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CLASS OF 1882 








C A T i?L I^ C) C f U K 

,, ' .■• . 



AxM> F()Lr/)\VlNG DAYS, WY 


.L C 

Clinton .^)all .Siilcsrooms initi ^rt Galleries. 

:\STOK lM.A(^i:, NKW VOniv (MTV. 

S*«l«" *«> coiuin«'Mce ein-li tiny itt. Ponr «*i'Iork, P, M, 

O/ I. r- t«»r ^In* sale will Ixi nM-oivod jml caret'uMy oxtM.-ntcd '\ 
Jt»sKi'ii Sahix, St \ass;Hi Str(M»t, N^'w Y'.rk ; l»y >Vi(;(;in 
vS:-LrNT, liostoii, ami by tlio AuctioiKun*^. 

L. i;. Wl-STON, PKlNlhll. lA CrVWA) KOW. 

1 8 t) 'J . 










m. ma mmwmx 



V 18 6 9. 




Thb books described in the following Catalogue comprise a pri- 
vate Library, the collection of which has been the amusement of the 
owner, occupying much of his time for several years past. 

It will be noticed that the Library is almost wholly composed of 
'* Americana/' scarcely any of the works bear a foreign imprint, 
and most of those which do, relate to America. 

A few specialties have claimed particular attention, in the forma- 
tion of the Catalogue. Some of them have been grouped together, 
while others have been widely scattered and are thus liable to escape 
notice. Of the former, the most prominent are Local Histories, 
works relating to Washington, Memorials of Lincoln, books on the 
Rebellion, the works of the Mathers, American Trials, and books 
relating to the Indians. Of the latter, Masonic Works, School 
Books, books on Witchcraft and Spiritualism, and kindred subjects, 
Execution Discourses, and works on Suicide, and Pre-existence, may 
be particularly specified. 

The departments of Revolutionary Pamphlets, of works relating 
to paper money of the period of the Revolution, and works by the 
early New England Divines, are all well represented. 

Several rare imprints will be observed — including Benjamin 
Franklin, Franklin and Hall, James Franklin, Widow Franklin, 
and Christopher Sower. 

In apology for the fact that many of the books are in boards, or 
in sheets, I have to say that my preference has always been to use 
the limited means at my command in the purchase of other books, 
rather than in binding those already in possession. 

The books are generally in good condition, unless otherwise stated ; 

some imperfections of unimportant books may not have been noted, 
and on the other hand no attempt has been made to describe par-, 
ticularly the condition of a great majority of the books, which are 
in the finest possible or^er. 

Collations are given of a few, and I have aimed to call attention 
to all defects in valuable works. 

Objections may, and no doubt will be made, to the use of the 
words scarce and rare. I have to say, if the terms are offensively 
prominent, it is the fault of the books, for which the compiler is not 
answerable. The words are not used for the purpose of enhancing 
the value of the books. No one is better aware than the writer that 
rarity and value are not synonymous, and that simple rarity does 
not necessarily make a book either valuable or desirable. In illus- 
tration of this remark, it may be observed that numbers 465 and 
1170 both deserve the epithet of rare, both being probably unique ; 
but while I should estimate the former at its cost, say five cents, I 
should not consider five hundred dollars as misspent in the purchase 
of the latter, a work so rare that it has not been seen or known 
since the days of Cotton Mather, — the copy here offered being 
probably the very one to which he refers in his Life of Eliot. 

Nowork has been received from any other collection for this sale. 
The Catalogue is what it purports to be, that of a private collection 
strictly ; further, it comprises the entire collection, with the sole 
exception of presentation books, a few duplicates, and a few trifles 
too unimportant to deserve a place. 

It is, of course, quite unnecessary to call the attention of collec- 
tors to the rarities contained in the Catalogue ; but a list will be 
found on the third page of the cover, comprising a few of the more 
prominent volumes of this description. A great number equally 
rare and quite as important are necessarily omitted. 

For the faults in the arrangement and style of the Catalogue, I 
must plead my total inexperience in such matters. Desiring to class 
certain specialties together, I have at times sacrificed somewhat of 
system, and the fact that a number of books were entirely over- 
looked till many pages of the Catalogue were printed, com- 

pelled me to deviate from proper rules of arrangement, and finally 
to group numerous titles under " Addenda," as the only alternative 
to their omission. 

The arrangement of Local History, under the names of places, is 
perhaps an innovation, but seems enough more convenient to war- 
rant the change. 

Had I lived in New York, where I could have submitted the man- 
uscript to competent bibliographers, I should without doubt have 
been spared the mortification of falling into numerous errors ; but 
residing in a rural district, this advantage was denied me. 

In conclusion, I would say I have done the best I could, and I 
trust to the kindness of friends to excuse both redundancies and 
omissions, feeling assured that the appeal will not be made in vain 
to those who know the disadvantages under which the manuscript 
has been prepared, those disadvantages being in part an almost to- 
tal inability to write, on account of partial blindness, and a business 
requiring attention so constantly, as to leave, for a work of this 
kind, scarcely any time, except such as is taken from those hours of 
night usually given to repose. 



r i 



1 Abbot (Abiel). History of Andover, from its settle-// ^ 

ment to 1829. 12mo, cloth. Andover, 1829. 

2 Abbot (Rev. J. E.) Sermoas, with a Memoir. By Henry Z^^ 

Ware, Jr. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1829. 

3 Abbott (Jacob). The Corner Stone. 12mo, cloth. /^ ^ 

Boston, 1834. 

4 Abbott. The Way to do Good. 12mo, chth. ^ 5 " 

Boston, 1836. 
6 Abbott (J. S. C.) The Young Astronomer. 12mo, 6oari». . / 

New York, 1846, 

6 Abeecrombib (John), j The Harmony of Christian Faith -^~ 

and Christian Character. 16mo, cloih. 

New York, 1839. 

7 Abeecrombib. Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Pow- / C 

ers. 24mo, cloth. New York, 1839. 

8 Abeecrombib. The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. ^ ^ 

18mo, clo^. New York, 1833. 

9 Abbege Des Revolutions de L'Angien Gouvemement S^ 

Frangois, etc. 24mo, calf, gilt. Paris, 1800. 

10 Abridgement (An) of Mr. Locke's Essay concerning Hu- i "^ 

man Understanding. 1 2mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1 822. 

11 Accompaniment (An) to Mitchell's Reference and Distance JL 

Map of the United States. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1836. 

12 Account of the Loss of the Lady Hobart Packet on an -^ 

Island of Ice in the Atlantic Ocean. Plate. 12mo. 

London, 8.a. 

/ ^ 13 Account of the Wonderful Preservation of the Crew of 
the Sloop Nelly and Betty. Plate, 12mo. pp. 36. 

London, s.a. 
/ii^ 14 Account (An) of the Funeral Honors bestowed on the 
Remains of Capt. Lawrence and Lieut. Ludlow, with the 
Eulogy pronounced at Salem, on the occasion, by Hon. 
Joseph Story. An Account of the Engagement between 
the Chesapeake and Shannon, with documents relative 
to the same, and Biographical and Poetical Notices. 
8vo, pp. 64, rough edges. Scarce. Boston, 1813. 

^"^ 15 Account of the Life and Writings of Thomas Sprat, D. D. 
With a true copy of his Last Will and Testament. Svo , 
pp. 14-12. London, 1715. 

// 2 16 Account (An) of the Proceedings at the Dinner given 
by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans connected 
with the Great Exliibition at the London Co£Fee House, 
Ludgate Hill, on the 27th October, 1851. 8vOj cloth, gilt 
edges, London, William Pickering, mdcccli. 

^ 5^ 17 Account (An) of Knoepfers Schoharie Cave, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y. With the History of its Discovery, Subter- 
ranean Lake, Minerals, and Natural Curiosities. Illus- 
trated with Engravings. Svo, pp. 16. New York, 1853. 

^"^ 18 Account (An) of the Boston Female Asylum. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Boston, 1803. 
/C 19 Account (An) of the Imprisonment and Sufferings of 
Robert Fuller of Cambridge, who, while peaceably, and 
quietly, and rationally, in possession of his own house, 
was seized and detained in the M'Lean Asylum for the 
Insane at Charlestown, Mass., for 65 days. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Boston, 1833. 
y jj'"20 Account (An) of the Great Earthquake in the Wes- 
tern States, particularly on the Mississippi River, Dec. 
16-23, 1811. 8vo, pp. 16, vncvt. Scarce. 

Newburyport, 1812. 

J' $"^21 Account (An) of the Life and Travels in the Work of 
the Ministry of John Fothergill. To which are added, 

Divers Epistles to Friends in Great Brittain.and Amer- 
ica. Small 8vo, sheep. " • 

Philadelphia, James Chattin, 1754. 

Chattin's imprint is rare. 

22 Account (An) of a Journey to Niagara, Montreal and 

Quebec, in 1765, or "'Tis Eighty Years Since." 8vo, 
pp. 20. New York, 1846. 

23 Account (An) of the Manners of the German Inhabitants / 2 ^ ^ 

of Pennsylvania. 8vo, pp. 90. s.l.s.a. 

24 Account (An) of Abimelech Goody, and other celebrated, J 6'^ 

Writers of New York, in a Letter from a Traveller to 
his Friend in frouth Carolina. Svo, pp. 16. s.l. [1815.] 

25 Account (An) of all the Pictures exhibited in the British / 

Institution from 1813 to 1823, belonging to the No- 
bility and Gentry of England. 12mo, cloth, 

London, 1824. 

26 Account (An) of some of the most celebrated Battles, S 

Sieges, and Sea-fights recorded in History. 24mo, sheep. 

Watertown, 1839. 

27 Account (An) of Louisiana. 8vo, pp. 60. // 

Philadelphia, 1803. 

28 Account (An) of Denmark, as it was in the Year 1692. / 

Svo, calf. London, 1694. 

29 Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia, J ^T> 

for the Sessions 1861-62-63-64. With Journal of 

the General Convention, and Legislative Documents. 

6 Vols. 8vo, half hound. 1861-64. 

A scarce and valuable Series; a history of Legislation in Virginia, during 
the late War. 

30 Act (An) for Regulating and Governing the Militia of the ^ 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Svo, pp. 84. 

Boston, 1793. 

31 Acts (The) of the Elders, commonly called the Book of ^ L. 

Abraham. To which is appended a chapter from the 
Book of Religious Errors, with Notes of Explanation, 
calculated for the Meridian of Rliode Island, but will 



8 '" ^ 

answer for the New England States. Written by him- 
self. Engraving. 8vo, cloth. Published for the pur- 
chaser. Boston, 1846. 

/ 32 Adams (Alex. LL. D.) The Rudiments of Latin and En- 
glish Grammar, designed to facilitate the study of both 
languages, by connecting them together. 12mo, scarce. 

Boston, 1799. 

33 Adams. Roman Antiquities. Svo, sheep. New York, 1823. 

J i S^34 Adams (Amos, A. M.) The Expediency and Utility of 
War, in the present State of Things considered. A 
Discourse before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company, at Boston, June 4th, 1 759, In the Audience 
of His Excellency the Governor, His Honor the Lieu- 
tenant-Governor, and the Honourable His Majesty's 
Council of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay. Svo, 
pp. 32. Boston, mdccltx. 

/^^^ 35 Adams. Sermon delivered at Roxbury, Oct. 25, 1759, 
on the general Thanksgiving for the success of His 
Majesty's Arms, " More particularly in the Reduction of 
Quebec, the Capitol of Canada." 8vo, pp. 29. Scarce. 

Boston, 1759. 

^ f' 36 Adams. A Sermon upon the Death of Mrs. Lucy Dudley, 
relict of the late Honourable Paul Dudley, Esq., who 
died Oct. 24, 1756, set. 72. Preached at Roxbury, 
Oct. 31, 1756. 8vo, pp. 26. Scarce. Boston, 1756. 

/ ^ 37 Adams. Sermon at the Ordination of Samuel Kingsbury 
at Edgartown, on Martha's- Vineyard, Nov. 25, 1761. 
Svo, pp. 43. Boston, New England, 1762. 

/^"^ 38 Ad IMS. Sermon at the Ordination of Mr. John Wyeth, 
Gloucester, Feb*. 5, 1766. 8vo, pp. 45. 

Boston, New England, 1766. 

t^ 39 Adams. The Only Hope and Refuge of Sinners. A Ser- 
mon at Roxbury, Feb. 22, 1767. Svo, pp. 32. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclxvii. 

40 Adams. Sermon at the Ordination of the Revd. Mr. Jona- ^ 

than Moore, Rochester. Sept. 25, 1760. 8vo, pp.38. 

Boston, New England, 1768. 

41 Adams (Eliphalet M. A.) A Discourse showing that so^ ^"D 

long as there is any prospect of a Sinful People^s yield- 
ing good Fruit hereafter, there is hope that they may 
be Spared, and there is room for Intercession to be 
made on that Account As it was .delivered at Hart- 
ford, May 10, 1733, the day for the Election of the 
Governor there. Small 8vo, pp. 79, rough edges. Scarce. 

New London, P. Green, 1734. 

42 Adams (P. C.) Manuel Pereira, or The Sovereign Rule of /u 

South Carolina. With views of Southern Laws, Life 
and Hospitality. 12mo, pp. 304. 

Washington, D.C. 1853. 

43 Adams (Hannah). An Alphabetical Compendium of the ^ C 

various Sects which have appeared in the World from 
the beginning of the Christian Era, to the present day, 
with an Appendix, containing a brief Account of the 
different Schemes of Religion now embraced among 
Mankind. 8vo, calf. Boston, mdcclxxxiv. 

44 Adams. A Narrative of the Controversy between the Rev. -2 5 

Jedediah Morse, D.D., and the Author. 8vo, pp. 31-3. 
-42. unait. Boston, 1814. 

45 Adams. Letters on the Gospels. 24mo, half morocco, -^ 

Cambridge, 1826. 

46 Adams. History of New England. \2mOj boards, J^ 

Boston, 1807. 

47 Adams (John, LL. D.) A Defense of the Constitutions of / ^" 

Government of the United States of America. 8vo, calj 
gilt. London, mdcclxxxvii. 

48 Adams (John Q.) Poems of Religion and Society. 12mo, / ^ . 

cloth. New York, 1850. 

49 Adams . The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe. / /" 

Parts. l2mo, sheep. Buffalo, 1860. 


p^ 50 Adams. Oration at Newburyport, July 4th, 1837. Auto- 
graph of the Author. 8vo,pp. 68. Newburyport, (1837.) 

/O 51 Adams. Report on Weights and Measures, December, 
1819. 8vo, boards. Washington, 1821. 

J r^ 52 Adams (Joseph). Search the Scriptures. Written in sup- 
port of the Religion brought by our forefathers, the 
Pilgrims, who landed in Plymouth, Mass., more than 
two hundred years ago. 8vo, pp. 19. 

City ofRoxbury, 1846. 

/O 53 Adams (Nehemiah, D.D.) A Sabbath Discourse on the 
Death of Hon. Rufus Choate. 16mo, doth. 

Boston, 1859. 

^ 54 Adams. Sermon to the ^owdoin Street Society, Boston, 
oil closing their House of Worship, 1862. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, 1862. 

i 55 Addison (Joseph). The Evidences of the Christian Re- 
ligion. 12mo, sheep. Glasgow, mdccxlv. 

Autograph of J. Warren. 

J ^ 56 Addison. Evidences of the Christian Religion. 12mo, 
sheep. Boston, 1795. 

/ "^ 57 Addington (Stephen). The Christian Minister's Reasons 
for Baptizing Infants, and for Administering the Ordi- 
nance by Sprinkling or Pouring of Water. \2mOjboards 
uncut. Boston, 1818. 

//'S^S Address (An) to the Inhabitants of the Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, more especially To 
the Inhabitants of Boston- Occasioned by the late Il- 
legal and Unwarrantable attack upon their Liberties, 
and the unhappy Confusion and Disorders consequent 
thereon. By a Lover of his Country. 4to, pp. 8, uncut. 
Boston, Printed and sold by Rogers & Fowle, in Queen 

Street, (1747.) 

Fine copy of a very rare pamphlet, relating to the proceedings of an 
English Press Chmg, in the Town of Boston. 


59 Address (An) to a Provincial Bashaw. By a Son of Lib-^/ ^ 

erty. 4to. Rare. Printed in (the Tyranic Administra- 
tion of St. Francisco,) (Boston,) 1769. 
By the Basliftw is meant Qov. Bernard. 

60 Address (An) to the Judges on being called up for judge- / C> 

ment, May 30, 1799. 12mo, pp. 34. uoguZ. 

London, 1799. 

61 Address (An) to the People of Great Britain on the Pro- / C 

priety of Abstaining from West-India Sugar and Rum. 
12mo, pp. 12, uncvl. Scarce. 

Boston, Samuel Hall, 1792. 

62 Address (An) of the Convention for Framing a new Con- ^ Q 

stitution of Government for the State' of Massachusetts 
Bay to their Constituents. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut. Bare. 

Boston, MDCCLXXX. 

63 Address and Reasons of Dissent of the Minority of the 5"^^ 

Convention of the State of Pennsylvania. 12mo, pp. 126. 


64 Address of Memucan Hunt to the People of Texas, So- /O 

liciting the payment of his claims against the State. 
8vo, pp. 84. Galveston, 1851. 

65 Address of the General Committee of Republican Young ^ 

Men of the City and County of New York to their 
constituents and to the Republican Young Men of the 
State of New York. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1808. 

66 Adet (P. A.) Notes from Citizen Adet, Minister Pleni- / 

potentiary of the French Republic near the United 
States of America. To the Secretary of State of the 
United States. 8vo, pp. 95. Philadelphia, 1796. 

67 Admirable (The). Travels of Messieurs Thomas Jen- J 

kins and David Lowellin, Through the Unknown Tracts 
of Africa, With the Manner how Lowellin lived eight 
Years on an Uninhabited Spot, and having sustained 
many dangerous Attacks from the wild Beasts and Sav- 
ages, returned safe to London in September, 1791, af- 
ter having been eleven Years in these extensive Regions. 
Engraving. 8vo, pp. 40, uncut. London, 1792. 


J 68 Advice to a Young Christian, By a Village Pastor. 24mo, 
hoards^ uncut. New York, 1831. 

<f^ 69 Adventures of Captain James Thompson in the Northern 
Circars of India. Plate. 12mo. London, s.a. 

/ 10 Adventures (The) of Signor Gaudentio di Lucca, being 
the substance of his Examination before the Fathers of 
the Inquisition at Bologna in Italy, giving an account of 
an Unknown Country in .the Midst of the Deserts of 
Africa. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. Baltimore) 1800. 

O 71 Adventures (The) of the three Australian Travellers 
(Capt. J. Reid and his companions Cooper and Parker), 
In Search of the Marvelous ) giving a Graphic Account 
of the Discovery, Capture and Semi-Civilization of the 
Wild Australian Children, Homio and Jola. 8vo, pp. 1 5. 

New York, 1864. 

/ Q 72 Adventures (The) of Hajji Baba of Ispahar, in England. 

2 vols, in one 12mo, hcdf calf. New York, 1828. 

/l^ 73 Adventures (The) of A. Salmon in the River Dee, By a 
Friend of the Family. Plates. 12mo, pp. 104, vncut. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1853, 

/^i 74 Adventures (The) of Uncle Sam in Search after his Lost 
Honor. By Frederick Augustus Fidfaddy, Esq. 12mo, 
hoards, uncut, . Middleto wn, 1816. 

^ o 75 Adventures (The) of Ebenezer Fox in the Revolutionary 
War. Illustrated by Elegant Engravings. 24mo, cloth, 

Boston, 1847. 

-<:?S"^ 76 Adventures (The) of Lucy Brewer, alias Louisa Baker, 
Who after living three years a distinguished member of 
an Immoral Society of her Sex in Boston, became dis- 
gusted with the Sisterhood, and garbed as a Male, en. 
tered as a Marine on board the Frigate Constitution, 
where she faithfully served in that capacity during three 
years of our late contest with Great Britain, and from 
which she was honorably discharged without a discovery 
of her sex being made. 8vo, pp. 30. Incomplete. Bare. 

Boston, 1816. 


77 Adtentures of British Seamen in the Southern Ocean. ^ 

24mo, clothfimcut, Edinburgh, 1827. 

78 Affairs at Fort Chartres, 1768-1781. 4to, pp. 12. / S^ 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

Edition 60 copies. 

79 Affecting (An) History of the Captivity and Sufferings /^ 2- 

of Mrs. Mary Velnet, An Italian Lady, Who was Seven 
Years a Slave in Tripoli. Written by Herself. 12mo, 
boards. Boston, s.a. 

80 Affecting (The) Narrative and Surprising Adventures of ^^ 

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Plate. 12ino, pp. 
36. Edinburgh, s.a. 

81 Affecting (The) History of Tom Bragwell, an Unhappy /(;^ 

Young Man, and The Cases of the Three Young Men 
Who were executed at Edinburgh a few years ago, 
12mo, pp. 200, uncut. Haddington, 1821. 

82 Agassiz (Louis). Comparative Embryology. Numerous / ^ 

Engravings. 8vo. pp. 104. Boston, 1849. 

83 Aid to L^eland. Report of the Irish Relief Committee of J_ ^'^ 

the City of New York. 8vo, pp. 186. 

New York, 1848. 

84 AiKiN (J., M. D.) Letters to a Young Lady on a course ^'^ 

of English Poetry. Cap 8vo, boards unciU. 

London, 1807. 

85 AiKiN (C.R.) Jennerian Discovery, or a Concise View ^ ^ 

of all the most Important Facts which have hitherto ap- 
peared concerning the Vaccine or Cow Pock. 1 8mo, 
sheep. Philadelphia, 1801. 

86 AiNSLiB (Robert). Reasons for the Hope that is in us. z/ C 

Post 8vo, doth. Edinburgh, 1831. 

87 Akerman (John Y.) Tradesmen's Tokens Current in y/'5 

London and its Vicinity, between the years 1648 and 
1672, described from the Originals in the British Mu- 
seum, and in several Private Collections. Plates. 8vo, 
cloth. Published at 15s. London, ] 849. 


^ 88 Alala ou les Habitans du Desert, Parodie D'Atala. 24mo, 
calf, Au Grand Village, An. ix. 1801. 

^2 5"" 89 Alabama (The) Historical Society. 8vo, pp. 54. 

Tuscaloosa, 1852. 

J ^'& 90 Albach (James R.) Annals of the West, embracing a 
Concise Account of Principal Events which have oc- 
curred in the Western States and Territories, from the 
Discovery of the Mississippi Valley, to the year Eighteen 
Hundred and Fifty-six. Thick 8vo, iheep. 

Pittsburg, 1857. 

^5"*^ 91 Albach. Annals of the West. Embracing a concise Ac- 
count of Principle Events, which have occurred in the 
Western States and Territories. 8vo, ihtefp. 

St Louis, 1852. 

J"" 92 Alciphron or the Minute Philosopher. Vol. H. 12mo, 
calf. London, 1732. 

^ ^ 93 Alcott (A. Bronson) Conversations with Children on 
the Gospels. 12mo, doih. Boston, 1836. 

•^ ^ 94 Alcott (Wm. A.) The Young Woman's Guide. 24mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1847. 

i ^ 95 Alcott. The Young Wife, or Woman in the Marriage 
Relation. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1849. 

J C 96 Alcott. The Young Husband, or Duties of Man in the 
Marriage Relation. 16mo, cloih^ Boston, 1851. 

-^^^ 97 Alden (Ebenezer, M. D.) History of the Medical Pro- 
fession in the County of Norfolk, Mass. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Boston, 1853. 

/ : i 98 Alden (Timothy, A. M.) A Collection of American 
Epitaphs and Inscriptions, With Occasional Notes. 5 
vols., 24mo, iheep^ gilt, uncut. Very scarce. 

New York, 1813. 

Not perfect 




99 Aldbx (Abner, A. M.) The Reader, containing the Art ^^ 
of Delivery ,Articulation,Accent,Pronunciation,Empha8i8, 
Pauses, Key or Pitch of the Voice and Tones. A SB- 
lection of Lessons in the various kinds of Prose, and a 
Selection of Lessons in the various kinds of Verse, be- 
ing the Third Part of a Columbian Exercise. 12mo, 
hdf bcnind. Very scarce. Boston, 1814. 

100 Alderman Rooney. At the Cable Banquet. The ^C 

Aitin and Dhrinkin and Spaykin and Toasts, Edited by 
D. O'C. T. Illustrated by MagrotL 8vo. 

New York, 1867. 

101 Aldrich (Thomas B.) The Course of True Love never ^ 

Did Run Smooth. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

102 Alger (William R.) The Poetry of the East. Cap. ^7' 

8vo, clotL Boston, 1856. 

103 Alger. History of the Cross of Christ 16mo, cloth. ^ 

Boston, 1858. 

104 Alison (Archibald). Sermons Chiefly on Particular Oo- $ ^ 

casions. 12mo, sheep. Georgetown Col., 1815. 

105 Alison . (Archibald, LL. B.) Sermons. Vol. 2, 12mo, ^ '^ 

sheep. Boston, 1816. 

106 Alleged Corrupt Combinations of Members of Con- ^ ^ '^ 

gress, 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1857. 

107 Allen (Col. Ethan). A Narrative of his Captivity, con-^ ^ S 

taining his Voyages and Travels. 12mo, hoards^ scarce. 

Walpole, N. H., 1807. 

108 Allen (George). The Life of Philidor, Musician and/. -7; 

Chess-Player. Tinted Paper. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, rough 
edges. Large paper. Philadelphia, 1863. 

109 Same. 8vo, boards, uncut. ^ ^ "' 

Large Paper ; one of very few copies printed on Datoh laid paper. 

110 Allen (L-a). The Natural and Political History of the / /'^ 

State of Vermont. 8vo, calf. London, 1798. 

111 Allen (R. L., M. D.) Hand-Book of Sarotoga. Plates J q 

12mo, pp. 147. Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 


^)^"'ll2 Allen (William). Killing no Murder. Originally ap- 
plied to Oliver Cromwell. A Discourse proving it 
Lawfiil to Kill a Tyrant according to the Opinion of the 
most Celebrated Ancient Authors. In same vol., Les- 
sons to a Young Prince. 8vo, half calf, 

tondon, 1775, 1791. 

y^ <^ 113 Allen (William, D. D.) Memoir of John Codman,D.D. 
Post 8vo, chth. Boston, 1853. 

)7 5^114 Allen (William fl., LL. D.) Eulogy on Daniel Web- 
ster. 8vo, pp. 51. Philadelphia, 1853. 

^ST^ 115 Alubone (S. Austin). A Critical Dictionary of English 
Literature and British and American Authors, Living 
and Deceased from the Earliest Accounts to the Middle 
of the Nineteenth Century. Vol. I. all published. Royal. 
%Y0, cloth. Philadelphia, 1858. 

y^^ 116 Allom (Thomas). Character and Costume in Turkey and 
Italy. A Series of 22 Colored Plates. Folio, cloth, 

London, g.a. 

/S^ 117 Almanach de la Noblesse du Royaume de France, 1848. 
12mo uncut, pp. 440. Paris, 1848. 

/ C'u 118 Altheo (Don Francisco B.) Naked Truth, Or a Plain 
Discovery Of the Intrigues of Amorous Fops and 
Humours of several other Whimsical Persons. In a 
Pleasant and Profitable Dialogue between a precious 
Saint-like Sister, called Terpole,and Mimologus, A Scof- 
fing Buffoon. 8vo, sheep. London, 1673. 

^ J ^119 Alvord (Rev. J, W.) Historical Address in Stamford, 
Ct. 8vo, pp.40. New York, 1842. 

2 ^ 120 American Almanac. 2 vols., 12mo, uncut. 

Boston, 1856-60. 

// 2^ 121 American Bards, A Satire. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Philadelphia, 1820. 

"b"^ 122 American Book of Battles. Engravings, 8vo, pp.208. 

Boston, 1858. 


123 American Captives in Tripoli, or Dr. Cowdery's Journal ^^ 

in Miniature,kept during his late Captivity. 12mo, pp. 
34. Boston, 1806. 

124 American Journal of Education for the years 1826-27./^ 

2 vols., 8vo, half calf. Boston, 1826-27. 

125 American Naval Battles, with twenty-one Elegant En-/^'^ 

gravings. 8vo, ccdf Boston, 1831. 

126 American (The) Shooter^s Manual, comprising such Plain/ 6 2- 

and Simple Rules as are necessary to introduce The In- 
experienced into a full knowledge of all that relates to 
the Dog, and the Correct use of the Gun, also a des- 
cription of the Game of this Country. Plates. 12mo, 
boardSf uncut. Yerj scarce. Philadelphia, 1827. 

127 American (The) Spectator or Matrimonial Preceptor, a ^6) 

Collection, with additions and variations, of Essays, 
Epistles, Precepts and Examples relating to the Married 
State. Adapted to the State of Society in the American 
Republic. Plate. 12mo, sfieep. Boston, 1797. 

128 American (The) Star, being a choice Collection of the// 2- 

most approved Patriotic and Other Songs, together with 
many others never before published. 24mo, sfieep. 
Scarce. Richmond, 1817. 

129 American (The) Apollo, for 1792. 8vo, pp. 394, rough <^^ 

edges. Scarce. 

130 American (The) Journal of Science and Arts. Second ^ 2- 

Series, Vol. I., 1846. 8vo, half Russia. 

New Haven, 1846. 

131 American (The) Chesterfield, or Way to Wealth, Honors S ^ 

and Distinction. Engravings. 32mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1833. 

132 American (The) Nepos. A Collection of the Lives of / ^ 

the most Remarkable and most Eminent Men who have 
contributed to the Discovery, the Settlement and the 
Independence of America. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. 

Baltimore, 1811. 


/" 133 American (The) Library of Useful Knowledge. Vol. III. 
I2m0y cloth. Boston, 1831. 

^134 American (The) Quarterly Review. Vol. I. 8vo, halj 

sheep. Philadelphia, 1827. 

^$^135 American (The) Annual Register for 1829-32. 3 vols. 

8vo, uncut. Boston, 1831-33. 

//-Z 136 American (The) Museum, or Universal Magazine for 
February, 1790. 8vo, uncut. 
Contains a letter to the publisher from George Washington. 

<^ 137 American (The) Pioneer. 12mo, pp. 24. Boston, 1854. 

/O 138 American (The) Revolution, including also the Beauties 
of American History. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

/ C 139 American (The) Revolution, By Richard Snowden; writ- 
ten in Scripture Style. 12mo. Wants title page. 

^^140 Amicable (The) Fire Society. Instituted at Boston, Feb. 
5 th, 1785. 16mo. s.l.s.a. 

^ 141 Analysis (An) of the Corporation of the City of New 
York and the adaption of Railways to Cities considered. 
8vo, pp. 25. New York, 1854. 

J f 142 Anastatic Drawings of Gold and Silver Medals present- 
ed to Capt. Greorge William Manby, F. R. S. 8vo, clotJi, 
gilt. Yarmouth, 1851. 

^ 143 Andersen (Christian). The True Story of my Life. 
12mo, pp. 298. Boston, 1847. 

^144 Anderson (^neas). A Narrative of the British Embassy 
to China, in the years 1792, 1793, and 1794. Contain- 
ing the Various Circumstances of the Embassy, with 
Accounts of Customs and Manners of the Chinese. 
12mo, sheep. New York, 1795. 

f" 145 Andrews (E. A.) A First Latin Book. 16mo, half 
hound. Boston, 1846. 

f" 146 Andrews (J. D.) Trade and Commerce of the British 
North American Colonies. 8vo, sheep. 

Washington, 1851. 


147 Andrews. Public Documents Relating to Canada. 8vo, j 

half calf. No imprint. 

148 Anderson ( Jotham). The Recollections of. 12mo, boardsy 3 ^ 

uncvJi, Boston, 1828. 

149 Andreana. Containing the Trial, Execution and Various 5^^^ 

Matters connected with the History of Mcyor John An- 
dre, Adjutant General of the British Army in America, 
A. D. 1780. Plates, rubricated title. 8vo, boards^ un- 
cut. Philadelphia, mdccclxv. 

150 Andros (Thomas, A. M.) An Essay in which The Doc- J 5 ^ 

trine of a Positive Divine EflBciency is Candidly Dis- 
cussed. \2mo, sheep. Scarce. Boston, 1820. 
Bj the Author of the Jersey Captive. 

151 Andrews (Solomon). The Art o* Flying, and Another ^ 

Pamphlet. 8vo. New York, 1865. 

152 Anegdotbs. Historical and Literary, or Miscellaneous /^ 

Selections of Curious and Striking Passages from Emi- 
nent Modem Authors. First American Edition. 1 2mo. 
calf. Scarce. Boston, 1808. y /_^ 

153 Anolbr^s (The) Almanac for 1848. 8vo, pp. 32. ^^ 

New York, 1848. 

154 Anglbr*s (The) Almanac and Pocket Book for 1855. En- J ^ 

gravings. 12mo, pp. 106. London, 1855. 

165 Annals of the Astronomic^ Observatory of Harvard - "^ 

College. Vol. L Part I. Plates. 4to. 

Cambridge, 1856. 

Printed from ftindB resalting from the Will of Joeiali Qaincy, Jr. 

166 Annual (The) Retrospect, 1831. 2 vols. 16mo, cloihy un- ^ 

cut. Boston, 1831. 

167 [Anstey (Christopher)]. The New Bath Guide or < " 

Memoirs of the B-r-n-r-d Family. In a Series of Poetical 
Epistles. Plate. 8vo, sheqi. London, mdcclxxix. 

158 Answer to Six Months in a Convent, exposing its false- '; 
hoods and manyfold Absurdities. By the Lady Superi- 
or. 8vo, pp. 66. Boston, 1835- 


/J^ 159 Answer (An) to Dr. Mayhew's Observations on the Char- 
ter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 8vo, pp. 59, uncut. Bare. 

Boston, 1764. 

^ S^'lGO Answer of the Earl of Nottingham to Mr. Whiston's Let- 
ter concerning the Eternity of the Son of God, and of 
the Holy Ghost. 8vo, pp. 79. London, 1721. 

•c ^ 161 Antediluvian Antiquities. Fragments of the Age of Me- 
. thuselah. Vol. L 8vo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1829. 

^^^162 Anthon (C.) Sallust. \2mo, sheep. 

Novi Eboraci, 1831. 

J ^ 163 Apes (Rev. William). Eulogy on King Philip, as pro- 
nounced at the Odeon, in Federal Street, Boston. 12mo, 
pp. 60. • Boston, 1836. 

//^ 164 Appeal Du jugement de la premifere Chambre du Tri- 
bunal de premiere instance de la Seine, du 15 fevrier 
1861. M. J6rome-Napol6on Bonaparte et Mme. Elisa- 
beth Patterson contre S. A. L Le Prince Napoleon. 
8vo, pp. 139. Baltimore, s.a. 

/ ^ 165 Appeal (A) Short to the People of Great Britain, upon 
the Unavoidable Necessity of the Present War with our 
Disaflfected Colonies. 8vo, pp. 24, half morocco^ uncut. 

London, Kearsly, mdcclxxvi. 
See Bioh, 1776. No. 60. 

^ 166 Appeal (An) to the Banks in Particular, and the Public 
in general. 8vo, pp. 42, uncut. Hartford, 1815. 

167 Appendix to Hayward's New England Gazetteer. 12mo, 

pp. 36-40. Boston, 1841. 

168 Appeet (M). The Art of Preserving all kinds of Animal 

and Vegetable Substances for Several Years. 24mo, 
boards. New York, 1812. 

169 Appleton (Jesse, D. D.) Discourse for Discountenancing 

and Suppressing Public Vices. 8vo, pp. 24, uncut. 

Bosto 1813. 



no Appletons' New and Complete United States Guide Book o ^ 
for Travellers. Maps^ &c. Numerous Engravings- 
16mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 

171 Appleton (Nathan). Introduction of the Power Loomy^ 

and Origin of Lowell. 8vo, pp. 36. Lowell, 1868. 

172 Appleton. Memoir of the Hon. Abbott Lawrence. SvOj/j ^ 

pp. 21. Boston, 1856. 

173 Appleton (Nathaniel, M. A.) Two Discourses April 5, /^ 

1770, at Cambridge. 8vo, pp. 69. Boston, mdcclxx. 

174 Appleton. Superior Skill and Wisdom necessary for J d 

Winning Souls. Illustrated in a Sermon Preached at 
the Ordination Of the Rev. Mr. John Sparhawk, in 
Salem, on the 8th of Dec. 1736. 8vo, pp. 46. 

Boston, 1737. 

175 Application (An) Of Political Rules to the Present State / 

of Great Britain, Ireland and America. 8vo,pp. 86. 

London, 1766. 

176 Apthorp (East, M. A.) A Sermon at Cambridge, August,//^ 2^ 

MDCCLZiu. A Day of Thanksgiving for the General 
Peace. 4to, pp. 26. Boston, mdcclxiii. 

177 Aquabelles or Summer Sketches. By Samuel Sombre. 5^^ 

Illustrated. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

178 Arabian (The) Nights' Entertainments, translated from^^^^^ 

the Arabic, a New and Complete Edition, with upwards 
of an hundred Illustrations on Wood, drawn by S. J. 
Groves. 8vo, cloth, rough edges. Edinburgh, 1865. 

179 Arago. Lecture on Astronomy. 8vo, pp. 96. ^ ^ 

New York, 1845. 

180 Arbor Vitae or the Tree of Life. 8vo, vnciu. t> X 

181 Arbor Vitae or the Natural History of the Tree of Life. /^ ; 

Privately reprinted, 1865. 

Royal, 4to, boards, imcut. 

Privately reprinted, 1865. 
Large paper. Edition 50 copies. 


J^ S^IS2 Ladies (The) Delight. An Address to all well provided 
Hibernians. The Arbor Vitae, etc. 8vo, haJf turkey 
morocco. London, 1732. 

The Original edition of the above work, yery acaroe. 

< 6 < 183 Arch^ologia Americana. Transactions and Collections 
of the American Antiquarian Society. Published by 
Direction of the Society. 4 vols. Svo, edges uncut, 

Worcester, Mass., v.y. 

^^ 184 Architecture (The) of Birds. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1831. 

7 ^ 185 Arcturus. A Journal of Books and Opinions. 8vo, 
half calf. No imprint. 

'^^ _186 Arey (Henry W.) Girard College and its founder. Bio- 
graphy of Mr. Girard, vrith his Will. Port. 12mo, 
clotL Philadelphia, 1861. 

^ -^ 187 Aristocracy (The) of New York. Who they are, and 
what they were. Svo, pp. 32, uncut. New York, 1 848. 

O 188 Armstrong (J. M. D.) The Art of Preserving Health. 
32mo, sheep. Boston, H. Sprague, 1802. 

^ 189 Arnot (Rev. William). The Race for Riches, and some 
of the Pits into which the Runners Fall. Six Lectures 
applying the Word of God to the TraflBic of Men. Post 
8vo, cloth. London, 1857 

190 Art (The) of Writing reduced to a plain and easy Sys 
tem On a Plan entirely New. 12mo, pp. 12. 

Worcester, 1809 

JO 191 Art (The) of Dress or Guide to the Toilette. Embel 
lished with Engravings from designs by Frank Howard; 
Esq. 16mo, cloth. London, mdcccxxxix, 

5 192 Art (The) of Invigorating and Prolonging Life. To 
which is added the Pleasures of Making a Will. 12mo, 
boards, uucut. Philadelphia, 1823. 

/'G 193 Art (The) of Landscape Painting in Oil Colors. 8vo, 
tinted paper, pp. 64. London, 1854. 


194 Art (The) of Book-Bindingr its Rise and Progress. En- iT^ 

gravings 8vo, c/o/A. New York, 1 850. 

195 Art (The) of Knowing Women, or the Female Sex Dis- ^ ^i^ 

sected, In a Faithful Representation of their Virtues and 
Vices. Written in French. By the Chevalier Plante- 
Amour. And by him published at the Hague, 1729. 
Now faithfully made English, with Improvements. 8vo, 
calf. Scarce. London, 1730. 

196 Art (The) of Preserving. A Poem. 8vo, pp. 38. ^ 

Dublin, 1759. • 

197 Estimate (An) of the Theatrical Merits Of the Two ^ 

Tragedians of Crow-Street. Svo, pp. 23. 

Dublin, 1760. 

198 As it Is. 12mo, cloth. ^^ 

Albany, Munsell & Rowland, 1860. 

199 Ash (John, LL. D.) The New and Complete Diction- V^ 

ary of the English Language. 2 vols, in one. 8vo, caJf. 

London, 1775. 

200 Ashe (Thomas). Travels in America. Performed in f^ 

1806 For the Purpose of Exploring the Rivers Allegha- 
ny, Monongahela, Ohio and Mississippi. 12mo, sheep, 

Newburyport, 1808. 

201 AsHMUN (J.) Memoir of the Life and Character of the ^ o 

Rev. Samuel Bacon, A. M., Principal Agent of the 
American Government, for persons liberated from Slave- 
Ships, on the Coast of Africa. 8vo, sheq), 

Washington, 1822. 

202 AssENHEiM (Henricvm 0.) Viridarium Hieroglyphico- ^ ^^^ 

morale In quo Virtutes et Vitia atqve mores huius aevi 
secundum tres Ordines Hierarchicos Ecclesiasticuin 
Politicum Oeconomicum per definitiones, distributiones 
causas adfectiones adiuncta eflfecta, &c. 88 fine Plates. 
4to, hid/ morocco. Rare and curious. 

Prancoforti, 1619. 



/ / Um ucr 205 Atherton (Charles H.)* An Oration delivered at Con- 
-- . -^-— - cord, N. H., at the Installation of the Blazing-Star 
Lodge, May 6, A. L. 5799. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut. 

Amherst, 1799. 

/2 ^"^204 Athenian (The) Oracle. Being an Entire Collection of 
all the Valuable Questions and Answers, in the Old 
Athenian Mercuries. 4 Vols. 8vo, calf, 

London, mdccxxviii. 

^ 205 Atlantic Telegraph. Discourse by Ezra S. Gannett. 
8vo, pp. 19. Boston, 1858. 

^ 206 Atlantic Telegraph. Discourse by Joseph A. Copp, 
D. D. 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1858. 

/ 207 Atlas Classica, or Select Maps of Ancient Greography, 
both Sacred and Profane. Philadelphia, 1827. 

^ JL 208 Audubon (John James). Ornithological Biography, or 
an account of the habits of the Birds of the United 
States of America. Accompanied by Descriptions of 
the Objects Represented in the Work, Entitled Birds 
of America. Vols. HI., FV., and V. Royal 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1835-38-39. 

5 209 Augustus (John). A Report of the Labors of. In aid of 
the Unfortunate. 8vo, pp. 104. Boston, 1852. 

^ C 210 Austin (Rev. J. M.) A Voice to Youth, addressed to 
Young Men and Young Ladies. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1847. 

-/5^^ 211 Austin. A Voice to the Married. Addressed to' Hus- 
bands and Wives. 24mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 

/C 212 Austin (Samuel, D. D.) Dedication Sermon, Hadley, 
Nov. 3, 1808. 8vo, pp. 19, uncut. Worcester, 1808. 

5^ 213 Austin. A Sermon preached before the Massachusetts 
Missionary Society, at their Annual Meeting in Boston, 
May 24th, 1803. 8vo, pp. 32. Salem, 1803. 

JC 214 Authentic (An) Biography of General La Fayette. In 
which many errors and deficiencies, existing in the me- 



moirs heretofore published are corrected and supplied. 
12mo, boards uncut. Philadelphia, 1824. 

215 Authentic (An) Narrative of the Shipwreck and Suf- ^ C 

ferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley. Written by Herself. 
The narrative of the captivity and sufferings of the 
unfortunate Mrs. Bradley, is allowed by all those who 
have perused it, to be the most affecting that ever ap- 
peared in print. Colored Plato. 12mo, boards, 

Boston, 1820. 

216 Authentic (An) Narrative of some Remarkable and In- j ^ 

teresting Particulars in the Life of Mr. Newton. 12 mo, 
pp. 104. Philadelphia, mdccxcv. 

217 AuTHENTiCK (An) Copy of the Confessions and Sen-//7J 

tences against M. Tovverson and Complices, concerning 
the Bloody Conspiracy enterprised against the Castle 
of Amboyna. The which by the manifest grace and 
providence of God, was discovered the 23rd day of 
February, in the yeare 1623. As also the Resolutions 
of the Governour Van Speult, and of the Councill taken 
in this businesse. 4to, half calf. Rare. 

London, 1632. ^ 

218 Ayah (The) and Lady. ISmo, half morocco. No title ^ 


219 Babbage (Chas. A. M.) On the Economy of Machinery ^ "^ 

and Manufacturers. 24mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1832. 

220 Babcock (Samuel). The Middlesex Harmony. Being an / -2 i^ 

Original Composition of Sacred Music, In Three and "" 

Four Parts. Oblong. 8vo. Scarce. Boston, 1795. 

221 Bachi (Pietro). A Grammar of the Italian Language. /- 

12mo, half morocco. Boston, 1838. 

222 Bachi. Italian Fables. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1836. ' 

223 Backslider (The). 24mo, half morocco. Boston, 1835. ^ " 

224 Backus (Charles, A. M.) Five Discourses on the Truth ^ Q 

and Inspiration of the Bible. 12 mo, sheep. 

Hartford, 1797. 


f n^ 225 Backus (Isaac). The Works of, as follows : 

I. — A Discourse, Showing the Nature and Necessity of an 
Internal Call To Preach the Everlasting Gospel. 

Boston, 1754. 

' n. — A Short Description Of the Difference between the 

Bond- Woman and the Free. Boston, 1770. 

in. — ^A Discourse Concerning the Church of Christ. 

Boston, 1773. 

IV. — Discourse on Faith and Its Influence, &c. 

Boston, 1767. 
V. — The Doctrine of Sovereign Grace, Opened and Vin- 
dicated. Providence, 1771. 
VI. — Sermon at the Ordination of Mr. Asa Hunt. 

Boston, 1772. 

Vn. — The Doctrine of Universal Salvation, Examined and 
Refuted. Providence, s.a. 

VJIl. — Truth is Great and will Prevail. Boston, s.a. 

IX. — ^An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty. 

Boston, 1773. 

Nine Tracts, bound in one thick Vol. Syo, calf. 

$ V 226 Bacon (Leonard Woolsey). An Historical Discourse on 
the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Hopkins Gram- 
mar School, New Haven, Conn. 8vo, pp. 70. 

New Haven, 1860. 

^ {^f 226^ Bacon (Francis). The Works of Lord Bacon, Collected 
and Edited by James Spedding, Robert Leslie Ellis, and 
Douglas Denon Heath. Portraits on India paper. The 
Arms of Bacon in gold and colors on each title. 15 
vols. 8vo, Iwlf morocco^ extra^ uncut, by Matt/iews. 

Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1863. 

Large paper ; only 100 copies printed. 

^ * 227 Badger (Henry C.) Discourse Occasioned by the Death 
of Mr. George Livermore. 8vo, pp. 30, tinted paper. 

Cambridge, mdccclxv. 


228 Bagatelle (La). 24:mo, boards. Boston, 1845. ^ 

229 Bailey (John J.) Waldimar. A Tragedy. 8vo,pp. 130, 7 

uncia. New York, 1835. 

Not pnbliahed. 

230 Bailet (N.) Universal English Dictionary. 8vo, calf. / 

Edinburgh, 1776. 

231 Baird (Robert, A. M.) Impressions and Experience of 

the West Indies and North America in 1849. 12mo, 
cloih, Philadelphia, 1850. 

232 Baird (Spencer F.) The Serpents of New York. With /^^ & 

a Notice of a Species not hitherto Included. 8vo, pp. 
28. Albany, 1854. 

233 Bake-Pan (A) for the Dough-Faces. By One of Them. ^'^O 

Plate. 8vo, pp. 64. Burlington, Vt., 1854. 

234 Baldwin (Ebenezer). Annals of Yale College, from its / J'^^- 

Foundation to the year 1831. 8vo, calf. Scarce. 

New Haven, 1831. 

235 Baldwin (L.) Thoughts on the Study of Political Econ- ^ "^^ 

omy, as connected with the Population, Lidustry, and 
Paper Currency of the United States. 8vo, pp. 75, un- 
cut. Scarce. Cambridge, 1809. 

236 Balfour (Walter). An Inquiry into the Scriptural Im- j -> ^ 

port of the words Sheol, Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna, 
all translated Hell in the Common English Version. 
8vo, hoards J unciU. Charlestown, 1824. 

237 Balfour. Three Essays on the Intermediate State of the 5^^^ 

Dead. The Resurrection from the Dead, <fec. 12mo, 
boards, uncut. Charlestown, 1828. 

238 Balfour. Inquiries Concerning the Devil and Satan. S ^ 

24mo, cloth. Providence, 1842. 

239 Ball (Isaac). An Analytical View of the Animal Econ- "^^ 

omy. Plate. 12mo. New York, 1 808. 

240 Ball (John). The Antiquities of Constantinople with / l 

Cuts, explaining the Chief of them. 8vo, caif. 

London, 1729. 



/ 241 Ballou (Hosea). Notes on the Parables of the New 
Testament. 12mOj sheep. Hallo well, 1822. 

j^T) 242 Balmanno (Mary). Letters from England to her Hus- 
band, Robert Balmanno, as they appeared in the New 
York American, 1840 and 1841. 

Notes in manuscript, cloth, unique. 

/O 243 Banning (Edmund P., M.D.) Common Sense. Port, and 
38 Illustrative Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1852. 

y^ 244 Banvard*s Geographical Panorama of the Mississippi 
River, with the Adventures of the Artists. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Boston, 1847. 

245 Baptist Confession of Faith. Put forth in 1643. 12mo, 
pp. 108. Portland, 1794. 

246 Barbarities of the Enemy exposed, in a Report of the 
Committee of the House of Representatives of the Uni- 

ted States, appointed to enquire into the spirit and man- 
ner in which the war has been waged by the enemy, 
and the Documents accompanying said Report. 12ino, 
boards. Scarce. Worcester, 1814. 

/ /^ 247 Barbarities of the Enemy exposed, in a Report of the 
Committee of the House of Representatives of the Uni- 
ted States, appointed to enquire into the spirit and man- 
ner in which the war has been waged by the enemy, 
12 mo, boards J unait. Troy, 1813. 

^ '^ 7 248 Barber (John W.) and Howe (Henry.) Historical Col- 
lections of the State of New Jersey, its History and 
Antiquities. Illustrated by 120 Engravings. 8vo, cloih. 

Newark, N.J. 1857. 

•^ -? ^ ^ 249 Barber (John Warren). Historical Collections. The 
History and Antiquities of every Town in Massachu- 
setts. Illustrated by 200 Engravings. 8vo, calf. 

Worcester, 1839. 

J t' 250 Baring (Alexander, M. P.) An Inquiry into the Causes 

and Consequences of the Orders in Council, and aa 


Examination of the Conduct of Gireat Britain, towards 
the Neutral Commerce of America. 8vo, pp. 179. 

London, 1808. 
250* Barker (Jacob.) Letters Developing the Conspiracy, j $ ^ 
formed in 1826, for his Ruin. 8vo, pp. 93, uncut, s.l.s.a. 

251 Barlow. (Joel). To his Fellow Citizens of the United-? 5'^ 

States. 8vo, pp. 70. No imprint. 

252 Barlow. Political Writings. Port. 12mo, ^A^cp. Scarce. JO 

New York, 1796. 

253 Barlow. The Hasty-Pudding, a Poem. 12mo, pp. 56. J^ 

New York, 1847. 

254 Barnard (Daniel D.) The Life of Stephen Van Reus- /^ 

selaer. With an Historical Sketch of the Colony and 
Manor of Rensselaer-wyck. 8vo, pp. 70. Rare. 

Albany, 1839. 

255 Barxard (Edward, M. A.) Convention Sermon, Boston, u 

May 27th, 1773. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut. 


256 Barnard (Henry). Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel Si) 

Cheevcr. With Notes on the Free Schools, and Early 
School-Books of New England. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Hartford, 1856. 

257 Barnard (Thomas). A Sermon preached before the V 

Salem Female Charitable Society, in the First Church 
in Salem, July 6th, 1803. 8vo, pp. 22. Salem, 1803. 

258 Barnes (Albert) Notes on Romans, \2vclo, half moroc- / 

CO. New York, 1835. 

259 Barnes (Josiah). The Green Mountain Traveller's En- J D 

tertainmcnt. 12mo, cZo^A. New York, I860* 

260 Barnes (William). The Settlement and Early History 

of Albany. 8vo, pp. 100. Tinted paper, boards, un- 
cut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

261 Barnwell (Robert G.) A Sketch of the Life and Times 7 

of John DeWitt, Grand Pensionary of Holland. To 
which is added, his Treatise on Life Annuities. Port. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 


/ d 262 Baron Dupen's Report to the Emperor of the French, 
upon the Progress in the Arts and Sciences in Massa- 
chusetts, and other States of New England. 8vo,pp.l06. 

Boston, 1865. 

7i '^ 263 • Baron (Robert). Pocula Castalia ; The Author's Motto ; 
Fortune's Tennis-Bali; Eliza; Poems; Epigrams, &c. 
Port. Cal/j gilt. Small 8vo. London, 1650. 

^ i'^ 264 Barrett (B. F.) Beauty for Ashes, or The Old and the 
New Doctrine, concerning the State of Infants after 
Death, Contrasted. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855. 

y/'C 265 Barruel (Abbe). Memoirs Illustrating the History of 
Jacobinism. 3 Vols. 8vo, calf. Hartford, 1799. 

^ J J^2G6 Bartges (M.) The History of the American Revolution, 
in Scripture Style. To which is added the Declaration 
of Independence, the Constitution of the United States 
of America, and the Interesting Farewell Address of 
General Washington. Wood cut port, of Washington. 
12mo, s/icep. Scarce. Frederick Co., Md., 1823. 

rlr^ 267 Bartlett (John Russell). Dictionary of Americanisms. 
A Glossary of Words and Phrases, usually regarded as 
peculiar to the United States. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1 860. 

^(^ 268 Bartlet (William S., A. M.) The Frontier Missionary. 
The Life of Rev. Jacob Bailey, A. M. Port. 8vo, clotfi. 

Boston, 1853. 

P' 269 Barton (Bernard). Poems. 24:mOj boards uncut. 

Boston, 1826. 

<^f ^ 270 Barton (Wm. P. C, M. D.) Florae Philadelphicae. 4to, 

half red morocco. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1815. 

/ 271 Barton. Plants found within a circuit of ten miles 
around Philadelphia. Vol. I. 12mo, calf. 

Philadelphia, 1818. 
272 Bartrum (Jos. P.) The Psalms newly Paraphrased. 24 
mo, cloth. Boston, 1833. 

/jj- 273 Bascom (Jonathan, V. D. M.) Sermon Preached at East- 
ham, Thanksgiving Day, Dec. 15, 1774. 8vo, pp. 20, 
uncut. Boston, Edes & Gill, mdcclxxv. 




274 Bateman (William). Magnacopia, or A Library of Use- 

ful and Profitable Information, for the Chemist and 
Druggist, Surgeon and Dentist, Oilman and Licensed 
Victualler, 24mo, boards, uncut. London, 1837. 

275 Bates (Joshua, D. D.) An Anniversary Discourse at 5^ 

Dudley, Mass., March 20, 1853. With Historical No- 
tices of the Town. 8vo, pp. 58. Boston, 1853. 

276 Bates (William, D. D.) The Harmony of the Divine 

Attributes, \2velo, cloth. Boston, 1832. 

277 Bathkol. a Voice From The Wilderness, Being An/^'^ 

humble attempt to support the sinking Truths of God, 
against some of the principal Errors raging at this 
time; Or A Joint Testimony to some of the grand Ar- 
ticles Of The Christian Religion, Judicially delivered to 
the churches under their care. By the First Presby- 
tery of the Eastward. Small 12mo, pp. 360, and con- 
tents and errata 7 1. ; original sheep. Scarce. 


278 Bartlett (John, A. M.) Discourse before the Humane V 

Society of Massachusetts, June 11, 1792. 4to, pp. 40, 
uncut. Boston, mdccxcii. 

•^'=^79 Battle (The) of Lake Erie. Plates, 8vo, pp. 24; scarce. ^ 7 ^^ 


280 Baudens (L.) On Military and Camp Hospitals, and the / C 

Health of Troops, in the Field. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1862. 

281 Baxter (Richard). The Saints' Everlasting Rest 24mo, ^'^ 

sheep. New York, 1826. 

282 Bayard (James A.) Speech Feb. 19, 20, 1802. 8vo, / C 

pp. 48, uncux.^ Hartford, 1802. 

283 Baylby (James Roosevelt, D. D.) Memoirs of the Right ^ /^ 5 

Reverend Simon Wm. Gabriel Brut6, D. D., First 
Bishop of Vincennes. With Sketches describing his 
recollections of Scenes connected, with the French Rev- 
olution. Port, and Engravings. Cap, 4to, hoards, uncut. 
Edition only 60 Copies. 


J ] ^284 Baylies (Francis). An Historical Memoir of the Colony 
of New Plymouth, from the Flight of the Pilgrims into 
Holland, in the year 1608, to the Union of that Colony 
with Massachusetts, in 1692. 2 Vols. Plates, Svo, cloth j 
gilt top. Boston, 1866. 

//a 285 Beach (David). A Statement of Facts concerning the 
death of Samuel Lee, and the prosecution of David San- 
ford, for Murder. 8vo, pp. 14. New Haven, 1808. 

/' 286 Bean (Rev. James). The Christian Minister s Advice to 
a New Married Couple. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1832. 

/O 287 Beard (Rev. John R., D. D.) The Life of Toussaint L' 
Ouverture, The Negro Patriot of Hayti. Plates. 8vo, 
cloth, London, mdcccliii. 

/"i^ 288 Beattie (James). The Poetical Works of. Port. Cap, 
8vo, cloth. London, Wm. Pickering, 1831. 

^ /-t 289 Beauchamp (The) Tragedy in Kentucky. Confession of 
J. 0. Beauchamp, and a Historical Account of the Old 
Court, and New Court Party Controversy, etc. 24mo, 
pp. 134. New York, 1859. 

/ S^ 290 Beckpobd (William). Vathek, an Arabian Tale. In same 
Vol. The Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole. 18mo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1849. 

y 291 Beecher (Charles). A Review of the "Spiritual Manifes- 
tations." 12mo, pp. 75. New York, 1853. 

^ J ^ 292 Beecher ( Catherine E. ) Suggestions respecting Improve- 
ments in Education. 8vo, fial/calf, gilt. 

Hartford, mdcccxxix. 
^ C 293 Beecher (Miss C. E.) The Evils Suffered by American 
Women, and American Children. • 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. 

New York, 1846. 

3 C 294 Beecher (Henry W.) Plain and Pleasant Talk about 
Fruits, Flowers, and Farming. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1859. 
JC 295 Beecher. New Star Papers. I2m0j cloth. 

New York, 1859. 


296 Beboher (Lyman, D. D.) Works of. 3 Vols. 12mo,c/o^A. ^^ 

Boston, 1852. 

297 Bebohbb. Plea for the West. 12mo, pp. 190. / 

Cincinnati, 1835. 

298 Bbecheb. The Remedy for Duelling. 8vO; pp. 48. 3 ^ 

New York, 1809. 

299 Beecher. The Memory of our Fathers. Sermon at Ply--^ 5"^ 

mouth, 1827. 8vo, pp. 39. Boston, 1828. 

300 Bbecheb. Instructions for Young Christians. 32mo,cfo«A. /^i^^ 

Cincinnati, 1834. 

301 Belknap (Jeremy.) A Sermon delivered before the ^ {^ 

Convention of the Clergy of Massachusetts, in Boston, 
May 26, 1796. 8vo, pp. 28. Boston, 1796. 

""302 Belknap. Sermon at the Installation of the Rev. Jede- ^ S^ 
diah Morse, A. M., in Charlestown, 30th Apr. 1789. 8 
vo, pp. 32, uncut. Boston, 1789. 

—803 Belknap. Sacred Poetry, consisting of Psalms and ^^ 
Hymns. 24mo, red morocco, Boston, 1820. 

Judge Prt)ble*8 copy. 

304 Belknap. American Biography, Vol. I. 8vo, boards^ un- ^ ^ 

cut. Boston, MDCCXOIV. 

305 Bell (Charles.) The Hand, Its Mechanism and Vital ^ 

Endowments. Engravings. 12mo, cloih. 

Philadelpliia, 1833. 

306 Bell (Henry G.) Remarkable Phenomena of Nature. 5^^ 

24rmo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1827. 

307 Bei^ham (Rev. Thomas.) History of the Progress and /O 

Present State of Unitarianism in America. 8vo, pp. 48. 
uncut. Boston, 1815. 

308 Belsham. a Plea for Infant Baptism, to which is an- ^ ^ 
. nexed An Appendix, containing two forms of Adminis- 
tering the Rite. Two other Works in same Vol. 8vo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1817. 


^ 309 Belsham. Discourses delivered in Essex St. ChapcL 
Vol. n. 8vo, boards J uncut. London, 1827. 

^ 310 Belsham. The Evidence of the Christian Revelation. 
12mo, sheep. Boston, 1808. 

/ J ' 311 Bbnezet (Anthony). A Caution and Warning to Great 
Britain and Her Colonies, in A Short Representation of 
the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the 
British Dominions. 8vo, pp. 52. Rare. 

Philadelphia, printed by Hall & Sellers, MDCCLXvn. 

^ J. 312 Benezet (Antoine). Observations Sur L'0rigin6, Lea 
Principes et L'Etablisement en Amerique De la Society, 
de Quakers ou Trembleurs. 12mo, pp. 36. 

Philadelphia, mdcclxxx. 

^ "^ 313 Benjamin Franklin. A Book for All. 12mo, pp. 36. 

Cambridge, printed for the author, 1853. 

^ 314 Bennett (John C.) The History of the Saints, or an 
E3q)ose of Joe Smith and Mormonism. Ports. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1842. 

^^ 315 Bennett (William). Narrative of Six Weeks in Ireland, 
in the Remoter Districts. 12mo, pp. 178. 

London, mdcccxlvii. 

/O 316 Bent (Josiah, Jr.) Discourse at the Dedication of the 
North Meeting House in Weymouth, Nov. 28, 1832. 
8vo, pp. 27, unaa. Hingham, 1833. 

^^ Sn Bentham (Edward, B. D.) An Introduction to Moral 
Philosophy. 8vo, pp. 109. Oxford, s.a. 

/ 318 Benson (Carl). A Letter to Dr. Henry Halford Jones, 
concerning His Habit of Giving Advice to Everybody, 
and His Qualification for the Task. 8vo, pp. 44. 

New York, 1864. 

//-I 319 Benson (Egbert, LL. D.) Vindication of the Captors of 
Major Andre, With Introduction and Appendix. Ru- 
bricated title. 8vo, uncut. 

New York, privately printed, 1865. 



320 Benton (Nathaniel S.) A History of Herkimer County, 

including the Upper Mohawk Valley, from the Earliest 
Period to the Present Time. Maps and Plans. 8vo, 
cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1856. 

321 Bentlet (Richard). Eight Sermons. Svo, calf. 

Cambridge, 1724. 

322 Bentlet (William). A Sermon before the Governor, etc., -2 i ^ 

on the day of General Election, May 27, 1807. Svo, 
pp. 25. Boston, 1807. 

323 Bebrow (Capel). A Lapse of Human Souls in a State of /^ 

Pre-existence, the Only Original Sin, And the ground- 
work of the Gospel Dispensation. Svo, pp. 189. 

London, 1766. 

324 Bertholdt (D. Leonhard). Christologia. Svo, half calf. S^ 

Erlangae, mdcccxi. 

325 Beza (Theodorus). Novum Testamentum Domini nostri 5 

Jesu Christi. 12mo, sheep. London, 1768. 

Autograph of Abid Holmes. 

326 Bible (The) of Nature and Substance of Virtue, Con- ^^ 

densed from the Scriptures of Eminent Cosmians, Pan- 
theists, and Physiphilanthropists of Various Ages and 
Climes. Plates. 16mo, sheep. Albany, 1842. 

A thick Vol. pamphlets, containing a large number of Infidel Publica- 
tions. A scarce Yolume. 

327 Bibliographical Tracts. Number One, Spurious Reprints ^0 

of Early Books. Rubricated title, tinted paper. 4to, pp. 
19. Boston, 1865. 

Edition 181 copies. 

328 Bibliographical Tracts. The same. Svo. 

Boston, 1865, 

329 BiERCE (Gen. L. V.) Historical Reminiscences of Sum-/ pi' 

mit County. 16mo, boards. Akron, Ohio, 1854. 

330 BiGELOW (Jacob, M. D.) Brief Expositions of Rational /^'V 

Medicine. 12mOf cloth. Boston, 1858. 


331 BiGLAND (John). Ancient and Modern History. 8vo, 
calf. Whitehall, 1806. 

/ ) 3^332 BiGLOW (William). History of the Town of Natick, Mass. 
from the days of Eliot to the Present Time. Svo, pp. 
87, uncuU Boston, mdcccxxx. 

^C> 333 Bill (A) To Establish a Uniform System of Bankruptcy 
throughout the United States. Folio. 

Washington, 1841. 

/J 334 Bingham (Caleb, A. M.) A Historical Grammar, or a 
Chronological Abridgment of Universal History. 1 2mo, 
%hccp, Boston, 1802. 

^ 335 Bingham. The Columbian Orator. 12mo, «^cgA 

Boston, 1841. 

y 336 Biography (The) of Distingushed Reformers, and His- 
tory of the Reformation. 24mo, doth. Boston, 1833. 

-<^^' 337 Biography of L. M. Gottschalk. 8vo, pp. 22. 

Philadelphia, 1853. 

y 338 Biography of Millard Fillmore. 12mo, pp. 215. 

Buffalo, 1856. 

5*^ 339 Biographical (A) Notice of Com. Jesse D. Elliott, con- 
taining a Review of the Controversy between him and 
the late Com. Perry, and a History of the Figufe-Head 
of the U. S. Frigate Constitution. 12 mo, boards. 

Philadelphia, 1835. 

/ i 340 Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters. 12mo, 
half morocco, gilt. London, mdcclxxx. 

^ 5^ 341 Biographical Sketch of Gen. Joseph Warren, embracing 
the Prominent Events of his Life. Port. In same Vol. 
Russia and England, and the Union of the States. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1857. 


342 Biographical Sketch of Gen. Joseph Warren, embracing / 

the Prominent Events of his Life. 12mo, pp. 85. 

Boston, 1857. 

343 Biographical Sketch of the Most Rev. John Hughes, J)./0 

D. Port. 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1864. 

344 Biographical Sketch of Com. Charles Stewart. Plate. 3 

8vo, pp. 50. Philadelphia, 1838. 

345 Biographical Sketches of Eccentric Characters. Ports. ^ 5 ^ 

32mo, half calf, gilt. Boston, 1832. 

346 Bird (F. W.) The Hoosac Tunnel. Its Condition and V^ 

Prospects. 8vo, pp. 28. Boston, 1865. 

347 Bird (Wm. A.) The Boundary Line between the British J^ 

Provinces and the United States. 8vo. Buffalo, 1864. 

348 • Bisselius ( Joannis). Argonauticon, Americanorum, sive ^ f '^ 

Historian, Periculorum, Petri de Victoria, ac sociorum, 
Eius Libri, x. v. 12mo. Vellum, with clasps. Rare. 
'^ Monachii, mdcxlvii. 

349 BissBTT (Robert, LL. D.) The Reign of George 111.-^^$^ 

Port Vol.1. 8vo, «%?. Philadelphia, 1822. 

350 Blanchard ( Calvin). Hell on Earth, Murder, Rape, Rob- /S^ 

bery, Swindling and Forgery, Covertly Organized, Can- 
nibalism made Dainty, An Expose of the Infernal 
Machinations and Horrible Atrocities of Whited Sepul- 
cherism, together with a Plan for its final Overthrow. 
12mo. New York, 1858. 

351 Blanchard (Ira D.) The Delaware First Book. 12mo, // (? 

pp. 24. 1842, 8.1. 

352 Blanchard (Laman). Sketches from Life. Edited by 

Bulwer. 12mo. New York, 1846. 

363 Blanchard (I. H. P.) The Christian Doctrine of Re- ^^ 
generation. 12mOf boards. Boston, 1832. 

354 Blaikie (Wm. G.) Better Days for Working People. / j "^ 
Pcap. 8vo. London, 1865. 


j" 355 Blair (David, A. M.) An Easy Grammar of Natural and 
Experimental Philosophy, with 10 Engravings. 24mo, 
sfieep. ^ Philadelphia, 1818. 

{^ 356 Bl.\tr (Francis P.) Life of Gen. William 0. Butler. 8vo, 
pp. 32. Baltimore, 1838. 

/tf 3-57 Blair (Hugh, D. D.) Sermons. First complete Ameri- 
can Edition. 2 vols. Port. 8vo, sheep. 

Baltimore, 1814. 

5^ 358 Blair. Abridgment of Lectures on Rhetoric. 24mo, 
«Aeep. New York, 1813. 

/& 359 Blair (Robert). The Grave, with Life of the Author. 
12mo, boards, uncut, Boston, 1808. 

^ CD ^^0 Black List. A List of those Tories who took part with 
Great Britain in the Revolutionary War, and werd at- 
tainted of High Treason, commonly called the Black 
List, to which is prefixed the legal opinions of Attorney 
Generals McKean and Dallas, &h. 8vo, pp. 16. Fine 
copy. Rare. Philadelphia, 1802. 

S^ 36 1 Blackmorb (Richard, M. D.) Essays upon several Sub- 
jects. 8vo, calf. London, mdccxvi. 

/^ 362 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Yol. LXIX. 8vo, 
half morocco. New York, 1851. 

/<?J^363 Blake (James). Annals of the Town of Dorchester, 
1750. 12mo. half huund. Boston, 1846. 

i^S^Z%4o JBlake (J. L., A. M.) A General Biographical Dictionary 
including more than one thousand articles of American 
Biography. Royal 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

New York, 1835. 

jCb 365 Blake (William J.) The History of Putnam County, N. 
Y. 12mo, boards. New York, 1849. 

/ 3S8 Blakey (Robert). Essay, showing the Intimate Connec- 
tion between our Notions of Moral Good and Evil. 
8vo, boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1831. 


367 Bland (Wm.) The Awful Doom of the Traitor, or the ^ 

Terrible Fate of the Deluded and Guilty. Plates. 8vo, 
pp. 32. Cincinnati, 1852. 

368 Bligh (William). A Narrative of the Mutiny on board V 

His Britannic Majesty*8 Ship Bounty, and the subsequent 
Voyage of Part of the Crew in the Ship's Boat from 
Tofoa to Timor. 12mo, boards, UTtctUy rare edition. 

Philadelphia, mdccxc. 

369 Bligh. Narrative of the Mutiny on board His Majesty's J, 

Ship Bounty, and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of 
the Crew from Tofoa to Timor. Charts. , 4to, half 
bound. London, mdccxc. 

370 Blood (Henry Ames). The History of Temple, N. H. ^-^ ^ 

Ports. SvOf cloth. Boston, 1860. 

371 6lue (The) Laws of New Haven Colony, usually called ^^ 

Blue Laws of Connecticut. 12 mo, cloth. 

Hartford, 1838. 

372 Blunt (Chas. F.) The Beauty of the Heavens. A Pic- y ^ 

torial Display of the Astronomical Phenomena of the 
Universe. 104 full page colored Plates. Small 4to, 
cloth. London, mdccccxlix. 

373 Blundevilb (Thomas). His Exercises, Containing eight 5^T? 

Treatises, the Titles whereof are set downe in the next 
Printed Page, which Treatises are very necessary to be 
read and learned of all young Gentlemen that have not 
been exercised in such Disciplines, and yet are desirous 
to have knowledge as well in Cosmographio, Astronemie, 
and Geographie, as also in the Art of Navigation, in 
which Art it is impossible to profit without the help of-* 
these, or such like Instructions. Black letter, 4to, 
levant, extra gilt, gilt edges. Very scarce. 

London, 1622. 

374 BoARDMAN (Samuel L.) The County of Kennebec, its J^ Yi " 

History and Natural History. 8vo, pp. 83, uncut. 

Augusta, 1866. 


/O 375 BoDD^xT (Petro, M. D.) Historia Naturalis Dentium 
Humanorum. Numerous Plates. 4to, boards. 

Hagae, 1780. 

Autograph of J. G. PercWal. 

r^ 376 BoGUE (David). Essay on the Divine Authority of the 
Xew Testament. 12mo, sheep. Hartford, 1806. 

3^ 377 BoLMAB (A.) Perrin*s Fables. 12mo, kaJf morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1848. 

; ^n:> 378 Bond (Henry, M. D.) Genealogies of the Families and 

Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Mass. 

Ports. 8vo. pp. 1094, clotk. Boston, 1855. 

<r 5"^ 379 BojfB (A) to Gnaw, for the Democrats; or, Observations 
on a Pamphlet entitled "The Political Progress of 
Britain." 8vo, pp. 66, uncut. Philadelphia, 1795. 

^^^380 BoxNYCASTLB (Sir Richard H.) Newfoundland in 1842. 
A Sequel to "The Canadas in 1841." 2 vols. En- 
gravings and Maps. Post, 8vo. London, 1842. 

y 381 Book of Public Worship, for the use of the New Church, 
signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation. 
12mo, crimso7i turkey morocco. Boston, 1848. 

382 Book (A) for Massachusetts Children, in Familiar Let- 

ters, For the use of Families and Schools. Maps and 
Engravings. 1 2mo, boards. Boston, 1831, 

383 Book (A) for Massachusetts Children. Engravings. 

12mo, boards. Boston, 1829. 

J 2^ 384 Book (A) of the Hudson. Edited by Geoffrey Crayon. 

24mo, cloth. New York, 1849. 

^"^^^385 Book (The) of Ballads. Edited by Bon. Gaultier, and 

•* Illustrated by Doyle, Leech and Crowquill. Square 

8vo, clothj gilt. London, 1859. 

^ CX^ 386 Book (The) of Common Prayer, According to the use of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate 
States of America. 24mo, levant extra, gilt edges. 

Richmond, Va., 1863. 
" That we may be a safegaard to the United States of America,*' &c. 
See prayer to be used in Ships of War. 


387 Book (The) of Common Prayer. 32mo, sheep, gilt. "^ 

New York, 1803. 

388 Book (The) of Common Prayer. 24mo, sheep, 

PhUadelphia, 1840. 

389 "Book (The") Inquiring into the Conduct of the Princess f^^ 

of Wales, with a Narrative of the Events that have led 
to the publication of the Original Documents, with Facts 
relative to the Child. 12mo, boards j uncut. 

New York, 1813. 

390 Books of Spurious Reprints. Rubricated title, tinled pa- ^ S^ 

per. 8vo. Boston, 1865. 

Edition 181 oopiee. 

391 BoscHi (Antonio). Grammar of the Italian Language. 5 "^ 

Vellum, 12mo. Florence, 1841. 

392 BossuT (L'Abbe). The Italian and English Phrase-Book, 

serving as a key to Italian Conversation. 32mo, fialj 
morocco. Boston, 1828. 

393 Boston (Thomas). Sermons and Discourses on Several / 

important Subjects in Divinity, Never before printed. 
12mo, sheep. Edinburgh, mdcclvi. 

394 BoswELL (James). The Journal of a Tour to the Hebri- / 

des, with Samuel Johnson, LL. D. 8vo, calf. 

New York, 1810. 

395 Bouquet (A) of Flowers, from the Garden of Paradise, y C 

By James Cruickshanks, Jr., Meriden, N. H. 12mo, 
pp. 38. New York and London, 1851. 

396 Bourne (Rev. S., Jr.) A Sermon, occasioned by the Ji^ 

Death of Rev. Alexander Phoenix, with one of the Ser- 
mons of Mr. Phoenix. Printed for private distribution. 
8vo, pp. 32. stiff caoersy gilt edges. New York, 1864. 

397 Bourne (Wm.) Poems of Hope and Action. %vo, cloth, y/d 

New York, 1850. 

398 BouTON (Nathaniel). Discourse on the twenty-fifth An- ^ p 

niversary of his settlement in Concord, N. H. 8vo, pp. 
66. Concord, 1850. 


JC 39& BouTON. Memorial Discourse, Concord, 1862. 8vo,pp. 
40. Concord, 1862. 

fr^ 400 BouTOX. The History of Concord, from its First Grant, 
in 1725. Port, and Dlustrations. S\o,clotL 

Concord, 1856. 

^i~D 401 B-nvEN (Francis). Democracy in America, by Alexis De 
Tocqueville, translated by Henry Reeve, Esq. Edited 
with Notes, the Translation Revised, and in great part 
Rewritten. 2 Vols. imp. Svo, cloth. 

Cambridf]^e, Sever & Francis, 1864. 

Large paper. Edition 100 copies. 

^CD 402 Bo WRING (Sir John, LL. D.) The Decimal System in 
Numbers, Coins, and Accounts. Illustrated with one 
hundred and twenty Engravings of Coins, Ancient and 
Modern. Svo, cloth. London, 1854. 

J 5^403 BuACKEXRiDGE (H. M.) Views of Louisiana, together 
with a Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri River, in 
1811. 8vo, coif. Pittsburgh, 1 814. 

Jc i^ 4:04 BiucKENRiDGE. Views of Louisiana, containing Geograph- 
ical, Statistical, and Historical Notices of that Vast and 
[mportant Portion of America. 12 mo, sheep, 

Baltimore, 1817. . 

^y i^405 BuACKEXRiDGE. Gazette Publications. 12mo, boards, 
rough edges J scarce. Carlisle, 1806. 

/*'r 406 BRADiEN (Louis). The Aztec City of Sumai, and Dis- 
covery of America, before the time of Columbus. 12mo, 
pp.48. New York, 1847. 

J Z 407 Bradbury (Thomas). The Ass or the Serpent, A Com- 
parison between the Tribes of Issachar and Dan, in 
their Regard for Civil Liberty, November 5, 1712. 8 
vo, pp. 22. Boston, MDCCLXvni. 

^ 408 Bradbury. The Lawfulness of Resisting Tyrants, Argued 
from the History of David, and in Defense of the Rev- 
olution, Nov. 5, 1713. Svo, pp. 25. London, 1714:. 



409 Bradbury (John, F. L. S.) Travels in the Interior of 

America, in the Years 1809, 10 and 11. Including 
Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, 
with the Illinois and Western Territories. 8vo, half 
bound. Liverpool, printed for the Author, 1817. 

410 Bradford (Alden). A Particular Account of the Battle 

of Bunker, or Breed's Hill. 8vo, pp. 26, %in€iu. 

Boston, 1825. 

411 Bradford. History of Massachusetts, from 1764, to 

July, 1775, When General Washington took Command 
of the Americibn Armies. 8vo, boardsj unau. 

Boston, 1822. 

41 1^ Bradford. Two Sermons in Cambridge, Dec. 28, 1794. 
8vo, pp. 31. , Boston, 1795. 

412 Bradford (Ebenezer, A. M.) A Sermon, delivered at the 

Ordination of the Rev. Israel Day, in Killlngsly, June 
1, 1785. 8vo, pp. 44. Salem, 1785. 

413 Bradford (Samuel, D. D. ) Sermon before the Lord Mayor, 

the Aldermen and Citizens of London, in the Cathedral 
Church of St. Paul, on Thursday, Nov. 5th, 1713. 8vo, 
pp. 24. I^ondon, mdccxiii. 

413* Bradley (Rev. Chas.) Sermons at St. James' Chapel. 
8vo, cloth New York, 1844. 

414 Bradman (Arthur). A Narrative of the Extraordinary 

Sufferings of Mr. Robert Forbes, his Wife, and Five 
Children, during An unfortunate Journey through the 
Wilderness, from Canada to the Kennebeck River, in the 
year 1784. In which three of their Children were 
starved to Death ; taken partly from their own mouths, 
and partly from an imperfect journal, and published at 
their request. Contains likewise A Narrative of the 
Captivity and Escape of Mrs. Francis Scott, an Inhabi- 
tant of Washington County, Virginia. 8vo, pp. 16, un- 
cm. Philadelphia, 1794. 

One of the aoarcest of the Indiaji Narratiyes. 


415 Bbadstreet's Continental Railway Guide, pp^ 382. 

LondoUi 1854. 

416 Bbadt & Tatb. New Version of the Psalms of David, 

12mo, giU. Boston, Printed by Mein & Fleming, s.a. 

M. ft F. were the noted Tory Printen of Boston, it the bienldag out of 
the Berolntion. 

417 Bbadt & Tate. A New Version of the Psalms of Da- 

vid, fitted to the tones nsed in Churches. The West 
Society Collection, in same Volume. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1813. 

418 Bbanagan (Thomas). The Beauties of Philanthropy. 

Plates. 24mo, <A«<^. Philadelphia, 1808. 

419 Braydet (Edward W.) and others. London and Mid- 

dlesex, or an Historical, Commercial, and Descriptive 
Survey of the Metropolis of Great-Britain. Engravings. 
6 Vols. 8vo, ccd/jgilL London, 1810. 

420 Brazeb (Samuel). Address Pronounced at Worcester, 

May 12th, 1804, in commemoration of the ceding of 
Louisiana to the tJnited States. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Worcester, 1804. 

421 Bbazeb (John). Sermons. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1849. 

422 Bbewstbr (Chas. W.) Progress of the Arts. 8vo, pp. 

12. Portsmouth, 1853. 

423 BBrooE (William). The Wounded[ Conscience] Cured, 

the Weak Onejstrengthened, and the Doubting satis- 
fied.;By way of Answer to Doctor Fearne.jWhere 
the maine point is rightly stated, and Objectionsjthor- 
oughly answered, for the good of those who are willing 
not to be deceived |. Small 4to, cruslied morocco ^ extra, 
tooled and gilt, by Matthews. 

Printed at London, for Benjamin Allen, and are 
to be sold at his shop, in Pope's Head Alley, 1642. 

Bridge mm an eminent Puritan olergyman, at one time settled over a 
congregation in Rotterdam. 


424 Brief (A) jfipistle from Dr. Ziba Sproule, to Ladies of 

the Upper Ten Thousand. 12mo, pp. 22. s.l.s.a. 

425 Briggs (Chas. F.) The Story of the Telegraph, and a 

History of the Great Atlantic Cable. Port, and Map. 
12mo, clotL New York, mdccclviii. 

426 Bright (John). Speeches on Parliamentary Reform, &c. 

8vo, pp. 77. Manchester, s.a. 

427 Brigham (Amariah, M. D.) The Influence of Religion 

upon the Health of Mankind. 12mo, boards. 

Boston, 1835. 

428 Brinton (Daniel G., A. B.) Notes on the Floridian Pe- 

ninsula, its Literary History, Indian Tribes, and Antiq- 
uities. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859. 

429 Brisbane ( Wm. H.) Slaveholding examined in the Light 

of the Holy Bible. 24mo, chth. Philadelphia,' 1 847. 

430 Britain^s Mistakes in the Commencement and Conduct 

of the Present War. By a Merchant and Citizen of Lon- 
don. 8vo, hcdfcaXf. Dublin, mdccxl. 

431 British Essayists. The Adventurer and Guardian. 6 

Vol's. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1856. 

432 British Sacred Prose- Writings. 2 Yols. Illuminated 

titles, post, 8vo, cloth. London, J. W. Parker, s.a. 

433 BRrriSH (The) Museum. 12mo, pp. 23. London, 1851. 

434 BrItibh (The) Enlistment Case> 8vo, half bound. 

Washington, 1856. 

435 Britons (The) and the Saxons. 24mo, half morocco. 

London, 1837. 

436 Brockett (John T., P. A. S.) An Essay on the Means 

of Distinguishing Antique from Counterfeit Coins and 
Medals. Post, 8vo, boards, unctU. Scarce. 

New Castle, mdcccxix. 

437 Brokesby (Francis B. D.) A History of the Govern- 

ment of the Primitive Church, for the Three First Cen- 
turies. i\o,calf London, 1712. 


438 Brook ( Mary). Reason for the Necessity of Silent Wait- 

ing, in order to the Solemn Worship of God. 8vo, pp. 
32. Philadelphia, mdccxci. 

439 Brooks (H. K.) Annals of the Revolution, or A History 

of the Doans. 24mo, boards. Philadelphia, s.a. 

439* Bentham (Jeremy). Defence of Usury. 24mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, mdccxcvi, 

440 Bkooks ( Rev. Charles). The Tornado of 1 85 1 in Medford, 

West Cambridge and Waltham. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1852. 

441 Brooks. A Family Prayer Book. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1846. 

442 Brooks. Daily Monitor, or Reflections for each day in 

the year. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1828. 

443 Brooks (John). Discourse before the Humane Society 

of Massachusetts, 9th June, 1795. 4to, pp. 52, uncut. 

Boston, MDCCxcv. 

444 Brooks (J. G.) and Brooks (Mary E.) The Rivals of 

Este and other Poems. 12mo, boards, uncut. Scarce. 

New York, 1829. 

445 Brooks (R., M.D.) The General Gazetteer of the known 

World. Maps. 24mo, shc^. Boston, 1816. 

446 Brother (The). A Novel, by a Lady. 2 Vols. 8yo, calf. 

London, mdcclxxi. 

447 Brothers (William). The World's Doom, or the Cabi- 

net of Fate Unlocked. Containing all the Ancient and 
Modern Prophecies relative to the Present and nearly 
Approaching Times, and also all the Prophetic Treatises 
Entire, upon which the Public Mind has of late l^een so 
much engaged. 2 Vols. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1795. 

448 Brotherhead (W.) American Notes and Queries. 4 

Nos. — all published. 8vo, uncut, very scarce. 

Philadelphia, 1857. 



449 Bropgham (Henry). Speech against the Orders in 

Council. Syo, pp, 65, uncut Philadelphia, 1^08. 

450 Brougham. A Discourse of Natural Theology. 12mo, 

cloth. Philadelphia, 1835. 

451 Brown (Andrew). The Dangers and Duties of the Sea- 

faring Life. 8vo, pp. 43, unait. Boston, 1793. 

452 Brown (C. S.) Memoir of Rev. Abel Brown. 12mo, 

cloth. Scarce. Worcester, 1849. 

453 Brown (Francis). The Evils of War, a Fast Sermon, 

delivered at North Yarmouth, April 7, 1814. 8vo, pp. 

27. Portland, 1814. 

^£4 Brown (Henry). A Narrative of the Anti-Masonick Ex- 
citement in the Western part of the State of New York, 
during the years 1826-7-8, and a part of 1829. 12mo, 
boards. Batavia, N. Y. 1829. 

455 Brown (Paul). A Disquisition on Faith. 12mo, boards, 

uncut. Washington, 1822. 

456 Brown (Samuel, A. M.) On Malignant Fever. 8vo, pp. 

54, uncut. Boston, 1797. 

457 Brown (Thomas). The Fudge Family in Paris. 12mo, 

pp. 168, uncut. London, 1818. 

458 Browne (David). A Self-Defence, with a Refutation of 

Calumnies, Misrepresentations and Fallacies. 8vo, pp. 

28, uncut. Boston, 1828. 

459 Browne (Peter A., LL. D.) The Laws which Govern 

Animal Torpidity and Hibernation. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Philadelphia, 1847. 

460 Browne (Sir Thomas). Religio Medici, A Letter to a 

Friend, Christian Morals, Urn-Burial, and Other Papers. 
Proof port, on India paper. Rubricated title and 
initials. 8vo, clothy rough edges. Boston, 1862. 

Large paper; edition 26 copies. 

461 Brownleb (W. C, D. D.) The History of the Jews, 

Comprising a Narrative of their Wanderings, Persecu- 



tioiia, Commercial Enterprises and Literary Exertions. 
Post 8vo, cUlh. New York, 1842. 

462 Bbowkbon (0. a.) New Views of Christiamtjj Society 

and the Church, 12mo, €loth, Boston, 1836. 

463 Brownson- Charles Elwood, or the Infidel Converted. 

16mo, cUih. Boston, 1840. 

^ 1*^4^ 4 Bruxbt (Jaco-Charles). Manuel dii Libraire, 3 vols.; 
with Supplement, 3 vob. 8vo, half caff. 

Paris, 1820-34. 

465 BttU^T (Jonathan), Few Particulars^ Life of, Written, 

Printed and Sold by Himself only. 8vo, pp. 8. 

October, 1792. 

466 BtiCBA!^ (Wm./iL D.) Domestic Medicine, or a Treatise 

on the Proveiilion and Cure of Diseases. 8vo, sheep, 

-Exeter, 1828. 

467 Buck (William X) History of Montgomery County, 

within the Schuylkill Yallcy. Prepared chiefly from 
Original ilaterials, 8v0j half morocco. Scarce, 

NorristowDj 1859. 

468 EucKLET (Maria L.) Amanda Will son, or the Vicissi- 

tudes oi Life. Post, Svo, pp. 40, New York, 1856. 

469 BtrcKMiJfsTER (Rev. Jos. S.) Sermons. Now first pub- 

lished from the Autlior's Manuscrijit. SvOjboardsj rough 
edges, Boston, 1829. 

470 BucKMLVSTBR. Sermons. With a Memoir of his Life and 

Character. Port. 8vo, calf gilL 

Boston, 1821. 

471 BuLFJNCH (Rev. S. G.) Sermons by Rev. J. B, Pitkin, of 

Riclrmond, Va,, with a Memoir of the Author. Port. 
12mo, cloth, Boston^ 1837. 

472 BtJLPiXCH (S, G.) Poems, 12mo, clotL 

Charleston, 1834. 

473 [BuLWER (E. L.)] England and the English. 2 vols. 

12mo, cloih. New York, 1833. 



474 Bunker (E. S.) New York and Boston Steam-boat Com- 

pany . 8vo. New York, 1831. 

475 Bunker Hill Monument. 16mo, pp. 8. Boston, 1844. 

476 BuNN (Alfred). Old England and New England, in a 

Series of Views taken on the Spot. 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1853. 

477 BuNYAN (John). The Holy War made by Shaddai upon 

Diabolus, for the Regaining of the Metropolis of the 
World, or the Losing and Taking again of the Town of 
Mansoul. 12mo, «Aeep. Portsmouth, N. H. 1794 

478 BuNYAN. Solomon's Temple Spiritualized. 8vo, sheep. 

Albany, 1790. 

479 Buonaparte (Louis). Maria, or The Hollanders. 2 vols. 

12mo, boardSf uncut. Boston, 1815. 

^80 BuRDELL (John). Teeth, their Structure, Disease and 
Treatment. Engravings. 12mo, pp. 72. 

New York, 1847. 

481 BuRDiCK (Wm.) Oration on the Nature and Effects of 

the Art. of Printing. 8vo, pp. 31. Boston, 1802. 

, 482 BuRGES (Hon. Tristam). Battle of Lake Erie, with no- 
tices of Com. Elliot's Conduct in ■ that Engagement. 
12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1839. 

483 BuRGES. 8 Pamphlets, Speeches, &c., by. 8vo, uncut. 

Providence, 1801-32. 

484 Buboes (George, A. M.) Sermon at the Consecration of 

St. John's Church, Hartford, April 20, 1842. 8vo, pp. 
24. Hartford, 1842. 

485 [BuEGH ( )]. The Art of Speaking. 8vo, sheep. 

London, 1792. 

486 BuEiAL of Mechanics, '64, Union College. 8vo. pp. 30. 


From the ManseU Press. 
.C3P-487 BuRK (John). The History of Virginia, from its First 
Settlement to the Present Day. 2 vols. 8vo, sheep. 
Scarce. Petersburgh, Va., 1804. 






^^ 488 Burke (Edmund). Reflections on the Revolution in 
France. 8vo, hoards, uncut. 

New York, Hugh Gaine, mdccxci. 

/C 489 Burke. Reflections on the Revolution in France. 8vo, 

boards J uncut. Boston, 1792. 

/ j^ 490 Burke. A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of our 
Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. Port. 12mo, caZ/. 

Philadelpliia, 1806. 

i^ 491 Burke. Speech on a Plan for the Better Security of the 
Independence of Parliament. 8vo, pp. 95. 

London, 1780. 

J S^ 492 Burke. Speech on American Taxation, April 19, 1774. 
8vo, pp. 96. London, mdcclxxv. 

-/ (^ 493 Burke. Speech on Conciliation with the Colonies, March 
22, 1775. 8vo, pp. 112. London, 1775. 

C2 S^ 494 Burke (John). The Portrait .Gallery of Distinguished 
Females, including Beauties of the Courts of George 
TV, and William IV. 72 Ports, on steel. 2 vols, royal 
8vo, half morocco, gilt, London, 1 833. 

^^ 495 BuRNAP (Geo. W.) Lectures to Young Men on the Cul- 
tivation of the Mind, and the Formation of Character. 
12mo, cloth, ' Boston, 1840. 

^-^496 BuRNAP. Popular Objections to' Unitarian Christianity, 
Considered and Answered. Post. 8vo, cloth, 

Boston, 1853. 

^'^ 497 Burnet (Gilbert, D. D.) A Sermon Preached at the 
Chapel of the Rolls, on the Fifth of Nov., 1684, being 
Gun-powder-treason-day. 4to. London, 1684. 

^^ 498 Burnham (Rev. Abraham). Fortieth Anniversary Sermon, 
Pembroke, N. H. 8vo. pp. 20. Concord, 1848. 

499 Burns ( ). The Principles of Midwifery. 8vo, haJj 

bound. Wants title page. 

] ■: 500 Burns ^Robert). The Poetical Works of. Port. 12mo, 
cloth, Boston, 1855. 


501 Burroughs (Jeremiah). TKe Rare Jewel of Christian -^ ^ 

Contentment. 4to, half bound. Loudon, 1606. 

502 Burr (Aaron). The Private Journal of, during his resi- ^ J "■ 

dence in Europe. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1838. 

503 BuRE (C. C.) The Nation. Imp. 8vo, pp. 80. 


New York, 1855. 

504 Burr's Pictorial Voyage to Canada, American Frontier / C 

and the Saguenay. 8vo, pp. 48. Boston, 1850. 

505 BuRTT (John). Horae Poetic®; or the Transient Mur- ^ -2 J 

murs of a Solitary Lyre, consisting of Poems and Songs 
in English and Scotch. 18mo, calf, gilt, 

Bridgeton, N. J., 1819. 

506 Busby (Thomas). Dictionary of Miisic. \2mo, sheep, J^ 

Philadelphia, 1827. 

507 BusHNELL (Charles L) A Narrative of the Life and Ad- /^ Cl^ 

ventures of Levi Hanford, a Soldier of the Revolution. 

Port. Rubricated title, tinted paper, 8vo, pp. 80, unait. 

New York, privately printed, 1863. 

508 BusHNELL. An Arrangement of Tradesmen's Cards, Po-o<? ^'^'D 

litical Tokens, also Election Medals, Medalets, &c., cur- 
rent in the United States of America, for the last Sixty 
years. With Engravings. 8vo, half calf gilt, rough ed- 
ges. Scarce. New York, 1858. 

Priyately printod. 

509 BusHNELL, An Historical Account of the First Three /^ 

Business Tokens issued in the City of New York. Plate ^^ 

12mo. New York, Privately printed, 1859. 

510 Business Man's Assistant. 12mo, pp. 120. ^^ 

Boston, 1851. 

511 Butcher (Rev. Edmund). Discourses on Our Lord's /^ 

Sermon on the Mount. 12mo, boards, uncut, 

London, 1825. 

