sen von anb^na | der welt biaz aiifF 
dise unsere Zejt. 

(^Colophon on the reverse of leaf cccxvii. ;) 
Hie endet sich das biich dur Cronick vQ | 
geschichte mit figure vH pildnuszen to anbegin | d welt bisz auf 
dise YDser zeit. Gedruckt vfi volet | in d knyBerlichen staat 
ACSPURQ durcb Hanten j SchSntperger Iin iar nach Cristi gebiirl 
vn I sere herren. M. ccccc. 

Folio. Title and text cccxvii. numbered leavei, in double 
columng, and two leaves containing a map of Central Europe. 
Register 11 leave*. ®ott)ic Cttlet. WUh nunieroua wood-mt» 
in the text. 

This Chronicle wu flnt publiiiied it Ndrknbbko in 1493, in Latin, and rlie 
MUne year ■ traniiation in German. The English of Iha litle ii " Book of the 
Cbniniclet BQd bi*tiiri<», with figures and portraits from Iho tx^nning of the world 
lo our own tim«." — The Gennan Iran^ilntion is by Gborgb Altkn. Irs viiliie in 
an Americaa collection is in a notice of MAmti.i Bkhaim, which will bo Foand on 
the last page of the book. For an extended note, see theedirion of U93, No. II. 


'* PSfl^^^^^^^' ^^^- ^^^- Nouissime hystoria & oitiniu 
BkQ repercussio- ] nes. nouiter a Reuerendissimo patre Ja- | 
■l^m cobo pbilippo Bergomeee, ordims He- | remitarum edite : 
qae Supplementum [ supplement! Cronicaru nuncupantur. | In- 
cipiendo ab exordio mundt, yaqae in | Annum salutis nostre. 
Meccccij, [Wood-cut of arms, mrmounted hy a Cardinal's Ao(.] 
Cum gmcia & Privilegio. 
{Colophon:') ^ Explicit Supplementuni Chi-onicaritm T)ili- 

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geiiter Et j Accurate ReuiBum Atque Correctu. Venetiis Im- | 
pressum Per Albertinu De Liesona Vercelle | sem. Regna. Leo- 
nardo Loredano Ve- | netiarum Prindpe. A Natiui- | tate 
Chriati. Mccccciii., Dia liii. Mail. | Cum Gratia Et | Priuilegio. 

Folio. Tide. Reverge, EpUtola, Reverse of second leqf, large 
wood-cut representing the creation nf Adam and Eve. 1 to 451 
leaves; table 10 leaves. Many wood-cuts in the text. 

[Ihuutalion, — The latest refi«ctioDi ot M history, recently published 
by the most revercad Father James FhiUp ot Bergomas, of the order of the 
Heniiiti, called the Supplemeat of the Supplement to the ChronicleB, From 
the creatioD of the world to the year of our Bedcmption 1506, with Gn^e 
and Privilege. 

Carefully revised and corrected. Venice, printed a.d. 1506, May <th, 
under the reign of Leonard de Loredano, Prince of Venice.^ 

Thli Tolume ii entitled to a place among books relating to Amkbica, fnm the 
fact that it4 diieorery is treated of in a cbqitsT entitled : " Dt quattaoT pemuxximit 
inMidiM in India extra arbeni imper inventit," on the reverse of leaf 440 and right of 
the following leaf. Ad addiiiooal Interest is attached to this book as it preoeded 
the publication of Pctbx HtxriR'a " DrcadeM." 

Like the well-known " Narembery ChnmicU," EusKBins's " CtmnicU," and sim- 
ilar works of the period, this book contains a chronicle of events begioning will) 6te 
creatioD, which is continued to the year when the work was finished. This cunom 
of beginning; histories and chronok^ea witb the ereatioa was long continued. Thai 
Pbincb, in his " AmaU of Nem England," commencea with the creattoit of Adah. 

With every new edidon of his work BanaonAB, or hia editors, recorded all 
prominent events as they transpired, and such was the popularly irf It, that new 
editions tbllowed after his death, bearing hi) name, with additions by others. 

The author, who was of a noble family, was bom at Bbsoako in 1134. 

In 1451 he abandoned the world and became a monk of the order irf St. Angoa- 

According to Haittaibe, Pakzsb, and other bihliogmphers, editions of this 
work were printed in 14S3, 14S4, 14B5, I4S6, and 1493. Besidee the edition above 
mentioned (IS03), there is another in this collection printed at Vehicb in 1506. 
An editioQ wa« printed at Nukkmbmo the same year. The present editiou is the 
first in which appears the notice of Colcmbds and his voyages. 

The work was translated into Italian, printed first at Venice in 14BB, and several 
times reprinted. 

*> VESPUCIUS, AMERlctJB. Alberic' vespucci' lauretio | petri 
francisi de medecis Saluteio plurima dicit. | [? 1503.] 

(^Beneath this, jiUing nearly the whole p<^e, is a tree, upon which 
hangs a scroll bearing the word Felix, and underneath the tree 
two monkeys. Below is Jbhan Lahrbrt, all surrounded with 
a rich border.) 

Small 4(0, Title, reverse blank. 6 leaves, including the title. 

First and second pages have 40 lines ; the third and fourth S6 ; 

and the ^ih and sixth 35 lirtes. The last page or right of the 

sixth leaf has 82 lines. See reduced facsimile of title-page. 

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[TraaiUuian. — Alberic Veipucius presents liis best wishiw U> Laurent 
Peter de Hedicik] 

Jbin LAMBamr waa a printer in Faxib tcoia 1493 to ISU. The met conlaini 
a relation of the third rojage of Ysipnciui, made in IMl. 

J^fimtca. — BxiTWST, Mtatad, Vol. V. col. 1135. Rirsihb, Bit. Americana 
Vttat., No. SG. fiiUu(A«ca Gratemiana, p. 766. 


JESPUCIUS, AMBBICU8. Mundufl Nouhb. 

(^Reverte of first leaf:) Albericus vespucius Lauren- 
tio I Petri de medicis aalutem plurimam dicit. | 
{^Reverte of fourth and last le<rf:') Magister jolianes otmar: 
vindelice impreaut Auguste | Anno millesimo quingeutesimo 
quarto. { [1504.] 

4to. 4 unnumbered leavet. 40 linet to a full page ; wood-cut 
of a triangle on the top of last page. 

The third TOfage of YBSPCOiDt. The IbilowinK note i> fonnd io Hr. Grbn- 
TiLLc's eopj : " Thit i« the onl; cofij that I hare Men of this eztraonlinarllj rar« 

RefireiKti. — BMialluea CreanltHna, p. 766. UaMiitia, Bib. Awtaiama Vein*., 
No. 31. BMuawr, Vol. V. eolnnn IIM. 

" VESPUCIUS, AMEEicns. Mundva nouua. 

AlbericTs VespvtiTs Lavrentdo ) Petri de Medecia salrtem plvri- 
I mam dicit. | (^Followed by the text on the same page, beginning 
with an ornamental letter iS.) 

(Z^ reverse of the fourth and last leaf:) Ex Italica in La- 
tinam linguam iocandus interpres hanc epistolam ( vertit vt latini 
onmes intelligant quam multA miranda in dies reperian- | tur et 
eonitn comprimatiir audacia. qui Celam et maiestatem scnitari. 
et I ploB sapere qaam liceat aapere volimt. quando a tanto tempore 
quo mnndus | cepit ignota sit Taatitas terre. et que contineantur in 
ea. I 

4*0. Withovi. place or date. 4 leaves. 42 lines in a full 

page. (Sot^ic CcUet. At the end, under the vfords Lavs Deo, 

a triangle. 

Re/emKet. — B±tam»K, Bib. Amo'ieaiui Vttut., No. 23. Billiinhtca GTamilliana, 
PL 166. 

=a VESPUCIUS, Ameeicdb. Mundos | Nouua. | 

(^Reverse ;) Albericus vespucius Laurentio Petri de me | dicia 
aalutem plorimam dicit. 

\-^l?Lf {(UiC H J^'' 

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SuperioribuB diebus satis, etc, ( With 39 liitei of text. The hut 
paragraph on the recto of the fourth leaf readg a» follows :) 

Ex italica in latiniim liiigutun iocundus ititerpres banc epistola 
vertit vt Latini. oes | iiitelligant quam mulUt miranda in dies 
reperiantur et eonitn comprimatur audacia qui | celum et maies- 
tatem scrutari : et ptuB eapere quam liceat sapere yolunt : quando 
a tato tempo | re quo mudaii cepit ignota sit rastitas teire et que 
oontineantur in ea. | 

ito. 4 leaven. 44 linet on the right of the »ec<md leaf, eitdiny 
with the word " babentes." 45 lines on the reverse of the same 
leaf. At the top of the right of the fov.rth leaf it a triangle, 
reverie blank. 

Mr. Uabbibsk lUtes that the onlj copy o( this edition known to him is in the 
Mcrcantitc Library of HahbubQ. — Bib, Americcma Vetai., No. 30. 


5ESPUCIUS De ora antarctica | per r^em Portugallie [ 
pridem inueuta. (^Followed by two very coarse wood-cuts, 
one representing four naked savages, the other five vessels 
filled with men, probably the fleet of Vespucius.') 

(^Reverse of the first leaf f) T[ M. Ringraaunus Philesius. A. | 
Jacobo Bruno buo Acbati. S. p. d. \ (^Followed by sixteen full 

(^Right of second lei^f:') ^f De t«rra aub eardine Antarctico per 
I'l'gem Portugallie pri- | dem inuenta. M. Rtngnuuini Fbileeij 
Carmen. | 

(^Reverse of second leaf:') Albericus vesputiua LaurentJo pe- | 
tri de medicis salute plima dicit. ] 

(^Qnthe right of the last leaf is a certifieate from a notary, fol- 
lowed by the colophon:) Impressum Abgbntinb per Mathiam 
hupfuff. M.V«V. 

Small 4to. 6 leaves, ©otijic Cetter. See reduced facsimile 

[_7'i-atuilation. — ConcenUDs the Antarctic coast lately diiscoTeivd by the 
King of PortugaL Master Bingman Philesius to JaiDes Bruno, hU Mend. 
Concerning tlie Antan^lic region lately discovered by the KiDg of Portugal. 
Master Ringmao Philefiua' Poem.] 

This Totunteie the same ai the " Mundut Nowt," with the addition of an addretf 
from PiiiLEBiua to Jacob Bruno, and some Latin venes by the Ibnner. 

/fe/ire»ee«.— Harm/ssb, BMofhfca Amrricnna Fi!(i«., No. 39. Bbobbt, Vol. V, 
rolumn liS.V 

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** VESPUCIUS, Americus. Von der neu gefunnde R^on die 
wol I em welt genennt mag verden, Durcb den CriBtenliclten 
Kii I nig von Portngall, wuDoderbarlicb erfunden. 

FoIIoweil i»j « woodoit filling the remainder of the page, Tepre»eiiting the Ring 
of Portuga], with ecepire and e«cnlcheoti. See redaced fiusimOe abore. 

{^Reverse of the firtt leaf:') Albericus Vespuetius Laurentio 
Petri Fraudaci | de medicis vil grueez. 

(RigM of the sixth leaf, after fourteen lines of text :) Ausz 
latein ist diet missiue in Teiitsch gezoge ausz dem exem- j plar 
das von Parisz kam ym maien monet nach Cfaristi geburt, Funfft- 
zenhuD | dert vnnd Funffjar. [1505.] 

% Gedruckt yn NiJBBMBUEG | durch Wolffganng \ Sueber. 

(Followed by three escutcheons.) 

Small 4(0. 6 leaves, the reverse of the latt blank ; 37 lines 

in a full page. A facsimile. 

[Traiulaliim. — Concerning the newly and wonderfully discovered region 
which may well be called a world, by the Christian King of Portugal. 

Alberic Vespucius presents his reppects to Laurent Peti'r Francis de 



This episde Las been translated from the Uatin into Germui, from % copy 
wbich came from Parie in the month of May, in the year of the birth of 
Christ, 160S. Ainted at Nuremt>erg by WoI%Bng Hueber.] 

Btfereaea. — Habribbe, BMiolheca Americana Vouttittima, No. 33. 

* VESPUCIUS, Amkhicus. Von der neu gefunden R^on 
die wol I ein welt genent mag werden, durch den Cristenlichen 
kiitiig I von Portigal wunderbarlich erfiuiden. | (^Beneath thi» 
title, a large wood-cut, filling the remainder of the page, represent- 
ing the King of Portvgal holding a sceptre and eBcutckeon, same 
ae the preceding.') 

(^Reverse of the first leaf:) Albericua VespnctiuB Laorentio 
Petri I FranciBci de medicis vil gnisz. | 

(^Reverse of seventh and last leqf, at the end -■) Ausz lateyn ist 
dysz miBBiue in Teusch { gezt^en ausz dem Exemplar das von 
Parysz kam im meyeu mo J net Nach duisti gebnrt. xv. hmidert 
vnd fanff jar. ] [1505.] 

4*0. Without place. 7 leaves, including the title. 35 lines on 

a full page. 

The copy in the Britith Hasenm contains a letter addreued to Hr Orbhtiu-b 
by Mr. Pimzzi, tVom which we eitnci the (bllowing : — 

" TliiB ediiioD is deecribed by Padzb*, ' Annaten dtr Alto- Detitcher IMeral,' 
Vol. I., p. 371, Ho. SGI, but I do not And it mentioned anywhere else. It is men- 
tioned by A. HuvBOLDT only, in the fifth Tolume of big ' Exavten CtitirpK ' (page 
6), where he qnietly correcti< a miBtake he had committed in the preceding Tolnme 
{pagei 16B-9) respecting the date of this cnriona docamoit 

" Whilst some editions in Italian and Latin of VespncdaB' letter say lie sailed on 
the 10th, and othen on the 13th May, 1501, this one says foorleenth in foil — a 
Act, I believe, nnnotioed." 

It ii stated on the reverse of the seTench leaf that this letter was translated ftom 
a Latin copy taken to Pabis in 1505. 

Harstbbb, "Bib. AmtrKana Vetui," No. 38. Bbchbt describee a Strmbcbs 
ed. of 1506, another printed at Leipzio the same year, one at Ndbbhbeki} by 
WoLFGANO HoKRBEe withont date, and a lifth at Strasbdro in ISOB. 

Ambricos Vespccicb was bom of a distin^ished family in Florence, March 9, 
1451, in ahospital founded b? one of his ancestors. He received an excellent edu- 
cation from his paternal uncle, a learned Dominican fi-iar, in company with Fietbo 
Sodkbini (Guliavo Rigci) wIio became Gonfalonier of Florgncb, to whom an 
account of his third loyage was addressed. Of Ills subseqaent life, nothing certain 
is known until 1490, when he was sent by his father to carry on some commercial 
enterprise in 8faiv. In U93 we find him a clerk In a leading commercial home 
at Sevillb. '^Hiile here he heard of the discoveries of Colhhbus, and being 
inflamed with a desire of pardcipatins In his gloiy, joined the second expedition of 
COLDMBCS, which sailed during the same year. 

On the lOth or 20th May, 1497, VESpeoinB saikd from Cadiz, and reached the 
main land of South Aherica in twenty-eeven or tbirly^even days, according to 



difiwent bjographers. He retnnied lo C1.D11 io October of the Mloiring year, 
taking with him two hundred and twen^-two Indians, who were sold aa *laTei. 
There are lome doubts abont the datet of Ais expedition. 

The second eapeditioo, which waa in charge of Pinzoh, is said bj Uiiuico- 
MTLUB to hare liuled from Cadix in Haj, U9B, while Bihdcki and Cuiorii 
place it in Maj, 1499. They reached land in twenty-three, or roity-foni dayi, 
acconling to diOb«Qt writers, and retnnied after a ita; of six weeks. The third 
Toyage was aadertalMn fbr the KlNO OF Pobtitqal, under Cabul. The expedi- 
tion, conuiting of three nhips, left Lisbon in Hn;, 1501, and auume to have laJled 
■long the whole eoait of Sodth AmniOA, from Bbizil lo Fitiqonia. retnming 
to LigBOH, after a vojage of sixteen monthi. In the fburth vojage, the expedition 
left Lisbon in May, 1503, and returned in June of the following jeaj. 

Of the four Toyages of VseFnciue, only the lecond and third were separatel; 
printed in small tracti in lAtin, Dutch, and German within the Snt eight year* of 
the sixteenth century. Of these, Mr. Hakkissb (" Bih. A»urricatia Vdia.") den^ribei 
eleven separate Latin and seven German editions, and meDlion* where they are 
preseried. In the present collection there are eight different editions, namely, 
Latin flve, German two, and Dutch one. 

The foar Toyages wer« published for the Srst lime as an appendix to the " Cot- 
mographU Intrvcluetle," by W.ili> aliai HTLACoaTLtjg, in 1507. They 
are also found (sometimes two, at other times fourj in all the earliest collections of 
voyages printed during the aixteenth centnry. Among these may he mentioned the 
" Paeti Ntxamaiti Tttronati," 1507, its aeveral editions and translations ; the " Iline- 
rarium Poriugailmtiani," 1508; the colletlions of GsTNxns, Albin, Db Bbt, 
Tbhpobal, etc. 

It is staled that although Vbspucidb wrote moch, lie is not the author of the 
accounts of his voyages which have coioe down to us. Mr. liiLBRiaBB ha* given 
mnch attention lo TBartrciDS and the various editions of his voyages, as well as 
to certain letters ascribed to him, and has presented more light on the bibliography 
of his voyages than is to be found elsewhere. In discussing this subject he 
remarks : — 

" After a diligent study of all the original documents, we feel constrained to say 
that there is not a particle of evidence, direct or indirect, implicatiDg Ambkicds 
VBSPnciDS in an attempt to foist his name on this continent." — Bib. Amtric. 
VelBt., p. 65. 

This statement is followed by ■ mention of the leading works which contain 
asseriions for or against Vbspi/cids. All of these antboridea are more than 
counterbalanced by HiTifBOU>T, who, in his " Cotact," and elsewhere, has shown 
conclusively that no proof whatever has yet been adduced to criminate the great 

These first editions of llie voyages of Vebfuciub have recently brought high 
prices. On a recent catalogue of Messn. Ellib & Whitb, London, two editions 
are marked at £B4 etch. The Dutch venun was sold in 1871 by F. Hullbb, 
Amstbbdav, for 1,000 florins. 

The voyages of Coluhbcs and Tbspuckis have, of late, occupied the attention 
of gcograpbcTSL Among the most recent works connected with these narigntors 
are the publications of ScBor F. A. dk yARNHAHBN, Brazilian Minister in Pebc 
and Chili, who has paid particular attention to the subject. The chief object of 
this gentleman, which be has pursued with great zeal and acuteuese, is lo prove the 
recdtude and integrity of the character of Vebpdcius. But the concern of the 
geographer and historian is the question oF the priority of the great navigator in 
American waters, sod the origin of the name given to the New Worid, To eftecl 
this oUect Mr. Vashbaobn has collected all the letters of Vbbpucids, both 



aathenlic iind doubtful, which he hiu Ulnainited with notea, and a critical annlysld 
of hit life, with extracts froin rare books and unpablished docnmenta. 

In these public&tionB, the author has rcnniied (be IdiJn and Italian texts of the 
Vespucci letters, accompanied bj bcsimileii, to vhich be bas added Ihe map ol 
Amehica from the edition of Ptolbhi of 1513, and wme inedited pieces, among 
others the entire text of Yianbllo, of which Humboldt had known but a few 
lines. The rotume is entitled " Amerigo VapveeL Son charaelirt, §et taiU Cn^nri 
la moiia authailiiiMt), ta Vie it hj Nanigalioiu." With mHp and two bcaimiles. 
Lima, 1865 ; folio. It iiicludee " LiUrtt oUrAu^ a Vapuce. tt mpriaufei pour ta 
jtroK^re Jbii deux oa ItoU ti^clet aprit ta mart." " Aaali/te eritiqae et documaiUe dt 
la vie de Vapuee." " Le Premier Voyage de Amerige Yttpaca d^finitiotmenl expligue 
dam M* dttaiU." " NoHveile HaJterdet iw lei demiert vot/aget dv Navigatem 
t'lorentin, et le Teste de» dorvments el tdairciaeaienti nor lui." 


lERGOMAS, Jacob Philip. NoaiBsime hiBtoriaru omniu 
repercussiones : noui | ter a Reuerendissimo patre Jacobo 
philip I po Beigoinense ordinifi Heremitaxum ] edite : que 
Supplementum supple | menti Cronicarii nuncupaii | tur. Incipi- 
endo ab exor | dio mudi usque in An j nu salutJs nostre. | 
M.cocccvi. I Cum gratia & Priuilegio. [ (7%en a coat of armt, 
within a border, surmounted by a Cardinal's hat.') 

(^Colophon:') 1[ Explicit aiipplenientum supplementi Chroni- 
(^rum Dili | genter Et Accurate Reuisum Atque Correctu. Vb- 
NB I TUB impressum Opera & impensa Geoi^i de Ru | BCODibaa 
Anno a Natiuitate Christi. mj}. j vi. Die. iiii. Maii : Reg- 
nante Leonar | do Loredano Venetia- | rum Principe. | 

Folio. 12 unnwmhered preliminary leaves, including HUe. 
Text, 2-449 leaves. 

Sea the edition of 1503 for a iranslation of the title, and for a note. 


■OSMOGRAPHIAE Introdvctio. | cvm qvibva-dam | 
Geometriae | ac | aatrono | miae principiis | ad earn rem 
1 necessariis { Insuper quatuor Americi Ye- | spncij naui- 
gationes. VniueraaiiB cbosmi^raphise [sic'] descriptio | tarn in 
8olido quam piano, eis etiam [ insertia quse Ptholomteo | ignota a 
nuperia | reperta [ sunt. | Distichon. ] Cum deus astra T^;at, & 
terrae olimata Gseaai \ Xec tellus nee eis sydera mains habent. | 
(R'rrt four lines on the verso of the title ;) Divo Maxiniiliano 

,d by Google 



Cseeari sem- | per AvgYBto, gymnaflivm vos ] agense non rvdibvs 

m do I ctisve artivm hTmani | tatds 

(At the end is the printer'* mark, surrounded by the lines as 
gJioum below ;) 


S 3 

3 £ 

I ^ Finitu. vij. kl'. Maij W^ 

S c Anno supra sesqui o ^ 

g millesimum. vij. = c^ 

Small 4to. 62 unnumbered leaves, including/ the title, and two 
for the globe, which is on a double sheet. The reverse of the last 
leaf blank. The signatures are as follows, viz. : A in six leaves, 
B in four, a, b, c, and d each in eight, e in 4, and f in 6. 2 for 
the mappemonde, on ths back of which are twelve lines. On leaf 
bij is a figure of a dial ; the last line " Finis introductionifl." 
On the reverse of the same leaf ' Fhiiesius Vogeeigeiia Lectori." 
Then on sig, biij is " Qvatvor Americi VespTtii navigationcB," in 
two Utus ; on the reverse, Dedication to the King of Jerusalem. 
[Printed at St. Dii.'] 

" COSMOGRAPHIAE j Intbodvctio | cvm qvibvB | dam geome- 
I triae I ac | aatrono | miae principiiB ad | earn rem neceesariia | 
Insaper quattuor Americi | Vespuoij nauigationes. | VmuersaliB 
Coemograpbia descriptio tara | in solido qiiam piano, eia etiam 

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insertis | quae Ptbolomxo ignota a nu | peris reperta sunt. | Dis- 
tiiycon I cum deus afitnt regat, & terne climata Csesar | Nee telluB, 
nee eis sydem maius habent. | 

(First four linex of the v&rto of the title ;) Divo Mazimiliano 
Ciesari sem [ per Avgvsto gymnasiTm vosagenBe non irdibTB | 
indoctisTe artivm liv j 

(^Colophon on the recto of the 52d or last leaf, surrounding the 

printer"'! mark as follows .■) 

I^J < 

3 '" ^ a 

s i 3 ? 

c 9; 00 

3 ^ g " 

a 5 " »■ 

S3. p S 

S » 3 ff 

30 3 g 

si £• » 

Eg 00 3 

® 3 -g §. 

"O Si ffi ~ 

I ^ Fmitu. iiij. kl'. Septe 3^ 

S g bris Anno fupra fef o ^ 

S^' quimillefimu. vij. « £! 

jSjmoU 4to. 52 wnnwTTiJcred leaves, including the title; the 
reverse of last leaf blank. The signatures are as follows : A 
and B in six leaves, C in four, with two for the dovhle le<^ 
containing the globe, D in four, A repeated in eight leaees, b 
and c in four, d in eight, e and f in four. Upon the second A, 
leaf 21, begins " Quattvor Americi Vesputii naTigatdones." The 
folding leaf containing the globe is in this copy placed at the 
beginning; on the reverse is the explanation in _^Uen lines. 
[Printed at St. JOii.] 

[^Trantlalion. — Introduction to Coamograpb}', together with some prin- 
ciples of Geomeby and ABtronomy necessary to the purpose. Also four 



voyages of AmcricuB Vespaciug. A description of universal Cosmography, 
both solid and plane, U^Chor with what was uoknown Ut Ptolemy. Bis- 
TiCH. Neither the earth nor the stars possess any thing greater tjian God 
and Ctesar, as God rules the stars and C»sar the climes of the earth.] 

Tba first named, or Ha; edition, of tbeae two cosmographies, corresponds with 
HARBiBSit's No. 45, and with that described by Bronet, Vol. II., column 317. 
The September edition corresponds with Habrisbb's No. 46, but diETers in its col- 
lation from that edition as described by Bbdnbt. 

The Cosmography, which forms the first portion of this rolnme, is the work of 
the printer WiLJMEB.Miiu.EB, whose name, in accordance witli the custom of 
Bcbolars of that day, was Cransfbnned into its Greek form of HTLACOHYLCi. 

" Bat for this little work," says Mr. Hi.BBiBHB (" Bib. Americ. Vttni., No. 47 ") 
" the western henispbere might hate been called ' The Land of Ihe Uulif Crott,' or 
'AtiaiOu,' or ' Haptridet,' or ' Iberica,' or ' Colaitdaa,' or ' The India' as it ia 
designated offlciallj in Spaik to this day. The idea of calling tbe newly discov- 
ered world Ambsica originated with the compiler of the work before ns, one 
UASTiir Waldsbe-MOllbr, a Dative of Freibcbq, who held a professorship 
in the gymnasinm of St. Dift, in LoBRAina. Tbe suggestion to which we owe 
onr national name will be found on the reverse of the flfteeotb leaf, or that fol- 
lowing a iiij, which is as fbllowe : — 

" Nac Tero & bn partes sunt latiu* lostrais, & alia quarta pan per AmericO Ves- 
pntia {vt in seqnentibns audietar) inaenia est, qui non video car quis iure vctct ab 
Amarico inuentote sagacis ingeaij viro Amerigen qnam Americi teni, sine Ameri- 
cam dieenda : ci & Buropa & Asia a mulieribus sua sortita sint nomina.*' 

[Tnaulatiai. — Bnt now chat these parts have been more eztonaivel; examined, 
and another fourth part bas been discovered by Akebicds Vebfucius (as will l>e 
' seen in the sequel), I do not see why we shonld rightly refase to name it Aubsica, 
ntmely, the land of Amgbiobr or Auebici, after its discoverer Anebicus, a man 
of sagacious mind, since both EuBors and Asia took thnr names Ih>m women.] 

In the maigin against this paragraph is the word Ambbica. 

Mr. Hakkissb cites four editions of the" Cotmographit:" two dated of tlie calends 
of May, 1507 ; and two of the calends of September of the same year. He states 
that " all fonr differ in their typographical arrangements, but not in Che text, eitlier 
of the ' Cotmngraphia IntroduOio,' which forma the first part of the work, or of the 
relation of the fbnr voyages of Vebpuoiuh, which forma the second part." Three 
of these Hr. Habbisse describes from a pereonal examination. 

Bibliographers bave been ranch paziled alrant these editions of the " Coino- 
grapiia," the collations of which dilTerin some instances so much, that the question 
conid only be settled by a comparison, page for page, of sereral copies. This task 
was undretaken by the Hon, Henrt C. Mcbphi, of Bkookltn, who had bafiire 
him diflerent copies of the work, including the four so-called editiMit. Tliis gentle- 
man, in a letter to Hr. Baown on the sabject, says : — 

"I have been able to compare all the editions of the ' Co*mBgraphie' printed at 
St. Dit in 1607. The results of the examination embrace too much deCail for a 
letter, and I must defbr to another time, and in a di^rent form, the communication 
of them to you. I may aay now, however, that the classification of M. D'Avezac 
{page lat of his 'Studio/ WaittemuiUr'] is tintirely wrong in r^;ard lo the editions 
at St. Dii, The first and fourth editions according to that classification are not 
distinct editions, hut are made np from bis second and third, which are the ones 
yon have, and are original editions of May and Sepcembet. The first and fourth 
of his arrangement are made up by substitnling a titie and three other leaves (that 
is, Ihe 1st, 3d, 9th, and 6th leavee) in place of the same in the second and third. In 
all other lespects they are identically Ihe same as the seciHid and third respectively. 



Tbe Mine fbur leavei^ prinwd from ths saflie form, are inierttd in ibe Mcond and ' 
tbird, and Torm thn* tbe flrat and fbnrtb. All tbi> a plain and palpable bj a com- 
parison of the printing, wbicb abows tiM ume Uandera at well ai tjpe and form in 
both Quea. Tonr copy of May \» andoabladlj tho Bret edition." 

Wbat appear* to have been tbe ori^nal Italian Tenion of the four vojagea ha« 
been repnbliilied by Mr. Yabmhaobh ftoni an earlier edition in that language than 
the " CotaugrapkU" cX\iVl,iJi lii« valuable roonograph on Vbhpiicoi, Lima, 186S. 

* VESPUCIUS, Americds. ^ Paesi nodamente eetbouati. 
Et noao Mondo da Alberico Vesputio Florentino intitulato. 

( Colophon ;) C Stampato in Vicbhtia cu la impensa de 
M^o I Henrico Vicentmo : & diligente cura & iudu | atria de 
Zamaria suo fiol oel Mcccccvn. a | di iii de Noaembre. Cum 
gratia & \ priuilegio. p ani. X. como nella | sua Bolla appare : 
che {t I soa del Domino Ve | neto no ardisca i | primerlo. 

Small 4to. "Ktle, in red letters, toithin a blaek scroll, encir- 
cliry a apherty and covering the entire page. *' Cum priuilegio," 
at the top. Reverse blank, 5 preliminary/ leaves of Ihile. Text, 
120 unnv/nAered leaves. 28 lines on a full page. Boman let- 

[^Tratulation. — Countries newly discoTereil, and tie New Worid of 
Alberico Tespucio, called the Florentine. FriDted at Tlcenza, at the cost 
of Master Henrico Vicentino, and by the care and skill of Zamaria, hia son, 
Norember 3, ISOT. With permisiilon and privilege.] 

The original ediUon of the earlieat known collection of TOjegei which haa been 
printed, and one of great rarity. It ii nmetimes called the collection of CAnx- 
KOBTO, for the reaaon that the relation of his TOjage it the Bnt in tbe teriea. The 
title ii lery carious, being within a complicated tctoU atgraved on wood, in red 
Oothic letter) turroundlng a globe. 

The tszt is divided into six books, and one hundred and flftj-two chapter). Itt 
content! are ai follow) : — 

LIbroprimo. f^ In comenia cl libro de la prima IfauigatioaB per loceano a le 
Ism de Nigri de la Basaa Ethiopia per comandamento del lUnat. Signor Inbnte 
Don Uaricb firaiello de Don Dearth Re de Porlogallo. 

This contidni the voyage of ALortiut, or Latis da Ca da Mosto to Che 
Capb VaitDn and Sbnboal, Aagnat 8th, H5t, to Jane, I4S5. 

Libni tecando. (£ Be la Nauigatione de Liabona a Callichut de lengoa Fono- 
galleae intaliana. 

The voyage of Pikbo d'Sinzia (de Cihtha) to Sbmbqal, in USS, written bj 
Ca da Hosto aa related to him by de Cjxtba'b Kfiimrj. Tbe tint voyage of 
Vabco db Gama 1479 to I50O; and thatof Pbdbo Alvabbc 1900 and 

Libro tircio. f^ De la Nanigadone de Liibana a Calidmt (lie) de lengna Forto- 
galleae in taliana. 

Containing the continuation of tbe voyage of Cabbal. 

Libra quarlo. (£ In comenia la nanigatioQe del Ee de CattigUa de le Iiok & 
Paese nonamcnte retro nale. 

Tbii coutaint the tint three voyages of Coldhbub; the voyage of Aloheo 
Nbqbo, and the voyages of Alohzo Finzoh. 



£An> ipdalo. ^ EI Nodo Mondo de Lengai Spagnola inierpreulo in Llionu 

The dnplicatB of the third voyage of Vbbpdcidi. 

I/bro texto. Q^ Da le com da Caliebat conforme a la Nanig&tioiie de Pedro 
Aliana nel ii. & iii. libro leq le le hlno nerUsime Per le Copie de alcaiie Lie 
BBCando lordene de Ii MilleiNDu in qneaU nldmo racolte. 

This chapter contoini part of a letter from Ckitico, the PortDgaese eontapond- 
entof the SignoriaofVBViCB, concerning thiTojageof Cabsal. A letter eoacern- 
iog ft treatj of peace between the Kings of Pobtuoal and CixiouT. I/etter of 
the Tene^an ambasMdor, Paras PABguiLioo, conceniing Caspar Coriuhal'b 
ftnt vojage, 1500-1501. Letter of Fsahcib db i.a Saita concerning Joan db 
Nota's expedition, ISOl-l&OS, to the Eiet InDias. Acconnt given by Jouefb, 
the Indian. Account of Caranoorok and Calicljt. Letter of the King of 
POKTUQAi. to Popa JuLiDB JI., oonc«ming the Portn^ese naTigationi and di>- 

We have |Jaceil the above nader the bead of VaepnciDS, as that is the onlj 
Dame which appears on the title-page. In the " BMiaUieca GVcnnfJiaaa," and in 
Brdvkt, tbe Mune ha« been done. Tranilatlone exist in French, German, Dutch, 
and LatiQ ; copies In all of which langnagea are In this collection. 

"Edition origlnala du plug ancien recueil de voyages qni ait (vi pnbllj. Ells 
eel fort rare, et la plapart dee bibliographee qni en out parU I'ont fait, on lans 
Vavoir vne, on sani avoir pa en ddchiSrer le titre, on bien enfin d'apr& dee ezem- 
plaires incompteta." — Bkuiibt. 

" The tme compiler of this cnrians and important collection of VioaaoB ii not, 
aa has for a long time been sapposed, either MoataiiBODDO Fbacahzo db 
VioancB, or ITnixoAKZio da Hostalboddo, that is to lay, a native of Hona- 
Ajxa-ano, in the Mascbb d'AnoShx, professor of belles-lettres at Vicbhcjs ; 
bnt, according to tbe ingeniona observation of Contb Badblu, Aleisaiidko 
ZoKZl, eosmographer and map-maker at Tbricb." — Huiibolst, Exobuh Oritiqut, 
Vol. IV. p. BO, and p. 469. 

In reftiience to what EnitBOLi>T remarks on the subject, Mr. Hasbisbb says : 
" The opinion that Zobzi was actaall; the compiler oC this work, is based upon a 
mannscript note in tbe Haouabscohi copy, stating that Babibolohew CoLua- 
BUH (who visited Bona in 1505) made a present oC the acconnt of his brother's 
first visit {probaUy the ' Deliuaiu' ori493},with a map of his earliest discoveries, 
to a canon of St. John of I>leran, and that the latter gave it aAernards, while in 
Vbnicb, to AI.BXAKDES ZoBzi, ' suo anuco e eompilaloie della raccolta.' " — Bib- 
liatheea jtmertoana Felustun'ma, No. 46. 

Por references, see also Bib. GroxnUiana, p. 7M. Bbchbt, Vol. V. column 
I1S7. Camos, MemeiTe sur £>t Brg, p. 345. Habbissi, 'So. 48. 

A C0I7 of tldi edition sold at the Boltoh-Cokhbt sale in Lokixm, Hay, 1871, 
leaUied £157. 

■• PTOLEMY. In hoc | oporte haac contingtur | Geographia CI. 
Ftolemaei a plurimis viris utriusque linguEB ctoctiss. | emendata ; 
& cum Aichetypo graeco ab ipsis collata. | Schemata cum demon- 
Btrationibus suis correcta a Marco monacho Coelestino Benerea | 
tano: & Joanne Cota Veronenra urns mathematiclB conaultdssimu. 
I Fignra de pi'ojectione Sphasra in piano quEe in Ubro octavo desid- 
erabantar ab ipeie no | dum inataurata Bed fere ad inuenta : ejus, 
n. nestigia in nullo etiam grteco codice eztabant. Sex tabulae 

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nouiter cofectae vz Hispani^e ; Gallise ; Livonue ; Germ&ni% ; Po- 
loBiiB ; Uugaria; ; | Rusai^e ; & LituaDi^e ; Italic ; & Jndeae .* | 
Maxima quantitaa dierum ciuitatitm : & dietantiEe locorum ab 
Alexandria Aegypti cuiusque : civitatde quae in aliie codicibus non 
erant. | PlanispliEeriuni CI. Ptolemaei novitur recognitum & dili- 
gentifis, emendatum a Marco | mona^o Caelestino Bcneuentano. 

Cautum est edicto Julii, II. Pont. Max. | ne qvis impiimere 
aut impritni | facere audeat hoc ipBum opus | pena excommunica- 
laonia latse sententiiB | his qui contra maadatam iussurnqve | conari 

(^Colophon .-) .... Expensis Eoangelista Tosino Brudano 
Bibliopole Impante Julio II. Pont. Max. Anno in. PontiGcatus 
sm. Die vm. Septerabr. 

Large folio. Title; reverse, Dedication by Torginus; " Romae 
Eidihut Augu,sti isdyu." one leaf ; regiiter 34 leaves; text of 
geography and planisphere 72 leaves, vrith privilege on reverse of 
last leaf; " Traetaium de trihus orhis partibus" 20 leaves; S3 

The IJtle oT thi« TOlame auces Ibere *n nx maps newly added, bnt speciGea ten 
conntiies. Five of Ihese conntriei are on one map, namely, Pqi.ii>d, Huhg^bt, 
GnKMiHY, Bdhii, and LiTBrAHi*. The edition of 1508 ii the Nuns aa tbii wilh 
the exception or the mapof Bshevbht, and that orBcaBii, added. Mr. Eibkibbb )^i 
sayi chat the text (i. t., the geographj and pUniaph'^Tmakea 71 leavea. In thi« 
copy there are 72 leavea. Thii edition maf be called the original of that nf IMS. 

» POMPONIUS MELA de to | tius Orbis desoriptione. Author 
Lu I culentiaa. Niiqua antea citra | montes impressos. ( Wood- 
cut.') lehan Petit. | 

(A( the bottom of the verso of title .*) fi Fasbhisus. v]. Ko. 
Decemb. Mcccccvij, 

(^Colophon on recto of 66M lecff:') fi Anno. Salutifere incar- 
nationis. U.D.Tn. Decima | die lannarij. . Impresau est hoc opn^ 
per Egidiv, Qormu \ tium. & per Torinum Bituricum diligentias. 
reoi^nitam. | Pabbhibub. ( Wood-cut beneath, on the lower part 
of which is GiLLBB DB GoUBMONT.) 

ito. 46 numbered leaves, including title. Table, 10 unnum- 
bered leaves, followed by the colophon on a separate leaf. 


■TOLEMY. In hoc opere | haec conti | nentvt | Gfeo- 
grapluK CI. Ptolemaei a plurima uiris utriusqne linguie 
doctiBs. I emedata : & cu archetypo graeco ab ipeia col- 
lata. I Schemata cu demostrationibos suis correcta a Marco Bene- 

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uentano j Monacho CKBleetino, & loanne Cotta Veronensi uim 
Mathematicis | conBultiaaimiB. | Figura de proiectione Bpherae in 
piano quae in libro octauo desidera j batur ab ipsia nodum in- 
stanrata sed fere ad inuenta eins. n. ueatigia | in nullo etiam gneco 
codice eztabant. j Maxima qoiuttitas dienim ciuitatu: & distantiffi 
locoTum ab Alexadiia | Aegypti cuios-que ciuitatiB ; qusB in sliis 
codicibua no emnt. | PlaniBphieriam CI. Ptolemoei nouiter reo^nitu 
& diligeotiss. emen | datum a Marco Beneuentano Monacho 
ccelestino. | Noua orbis descriptio ac noaa oceani nauigatio qua 
Liabona ad | Indicu pemenitur pel&gus Marco Beneuentano mo- 
nacho ccele- I stino Eedita. [ Noaa & uniuersalior Orbia c<^niti 
tabula loa. Ruysch Germano | elaborata. | Sex Tabulae noniter 
conf ectee uidelicit Liuoniie : Hispante : C^allite : Germanic : Italife ; 
Sc ludfc. j 

Caytvm eat edioto Irlii. II. Pont. Max. | ne qvis imprimere avt 
Tmprimi | facere ardeat hoc ipavm opvs | pena excommunicationis 
late Sententiee j his qui contra Mandatvm Ivavrnqve | conari 
avebTnt. . . [ Anno Virginei Partva | HDVni. | ROMB. | 

Large folio. Title, one leaf; Si preliminarif leavei; text, 72 
unnumbered leaves^ and 14 leaves for Beneventanua's " Ninia 
&rbis de»ariptio ac Noua Oceani ntmigatio qua Lisbona ad In- 
dia& pemenitur pelagus ; " then 20 leaveifor " De 2ViJM« orhia 
partibut" foUovied by 84 copperplate mapa. Text in double 

Thii it • i«4wDe of the ediUon of 1507, with the addition of s counogrBphical 
de«C9lpliou of the world bj Uixocs tor BMiCBranT, in wbicli the writer deecribes, 
Tagnelj enongh, the titnation of Tebea Nota discorered bj the Portngnese and 
Eoglldi, Mid, in a dlitiact cb^ter, the land of Sinti Crdz, in which he iadndee 
the norUiem ooaat of South Aiubioa. u well as Bbaiil, dUcorered, a» he aayi, 
bj the Portuguese and CoLnMBHS. 

It is Talnable for the addition of the map of the world bj Jobah Rutmb, b 
Oennan, which is the jfnt printtd map on which the diacoreries in Ahebica are 
laid down, bat wilhont the name of Ajubioa, and espedall; fbr its delineation of 
the coatt of BKA2IL, which is evidenilj derired from Che Tojage* of VBipccini. 
NBWFODiroLAiiD, to wbich Rdthch had, as Bbhbviiit infbmi na, made a voyage 
hinuelf from the ponth of Eholahd, probably in one of the ezpeditioDi from 
BaiBToi. after the Cahotb, is shown, not as on island, bnt as part of the Asiatic 
continent. The diacoTeriei of Coluhbob in the West Ihdibi and on the northern 
coast of Booth Akbkida are represented very clearly, showing Cuba, only in 
part, and as &r as the great discoverer bimielf had explored It. GbbshLlAHO, 
which is figored in the map* in the Ptolemies of 1!>B2 and 1586, as a part of the 
Earopean continent, is made here a peoinsnla of Asia. With the exception of the 
error in connecting the northern discoTeries on the main land of Aha, the t^erail- 
ing idea of that day, this map is a correct reiHVsentation of the state of American 
discovery at the time of its pnblication. hie "G&groflmdii Ma/en Age" thusepeaksof the map of the world 
above retbrred to ; — 



" Jbak Ruthch derelopi, for hii nnirenal table, the conic projection on tbe 360 
degreed or lon{ritude, and to tbe 45° of lonth Ulitade : after this manner he reveals 
all the oeir dixcoTeries gnulaated. Terra landa cmcU nm nuitAu luntut diflbn in 
nothing bnt what i* teen in Portngneee hjdrogrBphj. In this, below (he map, we 
read, ' Tbe Ponogneie marinen examined thia part of the earth, and went at for m 
the 50th degree of the eleTadon of tbe Antarctic pole, bat not to the lODthon] end 
of it The namea on the coan onlj reach to the 40th degree, aa in tbe hjdrog- 
raphj. Tabtda Una imm of this fajdrography, reproduced in 1&18, 1B30, IS33, 
anid 1939, present a singnlar error in the inscription of abbatia omniKin aanctoreui, in 
jdace of bahia, baja, bale. This error appears in the fbnr Tojages edited by 
Htlacomtldb. It is believed that this error was invented by HrLACOiiTLOS, 
who probablj cooperated in the publication of the hjdrogrqih;. Bnt the map of 
Bdtsoh, in the Rome edition of the P10I01117 of 1508, to which u added the Nooa 
arhit dnrriptia da Baumidi, contains the some error; or it had ita origin in the 
Latin tranalMion of Oiacokdo, who, in 1504, Bbhtxndti sent tnua Libbok tnto 
IxiRSAiirE, and which he himself carried to Itj^lt.' 

" The northern portion of this new worid of Rutscn is different from the Portn- 
gntK hjdrographj. He ignores much more of the Spanish diseoveriea." 

JRt^retoei. — BRmiBi, Vol. IT. col. 954. Humboldt, Examtn Critique, Vol. 
n. page* 9-9, and IT. p. 131. Hibriisb, Wi. Ameneaxa Vetta^ No. 60. 

^ VESPUCIUS, Ahbrious. Paeu nouamente retrouati. & Nouo 
Modo da Albetico Veepn | tio Florentmo intitolato. | 

( Colophon .■) C Stampato in MiLANO con la impenBa de lo. 
lacobo & fratelli da | laga&ao: & diligente cura & industria de 
loanne Angela admen \ zeUr : nel. M.cccccrm. a di. xrii. de No- 
uembre. | (^Regitter and printer's mark.') 

Small ito. Title, beneath which, nearly filing the page, it a 

wooet-ffot repreaentinff the Sing on hit throne receiving Veapuciua, 

Reverie, beginning of Table, which it oontimied on three leavea. 

Text, 79 unnumbered leavet. Roman Letters. 

The second Italian edition. Tha" BibUaAtca Gremnniana" adis It (he third. 
As no copj of an edition mentioned by Tbrhauz, No. 1 1, printed at Vbniod la 
known, the present one may powibly have been intended. H*BaisaK, No. U. 
BnonBT, Vol. T. column I19T. 

* VESPUCIUS, Amesicus. Itinerariu Portagalleaiu e Lusitania 
tQ India et in | de in occidentum et demum ad aquilonem. { (^Fol- 
lowed by a large map of Africa nearly filing the page.) 

(Right of the teeond leaf:) ItinerariTm PortngallensiTin ex 
Vlifibona T Indiam nee | non in Occidentem ac Setemptrione : ex 
Vemacnlo sermone in | latinum tzadnotam. Interprets Arcb- 
at^;eIo Madrignano Medio | lanenae Monacho CarenaUensi. | 

(Firtt right of aignatwre B ;) MedJolani Kalendia loniiB. 

(At the end:) Open suprema manns impoeita est kalendis 
qnintdlibua. Lndouico gal [ liarum r^^ fauius urbia Iclite sceptra 

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PacR tAamati ttttaaia.S Nwo ^Kfoifa AlbericoVc^ 
tio Floraitiao mmulaco^ 

Facsimile uf tide to"'i^esii»ovfai\entifetrovati. 1508"." 



Itincrario ^ortogaflcrifi etaiitank in'^n^iin 
le in occidcntcm 7 oemum ad aqutlonon. 

i^t*Ua-o Facsimile of title to the " Itincrarium Portugallensiui^."45pjE;^^^QQQ|^ 



r^ete. lulio secundo potifice max | imo orthodoxa iidg feliciter 
moderate : anno nhe salutis. 

Folio. JVtZe, one leaf; index, two leavet, and 7 other prelim- 
inary leaves, unnumhered. Text, i.— Ixxxviii. leaves. The lait 
two leaves are numbered 77 and 78, instead of 87 and 88. 

[TrantlatioR. — A Portuguese Itinerary from Ladtania to India, and from 
thence to the West, and lastly to the North. Portuguese Itinenuy ftvm 
Lisbon to the Indies, to the West and to the North, translated from the 
Ternscnlar language into Latin by Archangelus Madrignano of Milan, of the 
order of Carevalenses.] 

The work is a Latin lrans1ati(Hi of tba " Paeii ruxamentt retroeali " of 1507. It 
contain* the DSTigationi of Ca da Hosto ; thiee of Coldnbob ; that of Alokzo 
Nboro; the vojageuf the brotliers Pinzov ; tb« third voyage of VsHpnaics; the 
namiiTe of Jobbpr, (he converted Indisn, l)Tang;ht to Portuoai, bj Cabbal, and 
letters relating to the Fortag:neu voyages. 

The eighth and Isst preliminary leaf (not inclading the two leavei of Index) 
ends with a metrical eologiam upon HADsiaiiAno by Qdiktiahcb Stoa. These 
Terses close with a semicolon at the bottom of the reverse page. «o that many per- 
sons have iMen led to think there oaght to be some further preliminary matter in 
coDlinQBtioo of the iambics. Bat tbe semicolon is simply intended for a mark of 
interrogation, set at tlie end of aqnestion in which the verses are bronght to a con- 
closioD and a climax thns : — 

" An credls ergo dignioT mortaiibus 
Sit qni laborei inperet et vivens denm * " 

The valne of the leaves of Index in the " /linemrium PoriagaUentiiim," and tbe 
neceuily of possessing them, mnsC be estimated from tbe fact ihst they give an 
analjsie of the contents together with the iiameB of the discoverers, while the text 
of the book runs on from chapter to chapter withont distinction. The narrativet 
of CoLDHBcs, PiKzoH, and Vespucci, concerning Ahbhica, begin on leaf S3 and 
end on 75. 

At the BoLTON^^OBHEv sale in Lorimhi in 1B69, a copy of this work brought 
£157. In the ifustfe (iu SooertipTu, at the Louvre, there is a cop; printed on vellum, 
bearing the arms and cypher of Rbhbt II., interlaced with that of Diama ow 


iic^reacef . — Bstmrr, Vol. III. col. 474. Eabbisbe, No. 58. Teknacx, 
No. 13. 

» VESPUCIUS. — B.UCHAMEE, JoBST. Nowe unbekantbe landte 
XJnd ein Newe weldte in kurtz vei^nger zeythe erf unden. 

(_Golophon on the verso of the leaf preceding the table of con- 
tents :) % Also hat ein endte dieses BiicUein, | welches auBz 
wellischer spracb in die dewtscben | gebrachte vnd gemachte ist 
■worden, durch | den wirdige vnd hochgelarthen herre Job | sten 
Ruchamer der freyen kiinste, vnd artz [ enneien Doctore, &c. 
Vnd duich tnich Geor | gen Stiichazen zu Niireinbergk, Gedriickte 
I vnd volendte nach Christi vnsera lieben her [ ren gebardte. 
im M.ccccc.viij. lare, am Mit | woch sancti Mathei, des heiligen 

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apostols I abentlie der do was der zweyntzigUte tage | dos Monadts 
SeptembiiB. | 

Folio. Title, on a tcroll encircling a globe, one leaf. 67 
unnumhwed leaves, text in double columns. 

[TVoru^ton. — New uoknovo lande, and a new world lately diMOTercd. 
Here eods this little book which has been tmulat«d from the Italian 
langu&ge into the Oierman by the most worthy aad learned Hr. Jobsten 
Ruchamer, Doctor of arts BJid medicine, &c. And was printed aad finished 
by me, George Stiichazen, at Nurembei^, a. d. 150S, the Wednesday before 
St. M&tthew'B, September 20th.] 

A OenDUi TereioD of tbe " Paai mmanttilt nlnxitUi," of ISOT, Speaking of ibe 
book, Humboldt siijs, " that the work of RooBAMBa is io a style eiOremely niOf, 
and more correct and better digested than the ' Zrinerariiin PortugaBemiun.' " " It 
[i one the rarest of all the early books of Toyages." — Bib. GrenvSliana. C^ims 
■ays he never saw it, and only knows it by the description given by Pamebr. — 
ifa». tar la Cell, da Vogaga, p. 344. Hence it is not in the Naliona] Library at 

For particalan regarding ita oontonts, see note to the " Patsi novammti ntrmmti," 
1507. Habkisu, Bib. Americana Velut., No. 67. Bbdnbt, Vol. V. column 1160. 
Tbrmadz, Mo. 13. 

Annexed is a bciimile, somewhat reduced in nie, of the title-page of this book. 
The same scroll is nsed in the Flattedeutsch Tersion which follows, the words in the 
latter being changed. In the Italian veision " Puesi nwaaunie retroBoli" of 1507 
is a similar scroll, the letters being in red. 

^ VESPUCIUS. — Hbnninq Ghbtelin. Nye vnbekande lande 
imde eine nye werldt ia korter voi^ngener tyd gef unden. 

(^Onthe reverse of the title -■) Enem etliken anechouwer desses 
bokea entbuet Henningtis Ghetelen sinem denst nn vruntacliop. 

Myt gunst nD wyllen des werdigen Tnde hochgelereden heren 
Josten Ruchamer der vryen kiinste tmde arstedye Doctoren &c. 
welker dyt Boeck hefft eretmaelB gemaket vth dem walschea in 
hochdttdesch, dorch bede vnde anlangent ener einet gude vronde. 
So hebbe iek Henningus Ghetelen (vth der keyserliken vryen 
Stadt Liibeck geboren) vor my genamen, dyt Boeck to maken 
vnde to wandelen vth dem hochdiideschen in myne moderlike 
aprake, alse men redet in den loffwerdigen Henseeteden, unde ok 
in den wyd beropenden landen Sassen Marcke Pomeren PriiBsen 
Mekelenborch Holsten &c. (^Tkis notice extends to 35 lines, and 
ends MJttA the word Dixi. The rest of the ■pc^e it filed by eight 
lines, printed in Roman letters as follows .-) 

Eioadem Henninghi Ghethelen LubecenBia 
et adolescentuli Hexastichon Ad lectorea. 
Euomit insignia Stnehs calcografia Georgi 
Teatonico-: eic Franco : iam noua regna stito. 

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Title of Vespncius' ■■ Ncwc unbekanthe laiidte," 1508. No. j,6. 

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Quo patet aetbiopum mores et regna : reuelat 

En mundi populos : et simulachra noui. 

Mira (legas) nostiiB animalia pandit ocellis 

Monstra sed humanis euolat apta iocis. 




(^Colophon, at the end of the iecond column on the laat page ;) 
Also hefft dyt Boeck einen ende welker Tth Walscher sprake in 
de Hoeclidiideschen gebrijcht vndo gemaket is, dorcli den Trerdigen 
vnde hoechgeleerden beren Josten Ruchamer der vryen kunate 
Tode aratedyen Doctoren &c. Daina dorch Henningii Gheteleii 
Ttk der keyserliken Stadt Ltibeck gebaren in desse sine Moder- 
likeo Spn^e vorwandelt. Vnde dbrch my Jiiigen Stiickszen to 
Nureinberch Gedriicket vfl Vulendet na Christi Tnses leuen beren 
gebort. M,ccccc.Tiij. jare am Auende Elizabetk der billigen 
Wedewe dede dar was am acbteyenden dage KoTembris des 

Henningbi Gketelen Liibecensia 


Vasta periclo sceptra graui scmtata Colubi, 

Regis et inrngnis Emanuelis ope. 




Folio. IHtle on a scroll, precieely like that <if the German 

edition (Jifo. 35). Meverae at above ttated. Texty 63 unnum- 

hered leaves. Register, 4 leaves, reverse of the last blank. In 

doable columns, (9otl)ic £etter. 

ITratulation. — New unknoirn Countiy and a new World recently dis- 

(0» reaenie of the title:') To every beholder of this Book Henoingua 
Ghetelen presents his service and friendship. 

By the lavor and pennissioD of the northy and most learned Master Joost 
Rachamer, Doctor of Arts and Sciences, &c., who hath first turned this Book 
from the French into High German, at the request and solicitation of a good 
friend of bis. Then have I, Heoningus Ghetelen, a native of the imperial 
free city of Lobec, undertaken to render and translate this Book out of the 
German into my mother tongue, which is spoken in the laudable Hans 
towns, and likewise in the widely renowned countries of Saxony, Mark, 
Pomerauia, Prussia, Mecklenburgh, Holstein, &c. 

The Hexaatlch of the young Henning Ghetelin of Lubeck, to bis Readers. 
The illustrious press of GeoTfcc Stuch? renders 



Now from French into German style tlie new realmi ; 
By this it makea known llie manners and kingdoms of the Ethiopians ; 
It reveala botlt the people and the pictures of the new world. 
And fittiog enormities will it develop to the wit of man. 
(^Colophon :) Thus hath this Book an end, which has been brought and 
rendered out of the French into the Germao tongue, by the worthy and most 
learned master Joost Ruchamer, Doctor of Arts and Sciences, &c. After- 
wards converted into his mother toogne by HeoDingus Ghetelen, a native <^ 
the Imperial city of Lubec. And printed and completed by me George 
Stuckg at Nurembergh on the eve of the feast of the holy widow Elizabeth, 
which was tlie eighteenth day of Noreniber in the year M.ccccc.Tiij. after the 
birth of Christ onr l>eloyed Lord. 

Distich of 

HenninguB Ghetelin of Lubec 

Vasta periclo soeptra gravi scrutata Coliibi, 

Regis et insignis Emanuelis ope. 



This volume is printed with letten exactly liko tboae in the German translation 
of Ruchamer. The form, paper, justifica^on, signiitares, and number of pages are 
identical in the two editiona. The last sheet is composed in the same manner, or 
fbnr leaves, of which seven pages are printed, and the ragbth blank. 

The letter of the Kiho of PosTnoAi. to the Popb, which is found at the end of 
die " Pam" of 1507, bat which is wonting in the Italian edidonsof 151T and 1518, 
and In the Latin and French translations, is fbnnd in the Cienaaii edition, and in 
this version. 

This cop; of the Low-German or Flatte-Dutch translation by Gbbibuh may be 
considered nniqne, no other being known; nor is it mentioned by any bibliographer 
exc^ H^mBiBSC, who, in his " BSiUatiuca Amtriaota Vetia.," AddUiau, 'So, 29, 
deacribca this Identical copy. It was discovered b; the late Mr. Sobolbwski, a 
distinguished Russian collector, in the interior of Russia, in a library wholly 
Russian. Its present possessor obtained it at the sale of the Sobolewski library, 
which look place at Leifziq in July, 1873. 

The PlaOe-deutich must not be supposed to be Holland Dutch. It is a dialect 
spoken in the provinces of Nohthbui Obskaby, as appears from the statement of 
Gbbtblim liiniself, in the paragraph quoted from the reverse of the title. We 
leom that this palois still exists. 

8 VESPUCIUS, Americus. 

Van der nieuwer werelt ost landtecap 
nieuwelicx gheuode Tade doorlnch 
tighe coS. va Portugael door de 
alderbestfl pyloet oete zeekender d'werelt. 
{Tranilation. — Of the new world or landscape, newly found for the illns- 
trious King of Portugal by the best pilot or marine- of tlie world.] 
{Right of the last leaf:') Al dit v's. is ghetraslateert eS 
ouorghestelt | wt dat ytaliaensch in lat j. eil Toordt wte | ktjne | 

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in duytsclier spraken. op dat die mcBchen j ^eten moghe eS 

T'ataen wat grooter wondelic | hede daghelicx gheuonde werde. . . 

Gbeprent Tliantwerpen aen 

Dyseren waghe. Bi 

Ja va DoesboTcli. 

Ecelo deecendit v'bum quod 

gnothochyauton. [ Gnothi seauton.'] 

ITrfaiilation. — All this forgoing is traogUted and brought ovi;r from the 
Iti^an into Latin, and further from Latin into Dutch, that men may know 
and Qudentand what great wonders daily are found. . . . 

Printed at Antwerp at the iron balance, by Jan vau Doesbotoh ; E celo 
descendit verbum quod gnolhochyauton. (Enow thyself.)] 

4(0. Mght mimbered leaves, each of 30 or 31 Unet, 0-othic 
letters ; amall 4(o, only lec^ 5 with a tignature (S)/ the reverse 
of the la«t filled hy a wood engraving. Six woodcuts : on the 
right of the first leaf ; on the reverse of leaf 1, Jonae thrown 
into the movih of the whale ; right of leaf 3, four female aborig- 
ines ; reverse of leaf 4, Indians fighting ; reverie of leaf 6, 
repeated from the right of leaf 1 ; and reverse of the last leaf, 
repeated from the right of leaf 3. 

" This Dutch yespncdaB hu remained entirely unknown down to the present time ; 
it is mentioned neither by Hirbibsb nor by any other bibliographer. I have 
fbend no notice whatever anywhere, so that thb poBSBtiT la thb nnsT oopt 
KHOWH, *Hi> >UT jrSTLT BB CALLXD iTHiQnB. It comefl from an intignificant 
libraiy, sold a year ago at Autweqi, and was bonnd up with three other pieces, all 
printed there in the first ten years of the sixteenth century. 

"The book itself ia the translation of Vespdccidb' famous letter to LiuB. db 
Mbdicis, on bil third American Toyage, nndertalceu in I50I for the Eiko of 
PoKTCOAU It begins beneath the wood-cut of the first page. 

" ' Lauriti gcedt mitt In voorUtiS daghi Mi I'c Atberiau v getrraie va n^ atdercoit.' 

[Lanrentius, good friend, in the paet day* I Albericus hare written to you of 

my return.] 

" At the third page Uie reladon of the voyage itself begins, and it is curious, that 

while EiRsisBB, in his eztensiTe note to the first Latin edition (No. SS), gives 

Hay tDch or 13th, or June iOth, as the probable day of the departure from Lisbon, 

here YESpnocms himself uamea the first of May : ' Indi iare ot hert oil me taeef 

MCCCCC di tmde yertii docA va Meg loti/ mal geraist.' [In the year of our 

Lord ISOl the first day of May we hare set sail.] I have found nowhere else this 

date mentioned. 

"Thebookbearsnodate,bDt it if out of question that it was printed in the period 
I506-B, the time when alt the separate editions of Vespuccius were published. It is 
one of the first prodnctions of the bmons printer Jan ran Dotsborgh, at Antwebp, 
whose publications (principally romances of chivalry with wood-cnts, curious 
popular books, etc.) rank among the rarest of the Antwebf printers. Just the 
kind of hit publications makes it easy to understand that they have disappeared, as 
it were, nnder the hands of the reading public,"— Mncxan, Catalogat o/Booh m 
Anurica, Amst,, 18TI. 



[Facsimile of the title-pat/e of the Dutch Vespucius.'] 


niratnelicx glieuotie bilietKiacIurl) 



Igocnost meMnostiettmimI tt«ttmiittatlM 
tactcm lattliiaBictoiiCTbaincstjigaftctctattw. 
" I r'aurtti joeUt Mit in bootlerte Hagi)? fiei it 
JU aitetic? b grecttuE ba mj tocJticoBt alu bS 
Ic ninitoc laitscajiptliittos m« grotetcoist rii Boi= 
^i mtrom bat gctobt bea aIb'biiotIucf)tic<)ste tafi» 
«toft. ba IJotf ugal tieibc Btaodit eft gEuonbl Jfflelt 
labt met tertit men noeme mact) Die nieubie tnetelt 
Vi bielctte lanbe ana oubetg ost meeMetEi n; en a 


(^At the end of the text, right of last leaf:') 

Cfieptent ^{lanttnecpen ten 

Msenm biagtie. 131 

3a bi ]Bo(8)iiirrti 

iEcelo lieemitiU b'tum ifuoli 

(^Reverie of last leqf:) 


QLGOSUS.] BaptiebB Fulgoal de dictia factis- | que 
memorabilibua col | lectanea : a Camil | lo Gilino Lati | 
na fa | eta. | 

(CoZoyAon :) lacobua Ferrariua Mediolani. x. K1. lulias a 
redemptione Christiana anno MDViin. inipressit. 
Folio. 366 unnumbered leaveB. 



Reprinted in Paris, bj Pcfr. Vidaae, 1S18, It) 4to ; at Antwbbp in 1565; at 

BablbIqISST; and at CaLOOHB in 1604 in 8to. In the Biblioth^que Impfriale at 

Fasis is a cop; of this work printed on vellum. On signalnre Ilii is a shoTt 

chapter relating to Columbus, of irhich tha fblloinng ii a tnmsUition : — 

" Of Chrihtopher CoLCHnca. 

" Wonderfnl also was the effect of the art of naTigation and of Coenu^raph;, 
wbicb was exhibited in the ;ear of ^ace li9S, by Chrihtophgx Coluhbits, a 
Genoese. In one and thirty da;a be reached Ihdia l^m Cadiz, jnst w he pre- 
dicted be would do. Very often he had discojsed the matter in the presence of 
Fersinamd, King of Castiu ; and, indeed, he had at length pennaded him, that 
it was not only poutbte, bat very eaiy to sail lo India In a direct coarse from 
Cadii. And yet before him had no one done this by this shorter way, while very 
hw also were ther who scarcely reached Ihe ontermost UmiCs of India with long 
time and great p^s, by the coast of Ethiopia and the Sonthern Ocean." 

BtferoKa. — Yah Pbabt, Cat. dtt livrtt inprinA mr n^'n de la Bit. da Soi, 
Vol. V. p. 1S6. Bbunet, Maimd, Vol. IL ool. 1421. Gbaxub, ZVAor de Lima, 
Vol n. p. S45. 

« COSMOGRAPHIE Intro | ductio : com quibuBdam Geome- | 
trise ac Astronomi^e princi | piU ad earn rem | neceasariis. | Ineuper 
quattuor Americi Ve | Bpucii Nauigationes. Uniuersalis Cosmo- 
grapbife descriptio | tarn in solido quam piano, eis etiam | inBerdB 
qiue Ptliolonueo | ignota, a nuperis | reperta snnt. | 

(^Colophon .•) Piesait apud Aeobntoba, | cob hocopuB Ingeni- 
OBUB Tir Joannet \ gTiiniger. Anno post natum sal | vatore supra 
aesquimil | lesimu None. | [1509.] Joanne Adelpbo Malicbo 
Argentines castigatore. | 

Small 4to. 32 unnumbered leaves; diagrams and description 
on the hack of the so-called mappemonde. 

[TVatuIaiton. — Introductioii to Cosnu^rapbj, together with some prin- 
ciples ot Geometry and Astronomy DecesBory to the pnrpoBe. Also the four 
navigations of Americas VespnciuB. A description of universal Cosmography 
both solid and pl^e, together with what was unknown to Ptolemy, and 
which has lately been discovered. The ingenious man, John Griintger, 
printed this work at Strasborg, in the year of onr salvation 1609, under the 
corrector John Adolphus Mulioh of Strasburg.] 

Habsibsb, Bti. Aaerieana Fetus., No. 60. Bbdnbt, Vol. IL cotnmn 319. 


|ABTHEMA, L. de.] Itinerario de Ludonico de Var- 
tbetna Bolonese | nello Eypto, nella Sunia, nella Arabia 
deeer | ta & felice ; nella Persia, nella India & nel- | la 
Ethiopia. La fede, il uiuere, & eo \ etumi de tutte le prefato 
Pro I uincie con Gratia & Pri | uile^o infra nota | to. 



(^Colophon :) It Stampato in Roma per maestro Stephano 
guill I reti de Loreno & maestro Hercule de nani | Bolt^neee, ad 
instatia de maestro Lo | douico de Henricia da Coiaeto | VicStino. 
Nel Aqdo h. I D.x. a di. vi. de De | cembrio. | 

4to. Title, reverie blank ; text, ii.-c. numbered leaves. 

ITraatlation. — The Itinerary of Ludovico di Varthema, of Bologna, in 
Egypt, in Syria, in Arabia Deserta and Felix, in FerBio, in India, and in 
Ethiopia. The r«ligioa, mode of -life, and cusbima, of all the aforesaid 
pKtTincea, with the Grace and Prlvil^e hereinafter mentioned.] 

Nothing; ii known of the author of this book, except that he wu of a Boman 
tamily, bom in Bolooha, and ia celebraEed fbi the remarkable voyage which be 
made to the East between the jemn 1503 and IMS. His Itinerary was first pnb- 
hshed at Bomb in 1910 in Italian, and many times reprinted. It was also traaalaied 
into Latin, Spanish, German, and Dntch, in which languages it was sepsniely 
printed, chiefly in the sixteenth century, which is an eridence of the great popular- 
ity of the work. " The ule is told with a charming simplicity, and all the concise 
Ittihatn of a note-book." In the Italian edition of ISSO appears the " Iliiia-aty of 
lie Itlaad of YvcaUm," by Joam db Qbijalta. His ITarels were made in the year 
1S18, and embrace the earliest accoant we have of that connlry. Why a jonmal of 
trarels in TtfcATAN ahonld be appended to a voyage and travels in the East cannot 
be explained, except that Vaxtbeha'b Itineraty being widely read, it was thought 
that more would read thai of Okijalta if appended to i^ than if printed separately, 
five Italian editions contain the " Itinerary of Yacaliai," but it is not found in any 
of the inoBlations. The following are the Tariooe editions of the work : — 

/rali'an. — Bona: Ouiliirtti,' 1510,410; ditto, 1517, small 6vo; HtLAir : Z. de 
Siaami, 1517 ; ibid 1518, small 8to; Hilah ; Sciiaetader, 1519, 4to; Vbhicb : 
Z. de Awconi, 1530;' ibid. 1593, small Bro i Vehice : M. Pagan, no date 
[11530-1532]. The last three contain the "Itinerary of YuixUan." Ml las : 
SciiaenxfUr* 1523 ; ibid. 153S, both in 4to ; Tehicb : Z. de RvKoni, 1536, Small 
8to; Verice : Bindoni, 1535, small Bvo. The last (wo hare the "Itinerary of 
YvcaUm." Vesicb : ISfiS. fol., and 1539, fol. The aathority for the latter is ' 
B. de la Bicharderit. The edition or 1510 is excesaiiely rare, besidei the present 
toyj no other being known, exwpi one in the Grenrilte Lihtary. 

SponiiA. — Setillr : CmmbergeT, 1520, 1533, and 15TB, all in folio. 

iuhn, — Milam:* lan, 4to; Auo. Vimd. 1518, 4to; Nubehbero, 1610; 
Franktobt, 1611, 4to. 

Gtrmim. — Adospkro : Miller, 1515. SnASBOnBo : Knolilock, 1516. Atros- 
FBBO:*151S. Frakbtost: Gul/enchen,' \m. StbaBbouro; f'nDVodb, 1519. 
AcoaPEBO, 1530. Ebebt mentions an edition of 1556. Leipzig, IRIO. And 
Tbkkaux, " Bib. Allot, tt Afrique," notices Gennan editiona, Leipzig, 1608," 
I3mo, and 1615, 4lo. All the Gennan editions are in 4to, except thai ori608. 

Dutiii. — DiRKCBT : ^leuwcnAuuen,* 1654, and Sneltaai* 1655, both in ItO. 
1615 {Meati). 

French, — In the " Dacription de I'Afilgai," by J. Lroh, Africain.* LroHi, 
1556, lol. 

£^uA. — In Edbh's " BiHory of Travagle in the Weel and EaM Indtet," 
LoNDOH,* 1577, and an abridged account in Purciias'" //is PiVyn'nu^," Lo)ti>oN, 
16!5-6, folio. 

Tbose marked ' are in this collection- A new iranilstiou with a preface by 
JohkWihtir Jones, with notes and an introdnciion by Oeoboe Pbrct Badoeb, 
with a map illoitratire of the route of Vartheha, was pabliihcd by ihe Kaklnyt 
Society in 1863. 

,d by Google 



^. iWartjriB angU 
meDtolanrnets opera. 
Ctsatto Sab^lonica 
(©ttani ijtcaB, 

Cum preuilegio. 

gNGHIERA. P. Mabtyeis Angu | Mediolanensis 

opera, I L^atio Babylonica | Oceani decas, [ Foemata, [ 

I Epigrantmata. | Cum preuile^o. | 

( Colophon .*) (^ ImpreBsum HlsPAl.1 cS summa diligencia 

per Jacohu eorum [ herger alemanu. Anno MillesBimo qoingen- 

teseimo, zj. mese veto | April!. | 

Folio. Title ; reverte, C " P- Martyr anglus Mediolfuienms 
protonotarios apostolicua RegiuB conailiariuB Jnacho lopeg men- 
docio tendille comiti : litteraru cultori," 22 line». Text, 74 
unnum£er«d leaves; from the 53(2 leaf to the end in doKhle 
eolumne. ®0l^U UttXtX. On the right of the forty-ffth leaf a 
wood-cut map, without title, upon which are laid down the iilandB 
of Cvha, Hitpaniola, Jamaica, Bermuda, and the Canaries, with 
portione of the coagta of Florida and South America. The text 
continued on the back of the map. 

There were two iunea of thia Tolnme in the wme jear. Sever&l t;pogr^>liiet1 
errors being liiscovered tSca the tint itm etrnck off, two learei were reprinted and 
iuned with the Temaining cofoea. A new Utle was reprinted for tbeie, and Ihe two 
leavei which were inserted between (he Decade and (be po«(r7 con(aiQ a list of 
errata and an addreu lo Cardinal Ximenea on Ihe valne of illDstra^Dg (he text 
with a chart. This cbart, which 'a wantiiig id many copiei, is remarkabl; correct 
for the period, and nothing eqnal to it appeared for a long time after. It meaiitiea 
7} bj 11 inches. A bcsimile, somewliat reduced, is annexed. 

This Pbtbb Habttk mast not be coafbnaded with the Fbtbs Makttb who 
took a pTomiDent part in the BeformatioQ. Oar historian is Piktbo Mixinz 
t>'AllOHlBBA,and it is under the nameof Ahcbibba that hil writings are generallj 


Map friJiii Peter Murtyr's " Legatio Rabylonrca," 151 

d by Google 



refined to in thi* Catalogae. He wu bora in 14t>5, at Asoha, od Lake Uag- 

" Having flnished hii edacation he was sent to Rons, where he entered into the 
lerrice of Cardinal Visoomti, and where he remained ten jean. From Romb, 
accompanjing a Spanish ambassador, Pbtkb Mibttb went to the court of 
FKBDiitAHD AHD IsABBLLA, bj whom he wu well teceived. Thia wai in the ;ear 

"Hii career traa thencefbrward mixed up with the greatest affairs of Sfaih, 
which be had good opportunities of obsen-ing, as he was one of chose persons, 
common iu that age, nnhappilj common in oars, who in their time play many 
pans. Be WHS a soldier, a schoolmaster, an ambassador, a lUlesmsn, a priest, an 
historian, and a gosuping man of letters, who reminds the English reader occatlon- 
ally of lioKAoa Walpolb and of Mr. Peptb. fie delighted in the eociety of the 
great; and was upon the firanlceet and most intimate terms with (hem. 

" FiTEB UiniTK serred two campAigns in Fbbdimahd and Ibabbli.a'b armies. 
To use an expression of bis own. he fed with his learning the studious youth of 
Sfaih. He was intnuied with an embassy to the Sdltui of Earrr, of which 
he has given an account i and during the troubles which ensaed in Spaim, after 
Chablh thb Fifth came to the throne, he was in corretpondence with the 
Bf^nt ApKiAN, afterwards Pope, and was a priT; coooeillor." — Helps, The 
SpanM Conquat of America, Vol. I. p. 107, note. 

"AtDOng Uabttb'h principal works is a treatise, ' De Legatione Babilonica,' 
being an account of a visit to the Sultan of Eotpt, in 1501, for the purpose of 
deprecating the retaliation with which he had menaced the Christian residents in 
Falbbtinb, for the injuries inflicted on the Spanish Moslems. Pbteb Masitb 
cocdncted this negotiation with such addresa, that he not only appeased the Sultan's 
resentment, but obtained serend important immunities for his Christian subjects, in 
addition to those preTJouslj enjoyed by them." — Pbrscott, HiiL of Reign of 
Ferdinand and ItabeUa, Vol. II. p. 76, UOta. 

;^^rcnce>. — Bbciiet, Manuel da Lit., VoL L coL 393. GbabBbb, TVAot, 
Yol. I. p. 1S9. HarkIBSE, Bib- Anurieana Fetus., No. 06. 

" PTOLEMY. ClaTdii Ptholemaei Alexandrini Li ( ber Geo- 
graphiae cvm tabvlis et vniversali figvra et cvm ad | ditione 
locorrm quae a [ recentioribva reper ( ta svnt diligenti | cvra 
emenda- | tva et im | preesvs. | 

{Colophon, on the leaf preceding the mapt:') Venetdb per 
laeoimm Pentium de leueho ] Anno domini. M.D.Xi. Die. xx. | 
Mensia Martii. | 

Folio. "Ktle in red letUrB ; reverse, poem to the reader by 
loanneg Aureltvg Augurellus. " Bernardi Syluani Sboliensis 
annotationet in Ptolemai geographiam" and " Tabvla" 3 
leaves. Text, 58 unnumbered leaves, in double columns. 28 
maps, engraved on wood; the names in red and black, each 
occupyittg a dovile leaf, namely, one map of the world, ten maps 
of Europe, four of Africa, twelve of Asia, and a second map of 
the world. 

[TrantUuion. — The Iwok of Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria on Geog- 
Tapby, together with maps, a map of the world, and a supplctnent tt 



the places which have heen discovered by recent navigators. Carefully 
corrected and printed.] 

ThlB Ulier map is extendod farther eftatwsrd than (he first one, and embraces 
ZiFANOC (Japan), and ihe Ea4t Jndi* iilandj. AratoA is extended hrlher south, 
while on the west ttio new world, as Tar as then known, is represented, Thii is a 
narrow strip, upon which appears Tbksa Cuba, Ispahia, and seTeral small 
DDDaintd islands near. Farther north are Reoalis dohus and Tebba i^abor- 
ATOBU2, The northwestern portion of Europe ia called Enobor bland. On the 
northeastern portion of Souts A>ebica are the words "canibalui romon," and 
that below the equator is called " Terka San ctab Cbvcbs." Three rivers are 
here noted. This district embraces the Portuguese discoveries of the period. No 
other names are given. Upon the map of Africa, just below the equator, are two 
lakes fh>in wliich (he Nile rise^ which correspond with the lakes NTABStA, recently 
made known by English trarellere, and namol aFter Queen Victoria and Pxiiccb 

This is the first engraved map on which the countries discovered by OaBpab 
CoKtBBBAi. are laid down, though some writers assert that they are shown on 
Rutsob'b map, which ia so far correct that Newfocndi.and ii there represented. 
But here the name of Corte Real is distinctly applied in the words rrgalit domut ; 
and the designation trrra laboralori», or Labradob, also relates to his discoveries. 

" Bernard Sylvanns, of Ehoti (the author of the annotations), wu a geographer 
of remarkable learning, boldness, and ima^inatioa. His work can scarcely be 
called an edition of Ptoi.biit'8 " Coimegn^hia," ibr he undertook therein to 
remodel Piolebt himself, by means of data borrowed from modern navigalon, 
which he intenpersed with such erroneous conjectures boldly set forth as (acta, that 
no reliance whatever can be placed upon his map«, text, or assertions. Withal 
Siltanvb' " Ptolemy " is. In a cartograpbical point rf view, an extremely carious 
book. Lblewel says that the maps are ' admirables, d'une fbnne sjduisante et 
plus proportionni!e, plus harmoniease qae les constructions de ce genre de geo- 
graphies post^rienres.' " — HaRHissb, Bib. Amtrioana Vitui., No. SB, 

/{«/«r«ices. — Broiikt, Manad, Vol. IV, col. 9S4. Habrtssb, BA. Anericana 
Vetu*., No, 68. VOK Pbibt, Cat. da Livrei Bib. du Roi, Vol. V. No. 4, 

** VARTHEMA. Lvdovici Patritii Roman! nowm | itmerarivm 
Aethiopiae : Aegypti : | vtriT8C|ve Arabiae : Persidis : | Siriae : ac 
Indiae ; intra | et extra Gangem. | 

(^At the end :') Open suprema manua imposita est auspiciis 
Gultissimi cele | bratissiniique Bemadini Caniaial hispani. Epi 
aabi ] nefi. S. R. E. Cardinalie c<^nometo sancte cru j cia 
ampliBsimi. quo tge quibus Don | q antea bellis ; Italia cm | dele 
imodu ue | xabat. | Finis. | (no place or date) Mediolabi mdxi. 
Folio. Title, reverse blank. Index, 8 leave»; dedication, 4 
leaves ; text, i.-lxii, leaves. 

See No. 41, ISIO, for note and translation of title. 

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JTOBNICZA, John db. Introductio in Ptboloraei Coa- 
mo- I graphia ca longitudinibus et latitudinibus regio | 
oum & ciuitatum celebriorum. | C Epitoma Europe . 
Ence Siluij | Q! Situs & distinctio parciuin tocius Asi& per brachia 
Tauri mo | tis ex Asia Pij secundi. | (C Particularior Minoris 
asia descriptio ex eiusdem Pij asia. fi Sine compendiosa de- 
scriptio : ex Isidoro | C Africe breuls descriptio : ex paulo oroeio. 
C Terre sancte et urbia Hierusalem apertior descriptio : fratris ) 
Anaebni ordinis Miuorum de observantia. | 

(t Magister paulus : Crosuensis. Lectori studioso. | 
Qui fieta, quifootea populos ac maenia colles 

Quique cupie oasti noecere regna soli 
Hue precor hue nultu paulisper uerte benignum 

Exiguuinqne l^as candide lector opus 
Omoia quo magni clauduutur climata maodi 

Quodque fonet uarijs terra rotunda locis 
Quo populoe urbes mirabere flumina montes 

Et quae sunt oculis non bene uiea tuie 
Quo ptolomei aubito (mihi crede) uidebis 
Et releges spaream grandia scripta libri 
Et quod Tnille alij docti scripsere libellis 
Hoc partio inueniee conepiciesque libro 
Adspice quam paruo lector etudioae libello 
Clausa Bit immensi machina magna soli. 

(^Colophon:') t Impressum CraCOVIB p FlorianU UngleriS. 
Anno dai. H.D.xij, 

4to. IHtle; reverse, "Dedication," continued on both sides of 
the following le<^, 2 leaves. Text, i.-xl. leaveg. Colophon on 
the right of the last leaf. f&oi\)U CetUl- Tioo maps. 

{Tramlalion. — Introdaction to the Cosmography of Claudius Ftolemy, 
together with the latitude and longitude of celebrated countries and cities, 

The DediCHtion ie inscribed — " Reueraidiaitno in chritio patri \et dQ-\ miaa: 
Joanni dei gracia Episcopo Pomaaiiii loannea dt Stub \ nicza S. d. 

Upon ihe same ps^ ie the roIlowiDg- : — 

"El nt loli Ploiomeo laiorattem, curaai eliam aolas Jactre quatdam paria tart ipti 
plalomeo tdij$q«t velatlioribtu ignolm qnr Amen'ci irapucij aliorumqiie Ivtlratioiie ad 



{Trandaiim. — And lent for Ftolemy alone I hsd labored, I have taken care 
■]»o to make notes aboot certain parte of the land unknown lo Ptotemy and other 
older writere, wbirh hare come to our knowledge through the iraTcIs of Americas 
YeapuciuB and others.] 

Upon the rererse of fblio t., in the chapter " Dt Meridianis," afcer speaking of 
the diacorery bj Vespucihb of parts of the earth nnknown to Ftoumt, Stob- 
BiczAlays: — 

" Similiter in occoiu uZfra africata 4 atropam magna pan lem quam ab Amerieo 
ei'us Ttplort Ameriram vocani vulga aufm nouus vmndui dicitar." 

[TramiiUiim. — Likewiao in the neat bejond AFStc* and Eubops there u a 
large part of the earth which they call Amebic*, after Ambbiccs iu digcoverer, 
but it is commonlj called the new world.} 

Upon the reverse of folio vii., in the chapter " Dtpartibut tare," we read ; — 

" Nm mli ait fditie trtt gtes nunc sunt laeiui luilraie, eenin jf aiia qaarta pan ab 
Amaico vetpvtiv tagad* ingaai viro iimetUa at, qvam ah ipta Anteriao tint inuentore 
A merigem 5«' " anterid lerram liue americi apprilari miiM cuius ioiiUido est «ui tnla 

[TVonstoion. — Not only the before-mentioned three parts (of the earth) are now 
known, bnt another, a foarth part, has been discovered hj Amerigo Vespucci, a 
man of penetrating genins, which part ttiej propose to call Amerigen or America, 
the land of Amerigo, after the same Amerigo, its discoverer.] 

The western hemigphers, as here shown, embraces the poriioD of the world not 
deacribed b; Ptdleht, extending 180 d^reee westwardl; from the Cahjlbibs. It 
is limited b; the seventieth degree of north Uiitade and the fiftieth eonth. It con- 
sequcntlj includes eastern Asia and its adjacent islands. 

The new world is represented, bnt withont the name of Axbbica or anj other 
dewgnatiDg the whole continent. Tbeie are, however, a few names of perticnlar 
parw. Above the fortielb parallel of north latitude are the words " ortui dt bona 
rnifura," bejoud which the continent extends lo latitude 60° N. The coast line 
fiom thence south along the Atlantic resembles closely the confignratiOD on the 
map of the New World in the ProLBiir of 1513. On the main land, in latitude 
30° N, occurs the name of Is*BBx.ti. There are two large tslaadg corresponding 
in their positions relaUvelj to the aintinent with Cuba and Hibpahiola, the 
former not named, and the latter bearing the name of Spagholla. A peainaula 
extends to the Golf of Mbzioo in the direction of Yccatah, with the name of 
Arcat beneath it. Fvlber east along the same coast is the incomplete title of 
CAPUT DB STA DB. Proceeding in the aame direction, in latitude 10° S., are the 
words GoBPFo Fbxhoho. and at the extreme easterly point of the South American 
continent. Caput B. Cnuoia (C. St. AuanaTiHE}. In latitude S3° S., still along 
the easterly coast, we have Mohtb Fbgooso. The continent terminates at the end 
of the map in latitude 50° 8., with the name of ai.i,a pboa. 

On the west side the continent is limited by straight lines running north, north- 
west, and again north iWim 50° 8. laL to G0° N. lat., evidently indicating the 
incompleteness of the discoTeries in that direction, which is shown also by the 
inscription on the larger territory of the south in conspicnons letters, "Tbbbj. 
IHOOOiiiTA.." In the west beyond is shown the island of Japam, and stiU further 
the eastern portion of Asia, irith Cathat and othet provinces of that part of 
the woiid- 

In the nttfthem Atlantic, Iobland alone is represented be;ro"^ the continental 
line of lat. 50° N. 

This map is the first one which showg Ambsica as a distinct continent, extend- 
ing so fkr north as the latitnde just mentioned. 

The two maps described are facsimile* taken ttoat the copy of Stobhicia in the 
Imperial Library at Vienna. 



R^trtaca. — Pihzeb, AhhoUi Typegrayhici, Vol. VI. p. 454, No. 4S. Hab- 
KiMB. Bibli'alhtai Amerifona Vttiu., Noa. 69 »nd 95. A «econd edition «u printed 
>t CbaCOw, b; ^icnrn^um yicforfln in 1519 in 4to. 

*^ EUSEBII C-£SABIENS1S Episcopi Chrooicon : quod Hietonymus 
presbyter divino eius ingenio latdnu facere curavit, et usque in 
ValeDtem Caesare Romano adiecit eloqaio. Ad qnem & Prosper & 
Matthseus Palmerius, & Matthiaa Falmerius, demum & lohannes 
Multiuallifi complora qiue ad h[ec usque tempora eubeecuta sunt 
adiecere HenricTs Stephanus. 

(^At the end;") In alma PariBiorum Acadeniia. MUlesimo 
qamgenteaimo duodecimo. Idibua veto lunij. 

4(0. ^tle, one leaf; 19 unnumbered and 1-175 nvmbered 

On pag« 173, ander the due of 1009, it a panage which donbtleta refers to (oum 
Indian* whom a Dibppb pilot Qtmed Tbomas Aubekt took to FmAnca, men- 
tioaad b; Cbablxtoix, in hit " Hut. dt la youvtlle France," Vol. I. p. 14. We 
* siTB K tnuialuion : — 

Anno 1509. Seren wild men are brought from that iiland (which it called 
Terra Notk) to Ronen with their canoe, clothing, and anni. The; are of a tootj 
ccdor, with thick lips, and bearing marks on the face drawn like bine veins tlong 
the cbeek-bones from the ear to the middle of the dun. With hair black and 
eoarae lik« a horse's mane. No beard thronghout the whole liRi ; no hair on the 
pobia, nor in bdj other part of the entire body, except on the head and eyebrows. 
Thej wear a girdle, in which is a sort of pouch to corer the priTiiics; thej form a 
dialect with the lips ; religion they have none. Their canoe is of bark, which a 
man lifts on the shonldeis with one hand. Their arms : Large bows, the strings 
being of inteatinei or sinews of animals ; arrows, oanes barbed with flint or fish- 
bone. Tbtir Sxtd ; broiled flesb ; drink : water. Of bread and wine and money 
they hare not the leait nse. They go naked, or clad in the skine of beasts, bears, 
deer, sea calres, and the like. Their cotintij parallel to the seventh climate is 
nearer the weit than France is fiuiber from iL 
A second edition was printed at Pakis in ISIS. 
&/lreaee«. — Huuiimb, Biblialheca Anuncana Fstus., No. 71. 


JTOLEMY. Claudii Ptolemei 1 viii Alexandrini | Mathe- 
maticae disciplime Pbiloaophi | doctiesimi | Get^^raphiie 
opus novissima traductione e Gneco | mm arcbetypis 
castigatissime preaaum : cteteris [ ante lucubratorum multo pr«e- 
etantiua. [ Pro Prima parte continens j 1. CI. Ptolenuei Gec^ra- 
phiam per octo libros partitam, | ad antiquitatie snam, integre et 
sine ulla corruptione. | 2. Vna cum collatione dictionum grfeconim 
e regione | ad latinas certissima graduum caLculatione. | 3. R^a- 
tr&tionem item novam i-egionum, prtefecturarum, civitatum, flu- 

,d by Google 


ininum, marimn, lacuum, portuum, ailvamm, oppidorum, Tillarum 
ac gentium, ad ordinem j chartarnm & colunuiaruni Bingula cer- 
tissimo monstrana indice. | 4. Qua brevis & doctiesima Gr^;orij 
Lilij Bubsequitur Ln | structio de Grsecorum numeTali supputatione, 
in traductione gneca res scitu aurea. | 5. Tabularum deiu Aoctoris 
vigintiseptem ordo hie est | Grenerale orbis juxta descriptionem 
Ptolemaei Una. | Europre tabulfe Decern. | Aphricse tabulce Quat- 
tuor. I Asi{B tabulse Duodecim. | Est & una corporis Spherici in 
piano juxta finem. 7. li. | Pai^ Secunda modemiorum luatrationum 
Viginti tabu- | lis, veluti supplementum quoddam antiquitatis 
obso- I letEC, 8U0 loco quee vel abstnisa, vel erronea videban- | tur 
resolutiesime pandit. | Adnexo ad | finem tractatu sicuti lectu ' 
jacundissimo, ita et utilissimo de Tarijs moribua & ritibus gen- | 
tium : eorundemque ac localium nominu ori^nibus. | Breuis con- 
tinentia Libri. | Oppida, regna, lacus, montes, & Eequora, silvas, | 
Ac hominum mores hie Ptolemeua habet. \ Cum gratia & priuil^o 
Imperiali | per 4 annos. | 

(^Colophon on reverse of the teventy-tecond leaf:') Anno Christi 
Opt. Mas. UDSni. Marcii xu. | Pressns hie Ptolemeeus Ai^entinee 
vigilantissima casti- | gatione, industriaque loannis Schotti ur- | bia 
indigence. Regnante Maximiliano Csesare semper Avgvsto. j 

Large folio. Title, one leaf. Text, 5-60 leaves. Index, 15 
unnumbered haves, on the last page of which is an address to the 
reader. Title to maps, one leaf, on the reverse of which it 
another address to the reader. 47 maps engraved on wood. 
" Tractatnm de tribus orbis partibua," 14 leaves. 

This is an entirely new and remarknble edition of Ftolbmt by two different 
pereons. The text is newly rendered into Latin by Matthew Rinqmak, whose 
name is grecized Pbilebidb. Tlie mapa are dirided into two leries, one comprii- 
ing twantj-Beven which retain the old nomenclature, and the other conBisting of 
twenty which ehow ihe different parts of the world according to modem discovery 
and knowledge, and are the work of Mibtim WALTZEMitLLBit, greciied HTt.A- 
COMTLDB, the author of the " VomKgraphia Jnlrodiu^io." published at St. Difi in 
I50T. They were prepared and engraved in the tame year as that pablication, at 
the expense of BsHfe, Duke of Lobkaihs, and remained unpublished, probably 
in conaeqaence of his death, until their appearance in this volume. Two of them, 
entitled " Orbia typaa Univertatii jiata hgdragri^oram tradilionem," and " Tabula 
Urre mve," contain American discoveries. On the latter Cuba, called Isabella, 
is represented an an island, which is a step beyond the map of Rdtbch, though, in 
taci, it is of no later date. There is no representation of the northern discoveries 
of Newfoundland, but an incongruous and fslse delineation of a coast north and 
west of Cuba, The discoveries of the Spftuiards and Portuguese along (he coaBlB 
of South America are shown subetantially the same as on the map of RorscR 
and with some additional names. The map of the world cODtains only a poriion 
of what is given of Ahebica on this one, and represents Qreehlaiid as a por- 
tion of Europe. 

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Upon the MCtion which cormpondi with that which ii now known u Tiicatah 
are the wordJ, " Brc terra nrvm adioBa^ibia iiuulii inuoila «it per CtiunM imu- 
«nKiii tx mandaio Regit CatteUm," ToUowed hj the wordi " terra itaogiiita." 

The two map* to which we htre refcmid, in connection with certwn remarks in 
the prc&ee, on the ravene of the fecond titl»-pige, hare led to the atippositioii by 
Bbuickt and Habbimk that the first one, " Orhi» lypiu uninertalii," wat depicted 
h; CoLnMBUH himieir. Upon this question Sabtaum sayi, " We see that the 
marine map was called ' Carte lie PAmirai,' as it was originallj entitled bj 
CoLiTiiBus, or bj Cabkai^ bnt neier bj YaBrtiotira, as he had not bad this 
eminent title. It appears without doubt that the ntap tbns entiiled was designed 
perhaps bj Colcmsui, or b; his order alter his diseoTeries." — RecherditM mr 
Americ Vajniet st set Voj/aget," p. 1 69. 

A/mnca. — Bbdhkt, Mnnwl, Vol. IV. col. 955. Gbaimb, TVaot de LIm; 
Vol V. p. 501. HABkieac, BQ>. Jsun'coaa Vety., So. 74. 


AGNUS, Albektob. Habes in hac pagina. Amice 
le I ctor. Alberti M^oi [ Gennam principis philosophi. 
I De natura locomm. Libru mira | eraditioBe, & singu- 
lari fruge re | fertu, & iam primii, Bumma diligentia reuisum, in 
lucem I seditii, que legis dilige | ntius, si uel Cosmogra | phia uel 
Phisica p. fecisse te uo | lueris. ] 

( Colophon .-) ExcUBum Viennie Austrise. Mens. Mar. M.D.Xlin. 
I Opera HieroDTmi Victoris & loan. Sin [ grenii Socior, diligentium 
impreesor. Impe- | ais uero Leonbardi & Lues Alaotae | fratrnm 
Ciuinm Viennenfflci. | Imperante Diuo Maximiliano Ciesare Aug. 
I P. F. P. P. I 

4(0. 52 unnvmbered leavei; a large wood-eut, repretenting 
jive imperial »hield», on the reverie of the latt lecff. 

On the right of tbe 18th leaf is the Ibllowing marginal note; "Ecet eondudit 

vltra ejuamxali. 50. gradibiu terram eae luHabMU q VapvlioM ni priaribnt aiuut in 

nu tnmgatiBiiibvt itmenit j- deJcriptil," It maj be Ihni translated : — 

" Behold 1 he concludes that beyond the ecUptie, in the 50th degree, that region 

. which VMpndiu ia hit vojagea in former jeais diKOTcred and described, was 

HuMBOLi>T in speaking of this work ujt : " Dans I'^dition de Strasboarg dont 
JB me aers, et qui a pant tmis ans aptte la mort d' Amerigo Vespncd, I'^ditear, 
George TanstMter est n ^merreilK de* coiyectDres d' Albert le Grand snr les terres 
de I'h^mlspbire anstral, halHt€ josq'aa 50 degr£ de latitude, qa'il j reconoail 
nne propbtftie accomplie par la navigation d'Amerigo Ve*pacci." — Exanen Cri- 
ti9w,Vol. Lp. lai. 

Hr. Hakxibsb noticM an edition of 1514, Abouttomiti : M. Scturer, and 
another at the same place b; the same printer in 1515 — both in 4io. Habrimk, 
Mo. TS. 

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iCHONER, JoQN. Luculentisuma quaeda | terrae totius 
descriptio : cu multis utiliBaimis Cos | mograpbUe iniciie. 
I Nouaque & qoam ajite fuit verior Europse nostne for- 
ma I tio. Prteterea, Fluuiorii : montia : prouintiaru : Vrbiu : & 
gentium ^luri | mora Tetustissima Domina recentioribos admixta 
Tocabulis. Multa etia quEB diligens lector noaa TBuique futura 
inuentit. | 

( J.B epigram, in eight linet, from John Eilter, followed hy .■) 
Cum Priuilegio luuictis. Romanoru Impeia. Mazimiliam per 
Octo annoB : ne quis imprimat : ant imprimere procuxet codices 
hos : cuip Globis CoBmograpbicis : sub mulcta qmnqua^nta 
florenorum ReneC. et amissione omnia exemplarium. | 

(^Colophon on the recto of the last leaf :') ^ Irapreesum NOBIM- 
BEBG^ 1 excusoria officiua | loannis Stuchtien. Anno dooiiiii 

4(0. Title, one leaf, with artM on the verso. _ 11 preliminary 
leaves, unnumbered. One leaf with a wood-cut representing a 
globe on a stand. Text, 65 leaves. 

\_Tranilation. — A most laminons deBcription of die whole earth, bother 
with many very useful elements of Cosmography. A new and truer descrip- 
tioD of Europe than any preceding ones. The oldest names of Hvers, 
mountains, proTinces, cities, and of most nations, have been compared with 
the recent ones ; the reader will aleo find many other things new and aeefiil 

With the privilege of the inTtncible Emperor d the Romans, Masimilian, 
for eight years, to tbe effect that nobody shall print or have any of these 
books printed with the cosmographic globe, under penalty of 600 Rhenish 
Borins and the loss of all the cajneB. Printed at Nuremberg in the office of 
John Stuchsen, a.d. IfilS.] 

ScBOHEa wM bora in UT7 at KjutLSTADT in Fsahcoicia, studied at Buibbbo, 
and made globes. In ISSO he constracted a vsry Urge ODe, which he took to 
NuBBMBBBo npoD bit ^tpoiotment u a profittsor theie, where it is still preserred. 
He pabliahed two essays on the utility of terrettrial globes. He died in IMT. — 
Lklbwxl, Giograpkie da Mogat Agt. 

Sefirtnea. — Harbisbh, Bib. Anteriana Vtbalitsima, Ko. 80. 


1NGHIERA, Mabtye, Pbtbb. loamies ruffus foroliu- 
iensis Arcbiepua Cdsenti { n' : legata' : apo. ad lectore de 
orbe nouo. | Accipe non noti prteclara uolumina mmidi | 
Oceani : & magnas noacito lector opes. | Plurima debetur typhis 

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tibi gratia : gentes | Ignotas : & aues qui uehis orbe nouo. | Magna 
quoque autori referenda est gratia nOBtro : Qui facit haec cunctis 
regna nideoda loois. | Autor. | Siete pedem lector ; breuibua com- 
pacta Ubellis | Hsec lege: principibus uaris de cimoqae leooi [ 
Pontifici Hummo inscripta. hio noua multa uidebis. Oceani 
mag p?"' terras : uasta lequora : lingnas ] HactenuB ignoatas : atque 
aurea Bfecula nosces : | Et gentea nudas expertes aeminis aCri : 
Mortiferi nummi : geinraisque auroque feracem | Torrentem 
zonam : parcat ueneranda uetostaB. | 

De orbe nooo Decades. | 
(^Colophon:') Cura & digentia uiri Celebris Magistti Antonii 
Me I briBsensis historicir^ii fuerunt Iise tres protono | tarii Petri 
martyris decades Impresase in | contubernio Amaldi Guillelmi in | 
IlluBtri oppido carpetaniB pul | else copluto quod uulgari | ter 
didtur Alcala pfe | ctii eat notus No j uembris An. | 1516. 

Folio, Tide, within a border; a$id 62 unnuTnbered leaves. 

" Al Lectorum," 1 lei^; o»e blank; "Vocabula barbara," 8; 

'* Legatio Babylonica," 16 unmumhered leaves. Roman letters. 

[I'ToiiMliaion. — John RuAib of Porii, Archbiihop of Cosenxa, apostolic 

le^Ue, to die reader, toudung the Nen World. 

Accept these exquisite volnmes coBcerning the New World, and learn, 
O reader I of the great treasures of the ocean. The greatest gratitade is 
doe to thee, pilot ; thee who earnest unJcnoirn nations and birds to the New 
World. Great thaoks are also due to our author, who shows all those 
kiogdoma in their places. The author. Reader, stop 1 read what is con- 
tained in this short work, ineciibed to different princes, and to Pope Leo X. 
Here jaa will »m muty things of the ocean, great coantrles, vast seas ; you 
will learn of hitherto unknown languages, aad of golden ages, and of sude 
nations free from the corrupdng influence of monej ; of the torrid zone, 
fertile in precious stones and gold, — respect the venerable antiquity. 
Decades of the New World. 
By the care and industry of the celebrated Master Anthony of Nebris, 
tliese three decades of the historian and prothonotary, Peter Martyr, were 
printed in the office of Arnold William, in the celebrated city whiuh is 
commonly called Alcala. Finished November 9th, 1516.] 

" This edition of iha first three Decades is little known even to the most diligent 
lubliograpbcvs. Bbdhbt mictions an edidon or Ui.nBii>, 1516, as bdng; noticed 
in the catalogue of the College of Clbbmomt, whicb la probably the aame book as 
this, tbe dedication to CoAaLES V, being dated tram Madbid, October 1316." — 
Biblictlieea Grtmnliiana, 

" The edition of the first decade of PxtbbMabtth, printed at SBTiLt.B in 1511, 
had been pnbliihed, as it seems, contrary to his wishes, and contained only the first 
nine books of tbe first decade (the portion wMcb, on the recto of the forty-first leaf, 
bears the title of ' Ocean, decadii (Sri Decinuu,' is only a short dissertBtkin, ' Df 
B^itrttitimibuM iiauiariuni aa/ufum per k libeUam '), In 1 SOS he wrote for Mkn doza 
iw TnRTtLi^, a genuine Lib. X., which completes the firat decade in the edition 



beforeiu, while the lOth of the editioii of 1511 is added totbeSth. Weknowthmt 
Pope Leo X. iru M charmed with Peter MAKTTfi't Deode that be re«d It to 
his aiater, end to the cardinal! eft^r sapper, troia frmU, and 10 saliel;, antil late 
in the night, and are not (Diprised, therefore, to leam that Ibis eiilightened Pope 
inatrucEed BorsiSAmi, hie embasaador to the Court of Spair, to request the intar- 
eiiing annalist to continue his ' Oceanict.' " — Habkissb, Bib, Amtrieana FiOu.. 
No. 88. BsciltBT, Vol. I. column 393. 
*' PSALTERIUM Hebr^cum, Grtecum, [ Arabicum, et Chaldai- 
cum, cum tribuB | latinis interpretationibuB & gloBBiB. j 

(A( the end:') Impreasit miro ii^nio, Petrus Paulus | Porrua, 
geniue in sedibus Nicolai luBti | niani Pauli, preesiilente reipub. 
geunenBi | pro Sereaissimo Francomm Rege, prestan | ti viro Oc- 
tauiano Falgo6o, anno christia | ne saJutis, millesBimo quingen- 
teainto sex | todetumo menae. Tllllbri. 

(^Colopkorif beneath a liliaceoue plant, with the letter P on each 
tide .*) Petrus Paulus Porrus Medio | lanensis, Tauriai degens. 
Folio. Title, in red and bla^ik, one leqf, and 3 preliminary 
leaves, aontainitig, 1. An epistle from Jacobus Ahtiqtjaeius 
to GiuSTlNlAMi, dated Milan, viii. Kalen. Aprilia, 1516. 2. 
Pr^ace 6y ' Giushhiahi addressed to PoPB Leo X., dated 
Genoa, Cal. Aug. 1516 ; repeated in Hebrew, Chaldean, Greek, 
and Arabic. 3. The approbation. Text, 199 unnvmbered 
leaves. Printed on Vellum. 

ITrarulalion. — The Psalter, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, aod Cboldee, with 
three Latin iuterpretations and gloseee. 

Frinted with wonilcrful skill by Peter Paul Porms, of Genoa, in the house 
of mcholaa Juitiniao Paulus, under the excellent Octavianus Fulgoso, Pres- 
ident of the Republic of Genoa, in the name of the most illuitrioua King of 
France, in the year of the Christian Salvation 1G16, November 9th. Peter 
Paul Porrus, of Milan, residing at Turin.] 

Tbia polyglot Psalter is an important volume iu a collection relating to Aheb- 
ICA, on account of a Idography of Coloiibos, bj Giustihiaiii, the editor, on the 
margin of Psalm xix. verses 1-4. Colnmbns having proclaimed that he had been 
chosen by God to exemplify the thought or prophecy expressed in this Pealm. 
GiuSTiRiAHi inserted on the margin of bis hook die biography refemed to. The 
text ie as fbUow* : — 

1. The heavens declare the glory of Qod ; and the firmament sbowttb bis handy 

S. Day onto day ulteretb speech, and night unto night sbeweth knowledge. 

3. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the 

It is opposite these lines that the biography thus begins : — 

" Than it was Chbistopbeb named Columbcb, a Genoeee by Inrlh, of low 

fomlly, who in our times, by his enet^, explored In a few mouths a giealer extent of 

land and of sea than almost all the rest of mankind ever did in all past ages," etc. 

Every reference to (he great navigator at this early period, but twenty-four yeara 

■l\er ihe discovery of Ambbica, possesses an interest. The text is printed entire, 





accompaoied bj an EDglidi tniuUiioD, to H&brihb'b " Natttm Ci^mbia," pagea 
74-79 ; aDd in the " Ckrittian Exaaiaer," BosTOir, S«p(«tnber, IBiB. 

We give a facsimile, rednced, of the title-psKe of the Pialler. 

Rrftrtncf. — Tak Pbut, Cataiogae da Lierti tar VtUn, Vol. I. p. 8. Hak- 
miaui, BiUiadKca Americana Velui., No. 90. 

" PSALTERIUM Hebnecura, Gracum, Arabicum, et Chaldaicum, 

Folio. Same at the foregoing, on paper. 

M VESPUCIUS, Ameeicus. Le noaueaa monde et iiaaigacionB 
f ai I tee ]i Emeric de Vespuce floretin. Dee | pays et isles 
iiouuellemet trouuez, au | parauat a noua incongneuz. Tat en 
le I thiope q arabic, Calichut et aultres plu ] eieurs regions 
eBtranges. Translate de italien en Lague francoyse par Mathorin 
du redouer licencie es loix. 

( Wood-cut repreienting a veitel with men at their oars, an aged 
man in the *tem, with the motto " Togve la gvallee," and below, 
the words *' Cialliot. dv. pre.") 


Cum priuilegio regis. 

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C Imprime a Paris pour Galliot du pre, marcbant U ] br^re 
demourant sus le pout uoetre dame, a lenseigne de | la gallee 
ayant la Boutique en la grand salle du Fallays | aa second oilier. 

Small 4iU>. T^tle, letteri in red and black ; reverse, privilege. 
5 preliminary leaves. Text, i.-cxzxii. leavet. No date, hut the 
Privilege it dated at Pasis, January 10, 1S16. 

[_Tranilalion. — He new world and navi^tioai mads hy Americus 
VeapuciuB, Florentine, of coontriei and ieUnds newly discorered and jwe- 
viooaly unknown to vt. As well in Ethiopia, Arabia, Calicut, and Bereral 
other foreign regions. TransUted from ihe Italian into French by Mothurin 
du Bedouer.] 

A French translation of tb« " Paai navanrnti rannat! " of 1507. 

See Habribbx, Bib. Americamt Vebu., So. 86. Bruhkt, Vol. V. colonn II5S. 
Tbbmadz, No! IT. 


BESPUCIUS, Ahebicds. Paesi nouamente retrouati per 
I la Nauigatione di Spagna in Calicut. Et da Al- 
i ber I tutio Veaputio Fiorentiuo intitulato Mon | do Nono : 
Nouameute Impreesa. 

( Colophon :) C Stampata in Vbnetia per Zorzi de Rttamni 
mill I anese : Nel. M.ccccc.xyii. a di xyiii, Agosto. 

Small 8vo. Title, first Kne in black letters, follounng three in 
red, with wood-cut of the city of Venice. Reverse, table, which 
extends to the three following leaves. Text, 124 unnumbered 
leaves ; reverse of last leaf blank. 

The wood-cut on ths title.p«ge is repeated in the ediUon of ISSl, which ■««, in 


■OMPONII MELAE Hia- 1 pani, Libri de situ orbis ttes, 
I adiectia loachimi Vadiani | Heluetii in eosdem Scho- | 
liis : Addita quoque in Gre- 1 ographia | Cateche«i : | & 
EpUtola Vadia^ | ni ad Areola | digna le- | ctu. | Cum 'Indie© 
Bummatim | omnia eomplectete. | Cautum est Caeearao Priuilegio 
ne alibi hoc | opus proximo sexennio imprimatur. | 

( Colophon .•) ■ ImpreaBVB est - Pomponivs | ViENNAE Pah- 
NONIAE, expensis Lvcae Alantse \ civis et bibliopolae Viennensis, 

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£mtam dl iCad'areo -^nuile^o ne alibi boc 
_ opas p^oinmo feicenmo impnmatur. 




per I loannem Singrenivm ex oe- | ting baioariae. mense | Muo, 
aoni. I HJ).xvin. | ( With large tooocL-cut and printer' b nark.') 

Folio. Title, one leaf. 22 wtaiwtahtred preliminarif Uavet. 
Text, 1-132 leavei, and 1 unnumbered. 

ITrantlation. — Three booki of Pompooiiu Mela, the Spauitkrd, on the 
«it« of the earth, together with the scholia of Joachim Tadianm, a Swim, and 
alio the guide to the ge<^raphy, and letter of Vadianna to Agricola, worthy 
of being read, with an index containing, in a concise form, BTerjihing. It 
i« prorided by Imperial privilege tliat this work cannot be printed within 
the next rix jeare. PompomQB Is printed at Yienna in AoBbria, for Locaa 
Alaiitae, hj John Singreoiiu <tf Oettingen in Bavaria, Hay, 1618.] 

"The fint place in which wa And the nameorAuRioi, ued a little farther 
a-6«ld, it in a letter dated Vibrni, 151S, ft«m Joacbih ViDtmnB la BuDOUsna 
Aobicoul, and inierted in the ' Pvmpamia Mtia' of 1518, edited bj the former. 
The exprcMion and ii ' America diieoTered b; Ynpotiiii.' Amerkam a Vapnccie 
rQMrtam. Bnt althongh tbi« Vadianni, whon real name wai Joacbim WkTt, 
wiitea from Yibhk* in ISIS, I find that he waa a native of St< Gill, whence in 
1508, being then twentf-fbnr jeaiB old, he went to the High School at Yibhsa. 
Hit learned diipntationa and verMi gained him the chair of the Profenonhip of 
the liberal Arts at that kUooI, and be inbteqaentlj itndied medicioe, of which 
lacalty he obtuned a doctorate. Thii attachment to the atadj of metUdae recalls 
to mj mind a fiut which awaluna a inspidon that he maj have been a perwaal 
friend of Joh> Adbltbus, jnai reftrred to, and if bo, to the little fraterni^r of St. 
Did. Before Adkuvui eetabliahed himielf at Stsasbobo, he had practiced aa a 
phjaiciaa at SoHAiTBAnaBB, and thia at the time when Joaobim ITatt waa a 
jonng man, itill reaident at St. Oall, which is distant from SaBAvnuoeBii 
aevent? Englith milei, a diatapce which wonld ofl^ very little hindrance to Swiaa 
inteitommanicatioD. Whether this aaapicion be worth anything or no, I advance 
it aa a poaaible cine to jet fhrther reaearchea which maj ahow the proceea by which 
thia ipnriooa appellation of Ameuoa became adopted, throogh the eftirta of a 
aaiall cloater of men in an ohaoore comer of Fbahcb." — B. H. Uajob, Lifi of 
Prince Henry ike Namgator, p, 387. 

Jb/«r«icca. — GBABBaa, TVc^or, Vol. Y. p. 401. Huwub, Bmimhtca Aaur- 
iama Vetia., Ho. 9S. 

"C EUSEBIT CaaABis Episoopi Chronico: quod Hieronymus 
preebytei diuino eius ingeDio Latinum faoere curavit, & osque in 
Valete Gaeearem Romano adjecit eloqiiio. Ad qoS & Prosper & 
Mattlifeas PalmeriuB, & Matthias Palmerius coplnra addidere. 
QnibtiB demmn non nolla ad hs8c Tsque tempora subsecata : adiecta 
sunt HenricTs Stephaniu. 

(.lie the end .-) In alma Parisioram Academia Mileeimo 

qoigetesimo dicimo octuaTO Octobris trigesima die. 

4tto. 2V{2e, one leaf. 19 unnumbered leave* and 1-175 Uavet. 
For a note on thi* work, aee the Srat edition, printed in ISIS. 
" VARTHEMA, L. de.] Die Ritterlich vnd ] lobwirdig rakz 
dee gestr^- 1 en vnd iiber all ander veyt | eiiamen rittera Tfi 

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[191 ». 

landt- I farers, herren | Ladouico Vartomans von Boloaia. | 
SageDt TO den landen Egi- | pto, Syria, v5 bayden Ara- 1 bia, 
Persia, India, vn ethio- | pia, t5 den gestalten sitten | vn dero 
meDScben leben vfi | gelauben. Aach tod mani | gerlay thieren 
T(^ln. Tnd I Til aodem in den selbn Ian- | den wunderbarlichen 
sacbe. | Das alles er selbs erfaren, | vnd gesehen hat. 

( Colophon .-) Getnickt in der kaiaerlichen stat AuGSPURG, | 
in der jar zal Christi. hdxvui. 

4*0. ZVtfe, surrounded hy a tBood-<nti; reverie, a wood-aU 

representing the author presenting his book to QcEBN ISABELLA. 

55 wood-cuts in the text ; 90 unnumbered leave$, one of which is 

occupied with the preface. 

For notes on thii work, see the flnt edition, ISIO, mi4 oo thU of I9S0. 


■MCISO, Mabtui Fernandez db. Sama de geographia 
q I trata de todas laa partidas y prouin | cias del mnndo : 
en especial de las indi | as. y trata largamente del arte 
del mare | ar : Juntamente con la espbera en romance : con el 
i^imiento del Sol y del norte : nae | uamente hecha. | Con 
preuilegio real. | 

(^Verso of the title-page:') Preuilegio real. | El rey. | Por 
quatro por parte de tos el bachiller Martin femandez de | enciso 
alguadl mayor de castilla del oro me fue fecha relacion | deziendo 

que nofi aueya hecho un libixi de cosmographia Fecha en la 

ciudad de ^arago^a a cinco diaa del mes de setiem | bre de mil y 
quinientoB y deziocho aSos. Yo el rey. Por mandado del | rey. 
Cast^eda. | 

(^Colophon ;) Fae impreasa en la nobiliBBima y may leal ciudad 
de SedhJjA por Ja \ eobo croherger alema en el aSo de la encat- 
nacion de nuestro SeSor. [ de mil y quinientoa y diez y nneue. | 
Folio. Title, with an ornamental border, one leaf. 75 «n- 
nufiAered leavet. ®Dtl]ic €ettn. 

[7Van«Ia(ton. — Compendinm of Geogmphj', which treats of all the parts 
and proTlncBS of the world ; especially of the Indies ; alio, at leogth, of the 
art of naTigatioii, bother with the sphere in the Temacular ; with the 
regulatioD of the bod and of the north ; newly written. With royal prir- 

Royal Privil^e. The King. Whereas you, the bachellor, Martin Fer- 
nandez de Enciso, Al^azi] Mayor of the Golden Castle, have made known 


Facsimile of title to Encisn's " Simia de (ii,'ns'''P'''*'" ' 5 '9> 




to us tliat you hsve written for ui a book of cosmography Done in 

the city of Saragoai;!. 

Printed in the moBt ooble and very loyal city of Seville, by Jsmea Cron- 
berger, a German, a. d. 1919.] 

"Apparently the flrat book in Spanish relating to Ahbhica — unknown to 
ROBKaTBOH. Ehciio haTJog gained a considerable lum in St. Dohinoo by 
practicing law, wa» induced by Ojbda to join him in an expedition of discovery 
and conquest to the continent of Ahbbioi, Alter suffering great hardgbipa and 
hairbreadth escapes, which are related by Hebbkba, he retamed lo Spain, and 
published this work for the inatniclion of Charlxb V. The account ofAiiEBlCA 
is principally (irom hia own observationB." — Ilicn., Bib. Americana Vetia. 

The aaihor describes himself as " Alguazil mayor de la Tierra firmede las Indian 
Occiden tales," and gives in the flrst place a SDmmary of general Get^raphy, fol- 
lowed by a closely detailed account of the West Irdies, the mainland of South 
Ambkioa, and of the northern eoast to Labradob, so far as then known. His own 
experience daring twenty years enabled him to satis^ the cariosity of the younj^ 
King Cbarlbb I. or Spain, soon anerwards Chabi-ss V, of the Empire, com- 
pletely, to hr as regarded the islands and the coisia of the sonthem mainland. He 
mentioaE in his dedication a map of the world that he had constructed to aceom- 
pany the text and elucidate it for the king, but which is not in the volnme, nor is 
it known to hare been published. 

The aocompauying plate is a fncitmile of the title-page, reduced. 

The work is rue. At the sale of the Bolton -Cobnbt Library, in Lokdon in 
I8T1, a copy brongbt £66. In the catalogne of B. QuABiTcn, London, 1873, it 
is priced at £84. 

RefiraicH. — Bbunbt, Vol. II. column 973. TbhhaCx, No. 20. HaBsISbe, 
Bib. Amiricana Velut., No. ST. 

* VESPUCIUS, Ambbicus. Paesi nouamente retrouati & Nouo 
Modo da Alberico Vesputio Flo | retino intitulato. (^Then a 
vignette nearlt/ filing the page, repretenting the king receiving 
Vetpucius, the same as in edition of 1508.) 

( Colophon :) C Stampjito in Milano con la Impen&a de 

lo. lacobo ^ fratelli da \ Lignano : & diligente cura & industria de 

loanne Angela scimen \ zeler: nel M.ccecexix. adi. v. de Mazo. | 

4to. Title, 1 leaf. Tabln, 6 pages, beginning on reverse of 

title. " C Montalboddo Francan," etc., 1 page. Text, 79 

unnumbered leaves. Roman letters. 

This edition is said lo be the best known, and hence moie frequently referred to 
by early writen than any other. 
«* STOBNICZA, John db. Introductio in Pto- | lomei Coemo- 
graphiam cum | longitudinibus & latitudinibus regionum & ciui- 
tatum celebriomm | C Epitome Europe Enese Siliiij. | C Situs 
& distinctdo partium totoa Aasise per brachia Tauri mon | tio ex 
Asia Pij eecudi. | C Particulatior minoria Abisg deacriptio ex 
eiosdem Pij asia. | C Sine compendJosa desciiptio ex leidoro. | 
C AHcas breuis descriptio ex Paulo Orosio, | C Teme sncta- & 

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tirbiB HieruBulem apertior : fratis Ans- 1 helmi oniinis Minonim de 
obsenmntia. | 

C! Magister Paulue CroBnensis. Lectori Studioso. | Qui freta, 
qui frontes populoa ac moenia colles | Quiqae cupias uasti noscere 
r^na soli | Hue prtecor hue uultuin pauliBper uerte benignum | 
Exiguumque legas candide lector opuB | Omnia quo magni claud- 
nntur climata mundi | Quodque ponet uariia terra rotunda locis. { 
Quo popuIoB urbes mirabere flumina montes. | Et quie Bunt oculia 
non bene uisa tuia | Quo Ptolomei Bubito (mihi crede) uidebis | 
Et releges sparsim grandia scripta libri j Et quod mille alii docti 
scripaere libellis | Hoc panio Inuenies conspicieaque libro. | D. 

( Colophon ;) Impressum CrJlCOVLM per ffieronymum Victorem 
I Calcographum. Anno aalutis humane. Mille- 1 simo quingen- 
tesimo dedmo nono. Deci- ] mo septimo kalendas Mail. 
4*0. Title and 1 preliminary Utjf ; i.-xliv. leaves. 
Knt published ia lB13,whicb odition see in tbEs catalogue for extended note imd 


■NGLIARA, JoHAN VON. Die schifFung mitt | dem 
Lanndt der | Gulden InBel gefunde durch | Hem Jobon 
I TO Angliara j Hawptman des Cristen | lichen Kiinigs to 
Hb I pania gar bubacb | ding zii bore mit alien yien leben Tnd 
sit- 1 ten. 4* l^° P^^^ <"■ <^a'«- ' 1520,] 

Small 4to. Title within a broad border. 4 pp. ®ot^ic 

Acconnt of a vojage made by Johah ton Ajioijara in the Interest of the King 
of Spaih, with Mien Teuda, which vere •eparaied b; a gtonn on Eutor Etb, 
1919, after Miling, u Ihej reckoned, about four thousand miles. They made an 
island on the !4th April, and vera cordiallj received by the natives irho came 
aroand in th^r boats. 

He describes the islanders as good-looking men of fair complexion, with hairy 
necks and amu, who refused the bread and wine offered them by the naTigatora, 
preferring their own diet of cabbage and water. 

The writer saji that one of their cities is eren larger than Babaoosba Id Spain, 
and Tery beantifnl and wealthy. The king's palace is made of gold and precioni 
stones, with a leathern chair for the king's seat. The king expressed great 
reference for the Christian king of Spain, to whom he sent valnable preeenti of 
gold and jewels. 

They remained ten days at the Island, and when they finally look leave for their 
homeward Toyage, it was to the gteat sorrow of the naUves. 

As PiHEu), Antonio, Hbdhbl, and others ore silent concerning this "Johah 
TON Aholiaba," Mr. Habsisbb is of opinion that Fbtbb Mabttr was probably 
intended. Indeed, GsABasR places it with the various works of Prtbb Mabttr 



without rommciit, and mjb it it a Genntui Iranitition of his firoi letter on the 
island of Cuba. 

iic/eroicn. — GsAKSSE, I'r^ior, Vol. L p. ISO. Habrisbk, Bib. Ammtana 
Vtha., No. IDS. 

^ COPIA del- Kewen Zeytung | ausz Presillg Larnlt. | [No place or 
date. ? 1520.] 

Small ito. Title, with a large wood-cut, repretenting ehipB 
and a seaport, nearly filling the page. 4 page». oll)ic CeUer. 

[TVaruIolton. — Copf of News from the land of Brazil.] 
This book pnrports lo be an acconni of a Tcssel which pot into the port where 
the osiralivG wai vrritlen, to procure supplita. The vessel was lilted oat and 
ftnned bj Chrihtofheb de Haro and others, and chartered for Brazil, h; per- 
miasion of the Kino of PoRTi.'bAL. 

The namtar shjh that the pilot of the ressel is a good friend of his who has been 
in India and olbcr parts of the world, and knows aboat foreign caBiome. The 
hatHls and customa of the inhabitants ara cHrefully deetribed and compared with 
those of the Gulf of Cetix))'. He says the people call almost all ihuir chilJrtri 
Thomas, after their patron saint. 



The animals and products of tbe country are mentiontd, at well ■■ tlie gold and 
silver which the captain proposes to show the Kixo of PoBTUOti. od hia returp. 
There was aa much of it that his vessel couldn't take it awaj ■ The narrative is 
rather extravagant and sonnds like the tale of a traveller, or a burlesque on the 
accounts common at that day. 

HcMBOLDr supposes the voyage to have taken place between 1535 and 1540, 
. while Varhbiokw ascribes it lo 1508. The funner ihioks it was a voyage to the 
Stbaits op 1I101ILI.AN, thc latter that it hai only reierrnce to the Spanish expedi- 
tion of SoLia and Fiitzon. Tbbniux vaiuee the work only in so far as it prove* 
in an autheniic manner the antiquitj of the relations between Fiuncb and Buzil. 

" This curious and enigmatic account," says Hakribse, " was probably written 
originally in Portaguese, then translated into Italian, from which the present 
version seems to have been made. HtmnOLDT gives an eicellenl analysis of the 
plaquette, made from a copy in the Dbi:»dbn library. There is a translation in 
TebhaDX'b ' Ardiivfs det Voi/agea,' and extracts in the Porlngaese language have 
been inserted by Vabkhaoen in his valuable ' flr'sforj o/" Bran/.' " — Bib. Ameri- 
catia Vetia., No. 99. Mr. Habbisbe (No. 100) notices another edition printed at 
AuGBi-nKO, See also " BifJiotheca GrenviUiana," p. 835. 

The daw of 1520 is arhitrary. It was inserted in the first edition of this 
catalogue nnder this year, as from the internal evidence it appeared to bave been 
written shortly after the expedition of Maobli>ah. The work is entered in the 
" Bibliotheca GreniiiUiana " under the name of CBiiTOVFBL db Habo, who was 
one of tbe owners of the vessels. 

leiichtigisten | groszmechtigiBten Fursten vnd Herren Herren 
Carl Romiflchen vnd j HyspaniBcIieii Konig &q unserm gnedigen 
hem dnrch ire verordent | Hauptleut, von wegen einer new- 
gefurden Inseln, der Belben gelegen | heit vnd inwoner sitten vD 
gewonheite inhaltend vor kurtzuerschi | nen tagen zngesandt. 

( Colophon :) Getruckt in der Keiserlicben Stat NOrmdeeq 
durch I Fryderichen PeypuB, vnd aeligklich volend | am. 17. tag | 
Marcij I des jars do man | zalt nach ChriBti unsers lieben | herren 
geburt. M.D.xx. | 

\to. Title, followed by a wood-cut representing the landing of 
armed men from a vessel, which other men upon land are en- 
deavoring to prevent. Reverie blank. Text, 6 unnumbered 

[^Translation. — An estrtu;t from several missives transmitted to tbe most 
illuatriouE and powerful prince Don Carlos, King of Rome and Spain, our 
most gracious I^rd, sent through hia appointed captains an occonnt of & 
newly-discovered island, dcacribing its aituation, the manners tind customa of 
its inhabitants. Printed in the Imperial city of Nuremberg, by Frederick 
Peypus, and happily finished March 17, a. d. 1520.] 

This tract containa a relation of the expedition of Fbakcisco Ubbnaitdbz dk 
Cordova, Gbijalva, and Cokieb lo Yucatan. The some ia given by Petbb 
Mabttb, in hia " Dtcadei." It is also appended to the " Itinerario de Lvdovico de 
Varthnim," edition of ISao, Vbbick. See also Prebcott'b " Conq. o/Merico," 
Vol. I. p. 224. 

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« SOLINUS-CAMERS. loannis CamertiB, Minori | tani. Artivm, 
et Sa- I orae Theologiae ] Doctoria, in. C. Ivlii | Solbi nOAYIS- 
TOPA I enarratio | nes. | Additus eiusdem Camertis Index, | 
turn literarum ordine, turn re- | rum notabiliu copia, per- { comodus 
Studiosis. I Cum Gratia & Priuile- [ gio Imperiali. | 

(^Colophon ;) Excvavm est hoc opvs Solini- 1 anum cu Ennera- 
tionibus egregii aacre The- 1 ologiae Doctoris loannis Ca- [ mertia 
Hinoritani, Anno na- 1 tiuitatia domini. | M.D.XX. [ Vienn^e Aus- 
trise per lo | anne SingreDiii, im- { pensb honeeti [ Lucae Alantse, 
ciuis, Bibli- 1 opolie Viennenaia. | 

Folio. Title, reverae, dedication to the Emperor Maximilian, 
continued on following leaf, and 13 other preliminary page*. 
Folding map. 336 pages, and two unnumbered leaves, with the 
colophon on right of the second leaf, followed by a wood-cut 
representing two griffins supporting a shield, above which is a 
tree. Index, 15 unnumbered leaves ; on the reverse of the latt, 
the printer's mark. 

Th« map in thi» Tolome, which meainres 11^ by Uj inches, is of great intereaC, 
inasmuch OS it it the ekrliesl one yet known bearing the name of AaBBici. Its 
title, which is printed dt the lop, reads as follows ; — 

Tip vb Orbis vniversalis ivxta Ptolemei Cosmograpbi traditio"era 
et Ame | ric Veapucii alio^qve lustrationes a Petro Apiano 
Leyanic^ Elvcbr^fl | An. Do. M.DXX. | 

[ Trandation, — Delineation of the entire world, prepared according to the 
teacbing of Ptolemj the coBmographer, and the Toyages of Am«ricus Ves- 
puciuB tind others, b/ Peter Apiac of Leiasoig.] 

Anno 1497, hac terra cum adiacetib^ insulis inueta est per Co- 
lumbum lanuensem ex mandato regis castelle America puincia. 
At the north are several island*, but one of which, Ibabblla, bears a name, 
beneath which is the following inscription : — 

Spagnolla insula in qua repr guaicu iTgiium. 

This map is found in the " Pamponiut Mtla " of 1333, and preceded the publica- 
tion of Che map of Che worid inserced in Ptolemt'b " Geographia " of the aame 

^ " The earlieet engrsTed map of the new worid yet known as bearing the name of 
Ambbica is a mappe-monde by Affiakiis, bearing the date of J 530, annexed lo 
'the edition by C^UB&Bi^thB" Po/yhiiioria" of Jolius Sounds (Viehh.e), ISSO. 
The earliest manuBcript map hitherto found bearing that name is in amost precious 
collection of drawings, by the hand oFLitOKABDO va Vihci, now in Her Majesty's 
collection at Windsor, to which, from an examiuatluh of its contenis, I have 



sMigned tho date of 1&13-I4." — Major, Life of Prince Henri/ the Navigator, 
p. 3BB. 

BeferfHCes. — Harbisse, Bib. Ameriama Vdus., No. 108. 

The annexed is > facbioiile of the mnp, 

'^ VARTHEMA. Itinerario de Ludoiiico de Var | thema Bol<^nese 
ne lo Egypto ne la Su J ria ne la A rabia deserta & Felice ne la 
Per I aia : ne la India : & ne la Ethiopia. La fede el | uiucre & 
cestui de la pfate, pulcie. Et al psen | te agiotoui alcue ieole 
nouamete ritrouate. 

(^Followed by the accompanying engraving .■) 

3tintrarto Ut lutiouito tie War 

tl)eina ISoIognesc ne In lEgj; to ne la 9n 
tia ne la ataiia tesetta & jFelice nc la ^et 
Kia:nela$n))ia: &neIalBt<|uipia. S.afelreel 
uiueie & costuitie la pfate,} uicie. 1£t al psen 
te agiitoui alefie isole nouamete cittauate. 



( CohpAon :) C Impreeso in Venftia per Zorzi dt Rateoni 
Mi I lanese. Nell anno della Incamatione del no \ stro Signore 
lesu Christo. M.D.XX. a di Ul. de Marzo. Regaando lo incli | to 
Principe Duca de Venetia. | 

12?nt>. Title, in red and black ; reverie blank. 103 unnum- 
bered leaves, text in Roman letters in dovile column). 

In tho litter psrt of the volame is a [aece filling twcntj -three pages, entitled — 

C Itinerario del armata del Re catholico in India uerso la 

Isola de luchatban del anno h.d.xtiu. all qual fu presidete & 

Capitan General loan de Grisalua el qual e facto per el Capellano 

mi^iot de dicta armata a sua alteza. 

An exeeedingi; rare volume, puticnlarl/ tbis edition, the exigtence of whicb is 
doobted b; eome bibliographen. It tcntiau of two distinct works, the first by 
LuiKiTico DI ViKTBsuA, whlch EonUins ibe ItinerBrj of the nutbor ta Eqipt, 
Stxia, Arabia, and other jiarte of the £Mt; the other is an accoDot of the expe- 
di^n to, and discover; of Ydcatah b; Juah db Gbtjalva, wr[ttcn hj bit chap- 
lain JCAN Diaz. Mr. Pubcott, in speaking of a second edition of the woA, 
saya: — 

" The moM ciTcnmatantial accannt of GnrjALVA's expedition is to be ((land in 
the Icinerarj oF his chaplain. The original in lost, bat an indifferent Italian ver- 
sion was pnblished at Venice, in 1SS9. A copj, which belonged to Febdinahd 
CoLCHBrs, is itlU extant in the library of the great chnrch at Seville. The 
book had become so exceedingly rare, that the hiilorii^aphoT HoSoz made a 
transcript of it with his own hand, and from his maiiiiacript that in m; possession 
was taken." — Ctrnq. ofMexvx, Vol. I. p. 299, note.' 

This Itinerary contains the earliest acconnt we have of Tdcatan. Vilai^cez 
fitted out a squadron of fonr vesseU, which he placed nnder tbe command of Juan 
DB Gbijalva, his nephew, whicb sailed from St. Jago di Cdba, May 1, IMS. 
The first land made waa the island of Cozithbl. From this quarter Grijalta 
passed over to the contiaeat and coasted the peninsula of Yucatan, which had 
been visited a few months before by db Cohdova. " Everywhere," says PxBS- 
COTT, " he was struck with the evidences of a higher civilization, especially In the 
architecture ; as well be might be, since this was the region oT those extraordinary 
remaiiis which have become recently the sabjcct of bo much specalation. He woe 
Bstoniahed, also, at the sign of large stone crosses, evidently objects of worship, 
wbich he met with in variona place*. Reminded by tbeae drcnmstances of his own 
eonntry, he gave the peninsnla the name of 'Nxw Sfaib,' a name aiuce appro- 
priated lo a much wider territory." — Coiupteat ofMtiiai, Vol, I. p. £34. 

BsKMAL DiAE, who accompanied Obijalta, has also given an account of the 
expedition in his " IJittoria Verdadtm Je la CoiupdHa de la Naeaa KipaKa," 
Hadbid, less, folio. Translated into English and pnUiabed in London in ISDO, 
in 4to. As tbe work of Bebhal Diaz has been frequently printed, readers of early 
Mexican history have derived their iafbnnation regarding Ydcaian fh)m this, 
rather than from the narrative of the chaplain, which, appended to Vabthbma's 
" ItiMTOria," was aearcely known. Gomasa, Hikbbka, in ibeir general histories, 
and C000U.UDO, in Us "Hittcria dt Yutatan," also give pardcnlars of the expedi- 
tion of Gbijalta. 

Five Italian editfoni of Vahtbbma's " l<intrarg" contain Grijalva'b "/(/«- 



rrary of Yvcatan," rii., Vbhicb : Z. di Euiconi, l.SSO, isas, nnd 1536 ; VpNica : 
Bindmi, 1535; Vbhicb : Pi^n (no dsie) ; nil in smnll Sto, all of which lire 
exeeedingly rare. Mr. TsiuiAni hM given a French ImnBlRtion in hia " Rdaiioiu 
et Mfnioirea," and it bai receotlf been tranBliicd into Spanish bj Don Joiquik 
Garcia Icazbalckta of Mkiico, and pablished in his TaluabU " Coltccim dt 
Docamaaos para la Historia de Mexico," Mexico, 1 B5B, 4(0, Vol. I. Tbe DarrnliTe 
hai alio been printed at Ahstsbdah, tat Fbede, Mullkr, 1671, ISmo (30 copies), 
entitled " Tthib LMnt tar la LUcoiiverte du Yucatan tt Ua meroeiUa de ce pagt 
tcritttpar Its con^xignoiis de i'txpiditioti tut Jean de Grijalai, May, 1518." 

It is proper to remark that the " Ilinerary" was first priaMd at Romb bj 
StefAana Guilitrtit in ISIO, which edition see for a nou. 

" YUCATAN. TroiB Lettrea sur la d^couverte du Yucatan et les 
merveilles de ce paja. Ecrites par des coinpagnons de rexp^dition 
80U8 Jean de Grijalva [not 0^rt>a{?'a, as printed], Mw 1618: 
. Imprim^B aur vieux papier d'aprds le MS. original d'une versioa 
allemande de 1520 et une traduction allemande et fran^ise 
modeme. Aveo leB caractSres anciena de I'lmprimerie de M.M. 
Jean Enschede et Fils a Harlem pour le Libraire Frederik Muller 
^ Amsterdam, 1871. 

(^The original Cferman title ia at follows ,-) Newzeit wie ynnsera 
allergnadigistn hem des Romisclm vnd liyepaeniBchen Koningsleut 
Ain CoBtliche Newe LanndachaSt h»bn gefundn. 1520. 

8vo. Title, yiii. and 35 pages. Pages 1-14 are in the ancient 
Gothic characters of about 1480. Pages 15-24, version in 
modem German in Elzevirien letters. Pages 25-35, French 
translation in the letters " de civilitS " of 1555. 

The original mannicript from which these letters were printed was found among 
same old acconnt boohs in a large library sold In Anatria in IB6G, and ia believed 
to have been written about the period of its date, 1520. My friend, Dr. C. H. 
Bbbehdt, of Ksw York, who is well versed in the esrtj history of Yucatan, 
and particutarlf in the early writerB on that country, has furnished me with the 
following account of the tract in question, which has already appeared in the 
"American Bibliepolul" for July and August, 1872; — 

" These letters do not k&t to the expedition of Ghualva (not Gbitawa) to 
Yucatan, but to Costgh' landing on the Cathnan (Mexican) coast at the actual 
site of the city of Vksa CaOi!, and the letters are not written by con^mnimii at 
either, bnt one by a companion of Corteb, and the two olhere by persons in Bpaih. 
The countriee, discovered and conquered by Corteb and his compaoioas, were for 
years called Ydcatah, until the name New Spain had been introduced and gen- 
erally accepted. So wai the title of the dominican friar Jdlian Gabcbs, the first 
bishop appointed for Mexico, until the year 15S6, 'Bishop of Yncatan.' It 
BOemi to be in consequence of a similar mistake that we find Hebitaiido db 
Qxualta'b expedition to the Northwest, which sailed from the Yuoatam Pobt, 
called the ' Bat or Santiaoo db B[;kna EapBRAHZA,' in the state of Colima, 
recorded in a monograph Of works on Cbntbal Ajiebica. 

" The first letter, written by one o( the companions of Cobteb, is giren In extract 
only, and that seems to hare been translated from the Spanish. It bears the date 


Faisiniilo ut tillc t,i IVter Martyr'.- ■ l\' Ii.siilis," ii i- 




' " Sktilla ' ([1ii> name civin hy the Spanianle to Ihe Totonnco-town Ceupo- 
AtU.N), in the port ' niE AscHiDOMA,' on the 28ih of Jiint. 1519. This wrnt 
*bout a, week before the appointment of the municipality of ihe ' Villa Rica dk 
Uk Vera Cruz.' Corteb' first (lust) ' Caiia de Helacion,' and the Utter of the 
new A\iantamiaiio, were written on [he 6th of Jalj, anil Franctbco db Montkjo, 
who was sent to Sfaih with them and with the first present* received from 
Mohtezuma. mmt have taken with him smong the letten, ' written hy officers 
and soldiers,' this one to the mother country, tie wiled the SOth of Jnlj, and 
arrived in Sam Lucak in October of the same year. The other two leiien, dated 
Setilla (f>3 miles from San Ldcab), on tlie Tth of NoTemher (no ym ia given, 
bat evidently tbe same year, 1519), give reports of the arrival of the news and 
ireunrea from the new discovered eonntrj' to some parties in Bnaoos. The trans- 
lator of the original into modem German and French, seems not to bare been 
safficienti/ versed either in the bistOTj of Cortes' expedition, or in the ancieni 
German Ungua^^ Interposing a fancied pnnctualion, he turns the expedition, tent 
bf Vbi^bquez, Govemor tn Cuba, into one >rnt bg Governor<|i7ei to Cuba, 

" There ats aome disciepande) in the report, of which one at least is not easily 
explained. The writer mentions repeatedly that Ihe expedition consisted of three 
ships, while we know that their number was eleven, a fact which scarcely could he 
ignored bj a member of the expedition. It ii also here asserted that ihe news were 
to be sent to Vbi^hqubz, and that the writer had been destined to go with the 
bearer, while it is known that Montejo had strict orders not to land in Cuba, hat 
to proceed directly to Spain. Bat it seems by no means impossible that snch 
mmors hod been spnwd purposely, in order to deceive the friends of Velasquez 
among the expeditionists, and that the vrriler was not aware of Monteju's real 
inslrnclions. The description of the presents, 10 be forwarded lo Spain, enters 
into some details which we do not remember to have seen given by the contem- 
poranean wrileis. Tbe evident exaggeration is fully in accordatrce with the hoasC- 
ing character of a Spanish adveotnrer and conqueror. Discrepancies in the two 
other letters are of less weight ; so the item that Montejo brought 50 Indians with 
him (in a ship of TO to SO tons) ; tbe weight of the gotd-xehett given at 30,000 
Castellanos (300 Spanish pounds, while it weighed only 30). They do not a^t 
the credibility to much, as the writen gave th^r information, probably, on hearsay. 

" Altogether, we consider this print not only of valne as a typographical cnrioi- 
ity, hut also of tome historical importance." 


1NGHIERA, Petki Mabtyeis. De Nvper | svb D. Carolo 
reper | tis losulis, simulatque incokrum | moribus, R. 
Petri Marty { ris, Enchiridion, Domi | nee Margarita;, 
Diui j Max. Csea. fiUae | dicatiim. If Basileae, Anno | m.d.sxi. 
( Verto of title-page :) Magnifico eqvi | ti loanni Catenaeo 
salediensi exbe | naco, diui quonda Maximiliani Cscta. Augusti, 
none diuie Marga | ritie Augustfe fili» medico clarissimo, j Adam 
Petri deditissimus. | 

4(0. Title, with a wood-cut border detuned by Boliein («ee 
factimHe annexed). 43 pages. 27 linet in a full page. 



[ TTondation. — An epitome eoncerning the islands lately discoTered under 
the reign of the Emperor Charles ; and also concerning the customs of their 
inhabitants. Dedicated to Lady Margaret [of Flanders] daughter of the 
Emperor Maximilian.] 

An extract from the roarth decade b; Pbtbr Mahttk bimseir, which majr kIm 
be fonnd in atl the editions of the " Noeut Orfdt " of Qbtnxus. It mentioni the 
eipeelilion ortiauALTA to Tucaiam. 

Re/erincti. — Uaerissb, BibUolhtca Americana Vetiu.,'So. 110. Bbdhbt, Vol. I. 
column 294. Tehnaui, No. 24. 

$aeet nouamcnCt rttcouatt per 

la Nauigatione di Spagna in Calicut. Et da Alber 

tutio Vespulio Fiorentino intitulato Mon 

do Nouo. Nouamente Impreflb. 

* VESPUTIUS.] Paesi nouamenti ritrouati per | la Nauigatione 
di Sp^na in Calicut. Et da Alber | tutio Vesputio Fiorentino 

,d by Google 


intitulato Mon | do Nouo. Nouiimeiite Impreaeo. | (^Beneath it a 
vignette re^esenrint? Venice ; tee factimih on preceding'page.^ 

( Colophon ;) C Stampata in Venetia per Zorzo de Rvsconi 
Mills ] nese, Nel m.d.xxi. adi xy. de Febraro. | 

12»ii>. Title; reverts, table. 3 preliminary leaves. Text, 

120 unnumbered leavet. Roman letters in double columns. 

In A manuteript note bj Mr. Huibott, in the copy in the GrenTilIe Library, he 
Mj« thftl this edition, "though not a» rareoa the precediug ones oT ISOT and 150B, 
contains more at the end." Oo the other hand, ^odih, in his catalogne of 17**, 
m;s that all the editions except thoee two " ont iproavi, dBD« plueieuni, endroi ta 
dn Imie, dn alteration! senaiblea, at poor des canse* particnli^res," while Bbdmet 
calli thii nnmber tt " simple r^mpresiion de I'^it. de ISOT." 

A eontrorenj bu arisen as to the compiler of this important Tolnme, one ascrib- 
ing it to Frmo. db Moktalboddo and others to Albzikdkb Zobzi. Bburet 
has the following remarka on the snblcct : — 

" Thll name of Moktalboddo E^ANCAit or Fbahc (antano), is certainly read 
in all the edition*. We see also that it ia he nnder whom is placed the edition of 
1907, in tbe'BMaliecaPindJi',' which passai for the work of the Abb£ Mokblli. 
Wliilst this learned librarian, in his notes on the letter of Columbcs, primed at 
BiaaAHO in 1810, sajs that the collection of voyage* ('3/inii& ^odo'), printed at 
Vbtiici: in 1507, has been made b; a certain Fbancakzio, a native of Montr 
Alboddo, in the market of Ahcohb, and refers to Che subject those who, alW the 
bad lesson of the epistle cited, have aCtribnled the book to a pretended Montal- 
B0Di>o Fbahcahzaho, It is also repealed by Zubi^a in his eesay on Mabco 
Pou>." — Monad du Ubrairt, Vol. V, col. 1159. 

Hr. Habxissb takes a different view of the matter, and ascribea the compilation 
(o AuexAKDH ZoBZi. We give his reasons at length. 

" In the first place we had the aathorfty of Humboldt, and in the second place 
the explicit statement of Baldelli, upon which it is based. Bauielli, in his 
oniions note to tha ' Miliont,' mentions in his discuver; in the Msgliabecchi Library 
a copy of the collection of Toyaj^es known as the ' Paeti' of 1507, which contained 
a transcript ofa letter stating that when Babtholombw Coluhbdb visited RoHB 
in 1506 he made a present of the acconnt of his brother's discoveries to a certain 
canon, who afterwards gave it to ' the compiler of the said collection,' Not having 
the means of consulting that letter, which, so !ar as we know, has never been 
printed, we were constrained to accept Bau>kllt'b version of it. At all events, 
HiTMBOLDT was perfectly justified in making his statement on the authority of 
Baldelli. It is only for those who have bad the good fortone of reading the 
contents of Che letter itself to state. If such is the case, that the learned editor of 
Uakco Polo's 'Mi7ion«' misunderstood its purport True it is that the manu- 
script additions to the Maoliabecdri copy contain notes, which are also ascribed 
toZoRzi,and imply a date Uter than 1507, bnt there is no evidence that ZoBzi was 
not living as late as 1524. Zbho, Fohtanblli, Tibabobchi, and nearly all the 
hittorians of Italian literature, whose works we have been able to consult, ignore 
our ZoBzi, hut we can find nothing in Fobcabimi which precludes the possibility 
of his having annotated his own work. But we always defer cheerfully to the 
opinion of those in whose experience and erudition we have been taught to place 
confidence, and did not hesitate to substitute the name of FBANOAnzANO Moht- 
ALBOi>i>o in the place of that of Alesbanoro Zobzi as the author of this most 
valuable collection of voyages." — Bibliollieca Americana Vrtaf., No. 109. 



YUCATAN.] NEVVE zeittcng. von deiu lande. das die 
Spoiiier funden habeu ym 1521. iai-e genant lucatan. 

iimall ito. 4 unnumbered leaves. A wood-ad on the title- 
page, repeated in the text. A tecond wood-cut, also repeated. 

[Transliiliim. — Lnte news about the country which the Spaniards found 
in the year 1521, called lucatan.] 

This is ono of the news aheelg of the time, and U a raoimilc reprint of the only 
known copy in the Royal Library, Bkkun. It refers to Cobtbb' expedition to 
Yucatan (Nkw Spain], by way of KociiioguAquo (Coatzacuaix;o8) and 
Samftua (KEMP011.A) to " Great Venice" (Mexico), and an expedition alon;; 
the coast to the river Ponkio (I'amico), etc. Hahrishe, " JJcft/min," No. 70. 




10LUMBUS, Christopher.] Eiu achone [ iieue Zeytung 
so Kayserlich | Mayestet hiisz India yetz | nealidi zu- 
kommeD seind. | Gar hiipsch vo den Newen Ynseln, und 
von jrem sy tten | gar Kurtzweylig. zii leeeen. | (JVb flace or date.') 
[Augsburg, 1522.] 

4to. Title, within a broad border, a» tkown above. 8 un- 
numbered leaves. ®otl)ic Uttta. 

ITrantlalion. — Pleasant news lately come from India to Hia Imperial 
Majesty. Very beautiful concerning the new islands and their customs, 
very amusing to read.] 

A brief account of tbo voyages of CoLnmins, and of the conqueiil of Hitxico 
dourn to the year 1S22, supposed to hsra been printed by Siomund Gbihm, bi 
AnesBiiaa, as it contains at tbe end a pine cone, the arms of that cily. Mr. 
Tbbhaitz calls it a work of the greaieW rarity. He says the narrative comes down 
to IGig, and iccordingly supposed it to have been prinied in 1520. But it really 
cornea down to 1523, nnder which date we therefore place it. 

Ar^rencrs. — Tbbhadx, No. 22. Bibliathtra Grawiliiana, Part ii. p. Hi. 
Gkakssb, TrAer, Vol. II. p. 2S8. Hasbibbe, Bib. Anaicatta VOat., "So. 1)5. 

"' CORTES, Fbbnasdo. Carta de relacio ebiada a su S. majestad 
del epa|dor nro seflor por capita general dela nueua spaQa: 
Uamado femado cor | tea. Enla ql haze relacio dlas tierras y 
prouTcias sin cueto q faa descubieirto [ nueuauiete en el yucata del 
sAq de. xix. a esta pte : y ha sometido a la corona | real de su. 
S. M. Ed especial haze relacio de vna gradissima prouTcia 
muy I rica llamada Culua : y de grades ciudades y de marauillosos 
ed I ficios : y de grades tratos y rifjzas. Entre las qles ay. vna 
mas marauilloea [ y rica q todas llamada Timixtita : q esta por 
maravillosa arte ediiicadaso | bre vna grade laguna. dela ql ciiidad 
y prouTcia es rey vn gradissimo seilor | llamado Mutee^iima : dode 
le acaeciero al capita y alos espaiSoles espato | sas cosas de oyr. 
Cuenta largamete del gradissimo seilorio del diclio Mutee^uma y 
de SOS ritos y cerimonias. y de como se airue. | 

(^Colophon:') C La presente carta de relacion fue im'pressa 

enla muy noble y muy leal ciudad de SE|uiLtA: por Jacobo 

crobet^r aleman. A, viij. diaa de Nouiebre. Alio de M.d. & xxij. 

Folio. The title beneath a large wood-cut repreeenting the 

Emperor on his throne ; reverse, " Muy alto y poderoao y muy 

catholico principe : inuictissimo Emperadur y Seflor tiuestro," 

followed by twenlg-three lines. 28 unnumbered leaves ; 48 line* 

to a full page ; the text commencing on the second leaf. ®otl)ic 




[Translation. — Letter of relation sent to His Sacred Majesty, the Em- 
peror, onr Lord, b; the Captain General of New Spain, called Fernando 
Cortes, in which is an account of the laoda and provini'eB without number 
which hare been newly diBcoTered in Yucatan, from the year lix. to the 
present; and which he subjected to the Royal Crown of his Sacred Majesty. 
In particular is an account of a very great province, yery rich, called Cultia ; 
and of grand cities and marvelous edifices ; and of great trade and riches, 
among which is one more wonderful and rich than the rest, called Timlxtitan, 
which, with wonderful skill is built upon a great lalte, of which city and 
province a great lord, called Montezuma, is king ; where there happened to 
the CaptuQ and Spaniards things wonderful to hear. With a full account 
of the great estate of the said Montezuma, of his riles and ceremonies, and 
how he is waited upon. 

The present letter was printed in the very noble and Tery loyal city of 
Seville, by Jacob Cromberger, a German, on the 8th day of November, 

The lint Spanish edition of the second letter. 

Hr. TlCRNOB, in speaking of tbe adventurers who af^er Culuhhds wrote nar- 
ratives of their discoT^ries and settlements, sb;b ; " In the for^round of Ibis pic- 
turesque group stands, as the most brilliant of ila figures, yttanANDO Coete*. Hs 
was bom of noble parentage, and carefully bred ; and though bis fiery B[Hrit drove 
him from Sai.aiianc4. before his edncadon could be completed, and brought him 

to the New World, in 15M, when he was hardly nineteen years old Of his 

works, the most remarkable were, no doubt, Are long and detaOed reports to the 
Emperor on tbe afEairs of Mbxico, tbe Srst of which, and probably the most 
curious, dated in 15[9, seems to be lost, and tbe last, belonging probably to I53T, 
exists only in manuscript. The four that remiUn are well written, and have a 
business-like atr about them, as well as clearness and good taste." — HUt. of 
Spamth Litrraturt, Vol. I. p 5S6. 

With regard to tbe celebrated Jirtl leller, as it is called, of Cortb*, which has 
hitherto eluded every search that has been made for it in the libraries of Enrope, 
Mr. Pbkscott says : " lis existence is fully Mtablishcd by references to it, both in 
his own subsequent letters, and in the writings of contemporaries. Its genera] 
purport is given by his chaplain Gohara. The importance of tbe document has 
been much overrated." — Cong, of Mexico, Vol. I. p. 36S. 

Dr. Robertson states that tbe Imperial Library ai Vibska was examined for 
this document, at his instance, vrithout success. — /fi'sJ. of America, Vol. II. note 70. 

Mr. Frehcott was not more fortunate io bis itsearcbea for the document in the 
British Museum, tbe Royal Libraiy of Pasih, and that of the Academy of History 
at Madbid, which is tbe great depository tor the colonial historical documents. 

Befertrtcta. — Habbihbb, Bib. AnoTeana Vetut., No. 118. Bscnbt, Monad, 
Vol. n. col. 310. Bib. Grmviliiana, p. ISS. Sabih, DictioKory, VoL IV. p. S5T. 

™ PTOLEMY. Claudii Ptolomaii | Alexandrini Mathematicorum 
principis, opus Geographise | nouiter castigatu & imaculatu ad- 
ditioibus, raris et iuuisis. necnon | cu tabularum in doTBO iucundti 
explanatione. Registro quoque totius | operis. tarn get^aphico. 
(\ etia historiali. facillimii introitii prebete. | 

Oi-do contento | rvm in hoc libro totali. | Octo libri Geogi'apbiie 
ipsiuH Aiitoris ad antiqiiitate siiam in- 1 tegii & sine vlU corruption. 

,d by Google 


cum coUatione dictionil grecaru e regioe | ad latinas. certiBBima 
graduu calcuIatiSe examinati. | RegiBtruin item alphabeticu omnm 
legioDQ. prefecturaru [ ciuitatu. Fluviu, mariu, lacuu, portQU 
Stloanun, oppidoram, Tillaram, gentiu & hUtoriaru aingnla certis- 
nmo indice monstrans. | Post Iioc sequutur tabule, quarum nueto, 
xxvii erut. Prima fez | Generale orbia deBcriptione tradenB iuxta 
mente Ptolemtei. Europse, | post hie tabule, & Aphricse, iiij. asie 
xii, et Tna corpora sperici implao. | Has succedut neotericorum 
perlustratioes, ea que abaudiqs, emitia | xx, tabuliB ad implentes. 
Et is haru omnium, ta Tetustiorum \ recen | tiorum tei^B 
expositoes vni lateri, alteri vero lucubratioes iDcudiBsime | rituS, 
easda plagas habitantiu (cii variJB mirabilibuB miidi} incubut. | 
Tandem brenis sub oritur doctrina, iguoratibua viam prs j bena 
fnictu auBcultandi Geographicum, Qu% hue vsque multis in- | cc^- 
mta, & aepulta delituit Gaudeat igit Lector optimus. | Hec bona 
mente LauretiuB Phrieius artis Appollinefe doctor is, | mathemat- 
carmn artium clientulus, in lucem iuaait prodire. | AgammemnoniB 
pateoU plarimu delicali : ] 

( Colophon .•) Joanjies Qrieninger ciuia Aroentokaten | 
opera et expensis proprijs id opua inaigue, sereis | notulia excepit, 
Laudabiliq fine per fecit xii. die { Marcij Anno M.D.XS1I. 

Large folio. Title, one leaf. 85 unnumbered leaves. Sphera 

in piano, 1 le^f. 49 mapt with descriptions on the reverse. 

Thii li a new edition of the maps in the Ptolkmt of 1B13, on a MmeirhM 
■mailer acale, with eome alierationi and addition!, logether with an additional 
map by L&obbnt Fkibs, the editor, Bimilar to the map of the world taken from On thU new map ia inacribed thi name " Aubbioa/' on the 
■oQtheni continent, which » repreaented, with the islandi of Spaqfola and 
iBABSLLA. No portion of North Axbrioa is shown on it. On the rereree of 
the SStb folio, ntiin1>ered lOO, Fnise mentions Martin liACOMTi.nB at the 
author of the mapa. On the map of the world taken from WaltzbmUlub, 
Bkizil U called Tbrra Fapaoalli, 1. 1. Land of Parrota. On the map of the 
New World South Ahksica ia called TRBmi Nota and Nobth Ambbica 
Fahab. So tar m relaiea to America, this edition adds nothing to what wai 
known before, and perpetnatea the fault* of the edition of 1513. 

RtfinBCa, — Qbabbbb, TpEttur ifef Li'vrea floru, p. 501 . Hakbimr, Bii. ^IMri'- 
cona Vrtat., No. UT. Waltz emdllis, k* ibhtm, p. 160. 


|0RTE3, Febnanbo. Carta de relacion embiada a su | 
S. majestad del Emperador nuestro Sellor por el Capitan 
general | de la nueua Eapaila : Ilamado Fernando cortea. 

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80 SIXTKENTff CENTVRY. [jsaa. 

Enla, qual faze re ( lacio de Ifts tierras y prouinciaa sin cueuto que 
ha deBcubierto ntieuK | mente en el Yucata del atlo de. xix. a esta 
parte'; y ha sometido sla corojnareal de su. S. majestad. En 
especial faze relacion de vna gradissi I ma prouincia muy rica 
' llamada Culna : en la qual ay muy grades ciada | deci y de mara- 
uillosos edificioe : y de grades tratoa y riquezas. '■ Entre | las qles 
ay una mas maravilloea y rica \ todas llamada Temixtdta : | \ 
> esta por marauilloea arte edi£cada sobre vna grande laguna : dela 
I ql cindad y prouincia es rey vn gradiasimo seBor llamado 
Mutee^ I ma : dode le acaestuerS al capita y aloa EspaSoles 
espatosas coaas de | oyr. Cuenta lai^metite del gradisaimo 
eeSorio del dicho Mutee§u | ma y de sub ritoe y ceriraoniaa : y de 
como de eirue. | 

( Colophon .') ft La presente carta de relacion f ue impreesa 
enla muy noble { y muy leal ciudad de pABAOO^A : por Oearge. 
Oo'ci Aleman. | A. v. diaa de Enero. AHo de M.d.y.ixiij. 

Folio. Title-page, a large wood-evt repre»enting ike Emperor 
Charu:s V. vnth the officers of his court around him; the title 
beneath. Reverse, a wood-cut representing the departure of the 
expedition under Cortbs, fallowed hy the beginning of the text. 
28 unnumbered leaves, including the title. ®ot^it £ett(i' 

The *ecoDd edition of the second lelter. The fint edition prinied in 15!3, which 
, we for translation of title and not«. 

B^ertnca. — Brdnet, ToI. II. column 311. B&Uolheca Creamtliana, p. 84. 
Hiutus, No. tao. 

. "" CORTES, Fernando. Carta tercera de relacio : embiada por 
FernS | do cortes capitau y justicia mayor del yucatan llamado la 
nueva espaSa | del mar oceano : al muy alto y potentisBimo ceaar 
y Tuictissimo seHor do | Carlos emperador semper augusto y rey 
de eepa^a nuestra seBor : delas j cosas sucedidas y muy dignaa de 
admiracion en la conquista y recupe { racion dela muy gi-ande y 
marauillosa ciudad de Temixtdtan : y delas | otras prouinciaa a 
ella subjetas que se rebelaron. En la qual ciudad y di | chae 
prouincias el dicho capitan y espaBoles conmguieron grandes y 
se I Baladas victorias dignas de perpetua memoria. Assi mesmo 
haze rela | cion como ha descubierto el mar del Sur : y otras 
muchaA y grades pro | uincias may ricaa de minas de oro : y 
perlas : y piedras preciosas : y aun | tienen notama que ay 
: .especeria. | . ■ 

( ColopJum .■) C La peente carta de relacio fue impressa en la 
muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Sbuilla por | Jaeobo crSberger 

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fernando de magallanes. 
Prom Navahsbte. 

Ferdinand Magellan. DinitizedbyCiOOglc 


alemS : acabose a. xxx. dias de Marco : afio de mil y quintetOB y 

xxiij. I 

Folio. Title, with large wood-cut, the tame as the second 
letter of 1522. The text begins on the reverse. 30 unnumbered 
leaves, including the title ; forty-eight lines on a full page. 

[TTanslation. — Third lelter of relation, sent by Fernando Cortos, Captain 
BD<1 Chief Justice of Yucatan, called New Spain of the ocean sea, to the 
most high and mighty Ctesar and invincible Lord, Don Carlos, Emperor ever 
august, and King of Spain, our Lord, concerning things which have hap- 
pened and are most worthy of admiration in the conquest and recovery of 
the very great and marvelous city of Temixtitao ; and of the other provinces 
subject to it, which had rebelled. In which city and provinces, the said 
Captain and Spaniards obtained great and signal victories worthy of per- 
petual remembrance. Also an account how he discovered the South Sea 
and many other and large provinces very rich in mines of gold and pearls 
and precious stones, and a notice that there are spices.] 

This first edition of Cobtes' third letter relates to events which occurred fh>m 
Ortober 30, ISaO, to May 15, IS22. 

For ^ferencea, see HiBatasii, No. ISl. BatttiET, Vol. IL column Sll. Blb- 
liotheca Grenvilllana, p, 166. TeBHaDX, No. !6. 

'" MAXIMILIANI Teansyluani Csesaris | a secretis Epistola, 
de admirabili | & nouissima HispaBoriim in Orien | tein naui- 
gatione, qua varise, & nul | H priua accessES Regionee inventre | 
sunt, cum ipsis etiam Moluccis insu | lis beatissimiB, optitno 
Aromatum genere refertis. Inauditl quoq. in | colarum mores ex- 
ponuntur, ac mul | ta qu:e Herodotus, Plinius, Soli | nus atque alii 
tradiderunt, fabulo | sa ease arguunt. Contra, nonnulla | ibidem 
uera, uix tamen credihilia explicant. quibiiseum liistoriis Insu [ 
laribus ambitus desci-ibitalterius | Hemisphierii, qua ad nos tandem 
I hispauii redienint incolumes. [ 

(Colophon on recto of last leaf:') ROMAE | in aedibvs. F. \ 
Minitii Cahi | anno M.D.xxm. | menee Novembri. | 

4(0. Title vntkin a highly omament-al border ; reverse blank, 

1 leaf, 3 preliminary leaves. Text, 15 unnumbered leaves. In 

Roman letters. 

First printed account of the first circumnavigstioD of the globe. Little is 
thoDght at the present time of such an enterprise, but we can easily imagine the 
amaicmenl with which its sccoinplishnieat for the first lime was regardrd by the 
Imperisl Secretary and men of all conditions, when, on the memorable 61b of 
September, 1S22, the shattered vessel " Viclaria" and ila eighteen men letqmed to 
Sbtillb, the broliea down survivors of MAaBi.tAi''B mnrvelous expedition. He 
had Started fKim the same port in August, 1519, with five ships and two hundred 
and sixly-fbnr men, and pn^fwl from the Atlantic into the Pacific, through ihe 

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tbitherlo anknoTD g&tea of pATAaoniA and Tiibki sei. Foaao, thercb; accom- 
plishing the moat difficult porcioii of bis usk. He did not live to compleie it 
himself, but fell inglorioualy in ■ qa&rrel with the nMivea of one of the Puilippins 
Ibi^ndh. Maximilian wrote his uxcuat of the TOyoge about a montli ujler the 
ntnm of the aurrivors, in the above letter to the Cardinal of Saleburo, deriving 
his infomiRtiDn no doubt through his father-in-law Chbibtoval db Habo, who 
had l>eeii the chief promoter of the enterprise at the Imperial court 

Writers on the Stbaitb of Haobllak and Pataookia have spoken of the 
giants found there, while recent narigalora ataie that the natives seen in passing 
the strait and in Fataoohja are not of unusual ststnre, whence it is supposed that 
the stories of these hnge men were the invention of the navigators of the eighteenth 
centnr]'. Bat whatever their stature may bn now, there is good aothority for the 
Btatement that it was very great wheit the Dative* wei« first visited by Europeans. 
Thas in this account of Fioaietta's vojsge we find distinct mention of tbeir 
great height : " One day by channce they espyed a man of the stature of a giant ; 
be wai so byg, tliat the head of some of oar men of a mesne stature came but to his 
waste; " (sea Edbm's trsnilation). Oth^r instances are given by the same writer. 
But there are man; other old authorities verifying the statement of Pioafetta. 
Hebbeba mentions an interview, which took place In Lotaba'h voyage in 1536, 
vrith natives of very large size, like giants. Sir F. Dbakb, Catekdish, Lbmaibe, 
ScnorttxM, and Yah Noobt all testily to the same ; the latter reports a case of a 
man froiu ten to twelve feet in height. 

The work is very rare ; a copy at the Boltom-Cobsbt sale in Lobpob in May, 
tSTl, realized £33 I0(. 

AffirenciM. — Bbuhet, Mamitl, Vol. III. col. IMS. Hakrissb, Bib. Americaiut 
Keftif,, No. 123. Gbassbe, TVftor, Vol. IV, p. *51. Tbbhaux, No. 129. 

n VERTHEMA. C Itinerario De Ludouico De Verthema Bo- 
lognese | ne lo Egypto ne la Suria ne la Arabia Deeerta & 
Fell I ce ne la Persia ne la Inilia : & ne la Ethiopia. La fede el | 
uiuere & costumi de tutte le prefate prouincie. Noua | mente 
impreaso. ( Wood-cut, nearly filing the page, of a man and globe, 
a ghip at a diitance.') 

(^Colophon:') C Qui Finisse lopera chiamata Itinerario: De 
Ladonico de Verthema Bologneee [ nello Egypto : nello Soria : 
nella Arabia deserta & Felice : nella Persia : nella India : [ & 
nella Ethiopia : la Fede: elViuere: <ft costumi de tutte le prefate 
prouincie &c. | (C Sta | M.ccc mpata in Milano per lohanne 
Angelo Scinzenzeler nel Anno del Signor | cczziii. Adi. xxx. de 

TkttuptqfVuixli^hoithiisgolthifted. Itnadi: — 
C 8u 

H.ccc mpata in Hilano per lohaime Angdo Scinxeiuder nel Anno dd Signor. 
ccxxiii. Adi zix, de Aprile. 

4(0. Title, with a mood-cut nearbf filing the page, the wordt 
beneath. Text ii.-xlii. leaves, with two leaves of contents, unnum- 
bered. Signatures Aii to Pii. 

,d by Google 


" TRANSYLVANUS.] Dk Molvccis in | aulis, itemque aliJB 
pluribus mirandis, quae [ noiiisaima Castellanorum nauigatio 
Se I renisa. Imperatoris Ciiroli V. auspicio j suscepta, nuper in- 
nenit : Maxiiniliani | Transylvani ad RuverendiBS. Cardina | lem 
Saltzburgeiisem epistola lectu per | quam iucunda. 

(^Colophon .) Colonic in asdibus Hucharij Ceruicorni. Anno 
aii^nei partus M.D.XXXil. mease | lanuario. 

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12mo. Title, 1 Uaf^ within a border. Text, 15 unnumbered 

ITranslation. — An epistle of pleaiaat reiiding, by Mssimitian of Trftii- 
(flvania to the most reverend Cardinal of Salzburg, containing a deacription 
of the Molucca iBlaod?, and some other wonderful things which have recently- 
been disL-overcd during the last voyage of the Spanianle, undertaken under 
the auBpii:eB of the most Serene Emperor Charles V. Cologne, in the office 
of Euehariua CervicomuB, January, a. a. 1523.] 

The oilier edllionsof ihia book are (ha[ of Rons, November, 1523, end February, 
1534. The Epistle will also be found in the BaSlI editions of GbtkJBDB' " Nacat 
Orbit," 153T, pRge 565 ; and in the edition of )555 at page bU. 

A copy at the work at ihe sale of the Bolton-Cobhbt library, Lohdon, 1871. 
brought £3S. 

Reftnnce*. — Bhubbt, Manuel, Vul. III. col. 1650. Harbibsk, BA. Amerieana 
Vdut., No. 123. 


■PIAN, pETEB. Coamogra- ( pliicus Liber Petri Apiani 
ma- 1 tliematici studioae collectus. ( Wood-cut of a globe.') 
( Colophon on page 104 :) ^ Excuaam Laitoshxjtae 
Typia ac formulis D. Joannie Wei/stenburgerg : impensie | Petri 
Apiani. Anno Christi Sal- { uatoris omnium Millesimo | quingeii- 
tesimo viceaimo- 1 quarto [1624], Mense Ja | nu : Phebo Sa- 1 turni 
domi' I cilium | poseideiite- | 

4(0, T^tle, in red letters, 1 leaf; reverse, arms of the Car- 
dinal Archbp. of Salzburg. 6 preliminary leaves. Text, 
1-104 pages. Appendix, 3 leaves. C9olt)ic £cttei. 

On page S ii a globe vilh ibe word ' Ahert ' on an island ; revolving diagraml 
on pages 17, S4, and S3, nnd in the appendix. On page 69, (he fonrth chapter 
thus l«ginB ! — 

" America ; quae none Qnaru pars lerrae dicilur, ab Americo Vospucio eiusde 
inuetore nomen sorlita est. Et non immerito : qaoniam marl vndlque clauditur 
Insula ippellalur." 

(TVanafor/oi). — America, which is now called the fourth part of the world, justly 
took ill name from Americns Vespucius, who discovered it; and it ia called an 
island fur the reason Ibal it is surrounded by water.] 

The following are the editions of Afian mencioned by Graeme, BatiNBT, and 
HARRisas. Tbose marked thus ' are In this collection : — 

Latin. — LandbhuT : J. Wa/staibarger , "ISa*; AKTWmtr: J. Grapha, 1529, 
1534; iJerctinann, •15.19 and ■1540; Bmtin, 1533, 1545, * 1550, ■ 1553, and 1564, 
in 4to; PJanti'mis, '1574 ; Dtlltro. 'ISM^ Parib: liS53; GnathmX, 1551-53, in 
4tO; Vbvicb: Dt Sabio, 1533, 1535, nnd 1541, in Sto; Basil; 1550; FaiBODRO 
Bmiso. : 1533; Nobimbero: 1541; Coi.oomb Aobif., Birctmann, ■1674, In 
4 to; Ambtbrdam: IS.W; Ihoolustad, 1529, in 12nio, and 1533 in fol. 

ZJuWL — AbtwKbp; G. Bonle, •IS37i C. Cliietx, •1609; AmaTKHDAM : 15B2, 
•1S98, and 1690 in 4(0. 

,d by Google 


/VcncA. — AirrwBBT: Gr. BonU, IM-I; J. Wiliaye,'ISa\,iD 4io. 
Spanitli— AsT-rraBr: Gr. Bonlie,' \54S; &^0, ' 1575, in 410. 
Italian. — Antwerp; 157&. 

™ AYN RECEPT von | ainem, holtz zii brauche fiir [ die ktanok- 
hait der frauczo- 1 sen vnd ander fliiasig offen [ schaden, aosz His- 
panyscher | apracb zii teutsch gemacbt, ] darzii dz. Regiment 
wie I man sich darin hal- 1 ten vn auc^ dar-jzii achicken | 
soil. I ^ 

(^Colophon:') Gedrucbt vn volendt in der Kaiserliche Stat | 
AuGSPUBO, an de achtenden t^ des April | len, des jare nacb der 
geburt Christi j vnsera herren, Tausent fiinff- ] liundert vnd im. 
xxiin. I Jare. 

Small Ato, Title, within a broad border, with icenei from the 

New Tettament, the text beginning on the reverie, 7 pagei. 

Oottiic ftcttn. 

«> EYN BEWERT | RECEPT, wie man das | holtz Goayaca fiir 
die kranckheyt | der Fiantzosen brauchen aol. [JVb place or date.'] 
Small 4(o. T^tle, within a border of Jlowers and scrolls, 1 
Zaqf. Text, 5 pages, reverse of the last blank. 

Thtte two tracts, from the similaritj in their tfpograplij and general appear- 
ance, were probably printed abont the aame lime; ihe former, onlj, bean a date, 
that of 15S4. Tbc/ are both tranalated from Ihe Spanish, and relate to llie nsei 
of the gvaiaaim Iree and gum ao celebrated during the sixteenth and serenleenth 
ceaturiei througliont EuBiipa for chronic (kin diseasea, and particularly tot 
•yphilis. It is «l»o known as Brsiil wood and lignum ritB. Tbe tree belongs lo 
the tropical parts of Ahbbica. The lignam viite and gasiecum of commerce are 
DOW chiefly obtained fVom Cuba, Jahiica, and 8t. Dohinoo. 

We find no reference to either of these books by bibliographers. Both are from 
the library of Mr. TsBHAnx, and l)ear his mark. 

«» CORTES, Fernando. Praeclara Ferdinadi [ Cortesii de Noua 
maris Oceani Hy | spania Narratio Sacratissimo. ac Inuictissi | mo 
Carolo Romanorii Imperatori semper Augusto, Hyspa | niarii, 
&c. Regi Anno Domini, m.d.xx. transmissa : | In qua Continentnr 
Plurima scitu, & admiratione | digna circa egregias earu puintiarn 
Vrbes, In I colaru mores, pueroru Sacri£uia, <& Religiosas | per- 
sonas, PotiBBimuqiie de Celebri Ciuitate | Temixtitan Variiaque 
illius mirabilibus, quie | legete mirifice delectabut. p Doctore | 
Petru saguorgnanu [«icj Foro luliense | Reueii. D. loan, de 
Reuelles | EpiBco. Vienesis Sacretariii | ex Hyepano Idi | omat« 
in lati I nu versa j Anno Dni. M.D.XXiiii. KL. Martii: | Oum 
gr&tix, & Priuilegio. | 



(^Colophon i) C Explicit secunda Ferdinandi Coitesii Narratdo 
per Doc j torem Petrum Sauorgnanum Foro Juliensem ei Hy | 
Bpano Idiomate in latinum Conuersa. Im | presBa in Celebri 
Cioitate Nobthberga. | CSueDtui Imperiali praeaidente Sere | nis- 
simo Ferdinando Hyspaniaru lafiite, & Archiduoe Auatriee | Sac : 
Eo. Imp : Locut. | Generali | Anno. Hhi M.D.XXim: Quar. No. 
Mar. I Pet Fredericwm Peypui. | Arthimesius. | 

(^Follotoed hy:') De Rebus, et Ineulis nouiter Repertia | a Se- 
lenJBs. Carolo Imperatore. | Et Variis earum genti | urn mori- 
buB. 1 

Folio. Title with a double border ; reverie, armt of Spain. 
8 preliminary leaves, portrait of Pope Clement VII. on verao 
of the third. Text, i.-xlLs. leavet, ending with the printer"! 
mark, the game « in No. 83 ; reverse blank ; " De Rebns et In- 
siilia," 12 numbered leaves. Plan of Mexico, on a large folded 
le({f. Text in Roman, marginal notes in Gothic Letter. 
The Second Letter of Coktsb. 

For the tnnil&tioa of tbe title, see tha Italian rertlon which fbllowe thit, whfch 
ia somewhat raller. For rererencea, aee Harbibsb, Ho. I2S. Brunbt, Vol. II. 
colQmn SIS. BibtioUuea GrmviUiana, p»ge 16S. 

" CORTES, FERNAjnx). La preclara Narratione di Ferdinan | do 
Corteae della Nuona Hispagna del Mare Ooeano, al | Sacratissimo, 
& InuictiBsimo Carlo di Roinani Imperatore sem | pre Augusto Re 
DhiBpagna & cio cbe siegue, nellano del Si | gnore. M.D.XX. 
ti&smessa : Nella quale si cotegono mol | te cose degne di scienza, 
& ammiratione, circa le cittadi ^regie di quelle Prouincie ccstumi 
dhabitatori, sa | crifici di Fanciulli, y Religiose peraone, Et massi | 
mameute della celebre citta Temixtitan, & va { rie cose mara- 
uigliosQ di quella, e quail dilet | terrano mirabilmete il lettore per 
il Dot { tore Pietro Sauoi^ano Foroiuliense | Del Riuerendo 
Meaaer Giouani de | Reuelles Vescouo di Vienna Se | cretario dal 
iddioma Hiapagni | nolo in lingua latina Con ] uerea Nel Anno. 
H.D.XxmL di Primo Mar | zo : Hora nelleeteseo | Millesimo di 
xvn. AgOBto. Voi ] Candidissimi lettori le^erete con dilettatione 
& piacere | grandissimo la prefata Narratione di Fernando Corte 
se dalla Facodia latina al spledore della lingua volgare p Meaaer 
Nicolo Libumio co fidelta & diligeza tradotta al cSmodo, & sodis- 
fattione de glbonesti & virtuosi ingegni. | Cum gratia & Priu- 
ilegio. I 

(^Oolophon :) C Stampata in Venetia per Bernardino de 

,d by Google 


Vumo de Lexona Vereelleie. Ad mstancia de Bapti | at& de 
Federzaui Brixiaoi. Aono domi | ni. M.D.xxnii. Adi. xx. Agoato. 

4(0, TUte mthin a wood-eut border. 73 unnumbered leaves. 
On the reverse of t?te last, the printer's mark, representing an 
elephaM. Map and large plan of the city of Mexico, with 
descriptions in Italian. 

[^Trarulatum. — The famoua relation of Fernando Cortee, coccerning New 
Spain of the Oceanic Sea, traoimitted in the year a. d. 1S20, to the moiit 
Sacred and Invincible Charlea ever august, of the Romans, King ot Spain, 
etc. ; containing many things worthy of being known and admired, concern- 
ing (he remBrkable cities of those proTinces, cusbima of the iuhabitanta, 
sacrifices of children, and religious persons, and especially of the celebrated 
city of Temistitan, and various wonderful things in the same, which wUl 
delight the reader in a wonderfnl manner ; translated from the Spanish into 
Latin by Dr. Peter Savorgnano of Forli, Secretary to the Rev. Master John 
de Bevelles, Bishop of Vienna, March 1st, 1524; Now Augnst 17th, the most 
candid readers will peruse with the greatest delight and pleasure the afore- 
said narrative of Fernando Cortes, translated bithfully and widi care from the 
eloqnent Latin into the splendid vulgar tongue by Master Thomas Libomio, 
for the convenience and satisfaction of honest and appreciative minds. With 
grace and privilege.] 

Rtfiratca. — Hasbissx, Bibliolhaa Amtricma Vtlu$., No. 1>9. Bkdhbt, Vol. 
n., column 312. 

■" CORTES, Pbbnasdo. Tertia Ferdinadi Cor | tesii Sac. Caeear, 
et C&&. Maieeta. | In Nova Maris Oceani Hyspania gene | ralis 
prsefecti pclara Karratio, In qua Celebris Ciuitatia Temix | titan 
expugnatio, aliaruqiie Prouintiaru, quse defecerant recupe | ratio 
continetur, In quaru expugnatione, recuperationeque Pnefe | ctua, 
una cam Kyspanis Victorias teterna memoria dignas con | sequutos 
eet, pneterea In ea Mare del Sur Cortesium detexisBe re | ceset, 
quod nos Australe Indicu Pelagus putam', & alias innume | raa 
Proulntias Anrifodinia, VnionibuB, VariiBque Gemmarum | gener- 
ibuB tefertas, Et postremo illis innotuisse in eis quoqne Aro | 
mata contineri, Per Doctore Petrum Sauorganii Foroiulien- 
sem [ Reuefi. in Christo patria dili To. de Reuelles Episcopi 
Vienensis | Secretarinm Ex Hyepano ydiomate In Latinum 
Versa. ) 
(^Cotoplion, with printer'* device, on the reverie offol. li. :) 

,d by Google 



Impressum In Imperiali 
ciuitate Norimberga, 
Per Discretum, & proui 
dum Virum Faedericu 
Artheinesium Ciuem 
abidem, Anno Vir- 
gin ei partus Mil 
lesimo quingente 
si mo vigeeimo 

(^Followed hy the errata on the next leaf, then :) Tf De Rebus 
et Insulis nouiter Repertis [ a Sereniss. Carolo Imperatore^, Et 
Variifl eanim genti | um moribus. | 

Folio. Title within a border, a medallion portrait of CHARLES 
v. above ; on the reverxe, the arms of Spain, filling the entire 
page. 3 preliminary leavet ; the reverse of the last blank; 
Text, i.-li, leaves. Errata, 1 leaf. "De Rebus et Insulis,'* 
i.— xii. leavet ; reverse of last leaf blank. Roman letters, the 
marginal notes in Q-othic. 

[Tramlation. — The third Narmlion of Fernando Cortet, ot hie Sacred 
ftnd Imperial Catholic Majesty in Nev S|>ain of the Oceanic Sea; contain- 
ing the conquest of the celebrated cilj- of Temixtitan, and ihe recovery of 
other provinces which hnd been lost; in ()iq conquest and recovery of vhich 
the Governor and Spaniards gained victories worthy of hein^ remembered ; 
besides whieh is related how Cortes discovered the South Si'a, which we 
consider the Southern Indian Ocean, and innumerable other provinces 
abounding in gold mines, pearls, and various kinds of precious stones, and 
whereby it was made known that thej also contain spices. Transtated from 
the Spanish into Latin by Dr. Peter Savorunano of Forli, Secretary to iho 
Rev. Father in Christ, l.ord John de Revclles, Bishop of Vienna. Printed 
in the Imperial City of Nuremberg, by the discreet and provident man 
Frederick Arthemesins, citizen of said city, in the year of the Virgin's 
parturition, 1S24.] 

The first Latin edition of tbe Third Leiier of Coktes, translated by Savor- 



" Mr. HEBKit had written th« following note in fala Catalogne ; ' In the " Noma 
Oiini" compiled bj QsTHsna from the p«pen of Hdttichius, and pnbliabed for 
the foarlh time »t Bi^ii. by Ubstaoivs, in ISS5, fotio, these second and third 
leitert of Coeteh, u tranilaled b; 8a.vDBGiiixua, are foitbfiill; inaeried, but are 
not to be fonnd in tbe preceding editions. The dedication, however, to Ci.eiiknt 
VII., prefixed to tlie Tersion of the former relatioD (dated ftom Nuehuberq, Id. 
Vila. 1534), is omitted and so is the "Carmen ad Ledortm," in foarteea Latin 
el^acs. This is the more reniarkable, as tbe corresponding introduction and 
Tertee at the commencement of the aacceeding relation are carefall; preserved.' 
In thia copf, on (he verao of A it., after ' Argumenium Libri,' Is a fine nood-cnt 
portrait of Clkubnt VIL, not in the Ebbbe eopj." — BiUittheea GreavUlioBa, 
p. 167. 

Befirenca. — Bib. GraivUliaaa, p. 167. Harsissb, Bib. Americana Vebii., So, 
186. Tbkiiacx, No. 33. BEnnET, VoL U. col. 312. 

*♦ CORTES. C Con priuilegio C Esta es vna carta que el muy 
ilustre aegor Don Hernando Cort«s marquea que luego fue d'l 
Ualle eaeriuio a la S. C. C. M. d'l Emperador: dandole queta d' 
lo ^ conuenia pueer e aquellaa ptes : 7 de algunas cossaa en ellae 
acaescidas. C. Fecha e la gran cibdad de Temiatitan Mexico d' 
la nueua £BpaBa : a xv. dias del mes d' otubre d' M. d. xxiv. 
ABos. €■ Agora nueuamete impssa por sa original. 

( Colophon :) C A honrra y gloria de nueatro seHor Jesu xpo : 
aqui se acaba la psente carta : la qual fue impresaa en la gran 
cibdad de Temestita Mexico : e caaa de Joaquin Q-arda 
Icaxhalceta. Acaboee a. xxt. dias d'l mes d' ^osto del aSo de 
M. dccc. IxT. A&os. 4^ ^ ^ 

(^Reverse of last leaf, printer's escutcheon and ;) ^ En MEX- 
ICO, ^ En la Imprenta particular de Joaquin Qareia Icazhalceta, 
y a Bu coata. Afio de 1865. 

12?no. ^tle, and another unnumhered leaf, iii.-xiv. leamt. 
®oti)it tttXa, 

[^Translation. — Thia is a letter which the veiy iUustiious Don Hernando 
Cortei, afterwards Marqaes del Valle, wrote to his sacred Ceearian Catholic 
majesty the Emperor, giving account of what was conTenient to provide in 
those parts, and alwnt some things which there occnrred. Done in the great 
city of Teminitan, Mexico of New Spain, on the 25th of Octot>er of the 
year 1524. Now again printed from the ori^nal. — To the honor and glory 
of our Lord Jesus Christ : here ends the present letter, which waa printed 
in tbe great city of Temcatitan, Mesico, in the house of Joaquin Garcia 
Icazbalceta. finished od the 25th of August, 1865. — In tbe private print- 
ing-office of Joaquin Oarcia Icazbalceta, and at his expense. 1865. 

A beantifal pieee oF typography, in the style of the early part of the sixteenth 
ceotory, — a secret letter to the Emperor, aceampanying Cobtes' fonrlh let- 
ter. SeCor lOAZBALCBTA is an accomplished scholar, and a diligent collector of 
books relating to Akbeica, bat particiUarly 10 Mbxico. He is the compiler of a 
" Coleeeim de Docamaitot para la Hittoria de Mexico," in 2 vols., folio, and a third 



Tolnme smbracing the " Hittoria Eedaitutloa Indiaxa," Uesico, 1870, otYrty 
Ger^nimo de Meaditta. We are t\ao indebted to him for & Taluable little volnioe 
on American bibliography entitled " Apunla para un CaUdogo dt EtcnlortM at 
Uagma itidigtnai di Atnerioa," Mexico, ISflG, 12mo. 


^ jAAJfll^Il'^^SO ^^ QUABTA BELACION q Feraando vortes, 
•0E9 gouer I nador ; capitan por su loajestad en la | naeva 
l^Bsl EspaBa del Mar Oceano, embio al muy | alto y muy 
potentiBfiimo iQuictissimo seBor | don Carlos emperador semper 
augusto J I rey de Espafla nuestro seBor ; en la qual eetan | otras 
cartfts y relacionea que los capitanes ] Pedro de alvatado y Diego 
de godoy embia | ron al dicho capitan Fernando cortea. 

(^Colophon :') Fue impressa la presente carta de relacioD | en 
la ymperial ciudad de Toledo por Qatpar de avila. \ Acabose a 
veynte dias del mes de Octubre. | ABo del naacimiento de nuestro 
salua I dca" Jesu christo de mil y quioien | toB y veynte y einco | 
aBos. I 4* I 

Folio, Title within a harder, above which are the arms of 
Spain. 21 unnumbered leaves, including the title, on the 
reverse of which the text begins. ®otl)ic Cetlei. 

ITrarutalion. — The fourth relaUoa which Fernando Cortes, Goremor 
and Captain General for His Majesty in New Spain of the Oceanic Sea, 
sent to the veiy high and mighty Lord Don Carlos, Emperor ever august 
and King of Spun our Lord ; in which are other letters and relations which 
the Captains Pedro Alvarado and Diego de Godoy aaot to said Captain 
Fernando Cort«s. The present relation wm printed in the Imperial city of 
TtJedo by Gtapar dt Avita. Fininhed October 20, 1525.] 

The firtt odiilDu of the Ibnrth letter of CoKTBa, ooreriDg the period (Vom Hay 
IS, 1533, to October 15, 1534. Tho last aixieen pages contain the reports of 
Ai.TAiui>o and Godot to CoRTsa. 

Rt/ertBca — BiOHBT, Vol, IL column 311. RjiBBiasE, No. 135. Bib. Grei- 
vilUatia, page 166. 

" PIGAFETTA, F. A. Le voyage bt na | uigation, faict par 
les Espaignolz es | tales de Mollucquea, dee isles quilz | ont trouu4 
an diet voyage, dea Roys [ dicelles, de leur gouuemement et 
ma I niere de viure avec plasieura aultrea | cboaes. Cum priuilegio. 
C On lee vends a Paris en la maison de | Simon de Colines, 
libraire jur4 de I'u | niuersit^ de Paris, demourat en la rue | sainct 
Jehan de Beauluais, a tensei | gne du Soleil Dor. { 

(_Riffkt of leqf two ;) C Le voyage et nauigation aux isles de 

,d by Google 


I MoUacque, descrit et faict de noble | hotiinie Anthoine Figa- 
phetta Vincetin, Cheualier de Rhodes, presen | tee a Philippe de 
villiera lisle adam ] grant maiatre de Rhodes, eommece | le diet 
voyage Ian mil cinq cens diic | neiif, et de retour. Mil.ccccc.xxii. 
le I huytieame jour de Septembre. ] 

(^End of the text, haf 75, 76 :) Lendemaiji, Anthnine Piga- 
phetta ] alia a valdoli, ou estoit lepereur Charles. Et ne luy 
presenta or, at^ent, ne | chose precieuse digne duDg si grand 
sei I gneur, majs ung liure escript de aa main | ou estaient ies choses 
passeee, de iour en lour de Leur voyage. Et de la se partit a | 
aller en Portugal au roy Joan, et luy dist | les choses que auoieiit 
veu, tat des Eapaj \ gnolz que des aiene. Puis par Espaigne j vieiit 
en France, et presenta et feist aucun [ don des choses de lautre 
Hemisphere a la | mere du Tres chrestien roy de Frace nome | 
Francois, madame le regente. Puis vint | en LitaUe et presenta 
le lieure de sa fatigue | a Phillippes de Villiera, grand toaistre de 
Rhodes. | 

C^ Cy finit lextnuct dudict liure [ trauslat« de ItaHen en [ 
Francois. | ( Without date.') 

Small &V0. Title, reverse blank. Text, 76 numbered leaves. 

Vocabularies of " isle de Bresil, des geans de Fataghone & du 

peuple More de Tadore," 1 leaf. Tahle, 3 leaves. l|$ot)|ic 


[Tranalation. — Voyage and navigatjon made bj the SpaniBrdg among the 
Moluccas, and the isIandB which they found in said voy^e ; of their kiagH, 
of their governineDt and mode of life, with many other things 

The voyage and navigation to the Molucca lelande, deseribed aod made 
by the noble man Anthony E^gafetta Vincentin, Chevalier of Rhodes; 
presented to Philip de Villiers Lisle Adam, Grand Master of Rhodes; he 
departed on the said voyage in the year 1SI9 and returned in 1532. 

The next day Anthony Pigafecta went to Valdali, where was the Emperor 
Charles. He did not present to hint either gold, silver, or any precious 
things worthy so great a Lord, but a book written by bis own band, wherein 
he mentioned the daily events of their voyage. From there he went to 
Portugal to King John, and lold him the things that he had seen, as well of 
the Spaniards as of his own. From Spain he came to France, and made a 
gift of the thit^ of tbe other hemisphere to the mother of the very Chri.'itiBn 
King of France called Francis, madam the regent. Next he came to Italy, 
and presented his book to FhilUp de Vitliers, Grand Master of Rhodes. 
Here ends tbe extract from sud book, traostated from (he Italian into 

Bbunet says that tbia book is bat an extract made by Ant. Fabrr, rrom ihc 
Ii^ian manuscript which Ahokbtti published entire, and which RAiitifiii 
inserted in his coUectiaii, Vol. I. The Italian edition from ■ niaiiusctit>L in ilie 



AmbroaUn libnu?, with nolen by Cablo Ahobbtti, was prioted at Milas in 
1800, in 4CO. with maps. A French transUtioD at Fabis, I'an ix. (1801). An 
English Teraion will be found in Pibkbktob's " CoUectiim of Vi^aga," Vol. II. 
1819, pag«aSB8-4K), 4to. The "Noma OrbU," of 15SS, and Edbn'b " Hiitory of 
TraeayU," aJao contain versions of the nuratiTe. The volame ia without date, 
bat aa the TOyage lanninated in 1S32, and aa FiOAfETTA waa created a Etiight of 
Bhodea, in October, 1SS4, it is sajb to place the date of ita pablicatioQ not earlier 
than 1525. 

Mr. Haxbibbe gives the bibliographical hiatorj of the memorable Tojage as 
followa : — 

" While at tea, Pioafbtta kept a diary, a cop/ of which he afterwards prea^ted 
to Chabibb T. of Sfain, at Vallaiwlid. On his retnm to Italt, \>j means of 
the original of that jonmal, and other noiea, and at the request of Pope CrKiiEHT 
Vn., and of the Great-Master Tili.iebb db l'ihlb Adah, PioAVBrTA wrote a 
f^iller accoanC of the expedition. Of this he made a few copies, vrbich were pre- 
sented to serersl high peraoaagea, one of whom was Louise db Satot, mother to 
Fbahois IBB FlBBT of Fbaucb. Lohibb, not being able to nndersland, we 
imagine, the kind of patois naed by Pigafbtta, and which resembles a mixlore of 
Italian or Venetian and Spanish, reqneated one Jacques Ahtoihe Fabbb to 
translate the work into French. InatSHd of ^yiog a literal version, Pabbe only 
pablished a kind of abiidgmeot, which ia the above muitioned work. It should 
be BMted, however, that some critka believe that the work was originally written 
in French ; an opinion which aeema to be baaed npon two manuscripts which are 
still in existeBce (perhaps the same deacribed twice). Both are on vellum, illuihi- 
nated, and in the French language." — BOUollieca Anmcana Vout., TSo. 134. 

For other referencea, see Brutiei, Vol. IV, column 650. Ahtohio, BSilietiitca 
Bitpeana Nwa, Vol II. page STB. 

" PTOLEMY.] Clavdii Ptolemaei Geo ] graphicae enarationia | 
Libri octo j Bilibaldo Pirckeym | ero interprete. Annotationes 
Joannis de R^omonte | in errores commiasoea lacobo Angelo | in 
txanslatione sua. | 

( Colophon on latt right of Uaf of annotations ;) AegbntobAGI 
(bio) Iokann£s Qrieningerat communibus | lohannit Koberger 
impensia excudebat. | Anno a Christi Natiuitate M.D.XXV. Tertio 
Kal' Apriles. 

Folio. Title with a border. Text on reverse, extending to 82 
nuTnbered leaves; the capital letteri eompoied of geometrical 
figurei. " AnnotationiB of R^omontanus," 14 unnumbered 
leaves. " Index Ptolemaei," with a separate title in a border, 
34 unnumbered leaves. " Hrrata," on reverse of last leaf. 60 
maps engraved on wood, with wood-cut figures and borders on 
the reverse. Following Tabula xii. is a map entitled " Oceani 
OccideDtalis sen Terre Nove." 

The map above mentioned givea the Flobida coast, the islands of Ibabblla 
(Cuba), Spaqhoua [sic], Iahaiqua, and the smaller ialands to the eastward ; 
also the northern portion of Sodth Anbrica. The western portions of Edrofb, 
Aholia, Gai-lia, and Hispania, and a portion of Africa, are also given. 



•' Tbbka Nota " appeara on the Sonlh American portion of the map, with the 
words, " Bee terramt adiaemtiifi tMuiU inuenXu est p Chri^Javm CWuRtiim 
tiiiui«n«n tx mtatdata RtgU CaitdU." A picture tepreaeniiDg esTageg fteding on 
hnuan fleah is giren. 

A notice of Che.diBcoreij of Ambrioa bj Coi.chbds ia gireo in the text on the 
right of a portion of the map- 
On the map of SwBoaH and the regions north of the Baltid, and at the extreme 
north, isfonnd EnoBOHiLiNT (Gkxbiii.amd), forming a penininia, with Iosi^nd 


■ORTES.] La quABTA rklacio que Fernando cortes, 
I go I uernador & capita general por eu niajestad | en la 
nueoa EspaDa del mitr oceano ebio al | muy alto y may 
potentiasimo inaictissimo | seDor Don Carlos emperador semper 
RguBto y rey d'spa&a | nfo seSoT, en la qual estan otras cartas y 
relaciones que | los capitanes Pedro de aluarado e Diego godoy 
embia { ron al dicho capitan Fernardo [m] cortes. | 

( Colophon ;) Fne imprenssa la presente carta de re | lacion de 
las Indias : en la metropolitana | ciudad de Valencia por C^r j ge 
Costilla. Acabose a xii. dias del mes de Ja | lio aDo de | mil. 
D. XXVI. aflos. >J< 

Folio. Title, toith a narrow border, beneath the armt of 
Spain. 26 unnumbered leaves, including the title, on the reverse 
of which begins tAe text; doiMe columns. ®f)tl)it £ttUi:> 

The Moond edition of the fonrCh letter of CoRTsa ; the Br«t edition printed the 
prerion* yew. 

Mr. Hinsiasn states that this is the only copy known. — Bib. Amaicana Vetia., 
No. 138. 

^ OVIEDO, de la natural hy | storia de las Indias. | Con priuil^o 
da la S. C. C. M. 

(^First two lines of the reverse of the title-page .*) Sumario de la 
natural y general | istoria de las Indias que escribio C^o^lo 
Femadez de Ovie { do 

( Colophon .■) Et peente tratado in | titulado Ouiedo de la 
natural hystoria | de las indias se impriniio a costaa del au | tor 
Goealo Femadez de Ouiedo al's de | Yaldes. For industria de 
maistre Re | mo de petras : y se acabo en la cibdad de | Toledo a. 
XV. diaa de! mea de Hebrero. | de m-d-xxyj. aBos. 

Folio. Title in red letters, beneath the arms of Spain, with 

an elahorate border. Text, i.-lii. leaves, and 2 unntmhered for 

table. (Sotliic tain- 

,d by Google 


" GoNEALO PutHAHDBK DK Otikdo t Yauibb wu boTO Id 1478. He belongcil 
to an ancient &nulj of the AHTCRit.B. He was eart; introdaced at court, and was 
appointed pa|i;;e to Primcb JniN, the onlj ion of Feedihihd add Iiabblla, on 
wfaon their hopes, and those of the nation, deseiredly netcd. Otikim) accom- 
panied the camp in the latter campaigni of the Hooriih war, and was present at 
the memorable siege of Gkahada. In 1513 he was named b; Febdirahd inipeclor 
of the gold fbandries in the American colonies. Otibdo accordinglj transported 
himself lo the New World, where he soon took a commission under the goTcmor 
of Dasism, and 9hH7«d in the fortnnes of that colony. Allhoogb he continued to 
make his principal residence in the New World, be made occaoonal visits to Spain ; 
and in 152G pnbliilied at Madbid his ' Staaario.' It contains an account of the 
West Ihdies, their geograph}', climate, tbe races who inhabited tbcm, ti^etber 
with their animals and TegetaUe prodnc^ns. In 1S3S, in a snbseqnent visit to 
Sfaih, OriBDO gave to the world the first Tolnme of his great work, which he had 
been many jean in compiliDg — the ' Sutoria dt ha ItuHat Ocddaitalet.' In the 
same jeai be wai appointed b; Cbarlbs V. akayde of the fortress of Bibpabiola. 
He continued in the island the ten fbUowjng jeare, actirel; engaged in the prose- 
cation of his historical researches, and then returned for the last time to his native 
land. The veteran scholar was well reedved at court, and obtained Ibe honorable 
appointment of Chronicter of the Ibdibb. He occupied this post nnlU the period 
of his death, which look place at Tau^imjlid in 1557, in the seventj-ninth year 
of his age. .... 

" He left a large mass of mannaeripts, embracing a vast range of bolb civil and 
natural bistoty. By far the more important is his ' Hittoria General de lot IruUal.' 
.... It gives in a more extended form tb« details of geographical and namral 
history embodied in his ' Sumario,' with a narrative, moreover, of the discoveries 
and conquests of the Islands. A translation of this portion of the work was made 
by the learned Ramdbio, with wliom Ovibdo was in coiresponclence, and is pub- 
lished in the third Tolume of bis estimable collection. Tbe two remaining parts 
relate to the conquests of Mbiico, of Pbbd, and other oonntries of Sotrrn 
AxBBioA." .... — Pbbbcott, Conquot o/Mexteo, Tol. n. page £93, note. 

8ee also note to Otibdo'b " Bittoria Generai dt laa India*," 1535, in this coUec- 

No. 139. BaatiBT, 


|LAREANUS.] D. Hen | rici Glareani | Poetae Lauire- 
a I ti de Gie<^ra } phia Liber | vnvs. | BasilkAB, Anno | 
M,D.xxvn. I 

(^Colophon:) IT Basileae, Anno MDXXVn. Elxcvdebat loantug 
Faher EmmeTB iTliacensia. 

Small 4(0. Title, with an engraved border ; reverse, dedica- 
tion, exteTiding to 3 pages. Text, 3-35 leaves. 

A book on geography by Hbhbt Gi-iBBAliua, poet laureate, execnted by John 
Fabbb. a small geographical treatise many times reprinted. 

" There is nothing more interesting for the history of the great geographical 
diseoTeriei of Che fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (ban to follow tbe stories of 



ct>Dl«nporu7 cotmograpben who hare made known to ns the maanei io which 
the knowledge of tbese diacoveries wae spread among Europeani. It is tud that a 
long dme was necessary to popularize the knowledge of the new continent, and 
even Hbhbt Lositub Oiarbihvb, one of the moit celebrated cosmographers of 
the middle age, although (he firat edition of his geogrephy of which we know the 
title, bad appeared more than thirty years after its diaeotery, makes but a passing 
allusioD to AuEHiOA, which shows the little knowledge he had of it. In the last 
chapter, in speaking of the regions oot described by Ptolbht, he says : — 

" ' Fartber towards the west liee a country called Ambrica, the length of which 
i« about eighty degrees. There are two islands, Spaokolla and Ibasulij.. Those 
connirtes have been Tiiited along the coasts by the Spaniards, Columbo of Gshoa 
and AuEaico Vebfucio being the leaders of the narlgaiion. There are people 
who believe that in the times of Csbab Ahoubtdh that country was known, and 
that Virgil in the Vlth Book [Teises T95-7] of the ".^iMuf" wrote the following 
lines concerning the same ; — 

" ' " Their land lies without the signs [of the Zodiac], beyond the snn'i annual 
course, where Atlas, snpporting heaven on his ehooldere, tnms the axle stndded 
with fiaming stars.'" 

" Sbsticb understood this of the Moorish Ethiopia ; bnt Lahdihus declares 
that there is no Ethiopia lying bejond the Zodiac. Therefore he himself explains 
' beyond ' as meaning ' almost beyond.' Bendea, Dohatus saji that ' sun ' stands 
for 'day,' and 'year' for 'night.' We leave this nncenain matter to the judgment 
of the reader." — Tsombl, BibUollAijm Amirieaine,tio. 3. 

The author, who was bom Id 148S, was, when a young man, professor of mathe- 
matics in the Univerai^ of Bablb. Be wrote two sclentiSc works, but he is belter 
known as a poet and musician. He held fbr several years the professorship of 
belles letties in the college oTFiuhob, and died at Fhibdso in 1&63. 

RefereiKa. — Harribbb, Bib. Americana Vttat., No. 143. Brdhbt, Vol. II. 
OOl. IS24. 


' BS|^I^ONE, Bbnbdetto.] Libro di Bene | detto Bordone 
M S9 I ^^' ^'^^ ^ ragiona de tntte V Isole de Mon | do con li 
BiSfl lor nomi antichi & modemi, | historic, fauole, et modi del 
loro ni { uere, & in qual parte | del ma ] re stanno, & in qual 
pa I rallelo & cUma | giacciono. | Con il breve di Papa | Leone. 
Et gratia & priuil^o della | IlluBtrisBima Signoria com' ( in 
quelli appare. M.D.Xxvm. 

(^Colophon:') C- ImpreBse in Venegia per Nicoio d'Aristotile, 
detto Zoppino, nel mese di Giu | giio, del. M.D.xxvin. con priuilegio 
di Leone papa, j del Senato di | questa citta, che nluno per aimi 
diece poesa queste isole imprimere, o | imprease uendere, ne loro 
luoghi Botto poeti, sotto le pene che in | essi priuil^^ si conten- 
gono, ee no coloro, a quaU dal com | positor lore expresBa [ mete 
sara' ordinate che le Btam [ pino ouer nendano. | 

Folio. Title, in red and black letters, with an araheaque 

,d by Google 


border. Text hegin» on the reverse. 8 unnumbered leaves, con' 
taining three double maps. 73 nun^ered leaves, with many 
maps in the text. 

[Tratalalion. — The Book of BeDedict Bordone, which treats of all the 
islands of the world, tA^ther with their ancient and modern names, histories, 
fablee, and mode of life ; in what part of the ocean thej are eltuated, what 
parallel and climate.] 

The map befbie the fint folio repTewnEi a hemisphere on the northwest portion 
of which we read tebba del liboradobb. Tlie Wbht Imdibb and a portion of 
SonTB Amibica are imperfeett; represented. On the map on the rcclo of fbl. tI. 
we And Enobohelahd and norbboia, and on the reverte o( same leaf is anotbeT 
with the picture of houses, and beneath Tbbba db ladobatobb. On foL x. is a 
plan of Teuibtitah (Mbxico), rererse of xi. a map on which ii Iahaiqca, 
Spaosola, and a portion of the Spanish main. Following are separate maps of 
SpaohoiiA, Jamaiqca, Coba, GuASALrpB, Maiihiha, etc. The account of these 
itiands ends on Ibl. xt. 

The flnl edition of a work very popular in iu daj, and many timet reprinted. 
We notice the Gillowing: Vesboia; Zop^no, 153! and ISM; Vbrboia: 
Leno, 1537; Obabwb mentions another bjDEZeno, in 1!>34 ; Vbhboia : Tomnoa, 
IMT ; Rich mentions one at Tbbiob in IM8, and another at Vbbici, dt Lano, 
without date, with a letter to the Prefect of Nbw Sfain. Four of these are in tbi« 

BoBDONB was a natiTe of Padca, bat llred at Vbhiob, where he cnltivatsd 
astrology, geography, Greek literature, and miniature painting as a profesdon. He 
is said lo have died in 1531. 

Refirenca. — Habbihsb, Bib. Amerieaita NoKt, No. US. Bbvnbt, Mairad At 
Lilnwre, Vol. I. colnmn IIIS. 


1PIANUS, Pbtbub, ^ Coamo | graphi&e Introdvctio : 
cvm I quibusdam Geometrise ao ABtronomia; prin I cipija 
adeum rem necesaarija. | (^Large wood-cut of an armillary 
aphere.') Excrarm IliiGOLSTADn M.D.XXIX. 

(^Colophon on reverse of last leaf:') Ingolstadij, Anno | 
M.D.XXXI. [ 

12mo. Title ; reverse, a wood-cut. Text, 31 leaves, of which 
only 1-16 are numbered. Italic letters. 2 maps and many 
geometric<d figures in ike text. 

An abridgment of Apiak's larger " Cosiajraplie." On the reverse of leaf c6 
beglne the foUowiag reference to Amexica ; — 

"Non solum aut prtedicitt trea partea nSc aant latins Instrata, ueram A alia 
quarta pan ab Americo Vespntio sagacis ingenij uiro, inoeta est Qua ab ipeo 
Americo eius Innentore Amerigen quasi Ameriel terram sioe Americi appellari 




■NGLERI.] ^ Opvfl, epi | stolaru Petri Marty \ ris An- 
n glerii Mediola { nesis Protonotarij | Aplici atque a cc!silij& 
rerfi Indica | ru : nuc pmu et natii y medio | cri cura 
excu I auin : quod | qde pre- 1 terstili venustate, nostroru quoque | 
teponim histori loco ease poterit. | CoPLCri Anno dfti, m.dxxx. 
I Ca priuilegio Cfesareo. | 

(^Oolopkon .-y C. Escusam est hoc volu | men Epistolarnm 
Petri Martyris Mediola [ nenais citra controueraia eniditisaimi | in 
cereberrima & in omni literaru [ genera maxime florenti Aoa | 
demia Complutensi in Aedibua MicTtae \ li» de Eguia \ Anno a 
I Christo I nato. | M.D.XXX. 

Folio. Title, with an elaborate border representing the labors 
of Hercules. Index, 11 unnumbered leaves, beginning on reverse 
of title. Text, i,-cxcix. in Roman letters. 

Mr. Pbbioott, in a note on the leTeral works of Fkteb Mastts, aayi : — 
" Bat the work of principal value in oar reseajches is hie " Opai Epatolaram," 
beinj{ a colleclion of his mallifarioas coireGpondence with the mo«t coaaiderable 
persons of bia time, whether in political or literary life. Tbe letters are in Latin, 
and extend from the jear 1488 to the time of his death. Althoagh Dot conipicuons 
for elegance of diciion, they are moat Tklnable to the historian, from the fidelity 
and general accnracy of the detaila, aa well as for the intelligent criticism in which 
they abound, for all which nncomraon fiicilitica were afforded by the writer's inti- 
macy with the leading actore, and the moel recondite sonrces of infbrmatlon of the 

" This high character is fully authorised by tbe jadgments of those beat qualified 
to pronoDQce on their merits, — Marttr's own contemporsrieB; among these Dr. 
Qalindez db Cahbajal, a councillor of King Fbkdibakd, and constantly em- 
ployed in the highest concerns of the state, commendB these episCles a« ' the work 
of a learned and upright man, well calculated to throw light on tbe transactions of 
the period ;'.... and John de Vbhoaba, a name of the highest celebrity in the 
literary annals of the period, expresaeB hrmaelf in the following emphatic terms : ' I 
know of no record of the time more accamte and valuable. T myself hare often 
witnessed the promptnesa with which he pat down things the moment the; occurred. 
I have sometimes seen him write one or two letters, while they were setting the 
table. For, as he did not pay much attention to style and flniah of expreaaion, hia 
composition required bat little time, and experienced no little interruption from his 
ordinary arocationa.' Thia account of the precipitate manner in which the epistles 
were composed, may help to explain the cause of the occasional inconsistencies and 
anachronisms, that are to be (bund in them ; and whiub their author, had he been 
more patient of the labor of revision, would doubtleas have corrected. Tbe Srat 
edition appeared at AlcalI db Hehabes, in 1539, about four years after the 
author's death. It bos flow become exceedingly rare. Tbe second and laet came 
ont in a more beaalil'ul form trom the Elzevir preas, Auhtkrdah, in 1670, fblio. 
Of this also but a small number of copies were struck olf. 

" 1 have been led into this length of remark," ronlinnea Mr. Pkescott, "by 

,d by Google 


>■ whicb met my eye In the recent work of Ht. Hallux, vbo intimaiei 
his belief that the epittte* of Marttb, inttead of beiog written at their respeGlife 
iliites, were produced by him at some later period, a conclusion which I inspect this 
■cnle and candid critic wonld have been slow to adopt, had be peruied (he corre- 
Bpondence in connection with the history of the times, or weighed the nnqaalifled 
testimony borne by contemporaries to its minnle accuracy," — BiU. of Ferdinand 
and IiabeUa, Vol. II. p. 71, note. 

" It is a great felicity for the historian to bare so trustworthy and to intelligent 
a nun u Petbr Martte as a daily wi(ne« of the great atEirs which were tran- 
tflcled at the court of Sfaih at that period. Far trota bit writings baring anything 
(actilioua about them, their merit is, that they reflected his uncorrected tboughtl 

and feelings on the very day in which he recorded any transaction Hi) 

personal knowledge of Coluhbiis, and of others amongst the fint voyogen to the 
Indies, mast erer make Peter Habttr one of the greatest aothoritiea for the 
New World." — HELPi, The SpaaiMh Conguat in America, Vol. I. p. 107, note. 

Speaking of Prtbb Martie, Mr. Pbebcott says ; " His inquisitive mind wa« 
particularly iateresied by the dlscoTeriea that were going on in the New Worid. 
He was allowed to be present at the sittings of the Council of the Ihdibh, when 
any commnnication of importance was made to it; and he was mhseqnently 
appointed a member of that body. All that related lo the colonies passed tbrongb 
his hands. The correspondence of CoLUHBua, Cobtbs. and the other discOTetera, 
with the Court of Castile was anbmitted to his perusal. He became personalJy 
•cqnainted with these illustrious persons on their return home, and frequently, as 
we find from his own letters, entertained them at hi* own table. With these 
advantages his testimony becomes bnt one degree tentoved from that of the actors 
themselves in the great drama. In one respect it is of a higher kind, since it is free 
from the prejudice and passi<m whtcb a personal interest in events is apt to beget. 
The testimony of Petbr Mabttb is that of a philosopher, takiug a clear and 
comprehensive survey of the ground, with snch lights of previons knowledge {o 
guide him, as Bone of the actual discoverers aad conqaerors could pretend to. It 
is true, this does Bot preveBt his foiling into errors, the error« of credulity fonnded 
on superstition, but that which arises From the uncertain nature of the aobject, 
where phenomena, so unlike anything with which he had been familiar, were now 
first disclosed by the revelation of an unknown world." — CmqueMt of Mnico, 
Vol. U. p. 100, note. 

If the reader is curious to learn more of this estimable scholar, he will find the 
particulars given in " The Eittory of Ferdinand and IiabtUa" (part 1, chap. U, 
postscript, and chap. 19), for the illustratiim of whose reign his voluminous corre- 
spondeuce furnishes the most authentic materials. 

For references, see Haxhime, Bib. Americana Velii»., No. 160. Bruvet, Vol. I. 
column 294. 

* ANGLERIA.] De Orbe No-|uo Petri Martyria ab | Angleria 
Mediolaaen | sis Protonotarij | Cesaris Sena | tons de- | cades. | l{l 
I Cl Cum priuilegio Imperial! Compluti apud Micha { ele d' 
Egaia Anno | m.d.XXX. 

(^Colophon:') ExcTSvm Coniplvti iu aedibvs | Michaelia de 
Eguia. Anno Vii^nei | partus M.D.XXX. | Mense Decebri. | 

^"0(10. Title, within a very elaborately engraved border 
representing the lahort of Hercules; reverse, "Avtor," alto 
within a border, 1 leaf. Preface., 1 leaf, i.-cxvii. leaves, in- 

,d by Google 


cludiny title and preface. "Vocabula Barbara," 3 leaven. 
Wood-cut map, jneaiuriTig 11 by 16^ inches. 

This map, which ia very rare and often v&nting in the volume, is entitled " Tipot 
orbit Pttivariaiu iuxia PtoLintei conaographi traditimem et Aiaerid Vapvcii aliorvmqve 
boOradoaa a Petro Apiane Let/nico Elvdr An. Do. k.dzxx." This map is the 
same as that in the Souhdb Cahers of l&SO, with the date changed to 1930. The 
omatosnls in loner comer on the left also difl^r, the Peter Martji contitining 
within a sqnare the words " ghedruct tUvierpai by mo pttrr de icaUi de galdi haul." 

First coiDplele editian of the eight decades. Tracalated itilo English bj Rioh- 
jLttD Edek, and printed at Lonimjn, in 1559. and again in 157T, under the title of 
" The BiMtori/ and Trauagle in tie Eatt and Wttt India" both editions in 4lo. 
Also in the supplementary volume to the l«print of Haklcit'b " ColUciiaa of 
Vayaga," Lohdok, ISIS, 4to. 

"PiTEtt Hartih'b ' Decadet' bear the stamp of candor, probity, and great 
information. Tbey possess peculiar value from being written at the moment, 
before tbe facts they record were distorted or discolored by prgudiee or misrepre- 
sontalion. His works abound in interesting particulars, not to be found in any 
coniemporat7 historian. Tbey are rich in thought, bnt still richer in fact, and are 
fall of urbanity and of the liberal feeling of a scholar who has mingled with tbe 
world. He is a fbuntain from which others draw, and from which, with a little 
precaution, they may draw securely ." — Irving't Life of Colanibaa. 

Sefermca. — Bkdnbt, VoL I. colamn MS. UABRiaaB, Bib. Americana Vftut., 
No. IM. 

^ GLAREANUS.] Heiirici | Glareaui Poet&e Lav- 1 reati de Geo- 
gra- I phia Liber vnva, | ab ipso avtore | recognitvs. [ Apvd Fri- 


( Colophon :) Apvd Fribvgvm BaiscoicVM | Anuo. M.D.XXX. 
I Excvdebat loannes Fa- 1 her EmmevB Ivliacensis. | 

4(0. Title within a border; reverse, beginning of Epistle 

Dedicatory., and continited to tie two following pages. Text, 

3-S5 leaves. The printer's mark on the reverse of another leaf. 

*« PIRCKEYMERI. Germaniae ex variis Scriptoribus perbreuia 

explicatio. Authore Bilibaldo Pirckeymero Consiliario Caeaareo. 

AugufitEe apud Hwnricnm Stamer. Anno 

Small 8uo. I^tle within a highly ornamental border ; see 
faciimile on next page. Dedication, " Illvstri ac generoeo domino 
Herimano Neuenario Comiti ac Prapoaito Coloniensi," etc. 
Dated Niirembeigte Kalendie lulij. Anno ealutis M.D.XXX., 1 
leaf. Text, 83 unnumbered leaves. Italic Letters. 

This little volume closes with the following ref^nce to the discovery of Ahkr- 

"Proinde compertnm est ex obsematione eclypsis, quie fuit in muse Septembri 
anno salutis 1194. Hispaniam insnlam, quatuor ferme horsrum inteistido ab 
Hyspali, gate Sibilia est distare, hoc est gradibus 60. qnalium est circulns maximus 
360, media uero insnlte con^et grados 30 circiter In altitudine polari. Nauigatnr 
BDt«m spaciom illnd commaniter in diebas 35 altiludo aero COn tine ntis oppouti, 
cui Hispani sancte Marths namen indiderc, circiter graduum Gsl IS Darieni uero 
terra & sinus dc UTaca jjradus cjuiisi ti:iieivt 7} in altitudine polari, nude lun^'issimo 



iracru ocddumUTn uergui letra wt, ijnie Tocatnr Mexico & TBwtsTiT^iH.aqua 
etlim non longa remota est insula Jucatah cum aliis nuper repertus." 

yrran^ititni. — Hence, it has been nscerUined by tbe observHtion of sn eclipse, 
which look place in tbe month of Scptembtr, in the year of onr Lord 1494, thnl 
the Spsnuih isle was remoTed by h apace of about four hours from Hyapali, which 
in Seville ; that IB (o uy. sixty degrees, of which the largest circle contains three 
hundred and sixty ; but the centre of (be island is aliont twenty degrees nortli of 
the equator. This space ia commonly navigated in Ibirty-five days. The latitiiiie 
or the opposite continent, to which the Spaniants have given the name 8l. Martha, 
is about twelre degrees. The Darien country nnd the Bay of Uroca are about 
seven and one half degrees north of tbe equator. From this there expnnils lowanU 
the West a very vast tract of land called Mexico and Temistilau, from which there 
is also not &r remoied the islnnd of Jucatan, of 1aC« discovered, besides somo 

William Pikckbtmbr look an active part in the Reformadon, as did also his 
sister, Ch ABIT T PtBCKETHKR, the Abbess of St. Clark's at Ndrkmrbko. Bui it 
ii as (he pioneer of school reform thai Pircsetksb is beat known, and to him is 
clue the introduction of a system which has Kraduslly grown into that which nov 
prevails lliitiuj^bout (tKKMANY. He studied juris prudence at I'adua and 1'isa, 



nnd it WW during tliis period th&t Colvkbqh diacorered Hispiniola and BTailed 
himself of ibe eclipse of 1494 to obtain > permanent fuoting on the island. FrRcs- 
ETMBR held the highest ofRces, and was emploj'ed as envoj and ambassador, and 
u general commanding the Swabian forces in the Add. He died in 1530. Tsiiii- 
KBB's Cataloym, 1874. 

Gbahbbk men^ona several works bj Pibckeymbb (whom he calls Piece- 
hbiher). Of the Germaaia he notices edilions, bwidea oura, which is the firaC, 
Ndrbhbkko, 153S. Aug. V. 1530. FsaHCKroRT, 1531. Ahtwirp. 1S8S in 8to ; 
and HinovBR, 1694, in lamo. — Tr€tor dft Livra rum, Vol. V., p. 303. 

>' i'OMPONIUS MELA de Orbia sitv tibri tree, accuratiBflime 
emedati vna' cum Commentarija loachimi Vadiani Heliietii cas- 
tigntioribua, & mtiltia in locia auctoribua factia : id quod cadidus 
lector obiter, & in transcursa facile deprehendet adiecta aunt prje- 
terea loca aliquot bk Vadiani cSinentarija summatira repetita, & 
obiter ezplicata : in quibus seatimandia cenaendiaqz doctissimo uiro 
loanni Camerti ordinia Minorum Theologo, cum lochimo Vadiano 

non admodum conuenit ^ Lvtbtiae Parisiorvm. Anno 


(^Colophon :) Lvtetiae Parisiorvm, menee Ivnio Anno, a Cbriato 
nato H.D.XXX. 

Folio. Title, one leaf, 13 preliminary leaves ; text, 196 un- 
numbered leaven. Title, and 27 unnumbered leaves ; 1 leaf, on 
the reverie the printer's device. 


*^ [ff^SIESENDE A. A. DE. Epitome Rervm Gestarvm | in India 
B KU ^ Lusitanis, anno superiori, iiixta exem- 1 plum epiatolai, 
EbSaSI quam Nonius Cugna, dux Tndii» | max. deaignatUB, ad 
r^em misit, ex vrbe Ca- 1 nanorio, IIII. Idua Oetobria. Anno. | 
H.D.XXX. I Anctore Angelo Andrea Reaendio Luaitano. | Lotjaki 
apud Seruativm Zassenum, Anno | m.d.xxxi. . . Mense Julio. 
Ad si- 1 gnii Regni coelorum. | 

4to. Title and 15 unnumbered leaves. 

"The aathor Wfis born in 1498, and died in 1573; he v*s a ver; dialingaiahed 
writer of bis time ; and the present original edition ia seldom to be found. Another 
work b; Rbskkdius, " Dt Aniiquitalibia Liailanite," Eboiix, 1593, folio, is still 
more rare. BiUiolhfCa GratviUiamt, p. 601. S«c alao UARRiaSB, BitiioUteat Amer. 
Vtta>., No. 163. 


1NGHIERA.] PiEERE Mahtyr. Extrait ov recveil dea [ 
Tales nouuellemet trouu^ea ,en la grand mer Oue | aue ou 
t«mpa du roi d'Eapaigne Fernad & Eliza { beth sa femme, 
fMct premi^rement en latin par | Pierre Mai'tyre de Millan, et 
depuie translatti eu | laiiguaige fi-an^oya. | 

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Item troiB NamitionB : dont la premidre est de | Cuba, & cora- 
meoce ou fueillet 132. | 

La seconde, qui est de la mer Octane, commence ou fueillet 155. | 

La tierce qui est de la ptinse de Tenustitan, com | mence ou 
fueillet 192. | 

On 1©B vend a Paris, rue Saiiict-Iehan de Beau j vais, cbez Si- 
mon de Colines, au Boleil d'or. | Cum priuil^io. | 

(^Colophon .■) Imprirae a PAKia par Simon de Colinet libraire 
iure de | t'uniueraite de Paris, Lan de grace Mil cinq ces trente- | 
deux, le douzieme jour de lanuier. 

8«o. Title, reverie blank and 1 preliminary/ leave*. Text, 

1-207 leaves. Itajjc Letters. 

The third p«rt in tbii TOlume reten to" Dt nuptr tut i). Canlo reperlU iiuulit, 
limiilgtie iamlaram moribut R. Petri Maiii/rii, Enchiridion. Dom. Margarita, Divi 
Mar. Cia.fiiief diclatam." Basil, H. Prtri, 15SI, 4ta, 43 pp. 

Btftrmcft. — Tbshaux, Mo. 37. Habkime, BiUiotheca Amtrictma PrfM ., No. 
167. Bbdhxt, Vol. I., columo S93. 

■• CORTES, Febnaudo. De Insvlis nv | per inventis Ferdi- 
nandi Cortesii | ad Carolum V. Rom. Imperatorein Narrationee, 
cura alio | quodam Petri Martyria ad Cleraentem VII. Fon i tifi- 
cem Maximum consimilis ai-gumenti | libello. | ^ His accesserunt 
Epistolie duse. de feliciBsiino apud Indos | Euangelij incremento, 
quas supenoribus hiace diebaa qui [ dau) fratres Mino. ab India in 
Hispaniam tranamiaserunt. | T[ Item Epitome de inuentis nuper 
Indise populis idolatria | ad fidem Christi, atque adeo ad Ekxilesiam 
Catholicam conuer | tendis, Autore F, P. F. Xicolao Herborn, reg- 
ularia obaeruantias, ordinia Miuorum General! CommisBario | Cis- 
montano. | ^ Venduntur, in pingui GalUna. | Anno M.D.xxxri. 

( Colophon on the right of the last leaf:') ^ Colonic ex offi- 
cina Melchioris Nouenani. Anno m | dxxxii. Decimo Kalen- 
das mensia Septembna. | 

(^Reverse of last leaf, the printer's mark, with the words; In 
pingvi Grallina" : then ,-) 

^ Colonic. Impenaia honesti ciuis Ar \ noldi BircKman. 
Anno Domini | M.D.Xxxn. . . Menae | Septembri. | 

Folio. Title, with a border, composed of twenty-jive escutch- 
eons of Spanish provinces and towns ; 3 preliminart/ leaves. De 
Insulia, 8 leaves. Second Narration, 30 leaves. Third Narror 
ti<yH, ZZ, followed by 7 leaves, all unnumbered. 

[TrarufoJion. — The Narrations of Fern undo Cortes to Charles V. Em- 
peror of GennaDy. concerning the islands lately (liHCovernd, with a certain 
other tract of Peter MartjT, to Pope Clement VII., on a similar subject. To 
fbcBC arc addcil two Iftters refiTriu^ tn the riio^t fortiinitif increaei' of (he 


Faci^imile of title to'Corlea. De iiundis niipec inwntis.Culoiiiie, 15327 

Title of Cortes' ■' De Insulis nuper inventis." 1532, , lyCiOOQlC 



Gospel among iha Indians, which certaia friars of the Minorite order for- 
merl; tranBmilted from India to Spain. Also an epitome concerntog the 
convenion of the idolatroua people of India, lately discovered, to the Chris- 
tian faith, and to the Catholic Church, by the Rev. Father Nicholas Her- 
bom, General Cismontana Commissary of the order of the Hinorites of the 
regular observance. Sold at the Fat Hen, 1S32.] 

This translalion of the Second and Third NairationB of Cortes, contains, be- 
sides PrTBB Mabtir'b " De Insaiii," pp. 5 to 12, a letter from Friar Mabtin db 
Valkncii, dated June 13, 1531, at the Conrent of Talxanaco, near tlie cilj of 
Hbzico, and other letters sent from Mexico bj Zumakbaoa, the lint Bishop of 
thai city, which are also to be found in the " Noiiui Orln'i" of 1955. 

IU/rr(iKa. — HiRmtest, BibluHUca Amtricaaa Vetai., No. 168. BOliiUkeca 
GrfUBttliana, page I6T. 

™ GRYNAEUS, Simon. Nowb Orbis Regio- 1 nvm ac Insvlarum 
Teteribvs incognitarvm, una cum tabula cosoii^raphica, & aliquot 
alijs coneimilis | ai^menti libellis, quorum omnium catali^us | 
Bequenti patebit p^iiia. | His accesait copioBua return memora- 
bilium index. | ( Vtffnette, with Greek tenUnce above and Latin 
beneath ;) 

in Tpia&f tifxi. 

Fata iiiam innenient. 

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Basilcab. Apnd lo. Hervagivm, mense Martio; Anno h.d.xxxii. 
Folio. Title ; reverie, catalogue of contents, " Epistola 
Nvncvpatoria," 3 pages. Index, 31 pages. " Declaration," 12 
pages. Map ; on the right the words, " Novua Orbis, qvi insvlas 
habet Indici Oceani," etc. Text, 1-584 pages, followed by a 
leqf containing the register and colophon on the right, and on the. 
reverse the same wood-cut as on the title. Wood-cuts in the text, 
on pages 30 and 129. 

[ Tronddrion. — A new globe of regions and islands unknown to tbe 
ancients, together with a cusmographical table, and some other treatises 
concerning similar things ; the catalof^e of which will appear on tbe follow- 
ing page. An inden of memorable things lias been added.] 

Tbe first edition or the " Nobui Oriu " o( QBinjiin. Tlie following are the 

1. Preface bj Sihon Qstnabub. 

2. Sbbasi1:IH Mcmbter — Exptanatimi and use of the coimo^raphic plate. 
S. The Toyages of Cadikosto down the coast of Africa in U&1-I45S. 

1. Tbe Brat three vojagea of CubiStOpHRK CoLUMBtiB, 1492-1498. 

5. The Tojages of Petbus Alonzo. 

6. The Tojage oT ViHCBHT Pinkom to Bbasil in 1499, 

7. Albbbic VEBPUcins's epitome of ihe Toysgca of VsEPtrcins. 
6. The TojBgM of ALiABsa, with ietlert Irom certain merchanu. 
9. The relation of Joseph tbe Indian. 

10. The first, second, and fborth rojagea of Ahbkicds Vupiioina. 

11. Letter of King Ehahubl of Pobtdoal to Pope Lbo X., raspecting the 

diseoTcties of tbe FortuKnese in Ikdia. 
II. The Itinerary of Lewis Vahtheha, or Vabtomanub, in the East, from 
1503 to 1508. 

13. F. Bbocabd'b Des<:riptian of the Holt Lahd in the nineteenth centnry. 

14. The travels of Maboo Polo (n Oriental countriee in die thirteenth century. 

15. HiYTHON, an Armenian, upon the Tartars. 

16. Mathias a Michou'b account of Sabmatia. 
IT. Paulob Joyius on tbe legation lo Mobcovie. 

IB. Peteb MaBTYb's " De Itauiit miper npfriii ; " newly discovered islands. 

19. Stella on the aatiqaitiei of PanssiA. 

Tbe first edition of a work nsnally known as the collection of Si>oh Grtnaos, 
a letmied professor at Bablb, and the preface of which bears his name. It was 
repriDied the same year at Pabib, snd again by Hebtaoius, at Basle, in 1S37. 
To the latter edition is added a letter of Maximilian TsAiiBrLVANDB. In 155B it 
was again printed at Baslb, by UanTAaius, with fire additional arciciea. A 
German translation was printed at 8tbabbi;rg in 1534, and a Datcb one at 
Amstebdam in 1563 ; all In folio. A Latin edition appeared at Rottbbuam, in 
1616, is Bto, whkb contains bat lii of tbe articles contained in the folio editions. 
CojHM of these several editions are in this coltection. The Dnlch version is not 
mentioned by either BnuiiEt or Graebbe. 

*"* GRYN^US. NowB Orbis Re | gionvm ac Insvlarvm ve ] teribus 
incognitarum, una cum tabula cosmograpbica, &, \ aliquot allis 
conainiilis ai^menti libellis, quorum | omnium catalogua sequent! 

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patebit pagina. Hia nccessit copioHua reriim meinorabiliuin index. | 
( Wood-cut of the printer's device, Iehan Petit, two Horn ramp- 
ant against a shield, on which are tlie letters I P. At the sides, 
and upon a scroll, are also Petit a Petit; and at the bottom the 
name in larger letters,') 

Pakisiis apud loannem \ Paruum sub flore Lilio, uia ad sanctum 
lacobum. | 

(^Colophon .■) Impr^sHum Paribus apud Antonium Augerellum, 
impcDsis loannis \ Parui & Galeoti a Prato. Anno m.d.xxxii. 
VIII. I Calen. Nouembris. | 

Folio, Title; reverse, catalogue of fontents. 2?t preliminary 
leaves, of which 19 contain the index. Text, 1-514 (^erroneously 
marked 507). Register and colophon, 1 lenf; reverse blank. 
With the folding map of Orontius Fine. 

The map in this volume in an uxi'cedinKly in teres I in;; one, onil is iiflen wnnrin;; 



in thia at nrll u in the Basil edition. At the lop in ■ Ecroll is the title, " jf^Kova, 
el inlegra raietra orbit descrjplia ^ " On the right of the reader the nap repre- 
Bcnls a eontinent ronnd the Bonth Pole, bearing the name " TV™ Anaraiis, 
recenler inufflfa, $ed ntmdi jiaU cagnita." On the weetem'side of this continent it 
" Brahielie eeoio." On the toutbeoitem coiner stretchee a land, ieparated from 
the continent by a narrow smit, bearing the word " Akbkioa." Near the mai^n 
of the lower lefl comer are the island! of Ianaica {tie), Spaionoc^, bobiqcb 
DOMINICA, and orahada ; and near them the mainland, on which are many 
nnfkmiliar namea. A Bmall portion of an igthmns ia shown bearing the name of 
DABiKNA. Near the North Pole ia Ghowblart, and lower down Baccalab. 
Near the upper part, on the left, Tsbha Flobida, Tucatab, Ihsola bacuficios, 
and tbe end of the island of Cdba. In the centre at the bottom, wiUiin a aqnare, 
ia the fbllowing inacription : — 

" Orontiaa. F. Delpb. ad lectorem. Offerimas tibi, candid! lector, vniTeraam 
orhii tcrrarvm deaciiptioncm, joxt* recentinm Oeographorain ac Hjdrograpbomm 
menlem, aervatatam .^natoria, tam parallelorani ad eas qu» ex centrli propor- 
tione, gemina cordis humeni formula in piano eoextensam ; quarum lasoa boreolem, 
dextra vero aastralem Mundi partem compiectitar. Tu igitur rannnaealnm hoc 
liberaliter excipito : habeloqae gratiai Chrieliano Wcchelo, cuius favore & impensis 
htac tibi communicaTinias. Vale. 1531. Henae lulio." 

'08 ZIEGLER, J. Qvae | intvBcon | tinentvr. | Syria, ad Ptolomaici 
opens rationem, Prseterea Strabo | ne, Plinio, & Antonio auctor- 
ibua locupletata. | Palbstina, iisdem auctoribua. Praeterea 
His I toria sacra, & losepho", & diuo Hieronymo locapletata. | 
Arabia Petriea, siue, Itinera filioram Israel per de- 1 sertum, 
Tisdem auctoribus. | Aeovftus, iisdem auctoribus. Praeterea 
loanne | Leone arabe grammatico, aecundnm recentioi-utu locorum 
situ, I illuBtrata. | SchondIA, tradita ab an«toribus, qui in eius 
0-1 peris prolt^ memorantur. | HOLMIAB, cinitatis regie, suetiffi, 
deplorabilis excid- 1 ij Cliristierniim Dati8ecinibric3!regeni,hi8toria. 
[ Regionvm siiperiorum, singulie tabaise Geogra | pbicie. | Abogn- 
TORATI I apud Petrum Opilionem \ m.d.xxxii. 

Folio. Title, i,-cx. leaves, and 18 unnumbered leaves, conr 
faining maps ajid ineastigtionem. The last map relating to the 
northern regions contains Gkeenland and Terra Bacallaos. 
Jakbs ZtEOLBB wa< a profesBor of dirinity, mathematician, and cosmographer, 
and flourished in the eixtecnth centniy. Be was bom at Lakdsbitt, in Batabia, 
in usa, and died in 1M9. While residing at Rous he wrote a work on Scan- 
D1HATIA from mat«riala gathered there. Hia theological writinga gave anch oflenac 
that the Inquisition absolutely forbid the reading of them, and the peniaol of the 
reat was permitted only npon condition that certain thinga ahould be corrected in 
Ihem, and that the cxpreteioo " condemned author " be always added to the name 

of ZtKGI.BR. 

In the work above mentioned ia a division relating to the northern r^iona nnder 
the general name of Sckordca. In thia arc aeparate chapters on Grbexlahd, 
IcBi.ARD, Lapland, NoRWAr, Swbvsh, etc In his preface to Scbondu, p. R5, 
heaajB : " Ab I intend to publish a book concerning theconntriea in the north paria 
of the world, of which the ancient historians knew nothing; and to show that those 
rcciona hare an nfUacnce of such things as prononnce a country happy : in order to 



gain the fall credit and belief of mj readera, it will be nactxsaiy fur me first to 
ihairwhat Anlhori^M I can produce with n^ard lo thiework. During 017 abode io 
Roim, there lived ia that dt^ two archhishopa of DHOHTHBtM, in Norwat, one of 
them a Dane. He djing, Olaus waa wot in hia place to Rohb, where I conversed 
with him often, and leaiot from bim the rest of the particnlars concerning NoRW^l. 
The things relating to Sweden, etc., aa liltewise concerning GsBKHLitHD and the 
island of tciLAiiD, I was informed of bj the Rev, Bishops Joun Maodbbs, of 
Upbai^ and Pietib, both natives of Gotblahd AorAsibnbib, who at that time 
were my verf inrimale (Viendi at Rome." 

Rtferauxt, — Habkiwb, BiUivllieai Amtii<xina Vflas., No, 170. PA!i£Et(, 
Vol. VL page laa. 


■NGHIERA.] Petbi Martykis | ab Angleria Medio- 
lanen. Oratoris | clarisBimi Femandi [ & Helisabeth 
HiBpaniaruni quondam re | gum | a conBilija de rebus 
Oceanicis & Orbe | qoyo decades tres. quibus | quicquid de in- 
Tentis nnper terris traditum, novarum rerun) cupi | dum lectorem 
retinere posslt, | copiose, fideliter, eruditeque docetur | eivs | dem 
piaeterea | legationis Babylonicae li | bri tres : vbi praeter oratnrii 
mvoeris [ pulcherrimnm exemplmn, etiam quicquid in uariarum 
gentium mori | bus & institutis insigniter preclamm uidit, queque 
terra marique acciderunt, | omnia lectu mire iucunda, genere 
dicendi poUtissimo traduntur. | (^A palm tree.) 

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Basilbae, apud loannem Bebelimn H.D.Xxxill. 

(^Colophon:') BASIL*:, per lo. Bebelium. An a ChriBto | hato 
M.D.xxxni. pridie calend. Septemb. (^Reverse, the printer's mark.') 

Folio. Title ; reverie blank. 11 preliminary leaver, v/n- 
numbered, including the index. Text, 92 numbered leaves. 

[TVantfnlion. — The three Decades of Fet«r Martyr d'Acgbiera, Milanese, 
the most celebrated orator, counsellor of the late Rovereigns of Sfiuii, Fer- 
dinand aod Isabella, which, by setting forth in a, copious, faithful, and 
learned manner everything concerning the countries recently discoTered, 
may captivate the attention of the reader curious of novelties. Also, three 
books of the same concerning his embassy to Babylon, which, besides the 
finest specimen of oratorical talent, exhibits in language most elegant, and of 
the highest interest to the reader, every remarkable thing seen by him 
relating to the cusUims and institutions of the different nations. Basle, at 
John Bebelius', 1533.] 

Ac/ermicMM. — HtRSissa, Bihluilkeea Amerirana Vetu*., No. 176. TbbkaDZ, 
No. 40. Ricu, Caiatoijue, No. B. 

>(«MONACHUS, ROBBBTUS. Bellvm Christi [ anorvm principvm, 
praecipve gallo | rum, contra Saraceoos, anno salvtis | M.LXXXVUi. 
pro terra sancta gestum : auctore | Roberto Momaobo [siV]. | 
Garolvs Verardos de expugnatione r^ni Granatse quee con { tigit 
ab bine qnadrageaimo secundo anno, per CatboUcir r^^m | Fer- 
dinandam Hiapaniarum. | Cristopborus Colom de prima insularum, 
in mari Indico sitarum, [ luatratione, quie Bub rege FerdinaDdo 
Hiapaniarum facta est. | De legatione regis Aetbiopiaa ad Clemen- 
tem pontificem vn. ac Rege PortugaUiEe : item de r^no, bomin- 
ibus, atque, moribua eiuB | dem populi, qui Trc^loditse bodie ease 
putantur. | loan. Bapista Egnatius de engine Turcamm. | Pom- 
ponina LtetuB de exoi^tu Maometbis. | Lector bumaniBsime babea 
hie opuB quarundam bistorianun, quaa | iam primil typis noBtrie ex 
aiitiquo £ scripto exemplar! !n com- 1 modum tuum euulgauimua. 
I BA8ILI..S Excvdebat Henrievi Petrvi mense Avgveto. | 

( Colophon .') Basilbab excudebat Henricsi Petrvs mense 
Avgvato Anno | M.D.xxxm, | 

Folio. Title, 1 leaf. Index, 2 Uave». Text, 1-149 pp., with 
a separate leaf, on the reverse of which is the device of the prin- 

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At page 116-121 ii Colcmbub's l«tl«r lo Rafhisl Sahxii, under the title 
" Chrittop/iona ColanA dt prima Imuiartim in Bwri Indicia Mitamm lutlraiume." 

flc/«nnos<. — Harkimb, BiUiMtea Anurieana Vtlia., Ko. 175. fiiUutAeca 
GramUiaiui, p*g« 610. 

'^ SCHONER, J. loannje Scho | neri Carolostadii opvsculvm ex 
diTersomn llbris ac cartis eamma cara & diUgentia collec | turn, 
accomodatum ad recenter ela | boratum ab eodem globum de | 
scriptionis terreiue. loachimi Camerarii. | 

Forte oculia clari spectas qui sidera coeli 
In snbiectum edam lumina flecte solum 
Nod est res indigna tua ista cupidine lector, 
Ilia magis pulcra eat, heec quoque pulcra tamen. 
Quid dubitas : si de setberia uitam trabia aura, 
Pabula sed tellos & tibi praebet iter. 
Hanc (lis, quanta patet, breuibus cognoecere cartis. 
Hoc modicum lostrans perspice lector opus. 
Nee qua sunt olim nee quee modo scripta requires. 
Cuncta tibi panto plana futura libro. 
(^Dedication ending :) Ex urbe Norica id. Novembris. Anno 
XXXIII. [No place or date.'\ 

4to. IHtle, 1 le<\f. 19 unnv/n^ered leaves ; with wood-etUa of 

" It ii in this work that the reader will find Che first of thM long (eriea of calmn- 
niea which have totencd on the memory of Vetpnciua the odioas cbai^ of haviog 



■rtfullf insetted the wordB ' Terra di Amrriga ' in charts vhicb be Iwd otherwiie 
altered. 'Ambbicus VagPuriCB maritima loca Indi^ Bnperiorii ex Hiipaniii 
nariglo ad occIdeDtum perloBtraas, earn partem quu inperioria India est, credidit 
esie lasnlam qnam a aao nomine vocari inatiCuit.' Yet it ia a noticeable fact tliat 
SoHOMEB'e own globe, made in isao, and itiil presened in the dlj of Ndbkm- 
BBRO, givea the name of Ajnerica vel Braiitia live papagaUi terra to the loatbern 
partof the new cantinenl." — R^tM,lM%, Biblialheoa Americana Vehu., No. 1T8. 

"Even in lEiSa, the aitrononier Schonkk msintaioed that the whole of tb« ao- 
called New Worid wai a part of Asia (mperionj Indi»), and that the c!t; of 
Ubzico (Tevibtitar), conquered, by CoRtEg, was no other than the Cbincae 
commercial citj of Qdinbat, to excenivel; extolled by Habco Polo." — Hra- 
DOU>T, Ka*ma$, Vol II. p. C13. 


NGHIERA, P. Martte de A; Oviedo. Libro primo! 
I della histo | ria de 1' In | die oc | ciden- 1 tall. | j | 

(^Reverie of the tame:') STmmario de la generale | 
hbtoria de I'indie occi | dentali cavato da li j bri scritti dal Si | gnor 
don Pietro | Martyrs del consi j glio delle indie | della maesta de 
rimperadore, | et da motte attra par | ticvla | ri rela | tioni.^ 

(^Right of the first leaf of the eecond part -•) Libro aec | ondo 
delle in I die oc I ciden | tali. M.pxxxnu. Con gratia & priuil^o. 
(Reverte of the tame leaf:') Svinmario de la | natvrale et gen- 
eral histo I ria de I'lnde occidentali, composta da Gonzalo feixU | 
nando del Ouiedo, altrimenti di valde, natio de la terra di Madril : 
babitatore & rettore de | la citta di Santa Maria antica del Darieu, 
I in terra firma del' indie : il qual fn riue | date &, corretto per or- 
dine de la | Maeeta del Imperadore, pelo auo | real consiglio, de le 
dette In | die, & tradotto dl lingua caatigliana in Italia | na. Co 
priuil^io | de la lUuBriaa. | Signoiji di Vinegia, | per ani | xx. | 

(^Recto of the first leaf of the third part :) Libro vltimo | del 
avmma | rio delle | Indie oc | ciden | tali. HDXXXiin. 

(^Colophon:) C In VlHaGiA, Del mese d' Octobre. mdxxz- 

4to. Titie, 1 lecff and 79 numbered leaves. Map of Hispor 
iiola. Second part, 64 numbered leaves including title : tcd>le 1 
leqf, and 1 leaf giving a description of two maps aTid three wood- 
cuts. Third part, title and 15 numbered leaves. 
[TVandotton. — First book of the history of the Weet Indies. 
Sommsiy of the |enenJ history of the Weal Indies taken from the work 
written by Peter Martyr, of the CouQcil of his MajeMy the Emperor, and 
fh>m many other private a 



Second book of the West Indies, 1SS1, with grace and privilege. 

Summuy of the General and Natural History of West India, composed 
by GoDzalvo Ferdinand de Oviedo, or de Valdea, a native of the country of 
Madrid, inhabitant and governor of the old city of Santa Maria del Darien, 
on the mun land oT the iaid Indies; revised and corrected by order of bis 
Majesty the Emperor, through the royal council of tbe said Indies, and 
. translated from the Spanish into the Italian, with the privilege of the Illus- 
trious Seigniory of Venice for twenty years. 

Last book of the summary of the West Indies.] 

For ■ note on this work and lbs writings of Peter Uabtth, see under the 
years I51I and 1S30. 

<» BORDONE. Isolario | di Benedetto Bordone | Nel qual si ra^- 
ona di tatte 1' Isole del mon- 1 do, con li tor nomi antichi & mod- 
emi, I bistorie, fauole, & modi del loro yi- 1 uere, & in qua! parte 
del ma I re staimo & in qual pa- 1 rallelo & clima | giaciono. [ Con 
la gionta Monte del Oro | nouamente ritrouato. | Con il breve del 
Papa. I Et gratia & priuil^o della Illuatriaai | ma Signoria de 
Venetia go- | me in quelli appare. | M.D.XXXmi. | 

(^Colophon:') ImpreBse in Venegia per Nicolo de Arittotile, 
detto Zoppino, nel mese | di Gingno, del M.D.xxxiin. 

Folio. TStle, 1 lec^f and 9 preliminary leavet; containing 3 

double maps and T4 leave: 

* FRANCK, Sebastiek.] Weltbucb : apiegel Tnd bildtniaz dee 
gantzen erdtbodena von Sebaetaano Franco WordSsi in vier bucher, 
nemlicb in Asiam, Aphrica, Eiiropam vnd Amerika, gBtelt vnd 
abteile, Ancb aller darill b^riffner Lander, nation, Provintze vnd 
Insein, gelegenheit, grosse, weite, gevachsz, eygenschafft, vnd der 
darinn gel^ener volcker vnd einwoner, nam men, gestalt, leben, 
wesen, religion, glauben, ceremonien, glatz, regimet, pollicey, 
aitten, branch, kreig, gewerb, frucht, thier kteydnng vD verend- 
emng, eygentlich fur die augen gestelt. Aach etwaa vo new 
gefanden welten vnd Inselu, nitt ausz Beroeo, Joanne de monte 
villa. S. Brandons Histori, vft dergleicben fabeln, sund ausz 
angenumnen, glaubwirdigen enfarne, weltacbreibern, muselig 
znbanff tragS vfi ausz vilen, weitlen£Bgen biichem in ein haudtbiich 
eii^^eibt vnd verfaszt, vormals der gleichen in Teiitscb itie 
auBzgangen. Anno m.d.xxxiiii. 

(^Colophon ;) Gednickt zu Tubingen durch Vlrich Morhart. 
Folio. Title ; reverie, list of autkorg. 4 preliminary leaves. 

Text, iii.-ccxxxvij. leaves. Register, 7 unnumbered leavet. 
{Trwuilalion.~' World-book; mirror and likeness of the whole globe, set 



forth and arranged by Sebastian Fracck of Wocnlen [in Holland], id foar 
books, namely in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. Alfto of all Che lands, 
nations, provinces, and iBJands compiined therein ; situation, aise, plants, 
properties, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, names, shapi^s, mode 
of life, morals, religion, creeds, ceremonies, laws, government, policy, man- 
ners, customs, war, industry, fruits, animals, clodiing and fatihions, properly 
represented to the eye. Also something about the newly found wo^d and 
islands, not from such like fables as those of Berosas, John of Monte Villa 
[Mandeville ?] and 8. Brandon's history, but from accredited, trustworthy, 
experienced geographers, brought together with great pains from widely 
diffused books, and embodied and published in a single volume, the like of 
which io (jerman waa never before published.] 

" SaBABTiiH FaiRCK, an annbaptiit in the sixteenth centary, published several 
pieces filled with erron, which the Lutherans reliiteil. He iros a true fanatic. The 
divines of the Confession of AuDSBrRO. assembled at Shilcald in lau), appointed 
HsLANCtaOR to refute his chimeras, and those of some other fanatics. Fkikck 
also published ■ satirical piece against the fair aex, which LDTasa refiited. He 
publisliad alio a GemiBa chronicle, wherein he relates a great number of snipriaing 

particulars Spohdakcs uys that Fbanck was driven from Stbasbubo, 

and that his Chronicle was condemned there," — Bivle, Hiii. Diclanary. 

Althoagh this World-book, or Chronicle, was condemned, and the anthor driven 
from StBAHBuaa, it was several limes printed. Besides the present one, Gbibksb 
mentions editions printed at TnBiKOBN in 1533 and 1543; also the first volume of 
a collection of the same description, printed at FKANCKroKT, in 1567 ; all in folio. 
The latter two are in this collection. 

"« GRYN-SIUS, Simon. Novtjs Orbis. Die New | welt, der 
landacliaf- 1 ten vnnd Insulen, so | bis hie her alien Altweltbe- 

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Bcbrybem vnbekant, | Junget aber von den Portugaleeem vimd 
Hisponiem jm Nider-genglichen Meer herfunden. Sambt den 
Bitten vnnd gebreuchen der Inwonenden | viilcker. Aueh was 
gutter oder Waren man bey jnen {unden, vnd inn | unsere Landt 
bracht bab. Do bey findt man aucb bie den vrsprung vnd | 
a}tberkummea der FiimembBten Gwalstigsten volcker der Alt- 1 
bekanten Welt, bIb do eeind die Tartern, Moscouiten, Reussen, 
Preosaen, Hungem, Sscblafen etc. nacb anzeygnng vnd jnnbalt 
disa vmb gewenten blats. 

Gedmckt zii Strassbubg durch Q-eorgen Vlrieker | von Andla, 
am Tiertzehenden tag des MartzenB. An MJ>.xxxini. 

Folio. ; reverse, table of contenta. 5 preliminary 
leavet. Text, 1-252 leaves, in dovhle columns (the last num- 
bered 242 hy mistake^. On the reverse of the last Zeqf, a figure 
of a woman holding a horn of plenty. 

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A German trsnilstion hv Micnsl. Hbm, whose nimc iti affixed 10 ibe preface. 
flyimiCM. — HarrishbI BiUivlheca Antricana Vtixu.. No. 1B8. RiCB., No. 9. 
Tkrmaux, No. 4S. BUJiolhKa Grenvilliana, page 498, 

"'^ LETERA DB LA I NOBiL ciPTA : nouamente ritrouata alle 
111 I d!e con li costumt f. modi del buo Re & | soi populi : Li modi 
del suo adorare con la | bella vaanza delle donne lore: & delle dua 
I persone ermafrodit*^ donate da quel Re al | capitano de larmata. 
Data en Peru h di xxv de novembre, Del mdxxxhh. 

4(0. 4 unpaged leaves, on the firtt of which t« the title. 
A remarkable acconnt of a citj nhich the aatbor calls Zhaval, bnt so obtcnrelj 
written, that it ■■ difficult to tell in what part of Amebica it U. The edition of 
[535 is dated at Zbatal. 

*■* VADIANUS, Joachim. Epitome [ trivm terrae partivm Asiae, 
I Africae et Evropae compendiariam lo- | corum descriptionem 
continens pnecipne autem | quorum in AcUb Lucas, pasaim autem 
Euan- 1 gelistfe & Apostoli meininere. ) Cvm addito in fronte libri 
elencho [ regionnm, nrbium, amnium, insularu, quorum No- 1 uo- 
testamento fit mentio, quo eKpeditius piua | Lector quEe uelit, 
e queat. | Per loachimvm Vadtaavm Medicum, (^Prinier't 

TiGVBl, apvd Chri»tophorvm Frosch. Mense Septimb. anno [ 
Mnxxxiiil I . 

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Folio, Title, and 4 preliminary leave». Index, 15 Uav^g. 
Texty 273 paffe». 

Tbe BDlhor wu a S<riia by birth, «nd & iii«n of learning, being not only familiar 
with the ecicDce of his daj, bnt ettjojing a repotadon as a theologian, a nathc- 
matidan, a geographer, a phjaidan, and a poet. The laurel wreath awarded to the 
greateat poetical geniui of his coDDtiy, wa» givea him b; the Emperor. Be i» 
known to geographers bj bil annotations on variooB editions of PoMFONiua 
Hbla, ttw earliest of which bean the date of 1518. Editions of this "Epitome" 
were printed at Antwbrf in 1535 and I54S, both in octavo. 


1ETTERA DB I LA NOBiL CiTTA nuouauiente | riti-ouatu 
alle Indie con li | suoi costiimi y oiodi del | suo Re y soi 
popoli ; I Li modi del suo adorare con la | bella vsanza 
delle donne loro. | Et de le dua persone ermafrodite j donate da 
quel Re al Capi | tano della Armata. 

(Ae the end -■) Data in Zhaual, A di 25 Settembre m.d.xxxv. 

4to. No place or date. 4 unnumbered leaves. Text beginn 
on reverse of title. 