512 Butler (Charles). The American Gentleman. Port, of < -^ 

Washington. 16mo, cloth, gilt, Philadelphia, 1851. 


^ 513 Butler (Rev. C. M.) Modern Necromancy. 8vo, pp. 
29. Washington, 1854. 

^0 514 Butler (Henry D.) The Aquarium, or Aqua Vivarium. 
12mo, cloth. New York (1858). 

^C 515 Butler (John). A Sermon preached before the Honour- 
able House of Commons, at the Church of St. Margaret's 
Westminister, on Friday, December 13, 1776, being the 
day appointed by His Majesty's Royal Proclamation, to 
be observed as a Day of Solemn Fasting and Humilia- 
tion. 4to, London, MDCCLXXVii. 

Relates to our Revolutionary War. 

y^ 516 Butler (Wm. Allen). Two Millions. 12mo, 

New York, 1858. 

7 517 Boyd (Wm.) An Oration on the Death of Mr. John 
Russell, Senior Sophister at Harvard University. De- 
livered Nov. 25, in the College Chapel. 8vo,pp. 18, un- 
cut, ' Boston, 1795. 

$^ 518 Brydone (P.) A Tour through Sicily and Malta, in a 
Series of Letters to Wm. Beckford, Esq. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, s.a. 
^'V 519 BoYLSTON (Thomas). The Will of. 8vo, pp. 16. Scarce. 

<' ^ ^ 520 Byfield (Nathaniel). An Account of the late Revolu- 
tion in New England. 4to, boards, uncut. 

New York, reprinted by Joseph Sabin, 1865. 

^ ^ ^ 521 B YRD ( William ). History of the Dividing Line, and other 
Tracts, from the Papers of William Byrd, of Westover, 
in Virginia, Esquire. 2 Vols, royal 4to, paper uncut. 

Richmond, Va., 1866. 

Large paper, printed by Mansell. Edition only 10 copies. 

^ r^ 522 Byrd. The same Work, 2 Vols, fcap 4to, paper un- 
cut. Richmond, Va. 1866. 

Edition 200 copies. 

yC 523 Cabinet of Curiosities. Vol.1. I2m0f boards, unad. 

Hartford, 1822. 

^^ 524 Cadahalso (D.Joseph). Cartas Marruecas del Caronel. 

4to, pp. 224. Barcelona, mdccxcvi. 


525 Cady(C. W.) The Indiana Annual Register for 1846. S^ 

16mo, cloth, Indianapolis, mdcccxlvi. 

526 Cairns (James). Miscellaneous Poems, with Introduc-/^^ 

tory Observations on the Peasant Poets of Scotland. 
24mo, boarcbf uncut. Jedburgh, mdcccxxxii. 

527 Calamt (Bcnj., D. D.) A Sermon Preached before the 5^ 

Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, Aldermen and 
Citizens of London, at the Church of St. Mary le Bow, 
Sept. 2, 1084, the Anniversary Fast for the Dreadful 
Fire in the Year 1666. 4to. London, 1685. 

528 Caldwell (Ohas., M. D.) The Genius and Character y^ 

of the Rev. Horace Holley, LL. D., with copious notes, 
Biographical and Illustrative. Port. 8vo, boards^ edges 
uncut. Boston, 1828. 

529 Calep (Robert). MorejWondersjof thejlnvisible Worldj,/J^/^ 5^^ 

Or The Wonders of the|Iavisible World|Desplay'd, in 
Five Parts,. Parti. An Account of the Sufferings of 
Margaret Rule, Written by, the Reverend Mr. C. M.| 
P. II. Several Letters to the Author, Ac, And his Re- 
ply relatingjto Witchcraftj. P. III. The Differences be- 
tween the Inhabitants of Salem Village, and, Mr. Parris, 
their Minister in New Englandj. P. IV. Letters of a 
Gentleman uninterested, Endeavouring to provcjthe re- 
ceived Opinions about Witchcraft to be Orthodox. With 
shortjEssays to their Answersj. P. V. A Short His- 
torical Accout of Matters of Fact in that Affair |, To 
which is added A Postscript relating to a Book intitled 
ThejLifeof Sir William Phipsj. C611ected by Robert 
Calef, Merchant, of Boston, in New England|. Licensed, 
and Entred according to Order, small, 4to, title, 3 1. 
epistle to the reader, 2 1. the index, pp. \b&, polished calf, 
gilt, by Bedford, bottom edge uncut, has inserted a Doc- 
ument signed by Robert Calef. 

London|,Printed for Nath. Hiller, at the Princes- 
Arms, in Lcaden-Hall-Streetj, over against 
St. Mary- Ax, and Joseph CoUyer, at the 
Golden-Bible on London-Bridge, 1700. 
Eztremelj rare, and probably as fine a copy as exists. 


« « 

\ ' 54 

J -/O 530 *Calef. More Wonders of the Invisible World, or The 

p Wonders of the Invisible World Displayed, in Five 

Parts, to whidi is added a Postsciipt relating to a book 
^ entitled The Life of bir Wm. Phips. 12mo, boards. 

V Salem, 1823. 

• 531 Caliporxia. Its Characteristics and Prospects. 8vo, pp. 

I 32* San Francisco, 1858. 

^ 532 CALM>rr's Dictionary of the Holy Bible. Vol. II. Plates. 
4to, boartUj uncuL London, 1814. 

/O 533 Cambridge (The) Quarterly Review and Academical 
Register. Vol. L Svo, half calf. 
I - London, mdcccxxiv. 

V J/ 2. 534 Campbell (Charles) A Brief Memoir of John Dalj 

J5urk, Tvith a sketch of the Life of Judgfe John Junius 
*Burk. 8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1868. 

j/0 535 Campbell (Greo., D. D.) Lectures on Ecclesiastical His- 
tory, and Essay on Miracles. 8vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1807. 
J ^ 536 Campbicll. Lectures on the Pastoral Character. 8vo, 
boards^ uncuL London, 1811. 

/ d 537 Campbell. Lectures on Systematic Theology. Sheep. 

Boston, 1810. 
y 538 Campbell (John). The Inexpediency of an Internation- 
al Copy-Right Law. 8vo, pp. 24. New York, 1844. 

5j^ 539 CAMPBEf-L. Negro-Mania, being an Examination of the 
Falsely Assumed Equality of the Various Races of Men. 
1 2 mo, clothe Philadelphia, 1 85 1 . 

Jq 540 Campbell (John). Travels in South Africa. Plates. 8v-o, 
sheep. Andover, 1816. 

y ^5^541 Campbell (Thomas). Poetical Works. Complete, with 
a Memoir by Washington Irving. Illustrations. 8vo, 
calf gilt. Philadelphia, 1845. 

//4 542 Campbell {William W.) The Border Warfare of New 
York, during the Revolution, or the Annals of Tryon 
County. 12mo, vloiL New York, 1849. 


543 Campbell. Annals of Tryon County, oi^ the Border S^^ 

Warfare of New York, during the Revolution. 8vo, pp. 
268. New York, 1831. 

544 Cannoj^ (Arthur), Case of Passmore Williamson and JO 

Hon. John K. Kane. 8vo, cloth, Philadelphia, 1856. 

545 Canon (The) Riegos Catalogue of Books. 12nio, pp. S "^ 

108. London. 

546 Cappe (Newcome). Discourses on the Providence and 6 ^^ 

Government of God. 8vo, half bound. London, 1795. 

547 Captain Smith and Princess Pocahontas. 24mo, hoards. J 5"^ 

Philadelphia, 1817. 

548 Captain May and General De La Vega, on the Rio Grande, j ^ 

8voj in English and French. New Orleans, 1847. 

549 Caret (Arthur). Three Pamphlets concerning the Or- ^ ^ 

dination of Mr. Carey in New York City. 8vo. ' 

New York, 1843. 

550 Carey (M.) The Olive Branch, or Faults on Both Sides, JC 

Federal and Democratic. 12mo, ^Aecp. Scarce. 

Middlebury, Vt.,1816. 

551 Caroline Westerley, or the Young Traveller from Ohio. J V^ 

24mo, cloth. New York, 1 833. 

552 Carltle (Thomas). On Heroes, Hero- Worship, and the -J ^^ 

Heroic in History. Six Lectures. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1841. 

553 Carlyle. Latter-day Pamphlets, Nos. I to V. 12mo. ^^ 

New York, 1850. 

554 Carpenter (Lant, LL. D.) An Introduction to the Geo- ^ ^ 

graphy of the New Testament. 12mo, sheep. 

Cambridge, 1811. 

555 Carpenter. A View of the Scriptural Grounds of Uni- / ^ 

tarianism. 1 2mo, half calf London, 1811. 

656 Carpenter. Harmonyof the Gospels. 8yo, cloth^ uncut. * 

Boston, 1831. 

(| 56 


/yTtyi Oarpexteu (T.) A Report of an Action for a Libel, 
brought by Dr. Beijjainin Rush, against William Cob- 
bett Svo, xiuLuL Fine copy, very scarce. 

Philadelphia, 1800. 

/C 558 CARPENTEa (Wm.) A Guide to the Practical Reading of 
the Bible. 24mo, vMh. • London, 1830. 

/^ '^ 559 Caupexteh (W. FT.) The History of Massachusetts, from 
its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 12mo, 
cUih, Philadelphia, 1853. 

j^ 560 Carb (John)* The Stranger in France, or a Tour from 
Devonahiro to Paris. 12mo, sheep. 

Brattleboro,Vt., 1806. 

J ^'^ 561 Carstairs (J,) The Art of Writing, showing several 
methods of acquiring improvement in business hand 
writing, by a variety of movements of the hand, arm 
and pen. Intcrsper^sed with a great number of Plates 
and Examples. 8vo^ pp. 68. London, 1837. 

^^562 Cabtwhiget (John). An Abridgment of the English 

Constitution produced and Illustrated. 8vo, boards^ un- 

cuL London, 1824. 

Jo 563 Carver (Jonathan). Three Years Travel throughout 

North Atnericap 12 mo. Scarce. 

Walpole, N. H., Isaiah Thomas, 1838. 

/ c 564 Gary (Samuel). Review of "The Grounds of Christian- 
ity E-xamined, by comparing the New Testament with 
the Old, by George Bethune English, A. M." 12mo 
half hmtnd, Boston, 1813. 

f * 565 Gary (Thomas^ A. M.) A Sermon in Newburyport, Sept. 
27, 180L Bcin^ the last Lord's-Day of Assembling in 
the Old Meeting'Houi^e. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Newburyport, 1801. 

-2^^566 Gary (Thomas G.) Letter on the Debts of the States 
and Repudiation. Svo. Boston, 1844. 

J( 567 Gary (Mrs, Virginia). Letters on Female Character. 
t2mo, Imuih. Richmond, Va., 1850. 




568 Case (Rev. Wheeler). Poems occasioned by several Cir-y ^ 

cumstances and Occurrences in the Present Grand Con- \ 

test of America for Liberty. 12mo, cloth, i 

New Haven, 1778. 

Reprint ; New York, 1862. 

569 Ca&e of Great Britain and America. Addressed to the -^ j 

King, and both Houses of Parliament. 4to, pp. 16. 

Boston, s.a. 

A rare ReToIntionarj Pamphlet 

570 Cases of Personal Identity. Imp. 8vo, sheep, ^ ^ 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1854. 

571 Case (The) of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia, as / 5 ^ 

represented by Themselves, signed by the President of 
the Council, and Speaker of the House of Burgesses. 
To which is added A Vindication Of the said Repre- 
sentation. 8vo, pp. 64, half morocco, top gilt. 

London, 1733. 

572 Case (The) Of Jane Marie, Exhibiting the Cruelty and /^ 

Barbarous Conduct of James Ross, to a Defenceless 
Woman. 8vo, pp. 2 8. Philadelphia, 1 808. 

513 Case (The) of the Kingdom Stated, According to the S ^ 
Proper Interests of the several parties Ingaged. A 
]ioece of rare Observation and Contexture, wherein all 
men are equally Concerned. 4to, pp. 16. 

London, 1647. 

574 Case (The) of Rev. Mr. James Hackman, And his Ac- ,^ ^^ 

quaintance with the late Miss Martha Reay. Port. 
Hvo, pp. 60. London, 1779. 

575 Casey (Joseph P.) The Farmer's and Gardener's Hive, 

Showing the Work necessary to be done on a Farm, and 
in a Garden, for every month in the year, for all States 
iu the Union. 8vo, pp. 22. Baltimore, 1819. 

576 Casey (J. P.) A Treatise on the Culture of Flower 

Roots, and Green House Plants. 24mo, sheep. 

Baltimore, 1821. 

577 Cash, Com, Catholics and Other Matters. l2mo,boardSj "^ 

uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1829. 





S'*^ 578 Castanis (C. P.) Interpretations of the Atributes of the 
Principal Fabulous Deities, with an Essay on the His- 
tory of Mythology. 8vo, half morocco. Portland, 1844. 

-c < 5^579 Catalogue (A) of the Library of George Hibbert, Esq., 

of Portland Place. Engravings. 8vo, boards, rough 

edges. London, W. Nicol, 1«29. 

This sale lasted 42 days, and the coUection, which was one of the most 
important in England, brought upwards of $100,000. The Catalogue 
is scarce. 

•? '^ 580 Catalogue (A) of Old Books in the Ancient and Modern 
Languages, and Various Classes of Literature, compris- 
ing several Valuable Libraries, and Numerous Articles 
of Great Rarity. Recently Purchased. 8vo, boards. 

London, 1817. 

Contains 9198 lots. 

^"^ 581 Catalogue (A) of the Library of Yale College, in New 

Haven, Conn. In same Vol. an Litroduction to the 

Study of Philosophy. Small 8vo, pp. 48-31, half crim- ' 

soHj turkey morocco, gilt, by Mathews. Rare. 

|i N. London, T. Green, 1742. 

H i 582 Catalogue (A) of Books belonging to Norwich Library 

Company. 12mo, pp. 12. 

Norwich, Henry Trumbull, s.a. 

^ 5S3 Catalogue (A) of the Library of Harvard University, in 

Cambridge, Massachusetts. 4 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1830. 
5^ 584 Catalogue of Books in the Boston Athenaeum, to which 
are added the By-Laws of the Listitution, and a list of 
its Proprietors and Subscribers. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1827. 
3^ 585 Catalogue of the Library of Rev. Thomas Prince, former 
Pastor of the Old South Church. Presented by him to 
the Old South Church and Society. 8vo, cloth, scarce. 

Boston, 1846. 
/y^ 586 Catalogue of the Law and Miscellaneous Library of the 
late George Hill, His Majesty's Ancient Sergeant at 
Law. Curious Port, inserted. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1808. 


587 Catalogue of tlie Ofiit-ors and SUidcnts of Brown Uni- 
versity, Oct. 18^0. *^Thc first Annual Catalogue in a 
pamphlet form." 12iuo, pp, 10, Providence, 1 820* 

5SS Catalogue of Books principally relating to America, the / i "^ 
Private Library of Joel Mima ell. Royal. Svo» boa nh, un- 
cut. Albany, J. Mnnaell, 1865* 
Large paper edition, only 60 copies. 

589 Catalogce of the Yaliialjle and Ciioice Library of Zelotea /O 
Uodmcr, Imp. 8vo, pp, IIG. Boston^ 1861. 

b'dO Catalogcb of Books to be purchased by the Pcabody In- < ' ^ 
stitut^j of the City of Baltimore- 4to, pp. 2 1 8, boards. 
Scarce- Baltimore, 1863. 

591 Catalogcie of the Library of the most Rev. John Hughea, J ^^ 

D. D. Imperial, 8vo^ htrJf morocco. New York, 1856* 
Privately printed, 

592 Catalogue of the Library of William F. Fowlc, Esquire, ^ ^'^ 

of Boston* SvOf pp. 146^ ttntcd paper. 

Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1864* 

Neatly prioed ^ Sft^- 

593 Catalogues (100) Boston Book Auctions. Some as ear- ^ 

ly as 1820. ^^ 

593' Catalogues (100). Boston Book Auctions. ^ 

594 Catalogues (100), Boston Book Auctiona, some very-^ ' 

594^ CATAL0GUE8 (24). Boston Book Sales. 1822-68, H* ^^ 

595 Catalogues (160), Bangs & Mermn's New York Book ^ ^^ 

695' Catalogues (100). Auctions, and Private Salea, Books, ^ ^ 

Coins, &c, 

596 Catalogues (100) Books at Auction and Private Sale- ^ 
596' Catalogues (42) Books at Auction and Private Sale. 

597 Catalogues (468), Private Stocks, mostly English, few -' ^ 

597* Catalogues (13). Tanison & Reeve, New York. / 

598 Catalogues (38), Private Libraries, &c. ^^ 



/^ 599 Catalogues (75) Boston Book Sales. Lot similar to the 

J r^ 600 Catalogue. Library Theological Institution, Andover. 
8vo, pp. 161, UTicuL Andover, 1819. 

/ 601 Catalogue. Library of General Court. Svo. 

Boston, 1839. 

/ 602 Catalogue. National Portraits, Independence Hall. Svo. 

Philadelphia, 1855. 
/ 603 Catalogue. Maine State Library. 8vo. Augusta, 1839. 

^ 5^604 Catalogue. Library of Alleghany College. l2mo, pp. 
139. Scarce. Meadville, 1823. 

605 Catalogue. Library of Dr. H. R. Stiles. 8vo. 

New York, 1866. 
y 606 Catalogue. Shakspeare Circulating Library. 12mo, 
pp. 56, Scarce. 
^ 607 Catalogue. Boston Public Library. Svo. 

Boston, 1854. 

^^ 608 Catalogue. Harvard College. Svo. Boston, 1851. 

^ 609 Catalogue. Law Library Harvard University. Svo, pp. 
8, uncut. Cambridge, 1834. 

-s 610 Catalogue. Library, Boston Athenseum, 2 Pamphlets. 

Boston, 1834-40. 
-2 611 Catalogue. Ninth New York Trade Sale, Sept. 1831, 
held at Clinton Hall. Svo, pp. 50, uncut. ' 

New York, 1831. 

•< 612 Catalogue. Books relating to America. Svo, pp. 38, 
uncut. New York, 1867. 

A 613 Catalogue. Redwood Library. Svo. Providence, 1843. 

.^ 614 Catalogue. Nantucket Athenaeum. 12mo. 

Nantucket, 1835 

^ 615 Catalogue of Books in the Boston Library. Svo, pp. 27. 
uncut. Hare. Boston, 1797 


616 CATALOO0B of Books, Maps and Charts, belonging to the -1 

Library of the two Houses of Congress, April, 1802. 
12mo, pp. 10. Washington City (1802). 

Perhapa the first printed oatalogne of the Library of CongreBS. 

617 Catalogue of Books in Dartmouth College Library. ^^ 

12mo, pp. 22, uncut. Without date, but very early. 

618 Catalogue of Historical Papers and Parchments received -^ 

from the oflBce of the Secretary of State, and deposited 
in the New York State Library. 8vo, pp. 55. 

Albany, 1849. 

619 Catai-ogue of Paintings. Dusseldorf Gallery. 8vo, '^ 

Kew York, 1855. 
619« Catalogue of Portraits in tha Hall of the Historical -^ 
Society. 8vo. (Boston, 1838.) 

620 Catalogue of Catlin's Indian Gallery of Portraits, Land- 2, 

scapes, etc. 12mo. New York, 1837. 

621 Catalogue of 5000 choice Autograph Letters, Ac. 4to, -? ^^ 

London, 1859, 

622 Catalogue of Engraved Portraits of Washington and *<• 

Franklin, Hancock, Adams, Laurens, Lalayette, etc. 8vo. 

New York, 1868. 

623 Catalogue, Library of United Brothers' Society, of -< 

Brown University. 12mo. . Portsmouth, 1830. 

623* Catalogue, Supplementary, of Books, Mercantile Library ^ 

1 Association. 8 vo. Boston, 1851. 

Catalogue of J. T. Hanzsche's Circulating Library, kept Z 
at No. 32 N. Eutau Street, corner of Wagon Alley. 
12mo. Baltimore, 1835. 

625 Catalogue of Books, Cowper Library. 12mo. -^ 

Boston, 1828. 

626 Catalogues of Libraries in the Theological Seminary, / " 

Andover. 1 2mo, utu-uL 1 830. 

627 Catalogue, Library, Haverford School. 8vo. -^ 

Pliiladelphia, 1836. 



J ^ 628 Catalogue of Duplicates, in the Library of Harvard 
University, for sale. 8vo, pp. 31, uncut, rare. 

(Boston, 1824.) 
/S'^SSS Catechism (A) of Heraldry, explaining the Nature of 
the Various Coats of Arms, &c., and distinguishing 
them by their appropriate Heraldic Terms. 24mo, pp. 
61. London, 1823. 

5^ 630 Catechism (A) of Trade and Commerce, intended to lay 
the basis of Practical Commercial Knowledge in the 
Youthful Mind. 24mo, interleaved, with manuscript ad- 
ditions, by Rev. J. Pierpont. London, 1821. 

i^ G31 Catechism (A) from the book of Common Prayer. 8vo, 
pp. 8. Philadelphia, Z. Poulson, mdccxcii. 

/ 632 Catechism (A) of 'Phrenology. 12mo, pp. 91, 

Philadelphia, 1835. 
J i^ 633 Catun (Geo.) Breath of Life. 8vo, pp. 77. 

New York, 1865. 

y 7 r 634 Caulfield (James). The History of the Gun-Powder 

Plot. 10 inserted Plates. Svo, calf. London, 1804, 

fd $S5 Cacstick (Christopher, M. D.) pseudon. Terrible Trao- 
toration. 8vo, calf. Philadelphia, 1806. 

/ i' 636 Cave (William, D. D ) A Sermon preached before the 
Kuig, at White-Hall, on Sunday, Jan. 18th, 1685. 4to. 

London, 1685. 

5* 637 Cf:xtenary of Methodism, by Rev. Thomas E. Bond. 

8vo, pp. 28. Baltimore, 1839. 

J ^ 6Zh Chains and Freedom, or the Life and Adventures of Pe- 
ter Wheeler, a colored man yet living. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1839. 

639 CiULMEBS (Th08.,D.D.) The Works of. Vol. L 12mo, 

calf. Hartford, 1822. 

y ♦ 640 Chalmers. The Power, Wisdom and Goodness, of God. 

12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1833. 

/fi 641 CifAMBAUD (Lewis). The Idioms of the French and 
English Languages; being equally necessary to the 




French, and other Foreigners understanding French, to 
learn English, and the best if not the only help to at- 
tain to the knowledge of that Tongue. 8vo, sheep. 

London, MDCCXcni. 

642 Chambatjd. Fables Choices A L'Usage des Enfans et ^^ 

des Personnes qui Commencent a apprendre La Lan- 
gue Frangoise. 12mo, calf. Edinburgh, 1800. 

643 Chambers (Robert). History of the Rebellions in Scot- ^ 

land. 2 Vols. 2imo, clothe uncut. Edinburgh, 1828. 

644 Chamberlain (N. B. & D.) Catalogue of Pneiunatic hi' /O | 

strumcnts. Numerous Engravings. 8vo, cloth. ! 

Boston, 1844. j 

644^ Chamberlaynb (Rev. L) The Australian .Captive, or ^ ^ 
an Authentic Narrative of Fifteen years in the Life of 
William Jackraan. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1855. 

645 Champion (Richard). Considerations on the Present 7 

Situation of Great-Britain, and the United States of 
America. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, mdcclxxxiv. 

646 Champagny (M.) Letter to General Armstrong, Minis- 5^ 

ter of the United States at Paris. 12mo, pp. 8. 

Washington, 1808. 

647 Channino (Henry, M. A.) A Sermon preached at New J. S "Z^ 

London, Dec. 20th, 1786, occasioned by the Execution 
of Hannah Ocuish, a Mulatto girl, aged 1 2 years and 9 
months, for the murder of Eunice BoUes, aged 6 years 
and 6 months. 12mo, pp. 31. 

New London, mdcclxxxvii. 

648 Channing (Wm. E.) Sermon at the Ordination of the ^ 

Rev. Jared Sparks, in Baltimore, May 5, 1819. 12mo, 
pp, 53, uncut. • Boston, 1819. 

649 Channino. A Letter to, on the above Sermon. 8vo, pp. 5 ^ 

16, uncut. 

650 Channino. Discourse on the Delivery of the World j ^ 

from Military Despotism. 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1814. 



/^ C57 Chaxning. 
5^ 657« 


/O 651 Chaknikg. The Character of Napoleon Bonaparte. 8vo, 
pp. 5L Ne^ York, 1831. 

^5^652 CeANK'iXG. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. John 
Codinan, in Dorchester, Dec. 7, 1808. 8vo, pp. 32, len- 
€uU Boston, 1809. 

J ^ 653 Channixg, The Ministry of the Poor. 8vo, pp. 48, un- 


J Q 654r Channjng. An Address on Temperance. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1837. 

7 655 CaANXiKa Slavery. 16mo, cZo^A. Boston, 1836. 

^ J"^ 656 CuAsmxo* Discourses. 12mo, doth^ uncut. 

Boston, 1832. 
Self-Culture. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1838. 

Chaxning. Discourses (6) on the occasion of his Death. 
8vo, Boston and Providence, 1842. 

^ f ^58 CfiAPm (E. H.) Duties of Young Women. 24mo, cloth, 
gilL Boston, 1848. 

7 S"^ 669 Chapin. Duties of Young Men. 16mo, cloth, gilt. 

Boston, 1851. 
^ i^ 660 Chafmax (Thomas). The Cider-Maker's Instructor, 
Sweet- Maker's Assistant, and Victualler's and House- 
keeper's Director. 8vo, pp. 28. London, 1762. 

J S^ 661 Chaplkt (The) of Comus,orFeast of Sentiment and Fes- 
iLViil ol" Wit. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1811. 

5 ^ 662 Chapone's Letters, Gregory's Legacy, and Pennington's 
Adviiie, 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1822. 

/ y ^ 663 Chaudin (Sir John). Travels into Persia and the East- 
« liidiea, to which is added the Coronation of this Pres- 

ent King of Persia, Solyman the Third. Numerous 
TlviieSj Jaiio, calf. London, 1686. 

yj£i^fiB4 Charlevoix, (P. P. X. de.) Histoire et Description 
Gencrale de la Nouvelle France ; avec Journal His- 
torique d'un Voyage fait par Ordre du Roi dans V 
Ameiii^ue Septentrionnale. 6 Vols., 18mo, calf. 

Paris, 1744. 



685 Ckabteb, (The) Laws and Catalogue of Books of the 

Library Company of Philadelphia. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, Printed by B. Franklin and D. 

Gontainfl, perhaps, the earliest Coin Catalogue printed in this Country. 

666 Chaujicy (Charles). Sermon delivered at the First 4 

Church in Boston, March 13th, 1785, occasioned by the 
return of the Society to their House of Worship, after 
long absence. 8vo, pp. 23. Boston, 1785. 

667 Chauncy. Breaking of Bread in Remembrance of the dying 

Love of Christ. 12mo, boards, uncut, Boston, 1816. 

668 Chauncy. An Unbridled Tongue, a sure evidence that ^ ^ ^ 

our Religion is Hypocritical and Vain. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Boston, 1741. 

669 Chauncy. A Funeral Discourse on the death of Mrs. Lucy // ^ 

Waldo, The amiable Consort of Mr. Samuel Waldo, 
Merchant in Boston, Aug. 7th, 1741. 8vo, pp. 26, lin- 
cut. Boston, 1741. 

670 Chauncy. Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion i 5 

in New England, a Treatise in five parts, with a Pre- 
face giving an Account of the Antinomians, Familists 
and Libertines, who infected these Churches above an 
hundred Years ago. Very needful for these days the 
Like Spirit and errors prevailing now as did then, the 
whole being intended and calculated to serve the Inter- 
est of Christ's Kingdom. 8vo, calf. Boston, 1743. 

671 Chauncy (Nathaniel). Honouring God The True Way 7 ^ ^ 

to Honour. A Sermon Preached before the General 
Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, at Hartford, 
May 14th, 1719. Small, 8vo, pp. 54, scarce. 

N. London, T. Green, 1719. 

672 Chase (Francis P.) Gathered Sketches from the Early y i T 

History of New Hampshire and Vermont, containing 
Vivid and Interesting Accounts of a great Variety of 
the Adventures of our Forefathers, and of other Inci- 
dents of Olden Times. Engravings, 12mo, cloth. 

Claremont, N. H., 1856. 



^^ 673 Chautard (Leon). Escapes from Cayenne. 8vo, pp. 

63. Salem, 1857. 

]D 674 Chazottb (Peter S.) The Revolutions in St. Domingo, 

with a Narrative of the Massacre of the entire White 

Population. 8vo, pp. 71. New York, 1840. 

^ (TO 675 Checklet (Samuel). A Day of Darkness, a Sermon 
Preach'd before His Excellency William Shiiiey, Esq., 
The Honorable His Majesty's Council, and House of 
Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay, in New-England, May 28th, 1755. Being the an- 
niversary for the Election of His Majesty's Council for 
said Province. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, N. E., mdcclv. 

/O 676 Chbbsman (John C.) The Medical Properties of Gold. 

8to, pp. 28, uncut. New York, (1812.) 

y^ 677 Chbbvbr (Geo. B.) The Poets of America. 12mo,cZo/A, 

gilt. Hartford, 1850. 

/ ^ ^ 678 Chesbldbn (William). The Anatomy of the Human 

Body, with 340 Copperplates. 8vo, caif. Boston, 1 795. 

One of the earliest works on the subject published in this country. 

^0 679 Chevalier (Michel). On the probable fall in the value of 
Gold, the Commercial and Social consequences which 
may ensue, and the Measures which it invites. 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1859. 

J ^ 680 Chi\ri Pietro. Rosara, or the Adventures of an Actress. 
3 Vols, in one. 12mo, half calf. London, mdcclxxi. 

From the Library of W. K Burton. 

^ 681 Children's (The) Miscellany, in which is included The 
History of Little Jack, embellished with thirty-five cuts 
and Frontispieces. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1796. 

An interesting sample of ChUdren's books of the last century. 

S"" 682 Child (A. B.) Commerce as it is. 8vo,pp. 20. 

Boston, 1856. 
y - €83 Child (Francis J.) English andScottish Ballads. 8 Vols., 
Post 8vo, tree calf gilt, by Riviere. Boston, 1860. 

Large paper, smaU edition. 

\' 684 Child (Maria L.) The Right Way, the Safe Way. 12mo, 
pp. 95. New York, 1840. 



685 Child. The Coronal, a collection of Miscellaneous Pie- / ^ 

ces, written at various times. 24mo, boards, uncut, 

Boston, 1832. 

686 Childs (Hon. Noah A.) A Disquisition on Swill Milk ^ 

and Stump-tail Cows. Tending to remove the popular 
prejudices in regard to these subjects. 8vo, pp. 8. 


687 Chibces of Freedom and Union, a Collection of Poems ^^^ 

for the Times. 16mo, pp. 64. Boston, 1861. 

687* Chipman (Daniel). Life of Col. Seth Warner. 16mo, ^ 
pp. 84. Burlington, 1858. 

688 Choate (Rufus). A Discourse Commemorative of Daniel P^^ 

Webster. 8vo, pp. 88. Boston, 1853. 

689 Choules (John 0.) The Cruise of the Steam Yacht, 9C 

North Star, a Narrative of the Excursion of jrfr. Van- 
derbilt's Party. Plates. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1854. 

690 Christian Liturgy for the Use of the Church. 12mo, ^^ 

morocco, Boston, 1853. 

691 Christian Parlor Magazine. Three vols, in Nos. 8vo, i 

uncut. New York, 1845-47. 

692 Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century, in a Series of J ^ 

Letters to a Lady. Post, Svo, cloth. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1846. 

693 Christian (The) Orator, or a Collection of Speeches, to 5-^ 

which is prefixed. Walker's Elements of Elocution. 
18mo, sheep. Charlestown, 1819. 

694 Christian (The) Teachers's Manual. Yol. L 18mo, 7 

ludf bound. Boston, 1828. 

695 Christian (The) Officer, addressed to the Officers of His S "^ 

Majesty's Forces, with Reflexions on duelling, licenti- 
ousness, etc. 8vo, sheep, London, mdcolxvi. 

696 Christian Views, or Discourses, Doctrinal, Practical, and 5'^ 

Devotional. 12rao, cloth, Boston, 1848. 

697 Christison and Griffith. A Dispensatory, or Com- 5T 
'n J mentary on the Pharmacopoeias of Great Britain and 

vi the United States. 8vo, calf. Philadelphia, 1848. 


698 Christy (David). Ethiopia, Her Gloom and Glory, as 
illustrated in the history of the Slave Trade and Slave- 
ry. l?mOjdoth. Cincinnati, 1857. 

/r^ 699 Church (Dr. Benjamin). The Choice, a Poem after the 
manner of Pomfret. Written in tlie year 1757. 8vo, 
pp. 16. Worcester, 1802. 

JrV 700 Church (J. H.) The First Settlement of New England. 
12mo, pp. 24, uncut, Sutton, Mass. 1810. 

5^^701 Church Psalmody, a Collection of Psalms and Hymns, 
adapted to Public Worship. 24mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1837. 

y 702 Church (The) Catechism Explained, For the Use of the 
Diocese of St. Asaph. 12 mo, sheep. London, 1705. 

^^ LH- 703 Cicero (M. T.) Cato Major, or his Discourse of Old- 
Age, with Explanatory Notes. 8vo, cid/y very rare. 

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by B. 
Franklin, mdccxliv. 

Autograph of Edward Livingston. 

^'^ 704 CiCERONis (M. S.) Orationes. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1831. 

/^ 705 Clamargan Land Association. 8vo, pp. 41. s.l.s.a. 

^2. V^06 Clap (Thos.) A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of 

'^^ the Rev. Ephraim Little, at Colchester, Sept. 20, 1732. 

8vo, pp. 28. Wants last leaf. Boston, 1 732. 

^^ 707 Clapp (Henry, Jr.) The Pioneer, or Leaves from an 
Editor's Portfolio. Square 8vo, boards. Lynn, 1 846. 

/r 708 Clapp (Samuel). The Writings of. 12 mo, ftoa/ds; scarce. 


5^ 709 Clare (Marie J.) The Trial. 12rao, pp. 70. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1851. 
710 Clark (Edward Daniel). Travels in Various Countries 
of Europe, Asia and Africa. 12 mo, boards j uncut. 

Stockbridge, Mass., 1813. 

/ 7 711 Clark (George W.) The Harp of Freedom. Port. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 


712 Clauk (Hugh). A Concise History of Knighthood, con-/^^ 

taining the Religious and Military Orders which have 
been Instituted in Europe, with descriptions of their 
Mantels, Caps, Collars, Stars, Ribbons and Mottoes; 
also, Accounts of the Installations of the Garter, Bath, 
Thistle and St. Patrick, and Correct List of the Knights 
of each, to which is added the Ancient Ceremonies 
used at Duels, Combats, Jousts and Tournaments, the 
whole Imbellished with 82 Copper Plates. 2 vols. 8vo, 
calf. London, 1784. 

713 Clark (H.G.) Ship Fever. 8vo,pp.48. 

Boston, 1850. 

714 Clark (John). Sermon at -the Interment of the Rev. Dr. 2 ^^ 

Cooper. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, 17S4. 

715 Clarke. An Answer to the Question, Why are you a ^ '"^ 

Christian? By John Clark, Minister of a church in 
Boston. 12mo, boards^ uncut. Boston, 1797. 

716 Clark (Mary). A Concise History of Massachusetts, J J ^ 

from its First Settlement, and for Fourteen Years the 
History of all New England. 24mo, half hound. 

New York, 1837. 

717 Clark (Peter). A Defence of the Divine Right Of In- /^ T? 

fant-Baptism, Being in Reply to Dr. John Giirs Book, 
entitled The Divine Right of Infant-Baptism, examined 
and disproved, and In Vindication of the late Mr. 
Jonathan Dickinson^s Brief Illustration and Confirma- 
tion of the Divine Right of Infant-Baptism. 8vo, old 
calf. Boston, N. E., 1752. 

718 Clark. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the /y 

Rev. Mr. William Jenison, Salem, May 22, 1728. 8vo, 
pp. 32. Boston, N. E., 1728. 

719 Clark (Samuel A.) The History of St. John's Church, J S^ 

Elizabethtown, N. J., from the year 1703, to the Pres- 
ent Time. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1857. 

720 Clark (Samuel). The Fatal Vespers, A True and Full / S'* 

Narrative of that Signal Judgement of God upon the 



Papists, by the Fall of the House in Black Friers, Lon- 
doa, upon the fifth of November, 1623.* Curious 
Plate. 4to, boards. London, 1657. Reprinted 1817. 

Book plate of Robert Balmanno. 

/i'^l^l Clarke (Jas. Freeman). The Christian Doctrine of 
Priyer. 24mo, cloth, Boston, 1854. 

/S^ 722 Clarke (John). Sermon at the Interment of the Rev. 
Samuel Cooper, D. D. Svo, pp. 35. 

Boston, John Gill, mdcclxxxiv. 

/ 723 Clarke. Letters to a Student in the University of 
Cambridge, Massachusetts. 24mo, calf. Scarce. 

Boston, 1796. 

5^ 724 Clarke (John). Compendious History of Rome, English 

and Latin. 12mo, boards. London, hdcclxlk. 

5 ^ 725 Clarke. An Introduction to the Making of Latin. 12mo, 
sheep. London, 1794. 

J C 726 Clarke (Mary Anne). The Rival Princes, or a Faithful 
Narrative of Facts relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke's Po- 
litical Acquaintance with Col. Wardle, Maj. Dodd, &c., 
&c., &c., with authentic and important Letters. Post. 
12mo, boards. New York, 1810. 

/ ^ 727 Clarke (Sam'l). A Discourse Concerning the Being and 
Attributes of God,, the Obligations of Natural Religion, 
and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian Revela- 
tion. SyOj calf. London, 1728. 

J '.^ 728 Clat (Rev. J. C.) Annals of the Swedes on the Dela- 
ware, to which is added The Character of the United 
Swedish Churches. Fort. 24mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1835. 

-^ "^ 729 Clay (Henry) on the Removal of the Deposits. 8vo, 

pp. 48. Washington, 1834. 

-' ^ 730 Clear (A) System of Punctuation. 24mo. 

Boston, 1792. 

-, . ^ 731 Clear (A) Display of the Trinity, from Divine Revelation. 

2 Vols., Svo. London, 1814. 


732 Cleveland (Rev. Aaron). The Life of Man Inviolable. / ^ 

8vo, pp. 40, uncut. New York, 1821. 

733 Cleaveland (E. L.) The Gold of California. 8vo, pp. ^ ^^ 

20. New Haven, 1849.. 

734 CLEAVET.AND (John). A Short and Plain Narrative of ^Q 

the late Work of God's Spirit at Chebacco, in Ipswich, 
in the Years 1763 and 1764. 8vo,pp. S9, uncut, scBXce. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclxvil 

735 [Cleveland (John)]. The Idol of the Clownes, or the ^-^ 5" 

Insurrection of Wat the Tyler, With his fellow Kings 

of the Commons, against the English Church, the King, 

the Laws, Nobility and Gentry, in the fourth yeare of 

King Richard the 2d, Anno 1381, 8vo, calf. 

London, Printed in the year 1654. 

From the Library of Robert Southej. Contains the leaf of Lydgate's 
Black Letter Verse. A fine oopy of a soaroe book. 

736 [Cleveland]. The Parliament's Letanie, for the more /^^ 

speedy composure of DiflFerences between them and the 
City, between the City and the Army, and between them 
all and the King. That when they have ruined one an- 
other, the Royal Party may not by that means be Tri- 
umphant, 4to, half calf J rare. s.l. 1647. 

737 Cleveland (Richard J.) A Narrative of Voyages and ^^ 

Commercial Enterprises. 2 Vols., 12mo, cloth- 

Cambridge, 1842. 

738 Cleghorn (George). Observations on the Epidemical 7 

Diseasesjof Minorca, from the year 1 744 to 1 749. 1 2mo, 
sheep. Philadelphia, 1812. 

739 Clemens (Orion). City of Keokuk, in 1856. A View -^^ ^ 

of the City, embracing its Commerce and Manufactures, 
and containing the Inaugural Address of Mayor Curtis, 
and Statistical Local Information. Also a Sketch of 
the Black Hawk War, and History of the Half Breed 
Tract. 8vo, pp. 44, scarce. Keokuk, 1856. 

740 Closing Scenes of the Life of Samuel Wisdom. 24mo, 

clotk. New York, 1842. 



^^^41 Clot-Bey (A. B.) Apergu G6ii6ral Sur L*Egypte Ouv- 

rare orne d'un Portrait et de plusieurs Cartes et Plans 

colori6s. 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1840. 

^ *I4t2 Clutterbuck (J.) Vindication of the Liturgy of the 

Church of England. Svo, pp. 62. London, 1694. 

/ 743 Cobb (Alvin). Pilgrim Sermon. Svo, pp. 24. 

Taunton, 1832. 
^5^744 CoBBETT (William). The Pride of Britannia Humbled, 
or The Queen of the Ocean Un-Queen'd by "The 
American Cock Boats." 12 mo, boards, uncut. 

New York, 1815. 

5 ^ 745 CoBBETT. Advice to Young Men and Young Women. 

24mo, cloth. New York, 183 1. 

y 746 CoBBETT. A Little Plain English, addressed to the Pec. 
pie of the United States. 8vo, pp. 109. 

Philadelphia, 1795. 
yO f^ 747 CoBBETT. The Bloody Buoy thrown out as a Warning 
to the Political Pilots of America, or a Faithful Rela- 
tion of a Multitude of Acts of Horrid Barbarity, such 
as The Eye never witnessed, the Tongue never ex- 
pressed, or the Imagination Conceived, until the Com- 
mencement of the French Revolution. Illustrated with 
Striking Copper-Plates. 24mo, calf gilt. 

Philadelphia, mdccxoyi. 

y 748 Cobbett's Sermons. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1822. 

7 749 [Cobbett.] Porcupines Political Censor for November, 
1796. Insolent and Seditious Notes, By the French 
Minister Adet. Svo, pp. 76. Philadelphia, 1796. 

y J 750 Cobbett, A Grammar of the English Language, in a 
Series of Letters, Intended for the use of Schools, and 
of Young persons in general, but more especially for 
the use of Soldiers, Sailors, Apprentices and Plow-Boys. 
24mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1832. 

/C 751 [Cobbett]. Christianity, contrasted with Deism. Svo, 
pp. 64. Philadelphia, 1796. 



752 [CoBBBTT]. Review of the Most interesting Political *V 

Occurrences relative to the United States of America. 
8vo, pp. 78. Wants a leaf. Philadelphia, 1796. 

753 Code (The) of 1650, Being a Compilation of the Ear ] 

liest Laws and Orders of the General Court of Con- 
necticut, to which is Added, Some Extracts from the 
Laws Commonly Called Blue Laws. 'Engraving. 12mo, 
half bound. Hartford, 1822. 

754 Coffin (Charles). History of the Battle of Breed's yj7 5'"^ 

Hill, by Maj-Genls. Wm. Heath, Henry Lee, James 
Wilkinson and Henry Dearborn. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Boston, 1835. 

755 CoGAN (T.) A Treaties on the Passions. Vol. XL 8vo. ^^ 

boards, uncut. London, 1813. 

756 Col. Crocket's Tour to the North and Down East. Writ- ^ i ^ 

ten by Himself. 12rao. Philadelphia, 1835. 

757 CoLBURN (Warren). An Introduction to Algebra, upon ^^ 

the inductive method of Instruction. 8vo, sheep. 

Boston, 1831. 

758 Cold-Water-Man (The). By Doctor Springwater, of /d 

North America. 12mo, cloth. Albany, 1832. 

759 CoLDEN (Hon. C.) On Freemasonry. 8vo, pp. 15. ^ ^^ 

New York, (1829.) 

760 Golden (C. D.) A Vindication of the Steamboat Right, / ^"d 

granted by the State of New- York. 8vo, pp. 178. 
tmcia. Albany, 1818. 

761 Coleridge (Samuel T.) Confessions of an Inquiring ^ ^ 

Spirit. Post 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1841. 

762 Coleridge. The Statesman's Manual, or the Bible the "^ ^ 

best Guide to Political Skill and Foresight, a Lay Ser- 
mon addressed to the Higher Classes of Society. 
12mo, boards, uncut. Burlington, 1832. 

763 Coleridge. Specimens of the Table Talk of. 2 vols- ^.' :; "^ 

in one. 12mo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1835. 


J 764 Colbridge:. Letters, Conversations and Recollectiong 
of. l2mo, doik. New York, 1836. 

^0 765 Coles (KB.) The Beauties and Deformities of Tobac- 
co-Usiiig, or its Ludicrous and its Solemn Realities. 
1 2mu, cloth. Boston, mdoccu. 

y^ 766 Coles woBTH^ (D. C.) Sabbath-School Hymns. 

Portland, 1833. 

/O 767 CoLESWORTHT. My Minister. l6mo, half bound, 

Portland, 1833, 

J 5 Z 768 Collections of the Maine Historical Society, 6 Vols. 
8vo, chtL Portland, v.y. 

^ '^ 769 Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society, 
8 vols- 8vo, The first four in boards. All uncut, ex- 
cept VoL VL; a fine set. Concord, 1824-50- 

J 2 ^'^ 770 CoLLBCTioxs of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 
1st Ser. VoL VIH.; 2nd Ser. Vol. VIH.; 3d Ser. Vols 
IIL, IV. and VL 5 vols, in hoards, four of which art 
unaa. The first two scarce. Boston, v.y. 

^ ^ £ 771 CoLLBOTTONS of the Virginia Historical and Philosophical 
Society. Vol. L 8vo, pp. 87. Scarce. 

Richmond, 1833, 

Contams a Witchcraft trial in Virginia. 

J S"D 772 Collections of the South-Carolina Historical Society, 
Published by the Society. 8vo, cloth. 

Charleston, S. C, 1857. 

/ S *!. 773 Collections of the State Historical Society of Wiscon- 
sin. 4 vols. 8vo. Madison, v.y. 

^/ ,) 774 COLLKs's Survey of the Roads. A Series of Plans, giv- 
ing the principal roads, with the houses thereon, through- 
out the country. Rare. 

/ 775 Collet (Samuel ) . A Practical Paraphrase on the Epistles 

of St. Paul to the Romans, and the Galatians, and on 

Epistle to the Hebrews. 8vo, calf London, 174-iw 




6 CoLMAN ( ). A Poem on Elijah's Translation, Occa- ^^ 

sioned by the Death of the Reverend and Learned Mr. 
Samuel Willard. 8vo, pp. 14, last leaf imperfect, in 
same Vol. portion of Rev. Mr. Willard's funeral Sermon. 

Boston, 1707. 

T77 CoLMAN (Benjamin). A Funeral Sermon Preached upon J ^ 
the Death of The truly Vertuous and Religious, Grove 
Hirst, Esq., Merchant in Boston, New England, Who 
departed this Life October 28, 1717, in the Forty 
third year of his Life. To which is added, An extract 
from the private Writings of Mr. Hirst on divers select 
and Important Heads, shewing his Secret Works before 
Grod, in Truth and with a perfect heart. Small, Svo, 
sheep. Boston, 1717. 


8 GoucAN. A Sermon Preached the Lord's Day after the ^ ^ 
Funeral of the Reverend Mr. William Cooper, One of 
the Pastors of the Church in Brattle Street, Boston, 
Who died Dec. 13, 1743. Svo, pp. 45, uncut. 

Boston, 1744. 

^yT[^ CoLMAN. A Sermon Preached' to some miserable Pirates J Z ^ 
July 10, 1726, On the Lord's Day before their Execu- 
tion. Svo, pp. 36, scarce. Boston, N. E. 1726. 

yTSO CoLMAN. The Judgment of Providence in the hand oi 2 
Christ, His Voice to us in the Earthquake, And the 
Earth Devoured by the Curse. In four Sermons, Svo, 
pp. 86. Boston, 1727. 

Title page imitiiig, Uwt Sermon has separate title page. 

\^781 CoLMAN. An Argument for, and Persuasive unto the ^ ^^ 
great and important Duty, of Family Worship. Svo, 
pp. 43. Boston, N. B., 1728. 

^^82 CoLMAN. Death and the Grave, without any Order, A ^ 
Sermon Preached July 7, 1728, Being the Lords-Day 
after a tragic Duel and most lamented Death. Svo, pp. 
19. Boston, in New England, 1728. 



3^^83 CoLMAN. The faithful Ministers of Christ, mindful of tiieir 
own Death. A Sermon Preached at the Lecture in. 
Boston, Upon the Death of the Learned and Venerable 
Solomon Stoddard, Who departed this Life Febr. 1729. 
8vo, pp. n. 25, App. 4. 

Boston, New England, mdccxxix, 

/'^^84 CoLMAN. Government the Pillar of the Earth. A Ser- 
mon Preached in'Boston, Before His Excellency, John- 
athan Belcher, Esq., Captain General and Commander 
in Chief, Ac, August 13th 17^0. 8vo, pp. 17, App. 2. 

Boston, in New England, 1 730. 

^'^ 785 CoLMAN. The Friend of Christ and of His People. A 
Sermon Preached in Boston, April 1, 1731, Before the 
Govemour and the General Court, Upon the News of 
the Death of the much Honoured Thomas HoUis, Esq., 
The most generous and noble Patron of Learning and 
Religion in the Churches of New England. 8vo, pp. 
(2) IV. 29. Boston, in New England, 1731. 

J C 786 CoLMAN. A Sermon Preached in the Old-South Meeting- 
house in Boston, August 9, 1727, at the Ordination Of 
the Rev. Ebenezer Pemberton, M. A., Pastor of the 
Presbyterian Church in the City of New York. 8vo, 
pp. 19. Boston, N.E., 1727. 

/^^^787 CoLMAN. The Credibility of the Christian Doctrine of 

\ the Resurrection. A Sermon Preached in Boston, July 

24th 1729, after the Funeral of William Welsteed, Esq. 

8vo, pp. H., 32. Boston, N. E., 1729. 

J ^ 788 CoLMAN. Dying in Peace in a good Old Age. A Sermon 
Preach'd the Lords-Day after the Funeral of the Hon- 
ourable and Aged Simeon Stoddard, Esq., of Boston, 
Who departed this Life October 15th, 1730. 8vo, pp. 
IL, 19. Boston, N. E., mdccxxx. 

J 789 Coleman (Henry). Consolatory Views of Death. 24mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1844. 

J 790 Colman's Monthly Miscellany. 8vo. New York, 1839. 


>r791 CoLTON (Benjamin). Two Sermons delivered at Hart- 

\ ford in the Colony of Connecticut. The first Sermon 

Treats of tlie Change of the Sabbath, from, the Seventh 

. to the First Day of the Week. The Second treats of 

Baptism. Small, 8vo, pp. 67, uncut. 

London, T. Green, 1735. 

792 CoLTON (Henry E.) Guide Book to the Scenery of 

Western North Carolina. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Ashville, 1860. 

793 Columbian (The) Muse. A Selection of American Poe- 2 ^^ 

try from various Authors of Established Reputation. 
12mo, sheepj rare. New York, 1728. 

794 Columbian (The) Phenix and Boston Review, for 1800. J S^ 

8vo, boards uncui. Contains several Eulogies, and a 
large number of papers relating to the death of Wash- 
796 Columbian (The) Almanack and Agricultural Repository, ^ ^ 
for the Year of our Lord 1804. 16mo, pp. 63. 

DedhamMass., (1804). 

796 CoLB (John C.) Life and Letters of. 8vo, pp. 12. -^ ^ 

New York. 

797 Combe (Andrew). The Principles of Physiology applied ^^^ 

to the Preservation of Health. 18mo, cloth. 

New York, 1834. 

798 CoMBB (George). Lectures on Moral Philosophy, 12mo, ^ ^ 

cloth. Boston, 1836. 

799 CoMBB. The Constitution of Man. 12mo, boards, uncut. ^^ 

Boston, 1829. 

800 CoMBB. Lectures on Popular Education. 12mo, cfoiA. 5^"^ 

Boston, 1834. 

801 Coming (The) Struggle among the Nations of the South, V 

or the Events of the next Fifteen Years foretold. 
8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1853. 

802 Common-Place (The) Book of Romantic Tales, with /O 

Colored Engravings. 12mo, boards^ uncut. 

New York, 1831. 


^"Z? 803 CoMMOHr Salt. The Art of Making, particularly adapted 
to the use of the American Colonies, with an Extract 
from Dn Brownri^'s Treatise on the Art of making 
Bay-Salt. Fablished by Order of the General Assem- 
bly, Bra, pp, 15, Scarce. Boston, 1776. 

/iTO 804 CoMMO!! Sense, witli the whole Appendix, the Addresses 
to the Quakers ; also the large Additions, and a Dialogue 
between the Ghost of General Montgomery, just arrived 
from the Elysian Fields, and an American Delegate in 
a Wood near Philadelphia, on the Grand Subject of 
American Independency. 8vo, 150-16. Rare. 

Philadelphia, 1776. 

^TJ 805 Complete (A) Guide to Ornamental Leather Work, 
Twenty-three Cuts. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1854. 

^ Z. 806 CoMPLiMEJ^TAHT Banquet, given by the City Council of 
Boston, to Rear-Admiral LessoflFsky, and the Officers of 
the Russian Fleet, at the Revere House, June 7, 1864. 
8vo, cloiL Boston, 1864. 

yjfmi Con ANT (Sylvanns). The Art of War the Gift of God. 
A Discourse delivered at Middleborough, before three 
Military Companies, April 6, 1759, being the Day of 
General Cluster in the Massachusetts Provinces for the 
Canada Expedition. 8vo, pp. 1 6, uncut ; rare. 

Boston, Edes & Gill, mdcclix. 

/C 808 CONCBBT (The) of Princes, and the Dismemberment of 
Poland and France, by A Calm Observer. 8vo, calf^ 
gilt. London, mdccxciii. 

y 809 Co!f cisE ( A) History of the Eastern Penitentiary of Penn- 
sylvania. 8vo, pp. 283. Philadelphia, 1835. 

A Terj spioy account of the inner life of one of the Philadelphia PriBons. 

y ^ 810 Concise (A) History of the United States, from the 
Discovery of America till 1795, Map, 12mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1797. 

• 5^ 811 CoscoBO and Lexington Orations, by Everett, 1825-1835, 
and Rantoul^ 1S50. 


812 CoNDER (James). An Arrangement of Provincial Coins, y^Z ^^ 

Tokens, and Medalets, issued in Great Britain, Ireland, 
and the Colonies, within the last twenty years, from the 
Farthing to the Penny size, Plates, 8vo, sheqi) ; scarce. 

Ipswich, 1798. 

813 Anti-Slaveby (The) Record. 2 Vols, 12mo, cloth. -? S^ 

New York, 1835-36. 

814 Conduct (The) of the Late Administration Examined, J 2 S^^ 

with an Appendix containing Original and Authentic 
Documents. 8vo, pp. 107. Boston, 1767. 

"By an Enemy to America," in same Vol. a Dissuasion 
to Great Britain and the Colonies, from the Slare Trade 
to Africa, by James Swan, a Native of Great Britain, 
and Friend to the Welfare of this continent, Boston, N. 
E. (1767); also a Dissertation on the Gout and all 
Chronic Diseases. By Wm. Cadagan. Boston, 1772. 

815 Conduct (The) of Great Britain respecting Neutrals. 

8vo, pp. 72. Philadelpnia, 1807. 

816 CoNDmoN of Females in Mohammedan and Pagan ^ S^ 

Countries. 12mo. Boston, 1832. 

817 Confederate States Almanac for the year of our Lord, / / /^ 

1864. 12mo, pp. 20. Macon, Ga., 1864. 

818 Confession. The Beasts to the Priest. 8vo, pp. 22. 

Dublin, 1738. 

819 Confessions (The) of J. Lackington, late Bookseller at y 

the Temple of the Muses, in a Series of Letters to a 
Friend. 24mo, half red calf. New York, 1806. 

820 Congregational (The) Singing Book. Square 8vo, c/oM. o^ 

New York, 1848. 

821 CONGDON (James B.) Address at the Consecration of y 

Oak Grove Cemetery, in New Bedford, Oct. 6, 1843. 
8vo, pp. 35. New Bedford, 1844. 

822 Congressional Directory, Thirty-Second Congress. 12mo. / 

pp. 58. Washington, 1853. 

823 CoNGRBVB (Wm.) The Works of. Vol. IIL 12mo, T^ 

calf London, 1725. 



2 ^ 834 CoSKLmo (Hon. Alfred). On the Question of Copyright 

in Manuscripts. 8vo, pp. 33, uncut. Albany, 1852. 
/ 825 Considerations on the Measures Carrying on, with 

re.«^pect to the British Colonies in North America. 
12 mo, pp. 60. Boston, mdcclxxiv. 

J 1 % ^25^ Considerations on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes on 
the British Colonies, for the Purpose of raising a Rev- 
enuQ by Act of Parliament. 8vo, pp. 55, North Amer- 
ica ; Printed by a North American. 
New York, Re-printed by John Holt, in the year 1765. 
/ 826 Considerations. On the Legality of General Warrants 
&c. 8vo, pp. 50. [No imprint] 

5 ' 827 Consideration for Young Men. 12mo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1832. 

5^ 828 Considerations on the Present German War. 8vo, pp. 

136. London, 1760. 

J 829 Considerations of the Claims and Conduct of the United 

States, respecting their North Eastern Boundary, and 

of the value of the British Colonies in North America. 

8vo, pp. 12, uncut. London, 1826. 

/ 2 830 Considerations on Recent Social Theories. Post 8vo, 

doiL Boston, 1853. 

/ 831 Considerations in favor of the construction of a Great 

State Road, from Lake Erie to the Hudson River. 

8vo, pp. 48. Albany, 1827. 

/r * 832 Considerations on the Measures Carrying on, with 

respect to the British Colonies in North America. 

8vOj pp. 64, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, Edes & Gill, mdcclxxiv. 
^ ^ 833 CoNSTiTUCiON Politica de la Monarquia Espanola Pro- 
mulguda en Cadiz, A 19 de Marzo, de 1812. 24nio. 

Madrid, 1820. 
J 834 Constitutional Security to the Citizen's Rights of Prop- 
erty ; and. The Principles of Public Faith. 8vo, pp. 20. 

Boston, 1802. 
A Bcirce pamphlet, relating to MaasaohuaettB paper money. 

835 Constitution and By-Laws of the New York Historical 
Society. 8vo, pp. 23. New York, 1839. 




836 Constitution (A) and form of Government for the State J^ iT^ 

of Massachusetts-Bay, Agreed upon by the Convention 
of said State, February 28, 1778, to be laid before tijo 
several Towns and Plantations in said State, for their 
Approbation, or Disapprobation. 8vo, pp. 23. Seai*ce. 

Boston, J. Gill, mdcclxxvui, 

837 Constitution of the Democratic Society of the City of y 
. New York. 24mo, pp. 15. New York, 11^4, 

838 Constitution of Mass., with Washington's Farewell /^ 

Address. 12mo, boards. Boston, 18U5. 

839 Constitution of the Graham Society. 12mo, pp. 8. S^ 

Boston, 181 9* 

840 Constitution (The) of the Several Independent States of /^ 

America, The Declaration of Independence, and the 
Articles of Confederation between said States. 8vo, 
sheep, Boston, mdcclxxxv, 

841 Constitution (The) of the Free Masons, containing tbo ?J ^ 

History, Charges, Regulations, &c., of that most Ancient 
and Right-Worshipful Fraternity. For the Use of tlio 
Lodges. 4to, cloth. New York, lti55. 

842 Constitutions (The) of the Ancient and Honorable Fru- ^^ 

teruity of Free and Accepted Masons in the Stato of 
New York. 8vo, pp. 56. New York, 1794 

843 Constitution (The) and Canons of the Protestant Epis- f^ 

copal Church in the United States of America, fero, 
pp. 46, rough edges. Boston, 18M0. 

844 Constitution (The) of the Reformed Dutch Church iq S^ 

America. 12mo, sheep. New York, ^^)3. 

845 Constitution (The) of Mass., and of the United Starts. J 1"^ 

with Washington's Farewell Address. 12mo, boanfs. 

Brokofield, 1807. 

846 Controversy between Armistcad Thompson Mason and ^* 

Charles Fenton Mercer. 8vo, pp. 36, nncut. 

Washin^rton, 1813. 



2 ^ "847 CoNTROVERST (The) between Mass., and S. C. 8yo, pp. 

21. Boston, 1845. 

^ 848 Convention Sermons (2.) Tappan, 1797; Harris, 1799. 

2 $^849 Converted (The) Jew, or Memoirs of the Life of Joseph 

Samuel C. P. Frey, who was bom a Jew, but is now a 

Minister of the Gospel. 12mo, %heep. Scarce. 

Boston, 1816. 

/O 850 Conversations on the evidences of Christianity. 12mo, 

boards, unaU. London, mdcccxxtv. 

^ 851 CoNYNGHAM (C.) Doctor's Commons unveiled, its Secrets 

and abuses Disclesed. 12mo,^ap^. London, 1854. 

7 852 Cook (William). The Power of Priesthood in Absolution. 

8vo, pp. 206. Oxford, 1858. 

J 853 CooKB (Parsons). Modern TJniversalism Exposed, in an 

examination of the Writings of the Rev. Walter Ballour. 

12mo, cloth. Lowell, 1834. 

2 i^ 854 CooKE (Rev. Samuel). The Morals of Bethesda. 8vo, 

pp.20. New York, 1858. 

^2 S^ 855 Cooper (Rev. ). The History of North America, con- 
taining A Review of the Customs and Manners of the 
Original Inhabitants, The first Settlement of the British 
Colonies, their Rise and Progress, from the earliest Pe- 
riod, to the Time of their becoming united, free and 
independent States. Embellished with Copper-Plate 
Cuts. Second American Edition, 12mo,6oarrfs. Scarce. 

Lansinburgh, mdccxcv. 

y 856 Cooper (J. Fonimore). A Letter to his Countrymen. 

8vo, boards. New York, 1834. 

/ 2 5^857 Cooper. The Battle of Lake Erie. 12mo, pp. 117. 

Cooperstown, 1843. 

y 858 Cooper (Samuel). A Discourse on the Man of Sin, de- 
livered in the Chapel of Harvard College, in Cambridge, 
New England, Sept. 1, 1773. 8vo, pp.. 59, unctU. 

Boston, 1774. 

/ ^^J 859 Cooper (Thomas). Some Information respecting Amer- 
ica. 8vo, boards, uncut. Dublin, 1798^ 


860 Cooper. Some Information Respecting America. Map. ^ 

8vo, half bound. London, mdccxciv. 

861 Cooper (William). The Doctrine of Predestination unto / ^ S^ 
, Life. Explained and Vindicated, in Four Sermons, 

preached to the Church of Christ meeting in Brattle 
Street, and published at their general Desire, with some 
additional Passages and Quotations. With a Preface 
by the Senior ^Pastors of the Town. 8vo, she^, origi- 
nal binding. Eare* Boston, mdccxl. 

A page of manuBcript, by a fonner owner, Obediah CooksozL 

862 Cooper. The Doctrine of Predestination unto Life, ex- / 

plained and vindicated in four Sermons, Preached to 
the Church of Christ meeting in Brattle Street* By 
William Cooper, one of the Pastors of said church. 
24mo, half bound. Boston, 1804. 

863 Cooper. The Danger of People's losing the good Im-/^'^ 

pressions made by the late awful Earthquake. 8vo, 
half calf. Scarce. Boston, 1727. 

864 Cooper. Two Sermons Preached at Portsmouth, in the S^ 

Province of New Hampshire, on December 12th and 
19th, 1741. A Time in which a remarkable Work of 
the Spirit of God was going on in that Place. A leaf 
wanting. 8vo, pp. 48. Boston, 1741. 

865 Cooper (William). A Sermon preached to God's ancient /^ ^ 

Israel the Jews, Aug. 28, 1796. 4to, pp. 32. 

Concord N. H., Oct. 1797. 

866 CoRDA (A. C.) Brand in the Cereals, and Blight in 7 i ^ 

Grain. Plates* 4to, boards^ uncut. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1847. 
Large paper, edition 20 copies. 

867 Cornwall (Barry). English Songs, and other small ^ i^^ 

Poems. 12mo, boards, uncut. London, mdcccxxxii. 

868 Correct (A) Account of the Battle of Alexandria, with 5^^ 

a Sketch of the Campaign in Egypt. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, 1804. 



//2 869 Correspondence between John Q. Adams, Esq., Presi- 
dent of the United States, and Several Citizens of Mass., 
concerning the charge of a Design to Dissolve the Union, 
alleged to have existed in that State. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Boston, 1829. 

//^^^ 870 Correspondence between Hon. John Adams and Wm. 
Cunningham, Esq. 8vo, pp. 229, uncut 

Boston, 1823. 
/ c^ 871 Correspondence between Gov. Sullivan and Col. Pick- 
ering. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1808. 

^^ 872 Correspondence on the Proposed Tripartite Convention, 
relative to Cuba. 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1853. 

7 873 Correspondence Respecting Russia, between Robert 
Goodloe Harper, Esq., and Robert Walsh, Jun. 8vo, 
pp. 140, uncut. Philadelphia, 1813. 

/ C 874 Cosio (T. de T. Y.) History of the Conquest of Peru. 
12mo. Philadelphia, 1846. 

// Z 875 Cotton (Charles). The Genuine Poetical Works of. 
Containining Scarronides, Virgil Travestie, Lucian 
Burlesqued, etc. Plates, 12mo, calf. 

London, mdcct.xxi. 

Referring to these parodies, AUibone says, " That they should hnbeevea 
so often reprinted, marks the slow progress of the refinement of public 
taste during the greater part of the eighteenth century.'* 

, / Z 876 [Cotton.] Burlesque upon Burlesque, or the Scoffer 
Scoft. Being some of Lucian's Dialogues, newly put 
into English Fustian, for the Consolation of those who 
had rather Laugh and be Merry, than to be Merry and 
Wise. First edition. Port. SvOjcal/jgilt. Scarce. 

London, 1675. 

/f c. 877 Cotton (John). The|Keyes|of the Kingdom ofjHeaveii], 
and|Power thereof, according to the|Word of Godlbyj 
That Learned and Judicious Divinej, Mr. John Cotton, 
Teacher of the Churchjat Boston, in New England), 
Tending to reconcile some present Differences, Doubt] 
and Discipline|. The second time Imprinted|. Pub- 


lished by Tho. Goodwin. Phillip Nye, 4to, pp. 10, with- 
out numerals, pp. 59, and errata p. 1, half calf ^ antique. 
Title page imperfect. Very rare. 

London, printed by M. Simmons, for Henry 

Overton, and are to be sold at his shop, 

in Pope*8-Head Alley, 1644. 

878 Cotton. The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, an Pow- 4^ ^ 

er thereof, according to the Word of God. 

London, 1644, 12mo, cloih. Reprint, Boston, 1843. 

879 Cotton. ThejEloudy Tenent|Washed|and made white in • S ' ^ 

the bloud of the|Lambe : being discussed and discharged 
of Ibloud-gulltines by just Defence.| WhereinjThe great 
Questions of this present time are|handled, viz., How 
farre Liberty of Oonscience|ought to be given to those 
that truly fear God ? And how farre|restrained to tur- 
bulent and pestilent persons, that not on|ly raze the 
foundation of Godliness, but disturb the civil| Peace 
where they live ? Also how farre the Magistrate may 
pro|ceed in the duties of the first Table ? And that all 
Magistrate8|ought to study the word and will of God, 
that they may frame|their Government according to itj, 
Di3cussed|,As they are alleged, from divers Scriptures, 
out of |the Old and New Testament. Wherein also the 
practice of |Princes is debated, together with the Judg- 
ment of An|cient and late Writers, of most precious es- 
teeme|. Whereunto is added a Reply to Mr. Williams'| 
Answer to Mr. Cotton's Letter], by John Cotton, Batch- 
elor in Divinity, and|Teacher of the Church of Christ at 
Boston, in New England. 4to, pp. 195, and 144. 
London, Printed by Matthew Symmons, for Hannah 
Allen, at the Crown, in Pope's-Head Alley, 1647. 

Title page has been repaired, and fonr leaves injared or missing have been 
reetored; with these exceptions, a fine copy of a very rare book. 

880 Courier de Boston. 4ito, hulf bound. 1789. ^^ 

This is a Vol. of a French Newspaper, published in Boston, being a com- 
plete series, in twenty-six numbers. 

881 Court (The) and City Vagaries, or Intrigues of both / i "" 

Sexes. Written by one of the fair Sex. 12mo,pp. 62. 




7 882 CouTHomr (Joseph P.) Monograph in the Family Os- 
teodesmacca. 8vo, pp. 60. s.l.s.a. 

/ 75^883 CouTHOUY. Observations on recent Iceburgs. 8vo, pp. 
14- New Haven, 1842. 

8^4 CowELL (Beiyamin). Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island, or 
Sketches of the Efforts of the Government and People 
in the War of the Revolution. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1850. 

885 CowpEH (William). The Task. 12mo, Judf hound. 

Boston, 1842. 

886 CowpEU. The Task. 18mo, sheep. Albany, 1804. 

7 J 887 Cox (James S.) Metallic Money, its Value, and its 
Functions. 8vo, pp. 14. Philadelphia, 1841. 

f?^ 888 Cos (Joseph). A Faithful Narrative of the most Wick- 
ed and Inhuman Transactions .of the Bloody-minded 
Gang of Thief-takers, alias Thief-makers, Macdaniel, 
Berry, Solman Cagan, alias Cahagan. (With a curious 
Print of Macdaniel). As also of that notorious Accom- 
plice of theirs, Mary Jones, iind Others, showing the 
Diabolical Arts by them practised to get innocent Per- 
sons convicted for Robberies, and to share amongst 
tlicmsclves the Rewards paid for such convictions. By 
what Stroke of Providence it was that the Compiler of 

& tliia Narrative became acquainted with this Mystery of 

Iniquity, Svo, col/. Scarce. London, 1756. 

f ^ 889 CoxB (Hcv. R. C.) Practical Sermons. 12mo, boards^ 
uncui. London, 1834:. 

J C 890 CoTNEii (David H.) The Lost Trappers, a collection of 
Intereiiting Scenes and Events in the Rocky Mountains, 
With a Short Description of California. 12mo, cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1859. 

J C 891 CuABBE (Rev. Geo*) An Outline of a System of Natural 
Theology. 8vo, cloth. London, W. Pickering, 1840. 

/i^ 892 Crabbe, The Borough, a Poem, in Twenty-four Letters, 
12mo, calf. Philadelphia, 1810, 


893 Cram (T. J.) Basin of the Mississippi, and its Natural Jl 5^ 

Business Site, at the confluence of the Ohio and Missis- 
sippi Kiverg, briefly considered. 8vo, pp. 10. 

New York, 1851. 

894 Crameb (Charles). Et was uber die Natur Wunder in 0^ 

Nord America. Plates. 8Vo, pp. 40, uncvt. 

St. Petersburgh, 1837. 

895 Crary (John). Speech in the Senate of New York, on ^ 

the Proposition for appointing an Inquisitor in the Case 
of William Morgan. 24mO; pp. 18. Rare. 

New York, [1828.] 

896 Crbe (Robert). The Evidences of Christianity. 12mo, -^ ^ 

hoards, uncut. London, 1827. 

897 Crimes (The) of Alexander Borgia. Plate. \2mo, chtk. / 

Boston, 1854. 

898 Crisis (The). Nos. 8 to 13. 8vo, rough edges. /^^ 

New York, Printed by John Anderson, [1775.] 

899 Crisis (The). An Appeal to the Nation, against the ^ ^^ 

Spirit of Resistance and Dissolution of the Union. 
8vo, pp. 29. Philadelphia, 1832. 

900 Crisp (Capt M. F.) A Treatise on Marine Architec- ^^ 

ture, and the Theory of the Art of Ship-building. 8vo, 
half morocco. Maulmain, 1849. 

901 Criticisms on the RoHiad. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1788. 

902 Crocker (Zebulon). The Catastrophe of the Presbyte- ^^ 

rian Church in 1837. 12mo, cloth. 

New Haven, 1838. 
90S Crockbtt (David). The Life of Martin Van Buren, J 
Heir- Apparent to the *' Government" and the appointed 
successor of General Andrew Jackson. 12mo, cloiK. 

Philadelphia, 1835. 

904 Crooks •( Geo. R.) First Book in Latin. 12mo, ftoarcZ*. /" 


905 Crosbt (Alpheus). The Second Advent. 12mo, cloih. y 

Boston, 1860. 


P 906 Crowe (Eyre E.) The History of France. Vol. 11. and 
ni. 12mo, boards. Philadelphia, 1831. 

/O 907 Crowell (James M.) Memorial of William S. Martien. 
12mo, cloth, gilt edges. Philadelphia, 1861. 

/ 908 CuLLEN, (William). A Treatise of the Materia Medica. 
2 Vols, in one. 8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1808. 

/en) 909 Culpepper (Nich.) The English Physician enlarged, 
with three hundred and sixty-nine medicines, made of 
English Herbs, that were not in any Impression until 
this, being an A strologo- Physical Discourse, etc. 12mo, 
old binding. Scarce. London, 1708. 

Culpepper. The same. 12mo, sheep. London, 1794. 

Culpepper. The English Physician, enlarged, containing 
Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Receipts for Medicine, 
made from Herbs. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

Taunton, 1826. 

Culver (C. V.) Letter in relation to the failure of Cul- 
ver, Penn & Co. 8vo, pp. 31. s.l. 1866. 

913 CuMMiNG (A.) A Sermon Preached Feb. 25, 1761, at 
His Instalment in the Pastoral Charge of the South 
Church, in Boston. 8vo, pp. 58, unciu. Scarce. 

Boston, N.E., 1761. 
/ 2 S^ 914 CUMMINGS (Abraham). Immortality Proved by the Tes- 
timony of Sense, in which is contemplated the Doctrine 
of Spectres, and the Existence of a Particular Spectre. 
8vo, pp. 76, unciu. Rare. Bath, 1826. 

^ ^ ^ 915 CuMMiNGs: (Ebenezer E.) Annals of the Baptist Churches 
in New Hampshire. 8vo, pp. 52. Concord, 1836. 

/ (j 916 CuMMiNGS (Rev. Geo. D.) Life of Mrs. Virginia Hale 
Hofi&nan. Port. 16mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859. 

/ .'y 917 CuMMiNGS (Henry). A Sermon Preached at Lexington, 
on the 19th of April, 1781, being the Anniversary of 
the Commencement of Hostilities between Great Brit- 
ain and America, which took place in that Town on the 
19th of April, 1775. 8vo, pp. 39. Scarce. 

Boston, Edes & Sons, mdcclxxxi. 











918 CuKuiNGS. A Sermon Preached in Billerica, Dec. 11, /O 

1783, the Day recommended by Congress to All the 
States to he observed as a Day of Public Thanksgiv- 
ing. 8vo, pp. 39. Boston, T. & J. Fleet, 1784. 

919 CuMMiXGS. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Caleb /O 

Bradley, Falmouth. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut, 

Portland, [1799.] 

920 CuMMiNGS. A Sermon Preached at Billerica, June 28, / 

1795. 8vo, pp. 34, uncut. 

Boston, T. Fleet, mdccxcv. 

921 CuH!tfiNGS. A Sermon Preached at Billerica, Nov. 29, / 

1798, being the day of the Anniversary Thanksgiving. 
8vo, pp. 31, uncut. 

Boston, T. &. J. Fleet, mdccxovii. 

922 Cdmmings. A Sermon preached at Billerica, April 9th, /C 

1801. 8vo, pp. 29, uncut. Amherst, N. H. 1801. 

923 CUHMIXG6 (J. A.) The New Testament, with an intro- 

duction, givinjr an Account of Jewish and other Sects, 
for the use of Schools and Academies. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1827. 

924 Cunningham (Allan). Life and Works of Sir Walter / ^ 

Scott. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1832. 

925 CuRREY (Samuel). Argument for the Heirs at Law in /^ 

the Halscy Will Case. 8vo, pp. 19. 

Providence, 1859. . 

926 Curtain Lectures, delivered during thirty years by Mrs. / 5^ 

Margaret Caudle, and suffered by Job, her Husband. 
'8vo, pp. 26. New York, 1845. 

927 CusHMAN Celebration, Tlymouth. August 15, 1855. 8vo, ^ i "^ 

pp. 76. Boston, 1865. 

928 CusiCK (David). Sketches of Ancient History of the ^ /5^ 

Six Xiitions, coniprisina:: First — A Tale of the Foun- 
dation of the (ireat Island, (now North America), The 
Two Infants born, and the Creation of the Universe. 
Second— -A real account of the Early Settlers of 
North America, and their Dissensions. Third — Origin 


of the Kingdom of tbe Five Nations, which was called 
a Long Hoose, The Wars, Fierce Animals, Ac. Cori- 
ous Illustrations. 8vo, pp. 35. 

Lockport, N. Y. 1848. 

/ i^929 Cutler (Rev. B. C.) Half-Day Worship. 8 vo, pp. 12. 
For private circulation. Brookljm, 1860. 

^^ 930 Cutter (Calvin). A Treatise on Anatomy, Physiology 
and Hygiene. 150 Engravings. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1853. 

{^ 931 Daboll, Thomas, Low, and others, Almanacs (25), be- 
tween 1749 and 1823. One interleaved and filled with 
memoranda, many are in good condition, while some 
are more or less imperfect. 

^ ^ 932 Daglbt (R.) The Theory and Practice of Drawing and 
Painting, with the Practice of the Pencil Chalk, Tinted 
and Water Color Drawing. Plates. 4to, half moroc- 
co. London, 1822. 
< 5^ 933 Dallas (R. C.) Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron. 
Exhibiting his early character and opinions, detailing 
the progress of his literary career, and including vari- 
ous unpublished passages of his works. 8vo, boards^ 
uncut. Philadelphia, 1825. 

J /^ 5 ^34 Dalliba (James). A Narrative of the Battle of Browns- 
town, which was fought on the 9th of August, 1812, 
during the Campaign of the North Western Army 
under the Command of Brigadier General Hull. 8vo, 
pp. 37. New York, 1816. 

-^ C 935 Dana (Charles A.) The United States Illustrated. 
4to. New York, 8.a. 

•0 r ^ 936 Dana (E.) Geographical Sketches on the Western 
Country, designed for Emigrants and Settlers, being the 
result of extensive Researches and Remarks, to which 
is added a Summary of all the most interesting matters 
on the Subject, including a Particular Description of 
the unsold Public Lands. 12 mo, sheep. Scarce. 

Cincinnati, 1819. 


937 Dana (James). Sermon, Jan. 25, 1792, at the Installa- 2 

ion of the Rev. Abiel Holmes. 8vo, pp. 35, uncvl. 

Boston, MDCCxcii. 

938 Dana. Tvro Discourses at Cambridge, May 10, 1767, to J fl 

the Congregation of Rev. Mr. Appleton. Published 
at the general Desire of the Students of the College. 
8vo. pp. 70. Boston, 1767. 

939 Daniel's Book Buyer's Annual for 1847. 4to, pp. 128. 5 '^ 

London, 1847. 

940 Dangerous Connections. A Series of Letters selected Z 

from the Correspondence of a Private Circle, and Pub- 
lished for the Instruction of Society. By M. C**** de 
L***. 4 Vols. 1 2mo, caZ/; gi7^. London, 1812. 

941 Danvers (Jno. Thierry). A Picture of a Republican ^ i^^ 

M^strate of the New School, being a full length like- 
ness of Hia Excellency Thomas Jefferson. 8vo,pp. 96, 
tmcta. New York, 1808. 

942 Darby (William). A Geographical Description of the / C 

State of Louisiana. 8vo, Judf morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1816. 

943 Darbt. Mnemonika, or the Tablet of Memory, being a /O 

Register of Events from the Earliest Period to the year 
1829. 12mo, sheep. Baltimore, 1829. 

944 Darismont (Francis W.) Popular Lectures, Historical i 

and Political 12mo, pp. 90. Philadelphia, 1836. 

945 Darkness at Noon, or the Great Solar Eclipse of the j^2 ^^ 

16th of June, 1806, Described and Represented in 
every Particular by an Inhabitant of Boston. Engrav- 
ing. 12mo, pp. 34, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, May, 1806. 

946 Darwin, (Erasmus, M. D.) Zoonomia, or the Laws of / ^ ^ 

Organic Life. 2 Vols. 8vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1S18. 

947 Davega (Isaac). The New York City Railroad Direc- j| 

tory. Sheets folded. 16mo, pp. 180. 

New York, 1864. 


J ^^ 948 Davenport (Rufus). The Right-Aim School Testament, 
comprising the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ" and an Annexment of the Preliminary 
brief of the Rii^iit-Aini School, the Declaration of Frce- 
debtism and the Freedebt Rules. 12mo, cloth, 

Boston, 1834. 

/ 2 949 Davenport (Rnfus). Two Pamphlets relating to his 
Free Debt Rules. Scarce and Curious. 

[Boston, 1828.] 

^ ^ 950 David (Joanne). Occasio Arrcpta Nejj^lecta Hires 
Comraoda Illios Incommoda. Many fine Plates. 4to, 
calf, g\lu Antverpia, mdcv. 

^ ^^951 Davidson (L. M. & M. M.) Poetical Remains. 12mo, 
cloth, gilt. Boston, 1857. 

yO 952 Dayis (A.) The Discovery of America by the North- 
men Five Hundred Years before Columbus. 8vo, pp. 
23. New York, 1839. 

S^ 953 Davis. A Lecture on the Discovery of America by 
the Northmen Five Hundred Years before Columhus. 
8vo, pp. 22. New York, 1840. 

954 Davis. A Lecture on American History Anterior to 
Columbus. 8vo. Boston, 1844. 

/ $^ 955 Davis. Antiquities of America. 8vo, pp. 32. 

BuflFalo, 1849. 
/ S' /^ 956 Davis (E. W.) Private Lectures to Ladies on Marriai^je, 
its Sacred Duties and Obligations, the Secrets of Con- 
ception, etc. 8vo, pp. 62. Biddeford, Me., 1861. 

^^ 957 Davis (Henry W.) Epistle Congratulatory the 
Bishop of the Episcopal Court at Camdt?n. 8vo, pp. 
74. New York, 1853. 

J. ("^ 958 Davis (Josiah G.) Historical Discourse, May 6, 18G2. 
8vo, pp. 76. Ct)ncord, 18G2. 

/ ,' 959 Davies, (Samuel). A Sermon dclivere<l at Nassau Hall, 
Jan. 14, 1761, on tlie Death of His late Majesty 
Kin^ George H. By Samuel Davies, A. M., late4Vcsi- 
dent of the College of New Jersey. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, 1761. 


960 Dawson (Henry B.) Gleanings from the Harvest-field /^^ 

of American History, Part IV. Royal, 8vo, vncut. 

Morrisania, N. Y., 1865. 

961 Dawson. The Sons of Liberty in New York. Svo, pp. ^ "^^ 

118, nncut. 

Printed as manuscript for private circulation, 1859. 

962 Dawson. Declaration of Independence by the Colony < ^^ 

of Massachusetts Bay, May 1, 1776. Fac simile. 8vo. 

[New York, 1862.] 

963 Dawson. ThePoederalist. A Collection of Essays Writ- y ^ 7) 

ten in favor of the New Constitution, as agreed upon 
by the Foederal Convention, Sept. 17, 1787. Reprint- 
ed from the Original Text, with a Historical Introduc- 
tiou and Notes. Port. Royal Svo. pp. 614:^ rough edges, 
hoards. Morrisania, 1864. 

Large paper. Edition, 250 copies. Vol. I. All published. 

964 Dawson. Correspondence between John Jay and. J ^ 

Concerniug the Foederalist. Royal 4to, pp. 48. 

New York, 1864. 
No. 24, of 25 copies, on large paper. 

965 Dawson. Major General Israel Putnam. A Correspon- y / Cl- 

dence on the Subject with the Editor of "The Hartford 
Daily Post.'* 8vo, hoardsj rough edges. Very scarce. 

Morrisania, 1860. 
No. 189, U. B. B. Copies of this book haTe been sold for $65. 

966 Dawson. The Assault on Stony Point by General An- Jl ^ S^ 

thony Wayne, July 16, 1779, with a map, fac-similes, 
and Illustrated Notes. Rubricated title, thick paper. 
Royal 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce. Morrisania, 1863. 

967 Day. (C has. W.) The Maxims, Expericnees and Obscr- ^^ 

vations of Agogos. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1844. 

968 Day (The) of Judgment. 12rao. New York, 1 843. ^^ 

969 Deacon Giles' Distillery. Rare. New York, 1835. -/^ 

The Original Broadsheet which gave riBe to the (amous Libel Suit, and 
led to the Author's Imprisonment 





/ 1) 970 Deav (Henry). Hocus Pocus, or the whole art of Leger- 
demain in Perfection. 24mo, hoards. 

Phaadelphia, 1795. 

/ P^^91l Deane (Charles). The First Plymouth Patent, Granted 
June 1, 1621. Now First Printed from the Orig^inal 
Manuscript. Edited by Charles Deane. 4to, boardsj 
uncut, Cambridge, Privately Printed, mdcccliv. 

This copy was bought in Fowle's Sale, for $20. 

i^ 972 Db Angelis (G.) Advice to the Afflicted. A Con- 
cise Treatise on the Venereal Disease. 12mo, pp. 
60, uncut. New York, 1810. 

973 Dearborn (Henry A. S.) A Memoir on the Commerce 
and Navigation of the Black Sea, and the Trade and 
Maritime Geography of Turkey and Egypt. Llustra- 
ted with Charts. 3 Vols. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1819. 

y 974 Dearborn. Letters on the Internal Improvements 
and Commerce of the West. 8vo, pp. 120. 

Boston, 1839. 

J 2^ 075 Death-Bed Confessions of the late Countess of Gucm- 
Bey to Lady Anne Hamilton, Developing a Series of 
Mysterious Transactions, to which are added the 
Queen's Last Letter to the King, and other Authentic 
Documents never before publidhcd. 12 mo, hoards. 

London, 1822. 

976 Debates upon the Subject of the British Treaty, 1796. 

8vo, hoards^ uncut. Philadelphia, 1796. 

l^ 977 Debate on the Evidences of Christianity, containing aa 
E.xamination of the "Social System," and of all Systems 
of Scepticism of Ancient and Modern Times, between 
Robert Owen and Alexander Campbell, with an Appen- 
dix written by the Parties. 2 Vols. 8vo, uncut. 

Bethany, Va., 1829. 
978 De Bow (J. D. B.) The Seventh Census of the United 
States, 1850. 4to, pp. 1022, half Russia. 

Washington, 1853. 




Db Bow. Compendium of the Seventh Censns of the -^ ^ ^ 
United States, 8vo, doth. Washington, 1854. 

980 De Bubigny (M.) The Life of the truly Eminent and 

Learned Hugo Grotius. Several Portraits inserted. 
Post 8vo, calf. London, mdccliv. 

981 De Burt (Richard). Philobiblion. A Treatise on the J j ?) 

Love of Books. First American Edition, with Notes, 
by Samuel Hand. Rubricated title, thick paper, post 
8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, mdccclxi. 

Edition, 200 copies. 

982 Declaration (A) of the Warrantable Grounds and Pro- .2^2. 

ceedings of the First Associates of the Government of 
New Plymouth, in their Laying the First Foundations 
of this Government, and in their Making Laws and 
Disposing of the Lands within the same, together with 
the General Fundamentals of their Laws. Enacted, 
Ordained and Constituted by the Authority of the 
Associates of the Colony of New Plymouth. 8vo, pp. 
24. Rare. Boston, 1773. 

983 Declaration (A) by the Representatives of the United ^^tJl ^ 

Colonies of North America now met in General Con- 
gress at Philadelphia, setting forth the Causes and 
Necessity of their taking up Arms. 8vo, pp. 15, uncut. 
Scarce. Watertown, 1775. 

984 Dedication Sermons (3.) 1801-23-36. 

985 Defence (A) of Dr. C. T. Jackson's Claims to the Dis- /P 

covery of Etherization. 8vo, pp. 37. Boston, 1848. 

986 Defence^ A) of the Rector and Fellows of Exeter Col- ^ 

lege, from the Accusations of Dr. Huddesford in His 
Speech, Oct. 8, 1754. 8vo, pp. 63. London, 1754. 

987 Defence of Brigadier General Hull. 12mo, *Aecp. 

988 De Grandpre (L.) A Voyage in the Indian Ocean, and //'' 

to Bengal. Undertaken in the year 1790. 12 mo, 
«A«5p. Brattleboro', Vt, 1814. 




^ 989 Dehon (Thco.) Sermons on the Public Means of Grace. 
Vol. II. 8vo, boards, uncut, Charleston, 1821. 

J ^'"990 De Kock (Chas. Paul). Thd Handsome Clicrubino, or 
Adventures of a General Lover. Plate. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, s.a. 

^^ 991 De Kock. Library of Love, Laughter and Logic. The 
Accused Wife, or Jealousy in a Fog. Plates. 12mo, 
pp. 64. New York, s.a. 

y f 992 Delapield (Maj. Richard). » Report on the Art of War 
in Europe, in 1854-55-56, under the orders of lion. 
Jeflferson Davis. Numerous Plates and Plans. 4to, 
doth. Washington, 1860. 

J^^ 993 Delaplain (Sophia). Thrillinp^ and Exciting Account of 
the Sufferings and Horrible Tortures inflicted on Mor- 
timer Bowers and Miss Sophia Delaplain, by the Span- 
ish Authorities. Plates. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Charleston, S. C, 1852. 

^ " 994 Delectus Sententiarum et Historiaruni ad usum tironum 
Accommodatus. 12mo, sheep, Boston, mdcccxix. 

i^ 995 De Lolme (J. L.) The Constitution of England, or an 
Account of the English Government. 8vo, sheep. 

New York, 1792. 

/ 6 996 De Maistre (Joseph). Essay on the Generative Princi- 
ple of Political Constitutions. '12mo. Boston, 1847. 

5T 997 Deming (Leonard). Catalogue of the Principal Officers 
of Vermont from 1778 to 1851. 8vo, half morocco, 

Middlebury, 1851. 

/ ^^998 De Nancrede (P. J. G.) L'Abeille Frangoise ou Nou- 
veau Rccucil De Morceaux brillans des Auteurs Fraa- 
gois les plus Celebres, etc. A I'usa^e de TUniversite 
de Cambridge. 12mo, sheep, Boston, mdccxcii. 

y ^ "^ 999 Derby (John B.) Political Reminiscences, including a 
sketch of the Origin and Ilistory of the Statesman 
Party of Boston. 8vo, pp. 96. Boston, 1835. 


lOGO Dbrham (W.) Astro-Theology, or a Demonstration of /^ 
the Being and Attributes of God, from a Survey of the 
Heavens. Copperplates. Syo, calf. London, 1738< 

1001 Db Culhierb (M.) a History, or Anecdotes of the ^ 

devolution in Russia, in the year 1762. Port. 24mo, 
calf. Scarce. Boston, J. Nancredb, 1798. 

1002 Desohamps (M. Louis). Important Philanthropic Dis* ^ ^ 

covery. 8vo, pp. 32. Williamsburgh, L. L, 1 850. 

1003 Description (A) of Kansas. 12 mo, pp. 28. 

Boston, 1854. 

1004 Description (A) of the County of Barnstable. 8vo, 

pp. 15. Boston, 1802. 

1005 Description (A) of the Great Britiain Steamship, built 

at Bristol. 8vo, pp. 20. Bristol, 1845. 

1006 Descriptive (A) and Historical Account of the Isle of 

Man. 16mo, ^A^cp. New-Castle-upon-Tyne, 1809. 

1007 Description of the Settlement of the Genesee Country, 

in the State of New York. Map. 12mo, pp. 6 ^, 
uucta. Scarce. New York, 1799. 

lOOS Desruelles (H. M. J.) The Treatment of Venereal / 
Diseases. 8vo, clothj uncut. Philadelphia, 1830. 

1009 Dessertations and Discourses on the Evidences and ^ 

Spirit of Christianity. 18mo, cloth. Boston, 1833. 

1010 Destiny (The) of Nicaragua. Central America as it 

was, is, and may be. A Complete Picture of tho 
Country. Engravings. 8vo, pp. 72. Boston, 1856. 

1011 Devises et Emblemes Anciennes & Modemes tire6s des /*rT5 
^ plus celebres Auteurs, etc. 700 Engravings. Eubri- 

cated title, 4to, calf. Scarce. Augsburg, 1699. 

1012 Devol (Rev. C.) Running History of Earth and Time. f^ 

Retrospect of Earth and Time from beyond the Judg- 
ment. 8vo, pp. 23. Albany, J. MunselL 1857. 

1013 Devotional Exercises for Common Schools. 12mOj V' 

half bound. Boston, 1842. 



5^ 1014 Db Wette (G. M. L.) Opuscola Theologica. 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt, red edges. Berolini, MDCCCXXX. 

^C'D 1015 Dewey (Rev. Chester). Reports on the Herbaceous 
Plants, and on the Quadrupeds of Massachusetts. 8vo, 
pp. 277-86, uncut. Scarce, Cambridge, 1840. 

2 1016 1)ewey (Rev. Orville). A Sermon on occasion of the 
late Fire in the City of New York. 8vo, pp. 19, uncui. 

New York, 1836. 

J 1017 Dewbt. Discourse at the Dedication of the Church of 
the Messiah, New York. 870, pp. 26. 

New York, 1839. 

J 1018 Dewet. Discourses on Various Subjects. 12mo, rfort, 
uncut. New York, 1835. 

J 6 1019 Dewsbtjrt (William). A Sermon Preached at Grace 
Street Churclhthe 6th of the 3d month, 1688. 8vo,pp. 
21. Scarce. Providence, mdcclxviii. 

^^ 1020 De Wynperssb (Dionysius V.) Proof of the True and 
Eternal Godhead of our Lord Jesus Clirist, against 
Modern Attacks. 12mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, hdccxcvi. 

J Z 1021 Dexteb (Timothy). A Pickle for the Knowing Ones, 
with an Introductory Preface, by a Distinguished Citi- 
zen of "Ould Newberry." Engravings. Small 8vo. 

Newburyport, 1848. 

/C 2 1021* Dialogue (A) between Sir George Cornwell, a Gentle- 
man lately arrived from England, with a Design to 
travel Incog, through the Continent of America, and 
Mr. Flint, an Independent Gentleman, descended from 
a good Family of the First Settlers of New England, 
that is neither Placed nor Pensioned. Boston, 25th of 
January, 1769. 8vo, pp. 14. Rare. 

Printed in London, and Reprinted in Boston, 1769. 

/ ^ . " 1022 DiBDlN (Thomas). The Reminiscences of. In two 
Vols. Vovi. )hilf calf i 

London, Henry Colborn, 1827. 


1023 DiBDiN (T.) The Last Lays of the last of the Three x '? ^ 

Dibdins, containing Fifty new Songs, Poems, Ac, and 
One Hundred and Fifty Selections, from his Published 
and Unpublished Productions. Port. 8vo, clothy rough 
edges. London, s.a. 

1024 DiBDor (,Thomas F.) An Introduction to the Knowl- ^, it 

edge of Rare and Yaluable Editions of the Greek and 
Roman Classics, being in part a Tabulated Arrange 
ment from Dr. Harwood's View, <fec. With Notes from 
Maittaire, De Bure, Dictionnaire Bibliographique, and 
References to Ancient and Modern Catalogues. First 
Edition. 8vo, boards, uncut. Rare. Gloucester, 1802. 