[7Van*fiirton. — Letter ^m the noble city recently ducoverad in the 
Indies, with the ciutoma and manners of its king a,nd people, their religion 
and the line manners of their women, and concerning two hermaphrodites 
given by the king to the captain of the fleet. Dated Zhavat, September 25, 

St/ertnca. — Hirmmb, Bib. Amtriama Veiut., No. 306. Bidnbt, Vol. III. 
colamn 1031. BiUiaUuca GrminUiana, page 623, and Fart U page 445. 

"* OVIEDO Y VALDEZ, Gonzales F. db. La Historial gen- 
eral I de las Indiaa. \ 

(^At the bottom of the pa'/f ;) Cmi priuilegio imi>f rial. 

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(^Reverse of title-page .■) Primera parte de la liietoria natural y 
gene | ral de las Indias, ylas y tierra firme del mar oceano : eecripta 
por el cap | itan gonzalo hernandez de Oviedo y valdea : alcayde 
de la fortuleza de | la ciudad de Sancto Domingo de la yela 
eapaJlola, 7 cronista de la Sacra | cesarea y catholicaa mageetadeB 
del emperador don Carlos quinto de tal nobre : rey | de espaBa : y 
de la sereniBsima y muy poderosa reyna doSa Juana bu madre 
nuestros | seSorea. For cuyo mandado el auctor escriuio las cosas 
marauillosas que ay en di | veraas yelaa y partes destaa indias y 
imperio de la corona real de castilla : b^u lo vi | do y supo en 
veynte y dos aRoa y mas que ha que biue y reside en aquellas 
partes : | La qual historia comien^a en el primero descubrimiento 
destas indias : y ae contie | ne en veynte libroe este primero 
Tolamen. | 

(^At ike end .').... La qual se acabo y imprimio en la muy 
noble y muy leal cibdad de Sevju^a, en la empie | ta de Jvam 
Cromherger, el poetrero dia del mes de Setiembre. ADo de mil y 
quinientos y treynta y cinco ABos [1535]. 

Folio. Title in red lettert, the arms of Spain ahove, with 
elaborate border. Text, i.-clxxxvi. leaves. Table and epistle, 
clxxxvii.-cxciii. leavei, with the autograph tign/Uure at the end, 
of Oviedo. Arms of Oviedo on reverie of last leaf. 

[ TVoruIotion. — First part of the natural and general history of the Indies, 
IsUndB and landE of the ocean tea. ; written by Captain Gonzalo neraandeE 
de Oviedo y Valdez; Alcalde of tbe fortress of the city of St. Domingo, in 
the island of Espanola, and chronicler of their holy imperial and Catholic 
majesties the Emperor Charles V., king of Spain ; and of the most serene 
and mighty quoen Jnana liia mother, our lady. By whose command the 
author wrote of the wonderful things which are in the variouB islands and 
parts of tlie Indies and empire of the royal crown of CaBtille, seen by him 
during the twenty-two and mure years which he lived in those parts. 
Which history h^ins with the first discovery of these Indies, and is con- 
tsjned in twenty books of this first volume.] 

" With all his obvious defects, Otibdo showed an enlightened cariosity, and a 
shrewd spirit of obMTvatkiD, which place him &r above the ordinary range of 
chroniclers. .... He was indefatigable fn amassing materials for his narratives, 
and for thie purpose maintained a corrcopondenoe with the most eminent men of his 
time, who had taken part in the trantaclions which he commemorates. He even 
condescended to collect information from more humble sources, flrom popular 
tradition and the reports of the common soldiers. Hence bis work often presents a 
medley of inconsistent and contrsdictory details, which perplex the judgment, 
making it exceedingly difficult, at this diatsnceof time, Co disentangle the trnth." — 
PsHOOTt'a Hut. <^lhe CuBquttl of Mexico, Vol. n. page 893, note. 

"Among the persons who early came to Auerica, and have left important 
records of Ibdr ad>'cntures and times, one of the most considerable was Goheilo 


Title <.f Ovioilo's '■ Mistoria general do las Indias." Seville. 1535 



F. DB OtibiK> HiB 'Naland and GentriU HiiUny of thi Indta' fill* fifty 

booLj, of which the flnt purtioni, embracing twccCy-one, were pnbtiahed in ISSb, 
while the rest remain in manuscripl. He tella as Ihat he hiul the Emperor*! 
ADtbority to demand IVom the dil&rent goTemors oF Spahibb Amaici the 
docnmenu be might need for his work ; and as hi* diviBiona of cha uab)ect are tbose 
which nftturoll; Hriae from iu geograpbj, he appean to hare gone jndidoualjaboat 

hit UA He was evidently a learned man, and maintained a correipondenca 

with Rah UBio, the It&lian geographer, which could sot tul to be naefn] to bo^i 
parties. And he wu desirous to write in a good and eloqaent stjie, in which he 
sometimes succeeded. He has, on ihe whole, piodaced » series of accounlB of the 
natnral condition, the aboriginal inhabitants, and the political a^ra of the wide- 
spread Spanish poasesaions in Ahesica, as they stood in the middle of the ^Klecnth 
c«Dtnry, which is of great value as a vast repoaltorj of facts, and not wholly 
without merit as a composition." — Tiokhob'b ^tif. SpanUA £tl.. Vol. I. p. Sei. 

"6 PTOLEMY — SERVETUS.] ClaucUi Ptole | maei Alexandrini 
I 6e(^raphicae eoar { ratioms j libri octo. Ex Bilibaldi Firckeym- 
heri | tralatione, sed ad Grseca & prisca exemplaria a Mi- 1 cbaele 
Villanouano [Micliael Servetus] iam primum recogniti, | Adiecta 
insuper ab eodem scholia, | quibus exoleta urbium nomina adnoetri 
Becu ] li more expo | nuntur. | Quinqvaginta iUae qvoqve cvm | 
uetenun tumreceDtium tabulseadnectanturTariique; | incolentii^in 
rituB & mores | explicantur. | 

( Wood-cut, with the word» :) Vbvb me genvit ; Qhen .■) LuG- 
DtJNI I ex officlna Melchioria et | Cfasparis Treeliael fratnuD, | 

(^Reverie of title-page :) Michael Villanovanvs lectori. S. | 
Ampliesimo Domino | Sebastiano episcopo Brixiensi, Bilibaldus | 
Firckeyinherus. | 

Folio. Title. Text, 148 pages, with 50 maps engraved on wood. 

On the reverse of folio 28, which treats of " Oceaid ocddentatii ku lemu necae 
ti^nUae," is a map where, on the western part, between north latintde I>0° and 60°, 
are laid down Pariab, Ihabblla Inbvl, Iahaiqua, SpAaNOEA [lic]. Cnder Ihe 
equator, to 4he right of i" south latitude, is an inscription in rude black letter : 
" Hec laraana adiaetntibm ituuUi inuenia at p' ChnMlofermA Coluinbam tanaenaern 
ex mandaio Begio CatleUe." Beneath this, to the left, in large Soman capitals, is 
" Tbbba Nova," Oa folio 50 i» the last map, headed in & rude wood-cut engrav- 
ing : " Orbii. (j/iBi. OTUneriaiis. iuxta. hydrgraphomm. traditioiiem, exadiuime. deptcta. 
1522. L. F." On the west, opposite 40° nortb latitude, is ISAbblla, and farther 
south BPAONOLi. Below, in large Gothic letters, is Ahkrica. At tbe end is the 
" Index PtnUmaei copiosiuimet," etc. On the last leaf is the errata, reverae blank. 
The map of tbe world seems to be tbe same as that in the Ftolbmt ori5S2. 

This edition is rare, and somewhat celebrated od McouDt of the name of its 
editor, Michbl Sebvbt(ts, the martyr. It is stated that one of the charge* 
brought against Sbbtbtds, lor which he snHcred, was a passage from this edition 
of Ptolemt, stating that Pai.bbtii(b was not such a fertile conniij as poople 
generally believed, unce modem travellers related that it was quite tuuren. The 
objectionable passage was omitted in the next edition. A second edition, with 
additione and omiseionH, was published in 1641. 



A^enncea, — BtUKKt, Vol. IV. col 959. Gubmb, Vol. V. p. 501. Has- 


'" XERES, Francisco de. Libra pri | mo de la conqrista | del 
Perv & prouincia del Cnzco | de le Indie Occidentali. | 

{IiWrge coat of arms with the dovhle-Tieaded eagle, holding in its 
elawi a medallion, with the follomng legend inscribed thereon ;) 
In omnem terram exivit sonvs eorvm, (^and beneath^ Con gratia & 
priuilegio per anni X. 

(^Reverte of the title-page :) Neaeum ardisca di etampara il 
preaento voluine o | far stampar ne etampo da alb^ dare a vendere 
in I li li^i;hi del nostro domino eotto la pena clie nel | breue ap- 
pare. | 

(^Colophon:') Stampato in Vinbqia per Maestro | Stephana 
da Salio del HD | xxxv. Nel' mese | di Marzo. [ 

ito. Title, 60 unnumbered leaves, and 1 leaf for the Colo- 
phon ; on the reverse, an escutcheon with a large erovm upon 
which it the teord Sabio. 

An Italj&n tTKiiBlntioD of Sjebks by DoHinico di Gjlstbld. Another edition 
iraE priDted the Hum jear at Mtl^H, b; Domina Galardo; olben at Sstiux, by 
B. Pern in 1M4; and at Sai,iiiahca, by De Junta, in 1547, botb in folio. 

TsRNAux, la his Preface to hi> Fnneh traoalation of Xkbsr, laji; — 

" I have not been abli to find of Fkircisoo db Xbbkb any other noticei than 
tbOM which be ^Tea himaelf. It will be aeen by the title of hi< book that he wm 
Secretary to Fbahcisco Pizabbo, and one of the Grat conquerara of Fbbc. It 
wM by order of this chief that he wrote hia Belation to Caiamilx. He retamed 
to Sktille on the 9th of Jannary, 1S34, where it wai priDled die eame year, by 
B. Pera. Il is probably the Hiatory of Febu without the antbor't Dame which i« 
died nnder No. 41 of my ' BibiiailuqHt Americaitu;' bnl ai I hare nerer Men the 
original, I am not able to lerify it. 

"' Tke CoM/ueU of Peru' waa translated into Italian, or rather into the Venetian 
dialect, by Dombnico de 0«aTBi.a, ofNATABmB, anatiTe of Tddbla, and Secre- 
tary to Don LoFB VB SoBiA, Ambaaaador of CHABi.Ba V. near the republic of 
Vbnicb, where il>e anibor printed it b 1535, by SupAam de Sabio. The Spaniih 
text waa reprinted Id 1547 al Salahahoa, hy FmnciMM Fertumdo da Cordona. Il 
appean that this aecond edition, the only one I have been able to pioeore, wai 
careleaaiy prepared, aj we And there some nulilated paaiagea, of which we cannot 
comprehend the meaning except with the aid of the reruon of Gabtblu, of which 
we have taken care to obaerre io tlta nolaa. 

"This reialion, now Tery rare, remaiaa nnknawn to many Spanish hiitoriana. 
I cite among them Pizabro t Obbllama, who, in hii work on the illuBtriona 
men of the iKDiBg, has not a word of Xekbb nor of hi» book, alihongfa he often 
apeak* of Pizarbo and fllia hie margins with citations. 

"BiBoiA has iDclnded the ' Sidtry o/tie Coaguett of Pen ' in hia collection en- 
Mtii ' SidonadortM primiliiHU de la* India*.'" — Vsjrojfisa, AefntiDfu, al Mfnoim. 
Vol. IV. Pabib, 1937. 

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dd PER. V a proninda del Cuzco 

dc k Indie ocddcntali , 

F«»i».ik of lillf to- X™r» (;.«..pu»». .W l-TU.l^' 





1R0CARD.] Descri | ptio terrae Sanctae | exactissima, au- 
tore Brocardo Mona | cbo Ubellue diuinaram scriptura | 
rum Btudiosia, multo | Ttilissimus. | Ne Nouis losulis du< 
per repertis. & de | moribus incolarum earundem, | per Petram 
Martyrem | res lectu digna. | ^Antvebpiae | In sedibus loannit 
Steelgii I Anno a Christo nato | M.D.XXXYI. 

Small 8vo. Title, reverte, address to the reader, 1 leaf; 28 
unnumbered leaves; "De inBulis," 19 unnumbered leavet; re- 
verse of last leaf, a vignette, with the printer^ s nam^. *' lo. Steel- 
BITS. Concordia, res parue crescunt." 

Tbc tmvela of ■ religioDB Dominion, Bbooabd, or Bobghabddb, ia the Hot/ 
Land, to tlw thirlGcath centarj, fint pnbliihed in 14Tt. The pment editioo >1m 
conuiniFiTBttMABTiK'B " De ImvUt." Itftppean ialhe"Noinu Orbit" of liss, 
•nd BsDMET men^ni reprints it Amtwbkp, Id 1937, and at Pakis, hj Faucet 
Lepraa, in 1S44. Gkabmc giTee another reprint at Coloohb, in 1631. Sto. 

BoiiiAKD wa» bom at BiBANfon, in I SIB. He made large collections of Bo- 
man antiqniiiea, and made plans and drawings of all the ancient monnmenti in 
Italt. He travelled exieniivelj in Greece, where he alio made collection! and 
sketcbu or Orecian antiqDitie*. In the plander of LoBBAiita he lost most of hU 
collections. He died at tbTZ, October so, 1603. BoiasARD wasan anthor of note. 
The moat noted of bij works ai« his " Smum Anliqidtia," in fonr folio Tolame*. 
He also composed some L*Cin Foemi, a work entitled " De Divinaiiime $■ Magint 
Pmitijii;" and another on Emblems. 

Riferaieet. — HasiuUb, BibliaUuca AnurioMna Vtbu., No 318. Bbdnbt, Vol. I. 
CoL 13T0. RiCB, page 9. 

'"MAXIMILIAN AHD PIGAFETTA.] D Viaggio | fatto da 
gli spa I gnivolia a | tomo a '1 | Mondo. Con Gratia per Anni. 
xnn. I MDixxn. (JVb plaee. ? Venbtia.) 

4to. Title and 8 preliminary leaves. Text, 48 unnumbered 
leave*. On the right of the last leaf, a vocahvlary of the lan- 
guage of Brazil ; reverse blank. 

The first Italian edition of a rare Tolame containing two acconnts of the Spanish 
expedition round the world, 1519 to 1932, under Uaobllar; the first addressed to 
the CaitUnal of Salzbubo, bj Hasikilian of TBARirLVAHiA ; the other, a diaiy 
addrHsed to his Grand Master PniLir db Villibbs r.'ISLB Adam b; PiOAVBrrA. 
BefrraieeM. — HaBRIBIb, Bibliol^ca Amaicana Tetia., No. 319. Bbubbt, ifon- 
tid da lAbrain, Tol. V., Golnnm 1167. 

"*VARTHEMA. Itinerario | de Lvdovico de | Varthema Bologn- 
ese I nello Egetto, nella Soria, nella Arabia de | aetta, & felice, & 
nella Pereia, | nella India, & nella Etbyopia. | Le fede el viuere, 
& costtuni delle pre- 1 fate Frouincie. | Et al presente agiontovi j 
alcune IboIs nnouamente I trouate. | {Large wood-eu£y. 

(^Right of le*^ 89 :) C Q"i finisfle lo Itinerario de Lndoitiro de 

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Yarthema Bolognese, de li paesi & Isole la Fede el viuere. Ik cos* 
tumi loro. Nuouamente per lai visti in piu parte. 

C! Qui comincia lo Itinerario de LiBola de luchatan Douamente 

ritrouati per U signor Gioa de Grisalue Capitan Crenende de 

L'armatadel Re de Spagna & per il buo Capeliano coposta. Ludo. 

( Colophon .■) C In Venetia per Matthio Pagan in Frezzaaa 

(wV), al Begno | del (»ic) Fede. (Without date.') 

Sm. Svo. Title, 1 leaf. Text, 2-100 leaves; indexj 3 un- 
numbered leavei ; signature! infowt. 

Th« tjpe In the colopbon have got shifted, which tccoanM for the tpellingor 
Bonie words in it. 

There is •ome doubt u to the jtax when Ehi« edition, which bekrt no date, wa* 
printed. It contuns Qrijalta's Itlnerarj of ToCiLTAir, firat printed in the edi- 
tion or 15S0. Mr. Habbibsb inserta it nnder the date of IBSD. (Bib. Amerie. 
Vtiai,, No. 98.) Mr. J. Wihtbs Johss, in the preface to liia traniUtioD, puh- 
lished b/ the Haklnjt Society (p. vti.j, aayi this edition reada page for page with 
that of 1535, and chat " one has evident]; been closely reprinted bam the other." 
It is for this reason that we place it nnder this jear. 

For further noticea of this Important volume, see the notes to the original edi- 
tion, Home, 1510; and thalof Vbhicb, 1520, in this collection. 

^^ ZEIGLER, James. Teirae sanctae, quam Fala«Btinain nomi- 
nant, Sjriae, Arabiae, Aegypti et SCHOKDIAE doctissima descrip- 
tio, una cum BinguliB tabulia earundem r^onum typc^^rapbicis 
(lege topc^raphicis) authore lacobo Zeiglero, Landavo-Bavaro. 
Holmiae plane regiae urbiB calamitosBima cladeB, ab eodem, de- 
scripta. Temie sanctae altera descriptio, iuxta ordinem alpha- 
betic quae ad Bcripturam proxime directs est, utiliasima etiam 
plebio lectori, authore Wolfgango Weissenbvrgio, ■ ■ . . Index 
totiuB opens Incopleliaaimus, qui in priori editione deaiderabatur. 
.... Aboenix>bati, apud Vuendelinum Richbuuh 1536. 

Folio, Title, i.-cx. leaves, and 18 unnumbered, coviaining 
maps; the last, relating to the northern region, contains Qreen- 
land and Terra Vacallaos. 

The name Bcbohdii, mentioned in the title, is the general name for the north- 
am regions, in the chapter on which is a notice of Gbsekluid. For a note on 
the work and its anthor, see the first edition printed at the same place (Stbai- 

1537. . 

■PIAN. De Cosmc^fraphie ra Pe. | ApianuB. Eft hoeme 
n de Garten der lantscape maect | ra Gema phrysio be- 
Bcreve, alien costigen | eft Bubty | len minBche ter liefde 
nu ierst in duytache geBedt. ( Wood-evt of globe') 15S7. Gre- 
GOUius.DH BONTE Tcooptae TAifTWEBPEN inde ScheltTfi Bftsele. 

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(^Colophon:') Voleyndt den xxx. dach Junij, An M.CCCCCXXX- 
vn. I In de Termaerde coopstadt van Anwebpen, op den hoecst 
van I der camerpoort brugghe, inden Schelt van Baaele, | by my 
Ch'egorius de honte. 

ito. Title in red aTid black. Preface and table, 4 leavet; 
text, 56 leaves ; on tke reverie of last, the printer's mark, ®oll)it 
£elteis. 8 revolving diagrama on foh. 9, 11 (reverte'), and 46 
(reverie'), onfol. 11, with the word " Ambbica " and figures. 

"•BORDONE.] laolario | di Benedetto | Bordone nel qval si | 
ragiona di tvtte le iaole | del mondo, con li lor aomi antichi & | 
modemi, hietorie, fanole, & modi | del loro viuere, & in qual parte 
I del mare stanno, & in qual | parallelo & clima ] giaciono. | 
lUcorretto et di | nvovo ristampato | con la gionta del Monte | 
del Oro nouamente | ritrouato. 

(Vignette :) In Vbnetia. (Colophon .-) Stainpato in Vehb- 
TIA per Francesco di Lena (without date) [? 1537]. 

Folio. Title surrounded by ornamental wood-out; 3 prelimi- 
nary leaves, 6 leaves containing maps folded with text on 
opposite sides. Text, LXXUH. leaves. 

The map or the world shorn the euteni portion of Ahbbic*. At page s. i« > 
pUaof Tbvibtitak (Mexico). There are mapain the text of Cgba and other 
ulands of the Wbbt iKDisa. Mr. Sicn refers 10 an editkm of Bordohr, in hi* 
" BiblioiUca Amerieana Vtlat.," No. 19, which is probabl; the same. At the end of 
the volume i> a letter firom the Prefeito oT Nbw Spain, giving an account of the 
conqnesi of Pane bj Pizarbo. 

Rtftratas. — Bbdmet, Vol. I. colatOD 1,I1S. Habbibsb, BilfiofAcca Ameticana 
FeJiu., No. 9S1. 

"" GRYN.£US.] Novus Orbis R^oinvm ac Inanlarvm veter- 
ibvs incc^itarvm | una cum tabula cosmograpliica <& aliquot alija 
coosimilis | argumentl libellis, quorum omnium catalogua | se- 
quent! patebit pagina. His accessit copiosus rerum memorabilium 
index. | Adiecta est hvic postremae editioni | Nauigatio Caroli 
CfeBaris auspicio in comi- 1 tijs Augustanis instituta. | Basileab 
apvd lo. Servagivm mense | Martio anno M.D.XXXYII. | 

(Colophon ;) Basileab per lo. Hervagivm menae Novembre. 
I Anno M.D.XXXVI. (sic). \ 

Folia. Title ; reverse, catalogue of contents, 23 preliminary 

leaves. Text, 600 pages, with 1 leaf with the printer's mark on 

the reverse. 

For a iranBlation of the title see the edition of 1533, with the addition of the 

Mlowing : " To this last edition I* added the oaWgation nQdertakeo under the 

auvpicet of the Emperor Chasles." This additton is the letter of Maxihiliam 

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OF Transti.vania, eccreiary of CHAttLsi V., (□ the cardinnl of Saltzbdbq, 
dnted October S«, 1582, ^ving nn iccoDiit of the *oj»g«« of Magkluh, 1519- 
152S. For a list of the several relations in Gbtn^itb, see the edition of Basil, 
I5S5, which is the moat complete. 

In Ihii edition is a large map entitled " Typv* Casmograpliiciit Vmntnalit," with 
pictorial scenes illustrative of vnriouB parts of the world. On ibe lefi comer at the 
top t, man is ahootinj; an elephant with an arrow ; in the lower corner is a cannibal 
scene, illustrative of Ahbrioa. To the right of this is Vartoiiaiius (or Vah- 
thrma), the celebrated oriental traveller, with his staff. The continent of North 
America is not laid down, hat Cuba is elongated and separated by a narrow 
strait from South Aubrica, which onl; contains these words, Pabias and 
Cahibali, St the north; then Ahbbica ; Tbbka Nota in large letters ; beneath 
is Prisilia (Brazil). In the lower portion of the map are two squares, wilh lonjc 
inscriptions, one beginning with the word Tniiia, the other Sotthabtm. 

fte/«rvn«a. — Habrisbb, Bib. Amerioana Vetut., No. 3!3. ThombL, BiUinA^He 
,Amrricaine, So. 10, nnrier date of 1536. 


■PIAN.] f^ Petri Apiani | Cosmc^raphia, per Gemmam 
I Phrysium apud Louanienses Medicum ac Mathe- 
ma I ticum insignem, reatituta. Additis de adem re ipsius 
I Gemmie Pliry. libelliB, vt sequens pagina docet | ( Wood-cut of 

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Vseneunt Antderpls: in pingui gallina -4mo/do Berkmdno. 1589. 

ito. THUe, unth large wood-cut of globe in the centre; reverte, 

table of eorUenti and poem. Dedication to the Archbiekop of 

Saltzburffy i le(ff. Text, iii.-lxi, leaves, and 1 unnuTnbered let^, 

with the printer's deviee, " ArnolduB Birckmaa " on the reverie. 


■PIAN. ^ Fetxi Apiani CoBiuographia, per Gemmani 
Phrysium, apad Louanienses Medicum ao Matbemati- 
camm insignem, Denuo restitata. Additis de eadem rw 
ipaiue Geminn Phrj. tibellis, quos Bequena pagina docet. ( Wood- 
cut ofglobe.^ 

(2%en.-) M.D.XL. Vffineimt Antwebpls in pingni galliua 
Arrwldo Berkmdno. 

(^Colophon:') Excusam Antueepi.« opera Aegid^ Copenig. 
Anno a Clmsto nato. 1540. 

4(0. Title, 1 leaf. 2 preliminary leavet. Text, iiii. to Ixi,, 
followed by 1 unnumbered leaf, with printer') device on reverie. 
Revolving diagram!. 

™ PTOLEMY. Geographia VniTerealis, vetvs et nova, complectena 
Clavdii Ptolemaei Alexandrini enarraUtwes Libroe vm. Quorum 
primus noua translatione Pirckheimheri k acceaaione commenta- 

rioli illtistrior quam hactenna fuerit, reddituB est Adiecte 

Btmt huic posteriori editioni nous queedam tabnlse, quss baotenna 
apud Dullam. Ptolemwcam impressnram uisse sunt. Basilbae, 
apnd Benricvm Petrvm. Mense Marfcio Anno M.D.XL. 

Folio. Title, and 9 preliminary leaves, 6 of which contain 
the index. 17 unnumbered leaves. Text, 1-164 pp. 48 maps 
with descriptions on the reverse. Appendix 157-195 pp. Re- 
verse of last leaf the device of H. Petri. 

TUa ia tba fint edition of Ptoumt bj SBBAeriiK Hnwinx, which wm m- 
priBted in IMI, IMS, 1SS3. The flnt map " Ti/poM UnivtnatU," conUiDi the 
wcatern eontineot, ths •oathem portion of which bean the name "Ahbkici sbd 
nnvhi. Bbaiilm," with « deacription on Die rererae. 


JTOLEMY. Clavdii | Ptolemaei J Alexan- | drini | Geo- 
I grapbics Ennarrationis, | Libn Octo. | Ex BUibaldi 
Fircke- 1 ymheri traladone, sad ac Grfeca A prisca it 
Micbaele Villanouano [Servetue] — secund6 recogiiiti, & locis 

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innumeris denuA ca«tigati. Adiecta insuper ab eodem Scho- | lia, 
quibus & difficilis ille Primus Libemunc primum ezplicatur, & 
exoleta Vrbimn | nomina ad noBtri seculi morem exponuntur. 
Quinquaginta illse quoque cum ueterum turn | recentium Tabulae 
adneotuntur, uarijqz incolentium ritue & mores explicantur. Ac- 
cedit Index locupletisaimus liactenus nou uisus. { Prostaot Lugduni 
apud Hugonem a Forta. H.D.XLI. 

(^Colophon:) Excndebat | Caspar ^echael \ ViBKNiE | 

Folio. Titley 1 leqf; reverie, addreaa of Servetus to the 
reader. Text, 1-149 leaves. F^y maps, each ocaapying ttoo 
leavei, with descriptiont on the reverts. Index, 56 unnumbered 
leaves. Table and colophon, each 1 leaf. 

The " JViWa terra noua," and " Orbii. typia. vnivertalu," are reprints of the two 
map* of tboM names in the Ptolsmt of 1529, the word Ambsioa appearing in the 
latter only. The description of the New World Is on signatare SB. 


■OEMUS JoANTTES.] Omnium Geativm Mores, hogee, 
& RituB ex multus clarissimia rerii scriptoribus, il Joanne 
Boemo Aubano .... nuper coUecti, & nouissimd recog- 
niti. Aocessit libellus de Regionibus Septentrionalibua, earumque 
Gentium ritibua, veterum Scriptorum secnli ferf incognitis, ex 
Jacobo Zeiglero Geographo. PrEetera, Epistola Maximiliani Tran- 
sylvani lectu perquam iucunda, ad R. Card. Salzbui^en. de Molvccia 
Insvlia, & alits pluribus mirandis. Antuebfu:. In tedibua Ivan 
SteeUi, 1542. 

8»o. Title, 1 leaf. Text, 122 leaves. " De regionibus Sep- 
tentrionalibuB." 14 unnumbered leaves. "De Moluccis," 24 
unnumbered leaves. Index, 4 leaves, with printer's device on re- 
verse of the last. 
Ilrst printed in 1530. 

"• FRANCE, Sbbastian.] WbltbCch, apie | gel und bildtnia 
dee gan | tzen Erdtbodens, von SebasHano | Franco Wordensi inn 
Tier biicber, | namlicb in Asiam, Aphricam, Eu | ropam vnd 
Americam gcstelt und abteylt, auch aller darin begriflner Ian- j 
der, nation, Prouintzen vnd Inseln, gelegenheyt, griwse, weitte, 
gewachs, | eygenscbaftt, vnd darinn gelegner volcker vnd eyn- 
woner, namen, gestalt, j leben, wesen, Religion, glauben, Cere- 
monien, gsatz. R^ment, PoUicey, | sitten, brauch, krieg, gwerb, 

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friicht, their, kleydimg ynd veranderung, | eygentUch fiir augen 
gestelt. Auch etwas von new gefundnen wel- ( ten vnd Insehi, nit 
auBz Beroso, Joanne de Monte villa, S. | Brandons Histori, vnnd 
dergleichen fablen, sunder ausz | angenomnen, glaubwiirdigen, 
erfarnen Weltbee | schreibero, miiselig zuhauff getrt^n, vnnd | 
ausz vilen weitleiitGgen biicbem, in ein | handtbiich eyngeleibt vnd 
verfaft- 1 set, vormals der gleichen inn | Teiitsch nie ausz- [ gangen. 
I Mit etnem zuend angebeuckten Register aJles innhalts. | M.D.XLH. 
Folio. Title, and 4 preliminary leaver. Text, 2S7 leavet. 
Register, 1 leavet. 

For a translation of the title of thii ixwk, and a note coacerning Iti anthor, aee 
the edition of 15St. 

Be/irenixi. — Okaksie, Tt^ot, ToI. II. page GST. Habxibsb, BiUiolheca 
Atnericana Velai., So. SSS. 


1EYES T OBDBNAIT9A3 nueuamete becbaa | por su Ma- 
jestsd, pa la gouemacion de las Indias y buen trata | 
miento y conseruacion de loa Indios; que se ban de 
guardar en el consejo y | audiecias reales <| en ellas residen ; y por 
todos los otTOB I gouemadorea, juezes y personae particulares 
dellas. I ^ Con priuUegio imperial. ^ 

(^Colophon:') C Las presentes leyes, y nuevas orde | nanzaa 
y declaracion dellas j para la gouemacion de las In I dias, y buen 
tratamiento de los naturales dellas. Fueron im | preasas por tnan- 
dado I de los sellores ; presidete, y del oonsejo de las In | dias : en 
la Tilla I de Alcala | de Henares : en casa de Joan \ de Brocar a 
. ocho dias del | mes de Julio del aOo | de uTo saluador | Jesu 
Chris I to I M.D.XLXIU. | 

Folio. Title, v>ith the imperial arms above; revene, privilege, 
signed by Joan Vasquez. 13 numbered leaves, including the 
title. &oO)\t ttita. 

[ Tramlalion. — Lam and ordinances newl j made bj hia Majestj, for the 
governing of the Indies and the good treatment and preservation of the 
Indiane; whom thej have to protect in the couacil and rojal audieDcea 
where thej Uve ; and for all other goTernors, judges, and particular persona 

ThisisDotacoUecdonoriaiTBiM Tbrnicx aays, bnt two ordinances of Craklbs 
v., on behsir of the government of the Indies ; one dal«d November SO, 1943, the 
other dated Jane 1, 1943. They were issued eapemlly to provide for the better 
treatment of the natives, and for limiting the partition of lands among the con- 
qnerors. These laws were ordered Co be printed, and enforced immediate]; 
thittoKhont the Indies. 



A Mcond edition WMpnblithed at M^dkid in tSSS; and ■ third at VAi.t.u>OiJi> 

1" C A GLORIA Y LOOB DB Dios ; y para dechado y exemplo de 
lo8 fieles. Siguese el glorioso martyrio del bien aveturado padre 
fray Andrea de espoleto : frayle de los menores de la orden del 
serafico padie e Duestio saiit FraDciaco. £1 qual martyrio recibi<} 
en la ciudad de Fez por la verdad de nuestra sagrada fe, AI nueue 
diae del mes de Enero del ABo de M.D.xxxij. 

This ia the iotraductoij paragraph on the recto ot the flnl leaf of a imall 4to 
tract or II unpaged leaves, Catjllc Itttir, without title, place of piintins, or date- 
It contains, Aral, the above-mentioned " Martgrio" written byF. Ahtohio db 
Ola va, dated "en dconoaaa de Setuval," April 10, isas, translated, m the anonj- 
inoui author of the tract ilalai (on the verao of the 3d leaf), by bim, from an old 
iheot wtuch had been tent by Kino JoHir, of Pobtuojh^ to the general chapter of 
FranciKans, held at Tolbdo "at el dia dtl nucfa penlecoOa." Then fiiUowi a 
letter of F. Martih de Valbkoia, sent by the Bishop of Ubzico to the lame 
chapter, accompanied by another, addrewed to Martin db Valbhoia by the frUn 
oftheFrandscanconieat at Tauianaoo, dated June IS, IMl. 

The copy before ug bears the stamp of Mr. Tbrnacx's collection. It haa tha 
>ame contents as hii No. SO, bat B different title. 

This tract is fonnd in Vai,ercta'h " Thesarv de virhidet muy uli7 y mpi'iMD " whlcll 
follons, and of which it evidently forms a portion. Its title ig preserved here, »s it 
appears in tbe first edition of this Catalogne, and has a separate place in Hr. 
HABJtlBBB'H " Biblielheca Americana Vetus.," So, 24S. 

^»* MAUROLYCUS, Pbahcis. Cosmographia | Francisci Mavro- 
lyci Mes- 1 BanieoBia Sicrli, { In tres dialogos diatincta : in qvibua 
de forma, | eitu nameroque tarn ccelorum t|.elemeiitor- 1 um alijsque 
rebufi ad astronomlca j rudimenta spectantibue sa- 1 tis diaaeritur. 
I Ad Reverendiae. Cardinalem | Bembvm | ( Viffnette wood-cut) 
Vbmetub M.D.xxxxni. 

(^Colophon ;) Completum opiia Mesaante in freto siculo (Ue | 
louia. XXI. Oetobris vn ij indictionia j anno salutis. M-D-XXXV. 
quo I die Caxolus V. Cseaar ab africana ezpeditione | reuersis 
Messa- | num ve- 1 nit. | . . . . Venetus apud hseredes Lucte' 
antonij luntfe Florentini j menae lanuario. j anno M.D.Xun. | 

4(0. Title, 1 leqf. 3 unnumbered leavet. Text, 1-103 
leaves. Printer's device on the reverse of the iagi, 

"8 VALENCIA, M. db. C Con priuilegio impwial. 

(t Libro llamado Thesoi-o de virtu- 1 dea muy vtil y copioao. 
Copilado por vn religioso portuguea, de | la orde d'i serafico padre 
sSt fracisco. Dirigido al muy magnifieo | seflor Fraciaco peasoa : 
teaorero d'l muy escl&recido y iuuictisaimo | pncipe nTo setlor. 
Visto y examinado por el cosejo de su magestad. 

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CXfbw Wamado Ebcfojo oc virtu 

btedcSircrifica padre fiitfr3dri:(>,,^ir<gldMlmiiriniieRllIco 
r>>QP<DFol<iioi. 01llo]rnniiIinilo{ite(lcS(4o6cfnmaS(l>>4 

( Colophm ;) C A gloria : y alaban<;a de | dies todo poderoso 
y de su Bendita madre | la virgen sancta Maria Fue impressa la 
I presente obra, llamacia Tesoro de virtu- 1 des, en la villa de 
Medina del ca | po, por Pedro de Castro, im ( pressor de libros. 
Arabose a | veyente disa d' Otubre | Alio. M.D.xHij. 



4(0. IV(?e, in red and hlaek letters, with a targe wood-^mt of 
an escutcheon; reverse, " C A gloria y loor de dios, etc. ([!■" 
Prologue, 1 leaf. PrologiLe and table continued to 9 leaves; 
then, " (C A gloria y loor de dios," etc. " Prologue del autor," 
11 leaves, all unnumbered. Text, *' Dela virtudes," 64 un- 
numbered leaves, and Ixv.-cxxxt. numbered leaves, followed by 
1 le<:^f for the colophon ; beneath this a wood-cut of printer's 
mark, with the letters P-C. 

ITTorulation. — A book called the treasure of nrtnea moBt DBefDl and 
copious. Compiled by a religious Portuguese, of the order of the seraphic 
Father Ssn FraDCiiico. Directed to the very magniliccnt Fraucisco Pessoa, 
treasurer of the illustrious and invincible Prince our Lord. Seen and 
examined by the council of his Majesty.] 

This compilaiion b; a Portngnese monk of the Franciscan Ordtf coniains • letter 
th>m Maktin de Vai.bkcja, transmitwd by thn Biebop of Mexico to ihe general 
chapter of Frandscani at Toledo. This is accompanied by another letter ad- 
dressed lo H. DB Valercia by the friars of the Franciscan convent at Talkahaco, 
dated Jnne IS, IS3I. These letters will alto be found in the Latin Cobtbz of 
1 BS2, and in the " ^ot>iu Orbit " of 1 559, p. 695. It also embraces the work, the 
title of which precedes this (No. 131 1. 


■ORDOVA, P. DE.] DocTEiNA XPIANA pa I instruccion 
y informacio de los indi | os : por raanera de hjstoria : 
Com I pueeta por el muy reuerendo padre | fray Pedro 
de Cordoua : de buena | memoria : primero fitndador de la or | den 
de los Predicadores e las yslas | del mar Oceano, y por otroB 
religio | bob doctoa d' U miBina orde. La ql | doctrina fue yista 
y ezaminada y a, p | uada por el muy. R. S. el licecia } do Tello 
de Sadoual Inquisidor | en esta nueua E^pana [ por su Magestad. 
La qual fue em [ presBa en MEXICO por mandado del | muy R. S. 
do fray Jua Cumiu-ra | ga pmer obispo de eeta ciudad ; del 
CO- 1 sejo de bu Magestad. etc. y a au costa. | Alio de M.d.xliiij. 

Co preuilt^o de su. S. L. L. M. 

(^On the reverse of the last leaf:') IC Al hora y gloria de 
Dueetro sefior Jesu Christo y de su bendi- 1 ta madre, aqui ee acaba 
la preBento doctrina qne Iob padres d'la j ordeo de sancto Domingo 
en pricipio nombradoB ordenaro pa el catecismo y instrucion d'los 

indioB, assi como va por mo | do de hyatoria : etc Impresaa 

ea la grande y mas leal ciudad de Me | xico ; en cuaa de Juun 
crombeiger : que sancta gloria aya a costa | del dicho seFlor obpo. 
.... Acabose de imprimir. Alio de M.d.xliiij. 

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Akllt...-^ -J^ 

Facsimile of title to Cordova's " Doctrina Christiana." 1544. 

,d by Google 



SmaU Ato. Title. Text hegmning on the reverse ; and 29 - 
unnumhered leavet. ®oll)i£ £tUec. 

[TVatuXotion. — ChristiftQ Doctrine for the inttmction and infomiatioD of 
the lDdinD^ after the manDer of history ; (composed bj- tlie very reveread 
fatlier Pedro de Cordova, of blessed memorv : first founder of the order of 
preacher* in tlie isles of the Ocean sea, and for othere, religious and learned, 
of the Mme order. Which doctriae was seen and examined by the very 
reverend licentiate Tello de Sandoval, Inquisitor in New Spain, for his 
Majesty. Printed in Mexico, by order of the very reverend brother Juan 
CuraarragB, first bishop of that city, of the council of his majesty and at hi* 
coat. In the year 1643. 

To the honor and glory of onr Lord Jesus Christ, and of his blessed 
mother, here is finished the present doctrine, which the fathers of the order 
of San Domingo appointed in ordinary for the catechism and instruction of 
the Indians, even so after tbe manner of history, in order tliat they may more 
easily understand, believe, and retain in their memory the things of our holy 
faith, etc. Printed in the grand and most loyal city of Mbsico, in the house 
of Juan Cromberger, who has gone U) glory, and at the cost of the sud lord 
bishop. The printing was finished in the year 1543,] 

Annexed is a facsimile or the title-page. 

Mach discussion has taken place si to the earliest book prinl«d Id Anbbica. 
For a long time this honor was awarded to this " Dottriiut Ckriatiana." Theie is' 
now strong evidence for believing that printing was introduced nine years before 
that time, and positive evidence, by existing books, that a press was established in 

Beadeis ftmlliar with early books relating to Mexico have seen mention of a 
book printed there as early as 1 935. Tbe particnlars are given by Fr. Auacetin 
DaviLA PiDiLLA, in his work entitled " Eatoria dt la FundacloB g Diicurtu de la 
Pronadn de Mexico, de la Orden de Pndicadore'," Madrid, 1625, folio. At page 
US, spesking of Fr. Juah dk Esteada, he says : " Estando en caaa de novicios 
hizo una coan, que por la primera que se hiio en esta tierra bastsba para dirle 
memorin, cuando el autor no la tuviera como la tiene ganada por haber sido qnien 
fo^. Bl primer libra que en este nnevo mondo se escribid y la primera cosa en que 
se ^ercild la imprenca en esta tierra, fu^ obra soya. Dibaseles i los novicios un 
libro de B. Juam Cumaco, y como no los bubieee en romance mandaronle que lo 
tradujese de latin. Bizolo asi con prcsteza y elegsncia por ser mny bnen latino y 
romanciita, y (ai in libro el primera que se imprimiit por Jdak Fablos, primer 
impresor que i esta tierra vino. Bien se muestra la devocion de Sto, DomNao 
de Mexico en que nn bijo snyo haya sido el primero que en este nuevo mando 
imprimiese, y cosa tan devola como ta Escala espiritusl do S*K Jdak Clihaco. 

{Traiyilcaioa. — Being in tbe house of the novices, he {Juan de Estrada) did a 
thing wbicb, being tint done by him in this coanlry, was enough to give bim fame, 
if he had not otherwise gained it, a* he bas, by being what he was. The Rrst book 
that was written in this new world, and the first on which the art of printing was 
employed was bis work. There was nsnally given to the novices a l>ook by St. 
John Climacbus ; and as it did not exist in our language, he was directed to 
translate it from the Latin. He did it quickly, and with elegance, for he was an 
excellent Iiitin and Spanish scholar, and bis book was the Bm that was printed by 
John Pablos, the first printer who came to this coentrj. It is an evidence of tlie 
devotion of |the province of] San Domingo, of Mexico, that one of her sons was 



(ho flrst who prinlsd in this oew world, and ihaC he printed lo devout a work a* 
lh.B" Spiritual Ladder" of ^t. John Climncho*,] 

Fr. Alohzo Feknakdez, in his " Hi>t. EcdetiaUica," Toledo, 1811, in speak- 
ing of tlie " Etcala EipirittuU," sajs : " Este fue el primcro libro que se imprimio 
en Mexico, j fue aBo de mil y quinicnCoa y treinta j cinco." A third authoritj we 
have in (he " Teatro EccUaiattico de la primliiBO Iglesia de lot Indira Occidenlalet," 
by Gil Gonzales Davila, Madbid, 1649, folio, page S3. He says : " En el bBo 
de mil y quinientoa y treinta y dog el Vibey D. Antokco de Mendoza llevii la 
imprcnta i Meiico. El primer inipressor (ai Juan Pabloi ; y el primer libro que 
se imprimio en el Nuevo Mundo, fu^ el que Eicribio S. Juan C^ihaCO Con el titulo 
de Eicala espiritnal para llcgar al cielo," etc. 

The« three wrilcra who refer to the " iranslation of the ' Spiriiaal Ladder ' " of 
ClimaCVB agree except in the date. They all aUte that it wag the firet book 
prinletl in Mexico; and two of ihcm add thai Juan Pabloa was the printer. 
Daviia, (lie Inst author mentioned, says the translation wm made by Juas db la 
Maodaleha, while Padilla and Febnandbz say Jl'av i>e Estkada was the 
translator. These names refer lo the saoie person, '* Maodaijsih " being the 
cloister name of Estrada. The date of IS3E given hy GoNZALxa Datila is evi- 
dently wrong. He says Mehdoza carried printinj; to Mexico in 1535 ; whereas it is 
B well'known fact thai Mendoza was appointed viceroy in April, 1535, and did not 
arrive in Mexico until (he middle of October, of the same year. (See "Die. Uni- 
venal de Hlit.g de Gfog." Tom. V,. p. 240, Art. Mendoza. by J. G. Icazbalceta.) 
Bbdnet notices (he same discrepiincy in (he date of Mendoza'b arrival. He does 
not, however, refer to the work of Fkrnandez, and says the epoch of tbc introduc- 
tion of printing in the New Worid remains to be fixed. The true date of Men- 
doza'b arrival in Mexico being 1535, the date corresponds with that given by 
Alohzo Febnandez for the introduction of printing, and with the time when 
EsTKADA made his prolession after one year's noviiinte, during which time be is 
said to have made his translalion, 

D.Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta, of the city of Mexico, bns carefully exam- 
ined the subject of Mexican typography, and published the results in an elaborate 
arlicle in the "Diccionario Universal de Hiitoriayde Gtorjrajia," Tom. V., page 9BI, 
Mexico, 1651, folio. This learned writer gives a list of books printed in Mexico 
prior to IGOO, nnd the places where copies still exist. 

For an article upon this siilyect, by the compiler of this catalogue, see the " Hit- 
torical magazine, and Ntilea and Qaeriet," published in New York, for February, 
IS65; and a more recent one, by the same compiler, in the Appendix to the new 
edition of Thohab's " Hittory of Printing in Ameriea," printed (br the American 
Antiquarian Sodetj, Worcester, 1875. 

The following is a list of all known books printed in Mexico between the yeara 
1640 and 1600 inclusive. Of tho first of these, the " Manual de Adullos," only the 
last two leaves are known. These fragments formed part of a volume in the 
BibliolecB Provincial of Toledo, from which (hey soddenly Uisnppeared. They 
were accidentally discovered by Sellor Don Paschal de Gavanoos at a book-stall 
in London in 1870, and purchased by him. Mr. Harbibse, in the additions to 
his"Bi'6. Americana Velui.," No. 123, has given n facsimile of a portion of One of 
the leaves, being a series of verses ; and of the colophon on the lost leaf There i> 
a table of errata which refers lo almost every page, and aa the list ends with the 
thirty-sixth leaf, to which the two leaves in question should be added, Mr, Hab- 
KiasB is of opinion that the book consisted of thirty-eight leaves. The annexed 
facsimile is from Mr H.'s " Additiont." 



adiectorem facrf baptiftmimint 
ftru:Bicolon icalncl?on. 



lauaeqjfimrprds pfib^fanciraieorbetn 

^ItforetadritutmcP adultusaqua: 


£tpliat docrec^ tfdit modo^afc^acut^ 

Sddo^^itirosame^ ^fulabundepius* 

C3n>P>in<>ore efte thtmA se JlfDuItos en Ig gra ciuba»S 
.OSirinca poi mat»bo iloe WeuereoiflTniaB Stnotcs 9bir 
bntger.Slno M naci'mleto Airaellro feiioi Jefu Clptlto 6mJU 
timiniico«zquareta.2l .Fiij.Oias<l mea o l@e}icbK. 

A Liar ot Books I^ihted 

1540. MinuBl do Adallos |of whicb only the lut Icrtcs sre known, beariDg the 
following icrminaiiun ;] Imprimiose eile Msnuat de Adnlu>« en la gran dodad de 
Mexico por mandido do los Rev. SeBores Obiapoi de la I4ueira EBpaSa j a spi 
expeniSB ; en cnsa de Juan Cromberger. ADo del nacimieato de nueatro ScBor 
JesD Cbriito de mi] j qninicnlos J quBTenu. A ziij diss del mea de Deiiembre. 

1540. Doctrina Chriaiiana. [No date] assigned to this year b; Uabbimb. 

1541. Belacion del eapan table cerremoio, que agora nueramente ba acontecidoen 
la eibdad de Onatemala, etc. Msxtco : J-aan CTemhtrger, 4to. 



*I!H3 JoiH Zdmarrao*. Doctrinn brere mnj provecbou delas coui que 
perteneccn i ]> fS catholics y a nuettrB criBt!anid«d en eitilo lUno para commi 
inteligencia. Mexico: Jaan Cromber^ir. 4to. [" Catalogue AndratU," So. ^69,) 

l&U. DiOMiaio RiCHBL. Este ea nn compendio breu« que Cracta de la maoera 
de como se han de hacer laa procesiones, etc. Mexico ; Juan Cronberger. *to. 
(" Cataiogut Andrade," No. 2667.) 

1544. DioNTsio RicHBL. Esto es on compendio, etc. Another edition of tbe 
tame work. Mkxico: Juan Crombergtr [without date]. 4to. {"Catalogue 
Andrade," No. 2666), this edition is placed b; Mr. Icaibalcbta among ibe pab- 
licationsof IS44. 

•1544. Joan OBitaoii. Tripartito del cbriaCianiMimo y consolatorio doctor 
Jaan Qerson de doctrioa Criatiana : a cnalquiera muy proTecbosa, etc. Mszico : 
Juan Cromba-ga: 4tO. (" Catalogut Andrade," No. 947T.) 

tIS44. Pedbo DE COKDOTA. Uoctrliia CHetiina por Instruccion ^ inlormacion 
de los Indios : por msnera de historia, etc. Mexico : Juan Crnmberger. 4to. 

1545. JuAn QuMARBAOA. Doclrina criitilCaa: inai cierta j rerdadera ps. g«te 
rin emdicio y telnu. Mexico [do printer'a name.] 4to. Gt/lkic Utter. {" Cat- 
alogue Andrade," No. 2370.) 

1546. CaDcioaero Spiritual en que de coniJerien obrai muy proTechoaai j 
edificaniea, etc. Mexico. I54G. Jaan Pablot. 

(From Sr. PAacqcAX de Gatavqos, Spanish tranilaior of Tiokkor'i " ffitl. 
SpaniA Lit."] 

1547. Begla Christiana breue: p ordenar laridB jspod'l xplanoq seqere saluar 
y tener ea alma dispuesia : pa q. Jgbu xpo mora en ella. Mexico [do printer's 
name]. 4to. {" Catalogut Andrade." No. 3658.) 

1548. Ordenanzas de Antonio de Mendoia. Folio- Juan PaHo* {Harkisbb). 
'1548, Doclriua en CasicUana y Mexicana. Mexico : Juan Pabloi. 4to. 
This is said by Mr. Icazbalceta to be the earliest book bioum, printed in an 

aboriginal language of Akesica. 

1549. F. Bbavo de Obbitna. Opera Medici n alia. Mexico. 4to. 

*1550. Doctrina Christiana en tengna EspaBola y Mcxicano. Mexico : Juan 
Pabloa. 410. 

*ISS3. PzDBO DE Gahte. DoctriOB cristlana en leuguA Mexicona. Mexico: 
Jaan Pabloi, Svo. 

1554. Alfh. a Vebacrvck, Recognitio Sommulamm. Mexico. Folio. 

1554. Alfh. i Veracbuce. Dialectica Resolutio. Mbkioo. Folio. 
1354, F. Cervantes Salaeab. Dialogi. Mexico. Bvo. 

tl555. Alonbo de Molina. Vocabnlario en la lengna Cattellana y Mexicana. 
Mexico : Juan Pabloi. 4to. 

1556. Alps, k Vesacbuce. Speculum conjugiorum. Mexico : Juan PiUioe. 

1555. Alph. i Vebacbdce, Constitadoues del arzobispado de Mexico, Mex- 
ico. Fol. 

1556. Alfh. X Veracrucb. Ordinariiua sacri ordiuis bceremitamm, Mexico, 

1556, Frakcisco Mabroqdin. DoctrlnaChristlaaaea lenguaUtlatleca. Mbx- 
ICO. 4IO. (REHEaAL, " Hitl. de Chiapas," lib. iii. cap. vii. Tbrhaux, No. 98.) 

1656. FsEiBE. Snmario de las quenlas de ptatayoroen los reynos del IHnl. 
Mexico, Sto, (Ternaux, No. 73.) 

1557. Alpb. Jl Vbraobocb. Fhysiea ipecniatia. Mexico. Folio. 

*165S. Matdrino GitBERTi. Arte en lenguft de MecbuBcau. Mexico; Juan 
Pabloi. Sto. 

*1559. Matdriho Giiazrti. Diatogo de Doclrina Christiana en lengna de 
Mecbaacan. Mexico : Juan Pobloi Brtitano, 410. 



*ISS9. Hatubiho Gilbsbti. Vocabdluto en Itngu* d« MecboMan. Ubz- 
ico : Juan Pablot Breuano. 

1599. Hatduho Gilbbkti. OrsmmaUcA Utina. Mixioo. 8to. 

1959. A. DB u Veba Cbds. Carta [withont dau]. Msxico. Folio. 

1560. Andbbs de Olmob. Grammaticft et Lenicon Lingnn MexicaQM. 
Totoniqum et Hiuuucn. Mexico. S toU. 4to. (Squier's " JlfonafrapA ^ 
Authan on (Af XanjFwijK* <>/' Ctntrai America," p. SB.) 

1560. Mnnual para adminiatrar log lacramentoi. Mbsico. 4Co. 

1560. Fbancibco de Cbfbda. Arte de laa lengnaa Chiapa, Zoque, Celdalei j 
Cinacanieca. Mexico. 4to. 

1961. Missale Romanum. MEXICO. Folio. 

fl563. VtBco DR Pdoa. ProYiiioDM, ctfdulM, instmcdooei de »u Majeaud, 
pare la bucna expedicion da los negocioa yadmiDistracioit de jasticia,; govemaclon 
detta Nueva EapaDa etc Mexico : Pedro Ocharte. Folio. 

1965. CaulogQB Patrum Concilii Trideotini [witboot date). Mexico. 4Io. 

t1965. A1.0H80 DB Molina. Conteuionario major en lengna Mexieana j 
Cattellana. Mexico : Antonio dt Eipineta. 4to. 

tl565. ALomo DB M01.1HA. Confei^aario brene en lengaa Hexicaiia 7 
Caalellana, Mexico: AtUimie deEipinoia. 4lo. 

1565. Doumao db Uk Ahcncucioh. Doctrina cbriatiana en Caetellana j 
Mexieana. Mexico: Ptdra Odiaiix. 4to. (Tebhaux, No.' 93. " Bibliellitea 
Ameruana," Le Clebo, No. 467.) 

1566. B, A. Ledbsha. De Septem nova legts Bacrametidi. Mexico. 4Io. 
(BiCH., " Bib. Americana Vttat.," No. 46.} 

1567. Roglaa ; conBtitucionea de U Confnidia de los jaramealoB. Mexico. 
Folio [one leaf}. 

tl56T. Fbdbo DB Fbbia. Doctrina crittiaDa en lengna Caatellana y Qapotecft. 
Mexico; Pedro Ocharte. 4 to. 

1567. Inalitnta ordinin Beati FraDciici. Mexico. 4to. 

*156T. Bbrito Fekbahdez. Doctrina en lengna MixtMo. Mexico: Pedre 
OJutrU. 4to. 

*1568. Bbhito FBKKAitDBz. Another edition orBBine wotk. Mexico; Ptdro 
OdutrU. 410. 

1G68. Manual para adminiBCnu' los Bacnunentot. Mexico. 4to. 

tl57l. Alohzo DE MoLiHA. Arte de U leogna Mexieana j Castsllaaa. 
Mexico : Pedro Ockarle. ISiaO. 

fl57). Alonzo de Molina. Vocabulario en lengna Mexieana y Castellana. 
Mexico : ArtKnio de Spiiuna. Folio. 

tI571. Alohso de Molina. Vocabnlario en Catlellana j Mexieana. Mex- 
ico : Antonio de Spittoia. Folio. 

1573. P. DB AoDSTO. Tratado deque se deben admiulBtrar los BacramcDCos k 
loB indloe. Mexico. Sto. 

*1574. J. B. DB Laodna. Arte j Diccionario en lengna Hicbuacana. Mex- 
ico : Pedro Balii. Sto. 

1974. OrdenanzM Bobre alcabalaa. Mexico. Folio. 

*157S. Matcriho Gilbbbti. Tesoro spiritnal de pobrei en lengna de Michn- 
acan. Mexico. Antonio de Spinotn, 8to. 

*19T5. J. DE LA Andvciaoion. DoctTina Christiana mnj complidti .... en 
Castellana jt Mexieana. Mexico: Pedro BaiU. 4to. 

1B7S. 3. J. E. BoENAVENTDBA. Misteot Tbeologia. Mbxico- 3to. 

tl57S. Aloebo DB MouNA. Arte de la lengna Hexicana j Castellana. Mex- 
ico : Pflro BalU. Sto. 

*lfi76. M. DB Vaeoah. Doctrina Chriatiana .... en Casteliano, Mexicano, 
J Olomi. Mexico : Pedro BaUi. 4to. 



■ISTT. J. Mbdiha. DocirinftlU fidei In Mechnacanensiam indornm lingua. 
Mexico : Ant. Riatrdo. Folio. 

'1377. J. DE LA An UK CI AC I ON. SemTOnario en lengaa Mexicans. Hbxico; 
Ant. Ricardo. 4tO. 

1577. Commentario i la logica de Ariitotelaa. Mexico. Bro. 

1S77. Ovidii Nasonii tam de tristibns. Mexico. Sto. 

Mil. Omnia Domini Andme Alciati Embleniata. Mexico. Bvo. 

*ia7S. Alonso de Holiha. ConressionaiHo Mayor en 1h lengna Hexlcaca j 
CuKllana. Mexico : P«/n) Bnift. 4K>. 

•1578. Alonso db MoLiMA. DoctriDB ebriitUna en lengaa Mexlcana. Mex- 
ico: Pedro Oikarte. Bvo- 

*I978. J. DE COBDOVA. Arte rn lengaa Zapoteca. Mexico: Pedro Balli. 

1579. Ceremonial ; mbrtcaa general con la orden de celebrar lai miaai. Mbx- 

IS79. IiiHlruccion j arte para rc^nlar el ofieio dWino. Mexico. 8vo, 

•I5S0 Bahth. RoLnAN. CartilU y doctrina Chriatiana bi«Te, en la lengua 
Chuchona. Mexico : Pedro Odiaru. 4io. 

*l9Sa. J. DB Gaona. Colloquios de la pai j tranquilidad, en lengna Mexican*. 
Mexico: Pedro Odiarie. 8vo. (Tbrkaux, No. 15S.) 

1.^83. Garcia sbi. Palacio. Dialogoi miiitares de la (brmacioD t infonuaeioa 
de pcnonas, instniiiienlo& j cosas neceasiirias para el nio de la gaerra. Mexico : 
Ptdro Ooharte. 4(o. 

1533. Forma brcT. adminiitr. ap. Indion S. Baptism i SaeramentDni. Mexico. 

*15S5. Been, db Saiiaouh. Paalmodia Xpiana j Sermonario de lot Santo* 
del aiio, etc Mexico : Pedro Ochartt. 4(d. 

1585. Eetatncoi general de Barcelona. Mexico. 4to. 

1587. Garcia DE Palacio. Inslnicdon nautica para el buen uso y regimienca 
de las Naoa bu traia y gobiemo conlbrme i la altuni do M^Jieo. Mexico. 4to. 
(Tb«saci, No, 167.) 

1587. Constitutione* ordin. Rratr. eremJL 8. Ang. Mexico. 8td. 

1589. Forma y modo de Tnndar laa cofradiaa del cordon de S. Fr, Mexico, 

1593. Ao. Farfak, Tratado breve de Medicina. Mexico. Ito. 

1999. Geboniho de Ore, Symbolo Catbolico Indiano, Mbxico. (Tee- 

RAUX, No. 324.) 

1593. J. GuiONA. ColloquioH en lengoa Hexicana. Mexico. (Tekmalx, 
No. 190.) 

•1993. Aht. db LOB Rbtbi. Arte en len^a Mixteca. Mexico ^ Ptdro BaUi. 

8V0. (TEHKiUX. No. 189.) 

*1993. Fbancibco de Alvasado. Vocaliulario en langna Miateca. Mex- 
ico : Pedro Balli. 4to. 

1594. J, F. DB Btj EH AVER tea A. Mjsteca Theoli^a. Mexico. Svo. 
1995. Rcgla de l<is fraites menores. Mexico. 4Io. 

*1595. Ahtokio DEL RincOH, Arte de la lengDB Mexicans. Mexico: Pidiv 
BiUi. 8vo. (Antonio, " Bib. HUpan. ffoca," Tom. I. p. 158.) 

1 995. Fundiicion c IndulKendaB de la orden de la Merced. Mbxico. Svo. 

199S. AniDNto DE RiNcoN. Arte de la lengoa Mexicana, Mexico, ISmo, 
wcond edition. [TEaiiAnx, No. 825.) 

ti599, Juan Baptista, Conressionario en Icngna Mexicana y Castcllana. 
Mexico ; En Sanctiaoo Ti.atilulco: Melch. Orciartt. Sm. Bvo. 

tl599. JPAN Baptista. HvehTellahiolli. Mexico, lamo. 

[This it probably the work noticed bj Trunacx. No. 853, m ' Plalicna morales 

,d by Google 


de loa Indio* para la doeirina de laa bijoi, en leogua Mexicana intiiulade fauefaue- 
tUtolli." The copy deicrih«d, which is ihe only one known, is without the title- 
page, bnl on its back bears ihe date of 1599. Beribtaiit givet the date of 1601.] 

1599. JuAH Baftibta. Platicai antiquag qne en la eiccellentissima tengoa 
Nahuatl enmendo y crecento. Heiioo. Svo. (Tekbacx, No. 334.) 

1599. ivkn Baptista. Compendia en las Excirlsiaa, de la Bulla de la SancU 
Cmzada, en len^a Mexicana. 'tiss.iCii : Enrico Mariintz. Bvo. [" Catalogv* ej 
Mtsican Bookuddbji Pulliek and Sinuon." Loxdon, 1869. No. 151.) 

tl600. JnAK Baftista. AdTerCencias para los confessores de loi natnralei. 
Ubzico: M. Ocharit. 8m. Bvo. 

tl600. Relacion Hfstoriada de laa Exequiaa Fnneralei de Felipe II. Mexico : 
FtdroBaai. 4t0. 

BooKB Pbimted in Pbbd before tbe Year 1600. 

1584. Doctrlna Cliriitiana (en Qnichna y Avraarn) En In ciiidnd Ue los Keyei. 
(Lima): Anioaio Rieardo. 4to. (Bbuhet, Vol. II. col. TBOj. Lb Cuebc, Bib. 
Amtrlcana, No. 462. 

tl5B5. Confeasionario para los curas de IndloscoD la instruccion contra sua rltos 
tridacido cb las len^nas Quichua y AynlRrB. LtilA : Aiil. Ricirdo. 4to. 

tt585. Tercero Cathecismo y exposicion de la Docuina Christiana, por Ser- 
mones. Para qne los cam y otros miniitros prediqnen y enseQen a los IndioB. 
(Liiia) : Ant. Ricardo. 4to. 

IS86. Vocabulario en la lengoa general del Pern j en le^ gua Espaiiola. Liha- 
Small Bto. (TBKHAnx, No. 164.) 

1594. Ordenansat que niando hacer D. Garcia Hnrtado de Mendoia, para 
remedio de los excesos qne los corregidores de los aaturales hacero entratar y 
conlractar con los Indios. Liua. Folio. (TsnxACi, No. 193.) 

ttS36. Pedro db OSa. Priraera parte de Araiico domado. Impreso en la 
dadad de los Reyes por Ant. Ricardo de Turin. 4to. 

1599. PsDBo DE OilA. Tremblor de Lima del aBo 1599. Poena. Lima. 
(Termaox. No. 230.) 

As there may be doubts or the exiatcnce of some of the books, the titles of which 
are given aboTe, it bos been deemed best to stale where thej are to be found, or 
upon whose anthoritj they have been placed in Ibis list. Those marked thus * 
have been seen by SeBor Icazbalceta, of Mexico, and described in his " Ajninia 
para un Caiatogo de Eteritora n Itnguat indigenai de Amrrica." Those narked 
thus t are in the collection of Mr. Browh. The aaiboritie* for man; of the others 
are Tbknacz, Rich, and others as staled ; the remaining are lakeo from Mr. 
HARXiaaa'a " Bibliathtca Amrriama VtluttiuimaJ' 


1PIANUS, Peteus. Coeroogtaphia Petri Apiani, | per 
Gemmam Frisivm | apud LouanietiBes Medicum & Mnthe- 
m&ticunt inaignem, j lam demum ab omDibus vindicata 
meadis, ac non [ nullis quoq. ; locis aucta. Additie eiusdem ai^ | 
menti libelliB ipaiuB GemmsB Frisii. | M.D.XLV. Vieneunt Ant- 
TJBRPI.S sub Bcuto BaBilienBi, Qregorio Bontio. \ 

(Colophon:') Excusam Antderpi.«, opera Aeg. Dietthemij . \ 
Anno k Christo humfuo aaliitiB | Authore iiatn. 1545. 

,d by Google 


WoUo. ZVrfe, with a large globe ; reverie, eontentt and gonnet. 
Dedication, 1 leqf. Text, 66 numbered leaves; reverse of latt, 
the printer's mark. 3 revolving diagramt. At f, SI, a folding 
map of the world. Tke word Auebica appears on the southern 
continent; a land prolonged from east to west bears the name 
BaccAlgabdu, above which is a sea, and, to the north of this, 
"Indie Obibntalis pabs." 

"CABTIER, JacQXJBS. 4^ Brief Recit, & succincte nairadoo, de 
Is nauiga- 1 tion fucte es ysles de Caoada, Hochelage & Saguenay 
& autres, auec | particulieres meurs, langaige, & ce { remonies des 
habitaaB d' icelles : fort | delectable a veoir. (^Wood-cut with prin- 
ter's mark R.) Avec priuilege j Ob lea uend & Fabis au second 
pillier en la grand | salle da Palais, A en ta rae neufue Nostre- 
dame k \ Tenseigne de lescu de frace, par Ponce Roffit diet | 
Faueheur, & Anthoine le Clercfriret. 1545. 

Svo. Title ; reverse. Permission, 1 leaf; to the Kit^, 4 leaves. 
Text, 48 numbered leaves. Notes, corrections, and addition*, 49- 
68 leaves. A facsimile reprint on Velldm. 

{Tran»lation. — Brief aad anccinct Darrstire of the navigation made to 
the ialands of Canada, Hochelaga, Saguenay, and otbert, parti<^u)arl}' of the 
manners, language, and cuatoms of their inhabitants, most delightful to see.] 
This beaatifbt reprint, which is BccompHnied bj other matter, beare the foliowing 
title : " Bref Srdt tt Succincle NarTation de la Nariyatim fiiile en MDXixr H 
MDZI3VI par U Capilaint Jacqua CariUr aax iita dt Canada HoiAtiaga, tiagumm/ 
el autrti. lUimpreuitm ^figiir^ de I' edition originali rariaaimo de Maxt-r avec In 
variantes des rumMKritt de la BibliaOAqve Imp&iale, Pr&^ge if una briee ti imximUe 
irUradactim hiilerigue par if. D'Aoetac. Pinis, Libraire TVoti. FasSKge dta deux 
paiilloni. (Paloii Royal), No. 8, 1863." The Introduction contains sixteen nnm- 
bereil leave«. 

Cabt:br was twrn at St. Malo, In Fbancb, December 31, 1494. He sailed 
from the same port in April, IS34, for Newpoundi^hd, where a cod-fisherj had 
been established. He passed throagh ihe Stsait or Bbllb Ibue, and tlience up 
tlie GvLF OF St. Lawsxhob to Anttcobti, riaiting the shores of the gulf, which 
he look possesion of in Che name of tbe King, Francis the Fibst. By this time, 
aa tlM aniamnal storms were gathering, he retraced his steps, and in September 
returned to Fbakob. The government having dciermined to establish a colony in 
tbe countries CtSTtCK bad discovered, on the 10th May of tbe following year he 
again look his departnre with three vessels and a more ample commisdon. Reach- 
ing the St. Lawsbncb, he passed the Rivxa Saodbnat, and came to anchor near 
what is now known as the Island or Obi.eani, not far from Qdbbec. Befbre 
the close of the season he ascended the river as far as Hochsi^qa, an Indian 
town, theuteof the presenl city of MoMraaAL. When winter approached he de- 
scended the river and took up quarters for tbe winter on the banks of Ihe St. 
Chaslbb Rivbb. His party suffered much from srurry. In May following, Cab- 
TiBB set sail on his retam to Pkahcb, and arrived at St. Malo on the IGth 
July, IM6. Four years after, a Ihird expedition was projected. FaAi<90ia db 



LA BoQCB, Lord of RobcTval, wu commiBsioned as Viceroj' uid LienUnaot- 
Oen«r»l in Camada, ind Castibb, wiih fire ressels, was ordered to accompany 
bin). In May, 1540, the expedition aailed, and iirived in safety at its place of des- 
tination in the Bitbb St. Lawbbncz, where a fort wa« erected, which be called 
Chabuchbodbo. In tbe spring of IMS be returned to Fbancb. 

Lbhcabdot sayi that Cartiib made four Toyagei, bnt there are aothentic ac- 
oountB that he made but three. The original acconnt of the first mjage i» lost, 
and the earliett Tei^ioa of it is odIj preserved in Hamdbto'i Collection. From this 
it was translated into English bj Jobs Flobio, and printed in Lokdoh in 1580. 
From this Tsrsion tbe work was translated into French and printed at RouBM, in 
I59S. Both of these hut-named editions are in this collection. 

Of [be acconni of second royage only a single copy is known, which Is in the 
British Mnaenm. Il was IVoni this that the reprint of Mb. Tboss was made. Of 
the third voyage no copy of the original French edition is known. All that we 
potsesa of it is in a fragmentary form in the collections of Haklutt and Pdbchai. 
The Italian rersion is in tbe third Tolnme of Rakdhio's " NavigiUioaa et Viaggi," 
Vbhbtia, I5E4-15S6, 3 Tois. folio. With it is a large plan of Hochelaoa and 
its fordflcations, with representations of the natiTes. The nsrratiTe published by 
the Literary and Historical Society of QrBBBO is the English version of Hazlitit 
retranslated into French. 

Beftnncet. — Habbishb, fiii. ^meWfiina Fetus., No. 367; Fabibault, Cotofq^w 
(f Ovoragu lur I'AmAique, p. S3. Bbunbt, Vol. L col. 1605. 

"" MEDINA, Pedro db. Arte de nauegar | en que se contienen 
todas las Reglas, Declara | ciones, Secretos, y Avisos que a In 
bueoa navegacion son necessarios, y se deiie saber, hecha por | el 
maestro Pedro de MediDa. Dirigida al sere | nissimo y inuy escla- 
rescido eeBor, don Phelipe | principe de Espafia, y de las doe 
Sicilias. &c ^ Con preuiligio imperial. 4^ 

(^Colophon within a border, right of last leaf :') A Gloria de 
Dios nuestro SeDor, prove | cho y vtilidad de la oauegation, feiiesce 
el presente libro llamado, Arte de Navegar, hecho y or | denado 
por el maestro Pedro de Medina | vezino de Seuilla. Fue visto y 
aprouado, en la insi | gne casa de la Contractacion de las Iiidiaa, 
por el Pi I loto mayor y Cosmographos (sic) de su Mageatad. Y 
assi I mesmo fue mandado ver y examinar por el consejo real | de 
8u M{^;estad, en la noble villa de Valladolid, estan | do en ella 
el Principe nuestro senor, y su real corto. Im | primio se en la 
dicha villa, encasa de Francisco fernandez de Cobdoua im- 
presBor, junto a laa escuelaa mayo | res. Acabo se primero dia del 
mee de Octubre. Ano del nascimiento de nuestro seQor Jesu 
cshristo, de mil y qui | nientos y quarenta y clnco aQos. | 

Folio. Title in red and black letters, beneath the arms of 

Spain, 1 le(ff; reverse blank; 5 preliminary leaves. TesA, I.-«. 

leaves in double columns, unth another for tJte colophon. Bight 

of leaf 11, a wood-cut of various kinds of vessels. Right of le<ff 

,d by Google 


22, a map exhibiting portions of North and South America, in- 
eluding Florida, New France, and Labrador, alao portions of 
Europe and Africa. ®oll)ic Cetttl. 

[TVanriiifion. — Art of navigiktioD, in which is contained all the Bules, 
VeclaratioDB, Secrete, and Information which for good navigation ar« neLVB- 
Bary, and ought to be known; made by the Master Pedro de Medina.] 

Pedro di Medina lived in the Drat part of the sixuenth centurf, and wu 
chiefexaminer of pilots for the Indies. He also tannin navigatioa, and was held 
in high eetimalion aa acosmographer. Bbunet sr;b hia '" Arltde Navrgar' wan a 
gR'at succees, and waa tranalated and prmliil in several lanKiiag^s." There i> a 



French tntnilstion bj Nio. de Nicoi^t. Ltoh ; G. RaaiUt, I ^53. fbl. ; Souxx : 
J. Cread, IS73, iLo; Lton ; houitle, 1569 and 1976, 4to. Ad Italiui trsnslstiOD 
by V. Falbhtino dk CorzutiJ, Venice, Ibb* and 1555 ; a Oerman one \>j U. 
CoiONKT, 1576 \ and an English uiie bj Fbaupton. Londoh, 1581. 

A(/>raKei. — Bbdnet, Vol. Ill,, column 15TS. Ricb, p, 6, No. 15. Hirbiibb, 
BSJkitheca Americana Vetas., No. S66. 

"" OVIEDO.] L'HISTOIRE de la | Teree-Newe dv | Peril 
ec rinde-Occi den tale, qui | est la principftle mine d'or dit | 
monde, nugudrea deecou { uerte, & conquise & \ nomm^e la Nou | 
iielle-Caatille, | Traduite de I'ltalien en Franqoys. On les vend a 
Paris an Palais en la Galerie par ou on va i la Chancellerie en 
la boutique de Vincent Sertenat 1545. Avec Privilege. 

(^Colophon:') Imprim4 k Pabis par Pierre faultier, pour 
lekan Barbf ^ Vincent Sertenai. 1545. 

(^The la»t two lines of leaf Bij read as follows :) " L'aucteur 
est Gonzalo Ferdinando del Ouiedo natif de Madril <} a faict 
lIuBtoire genersle, dot est extraict <^ summaire." Title; reverse. Privilege; ^preliminary leaves. Text, 
49 unnumbered leaves. 

A French tnntlstion of the ihird pan of the work entereJ under tbe name of 
P. Habttb db Akohibra la thii catalogne. A nairatire by a companion of 
FiZABBO relating the diicoTeiy of minei in Pbrd. 

IitfereHceM. — HAKai*tt, No. 3«4. Bbdvbt, Vol. III. col. IBS. Tbbnadx, 
No. 53. 

""SACROBOSCO. 4fe Li^®^ 4^ loannie de | Sacrobvsto | de 
Sphtera. | Additi est pnefatio in eundem libmm | Philippi MeL 
ad Simonem | Grineoni. | 

(Colophon:') Vbnetijb per loan. Anto. $ Fetrum Pratres 
de Nicolinia de Sabio. Sumptu & requisiUone D. Melchioris 
Sess^ Anno Domini mdxlv. 

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12nw. Title; reverse, F. Mblascthon to Simon Gr¥NEU8, 
10 page». Text, 25 unnumbered leaves. On the reverse of 
another leaf the printer's mark, a wood-cut representing a cat 
with a rat in its mouth. 

" The Latiniied form of the tuaoe of Johm Holtwood, who floariihed at llie 
beginning of Ihe Xlllth centnry, and whote teinied treatise, ' De Spaera Miadi,' 
the mmt femou* book of the Middle Agt», wu for centuriei the lulject of a hoU of 
commentftlore. He wu named Irom Holt.wood, in Yobebhiki, tbe place of hii 
birth." — Major, Life of Prince Henry tAt Naclgalor, p. 102. 

A work of great popalaritj in iu daj. The earliest edition mentioned b; 
Bbuhbt JatbatofFERBABi, in MTS, in 4u>. He alto itatee Ibat Haid deKribea 
no leu than Ewcntj-six edilioni of tbii, with works of the same kind, la haring 
appeared in the fifteenth century. Its popnlarity continned daring the following 
centurj, and many editions appeared. Italian vereions were published at Flob- 
SMOB in 1590 and 1571, and at Veiiiob in 1537. Mr. Habbim* notices (No. !I7) 
a copy of (be latter edition, which contains a wood-cat of a globe, upon which the 
word Ahbrica is iascribed. 

" PTOLEMY. Geographia | Vniversalia, Tetva et nova, | complec- 
tens I Clavdii Pto- 1 lemaei Alexandrmi erranatio- | nis Libros 
VIII. Quorum pi-imus noua translatione Pirckheimeri & | acces- 
BioDe commentarioli illustrior quam bactenus | fnerit, redditus 
est. I Reliqui cum gneco & aliJB, aetUBtis exemplaribns col- 1 lati, 
in infinitia fer^ locia castigatioris factd aunt. | Addita sont ineaper 
ScoUa. quibue exoleta urbium, | montium, fluuiommque nomina ad 
noatri Beculi mo- | rem exponuntur. Succedunt tabulae Ptolemaicie, 
opera Sebastian! Mun | eteri nouo parattc modo. His adiecte sunt 
plurimse uovai tabulie, modemam or- 1 bis faciem Uteris & pictura 
explicantes, iater quas | qu%dam antebac Ptolemseo non fuerant 
additte. Yltimo annexum est compendium geograpbice de- 1 scrip- 
tionis in quo uarij gentium & regionum ri- | tus & mores ezpli- 
cantur. PneQxus est quoqae uniuerso operi index memorabiliam | 
populomm, ciuitatum, fluuiorum, montium, ter j rarum, lacunm 
Ac. I Bahileab. apvd Benricvm Petrvm \ mense Martio Anno ) 

(^Colophon:') Basileae per Henriehvm Petrvm \ mense Av- 
gvsto An. M.D.XLV. 

Folio. Title; reverse, fiffure of SuBABTlAH MuNSTER iafctny 
an observation ; 9 preliminary leaves, including 6 for the index. 
Text, Liber I., 17 unnumbered leaves. Lib. U.-VHI. and ap- 
pendix, 195 pp. ; reverse of last leaf, printer^ s mark. 2 folding 
maps of the world, the first containing America and 52 other 
maps, each filling two leaves unth descriptions on th* reverse. 
The last mop, naniberod XXVI., is called Kotae Ixsvlab, is that of Amkrica, 

,d by Google 


or NoTDi Obbii. Upoo it »re Fsuroisci, Tbiki flobida, Gobi, Ydcutuc, 
HiapAMiOLi, Jamuca, Ihbdla Atldttioa fuam uocoxf Bbasilij. In tbe weat- 
era ponloD ii Zipirec, Cathay, Knd India ScPiBroR. 
TbU edition ii not mentioaed bj Bbuhbt. 


NCISO, Mabtin Fernandez de : Suma de geographia 
I que trata de todas | las partidas y prouiocias del mundo, 
B en I especial de las Indias. Y trata largamente | del arte 
del marear justamente con la es | pera en romance ;' con el regi- 
miento | del sol y del norte ; ^ora nueua [ mente enmendada de 
algn I nos defectos que tenia | en la impression paasada. [ Md.xItj. 
(j4( the end:') . . . . fue impressa en la muy noble y muy leal 
cia I dad de Seitilla en | casa de Andres de burgot : en el aflo de 
encamadon de nuestro sefior Je | su Gbristo de mil y quinientos y 
quarenta y seys afioe. ] 

Folio, l^tle, under a large sphere held by a hand, 1 leaf. 
Text, 1-70 leaves, the last ten wrongly numbered. 

[Traralalion. — SubEtsnce of geography which treats of ill the divisioiK 
and praviaceB of the world, eapecinlly of the Indies, and which treats largely 
of the art of navigation with the sphere in the Romance (the ordinary lao- 
gnage), together with the regulntion of the sun and of the north : now 
newly amended of some detects which appeared in the first impression.] 

First printed in 1SI9, which see for > note and Guuimile of title-page. Printed 
■gun at SbtiLLI, by CTOmberger, in 1530. 
RtJerauM, — Haxbisse, No. 9TS. RiCH, No. 16. TsnitAUX, No. U. 

>«FRACASTORIUS, Hieb. De sympathia et antipathia rerum 
liber onus, de contt^ione et contagiosis morbis et curatione libri 
II. Venbth. Giunta 1546. 

The BQthor of this book is wsll known b; his work entitled " S^pldU* iins nur- 
(w t/altiaa," Vbbonak, 1530, and by a poem on the same snbjwt, which wai 
translated into Italian and French and many times reprinMd. We notice editions 
of the latter at Lbipeio, in 1830; at P Ana a, In 1839, and at Paris, in lUT. 
Whether the disease rderred to originated in Amebioa or elsewhere, is a qnestion 
. upon which many essays hare been written. The rirtaes of the American plant 
gmaacura Ibr medidno] purposes, and pardcnlarly fbF the disease in qneslioa, aie 
discutted in the work of Fbaoastobius. Under tbe dale of 1534 will be found 
the dtles of two small tract* which discoss tbe properties of the guaiaaai. 



»« HONTER, J. Rvdimen | ta Coemogt- 1 phiea ( Vignette .•) 

TiGVKl Apvd FroBcho- ' uerum. Anno, M.D,XLVl. 

12mo. Title and 29 leavet, in italic letters; 18 maps. 
Refirmca. — Harriisb, BibUoditca Amaicana Vttut., No. STL 


10RD0NE.} IsoLABio I di Benedetto Bordone, | nel qual 
se ragiona di tutte le isole del mondo, con li lor nomi 
antichi & moderni, historie, | fauole, & modi del loro 
viuire, & in qual { part« del mare Btanno, & in qual pa | rallelo & 
clima giaciono. Ri | coretd et di nuovo | riatampato. | Con la gionta 
del Monte del oro | nouamente ritrouato. Con il breve del Papa. 
I Et gratia & priuil^o della lUustris^- 1 ma Signoria de Venetia 
CO I me in quelli appare. | m.d.slvii. 

( Colophon .■) In Vknegia ad instantia, & spese del Nobile 
huomo I M. Federieo Toresano. M.D.XLVn. 

Folio. Title within a border ; reverse, privilege. 9 prelim- 
inary leaves, containing 3 folding maps, with 108 small maps in 
the text. Text, 74 leaves. 

"n eat dans le tempa le merits de traiter no Bnjet lar leqael pea d'autean 
avoient ^crit, et lei geni de mer, sarloat, duraat le rechercher ; mua let connoii- 
lancea g^ographiquea, iDcccsMiement acqoU, le rendenc k peu piis inadle." — 
Rehodahd, AmiaUi de Pimp, det Aide, Vol. I. p. 338. 
Re/trmee: — BiUiothtca GrauiUtiana, Vol. in. p. ST. Habbisbb, No. 379. 

* OVIEDO, GoNZALO Heenamdez de. Coronica de las Indias, 
( Viffnette.^ 

^ La hysteria general de | las Indias f^ra nneuamente im | 
pressa corregida y emendada. j 1547. | 
f^ Y con la conquista del Peru. *4f 
Folio. Title in red letters, with a large escutcheon qf the 

,d by Google 


arm9 of Spain ; a broad border on three sides. Reverse, " Pri- 
mera parte de la hyetoria natural," etc., 13 tines. 3 preliminary 
leavei. Text, i.-cxcij. leaver, in dovhle columns, <9otl)ic jDettet. 
On the tenth leaf, the arms of Columbus, as below. Follow- 
ing the 192(f leaf begins the " Conquista del Peru," separately 

" XERES, F. DE. Conquista del Peru If Verdadera relacion | de 
la conquista del Peru y prouincia del Cuzco 11a- | mada la nueua 
Castilla. Conquistada por Fran- 1 cisco pi^arro : capitan de la. S. C. 
C. M. del Empe- 1 rador nuestro seflor. Erabiado a au magestad 
por I Francisco de Xerea natural de la muy noble y leal | ciudad 
de Seuilla : secretario del sobre dicbo capi- 1 tan en todas las pro- 
nincias y conquista de la nue- 1 ua Castilla : y uno de Iob pnme- 
roB conquistado- | res della. | C Fue vista y examinada esta obra 
por mandado | de los seBores Inquisidores. 

(^Colophon .') f%k A gloria de Dios y de la vii^en *^ | Maris 

,d by Google 


se acabo el presente tractiido llamado la con- \ quista del Pern. 
Fue impreBso eh Salamanca | per Juan de Junta : acabose a 
cinco dias | del mea de Julio aBo de Dascimien- 1 to de naestro 
seflor Jesu Christo, | de Mil y quinientos y | quarenta y aie- 1 te 
afloe. : ■ I A 

Folio. Title, with a wood-cut repreienting armed men and 
tenti, the whole turrounded with a broad border; see accom- 
panying fae»imile ; reverse., prologue. Text, ij.-xiij. leave: 
On a separate leaf a poem to the Emperor; reverse, the eolo- 
j>hon, followed by the printer's device : — 

[TVaruJalion. — Conquest of Peru. True relation of the conquest of Peru 
Mid the province of Cusco called. New Caetille. Conquered by Francisco 
Plzarro, Captain oF bis most Christian Majesty the Emperor our Lord. 
Sent to hia Majesty by Francisco Xeres, native of the very noble and loyal 
city of Seville, Secretary of said Captain in all the provinces and conquest 
of Sew Castille, and ot\e of its first conquerors. 

To the glory of God and the Virgin Mary ; the present work, called the 
coDqueiit of Pern, was printed at Salamanca, by Juan lie Junta; com- 


Title fif Xercs' " Conqiiista del Peru." Salamanca, i S47 




pleted on the fifth daj of the moDth of Julj, and year of the birth of our 
Lord Jeina Christ, 1547.] 

Second edition, the Qrat baring been printed in I&35, whicb Bee for oote. 

fi^ermcei. — TsBNlDX, No. S4. Bich, No. 17. HABBtiSU, No. S78. 

A cop7 wu sold at the Boltoh-Cokhbt sale io London in ISTI for £29. 10. 0. 
Priced by B. Qcasitgh, London, in 1873, at £S6. 


■PIAN.] ^^ Libro de la Cosmographia de Pedro Apiano, 
el qual trata la descripcion del Miindo, y bob partes, por 
I muy claro y Undo artdficio, augmietado por el doctiBsimo 
varon Gemma Prisio, doctor in Medicina . . . . ; con otros dos 
libros del dicho Gemma, de la materia mesma. Agora nueuamente 
traduzidos en Romace Castellano. ( Wood-cut of globe.') 
M.D.XLvm. Vendeae en Enveees ©n casa de Grefforio Bontio en 
el eecudo de Basiliea. Cum Gratia & Priuilegio. 

4(0, ■ I^le ; reverse, privilege. Dedication, 1 leaf. Text, 
1-68 leaves. Table, 2 leavei ; printers device on the reverse of 
last. 4 revolving diagrams and inany toood-cuta in the text. 
Folding map. 

*^ BRANT, Sbbastian. Der Sotten scbip oft dat Narren Bchip. 
Thantweepbn, Marie Anext (1548). 

4(0. With wood-eats. ®olt)ic ftettCT. 

" SUp v/FnoU." See No«. 16 and IT for nolw 

'" MORE, Thomas. De optimo reipv. statv, deqve nova insula 
Ttopia, libellua verd aureus nee minus salutatis quam festinua, 
olarissimi dieertiBBimique viri Thomae Mori inclytse ciuitatis 
Londinensia ciuis & Vieecomitis. LovANn, | Eixcudebat Seruatiaa 
Saasenua impensis viduse Arnoldi Birkmanni. Anno Saluris 
1648. Menae lunio. 

12mo. 1—182 pages, including title ; reverse of last, errata ; 
followed bg a leaf, on the reverse of which is the device given at 
top of the next page. 

First printed in 1516; at Loctain and Baili in 1518. Other editions in 
Latin, French, German, 5paniiih, and Italian followed. No English edition was 
iained in tbe lifetime of the aathoi. The first English translation bj Ba.lpb 
Robinson was pablished in London, hj Abraham Vtk, in \ii\, which see for an 
estended note. A second English edi^n, alto b; VUlt, wm pnbljshed in 1656, 
bat wilboat date. 



•0 PTOLEMEO. I La Ge<^rafia | di Clavdio Ptolemeo | Aleesan- 
drino, j Con alcani cotnenti & agginnte fat j teui da Sebafitiano 
Munstero Ala | manno. Con le tanole non eolamente | antiche & 
modeme aolite di stSpar- 1 si, ma altre nuoue a^uenteui di 
Me I aer lacopo Gastaldo Piamontesi coa | nK^rapho, ridotta in 
Tolgare Italia | no da M. Pietro Andrea Mat | tiolo Senese medico 
ExcellentiBsimo | con I'aggivinta d'infiniti | nomi moderni, di 
Citta, Prouincie, Castella, et | altri luoghi, fatta c5 gi-andisaima 
diligenza [ da easo Meser lacopo Gastaldo, il che in | niasun altto 
Ptolomeo si retrova. | Opera ueramente non meno ntile | che 
niceasaria. [ In VENETrA, per Giofi, Baptista Pedrezano. | Co'l 
privilegio deir UlaBtrisB, Senato Veneto per | Ann! x mdxltui. | 
(^Colophon :') In Venetia, ad Instancia di messer Giou&- 
battista Pedrezano Ubrai-o al aegno della Torre a pie del ponte di 
Bialto. Stampato per Nieolo Bascarini nel Anno del Signore 
1547, del mese di Ottobre. 

Svo, Title, with border at the sidet, 1 leaf. Wood-cut of an 
astronomer. 6 preliminary leaves. Text, 1—214 leaveg. Reg- 
ister, 1 lec^. Colophon on the right. 60 double leaves, each 
containit^ a map with descriptions. Table, 64 leaves, unnum- 

At page 54 begini the u 
the rererM is ti map of 3o 



Nima BitpiOai" rererM, the mmp. Folio ST, "DeU' Iiola Cuba nuova; revrrsc, 
map. Fol. 58, "tUf Itda Spagn^;" rercTK, map. FoL S9, "d/H' anivmaU 
nuotia." On the rerene of the lut leaf tbe [bUowing wood-cm : — 

«i VADIANUS, Joachim. Epitome trivm terrie partivm, Asia 
AfricEB et Eviopse compendiariam locorum descriptionem coDtiDena 
prfficipue autem quorum in Actie Lucas, passim autem Euangelistte 
et Apostoli meminere. Ab ipso avthore diligentur recognita, & 
multis in locis aucta. Per loachimvm Vadianvm cos. Sangal- 
lensem. Accesserunt et Tabulse regionum ac insularum omnium, 
qnarum in scriptura noui Inatrumenti fit mentio. Tigvri, Apud 
Frogch. Anno M.D.XLVni. 

12mo. Title, and 7 preliminary leave», followed by 24 leaves 
containing double maps engraved on wood. Text, 524 paget. 

For the flrst edition of this book, in which \» a map betuing the irord Ahbbica, 
■ee the jear 1534. 

^ VARTHEMA, L. de.] Die Eitterliche <mc) vnnd | Lobwirdige 
Reysz, dee gestrengen vnd | ober all ander weit erfame Ritter 
Tnnd Landt- { fahrer, Herm Ludouico Yartomans von Bolonia, | 
Sagend von den Landen Egypto, Syria, von bei- 1 den Arabia, 
Persia, India, vnd Ethiopia, Von | deren gstalt, sitten Leben, 
Pollicey, Glau- 1 ben vnnd Ceremonien, Anch von man- 1 cherley 
Thieren, V<%eln, vnd an-|dern eelzamen diiigen. Das j alles 
erselba erfahm | vnd gesehen hatt. | [Wood-cutJ\ M.D.XLViii. 

,d by Google 


( Colophon .•) Gednickt zu France- | puedt, am Mays, durck 
Ber I mann GUl/erichen, inn der | Schniirgassen zum kriig. 

4to, TUle printed in red and black ink, with a vjood-eut on 
the reverse. Preface, 2 leaves. Test, 107 unnumbered leavei, 
46 wood-cuts in the text, indudit^ thoie on the first leqf. 

[TrantlatuM. — The knightlj and prusewortliy joumej of the ralUnt and 
above all others expert knight and travetler L. de Vartoniani, of Boli^na, 
telUng of the countries, of the cooditioii, manoers, belief, government, and 
ceremonies ; also of the vanoiu animala, birdB, and other cnrioui things, all 
of which he has seen.] 

Seenote to the first edition printed ID 1610; also that to the edition of ISM. 


■ONTER, J. RTdimentorum Coamigrapbicorum loan 
Honteri CoroneDsis libri III. cum tabeliis Geographicis 
I el^antissimis. De aariarum rerum nomenclaturis per 
classis, liber I. [^Wood-cut,^ TiQVBl iipnd Froschorierum. Anno 

(^Following leaf 31 :) Circvli Spbaerixe crm v. zonis. 

12mo. 29 unnumbered leaves. Blank letjf for title, and 25 
leaves for 13 maps. 

The flnt n»p bsarB the Dame of " VniTtr$alU CimiDgraptia," beneath which is 
a monogram compoaed of the letten H. V. E., and the date mdxlvi. On the west 
of this map is a long, narrow coptinent marked Ambbica, the northern portiaD of 
which, separated bj a atnit, is called Pibias. 

Mr. Uabbissb, in his " Bib. Amrricana Vetat.," mentions edidons of liMfl, IMS, 
and Ahtwbbp, 11)52, bnt not those of Basil, 1534, IMS, IMS, ISSa. 


■PIAN, P. CoBmograpbia Petri Apiani, per Gemmam 
FriHivm apud LoaanienBia Medicutn & Matbematiciim 
insigneii), iam demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac 
nonnuIUs quoque locis aucta. AddJtis eiusdem argumenti libellis 
ipaius Gemmo Frisij. (^Wood-cut of globe.') Vaenennt Aht- 
UERF1.S aub Bouto Batiliensi, Qregorio Bontio m.d.l. 

(^Colophon:) ^ Antubrpi.*! excuaum Gregokio Bontio 
typi& Deifitbemij, anno & Chriato 1550. 

Small 4io. Title, 1 let^. 1 preliminary le<^. Text, 64 
leaves. 2 unnumbered leaves. Map on folio SI. 

Habbissb, Bib. J.merUaita 



" CORTES. Ferdinandi | Cortesii. | Von dem newen Hispanien, 
so j im { Meer gegem Nidergang, Zwo gantz lustige vnnd | frucbt- 
reiche Historien, an den grossmachtigieten vniiberwindt | lichiaten- 
Herren, Carolum. t. Romischen | Kaiser &c. Kiinigin Hispanien 
&C. I Die eret im h.d.xx. jar zugeschriben in wellicher gnind | licb 
Tnd glaabwirdigerzeltwirdt, der Abendtlandem, Tnnd | sonderlich 
der Hocbberiimpten statt Temixtitan eroberung. | Die andere 
im 1524, jar. Wie Temixtitan, so abgefallen wider erobert | 
NacbmaU andere berrliche Syg sampt der erfindung des MeerB 
BTB, So man fiir das Indiaaiscb Meer achtet. | Darzu auch Ton 
Tilen andem Landtscbafften Indiae, So erfimden Ton dem 15S6. 
biss auf das 42. Jar. | Wellicber TilKItige frucht, nutz Tnd luat- 
parkait, in ainer Siim [ anff dae kiirtzest, ainer yetwerdem His- 
torien Yolgendes | Tittel begriffen Tnd angezaigt wirdt. | Erstlicb 
in Hispanischer Sprach Ton Cortesio selbst beschriben, Nacbmals 
I Ton Doctor Peter Sauoi^nan anfE Friaul in Lateiniscbe Bprach 
Transferiert, | Entlicb aber in HochteiitBche spracb, .... etc. 

Getruckt inn der Kaiaerlicben Reichs Statt Adgspdbg, durcb 
I Philipp Ulhart, In der Kircbgassen, bey S. Ulrich \ Anno 
Domini M.D.L. Cum gratia & Prioil^io Ro : R^ie Maiestatis 
in Decennium. | 

Folio. Title, and 5 preliminary leaves. Text, i.-ixiix. ' 

leaves ; 1 blank ; then 2 unnumbered, and i.— Ix. leaves. 

[Trantlatioa. — FernBodo Cortes. Coaceming New Spain, which is 
utuated in the Ocean, towards the West. Two very int«reeting and useful 
glories. To the most powerful and inviDcible Lord Charles V., Emperor of 
the Romans, etc., and King of Spain, etc-, the first of which was written in 
the jear 1S20, wherein is described, in a thorough and most reliable manner, 
the Western countriei, and especially the celebrated city ot Temixtitftn ; 
the tecond in 1521, relating how Temixtitan, which had reTolted, wag 
conquered. Next, seTeral splendid victories, together with the discovery of 
the Southern Sea, which is believed to be the Indian Ocean ; besides, many 
other countries in the Indies which have been discovered from 1536 to 1542 : 
containing many things useful and interesting, mentioned in a concise man- 
ner, under the title of each history. First written in the Spanish langnage, 
by Cories himself, and afterwards translated into the Latin by Dr. Peter 
Saroipiaiio, of Forli ; lastiy, into High German.] 

A Gennan translation of the Second and Tliird Relations. The volame also 
contains an extract fh>m Pbteb Habtts's Foarth Decade, another Irom Ovibi>o, 
with other papers of intu«st not fband in dther the Spanish or I^itin editions, 
referring to the voyages to the CiNinr laiAHDi, VEiiBznBi.A, battles with the 
Indians and Amaiont, and the expedition of Gokzalbs Pizabbo to discover 

St/aaicet. — Bbubbt, Vol. IL column 31 S. Tikhadz,No. 57 bis. HiBBissB, 
Bib. Amerieana lefui., No. 297. 




" BKH^ESIL.] Uhb FitTB BRfaiuBNUB. Cest la Dedvction 
E m9 ^^ somptueux ordre plaisantz spectacles et loagiiifiqvee 
bSn theatres dresses, et exhibes par les citoiens de Rouen 
ville Metropolitaine du pays de Normaiidie, A la sacre Maiest^ du 
TreschristiaD Boy de France, Henry secod leur souuerain Seigneur, 
Et a Tresilluatre dame, ma Dame Kathetine de Medicis,La Royne 
BOO espooze, lore de leur triumphant ioyeulx et nouvel aduenement 
en icelle ville, Qui fut ee jours de Mercredy et ieudy premier et 
secod iouTB d'octobre. Mil cinq cene cinquante, Et pour plus 
expresse intelligence de ce tant excellent triumphe, ies figures et 
pourtraicts des principaulx aomementz d'iceluy y sont apposez 
obascun en son lieu comme I'on pourra veoir par le diacourB de 
rhistoire. Auec priuilege du Roy. On les vend a S.OUES chez- 
Mobert le Boy Robert et Jehan dicta du Gord tenantz leur 
boutique. Au portail des libraires. 1551. 

(^Colophon:') Icy se terminent I'ordre et prt^rezdn Triumphant 
et Ma^iifique Aduenement du Roy et de la Royne de France 
dautant prompte que libiSrale volont^ celebr4 en leur bonne ville 
de Rouen, et nouuellemeut imprim^ Par Jean le Prest, audict 
lieu le TH. iour de ce moys de Decembre 1651. 

Sdo. 104 page»t with a folding plate. A reprint edited hy 
FERDrNAiTD Denis, Pabis : J. Teehener, Libraire Place de la 
Colonnade du Louvre, No. 20, 1850. 

ITrmtilation. — This is the enumeration of tbe aumptuous epectacles and 
magiuficent theatre* Bet np and exhibited hj the eidiens of Bouea, tha 
metropolitan clt^ of Normandj, to his Sacred M^esty the most Christian 
King of France, Heniy the Second, their sovereign Lord, and to the most 
illuitrioua Lady, Katberine de Medicis, the Queen, hia wife, at the time of 
their triumphant, joyful, and novel entrance into this city ; which waa on the 
days of Wednesday and Thnrsday, the first and second days of Octotier, 
IftSO ; and for the more particular information of that excellent triumph, the 
figures and portraits of the principal ornaments are set up, each one in its 
place, as may be seen by the narrstive of tbe history. Sold at Bouen by 
Robert le Hoy Robert and Jehan called du Gord in their shop. At the 
door of the libraries. 1651.] 

This volume relates to a grand fGte which look place at Rouev, in FKi.ncB, in 
ths year 1S50, when fifty Indians of the TupihambjlS tribe, from Bbaztl, exhib- 
ited their war dances and combats on the banks of Ihe Seine before Cathbrihb 
SB M&DIC18, as had been the cnatom in their own country on great occasions. 
Tbe editor, fn his preliminary remark* says : " It is certain that this aeconnt of the 
event, which, to the present time had eacaped the notice of hiitorians, onfrht not to 



latpriie HI when we recollect how Intimate were the retadoni of BorBM, Dibffh, ') 
and HONiLBcn with South Ambbica. The tract giving the particulars of the ' 
fSts was printed by order of the aldermen of Hodeit, thas giving to it a character 
of authenticity. In the " Chmttieon " of Eubbbids, printed by Stephanta in 1513, 
and BCTend times subsequenllj, is an account of seTen North American Indiana , 
who Tisited Eoobh in (he jear 1 509 ; so it appeara that the people of that dt; 
were accustomed to tiuU from Indians. 

"' CORTES, Mabtin. Breue compeDdio de la sphera y de la arte 
de nauegar, con nueuos instrumeDtos y reglae, exempliphicado con 
muy aubtilcB demonstracionea. Seutlla, en casa de Anton AU 
tiares 1551. 

(^Colophon :') Acabose la presente obra llamada Breue oom- 
pendio de la sphere y de la arte de nauegar : copuesto por Martin 
C!ortea. Acabose oy miercoles biapera de CorpuB chnBti a, xxrij. 
diaa del mes de Mayo afio de nueBtro seBor Jesu ChiiBto de 1551 
^os. Impresso en la muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Senilla en 
casa de Anton Alluarez imprcBso d' libnM en la calle de lombardas 
junto a la Madelena. 

Folio. JHtle. Text, i.-xcv. leaves. Tahle, 36 leave*. 
<9oI>)ic tttUx. 

[^Traiulalion. — The present work, called Brief compendium of thft 
sphere and of the art of navigatioD, composed by Uartin Cortes, wag fin- 
iibed this day, Wednesday, the evening before the festival of the hody of 
Christ, on the xxvij of the month of May in the year of our Lord Jesus 
Christ 1551. Printed in the most noble and most loyal city of Sevilla in 
the house of Anton AUvarez printer of books in the street of Lombardas 
near the Madaleoa.] 

This original edition is mote rare than the English translation by Riohabd 
Edbn, printed in Lcmdoh, in 1561, in 4lo. Bkuvet. The English edition of 
1569 ism ihia collection. 

The title of oor copy of this book is Imperfect The title is given from Brdkbt, 
and may not be complete. 

^COSMOGRAPHI.^ Intbodvctio, cTm qTibvsdam Geometrisa 
ac Aatronomi^ principiis ad earn rem neceBBariis. ( Wood-cut of 
zodiac.') Pabisiis, Apud Qulielmum Cauellat, in pingni galUna, 
ex aduerso collegij Camera censis. 1551. 

12mo. Title. Wood-cut on reverse. 1-38 leaves. Maps and 
geojnetrical figures in the text. 

Bound in the same volame with the "MtmeataU Coimogn^hicum." 

" COSMOGRAPHY.] Elementale Coam<^raphicum, quo totius 
& AetTononiffi & Geographia rudementa, certissimis breaisBimis 
que docentur apodixibuB. Recens caetigatum & emendatum, fig- 

,d by Google 


urisqae & annotationibus opportuniss illuetratum. Adiunximus 
buic libro Cosmographix introduction e cum quibusdam G-eomatriEe 
ac Astronomic principiia ad earn rem neceasariia. ( Wood-^rat of 
a cock, with the words " Gallina inpingvi ") Fabishs, Apud 
Gulielmum Cauellat, in pingui Gallina, ad aduerso collegij Cam- 
eracensis 1551. 

\2mo. Title ; reverse. Privilege. Text, 35 pp. Wood-cuts 

in the text. " Cosmographl Introdnctio," separately paged, 

1-38 leaves. 

1* GLAREANL] Henrici Glareani Helvetii, poetae laTreati de 
geographia Liber unua, ab ipso Autbote iam nouiaeime recc^nitua. 
F&IBUKOI Bbisgols:, Stephanus Orauius excudebat. Anno 

4(0. 83 leaves, in italics. 

w INTERIANO, P. Riatretto | delle | Hiatorie | Genoveee | di 
Paulo Interiano. 

( Colophon .-) In LvccA per lo Busdrago \ MDLI. 

4to. Engraved title with a shield at the bottom of the page, 

across which is the word " Libertaa." Dedication, 1 letif. Text 

in Roman letters. 8 books, 3-233 leaves; ruled throvghout 

with red lines. 

Eveiy book contemponuj with CoLUMsni, or which «m prioted nea his time, 
pouesBeB Em intereit irhen r«fbreD«e la made io the great navigaior. In this " Hit- 
lory o/Gama" it a brief notice of him, of whicb the following is a translation: — 

"^BANCBHCO MARCiiiao and Gidvahri Antomio Gbihaldo were sent ai en- 
Toja to a^ost [some difiicnltiea among the people of Genoa occasioned bj a pesti- 
lence which took place io 1491]. On their relnrn the; established the certuotf of 
the glorious discovery of the new land at the west of that kingdom made by 
Cbbistopbbb Coldmbos, a Genoese, wboee name poEterii; will hold in eternal 
veneration. This man (for I do not think the matter should be overlooked), bom 
of most obscure parentage, in a town distent twenty miles from our city, on the 
western shore, called Cogebio, adopted a sailor's lile, rose to be a guide or pilot 
of vessels that traverse the ocean, and with the dexterity of unaided genius 
(although of little learning), and experience in taking the sun by the Pole, ac- 
quired by him in those navigations, he came to have so mnch confidence in himself, 
that be exposed himself lo an enterprise which lew othen had attempted till now. 
Not being able to believe that by sailing from the 6tbi.itb op Gihraltab be 
shonld fail to make new land, he applied to the Catholic Sovereigns uf Spain, 
and having, after many delays, recdved from them three caravels and one hundred 
and twenty men, he made his way towards the Fortunate islands, and sailing 
thence, in the space of thirty-two days from the time of his departure, and after 
many debates and controversies with bis men, who wished to nni back, he discov- 
ered those islands which gave him an indication of Hispjlhiola ; and that with so 
much renown for the extent of the land which has thus been conquered and re- 
duced to the faith of Christ, he may he said to have given life to a new world." 



This lUtement was probablj nude during the jetx foUowing tb« retain of 
CoLUMBCs, when the report wae prevftlent id Ital/ of bii great digcoTery, bat 
of which the people were not certein. Upon the return of the enTojt from Spain, 
where thej hid heard the psTticnlare, they wen enabled " to estabUsh the certain^ 
of the gloriona discoverj " bj a nadre of their city. 

^^ MORE, Thomas. A frutefol and pleasaiint worte of the beste 
atate of a publyqne weale, and of the newe yle called Utopia: 
written in Latine by Syr Thomas More Knight, and translated 
into Englyshe by Raphe Robynson Citizein and Goldamythe of 
London, at the procurement, and earpest request of Geoi^e Tad- 
lowe Citizein and Haberdaasher of the same Citie. C Imprinted 
at London by AbraJtam Vele, dwelling in Pauls churchyarde at 
the sygne of the Lambe. Anno, 1551. 

Thi« remarkable book, like ita prototype, the Repablie of Plato, is one of the 
few book* that is destined to a lasting fame. It is one, too, (hat belongs to oar 
specially of books relating to Amebica ; Utopia being an imaginaij island near 
the continent of South Anbbica. The ftrtheat discovery of VBSPBCina, in hie 
fourth Toyage, along the coast of Bbazii., appears to have been Cape Faio. The 
narratot of the story of the happy repablie being one of the company of Vasrir- 
OtuB, was, by the lalMr, left on the island refemid to. We quote from the 
" Utopia." 

" One Rafbabi, Hitblodate, a natiTc of Portugal ' for the desire that he had 
to see, and know fane conntreys of the worlde, joyned himntr in company with 
AwEHiEB VBePDCB, and in the iii last voyages of those iiii that be nowe in printe, 
and abrode in eveij mannes handes, he continued styll in his company, saving that 
in the last voyage he came not home agayne with him. For he made such meaDcs 
and shift as to be one of the xxiiii whiche !□ the ende of the last voyage were left 

in the countrey of Gplike Bat after the departynge of Mayater Tbbpdcb, 

when he had travailed through and aboum many Countreyss with Sve of his com- 
panions QoJikianes, he chaanced to fynde certaine of hys Coantrye shippet, 
wherein be retoomed agayne into his Countreyc." 

Kaphaei, afterwards related "how that after ihedepartyng of Vebpuoe, he and 
bis fellowes that taried bebynde in Odlickb, began by litle and lltle, through 
foyre and gentle speache, to wynne the love and favoure of the people of that conn- 
trye, insomuch Chat within sborie space, tbej dyd dwell amongea them, not only 
hannlessa, bat also occupyinge with ibem verye familiarly." 

The country where Raphael stopped was called Utopla, a republic, the idea of 
which is borrowed from Plato. Evciy house in its fifty-four walled cities had a 
large garden ; and these hoasee were exchanged by lot every ten yean. All the 
islanders learned agriculture ; but all had besides a certain trade, at which six 
bonis' work, and no more, bod to be performed daily. There were no taverns, no 
changing fashions, few laws, and no lawyers. War was considered a brutal thing, 
aud bunting only fit for butchers, etc., etc 

"Utopia," writes Mr. Abbes in the introduction to his beautifiil reprint of 
the work (London, 1869, 4to), " is worthy of multifbrmed study ; not only fh>m 
its reflection of the cbaTscter, prindplee, and merry wit of its author, from its pro- 
posed eolations of such social problems as the scarcity or overplus of population, 
the prevention of famines and tbe like, but also from Its reference to ibe condition 
of the poor." 



Hr. Abber think* that Sib Thonib Moke, id Bpeaking of " those iiii vojagei 
thkt be nowB in printe, aod abrode in eneiy mannea handea," refers Co the 
" QuaHuor Amerid Vtspatii Namgationa." On the page before the laat of thii tract 
i( the Mlowiogacconut of what oronrred on the third of April, 1504 ■ — 

"BelicluB igitur in eastello prafalo ChriBticolisxxiiij et cam illis xij machinii ac 
aliJB plnribus annis, una cnm provisione pro sexe menaibng suSciente, necno pacals 
nohiacam telluris illins gente de qua hie minima fit mentio, licet infinitoa inibi luc 
viderimna, et cum illia practica Terimus." — Cosmograpkiae Inlrodactio, I JOT {No. 
as of tliia cataloj^ue). 

Which may be ihua rendered ; — 

So there were left in the before mentioned fortress twentj-fonr Christian people, 
and with thorn twelve guns, and other arms; also piovisiotu suSlcient for six 
monllia : we also placed oureelvea on tcnna of peace with the people of the conntrT, 
of which no particular menlion ia made here ; but we aaw there an infinite number 
of them, and iiad eome Intercourse with them. 

"On this passage," writes Abber, "Mobb han^ his whole fiction. Tbia is 
the carefully concealed starting-point of the imaginary portion of the work. 
Thence the Portuguese HithloD:Ite wanders to ttie island of ' Mowhkbe,' which 
to Moke's mind waa 'twyond the line equinoctial ' between Bbazii. and India, 
where for fire }'«an and more be studied the laws and habits of a community of 
fl,500,000 persons; not including their country popnlalion or outlying ' forreyne 

"There ia an eaiential difference of purpow in the somewhat similar works of 
Plato and Mobb. In tbe 'Repuilk,' Pi^to, in the person of Socbates, en- 
deavors ' thoroughly lo investigate the real nature of justice and it^uatice,' by first 
invesiigaling their character in cities, and afterwards by applying 'the same 
enqniiy to the indiTidual, looking for the counterpart of tlie greater as it exists in 
the form of the less.' More, in tbe person of Htthlodatb, looking round the 
world, perceives nothing ' but a certain conspiracy of riche men procuringe their 
owne commodities under tbe name and title of the common wealth.' Plato 
endeavours to attain to an exact idea of an abstract vertue : More seeks to devise 
a system in which tbe poor shall not perish Ibr lack, nor the rich be idle through 
excuse of their riches : in which every one is equally of the commonwealth, and in 
vrliich the commonwealth possess only a commonwealth." — Abbbb, IvIrodMlion 
to Utopia, London, 1869, p. 4. 

" Since the time of Plato, there had been no composition giren to the world 
which, for imagination, philosophical discrimination, for a familiarity with the 
principles of government, for a knowledge of the springs of human action, for a 
keen ol>serva(ion of men and manners, and for felicity of expression, could be com- 
pared to the ' IJlopia.' " — Lord Cahpbell'h Livet of Ike Lard CiaRceilon. 

"We must not leave Knoland without mention of the only work of genius that 
she can boast in this age — the ' Utopia ' of Sir Thohas More. Perhaps we 
scarcely appreciate highly enough the spirit and originality of this fiction, which 
ought to be considered with regard to the barbarism of the times and thomeagre- 
ness of preceding inventions." — HallAU, Lit. Bistory of Europe. 

" Many questions of the highest importance to the citizen are discussed in a spirit 
Iki in advance of his time. He recommended, as early as Henrt Vlll., perfect 
freedom of consdenec, which was a thing ahsoluloly unknown then, and for cen- 
turies B^rwards." — LiRBBB, Political Ethics, 1847, pi. I, p. 332. 

Besides the original Latin, of which there are many editions, the " Utopia" has 
lie«n translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The followiug are the 
English edition a of Rauh Robinson's translation: Lonuon : 1551; without 



dB(e|15S6], both In imallSvo; 1597 and 1624 in 4to ; 1639 in 12ino; 1808, T.F. 
Dibdin't ediiion in Sto and 4io ; 1B69, Edaard Arber'i edition in 4to. 

BUhop Gilbert Brunbt'b tranilsiion, ■■ a up>ral« publication : Londoh : 
I6S1 in Bto; Ddblih; 1737, in ISmo; Gli»oow : Foulis, 1743, in Sto; Oxford: 
1791 and 17M, in ISmo; Gljimoit; Feaiit, 176S, in 12n>o; Londoh: 1S08 in 
8io; 1M9 and ISM in ISmo. 

Febd. Wabhbr'i trandation : London : 1758 in ISmo (Atlor Lib. Calaltigut). 

Witb otber worlii : Lonsoh : ITBS, with the Hemoiri or Sib Thohis More, 
inSvo; London: IBSS, in" The Matierpiecei of Priae LilenOare," VolIY. in »vo. 
To these we add the iraDBlatlon b7 Arthur Catlbt (the /oDnger) ; Lordon : 
1808, 2 Tola. 4to, with other works; London; 1845, ISmo, with Bacoh's 

For leferencM, Ke Lowndes' "Bib. Manad," Part VL, and Mr. Arber'i 
iutrodoction to hia reprint of 1869. 


IVISI particolari delle Indie di Portugallo riceuuti in 
questi doi aimi del 1551. et 1552. da 11 Reueredt Padri 
de la copagDia de Jesu, doue fra molte coee mirabili, si 
uede delli paeei, delle genti, et coatumi loro et la grande couersioue 
[ffic] di raolti populi, che cominciano a riceuere il lume della sata 
fede et relli^one Christiana. In RoMA, per Valeria Dorico, et 
Luigifratelli Breesam, AUe spese de M, Batista di Rosi Genouese, 

12mo. 216 paget, including title. 

This collection containa Beverai interesting noticea of Brazil. Among them at 
p. 85, ia the following; — 

" CopiA di Tna litera del padrs Mahl-bl de Nobbeoa della O di Jbsd 
mandata del Brasil at dottor Nadabro bqo maestro In Cotmbba ricennta I'anno 
del 1552." (pp. 86-99.f 

^"CASAS, B. DB LAS. C BreuiBBima rela I cion de la deBtruycion 
de las In- 1 diaa : colegida por el Obispo do | fray Bartolome de las 
Casas, o Casuaa de la orden de Sacto Do { mingo. | Ailo. 1552. 

(^Colophon:') C Fne impressa la preaente o-|bra en la may 
noble y" muy leal ciudad de Seuilla | en casa de Sebattian 
Trugillo impreseor de | libros. A nuestra senora de Gracia. Ano 
de M.D.Lij. 

4(0. IStle, in red and black, vnik the arms of Spain above, 

surrounded by a toood-cut border; reverie, " Argumento," 2 

pages. "Prologue," 6 pages. Text, 45 unnumbered leavet. 

®otl)ic tttXtx. 

[Tran*Uuion. — A very brief narrative of the destruction of the Indies, 
roUected by the Bishop Don Bartholome de laii Casas, or Casiias, of (he 



order of Saa Domingo. In the year 1652. Printed In the very noble and 
very loyal city of Seville by Sebastian Tmgillo, printer of books.] 
An appendix fbllowa, entitled — 

'" CASAS. (C Lo que se sigue es vn peda^ | 50 de vna carta y 
reUcioD que escriuio cierto hombre : de Iob mismos que andaua en 
eetas estaciones : refine- | do las obras que hazia y consentia hazer 
el capita pot | la tierra que adaua. 

4io. Half-title. 4 numbered leavea. ®oU)ic Crttor. 

[TVonitaiion. — That which follows is a portion of a letter and nairatiTe 
written by a certain man who traversed these countriea rclaling what the 
captain did or permitted to be done in the country so traTened.] 

Speaking of the " Bra-Uama lielaam," Mr. Tichbob says : " A traet in wbicb, 
no doubt, the satferinga and wrongs of the Indiana have been mnch OTeratalcd bj 
the indifpiant zeal of its author, but still one whose expoaitions ant founded in 
tnith, and by tbeir fervor awakened all Edrofb to a sense of (be injuatiM they set 
forth. Other short treatises followed, written witb similar spirit and power, 
especially those in reply 10 Sbpl'lvbdji ; bat none was so often reprinted, cjther at 
borne or abroad, as this " £rRFi'utnHi Relaeum" and none ever produced so deep 
and solemn an effect on the world," — ffiitay 0/ Spanith Littratitre," Vol. I. 
p. 565. 

" In his ' Breuimma Eetacim ' Las Cahab seta before tbe reader the muiifbld 
atrocities committed by bis coanttymen in different paris of the New World, in the 
prosecution of their conqaeata. It is a tale of woe. Every line of the work may be 
said to be written in blood. However good tbe molivea of the author, we may 
regret that the book was ever written. He would liave been cert^nly right not to 
spare bis countrymen ; to exhibit tbeir misdeeds in their true colors, and by this 
appalling picture — for such it would have been — to have recalled the nation, and 
those who governed it, to a proper sense of tbe iniquitous career it was pniniing 
on the opposite side of the water. Bat, to produce a mare striking cSect, be has 
lent a willing ear to every tale of violence and rapine, and magnilted llie amount 
to a degree which borders on tbe ridiculous. The wild extravagance of bia 
numerical estimates is of itself anScient to ahake the confidence in the accuracy of 
his acatementB generally. Yet the naked truth was too startling in itself lo demand 
the aid of exaggeration. The book found great favor with foreigners; was mpidly 
translated into various languages, and ornamented with characteristic designs, 
which seemed to put into action all the recorded atrocitiea of tbe text. It exdted 
somewhat different feelings in his own countrymen, particularly the people of the 
colonies, who considered themneives tbe sobjeets of ■ gross, however undesigned, 
misrepiesentatioQ ; and, in bia future intercourse with tbem, it coniribnted, no 
doubt, to diminish his influence and consequent uaetblness, by the spirit of aliena- 
tion, and even resentment, which it engendered." — Pbebcott, Hist, o^ (Ae Con- 
fusX o/Mexieo, Vol. I. p. 381, note. 

This tnict has been translated and printed in Latin, Spaniah, Italian, German, 
Dutch, French, and English, of which several versions there are difierent editions 
in this collecrion. 

^^ CASAS. Eutre Iob re- 1 medioe q do fray Bartolome de las casas : 
I obispo d'la cindad real de Chiapa : refirio | por luandado del 
Emperador rey nfo ae-|ffor: en los ayuntamietos 5 mado bazer 

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8u I mf^iestacl de perlados 7 letrados y perso | naa grades en 
Valladolid el aBo de mill £ | quinietos y quareta y doa : para 
r^orma- 1 cio de las Indias. El octauo en oide es el | eiguiete. 
Dode se asigna veynte rasones : | por laa qlea prueuano deuerse dar 
loe in- 1 dios a loe EspaSales en encomieda : ni en | feudo : ni en 
TSSBallaje : ni d' otra manera al | gua. Si ea majestad como 
dessea quiere li | brarlos de la tyrania y perdioio (j padece | como 
de la boca de los dragones: y ^ total- 1 mete no los coeuma y mats 
y l]de vazio to- 1 do a^l orbe d' bus ta in£nit08 naturalea ha | 
bitadores como estaua y lo vimoe poblado. | 

( Colophon .•) C Fue impresaa la presente obra en | la may 

noble y opnlentiBsima y muy leal ciudad | de Sbdclla., en las 

casaa de Jacome Ct5 \ herger. Acaboee a diez y eiete dias | des 

mes de Agosto, ABo mil & qainientos St cinquente & dos alios. 

4fo. Titley in red and black, within a wood-eat border. 58 

unnumbered leaves. (9otl]ic fitlUx. 

ITrantlation. — Among the remedies vrhich Don Bartholome de lu Caaas, 
Bishop of Ciudad Real of Chiapa, has presented bj order of the Emperor, 
our Lord, at the coudciIb of prelates, learned and great men, in Valladolid, 
in the jear one thonaand five hundred and forty-two, for the reformation of 
the Indies, the eighth in order is the following, in which he gives twenty 
reasons. These prove that the Indians should not be given to the Spaniards 
in commanderies, or in feudal bondage, or in vassalage, or in any other 
manna: ; if his majesty should wish to free them, as he does, from the 
tyranny and perdiUon which they are suffering as from the mouths of 
dragons ; and that they may not entirely consume and destroy them, and 
depopulate that world which had been filled with such an infinite number of 

^^ CASAS. C Aqui se cotiene vnos | auisoa y reglas para los con- 
fessores g | oyeren [ confessionee de los Eepaflo | les que bob, o ban 
side en cargo a ] los Indioa de las Indias del | mar Oceano : 
cole^das por | el obispo de Cbiapa don | fi^ Bartholome d' las | 
casas de la ] orden de Sancto | Domingo. Ip 

( Colophon :) C A loor y gloria de nuestro se | Bor Jesu Christo 
y de la Bacratissima virgen sancta ] Maria. Fue impressa la 
presente obra en la muy | noble y muy leal ciudad de Settilla, 
en casa | de Sebattian Tru^llo impressor de li I bros. Frotero de 
nuestra seSora de Gracia. Acabosse a sx. dias del | mes de 
Setiembre. AHo de | mil y quinientoa y cin | quenta y dos. | ifl 
4(0. Title toithin a border; reverse, "Ailment." Pro- 
logue and text, 16 unnumbered leaves. 

ITVaiatatiort. — Herein ue contained some advices and rules for the con- 



fesxore who hear the coafeasioiu of the Spani&nla who are, or who have been 
in charge of the Indiana of the Indira of the Ocean Sea : collected \>j tha 
Bishop of Chiapa, Dod Bartholome da lae Caaaa, of the Order of Saint 

'" CASAS. Aqui se contiene j vna disputa, o controuerBia ; entre el 
I OblBpo do fray Bartholome de las ] Casas, o Caaaus, obispo (| 
fue dela | ciudad Real de Chiapa, que ea en- | las Indias, parte 
dela nneua Espa- 1 fia : y el doctor Gines de Sepulueda | Coronista 
del Emperador Duestro se | Ror : Bobre q el doctor contendia : q 
las I conquistaa delas Indias contra Iob | Indies eran licitaa : y el 
obispo por | el cotrario d'fendio y affirmo auer si | do y ser Tpoaaible 
no serlo : tiranicas, | injustas & iniquas. La qual questio | se 
vetilo & disputo en presencia d' mu | chos letrados theolc^^ & 
juristas I en vna cogr^;acion ij mando au ma- [ gestad juntar el aBo 
de mil & quietos | y ciucueta en la villa de Valladolid. | Alio. 
1552. I 

(^Colophon:') C A loor y gloria de nuestro Be | Bor Jesu Christo 
y de la sacratisBima vii^en sancta | Maria bu madre. Fue im- 
pressa la presente obra | en la muy noble y muy leal ciudad de 
Sbuilla : I en casa de Sebastian TrvgUlo impressor de ] libroe. 
Frotero de nuestra BeHora de Gra | cia. Acabosse a. x. dias del 
mea de Se- 1 tiembre. Afio de mil & quinien ] tos & cincueata y 
dos. I l2< 

4(0. IStle, in red and black, with a border; reverse begin- 
ning of the "Argument," 1 leaf. 61 unnumhered leaves. 
®ott)ic CeUet. 

[Trarataticm. — Herein ia contained a dispute or controveray l>etween the 
Bialiop Don Biutbolome de lag Casaa, late Biahop of Ciudad Real of Chiapaa, 
in the Indies, and Dr. Ginds de Sepulveda, hiatoriognipher to the Emperor ; 
wherein the doctor cont«ada that Uie conquesU of the Indies from the In- 
diani were lawful : and the Biahop on the contrary cootenda and affirms 
that it waa impoaaible to be so, but that they were tyrannical, unjuat, and 
iniqaitonB. Which queation waa defended in the preeence of many learned 
theologians and jurists in a council ordered by his Majesty to be held at 
Valladolid, in the year 1550.] 

^^ CASAS.] C Pbinoipia quedA ex quibus | procedendum est in 
disputatione ad manifestan [ dam et defendendam justiciam Yndo- 
rum : I Per EpiBCOpii F. Bartholomeu a Ca j saos ordinis predica- 
toru, collecta. | 

(^Colophon;) Impreesum Hiapali in edib» Sebastian Trugilli. 



4fo. Ha^ title in red and black, 10 leavei. (9otl)ic CelUt. 

[TVoruiolion. — Principles upon which to proceed in discuBnons tor sus- 
t^aing and defending the rights of the IndiaoB. Printed in Spain hy S«- 
battian Trugillo.'] 

i™CASAS. E^te es vn tratado q | el obiapo dela ciudad Real de 
Cbiapa do | fray Bartholome de las Casas, o CasauB j compuao, 
por comission del Conaejo Real | delas Indias: sobre la materia 
de los yn- | dioe que se ban hecbo en ellas esdatios. El | qual 
contiene mucbas razonea y aucto- ] ridadea juridicas: que pueden 
apro I uechar a los lectores para deter- 1 niiaar muchas y dinersas | 
questiones dudosas j en materia de re- [ etitucion : y de | otras que 
al I psente los | bobree | el tiepo de agora tratan. | Aflo 1552. | 

( Colophon :) C A loor y gloria de nueatro se | f5or Jesu Cbristo 
y de la Bacratisaima virgen sancta | Maria. Fue impresaa la pre- 
sente obra en la muy | noble y muy leal ciudad de SEUILI.A, 
en casa de Sehattian Trugillo impresaor de libros. Frontero de 
nuestia se&ora | de Gracla. Acabosse a doze | dias del mes de 
Setiem | bre. ASo de mil y qui | nientoB y cincue | ta y dos. 

4(0, Title in red and black, within a border; reverse "Argu- 
ment," 1 le^f. Prologue and text, 35 unnumbered leaves. 

[TniMtaf ton. — This is a treatise which the Bishop ul Ciudad Heal of 
Cbiapa, Don Bariliolome de las Casas, or Casaua, composed by order of the 
Royal Council of the Indies, upon the subject of the Indians who have been 
made slaves there ; which- contains many reasons and judicial authorities 
us^ul to readers 'to determine many and diverse doubtful questions in rela- 
tion to restJtudoD, and others which men of the present time now discuss.] 

"' CASAS. Aqui se cotiene tre ] ynta proposiciones muy juridicas : 
en [ las quales sumaria y succintamente se | toca muchas cosaa per- 
tenecietea al de | recbo q la yglesia y los principes chri- ) stianos 
tienen, o puede tener sobre los | infieles de qual quier especie que 
sean. [ Mayormente se assigna el verdadero | y fortissimo funda- 
mento en que se assi | enta y estriba : el titulo y seilorio supre- 1 
mo y vniuersal que los Reyes d' Casti | LLa y Leon tienen al orbe 
de las que 11a | mamos occidetales Indias. Por el <]1 [ son consti- 
tuydos vniuersales sefiores y | Emperadores enellas sobre muchos 
re- 1 yes. Apunta se tambien otras cosas co | cemientes al beclio 
acaecido en aql or | be notabilissimas : y tligiias d' ser vistas j y sa- 
bidas. Colijo las dichas treynta p | posiclones El obispo do Fray 
Bartbo- | lome de las Caaas, o Casaus : Obiapo | q fue d'la ciudad 

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Real de Chiapa : cier- | to Reyno de loe dela nueaa Eepafla. | A no. 

1552. I 

(^Colophon .*) C- ImpreBSO en Sedilla. en casa de sehagtid tru~ 


4(0. TKtle in red and black, to^hin a border; reverse, " Ar- 
gument," 1 letff. Prologue and text, 9 unnumbered leaves. 
®otl)u £etter. 

\_Tratulatum. — Herein are coutained thirty most legal propoaitionB,wIucb 
summarilj and clearly extunine many things appertaining to the rigbti 
vbicb the church and Christian princes hold or can hold over the infidels of 
whatever kind they may be. Chiefly ia assigned the tnw and strongest 
foundation upon wUch is baeed the title and supreme and universal domin- 
ion by which the Kings of Castile and Leon hold the countries known as the 
West Indies. By wtJch they are coimtituted universal Lords and Emperors 
in them over many kings. To point out also other things concerning trans- 
actions which took place in that moat notable world, worthy to be seen and 
known. The 3ishop Don Bartholome de las Casas, late Bishop of the Ciu- 
dad Real of Chiapa, of New Spain, collected these thirty propoutiocs. 

"* CASAS. C Tratado copro | batorio del Imperio soberano y [ 
principado vniuersal que loe Re | yes de Castilla y Leon tienen 
BO- 1 bre las indias : compueBto per el | ObUpo don fray Bar- 
tholome d' I las Casaa, o Casaus dela orden d' | Sancto Domingo. 
AHo. 1552. I 

( Colophon .-) C A looT y gloria de nueetro Be { fior Jeeu Christo 
y de la aacratiasima -rirgen sancta | Maria 8u madre. Fue im- 
presBa la presente o- 1 bra en la rouy noble y muy leal ciudad | 
d' Setjilla en casa de SebastdS Tni- 1 gillo impresaor de libros. 
Aca- 1 boeae a echo dias d'l mea | de Enero. Ano. | 1558. 

4*0. ^tle in red and Uaok, with the arms of Spain above 
and surrounded with a wood-cut border. Text begiru on the re- 
verte. 84 unnumbered leaves. ®otl)ic ^tUa. 

ITrantlation. — A treatise proving the sovereign empire and universal do- 
minion by which the Kings of Castile hold the Indies. Composed by the 
Bishop Don Bartholome de laa Casas, or Casaus, of the order of Saint Do- 

These nina works of Las Cabas btb seldom found together, and In a perfect 
state, as In the present cue. The; are l>onnd in a angle volnme, which fbnDeriy 
belonged to Mr. Tebhauz, and are descril>ed by him. See "BiblielhKa Ameri- 
cana," No. M. 

Besides those named, the volume contains two other works, in manoKript, by 
I^AS Casas. Tbej are as follows : — 
" Et*iitteian g d»ciaraaon de doce dadat," 4S Imtcs. 4to. 
" Singalarii TraclatuM qw)ddain qucaitwa ad nomim Indiamm orbtm attinan." SO 



1" CAS AS.] [TAe jir»t six of the b^ore-mentioned tractg of La» 
Oa»a», printed in Roman letter J] Setilla. En casa de Sebat- 
tian Trugillo, impressor de libroe. 1552. 

4to. Title within a border. 1-214 leaves. 

Thii ia known u the coanlerfeiC edition of ibe vorka of Lii C^hab, and is a re- 
print of the original edilion of 1 552, each of the tractg beioj; so dated. The colo- 
phons alao correspond with (hose of Che original. The only dilftrence is that Ibe 
leares in Ihia edition are continaously numbered. The volume is said lo have 
been printed about a centary after [he date given on the title-page, 

" Fray Bartholom£ de las Casas, Bishop of Chiapa, was one of the most 
remarkable meu of the lixteenth century. He was bom at Sbtillb in 1474. His 
tuber accompanied Colokbds, as a common soldier, in his fini voyage 10 the 
New World ; and he acquired wealth enough by bis vocation to place his son in 
the Uuiverrily of Salamanca, In 1498, be completed his studies in law and 
divinity, and, in 1503, accoinpaaied Otibdo in ibo most brilliant armada which 
had been equipped for the western worbi. On the occupation of Ccba, ]jA» Cabab 
paased over to that island, where be obtained a curacy. He soon, however, made 
himself known lo the governor, VBi^aQmz, by the lidelity with which he dis- 
charged hia duties, and especially by the influence which his mild and benevolent 
teaching obtained for him over the Indians. Throngh his intimacy witb the 
governor, Las Casab had (he means of ameliora^ng the condition of the con- 
quered race, and from this time he may be said lo have consecrated all his energies 
to this one great object. Outraged at the daily exhibition of crime and misery, he 
returned to Spain to obtain some redress fW>m the government. Fbrdihakd died 
soon afiet his arrival. Chaslbs waa absent, but the reina were held by Cariitnal 
XmBHBB, who listened to the comptainls of the benevolent missionary ; and, witb 
his characteristic vigor, instituted a commiaaion, with fall antbority to reform 

" The commiasioners behaved with great discretion. But (heir office was one of 
consummate difficulty, as it required time to introduce important changea in 
established institutiona. The ardent temper of Lab Casab, disdaining every con- 
sideralioQ of prudence, overleaped all these obstacles, and chafed under what he 
oonsidered the lukewarm and lemporiiing policy of the commisaionets. The 
parties aoon came to a misunderstanding with each other; and Lab Cabas again 
returned to the mother country to stimulate ibe government, if possible, 10 inor« 
eflectual measures for the protection of the nativea." 

The adminiatratlun acquiesced in the recommendations of Lab Cabas, who 
proposed to relieve the natives by sending out Castilian laborers, and by importing 
negro slaves into the islands. This last proposition has brought heavy obtoqay on 
the head of its author; and, in his "Uutory of tie IndUt," he confesses, with deep 
regret and hnmiliation, his advice on this occasion, founded on the moat erroneous 
views. But so far from having introduced alavery by ibis measure into the iaiands, 
the importation of blacks there dates from the bt^inning of the century. LaH 
Cabas tried other ayslems of colonisation, all of which proved failures ; when, 
overwhelmed with chagrin, he took refuge in the Dominican monastery in Hia- 
PAIIIOI.A, and became a member of the order. Here he commenced his great work, 
the " Hiiloria Genera/ de lot Indiat," wbich he pursued at intervals from 1527 till 
a few years before his dualb. He preached the goapel among the natives of 
GDATBIIAI.A and NiCABAGUA, and in 1539 returned lo Spaim. He readily obtained 
audience with Chaklbb, who saw the neceasity of redressing the wrongs, loo long 
tolerated, of his American sulgecls ; and to help the cause he advocated, be pub- 
lished his bmona " Breeininia Rtlacion." , 

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"Las Casib' bonail intcndona, hii enlightenwl viem aod long experience, 
gained him deserred credit at home. A code of laws wai passed, having (at their 
avowed object the enfranchiseioent of the Indians, in which It is eu; to recognise 
the hand of [be protector of the Indians. The government tendered him the 
bishopric of Cuzoo, one of the richest sees in the colonies, which be declined, jet 
aecepted that of Cbita, a coantrj which, from the poverty and ignorance of its 
inhahicaniB, offered a good field for his epiritnal labors. In 1544, al the advanced 
age of sevent;, he look upon himself these new daties, and, for the fifth and last 
time, embarked for Ahbhica. The colonists received him with coldness, and after 
three years of disagreeable allercalion, he relinqaished his post, and returned to 

" His controversy with 8bpi;lteda followed ; and while the writings of his 
adversary were interdicted from publication, he had the satisfaction to see his own 
printed and circulated in every quarter. From this period his lime was distnbaled 
among his religions duties, his studies, and the compo^tion of hia works. He died 
after a short illness In July, IS66, at the great age of ninety- two. 

" The character of Lis Cabas may be inferred from bis career. He was one of 
those (o whose gifted minds are revealed those glorious moral trnths which, like 
the lights of heaven, are fixed and Che same for ever. He was a reformer, and bad 
Ibe virtue* and errors of a reformer. He was inspired by one great and glorious 
idea. This was Che key to all his thoughts, all that be said or wrote, and to every 
act of his long life, ll was tbie which made him reckless of obsloclee, led him to 
count too confidently on the cooperation of others, animated his discassion, sharp- 
ened his iDveclivG, (oo often steeped his pen in (he gall of personal vitnperation, led 
him to gross exaggeration, and a blind credulity of evil that rendered him nnsafis 

as a counsellor, and uasucceasfiil in tbe practical concerot of life Tlie best 

commentary on his character is the estimation which he obtained In tbe court of 
his sovereign. A liberal pension was settled on him after his last return from 
Amebic*, which he chiefly expended on charitable ohjectB. No measure of im- 
portance relating to the Indians was taken witliDul his advice. He lived to see the 
fruits of bis efforts in the positive amelioration of their condition, and in the papular 
admission of those great Cruths which it had been the olject of bis life to unfbld." 
— Frebcott, Hut. Conq. of Mexico, Vol. I. p. 377. 

Tbe great work of Las Cabab, the " Bitloria Oeiural dt lai Indica," remains in 
manuscripl. At bis death he lef^ it to the convent of San Gregorio, at Vai4.a- 
l>oi,lD, with directions that it should not be printed tor forty yean. Hrubka 
wu pcmiiltcd to coasult it, and he liberally transferred ite contents to bis own 
volumes which appeared in 1601. Tbe Royal Academy of Madrid leviaed it some 
years since, with a view lo iu publication ; but the indiscreet and imaginative style 
of tbe compoailion, according to Navarkbtb, induced that body to abandon its 
design. " With deference to their judgment," writes Hr. Frebcott, " it seems lo 
me a mistake. Lab Casab, with every dedaction, is oneof the great wrilera of the 
nation ; great from the Important truths which he discerned when none else could 
see them, and from tbe courage with which he proclaimed them to the world." 

The life of Lab Cabas has been written several times. The two memoirs hereto- 
fore known and moat worthy of notice are that by Llobekte, late Secretary irf the 
Inquisition, " (Euvrtt de im B. de lot Catat," Fabib, 1629, Svo, and that by 
QoiNTANA, in his "EipaSoUi CeUbret," Vol. III. To these mnat be added tbe 
excellent work of Sir Artbdb Helfb. 

In speaking of Lab Casab, WASBiiraToit Ibtino makes Che following remarks 
regarding his " Hattria de Iom Indiat: " — 

" The most important [of Lab Casab' works] is a general history of tbe ImtlBS. 
The work, though prolix, is valuable, as the author was an eye-witness of many of 



the beta, h«d olhera (ironi persong who were conceraed in the tranwctiona recorded, 
and poanased copiona documenm. It displajs great erudition, ihougb gomewhat 
crudelT and diffbuelj introduced. &» many thinga are aet down from memory, 
there ia occaaional inaccuracy, bnt tbe whola bears the stamp of dncerlty and truth. 
The author of the present work, haviog had access to this valoBble maiiugcript, hai 
made great use of it, drawing forth many curioua foctB hitherto neglected ; but has 
ende«Tored to consult it with caultDu and discrimiu&lioD, collating it with other 
authoritica, and omitting whaterer appeared to be dictated by prejudice and over- 
heated ie«l. 

" The pablic&tion of this worit of Lab Cabas has not been permitted in Sfaih, 
where erery book most hava the sanction of a censor before it ia committed to the 
press. The terrible ]HCture it exhibits of the cruelties inflicted on the Indians, 
would, it was imagined, excite an odium sguust their conquerors. Lab CaSa* 
hlmaelfseeniB to have doubted the expediency of publishing it; br in ISGO he made 
a note with hia own hand, which ia preserved in the Srat volume of the original, 
mentioning that he left [hem in cosBdence to the College of tbe St. Gregorlo, 
Talladolid, begging that no secular person, nor even the collegians, should be 
pennitled to read his history for the space of fbrtj years ; and that alter that term 
it might be printed if consistent with tha good of the Indians and of Spain," — 
L^/i and Vnj/iyel of Columbm, Appendix, note xxvL 

"* SEPULVEDA, Juan Ginbs. Apolc^a lohannie de Sepulveda 
pro Libro de Jufitia Belli Caueis. Ro>L£. 

4(0. A manuscript of 16 leaves, appended to the volume con- 
taining the original editions of the nine tracts of Las Cabas 
before mentiojied. 

The importance of this tract, in connection with the writings of Las Cabas, is 
such, that a detuled account of tbe controversy between the anthor and the able 
defender of the rights of the Indians seems necessary. We therefore present the 
statement of the case as given by Sta Artbdx HKt.PB. 

" Tbe teamed men of Sfaik were not all of the Bishop of Chtapa'b waj of 
thinking as regarded the rights and claims of the lodians. A certain Doctor 
Juan Qivia S«i-bi.vkd*, principal historiographer to Oharlbb the Fifth, a 
man of great renown for learning in those days, bad recently written a treatise 
entitled "Deaoerata SecuWuj, h'i» dt Jiatu BeUi Cauiii," in which he maintained. 
In a verj able manner, the right of the Pope and the Kings of Spain to subdue by 
war the inhabitants of the New World. Sepulvbda called his new work " Dema- 
cratei Seaindut, becaase he had previously written a book which waa cniillod 
" Z>ei7iocni(e> .- a Diala<jiu an the HonarabU Nature of Mititarg Sludg." The 
" Democraltt Secundum" wag also written in dialogue; and in it Lbopold, a 
German, made a formal statement, which probably was sanctioned by the voice of 
public opinion throughout ErsopB at that time, that the Spaniards bad, without 
sufficient attention to the laws of justice, piety, and Christianity, waged war 
against the innocent Indiana. Sbpolteda, nnder the name of Dejhockatbb, 
gave a full reply to his friend Leopold's accusation of the Spaniards. 

" Sbpcltbda's work met with no favor, even in the quarter where he night 
reasonably have expected that It would be sure to be well received. He submitted 
his treatise to the conncii of the Indieb in the first instance ; bnt they would not 
allow him to print it. He then appealed to Chableb the Fifth, praying tiiat his 
work should be laid before the Great Council of Castilk. The Emperor con- 
sented. It was in IM7, when the Coart and the Great Councils of Si'ain were at 
Ararda db Dueko, that the royal order IVom CuAnLUB arrived. Cabas 

/in. u, 



had alio joined the Coart M that time, and then learnt what wai the natara of ihii 
tnatiM written bj SEPcrTBDA, npon which there wu •<> toDch qacition. At maj 
b« imagined, hemade (lie most detenDined andngoroaiopposiiion to Sipvltbdi** 
Tiewi, — 10 uM hil own worda, 'discovering and bringing to light the poiaon of 
which [he work wai full.' The Council eubtnitted the ' Deaaervta Seeimdia' (br 
examination, to the Univeraiiiea or Au)*l1 and Salamanca. The decision of 
ibeae learned bodies waa nnhrorable to Sepultrda ; and the permiwion lo print 
wai (till refbied. Sbfdltbda tamed lo Rome, where he had a great friend, who 
WM andilor of the Ro[& ; and nnder hie anapicea, the work, or rattier an apo1og7 
tbr the work, containing the aubetance of it, wai printed at Baas in 1550. 
CoABi^BH V. forbade ila introduction into Spaik. The author thereupon drew np 
a veraion iu Spanish of hie ' Apology,' and did what he conld to pnt that in eircn- 

"Sepclvsda defends hia position by refbrenees to St. AcanBTin, Thonab 
AgniNAB, and other great authoritiea. He maintains that men who are in a 
grievous state of error are to be recalled to the truth, whether they like it or not, 
and nrgea that more can be efiected in a month bj conquest than in a hundred 
fears bj mere preaching. 

"If Lab Cabai bad been ardent in his oppoaition to 8bfdi.vbi>a's doctrinca 
when they were not printed, and while ttw; could be read bj those onl? who ander- 
Btood Latin, his ardor was redoubled when they were Iranelated into Spanish, and 
conld be joyfiilly perased by the eonquerors in tiie Ihdibb, and Ihdr adherents at 
conrt, who would pronoance them to be most comfortable doctrines. It ia true 
that the gOTemmene were not reRiias. Tbey seiied upon whatever copiea of 
Sbpultbda's 'Apalagif' they Conld lay hold of, and strictly forbade ita circula- 
tion." The book waa, arverthelos, circaUted and read, notwithstanding ill pro- 
bilnlion, and " Las Cabas set himself more seriotuly to work than ever to rdute 
doctrines so fiMl (o his caase, and which had tbaa obtained extended pnblicatioD 
and currency." 

" A gmt ferment arose abont Che controTersy. In time* like onr own, when 
there is so mncb exciting and amnsing in literature, it it difficult to imagine the 
interest that was felt in learned controversy in those ages, when coatrorertj was 
the chief excitement and amnsemenl of learned men. In this case, nioreoTer, there 
were many and great ioterests concerned." 

Lab Casab was not the only person who had been shocked by the doctrines in 
Sepultbda'b work. Other learned and inflnenlial men were eqnall; ardent in 
their opposition to it ; but " Lab Cabas was the opponent whom Skp(tltkda had 
most to fear; and he seema to have had somewhat of the same feeliug towards him 
that his friend Esasmcb must have had for the impetnont Litthkb. He looked 
upon Lab Cabas as a furious and dangerons person, 'of better intentions than 
judgment; ' yet declared (hat be bore no enmity to the Biabop, and only prayed 
that God would gnni bim a calmer mind, that he might learn sometimes to prefer 
qniet cogitations to turbulent designs 

" Cbableb V. convoked at Vai.lai>oi.ii>, in 1S50, a Junta of theologians and 
other learned men lo hear (his great cause argued, ' Whether a war of the kind 
that is called a war of conquest could be lawfully undertaken againlt the nations of 
the New World, if they had not committed any new bnUs other than tboee they 
had mmmitled In tba times of (heir {nfldeli(j.' The Conndl of the Indies was 
asaocEaCed with this Junta ; and altogether it consisted of fourteen persons. 
Doc(oT Sefdlteda appeared befbre the Junta, and delivered a statement of the 
arguments on his side. The Bishop was then summoned for a bearing ; and, in 
five coBsecntive days, he read that laborious work of bis, which is called the 
' RitUria ApelBgttira,' It is rich in arguments and facts of every description, and 
he had been nnn; rears in preparing it. 



"Tbc JqdU had depnted DoMMflo i>e Soto, Chibi.kb'* conftisor, to gire b 
inmmary of the ftrgnmenw on both B[deg. This he did in a veiy miuterlj manner. 
Tbe gnnmiarj wB( then tubtnitted to Doctor Sbpulveda, who mode a replj before 
the Junta, containing twelve objections to the ailments of the Biahop. The 
Bithop iben gave twelve angwen to these ol^eclionB, and the proceeding! Up- 
rainated,"— Tht SpanM Conquat in America, Vol. IV. pp. 319-3as. 

Tbe tract before mentioned {" Aqai leconliatt una diiputa") eonlains the " Argu- 
matio" and " Sumario" of Uominoo dx Boto, the " ObjeclioHe*" of Skfulvbd*, 
and the " Rtpiiau" of Lie Casab. 

Refenncet. — For an interesting account of the controTenj in qneetion, aae Sib 
Abthuh Hblpb' SpanM Cong, in America, Vol. IV. pp. 319-339. lUBBiaaB, 
Bib. Amenama Velvetiitima, So. 303, wbeiein be diactuseB the qaeition wbelher 
tbe tract was sTer printed. See also Pbbicott, Cong, of Mexico, Vol. I. p. S77, 
note. Antdhio, Bibiiothtca Hitptmia Noaa, VoL I. p. 703. Bbchit, Vol. I. 
col. 1611. Sabin, BibUoihica Americana, Vol. m. f. Sii. 


IPIAN.] Cosmograpliia | Petri Apiiuii, per Oemmam 
Pmivm I apud Louaniensis Medicum & MathematicniD 
insignem, | iam demum ab onmibiis vindicata mendis, ac 
non I nullia qaoque locls aucta. Additis eiusdem ar | gumenti li- 
bellis ipsius Gemmae Frisij. | (^Wood-cut of a globe.') h.dliii. 
Veneunt Antuerpi^ Qregorio Bontio sub Scuto BasilienBi, | 
Latind, Hiapauicd, Gallic^, & Teutonic^, Beip. commodo seorsum 

Title and Dedication, 2 leaves. Text, 1-64 numhered leaves. 
Table, etc., 2 leaves. Wood-cut on reverse of last leqf. Map of 
the world at page 51. 

™ CIE^A DE LEON, Pedro db. Parte Primera | de la chron- 
ica del Pent. Que tracta la demarca | cion de bus prouinciaa ; la 
descripcion dellae. Las | fundacioDes de las nueuas ciudadea. Los 
ritofl y I costumbrea de los Indioe, y otras cosas estrsBas | dignae 
de aer sabidas. Fecha por Pedro d' Cieza de Leon vezino de 
Seuilla. 1553. C Con priuillegio Real. 

(^Oolophon:) C Impressa en Sbdilla en caaa de Martin \ de 
montesdoca, Acabose a quinze de Mar^ de mill j quinientoB y 
I cinquenta y tree anos. 

Folio. Title in red and black ink beneath the Imperial arms; 
reverse blank. Permission, 1 leaf. To the Prince Don Phil- 
ippe, 1 ieaf. Prologue of the author, 3 leaves. Table and 
errata, 4 leaves. Text, i.-oxxxiiij. leaves, in double columns; 
man;/ wood-cuts in the text. (3(itt)it ficUn. 



Orer tbe eolopboii Id this copj ii the anioicraph Eignatnre or the Butbor. 

Tho flnt edition. B«printed it Adtbbb, bj Martin Nurio, in 15M, and at tbe 
■■ne place by Jua» BtUero, in ISM, imall Sto. Hr. Marehak mentioDi an- 
othor edition at Aktwkkf, by Sierffi. in 155*, 8vo. An Italian translation of tbe 
Bnt part wai printed at Rokb, by Vaieria and Laigi Dorici, in 15SS ; at Vbnicb, 
by Gmrd. ZUeIti, in 1560, and by Gimanni Bcnodio, in 1564 ; tbe second part by 
the same, IbSt and 1565. The latter not mentioned by Bbdm-bt or Gbaebib. 
The third part at Vbhicb, by Giord. ZiUtti, in 1556. These i«Ten] edi^ong an 
in this collection, except the latter, and will be found catalogued in their proper 
places. The three parts were printed together nnder the title of " Bittaria diSe 
nuou Itidia Oeddtntaie," Vbmiiia, 1576, in Svo. An English translation, by 
Stbvbms, evidently abridged, was printed in LoniMiit in 170S, in 4to, under the 
following title : " TraixU of Peter de Ciaa throagh lit n^Aly kingdom of Peru eaid 
tie pronince o/Popagan in South Amenm." 

An English translation oT the travels of CiBiA, with Doles and an introdnction 
by Clbmbht B. Harkbaii, was printed by the Hakluyt Society in 1S64. This 
gentleman, wbo has travelled extensively in FsBtf, and has wriiten mach on that 
coantry, says : " Tbe work of Cibza is, in many respects, one of the most remark- 
able literary prodactioas of tbe age of Spanish conquest in Ahbrica. Written by 
a man who had passed his life in tbe camp from early boyhood, it is conceived on 
a plan which would have done credit to the most tboaghtful scholar, and ii exe- 
cuted with care, judgment, and fldeiiiy." .... 

" In 1532, at the exCraordinarilj early age of fonrteen, young Pbdbo embarked 
at Sbvillb, and set out to seek his fbrtaneg in the New World. At that time 
•carcely a year elapsed without K«ing en expedition fitted ont to undertake some 
new diwovery or conqueat Sbtillb and Cadiz were crowded with adventurers, 
all eagerly seeking for a passage to chat marvelous land beyond the setting sun. 

It wBi indeed a time of wild excitement Cieza dk Leon at the time of 

his embarkation was a mere boy. Bis character was destined to be formed in a 
rough and savage school, and it is remarkable that so fine a fellow as our author 
really was, should have been produced aniid the horrors of tbe Spanish-American 
Conqneet. Ramane, generous, full of noble sympathies, observant and methodi- 
cal, he was bred amid scenes of cruelty, pillage, and wanton deelmction, which 
were calculated to produce a far different character. Considering the circam- 
stances in which ho was placed trom early boyhood, his book is certainly a most 

extraordinary as well as estimable result of his labors and military services 

We may gather from his writings that he was hnmane and generous in his deal- 
ings with the Indians, indignant at the acts of cruelty and oppreaaion whkb he 
was forced to witness, that be was in the habit of weighing tbe ralue of conSicting 
evidence in collecting bis information, and that fuller reliance may be placed on 
bis statements than upon those of almost any other writer of the period." — Intro- 
dudion, pp. i. and x. 

CiB^A DB Leob, Mr. Pbbrcott tells us, came to tbe New World at tbe early 
age of thirteen. His chronicle was written in 1550, when he bad reached the age 
of tbir^-two. Bnt the first part of bis work wai alone completed, the author hav- 
ing returned to Spain and died there in IS60, without finishing the plan he had 
laid out. " But he has done enough," adds Mr. Pbbscott, " to render us gratefol 
for bis labon. By the vivid delineation of scenet and tcenery, u they were pre- 
sented fresh to his own eyes, be has furoiKhed us with a background to tbe historic 
picture, — the landscape, as it were, in which ^e personages of the time might be 
toore fitly portrayed. It woald have been impossible to exhibit the ancient topog- 
raphy of tin land so faithfully at a snbseqnent period, when old thing* had passed 
««ay, and the Conqueror, breaking down the landmarks of ancient civilisation, 





te dc la hiftorU general de las Indias c6 todo el dejcu- 

brintiqito,ycof«notableic|uch>nKJielciJoJca<leqilefeg«iMron halUtl $ao 
de ■({ '' Coolacoa^aifta(IeMex1co^<leIitMicua£lpaa3. 

tnlMiMUCHpo^<Paaiam>dcMiUil. tstf 

Title of Gomura's ■' llist.-ria {;i-in;riLl do las Iitdiasi." Medina del Campo, 1553 



i~GOMARA, Lopez de. C Con priuUegio de sa Alteza. ^ 
For diez aBoB. ^ \ C Primera y aegunda parte de la bis | toria 
general de lae Indiaa con todo el descubrimiento y cosas nota | bles 
que ban acaecido dende que se ganaron ata el aDo de 1551. Con 
la coquista de | Mexico y de la nueua EspaEla. En Cabaqoca. 
1558. (f Acosta de ASguel Capila mercador de libros yezino de 
Caragoja. f^ 

Folio. IStle, red and Hack letters, with the arms of Spain, 
nearly filling the page, printed in variout colors ; reverie, a list 
of the historians of the Indies, vnth an ornamental border, 1 
leaf. Map on two sheets, one of the Indies, the other of the Old 
World. Right of second leqf, to the readers, the printers, and 
the translators; reverse to Don Oarlos, Emperor, 1 lec\f. Text, 
beginning on the right of following leaf, iij.-cxxij. leaves, in 
dovhle columns ; the last leaf containing the errata. Oniric 

ITnauiaiion. — Firat and aecond part of the general histoiT' of the Indiea, 
with all the discorery and notable things which have happened from the 
time they were conquered to the year 1581. Together with the conquest of 
Mexico and New Spain.] 

In the lame volnmi with the foregoing, teparaldy paged, is the following. 
This " second part," aidiongh mentioned in the title of the first part, and In the 
last line, following the errata as " Principio dela cmvpiiila de MtxUoy ttguada parte 
data obm," bears the date of 1952. 

if«GOMARA, Lopez de. C La conquista de Mexico. | 1552. | 
Con licencia y preuilegio del Principe nuestro SeHor. [ 

( Colophon -■) € FuB impressa la presente | istoria de Indiaa y 
oonqnista de Mexico en caea de Atigustin Millan. y acaboae via | 
pera de Nauidad AHo de Mil y | quinientoa y cinqnenta y doa | en 
la muy noble y leal Cin | dad de Cabagoca. | 

Folio. Title, with the arms of Spain above, printed in vari- 
ous colors ; reverse. Dedication to Cortes, 1 le<rf. Text, begin- 
ning on following leaf, 2-139 leaves, followed by 1 le<xf, with 
Privilege on the right, and colophon on the reverse. Dovhle 
columns. ®otl]ic Celter. 

'"QOMARA, Lopez de. Hispania Victbix: | Primera y ae- 
cmda par | te de la historia general de las Indias. co todo el 
descu I brimiento : y coeas notables que ban acaescido dende que 

,d by Google 


se ganaroQ liastA el aQo | de 1551. Con la conqnista de Mexico y 
de la Nueua EspaSa. | En Medina del Cawpo por QmUermo 
de Millis 1563. 

Folio. Title in red and black lettert, with the arms of Spain ; 
reverse, " Los hiBtoriadores de IndiaB," 1 leaf; reverse of second 
leaf, Dedication to the Emperor. Text, iij.-cxxi. leavei, in 
double columru. ®atl)ic £elUr. 

In tbe Mtne rototne with the foregoing, Bepanuely paged, ie the following: — 

^ GOMARA, Lopez de. Conqaista de Mexico. Segunda part© 
de la I ChroDica general de las Indias, que trata de | la conqui&ta 
de Mexico. Nueuamen | U> j con licencia impresaa. | ADo de 

( Colophon ;) Fue impressa la presente historia de Indias | y 
conquista de Mexico en Medina del Campo, en casa de Qui \ 
llermo de MUlit. Acabose a veynte dias del mes de Ago | ato. 
ASo de mil y quinientos y cinquenta y tree. | 

Folio. Title, mth the arms of Spain ; reverse. Dedication to 
Cortes, 1 leqf. Text, beginning with the birth of Cortes, ij.— 
cxxxix. leaves, in double columns. <S!>otl)it £et(et. 

This, and the other edition of Gou*ba, printed at Saaaoobba in the muds jiu, 
are totallj difietent. The mas of Spain dill^, and the ornamental capilalB vaij 
on ererr page. 

" GoHARi's hiatorical merit ii eooBidertble. HIa mode of narration it clear, 
flowing, alwa/B agreeable, and BometimeB el^ant. He vrilea, however, with bo 
much fi'eedom concerning several meaanres of the Spaniih Court, that the copies 
of his ' Hittoria de lot Indim ' end of bii ' ChroMiUa ' were called in bj a decree 
of the Council of the Indies, and thcj were long considered as prohibited hoolu In 
SPiiB." — RoflERTSOs's Ifittary of America. 

"Frakoib Lopez db Gohaka. The history of New Spain, written by this 
learned Spaniard agreeably to information reccired front the iDonthg of the con- 
qnerors, and the writiags of [he first religious misBionariea who were employed in 
the I!r8t conversion of the Mexicans, and printed at Saraoosba, in ISSi, is curious 
and well drawn op. He was the first who published the festivals, rites, laws, and 
ihe method by which the Mexicans computed time; hut there are many inaccu- 
racies in it on accoant of these first informations which he obtained not having 
been altogether exact The translation of this work into the Tuscan langnage, 
printed at Vbnicb, in 1.^39, ia so full of errors it cannot be read wilbont diagnst. 
— Clavioebo, Hit. of Mexico, Vol. I., page xvii. Philad. 1817. 

" GOKARA," Bays Mr. Ticknok, " the oldest of the regular historians of the 
New World, — who was born at Seville in 1510, and was, for some time. Fro- 
ftasor of Rhetoric at Aloaiui. His early life, spent in the mart of the American 
advmturers, seems to have given him an interest io them, and a knowledge of their 
afikirs, which led him to write their history. The works he produced, liesides one 
or two of less consequence, were, first, hia ' Hisioty of the India,' which, after the 
Spanish babion, begins trith the creation of the world, and ends with the glories 
of Spain, though it is chiefly devoted to Columbub and the diaoovery and con- 




queilof PiBu ; the second, bis ' Chvaidt 0/ Nan Spain,' wfaich ia, in truth, merelj 
the hi(toi7 and lire of Cortes, «nd which, with this more appropriate title, irss 
reprinted b; Buifansife, in Mexico, in ISSS. Ai the earlieat records that were 
puhliihed concerning ifFain which slreadj aliired the whole of Chriatendom, these 
worki had, at once, a great sncceii, paaaing through two editions almost immedi- 
Blclj, and b^ng soon translated into French and Italian." . ..." He was secre- 
tary of CoRTBi. and waj misled bj information received from him, and from other 
persons, who were too mnch a part of the storj the; undertook to relate to tell it 
fairl;. Hii mislakes, in coaseqnencc, are great and freqnent." — Bitt. n/Spanuh 
IMemtwe, Vol. I. p. 658. 

" The two pillars upon which the itor; of the Conqaest rests," saja Mr. Prks- 
ooTT, " are the Chroniclei of Oohaba and Bbbn*l Diaz." Speaking of Cortes, 
he adds, " Bnt Oomira has thrown his hero's character into so bold relief that it 
hai entiietj overshailowed that of hii brave companion in arms ; and, while he hat 
tenderl/ drawn the veil over the infirmities of his favorite, he is ever stadioni to 
display his oxploiti in the fall blase of panegyric .... His style displays an ele- 
gant brevity ; it is as clear as it is coocise In short, the executioa of the 

work is not only superior to that of most contemporary narixtives, hot, to a cer- 
tain extent, may aspire to Che rank of a classical composition." — ConqvM of 
Mexico, VoL 1. p. 474, note. 

Of none of the Spanish histories of Mekicd, with the exception of certain books 
of Lab Casab, have so many editions been printed ns tbo*e of Oomaba. The two 
works nodced above have appeared in Spanish, Italian, Freneh, German, and 
English. We notice the following, all of which, except the five marked with an 
aaterisk *, are in this collectioa : — 

Spa HI SB Editioks. 

La Conqtiula de Mtxieo 

La HiOnria gt«. dt Itu Indiai 

Bin. Ftmando Carta . 
Bit. Indii (kcidtnlaU 



Folio. I5sa. 






. Miiii,. 

Folio. 155S. 



Folio. 1594. 



















Folio. I55S. 



Folio. 1558. 



Folio, 1554. 















Folio. 1595. 





TALiAB Editions. 

































Hit. Indit Occ'idmlali . VenetU- 








French Editiohh. 

Voyage « Conq. Ftnmiiio Coritt Pabib. 




Hi^.gtmeraid,Ml«kt . . Pari*. 








































Emoush Trahslations 

PUatant Hit. Conq. a/At India Lonimh. 








«' NOVI AVISI di piv lo | clii de I'lndia et Masaime ] de Braail 
riceuuti quest' anno del MDLm. { done cbiaramente Bi puo in- 
tendere la con | uersione di molte persone etiam molto | principali 
nelle terre gia sco | perte & no minor s'uepetta | nell' altre che si han 
I dc scoprir & j la motatione grande che fanno de la lor vita dil 
che [ n' han conseguito oltra la ciuilta & politia di ] coBtomi eke 
Dio operi al presenti euidenti aegni & miracoli | in loro. | 

( Colophon ;) In RouA, per Antonio Blado stampatori Apog- 
toliee MDUii. Ad imtancia de Metier Battiita Genouese de Rosn. 
12mo. 22 unpaged leaves. 
Contains \euen and reports from missionaries in Brazil. 

i« POSTEL, GuiLLAUME. Les ] TreB-merveilleuaeB | victoires | 
dee feinines | du [ Nouveau Monde, | et comment eUeB doibvent a 
tout le I monde par raison commaiider, & meme a ceulx qui auront 
la Monarchie du | Monde vieil. { A Madame Marguerite de 
France. A la fin est adjoust^e : | La doctrine du Si^e dor£, ou 
de i'4vange- 1 like R^gne de Jesua Koj dea Roys. | 

Par Guillaume Postel. Siir I'lmprim^ | A Paris, chez Jehan 
Ruelle, & la Qu4ue de Regnard, rue Sainct Jacques, 1553. 

Small %vo. IKtle, 1 leaf. " ATertissement," i.-xx. leave*. 

Dedieation, 1 leaf. Text, 3-92 pages. " 1^ Doctrine," 1-27 

pages, including the title. 

»^ MONSTER, Sebastian.] € A treatyse of | the newe India, 
with other new | founde landes and IlandcB, as well | eastwarde aa 

,d by Google 


westwarde, 88 they | are kiiowen aud found in these oure | dayes, 
after the description of Se | bastian Munster in his booke of 
uni { veraall Coamographie ; wherein the | diligent reader may see 
the good I succease and reirarde of noble [ and honeste enter- 
pryses, | by the which not only world | !y ryches are obtayned, \ 
but also God is glo | rified, and the Chri | stian fayth en | larged. | 
Translated out of Latin into Englishe. By | Rycharde Eden, j 
tiS' Prceter Bpem sub spae. 

C^ m^i^lt of 

t^enene /i-Ca-trttft ottxtnett 

(ountit laiiOeKanD3Pani)e0,ans(ll 

uomstit as loeDtainDe , ag tbtp 

an hnotntn anntounli in t^(Ce onie 

tia;eis,aftn ttieOefcnpnonof &(» 

balban apnnlter in W boKe of bnt< 

lucfall (o(mogt^^K:iD4'rint4e 

BiliScnc TtaSer mar itt tt)t gooD 

(uctelKanO tetoaiDt o(n«bte 

antt dontite tnxtxmbs, 

dp t^ ttil^^ noc onlf> noilo* 



Hun fa^bnu 




{Colophon;^ C Thua endeth this fyfth boke | of Sebaatian 
Munster, of the lades of Asia the greater, and of the | newefounde 
htndes, and | Ilandes. | 1653. | 



C Imprinted at London, in Lom j barde streete. By Edward | 
Sutton, j 

(^ReverM of the colophon:') 

C To al adueaturers, and such as | take in hande greata 

Who bath not of Bowrenes felte tbe bitter tast, 
Is not worthy of swetenes to take his repast, 
To cracke the nutte, he must take the payne. 
The which would eate the camell fayne. 
Who that of bees feareth the etinge, 
Shal neuer by bony haue greate wonninge. 
As the swete Rose bringeth fbrtii the thorne, 
So ie man truely to joye and payne borne, 
"Hie byrde vpon hope byldeth her neete, 
Where oftentymes she hath but enyll reste. 
Yet is she not thereby drieuen to such feare, 
But y' she performeth the same the nexte yeare. 
much casting of periles doth noble corage swage 
Yet do not I commende rasbnes or outrage. 
What foles do fable, take thou no hede at all, 
For what they know not, they cal phatastic&l. 
Nought venter nought haue, is a saying of old 
Better it k to blow the cole, than to syt a cold. 
Fortus fortuna adiuuat, the Latin prouerbe saith. 
But fayleth to such as fayut and Lacke fayth. 
God giueth al thinges, but not y* bul by y^ home. 
The plowma by trauaile encreaseth his corne. 
Ab fortune fauereth y" mayst be riche or poore. 
As CreeuB or Irus that beggeth at the dore. 
SmcUl Svo. I^e ; reverse blank. Dedication to the Duke of 
Northumberland, 4 unnumbered leaves. Richard Eden to the 
reader, 10 unnumbered leaves. Table, 1 le<tf. Text, 87 un- 
nwmbered leaves. f&el\\\t Cettct. 

A volume of great raritj. It appeared again nnder the title o! " A br^/i <«Ute- 
tion and e«mpendiiiat exlraet of Mtraungt and nienondla ikinget, gOOurtd oat of As 
Cotmographeife c/Sdxutian Muruta;" Lohdoh, 1374, tmall Svo. 
In llie Table the following subjects, among others, are mentioned : — 
Uf tbe newe Ilandes, howe, when, and bj whom thef were fiinnde. 
Of the two Handes Jobahna and Hispara. 
Uf the Canibales, which eate mam fleshe. 
Of the maners of the inhabitantas of Hispaha. 

How CBBiBTomoRus COLUMBDE, after that he had ftmnde the newe Ilandea, 
reiurne (o Spiik : and preparing a newe navie, saj'led agajn lo ;* Canlbale*. 



How Coluhbu*, the Admiral, puied man; Kandei, and whftt channeed (o hjta 
and his in ihat viage. 

Of the news Inm*, aj U ii founds and knowan in tbeie ouie dayei. 

Howe tbe Spanjardea abased the labmiaaioD and friendihip of the inhibllMiiite* 
of the Ilsndea. 

Howe MAOELc^nnB, b_r a itrajght or narow arme of (he tea, Mf led by the West 
nolo the Eaite to djTers Ilandes, where alio Ike waa alayne. 

Howe the Spanjardei came to the Handel of Molucca, and of tbe people wllh 
great hanging eare*. 

The third nauiga^on of CHBiSTOPBOBne Coldnbub. 

How PinzoHDa, companjon to Ihe Adtnirnl, aonght newe Handea. 

The Ibure navigations of Ahsbicds VKapOTioe to the newe Ilandes. 

The fjr«te viage of VeepuTiDS. 

Tbe second viage ofVeapDiiua. 

Tbe Chjrde Tisge of VEaruTins. 

Tbe fourChe viage of Vebputidb. 

How the Ktko or PoBTOOALa snbdoed certajne placet in Ihdia, and «f the 
rjche cytie of Halacha. 

•• TARAPH^a;.] Francisci Taeaph* Bardnorien. De origine, 
ac rebus gestia Regum Hispaniee liber, multarum rerum cc^itione 
refertua. Avtwerfur. In .£dibus loannig Steelty mdiju. Cum 
Priuilegio Csesareo. 

12nio. 1-201 page». Index, 11 leaves. Portrait of the 
author on the title-page. On the reverse the arms of Spain. 

At page IBS is an acconntof the early voyagea down the coast of Atbcca, and to 
the new itland* of the Atlahtio. On p. 196 is an aeconni of the discovery of 
Anbmca by CoLDNBUB. 


IIE^A DE LEON.] La Chronica del Pecv, nveva| 
mente escrita, por Pedro de Cie^a de Leon, Vezmo de 
Se I uiUa. En Anvebs, en casa de Hartin Niteio, 
M.D.Llin. Con preuilegio Imperial. 

12mo. Title ; reverie, ext. from Privilege. 7 preliminary 
leavet. Text, 204 leavet. Numerous wood-cuts in the text, 

"" CIE9A DE LEON.] Pabte pbimeka de la Chronica del 
Perv, qve trauta la demarcacton de bob prouincias, la descripcion 
dellas, las fundaciones de las nueoas cuidadea, los ritos y coetumbres 
de los Indios, y otras cosas estraBas dignas de ser sabidss. Hecha 
por Pedro de Cie^a de Leon, Tezino de Seuilla. ASadiose de 
nneuo la description y traQa de todae | lae Indiae, eon vna Tabla 

,d by Google 


alphabetica de las | material principales en ella contenidas. 
( Wood-cut vignette ofprinler't device ■) 

En Anvees, Pot luan Bellero a la enseHa del Salmon. M.D.Lnil. 
Con priuilegio. 

( Colophon ;) Impresso en Aniierg Per luan Laeto M.Dxnri. 

12mo. Title ; reverse, begins the Dedication ; 7 preliminarjf 
leaves. Tfea*, 1-285 haves. Table, 9 leaves. 

Thii edition U not noUced by either Gbabsie, Brunet, or Tkrhaux. Bro- 
NBT, however, sayi : " On cite omai hiu edition ifAtuwra, Bcffero, ISM." but lie does 
not gire the title, wbicb is quite difterent from that of the edition by Nncio of tlie 

'*' GOMARA, F. LoPBZ db. Con priuilegio del Principe nuestro 
seBor [ [Large wood-eut of the arms of Spain.'] Cronica de la 
nueua espaSa | con la conquista de Mexico y otrae cteas notables : 
hechas | por el valeroso Hernando Cortes, Marques del Valle, 
Capitan | de bu Mi^eatad ea aquellaa partes. | Con mucha dili- 
gencia corrida, j aOadida por el meamo autor. En Caragotja. 

(^Colophon:') Fue impresa la presente | historia de Indias y con- 
quista de Mexico : en | la muy noble y leal dudad de Carago^a ; 
I en casa de Augustin Millan. Ado | de mil y quinientoa y cin | 
quenta y quatro. 

Folio. Title, with red and blaek letters, facsimile annexed ; 

reverse. Dedication to Cortes. Text, ii.-cxiij. leaves. ®otl)ic 


•** GOMARA, F. Lopez db. Coo priuil^io del Principe nuestro 
se&or por diez aBos. | [Zarge wood-cat of arms.'] La historia gen- 
eral de laa In | diae y nueuo mundo, con mas la conquista del 
Pe I ru y de Mexico : agora nueuamente anadida y emendada por 
el mismo autor, con vna ta | bla muy cumplida de log capitulos, y 
muclias figuras que en otras impressiones no Ueua. | Yenden se 
en Caragofa en caaa de Miguel de Capita mercador de libros. | 

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liCrcmtca Delantieua efpana 

Title to Gomani's " Cronica dc la Niieva Kspafta." Caragp9aj^i|5S^^QQg|c 



( Colophon on the recto of the Idfith leaf, with a wood-cut below .-) 
Fue impressa la presente obra en la muy inBigne ciudad de | Cab- 
AO09A, en casa de Pedro Bernuz ; acabose a do | ze dias del mea 
de Octubre, aBo de mil j | quinientos y cinquenta y qiiatro. 

Folio. Title ; reverse. Dedication to the Emperor, Gharlea 
V. Table, 3 unnumbered leaves; reverse of third leaf, 6 wood- 
cuti of plants. Text, i.-xcix. leaves. 28 wood-cuts in the text. 

^ GOMARA, F. Lopez de, Uistoria de Mexico, con el deecabri- 
miento de la Nueua EspaSa, conquietada por el muy illustre y 
valeroso Principe don Fernando Cortes, Marquee del Valle, 
Escrita por FranciBco Lopez de Gomara, clerigo. | Aitadiose de la 
nueuo description y tra^a de todaa las Indiaa, con una Tabla 
Alpbabetica de las materiaa, y bazaSas memorables en ella con- 
tenidas. En Anvebs, En caaa de luan Steelsio, 1554. Con 

( Colophon .•) Impreaao en Anoebs por luan Lacio 1554. 

\1mo. Title, with escutcheon; reverse blank; Prologue to 
Cortes, 2 leaves. Text, 4-349 leaves. Table, 11 leaves. 

'*" GOMARA, F. Lopez de. La Historia general de las Indiaa, y 
todo acaesido eu ellaa dende que Be ganaron basta agora, y La 
Conqnista de Mexico, y de la N^ueua EspaFla. ( Wood-cut ofprin- 
ter's device ;) 

En Anveks, por Martin Nudo. Con privile^o Imperial m.d- 

I2nn). I^tle ; reverse, Privilege, 1 Ucf. Preliminary matter 
and text, 2-300 leaves. 

"^GOMARA, Lopez db. Hiatoria de Mexico, con el descvbri- 
miento de la nena Eepa&a, conquistada por el mny iliuatre y valer- 

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oeo Principe don Fernando Cortes, Marques del Valle, Escrita por 
Francisco Lopez de Gomara, clerigo Afiadiose de ta nueuo descrip- 
don y tra^a de todaa las Indtaa con vna Tabla Alpbabetica de las 
materias, y haza&as memorables en ella contenidas. En Antebs, 
Por iuan Bellero, al Salmon 1554. 

( Colophon .') Impresso en Ahubbs por luan Lacio 1554. 

12mo. "KtU, vfith amu ; reverse blank, 1 leo^. Text, includ- 
ing preliminary leaves, 1-S49 leaves. Table, 11 leaves. 
"'GOMARA, P. Lopez de. La segunda parte de la Historia 
general de las Indias, que contiene la conquista de Mexico, y de 
la nneva EspaBa. En Anverb por Martin Nudo. Con Privi- 
legio Imperial. HDLIIII. 

12mo. Title; reverse, prologue extending to three pages. 
Text, 3-340 leaves ; reverse of last leqf, the printer's mark. 
i>* GOMARA, F. Lopez de. La Historia General de Las Indias, 
con todoe los descabrimientos y cosas notables que ban acaesido 
en ellas, dende que se ganaron hasta agora, escrita por Francisco 
Lopez de Gomara, clerigo. Afiadiose de nueuo las descripcion y 
traca de las Indias, con vna Tabla alpbabetica de las Provincias, 
Islas, Puertos, Giudades, y nombres dn conquistadores y varones 
principales que alia ban passado. En Anverb. Por luan Bel- 
lero, a la entena del Halaon. Ano m.d.luii. 

Small 8po. "Ktle and 15 preliminary leaves. Text, 1—287 
* MUNSTER, Sebastian. Cosmograpbiae Uniuersalis Lib. VI. 
in quibus iuxta certioris fidei Bcriptorum traditionem describuntur, 
omnium habitabilis orbis partium situs, proprieque dotes. Regio- 
num Topographicie effigies. Terrae ingenia, quibus fit ut tarn 
differentes & varias specieree, 8l animatas, & inanimatas, ferat. 
Animalium peregrinorum naturae & pictune. Nobiliorum civi- 
tatum icones & descriptiones. Regnorum initia, incrementa & 
translationes. Regum St principum genealc^se. Item omnium 
gentium mores, leges, religio, mutationes, atque tnemorabilium in 
bunc usque annum 1554 gestarum rerum Historia. Autore Sebast. 

(^Colophon:') Basileae apvd ffenricAvm Petri, mense Sep- 
temb. Anno satvtis M. d. liui. 

Folio. Engraved title; reverse, portrait of Monster. 11 
preliminary/ leaves. 14 folding wood-cut maps. Text, 1-1162 
pages, followed by a leaf containing the conclusion and colophon ; 
le, the printer's mark. 

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Sebastian Minister. 

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/V^p^^iist^ ^^^^x-^^ ^f~/8/Q 

.^A j^ A.i- ^ ^t^A^ ^Vf^. ;^&^f« <:5^t-.!-«- ^^ i;S&''^^3»«V»«*j?»-i-^^'*«. 



Tbe tlrit map Is of the world, on which AUerici is laid down. The northern 

portion \» named Terra Florida, the aoalhem Brasil. Cuba and Hibpaniola 

are also represented. The fourteenth is entitled " Taiiala nowinini I'ruufaruin, 71101 

dhertii reijyfclibui Occidentatiii 4" Indianai voeant." Upon this are laid down 

Francisca, Terra Florida, Yucatan, Ccba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica. Th« 

BOathem continent called Norus Osnis i» ocrapied chieSj with Bbbsil. Neu 

tbe western shore is Zifakou (Japan), while (0 the north is Cathay, Qdiksai, 

and India Sufbkior. 

^ RAMUSIO.] Pbimo volume, & Seeonda edition© | delle Navi- 

gationi | et Viaggi | in raolti luoghi eorretta, et ampliata, [ nella 

qvale so contengono la descrittione dell' Africa, | & del paese del 

Prete lanne, con varij viaggi, dalla Citta di Lisbona, & dal Mar | 

RoBso ^ Calicut, & insin' all' isole Molucche, doue nascono le 

Spetierie, | Et la Nauigatione attorno il Mondo. | Aggiuntoiii di 

nnouo. ] La Relatione dell' isola Giapan, nuouamente Bcoperta 

nella parte di Settentrione. 1 Alcuni Capitoli appartenenti alia 

Geographia estratti dell' Historia del S, Giouan [ di Bairoe Porto- 

ghe*e. I Tre Tauole di Geographia in desegno, secondo le Carte 

da nauigare de Portoghesi, | & fra terra secondo gli scrittori che si 

contengono in questo Tolume. | Un' Indice molto copioBO, delle 

cose di Geographia, costumi, spetierie, & altre cose | notabili. che 

in esse si contengono. | (^The following vignette:') 

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Con priuilegio del Somino Pontefice, & dello | lUustriss. Seoato 
Veneto. | In Venetia nella Btamperia de Q-ivnti. L'Anno 


3 volt, folia. Volume I. Title. 9 preliminarj/ pages. In- 
dex, 34 numbered leaves. Text, 1-486 leaves. Colophon on 
the right of last leaf. 

The following are the contenU : — 

Pheliiiihabt FOHTtOIt. 

a. Dedication to His ExccUcnc; M. Hikromimo Fbacastro, S pag«i. 

b. List of voyages and travels included in (his Toinme, 2 pages. 

c. Thomas Giunti to the Reader, 1 page. 

d. Copions Index, of cosmography, costDtoe, and other notable thlDg« In tbi* 
Tolame, 3i numbered leaves. 

e. Three folding maps, nnmelv, Afbica, Soutrbhh AaiA, and the Babt Iitdia 
ISLANDa, with the parts adjacent. 

Relatiosi :h the Text, 

I. Description of Africa by JoiiH Leon ("Lko Afhicanvb"). 

5. Discourse oF Rahubio on (he book ofM. Alovsius di: Cadamosto. 

8. Navigation of Cnptain Fierhe de Sintra, written by the «anio Cacahosto. 
4. Navig^ation of ihe Carthaginians by IIanno, translated from the Greek into 

the Italian by RauusiO ; discourse of KahCSiO on the voyage of Hadho. 
B. Voyage from LisuoN to the isle of St! Thomas, by a Poriugue«a pilot. 

6. Discourse by Rauubto on some lellers and navignlions of the captains of llie 
fleet sent by the Kino of Portuoal to tbe Oriental Indieb. 

7. Voyage of Vabquee db Gaha, to the Cafe of Good HorK and Caucut. 
B. Voyage ofP. Alvarez from Lianos to Calicut. 

9. Two letters from Ahericcs VEsrircivs (o P. Eoi.dbrini, gonfalonier of tha 
repoblic of Florence, containing a summary of his voyages. 

10. Summary of the voyages of Ambriccs Vbsfuciu8, written by blmtelf to 
the same Solsbbihi. 

II. Voyage of Thohab Lopez to the Oriental IisniEa. 
13. Travels in India by Jean db Ehpoli, Florentine. 

13. Remarks by Rahusio on the itinerary of LoriB Vabtrema. 

11. Voyage of Iambolui, merchant, from the Greek of Diodobds SiCDLna, 
with remarks of Rahdbio on that voyage. 

1ft. Remarks of Rahcbio on the letters one and livo of Akdb6 Cobbali, 
Florentine ; letters of Corsali to Jdlbb and Lorenzo db Medicib. 

16. Remarks of Rahdbio on the voyage to Ethiopia by Fr. Ai.varbi ; voyage 
of Alvarez, a Portaguesc; obedience given by Pope Ci.BiiENT VII., in the name 
of Pbebtbk John, for Francois Alvari^z. 

IT. Remarks by Rahusio on the course of the Nils ; reply on the same subject 
by Fh. Fbacabtor. 

18. Remarks of IUhvhio on the voyage of Nearchitb; voyage of Nzarcbds, 
translated from the Greek ofARBiAH by RAHtiato. 

19. Voyage by a Venetian conni on tbe Red Ska to Die. 

SO. Remarks of Rahubio on thevoynge of Abrtan; voyage of Arhian through 
the Red Sea to t!ie Oriental Indies, from the Greek. 

EI. Remains of Rakubio on the book of Edward BARBoeA, and on the snm- 
tnarj of the Oriental Ihdibb ; book of Bahbosa, a Portoguese, on the Orieatal 
Ijunaa ; fammarT of all the kingdoms, dties, and people of the Oriental Ikoibb. 



22. HemHrka of B^MDaio on the TOyige of NicHULxi de Conti. Ven«ii*n ; 
Tojage of NicHous de Conti. 

23. Voyage of Jbrohk Sah Stkphano, ■ Genoese. 

54. OtoervKtions of ItAHL'xio on ihc voynge bjr the Spaniards nronnd the world 
(in 1519] 1 tetter of Maxiuilian of Tbanbylvania on the Eamo voyage; accoant 
of the EBcno voyage by Pioafetta, of VicEHce, who waa in person on boarJ the 
ship Yiaary. 

55. Voyage of a PortugneEe, a companion of Barbosa, who was on Iho Fi'cbnjr. 
26. Remarks of Rahdbio on the varioua routes by which spicea have been 

brought from 1500 to the present day ; new routes to be tried. 

ST. Relnlion of JitAK Gaetah, a Castilian pilot, on the discovery of the 
Molucca Islaiids by the West Indies. 

tS, Some chapters of the historic of Jean de Barros, Forliigaese, touching 
cosmography, translated by ItAHusio from the Portugueac. 

Sbcondo Volvmb I delle navigation! et viaggi ] nel qvale si con- 
tengoiio I I'HistoriiL delle cose de Tartar!, & diuersi fatti de lon> 
Iinperatori, descritta [ da M, Mai-co Polo Geiitilhuomo Veaetiano, 
& da Hapten Armeno. 

Varie descrittioni di diuersi autori, dell' Indie Orieiitali, della 
Tartaria, della | Persia, Armenia, Mengrelia, Zorzania, & altre 
Prouincie, iielle quali si raccoutatio molte imprese d'VBsumcasBan. 
d'lsmael Soffi, del Sol- 1 dano di Babilonia, di diuersi Imperatori 

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Ottoman!, & parti- 1 colarmeDte de Selim, contro Tomombei, vltimo 
Soldaiio I de Mamaluccbi, &, d'altri Principi. etc. | Con I'lndice 
diligentemente ordinate, delle cose pin notabili. | 

Con priuilegio dell' lUuatriasimo Senato di Venetia. In Venetia 
nella Btamperia de Givnti. L'anno udlix. 

3}itle, with the preceding vignette. 4 prelimtTiart/ p(^ei and 

28 numbered leaves. Text, 2-155 leaves. 


1. Title ; rerene, blank, 1 lenf. 

2. TiioKAi GinBTi to ibe re»der, a ptget. 

3. Namea of Ibe anlhon Bnd their narralivea in this Seoood ralnme, 3 p>g<i- 

4. RAMusio'e prebce to the traTela or Marco Poix), 1-8 numbered leavei. 

6. EzpoiitioQ of RAML-aio on ilie trBrelg of Mabco Polo, 9-lB numbered 

6. Index to the iccond Tolume 

7. Prohemki finit find acKond, o 

5. Text, S-155 nambered leavea. 

9. Colopbon: In Vbnetia per gli heredi di LtI Antokio Ginrri. L'Anno 

Relatiors in the Text. 

I. Uabco Polo on Tabtabt and the East Indies, witb the mannera and 
enstomi of the people, etc, in three booka, more complete than th^ lUTe before 
been given ; with a prcboe by Ramcsio, containing the liic of Hakoo Polo, with 
vaiioni particnlars touching him and his family. Exposition of Kamdsio on lb* 
flrat words of the Book of Mabco Polo, in which is related the conqnest made bj 
the Venetiana and the French of the empire of CoiiaTAiiTiBOFLB. 

a ReiDHrka of RAMuato on the book of Attoh, an Anueniaa. Atiom on the 
origin and EoccesBiun of the Graod Khang, Emperon of Taktaht ; on the life, 
religion, and cusloma of tlie Tartara. 

S. J. Makib Anoiolbllo, on the lifb and aeiiona of Uhsah CAasAn, King of 
Pbbsia, othcrnise called AssAHMtl, and of the wan with the Grand Turk 
UiHOHBT, etc. 

4. Travels of a merchant in Pebsta, conlaining a deacnption of eiiiea, etc 

5. Travels of Joiava Babbabo, a Venetian, lo Taita and Pkbsia. 

S. Travele of Ahbkojia Contabiho, a Venetian, sent aa ambaaaador to Uuan 
Cabsab by the Venetian Republic. 

; Letter of Albebto CAMFEnaE to Pope Clembbt VII., on the alhira of 
MnacoTT, and on the bcility of bringing back the MascoTiiea to obedience to the 
Romish Church, 

8. Paul Jove'b account of Muscott, where he had been made by Dbhbtbiim, 
Ambassador of Babilb, Duke of Mubcott, to Pope CtEMBMT VII. 

9. Letter from Abbiab to the Ehpbroh Adbiait on the aubject of the great aea 
( the Hedi tbbbah bah). 

10. Grorob Ibtebiako, Genoese, on the life of the Zjehi or Circassians, 

11. Extract from Uippocbateb upon the Scythians. 

12. Voyage of Pibtbo Qoimini, a Venetisn, wlio was carried TO degrees tinder 
B north wind. Account of the country where he was shipwrecked. Account of the 
■ame shipwreck by Chbibtophobo Fiokavehtb and J. de Micbblx, who were 
in the vessel. 

13. SioiiMiniD, Babod d'Bbrbbrbtar, upon Muscovt and Rdi«ia. 



14. Voyage of Catbbiro Zkho in Peb£ii, with two books on the wan of 
Umik Cauan. 

19. NicoLO iDd Aktohio Zbho, brother*, on the diecorery of the islandi of 
FXISUHD, ICSLAND, Ebtotilakd, eic. 

15. Two jonmej'Bin Sicilt l^some monks of the order of Minor Brothers, and 
«f the order of Saimt Donihico, whom Ikhocbht IV. sent into that proTince in 
the year 1247. 

IT. Voyage made b; SsnASTiAif Cabot to the North. 

18. Deccription of Sakhatia by Alex. Gaovin, of Vkxona, tranBlated by 
NUec-Babtbbl on Faho, containing details re^jrdiDg Polamd, Mcsoott, 

19. On the two Sabhatias, by Mathbw db Mioheoto, prebendary of CbA' 

Tekzo Volvme j delle Navigationi et Viaggi | nel qvale si con- 
tengondo | Le Nauigationi al Mundo Nuouo, alii Antichi inc<^- 
nito,falte da Don Chrisfcoforo | Colombo Genouese, che fu il Primo 
a Bcoprirlo i i Re Catholici, delto hora | le Indie occidentali, con 
gli acquisti falti da liii, Et a^cresciuti poi da Fernando { CotteBe 
da Francesco Pizzarro, & altri valorosi Capitani, in diuerse | parti 
delle delt« Indie, in nome della Ces. Maes. Con lo | ecopire la 
gran Citta di Teraistitan nel Mexico, done bora | d delto la Nvova 
Spagna, Et la gran Prouincia j del Peril, II grandisaimo fiume 
Maragnon, Et | altre Citta, Regni, & Prouincie. | 

Le Nauigationi alte depoi falle delte Indie, poBt« nella parte 
verso Maestro j Tramontana, dette hora la Nvova Francia, scoperta 
al Re Christianiss. la prima volta da Bertoni & Normandi, | Et 
dipoi da Giouanni da Yerrazzano Fiorentino, [ & dal Capitano 
lacques Cartier. | Si como dimostrano le diuersi Relationi, tradotte 
di lingua Spagnuola | A Franceae nella nostra, & taccolte in qnesto 
volume. I 

Con Tauole di Giograpbia, che dimostrano il sito di diuerse 
Isole, Citta Sc Paeai. | Et Figure diuerse di Piante, & altre coae 4 
noi incognite. | Et con L'Indice copiosiseimo di tutte le cose piu 
notabili in esso contenute. Con Priuilegio del Sommo Pontefice, 
& deUo Illiistriss. Senato Veneto. In Venetia nella atamperia 
de Givnti. L'Anno MDLTI. 

1. Title ; reverse, blank, 1 leaf. 

3. Names of the writers and of their relations of Toyages and traveli, 1 leaf. 

3. Map of the part of the world newly discovered. 

t. Disconrse upon the third volume of voyages and travels, 4 leaves. 

5. Index to the notable things in the third volume containing the navigation and 
eoaqnesC of the Wbht Ikpies, discovered by Colokbub, 34 leaves. 

S. Text, 1-453 leaves. Colophon on i«verse of Isst leaf: la Vikboia nella 
■tamperis degli beredi di Luea'nioaio \ Giiaiti nell' Anno, m.d.lvi. 

The fbllowlng a a list of the relations in this volume, all of which appertain lo 
Akbbica ; many of theni now first collected and printed : — 



1. The Hiatory of the New World bj Pktsr Hartir, MJUnen. 

2. GOMZALO Fbiihando db Ovibdo, extracts froni his nstaral aod gsnenl 
history of the West Ihdies. 

3. OviBDo'8 Natpral and general history of Wesi India, divided into twenty 

4. Fbrnamiio Cortbs. hia second, third, and fourth relations, with the taking 
of the grand city of Tgvistitak, Mexico, etc. 

9 Pbdbo d'Aitarado's Icltera lo Cortes on the diacoTeiy and acqaiiition of 
Ull^TAN and other lands, mountains, etc., in New Spain. 

6. Don DiEoa Godot's letter to Fernando Cortes, on the diseavery and con- 
quest of divers cities and provinces of >'ew Spain. 

T. Of a gentleman with Fernando Cortes. Kelaiion of the great dty of 
Tehistitan, Mexico, and of other things in New Spain. 

8. Relation of Ai.var NuBez, CADBg* de Vica, of his ToyBjra to Fm>bida 
with Famfhilo Nahtaei, and of hia jonrney of ten years Bcross the continent to 
New Galicia, LSSe to 1936. 

9. Relation of Nuno db Odehan, his journey to New Mexico. 

10. Francisco DB Ulloa's voyages and discoveries in the marb Vermbio 
(Golf of Caufobnia). 

11. Francisco Vasqcez de Cohonado, Summary of his letters on the voyage 
made by Frn. Matico de Niqa to the city of CEvotA, in New Mexico. 

12. Don Antonio de Mendo^a, viceroy of New Spaik. I<etier to the Em- 
peror on the discovery of the land of New Spai* verBo Traiiontan*. 

13. Marco de N15A, relation ofa journey made by land lo CivoLA. 

U. Francisco Vasquez db Cobonaiio, relation of a Joamey to the seven dtiea. 

19. Fernando Alabchon, navigation with the fleet of Antonio db Mbkdo(a, 
when he went by sea 10 discover (he kingdom of the seven cities. 

16. From a Spanish captain, a relation of the discovery and conquest of Pbbit 
made by Fhancibco Pizahbo, and by IIkrnando Pizarro, his brother. 

IT. Francisco Xkreb. Relniioo of the conquest of Pbro, and the province of 
Ctizco, by Francisco Fizauho. 

IS. From a secretary of Francisco Fizarro. Belnlion of the conqnett of 
Fbbi7, called Nrw Cistilb, with a description of tlic gi'and city of Ctizco. 

19, Febnando de Otibdo. Relation of the navigation of the great river 

Of New France. 

30- DiscoucBB upon the West India, called Larrador, Baccalaos, and Nbw 
France, discovered by the Christian king Francis tug First. 

Hi. Narrative of the discoveries of Giovanni de Vlbrazzano, Florcndne. 

32. Discourse of a great French sea-captain on the voyages to New France. 

38. Fir^t relation of Jacqdes Castier to a new country called New France, 

34. Second relation of Jacqitbb Cartikb of a voyage mnde to the isles of 
Canada, Uochelaoa, Saquenat, and others, at present called New France. 

The maps in this volume arc as follows: 1. A map of the parts of the world 
recently discovered. 3. The great city of Temibtitah (Mexico), p. 309. 3. The 
city of Cczco, in Ferd, p. 412. 4. New Fbance and Newfoundland, p. 495. 
6. Brbbii., p. 428. 6. Part of Africa, p, 431. 7. Taprobana, p, 430. 6. The 
land of HocHBLAOA, in Nbw France, p. 447. At page 307 is a representation of 
the great temple of Mbzico. 

" The Ramuhioh were a family of note in lileratore for several generationa. 
Paulo, the father of Giin Batiista, came originally from Bihini to Vbnicb in 
UtB, and had a great repute ai a jarist, besides being a litterateur of some emJ- 



nence, m vria alio his jounger brother Giboliko. G. B. Rakdbio wu bom at 

Teevibo in I4S9, and early entered the public serrico. In IS53 l]e becnmeone of 
the BScretariei of the Coancil of Ten. He wni es])eclally devoted lo geographical 
Btiidtes, and had a school for Bach Etiidics in his house. He retired cventuall]' from 
public dmicB, and lived at his villa nmuBiA. near Fadca. He died in the Utter 
cit;, loth Jiilj, 1557, but iras buried nl Vbhice in the charch of S. Mabta dbll' 
Okto. There vim a portrait of him by Paul VeHOkksk in the Hall of the Great 
Council, but it perished b; the fire of 1557 ; and that which is now seen in the 
Sala dello Scudo is, like the companion portrait of Mabco Polo, imsginaij. 
Paulo Rahceio, his son, was the author of the wetl-known History of the Capture 
of CONaTAMTiMOPLB." — CiCOOHA, Bib. Vmtxiana, Vol. II. p. 310. 

"A precioDS collection. It is eateenied by lacant, aud is still r^arded by 
get^raphere, as one of the most important. Rahl'bio, whether on account of the 
voyages which he had mndo himself, whetlier by his extensive knowledge of history, 
geography, and tbe languagca, or whether, in fine, by his multiplied correspond- 
ence with people who could be of some use lo his eolcrprisc, bad all these facilities 
to form an excellent collection. He died on the lOth July, 155T. He left the 
materials for a fourth volume ; but his manuscript perished in tbe burning of (be 
printing-office of the Juktab, in the month of November of the same year." — 
CAIil7a, Sar Ift Coll. da Vagogri de De Biy, page T. 

" Wo owe rouch to those who give ua notice of what wo have not seen or known 
ourselves ; as I am now indebted to a remarkable and learned man, of the ilins- 
trious Senate of Vknice, called Secretary Juan Bautibta Kahlbio, who, hear- 
ing that I was inclined to the things of which I here treat, has, without knowing 
me personally, souj^ht me for his friend, and communicated with me by letters, 
■ending me a new geography," etc. — Otibdo, HitloHa Nat. y Gen. de la* India*, 
Lib. xxxriii. 

" Bamusio's collection of voyages and travels, tbe moat perfect work of that 
nature in nny language whatsoever; containing all the discoveries to the east, 
west, north, and south : with full descriptions of all the countries discovered ; 
judicionsly compiled, and free from that great mass of useless matter, which swells 
onr English Hakluvt aud Pubchas; much more complete and full than the 
Latin De Bar ; and, in fine, the noblest work of this nature." — Locke. 

Ramusio's collection was many times reprinted. The Hrst volume appeared at 
VsHicE in 15S0, the third in 1556, and tbe second in 1559. The subsequent 
editiousofVolume I. were Issued as follows; in 15!)4, 1563, I5BS, 1606, and 1613. 
Those of 1588 and 1606 differ only in their tille-pages. Volume II. appeared in 
1559, 1564, 1574, 1563, 1606, and 1613. The ediliona prior to 1583 are not Coln- 
plete. Those of 1583 and 1606 differ only in their title-pages. Volume III — 
1556, 156S, 1606, and 1613. The Br?t two difler only in their titlepagea. The 
last two, 1606 and 1G13, are Biud to be the most complete. Brcket says the 
preference should be given to the edition of 1565 of tbe third volume, but that there 
sbonld be added to it pages 380 to 430, which contain the " Viasgio di M. Coar* 
it- FTtda-ici niW India OrientaJe," etc 

The first edition (1550) of Volume I. wants several relations which are fijond in 
all the subsequent editions. It is said that there was an edition of Volume IL 
before the year 1559, but the printtng-oSicc was burned and with it the book; no 
copy ia now known. The edition of 15S9 of the second volume, Bbuhbi Baya,isless 
complete than that of 1574. 

A new edition of Bahdsio, in 4to, wa» commenced at Vamox In 1S3I, uniu 
the editorial care of Louia Pbizaka. 




|NGHIERA, P. Martyr — R. Kden. The Decades ] of 
the newe Worlde or | west India, | Conteynyng the naai- 
I gations and conquestea | of the Spaniardes, with the par- 
ticular de I scnption of the most ryche and large landea j and 
Ilandes lately founde in the west Ocean | perteyning to the inher- 
itaunce of the Kinges | of Spayne. In the which the diligent 
reader j may not only consyder what commoditie may | hereby 
chaunce to the hole Chrietian world in tyme to come, but also 
leame many secreates | touchynge the land, the sea, and the 
Starres, | very necessary to be knowne to al such as shal | attempts 
any nauigations, or otherwise | haue delite to beholde the strange 
I and woonderfull woorkes of j God and nature. | Wrytten in the 
Latine tounge by Peter | Martyr of Angleria | and trans | lated 
into Englysshe by | Rycbarde Eden. LoNDONi, In tedibus QuU' 
helmi Powell. \ Anno 1656. 

(^Colophon:) C Imprynted at LONDON, in Lumbard Strate at 

the fligne of the Cradle by Mdwarde Sutton. Anno. DflL U.D.LV. 

ito. Title, within a border ; reverse, blank. 28 preliminary 

teaveg, unnumbered. Map. Text, 1-361 leaveg. At the end, 

table and errata, 13 unnumbered leaves. 

t. Epistle DedicaloTj, in Latin, to Mjl«ia, Queen of Eholahd, F»kcb, 
NlPLES, Jbbubalkm, and Ireland, 4 learei. 

b. Tabl« of tbs contenu beside the Decade*, a leavee. 

c. Interpretation of certain worda of tbe lodian language, rererae blank, 1 leaf. 

d. Epiatle of RrcHARD Eden to the Reader, I S leavea. 

e. Epistle of Fbier Mabtir to the Catholic King Charlbs, 1} learei. 

1. Pbtbr Mabttb of Anolbbia [tbe lat, 2d, and 3d] Decsdea of tbe Ocean, 
1-166 leai-es. 

2. Bnll or donation of Popb Alexandeb Vlth, granling to the Kings of Cai- 
tile and the; r successoura the Regions and Itandes Ibunde in the Weat Ocean Sea 
bj the naiigacions of the Spanyardea, 1G7-I73 leares. 

a. GoHKAi^a Fbrdibahd Otiedo. Summary of his Hjslorie of tb« We*i 

4. A Discourse of tbe T^age made by the Spanyardea ronnde abowte the worlde. 
The Epiatle of Maximiliah of Thanbtltania to the Cardinall of SAURPraeB. 
The voyage of Pioifbtta rounde the worlde, 316-232 leaTes. 

5. Of Che prices of pinions stones and spices. Cooteniion for tbe trade of 
spices, 333-244 leaiea. 

S. Of the Pole Antaretike and the atarrei abonte the same. AJao of certajne 
secreates tonchyng tbe arte of saylynge, 245-248 leaves. 

7. A disconrse of djvers vyages and wayes by the whiche «pic«s, precious stones 
and gold were brought in owlda lyme from India to Eubopb. Alio of the vyage 
to CAtHAT. LikewTBs of the vj'ages of that woortbf owlde man Sebabtiah 





Caboti, jet liTing- in EHoi-urDi, and at thi* preMOt the gorernODr oTtbe com- 
puij of the marchanus of Cathit in the cilia ofLoHDoir, 949-258 IcBTCa. 

B. A briefe description of Mobcotia after the later wt7tera, u 8bba8T1ah Mdh- 
■TBB and Jacobus Baitaldoh, 3S9-3S3 learea. 

9. Of the North regiona .... Alw howe those regions are habitable to the 
haUlauatee t^ the lame, contnrj to the oppinion of the owld« wiiten, 264-S7T 

10. The bistorie written hj Fadlus Jot-ivi in which is comejued the 

dewriptioQ of Mobcotia with the regions conflninge abowta the Bame, eren onto 
the gr«at and rycbe Empire of Caibat, 278-309 leaves. 

11. Cop7 of letters from Edvabd thb VJ. to the Eyngea, Princes, and other 
potentates inhabjijnge the Northeast partes of the worlde toward the mjghtje 
Empire of Cathai. at snche tjioe as Bjr Hugh Willobt, Enjght, and Btchakd 
CHAtjnoBLSs, with theyr companj, attempted thejr vyage thjther in the year 
15S3, 308,S09 1eaTes. 

IE. Other notable thjnges as toachynge the Lidies, 309} leaf. 

15. Of the great Ilande which Plato called Atlahtica or Atlaktidb. Of the 
eolonr of the Indiana. The first discoTerynge of tlte Wb«tb Ihdiu, SIO-^IS 

U. What maner of man Chbiitofbib Columbos wu; and howe he cam* 
fjm to knowleage of the Isoiks. Other notable thTiiget tonchiag the Ihdibs, 
812^17 leaves. 

Ifi. Of the landes oFLaborados and Baccai^os, 317^ leaf. 

16. The diKoTery nge of the lands of Florida, 318} leaf. 

17. An opinion that Edbopa, Atbioa, and Asia arellandesj and of certeyne 
nanigations abowt the same. Who Ijnt fboDde the needle of the compasse, and 
the nse thereof. The sitoation and bignesse of the earth, etc., 320-336 learee. 

IS. Of the genenttion of metals. The mines of gold and sUver, etc, S37-343 

19. Description of two viagea made owt of Enolahd into Qdihba, IBM, 343~ 
360 leaves. 

30. The maner of fyndynge the Longitude of regions bj dyrera wayei after the 
deeeriptioDof Obkiia PHSraics, 360.361 leaves. 

31. A bryefb rehertal of the coatentsa of the bookes of thefynte Decade, and so 
fblowynge of all the other Decades. 13 leaves at the end. 

Mr. BiDDLB awards to Et)EN the highest praise for this and his other works 
Bpon geographica] discoTery. Ha thns writes : — 

"Edbk has, in onr opinion, far stronger claims to consideration as an author, and 
to the grateful recollection of hia oonntrjmen, than the writer [Haklutt] wbow 
testimony it is proposed to addnce in hia favor. He was the Srat Engliabman who 
nndertook to present, in a collective form, the astonishing results of that spirit of 
maritime enterprise which had been everywhere awakened by the discovery of 
AmaiOA, Nor was he a mere compiler. We are indebted to him for several 
original voyages of great cariosity and value. He is not exempt fhim error, bat in 
point of learning, accaracy, and integrity, is certainly snperior to Haklutt ; yet 
it It nndonbted, (hat while the name of the former, tike that of Veifiicci, baa 
become indelibly associated with Ihe New World, hia predecessor is very little 

SomewhMlen tbmonehalfofEDBR'a woA is occupied with an English versioQ 
of Prn» Mabttb. Then come translations from the most rare and cnrious 
accounts of voysgea and travels, Otibdo, Qohara, Randbio, PiaATBTTA, Axik- 
tcDS TssraciDB, Hdkstbb, Ziolbriub, and others. 

"The drcumstances which first inspired the author to prepare hia work, are told 



wilh niDch gimpltdtf. He was a, Bpecwtor of the public enti? into Lokdoh of 
Philip and Mart. Aa tha splendid pageuit swept by, in all its pomp, pride, nnd 
circanutance, amidst the tumailaoDS acclamations of the populace, the array of 
functionaries, civil and militarj, and the bursts of martial mnsic, he dcacribei him- 
self as almost lifted out of seif-«ommand He then resolved to set abont 

some work which he might. Id doe seanon, exhibit as the oftpTing of hi* teeming 
loyally, and humbly crave for it the royal blessing." — Memoir 0/ Sebattian Cabal, 
p. 61. 

Willis, who published an edition of Edih, in 1577, under the title of " Tke 
Hieloiy of Traea^ in ihe Eatt and Wed Indui," etc., with tonw additiooB aad 
changes, thn* speaks oF this work in hts preface : — 

"Nowe concerayng R. Edbns owne royagea, syncerely to wye what I thynke, 
and corteoDSly to yeetde hytn that due pniyse the wiiiche worthylj these bia 
laboan dcMrue, yet not to flaiier bym ndtber, where an; hult Iiath ben com- 
mitted ; M hyghly he was 10 be commended for Bnglyihyng so Urannge, so won- 
derTol, so proScable histories as these an, nothyng inferior to the bookes of 
aoncient wrylers, far exceedyng the mnltitude of foolylh cemmentariea and friv- 
olous translations so lioentiously Tied in onr tyme : So may the gentle reader fbr- 
beare his onenyghte in so great a worrke, where some vncleaM speeche may Meme 
hardly Englyshed, or any rathe note to shame the teste." 

JUftTtRcet. — Biddlb's Mrmoir ef Stbeitian Cabol, p. 61. LowHOsa' Biblivg- 
rapher'i Manaal. 

""CABEgA DE VACA.] C La relacion t comentabios 
del gouema | dor Alaar Nailez Cabe^a de Vaca, de lo acaescido 
en las | doa jomadas que hizo a las Indias. | Con priuilegio. ^ 
Esta tassada por los seBorea del conaejo en Ocheta j cinco mFs. 
4to. Title, large coat of armi nearly filling the page (»ee 
cut on next page') ; title beneath in red, except the name, " Aluar 
nuftez cabe^a de vaca," which is in black; revcrte, " li> the 
King." Text, beginning on tecond leaf, ii.-lvj. leave*, including 
two leaves of table. ®otl)ic fiettn. Then, 
Commenta | rios de Alvar Kvaez Cabe | ^a de vaca, adelantado y 
gournador de la pro | uincia del Rio de la Plata. ( Wood-inU.y 
Scriptofl por Pero hernandez Bcriuano y aecre | tario de la prouiocia, 
y dirigidos al sereniss. miiy alto j muy poderoso seQor | el Infante 
don Carlos, N. S. 

( Colophon .■) Impreaao en Valladolid, por Francitco fer \ 
nandez de Cordoua. Alio de mil y quinien | nientos (<tc) y cin- 
quenta y cinco aftoa. | (1555.) 

Title. Prohemio, in Roman letters, 5 pages. Text, Iviij.— 
cxliT. leaves, including 2 leaves of table. ®otl)it CeUei. 

[TVansfoiion. — The Relation and Commentaries of the Gorernor Alvar 
NuSez Cabe^a de Vaca of what happened to him in the two joumeya that 
he made to the Indies. 

Commentaries of Alvar Nunei Cabe^a de Vaca, Governor of the province 
of Rio de la Plata. Written by Pero Hernandez, writer and secretary of 



the proTinee, and direcUd to the most serene, uiost liigh, and iiiost powerful 
Lord, the Infante Don Carlo*, our TOvereigii.] 

The Gnt edition of this " RtUuion " is of the greateti rarity- II was prinied at 
Zahoo*, in 1542, and oompriies iixlj-MTen leave* in octaro. The present ediiimi 
is also rare. The third Spanish edilioD nae printed at Hadr:ii, in folio, in 1749, 

in Babcii's " Bi^oriadortt primilipoi de lai Isdiat ocddenlala," Vol. I. This is 
accompanied by the "Comrnlarioi," and is preceded by an " Eramen Ai>ologftico ile 
la hittaria," by Don Antonio Abdoihb, in reply to the aspersions of HoNORio 
FhilopohO, in his "Nova lypli tmntaeta navigaiio Noia Orbit," 1621, iijiio, in ihis 
collection. A translation of Ihe Felation in English may be found in Pukchah, 
••Hit Pilgrimt," Vol. IV., 16S5, pp. 1499-1556. In the third TOliime of Ra- 
muBio'r " Navigatlaii rt Viaggi," VoL III. pp. 310-330, is an Italian tranBlation, 
and in Ternaux's "Fojnsfj rf .l/emw'n'*," I'abis, 1837 , is a French lersion. A 




new tranilBtion inio BnglUb wu mkde b; the late BocKiiroHAii Smitb, Sacie- 
tarj of Legatian of (he United St>t>i, it M.nmn, with eopioai notei, of wluch 
one hnndred copiea were printed at ihe expense of Mr. QiOBSB W. Bioea, at 
Wabhinotoh, in folio, ia 1S54, for prii-ate diitribntion. A second edition, with a 
careTnl reririon of the entire traoilation and notes, bj Hr, Smith, wm printed at 
Mbw Tobk, at the ezpeme of tlw Hod. Hbhbt C. Mubpht, of Brooklth, in 
roTftl ocia*o, in ISTI. It wu tbe intention of the tranilator (o g;iTe two map* 
■bowing tbe ronte of Altis HdSbz, but big aaddeo deatb io l^sw Toks, while 
the fint iheets wenpuring through the prew, defteted hia plan. Thij \» mnch U 
be ragtelted, ai much donbt ba« alwayg existed aa to the roate which the trarellen 

Thejonmey of Altak NdSbz acroea the entire conliaent, from the penininU of 
Florida to ^e prorince of Cihaloa, on Che Pagiho, !b one of the moit remark- 
aide on record, and ranka in importaoce with that of Masco Polo in the thir' 
tecnth centuTj. From 1528 to 1537, nine long years, this amall partj ofSpaniarda 
were alonly traversing the rut region which aeparates the Atlantic fivm the 
FACirio OcEAK. CoDStantlf with wild tribea of Indiana, who in them Brat aaw 
men with white skins ; traversing deaerta and monntaina, folding rivera, and, fbr 
yeara, as destitote of clothing as Ihe natiTee tfaemaelvea, Chej at length reached the 
moat distant Span!«h aettlementa in Cinaloa, on the Pacific. The nsiratiTe of 
NdBxx, or, M he i« more frequently called, Cabbqa db Vaca, waa entirely written 
after hia retorn, for be could take no notea by the way. Bence we find it axtt«mely 
difficult to follow his footstepa, and commentators are anaUe to agree on the point 
whether he eroaaed the Rio Oransb near the present town of El Pabo, and 
thence proceeded weatward through the moat northerly pua of tbe Sierka Madrb 
and thence down into Sonora and Cdliacan, or whether he eroaaed tbe Bio 
Okaifdb two hundred milet ftrther aonCh. In Hr. Smith's notes to hia edition of 
tha book printed in IS54, be carriea the traTellera east of the Hiasiaairpi, beyond 
the pieMnt aontbem boundary of TaniBBiEB, where he crouea the great river; 
thence he carriea him westward along the banke of the Arsahsai and Cahadiah 
riven to Hbw Hbxico, eroseing the Rio Grabdb at about tbe 33d paiaUel of 
North latitude ; thence weacward and southward into Sovoba and aonlhwaid to 
CiHAi^A. In the noiea to hia new veraion printed in IBTS, Hr. Smith adopU an 
entirely new ronlo. In this he keepa near the Ontr or Mexico, entirely within 
the praent bounds of Tbxab, crowing the Rio Orahdb near the monUi of the 
CoHOHoa RiTBR, which he aicenda until lie reaches the great mountain chain, 
which he eroaee*, and there entera Cihaloa. 

The compiler of thia catalogue, while in charge of the United Staiee and Mexieas 
Boundary Commission, 1S50-1854, traversed the eonmry from the ahoree of Eabt- 
BBH Texas Co the El Paso on the Rio Grandb, thence northward one hnndred 
milea, thence westward and aouthward into Sonora ; in which journey he followed 
the tbotaCeps of Cabe^a pe Vaca, if he took the northerly course first adopted 
by Mr. Smith. In hia retnm he passed through Che aouthweaterly portion 
of TaiAS, or in the district crossed by our travellera if they took the southerly 
course last adopted by Mr. Smith, so that be thinks he may ventare to express an 
opinion on tbis remarkable journey. He has read the nsirative of our hero many 
times with care, and is yet in doubt which cour« be took. Portions of the nar- 
ratiTe lead tbe reader to think there Is no doubt but that tbe northerly route was 
taken, as the country described agrees so well with chat near Che OuLr or Cali- 
PORHIA, through Sonora. Tbe description of the peculiar vegetation, the rivers, 
large and small, which thoj crossed, tbe mountainoni districts, the semi-ciTilizi^n 
so peculiar to the country, aie all very truthliil ; yet there are statementa that 
render it difficult, if not impossible, to decide satisfactorily on cither route. The 



wattwni iDDls, bj mj of the CoiroHO*, laami tbe most Dktanl, utd jet, if tha 
partj ueended thii rirer and piereed tbfl moaauinB, where loch m coune woold 
leftd them, the; conld not have trarersed the connir; before deicribed, wtiicb more 
ne&rlj correaponda with Sohori. We think that portiont ftom the origiaal utx- 
rUiTe may luiTe been nninUntianall; left oat, and othen added bj those Into 
wboee btadi the muiiucript iUl beftne iti pabUcation. 

Coidea of the work aie now rue. At the Boltox-Cobitet nale in Lon>OM in 
I8TI, ft oop; broDsbt £Si 1<K. 

»" CIE9A DE LEON, Pedro de. La prima | parte de la | 
Gronica del | grandissimo | Kegno del } Pent. | Che paria de la 
deinar | catione, de le are pro | aintde, de la descrittione d'esse, le 
fanda | tioni de le Daoae citta, li ritti | & coetumi de I'India I ni, ft 
altie cose j strane de | gae | di easer sapute. | Descritta da Hetro 
de I Cie^a dJ Lione, in Lingna Spagnuola. | Et tradotta por bora 
nella nostra tingna Italiana [ per Augnstmo de Craoaliz. | Con 
Priuilegio del Sonimo PontJ£ce. Di Carlo Quinto Imperatore. 
Del lUuBtriss. Senate Venetiano. e d'altri Priodpi per anni x. 

( Colophon :) In RoHA Apreaeo Valeria ^ Laigi Dortci fratelli 

12mo. Title ; reverse, blank. 541 pagegy including the title. 

^ G-OMARA, F. Lopez de. Hiatoria | di Mexico, | et qTando n 
discoperse | la Nvova Hiepagna, conqvi | stata per Villostrisa. et | 
Taloroeo Principe | Don Fernando Cortes | Marcfaese de Valle. | 
Scritta per Francesco Lopez | de Gomora in lingua Spagnaola, & 
Tradotta nel | Volgare Italiano per | ATgvstino de Cravaliz. In 
RoHA Appresso Valeria ^ Luigi Dorici fratelli 

Small ito. Title ; reverie, blank. 240 leaves, in italic lettert, 
including the title. Colophon on recto of the last le^f. 
Thia appears to be the lame ai that under the date of IS96. 

*» GOMARA, Fbahcisco Lopez de : La Historia Generale | 
delle Indie Occidentali, | con tntti li diacopri [ menti, & coae 
notabili, che | in esse sonno snccease, | da che si acqni | stomo fino 
I idiora. I Scritta per Francesco Lopez | de Gomara in lingna 
Spegnoola, | & \ Tradotta nel volgare j Italiano per | Avgvstino 
de Cravaliz. Co'l Priuilegio del Somino Pontefice, & della | 
maesta Ceserea per diece anni : si (Xtme si j pno uedere nella prima 
parte deUa | Historia del Fern, gia da noi | Stampata. | In Roha 
Per Valerio et Jjuigi Dorici, I'anno m.d.lvi. 

Small ito. Title ; reverie, blank. Dedication to C08MO db 
Medici, 2 leavet. Text, 2-211 leaves in Italic letters. On leaf 

,d by Google 


202 a toood-evt of a buffalo. On reverse of another leqfy the 
printer'a device, a winged horte, rearing. 
See note to tbe Hrac editioa, tSSS. 

**• DARINEL, ^ La Sphere | dee deux mondes, compos^e en 
Fran- 1 qoia, par Darinel pastenr dea Amadis. j Auec vn Epi- 
tbalame, que la mesme Autheur ba | faict, eur lee nopces & 
mariage de Tresillustre, | & Sereniasime Prince, Don Philippe 
Roy I d'Angletorre. &c. j Comments, glo&^i & enrich j de plusieurs 
fables PoeHcquea, [ Par G. B. D. B. C. C de C. ) N. L. Ovbli. j 
( Vignette ;) 

Amys Lecteure, achetez ce liuret. 

Si T0U8 aymez Cronicquee & Histoires, 
Car Tachetaat y trouuerez au net, 
Bien figarez pays & territoires. 
En Ahveeb, chez le. Richart. Auec Priuil^;e. 1555. 

(^Colophon :') fin de la sphere des | deux mondes, compoe^e en 
Fran- 1 ?ois par Darinel paateur des | Amadia, & glosee par Gilles 
Boilleau de | Buillon. | Imprim^e en Anvers, | par lehan Jtich- 
ard, I au Soleil d'or. I'An m.d,lv. 

4fc TOle; reverse, blank. Dedication to Queen Mabie of 
HuNGAET, 3 pages. Sonnets, 8 pages. Text and maps, 1-51 
leaves; with a separate leaf for the colophon, on the reverse of 
which is the printer's mark. 

[Translation. — Tlie aphere of tbe two worlds, composed in French by 



Duinel, putor of Amadis. With an EpithBlaminni which di« nme antlior 
made on the nuptials and mairiage of the most illiuCrioua Prince Don Philip, 
King of England. Commented apon and enriched with man^ poetic fables.] 

The tnapa in thii rare and earioiu CMmograpbical poem are aa follows : 1. 
*' Vtiivencdi Comograplua" showing a portioa of both coatiaeitia of Aksbica. 
3. Spaiv. 3, Sasmatia. 4. Mdscott. 5. MuBcOTT, folded. -6. Hohoaxt. 
T. Qrbbcm. S. Italib. 9. Judea. 10. Asia Mimob. II. Asia Majob. 13. 
Afkica, abowine the two Nyaoia lakes beneath the eqaator, whoae sonrcec are in 
the Monntains of the Moon. 13. Sioilt. 13. Entitled "Pun," but ahowing 
both NoKTK and Sodtb Ahbica. U. Tdhib. 19. ALOiasa. IB. City of 
Aphbodisicw. The Epithalaminm mentioned is the titles b^nuing on leaf 43, 
is in Spanish vene. 

'"GRYN.SUS, SmON.] Novvs Orbis Re-|ponvm ac Inavlamn 
vete- 1 ribvB ioci^nitAmn vna crm tabvla cos- 1 mograpbia, & 
aliquot aliJB conaimiliB argumenti libellia, nunc no- [ vis nauiga- 
taonibus auctos, quorum omnium catalogus | sequenti patebit pa- 
g^na. I ( Vignette.') Nihil arduum fatis. Adiecta est hvic postremae 
editioni Nauigatio Caroli CEesaris auspicio in comi- 1 tiJB Augus- 
tanis instituta. BASILED apvd Jo. Hervt^ivm. Anno M.D.LY. 
Folio. Title; reverse. Catalogue of content! ; " Epietola nnn- 

cupatoria," 8 paget; Index, 33 paget ; Declaration, t^ paged. 

Text, 1-677 paget, follovied by a lec^, on the reverse of which it 

the tame vignette at on the title. Large map, *' Typus Cosmo- 

graphicvB VniyeTBalis." 

Conienu the game as the Bablb edition of ISSS, with the map of the edition of 
1937 (No. ), to wbicb aie added : Costbb' " Cartat dt ntadoa," Not. 3 and 
3; " Efntlida dt TalmuUica;" " Epittola dt Fr. Martin de VaUncia;" the two 
latter printed in "A Gloria g loor," and the " Thaaro de virtada," both of ISU; 
and HsKBour'a " £pt(ii»i«." 

The following are the contents of this edition, which ii the moat oompleCe, as it 
contains fbar articles not in the previous editions : — 
1. Preface b; Simon Gbth^us. 
3. Sbbabiiah Munsteb. The explanation and nse of the cosmogrsphic plate. 

3. The Toyagea and traiels of Cadamosto into nnhnown regions. 

4. The Tojagei of Chbistopheb CoLUMBua. 1493-1498. 
9. The voyages ofPETBCB Alobzo. 

6. The Tojagc of VincBin Piiczoh to Bbaeil in 1499. 

T. Albebic VBeFDOics'a epitome of tbevojagesof VEBPooiira. 

8. The To;age of Auakxs, with letters (rom certain merchant*. 

9. TheToyageofJosiFBCS Indus. 

10. The first, second, and foarih voyages of Ahebicus Vespdciub. 

11. Letter of King Emanhbl, ofPoaTuoAi., toPopeLioX. respecting the dis- 
coreriea of the Portngnese in India. 

13. Toyages ofLuDOTioo Vabtokannds ot Yabthbha in the East. 

13. F. Bbocabdus. Description of the Holy Land In the XlXth centar7. 

14. Uabco Folo's travela In Oriental countries in (he Xmth centsiy. 
19. EAitHON, an Armenian, on the Tortara. 




17. Pauldb JoTiva, on the Leg&tioii to Moscotia. 

18. Pbtxi MABTTm'B " Dt iiuviit nuper Ttpe-ii$." 

19. Stklla, on tlieuitiqnitiea ofPaDftgi*. 

SO. The MoLcccA laLixoi. Letter of Maximiltia of Tsutstltakii. 
91. Thel^tMnorUEBHiHDo ComTH. 
33. Epinle from Talilucaca. 

SS. £pfitl« of Fr, Habtih db Valivoia, nDt Iron Hbiico to the Chapter of 
Fnndican* tt Toledo («ee Fokncio, 1543). 
M. HBkBORx's Epitome. 

'"MACER, Jehan.} Lee trois liures de | I'liistoire des | Indes, 
acomplie | de plusieurs choses memorables, | autant fidelement 
qae eommaire | ment composez en Latin, et depuis | naguerra 
faictz en Fran^oys. | Par Maistre lehan Macer | licenci^ en droict. 
I Atoc privilege. | A Fakis. Chez Guillaume Ouillard en la 
rue I Sainct lacqnes & I'enseigne | Saincte Barbe. 1555. 

IStno. 1-96 leaves, inelvding title. PrivUege on reverie of 

[Tranilation. — Tko three books of the hietoiy of the Indiei filled with 
muij remarkable things at faithfully ai briefly written in Latin, and lately 
turned into French.] 

" Cette histoire de« Inde* occidentals a ii4 Merits d'aptii le i^t d'one pemnn* 
qui arait idioam^ fort longtempa en Am^riqae. L'original LatJn (ions le titre 
'Indkarnm hiitorianun libri III.') a para tfgalement k Parii, 1S5S, en Sto." — 
Bbdkbt, Man. du Lib. 

*>* MEDINA, PiETEO DA. L' Arte del | Navegar, | jn la qval si 
contengono lere j gole, dechiaratdon, secreti, & auira, alia bona 
nan^ation ne | cessarij. Composta per 1' Eccel. Dottor M. Fietro 
da Me | (Una, & tradotta de lingna Spagnola in Tolgar Italia | no, 
a benefido, & Ttilita de ciascadum Nauigante. | In Vinetia, ad 
inatantia di O-ioanAattigta Pedrezano, libraro | al segno della 
Torre, 4 pie del ponte di Rialto. | Con Priuil^o del Dluatrias. 
Senato Veneto, Per anni XV. | MDLV, 

(^Colophon ;) In ViNBilA. Nella Stamparia de Aurelio Pindo, 
del MDLnn. 

4to. TUU, feitJi large wood-etU of veaels in the centre. 10 
preliminary leavet. Text, i.-cxxxvii. leavet. Map of portions 
of North and South America and the West Indies ; together 
wttA Western Europe and WeiAem J/riea^ at page 83. 

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gole.dechia ration, fecreti,& auifi.alla bona nauegation ne- 

ceflarij.Cotnpofta per rEccel.Dottor M.Pietro da Me 

dina,& tradotta de lingua Spagnola in volgar Italia- 

no.a beneficio, & vtilita de ciafcadum Nauigante. 

In Vinetia,ad inftantia di Gioanbattifta Pedrezano,libraro 

al fegno della Torre,ll pie del ponte di Rialto. 
Con Priuilegio del niuftrifs.Senato Veneto. Per anni.xv 

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'K^ MARCO POLO Venetiano. In cri si tratta le merav- 1 gUose 
cose del mondo per lui uedute, del costu- 1 me di narij paesi, dello 
stranio uiuere di [ quelli ; della descrittione de diuersi | animale, 
e del trouar dell' oro | dell' argento, e delle pie- 1 tre precioee, cooa 
I non men utile, | che bel- 1 la. ( Wood-cMt tvrrounded hy the 
following:') Seuza di me 1' hvom fassi a dio ribello. | 

(^Oolophon:') In VbnetiA per Mathio Pagan, in Freza- 1 ria, al 
Segno della Fede. (iVo date.) 

12mo. Title ; reverse, to the reader. Text, 55 unnumbered 
leaves, in Italic letters. 

[rran»Iafton. — [The book of] Mawo Polo, VeneUan. Imrbicti Is de- 
scribed the marvelous things of the world by him seen ; the coatnnie of 
various counlriea ; the str&Dgo manner b which people live ; the descrip' 
tioD of dlTers animals, and of the finding of gold, of silver, and of precious 
ftones, things not less useM than beautiful.] 

The travels of Mabco Polo is the Eui claim a place in this collection in eon- 
■eqnence of the remarlu of disttnguiahed geogTaphera tliat thvf were pernied b; 
CoLUHBiri, and that the revelations made by him of the wonders of C&tbat and 
ZiPAHQA atimnlated the great navigator to accomplish through the aea, what the 
Tenetian traveller had hy land. 

Bamubio, in the preface to hU Italian version ot the Book of Hakco Polo, 

which opens the second volame of hia fiimons collection of voyages (see this Cata- 

. logne under the year ISM), after ■ brief apologetic patallel of the marvels rdated 

by FoLO with tho«e related by the ancieaia, and by the modern diacoveriea In ibe 

West, such aa Columhdb and Cobtks, thus writes : — 

" And often in my own mind, comparing ibe land ejiploralions of tbese, our 
Venetian gentlemen, with che sea explorations of the afoi^aaid Signor Don Chris- 
TOFHBX, I have aaked myself which of the two were really the most marvelous. 
And if patriotic prejudice delude me not, methinks good reason might be adduced 
for setting the land journey above Ibe sea voyage. Consider only what a height 
ofconrage was needed to undertake and carry through so difficult an enterprise, 
over a route ofsuch desperate length and hardship, whereon it was sometimes nec- 
essary lo carry food for tbe supply of man and beast, not for days onty but for 
months t<^cber. Culcubus, on the other hand, going hy sea, readily carried 
with him all necessary provision, and after a voyage of some thirty or forty days 
was conveyed by tbe wind whither he deaired to go." — RiMvaio, Navigatione ei 
Viaggi. 1354. -'^^ 

Mr. Majob, after speaking of the " Itrnigo Afundi" of Pxtbi d' Aao^x and 
ottier works consulted or BLndied by Columbus, writes : — 

"The suggestions derived from these works were corroliorated by the narratives 
of Uabco Polo and Sir Joan MiUidbvillb, whose reports of the vast extent of 
Asia eastward led to the reasonable inference thai the westward passage lo tbe 
eastern confine* of that continent could not demand any considerable length of 
^me. The natural inclination of Coldhbds for nautical enterprise being tfan* 
fostered hy tbe works that he studied, and by the animating accounts of recent ad- 
venturers, as well as by the glorious prospects that the broad expanse of the nn- 
known world opened up to his view, we find that in the year HU his ideas liad 
formed fi» thamselvea a determined channel, and his grand project of discovery 
was established in his mind as a thing to be done, and done by himself. The com- 




m and tenacit; of pnrpoH, which dUtinguished hia chancMr, canMd 

him to Kgard hu theorj, whea once formed, aa a matter ofauch aodeniable cer- 

tafnt}^ that no donbU, oppoaition, or disappointment could diTert him fhim the pnr- 

■nit of it." — Lije o/PniKe HtRry ih Navigator, p. 35!. 

The edilioaa and tranalationi of tbe book of Mabco Polo are 

but it 

il necenarj to mention tbem here. 

- rio enia lengua Caftellana y Mexicana, Compuefto 

por el muy reuerendo padre fray Alonfo de 

Mol na: Guardia dl coueto d fant Antonio d 

Tetzcuco dla orde delos frayles Menores. 


tuu J'rancistum 

























dndorum nimia te fecit prole parentem. 

qui genuit moriens, quos pater alme foues. 
Confixus viuis, langues: cum mente reuoluis. 

vulnera, cum fpectas, fligmata came geris. 

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*■* MOLINA. C Aqui comien9a vn vocabuU- 1 no ea la lengua 
Castellana y Mexicana. Compuesto | por el muy reuerendo padre 
fray Alonso de | Molina : Guardia dl coueto d | Tetzcuco dla orde 
de los frayles Menorea, | 

(j1 wood-cat representing San Fbancisco receivir^ the stig- 
mata, with the following legend around it .'} It Signasti domine 
Beruum tuu Fnmciacum signis redemptionis noatre : 
(^Beneath the engraving are the following lines :) 
^ Indoruin nimia te fecit prole parentem 

qni genuit moriene, quoe pater aline foues. 
Coafixus viuis, lances cum otente reuoluia. 
vulnera, cum spectas, atigmata came geris. 
4to. Title, in alternate lines of red and black letters, with 
wood-cut iw the centre; reverse, a large wood-cut filling (he page. 

teith the letters iliB in the centre. 6 preliminary leaves. Text, 
1-259 leaves; followed by a leaf containing the colophon, of 
whieh the annexed is a facsimile. 

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C^ Jjonrra g fllotia ire nuef- 

tro fenor lefu xpo y de fu bedita madre aq fe aca 

ba la prefente obra : la ql fue compuefta por el 

muy reueredo padre fray Alofo d molma. 

Imprimio fe e la muy grade & infigne y 

muy leaVciudad de Mexico, en cafa de 

lua pablos, co licencia del Illuftrini 

mo fenor Do Luys de Velafco 

Viforrey y Gouernador dfta 

Nueua Efpafia, y de la Au 

diecia Real q e ella refi 

de. Y affimifmo c5 

licencia del Reue 

rendiflimo Se- 

fior do fray 

Alofo de 


tufar por la gracia de Dios Ar^obifpo men 

tilTimo dla dicha ciudad de Mexico. Fue 

vifta y examinada efla prefente obra 

por el reueredo padre fray Francif 

CO de Lintorne, Guardian del 

moneftero de fant Francifco 

de Mexico, y por el Reue 

redo padre fray bernar 

dino d Sahagu, dela 

dicha orde, aquie 

el exame della 

fue cometido. Acabo fe d 

imprimir a qtro di 

as del mesde 

Mayo, de 


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{Tran^/i^on of titU and cdophoa. — Here begins a rockbaUr/ in tbe Cas- 
tilian and Mexican language. Composed by the Very ReTerend Father 
Alonzo de Molina : Gnardian of the convent of Tetrcuco of the order of 
minor brathera. 

To the honor and gtorj- of oar Lord Jeaaa Christ and of hii blened mother 
(for whom this present work is made) ', composed by the very reverend father 
brother Alonzo de Molina. Printed in the grand, worthy, and very loyal 
city of Mexico, in the house of John Fablos, with licence of the most illus- 
trious Don Luis de Velaseo, Viceroy and Goremor of New Spain and of the 
Koyal Audience. And alto by license of the most Beverend Brother Alonzo 
de Montufar, by the grace of God, Archbishop of said city of Mexico. The 
work was seen and examined by tbe Reverend Father Francisco de Lin- 
tome, Guardian of the monastery of San Francisco, of Mexico, and by the 
Bev. Fatber Bernardino de Sahagun, of said order, to whom tba exam- 
ination was committed. The printlDg finished on the fourth day of May, 

The first edition of the Mexican Vocabalory of Mouiri, and a work of great 
rarity. Most oF the copies known aie defleiesl in the title and colophon. 

*" ZARATE, AuGUSTiN de. Historia del dea | cvbrimiento y con- 
qvista | del Ferv, con lag cosas oatvrales que eefialadamente alii 
se hallan, y los sa | ccesaos qtie ha avido. La qual eacriuia Augus | 
tin de ^Wate, exemendo el cargo de Conta- 1 dor general de caen- 
tas por BU Majes | tad en aqnella prouincia, y en el Tierra firme. 
En Aktbrs I en casa de Martin Nucio, a las doe CigueBae. 
Ano. M.D.LV. I Con Priuilegio. 

Small 8vo. Title ; reverse. Privilege. 7 preliminar}/ leaves. 
Text, 1-273 leavet, with icood-cutB in the text. 

[TVansfoftoR. — History of the discovery and conquest of Peru, witb the 
natural and remarkable things found there, and the successes which have 
followed. The which wrot« Angustin de <|!arate, general computer of ac- 
counts for bis majesty in lliat province, and in the Terra Firma.] 

"AuansiiH db Zaratb," writes Pbescott, "a highly respectable authority, 
was Comptroller of Accounts for Castilz. This office ha filled for fifteen years ; 
after which he was sent to Fkbd, to examine into the state of the colonial finances. 
.... Soon after hii arrival, he seems to have GOneeived the idea of making his 
countrymen at home acquainted with the stirring events passing in (he colony, 
which, moreover, afibrded some striking passages for the study of the hiiloriao. 
.... On his ratum home, Zaratb set about the compilation of his work .... 
and, beginning with the discovery of Fkbo, he gave an entire view of the conquest 
and subsequent occupation of the oounlry, bringing the uarrative down to the clOM 
of Qasoa's misiioa. For the earlier part of his story, he relied upon the accounts 
of persons who took a leading part in ^e events. He disposes more summarily of 
this portion ihsn of that in which he himself was both a spectator and an actor; 
where his lesdmony, considering the advantages his portion gave him for infor- 
mation, is of the highest valtie." — Canguett of Peru, Vol, 11. p. 471. 

TnOMAS NicHous, the translator of Gokaba'b " Cimqiuat of Ihe Wat India," 
Lohdoh, 1978, in his Dedieatiou to Bir Fkakcis WALfiNORAH, thus relates a 
conversation with Zaratk, whom he met in SrArn : — 



"Not long Binoe (right Honoriibk) I happsDcd to tnnajle from ths funoui 
Cittie of ToLLEDO in Spatmb toirarde highe Cahtilb, and bj IbrtQna ouertooka 
an auncient Oenttaman, worshipfullj accompanied, vnto who I waa >o bold ai to 
approch, beieching hu worabip to aijiiertiie me of hia ionrnej (wbo after he bad 
beheld mj white head and beard) aaawered fa] gentle!;, that bU intent wu to 
traoajle vnlo the King of Spajne* Coart, and welcomed me vnto hii compaaj'. 
In Bborte apace that we had ioumeyed logither, and communed of each other hU 
Coontrej, it pleased him to laj aa followeth : Hj good friende, if jon knew my 
ante nito the Eingi maieaiie, yon wonld indge tbal I were a madman, and tbeia- 
Ibre to ihorten onre waj, I will declare my attempted ante Tnto yon. Ton aball 
vndeittande that I am a gentleman of i^x. yearet of age, and aometimee I lened 
in the dnill wane* of Firm, where I wu wonnded in diven paru of my body, and 
am now thereby lame in one of my leggel and ahODlder. I hare neyther Wife nor 
ehilde, and at thii presenle (Qod be praised) 1 bane in the Contractation honae, ia 
the Citie of Sidill, in golde and plaie, the inmme of thirlie thoasande Dnckatea ; 
and I haie alao in Fibrd, in good landee and poueaiiona, the yearly rent of 13,OtlO 
Dnckatea, whiche rentes and readye money ig snCBcient to malnteyne a poore Gsn- 
lleman. Bat at thii notwithitanding, I do now ine Tnto the Einga Uaieatie, to 
have licenm and anthoritie to diacnner and conquere a certayne parte of Iitdia, 
whiche adiojneth with Brazils and ia pan of the Empire of Piznt;, I pray yon 
now declare what yon thinks of my ante. By my troth air (qaoth I) I tmat yonr 
wonhip will pardon a rash and laddaiae indgment, which yon now demand at mj 
band : yea iraly (quote be) aay what yon list. Then (quoth I) my opinion is, 
that yon are not weQ in your wit, for what wonld yon hare ! Will not reaaon auf- 
flce yon "S or elae wonld yon now in your old days be an Emperonr, oonaidering 
that yonr Sepulchre attendeth for yoa. How truly I thank you (quoth he] for of 
yonre judgement are moat men; bnti say unto yon, conaideiing that allfleah must 
fluiah, I seeke for no qniet in this tranntorie life .... Wherefore to accomplishe 
my dotie toward Ood and my Prince, and to releere pooie Gentlemen, do I now 
attempie thii journey, with the adventure of iny bodye and goodes, and fbr that 
purpose I have in readinesae fonre tall Shippet, well fnmi«hed In the porta of 
SusT LuoiiS DB BAUBEiiaDA, hoping aasnradlye, that before the life depart from 
my body, to heare theae Taliant young gentlemen ( whom now I tneane to hare in 
my company) say. Oh happie day, when Old Zahatb (fbr so is my name) brought 
OS fh)m pennrie, yea, and from a unmber of perils that we were like to fall into." 

BBDirmT is rery meagre in bis liat of the vaiiona tranalatlons and editions of 
Zakatb, only mentioning four. In this collection there are thirteen. Betides the 
present, or Bnt editioD, there an, a Spanish edition, fixviuA, fseriDona, 1577, 
Iblio; Italian, ViHBoi A, G.dt Ferrari, ia63, in 4ta ; Dutch, Ahtwbki-, Silviut, 
IS63, in 4to ; AnaTBSDAit, Ctrat, Clatt, IBBS, in 4io; French, Ahstkhdah. Ds 
LartM, 1700, 3 vtds. llmo ; Paris, Otmonii, 1706; Cosip. dttLibraitt*, ITIfl; Am- 
■iBM>Aii, Dt Lorme, 1717; DmUkurd, 1718; Paris, 1743; Camp, tbt Libraira, 
I7S3 and I7M, all in 3 toIs. 13ido; Ehousb, Lohdon, /ibna, 1981, imall 4to. 


rEZA DI LEONE. La Prima Parte | dell' latorie del 
Ferr ; | do ve ai tratta 1' ordine | delle Froaincie, delle 
Citt^ nuoue in quel Paese j edificate, i rifd et coetami de 
gli Indinui, | con molte cose notabile, & degne, j che uengano a 

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Dotitia, composta da Fietro Cieza | di Leone Cittadino di Si- 

niglia. | A^iuDtovi in dissegno | tutte le Indie | con la tavola delle 

I cose pid notabili. | Col Priuilegio per auni xx. | In Yeitgtia, 

al Segno del | pozzo, appresso Atidrea \ Arivahtne. h.dlyi. | 

12nii>. Part I., 11 preliminary leaves. Text, 215 leaves^ tn 

Malic letteri. Colophon, 1 leqf. Part U., " Historic generali 

dell' India," 1560, IT preliminary leavea. Text, 824 leave*, 

with a map. 

The mip fn thii cop;, which it often waQtiag, shows the whole of South 
AmaiOA and s Urge portion of Nokth Amsric^. A oonCineDl tonth of the 
Stkiit oi UxaaLUH alto appear*. 

"•GIRAVA. Doe Libroa | de Cosmograplna | compuestos nueua- 
mente por Hiero | nymo Giraua Tarragonea. | Impreaso in MHiAN 
el ABo de m.d.lti. Con priuilegio. Por X. Alios. 

(^Colophon .-) Estampado. En MilaS por Maestro luan Antonio 
Cattellon, y Maestro Chrittoual | Caron. iunto a la Ygle^ de 
naestra Sefiora de la Escala. A los 18 de Abril de h.d.lvi. 

4to. Title, with a large wood-cut repreienting a man fcith a 
globe (tee facsimile annexed} ; reverie, a wood-cut, aith the 
worde " In silentio et spe." 3 preliminary leavet. Folding 
wood-cut map, of G-abpab Vofbluo, of the two hemitpheree. 
Text, in peculiar Italic letter*, 1-271 paget. Tahle, 4 unnum- 
bered leaves, and 1 additional. 

Fint edition. A Kcondwas prinred at Vbnicb, in 1 570, with die title Mne- 
what alEered, and including io iu coatenU " particnlarmente lai India* j derra 
nnsTa." Bbdxst laja ; " On ; trouie txa I'Ahebiqdb dee detail* pin* dtendn* 
qne dans lee ancrea trait& da m€me genre pnbli&i juiqu' alon." 

"" GOMARA, Fhancisco, Lopez db : Historia del \ iUustriss. et 

valoioeisa. Capitano Don Ferdinando | Cortes Marchese della 

Valle, I et [ qvando discoperae, et acquisto | la Nyoya Hispagna. | 

Scritta per Francesco Lopez de Gomara | in lingua Spagnuola, & 

bora tradotta nella Italiana j per Avgvstino de Cravaliz. Col 

Priuil^o del sommo Pontefice, & della Maesta Ceaarea, per anni 

X. si come nella prima parte della Hlatoria del Peru si pno nedere. 

Impressa in RoMA per Valeria, ^ Luigi Dorici fratelli nel mdlvi. 

4(0. Title-, with large wood-cut of printer's mark; reverse, 

blank. Dedication to Cardinal Carpi, 2 leaves. TaHe, 5 leavet. 

Second title, " Historia di Mexico," mdlV., etc., 1 leaf. Text, 

2-240 leavet. Colophon on the right of the last le(\f. 

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iniprep* en Mifun c( A»« (fe.M.D.LVI. 
Cm PriKiTgw, £«• ■ X . Aioi . 

Facsintile of title to"GirHvnH Cosmo^aphy, fiSti'." 


"" LEON, Jean. Hiabiriale | Deacription de | TAfriqiie, | tierce 
partie | du Monde ; j Contenant sea Royanmes, Begions, Vilea, 
Cit€fl, I Cbateacx et fortresses : les Ani | maiix, taut aqiiatiques, 
que terreatres ; contti- 1 mes, loix, religion, et fa^on de faire des 
habitas | anec pourtraits de leurs habits, enaemblea, autrea | choaes 
metnorablea, et Bingulierea nouueautes. | Eacrite de noatre temps 
par lean Leon, | Afriean premierement en langue | Arabesque, 
puis en Toacane, et a | present ntise en Francois, Pius Cinq Naui- 
gstions au pais des I^oirs, aveo les discuors sur icell^. A. Lyon, 
par lean Temporal. 1556. 

2 vola. folio. Vol. I. ; TiUe ; reverts, Contents of the volume. 
10 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-495 pages. Table, 11 leaves. 
Vol. II. ; Title ; reverse. Contents, 3 preliminary leaves, l^xt, 
1-160 pages. Table, 4 leaves. Part JII. of second volume: 
Title, 1 leaf. Preface, by J. B. Ramusio, 1-3. Text, 6-282 
pages. Table, 7 leaves. 

This work, n* might be inrerred fhnn iM title, ia not wholly * description of 
AraiCA hj Leo Afx:oani7S (by which nune thla writer ii generallj known), but 
contuni. In addition, sixlecn other narratiTSi and geographical diacounea retnting 
to various parts of ArniCA and Abia, including the celebrated Itinerary of Var- 
TOBMA to the EaEt in IS03-I50T, and ibe Letters orAHSsicvH ViierccicB. 

The roUowing i« « list of the sererai narratlTes and leltera in the work : — 

I. Vojage of Hanko, a Carihoji^iTiinn, who first diKOvered portions of Africa. 
S. Disconrse on this vora;^ made bj a Portngusse pilot. 

3. Description orAraicA, by John Leon, African, in nine books. 

4. Diicourse on the voyage of Seignenr Alotjts db Cadbhosto, Venetian. 

5. Voyages of Cadahosto to Che country of the N^croes. 

6. Voyage of Piebrb di Sintbs, written by Ibe above-named Cadauohto. 

7. Voyage from Lisnov to St. Thomas by a Portognese pilot, sent to Connt 
Rbmond de la Toub, ■ gcnllemsn of Verona. 

B. Letlerg of Ahertcds Vespuciob, Florentine, written to S. Pibbbb Sodbrin, 
OonMonler of the Seignory of Florbnce, touching his voyages. 

9. Voyages of Vasco db Gajia, and Pbt«h Alvarez ; of Tbomas Lopbz 
and John db 'Ehpou, 

10. The travels of Lodowice Vabthema, Bologncse, in various parts of 
EoTPT, Ababia, Pebhia, Ikdia, etc. 

II. The voyage of Jambol, a Greek merchant, with a discourse upon the same. 

12. Discussion upon the lelters of AHO&ft Corbal, touching his voyage. 

13. Letter of the Qdbbn JIblhha, mother of rBESTSB John, to EiiANt:BL, 

King of POBTDOAL. 1509, 

14. Letters of Andb^ Corbal, contSiiuing an account of his voyage. 

15. Description of ETBiorlA by Francisco Altabez. 

16. Letten of Datid, Prbbtbr Jotur, to Fopb Cleueht VII., and lo John 
and Ehhanubl, Kings of Fortuoal. 

IT. Discourse on the Bitbb Nilb, by John Baftiitb BAHDSio,with th« reply 
of Jbrobib Fracabtor. 

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Following the Ictieni or Vehfuciub is B " surrinaiy" fchowing "how hevu)ed 
astmy Trom ibe comet path, and how he found it again b; means of (Btrology. 
How he discovered a coon irj which began on the equinoctial line eight ikgreea fVom 
ihe Antarctic Pole, nari|;ating along which he ]>Bssed beyond Ihe tropical line by 
Berenleen degrees and a half" 

A Latin edition was printed si AKTWHnt-, liy J. Ijalium, in 15SB, in Bvo, and 
again at Ticuni, Gtiaer, in 1559, in 8vd; at Lcoduni-Bitat., £/ieBiV,in 163S,in 
S Tols., Sinio. A French edition at AnTnEBP in 1556, in 8to. 

The French edition in folio, above deacribed, which i« known as the collection of 
TmiPORAL. iu pabliaher, nai reprinted in Pahib in 1B50, in 4 toIb. Sto, at (lie 
ex|)ense of the fCOTernment The description of Africa by Leo Afbicahch waa 
translated into Engliih by John Poret, at the suggestion of Richard Hakltttt, 
a» appears hy the dedication, and prinied in London, Gtor^ Bidii^, 1600, folto, 
which ii in this collection. 

^^ MEXIA. Silva de | varia lecioD | agora nuenamente enmendada, 
y I aftadida por el autor de la quarta | parte, con diligencia, 
corrigeda, y | adornada de algunos cosas utiles, que en las otras 
impntssiones Im | faltaua. | (^Vignette .-y 

Imprimose | en Leon de Fraiicia, [ por loa hetederos de | Di^o de 
Junta, I M. D. LVI. 

8vo. 16 preliminart/ and 666 paffet. Table, 5 pages. 

Thi« collection of miscellanies conutns one entitled " Dialogue on tht Sua," which 
hai a passage relating lo Mabellah and the ainiit which bears his name; a ref- 
erence, thus early, to this eminent navigator, possesses an interest. Mr. Tickkor 
thus speaks of the work : — 

"Pbtiro Mbxia. the chronicler, wrote a Silva or Miscellany, divided in later 
ediUonu into six books, and sabdivided into a mnllitude of aeparale essays, his- 
torical and moral, declaring it to be Ihe fint work ol the kind in Spanish. 

" To tills, which ninj be regarded as an imitation of Macboriuh or of Ath- 
BNj:Da,aiid which was printed in IS44, were added, in IMS, six didactic dialogue*." 
— /list, SpaaM Lilrralure. 

Mr. HASRiasK (Bifi. VeCn. Americana, "Addition") notices two French 
ediiiuii-:, tranKlnieil from the Spanish, in 4io, one bearing tbe imprint of LroNS 



(be other of BotiBN, 1536, wbkh be tbunil in the Nsiivmil Library, Paris ; while 
Bbchet, in referring to a, Tolio edition in Spanieh, printed by Crombtrga- at 
SErii.LE, ill lM2,saya tbst ii the first edition. There is in this collection n French 
ed., PlKie : Claudt Mixard, 1580," in ISmo. Bhunbt mentions the following 
editiong: Anvxxe: M. Nacio, Ifi55, 15S4, and 1G03, in 8>u ; Lyons: 1556 in Bvo; 
Sa&igossa : 1554, in 8vo; Madsiti : Garcia de Olmeda, 1643 and 16T3, in 4to ; 
SEVILLE : H. Diaz, 157U,* folio, ttatfeCc Ktttre. SunM of these contain Toar and 
others bix parts. Bbuhbt also mentions French translali^nB; Pahib : Sertemu, 
I5.M; tfonJ, ISTland 1577; LrOMS : ]5B4Bnd 1593; Tovrsoh : MlchftetSoubnm, 
1604, IBIO, and 1616, all in Bvo. In addition to these, HAHniasK men lions Spanish 
editions: Sbtii.1.1 : Daminica de Robertii, 1540; Sbtille: Juan ijTombtrger, 
1540, folio. These two editions Mr Hassisse saw in a private library at Seville. 
Translated into Eaglieb by Thohas, and printed in London in 1613-19, 
in folio.'nnder the title of" TAe Trmsmie of AwieienI and Sftiderne TimeM." Tbfs 
contains translations from other Spanish snihors besides Mkxia. There is also an 
English translation by Thomas Fobtebciib, nnder the title uf " TAb Forat or 
Calitction of Hittoriet," etc., London : Jhon /fynjitan, 1ST1.» In the latter, some 
pbriioDS are omitted. ThMe marked thai * are in ibis collection. 

tU/tTtnat. — BtmvKt, Vol. III. coL 1666-89. IIarribsb, Additioa; Kos. 131, 
13S, etc 

% ivnttinW 

pleajsaunt, ano toittie tnorftc, 
of tte beate stau of a putltque 

mtaXt, onb of tl)e nenie gle, tailrb Bto- 
))ta: torUten in Catine, bQ tlje right nor- 
tl)ie anb famona Sgt Sijcitnas itlore 
Kn^Sht, anb ttanelatcb into <fnglisl)( bji 
fidfi^e Kob^nson, sometime fellatoc 
of Cotfms Qtbristi College in <S>%- 
fbtb, anb none bg Ijim al t^is ec- 
fonbe ebilion nenlie ptni- 
seb anb cocrecteb, anb 
aieo uitl) biners no- 
tes in the mai^ent 

imtitinteb at lon&on, b? 

9l1)ral)am Bele, ntueUinge in 

llanUs tt)nrtl|^rbe, at the signe 
of U)e Cambe. 

,d by Google 


31^ MORE, Sib Thomas. A fnitefuU | pleasauiit, and wittie worke, 
I of the beste Btate of a publique | weale, and of the newe yle, 
called Uto- | pia : written in Latine, by the right wor | thie and 
famous Syr Thomas More [ Knyght, and translated into Knglishe 
by I Raphe Robynson, sometime fellowe | of Corpus Chriati Col- 
lege in Ox- 1 ford, and nowe by Mm at this se- 1 conde edition 
newlie peru- 1 sed and corrected, and | also with diuers no- 1 tea in 
the margent | augmented. | Imprinted at London, by | Abraham 
Uele, dwellinge in | Paules churchyarde, at the signe ] of the 

(^Colophon :^ C Imprinted at London in Paules Church 
yarde, at the sygne of the Lambe, by Abraham Veale. m.d.lti. 
Small 8vo. Title, likf. facsimile. Epistle from the translator, 

2 leaves. THOMAS MoKE to Pbteb Gileb, 6 leaves. Text, 
1-131 leaves. To the Right Sbnorable JbboME Bustlydb, 6 

pages. Sonnets, 8 pages. The printer to the reader, 1 pc^e ; 

reverse, blank. ®othit ^ttttt. See edition of 1550 /or a note. 

*" OVIEDO.] L'HisTomB | Natvbelle et Geseballe | des 
Indes, Isles, et Terre Firme de la grand mer oceane. Traduicte 
de Castillan [ en Francois, | par Jean Paleur. A Paeib, De I'im- 
primerie de Michel de Valcotan, demeur^it | rue ssunct laques, 
& la Fontaine. M.D.LVI. Avec privilege dv Roy. 

Folio. Title ; reverse, blank; and 4 preliminary leave*. Text, 
1-134 leaves. 