1025 [Dibdin]. Cranmer. By a Member of the Roxburghe /^ 

Club. 3 Vols. 12mo, half morocco, top gilt. Scarce. 

. London, 1839. 

1026 Dibdin. The Bibliomania, or Book-Madness, containing y\>^ 

some account of the History, Symptoms, and Cure of 
this Fatal Disease, in an Epistle addressed to Richard 
Heber, Esq. 8vo, half calf, The first edition, scarce. 

London, 1809. 

1027 Dibdin. Bibliomania, or Book-Madness. The First // -*- 

Edition. Royal 4to, boards, vncut. 

Privately Reprinted for the Club of Odd Sticks, 1864. 

Lftrge Paper, the entire edition, in all sixee, limited to 97 copies. 

1028 Dibdin. Bibliomania, or Book-Madness. The First I fV 

Edition. Rubricated titles. Royal 8vo, boards, uncut. 
Privately Reprinted for the Club of Odd Sticks, 1864, 

Edition in this style, only 60 copies. 

1029 [Dibdin.] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the present Lan- f^ 
guid and Depressed State of Literature, and the Book 
Trade, in a Letter addressed to the Author of the 
Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus. JVith Notes ' 
by Cato Parvus. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce. 

London, 1832. 


J 01^ 1030 DiBDiN. A Biblographical Antiquarian, and Picturesque 
Tour in Prance and Germany. Illustrated^ 3 Vols. 
8vo, calf gilt. London, 1829. 

^ 1031 Dickens (Charles). Dombey & Son. 18 Nos. 

New York, 1848. 

1032 Dickinson (Rev. Baxter). Prize Letters to Students. 
24mo, cloth. • New York, 1831, 

^^^t; 1033 Dickenson (Jonathan). God's | Protecting Providence,] 
Man's I Surest Help and Defence | in Times of greatest 
Difficulty, and | most imminent Danger, Evidenced in 
the I remarkable Deliverance of Robert | Barrow, with 
divers other persons | from the devouring Waves of the 
Sea, I amongst which they suffered Shipwreck ; | and also 
from the cruel devouring Jaws | of the inhuman Cani- 
bals of Florida, | Faithfully related by one of the per- 
^ sons con- 1 cerned therein, Jonathan Dickenson. | The 

Fifth Edition. 8vo, 7 p. 1., pp. 126. Books 2 \., pol- 
ished calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt. 

London, Printed and Sold by Mary Hinde, No. 2 in 
George-yard, Lombard-Street. 

Sold in Roche's Sale for $28 00. 

C C"V 1034 Dickenson. God's | Protecting Providence, | Man's | Sur- 
est Help and Defence, | in Times of | greatest Difficulty, | 
and I most imminent Danger, | etc. | Faithfully related by 
one of the Persons concerned | therein, Jonathan Dick- 
enson. | The Sixth Edition. 1 12mo, 14 p. 1., pp. 136, 
fine clean copy, unbound. 

London, Printed and Sold by James Phillips, in 
George-yard, Lombard-Street, mdcclxxxvu. 

Ab rare as the last. 


^ ^ 1035 Dickenson. God's Protecting Providence, | Man's | Sur- 
est Help and Defence, | in Times of | greatest Difficulty, | 
and most imminent Danger, { Evidenced in the remarka- 
ble Qeliverance of Robert | Barrow, with divers other 
Persons, from the | devouring Waves of the Sea, amongst 
which they I Suffered Shipwreck; and also from the 


cruel I devouring Jaws of the inhnman Cannibals of| 
Florida. | Faithfullj; related by one of the Persons con- 
cerned I therein, Jonathan Dickenson. The Seventh 
Edition. 12mO; pp. 176, in original paper covers, 

London, mdccxc. 

The seTcnth edition is ae loaro^ as either of the preceding. 

1036 Dickinson (Jonathan). Remarks upon the Postscript to -c -2. 5 

the Defence of a Book, lately Reprinted at Boston, Entitled 
A Modest Proof of the Order, <fec.. In a Letter of Thanks 
to the Author. By Jonathan Dickinson, M. A., Minister 
of the Gospel at Elizabeth-Town, N. Jersey. 8vo, pp. 
29, rough edges. Rare 

Boston, N. E., Printed for D. Henchman, 
and Sold at his Shop, over against the 
Brick Meeting-House, Cornhill, 1724. 

1037 Dickinson. Familiar Letters to a Gentleman, upon a -<^ ^ — 

Variety of Seasonable and Important Subjects in Relig- . ^ 

ion. By Jonathan Dickinson, A. M., Minister of the 
Gospel at Elizabeth-Town, New Jersey. 12mo, she^. 
Scarce. Boston, 1745. 

1038 Dickinson (John). An Address to the Committee of /C 

Correspondence in Barbadoes, Occasioned by a late 
letter from them to their Agent in London. By a 
North- American. 8vo, pp. 18. Scarce. 

Philadelphia, W. Bradford, mdcclxvi. 

1039 Dickinson (Samuel N.) A Help to Printers and Pub- /^ 

lishers. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1835. 

1040 DiCTAMBN del Procurador General sobre La Leva de 5^ 

Tropas en los Estados Unidos por Empleados de la 
Gran Bretana. 8vo,pp. 22. Washington, 1856. 

1041 DiLWORTH (Thomas). The School-master's Assistant^ / )'^ 

being a Compendium of Arithmetic, both Practical and 
Theoretical. Port. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. 

New York, 1793. 

1042 DiLWOBTH. Compendium of Arithmetic. 12mo. } 

New York, 1815. 


1043 DiMHiOK (L. P.) The Moral lafluence of Rail-Roads - 
S2mo» cloth. Boston, 1841. 

J^ rD 10i4 DiNGLEr (Robert). The Deputation of Angels, or The 

I* — Proved by the Dim light of Nature's clear beames of 
Scriptures, and consent of many Ancient and Modern 
Writei-a, untainted with Popery. 

JX — Cleared from many rubs and mistakes, the Critical. 
qiieric^ of Antagonists examined, untyed. 

II L — Ajiplyed and improved for our information in many 
other Truths, consolation in our Adversities, and Refor- 
mation of our Lives. Chiefly grounded in Acts 12 : 15. 
It is his AngelL Small, 8vo, slieep. London, 1654. 

/^ 1046 Directory of the City of Boston, 1847. 8vo, hoards. 

Boston, 1846. 

^^' 104ti DmECTQRiES of Mass. Cities, and Mass. Records. 6 

Yola., doth. 

U C^ 1047 DisciXJSURES relating to the "A. B. C." Affair. A scarce 

Masonic pamphlet. 8vo, pp. 8, uncut. 

yd 1048 Discovery of a Lost Art of the Egyptians. Imp. 8vo, 

pp. 75. New York, 1867. 

S^ 1049 DiscouRS De J. J. Derch6 des Vosges, Sur La Rive 
Gaache du Rhin, liimite de la R6publique Francaise. 
8vo, pp. 63, uTicut. 

A Paris, An IV. de la Republ. Frang. 

^^ 1050 DisrorESE (A) of the Grounds and Reasons of the 
Christian Religion. 8vo, calf. London, mdccxxxxi. 

^€rti 1051 DiscocnsE (A) Concerning the Currencies of the British 
Plantations in America, Especially with Regard to their 
Paper Money. More Particularly In Relation to the 
Prov ince of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England. 
8vOj pp> 47, uncut. Rare. 

Boston, S. Leland and T. Green, 1740. 
J 1052 Discourse (A) Concerning Evangelical Love, Church- 
Peace and Unity. 8vo, calf. London, 1672. 


1062* DisootJBSE (A) on Daniel vn.: 27. "This Time is /D 
nigh at Hand, eren at the very Door." It is very prob- 
able this glorious Day will begin or commence in Amer- 
' ica, etc. Signed, A Hearty Friend to all the Colonies. 
12mo, pp. 33, ttncirf. Printed in the year 1795. 

1053 DisafiLi (Isaac). Curiosities of Literature, by Isaac J 2. ^ "^ 

Disrsdli, with a View of the Life and Writings of the 
Author, by his Son. 4 Vols. — Amenities of Literature, 
2 Vols. — together, 6 Vols. 8vo, half Roxburgh, by 
Matthews, Privately printed. Riverside Press, 

Cambridge, 1864. 
The finest edition of thie Author, Urge paper, limited to 100 copiee. 

1054 D'IsB.£Li« The Genius of Judaism. 12mo, boards., un- 

cut. London, 1833. 

1055 Dissertation (A) on the Rise, Prc^ess, Views, Strength, / -^ ^ 

Interests and Characters of the Two Parties of the 
Whigs and Tories. 8vo, pp. 71. Boston, 1773. 

A rare Revolutionary Pamphlet 

1056 DissERTATiONEM Physicam de Visu Clementissime An- / C 

nuente Divini Numinis gratia & Benignissimo, etc. 
4to, calf. Lipsiae Typis Andrea Zeidleri, (1693.) 

1057 Dix (John H.) Treatise on Squinting. Dlustrated by /l 

Engravings. 12mo, clo^ Boston, 1841. 

1058 Dix (Wm. G.) The Doom of the Crescent. 12mo,pp./5 ^ 

36. Boston, 1853. 

1059 Dixon (Joshua). Scriptural Examinations. 24mo, halj b "^ 

bound. Philadelphia, 1838. 

1060 Dixox. Scriptural Examinations on the Church Cate- j ^ 

chism. 2^mOj half bound. Philadelphia, 1843. 

1061 DoANE (A. Sidney). History of the Cholera Morbus, J i ^ 

including the mode of Prevention and Treatment. Map. 
8vo, boards. Boston, 1 832. 

1062 DoANB (F. H.) The Young Lady's Private Medical /J 

Guide. 12mo, cloth, gilt. 

Published for the Proprietor, 1 854. 


] 5 "1063 DoAXE (Rev. Geo. W.) The Goodly Heritage of Jersey- 
men. Historical Address, Jan. 15, 1846. 8vo, pp. 
32. Burlington, 1846. 

/D 1064 DoAJTE. America and Great Britain. 8vo. 

Burlington, 1848. 

i^'^ 1065 Doctrine (The) of Christianity, As held by the People 
called Quakers, Vindicated, In Answer to Gilbert Ten- 
rent's Sermon, On The Lawfulness of War. The Sec- 
ond Edition. 8vo, 4 p. 1., pp. 56, half calf. 

Philadelphia, Printed by Benjamin Franklin 
and David Hall, mdccxlviii. 

Tvlriglit's copy sold for $20.00. 

^ Z 1066 Documents and Facts relating to Military Events during ^ 
the late War, (1812.) 8 vo, pp. 2 8. B.1.8.a. * 

A Defence of Gen. J. P. Boyd. 

^^ 1067 Doctrines of Scripture. 24mo, ioarif. Boston, 1852. 

/ '^ 1068 Documents relative to the Investigation of the OflScial 
Conduct of Amos Binney, U. S. Navy Agent at Boston, 
npon the charges made by Lieut. Joel Abbot and oth- 
ers. Published by the Accused. 8vo, pp. 260, uncut. 

Boston, 1822. 

/ Q 1069 Documents relative to Central American AflFairs, and 
the Enlistment Question. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1856. 

^ f ^ 1070 Documents relating to the Boundary Line and Disputed 
Territory, between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 
8vo, pp. 64. Fall River, 1847. 

V"- 1071 Documents relating to the North-Eastem Boundary of 
the State of Maine. 8vo, hoards. Boston, 1828. 

'- i 1072 [DoD (Albert B.)] The Transcendental Philosophy of 
the Germans, and of Cousin. 8vo, pp. 100. 

Boston, 1840. 

f^ 1073 DoDS (Adam). The Physician's Guide, being a Popu- 
lar Dissertation on Fevers, Inflammations, etc. 8vo, 
boardi, uncta. Worcester, 1821. 

105 • 

1074 DoDD (William). Thoughts in FrUon, Tiic Imprison- Ji^ 
ment, The RtUro^pect, Ptiblic Punishment, Tbe Trial, 
Futurity* To which are added, Hi^ Last Prayer^ Writ- 
ten in the Night before hid Death, and otlier Miscolla- 
ueons Pieces. 8vo, slteep. 

Bodtoa, Printed by Robert Hodges, at hta office 
in Mar^shall's Lane, near tbo Boston Store, 

1075 DoDD. Thoughts in Priiiou. 8vo, sh£q}, X. 

Exeter, N\ H*, mdccxciv. 

1076 Doddridge (Philip). Life of. By D, A. Ilarsha, IL A, / Slf 

Port.; rubricated title, tinted paper, HvOfboardUf nncuU 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

Large papcsr— Edition, 40 copies. 

1077 Doddridge* The Rise and Progress of Religion in tbe ^^ 

Soul. 8vo, shetp, Boston, JT. E., 177L 

1078 DoDDRiDOE. The Rise flmd Progress of Religion in tlio 5 ^ 

Soul. 12tno, Mcf/^. Philadelphia, 1794 

1070 DODDBtDG£. Lectures on Preaching. 24uio, boards. J 

Andover, 1833. 

1080 Doddridge. Address on Family Religion* 8vo,pp, 43, ' 

Boston, N. E, 1T67. 

1081 Doddridge* Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of y 

the Hon. Col. James Gardiner, who was slain at the 
Battle of Preston-pans, Sept. 21, 174-5. 12nto, calf. 

London, 1794. 
10S2 Dodge (Robert)* Diary, Sketches and Reviewa during 5"Z? 
an European Tour, In the Year 1847-^ Printed for his 
Friends- 8vo, doth New York, I860, 

1083 DoDSLEY (X) A Collection of Poems, in Six Volumes, / 5^^ 

by Several Hands. Svo, sheep. London, mdcclzx, 

1084 DoDKLEY (Robert). The Economy of Human Life. 32 / i'^ 

Engravings. 24mo, calf, London, 1803, 

1085 Doederlein (Christoph.) Institntio Thcologi Chriati- / C 

ani in Capitibus Religion id Theorelicis Noatris Tempo* 
Eibus Accommodata, 2 Vols. 12mo, nncuL 

Norimbergae, mdcclxzxstil 


• 106 

^ ^ 1086 Domestic Distresses^Exemplified in Five Pathetic Origi- 
nal Tales. 8vo, half bound. London, 1806. 

^T? 1087 PoNNE (John). A Declaration of that Paradox, or 
ThoftiSj that Self-Homicide is not so naturally Sin that 
It may never be Otherwise. Wherein, the Nature and 
tlie Extent of all those Laws, whicli seem ^to be Viola- 
ted by this Act, are Diligently Surveyed. 12mo, sheep. 

London, 1700. 

Thb book is extremely rare. The present copy contaiDS a manuscript 
iHtcrfrom the author to Sir Robert Carre, wherein he says: — **I 
have always gone so near suppressing it, that it is only not burnt; 
no hfLQd hath passed upon it to copy it, nor many eyes to read it. 
licfst^rre it for me if I live, and if I die, I only forbid it the press, and 
tho fire; publish it not, but yet bum it not, and between those do 
what you wiU with it'* 

f^O 1088 DoNJfE (J.) Poems, with Elegies, on the Author's 
Death* Port. Svo, sficep. London, 1 639. 

"^^ 1089 D'Orsay (Alfred). Etiquette, or a Guide to the Usa- 
gea of Society. With a Glance at Bad Habits. Svo, 
pp. 64, New York, 1843. 

1090 DoKRiNGTON (Theophilus). A Vindication of the 
Cliristian Church in the Baptizing of Lifants. 8vo, 
caff. London, 1701. 

J? J 1091 Douglas (Sir Howard). Value and Importance of the 
British North American Provinces. Svo, pp. 36^ uncut. 

London, mdcccxxi. 

^ 1092 Douglas. A Treatise on Naval Gunnery. Svo, half 

bound, London, 1829. 

/ \' 1093 Douglas (Thomas). Autobiography. Port. 12mo, 

stkchcJ) uncut. New York, 1856. 

Edition — 60 copies. 

y/,r 1094 Dow (Lorenzo). A Cry .from the Wilderness. 32mo, 
hoards. United States, 1837. 

, • * "* 1095 Dow. A Chain, with its Concomitants.- 12mo, pp. 81. 

Poughkecpsie, 1809. 

} ; 1096 [Dow]. Lorenzo's Thoughts on various Religious 
Opinions. 12mo, pp. 84. Newbern, N. C, 1806. 



1097 Dow (Daniel). New Haven Theology, aZio* Taylorism, ^ ^'^ 

alias Neology. With Notes. 8vo, pp. 56. 

Thompson, (Ct.,) 1834, 

1098 Drake (Samuel G.) Besult of some Researches anionic 5^*10 

the British Archives, for information relative to thu 
Founders of New England, made in the year 1858| 
1859 and 1860. Third edition. Ports, of Mr. Drake, 
Mr. Barstow, Admiral Drake aud John Smith, willi 
Map of New England. Initial Letters, Head and Tail 
Pieces, engraved especially for this work. Royal 4to» 
paper. Boston, Press of John Wilson & Son, 1865. 

Large Paper. Edition only 76 copies, of which this is No. 47. 

1099 Drake. Result of some Researches among the British iTJ 

Archives, for information relative to the Founders of 
New England. Ports, and Map. Small 4to, cloth. 

Boston, 1860. 

1100 Drake, Witchcraft Delusion in New England, as Ex- ^ S^ 

hibited by Cotton Mather, in the Wonders of the Invis- 
ible World, and by Robert Calef in his More Wonder-j 
of the Invisible World. 3 Vols. Royal 8vo, ha/f 
crimson turkey morocco^ extra, by Bradstreet, gilt top^ 
rough edges. Roxbury, 1866. 

1101 Drake. The Same Work. Royal 8 vo, half green fur- y i'V 

key morocco, extra, gilt top, rough edges, Roxbury, 186ti. 
One of only 4 copies, printed on Whatman's English Drawing Paper. 

1102 Drake. Same as the above. 3 Vols. Royal 4to, half 

crimson turkey morocco, by Bradstreet, gilt top, rough 

edges, Roxbury, 1860. 

One of 4 copies only, printed in this form on Whatman's English 
Drawing Paper. 

1103 Drake. A Brief Memoir of Sir Walter Raleigh. Pub- // 2. 

lished in the New England Historical and Genealogi- 
cal Register, and now Reprinted with Additions. Port. 
Cap, 4to, boards, uncut, Boston, 1862. 

Privately Printed at the Munsell Press. 

1104 Drake. Catalogue of Books, Tracts, &c.> in American "f^ 

Literature. Chiefly Historical. 4 to, pp. 12. 

Boston, 1868. 


^^ 1105 Draper (Lyman C.) Tenth Annual Report on the 
Common Schools of the State of Wisconsin, for the 
Year 1 858. In same Vol., the Eleventh Annual Report. 
8vo, cloth. [Madison], 1858. 

?irZ) 1106 DttAYTON (John), Memoirs of the American Revolu- 
tion, from its Commencement to the Year 1776 inclu- 
sive ; as relating to the State of South Carolina, and 
Occasionally Referring to the States of North Carolina 
and Georgia. 2 Vols. Port. 8vo, half moiocco^rough 
edges. Scarce. Charleston, 1841. 

/ 1107 Dryden (John). Fables from Boccaccio and Chaucer. 
16mo, cloth. Chiswick C. Whittingham, 1822. 

/C 1108 Ddane (Wm. J.) The Law of Nations Investigated. 
8vo, pp. 110, uncvt. Philadelphia, 1809. 

J 1109 DuANE (Col. Wm.) A Visit to Columbia in the Years 
1822-23. 8vo, boards, unctU. Philadelphia, 1826. 

yi ; 1110 DuANE. The Mississippi Question. 8vo, pp. 198,tmcitf. 

Philadelphia, 1803. 

/ CTD 1111 DuANE. Debate in the Senate on the mode of electing 
a President and Vice President, &c. 8vo, pp. 158, un» 
aiL Philadelphia, 1804. 

5^ 1112 Dudley (The) Observatory. 8vo, pp. 173. 

Albany, 1858. 

/O 1113 DuFiEF (N. G.) Nature Displayed in her mode of 
Teaching Language to Man : or a New and Infallible 
Method of Acquiring a Language in the shortest time 
possible, deduced from the Analysis of the Human 
Mind, and consequently suited to every capacity. 
2 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1810. 

•r 1114 DuHBiNO (Henry). Remarks on the United States of 
America, with regard to the Actual State of Europe. 
! 2 mo, clothj uncut. London, 1833. 

4^' 1115 DrHRiNG. Essays on Human Happiness. 16mo, cloth. 

London, [1848.] 


1116 Dunbar (E. E.) Traveller's Club Paper. No. I. ^ 

American Pioneering. Rubricated title, 8vo, pp. 45. 

[New York], 18b3. 

1117 Duncan (John M.) Remarks on the Rise, Use and /i^ 

Unlawfulness, of Creeds and* Confessions of Faith in 
the Church of God. 12mo, hoards, uncut, 

Baltimore, 1825. 

1118 Duncan (William). The Elements of Logic. 12mo, 5 5*^ 

sheep. New York, 1802. 

1119 DuNCOMBB (Charles). Free Banking. An Essay on ^^ 

Banking, Currency, Finance, Exchanges, and Political 
Economy. \2mo, cloth, Cleveland, 1841. 

1120 DuNLAP (William). A History of New York. For X 

Schools. 2 Vols. Engravings. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1837. 

1121 DuNTON (John). The Dublin Scuffle, being a Challenge / /^ 

sent by John Dunton, Citizen of London, to Patrick 
Campbel, Bookseller in Dublin, together with the small 
Skirmishes of Bills and Advertisements. To which is 
Added, the Billet Doux sent him by a Citizen's Wife, 
in Dublin, Tempting him to Lewdness, with his Answer 
to Her, etc. 8vo, half calf. London, 1699. 

1122 Dunton. John Dunton's Letters from New England. 

4to, large paper, uncut. Printed for the Society. 

Boston, 1867. 

Publications of the Prince Society; only 20 copies printed this size. 

1123 Dunton. The same. Fcap 4to, uncut, Boston, 1867. 

120 copies printed. 

1124 Durham (W.) Physico-Theology, or a Demonstration / i' 

of the Being and Attributes of God from His Works of 
Creation. 8vo, calf. London, 1727. 

1125 DusBNBERY (B. M.) Monument to the Memory of Gren. //*- 

Andrew Jackson, containing Twenty-Five Eulogies and 
Sermons delivered on Occasion of his Death. Port. 
12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1846. 




1126 [DuYCKiNCK (Evart A.)] Memorial of John Allan. 
Wants Port. Imp. 8vo, uncut. New York, 1864. 

Ai3 cstom Tohune printed for the Bradford Clab. Edition, 250 copies. 

/(n> 1121 DwiOBT (Timothy). Travels in New England and 
New York. 4 Vols. Svo, half red morocco. 

New Haven, 1821. 

J, 1^1128 DwiOHT. The Duty of Americans at the Present Cri- 

fiis. Illustrated on the Fourth of July, 1798. 8vo, pp. 

32. New Havefi, 1798. 

^ «i^ 1129 DwiGHT (Theo., Jr.) Decisions of Questions discussed 
by the Senior Class in Yale College, in 1813-14. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1833. 

S^ 1130 DrMOND (Jonathan). The Principles of Morality, and 
the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of 
Mankind. 24mo, half morocco. New York, 1842. 

yo 1131 Eagle (The) and Hawk, a collection of Patriotic and 
Humorous Songs and Odes. 12mo, half bound. Scarce. 

Baltimore, 1812. 

^^^ 1132 Eable (John). Microsmography, or a Piece of the 
World Discovered. Rubricated title, tinted paper, 
\6moj cloth, Albany, J. Munsell, 1867. 

i L 1 133 Eastman (F. S.) A History of the State of Kew York 
from the First Discovery of the Country. 12 mo, sheep. 

New York, 1828. 

/6 1134 Eaton (Amos). A Manual of Botany, for theNorthera 
and Middle States of America. 12mo, theep, 

Albany, 1822. 

^^1135 Eaton. Geology of the Northern States. l2mo, sheep. 

Troy, N. Y., 1820. 
^^ 1136 Eastern Manners and Customs. 16mo, pp. 48. 

London, 1857. 

* 1137 EoEL (M. J. G.) The Traveller's Guide through 

Switzerland. 2Amo, morocco, London, 1818. 

/fii 1138 Ebers (John). Seven Years of the King's Theatre. 
Svo, hafcalf, London, mdccxxxvii. 


1139 EccENTBic Biography, or Memoirs of Remarkable Char- /^ 
acters, Ornamented with Eight Portraits. 24mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1804. 

1140 Echo (The). Printed at the Porcupine Press, by Pas- j^ Z ^'^ 

quin Petronius. 8vo, hoards, vncut. (New York, 1807). 

1141 Echoes from the Cabinet, comprising the Constitution o{ /O 

the United States, Declaration of Independence, etc. 
24mo, cloth. Boston, 1857. 

1142 EcKPELDTand DuBois. New Varieties of Gold and /2 ^ 

Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins and Bullion, with Mint 
Values. Plates, 12mo, gilt. Philadelphia, 1850. 

1143 EcKPELDT and DuBois. Same, second edition, several / ^ S^ 

Autograph Letters, Ports., Plates, Newspaper cuttings, 
&c., inserted. 8to, cloth.. New York, 1851. 

1144 EcKPBLDT and DuBois. A Manual of Gold and Silver ^ S^ 

Coins, of all Nations, struck within the past Century. 
4to, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1851. 

1145 Eclogue (An) on the Death of the Reverend Benjamin J 

Colman, D. D., who deceased August 29, 1747. At- 
tempted by 0. E. a young Student. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Boston, Printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle in 
Queen Street next to the Prison. 

1146 Economy (The) of Human Life, English and German. ^ C 

I2m0f half bound. Scarce. AUentown, Pa., 1813. 

1147 Economist (The) or Plain Directions about Food and 

Drink. 8vo. New York, 1847. 

1148 Eddt (Samuel). Reasons offered for his Opinions to ^ S "^ 

the First Baptist Church in Providence, from which he 
was compelled to withdraw for Heterodoxy. 8vo, pp. 
24. Syracuse, [s.a.] 

1149 Eden (William). Pour Letters to the Earl of Carlisle y ^ 

on the Present Circumstances of the War, Public Debts, 
Public Credit, etc. 8vo, pp. 163. London, 1779. 

1150 Edgbwoeth (Maria). Practical Education. 8vo, /.' 

boards. Boston, 1823. 


/ C 1151 Edinburgh Review. 30 Vols. Half bound. 

New York and Boston, 1813-1834. 

y; 1152 Edson (Theodore). A Sermon delivered in St. Ann's 
Church, Lowell, March 18, 1855, the Thirtieth Anni- 
versary of said Church. 8vo, pp. 24. Lowell, 1855. 

f^ 1153 Edward (L'd B'p). A Vindication of the Defence of 

Christianity from the Prophecies of the Old Testament. 

^ 2 Vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1728. 

y^ 1154 Edwards (Bryan). The History of the West Indies. 
2 Vols. 8vo, calf Dublin, mdccxciii. 

/^ 1155 Edwards (Jonathan). The Great Christian Doctrine 
of Original Sin, Defended. Evidences of its Truth 
Produced, and Arguments to the Contrary Answered. 
By the late Reverend and Learned Jonathan Edwards, 
A. M., President of the College of New Jersey. 12mo, 
itheep. Wilmington, MDCCLXXI. 

J ^ 1156 Edwards. The Salvation of all Men strictly examined, 
and the Endless Punishment of those who die impeni- 
tent, argued and defended against the objections and 
reasonings of the late Rev. Dr. Chauncy, of Boston. 
12mo, sheep. Boston, 1824. 

i J"" 1151 Edwards. A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work 
of God in the Conversion of Many Hundred Souls in 
Northampton and the Neighboring Towns and Villa- 
ges of New Hampshire, in New England. 12 mo, calf 

London, mdccxxxvii. 

JC 1158 Edwards (Peter). Candid Reasons for Renouncing the 
Principles of Antipoedobaptism. 12mo, pp. 199, uncut. 

Windsor, 1802. 

y il59 Edwin (John). The Eccentricities of. Collected from 
his Manuscripts, and Enriched with several hundred 
Original Anecdotes. 2 Vols. 8vo, half calf 

London, [s.a.] 

/^H60 Eighth Annual Report, Smithsonian Institution. 8vo, 
doth. Washington, 1854. 





NL-j^ll6l' ELEGiE|(An) upon I the Death of the Reverend | Mr. (dJ ^— 
Thomas Shepard, | late Teacher of the Church at | ^-y ^ 
Charlestown, in New England, | bj a great Admirer of 
his Worth, and true Mouruer for | his Death. | 4to, pp. 
15. The last leaf slightly imperfect. Half calf 
antique. Very rare. 

Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green, 1677, 

1162 Elements of Criticism. Vol. 11. 8vo, «A«cp. 

Boston, MDCCXCVI. 

1163 Eliot (Andrew). A Sermon Preached the Lord's Day 5 "^ 
before the Execution of Levi Ames, who suffered Death 
for Burglary, Oct. 21, 1773. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Boston, 1773. 

1164 Euot. a Sermon at the Ordination of B«v. Mr. /^ 6^^ 
Joseph Willard, in Beverly, Nov. 25, 1772. 8vo, pp. 
47, uncia. Boston, N. E., 1713. 

1165 Eliot. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the ^ 5*^ 
Eev. Mr. Joseph Roberts, Leicester, Oct. 23, 1754. 
Svo, pp. 41, uncut. Boston, [1754.] 

1166 Eliot. A Sermon Preached, Oct. 25th, 1759, being a y o 
day of Public Thanksgiving, appointed by Authority, 
for the Success of the British Arms, this year, especially 
in the Reduction of Quebec. Svo, pp. 43. ^ ' / 

Boston, 1759. _, . ^ 

^^ — lT67 Eliot (Jared). Give Caesar his Due, or the Obligation /y ^"0 
\ that Subjects are under to their Civil Rulers, as was 

showed in a Sermon Preached before the (Jeneral 
Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, at Hartford, 
May the 11th, 1738, the Day for the Election of the 
Honourable, the Governour, the Deputy-Governour and 
the Worshipful Assistants. Small 8vo, pp. 44, uncuu 
Scarce. N. London, T. Green, 1730. 

1168 Eliot. The Two Witnesses, or Religion Supported by y ^^C 
Reason and Divine Revelation, being a Lecture-Sermon 
Preached at the North Society, in Lyme, Oct. 29, 1735, 
before the Association of tho County of New London. 
Small Svo, pp. 79. N. London, T. Green, 1736. 



^jt^lUd Eliot (John). The Harmony of the Gospels] in the 
Holv I History | of the | Humiliation and Sufferings | of | 
Jesus Christ, | from His | Incarnation | to His | Death and 
Burial. | Published by John Eliot, Teacher ] of the 
Church in Roxbury. 1 4to, title, 4 pp., recommendation 
and contents, pp. 130. A few lines torn from the bot- 
tom of the first leaf, and other slight imperfections. 
Half calf J antique. Rare. 

Boston, Printed by John Poster, in the year 1678. 

The first press in Boston was established by John Foster, who printed 
his first book in 1676. 

^5fp ^ 1170 Eliot. A Brief | Answer] to a small book written by | 
John Norcot, | against | Infant Baptism. | This Answer 
is written by John | Eliot, for the sake of some of the | 
Plock'of Jesus Christ, who | are ready to be staggered | 
in point of Infant Baptism | by reading his book. | 8vo, 
pp. 27. . Boston, Printed by John Foster, 1679. 

This little book, by Eliot, is certainly of great rarity, possibly unique. 

</f^ll71 Eliot (John). A Sermon on Attending Public Wor- 
ship, and an Attentive Serious Conduct in the House of 
God. 8vo, pp. 36. Boston, 1800. 

^^ 1172 Eliot (Jonathan). Debates. Vol.1. Svo, caZ/l 

Washington, 1854. 

1173' Eliot (Wm. G.) The Discipline of Sorrow. 24rao, 
cloth. Boston, 1855. 

5"" 1174 Elizabeth (Charlotte). Letters from Ireland, mdccc- 
xxxviL 24mo, cloth. New York, 1848. 

1175 Elkins (Hervey). Fifteen Years in the Senior Order 
of Shakers. A Narrative of Pacts concerning that Sia- 
gular' People. 8vo, pp. 136. Hanover, 1853. 

/•? 1176 Ellet (Mrs.) The Characters of Schiller. 12mo, 
boards. Boston, 1842. 

S^ im Ellingwood (J. W.) The Duty of Using Means for 
the Reformation of Immoral Persons. 8vo, pp. 24, «^i- 
cra^ Boston; 1815. 



1178 Eluot's Improved New York Double Directory, cour id £^ 

taiuiDg an Alphabetical List oi the Inhabitants, <&c.; 
by means of which, not only the place of residence of 
each inhabitant, but also the occupant of each house, 
will be ascertained by looking at the number and 
street, as [they are arranged in the part adapted for 
that purpose. 8vo. New York, 1812* 

1179 Ellis (Mrs.) Prevention better than Cure. 12mo, pp. ^^ 

213. ^ New York, 1847. 

1180 Ellis (Wm. S.) A Plea for the Antiquity of Heraldry. /^O 

8vo, pp. 23. London, 1853. 

1181 Elus (John). The Knowledge of Divine Things, i^ 

12mo, boardsj vncuU London, 1837- 

1 182 Ellsler (Fanny). Letters and Journals. 8vo, pp. 65. ^ / i^ 

New York, 1845. 

1183 Ely (Alfred). A Sermon delivered on occasion of 

Constituting a Church at Ware Village, April 12, 1826. 
8vo, pp. 23, uncut. Brookfield, 1826, 

1184 Ely. A Sermon delivered at Monsou, Mass., the Sec- / 5"^ 

ond Centennial Anniversary of the Landing of the 
Fathers of New England at Plymouth. 8vo, pp. 27. 

Hartford, 1821. 

1185 Embargo. 1809. Pamphlets. (3) The Law, and 

Speeches by Giles and Pickering. 8vo, uncut, s.l. 

1186 Emblems. Sacrez C'est k dire Recveil de Cinqvante 

figures en taille doulce tirez de TEscriture saincte- 

Traictans du Doulx et Amiable Nom et Croix de 

Jesu Christ Inventz du Reverend Daniel Cramere* 

8vo, half calf. Frankfort, 1622. 

1187 Emerson (B. D.) The National Spelling Book and 

Pronouncing Tutor. Engravings. 12 mo, boards. 

Boston, 1828. 

1188 Emerson (Geo. B.) A Report on the Trees and Shrubs ,7 ^ 
growing naturally in the Forests of Massachusetts. 
Plates. 8vo, edges uncut. Boston, 1846. 


S^ 1189 Emerson (Samuel). Oration at Kennebunk, Fourth of 
July, 1798. 8vo, pp. 23. Portland, 1798-. 

/^ 1190 Emlyn (Thomas). The Scripture Account of Jesus 
Christ. 12mo,pp. 47. Boston, 1790. 

-< -2 5^1191 Emmons (Ebenezer). Agriculture of New York. 78 
beautifully Colored Plates of Fruit 4to, cloth. 

Albany, 1851. 

1192 Emmons (Nathaniel). The Scriptural Qualifications for 

Admission and Access to the Christian Sacraments. 
8vo, pp. 133, uncut. Worcester, 1793. 

1193 Emmons. Discourse, on the day of the Annual Fast, in 

Mass., 1 803. 8vo, half morocco. 

Wrentham, Mass., 1803. 
y i^ 1194 Emmons. Discourse, on the day of the Annual Fast, in 
Mass., 1802. 8vo, half morocco. 

Wrentham, Mass., 1802. 

//^T^ 1195 Emmons. Discourses (6) on various occasions. 8vo, 
mostly uncut. 179 3—1 80 6. 

/^ 1196 Emmons (Richard). The Batlle of Bunker Hill, or the 
Temple of Liberty. Port. 12 mo. Scarce. 

Boston, 1841. 

5^ 1197 Emmons (William). Address on Imprisoning the Un- 
fortunate Debtor. 8vo, pp. 14, uncut. Boston, 1824. 

y (^ 1198 Emort (Col. W. H.) Notes of a Militaiy Reconnoi- 
sance from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San 
Diego, in California, etc. Plates. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1848. 

^^£$"^1199 Emort. Report on the United States and Mexican 
Boundary Survey, made under the Direction of the 
Secretary of the Interior. Numerous fine Plates 
of objects of Natural History, Scenery, etc. 2 thick 
Vols. 4to, cloth. Washington, 1857. 

^ ^^^ 1200 Endowment, as it was acted by upwards of Twelve 
Tliousand, in Secret, in the Nauvoo Temple. 8vo, pp. 
24, uncut. New York, 1848. 

117 1 

1201 Enfield (William). Institutes of Natural Philosophy- /O J 

Plates. 4clOy sheep. Boston, 1811. f 

Autograph of Peroival. 

1202 English Liberties, or the Free-born Subjects Inheri- ^ ^ S^ 

tance. Containing Magna Charta, Charta de Poresta, 

The Statute de Tallagio non concedcndo, The Habeas * I 

Corpus Act, and several other Statutes. Likewise the 

Proceedings in Appeals, of Murder, of Ship Money, of i 

Tonnage and Poundage, etc. Compiled, first, by Hen- \ 

ry Care, and continued, with large Additions, by 

W. N., Esq., of the Middle-Temple. 12 mo, pp. 288, 

sheep. Rare. 

Boston, Printed by J. Franklin, for N. Buttolph, B. i. 

Eliot and D. Henchman, and Sold at their 

Shops, 1721, . 

1203 English (The) Topographer, or an Historical Account /^ "^ 

of all the Pieces that have been Written relating to 
the Antiquities, etc., of England. Svo. 

London, mdccxx, 

1204 Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning's Lajte and River Guide, S^ 

with Descriptions of Natural Curiosities and Thrilling 
Scenes in Border Warfare. Illustrated with Maps and 
Engravings. 16mo, pp. 144. New York, 1858, 

1205 Entertainment for a Winter's Evening. Being a full // i 

and true Account of a Very Strange and Wonderful 
Sight seen in Boston, on the Twenty-seventh of De- 
cember, 1749, at Noon Day. The Truth of which can 
be attested by a Great Number of People who actually 
saw tlie same With their own Eyes. By Me, the Hon. 
B. B., Esq., [Alias, Jos. Green, Esq.] 12mo, pp. 12. 

Boston, 1795. 
An account of the first Masonic Procession seen in Boston. 

1206 Epistle (An) from Edward, an American Prisoner, in *J/^ 

England, to Harriet, in America. 4to, half turketj 
. morocco. Rare. London, mdccclxxix, 

1207 Epistle to Bonaparte, from a I^ady. 12mo, pp. 12, / 

uncut. Philadelphia, 1814 


1208 Epps (John). Horae Phrenologicae, being three Phre- 
nological Essays, 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1835. 

{^ 1209 Erie (The) War. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, [1868.] 

^ 1210 Erskine (Thomas). The Unconditional Freeness of 
the Gospel. 24mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1828. 

^ 1211 Erskine (Hon. Thomas). A View of the Causes and 
Consequences of the present War with France. With 
a Dedication to the Author by P. Porcupine. 8vo, pp. 
73-24:, uncvi. Philadelpliia, 1797. 

/ Q 1212 Erskinb's (Thomas) Remarks on the Internal Evidence 
for the Truth of Revealed Religion, and Leslie^s Short 
Method with the Deists. 24mo, hoards, uncut. 

Andovcr, 1823. 

/ S 1213 Essay (An) on Hunting. By a Country Squire. 8vo, 

boardSfUnaa. London, 1S18. 

i^^ 1214 Essay (An) on the Art of Ingenious Tormenting, with 

Proper Rules for the Exercise of that Pleasant Art 

8vo, pp. 110. Dublin, 1753. 

i " 1215 Essay (An) on the Liberty of the Press, respectfully in- 
scribed to the Republican Printers throughout the 
United States. By Hortensius. 8vo, pp. 51, uncuL 

Philadelphia, 1799. 

Large Paper. 

1216 Essays. By Cowley and Shenstone. 2 Vols, in one 

16mo, sheep, gilt. Boston, 1820. 

1217 Essays. By Cowley and Shenstone. 16mo, sheep. 

B5Sion, 1820. 

1218 Essays on Retirement from Business; on Old Age; and 

on the Employment of the Soul after Death. To which 
are added, Meditations on Various Subjects, Religious 
and Moral. 8vo, sheep. London, 1812. 

j/. '* 1219 Essay on the Character, Manners and Genius of Wo- 
men. Two Vols, in one. 8vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, MDCCLXxrv. 

1220 Essay on the Application of Abstract Reasoniug to the 

Christian Doctrines. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1832. 


1221 Essays on the Formation and- Publication of Opinions, J 

and other Subjects. 12mo, boards, uncut 

Philadelphia, 1831. 

1222 Essays on the Pursuit of Truth, on the Progress of ^^ 

Knowledge, &c, 12mo, boards^ unait. 

Philadelphia, 1831. 

1223 Essays upon the making of Salt-petre and Gun-Powder. 6^ 

Published by Order of the Committee of Safety, of the 
Colony of New York. 8vo, pp. 36. 

New York, mdcclxxvi. 

1224 Etlichb Zu dieser Zeit nicht unnutze Fragen Uber y c/V 

Einige Schrift-Stellen, Welche Von den Liebbabern der . 
lantern Wabrbeit Deutlich erortert zu werden gewun- 
schet hat Ein Wahrheit-forschender in America, im 
jahr 1742 : etc. 4to, pp. 14, half calf , unciU. 

Philadelphia, Gedruckt und zu haben bey 
B. Franklin, [n.d.] 
Elegant speoimen of Franklin's imprint 

1225 European Maps and Guide Books, (23.) The Collec- -^ 

tions of Henry Whitmore and Charles A. Davis. 

1226 Evans (John). The Sequel to the Sketch of the De- ^ ^ 

nominations of the Christian World. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1811. 
1527 Etans (Estwick). Pedestrian Tour of Four Thousand ^ /T 
Miles through the Western States and Territories dur- 
ing the Winter and Spring of 1818, interspersed with 
Brief Reflections upon a Great Variety of Topics. 
Plate. 12mo, boards, uncut. Scarce. 

Concord, N.H., 1819. 

1228 Evelina, or a Young Lady's Entrance into the World. / ^ 

2 Vols. 12mo, sheep. Worcester, Mass., 1796. 

1229 Events in Paris, July, 1830. 12mo, pp. 197, roughedg- ^ ^^ 

es. Printed on red, white and blue paper. 

Boston, 1830. 

1230 Evelyn (John). The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. 12mo, 

cloth. New York, mdoccxlvii. 


J t ^"^231 Evelyn (J.) A Discourse on Medals, Ancient and 
Modern, Rubricated title, numerous plates and manu- 
script notes. Folio, calf, Verj fine copy. 

London, 1697. 
^c/7^ 1232 EvERABD (John). Some Gospel Treasures, or the Holi- 
est of all Unvailing. Discovering yet more the Riches 
of Grace and Glory to the Vessels of Mercy. 4to, 
sheep. Germ^ntown, Christopher Sower, 1757. 

One of the scaroest of Sower's imprints. 

<^ 1233 Everest (C. W.) Babylon. 8vo,cZo^A, gilt. 

Hartford, mdcccxxxviii. 
/^^ 1234 [Everett (A. H)]. Europe, or a General Survey of the 
Present Situation of the Principal Powers, with conjec- 
tures on their Future Prospects, 8vo, hoards^ uncut. 

Boston, 1822. 

J i 235 Everett. Address at Charlestown, Mass., June 1 7th, 

1836, in commemoration of the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

8vo, pp. 72. Boston, 1836. 

1236 Everett (Edward). Eulogy on Thomas Dowse, of 
Cambridgeport, 9th December, 1 858. Port. 8vo, tinted 
paper, cloth, gilt. Boston, MDCCCLix. 

/c 1237 Everett. Oration on the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of 
the Battle of Bunker Hill, at Charlestown. 8vo, pp. 
80. Boston, 1850. 

/S^ 1238 Everett. Battle of Bunker Hill. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Boston, 1850. 

// 5 ^ 1239 Everett. A Defense of Christianity against the Work 
of George B. English, A. M., entitled The Grounds of 
Christianity Examined by comparing the New Testa- 
ment with the Old. Extra thick paper, 12mo, boards, 
uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1814. 

•^ '^ ^ 1240 Everett. The Discovery and Colonization of America. 
Autograph. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1 853. 

/i 1241 Everett. Pamphlets (5), two Addresses by him, Eulo- 
gies by Dana, Osgood and Hedge. 8vo. 

Boston and Cambridge, 1853-65. 



1242 Efii^ of the RevolutioEary War. 12mo, pp, 14 

Brandon, Vt., 1847. 

1243 EwBANK (Thoa.) The World a Workshop, or the -2 <^ 

PhysicaJ Relationship of Man to Earth. 12mo, doth. 

New York, 1855. 

1244 Ewer (Rev. P. C.) Belationship between Masonry and 5^ 

Christianity, with an Account of the Centennial Ma.^on- 
ic Celebration, Bridgeport, Conn,, Feb, 12, 18G2. 8vo, 
pp.46. New York, 1862. 

1245 Exact Copies of Advertisements of Persons Wanted to / i'd 

claim Property of Deceased Relatives and Friends, in 
Various Parts of tlie Country, the Australian and other 
countries, also America^ tliat have appeared in the Lon- 
don^ Provincial, Colonial, and Foreign Newspapers, 
within the past 10 years* 12nio, stiffcomtB, 

London^ 1847. 

1246 ExAMTKATlON (An) of the vatiOtts charges against A aron *^ 5^ 

Burr, and a Development of the Characters and Views 
of hi3 Political Opponents- By Aristidea. Svo, pp. 77- 

Philadelphia, 1803. 
1246* EXAmNATiON (The) of Doctor Benjamin Franklin, be-y/^ 
fore an Au^st Assembly, relating to the Repeal of the 
Stamp- Act, &c, 8vOj pp. 23. Rare j wants title page. 

Printed 1769. 

1247 Examination (The) of Doctor Beiyamin Franklin, before /C 

an August Assembly relating to the Eepeal of the 
Stamp'Actj &c. 8vo, pp. 16. sJ.s.a. 

1248 Examination of the New Tariff proposed by the Hon. 5 "^ 

Henry Baldwin. By one of the People, 8vo, boards^ 
uTuia. New York, 1821. 

1249 Examination (The) of the President's Message, 1801. ^^ 

8vo, pp. 127. * New York, 1802. 

1250 ExcoMicuNieATioH Exeommonicated. 4to, pp. 24. -^ C 

London, 1680. 

1251 EXERCISKS for Pamdlj and Secret Prayer. 24mo, boards, ^ ^ 

uncui. Boston, 1831. 



^^ 1252 ExEBCiSBS for Private DevotiQn. 24mo, doilu 

Boston, 1837. 

^^ lSi53 ExBRCiSBS in Orthography. 12mo, boarda^ Rare. 

Providence, 1825. 

On the Artemiu Ward, and Joth Billings Bjitem. 

/C 1254 Exhibit (An) of the Losses sustained at the office of 
Discount and Deposit, Baltimore, under ttie administra- 
tion of James A. Buchanw, and a Report of the Con- 
spiracy Cases, tried at Hartford County Court, in Mary- 
land. 8vo, boards, uncut. Baltimore, 1823. 

^^ 1255 Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, mdcccliv. 
4to, pp. 67. London, 1854. 

i^ 1256 Exile's (The) Return, or Narrative of Samuel Snow, 
who was Banished to Van Dieman's Land, in 1838. 
8vo, pp. 32. Cleveland, 1846. 

•^ G 1257 Experience the Test of Government. 8vo, pp. 60, un- 
cut. ' Philadelphia, 1807. 

^^ 1258 Experienced (The) American Housekeeper, for Private 
Families. 24mo, boards. Boston, 1827. 

yo 1259 Expose (An) of the Secret Order of Know Nothings. 
The most Ludicrous and Startling '' Yankee Notion" 
ever conceived. 8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1854. 

/ J 1260 Expose (An) of the Mysteries of Odd Fellowship, by a 
P. V. G. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston. 

/ J 1261 Exposition (An) of the Political Conduct of Lieut Gen- 
eral Camot, since the First of July, 1814, by Himself. 
16mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1816. 

/^ 1262 Exposition (An) of the late General Election in New 
York. 8vo, pp. 24. Philadelphia, 1826. 

J . 1263 Exposition (An) of the Causes and Character of the 
late War between the United States and Great Britain. 
8vo, pp. 69, uncut. Midcllebury Vt., 1816. 

V \ ^^ 1264 Exposition (An) of the Causes and Character of the 
War between the United States and Great Britain. 
12mo, boards. Concord, N. H., 1815. 


1265 Exposition (An) of Vulgar and common Errors adapt- i 

ed to the year of Grace, mdcooxlv. By Thomas Brown 
Bedivims. Fcap, 8to, doik. 

London, William Pickering, 1845. 

1266 EZTBICTS from the Proceedings of the American Con- ^ 5 "^ 

tinental Congress, Held at Philadelphia, on the Tenth 
day Qf May, 1776. Containing an Address to the Peo- 
ple of Ireland, an Address to the Assembly of Jamaica, 
a Letter to the Lord Mayor of London, and the opinion 
of Congress on the boasted Conciliatory Plan, offered 
by the Administration in Parliament, February 20, 1775. 
8vo, pp. 22, uncvl. Scarce. 

Providence, John Carter, (1775.) 

1267 Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the Amer- j/^^^ 

ican Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, on the 
Fifth of Sept 1774. 8vo, pp. 82. London, 1774, 

1268 ExTBACTS from the Journal of Marshal Soult, addressed Si 

to a Friend, how obtained and by whom translated, is 
not a subject of Enquiry. 12mo, boards, uncut. Scarce 
and curious. Newburyport, 1817, 

1269 ExTBACTS from Doctor Priestley's Catechism. 8vo, pp. / 

12. Salem, 1796. 

1270 Etbibs (T. B. B.) L'Espagne ou Costumes Moeurs et /<,7) 

Usages des Espagnols Suite de Gravures Coloriees. 
8vo, half morocco, Paris, s.a. 

1271 Fabens (J. W.) a Story of Life on the Isthmus. 12mo, /^ 

cloth. New York, 1853. 

1272 Pabeb (G. S.) The Difficulties of Infidelity. 12mo, /^ 

boards, uncut. New York, 1825. 

1273 Fables and Epigrams, with Essays on Fable and Epi- J J 

gram. From the German of Lessing^. 12mo, boards, 
uncut. London, 1825. 

1274 Fao-Simile of the Boston Gazette and Boston Journal, ia y^^ 

mourning for the Boston Massacre. Contains a picture 
of four coflbuB, marked with the initials of the Slain. 



] 1275 Fac-Similb of the New England Courant, Feb. 11, 1723. 
' The first Newspaper issued by Benjamin Franklin; 
this copy printed on a press once owned by him. 

2 <^ 1276 Fairbairn (Henry). Defence of William Penn. 8vo, 
pp. 38. Philadelphia, 1849. 

^^ 1277 Fairchild (Rev. J. H.) Farewell Address to the Pay- 
son Church, South Boston, Nov. 22, 1857. Port. 16mo, 
cloth Boston, 1858. 

^^ 1278 Fatbholme (Geo.) General View of the Geology of 
Scripture, in which the unerring truth, of the Inspired 
Narrative of the Early Events in the World; is exhibited 
and distinctly proved, by the corroborative testimony of 
Physical Facts, on every part of the Earth's Surfece. 
1 2mo, cloth. ' Philadelphia, 1 833. 

/ ^ 1279 Faithful (A) Picture of the Political Situation of New- 
Orleans, at the close of the last, and beginning of the 
present year. 8vo, pp. 40. (New Orleans), 1807. 

/^7) 1280 Faithful (A) Account of the Massacre of the Family 
of Gerold Watson, of Fayetteville, N. C. 12mo, pp. 12. 

Boston, 1819. 

J S-- 1281 Fall (The) of the Crimea, by Captain Spencer. With 

Illustrations. Post 8vo, cloth, gilt, London, 1854. 

^ ^ 1282 Family Prayer Book, by Charles Brooks. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1846. 
^^1283 Family Receipt Book. 12mo, pp. 36. New York, 1845. 

yo 1284 Family (The) Circle, and Parlor Annual. Illustrated. 

New York. 
<^ 1285 Fanaticism (The), False Doctrines and Absurdities of 
the People called Shakers. 8vo, pp. 24, uncut. 

Poughkeepsie, 1822. 
/ .' 1286 Fancjy (The) Ball. A Letter lost from the Portfolio 
of a young Lady of Albany. 8vo, pp. 28, tmcta. 

Albany, 1846. 

/•^ 1287 Fanning (Col. David). The Narrative of. (A Tory in 

the Revolutionary War with Great Britain), giving an 


Account of his Adventures in North Carolina, from 
1776 to 1783, 8vo, boartU, unau. New York, 1 863. 
No. 1 of Sabin*B Hiatorioal Doonmcots. 

1288 Par (The) West, or a Tour beyond the Mountains. ^T 
2 Vols. 12mo, chth. New York, 1838. 


1289 Farr (Jonathan). Plain Letters on Important Sub- ^ ^'^ 
jects. 24mo, boards, Boston, 1831. 

1290 Fabr. Sermons. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1833. 

1291 Farrar (John). Elements of .Electricity, Magnetism /C 

and Electro-Dynamics. Compiled for the use of the 
Students of the University at Cambridge, New Eng- 
land. 8vo, boards. Boston, 1839. 

1292 Farrar. An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy. 8vo, /C 

boards. Boston, 1834. 

1293 Farewell Discourses (24), Delivered at various times yy 2 -^^^^ — 

and places. Many are valuable as local histories. 
■8vo. 1798-1858. 

1294 Farewell Sermons (8). No Duplicates. Historically J ^^:r<r' 

valuable. Various Places, v.y. 

1295 Farmers' Bank of Kentucky, October, 1860. 12mo, ^"^ 

pp. 11. New York, 1850. 

1296 FARifBRs' and Planters' Bank of Baltimore. 12mo, pp. ^^ 

14. Baltimore, 1836. 

1297 Farmer (Hugh). An Inquiry into the Nature and De- / 

sign of Christ's Temptation. 8vo, half calf. 

London, [1761.] 

1298 Farmer. An Inquiry into the Nature and Design of ^ C 

Christ's Temptation in the Wilderness. 12mo, boards, 
uncut. London, 1822. 

1299 Farmer and Moore. Collections. Topographical, His-/ i^jK^ 

torical and Biographical, relating Principally to New 
Hampshire. 2 Vols. 8vo, boards. 

Concord, N. H., 1831. 


/ -^ 1100 FiSHB fThe) B^iited: or a mon Impartid and Com- 
prribeuire Yi«w of the Diapate between (Ireat BritaiQ 
and the Colonies ; intended as a further Vindicatioa 
of the Congress, in Answer to a Letter from A. W., 
Fanner, entitled, " A View of the Gontroyersy between 
Great Britain and her Colonies ; including a mod6 of 
deCennining the present Disputes Finally and Effectu- 
aUy," Ac 8yo, pp. 75, wunL Scarce. 

New York, Printed by James Bivington, 1775. 

I mp cf fcct , the title page in mniiaaripi. 

y^- 1301 FABSHAif (Luther). A Glance at Private Libraries. 
8yo, cloth, gilt edgei. Scarce. Boston, 1855. 

^" 1302 Fabhiokable (The) Tour, or a Trip to the Springs, 
Niagara, Quebec, and Boston, in the summer of 1821. 
2^no, boardtjUncuL Saratoga Springs, 1822. 

-^'*" 1303 Fathr Abbey's WUl; to which is added, A Letter of 
Courtship to his Virtuous and Amiable Widow, with 
Historical and Biographical Notes. 8vo, pp. 14. 

Priyately Printed at Cambridge, 1854. 

1304 Feast (The) of the Poets, with Notes, and other pieces 
in Verse. 24mo, boards^ uncut. New York, 1814. 

^ ' 1305 Feathebstokhaugh (George W.) The Death of Ugo- 
lino. 8vo, pp. 115. Philadelphia, 1830. 

^ < ^ 1306 Fbllowbs (Robert). Treatise on Death, Philosophi- 
cally, Morally and Practically Considered. Small 8vo, 
jAeep, gilt, London, 1805. 

> -^ 1307 Fellows (John). The Veil Removed, or Reflections on 
David Humphrey's Essay on the Life of Israel Put- 
nam. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1843. 

/':"- 1308 Felt (Joseph B.) The Oastoms of New England. 
8vo, pp. 208. Boston, 1853. 

/> ^^ 1809 Felt. An Historical Acconnt of Massachnsetts Cur- 
rency. Plates. 8vo, cloth, Boston, 1839. 

^ ^ 1310 Felt. Who was the First Governor of Massachusetts 7 
8vo, pp. 17. Boston, 1853. 


1311 Fbicalb Review, or Memoirs of an American Yonng h<^ 

Lady, whose Life and Character are Peculiarly Distin- ^ 
gaished, being a Continental Soldier for nearly Three 
Years in the late American War, during which time she 
performed the duties of every department into which 
* she was called, etc., and preserved her chastity inviolate 
by the most artful concealment of her sex. By a Citi- 
zen of Massachusetts. ^Curious Portrait. 12mo, 
tprinkled calf, red. edges. Dedham, 1797. 

Wants list of subooriben, oCherwiBe a perfect copy of this exoeedinglj 
rare book. 

1312 Femalb Review. Wiggin's Reprint of the above work. 

Original Port Fcap, 4to, paper, wiau. Boston, 1866. 

1313 Female (The) Jockey Club, or a Sketch of the Manners /O 

of the Age. 12mo, sheep. York, 1794, 

1314 Female (The) American, or the Extraordinary Adven-y^*^ 

tures of Unca Eliza Winkfield, compiled by herself. 
12mo, sheep. Vergennes, Vt, 1814. 

1315 Female [The) Shipwrijrht, or Life and Extraordinary ]/ Jl 

Adventures of Mary Lacy, giving an account of her 
leaving her parents, disguised as a man, with the 
means which led to a discovery of her sex. Written 
by Herself: 12mo. New York, 1807. 

1316 Fenian (The) Catechism, jfrom the Vulgate of St Law- 5'"^ 

rence OToole, 12mo, pp* 72. New York, 1867. 

1317 Fbnlan (The) Brotherhood. 12mo, pp. »l. -2 ^^ 

New York, 1865. 

1318 Fergus (Rev. Henry). Nature and Revelation. 12mo, ^ ^ 

cluh. Philadelphia, 1833. 

1319 Ferguson (James), Astronomy explained, upon Sir / . ' 

Isaac Newton's Principles, and made easy to those who 
bare not studied Mathematics. Plates. 8vo, calf, gilL 

London, 1803. 

1320 Ferguson (J. B.) Spirit Communion. A Record of '- 

Communications from the Spirit-Spheres, with Incontro- 


vertible Evidence of Personal Identity, presented to the 
Public with Explanatory Observation. 8vo, cloth. 

Nashville, 1854. 

y J i^ 1321 Ferrier (John). Illustrations of Sterne, with other 
Essays and Verses. 2 Vols, in one. 12mo, rough 
edges, half morocco. London, 1812. 

^^ 1322 Few (A) Stray Thoughts, Comical, Patriotic and Senti- 
mental, from the Manuscript Writings of " Dr." Foster. 
12mo, pp. 98. Brooklyn, 1856. 

^^ 1323 Fidler (Rev. Isaac). Observation on Professions, Lit- 
erature, Manners, and Emigration, in the United States 
and Canada, made during a residence there in 1832. 
1 2mo, doth. New York, MDCCCXxxin. 

y / 2 1?24 Fielding (T. H.) The Knowledge and Restoration of 
Old Paintings, and the modes of judging between Copies 
and Originals. 24daOf cloth. London, 1847. 

/ o -S^ 1325 Fiftieth Anniversary Discourses. Ten Pamphlets. 
All valuable local histories. 8vo. 1842-57. 

9^ 1326 FiPTY-Six Forms of Morning and Evening Prayers, for - 
the Use of Christian Families. 8vo, zheep. 

London, 1781. 

y 2 ^ ^ 1327 FiNDLBT (William). History of the Insurrection in the 
Four Western Counties of Pennsylvania, in the. year 
MDCCXcrv. With a Recital of the Circumstances spec- 
ially connected therewith ; and an Historical Review of 
the previous situation of the Country. 8vo, sheep. 
Scarce. Philadelphia, mdccxcvi. 

y 1328 Firman (Giles). The Real Christian, or a Treatise of 
Effectual Calling. 8vo, sheep. Boston, mdcgxlii. 

/ C 1329 First Annual Report of the New York Magdalen Socie- 
ty. 8vo, pp. 8. Philadelphia, 1831. 

^ '^ 1330 First Street Railway Banquet in the Old World, Bir- 
kenhead, 1860. Plate. 8vo, pp. 117. 

Liverpool 1860. 


1331 FiBOT (The) Ten Tears of the American Tract Society ^ ^ 

at Boston. 12ino^ theeipy Boston, 1824. 

1332 First (The) Hindoo Widow-Marriage. 8vo, pp. 46. 5 ^ 

New York, 1860. 

1333 PiaCHBUO (John Frlder). Johannis Leusdenii de Dialec- / 

tis N. T. Singulatim de Eius Hebraismis, etc. 8vo, 

half bound. Lipsiae, 1782. 

Autograph of J. G. PeroiyaL 

1334 Fish (Phineas). Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. -? ^^ 

Abner Morse, in Nantucket, Dec. 16, 1819. 8vo, pp. 
32, uncut. Boston, 1820. 

1335 Fisher (E.) The Marrow of Modem Divinity, Touch- J 5 ^ 

ing the Covenant of Works, And The Covenant of 
Grace, With their Use and End, both in the Time of 
the Old Testament, and in the Time of the New, Clear- 
ly describing the Way to Eternal Life by Jesus Christ. 
In a Dialogue betwixt Evangelista, a Minister of the 
Oospel ; Monista, a Legalist ; Antimonista, an Antino- 
mian, and ^eophytns, a Young Christian. 12mo, oZ(2 
iheep, . Boston, 1743. 

Not quite perfect. 

1336 Fisher (George). The American Instructor, or Young 2 2^ ^ 

Man's Best Companion. 12mo, calf. 
Philadelphia, Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, at 
the New Printing Office in. Market Street, 1748. 

1337 Fisher. The Instructor, or American Young Man's 2. C 

Best Companion. Plates. 12m6, calf 

Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, mdcolxxxvi. 

1338 Fisher (Richard S.) The Book of the World. 2 Vols. ^^ 

Illustrated with Maps and Charts. 8vo, clothe gilt. 

New York, 1852. 

1339 Fisher (Thomas). Dial of the Seasons, or a Portrait- ^ ^ 

ure of Nature. 8vo, c/o^A. Philadelphia, 1845. 

1340 FiSK (Benjamin F.) Greek Exercises. 12mo, sheep. ^ 

Boston, 1831. 

1341 FisKE (Thaddeus). A Discourse delivered just twenty- b ^ 

one years from the Author's Settlement in .the Work of 
the Ministry. 8vo, pp. 34. Cambridge, 1809. 



f'^' 1342 PisLER (L. F.) History of Camden, commencing with 
its Earliest Settlement, and brought up to the Present 
Day. 12mo, pp. 63. Camden, N. J., 1858. 

J S^ 1343 Pitch (Jabez). A Discourse on Serious Piety, being a 
Puneral Sermon Preached upon the Death of Mrs. 
Mary Martyn, January 26th, 1724. 8vo, pp. 19. 

Boston, 1725. 

J J 1344 Flago (J. P. B.) Ether and Chloroform in Surgery. 
12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1851. 

b 1345 Fleetwood (W.) The Reasonable Communicant. 12 
mo, pp. 47. London, mdcclvii. 

y ^J 1346 Flint (Tunothy). The First White Man of the West, 
or the Life and Exploits of Col. Daniel Boone, the First 
Settler of Kentucky. Interspersed with Licidents in 
the Early Annals of the Country. Port. 12mo, cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1849. 

/J 1347 Flora Domestica, or the Portable Flower Garden, with 
directions for the Treatment of Plants in Pots, and 
Illustrations from the Works of the Poets. 8vo, ioard*, 
uncut. London, 1825. 

^^ 1348 Florus (Lucius Annaeus). His Epitome of Roman His- 
tory, 12mo, calf. London, mdccxxv. 

^/; 1349 FoBES (Peres). A Sermon, the Substance of which was 
delivered at Taunton, Nov. 11, 1784, upon the Day of 
the Execution of John Dixson, for Burglary, -^tat 24. 
With an Appendix on the Nature and Enormity of Bur- 
glary, and a Sketch of Dixson's Life. 8vo, pp. 34-14, 
uncut. Scarce. Providence, [1784.] 

^^2^^ 1350 FoLKES (Martin). Tables of English Silver and Gold 
Coins, First Published by Martin Folkes, Esq., and now 
Reprinted, with Plates and Explanations, by the Socie- 
ty of Antiquaries. 4to, caiff gilt. A very fine copy. 

London, MDOCLxm. 
1351 FoLSOM (George). A Discourse before the Maine His- 
torical Society, Sept. 6, 1846. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Portland, 1847. 


1352 FoHSBCA ( Joee L.) Nova Gaia Da Conversagao Em ^ 

Frances e Portugaes. Square 8vo, cloth. 

Paris, MDOCcxxxvi. 

1353 Fontaine (La). 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1839. ^ 

1354 FooTE (Com. Andrew H.) Africa and the American y^ 

Flag. Plates. 12mo, doth. New York, mdcccliv. 

1355 Forbes (A.) The Rich Men of Massachusetts, with ^ i^ 

Brief Sketches of more than One Thousand Characters. 
8vo, pp. 208. Scarce. Boston, 1861. 

1366 Forbes (Col. J. G.) Report of the Trial of Brig. Gen. /O 
William Hull, by Oourt-Martial, January, 1814. 8vo, 
pp. 119 and 29. New York, 1814. 

1357 Forbes (Robert B.) On Ocean Steam Navigation. ^^ 

8vo, pp. 15. Boston, 1855. 

1358 Forbes and Greene. The Rich Men of Massachusetts, J ^'^ 

containing a Statement of their Reputed Wealth, with 
Brief Sketches of more than One Thousand Characters. 
8vo, pp. 208. Boston, 1 861. 

1369 Force (Peter). Tracts, and other Papers, relating j 2 ^^ 
principally to the Origin, Settlement and Progress of 
the Colonies in North America, from the Discovery of 
the Country to the year 1776. 4 Vols. 8vo, doth^ 
tmaa. Washington, 1 836-1 846. 

1360 Force. National Calendar, and Annals of the United -^ ^ 
. States, 1822. 1 2mo, half morocco. Washington, 1823. 

1361 Force. Grinnell Land. Map. 8v pp. 23, t^nntf. /^ 

Washington, 1852. 

1362 Ford (Capt. David). Journal of an Expedition made ^ ^ ^ 

in the Autumn of 1794, to aid in suppressing the 
** Whiskey Rebellion." 8vo, pp. 14. s.l.8.a. 

1363 FoRDYCB (James). The Folly, Infamy and Misery of ^ ^ 

Unlawful Pleasure. 8vo, pp. 66. Belfast, 1760. 

1364 FoRMAN (J. G.) The Western Sanitary Commission. -^ - ' 

Engravings. 8vo, cloth. St Louis, 1864. 

[ . 


i ^^ 1366 Formula of Prescriptions, and various Instmotions for 
Service and Guidance of those who have applied, are 
applying, or shall apply, to the Enemy to Human Dis- 
eases, to which is prefixed a Vindication concerning the 
Dietical Abstinence, detecting the dangerous tendency 
of several articles forbidden, as pernicious to the Hu- 
man Body, in which are included Tobacco, Salt and 
Salted Food, Spiritous Liquors, all sorts of Spices and 
CoflFee. By Sylvan, Enemy to Human Diseases. 8vo, 
half calf J rough edges. Rare. Providence, 1813. 

The writer of this queer book, was the celebrated Dr. Bainwater. 

^^ 1366 Forrest (Edwin). Oration at the Democratic Celebra- 
tion in the City of New York, Fourth of July, 1838. 
8vo, pp. 24. New York, 1838. 

JiP 1367 Fortunate (The) Youth, Master Curtis and his White 
Weasel. 12mo. Boston, 1836. 

^ i 1368 Forty years Residence in America, or the doctrine of a 
Particular Providence, exemplified in the Life of Grant 
Thorburn. Written by Himself. l2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1834. 

£^^ 1369 Foster (James). Sermons. Syo,calf. London, 1736. 

i^ 1370 Foster (John). An Essay on the Importance of consid- 
ering the Subject of Eeligion, addressed particularly to 
Men of Education. 1 2mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1827. 

^" 1371 Foster. Essays on the Evils of Popular Ignoranoe. 
12mo, sheep. New York, 1821. 

^^ 1372 Foster. The Glory of the Age. \%mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1833. 
* 1373 Foster. Christian Morals. 24mo, cZotA. 

New York, 1844. 
Ji C 1374 Foster (Robert). General Collection of Hymnai, for the 
use of Christians. 32mo, sheep. 

Portsmouth, N. H., 1824. 
1375 Foster (Stephen S.) The Brotherhood of Thieves, or a 
True Picture of the American Church and Clergy. 12 
mo, pp. 72. Boston^ 1844. 






1376 FosTBB (W. E.) William Penn and Thomas B. Macau- 6^ 

lay. 8vo, pp. 48. Philadelphia, 1850. 

1377 Foster and Whitney. Report on the Geology of the 2^^ 

Lake Superior Land District With Vol. of Maps and 
Plates. 3 Vols. 8vo, chth. Washington, 1851. 

1378 Pour (The) Kings | of | Canada,] being] a Succinct Ac- /^, 

count of the | Pour Indian Princes lately arrived | from / 
North America, | with | a particular Description of their 
Country, | their strange and remarkable Religion, 
Feasts, | Marriages, Burials, Remedies for their Sick, | 
Customs, Manners, Constitution, Habits, | Sports, War, 
Peace, Policy, Hunting, Fish- 1 ing, Utensils belonging to 
the Savages, with | several other Extraordinary Things 
worthy | Observation, as to the natural or curious | Pro- 
ductions, Beauty or Fertility of that | Part of the World. | 
8vo, pp. 47, the top closely trimmed^ the last leaf not 
quite perfect. Very rare. London, 1710. 

1379 Four (The) Gospels i» Hebrew. 12mo, half morocco. /^ 

London, 1798, 

1380 FouBTH of July Orations (26) ; a large proportion, of the ^ 
last century, and only two or three, later than 1810. 
mostly uncut ; in fine condition. Scarce. 

1381 FowLB (Wm. B.) The French Accidence. 32mo, cloth. ^ ^ 

Boston, 1831. 

1382 PowLBB (0. S.) A Home for All. Plates. 8vo, pp. 5^ 

96. y New York, 1 85-. 

138S Fox (W. J.) A Course of Lectures on subjects con- •S''^ 
nected with the Corruption Revival, and Future Liflu- 
ence of Genuine Christianity. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1822. 

1384 FoxcBOPT (Thomas). Divine Providence Ador'd and ^ C 

Justify'd, in the Early Death of God*s Children and 

Servants. A Sermon on the Day of the Interment of 

the Reverend Mr. William Waldron. 8vo, pp. 20-47. 

Boston, in New England, 1727. 

Fine 61«ui copy. 


7 5 "^1385 Fbancatellt (Charles EIm6). French Cookery, in all 
its branches. Adapted as well for the largest Estab- 
lishments, as for the use of Private Families. With 
Numerous Illustrati6ns. 8vo,cZo^. Philadelphia, 1846. 

^^ 1386 Francis, Lord Bishop of Ely. A Sermon Preached be- 
fore the King, on the 30th of January, 1685, being the 
Fast for the Martyrdom of King Charles the First, of 
Blessed Memory. 4to. London, 1685. 

J ^ jT^Zil Francis (Rev. Beqjamin). The Conflagration, a Poem 
on the Last Day. 8vo, pp. 37. Rare. 

Philadelphia, mdcclxxxvii. 

/ ^ 1388 Francis (Convers). Errors in Education. 12mo. pp. 
28, uncut. Boston, 1828. 

/ p 1389 Francis. Errors in Education. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. 

Hingham, 1828. 

/ fV 1390 Francis (John). Chronicles and Characters of the 
Stock Exchange. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1850. 

y C 1391 Francis (J. W.) Reminiscences of Samuel L. Mitchell. 
8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1859. 

^ ^-^ptru- 1392 Francklin (Tho.) Sermons on the Relative Duties. 
8vo, calf. London, mdcclxv. 

/ C 1393 Franklin (Benjamin). Marcus Tullius Cicero's Cato 
Major, or a Discourse on Old Age. With Explanatory 
Notes. 12mo, pp. 357. Philadelphia, W. Duane, 8.a. 

^^^ 1394 Franklin. Rules for Reducing a Great Empire to a 
Small One. 8vo, pp. 16. London, 1793. 

•J ^ ^^ 1395 Franklin. An Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 
from its Origin. 8vo, hoards. Philadelphia, 1812. 

y 1396 Free (The) Mason's Pocket Companion, being a choice 
Collection of the most Celebrated Masonic Songs, sung 
in the different Lodges throughout Britain ; to which is 
added a Variety of Humorous Songs. 12mo, sheep. 
Rare. Glasgow, 1798. 


1397 Frbe-Masonrt Persecuted. Unparelleled Sufferings of ^ i^^ 

John Coustos, who nine Times underwent the most Cruel 
Tortures ever invented by man, and sentenced to the 
Gralleys Four years, by command of the Inquisitors of 
Lisbon, in order to extort from him the Secrets of Free 
Masonry. 8vo, pp. 59, uncut. Scarce. Title page im- 

1398 Freedley (Edwin T.) A Practical Treatise on Busi- S 6 

ness, or how to Get, Save, Spend, Give, Lend, and Be- 
queath Money, ^vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1852. 

1399 Freeman (Enoch W.) A Selection of Hymns, including /D 

a few Originals, designed to aid the Friends of Zion in 
their Private and Social Worship; $heep. 

Exeter, 1829. 

1400 Freeman (James). Funeral Sermons Preached at / S"^ 

King's Chapel, Boston. 8vo, boards, unctU. 

Boston, 1820. 

1401 Fremont (J. C.) Report of the Exploring Expedition ^ ^ 

to the Rocky Mountains, in the year 1842. And to 
Oregon and North California, in the years 1843-44. 
Plates, 8vo, half calf. Washington, 1845. 

1402 Fremont. Memoir upon Upper California. 8vo, pp. ^ ^ 

67. Washington, 1848, 

1403 French Pocket Atlas, half bound. Amsterdam, mdccxi. /^ 

Yeory oorioiu. 

1404 Frezier ( ). A Voyage to the South Sea, and along the /^ 5 ^ 

Coasts of Chili and Peru, in the Years 1712, 1713, and 
1714. Describing the Genius and Constitution of the 
Inhabitants, as well Inaidns as Spaniards, Their Customs 
and Manners, etc. Illustrated with 37 Copper Cuts. 
Rubricated title, 4to, calf London, mdccxvu. 

1405 Fribndlt (A) Address to all Reasonable Americans, on y fj) 

the Subject of our Political Confiisions, in which The 
necessary Consequences of Violently opposing the King's 


Troops, and of a General Non-Importation; are Fairly 
Stated. 8vo, pp. 52. Rare. 

America, Printed for the Purchasers, by 
James Rivington, of New York, 1774. 

^"Z? 1406 Friendly Strictures on a Pamphlet, Entitled a " Friendly 
Address to all Reasonable Americans," etc. (By Gen'l 
Lee.) 8vo, pp. 20. Rare. America, Boston, 1775. 

1407 Frisbie (Levi). An Oration Delivered at Ipswich, At 
the Request of a Number of the Inhabitants, On the 
Twenty-ninth of April, 1783, On Account of the Happy 
Restoration of Peace Between Great Britain and the 
United States of America ; pp. 24. 

Boston, in America, Printed and Sold by E. Rus- 
sell, near Liberty Pole, mdcclxxxui. 

^0 1408 Frost (John). The Class Book of American Literature, 
12mo, zheep, Boston, 1826. 

/^^ 1409 Frothinoham (R., Jr.) The Command, in the Battle of 
Bunker Hill. 8vo, pp. 56. Boston, 1850. 

J J 1410 Fry (J.) The First Albany Directory, 1813. 12mo. 
pp. 53. Reprinted by J. Munsell, 1853. 

//ri 1411 Full (A) and Authentic Account of the Strange and 
Mysterious Affair between Mary Squires, a Gypsy, and 
Elizabeth Canning. Small Svo, calf, London, 8.a. 

/S^ 1412 Full (A) Vindication of the Dutchess Dowager of 
Marlborough, Against The base and malicious Invec- 
tives contained in a late scurrilous Pamphlet. Svo, pp. 
40. London, mdggxlil 

-> - 1413 Fuller (Andrew). A Defense of a Treatise, Entitled 
*'The Gospel of Christ worthy of all Acceptation." 
12 mo, boards, unctu, Philadelphia, 1810. 

1414 FULLBB (Richard), of Beaufort, S. C. Domestic Sla- 
very considered as a Scriptural Institution. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1845. 


1415 PaLLBR (Thomas). Good Thoughts in Bad Times, and/y ^ 

Other Papers. Port. Proof on India paper, Rubrica- 
ted title, and initials. 8vo, fvll morocco^ gilt by Matthews, 
edges uncut. Boston, 1863. 

Large paper; edition Uxuited to 80 copies. 

1416 Fundamental Articles in Religion, A method for the / i^ 

more eflfectual Uniting of Protestants. Svo, pp. 88. 

London, mdccxx. 

This pamphlet ib from the Library of the Mathers, and containi 14 pages 
of closely written manuscript 

1417 Funeral Sermons and Eulogies (57). A selection cho- ^ / 

sen from several hundred, on account of the age, dis- 
tinction of the person, or some other circumstance of 
unusual interest. A very choice lot, a large proportion 
being of the last century, several as early as 1770. 

1418 Gadsden (C. E.) A Discourse on the Occasion of the / ^ 

Death of Bishop Dehon. Svo, pp. 36. 

Charleston, S. C, 1817. 

1419 Gage (Thomas). The English-American, his Travil by / 7 J^ 

Sea and Land ; or, A New Survey of the West-Indies, 
Containing a Journall of Three Thousand and Three 
Hundred Miles within the Main Land of America, etc., 
etc., With a Grammar or some few Rudiments of the 
Indian Tongue, called Poconchi or Pocoman. Folio, 
calf, antique. London, 1648. 

Fine copy of the rare, first edition. 

1420 Gallaudet (Rev. T. H.) The Child^s Book on Repen 

tance. 24mo, boards, Hartford, 1834. 

1421 Gallatin (Albert). The Oregon Question. Svo, pp. 

75. New York, 1846. 

1422 Gan-Eden, or Pictures of Cuba. 12mo, cloth. ^ I ^ 

Boston, 1854. 

1423 [Gannett (Ezra S.)] On the Demoniacs of the New •* 

Testament. 12mo, pp. 50. Boston, 1832. 

1424 Gannett. Discourse at Dedication of Church, Arling- 
ton St., Boston, 1861. 8vo, pp. 83. Boston, 1862. 



-^ 1425 Gannett. Pamphlets (12), Sermons, Ac. 

-^ 1426 Gannett. Sermons (5) by. 8vo. v.d. 

/ /"y^ 1427 Garden (Alexander). Eulogy on Gen. Chas. C. Pinck- 
ney, President General of the Cincinnati. 8vo, pp. 48, 
Judf morocco. Charleston, 1826. 

Praaentation note finom the author. 

/ r^ 1428 Gardner (J.) On the Theatre. Contains Plan of the 
Ancient Greek Theatre, and has inserted the Act of the 
Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay, in 
1760, to prevent stage plays, 4c. 8vo, pp. lUO. 

Boston, 1792. 

5"^ 1429 Gassett (Helen M.) Categorical Account of the Fe- 
male Medical College, to the People of the New Eng- 
land States, and five other Pamphlets relating to Female 
Physicians. Six titles. 

/ 1430 Gaston (Wm.) Specimens of Cast Ornaments, on a 
New Plan. 65 Engravings. 8vo. London, 1786. 

^^ 1431 Gastrell (Francis). The Christian Institutes, or the 
Sincere Word of God. 12mo, «Aeep. 

New York, 1806, 

^ 1432 Gautibr (Theophile). Wanderings in Spain. Numer- 
ous Engravings. 12mo, cloth. London, 1853. 

-< ^^ 1433 Gavin (D.Antonio). A Master Key to Popery. By 
D. Antonia Gavin, Born and educated in Spain, some 
years Secular Priest in the Church of pome. Contain- 
ing a discovery of the most secret practices of the Rom- 
ish Priests. 8vo, calf. Newport, R. L, 1773. 

:)"^ 1434 Gay (Ebenezer). A beloved Disciple of Jesus Christ 
characterized, In a Sermon Preached at the Wert 
Church in Boston, July 27, A. M., 1766. The third 
Lord's-Day from the Decease of Jonathan Mayhew, D. 
D. 8vo, pp. 30. Boston, 1766. 

/ ^^^ 1435 Gat. Sermon Preached in the Afternoon of same day 
as the above. 8vo, pp. 40-4. Boston, 1766. 

139 - 

11*^6 Gay, Thattkagiviiig Sonnon, Hingbam, Dec. G^ 1770. ^ ^ 
Sto, pp- 23, uncuL S(!arce, Boston^ MCCLxxi. 

It wilt be noticed thU thit U a v*ry early imprint 

1437 Gay. Well-Accompliahcd Soldiers a Glory to their V^ 

Kingj aud Defeace to their Country. 12mo^ pp. 29. 

Boston, T. Fleet, 1738. 

1438 Oat. A Pillar of Salt, To Season a Corrupt Ago. A ^ i^ 

fckjrmon to bring Lot's Wife to Remembrance. 8vo, pp. 
64. Boston, D, Hendnnan, 1728. 

1439 Gay. The Old Man's CalendiLT. A Discourse delivered / 5^ 
in the first Pariah of Hingham, on the Lord'a-Day, 
August 26, 1781 J The Birth-Day of the Author, Hvo, 

pp. 24. Scai-ce. Boston, mdcci^xxxi. 

1440 Gat* The Old Man 'a Calendar. A Discourse on, V 

August 26, 1781, The Birth-Day of the Author. 8vo, 
pp. 36, Salem, 1822. 

1441 Gat. The Alienation of Affections from Ministers con- / ^ 

Bider*d and improv'd. Sermon in Boston, June 17, 
1747, Svo, pp. 32, Boston, N, E., muccxltii. 

1442 Gat. Sermon at the Ordination of Ebenezer Gay, /^ 

Junior, in Suffield, 174L Svo, pp. 39, vnctU. 

Boston, 1742. 

1443 Gay. A Sermon before the Ministers of the Province / ^^ 

of the Massaehnsetts^Bay, in New-England, at their An- 
nual Convention in Boston, May 29, 1746. 8vo,pp, 33. 

Boston, 174p. 

1444 Gebel Teib. "Mountain of Birds." 12mo, haards, nn- Ji ^""^ 
cuL Boston, 1829. 

General (A) History of Connecticut, Prom its First ^ ("r? 
Settlement under George BYnwick, to its Latest Period 
of Amity with Great Britain, prior to the Revolution, 
Including a Description of the Country, and Many Curi- 
ous and Interesting Anecdote?. With an Appendix, 
pointing out the cause of the Rebellion in America; to- 
gether with the Particular Part taken by the People of 
Conuecticut ia its Promotion. By a Gentleman of the 



Province. London, 1781. To which is added a Sup- 
plement, Verifying many Important Statements made by 
the Author. Illustrated with eight Engravings. 12mo, 
calf. New Haven, 1829. 

^ 1446 General Instructions to the Consuls and Commercial 
Agents of the United States. 8vo, pp. 238. 

Washington, 1855. 
fD 1447 General Index to the Edinburgh Review, from the Fifty- 
First to the Eightieth Vols. Inclusive. 2 Vols. 8vo. 

London, 1*50. 
^"^ 1448 Gentivm et Familiarum Romanarum s'temmata Richardo 
Streinnio. Barone Schuuarzenauio auctore. Polioy old 

Excvdebat Henricvs Stephanvs illustrisviri Hvldrici 
Fvggeri typographus, Anno, mdlix. 


/ ^^ 1449 Abbot (Rev. Abiel). A Genealogical Register of the 

Descendants of George Abbot, and Five others. 8vo, 

cloth. Boston, MDCCCXLvn. 

/^^ 1450 Adams (George). Genealogy of the Adams Family, of 

Kingston, Mass. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1861. 

J 2^^ 1*51 Adams ( Josiah). The Genealogy of the descendants of 
Richard Haven, of Lynn, Mass., who Emigrated from 
England, about two hundred years ago. 8vo, pp. 54. 

Boston, 1843. 

•< -^ ^ ^ 1452 Adlard (George). The Sutton-Dudleys of England, and 

the Dudleys of Massachusetts. Engravings. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, mdccclxii. 

Edition limited to 200 oopies. 

^ ^ 1453 Barry (John S.) A Genealogical and Biographical 
Sketch, of the Name and Family of Stetson, from the 
year 1634 to the year 1847. 8vo, pp. 116. Scarce. 

Boston, 1847. 
// X^ 1454 Bergen (Tennis G.) Genealogy of the Van Brunt 
Family, 1653-1867. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1867. 


1455 BiNNET (C. J. p.) The History and Genealogy, of the y 2 J^^ 

Prentice or Prentiss Family, in New England, from 
1631 to 1852. Port. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1852. 

1456 Blake (Samuel). A Genealogical History of William -2 o^ 

Blake, of Dorchester, and his Descendants, with an Ap- 
pendix, containing wills, &c. 8vo, cloth, Boston, 1857. 

1.457 BouTELLE (John Alonzo). The Burke and Alvord Me- /J 2- 
morial. %wOy cloth. Boston, 1864. 

1458 BowDrrcH (N. I.) SuflFolk Surnames. Not Published. 7 ^ ^ 

8yo, cloth. Boston, 1857. 

Presentation copy, with Autograph of the Author. 

1459 Bridgeman (Thomas). The Pilgrims of Boston, and 

their Descendants. Ports. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, mdccclvi. 

1460 Brief (A) Account of the Quincy Family of Boston, -2 ^^ 

Mass. 8vo, pp. 7. Boston, 1857. 

1461 Brown (Orlando). Memoranda of the Preston Family. ^ S^ 

Cap, 4to, pp. 26, vncxa. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

Onlj 25 oopies printed. 

1462 Chapman (Rev. F. W.) The Chapman Family, or the -^ / L 

Descendants of Robert Chapman, one of the First Set- 
tlers of Say-brook, Conn., with Genealogical Notes. 
Ports. 8vo, clottu Hartford, mdcccliv. 

1463 CoB (David B.) Record of the Coe Family, 1596-^ -2 S^ 

1856. 8vo, pp. 16. Scarce. New York, 1856. 

1464 Coffin (Joshua). A List of some of the Descendants ^ C 

of Mr. Edward Woodman, who settled at Newbury, 
Mass., A. D. 1635. 12mo, pp. 16. Scarce. 

Mineral Point, Wis., 1855. 

1465 Cook (Moody D.) A Genealogical Address, giving a ^0 
.brief History of the Parishioners and Founders of the 
Federal Street Church, from 1745-6 to 1862, with the 
Names of their Descendants. 8vo, pp. 35. 

Newburyport, 1862. 


J 01) 1466 CooLBY (Rev. T. M.) Sketches of the churches and 
Pastors in Hampden County, Mass. 12mo, cloth. 

WestBeld, 1854. 
/^ L 1467 CusHMAN (Henry Wyles). A Historical and Biograph- 
ical Genealogy, of the Cushmans, the Descendants of 
Robert Cushman, the Puritan, from the year 1617 to 
1855. Ports, iyoj cloth. Boston, 1855. 

/y^ 1468 Dane (John). A Declaration of Remarkable Provi- 
dences in the course of my Life. By John Dane, of 
Ipswich, 1682, with a Pedigree of the Dane Family. 
8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1854. 

i P" 1469 Dbanb (Wm. R.) A Biographical Sketch of Elkanah 
Watson. With a Brief Genealogy of the Watson Fam- 
ily. Port. 8vo, pp. 16, uncvt. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

/ il) 1470 Descendants of Richard Gardner of Wobum, of the 
name of Gardner. 8vo, pp. 14. Rare. 

Boston, printed for private circulation, kdccclviii. 

/ iH) 1471 Drake (Samuel G.) A Memoir of the Rev. Cotton 
Mather, D. D., with a Genealogy of the Family of Math- 
er. 2 Ports. 8vo, chih, Boston, 1851. 

/ /I. 1472 Dudley (Dean). The Dudley Genealogies, and Family 
Records. Engravings. 8vo, chth, Boston, 1848. 

/^'^ 1473 DuNNEL (Henry Gale). The True Genealogy of the 
Dunnel and Dwinell Family of New England, Royal, 
8vo, pp. 84, uncut. New York, 1862. 

y^ ^ 1474 DuRRiE (Daniel S.) A Genealogical History of the 
Holt Family, in the United States. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

^ C ^ 1476 DURRIB. A Genealogical History of John and George 
Steele, (Settlers of Hartford, Conn.,) 1635-6, and their 
Descendants, with an Appendix. Royal 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1862. 

Jr. 1476 Endicott (C. M.) The Peabody Family. 8vo, uncut. 

(Boston,) 1848. 


1477 Family Mbetino of the Descendants of Charles Kellogg, ^ j '^ 

of Kelloggsville, N. Y., with some Grenealogical Items 
of the Kellogg Family. 8vo, pp, 8. 


1478 Field (ReT. David D.) The Genealogy of the Brainard ) ^ '^ 

Family, in the United States, with Numerous Sketches 
of Individuals. Ports. 8vo, clolh. New York, 1857. 

1479 Fiftieth Anniversary of a Marriage-day. Dedicated to y 2 ^^ 

the Members and Friends of the Hardcastle Family. 

12mo. Philadelphia, 1855. 

For priTate droalatUnL 

1480 PiSKB (Thaddeus). A Sermon, to which is Appended X c'lj 

the Family Record, with an Extract from his Diary. 
8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1843. 

1481 Gale (Hon. George). Genealogy of the Gale Family. 2 ^'^ 

8vo, pp. 9. [s.l.s.a.] 

1482 Genealogy of the Hayden Family. 8vo, pp. 15, imctrt. / S ^ 


1483 Genealogy of a portion of the Pope Family. 8vo, / 2 5 ^ 

cloth. Boston, 1862. 

1484 Genealogy of the Stiles Family. 8vo, pp. 31, vncut. / c C 

Printed by Munsell. 

1485 Genealogy of the Descendants of John Sill, who Set- // 2. 

tied in Cambridge, Mass., in 1637. 12mo, cloth. 

Albany, Munsell, 1859. 

1486 Genealogies of Hadley Families, embracing the Early J ^rip 

Settlers of the Towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Am- 
herst and Granby. 8vo, pp. 168. Scarce. 

Northampton, 1862. 

1487 Genealogical (A) and Biographical Account of the De- V ^ ^-^ 

scendants of Elder William Wentworth, one of the 
First Settlers of Dover, N. H. 8vo, pp. 20. 

Boston, 1850. 

1488 Genealogical (A) Register of the Descendants in the Jl C^ 

Male Line of Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn., who 


died in the year 1648. Second Edition. SvOfftdl mo- 
rocco. Scarce. ^ Northampton, 1848. 

y S"^ 1489 Genealogical Sketch of the Bird Family, having its 

origin in Hartford, Conn. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce. 

Hartford, 1855. 
Yalaable mtuiasoript oorreotions. 

/^TT) 1490 Oilman (Arthur). Genealogy of the Gilman Family in 
England and America. Cap 4to, pp. 24, uncta. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

/ y S'^ 1491 Gladding (G. R.) Information respecting the Great 

Ingraham Estate in the Kingdom of Great Britain. 

12mo, doih. Scarce. Providence, 1859. 

Privately Printed. 

-^ S "b 1492 Goodwin (Nathaniel). The Foote Family, or the De- 
scendants of Nathaniel Foote, one of the First Settlers 
of Wethersfield, Conn. P^rts. 8vo, cloih. Scarce. 

Hartford, 1842. 
"^ 1493 Goodwin. Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the 
Family History of some of the First Settlers, of Con- 
necticut and Massachusetts. 8vo, cloth, 

Hartford, 1856. 
w ^ S "^ 1494 Hale (Mercy). A Genealogical Memoir of the Families 
of Lawrences. With a direct male line from Sir Rob- 
ert Lawrence, of Lancashire, A. D. 1190, down to John 
Lawrence, of Watertown, A. D. 1636. With Notices 
of Others of the same name in different States. 8vo, 
pp. 20. Scarce. Boston, 1856. 

j/ "i ^ 1495 Harris (Luther M.) Robert Harris and his Descen- 
dants, with Notices of the Morey and Metcalf Families. 
8vo, pp. 56. Scarce. Boston, 1861. 

^ 2 ^^ 1496 Herrick ( Jedediah). A Genealogical Register of the 
Name and Family of Herrick, from the Settlement of 
Henerie Hericke in Salem, Mass. With a Concise No- 
tice of their English Ancestry. 8vo, cloth, gilt, ' Very 
scarce. Bangor, 1846. 

1497 HoYT (David W.) A Genealogical History of John 


Hoyt, of Salisbury, and David Hojt, of Deerfield, Mass., 
and their Descendants. Porta. 8vo, pp. 144. 

Boston, 1857. 

1498 HuNTBTR (Rev. Joseph). Collections concerning the ^ (Td 

Founders of New Plymouth, the Parent Colony of New 
England. Svo, cloih^ uncut. 

London, J. Russell Smith, mdcccliv. 

1499 Huntington (Rev. E. B.) A Genealogical Memoir of J I ^^ 

the Huntington Family in this Country, embracing all 
the known Descendants of Simon and Margaret Hun- 
tington. Ports. Svo, cloth. Stamford, Ct., 1863. 

1500 Jones (Horatio Gates). The Levering Family, or a J' ^^ 

Genealogical Account of Wigard Levering and Gerhard 
Levering, two of the Pioneer Settlers of Roxborough 
Township, Penn., and their Descendants. Ports. 8vo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1858. 

1501 Mbssingeb (Hon. George W.) Genealogy of the Mes- y"^"^ 

singer Family. 8vo, pp. 14, uncut. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

1502 Montgomery (Thomas Harrison). A Genealogical His- J c^T) 

tory of the Family of Montgomery, including the Mont- 
gomery Pedigree.* 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1863. 

Printed for priyate oiroolation. 

1503 Moody (Charles C. P.) Biographical Sketches of the /^^ 

Moody Family, embracing Notices of ten Ministers and 
several Laymen, from 1633 to 1842. 16 mo, cloth. 

• Boston, 1847. 

1504 Morse (Rev. Abner). A Genealogical Record of Sev- 3^ ^ 

eral Families bearing the name of Cutler, in the United 
States. 8vo, pp. 80, uncut. Boston, 1867. 

1505 Mo ELSE. A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of 

several Ancient Puritans. 2 Vols. 8vo, hoards, un- 
cut. Boston, 1859-61. 