2" TAMARA, Francisco. El Libro | de las costvm | bres de todas 
las gentes del | Mvndo, y de las Indias. Ti-aduzi | do y copilado 
por el Bachiller Francis- 1 co Thamara Cathedratico de Cadiz. Y 
dirigado al ilustrissimo SeSor | Bon luan Claios de Guzman | 
Conde de Niebla, &o. En Anvers. En casa de Martin Nudo, 
a la enseOa de las dos CigueBas. 1556. Con gracia priuilegio. 

12mo. Tide; reverse. Privilege. Text, 2-349 Zeanes. Table, 

3 leaves. 

A Spanuh trsnilatiaD of Bobhds'b " GU Coitaiai." 
""STADEN, Hans. Warhafftig Historia ] vJmd beschreibung 
einer Landtschafft | derWilden,Nacketcn,Griiiiitiigen,Menschen- 
fres I ser Leuthen, in der Newen welt America gelegen, vor vnd | 
nach Christi geburt im Land zu Heaaen vnbukant, bisz auff diso 
ij. nechet verjgangene jar: Da sie Hana Staden von Homberg 
auaz Hesscn | duich sein eygiie eriarung extant, vnd jetzund | 

,d by Google 


durch den truck an ti^ | gibt. | Dedieirt dem Datcbleucbtigeii 
Hochgebornen Herm, H. Pbtlipsen LandtgrafE zu Hessen, Graff 
zu Catzeneinbc^en, IMetz, Ziegenh^n vnd Nidda, Beiiieni G. H. 
Mit einer Yorrede D. Job. Dryandri, genant Eycbman | Ordinarii 
Profeasoria Medici zu Marpurgb. | Inhalt dee Biicbluis rolget nacb 
den Vorreden. 

( Colophon .•) Gedruckt zu Franckfubt am Mays, [ dorcb 
Weygandt San, in det | ScbuurgasBen zum | Krug. | [JVo dale. 
Preface dated 1556.] 

Small 4to. Title ; reverse, blank. 1 preliminary and 76 
numbered leaves, with numerous wood-euts in the text. 

[TYanalalion. — Tme Hietory and deBcription of & conntry of dke wild, 
naked, crael cannibali, situate in the New World, America, unknown to the 
laud of lieam before and aller the birth of CbriBt until these two yeaM laet 
past, when Hans Staden of Homberg, in Hesse, knew them by his own 
experience, and now publishes it in print. Dedicated to the Ulustrious 
Bight Honorable Lord H. Philipsen, Landgrave of Hease, £arl of Catieneln- 
bogen, Dietz, Ziegenhain, and Ridda, his G. H. [Gross Heir, liege lord.] 
With a preface by D. Johan Dryandri, called Eychman, ordinary professor 
of medicine at Mariiurgh. ConteDts of the Tolume follow the preface.] 

A Flomiib translation was printed at Ahtwkrp in 1S63, In 8to, with wood-cnte. 
See the Iwo works by Stadih, printed at Antwkrp the following year, which are 
on tbe same sobjecc as the present work, bat of which the titles diSbr. 

In I59S tbe brothera Di Bbt inserted a Latin translation m the third part of 
their eolleclion of " Grandt Vogagt*," where the author of this translation (whose 
true naine wm AsjiH Leohicbb) is called Tboorius Akhxcs Privatus Col- 
CHUI1U. See Hbusel, BiUioth. Hitlor., Tom. TIL pt ii. pp. 49, SO. M€m. de 
Camia, pp. 56, 61. Bib. iTeier., Vol, VL No. 442. Bbcnbt, Vol. V. col. MM. 


rEZA DI LEONE. La Sciconda Parte | deQe hiatorie 
I generali dell' India, | con tvtte le cose notabili | acca- 
dnte in ease dal principio fin' & questo | ^omo, & nuoua- 
mente tradotte | di Spagnuolo in Itallano. | Nelle quali, oltre | 
all' imprese del Colombo | et di Magalanea, e si tratta | partico- 
larmente della preaa del Re Atabalippa, | delle Perle, dell' oro, 
delle spetierie, ritro ] tiate alle Maluccbe, & delle guer | re ciuili 
tra gli Spagnuoli. | Con Privilepo. | (^Wood-cut, see top of next 

In Vekbtia. M.D.LVII. Appreaso Andrea Arnuabene all 'In- 
B^na del Pozzo. 

12mo. Title ; reverse, blank. 17 preliminary leaves. Text, 
1-324 leaves, in Italic letters. With a map, showing the 
whole of Sooth America and a portion of North America. 

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'"*FEDERMANNS. IndianiBche Historia. | Ein Bchoiie Kiirtz | 
weilige Historia Niclaus Fe | dermanus des Jungern von | Ulm er- 
Bter raise so er von Hispania tB { Andolosia auez in Indias des 
Occea^ i nischen Nors gechati hac, vnd | was ibm allda ist beg^Det 
bisz auS sein | widerkunfft inn HispaDiam, aufis | kurtzest be* 
Bchriben, gantz | lustig zii leseii. sidlviI. 

(^Colophon .-) Ende diser Indianischen Historien. | Gedruckt zu 
Hagbnaw bei | Sigmund Bund. \ 

Small 4(0. Title, 1 leaf. Dedicatwn of the German editor 
to the noble and powerful Lord Jban-GuillaUMB de Lou- 
BBNBEBO, Lord of BooBCKH, 2 pages. Text, 61 unnumbered 

" NiCBOLAB Fedbbmahh wu a naiiTe of Uui, in Sdabu. I can find no par- - 
ticoUn of his life before his deparlurs for Amebica ; it is eaay, baweTcr, to ne bj 
hia work that he vaa a alcilirul soldier. All hislorians agree in praisiog bis courage 
and ability. Daring his bojodth in Edbope, between bis tiro expeditions, he 
wrote the narrative of the Srst, and left it in the hands of hia brother-in-law, a 
IxjDrgeois of Ulii, who printed it at Haodbnau, in 15&7. He intended giving a 
second, to which he several tunes refers hie readers, but I have no Itnowledge that 
it was ever printed, and am ignoraui that it was ever written. The Brsi account 
itself is of the greatest rarity, and I have not fonnd it cited in anj bihliograph;. 

" The work, cnlirelj forgotten in Qkrhant, has never been translated into any 
language. Abnolu, in his life of Marq Welsbb, which ia found at the head of 
the writings of that celebrated banker, printed at Nubeubbbq, in 1682, mentions 
iKroni CSUBIUB (-4nn. Sua,-., P. HI. Lib. SI. Cap. IV.) ; bnt it appears that he bad 
never seen it himself; he only speaks of the second expedition, end says not award 
abont the first, which is, however, the onlj thing of which there ia a doubt in tbe 
work. It is probable that at that period there no longer remained io the arehiTCS 
of the family of the Weuebs any docantent on Veskxubla, for Ashold speaks 
of it only tVom Jean se Laet. The map which he baa given is only a copy 
of that which is fonnd in the ' Navut Orbit.' " — Eitract Jj-om the Preface of He 
French trcuitiation, published in Tbrnaux's " Voyige*, Relalioiu, and Memdn Origi- 
tianx." Pabib, IB37. Vol. I. 


,d by Google 


eral | hiatoria de las Indias. Escripta por el Capitan | Gon^alo 
Fernandez de Ouiedo y Valdez. Al | eayde de la fortaleza y 
puerto de Sancto Domin | go, de la Tela EspaBola. Cronista de Sa 
Msjestad, | Que trata del eatrecho de M^ellans. C^ En Vali^- 
DOLiD. For Francieco Fernandez de Cordova. \ Im pressor de au 
Majestad Ailo de M.D.L.Tij. 

Folio, Title, with a large aood-tmt of the arm$ of Spain, 

Ixiiij. (64) numbered leaves, including the title, on the reverse 

of which the text begins. 

Book XX. of tha second part of iba "HiOoria GemM oftht InduM." 

"*>STADEN, Hans : Warhaftig | hiatoria and beachreibung eyner 
Landt j schafft der wilden, nacketeo, grimmigen, menBch freaaer | 
leuthen, in der Newenwelt America gelegen, vor vod nach | 
Christi geburt im land zii Hessen vnbekant, bias tS dUe zwey | 
nechst vergangene jar. Da aie Hana Staden von Horn { beig ausz 
Heaaen durch aein eygne erfarung erkant, | vnd yetzo durcb den 
truck an tag gibt. | Dedicirt dem Durchleucbtigen Hochgebomen 
herm, | P. Philipsen Landt^raff zii Heaaen, Qraff zii Catzen | 
einbc^n, Dietz, Zi^enbain vnd Nidda, seinem G. H. Mit eyner 
vorrede D. Job. Dryandri, genant Kycbman, | Ordinarij Profea- 
Boris Medici zU Marpurgk. { Inhalt des Biicblins volget nach den 
Vorreden. | Getruckt zii Mabpurg, im jar M.D.LV1I. 

(^Colophon-) Zii Mabpuko im Kleeblatt, bei Andres Kotben, 
vff Faatnaoht. 1557. 

4to, Titlet with wood-cut ; reverse, blank. 7 preliminary 
leaves, including two dedications. Text, 81 unnumbered leaves. 
Hap of a portion of Brazil and 53 wood-cuts in the text. 

Upon the right of the tweat;-niatb kaf begins a Mcond book, with the following 
title: — 
WarhafEtiger kurtzer be | richt, baadel vnd aitten der Tuppin 
In I baa, derer gefangner ich gewesen bin, Wonen in Aiiie|rica, 
jrelandt acliafft ligt in in 24. gradua vfEder j Seudenseit & linien 
lequinoctial, jr landtstoaeet | an eyn refier, Rio de Jenero genant. I 
See the edition of 1556 (or a translation of the title and a note. 
" Thia is a mott int«i«aliag account of t, wild, naked, aaTsge race of cannibals, 
and of the manners and cnatoms of Tupfih Ikbis, whose prisoner Hiss Stadbr 
became, and remained there till reliered by a French veasel. This original is so 
rare, that Cahctb could neither procnre it, nor learn where it was printed. The 
account ia considered so authetilic and interesting that It new edition of it is pro- 
paring in Gebuant." — BiUlotheca Graiintiiana. 

»i VICTORIA, Fbancisci de. Reverend! j Patris F. Franoisc 

,d by Google 


de Yi I ctoria, ordinis Praadicatorii, sacra Theologife | in Salman- 
ticensi Academta quondam | primarij ProfesBoris, Relectiones | 
Theolt^cie xit in duos | tomos divifise : Quarum seriem nersa 
pagella indlcabit. | Summarits suis ubique locis adjectis, una cum 
I indice omniant oopiosiBeimo. | ( Vignette :) 

LuGDUNl, apud lacobum Bot/erium, M.D.LVTI. j- Cum priuilepo 
Regis ad decennium. | 

2 vols. Svo. Volume I. : Title, 1 leaf. Preliminaryy 3-10. 
Text, 11-485 pages. Volume II,: 397 pageg, including the 
title. Index, 20 unnumbered leaves. 

Thia IB a work of deep inicrest upoa jar[spnideiice, wherein the aathor discDiiseB 
the right of the King of Spain to conquer the Indiaaa, and occupy Ambbioa. 
Hallam thus Bpcaka of It: — 

"The ' Rdedumti Thtologica' of F. ds Victohia, a profeasor in Salamahca, on 
whom Nicolas Antokio, and manj other Spanish vrilen, beston the higheet 
eulogy, is a book of remarkable scarcity, though it has been palilished in at leait 
Kiuredidons. Gbothib has been supposed to haTemadeaBeof it in his own gcttx 
work i but some of those who since his time liave mentioned Victoma's nritiags 

on this subject lament thnt ihey are not to be met with In the chapter 

concerning the Indians, ho strongly asserts the nntura] right of those nations to 
dominion over their own properly and to sorereignty, denying the allegiations 

rannded on iheir intldelity or lices Ho denies (hat the Emperor, or Pope, 

1b lord oT the whole world, or that the Pope has any power OTer the baibarinn 
Indians or other infidels The whole relection, as well as that on the In- 
dians, displays an intrepid spirit of humanity, which seenui to have been rather a 
general characteristic of the Spanish theologians." — Literature of Europe, Vol. II. 
p. 150. 

Ndtber Bbcnbt, Okaesbb, nor Tbrijaux men^ons this work. Mr. Hallam 
says, besides the edition of 155T, it was printed at Salamanca, <n 1565; at Ltohs, 
in I5S7; aodatVBHiCB,in 1626. Antonio mentions an edition M Inooldbtadt 
in 1580, and another at Antwbrp, in 1604. 




A.UROLYCI.] Cosraogra [ phia Franciain | Mavrolyci 
la I nensiB SictU, | In trea dialogos distincta : in quibus 
I de for I ma, situ, nuraerot^ tarn coelonim quam | elemen- 
tonim, alijeqae rebas ad astro | uomica rndimenta spectantibus 
Batis I disseritur. Ad reuerendiss. Cardinalem Bembiim. | ( Wood- 
cut of a cock.') PABIsns, I Apnd Gulielmum Cauellat, in pingui 
I Gallina ex aduereo Coll^j | Camerenais. | 1558. | 

12mo. T^tle. 7 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-168 leaves, 
urith geometrical figures in the text. 

" STADEN, HA2TS. Warachti | ge Historie ende be | scbrivbgo 
eenslandtsm | America ghelegen,wieDsmwoonder8 wilt, | naeckt, 
seer godloos, ende wreede | menscben eters sijn. Beschreuen door 
Hane Staden van Homborch vt lant Tan | Hessen, die welcke 
seiner in persoone | het landt America besocbt heeft. | Vt den 
Hocchdnyach oner gheeet. | TaNTWERPBIT, | By Chrittoffel Plan- 
t^n, inde gulden eenhooren. ] 1558. | Met privilegif. | 

12m0. Title; reverse. Privilege. 1 preliminary. Text, 66 
imnumhered leaves, with 26 wood-cuts in the text. 

[Tran$}adon. — Tme tdatoiy and deicription of a country altuate in 
America, die InhabitanU whereof are wild, naked, most nngodly and cruel 
cannibals. Written by Hans Staden of Hombergh in the land of Hesse, 
wbo hath personally visited said country in America. Translated from the 
German. Antwerp, hy Christopher Flantyu, at the Ooldon Unlconi, 15SS. 
With pritilege.] 

w STADEN, Hans. Een Warach|tich oort bericht | Tanden 
bandel ende zeden der Tappin Imbas, diens gbevangen ick | 
glieweest ben, woonende onder haer in dat | lantscbap America, 
dwelck leyt inden xxiiij. | graet op der ZuydtBijden der linien 
equi- I noctiael, ende stoot, aen een riuiere | Rio di lenero gbe- 
naempt. | ( Vignette, see cut at top of next page.} 
Gheprint ThantWBBPBN in den gulden Eenboren by Chriatoffel 
Plantijn. 1558. 

'i.2mo. 28 unnumbered leaves, including the title. 10 wood- 
cuts in the text, including the one on the title, repeated. 

ITranslaiion. — A true and brief account of the Manners and Cnstoms of 
the Tuppin Imbas, whose prisoner I have been, living among them in that 
country of America which lies in the xsiiij. degree on the south side of the 

,d by Google 


equinoctial line, and extenda to a river named Rio di lenero. Printed a 
Antwerp at the Golden Unicorn by ChrJBtophcr Plantyn, 155S.] 

Tbeae books are of grot nritj. Mr. 
Ahstbbdaii, taji that he n< 

^ THEVET, F. Andbe. Lea singvlari , tez de la Fran | ce ant- 
arctiqve, av | trement nomm^e Amerique : & de | pluaieura Terrea 
& Isles decouuertee de nostre [ temps. Far F. Andr^ Tbenet., 
natjf d'AngouleBme. ( Vignette ;) 

A Paris, | chez les hentiers de Maurice de la Porte, aa clos | 

Bruneau, <l I'enseigne S. Claude. | 1558. | Avec privilege dv Roy. 

Ato. Title, with wood-cut of a shield beneath a CardinaVt 

hat ; reverie. Privilege. Dedication to Cardinal db Sens ; 

,d by Google 


Ode, preface, and advertitement, 1 unnumbered leaves. Text, 
1-166 leaves. Table, 2 leaves. Many wood-cuts in the text. 

■* ZENO. De i comment&rii del | Vit^gio in Persia di M. Cutenni 
Zeno il K. I & delle guerre fatte nell' Imperio Peraiano, | dal 
tempo di VsBUDCaasano in quo, Libri dve ; | Et dello scoprimento 
I dell' Isole Frislanda, Eslanda, Engrouelanda, Esto | tilauda, & 
Icaria, fatto aotto il Polo Artico, da | due fratelli Zeni, M. Nicolo 
il K. e M. Antoiiio. | Libro vno. | con vn disegno paiticolate di | 
tutte le dette parte di Tramontana da lor scoperte. | Con gratia, 
et privilegio. | ( Vignette ;) 

v£ri tas. 

In Vbketia, Per Francisco MareoUni MDLVm. 

l2mo. Title ; reverse, blank. 5 preliminary leaves, num- 
bered. Text, 6-58 leaves; on the reverse of last the printer's 
mark. Folding map, 

{^Traiulation. — CommeDtaiy on the Travele in Persia of M. Caterino 
Zeno the Knight, and of the war wa^d in the Penian empire during the 
time of UBSQncaisano. And of the discoveiy of the islands Frisland, Esland, 
Engmneland, Estotiland, and Icaria, made under the Arctic Pole by the 
brothers Zeni, M. Nicolo the Knight, and M. Antonio. In one book, irith a 
particular account of all that part of Tramontana discovered by them.] 

The map, which is generally wanting, meainre* ISXISJ inches; we giieafac- 
simile, ledaced. 

Among (be seieral claims set forth for the discovery of Ahbrica prior to 
CoLDHBVS, are those of the brothers Zbni, who, in the year 1380, claim to have 
Ti»il«d sundry itlands which they call Fkisland, Ebland (Icst^AND), EnobovE' 



i^HD (Gkbbnlahd), and Ioabia. The Mcount of theM voyagw Snt appmrad M 
Vbkicb in ISSS, and was incorporated and pabliihed in the lecoTid TOlame of the 
wdl-kaown collection of Rimubio, " Naingationi A Vtaggi," publiehed in 1B74, m 
eapplem«ntai7, or leTenteen jeus after (lie death of that reliable gei^rapber. 

Much has been written for and against tbe gennineaeu of tbe rojagei of the 
ZiHi ; for, to late aa the middle of the eighteenth centniy, they were looked upon 
ai to tinpostnTe. Thii ojunion was fint combated by Fobbtxb, who, in hii 
"Aecouat of DiacoKria in tlte Norlharn Regiona," Losoov, 1TS4, 4to, addnCM 
argnmenti for the genninenew of tbeie voyagei. Bnl the mott important attempti 
in their behalf are tbe esMj-i of Cardinal 2uslx, published in 1B06 and IBIS, 
entitled " DitKriaiioBe I'ntanio ai viaggi a teoperti telltntrienali ; di Nieaio i ^bCdrio 
Frat. Ztni;" and " Di Marco Polo t dtgli aiiri ViggitOori Fenuumi ;iiA iUiutn," 
Venbzia, 1818, 4to. The same opinloo was adopted by Zach, Buachb, Ualtv 
BBitH, WaLKBVABR, etc. Bat all the argnmenta of theie writer) bare been com- 
pletely refoied, flnt, by Capt, C. C. ZABKTHAim, of the Daniih Nary, in the fifth 
Tolame of tbe " Jeanud oftheSa/ai Gaogmphiad Sodtig," page loa.and by the late 
Hon. GaoBaR FoLaou, of Nbw Tokjc, in an ardclo in the "Norti Aierican 
KtBiae" for Jalj, ISSB. 

With oar present knowledge of tbe geography of the Arctic rqpons, it reqaires 
ttiw argnmenw to abow the ntwr falai^ of tlis atatement* made in the narratire of 
the Zbhi, which more plainly a|^>eara upon an examination of the map aceom- 
panjing tbe rolume where the islanda referred to and viaiied are laid down. We 
can identify what i* meant for OBKaHLuro, and probably the Fbbob leLAxna ; 
Init even with Ibeae identified, tbe whole chart bears the most palpable narks of 
liBTing been compiled by a perion who had never been at tbe plaeea themselTea, 
and wbo knew nothing of either Lbe language or tbe hiaiorj of the North. 

Id do^ng hia oaay, Captain Zahrtminx wriiea : " These reBecdoiu hare led 
me to tbe inn conviction that the rojaget of the Zbhi, at least in all the mmn 
points, are mere fobrications." Tbe writer shows, ^- 

" 1st. That there never existed an Island of Fkisi.ari>, but that what has been 
represented by that name in the chart of the Zbhi is the Fbbob IsLArix. 

" 3d. That the said chart has been compled from heariaj information, and not 
by any seaman who bad himself oavlgatad In those saas for several years. 

"3d. That the ' Halorj of tin Vogaga of tit Zati,' more particularly that part 
of it which relates to Nicolo, ia so replete with fiction, that it cannot he looked to 
for any information whatever as to tbe atate of tbe North at that dme. 

"4^1. That both tbe history and tbe chart were most probably compiled by 
NicoLO, a descendant of the Zbmi, from acoonnts which came to Italt, in the 
middle of tbe sixteenth century, being tbe epoch when information respecting 
Obbbbulhc finl reached that oonntry, and when intereat was awakened for the 
colony which liad disappeared." 

Mr. JoHn Wihtbb Johis, the editor of tht reprint by the Haklnyt Society, of 
HAKLirrT's " Divert Voyaga touching Ikt duamtrie of Amenea," Lokdom, ISBS, in 
which is contained the voyages of the Zbvi, niakee the following remarks in his 
Introduction to tbe volnme :-— 

" The discoverie of the Isles of Frisland, Iseland, Engroveland, Ac, has been 
passed over without any editorial annotation, a careful pomsal of the account hav- 
ing led US to tbe perfect conviction that the atory as a whole is a forgery. Some 
of Che materials of which it is composed may be trtie ; bnl tbe true is so blended 
with the palpably false aa to Iw no longer separable from it otherwise than by tbe 
aiipiication of a process of analyzation hx too tedions fbr tbe present work." — 
Intndactian, page xcii. 

Mr BtDDLB makes tbe following remarks on what he calls "that memorable 
fraud, tbe pretended voyage of Niohoius and Aktonto Zexo" : — 





" The Dedicklion of diis work, u origiuall; pnbltihed b; Marco UNt, bean date 
December, 1958. Rakcsio died in July, I95T, and of course it is impouibte that 
tt oonld have been pnblUbed bj him, or that he could have marked it for ineertiim. 
It doea not appear in the Ramcsio of 1599, bat was interpolated into the lecond 
Tolmno in 1 974, •erentecD ;eara after hie death. Tbls drcumstance is decisive 
ag»iait its antbenticitj. Rakcbio, a natire of Vehidk, was not only ■ diligent 
and anxious collector of voyages, bnt, it appears by his woi4, WM famiJiar with the 
fiunily of the Zbho of that city, and he speaks with pride (ed. of 1999, torn. iL p. 
65, D.) of Ae adTHitnioni trav^a of Catixiito Zsno in Pbbsia. Bad the mate- 
rials for sDch a voyage existed, he would hsre eagerly Mixed the opportnnity of 
embodying them, and it 1b plain that the imposcnra dared not make its appearance 
in his lifetime. Tet, fnini the snbeeqnent interpolation, this tract, by almost anan- 
imooB consent, has been considered to bear the high sanction of Bamubio's 

" The proftssed author of the book, MAxooLint, was a bookseller and pnbtither 
of VxHica. It bean bis well-known device, of which Dr. Diboin has given a fec- 
simile. The motive fbr getting it np it pretty well disclosed in the concluding re- 
marks, which allude to the prevailing appetite of the public for anch works. It is 
stated that the slight materiali extant had been put together that tbej might not 
be altogether lost at a period ' moat atndious of new narralivea, and of the discov- 
eriea of strange countries, made by the bold and indefatigable exertion of onr ances- 
ton.' A full exhibition of the evidence which eetablithes tlii* production to be a 
rank imposture would require more apace tbsn can here be jui^Qably devoted to a 
topic pnrely iuddental." -<- ifeimir of Siba^aii Cahat, Phii^adblfhia, ISSl, 
p. 393. 

After the fbr^oing had gone la the printen, the editor received a copy of an 
eesay on the voyage* of the Zbni, by Ur. B. H. Hajdk, F. 8. A., of the Brltlib 
Huaeam, published by the Hakluyt Society, wherein that gentleman has endeav- 
OKd to prove the gennineneM of the narrative. In this essay he has shown great 
•cutenen, and has arrived at results at variance with tboee of Captain ZAHKTHAan 
and moat of tbe previous commentaton. Spooe does not permit us to present the 
arguments of tbe learned commentator, which, it must be confessed, are very in- 
geniona, and wiU carry conviction to many minds. By making proper allowances 
fbr the Italian rendering of northern names, Hr. Hajob has identified the most 
important place* mentioned in the narrative of Zbho. In FRtBLAHDA he find* tbe 
PjBBO Islands, by which name they are mentioned by CoLnaBrs. In Ehgroitb- 
LAHV be finds Qbbbhi.and. Abont this name there never has been any donbt. 
By EsTi^AHD, the Shbtlattd Iblavds are meant. Isblahija, Icbi.ahd ; and by 
EsTOTiLAHD, the NoBTH Ambbicab shOTB. For ZiOHHi, the lord of certain 
islands, he suggests, in common vrith Hr. J. Rbihhold Fobstbk, the name of 
S1HC1.AIB, who, at the period in qnestlan, was Earl of Obshbt, to which tbe 
Earldom of SQBTi.Ani> appertained. 

Hr. Hajoh has appended to hii Essay, a " Descnpd'on of Qrteiand in tht Four- 
ttnlh Cetitvry," by Ivab Babdsbh, in which ftcts are stated that tend to corrobo- 
rate the statements of Nicolo Zbho, the most important of which is the existence 
in Orbbblabd of a lake near which was a monastery dedicated to St, Olad* and 
St. AuoDSTlBB. That near by were small islands wiiich "abound in warm water, 
which in winter is hot, and can be used fbr bathing and for the cure of disea*ei." 
Such a monastery, and hot water near, are mentioned in the narrative oTNicolo 
Zemo. As no such place was befon known to have existed, this statement aided 
in throwing doubt on the whole narrative. Mr- Majob attribatce the present non- 
existence of this lake and warm water to volcanic action which, during the post 
five handred jfean, bos made important changea in the country. 




1IVERSI AVISI particoUri daU' Indie | di PortogaUo 
riceuuti, dcill' anno 1551. | sino al 1558. dalli Reaerendi 
Fadri { della Compagnia di GiesT. | Dove B'intende delli 
Faese, | delle gente, ft eoetumi loro, ft la grande con- 1 oersione 
de molto popoli, die hanno ri- 1 ceauto il lume della santa fede, ft 
I reli^one Christiana. | Tradotti nuonamente dalla lingua Spagn- 
uola nella Italiana. | Con Priuilegio del Sommo PotUefice, ^ deW 
Stustrittimo Senato Veneto per anni xv. 

(_Coloph(m :") In Venbtia : per Miehele TramezztTio. MDUX. 

12m<]. 7 preliminary leavei. 286 pages. 

"CUNINOHAM, Wm.] The Coe | mographi | cal Glasse, con- 
teinyng | the pleasant Principlee | of Cosmographie, Gec^;ra | phie, 
Hydrc^rapliie, | or Nauigation. | Compiled by William | Caning- 
hain Doctor | in Physicke. | Ezcusaam Lokdini in ofGcina | loan. 
Dai] Typograpbi. | Anno 1559. | 

In this GlaBse if you will beholde 

The Sterry Skie, and Yearth bo wide, 
The Seas also, with windes bo colde. 

Yea and thyselfe all these to guide : 
What thia Type meane first leame a right, 
So shall the gayne thy trauaill quight. 
(^Colophon:') ^ Imprinted at London by ] John Day^ dwall- 
yng ouer Aldersgate be I neath Saint Martina. | 1559. | 

Folio. Engraved title ; reverae, coat of antu. Dedication to 
LordeHoBERTDuDDZLEY, 2 pagei. Latin versea in praiie of the 
author, 1 paffe ; reverse, a toood-cut portrait of the author in his 
doctor's habit («ee this portrait on next page). Preface, 6 
pages. Text, 1-202 pc^es, in Italian letters. Jfany wood'Cuts 
and small maps in the text, including a bird's-eye view of NoB- 
WICH. Index, S leaves. Privilege from Qjikes Elizabeth, 1 
leaf; on the reverse, the colophon and printer's mark. 

The lut chapter in thia Tolame ii entitled "A Pertievlu Deacription of cncllB 
partM of America, M are b; tranaile (bnnde out." In Ibii the anthor enlirelf i^ 
norea CoLCHnns, whom he doea not mentioii, but aaji, in speaking of Akbuoa, 
" it takelh tbe name of Ahbum, of Ambbicdb VBtrtntsi, who bj comaande- 




mcnt of Ferdimando King of Cahtell, fuDndc it ont, in the jeare of Christ our 
SauloDr 1497 abouCe th' ends of June, m doeth appeare bj his owns testimnnie." 

Oldvs, in hie "BritUk Librarian," London, 1738, devotee no lera than nine 
p^?s (o Ihia book, nhich ho calla "• <carc« and learned Treatise, bo remsrlable 
both in beautj of the print and ornsmenu, and rarity oflhs subject, for a book of 
inch antiquiEj." He adds, " Tho' this Dr. Conhihiiham had been a traveller, yet 
being bred a Phjddan, it may be looked npon as Mtmewbat extraordinary, ihat be 
shotild aet fiirth a book upon Ihit subject io much more copious and elegant than 
bath hilbeno been published ; and also wrote so many others ax he here mentioiis." 
Here follows a list of seven other works on Astronomy and Fhjsics. "Tba Author 
twing now no more tluin twenty-eight yean of age." Page 36. 



»LEO AFRICANUS | loannis Le- Ionia Africani | de totivs 
Africae | desoriptdone li- 1 bri IX. Quibvs non solum Afri- 1 cs 
regionam, inBolanmi, & appidomm situa, lo | commque intemalla 
accurrate' complexvte est, | sed R^am familiaa, bellorum causas & 
euentus [ res^ ; in ea memorabilis, tam & sdpBO diligeati ob- | 
servataone indagatas, quam in veris Maaroram | Annalibus 
memorisB traditas, copioee descripsit ; | recena in Latinum lingoam 
conuersi lo- [ anne Fiona- 1 no Interprete. Arabic^ prinmm Bcrip- 
^t Author : deinde Italico sermo- | tie reddidit : loanneB Florianus 
) ex Italico Latinum fecit. His recena accedit | HannoDis Cartlia- 
^nensium ducis Naiugatio, | qua Libycam oram vltra Herculis 
cotumnas lu- 1 atrauit, Conrado Geane- 1 ro interprets, cum ) 
Scholijs. I TiOTRi per Andream Q-etnervm F. Anno u.D.lilx. 

8fO. 'Rde ; and 13 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-517 paget. 
"Hannonis Cartha^^nensi," 2\ page». In Italic letters. 

A full deocrlption of Araic*, at it wx known in tbe middle »gta, bj Lbo 
Afsicahdh (the name by which the author is generally known). A French 
translation wag printed in Ltohb, in S Tola, folio, in IGGG, and althoDgh ita title ia 
" Dttcriptim d^AJriqaa," it i( a collodion of seTenteen narrstiTce of voyages and 
travels relating ehi^y lo Atbica, with a few on Eastern conntries. In it an also 
letters from Ahibicuh Vuphoiub. The volnme, m a whole, is known as the 
collection of 1wtrt>vj.u The work of Lbo Afbicakds waa tranalaied into 
ED||lish hy John Forit, at the request of. Haklctt, and printed in Lohdov In 
theyeai 1600, accompanied by a map of Afbica. 

Lxo was horn of Moorish parents at Gkinada, in Spain ; and when that city 
was taken by the Spaniards in 1493, he retired to Afkici. He studied at Fbz, 
and afterwards travelled through various pans of the north of Afbica. Having 
been captured by jurato, he was taken to Italt and preeonled to Pore Lbo' X., 
who persuaded him to embrace ChriBtionily, and gave him hia own names on his 
being baptiied. At Bomb he acquired a knowledge of the Italian language, into 
which he translated his " Deicrlpdon of Africa," originally written in Arahic. This 
is a very curious and interesting work, comprising acconnts of several oountries 
rarely visited by Enropeans. He is supposed to bare died soon aRer IG36. — 
MOBBHi, BiograpkU UniveritBe. 


»Rig«OEMO AUBANO, Giovanni. Gli Coetvmi, le | L^, 
H Vmm ^^ Ivsanze di tvtti le gente ; raccolte, qvi insieme da | 
mtSSSM molti illuatri Scrittori per Giouamii Boemo | Aubamo 
Alemano ; E tradotti per { Lucio Faitno in questa nostra | lingua 
yolgare. | A^ontovi di nvovo gli | coetumi, & I'usanze delli 
Mondo Nueuo da P. | Gieronimo Giglio. Vbnetia. Appreao 
IVaneiico Lorenxini h.d.lx. 

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Small %vo. Title; and 3 preliminary leaves. Text, 236 
leavfi, in Italic letters. 

ThB raiinnora and customs of llie people of all parts of the world. 

BoBUua'!! work, " Oomiuin Gentium Mora, Lffges," etc., appeared first, Ano. 
ViND., 1520, and was reprinted, according to Grakssk, Fbiboubq Bribo., 1538, 
in 8vo; Antwebp; J. S(m/»io, 1537, Sto; rtirf., 1538, 810 ; LtoD. GHrm., IS4I, 
8vo; ibid., 1556, 12mo; ibid., 1582, 8vo; 1591, 12ino; s. 1. {Ltons) 1604 and 1620, 
in 12nia; Genkva, 1620, 8vo. It was tmnsiaCed into Italian by Lucio FAtJNO, 
and printed at Venezia in 1S43, 1549, 1558, 1560, 1564, in 8vo; imo English hj 
G. Aston, London, 1611, in 4to; into Spanish bj Tahara, Anvbrs: A'uci'o, 
1555 (see No. 109) ; and in French, Ltohb (f. ik Touraet), 1552, l6nio. 

The fourth book, wriiccn by Pudho Geboniuo Giolio, treating of the manners 
and customs of the Americans, first appeared in tlie Venice edition of 1549, or 

^ CIEZA DE LEON, Pedro de. La Pi-ima parte | dell' Historie 
del I Perv, Dove si tratta 1' ordine delle | Provincie, dell Citta 
nuoue in quel Paese edi | ficate, i riti & coatumi de gli Indiatii, | 
con molte cose notabili, et | degne di cousideratione. | Composta da 
Pietro Cieza | di Leone Cittadiiio di Siiiiglia. Con la tavola delle 
cose I piu notabili. | Con Priuilegio per Anni XX. ( Vignette ;) 

In Venhtia AppresBO Giordano Ziletti, al aegno della Stella 


12mo, Title; reverse, blank. Table, 6 leaves. Proem, 1 
leaf. Text, l-22o leaves in Italic letters. Colopfion with prin- 
ter's mark on the reverse. 1 unnumbered leaf 

'^ GOMARA Historia | delle Nvove Indie | Orddeutali, [ con tvtti 

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i disGoprimenti | A; cose notabili, auuenute dopo racqiiisto di ease. 
I Parte seconda. | Composta da Francesco Lopez di | Qomsra in 
lingua Spagnaola. | Tradotta nella Italiana da Agostino di Crav- 
aliz. I In Vbnetia. | Per Francesco Lorenzini da Ikrino MDLX. 
12mo. Title; reverse, Hank, 1 leaf. Dedication to CoSMO 

DB Medici, 2 leavet. Table, 5 leaves. Text, 1-306 leaves. 

Italic letters. 
« GOMARA, F. Lopez de. Hiatoria | di Don Ferdinando | 
Cortes, Marchese | della Valle, Capitano Valorosissimo, | con le 
sve maravigliose | prodezze nel tempo, che discopri, & acquist6, 
la nuoua Spagna. Coinposta da Francesco Lopez di | Gomara in 
lingua Spagnuota, | Tradotta nella Italiana da Agostino di Cra- 
valiz. ( Vignette of printer's device .•) 

In Veketia, Per Francesco Lorenzini da Turino HDLX. 

12mo. Title, 1 leaf. Dedication to Cardinal di Cabpi, 
2 leaves. Table, 7 leaves. To the reader, 1 leaf. Text, 1-348 
leaves. Reverse of last leaf blank. Italic letters. 

s« DOMINGO DE S. Thomas. Gramatica 6 Arte de la Lengua 
general de loo Indios de los Reynos del Peru, Nuetiamente com- 
puesto, por el Maestro Fray Domingo de S. Thomas, De la Orden 
de S. Domingo, Morador en los diclios Reynos. Impresso en 
Valladolid, por Francisco Fernandez de Cordoua. 1560. 

(_Colophon :') C Imprimiase en la may insigne Tilla de 
Valladolid (Pincia otro tiempo Uamada.) En caaa de Fran- 
cisco Fernandez de Cordoua, Irapreseor de la M. R. Acabose a diez 
del mes de Henero. Aflo de 1560. 

Sm. Soo. Title, 1 leaf. Prologue, 5 leaves. Poem, 1 page. 

" Al Lector," 8 pages. Text, 1-96 page*. 

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»• DOMINGO DE S. Thomas. Lexicon 6 Vocabulario de la 
lengua general de Perv, copnesta por el Maestro F. Domingo de 
S. Thomas de la Orden de S. Domingo. Impresao en Yalla- 
DOLID, por FrancUeo Fernandez de Cordoua de la M. R. Con 
privilegio. [1560.1 

(^Colophon .-y C Imprimiaae en ... . Valladolid en la 
officina de Frdeiso Fernddez de Cordoua de la Magested Real. 
.... AEIo de mil y quinietos y sesenta. (^Followed hy the 
pr inter" » device.^ 

Small Svo. T^le, 1 leaf. Prologue-, " Al Lector," 6 leaves. 

" Errores," 1 lecif. Text, 1-179 leaves. 

These tiro worka are of great raritj. A copy in the Lb Clbro sale. No. 468, 
Pabib, IS6T, bronght 1050 francs. According to Lcdbwio, it irai reprinted u 
" L'Arte Vocabulario at la Ingaa gtneral dt Peru," Imp. par A. Ricardo, ^ Lika en 
liB6, Svo. 


1HEVET, M. Andria : Historia | dell' India America | 
detta Altramente | Francia Antattica: | Tradotta di 
Fraiiceae in | lingva Italiana, da M. Gviseppe Horologgi. 
Con Privilegio. ( Vignette of printer's device :) 

In I ViNEGlA appresBo Gabriel Qiolotti de' Ferrari. UDLXi. 
\1mo. Title ; reverse, blank. Dedication, 7 leaves. Table, 
8 leaves. Text, 1-363 leaves, in Italian letters, with 1 leaf fur 
irood-cut of printer's tnark. 

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" VILLEGAIGNON.] Histoibb | des choses | m^morablea ad- 
TC I nves en la terre dv | Br4Bil, partie de I'Am^rique-Au { atrale, 
sous le gouuernmeiit de N. de Villeg. [aignon], depuis Tan 1555 
I jusqu'a I'an j 1558. | M. D. LXI. [No place.^ 

12rao. Title, reverse blank, I leaf. To the reader, 2-5. 
Text, 6-48 leaves. 

^Translation. — History o£ the memorable events which liappeued io the 
land of Braail, & part of America- Australe, under the goremment of N. de 
Villegaignon, from the year 1559 to the year 15^8.] 

NicaoLAi DuHASD DB ViLLEGxioHOK, Knijjbt of Malta, wu bom It Fbov- 
itiB in Bki)!. After aerving in several nava\ cxpetlitioiiB he became Vice Admiral 
in (he reign of Hensy II. Having quarreled viith ibe Goveraor of Bhhbt, and 
fmriDg the consequencei, he determined to leave tijc cauttlry and settle ■ Culonj iti 
BaAziL. KnoKing that Admisal Coliohi favored the Belbrmed Kultgion, he iti- 
furmed him that hii deaJgi> was to procare an aiylam for the faithful, nbo were 
persecuted in Fbanck. The Admiral, with his usoal prudence, concealing (his 
exeellcnl motive from Ubhbv II., and representing Che caterprite unly un (he side 
of ihe Bdvaiiiafrra which it might procure lo the kingdom, obtained for Villb- 
OAltiMOM two ships well equipped, and tb« sum of ten thousand livres. The knight 
embarked on the 15lh July, 1555, and arrived in November at the River GaNa- 
BABA, now Kio Jaukixo. He settled bis culony on an island which he called 
CoLiQNT. lie showed a great zeal lor ihe reformed religion, as most of bii fol- 
luwera wereProicsianis; and wrote to the church at Genbva for two ministen, 
which were sent him. Soon after Ihe arrival of these ministers, a difflcuhy arose 
between them and ViLLEiiAioKov upon points of fxith, which resulted in the for- 
mer leaving (he colony and returning lo Fsascb. They embarked Janoaiy 4, 
IMS, and arrived at the Port of Blatki on the S6th May following, A description 
of tlio miseries and horrible famiae suffered on this voyage is given by Johh db 
Lert, one of the ministers. Villboaionok, who, as some writers say, was the 
oi'caBiun of this famine, was guilty of a much more treacherous design against 
them, which they fortunately escaped. ' He relumed to France soon after, when 
the Portuguese captured Fort CoLicnr, and transgiorted its silillery to Libbor. 
Ho carried on a violent paper war against (be adherents of the Beformed Beligion 
after his return. BaIlb, Uictionarg. 

Calvinislic writers are very severe on Villboaiomon. Jdbibv asserts, I. That 
the Admibal dk Coliont cast his eye upon Villbqaioiion in order to send 
him to prepare a retreat in Ahbbtca for the Kcformers. S. That VtLLEaAlOKOB 
promiicd to grant them liberty ofconscicnce. 3, That after having kept his word 
fur some time, he hanged, drowned, and direw intg the sea all those who would 
not follow his apostasy. 4, That be shut up others in a moving prison, without 
provisions or arms, in which bo placed as many of the lieformed al he could thus 
dispose of. — Apology poar la Reforinatitai. Quoted by Batlb. 

Bhumbt says, " The writings relative to the expedition of Vilixoaignoh to 
Bbazil are curious, and deserve examination. Of this number is the relation of 
Ub Lbkv, though it should be stated [hat the latter is favorable lo Villboaiomon, 
who, after having unileruken to protect the Protestants, finally became their per- 
secutor. Brunbt cnentions several publications for and against ViLLEa,ii0HON ; 
but nowhere is the history of Ibis remarkable man better related than by Mr. 
Francis X'ARKUAlt in his recent work cnlilled " Fiontert of France," p. 16. 




1U0VI AVISI I dell' Isdie di | Portogallo, | Riceuuti 
dalli Reuerendi Padri della compa | gnia di Criesu, tra- 
dotti dalla lingua | Spagnuola nell' Italiana. | Terza 
parte. I Con priuil^o del sommo Pontefice, & dell' L- 1 lus- 
trisBimo Senato VenetO per anni XX. 

( Colophon :) In Vebtetia per Miehele Tramezzino HD.LXn. 

12mo. Title and 6 preliminary leaves. Text, 816 leavet, in 
Ralic letter!. 

A colleciion of Jesuit lettera, a part of them relatiog to Bbazil. Tbe dedica- 
tion U Bigneil bj the eame Michblb Trameeziho. 

** PTOLEMY, Geographia C. L. Ptolemaei Alexandrini Olim a 
Bilibaldo Pii-ckheimherio trSslata, at nunc multis codibna graecis 
collata, pluribusqne in iocie ad prietinam ueritatem redacta a 
losepho Moletio mathematico. Adeunt LXini. Tabula xxvii, 
nempe antique & reliquee noue, que totam continent terram, nostra, 
ac Ptoleniai aetati cognitam. Typisq : aneiB excu^te. Indices 
rerum quse tractautur copioasiaaimi. Venbtus: apvd Vincentivm 
Valgrinvm MDLxn. 

4(0. Title and 3 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-286 page*. 
64 maps, of which 6 are of America, with accompanying descrip- 
tion». Table, 31 leaves. 


■BLUM, CoENELis.] Die Nieitwe Weerelt der Landt- 1 
\ schappen ende Eylanden, die tot bier toe alien ouden j 
Weerelt bescbriueren onbekent geweest sijn. Maer nv 
onlancx: vande Poor ] tngaloiseren en Hispaniere, inder nedergan- 
kelijcke zee geuonde Midtsgaders den zee- | den, manieren, ghe- 
■woonten ende vsantien der inwoonenden vobken. Oock wat | 
goeden ende waeren, men by henleiden gbeuonden, ende in onae 
landen | gbebracbt heeft oft hebben, daer by vintmen oock den 
oorBpronck | efi ouder bercomen, der vermaei-sten, machticbaten, 
eft ge- 1 weldichste volcken, der ouder bekender weerelt, gbe- 1 lijck 
daer aijn die Tartaren, MuBcouite, Ruys-jsen, Pcuyaaen, Hon- 
geren, Slauen, etc. | Naet wt wijsen ende inhout des omghekerden 
blata. I (^Wood- cut, see following page :') 

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Habet ^ mutca splenem. 

Et formica tua hUix inegt. 

Met gratie ende Priuilegie voor den tijt van vj. iaren | Ghe- 
print Thantweepen in die Cammerstrate inden Arent | ts^en 
Scarabeum by my Jan van der Loe. Anno H. D. Lxm. 

Folio. Tith ; reverse. Privilege. Li»t of authort, 1 page. 
Spittle dedicatory to the Prince of Obange, signed Cobneijs 
Ablijn, 4 pages. Text, in double columns, i.-dcccxviij. (818) 
pages. At the end is repeated the figure on the title-page, the 
printer's mark. 

[Tranelotion. — The new world of the coantries and islandi which, nnlil 
tlie present time, h&ve beea unknown to all geographers, but which have 
been recently discovered by the Portugueie and Spaniards in the Western 
Sea. The manners, customs, and usages of their inhabitants; the products 
and merchandise which have been found among them and brought to our 



country. The ori^n of the moat celebrated people, the moat powerful sod 
the moat formidable of the ancient known world, &t tbe Tartars, MnacovitM, 
BuMians, FrugaianB, Hunguians, Sclavea, etc.] 

Thia work, publiahed by CoBHaLia Ablin, notary at Ahtwibt, Ibr which 
reaaon it ia placed under bia aame, ia a trsnslatioa of the collection flrat made and 
pabliahed ander the care of Simoh GBTnxoa, in 1832. It waa tranalated into 
German and pnUiihad at Stsibbocbo, in 1534, from which Oerman version tha 
prwent Dutch one waa made. For a list of the contenti, aee tbe edition of Gbtkaob 
printed at Baslb, by Hergauiut, in 155S. The laal three pieces there mentioned, 
however, are not in Ablyn's collection. 

»" GALVAO, Antonio. ^ Tratado »•? qne compSs o nobre & 
no I tanel capitao Antonio GaluSo, dos | diuersoB & deauayrados, 
caminhos, | por onde noe tempos passados a pi j menta & especearia 
Teyo da India as | nossaa partes, & assi de todoa oa des | cobri- 
mentOB antigos & modemos, | que sac feitoB ate a era de mil & 
qni I nhentos & cincoenta. Com os nmnes | particnlarsB das 
peBsoBs que os fi | zeram ; & em que tempos, & | as suas alturaa, 
obra cer | to muy notaael & \ copiosa. | 

Foy viBta A examinada pela santa Inqnisicao. 
Impressa em casa de loam da Barreira impres | sor del rey nosso 
senhor, na Rua de sS Mamede. [LlSBOA.j 

(^Colophon :) ^ A loauor de Deos, & da | gloiioea Virgem 
Maria, se acabou o linro dos | descobrimentoe das Antilbas & 
India. | Imprimio se em casa de toham da | Barreint, impressor 
del Rey | nosso senhor. Aoa quinze [ de Dezembro. De mil | Sc 
qaiuhetoB & sessenta & tres An | noe. Title ; reverse, Errata. Prologue, Pbancis db 
SonSA urUo the Uluitriou* Prince Don Iouao Dalbm Cas- 
TEO, Duke of Aueiro, 3 leavei. Text, 1—80 numbered leaves. 
The colophon on the recto of the last leaf. 

[TVanaJalton. — Treatise composed by the noble and remarkable Captjun 
Antonio Galvano, of the different and astounding routes by which in times 
gone by pepper and spicea came from India to our parts, and alao of all the 
discoveries, ancient and modern, which have been made up U> the year ooe 
thousand five hundred and fifty. With the particular names of the persona 
who made them ; and in what aeasons and in what latitudea, a work certainly 
very remarkable and copious. Examined by the Holy Inquitition. Printed 
In the bouse of Joam de Barreira, printer to our Lord the King, in the street 
of a Mamede.] 

"Antohio Galvaho waa bom at Libboh in 1509. Be embarked for Ihdia in 
IU7, where he aoon diatinguiahed himself. 

" He waa selected by the Viceroy Don Nuhbo da Cdhba, to rednee and goTem 
the HoLDccAa. After a time he ancceeded, as nach by ralor u by jndicial 
conduct, in bringing theae islanda ander Portagiieae away ; and by exerciaing atriet 



justlee and kind doling towardi tha nativei, both ram in tliose d'ji, he earned Che 
title of the ' foiher of hii countrj.' 

" Bat hiB deeds were not limited to earthlj conquest. Galvano, bo intrepid at 
the head of his troops, might also be seen, with a cracifix in his hand, preaching 
the gospol pnbliclj, wherebj be became known as the ' Apostle ' of the Molcccls. 

"Havine spent many jeara and much [reasiire in Edsofe benefiting the people 
committed to his charge, he was recalled lo Eubopb. But calurony and cBrj 
appear to hsTe been at work, and he was coldly received hy his sovereign, Joaif 
III. Finally, he was reduced to sncli a slale of indigence, that he was &iin to find 
refage in the Boyal Hospital at Lisbon, where he died in 1557. 

" GiLYiSO was ft man of rare talent, well versed in religions and secular 
knowledge, and also well instructed in warlike arts, both military and naval. 
F.1BIA r SonSA Bums up his high qualities in these wards : 'His fame will never 
perish, 80 long as the world endures ; for neither weak kings, nor wicked ministera, 
nor hliad fortune, nor ages of ignorance, can damage « reputation so justly mer- 

" He spent the lacier part of his life in compiling an account of all known voy- 
ages, and thus he may be styled the founder of historical geography. His papen 
were left at his death to his friend Dos F. r Sous* Tavares, who published 
them." — AdUibal Beibone'f Pr«/aee to the Tranilalioa printed bgiht HoUjo/I 
Societg, LoNCON, 1862. 

The work of Galvaho may, with good reason, be called an excessively rare 
book- Grabmb says, " On ne connait que deun exemplaires de colte edition." It 
was translated into English b; Haklctt, and printed in London in 1601, under 
the title of " T'Ai Diacaveria of the World, Jrom their first origiaat unto the yeere of 
our Lord 155S," small 4to. Even in the lime of HaklUit the work seems to have 
been so rare " for," says he, " the translation hath lien by me above these twelve 
years] in all of which space. Chough I have made much enquirie, and sent 10 
LiBBOn, where it seemeth it was printed, yet to this day I coold never obtain the 
original copy ; whereby I might reforme the mftnifold errors of the translator." 

In his dedicacion to the liighC Honorable Sir Kobebt Cbcil, Knight, Hak- 
lhyt thus speaks of the book : — 

"The worke tboagh small in hulks conCaincch so mach rare and profitable 
matter, as I know not where to seekc the like, wilhin £o narrow and streile a com- 
pe«se. For heerein is orderiy declared, who were the first discoverers of the worid 
liace the time of the flood : by what wayes from age to age the spicerie, drugs, and 
riches of the East were conveyed to the West ; what were the causes of the altera- 
tions of those courses, as namely the changes of empires snd government," etc. 

The work was reprinted aC Lisbon in 1731, in folio, under the title of" Tractado 
dot descubrimattoi antigot e modernoa feilos oti a Era dt 1550, etc. An English 
Irantlation was printed in the second volume of the " Oxford Ceiltction of Vosaga," 
Vol. II. 

**2 PUGA, VASCO de : Philippva Hispania | rvm et IndiarYm | 
Rex, I C Provisioes, c^dulas, | Inatruccionea de bu Magestad ; 
orde I naD9as d' difiitos y audiecia, pa la bue | na espedicio de loa 
negocios, y administracio d' juaticia ; y governacio d' sta, ] nueva 
Espaila ; y pa el bue tratamieto y conservacio d' los indioe, dede 
el I aflo 1525. hasta eate presente de 63. En Mexico en casa | 
de Pedro Oeharte, m. d, lxui. 

Folio. Title, with the imperial armt in the centre, and a 

,d by Google 

Facsimile of title to Puma's "ProvisioneB Cedulas Ji:c,156S" 




wide border ; reverse, blank. Preliminary leaves and text, 2- 
213 leaves. Table, 5 unnumbered leaves. Ootljit Celter. 

Mr. Helfs g«jB tbii " is the mrlieat BammBrj of Spsnish colonial Ihw, relating 
to the New World. Il ii ■ work of Che highest raritj ; there ii not a copy known 
to e:ti8t in Enoi,*»d." — The Spamih CmqiUMt m Amirica, Vol. 111. p. ia7. 

This cop7 wu tent to Eitqiand, and used b; Mr. Hblfh. 

It ii remarkable that Nicholib Ahtokio, who ha* prwerved a rccorij of every 
Spanish author known, does not mention Puoi, or hi» book ; nor dooe Bbuhbt, 
in the latest edition of his " Maiatil du Libraire." 

" MORE.] Thoraae [ Mori Angliae orna- 
menti eximii, lu | cubrationeB, ab innumeris 
men | dis repurgatse. | VtopisB libri II. | 
Fn^nmasmata. | Epigrammata. | Ex la- 
ciano coanersa quadam. ] Declamatio Lu- 
oanicse reapondene. | Epiatolse. ) QuibuB 
additse sunt duee aliornm Epistolce, de 
uita, mo | ribus & mart© Mori, adiuncto 
renim | notabilium Indice. | (^Vignette, 
at in margin.') Basil, apud Episcopium 
F. 1663. 

12mo. 15 preliminary leaves and 530 

pages. Index, 23 leaves, unnumbered ; 

on reverse of last the printer's device, 

tame as on the title. 

For tu) extended note on the " Viopia," see tho 

English edition of ISM in thii collection. 


s^RIBAULD.] The WholS and | tKUB disconerie of Terra 
Florida, I (englished the Floriahing Lande), con | teyning as well 
die wondei'full straunge na | tares and manners of the people, with 
the mer- { vejloua commodities and treasures of the { country ; as 
also the pleasaunt Poi1«b, | Haiiens and wayes tliereunto Neuer | 
founde out before the last | yeare, 1582. | Written in Frenche by 
Captain Ribauld, | the fyrst that whoUye disconered the same. | 
And now newly set forthe iu Englishe, j the xxx of May, 1563. 
Prynted at London, by Rowland Sill for Thomas Hachet. 
12mo. MS., from the copy in the British Museum. 
Bbdnkt BCfB he has neter seen tbe original French edi^n of this work. 

*»ZARATE.] De Wondebluckb ende wa | raehtighe Historie 
vant Coninckrijck van Peru, ge ] leghen in Indien, inde welche 

,d by Google 


verliaelt wordt de gheleghentheydet co | Btuymen, inunieren van 
leven, oueruloedicheyt des goudtB eii silvers, { ende voort alle de 
sonderlingste dinghen vanden seluen lande, Insghe | Itckr vanden 
Bteden, plaetsen, ende inwoonders desselis Conincrijckr, daer be- 
neuen hoet gheuonden ende eerst by de Key | serlijcke Maiest. 
hoochloflijcker memorien ghecon | questeert ende yercregben is, 
met alle de oor ] Ic^n eii Btnjden die ghebeurt wjii, boo tegbena 
d' Indiaoen als oock on- 1 der den Spaengaerts om | tgouaernement 
deen teghens den an | deren. { Verciert met Bcboone lignreu. | 

Thantwehpen I 0\t de Camerpoort brugghe inden gulden Eng- 
bel by Willem \ Silvim Drucker der Con. Maieat. 1563. 

4to. Title ; reverie, Priviletje, and 3 preliminary leaves. 
Map of South and a portion of NoBTH America. Text, 1- 
206 leavet. Tables, 10 leavni, with colophon on the reverie of 
the la»t one. Numeroua wood-cute in the text. ®oI^ic £eUer. 

^Translation. — The Woadrouii Hod trutliftil Histcry of the Kingdom of 
Peru, situate in the Indies, wherein ia rt^Uted the aituation, cnetoms, m&nner 
of living, abundance of gold and silver, and (iirihen&ore all the notable 
thiDga of »aid country. In like manner of the cilies, plares, and inhabitants 
of said Kingdom. Moreover how it iras diacorered and first conquered and 
posiieaBed bj hia Imperial Majesty of glorious memory, together with all the 
wars and contests tLat hare occurred, both against the Indians as well as 
anions the Spaniarde, one against the other, for ihe goTernnient. lllof- 
trated witli beautiful plates.] 

lerond was printed in 1S7.S; a third in IHS; n 



■" ZARATE.] Le Hjstobie | del Sig. Agostiuo | di Zarate | 
Contatore et Consigliero | del 1' Imperatore Carlo V. | Dello 
Scoprimento et Conqvista del Perv, | nelle quali si ba piena & 
particoUr relatione delle cose successe, in quelle baiide, | dal prin- 
cipio fino alia pacificatitme delle Provincie, si in quel ehe tocca | 
alio Bcoprimento, come al successo del guerre civili ocoorse | fra 
gli Spagnuoli & Capitani, che lo conquistarono. | Nvovamente di 
lingva Castigliana tnidotd dal S. Alfonso VUoa. Con privil^o. 
In ViNBGlA appreaso Gabriel GioUto de Ferrari. h.d.lxiii. 

4(0. KtZe, with wood-cvt of printer's mark and 7 prelimi- 
nary learnt, including table. Tex^, l~(miaprint.ed 2)~-294 paget, 
in Malic letters. 


10EM0 AUBANO.] I Costvmi, j le Leggi, et | I'Vaanae 
di I tutte le genti ; { diviu in tri Ubri : | Raccolte, qui 
ineieme da molti lUustri Scrittori, per | Giouaimi Boemo 
Aubano, Alemano ; | E tradotti per Ijucio Fauno in que | sta 
nostra lingua volgare. | Et a^iontoui di uuouo il Quarto Libro, 
nel qnal si [ n^ra I Costumi, et I'vsanze dell' Indie Occi | deutali, 
ouero Mondo Nuono,da j M. Pre Gieronimo Criglio. | In Venbtia 
per Oiouanni Bonadio 1564. | 

12mo. 9 preliminary leaves, inclvding title, numbered. Text, 
10-240 leaves. 

See the editioo of IS60 for a note. 

"BONARDO. La Grandezza, et larghezza, et diatanza, di tutte 
le Sfere, ridotte a nostra miglia : cominciando dall' inferno, fino 
alia sfera, doue stanno i beati .... Del Cavallier Gio Maria 
Bonardo Fratte^ano. ( Vignette.~) In Vknbtia per Francisco 
Rocca a S. Polo all insegna del Oastello. 1564. 

12tno. Title. Dedication to ISABELLA Go»zaga, Marche- 
aana, 8 leaves. Table and sonnet, 6 leaves. Portrait of Bo- 
NABDO. Text, 1-68 pages, in Italic letters. 

* GIE9A DE LEON, Pedbo de.] Historia, | over Cronica | 
del gran regno | del Perv, con la descrittione di tutte le Prouineie, 
e I costumi, e riti, & con le nuoue citta | edificate, & ultre strane 
e ma j raviglioae notitie. | Parte prima. | Scritta da Pictro di Ciecn 

,d by Google 


di Lioue in lingua | Spagnuola, & tradotta nelk Italiana per | 
Agostino di Cravaliz. ( Vignette .■) 

In Venetia. per Qiovanm Bonadio 1564. 

12mo. Title; reverte. To the reader; and 7 preliminary 
leavKB. Proe.m, 1-5. Text, 1-216 leaves. Italic lettert. 
Sen the edition of 1553 (br aa ezUDdcd note on the character of tbe work. 

^^ GOMARA.] HiSTOBiA | dblle nvove Indie | occidentali, con 
tvtti i discopriinenti | & cose uotabili, auuenute do | po 1' acquisto 
di esse. | Parte Seconda. | CompoBta da Francesco Lopez | di 
Goiniira in lingua Spagnuola, y Tradotta | nell' Italiana per Agos- 
tino di Cravaliz. In Venetia. per Giovanni Bonadio 1564. 
Small 8vo. Title ; reverie, blank. Dedication to Cobmo db 
Medici, 2 leave». Table, i leaves. Summary, 1 leaf. Text, 
1-312 leaven, in Italia lettert. 

This volume is bound with tbe Arsl part of CtBf* di Leohb'b "Buttria dd 
Peru," Vbseti*: Bonadio, 156*. 
For an extended note, with list of edition* of Oomaba, lee the jtai 19S3. 

26J PTOLEMY. La | Geografia | di Clavdio Tolomeo | Alessan- 
drino, | nuouamente tradotta di Greco in Italiauo | da leronimo 
RvBcelli. I Con espoeitioni del medesimo, partdcolari di Inogo, & | 
uniuersali sopra tutti il libro, & sopra tutta la Gec^^rafia, d modo 

I di far la descrittione di tutto il mondo. | etc A^ivntoTi 

un pieno diacei-so de M. Gioseppe Moleto Matematico. Nei | 
quale si dicliiamo tutti i termini & le regole appartenenti alia 
GeograRa. | Et con vna nuova & coptoea Tauola de nomi antichi, 
dichiarati co i nomi | modemi & con molte altre coee vtilissime & 

,d by Google 


neoessarle, che ciascuno leg^endo po | tra cocoaceie. Al eacratia- 
simo & sempre feliciBsimo Imperator. | Ferdinando Primo. ] In 
VenetiA Appreaio Giordano Ziletti, al aegno delta Stella M.D.- 

4to. Title; and 5 preliminari/ leaves. Text, 358 pagei, 
with 28 copperplate mapt accompanied by de»cription», 

^"^ RUSCELLI. Espoiitioni j et Introdvctioni | leronimo RvBcelli | 
Bopra tutta la Ge<^rafia di Tolomeo. Con XXXVI Duoue Tauole 
in ietampe di rame, cosi del moBdo oonosciuto da gli antichi, come 
del I naouo. Con la carta da nauicare, & con piti altre com 
intomo alia coBmografiat cosi | per mare, come per terra. | Con 
priuilegio dell' Illustrissimo Senato Veneto, & | d'altri Principi 
per anni xv. In Vekstia, Appresso Giordano Ziletti, al segno 
della Stella. MDLXiin. 

4(0. Title; and 27 unnumbered leavet. 86 copperplate 
mapt, with accompanying descriptione. " Discorso di M. Gio- 
seppe F. Motando," 41 pages, numbered. Index, 24 leaves. 


"KIRHENZONI, Gibolamo: La Historia del | Mondo Ntoto 
K Bjs| I di M. Girolamo Benzoni | Milanese. | La qval tratta 
EiS9 deir bole, | & man nuouamente ritrouati, & delle ntioua 
Citta de la lui proprio vedute, per acqua [ & per terra in qoat- 
tordeci anni. | Con Priuilegio della IlluBtrisBima Signoria | di 
Venetia, Per anni XX. 

( Colophon .■) In Venbtia, j Appresso Francesco \ Rampazetto. 

Vhno. Title, with portrait of Bbhzoni, as below; reverse, 
blank. Dedication to PoPB Pio IVth, 2 leaves. Table, 1 lec^f, 
unnumbered. Text, 9—175 leaves, in Italic letters. Wood-cuts 
in text. 

[TraaiUaion. — The History of the New World, by Girolamo Benzoni, 
of MiUn. Treatiug of the lelands aod Scbh newly dUcovereil, Mid alto of 
the new towns seen by him, In travelling by water and by land during four- 
teen yean.] 

The ftrtt edition of thi« hiiiory, which liu many time* been repriaied and Irani- 
laled into Laiin, German, French, Dutch, and English. OF Laiin ttanetationi, 
the editions are (Gbnbti.), E. Vigam, 1578,* ISBI,' 1566, anited with the Latin 
edition of Lebt'h Voyage to Brazil, onder the collective title of "Hitloria Indm 



Ooddtntalu;" 1598, and witbonC place by La hentim de Fignon, IS90* and 
IGOO*; CotANiiE Allobboodm, p. tie la Eeuiert, 1612 (with three amall tracli 
mentioned in the title). Db Bar, " Grand Vcyaget." Part IV. Frihefobt, 
1692* 1393," and 1594. • Part V. 159i.» Pert VI. FBiNKFOKT, IS96* and 
Oppbnhbih, 161T,» all in folio. (The latter contains that portion orBEHzovi's 
hiilorr that relates to Pbxd.} 

Of Germao translations, B*bil, nairicpelri, 1S79,* Id folio; BASIL, Htnricpttri, 
15Sa,'in folio (joined to Peter Mahtir'b " Decadet," Lbvimub' "Peru," and the 
French expedition (o Florida). Translation by Schbbdioerk. Ueuibtadt, 
Jatxb Laciam, 1S90,* in 4(o. Another German translation by Bchebdioebh was 
printed by Zdchanai Lehianm, at WiTtEMBSno, in 1606,* in 4to, nndor the title 
of " CItroniam Das ill Beschreibung der OtddenlaliKhen rand Indianiichea LSit- 
dern" etc. Not mentioned by Qbiesbe or BRtiNBT. Hahbdro, Bernd Aroit, 
1648, in 4to; Fs*nkfobt, I597;» OpphkHBiM, I619i« Ue Bri, " ffrnnrf 
Vogagti." Part IV. Fhamkpomt, 1S94,« 1613.* Part V. Frankfort, 159S,* 
1613. Of French translations (Genkva), Vignm, 1579* and 1589, in ivo. Of 
Dutch, Hakhlek, Paetchier ran Wabus, 1610, in Sto ; Ahstebdam, G. J- Saegk- 
man, abridged (1663*) 4to. Au English translation by Admiral Smtth i* printed 
in the Hakluyt Society's publications, London, 1857,* Bvo. 

Those marked with a star (*) are in the present collection. 

" With regard to the Srst two books of the French translstion, it is proper to 
remark that the notes and commentaries of the translator differ mnch from thoee of 
the Latin translation, and are more learned. The third book is without notes, but 
thejare to be fonnd in the Ij tin version." — Beuwkt, Manuel, Vol. I. coL 780. 

OlBOLAlio Benzoki was bom at Milan, about the year 1S19, and, as we learn 
ftflm himself, started oat npon adventure in the New World at the age of twenty- 
two. After fourteen years of toil and travnil in those parts, be returned home, And 
in 1565 published hia " Hittoria del Mondo Nuom," at Venice, dedieatinE- it (o 
PoFE Piirs IV. 

,d by Google 


" Tbe n&rraliie of thia p«nGTering advebtarer, though ill written, carrie* \aWt- 
nal eyideace of strict reracitf in all tboee Bcenea in which he naa peraoDall; 
engaged ; and, indeed, throaghout the general details. Il thcreTore fona* a 
nmlerial link in the chain of American historj', as convejing an adequate view of 
the doinjd of the early settleis, and the consequent state of thing* in the New 
World, MoreoTer, the Italian's evidence respecting the famous and onfortDoate 
province of CahahI is peculiarly valuable, as conveying a deep insight into tbe 
social condition of the Indian and Spanish commnnities ou that desolate coast, at 
the most crucial period of its existence. It may be mentioned that, in an unworthy 
attempt to gloze over the cruelties of the Spaniards, Tbbtbi professes an unbelief 
of the atrocities related hy Benzoni ; hnt he produces no foundation for his skep- 
ticism. On the contrary, both Mortoia and Piccinelli referred to hitn as he 
possessed of a clear intellect and tenacioni memory." — AtmilAL Smtth's tiOro- 
daction to Uit tram, of the Haklvyt Socitti/. Londctn, 1657. 

i^^CIEZA DE LEONE. La | seconda 
PABI I delle historie | dell' India. | Con 
tatte le cose notabili accadute in esse dal 
prin I cipio sin' a questo giorno, & nnoua- 
mente tra | dotte di Spagnuolo in Italiano. 
Nellequali, oltre all' imprese del Colombo 
& di Magalanes, si tratta particolarmente 
della presa del Be Atabalippa, | delle perle, 
deir OTO, delle spetierie, ritrooate | alle 
Maluccbe, & .delle guerre cinili | tra gli 
Spagnuoli. ( Vignette, as in margin.') Con 
privilegio. In Vbnetia, Apresso Giordan 
Ziletti, alsegno detl& Stella, hdlxv. 

12mo. TUle; reverse, blank. Table, 16 leaves. Text, 1- 
884 leaves, in Italic letters. 

For a list of the editions of this book and a note, see tbe flrtt edition. IB$3. 

^ DE ORBIS SITU, AC descbi | ptione, ad ReverendisB. | D. 
ArchiepiBGopnm Panormitannm, Fran | cieci, Monacfai ordinis 
FranctBoani, Epistola, | sane quam luculenta. In qua Ptoleman, 
ciB I terormnq ; auperiomm geographorum hal | lucinatio refellitur, 
aliaqne prseterea de re | cens inuentie, terrie, man, ineulis. De 
ditto I ne Fapse loannis, de situ Paradiai, & di | mensione miliarium 
ad propor { tionem gradiium cieli, pne { clara & memoratn | digna 
recen | senttir. j Antverpiae, | Excndebat loannea Withagitu. 
Anno 1565. 

12mo. Title ; reverse, a globe ; and 18 unnumbered leave*. 

»" FLORIDA. Coppie d' vne | lettre Tenant de | la Floride en- 
uoy^e i Rouen, & depuis | au Seigneur d' Eaeron : Euaemble le 

,d by Google 


plan I A portraict du fort que les Francois y ont faict, ( Wood-cut 
of printer' a mark.^ A Pabis, Pour Vincent Normtnt & leanne ' 
Bru I neau, en la rue neufue Nostre Dame, | & 1' Image Satnct 
lean 1' Ea&ngeliste. 1566. 

\2mo. Title. The text beginning on the reverse. S leaves, 

unnumbered. On the recto of the sixth leaf, plan of a fort, 

''aouree de la riviere de May." 

[^Translation, — Copy of a letter coming from Florida sent to Ronen, mod 

aftonrards to the Seigneur d' ETeron. Together with the plan and Tiew of 

the fort erected there by the French. J 

"" HONTER, J. Rvdimen | torum Cosni<^ra { phicum loan Honteri 
Coronen | sis libri in. cam tabeliis | Qeographicis elegan j tassimiB. 
I De uariarum rerum nomenclaturis per { classis, liber I. ( Wood' 
cut.') TiGVHi, apud Froichouerum. Anno MDUtv. 
Following leaf 31 i» : Circvli Speraerae cvm v. zonis. 
\2mo. Title ; and 29 unnumbered leaves. 18 maps. 
On the flnt map Ausbica ii laid down in • kiDg narrow strip. For a note on 
the work Bee the edition of 1&49. 

'"MOLINA, Alonso de. ConleBBionario bretie, en lengoa | Mezi- 
cana j Castellana : compuesto por el muy reueredo | padre fray 
Alonso de Molina, de la orde del sera { phico padre Sant Frantnsco. 
I En Mbxicx> en casa de Antonio de Espinosa, Impreasor. 1565. 
4(0. Title, with a large wood-eut of a erett ; reverse, Priv- 
ilege. Text, 2-20 numbered leaves, in double columns. lS>otl)ic 

** MOLINA, Alonso db. ConfeBmooario mayor, en lengna Mexi- 
cana y Castellaila. | En Mkxico. por Antonio de Espinosa 1565. 

( Colophon .*} (^ Acaboae de impri | mir este ConfesBionario, en 
La muy in | signe y gran ciudad de Mexico : en casa de An ( tonia 
de lEspinosa impreasor de llbros, jun | to a la yglesia de SeQor Sant 
Angn I Btin : a qtiinze de Mayo. Aflo de 1565. Laua deo. 

4(0. Title, with a wood-cut of the Crucifixion nearly filling 

the page ; reverse. Privilege, " Epietola nuncupatoria," dated 

1564, 1 lei^f. Text, 121 numbered leaves, in double columns. 

Table, S leaves. <Sotl)it CetUf. 

*~ WARHAFFTIGE vnd Tolkomene Hiatoria, von erfindung Cal- 
ecot vnd anderer Kdnigreich, Landen vnd Inseln, in Indien, vnd 
dem Indianischen Meer gel^en. So vormala von niemanda mehr 
erland. Daber bias auff den heutigen Tag allerley Gewiirtz, 

,d by Google 


Specerey vnd andere koetliche Wahr, Fast in die gantze Christ- 
enheit gebracht werden. Wie dieselbigen diirch dea Koniges auBz 
Portugal Unterthanen zu Meerersuch, gefunden vnd befriegt 
worden,etc. Ausz Frantzbsiecher Sprach jeszt newlich ine Teaach 
gebracht. Anno 1565. 

12wio. 'Kile ; and 13 preliminary leaver. 765 page$. 
{Traraltition. — Tnie and perfect history of the discoTery of Calicut itnd 

olher kingdamB, countrica, and islands in India and the Indian Ocean 

How they were found by the subjects of the King of Portugal. Translated 
from the French.] 

The Tolome contslni voyaf^es of the PortiigBCM to the East InoiKB, 


61 WKWOEMO— GlGLIO. I Costvnii le Leggi et I'Veanze di 
R EQ tiitte le genti ; divisi in tre libri. Raccolte, qui inaieme 
ElSB da molti Illtistri Scrittori, pet Giouanni Boemo Atibano 
Alemano ; et tradotti per Lucio Fauno in questa nostra lingua 
volgare. Aggiuntout di nouo il Quarto Libro, nel qua si narra i 
costumi, & Tsanze dell' Indie Occidentali, onero Mondo None ; da 
M. Pre. Gieronimo Giglio, ( Vignette.') In Vbnbtia per Do- 
minico, ^ Aluiae Giglio tva,. 1566. 

ivo. Title. Text, 2-240 leaves, ineluding title, 
Ac page 193 begins an account of the manners and cualoras of ihe people of (ha 
New World, which is continued to the end. 

» LE CHALLEUX.] Discovas | de l'hibtoi | be de la Floride, 

con I tenant la cruaut^ des EspagnoLs centre | les subiets du Roi 

en I'an mil cinq cens | soixante-cinq. | R^dig^ au vray | par ceux 

qui en sont restez. Chose autant la | mentable a ouir, qu' elle a 

eetfe proditoirement & cruelle | ment execut^e par lesdits Es- 

pagnols : Contre I'authorit^ du | Roy nostre Sire, a la peite & 

dommage de tout ce Royaume. Item vne reqvSste av | Roy, faite 

en forme de complainto par les fern | mes vefues, petits enfana 

orphelins et autres | les leut:a amis, parents et alliez de ceux qui ont 

est4 I cruellement envahis par les Espagnola, en la | France 

anthartique, dite la Floride. De Dieppe, ce 22 de May 1566. Title; reverse, blank, 1 leaf. The author to hit 

friend, signed hy Le Challeux, 3 leaves. Text, " La Floride," 

9-62 pages. 

\TraTt>latioa. — Discourse of the history of Floiida, containing the cmelty 
of tbu Spaniards agMDst the subjects of the king \h the year 1565. Truth' 



fully drawn np by those who remained lliere. Things %t ioinenUble to hear 
IS they have been treacherously and cmtlly txecuted by said Spaniards, 
againat the authority of the King our Lord to tlie loss and damage of the 
whole kingdom. Aim a request from the Kin^, made in form of a complaint 
by the widows, orphan children and their friends, parents of those who have 
b«en cruelly invaded by the Spaniards in Antarctic France, called Florida. 
Dieppe, May 22, 1566.] 

«« LE CHALLEUX.] Histoire | Memorable | du Demier | 
voyage aux Indes, lieu appel^ la Ftoride, fait par le Capitaine 
lean Ribaut, et eDtrepris par !e commandement du Roy en I'an 

A Lyon. | Par Jean Savgrain^ | m.d.lxvi. | Auec priuilege. | 
(^At the end :~) Fin de la Floride, acheuee d'imprimer le 25 
d'Aouet 1566. 

12mo. Title ; reverse, " Extraict dn Prioilege," 1 ieo/". 
Text, S-71 pages. 

An edition of an exceedingly rare votunie, unknown to bibliographers. Bkiikkt 
describes an edition of the same year, and by the same printer, under Ribaih', and 
again aadcr La Challeux, who, in reality, was the writer of the work. Bronkt 
says : " Apris le tilre se lit una Epistre de I'auieiir k an liea amy, sign^e M. le 
Challenx ; " and that at p. 9 commences " La Floride," etc., p. 56. Chaovhtoh, 
in his Latin version of Benzohi, Srst printed in Qbnbv* in 1578, Svo, hu given 
at the end of the volume a Latin translation of the relation of La Cballbux ; 
and the original French text is reprinted at the end of Chutvbtoit'b French 
version of Bbnzoni, Gihbva, 1979, Svo, 

Da Bar, in the 5tb part of the " Grandi Voyaget," !d appendix, " Exptdilio in 
Fimidam," and at the end of Cbap. L and in Chap. II., pages 87 el teq., has given 
en exact copy oF CaAUvBTon's Ladn version of this little tract of Lb Challbdx. 

*** LE CHALLEUX.] A TBnE and perfect de | Bcription, of the 
last vo I yage or Nauigation, attempted by | Capitaine lohn 
Ribaut, deputie | and general for the Frenchmen, into | Terra 
Florida, this yeare past, 1505. | Trnely aette forth by those that 
re I turned from thence, wherein ] are contayned things as 
la I mentable to heare as they | hatie bene cruelly | executed. | 
Imprinted | at LoHDON by Henry Denham, | for Thomas Haeket, 
and I are to be solde at his Shop | in Lumbart | streate. | (1566.) 
12mo. Title, 1 leaf. The author to his friend, 3 leaves. 
Text, 24 leaves. 

A manuscript in ISmo, transcrit>ed from the printed copy in the British Husenm. 




JENAVIDES, DocT. Pedeakias : ^ Secretos de Chi- 
rurgia,, especial de | las enfermed sides de Morbo galico y 
Lamparouea j y Mirrarchia, y asi mismo la, manera coino 
80 cu I rail lo3 Indios de llagas y heridas y otras passio | cee en las 
Indias, muy vtil y prouechoao para en | EspaQa y otroB mnchos 
secretos de cbirar | gia hasta agora no escriptoa. | Dirigido al 
Serentissimo y Esclarescido y muy alto y poderoso SeHor don 
Carlos principe de las EspaBas, &c. Sef.or nueatro. Compueeto 
por el Doctor Pedrariaa de Bena | uidea Vezino y natural de la 
Ciudad de Toro. | Impresso m Valladolid per Francisco Fer- 
nanda de Cordova Impressor de la Magestad Real. [ Co preu- 
illegio, Tassado a real y medio ea papel. Alio. 1567. 

(^CohphoH.-') Impresso en la | muy noble & ineigne Villa de | 
Valladolid (Pincia otro tiempo j Uamada.) En la officina de 
Fra- 1 Cisco Fernandez de Cordo | ua. Impressor de eu M. | 
Acabose a diez de Fe- ] brero. Alio de 1567. 

12mo. 1-165 leaves, including the title, and 1 leaf for the 

[^Tranilalion. — Secrets of Chinirgy, CBpetially of the dUeaee of Morbo 
galico and kings' evil ; also of the manner of curing the Indians of tOTeg, 
iTODnds, and other Bufferings in the Indies, very useful and profitable in 
Spain, with other secrets of cfairurgy until now undescrlbed. Addressed to 
the most Serene and Powerful Prince Don Carlos, of Spun, etc.] 

TssHAUz says be has never been able to diacorer in any bibliography a notice of 
this author, except (hat be was ■ native of Toao. It appears Irom his book that 
he lived a long time in America, where he pracCicei) Che profession of medicine. 
Neither Bbuhet or Gbibsse mention the work. 

""^ FERIA, Pedko db. Doctrina Christiana en lengua castellana y 
^apoteca; compuesta por el Rev. Padre Fray Pedro de Feria, 
provincial de la orden de Sancto Domingo, en la piovincia de 
Sanctiago de la Nueva Hespana. En MEXICO, en casa de Pedro 
Ocharte 1567. 

(^Colophon:') ^ Al gloria y alaban^a de nro Redeptor Jesa 
Xpo, y de I su benditissima madre nfa seflora, y de nPo glorioso y 
Ban I ctissimo padre sancto Domingo : y pa vtilidad y proue- j cho 
de las alas, aqitise acaba la decluracio breue y cope | diosa d' la 
doctria xpiana en l^^ua EepaBola y ^apoteca, | aentecia por sen- 
tecia : copuesta por el muy R. P. Fray | Pedro d' Feria, prior 
prouincial de la orde de los Frayles | Predicadores de Sancto 

,d by Google 


Domigo, ensta nueua EspaOa. | Fae impssa ensta muy leal y 
insigne ciudad de MEXICO | ea casa de Pedro Ocharte ipreasor de 
libros, CO liceoia | d'l illuBtrissimo y reveredissimo senor do Fray 
Aloso de I Motufar, ar9obiflpo meritiasimo d' la dicha ciudad : 
aca I bose, a diez y oeho dias d'l mes d' Marco, de, 1567 aflos. 

4(0. Title ; and 7 preliminary leaves. Text, 1—116 leaveg. 
The Spanish in Gothic, the ^apoteea in Roman letters. 
Dovhle columns, with numerous wood-cuts in the text. [The 
title and some of the preliminary leaves being imperfect, our title 
may not be entirely correct.^ 

[I'ranstation. — Christian Doctrine in tbe CastiUan and Zapoteca lan- 
gu^es; composed by the Rev. Father Pedro de Feria, provincial of tbe 
order of Saint Domingo, in the province of Santiago in New Spain. In 
Mexico, in the house of Pedro Ocharte. 

{Colophon .') To the glory ftnd praise of our Redeemer Jesus Christ, and 
of his most blessed motlier our Lady, and of oar glorious and moat holy 
father Saint Domingo, and for the good and profit of soula, here ends the 
brief and compendious declaration of the Christian doctrine in the Spanish 
and Zapoteca languages, sentence by sentence, composed by the very rev- 
erend Father Pedro de Feria, Provincial Prior of the order of Brother 
preachers of SnJnt Domingo in this New Spain. It was printed in this most 
loyal and worthy city of Mexico, in the house of Pedro Ocharte, printer of 
books, with permission of the most illustrious and ipoBt reverend Don Alonzo 
lie Montufar, Archbishop of said city ; finished, the eighteenth day of 
March, 1567.] 

A work of exseawvB rarity. For rererenoes, see B»nR»T, Vol, II. col. 1233 ; 
Ghaisssk, Vol. II, p. 56B; TsBMtDX, No. 104; Automio, BUi. Bapania Nova, 
Vol. IL p. 191 ; PiNELO, Epltame, Vol. IL cot. 736. SelSor Icacbaixjbta does not 
include itamong (he books printed in Mexico before the year ISOO in bis ' ApunM 
para un Catdtago Jes Escrttora ta Ungwa indiyeniu de America," which, however, 
mentions only what he hod seen. 

We are indebted to Dr. C. H. Bbrbnvt, (or many yean ■ resident of Usxico 
and Cextral Auebica, and familiar with the aboriglns] lan^^^ea of those 
countries, for the following account of the Zapotecs and thdrlanguafte: — 

" Tbe Zapotecs are one of the la^er tribes of Mexican Indians, and judged by 
the remnanu of ihrir art, industry, and tradiliona, one which seemi not to have 
been beliind the most advanced in civiliiation. They occupy tbe southern part of 
tbe State of Oixici. The celebrated buildings of Mitli were the seat of their 
high pricKia. Exercising great influenee over their less dviliiod neighbors, they 
were able to oppose eBtcdre resistance to the McLean emperors, when the Span- 
iards Hrat appeared in the neighborhood. The Zapotec nation is, even to this day, 
among the most incluitrious i^cultnralisls, and increasing in population, while 
other tribes are dying out. Although the masses are not much above the low level 
of general Indian ci'iltzation, this tribe has seen more men of its members rise to 
wealth, and acquire knowledge and position among the Mexicans, than other 
aboriginal nations. Tbe lato Pbbsidkht Jdarkz was one of them. 

" The Zapotec langnage, one of the sweetest to the ear, has been studied a great 
deal, and a number of works lelating to it are mentioned in the bibliographical 



ncords of former c«otariea, thongb vety few of them have be«n preserved, BiSBOr 
Febii.'s writings «re of the highest valae, and have been largolj used by hjs 
followers. His dictionary, never primed, seecn a lost. Of the "Zfeefrina Chrittiantt" 
onlj one copy is known t-o exiat, which is in the Bodleian Library, Oxpoxd. 

^ FRANCE, Sebastian. Erst tbeil dieses Weltbuehs, von Newen 
erfunden LaudtecbafEten. Warhafftige Beschreibunge aller theil 
der Welt, darinn nicht allein etliche alte Laodtecbafften, Konig- 
reich, Prouintzen, Insulen, auch fiimefaaie Stedt vnd Marokte (ao 
deii alien WeltbeBcbreibern bekant Beind) mit fleisz beschrieben 
werden, soiidem auch sehr viel neuwe, so zu vnseni zeiten zu 
Wasser, dui-ch vil sorgliche vnd vormals vngebrauchte Scbiffatten, 
erfunden seyn, welche im andem, diaem nacbfolgenden Bucb von 
Schiffarten genant, ausz rechtem gnindt der Coemography vnd 
Geometry erfunden, augezeigt werden Deszgleichen auch etwae 
von New gefundenen Welten, vnd aller dariun gelegnen Volcker, 
jbrer Religion vnd Glaubene sacben, jhrem Regiment, PolUcey, 
Gewerb handtierung vnd andem gebruchen mehr, etc. ausz 
ethchen glaubwirdigen (fUmehraer Seribenten) BUchern, mit 
grosser muhe vnd arbeyt, etc, Durch Sebastian Franck von 
Word zum ersten an tf^ geben, jetzt aber mit sondem fleisz auff 
ein neuwes vhereehen, vnd in ein wolgeformtea Handtbuch ver- 
faeset. Anno M.D.liXVll. 

Folio. "Rtle, in red and black, with vignette ; reverie, list of 

autkorg. 5 preliminary leavex. Text, i.-ccxlii, leaves. Beg- 

i»ter, 7 leaves. Followed by 
Ander Theil dieaea Welt buchs von Schifffahrten. Warhafftige 
Beschreibunge aller vnd mancberley sorgfeltigen Schiffarten, etc. 
Durch Ulrich Schmidt von Straubingen, vnd andem mehr, so 
daselbst in eigener Person gegenwertig gewesen, vnd solches 
erfahren. Getruckt zu Fbancb:puet am Matn, Anno 1567. 

(^Colophon:') Gedruckt zu Franckfdbt AM Mayn, bey 
Martin Leakier, in verlegung Sigmund Feirabends vnd iSimon 
Eaters Anno M.D.LXVir. 

Folio. Title, with vignette ; and 4 preliminary leaves for the 

"Vorrede." Text, l-llO and 1—59 leaves. Colophon with 

wood-eat on a separate leaf, 

\Traail<Uion. — Y\ni part of this dcscnpdoQ of the world. Of newly 
discovered countries. A truthful description of all parts of the world, in 
which not only some old couatrics, kingdoms, provinces, islaads, also illus- 
trious citicB and trading places (known to all the cosmograpbers) are faith- 
fully destiribed, but also a great many new ones, discovered at our times, in 



the Bea, throagh mncli anxious aavigsting in waters not preTioaily tn- 
quented. lleM are noticed in the secoad book, next ofW this, eatiOed 
narol ezpeditiona, and drawn from the real foundation of coinnograidiy and 
geometry. Furthermore, something of newlj dlscoTered continents and all 
the u&tioDS themo ; their religion and religious ceremonies ; th^ govern- 
ment, public justice, trade, commerce, and other habits, etc., first published 
amid great toil and trouble from some reliable books (of bmoas writers), etc. 
By Sebastian Franck of Word; but now newly revised with particular care, 
and arranged in a well-formed manual. 

Second part gf this description of the world. Of naval expeditions. A 
truthful description of varions well-planned naval expeditions, etc. By 
Ulrich Schmidt of Straubingen, and some others that were personally 
present, and took part in them.] 

This dele ditfera somewhat from that of the edition of 1534 (No. 109 of this 
Catalogue), which see for a notice of the author. 

I* APOLLOKIUS. Levini, Apol | lonh Gandobru ) gani Mittel- 
bvrgensis, | De PeruuifB Regionis, inter Noui Orbia piouincias | 
celebenimK, inuentione & rebus in eadem gestis Libri V. Ad 
lacobvm ClarovtiTin Mai [ deghemmae ac pittemiae dominvin. 
Breuifi, exactaque Noui Orbis, & Peruuiae [ re^onis chorographia. 
I Ani7B£FIAE, Apud Xoannem Bellerum sub Aquila aurea. 

(^Colophon:) Antverpiab, Typia Amati Tavemerii. 

12mo. I^tle ; reverse, blank. Preliviinartf leaves^ 2-8. 

Text, 9-286 leaves. Index, 7 leaves. Colophon, 1 leqf. Italic 


* MAGNUS, Olaus. Historia Olai Ma^i Gothi Atchiepiacopi 
Vpsalensis, de gentivm Septeutrionalium oariis conditionibus 
etatibuBue, & demorum, rituum, auperetitioQum, exemtJorum, 
r^minia, diadplinse, uictnsque, mirabili diaereitate. Item de 
bellia, atructuria, instrumentis^z mirabilibaa. Item de mineris 
metallicie, & uarija animalium generibua, in illta regionibus degen- 
tium. Opus omnibua cuiuacunqz couditionie hominibus magno 
uaui futurum, rerum cognitione delectation e4z refertum, exjo-essis 
fignris pictia illustratum, (^Device of Henric Petri.') BasilkS 
ex offi(nna Henric Petrina, anno salutie mdlxth. mense martio. 

(^Colophon :) Basils^ ex officina Henric Petrina, Anno 
Salutis M.D.LXVn. mense martio. 

Folio. Title ; reverie. Hit of authors cited. 17 preliminary 

leavet. Index, 8 leaves. Text, 1-854 pages, with a separata 

lec^ for the colophon; the printer's device on the reverse. 

Nvmerotu wood-cuts in the text. 

,d by Google 


On the map of the northern legioas, in ths be^nninf of this rolnm«, we find 
Obcntulkdia (OBBGnLAND) laid down preciseljae it is in the map jqPiolbnt's 
" Geographia," edition of 11B2, as well as in anbeeqnent editions. Ths town of 
Alba is laid down on the eastern coast, and beneath this Isnil is " Hie liabibmt 
Pygmti w^ Scrtlinger dicii." 

This great work of Olavh Machdi, Archbishop of Upsal, on the conntriet of 
the Korth, Calies the flrst rack among books relating to those parts. It was first 
printed in Latin, at Rome, b; Viotio, in 15SG; and at Basle, In 156T, both in 
(olio. An Italian translation at Ybhicb in 1&65; and an English tranglacion by 
J. S., at LOHDOK, by J, Strtala; in I6SB, folio. An abridgment bj COKH. 
ScRiBOH OsAFBAUa, at Antwebp, In 1556 and I5GS, in Sro. At Ahbtbsdak, 
in 1669, in 12mo. This abridgment was translated into French, and printed at 
Ahtwerf, C Pianlin, in lii6I, and st Paris, by Martin le Jaait, the same year, 

^ SCHMIDT VON SteAUBINGEN. Neuwe Welt, j das Ut, War- 
hafEtige Beschreibunge aller schonen Hietorien Ton erfindung viler 
vnbekanten Konigreichen, Landschafften, Imoleii Tund Stedten, 
von der selbigen gelegenheit, wesen, brtiuchen, Bitten, Religion, 
kunsten vnd Handtienmgen, Auch allerley gewecbsz, Metallen, 
Specereyen vnd anderer Wahr, so von jnen in vnsere Lands 
gefUhrt vnd gebraobt werden. Aucb von allerley gefahr, streitt 
vnd scbarmiitzeln, so zwiachen inen vnd den vnsem, bey de za 
Wasser vnnd zu Lande, eich wimderbarlich zngetragen. Item von 
erscbrecklicher, eeltzamer natur vnd Eygenschaft der Lettthfresser, 
dergleichen vorhin in keinen Chronieken beachrieben, mit schonen 
Concordantzen vnd einem vollkommenen Register, zur fiirderung 
des gemeinen natzes znsamen getragen'. Durch Ulrich Schmid 
von Straubingen, vnd andem mehr, so in signer Person gegen- 
wertig gewesen. ( Wood-dtt.) Getruckt zu Fbahckfubt AM 
Matn, Anno 1567. 

Folio. Title, in red and black; reverie blank, ^preliminary 

leaver. Text, 1—110 leavei. 

(^Part II. ;) Warhafftige vnd liebliche Beschreibung etlicher 
fSmemen Indianiscben LandtscbaSten ynd Insulen, die vormals in 
keiner Chronieken gedacbt, vnd erstlich in der Schiffart Ulrici 
Schmidts von Straubin- |gen, mit grosser gefahr erkiindigt, vnd 
von jhm selber aofis fleiasigst beachrieben vnd dargethan. 

( Colophon :) Getruckt zu Franckfdrt AM Math, bey Martin 
LecfUer, in verlegung Sigmund Feirabendt \ vnd Simon Huten. 
Anno M.D.LXVU. 

Folio. 1-59 leavet, with separate leaf for colopfion and 

printer's mark. 

{^Tranalaiion. — Schmidt of Straubingen. The New World: tliat is, a 



tmtliful account of the whole beatitifal history of tbe dlBCorery of many ud- 
known kingdoms, lerritoriefl, islanda, and town* ; of Ibeir location, character, 
usagea, customa, reli^on, arts, and trades. Also, of various plants, metAl^ 
drugs, and other goods, thai are exported from those countries and brought 
into ours. Also, of battles and engagements that have occurred between 
their people and ours, both at sea and on the land. Furthermore, of the 
extraordinary and frightful character of the man-eaters, such as have not 
been described in any previous history. With a fine concordance and a 
complete index, to promote its general use. By Ulrith Schmid of Strau- 
bingen, and some others that were personally present. 

{Part II.) A truthful and pleasant description of fome excellent Indian 
territories and islanda, not mentioned in previons reports, first explored 
amid great dangers by the expedition of Ulricua Schmidt of Straubingen, 
and by himself most faithfully described and reported upon.] 

■' The secood part of this Tolnroe is the first German edition of Schiiidel's 
voyage, and it is to rate that Meitsblius saya he could never find Ibe German 
edilion, and Cahus donbu whelber it waa ever printed in German. Schwiiibl or 
ScmtiDTa returned from his voyage in 1S54. This ia one of the rarest, if not the 
rarest, of the early German coUectioni of voyages." — Bibtialkeea Gmvilliaiia, 


rUSTER, Sebastian. La Cosmographie Vnivereelle, 
contenant la situation de toutes les parties du monde, 
auec leurs proprietez & appartenances. ( Wood-cut .■) 

La DeBcription dee pays & regions diceluy. La grande varidt^ & 
diaerse nature de la terre. Le vrai pourtraict d'auciius animaulx 

,d by Google 


estranges, auec le natural d'iceulx. Les figures & pourtraictz den 
vUles & citez plus notables. Les coustumes, loix, et religiona, de 
tontes nations, auec I'origine, accroisseiDent & transport des 
Royaumes & Seigneuries, et lee genealogies et faictz des Roys, | 
Ducz & autres Princes de toute la terre, continuant iusquea & 
Dostre temps. Par Sebast. Monstere. Auec priuilege du Roy. 

(^Colophon i) Cy finist la Cosmographie vniveraelle de Monsieur 
Sebastien Munstere, comprmae en six liuree, nouuellement corngde 
& augment^: laquelle aesta acheu^ d'imprimer aux depens de 
Btnry Pierre, en I'an de grace Mille cinq centz & soixante huict. 

Folio. Title; reverse. Privilege. To the reader, 4 leaves. 
Portrait of Munbtbb, 1 leaf. TahU, 11 leaves. 12 folding 
wood-cut maps, the first of which embraces Ahebica. Text, 
1402 pages. Numerous wood-euts in the text. 

{^Tranilation. — The Uoivenal Cosmograplij', conCalning the aitnation of 
ftll parts of the world, with their ownerahip Had appendages. A description 
of the countries; the great variety tmd divers nature of the earth. The 
troe pictures of foreign animals. Figures and views of the most notabla 
towns. The cualotns, laws, and religions of all nations, with their origin, 
Increase, and migratioDS. The genealogies and deeds of KiligB, Dukes, 
and other Princes of the whole earth down to our own time.] 

The Cosmograph; of Mdnstsii, although of mncb value when printed, now 
posseiaei bal liltle Interest far geographers. It is sought far chleflj hy amateon of 
early wood engravings, of which there is a large number in ihe text. Several 
German editione were printed at Bislb, the first in 1550 in folio. An enlarged 
French edition was published in PabiS in 1579, in 3 vols, folio. 

*" THEVET, Andbbw. The New | found woi-lde, or | Antarctike, 
wherein is contai | ned wonderful and strange | things, as well of 
iiumaine crea | tures, as Beastes, Fishes, Foules, and Ser [ pents. 
Trees, Plants, Mines of | Qolde and Siluer: garnished with) 
many learned authorities. | trauailed and written in the French | 
tong, by that excellent learned | man, master Andrewe | Thevet. 
I And now newly translated into Englishe, | wherein is reformed 
iixe errours of 1 the auncient Cosmo | graphers. | ^ Imprinted at 
London by Senrie Bgnneman, for Thomas Hacket. And are to 
be sold at his shop in Poules Church-yard, at the signe of the 

( Colophon .') ^ Imprinted at London, in Knight | rider strete, 
by Senrg Bgnneman for Thomas Hacket. 1568. 

Small 4(0. Title, within a wide border; reverse, blank. 
Dedication to SiB Hbnbib Sidney, 2 leaves, with a portrait of 

,d by Google 


Thevet at the end. To the reader, 1 leaf. Thevet's dedica- 
tion to Cardinal Sens, 4 leaves. ®oll)tc £elUr. 


■ OMARA, F. Lopez de, Hiatoire | Generalle ( deslndes 
Occidentalea | & Terres Nueues, qui iusques a present | 
ont est^ descouuertes. Traduitea en Francois par M. 
Fum^e, Sieut de Marly le Chaatel. | 

A Paris, Par Bernard Turri»an, rne sainct lacquea a la boutique 
d'Alde, 1669. 

Small Sfo. Title; reverse. Privilege; and 5 preliminary/ 
leaves. Text, 1-252 leaves. Table, 12 leaves, 

Thu edition ia precisely the aame u ihc one thai foUowa, with the exception of 
the title-page, nhieh bears the mark of Aldus. 

^* GOMARA, F. Lopez de. HiBtoire | Generalle | des Indes 
Occidentalea | et Terres nueues, qui iusques a present | ont est^ 
descouuertes. Traduite en Francois par M. Fum^e, Sieur | de 
Marly le Cliastel. A Paris. Michel Sonnius, rue sainct lacques 
I k I'enseigne de I'Eacu de Basle 1569. Auec Priuilege du Roy. 
Small 8w»>. Title ; reverse, " Extraict du privilege." 5 pre- 
liminary leaves. Tert, 1-252 leaves. Table, 12 leaves. 

,d by Google 


Stultifera Ni 


quaomnium mortaIiumnarraturftultitia,admo. 

dumvtais&nccrirariaabomnibus adfuam lalutcm ptriegcnda, 


nnprcira. An. Do. 1570, 

ThcShipof Fcx)les,wherin is fhewed the folly 

•(aBAtaMhnimMnRatiittin tnotaiitbfoiine)) bntottacOme, 


Cjrmtflatift Rit ef Mtin mto lEnsUl^ bf Altiunto 
Baiclity IBjtcft. 

Facsimile of Me to Barclays "n-anslatioli of "Brants Ship of Fool8,1.^70." 




"' MONARDES. NicoLO. Dob Libros, el vno qve trata de todas 
las cosaa | que traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales, que sinien | 
de V30 en la Medicina, y el otro que trata de la { Piedra Bezaar, j 
de la yerua Escuer^onera. | Copuestoa por el doctor Nicoloso de 
Monardes Medico de Seuilla. ] Impressoa en Sevilla en CBBa de 
I Hernandez Diast, en la calle de la Sierpe. Con Licenda y 
Priuilegio de au Magestad. j Ailo de 1569. 

2 voU. 12mo. Vol. I. : THth, with portrait of MoNARDBS ; 
reoerse, blartk; and 3 preliminari/ leaves. Text, 137 unnum- 
bered leaves. Vol. II. : Text, 1-131 leaves, including table. 

[ Trantlation. — Two books, one treatiag of all the things that are brought 
from onr West Indies, irhich are med in medicine ; the other treating of the 
Bezaar stone, and oi the herb Escuerfonera. Written b/ Doctor Nicolas de 
Monardes, Fhydcian of Seville.] 

The first edition. A third part wrb added to the edition of 15T4. This and 
vsrioDJ other lrealiM« bj the same author were printed at Skville, in 1571, 1&T4, 
and 1S80, vfaich will be found in thia collection. Cldsicb tTanelated into Latin 
the " Bittoria Mtdicinal" of Mohardeb, which was published with the " Snioria 
^■'atura! " ot Aco»T\. The work also exists in Italian. Translated tnio Enj^lisb by 
JoHM Pbahfton, under Ibe lills of " Jo^al Newt out of the New Faimd Woiid," 
etc., of which editions were printed at London in 157T, I5B0, and 1596, all in 4to. 


■RANT, Sebastian. Stultifera Nauis, qua omnium mor- 
talium narratur Btultitia, admodum Ytilis & necessaiia ab 
omnibus ad suam aalutem perl^enda, d Latino sermone 
in nostrum Tulgarem versa, et iam diligenter impreaaa. An. Do, 

(^A large wood-cut of four vessels laden with fools. Beneath it 
the English title :) The Ship of Fooles, wherein is shewed the 
folly of all States, with diuers other woikee adioyned vnto the 
same, very profitable and fmitfull for all men. Tntnalated out of 
Latin into Englishe by Alexander Barclay Priest. 

Folio. Title, tee facsimile annexed; reverse^ blank. 11 
preliminary leaves^ four of which contain Latin pieces, the 
remaining seven " The Prologue by James Locher," " The 
Argument," and "The Clamour to the Fooles." Text, 1-259 
pages. The Latin in Roman, the English in (9)0tl]tc Cclttts. 
Wood-outs in the text. Reverse of last leaf, " Excusatio 
lacobi Loclier," in verse; then five stanzas by "Alexander 
Barclay excusing the rudenes of his TrHnslation." 1 page. 
Index, 6 pages. Follotced by: — 

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The Mirrour of good Maners. Conteining the fours Cardinal 
Yertues, compiled in Latin by Doininike Msncin, and translated 
into English by Alexander Barclay priest, & Monke of Ely. 

Imprinted at London in Paules Churchyarde by lohn Cawood 
Printer to the Queenca Maiestie. Cum Priuilegio. 

■12 leaves, unnumbered. Reverse of last let^ blank. Colophon 

on separate leaf. 

Tbey are aa taWant : ~— 
" For nowe of Isle hsth large lande ind gronodfl 
Bene founde bj marjnera and crafty gouTemonrs, 
The irhicb landea were neuer knowea not tbuode 
Before our tjme by onre predeceasonra, 
And hereafter <bal1 by our succeisoura, 
I'trcbftunce mo ho founde, wherein men dwell 
Of wbome we neiii-r before this siume liearde tell. 



Ferdinandat tlwl late «ai king of Spajne 

Of Uude and people hatb Ibnnde plentie and atore, 

Of whoms the biding to ns vas vncertajne 

No chriBlian man of lh«m heard tell before 

ThoB it ia fblj to tende toio tbe lore. 

And vnsare »cience of rajne geomairj, 

Since none can knowe all Che world perfectly." 
Id the fbnnh rent of the same chapter mention \a made of " ibe newe Toande 

Thew reference! to the new-found world the year after the retnm of CoLDMBDa, 
are among the earlieit known, the first edition of the "Ship of FooU" hanng been 
printed in 1494. In this collection are also Latin editions of 1497 and I9TS ; a 
French edition, Pxsia, Dt Mamtf, 1499, folio; Dnich, Ahtwskp, 1948, 4Io, It 
was first translated into English b? Alexander Biroiat, and printed at 
LoHDON bf Bj/charde Fgntm in 1509 in folio. Another English iranalation, in 
prose, was made b; H. Wathoh, and printed bj WyiQaf» dt Worde in IGIT in 4to. 
Both these editions are rerj ran, and eommand high prices. A copy of Pipaon'i 
realized £120, at the Fbrkihs sale in London in 1878. The present edition con- 
tuns aerersl [dece* which are not in Pynton't, on which acconnt it is to be pie- 

" All ancient satf rical writings, even those oF an inferior cast, btiTe their merit, 
and deserve attention, as they transmit pictnres of familiar manners and preserve 
popular CBStoms. In this light at least, BASCi^Ai'a " Ship of Foali," which is a 
general satire on the times, will be fonnd entertaining. Nor must it be denied, that 
his language is more cultivated than that of many of his contemporaries, and [hat 
he contributed his share to Che improvement of the English phraseology. His 
author, Sebastian Brant, appears to hare been a man of nniversal erudition, and 
his work, for the moat part, is a tissue of citations from the ancient poets and 
historians." — WartOii, Hiilorg ofEngHth potlry, 

" The principal work in which was concerned is one, the very mention 
of which excites Che enthneiasm of the true Bibliomaniac. It is entitled the "Ship 
if Faifi of the WoiiiU," and was printed by Pynton in 1509. It is founded npon 
the original work of this name of Sbbabtiam Bbant — a German satire npon the 
Follies of all ranks — and upon the French and Latin translation thereof." — 
Ai^ubohe's Dictionary Eng. Lit., Vol. I. 

A comparison of the text with the original will show that the translator made 
large additions, in which be satirized ihe vices and follies of his own countrymen. 
A new and el^ant edition was printed at Edikbdrqu by WUliara Pateriaa in 
1BT4, in 3 vols 4to, with 130 woodcuts, with an In trodaction. Motes, and Glos' 
saiy by T. H. Jamieson. 

Bfftrenc**. — Dibiun's Typographical Afai^iei, Yol. IV. p. 401. Wabton'b 
Hit. of £i^uA Poitn/, Vol. II. p. 140. GatUcmm'* Magaam, for March, 1817, 
p. 209. 

•'' MEXIA, Pedro, fj^ Silua de varia lection : | Compnesta por 
el Ma^ifioo cauallero Pe | dro Mexia. Nneuamente ^ora afladida 
ene 1 11a la quarta parte, por el miBtno Autor : en j la qual ee 
tratan muchafi cosas, y muy | agradables y curiosas. ^ En Se- 
DILLA en caaa. de Hernado Diaz. ABo. 1570. 

( Colophon ;) Fue impresso en Sbuiu^ en casa de Hernando 
Diaz | en la calle de la Sierpe, y a bu coata con poder inire- 1 uo- 

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cable que tieue del SeHor don Francisco Mexia, | para podello 
imprimir, durante el tiempode la merced de los diezaBos. Acabose 
a quinze | diaa del mea de Febrero. Afto de | M.D.I.XX. 

Folio. Title in red and black, with a portrait of the author 
above, turrounded by a very elaborate border ; reverie. Dedica- 
tion to the King. " Eiraras," 1 page ; reverse, blank. Permis- 
sion signed P. db Hoxo, 1 page ; reverse, Prologue, extending 
with preface to 4 p(^es. Table^ 9 pages. Text, i.-clxxivij. 
leaves. Authors quoted, 2 leaves. ®otl)ic £etUt. In double 

ITranitalion. — MiscelUnj' of variouB pieces. Composed by tlie Mng- 
nificent Cavalier Pedro Mesia. To which is doit added a fourth part by the 
■ame author, in irhich are treat«d many things, very agreeable and curious.] 

See the Spaoith edition of 1956, aod the English version by TTumiu Fortacut, 
JjOtmov, IBTl, for ootei. Al*o Brohbt, Vol. m. col. 1688, and Habkissb, 
Addiliont, Nob. 131 and 13S. 

^ ORTELIUS, Abraham. Thea | trvm | orbia [ terra | rvm. | 
(^Colophon:') Auctoria fere & cnra impressum absolutumque ' 
apud j^id. Coppenium Dietth. Antverpice m.d.lxx. 

Folio. Engraved title ; reverse. Epigram, and 7 preliminary 
leaves. 53 copperplate maps engraved by Hogbnsebq. Index, 
27 unnumbered leaves. 

Among the maps ue one of the vbole world, another of Aubrici., with Terra 
DKL Fdboo extending east and west, forming a great southern conlinent. The 
map entitled " SeptentTion<diain lUgionum" contains Greenland, with nnmerons 
riven, and upon the southern side tlie (owns of Alba and St. Tbohas. West of 
Gu<BHt.AXD, corresponding to the western shore of Davis's Sthaii of oar day is 
EsTOTiLAHD. SoQth of this ts the island of Daaoso, and east of this towuds 
IcBLAHD is the larger island of Frihlakd, upon which gevetal towns, captB, and 
' gulls are laid down. These three latter named places are lands pretended to have 
been discovered by the brothers Zehi. 

The flrat edition of one of the most celebrated geogrsphicol works of the Sfteenth 
century, of which there have been many subsequent editions, and in which the 
number of maps has been much increased. The edition of ISTI contains sixty-seven 
maps; that of IBTS, seventy maps; and that of 1595, one hundred and fllleen. 
It was severat times reprinted in the early part of the seventeen^ century. 

" Obtblios, in his ' TKtatrutn Orbit Terraram,' gives a list of about one hundred 
and Hfty geographic ai treatises, most of them subsequent to 1560. His own work is 
the first general atlas since the revival of tetters, and has bean justly reckoned to 
make an epoch in geography, being the basis of all collections of maps since formed, 
and deserving, it is said, even yet lo be consalled, notwithstanding the vast progress 
of our knowledge of the earth." — Uallam, Liltratare i^ Eirope, Vol. II. p. 493. 




''WjtfBIOLOMBO, Ferkahdo. HUtorie del S. D. Fernando 
vQh Colombo ; Nelle qiisli a' ha particolare, & vera relatione 
IB£sI I della vita, Sc de' fatti dell' Ammiraglio | D. Chiistoforo 
Ck>lombo, I suo padre : | Et dello scoprimento, ch' egli fece dell' 
Indie | Occidentali, dette Mondo Nvovo, | hora possedute dal 
Sereniafl. | Re Catolico : j Nuouamente di lingua Spagnuola tra- 
dotte neir Italiana | dal S. Alfonso Vlloa. | Con privile^o. 
( Vignette .■) 

In Venetia, mdlxxi. Apresso Franceeco de FrancescAi Sanese. 

12mo. Title; reverse, blank; and 18 preliminary leaves. 
Text, 1-247 leaves. Italic letters. 

Fbkhaniki CoEiUmbub, ihe natand son sitd historian of the admiral, was bom 
•t CoBDOVA. Earlj in U94, Fekjiando iraa earned to court with his elder 
brotber Dieqh to enter the rojal household aa a page to the prince Don Jdah, son 
and heir lo Ferdihand and They remained in this aitnadon nntil 
the death o( the prince, when the]> were talten hj QnESH Isabella as pages Into 
her own service. Their edncatlon was attended Co, and FebdihAhd in after life 
gave proofs ol being ■ learned man. 

In I50S, at (he tender age of thirteen or fbarteen jears, Fehhaudo accompanied 
his father in his (barth voyage of discovery. After his father's death he made two 
Tojoges lo the New World. He accompanied the emperor Crables V, to Italt, 
Flahdebh, and Oebmaht, and, according to Zdniqa, travelled over all Eubope, 
and a part of Asia and Afbica. Being of a studious habit, and food of books, he 
formed a select jel copious library of S0,000 Toliunes in print and in manuscript. 
He died at Seyillb, July IS, 1539, at the age of fifty, bequeathing his valoabte 
library to the cathedral of that cilj, in which, according to his request, be was 

"Don Fbbkakdo devoted himself much to letters. . . . : Rig most important 
and permanent work, however, was a history of the admiral bis father, composed 



in Spiniah. It wu tranalHUd into Italian b; Alovzo de Ulloa. and rrom Ihii 
lulian translation have proceeded the editions vhich hare since appeared in 
Tarions lango^ea. It is singular that the vork onlj exista in Spanish, in the fbnn 
of a retrantlatiOD from that of Ulloa, and full of errors in the orthograpbj of 
proper natnea, and in dales and distances." 

" Don Ferhahdo was an eye-vitness of some of the fbcts which he relatu, par- 
ticnlarly of iha fonrtli vojage wherein he accompanied his father. He also hnd the 
papers and charts of his father, and recent documents of all kinds to extract from. 
as well as familiar acqaaintance with the principal personages who were concerned 
in tbe events which he records. He w&s a man of probity and diecentment, and 
write* more diapassionatd)' than coald be expected, when treating of matters which 
ftSfccted the honor, the interests, and the happiness of his father. It is to be re- 
gretted, however, that he should have BuAered the whole of his father's lifb, previoa* 
to his diacoreries (a period of shout fifty.sjx years], to remain in obscnritj. He 
appears to hare wished to cast a cloud over it, and only to have presented his 
father to the reader »ller he had rendered himself illustrious by bis actions, and his 
bislory had become identified with the history of the world. His work, bowerer, 
is an inraluable document, entitled to good faith, and is the comer stone of ih« 
history of the Americ&n MintinenL" — Ibtiho, Ia/i of Cehtmbta, Tol. III. p. 810, 
note, New York, 1861. 

* DENORES, Jason. Breve Trattado del Mondo, et delle eve 
parti, Bemplici, et miste : Con molte altre coaBiderationi, che di 
grado in grado saranno piu notabili, St piu degne di cognitione. 
Di Jason Denores : Al RenerdisB. & Illuatriaa. Monaig Philippe 
Mocenico. Con priuilegio. In VsKExiA, Appresso Andrea 
Moickio. 1571. 

\2mo. Title. Introduction, 2 leaveg. Text, 4-74 leaves. 
Table and errata, 2 leaves. In Italic letters. 

"DOBEREINER. Phiup. Sendtschreyben vnd warhaffte ley- 
tungen. Von auffgang vnd erweiterung dea ChriBtenthumbe, bey 
den Ilayden inn der newen welt : Auch von veruolgung vnnd 
b^ligkait, der GaistUchen Apostolischen Vorsteher daselba, bo 
erst diaea jar, auaz den Orientischen Indien kommen, ynd jetzt inn 
teutache apraach transzferiert worden. Durch D. Philipp Dober- 
einer von Tiirschenreut. Mit Kay freyhait nit nach zudrucken. 
Anno M.D.LXXL 

(^Colophon :) Gedmckt zu Miindhen, bey Adam Berg. Anno 

12tn(>. Ittfo ; reverse, extracts from the Bible. 15 prelim- 
inary leaves. Text, 95 unnumbered leaves. 

ITratulation, — Letters and reliable news on the estenrion of Chrittiasl^ 
among the pagans of the New World, — received the preeeat year from the 
East Indies, and now translated into German by Philip Doberheber.] 

These consist of Jesuit letters l^om Goi, Hai.*cca, Coulax, Tebhatb, Cocsnt 
Oxos, and Hadbkh. 



^ FERNANDEZ, Diego. Primera y Segvn | da parte, de la his- 
toria I del Perv, que se mando escre | uir, ii Diego Fernandez, 
vezino de la ciudad de Palencia. Cotiene la pri | mera, lo Buccedido 
en la Nueua EspaBa y en el Peru, Bobre ta execu | cion de las 
nueuas leyes; yel allanamiento, y cafitigo, que hizo el | Preeidente 
Gasca, de Gon^alo Pi^arro y bus sequacea. | La segvnda contiene, 
la tyrannia y al | ^miento de los Contreraa y don Sebastian de 
Castilla, y de F. Hernandez Giron, | con ottoe mucbos acaeai- 
niientoB y successos. Dirigada a la C. R. M. del Bey | Don 
Philippe nuestro SeBor. j Con Preuil^o Real de Castilla y 
Aragon, y de las Indins. | Fue imprcBsa en Sbuilla. en casa de 
Hernando Diaz | en la calle de la Sierpe. Ano de 1571. 

(^Colophon:') Fve impreseo | el presente libro, en Seuilla, en 

caea de Strnado Diaz, \ en la calle de la Sierpe. Acabose ^ doze 

dias del mes de Septembre, aBo de mil y qui- 1 nientos y aetenta y 

vno. I (^With the autograph aignature of the author at the end.) 

Folio. Title, with the arm» of SPAiN above ; reverie, blank. 

3 preliminary leavet. Text, 1-142 leaveg. "Segunda parte." 

Title, and 180 leaves, including title. 

[Tramlalion. — First an<l Second paft of the liiEtory of Pern, whicli Diugo 
Fernandez, citizen of the i^ity of Fnlencia, was commanded b> write. Con- 
taining, first, aa account of what look place in New Spain and Feru, upon 
the executioD of the new laws ; and the levelling and punishment which the 
Frerident Gasca inflicted on Goni;alo Fizarro and his adherents. The 
Second containing an account oF the tyranny and elevation of the op- 
position and Don Sebastian de Castilla and F. Hernandez Giron ; with 
many other incidents and successes.] 

This book Is now very rare, iu cjrculaiton having been prohibited by the Council 
of ihe Indiea, and never been reprinEfd. -^BsrHBT. 

The historian of ths Conquest of Peru, Mr. Frbbcott, who ascd Ihe book in 
the preparation of his work, thus speaks of its author and his book : — 

"DiBOo Fehiokdbz came to Pbrit and served in the rojat army raised to 
quell the insarrections that broke out after OarC:i'b relarn to CabtIle. Amidst 
bis military occupations, be found leisure to collect malerialg for a history of the 
period, to which he was further urged by the Viceroy Mbndo^ii, who bestowed on 
bim, as he tells ns, the post of Chronicler of Pbru. With Ihe frnils of his re- 
searches ihe soldier-chronicler returned to Spaik, and, ftfter a time, completed bis 
narrative of the insurrection of GiRon. The manuscript was seen by the President 
of the Council of Ihe Indies, and he was so much pleased with its execution, that 
he urged tbc author to write the account, in like manner, of QovzikLo Fizarro 'e 
rebellion. The hiitorian was further alimnlaled, as he mentions in his dedication 
to Philif thh Skcond, by the promise of a guerdon ih>m that mouurch, on the 
completion of his labors ; a promise which suggests the idea of an influence not 
altogether favorable to severe historic impartiality. Nor will such an inference l>e 
fi)lind altogether at variance with the truth i tor while the narrative of Fi;b\andee 



■tndiODsly exhibiCa the rojnl cam in the mmit f«tonibl« mped to the i«ider, it 
docs vcnntT Justice to the cinims of tho opposiic jmrt; 

" The counicnanre tTiiia alTordcd lo Feknaddez fh>m the bighcit qaaner opened 
(o him the beet ronnliiina of inteI1ic?nce, — at least on the goTemment eicle of the 
qnaiTcl. Besides peraonnl rummunicalion iriih the royalist leaders, he had acce«t 
to ibeir correspondence, dinries, and oflici*! documents. He indnstrionBl; profited 
by hin opportunities ; »nd hii nBrrv'f e, taking np the story of the rebellion from 
its birth, continues it to its final extinction, and iho end of Gihci'h admin iitration. 
Thai the First Part of his work, as it was now called, was bronght down to the 
commencBmeai of the Second, and the whole presented a complete picinre of the 
did tractions of the nation, till a new order of things was introdnced, and tranquillity 
was )iemiHnently established thronghont the country. 

" The diction is sufficiently plain, not aspiring to rhetorical beautiea beyond the 
reach or it* author, and out of keeping with the umple character of a dironicle. 
. . . . Ko history compares with it in the copiousness of its detaila ; and it ha* 
accordingly been reaorted lo by later comjulers, a* an inexhanatible reserroir for 
the supply of their own p*ge« ; a circumstance that may be thought of itself to 
bear no slight testimony to the general fidelity, as wctl as fnllnsM, of the narratire." 
— ConqiuH ofPerv, Vol. II. page 478, note, 

^ FORTESCUE, Thomas. The Foreste or Collection of Historiea, 
no leese profittible, tlien pleasant and neceasarie, dooen out of 
French into Eiiglishe, by Thomas Fortescue. Aut ytile, aut 
iiicundum, aut vtrumqne. % Imprinted at London by Jhon 
Kingston, for William lonei 1571. 

Small 4(0. Title, within a border; reverse, coat of arms. 
Dedication to John Fortesctje, 5 pages. To the reader, 2 
pages. Poem, '2 pages. Text, 1-187 leaves. Table, 4 leaves. 
<Soll)lc tstlex. 

A translaiion of Fbdbo Mbxia or Messia's " Sika de Varia Lta'oa," a collec- 
tion of rniscellanics, many times reprinted in Spanish and French, 

"The genius of these talcs may be discerned from their history. The book was 
written in Spanish by Pedro db Mexia, thence translated into It&lian, thence 
into French by'db Ckcoet, a citizen of Paris, and lastly from French into 
English by Foktubcub. But many of the stories seem to bafe originally migrated 
from Itali into SPiiK." — Warton. 

In ibis translation portions of the original appear lo have been omitted. There 
is another English translation by Thohai Miller, in 2 vols, folio, Lomihih, 
1613-19. "This work contains much curiout, matter, the result of various and 
extensive reading, in the quaint style of that an^-'' — Luwkubs. In a " Dial<^ue 
on the Sun " in the original edition, is a passage relating to Maqellah. For a note 
on the various editions, see the Spanish version of 1S96 in this catalogue ; and for 
the passage containing the reference to Hauellan, see the French edition of lUO. 

*** MOLINA, Alonso de. Arte de k lengua Mexi | cana y Cas- 
tellana, compnesbi por el rauy He | uerendo padre fray Alonzo de 
Mo- 1 lina de la orden de SeHor | sant Francisco. | C En Mexico 
eu casa de Pedro Ocharte. 1S71. 

Vlvio. Title, with large wood-cut in the centre ; reverse. 

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Privilege ; 2 preliminary/ leaves. " Epistola imiieupatona," 
Prologue, and text, 1-82 leaves. Segunda parte, 1-35 leaves. 
(Sotljic £etUT. 

canay Castellana, coinpuesla por el tnuy Re 
uereiido padre fray Alonfo de Mo- 
lina dela orden de Sefior 
fatit Francifco. 

C- En Mexico en cafa de Pedro Ocharte. 1 5 7 1 

*** MOLINA. VocABVLARio I BN LENGUA MexicaiiH y Ciistellaiia, 
com- 1 piiesto por el muy Reuerendo Padre Fray Alonso de Molina, 
de la I Orden del bieaauenturado uuestro Padre sant Francisco. | 
Dirigido al muy excelente SeHor | Don Martin Enriquez, Visoirey 
desta imeiia Espafia. En MEXICO, En Casa A% Antonio de &'j}inosa 

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( Colophon ;) ^ Aqvi haz«n fin los doa vocabularioe, en lengva 
Caste I liana y nahnal o Mexicaiia que hizo y recopilo el muy 
Reuerendo padre, fray Alonzo de Mo [ lina : de la orden de Seiior 
Ban Francisco. Iniprimieronse en la muy insigne y gran ciudad | 
de Mexico : en caea de Antonio de Spinow. en el AHo de nuestra 
redepcion de 1571. 

Folio. Title, with wood-cut of St. Francis ; reverse, " Pro- 
logo al Lector." " Avisob," 1 letff. Text, 1-162 leavet ; re- 
verse of last leaf a wood-aU. 

]_Trattilatioii. — Vocabulary in the Mexican and CaBtilian latiftiiagaB, com- 
posed by the vei'y Reverend Father Alonzo de Molina, of the Order of our 
blessed Father St Francic. Uirccted to the very excellent Den Martin 
EnriqucE, Viceroy of New Spain.] 

*' MOLINA, Alonzo de. Vocabvlario | en lengva Caatelkna y 
Mexicana, com- { puesto por el muy Reuerendo Padre Fray Alonzo 
de Molina, de la [ Orden del bienauenturado nuestro Padre sant 
Francisco. [ Dirigido al mvy Excelente Senor | Don Martin En- 
riquez, Viaorrey destanueua Sspftfla. | En Mexico. | En casa de 
Antonio de Spinoaa | 1571. 

( Colophon .•) ^ Aqvi hazen fin los dos vocabvlarioa, en lengva 
Caste I liana y nahual o Mexicana que hizo y recopilo el muy 
Reuerendo padre, fray AIoubo do Molina: de la orden de seflor 
san Francisco. Imprimieronse en ta muy insigne y gran ciudad | 
de Mexico ; en casa de Antonio de Spinosa, en el Afto de nuestra 
redepcion, de 1571. | 

Folio. Title ; reverse, " Licencias." " Epistola Nvncvpa- 

toria," 1 leaf. " Prologo al Lector," 1 leaf. " ATisoa," 1 leaf. 

Text, 121 leavea. " Dirigatvr Oratiomea," etc., with woodcut 

figure, 1 page. 

^ MONARDES, Nicolo. S^vnda | parte del Hbro \ de las cosaa 
qve Be | traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales, | que siruen al tso 
de medicina. Do se ti'a | ta del Tabaco, y de la Sassafras : y del 
Carlo Sancto, y de otraa muchaa yeruas y PlantaB, Simientes, y 
Licores : q i^fo- 1 ra nueuamente ban venido de a quellas | partes, 
de gnuides virtudes, y marauillosos efiectos. | Hecho por el Doctor 
Monardes Medico de Seuilla. | ^ Va afiedido vn libro de la Nieue. 
Do veran los q beuen frio conella, cosas dignaa de aaber, y de 
grande adrairacion, cerca | del vso del enfriar con ella. Fecho 
por el mismo Doctor Monardes. En Seuilla. En casa Alonxo 
JSserivano. Impressor. Ano de 1571 , Con Preuilegio de su Real 

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jKMftoportlmuy Reuerendo FiifreFriy Alonfo(lcMoJii]i,deU 

Orden del biciiiQeaniriilo oueftro Padre fiotFrucircD. 

DonUutin Enriqucz.ViToTrejr drilt mmu Erptfa. 

^Indomm nimiite fecit pr^U; 

CoiiGilUviuitJinjucirciim menM rf uoliul 


BaCtta di Amnio dt Sptnoik 
I J 7 1 

Facsimile of title to Molina's "\'ocabulario Mcoiicana yr Castellana, 1571'.' 

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12nio. Title. 181 numbered leaves, including the title. Wood- 
cute of plants. 

ITrtmalaHon. — Second part of the book of the tbinfn that ue broDi^t 
from our West Indies irhich are useful in medicine. Treating of tobacco 
and earaafrae, and of the Saucto Carlo and many other herbs and plants, 
seeds and liquids, irhich have lately come from those parts, of great Tirtues 
and marvellous effects. By Doctor Monardes, Physician of Seville. To 
which is added a book on snow, etc.] 

** MONARDES. Libro qve trata de la niene, y d« su propriedades ; 
J del modo que se ha de tener, en el beuer enCriado co ella : y de 
los otroa modos que ay de enfriar. Con otras curiosidadea, que 
damn contento, por las coeas aatiquae, y dignas de saber, que ceres 
de esta materia, en el se veran. Hecho por el Doctor MoDardea 
Medico de Seuilla. En Seuilla. Por Alonao Eaoriuano Im- 
pressor de libros. ASo 1571. 

12mo. Title ; reverie, blank. Text, 1-47 leavee, including 
Title and Privilege, the latter at the end of the volume. 

This treatise upon snow, and the variooi iraja of using in drinks, is generally 
found with die other writings of Hohasdks, several editions of which are in this 


■ENZONI. La Historia del | raondo utoto | di M. Giro- 
lamo Benzoni | Milanese. | La qval tratta delle Isole, & 
marl auouamente ritrouati, et delle j nuoue Citta da lui 
proprio vedute, | per aqua, & per terra in | quattordeci anni. | 
Nuouamente riatampata, et illuBtrata con la giunta d'alcune cose 
notabile dell' Isole di Canada. ] Con priiiilegio. | In VenxtiA, Ad 
instantia di Pietro, & Francetco | Tini, fratelli. h.d.lxxii. 

(^ Colophon :') In Vbnbtia Appreseo gli heredi di CHovan 
Maria Bonelli H.D.LXXn. 

12mo, K(/«, with wood-cut of a man astride of a lion ; re- 
verse, blank. Dedication, 2 leaves. Table, 1 lecf ; reverse, 
portrait of Bknzoni. Text, 1-179 pages. Italian letters, with 
wood-cuts in the text. 

[Tratulatiim. — History of the New World, by Girolamo Benzonl, of 
Milan. Treating of the lalands and Seas newly discovered, and also of the 
new towns by him seen, in travelling by land and by water, in the course of 
fourteen years. Recently republished and illustrated with the addition of 
some notable particulars, especially respecting the island of Canaria. With 

See the first edition of 1 565 for a note. 

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»* BRANT, Sebastian. Stvltifera Navis Mortaliiim, in qva fatvi 
affectvs, mores, coDatvs atqve Btvdia, qiiibus uita bsec nostra, io 
omni hominum genere, scatet cunctis Sapientise cultoribua depin- 
guntur, & uetut in Spectilo ob oculos ponuntur. Liber salutaribua 
doctrinis & admonitionibus plenua. Olim a clariss. viro D. Sebaa- 
tiajio Brant luriaconsulto, Germanicia rhythmis conscriptus, & per 
lacobvm Locher Sueuum Latiniteti donatus: nunc uerd revisus & 
elegantissimis figuris recens illuatratua. Basile^ab, Cum Gratia 
& Pi-iuilegio Caes. Maiest. M.D.LXXII. 

(^Colophon:') Basilbae, ex officina Sebaatiani Henricpetn, 
Anno recuperatiG Salutis hiimana; M.D.LXXn. Mense Martio. 

\2mo. Title; and 11 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-284 ^a^e», 

and \for colophon. 155 wood-cuts, hy Tobias Skimheb, in the 

text. Italic letters. 

Vat A note eeo the edition oT 1497 ; also ibe English traniUtion of IS70. 

^' MUNSTER, Sebastian. Cosm<^raphi80 Vniversalis Lib. vi. 
in qvibTS ivxta certioris fidei scriptorea, sine omni cuiuscunque 
molestia, uel Ixsione, describuntur. Omnium babitabilts Orbis 
partium situs propriasque dotes. Re^onum Topograpbicffi pic- 
tune. Terrarum ingenia, quibue fit ut tarn differentes & uarias 
specie res, tarn animatas quam inaniniatas, producat. Animalium 
peregrinorum naturEG & effigies. Nobiliomm Ciuitatnm icones & 
deBcriptiones : ac cerciter xx. de nouo additat. R^norum initia, 
incrementa & tranelationes. Cunctarum Gentium mores, l^es, 
religio, res gestx, & mutationes usque ad annum Christi M.D.utXO. 
Item Regum ac Principum genealogiie. Avtiiore Sebastiano 
Mvnstero. ( Wood-cut.') Cum Gratia & Priuilegio Cjb8. Maiest. 
Basileae, ex ofiicina Henric Petrina. 

(^Colophon:') Basile^, ex officina Henric Petrina mense 
Martio, anno salvtis H.D.LXXn. 

Folio. Title; reverse, portrait of tAmsBTSR. Dedication to 
Charles V., 4 leaves. 22 folding wood-cut maps. Index, 88 
unnumbered leaves. Text, 1-1338 pages (^No. 1332 misprinted 
832), mih another leaf for the colophon, with the printer's mark 
on the r 

The Utt map tn the volume repreeenta Ahbsica, Mid is eBtit1«d "Novab 
Ihstlie." It Is the ume lu the map in the ediUon of 1554, with a few additional 
namei. Tlie plan of Cuzoo. in Pbku, and the map of Cdba, are not in the edition 
of 1554. 

2 PORCACCHL] L' laole pin fainose del Moiido descritte da 

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Thomaso Porcaechi da Castiglione Arretino e intagliate da Giro- 
laino PoiTO Padovano AI Serenias. Principe et Sigre il S. Don 
Giovanni d' AvBtria General della Santiss. L^a. Con privilegio. 
In Venetia, Appreaao Simon Qalignani & Girolumo Porro 

Folio. Engraved title ; reverse, blank. I>edieation, 1 leaf. 
Table, 6 leavet. Proem, 3 leaves. Text, 117 pages, printer''s 
mark on following leaf. Many copperplate maps in the texty 
including HiSPAKlOLA, Cuba, the New World, Tesostttah 
(Mexico), and the world, showing the western continent. 
There are also in this collectKin editions of lG7e, ISSO, and 1620. 


■OLIETA.] Vberti | Folietae | Clarorvm ligvrvm elc^a. 
Ad loannein Andream | avriam dvcem | clarissimum. 
I BoM.(E. Apud heredes Antonii Bladii | Impressores 
CameraleB, M.D.LXXm. - 

4(0. Title ; reverse, a sonnet. S prelimiTtary leaves. Text, 
1-265 pages. Index, 3 pages. 
At page 32 il a noiice of Coluubub. 

^ MESSIA, Pedro. Nvova Seconda Selva de Varia Lettione, che 
segre Pietro Mesaia : Nella quale bodo gloriosi fatti, & detti d^ni 
di cc^itione ; tratti con breuit^ dalli piil nobili, & eccellenti 
Autori, Antichi, & Modern!. Nvovamente posta in luce, & con 
somma diligenza coretta. Con tarola delle cose notabili. 
In Venetia, Apresso Christoforo Zanetti, M.D.LXXIII. 

12mo. Title; and 11 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-207 

For iranBlatian of title and note see the English bj FosTKBcnE of 15T1, and the 
Spanish edition of ISSO, which latter conlunB additional matter. 


■NGLERIA, Peter Maktyr. De Rebvs | Oceanicis | et 
Novo Orbe, de | cades trea, Petri Martyris ab Angleria 
Mediolanensis. | Item eiTsdem, de Babylonica | l^aUone, 
libri III. Et item de rebvs Aethiopicis, | Indicia, ] Lusitanicia & 
Hiepanicis, opuacula queda Historica doctiesinia, ^a^i liodie non 

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facild I alibi repiriuntur, Damiani | A Gods Equids | Lasitani. [ 
Qnie omnia sequena pagina latius demon atrat. | Cum dupllci 
locupletissimo Indice. CoLONlAB Apnd Oeruifmm CaUnxum &, 
h«redes | QQentelios. H.D.LXxini. Cum gratia & priuilegio 

Smalt Svo. Title ; reverse. Catalogue of Contenta ; and 23 
preliminary unnumbered leavet. Text, l-€65 pages. Index, 15 
unnumbered leaves. 

Bee Aholcsia, nnder the date of 1530 (No. 93), far ft long noM. 

"* APIAN, Pbtbe.] Coamographia | Petri Apiani, per Gemmam 
Fris I ivm apvd Lovanieuaia j medicrm et matfae | maticrm in- 
signem, iam demvm ab omnibvs vindi | cata mendis, ac nonmiUis 
quoqne lociB aucta, & amiotutioni | bus marginalibna illastrata. 
Additis eiusdem airmen | ti libellis Gemmse Friaij. | ( Wood-eut 
of globe.') COLONiAE Agrippinae, I Apud Hseredea Amoldi 
Birekmanni | HDLXXIV. j 

4to, 2 preliminary. Text, 64 leaves. Table, etc., 2 leaves 
unnumbered. With many wood-cuts and revolving diagrams. 

At page Gl ii ■ biding map, on which Ahbrica 1b laid down. At page 58 
begini an aatrononiiGal tTMIite with wood-cuM in the text, which portion ia want- 
ing in many copiel. 

^ APIAN. Coemc^raphia Petri Apiani, per Gemma Frisium apud 
Louaniensis Medicum & Mathameticum insigaem, iam demum ab 
omsiboa vindicata meadis, ac nommllis quoque locis aucta, & an- 

notatiooibua mai^nalibus illustrata (^Vignette of globe.) 

M.D.LXXini. Antvkepiae, Apud Ckristopkorum Plantinum, 
aub Circino aureo, 

4to. Title ; reverse, sonnets. 1 preliminary leaf. Text, 1-66 
leaves ; reverse of last, blank. Map and revolving diagrams. 

»« GARCIA AB HORTO, D. Aromatvm, et Simplicivm aliquot 
medicamentorrm apvd Indos nascentiTm historia. Primum quidem 
Lusitatiica lingua per Dialogoe cooacripta, D. Garcia ab Horto, 
Proregia Indise Medico, auctore. Nunc verd latino eermone in 
Epitomen contracta, & iconibus ad viuum expressis, locupletiori- 
buaq annotatiunculis illustrata a Carolo ClvBio Atrebate. Ant- 
VBBPLas, Ex officina Chrittophori Plantini Arohil7pc^;rapbi Regij 

8vo. 227 pages. Index, 5 pages. 

Garcia d' Okta waa a Portugnese, whoK work was fint printed al Goa, in 
Ihdia, in 1963, in 4ia. In this edition are Mme landatory vereu bj Camobhs, 



whom the author met at Goa at th« time his work was going through the press. 
The Latin traoBlation abrideed bj Ccusi-EB del' Ecluse wm printed at Ant- 
werp in 15GT, 1574,* 1579, and unired with the works o( Chr. Aoobta and 
MoHASDES in 1593,* all in 8vo. An Italian tranBlation, abridged, wal printeil at 
Vehice in IS7S.* Those marked thus ■ are in this collection. 

»» MONARDES, Nicolo. Primera y Segvada y Tercera Partes 
de la Hlatoria Medicinal de las cosa^ que se traen de nuestraa 
Indias Occideotales que siruen en Medicina. Tratado de la piedra 
Bezaar, y de la yerua EBcuer^onera. Diagolo de las grande.zae del 
HieiTO, y de sua virtudes Medicinales. Tratado de la nieve y del 
beuer frio. Hechoa por el Doctor Monardea Medico de Seuilla. 
Van en eata impreaaion la Tercera parte y el Dialc^ del Hierro 
nneuamente hechoa, que no ban aido impressoa hasta f^nra. Do 
ay coBas grandea y dignas de saber. ^ Con licencia y Preuilegio 
de su Mageatad. Ea SbvillA. En casa de Alonzo Heeriuano, 

Small 4to. Title ; reverae, blank ; and 5 preliminary leavei. 
Text, 1-206 leaves. Errata, 1 le(^. 

[^Translation. — First, second, and third parts rf the Medicinal History of 
the things brought from our West Indies useTuI in medicine. A treatise on 
the Bezaar stone and on the herb Escuer^onera. A dialogue on the proper- 
ties of iron and its medical virtues. A treatise on snow and of tdiing it 
cold. Made by Doctor Monardes, of Seville^ With a third part added to 
this edition, and the dialogue on iron recently mule, trhich has not been 
print«d until now. AU great things worUiy to he known.] 

*" MONARDES, Nicolo, De | simplicibva | medicamentie [ ex 
occidentali India | delatia, qvorvm in | medicina tbts eat. Auctore 
D. Nicolao Monardia { Hispalensi Medico. | Intetprete Carole 
Clusio Atrebate. | Antvbbpl^. j Ex officina Ckriatophori Plan- 
tini Architypographi Regii. M.D.LXxnil. 

l^mo. Title ; reverie. Privilege. 1-^29 pages, including 

title. Table, 6 leaves. Numerous wood-cuts of plants in the 


•*' OSORIUS.] Hieronymi Oaorii Lvaitani Silrensia in Algarbiis 

Epiacopi. De Rebva EmmanTelia r^s Lvaitaniae invictiasimi 

virtTte et avapido, annix aex, ac viginti, domi forislj : gestis ; libri 

duodecim. Quibus ; potiasim&m ea, quae in Africa & India bella 

confecit, explicantur. Adiectua eat rerum, ac rerborUm, index, 

COLONIAB AgbippinAB, Apud HjeredeB Amoldi Birkmanni 


8iio. IKtle ; and 15 preliminary leaves. Text, 1*412 leaves, 
in Italics. Index, 16 leaves. 

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■PIAN, Pedro. La Cosmographia | de Pedro Apiano, | 
n corregida y aaadida por Gemma Frisio | Medico y Mathe- 
matlco. I La manera del deacriuir y situar loe Lagares, 
con el Vso del Anillo Astronomico, del | miemo Auctor Gemma 
Frisio. I El Sitio y Deacripcion de las Indias y Mundo Nueuo, 
Bacada de la Hiatoria de tVaocis | co Lopez de Gomarft, y de la 
Cosm(^raphia de leronymo Giraua Tarragonez. | ( Wood-cut of 
glohe.') MDLXXV. I En Anvebs : | Por Juan Bellero al Aguila 
de Oro. | Con priuilegio de su M. | 

Folio. Title, 68 numbered leaves, with map, and with wood- 
eutt in text Table, 2 leaves. Description of the New World 
from GoUAKA, and Table, 12 unnumbered leaves. 

[Translation. — The Cosmography of Pedro Apian corrected and extended 
by Gemma Frisio, Doctor and Matbematioian. The manuer of deecribiiig 
and fixing places, with the u.=e of thu astronomical circle, by the same author. 
The diluation and dexcription of the Indies and the New World taken from 
the Hiatory of Francisco IjOpez de Gomara, aod from the Cosmography of 
Jerome Girava Tarragonez.J 


ILUSIUS, Cabolds. Rariomm aliqnot etirpium per Hia- 
panias observatarum Historia, Libris duobus expressa. 
Antweeple. Christopher Plantin Mdulxvi. 
Small %vo. 1-529 pages. 

•* GILBERT, Sib Humphrey. A Discovrse [ of a Discouerie | 
for a new Pas- 1 s^e to Cataia. | Written by Sit Hvm | frey 
Gilbert, Kuiglit. | Quid noui. | '^ Imprinted at | London by 
Sen I ry Middleton for | Rieharde \ Ihonea. \ Amio Domini. 1576. 
Aprilis. 12. 

(^Colophon:') ^ These Bokesare to be soldo at the shop of 
Richard Jones, at the West ende of Saint Paules Church, betweene 
the Braeen Piller, and Lollards Tower. ^ 

Small Svo. Title, within a border ; reverse, blank. GEO. 
Gabcoigne to the reader, 8 leaves. Stmnet, 1 leaf. Letter of 
Sib Humfrey Gilbebt to his brother SiB John Gii.bkbt, 
3 leaves. Table, 1 leqf. Text, 29 unnumbered leaves. " Faultes," 
1 leaf. ®otl)i( £(Utl. Also, " A general map made onelye 

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, v_iw0^lc 



for the partacnlar declarion of this diBcovery." See fae»imile, 
tlightly reduced. 

Tbe eaalern and western oonlinenta are laid down on the map. Od the North- 
American portjon ia itae Gdlf or Mbxtco, Hew Fbakoe, Cakada, Labbados, 
and GKBBIII.AIID. UTorth or New Fbahce and Ladbadok it a lea extending 
westward opposite to and near Japan. The ideu of tbe author in conitmcting 
this map were eridoitlj borrowed from Fkobisheb, whose fiist tojb^ took plare 
in I&TS-T7. The citiea of Cjdiv:ba and Ciboi^ in New Mexico visited b; the 
Spaniard* in 1530-1940 are also laid down near the western ocean. 

The epistle to the reader in thii Tolatne is l¥om GBOKaE GAacoTons, the well- 
known poet, in behalf of hia friend the author, in the conrae of which he bbjs : — 

"Thus iDDcb (gentle reader) I have thought f;ood (Allegoricall}') to write in the 
liehalfeof the right worshipful & m; verjr Trend Sir Bumfext Gilbest Enight, the 
true authour of this little (vet profitable) Pamphlet, intituled " A Discourse," eic., 
in whose commendation 1 wonlde fajne write as mnche as hee desenieth, were I 
not afrajd Co bee condemned by him of flacterle: which blame {with m; friendeit) I 
vse not to deseme. .... 

" Nan it happened that mjself being ono (amongst manie) beholding to the said 
S. HcvrRBT Gilbebt for sundrie curtesies, did come to visit him in Winter last 
passed at his hoube in Likehowhb, and being verie bolde to demaunde of him 
liowe he spente bis time in this loitering vacation from martiall siratagemes, he 
curteoiisl/ tooke me vp into bis BCudie, and there shewed me sundrie profitable ami 
vcrle comendable exercises which tie bad perfected paiuefullj with his unnc prnne; 
j\nd nmongit the rest this present Diacouerie. The which as well becaiu,e ii whs 
not long, as also because I vnderstoode that M, FouBBOisGa (a kinsDinn of mine) 
did pretend to trauaile in the same Discouerie, I craned at thesaide S. IluuFHKYbS 
handcB for two or three dajes to reade and to peruse. And he rerie friendly 
grat)ied mjr request, but siil seeming to doubt that thccebj the same might, con- 
Irarie to his former detenu in at ion be Imprinted." 

He closea with tbe following sonnet, in which he places Sir Humfbei otity 
fifth among all tbe great American discoverers and navigators ; — 

" fj A Prophetical Sonnet of the some Gkorob Gascoihb, vpon the cuni- 
tnendable trauaile which Sir Huvvbbt Gilbebt hath disclosed in Jils works. 
" Hen praise CoLUMBtiB fbr the passing ekil 

Which he declared in Cosmograpbie, 

And nam'd him Drsi (as jet we cal ham itil) 

The 2. Neptune, dubd bj dignity. 

Ambkicds Vksfotius, fbr his peine, 

Kefti/ne the 3. ful worthelj was named. 

And Maoellamdb, by good right did gaiae, 

Nkptdnk the 4. ful filly to be famed. 

But al those three, and at the worlde bedde, 

Discouered not, a thing of more emprice. 

Then In this bookc, is learnedly descride. 

By vertue of my worthie Iriendes denice. 

Tf snch saccease, to him (as them) thns fittl, 

NEPCmtB the 5. we justly may him call." 

" This is one of the rarest of the English books of voyages ; and the map which 
accompanies this copy is still more rare." — BiUiothtca Grenvilliano, A copy at 
the Bolton- CoBMET sale in London, May 1871, brought £46. 

An account of this uafbrlnnatc navigator will he found in Dr. Bliss's odition of 
Wood's "Alhen. Oion.," and his voyage to Nbwfoundlaiid in l.'iSS, in Hak- 
i-utt'b ■• Citl. of Voyagrt." 

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K» GARCIA DELL' HORTO. Dve libri deU' ffiatoria de i sem- 
pltci, aroinati, et altre cose, che vengono portate dall' Indie Orien- 
tal!, pertineoti alia Medicina, di Don Garzia dall' Horto, Medico 
Portughese ; con alcune breui annotationi di Carlo Clvsio. Et dve 
altri libri parimente di qyelle che si portano dall' Indie Occidental!, 
di Nicolo Monardee, Medico di Siuiglia. Iii Venbtia ; mdlxxvi. 
4(0. Title; and 7 preliminary leaves. Text, 92 and 44 

'"' GOMARA. Hiatoria d'elle nvove Indie Occidentali Con tvtti i 
discoprimenti, & cose notabili auuenute, dopo I'acqdiato di ease. 
Parte seconda. Composta da Fraocesco Lopez di Gomara in 
lingua Spagnuola. Tradotta nella Italiana per Agostino di Ctau- 
aliz. In Vbnbtia : Appresso Oamillo Franeetchini MDLXSVi. 
Svo. Title; and 7 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-306 leaves, 
in Italia letters. 

"T MAGALHANES DE GANDAVO, Pedeo de. Hiatoria da 
ProTincia de Sacta-Cruz | a qui' Tulgarmete chamamos Brazil : 
feita por Pedro de | Magalhaes de Gandauo, dirigida ao muito 
III9 SSoe Dom Li- 1 onis P^ guuemador que toy di Malaca & das 
mais partea | do Sul na India. 

(^Colophon:) Impresso em Lisboa, na officina de Antonio 
Gonialuez. Anno de 1576, 

Small ito. Engraved title ; reverse, " Approval." Sonnet by 
Oamoens to Dom Lionis Pebeiea, 5 pages ; reverse of the 
last, Epistle of P. DE Magalhanes. Prologue, 2 pages. Text, 
6-48 leaves. On the reverse of leaf 82 a copperplate of a man 
thrusting his sword into a penguin. 

[TVonrio/ion. — History of the Pro?iQce ot Santa Cruz, vulgarly callod 
Brazil : made by Pedro <le MagaHianeg de Gandavo, dedicated to ibe most 
illustrious DoD Liouis Pereira, Governor of Malac-ca and otlier parts to the 
South of India.] 

" Thia is a vokme of cxiraordioary rarity, curiosity, and inlcreM. In the ini- 
prored edition of Pinklo'b ' Biblielhtca Oriental y Orddenial' (a work vetj sparing 
of commendation), it ig styled ' Cnriosa y Dnics,' col. 673. Forther incereailng 
particulars occur in Machajxi'b ■ BiW. Lantiaia' under 'F<dbo db M^ 
BB OiKDivo,' and in the ' CaUUagae doi Aulhorei ' profixed lo Vol. I. of the ' Die. of 
the PoHiigwae Academy,' Lisboh, 1793. DiviLA, in his ' Teatro dot Graiidaai de 
Madrid,' entitlea this work 'muy srudita y curiosa,' p. 501. Maoilhigs hai 
the r^utatioQ of being one of the moat el^ant writers in the Portuguese language. 
See the verses of Camokms prefixed to this curious volume. No copy of this early 
Hccoout of Bbasil is believed to exist in any of the public libraries in this country, 
and it is sapposcd no»er to hare occnrred in any sale here, nor will it be found in 

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the beat fbreigD c«t«logii«« of voj^ei and tnreli ; and what is Btlll mare Tsmark- 
able, DO menlioD is mule of it in Southbt'b ' History of tie BnaiU.' It ia worth 
adding that the Cocmt de Fohcual, ambassador from Pobtdoai. to this coantry, 
and a man of much literary research, had never been able to see a copjof this book 
either in Pobtcoal or in any other coantry that be had visited." — BihlioUieca 

Maoilhanm db Oahdavo, the author of this history, was bom in Braoa 
toward the middle of theUftcenth century. M\(!BikDO,in hh" Bibh'othteaLutUima," 
states tliat be was the son of a Fleming, and that after he had passed some years 
in Bbaiii., he relumed to his native coantry and established himself ia Ibe pror- 
iQC« of Ehtbe Doubo e Minho, where he married and employed the remainder 
of his life with a school which he had founded. His present work was considered 
of so much importance that it was incorporated in the " Rdalirmt el Mtmoira 
Oiiginaax," on the history and discovery of Akebica by Hr. Tbrnaux, of which 
series it Ibrms the second rolnme. 

In speaking of the author, the editor says : — 

" His history of Bsabil is certainly one of the most remarkable work* which 
appeared in (he sixteenth century on these distant countries ; the stjle is eimple, a 
rare merit among the writers of hie nation. 

" Unfortunately, the indifference of the Porlugoew and Spaniards, as well as of 
tbeir b««t wrilen, has prevented (be work from being reprinted. It has now 
become to excessively rare that not more than three or four copies are known ; it 
is not to be fbnnd in any of the public libraries of Paris, and is bat rarely cited by 
the Portngnese authors who have written on Brazil. It appears to have been 
unknown to them, as well as to Vabgokdelos, for, in the great number of Gitalin 
with which be likes to fill bis margins, we do not, in a ungle instance, find tba 
name of Gandavo, I can therefore submit this work as one of the book* on 
Ambxioa, as the least known, and the moat worth; to be." — pTefiKe, p. 4. 

'"^ MOLINA. Arte de la lengva Mexicaiui y Castellans, compueeta 
por til muy R. P. Fray AL0N30 DE MOLINA, de la. ordeu de 
SeHor eant Francisco, de nueuo en esta aegunda impression cor- 
regida, emendada y aDadida, maa copiosa j data que ta primeia. 
Dirigida al muy Excelente SeSor Viaorrey, &c. MEXICO, en casa 
de Pedro Balli, 1576. 

127no. Title one leaf. License, 2 leaves. " Epistola," 4 
leaves. Arte, 1st part, 1-78 leaves. 2d part, 79-112 leaves. 
The portrait of St. Douuhique on the title, same as in the first 

This second edition of Molima'b Grammar i* exc««Mvely rare, being unknown 
10 Antonio, Pimbia>, BBttHBT, and LnDWio. first printed in 1S7I, {a Qotliie 

w» PORCACCHI, TOMASO : L' laole piv Famose del Mondo. DeB- 
critte da Tbomaso Poroacchi da Caatiglione Arretino e intagliate 
da Girolamo Porro Padovano. Cod 1' E^^unta di molte Isole all' 
III." S. Conte Georgio Trivltio, Dottore, Cavaliere, Conte di Melzo, 
Regio, e Ducal Senatore. Con Privilegio. In Veketia ; Appresso 
Simon Qalignani ^ Q-irolamo Porro. mdlxxvi. 

,d by Google 



(^Colophon :') In Venbtia, AppreBso Giorgio Angelieri, a io- 
stantia di Simon Galignani de Earera. m.d.lxxv. With print- 
er's mark. 

Folio. Engraved Title ; reverse blank. Dedication^ 1 leqf. 
Taile, 10 leavei. Proem, 2 Uavei. Text, 1-201 leaves. 

The title-page givGa the date of 1576; the colophon, I97S. Many engraved 
maps on copper are printed with the text Thou of Jakaica and Posto Rioo 
are added to the edition of 179S. 

"0 TAISNIERS, Jo. ^ A very neceaaarie and | profitable Book 
concer | ning Nauigation, compiled in { Latin by loannes Taianie- | 
niB, a publike professor | in Rome, Ferraria, & other Vniuersi- 
tiea in Italie of the Mathematicallea, | numed a treatise of [ con- 
tinuail Mo | tiona. Translated into Englishe, by | Rioharde Eden, | 
The contentes of this booke you shall finde | on the next page fol- 
lowyng, ^ Imprinted at LONDON by | Rieharde lugge. Cum 
priuile^o, [ifo date. ? 1576.] 

(^Reverse .*) ^^ The Table, 1. Of the marueyloua nature and 
vertue of the Lode stone, called in Latin Mf^es, where they be 
fonnd, and howe to knowe the best, 

2. Of continual motion of the aaid M^nes. 

3. Of the due proportion of whatsoever ship, and the disdosyng 
of certayne Mathematical! secrets. 

4. Of ebbyng and flowyng, with their diuersitiea, and the 
causes thereof. | 

5. Demonstrations of proportion of motions local, confatyng the 
opinion of Aristotle therein. 

4(0. Title, with a wide border; reverte, table. " The Epistle 
Dedicatorie. To the ryght woorahipfull Syr Wylliam Wynter, 
Knyght, Maister of the Ordinaunce of the Queenes Maiesties 
Shippes and Surneyor of the sayd Shippes. Richard Eden 
wysheth health and prosperitie." 3 leavei, Taisniebs' dedi- 
cation to the Archbishop of Cologne., 1 leo^f. Text, 37 unnum- 
bered leaves. Nv-merout wood-cuts in the text. (SSiott|ic fUlttt. 

A maniucript note io this Totnme ataies that it wa* once the property of tb« 
sreat Lord SaAPTEOBUBr, and waa parchaaed at the eale of his dapitcate*. It ia 
withont dale, bnt aa it appears by the account of the printer, Ricbard JoaoB, in 
Dibdih's "Typog. Antiqaitiet" (Vol. IT. p. 241), that the laat work fh)ni hia 
preaa bean date of 1S77, it waa probably not printed later than thai year. 

In speaking of certain inelramenls or engines for Ihc moTement of shipa, on the 
third page of the " Epitlle Dedict^oty," by Edbn, the translator, we find the follow- 
ing reference to SEBiSTiAN Cibot : " An artifice not yet divnlgate or set forth, 
which placed in the pompe of a Shyp, whyther the water hath recourse, and mored 
by the motion of the Shjpp, with whedea and weyghtes, dooth exactij shewe 



whnt apace the Shyp hath goiie, etc, B; which descriplion, Bome iloo underatdiid 
Ihnt the Knowledge of the longitude mjght be Tounde, a ifayuge donbtleue 
greatlj ro be desjred, and hytherlo not cerCaynlj bnowen, although Sebastiim 
Cabot, on his death-bed (old me that he hitd the knowledge thereof by dinine 
revelation, yet so, that he myghl not teache any man. But 1 thlnke that Che good 
olde man, in that extreme age, somewhat doted, and had not yet ereii in the article 
of death, vtleriy shaken olf all worldlye vayne glorie." 


SASTAGNEDA, Ferkando Lopez de. Historia dell' 
j Indie Orientali, Scoperti, & conquiatate da' Portoghesi, di 
I commissione dell' iDuittiaaiino Re Don Manuello, di glor- 

ioBa memoria. Nella quale, oltre alle Btrane 

vsanze, maniere, riti e costumi di quelle 

genti ; ai tuene anco in notitia di molte 

Guerre fatte in quei paeai ; & di molte Pro- 

aince, Isole, Citta, Castelli, Fiumi, Monti, 

L^bi, Man, Minere di Metalli, Perle, 

Gioie, Animali, droghe di specierie, & di 

molte altre cose d^ne di merauiglia. Dis- 

tinta in Libri VII. Nuouamente di lingua 

Portf^hese in Itsliani tradotta dal Signor 

Alfonso VUoa. (^Vignette, a» in margin.') 

In Venezia. Appreaso Giordano Ziletti 


2 voU. Ato. Vol. I. : Title, and 16 preliminary leaves. Text, 
1-518 leaves. Vol. II. : Title. Table, 14, text, 865 leave: 
Printer's device on a separate leaf. Italian letters. 

[^Traiitlation. — History of the Oriental Indies, discovered and couquered 
by the Portuguese, by order of the Invincible King, Don Manuel, of glorious 
memory. In which besides the strange manners, ritea and costumes of that 
people; also wilb an account of the tnany wars of those countries, and of many 
Provinces, Telands, Cities, Castles, Rivers, Mountains, Lakefi, Seas, Minerals 
and Ores, Pearls, Precious Stones, Animals, Spicea, and of many other won- 
derful things. Divided into VII. Books. Newly translated from the Portu- 
guese into the Italian by Signor Alfonso Ulloa.] 

These volumes, although they contain little relating to Ambhiu, are important, 
connected with discoveries and conqnesla of the Forloguese in the East, as they 
give a bistory of the establiahment of Che Europe^na in those countries. After a 
brief account of e&bitsbj land to reach the Indies, the author gives — I. A narrative 
of the flrsc voyage of Vasco tie Oaha to India and back, in the years UE>7, U98, 
and U99. II. The Voyage of Pbdbo Altarbz Cabbal to India in l&OU, in the 
course of which Bsaeil wm discovered. The expedition remained on the coast 



eight dajs. The Oeneral ordered > high itone cross la be erected here, and named 
the conotry "La Tiksbi db Sahti Csoz," or the Land of the Holj Cross, 
which name will be fonnd on the earliest maps of the eaaiern portion of ihe con- 
tinent of South Ambrioa. from here Cabbal lent home a caravel, with letter* 
to the Ung, giving aa oeconnt of his voyage hitherto, and stating that he had left 
two exiles here to examine the country ; and parcicnlarlj to aaccrtain if it were b 
continent, *a it appeared to be from the length of the coait he had panel. He 
likewise sent one of the nativea to ahow what Und of people inhabited the conntry. 

III. Voyage of Johv de Ndbta, being the third made by the Portugueee to Ihdia. 

IV. The Second Voyage of Db Gama to India, in 1S09. V. Tnmuictions of the 
PoTtDguese in Ihdca. from the departnre of Oama in December, 1502, to the ar- 
rival of Alomzo db Albuqubbqdb in 1503. VT. Voyage of Alohzo and Fbah- 
cisco DB Albdqdbbqub to Ihdia, in 1503, being the fifth of the Forlngneee to 
the East Indies. VH Transactions of the Portogiiese in India under Duuitb 
Pachbco, from January, 1504, till the arrival ofLoPB Shabez db Mekeiib, with 
snccorB, in September of that year. TUI. The Voyage of Lope db Sctabbz db 
MBNBaiB to India, in 1504. 

Although the title of the work limits the transactions to the rwgn of King 
Uahcbl, they really occupy those of the rei^^n of his snccessor, John IIL Cab- 
tahbda's history was first priniad at Coikbsa, In eightvolnmes, folio, in the yean 
IS53-ISM. A French tran^ation by Nicn. db GitotiCHr, of the earlier portion 
was published at Pabih, in 1953, in 4to. An Italian transladon, the copy above 
described, in ISTT ; hnd an English one by Nicholas Lichefield, dedicated to 
Sir Fhancib Dbakb, London, 1583, in 4to. This translation will be found in 
Kbku's " CoUtclioa of Veyaget and Travelt," Tol. II. p. £93. A tmef acconnt of 
the work will also be found in PuacHAs' " Pilgriau," Vol. I. ii. S6. The beautifiil 
poem of Ihe Lnsiad by Cahoens, the Portnguew Homer, is dedicaUd 10 the cele- 
bration of this important transaction, and is well known through an elegant Eng- 
lish translation by Hicblb. 

813 EDEN, Richard. The | History of Trauayle [ in the | West 
and East Indies, and other j countreys lying eyther way, | to- 
wardes the fruitfull and ryche | Moluccaes. As Moscouia, Persia, 
Arabia, Syria, .^gypte, Ethiopia, Guinea, China in Cathayo, and 
Giapan. With a diBCoursc of [ the Northwest pas | sage. Gathered 
in parte, and done into Englyehe by | Richarde Eden. | Newly set 
in order, augmented and finished j by Richard Willes. % Im- 
printed at London, [ by Richard lugge 1577. Cum priuil^o. 
4to. 'Ktle, reverie, blank, 1 leaf; Epiaile "To the Countess 
of Bedford," 5 leaves, signed Richard Willes ; R. WiLLES' 
pr^aee to the reader, 3 leaves. " Certayne Preambles," of 3 
lines on the right of following leaf. Teat 1-466 leaves. " Ad- 
TiseB to be observed" and table, ending with the colophon, 6 
unnumbered leaves. ($ott)ic £etter. 

The following are the conlenis of this volume, two fifths being occupied by the 

1. The three Decadei of the New World, by Peter Marttr. 

2. Otirdo'* History of the Wbht Indiks and New Spain. 

3. Notable things of the forin land of the West Indies, including Pbrit, Flob- 
IDA, and Labbador. 



4. Martin Fhobisusb'b tojtign to the North West, b; Willes. 

5. Keportes of thx prorfnce of Ciiima from the Fonnguese bj Willbs. 

6. or the Igland of Jafam and other Ijttte isles in ibe Rut Ocean. 

7. " Of the North Eut froatie 6eu, and likowiae of the tiiget of that wortbie 
ol<l men Skhabtiah Cabot." 

8. A deecripTion of Moacori* from Sebastian Mdhstbh and others. 

9. The voyages of Fbbsia, trnvelled by the merchanta ofLoHDOK, 1961 to 1&68. 

10. Of the Toyagen to Guihea by adTenturers from London, 1153. 

11. The navigation and voyages of Lkwib Vbxtomahnvs (ViHXBBm) to tha 
East, 1603. 

IS. Of precious itonea and spices from the East The eonientioD for their trade. 

13. The Epistle of MAXt>iLiAH of TBANari.vA]<tA, of the navigation made by 
the Spaniards roaod the world, ISIS. 

M. S. D% Cohasa's account of the fXrih between the Spaniards and Forin- 
goese for the division of the Ikdibb. 

15. Bull of POFK SKiTtrs the Sixth, relative to the newly discovered lands and 
the ditiaion [hereof. 

16. An abridgement of Cortes's " Conrfoat of Mtxieo." 

This voinme, aa will be seen by its contents given above, is not a reprint of 
Eieo't •• Deeaila o/Uit Nrw (Tn-U," prinlecl in 1555, although, as in the latter, the 
larf^r portion is tilled with Fsthb Masttb's "ZJecoiiu," and Ovudo'* " Hittoiy of 
the }Vrtt India." The present work contains a number of pieces not in the edition 
of 165S. The following em ract from the preface gives an account of the work; — 

" This greate and targe volume conEisteth pHncipaily of fbnre partes, agreeable 
nnlo those foure corners of the worlde, wbereinCo the sktlfuU seamen and mer- 
chaunies adienturerH of late yeeres have chiefly travelled, and yet spceditie are 
wont to resorte. The Krai part eonteyneth four Decades by P. Marttb etc. .... 
Hereunto we have added, Gohzalui Fbrdihabdcb Otiedus Hislorie conteyning 
in I B severall chapters, a briefe declaration of the West Indysh navigation, etc. To 
this we have added certaine speciail reports of New Spaihe or Mexico, of Fbbd, 
of Hto db la Plata, and tbe countrey lying thereunto of the lands LABKAtKtk 
and Bacalaob, with the discov«ryn)t of Flobida. 

"The Seconde parte of this work appeareth what it is, by the title thereof, to 
njl, a discoDrse (o prove that tliere is a passage to the Moluccaeh, by tlie north- 
west, the which presently, M. Captain Fdrdishbb, attempteth, with certaine rc- 
pories of tbe province of Cbiha, in Catdavo, where he hath to strike in his voy- 
age, and thjrdly of Giapan, and oilier Iblandes by the way, etc. 

" In the thyrde parte sbal you find a descriplione of tbe north easteme Irosry seas 
and kingdoraes lying that way . . . etc. . . . Finally, in the fourth |>ert, are set 
downe our merchaaiites voyages into Guikba, and other parcelles of Apfkikb 
etc. : and last of all, the abridgement of P. Mabttb'h foure last Decodes, wberein 
especially that noble and glorious conquest of Mexeco, is written." 

KicsABU Willis, who had "newly set in order and finished" this work of 
BicsABD Ei>Eii, alter speaking of the plans of the latter, which death prevented 
bim fhrni accomplisbing, thus speaks of his own labors •■ " Christian charilic vnlo 
the party departed, caused mo to helpe his workes fbrwarde. Nature moved me to 
take some paynea in placing orderly that which he had confusely gyven out, tbe 
better to direct, and the more to profit tbe reader. My profession enforceil me to 
eat np some of iho superflitotis translations, and to fill up the rest of his dfdngcs 
with P. Mabttb's other writings, and finally to furnish his want from my own 
•tora. Credit 1 seeke none, therefore, I loke for no prayse, I hope not lor honour, 
I gape fbrno gayneby this kind ofstudie." — Dedkalorg E/iiitlt lolit Counteuo/ 

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"» FRAMPTON, John. loyfvll ) Newes ort of | the new fouade 
world, wherein ia | declared the rare and singuler vertues of 
diuerse | and Bundry Hearbes, Trees, Oylee, Pkntes and Stones, 
with I their aplicatioos, as well for Pbisicke as Cbirargerie, the 
saied be | ying well applied bryngeth such pleasant remedie for | 
all diseaaea, aa maie aeme altogether incredible ; | notwithstandyng 
by practize founde out | to bee true. Alao the portrature of | the 
sayd Hearbes, very apt | ly described. Engli | shed by Ihon | 
Framp | ton, | Marchannt. | Imprinted at IxtliDOS in Paule'i 
Churche Yarde, by Willyam Norton, Anno Domini. | 1577. 

Small 4tt). Title; reverse, blank. Dedication to EDWARD 
DlER, Siquire, 2 leaves. Table, 1 leaf; text, 1-109 leave* ; with 
wood-cutt in the text, of plants and animah. (Solvit ftfttei. 

A translation of MoNABDas' " HiMioria Utdieinal," — ■«« 1574. Otfaer edition! 
wen printed BE Lokdor, ISSO; and by E. Auj>b in 159G. 

"* GOMARA, F. Lopez db, Histoire g^neralle des Indea Occiden- 
talea et terres newes, qui iusques k present ont est^ deBConuertea. 
Traduites en fran^ois par M. Fumee Sienr de Marly le Chastel. 
A Pabis, Chez Michel Sonnius, rue Sainct lacquea ^I'enaeigne del' 
Eacn de Basle. MD.LXXVU. Avec Privilege du Roy. 

Svo. IHtle ; reverte, Privileffe ; 5 preliminary ; text, 1-355 
leaves ; table, 15 leaves. 

!i6 SETTLE, DiONTSB. A Trne Reports of | the laate voyage into 
the I West and Northwest regi | ons, &c. 1577, worthily atchie- | 
ued by Capteine Frobiaher of | the aayde voyage tbe first [ finder 
and Ge- 1 nemll. j With a description of the people | there inhabits 
ing, and othei' j circumstances | notable. | Written by Dionyae 
Settle, one of { the companie in the sayde voy- | age, and seruaut 
to the Right Honourable the Earle | of Cumberland. | Nil mor- 
talibus arduum est, [ Imprinted at LON | DON by, Renrie Middle- 
ton. Anno 1577. 

12mo. IKtle toithin a border; reverse, "A rythme Dee- 
asyllabicall," of 4 verses, " To the Right Honourable and Singu- 
lar good Lord, Ge»bgb Earl of Cumberland," 1 le<^. " To 
the Christian Reader," 2 leaves. Text, 20 unnuntbered leaves. 
®otl)ic CeUet. 

The following it tbe fint Terse of "A rjtbnH DecasjIUUeall, vpon thii lut 
luckie TO/age of worthie Capteine Frobiihw, 1577." 

" Through landrj' foaming freten, and Itormbg «tr«ight«s. 
That ventroni knight of Ithac' lojle <lid laile ; 
Against the force of Sjrena baahned heightei. 



Hii noble skill and conrog« did prenaile. 
Ris hap wu hard, his hope j«t nothing fniile. 
Not nigged rocks, nol unking BjrUa or undi 

His stODlnesM staid, from viewing fbreign landi." — Abbahak Fluuhq. 
A little TDlume of exceuive rarity. It a mentioned in the catalogaea of none of 
the large librBrie* except that of the OrenTJile Collection in the BritiBh MaMnm. 
The " Bib. Gnmillitma " ■&;■ there are two editiona, printed (n the same jear, with 
slight alleratioai in the some unmber of leaves. An edition of fift; copiea in amall 
qnarto, correipoading with the original edition, page for page, except tbat Roman 
letters are Died, was printed in Pbotidbncb, fbr Hr. John Cabtbs Bbowh, in 
1868, for private dutribation. It is al«o reprinted in the second volume of Sir 


*i* ZARATE, AuousTiN db : Historia | del descrbrimien | to y oon- 

,d by Google 


qvista de las provin | ciaa del Peru, y de loa euccesaoa que en eUa 
ha aiiidu, desde que se conquisto ha | sta que el Licenciado de la 
Gasca Obiapo de Siguen^a boluio a eatos rey |noB ; y de las cosas 
iiaturales que en la dicha prouincia se hallan di | gnaa de memoria. 
La qiial escreuia Augustin de ^arate, | Contador de mercedaa de 
su Magestad, aiendo | Contador general de cuentaa en aquella | 
prouincia, y en la de Tierrafirme. | Imprimiose en aHo de cincuenta 
y cinco en la rilla de Anuers por mandado de la Mageatad | del 
Rey nuestro eeilor, y con licencia de la M^eatad Cxsarea, y agora 
se toma | a impriuiir cor licencia de la Magestad Real, auiendoae 
visto y I examinado por los seiiores del suppremo Consejo de 
Caflti I lla, como parece por la real cedula que eata | en la segunda 
hoja desde libro | Sevilla. | £q casa de AIotizq Eteriuano. AQo 
de I M.D.LXXVii. Con Privilegio. 

Folio. Title, with arm» of Spain ; reverse. Privilege ; and 3 
preliminary leave». Text, 1-117 numbered leavet, in douhle col- 
umns. Table, 8 leavet. 

" Hilton/ of rAr Dinxverj and Ctmquat of PtTtt." 
of the full title, sec edition of IS61. Fint printed ii 


1 COSTA, Christoval. Tractado de la Drogas, y medi- 
cinas de las Indias Orientalea, con bhs Plantas debuxadas 
al biuo por Christoual Acosta mediix) y cirujano que laa 
vio ocularmente. En el qnal se verifica mucho de lo que eacriuio 
el Doctor Garcia de Orta. Dirigido a la muy noble y muy mas 
leal ciudad de Burgos cabei;a de Caatilla y camara de au Mages- 
tad. En Btegos. Por Martin de Victoria, impresaor de so 
Magestad M.DXXXvni. Con Priuilegio. 

8vo. Title ; reverse. Privilege ; 11 preliminary leaves, on one 
of which is a portrait of the author. Text, 1-448 pp. ; table, 37 
pp. Colophon, 1 leaf. 

a» BENZONI, GiROLAMO. Nov* Novi Orbis Historiie, Id est. Re- 
rum ab Hispanis in India Occidentali hactenus gestamm & acerbo 
illorum in eas gentea dominatu Libri Trea, Vrbani CalTetonis 
opera industriaque ex Italicis Hieronymi Benzonis Mediolanensis, 
qui eas terras xiu. annorum peregrinatione obijt, coinmentariis 
deecripte, Latini facti, ac perpetuis ootis, ai^meutis & locupteti 

,d by Google 


memorabilium rerum accessione, illustrate. His ab eodem ad- 
juncta est, de Gallorum in Floridam expeditione, & inaigni His- 
panonim in eoa soeuitisB exemplo, Breuis Historia. Apud Evata- 
thivm Vignon. m.d.lxxviii. 

8vo. Title, and 15 preliminary leaves ; text, 1—480 pp. 
Index, 6 leavet ; errata, 1 leaf. 

L 1565, and Bomewbat enl*rg«d in the «di- 
for notei. 

a» BESTE, Geoege. A trve Discovrse | of the late voyages of di»- 
couerie for | the finding of a passage to Cathaya, by | the Nortb- 
Weaat vnder the conduct | of Martin Frobisher, general! ; | De- 
uided into three | Bookes. | In the first whereof ie shewed his first | 
Toys^. Wherein also by the way is sette | out a Geographicall 
description of the Worlde | and what partes thereof haue bin dis- 
covered by the Nauigations of the Englishmen. | Also, there are 
annexed certayne reasons, I to proue all partes of the World habit- 
able, j with a generall Mappe adioyned. In the second, is set oat 
bis second | voyage, with the adventures | and accidents thereof. I 
In the third, is declared the strange fortunes | which hapned iu 
the thirde voy^e, with a seuerall de | scription of the countrey and 
the people there inhabi | ting. With a particular Card therevnto 
adioyned | of Meta Incognita, so farre forth ae the se | cretes of 
die -voy^e may permit. | At London, Imprinted by Henry 
Bynnyman, seruant to the right | Hononrable Sir Christopher 
'Hatton, Vizchamberlaine. Anno Domini 1578. 

Title, within a border; reverse, "What commodities," etc. 
Second leaf " commodities " contimied ; reverse, an esctUcAeon. 
Epiatle dedicatory to Sir Chriitopher Hatton, signed Geobob 
Bests, 4 leaves. To the Reader, 2 leaves, all unnumbered. 
Text, The fyrst Booke, 1576, 52 ; Second voyage, 1577, 39 ; 
Third voyage, 1578, 68 pages, CSSolM^ fietler; with two folding 
■maps; one shewing both the Eastern and Western continents. 
On the latter Erobisher's straits are laid down and made to 
extend across tke continent, the western end being opposite 
Cathaia in Asia. Japan and the Molucca Island lie to 
the south. On the second map is shovm Fkobisher'h Straits, 
with Greenland at the North. Many islands are in the &rait, 
one passage from which it noted as " The way trendin to Ca- 

The tint edition of Frobishbb'i " Thrn Voj/aga for tke ditcoveri/ of a Nartli- 



iwiC Pa—agt," bj Obokqb Bests. FaoBiiBBB «*ilcd !tf>at %vohUfji in 1576, with 
two amall barks of twenty and twentj-flTe cons, and a pinnace of ten toni. Steering 
a northweater]^ eonne, hs law land on the flnc of Jal/, which was probablj th« 
•ODthem cape of Obbbrlaitd. Soon after the pinnace parted company, and «a> 
nc'tr seen after. One of the barks, at the same time, returned to Ekqi-uid and 
reported the other aa lost. On the SOth Julj, he saw land, and "descried ■ pas- 
sage dividing, as it were two great lands or eontinenia unnder." .... The Und 
npon his right ude, as he sailed westward, he judged to be the contioent of AiiA, 
and there to be difided from the Ann land of Ambeic*. 

FsoBiBKEm sailed fifty leagoei np this itrait and believed it extended across the 
continent through which ships might reach Cultlx. The captain went on shore 
where " he saw tolghtie deere which ran at him, and sundry tokens of people." On 
returning, be took back a quantity of black saud and black stons, "which was 
(bnnd to hold gold, and that very richly." In 1577, ft second expedition was sent 
ont. A silTermine and "gold ore of four difierent kindes" wasfband in abnndance 
and the ships loaded with the treasure. The caplsin says liis instractions ware 
not to pnsh through the straits for Chikji, for the present, gold being the flrst 
consideration. Queen Buiabbte and her mini*ters were greatly pleased with 
FHOBisHaa'i success, and as the supposed "gold ore had appearance and made 
shew of great richea and profit, her M^esiy appointed special Conunissiotien of 
great skill and arte " to take charge of IL 

A third expedition wai sent ont the following year, embracing " fifteen sajle of 
good shippee " and 100 men to coloniie the new conntiy, incliiding thir^ miners 
" for the gathering of gold." Fbobibhbh was made admiral of the fleet. He pat 
to sea and soon reached the icy " land of promise ; " hut unfortunately it was one 
of those nnpropitioQs seBsons, such as oar Arctic whalemen have sometlntea to con- 
tend with. All the passages and beys were floien up ; severe Btonns drove them 
off; dense fogs encompassed ibem and huge icebergs crushed them. They missed 
the strait of which the; were in search, but reached one which Fbobishbb named 
the "Mistaken Strait," the same which was afterwards discorered by Hinwoy, 
whose name it now bean. But all their well devised plani were deficated b; (fae 
continiud atorms, and the crews were anxious to letnm. They sncceeded, how- 
ever, in .the msin olyect of the expedition, which, la a measure, quieted the man. 
"They fband such plenty of black ore, that if the goodness might answer the 
great plenty thereof, it might reasonably suffice all the gold-gluttons of the world." 
With this they loaded their ships and returned to Ebqlibd. The narrative wind* 
ap as follows : — 

" To conclude, 1 flnde in all the country nothing that may be dwelt in, wther of 
pleasure, or of account ; only the shadow of mine, both of gold, silver, simI, iron, 
and black lead, with divers pretty stones, as blue sapphire, very perfect, and others 
whereof we ibund great plenty, tnay give enconragemeat for men to seek hither. 
And there it no doubt, but being well looked Into and thoroughly difcovered, it 
will make our country both rich and happy." 

It is proper to add, that the precious article with which Fbobibrbb loaded his 
ships, was, after It teached 'Enaf^vo, used for balUsting ships or filling np docks. 
It proved to be some black stone, filled probably with iron pyrites. Nevertbelesi, 
Fbobibhib'b voyages attracted much attention throughout Edbopb, when the seal 
for maritime discovery was as great as it now is. The narrative was translated 
and published in Latin, German, Dutch, and French, besides being incorporated in 
many "Coliectlona of Voyages," among them FiMKEHTOit'a. 

A report of the last voyage written by Diohyhiub Settle, one of FaoBiaflM'a 
compan;, was printed in IxwDOK in ISTT, which see under that year. 

Both the narratives of Best* and Sbitli are very rare. There are co|de« in 



the British Mascum Librarj. In deKribing his copj, Mr. Gsiitvilli \»,jt par- 
tieolkr BtresB apon Iha cm) map* in It (wlilch are fbuod in the present cop;), bnt 
which are generallj wanting. 

*** CASAS. Seer cort Verbael Tonde Deatitictie vaa d' IndieD ver- 
gadert deur den Bischop don fray Bartholome de lae Casas, oft 
Caeuaa, van sinte Dominicus orden, in Brabanteche tale getrou- 
welick uyte Spaensche oueregeset. Zach. xi. Voet de beeeten des 
versIs^HB, weick diet besaten alt^nse doot, ende sj en waren met 
di^oeuich ende vercochtenBC, seggende : Gebenedyt si de Heere, 
■wy zyn Ryck geworden. 1578. [No place? Brussels.] 
4to. Title, 70 unnumbered leave». ®0tl)ic ftelters. 

The firat Dotch translstion of No. 1&4, " Brevimma lUlacien de la DeUmgdm 
Ma$ India*," piinied M Setillb, in 1563; to which (the truitlator hai added 
iome extracu firom nme of the other tracts of Lit Cabas. 

«n ERCILLA Y ZUNIGA, Alokbo db. Primera y Segvnda parte 
de la Aravcana, de don Alonso de Ercilla y funiga, Cauallero de 
la Orden de Santi^o, gentil hombre de la camara de la Mi^estad 
del Emperador. Dirigida a la del Rey don Phelippe naestro 
SeHor. En Madrid. En casa de Pierre» Co»in Impreseor. ABo. 
1578. Con priuil^o de CastUla, y de Aragon. 

( Colophon ;) Acabose de imprmur la piimera y seganda parte 
de la Araacana en Madrid. En casa de Pierret Conn. Afto 
mil y quinientos setenta y echo. 

Ato. Part I. Tide, 1 leaf, and 6 preliminary leave* ; text, 

1—195 leavet. Part II. Title, 1 leqf, and 1 preliminary leaf ; 

text, S-169 leaves. " Al Rey," 1 leaf ; table, 2 leavea. 

The flnt edition of the " Araucasa," was printed at Uadbid, in 1563, in Sto, 
bat which oal; contained the firat part, or the Gret Sfteen canloB. In this there ii 
ft dedication (o Philip TI., which does not sppear in subsequent editions. This part, 
with the second, appeared at Antwkbp, in IftTS, in l6mo, at Madrid, in 1578,' in 
410 ; with the third part at ASTWEltr, in I59T,* in IGmo. At Ahtwbbf (two 
parts onlj), in 15B6. At BargelOha, in 1592*; and at Pebfiohan, in 1596, in 
l6mo. The Tourlh and fifUi parts were added to the poem after the suthor's death, 
bj D, DiEOO HE Saktihtetah Oborio, and printed first at Salawanca, in 1597, 
in 8vo; and at Barceuiha, in 1598,* in I8n]D. Tbese two latter parts added to 
llie three preiioas ones were reprinted at Madxid, in 1633,' in 2 toIb. folio; at 
Madrid, 1776," in 2 toIb. Sto, Again at Ltows, in lasi ; at Pabib, in 1834, in 
4 Tols. 18mo; and at Madrid, In IBSB, in 3 vols. 16mo. The whole poem is also 
incladed in the series of Spanish poetry, published by BAroRr, edited with notes 
bf D, E. DB OcHOA, Pabib, 1640. Those marked thus • are in this collection. 

"Amon^t the contemporaries of Cerrantee there is one whose name is fre- 
quently repeated without being eren read. Don Alofeo de Ebcilla was the 
author of the 'AraHoma,' a poem which has Hometiroes been cited as the only 
Spanish epic This idea, however, is bj no means well gronnded ; for there is not. 



perhaps, Bn3r aRtiou which hu more freqntotly atlempted the epic stjle than the 
Spanish. It is true tbkt none of these rite dmre mediocrity, or ue worriij of being 
compared with the ndmirabte productions of Cihokns, or Tiaso, or Milton. 
Ebgi LLi, hoireTer, has no greater pretensions than the rest. Ibr we find nothing in 
his writings which can raise him absolniel; above tlie ranks of his rirals. The 
' Aramcma' woold, in all probabiii^, have been forgotten, if Voliaibb had not 
chanced to bealow on it «ome fre«h cdebrity. .... 

"Ebcilla waa born atMjkDBiD, in 1533; or according to other writers, in 15W. 
He accompanied Philip II., then Infant, as his page, into Italt, the Low 
CovHTRlEs, and afterwards to Enoland. From thence he proceeded, at the age of 
twenty-two, with the new Viceroy to Pun. Be had been informed that the 
Araucans, the most wariike people, who formed and still form a powerfnl repnb- 
lie, bad thrown off the yoke to which, on the Spanish invasion, they had momen- 
tarilj submitted. .... Their invincible courage, their discipline, and their con- 
tempt of death, qualified them to expel the Spaniirds. Fatal rerersea, however, 
sncceeded their first victories; and in the time of Alonzo db Ekcilla, the 
Spaniards flattered themselves with the hopes of anbdning the Arancaas. It was 
in the middle of this war tliat Ebcilla nndertook, with all the ardor of his ^ntb, 
\o compose an epic poem on it. Tlus idea be pursued in the midat of all the 
dangers and fatigues of the expedition. He continued, uevertbeleaa, the composi- 
lion of his poem, noting down the adventures of the day, sometimes upon scraps of 
paper, which would scarcely contain a doien Hues In this manner he com- 
pleted the first part of his work." 

Ue was scarcely thirty years of age when he returned to Spaid. la the second 
part he relates the moat briiiianl events of Fhilif's reign, but failed to recvve the 
honors and rewards from his sovereign which he conceived he had merited. De- 
pressed and discouraged, the poet foraook bia Own conntry, resolving to seek in 
foreign lands, and no doubt at the court of Maiiiiiliah, the rewarda that Cahtilb 
had refused him. After an enlended notice of the poet, Sismohdi says : — 

'< There is in the courage of Ekcilla, in hia odveotores and misforiunea, a sort 
of romantic attraction, which inducea us la expect to find in him a great poet aa 
well as a great man. Unfortunately (he ' Aravaam ' does not cosflrm this favor- 
able opinion. Indeed it can scarcely be regarded as a poem ; it is rather a history 
versified and adorned with descriptions, in which the author never rioea into true 
poetical sphere. .... Ercilla prided himself npon-his veracity and accuracy; ha 
challenged even thoae who were best informed relative to the war of Abavoo to 
point out a single error. Hia poem, therefore, is sometimes merely a rhymed 
gatelte, which, not poaseaaing the inlerests of novelty, is intolerably Aitigning." 
— SiiMOHDi, Lit. of At Soalh of Evropf, Vol. II. pp. 371-275. 

" Voltaibb, in his early and very defective eaaay on the epic poets, made known 
to EuBOFB the ' Araucana' of Ebcilla. which baa ever since enjoyed a cerCaiu 
ahaie of reputation, though condemned by criticB as tedious and prosaic. Boutbb- 
vracK depreciating it in rather more ewecping a manner than seems consistent with 
the admissions he anerwards makes. A talent for lively description and for paint- 
ing situations, a natural and correct diction which be assigns to EBCIU.A, if they 
do not constitute a claim to a high rank amonj; poets, are at leait aa much as 
many have possessed. But the long digressions and episodes of the ' ATOticaaa' 
which the poet has not had the art to eouuect with his a ubject, render it fatigning." 
HlLUB, UlertOvn cf Europe, LonDOn. 1S39, Vol. II. p. S84, 

" Taken U a whole [the ' Araucana '] ia nearly aa dull and chronicling as any- 
thing of ila das* that preceded it." — Tickkoji, HUi- Spamitit Lit., Vol. II. p. 

,d by Google 





tin Forbifher Anglois, €i regions 
de weft & Nordwest, en Tannee 

M. D. L X X V 1 1 . 

ConteTtant les mceurs & fa^ns de viure des Pettples, 
& kabilds d' icelles,auec le portraiSlde leurt luibiis 
6" armes, 6" auires ckofes memorables & fingulie- 
res, du tout incognues par deqa. 

M. 1>. L X X V I I I . 

Pour Anthoine Chuppin. 

° FROBISHER. La Navigation dv Capitaine Martin Forbisher, 
Anglois, ^ regions de weat & Nordwest, en 1' ann^e M.D.LXXVri. 
Contenant les mcours & fatuous de viure dcs Peuples, h habitas 
d'icelles, aaec le portraict de leurs liabits & annea, & autrea choses 
memoi-ables 4; eingulieres, du tout incognues par de^a. (^Followed 
by printer's device.') m.d.lxxVIII. Pour Anthoine Chuppin. 

,d by Google 


12m0. TUle ; tee factiinile on preeedtr^ page. Preface 5 
leaves. Elegy and sonnet, 2 leaves. Text 32 leaves, unnuml>ered. 
Folding wood-cut, representing lavages and their hoots. 

faa GOMARA, F. Lopez db. The | Pleasant Historie of the | con- 
quest of the Weast-India, | now called New Spayne, | atchieued 
by the woorthy Prince | Hernando Cortes, Marqnes of the valley 
of I Huexacac, most delectable to Reade : | Translated out of the 
Spa I nish tongue, by T. N. [Thomas Nicholas] | Anno 1578. 
^ Imprinted at Lokiwiii, by | Henry Bynneman. 

Smallito. Title, tee facsimile next page ; reverse, blank, dedi- 
cation to Sm Francis Wauinqham, Kt., signed Thomas Nich- 
olas, 3 leaves. Text, 1-405 pp. Table, 8 pp. ®otl)il %tita. 

^ GOMARA, Fbaiicisco Lopez de. Histoiie Generalle des Lides 
Occidentales et terres nevves, qui iusques & present ont eet6 des- 
couuertes. Traduites en Francois par M. Fumee Sieur de Marly 
le Cliaat«l. ( Vignette of printer's device : ) 

A Paris, Chez Mkhel Sonnivs rue Sunct lacques k V enseigne 
de r Eacu de Baale. iiDLXXTin. 

Svo. Title; reverse. Privilege, and 5 preliminary leaves. 
Text, 1-355 leaves. Table, 15 leaves. 

8* LERY, Jean de. Hiatoire | d'un voyage | tw.t en la terre | dv 
Brezil, avtre | ment dite Ame | rique. | Contenant la naolgation, & 
chose temarj quables, veuijs but mer par Taucteur. Le compor | 
tement de Vill^t^on, en ce pus la. Lea nKxurs | et fa^ons de 
vivre estranges des Sauuages A | meriquaines, avec un colloque de 

,d by Google 



Plea&nt Hiftorie of the 

Conqueft of the VVeaft India, 
now called new Sfayne, 

Atchieued by the worthy Prince 

Htmattdo Corus 5Harquea of tfie ballcjr of 

Huaxatatt ino0t VeUttatlt to UtaVt ; 

Tranflatedoutof the Spa- 

nis/u iongut, by T. N. 
Anno. 1 5 7 S . 

H Imprinted at London by 
Henry Bynneman. 



leur langage. | Ensemble la description de plusieurs Animanx, 
Arbres, Herbes, & antres choses singnlieres, | £ da tout inconaes 
par de^a, dont on verra lea | sommaiFes dea chapitres au com- 
mencement du j liure. [ Non encores mis en lumiere, [ pour les 
causes contenues en la preface. Le toat recneilli stu* les tieux par 
lean de [ Leiy natif de la Ma^elle, terre | sainct Sene au Ducb£ 
de I Bourgongne. j Seigneur, ie te celebreray eutre les pea | pies, 
& te diray Pseaumes entre lee na- j tions. Psear. Gvm. A la. 
RoCHELLB, Pour Antoine Chuppin. - M.D.LXXvm. 

12mo. Title ; Dedication to CoMPT DB COLLIGNT, 3 leaves. 

23 preliminary UaveB. 424 pp. Table, 6 leaves ; errata 1 leitf. 

6 wood-cuta in the text. Firtt edition. 

[Tramlation. — Hietorj of a voy^e made to the land of Brunl, otherwise 
called America. CoDtainiDg the aavigation, and the remarlLable tilings seen 
at eea by the author. The conduct of Villegagnoo in that conntry. The 
cuBloms aad the strange manner of living of the aavagc Americaug, with a 
dialogue in their language. Together with an account of the Tarions ani- 
mals, trees, herbs, and other singular things before noknown, of which will 
be seen a summary of the chapters at the beginning of the book. The 
whole collected on the spot by Jean de Lery, nativo of Margelle, etc] 

Fint edition, said by Brunet to be rerj rare. Few copi«e bear the name of 
BooHBLLB on tbeir title-page. Mr. cites an edition printed at Boobm, in 
IST8, perhaps an error, Rocrblli! being meant. Second edition, Gbh^tb, Att. 
Chappin, 1580*. Third cd. (Genktk) Cbnppin, 1S85*. Qbn£vb, pour lea b^e- 
tiers de I^^non, I594«, 1&99, and 1600; GbnAtb, par X Vigium, 161 !•; andfioally 
at Gbhbta, in 164a, all in ISmo or small 8to. 

Latin translations were printed (at Genkva), Eut. Vignm, 1586* ; hered. Eait. 
Vignan, 1594*. Da Bbt, Grandet Voyaga, Part III., FeamkpOrt, 1592* and I63<^, 
fol. Those marked thus ■ are in this collection. 

BncNET says there is another Latin translation under the title " Dt Sacro 
CieiarU good Sailcemua vocant oUidione, faiM, ditiona huioria," Hbidblbkroab, 
1576, in 8vo. 


" B^^H^^^^^^"] HiSTOlEE j NowBUiB | dv Novveav | 
n wfl ^<>''(l^t I contenant en somme ce que les Hespa | gnoles 
E^M ont fait jusqu'a present aux Indes | Occidentales, & le 
rude trutement | qu' lis font a ces poures peuples la. Extraite de 
r Italien I de M. Ilierosme Benzoni Milanois, qui ha | voyagd 
xiin. ans en ces pays-la ; & enrichie de | plasiears Discours et 
choses dignesde memoire. par M. Vrban Chavveton. | Ensemble, 
Vne petite histoire d'un massacre commis par les Hespagnols but 

,d by Google 


qaelqnes Fraa^iB en la Floride. Aaec vn Indice dee chosea lea 
plus remarquables. [Genius.] Par Evttace Vignon. h.d.lsxix. 
Small 8vo. ZVf/« ; reverte, blank ; 18 preliminary leave*. 
Text, 1-726 pagea. 

" BENZONI.] Dee | newen | Wkldt vmd In | dianischen Konig- 
reichs, newe und | wahrhaffte History, von alien Geachichten, 
Handlungen, | Thaten, Streogem vnnd EmBtlichem Regiment dei 
Spanier gegen den | Indianem, Tnglaublichem groBsem Gut von 
Goldt, Sylber, Edelgestein, | Peerlin, Schmaiagdt, vnnd andem 
Reichtumb, bo die Spanier darinn erobert : sambt von den | sorg- 
lichen SchifFaithen, Kriegen, Schlachten vnnd Erobemng vnd 
Terher- | gung yieler FroTintz Landtscbafften, vnd Konigreich, bo 
aich bey | vnaer GedachtnusB haben dannn verloffen | vnd zngetia- 
gen, I etc. Durch Hieronymum Bentzon von Meyland in Welscher 

Spiaach wahrhafftig beschrieben In das Teutscb gebracht 

doTch Nicolaum Honiger von Koaigsbofen. Gedruckt zii Basel, 
durch Sebastian Menricpetri 1579. 

( Colophon .') Gedruckt | zii Basel, durch Sebaattan Menricpetri, 
im jhar nach TUBer ErlSsung vnd Selig- | madiung Jesu Christi, | 
ni.n. T.Tnmr - 

Folio. T^le ; reverie, blank; and ^preliminary leaves. Text, 
1-ccxix. pages. Reverie of last leaf, the printer'i mark. 

A Genual) traniUtlon of Bbhzoki'i "Buuria M Naooo Hondo." See tbe 
iMlian editkini of 156B tuid IBTS, for a tmulacioii of the title, k^tber with 

^ BIZARO, Pbtbo. Seoatrs popvliqye CrenTeufflB Rerum domi 
fonsqye gestarvm historiie atqve annales : Cvm Ircvlenta vari- 
amu rerum ct^itione digniBsimarum, quse diuersiB temporibua, 
Si potissimnm bao noetra tempeatate contigerunt, enarratione. 
Auctore Petro Bizaro Sentinatd. Antvebplg, Ex officina Ohris- 
tophori Plantini Architypograpbi R^j. mdlxxix. 

Folio. Title; reverie, coat of arms; 3 preliminary leavei. 
Text, 802 pages. Supplement, xxxt. pages. Index, 9 leaves ; 
Privilege, 1 leiff. 

^ CASAS, B. DE I.AS.] Tyrannies & Ctnautez dee Espagnola, 
perpetrees e's Indes Occidentales, qu' on dit le Nouueau monde ; 
Brieuemeut descrites en langue Castillane par I'Euesque Don 
Frere Bartelemy de Las Casas ou Caeuas, Espagnol, de I'ordre de 
S. Dominique ; fidelemeut traduictea par Jaques de Mi^rode : 

,d by Google 



Four eemii d'ezemple & adaertiBsement aux xvii. ProDinoefl dn 
pais bas. Heureox celuy qui deoieDt sage En TOyant d' antruy le 
dommage. A Anysbs, Chez Franfois de Havelenghien ioignant 
le portail Septentrional da I'Eglise nostre Dame. HJ>.iixxix. 
12mo. Title ; and 7 preliminary leaves ; text, 184 page*. 
This TOlnma containi the following tract*: I. "BranMiiina Rtladim," 7-lt» pp. 
n. "Pedam de via Carta," 180-141 pp. IIL " Eiitn tat rtmedic;" 10-170 pp. 
IV. " Prolegvt awf extmeU fiom onfrvEMrqr." T. Tratado jut d Ohirpo, ITS-IM 

w OHAWETON, Ubbain. Brief diBoovra et | histoire d'vn | 
TOy^e de qaelqaoa Franfoii en | la Floride : & do massacre 
autant | inioBtement que barbarement eze | cut^ but eux, par lea 
Heapagnols, Tan mil cinq caoB sdxante dnq. | Par <a devant 
redige | aa vray par ceux qui s'en retirerent : Ss m^tenant | 
renen & augment^e de noaaean, par M. Vrbun Chavreton. En- 
semble I Tne reqneste preeen | tee an Roy Charles nenfieame, en 
forme de | complainte, par les femnes refaes & enfans | orphelins, 
parens & amis de sea snieta, qni | forent toez aodit pays de la 
Florida. I (JVb piace.) H.D.LXXIX. 

(Reveru i^f Title : ) Esaie xxn. Voici le Sfflgnenr sortira de son 
lien, ponr visiter riniqnit^ dee habitans de la terra : & lors la terre 
renelera son sang, & ne conurira plus sea occee'. 
12nio. Title, 1 leqf; text, ^-IQ^pagti. 

[TVofuIafion. — Brief diaconne and hiftorj of i, Yojaga al Mtne Frencli- 
DMD to Florida, and of tbe manaere u anjiut ai it wm barbanxu, executed 
upon tbem by the SpuiiardB in the year one thoosand five hundred and 
uztf-fiTe. Written by the BnrriTor*, and now reriewed and angmented by 
M. Urbun Cbauvetou. Together with a request presented to King CbarlM 
the Kinth, in form of a complaint by th« widows and oipium children, the 
parent* and frienda of those who weie killed in Florida.] 

The Moond portion, or "reqseite," mentioned in tbe title, ft not in the Tolaine, 
wUdi ia eompkted on page 104. 


rRTIER, Jaubs. a shorte and | briefe narration <:^ the 
tro NanigatioDs and Disooueriefl to the north-weaat partes 
called I Neve Fravnce ; first translated out of Frendi 
into Italian by that famous learned man Gio : Bapt : Bamutiiii, 
and now turned | into Er^lish by lohn Florio : Worthy the rea- 1 
ding of all Venturers, TiaueUers, and Discouerers. Imprinted at 

,d by Google 


LoN I l>ON, by H. BynneTnariy dwelling | in Thamee Streate, noere 
■vnto Baynardes Caatell. Anno Domini 1680. 

(^At the end .*) They of Canada saye, that it is a monthea sayl- 

ing to goe to a lande vhere { Cinamonds and Clones are gathered. 

Here endeth the second Relation of lames Carthiera diHConerie 

A I nauigation to the newe fonnde Lande, by him named | New 

Fraunce, translated out of Italian into Eng | liahe by I, F. 

Svudl 4(0. Title ; reverse, blank. Dedication, '* To the right 
worshipful Edmond Bray," 1 lettf; " To all Gentlemen, Mer- 
chants, and Pilots," 2 leaves. ^ " The first relation of lames 
Carthier of the new land called New Fraunce, discouered in 

1534," 1-27 pages. If " A short and briefe narration 

to the islands of Canada, Hochelaga," etc. (^second reUUi(m), 
28-78 pages. Vocahviary, 1 unnvmbered leeff. (Qiot^ic £ttUT. 
Thlf tnuiilAtion is not mentioned bj either Bkubet or Gsixhi> Bee tbe 
original French edition of 1945, fbr a note. 

It [i s alngnlar fact that the transistor of tbii volnme conld not And the origintl 
French edicion of 1S45 lo make hia renfon from, bnt wa* obliged to resort to the 
Italian tnnslatioD In the collection of Rumuo ; ai wai the cms when the French 
edition was printed at Bouer, in 1598. 

^ FROBISHER.] Db | Mabtini ) Fobbissebi | Angli Nariga- 
ti I one in Regionea Oota | denUa et Septen | trionis | narratio his- 
torica, | Ex Chtllico sennone in La | tinum translata | per | D. 
Joan Tho. Freigivm. Cnm gratia Si privil^o Imperiali 
( Colophon .*) NoBlBEBG^ I Impiimebatnr, in officina Co- j 
tharina Q-erlachin, & Hsere \ dum lohannit Mon | tani. Anno cis.- 

12mo. Title ; reverset Mank ; 1 lecff. Wood-cut of Savages. 
12 preliminary leaves. Text, and articles following, 81 unnum- 
hered leaves. 

This is the first Latin edition of Fbobibhib'i second vojagpe In 1677. It is 
not eaMl; (band. This translation was repablished, with notea and obeerrationi 
by CisiLLa, in 4to, Ruibubo, 1675. — BtA. GrmoiSunui. 

» FROBISHER, Mabtin. Beschreibnng der schiSart des Haubt^ 
mans Martini Fwhisher [nc] aosz Engelland, in die Lender gegen 
West vnd Nordtweat, im Jar 1577. Darinnen diser Lender In- 
wohner utten vud weisz za leben, sampt jren Tiachten md Waf- 
fen Abcontrefeiung, anch andem, zanor Tnbekandten vnd souder- 
lichen sachen, angezeigt wirdt. Ansz dem FraDszosiachen auffs 
trewlichste in das Teutsche gebraoht. NuBNBBBG. H-D-LXxx. 

( Colophon .') Gedmokt zn Nubnbebg, dordt Katharinam 0er- 
lachin, vnd Johatvns vom Berg JErben. 

,d by Google 


4to. Title ; reverie^ tuood-out of scene in polar regions, 1 leaf, 
and 12 unnvmbered leaves. 

" GOMARA, F. Lopez db. Histoire Generalle dea Indea Occiden- 
tfJee et Terree Nevves, qui iuaques iL present ont est^ descouuertes. 
Traduite en FraD9oie par M. Fumee, Sieur de Marly le Chaatel. 
A Pabis, Cbez Michel Sonniut, rue swnct lacques fl 1' enseigne de 
r Escu de Basle, 1580. Avec privile^ dv Roy. 

12nio. Tide ; reverse, " Eictraict du Privil^e " ; 5 prelimi- 
nary leaves. Text, 1-356 leaves. Taile, 16 leaves. 

" LERY, Jeak db. Histoire d' un Voyage feiot in la terre dv 
Bresil, avtrement dit Amerique, oontenant la nayigation & chose 
remarqnables, veues but mer par 1' auoteur. Le comportement de 
Vill^agnon en ce pays la. Lea moeurs et les fat^ona de rivre 
estranges des Sauuages Araeriqoaine, avec ub colloque de leur 
langue, etc Revue, corrigee, et bien augmentee en ceste seconds 
Edition, tant de figures, qu' antres choses notables snr le sujet 
de r autenr. A Geneve. Pour Antoine Ohuppin UDLXXX. 

8tfo. TUle ; reverse, " Aux Lecteurs." 21 preliminary leaves. 
Text, 1-382 pages. Table, 6 leaves. 

fint printed in 1678, which tee tor translation of title and note. 

1^ MESSIE. Les Divetses Lemons de Pierre Messie GentHhomme de 
Seuile. Contenana variables & memorables bistoires, mises en 
Francois par Claude Gniget Parisien. De nouueaa reueues, cor- 
rigees & augraenteefl de la V. partie & de trois Dialogues, touch- 
ant la nature du Soleil, de la Terre, & des Meteores. Se vendent 
A Pabis. Chez Claude ItEcard an clos Bruneau a la Chaire. 

12nu>. l^Ue, w^hin a border; reverse, blank. Dedication, 

2-3. Text, 4-620 leaves. Register, 10 leaves, mth another for 

the colophon. Separate title for " Trois Dialogues," at p. 685. 

(^Oolophon :') A RovBN ^ De 1' Imprimerie de Q-eorge 


[TTontlalum. — The miscelliuieoiu Elssay* of Herre Mesne (Mexia) a 
Gentleman of Seville. Contaimog remarkable historieB, tranalated into 
French by Claude Gruget, PariBiin. Newly corrected and augmented, with 
a fifth part, and three Dialogues touching the nature of the Sun, the Earth, 
and Meteora.] 

In (hat portion of thi worit called " Three Diatogvtt on lie nature of Iht Sm" 
a the (bllowiDg paragraph reladng to Maobllan, and hii voyage round the 



" And Ibis we hare iMrnt fhnn experionce, without anj other consideration or 
natural reaaon, for on« of lh« ahipa which cnrried M^nuT.i.iN with it to discover 
Bpiccs, by command of the Emperor, lailed round the whole world. For, entering 
by tbe strait, which fh)m him haa taken the naioe of Maokllan, and sHiling to- 
warda the west, in company with other Tessela, h« arrived at the Molucca Isl- 
AHDa. Thas this single Tessel which had sailed from the coast of the Levant, by 
the navigatioD which the Portngaese had discovered, and h; turning around Aria 
and ArsicA, finally returned to the river Ouadalquiteb, and thence to, 
in Edbope, from whence it sailed ; where I saw the ship before it departed, and 
also after it had returned in safety." — I'age G90. 

There are in (his collection Spanish editions of Ltons, 1.^56, and Seviu,b, 
ISTOj and an Engliah translation by Thohas Foktbscdb, Lomdon, 1571, which, 
however, does not contain the " Dialogue on At Srni." For an extended note on 
the work see the Spanish veraion of 1S5S, and English one of 1G7I. The earlier 
editions coniain but four Books, and hence do not conlaio tbe " Diala/uei on lAe 
Natft of&x Sim" 

^> MONARDES, NtcOLO. Primera y Segviida y Tercera partes tie 
la Historia Medicinal : de las cosae que se traen de nueatras Indias 
Occidentales, que sirveii en Medicina. Tratado de la Piedra Be- 
zaar, y de la yenia Escuergonera. ^ Dialogo de la grandezas del 
Hierro, y de sub virtiidea MedicinaleB. Tratado de la Nieiie, y del 
beuer Frio. Hechoa por el Doctor Monardes, Medico de Scuilla. 

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Van en esta impression la Terceta parte, y el Dialogo del Hierro, 
nueuainente hecboa : que no ha sido impressos hasta agora. Do 
ay coBafl grandes, y dignas de saber. Con Licencia y Preuilefpo 
de su Magestad. En Seuilla, en casa de Fernando Dias. 1580. 
4(t>. Title; reverse, blank, mut 6 preliminary leavet ; on 

the 2d a portrait of Monardea (tee previoua page). Text, 1-162 



1ENZONI.] Novae Novi Orbis Historiie, id est Rarnm ab 
Hispanis in India Oocidentali hactenus gestanim, & acerbo 
illorum in eas gentea dominatu, Libri Tres. Vrbani Cal- 
vetones opera industriaque ex Italicus Iliergnymi Benzonis Medio- 
lanesis, qui eaa terras xiui, annorum perigri nation e obijt, com* 
metariis descripti, Latini fact!, ac perpetuis notis, argumentis & lo 
cupleti memorabiliutn reru accessione, illustrati. His ab eodem 
adiuncta est, De Gallomm in Floridam expedione, & inaigni Hia- 
psnorum in eos savitase, Breoia Hietoria. Apud Evttathivm Vigrwn 


8wo. Tide; reverte, blank; and 16 preliminary leave». Text, 
1— ISO pagea. Index, 6 leavet. 

First printed in 1565, which mb lor Ikt of editioDB uid note. 
* CASAS, G0N9ALO DE LAB : Libro intitolado arte para criar aeda, 
desde que se rebiue vna aemiUa hasta aacar otra. Hecho por 
Gon^alo de las Casas, aefior de la pronincia y pueblos de Yagmtan, 
que es en la Mixteca de la nueva Eapafla, yezino de la ciudad de 
Mexico. IT Dirigido a la mvy illvstre SeDora Do&a Catalina de 
Gaines muger lUustre Seiior Doctor Antonio Gonzalez del cwejo 
de Bu Mageatad en la audiencia Real de Granada. Con Priutle^o. 
^ Ympreaso en Grahada en caaa de Bene Mabut Ympressor de 
libroe aBo de mil y quinientos y oclienta y td afloa. Ip 

12mo. IHtte ; reverse, Errata. 1 preliminary leavet. Text, 
95 numbered, and 1 unnumbered leaves. Table, 4 nujnhered 
leavet. <S^ott)ic tetter. 

Tbie work is not mentioiied by Bbuiht. It wu reprinted at Hadbid, in I6S5. 

" GAMBABI.] Lauebntii Gaicbabab Bhixiani. De Naviga- 

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tione Chriatophori Columbi libri quattuor. Ad Antonium Perenot- 
tum CardinaleiTi Granuellanum. RotLS. Apud FrancUcam Zan- 
nettum M.DLxxxi. 

12mo. Title ; reverte, hlatik. 112 pages, including title, and 
8 wmumbered leaves. 

An hUtoiic*] poem on the rojnge of Colckbuh, reprint«<l in 1&B3 nnd IS8S. In 
the sane TOlnine are other poems by the same anUior. with separate titles and 
paging, one entitled " Vmetia," ouother " Poemata Sacra." All printed at Bohb, 
in ISBl. 

"' GENERAL ChboniOA, Das iat : Warhaffte eigentliche vnd 
kuitze BesohreibuDg vieler namhaffter, and zum tbeil bisz daher 

tmbekannter Landtachaften. ErBtlich des Priester Jo- 

hallB, Konigs in Morenlandt, Konigreicben zum andern 

eine gemeine Beecbreibung deez gantzen Erdbodems 2um 

diitten vnd letzten, ein kurtzer Summariscber doch Terstendlicber 
AuBszng vnd Beschreibung der neuw erfundeuen Insein, Americe 

vnd Magellane, so man die neuwe Welt pflegt zu nennen 

yerteutscbt, auch mebrer ricbtigkeit halben in drey vnder scbied- 
liche Biicber getheilt. .... Gedruckt zu Fbakckfubt am 
Mays. M.D.LXXXI. 

[TVotuZo/ion. — Gener&l Chronicle, that is ; a tmthful, accnrato, and brief 
deecriptioD of many remarkable and partly hitherto unknown couolrieB. 
Fint, of the kingdom of the Priest J(^n, Kii^ of the Moors. .... Sec- 
ondly, a general deecription of the whole earth. .... Thirdly, and in con- 
clnsion, a brief ■ummary, at the same time an intelligent epitome and de- 
scription of the newly found islands of America and Magellane, as the new 
world b generally called translated, and for greater accuracy di- 
vided into three different booka. . . . .] 

(^Title of the teeond part :") 
COSMOGRAPHIA, Das iat : WahrhafEte eigentliche vnd kartze 
BescbreibuDg, desz gantzen Erdbodems, nemlicb, Europe, Aeie, 
AfFrice and die nat^ Ptolomeo neuw erfunden luseln, Americe 

vnd Magellane Gedruckt zu Frakckfurt AM Mayh. 


ITrarulaiion. — Cosm<%raphy, that is, an accurate and brief description of 

the whole earth, namely, of Enrope, Ada, Afiica, and the Islands discovered 

since Ptolemy, America and Magellane- . , . . ] 

(^The title of the third part it as follows : ) 
CHRONICA, Das iat : WarhafEte eigentliche nnd kurtzo IJe- 
scbreibuug, desz Vmbkreiaz vnd Gelegenheit der g-.intzen Welt 
von anfang der Welt auff erbauwuug der Statt Rom, vnd 

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zur Re^erung Honorij vnd Tlieodoaij Eretlich durch deii 

heyligen Bischoff Paulum Orosium in Latein beBchrieben, 

Nachmale von dem Achtbam vnd weisen Hieronymum Boner 


(^Colophon:) Gednickt zu Fbanckfubt am Mats, durch 
Jo^nnem Hehmidtt in verl^img Sigmund Feyerabendt. (^Large 
vignette of an angel blowing a trumpet.') Anno m.d.lxxxi. 

^Translation. — Chronicle, that is, a truthful, accurate, and brief descrip- 
tion of the circuit and fashion of the whole world from the be- 

^nniDg of the world to the building of the city of Rome ; then to the reign 

of Honoriua aud TheodosiuB First described in Latin by the holy 

Bisht^ Paul OrosiuK, afterwards translated into Gennan by the honorable 
and learned Jerome Boner ] 

Folio. Title, and 2 prelinmuiry leaver. Part I.: 1-143 
leaves, without colophon. Part IL : l^le, " Cosmographia," 
etc., 1—45 leavei. Register, 2 leavet, reverse of latt, colophon, 
PaH m. : Title a» above, 2-94 leavet. Register, 4 page*. 
Colophon on the last; reverse, blank. 

The printer, Siomund FiTKiB^niT; raji in the preface, which be addnsMi to 
the three Fuoobb brothers, that the fint pert li a translation from the SpBDlsh or 
Portngoese of the Rer. Fkihcisccs Altabbb; that the second part is a Cosmog- 
raphy, or general description of the earth ; and that the third is a tiansladoa 
from Bishop Paul OKoaiua. 

^** OSORIUS.] Histoire de Portvgal, contenant les entrepnBea, 
naaigations, & gestes memorables des Fortngalloia, tant en 1&, con- 
queete des Indes Orientalee par eux deacouuertes, qu' & gueires 
d'Afrique & autres exploits, depuis I'ao mil quatre cens nonSte six, 
sous Einmanael premier, lea troisieame, & Sebaetia premier dii 
nom. Comprinse en vingt Liures, dont les douze premiere son tra- 
duits du Latin de lerosme Oaorivs, ETesque de Sylues en Algarve, 
les huit auivana prins de Lopez Caatagneda St d' autres hiatoriens. 
Noiiuellement miae en Fran9oi8 par G. S. Auec un discours da 
fruit qu' on peut recuiller de la lecture de ceste histoire & ample 
Indice dea matierea principales y contenues. A PabiS, De 1' 
Imprim^rie de Pierre Chevillot 1581. 

Bva. I^tle, and 1 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-680 leaves. 
Index, 2 leaves. 

This history of Pohtdoal contains an account of the early Toyages of discorery 
of the Portugnese to the East Ihdiis, including their dtsooTery of the Eottem 
shorts of South Amebica, now known as Brazii.; a considerable portion of 
which is taken from the work of Cabtaneda, which sec under the date of I57T 
for a note. 

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of the Provinces of PERV, and 

the Nauigation in the South 

Sea, along that Coall. 

And also of the ritche Mines 


H Imprinted at London by Richard Ihones. Febnt. 6. 1581. 




" ZARATE. The | Discoverie and Conqvest | of the Prooinces of 
Perr, aad | the Naoigation in the South | Sea, along that Coast | 
And also of the ritche Minee { of Fotoei. [Large wood-cut of 
" The Riche Minee of Potoesi," tee facsimile on previmit page.^ 
IT Imprinted at Londos by Richard Ihones. Febra. 6, 1581. 

(Second titie, surrounded by an omaiaental wood-cut border:} 
^ The Strange and | delectable Hletory of the | Conqaeat of 
the I ProainceB of Peru, in the | South Sea. | And of the notable 
things which | are there found ; and also of the bladie | ciuill 
I warres which there hap | pened for goaemment. | Wiitien in 
foure bookes, hj Angaatine Sarate, Auditor for j tiis Empeionr 
his Mtuestde in the t same prouinces and finne land. | And also of 
the titche | Mines of Potoei. | Translated oat of the Spanish | 
tongue by T. Nioholaa. Imprinted at London by Richard \ 
Ihonea, dwelling oner against the j Fawlcon, by Holbume bridge. 

iSmall ito. Title; reverse, blank. Dedication to Thomab 

WnaON, one of the Secretaries to Queen Mizi^th, 3 leaves. 

To the reader, 8 leaves. Text, 1-88 leaves, the 8Qth unnumbered. 

" ITie Discovery of the ritche Mynes of Potosi," 1 J leaves. Table, 

H leaves. Wood-cuts in the text, the last one, " The riche mines 

of PotoBsi," the tame as the one on the tiUe-pagt. (Sot^ic 


Fint printed at AnrimF, bj MorfM Nudo, !n mull 8to, in ISSS, wUd MB 
for ft note. toA liit of Tutoni edilioni. Thb EngUih truiUtion ii ray ran. 


1BENZ0NI.] Ebstb Thxil der Newen Weldt und Indi- 
aniachen Nidei^ngiscben Konigreicha. Newe vnd Wahr- 
haSte History toq alien Geachichten, Handlungen, Thaten, 
Strengem vnd StratSichem R^ment der Spanier g^en den Indi* 
anem, UnglaubUchem grosseu Out, von Goldt, Syibw, Edelgestein, 
Fiirlein, Schmaragdt, vnd andem grossen Reichtbumb, bo die Span- 
ier darinn erobert. Dnrch Hieronymum Benzon von Meylandt in 
Lateiniscbei Spraacb erstlioh besohrieben, vnd selbs Personlich in 
xmi. Jaren er^ren vnd dutch wandert. Gedmckt zn Basle. 

(Colophon .') Getruckt, zii Babb!I>, durch Sebastian Henrtepetri, 
im Jhar nach vnser Erlosung vnnd Seeligmachung Jesu Christi 

Ain>EB Thxil, d^ Newen Welt und IndianiBchen Mideiffiing- 

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ischen KonigreichB, darinn nicht allein alle NafRhaffte Geachicht, 
Thaten Gefahrliche Schiffarth, SchifEbriich, Schlacht Tnd Streit 

verzeichnet : Sonder auch alle Inseln, Proiiintzen, Konig- 

reich, Wildtnuasen, Einoden, Waldt, Beig, Waeset be- 

schrieben werden. Dea^leiehen von der Indianischen Vcflckem 
tmd Wilden Leiitfressem wunderbarlicheii Sitten, Regiment, Aber- 

glaaben, CereDjonien Erstlich durch Petnim Martyrem 

in Lattnischer Sprach Ordenlich vnd Wahrhafftig anas 

der Spanier Mundt, so die Inaeln zum ereten crfunden, beachrie- 
ben : . . . . Verteoschet durch, Nicolamn Honiger von Komga- 
hofen an der Tauber. Getruckt zu Basel, durch Sebastian Hen- 

(^Colophon :) Getruckt, za Babbl, durch Sebastian ffenricpetri, 

.... MJ>.1.XXXII. 

Dbitte Theil der Newen Welt des Pemajiiachen KSnig- 
greidia, welches das Mechtigste tind Fruchtbarste iat, vnder alien 
andem Landtschafften oder Provintzen des Indianischen Nider- 

gangischen Reichs Item von der Frantzoaen Schiffarth in 

die Landtachafft Floridam, vnd jhrer echrocklichen Nideriag die 
aie von den Spaniem im Jar m.d.lxv. darinn erlitten. Mit ange- 
henckter Supplication an Kbnig Carol den IX. in Franckreich 

fiirnehmlich durch den Hochberhiimbten Geschicht- 

schreiber Levinum Apolloniimi Gandobmganum, im Lateinischer 
Sprach wahrhafftig beschrieben, vnd zom theil selbs Peraonlitji 

erfahren. Eret jetz aher auae dem Latein verteatschet, 

dnrch Nicolamn Honiger von Tauber Konigahofen. Getruckt zu 

{Colophon:) Gretmckt, za Basel, dorch Sebastian Senricpetri, 
im Jar nach Unaer Erlosung, M.D.LXXxiii. im Hertzen. 

Folio. 3 parts in one volume. Part I. : ISile ; reverse, blank. 
*' Vorredi," 5 leaves. Register, 4 leaves. Text, i.-ccxliii. pages. 
Part U. : Tide, and 11 preliminary leaves. Text, Gcxiv.-d(nj. 
pages, and colophon, 1 leaf. Part III. : Title and 5 preliminary 
leaves. Text, i.-ccccvi. pages ; with another lec^f for the colo- 
phon; the printer's device on the reverse. 

Fart I. contains Bbhzohi ; Part 11., Peter Masttb db Anolibia, "DteaiUi 
3," id. " De nsuii* nuptr innenlu,-" Part III., Lbtihds'B " Ptm," and the Frencli 
ezpcdition to Flokida. 

^ CASAS. Tyranniea et crvavtez dea Espagnols, perpetreea es 
Indes Occidentales qn'on dit le Nouueau monde : Brieuement 

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desciites en langue Castillane, par 1' Euesqae Don Frere Bat- 
telemy de las Caeas ou CaeaTS, Espagnol de I'ordre de sainct 
Dominiqae, fidelement traduitea par laqres de Miggrode ; Heur- 
eux celuy qui deuient sage En voyant d' autruy le dommage. A 
Fabis, Par Quillaume IvXien, & 1' enseigne de 1' Amiti^ pree le 
college de Cambray. mdt^xxxii. Auec Pruilege do Roy. 

Xlmo. Tide; reverae, Eztrait du Privil^e. 7 preliminary 
Uavei. Text, 184 pe^ea. 

^ HAKLUYT, RiOHABD. Divers | TOya^es touching the diacouerie 
of I America and the Ilands adiacent | vnto the same, made first 
of all by OUT | Englishmen and afterwards by the French | men and 
Britons. I And certaine notes (A aduertiaements for obseruaj tione, 
necessarie for such as shall heereafter | make the like attempt. | 
With two Mappes annexed heereunto for the plainer understand- 
ing of the whole | matter. | Imprinted at Lon | DOS for Thomcu 
Woodeocke, \ dwelling in panlee Cburch-yard, ( at the »gne of the 
blacke beare. | 1582. | 

( Colophon :) Imprinted at London, at the | three Cranes in the 
Vine- 1 tree, by Tlwmat Daw \ »on. 1582. | 

SmaU ito. Title ; reverie. Name* of certain writers on 
Q-eography. Second leaf, Namea of late traveUera ; reverae, 
Prohahiiity of a northwest pasaage, 1 page. Dedication to Sir 
P. Sydnet, 4 leavei ; the reverae of the laat, blmtk. Patent to 
Cabot, 2 leavea. Note of Cabot's diacoveriea, 2 leavea ; reverae 
of laat, blank. Addreaa of Thorne to Henby VII., 2( pagea. 
The book made by the tame to De. Ley, 9^ pagea; reverae of 
the Uut, blank. Altogether, 16 unnumbered leavea, including 
title. 37 other unnumbered leavea. (Sdlllit Cxttei. 2 mapa. 
(^SeefacaimUe of title on following page.') 

Tha Mlowing are the coatencs of the TOlume, indnding fall titles of the pic- 
limlnuj portion ; — 
I. The name* of cerCaina late writerg of geographle, with the jeare nherdn tbej 

5. The QlRtM of certune la{e trauajleri both bj ««a and bj lande, which alM 
for the moat part bane written of thdr owne traaay leg and vojagea. 

a. A verie late and f{reat prohahilitie of a pa«aage bj the North-vreit part of 
Ahuioa in fifty-eight degrees of northerl; latitode. 

4. Dedicatlan To tbe Rigbt WonhipfuU and moat iBrlnoos gentleman Hoaier 
Fhilip Stdnit, Eaqnire. 

9, LetMrePateniesof EingHsHBiE thb SKTBKT&.grtDntedTiitoIoaK Oidotb 
and hii three aonnea, Lbwbb, SsBAHTiAit, and Bahtiub, tat the discouering of 
newe and mknowen lande*. Latin and Engliah. 

6. ^ A note of Sehahtiah Oaboteb voyage of Diacouerie,, taken oni oT nii 






voyages touching the difcouerie of 
America, and the Hands adiacent 

vntothefame, madefirftofallbyour 

EngHJhmett,and afterward by tke French- 
men and Britons : 

And certaine notes of aduertifements for obferua- 

tions,neceffarie for fuch as (hall heereafter 

make the like attempt, 

tUiti) too Tna)i)»8 aniunb t)utninto for tl)c 

plainer onderstanbittg of tl)e idI)oU 


Imprinted at Lon- 
don for Thomas VVoodcocke, 

dwelling inpaules Church-yard, 

at the figne of the blacke beare, 



old Cbronkle, written bj Robbri Fabiam, sometiine AldBrmmn of Lohdox, 
which it in Iba caslodie of Jom< Stowk, Citiien, ■ diligent narchcr mnd pretcner 
of AniiqniiiM. 1} pugw. 

7. A Declaration of th« Iddibs and Landei ditconered Mid inbdn«d Tnto th« &m- 
peronr and the King of roBTCOAL* ; and alio of other parte! of the Ihdikb and 
rich Conntriei to bee diaconered, irhicb tbo irorgbipfull Halter Thdmab Thokbb, 
merchant of Lohdoh, (wiio dwelt long In the cit; of Siuil, in Spaihb) exhorted 
King Hbhbik tli« eight to take to hande. Ik pages. 

8. The Booke madu by the Tligbt Wonhiptiil Master Bobbbt Thobjib, in the 
jeere 15ST, in Siuii.L, to Doctonr Lbt, Lords Ambaaiadour for King Hebbib the 
Sbvehth, to Chableh the Emperonr, being an iDfonnation of ibe parti of tbe 
world diKonered by him and the King of Fobtihqalb : Ani alio of the wsy,U 
the MoLuccAi by the north. 9} pages. 

9. 4^ The diuonerie of the Isles of Fbihi^bd, Isbi^nd, Ebobodblihd, 
Estotilaud, Dbooeo, and Icabia, made by H. Zbko, Knight, and H. 
Ahtohio bis brother. S} leaTCS, the rereree of the last blank. 

10. 4^ To the iDOSt Chriatisn king of Fbachcb, FRAniiOBs thb Fibbt. The 
Belation of Iohh Ybbakzakcs, a Flobbbtike, of tbo lande by him disconered in 
the name of his Maiegcie, written at Diepb tbe eight of Jnly 1524. T^ lenTei. 

11. 1 The true and last disconerie of Flobida, made by Captain Jobs Ri- 
nAULT in the yecre 1563. Dedicated to a great noble man of Fbadhce, and trans- 
lalcd into Englishe by one Tuomas Hackit. 10 leaves. 

IS. 4^ Notes in writing betides mora prinie by Month, that wera ginen by a 
Oentlenun, Anno 15S0, to M. Abtrobb Pette and to M. Ciublbb Jackhaii, 
sent by tbe Harchnnta of tbe Hoacoaie Companie for the diicouerie of the north- 
east strayte, not altogether niAt br some other catetpriaet of diwouerie, hereafter 
to be takm in hande. G leaves. 

13. *M Notes framed by a gentleman heretofore to be ginen to one that pre- 
pared for a disconerie, and went not j and not vnGt to be committed to print, con- 
■idering the sami may stirre vp considerations of tbeH and of snch other things, 
not TDtnoete in inch new toyages as may be attempted hereafter. 3 leaves. 

U. Tbe names of certaine commodities growing in part of Aubbica, not pres- 
ently inhabited by any Chriacians fro Flobida Northward, gathered onl of the 
disconnes of Vebabzanub, Thobhe, Cabtieb, Bibalt, Thbdet, and Bbbt, 
which bane bin personally in those Conncreys, and haue seene these things amongst 
many others. One leaf. 

SiUpNo. 1. Preceding the narrativeof Tbbbaeaho. Thta map bean tbe date 
of IB8S, and is dedicated to Sir Phiup Sidkbt. It represente a sectioa of tbe 
globe eBtendiog fivm the North Fole to tbe tropic of Cancer, and bcladea portioiu 
of EnBOPB, Afbica, and America. Beginning at the north we have " Gbobb- 
LAHD. Zbko, ISSO." West of this ia " Jac ' Scolbus, Gboeti^kd " ; and soath 
" Fxislahd." Then comes a broad passage extending west to an Dnnamed ocean 
(tbePACiFicJ. Souihoftbi«ia"MBTAiNCOOi<iTA. LoK Ahom- 15T8. R. Elica- 
BETn,"with" Fbobishhb's " strait. Farther sontbia " Canada," with a broad bay 
and river, representing tbe St. Lawrbrcb, on which are " Saodihat " and " HocHa- 
LAOA." " Jao. Cabtibb 1535." "Nobombboa, J. Gabot li9T." "CapbRaxo" 
and " C. BREroH," are also noted. There ara openinga probably intended for Nab- 
RAOAHSETT Bai and HuDSOH JtiTBR. At a short diatance from the Atlantic coast 
is the western ocean, "Mare de Vbrxaeava, 1534." Farther aoath Ilea "Flob- 
t DA," the West &idia Islands and "Iccotov"; and west " Cvliacah," " Oali- 
ciA," and the Gdl* of Califobhia, " Marb Bbrmbio." At the extreme south it 
the city of "Hbxico." Sailing northward from Flobida, Vbrbaeaho entered a 
broad bay and river, which is claimed to hare been Nbw York harbor and tbe Hud- 



BON. While hero he held intercouiM vith the nalivea, from vhora he doubileaa h(«rd 
the gTMt Iftket oT the Dorth, which he imagioed to be the nestem ocean, exteniline 
to Chiha and the Imdibs, do an xioual; sought for \iy Coldmbub, Cabtier, Cadot, 
and Fhobisher, aod aceordingl; laid down this great sea a short distance to the 
we*t Pauiiig oat f^om what is believed to be Nbw York harbor, he laiied ^fcy 
leagaei eait, which wonld bring him (o Nakraoahsutt Bay, where we find laid 
down a bay, io which are four islands. Vkboazaho's descHptioD of this place 
agrees remarkably with Nasbaoambett Bat. Opposite ibis, fifteen leagues dis- 
lanee, is a icnall island which is called " Ci^tthia," after ihe mother of Fbamcis 
TUB FiBST, which is supposed to have been intended for Block Island. 

Hap No. 2, is entitled " Stpttntrio Orbii Vniitertalit Detcriplio." A portion of 
NoBTii AiiEBiCA and the whole of the sonthem continent are shown. On the 
former is " Tbkka Florida," and " Noua tibba Laboratobdm dicta." On the 
latter are " Dabiov," " Trbba firka," " C. S. Auaustinb," and " R. S Cbbisto 
Phobi." South of what is now known as the Stbaits of MAaifLi.AH, the land 
of " Tebra Fibmobd> " expands into a continent. Below is a deaeripUve note 
of nine lines in Latin ; and the following one of six Hues in English ; — 

"This is the forme of a Happe sent 1527. from Sidii.l in SptrtiB bj master 

BoBBBT Thobhb marcbannt, to Doctor Lst Embassadour for Kino Ubmbt the 

8, I4> CBARI.BS THB Empbbodb. And although the same in this present time may 

■eeme mde, jet 1 haoe set it oat, because his booke conld not well be Tndentood 

witboat the same. The imperfiKtion of which Mnppe maj be excused by that 

tyme : the knowledge of Cosmographie not then heying entred among onr Mar- 

chatinleB, as nowe it is." 

^' LAS CASAS, Histoire admirable dea horribles inaolencea, crv- 

avtez, & tyrannies ezercees par lea Espagnolea es Indes Occiden- 

talefl. Briefuement descrite eo langue Castillane par Don F. 

Bartlielemy de las Casas, Moine & Eaesque Espaguol : fidelement 

traduite par laqves de Miggrode. [No place.'] Par Gabriel 

Cartier. M,D.LXXXn. 

Small Bvo. Title ; reverse, blank. To the reader, 6 leaves. 
Summary, 1 lecff. Text, 1-222 pages. 
3« POPELLINIERE. Lea | Trois Mondes Par le Seigneur | de la 
Popelliuiere. ( Vignette ;) 

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A Pa£Ib, a r Oliuier de Pierre L' Bnillier, rue Sainct laques. 
1582. Auec priuilege du Roy. 

4£i>. T^tle, within a narrow border, 1 lea^f. Dedication, 2 
leavet. " Avant Discottre," 12 leavet. " Siijet du livre," 10 
■ leaves. Summary and Text of the first book, 56 ; second book, 
58 ; third hook, 53 leaves. Extract from Privilege on the reverse 
of last leaf. 

"• POPELLINIERE, Shignbdb de la. Lea | Troie | Mondea. | 

Par le Seignevr | de la Popelliniere. A Pabis, a 1' Olivier de 

Pierre V Hmllier \ roe S. laquea. | 1582. Auec priuU^e du Roy. 

SmaU Svo. Title mthin a border, 1 U(tf. Dedication, 8 

leaves. " Avant diacoure," 11 leavet. " Sujet du livre," 13 

leavet. Summary and Text, first book, 55 ; second book, 56 ; third 

book, 50 nvmbered leaves. Extract from Privilege, 1 te<if. 

Map of the three worlds. 

ThU bocA U a mere compilatJon, deacriptiTe of the diflerenl puia of the world, 
bttt raora particalarlj of the discoTeriM of the di6breat maritime natioiu of 
EtiBOPB, in a rery general way. The anthor dividea the globs into three woddi, 
two cmbradng the known habitable parts of the earth, namel;, the old world com- 
pnaing Ecbopb, Asia, and Afuca, and tbe new world of Ahshica. The ibiid 
world ii ADaTU.LiA, oiled, he aaji, by the Spaiuardi Tbb>a del Pmoo, and bj 
Bome tbe land of the pAP^onAia (popiiijajs or parroti), hat aa it ia unknown, he 
doea not attempt any description. The map accompanying tba book abowa a laigo 
continent aoath of tbe Straits op fitAasLLAH, repreteniing the worid nnmber 


ARLEILL, Gaptaine J. A Diacourae vpon the eotended 
I I Yoy^e to the hethermoate partes of America : | written 
I by Gaptaine Carleill, for the better in | ducement to aatda- 
fiee auche Marchauntes, as in disburcing | their money, do de- 
maunde forwith a present re | turue of gaine : albeit there aeued 
particu | lar disburcementes are iu such slen- 1 det sommea, as are 
not worth | tbe speakyng of. 

4:to. 8 unnumbered leaves. Sa^ title, ®oti]it CetUl. 

The rare tract appears to have been written by Captain Cabliil, who wai about 
to embark for Ahebica, far the parpoie of planting colonies there. Tbe latter 
part conl&ina ingtructions from the committee appointed to confer with the captain 
" npon bis entended deecovcries andattempt Into tbe hi[hermo«t parts* of A>brica." 
Tbe author makes mention of the voyoi.'cs of Cabtibb to Canada, and ho* he 
made a prisoner of the king and olber natives, which they took back with them to 
Pban CB. Tbe object of Cabtibb in this ontrage, was, to keep the Indians ao long, 



" u that having once idiieved the Franche tongas, thiy might declare more (nb- 

itantially thdr minde and knowledge of the pacuge to Catbite TMi 

ODtrige and injorioiu dealjng did pat the whole coontre; people into inch dislike 
with the Frenche, at nerar linee thc^ would admit anjr coDTOnation or &miliartie 
with them, nndl of late yearca." 

" The treatlBeB of Qilbbrt, Peoekam, and Captain CAai.iBLa, prore <iaX there 
were men who had more enlarged views than the mere discovery of gold-minca, 
and who endeavored to awaken their conntiymen to the advantages which lettle- 
menta in the New World migbt have upon commerce and navigatioa. Thdr argn- 
mentB, however, prodneed little efitet ; the illnioiy hopes of gold were the sole 
allnieiaeat." — SikB. 8<iHOXBUBaE, /nl. toBaiagh'i Guiana, Haklajt Eloo., Londi 

This tract !« without t^ace or date, bat trraa the reference to the year IS8I, it 
was piobabl; printed a year or two after. It was reprinted in the third volnme of 
Hakltttt'b " Co&cribn of Vaj/agtt." 

>• CASAS, B. DE LAS. The Spanish Colonie, or Briefe Chronicle 
of the acts and geetes of the Spauiardea in the West Indies, 
called the Newe World, for the space of xl. yeeree i written in the 
Castilian tongue by the reuetend Bishop Bartholomew de las 
Casas or Gasaos, a Friar of the order of S. Dominicke. And now 
first translated into English, by M. M. S. . . Imprinted at Lon- 
don, for William Brome. 1583. 

(^Oolophon i) Impiint«d at London at the three Cranes in 
the "Vlntres by Thomcu Dawton, for William Broome. 1683. 

4(0. Titlsy with a border; reverse, hlank. 7 preliminary 
leaves. Text, 64 urmumhered leavei. ®otl)ic iUltet- 

"** COPIE d'vne lettre miauve enroy^ anx goaTemeors de La Ro- 
chelle, par les capitaines des galldres de France, snr la Tictcnre 
qa'ils ont obtenue oontre les Mores et sauvages, faisant le voyi^ 
de I'isle de Floride, et du Br^sil. Ensemble les manidres de 
▼iures tant des Mores que des sauages, plus la traiBon qa'a voulu 
faire qq soldat des Nayires Francois, se disant truchement tant 
des Fran9oiB que des sauages. SuffWtfU la eoppie imprimSe d La 
Hoehelle, par lean Portau, 1583. 
Bvo. 12 pagea. Reprint. 

'^ GAMBARAE, L.] Laurentu Gambarae Brixiani de narigatione 
Cbristophori Coltunbi, Libri quattuor. Ad antonivm perenottvm 
Cardinalem Granvellanym. Superiorrm permissv. BoM^. Typis 
Bartholomoei Bot^aldini, ^ Titi Oiani. MDLXXSin. 

ito. Title; reverie, blank. Dedication, 2 nwmhered leavet. 
Text, 4-64 leaves. " Epitaphivm," 1 leaf. Engraved map thow- 

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«n^ poTtiona of North and South America, the Wett j&uJwi, and 
the western portion af Africa. On the reverse <f Uttf 63 u a cop- 
per-plate engraving of a celestial fywre, the head turrowaded by 


1PIAN, Pktbi. Gounc^raphia, edve Deecriptto | vninein 
Orbis, Petri ApUni & Gemma Frisij, Ma { thematicorum 
insignium, iam demnm inte | gritati siue reatituta. | Adiecti 
Bunt alij, turn GemouB Frisij, turn aliorum Auctoram eias aigu- 
menti | Tractatus ac Libelli varij, quorum seriem versa pa^Da 
demonBtrat. | AsTVsxpim, apud Joan BeUervm, ad insigne 
AtpaUe aurea. \ Anno, 1584. 

4to. Titley with wood-cut of globe ; reverse, ContetUs. 7 pre- 
liminary leaves. Text, 1-479 pages. Panegyric, 1 let^. 

»* BOKDONE.] ISOLABlo 1 di Benedetto Bordone | Nel qaal u 
ragiona di tutte 1' Isole del mon | do, con 11 lor nomi anticlu A 
moderoi, | bistorie, fauole, & modi del loro vi j nere, & in qual 
parte del ma | re stanno. & in qual pa | rallelo St ctima | giadono. | 
Con la ^onta del Monte del Oro | nouamente retrouato. Con d 
Breve del Papa, j Et gratia k priuile^o della IllustriBsi- 1 ma 
Signoria di Venetia co | me in quelli appare. | Mmr-girTTn. 

( Colophon i) Imprese in Venbgia per Nicolo ct Aris- 1 totiU, 
detto Zoppino, nel mese | di Giugno, iti M.D.XXXIIII. 

^oUo. Htle, within a border, and Q prelinunta-y leaves; eon- 
taiaing 3 double maps, and 74 numbered leaves. Numerous 
maps in the teat. 

Printed In Tnioa In 1338 and 1B34, bj AntUl^. " H «nt (Uni le MUpt Is 
m^riH d« trdtm nn snjet inr leqael pen d'aatenn avoieiit ^erit, et !« gmf de hmt, 
anrtoatidarent le rachercher; nuia lai i iiiiiiiilrnaiii m ^I'li^i ■jiMniiiii, iiiimwIiiiMiiiiit 
ocqnii, le lendent k pen pT& inatile." — Bbhouasd, " AMnala dt Cimp. du Aldt, 
Vol, L p. 338. 

^ BRANDT, S. NauiB Stoltorum oft, Der Sotten Schlp Verdett 
met hondert efl xv schoone figuren, volghende hare beduydeniasen, 
en eick Passagie Moraelliijok int cort wt^heleyt : Waer inne men 
Nen mach hoe menigherley barren datter zijn zeer bequaem om 
te leeren bet qoaet van tgoet t' ouderscheyden om de Sonde te 
Bcbon wen efl deuchdelijck te leven eerst Ghemaeckt in Hoocb- 
dnytscb deur M. Sebastiaen Brandt, Doctoor inder Rechten 
( Vignette :) Thamtwebpbn Gbedruckt opde Lombaerde Veete, 

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Peter Apian. 

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inden witten Hasewint, by my Jan van ffftelen 1584. Met Gratie 

4to. 1-234 poffei. Table, 4 leaveB. 

^ GOMARA, F. Lopez de : Histoire | G«neralle | des Indes Oc(u- 
dea I tales, et Terres | Nnenee, qui insqaes a present | ont est& 
descouuertea. Augmentee en ceate cinqniesme edition de la de- 
scri I ption de la Nouaelle Espagne, et de la graade | vitle de 
Mexique, antrement aom \ mee Tenuctilan. | Compoeee en Espag- 
nol par Fran^oifi Lopez de Gomara, & traduite en Francis par le 
S. de Genius Mart. Fum^. A Pabis, Chez Michel Sonniut, rue 
sainct laqnea a Tenseigne de I'escu de Baale. m.d.lxxxiiii. 
Avec privil^e dv Roy. 

Title : reverie, blank, and 3 preliminary leavei. Text, 1-485 
leavet. Table, 19 unnumbered leavet. 

»" LHOYD, Hdmfkey. The historie of Cambria, [ now called 
Wales : | A part of the most fa- 1 moua Ytand of Brytune, | writ- 
ten in the Brytish Ian- 1 gnage aboue two hundreth | yeaies past ; 
translated into | Ebtglish by H. Lhoyd [ Gentleman : | Corrected, 
augmented, | and continued out of Re- 1 cords and bestapproued | 
Authors, by Dauid Powel | Doctor in Diui | nitie. Cum Priri- 
legio. I 

( Colophon .') Imprinted at Lonix)N by B<tfe Newberie and 
Senrie Denham 1584. 

Small 4to. Title toith an elaborate wood-cvt border. Dedica- 
tion to Sm Stdkey, 8 leave*. T> the Header, 4 leavet. 
DcBcription of Walei, 22 pagea. Text, 1-401 paget. ®otl)ic 
jCetter- Wood-euts of the Kiv^a <f Walet at the beginning of 
each chapter. 

This work poMMSM tui intemt on acconat of > puuge in it which hu tn- 
qnentij been quowd, claiming for the Weltli the diKorery of Ammici in die 7Mr 
IITO, and wbich hu been enlarged upon bj lubeequent writen. Upon the death 
of OwBH OwTHKTH, King of Walbs, hii >oo« bad a Mrloiu conEention for the 
■Dcceuion, whieb reanlted in the death of Bowil. The psnage in queelioo Ii m 

' " HiDoo another of Owbh Gwirbths bis eonnea left the land in eonteatioD 
betwixt hie brethren, and prepared certaine ihlpi with men and monition and 
ionght adTentnres hj teut, aailing Weat, and leaning the coaat of lBii.un> lo far 
north, that he came to a Und mknowen, wbero be taw manie strange things. This 
lande mntt needs be aome pan of that conntrie of which the Spaniardee affirme 
Ihemidnei to be the Qnt linden rith Hahno'b time : fbr bj reann and order of 
Coamographia, this hinde to the wbich Hadoo came, muit needs be some part of 
Sovjl HiBPUiiA or Flobida. Wberevpon it is manifest, that that coanuie was 
long before hj Brjitainei discouered, albre either Coldmbdi or AiiBBicui Vis- 



FSOioa lead anie Spaniaide tluther. Of tb« riage uicl retunw of tliii Uadoo 
there be manie fablea hined, m the eommoD people doo Tie Id diitanoe of place 
and length of tune rather to angnteot than to diininiih : bnt mre ia it, that he wm 
there. And after he had letnmed home and declared tlie pleasant and frnitfiill 
conntriea that he had wene withoni inhabitant! ; and ipon the conBarie parte, for 
what barren and wilde gronnde hia brethren and nephnn did mnrther one another ; 
he prepared a number of ihipa, and got with him aneh men and women a* were 
deiirOQi to live in qnietnea, and taking leane of hit fiienda tooka hii ionmie 
thitherward agaioe," etc, etc. 

Sir Thom.u HiBBinT in hli " Somt Yearti TVoneb info Africa mtd Ana Oie 
Qrtai," IxnriKiH, lA3i, leu, and IGTT, Ibllo, enlargea coniiderablj on tbia state- 
ment, bj qnotationi bon the earij Weleh Sardi in eridence of ih» departnra of 
Uadoo with a number of abipi and men Ibr an nnknown oonnttj at the weat 
The analogiee in langaage which tbe author glTea are not to be relied upon, nor 
are tbe mannen and eutonu of the North American Indiani to which he rafbn of 
any acconnt ai eridencei of a Welah colony in Amssica. 

IflijTD or Llotd's " Hitlorit" (ai it is now nsnallj apeUed) waa reprinted in 
4ta, LoKDOM, 181 1. An edition, angmmted bj Wiujam WTitim,waa pablialied in 
LOHDOV, in I69T, in 8to, and again in ITOS, alao in Sto. Improved and enlarged, 
LoMlMK, I77i, Bto. BcTiMd and corrected, and a oollection of topographical 
notkea attached thweto by Riohabd Llotd, BasBWSBOBr, isas, Bto, SS9 and 
330 pagea, with index. 

The claima of the Welsh to the diacoreiy of Amnion were brongbt forward hj 
aereral writen dtning the laat centnt?. The partienlan of the departnie ai 
HiiK>o form a part of Welth hlitoiy, and are mentioned alike hj hlitoriana and 
poet* ; and it ii eqnall]' known and recorded that the Welah prince nerer returned. 
Some writen beliered that he went to Che Azobxs ; othera that he landed on tbe 
coaat of ArBitu, while tbe greater number, particularly tbe Welih, are firm in the 
opinion that it wm on the ihorai of Ahbrioi that Hadoo planted hia colony. 
H«KB>BT pretenda to hare difcovered acme anak^itee between ca^n Mexican and 
Welah wonla, bnt there ia no foundation for inch daime, and hia other aignmenti 
in lupportof the Welsh claim >ett upon quite aabaaeleu a foundation. 

During the laat centniy the inbject waa reriTod, and aereral eaaayl were written 
npOQ it The first was 3iArru'B "Joanud of a Too Mimtht' Tair amimg Ae 
fntaiia- MiabitaiiU of Pemtrglvaaia, Loit&oir, IT68i and Edivbitbob, 1798. In 
thia accounts ai« given of certain IndJani west of Ae HiasiHip[d, who are said to 
hare spoken Welsh. Next comea tbe " Jaawd of Two Vimtt made to tame Indkau 
mit oftlu Ohio, in 17TS anif 1773," by tbe Ber. Datid Johxi, BuBUKamii, 1774. 
Beprinted by J. Sabin, Niw York, I8SB, with note* by lits grandson, Hokatio 
Oatbs Jokes. Bnt Williams's " Enqttiiy into the truUi of llu tradition coneerning 
the diteovery ofAwnrioa by Prince Madog about tie year 1170," Lokdoh, 1791 ; and 
" Fitrtiur Obiervatioiu on the Diec. nf America," bj ttie same anthor, Lohdok, 1793, 
are tbe most important works. This writer has brought together moit of the ma- 
teriajs extant that throw light upon tlie subject. The most important of these 
are the statements of varioui traTsllen who hare been among Indian tiibea at the 
"Far West," that wtute Indians ware among tbem, whose language was lecognlnd 

as reaembling that of the Welsh One of these tribes was the Uandana (now 

extinct), who were often called the White Indiana. 

Whaierer affinities may bare existed a century ago between the Welsh language 
and any known to haTs bean apoken by the aborigines of Nobtb Ambbica, it ia 
certain that none can now be traced. There arc lew Indian languages spoken 
within tbe last two centnries, but of which some vocabularies exist ; for the Span- 
iards were quite as eager to collect and preserve them as wo are. No reliance can 
therefore be placed upon the imaginary lingniatic affinities spoken of bv traTellers. 



*" TEVET. Historia | dell' India | America | detta altramente | 
Francia Antartica, | di M. Andrea Tevet : | Tradotta di Francese 
I in lingua Italiana, da M. Giuseppe Horojlo^^. Di nono 
ristatnpata. | Con privilegio. In Vhnhtia appresso i GrouTL 

(^Colophon:) In Vinbgia appresBo Gairiel GioloUi de Ferrari 

12mo. Tith. Dedication, 7 leaves. Table, 8 leaves. Text, 
1-363 paget, in Italic letteri, followed hy 1 h<^, with the Prin- 
ter' » mark. 

It will be Been that the data on the title U 15M, while that of tbe colophon ii 
I56I. Upon K compariBon with the edition which bMTs the Utter date npon iti 
title, it ia foand to be the aame. The title-pages differ, and the dedication exhibiti 
•ome Tariationa. 

3W TEVET, Andeea. Historia | dell' India | America | detta al- 
tramente I Francia Antartica, | di M. Andrea Tevet; | tradotta di 
Franchese | in lingua Italiana, da M. Giuseppe Horo | loggi. Di 
nouo ristampata. [ Con privilegio. In VEfTBiTIA appieaso i Gio- 
liti. MDLXXXini, 

\2mo. Title ; reverae, hlarUc. Dedication to SlO. Paolo 
GlOKDANO OEStNl, 7 Uavet. Table, 8 leaves. Text, 1-863 
pages, in Italian letters, and 1 leqf with wood-cut of printer's 

See IIm Bngllib traulation, Ijoxbok, IMS, \a thi* catalogue. 


10NFESSI0NARI0 | paea los cvbab | de Indios. | Con 
la instrvdon contra stb | Ritos: y Exhortacion para aya- 
dar a bien morir : y sum- 1 ma de sub Friuilegios : y forma 
de Impedi' I mentos del Matrimonio, | (?) | Compvesto y tra- 
duzido en las | Lenguaa Quichua, y Aymara. Por autoridad del 
Concilio I Prouincial de Lima, del aSo de 1583. ( Vignette.') 
Impresso con licencia a de la | Real Aiidencia, en la Ciudad de los 
Reyes, por Antonio | Ricardo primero ImpresBor en estos Rey- | 
nos del Piru. | A8o de M.D.LXXXV. | Esta tassado vn Real por 
cada pli^o, en papel. 

(^Colophon:') Impresso en la CiVDAD [ DB L08 RETBa, por An- 
tonio I Mickardo primero impressor en estos | Reynos del Piru. | 
(.?.) Afio de M.D.LXXXV. 

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D E I N D I O S. 


Ri tos : y Exhortacion para ayudar a bien morir : y fum- 

ma de fus Priuilegios : y forma de Impedi- 

mentos del Matrimonio. 



Lenguas Quichua, y Aymara. Por autoridad del Ctm£ilio 

Prottincial de Lima^lajto oEr I 5 8 3. 


< 5 

< <o 

< 2 

z < 

■J H 

W > 

< > 

a r 

H < 

« M 



Real Audiencia, en la Qiadadde los Reyes, por Antomo 

Ricardo pritnero Imprejfor eneftos Rey- 

nos del Pint. 


EJla tajfado vn Real por cadapliego^ enpapel. 

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Title, with wood-cut in the centre, seefaoeimile, 1 leqf. " Pro- 
vision Real," 2 leavei. Errata, 1 leaf. Proem and text, 1-27 
numbered leavei. 

[Tramlalion. — ConfeBsional for Ihe Curae of the Indians, with instruc- 
tion for their rites ; and exhortation to giTe comfort in dying ; the extent of 
their privileges and form of impediments to matrimony. Composed and 
translated in the Quichua nnd Aymara languages, by authority of the Pro- 
vincial Council of Lima, in the year 1583.] 

This volume bean on its tills page ibe aniograph signaiure of Joskpr db 


Ex Typographia Barlkototnei Bonfadini Sr" Titi Dtaiti. 



^ G-AMBAR^A. LAURENTn | Gambarae Beixiani | De naTiga- 
tione I ChriBtophori Coluuibi | Libri quatuor. | Editio copiouor. | 
Ad Antonivm Perenottum Card. | Granaellam. | Svperiorvm 
PermiflST, [ RoM^. MDLXXXV. Ei Typographia Bartholomei 
Bemfandini ^ Titi Diani. 

12mo. 2V^e ; with a copper'plate border, 112 pages, inelud- 
ing the title. Text in Italic lettert. 

Unt printed in 1S81, from which edition tbe present ia coniiderablj enlarged. 

'^ LERY, Jean de. Histoire | d'vn Voy^e | fait en la terre dv | 
Bresil, avtrement | dite Amenqne. | Contenant la navigation, | 
& choseB remarquables, veu^ sur mer par I'auteur. Le com | port- 
meat de Villegagnon en se payB la. Les moeurs, & fa^ons [ de 
viure estranges deaSauuages BreaiHens; auec to coltoque | de 
leur langage. Ensemble la deacription de plasieurs Ani | maux, 
Ai-bres, Herbes, & autres cboBea singulieres, & du tout inconnnes 
par de^a : dont on verra lee Bommau-es dee cbapitres an commence- 
ment du liure, &c Le tout recueilli but les lieux par lean de Lery, 
natif de la Margelle, terre de B^nct Sene, au Duch^ de Bourgongne. 
[La Rocbelle] Pout Antoine Chiippin M.D.LXXXV. 

12mo. Title ; reverie, Advertimement. Dedication to CoMTB 

DE CoLLlGNT, 2 leaves. Sonnets, 2 leaves. Summary, 3 leaves. 

Prrface, 26 leaves. Text, 1-427 pages. 

3M TERCERO I Cathbcismo | j expoaicion de la | Doctrina Gith- 
tiana, por | Sennones | para qve los cvras y otroB | ministros pte- 
diqnen y enaellen a loe Yndios | y a las demas peraonae. Conforme 
a lo qve en el Sancto | Concilio Prouincial de Lima se proueyo. | 
Impreeso con licencia de la | Real Audencia, en la CrUDAD de 
L03 Reyes, por Antonio Ricardo primero Impressor en estos 
R«ynOB del Piru. | Ailo de M.D.Lxxxv. Esta tas^o vn Real por 
cada pliego, en papeL 

(^Colophon .*) ImpreBso con li- 1 cencia de la Real Audien | cia, en 
la ClTTDAl) DE L03 Retbs, por Antonio JUcardo primeio Impressor 
en I eBtos Reynos del | Pirn. | AHo de h.d.lxxxv. 