1506 Otis (H. N.) The Otis Genealogy. 8vo, uncut. / 

[Boston], 1851. 




/O'^ 1507 Park (John C.) Address at a Meeting of the Descen- 
dants of Richard Haven, Aug. 29, 1844, being the Sec- 
ond Centennial Anniversary of his Landing in New 
England. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1844 

^€^ 1508 ' Pedigree of the Odin Family. 8vo, uncut. Scarce. 

[Boston], 1858. 

etc i 1509 Peircb (Ebenezer W.) The Barnaby orBarneby Fam- 
ily. 8vo. [s.Ls.a.] 

/ L"d 1510 Pblletreau (Wm. Smith, Jr.) Register of the Pelle- 
treau Family y from their arrival in this Country to the 
present Time, collected from Authentic Sources. 12 
mo, cloth. Very rare. Southampton, L. L 

-i? ^^ 1511 Phelps (Oliver S.) Genealogy of Othniel Phelps. 8vo, 
pp. 44. Scarce. St. Catherines, C. W., 1862. 

y^^^ 1512 Portrait (A) of Father Nash, taken chiefly from the 
Genealogy of the Nash Family. [s.l.8.a.] 

-^ ^~^ 1513 Rawson (Sullivan S.) Memoir of Edward Rawson,with 

Genealogical Notices of his Descendants. 8vo, pp. 146. 

Boston, Published by the Family, 1849. 

I i ^^ 1514 Record of the Family of Thos. Ewing, who emigrated 
from Ireland to America in 1718. Edition of 150 cop- 
ies printed for the use of the family connexions only. 
8vo, pp. 38. With folding chart. Rare. 

Press of James H. Bryson, 1858. 

^^^ 1515 Reed (Jacob Whittemore). History of the Reed Fam- 
ily in Europe and Americ^. Ports. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1861. 

/ ^ ^ 1516 RocKwooD (E. L.) A Historical and Genealogical 
Record of the Descendants of Timothy Rock wood, 
born in Medway, July 5, 1727. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1856. 
1517 SCRANTON (Rev. Erastus). A Genealogical Register of 
the Descendants of John Scranton, of Guilford, Conn., 
who died in the year 1671. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1855. 


1518 SttABPLEss (Joseph). Family Record,! containing *^®l ^/ ^- 

Settlcraent and Genealogy to tlie present Time | of the ) 
SharpleaB Family, | in North America, | with an Appen- 
dix, I containing Memoriala of the Dying Sayinga, Ac, | of 
several deceased ilembera of the | Familyi not before 
published, j 12mo, sA^-e/j. Philadelphia, 1816- 

Out or the earliest and M-rest AmerlcMi GeuealogiCH* 

1519 Shattuck (Lemuel)* . Memorials of the Dedceodaota of ^y i^ 

William Shattuck, tie Progenitor of the Familiea in 
America. Porta, sAo, cloth, Boaton, 1855. 

1520 Sketch (A) of the Family of Dumaresq, to wliich are y^"3 

added Rend qiscc [ices of Jamea Dumaresq, and an Ap- 
pendix of Documenia. Folding pedigree, 8vo, pp. 
23, uncuL Albany, J. Muosell, 18GS- 

1521 Steel (Rev. Ashbcl), The Life and Times of William ^^ 

Brew-ater* Illustrated with Five Steel, and Four other 
Engravings, 8vo, c^cjM. Philadelphia, 1857. 

1522 TArKTOti (Charles K.) The Genealogy and History of //*i 

the Taintor Family. 24mo, pp, 82, 

Greenfield, 184T. 

1523 TsATEa (Elisha). Genealogy of Fourteen Families of 5 'ZTJ 

the Early Settlers of New Eni^land, of the names of 
Aldeo, Adanirt, Arnold, Bass, Billings, Capeu, Cope- 
land, French, Hobart, Jacki^on, Paine, Thayer, Wells 
and Wliite. And Genealogy of lipbraim and Sarah 
Thayer, with their Fourteen Children. Folding pedi- 
gree. 8vo, cZoM. Rare. Hingham, 1835, 

1524 TeoRNTON (J. Wingate). Mementos of the Swett Fam- 5^^'^ 

ily, 8vo, cUth, gilL Roxbury , Privately Printed, 1 85 L 
Bdttioii, 100 copiea, A mro g«neaJogy. 

1525 tJpHAM (Albert G*) Notices of the Life of John Up- J {^ 

ham, the First Inhabitant of New England who boro 
that name, together with an Account of such of his De- 
scendants, as were the Ancestors of Hon, Nathaniel 
Upham. Vlmo.Mlf calf. Scarce, Concord, 1845. 


^C ? 1526 ViCKEUs or Vickery Family, also Lombard Family. 
8vo. pp. 5. [s.l.s.a.] 

•** ^* *1 1S27 Ve^ton (John A.) The Vinton Memorial, comprising a 
Genealogy of the Descendants of John Vinton, of Lynn, 
1648. Ports. %vo, cloth. Boston, 1858. 

■^ ^ 1528 Walker (J. B. R.) Memorial of the Walkers, of the 
Old Plymouth Colony, embracing Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Sketches. Ports. 8vo, doth: 

Northampton, 1861. 
JTr 1529 Walworth (Renben H.) Hyde Genealogy, or the De- 
scendants, in the female, as well as in the male lines, 
from William Hyde, of Norwich. 2 Vols. Ports. 
Thick 8vo, rough edges^ cloth. 

Albany, J. Monsell, 1864. 

^2^^ 1530 Ward (Andrew H.) Ward Family. Descendants of 
William Ward, who settled in Sudbury, Mass»,in 1639. 
Ports. 8 vo, cloth. Boston, 1851. 

J /^^ 1 531 Ward. Family Register of the Inhabitants of the Town 
of Shrewsbury, Mass., from its Settlement, in 1717, to 
182[», Port 8vo, half bound. Boston, 1847. 

*- V C 1532 Wetmohe (James C.) The Wetmore Pamily of Amer- 
ica^ and its Collateral Branches, with Genealogical, 
Biographical and Historical Notices. Ports. 8vo, 
half morocco, antique, gilt top, red edges. 

Albany, J; Munsell, 1861. 

7^/^ 5^ 1533 Whttmobb (Wm. H.) A Hand-book of American Gene- 
alogy. Fcap 4to, interleaved. Half turkey morocco, 
gilt top, Albany, J. Munsell, 1862. 

Edition, 100 copies. 

<^f"5 1534 Whitmore. The American Genealogist, being a Cata< 
logue of Family Histories and Publications. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1868. 
"^^ 1636 WeiTKORE. Notes on the Winthrop Family, and its 
English connections, before the Emigration to New 
England. 8vo, pp. 10, uncia. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 


1536 Whitmorb. Memoranda relating to the Lane, Reyner, y ^ 5 ^ 

and Whipple Families. Folding pedigree. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1857. 

1537 Whitmoke. A Brief Genealogy of the descendants of /S^ 

William Hutchinson and Thomas Oliver. Rubricated 
title. 4to, tinted paper, sheets folded. Boston, 1865. 

1538 Whitmore. Register of Families settled at the Town / Z ^ '^ 

of Medford, Mass. Illustrated. 8vo, half morocco, 

Boston, 1855. 

1539 WHrrMORE, Record of the Descendants of Francis ^ c^^ 

Whitmore, of Cambridge, Mass. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Boston, 1855. 

1540 Whitney (F. A.) Genealogical Notice of the Champ- j2 ^ ^'^ 
• ney and Park Families. 8vo, pp. 36. Boston, 1855. 

1541 Wight (Dariforth Fhipps). The Wight Family. /^O 

Memoir of Thomas Wight, of Dedham, Mass., with 
Genealogical Notices of his Descendants, from 1637 to 
1840. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1848. 

1542 Will of Herbert Pelham, Esq., 1672. 8vo, pp. 3. 6 ^ 


1543 Williams (S. W.) The Genealogy and History of the y / Z 

Family of Williams in America, more particularly of 
the descendants of Robert Williams, of Roxbury. 
Ports. 12mo, cloth. Greenfield, 1847. 

1544 Willis (William). Genealogy of the McKinstry Fam- S^ 

ily. 8vo, pp. 28. First Edition. Boston, 1858. 

1545 WiLUS. The same work. Second edition, corrected ^j "^ 

and enlarged, 8vo,'pp. 46. Portland, 1866. 

1546 Woodman (J. H.) A List of the Descendants of Mr. y ^ i 

Joshua Woodman, who settled at Kingston, N. H., 
about 1736. 8vo, pp. 54, Scj^rce, 

Brunswick, Me., 1856. 

1547 Wyman (T. B. Jr.) Genealogy of the Name and Fam- /T^ 

ily of Hunt, early established in America from Europe, 
exhibiting Pedigrees of Ter\ Thousand Persons. 4to, 
cloth. ' Boston, 1862. 


/O X548 Gerard (Alex.) Sermons. 2 Vols. 8vo, calf^ gilt. 

London, mdcclxxx. 

/S^ 1549 German Dramas from Schiller and Goethe for the Use 
of Persons learning the (Jerman Language. 12mo, 
sheep, Boston, 1833. 

1550 Gesner (Abraham). Remarks on the Geology and Min- 
eralogy of Nova Scotia. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. 

Halifax, N. S., 1836. 

■>^ 1551 Gessner ( ). La Mort D' Abel. 16mo, roT/J red 

edges. Paris, 1775. 

S ^ 1552 Ghost Stories, With Illustrations, by Darley. l2mo,pp. 
192. Philadelphia, 1854. 

y^ ^ 1553 GiBBS (George). Memoirs of the Administrations of 
Washington and John Adams, edited from the Papers 
of Oliver Wolcott. 2 Vols. Ports. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1846. 

yS^ 1554 GiBBS (Josiah W.) A Manual Hebrew and English 
Lexicon, including the Biblical Chaldee. 8vo, boards. 

New Haven, 1832. 

y S^ 1555 GiDDiNGS (Joshua R.) The Exiles of Florida, or The 
Crimes commited by our Government against the Ma- 
roons. Plates, 8vo, cloth. Columbus, Ohio, 1858. 

yO 1556 GiHON (John H.) Governor Geary's Administration in 
Kanzas, with a complete History of the Territory, until 
July, 1857. \2m.o, hoards. Philadelphia, 1857. 

-c ^ 1557 Gii^ART (James W.) The History of Banking in 
America, 8vo, boards. London, mdcccxxxvii. 

/ ^^ 1568 Giles (Chas.) A Scriptural Discouse on Noise, being 
a Plain Vindication of Sonorous Adoration. 12mo, pp. 
36. Barnard, Vt., 1814. 

An elaborate argument proving conclusively that true rdigion oonsisti 
in talking loudly through the nose. 

$ ^ 1559 Gilliam (Albert M.) Travels in Mexico, including a 
Description of California, The Oregon Territory, &c. 
12mo, cloth. Aberdeen, mdcccxlvii. 


1560 GiLUS (J. M.) The U. S. Naval Astronomical Expedi- J flO 

tion to the Southern Hemisphere during the years 1 849 
-60-51-52. Numerous fine Illustrations. 2 Vols. 4to, 
half calf, Washington, 1855. 

1561 GiLMAN ( Caroline ). Letters of Eliza Wilkinson, during 

the Invasion and possession of Charleston, S. C, by 
the British, in the Revolutionary War. 12mo, doth. 

New York, 1839. 

1562 GiiJfAN (Daniel C.) A Historical Discourse in Norwich ^/^ 

Conn., Sept. 7, 1859. 8vo,pp. 128. Boston, 1859. 

1563 GiRAUD (J. P., Jr.) The Birds of Long Island. 8vo, 
cloth. Scarce. New York, 1844. 

1564 GiRARD (Charles). Life in its Physical Aspects. 8vo, 

pp. 29. Washington, 1855. 

1565 GiRARD. Bibliography of American Natural History. 

8vo, pp. 66. Washington, 1852. 

1566 GiRARD (John Baptist). Defense against the Accusation ^ 

of Mary Catherine Cadiere. Parts I and H. 2 Pam- 
phlets. London, 1731-32. 

1567 GiRONiERE (Paul P.) Twenty Years in the Philippines. /^'^ 

Engravings. 12mo, rZo^A. New York, 1854. 

1568 GiSBORNE (Thomas). An Enquiry into the Duties of 5 ^ 

the Female Sex. 12mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1798. 

1569 Glass (Francis). A Life of George Washington, in 

Latin Prose. Port. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1836. 

1570 Gleaner (The), containing a Serious exhortation to 

learn to Whistle. 8vo, uncvi. London. 


Gardening for Cottagers. 12mo, 
London, 1849. 

1571 Glenny (George). 

pp. 36. 

1572 Gltddon( George). Ancient Egypt, a Series of Chapters on 

Early Egyptian Histoiy, Archaelogy, and other Subjects 
connected with Hicroglyphical Literature. Large 8vo, 
pp. 72. New York, 4 847. 



^^ 1573 Glorious (The) and Inglorious Career of JeflF Davis, 
in Five Expressive Tableaux. 

S^ 1574 Glossary of Supposed Americanisms, by Alfred L. El- 
wyn. l2mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859. 

^ i 1575 GoDDARD (Thomas H.) A General History of the most 
Prominent Banks in Europe, particularly the Banks of 
England and France. To which is added a View of 
the Moneyed Institutions of New York, and other Cities 
of the U. S. 8vo, boards, uncut. New York, 1831. 

J ^ 1576 GoDDARD (Wm. G.) Address. Newport, May 3, 1843, 
on the occasion of the change in the Civil Government 
of R. I. 8vo. pp. 80. Providence, 1843. 

/ 1577 Godfrey (Wm. C.) Narrative of the last Grinnell 
Arctic Exploring Expedition, with a Biography of Dr. 
Elisha K. Kane, from the Cradle to the Grave. Illus- 
trated, 12mo, boards. Philadelphia, 1857. 

2^ 1578 GoDMAN (J. D.) American Natural History; with a 
Biographical Sketch of the Author. 2 Vols. Plates, 
8vo, sk€q>. Philadelphia, 1842. 

P "" 1579 Godwin (Rev. B.) Lectures on the Atheistic Contro- 
versy. Post 8vo, cloth. Boston, . 1 835. 

/ 1580 Godwin. Lectures on Slavery. 16mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1836. 

J i^ 1581 Godwin (Parke). Popular Views of the Doctrines of 

Charles Fourier. 8vo, pp. 120. New York, 1844. 

/ ^ 1582 Godwin. Political Essays. 12 mo, cloth. 

New York, 1856. 
^ 5 N 1583 Godwin. Vala, A Mythological Tale. 4to, blue clothy 
gilt. New York, 1851. 

S^ 1584 Godwin (Wm.) The Inquirer. Reflections on Educa- 
tion, Manners, and Literature. 12mo. sheep. Scarce. 

Philadelphia, 1797. 

^j 1^ 1585 Gopp (A. W.) The Genius and Advantages of Free 
. Masonry. 8vo, pp. 19. New York, 1854. 


1586 Going (Jonathan). A Discourse delivered at Worces- y 

ter, Dec. 11, 1825, the Sabbath after the Execution of ' 
Horace Carter, for the Crime of Rape. -Svo, pp. 22, 
uacaJt. Worcester, [1825.] 

1587 Golden (The) Wedding of Leonard and Jenette Hodg- ^ 

man. 8vo, pp. 14, uncvJt. Albany, 1865. 

1588 GoLDSBURY (John). A Concise and Comprehensive 5^ 

Manual of English Grammar. 12mo, hoards, 

Boston, 1842. 

1589 Goldsmith (Alban). Diseases of the Genito-Urinary u ^^ 

Organs. Colored Plates. Svo, cloth. 

New York, 1857. 
t590 [Goldsmith (Oliver).] The Vicar of Wakefield. A /^ 
Tale Supposed to be written by Himself. 2 Vols, in 
one. \2mo, calf. Dublin, mdcclxvil 

1591 Goldsmith. The Vicar of Wakefield. 8vo, calf. 
Wants title page. 

1592. Goldsmith. The Poetical Works of. Port. Cap Svo. // ^ 

London, W. Pickering, 1831. 

1593 GoLOWNiN (Capt. ). Japan and the Japanese, com- / 5' ^ 

prising the Narrative of a Captivity in Japan. 2 Vols. 
Post 8vo, cloth. London, 1853. 

1594 Goodwin (Rev. Ezra S.) Sermons in Sandwich, Mass., ^'^ 

with a Memoir. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1834. 

1595 (JooDwm (R. C.) Pioneer History, or Cortland County ^ J y 

and the Border Wars of New York. Ports. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1859. 

1596 Gordon (William). The Plan of a Society for Making J .; 

Provision for Widows, by Annuities for the remainder 
of Life ; and for granting Annuities to Persons after 
certain Ages. Svo, pp. 35, uncut. 

Boston, mdcclxxii. 
I'm Gouge (William M.) The Fiscal History of Texas, 
with remarks on American Debts, Svo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1852. 


^J" 1598 GouGH (John). A Treatise of Arithmetic, in Theory 
and Practice. 12ino, sheep. Philadelphia, 1788. 

7 1599 Gould (Miss. H. P.) Poems. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1832. 

S^ 1600 GouRAUD (P. p.) Phreno-Mnemotechnic Dictionary, 
being a Classification of Homophonic Words. 8vo, 
pp.197. New York, 1844. 

/O 1601 Grafton (Joseph). A Sermon delivered at Newton, 
Oct. 1802, occasioned by the Death of Miss Sally 
Graflon, ^tat 12. By her Father. 8vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1803. 

/$" 1602 Graglta (C.) Italian Dictionary, preceded by an 
Italian Grammar. Square 16mo, ^Aeep. Boston, 1845. 

y^ i 1603 Graham (John A.) Memoirs of John Home Tooke, 
containing Proofs Identifying Him as the Author of the 
Letters of Junius. Port. 8vo, boardsj uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1828. 

1604 Graham (Sylvester). A Treatise on Bread and Bread- 
Making. 24mo. Boston, 1837. 

^ C 1605 Grahamb (James). The History of the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the United States of North America till the 
British Revolution in 1688. 2 Vols. Svo, boards, vn- 
cut. London, 1827 

/ 1606 Grahamb. The Birds of Scotland. \2mo, boards, un 
cut. Boston, 1807 

AmtogTApb of J. G. P^roiTsL 

1607 Grammar (A) of the Greek Language, with an Appen 

dix. 12mo, calf. Cambridge, 1828 

1608 Granby. 2 Vols. 12mo, boards. New York, 1826. 

^ 1609 Grand (The) Accuser, The Greatest of all Criminals 
8vo, pp. 80. London, 1735 

/^ 1610 Grant (Charles). A Poem, on the Restoration of 
-Learning in the East. 8vo, pp. 39. Salem, 1807. 



1611 Grant (James). Sketches in London. With 24 Hu./r^ 

morons Illustrations, by Phiz and others. Svo, hoards. 

London, 1840. 

1612 Grant (William R). The Life and Character of Sam- ^^ 

uel G. Morton, M. D. Port. 8vo. Philadelphia, J 852. 

1613 Graphic Illustrator of Nature and Art, with nearly 3 

Eighty Wood Engravings. 8vo, cloth, uncuty 

London, 1837. 

1614 Grates (Rev. Richard). The Spiritual Quixote, or the £^{ 

Summer's Ramble of Mr. Geoffrey Wildgoose. A 
Comic Romance. 24mo, cal/j gilt, London, 1808. 

1615 Gray (Ellis). The Design, of the Institution, of the 

Gospel Ministry. 8vo, pp. 23. Boston, 1741. 

1616 Gray (Francis C). Prison Discipline in America. 8vo, 

pp. 203. Boston, 1847. 

1617 Gray (Dr. R.) Memoria Technica, or a method of Ar- ^^ 

tificial Memory. 12mo, boards^ uncuL Oxford, 1824. 

1618 [GuAYDON (Alexander).] Memoirs of a Life chiefly fT? 
passed in Pennsylvania, within the last Sixty Years. 
Svo^ boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1822. 

1619 Great Astronomical Discoveries lately niade by Sir g ^- 

John Herschel, LL. D., F. R. S., &c., at the Cape of 
Good Hope. First Published in the New York Sun, 
from the Supplement to the Edinburgh Journal of Sci- 
ence. 8vo, pp. 28. New York. 
The original edition of the o^ebrated Moon Hoax. 

1620 Great (The) Metropolis. Second Series. 2 Vols. 12mo, 

clotfi. Philadelphia, 1838, 

Great Union Meeting. New York, Dec. 19 th, 1859. 
8vo, pp. 176. New York, 1859. 

Greatest (The) of our Social Evils. Prostitution, as it 
now exists in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow* 
Edinburgh and Dublin. An Inquiry into the Causes^ 
and Means of Reformation. Post 8vo, doth. 

London, 1857. 






^ 1623 Grecian (The) Wreath of Victory. 24mo, boardsj un- 
cut. ' Scarce. New York, 1 824. 

/ 1624 Greeley (Horace). A History of the Straggle, for Sla- 
very Extension, or Restriction. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1856. 

^'" 1625 Greek Revolution. Address of the Boston Committee, 
of S. E. Dwight, and other pamphlets, four in all. 

Boston, 1834. 
y^ 1626 Greek (The) Frigates. Pamphlets (3), Relating to 
the Greek Frigates built in New York, in 1825. Un- 
cut. Scarce. 
y/i2 1627 Green (Albert G.) Recollections of the Jersey Prison- 
Ship, taken and prepared for publication from the orig- 
inal Manuscript of the late Captain Thomas Bring, of 
Providence, R. L, one of the Prisoners. Plate. 12mo, 
half moroccoy gilt top. Rare. Providence, 1829. 

{ ^^ 1628 Green (Benjamin). The True Believers* Vade-mecum, 
or Shakerism Exposed. 12mo, pp. 68. Concord, 1831. 

1629 Green (J. H.) An Exposition, of Games and Tricks 
with Cards. 12mo, pp. 114. New York, 1850. 

i"" 1630 Green (Roland). The Cultivation of Flowers, with 
Directions for Bulbous Flower Roots, Green House 
Plants, &c. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1828. 

1631 Green (Samuel). A Discourse at Plymouth, Dec. 22d, 
1828, on the Two Hundred and Eighth Anniversary of 
the Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers. 8vo. pp. 36. 

Boston, 1829. 

^"^^ 1632 Greene (William B.) The Radical Deficiency of the 

existing Circulating Medium, and the Advantages of a 

Mutual Currency. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1857. 

*^f^ 1633 Greene. Trancendentalism. 12mo, pp. 49. 

West Brookfield, Mass., 1849. 

/ 1634 Green Wood Cemetery. Its Rules, Regulations, etc. 
With a Catalogue of Proprietors. 8vo, pp.72. 

New York, 1846. 




Gbebn Wood Cemetery. 

Folding Plan. 

Greenwood (P. W. P.) Liturgy for the use of the Y 
Church at King's Chapel. 12mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1841. 

1637 Greenwood. Social Service for Families and Sunday 5 ^ 
Schools. 16mo, boards, Boston, 1835. 

1638 Greenleap (Moses). A Statistical View of the District 

of Maine. More especially with reference to the value 
and importance of its Interior. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1816. 

4639 Greenleap (Simon). A Brief Inquiry into the Origin//')"^ 
and Principles, of Free Masonry. 8vo, half morocco, 
uncut. Very scarce. Portland, 1820. 

1640 Gregory (Dr.) A Father's Legacy to his Daughters. ^^ 

English and French. 12mo, sheep. Paris, 1793. 

1641 Gregory (John). Industrial Resources of Wisconsin. 

18mo^ cloth. Milwaukee, 1855. 

1642 Grey (Dr. R.) Memoria Technica, or method of Arti- 
ficial Memory. 12mo, boards, uncut. Oxford, 1824. 

1643 Griffin (Edward D.) A Series of Lectures delivered ^ ^ ^ 

in Park Street Church. 8vo, calf. Boston, 1813. 

1644 Griffin (Richard). Specimens of the Novelists and y i^ 

Romancers, with critical and Biographical Notices of 
the Authors. 2 Vols., 12mo, boards, uncut. 

New York, 1831. 

1645 Griggs Southern and Western Songster. Plate, 24mo, JS'^^ 
sheep. ^ Philadelphia, 1839. 

1646 Grimm (Herman). Life of Michel Angelo, translated {^ 2 ^ 

by F. E. Bunnett. Fine Port, on India Paper, and 
Photographic Illustrations of many of his Works. 2 Vols, 
imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, Little & Brown, 1866. 
I4trge paper, 60 oopies printed. 

1647 Griswold (CD.) The Isthmus of Panama, and what y 
I saw there. Majps, 12piQ, cloth- New YoT*;, 1852. 


/S i> 1648 fiRiswoLD (Ruf\i8 W.) Statement of the Relations of, 
with Charlotte Myers (called Charlotte Griswold), Ann 
S. Stephens, Samuel J. Waring, Hamilton K. Searles 
and Charles D. Lewis. With particular reference to 
their late Unsuccessful Attempt to have set aside the 
Decree granted in 1852, by the Court of Common 
Pleas, of Pliiladelphia County, in the case of Griswold 
vs. Griswold. 8vo, half bound, Philadelphia, 1856. 
(yontaiiiB some Tery oarioos partioulan in relation to this scandaloiis afBeor. 

/5 ^ 1649 Grove (H. D.) On Sheep. 8vo, pp. 12, vncut, 

Boston, 1824. 

1650 GuADALOUPB. A Tale of Love and War. Plates, 12mo, 
cloth. ' Philadelphia, 1860. 

5^ 1661 GuBRONNiBRB (A., de la.) La France Rome et Lltalie. 
8vo, pp. 61. Paris, 1861. 

/ y^^ 1662 Guest (Moses), Poems on several Occasions, to which 
are annexed Extracts from a Journal kept by the Au- 
thor while he followed the Sea. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. 

Cincinnati, 1823. 
Contains seyeral Poems on Washington. 

* "^ 1653 Guide for the Pennsylvania Railroad, with an Extensive 
Map. 8vo, pp. 40, half bound. Philadelphia, 1855. 

i ^ 1 654 Guide to the Sights and Amusements of London. 

32mo. London, 1845 

S^i^ 1655 Guild (Reuben A.) The Librarian's Manual, a Trea- 
tise on Bibliography, comprising a Select and Descrip- 
tive List of Bibliographical Works, to which are added 
Sketches of Public Libraries. Illustrated with Engra- 
vings. Small 4to, half levant morocco, top gilt. 

New York, Printed by Munsell, 1858. 

J^ 1656 Guirey (Wm.) The Pattern in the Mount. 12mo,pp. 
35, uncut. Raleigh, N. C., 1 808. 

V L 1657 GuRLEY (R. K.) Life and Eloquence of Rev. Sylvester 
Larned. Port. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1844- 



1658 OoTHBiB (William). A New Geographical, Historical, 

and Commercial Grammar. 8yo, pp. 766. 

From the Library, and with the Autograph of J. G. PerciyaL 

1659 Gymnasiad (The), or Boxing Match. A very short, but 
very curious Epic Poem, with the Prolegomena of Scrib- -< ^ 
lerus Tertius, and Notes Variorum. 4to, half bound. 

London, 1744. 
Port inaerted, and on fly leaf an original drawing of Pogilistio encoun- 

1660 Habeas Corpus Pamphlets. 16 titles in one Vol. P i^ 

8vo, calf, Philadelphia, 1862. 

1661 Hacker (William). Guide for the Order of High Priest- /^ 6 ^ 

hood. 12mo, chth. Portland, 1864. 

Privately printed, 100 oopiee. 

1662 Hactenus. Port, of Tupper. l2mo, uncut. ^p 

Boston, 1848. 

1663 Hale (Edward E.) Kansas and Nebraska, Political 7 

Position of these Territories, An Account of the Emi- 
grant Aid Companies, and Directions to Emigrants. 
Map. 12mo, c/o/A. Boston, 1854. 

1664 Hale (E., Jr.) History and Description of an Epidem- V ^^ ^ 

ic Fever, commonly called Spotted Fever, which pre- ' 
vailed at Gardiner, Me., in the Spring of 1814, 8vo, 
boards, uncuL Boston^^ 1818 

1665 Hale (Selma). History of the United States. Vol. I. / ^ 

24mo, cloth. New York, 1840. 

1666 Hale (Sarah J.) Sketches of American Character. V 

16mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1831. 

1667 Halbs (JohnG.) Survey of Boston, and its Vicinity. / 

12mOy boards, uncut Boston, 1821. 

1668 Haliburton (Thomas C.) An Historical and Statisti- 

cal Account of Nova-Scotia, in two Volumes. Illustra- V (^ 
ted by a Map of the Province, apd several Engravings. 
8vo, boards. Scarce. Halifax, 1829. 



y/^1669 Halifax Libel. Remarks on the Defence of the Hali- 
fax Libel, in the British-American Colonies. 8vo, pp. 
40. Rare. Boston, 1765. 

^^ 1670 Halifax Libel. Vindication of the British Colonies, 
against The Aspersions of the Halifax Gentleman, in 
his Letter to a Rhode-Island Friend. 8vo, pp. 32. 
^ Rare. Boston, 1765. 

y/f^l671 Halifax Libel. A Letter to the Author of the Halifax 
Letter, occasioned by his book, entitled A Defence of 
that Letter. 8vo, pp. 8. Rare. 

Printed for the Author, 1765. 

/ C> 1672 Halsted (0.). The New Method of Caring Dyspepsia. 

12mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1830. 

7^ ^ 1673 Hall (Alfred G.) Institutes of Medical Jurispru- 
dence, an Exposition of the New Theory of Medical 
Science, on the Nutritive Principle. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1860. 

^^ 1674 Hall. Womanhood, causes of its Premature Decline. 

12mo, chth. Rochester, 1845. 

/ i^ 1675 Hall (Benjamin Homer). A Collection of College 
Words and Customs. 12mo, cloth. Cambridge, 1861. 

< f ^ 1676 Hall (Daniel W.) Arctic Rovings, or Adventures on 
Sea and Land. 24mo, clotL Boston, 1861. 

<^f^ 1677 Hall (Lieut. Francis). Travels in Canada and the 
United States, in 1816 and 1817. Map. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1818. 
// C 1678 Hall (James). Sketches of History, Life and Maimers 
ia the West. 2 Vols. 12mo, clotL 

Philadelphia, 1835. 

/ C 1679 Hall. The West, its Commerce and Navigation. 12mo, 
cloth. Cincinnati, 1848. 

y^- 1680 Hall Notes on the Western States. 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1838. 

.<*'•{ "^ 1681 Hall (Robert). Polemical, and other Miscellanies. 
12mo, borirds, uncut. Boston, 1827. 


1682 Hall (S.R.) Hifftory of the United States. 12mo, /^ 
hdf bound. Boston, 1836. 

1683 Hallam (Henry). The Works of. Comprising Views J ^Td 
of the State of Europe, during the Middle Ages. 3 
Vols. Introdoction to the Literature of Europe, in the 
Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. 3 Vols. 
And the Constitutional History of England, 4 Vols. 8 
vo, cloth^ rough edges, Boston, 1866. 

Best edition, Urge paper, 100 oopiee printed. 

1684 Hallbok (Fitz-Greene). Alnwick Castle, with Other / 
Poems. 12mo, boards. New York, 1845. 

1685 Hallbtt (B. F.) Oration July 4th, 1836, at Pahner, /O 
Mass. 8vo, pp. 48. Boston, 1836. 

1686 Halliwbll (James 0.) The Early History of Freema-// 2 
sonry, in England. 12mo, half bound. London, 1840. 

Antogrftph and MS. notes* by Robert Balmanno, 

1687 Same. Second Edition. 12mo, ctor^ London, 1844. 4^^ 

1688 Halliwbll. An Historical Sketch of the Provincial ^~~0 
Dialects of England. Rubricated title, tinted paper, 
Royal 8vo, boards, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

1689 Halliwbll. Early English Miscellanies of the Fifteenth ^ f ^ 
Century. 12mo, pp. 96, uncut. ' London, mdccclv. 

Printed ibr the Wartoo Club ; limited edition. 

1690 Haluwbll. On the Character of Sir John Falstaff. /O 
Post 8\ro, clotk. London, William Pickering, 1841. 

-+169 1 Hallworth (T.) Scripture History, with additions ^ ^^ 
^ from the Books of the Macabees and Josephus, on a 

Plan by which the Recollection of Events is Facilitated, 
and that of Dates rendered Easy. 24mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1830. 

Honworth WM the Anther of a ^^stem of Ifnemonioi, and this work il- 
Inetratee that ajstem. 

1692 Hamilton Club Series. 3 Vols. Royal 4to, paper un- / ^ i " 
cvi. New York, 1865, 1866. 

Large paper. Of No. 2, twenty-fiyo ooplcs were printed, of Nos. 8 and 
4, the edition was but twenty oopiee. The seriee contain the following 



Works: No. 2, Obeenrations on certidn Doomnents in *' The mitory of 
the United States for the year 1796,*' Bj Alexander Hamilton. No. 8, 
** The Hamiltoniad,** By John Williams (Anthony Pasqnin). No. 4, 
" Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King of the Feds.*' 

/ 1693 Hamilton (Alexander). Letter concerning the Con- 
duct and Character of John Adams, Esq., written in the 
year 1800. 8vo, pp. 56, uncul. Boston, 1809. 

/ 1694 Hamilton. Report on the subject of Manufactures, 
1791. 8vo, pp. 8:. Dublin, mdccxch. 

/ 1695 Hamilton (A. G.) A New Key to Unlock every King- 
dom, State and Province in the known World. 12mo, 
cloth. London, 1850. 

/ i l^ 1696 Hamilton (Lady Augusta). Marriage, Customs, and 
Ceremonies of all Nations of the Universe. Plate. 
8vo, hoards, uncut. Scarce. London, 1822. 

/o 1697 Hamilton (James). The Gospel of St. John, adapted to 
the Hamiltonian System, by an analytical and interline- 
ary translation, from the German, with full Instructions 
for its use, even by those who are wholly ignorant of 
the Language. 8vo. London, 1825. 

/i'^ 1698 Hammbtt (G. A.) Philosophy of Space and Time; 12 
mo, pp. 40. Newport, R. L, 1849. 

J S 1> 1699 Hammond (William A.) Polydori Virgilii de Rerum 
Inventoribus. Translated into English by John Lang- 
ley, with an account of. the Author and his Works. 
Rubricated title, tinted paper. 8vo, cloihj gUt top, rough 
edges. New York, Agathynian Club, 1868. 

The first publication of the Agathynian Qub. Edition limited to 120 
copies, of which this is No. 75. 

/O 1700 Hancock (John). A Discourse upon the Good Work. 
Delivered at the Monthly Tuesday Lecture, in Pem- 
broke, Sept. 7th, 1742. 3vo, pp. 38, several leaves im- 
perfect. Rare. Boston, 1743. 

/ i^ 1701 Handy Helps to Useful Knowledge. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 8.a. 




1702 Hanger (Col. George). The Life, Adventures and ^ CTb 

Opinions of. Written by himself. 2 Vols. 8vo, half 
calf J gilt. London, 1801. 

Gontainfl much interesting information oonoeming the troopB employed in 
the RsToltttionary War. 

1703 Hansen (J.) A List of the Attornies and Counsellors 

of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. 8vo, 
pp. 55. Albany, 1821. 

1704 Habbingeb (The) of Peace. (25 Nos.) New York, v.y- ^ 

1705 Hardie (James): Viri lUustres Urbis Rom». A Rom- 5"^ 

ulo ad Augustum. 24mo, sheep. New York, 1832. 

1706 Hardie. The History of the Treadmill. Engraving. ^ O 

12mo, pp. 70. New York, 1824. 

1707 Hare (Francis). The Difficulties and Discouragements, ^^^^ 

which attend the Study of the Scriptures, in the Way of 
Private Judgment, represented in a Letter to a young 
Clergyman. Small 8vo, pp. 42. Boston, 1749. 

Antograph of Exra Stiles, Aug. 14, 1749. 

1708 Hare. Liber Psalmorum Hebraice. 12mo, co^ /O 

Cambridge, N. E., 1809. 

1709 Harper (Robert G.) Observations on the Dispute be- ^ 

tween the United States and Prance. 8vo, pp. 160, 
nncta. Dublin, HDCCXCvn. 

1710 Harper, An Address from, to his Constituents. Con- y 

taining his Reasons for approving of the Treaty with 
Great Britain. 12mo, pp. 36. Boston, 1796. 

1711 Harper's Illustrated Catalogue. 8vo, pp. 160. 5 ^ 

New York, 1847. 

1712 Harris (Geo.) The Christian Pilot, and Gospel Mor^ / C 

alist Vol. II. 12mo, cloth^ vnad. London, 1850. 

1713 Harris (John)* A Complete Collection of Voyagea J/ Z 

and Travels, consisting of above Six Hundred of the 
most Authentic Writers, beginning with Hackluit, Par^ 
chass, &o., in English \ together with such other Histo- 
ries, Voyages, Ttavds or Discoveries as are in General 


Esteem. Cor^taining whatever has been observed Wor- 
thy of Notice in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. 
Illustrated by Charts, Maps and Cuts. 2 Vols. Folio, 
htdf calf. London, 1744 

/O ni4 Harris (Rev. John). The Great Teacher. 12mo, 
clolh. Amherst, 1836. 

^^ 1715 Harris. Mammon, or Covetousness the Sin of the 
Christian Church. 24mo, cloth. New York, [s-a.] 

5^ "* 1716 Harris. Zebulon, or the Moral Claims of Seamen sta- 
ted and enforced. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1837. 

^^ 1717 Harris. The Witnessing Church. 32mo, cZo^A. 

Boston, 1839. 

.^/'5>^ 1718 Harris (Thaddeus M.) The Journal of a Tour mto 
the Territory Northwest of the Alleghany Mountains, 
made in the Spring of the year 1803, with a Greograph- 
ical and Historical Account of the State of Ohio. Il- 
lustrated with Original Maps and Views. 8vo, ioarii, 
uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1805. 

/ 1719 Harris. Hymns for the Lord's Supper. Original and 
Selected. 24mo, red morocco gUt, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1820. 

1720 Harris (T. W.) A Report on the Insects of Massachu- 

setts. SvOf paper, uncut. Cambridge, 1841. 

Long out of print, and very Boaroe. 

1721 Harris (William T.) Epitaphs from the Old Burying- 

Ground in Cambridge, with Notes. 12mo, boards, un- 
cut. Cambridge, 1845. 

>^/) ;"n^^l722 Harrissb (Henry). Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissi- 

ma. A Description of Works relating to America, 

published between the years 1492 and 1551. Royal 

4tO, half crimson turkey morocco, gilt top, rough edges. 

New York, 1866. 
Laige paper. Edition 99 copiaa. 

// -1 ;172S Harbispk <iC^abriel). The Stratford Bast of William 
Shakspe^re, fuid a Critical Inquiry into its Authenticity 



and Artistio Merits. Illustrated, Royal 4tOy board9, 

uncut. Brooklyn, 1865. 

Edition 76 ooplei. 

^+4124 Harsha (David A.) The Principles of Hydropathy. 
) 12mo, pp. 52, uncut. Albany, 1852. 

^1725 Harsha. Life of Philip Doddridge, D. D., with Notices Q r^ 
of some of his contempomries, and specimens of his 
style. Port, on India paper. Rubricated title, tinted 
paper. Royal 8vo, uncut. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864, 
Large paper. Only 60 copies printed, 10 of Vhioh were destroyed. 

^^726 Harsha. Life of the Rev. James Hervey. Rubricated / Z i^ 
title, tinted paper. Royal 8vo, uncut. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Large paper. Edition, 60 copiea. 

^1727 Harsha. Life of the Rev. George Whitefield. Port / ^^^ 
Rubricated title, tinted paper. Royal 8vo, uncvt. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 
Large paper. Only 16 oopiea printed for sale. 

1728 Hart (Adolphus M.) History of the Discovery of the 

Valley of the Mississippi 12mo, pp. 155. 

St Louis, Mo., 1852. 

1729 Hart (Seth). Sermon Preached in St. George's Church, ^ ^ 

Hempstead, Sept. 21, 1823, to which is prefixed a 
short Historical Sketch of the most Important Events 
relative to said Church, for a Century past. 8vo, pp, 
16, maa. ''New York, 1823. 

1730 Habt (William). A Discourse concerning the Nature i* * 

of Regeneration, and the Way wherein it is Wrought. 
Small 8vo, pp. 57. N. London, T. Green, 1742. 

1731 Harvard College. The Laws of. 8vo, pp, 66, uncut. ^ [^ 

Boston, 1790. 
Antogmph of Preeident Willard. 

1732 Harvard College, and its Benefactors. 8vo, pp. 38. ^ *- 

Boston, 1846. 

1733 Harvard College Pamphlets (11), Eulo^es, Orations^ 1 "^ 

Sermons, <Skc. Several early and scarce. 


/ 17S4 Habvabd UNivjaRSiTY. Letter to Gov. Lincoln, from F. 
C. Gray. 8vo, pp. 63. Boston, 1831 

/" 3^1735 Haven (C, W.) The Manhattan Souvenir, for 1851 
16mo, pp. 88. New York, 1861 

^^^1736 Haven (Samuel F.) An Historical Address before the 
Citizens of Dedham, Sept. 21, 1836, the Second Centen 
nial Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town. 
8vo, pp. 79, uncut. Dedham, 1837. 

/O 1737 Hawes (Joel). A Tribute to the Memory of the Pil- 
grims, and a Vindication of the Churches of New En- 
gland. 12mo, hcdf hound. Hartford, 1830. 

^ ^^ 1738 Hawes. Letters on the Literary History of the Bible. 

> 12mo, boards. Hartford, 1833. 

1^ ^^^ 1739 Hawks (Francis L.) The Monuments of Egypt, or 

^ Egypt a Witness for the Bible. Ulustrations. 12mo, 

( cloth. New York, 1857. 

I 1740 Hawks. Narrative of the Expedition of an American 

] Squadron to the Chinese Seas and Japan, performed in 

J the years 1852-53-54, under the Command of Commo- 

' dore M. C. Perry. Numerous colored Plates, 2 Vols. 

^io, cloth. Washington, 1866. 

i y D 1741 Hawkins (Joseph). A History of a Voyage to the 

' Coast of Africa, and Travels into the Interior of that 

country, containing Particular description of the Cli- 
mate and Inhabitants, and interesting particulars con- 
I cerning the Slave Trade. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. 

Troy, Printed for the Author, 1797. 

; '«^^^1742 Hatden (Wm. B.) On the Phenomena of Modern 

^ Spiritualism. 12mo, chth. Boston, 1855. 

^ C 1743 Bayne (Mr.) Speech on the Mission to Panama, March 
1826. 12mo, pp. 36, z^Tirz^. s.Ls.a. 

> 1744 Hatnes (Rev. Lemuel). Mystery Developed, or Rus- 

sell Colvin (supposed to be Murdered), in full Life, and 
Stephen and Jesse Boom (his convicted murderers). 


Bescned from J^ominious Death, by Wonderful Dis- 
coveries. 8vo, pp. 48, uncuL Hartford, 1820. 

1745 Hats (Henry). Heraldy, its Origin, Antiquity, Uses, 

and Advantages. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1856. 

1746 Hays (Isaac). Select Medico-CIiirurgical Transactions. ^ 

8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1831. 

1747 Hatward (George). Human Physiology. Engravings, 

12mo, sheep, Boston, 1834. 

1748 Hatward (John). A Gazetteer of Massachusetts, y 5 ^ 

Plates, 12mo, half moroccOy gilt. Boston, 1847. 

1749 Hatward. A Gazetteer of the United States of Ameri- Jl i'^ 

ca. 8yo, cloth. Hartford, 1853. 

1750 Hazard (Joseph). Poems on Various Subjects. 12mo, ^ "C 
shtep. Brooklyn, N. Y., Published by the Author, 1814. 

1751 Hazard (Samuel). Annals of Pennsylvania, from the y^ ^ 

Discovery of the Delaware. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1850. 

1752 Hazen (Edward). The Panorama of Professions and V ^'^ 

Trades, or Every Man's Book. 82 Engravii^. Square 
8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, ( 1 836.) 

1753 Hazlitt (W. Carew). Remains of the Early Popular^ /2 

Poetry of England, collected and Edited, with Introduc- 
tions and Notes, by W. Carew Hazlitt. Crown 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1864. 

Large paper ; few copies printed. 

1754 Head (Mrs. T.) The Pious Mother, or Evidences for .5^ ^ 

Heaven. Written in the year 1650. 12mo, pp. 35. 

Cambridge, 1812. 

1755 Heads of the People, or Portraits of the English. 57/ 

Drawn by Henry Meadows. With Original Essays by 
Distinguished Writers. 8vo, chth. 

Philadelphia, 1841. 

1756 Hba6let (Rev. J. T.) Rambles and Sketches. 12mo, / /' 

cloth. New York, 1851. 


^^ 1757 Health Restored; or the Triumphs of Natare over Phy- 
eick, Doctors and Apotliecaries. Svo, pp. 124. 

London, 1740. 

J/ ^ 1768 Heard (Franklin P.) The Legal Acquirements of 
William Shakspeare. Rubricated title. Royal 4to, 
uncut. Boston, 1865. 

Large paper. Edition only 60 copies. 

/ C 1759 Hebbr (Reginald). Life of the Right Rev. Jer. Taylor, 

D. D. Port. 12mo, cloth, uncut. Hartford, 1832. 


/ :^' 1760 Hedge (Rev. Frederick H.) Hymns for the Church of 
. Christ. 12mo, morocco. Boston, 1853. 

J S^ 1761 Heeren (A. H. L.) History of the Political System of 
Europe and its Colonies, From the Discovery of Amer- 
ica to the Independence of the American Continent. 
2 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Northampton, Mass., 1829. 

/ Z 1762 .Helderbergia, or the Apotheosis of the Heroes of the 
Anti-rent War. 8vo, pp. 54. Albany, J. Munsell, 1 865. 

^0 1763 Hellenbrock (Abraham). Discourse on the Songs of 
Solomon. Published at Rotterdam, Anno. 1717. 
Translated from the Dutch. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Boston, N. E., 1742. 

^ ^^ 1764 Hemenway (Abby Maria). Vermont Quarterly Gazet- 
teer, a Historical Magazine, embracing a Digest of the 
History of Each Town. 6 Nos. 8vo, uncut. All pub- 
lished. Ludlow, Vt, 1860-63. 

/ ^M*" 1765 Hemmenwat (Moses). Seven Sermons on the Obliga- 
tions and Encouragement of the Unregenerate to labor 
for the Meat which endureth to Everlasting Life. 
Preached in the First Parish in Wells. 12mo,pp. 204, 
uncut. Scarce. Boston, N. E., 1767. 

^ "^ — 1766 Hemmenwat. Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Emmons's Dis- 
sertation on the Scriptural Qualifications for Admission 
and Access to the Christian Sacraments. 8vo, pp. 86, 
uncut. Boston, mdccxciv. 




-? c 

1767 Henfret (Benjamin). A Plan for Forming a Company, 

to work Mines in the United States, and to Smelt and 
Refine the Ores, whether of Copper, Lead, Tin, Silver 
or Gold. 8vo, pp. 34. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1 797. 

1768 Hbnninosen (C. F.) The Past and Future of Hungary. 

Map. 8vo, pp. 63. Cincinnati, 1862. 

1769 Henry (John). An Accurate and Interesting Account ] . 

of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes, 
who traversed the Wilderness, in the Campaign against 
Quebec in 1775. 12mo, boards. Scarce. 

Lancaster, 1812. 

1770 Henry (Matthew). A Memorial of the Fire of the 

Lord, in a Sermon Preach'd Sept. 2d, 1713, being the 
day of the Commemoration of the Burning of London^ 
in 1666, at Mr. Reynold's Meeting-Place, near the Mon- 
ument. 8vo, pp. 30. London, mdcgxiii. 

1771 Hbrr (Prof. Rudolph). The Jeweller's Handbook, 

containing thirty practical Methods for Galvanizing^ 
Electro-Plating and Coloring;, with Gold, Silver and 
Copper, on all kinds of Metals, without any apparatus. 
12mo, pp. 104, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1855. 

1772 Herald of Peace. (27 Nos.) London, v.y. / 

1773 Herbert (Charles). A Relic of the Revolution, con* / ? S^ 

taining a Full and Particular Account of the Sufferings 
of all the American Prisoners captured on the High 
Seas, and carried into Plymouth, England, during the 
Revolution of 1776. 12mOf cloth. Scarce. 

Boston, 1847. 

1774 Herndon and Gibbon. Exploration of the Valley of the J C 

Amazon, with Vol. of Maps. Numerous Plates. 4 
Vols. 8vo, cto/A. Washington, 1854. 

1775 Hervey (James). Meditations and Contemplations. / C 

2 Vols, in one. 12mo, calf. Edinburgh, mdcclxvii. 

1776 Hervey. Meditations. 2 Vols, in one. 8vo, sheep. 5"^ 

London, 1771. 


^^ 1777 Hebvey. Meditations and Contemplations. With En- 
gravings. 8vo, sheepj gilt. Bangaj, 1816. 

^^ 1778 Hetzel (A. K.) Military Laws of the United States- 
Third Edition. 8vo, sheep. Washington City, 1846. 

^ " 1773 [Hbwatt (Alex.)] An Historical Account of the Rise 
and Prc^ess of the Colonies of South Carolina and 
Georgia. 2 Vols. 8vo, calf. London, hdggkcxiz. 

/ 1780 Hbwins (James M.) Hints concerning Church Music, 
the Liturgy, and Kindred Subjects. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1856. 

Y 1781 HiCKES (George). A Sermon Preached at the Cathe- 
dral Church of Worcester, on the 29th of Miy, 1684, 
being the Anniversary Day of His Majesty's Birth and 
Happy Restoration. 4to. London, 1684. 

y2J'^1782 Hicks (Thomas). Eulogy on Thomas Crawford. 
Plates on India paper. 4to, paper utiaU. 

New York, Privately Printed, 1865. 
Large paper. Edition only 25 oopiea. 

/^S 1783 HiCKS. Eulogy on Thomas Crawford. Plates. 8vo, 
hoards, uncut. New York, Privately Printed, 1865. 

Edition 70 oopiea. 

"^^ 1784 Hicks (William). The Science of Society, or True So- 
cialism. 12mo, pp. 152. Cleveland, 1852. 

'/ ^ 1785 HiCKBT (W.) The Constitutiou, The Declaration of 
Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The 
Prominent Political Acts of George Washington, etc 

12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1 854, 


/ 1786 High (The) Private. With a full and exciting History 
of the New York Volunteers. 12mo, pp. 60. 

New York, 1848. 

^^ 1787 High Road to Hell, Another. An Essay Occasioned by 

a Pamphlet, entitled " The Stage the High Road to 

Hell," Ac. 8vo, pp. 21. Boston, 1768. 

/ ;788 HiLDBBTH (Richard). The Life of William Henry Har- 
rison. 24mQ. Boston, 1840. 


1789 HiLDRBTH. Banks, Banking and Paper Currency. /^ 
History of Banking and Paper Money. 1 2 mo, half 
bounds Boston, 1840. 

1790 HiLDBBTH (S. P.) Biographical and Historical Memoirs 2 dfZ) 

of the Early Settlers of Ohio, with Narratives of Inci- 
dents and Occurrences, in 1775. Engravings. 8vo, 
cloth. Cincinnati, 1852. 

1791 Hill (Aaron). The Dramatic Works of. In 2 Vols. 2 i^ 

Port 8vo, calf. London, mdcclx. 

1792 Hill. The Works of. In 4 Vols. With an Essay on ^ j^ 

the Art of Acting. 8vo, calf gilt. London, mdgcuii. 

1793 Hill (G. C.) Capt. John Smith. A Biography. 57) 

Plates. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1859. 

1794 HiLLEB (Joseph). A Charge delivered at St. Peters' ^ i^ 

Church, in Salem, to the Brethren of the Essex Lodge • 
of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Small 4to, pp. 
14. Salem, [1781.] 

1795 HiLLHOUSB (James A.) Hadad, a Dramatic Poem. 8vo. 

boards, uncut. New York, mdcccxxv. 

1796 HiLLABD (Geo. S.) A Discourse before the New Eng- 

land Society in the City of New York, Dec. 22, 1851. 
Svo, pp. 31. New York, 1852. 

1797 HiLLABD. The Dangers and Duties of the Mercantile 

Profession. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1850. 

1798 HiLLiABD (Henry W.) Milton's Eve. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Montgomery, 1860. 
HiLUARD (Timothy). Sermon. Ordination of Rev. 
John Andrews, Newburyport. 8vo, pp. 62. 

Newburyport, 1789. 
HiLLLiRD. A Sermon delivered at Cambridge, on Thurs- 
day, the Eighteenth of November, immediately preced- 
ing the Execution of Alexander White, Richard Bar- 
rick and John Sullivan, with an Appendix, exhibiting 
some Account of their Conversation and Behavior in 
Prison, &c. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, E. Russell, hdcolxxv. 






i D 




J? i"" 1801 HiNBS (Rev. Gustavos). Oregon, its History, Condition 
and Prospects. Port. 12mo, chth. Buffalo, 1855. 

6 fi 1802 HiNMAN (R. R.) Letters from the English Kings and 
Queens, Charles XL, James XL, William and JMary, Anne, 
George XL, &c., to the Governors of the Colony of 
Connecticat, together with the Answers thereto, from 
1 635 to 1749, and other Original, Ancient, Literary and 
Curious Documents, compiled from Files and Records in 
the OflBce of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut 
1 2mo, cloth. Hartford, 1 836. 

/£p 1803 HiNMAN. Catalogue of the First Puritan Settlers of the 
i Colony of Connecticut. No. 5. 8vo, tmcut. 

Hartford, 1856. 

^^ 1804 Hints and Sketches. 24mo, cZo^A. Boston, 1836. 

iT" *1805 Hints for the Improvement of Early Education, and 
Nursery Discipline. 12mo, boards, uncut 

Salem, 1826. 

J S^ 1806 Hurst (Henry B.) The Book of Cage Birds. 12mo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1843. 

/ 1807 History (A) of the Railroad Conflict in New Jersey. 
8vo, pp. 80. Trenton, 1860. 

i C 1808 History of the Gift Book Business. 16mo, pp. 56. 

Boston, 1859. 
J J S^ 1809 History of the Adventures and SuflTerings of Moses 
Smith, during Five Years of his Life, from the begin- 
ning of the year 1 806, when he was betrayed into the 
Miranda Expedition, until June, 1811. With a Bio- 
graphical Sketch of Gen. Miranda. 12mo, pp. 146. 

Albany, 1814. 

^ *^ 1810 History of the Life and Actions of Andrew Jackson. 
By a Free Man. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1831. 

-** 5^ 1811 HistORY of the New England States. Numerous En- 
gravings. 8vo, sheep. Wants title page. 

< I 18l2 History of the Hottentots. Numerous Engravings. 8vo, 
she^. Wants title, and two pages. 











History of the Baptist Churches, composing the Star- 
bridge As30ciation; from their Origin to 1843. 24mo, 
pp. 54. New York, 1844. 

History of the Priesthood, from the Beginning of the J (TO 
World to the Present Time. 12mo, pp. 168, uncut, 


A Mormon Work. 

History of British Costume. Engravings. 24mo, calf. J ^ 

London, mdcccxxxiv. 
History of the United States, to the close of the War in F 7^ 
1815. 12mo, sheep. New York, 1827. 

History of the Life and Reign of Prince Edward, after- 
wards King Edward the First. 8vo, pp, 26. 

London, 1739. 
History of the Issues of Paper Money in the American w25 
Colonies, anterior to the Revolution. 8vo, pp. 20. 

St. Louis, 1851. 

History of the Strange Sounds, or Rappings, heard in J (^^ 
Rochester and Western New York, and usually called, 
The Mysterious Noises, which are supposed by many to 
be Communications from the Spirit World. 12mo, pp. 
80. Rochester, 1850. 

History (The) of the Davenport Family, in which is / fT) 
displayed a Striking Contrast between Haughty Indo- 
lence and Healthful Activity, in the characters of the 
young Davenports and their cousins, Sophia and Amelia. 
Essay, Interspersed with moral Reflections, by H. S. 
2 Vols, in one. Embellished with Engravings. 24mo, 
half morocco. Boston, 1798. 

A good ipeoimen of children's books of the last century. 

History (The) of North America. Customs and Man- / 
ners of the Original Inhabitants, etc. By the Rev. Mr. 
Cooper, ^vo, sheep. Imperfect. Philadelphia, 1797. 

History (The) of North America. By the Reverend / r 
Mr. Cooper. To which is added the Constitution of 
the United States, The Declaration of Independence, 



and Washington's Farewell Address. 12mo, sheep. 
Scarce. Albany, 1815. 

y 1823 History (The) of Rustan and Mirza, in the manner of 
Sterne. 12mo, pp. 30. Banbury. 

JS^ 1824 . History (The) of the Lives and Bloody Exploits of the 
Most Noted Pirates, their Trials and Executions. Em- 
bellished with Engravings from Original Designs. 
12mo, calf, gilt. Hartford, Ct, 1835. 

/ 1825 History (The) of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor, of the 
French, and King of Italy. With two Engravings. 
\2mo, sheep. Scarce. Baltimore, 1806. 

J^ 1826 History (The) of Napoleon HI. Penned and TencUed 
by William North. Numerous Illustrations. Svo, pp. 
48. Cincinnati, 1853. 

/» Z 1827 History (The) of the Hutchinson Family. 12mo, pp. 
.48. New York, 1852. 

y 1828 History (The) of the Lives, Acts and Martyrdoms of 
those Blessed Christians, who were Contemporary with, 
or immediately succeeded the Apostles, with Cuts of 
the sieveral ways by which they were put to Death by 
their bloody Persecutors. Svo, sheep. Scarce. 

Manchester, mdcclxxxv. 

-- "^^ 1829 History (The) of Whittington and his Cat 16mo, pp. 
32. Dumfries, mdcccxxxiv. 

^^i ^ 1830 History (The) of Dungeon Rock. By Enesee. 12mo, 
pp. 75. Boston, 1859. 

^ I 1831 History (The) of the Buccaneers of America. 3 Vols. 
24mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1826. 

j {"^ 1832 History (The) of Don Francisco De Miranda's Attempt 
to effect a Revolution in South America, in a Series of 
Letters. To which is annexed. Sketches of the Life of 
Miranda, etc. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1810. 

V 1833 History (The) of the Origin, Rise and Progress of the 
War in America, between Great Britain and her Colo- 



nies, from its CnmmeiicemeDt^ In the year 1764, to tlie 
time ot General Gage's ejrkal at Boston, in 1774. 
2 Vols. Svoj umiU. Rare* 

Boston, T. & J. Fleets hdcolsxx. 

1834 HiBTORY (Tbe) of tlie Life and Adventorea of Mr. An- /J 

derson, containing his strange Varieties of Fortune, in 
Europe and America. 12mp, sheep* 

Berwick, mdcclxxxil 

1835 JlrsTORiCAL (An) Sketch of the Pa[>er Money issued by ^^ 

Pennsylvania* 8vo, pp. 40, Philadelphia, 1862. 

1B36 Historical (An) Sketch of the Conventioii of the Con- ^ ^^ 
gregational Ministers in Massachusetts. Syo^ pp. 32. 

Cambridge, 1821, 

1837 Historical and Biographical Memoirs of George Vil- /^ 
liers, I<j Duke of Buckiugham. Port. 4to, half morocca. 

London, mdcccxix. 

1838 Historical Collections of the Essex Institute. 6 Vols, J Z S^ 
Small 4to, half morocco. Salem, 1859-1864. 

1§39 Historical Parallels, Vol. L iSmo, cloth. ^^ 

Boston, 1831. 

1840 Historical Review of the Administration of Mr. Necker, /C 

written by Himself, SvOj half bound. 'London, 1791, 

1841 Historical Sketch of Continental Paper Money. By ^^^ 

Samuel Breck. 8vo, pp. 34. Philadelphia, 1863. 

1842 Historical Sketch of Boston, containing a brief account / * 

of its Settlement, Rise and Progress. 12mo, pp. 96. 

Boston, 1861- 

1843 Historical (The) Magazine, and Notes and Queries : * f 

concerning the Antiquities, History and Biography of 
America, Vols I. to V, hiilf green iurkci^ morocrOj 
giU top. Vols, VL to XI L, in Nos. 

Boston and New York, 1851^8, 

1844 HicHBOR^ (Benjamin), Oration delivered at Boston, 
March 5, 1877. 12mo. 8.Ls.a. 


1845 Hitchcock (D. K.) Preservation of the Teeth. En- 

graving. 64mo, cloth. Boston, 1 840. 

1846 Hitchcock (Edward R.) History of a Zoological Tem- 

perance Convention, held in Central Afiica, in 1847. 
Plates. 16ino, cloth. Northampton, 1850. 

-^ S^1847 Hitchcock. Report on a Re-Examination of the Eco- 
nomical Geology of Massachusetts. 8vo, pp. 139, un- 
cut. Boston, 1838. 
1848 Hitchcock. Peculiar Phenomena in the Four Seasons. 
Illustrated. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1853. 

/ J i''^1849 Hitchcock (Enos). Discourse at the Dedication of the 
New Congregational Meeting-house in Providence, Nov. 
10, 1775. 8vo, pp. 17, uncut. Rare. 

Brookfield, Mass., 1793. 

/ 1850 HoADLET (Benjamin). Several Tracts in One Volume. 

8yo, calf. London, mdccxv. 

J 1851 HOBART (J. H.) Sermon at the Consecration of Trinity 
Church, Newark, N. J., May 21, A. D. 1810. 8vo, pp. 
41, uncut. New York, 1810. 

t^ 1852 HoBABT. A Statement addressed to the Episcopalians, 
in the State of New York, Relative to some Recent 
EventSf in the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the said 
State. 8vo, pp. 99, uncut. New York, 1812. 

^ 1853 HoBART. Funeral Sermons (3), by Wainwright, Onder- 

donk and Guyon. 

^4^ 1854 Hodgson (Adam). Letters from North America, writ 

ten During a Tour in the United States and Canada. 

2 Vols. Plates. 8vo, boards^ uncut. Very fine copy. 

London, 1824. 

/^ 1855 Hogan (J. Sheridan). Canada. An Essay, to which 
was awarded the First Prize by the Paris Exhibition 
Committe of Canada. Engravings and Map. 8vo, red 
morocco, gilt. Montreal, 1855. 

^ ^ 1856 HoGAN. Canada. An Essay. 8vo, pp. 86. 

Montreal, 1855. 


1857 Hogg (James). The Shepherd's Calendar. 2 Vols. / ^ 

12mo, uncut. New York, 1829. 

1858 HoLBROOK (J.) Ten Years among the Mail Bags, or I ^^ 

Notes from the Diary of a Special Agent, of the Post 
Office Department, with Illustrations. 12nro, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1856. 

1859 HoLBROOK (John Edwards). North American Herpe- Z/ i^ 

tology, or a Description of the Reptiles inhabiting the 
United States. Numerous colored Plates. 3 Vols. 
4to. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1836-38. 

1860 HoLCROPT (Thomas). The Life of Baron Frederick 

Trenck, containing his Adventures, and his cruel and 
Excessive Sufferings during ten years Imprisonment 
Port. 3 Vols, in one. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1793. 

1861 HoLCROPT. The Life of Baron Frederick Trenck, con- 

taining his Adventures, and also his Sufferings during 
ten years Lnprisonment. 8vo, half morocco. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1 853. 

1862 HoLCROPT. The Life of Baron Frederick Trenck. 24mo, 

boards. New York, 1803. 

1863 HoLDEN (Horace). A Narrative of the Shipwreck, Cap- 

tivity and Sufferings of Horace Holden and Benj. H. 
Nute, who were cast away in the American Ship Mentor, 
on the Pelew Islands, in the year 1832, and for two 
years afterwards were subjected to unheard of suffer- 
ings among the barbarous inhabitants of Lord North's 
Island. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1836. 

1864 Holland (E. G.) Reviews and Essays. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1849. 

1865 Holland (Josiah G.) History of Western Massachu- 

setts, the Counties of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin 
and Berkshire, Embracing an outline of general history 
of the section, and account of its scientific aspects and 
leading interests, and separate histories of its one hun- 
dred towns; in 2 Vols. 3 ports. Map. 12mo, cloth. 

Springfield, 1855. 







/ )C 1866 HoLLBT (Mra. Mary Austin). Texas. ObservatiQiiS; His- 
torical, Gteographical and Descriptive, Written during a 
visit to Austin's Colony in 1831. 12mo, clath. 

Baltimore, 1833. 

i^ 1867 HoLLET. Texas. 12mo, c2o<^ Scarce. 

Lexington, Ky., 1836. 

1 I i^ 1868 HoLLisTBR (Q. H.) The History of Connecticut, firom 
the First Settlement of the Colony, to the Adoption of 
the Present Constitution. 2 Vols. Ports. 8vo, iheep. 

New Haven, 1865. 

/C 1,869 HoLLOWAT (William). The Peasant's Fate, With Mis- 
cellaneous Pieces. Plates. 16mo, ^Aefp. 

London, 1802. 

/ i 1870 Holmes (Abiel). American Annals* or a Chronological 
HisWy of America, from its Discovery in 1492 to 1806. 
Maps. 2 Vols. 8vo, half calf. London, 1813. 

] 1871 Holmes. The Life of Ezra Stiles, D. D., LL. D. 8vo, 
sheep. Boston, 1798. 

/ 1872 Holmes. Two Sermons at Cambridge, 25th Jan, 1829, 
the xxxviith Anniversary of the Author's Installment 
8vo, pp. 31, tmcta. Cambridge, 1829. 

6 ^ 1873 Holmes. Address before the American Antiquarian So- 
ciety, Oct 24, 1814. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1814. 

1874 Holmes (0. W.) Homoeopathy, and its kindred delu- 
sions. 12mo, ioar^fo. Boston,, 1842.- 

-. ')^ 1875 Holy Bible. 16mo,/tdl morocco, gUt bands and clasp^ 
gilt edges. London, 1857. 

From ih» Oai^ at Angl(hR«M Blookado immer Minna. 

/ / . 1876 HoLTOKB (Edward). The Duty of Ministers of the 
Qospel to guard against the Pharisaism and Sadducism 
of the Preseut Day. A Sermon Preached May 28, 
1741. Boston, Printed by T. Fleet, 1741. 


1877 HoLYOKB* Sermon Preached at the OrdinAtion of the 
Reverend Mr. James Diman, over a Church of Christ 
in Salem, May 11, 1737. 8vo, pp. 47. 

Boston, Printed by Thomas Fleet, at the Heart and 

Crown, in Cornhill, 1737. 

1878 HoMANS (J. Smith). Banker's Magazine, January, 1854. 
Svo. New York, 1864. 

GontaiiiB a yaluable Article on Law's Miasiasippi Soheme. 

I 1879 Home Conversations, on what are commonly called Little 
Things. 24mo. New York, 1853. 

1880 Home (The) Missionary. (296 Nos.) Nearly complete 
from the beginning. New York, 1829-66. 

I 1881 Homilies of the Church of England. (58) Tracts. 

] London, v.y. 

I 1882 Hone (William). Ancient Mysteries Described, espec- 
ially the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocry- 
phal New Testament Story, extant among the Unpub- 
lished Manuscripts in the British Museum ; including 
Notices of Ecclesiastical Shows, the Festivals of Fools 
and Asses, the English Bdy-Bishop, the Descent intd 
Hell, the Lord Mayor's Show, the Guildhall Giants, 
Christmas Carols, &c. With Engravings on Copper 
and Wood. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1823. 

^ 1883 Hood (Thomas). Up the Ehine. With Comic HIus- 
j trations. l6mo, cloth. New York, 1852. 

I 1884 Hook (Walter F.) Mutual Forbearance Recommended 
in Things LidiflFerent 8vo, pp. 24. New York, 1843. 

1885 Hooper (Wm.) Jesus Christ the only way to the Fa- 
ther. A Sermon at Boston, Dec. 24> 1741. 8vo, pp. 
22. ' Boston, 1742. 

1886 Hope (Thomas). Anastasius. Vol. II. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1831. 

1887 Hopkins (Albert). Centennial Commemoration, Berk- 
shire Association. Historical Discourse. 8vo, pp. 56. 

Boston, 1864. 








2 5 ^ 1888 Hopkins (A. T.) The Evils and Remedy of Lewdness. 
8vo, pp. 36. Utica, 1834. 

/ 1889 Hopkins (Rev. Ezekiel). An Exposition of the Ten 
Commandments. 12mo, half morocco. New York. 

/ ^ 1890 HoRDYNSKi (Joseph). History of the late Polish Revo- 
lution, and the Events of the Campaign. Ports, and 
Plans. 8vo, morocco. 

Boston, Printed for Subscribers, 1833. 

^i^l891 Horn (Hosea B.) Overland Guide to California- 
24mo, cloth. New York, 1862. 

<^ 1892 HoRNB (R. H.) The South-Sea Sisters. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Melbourne, Australia, 1866. 
1893 HoRNE. A New Spirit of the Age. 24mo, pp. 365. 

New York, 1844. 

J /•> 1894 HoRNE (Thos. H.) An Introduction to the Critical 

Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. 4 Vols. 

Vol. L wanting. Vol. IV duplicated. 8vo, 6oarc&, un- 

cvi. Philadelphia, 1825. 

/ C 1895 HoRNE (Thomas). A Sermon Preached in His Majesty's 
Chapel, Feb. 8th, 1685, being the Sunday after the 
Death of His late Sacred Majesty, King Charles the 
Second, of Blessed Memory. 4to. London, 1685. 

/ 1896 Horrible Confessions of the Pirate and Murderer, 
Charles Gibbs, who acknowledges to taking the lives of 
no less than Four Hundred Human Beings. 12mo, pp. 
24. Printed for the Purchasers, 1831. 

y 1897 Horticultural Register. 4 Vols. 2 in Cloth. 2 in 
Nos. %Y0, uncut. Boston, 1835— 38. 

/ :> ^ 1898 Horry (Brig. Gen. P.) The Life of Gen. Francis Mar- 
ion, a Celebrated Partisan Officer in the Revolutionary 
War, against the British and Tories in South Carolina 
and Georgia. 12mo, sheep, Frankford, 1826. 

'^ ■ ' 1899 Hough (Franklin B.) The Northern Invasion of Octo- 
ber, 1780. A Series of Papers Relating to the Expedi- 
tion from Canada, under Sir John Johnson and others, 




against the Frontiers of New York, which was supposed 
to have connection with Arnold's Treason. Illustra- 
tions. Imp. Syo, paper. New York, 1866. 
Bradford Clab Series, No. 6. Edition, 80 oopiee. 

Hough. Plan for Seizing and Carrying to New York, ^'^ 
Col. Wm. Groffe, the Regicide, as set forth in the Affida- 
vit of John Lindon, April 20, 1678. Small 8yo,boards. 
Rare. Albany, mdocclv. 

Hough. Proclamations for Thanksgiving, issued by the /^T? 
Continental Congress, President Washington, by 
the National and State Governments, on the Peace of 
1815, etc. With an Historical Introduction and Notes. 
Imp. 8yo, boards, uncut. 

Albany, Munsell & Rowland, 1858. 

Hough. History of the Census in New York, and Plan 5 ^ 
Proposed for the State Census of 1865. 8vo, pp. 35, 
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 

Hough. A History of Jefferson County, New York. S I ^^ 
Ports, and Engravings. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1854. 

1904 Hough. A History of Lewis County, New York. J c^ 

Ports. 8vo, half morocco. Albany, J. Munsell, 1860. 

1905 Hough. Papers Relating to the Island of Nantucket. <^y 2. 

With Documents relating to the Original Settlement of 
that Island, Martha's Vineyard, and others adjacent, 
known as Duke's County, while under the Colony of 
New York. Map and Fac-simile Autographs. Fcap 
4to, half calf sprinkled edges. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1856. 

PriTatelj printed ; and only 100 oopiee. Uniform with MonseU's Series. 

1906 Hough. Washingtoniana, or Memorials of the Death of / i 

Geoi^ Washington, with a List of Tracts and Volumes 
printed upon the occasion, and a Catalogue of Medals 
commemorating the event. 2 Vols. 4to, paj)er uncut. 

Roxbury, 1865. 
Printed by J. MonseU. Large paper. Edition, 91 copieB. 





/f :. 1907 HouoH. The same. 2 Vols. Imp. 8vo, tinted paper, 
uncut, Roxbury, 1866. 

Printed by J. Miin9eU. £ditioii> 200 oopiee. 

/ /i^ 1908 Hough. Memoir of the late War in North America, be- 
tween the French and English, 1755-60. Translation 
of Ponchot's Work. Numerous Maps, Plates and other 
Illustrations. 2 Vols* Royal 8vo, paper uncut. 

Roxbury, 1866. 

Edition, 148 copies. 

/\ 1909 House (The) that Jonathan Built, or Old Political 
Primer for 1832. With Twelve Cuts. 8vo, pp. 16, 
uncut. Rare. Philadelphia, 1832. 

)^ 1910 How I managed my House on One Thousand Dollars a 
year. 12mo, pp. 95. Boston, 1866. 

1911 How to get Money, or Eleven Ways of Making a For- 
tune. 24mo, pp. 62. Boston, 1850. 

/ 1912 Howard (Simeon). A Sermon Preached May 6, 1767, 
at the Ordination o£ By Charles Chauncy. 8vo, pp. 
55. Boston, 1767. 

J C 1913 Howard. Sermon, Dec. 28, 1778, before the Free Ma- 
sons. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1779. 

^ C^ 1914 Howard. Christians no Cause to be Ashamed of their 
Religion. 8vo, pp. 31. Boston, 1779. 

:?? 1915 Howard (H. R.) The History of Virgil A. Stewart, 
and his Adventure in Capturing and Exposing the 
Great Western Land Pirate and his Gang, in connec- 
tion with the Evidence. Also of the Trials, Confes- 
sions and Execution of a number of Murrell's Associ- 
ates, in the State of Mississippi, during the summer of 
1835, and the Execution of Five Professional Gamblers 
by the Citizens of Vicksburg, on the 6ih of July, 1835. 
12mo, half hound. Scarce. New York, 1836. 

•^y I ^ 1916 Howe (Henry). Historical Collections of Virginia. 
Its History and Antiquities. Illustrated by over 100 
Engraving^. 8vo, AAeep. Charleston, & C, 1856. 


1917 HowB. Historical CoUections of the Great West H- 5"^ 

lustrated with Numerous Engravings* 8vo, morocco. 

Cincinnati, 1^54, 

1918 Howe (Rev. Nathaniel), A Century Sermon, delivered / 2 

in Hopkinton on Lord*8 Day, Dec. 24, 1816. 8vo, pp* 
31. Andover, 1S16. 

1919 Howe. Century Sermon delivered in Hopkinton, Dec. *2 Q 

24, 1S15. 8vo, pp. 31. Andover, 1817. 

Presentation copy firom the Author. 

1920 Howe. Century Sermon delivered in Hopkinton, Dec. / S "^ 

24, 1815. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1825* 

1921 Howe. The Celebrated Century Sermon of. With /C 

Memoir of his Life. 8vo, pp. 56. Boston, 1851, 

1922 HowiTT (Wm.) The Book of the Seasons, or the Cal- i ^ 

endar of Nature. 1 2mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1831, 

1923 HoTT (E.) Antiquarian Researches, comprising a Hia- y^i'^ 

tory of the Indian Wars, in the country bordering Con- 
necticut River and parts adjacent, and other interesting 
Events, from the First Landing of the Pilgrims, to the 
Conquest of Canada by the English, 1760, with notieea 
of Indian Depredations in the Neighboring Country, 
and of the First Planting and Progress of Settlements 
in New England, New York and Canada. Plate. Svo, 
tree calf, by Reviere. Greenfield, Mass., 1 824, 

1924 Hubbard (Rev. William). A General History of New 

England, from the Discovery to mdclxxx. 8vo, sheep. 

Cambridge, 1815. 

1925 HuBBABD. A I Narrative I of the Troubles with the | In- .Jt^^ ^m\ Z i 

dians I in New England, from the first planting thereof 
in thejyear 1607, to this present year 1677. But 
chiefly of the late | Troubles in the two last years, 1 675 
and 1 676. 1 To which is added a Discourse about the 
Warre with the | Pequods, | In the year 1 637.| By W. Hub- 
bard, Minister of Ipswich.] Published by Authority, 
To which is added, A | Narrative | of the | Troubles | With 
the Indians in | New England, | from Piscataqua to Pern- 




maquid.l Map supplied in Fac-simile. 4to, turkey mo- 
roccOf very scarce. 

Boston, Printed by John Foster, in the year 1677. 

Ji~0 1926 HuBBABD. The History of the Indian Wars in New En- 
gland, from the First Settlement, to the Termination of 
the War with King Philip, in 1677. With Extensive 
Notes, by Samuel G. Drake. 2 Vols. Small 4to, 
half green turkey morocco, gilt, gilt top. 

Roxbury, 1865. 
This copy is nniqae, being printed <m very thin paper. 

5 ^ 1927 Huo ( ). A Journey through the Chinese Empire. 

Maps. 2 Vols. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1865. 

i^ 1928 Huo. Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China, during 
the Years 1844-5-6. Engravings. 2 Vols. 12mo, 
cloth. London, 8.a. 

^ ^^ 1929 Hudson (Chas). A Series of Letters addressed to Rev. 
Hosea Ballou, of Boston, being a Vindication of the 
Doctrine of a Future Retribution, 12mo, sheep. 

Woodstock, Vt, 1827. 

-^^^ 1930 Hudson. Doubts concerning the Battle of Bunker Hill. 
16mo, cloth. Boston, mdccclvil 

/i^ 1931 Hughes (John T.) California its History, Population, 
Climate, Soil, Productions and Harbors. An account 
of the Revolution in California, and Conquest of the 
Country by the United States. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Cincinnati, 1850. 

i'v"1932 Hughes (Margarets.) Narrative of the Loss of the 
Ship Poland. 24mo, pp. 34. Baltimore, 1845. 

\ - 1933 Hugo (Herm.) Pia Desideria, or Divine Addresses, in 
Three Books. Illustrated with XLVii. Copper-Plates. 
Small 8vo, calf. London, mdcxc. 

1934 HuiSH (Robert). The Travels of Richard and John 
Lander, into the Interior of Africa. Plates. Svo, calf, 
gilt- London, 1836. 






Humane Industry, or a History of most Manual Arts, ^ ^ '^ 
Deducing the Original progress and Improvement of 
them. Furnished with variety of Instances dnd Exam- 
ples, showing forth the excellency of Humane Wit. 8vo, 
half calf. Scarce. London, 1661. 

HuHBLB (An) Address to every Christian, of every Na- ^ S^ 
tion and Denomination of People under Heaven, show- 
ing an Effectual Means to Prevent Wars among all Na- 
tions of the Earth, and to maintain an Everlasting 
Union in Families, Societies, Churches, Towns, States, 
and in all the Kingdoms of this Lower World. Last 
leaf imperfect. 8vo, pp. 68. 

Newark, N. J., mdccxciii. 

HuMBUG; a Look at some Popular Impositions. 12mo, 5 ^ 
pp.96. New York, 1860. 


1938 HuiCB (David)- The History of England, from the In- 
vasion of Julius Caesar to the Abduction of James the 
Second, 1688. Port 6 Vols. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1849. 

1939 HtTMPHRBTS (David). Letters from the Hon. David / Q 
Humphreys, F. R. S., to the Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, 
President of the Royal Society, London, containing some 
Account of the Serpent of the Ocean, frequently seen in 
Gloucester Bay. 12mo, pp. 86^ half morocco. 

New York, 1817. 

1940 Humphreys. An Historical Account of the Incorpora- ^ J 6'^ 
ted Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in For- 

I eign Parts, containing their Foundation, Proceedings, 

etc., to 1728. 8vo, calf. Scarce. London, mdocxxx. 

I 1941 Humphreys (Col. David). An Essay on the Life of the J ^ -^ 

Honorable Major-General Israel Putnam, Addressed to the 

State Society of the Cincinnati, in Connecticut^ 12mo, 

calf Middletown, MDCCXOrv. 


1942 Humphreys. Life of Israel Putnam. With an Appen- 
dix containing an Historical and Topographical Sketch 


of Bunker Hill Battle. By S. Swett Port 12mo, 
sheep. , Boston, 1818. 

J fU 1943 Humphreys. A Valedictory Discourse before the Cin- 
" ' cinnati, Hartford, July 4th, 1804. 8vo, pp. 60, UTicta. 

Boston, 1804 

-^^5 1944 Humphreys. The Miscellaneous Works of. Port 8vo, 
boards, uncut. " NewYork, 1804. 

Contains a Poetical Eulogy on Washington in 860 lines. 

2*0 1945 Humphrey (Heman). Miscellaneous Discourses and 
Reviews. 12mo, boards , Amherst, 1834. 

/£ L 1946 Humphreys (H. Noel). The Coin Collector's Manual, 
or Guide to the Numismatic Student, in the Formation 
of a Cabinet of Coins. 2 Vols. 150 Ulustralions. 
Post 8vo, rfo^A. London, 1853. 

yo 1947 Humphries (John). Mystery of Babylon, or the Whore 
of Rome Intruding her Popish Doctrines and Anti- 
Christian Poison, Wrapped up in Catholic and Cathar- 
tic Pills, composed by the Romish Doctors' Bills, and 
Hands of his Romish Holinesses* Apothecaries- in Eng- 
land, and wrapped up in Sugar, to beguile the weaker 
Conforming and Dissenting Protestants. 16mo, calf. 
Scarce. London, 1681. 

J^D 1 948 Hunt ( Charles H. ) Life of Edward Livingston. With 
an Introduction by George Bancroft. Port. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. 

Large paper. Edition, 60 copies. 

//$^ 1949 Hunt (T. D.) The Sandwich Islands. 24mo, cloth. 

San Francisco, 1853. 

St 1J50 Hunt (Wm.) American Biographical Panorama. Ports. 
8vo, half bound. Albany, J. Munsell, 1849. 

The portraits are not only oriffinal engravings, but original dengnt. 

* * 1951 HuNTT (Henry). A Visit to the Red Sulphur Spring of 
Virginia. Engraving. 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1839. 

5^J 1952 Huntington (Enoch). The Happy Effects of Union, 
^and the Fatal Tendency of Divisions. Shown in a Ser- 



3 3 

mon Preached before the Freemen of the Town of Mid- 
dletown, at their Annual Meeting, April 8, 1776. 8vo, 
pp. 28. Scarce. Hartford, mdcclxxvi. 

1953 Huntington (Prof. F. D.) Two Hundredth Anniversa- 

ry of the Settlement of Hadley, Mass. 8vo, pp. 98. 

Northampton, 1859. 

1954 Hutchinson (Francis). An Historical Essay concerning ^ 

Witchcraft, with Observations upon Matters of Fact, 
Tending to clear the Texts of the Sacred Scriptures, 
and Confute the Vulgar Errors about that Point ; and 
also, Two Sermons, one, in Proof of the Christian Relig- 
ion, the other, concerning Good and Evil Angels. 8vo, 
calf^ gilt. London, 1720. 

1955 Hutchinson (Thomas). The History of the Colony of //T? 

Massachusetts-Bay, from the First Settlement thereof, in 
1628, until its Incorporation with the Colony of Pli- 
moutii, Province of Main, Ac, in 1691. 8vo, caif. 

Boston, New England, mdcclxiv. 

. 1956 HuTCHiNSO!f. A Collection of Original Papers, Relative / 
to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. 
8vo, calf. Rare. Boston, N. E., 1769. 

1957 Hyde (Nancy Maria). The Writings of. With a 

Sketch of her Life. 12mo, boardsy urumt. Scarce. 

Norwich, 1816. 

1958 Hymns and Spiritual Songs, for the Use of Christians, 

including a number never before published. 32mo, 
sheep. Scarce. Lexington, Ky., 1803. 

1959 Hymns for Public Worship. 16mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1^5. 

1960 Hymns for Christian Worship. 12mo, morocco. 

Boston, 1830. 

1961 Hymns for the Sanctuary. 12mo, morocco. Boston, 1849. 

1962 Hymns for the Circle. 24mo, pp. 48. Portland, 1835. 

1963 Hymns for Social and Private Worship. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1827. 

7 '3. 



:• i 


J S^^ 1964: Hymns for Children and Young Persons, collected by a 
Committee of the Warren Street Chapel. 16mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1854. 

/^ 1965 Hymns for the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 

U. S. A. 12mo, half morocco. . New York, 1829. 

J <^ 1966 Hymns for the Unitarian Church in Washington. 24mo, 
boards. Washington, 1821. 

^ C 1967 Idea Principis Christiano Politici. 101 Symbolis ex- 
pressa, A Didaco Saavedra Faxardo Equite, &c. 12mOy 

Amstelodami Apud Joannem Jacobi Fil 

Schipper, 1659. 

S ^ 1968 Illinois in 1837. Suggestions to Emigrants, Sketches 
of the Counties, Cities, and Principal Towns in the 
State, together with a Letter on the Cultivation of the 
Prairies. To which are Annexed the Letters from a 
Rambler in the West. Syo, boards. Philadelphia, 1837. 

1969 Illinois in 1837. Map. Svo, boards. 

Philadelphia, 1837. 

-^ i^ 1970 Illustrated (An) History of the Hat, from the Earliest 

Ages to the Present Time. By J. N. Genin. 12mo, 

pp. 68. New York, 1848. 

^ ^ ^ 1971 Imlay (Gilbert). A Topographical Description of the 
Western Territory of North America. Maps. 8vo,, 
bimrds^ uncut. Scarce. London, 1797. 

4^0 1972 Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United 
States, through Foreign Immigration. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, 1835. 

^- ^ 1973 Impartial (An) Statement of the Controversy Respect- 
ing the Decision of the late Committee of Canvassers. 
8vo, pp. 46. New York, mdocxcii. 

/ C 1974 Impartial (An) History of the late Revolntion m France, 
from its Commencement to the, Death of the Queen, and 
the Execution of the Deputies of the Gironde Party, 
gyo, sheep. Boston, 1794. 




1975 Imperial (The) Epistle, and the Shade of Alexander y/"^ 

Pope. SwOf boards, uncui. Philadelphia, 1800. 

Aatograph of J. G. PerolTaL 

1976 Importance (The) and Advantages of Cape Breton, irvL'/^^^ 

ly Stated and Impartially Considered. With Proper 
Maps. 8vo, pp. 156. London, 1746. 

Relates to the Expedition under Got. Shirley. 

1977 Imprbssionbs de un Viage de M^rico k Washington en 5^7) 

Octubre y Noviembre de 1848, por D Luis de La Rosa. 
8yo, pp. 54. New York, 1849. 

1978 Improvement of Prison Discipline. 8vo, pp. 412, imcvt. 6 ^ 

London, 1827. 

1979 Incorporation, By-Laws, and List of Members of the ^ 6 
Banker Hill Monument Association. 8vo, pp. 56. 

Boston, 1830, 

1980 Independent (The) Whig. Vols. IL and III. 12mo. ^ C 
calf. London, 1743. 

1981 Index Biblicus, or the ffistorical Books of the Holy 5 ^ 
Scripture Abridged, with each Book, Chapter and Sum 

of diverse matter Distinguished, and a Chronology to 

every eminent Epocha of Time Superadded. 8vo, sheep. 

London, 1668. 
Antogrftph of T. M. Harris. 

1982 Index to the Original and Inserted Illustrations con- J i^[ 

tained in "The Complete Angler." (Walton and Cot- 
ton). Pickering, Publisher. Five Volumes, with 1,026 
Illustrations, comprising Portraits, Views, Zoological 
Plates, Original Drawings, Oil Paintingd, Pen and Ink 
Sketches, Colored Engravings, Ac, &c. Rare, Original 
and Unique. 4to, half turkey morocco. 

New York, Privately Printed, 1866. 
60 copies printed tor priyate distribution. This is one of the extra 


t^ 1983 Account (An) of the Proceedings of the Elinois and 
Onabache Land Companies, In pursuance of their pur- 
chases made of the Independent Natives, July 5th, 1 773, . 
and 18th Oct., 1775. 8vo, boards. Rare. 

Philadelphia, 1796, 

// ^ 1984 Address (An) delivered in Boston, Feb. 26th, 1861, by 
Ke-wa-ze-zhig, a son of the Chief of the Chippeways, 
With a Report of the Proceedings of the Convention, 
aud a Poem by a Friend. 12mo, pp. 27. 

Boston, 1861. 

/j<^ 1985 Alcott (William a.) Eliot and the Indians. 24mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1839. 

/" : 1986 Allen (Rev. L. L.) A Thrilling Sketch of the Life of 
the Distinguished Chief Okah Tubbee, Son of the Head 
Chief Mosholeh Tubbee, of the Choctaw Nation of In- 
dians. 12mo, pp. 43. New York, 1848. 

6 S 1987 Anderson (Rufus). Memoir of Catharine Brown, a 
Christian Woman of the Cherokee Nation. 24mo 
boards. Boston, 1828. 

•< "^^^ 1988 Apes (William). Indian Nullification of the Laws of 
Massachusetts, relative to the Marshpee Tribe, or the 
Pretended Riot, Explained. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1835. 

^ / ^ 1989 Athbrton (William). Narrative of the Suffering and 
Defeat of the North-Western Army under General Win- 
chester, Massacre of the Prisoners, Sixteen Months' Im- 
prisonment of the Writer and others, with the Indians 
and British. 12mo, half morocco^ Scarce. 

Frankfort, Ky., 1842. 

^^ ^ 1990 Authentic (An) and Thrilling Narrative of the Captivi- 
ty of Mrs. Horn and her Two Children, with Mrs, Har- 
ris, by the Camanche Indians, and the Murder of their 
Husbands and Travelling Companions. 8vo, boards. 
Scarce. Cincinnati, 18^3. 


1991 Barb (Capt. James). A Correct and Authentic Narra- j c'b 

tive of the Indian War in Florida, with a Description 
of Maj. Dade's Massacre, and an Account of the Ex- 
treme SuflFering for want of Provisions for the Army, 
having been obliged to eat Horses' and Dogs' Flesh, 
ifec, Ac. 18mo, boards. Scarce. New York, 1836. 

1992 Babtram (William). Travels through North and South / /--^ 

Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, The Chero- 
kee Country, etc. Containing an Account of the Indians. 
Embellished with Copper-Plates. 8vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, hdccxgi. 

1993 Bebson (John). A Plea for the Indians, with Facts and y/ O 

Features of the Late War in Oregon. 12mo, pp. 143. 

New York, 1857. 

1994 Books (The) of Joshua, Judges and Ruth, translated in- ^ 

to the Choctaw Language. 12mo, morocco. 

New York, 1852. 

1995 Buchanan (James). Sketches of the History, Manners 5^ ^ 

and Customs, of the North American Indians, with a 
Plan for their Melioration. 2 Vols. 12mo, boards, un- 
cut. New York, 1824. 

1996 Captivity among the Sioux Indians. An Interesting and '^ "2 
Remarkable Account, of the Terrible Sufferings and 
Providential Escape, of Miss Ann Coleson, a Victim of 

the late Indian Outrages in Minnesota. Plates. 8vo, 
pp. 70. Philadelphia, 1864. 

1997 Catlin (Geo). Letters and Notes on the Manners, 7/ -v 

Customs and Condition of the North American Indians. 
Numerous Engravings, many colored. 5 Vols. 8vo, 
cloth, gilt. Philadelphia, 1 857. 

1998 Chubch (Thomas). The History of Philip's War, com- y/ ^ $ 

monly called the Great Indian War of 1676 and 1676 ; 
also of the French and Indian Wars at the Eastward, 
in 1689, 1690, 1692, 1696 and 1704. With Notes and 
Appendix, by Samuel G. Drake. Plates. 12mo, calf, 
gilt, gilt top. Scarce. Boston, 1829. 


IZ i^l999 Golden (Cadwallader). The History of the Five In- 
dian Nations of Canada, which are dependent on the 
Province of New York, in America, and are the Barrier 
between the English and French in that Part of the 
World, etc. 2 Vols. Third Edition. Map. 12mo, calf. 

London, 1775. 

Autograph of Robert South^ Eeewick, Dee. 16, 1812. 

^ ^ 2000 Collection (A) of Indian Anecdotes. 64mo, pp. 1 90. 
boards. Concord, N. H., 1837. 

^/'S^ 2001 Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society. 
Vol, I. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce. Providence, 1827. 

^J S^ 2002 Collections of the Virginia Historical and Philosophi- 
cal Society. Vol. I. 8vo, pp. 87. Richmond, 1833. 

Contains a Taluable Memoir on Indian Wars, and the BeoordB of a 
Witoheraft Trial in Virginia, in 1706. 

yS~b 2003 Darnell (Elias). Journal of those Heroic Kentucky Vol- 
unteers and Regulars, commanded by General Winches- 
ter, in the years 1812*-13 ; also two Narratives, by men 
that were Wounded in the Battles on the River Raisin, 
and taken Captive by the Indians. 24mo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1854. 

/ *) ^ 2004 Deforest (John W.) History of the Indians of Con- 
necticut, from the Earliest Known Period, to 1850. 
Plates. 12mo, cloth. Hartford, 1853. 

2005 Descbiptivb (A) Catalogue of Catlin's Indian Collection. 
8vo, pp. 92. London, 1848. 

^ C 2006 DiscouBSBS (4) before the Society for Propagating the 
Gospel, among the Indians and others in North America. 

Boston, 1804-26. 
_.^ r c 2007 Dodge (J. R.) Red Men of the Ohio Valley; an Abo- 
riginal History of the Period commencing A. D. 1650, 
and ending at the Treaty of Greenville, A. D. 1795. 
Embracing Notable Facts and Thrilling Incidents in 
the Settlement by the Whites, of the States of Kentucky, 
Ohio, Indiana aud Illinois. Engravings. r2mo, cloth. 

Springfield, O., 1860. 


2008 Draeb (Benjamin). Life of Teciimsch, and his broth- /'J 

er the Prophet, With a Historical Sketch of the Shaw- 
anoe Indians. 12mo,clotL Cincinnati, 1856. 

2009 Drake (Samuel G,) The History of King Philip's War, J S ^2 

also of Expeditions against the French and Indians, ia 
the Eastern Parts of New-England^ in the years 16S£>, 
1690, 1692, 1696 and 1704. With some Account of 
the Divine Providence towards Col. Benjamin Church, 
by his son Thomas Church, Esq, To which ia now ad- 
ded an Index, Copious Notes and CorrectiouB, also an 
Appendix, Plate. I2mo, turkeij morocco^ gilt^ gilt edges. 
Scarce. Boston, 1826, 

2010 Drake. Indian Biography containing the lives of more ^ Z 
' than two hundred Indian Chiefs, and a Iliatory of their 

Wars. 12mo, clo£h, Boston, 1832. 

2011 Drake. Indian Captivities, or Life in the Wigwam, //2^ 

Being True Narratives of Captives who have been car- 
ried away by the Indians, from the Frontier Settlements 
of the United States, from the Earliest Period to the 
Present Time. Engravings. 12mo, clolL 

Auburn, 1853, 

2012 Drake. The History of King Philip's War, by theBev. ^ ^-^ 

Increase Mather, D. D. Also a History of the Same 
War, by the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D. Rubricated ti* 
tie, fcap 4to, half turkey morocco^ anttque^ gilf edges* 

Boston, 1862. 
Printed by Munfiell, an J niu5trat<?d bj Mr. Drake, by the adtlitiott of 
nameroos Portnita. Only five copies issued in tbia stylo, 

2013 Dunham (Capt. Jacob), Journal of Voyages, contain- / ^ 

ing an account of the Author's being twice captured by 
the English, and once by Gibbs, the Pii-ate ; his narrow 
Escape when chased by an English War Schooner, as 
well as his being cast away, and residing with the In- 
dians. With Illustrations* I2m0j clotL 

New York, 1850, 

2014 Edwards (Jonathan). Observations on the Language >-* 

of the Muhhckaueew Indians, in which the extent of 



that Language in North America is shown. Its Qenios 
is grammatically traced, some of its peculiarities, and 
some Instances of Analogy between that and the Hebrew, 
are pointed out. Communicated to the Connecticut So- 
ciety of Arts and Sciences, and published at the Request 
of the Society. 8vo, pp. 17. Rare. New Haven, 1788. 

^*ii^ 2015 Eliot (John). Portions of an Indian Bible, 117 leaves, 
comprising a part of Genesis, with all or nearly all of 
the six following books, a portion of Isaiah, Jeremiah, 
* and a part of the New Testament. The first edition. 

Cambridge, 1661, 

^O^ 2016 Events in Indian History, with Narratives and Captiv- 
ities, including the Destruction of Schenectady, Murder 
of Miss M'Crea, Destruction of Wyoming, Battle of the 
Thames and Tippecanoe, Braddock's Defeat, Greneral 
Wajme'a Victory at Miami, Life of Logan, Massacre of 
the Indians at Lancaster, Pa., &c. Eight Engravings. 
8vo, sAcfp, Lancaster, 1843. 

'nd S^ 2017 ExAmNATioN of the Relations between the Cherokees 
and the Government of the United States. 8vo, rough 
edges. New York, 1829. 

//Z 2018 BsTnAOHDiNARY (The) Adventures of William Mont- 
gomery, in the Unexplored Regions of Amazonia. An 
account of his captivity among the Oroniani Indians, a 
description of their manners, customs and wars, and 
the eacape of the captive, with the daughter of their 
Chie£ 12mo, pp. 20. London. 

* ^ " 2019 FiNLBT (Rev. James B.) History of the Wyandott 
Missionj at Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 12mo, sheep. 
Scarce. Cincinnati, 1840. 

^ 2020 FisHEE (William). An Interesting Account of the Voy- 
ages and Travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke, in the 
years 1804-5 and 6. Interspersed with very entertain- 
ing anecdotes. 12mo, slieep. Baltimore, 1813. 


2021 Flint (Timothy). The Personal Narrative of James^ ^ j ^ 

O. Pattio, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St. 
LouiS; through the vast regions between that place and 
the Pacific Ocean, and thence back, through the Oity of 
Mexico, to Vera Cruz, during journeyings of six years ; 
in which he, and his father who accompanied him, suf- 
fered unheard of hardships and dangers, had various 
conflicts with the Indians, and were made Captives, in 
which Captivity his father died. Plates. 8vo, sheep. 

Cincinnati, 1833. 

2022 Flint. Indian Wars of the West, containing Biograph- / /^ 5 " 

ical Sketches of those pioneers who headed the Western 
Settlers in repelling the Attacks of the Savages, togeth- 
er with a View of the Character, Manners, Monuments 
and Antiquities of the Western Indians. 12mo, sheep. 

Cincinnati, 1833. 
Preieatation oopy to John Pierpont, with Autognph of Timothj Flint 

2023 Gass (Patrick). A Journal of the Voyages and Trav- // Jl 
els of a Corps of Discovery, under the Command of 
Captain Lewis and Captain Clarke, during the years 

1 804, 1 805, 1 806. 1 2 mo, sheqf. Philadelphia, 1810. 

2024 GooKiN (Daniel). Historical Collections of the Indi- // -^7) 

ans in New England. Of their several Nations, Num- 
bers, Customs, Manners, Religion and Government, be- 
fore t^e English planted there. 8vo, half morocco. 

[Boston,] 1792. 

2025 Graphic Sketches from Old and Authentic Works, illus- ] (' d^ 

trating the Costume, Habits and Character of the Abo- 
rigines of America, together with Bare and Curious 
Fragments, relating to the Discovery and Settlement of 
the Country. 24 Copper Plates. 8vo, doth. 

New York, 1841. 

A tranBlation from DeBry'a Virginia. 

202G Great (The) Indian Chief of the West, or Life and y > ^ 
Adventures of Black Hawk. Port, and Engravings. 
12mo, cloth. Cincinnati, 1845. 



^TZ) 2027 Hough (Franklin B.) Proceedings of tbe Commia. 
sioners of Indian Affairs, appointed by law, for the Ex- 
tinguishment of Indian Titles in the State of New York. 
Maps. Rubricated title, half turkey morocco exiraj giU 
top. Albany, J' Munsell, 1861. 

Largid Paper. Edition Tcrj amiUL 

^-2S'D2028 HuBBARD(Wm.) A|Narrative|of the troubles with the | 
Indians | in New England, from the first planting there- 
of, in the [year 1607, to this present year, 1677; but 
chiefly of the late | Troubles in the two last years, 1676 
and 1676, 1 to which is added a Discourse about the 
Warre with the | Pequods, | in the year 1637. [ By W. 
Hubbard, Minister of Ipswich. { Published by Authority. | 
4to, turkey morocco, gilt. Wants original map. Some- 
what wormed. 

Boston, Printed by John Poster, in the year 1677. 

S/^S^d 2029 HiTBBARD. The I Present State [of] New England,] be- 

ing a j Narrative |of the Trouble, with tbe | Indians | in| 

New England, from the first planting | thereof, in the 

year 1607, to this present year, 1677 ; | but chiefly of 

the late Troubles in the two last | years, 1675 and 1676.| 

To which is added, a Discourse about the War | with the 

Pequods, in the year 1637. | By W. Hubbai^d, Minister 

of Ipswich. I An original Marriage Certificate, eight 

lines AtUographj with Signature of the Rev. William 

Hvbbard {Sept. 6, 1700), inserted; also Signature of 

John Appleton. Small 4to, maroon morocco extra, gilt 

edges. London, 1677*. 

Wants original map, but has i^eoent map inserted. A ftw of the leaves 
vhich were torn, have been neatly restored, and some misang words 
supplied in manuscript. The margin is unusually large, and this is 
altogether a yery fine copy. The autograph of William Hubbard is of 
the highest rarity. A letter, written by him, was sold, a few yean 
since, for upwards of $50. 

2030 Hubbard. A Narrative of the Indian Wars in New 
England, from the first planting thereof, in the year 
1607, to the year 1677. Containing a Relation of the 
Occasion, Rise and Progress of the War with the Indi- 


ana ia the Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern 
parj» of said Goontry. 8vO| half morocco^ antique, red 
edges. Stockbridge, Mass., 1803. 

2031 Hubbard. ^ A Narrative of the Indian Wars in New 

England, from the first planting thereof, in the year 
1607, to the year 1677. Containing a Relation of the 
Occasion, Rise and Progress of the War with the Indi- 
ans, in the Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern 
parts of said country. 12mo, halfhotmd. Rare. 

Norwich, Printed by John Trumbull, [s.a.] 

2032 Hubbard. A Narrative of the Indian Wars in New / ^ 

England, from the first planting thereof, in the year 
1607, to the year 1677. Containing a Relation, etc. 
12mo, half bound, Brattleboroagh, 1814. 

2033 Hubbard. The History of the Indian Wars in New. / C c 

England, from the First Settlement, to the Termination 
of the War with King Philip, in 1677, with a His- 
torical Preface, Life and Pedigree of the Author, and 
Extensive Notes by Samuel G. Drake. Map. 2 Vols. 
8vo, hcUf crimson turkey morocco exira^ by Bradstreet., gilt 

top J rough edges. Roxbury, 1865. 

• Edition, 60 oopiee. 

2034 Hubbabd. The same. Fcap. 4to, paper, wncw^. /3 c/ 

Roxbury, 1866. 
2034* Hubbard. The Same. Royal 4to, paper uncut. / /^ i^ 

Roxbury, 1865. 
Large paper. Edition, 60 oopies. 

0000 Hubbabd. See Nos. 1925, 1926. ^^ ^ 

2035 Hunter (John D.) Memoirs of a Captivity among the 

Indians of North America, from Childhood, to the Age 
of Nineteen. Port. Swo, Jialf calf London, 1823. 

2036 Incidents of Border Life. Comprising Narratives of J Z S^ 

Strange and Thrilling Adventure, Accomits of Battles, 
Skirmishes and Personal Encounters with the Indians, 
Descriptions of their Manners, Customs, Modes of War- 
fare, Treatment of Prisoners, <&c., &c. Also the Histo- 
ry of several Remarkable Captivities and Escapes, to 


which are added, Brief Historical Sketches of the War 
in the North-West, embracing the Expeditions under 
Gens. Harmer, St Clair and Wayne. 12mo, half green 
morocco. Chambersburgh, Pa., 1839. 

/^ 2037 Indian AflTairs, 1854. iYO, cloth. Washington, 1855- 

/ 2 >^ 2038 Indian Atrocities. AflFecting and Thrilling Anecdotes 
respecting the Hardships and Sufferings of our Brave 
and Venerable Forefathers, in their Bloody and Heart- 
rending Skirmishes and Contests with the Ferocious 
Savages. Containing numerous Engravings, Illustrating 
the most general traits of Indian Character, their Cus- 
toms and Deeds of Cruelty, with Interesting Accounts 
of the Captivity, Sufferings and Heroic Conduct of 
many who have Fallen into their hands. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, 1846. 

-c -<? 5^ 2039 Indian Atrocities. Narratives of the Perils and Suffer- 
ings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, among the Indians 
during the Revolutionary War. 12mo, hoards. 

Nashville, 1843. 

^ ^ 2040 Indians. The Case of the Seneca Indians, in the State, 
of New York. Illusti*ated by Facts. 8vo, pp. 256. 

Philadelphia, 1840. 

^ C 2041 Indians. A Further Illustration of the Case of the Sen- 
eca Indians, in the State of New York, By a Chief of 
the Tribe. 8vo, pp. 84. Philadelphia, 1841. 

i C 2042 Indians. Proceedings of an Indian Council, held at 
Buffalo Creek Reservation, April, 1842. 8vo, pp. 83. 

Baltimore, 1842. 

7 2043 Indians. Documents and Official Reports, Illustrating 
the Cause which led to the Revolution in the (Jovem- 
ment of the Seneca Indians, in the year 1848. 8vo,pp. 
92. Baltimore, 1857. 

- < 2044 Inquiries Respecting the History, Present Condition, 
and Future Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the Uni- 
ted States. 4to, pp. 55. No imprint 



2045 Journal of a Tour in the Indian Territory, in the //"" 

Spring of 1844. Maps. 8vo, pp. 74. 

New York, 1844. 

2046 Kendall (James). Sermon before the Society for Prop- ^ i'^ 
agating the Gospel among the Indians, and Others, in 
North America, November 7, 1811. 8vo, pp. 44, im- 

cta. Boston, 1812. 

2047 Lewis (B. B.) Light and Truth, Collected from the ^^ 

Holy Bible, Ancient and Modern History, containing 
the Universal History of the Colored and Indian Peo- 
ple. 12mo, pp. 96. Augusta, 1843. 

2048 LoBKiEL (George H.) History of the Mission of the ^^/^S^ 

United Brethren, amOng the Indians in North America. 
Map. 8yo, half calf, gilt. Scarce. London, 1794. 

2049 Mater (Brantz). Tah-gah-jute, or Logan, and Captain // Z 

Michael Cresap. 8vo, pp. 86. Baltimore, 1851. 

2050 Mathew (Experience). Narratives of the Lives of Pi- ^ / ^ 

ous Indian Children who lived on Martha's Vineyard more 
than One Hundred Years since. 24mo, half morocco. 

Boston, [s.a.] 

2051 McCoy (Isaac). History of Baptist Indian Missions. / c^ 
Embracing Bemarks on the Condition of the Aboriginal 
Tribes, and their Future Prospects. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1840. 

2052 McIntosh (John). The Origin of the North American J S^ 
Indians. With a faithful Description of their Manners 

and Customs. Colored Plates. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1843. 

2053 Murray (Hon. Charles Augustus). Travels in North / C 

America, during the years 1834, 1836 and 1836. In- 
cluding a Summer Residence with the Pawnee Tribe of 
Indians. 2 Vols, 12mo, cloth. New York, 1839. 

2054 Narrative (A) of the Adventures and Suflferings oi ^ ' > ^ 
John R. Jewett, only survivor of the crew of the Ship 
Boston, during a Captivity of nearly three years among 

the Savages of Nootka Sound. Embellished with a 
Plate. 12mo, pp. 208. New York, 1816. 


•^C't> 2055 Nabrativb (A) of the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson, con- 
taining an Account of her Sufferings, during Four Teara 
with the Indians and French. 12mOy boards. 

Windsor, Vt., 1807. 
-<^/-2, 2056 Narratitb (A) of the Incidents attending the Capture, 
Detention and Sansom of Charles Johnson, made Pris- 
oner by the Indians, in the year 1790. Together with 
an Interesting Account of the Fate of his companions, 
five in number, one of whom suffered at the Stake. 
12mo, boardSf vncut. New York, 1827. 

J (Td 2057 Narrative (A) of the Sufferings of Massy Harbison, 
from Indian Barbarity, giving an Account of her Cap- 
tivity, the Murder of her Two Children, her Escape, 
with an Infant at her breast, together with some ao 
count of the Cruelties of the Indians on the Alleghany 
River, 4tc., during the years 1790, '91, '92, '93, '94. 
12mo, boards,. Scarce. Pittsburgh, 1825, 

/J^i) 2057^ Narrahye (A) of an Expedition against the Indians, 
with an Account of the Barbarous Execution of Col. 
Crawford, and Dr. Knight's Escape from Captivity. 
12mo,pp. 24. 

Printed for Chapman Whitcomb, (s.l.s.a.) 
An eztremdy na« edition. 

yj i ^ 2057* Narrativb (A) of the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson, con- 
taining an Account of her Sufferings, during four years 
with the Indians and French. Together with an Appen- 
dix, containing the Sermon preached at her Funeral, and 
that of her Mother, with sundry other interesting arti- 
cles. 12mo, sheep. Windsor, Vt., 1814. 

•< f D 2057* Narrative. A Very Surprising Narrative of a Young 
Woman, Discovered in a Rocky Cave, after having been 
taken by the Savage Indians of the Wilderness, In the 
year 1777, aud seeing no human being for the space of 
nine years. 12mo, pp. 12. Extremely rare. 

BrookBeld, 1800. 

J t* I 2057* Narrative of the Captivity aud Sufferings of Mrs. 
Harriot Lewis, and her three children, who were taken 

201 'i 

prisoDers by the Indians, near St. Louis, on the 25th 
Maj, 1815, and among whom they experienced all the 
cruel treatment, which savage brutality could inSict. 
Mrs. Lewis and her eldest son fortunately escaped, on 
the 3d April last, leaving her two youngest children in 
the hands of the unmerciful barbarians. 12mo, pp. 24, 
Scarce. Boston, 1818. 

2057« Narrative of the Capture, Sufferings and Miraculous / 5"^ 
Escape ol Mrs. Eliza Eraser, Wrecked on an Unknown 
Island, inhabited by Savages, by whom Capt, Eraser 
was Murdered, and Mrs. Eraser compelled to take up 
her abode in a Wigwam, and to become the adopted 
Wife of one of the Chiefs. Colored Plates. 8vo, pp. 
24. New York, 1837. 

2058 Naruative of the Massacre, by the Savages, of the Wife ^ ^^ 
and Children of Thomas Baldwin, who, since the melan- 
choly period of the destruction of his unfortunate fami 

ly, has dwelt entirely alone, in a hut of his own con- 
struction, secluded from human society, in the extreme 
western part of the State of Kentucky. Colored Plate. 
8vo, pp. 24, uncut. New York, 1835. 

2059 Narrative of the Capture and Providential Escape oi J: S"^ 

Misses Erances apd Almira Hall, two respectable young 
women (sisters), of the age of 16 and 18, who were 
taken Prisoners by the Savages, at a Erontier settle- 
ment, near Indian Creek, in May last, when fifteen of 
the inhabitants fell victims to the bloody Tomahawk 
and Scalping Knife ; among whom were the parents of 
the unfortunate females. Likewise, is added, the Inter- 
esting Narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Phil- 
ip Brigdon, a Kentuckian, who fell into the hands of the 
merciless savages, on their return to their Settlement, 
three days after the Bloody Massacre. Plate. 8vo, pp. 
24. * 1832, [S.I.] 

Scarce. Broaght in the Fiaher Sale, $5.26. 

2060 New (A) Society for the Benefit of Indians. Organized / ^ ^ 

at the City of Washington, Eebruary, 1822. 8vo, pp. 
15, uncut. [s.l.s.a.] 


4^0 2060^ News from New-England. Small 4to, cloth. London 

1676. Boston. Reprinted, 1850. 

JiTD 20603 News from New-England, 1676. Royal 4to, boards, 

tmcut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Large paper. Edition 60 oopies. 

J - Ci 2060^ Same Work as the above. Royal 4to, uncut. 

(Roxbury, 1865.) 

Large paper. Of these 76 copies were printed, of which 60 were de- 
stroyed, and 15 preserved, to show how unfiuthfully and shabbily 
binding can be done. 

^ ^ 2061 Noah (M. M.) The Evidences ot the American Indians 
being the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. 
8vo. pp. 40. New York, 1837. 

*^^^t^ //^^ 2062 Pamphlets (12). Relating to the Indians of Massachu- 
^^ ^ 2063 Parker (Rev. James W.) Narrative of the Perilous 
Adventures, Miraculous Escapes and Sufferings of Rev. 
James W. Parker, during a frontier residence in Texas 
of fifteen years. To which is appended a Narrative of 
the Capture and subsequent Sufferings of Mrs. Rachel 
Plummer (his daughter), during a Captivity of twenty- 
one months among the Camanche Indians, with a sketch 
of their Manners, Customs, Laws, &c. With a short 
description of the country, oyer which she travelled 
whilst with the Indians. Written by Herself, 12mo, 
pp. 95-35, boards. Scarce. Louisville, Ky., 1844* 

^ ^ 2064 Patterson (J. B.) Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or 
Black Hawk. With an Account of the Cause and General 
History of the Late War, his Surrender and Confine- 
ment at Jefferson Barracks, and Travels through the 
United States. Port. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1834. 
/f I 2065 Penhallow (Samuel). The History of the Wars of 
New England, with the Eastern Indians. In same Yol., 
Gardner's Pequot Warres. 4to, cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1859. 
, J - 2066 Phips (Hon. Spencer). Instructions for the treating 

wiih the Eastern Indians, in the year 1762. Now first 
printed from the Original Manuscript. 4to, pp. 8. 

Boston, 1865. 


[^067 PBisar ( Josiah). Stories of Early Settlers in the Wil-^ / Z 
derness, embracing the Life of Mrs. Priest, late of Ot- 
sego Co., N. Y., with various and interesting accounts 
of others. The First Raftsmen of the Susquehannah. 
A short Account of Brant, the British Indian Chief, and 
of the Massacre of Wyoming. Plate. 8vo. pp. 40, 
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1837- 

2068 Proceedings of an Indian Council, held at Cattaraugus, ^ ^ 
N. Y., July, 1845. 8vo, pp. 34. Baltimore, 1845. 

2069 Report on the Abstracted Indian Trust Bonds. 8vo, 5"^ 
cloth. Washington, [s.a.] 

2070 Report of the Society for Propagating the Gospel among ^ i ^ 
the Indians, and others, in North America, 1855. 8vo, 
cloth. Boston, 1856. 

2071 Ross (John). Letter from John Ross, the Principal 5 ^' 
Chief of the Cherokee Nation, to a Gentleman of Phila- 
delphia. 8vo, boards. ^ [s.l.s.a.] 

2072 Schoolcraft (H. B.) Visit to the Northwest Indiana, /T'C 
in 1832. 8vo, pp. 68, uncut. Washington, 1834. 

2073 Schoolcraft (Henry R.) Notes on the Iroquois, or ^ 2 ^ 
Contributions to American History, Antiquities and 
General Ethnology. Engravings. Svo, cloth. 

Albany, 1847. 

2074 Schoolcraft. The Red Race of America, their Histo- /^^^ 
Tj, Traditions, Customs, etc. 8vo, pp. 64. 

New York, 1844. 

2075 Sketch of the Efforts of the Religious Society of Friends, S ^ 
to Promote the Civilization and Improvement of the In- 

. dians. 8vo, pp. 56. Philadelphia, 1866. 

fl076 Smith (Elbert H.) Ma-ka.tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black ^ ." 
Hawk, and Scenes in the West. A National Poem, in 
Six Cantos. Port. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1849. 

2077 Speech of Mr. Frelinghuysen, in the Senate of the Uni- / * 
ted States, on the Bill for an exchange of lands with the 
Indians, and for their removal West of the Mississippi. 
8vo, pp. 40, uncut. Washington, 1830. 


/ 2078 Stanley and Dickerman's Indian Portrait Gallery. 
J c'i) 2079 Stone (William L.) Life of Joseph Brant, (Thayendan- 
egea), including the Border Wars of the American Rev- 
olution, and Sketches of the Indian Campaigns of Gen- 
erals Harmar, St. Clair and Wayne. Ports. 2 Vols. 
Imp. 8vo, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

Large paper. 60 copies printed. 

/ ^'^ 2080 Stonb. Uncas and Miantonomoh, a Historical Discourse 
to the Memory of Uncas, the White Man's Friend, and 
first Chief of the Mohegans. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1842. 

J Z' 5 "^ 2081 Stone. The Life and Times of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, or Red 
Jacket. With a Memoir of the Author, by his Son. 
Port. Rubricated title, 8vo, clothy rough edges. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 

-So 2082 Symmes (Rev. Thomas). The Original Account of Capt. 

John Loveweirs " Great Fight " with the Indians, at 

Pequawket, May 8, 1725. A new edition, with notes, 

by Nathaniel Bouton. Small 4to, hoards. 

Concord, 1861. 

^ ^ 2083 Thatcher (B. B.) Indian Biography, or an Historical 
Account of those North American Natives, who have 
been distinguished as Orators, Warriors and Statesmen. 
2 Vols. 24mo, hoards. New York, 1832. 

^ ^ 2084 Thrilling (The) and Romantic Story of Sarah Smith 
and the Hessian, together with Mr. Keith's Captivity 
among the American Indians. Engraving. 8vo, pp. 
24. Philadelphia, 1844. 

2085 True (The) and Affecting History of Henrietta DeBell- 
graves, a Woman born only for Calamities, being an 
Unhappy Daughter, Wretched Wife, and Unfortunate 
Mother ; containing a series of the most uncommon Ad- 
ventures that ever befel one person, by Land and Sea ; 
giving an Account of her Shipwreck, her falling into 
the Power of a Brutal Villain, her Rescue by a party 
of Indians, with her further Sufferings to the Time of 
her Death. Written by herself, and Addressed to her 
Daughter Zoa. 12mo, pp. 40. New York, 1828. 




2086 Tyson (Job R.) Disconrse on the Remnant of the In- J 

dian Race in the United States. 8vo, pp. 38. 

Philadelphia, 1836. 

2087 Williams (Eleazer). Good News to the Iroquois Na- J > ^ 

tion. A Tract on Man's Primitive Rectitude, his Fall, 
and his Recovery, through Jesus Christ. 12mo, pp. 12. 
In the Indian Dialect. Burlington, Vt., 1813. 

2088 Williams. Life of Te-ho-ra-gwa-ne-gen, alias Thomas 

Williams. 8vo cloth. Albany, J. Munsell^ 1859. 

2089 Infants. The Baptism of, a Reasonable Service. Last 

leaf gone. 8vo, pp. 50. Boston, N. E., 1765. 

2090 Infantry Tactics. 8vo, boards. Washington, 1825. "^ 

2091 Information in regard to Kansas, from the Voltenburgh 5^ 

Kansas Association. 8vo, pp. 8. Boston, 1857. 

2092 Ingraham (W.) A Few Days at Nashota. 8vo,pp. 31, ^ ^ ^ 

uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1849. 

2093 Inquiry (An) into the Nature and Uses of Money, more ^ ^ 7* 

especially of the Bills of Publick Credit, Old Tenor, to- 
gether with a Proposal of some proper Relief in the 
present Exigence. To which is added a Reply to the 
Essay on Silver and Paper Currencies. 8vo, pp. 78, 
uncut Rare. Boston, S. Leland and T. Green, 1740. 

2094 Inscriptions on the Chime Bells in the Cathedral, Alba- 6 

ny, N. Y., 1862. 

2095 Instructions to the Envoys Extraordinary, from the 5^ 

United States to the French Republic. By the Secre- 
tary of State, 1798. 8vo, pp. 131. Scarce. 

Philadelphia, [1798.] 

2096 Instructions to C. C. Pinckney, J. Marshall and E.Ger- ) "• 

ry. Envoys to the French Republic. 8vo, pp. 20. 

Philadelphia, 1798. 

2097 Intercourse (The) of Nations, being a Collection of i^ 

Short, Correct, and Easy Rules for reducing Thirteen 



different Coinfl and Currencies into each other. 8to, 
pp. 126, uncut 

New York, Printed for the Author, in the 20th Year 

of American Independence. 

/O 2098 International Literary Exchanges, with Documents rela- 
ting thereto, ^vo, pp. 109. Augusta, 1857. 

-^^^2099 Ireland (John). Letters and Poems, by the late Mr. 
John Henderson, with Anecdotes of his Life. Svo, half 
calf, uncut, London, mdcclxxxvi. 

^0 2100 Ireland and America, via. Gal way. 8vo. 

London, 1852. 

/S^ 2102 Irish Anecdotes. 2 Vols. 12mo, half bound, uncut. 

London, 1801. 

-^ <^ 2103 Irving (Washington). Tales of a Traveller. 16mo, 
cloth. New York, 1857. 

^^^ 2104 Ives (Charles). Chips from the Workshop. Parnas- 
sus, the Outlaw's Dream, etc. 12mo, cloth. 

New Haven, 1843. 

/c i 2105 J ACKMAN (Joseph). The Sham Robbery committed by 
Elijah Putnam Goodridge, on his own person, in New- 
bury, near Essex Bridge, Dec. 19, 1816, with a History 
of his Journey to the place where he Robbed himself, 
and his Trial, with Mr. Ebenezer Pearson, whom he 
maliciously arrested for Robbery. 12mo, pp. 152. 

Concord, N. H., 1819. 

>^^^ 2106 Jackson (C. T.) Second Annual Report on the Geolo- 
gy of the Public Lands, belonging to the two States of 
Massachusetts and Maine. 8vo, pp. 94. Boston, 1838. 

J? ^T 2107 Jaokson. Third Annual Report on the Geology of the 
State of Maine. 8vo, pp. 276. Augusta, 1839. 

/ 2108 Jackson (James). Memoir of James Jackson, Jr., 
M. D. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1836. 

y 2109 Jackson (R. M. S.) The Mountain. 12mo, pp. 202. 

PhUadelphia, 1858. 


2110 Jacksok (Wm.) The Christian's Legacy. A Oompen- i^ 

dium of the H0I7 Bible, Port. 12mOy cloth. 

Boston, 1842. 

2111 Jacob (John J.) A Biographical Sketch of the Life of y 2 5^ 

the late Captain Michael Cresap. 4tO; jE>aper, rough 
edges. Cincinnati, 1866« 

2112 Jacocks (A, B.) The Moral Goremment of God. J ^^ 

Port S\o, cloth. Boston, 1848. 

2113 [James .(G. P. R.)] Philip Augustus, or the Brothers in $1) 

Arms. 16mo, half calf, gilt. London, 1850. 

2114 James (John A.) The Family Monitor, or a Help to 7 

Domestic Happiness. 12mo, boards. 

Concord, N. H., 1829. 

2115 James Williams' Narrative. With a Plate of the Tread- / 2. 

mill. 8vo, pp. 64, uncut. London, 1838. 

2116 Jamiesok (John). On the Origin of Cremation, or the 5^ 

Burning of the Dead. 4to, pp. 47. Edinburgh, 1816. 
Pnaentatioii copy to Dr. Bowring from the Author. 

2117 Jamibbon (Robert). Eastern Manners, Illustrative oi J 

the Old Testament History. 18mo, cloth, rough edges. 

Edinburgh, 1838. 

2118 Janbway (James). A Token for Children. Being an y / "^ 

Exact Account of the Conversion, Holy and Exemplary 
Lives, and Joyful Deaths of several Young Children ; 
to which is added, A Token for the Children of New 
England, or Some Examples of Children, in whom the 
Pear of God was remarkably Budding before they 
died, in several Parts of New England, Preserved and 
Published- for the Encouragement of Piety in other 
Children. 12mo, pp. 156, in sheets folded and collated, 
uncut. Very scarce. Boston, 1771. 

2119 Japan and the Japanese. 12mo, pp. 56. 5^ 

New York, 1860. 

2120 Jabyes (Doming). Reminiscences of Glass-Making. 7 

Plate. 8vo, pp. 58. Boston, 1854. 



y ^ 2121 Jarvis (Edward)* Criminal Insane, Insane Transgres- 
sors, and lasane Convicts. 8vo, pp. 39. Utica, 1857. 

/C^ 2122 Jaryis (James J,) History of the Hawaiian Islands. 
8to, pp. 240. Honolulu, 1847. 

2^^ 2123 Jakyis (Samuel F.) Want* of Patronage the Principal 
Cause of the Slow Progress of American Literature. 
8to, pp. 22, uncid. New Haven, 1806. 

/O 2124 JAavis, Pamphlets (3). Catalogue of his Library, 
Proceedings of his Wife for Divorce, dnd a Sermon 

in Aid of Schools. 

<^'^ 2125 JATjDOifl' (Daniel). A Short System of Polite Learning. 
24mo, oli sheep. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1814. 

^ 2126 Jay (John). A Statistical View of American Agri- 
culture, etc. 8vo. New York, 1859. 

/ 21i27 Jay (Wm.) The Character and Narrative of Rev. 
John Clark. 8vo, pp. 91. Boston, 1821. 

J*^ 2128 Jay, Bsercisep for the Closet, for every day in the 
Year. 2 Vols. 12mo, caZ/l Boston, 1830. 

•^ ^^ 2129 Jay. Evening Exercises. 2 Vols, in one. 12mo, cZo^A. 

New York, 1858. 

3 i 2130 Jefp Davis' Attack on Washington, and the Result, in 
four Chapters. 

^ ^ 2131 Jepfkrson (Thomas). A Manual of Parliamentary 
Practice, 24mOj half morocco. Scarce Edition. 

Concord, 1823. 

/ * 2132 Jefpersos and Cabell (Joseph C.) Early History 
of the University of Virgina. With an Appendix. 
8vo, cMh. * Richmond, Va., 1856. 

\' •' 2133 Jefperys (lliomas). A Description of the Spanish Is- 
lands, and Settlement on the Coast of the West Indies. 
Illustrated with Thirty-two Maps and Plans. 4to, half 
calf London, 1762. 



2134 Jenks (Wm.) Discourse on the Festival of St. John ^^0 

the Baptist, June 24th, 1807, at Bath, Me. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Portland, [1807.] 

2135 Jenkins (Charles). Sermons of. Pastor of the Third ^t* 

Congregational Church, Portland. 12mo, zheep. Scarce. 

Portland, 1832. 

2136 Jenkins (John S.) Voyage of Capt. Wilkes. With yo 

Discoveries made by Admiral D'Urville, Capt. Ross, 
and Lieut. Lynch. 8vo, doth. Auburn, 1857. 

2137 Jennbr (Dr. Edward). Letter from, to William Dill- /O 

wyn, Esq., on the Effects of Vaccination in Preserving 
from the Small Pox. 8vo, pp. 20, vncuJt. 

Philadelphia, 1818. 

2138 Jenneb. Der Arzney wiffenschafb Doktors und Mitglieds J (\ 

der Eonigl Societat der Wissenschafben Untersuchungen 

uber die Ursachen und Wirkungen der Kuhpocken einer 

Krankheit die man in einigen westlicheit Provinzen 

Englands vorzuglich in Gloucestershire bemerkt hat. 

Colored Plate. 8vo, pp. 52. Rare. 

Hannover, 1799. 

2139 Jenyns (Soame). Lectures delivered by, To a select ^ 1 

company of Friends. 12mo, ^Aecp. 

New York, hdccxci. 

2140 Jbrvis (Rev. Thos.) Sermons, i^o, half calf . *' 

London, mdcccxi. 

2141 JESU-Worship Confuted, or Certain Arguments Against ^ S^ 

bowing at the Name of Jesus, Proving it to be .Idola- 
trous and Superstitious, and so, utterly unlawful. With 
objections to the contrary fully Answered. 4to,pp. 38. 

London, 1660. 

2142 Jewett (Isaac A.) Passages In Foreign Travel. 2 /f ^' 

Vols. I2ui0, cloth. Boston, 1838. 

2143 Jewsbubt (Maria J.) Letters to the Young. 12mo, /^ 

cloth. Boston, 1834. 

2144 John Bull in America, or the New Munchausen. 12mo, ; ) ~ 

boards J uncut. New York, 1825. 





2145 John Hopkins' Notions on Political Economy. Ports. 

8vo, cZoM. Boston, 1833. 

2146 Johnson (C. B.) Letters from the British Settlement 
in Pennsylvania. Map. 12mo, boardsf uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1819. 

2147 Johnson (James). Change of Air, or the Pursuit of 

Health. An Autumnal Excursion through France, 
Switzerland, and Italy, in the year 1829. With Obser- 
vations and Reflections on the Moral, Physical, aud 
Medical Influence of Travelling, Exercise, Change of 
Scene, Foreign Skies, and Voluntary Expatriation. 
8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1831. 

2 148 Johnson (Lorenzo D.) Memoria Technica, or the Art 

of Abbreviating those Studies which give the greatest 
labor to the memory, including numbers in Historical 
Dates, Geography, Astronomy, Gravities, Ac., also 
Rules for Memorizing, Technicalities, etc. 8vo, half 
bound. Boston, 1847. 

NamerouB mftirasoript memoranda and notes, bj an nnfHendly critio. 

2149 Johnson (Samuel). A Journey to the Western Islands 

of Scotland. First American Edition. 12mo, boards, 
uncut. Baltimore, 1810. 

Jo 2150 



The Works of. Vol. 2. 

8vo, boards, im- 
London, 1825. 

Johnson's Class Collecting and Disbursing Agency. 
Additional Facilities for Business, with less Money 
than is now needed. 8vo, pp. 14. Washington, 1 850. 


215?' JoKEBT. A Burlesque on Rokeby. By an Amateur of 
Fashion. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1813. 

2153 JoNBS (D.) A Discourse upon the Great Fire of Lon- 

don, in the Year 1666. 8vo, pp. 24, uncut. 

Boston, MDCCLX. 

2154 Jones (J. B.) The Literary Prospects of America. 

8vo, pp. 16. Baltimore, 1839. 




2155 JoN^s (Rev. Joseph H.) Attainments of Men in Secu- 

lar and Religious Knowledge, Contrasted. 8vo, pp. 35, 

Philadelphia, 1854, 

2156 Joires (Jo. Setwell). A Defence of the Revolutionary 

History of the State of North Carolina, from the As- 
persions of Mr. Jefferson. 12mo, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1834. 

2157 Jones (Walter). The Case of the Battalion Stated. 

8vo, pp. 32. Washington, 1847. 

2158 JoNBS (William). The Catholic Doctrine of a Trinity, 

Proved by above an Hundred short and clear Argu* 
ments, expressed in the Terms of the Holy Scripture, 
compared after a manner entirely New. 12 mo, sheep. 

London, 1787. 
Jordan (Cornelia J. M.) Corinth, and other Poems of 
the War. 12mo. Lynchburgh, 1865. 

One of only 6 copies. The remainder of the edition burned. Thia copy 
bought at auction, in New York, for $6.76. 

JoBTiN (Rev. John). Tracts, Philological, Critical and 
Miscellaneous. 2 Vols. Port. 8vo, calf. 

London, mdcoxo, 

JossBLYN (John). New England's Rarities Discovered, 
In Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents and Plants, of that 
Country, together with the Physical and Chirurgical 
Remedies, wherewith the Natives constantly use to cure 
their Distempers, Wounds and Sores. Also a perfect 
Description of an Indian Squaw, in all her Bravery, with 
a Poem not improperly conferr'd upon her. Lastly, a 
Chronological Table, of the most remarkable Passages 
in that Country amongst the English. Illustrated with 
Cuts. By John Josselyn, Gent. Small 8vo, hcdf mo- 

• rocco. 

London, Printed for G. Widdowes, at the Green 
Dragon, in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1672. 

A good copy of this aoaroe book. Autograph of Robert Southej^ Kes- 
wick, 1817. 







^2, ^^2162 JossBLTN (John). New England's Rarities Discovered 
in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents and Plants of that 
Country. With an Introduction and Notes, by Edward 
Tuckerman, M. A. Plates. 4to, fafer uncut. 

Boston, 1865. 

Large paper ; only 25 copies printed. 

^^ 2163 JossELYN. The Same. Medium 4to, cloth. 

Boston, 1865. 

Large paper; edition 76 copies. 

J<i'0 2 1 64 JossELYN. The Same. Small 4to, cloth. 

Boston, 1865. 

^? ^^ 2165 JossELYN. An Account of Two Voyages to New En- 
gland, made during the years 1638-1663. 4^to, paper 
uncttt. Boston, 1865. 

Large paper; only 26 copies printed. 

J ^^ -O 2166 JossBLYN. The Same. Medium 4to, cloth. 

Boston, 1865. 

Large paper ; edition 76 copies. 

-^ -^ ^^ 2167 JossELYN. The Same. Small 4to, cloth. Boston, 1865. 

j / i^ 2168 Journal (A) or Historical Account of the Life, Travels 
and Christian Experience of that Ancient, Faithful Ser- 
vant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Chalkley, Who departed 
this Life in the Island of Tortola, the fourth Day of the 
Ninth Month, 1741. 8vo, half turkey morocco. 

Philadelphia, Printed by B. Franklin 
and D. Hall, mdccxlix. 

.^^';: 2169 Journal (A) of a Young Man of Massachusetts, late a 
Surgeon on board an American Privateer, who was cap- 
tured at sea by the British, in May, Eighteen hundred 
and Thirteen, and was confined first at Melville Island, 
Halifax, then at Chatham, in England, and last at 
Dartmoor Prison. Interspersed with Observations, An- 
ecdotes and Remarks. 12mo, aheep. Boston, 1816. 

^ ^ ^ 2170 Journal (A) of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Daniel 
Foss, A native of Elkton, Maryland, Who was the only 
person saved from on board the Brig Negociator, of 
Philadelphia, which foundered in the Pacific Ocean, on 


the 26th Nov. 1811, and who lived five years on a 
small barren Island, during which time he subsisted on 
seals, and uever saw the face of anj human creature. 
Plate. 12mo, pp. 24. Boston, (1812.) 

2171 Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, held at // Z 

Philadelphia, Sept 5, 1774. 8vo, pp. 132, uncut. Very 
scarce. Philadelphia, W. & T. Bradford, mdcclxxiv. 

2172 JouBNAL of the Proceedings of the Congress, Held at / ^,'2^ 

Philadelphia, Sept. 6th, 1774. Containing The Bill of 
Rights, A List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, The 
Association, An Address to the People of Great Britain, 
A Memorial to the Inhabitants of the British American 
Colonies, and An Address to the Inhabitants of the 
Province of Quebec, Published hj Order of the Congress, 
To which is added, Being now first printed bj Authori- 
ty, An Authentic Copy of the Petition to the King. 
8vo, pp. 68. London, 1775. 

2173 Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the General / 6'^^^ 

Assembly Of the Colony of New York, Began the 9th 
Day of April, 1691, and Ended the 27th of September, 
1743. Vol. L ; folio, sheep. Rare. 

New York, Printed by Hugh Gaine, mdcclxiv. 

2174 Journal of the Proceedings of the Senate of Maryland, - ^ 

January, 1860. 8vo, pp. 2122, sheep. 

Annapolis, 1860. 


2175 Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific, by Capt. D. Porter, 

in the U. S. Frigate Essex, in 1812-13-14. Illustrated >s 
with fourteen Engravings. In 2 Vols. 8vo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1815. 

2176 Journal of American Education Society, Nos. (8). / ^ 

Boston, 1834, 

2177 Journeymen (The) Cabinet and Chair-Makers, Phila-/. 

delphia Book of Prices. Second edition. Corrected and 
Enlarged. 8vo, half calf. Rare. 

Philadelphia, mdccxcv. 


1 sf J 

i - ^ 


/^ 21 7S JowBTT (Rev. Wm.) Researches in Syria and the Holy 
Land; in 1823-24. Map. 12mo, boards^ uncut, 

Boston, 1826. 

J ^ ^ 2179 JuDD (Rev. Sylvester). A Moral Review of the Revo- 
lutionary War. 8vo, pp. 48. Hallowell, 1842. 

/i^ 2180 Judgments of God upon the Nations. 12mo, pp. 134. 

New York, 185S. 

/C 2181 Jddson (A. J) The Elements of English Grammar. 

12mo, pp. 56. Scarce. Boston, 1808. 

5^2182 JuDSON (Ann H.) The American Baptist Mission to 

the Barman Empire. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

Washington City, 1823. 

y 2183 Junius (The) Tracts. 8 Nos. 8vo. New York, 1844. 

^ 2184 Kalloch (Rev. LS.) Memorial Sermons in Tremont 
Temple. I. — The Tremont Temple Enterprise. 11. — 
Farewell Words. 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1860. 

-^^ ^ 2185 Kane (Thos. L.) The Mormons, a Discourse before 
the Historical Society of Penn. 8vo, pp. 92. 

Philadelphia, 1850. 

^^ C '^ 2186 Kbbne (Richard R.) Letter to Luther Martin, Esq., on 

the Subject of his Modern Gratitude. 8vo, pp. 53, un- 

cut. Baltimore, 1802. 

"^^ 2187 KJBiGHTLEY (Thomas). The History of Greece. 12mo, 

half morocco* Boston, 1839. 

/^ 2188 Kbightlby. The History of Rome. 1 2mo, half morocco^ 

Boston, 1839. 

y X 2189 Keith (Isaac S.) Trust in God, Explained and Recom- 
mended, with Special reference to the State of the Pub- 
lic Mind in the Prospest of War, July 12, 1807. 8vo, 
pp. 29. Charleston, 1807. 

/f> 2190 Kempis (Thomas a). Lnitation of Christ. \2mo, sheep. 

y Stanford, N. Y., mdcccui. 

//< 2191 Kendil (Samuel). A Sermon delivered at Weston, 

Jan. 12, 1813, on the Termination of a Century since 

the Licorporation of the Town. 8vo, pp. 58. Scarce. 

Cambridge, 1813. 


-n^l92 Kennedy (John P.) Passages in the Life of William ^ 
Thorn. 12mo, pp. 24. (Ashbury), 1846. 

2193 Kennet (Lucy). Address to the People of the U. S. / 

12mo, pp. 12. 

2194 Kenrick (Timothy). Exposition of the New Testa- 7 

ment. Vol. L 8yo, boards, ttncut. Boston, 1828. 

2195 Kenzie (Mrs. John H.) Wau-Bun, the "Early Day" ia / C^ 

the North-West. With Illustrations. 8vo. 

New York, 1856. 

2196 Eettbll (Samuel). Specimens of American Poetry, / Z i'^ 

with Critical and Biogaphical Notices, in 3 Vols. 12m0; 
hoards, uncut. Boston, mdccczxiz. 

2197 Kbttlbwell (John). Visitation Sermon at Coventry, / 
May 7, 1684. 4to. London, 1684. 

2198 Bjddbr (Frederick), Military Operations in Eastern / Z 5^^ 
Maine and Nova Scotia, during the Revolution, chiefly 
Compiled from the Journals and Letters of Col. John 
Allan* With Notes and a Memoir of Col. John Allan. 
Map, 8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1867. 

2199 Kidder. History of the First New Hampshire Regi- 5^^ 
ment, in the War of the Revolution. 8vo, paper uncut. ^ 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1868. 

2200 Kilboubn (John). The Ohio Gazetteer. Map. 12mo, / / S^ 
sheep. Scarce. Columbus, 1829. 

-^•2201 Kimball (Sullivan C.) Poems. 16mo, sheep, uncut. fC 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1858. 

2202 ^ING (David). An Historical Sketch of the Redwood t' ^L 
Library and Athenaeum, in Newport, R. L 8vo, pp. 49. 

Boston, 1860. 

2203 King (William). Political and Literary Anecdotes of 7 
his own times. 12mo, half morocco, Boston, 1819. 

2204 Kip (Wm. Ligraham.) Our National Sins. 8vo, pp- J^ 5 
21. Albany, J. MunseU, 1840. 



J C 2205 Kirbey's Original Second-Sight Mystery, and Pretended 
Clairvoyance exposed, as practiced and performed by 
Prof. Heller, Miss Loomiss, the Scotch Giants, and Oth- 
ers. 12mo. New York, 1855. 

/ 2206 Kirk (Edward N.) A Discourse occasioned by the 
Trial and Execution of John W. Webster. 8vo, pp. 
26. Boston, 1850. 

^"0 2207 Kirk (John). Exposition of Odd-Fellowship, including 
the Secret Signs, Grips, Passwords and charges of the 
Five Degrees. Illustrated with thirty-six Engravings. 
8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1857. 

5^^ 2208 Kitchen (The) and Fruit Gardener. 12mo, cZbrt. 

Philadelphia, 1844. 

-<? f ^ 2209 Knapp (Sam'l L.) Female Biography, containing No- 
tices of Distinguished Women in diflFerent Nations and 
Ages. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1834. 

J C 2210 Knight (Henry 0.) Lectures and Sermons. 2 Vols. 
12mo, cloth^ uncta. Boston, hdoccsxxi. 

//"S^ 2211 BInight (Madam Sarah). The Private Journal of a 
Journey from Boston, to New York, in the year 1 704. 
Boyal 4to, Rubricated title, tinted paper. 

Albany, 1865. 

Lftrge paper, printed by ManaeU; edition only 60 copies. 

2212 Knox (Vicesimus). Christian Philosophy, or an At- 
tempt to display by International Testimony, the Evi- 
dence and Excellence of Revealed Religion. 12mo, 
sheep. Philadelphia, 1804. 

/ , ^ 2213 KoLLiKEB (A). Manual of Human Microscopical Anat- 
omy. Illustrated by 313 Engravings. 8vo, slieep. 

Philadelphia, 1854. 

/ 2214 KossDTH and the Hungarian War. Ports. l6mo, paper 

Philadelphia, 1851. 

2215 Krummacher (P. W.) Soloman and Shulamite. Ser- 
mons on the Book of Canticles. 24mo, boards. 

London, 1838. 




2216 Kbuicmacher. Elijah, the Fishbite. 24mo, sheep. ^ 

New York, [s.jl] 

2217 Kbuhmagheb (F. A.) Cornelius, the Centurion. 12mo, i^^ 

cloth. New York, 1841. 

2218 Labat (R. p.) Nouveau Voyage Aux Isles de L'Amer- ^ S'^ 

ique contenant L*Histoire Naturelle de Ces Pays 
^ rOrigine, les M»urs,Ia Religion & le Gouvernement 

des Habitans anciens & modernes. Les Guerres & 
les Evenemens singuiiers qui y sont arrives pendant le 
s6jour que TAuteur y a fait. 8 Vols. Numerous Cop- 
per Plates and Maps. 12mo. Paris, mdcgxlii. 

2219 Labobs (The) of Hercules. By Punch. With lUus- J 
trations. 12nio, pp. 56. New York, 1851. 

2220 Labobing (The) Classes of England; Also, a Voice J ^ '" 

from the Factories. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1847. 

2221 Ladies (The) Physical Directory, or a Treatise of all/ /* ^ ^ 

the Weaknesses, Indispositions and Diseases peculiar 
to the Female Sex, from Eleven ytfars of Age to Fifty, 
and upwards, by which Women and Maids of the mean- 
est capacity, may perfectly understand the Symptoms, 
Nature and True Cause of their own Illnesses, and 
readily know how to manage themselves under all 
their Infirmities. 8yo, calf. London, 1742. 

2222 Lady's (The) Budget of Wit 8vo, pp. 64. J S'^ 

New York, 1852. 

2223 Lady's Wreath. 18Nos. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1842-45, "^ •'^• 

.2224 Lafoy (J. B.) The Complete Coiffeur, or an Essay on y^ a 
the Art of Adorning Natural, and of creating Artificial, 
Beauty. Ornamented with Plates. 12 mo, boards, 
uncut. New York, 1817. 

2225 Lake (J. W.) The Works of Lord Byron, including J 2 S-^ 
the suppressed Poems. Also a Sketch of his Life. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1852. 


y 2226 Lamartine (Alphonse do). Narrative of the Residence 
of Fatalla Sayeghir, among the Wandering Arabs of 
the Great Desert, 12mo, cloth, Philadelphia, 1836, 

^^ 3227 LamartinB, On Atheism. 12mo, pp. 71. 

Boston, 1850. 

/ ] 2228 Lambert (John). Travels through Canada and the 
United States of North Arnierica,in the years 1806,1807 
and 1808. To which are added Bio.2;raphical Notices and 
Anecdotes of some of the leading Characters in the 
United States. 2 Vols., with Map and Engravings. 
8vo, AttZ/ calf^ gilt London, 1816. 

y 2229 Lancaster (Joseph). Letters on National Subjects, 
Aui^iliary to Universal Education. 8vo, pp. 60, uncut. 

Washington, 1820. 

J S^ 2230 Landing (The) of William Penn, on the Shore of Amr 
lea. 8vo, pp. 28. [Philadelphia,] V J, 

yV^^2231 Landor (Walter S.) Dry Sticks Fagoted. ^ - . r /. 

Edinburgh, M'^iv ^viii. 

<^ 2232 L[AND0N] (L. E.) The Improvisatrice, . !.-: iher Po- 
ems. 24mo, boardsf uncut. ^uston, 1825. 

/ 2233 Lander (Sarah W.) Spectacles for Young Eyes. 12mo, 
pp. 194. Boston, 1866. 

^ ^ 2234 Lane (Rev. B. J.) The Mysteries of Tobacco. 12mo. 

New York, 1845, 

S^^-^235 Lanb (R. B.) a New Heaven and a New Earth, or the 
Middle of the Nineteenth Century. 12mo, pp. 20, 

New York, 1849. 

/O 2238 Langdon (Samuel). Observations on the Revelation of 
Jesus Christ to St. John. SvOf sheep. 

Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, mdccxci. 

/ . 2237 Langdon (William B.) A Descriptive Catalogue of the 
Chinese Collection, London. With Condensed Ac- 
count of th^ Celestial Empire. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1843. 


2238 Lanman (James H.) Histoid of Michigan, from it» ^ ^^ 
Earliest Colonization to the Present Time, 16mo, 

cloth. New York, [1841.] 

2239 LaphaM (L A.) A (Geographical and Topographical J a 

Description of Wisconsin, with brief Sketches of its 
History, Geology, Mineralogy, Natural History, Popu- 
lation, etc. 24mo, c/o^A. Milwaukee, 1844. 

2240 Lapham. Wisconsin, its Geography and Topography,/ 

History, Geology, Mineralogy, etc. 12mo, pp. 206. 

Milwaukee, 1846. 

2241 Lardnbr (Rev. Dionysius). Treatise on Mechanics. /O 

1 2mo, cloth, Boston, 1831. 

2242 Lardner. Treatise on Hydrostatics and Pneumatics. / 

12mo, clothy uncut. Boston, 1832. 

2243 Lardnbr. Hydrostatics and Pneumatics. 12mo, chth. / 

Boston, 1834. 

2244 Las Casas (Bartholome). La Miroir de la Tyrannie 5^^ 
Espagnole Perpetree aux Indes Occidontales. On vcr- 

ra icy la cruauto plus que inhumaine, comriiise par les 
Espagnols, aussi la description de ces terres, peuples 
et leur nature. Engraved frontispiece and numerous 
curious plates. Small 4to, crimson morocco, gUi top, title 
page^mounted. Amsterdam, 1620. 

2245 Laskey (Capt J. C.) A Description of the Series of y '^^^' 

Medals, struck at the National Medal Mint, by order of 
Napoleon Bonaparte, commemorating the most remark- 
able Battles and Events during his Dynasty. Port, 
and Engravings. Royal 8vo, morocco gilt, gilt edges. 

London, 1818. 

Printed on drawing paptf . 

2246 Last Words before Death, or Bright Genius and Black /^ 

Crimes. 8 vo, pp.39. Philadelphia, 1854. 

2247 Late (A) Letter, from a Solicitous Mother, to her Son, v ^ ^ 
both living in New England. 12mo, pp. 14. 

Newbury port, 1802. 


^ ^ 2248 Late (The) Rebellion in Rhode Island. 8vo. 

Providence, 1842. 

/ ^^ 2249 Late (The) Occurrences in North America, and Policy 
of Great Britain considered. 8vo, pp. 42. Scarce. 

London, mdcclxyi. 

/ ^^ 2250 Latham (John). The Pharmacopoeia of London. 8vo, 

•Aeep. London, 1793. 

Autograph of J. G. PerciTaL 

-c C 2251 Lathbop (Joseph). Damnable Heresies Defined and 
Described. 8vo, pp. 16, unciU. Brookfield, 1821. 

<) 'b 2252 Lathrop (Rev. D. W.) The Case of the Gteneral As- 
sembly of the Presbyterian Church. 8vo, boards. 

Philadelphia, 1839. 

5i> - y g»- 2253 Lathrop (Joseph). A Discourse delivered at the Fu- 
neral of the Rev. Robert Breck, April 23, 1784. 8vo, 
pp. 23. Springfield, 1784. 

•, Q /-^-V-1^ 2254 liATHROP. Sermons by J. Lathrop, D. D., Pastor of the 
First Church, in West Springfield, Mass. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Springfield, 1821. 

y ^^ 2255 Lathrop (John). Innocent Blood crying to God from 
the streets of Boston. A Sermon occasioned by the 
Horrid Murder of Messieurs Samuel Gray, Samuel 
Maverick, James Caldwell and Crispus Attucks, with 
Patrick Carr, since dead, and Christopher Monk, 
judged irrecoverable, and several others badly wound- 
ed, by a party of Troops, under the Command of Cap- 
tain Preston, on the Fifth of March, 1770, and preached 
the Lord's-day following. 8vo, pp. 21. Rare. 

Boston, MDCCLXXI. 

^ (' / 2256 Lathrop. A Discourse Preached Dec. 15th, 1774, be- 
ing the day, recommended by the Provincial Congress, 
to be Observed in Thanksgiving to God for the Bles- 
sings enjoyed ; and humiliation on account of Public 
Calamities. By John Lathrop, A. M., Pastor of the 
Second Church, in Boston. 8vo, pp. 39. Scarce. 

Boston, 1774. 


2257 Lathbop. Disconrse occasioned by the Death of Rev. 

John Eliot, D. D. 8vo, pp. 26. Boston, 1813. 

2258 Lathrop (S. K.) Sermon on the destruction of the -^ ^'^ 

Lexington, by Fire. 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1840. 

2259 Latrobb (B. Henry). The Practicability and Means o{ / / 

supplying the City of Philadelphia with wholesome wa- 
ter. 8vo, pp. 20. Philadelphia, Z. Poulson, 1799. 

2260 Latrobb (Rev. C. I.) Journal of a Visit to South Af- 75 ^ 
rica, in 1815 and 1816, with some Account of the Cape 

of Good Hope. 8vo, boards. New York, 1818. 

2261 Latrobb (John H. B.) History of Mason and Dixon's ^^5^ 

Line. 8vo, pp. 52. Philadelphia, 1855. 

2262 Laurhl Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Numerous Illus- -<^ f ^ 

trations. Eoyal 8vo, pp. 160. Philadelphia, 1844. 

2263 Layater (John C.) Aphorisms on Man. Small 8vo, ^ ^^ 

calf. London, mdccxc. 

2264 Lavater. Aphorisms on Man. 8vo, pp. 76. / ^ 

Catskill, MDCCXcv. 

2265 Law (Wm.) The Spirit of Prayer, or the Soul rising J j"-^ 

out of the Vanity of Time into the Riches of Eternity. 
12mo, sheep. Providence, 1823. 

2266 Law. The Divine Life. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1842. ^ ^ 

2267 Laws of the State of Wisconsin relating to Conmion J q 

Schools, " Public Property to be delivered by each offi- 
cer to his successor." 8vo, pp. 202. . Madison, 1859. 

2268 Lawrence (Henry). An History of Angells, being a y ■' ^- 

Theologicall Treatise of our . Communion and Warr 
with them. 4to, sheep. London, 1650. 

2269 Lawson (John). The History of Carolina. Containing /yd 

the exact description and Natural History of that 
country, together with the present state thereof, and a 
Journal of a thousand miles travelled through several 
Nations of Indians, giving a particular account of their 
Customs, Manners, &c., &c. 12mo, cloth. 

Ealeigh, 1860. 














Jtn: 2276 










Lay (Et. Hev. Henry C.) A Sermon at the Consecrar 
tion of the Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, Alabama, 
I860. 8vo, pp. 24. Huntsville, mdccclx- 

Latard (Austen H). Nineveh and its Remains. En- 
gravings. 2 Vols, in one. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1852. 

Leake (Isaac Q.) Memoir of the Life and Times of 
Gen. John Lamb. Port 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1857. 

Lectures before the American Institute of Instruction, 
Providence, Aug. 1840. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841. 

Lectures by the Clairvoyant. Laban Alverson. 8vo, pp. 
48. Ann Arbor, Mich., 1847- 

Lee (Andrew). Sermons on Various Important Sub- 
jects. 8vo, sheep. 

Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, 1803. 

Lee (Henry). Memoirs of the War in the Southern 
Department of the United States. 8vo, boards, wtcut. 
Scarce. Washington, 1827. 

Legends (The) of Lampidosa, or the Seven Heroines. 
8vo, half morocco. New York, 1844. 

Leoge (Chas.) Victoria Bridge, and the Men who 
Built it. 12mo, pp. 153. Montreal, 1860. 

Le Mercier (Andrew). A Treatise against Detraction, 
in Ten Sections. By Rev. A. Le Mercier, Pastor of the 
French Church at Boston. 8vo, calf. Boston, 1 733. 

Lbmoinb (Stephen P.) Oration on the 17th of March, 
1819, at Washington Hall. 8vo, pp. 27, uncvt. 

New York, 1819. 

Lemprierb (J.) Universal Biography, containing a Co- 
pious Account, Critical and Historical, of the Life and 
Character, Labors and Actions, of Eminent Persons, in 
all Ages and Countries. 2 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

NwYork, 1810. 


2282 Lesdernier (Mrs. Emily P.) Voices of Life. Pub- ^ 

lished for the Author. \2mo,hoardi. New York, 1 853. 

2283 Lessons upon Religious Duties and Christian Morals. ^ 

24mo, hoards. Boston, 1852. 

2284 Lester (C. Edwards). The Artists of America. A^ »,"^ 

Series of Biographical Sketches of American Artists. 
8vo, clotK New York, 1846. 

2285 Letter (A) to a Friend, giving a concise, but just rep- ] £ L 

resentations of the hardships and suflFerings the town of i 

Boston 49 exposed to, and must undergo, in consequence 

of the late Act of the British Parliament; which, by 

shutting up its port, has put a fatal bar in the way of 

that commercial business on which it depended for its 

support. Shewing, at the same time, wherein this Edict, 

however unintended, is powerfully adapted to promote 

the interest of all the American Colonies, and, even of f ^ 

Boston itself, in the end. By T. W., a Bostonian. 

8vo, pp. 36, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclxxiv. 

2286 Letter (A) on the Grenius and Dispositions of the French '"^ 

Government, including a View of the Taxation of the 
French Empire. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1810. 

2287 Letter (A) to the Lihabitants of the Province of Que- ^ ^ A 

bee. Svo, pp. 16, uncut. 

Philadelphia, W. & T. Bradford, 1774. 

2288 Letter (A) Addressed to Two Great Men, on the Pros- 7 

pect of Peace. 8vo, pp. 56. London, mdcclx. 

2289 Letters. Second Series of, containing the History of ,_ • ^ 

the First Parish in Scituate. 12mo, pp. 84, Scarce. 

Boston, MDCCCXLV. 

2290 Letter (A) to the Honorable H**** s********** on 

his entrance to the University in D*****; A. D. 1761. 
Svo, pp. 36. London, 1761. 

2291 Letter (A) to Lieut Gen. Burgoyne, on his letter to his 

Constituents. Svo, pp. 36, uncut^ London, 1779. 


^ C 2292 Letter (A) on Currency Matters, to the People of the 
United States. By one of the People. 8vo, pp. 36. 

New York, 1841. 

/^ 2293 Letter from Edmund Burke, to the Duke of Portland, 
from the original copy in the possession of the Noble 
Duke. Svo, pp. 56, uncut. Philadelphia, 1797. 

u 5^"^ 2294 Letter from Joe Strickland. Svo, pp. 18, vncut. 

Memphremagog, from theGraphic and Picturesque 

Press, 1828. 

/ ^ 2295 Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, on the Me- 
morial of Merchants and Traders, of Philadelphia. 8vo, 
pp. 8. Philadelphia, 1798. 

/ 2296 Letter from the Assistant Postmaster Greneral, accom- 
panying a Specification of the yarious Post Offices, and 
of the Compensations which have been allowed to the 
Deputy Postmasters, 1797. 8vo, pp. 24, uncvt. 

Philadelphia, 1798. 

/ 2297 Letters of Marcus and Philo-Cato, addressed to DeWitt 
Clinton, Esq., containing one letter of Marcus, and sev- 
eral numbers of Philo-Cato never published before, 

[New York,] 1810. 

/ 2298 Letters of Marcus and Philo-Cato, to DeWitt Clinton, 
Esq. 8vo, pp. 86, uncvl. New York, 1810. 

y C 2299 Letters to Albert Gallatin, Esq., on the Doctrine of 
Gold and Silver, and the Evils of the present Banking 
System. 8vo, pp. 96. New York, 1815. 

^ i^ 2300 Letters. An Literesting Correspondence between 
John Adams, late President of the United States, aud 
Samuel Adams, late Governor of Massachusetts. 8vo, 
pp. 32, uncvJt. Boston, 1801. 

•< ^^ 2301 Letters between James Munroe, Esq., Secretary of 
State, of the United States, aud Augustus J. Foster, 
Esq., Envoy Extraordinary, and Minister Plenipotentia- 
ry^ of His Britannic Majesty, in relation to the Orders 
in Council, and the affair of the Little Belt. T which 


is added the Declaration of War. 12mo, pp. 59^ imcuu 
Scarce. New York, 1812. 

2302 Letters from Washington, on the Constitution and^i^ 

Laws. With Sketches of 8ome of the Prominent Public 
Characters of the United States. Written during the 
winter of 1817-18. By a Foreigner, 12in0j boards, 
uncut. Washington, 1818. 

2303 Letters from a Farmer, Ac, Relates to the Stamp Act,^^ ^ ^ 

and other Revolutionary matterB. 8vo, pp. SO. Bare. 
Wants title page. Printed, 1768. 

2304 Letters from the Mountains, being the Real Correapon- ^^ S ^^ 

pondence of a Lady, between the years 1773 and 1807- 
2 Vols. 12mO; boardSj uncuL Boston, 1809, 

2305 Letters on the Subject of the Conoert of Princes, and / 

the Dismemberment of Poland and France* With 
Corrections and Additions. By a Calm Obsenrer. 
8vo, boards^ uncut. London, 1 794. 

2306 Letters on War, addressed to Caleb Strong, Esq* 8vo, 7 

boards, uncut. Phiiadelph ia, 1818. 

2307 Letters on Florida. 8vo, pp. 19. / 

2308 Letters of the late Lord Ly ttlcton. 24mo, siteep. 5 "^ 

Philadelphia, 1812. 

2309 Letters of the British Spy. Wants title page. 12 mo, / ^ ^ 

boardsy uncut. 

2310 Letters (The) of Junius. 2 Vols, in one, 12mo, chtL i ^ 

BostODj 1854. 

2311 Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King of the Feda., Ci- ^^*^ i 

Devant Secretary of the Treasury of the United States 
of America, Lispector-Gencral of the Standing Annies 
thereof, Counsellor-at-Law, &c,, Ac. Being intended as 
a reply to a Scandalous Pamphlet, lately published un- 
der the sanction of Mr. Hanxilton, By Tom Callender^ 
Esq., Citizen of the World. 8vo, pp. G4, nncuL 

New York, Printed by Richard Eoyuolda, 1 802. 


/ 2312 Letters to Richard Heber, Esq., containing Critical Re- 
marks on the Series of Novels, beginning with " Waver- 
ly," and an Attempt to ascertain their Author. 8vo, 
hoards, vnaU. Boston, 1822. 

"^ ^ 2313 Letters to the Bev. William E. Channmg, D. D., on the 
Existence and Agency of Fallen Spirits. 12mo, boards. 

Boston, 1828. 

/ ^ 2314 Letter-Bag (The) of the Great Western, or Life in a 
Steamer. 12 mo, boards. Philadelphia, 1840. 

/ ^ ^2315 Lewis (Alonzo). The History of Lynn, including Na- 
hant. Second edition. Engravings. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1 844. 

y C 2316 Lewis. Guide through Nahant, with an Account of the 
First Inhabitants, etc., etc. 8vo, pp. 14. Lynn, 1851. 

/u 2317 Lewis (John). Tables of Comparative Etymology and 
Analogous Formations . in the Greek, Latin, Spanish, 
Italian, French, English and German Languages. 4to, 
boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1828. 


2318 Lewis (W.) Experiments and Observations on Ameri- 
can Potashes. Made at the Request of the Society for 
the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Com- 
merce, in consequence of an Application from the 
Hou^e of Representatives of Mossachusetts Bay. 8vo, 
pp. 34. Scarce. London, ifDCCLxni. 

y 2319 Lewis. The New Dispensatory. Copper-plates of 
Pharmaceutical Instruments.^ 8vo, calf, 

Edinburgh, 1786. 
Has the Autograph of J. G. Peroival, and his father Dr. James PerciTal. 

/ ^ 2320 Lewis. Elements of the Game of Chess, or A New 
Method of Instruction in that Celebrated Game. 12mo, 
boards, uncut. New York, 1827. 

/ 2321 Liberal (The) Preacher, a Monthly Publication of Ser- 
mons, by Living Ministers. New Series. 4 Vols, in 
two. 8vo, half sheep. Boston, 1831. 




2322 "LiBBBTY." The Image and Superscription on every //T5 

coin issued hy the United States of America. 12 mo, 
cloth. [8.1], 1838. 

2323 LiB-ABY on America, with Yarns on its Institutions. ^'^ 

By Captain Marry-it, C. B., (Common Bloat). . Illus- 
trated. 18mo, pp. 36. Boston, 1840. 

2324 LiKBEB (Francis). The Stranger in America, or Let-^ J -v 

ters to a Gentleman in Germany, comprising Sketches 
of the Manners, Society and National Peculiarities of 
the United States. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1835. 

Life and Adv«i4ores of Charles Anderson Chester, the 4^ ^ 
Notorious Leader of the Philadelphia " Killers," who 
was murdered Oct. 11th, 1849. Plates. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Philadelphia, 1850- 

Life and Adventures of Robert, the Hermit of Massa- / ^^ 
chusotts, who has lived 14 years in a Cave, secluded 
from human society. Comprising an account of his 
Birth, Parentage, Sufferings, and providential escapes 
from unjust and cruel Bondage Jin early life — and his 
reasons for becoming a Recluse. 12mo, pp. 36. Scarce. 

Providence, 1829. 
Life and Remarkable Adventures of Israel R. Patter, / / j ^ 
(a native of Cranston, R. L), who was a soldier in the 
American Revolution, and took a distinguished part in 
the Battle of Bunker Hill (in which he received three 
wounds), after which he was taken Prisoner, by the 
British, conveyed to England, where, for 30 years, he 
obtained a livelihood for himself and family, by crying, 
'^ Old Chairs to Mend,^ through the streets of London. 
Engraving. 12mo, boards. Rare. Providence, 1824. 

2328 Life of Archbishop Hughes. Port. 12mo, pp. 70. 

Philadelphia, [1864.] 

2329 Life of General Marion. With Illustrations* 16 mo, 

cloth. Philadelphia, [1847.] 

!330 Life of General Lafayette. 8vo, pp.64. Boston, 1825 





/ d 2331 Life of General Winfield Scott. Engravings. 12mo, 
pp. 202. New York, 1852. 

/ 2332 Life of John C. Calhoun. A Condensed History of Po- 
litical Events from 1811 to 1843. Port. 8vo, pp. 76. 

New York, 1843. 

y 2333 Life of John Chas. Fremont. Port. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, 1856. 

y 2334 Life of Michael Ppwers, now under Sentence of Death, 
for the Murder of Timothy Kennedy. 8vo, pp. 24, xoi- 
cut. Scarce. Boston, 1820. 

/ ^ 2335 Life of William Pitt, with Biographical Notices of his 
principal friends, and illustrious Contemporaries. Port. 
12mo, hoards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1806. 

5^> ^ 2336 Life (The) and Adventures of Joshua Penny, a native 
of Southhold, Long Island, SuflFolk County, New York, 
who was Impressed into the British Service. Inter- 
spersed with many Hair-Breadth Escapes. Also, Ac- 
count of his being taken out of his bed by Commodore 
Hardy, on the night of Aug. 21, 1813, and carried to 
Halifax, where^e suflFered imprisonment nine months. 
8vo, pp. 60. Scarce. New York, 1815. 

//^i^ 2337 Life (The) and Death of Fanny White, being a com- 
plete and interesting history of the Career of that No- 
torious Lady. Ports. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1860. 


/ 5^ 2338 Life (The) and Writings of Major Jack Downing, of 
Downingville, away Down East, in the State of Maine. 
Written by Himself. Illustrated. 12mo, boards. 

Boston, 1834. 

/ 2339 Life (The) and Extraordinary Adventures of William 
Stevens. Plate. 12 mo, pp. 40. >- London. 

/ ." 2340 Life (The) and Adventures of Obadiah Benjamin Frank- 
lin Bloomfield, M. D., a native of the United Stat^ of 
America, now on the Tour of Europe. Written by 
Himself. \2mo, hoards^ uncut. Philadelphia, 1818. 


2341 Life (The) and Ch&racter of Hon. David Daggett. 8vo, ^ 

pp. 33. New Haven, 1851. 

2342 Life (The) and Character of Hon. Roger Minott Sher- J -^ ^ 

man. Port Svo, pp. 21. New Haven, 1846. 

2343 Life (The) and Travels of Lemuel Glasscock. 8vo,pp. -^ ^ ^ 

27. 8.1.s.a. 

2344 Life (The) and Dangerous Voyages of Sir Francis J J 2- 

Drake, containing, his Surprising of Norabre de Dios, 
etc. To which is added Sir Francis Drake's Last Voy- 
age, in 1595, and the manner of his Death and Burial. 
Svo, calf. London, s.a. 

2345 Life (The) and Adventures of Col. David Crockett, ol J 

West Tennessee. 12mo, hoards. Cincinnati, 1833. 

2346 Life (The) and Missionary Labors of that Holy Man, ^ Q 

Francis Xavier, commonly called the Apostle of the 
Lidies. Port. 24m o, boai^ds, uncut. New York, 1814. 

2347 Life (The) and Campaigns of Victor Moreau. 12mo, ^ ^ 

sheep. New York, 1806. 

2348 Life (The) of Alfred the Great. By Sir John Spelman, J ^^. 

Kt., from the Original Manuscript in the Bodlejan Li- 
brary. With considerable Additions and several His- 
torical Remarks, by the Publisher, Thomas Hcarne, 
M. A. Fort. Title page imperfect. 8vo, calf. 

Oxford, 1709. 

2349 Life (The), of George Law. 12mo, pp. 96. ^ ^ 

New York, 1855. 

2350 Life (The) of William Henry Harrison. 24mo, cloth. / ^^ 

Boston, 1839. 

2351 Life (The) of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the J C 

African. Written by Himself. 2 Vols, in one. En- 
gravings. \2mOi cloth. Boston, 1837.^ 

2352 Life (The) of Gen. Prank Pierce. Port. 12mo, pp. ^ i^ 

98. New York, 1852. 

2353 Life (The) of Baron Frederick Trenck. 8vo, pp. 100. / ^ ' 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1853. 


Y 2354 Life (The), Explorations, and Public Serrices of John 
Chas. Fremont Port. 12nio, pp. 114, 

New York, 1856. 

// 2. 2355 Life (The) of Richard Nash, Esq., late Master of the 
, Ceremonies at Bath. Extracted principally from His 

• Original Papers. Port. 8vo, ccHf^ gilt, 

London, MDCCLxn. 

►' b J 235fi Life (The) of Andrew Jackson, President of the Uni- 

ted States. Illustrated with numerous cuts. By Ma- 
jor Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia. 12 mo, 
dock. Philadelphia, 1834. 

^ i ^ 2357 Life (The) Adventures, and Opinions of David Theo, 
Hiues, of South Carolina, Master of Arts, and some- 
times Doctor of Medicine, alias Dr. Hamilton, Col. 
Hamilton, Dr. Haynes, Col. Haynes, &c., Ac, &c 
I Written by Himself. I2mo, boards. New York, 1840. 

♦ ^ ^^ 2358 Life and Confessions of John Tuhi (a youth of 17 

years), who was executed at Utica, (N. Y.,) on Friday 
• July- 25th, 1817, for the Murder of his brother, Joseph 

Tuhi. 12mo, pp. 12. Very scarce. [s.l.s.a.] 

75*^2359 Light (George W.) The Young American's Magazine 
« of Self-Improvement. Plate. 12mo, AaZ/'ca(/I 

Boston, 1847. 

* j/ 2360 LiGHTPOOTi (Johannis). Horae Hebraicae et Talmudice 

in Acta Apostolarum Partem Aliquam Epistol» ad Ro« 
manos et Puorem ad Corinthios, etc. 4to, haif calf. 

Lipsias, mdclxxix. 
/ •' 236 L LiGflTHiLL (E. Bunford). On Deafness, its Causes and 
Prevention. Plates. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, mdcoclxh. 

y ^ 2362 Lilly (Lambert). The Early History of the Southern 
States, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. 
Illustrated by Talcs, Sketches, Anecdotes and Adven- 
tures. Engravings. 24mo, boards. 

PhUadelphia, 1832. 



2363 Lincoln (Abraham). The President's Words. A Se- 5*5^ ^ 

lection of Passages from the Speeches, Addresses and 
Letters of. 16mo, cZoeA. Boston, 1865. 

2364 Lincoln. Amnesty Proclamation, and Third Annual J^ Z 

Message of Abraham Lincoln. Bead in Congress, 
Dec. 9, 1863. 8vo, pp. 20. s.l.s.a. 

2365 Lincoln. Gems from Abraham Lincoln. Fine Port / 2 5 

8vo. New York, s.a. 

--^366 Lincoln. The Opinions of Abraham Linpoln upon Sla- / / 2^ 
very, and its Issues, indicated by his Speeches, Letters, 
Messages and Proclamations. 8vo, pp. 16. ' 

Washington, 64L 

2367 Lincoln. The Martyr's Monument, being the Patriot- 7 5^ 

ism and Political Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, as ex- 
hibited in his Speeches, Messages, Orders and Procla- 
mations. 12mo, cloiL New York, [1865.] 

2368 Lincoln. Abraham, Africanus L His Secret Life, as ^ ^^ 

Revealed under the Mesmeric Influence and Mysteries of 
the White House. 12mo, pp. 67. New York, 1864. 

2369 Lincoln. A Memorial of Abraham Lincoln, late Presi- / t "2^ 

dent of the United States. Royal 8vo, cloth, 

Boston, Printed by order of the City Council, 1865. 

2370 Lincoln. A Memorial of Abraham Lincoln, late Presi- y T'^ 
dent of the United States. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1865. 

Large paper. 

2371 Lincoln. A Tribute of Respect, by the Citizens of ^^ S ^ 
Troy, to the memory of Abraham Lincoln. 4to, paper 
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Large paper. Very email edition. 

2372 Lincoln. A Tribute. The same. Tinted paper, 8vo, // 2. 
chthf uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

2373 Lincoln. A Tribute. The same. 8vo, half green / 7 ; 
turkey moroccOj gilt top, rough edges. On thin paper, 
unique. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 


^^''l2i^4: Lincoln. A Collection of Newspapers, seventy-one in 
number, mostly in mourning, from April nth to May 
20th, 1865, containing accounts of the Assassination, 
Proceedings of Cities and Various Public Bodies, Ser- 
mons, Eulogies, Orations, &c. 
^"i ^ 2375 Lincoln. A Piece of Carpeting, stained with the blood 
of Abraham Lincoln. Of the authenticity of this ghastly 
relic, the ovmer possesses Jull evidence, 

/ 2376 Lincoln. Abott. The Assassination and Death of 
Abraham Lincoln, at Washington, on the 14th of April, 
1865. By Abott A. Abott. 12mo, pp. 12. 

New York, 1865. 
6 ^ 2377 Lincoln. Arnold. Reconstruction: Liberty, the Cor- 
ner-Stone, and Lincoln, the Architect. Speech of Hon. 
Isaac N. Arnold, in the House of Representatives, 
March 19, 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. Washington, 1864. 

/ ^^ 2378 Lincoln. Bancroft. Memorial Address, on the Life 
and Character of Abraham Lincoln, delivered at Wash- 
ington, on the 1 2th of February, 1866. By Greorge 
Bancroft. Port. 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1866. 

2 ^ 2379 Lincoln. Bancroft. Our Martyr President. Oration 
by Hon. George Bancroft, and Oration at the Burial. 
12mo, cloth. New York, [1865.] 

y C 2380 Lincoln. Bancroft's Oration. Ode by Wm. C. Bry- 
ant. Emancipation Proclamation, etc. 12 mo, pp. 23. 

New York, 1865. 

^C 2381 Lincoln. Barrett. Life of Abraham Lincoln, and a 

concise History of the War. By J. H. Barrett. Port 

12mo, c/o^A. Cincinnati, 1865. 

/ ^"^^ 2382 Lincoln. Bingham. Trial of the Conspirators, for the 

Assassination of President Lincoln. Argument of 

John A. Bingham, Special Judge Advocate, &c. 8vo, 

pp. 122. Washington, 1865. 

.y J (^ 2383 Lincoln. Binney. Oration on the Death of Abraham 

Lincoln. By William Binney. 2 Ports. Royal 4to, 

clothjuncut. Providence, R. L, 1865. 

Large paper. No. 8, of 25 copies Priyately Printed. 



2384 Lincoln. Binney. Proceedings of the City Council of 5 *^ 
Providence, on the Death of Abraham Lincoln. With 
an Oration by William Binney^ Esq. 8yo, pp. 56. 

Providence, 1865. 

2385 Lincoln. Blackbume. The Crime against the Presi- y ^ 
dency. A Sermon by Rev. Wm. M. Blackbnrne. 8vo, 
pp. 24. Trenton, N. J., 1865. 

2386 Lincoln. Brown. Sermon by Rev. Henry W. Brown, ^ Z 
Augusta, Me., April 16th, 1865. Newspaper. Not 
printed in pamphlet form. 

2387 Lincoln. Burrows. Palliative and Prejudiced judg- J 2 i'^ 
ments Condemned. A Discourse delivered in the First 
Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., June 1, 1865. To- 
gether with an extract from a Sermon, April 23d, 1865, 
upon the Assassination. By J. Lansing Burrows, D. D. 
8vo, pp. 12. Richmond, Va., 1865. 

r 2388 Lincoln. Carpenter. Six months at the White House, 5" 
with Abraham Lincoln. The Story of a Picture. By 
P. B. Carpenter. 16mo, clo^. New York, 1866. 

2389 Lincoln. Crocker. Eulogy upon the Character and > !: 
Services of Abraham Lincoln. By Samuel L. Crocker, 
Jr. 8vo, pp. 28, unciA. Boston, 1865. 

2390 Lincoln. Daily National Republican. The second i^^ 
page is occupied with a representation of a monument 
to Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator. 

2391 Lincoln. Description of the original Lincoln Cabin, as ^/ c." 
exhibited on Boston Common. 

2392 Lincoln. Eulogies, Sermons, Orations, Poems, Ac, on (- ^ ^;_ 
the occasion of his death. A Collection comprising 't *^ 
two hundred and seventy-seven titles in two hundred 
and forty-two separate pamphlets. This collection was 
in part formed by Mr. Spencer, the Editor of Lincoln- 
iana, and contains all mentioned in his list, with per- 
haps one or two excef)|;ions. Since the publication of 
that work, the present owner has made large additions, 


and the collection is now nearly complete, as it con- 
tains all mentioned in Bartlett's List of throe hundred, 
with the exception of twenty-nine, together with sct- 
cral which he does not name. Of many of these pam- 
plilets, but small editions were published ; of Samuel 
Johnson's only 15 were printed, and of several of the 
others, only one hundred. No duplicates, and aU h 
Ttnjjine condition. 

T -^"5393 Ltxooln. Garrison. Address on the Assassination of 

( Abraham Lincoln, at Providence, June I, 1865. By 

Wm. Lloyd Grarrison. Newspaper. Not printed in 

pamphlet form. 

Sl: 2394 Lincoln. General Order of the Navy Department, No. 

fill on occasion of the assassination. 

J C 2395 Lincoln. Haven. Te Deum Laudamus. The Cause 
and Consequence of the Election of Abraham Lincoln. 
A Thanksgiving Sermon, Kov. 11, 1860. By Rev. 
Gilbert Haven. 8vo, pp. 44. Boston, 1860. 

6 Z, 2396 Lincoln. Hughes. Sermon delivered by Rev. D. 
L* Hughes, at the First Presbyterian Church, in 
Des Moines, on Sunday evening, April 23d, 1865. 
Newspaper. Printed in no other form. 
t 2397 Lincoln. Jefferson Davis, and his complicity in the as- 
Bassination of Abraham Lincoln, and where the traitor 
shall be tried for treason. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Philadelphia, 1866. 

/ i 2398 Lincoln. Kirkland. A Letter to Hon. Benj. R, Cur- 
tisj on the Emancipation Proclamation. By Charles 
P. tirkland. 8vo, pp. 21. New York, 1862. 

/ yj \ 2399 IiiNCOLN. Lincolniana. Small 4to, cloth. 

Boston, 1865. 

Edition, 250 copies. 

2400 Lincoln. Mackenna. Eulogistic Letter, from B. Vicu- 

^ na Mackenna, to Hon. T. H. Nelson, Minister from the 

United States to Chili, dated, Santiago, June 1, 1865. 

With numerous other documents relating to Chili. 8vo, 

pp. 128. New York, 1866. 





Lincoln. Majority and Minority Reports to the House y/-^; 
of Representatives) on the assassination of Lincoln, 
with Vindication of Judge-Advocate-General Holt. 
8vo, hdfnujTocco. Washington, 1866. 

2402 Lincoln. Only Authentic Life of Abraham Lincoln, y^^;-^ 

alias '< Old Abe/' a Son of the West, with an account 
of his Birth and Education, his Rail-Splitting and Flat- 
Boating, his Joke-Cutting and Soldiering, with some 
allusion to his Journeys from Springfield to Washing- 
ton, and back again. Illustrations. Svo, pp. 16. 
scarce. s.l.s.a. 

2403 Lincoln. Plan for Conquering Treason. Letter to ^ / ^ 
President Lincoln, by a Citizen of Kentucky. Svo, pp. 

8. 1862, s.l. 

2404 Lincoln. Poetical Tributes to the Memory of Abra- ^~^ 

ham Lincoln. Port. Tinted paper, 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1865. 

2405 Lincoln. Proceedings of Cities, Towns, and Public / q 

Bodies, on occasion of his Death, Athenaaum Club, Bun- 
ker Hill Monument Association, City of Baltimore, 
City of Buffalo, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 
City of Providence, St. Thomas* Church, N. T., City 
of Salem, Union League, of Philadelphia, City of Wash- 
ington, and Washington Educational Monument Asso- 
ciation. Pamphlets (11), all in perfect order. 

2406 Lincoln. Proceedings of the City Council of Boston 7 c'"^ 
April 17, 1865, on occasion of the Death of Abraham 
Lincoln. 4to, cloth^ gilt edges. Boston, 1865. 

Large paper. Printed oa aitemate pages. 

2407 Lincoln. Proceedings of the City Council, of Boston, y'S^- 

April 17, 1865, on occasion of the Death of Abraham 
Lincoln. Svo, pp. 35. Boston, 1865. 

2408 Lincoln. Proclamation of Gov. Smith, of Connecticut, /:> J' 

for a Day of Humiliation and Mourning, June 1, 1865. 

2409 Lincoln. Raymond. The Life of Abraham Lincoln, 

by Henry J. Raymond. 12mo,pp. 136. New York, s.a. 


^^2410 Lincoln. Rice. The President's Death. Its Import* 
A Sermon, April 19, 1865, on the Day of President 
Lincoln's Funeral. By Rev. Daniel Bice. Svo, pp. 7. 

Lafayette, Lid., 1865. 

^ 2411 Lmcour. Seaman. What Miscegenation is 1 and what 
we are to expect, now that Mr. Lincoln is Be-elected. 
By L. Seaman, LL. D. 8yo, pp. 8. New York, s.a. 

y^ Z 2412 Lincoln. Sermons preached in Boston, on the Death of 
Abraham Lincoln. 12mo, boards, unctu. 

Boston, 1865. 

5"t5 2413 Lincoln. Smith. The Religious Sentiments. 8vo,pp. 
32. Buffalo, 1865. 

. $0 2414 Lincoln. Speed. Opinion on the Constitutional Pow- 
er of the Military to Try and Execute the Assassins of 
the President. By James Speed. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Washington, 1865. 

/ ^ 2415 Lincoln. Sumner. The Promises of the Declaration 
of Independence. Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, deliv- 
ered before the Municipal Authorities of the City of 
Boston, June 1, 1865. By Charles Sumner. 8vo, pp. 
60. Boston, 1865. 

>'')^2416 Lincoln. Thayer. Character and Public Services of 
Abraham Lincoln. By Wm. M. Thayer. Port. 12mo, 
pp. 75. Boston, 1864. 

y^^ 2417 Lincoln. The Address of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, 
at Cooper Institute, Feb. 27th, 1860. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York 1860. 

^ ^ 2418 Lincoln. The Assassination, and History of the Con- 
spiracy, Fully Illustrated. 8vo, pp. 163. 

Cincinnati, 1865. 

/ S 2419 Lincoln. The Life, Speeches and Public Services of 
Abraham Lincoln. The Wigwam edition. Port 12mo, 
pp. 117. New York, 1860. 

/ c- 3 2420 Lincoln. The Private and Public Life of Abraham Lin- 
coln. 16mo, pp. 96. New York, s.a. 


2421 LiNOOLK. The Life, Crime and Capture of John Wilkes / a 
Booth, and the Pursuit^ Trial and Execution of his Ac- 
complices. Port, 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1865. 

2422 Lmcouf. The Lincoln Families of Massachusetts. 8vo,/l. "^ 

pp. 10, tmau. • Boston, 1865. 

2423 Lincoln. The Lincoln Catechism. Wherein the Ec-^ (^ 

centricities and Beauties of Despotism, are ftiUy set 
forth. 12mo, pp. 46. New York, 1864. 

2424 LiNCX)LN. The President Lincoln, Campaign Songster. ^ ^ 

l6mo, pp. 72. 2 Ports. New York, 1864. 

2425 LmooLN. The Lincoln Memorial, a Record of the Life, / /^^^ 

Assassination and Obsequies of the Martyred President. 
Port. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1866. 

2426 Lincoln. Todd. Sermon in the Second Reformed J^^ 

Dutch Church of Tarrytown, N. Y., April 16, 1865. 
By Rev. John A. Todd. 

Newspaper. Not printed in pamphlet fonn. 

2427 Lincoln. Trial of Abraham Lincoln, by the Great ^ C 

Statesmen of the Republic, A Council of the Past on the 
Tyranny of the Present, the Spirit of the Constitution 
on the Bench — Abraham Lincoln, Prisoner at the Bar, 
his own Counsel. 8vo, pp. 29. New York, 1863. 

2428 Lincoln. Tribune Tracts, No. *6. Life of Abraham /i 5'^ 

Lincoln. 8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1860. 

2429 Lincoln. What will be the place assigned by History ^ 6 

to Abraham Lincoln? 8vo, pp. 12. 

2430 Lincoln (Levi R.) Tariff of March, 1833. 12mo, S^ 

boards. Boston, 1832. 

^31 [LiND (Jn.)] An Answer to the Declaration of the / J J' 
American Congress. 8vo, pp. 137. London, 1786. 

« This \B the work in its originai state; a coiuiderable part of this work 
wai left oat, at the desire of the Ministrj, in the published oopy." 

2432 LiNDSET (Theophilus). An Inquiry into The Doctrine S'^ 
of the Scriptnres concerning the only Tme God. 12mo, 
pp. 106, uncut. London, 1792. 


^^2433 Linn (Wm.) The Signs of the Times, Li same Vol., 
The Blessings of America. 8yo, she^. 

New York, 1794, 

/O 2434 Linn (John B.) The Powers of Ctenius, 12mo, fioard«, 

Philadelphia, 1802, 

y 2435 Li^rs^^urg and JtieaiEQ, or the Rise and Progress of Sys- 
tematic Botany, 1 6mo, stiff covers, 

London, mdcccxliT- 

-^5^ 2436 Lintneh (G, A.) Memoir of Rev. Walter Gmin, 24nio, 
pafcr, uncui, Albany, J. Munsell, 1852. 

/ 2437 Lisle (Henry Maurice). Address in Roxbury, Sept, 19^ 
1808. 8vo, pp.^20. Boston, 1808. 

^^ 2438 List of Land donated to the Mobile and Ohio Rail Road, 
by Congress, 1850. 8vo, pp. 132. Mobile, 1853, 

y 2439 LtTERARX and Philosophical Society of Now Ybrk^ with 
a List of the Officers and Members. 8vo, pp, 20, 

New York, 1818, 
y S^ 2440 Literary (The) Journal, or Universal Review of Liter- 
ature, Domestic and Foreign, for the Year 1805. 4to, 
half hound, Philadelphia, 1805. 

For R GUrlouA ftocount of Qeo. Washington, see pftge lOTS* 

yo 2441 Literary (The) and Scientific Repository and Critical 
Rci^iew. Vol 2, 8vo, hoards. New York, 182L 

S^ 2442 Littbll'b Living Age. 33 Nos. 

/ .J 2443 Liturgy (A) for tho nse of a Christian Chtirchj and 
Hymn Book for Christian Worship. 12nio, morocco. 

Boston, 1854, 

^" 2444 LiTUBGr for the use of the Church at King's Cliapel, in 
Boston, 8?o, ca^ Boston, 1828, 

/ 2445 LiTERMORB (Abiel A.) Lectures to Young Men^ on 
their Dangers and Duties. Post 8vo^ dolL 

Boston, 1847, 

^ • 2446 Lives and Exploits of the most noted Highwaymen, 
Robbers and Murderers. With numerous Engravings, 
12mo, cloth. Hartford, s,a. 




2447 LiYES (The) of John Trueman, and Richard Atkins, to 

which is added a short account of Atkins' Sister. Also 
the Life of William Baker, and a Sermon at his Funer- 
al. 12mO; boards. Philadelphia, 1817. 

2448 LnriNGBTON (David). 17 Years' Explorations and Ad- 7 ] /^ 

yentures, in the Wilds of Africa. Illustrated. 12mo, 
boards, uncut. Philadelphia, s.a. 

2449 LiTiNGSTON (John H.) Incestuous Marriage. Syo, sheep. ^ i^ 

New Brunswick, 1816. 

Local Histobt, btg. 

2450 Abington. An Historical Sketch of Abington, Plymouth /J J^ 

County, Mass., with an Appendix, by Aaron Hobart. 
8vo, cloth. Very scarce. Boston, 1839. 

2451 Abington. Celebration of the One Hundred and Pifli-^ r^V 

eth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Abington, 
Mass., June 10, 1862. 8yo, pp. 114. Boston, 1862. 

2452 Albany. A Historical Discourse in the Beformed VS^ 

Pro't Dutch Church of Albany, delivered on Nov. 26, 
1867. By Rev. E. P. Rogers, D. D. Plates. 8vo, 
half bound. New York, 1858. . 

2463 Albany. A Sermon to the Second Presbyterian Con- J J 
gregation in, A Quarter of a Century from the Com- 
mencement of the Author's Ministry among them. By 
William B. Sprague, D. D. 8vo, pp. 40. 

Albany, 1854. 

2454 Albany. A Poem on the Opening of Tweddle Hall, J C 
June 28th, 1860, by William D. Morange. 8vo, pp. 15. 

Albany, 1860. 

2465 Albany. Annals of the Medical Society of, 1806-1851. / - ^ "" 
By Sylvester D. Willard, M. D. Many Ports. 8vo, 
doih. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

2456 Albany. Celebration of the Semi-CentennialAnniversa- // 
ry of the Albany Academy, June 23, 1863. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 


/ 2457 Albany City Guide. 32mo, chth. Albany, 1845. 

/^ 2458 Albany. Female Academy, Fiftieth Amiiversary, May 
n, 1864. With Historical Sketch, Ac. 8vo, pp. 69. 

Albany, 1864. 
^"^2469 Albany. Folding Map. cloth. 1856. 

^^ 2460 Albany. Inauguration of the Dudley Observatory at, 
Aug. 28, 1856. 8vo, pp. 189. Albany, 1856. 

< 2461 Albany. Random Recollections of, from 1800 to 1808. 
In the same YoL, by same author, Recollections of 
Hudson. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1850. 

jsV^ 2462 Albany. Random Recollections of, from 1800 to 1808. 
8vo, pp. 57. Albany, 1858. 

fd 2463 Albany. Random Recollections of, from 1800 to 1808. 
By Gorham A. Worth. Third edition, with Notes, by 
the Publisher. Ports. Rubricated title, tinted paper. 
8vo, pp. 144, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 

/ {? 2464 Albany. Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Albany 
Academy, June 23, 1863. Plate. 8vo, pp. 187. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

/ ) ^ 2465 Albany. The Annals of. By Joel Munsell. 10 Vols. 
Engravings. 12mo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, v.y. 

i r 2466 Albany. The Charter of the City of, and the Laws 
and Ordinances, Ordained and Established by the May* 
or, Aldermen and Commonalty of the said City, in Com- 
mon Council Convened. 4to, she^. Scarce. 

Albany, kdcgc. 
-? ^ ^ 2467 Albany. The Settlement and Early History of. A 
Prize Essay before the Young Men's Association, Dec. 
26, 1850. By William Barnes, Esq. 8vo, pp. 25. 

Albany, 1851. 

j" J' 2468 Albany. The Settlement and Early History of. By 
William Barnes, Esq. Bubricated title, tinted paper, 
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1 864. 


-J 2469 Alstead. jJistorical Sketches of the towju By s^etK J I ^^ 
S. Arnold, A. M. 8vo, pp. 48. Scarce. 

Alstead, 1826. 

2470 Amherst, Mass. Sermon. Dedication of tlie College ^ ^^^ 

Chapel, in 1827. By Heinan Humphrey, D, D* 8va, 
pp. 32, 7incut, Amhen^f^ 1827, 

2471 Andover. History of. From its Settlement to 1829, / 7 S^ 

By Abiel Abbot, A. M. 8vo, clothj uncut. Scarce. 