4to. Title ; reverse, Brratas. " Provision Real," 2 leaves. 

T^le, 4 leaves. " Provision Real," signed L. DB AliaGA, 1 

le<tf. Text, 1--215 numbered leaves. 

[^Translation. — Third Cati^iBm and exposition of tlie Christian doctrine 
bj sermona, which the curas and other minist^rB may preach to, and instruct 
tbe Indians and other person*, m provided by tbe Holy Provindal Council 
of Lima.] 




1ENZ0NI & Lebi. HiBtoria Indiae Occidentalb, Tomis 
dnobns comprehenBa. Prior, res ab HispaniB in India Oc- 
ddentali haictenus gestae, acerbum illorum in eas Gentes 
dominatum, insign^que in Gallos ad Floridam Insulam ssnitfe ex- 
emplum describit. Alter verd, Braulise (quae & America dicitur) 
reromque in ea observatione dignarum a nobis penitns incc^ita 
descriptionem continet. Hieronymo Benzone Italo, & loanne 
Lerio Burgundo, testibns oculatis, autoribus. Ex eoram antem 
idiomate in latinum sermonem Yrbani Calvetonis & G. M. Stndio 
conuersi: perpetuis notis, ai^mentis, Figuris, Indicibus, & luco- 
pleti memorabilium rerum accessione illofitrati. Addid est Totius 
Indi99 OocidentaUs, seu orbie illiua noui breuis descriptio, qase 
maximam banc mnndi partem vno velos intuita pertustrandam 
OGulis subiicit. E^cvdebat Evstatkivt V^non. M.D.LXXXVI. 

800. 7^!e, and 15 preliminary unnumhered leaves. Text, 

480 paffes. Index, 6 and 8 leavet. 

( I^le of the second book : ) 
LETIO Historia Navigationis in Brasilian, quse et America didtvr. 
Qva describitvr avctoria nauigatio, quseque in mari vidit memoriie 
prodenda: YiUagagnonis in America geata. Brasiliensium victus 
& mores, a nostris admodmn alieni, cum eorum Uagiue dialogo : 
animalia etiam, arboree, atque berbte, reliquaque aingularia & nobis 
penitus ino^nita. A loanne Lerio Bnigundo Gallic^ ecripta. 
Nunc verd primum Latinitate donata, & Tariis figuris illustrata. 
Eicvdebat Ev»tal-hiv» Vignon. Anno. CIO ID LXXXYI. 

8«o. Title, and 30 preliminary havet. Text, 341 pages. 

Reverse of last let^, Srrata. 
** BASSANIER, M. Histoibe | notable de la Flo | ride sitvee 
es Indes | Occidentales, contenant les trois voya | ges futs en icelle 
par certains Capitaines ] & Pilotes Francois descrits par le Capi j 
taine Laudonni^re qui y a command^ | I'espace dVn an et trois 
moys ; a laquelle a | est^ adjoust^ vn qoatriesme yoyage fait j par 
le Capitaine Goargues. | Mise en lumiere par M. Basanier, gentil- 
bomme Francois, Matbematicien. A Paeis, Cbez CfuiUaume 
Auuray, me Sainct lean de | Beauuius, au Bellerophon couronn^. 
M.D.LXXXVI, I Avec privilege du Roy. | 

Small Svo. IMe; reverse, blank. Epistle and Poems to Sir 

Waltbb RAL.BGH, and Extract du PrivUege, 3 leaves. Pref- 

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ace, S leaves, all unnumbered. Text, 128 numbered leavei. 
Table of Contenti, Ij leaves. 

ThU rara little lolnme U dedicated to Sir Walteb Hilbioh, in whose prslae 
there are al»o sereral Latia poems ; one of tliem bj Haxluit. It contains aa ac- 
eonnt o[ three T0;sgei of the French in Flouda, nunelj: IAcdoni>i£bb'8, in 
1504; Ribault'i third voyage, in 1565; and GousoDES'a, in 1967. It was tnuis- 
Uted into English bj Haki-utt, and printed in 1S86, in 4to, 64 leares and a table. 

At the BoLTov-CosRBT tale in London, in Haj, 1871, a copj of this book 
brought £36. 

"^ LERY, John db. Historia | Navigatioiiis | in Brasiliam | quae 
et AmeHca | dicitur. | Qva discribitTr aTthoris | nauigatdo, qusque 
in man vidit memoiisB pro | denda : Villi^a^onis in America 
geeta : Brasi | liensium victua & mores, a Rostris admodum a | lieni, 
cum eoram linguae dialc^o : animal! etiam, [ arboree, atque herb^, 
reliqaaque singularia & no | bis penitue incognita. | A loanne Lerio 
Bvrgundo | Gallicd scripta. Nunc verft prim&m Latinitate | do- 
nata, & yariis figuris iUustrata. [ Excudebat EvBtathivB Vignon. j 
[Geneva.] gio id lxxxvi. 

8vo. l^le, and 30 preliminary leaves. Text, 842 pages. 
Index, 8 leaves. At page 178 t» a folding toood-cut of an 
Indian fight ; and at pages 90, 187, 192, 206, 266 other wood- 

** MENDO9A, JnAN G0N9A1.BB DB. Dell' Hiatoria della China; 
Descritta nella lingua Spagnuola, dal P. Maestro Giouanni Gron- 
zalez di Mendozza. . . . . Et tradotta nell' Italiana, dal Magn. M. 
Francesco Auanzo, cettadino originario di Venetia. Parti dve, 
Diuise in tre libri, & in tre via^i, fatti in quel paeai, da i Padri 
Agostiniani & Franciscani. Done ai deacriue il aito & lo stato di 
quel gran Regno, & si tratta della religione, de i costume, y della 
disposition de suoi popoli, A d' altri luochi pift conosciuti del mondo 
Dtiouo. Con due Taaole, V vna de' Capitoli, & 1' altra delle cose 
notabili. In Venbtia, m.d.lxxxvi. Apptesso Andrea Musehio. 
Small 8vo. Title, and 15 preliminary haves. Text, 462 pages. 
Table, etc., 20 leaves. 

*» MENDOZA, Juan Gonzales de. Historia de las Cosas mas 
notables, rites y costiibres del gran Reyno de la China ; sabidas 
aasi por los libros de loa mismos Chinas, como por relacion de 
reli^oeae, y otras personas que ban estado en el dicho Reyno. 
Hecha y ordenada por el muy R. P. M. F. luan Gonjalez de Me- 

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doca. .... A qnien la M^;e8tad Catolica embio con ea real 
carta, y otras cosas, para el Key de aqnel reyno, el aSo de H.D.- 
Lsxx. Y agora nueuamente afladida por el miamo Autor. Al 
IllnBt, seSor Fernado de V^a y Fonseca, del coDsejo de sa Mages- 
tad, y an Ptesidente en el Real de les Indiae. G5 vn Ilinerario 
del nueuo Mudo. Ea Madbid, Ed casa de Pedro Madrigal 
H.D.Lxxxvi. A coflta de Bias de Robles, librero. 

SmcUl 8f0. Title, and 11 preliminary leaves. Part I. : Text, 
116 leavet. Part II. : 244 leaves. Table, 12 leaves. 

HBKD09A «M a Spaniih diriiie and sutesmui. He wu sent ambuiador to the 
Emperor of China, t^ Philif II., in 1584 ; and ai 1S93 wa> made Biihop of 
LipiBi, In compenHlioa for hi* (errteei. In 1607 he came to Aubbioi, and in 
the same jear wu made bishop or Cbi jfa. The fbltoning j«u h« wu tiansfemd 
to FoFiTAN. HI* work on Chira wa* flnt printed in Spaniih atRovs, bjVictntio 
Aceolti, in IMS ; at Madrid, by P. Madrigal, in 1S86* ; Babciiaita, bj Jua» 
Pablo Maradtal, in 1538 ; Mxdiha del Camfo, bj SmOiage del Canto, 15BS*; 
at AsTKtx, b; P. Bdlero, in I5H* ; all in imall octavo. An Italian tranitaUon 
b7 FBADCia Ataheo. wa* pnblithed at Vmics, b7 MvmAio, in 15B6*; at Rons, 
hj Gnuti/ta the same year, in 4io ; and affain ISBT and 1590, inSvo. 
A French translation appeared al Paris, b; PaaiEa, in 15S8 and 1589*, 1600 and 
160A ; another, with a alightly. varied title, at Geheta, in I606j at LroH, in 
1606, and at Rodxh, in 1S04. In Datch, at Dbijt, in IS56, in ISow ; and at 
AMfliBRDAM, in 1595, in Sto. a Latin venion bj Mxhcds Hbrbiko, wa< pnb- 
liehed at FsAiiKiOKt, in 1586, in 8to, and another h; Joachthdi Bbduiib, ap- 
peared at Aktwibf, fn 1655, in 4to. Adblshq itatea that a Oermnn vertion waa 
published at FRAHErOET, in 1 689, In Ito. 

A copj of the Dnteh edi^on of 1595 w» fomtd in 18TS among the remain! of 
GiBALD DB Vebb, the (kmoni Dutch navigator, who irintered at Nota Zbmbla, 
in 1596, where he with fail craw periihed. 

An Sngliih tranalation by B. Pabkb, wai published in Lohdoh, b; I. Welfi, in 
1S88, in black letter. This was andertaken (sajs the translator in his prefkce) at 
the request and enconrftgemenl of Bichakd Haklctt, " a gentleman, besides his 
manifolde learning and languages, of singular and deep insight in all histories of 
discoveries and parts of cosmographie." 

The " ffiMToy o/tie Naff World," tn this volume, occupies several chapters. The 
writers, it appears, were dincted to notice all objects of interest "betwixt Spain 
and the kingdom of China; and again In returning from China to Spaih." 
Hence we have, first : " A commentarr of the New World." Accounts of countries 
vitited by the missionarioB, including the Canabt Islands, St. Domikoo, Ja- 
maica, Cuba, and Mexico. Four chapters are devoted to New Mexico, in 
which are found some of the earliest accoauts of that conntiy. The itinerary con- 
tinues thrODgh Mkxico, thence to the PaiixippiKB Islands and Japan. Hbh- 
doza's work was reprinted bj tb« Haktayt Sodttg of Lorimh, from the English 
veiwon alluded to of 1588 ; edited bj Sib Qbobge T. Staqhton, BarL, with an 
Introduction by R. H. Majoe, Esq., of the British Museum. 

It appears by a note appended to this reprint of Paxkb's translation (page 30T), 
that the cliapter entitled " A Commeotario of the New World," is entirely different 
frum the original Spanish, and is translated by Pabkb from the French of Luc db 
LA PoBTE. Chapters VII., VIII., and IX., are entirely supplied From the same 

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"The ' niitoniofCkiiia,'\ijVlKi(DOti.,ttit\a oiled, conttloi all ^knowledge 
that (he Spaaiards were able to collect [thrtmgh an embasBj to the coart of 
PaKiH] ; and it maj b« said, on companion with Uta booki on the aaiue lat^ect, 
to b« aa full and ample an account of Chiki ea conid have been given nndeir mdi 
drcunubmcM." — Hallaji'* liieniare ofBimpe, Vol. TL p. 490. 


NGLERIA.] Db | Obbb Noto | Petri Martyrie An | glerii 

I MedioIanenMs, Pro- tonarij, & Caroli qointi Senatorie | 

I Decades octo, diligentd tempomm ob | Bematione, & vtilis- 

simis annotationibua | illuatrat^e, suoque nitori reBtitutse, j Lahore 

industiia Richardi Hacklujti | OxonienBis Angli. | Additns est in 

TBom lectonB accuratas | totios operis index. [ Parishb Apud 

(hnlUmvm Awraj/, via D. | loannis BellouacensiB, sub insigni [ 

BellerophontiB coronati. M.D.LXXXTn. Cum priuilegio Regis. | 

Svo. Title; revene-, Hank. Epistle to Sir Walter Ra- 

LBQH, 5 leaves; to Chakl&s V., 2 leaves; reverse of the last, 

the Privilege. Text, 1-605 pageB, in Italic letters. TaHe, 12 


^' GOMARA. Histoire generalle des Indea Occidentales, et terres 

neuues, qui jusques a present out est^ dest^ouuertes. Augmentee 

en ceste cinq'uiesme edition de la description de la nouuelle Es- 

pagne, & de la grande ville de Mexique, aatrement nommee 

Tenuctilan. Compoaee en Espagnol par Francois Lopez de Go- 

mara, & traduite en FraoQois par le S. de Genille Mart. Fum^e. 

A Pabis, Chez Michel Sormius, rue saioct laques, a Ten seigne de 

I'escu de Baale. m.d.lxsxvu. Avec privil^e dv Roy. 

8vo. IHtle ; reverse, blank. 3 preliminary leaves. Text, 1— 
485 leaves. Table, 19 unnurnhered leaves. 

*" GONZAGA, F. Fbamcisco. De oiipoe | SerapMcfe Reli^onis 
FrandscanEG | ejusque progreesibus, de Regularis | observanciie 
instdtutione, forma ad | ministrationis ac legibus admirabilique | 
eios propagatione. | F. Francisci Gonzagse | eiusdem Religionis 
MiniBtri Gfialis. | Ad | S, D, N. Sixtum V. | opus in quatuor 
partes diuisum. [ Earum quid unaquxque | contineat, sequem pa- 
gina indicabit. RoM^ ] Culicetia Supcriorii 1587. 

(^CoUphon:') RoM^ Ex Typi^raphia Domenid Basve. M.D,- 

2 vols. Folia. Engraved title ; reverse, " Elenchus eorum." 
Dedication to Pope.SEXTVS V., 1 leaf. Proem, 1 le<if; reverse, 

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a portrait of St. Francis, Text^ 1-1363 pages. Index, 9 
leaves. Privilege, 1 leaf. 

This work owea iu origin to the mnni6ceDce of Iho Dnke Gonzaoa. It con- 
tains a \a.Tg9 number of Giie engraringB. with porlniui, amnng others, of the moit 
dlaliugnUhed FranciBcans. nhoae retigioua eatabliahments in AHsniCA, inclnding 
Mkitco, Pbrit, Chili, Bbaeti., Ydcatah, and other parti of the world, are 
enumerated and described. Not mentioned by Brdhbt or TlnnAux. 

8isiioxi>[, in speaking of the patrons of learning in Italt, sajB, that the sov- 
ereign princee Oonzaoa, of HANrnA, and D'Estb, of Fbkraba, endeavored (o 
lupplj what was wanting to Ifaera in power, bj their active leal and b; the con- 
stant protection which the; aflbrded to literatnre. They songht for, and collected 
together, men of letters from ever; part of Italt, and seemed Co rival each other 
in lavishing npon them the richest gifts and most flattering distinctions. — £tC. of 
the Smtk of Earopa, Vol. I. p. 340. 


|DVERTISSEMENT certain contenant les pertea aduen- 
i en I'arm^e d'Espagne, vera te Noest, de la coste d'lr- 
I laiide, en leur voyi^o intent^ depuis lee Isles du Nord, 
par del& I'Escosse enuers Eapagne- Et du nombre des bommes et 
nauires perdus. Auec deox lettres, I'viie d'vn Flamen, Catho- 
lique zel^, demeuraiit ^ Londrea, a vn Seigneur Esp^nol, et I'autre 
de Monsieur Candiche, qui a pass^ le destroit de Magellan, pour 
aller aux Indes, et eat retourn^ par le Cap de Bonne-Esperance. 

12ini>. 2%page». Li»t of ships, 1 leaf . Letter from Candiih., 
1 leaf. 

[TVatu^o/ton.— Certain intelligence of the recent losaea of the Spanish army 
near tlie coast of Irelnml, in their voyage from the Isles of the North by 
those of Scotland towards Spain ; and of the nomber of men and ships lost. 
With two letters, one from a Fleming, a zealous Catholic, living in London, 
to a Spanish gentleman ; and the other irom Mr. Candish, who passed 
through the Strait of Magellan, on his way to the Indies, and has returned 
' by the Cape of Good Hope. ISSS.] 

8^* DRAKE.] Expeditio | Francisci Draki | eqvitia angli | in | 

Indias occidentalea | A. MDLXXXV. | Qua vrbea, Fanum D. Jacobi, 

D. Dominici, | D. Augustini & Carthagena captse fuere. | Additia 

passim regionum locorfimque omnium | tabulie Geograpbicia quam 

accuratiaaimia. | Letd.^, Apud Fr. Baphelengium M.D.LXXXvm. 

- Title ; reverse, blank, and 21 pages. 3 large folding 

plates. 1. City of Dominica in Hispaniola, 2. St. Augustine, 

Florida, 3. (ht the coast of Guinea. 

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306 SmTEENTH CENTURY. [ibss. 

"* GOMARA, P. Lopez db. Voyages et | coaqvestes dr | CapitaiDe 
Ferdinand CourtoiB, ^s Indes | Oocidentales. | Hiatoire traduite de 
langue Espagnole, | par Guillaume le Breton Niuernois. | A Pakis. 
chez Ahel V Angelier An premier pillier de la grand Sale du Palais 

Small Bvo. THtU; reverte. Privilege, and 7 preliminary 
leavet. Text, 1-416 leavet. 

A French tnDil&Cion of the lECOnd pHtl of Qohaba. 

"* GONZAGA. Fhancis. Indianischer Religionstandt der gsntzen 
newen Welt, — - — ausz griindtlichen Historien, sonderbar desz 

Hochwirdigen Vatters Francisci GoDzagen und Didaci Val- 

lades zugammen gezc^en und auszm lutein in hochtentach 

verwendet ; Durch F. Valentinam Fricium Getruckt zu 

InqolSTADt, durch Wolffgang Eder. M.D.LiXXVni. 

\^mo. Title, and 15 preliminary leaves. Text, 1—199 leavet. 
Colophon on following leaf ; on the reverse. Errata. 

[TratalaSion. — The Btate of Indian Heligiona in tlie whole new world, 

compiled from trurtworthy hiBlorieB, eepecislly translfiled from 

the Latin of the Very lUverend Fatker Fr&ncis Gouzago and IKdacns Yal- 
ladei ; bj F. TalentJne Fricios.] 

w LASSO DE LA VEGA, Gabriel. Primera parte | De Cort^B 
valeroso, | y la Mexicana, | De Gabriel Jjasso de la Vega, criado 
del 1 Rey nueatro seHor, natural de | Madrid. Dirigida a Don 
Fernando Cortes, nieto de don | Fernando Cort&, Marqaes del 
Valle, descubridor y | conquistador del Nueuo Mundo. | Con prin- 
ilegio : En Madrid, En casa de Pedro Madrigal, A&o de H.D.- 

4(0. Title; reverte, a poem. Portrait of Corteb, wiii At» 
crest beneath, 1 lettf. 5 preliminary leavet. Portrait of Lasso 
DE lA Veqa, 1 le<^. Text, 1-193 leaves ; and 7 leavet at the 
end, including the Table. 

s™ MENDOpA, Juan G0N9ALES db. The Historie of the Great 
and Mightie Kingdome of China, and the situation thereof : To- 
gither with the great riches, huge citties, politike gouemement, 
and rare inuentions in the same. Translated out of the Spanish 
by R. Parke. London : Printed by /. Wolfe for Edward White, 

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and are to be Bold at the UtUe North doore of Paoles, at the sigoe 
of the Gun. 1588. 

4to. Dedication to Thomas Candish. ®att)it CeUer. 

Tba tranilaiar, in hii Dedication, has much to iia; in refereDo: to the attempts 
tot the diKorery of * pMMge to Cuira bj the Nobth 6ba, and makes mention of 
variaiu narigBton, inclnding Sir Huqb Willodqhbi and John Ditis. After 
(peaking ol the attempta to dlacoTer this pasaaga, he addi, " And to descende to 
•ome partienlars, tbere ii one ipeciall reason that gireth an edge nnio their deaiies, 
proceeding from the late worUiie attemptes of that exeellent and skilfnl pilot M. 
JoBtt Datib, made for tba tearcb of the afbresaid northweat passage these three 
late yearea, haTing entred into the aaiae foore hundred ieagnes farther than was 
erei hitherto thoroagUj knowan. and returned with an exact description thereof." 

" The transIatiOD of the work into English," continues Pabeh, " I hare 

undertaken at the earnest request and enconrageaient of m; worshipfUl Mend 
Iilaster RiOH^xn Hieluit, late of Oxford, a gentleman, besides his other mani- 
folde learning and languages of singular and deepe insight in all bistoriei ofdit- 
cOTerieand partes of coamographle : who also for the zeale he beareth to thehoaonr 
of bii coantriemen, bronght the same flnt abore liro fears since over to this court, 
and at pnaent hatb in hande a moat excellent and ample collection of the sundrie 
travaillea and narigadons of his owne notion." .... etc. 

In the Italian and French versions, the "/iiamuy of the New World " is men- 
tioned on the title-page. In the English Tersion it does not so appear, although 
the chapters which contain this important portion, bringing the work within the 
range of American hiiiorj, are in their proper place. The title of this portion is 
"A Commentarie or Short Disconise, of allsttch thinget aibe betwixt SpiiirE till 

jon came vnto the Kingdome of Cbin.!, and from Cbthi nnto Sfaiiib 

Wherein it contajoed all the rilei, ca^monies, and cnslomes of the people, the 
Tiche^ tbrtililie and Krength of man; kiogdomes; and the description of them. 

Made and set fbonbe b; the author of this Book, etc A Commentarie of 

tlie New WoKLD." For an additional note «ee the E^ncb and Italian edidoni 
printed in 15S8. 


■COSTA, JosBPH DBJ. De Natvra | Noti Orbia | Libri duo, 
n et I de promvlgatione { evangelii apvd | barbaros, | eive 
I de procvranda Indorvm salrte | Libri sex. | Avtore 
losepho AcoBta j preebytero societatia lesv. j Saluantics. | 
Apud Quillelmun Foguel. \ H.D.LXXXIX. 

Svo. l^tle, and 9 preliminary leaves. Text, 1-640 paget, in- 
eluding the index. The Colophon on the lout page ia dated 

Tbe fim edi^on. Reprinted at Sktillx, in 1990* and IS9I ; at Bascbloha, b; 
CouJnif, inlsei.'Svo; at HaLMaTADT, in I990,*!n4to; at Madrid, in 1608," 
and 1610, in 4ta ; and again at Madrid, Aiaar. in 179!,* in 2 loU, Ito. Trans- 
lated Into Frencb. by K. KEOHAnLT, and printed at Fakis, Mure Ottj/, 159B,* 



1600,* )6DG«; J. TVjfniiM, I6I6,« and l61T,'In«iiull Bvo ; the latter not mentioned 
b; BBtnrKT. Graebbe cites h Pamb edition of 1597 ; and Sabih, in hii " Bib. 
Amaieana," citei other Pabib ediiiuni of 1519 and 1621. Trsnsltited into Italian 
by J. Fici. GiLLccci, and printad at Vbwicb, by B. Bioo, in ]59fi.» Translated 
into Dutch by Linbcuoteh, and printed at EnCHurBBN, by Gillu RoomaK, in 
1598,* in Sto ; nt AvsTBBDAif , B. latat, in 1634,* in *u>. Tranilated into Rn|[- 
liah by Ei>wjkRD Gbiiibstoiie, and printed at Lokdoh, by Vol: SimM, in 1601,* 
Bmnll 4to. A Oeminn ImnBlition, with ■ different title : " Gtograplatdu tmd Ma- 
lorittAt Backreibang der tiierouM gmum LoBiitchafft America, etc." waa pliotcd at 
CpLOOna, by J. Vhritoffd, in 1598." in folio, with twenty mapi. 

Another German edition was printed at Coujohe, by C/aiMtaffH, in 1600,* in 
folio, with the following title "Nan Wilt, Dot imI: Volkonumen BttdtreSumg vm 
NatuT, Art vnd gdegtnluit der ffaotn Wett," etc ; and another at Ubbbl, by Cent, 
b'utorium, in 1605,* in folio, with * ilill diffigrent and vary lonj; tide banning 
" Amerua odtr una man a tx ttiiKh nniat die Naaet Wdt, oder Writ India," etc. 
To theie leTeral German reraioni mutt be added that in Da Bbt'b " Gnat Va/- 
aga," Fart IX. 

Ahtonio, in his "BiUioihrca Hiipatia Naoa," Vol. I. p. 801, speaks of two Ger- 
man editions, one printed in 1599, tbe other in 1617, in folio, neither of which bare 
come under our notice, nor of which have we leen any mention by other bibliog- 

The Latin Tenion, Da Bmr'a Colleelioa, " Gnat Vofagm," Part IX, by Goth- 
ABD Aktro* TOM Dantzio, who Hrii made a tnuislation from tlie Dutch into 
Oennan, and (h>m that into Latin. Iia title is " Dt novi ettM notura palTaaatur," 
etc, and is accompanied by fonrieen plates. Those marlted (hns ■ are in the 
preeenC collection. 

" Tbe great number of translation* of Acobta's woTk,"Baya Camitb, "show in 
what a high estimation it was held. Oakoillabbo db i^ Vbqa, in hii history of 
the Incas, mentions it with praise. In Sne. although somewhat incredulous, he 
had the talent, and the requisite knowledge, to write a hitioiy of the Ivdibb, bar- 
ing resided for a long time in Fcan and Mbiico." 

" On his return [IVom Ambbioa] Acobta was charged with important business 
of bia order, relative to the missions in the East Ihdibs. Among his woi^s wss 
a Latin treatise in ux books, entitled, ' De proeuranda mdau Indonan,' printed in 
1588, at SAI.AI1ANCA, but which did not appear until 1589, with two others. 
These with the ' De Nalura Navi Orbit,' were reprinted at Salamanca, in 1595; 
and afterwards al Co loon a, at the expense orARHOui.D Htudb, in 1596." 

" After having published his two works in Latin, Acobta translated them into 
Spanish, and added to them five other boolis of the history of the Inbiae, which 
he put in tbe place of his treatise ' Dt proaimiida Indarum Salatt,' when all were 
printed at SbtillB, by Jmn de Leon, in 1590, under the title of ' IliiCoria natunli/ 
marai de lai Indiai,' etc." — Mftn. lar la coUtdion de Db Bbt, pages 103, 106, 107. 

Mr. Bich obserres of Acobta, that he is one of the earliest writers who have 
treated philosophically of Ambbioa and ita productions. Db. Robbbtsob pro- 
nounces him a standard authority, and Baokbb, in his " Bibliolliiqut det ScriiiaiBt 
de la Conipag. de JAiu," observes: " Joibfh db Acobta, n^ k MsDiifA dbl 
Campo, vers I'an 1539, psssa, apt^ avoir profoss^ la thfologie, h Ocara, en 1571 
anx Indea occidentales, el fut le second PtOTincial de I'oidre dcs J^suiies an Pksoc 
od il s^ouna pendant IT ans. II moumt racteur k Saiauanqob, le 11 fifvrier 
1600. Son ouvra^, estim^ k juste titre, a iii r^mprimf aseei sourent et tradujt 
dans presque tontes les langues." Pinblo, however, allt^es that the work is taken 
tVom the MSS. of DtBOO Doban, a Dominican Honk. 

" The special otgect of ibc first two books is the natural history of Ambbica, 



Be make* obierratioQi on the decUnilion of the magnetic needle; sud on the 
pUcM where thit dedention ii nail ; on the fint paiaage of uiiiiiala to Ajibbiu \ 
of thoK now exiidlig, and the places where they are found ; on the climate of the 
torrid aone, of the caaaei which temper the heat, and render the region inhabitable. 
In the hooka which follow, Aooita gives an aooount of the land, the meials, min- 
erali, plants, and animal* ; the mannerB and cuetoms of the ladiani, and the histoiy 
of the Incaa. Fnrthermoie, he giTei a particular acconnt of the voyage of Sab- 
Miiirro, passing in 1979 from the weat to the east through the or MagUc 

With r^ard to the platea, which are the flnt fourteen of the twenty-eight in the 
IXth pan of Dx Bkt'b colleclioD of " Grtat Va/aget," Camus adds that althon^ 
they may possess some merit for their drawing and engraring, they are withont any 
historical valne, and are pnrely works of the imagination. In the " BBiiatlAqiie 
NationaU," at Pabis, is a copy of the French edition of 1600, which belonged to 
the celebrated Hubt, Bishop of ATSAMoaxB, filled with marginal notes. These 
have been printed by CAiiDS,*page 119. 

w» CASTELLANOS.] Pbimeba paktb | de las Elegias | de va- 

rones UItb | tres de las Indias, | compuestas por Jnan de Castella- 

□06 Clerigo, Benefi ] ciado en la ciadad de Tunja en el oueuo j 

Reyno de Granada. | Con pririlegio. En Madbid en caaa de la 

viitda de Alonzo Q-om&t ImpreaBor de su Magestad. ABo 1589. 

Ato. IHUe ; reverse, blank. Q preliminiry unnumbered leave* ; 

on the reverie of the xixth a large teood-cut. Poemi, 1—9 pages; 

on the reverse of the latt a portrait of Casteu^asos. The 

" Megies " begin on page 6, and extend to page 382. Page 381 

is numbered bg mistake 985. 

[ 7'ran$Uuion. — Firat part of the Elegies of learned men of the Indies, 
compoaed by Jnan de Csstellanos, Clergyman. Beneficiary in die ci^ of 
Tnnja in the new Kingdom of Granada.] 

Very rare. After employing the greater part of hit life in writing the biography 
of the discorerert and conquerors of the New World, CAiTELi.Airoa employed the 
remainder of bis days in putting his wridngi into Terse. The first pare only was 
printed. — Riob. The remainder was left in mannMript, and with the first part 
wsi printed in 1 B50, under the following title : " Eitgiiu de Vemmu iiuiCra, primtra, 
itgunda g Itnera parte prtddid/u dt tm praiogo del S&ar Aribav," Madkid, Rivadtn- 
tgra, 8to. 

»i CORTES, Martin. The | Arte of Nauiga|ticai. | Conteyniag 
a compen- | dloiis description of the Sphere, witlt the | makiog of 
certayne Instrnments [ and Kulea for Nauigations, and exemplifyed 
by ma | ny Demostra | tions. Written by Martin Cortes | Span- 
yarde. | Englished out of Spanishe by j Richard Eden, and | now 
newly newly corrected and | amended in diners places. | ^ At 
London printed, at the cbaiges of Richard Wathint. 1589. 

( Colophon ;) ^ Imprinted at London by Abell leffes for Rich~ 
ard Watkins, and are to be sould at his sbop. Cum priuilegio. 

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4*0. Title, within a broad border ; rtverte, blank, Pr^aee hy 
RiCHAED Edem. " To the ryght woorshipfull Syr Wylliam 
Garbrd, Enyght, and Maister Thomas Lodge, Alderman of 
the Citie of LoDdon," etc., 7 unnumbered leaves. " He Epistle 
Dedicatory of Mabtin Cobtgs to Chables the Emfbbor, 
the fyfth of that name, King of Spayne," 4 nvmbered leavet. 
Text, 7-^3 nvmbertd leavet. Table, 1\ leavet utmvmhered. 
Wood-eatt in the text. ®ot^ii CcUci. 

The original Spanirii «ditloii ma printed at Sbtillb, In ISBl, folio. The flnt 
edition of ttie Engliih tranilktion in LoxiMn, bj Jt J*ggt, in 15S1 ; ^lin in 1589, 
M above, and in 1 5M. An edition corrected and angmented, bj Jalm Tapp, Loir- 
DOR, in 1A09, all in qnarto. 

*^ DENORES, Iason. Disoono di laaou Denoree istomo alia 
gec^rapliia all' illvstre Sigoor Andrea Rosa Patron aempre oaser- 
vandiss. In Pabua, appreeao Paolo Meietti MDLXXXIX. 

Ato. Title, 1 le<^. I>edicatioH, 1 leaf. Text, 13 leavet. Colo- 
phon, 1 letrf. 

"■ DRAKE, FBAifCiB. Ephemeris expeditionia Norreysii et DraM 
in Lnsitaniam. LONDIKI. Impensia TKomai Woodeocke 1589. 
4to. 34 paget. 

»M HAKLUTT, RiCKAED : The principal! | NavigationB, Voia | gea 
and Disooveriea of the | English nation, made hy sea or oner 
Land, | to the most remote and fartherest distant qoarters of the 
earth at any time within the compasae | of tbeee 1500 yeeres : 
Deuided into three | seuerall parts, according to the po | sitions of 
the Regions whereun | to they were directed. 

Ute first, conteyning the personall trauels of the English vnto 
ladea, Syria, A- 1 rabise, the riuer Enphrates, Babylon, Balsara, 
the Persian Gulf, Ormuz, Cbaul, | Goa, India, and many Islands 
adioyning to tlie South parts of Asia : toge- 1 ther with the like 
vnto Egypt, the chiefest porta and places of Africa with- 1 in and 
witlioat the Streight of Gibraltar, and about the famous promon- 1 
torie of Buona Eeperanza. | 

The second, comprehending the worthy discoueries of the Eng- 

■ lish towards [ the North, and Northeast by sea, as of Lapland, 

Scriksinia, Corelia, the BEde | of S. Nicholas, the Isles of Colgoieue, 

Vugats and Nona Zembla toward the great riuer Ob, with 

the mightie Empire of Russia, the Caspian Sea, Georgia, | Ar- 

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menia, Persia, 6<^1iar in Bactria, ft dioen Kingdoms of Tar- 
taria. | 

The third and last, including the English valiant attempts in 
searching al | most all the comers of the vaate and new worlde of 
America, from 78° of Northeriy latitude Southward, to Meta In- 
cognita, Newfoundland, [ Virginia, the point of Florida, the Bale 
of Mexico, all the In | land of Nona Hispania, the coast of Tena- 
firma, Brasill, the riuer of Plate, to | tiie Streight of Magellan : 
and through it, and from it in the Soatii Sea to Chili, Peru, Xaliaco, 
the Gulf of California, Mooa Albion vpon the backside | of Can- 
ada, further then eaer any Christian hitherto hath pierced. | 
Wbereunto is added the laat most renowned English nauigation, j 
round about the whole Globe of the Earth. | By Richard Hakluyt 
Master of Artes, and Student sometime | of Christ-church in Ox- 
ford. I Imprinted at LONDON by Qeorge BUhop and Ralph New- 
berie. Deputies to | Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes 
most excellent Maiestie. | 1589. 

( Colophon : ) Imprinted at LoirooN by the | Deputies of Chrit- 
topher Barker, Printer to | the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. 
1 Anno Dom. 1589. One p^e, on reverte of Itut leaf of table. 
Folio. IMe ; reverts, blank ; and 1 preliminary leavet, 

namely : Dedication " To the Right Honorable Sir Francis 

Wai^inohau," etc., S paget. " To the favourable Reader," 

8 pages. Epigranu, 1 page. " Tlie order of all the voyages," 
etc., 7 pages. Text, 1-825 pages. " A Table Alphabeticall," etc., 

9 pages. Xar;^c »?kip, " TypasOrbisTerrarum." ®ol\\\t titOjtx. 

Tbare mn Mitain pecnliuitiea in thii edition which require nodce. Between 
page* 643 anJ 644 are lix nnpsged leiTei. At the botlom of the former ii the 
CBtcb-word " /iwtructunu," the correeponding ward being bnnd on p. 644. This a 
•z]daiaedl>THAZLDii himaelflD hii addieaa " to the fkroarable Reader," on the 
last page, wbere, in ipeaUag of the inaertiaa of Cardibh'b Yojagt, he saji : 
" TberafoK th« want of the Qnt made by Sir Fkidxcib Dkakb will be the lea» : 
wherein I nin*t confeMe to haae taken more then ordjnarie painsa, meaning to have 
huertad it in thia worke : bnt being of late (contnr; to m; expectation) teriontl; 
delt withall, not to anticipate or prerent aaother niuu painea and charge in draw- 
ing all the ternicei of that worthia Knight into one Tolnme, I have jedded mio 
Ihete my &eindei which preaied me in the matMr, referring the ftirther knowledge 
of hit prooeedJDget to thoee intended diaeonnee." Hakldtt, therefore, rappresced 
the TOjage of Dbaxb, and hu book waa pabliahed withoat it. Bnt it appears thai 
he printed it privately, and in aome copiea of his collection the six tnppreued ICATea 
appear, unpaged. In thia collection if a cop; with ihe fojage iniertcd, and another 
withont it. 

The " AutlKutogt of Sir BUnmu Baietrt," tx^nning on page 491, waa alio anp- 
pTcsBcd, although it ia fonnd in the two copiei in this collection. 



Much hu been wUd of a Urge mop of the world wbicb haa been fbnnd in a tctj 
lew copiei of the work. Haklutt at the clow of b!i preface saja ; " 1 have con- 
tented mjMlfe witb fnnrting into the works one of the beat general mappet of the 
world ouelj', vnlill the comining out of ■ very large and most exact terreatrisll 
Globe, collected and refurmed aci^ording lo the newest, secretest, and latest dit- 
coaeriei .... compoaed b? U. Ehmb'bib Hollihkdi, of Lahbicth, a niv 
Gentleman in hia profeuion, being therein for diaen yeerea, greatly supported bj 
the purae and liberaliiie of tbe worsbipfuU marchant M, William Sandbbbox." 

The same map, which ii entitled at tbe top " Typvt Orbit J'errarvm," with a qno- 
talion at tbe bottom, in two lines, from Cioao, U also inserted in tbe English 
edition of LtnacHOTBN'B " Va/aga," pnbliibed by loan Wolfe. In tbe copy 
before at is this map, as well as another entitled " Orbii Termrwm tgpm de 
inlegro multii I'n loeii emtndatia aaamt Pttn Plando 1&94." The latter ha* at Uw 
lop two large picture*, one called Eubopa, the other Asia ; at the bottom ar« 
o^era eniillcd Mbzioaita, PHSCAifA, Maoallahioa and Africa. 

For a list of the narratives in Ibis volnme and an extended note, see the en- 
larged edition in three Tolnmcs printed in 1598. 

*» MENDO9A, Ivan Gon9ALE8 de.] HiBtoire dv Grand Hoyavme 
de la Chine, sitv^ auz Indes orientalee, diuis^ en deux parties. 
Coutenant en la Primiere, la situatioii, antiquity, fertility, religion, 
ceremonies, Bacrifices, rois, magiatrate, moeure, va, loix &; autres 
choaes memorables dudit royaume. Et en la Seconde, trois voy- 
ages faits vera iceluy en I'an 1577, 1579 & 1581 auec lea singu- 
laritez plus remarqoables y veiiea & entendues : ensemble vn 
Itinendre du nuaveau monde, & le deacouarement du nouoeau 
Mexique en Tan 1583. Faite en eapagnol, par Ivan Gon^alea de 
Mendoce, & mise en Fran9oi8 anec des additions en marge & 
deux Indices. Par Lvc de la Porte, Parisien doctenr da Droits. 
A Mora, le Chancelier. A Pabib, chez Jeremie Perier, rue S. 
lean 1589. 

Small 8vo. Title ; verto. Privilege. 11 preliminary leave». 
Text, 323 numbered leaves. Index, 24 leaves. Errata 1 lecff, 

^ MONARBES. NICOLO. Dell' Historia dei semplici aromati, et 
altre cose ; cbe vengono portale dall' Indie Oriental! pertinent! 
air Tso della Medicina. Parte prima. Diuisa in Libri im. Di 
Don Gairzia dall' Horto Medico Portughese ; con ulcnne breui 
Annotationi di Carlo Clvsio. Et dve altri libri parimente di 
quelle coae die si portano dall' Indie Occidental!. Hora tutte 
tradotti dalle loro lingue nella noetra Italiana da M. AnnibaJe 
Briganti, Marriccino da Oivita de Chieti. Con privil^o. In 
Vesetia. Appresso li Heredi di Francegco Ziletti 1589. 

8p(j. Title ; and 12 preliminary leavef. Text, 347 page». 

"India Occidentali," with separate title^ 181 pages. TaUe, 6 


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1 COSTA, Joseph de : Historia | Natvral | y | moral | 
de las Indius, | en qve se tratan las cosas | notables del 
cielo y elementoa metales, ptantas, y ani- | males deltas : y 
lo3 ritoB, y ceremoniss, leyes, y [ goniemo, y guerniB de los Indioe. 
I Compuesta por el Padre loeepb Aetata Religiose | de la Com- 
paQia de lesus. [ Dirigida a la SereDiseima | Infauta Dofla Isabella 
Clara Eugenia de Avetria. | Con Frivilegio. | Impresso en Ss- 
UILLA en caaa de luan de Leon. \ Ailo de 1690. { 

4fo. "Rtle; reverie, blank. Preliminary leaven, and text, 
8-535 pages. Taile, 18 leaves. 

{^Translation. — Natural and Moral Hiator; of the Indies, in which ia 
treated the remarkable things of the heaveas, of the elemeots, of the rites, 
ceremonies, and customs ; the Uwb, govurnineat, aad wars of the ludiana.] 

* BENZONI, Hterontmi. Novae Novi Orbis Historiae, das ist 
aller Geschichten so in der newen Welt, welche OccidentMlia 
India, das ist India, nach Abendwerts genent wird, vnd etwa Anno 
1492. von Cliristophoro Columbo gefunden worden, bey den Ein- 
wohnem derselbigen vnd den Spaniem mehrers bo dann auch den 
Franszosen eins theiU bisz auff Annum 1556, aich jugetragea 
vnd besonders, wie Tyrannisch vnd vnbarmhertzig die Spanier mit 
den armen simpeln webrlosen Einwohnem vnd Volckem bauszge- 

halten vnd vmbgangen sind DeszgleichenvonderFranszosen 

Meer&hrt vnnd Kriegsrustung In das Land Floridam, so ein stiick 
der newen Welt ist, Auch von derselben erberrabliclien niederlage 
vnd Bchaden, bo ihnen die Spanier mebr Viehiscber als Men- 
BcliUcher massen Anno 1565. zugefiiget. Item ein Exemplar 
einei Supplication so deasen schadena halben an Carolum den 
Neunden des Namens, Konig in Franckreicb geschrieben. Zusambt 
Kurazer namhafEter beschreibung der Canariachen Insulen vnd 
was denckwirdiges darin gefunden werde. Durch Adeln Sober- 
digem, Pfarherrn zu Wasungen, dem gemeinen Mann zn dienat 
auBz dem Latin ins Deudscb gebracht. Anno 1589. Gedruckt 
zu Helmstadt durch Jacobum I/aeium. Anno 1590. 

Ato. 15 preliminary leavet. Text, 517 page». Register, 6 
leaves. <9>otl)tc Cetter. 

"* DRAKE, Frakcis.] Narrationea dvse | admodum memorabilia. 

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I Qvflrvm Prima | continet diarivm ex- 1 peditionis Francisci 
Draki | EqiiittB Angli in IndJas oc- 1 cidentalea svBceptse, | Anno 
MBLXXXV. I Altera | omnivm renim ab eo- |dem Drako et Nor- 
reysio | in LvsitanJca imipHone geatarum | fidelum continua- 
tionem [ subjicit. | Eniendatius quam ante aeditae. | Additis in- 
snper tabulis Geographicis | accuratisaimis. | Nokiberg^, Typis 

Ohristophori Lochneri, & lo \ hannit ffofmanni. [ Anno MDSC. | 
4(0. SQ p(^e», ineludinff the Title. Portrait of Drake. 

«» ERCILLA, T Z0NIGA. Primera, Segvnda, y Tercern Partes de 
la Araucana de don Alonso de ErciUa y fimiga, Cauallero de la 
Orde de Santii^o, gentilhobre de la camara de la Mageetad del 
Emperador. Dirigidas h1 Rey don Felipe nuestro eeflor. ( Vignette, 
armg of Spain.') En Madrid, Eu casa de Pedro Madrigal. Aflo 
de 1590. 

12mo. Title; and 30 preliminary leaves. Portrait. Text, 
1-436 leaves. *' Declaracion," 4 haves. Table, 8 leaves. 

*" MAFFEI.] loan. Petri Maffeii, Bei^omatiB e Societate leeu : 
Historiarvm Indicarvm Libri xvi. Selectarrm, item, ex India 
epistolarTm Libri IV. Accesait Ignatii Loiolso vita. Omnia 
ab auctore recognita, & emendata. In singula copiosus Index. 
CoLONIAB AORIPPINAE. In OtBcina Birekmanniea, suraptibus 
Arnoldi Mylij. Anno M.D.XC. Cum gratia & Friuilegio Sacra 
Ca^sai-ea Maiestatia. 

%vo. Title; reverse, blank. Dedication to PHILIP, 1 lecf. 
Index, 42 leaves. Text, 763 and 461 pages. Table, 12 leaves. 

Mafpi^i, b Immeil Jeauit, wm born in 1535. He was a profewor i>f eloqnenc* in 
the Romnn collet^e, durinz which rimo he trannlatod into Latin, AcoBTt's " Hi*l. 
o/lht Indici." He compiled a historj of ihe Fortugueee conquenta in (he Ihdibs 
bj order of Cleheht VIII., nnd wrote a life uf Iohatius Loyoi.*. Bia princi- 
pal work is his " Historia Indiae," which baa been fr«qnentij reprinted. The 
purity of his style was the eflecc of great labor ; and lie waa eo fkstidioDt u to 
compoution, that nothing wonld teem to please him, and be nied to paM whole 
hoan in polishing bis periods. 

** MYRITU.J OpvBCvlvm Gec^raphicvm rarvm, totiva eivs negotii 
rationem, mira indratria «t brevitate complectena, iam recens ex 
diversorvm libria ac cbartia, aumma cura &c diligentia cotlectum & 
poblicatum, per loannem Myritirm Melitensem, Ordinia Hoapitalia 
sancti loannis Hierosolymitani, Commendatorein Alemanni Mon- 
a^terij, ac doinus Ratisponensis. (^Vignette.') Inguldstadii. Ex 
Officina Typograpliica Wolfgangi Ederi. Anno md.lxxxx. 

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Folio. Title. Dedication; reverse, coat of arms of P. RiBDE- 
BEL. Preface, 1 leaf. Text, 1-136 pages. Colophon, 1 page, 
icith wood-cut w» the centre. 4 diagrams with moving figures, in 
the text. Preceding Part II., which begins at page 61, is afold- 
ii^ map of the two hemispheres. At page 134 is a full page 
portrait of the author, facing which is his coat of arms. 

This work ii not mealiooed by writers on Americtm biblit^aphf . The author 
was a Ualieie b; birth, bat resided at Satisbon u a coannander of the order ot 
St. John. He seems to have been one oF the Uleat geographers who, in order to 
reconcile the new discoiories with the original theories, calls the nonhwestem por- 
tion of AvkBiCA, IxiiTA Ohirntalib, and places DO ocean between the continents 
of As[A and Aherio*. Chapters XX. and XXI. relate to the New World. At 
the end of the rolame is a poem adilreised to the author bj Edmund Hoi^lthq, 
M. D., an Engliabman at Jnooldbtaiit. 

WPORCACCHI.] L'laole piv famoee del Mondo descritte da 
Thomaso Forcacchi da Castiglioiie Arretino e intagliate da Giro- 
lamo Porro Padovano, con 1' Aggiuota di molto IboIs all' 111™ S. 
Conte Georgio Trivltio. Dottore, Cavaliere, Conte di Melzo, 
B^o, Q Ducal Senatore. In Venbtia. Appresso gli heredi di 
Simon Galignani MDLXXXX. 

Folio. Engraved Title ; and 11 preliminary leaves. Text, 
201 pages. Copperplate maps in the text, includir^ several of 
America. See editions of 1572 and 1576. 

" [STELL-S:.] ItHi Caeearis Stellae nobilis Romani Colvmbeidos 
Libri Priores Duo. Ad PhiUippvm Avstrivm Phillippi II. regis 
Cath. F. Hispaniarum et Indiarum principem. STperiorvm per> 
missT. RoMAE. Apud Sanctium, & Soc. m.d.xc. 

4io. Title ; reverse, blank. 3 preliminary leaves. Text, 67 

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^ DE BRY.] CoLLBCnoKBa PEKBOaiUATlONUM in Indiam Orien- 
talem et iDdiam Occidentalem, xxv partibus comprehensie a Tbe- 
odoro, Joan-Theodoro de Bry, et a Matlieo Merian publicataj. 
FKANCOPnKTI AD McEMUM. 1590-1634. 
Folio. 25 parU. 

The above ii the title genentlly gireo in caialogaea to the celebrated collection 
of voyages pablished bj the Auail; of Db Brt, [he first of whom, Tuboimibb, was 
an engraver, print-Kller, anil publiaher u FKANKroBT-OM-THB-MaiN. Of all the 
earl; coUectione of voyages printed before the year 1600, thiB U the most extensive, 
and takes the foremoit rank. It4 value U iacreaied on aocoant of the important 
narra^vea which it embraces, for their eompletenesB, and for the large number uf 
beautiful copper-plate cnKravingi irith which aLmoat ever; volume is ilin^strated. 

The uollection is divided into two leriee ; the first la known aa the " Great Voy- 
ages" i"Grandt Vogaga"), merely because the volnnies are taller and wider than 
those of the second series, which is known M the " Small Voyages" {" PeliU 
Voi/aga "). The furmcr relate entirely to Nohtu and Sodtb ANSRica, althongh 
thrir assumed title ia the " Wxbt Ihdigb " {" Indiaia OcddeiUaiem"], to dia- 
tinguish them from the " Small Voyages," which relate to the Ean Insixa and 
Araica {" ImUam OneMaUni"). The Latin edition of the " Great Voyages" con- 
sists of thirteen parts; the German of fourteen. The "Small Voyages" com- 
prise twelve parts. 

The (^inception and beginning of this colleation ia due to Thbodok or Tbbo- 
DOBio DB Bbt, who, in Che year 1580, first published Hauoi's Travels in, and 
an Bcconnt of ViBontijk, which had appeared In LoniMtN, in 1588, in aqoarto 
form. The text of this narrative was printed in fbnr languages : Bi^lish, French, 
Latin, and German, the same engravings being naed in the several versions. 
The success of this yolume, which was remarkably well got up, having a map and 
twenty-seven finely cicecated copper- plates, induced the publisher to issae a second 
volume the following year, relating to the Flobidab, wlucb the title designates aa 
"AneniM Secunila Part " ; bat as the demand for the English and French versions 
did not warrant a conljnnation of the work in these langoages, tbey were discon- 
tinued. The second and snbsequent parts, therefore, were only iesned in Latin and 
German. At the time of his death, in March, 1598, Th^odos db Bht had pub- 
lished six parts of his " Great Voyages," bearing dates from 1590 to 1596. 

After the death of Theodob, the series was continaed by hia vtidow and his two 
eons, JoBjkHH Theodok and Johasm Ib&aki., who, in 1599, issued the Tib and 
8th parte, and in 16D0, the 9th pan. As the title of this last part bears the words 
" Postrtma Pari," h is inferred that it was the intention of the publishers to ulose 
the series here. After an interval of niiieteen years, the publication of the work 
was resumed by Johahh Thbodob, who printed at OppBMUBiit, in 1619 and IS20, 
a loth and lllh part ; and hia heirs, in IGS4, issued at FKAHKfOBT a 12th part. 
Success seems to have attended the work, for, during the period covered by these 
issues, several parts were reprinted, so that in 1634, Mitiibw Mbbian, one of ihe 
sons-in-law of Jouahn Thbodos, published the IStb and last part, which is bat 
a translation of the 13ih and Uth parts of the German venrion, already published 
by him in 1638 and 1630, According to this, it will appear that the publication 





covers a period of forty-four yean. In 1631, Mbriak nniud ander « coUectlTe 
title tbe thirteen pvlH of ibe Germim edition of the " Oreat Vojagea," of which he 
powesied the atock, and pnbliihed a new edition of the flift part, with the addition 
of an ElenchoM, or table of the different pieces contained in each of the diirteea 

The brolben JoHAXn-THEODOB sad Jobikr-Isxibl db Bbt, published the 
first eight parts of the Latin text of the " Snail Vojiges," in 1698, 1S99, 1601, 
1604, 1606, and 1607 ; they had published, a little before these dates, [be Br«t eight 
parts of the Oenuan text. Joqamn-Tuxodob alone issued the 9lh, 10th, and Uth 
parts of the GeniiaQ text in 1613, 1613, and leis, and tbe tame paria of tbe Latin 
text in 161!, 1613, and 1619. It i> to his son-in-law, Wiu-iam Fitzbss, an 
Engtisbnum by birth, that the ISth part is doe. It waa printed in 16!8, as well at 
the 13th part of the Oennan text, which fDmi a conlinoaiion to the German 
abridgment of the Bni eleren parts. This abridgment was printed at Francs- 
fort-oh-Uaih, nnder the title of " Orieniaiiielu Indiat." For particniara of these 
latter part* and the Abridgment, see the titles in their proper places in this cila- 

So mach has already been written by Bibliographera abont tblt remarkable and 
mnch toughi for collection, that little, if anything, remaint to be said. We hate 
before as the several descripdona of Ds Bbt by the Aaai db Bothelih, Db Burb, 
Cmus, Wbiobi., Giukub, Bbdhbt, and Sobolxwski, the Russian bibliographer 
and collector. The latter two, having before them tlw bibliographies of the pre- 
vious writen mentioned, and Hr. SoBOLBWtKi having one of the most complete 
collections known, they bad the beat opportnnity to give as perfect a description as 
possible of the work in queation. Aa nothing, therefore, can be added by up to 
tbe very fall accoants which Brunbt baa given in the last edition of his " Manad 
du LUmiini," with the additional note of Mr. Sobolbwrxi, we shall quote largely 
ihtm tbem ; fi>r in their opinions we folly concur, in the reasons given for the 
many edidons, re-impretslooe, and variadons that exist in the twenty-eight parts 
which constitnte tbe collection. 

Speaking of the forty-four yean which had passed from the publication of the 
first volume of tbe " Great Voyages," to that of tbe last volume of tbe Latin text 
of these narratives, Bsdhbt thus wrilet ; " Now, daring this long interval, tbe 
pubJishera of tbia great collection mutt have reprinted, even more than once, the 
greater part of the volumes, which had become successively out of print; but, be- 
fore coming to entire reimpreaaiona, they would nsturally use the portiong either of 
text or plates which were on hand. It appears, in bet, that the plates were at first 
printed only Ibr a part of the two texts of the first volumes, and that, when this 
fint impreaeion waa exhausted, it became nocetaary to have a second, and at the 
sBine time, to print on the pages destined to receive the engravings both the nnin- 
itent indicating their order, and the timea or explanationt, which appear above and 
below these engravings ; and that finally, when tbe text waa entirely exhausted, tbey 
reprinted it, at first with the old date, and afterwards with a new dale. This ex- 
plains bow it is that one eocooDtera, besidea the editions reprinted aa a whole, 
copies of tbe Grtt editioti oSbring so many various readings that one might think 
tbey belonged to difi^nt editions. It is certain that before the pnblicaijon of tbe 
rixlh volume, many of the first had already been reprinted, and that after that lime 
the puUiahers could only deliver to the new purchasers of their collection copies 
made up of parts belonging to different editions. But we must not forget to say 
that there is only a tingle editiou oF the latter parts of each of the two sections ; 
and this is what makes them more ran than tbe earlier parts. The reprints of 
those latter usually contain plates more or lett worn, and even those of these re- 
prints of which the titles bear the addrea* of Hathbw Hbrian, not only have 



plMW maeh worn, badly reloachod, or reeagraTed in counter-proof ; bnt dieir 
papar U deieiuble, iha impreuioni kre Tery bad, the text is incorrect, and what is 
wone, it is defec^ve io manj placca ; thej are to be longht for, therefrae, onl; for 
the sake of lome additioas which were made in tliem, ai will be pointed out in onr 
deecriptioa at the proper time. 

In discnuing tbia aame «ntqect, M. Bobolbwski, the learned hibliophils of Mos- 
oow, thna expressea himielf : " It itaonld b« remarked, that soon alUr the publica- 
tion of the fint parts, and wliile ibe publication of tlie following parts was going 
on, the Block of tb« brothers Dii Bbt was patrolled out among their hdn, and 
then among the difliveot pablishers to whom the heirs sold their stock. Owing to 
theae partitionii, as the editions were in diSerent hands, each proprietor was more 
or less obliged to reprint certain parts entirely, or to reprint leavea and sheets ; in 
this latter case they often conld no longer use the old plates, which were in other 
bands, but employed freth oaes, which they caused to be engrared aftn' thoee that 
they did not now poHew. All these manipuladons, together with the loog time 
during which the pnblicMioD of tbeee two Kries lasted, gare, Ihim the Tery com- 
isencenient, imporiauce to the original work, and especially to copies which were 
not only of the same edition, but where each part was frae from the misturt of 
leaves printed at different times. Afterwanli oolleciors and amateara, in fonning 
copies for their libraries, introduced more confusion into the bibliography of th« 
> Great and Small Voyages,' by mixing together all that at the first sight appeared 
to complete or much enrich their copies. All these causes united confused the 
cataloguers ; they saw more editions than there really were, and look for di^ience* 
of edition the result of tbe printer's inadvertence or forge tliilneas, and of the book- 
seller's necessitiec ; and before long the increasing vanity of ooUectors, in pbice of 
separating the second editions fium the first, and the altered reprint lA Masiur 
from the two original editions, minted them all, in order that they might be able 
to announce that such and such a part of their collection contained so many leaves 
with variations I I Or, they increased the number of their volumes, by adding the 
original editioos of the voyages, which tbe publiihera of the collection had copied, 
anil the editions which had been copied after texta given in tbe collection." 

" Jn speaking of the merits of the work, Bbchkt remarks that it has not that im- 
portance for geographical scisncs which it has acquired as a bibliographical curi- 
osity, because it is nncritical ; it contains very few relations which bad not been 
already published seporalely ; and the reprints or translations wbich are given of 
the others are worth loflnitely less than the original texts." 

We entirely differ flvm Mr, Bbunet in these sweeping remarks, which may be 
trne as regards some of tbe longer narrativea. hut not as regards all. Take, for in- 
stance, the Srit narrative, that ofHiRior't " Virgima." The first edition in 4to, is 
in every respect inferior to the reprint in De Bby's coltectian, while it is so rare 
that scarcely half a dosen co|4es are known toexisL Then, as to its importance and 
truthfulness, it is acknowledged to be the earliest and best account of the Indians of 
ViBOiHin that has come down to us. The same assertions will apply with equal 
truth to other oarrativea, which are only accessible in this collection. It is quite 
true, as stated by Bbeinbt, that many of the platea were made np from designs of 
artists, some of which are well adapted to tbe narratives, while others ate mere 
fancy sketches got up to attract attention and thereby promote the sale of the book. 
A wmilar custom prevails in oar day, and all readers of voyages and travel* know 
' that in fully one half the books of tbis description, the illustrations are made up 
by artists from descripiiona given by the travellers. 

Tbe compilers of ihe " BiUiotheca Greneiliiaiui " have formed a higher estimate 
of the collection of Db Bbt, than is awarded it by Mr. Bbdmbt, an opinion in 
which we concur. They thus write : " Thrg important collection should not be re- 



gardci! as a book of carioritj on iccoiiiit of tlie nnmber of ita engravings and the 
extreme difficult; of fonning a Mimplele and well preaerred cop;. Tbeie HiatorieB 
of VoyBgea and Travels made aeveral centuries back, in coantries a large pen of 
which are even now imperfectl; known, contain, in the midst of a mnltitDde of 
bbulous details, ver; interesting particalars and valuable information, of which ■ 
the; are the primitive, and in some instances the only source. Man/ subsequent 
travellers are said to have eked out their own personal knowledge of the countries 
the; have described b; copious and unacknowledged extracts from theae Toloitiea. 
Doubtless the astonishnient produced bj the novelty of the objects around them, 
would etuily load into exaggeration the flrat discovererii of these distant countries, 
but they bad the peculiar advantage of seeing them in their primitive stale, before 
the changes produced by the subsequent and often calamitous visits of the nations 
of the old world. Ds Bbt'b collection is especially useful in the present day, for 
the purpose of instituting comparisons between his narratives and those of modem 
travellers to the sonie countries, and many of his suiements formerly repnied 
fabulous, or exaggerated, have been confirmed by more recent accoanta." 

Whatever may be said, tor or against the value of De Brt'b Collection as a 
critical work, it is a well known fkct that every collector, who has the means, if his 
books relate to history, voyages and travels, and geography, deems the possession 
of this Collection of Voyages as indispensable. All lovers of books, and the prin- 
cipal libraries of Eiieopb and AuiKiciL, therefbre, give this great work a dis- 
tinguished place in ihdr collecliona. Having once made a bt^inning a collector de- 
ures to complete his set of the first editions of both the Great and Small Voyages 
in Latin ; this accoinplished, be next desirea to add la it the Oerman version ; and if 
be can get them, the English and French tests of Habiot's " Virgima'' Having 
now got together a complete set of the twenty-five parts, in the diScrent languages 
in which they were printed, be next aspires to the acquiiition oF all the editions, 
rampresaiona and variations. Tbe set Formed by the late Mr. Sobolewbki, of 
Moscow, was the work of his life, and yet, assiduous as he was in his researches in 
alt the great book marts of Europe, he did not possess the first part in English, 
HjUIIOt's " Virginia" With this eacepUon, tbe lealons and book-loving Russian 
had one of the most perfect sets in Eubofe, if all the editions, and all the varia- 
tions constitute such a set. But large as his was, we think the copy formed by Mr. 
Jakkr Lehox, of Nbw Tobe, now a portion of the Lenox Library, is superior and 
more complete. Tbe copy in our collection is fully described and will speak for 

Early in the eighteenth century the first attempt to make a complete collection 
was mode by M. db Cistbbnat du Fat, an en%htened amateur, whose name is 
still preserved in the memory of European book-lovers. The catalogue of his 
books contains, at No. 2825, a copy of Db Bbt'b Collection, bound in five volumes, 
in blue morocco, which the epithet, txtiaflar osmi getatt ftrftdMm, carried as high as 
iSO francs, a remarkable price at that time. After this, a lettered bibliophile, the 
Annfe d' Okleahs db Rothblik, having succeeded in forming a copy more com- 
plete than that of M. on Fat, described it in a tract of U pages, Paris, 1T43, 
small 4to, of which he liad only a few copiea printed, one of which is in this col- 
lection. Although bis descriptions are brief, they served as a guide to collectors. 
This was followed by Di Bube's description in his " Bibtiographie inttruetivt," 
Pabi*. 1763-68, Vol. L, which is much moni extended than the work of the 
Asnfc DE RoTCiELiN ; yet these descriptions were confined to the Latin ven<ion, the 
German edition being entirely ovcriooked. Dk Bitbe's extended notice of De Bbt 
did ita work ; it enabled collectors to perfect their sets and draw the alleotion of 
public libraries and amateurs toil, awakening in the latter a denire to possasa a copy 
of the work. The next bibliographical work rclsling to the cullvclion in qactlion 



wa* Ibe " MiaioiTt mr la colUctim da Grandt ri PtIiU Voyaga," pobliabed by A. G. 
ClMDR, FARii, 1802, 41a. In a Kientitic rlew, thia work is much snperior u> thai 
or Db Bcrb, u it girea ■ good anmlyaia of all the nairatires contained in Dk 
Brt's Cotlaction, and indicat«a with care, a QDmber of tbe originals. The next 
hibiiograpbirfil work on our inbject is Wbiobl'b. 

SIGMUND FliYKRABEND, Bookseller asd Poai-iaHBR at Fbankkort. 

We nhoiilil not omit to mention in this list tlie descrip^on of a copj of Ds Bkt 
in the " BiblioOitta GrtnviUiana," which is full and accurate It describee the flne 
copy now in the British MaBeum Library, and is the one originally formed by ])e 
BuKB. It was purchased by Mr. Paine, the booksellei', of Loudon, about the 
year 1790, when it was considered a comptete copy. Kallin;; into the bands of 
Mr. Grbnvili.b, that gentleman lost no opportunity of procuring from other copiM 
whatever the memoir of Cahcs mentioned, or hie own observation coald supply 
to make it still more perfect. Within the last live years a moitt valuable addition 
was maile to the set, by the acqaisitiolt of the original water-color drawings of the 
plates in IUhiot's " Virginia," among the most authentic and interesting of all 




the illnitrationi in the " Grand Voyages." Thete drairfnga mre now bonnd in 
a eingle Totnme Qniform with the Ohzhtillh copy, and stand by the aide of the 
other Tolamea. It fi, parhaps, safe to say, that this copy it the lin«at and most 
com piece in Edbopb. 

Bnt tlH latest and moil complete hibliogrnphlcal sxMwant of Db Bkt yet printed 
is that of M. Brdhbt, io bis " Jfonuel du Librairt," Fahis, 1860-6G, 6 Tola., royal 
8to, TdI. L a tew copies were also printed in ft aeparata Tolnnis. To Bbunkt's 
dewriptioD is appended a ralaable note by Mr, Sobolbwsii. This description 
comprises a detsiled aanontorthelsxl and plaCesofcTery Tolomein the Great and 
Small Voyages ; of all the rersioni, and or all the editions. To the enthnsiaadc 
collector of Dn Brt' a voyages, this description U indiapenaable. Ofitsooinpleleneas 
and correctness we can vouch, haring compared onr own copy with it line for line. 
We haTe prefixed [o this description a raesimile, somewhat reduced, of the title 
to the English renion of the First Fart of the " Qreit Voysgcs," conuining 
Hmor's " Vyrgmia." We also give portraits of Thboooue db Bbi and 
SiONUKD Fbtbkabbhd, Copied from rare German prints. The latter'* name will 
be fimnd ob the title of serenU of the early parts of Da Bar'a Collection, as the 
bookseller at whose shop the work wtu to be fbnnd. Sioiiuiii> or SioiiHiiND 
FxTBBiBBHD {spell ftlso Fbibabbbt Bnd Fbtkbabbudt), is the most eminent of 
■ celebrated family of booksellers and publishers who flotirished at Fejuiki-obt oh - 
' MiiN dnring the sisteenih century. Judging from the sale catalogues of that city, 
he must hare been one of (he most prominent booksellers of his time. It appears 
that he was bom in l.'iZ? or 1S2B ; that he obtained a liberal education, and it is 
staled that he studied history at Ahobbcbo, of which city he wrote iha family rec- 
ords. He was also a xylographer, and the wood-cuts in the Zoepflein Bible of 1 SSI, 
u well as the portraits of the Doges of VitmcB, in Kbllubb's " Chronida," are 
ascribed to him. He published a number of work* with superior wood-cuts, many 
of them eiecuted by eminent engravers. Judging from one work published in 1 S90, 
which dilTers from others publinbed during the same yew, it seems probable that he 
died (hat year; for this one bear* the imprint Siomcbd Fetbbabbhd's " Erbea," 
S. F.'s Lbipzio ; and after tiiis year, the name of his son Karl Sigmdnd appear* 
I* 4 bookaeller and pabllslier at Fbahepobt. We bow proceed to give the colla- 
tioB and description of each part of De Bbt's collection, be^nning with the Latin 
veniiHi of the " Great Voyages" 

LATIN. Pabt L Firit Editim. 1590. 
" Adhiranda narratio fida tamen, de commodiB et incolarvm ritibve 
Vii^pnise nvper admodTm ab anglis, qvi a Dn. Kichardo Grein- 
Tille Eqvestria Ordinis Viro e6 in coloniam Anno M.D.LXxxv de- 
dvcti evnt inventse, svratva facient* Dn. Valtero Raleigh EqvestriB 
Ordinis vjro, Fodinaru stanni prfefecto, ex auctoritate Berenisainife 
R^nie Anglise. Anglico scripta sermone ^ Thoma Harlot, eive- 
dem Walteri domestico, in earn Coloniam misso, Tt Kegionia eitvin 
diligeater obfleiraret, Nvnc avtem primvm Latio donata a C. C. 
A. Cvm gratia et privilegio Caes : Ma^ Spec" ad QvadrienniTm. 
Fhancofdrti ad McENtTM, tjpis lohannU Weeheli, STintibvs Tero 
Theodor de Bry. Anno cio lO xc. Venales reperivntvr in of- 
fidna Sigttmvndi Feirahendii. 

,d by Google 


I. The nbove tiile engraved, and within an engraied border. 

3. Dedicatorjt epUtlc lo MAxmiLtlii, elected King of Poiahd, above whkh 
are engraved ihe nrmi of ihis prince, and lower down fire linea, the (int oT which 
ends with the word "vaint," one IcaF. 

3. AdveTtiaeiDCDt, " BenrroUt coloniae promaloiibvt," with a annnnarT in 

four lines, one leaf; pa|^ S and 6. 

4. Text in Italics "Prinnjxns," 7-34 pages. The fint line of the thirty-foarlh 
page ends with the word "plurUmt," and the lui line of the text has onlj the 
figares IftSS, followed by a triangnlar scroll. 

5. Printed title, commencing " Vivat imagina," witbont date, with a loxenge- 
shaped omament in the centre of the page. 

6. " J»dei Omnitmi capitum ; " a list of the plates, S page*. 

T. An eagrsving representing Adam attd Etb, with the words " Thkodobi ob 
Bsryf," at tbc bottom of the plate. 

6. Advertisemeni, " Beneualo lectori," reveiM, blank; the open letter a c*)Hla] in 
tjpe, within an ornament engraved on wood. 

9. Map of ViHaiHiA, followed bj twcn^-two plates on as inttaj leaves, with ex- 
planations below each ; the leaves numbered fhtm ii. to niii., chied; at tbc top ; 
others have their explanations on the reverse of a separate leaf; while some of the 
plates are numbered in Arabic figures at the bottom. 

10. A leaf, with the BDnoancement, " Pietorvn tomes"; eight lines be- 
neath, and on the reverse ihn explanation of the first plate in 17 lines, followed b; 
a triangular scroll. 

II. Five plates representing the ancient Picts, numbered 1 to ft below the plates; 
these, with their explanations, occupy 9 leaves. 

IS. Advertisement, " lulcrpra lectori," on one leaf, with a triangular tail-piece. 

" Index pracciprrarvin rtrvm," two leaves; on the reverse of the second, "Mmdat 
quae ij/poyrapAicas operaa fvgervni," with the same triangular omament as that 
which follows the advertisement above 

A lost leaf an which is repeated tbc colophon " Impremai , . , . " which is at 
the foot of the frontispiece, with the date mdzc. 

With reference to this part, Brgnet makes the fbllowiog remarks: "Of this 
first part there arc two old editions very distinct from one another, the one the 
original, the other counterfeit ; and there are three varieties of the original edition, 
presenting differeuces merely, lit, in Ihe title; Bd, in pages S9 and 3i of the text; 
3d, in the expl&aaiion of the plates." 

Amongst the plates which afford variationi three are triplicates, the Hid, Ylllth, 
and Xth. The others, as well bb the page* S9 and 34, are onlj duplicates. Tbe 
title presents no oiher difference than that of Tbboi>os and Feibabbbdi. It i* 
to he presumed that Theodobi and FaisABiNDii denote the first impreasion, 
for the same orthography is employed in the titles of the French and English edi- 
tions, and thdr dedication is dsted several days before that of tbe Latin and 
Qerman editions. As to the counterfeit of this part, there are two kinds of coines. 
one reproducing the pages S9 and 34, as well as the explanations of the plates of 
one of the varieties of the original edition ; and the other representing as ^thftillj 
the second variety of the original. Until now, no one has been able to decide with 
cerUunty to which of the varieties of the original edition and of the coonlerfeit the 
priority is to be aBsij;ned. Bnt one can distinguish at first sight the plates of tbe 
first edition from those of the counterfeit, first by the beauty of the proofs and tbe 
saperiorit; of the paper ; and more surely still by the height of the capitals em- 
ployed in tbe printed title-peges and in the explanation of each plate, and by tbe 
Boman letters which indicate their order. 




Part I. Second Ing>retsi<m. 1590. 
Title engraved on the frontispiece the same as in first edition 
down to the letters C C A., aft-er which it: "Cvm Gratia et 
Privilegio Cass. Ma* Spec" | ad Qvadriennivm | " ; then " Fban- 
COFORTi AD MoBNVM | TypJB loannts Wechelt, SvmtibvB vero 
Theodori \ de Bry Anno cio lo xc. | Venalea reperivntvr in of- 
ficina Sigismvndi Feirahtndii. \ 

Some of the copies or ihe first and second impreuiont btfe the Domea " Tkeodor 

and FeiTabend." Onr copj has " Theodori Feirabouiii." In apeak- 

ing of these Tariaiioiu Mr. Sodolewsxi sbjb (Bsunet, Vol. II. at the end) he ia 
" convinced that the two impressions of the fint edition ore alirays foand miogted, 
aad ihtl it is impossible to decide the qaeBtion of prioritj." 

Then is no variation in the text from that of the first impression : bat in the 
explanation of Plates in., IV., V., VI., VII.. VIII,, IX.. X„ XI., XII., XV., and 
XXII., the number of lines differ, as well as the omnmental initial letters. For 
the Tariation in the explanation of tboie plates, see the accompanjing table, which 
giiee the niuuber of Unes and the word which terminales each. 

Pabt I. TTiird Impretsion. 1590. 
J^tle engraved within an engraved frontispiece, the same as in 
the second impression. The imprint aho the same. 

" Prma Part," page 7, in the centre. The ornament at the top has the scrolls at 
each end, fhim which a horse i^ leaping. The flrat paragraph b«^nning with 
" Herba," is in 15 lines, the last full line ending with " taudabili," the ornament 
at the top of pages 13 and 23, the sntnc as in the second impression. The explana- 
tion of the plates aod initial tellers mentioned in the second impresnon as difteriog 
liom those of the corresponding plates and letters in the first impression, differ also 
lo this from those in the second. In the last page of the Index, the urangcmenl of 
the Brsl colaran iiffen from that of the second impression ; thus the second line 
ends with " ijimto " ; in the second with " af- " ; the fifth line with " vt" ; in tlie 
second with "mu-" ; the scroll below the text has a hnman face in the centre nenr 
the top; in the second impression, this ornament is a small triangular figure, the 
aaine as that whkh follows the last page of the text in both the second and third 

Part L Fourth ImpreMion, or variation. 1590. 
The engraved portion of the title-page complete, together with the 
printed title in the upper compartment. The imprint " Frankfort 

ad Moenam Theodor de Bry,'' etc., wanting, the apace 

being blank. 

On page 3, the first line below the esculcheon ends with " Ma." The initial 
letter " I " is different in fbrm and smaller than the correaponding letter in num- 
bers I, B, and 3," 

The summary preceding the advertisemeni, " Beaevoli," on page !>, is in three 
line*, while Ihe corresponding one in numbers 1 , 2, and 3, is in four. The initial 
letter " I* " is also different 

The 6rst line of the 34th page of Ihe text ends with the words "pluribui, qui" 
and Ihe last line is "•mn 1968." 

,d by Google 

4 SIXTEBSTH CBNTUnr. [isio. 

The printed tltla " Vna ittagina," foltowing ptge 34, irMeh precadei the plalea, 
hu beneath it fc Tignette, with a monster's head in the centre. In namben S and 
3 the vignette Is Tectangnlar. 

"Inikx QiBBiuR eaptivnt," a list or plaM, I page*, followed bj a large triaoKnlar 
vignette, with a bead in the centre ; ia namben 1, 1, and 3, it ii difibrent uid ahont 
one third the nie. 

The last on the right of the lint leaf of the Plcts is in seven linea, witfi a 
vignette lielow ; In namben 3 and 3, it is in right linea, with no vignette. 

The descriptive text to Plate I. of the FicCs, has sixteen lines, with a small orna- 
ment beneath about one third the liie of the corresponding one in nnmben 1, 8, 
and 3. The initial letter " P " is different and larger. 

The deacriplive text of Plate II. of the Picts, is on the right of the third leaf, and 
has twelve linea ; the initial letter " N," and the scroll beneath, bdng qaite diftrait 
from impressionR 1, 3, and 3. In the latter the deecripdve text is In fbnrteen lines, 
on tha reverse of the third leaf 

The descripdre text of Piste III. of the nets, on the reverse of the fifth leaf, ia 
in eight lines, as in impressions 1 , S, and 3. The initial letter " V " and aeroll be- 
neath are diflerent. 

The descriptive text of Piste IIII. of the Ticti, on the reverse of the ^bth leaf, 
is in seven full lines ; the corresponding lines in Impressions I, S, and 3, being in 
eight linea ; the scroll beneath is also diffeienl, the former not having the head in 
the centre. 

The descriptive text oF Plate V. of the Picts, is in six lines, ai in impressions 
I, 2, and 3, but ending diflerently, thefiftb line ending in the word "btUo" while in 
1, S, and 3, it ends in the word "/eroca." The initial letter " H " and the scroll 
beneath are different from the corresponding ones in impreeaioni 1, 9, and 3, bat the 
same as in impressions S and 3 of the Picts in (his copj. 

Id the text which follows the plates of the Picts, " ItiUrprtt Ledari," the bead 
ornament and the initial letter " B " are different from those In numbers 1, S, and 
S, with slight variations in the text. On the reverse the tail-piece is larger and 
qaite diSerent in form from the corresponding one in nnmtier) 1, 8, and 3, which 
is triangular in form. 

The head ornament above the Index on the following leaf is different from that in 
the previons nnmbers and three fourths of an inch shorter. The vignette at the end 
of the index is like those accompanying the plates of the Picls, and dififarent from 
the corresponding one in nambers 1,2, and 3. The volume ends with the Index, the 
reverse of the last page being blank ; nor is there any leaf for the colophon. In the 
previons impreesions there is en erraia on the last page, with a separata leaf for die 

Paet I. Fifih Itnprettioit, or variation. 1590. 
In this edition we have the engraved portion of the title-page, the 
gquare in the centre being blank. The imprint beneath, " Frank- 
fort ad Moenum etc. CIo 10 XQ," appears as in the per- 
fect copies. 

On page 3, the first line below the escutcheon ends with " Afa-." The initial 
letter " I" is the same as in number 4. 

The leaves regularly nnmbored for the twenty-three engravings contain only 
numbers xiii., xvii., xviii., zix,, zx., and xxii., which are folio plates filling an 
entire page, with only the descriptive text of theothera. Number xsili., "Aliquot 



Benum Virgmia NoM," to BironeouBlj onbatitnted for in., "Idoban Ki Womo," 
with che descriptive portion belonging to cbe latter. With these omiwioni and 
■light Tlriatioiu, thi* impresalon correipaiiila with the fbnrth. 

In the ImpneaioDB 3, t, and &, the explanation to Plate IIL b in 16 linee, which 
hare a diS^renc termination from the corresponding linei in the third imprcBSion. 
The ioitial letter " F " is also different. The sixth and following lines in these two 
latter impreaiiona end in "Pratt"; "alia"; "in"; "»ti"; "con-"; "conier. 
lam"; "ui"; " piurimum" ; "etiam"; uid " horratdtim." 

Plate ini. Impreetdoni one and three have each 12 Unes of explanation; the 
second impression has 10; the foarth and fifUi have «acb II lines. The initial 
letter " 3," printed within a scroll, in impressions one and three is the sams ; in 
- the second impression it ii large and mingled with the scroll ; in the fbnrth and 
fifth imprsasions the letter is the same, bnt difisrent from that in the prerions im- 

Similar tarJadoDS exist in the explanations of the other pUtea. Those in the 
Erst and third impreasiane are alike ; in the second thej are difierent, while the 
foarth and GM, tbongh aUke, are quite different from the others. 

In the fourth impression as shown aboTc, the first line of the Sd plate ends in 
" Frth" the same as ia the second impresrion ; nerertheless the remainder of the 
text to thto plate clearly shows that it was all set np anew. The initial letter " P " 
is totally diSerent from that in the three previons impressions ; and the last three of 
the fall lines end in " p/urinum," "etiam," and " korraulum" ; whereas, in (be 
second impression thej end In "dtUcta-," " idiani," and "Astrcn-." Several other 
lines in the fbortb impression end with the same word as in the prerions impra- 
dons, bat the other lines end diflerenlly, and all the initial letters vary. The line 
above the plates, and the Soman iiomerals are mnch imsller in the fourth than in 
the previous impressions. In Plate XVL the four full lines of explanation in the 
first, second, and thitd impressions end in " HuJihi^," " alitra," " admodum" and 
"Di'cfu"; in tbe fourth impression these lines end ia" mt-," " ci-," " iom," and 
"lobriXa la-." Plate XVII. in the first, second, and third impitesions has eteveo 
lines of explanation ; in the fourth impression !t has but eight. 

In the five plates of the Bets tbere are similar differences. Bc^nlng with the 
title, " Pictpram BritlaaiB," in the fourth impression, the ornament at the top of 
tbe page and tbe initial letter " Q " are di^rent fhim those in the previons impres- 
Mons ; tbst text Is in 7 lines with a vignette beneath ; in the previous impressions, 
it is in B lines and without the vignette. 

In impressions one. two and three, of Plate lill. of the Picts, the explanation to 
in 8 linea ; the scroll beneath has a head in tbe centre. In imprsasions tbnr and 
five, the initial letter " P " U tbe same ; bnt the triangtilar scroll beneath is quite 
diSerent and is wilhonl tbe head. In the fourth impression the explanation is in 
7 foil lines ; in the fifth, in S lines, the three latter lines short ; both difleriog from 
the corresponding lines in the first, second, and third impressions, as well as in the 
ornamental scroll. 

The ornament above the Index in the fourth and fifth impressions varies fh>m 
that in the previous impressions. On the last page of the Index the trisogalar 
omamuits in tbe first and second impressions are alike ; in the third it is larger and 
dibrent ; in the fbnrth and fifth it is the same, but di^rsot from the others. The 
lines in the first column of tbe Index on this page in the first and second impreesiona 
are the same, the last line being the word " Prsi"; In tiie third tbe arrangement of 
the lines to difibrent, the last being " Fersi"; in the fourth and fifth this colnmn 
ends with the word " Vppdaoe." 



Tabh thawing the TermincOion of the FirH Lint of the Text describing the 
Fiatei in the Four Imprettiont. 

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The Torenc of tha last page of the Index, " Mendat," etc., ia the aame In the 
fint and second impTessions, the finE line ending with " oo/oru " ; in the third im- 
preuion the correaponding word ii " Utnda " ; the arrangement is qnite diSersnt, 
the lint line ending with " quoM " ; the □rnamcnt, or tail-piece, in the third impret- 
■ion is also diflerent from that in the first and second. 

In the fonrth and Sfth impressions the Totame ends with the Index, the revetM 
beinjc blank in both. 

The colophon in the fint, second, and third impressions are alike ; in the fbnrth 
and fifth there is none. 

The table on page 3SG abowa that achangewaa madein the lypogrspbical arrange- 
ment of the explanaiiona beneath the aevoral plates, whereby the 1st, Sd, and 4th 
impressione differ in the last worda of the firvt line. 

In nnmbers I, !, and 3 impressions, the t«xt corresponds up to page 29. The 
head lines in the 4tb impreraion are In smaller tjpe than in the three prerioas 
ones ; the initial letters and ordinary capitals are also diflerent in the fourth. It 
wilt be seen too, by tbe forgoing table, that in the fbnrth impression, the last word 
of the first line describing tbe plates, diflera {torn the three preceding ones. In the 
fifth impression this first line ends the same aa the fourth. In the table giving tbe 
termination of rarions lines of the text of the fbar impressions, ft will be observed 
thai the fbnrth diflers from thote which precede it 

Part I. EngHth Edition. 1590. 

^ A briefe and true report of the Newfoundland of Virginia, of the 
commodities and of the nature and manners of the naturall in- 
habitants. Discouered by the English Colony there seated by Sir 
Richard Greinuille Knight in the yeere 1585. Which Remained 
Tnder the gouemement of twelue monethes. At the speciall 
chaise and direction of the Honourable Sir Walter Raleigh 
Knight, lord Warden of the stanneries Who therein hath beene 
faaoured and authorised by Her Mtuestie and her letters patents : 
This fore booke is made in English By Thomas Hariot seruant to 
the ahouenamed sir Walter, a member of the Colony, and therein 
imployed in discouering. Cvm gratia et Privilegio Cffis. Ma"" 
Specia"". Fbancofoeti ad Mcbnvm typia loannis Wecheli avm- 
tibvB vero Tkeodori de Bry anno cio lO ox. Venales reperivntvr 
in officina Sigismvndi Farrahendii. 

Title, OB above, engraved, and within an engraved frontii- 
pieee, as in the Latin edition ; reverse,, hXank. Plate of Adam 
and Eve ; reverae, blank, 1 leaf. " The table of all the pietvrea 
contained in this Books of Virginia," 2 pages. Dedication to 
Sir Walter Raleigh, with hia armt; pages 3 ond 4 in Italics, 
signed Theodoevs de Bby. " To the Adventvrers, Favorers 
and Well willera of the enterprise for the inhabitting and plant- 
ing in Vii^nia," Roman, pages 5 and 6. First Part: " Of mar- 
chantuble com mo<lities," Romany 7-12 pajjre*. Second Part: 

,d by Google 


" Of Bvche commodities as Virginia is knowne to yeelde for vic- 
tuall and snatenace of mans life," ete., 1 S-21 pages. Third and 
last Part : " Of such tbinges aa is be hoofull for those which 
shall plant and inhabit to know of ; with a description of the 
natore and nLanners of the people of the countrey," 22-30 
pages. Gtmclution, Q1S& pagei. 

Tide : " The trve pictvres and fashions of the people in that 
part of America now called Virginia, discowred by Enghshmen 
sent thither in the years of our Lord 1585, att the speciall 
chai^ and direction of the Honourable Sir Walter Ralegh. 
.... Translated oat of Latitt into English by Richard Hack- 
Ivit. Diligently collected and dtaowne by lohn White who was 
sent thiter spedallye and for the same purpose by the said Sir 
Walter Ral^^ the year abouesaid 1585, and also the year 1588. 
now cutt in copper and first published by Theodore de Bry att 
his wone chardges. 1 leqf; reverie, blank. " To the gentle 
Reader," 1 page ; reverse, blank. Map of VntolNlA on a double 
leaf; followed by 22 plates, numbered II.-XXIII., with explana- 
tions, mostly beneath; numbers XIII.-XVII., XVIII., XIX., 
XX., and XXII., on double leaves, with explanations opposite. 
The coppers numbered in Arabic characters, 2-23. 

Title : " Som pictore of the Fictes which in the olde tyme 
dyd habite one parte of the great Bretainne. The Painter of 
whom I have had the first of the Inhabitans of Vii^inia, gine 
my allso thees 5 Figures fallowinge, fownd as hy did assured me 
in a oolld English cronide, the which I wold well sett to the 
ende of thees first Figures, for to showe how that the Inhabi- 
tants of the great Bretannie haue bin in times past as sauut^ 
as those of Vii^inia." 1 page ; reverse. Description of the first 
plate. Second Ufff, Picture No. I. ; reverse, blank. Third leaf. 
Description of No. II. ; right, blank. Fourth leaf. Picture No. 
II. ; reverse, blank. P^ftk leaf, right, blank ; reverse. Description 
of Plate No. HI. iSixth leaf, Plate No. lU. ; reverse, hlatik. 
Seventh leaf, right, blank; reverse. Description of Plate UU. 
Eighth leaf. Picture No. IIU., reverse, blank. Ninth leaf ; right, 
blank ; reverse. Description of No. V. Tenth leaf. Picture No, 
V. ; reverse blank. Coppers numbered at the bottom T. B. 1-5. 

" A Table of the principale thinges that are contained in this 
Historie," 3 pages. Fourth page, " Faultes escaped." Colophon 
on right of following leaf: "At Fhanckfobt, imprinted by 
Ihon Wechel, at T^odore de Bry owne coast and chardges. 

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MDXO." yie firtt, second, aTid j^th linet in large capitals; 
the third and fourth lines in small Roman type. 

This English venrion Is bo rare, that only six or sstgq copies are known. That 
which is described in the " Bibiiolheca Greniiilliana," was bought b; Lord OxroBD, 
M FRAHKrOHT, aboQt the year ITIO, for XIUO. Another brought the same price at 
the Nabiau sale. The copies which were sold for onlj £47 5>., at the Tbomdoh 
sale, in ISIS, and 31^. at Hansott'b, were not perfect. A copy was sold at aoc- 
tion \>j Lbohabd & Co., Boston, in IBTO, Tor I9T5. There is ft copy in the line 
,^^tcf "''■ owned by Mr. Embbt, Nbw Tobe, so thai we know of three copies in the 
Unitbd Btatbb. Messrs. J. Sadih & Sorb, Booksellers, Nbw Yokk, caosed a 
photographic racsimile edition to be printed at Nsw Yoke, in 18TS, which Is ad- 
mirably executed ■ 

Pabt L Frmeh Edition. 1590. 

** Mbeveillevx bt BSTBiNQE tapport, tovtesfois fidele, des oom- 
moditez qui se trowent en Vii^nia, des facooB des natvrels habi- 
tans dicelle, laqvelle a est£ novveilenient descovyerte par les 
Anglois que mesire Richard Greinville chevalier y mena en 
Colonie I'an 1585, a la charge prindpale de Measire Walter Ra- 
leigh chevalier svrintendant des mines d'Estaln, favoris^ par la 
Royne d'Angleterre, et autorie4 par ses lettres patentee par 
Thomas Hariot aervitevr dv sasdit Messire Walter I'vn de cevx de 
la dite colonie qvi y a est^ employ^ a descowrir. Tradvit novvel- 
lement d' Anglois e Fracoia. (^Printed with type :) Anec grace & 
priuil. de la Maiest. Imper. pour quatre Ans. Fbaucofobti AD 
M(ENVM. Typia loannis Wecheli, sTrntibve vero Theodori de Bry 
CEJ 10 xc. Venalea reperivntvr in officina Siffismvndi Feirahendti. 
Title engraved witkin an engraved frontispiece, same as in the 
Latin edition, 

" Aux advaaurien bimaeeSJant tt -faanitan* I' aOrepriiue dt la colonie tt dtmtan 
de Virginia," 1 leaf, pages 3 and 4. 

Dedicatory epistle to " Wiluam, Caunt Palatin of the Mine," »\gn^ "Thbo- 
DOK urn Bry, natifde la ciU de Liege," one leaf, with the escntcheon of the Count 
above the text ; pages 5 and 6, Id Italic letters. 

Teat : " Premiere parte de la commodite dee marchaBduet," 7-33 pages j rererse of 
last, blank. 

Printed Title : "Lee uragi pour Iraki*, et faqoni de vivre dv peaple d'une partie de 
tAmeriqee nomtUemait applet Vtrgijiia par lei Aitgloii quijurenl enuoyei detamarir 

Ton 1589 Btcneitlis diiigemmenl,el lira »ur U naiurel par Jan Wilh,qaiae»U 

expreuement axixyi au dlt pals poar ee fairt rnnm* (sic) aadite 1585, 4 odle dTon 
1 588. p\a* iaille* en cui'ure et mmuellenteni mit en lamiere par Theodore de Brg, i aet 
prapre* deepeni," I leaf; the reTBrse, blank. 

" Table de toatet lea Jigona conleaioei en ce livre," I leaf. Plate of Adah and 

To the Header, " Au LeOear," 1 leaf, in Italic letters ; reverse, blank. 

Map of Viboinia on a donhle leaf, Ibllowed by Plates Il.-XXIIJ., the coppers 



numbered at the botlom in Arabic flgnrea S-S3, with exj^Bitatioas beneMli in 
French, except plaiei 13, IT, 18, 19, SO, uid 33, where thej are vis-a-Tis, 

Title : " Avemt paertraidt da Pictet aneiftmenieiU AaMbuu me partie de la grand 
Bretaigiie," witb die explanation of the Snl ptale on the revem. In the five 
plalei that follow, tbe explanatiODa are oa the pages being them. 10 leave*. 

Table of the principal mattera, 3 learee, aig. T 3. On the rerene of tbe second 
it • litt of errata longer tban in (he Lalia edition. 

On the right of another leaf ta the following imprint : " A Fkancfoki de Pan- 
priiKtm /an. Wtdtel, aia dapeiu dt Theodore d* Brj/. moic." 

" THoiiAq. Babiot, an eminent English mathematician, wai bom at Oxford, in 
[he jear IS60. HaTing been inatrucled in grammar learning in that cit;, he be- 
came a Commoner of St. Mut Hall, where he took a Bachelor of Arti d^p-ee in 
1579. He had then ao distingnished himaelF by Mi nneommon skill in Mathe- 
niatica, aj to be soon after recommended to Sir Walteb Ralkigh as a proper pre- 
ceptor 10 him in that science, Accordinglj that Noble Knight became hia flnt 
patron, took him into his fiunilj, and allowed him a handsome pension. In IS8S, 
he waa sent orer b; Sir Waltes Balbioh, with his Snt colon; to Visoihia ; 
where bdng settled, he was emplojed in discovering and sarTe3ring that eonntrj, in 
obaerring what commodities it produced, together witb (he manners and castora* 
of ita inhabitants. He published this book a« an acconnt of Vikoiiiia ; and it 
waa afterwards reprinted in the third volume of Haklctt's ' Vmfoya.' Dpou bit 
retani to ENOLAifu, he was introdacad b; his patron to the acquaintance of Hbhrt, 
Eabl of NoBTHnMBBkLAHD, wbo allowed him a pension of £130 ^earij. Abont 
the same time Mr. Bodsbt Hubs, well known hj his treatiae apon the globes, and 
Mr. Waltes Wabhbb, who is said to have communicated to the &maus Hartii 
the first hint concerning the circnlation of the blood, being both of thorn mathema- 
ticians, reoeiyed pensions fhim him of leas value ; so that in ICOO, when the Eari 
was committed to the Tower for life, Habiot, Hukb, and Wakhbb, were his coo- 
stant companions, and were nsnall; called the Babl or NoBTHUMBiiiLAND'e three 
Magi. The; had a table at the Earl's charge, and tbe Eari did constantly con- 
verse with them to divert the melancholy of bis confinement; ai did also Sir 
Waltbb Ralbioh, who was iu the Tower at the aante time. Mr. Tbobab 
Habiot lived for some time at Liok Colleob, and died in Lohmk, July Sd, 1631, 
of a cancer in his lip. He was unirersally eateemed on account of bis teaming. 
When be was bnt a yoimg man, he was esteemed by Mr. Hakldtt, ' Jnvenis in 
disciplinis Hathematicis ezcelleni'; and by Cakdbh, ' Hatfaamaticiia Insignia."' 
— Old nuuuacript tiole in Habiot'b " Virgitua." 

Paet n. Firtt Edition. 1591. 
® Bbbvis nabkatio eorvm qiue in Florida Americre prorTcia 
Gallia acciderunt, secunda in illam Nauigatione, duce Renato 
de Liiudofiiere classis Priefecto: Anno MDLxim. Qvae eat 
secvnda pare Americae. Addita figurse et Incolamm eiconea 
ibidem ad viva expreaase brevia item declaratio reli^onia, rituum, 
vivendique ratione ipaorum. Auctore lacobo le Moyne, cui cog- 
nomen de Morguea, Laudoflienim in ea Navigadone sequnto. 
Nunc prlmfim GaUico sermone a Theodoro de Bry Leodieoae 
in lucem edita : Lutio verA donata a C. 0. A. Cum gratia & 
priuil. Cina. Maiest. ad quadriennium. FrancOFOBTI AD 

,d by Google 


M(KNVM. TypJB loanit Weeheli, somtibns veto TJieodori de Bry 
Anno HDXCi. Venales reperiutnr in otficina Sigismundi Feira- 

[An account of the FreDch expeditioDB to Florida under Rirault, 
LAViWNNiiRB and Db Gookoues.] 

The <d>ove title engraved, and toithin an engraved frontispiece. 

Dedicatory ejustle to Christian, Dnke orSAxoHT.nith hU escutcheon engraved 
and six printed tines beneath. 1 leaf. 

AdTertiument, " Beiievnia ledori," with an cngraTiDg represeiiting Noah and 
the aaimal creation leaving the Ark. In the distance are Ibnr men, the sons of 
NOAB, engaged in the constmction of rude dweltinga 14 linos beneath; the 
initial letter " N " within a scroll. 1 leaf. 

PriTilege of the Emperoc ; rererse, blank, 1 leaf. 

Map of Flosida. 

Text, beginning with this aummar; ; " GaUoTuja in Floridam Ameneat pravm- 
aam aitera navigaiio, dace Lavdmnuro. Anno mdlxit.," folloired by S5 tines, 1^30 
pages. The initial letter " A " witbiD a scroll. In the centre of the ornament at 
the top is the winged Ggnre of a man. This narrntive, written bj La Motne db 
HoRODSa, had not before been published. 

" Index captivn," table of 43 plates, 1 page ; reverse, blank. 

Engraved Frontispiece; In the centre the following title, also engraved: " In- 
dorvjm Ftoridam prouineiani inhabiCanliuin eiames, primum ibidaa ad vivum txprata ^ 

laeobo U Moj/tte cat cognomen Dt Morgnti " etc Below, " FsAKcoroRit 

AD MoBHnM MDxci," the same date as the first fron^piece and title. 

Forty-two plates, on as many leaves (sig. A 3 — H), with explanations at the 
* ' Amtof each : the leaves numbered from i.-xlii., and the plates in Arabic fIgUTes at 
the bottom of each. 

" Libdtvt sue eputuia luppltcatoria, regi Ooliiamm Carolo IX. ,"3 leaves ; 

one nnmbered at the bottom H 2, another H 3, the third unnumbered. In the 
centre of the ornament at the lop is a winged man ; the initial letter " K," within 

" De Qparia GnZfonm in Floridam navigatione tub Govrgcetio, Anno 1M7," 4 
leaves ; on the ravurse of the last, the beginning of the Index, which it continued 
on the right of the following leaf; a triangular ornament at the bottom. 

" Parergon, De avrkart el occohtme AvivM Aitiona," 1 page, with the catch-word 
" Mendat " at the bottom, 33 lines. 

" Menda quecdam pariim exemplarU vitio, . . , . " with a triangular scroll at the 
bottom of the page ; reverse, blank. 

" ParergoB eontinens qvatdam ...,," with an ornament at the top, having a 
figure of a win)^ man in the centre, t leaves ; on the reverse of the last " FRUt- 
OOFTfttl AD VloatnTm, apud loannem Weclulwn, impetuis Theodobi de Bet;" 
then a triangular ornament, with the Bgure of a boy in the centre, and below, the 

In some copies this inscriptiun i» foand printed on a separate leaf, which is placed 
after the forty-two plates. 

Bbuhet sa;s of this Fart there has been a first original edition ; a second original 
editioQ, in which the title of the engravings bears the date h.d.cii. ; and an 
edition reprinted under the first date of 1591. 

Bbohbt gives a table showing the number of lines that are beneath each plate, 
and the word which ends the first line, which it is unnocestory tu repeat here. 



Part II. Seeani Edition. 1609. 

Ab there Is a aecond edition of the Third Pnrl, printed in 160S, eays Bbukkt, it 
is to be presamed that ihore mast hare appeared a reprint of the Becond Part, be- 
tween the edition of 1591 and that of 1609, but we only know of this latter, whicli 
hoe the lama plate for the frontispiece, the same title and the same date, 1591, aa 
the tint, bat it diSera in »me other poinu. For example, in the Dedication thers 
are onlj Hre lines below the esentcheoD, while in the first impression there are six. 
The initial letter " M " is large and has the flgnra of a man within it, while in the 
first impreasion it is verj small type within a scroll. 

The notice " BenoKio lectori," is tbllowod bj the same plate of Noan'a Aii as 
in the lirBt impression, while in lome copiee it has been replaced b; the escalcfaeoD 
of the dedicatory epiatle. The initial tetter " S," represents a man gathering 
grapes or pruning a vine, which is quite different from the first, which if the case 
uriih the oniameDt at the end. 

"Exemplar Ccemra Priniltgij," 1 page; rererse, blank. The initial letter" E" 
is quite different from that in the first edition. The first line enda with the word 
" BoiaanoTum," the second with " BoAenUie," the third with "Dux," all diAering 
fVom the first edition. 

" Hittoria Lvctuatt expedilionis GaUorvn fn rtgiam Ficridam, omiiu admadinK 
infaiMo ivictpU Anno 1565," 4 Jeaves, nanumberodj on the reverse of thelMta 
notice entitled " De occaaione e( avtnrt keivt hittaria." With some slight Tsriaiions, 
this article!* the same as tbe"Pareriran"aud the"ifoiiitun,"in the first edition, 
of which mention has been made. 

Map of Fi.oBii>*. 

Text, beginning with the summary, " QalJonim in Floridasi AmerioE pramnaoM 
altera navigatie, . . . ." The top ornament has a man's haul, or a maak, in the 
centre, with an angel on each side blowing a imnipet- The initial letter " A " baa, 
among its ornaments, the figure of a man with a drawn sword ; differing entiniy 
from that in the first impression, as lines on the first page. 1-30 pages. 

"Index CapitBm," table of la platw. 

Printed Title, " IndoniM Floridam proeinciata inhabiUmtiinii aamet prinvm ibideBi 
ad Btvum exprtsstt & IaoobO Le Moihb, cui cagniinien Dh Mosoveb :...." etc. 
Then a triangnlnr ornament followed bj the date, " Anno Ciritti m.d.oix." 

Fortj-two plates, each leaf nambered at the top, with explanations beneath; 
Arabic figures at the bottom of each plate. The namber of lines, and the initial 
letters following the plates are totally different from the corresponding ones in the 
first impreasion. 

" Libeliat n'ue Epielola ; " the head ornament, a man's head in the centre, with an 
angel on each side blowing a trumpet, the same as that at the head of the text 
" GiiUoTum in Floridam." The initial letter " R " is different from that in the first 
edition, as well as the end of ever? line on tbia first page. 3 uanniabeisd leaves. 

" Da qiicoia GaUorvm t'n Floridam nauigalione icb Gonrgcesio. Anno 1567." The 
head ornament the same aa that to " Libellia," before mentioned ; nearly every line 
lerminatlng differently from the corresponding ones in the first edition ; 4 leaves, 
the " Index rerum " beginning on the reverse of the last leaf, which is continued on 
the right of the following leaf. The ornament at the head of the Index, the same 
as that at the beginning of the last article ; and no ornament at the end, as in dte 
first impression. 

" Parergon," in 2S lines; catch word, " Parer," at the bottom of the pSige. 

" Parergoa conSintm ijVO'dam, qvce ad jviecedenti naTTotioaea tlBCtdationem, nan eninl 
fonan inctilia." At the lop (^ the first page is an elaborate ornament with a 
winged head in the ccnlre, and a hone at each end springing From a sctoU. The 



Part m. Firri Edition. 1592. 

*'^ Ahericae tertia pars memorabile provincise Braailife Historiam 
contines, Germanico primilm sennone scriptam & loane Stadio 
Hombui^ensi Heso, nunc autem Latinitate donatum & Teucrio 
Aiinseo Friuato Colcbantbe Po : & Med : Addita est Narratdo 
profectionis loannis Lerij in eadam PrOTiDciam, quae ille initio 
Gallic^ conscripsit, postea vent Latinam, fecit. His accessit De- 
scriptio Morum St Ferocitatis incolamm iUins Regionis, atque 
CoUoqiuum ipaorum idiomate conBcriptum. Omnia recens eyul- 
gata, & eiconibna in les inoius ac ad vivum expreesis iUostrata, ad 
nortnam exemplaris prsedictomm Autorum : studio et digentia 
Theodori de Bry Leodiensis atque civis Fbakcofcbtbnbib, anno 
MDxcn. Venales repernitur (aic) in offioina Theodori de Bry. 

[Accountfl of voyage* to Bbazil by Haks Von Stadkh and John de 


Eiigraved title, within an engraved frontupiece. 

Dedicatoiy epiitla to Wiluam, Connt Palatine of the Rhiae, with a ranall 
oniftmcDt aboie, three eightbi of an inch in width ; an eagrayed etcatcheon, with 
S Udm below. ThM« ue 6 In (he editions of 1605 and of lesa 

Two leaves. On tlie right of the fint ia an engraved plate repreeenting; leren 
CMnteheons ; in the fint Impiestfon lbe«e are without the six Virtnea, which were 
tnbteqnenti]' added to fill op the empty spaces. On the reverse u the notice, 
" ThmdoTBt dt Bry IteUri," which ia continned on the right of [he fbllowing leaf, 
with a tnai^nlar acroll beneath, having a man's head in the centre ; reverse, the 
imperial privilege, " Exemplea Caaare Priailegii," 

Map of that portion of Nobth Akibio* which indndes Mexico and Vu>aiitA, 
entitled " Anericae pan taagii cngnita." 

Dedicator; Epistle, " IllntriMtimo prindpiac damina Pkilippo, LtmdgrmiU Baa- 
no," rigned JoAMHBB STADina, wiA a vignette above representing a winged man 
in its centre. 

Preface of Ioimmes Dbtahdbb relating to the same, to " Qenernm Domino, 
Domino Philippo, ComUi Naitaeiae et Sarbrvck ; " the same ornament at the top as 
that above the Dedicatory Epistle to "WiLUiM Count Palatine," 3 leaves; on 
the reverse the " ArgumeiUem lotiiv narrationiA." 

Text of John Stadids (Hams Staden] having on the fint page an engraving 
representing a sea-port, with the town at the right of (he spectator, 1 to 134 pages. 
In the present copy there is a variation, being an impression of the first letif irith 
the engraving npaide down. 

On p^e 3 of this narration, the snmmarj of Chapter 11., " Dt ijs qwE aeddertait 
area primam iuaaga\tieiie»," is in two lines; it is in one line in the edition of 
itSOS, and in that of 1S30 it is thus expressed, " Dtiit qwx aecidtnmt cina naaiga- 



of ISOfi ; ftndio that of 1630 it b thai expntMd, " Ltuilami ettem at Zn£t appitg- 

Thera an io thii nairatiTe thirtj-fire engraTingi, printed on tha wme leare* villi 
the text, in which oamber BtTeral ar« repeated under diflenni titles. Id this tPpj 
arc alio MTenJ leavea, vith vahalioDs, wherein the engniTuiga an rereraed, or np- 
side down. 

Following page 134, ii a ieeond engraTod frontiipiece, bearing this title, aJso 

engraved, " NangaZio tn BnaUiani Amtrietu, qua Aactaru Namgatio a 

loANHi LbsiO, Bvrgvr^ Galiiii priavm icripta, dande latiitilale thnata uarijt (IMlem 
Jigurii iOuMtrata per TRBODOKnii db Bst, Lto; Ytnakt r^itraUur in offi^ia Sio- 
iHHUNDi Fbiribikdii," wichont dale. 

Fonr learei of preliminary matter, pagea 13T-143. The Qreek Tenea are in 
large characters known a» pica; the catch-word "IoAH-"at the foot of page 140, 
ta in upright letter*. Page Its haa IT lines ; while in tha edition of 1605 there are 
btit IT ; and in that of IftSO, IS lines. Page 144 ooncains the engraring ttf Aium 
and Btb, with the mark " Tbbodobb db Bbt fb " at the bottom, ai in the Vint 
Part In aome copies this page is blank. 

Text of the narrative of Lbbt, " Eitloria naiiigalionit in BnuOiani Ameriixe 
pmiiitcian," 145-284 pages, with ten plates printed in (he ttnt; in the plats on 
page 348, the man who is carried, is on the right of the spectator ; In the edition of 
1630, this plate, ae well at otbera, have been reengraved and revened. 

On page S85, is a tille-page, beginning " Exemplar dnarvK Utttrarvm etc. 

"Fbanooftkti 7^11 /ooHBU IfecjMi, htiicii.," oontainiag two letten of Nic. 
BiRsfe on the expedition of the Chbtalibs db Tn-LBaAorOH (o the Bio J&- 
HBiso, and extending to page 395 inclnsiTe. 

On page 396 begins the Index, which occopies fborteen nnnnmbered pages ; on 
the rererse of the la»t, the colophon " iMpnanm PRAVOorvBTi ut MoBKTif , 
apvd loaimeM Wechdma, unpeiuu Theadiiri de Bry. kdxcii." 

In speaking of thij Third Fart, Bbuket says it " haa had two original editioii^ 
and perhaps two altered editions. There are even two kinds of copies of the 
edition of 1593. The first agree with the description above; the others diffir 
merelj in the plate with the seven escntcheons, where the epaoea at first left blank 
have been filled with the figures of the six Virtues, and in the two engraved (h)ntis- 
pieces, where, after the word 'offidna,' ' Sigitmioidi Fej/rabendii' has been snb- 
■tituled fiir " Theodori de Brg," This change, which appears in tha edition of 1 SOS, 
tnnn have been made about 159T ; for, after the publication oT the Sixteenth Part 
of the Oreat Vojages in German, with this date, the name of 'FegraUnd' does 
not appear in the other volumes of the coUectioD." 

In Uie copy before na there vs Heparaie leavea containing Ihc variations mcn- 

Pakt m. . SeeoRd Edition. 1605. 

The edition of XQQS preservet the engraved frontispiece of the 
edition of 1592, mth the name ^" Theodori de Biy " subitittUed 
for that of " Feirabendii." 

It also presents some otbtr variations ; fbr instance, on the fiiat page of the Dedi- 
catory Epistle aresixprintedlinesjamongtheoniamenuof the initial letter "Via 
a woman with expanded wings ; thftescutcbeon which follows haa the six 'Virtaea. 
The ornament above the notice" Theodona de Bry lectori," is quite different from that 
in the edition of 1593 ; in the centre ia a human head, and at the sides angels blow- 
ing tmmpeta; the initial letter" Q" has the figure of a man within it ; and the 



triangular ornament at the end ii diflforeot, and without the human bead In the 
centre. The initial lettere, the ornament at tha head of the seteral chapters, and 
that which ie at the end of each chapter, are difierent in erery instance where they 

Following page 134, the title of the nairatiye of Jonn db Likt ii printed with 
tjpe, and bean the name of " 2'ieMfon dt Bry." The ten Greek lines on page 137 
are in ntiall characten, with an ornament aboTO extending nearly across the page, 
the same ai that laat described ; below the Greek are tweo^ Latin lines, while in 
tha edition of 1S9S, thare are sixteen. The head ornament on page lit is half an 
inch in width ; in the edition of IS93, it is an inch and a half. Page 143 has seven- 
teen lines, with the catcfa-word " Hitla-," with a similar tail-piece to that on the title 
of the narrative; the revene of this leaf is blank. With this is a Mparatc leaf, with 
preciwlj the same text, number of lines, and tail-piece, bearing on the reverse the 
engraving of Anui and Eve, and wilhont "Je" before " Thtodort," which 
prefix BanNET says denotes the " second state " of the plate. 

In this copy there are many variationi in the arrangement of the plales ; there 
are quadmple plales of the engraving with Toar boats in the foreground, a gronp of 
savages near the water's edge sitting and eating &h, and another group standing. 
Others lying in hanunocks under the trees in the distance ; one of these (ttaCes is on 
page 66, on page Tl, on page 76, and again on page ISO. In the impression of 
1630 this plate is on page 76, with a broad ornament at the top of the page. 

The printed title on page S86, " Exemplar dvanrm Ulte-amra," which precedes the 
two letlen of Nic. BABsfc, has the words " Frucoftsti Typit MaahiiB Beckeri, 
NDCT." On the reverse, the oroamentat scroll at the top of the page, the initial 
letter " C," and the tail-piece, are entirely difterent ttom those in the edition of 
1592. Page 39S has twenty lines, with a small triangular scroll, while the edition 
of 1593 has fifteen lines, and a larger scroll with a man's bead in the centra. 

The colophon on (he reverse of the last leaf of the Index resds " Impratvn 
pKAHCOrTBTl AD HoiHVN, ofwd MoHhiam Bedxrvm, inpcnsis Thtodori dt Bry 

Part III. Tlard EtHtim. {EdiHon refaile.) 1630. 

Jfl the edition of the Third Part, which hears the date of 1630| the 
title is printed with types in the centre of the engraved frontispiece ; 
it differtfrom the two previout editions, and reads as follows : — 

Hiatorise Antipodvin, siue Novi Orbia qui vulgo Americee, & 
Indies OccidentalJB Nomine YBurpatur, para tertia, complectens 
admirandam cum ipsius Teme Brafliliae, turn incolanim eios Bar- 
barorum & Atitropophagorum Historiam librie triboB descriptam : 

Omnia ab infinitis mendia repurgata & in concinniorem 

ordinem redacta, Btudio Jo. Lvdovici Gottofridi Franco- 

ruETi, aumptibas Matthitei Meriani, Anno m. dc. xxx. Venales 
reperiut«r in officina Theodori de Bry. 

Notwithstanding the correeUons and improvements of which tha title speaks, the 
edition is, in every reepect, far inferior lo the two preceding. It wants the preface 
of J. Dbyandir ; on page 135, the title is printed and without the engraved por- 



tion In the first impremoiu ; on page 137, the ornament above ths Greek line* hu, 
in tba centio, a repreuntation (^ Noah'h Ark i the ornaments which precede the 
chapters, the initial letters, and the tai]-|neca are all different from thoee in the pre- 
vions impressions, and the text ends on page 394, on which page are 1 1 lines. The 
tail-pieee is the same as in the edition of 1993. There is no Index or Colophon. 

The first engraiing of the aarratira of Btadidb, on page 1, is totallj diBerent 
from the corresponding plat« Jo the prerioue impressions. The ship is on the 
right of the spectator, and the town on the left ; in the foregroand on (he left, are 
thr«e men, with broad-brimmed hats and long cloaks, and a fourth wearing a fur 
cap; notwithstanding the pictnra is Teversed, the whole arrangement is different ; 
the etune plate appears on pages IDS and 146 ; on page 5 there is no tail-piece; 
page 33 has no ornaments at the head and foot, as in the other editions ; the plate 
on page 59 is reengraTed and rerersed ; the plate on page 66 represents a gionp of 
naked saYHgee e&ting and drinking, with a man's head on a dish in the centra; 
page 7 1 , saiagea cntting ap a dead man, with two of them before a fire on the 
right, repeated on page 137 ; the plate with four boats in the for^round, with 
savages on the shore near eating fish, and hammocki under the trees be;ond, 
here appears on pages 76, 86, and 1 30, the latter npside down ; in ^ second edition 
these appear fbnr times. Page 86 in the two previous impressionB have the same 
text, bnt no plate ; on page 123 is a plate of savages, one in for^ronnd painting 
on a war ctnb; in the previons editions this [date is on page 134. On page ISI. a 
ship snrrounded bj fljing-fish it entirely different, the entire ship is shown, cariy- 
ing at Iier foremast head a Qog with stripes. 

Camus remarks (page 56) that at page 86, Chapter XLVII. of Hbriak'b edition 
(i. e. the edition of 1630), is a plate representing Indians eating fish, which is not 
in the other editions at this place ; in this copj it is on page 86, as slated above, 
and in two other places ; it is also in three places in the second edition. The title 
of this chapter is printed in two lines, the text in thirteen. 

On page 348, the plaie is reverted, the man in (he hammock being on the right 
a! the observer. Bbuhet speaks of the last word on page 348 of the several edi- 
tions. In the copy before as, the edition of 159S, the last word is "pectmiis," the 
catch-word "eguent;" in the edition of 1605 the last words are " Tumam txca-," 
the catch-word " ttata " ; in the edition of 1630 they are " Tumin txca-," the catch- 
word " uata " repeated on the first line of page 349. This last word on page S48, 
has led to mach discnssion. Camdb, page 57 of his " Hffmoire," says that in the 
first edition the last line of page 348 has " tununt," and that this mistake was cor- 
rected in the second e^tion. The " Bib. GremiiUiaaa," Vol. I., page 1S7, says this 
error was not in the first edition, bnt distingnished the second. Mr. Bkuhbt has 
mistaken the meaning of the remark In the Grmvitle Catalogue. According to 
onr copy the latter is right. 

On page 223 is an engraving, which, although intended fbr the same qutyect, is 
lot^y diffivent from the corresponding one in the two previous editions. It is 
more like an etching, and in alt respects it superior to the other plates, and is 
doubtless by another hand. In the air is a woman with a frog's head and bnttei^ 
fly's vrings, following a winged serpent; in the foreground only, monsters are de- 
stroying men ; in the distance is a groop of six or seven Europeans; no dwelling- 
places or water are seen. The corresponding plate in the two previous editions has 
water, a whale, a ship, and fbnr flying fish ; a group of dwelliog* in the distance, 
and two Europeans in the foreground. This leaf was doubtless a separate impres- 
sion from the rest of the volume; the text of the volume below the head line 
measures Sj inches, while on this leaf it measures 11| inches, and has a larger and 
heavier type ; the six lines beneath the plate have different endings Ihun those in 
the previous editions. The leaves of which the following numbers are on the right 



ue of the lame Icngib, uid printed wlib rimilar tj'pe, lOS, III, 113, 119, ISl, 197, 

145, 151, 161, 163, 165, 167, 177, 1B3, !95, and S97, inttead of 195 and 197, 211, 
SIS, 217. 

The tide folloBing p«ge B84, " Biempha- dvannn epiilalaTvm," etc., is without a 
dale and nnmber o! page, nor has ii the " C. C. A. Bengoalo Ltctori" oo the re- 
Tarse, as in the two preTiona editiona ; on the reverse ig " Priorit iyiii(/>ia txem- 
plvm," On page S93, begins " AUtntu Epiitolrt exeuiplcin," which ends oo pngo 

Mr. SoBOLEWSKt Btalea that, " thia edition of 1630 is often composed of a mix- 
ture either of sheet* taken trom the original editions, or of sheets imitated from 
the two original editions, which has made him snspect that each of the original 
editions has had its imitation. According to him, this Third Part is the mostdiffi- 
colt of any to atud;. There are sheets of sis diflerent impresaioDB, among which 
two are ao nearly alike Chat their diSerencea can only be percdved with a magnify- 
ing glass." 

" In many copies," aaya Bbohet, " of the di&erent editions of this Third Fart, 
there ha*e been added SS plates, which were pnbiished under the title of ' Brtvlt 

SuBima 'in 1617, in connecttoa with the second edition of the Sixth Pari, 

although they belonged to the Third." 

Fart IV. Firtt Edition. 1594. 
" America pare quarta, sire Insigois et Adtoiranda Historia 
de reperta primftm Occidental! India a CbristophoTo Columbo 

anno Mcccoxcn Scripta ab Hieronymo Bezono Medio- 

lanense, qui ietic afiis xim. veiBatus, diligeter omnia obeervaTit. 
Addita ad eingola fer^ capita, Don contemnenda sobolia, in quibus 
i^tur de earuni etiam gentdum idolotiatia. Acceseit pneterea 
illarum Regionum Tabula chorograpiuca. Omnia e]^;antibuB fig- 
nris in tes incisia expressa a Theodoro de Bry Leodiense, sire 
Francofurtenai Anno cb b xcnn. Ad invictia. Rudolpbos II. 
Bom. Imperator. Cum privil^o S. C. Maiestat. 

[Ckintains the first part of Bsnzoni'b account of the New World.] 

Title engraved, within an engraved Jrontispiece, with the em- 
hlem and device of Thbod. db Bby — two tpriys of marigold^ 
and vaaea of burning incense, with the words " Nul Bana aoucy." 

The next leaf, the plate of the aeTon eacnlcheons, with the six Virtues ; on Um 
rerene, the imperial Privil^e. 

The third iMf, "Ad ledoruBi"; then a plate representing Colckbub standing 
on the deck of a stiip with marine gods and goddesses near ; then " Theodobtb 
DE Bbt Stiueoh LeeUri." Below are twenty-two lines of text, the first line ending 
with the word " India ", and the fifth line " dmt an ." 

Fourth leaf, an engraving, at the lop " Americae releclio.", with small portraits of 
CoLVMBDS and Vespdoiob ; beneath the plate, Latin verses in honor of Db Bet, 
and the catch-word " Arta." On the reverse, a sonnet in French to Db Bar. 

Prefaeo " CAnsCiaRu ^ piit ttdoribut S,," 1-7 pages. I.BtJn epigrams, pages 8 
and 9 ; " Primi tibri tonnia e( argHnuHtvm," page 10. 

,d by Google 


M&p, embracing Florida, the West iNDiBi, Tucatait, u>d the northern poi> 
tlon of SoDTH Ahehica, with the title " OcddmtaUt Atneriar partii, vd, tanm 
Ittgionum guai Ch-iitaphonu Cotumbu* priai d^txii ThbODOKO dE Brt 

Text, "Nooat Navi Orbii Eiitmat," 11-145 pages. On tha rsTerse of iMt 
leaf, the colophon, " Impramm Fkascofobti ad Mobittx, typa loamtlt Fa/ra- 
btnd, iiBpentU Theodt/ri de Bry. Anno m.d.lizxxiiii." 

A. blank leaf, followed by a second print of the sune Gngrared (rontisjueee uid 
title which is st the beginning of the volame. 

Twentj-fonr engraTings, nnmbered, in Arabic flK«rei, fhtni I to 94. with ex- 
plsnatioDB beneath ; the leaves are nambered I.-XXmi. 

Bbonbt nj» : " It appears that there were two impreaaloDS of these plates for 
the first edition of this Part. In the first, the plate* are not nnmbered; in the 
second, the7 have Arabic numben, beginning with the third plate j bnt tiie ezplBi- 
nations printed at the bottom of these pages are the same as in the first impreasioti, 
while the/ difier in those of the second edition. On a part of the prints of the 
frontispiece, the words which follow the date have been corrected thni : 'Ad 
Ittmctit. Rudolpha [sic] Rama Imptrator.' (Cat. Sanbinda:)" 

Onr copj corresponds in all respects with that described b; Bruiibt. 

Paet rV. Second Edition. 1594. 

The »eoond edition of the Fourth Part varies but little from 
th£ first edition. The engraved frontispiece and title are the 
same, mth the same date. 

Id the notiee " Btneoiia lectori," on the right of the third leaf, the first line ends 
with the sjllable " In-," and the Bfth line with the words " Ciim aalem origi-" : in 
the first impresBion tbe first line ends with " India," and the fifth with " <\m 
au-" ; other lines end with diilerent words, bat the last word is the same in both 
impressions. At the foot of the right of the (bnrth leaf {" Amerieat rtUctio") 
there ia not the catch-word " Aritt " which is in the first impression ; on page I of 
the Preface, the ornament at the lop has two angels blowing trumpets, and at the 
ends, birds ; in the first impression this ornament conuiti wholly of scrolls : the 
marginal notes are in italic leiten as far as the 96th page; in the firat edition they 
are in Roman or round letters; the rnnning title reads "Liber IV." ; in the first 
edition it is "Liber IIU."; psge 71 is without any tail-piece ^ on page 133 the 
catch-word is "^ In-"; in the first edition it is " ^ Indamm" ; the reverse of page 
145 has neither colophon or ciale. 

The twenty-(bar plates are numbered at the bottom with Arabic figntes, with 
explanations beneath, in which there are slight variations from the first eiUtlon. 

Plate XIII. The initial letter " R " is surroiinded with a scroll ; in the first edi- 
tion there is a human figure. 

Plate XIV. is numbered XIV. ; in the first edition it is XUn. 

Plate XV. The first line of the text ends with " Carolam," and the last line con- 
sists of the words " cognimiea mditum." In the firet edition it ends with " CanJum 
V." and the last line is solely " indUutn." 

Plate XVI. The fourth line ends with " none "; in the first edition it ends irith 

Plate XVII. The second line ends with "suss"; in the first edition it ends 
with "sucso-"; all the other lines end differently in the two editions. 

Plate XVIII. The printed title at the lop of the page is " aliV " ; in the firat 
edition it is "aiij." 



PUte Tnr . Tbe third line eiiili wiib " ^m " ; in Ibe first edition with "tpem 

PI&Ee XX. The aecond line enda with " ifu- " ; in the Ant edition with " daoet." 

Plate XXI. Tha page liu no ugnature mark at tlie Iwttom i In the Brtt edition 
it ij " F a." 

Plate XXII. ThB second line of the title ha« "oiii'ctl": the flrat edition baa 

PlateXXni, Tbefirat Uneof the dttehas "liAi ipnj"; in tlie Snt edition it is 
Plata VTfllll - The lait line bnt one enda in " con- " ; in the first edidoo in 

pAET IV. Third EdiUon. 1644. 

Historia antipodum sive novi orbis liber quaxtuE FKA2T- 

COFUBTi ID officins Matthcei Meriani. MDCXXXXIV. 

Thit third edition contaim a title printed in an engraved 
frontispiece, 1 leaf, pages 3-6 ; " Argumentum," page 7 ; text, 
8-74 page*. 

Paet V. FirU Edition. 1595. 
**^ Amebic^ para quinta Nobilis & admiratione plena Hieronymi 
Bezoni Mediolaueneis, secundee sectionis Hia : Hispanomm, tdm 
in Nigrittaa seruoe euos, t&m in Indoa crndelitatem, Gallornmque 
piratara de Hispanis toties reportata apolia : Aduentu item His- 
panorii in Nouam Indite continentia Hispaniam, eorumque contra 
incolaa eitiB r^onis sEeuitiam explicans. Addita ad singula fere 
Capita acholia, in quibua res Indise luculenter exponiuitur. Ac- 
cesait pr^etera Tabula Chorographica Nouie Hispanife in India 
Occidental!. Ad Invictis. Rvdolph. II. Rom. Imp. Aug. Omnia 
elegsntibus fignris in aes incisis expressa ^ Tbeodori de Bry Leod. 
cive Franc. A" cla lo xct. Cum Privilege S. C. Maiestatis. 
[A continuation of Benzoni's accoant of tlie New World.] 
l^tle engraved within an engraved frontispiece ; the word 
"Hia" omitted, and afterwards inserted hy the engraver above 
the line. 

Preface, " Thtndona de Bry ledori lalutem." Portrait of CoLDMBue, heiow 
which are eieron line* of text. The initial letter " 1 " has a representation of two 
men carrying grapes, page I. Continued on page 2, with a loMDge shaped orna- 
ment at the bottom of the page. 

" Stevndi Hbri ivmnui tt argvmeniam," page 3 ; rerene, blank. In the centre of 
tlie top omammt is a mask ; the ioilial letter " S " haa a man on each side ; an 
' le Iiottom of the page. 



Map, " Hiipottiat Nooae live magnae, recent tt rtra ditaipUo. 1S9S." 

Text, " Nona Noui Chbie Hittoriae Ubtr teamdim," The initial lettsr " E " large, 
with ■ mkU littiDg, S-sa pag«i ; bnt u the pagei TS to SB an omitted, tbera are 
reallj but BS pftgea- 

A frontiipiece and title like that at the banning of the Tolnme ; then SS plale«, 
their order marked in small Roman cbaractera at Che lop of the page. The ex- 
planation of these plaCei, heneath them, is in small Soman type. 

" We know onl J theie two ediiiont," adds Hr. "BKOtatT, "of the Fifth Part of the 
Great Tojigos, and we are ignorant whether Matb. Mbbiak iuned a third. The 
frontispiece of bis which bos the figare V in loanj collection funned bj him afler 
the death of hi> faiher-in-Uw, reall; belongs to the Seventh Part, as Ca>db haa re- 
mMked. According to Mr. SoBOUtwexi, there existed an edition of (bli Filih 
Part, ' terlitaquaiit {at ternuquam) a«U kac tdita, 16S5,' of which be had only seen 
one cop;, that of Cimdb oa Limabx. Now, that amateor'i copy, which the 
Biblioth^ue Imp£riale po8se«se», ii, according to CiNUS (page 81), and in onr 
opinion, a Seventh Part with the number V." (See the account of the Seventh 

Paet V. Second EditioH. 1595. 