Andover, 18:39. 

— f-2472 Andover. Sermon, occasioned by the completion of tlie J Z 
New College Edifice at, 1821. By Moses Stuart. 8vo, 
pp. 46, uncuU Andover, 1821. 

2473 Andover. The Theolo«:ical Seminary m, Wfth a ^ i^ 

Sketch of its Rise and Progress. 8vo, pp. f>S-36. 

Bos to u, 1808. 

2474 Annapolis. Annals o^. Comprising sundry notices of >// 2. 

that Old City, from the first settlements, 1C49^ until the 
War of 1812. Containing letters from General Wash- 
ington, which letters have never been published before. 
By David Ridgely. 8vo, clotL Baltimore, 1841. 

2475 Annapolis. Laying the Corner-Stone of the Now J q 

Building, at St. John's College. By Hon. John Ste- 
phen, with an Address by John Johnson, June 18lIj, 
1835. With an Historical Notice of tfie Institutiua. 
8vo, pp. 41. Annapolis^ 1835. 

2476 Antrim, N. H. Report of the Committee' on tlio IVii- i*^ 

tion of Elijah Gould, and others, with counter state- 
ment. 8vo, pp. 14 and 4, uncut. Scarce. 1830, s.a. 

2477 Attleborough. Tlie History of, from its Settlement to ? 2 ^ ^ 

the Present Time. By John Daggett. 8vo, pp. 136. 
Scarce. DedhaDi. 1834* 

2478 Auburn. St. Peter's Church. A Brief Sketch of Uie 
History of the Congregation, from its Organization. 
By J. C. Rudd, D. D. 8vo, pp. 24. Auburn, 1833. 




^> "^ 2479 Augusta. Scenes in a Vestry ; being an Account of the 
late controversy in the South Parish Conjorregational 
Church, in Augusta. By D. C. Weston. 12mo, cloth. 

Augusta, 1841. 

/ 2480 .Baltimore. A Complete View of. By Charles Varle. 

Map and Engravings. 24mo, morocco. Baltimore, 1 833. 

S "^ 2481 Baltimore. Historical Sketch of the Central Hijrh 
School, of Baltimore, its wants and claims. 8vo, pp. 
63. Baltimore, 1856. 

j^ 2482 Baltimore. Inauguration Ceremonies and Addresses 
of Hon. Thomas Swann, on the Opening of Druid Hill 
Park, Oct. 19, 1860. 8vo, pp. 40. Baltimore, 1860. 

J "^ 2483 Baltimore. Letter from George Peabody, Esq., to the 
Trustees, for the establishment of an Institute in the 
City of Baltimore. 8vo, pp 26. Baltimore, 1857. 

y/ ^^ 2484 Baltimore. Prospectus of the Canton Company, and 
some views of the Local Advantages of Baltimore. 
8vo, pp. 35, uncut. ' Baltimore, 1 829. 

5^ 2485 Baltimore. Reply to " A Brief Exposition of Matters 
relating to the Bank of Maryland," the Causes of the 
Bankruptcy of that Institution. 8vo, pp. 54-51, uncut. 

Baltimore, 1834 
^' ^^ 2486 Baltimore. The Devil's Race Course. A Legend of 
Baltimore. By E. H. Docwra. 8vo, pp. 31, 

Baltimore, 1854. 
y ^' 2487 Barnstable. The Cape Cod Centennial Celebration, 
at Barnstable, Sept. 3, 1839. 8vo, pp. 92. 

Barnstable, 1840. 
-<r ^^^--^488 Barnstable. A Discourse pronounced at, September, 
1839, at the Celebration of the Second Centennial An- 
niversary of the Settlement of Cape Cod. By John 
Gorham Palfrey. 8vo, pp. 50. Boston, 1840. 

/ '; V(t-2489 Barnstable. The Celebration of the Second Centen- 
nial Anniversary of the Settlement of Cape Cod. 
Discourse, by John Gorham Palfrey. 8vo, pp. 71. 

Boston, 1840. 


2490 Barre:. A Farewell Sermon preached to the Second 4/ ^ ^ 
Congregational Church and Society, Oct. 2, 1 842. By 
Bcv, E. D, Mriore. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1842. 

.4*^491 Batavia. a Historical Sketch of the Village of Bata- J' / J "^ 
via^ (N. Y.) By William Seaver. 8vo, pp. 56. Scarce. 

Boston, 1849. 

2492 Bath. Address to the Inhabitants of, Jan. 23, 1854, / i' ^^ 

the Fit tie tb Anniversary of the Author's First Preach- 
ing in the Town. By Rev. David Sutherland. With 
an Hifliorical Appendix, 12mo, pp. 135. 

Boston, 1855. 

2493 Bedford. History of Bedford, N. H. Being Statistics ^ €^ 

Compiled on the Occasion of the One Hundreth Anni- 
versary of the Incorporation of the Town, May 19 th, 
1850. 8vo, c/o<A. Scarce. Boston, 1851. 

2494 Bedfobd. Constitution and Proceedings of the Society ^ ^ 

lor the Suppression of Vice, in the Town of With 
Cireular Letter to Venders of Ardent Spirits. 8vo, pp. 
Vl-^%uncuL 1815, [S.I.] 

A History of oa« of the earliest STstematic efforts in &Tor of temperance 
in thla iK^untry, 

2495 BELCnERTowN. Historical Sketch of the Congregation- ^^^^ 

al Church, in Belchertown, Mass., from its organiza- 
tion; with Early History of the Place, by Hon. Mark 
Doolittle. 8vo, cloth. Northampton, 1852. 

2496 Belfast. A History of. With Introductory Remarks 7 2 i^ 

on Acadia, By William White. 16mo, pp. 120, boards , 

Belfast, 1827. 

One of the rarest of Town Histories. 

2497 Berkley. Review of the Berkley Case. 8vo, pp. 28, J S^ 

uncut, Plymouth, 1831. 

2498 Berkley, Proceedings of two Ecclesiastical Councils, /i^ 

in the town of. 8vo, pp. 26. Scarce. [s.l.s.a.] 

2499 Beverly. History of, Civil and Ecclesiastical, from its // Z 

Settlement, ill 1630, to 1842. By Edwin" M. Stone. 
Engraviags. ^vo, cloth. Boston, 1843. 



^ 0"'^ 2500 BiLLERiCA. An Historical Memoir of Billerica, in Mas- 
sachusetts, containing notices of the Principal Events, 
in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Town, 
from its First Settlement, to 1816. By John Farmer. 
Port, of Farmer inserted. 8vo, pp. 35. Very scarce, 

Amherst, 1816. 

/ ^'i 2501 Billerica. Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anni- 
versary of the Incorporation of Billerica, Massachu- 
setts, May 29th, 1855. 8vo, pp. 152. Lowell, 1855. 

•< < S^ 2502 Blandfoud. Address delivered before- the Literary 
Association, Blandford, Mass., Sept. 21. 1850, upon the 
History of that Town. By William H. Gibbs. 12n](), 
pp. 76. Very scarce. Springfield, 1850. 

>^ ^ ^ 2503 Boston. A Brief History of Union Church, Essex 
street. Printed for the Use of the Members. 12mo, 
pp. 36. Boston, 1830. 

^f^ 2504 Boston. A Discourse delivered Jan. 1, 1811, at the 
opening of the New Meeting-House belonging to the 
Second Baptist Church and Society. By Thomas 
Baldwin, D. D. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, (1811.) 

y J 2505 Boston. A Discourse delivered at the Public Lecture 
on Thursday, March 16, 1797. By John Lathrop, 
D. D. With an Appendix, containing an Account of 
several daring attempts to set fire to the Town, and 
Rob the Inhabitants. 8vo, pp. 30, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1797. 

/ - 2506 Boston. A Geography of. With Historical Notes. 
By C. H. Snow, M. D. With Maps and Plates. 16mo, 
half hound, Boston, 1830. 

v"' (^ 2507 Boston. A History of Boston, the Metropolis of Mas- 
sachusetts, from its origin to the present period ; with 
some account of the environs, by Caleb H. Snow, 
• M. I). Embellished with engravings. Second edition. 
8vo, boards, uncnL Very scarce. Boston, 1828. 



2508 Boston. A History of East Boston, with Biographical //^ ) 

Sketches of its early proprietors, and an Appendix, by 

William H. Sumner, A. Jtf. Ports. 8vo, boardSf uncut, 

Boston, 1858, 
Soaroe, in this condition. 

2509 Boston. A History of the Church in Brattle Street ^ i^ 

By Samuel K. Lothrop. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1851. 

2510 Boston. A Midsummer's Day-Dream; Libellous, or a y^ 

little book of the Vision of Shawmut. By Admonish 
Crime. 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1847. 

2511 Boston. A Municipal History of, during two centuriew, $ ^ 

by Josiah Quincy. 8vo, cloth, Boston, 1852, 

2512 Boston. A Sermon preached in the West Church, Jan. y < v 

2, 1831, being a quarter of a century from the settle- 
ment of the present minister. ' By Charles Lowell. 
8vo, pp. 20. Boston, 183 L 

Not published. 

2513 Boston. A Sermon delivered in Boston, Nov. 27, 1814, j^ « 

on the completion of a century since the settlement of 
the New-North Church. By Francis Parkman. 8vo, 
pp. 25, uncru, Boston, 1814. 

2514 Boston. A Sermon preached to the Church and Socie- /r 

ty in Brattle Street, Boston, Dec. 29, 1799, and occa. 
sioned by the completion of a century from its first es- 
tablishment, by Peter Thacher, D. D. 8vq, pp. 18. 

Boston, MDCCC. 

2515 Boston. A short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in, j ^* 

March 5, 1770. 8vo, cbth. New York, 1849. 

2516 Boston. A Survey of Boston, and its Vicinity, shewing ^ i^ 

the distance from the Old State House to all the towns 
and villages, not exceeding fifteen miles therefrom. By 
John G. Hales. 12 mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1821. 

2517 Boston. A Topographical and Historical Description y "^ *^ 

of. From the first settlement of the Town, to the 
present period, with some account of its Environs. By 
Charles Shaw. Esq. Engravings. 16mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1817. 


-2 *^ 251 8 EofiTON. A Trip to. In a Series of Letters to the 
Editor of the United States Gazette. By the Author 
of Two Years and a Half in the Navy. 12ino, cloth, 

Boston, MDCCcxxxvin. 

J^ 2519 Boston. Address on the Removal of the Municipal 
Government to the Old State House. By Harrison 
Gray Otis. 8vo, pp. 15, uncut. Boston, 1830. 

/ C 2520 Boston. Address to the Board of Aldermen, Jan. 3, 
1829, by Josiah Quincy, on taking final leave of the Of- 
fice of Mayor. 8vo, pp. 31, uncut. Boston, 1829. 

/ ^ 2521 Boston. An Address to the Citizens of, Sept. iCDCCC- 
XXX., the close of the Second Century from the First 
Settlement of the City. By Josiah Quincy, LLi, D. 
8?o, pp. 68. Boston, 1830. 

/ 2522 Boston. An Argument for a Catholic Church on the 
Jail Lands. By N. I. Bowditch. Svo, pp. 15. 

Boston, 1853. 

^ i^ 2523 Boston. An Historical Discourse delivered in the First 
Uuiversalist Meeting House, Boston, Sunday, May 29, 
1864, on the occasion of taking final leave of the prem- 
ises. By Thomas W. Silloway, A. M. 8vo, pp. 42. 

Boston, (s.a.) 
S ^ 2524 Boston. Board of Trade Report, on Goods manufac- 
% tured in Massachusetts, and adjoining States, on Boston 

capital. 8vo, pp. 22. Boston, 1858. 

/V ^ 2525 Boston. Bowen's Boston News-Letter, and City Rec- 
ord. Vol. I. From January to July, 1826. Svo, 
hoards, uncut. Very scarce. Boston, 1826. 

y .... 2526 Boston. Bo wen's Picture of. To which is affixed the 

' Annals of Boston. Embellished with Engraviiij^s. 

12mo, morocco. Boston, 1838. 

/ * 2527 Boston. Brief History of the Edward's Congregational 

Church. 12mo, pp. 3. (s.Ls.a.) 

2528 Boston City measured, by the Author of '* Phillipiad." 

Not in imitation of some of the best of Juvenal. Svo, pp. 

6a. Boston, 1849. 




2529 Boston, Conductor to attractive places in Boston and / ^ 

Vicinity. 24mOy pp. 84. Boston, (s.a.) 

2530 BosTOX, Discourses preached in the New North Church, ± ^^ 

Dec. 9th, on the cbmpletion of the 1 24th year, from the 
establishment of the Church, by Francis Parkman, 
D. D. 8vo^ pp. 40, uncut. Boston, 1839. 

2531 Boston Directory. 24mo, hoards. Boston, 1844. / i^ 

2532 Boston. Epitaphs from Copp's Hill Burial Ground, yv /a. 

Boston, with Notes, by Thomas Bridgman. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851. 

2533 Boston. Extracts from a Journal of Travels, in North J Q 

Americaj consisting of an Account of Boston and its 
Vicinity. By Ali Bey, Ac. Translated from the origi- 
nal manugcript. 12mo, half bound. Very scarce. 

Boston, 1818. 

2534 Boston, her Growth, Population, Wealth, and Prospects. 

By E, H. Derby. 8vo, pp. 16. . 1850. 

2535 Boston- History of. By Robin Carver. Square ^ C^ 

16mo, cloth. Boston, 1834. 

2536 Boston. History of South Boston, formerly Dorchester / <^~? 

Neck, now Ward XII. of the City of Boston. By 
Thomas C. Simonds. Ports. 12mo, clo^. 

Boston, 1857. 
2531 Boston. History, Articles of Faith, etc., of the Mari- -^^ 
ner's Churdi. 12mo, pp. 11. Scarce. Boston, 1832. . 

25:i8 BOBlt>N, History, Articles of Faith, etc., of the Hano- 5 "^ 
7er Church. 12mo, pp. 24. Scarce. Boston, 1826. 

2-539 Boston. History, Confession of Faith, etc., of the -^^ 

Mouot Vernon Congregational Church in. 12mo, pp. 

tS* ' Boston, 1844. 

2540 Boston. History of the Second Church, or Old North. ^'^ 

By Chandler Bobbins. Ports. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1852. 
2o41 Boston, Historical Account of Christ Church. By the ) V 

Kector* 8vo, pp. 39, uncvl. Boston, 1 824. 



jcr^ 2542 Boston. Historical Sketch of the First Baptist Church, 
from its first formation in Charlestown, 1665, to the be- 
ginning of 1818. By James M. Winchell, A. M. 8vo, 
pp.47. Scarce. Boston, 1819. 

/^'^2543 Boston. Historical Sketch of. 12mo, pp. 96. 

Boston, 1861. 

/^ 2544 Boston. Historical Pamphlets (4). 8vo, 1806-53. 

/ CTZ ^^^^ Boston. Incomes of the Citizens of, and other Cities 
an^ Towns in Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston, 1866. 

/ 2 O 2546 Boston. Liberty Tree. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

16mo, cloth. Boston, 1842. 

*? ^ 2547 Boston. Municipal Register, 1849, interleaved, witli 

Manuscript Notes. 12rao, morocco, Boston, 18-49. 

/ e 2548 Boston Notions, being an Authentic and Concise Ac- 
count of "That Village" from 1630 to 1847. By Na- 
thaniel Dearborn. Illustrated. 16mo, morocco, 

Boston, 1848. 

^ J^ 2549 Boston. Notices of the Histories of Boston, by Si^ma, 
(L. M. Sargent.) 8vo, pp. 7. Scarce. Boston, 1857. 

J S ^ 2550 Boston. Oak Hall, Or the Glory of Boston. A Poem 
in four parts. Illustrated. 8vo, pp. 45. Boston, 1 844. 

/ 2551 Boston. Oak Hall Pictorial. Square 8vo, pp. 16. 

Boston, 1854- 

/ 2552 Boston. Ode at the Centennial Celebration of the Set- 

tlement of the City. By Charles Sprague. 8vo, pp. 

22. Boston, 1 830. 

^ ^ 2553 Boston. Oration at the Inauguration of the statue of 
Benjamin Franklin, by Hon. Robert C. Winthrop. 8vo, 
pp. 28. Boston, 1856. 

/ ^ 2554 Boston. Origin and Progress of the Female Society, 
for Missionary Purposes. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Boston, (1818.) 

J ^ ^ 2555 Boston. Our Modern Athens, or Who is First ? 1 2 mo, 

cloth, Boston, 1860. 



2556 Boston. "Our First Men." A Calendar of Wealth,^/^ 
Fashion and Gentility, Containing a List of those Per- 
sons in Boston, Reputed to be Worth One Hundred 
Thousand Dollars, With Biographical Notices of the 
Principal Persons. 8vo, pp. 48, uncut. 

Boston, 1846. 

2-557 Boston. Outlines of the Mineralogy and Geology ot /O 
Boston and Vicinity. By J. F. and S. L. Dana. 8vo, . 
boards. Boston, 1818. 

2558 Boston. Pamphlets (12), relating to a supply of Pure ^ 

Water for the City. 8vo, mostly uncut. A rare col- 
Uction. Boston, 1834-45. 

2559 Boston. Pamphlets (3), duplicates of the last. «£ 

2560 Boston. . Proceedings on Laying the Corner Stone of J /^ 

the City Hall, Dec. 22, 1862. With copies of sub- 
scription papers for building the first Town House, 
1657. 870, pp. 55. Boston, 1862. 

2561 Boston. Present Condition of. 8vo, pp. 28. /O 

Boston, 1851. 

2562 Boston. Report of the School Committee of, 1858. /5^ 

8vo, chth. Boston, 1859. 

2563 Boston. Report of the City Registrar, 1859. 8vo, ^^ 

pp.54. Boston, 1860. 

2564 Boston. Report of the Committee Relative to the J. C 

Purchase of the Bfa^ncock Estate. 8vo, pp. 13, uncut. 

Boston, (1859.) 

2565 Boston. Reminiscences of The Boston Female Asylum. /C 

Printed, not Published. \2mOf hoards. Boston, 1844. 

2566 Boston. Revival, 1842. History of the Churches in y J 

Boston. By Martin Moore. 16mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1842. 

2567 Boston. Selections from the Chronicles of, and from ) s ^ 

the book of Retrospections and Anticipations, compiled 

in the last month of the last year of the Town, and the 

first month of the first year of the City. 8vo,pp. 132. 

• Rare. Boston, (1822.) 



S ^ 2568 Boston. Sermon, On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 
Female Asylnm. By Rev. F. D. Huntington. 8vo, pp. 
40. Boston, 1858. 

y^ 2569 Boston. Sermon. Dedication of the Church in Hano- 
ver Street, 1826. ByM. Stuart. 8vo, pp. 35,tmatf. 

Andover, 1826. 

/ ^ 2570 Boston. Sepmon. Dedication of the Church in Park 
Street, 1810. By Edward D. Griffin, D. D. 8vo, pp. 
34, uncut. Boston, 1810. 

/^ 2511 Boston. Sermon, dedication of the First Presbyte- 
rian Church iA the City of, 1828. By James Sabine. 
8vo, pp. 20, uncut. Boston, 1828. 

/ J ^2572 Boston. Shawmut, or the Settlement of Boston, by the 
Puritan Pilgrims. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1847. 

^ C 2573 Boston. Sights in Boston and Suburbs, or Guide to the 
Stranger. By R. L. Midgley. Illustrated. 12mo, 
cloth. ' Boston, 1827. 

^5 ^ 2574 Boston. Sketches of. Past and Present, and some few 
places in its Vicinity. 123 Maps and Engravings. 
12mo, cloth. Boston, 1851. 

^^^ 2575 Boston Slave Riot. 8vo, pp. 86. Boston, 1854 

^ f ^ 2576 Boston. The Aristocracy of, who they are, and what 
* they were. By One Who Knows Them. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, 1848. 

^ 2M1 Boston. The Fashonable Tour in 1825, An Excursion 
to the Springs, Niagara, Quebec and Boston. 24mo, 
half bound. Saratoga Springs, 1825. 

^Ti 2578 Boston. The History and Antiquities of Boston, the 
Capital of Massachusetts and Metropolis of New Eng- 
land, from its Settlement in 1630 to the year 1770, also 
An Introductory History of the Discovery and Settle- 
ment of New England, with Notes, Critical and Illustra- 
tive. By Samuel G. Drake, A. M. Maps and Plates, 
Jull morocco extra, gilt. Boston, 1856. 




2579 Boston, The History of the Old South Church in, After 5'^ 

the Completion of a Century from the First Occupancy 
of the Present Meeting House. By Benj. B. Wisner. 
8vo, pp, 122, uncut. Boston, 1830, 

2580 Boston, The Laws and Orders, of the Town of, May J 

22, 1801. 8vo, pp. 84. Boston, 1801. 

2581 BosTOsr. The Tax List for 1822. Contains the name of / ^ 

every tax payer, with amount of Tax. 8vo, pp. 200, 
u^mt. Scarce. Boston, 1822. 

2582 Boston Sights, and Boston People. 12mo. ^ ^^ 

Writim by Miss Hosmer, aeveriLl yean ago; rigidly suppreflsed, and 
now extremely rare. Hits yery hard on many prominent BostonlanB. 

2583 Boston. Thirty years of. By Edward E. Hale. 8vo, ^^ 

pp. 7, (8.1.s.a.) 

2684 Boston. Wilder's Guide to the Tri-Mountain City. ^ ^ 
Sqa^xe 8vo, pp. 20. Postou, 1366. 

2585 BoxPORD. Discourse delivered at. May 10th, 1863, by /CO 

Ee7. William S. Coggin, on the T\^nty-fifth Anniver- 
sary of his Settlement. 8vo, pp. 81, uncut. 

Augusta, 1864. 

2586 Bhidgewatbb. History of the Early Settlement of ^ ^ ^ 

Bridgewater, in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, in- 
eluding an extensive Family Register. By Nahum 
Mitchell. 8vo, hoards, scarce. Boston, 1840. 

2587 Bbtdgewatbb. Celebration of th^ Two Hundredth An- j c" ^ 

niversary of the Incorporation of Bridgewater, Mass., 
June 3, 1866. Port. 8vo, pp. 167. Boston, 1856.* 

258 S Beighton. Address at The Consecration of Ever- ^ 
green Cemetery, August 7, 1850. By Frederick A. 
Whitney. 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1850. 

2589 Brooklinb. Reminiscences of forty years, by John ] ^ ^ 
Pierce, D.D. Printed, but not published. 8vo, pp. 35. 

Boston, 1837. 

-5i)0 Bbooklinb. Names qf thp Tax Payers, 1851, '52, '53. J C 
8vo, pp. 76. Boston, 1854. 


/ ^' ^ 2591 Brooklinb Jubilee. . A Discourse delivered in Brook 
line, March, 1847. The Day which Completed Half a 
Century from his Ordination, by John Pierce, D. D. 
8vo, pp. 72. Boston, mdcocxlvii. 

J^ S C 2592 Brooklyn. An Historical Sketch of the City of Brook- 
lyn, and surrounding neighborhood, Williamsbargh, 
Brunswick, Platbush, Flatlands, New Utrecht aad 
Gravesend. To which is added An Account of the 
Battle of Long Island. By J. T. Bailey. 12mo, pp. 
72. Scarce. Brooklyn, 1840. 

/ ^^ 2593 Brooklyn And King's County Record. 12mo, half 
hound. Brooklyn, 1855. 

Jl r^\ 2594 Brooklyn. First Annual Report of the Commissioners 

•"^ of Prospect Park, Jan. 28th, 1861. Plates and Plans. 

8vo, pp. 80. Scarce. • Brooklyn, 1861. 

2595 Brooklyn. St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, New York, 
from the year 1784 to the year 1845, with a brief no- 
tice of the other Episcopal Churches in Brooklyn. By 
F. G. Fish. 12mo, cloth. Brooklyn, 1846. 

/' : 'o-f-2596 Brooklyn. Seventh Annual Report of the Board of 
Commissioners of Prospect Park. Colored Plans. 
8vo, pp. 28. Brooklyn, 1867. 

J '-',-1-2597 Brooklyn. The First Sermon preached in Christ 

' Church after the Consecration. By Rev. John S. Stone, 

D. D. 8vo, pp. 34, New York, mdcccxlii. 

/," 2598 Brooklyn. The Wealthy Men and Women of Brooklyn 
and Williamsburgh. A complete List. By John Lomas 
and Alfred S. Peace. 16mo, pp. 48. Brooklyn, 1847. 

- ^ " 2599 Brookpield. Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church 
in. 8vo, pp. 8. (s.l.8.a.) 

2600 Brookfield. Sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Snell on 
the last Sabbath in June, 1838, containing a brief His- 
tory of the Town and especially of the Church and 
Parish of North Brookfield, from 1798 to the Present 
Time. 8vo, pp. 55. Brookfield, 1838. 


2601 Bbukswick. Three Discourses iipon the Religious His- ^ f^^ 

tory of Bowdoin College. By Egbert 0. Smyth. 8vo, 
pp. 80. Brunswick; 1858. 

2602 BRtTNSWiCK. Address before the Maine Historical So- Jl S^ 
I ciety at Bowdoin College, September 6, 1849. By 

I Robert 0. Winthrop. 8vo, pp. 68. Boston, mdcccxux. 

2603 Buffalo. An Historical Sermon by the Rev. William 

Shelton, D. D. 8vo, pp. 20. (Buffalo, 1867.) 

' 2604 BuBRiLTiLLB. As it Was, and As it Is. By Horace A. / ^ 5 ^ 
I Keach. 12mo,cZo^A. Providence, 1856. 

I 2605 Cambbtdob. A Discourse before the First Parish in, May /^ 
27, 1855. By the Pastor, William Newell, on the com- 
pletion of the Twenty-fifth year of his Ministry. 8vo. 
pp. 36. Cambridge, 1855. 

2606 Cambbidqb. A Discourse delivered at. In the hearing of / C 
the University. April 8, 1810. By David Osgood, D. 
D. 8vo, pp. 40. Cambridge, 1810. 

2607 Cambbidge. A Discourse on the Church-Qathering in ^ ^■' 
1636. By William Newell. 8vo, pp. 65. 

Boston, 1846. 

2608 Cambbidgb. A Sermon on the Reopening of Christ /^^ 
Church, Cambridge, Mass., with a Historical Notice of 
the Church, by The Rev. Nicholas Hoppin, Rector. En- 
gravings. 8vo, pp. 80. Boston, MDCCCLvm. 

2609 CAifBBiDGB. An Address at the Laying of the Corner y 
Stone of a House of Worship in the City of Cambridge, 
1851. By Augustus R. Pope. 8vo, pp. 23. 

Cambridge, 1851. 

2610 Cambbidgb. An ^ Mress delivered at the Consecration / ? 
of the Cambridge Cemetery, Nov. 1, 1854. By John 
A. Albro, D. D. 8vo, pp. 35. Cambridge, 1854. 

2611 Cambbidgb. Anniversary Sermon, Nov. 25, 1860. By / C 
Nicholas Hoppin,'D, D. 8vo, pp. 29. 

Boston, MDCOCLXI. 


// ^ 2612 Cambridge. Don Quixotes at College, or a History of 
the Gallant Adventures lately achieved by the combined 
Students of Harvard University, interspersed with 
some Facetious Reasoning, by a Senior. 8vo, pp. 20, 
uncut. Rare. Boston, 1807. 

A ooriouB chapter in the History of old HarTtrd. 

^ ^ 2613 Cambridge. Dr. Codman's Speech in the Board of 
Overseers of Harvard College, Feb. 3, 1831. 8vo, pp. 
15, uncut. 8.1.s.a. 

5"^ 2614 Cambbidqe. Catalogus Eorum qui in Universitate Har- 
vardiana Cantabrigise, ab Anno hdcxlii ad Annum 
HDCCLXZzn. 8vo, pp. 34. Scarce. Boston, hdgclxxxh. 

// 2. W_-fl615 Cambridge. Epitaphs from the Old Burying Ground 
in, with notes. By William Thaddeus Harris. 8vo, 
half hound, Cambridge, 1845. 

^^ J 2616 Cambridge. Facts and Documents in relation to Har- 
vard College. By HoUis and others. 12mo, pp. 96, 
uncut, Boston, 1829. 

^^ 2617 Cambi^idgb. Guide Through Mount Aubura. 12mo, 
pp. 7§. Boston, 1865. 

J ^ 2618 Cambridge, Mass. Sermon on the Re-opening of Christ 
Church. With an Historical Notice of the Chu|rch, by 
Rev. Nicholas Hoppin 8vo, pp. 80. 

Boston. MDCCCLvm. 
/ 2619 Cambridge, Mass. Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the set- 
tlement of John A. Albro, D. D. 8vo, pp. 76. 

Cambridge, 1860. 
y Ci 2620 C 4MBRTDGE, Mass. One Hundredth Anniversary of Christ 
Church, Oct. 15, 1861. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Cambridge, mdccclxi. 
S I 2621 Cambridge. Notices of the Triennial and Annual Cat- 
alogues of Harvard University, with a Reprint of the 
Catalogues of 1674, 1682 and 1700. By John Lang- 
don Sibley, A. M. 8vo, pp. 67. Boston, 1866. 

No. 1, of One hundipd md fifty ooplv, aepmtely prmted. Aathor'i 


2622 CambbIdge. Report of tbe School Gomtnittee. Catn- ^ '^ 
bridge, 1854. 8vo, pp. 35. Cambridge, 1855. 

2623 Cambridge. The History of. By Abiel Holmes, A. M. ^/2. 
Bound in the same Vol., A Memoir of the Mohegan, 
Indians, writteflp'in the year iiDCcnr. Also a Memoir 

Of, add Poem by Stephen Parmenias. 8vo, pp. 67-27- 
19, boardSf very scarce. Boston. 1801. 

Preieiitatioii Note from the Author. 

2624 Cambridge. The Laws of Harvard College. 8vo,pp. 66, 5^^ 

WlCta. Boston, MDCGXCVIII. 

2625 Cambridge. Two Discourses before the First Parish, y ^ 

One upon leaving the Old Meeting House, and the 
other at the Dedication of the New. By Willi&m New- 
ell. 8vo, pp. 56. Cambridge, 1834. 

2626 Cambridgbport. Discourse on the Fiftieth Anniversary ^ / 'v 

of the Settlement of Rev. T. B. Gannett. By John F. 
W. Ware. 8vo, pp. 37. Cambridge, 1864. 

2627 Camden. Sketches of the History of the Town of Cam- /2 <" 

den, Maine. Including incidental references to the 
Neighboring Places and Adjacent Waters. By John 
L. Locke. 12 mo, cloth. Hallo well, 1859. 

2628 Cape Cod. A Description of the Eastern Coast, from J^ ( ^ 

Cape Cod to Cape Malebarre. Pointing out the spots 
on which the Trustees of the Humane Society have 
erected huts, where Shipwrecked Seamen may look for 
Shelter. October, 1802. 8vo, pp. 15. Boston, 1802. 

2629 Cape Cod Harbor. Sailing Directions, by I. W. P. 5 ^ 

Lewis. 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1841 

2630 Castletojt. Education in Castleton, Staten Island. By ^ ' 
S. P. Parker. 8vo, pp. 8. New York, 1856. 

2631 Castinb, and the Old Coins found there, by Joseph Wil- 7 '' 

liamson. 8vo, pp. 22. Portland, 1859. 

2632 Cayuga Lake, Cayi^a Bridge) Taghcanic Falls on the y 

Cayuga. 24mo, pp. 8. Albany, 1860. 



/^^^^S5 Charlbmont, As a Plantation. An Historical' Dis- 
course at the Centennial Anniversary of the Death of 
Moses Rice, the First Settler, June 11, 1855. By Jo- 
seph White. 8vo, pp. 48. Boston, 1858. 

<r C 2634 Charleston. Address Dedicative of the Building in 
Chalmers Street, 1829, by Thomas S. Grimke. 8vo, 
pp. 32. Charleston, (1829.) 

J 5 X 2635 Charleston. Inland Navigation. Plan for a Great 
Canal between Charleston and Columbia, and for Con- 
necting our Waters with those of the Western Country. 
By Robert Mills, P. A. 8vo, pp. 95. 

Columbia, S. C, 1821. 

J / 1 2636 Charleston. The Siege of, by the British Fleet and 
Army, which terminated with the Surrender of that 
place on the 12 th of May, 1780. Portrait of Gen. 
Lincoln. Fcap 4to, paper, uncut. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1867. 

Edition, 100 copies. 

^ ^ 2637 Charlestown, Mass. A Sermon preached in Commem- 
oration of the 220th Anniversary of the founding of the 
First Church. By William I. Buddington. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Charlestown, 1852. 

^ ^ 2638 Charlestown. Mr. Everett's Address on the Second 
Centennial Anniversary of the Arrival of Gov, Win- 
throp at. 8vo. pp. 51. Boston, 1830. 

/ 2639 Charlestown. Pamphlets (5) Relating to the Battle 
of Bunker Hill, and the Monument. 

y'^v 2640 Charlestown. Report of the Committee Relating to 
the Destruction of the Ursuline Convent, Aug. 11, 1834 
8vo, uncut; pp. 16. Boston, 1834. 

S ( 2641 Charlestown. Six hours in A Convent. By Charles 
W. Frothingham. 8vo, pp. 44. unctU. Boston, 1855. 

"^^i"^ 2642 Charlestown. Sketches of Bunker Hill Battle and 
Monument. With Illustrative Documents. 24mo, pp. 
172. Charlestown, 1851. 


2643 • Charlestown. The Hiitory of, By Richard Frothing- J 7 i '^ 

ham, Jr. Maps, Plates, &c. 8vo, boards, vnctU, 

Charlestown, 1845. 

2644 Chelmsford. The History of, from its origin in 1663, ^5^ 

to the year 1820. Together with an Historical Sketch 
of the Church. To which is added a Memoir of the 
Pawtucket Tribe of Indians, with a large appendix. 
By Wilks Allen, A. M. 8vo, pp. 170, uncut. Scarce. 

Haverhill, 1820. 

2(i4o Cblblsba. Address at the consecration of Woodlawn 5 "^ 
Cemetery, in Chelsea and Maiden. By Gteorge E. El- 
lis. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1851. 

2646 Cheshire. Address on Fiftieth Anniversary of the / C 
Episcopal Academy of Connecticut. By Rev. E. E. 
Bcardsley. 8vo, pp. 46. New Haven, 1844. 

2647 Chicago. Narrative of tbe Massacre at, August 15, Z//^i^ 

1812, and of some preceding Events, with plan, 8vo, 

pp. 34. Scarce. Chicago, 1844. *' 

2648 Cincinnati. Her position, duty and destiny. An Ad- / ^ "3 

dress, by William Bebb, Governor of Ohio. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Cincinnati, 1848. 

2649 Cincinnati. In 1826, By B. Drake and E. D. Mans- J P^ 
field. \2mOy morocco. Cincinnati, 1827. 

SoO Cincinnati. In 1841, its Early Annals and Future ^ Cb 
Prospects, by Charles Cist. Plates. 12mo, cloth. 

Cincinnati, 1841. 

2651 Cincinnati. Natural and Statistical View, or Picture /^ t .: 
of Cincinnati and the Miami County. Illustrated by 
Maps, with an Appendix, containing observations, on 
the late Earthquakes, the Aurora Borealis, and South- 
west Wind. By Daniel Drake. 12mo, sheep. 

Cincinnati, 1815. 

2652 Cincinnati. Sketches and Statistics of, in 1851, by *<^ S "" 
Charles Cist. Portraits, Ac. 8vo, cloth. 

Cincinnati. 1851. 


•J-^ ^ 2653 Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Miscellany, or Antiquities 
of the West. By Charles Cist. 2 Vols. Svo, half bound. 
Scarce. Cincinnati, 1846. 

"^ 2664 Cincinnati. Williams' Cincinnati Almanac, 1850, first 
issue. Map. 12mo. Cincinnati, 1850. 

/ C 2655 CoHASSET. Sermon at Dedication of the Vestry of the 
Second Congregational Parish, 18.33. Hy Martin 
Moore, A. M. Svo, pp. 24, uncut, Hingham, (1835.) 

/ u 2656 Colchester. Extracts from the Records of. With some 
Transcripts from the Recording of Michael Taintor, of 
"Brainford,'' Conn. By Charles M. Taintor. 24mo, 
cloth. Hartford, 1864. 

^ * 2657 Concord. A Discourse commemorative of a Forty 
Years' Ministry. By Nathaniel Bouton, of Concord, 
N. H. Svo, pp. 40. Concord, 1865. 

Ji'^i '^2658 Concord. A History of the Town of Concord, Mid- 
dlesex County, Mass., from its earliest settlement to 
1832, and of the adjoining Towns, Bedford, Acton, 
Lincoln, and Carlisle, containing various notices of 
County and State History, not before published. By 
Lemuel Shattuck. Map. Svo, htilf bound. Scarce. 

Boston, 1835. 

Contams a number of Manuacript Additions relating to the Preacott 

yC-i^^^^ S45Q Concord. A Historical Discourse, delivered before the 
Citizens of, 12th Sept., 1S35, on the Second Centennial 
Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town. By 
Ralph Waldo Emerson. Svo, pp. 52. Concord, 1835. 

/ 2f>60 Concord. An Oration delivered at, on the Seventy-fiflh 
Anniversary of the Events of April 19, 1 775, by Robert 
Rantoul, Jr. Svo, pp. 35. Boston, 1850. 

^] ^^ 2661 Concord. Annals of the Town of Concord, Now Hamp- 
shire. To whi(!h is added A Memoir of the Penacook 
Indians, by Jacob B. Moore. Svo, pp. 112. Scarce. 

Concord, 1824. 



2662 CoycoRD. By-laws of Corinthian Lodge of Ancient Free ^^ 

and Accepted Masons, of Concord, Mass. An Histori- 
cal sketch of Masonry. By Louis A. Surette. Porta. 
12mo, cloth. Concord, 1859. 

2663 Concord. The History of, from its First Grant in 1725, ^ 2. 

to the Organization of the City Government in 1863, 
with a History of The Ancient Penacooks, the whole 
interspersed with Numerous Interesting Incidents and 
Anecdotes, down to the Present Period 1855. Embel- 
lished with Maps. By Nathaniel Bouton. Numerous 
Ports, and Views. Svo, cloth. Concord, 1856. 

26(J4 Concord. Two Sermons preached 2l8t Nov., 1830, in ^ i^ 
Commemoration of the Organizing of the First Church in 
Concord, and the Settlement of the First Minister, on the 
18th Nov., 1730. By Nathaniel Bouton. Map. 8vo, 
pp. 102, unctU. Concord, 1831. 

2665 CooPBRSTOWN. A condensed History of, with a Bio- 5^ 

graphical Sketch of J. Fenimore Cooper. By Rev. S. T. 
Livermore, A. M. 12mo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1862. 

2666 CooPBRSTowN. The Chronicles of. 12mo, cfo^A. Scarce. 5*^ 

Cooperstown, 1838. 

2667 Cornwall. History of the Town of Cornwall, Vermont. > ^ 
By K^v. Lyman Matthews. Ports. 8vo, cloth, 

Middlebury, 1862. 

2668 Cumberland. A History of the Congregational Church /C 

and Society in Cumberland, Maine. By I. Weston. 
1 2mo, cloth, Portland, 1861. 

2669 Coventry. A History of Coventry,Orlean8 County, Ver- y ** T 

mont. By Pliny H. White. 8vo, pp. 61, vi. 

Irasburgh, 1859. 

iit^TO Danvers. Centennial Celebration at Danvers, Mass., , •^ 
June 16, 1852. Portraits, Rubricated title. ^\Qj cloth. 

Boston, 1852. 

tfuX Danvers, Mass. CentennialCelebration, June 16, 1852. /'J'^ 
8vo, pp. 208, uncut. Boston, 1852. 



y/^^ 2672 Danvebs Plains. Historical Sketch of North Daovers, 
or, as it is known abroad, Danvers Plains, or by its An- 
cient name, Porter's Plains. By George Os.s^ood. 8vo, 
pp. 32. Salem, 1855. 

r<S^ 2673 Danvers. Proceedings at the Reception and Dinner, in 
honor of George Peabody, Esq. By the Citizens of 
Danvers, Oct. 9, 1856, with Historical Sketch of the 
Peabody Institute. Portraits and Illustrations. 8vo, 
clothj gilt. Boston, 1856 

2674 Danvers. Real and Personal Estates, 1852. 8vo, pp. 
56. Salem, 1852 

4^*^^ 2675 Dartmouth. Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anni 
versary of the Incorporation of the town of, 8vo, pp. 
129, uncut. New Bedford, 1865. 

/", : 2676 Dartmouth College. Sketches of the History of, and 
Moors Charity School, with a Particular Account of 
some late Remarkable Proceedings of the Board of 
Trustees from the year 1779, to the year 1845. A 
Candid Analytical Review of the "Sketches of the His- 
tory of Dartmouth College," etc. A Vindication of the 
Official Conduct of the Trustees of Dartmouth CoUejre, 
in answer to "Sketches of the History of Dartmouth 
College," and "A Candid Analytical Review of the 
Sketches," &c. 8vo, 1815. 

Three scarce pamphlets. 

^ "y^ 2677 Dartmouth. Proceedings in connection with the Cele- 
bration at New Bedford, Sept. 14th, 1864, of the Two 
Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town 
of Dartmouth. 8vo, pp. 129. New Bedford, 1865. 

2678 Davenport. Past and Present, including the Early 
History, and Personal and Anecdotal Reminiscences of 
Davenport. By Franc B. Wilkie. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth. Davenport, 1858. 

"* 2679 Dedham. a History of the First Church and Parish 
in, On the Completion of the Second Century, since 
the Gathering of said Church. By Alvin Lamson, D. D. 
8vo, pp. 104. Dedham, 1839. 



Dedhah. An Historical Address delivered before the y^ ^^ 
Citizens of the Town of, on the Twenty-first of Sept. 
1836, being the Second Centennial Anniversary of the 
Incorporation of the town. By Samuel F. Haven. 8vo, 
pp. 79, unaa. Dedham, 1837. 

2681 Dedham. Historical Annals of, from its settlement in/^"^ 

1635 to 1847. By Herman Mann. 8vo, cloth, rough 
edges. Dedham, 1847. 

2682 Dedham. Sermon preached at the Third Parish in, j^ j' 

January 11, 1801. By Thomas Thacher, A. M. 12mo, 
pp. 20. Scarce. . Dedham, 1801. 

2683 Deebfield. A Sermon Preached at Deerfield, February 5"^"2? 

29, 1 804, In Commemoration of the Destruction of 
the Town, by the French and Indians. By the Rev. 
John Taylor, A. M. 8vo, pp. 32. Very rare. 

Greenfield, Mass., 1804. 

2684 Detroit. Sketches of the City of. Past and Present, // L 

1865. 8vo, pp. 14. Detroit, 1855. 

2685 DiGHTON Rock. Copy of the Inscription thereon. Broad ^ ^ 


2686 Dorchester. A Discourse delivered at, on 1 7th June, J C ^ 

1830. To commemorate the completion of the Sec- 
ond Century from its Settlement, by our Pilgrim Fath- 
ers. By John Pierce, D. D. 8vo, pp. 36. Scarce. 

Boston, 1830. 

2687 Dorchester. A Sermon on Occasion of Organizing the ^^ <• 

Third Church in that Town. By Joseph McKean. 
8vo, pp. 38, uncut. Dedham, 1817. 

2688 Dorchester. Annals of the Town of. By James Blake, /^ 

1750. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, 

Boston, 1846. 

2689 Dorchester. History of the Town of Dorchester, Mas- y' - 

sachusetts. By a Committee of the Dorchester Anti- 
quarian Society. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1859. 
Scarce in uncut condition. 


-^ ^ 2690 Dorchester. Historical Discourse, delivered Jan. 2, 
1848, the Fortieth Anniversary of the Gathering of the 
Second Church. By William Allen, D. D. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Boston, 1848. 

^^^ 26f)l Dorchester. In 1630, 1776, and 1865. An Oration 
l}y Edward Everett. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1865. 

/ C 2692 Dorchester. Memorial of the Proprietors of the New 
South Meeting-House in. 8vo, pp. 48, uncut.. 

Boston, 1813. 

^4^ 2693 Dorchester. Proceedings of the Second Church and 
Parish in, exhibited in A Collection of Papers, etc. 8vo, 
pp. 124. Boston, 1812. 

^ ^ ^ 2694 Dorchester. Recovery of some Materials for the Early 
History of, General and Particular, by Samuel G. Drake. 
5[ap and Engravings. In same Vol., Drake's Cata- 
logue of Books. 8vo, pp, 20-92j cloth. Boston, 1851. 

yc 2695 Dorchester. Review of the Past, by John Codman, 
D. D. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1846. 

y ^ 2696 Dorchester. Sermon at the Gathering of the Second 
Congregational Church in, January 1st, 1808. By John 
Pierce, A. M. 8vo, pp. 38. Boston, 1808. 

i i' 2697 Dorchester. Sermon Preached April 29, 1774. A Day 
set apart by the Church and Congregation there, for 
solemn Humiliation and Supplication, to seek the Di- 
vine Direction and Blessing, in the Choice and Settle- 
ment of a Minister among them. By Samuel Danbar, 
M. A. 8vo, pp. 28. Boston, 1775. 

2698 Dubuque, Iowa. History and Manual of the Congre- 
gational Church of. 12mo, pp. 24. Dubuque, 1849. 

- 2699 Dubuque, Iowa. Discourses, Dedicatory and Historical. 
By John C. Holbrook. 8vo, pp. 16. Dubuque, 1860. 

2700 Dudley. An Anniversary Discourse, delivered at Dud- 
Icy, Mass., March 20, 1853. With Topographical and 
Historical Notices of the Town. By Joshua Bates. 
D» D. 8vo, pp. 58. Boston, t853. 


2701 Dunstable. History of the Old Township of Dun^Ui- / 2 ^^ 
ble, including Nashua, Nashville, Mollis, Hudfiou, Litcli- 
field and Merrimac, N. H., Dunstable and Tynj^s bo- 
rough, Mass. By Charles J. Fox. Plates. 1*2 mo, 
cloth. Nashua, 1856. 

2*102 DuxBURY. A History of the Town of Duxbury, Ma&a,,y/ i 

with Genealogical Registers. By Justin Win&ior- Port. 

8yo, cloth. Boston, 1849. 

Author's Autograph. 

2703 Eastham. A History of Eastham, Wellfleet an(l Orleans/ j /' 

from 1644 to 1844, by Enoch Pratt. Svo, clafh. 

Yarrao^ith, 1844. 

2704 Easthampton. A Half-Century Sermon, preanhed on J ^ 

Lord's Day, August 18, 1839. By Payson WilUston* 
8vo, pp. 24. NortharaptoD, 1 839. 

2705 Easthampton. History of, its Settlement and Orowth, >*^ 

together with a Genealogical Record of its Original 
Families. By Payson W. Lyman. 12mo, clotL 

Northampton, 1866. 

2706 Elizabeth Islands. Description of, in Buzzard's Bay.^^? ^ 5^ 

Map. 8vo, pp. 8. Scarce. New York, 1836, 

2707 Elizabbth-Town, N. J. Historical Sketches of St., J ^^ 
fc John's Church. By John C. Rudd, D. D. 8vo, pp. 

29. Scarce. Elizabeth-Town^ 1825. 

2708 Epsom, N. H. A Topographical and Historical Sketch Jet 

of, By Jonathan Curtis, A. M. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut 
Scarce. Concord, 1823. 

2709 Exeter. A Sermon delivered at, Dec. 22d, 1820, bein^ /^ ^ 

the Second Centennial Anniversary of the Ijanding of 
the Pilgrims. By William F. Rowland. Svo^ pp. 19. 
Scarce. Exeter, 182L 

2709^ Exeter. Records of Events in, during 18G1. 8v*o, pp, /* ^ 
16. Exeter, 1862. 

Record of Events in Exeter, N. IL, during ^* j^ 
1862. By Rev. Elias Nason. 12mo, pp. 20. 

Exeter, I8fi2, 


2711 Fall River. An Authentic Narrative, etc., 16ino, 
boards. Providence, 1834. 

y/2 ^ ^2712 Fall River. History of, With Notices of Freetown and 
Tiverton, as published in 1841. By Rev. Orin Fowler 
A. M. 8vo, pp. 100. Scarce. Fall River, 1862. 

2713 Fauquier. Six Weeks in. Illustrating the Scenery and 
Localities of the White Sulphur Springs. Plate. 24mo, 
cloth. New York, 1839. 

^ ^^ 2714 FiSHKiLL. A Brief Historical Sketch of the Aassociated 
Churches of Hopewell, New Hackensack, Fishkill Land- 
ing, and Glenham. By Francis M. Kip, D. D. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1866. 

-•* ► * 2715 FiTCHBURG. Facts and Documents exhibiting a Summary 
View of AflFairs in said Town. 12mo, pp. W^, uncut. 
Rare. Boston, 1802. 

J^ 2716 Flatbush. The History of the Town of Flatbush, in 
King's County, Long Island. By Thomas M. Strong, 
D. D. Maps and Plates. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1842. 

^i^C 2717 Flushing. Past and Present. A Historical Sketch. 

By Rev. G. Henry Manderville. Illustrated. 24mo, 

chth. Flushing, 1860. 

/ ^^* 2718 Fort Popham. Memorial Volume of, By Rev. Edward 

Ballard. Maps. 8vo, cloth. Portland, 1863. 

^j\ 2719 Fort Western. Oration at the Centennial Celebra- 
tion of the Erection of, July 4, 1854. By Nathan Wes- 
tern, LL.D. 8vo, pp. 23. Augusta, 1854. 

: , 2720 Framingham. A History of Framingham, Mass., from 
1640 to the Present time, with a Notice of Sudbury 
and its First Proprietors. Also a Register of the In- 
habitants, before 1800, with Genealogical Sketches. By 
William Barry. 8vo, cloth. Bo!?ton, 1847. 

/ i^ 2721 Gardiner. History of Gardiner, Pittston, and West 
Gardiner, with a sketch of the Kennebec Indians, and 
New Plymouth Purchase, comprising historical matter 


from 1602 to 1852. With Genealogical Sketches of 
Diany Families. By J. W. Hanson. Plates. 12m0y 
tloth. Gardner, 1852. 

2722 Gkneva. a Letter on the Late Revival of Religion in /^ ^ 
tlie Presbytery of Geneva. By Edward D. GriflBn. 8vo, 

pp. 12, unctU. Williamstown, 1832. 

2723 Geneva. History of the Presbyterian Church of. By JP O 

Habbard Winslow. 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1859. 

2124 GiLM ANTON. The History of, from the first settlement / c "'^S 
to the present time, including what is how Guilford, to 
the time it was disannexed. By Daniel Lancaster. 
Hap. 8vo, boards. Gilmanton, 1845. 

2726 Glastenbury. For Two Hundred Years. With an ^ / ^ 
appendix containing Historical and Statistical Papers 
of Interest. By Rev. Alonzo B. Chapin, D. D. 8vo, 
cloth. Hartford, 1853. 

2726 Gloucester. By-Laws of the Town of. 12rao, pp. 10. 5^ 

Gloucester, 1853. 

2727 Gloucester. History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape j cT' 
Ann, including the Town of Rockport. By John J. 
Eabson. Plates. 8vo,cZo^. Gloucester, 1860. 

2728 Gorham. A History of the Town of Gorham, Maine. J /"S^ 

Prepared at the request of the Town. By Josiah 
Pierce- 8vo, cZo/A. Portland, 1862. 

Tit% Granby. a History of the Copper Mines, and Newgate J 2 < 
Pi'ison, at Granby, Conn. Also of the Captivity of 
Daniel Hays, of Granby, by the Lidians, in 1707. By 
Noah Phelps. 8vo, pp. 34. Hartford, 1845. 

2730 GuANBY. A History of Newgate, of Connecticut, at ^ < - 
Simsbury, now East Granby, its Insurrections and Mas- 
sacres, the Imprisonment of the Tories in the Revolu- 
tion, and the working of its Mines, etc. By Richard 
H. Phelps. Port, and Rubricated title. Cap 4to,c/o^. 
uncut. Albany, Joel Munsell, 1860. 


/ -^ ^2731 Granby. Newgate of Connecticut. A History of the 
Prison, its Insurrections, Massacres, &c. Imprisonment 
of the Tories, etc. By Richard H. Phelps. 8vo. pp. 
33. Hartford, 1844. 

^ ^^ 2732 Grand Man an, N. B. Sermon occasioned by the burn- 
ing of the Episcopal Church. 8vo, pp. 15. 

New Brunswick, 1841. 

/<^ 5^2733 Greenfield. Willard's History of. 12mo,cfc^A. Very 
scarce. Greenfield, 1 838. 

-^ <^T) 2734 Groton. • Historj of the Town of, including Pepperell 
and Shirley, from the First Grant of Groton Plantation, 
in 1655, with appendices containing Family Registers, 
Town and State Officers, Population, and other Statis- 
tics. By Caleb Butler. PlateSi 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1848. 

/ 2735 Groton. Sermon at the Dedication of the Union 

Meeting House in, 1827. By John Todd. 8vo, pp. 46. 

Cambridge, 1827. 
J 2736 Hackensack. A Discourse delivered at, June 28, 1796. 
On the Occasion of the Meeting of a Commission of 
Synod, to compose certain diflferences in the Congrega- 
tions of Hackensack and Schroenburgh. By William 
Linn, D. D. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. Scarce. 

New York, 1796. 
-^'^ 5^2737 Hadlby. Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniver- 
sary of the Settlement of Hadley, Mass., at Hadley, 
June 8, 1859. 8vo, pp. 98. Northampton, 1859. 

Presentation note from the Author. 

-^ ^ ' 2738 Hadley. History of. Including the Early History of 
Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst, and Granby, Massa- 
chusetts. By Sylvester Judd ; with Family Genealo- 
gies, by Lucius M. BoJtwood. 8vo, cloth. 

Northampton, 1863. 

/ ^ * 2739 Hamilton. A Century Discourse, delivered in Hamil- 

ton, on Thursday, Oct. 27, 1814. By Mannasseh Cutler, 

LL. D. 8vo, pp. 26. Scarce. Salem, (Mass.,) 1815. 


2740 Hampton. An Historical Address, delivered at Hamp- y j ^ 

ton, New Hampshire, on the 25th of Dec, 1838, In 
Commemoration of the Settlement of that Town. Two 
Hundred Years having elapsed since that event. By 
Joseph Dow, A. M. 8vo, pp. 44. 

Concord, mdcccxxxix. 

2741 Hanover. A Historical Sketch of the Town of Hano- / CT'l^ 

ver, Mass., with Family Genealogies. By John S. Barry. 
Plates. 8vo, cloth, Boston, 1853. 

2742 Hanover. Narrative of the origin and progress of the // 2- 

Difficulties in the Vicinity of Dartmouth College. 8vo, 
pp. 68, Mnctfi. Hanover, 1815. 

2743 Hardwick, Mass. An Address at the Centennial Cele- 5^ 

brationin, Nov. 15, 1838. By Lucius R. Page. 8vo, 
pp.76. Scarce. Cambridge, 1838. 

2744 Hartford. Proceedings at the Dedication of Charter / 

Oak Hall. By J. Deane Alden. Maps. 8vo, pp. 45. 

Hartford, mdccclvi. 

2745 Harvard College. A Sketch of the History of, and of y/ ^ "^ 
its Present State. By Samuel A. Elliot. 8vo, hoards, 

Boston, 1848. 

2746 Harwinton. The History of Harwinton, Conn. By R. / ^ ^' 

Manning Chipman. 8vo, pp. 152. Hartford, 1860. 

2747 Haverhill. The History of Haverhill, Mass., from its J^ ^ ^ 

First Settlement in 1640, to the year 1860. By George 
Wingate Chase. Plates. 8vo, cloth, Haverhill, 1861. 

2748 Hempstead. A Sermon preached in, St. George's Church, ^ ^ 

Hempstead. To which is prefixed a Short Historical 
Sketch of said church for a century past. By Reverend 
Seth Hart. 8vo, pp. 16, uTicut, Scarce. 

New York, 1823. 

2749 Hillsborough. A True Account of the Defalcation of ^ 

the Hillsborouffh Bank.' 8vo, pp. 16, unatt. 

Concord, (s.a.) 

A rare fragment of Political and Local History. 


</ ^"^2750 HiNGHAM. A Discourse in the Ancient Meeting-houBe, 
Sept. 8, 1850, By Alonzo Hill. Svo, pp. 23. 

Boston, 1850. 

/ ^ 2751 HiNGHAM. A Narrative of the Proceedinors in the North 
Parish of Hingham. By An Inhabitant. 8vo, pp. 85. 
With an appendix; pp. 52. Salem, 1807. 

i^ ^ 2752 HiNGHAM. A Sermon delivered June 28,1856. The 
close of the Fiftieth Year of his Ministry in Hingham. 
By Joseph Richardson. Svo, pp. 48. Hingham, 1856. 

yC ^2753 Hingham! History of the Town of Hingham, Plymouth 
County, Massachusetts. By Solomon Lincoln, Jr. 8vo, 
boards, uncut. Very scarce. Hingham, 1827. 

-^^^2764 Hingham. The Old Man's Calendar. By Bbenezer 
Gay. 8vo, pp. 32. Hingham, 1846. 

^^ ^'2755 Holdbn. The History of Holden, Mass., 1667-1841. 
By Samuel C. Damon. Svo, pp. 155. Scarce. 

Worcester, 1841. 

-^"^^ 2756 HoRTON, N. S. Acadia College. Address, with ap- 
pendix, containing A History of the College, etc 8vo, 
pp. 52. Halifax, 1851. 

5 w 2757 HuBBARDTON, Vt. Historical Address on the Eighty- 
Second Anniversary of the Battle of Hubbardton, 
July 7, 1859. By Henry Clark. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Rutland, 1859. 

2758 Hudson. Historical Sketches of. Embracing the Settle- 
ment of the City, City Government, etc. By Stephen 
M. Miller. 8vo, cloth. Hudson, 1862. 

w c"l 2759 Hull. Notes on the Sea-Shore, or Random Sketches, 
in relation to the ancient town of Hull. By The 
"Shade of Alden." Curious Plate. 8vo, pp. 56. 

Boston, 1848. 

2760 Ipswich. A Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of. 
By David T. Kimball. 8vo, pp. 44. Scarce. 

Haverhill, 1823. 







Ipswich, A Vindication of the Result of the Council / - 
at 8vo, pp. 26. ^ Newburyport, 1805. 

2762 Ipswich* History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton. JI > ^ 

By Joseph B. Felt. Port 8vo, cloth. 

Cambridge, 1834 

2763 Ipswich. Thirtieth Anniversaiy Discourse, June 29, ^ ^"^ 

1 856. By Rev. Daniel Fitz. 8vo, pp. 23, uncut. 

Boston, 1856. 

2764 Ithaca. As it was, and Ithaca as it is, with Thoughts 5 ^ 

Suggestive of the Future. By H, C. Goodwin* 8vo, 
pp, 64 Ithaca, N. Y., 1853. 

2765 Ithaca. The Scenery of, and the Head Waters of the /l'*^ 

Cayuga Lake, as portrayed by diflFerent Writers. Plates. 

8vo, pp. 151. Ithaca, 1856. I | 

766 Jamaica, Address delivered Oct 5, 1842, at the Cele- <"^? •. 

bratlon of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Union Hall, Ja- , ' 

maica, Long Island, by James DePeyster Ogden. 8vo, 
pp. 20. Jamaica, 1842. 

2767 Jamestown. The First Settlers of Virginia. An His-^^ i <? 

torical Novel, Exhibiting a view of the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the Colony at Jamestown. A Picture of Indi- 
an Manners, the Countenance of the Country, and its 
Katural Productions. 12mo, $heep. Scarce. 

New York, 1806. 

2768 Kansas. Annals of the City of. With Statistics of the S^ 

West, South, and South-West. By C. C. Spaulding. 
8vo, pp. 111. Scarce. Kansas City, 1858. 

2769 Keeke. Annals of the Town of, from its First Settle- /\) ^ 

ment, in 1734, to the year 1790. By Sahna Hall. 8vo, 
pp. 69, uncut. Very scarce. Concord, 1826. 

2770 Kebnb. Annals of the Town of, from its First Settle- y f £ 

ment, io 1734, to the year 1815. Bv Salma Hall. 
Map, 8vo, half bound. Keene 1851. 

2771 Lake Champlain. History of, from its first Explora- .'^ . * 
tions, by the French, in 1609, to the close of the year 




1814. By Peter S. Palmer. Tinted paper, 8vo, pp. 
276, tmcta. Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 

/^^- 2772 Lake George. By J. P. Sweet. 12mo, pp. 55. 

New York, 1864. 

^ 2773 Lancaster. A Sermon delivered at, Dec. 29, 1816, the 
last Lord's Day in which there was Religious Worship 
in the Old Meeting-House. By Nathaniel Thayer. 8vo, 
pp. 40. Worcester, 1817. 

/^^ 2774 Lancaster. An Address in commemoration of the Two 
Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Lancas- 
ter, Mass. By Joseph Willard. 8vo, pp. 230. 

Boston, 1853. 

^'*'^^2775 Lawrence. Poem, upon the Great Disaster, at Law- 
rence, Mass. By George Handy. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Boston, 1860. 

/S ^ 2776 Lee. History of the Town of Lee. Mass. By Rev. 
Amory Gale. 8vo, pp. 48. Lee, 1854. 

, V V 2777 Leicester. An Address commemorative of the part 
taken by the Lihabitants, of the original Town of Leices- 
ter, in the Events of the Revolution, delivered at Leices- 
ter, July 4, 1849. By Emory Washburn. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Boston, 1849. 
/J 2778 Leicester. Brief Sketch of the History of Leicester 
Academy. By Emory Washburn. 8vo, pp. 158. 

Boston, 1855. 
- ^' i 2779 Leicester. Historical Sketches of the Town of Leices- 
ter, Massachusetts, during the first century from its 
settlement. By Emory Washburn. Ports. 8vo, cloth, 

Boston, 1860. 

/ ') "^ 2780 Leominster. The History of, or the Northern Half of 

the Lancaster New or Additional Grant, from June 26, 

1701, to July 4,1862. By David Wilder. 12mo, 

cloth. Pitchburgh, 1853. 

2781 Lexington. A Dirtcourse delivered at, March 31, 1813, 
the day which completed a Century from the Licoroo- 











ration of the Town. By Avery Williams. 8vo, pp, 34. 
Scarce. Boston, 1813. 

LiTCHriELD County CentcaDiuI Celebration, 13tb and 
1 4tli August, 1 85 L 8vo, doth, Hartford, 1851. 

Litchfield. Sketches and Chroniciea of the Town of /S*J 
Litchfield, Connecticut, Historical, Biographical, and 
Statistical, By Payne Kenjon Kil bourne, M. A. 
Many Portraits. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 1S59. 

Londonderry. A Centnrj Sermon delivered in the / iTi^ 
Eaat-Parish Meeting House, Londonderry, New Hamp- 
shire, April 22, 1819, in commemoration of the First 
Settlement of the Town, containing a Sketch of the His- 
tory of 'the Town, from its Earliest Settlement. By 
Edward L. Parker. 8vO| pp. 44. Rare. 

Concord, 181d, 

LouisTn^LB. Sketches of^ and its Eovu-ons, including a J^ ^0 
riorula Louisvillensis. By H. MMIurtrie, M. D., &c. 
And an Appendix containing an Accurate Account of 
the Earthquakes experienced hero, from the 16th Dec. 
Ibll, to the 7th Feb. 1812, Map. 8vo, she^. 

Louisville, 1819. 
Lowell. As it Was, and As it la. By Rev* Henry A. 
Miles. 24mo, cloth. Lowell, 1845. 

Lowell. The same. Second Edition. 24mo, cloth. 

Lowell, 1847, 

Lowell. Introduction of the Power Loom, and Origin 
of LowelL By Nathan Appleton. 8vo, pp* 36, dothf 
gilt edges. Lowell, 1858, 

Lowell* Memoirs of the Indians and Pioneers, of the 

Region of. By Charles Cowley. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Lowell, 1862. 
Lowell. Results of Manufactures, By Thomas G, 

Cary, 8vo, pp* i:2. Boston, 1845. 

LowviLLE Acadomy Semi-Cententiial Anniversary, cele- 
bratcd at Lowville, N, Y., July 21st and 22d, 1858. 



/ u 



Rubricated title, tinted paper. Royal Svo, boardSftmaU. 

Lowville, 1859. 

Large paper. Printed by J. MunseU. Edition only 20 oopiea. 

// i 2791 Lynn. The History of. By Alonzo Lewis. The First 
Edition. Plates. 8vo, sheep. Scarce. Boston, 1829. 

// ^ 2792 Lynn. The History of, including Nahant. By Alonzo 
Lewis, the Lynn Bard. Second Edition. Plates. 8yo, 
cloth. Boston, 1844. 

6 Z 2793 Maohias. Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of 
the Settlement of Machias. 8vo, pp. 180. 

Machias, 1863. 

/ 2794 Madison. Statistics of Dane County, Wisconsin, with a 
Sketch of the Village of Madison. 8vo^ pp. 15. 

Madison, 1852. 
J d 2795 Maldbn. An Oration delivered at, on the Two Hun- 
dredth Anniversary of the Licorporation of the Town, 
May 23, 1849. By James D. Green. 8vo, pp. 53. 

Boston, 1850. 

Author*! Autograph. 

/ 2796 Malden. Dedication of the Maiden Town Hall. 8vo, 
pp. 52. Maiden, 1857. 

< S^ 2797 Malden. The Bi-Centennial Book of, and Matters per- 
taining to the History of the Place. 12mo, doth. 

Boston, 1850. 
- 2798 Malden. Two Hundredth Anniversary Oration. By 
James D. Green. Palfrey's Centennial, at Barnstable, 
and two other Centennial Discourses. 

y ^S^ 2799 Manchester. The History of, formerly Derryfield, in 
New Hampshire, including that of Ancient Amoskei^. 
By C. E. Potter. 8vo, clotk. Manchester, 1856. 

* ' ^ ^ 2800 Marblehbad. A Discourse on the History of the First 
Christian Church and Society, in Marblehead, delivered 
to his People, Jan. 7, 1816. By Samuel Dana, A. M. 
8vo, pp. 31. Scarce. Boston, 1816. 

>/ *: 2801 Marlborough. History of the Town of Marlborou^, 


Middlesex County, Mass., from its First Settlement, in 
1657, to 1861, with a brief sketch of the Town of 
Northborough, a Genealogy of the Families in Marl- 
borough to 1800, etc. By Charles Hudson. Ports. 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1862. 

2802 Marshfield. Memorials of. By Marcia A. Thomas^ ^ Z 

Plates. 12mo, pp. 108. Boston, 1854. 

2803 Martha's Vineyard. Sketches of, and other Reminis- ^ ^~^ 

cences. By an Inexperienced Clergyman. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1838. 

2804 Marshpbe. A Description of Marshpee, in the County of S^^^ 

Barnstable, September 16th, 1802. By James Free- 
man, D. D. Same Vol. contains Note on Nantucket, 
Description of Dukes County, and a Paper on the 
Marshpee Indians. 8vo, pp. 96. Rare. [s.l.8.a.] 

2805 Mason. History of the Town of Mason, N. H., from they > S ^ 

First Grant, in 1749, to the year 1858. By John B. 
HilL Ports. Syo, cloth. Boston, 1858. 

2806 Mason. Memoir of the Rev. Ebenezer Hill, with ^ ^"^ 

his Discourse on the History of the Town. By John 
B. Hill. Port 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1858. 

2807 Mason. Two Lectures on the History of, delivered be- 5 <r ^ 

fore the Lyceum, in Mason Village. By Rev. Ebene- 
zer Hill. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut. Fitchburgh, 1846. 

2808 Massachusetts Bay. Declaration of Independence, by /O 

the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, May 1, 1776. 8vo, 
pp. 12. New York, 1862. 

2809 Maumeb Valley. Early History of. By H. L. Hos- 

mer. 8vo, pp. 69, cloth. Scarce. Toledo, 1858. 

2810 McDFiELD. A Sermon Preached in Medfield, 5th Jan., 

1817, near the 166th Anniversary of the Incorporation 
of the Town. By Daniel C. Sanders, D. D. 8vo, pp. 
27. Dedham, 1817. 

An early and very rare local history. In same Vol., Stevens* Sermon on 

the Advantages that Man derives from Woman, and 10 other Sermons. 

8yo, half calf. 

2. r^ 




/cT ^2811 Mbdpobd. The Ark, Ships, and Shipbuading, with a 
brief history of the Art, and a Register of Vessels built 
in Medford. By A. R. Baker. Svo, pp. 40. Scarce. 

Boston, 1847. 

J 2812 Mbdwat. a Sermon delivered at, Nov. 4, 1813, on the 
Close of a Century, since the Incorporation of the 
Town. By Luther Wright, A. M. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Dedham, 1814 

y^ 2813 Mbdwat. A Pastor's Review. A Discourse Preached 
in Medway, Mass., Nov. 2, 1864, on the Fiftieth Anni- 
versary of the Author's Settlement. By Jacob He, 
D. D. 8vo, pp. 72. Boston, 1865. 

y (Tb 2814 Mbndon. A Centurial History of the Mendon Associa- 
tion, with Centennial Address, delivered Nov. 19, 1861. 
By Rev. Mortimer Blake. 12mo, doih. Boston, 1853. 

y^' ^ 2815 Mbbibbn. Historical Sketches of. By G. W. Perkins. 
8vo, doth. ' West Meriden, 1849. 

Jr :" 2816 Mbrrimack. An Address delivered in, April 3, 1846, 
at the Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of 
the Town. By Stephen T. Allen. 8vo, pp. 64 
Scarce. Boston, 1846. 

/^ 2817 MiDDLBBOBO'. A Fifty Year's Ministry. Two Dis- 
courses on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Author's Or- 
dination, delivered in Middleboro', Mass., on Sabbath, 
March 19, 1865. By Israel W. Putnam. 8vo, pp. 34 

Middleboro', 1865. 

J!) ^^ 2818 MiDDLBBOBOUGH. History of Middleborough, Mass. 
8vo, uncut. Boston, 1849. 

/ 2819 MiDDLEBOBOUQH, Mass. Catalogue of the Members of 
the First Church. 8vo, pp. 124. Boston, 1854. 

v' , 2820 MiDDLBBUBY. History of the Town of Middlebury, in 

the County of Addison, Vermont, to which is Prefixed 
a Statistical and Historical Account of the County. By 
Samuel Swift Ports. 8vo, cloth. Middlebury, 1859. 


2821 MiLTOK. A Collection of Papers relative to the Traoa- 

acUoiia of the Towu of Milton, in the State of Majaa- 
chusetts, to Pramota a General Inoculation of the 
Cow Pox, or Kine Pock, aa a never-failing preventive 
against Small Poi Infection. 8vo, pp. 4?, uncut 
Scarce. Boston, 1809. 

2822 MiLTOjr. Two Sermons Preached in Milton^ suggested 

by the Centennial Celebration, on the Itth of Jmie, 
1862* By John H. Morrison, D. D. 8vo, pp* 55, 

Boston, 1862. 

2823 Milwaukee, The Chronicles of. Being a Narrative 

History of the Town, from its earliest period, to the 
present By A. C. Wheeler, 8vo, doiL 

Milwaukee, 1?6L 

2824 Milwaukee. To Capitalists, relative to irilwaukee 

City Loan. Map. 8vo, pp. 26- Milwaukee, 1859. 

2S25 Missisco Yallet, History of. By Samuel Sumner, 
M. A. With an Introductory Notice of Orleans Coun- 
ty, by Rev. S. K. Halt 8vo, pp. 76. Irasbnrgh, I860. 

282^ MoKSOEf, Celebration of the Semi-Cententiial Anniver* 
sary of Monson Academy, July 1 8th and 19 th, 1854. 
8vo, pp. 90. New York, 1855. 

2827 MoOTAtiK, The Legends of. By J, A. Ayers, With 

an Historical Appendix. 8vo, doth* New York, 1 849. 

2828 MoNTPELiER. History of the Town of, from 1781 to 

1860. By D, P, Thompson. Port 8vo, doiL 

Montpelier, 1860, 

2829 MoNTPELiBR. Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organiza- 

tion of the First Congregational Church. By W. H. 
Lord. 8vo, pp, 32. , Montpelier, 1858, 

2830 MoKTREAL, Hochelaga Depicta. The Early History 

and Present State of the City and Island of Montreal. 
With numerous Illustrative Engravings. By Newton 
Busworth, F,R, A. S. 12mo, doth, rough edges. 

Montreal, hdcccxxxii. 







i. 3- 




y / (^ 2S31 Nantucket. A Narrative of the Robbery of the Nan- 
tucket Bank. Compiled from Original Documents, col- 
lected by William Cofl&n and Albert Gardner, Esq's. 
8vo, pp. 69. Scarce. Nantucket, 1816. 

y ^ '^ 2832 Nantucket. The History of. A Compendious Ac- 
count of the First Settlement, with the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the Whale Fishery, and other Historical Facts 
relating to said Island, and its Inhabitants. By Obed 
Macy. \6mOf haJf bound. Boston, 1835. 

/ / i^ 2833 Narraoanset. The Early History of, with an Appen- 
dix of Original Documents, many of which are now for 
the first time published. By Elisha R. Potter, Jr. 
8vo, cloth. Providence, iiDCCCXXXv. 

-<' ^ ^ 2834 Nashotah. A Few Days at. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1849. 

/ ^ 2835 Natick. A History of, from its First Settlement, in 
1651, to the Present time. By Oliver N. Bacon. 
Ports, and Engravings. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1856. 

<^ S " 2836 Natick. A Sermon delivered at Natick, Jan. v., icdccc- 
XVII, containing a History of said Town, from mdcli, to 
the day of delivery. By Martin Moore, A. M. 8vo, 
pp. 2 7. Cambridge, 1817. 

-< S ^ 2837 Natick, Mass. Sermon. Dedication of the First Con 
gregational Church in, 1854. By Rev. Elias Nason. 
8vo, pp. 21. . Boston, 1855. 

/ 1^ . 2838 Needham. A Sermon delivered in Needham, Nov. 16, 
1811, on the Termination of a Century since the Incor- 
poration of the Town. By Stephen Palmer, A. M. 8vo, 
pp.44. Rare. ^ Dedham, 1811. 

2839 Nevada County. Sketch of. By A. A. Sargent. 8vo, 
pp. 45. [8.1.8.a.] 

/' 2840 Newark. Historical Discourse, relating to the First 
Presbyterian Church in. By Jonathan F. Stearns, 
D. D. Ports. 8vo, cloth. Newark, 1853. 


2841 Newark. The Days of Old. A Centennial Discourse. J ^'3 

By Matthew H. Henderson, M. A. 8vo, pp. 64. 

New York, 1846. 

2842 Newburgh. History of the Town of. By E. M. Rutten- 37 ^' 

ber. Illustrated with Views, Maps, Portraits, &c. 
8vo, cloth. Newburgh, 1859. 

2843 Newbury. A Sketch of the History of Newbury, New-y^J 5 

buryport, and West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845. By 
Joshua Coffin. 8to, cloth. Boston, 1845. 

2844 Newburyport. The History and Present State of the ^ c^^ 

Town of. By Caleb Cushing. 12mo, boards, uncut. 
Scarce. Newburyport, 1826. 

2845 Newburyport. Mr. Gary's and Mr. Andrews' Sermons, / i^ 

occasioned by leaving the Old Meeting House, and the 
Dedication of the New One. Two pamphlets. 8vo, 
pp. 28-28. Newburyport, 1801. 

2846 Newport. A Hand-Book of Newport, and Rhode Island. -<? ^ ^ 
Engravings. 24mo, cloth, Newport, 1852. 

""2847 Newport. Sketches of, and its Vicinity, with Notices J2 
respecting the History, Settlement, and Geography of 
Rhode Island. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1842. 

2848 Newport. Services at the Dedication of the School ^ ^'^ 

House, erected by the Trustees of the Long Wharf. 
With an Appendix. 8vo, pp. 106. Newport, 1863. 

2849 Newton. A History of the Early Settlement of New- ^ "^ ^ 

ton, County of Middlesex, Mass., from 1639 to 1800, 
with a Genealogical Register of its Inhabitants, prior to 
1800. By Francis Jackson. Ports. 12mo, cloth. Scarce. 

Boston, 1854. 

2850 Newton.' Life of J. Grafton, with Appendix pertaining y^ 2 

to the History of the Town of Newton. By S. P. 
Smith. 12mo, cloth, Boston, 1849. 

2851 Newton. Sermon. Dedication of the New House of ; ^^ 

Worship, Second Congregational Society, 1848. By ^ 
Lyman Gilbert, A. M. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1848. 



J ^ 2852 Newtown. The Annals of Newtown, in Queen's Coun- 
ty, New York, containing its History, from its First 
Settlement, with many Facts concerning the Adjacent 
, Towns. By James Eiker, Jr. 8vo, cloth, vncuL 

New York, 1852. 

Scarce in uncut condition. 

^0 2SSS NewBbdpobd. The History of New Bedford, Bristol 
County, Mass. Including the History of the Old Town- 
ship of Dartmouth, and the present Townships of West- 
port, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven, from their Settlement, 
to the Present Time. By Daniel Ricketson. 12mo, 
cloth. New Bedford, 1 858. 

/(Tb 2854 New Boston. Address delivered at the Centennial Cel- 
ebration of the Incorporation of New Boston, N. H. 
By C. B. Cochrane. 8vo, pp. 44, tmctU. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 
/^^ 2855 New Brighton. Description of, on Staten Island, oppo- 
site the City of New York. Map and Plate. 8vo, mo- 
rocco. New York, 1836. 

^* 2856 New Brunswick. A Historical Discourse prepared for 
the Semi-Centenary Sabbath, in New Brunswick. By 
Jacob J. Jane way, D. D. 8vo, pp. 28. 

New Brunswick, 1840. 
/^'^ 2857 New Haven. A Historical Discourse before' the Citi- 
zens of, April 25, 1838, the Two Hundredth Anniver- 
sary of the First Settlement of the Town and Colony. 
By James J. Bangsley. 8vo, boards. 

New Haven, 1838. 

y ^^; 2858 New Haven. Annals of Yale College. By Ebenezer 
Baldwin. Ports. Syo, cloth. New Haven, 1838. 

y ' :;. 2859 Nbw Havbn. History and Antiquities of. By J. W. 
Barber. Wants title page. 12mo, cloth. 

2860 New Haven. Thirteen Historical Discourses on the 
Completion of Two Hundred Years from the Beginning 
of the First Church in New Haven, with an Appendix. 
By Leonard Bacon. Ports. 8vo, cloth. 

New Haven, 1839. 



2861 New Haten, Tiewa in, and its Vicinity, with a partic- /</7) 

ular Description to each View. Drawn and Engraved 
by J, W, Barber. Colored Plates. 18mo, cloth, Scarce- 
New Haven, 1825. 

2862 New Ipswich. The History of, from its First Grant, in J r^ 

MDCCXxxvi, to the Present Time, with Genealogical 
Notices of the Principal Families, and also the Proceed- 
ings of the Centennial Celebration, September 11, 1850. 
Map, Ports, and Engravings. 8vo, boards^ uncut. 

Boston, 1852. 
Soaroe in unout condition. 

2863 New Ipswich. The History of, from its First Grant, in y/ Z 

1736, to the Present Time. With Genealogical Noti- 
ces of the Principal Families, and also the Proceedings 
of the Centennial Celebration, Sept. 11, 1850. 8vo, 
pp. 232. Boston, 1852. 

The Author's oopj, with his mannsoript oorreotions. 

2864 New London. History of New London, Conn., from J^ ^ ~d 

the First Survey of the Coast, in 1612, to 1860. By 
Frances Manwaring Caulkins. 8vo, cloth. 

New London, 1860. 

2865 New Orleans. Norman's New Orleans, and Environs. / c 

Containing a brief Historical Sketch of the State of 
Looisiana, and the City of New Orleans, from the Ear- 
liest Period, to the Present Time. Map. 24mo, cloth. 

New Orleans, 1845. 

2S66 New Plymouth, An Historical Memoir of the Colony / 5 ? j] 

of, from the Flight of the Pilgrims into Holland, in the 

year 1608, to the Union of the Colony with Massachu- i 

setts, in 1692. By Francis Baylies. With some cor- 
rections, additions, and a copious Index, by Samuel G. j 
Drake. 2 Vols. 8vo, cloth^ uncut ^ gilt top. 

Boston, 1866. 

2867 New York. A Comparison of the Taxes during the ^ J 
years 1836 and 1837, showing the difference between 
the expenses of a Democratic and Federal Corporation. j 

By a Tax Payer. 8vo, pp. 8. New York, 1838. ^ 


^^^ 2868 New York. A Discourse, designed to commemorate 
the Discovery of, by Henry Hudson ; delivered before 
the New York Historical Society, Sept. 4, 1809, being 
the completion of the Second Century since that 
event. By Samuel Miller, D. D. 8vo, pp. 28, uncut. 
Scarce. New York, 1810. 

-< 5^ 2869 New York. k. Discourse delivered on the Twenty-fifth 
Anniversary of the Chui*ch of the Epiphany, Jan. 10. 
1858, by Rev. Lot Jones, A. M. 8vo, pp. 24. 

New York, 1858. 

J -^ "^ 2870 New York. A Discourse delivered in the North Re- 
formed Dutch Church, August, 1856. By Thos. De- ' 
Witt, D. D. Plates. 8vo, cloih. New York, 1857. 
y^ 2871 New York. A Description of the City of, with Maps 
and Illustrations. By 0. L. HoUey. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1847. 
^^ 2872 New York. A Glance at. Rogues, Dandies, Water, 
and other Liquids. 12mo, cloth. 1837. 

-?^"3 2873 New York. A History of, from the Beginning of the 
World, to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. Containing, 
among many Surprising and Curious Matters, the Un- 
utterable Ponderings of Walter, the Doubter ; the Disas- 
• trous Projects of William, the Testy, and the Chivalric 

Achievements of Peter, the Headstrong, the three Dutch 
Governors, of New Amsterdam, being the only Authen- 
tic History of the Times, that ever hath been, or ever 
will be Published. By Diedrich Knickerbocker. First 
Edition. Plates. 2 Vols. 12mo, sheep. 

New York, 1809. 
-< ^^ 2874 New York. A Historical Sketch of the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the Metropolitan City of America. By a New 
Yorker. With Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, gilt. 

New York, 1853. 

y . 2875 New York. A Lecture on the Topography and History 

of. By Horatio Seymour. 8vo, pp. 41. Utica, 1856. 

^^ 2876 New York. An Account of St. Luke's Hospital. 8vo, 

pp. 68. New York, 1860. 


2877 New Toek, An Address delivered on the Occasion oi 5^"% 
the Inauguratiou of the New South Building of the New 
York Hospital, on the 18th of April, 1355* By Joseph 
M. Smith, M, D, Niimerous Plans. 8vo, pp. 60, 

New York, 1855, 

2818 New York. An Inauguration Discourse, delivered be-/ J ^ 
fore the New York Historical Hocietj, by the Hon. 
Gouverneur MorriSj 4th Sept, 1816, the 206th Anniver- 
sary of the Discovery of New York, by Hudson. 8vo, 
unctd. Scarce* New York, 1816. 

2879 New York. Account of the Terrific and Fatal Riot, tX Ji^ 

the New York Astor Place Opera HousCp May 10th, 
1849. With the Quarrels of Forrest and Maeready, 
Including all the Causes which led to that Awful Trag- 
edy, with its mournful termination in the Sudden 
Death, or Mutilation, of more than Fifty Citizens. En- 
graving. 8vo, pp. S2, New York, 1849. 

2880 New York* Address on the Claims of Columbia Col- 7 

lege, and the New University. 8vo, pp. 10, 

New York, 1830, 

2881 New York* AEDual Report of the Comptroller, 1849. 

Sto, pp. 148, New York, 1850. 

28H2 New York* Argument and Appeal in behalf of the Re- 
mains of the Revolutionary Patriots, who died in the 
Sugar House Prison, in Liberty Street, By Nicholas 
Haight. 8vo, pp. 3L New York, 1854, 

2883 New York, Blunt's Stranger's Guide to the City ot 

Engravings- 24mo, hoards^ uncuL New York, 1817. 

2884 New York City Taxes. Examination of the Levy for / 

1864 8vo, pp. 29, Albany, 1864. 

2885 New York, Considerations upon Establishing a Univer* / 

sity in the City of New York. 8ro, pp. 29, 

New York, 1 830. 

2886 New York. Description of the City of. 12mo, sfiEep. J, 

Wants title page. 





Y 2887 New York. Discourse at the Dedication of the Second 
Congregational Unitarian Church, 1826. By W. E. 
Channing. 12mo, pp. 47, uncut. New York, 1827. 

/^ 'V 2888 New York during the last Half Century. A Discourse 
by John W. Francis, M. D., LL. D. 8vo, pp. 232-27, 
uTumt. New York, 1857 

/ 2889 New York. Funeral obsequies, in Memory of Gen. 
Zachary Taylor, with an Oration by David Graham, 
Esq. Plates. 8vo, chth. New York, 1851. 

-*- 3 "^ 2890 New York. God*s Counsel and Purpose (of Warning 
rather than Judgment), against the Crowning City. A 
Sermon, occasioned by the Devastating Fire of 16th 
December, delivered Dec. 20, 1835, By. Rev. Hugh 
Smith, A. M. 8vo, pp. 21, uncut. 

New York, MDCCCXxxr. 

^ 2891 New York. Guide to the Central Park» Map. 12mo, 
pp. 50. New Yo*, 1860. 

•^ ^ ^ 2892 New York. History of New Amsterdam, or New York 
as it Was in the days of the Dutch Governors, together 
with Papers on Events connected with the American 
Revolution. By Professor A. Davis. Six Illustrations. 
12mo, cloth, gilt edges. New York, 1854. 

y ^ 2893 New York. History of the Tontine Building, founded 
1792, demolished in May, 1855. By Frederick De 
Peyster, Esq. Plates. 32mo, pp. 16. New York, 1855. 

/ V d' 2894 New York. History of the City of. By David T. Val- 
entine. Maps, &c. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1853. 

5^ ^^ 2895 New York. Historical Notices of St. Mark's Church, 
in the Bowery. 8vo, pp. 58. New York, 1845. 

J 2896 New York. Historical Sketches of Holland Lodges 
with Remarks on Masonry in New York. By Joseph 
N. Balestier. 8vo, pp. 101. New York, 1862. 

/ 2897 New York. Historical Sketch of the Board of Supervi- 
sors of the County of. 8vo, pp. 39. New York, 1862. 


New York. Historical Sketch of the St. Andrew's So- ^ Q 
ciety, and Centennial Oration. By the Rev. John 
Thomson, D. D. 12mo, pp. 120. New York, 1857. 

2899 New York. Lower Depths of the Great American '^^*/0 
tropolis. A Discourse, by Rev. Peter Stryker. 12 mo, 
' cloth. New York, 1866, 

290U New York. Miller's New York as it is, or Stranger's /^ ^ 
Guide !Book to the Cities of New York, Brooklyn, and 
Adjacent Places. Engravings. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1859. 

2901 New York. Olden Time in, by Those Who Knew-yi"."^ 

12mo, pp. 54. New York, 1833. 

2902 New Yobk. Past, Present, and Future, comprising ^ Jli^^ 

History of the City of New York, a Description of ita 
Present Condition, and an Estimate of its Future In^' 
crease. By E. Porter Belden, M. A. 12mo, cMh, 
gilt. New York, 1850. 

2903 New York. Picture of. By Samuel L. Mitchell. ^ 

Wants title page. 24mo, sheep. (New York, 1807,) 

2904 New York. Prison Association. 8vo,pp. 138. $^ 

New York, 1846. 

2905 New York. Proceedings of the Corporation, in regard / 

to Cemeteries in the City. 8vo,pp. 18. 

(New York,) 1823. 

2906 New York. Report relative to the Catastrophe ia 5^ 

Hague Street, on Mond&y, Feb. 4th, 1850. By Alder- 
man GriflSn. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1850. 

2907 New York. Revenues and Expenditures for the year y^ 

1860. 8vo. pp. 139. New York, 1861. 

«« A History of Taxation in New York." 

M08 New York. Sketch of the Resources of the City of, I V ^ 
with a View of its Municipal Government, Population, 
&c., from the Foundation of the City. 8vo, boards. 

New York, 182T. 
2909 New York. Sketch of the Fourth Avenue Presbyte- 
rian Church. By Howard Crosby, D. D. 8vo, pp. 1 6^ 

New York, 1864. 





J 2910 New York. Sketches of the History of the Pearl 
Street Presbyterian Church. By A. Augustus Wood. 
8vo, pp. 25. New York, 1853. 

y 2911 New York. Speech of Mr. Phillips of Mass., upon the 

bill for Relief of the SuflFerers by the Fire at, February 

V 16, 1836. Svo, pp. 16, unmL Washington, 1836. 

2912 New York. Statutes of Columbia College, and An 
Historical Sketch. 8vo, pp. 30, New York, 1848. 

/d 2913 New York. The Broadway Tabernacle Church, with a 
Concise History of the Building, and the Events con- 
nected with it. 12mo, pp. 22. New York, 1842. 

/C 2914 New York. The Charter of the City of New York, 
John Montgomerie, Esq., Governor. 8vo, half bound. 

New York, 1801. 
' 29 1 5 New York. The Conflagration in the City of. By Icha- 
bod S. Spencer. 8vo, pp. 30, uncuL New York, 1836. 

^ O 2916 New York. The First Century of Columbia College. 
By W. Alfred Jones, A. M. 8vo, pp. 12. 

New York, 1863. 

//^^^2917 New York. The Income Record, a List giving the 
Taxable Income of every Resident of. 8vo pp. 158. 

New York, 1865. 

^ (? 2918 New York. The Picture of, or the Stranger's Guide 
to the Commercial Metropolis of the United States, 
24mo, boards J uncut, ' New York, 1825. 

4? C 2919 New York. The Picture of, or the Traveller's Guide 
through the Commercial Metropolis of the United 
States. 24mo, she(^. New York, 1827. 

/ 2920 New York. The Second Journal of the Stated Preach- 
er to the Hospital and Alms House in the city of New 
York. For a part of the year of our Lord 1813. With 
an Appendix. 12mo, boards j uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1815. 

/Ci^ 2921 New York. Value of Real Estate in. Past, Present 
and Prospective. By a Retired Merchant. 12mo, pp. 
27. New York, 1860. 


2922 New York. Visitor's Guide to the City of. 18mo. 

pp. 36. 

2923 New York. Wealth and Biography, of the Wealthy 7 

Citizens of. Fifth Edition. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, 1845. 

2924 New York. Wealth and Biography, of the Wealthy / J 

Citizens of the City of. Also, Statistics concerning the 
Wealth of the City and State. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, 1846. 

2925 Niagara City. View of Black Rock, Including a Map. JO 

12mo, cloth. Black Rock, 1836. 

2926 Niagara Falls. The Book of. By Horatio A. Par-/ i *^ 

sons, A. M. 24:mOj cloth. Buffalo, 1836. 

2927 Niagara. Falls of, and a Complete Guide Through the /d 

Canadas. By S. De Veaux. Map. 16mo, cloth. 

Buffalo, 1839. 

2928 Niagara. Tunisi's Topographical and Pictorial Guide. 

Map and Engravings. 16mo, half morocco. 

Niagara Falls, 1865. 

2929 NoNANTUM and Natick. By Sarah S. Jacobs. Engravings. '' f 

12mo, cloth. Boston, 1853. 

2930 Norfolk. A Brief History of the Town of. From v 2 

1738 to 1844. By Auren Boys. 8vo, pp. 89. Scarce. 

New York, mdcccxlvh. 

2931 Norfolk. A Half-Century Sermon, delivered at Nor- ^^ 

folk, Oct. 28, 1811, Fifty years from the Ordination 
of the Author to the Work of the Ministry in that 
place. By Ammi R. Robbins. 8vo, pp. 20. Rare. 

Hartford, 1812. 

2932 Norfolk. Historical and Descriptive Sketches of, and / ^^ 

Vicinity, including Portsmouth and the Adjacent Coun- 
ties, during a period of Two Hundred Years. Also 
Sketches of Williamsburg, Hampton, SuflFolk, Smith- 
field, and Other Places, with descriptions of some of 
the Principal Objects of Interest in Eastern Virginia. 
By William S. Forrest. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1 853. 


/ 3 /^2933 NoRHiDGEWOCK. The History of, by William Allen, Ea^ 
graviogs. 12 mo, dot-L Norridgewock, 1849. 

/'> ^934 North CovextrYj Conn. A Historical Address in, At 
the Centennial Celebration, Oct. 9thf 1845. By George 
A. CalhotiQ. Sto, pp. 44, Hartford, 1846. 

J^^ 2935 NoRTe Haven. A Century Sermon^ or Sketches of The 
History of the Eighteenth Century. Delivered Jan. 1, 
1801- By Benj. Trumbull, D. D. 8vo, pp. 3«- Very 
scarce. ^, New HavcDj 180L 

y ^^ 2936 NoRTHAMPTOif, Hiatorical Sketches of, From its First 
Settlement^ In A Sermon delivered on the National 
Thanksgivingj April 13, 1815. By Solomon Williams, 
8vo. pp, 24, micut. Scarce. Northampton, 1815* 

/ ^^ 2937 Northampton. Inscriptions on the Grave Stones, in 
the Grave Yards of Northampton, and of other Towns 
in the Valley of the Connecticut, as Springfield, Am- 
herst, Hadley, Hatfield, Deerfield, <fec., with Briel An* 
nals of Northampton. By Thomas Bridgman. Fort. 
12mo, doth. Northampton, 1850. 

-^Z Z 2938 NORTOX, A History of the Town of Norton, Bristol 
Co., Masa., from 1669 to 1859. By George Faber 
Clark. Ports. I2m0j doth, Boston, 1859, 

/y 2- 2939 Nor WALE, An Historical Discourse in Commemoration 
of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement 
of Norwalk, Ct., in 1651, By Rev. Nathaniel Bouton, 
8vo, pp. 80, New York, 1851. 


/ ^ ^2940 Norway. The History of, comprising a Minnte Ac- 
count of its First Settlement, Town OflScers, Annual 
Expenditures of the Town, with other Statistical Matter, 
Interspersed with Historical Sketches, Narrative and 
Anecdote, and occasional Matter^ by the Author^ David 
Noyes. Svo, doth. Norway,. 1852. 

Written, printed and bound in the little yillage of NorWEj, the paper 
and cluth abo msiDuffrctured tbi^tre^ 




2941 Norwich. A Historical Discourse, at the Hundredth y^ 

Anniversary of the organization of the Second Congre- 
gational Church, Norwich, Conn., July 24, 1860, with an 
Appendix. By Alvin Pond, D. D. 8vo, pp. 64. 

Norwich, 1860. 

2942 Norwich. A History of Norwich, Conn., from its Set- 5 "^ 

tlementin 1660, to Jan. 1845. By Miss R M. Caulk- 
ins. Engravings. 12 mo, cloth. Norwich, 1845. 

2943 Norwich. History of Norwich, Connecticut, from its ] Z i^ 

possessions by the Indians, to the year 1866. By Fran- 
cis Manwaring Caulkins. Ports. 8vo, doth. 

Hartford, 1866. 

2944 NoBWi€H. Notes of the Baptists in Norwich, Conn. 

By Rev. Frederick Donison, A. M. 12mo, cloth. 

Norwich, 1857. 
2946 Norwich (The) Jnbilee. A Report of the Celebration 
at Norwich, Conn., on the Two Hundredth Anniversary 
of the Settlement of the Town, Sept. 7th and 8th, 1859. 
With an Appendix, containing Historical Documents of 
Local Interest By John W. Stedman. Map. 8vo, 
half calf. Norwich, 1869- 

2946 Ohaha, Nebraska. Charter and Ordinances of the City 5^ 

of. 8yo, pp. 74, unaa. Omaha, 1857. 

2947 Oneida. The Oneida Community. A Familiar Exposi- iC 

tion of its Ideas and Practical Life. Plate. 8vo, pp. 
32. Wallingford, 1865, 

2948 OoFORD, Centennial Celebration of the Town of Or- //'^ ^ 

ford,N. H., Thursday, Sept. 7, 1865. 12mo, pp. 145. 

No imprint. 

2949 Oswego, Onondaga, or Reminiscences of Earlier and La- ^ i "Z 

ter Times, being a Series of Historical Sketches, Relat- 
ing to Onondaga. With Notes on the Several Towns 
in the County, and Oswego. By Joshua V. H. Clark, 
A. M. 2 Vols, in one. Ports. 8vo, ih^ep. 

Syracuse, 1849. 
50 Oyster Bay. Narrative of the Proceedings of a meet- 
ing of the Inhabitants of Buckram, Mill-neck, The Gut, 



Yellow Coats, Oak-neck, Cove-neck, Pine-hollow, East 
Woods, Poverty-hollow and Hog Island, held June 22, 
1848, to determine upon the propriety of Restoring the 
Name of Oyster Bay. 8vo, pp. 15. Snarlingtown, 1848. 

/ 2951 Palmer. An Historical Address delivered at Palmer, 
Mass., July 5, 1852, in Commemoration of the Centen- 
nial Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town. By 
Thomas Wilson. 8vo, pp. 60. Lowell, 1855. 

/ / ^ 2952 Pawtucket. North Providence Centennial, June 24th, 
1865. With an Address containing Historical matters 
of Local Interest. 8vo, pp. 91. Pawtucket, 1865- 

y 5 ^2953 Pensaoola. Description of the Place, Climate, &c. Map. 


^^•^964 Pebth-Ambot, New Jersey. Historical Notices of St 
' Peter's Church, by James Chessman. 8vo, pp. 28, tmcttf. 

Elizabethtown, 1830. 
o6^ 2955 Petebsham. An Address Delivered in Petersham, Mas- 
sachusetts, July 4, 1854, in Commemmoration of the 
One Hundredth Anniversary of the Town. By Edmund 
R. Wilson. 8vo, pp. 153. Boston, 1865. 

/ J ^ 295 6 Phelps' and (Jobham's Pubchase, and Morris' Reserve 
History of the Pioneer Settlement of. By 0. Turner. 
'8vo, cloiK. Rochester, 1851. 

2957 Philadelphia. A History of, with a Notice of Villages 

in the Vicinity. Embellished with Engravings. 8vo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1859. 

2958 Philadelphia. Account of the Rise and Progress of the 

Asylum near Philadelphia, for the Relief of Persons de- 
prived of the use of their Reason, etc. Engravings. 
12mo, pp. 76. Philadelphia, 1814. 

y 2959 Philadelphia. Account of the Bartram Garden. Prin- 
ted for the Central Fair In Aid of the TJ. S. Sanitary 
Commission. 12mo, pp. 11. Philadelphia, 1864 

* ' 2960 Philadelphia. Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylva- 
vania, in the Olden Time, being a Collection of Me- 


moirs, Anecdotes and Incidents, of the Earliest Settle- 
ment, from the Days of the Founders. Bj John P. 
Watson, Ports, and Engravings, 2 Vols, Bvo, halj 
iurJcey morocco, * Pliiladelphia, 1857. 

2961 Philadelphia, Described, with a Map and Fine Engra- ^ v 

vings. 32mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 184S. 

2962 Philadelphia. History of Independence Hall. ByD.^/"^ 

W. Belisle. Plates. Umo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859. 

2963 Philadelphia. In 1830-1, or a Brief Account of the 7 ^ 

various Institutions and Public Objects in this Metropo- 
lis. 24mo, half bound, Philadelphia, 1830. * 

2964 Philadelphia. Letters on the Resources and Com- V 

merce of, from Jbb R. Tyson, LL. D. 8vo, pp. 83. 

Philadelphia, 1852. 

2965 Philadelphia. Ordinances of the City of, Act of In- ^^^ 

corporation, and Supplements, with other Acts of As- 
sembly, now in Force. 8vo, boards. 

Philadelphia, 1805. 

2966 Philadelphia. Picture of, for 1824, containing the /a 

"Picture of Philadelphia, for 1811, by James Mease, 
M, D*," with all its Improvements since that Period. 
By Thomas Wilson. Plate. 12mo, half bound. 

Philadelphia, 1823. 

2967 Philadelphia. Proceedings on Laying the Corner- //* 

Stone of the Girard College, July, 1833, with the Ad- 
dress by Nicholas Biddle. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Philadelphia, 1833. ^ 

2968 pHiLADELPeiA. Reformed, or else Destroyed. An Ad- .2 5"*^ 

dress on the Awful Dispensation of the Yellow Fever^ 
in 1798. By Thaddeus Brown. 12mo, pp. 71, unaiL 
Scarce. Philadelphia, 1798. 

2969 Petladelphia. Select Pamphlets respecting the Yellow // 2- 

Fever. 8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1794, 

Autograph of J. G. PeroimL 

2970 Philadelphia. The City and Suburbs of. By John /^T/ 

Adams Paston. Map. 12mo, lialf bound. 

[Philadelphia, 1810.] 



^5"^ 2971 Philadelphia. The Girard College, and its Founder. 
Containing Biography, History, and the Will of Mr. 
Girard. By Henry W. Arey. Port. 12 mo, cloih, 

Philadelphia, 1859. 

/^^ 2972 Philadelphia. The Hermit in. Containing some Ac- 
count of Young Belles and Coquettes, Elegantes and 
Spoiled Children, Dandies and RuflBans, etc. By Peter 
Atall, Esq. 12mo, boards , uncut. Philadelphia, 1821. 

/ 2973 Philadelphia. The Stranger's Guide. Plate and Map. 

Philadelphia, 1828. 

^^ i^ a 9 74 Philadelphia. The Picture of. By Jame» Mease, 
M. D. 12mo, half turkey morocco. Philadelphia, 1811. 

^ ^ 2975 Pittsburgh, As it Is. By Geo. H. Thurston. 12mo, 
pp. 204. Pittsburgh, 1857. 

/^ / 2976 l^iTTSBURGH. The History of, with a Brief Notice of its 
Facilities of Communication, and other advantages for 
Commercial and Manufacturing Purposes. With two 
Maps. By Neville B. Craig, Esq. 12mo, cloth. 

Pittsburgh, 1861. 

yet 2977 PiTTSPiBLD. A History of the Town of, with a Map of 
the County. By Rev. David D. Field. 8vo, pp. 
80. Scarce. Hartford, 1844. 

*> y 2978 PiTTSPiELD. The Berkshire Jubilee, Celebrated at Pitts- 
field, Mass., Aug. 22 and 23, 1844. Plates. 8vo, 
cloih. Albany, 1845. 

/ I <^ 2979 Plainfield. Topographical Description, and Historical 
Sketch, of Plainfield, in Hampshire County, Mass., May, 
1834. By Jacob Porter. Port. 8vo, pp. 44, uncut 
Scarce. Greenfield, 1834. 

"^ ^ ^ 2980 Plymouth. A Sermon Preached in Pljrmouth, Mass., 
June 8, 1794, occasioned by the sudden death of two 
young persons in the town, who died about the same 
hour of the day, May 31, 1794; and several aged per- 
sons, within a short space before. By Avory Hovey, 
A. M. 8vo, pp. 34. Scarce. Boston, 1795. 


2981 Plymouth, An Account of tlie Pilgrim Celebration BX^yf^) 
Aug. 1, 1853, 8vo, pp. 182, doth, Boston, 1853. . 

29S2 Plymouth. History of the Town of, from its First Set- 2 O 
tiemeut, in 1G20, tu the Prcsc til Time. With a concise 
History of the Aborigines of New Englandj and their 
Wars with the Englidhj &c. By James Thacher, M. D* 
12mo, clotL Boston, 1835. 

2983 Plymouth* Historical Discourse preached in, May 16, y( ^ 
1855. By Joseph S. Clarke, D. D. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Boston, 1855. 

29g4 Plymouth. The Proceedings at the Cushman Cdebra- 5^2 
tion at, Aug. 15, 1855, 8vo, pp. 76. Boston, 1855. 

2985 Plymolte. Proceedings at the Consecration of the S*0 

C ashman Monument at, Sept, 16, 1858. 8vo, pp* 96, 

Boston, 1859. 

2986 Plymouth, Semi-centennial Discourse, Oct, 1, 1861, ^ ^ 

By Charles S, Porter, 8yo, pp. 47. Boston, 1851. 

2987 Plymouth. The Spirit of the Pilgrims, By Richard y / 3 

S. Storrs. 8vn, pp, 44, uncuL Plymouth, 1827, 

298;^ Pomfret, ni.stary of. A Uiscourse, delivered Nov, 9th, /C^ 
1S40, By D, Hunt, Svo, pp. 35. Scarce. 

Hartford, 1841, 

2989 Portland. A Century of Episcopacy in. By Rev, / 

WilHam Stevens Perry, 8vo, pp, 16. 

Portlanfl, 1863. 

2950 PonTLAXD, Chronicles of Casco Bay, bj D. C. C olefin 5 2 
worthy, 8vo, pp, 56. Portland, mdcccl. 

2991 PoRTLANn. Investigation of the Riot in the City of. V 

8vo, pp, 50, Portl^ind^ 1855. 

2992 Portland. Journals of Rev, Thomas Smith, and Rev* y / ^ 

Samuel Deaiic, and a Summary History of Portlaud, 
By Wm. Willis, Porta, Svo^ doth, gilt edgf:s^ 

Porlland, 1849. 

2993 Portland, The Commercial Importance of. Map, ^ 

Svo, pp. 50, Fartlani), n55. 



^ Z i ^994 Portland. The History of, from 1632 to 1864. With 
a Notice of Previous Settlements, Colonial Grants, and 
Changes of Government in Maine. By William Willis. 
Maps and Engravings. 8vo, cloth, uncut, 

Portland, 1865. 

One of only 26 oopiei, on tinted paper, uncut, 

/ ^ 2995 Portland, White Mountains, and Montreal Eail Road 
Guide. Engravings. 12mo, cloth, Portland, 1853. 

S 6 2996 Portsmouth. A Discourse, Occasioned by the late Des- 
olating Fire, 1802. By Joseph BuckmiuRter, A. M. 
8vo, pp. 39. Portsmouth, 1803. 

/ ,£^1-^99 7 Portsmouth. An Account of the several Religious So- 

I cieties in, from their First Establishment, to the First 

of January, 1805. By Timothy Alden, Jr. 8 vo, pp. 

40, uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1808. 

^ t^ 2998 Portsmouth. Annals of, comprising a Period of Two 
Hundred Years, with Biographical Sketches of a few of 
the most Respectable Inhabitants. By Nathaniel Ad- 
ams. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce. Portsmouth, 1825. 

/ 2999 Portsmouth. Female Asylum. By Edward D. GriflSn, 
D. D. 8vo, pp. 24, uncia, Boston, 1812. 

/ Z 3000 Portsmouth. Historical Sketch of the North Church- 
By Edwin Holt. 8vo, pp. 30. Portsmouth, 1838. 

J ^H) 3001 Portsmouth. Sketches of Persons, Localities, and In- 
cidents of Two Centuries, principally from Tradition 
and Unpublished Documents. By Charles W. Brews- 
ter. 8vo, doth. Portsmouth, 1859. 

^ 3002 Portsmouth. Report of the Portsmouth Relief Associ- 
ation, together with a Sketch of the Fever, etc., etc. 
8fo, cloth. Richmpnd, 1856. 

/ ^'i^ 3003 Princeton. History of Princeton, Worcester County? 
Massachusetts, from its First Settlement, in 1739, to 
April, 1852, by Jeremiah L. Hanaford. l2xno,clotJi, 

Worcester, 1852. 

\'< 3004 Providence. Annals of the Town of, from its First 
Settlement to the Organization of the City Govern- 





ment, in June, 1832. By WiHiam R. Rtaplep. 8vo, 
clotK Scarce. Pro^idcncCj 184S. 

Pboviokxcb. Whatcheer: A Story of Olden Times. /^ 
A Collection of Historical Facts for Young People. 
Edited by Mrs. Anne P. CliUd, 18mo, clQih. 

Providence, 1857, 

3006 PuTiVAM, Ohio. The Memorial Day. By A, Kingsbury. J^^^ 

8?o, pp, 30. Cirjcinuati, I860. 

3007 QuEBECK. An Account of the Proceedings of the Brit^ J ;^^5 

u\\ and other Protestant Inhabitants of the Province of 
Qiiebi ck, in North America, in order to obtain an 
House of Assembly. 8vo, fuil/boumL Rare. 

London, MbCCLXi7- 

3008 Quebec. As it Was, and As it Is, or a brief History of f f ^ 

the Oldest City in Canada. By Willis Rn&sclK 12mo, 
pp.160. , Quebec, 1857, 

3(K)9 Qgebec. Panoramic Guide from Niagara Falb to. By 5 "2 
William ri. Hunter, Jr. Folding Plan. 12ma, pp. G6, 

Montreal, 1867. 

3010 Q0EBEC- Reminiscences of. Engravings. 12mo, pp. /i ^ 
43. Quebec, 1859. 

3011 QujNCY. An Historical Sketch of the Old Church. By J 5"^ 

Kev. Frederick A. Whitney. 8vo, pp. 17, uncuL 

Albany, 1864. 

3012 QriNCT, Historical Sketch of the Old Church, Quiucy, ] C 

Mass. By Rev. Frederick A. Whitney. Engraving. 
8vo, pp- 17, VMicut, Albany J J- Muusell^ 18G4. 

3013 QtriNCr. The Second Centennial Anniversary of tfiey^j ^ 

Ancient Incorporation of the Town of, with an Appeu- 
dls. By George Whitney. 8vo, pp, 71. 

Boston, MDGCCXU 

3014 QtiiXCY. The Two Hundredth Anniversary of the J ^^ 

Gatherinpj of the First Conirretralional Church. With 
an Appendix. By William P. Luut 8vo^ pp* 147. 

Boston, JiDCCCLX* 




/Z ^"^3015 Reading. A Half Century Discourse delivered at, 
May 19, 1811. By Eliab Stone. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce. 

Salem, 1811. 
^ ^^ t' 3016 Reading. Historical Address, and Poem, delivered at 
the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of 
the Old Town of Reading, May 29, A. D. 1844. With 
an Appendix. 12mo, pp. 132. Scarce. Boston, 1844. 
30n Rehoboth. a Sermon Preached, November 29, 1821, 
the Day which completed One Hundred Years since the 
Organization of the Congregational Church in Reho- 
both, Mass. By Otis Thompson, A. M. 8vo, pp. 23. 
Very scarce. Taunton, 1821. 

/ ^^ 3018 Rehoboth in the Past. An Historical Oration. By 
Sylvanus Chacc Newman, A. M. Also the Proceedings 
in Seekonk, July 4, 1 860. 8vo, cloth. Pawtucket, 1860. 
5 ""^ ^ "^3019 Rehoboth. The History of Rehoboth, Bristol County, 
Mass. Comprising a History of the Present Towns of 
Rehoboth, Seekonk, and Pawtucket, from their Settle- 
ment, to the Present Time, together with Sketches of 
Attleborough, Cumberland, and a part of Swansey and 
Harrington, to the time that they were severally sepa- 
rated from the original town. By Leonard Bliss, Jr. 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1836. 

y/^^3020 RrCHMOND. Calamity at. A Narrative of the Awful 
Conflagration of the Theatre, December, 1811. 12mo, 
pp. 56, uncut. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1812. 

y > 3021 Richmond. Dr. Miller's Sermon on the burning of the 
Theatre in. 8vo, pp. 42, micvX. New York, 1812. 

/ i^ 3022 Richmond in By Gone Days, being Reminiscences of 

An Old Citizen. l2mo, cloth. Richmond, 1856. 

/ ^ 3023 Rochester. Sketches of, during the First Quarter 

Century of its Existence, including a Map. By Henry 

O'Reilly. 12mo, cloth. Rochester, 1838. 

/ 3024 RocKViLLB. A Voice from. 8vo, pp. 42. (s.l.s.a.) 

• 3025 Rowley. An Address at, Sept. 5th, 1839, the Second 

Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement. By Jaraes 

Bradford. 12mo, pp. 54. Boston, 1840. 




3026 Rowley/ Discourse in the Congregational Church,;^ 
Rowley, on the Eighth Anniversary of hig Settlement, 
Nor. 19, 1848. By Rev. John Pike. 8vo, pp. 14. 

Newburyport^ 1848, 

3027* RowT.jrr. The History of Ancient, inckdiiig Bradford, J / S '^ 
Boxford, and Georgctowo, from the year 1639, to the 
present time. By Thomas Gage- 12mOj cloth. Scarce- 
Boston, 1840, 

3028 RoxBURY* Address, at the Congecration of the Ceme- ^ Q 
tery at Forest Hilla, June 28, 1848, By George Put* 
nam, D. D. 8vo, pp. ^8, Roxhury, 1848, - 

3020 RoxBURY. Forest Hills Cemetery. Its Establishment, >T 
Progress, Ac, Witn ten Illustrations. 12mo, doih. 

Roxbiiry, 1855, 

3030 RoxBURY. Feeding the Lambs, A Quarter Century J 5 "^ 
Memorial of the Eliot Sabbath School, Roxbui-y, Mass- 
16mo, chth. Boston, 1859* 

3031 RoxBURY. The Hii^tory of Roxbury Town. By Charles Z VC 
M. Ellia* ^voj cloth. Scarce- Boston, 1847, 

3032 RoYALSTON. A Half Century Discourse delivered Mon- y f^ 
I day, Oct 19, 1818, with an Appendix. By Joseph 

Lee, A* M. 8vo, pp. 27. Rare. Worcester, 1819. 

303S Saco. An Address Oct 12, 1862, on the One Hun- 5 iJ 
dredth Anniversary of the OrganiKation of the First 
Church, in Saco, Me. By Rev. Edward S, Dwight, 
8vo, pp, 27, uncut Saco, 1862." 

3034 Saco.. A Discourse on the Twentieth Anniversary of 6^ 
his Ordination, April 12, 1863, By John T, Gilman 

Nichola. 8vo, pp. 19. Saco, 1863. 

3035 Salem. Address at the Consecration of the Harmony y 
Grove Cemetery, June 14, 1840, By Daniel Appleton 
White. 8vo, pp. 63. Salem, 1840. 

3036 Salem. An Account of the Salem Female Charitahle / ^"^ 
Society. 8vo, pp. 8. Salem, 1803. 



^ ^ o 3037 SAT.EM. Annals of. By Joseph B. Felt. 2 Vols. Poi-ts. 
12mo, cloth. Salem, 1845. 

y 3038 Salem. Annals of Salem, Vermont. By Pliny H. 
White. Svo, pp. 4. (8.1.s.a.) 

/ C 3039 Salem. City Mission. By John Ball. Svo, pp. 21. 

Salem, 1849. 

/ C 3040 Salem. City Mission. By John Ball. 8yo, pp. 24. 

Salem, 1852. 

/ f-j 3041 Salem. Discourse In Commemoration of the First Set- 
tlement of Salem, Mass. By Joseph Story. Svo, pp. 
90, ttnct^^. Scarce. Boston, 1828. 

^ f^ 3042 Salem. Discourse on the First Centennial Anniversary 
of the Tabernacle Church, Salem, Mass., April 26, 1835. 
By Samuel M. Worcester, A. M. Svo, pp. 64, uncvi. 

Salem, 1835. 

-^ s ^ 3043 Salem. Historical Discourse on the Fiftieth Anniver- 
sary of the First Baptist Church. By Robert C. Mills. 
Svo, pp. 78. Boston, 1855. 

• /':; 3044 Salem, Mass. Semi-Centennial Address, Aug. 4, 1859. 
By Rev. Lemuel Willis. With an Appendix. Svo, pp. 
84. Salem, 1859- 

^ 3045 Salem. Reminiscences of Salem, Mass., embracing No- 
tices of its Eminent Men known to the Author forty 
years ago. By John B. Derby. Svo, pp. 15. 

Boston, 1847. 

y ^ 3046 Salem. The Pastor's Jubilee Discourse. By Brown 
Emerson, D. D., on the Fiftieth Anniversttry of his Or- 
dination. With an Appendix. Svo, pp. 96. 

Boston, 1855. 

/ ' 3047 Salem. The Second, Century Lecture of the First 
Church. By Charles Wentworth Upham. Svo, pp. 72. 

Salem, 1829. 

/' 3048 Salem. The Mayor's Inaugural Address, 1865. Scarct 
Portrait. Svo, pp. 52. Salem, 1866. 


3049 SALrSBDTiY, History of Salisburj, Vermont. Bj John /(fb 
M* Weeks, with a Memoir of the Author. Port. 1 2mo, 
doth, Middlebury, 1860. 

S050 San Francisco. The Annals of. Bj Frank Soul^j John /^ 2^ 
• H. Gihori, iL D., and James ^ Niibet, Illustrated with 
One Hundred and Fifty fine Engravings. 8vo, doih. 

New York, mdccclt, . 

3051 San Francisco. Titles to Land in the City of. S?o, / 

pp* 49. Scarce. San Francisco, 1860. 

3052 San Francisco. The Washington St. ^Tharf Company. / 

8vo, pp. 20. San Francisco, 1855, 

3053 Saratoga. A Dissertation on the Mineral Waters of / 

By Valentine Seaman, M. D. Plate, 12mo, boardsf 
uncut. New York, 1 809* 

3054 Saratoga Congress Spring. 24mO| clotL / 

New York, 1856. 

3055 Saratoga. The Invalid at. By M. L. North, M.D./O 

24mo, cloth. New York, 1843. 

3056 Saratoga Springs, Niagara Falls and Canada. By S. /^ 

DeVeaux. Map. 24:mo, cloth. Buffalo, 184 L * 

3057 Saugus. a Discourse at the Dedication of the Semina- / >^ 

ry Hall, Jan. 15, 1822. By Joseph Emerson. 12mo, 
pp. 40. Boston, 1822. 

3058 Savannah. The Siege of, by the Combined American y. ^^ 

and French Forces, under the Commtind of Gen. Lin- ^ 

coin, and the Count D*Estaing, in tho Autumn of 1779, 

Port, of Thomas Pinckney. Fcnj)^ 4 to, papcr^ uncuL 

Albany, J. Munaell, 1866, 
Edition, 100 copiei. 

3051) Scituate. a Second Series of Letters concerning the / ^"^ 
History of the First Parish in Scituate. 12mo, pp. 84. 
Scarce. Boston, mdcccxlt. 

3060 Scituate. History of Scituate, Mass., from its First ^Tt3 
Settlement to 1831. By Samuel Deaue. 8vo, sheep. 
Scarce. Boston, ISSL 




/Co 3061 Shaplbigh. A History of, by Rev. Amasa Loring. 8vo, 
pp. 40. Rare. Portland, 1854. 

J(rt 3062 Shoreham. History of the Town of Shoreham, Ver- 
mont, by Rev. Josiah F. Goodhue. With an account 
of the County of Addison, by Samuel Swift, LL. D. 
Ports. Svo, rfotA. Middlebury, 1861. 

y ^ ^ 3063 SiMSBUBY. History of Simsbury, Granby and Canton, 
from 1642 to 1845. By Noah A. Phelps. 8vo, pp. 176. 

Hartford, 1845. 
5 ^ ^ 3064 Simsbury. History of Simsbury, Granby and Canton, 
from 1642 to 1845. ^j Noah A. Phelps. In the same 
Volume, Proceedings on the Occasion of the One Hun- 
dred and Fiftieth Anniversary, of the Decease of the 
Rev. Benjamin Ruggles, at Suffield, Conn. 8vo, cML 

Hartford, 1845. 

/ 3065 SoMERViLLE. A Sermon on the Burning of the First 

Church in, 1852. By Augustus R. Pope. 8vo, pp. 15. 

Boston, 1852. 
// 3066 Southampton. Authentic and Impartial Narrative of 
the Tragical Scene which was witnessed in Southampton 
County, Virginia, on Monday, the 22d of Aug. last, when 
Fifty-five of its Inhabitants (mostly women and chil- 
dren) were inhumanly Massacred by the Blacks. 12mo, 
pp. 38, wMsut. Scarce. (8.1.) 1831. 

^ •' - 3067 Southampton. The Early History of Southampton, L 
I., New York, witk Genealogies. By Geo. Sogers 
Howell. 12mo, pp. 318, vncvJt. New York, 1866. 

^ ^ 3068 South Boston. Famplilets (6) Relating to the Hawes 


A rue ooHeetion. 

J i ^^ 3069 Spenccb. History of Spencer, Mass., from its Earliest 
Settlement to tiie year 1860. Including a Brief Sketch 
of Leicester, to the year 1753. By James Draper. 
Ports. 8vo, boards, nncut, Worcester, (8.a.) 

/ s ^ 3070 Springfield, Vt. A NarratiTe of a Be\rival of Religion 
in. 12mo, pp. 16. (8.1.8.a.) 



30T1 St. Anthony. Sketch of, and Minneapolis, Minnesota ^ i^^ 
Territory. 12mo, pp. 32. St. Anthony, 1857. 

3(172 St. Augustine. Sketches of, its History and Advanta- y ^ <? 
ges. By R; K. Sewall. Plates. 12mo, chth. 

New York, 1848. 

3073 St. Augustine. The History and Antiquities of the J^ $ Z^ 

City of St. Augustine, Florida. Founded A. D. 1565. 
By George R. Fairbanks. Engravings. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1858. 

3074 St. Louis. Directory for the Years 1838-9. 12mo, /^^T? 

boards, St. Louis, 1838. 

3075 St. Louis. History of. 8vo, pp. 48. St. Louis, 1854. 6 ^ 

3076 Stamford. Historical Address delivered in Stamford, S u 

Ct., at the Celebration of the Second Centennial Anni- 
versary. By Rev. J. W. Alvord, Dec. 22d, 1841. 8vo, 
pp.40. New York, 1842. 

3077 St ATBN Island. Facts and Documents bearing upon the j? J"v 

Legal and Moral Questions connected with the Recent -^^ 
Destruction of the Quarantine Buildings, 8vo, pp. 77. ^ 

New York, 1858. 

3078 Btatbn Island. Report of the Commissioners for the J 

removal of the Quarantine Station. 8vo, pp. 40, imcut. 

New York, 1860. 

3079 Stockbridgb. Past and Present, or Records of an Old Yr 

Mission Station, by Miss Electa F. Jones. 12mo, cloth. 

Springfield, 1854. 

3080 Stoneham. A Brief History of the Town of Stoneham, / c" l> 

Mass., from its First Settlement, to the Present Time, 
with an Account of the Murder of Jacob Guild, on the 
Evening of Nov. 25, 1819. By Silas Dean. 12mo, pp. 
36. Rare. Bo8tonj/1843. 

3081 Stow. An Aged Minister's Review of the Events and <5 ^ 

Duties of Fifty years. A Sermon Preached at Stow, 
Oct. 11, 1824, by Jonathan Newell. 8vo, pp. 20, wn- 
liit Scarce. Concord, 1825. 


/'-)^082 Stow. Sermon Preached at, on the 16th of May, 1783. 
By Jonathan Newell. Svo, pp. 27. Boston, 1784. 

A rare local hifitory. 

/ 7 5 "^ 3083 Stubbridgb. An Historical Sketch of Sturbridge, Mass., 
from its Settlement to the Present Time. By Joseph 
S. Clark. 8vo, pp. 48. Scarce. Brookfield, 1838. 

//^^3084 Sutton. A Sermon Preached at Sutton, (County of 
Worcester), by David Hall, D. D., Oct 24th, 1779. 
Being Fifty years after his Ordination there. 12mo, 
pp. 28. Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, mdcclxxxi. 

One of the Earliest and Scarcest of American Semi-Centennials. Two 
other Pamphlets in same YoL 

^ 3085 SwATARA Mining District, Illustrated by Diagrams. 8vo, 
pp. 60. Harrisburg, 1830. 

/H^8086 Taunton. Dedication of BristoUAcademy in, Aug. 25, 
1852. Address, by 0. 0. Felton. 8vo, pp. 54. 

Cambridge, 1852. 

J )r 3087 Taunton. The Ministry of. By Samuel Hopkins Em- 
ery, 2 Vols. Ports. 12mo, cloth^ Boston, 1863. 

^ / 2 3088 Temple. The History of Temple, N. H., by Henry 
Ames Blood. Plates. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. 

Boston, 1860. 

S C 3089 Templeton. An Historical Discourse in Gommemorar 
tion of the One Hundredth Anniversary. By Edwin G. 
Adams. 8vo, pp. 175. Boston, 1867. 

/ 3090 Templeton. A Half Century Sermon. By Rev. 
Charles Wellington, D. D. 8vo, pp. 39. Boston, 1857. 

V ^^ 3091 Thomaston. History of Thomaston, Rockland, and 
South Thomaston, Me., from their First Exploration, 
A. D., 1605, with Family Genealogies. By Cyrus Ea- 
ton. 2 Vols. 12mo, boards, vnaa. Hallo well, 1865. 

/ 3092 Trappe, Montgomery Co., Pa. The Church of Augus- 
tus. Svo, pp. 46. New York, 1861. 

J . 3093 Trenton Falls. Picturesque and Descriptive. By N. 
Parker Willis. Small Svo, cloth, gilt. 

New York, 1861. 



3094 Trot. An Historical Sketch of, And her Inhabitant8,y,/3 
* from the First Settlement of the Town, in 1764 to 1855. 

By A. M. Caverly. Ports. 12mo, cloth, gilt. 

Keene, 1859. 

3095 Trot. Reminiscences of, from its settlement in 1790, /^ 

to 1807, and Sketches of Individual Character. By 
Hon. John Woodworth. 8vo, pp. 39. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1853. 

3096 Trot. Reminiscences of, from 1790 to 1807. By John /^^ 

Woodworth. Cap 4to, chth. 

J. Munsell, Albany, mdccclx. 

3097 Union. A History of the Town of, by John L. Sibley./ 5^ "2? 

Port, and Autograph of Author. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851. 

3098 Upland. The Record of the Court at, 1676 to 1681 
and A Military Journal, kept by Major E. Denny, 1781, 
to 1795. Plate and Maps. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1860. 

3099 Upper Wabash. Valley of the Upper Wabash, Indiana, /^ ^ 

By Henry William Ellsworth. Maps. 16mo, cloth. 

New York, 1838. 

3100 Vassalboeo. Sermon at the Dedication of the New / 

Meetinghouse in, by Eliphalet Gillet. 8vo, pp. 34. 

Hallo well, 1817. 

3101 Warren, R. L Centennial Discourse, Nov. 15, 1864. ^ 

By A. P. Spaulding, A. M. With an Appendix and 
Historical Notes. 8vo, pp. 76. Providence, 1865. 

3102 Warwick. Half Century Discourse in Warwick, Mass., 3^ 

Oct. 12, 1864. By Preserved Smith. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Greenfield, 1864. 

3103 Washington City. History of the First Unitarian y 

Church in. 8vo, pp. 15. Washington, 1855. 

3104 Washington. History of the Invasion and Capture of, ^ ^^ 

and of Events which Preceded and Followed. By 
John S. Williams. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857. 





Y 3105 Washington. Letter and Docoments from Hon. Bich- 
ard Rash, to Joseph Grales, Mayor of Washington, Re- 
specting the Loan of a Million and a Half of Dollars, 
negotiated by the former, in Europe, for the said City, 
and the Towns of G^rgetown and Alexandria. 8to, 
pp. 171. Washington, 1830. 

J ^"i-8106 Washington. The Seat of (Jovemment of the United 

^^ States. By Joseph B. Varnum, Jr. Map. Svo, half 

morocco. Washington, 1854. 

<? i'^ 3107 Washington. The Sketch Book. By Viator. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1864. 

iy^^ 0000 Watertown. Bond's History. See No. 379. 

A/^'\ 3108 Watertown. An Historical Sketch of Watertown, in 
Massachusetts, from the First Settlement of the Town, 
to the Close of its Second Century. By Convers Fran- 
cis. 8vo, pp. 151. Very scarce. 

Cambridge, mdcccxxx. 
J ^ 3109 Watertown. Three Discourses before the Congrega- 
\ tional Society. Two upon leaving the Old Meeting- 

, House, and one at the Dedication of the New. B y 

Convers Francis. 8vo, pp. 80. Scarce. 

Cambridge, 1836. 

I ^ -^ 3110 Wenham. The History of, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 

, from its Settlement in 1639, to 1860. By Myron 0. 

Allen, M. D. 12mo, doth. Boston, 1860. 

J^ 3111 Westminster. Celebration of the One Hundredth An- 
niversary of the Incorporation of. 8vo, pp. 128. 

Boston, 1859. 

I y: 3112 West Point and Vicinity. Map. 16mo,rfo^A. 

, New York, 1844. 

8113 West Springfield. Two Sermons, delivered in the 
First Parish of West Springfield, by Joseph Lathrop, 
D. D., on Lord's Day, August 25, 1816, being the day 
which concluded the Sixtieth Year of His Ministry. 
8vo, pp. 23. Very scarce. Springfield, 1816. 


3114 Weymouth, Discourse, Jan. 5,1861. By Joshua Em- y c) 

ory, Jr, 8vo, pp. 18. Boston, 1851. 

3115 White Mountains. Eastman's Guide Book. Map. ^ 

12 mo, pp. 179, Concord, 1859. 

3116 White Mountains. The History of, from the First Set- / i^ 

tlomcnt of Upper Coos and Pequaket. By Lucy, Wife 1' 

of Ethan Allen Crawford, Esq. 24mo, cloilu 

White Hills, 1866. 

3in WiLBRAHAM- An Historical Address at the Centennial / 6 L 
Celebration, Wilbraham, June 15, 1863. By Rufus 
P. Stebbins, D. D. With an Appendix. Plates. Ru- 
bricated title. 8vo, green cloth. Boston, 1864. 

3118 Williams College. History of, by Rev. Calvin Durfee. J ^TT 

EngraviDga. 8vo, cloth. Boston, I860. 

3119 Williamsburg, The Reformed Dutch Church in. An ^ q 

Historical Discourse, by Elbert S. Porter. 8vo, pp. 
30. New York, 1866. 

3120 WiLLiAMBTOWN, Mass. Sermon. Dedicationof the New -^ 5"^ 

Cbapelf connected with Williams College. By Edward 
D. Griffin, D. D. 8vo, pp. 37, uncut. 

Williamstown, 1828. 

3121 WiLLiSBOEOUGH. Pionccr History of the Ghamplain /^ T^ 
' Valley^ being an Account oAhe Settlement of the Town 

of, with Journal and other Papers, and Historical and 
Ilhistrative Notes, by Winslow C. Watson, tinted paper. 
8vo, pp. 230, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

3122 Wilmington, Del. Sacred Reminiscences. A Sermon, V ^ ^ 

in the Old Swedes Church. With Historical Notes. 
By John W. M'CuUough, A. M. 8vo, pp. 33. Scarce. 

Wilmington, 1842. 

3123 Wilton. An Address delivered at the Centennial Cel- / ^ 

ebration in Wilton, N. H., Sept. 25,1839. ByEphraim 
Peabody, with an Appendix. 8vo, pp. 103. Scarce. 

Boston, 1839. 


^ ^ ^ 3124 Windsor. Matthew Grant's Old Church Record. 870, 
pp. 14. (s.l.8.a.) 

y 2 i ^3125 Windsor. The History of Ancient Windsor, Conn. 
Including East Windsor, South Windsor, and Ellington. 
By Henry R. Stiles, M.D. 2 Vols. Plates. 8vo,c/otA. 

Albany, J. Mnnsell, 1863. 

2c b 3126 Windham. History of Ancient Windham, Ct. By Wil- 
liam L. Weaver. Svo, pp. 112, uncut. 

Willimantic, 1864. 

^ ^ 3127 WiNTHROP. A Brief History of, from 1764 to October, 
1855. By David Thurston. 12mo, cloth. 

Portland, 1855. 

r "' ^ 3128 WiscASSET. History of Lincoln Lodge, at Wiscasset 
By Rufus King Sewell. 8vo, doOi. Portland, 1863. 

Priyately printed, sznaU edition. 

-<-" - ^ 3129 WoBURN. Discourse delivered to the Congregational 
Society in, June 28, 1809, at the Dedication of their 
Meeting-House. By Joseph Chickering, A. M. 8vo, 
pp. 28, uncvl, Charlestown, 1809. 

/ (!' 3130 WoLCOTT. A Narrative of the Sufferings of Seth Hub- 
bell and Family, in his Beginning a Settlement in the 
Town of Wolcott, in the State of Vermont. 12mo, 
pp. 24, uncaU Rare. Danville, Vt, 1826. 

// S ^3131 Woodbury. History of Woodbury, Conn. By William 
Cothren. Ports, and Plates. 8vo, iheep. 

Waterbury, 1854. 

.. ^ ' 3132 Woodbury. Second Centennial Celebration of the Ex- 
ploration of Ancient Woodbury, and the Reception of 
the First Indian Deed, held at Woodbury, Conn., July, 
4-5., 1859. By William Cothren. 8vo, pp. 223. 

Woodbury, 1859. 

> 3133 Worcester, A Sermon delivered in, Jan. 31, 1836. By 
Aaron Bancroft, D. D., at the Termination of Fifty 
Years of his Ministry. 8vo, pp. 44. Scarce. 

Worcester, 1836. 


3134 Worcester. History of Worcester, Mass., to Sept, / 2 > ^ 
1836. By Waiiam Lincoln. Ports. 8vo, cloth, 

Worcester, 1862> 

Worcester County. An Address to the Members ot ^ 
the Bar, Oct. 2, 1829. By Joseph Willard. 8vo, pp. 
144. Lancaster, 1830, 

WoRTHiNGTON. History of the Town of, from its First 5^ 
Settlement to the Present Time. 8vo, pp. 72. 

Albany, 1853. 

Wrentham. a Sermon delivered at, Oct. 26, 1773, on / Y^ 
completing the first Century since the Town was In- 
corporated. By Joseph Bean,* A. M., Pastor of the 
First Church in said Town. Printed at the earnest 
Besire of the Hearers for the Preservation of Ancient 
Things to Future Posterity. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Boston, 1774. 

One of the earliest, and oertainly one of the rarest, of Centennial HUto> 







Wrentham. Anniversary Sermons. By Elisha Figk, 
A. M. 8vo, pp. 25. Boston, 1846. 

Wyoming. A Sketch of the History of. By Isaac A. 
Chapman, Esq. To wliich is added an Appendix, con- 
taining a Statistical Account of the Valley and Adjacent 
Country. 12mo, «A«6p. Scarce. Wilksbarre, 18H0. 

Wyoming. History of, in Letters from Charles Miner 
to his Son. Map. 8vo, cloth, Philadelphia, 1845, 

Wyoming. Poetry and History of. By William L. 
Stone. Third Edition. With Index. 12mo, boards, 
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864, 

Wyoming. The Lost Sister of. By Rev. John Todd. 
24mo. Northampton, 1842* 

3143 Locke's Essay, for the understanding of St. Paul's Epis- 

tles, and Le Clerc on Inspiration. 24mo, boards^ unatt. 

Boston, 1820, 

3144 Logan (John). Sermons. 8vo, «Accp. Boston, 1804, 



/J r 




J C 3145 LoMAS (John). The Wealthy Men and Women oi 
Brooklyn and Williamsburgh. pp. 48. 

Brooklyn, 1847. 

/ ^ 3146 London Quarterly Review. 21 Vols., half hound. 

New York and Boston, 1812-1827. 

^ 3147 LoNDOX Quarterly Review. The American Reprint 
complete. Vol. I. to XLVil. inclusive. 95 Nos. 

New York, 1834-1857. 

5^ 3148 London (The) Lancet. Vol. IL Royal 8vo, clotL 

New York, 1845. 
i^ 3149 London. The Complete Art of Cookery, also the Com- 
plete Brewer, explaining the Art of Brewing Porter, 
Ale, Twopenny, and Table Beer. Engravings. 12mo, 
jAeep. London, MDCCXCvn. 

^ 3150 Long (George). Grecian and Roman Geography. 8vo, 
hoards^ uncut. Scarce. Charlottesville, Va., 1829. 

/ 3151 Long Island Rail Road Company. Map. 12mo. 

No imprint. 

/ 3152 Longfellow (Henry W.) Coplas de Don Jorge Man- 
rique. Translated from the Spanish, with an Introdnc- 
tory Essay on the Moral and Devotional Poetry of 
Spaia. \2mo, cloth. Boston, 1833. 

Jo 3153 Loxgfellow. The Song of Hiawatha. 16mo, cfo/A. 

Boston, 1855. 
^j 3154 Longfellow. Tales of a Way-Side Inn. Post 8vo. 
, Boston, 1863. 

y^ \ 3155 Longfellow. The Complete orks of Revised Edi- 
tion. 7 Vols. Port. 12mo, hoards^ uncut. 

Boston, 1866. 

hii.T^ Paper. Edition limited to 100 copies, of which this is No. 89. 

5^ 3156 Lokcwood. Services for the use of the Sunday School. 

Small 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1861. 

^ *ix 315T Look i>efore you Leap. An Address to the People of 

Massachusetts. By a Washington Federalist. 8vo, 

pp. 12. Newburyport, 1805. 


3158 Look ere you Leap, or a History of the Lives and In- /^T^ 

trigues of Lew;d Women, with the Arrangement of their 
several Vices, to which is added the Character of a 
Good Woman. Rare Engraving. Small 8vo. 

London, 1711, 

3159 Lookino-Glass (The). A Narrative of the Travels and -,? 5^ 

Labors of Rev. Daniel H. Peterson, a Colored Clergy- 
man, from 1812 to 1854. Engravings. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1854, 

3160 LooMis (Elias). A Treatise on Algebra. 8vOj sheep, S^ 

New York, 1850. 

3161 Lord (Joseph). Military Catechism, with a Method to 4"^ 

Form a Company, to which is added some Explanation 
and Improvement of the Formation and Exercise of a 
Regiment. 12mo, pp. 52. Hudsonj 1806. 

3162 Lorgnette (The), or Studies of the Town, Pam- S ^ 

phlets ( 7 ). 1 2mo. New York, 1 850. 

3163 LoRiLLARD (George). Will of. 4to, pp. 14. ^ i^ 

(Now^ York.) 

3164 LossiNG (Benson J.) The Pictorial Field-Book of the J J'O 

Revolution, or Illustrations, by Pen and Penell, of the 
History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of 
the War for Independence. Eleven Hundred IJnf^rav- . 
ings. 2 Vols. 8vo, doth. New York, 1860. 

3165 LossiNG. Lives of the Presidents. Ports. Svo^ pp, ^ ^ 

128. New York, 184T. 

3166 LoTHROP (Samuel K.) Case of the Proprietors of Hoi- V 

lis Street Meeting House and Rev. John Pierpont. 8vo, 
pp. 383. Boston, 184L 

3167 LoTHROP. Sermon, on the One Hundredth Birthday of ^ ^ 

Ezra Green, M. D., the Oldest living Alumnus of Har- 
vard College. 8vo, pp. 26. Boston, 1846. 

Autograph of Ezra Green. 

3168 Lottery (The) Magazine, 1776. 8vo, boards. Rare, J i^ 

Contains the first publication, in England, of American Independence. 

I i 



/ ' 3169 LoTE (The) Epistles of Aristenetas, translated from the 
Greek into English Metre. 8yo, calfy gilt. 

London, mdcclxxiil 

/ - 3IT0 LovBLAND (Samael C.) Greek Lexicon, adapted to the 

Xew Testament, with English Definitions. 24mo, sheep. 

Woodstock, Vt, 1828. 

^ Sni Lowell (Anna C.) Thoughts on the Edncation of 

Girls. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1853. 

y^J"* 3lt2 Lowell (Charles). Historical Discourses delivered in 

the West Church, in Boston, Dec. 31, 1820. 8vo, pp. 

44. Boston, 1820. 

-/ > ^ 3173 Lowell (James Russell). A Year's Life. Post Svo, 
hoards. Boston, iCDCCCXU. 

f - 3174 Lowell (John). An Eulogy on the Hon. James Bow- 
doin, Esq., LL. D. 4to, pp. 24. 

Boston, Isaiah Thomas, mdccxci. 

/ C 3175 Lowell Shakspeare Memorial. Svo, pp. 51. 

Lowell, 1864. 

//i 3176 Lucas (Samuel). Charters of the Old English Colo- 
nies in America. With an Introduction and Notes. 
Svo, boardsf uncut. London, mdcccl. 

/ 2^ 3177 LuciNDA, or the Mountain Mourner, being Authentic 
Facts, in Letters from Mrs. Manvill, in the State of 
New York, to her sister in Pennsylvania. 12mo, clotlu 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1852. 
// 1-t 3178 LuDEwiG (Hermann E.) The Literature of American 
* liocal History, a Bibliographical Essay. Svo, half mo- 

roccOj gilt, gilt top. 

New York, Printed for the Author, mdccclxvi. 

Fine interleaved copy of a verj scarce book. 

/ ^ ^ 3179 LuDBwio. Catalogue of the Curious and Valuable Col- 
lection of Books, forming the Library of the late Her- 
mann E. Ludewig, LL. D. Also Catalogues of several 
Libraries of Works on American History, etc. In one 
volume. Svo, hidf morocco. New York, 1857-1 860. 

/ 3180 LuNT (George). Poems. 12mo, cZoiA. 

New York, 1839. 


3181 Lyman (William), A Yirtuoua Woman, the Bond ofy/^ 

Domestic Union, and the Source of Domestic Happiness. 
Funeral Sermon of Mrs. Sarah Oris wold* 8vo, half 
morocco. New London, 1802. 

3182 Lyon (James). Urania, A Choice Collection of Psalm- ^5^ 

Tunes, Anthems, and Hymns, from the moat approved 
Authors, with some entirely New, in Two, Three, and 
Four Parts. The whole Peculiarij adapted to the Use 
of Churehes and Private Families^to which are Prefixed 
the Plainest and most Necessary Rules of Psahnodj. 
Square Syo^ sheep. Hare* (^-l,), 1161, 

Ooe quarter of the book U composed of nmnusctipt muaLC. 

3183 Lyttleton (George), Dialogues of the Dead. First /O 

American Edition. 12mo, calf, - 

Worcester, Mass., 1797, 

3184 Macaulay (Thomas B.) The History of England, $7) 

from the Accession of James H- Port. 4 Vol a, 
12mo, cIotL Boston, 1849. 

3185 Macaulay. Essays, Critical and Miscellaneous. SyOj/^S^ 

half calf. Philadelphia, mdcccxliil 

3186 Maccabtt (Thaddeus), A Sermon Preached atWor- ^j-- 

cestcr, Oct. 25 th, 1770, on Occasion of the Execution 
of William Linsey, for Burglary. 8vo, pp. 28, 

Boston, MDCCLXX. 

3187 Mc Alpine (Wm. J.) Ship Canal, from Albany to New / 

Baltimore. Maps. 8vo, pp. 64. Albany, 1853. 

3188 M'Cleod (Malcom). The Majesty of Darkness Disco v- //tt) 

ered, in a Series of Tremendous Tales ; Mysterious, In- 
teresting and Entertaining, of Apparitions, Witches, 
Augurs, Magicians, Dreams, Visions, and Revelations in 
Confirmation of a Future State, and the Superintenden- 
cy of a Divine Providence, by the Agency of Spirits and 
Angels. 2^mOf boards. Very rare. Newark, 181 L 

3189 M^Clintock (P. L.) Narrative of the Discovery of the J^ 

Fate of Sir John Franklin. Plates. 1 2mo, clotL 

Boston, MDCCCLX. 



-^ ^ ^ 3190 M'Clintock. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate 
of Sir John Franklin and his Companions. With 
Maps and Illustrations. 12mo, hoards. 

Philadelphia, 1860. 

-^ ^ ^ 3191 M'Clube (A. W.) The Life of John Cotton. 24mo, 

cloth, Boston, 1846. 

D 3192 M'CuLLOCH (J. R.) Universal Gazetteer. A Dictiona- 
ry, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the vari- 
ous Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in 
the World. Maps. 2 Vols. 8vo, calf. 

• New York, 1851. 

3193 M*Cui.L0CH. Essays on Exchange, Interest, Money and 

other Subjects. %YOy cloth. Boston, 1850. 

/yc 3194 M'DiAEMiD (John). The Scrap Book, a Collection of 
Amusing and Striking Pieces. 12mo, half hound. 

Edinburgh, 1822. 

7^^^ 3195 Mace (Fayette). Shakerism, Illustrated and Defended. 
12mo, pp. 120. Portland, 1838. 

"^ ^ "^ 3196 McGee (Thos. D'Arcy). A History of the Irish Set- 
tiers in North America, from the Earliest Period to the 
Census of 1850. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1852. 

^"^ 3197 McGufpey's Rhetorical Guide. 1 2mo, ^Aecp. 

Cincinnati, (1844.) 

^ ^ ^^ 3198 Mack (Bbenezer). The Cat Fight: A Mock Heroic 
Poem, supported with copious Extracts from Ancient 
and Modern Classic Authors. Engravings. 12mo, 
hoards J uncut. Scarce. New York, 1824. 

^ ^ 3199 Mack. Oration before the New York Typographical 
Society, July 5, 1813. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1830. 

'" ^ 3200 Mack AY (Charles). Life and Liberty in America. With 
Ten Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1859. 


3201 McKe>jney (Thos. L.) Reply to Kosciusko Arm- 
strong's Assault. 8vo. New York, 1847. 

3202 McKenney. Pamphlets (2). Narrative and Review. 



1203 McKiNNEN (Daniel). A Tour through the British West / 

Indies, in the years 1802 and 1803. 12mo, calf^ gilt. 

London, 1804. 

1204 Mackintosh (John). Principles of Pathology, and ^^ 

Practice of Physic. 2 Vols. 8vo, clothe uncut. 

London, 1836. 
205 Mackenzie (Sir Alexander). Voyages from Montreal, y"/"^ 
on the River St. Lawrence, through the Continent of 
North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in 
the years 1789 and 1793. With Maps and a Portrait. 
8vo, fialf calf, antique. New York, 1814. 

1206 Mackenzie (Alexander S.) Case of the Somers' Mu- 

tiny. 8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1843. 

1207 Mackenzie (H.) The Man of Peeling. Small 8vo, ^ " 

sheep, London, 1803. 

1208 Mackenzie (John). Sermons. 8vo, boards^ uncut. 5 

Edinburgh, 1800. 
►209 Mackenzie (William L.) Lives and Opinions of Ben-/^ 
jamin Butler and Jesse Hoyt. 8vo, pp. 150. 

Boston, 1845. ^ 

i210 Mackie (J. Milton). Life of Tai-Ping-Wang, Chief of "^ ^ ^ 
the Chinese Insurrection. Plates. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1857.' 

i211 McLellan (L, Jr.) Journal of a Residence in Scotland, 5 "^ 
and Tour through England, France, Germany, Switzer- 
land, and Italy. With a Memoir of the Author. 12mo, 
cloth, Boston, 1834. 

1212 MacLeod (Donald). Biography of Hon. Fernando ^ ; 
Wood. Port. 12mo, cZo^A. New York, 1856. 

i213 MACLEOD (William). New York and Erie Rail Road y 
Guide Book. With One Hundred and Thirty-Six En- 
gravings. By Lossins? and Barritt. r2ino, cloth. 

New York, (1851.) 

^214 MacMullen (John). Nathan Hale. 8vo, pp. 31. -^ 

New York, 1858. 



7 3215 MacMullen. The Past, The Present, and The Putore. 
8vo. New York, 1856. 

•< ^ 3216 M'Neile (Rev. Hugh). A Lecture on the Life of Dr. 
Franklin. 8vo, pp. 48. London, 1842. 

GontainB a three page Fao-Simile Letter of Franklin's, and an Sngrav- 
' ing of the Franklin Press. Printed on that identical press. 

/ / I 3217 McSherry (James). A History of Maryland, from its 
Settlement in 1634, to the year 1848. 12mo, doth. 

Baltimore, 1852. 
')^ 3218 McViCKAB (John). Political Economy. 24mo, cfotA. 

Boston, 1835. 
/ 3219 McViCKAR. The Chapel-School of St. Barnabas, Dear- 
man, N. Y., and Account of the Origin of the School, 
^ and its Educational Arrangements. 8vo, pp. 30. 

New York, 1853. 

/ (3 f ■■■ 8 220 M'Whorter (Alexander). The Blessedness of the Lib- 

eral. A Sermon Preached Nov. 1, 1796. 8vo, pp. 28, 

uncvl. New York, 1798. 

-^ S^ 3221 Madge, or Night and Morning. ^^ H. B. G. 12mo, 
doik. New York, 1863. 

/ C C 3222 Mapfit (Rev. John \.) A Narrative of the Difficulties 
Attending His First Marriage. With Portraits. 8vo, 
pp. SI f uncut. New York, 1848. 

y J j ^ 3223 Magazine of Wit, and American Humourist, containing 
a Collection of die most Admired Anecdotes, and a va- 
riety of the Best Songs, chiefly composed in Honour of 
the Naval and Military Victories gained during* the late 
War. Embellished with a representation of Perry's 
Victory. 24mo, half morocco. Scarce. 

Philadelphia, 1821. 

-^ 3224 Mahan (Rev. A.) Modern Mysteries Explained and 
Exposed. Clairvoyant Revelations, Phenomena of 
Spiritualism, and Clairvoyant Revelations of Emanael 
Swedenborg. i'ZmOf cloth. Boston, 1855. 

' ^ 3225 Maitre (Le) Italien ou !e Grammaire Francoise et Ital- 
ienne. 12mo, calf, gilt. A Lyon, mdoclxxxiv. 

^ , 




3226 Major Jones' Courtship, or Adventures of a Christmas J 

Eve. r2mo, pp. 62. Savannah, 185D. 

3227 Mall (Thomas). The History of the Martyrs. Eplio- / i^ 

mised. A Cloud of Witnesses, or the Sufierer's Mir- 

rour> 2 Vols. 8vo, sheep. Boston, mdccxlvil j ' i 

3228 MALTBr (Edward). Sermons. Vol. I. 8vo, boanh, S"^ 

uncuL London, 1819* 

3229 Ma lte-Brun (Conrad). A System of Universal Greog- ?^ 

rapliy. With Additions and Corrections by James G. 

" Percival, Embellished with a complete Atla:^, and a 

Series of Beautiful Engravings. 3 Vols. Royal 4to, 

in 48 numbers f rough edges, Boston, 1844. 

3230 Man (Thomas). Pictures of a Factory Village. To/J^ 

which are annexed, Remarks on Lotteries. 12mo, 
boards. Providence, Printed for the Author^ 1833* 


3231 Mah. a Picture of Woonsocket, or the Truth in its / 2 S^ 

Nudity. Engravings. 12mo, boards. 

Printed for the Author, 1835. 
A Suppressed Work. Very soaroe. 

3232 Man (The) in the Moon, Discovering a World of Kna- / ^ 
very under the Sunne, and the Commonwealth Mercury. 
2 Nos., 1658. 3 Pamphlets. 4to. 

London, Reprinted, 1854* 

3233 Man (The) in the Moon. 12mo. London, 1849- 7 

3234 Man Unmasked: Being a Wonderful Discovery lately ^i) 
made in the Island of Japan. Written in the Japanese 
Language, by the Spirit of Contradiction, and Transla- 
ted into English, for the Benefit of the Public^ by Sir 
Tristan Neverbegood. Both of them Eye- Witnesses to 
the Whole AflFair. 4to, half morocco. London, 1706. 

3235 Mann (Edward J.) The Deaf and Dumb, or aCollec- /^r :r 
"^ tion of Articles relating to the Condition of Deaf flutes, 

their Education, and the Principal Asylums devoted to 
their Instruction. 12mo j cloth. Boston, 1836. 

E. J. Mann was a deaf mute. 




^^"^236 Mann (Herman), Historical Annals of Dedham, from 
its Settlement, in 1635,lo 1847. 8to, clatL 

Dedham, 1847. 
/ $ "^3237 Mann. Human Prudence, or the Art b} wLicli a Man 
and a Woman may be advanced to Fortune, to penna- 
nent Honor, and to real Grandeur- 12mo, sheep, 

Dedham* 1S06. 
/^ 3238 Mann (Horace). Dedication of Antioch College, and 
Inaugural Address of its President* 24mo, doth* 

Yellow t^priugs, 0., 1854 
TO 3239 Ma.\n. Thoughts for a Young Man. 2Amo, doth. 

Boston, 1853. 
^ i^ 3240 Management (The) of the Tongue. Vlmo.boardsjUnaiL 

Boston, 1814 
y 3241 Manesca (John). Strictures on Phrenological Doc- 
trines. 8vo, pp. 28, New York, 1832. 
J J ^ 3242 Manifestations of the Beneficence of Divine Providence 
towards Amtrica, A Discourse delivered on Thursdaj, 
the 19th of February, 1795, being the day recommend- 
ed, by the President of the United States, for gt^neral 
Thanksgiving and Prayer. By Bishop Madison. 8vo, 
pp. 23. Richmond, 1795, 
/^ 3243 Mansheld (Edward D.) Life and Services of Gen. 
W infield Scott Engravings. 12uio^ cloth. 

New York, 1852. 
^' J 3244 M ANT (Alicia Catherine). Ingenious Scruples, relating 
to the Sabbath, answered. 12mo, bftard^^ unaiU 

London, 1825. 

/ ^ 3245 Manteli. ((xideon). The Wonders of Geology, 2 
Vols. Colored Plates* Post 8vo, clotL 

London, 1838. 
/ ^ 3246 Mantell (G. A,) Geological Excursions round the Isle 
of Wight Colored Plates. Post 8vo, cloth, 

London, mdcccxlvh. 
^^ 3247 Manual (A) of Conduct, or Christian Principle, Exem- 
pliUcd in Daily Practice. 12mo, cloth, uncui. 

Edinburgh, 1838. 



Manual (A) of Prayer, for Public and Private Worship, / 
with a Collectiou of Hymns. 12mo, morocco. 

BostoQ, 1845. 

Manual, for the Use of the Legislature of the State of 7 
New York, 1857-1862-1863. 3 Vols. ICrao, red 
moroccOf gilt. Albany) 1857-63. 

Manual of Church Discipline, together with the Cam J 
bridge Platform, adopted in 1048, and the Confcsaiou 
of Faith, adopted in 1680. 12mo, boards. 

Boston, 1846. 

Manual of Faith and Devotion, containing an Exborta- 5^ 
tion to Ejaculatory Prayer, with forms of Ejaculatory 
and other Prayers. 24mo, sheep. New York, 1818, 

Manual (The) Exercise, as ordered by His Majesty, in ^^5^ 
1764, together with Plans and Explanations of the 
Method generally practised at Reviews and Fitdd-Days 
4to, pp. 40. Boston, in New Englaudj IT 74. 

Manuscripts. A Package of Letter? and Dooumenta ^ 
principally addressed to Chas. A. Davis, Esq,, of New 
York, relating to the Pensacola City Compauyjof Flor* 

Manuscript. A Sunday Journal, extending from 1714, j^ i^l) 
to n 19 f written by some good old church goer, *ff Bos- 
ton, giving the Texts and Heads of Discoursa^of numer- 
0U8 Sermons, by the Mathers, Increase, and Cottim, ifcathj 
but closely written. Oblong 8vo, pp. 152, boards. 

Invaluable to the Collector of Works by the Mathers, cod tai Ding oxtrACti 
from numerous sermons not elsewhere preserved. 

Manuscript. A Treatise on Geography and Ancient S 
History. 4to, pp. 98, rowg-A dges, unbound. Very neat 

Manuscript. An Old Receipt Book, very beautifully ^ ^ 
written. Treats on a great variety of Subjects, .^tich m^ 
Pickling Mushrooms, Curing Gout, Rich Sauce for Fi^^h, 
Good and Cheap Gravy, a Method to Help iJie Hear- 
ing, Recipes for the Cure of Cramp and ItRlige^^tion, 
and to Kill Lice on Sheep, with various other Interestr 
ing and Pleasant Matters. Date, alunit HOT. 



'^ 2 ^ ^257 Maxuscbipt. Duncan. A Translation from the Wri- 
tings of Emanuel Swedenborg. By James Duncan. 
102 folio pages, written in a bold, legible hand. 

On the first page occurs the foUowing : — To the Benerolent Reader. In 
some of Swedenborg's letters, we find this memorable and remarkable 
dreomstance concerning the fiaUowing little work : — ** Some time ago, 
when I would read this book, celestial Angels were present with me, 
who rejoiced exceedingly in their hearts at my intention of propagating 
it, for the oonunon good of the new chnrch of our Lord Jesos Christ" 
Let not therefore the joy of celestial Angels torn into vanity the neces- 
sity we hare thought there was for pablishing this useful little book. 
Deign to reoeiTe the new treasure with a grateful mind, use it with a 
pious and sincere heart, and Uto eternally. 

5^ 3258 Manuscript. Hall. Dialogue, Illustrative of the Nutri- 
tive Principle, as Applicable to Disease, in every Form. 
By Alfred G. Hall, M. D., etc. 4to, pp. 36. 

/ 3259 Manuscript. Hall. Lecture on Napoleon Bonaparte. 
By Alfred G. Hall. 4to, pp. 14. 

y ^"2 3260 Manuscript Notes on the Materia Medlca, from the Leo- . 
tures delivered by B. S. Barton, M. D., Professor of 
Materia Medica, Natural History, and Botany, belong- 
ing to S. W. P., University of Pennsylvania, 1808-9. 
2 Vols. 4to, sheq). 

These Vols., el^antly written on 478 leaves, comprise a perfect digest of 
Profl Barton's Course of Lectures on Materia Medica, fuUy indexed, • 
for reference or pubUcation. 

6 '^ 3261 Manuscript. Phimier. The Art of Turning, or Ar- 
riving, at Perfection, in all sorts of Turner's Work, 
wherein is displayed not only the principles and rudi- 
ments of Turning, which it methodically teaches, as 
well for Iron and all other metals, as for Wood, Ivory, 
&c., but also many fine Machines for making Ovals not 
only plain, but superbly carved. The methods of turn- 
ing the perfect Globe, the Transverse, the Eccentric, 
the Diamond Points, the Facets, the Basket or Chec- 
quer Work, the Waved Crown, the Net-work Rose, 
Handles of Knives after the English Fashion, Nests of 
Eggs, the Open Wreath, Waved and Plaited Concen- 
tric Globes, the Pointed Club, Parallelogram, Snuff 



Boxes of all shapes, Jointed Sticks, Channelling, or 
Gutter Work, &c., and, in fine, all the most secret 
methods of his Art. A very curious and very neces- 
sary Work for those who practice the Art of Turning. 
By the Rev. Father Charles Plumier, Monk of the Or- 
der of Minims. 

This fine mAniucript is a complete and original work of 856 pages, beau- 
tifiiUy written throaghout 

Manuscript. Spitler's History of the World, neatly j ^ 
imtten, 153 pages, dated May 6, 1788. 4to, boards, 
rough edges. 
J263 Manuscript (The). 8vo, pp. 188. New York, 1828. 

5264 Marcou (Jules). Three Geological Pamphlets. 8vo. y ^^^r- 

Boston, 1861-62. 
Marcy (Randolph B.) and McClellan (George B.) j j^ 
Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana, in the year 
1852. With Vol. of Maps, and Numerous Illustrations. 
2 Vols. 8vo, doth. Washington, 1854. 

Maria Monk's Show-up, or the "Awful Disclosures," di J 
Humbug. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Go-ahead press. New York, s.a. 

5267 Mariner's (The) Chronicle, containing Narratives of the J C 
most Remarkable Disasters at Sea. Also, Naval En- 
gagements, Piratical Adventures, etc. Engi^avings. 8vo, 
sheep, (New Haven, 1834.) 

Marsh (Herbert). A Course of Lectures, containing a /u 
Description and Systematic Arrangement of the several 
Branches of Divinity. 8vo, calf, 

Cambridge, 1812. 

Marsh (John). Hannah Hawkins, the Reformed Drunk- -<" 3 ^ 
ard's Daughter. 12mo, morocco, gilt, gilt edges. 

New York, 1844. 

1270 Marsh (Jonathan). God's Fatherly Care of His Cove- 7/ "^ 
ant Children, Shewed and Improved. In a Sermon 
Preached before the General Assembly of the Colony 
of Connecticut, On the Day of their Election, May 13, 







1763. Bj Jonathan Marsh, A. M., Teacher of a Church 
in Windsor. Small 8vo, pp. 27. 

X. London, T. Green, 1737. 

Aatognph of Ezrm Stiles. 

/-y-32Tl Marsh (Luther R) General Woodhall and His Monu- 
( ment. 8vo, pp. 30. Xew York, 1848. 

'-*.' Z' ' ^3272 Marshall (George). A View of the Silver Coin and 
Coinage of Great Britian, from the year 1662 to 1837, 
Containing an Accoant of Every Denomination of Coin, 
and specifying every kind of Type, Legend and 'Date 
of each Variety. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1838. 

y ^ 3273 Marshall (Mary). The Rise and Progress of the Ser- 
pent from the Garden of Eden, to the Present Day. 
With a Disclosure of Shakerism, exhibiting a General 
View of their Real Character and Conduct. Also the 
Life and Sufferings of the Author, who was Mary M. 
Dyer. 12mo, sheep. Concord, 1847. 

/<'^3274 Marshall (Mrs.) A Sketch of My Friend's Family. 
24mo, boards, uncut. Northampton, 1821. 

3275 Martel's Elements. Wants title-page. 12mo, sheep. 

/ : 3276 Martin (Benjamin). Essays on the Wonderful Proper- 
ties of the Rock Crystal; and other Works. 5 Vols, 
in one. Illustrated. 8vo, half bound. Scarce. 

London, 1772. 

J/ 2 3277 Martin (Henri). History of France. The Age of 

Louis XIV^ Translated from the Fourth Paris Edition, 

by Mary L. Booth. Port. 2 Vols. Imp. 8vo, cloth, 

uncut. Boston, 1865. 

Large paper. Edition 76 copies. 

]/ L 3278 Martin. History of France. The Decline of the 

French Monarchy. Translated from the Fourth Paris 

Edition, by Mary L. Booth. Port. 2 Vols. Imp. 

8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1866. 

Large paper. Edition 75 copies. 

/O 3279 Martineau (Harriet). A Manchester Strike. 24mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1833. 


3280 Martinbau. Berkeley, the Banker* 24dio, duth. J 2- 

3281 Martineau. Ella, of Garvolock, 24mo, c?o/A. /i 

Boston, 1832. 

3282 Martineau. History of tho Peace. BeitijJ!: a History J*/ 2 

of England, from 1816 to 1854 With an Introduc- 
tion, 1800 to 1815. 4 Void. Royal Svo, doth, edges 
uncut. Boston, 1864. 

Large paper. Edition only 75 copies, prmted at the Kivc^rfiLdG Prusa* 

3283 Martineau. Miscellaniea. VoL 11. I2mo,doih. /O 

Boston, 1836. 

3284 Martineau. Retrospect of Weataru Travel 2 Vols. / ^ 

12mo, doth. New York, 1837. 

3285 Martineau. Society in America. VoL IL 12mo, J^ 

doth. New York, 1837. 

3286 Martyrs to the Revolution, in tire British Prison-Shipa /^ 

in the Wallabout Bay. JIap. 8vo, pp. 64 

New York, 1855. 

3287 Mary, the Maniac, or The Motlier, her own Victim. 5 A 

12mo, pp. 118. New York, 1843. 

3288 Mascaron (Jules). Reecuil dcs Oraisoiis, Funcbrea, S '^ 

12mo, paper, uncut. Puri;^, 1785. 

Large paper; has PercWivrs autogt-apk 

3289 Mason, (Augustus). The Quackery of the Age. 8vo, 5 ^' 

pp. 44. Boston, 1845. 

3290 Mason (John). A Treatise OnScll-Knowlcd^^c. 24iiio, S ^ 

sheep. Newbury port 1812. 

3291 Mason. A Treatise On Self-Knowlcd^re, l2mo, hoards, S ^ 

uncut. London, 1S2L 

S292 Masonic Pamphlets (24). Bennons, Addrei?3p,=5, Eulo- //.^ 
gics, Charges, &c. Mmnj (f ihms imcu arc of the hui 
Century; they are nearly all in fine condition, and several Wj I 

very rare. Collected by Dr. Thomas H. Wvhk 




Massachusetts Abtillesy Election Sermons. 
/O 3293 Barrett (Samuel). June 6, 1831. 8vo, pp. 19,tmcitf. 

Cambridge, 1831. 
yC 3294 Carney (Samuel). June 6, 1814. 8vo, pp. 27, tinoi/. 

Boston, 1816. 
j' 3296 Dean (Saul). June 3, 1816. 8vo, pp. 23, tmcttf. 

Boston, 1816. 

3296 Prothingham (N. L.) June 6, 1825. 870, pp. 24,t«i- 

cuZ, Boston, 1825. 

J (3 3297 Homer (Jonathan)." June 7, 1790. 8vo,pp.21. Bare. 

Boston, 1790. 

5 d 3298 Lathrop (John). June 6, 1774. 8vo, pp. 38. Rare. 

Boston, 1774. 
/O 3299 LoTHROP (Samuel K.) June 4, 1838. Second Centen- 
nial. 8vo, pp. 36. Boston, 1838. 
-^^^ 3300 MuzzBY (Artemas B.) June 5, 1837. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, 1837. 

I C' 3301 Shdte (Daniel). June 1, 1767. 8vo, pp. 43, tmrw/. 

Rare. Boston, N. E., 1767. 

Massachusetts Election Sermons. 
J C 3302 Bancroft (Aaron). May 27, 1801. 8vo, pp. 29,ttna/A 

Boston, 1801. 
J r : 3303 Baxter (Joseph). The Duty of a People to Pray to 
and Bless God for their Rulers : who are To Promote 
Peace, and Godliness, and Honesty among them. A 
Sermon Preached, May 31, 1727. By Joseph Baxter, 
M. A., Pastor of the Church in Medford. 8vo,pp. 36. 

Boston, in N. E., 1727. 
-^ i^ 3304 Bridge (Josiah). 1789. 8vo, pp. 54, mticw^. Wants title 
page. (Boston, 1789.) 

X ' <^ 3305 Braman (Milton P.) Jan. 1, 1845. 8vo, pp. 85. 

Boston, 1845. 

/ . ^ 3306 Cooper (Samuel). Oct. 2, 1780. Before Gov. John 
\ Hancock. 8vo, pp. 55, uncut. Very scarce. 

Boston, 1780. 


CoLMAN (Benjamin), May 29, 1723, Eeinrr the Day //"/^ 
for the Anuiial Election of His Majeaty^s Councih Da- 
vid's dyin^ charge to the Rulers and People of Israel* 
Svo, pp. 41, uncuL Rare, Boiston, in N. E., 1723. 

Chauncey (Charles). May 30th, 1770, At the request /J/ i ^ 
of a great number of Gentlemen, friends to the Liber- 
tiea of North America, who were desirous, notwithstand- 
ing^ the removal of the Massachusetts General- Court, 
UQCOnstitutionally, as they judged, to Carabrids^e, that 
God miirht be acknowledged m that house of worahipr 
at Boston, in which our tribes from the days of our 
fathers, have annually sou^^ht to him for direction, 
preyioua to the clioice of his Majesty's Council. 8vo, 
pp, 38. Rare, Boston, 1770, 

Coffin (Paul). May 29, 1799. %vo,vncut, pp. 3L 

Boston, 1799, 

DuNBATt (Samuel). May 28, 1760. Before Gov. Thos, 
PowDall, and His Majesty's CounciL 8vo, pp. 37, un- 
cut. Scarce. Boston, 1865. 

Eliot (Andrew). May 29, 1765. Before Gov. Bernard. 
Svo, pp. 59. Scarce* Boston, 17G5. 

Frixk (Thomas), May 31, 1758. Before Gov, Pow- 
nail and His Majesty's Council- 

Foster (Darnel). May 26, 1790. 
cocki 8v0j pp- 35 J uncut. 

Gaj*nktt (E/.ra S.) Jan. 5, 1842. 
Politics. 8vo, pp. 4G- 

Haven (Jason). May 31, 1769* Before Gov. Bcr-^ ^^ 
nard and Lieut, Gov. Hutchinson. Svo,pp. b^. Scarce* 

Boston, N. E., 1769. 

Hehmekway (Moses). May 26, 1784. Before Gov- ^0 
Hancock. 8vo,pp, ^2^uncuL Scarce. Boston, 1784, 

Jackson (Samuel C.) Jan. 7, 1843. 8vo, pp, 55. ^0 

Bostou, 1843, 





8vo, pp. 93, ntwiu. 
Boston, 1758, 

Before Gov. HaU' 
Boston, 1790. 

The Rclii^ion of 
Boston, 1842. 




(^2. 3318 Lyman (Joseph). May 30, 1787. Before Gov. Bowdoin. 
8vo, pp. 61, uncut. Boston, (1787.) 

j C 3319 ilcKKKN (Joseph). May 28, 1800. Contains a Eulogy 
on Washington. 8vo, pp. 30, uncut Boston, 1800. 

/^ - 3920 Mayhew (Jonathan). May 29, 1754. Before Gov. Wil- 
liam Shirley, His Majesty's Council, and the House of 
Rt^presentatives of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 
in New-England. 8vo, pp. 52, uncut, 

Boston, N. E., 1754 

y 3321 Neal (R. H.) Jan. 8, 1852. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Boston, 1852. 

d Z. 3322 Parsons (Joseph). May 31, 1759. 8vo, pp. 35, uncta. 
Very scarce. Boston, N. E., 1759. 

/i^ 3323 Parkeh (Samuel). May 29, 1793. 8vo, pp. 4:2,unad. 
Scarce. Boston, 1793. 

/ 3324 PEABODY(Wm. B. 0.) Jan. 2, 1833. The Duties and 
Dangers of those who are born Free. 8vo, pp, 31, un- 
cuL Boston, 1833. 

/ i' 3325 Putnam (George). Jan. 7, 1846. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Boston, 1846. 

/C 3326 Raymontd (Miner). Jan. 4, 1854. 8vo,pp. 53. 

Boston, 1854 

/:? 3327 Bobbins (Chandler). May 25, 1791. 8vo, pp. 51, im- 
cur. Scarce. Boston, 1791. 

^ , 3328 Shute (Daniel). May 25, 1768. Before Gov. Bernard, 
Lieut. Gov. Hutchinson, His Majesty's Council, and the 
Hon. House of Representatives of the Province of Mas- 
sachusetts-Bay, in New-England. 8vo, pp. 70, uncut. 
Scarce. Boston, 1768. 

-^ 3329 STimRS (Richard S.) Jan. 3, 1838. 8vo, pp. 46. 

Boston, 1838. 

3330 Tucker (John). May 29, 1771. Before Gov. Hutch- 
inson, and Lieut. Gov. Oliver. 8vo, pp. 63, imcut. 
Rare. Boston, N. E., 1771. 










Turner (Charles). May 26, 1173. Before Gov. Hutch- 
inson. 8vo, pp. 45. Bostoa, N. E., 1773. 

WiOGLESWOfiTH (Samuel)- Maj 30, 1733. Before Uie 
Great and General Assembiy of the Province of 
Masaacbasetts-Bay, 8vo, pp. 34. Imperfect. Rare. 

Boston, N. E., 1733. 

Welsteeb (WiUiam). May 29, 1751. Before Lieut. 
Gov, Phipps- 8vo, pp. 5D, unciu. In beautifully clean 
condition. Rare. Boston, 175L 

Williams (Abraham). May 26, 1762. Before the 
Great and General Court 8vo, pp. 2%jnncuL Scarce. 

Boston, 1762. 

West (Samuel). May 29, 1776. Before the Honorable 
Council, &c. (It will be obacrvcd that no reference is 
made to His Majeiity in this title.) 8vo, pp. 70^ uncuL 

Boston, 1776, 

WoLCOrr (Samuel) Jan, 5, 1853, 8vo, pp. 37. 

Boston, 1S53. 

MASSACHUSBTT3. Fast Day Sermons (8), Various Au- 
thors, dvo, jmnly tiJictU, All scarce. 1793-1808. 

Massachusetts Governors. Funeral Sermons (5), 
Phillips 1802, Sullivan 1809, and Eustia 1825, 8vo, 
ttncuL Boston, v.j. 

Massachusetts Governors. Funeral Sermons (4). 
Sumner and Phinips. 8vo, unaiL Scarce. 

Boston, 1800-2. 

MASSACHTTSEms Historical Society. Collections from 
1792 to 1865. 36 Vols. 8vo, hoards, imait 


** A fine copj, sets are seldom found complete. A most important colloo- 

tion, ooataioing the only rcprlnta of many of the earliest and rarest 

tracts and books rekting to the hijlory of this country. Vols. T. uid 

IX.,3<1 Series, eut*' 

Massachusetts Humane Society. Discoursaa (13). 
1787 to 1806, 4 to and 8vo. In fine order. A rare 











-^ 33tt KifliACHrsiTre State Becord. 5 Vols. 1847-51 
tSmg^ dM, Boston, v.y. 

/ 1343 Mifl&icersETTB State Prison, with the Rules and Regulsi 
tioM, October, 1§29. Plate. 8to, pp. 12, mncvt. 

Charkstown, 1830 
^^ 3344 MAgai causfeTiH Sabbath School Hymn Book. 24mo. 

Boston, 1843. 
•^ f^ 3345 MAmAcmmrm (The) Register. A Sute Record for 
the years 1 So2^5, By George Adams. 2 Vola 
8fo, clotlt, Boston, 1852-55, 

5^ 3346 MASSACHtJgEriB (The) System of Common Schools. 
8?o, boards. Boston, 1849. 

-</^ 3347 Massaxielu). His Body taken oat of the Town-Ditch, 
and Bolemnly Buried, with Epitaphs upon hiuL A Con- 
tinoaliofi of the Tunmlt The D. of Guise made Gen- 
eraUgslmo. Taken Prisoner by young Don John of 
Austria, The E[id of the Commotions. By F. H, Es- 
quire. Trui/t nerer hmhed so like a Lie, Am in tMs Mod- 
em Historie. Ports. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1652. 
3348 MAggETfW.) The Origin and Progress of Letters. 
Au Esaaj, showiojf wlien, and by whom, Letters were 
invented. With a Compendious Account of the most 
celebrated Engli^sh Pisumen, with the Titles and Char- 
acters of the Books they have published, both from the 
Boiling and Letter Press. Engravings. 8vo, calf. 
Scarce. London, 1763. 
Mathematical Tables, 8vo, half hound. Boston, 1 830. 
Mather (Cotton), The Wonders of the Livisible 

/^ Q fl ^itt!*^- 1 Observations, I as well Historical as Theolog- 
J^J^ leal, upon the Nature, the | Number, and the Operations 
of the j Devila, | accompanied with, | 
L — Some Accounts of the Grievous Molestations by 
Dae I mons and Witcfierafts, which have lately | annoyed 
the Country, and the Trials of some eminent | Male- 
fwaors Executed npgn occasion thereof, with several 
Reujarkablc Curiuaities therein occurring. | 



n. — Some Councils, Directing a due Improvement of 
the ter- j rible things lately done by the Unusual and 
Amazing | Range of Evil Spirits in Our Neighborhood, 
and I the methods to prevent the Wrongs which those 
Evil I Angels may intend against all sorts of people 
among us, | especially in Accusations of the Innocent. | 

in. — Some Conjectures upon the great Events likely | to 
befall the World in general, and New-En- 1 gland in 
Particular, as also upon the Advances of | the Time 
when we shall see Better Dayes. | 

IV. — A Short Narrative of a late Outrage committed by 
a I knot of Witches in Swedeland, very much Resem- 1 
bling, and so far Explaining That under which our 
parts I of America have laboured. | 

V. — The Devil Discovered, In a Brief Discourse upon | 
those Temptations which are the more Ordinary Devi- 
ces of the Wicked One. | 8vo, 16 p. 1., title, rev., pub- 
lished, &c. The Author's Defence, pp. 3. Letter from 
William Stoughton, <fec., pp. 2. Enchantments En- 
countered, pp. 25. Wonders, &c., pp. 151, with 1 page 
errata, not numbered. The Devil Discovered, separate- 
ly paged, pp. 32. The last leaf, 1 p, and a half wanU \\ ] 
ing, but neatly restored in manuscript, 

Boston, Printed by Beuj. Harris, for Saml. 

Phillips, 1693. 

Of aU works by the Mathers, this is probably the rarest. As the result of 
extensiYe inquiries and correspondence, the owner has been able to 
trace but two perfect copies in the country, one being in the library of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society, the other in the Prince library. 
The title is found in the Catalogue of the American Antiquarian Socie- 
ty, but the book, if ever in the library, has been missing for more than 
twenty-five years, and it may weU be doubted if it was ever there. 
This copy is in the original binding, and contains the autograph of 
Josiah Dunster, grandson of the first President of Harvard UniYersity. 

3351 Mather. The Wonders of the Invisible World; /J ^ 
to which is added, A Farther Account of the Tryals 
of the New-England Witches. By Cotton Mather, 
D. D. Port. Post 8vo, cloth. London, 1862. 



^^^'^352 Mather. The Wonders of the Invisible World; 
and Calefs More Wonders of the Invisible World. 
With Biographical Sketches and Notes, by Samuel G. 
Drake. 3 Vols. Fcap* 4to, faiper uncut. 

Roxbury, 1867. 

Woodward's HiBtorical Series, Vols. V., VI., VII. Printed bj ManselL 

/^€2. 3353 Mather. Thirty | Important Cases, | resolved, | With 
Evidence of | Scripture ] and [reason, | Mostly | by sev- 
" eral Pastors of Adjacent Churches, | meeting in Cam- 
bridge, I New-England, | With some other memorable 
matters, | now published for | General Benefit. | Small 
8vo, pp. 78. I 1. errata, 4 pp. additional; Proposals, 
&c. In the original binding. Contains a full pagCj 
said to be in the hand-writing of Cotton Mather. Rare- 
Boston, in New England, Printed by Bartholomew 
Green & John Allen, Sold at the Bookseller's 

Shops, 1699. 

//2^ 3354 I^ATHER. The Life of the Reverend and Excel- 
lent Jonathan Mitchell, a Pastor of the Church, and 
a Glory of the College, in Cambridge, New-England. 
8vo. Imperfect. Very rare. 

Massachusetts, Printed by B. Green and Fuller, 

Sold at the Booksellers* Shops, in Boston, 

^ 1697. 

S^'"* 3355 Mather. Seasonable Thoughts upon | Mortality. | 

A Sermon | Occasioned by the raging of a mortal 

Sickness | in the Colony of | Connecticut, | and the many 

Deaths of | our Brethren there. | Delivered at Boston — 

Lecture, | 24d. Ilm., 1711-12. | Small 12mo, halfcritusan 

moroccoj top gilt Very rare. Slightly imperfect^ a line 

or two being cut from 3 pages. 

Boston, Printed and Sold by T. Green, 1711. 

3356 Mather. Psalterium Americanum. | The Book ofj 
Psalms, I in a Translation Exactly conformed | unto 
the Original, | but all in | Blank Verse, | Fitted unto the 
Tunes commonly used | in our Churches. Which pure j 
Offering is accompanied with | Illustrations, digging for 




Hidden | Treasures in it, and Rules to | Emploj it upon 
the Glorious and | Various Intentions of 1%] Whereto 
are added | Some other partiaD:! of the Sacred | Scrip- 
ture to Enrich the | Cantiiiiial \ Small 8vo, pp. 42 6, in 
original bindingj and in very Jina order. Very rare. 
Boston, in N. E.,Printiul, by S, Knccland, for B, . 
Eliot, S. Gerri.-^h, D. Ilcndimaii, and J. Ed- 
wards, and Sold at their Siiops, 1718. 

3357 Mather. Christodulus.] A Good Reward j Of | A y/^ 

Good Servant,! Or The Service of a \ GIorioiiM Chriat,| 
Justly Demanded and Conitii ended, from a [ View of the 
•Glory* with which it shall he Recompensed | With 
some Commemoration of [ Mr. Thomas Walter,] lately a 
Pastor to a Church in Roxbury^jWho had an Early 
Dismission from what of j that Service was to lie done in 
this I World, Jan. 10, 1774^5.] By Cottoti Mather, D.D. 
and F. R. S. 8vo, pp. 33, Itaff crimson moroccOf gilij 
uncut. Very scarce. 

Boston, Printed, by T. Fleet, for S. Griffith, near 

Brick-Mceti 111^- House in Cornhill, 1725. , 

3358 Mather. Ratio Di.sciplin£e Fratrum | Nov-Angla-y J 

rum. I A I Faithful Account of the | Discipline ] pro- 
fessed and practised | in the [ Churches \ of | New Eng- 
land. I With Interspersed iind Inrftniutive Reflec- 1 tians 
on the Discipline of the ] FrimiLive Churcheg. [ 8vo, in 
original binding. Rare. 

Bbston, Printed for S* Gcrrish, in Cornhill, 1726. 

-3359 Mather. The Wonderful Works of God | Commemora- /J^ 
ted. I Praises j Bespoke for the God of Heaven,] — By 
Cotton Mather.] To which is atlded a Sermon Preach- 
ed unto the ( Convention of the Massaclniset-Colony in| 
New England.] With a sliort Narrative of several 
Prodigies which New-|Enti:l and hatli of late had the 
Alarms of Heaven in.| 7 Wo amiphft imrks, wifh sepa- 
rate titles and imprints; uHjhrtnnaehj this capy wants 
the first title page, and a portion if the secGudi sever- 
al leaves are also missing. Small Pro* Boston, 16 DO. 










"37 5^3360 Mather. Johannes in Eremo.| Memoii-s Relating t 

/ ' the [ Lives | of the | Ever memorable | Mr. John Cotton 

Who Dyed 23 d. 10 m., 1652 ; | Mr. John Norton, |Wh 

Dyed 5 d. 2 m., 1663; |Mr. John Wilson,|Who Dye* 

7 d. 6 m., 1667; |Mr. John Davenport,| Who Dyed I 

d. 1 m., 1670; I Reverend and Renowned Ministers c 

the I Gospel. All in the more Immediate Service [ c 

One Church in Boston ; | and | Mr. Thomas Hooker,| Wh 

Dyed 7 d. 5 m., 1647,| Pastor of the Church at Harl 

ford, New-England. | Written by Cotton Mather. | 8vc 

pp. 32, of which there are 10 pp. To the Reader, signei 

Increase Mather, 15. The Introduction, -signed Cottoi 

Mather, 5, A Schaeme. Life of Cotton, 80 pp., of Nortoi 

39 pp., of Wilson, 46 pp., of Davenport, 30 pp., of Hookei 

45 pp. Each work being separately paged ; 2 pp. addi 

tional. A Catalogue of 34 of Mather's Works. In origi 

nal hindiiig and in excellent condition^ extremely rare 

Printed for and sold by Michael Perry, at hi 

Shop, under the West end of thi 

Town-House, 169S 

Autograph of A. Holyoke, 1769. 

' ■ i /7- (T^ " ^^^^ Mather. The Everlasting Gospel,| The Gospel of | Jus 

* I J^ '/ tification | By the | Righteousness of Go(f | as 'tis | Helc 

and Preached in the Churches | of New England. Ei 
pressed in | a Brief Discourse on that | important Arti 
cle, made at Boston | in the year 1699,| by Cotton Math 
er.| And I Asserted with the Attestations of|severa 
Reverend and Eminent | Persons now most con- 1 sidera 
ble in those | Churches. 8vo, title, 15 p. 1. consisting oj 
different articles signed by the Authors, Increase Mather 
and others; pp. 76, the last three pages divine hymns 
The margins of a/ew leaves a little injured, but the read 
ing matter perfect with the exception of a few letters, h 
original binding, very rare. 

Boston, Printed by B. Green and F. Allen, fo 
Nicholas Buttolph, and sold at his Shop, a 
the corner of Gutteridge's Coflfee-House, 1700 




1362 Matheb. Free-Grace Maintained and Improved, | or [ 
rj)^ The General Offer | of the | Gospel | ^lanaged, with con- 

flideratioQS of the | Great Things done by | Special Grace| 
in the | Election and Redemption | and Vocation [ Of 
those who Embraced that Offer, | and | The Illustrious 
Doctrines of Divine ] PredestinatioQ and Human | Jjnpo- 
tency, Ecscncd from the Abuses | wliich they too frequent- 
ly meet withal,| and rendered (as they are) highly Use- 
ful | to the Designs of Practical Piety. | In Two brief 
Discourses, Published at the Desire | of Some who have 
been greatly Apprehensive | of Growing Occaaiona for 
such Treatises.] 8vOj pp. 70, unbound j in excellent con- 
dition. Very rare, 

Boston, Printed by B, Green, 1706, 

1363 Mather. Nehemiah | a Brief Essay on | Divine Consola- 
y^ tiona-l How Great they are, | and ] How Great the Re- 
gards to be Paid unto them,| With an | Application 
thereof to Some | frequent Caae^*, | Espeeially | Tbc Death 
of Relatives,! Offered at the Lecture in Boston, 30 d. 9 
m., niO. [By Cotton Mather D. D.|4to, 1 1. dedica^ 
tion, pp. 24. In goad order^ being complete with the es- 
cepiion of a few letters on the 23/f V^S^f which are neatly 
restored^ and perfect^ with the exce})tion of some margin 
culfrom a few leaves. Sheets stitched. Rare* 

New England, Printed by Bartholomew Greeajl710. 

[Mather.] The Voice of God Crying to the City. At a 
Leeture held in the South Meet hig- House of Boston, 4 
d. 8 m., niL 8vo, pp. 4r-33, and I p* advertisement, 

Thit work lackt the iitlt poffe and Jint page of ** The OceaAtHFt.'' It 
relates to the great Ji re in BoMiorif in 1111 1 and is aiiributed to Cotton 
Mather t on what i$ deemtd good authority. In very *Jine condition t 
with the exception noted, 

Mather, InaanabHui.] A.n Essay | Upon | Incurablea | 
f^ Handling that Case, | What shall People do under | their 
' ^ Griefs, when there is | no Curing of them ?| And Aimed 
at the ] Comfort and Counsil | Of the many who Encoun- 
ter those I Grievous Things, | For which there in no Rem- 
edy but Patience. I 12mO| pp- ^Sfijijine condition^with 










k i 


the exception that four words have been torn from thetoi 
of the tide page, they are restored in manuscript. SheeU 
stitched. Very rare. 

Boston, Printed by T. Fleet, for Samuel Gerrish 
on the North Side of the Town-House, 1714 

^^366 [Mather.] Just Commemorations,| The Death | of | Goo( 
^ . men Considered, | and | The Characters | of Some who 

have lately Died in the Service of | the Churches, Exhib 
ited, I Unto which is added J^ A Brief Account of the Evan 
gelical I Work among the Christianized | Indians of Ne^ 
England, j Whereof One of the Persons here | Commem 
orated, was a Valuable | and Memorable Instrument 
8vo, 4 pp. dedication, pp. 58, sheets stitched, in fine con 
dition. Very rare. 

Boston, in N. E., Printed by B. Green, Sold b; 

Samuel Gerrish at his Shop on the NortI 

Side of the Town House, (1715. 

3367 Mather. Essays to do Good, Addressed to al 
Christians, whether in Public or Private Capaciticf 
12mo, half morocco. Dover, 1826 

<^^)^368 Mather. 

A Discourse on the Good 
8vo, pp. 32, uncut. 

Education o 
Boston, 1828 






3369 Mather (Increase). Koa^roypoipja |0r A| Discoursi 
*^ Concerning | Comets, | wherein the Nature of Blazinj 

Stars I is Inquired into, { with an Historical Account o 
all the Comets | which have appeared, from the Begin 
ning of the | World, unto this present year, mdclxxxu., 
Expressing | the Place in the Heavens where the; 
were seen, | Their Motions, Forms, Duration, and th< 
Re- 1 markable Events which have followed, | in th 
World, 80 far as they have been | by Learned Men 01 
served.] As also two Sermons, | Occasioned by the lat 
Blazing Stars. | By Increase Mather, Teacher of i 
Church, I at Boston, in New England. | The first sermo 
is entitled. Heaven's Alarm to the World, &c. Th 
second. The Latter Sign, The Voice of God, &c. Thre( 



distinct works, separately paged. Two Volumes. Small 
8vo, halfhroitm morocco^ gilt top. 

Bodtoa, in Now England, Printed, by S, G-,, for S. 

S.j and Sold by F, Browning, at tlie corner of 

the Piiaon Lane, next to the Town 

House, 1683. 

Wight's copy broaglit $46-00, 

370 Math Eft, 

Cases of Conscience ; Concerning EWl 
Personating Men, | Witchcrafts, Infallible 
Proofs of I Guilt, In snch as are accused | with that 
crime, [ All Considered according to the Scriptures^ ) 
History, Experience, and the Judgment ] of many 
Learned Men* I Bv Increase Mather, President of Har- 
rard| College, at Camhridgo, and Teacher of | a Church 

/at Boston, in New England. Small 8vo, 2 prel. L, pp, 
67, and pp* 7 not numbered, cnmson morocco^ gih top, 
Boston, Printed and Sold by Benjamin Harris, at 
the London Coffee- House, 1693, 

hk book ia sojircoly leas rare than, Woodera of the TnvistblQ World, by 
the youDgcr Mather. 

371 Mather. The] Answer | of Several | Ministers, | in and 

nearj Boston,! To that Case ^^ Conscience, | Whether it 
is Lawful for a Man] to marry his Wife's own Sister?] 
Signed hy Increase Mather, CoHnn Mather and otk^ 
ers. The tract contains an an ertra leaf^ an Obituary 
Nolice and Epitaph of Mrs. Judith Hull, probabhj by 
Cotton Mather ; the leaf seems to have been pvhlished b^ 
itself, in perfect order. Half Tttrketj morocco, 8vo, pp. 
8. Rare. 

Boston, in N. E,, Printed and sold by 
Bartholomew Green, 1695. 

372 Mather. A Discourse, | Proving that the | Chris- 
/\) tian Religion | is the only | True Religion^ | Wherein 

[/ the necessity of Divine Revelation ] is Evinced, in several 
Sermons, I Small 12mo, pp, 96, and 4 pages, the con- 
tents, hnJf crimson m4)roccOf top gilt. Very rare. 

Boston, Printed for, and Sold by the Booksellers, 





' 1 







,^373 Mather. Wo to Drunkards. | Two | Sermons,| Tes- 
iS *^ tifying against the Sin of | Drunkenness. | Wherein 

the Wofulness of that Evil, and the [Misery of all 
that are Addicted to it, is | Discovered from the 
Word T)f God. | The Second Edition. | Small 8vo, title I 
1., pp. 68, half crimson morocco, top gilt, one leaf imper- 
fect. Rare. 