The aecoad edition, or " contrefiifoii," as Baxmsi itylei it, U recognisatde bj the 
fbllowing diBerences ; — 

1 . By the engraved title, in which la inserted between the fonrth and Sfth Unea 
the word " Ilia," an ahbreTiation of " HUloria" which had been omitted on tba 
piste before the second impression. In a copy of Che first edition thtt woid U in- 
serted. Brdset odds that it is fonnd in some copies. 

a. By the text of tbe flret page of the Preface which haa thirteen lines, mitead of 
eleven ; the iniii&l letter " I " is aurrounded by a scroll, whereoi in the fint impres- 
sion ihif letter is ornamented with two men carrying grapes suspended from a pole 
over their shoulders ; the reverse, page 2, is without the ornament or tail-^ece 
of the fint edition. 

3. Page 3. The top oraament faoa, at each end, the body of a hor«e springing 
from a scroll. The initial letter " S " is very small, and inserted with a ^pe in a 
email scroll ; no ornament or tail-piece at Che bottom. 

4. Page 5. The same ornament at the top as on page 3. The initial letter " E " 
is small, and inserted with a type in a small scroll ; the text, in smaller type than io 
the first impreasion, ends on page 72, followed bj a tail-[nece ; the reverse, blank- 
Engraved frantiHpiece and title as in the first impression. 

Twenty-two plates, the leaves nnmbered in Arabic characters 1-22, with expl»- 
nationt in the same type as the seventy-two pages of text. In Che first edition the 
explanatiuns are in a smaller type. 

Other marks distinguiih the two impressions ; in the second edition, the notes at 
tbe end of the chapters are in Italic letters ; in Che first edition they are in Roman 
letters, somewhat smaller than the text; the head and t^-pieces, and the initial 
letters vary throughout ; in the second edition they are quite small ; in the first 
edition thej are large, and more highly ornamented. 

" We are able to assert," adds Brdnbt, " that tbe author of the ' BibliograpiU 
ituiructive,' and after him CAiirra, have erroneously given as the disCinclive mark 
of the firat edition of this Fifth Fart, what must apply to tbe second. So the lirat 
imprcseions of the plates are those which are ordinarily found after the text in 92 
(82) pages ; and it is by a mistake of the binder that in one of ibe copies in tbe 
'BUHoUAqm Mazarine' the plates nnmbered in Roman figures accompany the 
text, in 7a pages." 



Part VI. Firit Edition. 1596. 

'B Amebicab pars Sexta. sire bietorise ab Hieronymo Bezono Me- 
diolanese Boriptse, sectio tertia, res ndminuB nobiles & sdmiratione 
plenas continens, quam prsecedentea duse. In bac enim reperies, 
qua ratione Hispani opnletisBimaa illas Feruani r^ni provincias 
oGcupariBt, capto Rego Atabalipa : delde orta inter ipsos Hispanos 
in eo regno civilia bella. Additns est brevis de Fortimatis insulis 
Comentariolns in duo capita dietinotus. It«m addiones ad singula 
Capita Historiam illnstrantes. Acceseit Perrani r^ui cboro- 
graphica Tabula. Ad invictis : Rvdolph : H : Rom : im : Avg : 
Omnia elegantibus figuiis in as indsis espreasa & Theodoro de Bry 
Leod: cive autem F&lCOFCBTESE. A* HDXCVI. Cum privi- 
legio S. C. Matis. 

[A continuatian of tliat portion of Benzokt'b history of the New World 
which relates to Fkbu.] 

Engraved title within an enffraved frantitpiece. 

" Ttrtii Ubri tuama tt argvtaaitcm," !□ two linei ; tha lut line on page 3 eod* 
wilh " Caaar " ; page* 3 and 4. 
Map or Ajibxioi.; at the ToDr coniere foil leagth efBgiea of Coldkbub, Ves- 


Flan of the dtj of Cczco on a doable sheet 

Text, "Nooat Novi Orbit Hiitoriat, liber lertua," 5-IOS pages; the ornament 
at the top of page 5 has a serpent st each end ; 12 chapters with notes as for as 
page 77 ; on page TS begins the description of the CtnAMiBS, " Brtait iiuvlarvai 
qvae Canaria appttlantirr;" a large initial letter "O " hsTing within it a man plaj' 
ing on a Tjolio ; cbapten 1 and 2 ending on page 63. Oo page S4 begins " ^r- 
ptditio in fioridam," extending to page 108. 

Frontispiece and title like tliat at the beginning (Mr. Bbukbt sajs "there are 
coiHes on the title of whicb a little engrafed plate has been pasted with theee words, 
' Seqtamtur i'cdro ariificioKB ordme hatoriam preeedaUtm iUatiraiiiet ' ") fol- 
lowed bj S8 plates, nambered at the top of ea«h page 1-E8 in Aralnc figures, with 
ezplanadons below, some of which are in Italic and some in Boman letters ; the 
Utter nnmbers 7, 10-19, 21, 32, 27, and 28. 

Pakt. VI. Second Edition. 1617. 
Engraved tUle and/rorUispiece at in first imprewion, 

" Ttrlii libri tanttna et orjrumaitun " in three lines, pages 3 and 4 ; the ornament 
at the top of page 3 has at each end the body of a horse springing from a scroll ; 
the last Une ending with tbe words " aggredieadam ra-." 

Map of AMSBiOit ; at the four corners Fall length efflglei of Columbus, Vbs- 
pucinB, UiQKLiukH, and Pieasro. 
Plan of the dty of Cnzco on a donl)le sheet. 



the twentj-two chapten in that edition are omitted. The d«acrJptIoii of the Ci- 
HAUBi, which, in iSe preceding edidon fbmu two chapten, nnmbered I and 2, iie- 
Ifin* liere on page B6, and fonut chnptera ^^ 1 1" and XXIY. ; the words at the 

beginning of ^b lecoad paragi^h, " Optra prettan jtaacfa/titna " etc., are 

not in the fint edition. 

The engraved firontiipiece and title do not here ocenr as in the first edition, bnt 
in ita place we have the fbllowing printed title, with on elaborate head-piece, with 
the honea at each end, the lame ai that at the banning of the text on page 5 : — 

" Breva wvmma etfrmn rsm, qva in tslia AnericfB porle oontin^ntur. Et eslit 
tltgar^bttiqai lamibvM iUuttmla ; Sludio ff labore Theodari de Brg LeaUauu avit 
veri Fraacofinleaat. (Vignetlo.) OpPBiTHBiitii Exoffidna TypograjMca Hitr- 
oRymi GaUtri, tumplSiat Johaioiit — Thudari de Brjf Fd. Civu j- Bibliop, Op- 

Twanlj-eight plaiai on aa many leavca nnmbered I-S8 in Arabic characten, all 
the ezptanadona beneath in Italic letters amalier than those in the first edition, and 
hence in a leas nnmber of lines ; thus the explanation of the first plate has eight 
llnea; in the flnt edition there ai« twelve ; the others varj in the same manner i 
the initial letter* in tbii edition are nnch smaller than those in the previous one. 

Hr. Bbubbt remarks that in man; copiee of the second edition the twenty-eight 
idatee and their titles are placed in the Third Part, to which thej belong. 

Part VII. Firtt Edilion. 1599. 
*'** Ahbbio^ pars VII. VeriBsima et iucandissiina descriptio prae- 
cipuarum qvarmdam Indue regionum & Insulamm, quae quidem 
sallis ante hseo tempora visse cognitseqae, iam primum ab Vlrico 
Fabro Straubingensi, mnlto cum periculo inuentaa & ab eodem 
sunima diligentia consignatae fuerunt, ex Germanico in Latinum 
sermonetn conuersa antore M. Gotardo Artva Dantiscano. IUu8- 
trata verd polcberrimiB inu^nibus, & in lacem emisaa, studio £ 
opera Theodotici de Bry piie memorise, relictse Tiduffi & filionun. 
Anno Cbristi, M.D.XCIS. Venales reperiatur in offidna Theodori 
de Bry. 

[Contunfl Ulbio Schmidbl'b or Sohhidt ton Straubinobk'b account 
of Bbazil.] 

Title printed within an engraved frontispiece. 

" Pnfatio ad Ltdortai," page S. 

" LecUri bauvelo THBODoniovi db Brt lalvtem," pages 4, S, and 6. 

Text, " Verittima pratcipvarvm qvarvtuiam India ngtomim atqtie inmlarvm iam 
pritao," wc., 7-62 pagei ending with these words, "Fim ilinrnt Vlriei Fabri" 
(a name Latinised from the German Dlrioh Sohiiidbi.). Between the title and 
the beginning of the text is an engraving representing a ship wiA a cable oat from 
her stem, a town on the right of the obeerrer, and two men in the fbregronnd shak- 
ing hands, the same nsed in a prerioui Fan. 

" The plates, three in number," Mr, Bbdubt mjs, " which belong to the Isxt of 
thli Part are fonnd with those of the Eighth Part, at the end of the text; tbcj 
form the firtt three nnmbers." 



Past yn. Second Edition. 1625. 

I^tle printed toithin the tame engraved frontispiece ag the Jirat 
edition, hut with a different reading, a» follows : — 

America Para VII Vera et ivcviida deBcriptio praMnpvarnn 

qvarvndain Indise occidentBliB regionum & Insulamm 

Correctiva et tersiv aqvam ante bac edita, & pulcherrimis imagia- 
ibiiB omata, eiunptu Ioh. Theodobi db Bbt pia memoria, re- 
licta viduEB & hseredum. Anno Chriati m.dc.xxv. 

No Preface w in the flnt impRMion. 

The text be^n* on {lage 3 ; ibe mmmuj abore the plate reads'" Vera tt ivamda 

prrrdpoaniia " ai on the title-page. The plate, althoBgh reprewating a na- 

port, ii totally diSbrent In Iti detail fivm that in the firat edition ; the town is on 
the left of the □baerrer ; the men in the foregroond shaking hands wear broad- 
brimmed hat* and long cloaks ; the text b^ne with an ornamental initial letter 
"A"; tbe three other platetareon pagea 7, 14, and 20; text 3-39 pages indonbls 
colnrnDs, ending with these words, " Finiiit llinerii Tiaici Fabsi Stravbi^tatit." 

Part Vm. Firtt Edition. 1599. 
*" AxEBlCM pars VIII. Continens primo, descriptionem trivm 
itinervm nobiliseimi et fortissimi eqritis Frandsci Draken, qvi 
peragrato primvin vnivereo terrarvm orbe, postea cam nobiliasimo 
Equite lohanne Harckem, ad expugnandnm ciuitatem Panama, in 
Indiam nauigauit, vbi vitam suam ambo finienmt. Secmdo, iter 
nobilissimi Equitis Tbomse Candiscb, qui duorum ferd annorum 
Bpacio 13.000. Anglioana miliaria in mari confecit, vbi deBcribuntur 
quoque oomia quae in hoc itinere ipsi acciderunt & visa snnt. 
T^rtio, dno itinera, nobilisaimi & fortiasime Domini Graltheii 
Ralegb Equitis & designati gubematoris Regij in Anglia prseudij, 
nee non fortissimi Capitanei Layrentii Keyms. Qvibus itineribvs 
describitvr arnfervm et potentisaimTm Regnum Gviana, ad Sep- 
tentrionem fluminis Orenoqve, alias Oregliana dicti, situm, cum 
metropoli eius Manoa & Macviegvarai aliiwj ; finitimis re^onibua 
& fluniis, mercibus item preestantissimiB, & mercatura, quje in 
regno hoc exercetur. Primo qvidem Ai^licana Ungra partim ab 
equitibvs ipsis, partim ab aliis, qui bisce itineribos interfuerunt, 
spareim consignata : lam verd in vnnm Corpus Redacta, & in 
Latinum Sermonem conuersa, avctore M. Gotardo Artva Dantis- 
cano. (^Map of the Atlantic Ocean.') Figuris & imaginibus arti- 
ficios^ illustrata & in lucem emissa, opera & Bumptibue Theodori 
de Bry P. M. relictse Vidoae & filiorum. Anno m.d.xcix. 

[Contains the royages to the South Seas of Sir Feancib Dbakr, 
Thomas Cakdibh, and Sir Walteb Raleiob.] 

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Printed tide, in the middle of which is an engravirig of a 
small map of the world, with a portrait of Sir Francis Dbakb 
at the top. The J\fth line of the tiiU ending with the word 
" Draken." 

H>p or Gdiana on 1. double sheet. 

" Pn^ada ad Ledomm" with Ml omMaent kbore, hanng In iu centre > man 
with wtngB, pAgw 1 and 3. 

Text : " Dttcriptio prinu itincrv nav^ationiM ti expeditvma a Praneuco Draken/' 
etc., 3-TB pages ; the Iwt line on page 3 ending with the word " Bu'm'ma." ; alio ft 
dnplieaie of pagea TT and TB, with a smell plate on the latter of a map of the 

"Prte/atio Domini Ovatlluri Raitgk, dt avrifero rrgno Ginnna," pagea I lo3; be- 
low Ihe name on page 3, a blank. A duplicate or thii third page with an engrared 
map of the Ari.Aiiiio Oouh. "Man dei Nori," a beneath, filling the blank 
above mentioned. 

Text, page 4 : " VrriiMtna dcKriptio aeriferi el prcaUmtiaiaii ngrd Gvimta," ex- 
tending to pege S9, the rererae blaok ; the lait five pagea printed in Italian tjpe. 

A printed title as follows ; " TabuUe 4r itiuigma ad Stptiman et odavam Awerhce 
parUai, ni'mirvm prima ad hiitariam Ukid Fabri, deinde ad dacripiionat itinerii Fratt- 
ti*ei Draken, actandem ad tUuirmd'oneiN regiauM Geiaiicc, ptTtiatntit. In gidbvi trila 

mart* j: etnmoma, Aothr jupuimin ad viuum depingimtar ImproMa Fba:<- 

oovTBTi AD Moiim per MMhann Bedctr, sunpn'Aut dictomin Theodarid de Brj 
vidtuE ^JUioram. Anno M.D.xcii." 

Eighteen platM nambered at the top in Boman characten, with explanationa be- 
neath in Italic letters. On the bottom of the last the words " ^inii laiBlanKH." 

Part VIII. Second Edition. 1599. 

Printed title, thejame as that of the first edition, but differ- 
ently arranged, the fifth line ending with the worda " qvi pera-" ; 
nearly all the lines end different from the corresponding ones 
in the first impression ; the axtthor's name, " M. GoiABDO 
Aetvs Danthcano," is in larger letters than in the first edi- 
tion. Xhigraved map of the Atlantic Ocean, " Mare del Nort," 
the same as on page 3 of 'R&.^rLBaB's pr^aee in the jirst edition. 

Below " Figuris & imaginibuB Theodorici de Sry, P. 

M., relicts Vidiue & filiorum Anno h.d.xcxx," a$ in the first 

There ia no preface to this edition. 

Text, beginning on reverse of title, " Detcriptio pn'mi mcsu live naoigaticmU e* 
txptd^ionit a FrandKO DnUcen eqvilt Anglo ivteepia, qva ipte a 13 Noetmb. Ami 
19T7 us^uE 3 Nov. lG80,"3-78 pages. The text ends on the Arsi page with the word 
" mot " ; in the first edition before described it ends with " mi'niMa " ; and in the 
edition of I63S with "qaam" ; the t7pa of the text is smaller than in tbe first edi- 
tion, ao that pages 3, 3, and 4, contain the lanw matter aa pages 3 to 6 of the flrst, 
both ending with the word " ajmmodiori." Page 7 begins with larger typ^ in which 
it i« continued to page 7B, which has no map. 

Map of GoiAM on a double sheet at page 8. 



Rawumb's Praftc« which fbllow* U wilbont a map on page 3, which it hu in 
Ihefint edition. 

Text: " Vtriaima deicriplio," 4-99 pagea; rerene, blank. 

" Tabuia ^ imagines ..-.,. Aano m.d.xcix." 

Righteen plates, I.-XVIII-, with explaaatioDS beneath, the same bb in the fint 

This impression or edition ii of the aame data ai the tint with the changes tnen- 
tioned. Bbdnet alludei to it aa having appeared in a " Catalogue of Cun'oui 
Booli," printed at New Toek in 1854, bnt which lie had never seen, and adils lh»t 
it " mnst be an edition made for Mebian after 1639." With this nncertainlj, and 
as it beara the same date aa the flnt, we call this the second edition, and that vrhicb 
follows, the third. 

Part VHF. TXtrrf Edition. 1625. 

The title of thin edition is printed like that of the previov* im- 
pretnone, but in it» arrangement is different from both, and it as 
follows : — 

Americse pars VIII. | ContinenB | Primo, descri- 1 ptionem trivm 
itioervm | Qobilissimi et fortiasimi eqvitis Fran | cisci Draken, qui 
circumnaaigato nuuerso terrarum orbe, postea copiU nau- | ticis, 
ad expugnaadum ciuitatem Panamam, in In- { diam nanigauit. | 

(^followed hy an engraved map of the Atlantic Ocean, and 

below W) " Feahcopvbti, Typis Erasmi Kempfferi, Anno m.dc.- 


Map of GniaNA on a doable sheeL 

Text: " Franeaci DraktH, ejvitis Angli,iliT prirmm, gvoipit a XIII. Nottmli. 
An. 1ST7." 3-137 pages, in doable colnains ; rererse of the last leaf, blank ; at 
tbe foot of the last page (137) is the catch-word " Hitlo-." Page BH is occupied 
with tbe plate of Adah and Ete ; eighteen other plates in Che text on pages B, 9, 
13, 16, 19, 33, 35, 37, 43, SO, 5B, 57, 60, 67, 73, 76, 79, and 84; those on pagee 67 
and 79 are the same ; in the first and second editiong the plates are bj themselTea, 
are nombered from I. to XVIII., and have ezplanattons beneath them. Althoogh 
tbe Dumber of plates (18) ii the sarae In each edition, there are fbnr which are not 
fai the former ; the plate, a aea-aerpwt swallowing a man, which occurs on pages ST 
and 79, is not fonnd in tbe preriona editions ; while several in tbe previoni editions 
are not in this third edition. Bbihibt sbji the same plate is to be found on pages 
57 and 72 ; which is not the case in onr c«p7. This ma; be a typographical error, 
page 79 being meant. 

On page 139 is a piece entitled " Hittorim Antipodvm live Nbvi Orbit partii nonci 
liber Uttivi," which extends to page 160. Id this are five plates in the text, at 
pages 134, 137, 138, 143, and 115. Tbii piece, which U tbe relation of an expedi- 
tion made in 1599,1* not in tbe first edition; bnt though it is here placed in tbe 
Eighth Part, it really belongs to tbe Ninth. 

Part IX. IKtU Edition. 1602. 
^"^ America Nona & postrema Pars. Qva de ratione elementorvm : 
de Novi Orbia natvra i de hvivB incoIarTm supersticiosiB cultibue : 
deq : forma Politise ac Reipubl, ipsorum copiosS pertractatur : Cat- 

,d by Google 


alogo Regnm Mexicanorum omnium, a primo vsq: ad Tltimnm 
Mote^umam II. addito: cui etiam rituB eorum coronationis, ac 
Bepultur^e annectitur, cum enumeratdone bellomm, qiue mutud 
Indi gesserunt. His accessit desigoatio illivB navigatioDiB qvam 5. 
nau«s Hollandica> Anno 1598. per fretum Magellanum in Moluc- 
canaa insulaa tentarunt : quo modo nimirum oborta tumpestete 
Capitaneus Sebalt de Weert a ceeteris nauibus dispulsns, post qoam 
plurimis mensibus in freto infinitis ^mmnis miserd iactatus fuisset, 
tandem infecta re post biennium An. 1600. domum reveraus sit. 
Addita est tertio Ifavigatio recens, qvam 4. Navivm pnefectus 
Olevier a Noort prosjmfi suscepit: qui freto Magellanico classe 
transinisBO, trientiij spatio Tuiversum t«rne orbem seu globum mira 
nauigationia eorte obiuit : annexia illia, quse in itinere isto aingu- 
laria ao memorabiliora notata aunt. Omnia d Germanico Latinitate 
donata, & insuper elegantissimia figuris teneia cooruata, editaque \ 
BumptibuB Tbeodori de Bry p. m. vidus & biiiorum filiorum. 
Fbancop. Apud Matth. Beckervm. Iti02. 

[ThJB part coataiDs Acosta*b History of the New World ; together with 

the narratives or the voyogoi of Sebalt dk Weekt and Oliver be 


Printed title within an engraved frontitpxeee. 

Dedication to CuBiaTiiH II., Duke of Sjsokt, tbe etcatcheon beneath ; rarene, 

blank; continued on tbe two pages of tbe following leaf. 

Notice to tbe render, " Lectori benevolo lalulem," 3 pages- 

The Tolame is divided into three pans ; the first, beginning on page I, entitled, — 

1. Text, " De Navi OMm nativa et ratioM," 1-363 pages and one blank leaf. 

a. " Ettalio Bitioriea, wiue Vera, el Genvina coiaignalia oc deKriptio iUivt nrni- 
galionit, gvam v. nar«s, meate Ivaio Anno IS9S .... duo Capitanei Sebalt <k 

Weert, ^ Ballhaaar de Cordei, Omnia per ilr. Berahardnm Jantz Cirurgm, 

gui BaiugaliimiE httiui jiarE /ail, eongetla not ^ deKiijita: (Vignette con- 
taining five ships, with their names given, ondei- sail. FRABCOyraTi : Ex- 
ecdebat MaUhaeit Bedxrvt. M.DCIi." 

Map of the Strait of Maovli^m, with flinrcsof men and a penguin. 

Test, " Vera et accurata detrriptio," 3-S6 pages. 

Printed title, " Idrta vera it gennina, pradpcann kigtarioTTm amaitm, til et ta- 
riarvm rilwm, txremoaiarini, crmMretudinunuiiie yentit Ittdiea, etc. ( Wood- 
cut vignette.) Francofvuti : Ercvdebat Afaalmm Becker, ii.vcii." 

Twenty-five plalea on as many leaves, wilb tbeir explanations beneath ; tbe 
leaves nnmbered, in Roman characters, i.-xxv. ; rignatnres aaS Ut ff i, and one 
leaf (xxv.) nitbont eignatara. 

In the copy before ns eleven <rf the fourteen plates in the last article in the part 
relating to the East have been struck off with tbe bead lines and explapalions of the 
corresponding numbers of the part sbove doBcribed, which relate to Mexico and 
Peru. These have been bound up with the gennine platee. 

3. " AddiUmentem nonoc portts Amerkae. //oc est rera el aecurata deuriplio 
Umgitiqvti-, divtenvt ac pericBtoeiaiiaa naaigatioaii, ^vam Olivier a Naorl, dattU quai- 



yor NOHnnii ^ JUS Aonintint Genarala pne/edia comlilutoi, <tc rd/at neeaiariit aliu 
vbarrimi iiutmetatperaitaatumJrHvm Mt^dtaaieum conjicit, (Vigaette, on which 
is ID engraved porlnit of Olitbrids a Nort, with Indiani at the lide.] Fbakco- 
rttm : Bixvdebat Matlhaam Btckerm, h.dcii." 

Text, 3-100 ptga, ending with " Naaigalionii HoUandica: Finis," 

Title, printed, " Vera el gemiina, led lirtvii lamai el comprndiaria detignaiio uiau/o- 

Ton, dvitatBm etc," (Vi^ette oraamenL) Fkahcofvbti : E^^addiat 

Matthaars BerJcer. n.dc.iI." 

Fourteen plates on u man; leaves, the Utter nnmbered in Soman characters, 
i.-xiv., with explanations beneath ; titles to the plates, with Arabic nniubere cor- 
responding with the number on the leaves. 

The words, " Poftrtma pars," which are on the Srst title of this Nin Ih Fart, M. 
BBimsT thinks, " seem to indicata tbsl die heirs of Tbkodobb ds Bay intended 
to end their collection there ; and, in fact, it was not till serenieen years later. In 
1619, that JoHaNS Tbeodob db Bst condnued it by issuing the Tenth Part. He 
bad poblisbed the German text of the same Part the preceding year." "This 
original editioa of tbe Ninth Part," wrote Mr. Sobolbwbki to Mr. Bbdmxt, " has 
bad two leaves reprinted, namelj, the second of the Addiitmeatam and the second 
of the A^urrotio ,' probablj theee impressioui were made fur two different slocks,and 
merelj distinguish the sets coming from these Btocki." 

Past IX. Second Edition. 1638. 

Historiae Antipodvm sive Novi Orbia, qvi vrlgo Americse et In- 
dm Occidentalis nomine vsurpatur, Pars nona : contineDs verara 
et genvinam description em diiariim NKuigationura HoUandicaFani, 
quas Bataui in diuersas Orbia partes magno animo, et ei yaria for- 
tuna, soBceperimt. 

I. Et priino quidem libro narratar, quo pacto quinq ; Naues, 
quae AmBterodamo solueraat. Magelianici Freti angustiis superatiB 
in Moluccas Insulas pertendere conatse, diuerso euentu vbeb ftierint, 
tribus Bcopum stium aasecutis, duabus reliquis in periouloso illo 
Stricto Titempestatum varid afflictis, irritoque conamine tandem 
domum redire compulsis. 

II. Secundo libro feliz & admirabilis Oliuerii Van-deT-Noort 
totius Orbis PeriplTs perceneetur, vbi permulta memoratu dignis- 
Bima, qufe toto illo itinere occurrerunt, verd describuntur. Omnia 
hactenvB confvse nee byo loco edita: Kunc verd sublatis Innumeris 
mendis, interpretum Ablepsia admissis, decenter & ordine accurata : 
Studio & operS lo. Lvdovici Gottofridi, Ambergensis. Frahco- 
FTBTI : Apud MatthtBum Merianum, Anno MDCXXXUI. 

Title printed within an engraved froiiti»piece. 

Text, "Sitloria Antipodan ave Novi OrUi," 8-38 pages; 10 plates in the 
text, on pages 9, S, II, 19, U, IS, 19, 17, 33, and 34. 

Printed iJtle, " Bittorirr. Antiptxiem, tivt Novi Orhii partii tuma lilitr tecmdes : 

" (Vignette.) FnAHcorvsTi; Tspi', Woiffgangi Hoffmama. Anno 1633. 

Pages 41'IOS ; with plates at pages 42, 44, 46, 47, 50, &6, 63, 74, 7&, 85, 87, and 
91 ; altogether, IS plates. 

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Hbbiah hu Dot reprinted in thii volnme Um arren boob, " Dt tatura Norn 
Orbit " of AcoiTA, beuaw tbsre wu an ezlnet fti>m it in the " Paraliponaa 
America," in the Twelfth Put of th« Oreat Vojagtt, printed in ISS4, nor b« he 
given the plate* of tbew mysd books ; bence thii lecond ediikm of the Ninth Fart 
is TGiy different from theemixioi] of 160S. It ie diiided into tbieB puti. TheGnt 
eontaini the voyage of Bbhai-t db Wbsst j lh« weond, that of Outbb di 
NooBT ; the third, the voyige mada by the Dnteh fleet in 1599, a narradre not is 
■be edition of 1609. 

Pabt X. Fint Edition. 1619. 
MT Amebic^ pars decima : Qaa contiueDtor, I. Dna Navigatdones 
Dn. Americi Vesputii, sub auspiciis Castellani R^ib Ferdinandi 
Buscepbe. II. Solida narratio de moderno proTiDciee Virginiie 
statu, qua ratione tandem pax cum IndiaDia coaluerit, ac castelk 
aliquot ad regionia pnesidium ab AngliB eztmcta fueriot : additfi 
historifi lectu jncundissimSi, quomodo Pocahnstas, B^is Virginiai 
Powhatani filia, primoii cuidam Aoglo nupseiit ; Authore Raphe 
Hamor Vii^;mi8e Secretario. III. Vera descriptio Hovx Anglis, 
quee Americ^e para ad Septentrionalem Indian spectat, h Capitaneo 
Jobanne Schmidt, Eqoite atque Admirali delineata : cui accessit 
diecursus, quomodo in secunda navigatione a Gallis captus. Anno 
1616, demum liberatus fuerit. Omnia nunc primtlm in lucem 
edita, atque el^anter in ses incieia iconibus, SumptibuB ac studio 
Jobann-Theodori de Bry. OPPENOBIMI : Typis Sieronymi QaU 
leri. Anno MDCXIX. 

[Thii part contains the roy^^ of TebpDCiOb, Hahob'B "Virginitt," and 
Capt. John Smith's " JV«c England" and "Firjinio."] 

Printed title, in the middle of which it an engraved vignette 
representing two ships under mil, with a man and woman stand- 
ing at the tides, the latter having two children with her. 

Bfap of the Eaat India ialandi : Java, Suiutra, Bobhbo, Cbubbb, and the 
pBiuppiHB Islands. 

Text, " Dn Americi Vetputii prima in Pariam navigatio," 3-T2 pogea. The 
initial letter " H," on page SI , ii npi ids down. 

" leana (i'ek eiacta el arlifidota /MlneaUoau pradpuanta rcrum ae hitioriamm 
qva in daabut Dn Americi Vetputii in Indiam OcadaOalem, ul J- rtiipas in Vir- 
giniam j- Noeam Angliam expetHtimibiis evatenaU, huie dteinne America parti intaia 
A Jthtmne-Theodaro dt Bry, .... OfpBNhbimii : T^pit Hienngmi Gal- 

TwbItb platea, numbered I.-JUl., on ai many leavei ; the lillei of each printed 
abore, with deacriptiona beneath. At tfaa foot of the laat plate is, " Fimi deemt 
partit Amaica," 


181B.] SIXTSSSTB CS;^TUR7. 849 

Part X. Second inprtttioa. 1619. 
The engraved vignette on ike title-pag« totally different from 
that on the first impretaion. In thia are many thtpt in the dii- 
tance, two engaged in batUe; in the foregrownd it a figwe of 
Neptune bearing on hit thorUdera a ahip ; on the oppotite side a 
woman. The priced title and date the tame at the preceding. 

At page 31 In both impret^ni the initiBl letter " H " li upglde dawn. Bauirsi 
uyt th&t in the copy he hu seen, the letter ii correctly pluxd. In *11 reipects tbs 
two eopiei before na agree except \a the riguelte □□ the title-page- 

Pabt Xr. 1619. 
*)6 Anx&lCM pars nndecima : Seu descriptio admirandi itmeris a 
Guillielmo Schouten HoUando peracti : qua ratione in meridionati 
plaga freti Mf^Uanici noTum hactenitsqne mcc^nitum in mare 
Australe tranaitum patefecerit ; Quas itcM terras, inBulas, gentea, 
resque mirabilee in dicto Aostrali Oceano obvias babuerit. Omnia 
elegantibuB mappis, atque iconibus in ses incieie jam prim^ iUus- 
trata. Opera & Sumptibns Jobann-Theodori de Bry Ai^eatinen- 
eUa. Oppbnhbimii : Typis, Steronymi Galleri. Anno H.DO.XIX. 
[CoDtains narrftijves of the roy^ea of Schouten ood Spilbbroen.] 

Printed title, with a large copper-plate engraving in the cen- 
tre, on which ia repreaented a map of the world in two hemit- 
pherea ; above the map are portraitt of Magellan and Schou- 
ten, each crovmed with figuret of Fame ; on the right are amaUer 
portraitt cf CAiTOlSH and Speilbbbqen, and on the l^t thoae 
o/Sir Fbancis Dbaee and Oliveb van Noobt. 

On the right of the second leaf the" Proiwmiuni," making pages S and 4. 

Map of the coaal of New Quinba, lately dUcoTered b; Schouteh ; the ioacrip- 
tion in Gennan, Latin, and French. 

Map of the Sootb Sea, thoiring the ronte of Scbdutbh from the Strait of 
Hageliait to New Qcinea. 

Text, " Ephemxrit teu dtteriptit itinerit a Gaiiiuimo S/Aovten," etc., 5-49 pages ; 
rererse of the last leaf blank. 

Printed title : " Stqmmtvr vera vidie^ rerum pracipuamm in iac Gail&elmi 
Schoutia per Alatratrm ocainuni navigations galamm imagiita, ad tmdtcimam India 

Ocadentaiit partan rtfennda (Tignette.) Oppbhbmvii : Tgpit, Hier- 

Qoymi Gaiieri. Anno m.dg.iiz." 

Nine plalea, numbered L-IX., with tignatnrea and catcb-wordi; descriptiona 
beneatb, and the namee of the ta^eeu engraTed on platee IT., V., and IX. The 
firet plate the aame as that on the title, before described. No. II., the Strut of 
HiaBixAX, ia the same ai one in the Ninth and Thirteenth partA 



Appkndis to Pakt XI. 

*"<' Amebic^ tomi Tndecimi appendix. Sev admirandae naviga- 
tionis a Geoigio a Spilbei^n, claasia Belgicie crm potestate Prae- 
fecti, per fretom Magellanicum & Mare meriodioale, ab Adqo 
1614, Tsq.; ad Annum 1618 mclusiTd peracto descriptio. Qva 
Kovi per fretvm Magellamcvm et Mare meriodinale in Indlam 
Orientalem transitva, incognitarrmque hactenus terrarum & gen* 
tiam Tt & omninm qme terra marif^ acciderunt & visa sunt memo- 
rabilinm, explicatio continetor additis pulcherrimis & nunquam 
antea visia figurie in ies incisis, Auctore M. Gothardo ArthTmo 
DantiBcano. Fbancofvrti : Typia loannit Boferi^ SamptibuB 
loannit-Theodori de Bry. Anuo 

Printed title, roith copper-plate viffnette in the ceKtre^tlu tame 
cu on the title of the Tenth Part ; the figure <^ Neptune in the 

" Prtfatia ad kcurem," p«gM S and 4. 

Text, " AmeriEce pan vndtdma appmdix," 6-4H page* uid One blank leaf- 
Title, " SeqmnitBT vera viBaqat imaginti incognitarvm haeltnvi ngiatam intctarTm 

etfftntivni " (Vifnette, a scroll.) FKircoftsti : Typu lataiaa Ho/eri, 

Samptibtu loaiait Theodori dt Bry. Anno M.DC.zx. 

Twenty plates, repnaeniing placet and combat*, with printed deKriptioni be- 
neath ; the learei nnmbered in Roman characien ; all the platei baring their name* 
engraved at the top. BntmiT laji that only a portion of them bear iheiT name*. 
The iMt plate, " Poxto Drbikb," ii erroDeonsl; nnmbeied XVll. inMoad of XX. 
At the bottom of the lait ii " Finii." 

Both Bbdhbt and Cahdi taj that " all the coinea of thi* Appendix which tbaj 

hare leen had the piper soiled by ths *pr«ading of the ink which the printer uaed. 

Bat there are lonie which ai« not soiled." One cop; is withont « stain oi blemish. 

This Fart was never reprinted ; bnt BKtnrET tcmarlu that " for some nnkoown 

canse, two different vignettes have been used for the title-pages." 

Part XII. 1624. 
*"> Novi Orbis pars drodecima. Sire descriptio Indiie occidentalis, 
Auctore -Antonio de Herrera, Supremo Castellie & Indiarum au- 
thoritate Fhilippi III. Hispaniarum R^a Historigrapbo. Acces- 
serrnt et aliorvm Indiie Occidentales Descriptiones, vti & nanjga- 
tdonem omnium per fretum MageUanicum auccincta narratio. 
Qvibvs cobsarunt Paralipomena Americs, in qvibua res plurimte 
memoiia & obseniatione digniaaima, impriinia regionum natura, 
seria conatitutio, temperamenta elementorum, incolarum ingenia 
quffi in m^no opere biatorico aut omatuntur, aut leuiter attangun- 
tur, iucunda nominua quam erudita deacriptione persractantur. 

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Fraitcopvbti : SumptibuB Hferedum lohan. Theodori de Bry, 
Anno Salutis M.DC.xxrv. 

[CoDtains Antonio db Hbbrera's account of die New World.] 
Printed title within an engraved fronttapiece, at the bottom of 
which are full-lenffth figures of Maoellan and Pizakbo ; above 
them bust portraits of Columbus and Vbspucius. 

A tecond title, the aame ai that giren abore, flUing tbe vhole page, and vitbont 
the engraTed border. At the lower pan ■ wood-«Dt vignette, on which ire tlie 
words, " Miiita imaiu mtftfiam. E. K." 

Large map of the weateni contiDent, " America tivt Noati OtUm rapeOv Evra- 
pamrem inferior ^iM Urratrit pan. 1596." With fnll-leDgth flgares in the four 
ooraen repreieDtiiig Coldmddb, Tbbpucius, Uaosllas, and Piiabso. 

Dedicator; epistle or J, Thboi>obb de Brt, dated Angnst 1, 1623 ; rerene, 
Hbrreba'b pieface and table of contentB. 1 leaf. 

Text, I-1G4 pages ; raTerse of (he lut leaf blank. 

With the lest at differeot places an the following maps, which are sometimes 
placed at the end of ^e text ; — 

I. The Weiieni Continent. "Lot Indiai OexiAatlala." Folio 3. 

5. Mexico and the West Lidibb. " LaM Indiai dd Norte." Folio 3. 

3. The West Ihdieb. " El dittricta dti amitacia dt la Eip(^iiiia," Folio 4. 

4. Mexico and YncATAH. " Ei diitriclo dtl atukncia de Xueoa E^iaHa." 
Folio 13. 

i. "Naeva Galiiaa." Folio IS. 

6. " Gnalemala." Folio 16. 

7. SooTit Ahbkica. " Dttcrlpdan de lot India* d* Mtdiodta." FoUo 19. 
a. " El audenda de Panama." Foilo 19. 

9. New Gbuadx. " El Nixio Heiiio Oranalenti." Folio SO. 

10. " El audieneia del Qailo." Folio SI. 

II. " El audencia de Lima." Folio SS. 

13. " El audieneia da lei Charcai." Folio 19. 

13. " La previnda de Chile." FoUo 30. 

U. The EiAT InoiA islands. " La» India* del Poniente." Folio 34. 

The "Ponifiponena .JmcrinE," which commences on the reverse of folio T3,.is 
merelj an extract from Acobta'b history, inserted at the beginning of the Ninth 
Pan of the " Great Voyage*." It is for this leasoa that fourteen of the nineteen 
platea nsed in this Part are also fonnd in (be Ninth Port. 

Past XUI. 1684. 
4" Deoiha Tertia Pars HUtorife AmericaoEe, quae contiuet exactam 
et accvrata.m descriptionem. I. Novaa AoglisQ, Vu^nite, Bra- 
silise, Guianfe & insulse Bermudfe, quarum hactenus exigna St 
imperiecta notitia habita fuit. II. Terrse Australis uux^itae, 
cuius chorographia antehac in iiullo Itlnerario aut Kavigatione 
litteria tradita. III. Ezpugnatioois vrbis S. Salvatoris & Sinus 
Omnium Sanctorum ab Hollandie fact^e & quomodo Hiepani vrbe 
& Sinu illo rursus potiti sint. IV. Novi Mexici, Cibols, Cina- 
lose, Quivirffi, rerumq : memorabilium, qusE in lucatan, Guate* 

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mala, FondniiB (n'c) A Panama observate sint non aliquot Angli- 
carum lis locis coloniamm. V. Navigationia Hollandorum per 
Tniversutn orbem, duce lacobo Eremita. VI. Claasis HiBpanicse 
pncdevitis ab HoUandis, duce Petro Heino, in portu insulse, qui 
Matanza dicitur, interceptaa. VII. Vrbia Olindse de Fernambuco 
in Brasilia ab Hollandis, duce Henrico Cornelio Lonckio, occa- 
patse. Additis passim tabvlis seri inciais, qvibus jam memorats 
descriptiones illustrantnr. Fbahcofu&ti ad M.£injM: Sump- 
tibna Matthm Mericmi ciuis & Chalcogtapbi Francofurtenais. 

[The conteata of this volume we eiceedinglj miscellaneous in their char- 
acter. First there is an account of the discovery and settlement of Nev 
England from the time of its first discovery by Sbbabtiav Carot; then 
follow notices of Viboinia, being abridgments from Hamor and John 
Smith; notices of Brazil, from Hans Staden and Lert; of Guiana, 
from Sir Walter Raleior aod EARConRT; and of the island of Bbr- 
uiTDA. n. Notices of Tbbka Attstkalis, cliieflj from De Qcir. III. A 
relation of the taking of San Salvador, in Brazil, by the Dutch, and of 
the retaking of the B»me by the Spaniards for the Portuguese. IT. Ac- 
coouta of Nbw Uexjco, Cikaloa, Yucatan, Gdatkmala, etc. V. 
Voyages of the Dutch under Jacob Hermit. YI. and VIL Operatioua 
of tiie Dutch under Admirals Hetn and Dr Lonq., etc.] 

Printed title ■within an enffraved frontispiece or border. 

Notice to the leader, "Lectori bentvali S.," signed " Matthjedb Ubsiahus, 
Ciaii ^ ChaUxigTaplaa FRANOOPDBTBKSie." 1 leaf. 

I. Map, "£ai Jiufi'as OocidaitalU." North and Bodtb Amxrica, with por- 
tions of China, the Bast Iitdia islands on the west, and of Africa and Europb 
on Ihe east 

a. Ijirge map, " America nomler ddintata." This map contains the whole of 
South Ahebioa and North Ahibioa as far op as Capr Fabrwbll. Small 
poTtioni of Enaopa and Africa are shown on the eastern ride. 

S. Hap of ihe Strait or UAOBLLAn and Tekra dxi. Fcboo, the fame as in 
the Ninth ParL 

Text divided into sixteen sections, " DecimiE tertia partU Ameriea," 1-U9 

Eighteen copper-plaies in the text, on page* 4, 9, 11, 18, SS, 18. 46, lOS, lOt, 
" Intul von loKan Fernando"; 108 (nnmlwred 118), "S/iantKAen tchiff in CaUaode 
Ltma"; US, " Intel Picadoret " \ 113, " Puna"; 116, " Aoapidco" ; 11 B, NitssAU 
fleet, two views ; ISS, city of Mrxico; 1ST, 137, Sjing fishes; 140, Baropeant 
landing, many ships in the distance. 

The following additional maps, with the text, vit. : — 

4. Map of ViaainiA, King Powhatan on the lef^ upper comer, pa^ IS. 

5. Map of Braeil, page 36. 

6. Map of GuiAKA, inciading the riven OaoHOco and Amazon, page 49. 

T. Lai^ map, " Z>[u ^onJfl- thrii de* Lamb BranlUn," containing Firrah- 
Buco, Paratba, and Todos los Saktos, also the city of Oliiwa db Pebhaji- 
BDCO, page 93. 

8. The city of Sah Salvador. 



9. Small map in the text, " Sud note dtt LaaAt Terea dH Fuoco." fnf-t 99. 

10. Hap of die ialanil of Ccba, with a Tiew of th« naval battle near ihe coaai ; 
the portraitB of General Pbtek Hivh and Adrairal Hehdrick Cornblib Lohq. 
in the apper cornen. Page 136. 

1). A laxgt plate containing two viewi: the upper one entitled, " Ovana." ; 
the lower one, " Olihda db Pbbbmambdoo." 

Thii Thirteenth Part did not appear until tea jean after the Twelfth, and ronj- 
fonr jeon eTter the ori|;inal edition of the F!r«i. " It mnj then well be believed," 
writei Bbuhst, " that very few of the Orel purcha«en of the be);JDnin{; of ihi« col- 
lection could haTs taken pains to complete it, and many uf them may bare divd 
before th^ conld do ao. It ii for this reason that thie lost Part of iho " Grtat 
Vm/aga " a wanting in a number oF copies, and (hat lo procure it separately it ii 
neceuary lo take it, aa well a> the " SlenehuM " of I63t, frum copiei of the aame 
collection aold by Mattbkw Mkbiak afier ihia dale. It ma&t have been the Mme 
' with the Twelfth and lait Part of Che '• Small Voyaga," wbieh fiaa not pnbli«bed 
till ihirtf-nine years after (he Firel, and nine yean afler the ElcTcnlh. Tlieee parti 
were only printed once, and we think that a mw.^ etnaller nnmfaer of copiei waa 
printed than of tlie othen^" 

^ ELENCHUS. Historia Americas flive Novua Orbb, Compne- 
hendens m XIII. Sectionibus exactissimam descriptionem vaetis- 
BimarTin et mvltiB abhinc aeculis incognitarum Terrarum, qiue 
nunc passim Indiae Occidentalis nomine vulgd vsurpantur. Cum 
elf^antiBBimis tabvlis et figrria seri incisis, nee. non elencho Sec- 
tionem, & lodice Oapitum ac renim pnecipuarum. FrANCOFVBTI : 
Sumptibus Matth-Meriani. 1634. 

Folio. Engraved and printed tiiles ; reverie of the latter^ 
" In Opus Americanum pnefatio generaliB," 8 pages ; reverse 
<tf latt, blank. " Elenchus," 4 leaves. 

Firtt reprint, Feancofveti : Sumptibus. Matth. Mertan. 

Second reprint, FaANOOPVBTi : Sumptibus. Matth. Mertan. 

The engraved and printed title-pagea and the text of thcae three ediiious are thr 
tame, the oniy variation being in Che wood-cut ornament! at the b^inoing and end 
of ihe text. 

No. I. The ornament at the lop of the page on the revene of Ihe litle hoi the 
body o( a hone piojeccing fk-om a icroll at each end, being Che aame ornament need 
in aeTera! rolumea of the " Vogagti." The ioiCial letter " S " ia surrounded bj 
a icroll in outline. The lail-piece at the end of the Preface has a head in thecentre. 

No. II. The omauiEut at the lop of the page ou reverse of title hai a va>« of 
flowers in the centre, and acrolls al each end. The initial letter " S " ia within a 
iqnare of ruled lines, with a small acroU. The tail-piece at the end of the Preface 
is composed of flowers. 

No. 111. The ornament on reverie of title ia narrow, and mode with small type. 
The initiBl " S " ia very small, and printed within a acroU. The tail-piece ia the 
suD, the raja aurronnding a face, wiihin a email acroll. Tbii edilion is primed 
on blnish paper. 



Pabt I. Firtt Edition. 1590. 

*'s WuMDEEBABLiCHE, doch Warhafftige Erklarung, von der Gele- 
genheit Tnd Sitten der Wilden in Viif;mia, welcbe newlidi tod 
den EDgelliinderii, bo im Jabr 1585. vom Herrn Reichard Greinuilo 
einem von der Ritterschafft, in gemeldte Landschafft die zubewoh- 
DeQ gefiJhret wareD, ist erfimden worden. In vorlegung H. Wal- 
ter Raleigh, Ritter vnd Obersten desz Zinnbei^wercka auez ver- 
giinBtiguiig der Dnrchleachtigsten vnnd UnTberwindlicheten, 
Elisabeth, Konigin in Engelland, &c. ErBtlich in Engellandischer 
Sprach beschreiben durch Thomam Hariot, ynd newlich durcb 
Christ. P. in Teutsch gebracht. Mit Romischer Reys. Maiest. 
Freyheit auff Tier jar nicht nachzudrucben. Gedmckt zu ' 
Fbasckfobt am Mayn, bey Johann Weehel, in yerlegnng 
JHetrteh Bry. Anno 1590. 

Title, text printed on a slip, pasted and within an engraved 
frontitpiece or border. 

Dedimlorj epistls to CHBisTiiK,DDke of Saidmt, du«d Aprils, 1990, with mi 
engnTed escatcheon at the beginning, pagea 3 bqi]!. 

AdTertisement, "Allot tmdjtdtn," etc., page* 5 and ft. 

Text, " Dtr tnte Thai," etc., 7-33 pa^, a trungnlar fcroU, hariiig a bead In 
the centre, at the end. 

Printed title, " Warhaffiige Contn^aelareri," I page. 

Plate representing Adim and Etk. 

" Regiiter ailo' fimieamattn Pimelai umd f atipfHilcifc> ao in duaen Titil der Vir- 
gimtfhen Hitlori," etc, I leaf, or 3 pagei. 

Map of VinaiHii, coanlcd u Mo. I. of tlie plates. 

Address to the reader, " Den gintligea Lmr ^iki and Htyl," I page ; raverae 

nat«e nninbered IL-XXIII., with printed titlei at the top, and chiefly with 
explanation! beneath. 

Half title, " Eslidu Coatmftyl dtr meter, geaamit PicUn," etc. Bignatare E, 1 
page. Bererse, explanation of first plate following. 

FIto platM, represen^Dg the Picts, with explanationi, nakiag, witb the title, 9 

" StgiUer atler JirHemmat PimcUn lodeh tin dittr Erldbvng," etc. (Sig. F.) 3 

Colophon : " GWrucb m Fkabceviibt ah Math, bey Jekann IfedM, » verU- 
gang Thtadori de Bry, h.ojco." I page. 

It ehonld be obserred that the pnbliihai ie called " Dittrick Bry," on the first title 
of this part, and " Thaodon dt Bry " In the colophon aboTe. 



Part I. Steond Edition. 1600. 
The title end» thut, " Jetzt viderumb vberseben vnd zum 
andemmal in Truck gegeben. Gedruckt zu Fbanckfoet am 
Mats : bey Matthet Seeker, in verlegung Dieterieh de Bry^ 
seliger nachgelussene WittJve, vnd beyder Sotme, 1600." 

Dedication and AdTertUement, pages 3~6. 

Text, " Der ante Thell v<m G^enheii der Handdidiafft;' 7-31 pagM. 

Title, " Warhaffligt Ccntn^aetartH." EngraTCd. 

StgitUr aJUrJiirnanmatm Ptmcten annd Bai^itilack," etc, S pegea. 

Plate repreeenting Adih and Etb. Map of ViitainiA. 

AddresB to the Reader, 1 page. 

PUtM I.~XXII., not counting the map. 

Title, "Ediche Cmtrafoft Jar VHIcier, genannl Pieten," etc., 1 page; ivreiM. 
blank. Fotloned bj Hre plates, with their explanstioDB, as in the firal edition. 

" RtgiiieT," 3 pages ; and tbe colopbon, " Gedmcb ni FsAtrcsrOBT ah Hatn : 
bq MalOa Btcker. .... h.d.c." 

Part I. 7%ird Edition. 1620. 

Prated titley in an engraved border, ending thxts, " Eratlicli 
in EngellaDdiscber Spraach beecbrieben durcb Thomam Hariot, 
vnd newlich durcb Christ. P. in Teutoch gebracht. Jetzt wid- 
erumb vberaehen, vnd zum drittenmal in Truck gegeben. Ge- 
druckt zu Oppbuhb^ : bey Hieronymo QaUem, in Vorlegung 
Johann Theodort de Bry. m.dc.xx." 

Printed title, within an engraved border. 

Dedication to Chribtiah, Duke of Saioht, pages 3 and 4. 

Advertisement, " Allen vnd jeden uKi^ie die Jenifftnf to in ViryiTiian ....." 
pages 9 and S. 

Text, " Der enU Thtil vm GelegtnKat der Handdtchaffl," T-3I pages. 

Printed title to Ibe plates, with the date, "Opperheim m.dosix. 

"Regiiter aller fintemmeilen Puncten vnd HSuptttiUJc," etc, 3 pages. 

Plate representing Adah and Eve. Hap of VisoiiriA. 

Plates L-XXII., with explanations. 

Title, " Elliche Conlraflyt der FWcter, genant Piclen," etc. ; reveiBB, blank ; fol- 
lowed b7 five plates, with explanations, as in prevloas editions. 

" StffiileT," 3 pages, terminating with the word " Eade," witboat any coiophoD ; 
reverse, blank. 

" The copy of this third edition in the National Librar;, Paris, U the only Oer 
man copy known in France, and I cannot find that there is any copy bnt my own 
In England. Caudb sajs they are very rare in Germany." — Bibiiolluca Grenvil- 
liana (MS. note. Vol. L p. I9S.) 

Fart II. Firit Edition. 1591. 
* Deb ander Theyl, der Newlicb erfundenen Landtachait Americs, 
Ton dreyen Scbiffahrten, so die Frantzosen in Floridam (die g^en 

,d by Google 


Nidergang gelegen) getban. Eine vnter dem Hauptmaon H. Laa- 
donniere, Aono 1564. Die ander vnter H. Ribald 1565. Die 
dritte vnter H. Guorgueaio, 1567, geachehen. Mit Beschreibung 
vnd lebendiger Contrafactur, dieeer Prouintze, Gestalt, Sitten 
vnd Gebriiueh der Wilden, Dnrch Jacob le Moyne, sonst Morges 
genannt, der allee Be]bfit geschen, vnd dcBzbalben fiimemlich in 
diese Landtschafft verschickt vorden. Aobz dem Frantzodschen 
in Latein beschrieben, durch C. C A. Vnd jetzt ausz dem Latein 
in Teutecb bracbt, durch den Ebrwirdigen H. Oseam Halen. 
Aach mit schonen vnd kunstreichen Kupfferstucken, vnd deren 
angehenckten Erklarung, alles an Tag gegeben, durcb Dieterich 
von Bry, Biirger in Franckfort am Mayii. Anno 1591. Cum 
gratia & priuil. C^ee. Maiest. ad quadriennium. Getrucht za 
Fbanckfoet Mi Mays : bey Jokann Fegeraltendt, in verlegung 
IHeterich von Bry. 

Title aa above, printed on a tUp, and patted ttithin an en- 
graved frontispiece or border, 

Dedicatlui to Wilbblu, Count Palatine, with engraTed escalcheon, dated 
AugitBt XX., Anno m.d.lkxx.xi. Tuil-piece, a trian^Iar ■croll. 3 [>■£«■. 

AdrertiBeoienl, " An dm gunttigrn /.faer," with (he plale ot the Ark. Tail-piece, 
the Biinie iriangnlar acroll ■< abore. 3 liases. 

Priyil^e, signed " U. ERflTaRBBSOBB " i catch-vord, "Die aa-," I paffe; re- 
Tcrte, blank. 

Map, " Floridae Amrricat prorindae Rtfeni f aaetiMiima dncriptio." 

Text, " LHb ander SchiffnJirt," T.-xLii. pagea. Tail-piece, a irian^lar eeroll. 

Title, printed on a slip and paated wltbin the tame engraTed border as that of 
the flrat title, " Warhajligt Abamter/aglutig der Wilden in Amtrica," etc. ; with the 
imprint, Fbahcofobti am Mobnvu : Typii lodnU Wttieli, Simtibut rem 
Throdori de Bry. Anno kdxci. Venala nperiilur in offidna Sigitmrndi Feir- 

" Btgliter adn- Jiiriiembiilm Puticlen," I pages. 

Forty-two plates, the le»ie> numbered at ibe top, i.-xlii., with titlea aboTe aod 
deicriptiona beneatb ; Ibe platet numbereil wilh Arabic characters at the bottom. 

" VnlerthSnigt SuppliaUiim tmd Sendbrieff, an Kontg CaHen," etc., 6 pagea. 

" Warhifftigt vnnd a/gentlicht Badireibatiy dn mtrdltn SetiSalirt," etc, 9 pagca. 

" Ntben-Berieht con dem AiilJiore," etc., 10 pages, 

R^stcT, with the colophon at the foot of ihe pane, " Gedracti n pBAKCKVomT 

AM Math ; % Joliaan Fep-abeiidt in etrl^gung Thfodarici von Bry." 

Part I r. Second Edition. 1603, 
Printed title, within an engraved frotUitpiece or border (not 
pasted on, a» in the first edition'), ending thus, " jetzander zum 
andero mal an Tag g^eben, dnrch Dieterich de Bry, Biii^r 
in Franckfort am Main. Anno 1608"; with the imprint 
lower down, " Francofoeti ad Moehvm : Typia JoSnis 
Wetrh^li, Sumtibus vero Tlieodort de Bry. AnnoMDXCi." 

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Tlie re«t i« Ihe uune u in the first edition, except tbkt (here ii do Privilege. 
There are aonie slight diBereucea in the leroiiiialioD of certain IIdm, ibowiog that 
the whole text was doabtleas set snew. Thus, in the Dedication of the first edition, 
the QrEl line ends with " Sodigebor- " ; in the second it ends wilh "Bodge-." It 
is dated, " !0 Augutti, Aimo 1603." At the end of Ihe Dedication there is no tail. 
piece, as in the first edition. In the Brat edition, the first line oF the description of 
ihe first plate ends with " dar/^ " ; in the second, it ends wilh " daJSr," The text 
in the first edition is nnmbered in Roman numerals, i.-xi,ii. ; in the second edition, 
it is in Arabic figoiw, 1-43. 

The titl^ which precedes the fbrtj-two plates in the first edition, is within an 
engraved border ; in the second, the printed title is wiihont the border, and has the 
following imprint ; " Gtdniclct m FaxxcKrain m Math: beg Walffgang BuA- 
Itn, m Vei^egung Diettrie/a da Brif, ttligtn Wittlb, vnd jhrtr tieeat Sohne. Anno 

'I'he ottch-word of the " Regiiter," which follows, is, in the first edition, " Wit 
tit"; in the second, it is "hit. Wie," The leaves on which are the fort^-two 
plates, are numbered in large Roman numerals at the comer, in the first edition ; 
Id the second edition ehej are numbered in smaller nnmerala in the centre of each 
leaf, at the top. The title of Plate L in the first edition is In four lines ; in Che 
second, it is in three. The " VntertiiSnige Svppiicaiiim," in the first edition, has 
above it a wood-cnl repregenling a landscape, with figniea; in the second edition, 
it is a scroll. Above the " WarkagUge," in the first edition. Is the same landscape, 
and flgnres a* above mentiooed ; in the second, are three carloncbea, or rings, with 
figures. In the " NAm-Berickt " are the same diflerences in the two editlooi. 
The second edition is without the colophon at the end of the " SegitUr." This 
edition of 1603 is enlai^ed hj Ihe translationi of the pieces added to the second 
edition of the Latin text. 

Past III. Firtt Edition. 1593. 
4U Dbittb Buch Americie, | Darinn | Brasilia durch Johann Staden 
TOn I Homberg ausz Hessen, auBz eigener erfahrung | in Teutsch 
bescbrieben. Item HiBtoria der Schiffart | loanniB Lerij in Basil- 
ien, welcbe er selbst publiciert | hat, jetzt von Newen Terteutscbt, 
Durch Teucnum AnnEeum Priiiatuin,C. | Vom Wilden vner-hor- 
tem weseo der Innwo- 1 net, von allerley frembden Gethieren vnd 
Ge I vachaen, sampt einem Colloquio, in der | Wilden Spracb. | 
Alles von Newen mit kiinBtJichen Figuren in kupfFer | geetochen 
vnd an Tag geben, Durch Dieterich Bry von | Liittich, jetzt 
Burger zu Franckfubt | ah Mayn. [ 1593. | Venalea re- 
periuter in officina Thbodobi D£ Bry. 

PriiUed title on a »lip, patted within an efngraved frontitpiece 
or border. 

Dedication to Fkbdbbick IV., Palatine of Ihe Rhine, with engraved escutcheon. 
3 pages. 

Pre&c« of Db Brt, " Diettridt vm Bry an dea GUntliga Leier." With a tail- 
piece, in the lower part of which an two women. 2 pages. 

Plate representing the arms of the seven electors, with the six " V"irtue8 " be- 



twean. Id another cop7 bafore tu ue the anna of the wren electon without Aa 
" Virtnee." 

Dedicatknu to Herra Philipseh, Landgrare of Hbsbb; and to fietm Pbiu^ 
■EH. CoDDt of Nabbau. 3 Iskvei, 

[Bbdnit and Wibobl aMUfn theie dedicatiooi to (be second edidon. In the 
two copiei of the fint edition before us thaj are found, and it i> erident frcnn tha 
(ignaturea and catcb-worda that thej belong bere. The; are alio in the lectHid 
editiOD, bnt difi^rentlj compoaed.] 

Hap, " Choroqraflaa noiifii ti opalattiu Pemaaat ProBinda£ atqat Bmiiliat," etc 

Text, " WiatderbariiiAe mtd warliagUge Baeknibung," etc Signatnre B, t-93 

Twent7-six platea in the tazt,on page* 1,8,6, T, 10, 13, 16,33,34,37,39,95, 
3T, 39, 4», 48, 50, S3, M, 56, TO, 79, 83, 85, 86, and 87. 

Tide, printed on a tlip and pasted within an engraved border, " S<Aiffart n Bra- 
tHien in Amtrica 1593." 

V taut, " Loitdiriffi ai Ekrtn JoliaiuKi Lena," Ail. 3 p>gO' 

Vamde JiAatmU Lerij," etc Aiii, to end of C. 30 pages. 

" Pita Pidere quam Aabert," etc, lOTth Faalm ; and " KvrUtr Inhall tma jtdtu 
CapiUU." Together, 7 pagea. 

EngraTtd plate of Adah and Evb on the reverie of the lut page of text 

[In another cop; befbre u» this last page Ji blaaii.) 

Text, " Sittoria der Sduffahten Joonnu Lerij," etc. Signature % in continaa' 
tion ; the paging recommencea at B3, and continue* to 285, the rereise of lail leaf 
blank. P^ea 175 and 361 are wrong]; numbered, and numbera 348 and 349 are 

Ten platea in the text, on pages 97, 103, 150, 155, 1B», 193, 195, 3IS, 331, 
and 845. 

The plates, which in ^le Latin text are at Chapters X., Xm., XLIX., LIIL, etc, 
do not appear In the German reraion. 

Part III. Stseond Edition. 1593. 
Dritte Buch Americsc, | Darinn | Brasilia durch Johann Staden 
von I Homberg ausz Heeseo, ausz eigener erfahrung | in Teutsch 
beschrieben. Item Historia det Schiffart | loaDoia Lerij in Bra- 
Edlien, welche er selbst publiciert | hat, jetzt von Newen ver- 
tentscht, Durch Ten- 1 crium Annsam Priua- 1 turn, C. | . . . . 

This edition, which ii the same date aa the firtt, maj be recognized by a differ- 
eoce in the termination of the linea in the first portion of the title, which is given 
abore. There are other slight differencea ; thns, in the first edition, the fint line 
of the dedication below the escutcheon cnda with the word " GnSdig-"; in the 
McODd, with the (nil word, " Gnodigaer." The first edition has nine lines here, 
the second edition ten lines ; the initial letter " D " Tariea in the two editions. 
The ornament at the top of the page, where the preface of Dn Bbt be^na, and the 
tul.piece to the aame, are quite difFerenC from thoee in the second edition, Tlie 
tail-piece in the first edition is laiger, and has in ita lower portion two figurea of 

On the reverse of the aecond page of the preface ia the plate coniainiog the arms 
of the seren deetort, with the six " Virtnea," with a dnpilcaie leaf containing the 
aame tail-piece ; the rererae, blank. 



In tbe Dedication to Hem pHiLiFtBN, the first Una Midi with "Eritur," and 
the catch-word "jkre "; in the Bnt edidon the uune line ends with " Et^," and bat 
the catch-word "faimge "; the ornament above tbe lecond dedicatioD containB two 
satjre and two rabbiu, and at each end a horae ipringing from a acroll; in theflrst 
edition the omament Is much larger, and has at each end a Copid with a dart 

The title, following page 9S, " Shiffari in Brtuilim in America" ia printed ; it 
bai a Hood-cat vignette, and the imprint, " Gttnicki ai Fbamoktost. Anito 
1B93." In the flnt edition the title ie wi chin an engraved froniiipiece or border. 
Above the venea, " LotKhnffi," which follow on the next leaf, i* an ornament, at 
tbe endi of which a horae springs bom a Bcroll, aa above described. In tbe first 
edition, at each end of the ornament, is a bird; on the reverse of tbe last leaf of 
" KuTtxtr InhaU," is the plats of Adah and Eve, with a duplicate leaf, on which 
this reverse is blank. Page S9 is miinnmbered S6, and £51 is 149. The first 
place, which in some copies varies from that in tbe Arat edition, ts here the same ; 
the second line of the title of this plate ends with "dUtd-"; In tbe Srst edition it 
ends with "dit-". 

The date of 1593 in this second edition is supposed to be an error, an opinion 
which is sustained from tbe fact that in the copj described in the " Bib. Grmmlliaaa," 
tbe map bears the dale of I6S4. There are other variatfams beside those pointed 
onl tbtoaghont tbe text, bnt particolarlj in tbe margiaal notea and in the initial 

Part IV. I^rit Edition. 1594, 
*" Das vierdte Buch Von der neuwen Welt, oder Neuwe vnd 
griindtliche HiBtorien, tod dem Nidei^an^achen Indien, bo toq 
Chriatophoro Colnmbo im Jar 1492, erstUch erfunden. Durch 
Hieronymum Bentzo von Meyland, welcher 14 Jar daaaelbig 
Landt durchwandert, auffa fleisaigst beschrieben vnd an Tag geben. 
MitniitzUchen ScboUen vnd Ausztegongen fast auff jede Capitel, 
von deren VSlckem Sitten, Gebranch vnd Gottesdienat. Sampt 
deren Prouintzen Landtafel. Allee mit schonen vnd kunstreichen 
Kupfferstiicken vnd deren angehenckten erkltirungen an Tag 
geben, durch Ditericli von Bry, BUi^r in Franckfurt am Mayn 
. . ■ . ( With<mt date or tttlef bvi on page 141 colophon .-) Ge- 
dmckt zu Fbauckfubt am Mayn : bey Johann Feyrabend, in 
verlegnng Dieterichg von Bry. M.D.xcnii. 

Title at above, printed, and pasted within an engraved front- 

Plate, with the seven escatcheons of the electAts ; reverse, imperial privilege, 

Pnftce, " An tba gSiuiigen Lettr," with large vignette, repteeenting Colombu* 
on the deck of a ship, a leaves. 

Vignette ; at the top, " Antriau Stttdio," with small portraits of Coldhbos 
and VnspuciDS; below, a poem to Dibtbbioh von Bbtj continaed on the 
reverse, ngned, " loniu latebat BtUtardia." 1 leaf. 

Second prebce, " Den CkioUiAm vnd _/rommeo Laern." 5 leave*. 

Folding map, " Oecidentalit America lie, Theadoro dt Bry Lead. Anno 



Text, " IVr HflDm IftJl," I-I41 paget ; od lut Wf eolaphoo, u abo*fl; re*cne, 
bUnk ; pBges 49 uid 50 repsaied. 

Frinled title, irichin ao engraved ftontiapiece, the ume ai tb« Snt title. Bbd- 
HBT dMcribei a different title for tlie platea. 

Twentj-four platea, tbe learea onmbered i^-xxiiii., with ezpUnatioiiB beneath. 
Plate VII. the well-known pictare representing Coldiibub and die tgg. 

Past IV. Acwid Edition. 1613. 

Printed title teithin an engraved frontispiece, at in the firat 
edition, without place or date. 

Plats or the MTCn eMalcheom ; on the rerene, Imperial Priril^e. 1 leaf. 

Preface, "An den gmttigen Leter," with targe vignette. S Ihtc*. 

Vignette, " AMerieat Beiectio" at top; poem beneath j continued od rerene. 

Second prefkce, " Dm Chriiliichai trndfronmai Laem." S lemree. 

Folding map, " Amtriea tivt Nori Orbii dncriptio." 

Text, " Her n«iMn Wtlt," a> in flnt edition, I~U1 pagei. 

Colophon at the bottom of page 141, " Gedmckt zu Fbxrckmist ui Uatv 
iey MalUiiat Beckon iJigen Wiaib, m VH-legimg Joiana Theodoro de Brj. 

Hap, " Oeddaitaiit America," a* in Snt edition. 

Printed title within engraved ft«ntitpiece, with twen^-foar platea and explana- 
liona, as in fint edition. 

We notice Ihe following Tariaiioni in the two editions of this Part. In ibe Gnt 
preface to the Grat edition the third line ends with " Indieti"; in the lecond, with 
" Indi." Tbe second page of the first edition ends in "ang^ndel"; in theiecond, 
with " in." In tbe second preface, the initial letter " W " varies in tbe two edi- 
tions. The second line of tbe preface of liiBt edition ends in " vnd," with marginal 
note in fonr lines ; in the aecond, in " vmui," with marginal note in fonr lines. 
On third page, the two morgiaal nolea ore in five lines eacb ; in the second edition 
in seren lines. The ornament at the top of tbe first page of the text, and the 
initial letter " V," differs in the two editions : in tbe Bnt edition the But line ends 
with " Guilhaten "; in the second, with " vrmd," Every page of the text of the 
two editions exhibits slight variations, all tbe initial letters differing. In the ex- 
planations beneath the platea, eveij one differs. Tbas, the explanation of Plate L 
is in thirteen lines, the first one ending with " liaite " ; in the seoond edi^n tbera 
are twelve lines, the first line ending with " da»." 

Part V. FirH Edition. ( Wilhout date.) 
'^ America das Fiinffte Buch, vo! schoner vnerhdrten Historien, 
auBz dem andem Theil loannis Benzonis von Meylandt gezt^n ; 
Ton der Spanier Wiiten, beyd wider ihie Koeclit die Nigriten, 
TDod auch die nrme Indianer ; wie die Spanier tod den Fi^uzosis- 
chen Meer Raubern zum ofEtermal angriffen Tnd geptUndert wor- 
den, denn auch, wie aie erstlich das nenwe Spanien erfunden 
haben, vnd gantz erbarmlich mit dem armen LandtTolcklein 
daselbst vml^;angen aind, Sampt kurtzer vnd niitzlicher Erkla- 
ruDg der Historien, bey jedem Capitel. Auch einer Bchonen Land 

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Tafel, desz neuwen Sp&nien id America. AUes mit scbonen vDd 
Eunstreicben Kupfferstiicken vnd dereu angehenckten Erklarun- 
gen, an T^ geben, durch IHetherich von Bry. Bdrgen in 
Franckfukt am Mayn etc. 

Printed title, without date, on a slip, patted within an en- 
graved border. 

Bbubei BajB that aome copiei hive [he Latin title of A^ cio la scr. 

Prerace, iriih Che portrait of Coluhbub, " Vontdt." 3 leaves, pagM 3-4. 

Hap, " ffitpaniae Novae >i«t mo^ae ,- rtam el vera deicriplio. 1595." 

Text, " Newe imd vtariaffiiye Hiitori," 7-1 15 pages, (he reverse of the last page 
blaok. Bbuhbt enyt Ibal pages 9S, 93, and 114 are nronglj numbered. Such is 
not the case in oar copy, which is correct, except that page 113 is repeated. 

Title of the places printed within an engraved border, " America Dae FSaffle 
Such," pasted within an engraved border, a repecitioa of that at the b^nniog. 
Bhurbt gives for this title Chat wliich is found in Che Latin edition of the Fifth Part, 
and a duplicate cop^ of this Part before as has this Latin citle. 

Twenty-two plates, with explanation* beneath, numbered at the top of the leaves 
I.-XXII. Place XVIL is erroneoust; nnnibered 5V. 

Part V. Second Edition. 
Printed title in German, pasted within an engraved title, the 
tame a» that of the first edition, withovt date. A duplicate copy 
of this edition before ue has the Latin title, with the date of 

In the Preface, " Vomde," the flnt line beneath the portrait ends with " hctrr" 
the third with " menwr." In the fint edition they end with "^loisf^ni" and " A-" 
The cfttch-word on this page is''6*yda"; in the firat edition, "Man." Page 5, the 
first line ends with " tSg-" \ in the flrtt edition with " aagat." The taii-{Heee of the 
" Vmreit " is a ecroU, with a head in the centre ; on the reverse, the tail-piece rept«- 
■ents a man holding in each hand a dish of &ait, with dog* beneath ; in the flrgt 
edition the scrolls are without the centre head, and are alike. 

Text, page 7 : the first line of the heading of the text ends with " Hiitori end" ; 
the first edition with " Hiniori" ; on psge 17, the first line below the ornament 
ends with " Anaiuei" ; in the first edition with " Anaa-"; the head ornament a 
scroll ; in the first edition a bird is at each end ; on page 16 each edition repeats 
the same ornament ; in the head ornament on page 33 are two apes and two rab- 
bits ; in the first edition the ornament contains the two birds, before described. 
The nnmbers of the pages in the second edition are smaller than those In the first, 
and the head ornaments und tail-pieces difl^ thronghont. The paging is correct, 
except that 57 is erroneously numbered 115, and page 76 is nnmbered 67. 

Title to the plates, printed, with a broad wood-cot ornament at the top, " Falgen 

Aernadier Eii/aitlidie vnd loarhaffiige FiirbUdungen AUbm mil xhonen 

Kvpffentucken end an/ieheackten karUen ETHerungm an Tag geben, DurcA Jaianii 
DieUurieh dt Biy. (Vignette.) Gtdrada w F»*wckpdit ah Matn ; dureh 
Eratmim Kempfftr. n.dc.xiii." 

Twenty-two plates, numbers I,-XXII. in the centre at the top of each leaf; in 
the fint edition the numbers are at the coiner ; the first line of the title of Plate I.- 
end* with"/nii^";in Ibe first edition with "inn!''; Plate II. iha Sitt line of the 

,d by Google 


title endi with " tnrifcR " ; in tlw Snt edition with " ■Mr-" \ FlKte Ko. XIT. ii 
XIUI. ia the lirrit rdition. The tii]«a at all the plitei, u well u irf all the eapluia- 
tioDi beneath, vai; io the two editions. 

Part VI. FxtA Edition. 1597. 
I* Das sechsto Theil der neuwen Welt, oder Der HistorisD Hierou. 
Beuzo von Meylandt. Das dritte Buch. DariDDen warhafftig 
erzehlet wirdt, wie die Spanier die Gioldreiche Landschafften dess 
Feruaniachen Koaigreichs eyngenoinmea, dea Kooig Atabalibam 
gefangen nnd getodet. Aucli wie sie, endlich sich selbet untereic- 
ander auffgerieben habeii. Sampt eineiu kurtzen zu end ange- 
heugten Tractiitlein Ton den gliickhafltigen Inseln. Mit niitzlicben 
vnd iiotwendigen Erklarangeii auff ein jedes Capitel gemehret, 
Auch einer Landtaffel deez Peruanis<!hei] Konigreichs. AUes mit 
schonen Kupfferstiicken vorgebildet vnd an Tag geben Durch 
Dieterich von Bry, Kunststrecher vnd Biirger zu Franckfort. Mit 
Rom. Kays. Mayt. Priuili^en begnadet. M.D.XCVn. 

Printed title on a slip, pasted within an engraved border. 

I leaf. 

Hap orANBBICA, " America ji'm nocui trbit, tte. 1S96." 

Folding plate, " C'luoo nrii nobiliMima f- (^mliiiuiiiia Perua» rtffni, .... per 
Thkodobuh db Bbt Lead." 

Text, " Der newen Wdt Neaat mtJ wariajie EiHari vnd Gachidu," etc, begini 
on signature Aii. 1-62 leavei. Knmber M ia omitted. 

At the Toot of page 62, " Gtdrudd u FaxHCKFDiir an Hath bry Joiaiui Fejr- 
abenthj in vtrirgang Dietrichi oun Hry. Anno u l>.ICTti." 

Title, " Foigat ImrmchtT EigenliicKe FUrhiidung an Tag gebat, Dvdi 

Dieteridi de Brjr Leoditnien. G<dmcb lu FKtKKrORT ah Hatr. dunA Jaiain 
FepaJxndt. In Jahr H.D.XCVIi.*' 

Twenty-eight plalea, numtiered I.-XXVIII., with enplanalioiii beneath; paging 
In Arabic flgurea, I-SS. At the tup of eKh leaf abote the plate the word " Aryt- 

Part Vt. Second Edition. 1619. 
Das Bechste Theil AmericEe oder der Historien Hieron Benzo 

.... H DC XIX. 

Printed title, within an engraved border (not patted on.) 

DedicatioD to UADBtCB, Landgrare of Hibbb, with engraTing of his coat of midi ; 
•t the lop of the page so ornamental wood-cnt, representing a bird at the end* and a 
hn man head in the centre. (The flnt edition has no ornament here.) 1 page- 
Reverse, blank. 

Pre^e, " Vartdt." Wood-cnt ornament at the top, on which are two apea and 
Tabbiis at the end*. 8 page*. (The flnt edition hai no ornament here.) 



Uap or America, " Am^ica live novia orbiM 1596," 

Folding pI'W, '* Ciaco mhi nabiliuima ^ apalSiiMinia Peruan rtgni . ■ . . per 

Thioikibtjii db Bmr LaoA." 

Text, '■ Stchtter iktit America"; then >n onMnienU] wood-cut; then, " Ikr 

matn Weil varkaffiige [ Hittori und Gadiichl," etc. Signalara AiiiJ. 1-121 pages. 

in twentj-two chipten ; revene of lut leaf blank- 
Printed title, a l&Tge wood-cut at the top, and rtgnette in the centre, " Stchtter 

Ikeil Amtriea. Eigendtliche FSrbUdang Z>ureA Diktebicb SB Bht £«- 

dientem. (Vignette.) OfpENHBIU: in VorLegung Jokann Theodort de Biy. Ct- 

drueki beg Hierongma Gaiiem. u nc xttii." 

Twentf-eigbt platea, numbered at the top J.-XXVIII. (Without Arabic flgnres 

in th« eomcT, and without the word " Argamenlum " at the lop, aa in the tint 


BsDNBT uya that Che map dated IS96, above described, ii wanting in manj 

The arnuig«meDt of the lines of ilie title diffuit from tboee in the Brat ediiion- 
The word " attrliqfftig," between " Dariniiai" and "trtddet," \m omitted in the 
Kcond edition. 

Paet VII. FtTit Edition. 1597. 

*" Das VII. Theil America. Warhaflftige vnnd liebliche Beschrei- 
bung etlicher fiirnemmen IndianiBchen LandschaffteD vud Idsq- 
len, die vormals iu keiDer Chronicken gedacht, vud erstlich in 
der Schifiart Vlrici Schmidts von Sttaubingen, mit grooeer gefahr 
erknndigt, vnd von ihm setber auffa SeisBigst beachrieben vnd dat- 
getban. Vnd an Tag gebracbt durcb Dietrich von Bry. Anno 

[Ulric ScHMiDEi.,or Scbhidt von Straubinokh'8 account of Bha- 

Printed title within an engraved bofder. 

Adrertiiementor addrcMof DiBTBSiCH ton Bbt to the reader. Signature Aii. 

Text, " Warhaffiigt Beidir^lnatg," etc, 1-31 leavei; rererse of the lut, blank ; 
an engrairing on the Brat page, different from that iu the Latin edition ; the town 
on the right of the observer ; no wood-cot omameat at the top ; the Bnt line of the 
title above ending with " Indiani-." 

Bbdnet aaja that the libraries of HAManBO, and Ooth* bare each a copjr of 
thil Part, in which ia found a title for the plates, beginning thna, " Fvlgea mm dit 

Figarfn Bad KapfftsntSdc, dtrtn ^ehe ira tlebende Tlieii Gtdrvdct ai 

EVanckfdbt All Hath darch MaliAaum Becker, m-do." 

Part VII. Third Edition. 1617. 
Das VII. Theil America. Warhafftige vnd liebliche Beschrei- 

bung, Vnd an t^ gebracbt durcb Dieterich von Bry, 

S. Jetzo zum dritten nial auffgelegt vnd gebeasert diirch Jobann- 

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Theodor de Bry Biii^m zu OPPENHEIM : Gedruckt bey JBUro- 
nymo Gallem. M DC xvii. 

Printed title vnthin an engraved border. 

AddreM of Thbodobb db Brt to the render. Aii, 1 leaf. 

Text, " Warhaffiigt Badrtibiag," sK., with a wood-cut ornament aboTC, 1-Sl 
ptget ; TBTcne of the last, blank. The engraving on the firti page, with the tova 
on the right of the obaerrer. A duplicate leaf, the text and wood-cnt at the top 
the lame, but the eDgranog a diffiirent view, with the town on the left of the 

It appean, according to Bbohbt, that there Are cojuea in the Hahbcbg and 
GoTHA libraries which hare titlea with the dat« of m.dc. In explanatioii of tii> 
Hr. SoBOLKwsEi, in hia note to Bkuhbi m the end of the first Tolnme of his 
" Manuel," sajB " that the three pUto« wanting in man j copies of the Genual 
edition of thii Fart were pnbliahed at flrat at the end of the " AddHamailum " of 
the Eighth Part, in 1600, at wa» dooe in the I^tin edition ; the; there form nnm- 
bera I., IL, III., and are preceded by the followii^ general title, ' Falgen mm dit 

Figuren derrn atidie ini iltbende Thtil etiiehe iru acMe 

j'flm WW auffi xiirlic/itte Miigeridd vnd an Tag gebtn durch DirtsnA dt Bry, leHgim 
Erbm. Gtdnickt eh Fbancpost ah Uitn durei MaoJumm Bedter. H n c' ; bnl 
afterward, when a aecond edition of the Eighth Part was published ia 1G24, with 
illuitrations in the text and (be ' Additamenlum ' included in the text, aa (here «u 
no place for iheie platea, thej were struck ofi^ again with a title printed ' ad Aor,' 
beginning, " Folgen nun dit Figuren, mlche ins nebtndt Thai, mr beichrtibiag da 
RtgKH UWick Sckmida vm Siraubingen gtliBren " ; and ending with, " Fr*hsJ«bt : 
in VerUgung Joanaii Theedori de Bry S. Erben. n.DC.ixiy." This tiUe and these 
three engrarings bj themselTes onght onlj to be met with, therefore, in the copies 
of the coUecliDn where the Eighth Part is of the Brst edition, and where the " Ad- 
<A'bini«ituni"ori600ia(abefoand; while there are dnplicaies Id those when the 
Eighth Partis of the second edition. The impAsnian of IGMiadistingaiahedfroD 
that of 1600 b; the words " Ajneriax lieUnder 7^i/"be1ow the explanation of 
each engraring." 

The pistee iu the cop; at HjLMBdbo are nnmbered XT. and L and HL, and 
XV. only in that at Gotha (Wiegbl, page 16], which estatdithes the exittence of 
a second edition of this Seventh Fart. 

Part VIII. Firtt Edition. 1599. 
^ AmbbiCiS Achter Theil ; In welchem Erstlicb beachreiben viri 
das Mitohtige vnd Goldtreiche Konigreich Guiana, zu Norden desz 

groflsen Flosses Oronoke, Item, Eine kurtze Beschreibuog 

der TmbligeDden Landtschafften Emereia, ATromcua, Amapaia. 

Topago, Ac Allea mit fleisz beachreibeu dutch den ge- 

strengen, Edien vll vesten Wathem Ralegh, znm andern, 

die Reyse desz Edlen vnd vesten Thomas Candisch, 

Dnrcb Frantzen Prettde eiuen Engellander Und zum 

dritten die letzte Reysz der gestrengen, Edlen vnd vesten Frant- 
zen Draeck vnd lohan Havckens, Rittern, Alles erstlieh 

in EngeUandischer Sprach auszgangen, jetzt aber ausz der Hol- 

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landiBcIieit translation in die Hochteutsche Sprache gebntoht dutch 

AvgvstiniTm Caasiodorvm Reinivm an Tag g^eben, 

durch Dtetericben von Bry aeligen, hinderlasaene Erben. (^Cop- 
perplate map, " Mare del Nort,") Gednickt zu FeASCKFDHT 
AM Matn : durch MaUhceum Becker. 1599. 

[Voyages to tlie South Seas of Sir Francis Drake, 1Mb ; of Thouas 
Cavkmdisr, 1986; aodof Sir Walter Ralbioh, 1S9&-96.] 

Printed title as ahove, with engraved map for vignette. 

AdTGrtiaement " Vornde an dai gSmiigtB Lettr," 3 pagea. 

" Vomde dttx Herm WaUhtr Ri^tgh vber dot Goidlnicht Kdnignick Giaana," 
S pages ; reverse or the last, blank. 

Map, " T<d>ala geognxphica nova Gnianae" 

Texl, " Warhafflige Badreibung, ^., in 159S," 1-56 pages. 

Notice to the reader, ill reeard lo uiolher vojage to Guiana, " Vmnda an den 
ZJMabim vbiT der andem itejrte nach Guiana," ptgei 1 and 3. 

Text of the TOTage, " Warha^ige vnnd aiaz^rlieAe Beiehwbiaig," 3-aO pages. 

PriDled title of the vojagc of Cindiih in 1586, " Segie dttx Edien md rxt^en 
7%rni/u Candisch. (With a TJgnette eDgraring of a square map of hoth hernia- 
Text of Cahdisb, " EygenUicht txtchr^bimg der iduffahii die Thoauu Canditch." 
1-4B pages- 

Friated title, " WarhaffHge lad Eggeolliehe FUrbildung, ire. h.d.xciz." 

Six plates, numbered I.-VX, with ezpUaationB beneath. 

Printed title, " Addilamentotn ; Dot iit Zuthuung netger JSmanmer B/yttn .... 
Fbamoisci Dbahbn, (Vignette engraringof amapof theworld.) m.i>c." 

Advertisement, " Vorrede an den gUnstigen Leser," pages 3 and A. 

Text, two voyages of Drakb, " Kurtie BeMcireibmg," etc., 5-73 pages; reverse 
of the laat, blank ; no page 4S ; a blank leaf, the complement of sheet F, interposed 
between pages 46 and 47. 

Printed title for the pistes, "Fclgat nun die Figuren md Kugffentedc, ^. 

PIAeen plates, with explanatioos beneath, L-ZV. 

FA.RT Vin. Second Edition. 1624. 

Title much shorter than tJie first edition, and quite different. 

Achter Theil Americse, darinnen Erstlich beschrieben wird das 
Machtige und Goldtreiche Ki>nigreich Guiana zu N^orden deaz groe- 
Bcn FliiBBes Orenoke. Entdecket vnd beschrieben dorcli Herm 

Walther Rhaleg znm andem, E^e Reyse Heim Thomaa 

Candisch Und dann drey sonderbare Reysen Herm Frant- 

zen Drakens Von Newen Tbersehen in ein richtigere 

Ordnnng gebracht, vnd ztuu andemmahl vffgelegt, auch mit vie- 
len Kopfferstiicken vber vorige vermehrefc. (Copperplate map.y 
Fbankfubt : Bey Caspar Rodtel : In Verlegung Wieland JoAan- 
nis Theodori de Bry Seeligen Erben. m. dc. xxiv. 
Printed tUlf, wiih engraved map for vignette. 

,d by Google 


Pn&oa, " Formfe dtn Htm Waltker Bale^ eber dot Galdtrtidie KOni^mk 
Oviiaa," 2 page*. 

H>p, " 7*061110 gtograpkna nma Ovianat." 

Taxi, " Warhafftist Badirtibmg, it. in 159S," 1-ISO pages, in double oolnDU, 
la which are twenty platea at paget 3, II, 15, 19, 31, 37, 5S, 63, TO, TS, 81, 84, SS, 
M, 98, 103, 116, 119, 131 and 134. 

The tezt of this edition containiall that ii in the fine edition, and the "Addila- 
mtntum," arranged in belter order. Ai 10 the pUlee, thoee which are at pagei IS, 
T6, Mid 116, are not in the fint edition; Plate XII., of the " AdditaMeHtum" Of 
1600, ii wanting, a> well t» Plata* I., II., and m., for which there remained ne 

Part IX. FXrtt Edition. ( Without date or title [1601].) 

"^ Nbdndteb Tnd Letzer Theil Anierics, Darin gehandelt -wird, von 
gelegenheit der Elementen, Matur, Art vnd eigenschafft der 

Newen Welt Alles auffa trewlicliste aus Niederlandischer 

Beachreibung lohan. Hugen vod Lintschotten, in vnser Hoch- 
teuteche Sprache veraetzet, durch lohaiinem Humberger Wetter- 
aoium. Femer aach von der Reise der fmiS Schiffe, bo im Junio 
desz 1598. Jahra, in HoUandt auBzgefahren, der meynnng durcli 
des Fretum Magelanum, za den Molut^ischen iDseln zu schiffen. 
wie aie nemlich von einimder kommen vnd zerstrewet worden, also 

dasz nur allein der HauptmanD Sebald de Weert Zu 

nutz vnd ergetzlicfakeit Teutecher Nation, aus NiederlandiBcher 
Sprach beschrieben, durch M. Glothardt Artua von Dantzig. Alles 
mit echonen Kupfferatacken gezieret, vnd an Tag geben, durch 
Dietrichs de Bry seligen Wittib, vnd zween Sohne. Gedruckt zu 
Feanckpurt am Matk Bey Wolffgang Riehter. 

[ Acosta's " Hietorj of the New World " ; also the " Voyages of Skbalt 
DR Wbert and Oliver db Noort."] 

Printed title, within an engraved border, without date. 

Dedication to Louis, Landgrave of Hessb, with hia coat of arms engnTcd ; 
rererse, hianki 1 leaf. 

" Durch UueUiger iodgelxirmr Firit," etc., signed b; the brothers Db Bkt, I 

AdrerdsemenlB : " An den galwiUigen Laer," S pages. 

Teitt, " Von der Natar der iVeiMH Wdt." 1-327 pages ; reverse of the last 
blank. Pages 2!i, 338, and S97 wrongl; numbered. 

Printed title, " SiiloriKlu Brtatim GidrucH ni Fn^NCEmsT ah Math, 

Durch MattluEum Bedtr. M. doi." 

Text, "EggtadtUdit vnd varhafftige Betchrtibuag," etc, 3-73 pages. Pages 57 
and iS8 are repeated, and 61 and 63 are wanting. 

Printed title for the plates " Wariqffiigt vnd tggmdidit Abamierfymig vnd Fir- 
bildwiy " dated "/m JoAr 11. doi." 

Twenty-fire plates, nambered 1.-XX.Y., with explanations beneath. 



Printed title, " AddiuamtMom, oderAniang dtix ntumileK TAtil Ataerica. (Vign- 
ette, ■ portrait of Or.iTBB tak Nobt.) Gedruch xu Franckfdbt ah Hath, 
Durdi Mallhaam Btektr. m.dcii." 

Map, "Fretum Magiilamicum," Not in the second edition. 

Text, " Warhqffljga md ^jmtliche Bacfireibung," 3-103 pHgei (the lait erro- 
neously numbered 130.) 

Printed title to the pl&le^ " Warhafftige dock htrtta and SuntmanMche Bt- 

Mclireibung GedmrJa at FbaBCKPhBT, darch We/Jt/atu/ KAtem, Im Jatr 


Fourteen pUiei, with explankliont beneith, the leaves numbered I.-XIT.; Ae 
plktea in Arabic fibres, 1-13 ; tbe fournenth a map of BoBtiBO, nnnnmbered. 

Part IX. Second Edilion [1602]. 
The title of thit second edition differ* much from that of the 
firtt. It hegint with the three wordi : " Neundter Theil Amer- 
icfe, without the words " Tnd Letzter " before' " Theil," and 
end* thui : — 

Vnd an Tag geben, durcli Mattbseum Merian Getruckt 

zu Fbanckfdkt am Matn, bey Wolffgang Hoffmann (in gome of 
the copies hy Mattheo Rempffern). 

Title at above, without date, printed within an engraved 

Dedication, with arms, 1 leaf. 

The two adTenisementa (the first with the date of 1601). 2 leftres. 

Text, I-2D6 pagei, with the errors in the pagination. 

Title, " AddiiamaamK Mattliaim Beektr ii.DCit." aa in the Brat edition. 

Title of the plates " Warhafftige," etc. 

Fourteen platea, I.-XTY., aa in the first edition. 

As this second edition was published bj MailA. Btdctr, BBcnT says it onght to 
have appeared before 1620. 

The " Additamailam " of this Ninth Part was pahliihed separately under this 
Utie: — 

NeuG Schiffart. Warhafftige und eygentliche BeschreibuBg 
der LangwierigeD, sorlichen und gefahrllchen Reyse so Olivier 
Tail Noort, General Oberater uber vier Schiffe durch dae gefahr- 
liche Pretum Magellanicum um die ganz Welt gethan hat, ver- 
teutscht durch M. Gothard Arthus tod Dantzig. Fbanckfubt 
AM Matn bey Matthias Becker, 1602. 

4(0. 119 pages, includinff the engraved frontispiece, and 

14 plates. 

Part X. 161 a 
° Zbhendbb Theil America Darinnen zubefiDden : ErstUch, zwo 
SchiEEarten Hem Americi Veaputii vnter KSnig Perdinando in 
Castilien Tollbracbt. Znm andem : Ein griindlicher Bericht von 

,d by Google 


dem jetzigen znstaDd der Landachafft Vii^inien, wie nemlich der 
Friede mit den Indianem, voilnzogen, vnd von den Knglischen 
zum Schutz desz Lands allda etliche Statt rnd Yestnng erbawet 

worden Zvun dritten : Ein warhafftige Beschreibiu^ desE 

newen Engellands, einer Landschafft in Nord-Indien, eines Theils 
in America, von Capitein Johann Schmiden, Rittem Tod Ad- 

miraln ( Vignette^ Gedrackt zu Oppbkheim bey Bxe- 

ronymo Gallem, Anno M DC xvrii. 

[This volame coDtains tbe Toysges of Awsricvb YBSFUCtus ; Haxob'b 
" Virginia " ; and Jobm Smith's " Account of Nkw England."] 

Printed with large engraved vignette o/ Hercules bearing 
a thip in the foreground. 

" An den gOntligen Lttfr," 1 leaf, pagei 3 and 4. Aij. 

Map, " AtMrica nmiter dtlineata." 

Test, "ffemt Amerid Vetpntii Ente Sclajeri in Pmiam," «K., 5-TS pago; 
reTsne or the last, blank. 

Printed title to the pUtea, Fiilgen iernocAir eigenUiehe cud warhafflige Firbit- 
dangta" etc " Gedrudti xu Ofpbnhsik btg HieroiqnkO GaBem. Aunt 

Twelre plates, L-XII., with eiplanations beneath. At the bottom of the lenlh 
plate is the iron) " en<& " ; and at the bottom of the twelfth " Ende Jen zelnnJa 
TImU SAiffithrl* Figaren." 

Part XI. 1619. 
**° HiBTOBisCHE Beschreibung, der wnnderbarlichen Reyse, welche 
von einem Hollander, Willhelm Schouten genandt, neuUcher Zelt 
ist vemchlet worden : Darinnen angezeigt wird, durch was Mitlel 
ynd Weiae, er gegen Mittag, der Magellanischen Strassen, einen 
newen Tnd biazhero vnbekandten Weg in die Sud-See eroffnet 
babe : Auch was fur Lander, Jnauln, Volcker, vnd -wunderbariiche 
Sachen, ihme in gemelter Sud-See auSgeatossen seyen, alles von 
newen mit herlichen Landtafebi, vnd achonen KupSerstucben 
gezieret, vnd ana Tage Leicht gegeben, Durch vnd in Verlegung 
Johann-Dieterich von Bty. (^Large vignette.') Gedrackt zu 
Feanckpttrt am Matn, durcb PauU Jacohi : Im Jahr, M. dc.- 

[CodUuhs the voyage of William Schouteh and Spilbesokk throq^h 
the Straits of Maokllak to the Molucca IsLANpe, etc.] 

Printed title, with an engraved map of the tico hemispheret, 
above which are portraits of MAGELLAN and ScHOUTEN, and, 
at the side; those of Dbake, Van Nooet, Candish, and Spil- 

,d by Google 


" Varedt," 1 le«f, pages 8 »od 4. 

Map, "Sine earte am Nova Guinea, nfoiich in jhar 1616 getegtU," etc. ; title in 
Qsrinan, Latin, and French. 

Hap, " Mappt von dtr Sad See " ; title also in three langnagea. 

Text, " Tag RegitUr, odtr eigtndicAe Betchreibung," etc, 5-35 pagei ; reTem of 
the laat, blank. 

Printed title to the plates, "Fulgen htntojJieT Eigenilirhe und tcarhafflige Fiirbil- 
dmgm," etc " Gtdmeb » Fbancsfdbt ah Hath, beg Paata JacM: Anno 

Nine platu with explanations beneath, L-IX. 

" Apptndix dot eilffltn Thalt AtntrioE. (Vignette, name aa on the lille-pngs 
of Part X) Gedruda m OrPRHBBtM bet/ Sitnmgna GaJiem. In VarUgung Jo- 
ham TktoJor de Brs. Anno m He XX." 

To the reader " An den groMtgiinatigen L^aer" One leaf, pagea 3 and 4. 

Hap of the Pbilippinb Iblahds, Bomiro, Jata, Suhatbi, Halacoa, etc, 
the name ai in Part X , Latin edition. 

Text, " America eilfflen Thai* Aniiang. Wariaffl^ Bttchnibnng " 5-38 

pages. Page 36 milpaged ft3. Blank leaf. 

Printed title to the plates, "^n^oi £^Kn('icAr," etc M DO xz." 

Twenty plates, with explanations beneath, i.-xi. ■ 

BnuHBT sayB that the two maps mentioned above are not generallj Ibnnd in 
this Part. He thinks it probable that the EleTcnih and Thirteenth Parts, the titlea 
of which do not indicate the order they hold in the collection, were pnblisbed sepa- 
rately, and perhaps anterior to the copied destined for the collection. 

The niap of the Pbilifpihe Iblands preceding the text, as Cakd8 remark* 
(page U6), is generally found in the Tenth Part where it doe« not belong. It waa 
eridendy placed there by mistime. Id a copy of ibis Tenth Part before ui, the 
map is found. It ha* no relation to that Part, which inclade* the voyagM of 
Ahbbicob Vupuciua, while it directly appertains to the voyages in the £leTenth 
Part. This map is not mentioned by either Brunkt or Wkiobl, either as belong- 
ing to the Tenth or the Elerenth Pans. 

Part XIL 1623. 
" ZwoLFTER Theil der Newen Welt, Das iat : Griindliche Tolkom- 
mene Entdeckung aller der West-Indianiacben Landschafften 

Insuln entdecket vnd bescbrieben, Durcb An- 

tonium de Herrera, .... Item Petri Ordonnez de CeTalloa 

Beacbreibung der West IndlaDiscbeii LandscbaSten Ge- 

druckt za Frankpubt, in Verlegung Johann JHethericha de Bry, 
Anno 1623. 

[Antonio de Hrrrera's account of the New World.] 
Printed title in an engraved border, contisting of Mexican 
figures, with full length portrattt below of Maqellait and 
PiZABKO ; and ahove them heads of CoLTJMBCS and Vbs- 


Preface, " Vontde del AiUorii," signed " Aktoniub tom Hebbeba," 2 pagen. 
Map, " Amerlea, live HOuut oriis 1596." 



Text, " ZalSgUT Thtil Ameriat," I'I31 piges. In doable columns. (Page 14 
wrongly numbered 16.) Rerene or lul page blank. 
Plan of " Ciaco, arbt nMluiima," placed at page 99 ; and Toarteen mapa, M G>1- 

1. " Dficripcion df toM Indiat Occidfnlaiet, Mar dd Sut," 

2. " Deicripcion de lot Indiai del ifiirfc." 

3. " Deaeripcum del d<-tiriclii dii audienaa de la EtjuAoUi." 

4. " Dptaipfion del dfilricto del auditneia de Nueva E^nAa." 

5. " Daerijicion del dtitrido dd aadimcia de la Nueva Galieia." 

6. " DeierijKion dd dairicta dd auditneia dt Guattmua.^ 

7. " DtKripdon dt lai ImSai dtl MedioHia." 
B. " DucripcioK dd audioKia de Pimania." 

9. " Dacripcioa del auditneia del Ntteix Reiito," 

10. "Deicripcion del audiencia del Qailo." 

11. " Detcripcion dri destricto del aadieneia de Lima." 
la. " Detrripa'im dri audifne:!a de lot CAarcat." 

13. " Detcripcion de la provincia dt Chile," 
1 i. " Dttaripcion de lot India* del PoHiaile." 

Part XIII. 1627. 
** CoNTlMVATio AmericsB, Das iat : Fortsetzung der Historien tod 
der Newen Welt, oder Nidergangischen Indien, waran es auff diese 
zeit noch anfaero ennangelt. Darinnen ein sattsame vnd griindt- 
liche Beschreibung desz Newen E^gellandta, welches die Eng- 
liscbe das New erfimdene Landt nennen, so biazher noch nicbt an 
Tag kommen. 

Zum andern, Ein auszfiihrlichere Erzehlung von Beschaffenheit 
der Landtschafften Virginia, Brasilia, Guiana, viid Inaul Bermuda ; 
deren mas biszhero schlecfate vnd TnToUkommene Wiasenschafft 

Drittens, Gantz newer aber doch warhafEtiger Bericht, tou dem 
biazher noch vnerkanten groesen Theil desz Erdekreiaes, Terra 
AustraliB oder Incognita, danion noch in keiner Reiae oder Schif- 

farth meldung beschehen Am Ende ist ein Dis- 

curs wie die Statt S. Salvador vnnd Baia in Brasilien, reepectiTe 

verlohren vnd wider gewunnen worden Fbanckfurt : 

Gedruckt bey Caspar Mdtel. In Verlegung McUthet Merian. Anno 

Printed title, within an engraved frontispiece. 

Bbdkbt aaja that in the cop; in the " BiilialAique NattonaU " the title begins, 
" Drryieheiider Thtil America!," »,fiA beats the date of "m.dc.xxtiii." 

Notice to tbe reader, " Vorrtde an den gQiutigen Leter," 1 leaf. 

Text. " Der ErUe Theil eon dem Neioerfiadentn oder Nenvn EngtUand," l-M 
pages. Page BT iBmisnnmbered 77. 

Map of Virginia, wiib porCrait« of Powbatah, and of a 8A8<iOESAauioa«B 



Indian in ibe apper cornera ; and below, " imd beichreiben dtircA Capttain 
lohan Sckmidl." Page 17. 

Large map of Guiahi., at page GT. 

Eight platel in the text, on pagfg 5, 7, 15, 26, 37, 42. 60, and 69. 

Addresi to the reader, " Giiniliger Ueber Lnrr," pn^ca 1 and 2. 

Another text, without title-page, " BachTiehang von Erobtnmg der Statt S. Sal- 
vador in Brasilia" 3-38 paeea. 

Folding plate, Tiew of San Saltadoh and of the Bat of All Saints, in 

This Pari cuntaine tbe text of the first reven MCtions of the Latin translation 
printed in 1634. In the OrenTille cop;, at pafn 67, it a map of Bbaiil, not to be 
fonnd in the Latin edition. As there is no collation of the German edition in the 
Orenrille calalogae, we are ignorant of the nnmbcr of maps which ihie Part con- 
tains; it ispOEBible, therefore, that a map of Bbaxil maj have been anhsiimted for 
that of the map of Gciaha, whieb embmces a portion of Brazil, in our cop;. 

Part XTV. 1680. 
*28 Vierzehender Theil AmericaDischer Hietorien, lobaltend, Eratlicb, 
Warhafftige Beschreibung etiicher Wept-Indianischer Landen in 
dem Theil AraericEe gegen Hitternacht hinder Nova Hispania 
gelegen, AUz New Mexico, Cibola, Cinaloa, Quiuira, vnd anderer, 
deren biszher in vnaerra WesHndianiechen Werck theila gar nicht, 
theila aehr wenig gedacht worden, sampt Denckwiirdigen Ge- 
schicliten vnd Wunderwerckeu der Natur in Jucatan, Guatitnala, 
Fonduraa, vnd Panama, wie aucb vom Zustandt etlicber £ng- 
liachen Colonien, wie sich die in lauffendem 1630. Jahr befinden. 
Zum Andern, Eine Schiffart der Hollander vnder dem Admiral 

Jacob Eremiten vmb die gantze Welt ; Zum Dritten, His- 

torische Erzehhing, welcher gestalt die sehr reiche SpaniBche Sil- 
berflotta dnrch Peter Hein .... 1628 ertapt vnd heim gebracht 
worden. Zum Vierdten, was massen die Statt Olinda de Femam- 

bucco, erobert worden, in Monat Febmario desz Jabrs 

1630 an den Ti^ gegeben durch Mattheum Merian, 

Bucbandlem vnd Kunststechem zu Pranckfu»t-AM Matm. 
( Vignette map.) Gedruckt zu Sanaa), bey David AubrU im Jahr 

Printed title. 

Small Vignette map of tlie world. 

AdTerliiement, " Vorralt an den Oathtrtxigea Latr,'' I leaf. 

Hap, " Dacripcion dt Uu India> OccidenlaJis." 

Map, Strait of HAaBLLAK, " Frelam Mag^lanaicam." 

Map of ViKOiKiA ; in the upper comer on the Jefi, King Powhatan. 

" Amirica nouHtr dtUneoia." Nobth and South Ambbica, with small por- 
tions of Edsopb and AraiCA. 

Braxii,, " Dai Noriltr lUii da Lands Brasilin," with the city of Ounitt of 



Twtt, " Wttt Indianitcher BimHen," l-TS pagM, with rourwen pUlM printed is 
the test on pagCM 8, 91, S3, 56, 30, 35, 36, 39, 41, *8, 50, 55, 60, ind 64. 

Folding [jale, reprewnting th« Spanish and Dutch fl«eu in Uitahoa B«t in 
1630, with portraiti of General Pstkb Hbth and Admiral Hbhdsics Ccuib. 
LoNQ. at page SB- 
Folding plate, contAlniag, I. A riew of Olinda. II. A view oi Oiimda »« 


Thii Fonneeoth (Oeimao) Part contuni Bectlona B W IS, whkh are in L«tin in 
(he thirteenth Tolume of the " Grtal Vaynfftt," printed onlj in 1634. 


Part I. Ftrtt Edition. 159S. 
*^ Regnum Congo boc est (oJote tJie plate'). 

Vera descriptio regni Africani, qvod tam ab incolis qvam Lqm- 
tanis Congus appellator. Per Philippvm Pigafettam, olim ex 
Edoardi Lopez acroamatis lingua Italica ezcerpta ; nunc Latio 
senuone donata ab Avguat. Caeaiod. Reinio. Iconibua & imagini- 
bufi renim meiDorabiliuni quasi vivis, opera & induatria loaaThe- 
odori & loan leraelis de Bry fratrum, & exomata. Fbanoo- 
FVETI : Excudebat Wolffgang%i» Richter, impenBis lo. Theo. ^ lo. 
Israel de Bry, frat. M.D.XCVm. 

[An account of the kingdom of CoNOO, written by PaiLIP Pigafktta 
from the dictation of Edward Lopez, a Portuguese.] 

'Rtle printed within an engraved harder. 

Dedication to Fbbdibio IV., Connt Falitini, with engraTing of coat of 
*rm> ; catch-word, " In mare." 3 pagea. 

Preface to the reader, dgned bj the brothera Dh Bbt, 3 pagea. The flnt line of 
thalaat page begini with the words, "denoao Orht." 

Hap of the kingdom of CoKCO. 

Hap of a portion of Africa, folding sheet. 

Hap of EoTrt and a portion of northern Atrica, folding ihaet 

Text, "Namgatio ez Lciilaniae," 1-60 pages ; at On and the catch-word " Initx." 

" ladas reram et vtrboraa memorabiliiim." 3 leaTes. 

Title, printed, " leona quibiit ad maiorem Uttoru, recrtatioaam priauu LmUmtrem 
CTim reye coagrareM," etc. " Francofdrti : Ezcudtbat Wtlffifmgta Bidtler 

Fonrteen plates on as manj leaTei, with eiplanatimis beneath ; the plates nnm- 
bered I.-XJV., and the leaves in Arabic figures, 1-14. 
The first edition ma; be recogniied bj the words which end the lines : — 

I. latlioe. 



IL 4th fine. 

iolum ipai 


III. inline. 

Congi rex. 


IV. 1st line. 





VI. lit line, neqai in- n«qtM in- 

VII. lit line, lb ntraqne pu- lU) otr* 
TIIL l«( line, combellk A com- 

IX. lit Une, mentio- mea- 

X. lit line, decla- hie d«- 

XI. td line, pere- reglonibu* 

Xn. lit lint, aimilw, v- limilM 

Xm. ad line, Qigeniioo, colore ntger- 

XIT. Ill line, ninltoi- potendMimnm 

Part I. Second Edition. 1624. 
Title the same as in first edition, but with this imprint .' 
" Fbancofurti: Excodebat Sraamvs Kempffer, ImpeDsis h«r- 
edam loan. Theod. de Bry. M.DC.XXIV." 

Dedication to Fbbdskio, Count Palatini; and Frefacs. 6 psgea. 

Three nup*; the kingdom of Congo, Afeica, and Eotpt, 

Text, " Naoigatia ex tAuitmiae," I~60 pigea ; " Index rerun," 3 leKres. 
. ThesigBRtareiofthe text onpageal.S, 17, 19,25, 33,39, 41,43,49, Gl, 67, 69, 
and the Sret pege of the Index, are preceded b; (be vordi, " Ind. OrieiU. prima 
part";tLni tboM of the pUwa (Aa2, Bb,BbS, Ce, Cc S, Dd, Dd 2,} by theworde 
" lama ad I pariem India Orieni " J which are not fonnd in the first edition. 

In the ornamental initiii] lettars there ii a difference in the two editiona. In the 
■eoond ediUon thej are all Burronnded by icrolls, except the tetter Q, on page SB i 
in the flnt edition there are men or animals among the ornaments; in tlie second 
edition the letter Q, on page 38, h«« a rabbit in the centre ; in the first edition are 
two bojB or men with wings. 

Appendix Rbgni Comoo- 1625. 
^ Appbndbx Regiii Congo. Qra oontiiieiitYT lUiTigationes quinque* 
Samuelie BmnoniB, Ciais & Chirnrgi Basileeasis, quaa recenti 
admodtun memoria animosd Buscepit Ac feliciter perFecit. I. In 

Africam, eiusque r^na ac proaincia Congum II. In eins- 

dem Africse regna, Goineam, Beninam ^thiopiam III. 

In eandem Africam, ad CasteUum IV. In Orientates 

maris Mediterranei r^ones V. In Lusitamam 

Omnia ab ipso quidem avthore Germanico Idiomate conscripta, 
nunc Terd in Ladnam linguam tranalata, tabnlisque ac figuris 
feneis elegantissimd adomata. Fbancofurti : Studio & sumpti- 
bus hseredum lokan. Theod, De Bry Typis Caspari BStelij. 
Anno 1625. 

Printed title tcithin an engraved border. 

Epistle dedicatoij to John Faha, Jb., dtiien of Frahckvokt, ilgned, " Ltr- 
DOTTcni QoDFBiDrs," 3 pages. 

Preface of the hein of John Trkddou db Bbt to the reader, dated March 1 , 
isas, 9 pages ; on the rererae of the last some Greek Terses. 
Text, 1-B6 pages, wilhtwelre plates in (he text, on pages 4, T, IT, as, 39, 43,45, 

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49, 61, SS, 61, and 71. Bbttkbt mijs that the plate on page 39 \s mmctiinn 

This appendix hu only been printed in Latin in this edidun. Itlifoondin 
Oennan in the Mcond edition of the Fint Part of the text, printed in 16S5, nnder 
the title, " Ajihang der BfaArtiinmg daz KSnlgrticht Cimgo." 

Thi« account of the kingdom of Cohoo wa« Sim. pnblished at Roue in 4to, 
without dale, bnt the dedic*torj epistle bean the date of 1991. It waa tranilated 
into English, aod pnhlisbed at LoHi>ait, in 4to, in I59T, under the follawing tide, 
" A Report of the Kingdom of Congo, a Region of Africa, and of tin coimtrift ttal 
border rouiule about lAe wame. Drawen out of the Writingi and Ditamrtei of OdBardo 
Lopet, a Portingall, Ey Philip Pigafttta. TraitAitfd out of tin Italian iy Abraiam 
HartatU." A Butch Tenion was pnblithed at Avstbedih in 165S in 410. 

The Appendix cantaina a relation nf five roTigea to Wssterk Arnici, made 
b; Sahvbl Bbdho, oi BsArN, a phjaidan of Bable, in Switeeblihd, during 
the jean 1611 to 1631. 

Part II. Mrit Edition. 1599. 

^ II. Pass Indise Orientalis, in qva lohan. HTgonis Lintscotani 
Nauigafdo in Orientem, item regna, littora, portus, flumina, ap- 
parentise, habitas mwesque Indorum & LusitaDOrum pariter in 
Oriente degentium : pneterea mercea, monetae, menaorse, & 
pondera, quae quibua in locia, qmSve compendio prostent, accurate 

proponuntnr Addita sunt passim D. Paludani Annota- 

tiones : item loones artiflcioee in jere factie per loh. Theodorum, 
& loll. Israelem de Bry fratrea, quorum sumptibos opoa ipanm 
recens itenun fores datum. Fbancpoedil Ex Officina Wolff- 
gangi Richteri. H. D. XCIX. 

[The Toyikgca of John Hotoems Linschotbn to Africa and the East 

Printed title within an engraved border. 

Prebce, " Prafaiio laper Indict OrietUalii," etc., in Italic letters, S leAvea. 

Dedicatory Epistle by LiNBCBOTan in Roman letters, a leaves ; the rerene of 
the last, blank. 

" Lintscolani pnxfatio ad kdorem," in Italic tetters, 1 leafi portrait of Lin- 
■CHOTEK on the flrst page. 

Text, "n. Part India Orienialii. Argumentam Operit," t-114pagei. 

" Index Renrm et oerbarvm," 3 unnumbered leaves, and one leaf blank. 

Folding map of HozAHniqnE (a dupltcale vithout the inscription), page IS. 

Folding map of Java, " Nova It^nila IniaUmiM lava," page 4S. 

Folding map, " AiOtae cidade de Goa metropoUtana da Indite," page T3. 

Plate of Oriental coins, page 76. 

Printed title, " Icoatt vivae, verae et gtnvinae notionuw, gentiv7Bi)i:e DnunnB " 

etc " Fbancoporti Ezcudebat Wolffgangia Bidier, impentii Theodori $• loaam 
Itraeiit de Bry, frairvm. h. d. icix." 

Thirly.eight plates, with explanations beneath, on as many leaves, numbetcd 
Irani L to XXXVm. ; the plates numbered at the bottom in Arabic figures, I to 
38. Plate No. 37, " De foro Goa frequenlato," is double. According to Bbukkt 



the IjMiD Tenion of thi ralation of Linbcbotbh ingeited in thli toIdum is by 
D'AiotxiiH LoniosBus, and is not the ssine u that printsd at Li Hats in IS99. 
The Tojagei of Linbchotbh firtt appeared io Datcb at Ambtbbdau in 1596, 
and weni manj times rapiiated. A Latin Teriion at the Haodb, in 1599; a 
French Tenion at AnsrsBDiM, in 1610 ; and on Englieh one at London in 1B99, 
ail in folio. Sereral Latin and French editiona appeared, but of the English there 
was bnt one. &ae variotit edidons in this Catalogtie, bat for a complete acconni of 
the work and it« content* see Tibu'h " Mimoin BimogTapkique an- ht Joammix 
dat Navigatean N^eriandait. Amstbkdan. F. MiMer, 1BG7, Stw." 

Part II. Steond Edition. 1628. 

Printed title, within an engraved border, at in the first edi- 
tion ; the imprint " FEANCOFOKDL«i Typis Eratmi Kempfferi, 
Impensis Wilhelmi Witzeri. M.DC.xxvm." 
• Frefiue, " Pntfatio mper India OrienlaliM, in Roman letters, 1 leaf. This preface 
has been ra-writien and ^reatlj reduced from that in the first edition. 

Epistle of LiNBCBOTBH also rednced to pages 9 and 6, In Italic letters. 

" Lintcotam preefatio ad Itrtoren," in Boman tetteri, yB^ga 7 and 8; portrait of 
LinacHOTEH on the Rrst page. 

"Text, II. "Parthdiae OnVn/uJis," S-1 1 8 pages. 

" Index rmm et Berbonm," 3 leaves. 

Three maps ; Mozaubiqdb, Java, and plan of Goa. 

The plates are not printed separately with exptanations as in the first edition, 
bnt are introduced In the text where the snlj^la thej represent are referred to. 

Part III. Urtt Edition. 1601. 
^"^ Tebtu. Pars Indice Orientalis ; qua continentuc I. Secunda 
pars naaigationnnL & loaniie Hvgone Lintschotano Hollando Id 
Orientem Busceptaruni ; & maximd eitus illaram regionum, & io 
hie insulanim, fluminum, riparum, portuum &c. turn in transitu, 
turn ipsa India eitorum: .... II. Nauigatio Hollandonim in 

inaiilaa Orientales. lavan & Snnatram ...... III. Tres Nani- 

gationes Hollandonini in modo dictam Indiam per SepteDtri- 
oDalem seu glacialem Oceanum, .... Fideli strdio et opera de 

Germanico in Latinam translata, & bono ordine disposita ^ Bili* 

baldo Strobieo Silesio. Adiecta svnt tabulfe seu mappte 

chorographicse, cum iconibus in les incisse pet loan. 

Theodor, & loan. Israel de Bry fratres : quorum sumptibuB 

quoque hoc opus editum est Fban<!:oforti excudebat 

Matthimts Beckeraa, Anno m.dci. 

[Contains: I. A continuation of tte voyages of Linbchoten to tlie 
East Indies ; det^k of events while there, and of bis return. IL Voy- 
ages of the Dutch to the Islands of Java and Sumatra, 1595-97. III. 
The tliree voyages of 6brai.d de Vrbr by the Nortuern Sea to China, 
in the years 1594 to 1S97.] 
PrirUed title within an engraved border. 

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Prehca, " BtntveU) leOeri," signed bj the brodiin Db Bht, 9 Imtm. 
Text, "TVfia Pan India OriaiUxUt," l-ITO pig«a; with 5auip« and TJem. 
I. Map. Vi«w or (he laUnd of St. Hblbha," pag« 30. 
8. Hftp. Viewof ihe Istaod of Ascsnbioh, page 33. 

3. Map. Largo folding plan of the city of Ait«)u [dnplicata of the taiM in 
which the uTtoQch on the left is blank], page 40. 

4. Large h/dTOffaphic chart of Araiiu, Soathem Asia, and the Eut laniA 
Ia[.unM, in two sheeU, page M. 

6. Hap, entitled " LkHneatia rarta trivm nart^atianun/l embracing the north 
ptdar region*, page 19S. 

Plats repreMnting Oriental ooioi. 

Printed title, " Icontt ji'm txpreMia «t artiJUioaae dtUneatiaBts," etc. " 

FSANCOFTBTi, txcudebol MatUuau Brdttr, Anna ii.dci." 

ilHy'eight plates on aa many lesTei, with explanations beneath, nnmbenid 
L-LVm. ; the explanation oF Plate XVII., on the rerene of tbe XVIth. 

Hap of tbe island of Novi Zbhbli. on the reverse of LTTII. Thii is some- 
times fonnd on a aeparale leaf. 

Table of diatance, " Praemiaa iabiAa itv nappa intela Nona Zemtla, tt Jretitm 
Weggat," 1 leaf, ending on the reverse, followed by the colophon " F&akcoptxti 
impriiatbat Matthavi Becktr luntplibm loan. Theodar. il lean Itrad dt Bry, JrataniM. 

Part III. Second Edition. 1629. 
PriTtted title, within an engraved harder likt the first edition, 
but with a slight change by the- omission of a few lines. In the 
first edition c^er the name of^'D'S. BaYfratres;" are the word* 
" quorum eumptibus quoqne hoc opus editum est," which are not 
in the second; nor are the three lines which follow in the first 
edition beginning with *' IllTBtriasinio principe." Imprint of the 
second, " Fbancofubti, sumptdbus Wilhelmi Fitzeri, exciidebat 
Caspar Botelius, Auno 1629." 

Prebce " Bmenelo lectori," witfaont the name* of tbe brother* Da Bbt, I leaf. 

Text, " Terlia pan India Oritnlaiii," I-I3I pagee ; rerene of tbe last, blank. 

The type in this edition is smaller tban in tbe fiist, bence the lesser number of 
pages. Bbuiibt ««ye 170 pages, doahtless a typi^raphical error. Ths wood-cot 
ornament at the top of the first page of tbe text has a representation of Noib's 
Ark in the centre, and at tbe tides, winged boys ; in the first edition is a scroll with 
fiowen and heads. 

Five maps and views, as in the firat edition. 

Priaied title for tbe pla(e«, same as in Brat edition ; the imprint " Feakcovvsti 
Exeudebat ETomuM Ktmpfftr. Anno M »C IXIX." 

fifty -dghl plates, with explanations beneath, printed on both ddea of the leaves, 
numbered L-LVUI. 

Hap of the Island of Nova Zbublii on the rererse of the last plate. 

" PraemiitataMatevmaf^ NoTA Zbmbla," etc, 1 page, withoat any colophon ; 
reverse, blank. 

Part IV. 1601. 
*^^ pABS Qvarta ludue OrientalU : qva primviD varij generalis Aiii- 
malia, Fructas, Arboles, .... accurate describuntur. Per loan- 

ed by GoOglc 


Dent Hvgonem Lintschotanum, & noonullnB alios SecVndo : 

NoDiBsima Hollandorum in Indiatn Orientalem nanigatio, ad Tens 
Anni 1598, introitum suscepta, & quatuor exinde reducibus naoi- 
bus menee lulio An. 1599. confecta, exponitur. Omnia ex Ger- 
manico Latinitate donata, studio & opera Bilibaldi Strobsei Sileeii. 
Et in auperriaia & artificiociasimiB in lee inciBiB Iconib. illnstrata & 
edita a lo. Theod. & lo. Israele de Bry, fratribus. FbANCOFVBTI 
apud Malthaevm Becker. m.dci. 

[The lai^er portion of this Part is a, continu&tion of the narrative of Lnr- 
BCHOTEN giving an account of the piants, fruits, animals, precious atones, 
and other curiositiog of the East Indies. The latter part is devoted to 
the relation of a voyage of the Dutch to the East Indies, in 1598 and 1 599, 
being an abridgment of a voyage contained in the Fifth Part of this collec- 

Printed title with an engraved border; repretenting in the 
lower part men engaged in capturing a whale, repeated on a 
larger scale in Plate IV. 

Epistle Dedicatorj to Fmedbkiok IV., Count Falalin of the BaiitE, dated 
AoKiiit 6, IBOI, signed by the brotlten Db Bar, 1 leaf. 

Preface, " Candida tt heneedt Ltclori S.," S leavca ; the reverse of Ibe last, Mank. 

Text, " Qpartapart vtbrtait," 1-111 psgee; reverse of tlie last, blank. 

Printed title U> the plates, "/emwi «et> gaujiiuE et exprata ddintationei 

FajiHooyTBTi. Inprimtbat Matthiziii Bedia: jinno m.dci." 

Twentf-one plates ou as man; leaves, with eiplanalioni beneath, L-XXl. ; at 
the bottom of the last leaf, the word " Finu." 

" The foni librarians " vrrites Brusbt, "of tbe name of Da Bcai, who, during 
almost a eentnrf have snccessivelj examined with great care all the Ijitin editiona 
of tbe diffbrenl parts of tbe Great and Small Voyages, have not noticed anj re- 
impressions of the Small Vojages except of the first three parts, and of tbe Tenth 
Fart." Tet the "OaxHvii.LB Catalogue" {VtA. I., p. 188, 3d col.) describes a copj 
which not only embraces a sacond edition of Fart* 1., II., and III., as we have de- 
teribed in this eollection, bnt also secood editions of Parti IV. to IX., with the 
•ame dates as those of the flret editions. 

Pabt V. 1601. 
'^ Qyinta Pars Indice Orientalis : Qua continetur vera & accurata 
descriptio vniverBa nauigationie illius, quam Hollandi cum octonis 
naoiboB in terras Orientales, prscipud verft in lananas & Moluc- 
canas Insulas, Bantam, Bandam & Tematem, &c. snsceperunt : 
qui An, 1598 Amstelredamo soluentes, partim posiero anno 1599, 
partim hunc sequente 1600 cnm ingentiboa diuitiis, piperia, nncum 
myristicanim, Garjophyllomm, & cateromm pretiosorum aroma- 
tum, feliciter confecto itinera redierunt : Tbi inxta, qusecunque in 
itinera ab ipeis gesta, visa & obseruata sunt, si^Uatira per cen- 

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Bentur. Opus Bel^ca lingua primd editnm : postea Getm&nico 
Idiomate pnriore redditam, & ex hoc iam Latio donatom k Bili- 

bstdo Strobteo Silesio : adiecta suut tabulae sen Icones 

Bubtili opera in x» incisse & edita h lo. Theod. & lo. Israele de 
Bry, fratribus. Fbancofueti, apod Matikaetm Becker. M-DCI. 

[Voyages of tlie Dutch to the East Indies in 1598.] 

Printed title within an et^aved border. 

Prebce, " Lectori bauvulo taiMem et pratpa-itata»," 9 loTst. 

Text, " Qmnta pan India OriaOt^u," 1-56 ; A>Uow«d bj ■ Torabnlaij, Halij nd 
Latin, pagM ST to 60. 

Priated dda to the platei, " lamei latiJkUme, vera el aaxrata Fuxoo- 

FTBTI, Inprinebal Mailhaui Bedcer. Anno x.I>OI." 

TwBn^ plates and topographical mapi, on ai many leavM, I. to XX, wiA ei- 
planationi lieneath; at the bottom of the lait, the ward "^lut." 

Pakt V. Second ^ipreuion of 1601. 

This imprenion hat the »ame title and date a» the preceding, 
and is in all retpectt the tame, except in the plates ; 1. to Vil. 
of thete are on teparate leavea ; VJJJ. to XV. are douhU, or 
printed on both aidet of the let^f ; XVI. to XX. on teparate 

In all the copiea of thii port nen bf Cixua the letten of reference were re 
touched bjhand; such appetri to hftve been the caie with oar copj. The copj 
described bj Ds Bukb bad fonr leaTe* with plalae on each ride like oms. 

Part VI. 1604. 
"• iNDliG Orientalia Para VI. Vivam et historicain deBcriptionem 
avriferi regni Qvinese, ad Africam pertinentis, qvod aliaa littvB de 
Mina vocant, contiiienB, Qua Bitns loci, ratio Txbium & demonun, 
portUB item & flumina Taria, cum Tariis iucolarum superstitioniboB, 
educatione, forma, commerciiB, Unguis & moribns, succiucta breni- 
tate explicantur & percensentur. Latinitate ex Germanico donata 
studio & opera M. Gotard Arthue Dantiscani. Uluatirata Tero 
viuie, & artificioBiBsiiue in ebb incisis iconibuB, inque lacem edita a 
lobanne Theodoro & lohanne Israel de Bry, fratribus. (^Engraved 
Vignette : centre, two shipt under tail; a man and woman at the 
Bidet.') Feahcofukti ad Mcehum ex Officina Wolfgangi Rich- 
teri, sumptibuB lohan, Theodori ^ lohan Itrael de Bry fratribus. 
Anno M.DIV. 

[An ftcconnt of the Kingdom of Guinea, in Atrica, from obaerrationii 
made by the Dutch in the year 1600 ; with a history of the early vojagea to 
that coaat by the Fortagueae, French, and Dutch.] 



Printed title urithout an engraved border ; vignette, repreaent- 
ing two thipa under tail, a man and woman at the tides, the 
tame uted in the title of the Tenth Part of the Great Vbi/agei. 

EpUtle dedicatorf t« JoHH Adui, Arcbbiihopof Moouhtino (Matbkcb), with 
bii coat of ■mu, 3 Iwtm. 

T«xt, " Sexta pan India Orimlalii," 1-1 37 pages ; rereraa oT iha Iwt, bluik. 

Printed title to Iba plaMi, " Iconei wu vtra <( viva Tfprfseatatioaa onutiun pra- 

cipvamm rerffm,"«c. " Pbimcopubti tx Offidna Ti/pographica Wclffimgi 

BidUeri, Simpt&u Fratnat pradiclarum. M.DCiii." 

T«eiit7-«iz pluei on tbs Mine onmber of leave*, L to XXYl., with GxplanalioDB 
beneath; the plate* nsmbered with AnUc Dgnrea. 

The aecond plate i» nombeRd 3, and the ihird one 3 ; while the explanation of 
the aecoDd fUU bdong* to the third, and that of the third to