Boston, Printed and Sold by Timothy Green, at 
Lower end of Middle Street, 1712. 

3374 Mather. A Course of Sermons, on Early Piety, 
by the Eight Ministers who carry on the Thursday 
Lecture in Boston. With a Preface, by the Rev- 
erend Dr. Increase Mather. And also closed with 
a Discourse, lately had by him, to Young People. 
9 Vols., boards. Boston, N. E., 1721. 

These leotures bj Mather, Wadsworth, Colman, Sewall, Peiroe, Webb, 
Cooper, and Foxcroft, were originaUj published in one VoL They are 
■eparatelj paged, and an enterprising Western Book Dealer has, with 
remarkable sagacity, extended the work to 9 Vols. 

Q S^ 3375 Mather Parentator. | Memoirs | of | Remarkables, | in 
* the I Life | and Death | of the | Ever-Memorable | Dr. In- 

crease Mather, I who expired August 23, 1723.| 
Port 8vo, sheep, pp. X.-XIV.-339, and 5 pp. not num- 
bered. Rare. 

Boston, Printed, by B. Green, for Nathaniel Bel- 
knap, at the corner of Scarlets- WharfiF, 1724. 
3376 Mather. Ichabod, [ or | a Discourse, | Shewing what 
Cause there is to Fear | that the | Glory | of the Lord 
is Departing from | New-England. | Delivered in Two 
Sermons, | by Increase Mather. | Small 12mo, half crim- 
son morocco, pp. 88. Two leaves restored by Child. 
Boston, Printed, for N. Boone, at the Sign of the 

Bible, 1729. 
/i>' ^1^*^3377 Mather. Elijah's Mantle. A Faithful Testimony 
to New England, Highly Seasonable to be oflFered 
unto the People now succeeding in the New English 
Colonies, for their Serious Consideration, at this 
gloomy day of Darkness and Trial. 8vo, pp. 31. 
Very rare. Boston, 1774, 





3378 Mathbb. An Answer to the Question, Whether 
^ are not the Brethren, and not the Elders of the 

\}^ Church only, to Judge concerning the Qualifications 
and Fitness of those who are Admitted into their Com- 
munion? Also 8^ Vindication of the Divine Authority 
of Ruling Elders, in the Churches of Christ. Title page 
and 4 leaves imperfect. 8vo, pp. 28. Reprinud for 
Biiblic Oood. 

Withota date, hut printed in the early part of 

the last century, 

3379 Mather. Sermon preached at Maiden, June 24, 
hf '' 1705, occasioned by the Death of that faithful and 

aged servant of God, Mr. Michael Wigglesworth. 12mo, 
pp. 52. Boston, 1850. 

3380 Mather. Gospel Order Revived. Being an Answer 
^ to a Book, lately set forth by the Reverend Mr. In- 

)^^ crease Mather, President of Harvard College, Ac., 
Entitled, The Order of the Gospel, Ac, Dedicated to 
the Churches of Christ, in New England. 4to, pp. 38, 
rough edges, a leaf missing at the end. 

Printed in the year 1700. 

ThiB book receiTed too late for insertion in its proper plajoe, is pat here on 
acooont of its rd&tion to the writings of the Mathers. 

3381 Mather (Richard). Journal of, 1635. His Life and 

Death, 1670. 12mo, half bound. Boston, 1850. 

3382 Mather. Will of, 1664. 8vo. (Bos^n, July, 1866.) ^0 

Edition, 100 oopies. 


-!^i> - 


}383 Mather (Samuel). An | Attempt to Shew | that America 
,>^ must be known to the | Ancients,| made at the Request, 
and to gratify the Curio8ity,| of an Inquisitive Gentle- 
man. | To which is added | an Appendix | concerning the 
American Colonies,] and some | Modern Management 
against | them.| By an American Englishman,! Pastor of 
a Church in Boston, New England. | 8vo, pp. 35. 
Very scarce. Boston, New England, mdcolxxii. 






ij 3384 Mather (Samuel). The | Life of the Very | Reverend and 
Learned | Cotton Mather, D. D. and F. R. S.,| Late Pas- 
tor of the North Church in Boston, | who Died Feb. 13, 
1727-8. I By Samuel Mather, M. A. 8vo, dedication 
pp. 4, preface pp. 6, list of subscribers pp. 10, pp. 186. 


Boston, New England, Printed for Samuel Gerrish, 

in Comhill, hbccxxix. 

3385 Mather. An | Apology | For the Liberties of the Church- 
^S es in I New England. | To which is prefixed | A Discourse 

concerning | Congregational Churches, | By Samuel Ma- 
ther, M. A., I Pastor of a Church in Boston, New Eng- 
land. I 8vo, 3 p. I., p. IX., 1 p. errata, pp. 216, cal/^ 
original binding. Rare. 

Boston, Printed by T. Fleet, for Daniel Hench- 
man, over against the Brick Meeting House, 

in Cornhill, 1838. 

3386 MATHER. All Men will not be Saved Forever, or An At- 
^V tempt to Prove that this is a Scriptural Doctrine, and 

to give a sufficient Answer, to the Publisher of Extracts 
in Favor of the Salvation of all Men. By Samuel Ma- 
ther, D. D., Pastor of a Church in Boston, America. 

8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, Printed by Benjamin Edes & Sons, in 

Comhill, MDCCLXxxii. 

/J S^3387 Mather. Some Remarks on a Pamphlet intitled. All 
Men will not be Saved Forever. Wrote by Samuel Ma- 
ther. By Shippie Townsend, of said Boston. 8vo, pp. 
32. Boston, MDCCLXxxn. 

Placed here aa reUting to the preoeeding work. 

/ ' 3388 Mather. A Letter to Dr. Mather. Occasioned by his 
disingenuous Reflections upon a certain Pamphlet, enti- 
tled Salvation for all Men. By one who wishes well to 
Him in common with Mankind. 8vo, pp. 9. 

Boston, 1782. 
Of the same Series as the last two. 

/ . .; 3389 Mather. The | Lord's Prayer,| or | A New Attempt to 
recover the right | Version and genuine Meaning of that| 


Prayer.| By Samuel Mather, A. M*,| Pastor of a church 
in Boston, New England.] 8vo, pp. vi. 67. Scarce. 
Boston, Printed ty Kneeland & Adams, mdcclxvi. 

3390 Matthew Grant's Old Church Record. 8vo, pp. 14, J2 i ^ 

uncut. Printed by Munsell. 

3391 Matthias, the Prophet, with a full Exposure of his Atro- J 

cious Impositions. Svo, pp. 16, uncut. 

New York, 1836. 

3392 Matubin (Chas. R.) Sermons. 8vo, boards, unctU. /O 

London, 182L 

3393 Mangham (W.) The Pupil's Pharmacopoeia, being a ^M^ 

Literal Translation of the London Pharmacopceia. 
24mo, boards, uncut. Scarce. London, 1828. 

3394 Maultby (Josias). Seimon preached at a Solemn Fast /o 

June 2, 1714, on occasion of the Bill for preventing the 
growth of Schism, &c. 8vo, pp. 31. London, 1714. 

3395 Maundrell (Henry). A Journey from Aleppo to Je- j*^ 

rusalem, 1697. Also a Journal from Grand Cairo to 
Mount Sinai, and back again. Folding Plates. 8vo, 
cloth f uncut. London, 1810. 

3396 Maundrell. A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem./^ 

Engraving. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1836. 

3397 Mavor (William). Miscellanies, in Two Parts. Port. ^ C 

8vo, boards f uncut. Oxford, (s.a.) 

3398 Maxims and Moral Reflections. By the Duke de la -=^-^^ 

Rochefoucaul t. 1 2 mo, half morocco. Calais, 1797, 

3399 Maxims and Hints for an Angler. Embellished with ^ i'^ 

Humorous Engravings, illustrative of the Miseries of 

Fishing. 8vo, cloth, tinted paper. 

Philadelphia, 1855. 

3400 Maxwell (John S.) The Czar, His Court and People. J C 

12mo, cUth. New York, 1851. 

3401 May (George). The Birth-Town of Shakspeare, and y / 

tiie Vicinity associated with the Poet's name. Port. 
24mo, boards. Stratford-upon-Avon, (8.a.) 






/2'>^3402 Mater (Brantz). Tah-Gah-Jute, or Logan, and Cap- 
tain Michael Cresap. 8vo, pp. 86, uncut. Scarce. 

(Baltimore, 1851.) 

^/^^^3403 Mater. Journal of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, 
during his Visit to Canada, in 1776. With a Memoir 
and Notes. Rubricated title. 8vo, pp. 84. 

Baltimore, hdcccxly. 
'< /-^ 3404 Mathew (Jonathan). A Discourse on Rev. xv., 3d, 4th, 
Occasioned bj the Earthquakes in November, 1755, De- 
livered in the West Meeting House, Boston, Thursday, 
December 1 8, following. In five parts, with an Introduc- 
tion. 8vo, half crushed morocco, gilt, by Matthews. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclv. 

3405 Mathew. A Discourse Occasioned by the Earthquakes, 
in November, 1755. Svo, half calf. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclv. 

3406 Mathew. The Expected Dissolution of all Things a 
Motive to Universal Holiness. Two Sermons preached 
in Boston, N. E., on the Lord's Day, Nov. 23, 1755, 
Occasioned by the Earthquakes, which appeared on the 
Tuesday morning and Saturday evening preceding. 
8vo, half crushed morocco, gilt, by Matthews. 

Boston, N. E., Printed by Edes & Gill, and Sold 
at their Printing Office, next to the Prison, 
in Queen Street, and by E. Draper, in 
Newbury Street, mdcclv. 
^ 3407 Mathew. Two Sermons, preached in Boston, N. E., 
Nov. 23, 1755, Occasioned by the Earthquakes which 
happened on the Tuesday morning and Saturday eve- 
ning preceding. 8vo, pp. 76, and App., pp^ 5. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclv. 
i 3408 Mathew. A Discourse, in which the Mysterious Doc- 
trine of that Prince's (Charles the First) Saintship and 
Martyrdom, is Unriddled. 8vo, pp. 55. 

Boston, D. Fowle, 1750. 

/H 3409 Mathew. A Discourse, Occasioned by the Death of 

King George II., and the Happy Accession of his Maj- 



esty, King Gfiorge IIL, to the Imperial Throne of Gr6at 
Bntaio. Delivered, Jan. 4th, 1761. 8vo, pp, 43. 

Boston, N, E., 1161. 

Mathbw. a Sermon preached in the Audience of Hia / Z S "*^ 
Excellency, William Shirley, Esq., Governour, Hia Maj- 
esty's Council, and the House of Representatives of the 
Proviace of the Massachusetts Bay, in Ne^ England, 
May 29 th, 1754. 8vo, pp- 62- Boston, N. E., 1754. 

Mayhew, a Sermon Occasioned by the Great Eire in / ri) 
Boston, New England, Thursday, March 20, 1760, and 
preached on the Lord's Day, following. 8vo, pp. 38. 
. • Boston, 1760, 

Mathew. Christian Sobriety, being Eight Sermons on i ^ 
Titus^ IL, Six, preached, witli a Special View to the 
Benefit of the Young Men, at the West Church, in Bos- 
ton. Published at theii' Desii-e, and Dedicated to them, 
8vo, calf. Bo^iton, K E., 1763. 

Mayhew. Popish Idolatry. A Discourse delivered in ^ J^ 
the Chapel of Harvard College, May 8, 1765, at the 
Lecture, founded by the Hon. Paul Dudley, Esquire- 
8vo, pp. 52. Boston, 1765, 

Mathew- Striving to enter in at the Strait Gate, Ex- _<? ^"^ 
plained and Inculcated, and the Connexion of Salvation 
therewith, proved from the Holy Scriptures, in two Ser- 
mons. 8to, pp. 88, BoBtoD, N, B., 1761. 

Mathew,, Seven Sermons, 8ro, pp. 157. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclxix. 

Mayhew. The Snare Broken, A Thanksgiving Dia- 
course, preached at the Desire of the West Church, Id 
Boston, N, E., Friday, May 23, 1766, occasioned by the 
Repeal of the Stamp Act. 8vo, pp. 44, Boston, 1766- 

Mayhew, Two Discourses, Oct, 25th, 1759, being the 7/^7) 
Day of Public Thanksgiving, for the Success of His 
Majesty's Arms in the Reduction of Quebec, the Capital 
of Canada, With an Appendix, containing a Brief Ac- 






J^^ 3418 




/ o 






eotint of two former Expeditions against that City and 
Cotmtry, which proved unsuccessful. 8vo,pp. 67-12. 

Boston, N. E., 1759. 
Mathew Two Discourses delivered Nov. 23d, 1758, 
being the Day of Public Thanksgiving, Relating more 
Especially to the Suc€^s of His Majesty's Arms, and 
thoae of the King of Prussia, the last year. Svo. pp. 
56, mrniL Wants a leaf. Boston, N. E., (1759.) 

Mathew. Two Discourses, delivered Oct 9th, 1760, 
being the Day appointed to be observed As a Day of 
Public Thanksgiving for the Snccess of His Majesty's 
Arms, more especially in the entire Redaction of Can- 
ada. Svo, pp. 69, half morocco. Boston, 1760, 

Mayhew. Two Sermons, on Divine Groodness, deliv- 
ered, Dec. 9, 1 762, Being the Annual Thanksgiving ol 
the Provinces, Ac. Svo, pp. 91. Boston, N. E., 1763. 

Mathew, a Discourse, Occasioned by the Death of. 
Delivered the Lord's Day, after his Decease. Bj 
Charles Chaancy, D, D. Svo, pp.40. Boston, 1766, 

Mathew. Elegy on the Death of. Svo, pp. 15. 

Boston, N. B., 1767 
Maynard (Edward). Sermons Preached before the Uni 
versity of Oxford. 8vo, ca(/: London, 1722 

Sumner. A Poem. IGmo, pp. 16 
Bushville, 111., 1856 

The False Professor Tried and Cast 
24mo, Tti moroccoj gilL Philadelphia, 1827 

Meade (WilHain). Sermon, May, 24, 1829, on the oc 
casion of the Deaths of nine young men. Svo, pp. 48 

Charlottesville, 1829 

Meaks { Jamos H, ) An Historical Discourse on occasioi 
of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Second Church, Doi 
Chester, Jan. 3^ 1858, Svo, pp. 32. Boston, 1858 

Mease (James). A Geological Account of the Unitec 
StatcSjCOuiprehending a Short Description of their An 

Meacham (A. G.) 

Mead {Matthew). 


imal, Vegetable and Mineral Productions, Antiquities 
and Curiosities. 2^mo, she^. Philadelphia, 1807. 

t28 Medical. (The) and Agricultural Register. Vol. I. S ^ 
8vo, pp. 192, rough edges. Rare. Boston, 1806. 

129 Medpord (Macall). Explanatory Detail of the Com- 5^ 
mercial Transactions of Macall Medford, in London, with 
John Lisle, Jun., of Philadelphia. 8yo, pp. 77, uncuL 

London, 1807. 

430 Meditations for the Afflicted, Sick and Dying. 24m 0, S^ 
cloth. Boston, 1833. 

tSl Medwin (Thomas). Journal of the Conversations of /^ 
Lord Byron, at Pisa. 12 mo, half calf. 

New York, 1824, 

432 Meek (A. B;) Romantic Passages in Southwestern 5^ 

History, including Orations, Sketches and Essays. 
12mo, cloth. Mobile, 1857. 

433 Meiklb (James). The Traveller, to which is added, 5^ 

Converse with the World Unseen. 12mo, boards, uncuL 

New York, 1813. 

434 Melanges. Litteraires par une Sooiete de Gens de ^ ^ ^ 

Lettres. 2 Vols. 12mo. Paris, 1827. 

Autograph of J. G. Peroiyal. 

435 Mellbn (John). A Sermon Preach'd at Norton, Jan. J Q 

3d, 1753, At the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Joseph 
Palmer. 8vo, pp. 30. Boston, N. E., 1753, 

436 Mellen. The Duty of all to be ready for future ^"0 

impending Events. A Sermon Delivered June 16, 
1756, at the second Parish in Lancaster, occasioned by 
the General Muster and Lispection of Arms on that 
Day. 8vo, pp. 23. Rare. Boston, 1756. 

437 Mellen (G. W. P.) An Argument on the Unconatitu- J i^ 

tionality of Slavery, embracing an Abstract of the Pro- 
ceedings of the National and State Conventions, on this 
Subject. Mxsiti^ half hound. Boston, 184 L 

Dr. MeUen ib best known as a candidate for the Prendeiip7, in opi»osition 
to Daniel Pratt, the great American TraTeUer. 





3438 Mbllen. On Acetic Acid. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Boston, 1838. 

3439 Melvin (James). A Journal of the Expedition to Que- 

bec, in the year 1775, under the command of Colonel 
Benedict Arnold. By James Melvin, a private in Cap- 
tain Dearborn's Company. 8vo. New York, 1 857. 
The first issue of " The Club," 100 copies, priTstely printed. Very rwe. 

3440 Melvin. The same. 8vo, rough edgesy pp. 34. 

Philadelphia. Printed for the Franklin Club, 1864. 

Edition 100 copies, of which this is 42. 

3441 Melvin. Same. 8vo, boards, unait. 
Philadelphia, Printed for the Franklin Club, mdccclxiv. 

3442 Memoir (A) of Carlton Edwards. Port. 12mo, cfo/A. 

Albany, Printed for private distribution, 1863. 

3443 Memoir (A), of Miss Hannah Adams, written by Her- 

self. With Additional Notices, by a friend. Port. 
12mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1832. 

3444 Memoir of Joseph Curtis. A Model Man. ^ IGmo, cloth. 

New York, 1858. 

3445 Memoir of the Duchess of Orleans. Port. 12mOy cloth. 

New York, 1800. 

3446 Memoir of Nicholas Hill, A Member of the Bar of New 

York. Port. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1 859. 

3447 Memoir of Jonathan Leavitt. By a Sister. Port. 24mo, 

boards, uncut. New Haven, 1822. 

3448 Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Tappan. Printed for distribu- 

tion among her decendants. Port. Cloth. 

New York, 1834 

3449 Memoir of Pierre Toussaint, born a Slave in St. Domingo. 

16mo, boards. Boston, 1854 

3450 Memoir on Artillery. Plates. 8vo, pp. 81, 


Lithograph, in imitation of manuscript 

345 1 Memoirs [ of | Captain Roger Clap, | Relating some of God's 

remarkable Prov- 1 idence to him, in bringing him intc 
New I England, and some of the Straits and Af- 1 flictions 
the good People met with here, in | their Beginnings, | and 








Instructing, Counselling, Directing; and Com' | mandlng Hg 
Children, and Children's Children, ! and Honschold^ to 
serve the Lord in their | Generations, to the Latest Pos- 
terity, j 8vo, pp. 39 ; appendix, pp, 1 1. Ram 

Boston, in New England, printed, 1731* Repriot- 
ed by R, & S. Draper, 176Q, 

Memoirs. The Same. 8vo, pp. 3G. Scarce, 

Boston^ 1807. 

Memoirs. The same. 8vo, pp. 36. Scarce, 

Fittsfield, 1824. 

Memoirs of Roger Clap, 1630. l!2nio, half bound, 

Boston, 1844. 

Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Scien- 
ces. Plates. 4to, rough edges, Cambridge, 1 853. 

Memoirs of the Notorious Stephen Burroughs, Contain- 
ing many incidents in the Life of tlild Wondejful Man, 
never before published. Two Vols. In onO| 12 mo, 
boards. Boston, 1832, 

On broim paper. 

Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, Daughter of the late Major 
Moncrieflfe. Written by Herself, with Introduction and 
Notes. Privately Reprinted. Royal 4to, boards^ un- 
cut. Rare. New York, 1864. 
Large paper, edition limited to 20 copies, of ^blch tbia m number YI. 

Memoirs. The same. Privately Rt-jninimL 8?o, hoards, 
uncut. New York, T. H. Morrcll, 18G4 

Memoirs of the Court of England. To which is added 
The Lady's Pacquet of Letters, Taken from her by a 
French Privateer, in her Passage to Holland, Supposed 
to be written by Several Men of Quality* 8vo, calf, 

London, 1707. 

Memoirs of Eleanor Eldridge. Port, 24mo, boards. 
Scarce. Providence, 1842. 

Memoirs of the Hon. Thomas JeOerson, With a Yiew 

of the Rise and Progress of French Influcncei and 

French Principles, in this Country. 2 Yola. 8vo, 

boards, uncut. Printed for the purchasers^ 1809. 

•* Aliaa, Slanderers, vg. Jefferson." 





I 1 








Memoirs of General Lafayette, with an Account of his 
Visit to America, and of his Reception by the People of 
the United States, 1824. 12mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1824. 

Memoirs of the Bey. Ammi Rogers, A. M., Falsely ac- 
cused and Imprisoned, in Norwich Gaol, for two years, 
on the charge of crimes said to have been committed 
with a young woman in the town of Griswold, in the 
County of New-London, when he was not within about 
one hundred miles of her. 12mo, half bound. 

8.1., 1824. 

Memoirs of Andrew Sherbum, A Pensioner of the Navy 
of the Revolution. Written by Himself. 12mo, sheqf, 

Utica, 1828. 

MEMOIRS of the Life of Mrs. Sumbel, late Wells. Writ- 
ten by Herself. 3 Vols, in one. 12mo, half Turkey 
morocco. London, 1811. 

Memoirs of Lieut General Scott, LL. D. Written by 
Himself. Port 8yo, cloth uncut. New York, 1864. 
Large paper. 

Memoirs of the Lives, Characters and Writings of Dr. 
Isaac Watts, and Dr. Philip Doddridge. 8vo, calf. 

Boston, MDOCXCiu. 

Memorable Accidents, and Remarkable Transactions; 
Containing An Account of several strange Events, as 
Deposing of Tyrants, Shipwrecks, Misfortunes, Strata- 
gems of War, Perilous Adventures, Happy Deliveran- 
ces, etc. 12mo, boards. Scarce. Worcester, 1795. 

Memorial (A) of Joshua Bates, from the City of Boston. 

Port. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1865. 

Memorial (A) of the Golden Wedding of Leonard and 

Jenette Hodgman, at Stillwater, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1865. 

8vo, pp. 14. Privately printed. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Memorial of Edward Everett 2 Portraits, one on India 
paper. 4to, paper uncut. Boston, 1864. 

• la^rfgb paper. Edition 76 oopiei. 


}472 Memorial of James Fenimore Cooper. Port Cloth. 

New York, 1852. 

WIS Memorial of Fitch, Brothers & Company, Praying a 
settlement of their accounts as Navy Agents, and to be 
indemnified for losses sustained by them, by the revoca- 
tion of their appointment 8vo, pp. 28. 

Washington, 1845. 

J474 Memorial pf the Centennial Anniversary of the Settle- 
ment of Machias. 8vo, clotL Machias, 1863. 

1475 Memorial Pamphlets (3). Parker Cleaveland, E. L. 
Cleaveland, and Eliza H. Paine. 

(476 Memoruls of Thomas Hood, Collected, Arranged and 
Edited by his Daughter, with* a Preface and Notes, by 
his Son. 2 Vols. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1860. 

Wll Memorials of John Pitkin Norton, late Professor of An- 
alytical and Agi-icultural Chemistry in Yale College, 
New Haven, Conn. Published for Private Distribution. 
Port 4to, rough edges. Albany, J. Monsell, 1853. 
Edition yerj nnalL 

J478 Men (The) of Old. 8vo, pp. 60. Philadelphia, 1836. 

)479 Merct Exemplified, | in the | Conduct of a Samaritan, | and | 
Reconmiended to Universal Imitation.] A Sermon] 
Preached at | Boston,] In the Province of Massachusetts- 
Bay.] By Jeremy Condy, A. M. 4to, pp. 16, rough 
edges, clean. Salem, 1769. 

$480 Meredith (W. M.) Eulogium on John Sargent, April 
22, 1853. 8vo, pp. 34. Philadelphia, 1853. 

(481 Merryweather (F. Sumner). Bibliomania in the Mid- 
dle Ages, or Sketches of Bookworms, Collectors, Bible 
Students, Scribes, and Illuminators from the Anglo- 
Saxon and Norman Periods, to the Introduction of 
Printing into England, with Anecdotes Illustrating the 
History of the Monastic Libraries of Great Britain in 
the Olden Time. Rubricated title. Cap 8vo, cloth. 

London, mdcccxux. 

With the »boTe, 88 engrayings, aereral of which are rare. Sefeoted to 
iUoBtrate the Tolmne. 


1 ' 






3482 Message and Documents, 1854-5. 8vo, with 4to Vol 

of Maps. 2 Vols. Cloth, Washington, 1845. 

3483 Message from the President inclosing a letter from Gov. 
of S. C, Accompanying a Number of Depositions of 
Witnesses to several Captures and Outrages, within 
and near the limits of the United States, by a French 
Privateer called the Vertitude, or Fortitude. 8vo, pp. 
22juncut. Rare. Philadelphia, 1798. 

3484 Message from the President, 1808. 8vo, pp. lOljUncut, 

Washington, 1808. 

3485 Message from the President of the United States, on 

the Subject of the Orders in Council, and Impressed 
Seamen. 8vo, pp. 17, uncut. Washington City, 1812. 

3486 Message from the President, transmitting certain docu- 

ments from a secret agent of the British Government, 
employed to destroy the Union of the United States. 
1812. 8vo, pp. 50. Washington, 1812. 

3487 Message of the President, relative to' the naval expedi- 

tion to Japan. 8vo, cloth, Washington, 1854. 

3488 Method of Christian Salvation. 12mo, cloth, 

Boston, 1851. 

3489 Methodism Exposed. 12mo, half hound, Utica, 1812. 

3490 Meurice's Guide, or a Week in Paris. 24mo, pp. 150. 

Paris, 1830 

3491 Mexico, In 1812, with a Sketch of its History, brought 

down to the present year. Map. 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1842 

3492 Mexico. Pamphlets (19). Mostly relating to the 

Mexican War. 

3493 Meyer (J.) Grosser Schul Atlas. Folio, cloth. 

New York, (s.a.] 

3494 MiCHAELis (John D.) Introduction to the New Testa 

ment 4 Vols. Wants Vol. I. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1801 

3495 MiTFOBD^ (Mary). The Works of, Prose and Verse 

8vo, sheep, Philadelphia, 1856 


3496 Michelet(M.) The People. I2m0j paper. 

New York, 1846, 

3497 MiCHELET (M. J.) Love. 12mo, cloth. 

• New Yorkj mdcccltx, 

3498 Middlesex (The) Collection of Church MusiCj or An- 

cient Psalmody revived, containing A Variety of Psalm 
Tunes, the most suitable to be usdd in Divine Service, 
to which is annexed a number of other Pieces, of a 
more delicate and artificial construction, Proper to be 
performed by a choir of good Musicians, occasionally, 
in Schools and Public Religious Assemblies. Oblong. 
Svo, sheep. Very scarce. Boston, 1S07. 

3499 Midsummer's (A) Pete at Woodland Hall. 12mo, pp. 

30. New York, 1850, 

3500 Mie (Le) Prigioni Memorie di Silvio Pellico, daSaluzzo. ^^^ 

Port. 12mo, half morocco. Parigi, 1843* 

3501 MiLBURN (Wm. H.) The Pioneers, Preachers and Peo- J 

pie of the Mississippi Valley. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1860. 

3502 Miles (Henry A.) The Gospel Narratives. Port 8vo,yS^^ 

Boston, 1848. 

3503 Miles. Lowell as it Was, and as it Is. Second edition, /i^ 

24mo, cloth. LowcU, 1847. 

3504 Miles (Pliny). ' Postal Reform. Svo, pp. 112. y 

New York, 1855, 

3505 Military Academy at West Point. Svo, chtL ^ C 

Washington, 1860. 

3506 Military (The) Companion, being a System of Company V 

Discipline, founded on the Regulations of Baron Steu- 
ben. 12mo, pp. 46. Newburyport, 1808. 

3507 Military (The) Execution of American Citixcna, by *-; 

Order of the President. An Appeal to the People of 
the United States, by Citizens of the District of Co- 
lumbia. Svo, pp. 44. Washington, 1852, 



^ ^ 

" * ^3oOS Military (The) Journals of two Private Soldiers, 
1758-1775, with numerous Illustratire Xotea, to 
Tvhich is added a Supplcnieiit, containing Official Papers 
on the Skirmishes at Lexington and Concord* 6vo,^ 
cloiL PoughkeepsiCj 1855, 

'3^9 MiLLAE (Geo. II.) A New, Complete and Dnirersal 
Body, or Syetem of Natural History, being a Grandt 
Accurate and Extensive Display of Animated Nature, 
Embellished with numerous superb Copper Plates. Fo- 
lio calf London, (s.a.) 

*^ S510 MiLLEDULCiA, A TUousaad Pleasant Things, Selected 
from Notes and Queries, Square 12mo, cloth, gilt 
top. New York, 1851 

^ ^^ 3511 Miller (John). A Description of the Province and 
City of New York, with Plans of the City, and se^reral 
Forta, as they existed in the year 1695. 8vo, boardSf 
wicuL New York, 1862. 

/ ' 3512 MirxKE (James W.) Poems and Sketches. 12mo, clothf 
nncuL Boston, 1830, 

^'vx 3513 Miller (Saniuol). A Sermon, April 6th, 1802, and 
Papers Relating to American Missions. 8vo, pp, 81,. 
vncut Nev York, 1802. 

^' s ^ 3614 Miller. The Guilt, Polly, and Sources of Suicide, Two 
Diaeourjsosi Preached in the City of New York, Feb., 
1805. 8vo, pp, 72, uncvL New York, 1805. 

MiLLTONS of Dollars Tendered Gratis, and not accepted 

; 3516 
* ^ 35lfi 
^v 3517 


on those terms. 8vo, pp, 19, Washington, 1813, 

MiLLOT (Abbe). Elements of General History, Vol 
IL 8vo, sheep. Salem, mdccxcvl 

Mills (Robert), Internal Improvement of South Car- 
olitm, Particularly Adapted to the Low Country. 8ro, 
pp. 28, maU- Columbia, 1821 

WlUJS (Si\muel), Tour West of the Alle^'hany Moun- 
tains. Svo, pp, 64. Andover, 1815. 


3519 MiLNOR (James). Sermon occasioned by the Death of ^ ^^ 

De Witt Clinton, 1828. 8vo, morocco. New York, 1 828. 

3520 Milton (John). A Treatise of True Religion, Heresy, /^ "D 

Schism, Toleration, and what best means may be used 
against the Growth of Popery. To which is prefixed 
a Preface on Milton's Religious Principles, and Unim- 
peachable Sincerity, by Thomas Burgess. 8vo, half 
morocco, London, 1 82 6. 

3521 Milton. Last thoughts on the Trinity, Extracted from^ 5"-v 

his Posthumous Work, entitled, A Treatise on Chris- 
tian Doctrine. 12mo, boards^ uncut. London, 1828. 

3522 Mind (The) of Jesus. 24tmo, cloth. New York, 1855. ::> " 

3523 Miner (Chas.) The Olive Branch, or the Evil and the 5' ^ 

Remedy. 8vo, pp. 35. Philadelphia, 1856. 

3524 Miner's (The) Progress. A Series of Humorous Ulus- /^ 

trations of the " Ups and Downs " of a Gold Digger, in 
pursuit of his " Pile.'* 8vo. Sacramento, 1853. 

3525 Minot (George Richards). The History of the Insur. 

rections, in Massachusetts, in the year Seventeen Hun 
dred and Eighty-Six, and the Rebellion consequent 
thereon. 8vo, uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1810. 

Aatograph of Ruftis Choate. 

3536 Minto (Walter). An Inaugural Oration. Delivered ^ "^ 
at Princeton, 1788. 8vo, pp. 51. 

Trenton, MDOCLXXXVin. 
3521 Minutes. General Conference of the Congregational S^ 
Churches in Maine, 1867. 8vo, pp. 167. 

Portland, 1867. 
3528 Minutes of a Conspiracy against the Liberties of Amer- / ili: 
ica. Royal 4to, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1865. 

Large paper, edition 75 copies. 

of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania. / C 
8vo, half sheep. Harrisburgh, 1838. 

A Dramatic Poem. Second Edition. 12mo, / 

Boston, 1843. 

^/2 ^ 

K29 Minutes 
2 Vols. 

3530 Miriam. 


iO 3531 

A"^ 3532 

<^S^ 3533 
/O 3534 

^<-/6 3535 
^O 3^36 

^^^ 3537 

/^ 3638 
y'^^ 3539 

/. 3540 
JrQ 3541 


Miscellanea Aurea, or, The Golden Medley. Consist 
ing of a Voyage to the Mountains of the Moon. The 
Fortunate Shipwreck. The Amours of Don AlonzOj 
Grandee of Spain. The Garden of Adonis, or Love to 
BO purpose. Love Letters. An Account of Bad and 
Good Women, etc. 8yo,calf. London, mdccxx. 

Miscellanies. By the Author of Letters on the East- 
ern States. (Frederick Tudor.) 12 mo, halj 
grecfi morocco. Boston, 1821. 

Miscellaneous Poems, selected from the United States 
Literary Gazette. 18mo, boards, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1826. 

Missio?fARY (The) Herald. 24 Vols., in Nos. A fine 
clean copy. Complete from 1840 to 1863 inclusive, 
except 1860. Boston, 1840-63. 

Missionary (The) Herald. 65 Nos. Boston, v.y. 

MiTCHEL (0. M.) The Astronomy of the Bible. Port. 
1 2 mo , cloth. New York, 1863. 

Mitchell (John). Guide to the Principles and Prac- 
tice of the Congregational Churches of New England, 
with a History of the Denomination. 24mo, chth. 

Northampton, 1828. 

Mitchell (N.) Lord's Day. A Hymn Tune, suitable 
to be sung at the Commencement or Close of Public 
Wori^liip. Oblong 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1817. 

Mitchell (Samuel L.) A Discourse before the Society 
for Instructing the Deaf and Dumb, in the City of New 
York, on the 24th day of March, 1818. 8vo, pp. 36. 

New York, 1818. 

Mitchell. Catalogue of the Organic Remains, in the 
Collci tion presented to the New York Lyceum of Nat- 
ural Uistory. 8vo, pp. 40. Scarce. New York, 1826. 

Model (A) For Erecting a | Bank of Credit, | with a| 
Didcoiirse | In Explanation thereof. I Adapted to the Use 
of any Trading | Countrey where there is a scarcity | of 



Moneys^ | more espeeially for Flis Majesties Flatitatiors | 
in America. | 8vo, pp- 30* Rare, 

London. Printed in tlie jear 1688. Eeprinted at 
Boston^ in New England, in the year 1114 

t542 Modern Geoj^raphy, and a Corapeudioua General Gaz- 1 ^ v 
etteer. Illustrated with nuineroua Maps, Plates, etc. 
By a Society* 8vo^ slt^ep. Berwick, 1811, 

Portmiti of WitshingtoD and Fraakliu. 

t543 Modern (The) London Catalogue of Books, with their ^ ^^ 
Sizes, Prices, and Publishers, containiog the Books Pnb- 
lished in London, and those Altered in Size, or Price, 
since the year ISOO, to October, 1818. 8vo, half 
bound. London, 1818, 

(544 Modern (The) Traveller. A Popular Description, Ge- S ^ 
ographical, Historical, and Topographical, of the vari- 
ous Countries of the Globe. 3 Vols. Map.^ and Plates. 
12rao, chtk. Boston, 1830* 

»545 MoLiNECX (E, L.) Papers on Cal is then ic. Gymnastic, y/iO 
and Military Exercises. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Philadelphia, 1862. 

*546 Moll (Herman). A New Description of England and 
Wales, with the adjacent Islands* Maps. Folio, ealf. 

London, mdccxxit. 

547 Moll Pitcher. Svo, pp. 28, uncut. Boston, 1832. 

548 MoNETTE (John W.) History of the Discovery and 

Settlement, of the Valley of the Mississippi, by the 
Three Great European Powers. 2 Vols. 8vo, purple 
calf, extra, gilt edges. New York, 1848. 

549 Montague (Mary W.) Letters which contain, among ^ ^ 
other curious Relations, Accounts of the Policy and 
Manners of the Turks, Drawn from sources that have 
been inaccessible to other Travellers. 12mo, sheep. 

London, mdcclxvil 

550 Montaigne (Michael De). Works of. Comprising his j"^ 5' 
Essays, Journey into Italy, and Letters, with Notes from 

all the Commentators, Bio rapldcal and Bibliographical 



Notieca^ etc, 4 Vols. Port, on Tndm Paper, Arma 
finished in colors and gold on each title page. Best 
editiott. 4 Vols. 8vo, half morocco^ txtra^ by Malthms. 
Scarce. Cambridge^ Riverside Presa, 1864* 

Large p&per, only 75 copies printed. 

3551 MoNTEiTH (A. H.) Frenct without a Master, in Sixeasj 

Les!?ons, 8vo, pp. 80. New York, 1841 

/ 3552 MoNTHLT AxTHOLOGT (Thc) and [Boston Review^ con- 
taining Sketches and Reports of Philosophy^ Religion, 
History, Arts and Manners, Vols, 11.^ IH. and YII. Svo, 
boards. 1 Vol, uncut. Boston, 1805-6-9, 

Autograpb of X G. PerciTal. The North American Review m % oontint^^ 
ation of this work* 

-t, ^^S553 Monumental Inscriptions. 8to. (sla.a.) 

The famous Coffin pamphlet, lasued hj the opponents of Gen. Jaclcsoii. 

/i^"^3554 MoODT (Loring), History of the Mexican Wan 12mo, 
pp. 120. Boston, 1848* 

J*^ — 3555 (Mather [Cotton]). A Monitor for Commumieants. | Aa 
" Essay | To Excite and Assist j Religioua Approaches ] to 
the I Table of the Lord. | Offered by an Assembly of the 
New I English Pastors unto their | ot^ti Flocks, and nnto 
all the I Churches in these American | Colonies, ] irith a 
Solemn Testimony to that j Cause of God and Religioa 
in them. | Small 12mo, pp. 24* Rare. 

Printed, by T. Fleet and T. Crump, for Samuel 

Gerrish and Daniel Henchman, and sold at 

their shops, Boston, 1T15. 

^^ 3556 Moo RE (Daniel). The Chris tiaQ System Vindicated, 
against the more Popular Forma of modern Infidelity. 
Port 8to, cloth. London, mdcccxut. 

^^ 3557 Moo BE (Ely). Address before the General Trades 
Union, New York, Dec. 2, 1833. 8vo, pp. 32. 

New York, 1833. 

/ 35 58 MooRE (Geo.) The Power of the Sonl over the Body, 
considered in Relation to Health and Morals, I2mo, 
clothjUncut. New York, 1847. 




559 MooRB (Hugh). Memoir of Col. Ethan Allen, contain- ^ Z 
ing the most Interesting Incidents connected with his 
Private and Public Career. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

Plattsburgh, N. Y., 1834. 

)60 MooRB (John). A View of Society and Manners in y ^ 
Italy. With Anecdotes relating to some Eminent 
Characters. 8vo, calf. Boston, mdccxcii. 

561 MooRB. A View of Society and Manners in Prance, y j 

Switzerland and Germany. With Anecdotes relating 
to some Eminent Characters. Svo, calf. 

Boston, MDCCXCII. 

562 MooRB. A Journal during a residence in Prance, from S^ 

the beginning of August, to the middle of December, 
1792, to which is added. An Account of the most Re- 
markable Events that happened at Paris, from that 
time to the death of the late King of France. 2 Vols. 
12mo, sheep. Boston, 1794. 

563 MooRB (Thomas). Notes from the Letters of, to his /c 

Music Publisher, James Power. The publication of 
which was suppressed in London. Plates. Port. Svo, 
cloth. New York, (s.a.) 

564 MooRE. Lalla Rookh. 12mo, cloth, gilt. 

Boston, 1850. 

565 MooRE. Poetical Works. 18mo, turkey morocco, an- J ^ ^ 

tiqae, gilt edges. Boston, 1 857. 

566 Moral (The) Philosophy of Courtship and Marriage, /i^ 

1 2mo, cloth. Boston, 1857. 

567 MoRALiA in Job. By Qregory L Illuminated Capitals, ^y 3- 

Signatures, Large margin, thick folio, ?ialf calf, extra, 
gilt. Size 12 J by 8i. 

Printed by Reynald de Novimagis, Venice, 1488. 

Elegant oopj, beaatifiiUj printed, and in as good condition as if just oat 
of the printer's hands. The clearness and regularity of the type can- 
not be exceUed. The author Qregory I., was Pope Pelagius' successor. 
'* St Gregory, sumamed the Great and lUustrious Pope, was bom at 
Rome, of a patrician fttmily about A. D. 644; became Bishop of that 
city in 690, died 604. He left more writings behind him than any 
other Pope of Bome."— WaU*» Biblioiheca. 





f~^ 3568 MoRDENTE (John E.) The Spanish Language, Comme 
cial and Military. 12mo, sheep. London, 181 

5^ 3569 MoREHEAD (R.) Discourses on the Principles of Reli 
ious Belief, as connected with Human Happiness ai 
Lnprovement. 8vo, calf. Philadelphia, 181 

3570 MoREHEAD. A Series of Discourses on the Principl 
of Religious Belief, as connected with Human Happine 
and Improvement. 8vo, half bound. Edinburgh, 181 

^0 3571 MoRELL (J. D.) An Historical and Critical View, 
the Speculative Philosophy of Europe. VoL H. i\ 
boards, uncvt. London, W. Pickering, 184 

Morgan (Geo. C.) Landscape Views of New Englan 
Colored Plates. 8vo, pp. 24. New York, 184 

Morgan (Henry). Miscellaneous Sketches and Pri8( 
Incidents. Port. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 186 

-?S> 3572 

Jo 3573 
J (TD 3574 

Morgan (John). A Recommendation of Inoculatic 
according to Baron Dimsdale's Method. 8vo, pp. 18 

Boston, 171 
37^^ 3575 Morgan (Joseph). A Discourse, shewing How the N 
ture of Sin, is in itself A Misery to the Sinner, and th 
the Sinner by sinning, works A Punishment upon hi 
self, According to the Nature of his Sin. By Jose] 
Morgan, A. M., Minister of the Gospel at Freehold, 
New Jersey. 8vo, pp. iv.-24. Rare. 

Boston, N.E., 172 

yy^ 3576 Morgan (William). The Mysteries of Free Masom 

8vo, pp. 112. New York, (s.J 

^ Pt 3577 Morganiana, or the Wonderful Life and Terrible Dei 
of Morgan. Written by Himself. Illustrated wi 
Gritholaphic Plates, by Hassan Straight-Shanks. Ti 
key. By Baron Munchausen, Jr. 8vo. Boston, 185 

JC 3578 MoRisoN (John). A Portraiture of modern Scepticis 
or a Caveat against Infidelity. 12mo, cloth. 

London, 18i 
(Jj^ J C 3579 MoRMONiSM. Pamphlets (3). 


J Mj_ 



J580 Morris (Alexander). Canada and Her Eesourcea. /i^ 
Maps. SyOf cloth. Montreal, 1S55. 

3581 Morrison (James H.) Miracles of Scripture^ contrast- / 

ed with "Lying Wonders." 8vo, pp. 16. 

Baltimore, 1856* 

3582 Morse ( Jedediah). An Appeal to the Public, or the / ^ Ip^ 

Controversy Respecting the Revolution in Harvard 
College, and the Events which have Followed it. 8vo, 
pp. 192, uncut. Charlestown, 1814. 

3583 Morse. Report on Indian Affairs, Comprising a Narra- J 6 L 

tive of a Tour in 1820, for the purpose of Ascertain- i 

ing the Actual State of the Indian Tribes in our Coun- 
try. Illustrated by a Map, and A correct Portrait of a | 
Pawnee Indian. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce. 

New Haven, 1822. 

3584 Morse and Parish. A Compendious History of New / Q 

England. Map. 12mo, sheep. Newburyport, 1809. 

3585 Morton (Nathaniel). New England's Memorial, or a y^rij 

Brief Relation of the Most Memorable and Remarkable 
Passages of the Providence of God, Manifested to the 
Planters of New England, in America, with special ref- 
erence to the first Colony thereof, called New Plymouth- 
Second Edition, with Supplement. By (Josiali Cotton.) 
12mo,pp. VIII., 249. Title page restored by Cliild. Rare. 
Daniel Henchman, Boston, 182L 

3586 Morton. The New England's Memorial. 12mo, jAccp. ^0 

Plymouth, Masii., 1826, 

3587 Morton (Oliver P.) Indiana as a Home for Emigraata. / i^ 

8vo, pp. 42. Indianapolis, 1864. 

3588 Morton (Richardo). Phthisiologia sen Exercitationes / Q \ 

de Phthisi. 8vo, old calf. London, mdci^xxij. | 



A curious old medical treatise. Has autographs of seTeral formed' owners, 
amongst others that of J. R. Coxe. 

Moses (E.) The Philosophy of Dress, with Notes on "J 
National Costumes. 8vo, pp. 24. Loudon, (s.a.) 

















7 3598 







Moses, the Jewish Lawgiver. Vol. 11. 12mo, chuiL 

BostoD, 1835 

MOTUER (The) in her Family, or Sayings and Doings 
at Rose Hill Cottage. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1838 

Motherwell (William). Poetical Works. Post 8vo 
doth, Boston, MDCCCXLVii 

MoTT (Lncrctia). Discourse on Women. 8vo, pp. 20 

Philadelphia, 1850 

MowRT (Sylvester). Territory of Arizona. Map. 8vo 
pp. 30. Washington, 1857 

MoTLE (Walter). A Select Collection of Tracts. 12mo 
sAeep. Glasgow, mdccl 

Mr. Brown's Pigs, etc. Edited by Geo. Megrath 
Plates. 8vo, pp. 48. New York, 1862 

Mr. Ireland's Viadication of his Conduct, respectinc 
the Publication of tbe supposed Shakspeare MSS., be 
ing a Preface, or Introduction, to a Reply to the Critl 
cal Labors of Mr. Malooe, in his " Enquiry into th 
Authenticity of Certain Papers, Ac, &c." 8vo, pp. 4f 
uncuL Rare, London, 1796 

Mr. Madison's War. A Dispassionate Liquiry into th 
Reasons, alleged by Mr. Madison, for declaring an 
fensive and Ruinous War against Great Britain. 8v( 
pp. 63, uncuL Boston, ISli 

Mrs. GDR!fEY'0 Apology in Justification of Mrs. j 

Friendship, Svo, halfbmnd. Philadelphia, 186( 

MoxoN (Joseph). A Tutor to Astronomy and Geogn 
phy, or an Easy and Speedy way to Know the Use ( 
both the Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial. In Si 
Books. The Fourth Edition, Corrected and Enlarge( 
Port, 4to, calf, London, 168( 

Mddie (Robert). Mati^ in his Physical Structure an 
Adaptations. IGmo, cloth, Boston, 183i 

MuENscHER (Joseph)* A Practical Harmony of tl 
four Gospels. 12mo^ simep, 

Northampton, Mass., 183 





5603 MuBNSCHBR (Wm.) Elements of Dogmatic History. /O 

12mo, ^Aecp. New Haven, 1830. 

5604 Muffling (General). A Sketch of the Battle of Wa- 7 

terloo. Ports. 16mo, boards. Brussels, 1850. 

J605 MuNSELL (Joel). A Chronology of Paper and Paper y^^ 
Making. Plate. 8yo, cloth, uncut. Albany, 1864. 

J606 MuNSBLL. The Every Day Book of History and Chro- / T'^ 
nology. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

3607 MuNSELL. The Typographical Miscellany. 8vo, ma-y/J'7^ 

roan morocco, gilt. Albany, 1863. 

3608 MuNSELL. Pamphlets (59). Selected as specimens of J^^^ 

the work from Mr. MunselVs Press, and with reference to 
their intrinsic value. Amongst them will be found a num- 
ber of rare genealogies, and many other very desirable 
tracts. They are mostly uncut, and in the finest possible 

Munsell's Guide to the Hudson River, by Railroad and 
Steamboat. With a Map. 16mo, pp. 66, uncut. 

Albany, 1864, 

Munsell's Historical Series. A Complete Set, in paper, 
uncut. 10 Vols. Fcap, 4to. Albany, 1857-1861. 

This Series oonsists of the following works, of which onlj 100 sets were 
printed in this size : 

I. — Commissary Wilson's Orderly Book during the Ex- 
pedition of the British and Provincial Array, under 
Major-Gen. JeflFrey Amherst, against Ticonderoga and 
Crown Point, 1759. 

II. — A Narrative of the Causes which led to Philip's 
Indian War, of 1675 and 1676. By John Easton of 
Rhode Island. With other Documents concerning this 
event in the office of the Secretary of State of New 
York. Prepared from the Originals. 

ni. — Orderly Book of the Northern Army, at Ticon- 
deroga and Mount Independence, from October 17th, 
1776, to January 8th, 1777. 









IV. — ^Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the War with 
• Pontiac. Also a Narrative of the Principal Events of 

the Siege, by Major Robert Rogers ; a Plan for Con- 
ducting Indian Affairs, by Colonel Bradstreet; and 
other Aathentick Documents, never before Printed. 

Y. — Obstructions to the Navigation of Hudson's River; 
embracing the Minutes of the Secret Committee appoin« 
ted by the Provincial Convention of New York, July 
16, 1776, and other Original Documents relating to the 
Subject, Together with the Papers relating to the Bea- 
cons. Edited, with an Introduction and Appendix, by 
E. M. Rutteuber. 

YL — The Loyal Verses of Joseph Stansbury and Dr. 
J. W. Odell, Relating to the American Revolution. 
Now first edited, by Winthrop Sargent. 

YII. — Orderly Book of Lieut.-Gen. John Burgoyne, 
from his Entry into the State of New York, until his 
Surrender at Saratoga, 16th October, 1777. Prom the 
Original MS. deposited at Washington's Head-Quar- 
ters, edited by E. B. O'Callaghan. 

YnL — ^Early Voyages up and down the Mississippi, by 
Cavalier, St. Cosme, Le Sueur, Gravier, and Guignas, 
with an Introduction, Notes, and an Index, by John 
Gilmary Shea. 

IX. — Proceedings of the Commissioners, Appointed by 
Law for the Extinguishment of Indian Titles in the 
State of New York. Published from the Original 
Manuscript in the Library of the Albany Institute, 
With an Introduction and Notes by Franklin B. Hough. 

1 1 Hie rarity of MunseU's Historical Series is weU known, and no finer fsl 
than this was ever offered for sale. Sets have sold for $450, and 
No. n. has more than onoe sold for $100. 

J?n^ 3611 MuNSELi. (William A.) The Bee. 8vo, pp. 36, wnrM/. 

Albany, 1844. 

A serial publication, condncted by the youngest of known editors, who 
wrote his valedictory, and closed his editorial labors, at the mature igc 
of nine years. 

/ 3612 MuBAT (Achille). America, and the Americans. 12mo, 


New York, 1849. 


3613 MuRAT. Lettres sur Les 'Etatis Unis. ^Amo.itncuL f^ 

Large paper. Paris, 1830, 

3614 MuBPHT (Wm. D.) Biographical Sketches, of the State y 

Officers, and Members of the Lcp:klature, of the State 
of New York, 1858. 12mo, chtL 

Albany, J- Mimaell, 1858. 

3615 Murphy. The Same. 12 mo, paper ^ rough edges, / 

Albany, X Muiisetlf 1858. 

3616 Murray (John). An Appeal to tli© Impartial Public^ <^ 

In Behalf of the Oppressed, Bciag an Answer to their 
Call, from the Massachusetts Gazette, or Boston Weekly 
News-Paper of Thursdayj June 16 th, reapecting a Piece 
in that Paper, of May 12th, 1768, Signed by eleven 
Ministers in Boston, with some Bemarka on the Singu- 
lar Publication. 8vo, pp. 39. Bare, Salem, 1770. 

3617 Murray (John). Canada, by way of the River St. /O 

Lawrence. l&mOy half morocco. London, 1835, ' 

3618 Murray (Lindley). Lecteur Frangoia, etc, 12mo, ^' I^ 

calf. Scarce. New York, 1803. 

3619 Murray. An English Grammar, Comprehcudinj^ the ^f^ 

Principles and Rules of the Language, Illu&trated by 
Appropriate Exercises. 8vo, iheep. New York, 1810, 

3620 Murray. English Grammar. 24mo, boards. f^ i: 

Dedham, 1813, 

3621 Murray. English Grammar, adapted to the Different S^ 

Classes of Learners. With an Appendix- 12ino, sheep. 

Bridgeport, Conn,, 1824, 

3622 Murray. English Grammar. 24mo, boards. ^ 

Hallo well, 1824. 

3623 Murray. English Grammar, adapted to the Different 5 '^^ 

Classes of Learners. 12mo, sheep, Boston, 1825« 

3624 Murray. Key to the Exercises adapted to Murray's * 

English Grammar. 12mo, sheep. Concord, 1820. 

3625 Murray. The English Reader l2mo, »h€cp. '* 

Boston, 1824. 





^ 3626 MuRUAY. Sequel to the English Reader. Elegant Se 
lections in Prose and Poetry. 12ino, sheep, 

Philadelphia, 1829 

/O 3621 Mos^ Biblicae, or the Poetry of the Bible. 24rao 
boards J uncut. London, 1819 

i^ 3628 Museum (The) British. 12mo,pp. 180. London, 1845 

^ ^ 3629 MuBEB Prangais. Recueil des plus beaux Tableau; 
Statues et Bas-reliefs qui existaient au Louvre avan 
1815, avec Texplication, etc. 4 Vols. Atlas folio, hai 
crimson turkey moroccOy giltj gilt edges. 

A Paris, Imprimerie de Jules Dido 

3630 MusEB (Le) Royal. Public par Henri Laurent Graveu 

du Cabinet du Roi ou Recueil de Gravures d'apres le 

plus beaux Tableaux Statues et Bas-reliefs de la Co 

leccion Royale avec Description des sujets notices li 

teraires et discours sur les Arts D6di6 au Roi. 2 Voli 

Atlas folio, half crimson turkey morocco, gilty gilt edges. 

Paris, de rimprimerie, de F. Didot, mdcccxv 

Contains 160 beautifdl engrayings of the most remarkable paintings, m 

included in the Muaee Frangais. ThiB work, and the preceding, a 

from the Ubrary of the late John Taylor, of Albany; were many yea 

in hifi possession, and being early impressions from the plates while i 

perfect condition, are &r more yaluable and desirable than the sets nsua 

ly offered for sale, most of which were printed since the plates wei 

ruined by wear. 

/O 3631 MosPRATT (Sheridan). Chemistry — Theoretical, Pra< 
tical, and Analytical. Subscription Book. NumeroB 
Portraits. Imp. Swo, purple morocco. New York, (8.a 

^"36S2 MuzzEY(A. B.) The Young Man's Friend. 24m 
cloth. Boston, 184 

3633 My Pocket Book, or Hints for "A Ryghte Merrie ai 
Conceitede" Tour in Ireland. By A Knight Errai 
8vO; boards, uncut. New York, 180 

^ 3634 Mtsterib (The) of the Two Juntos, Presbyterian an 
Independent, or the Serpent in the Bosom Unfolde 
4 to, pp. 20. (London), 164 







Mystical (The). Craft, The Most Crafty of all Crafts, / 
and the Most Delusive of 'all Delusions. 12mo, pp. 24. 

New York, 1844. 

Nahant, or the Flower of Souvenance. 8vo, pp. 31. / ^ 

Philadelphia, 1827. 

Nancredb (P. J. G.) L'Abeille Prangoise, ou Nouveau y^^^ 
RecueilDe Morceaux, brillans des Autenrs, Prangois 
les Plus Celebres, AVusage de TUniversite de Cam- 
bridge. \2mo, sheep. Boston, MDCCXCn. 

Naples, and the Campagna Pelice, in 1802. Numer-y^'^ 
ous Colored Plates. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1816. 

Narragansett Club Series, 3 Vols., royal 4to, half 

crimson turkey morocco, extra, by Bradstreet, gilt top, 

rough edges. Providence, 1 866-1 867. 

Gab copies, large paper, edition limited to 60, none eyer offered for sale. 

The series consists of the foUowing works: 

I. — A Key unto the Language of America, and Mr. Cot- 
ton's Letter, Examine^ by Roger Williams. Edited by 
Reuben A. Guild. 

II. — Cotton's Answer to Williams, and William's Que- 
ries of Highest Consideration. 

in. — The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution. Edited by 
S. L. Caldwell. 




Narrative (A) of an Extraordinary Delivery of Rab- / 6 -^ 

bits in the year 1726. Performed by Mr. John 

Howard, Surgeon at Guildford. Published by Mr. St. 

Andre, Surgeon and Anatomist to his Majesty. 12mo, 

half calf. 8.1.8.a. 

Relates to Mary Toft, the Rabbit Breeder. 

Narrative and Confessions of Lucretia P. Cannon, con- c^ c^t 
taining an Account of some of the most horrible and shock- 
ing murders and daring robberies ever committed by one of 
the female sex. Engravings. 8vo, pp. 24:, uncut. 

(s.l.) 1842. 

5642 Narrathte of Robert Adams, an American Sailor, who / ^ 
was Wrecked on the Western Coast of Africa, in the 








year 1810, and detained three years in Slavery, by thi 
Arabs of the Great Desert. With a Map, Notes, an( 
an Appendix. 8vo, half calf. Boston, 1811 

J C 3643 Nakrative of Dimmock Charlton, a British Subjeci 
Taken from the Brig " Peacock," by the U. S. Sloo] 
** Hornet " Etialaved while a Prisoner of War, and lU 
tained Forty-five years in Bondage. Svo, pp. 16. 


/ ^ ^ 3644 Nabrative of Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clintoi 
K. B., relating to his conduct during part. of his con 
raaod of the King's Troops, in North America) Pai 
ticularly, to that which respects the unfortunate Issu 
of the Campaign in 1781. With an Appendix, contaii 
'• jug Copies and Extracts of those Parts of his Correi 

poodence with Lord George Germain, Earl Cornwa 
lis, Rear Admiral Graves, Ac, which are referred 1 
tiierein* 4to, pp. 39, uncut. Scarce. 

London, Printed. New York : Re-printed I 

Sower, Morton and Horner, No. 62 Wate 

street, facing Beckman-Slip, mdcclxxxb 

^ 3645 Nahratite of Lunsford Lane, of Raleigh, N. C. An A 

count of his Banishment from the Place of his Birt 

for tho Grime of Wearing a Colored Skin. 18mo, p 

54 Boston, 184 

5"")-' 3646 Narrative of Sojourner Truth, with a Portrait 12iii 

cloth. Boston, Printed for the Author, 185' 

"Freaeute! to m* by Sojourner Traih, at Boston, Not. 7, 1850. Q< 


^ i^ 3647 Narrative of the Abduction, Captivity, SuflFerings an 

Heart-rending Misfortunes of Payneta Mandervill 

Wife of Augustus H. Manderville, of Baltimore, wl 

was abducted by the Spanish Bandits of New Grenad 

Bngravinga. Svo, pp. 36. Richmond, Va., (1854 

<*r 5"^ 3648 Narrative of the Barbarous Treatment of Two Unfo 
tunate Females, Natives of the parish of Concordia, Lo 
isiana, whose Husband and Parent were Inhuman 
Murdered by Two Runaway Blacks. Engravings. 8\ 
pp. 24, nncuL New York, 184 



3649 Narbativb of the Destruction by Fire, of Ship Queen- / 

Charlotte, of 100 guns, off Leghorn, March 17, 1800. 
Plate, 12 mo. London, (s.a.) 

3650 Narrative of the Heroic Enterprise of William Hanson, ^ ^ ^ 

Also the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Occum Chamnan, 
a Siamese Mandarin, at the Cape of the Needles, 1674. 
Plate. 12mo. ~ London, (s-a.) 

i>651 Narrattvb, of the Loss of the Steam-Packet Home, with 2^^ 
a Sermon, by Rev. E. E. Ford, in reference to the Loss. 
2 pamphlets. 8yo, umyui. 

New York, and Augusta, Pla. 1837. 

3652 Narratiyb of the Proceedings of a Meeting to deter- / J 

mine upon the Propriety of Restoring the Name of 
Oyster Bay. 8vo, pp. 15. Snarlingtown, 1848. 

3653 Narrative of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Miss Ann v ^ 

Saunders. Folding Plate. 12mo, pp. 38, 

Providence, 1827. 

3654 Narrativb of the Sufferings of Lewis Clarke, during ^ / 3 ^ 

Captivity of more than 25 years, among the Algerines 
of Kentucky. 8vo, pp. 108. • Boston, 1845. 

3655 Narrativb of the Total Loss of the Alexander, East Jn- 

diaman, March, 1815, when the Captain and all the 
Crew Perished. Also the Distresses of M. Pierre 
Yraird and Mad. LaConture, who were left on a Desert 
Island, in the West Indies, 1765. Plate. 12 mo. 

London, (s.a.) 

3656 Narrative of the Proceedings which caused the Sepa- 

ration of a Number of aggrieved Brethren, from the 
Second Church in Ipswich, or a Relation of the Cause 
which produced the Effects that are exhibited in the 
Reverend Mr. Pickering's late Print, Intitled, A Bad 
Omen to the Churches. 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1747. 

3657 Narrative of the Revival of Religion in Virginia, in a J i^ 

Letter to a Friend. 8vo, pp. 26. London, 1778. 






/O 3660 
















NARRATiYE,True and Concise, &c. 8vo, pp. 62. (8.1.8.a.] 

One of Che ControTenal pamphlets relating to Dartmouth College. 

Nason (Elias). Sir Charles Henry Prankland, Baronet 
or Boiiton in the Colonial Times. Royal 8vo, fopet^ 
uncut, Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Large paper, edition 60 copies. 

Nason. The same. Tinted paper. 8vo, unaa. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Edition 200 copies. 

National Arithmetick or Observations on the Finances 
of tlic Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with some Hints 
respecting Financiering and future Taxation in this 
State, Tending to render the Public Contributions more 
easy to the People. 8vo, pp. 94, uncut. 

Boston, (1786.] 

National Fast. In consequence ' of a Declaration oi 
War Avith Great Britain. A Collection (12) of Sep 
mona on the Occasion, by Eminent Divines, of Maine 
and Massachusetts. Various places, 1812-13 

Natiojtal Fast. May, 1798. Sermons (2) by Johi 
Prince and John T. Kirkland. Title page to the first 
partly missing. 8vo, uncut. Boston and Salem, 1798 

National Fast. April 25, 1799. Discourses (3) bj 
Stillman, Lathrop and Gillett. 8vo, uncut. 

Boston and Hallo well, 1799 

Natio^tal (The) Preacher. Vol. I. 8vo, boards. 

New York, 1826 

National Tax Law, Complete, pp. 122. 

New York, 1862 

Natube Explained. By D'Orlie. 8vo, pp. 108. 

Philadelphia, 1806 

Naval (The) Forces of France, with an Appendix and 
Notes, by His Royal Highness, the Prince de Joinville 
8vo, pp. 30. Boston, 1844 



3669 Navigator (The) Containing directions for Navigating ^6 

the Monongahela, Alleghany, Ohio, and Mississippi Riv- 
ers. With an Ample Account of these much admired 
Waters, from the head of the former to the mouth of 
the latter. And a concise Description of their Towns, 
Villages, Harbors, Settlements, <fec. With maps of the 
Ohio and Mississippi. To which is added an Appen- 
dix containing an Account of Louisiana, and of the Mis- 
souri and Columbia Rivers, as Discovered by the Voyage 
under Captains Lewis and ClarL Numerous Maps. 
12mo, half bovnd. Scarce. Pittsburgh, 1814. 

3670 Navy's (The) Friend, or Reminiscences of the Navy. J7 

Containing Memoirs of a Cruise in the U. S. Schooner 
Enterprise. 12mo, pp. 46. 

Baltimore, printed for the author, 1843. 

3671 Neal (John). Rachel Dyer. A North American Story./ <^^ 

12mo, boards, uncut. Portland, 1828. 

3672 Neal (Joseph C.) Charcoal Sketches, or Scenes in a J^ 

Metropolis. Illustrations by Johnston. 12 mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1838. 

3673 Nebraska. A Poem, Personal and Political. •12mo. V 

Boston, 1854. 

3674 Nebraska and Kansas, Folding Maps. 5 ^ 

New York, J. H. Colton, 1854. 

3675 Necessity (The) and Divine Excellency of a Life of ^y ^ 

Purity and Holiness, set forth with Pathetic Energy, by 
an eminent Minister of the Gospel amongst the People 
called Quakers. The First Salem Edition. 12mo, pp. 
112, uncut. Salem, mdocxoii. 

3676 Nbcbssitt (The) of Good Works | the Fruit and Evi.y^ ^ 

dence of Faith.] A | Sermon | Delivered at Portsmouth, 
in the Province of New-Hamp- 1 shire, December 10, 
1741. 1 By Jedediah Jewett, A. M.| 8vo, pp. 27. 
Somewhat imperfect. Boston, 1742. 

3677 Nbckeb (M.) De ^Importance des Opinions Religieu- /V 

ses. Port 8vo, half bound. London, 1788. 


5^ 3678 Neckbr. Of the Importance of Religions Opinions. 
12mo, calf. Boston, 1796. 

/cTb 3679 Neill (Edward- D.) The Fairfaxes of England and 
America. Syo, paper. Albany, J. Mansell, 1868. 

J ^^ 3680 Nell (Wm. C.) The Colored Patriots of the Ameri- 
can BevolQtion. With Sketches of several Distinguish- 
ed Colored Persons. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1855. 

/O 3681 NET.S0N (Robert). An'Address to Persons of Quality 
and Estate. 8vo, calf, London, mdccxv. 

^ 3682 Nelson. The Practice of True Devotion, in Relation 
to the End, as well as the Means of Religion. Port, 
12 mo, caJf London, MDCCXxn. 

^^ 3683 Nelson ( W.) The Office and Authority of a Justice of 
Peace, cojlccted out of all the Books, whether of Com- 
mon or Statute Law, hitherto written on that Subject. 
Shewing also the Duty of Constables, Commissioners of 
Sewers, Coroners, Overseers of the Poor, Surveyors of 
the Highways, Church Wardens and other Parish Offi- 
cers, Digested under Alphabetical Titles. To which 
are added Precedents of Indictments and Warrants 
never before Printed. 8vo, calf 

In the Savoy, mdccxxix. 

/ C 3684 Nescience versus Prescience. By Anti-Empiricus. 
12mo, pp. 24. London, 1844. 

/ 3685 Never too late to Learn. Five Hundred Mistakes Cor- 
rected. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 

/ J 3686 Newcomb (Harvey). Directory for Young Christian 
Females. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1847. 

/ 3687 Newcomb. The Four Pillars, or the Truth of Christian- 

ity Demonstrated in Four District and Independent 
Series of Proofs. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1842. 

^ ' 3688 Newcomb. The Young Lady*s Guide. 16mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1841. 


3689 Newcomb'(P.) Mr. Hervey's Contemplations on a V 

Flower Garden. Done into Blank Verse. 8vo, pp, 
80. London, 1757. 

3690 Nbwhouse (S.) The Trappers Guide. 8vo, pp. 118. 2 ^^ 

Oneida Community, 1865. 

3691 Newman (P. W.) The Soul, Her Sorrows and Her As- J ^ - 

pirations. An Essay towards the Natural History of 
the Soul. 12mo, chtfu London, 1 849. 

3692 Newman (John). A Narrative of a Discovery of a Sov- // ^ 

ereign Specific for the Cure of Cancers. With a Post- 
script on a Singular Case of a Stone taken out of the 
Tongue. By Hugh Martin. 8vo, pp. 12, uncut. Scarce. 

Newport, R.L, 17iB4. 

3693 Newman (John B.) The Book of Herbs. 12mo, pp. ^ 6 

96. New York, 1847. 

3694 Newman (Sylvanus C.) Rehoboth in the Past. An His- 3 ^^ 

torical Oration. 8vo, pp. 112, cloth. 

Pawtucket, 1860. 

3695 Newspaper. New York Evening Post, June 13, 1804. 

In mourning for the death of Alexander Hamilton. 

3696 Newspaper. Fac-simile of the Connecticut Courant, the y 

first issue, Oct. 29, 1764. And the Courant's Centen- 
nial Anniversary, Oct. 29, 1864. Broadsheets, 2 pes. 

3697 Newspapers (5) 1790 to 1812. 7 

3698 New (A) Discovery of Old Pontifical Practices. 4to, / c 

pp. 44. London, 1643. 

3699 New (A) Essay [By the Pennsylvania Farmer] on the / Q 

Constitutional Power of Great Britain, over the Colonies 
in America, with the Eesolves of the Committee for the 
Province of Pennsylvania, and their Instructions, To 
their Representatives in Assembly. 8vo,pp. 126. Scarce. 

Philadelphia, 1774^ 

3700 New (A) Version of the Psalms of David. By N. Bra- / J 

dy and M. Tate. 12mo. Boston, mdccxci. 

3701 New Enolander (The), Christian Examiner, Boston / 

Quarterly, etc. 30 Nos. 


/ ^ 3702 New England Hist. Gren. Soc. Pamphlets (3). 
/S '-" 3703 New England Historical Genealogical Register, pwi/wAei 
quarterly^ under the direction of the New England H'u- 
taric' Genealogical Society. 22 Vols., 8vo, uncut, except 
2 Vols. 18 Vols, in boards ; the rest in Nos. 

Boston and Albany, 1846 to 18G8. 
Full Bets of this work are Tery scarce, especially in oncut condition. 

J - 3704 Nbw-England (The) Magazine for August, 1758. By 
Urbanus Filter. 8vo, pp. 60. 

Boston, Printed and sold by Benjamin Mecom, 

at the NewPrinting OflSce, Near the 

Court House, (1758.) 

No. 1, of the first Magazine published in New England. Contains an Ac- 
count of the Monument, then just erected, by Benjamin Franklin, to 
the memory of his parents. It states that the monumoit is opposite to 
t^e Manufactory House. Also notices the death of Fleet, the odebrated 
Boston printer. 

/t 3705 New England (The) Primer Improved, or An Easy and 
Pleasant Guide to the Art of Reading. To which is 
added, the Assembly's Catechism. 32mo, pp. 62. 

Hartford, 1820. 

X b^ 3706 New England Scenes. Events which have taken place 
since the First Settlement of New England. Engrav- 
ings. 24mo, half morocco. New Haven, 1833. 

/ "> ^ 3707 New Jerusalem Tracts. Vol. I. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1830. 

/ 3708 New System of Domestic Cookery, founded upon Prin-. 
ciples of Economy. 24mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1807. 

J , 3709 New (The) Age of Gold, or the Life and Adventures of 
Robert Dexter Romaine. Written by Himself. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1856. 

/' 3710 New (The) Annual Register, for 1782. Contains a 
grecU number of articles on American Affairs. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1783. 

3711 New (The) Constitution of France, literally translated, 

from the Original Copy Presented to the People of 

France. 8vo, pp. 7. London, 1793. 

'"; . 367 

3712 New (The) Entertaining Press, and London Advertiser. 
Many Engravings. Folio, boards, London, 1832. 


\ 3713 New (The) Monthly Magazine, and Literary Journal. / J 
\ ToL IL 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1822. 

I 3114 New (The) Testament, translated into the Choctaw / ^ 
Language. \2mo, sheep. New York, 1848. ^ 

I 3T15 New (The) Testament of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus J C 

Christ. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1827. 

I Xngr^am and Putnam's edition — the books are not divided into chap- 

ters and Tereee. , 

3716 New (The) Testament, in the Common Version, con- /(T 

formed to Griesbach's Standard Greek Text 8vo, 
half morocco. Boston, 1828. 

3717 New (The) Testament, in an improved version upon the J (^ 

basis of Archbishop Newcome's New Translation, with, 
a Corrected Text, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory. . 
8vo, boards, uncut. Rare. Boston, 1809. 

. 3718 New York and Boston Steamboat Company. 8vo, pp. ^^ 
i 63. 

3719 New York Historical Society. Proceedings at the /^ 

Dedication of the Library. 8vo. New York, 1857. 

3720 New York. Manual of the Corporation of, for 1852. 

By D. T. Valentine. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1852. 

3721 New York. Map of, 60 miles around. Morocco. / 

3722 New York. Pamphlets (14) Relating to the City and ^"^ 


I 3723 New York (The) Primer, or Second Book. 16mo, pp. ^ ^ 
32. New York, 1847. 

3724 New York (The) Yacht Club. Plate. ^^ 

New York, 1852. 

3725 New Yobk. Union Committee Report, relating to the S '^ 

U. S, Bank. 8vo, pp. 35. New York, 1834. 

3726 New York University. Eleven Pamphlets. Reports of 5^^ 

the Regents. 


-^^ 3727 NiOHOL (J. P.) Views of the Architecture of the 
Heavens. Plates. l2mo, cloth. New York, 1840. 

//^^'S12S Nicholas (Thos.) A | Pleasant Historic of | the Icon- 
quest of the Weast India, Atchieved | by the worthy 
prince, | Hernando Cortez. | Most delectable to read. 
Tran- 1 slated out of the Spanish | Tongue, by Thos. 
Nicholas. 4to, half calf. Rare. 

Imprinted, at London, by Henry Bynneman, 1678. 

Title page part nuuLiiBoript " Gordonstown's copy sold for £4 48. 6d.*' 
— [Lowndes. 

3729 Nichols (J. Horatio). The Newengland Coquette. 
Prom the History of the celebrated Eliza Wharton. A 
Tragic Drama in Three Acts. 8vo. Rare. 

Salem. Printed by N. Coverly, (8.a.) 

/ -2^ 3730 Nicholson (Asneth). Nature's Own Book. Enlarged 
and Improved. Letter from the Author inserted. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1835, 

2 )^ 3731 Night (The) Side of New York, a Picture of the Great 
Metropolis after Nightfall. 12mo, pp. 121. 

New York, 1866. 

^'^^ " 3732 Ninth Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution. 
Svo, cloth. Washington, 1855. 

, "^V" 3733 NissEN (Johan Peter). Reminiscences of a 46 years 
Residence in the Island of St. Thomas, in the West 
Indies. 12mo, half morocco, antique. 

Nazareth, Pa., 1838. 

-- ^ 3734 Noble (Louis L.) After Icebergs, with a Painter. 
A Summer Voyage to Labrador, and round Newfound- 
land. Plates. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1861. 

J ^ 3735 Noble (Oliver). A Discourse at Newburyport North 
Meeting-House, March 8th, 1775, in Commemoration of 
the Massacre at Boston, March the 5th, 1770. Svo, pp. 
32, uncut.. Very scarce. Newburyport, N. E., 1775. 

3736 NoiR (M. L'Agneau). Shadows from the Lights of the 
Modern Pulpit. 12mo, cloth. London, 1852. 


3737 NostENCLiTDBE. Brevia Anglo-Latmo m uaum Scholar- /O 

urn* 12 mo, sAeeji. Rare* 

Boston, in New England, 1735, 

3738 North (A) Briton Eztpaordinary. 12rao, pp, 50. /^ 

London, MocCLXtx 

3739 North American Review. 13 Noa. Svo, unmu 6 

Boston, v.y. 

3740 North Providence Centexinial Celebration. 8vo, pp. ^S^ 

92, Pawtncket, 18G5, 

3741 North (The) American Tourist. Maps. 24ino, cloth. / 

New York, (1839.) 

3742 North (The) Atlantic Tcleprraph, via the Fieroc Isles, / 

Iceland and Greenland. 8vo,pp. 104. London, 1861- 

3743 NoETH (The) Star, The Poetry of Freedom, by her ^ ? ^ 

Prienda. 24mo, morocco, ^ilL Philadelphia, 1840. 

3744 North (M. L.) Saratoj^'a Waters, or the Invalid at / O 

Saratoga. 24mo, clotL New York, 1843. 

3745 North (Roi^er)* A Discourse of Fish and Fish Poads. ^^ 

4tOj pp. 80. (s.La.a.) 

3746 Norton (Andrews). A Statement of Reasons for not /" 

believing the Doctrines of Trinitarians, 12mo, cloth, 

Boston, 1833. 

3747 Norton (C). Bullish Lawa, for Women, in the Niae--^ ^ 

tecnth Century. 8vo, pp. 188» 

London, Printed for private circulation, 1854. 

3748 Norton (Charles B.) Literary Letter rampristng J ^ 

American Papers of Ini^resL 6 Nos. 4to. Complete 
sets are very scarce. New York, 1857, 

3749 Nothing to Do. A Tilt at our Best Society, lUugtra- ^ ^ ^ 

ted. 12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1857. 

3750 Nothing to Eat. Illustrated* Not by the Author of 

*^ Nothing to Wear." 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857, 

3751 NovANGLua and Massachusettenata, or Political Essays ^ ) 

published in the years 1774 and 1775, on the Princi- 
pal Points of Controversy between Croat Britain and 
her Colonies, 8vo, hoards^ unciU. Boston^ 1819. 



^^— ^___3762 N[owEL] (S.) Abraham in Arms, | or, | The First Re- 
ligious I General | with his | Army, | Engaging in | a War,| 
for which he had wisely prepared, and by | which not 
only an eminent ] Victory | was obtained, but [ a Bles- 
, I ^ sing I gained also, j Delivered in an Artillery -Election- 

\ \^ Sermon, June 3, 1678. | By S. N. 1 4to, title, 4 pp. to the 

\J C/*^^ reader, pp. 19, half calf ^ antique. Very rare. 

-p ^ Boston, Printed by John Foster, 1678. 

//^ 3753 Notes (G. R.) An Amended Version of the Book of 
Job, with Notes, chiefly Explanatory. 8vo, boardsj un- 
cut. Cambridge, 1827. 

/^' 3754 Notes (James). Federal Arithmetic. Adapted to the 
Currency of the United States. 12mo, sheep. 

Exeter, Printed for the Author, 1797. 

3755 Nugent (Thos.) Pocket-Dictionary of the French and 
English Languages. 24mo, sheep. ' London, 1795. 

/ 3756 Obituart Addresses on the Death of Hon. William R 
King. Port. 8vo, clotL Washington, 1854. 

f -^ ^ 3757 Obituart Notices of the Rev. John Chester, D. D., of 

Albany. Port 8vo, boards. Albany, 1829. 

5' u - 3758 Observations on Certain Documents contained in Nos. 

V. and VL of the History of the United States, for .the 

^ year 1796, in which the charge of Speculation 

against Alexander Hamilton, late Secretary of the 
Treasury, is fully refuted. Written by Himself. 8vo, 
pp. 37-58, uncut. Scarce. 

Philadelphia, John Fenno, 1797. 

3759 Observations on Excluding Females from Participating 
in the Gospel Ministry. 8vo,pp. 12. Baltimore, 1844. 

' 3760 Observations on Mr. Buckminster's Sermon, delivered 

Feb. 28, 1796, on the Duty of Republican Citizens, in 
the choice of Rulers. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Portsmouth, N. H, 1796. 

3761 Observations on Several Acts of Parliament, Passed in 
the 4th, 6th and 7th Years of his present Majesty's 



Reign, and also on the Conduct of the Officers of the 
Customs, since these Acts were passed, and the Board 
of Commissioners appointed to reside in America. 
Published by the Merchants of Boston. Small 4to, pp. 
24, half morocco. Scarce. 

Boston, Printed by Edes & Gill, mdcclxix. 

3T62 Observations on the Inslaving, Importing, and Purchas- 
ing of Negroes, with some Advice thereon, extracted 
from the Epistle of the Yearly-Meeting of the People, 
called Quakers, held at London, in the year 1758. 
12mo, pp. 12. German town, Christopher Sower, 1760. 

Sower's imprint is rare. 

3163 Observations on the Pernicious Practice of the Law. / 
By Honestus. 8vo, pp. 64. Boston, 1814. 

3764 Observations on the proposed State Road, from Hud- SI) 

son River, near the City of Hudson, to Lake Erie, by 
the Oleout, Catherine's, Bath, and Gray's Settlement, 
on the Western Bounds of Steuben County. 8vo, pp. 
\%, uncut. Scarce. New York, 1800- 

3765 Observations on the Reflections of the Right Hon. Ed- /O 

mund Burke, on the Revolution in France, in a Letter 
to the Right Hon. the Earl of Stanhope. 8vo. pp. 39, 
wncut. Scarce. Boston, mdccxci. 

3766 Observations on the Speech of John Randolph, of Va., / ^ 

on a Motion for the Non-Importation of British Mer- 
chandize, pending the present Dispute between Great 
Britain and America. By the Author of War in Dis- 
guise. 8vo, pp. 43. New York, 1806. 

3T67 Observations on the Dispatch, Jan. 1797, by Mr. Pick- j S 
firing to Mr. Pinkney, Minister of the U. S., near the 
French Republic. 8vo, pp. 60. Philadelphia, 1797. 

3767* Observations upon the Conduct and Behaviour of a 
Certain Sect, usually Distinguished by the name of 
Methodists. 4to, pp. 22. London, 1744. 



/ - 3768 O'Callaghan (E. B.) The Documentary History of 
the State of New York. Numerous Plates, Maps, Ac. 
4 Vols. 4to, cloth, Albany, 1850. 

/^ 3769 O'Callaghan. History of New Netherland, or New 
York, under the Dutch. 2 Vols. Map ' and Engrav- 
ings. 8vo, boards. New York, mdccclv. 

r? * 3770 O'Callaghan. A List of Editions of the Holy Scrip- 
tures, and parts thereof, printed in America previous 
to 1 860. Royal 8vo, boards^ uncut 

Albany, Munsell & Rowland, 1861. 

/S^ 3771 O'Callaghan. Calender of N. Y. Colonial Manuscripts, 

indorsed " Land Papers," in the OflBce of the Secretary 

of State, of New York, 1643«1803. 8vo, pp. 1087,ca//. 

Albany, 1864. 
y^rZ? 3772 O'Callaghan. Journal of the Voyage of the Sloop 
Mary, from Quebec, Anno. 1701. Cap 4to, pp. 50. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 

New York Colonial Tracts, No. 1. Edition 100. 

/ 3773 Occasional (The) 011a' Podrida. Written against 
Idleness, and between times. By Rosicrusius and Mys- 
taoragos. 24mo, pp. 36. Baltimore, 1822. 

^/ 7 * 3774 OccoM (Samson). A Sermon preached at the Execution 
of Moses Paul, an Indim, at New Haven, on the 2d of 
Sept. 1772, for the murder of Mr. Moses Cook, late of 
Waterbury, on the 7th of Dec. 1771. Preached at the 
Desire of said Paul. 8vo, pp. 24. 

New London, Ct, (1772.) 

J^ 3775 OccoM. 'The Same. 12mo,pp. 24. Exeter, 1819. 

^^ .. 3776 Ode (An) to the Pretender, humbly Inscribed to Mr. 
Lesley and Mr. Pope, to which is added Earl Mortimer's 
Fall. 8vo, pp. 18. London, 1713. 

/C 3777 Odes to a Fly, drowned in a Bowl of ' Punch, to the 
Fleas of Teneriffe, &c., &c. By Peter Pindar. 8vo, 
pp. 45 and 23. Dublin, mdccc. 

C^ 3778 Oehme (F. G.) Homoeopathic Domestic Physician. 
24mo, sheq). Concord, 1859. 


3779 Of What, How, and Where Champagne is Made. By 

an Ex-Hotel Keeper. 8vo, pp. 43. BuflFalo, 1856. 

3780 Official Catalogue of the New York Exhibition of the 

Industry of all Nations, 1853. Half morocco. 

New York, 1853, 

3781 Official Record of the Court Martial which tried, and 
the Order of General Jackson for Shooting, the Six 
Militia Men, showing that these American Citizerm 
were Inhumanly and Illegally Mavssacred. 8vo, pp. 52, 
uncut. Scarce. Concord, 1828. 

3782 Ogden (Geo. W.) Letters from the West, comprising 

a Tour through the Western Country, and a Rtsideace 
of Two Summers in the States of Ohio and Kentucky, 
originally written, in Letters to a Brother, 1 2mOy 
boardsj uncut. Rare. New Bedford, 1823. 

3783 O'Keepe (John). Wild Oats, or the Strolling Gentle- 

man, A Comedy in Five Acts, as performed at the 
Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden. In same Vol, Lionel 
and Clarissa, Philadelphia, 1794; Love inaVillai^e, as 
performed at the new theatre in Philadelphia, March, 
1794; and the Suspicious Husband, Philadelphia, I79h 
12mo, sheep. 

3784 Old Abbeys and Castles of England. 16mo, pp. 6L 

London, 1858. 

3785 Old Hundred Collection of Sacred Music, or a Compi- 

lation of the Most Approved Psalmody, selected from 
Various Authors, for the Use of Public and Social 
Worship. Oblong 8vo, half hound. Boston, 1824. 

3786 Old Times and New, or a Few Raps over the Knuckles 

of the Present Age. By Julius Schnap, and Hans Van 
Garretson, the Orange Blossoms of New Amstcnlaiu. 
12mo, pp. 93, rough edges. New York, 1846. 

3787 Old (The) English Squire, " A Jovial Gay Pox Hunter, 

Bold, Frank, and Free." By John Careless, Ksq. Il- 
lustrated with Plates, by One of the Family, 8vo, 
half bound. London, 1821, 







/J 3788 Old (The) South Church, in Boston, Mass, with List of 
the Founders, the Pastors, the Ruling Elders and Dea- 
cons, and the Surviving Members. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Boston, 1826. 

i' "^ 3789 Oliver (John). A Present to be given to Teeming 
Women, by their Husbands and Friends, containing 
Scripture Directions for Women with child, how to pre- 
pare for the hour of Travail. Written, first, for the pri- 
vate use of a gentlewoman of quality in the West, and 
now published for the common good, by John Oliver, 
lesi^ than the least of all Saints. Small 8vo,«A6^. 

London, 1669. 

CurioiiB and rare. 

V 3790 Olmsted (Denison). Introduction to Astronomy. En- 
gravings. 8vo, sheep. New York, 1839. 

-^*'" 3791 Olmsted (T.) The Musical Olio. Oblong 8vo, ioflrrf*. 
Scarce. * Northampton, 1805. 

/'^ V 3192 Okderdonk (Henry, Jr.) Revolutionary Incidents of 
Queens County, with Connecting Narratives, Explana- 
tory Notes and Additions. 12 mo, doth. 

New York, 1846. 

^ 3793 Onesimus, or the Apostolic Directions to Christian 
Masters, in reference to their Slaves, considered. 24mo, 
chih, Boston, 1842. 

i\ ; 3794 Operations (The) of the French Fleet, under the 

Count De Grasse, in 1781-2, as described in two Con. 

tempo raneous Journals. Port, of De Grasse, on India 

paper. Imp. 8vo, cZo^A. New York, 1864. 

Bradford Club Series, No. 8. Edition, 160 copies. 

' 3795 Opie (Amelia). Illustrations of Lying, in all its Bran- 
ches, 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1826. 

j' • 3796 Opikion (The) of Dow, or Lorenzo's Thoughts on differ- 
ent Religious Subjects, in an Address to the People of 
New England. 18mo, sheep. Windham, 1804. 




3797 Oration (An), delivered by permission, on Board theyf ^ 

Nassau Prison Ship, at Chatham, England, on the 
Fourth of July, 1814. By an American Prisoner of 
War. 8vo, pp. 8. Scarce. Boston, 1815. 

3798 Oration (An) on the Beauties of Liberty, or the Essen- f^^ 
tial Rights of the Americans, delivered at the Second 
Baptist Church, in Boston, upon the last Annual Thanks- 
giving, Dec. 3d, 1772. By a British Bostonian. 8vo, 

pp. 80. Boston, N. E., 1773. 

3799 Oration by Gov. Parker, at the Dedication of a Monu- /^^ 

ment to John Hart, one of the Signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, from New Jersey. 8vo, pp. 21), 

Trenton, 1865- 

3800 Orations. Boston Massacre. A Set of the Boston / V^ 

Massacre Orations, as follows; all of these orations 
are scarce, and several very rare : 

I. — Lovell (James). An Oration, delivered April 2d, 
1771, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Boston, to Commemorate the bloody Tragedy of tlie 
Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 19, the orcuion perfei-l, 
hut has a piece cut from the last leaf after the reading 
matter, rough edges. Boston, 177L 

11. — Warren (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March 
5th, 1772, at the Request of the Inhabitants of ttm 
Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy 
of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 18, in good order, 

Boston, 1772. 

ni. — Church (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered March 
Fifth, 1773, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy 
of the Fifth of March, 1 770. 4to, pp. 20, in good order, 

Boston, 1773. 

IV. — Hancock (John). An Oration, delivered March 5^ 

1774, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of 

Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the 

Fifth of March, 1770. 4:iOf pp. 20, presentation coppt 

from the Author, in good condition, Boston, 1774. 


V. — Warren (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March 
Sixth, 1775, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy 
of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 23, last page a 
little stained, and a piece of blank paper cut from it, 
otherwise in fine condition* Boston, 1775. 

VI. — Thacher (Peter). An Oration delivered at Watei*- 
town, March 5, 1776, to Commemorate the Bloody 
Massacre at Boston, perpetrated March 5, 1770. 4to, 
pp. 15, in fine order. Watertown, 1776. 

VII. — Highborn (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered 
March 5th, 1777, at the Request of the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody 
Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 18. 

Boston, 1777. 

VIII. — Dawes (Thomas, Jr.) An Oration, delivered 
March 5th, 1781, at the Request of the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Trag- 
edy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 22, a leaf 
gone at the end. Boston, 1781. 

IX. — ^Minot (George Richards). An Oration, delivered 
March 5th, 1782, at the Request of the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody 
Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to,pp. 15; 
presentation copy from the author, in good order. 

Boston, 1782. 

X. — Welsh (Thomas). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 
1783, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the 
Fifth of March, 1770. Ho, -p^. \%, presentaxion copy 
from the author, and in very fine order. Boston, 1783. 

3801 Orations, delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of 

the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Evening of 
the Fifth of March, 1770. 8vo, boards. Boston, 1785. 

3802 Obaisoxs Funebrcs de Bossuet. 12mo, uncut. 

Paris, 1810. 



3803 Obdeb (The) and Forme for Church GovernmeTit, by JC 

Bishops, and the Clergie of this Kingdome, voted in the 
House of Commons, on Friday, July 16, 164L 4to, 
pp. 8. (8.L) 1641- 

3804 Obdination Sermons (13). Several, of the last century, 7 

and none later than 1825. Nearly all uncut , in JinB 
conditioHj and scarce. 

3805 Obigin and History of the Art of Printing, Foreign and / . 2. 

Domestic, including a Chronological List of Eminent 
Printers, a Curious Dissertation on the Origin and Use 
of Paper, a History of Engraving on Wood and Copper, 
and a Catalogue of Remarkable Bibles and Common 
Prayers, from the Infancy of Printing, to the end of the 
Eighteenth Century. 12mo, half bound. Very scarce. 

London, mdcccxiii, 

3806 Origin, Principles, and Objects of the Contest in which 7 

Texas is at present engaged. 8vo, pp. 56, uncuL 

New York, 1836, 

3807 Origin, Symptoms, and Cure of the Lifluenza, with some "^ 
Hints respecting Incipient Pulmonary Consumption. 
Svo, boards. Philadelphia, 1832, 

3808 Osgood (David). Sermon on the Day of National /c'' 

Thanksgiving, 1783. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, 1784. 

3809 Osgood. Sermons. SvOj sheep. Boston, 1S24. / 

3810 Osgood (George). Historical Sketch of Danvers Plains- /^ 

Svo, pp. 32. Scarce. Salem^ 1 855. 

3811 OsTREA, or the Loves of the Oysters: A Lay. By A, > ^ 

Fishe Shelly, Esq. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857, 

3812 Otis (Harrison G.) Eulogy on Gen. Alexander Hamil-/^ ^ ' 

ton. Pronounced, at the Request of the Citizens of Boa- 
to^ July 26, 1804. 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1804. 

3813 Otis. Oration delivered, July 4, 1788, at the Request / / 
I of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston. 4to, pp, 23. 

Boston, 1788. 


-^^ ^ 3814 [Otis (James).] The Rudiments of Latin Prosedy, 
with a Dissertation. 12mo, pp. 60-72, uncitt. Rare. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclx. 
T<JL 3815 Otis. A Vindication of the Conduct of the House of 
Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay, more particularly in the last Session of the Gener- 
al Assembly. 8vo, pp. 53. Rare. Boston, 1762. 

3816 Our First Men. A List of Persons, in Boston, Worth 
One Hundred Thousand Dollars, with Biographical No- 
tices. 8vo, pp. 48, uTicut, Boston, 1846. 

^ 3817 Ovid's Epistles, in English Verse, by Alexander Pope, 
and other translators. 2 Vols.* 24ino, boardsj uncut, 

London, 1867. 

/ 3818 Owen (Robert Dale). Labor: Its History and Pros- 
pects. 8vo, pp.39. Cincinnati, 1848. 

J 7 3819 Owen. Moral Physiology, or a Brief and Plain Trea- 
tise on the Population Question. Plate. 12mo, iaar(Ji. 

New York, 1835. 

^ c 3820 OwENSON (Miss). The Wild Irish Girl. A National 

Tale. 12mo, half bound. Boston, 1808. 

^^^ 3821 Pacific Railroad. Explorations for a Railroad Route 
from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Mag- 
nificiently illustrated with Maps and numerous Plates^ 
many of which are finely colored^ of Scenery, Natural 
History, Sfc. 13 Vols. 4to. Washington City,v.d. 

3822 Packard (Asa). A Sermon, at Surry, at the Ordina- 

tion of the Rev. Perley Howe, Sept. 16, 1795. 8vo, 
pp. 30, half hound. Walpole, N. H., 1796. 

3823 Paddock (Judah). Narrative of the Shipwreck of the 

Ship Oswego, on the Coast of South Barbary, and of the 
Sufferings of the Master ai^d the Crew, while in bondage 
among the Arabs. 8vo, sheep. New York, 1818. 

/ . 3824 Paine (Thomas). Agrarian Justice opposed to Agrari- 
an Law and to Agrarian Monopoly, being a Plan for 
Meliorating the Condition of Man. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut. 

Philadelphia, s.a.) 


3825 FainEp Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabitants / J 

of America. 8vo, boards. Philadelphia, mdcclxxvi. 

3826 [Paixe] Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabi- ^ j^ ^ 
tants of America. A New Edition, with several Addi- 
tions in the Body of the Work ; to which is added an 
Appeudix, together with an Address to the People 
called Quakers. 8vo, pp. 62. Philadelphia, (1776). 

3821 Paine. Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabitants / ^ 
of America. 8vo, pp. 43. Boston, 1803. 

3828 [Paine.] Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabi-/;:? 
tanta of America. 8vo, pp. 62. 

Philadelphia, Printed : Newburyport, Reprinted, 


3829 [Padce,] Common Sense. The Third Edition. 8vo, 

pp. 28. Salem, 1776. 

2830 [Paike*] Large Additions to Common Sense. Ad- 
dressed to the Inhabitants of America. 8vo, pp. 70. 
Philadelphia, Printed: Newport, Reprinted, 1775. 

3831 Paine. Dissertation, on First Principles of Govern- 

ment, 8vo, pp. 32. 

Paris, 3d Year of the French Republic. 

3832 Paine. First Principles of Government. 8vo, pp. 40, /C 

uncut, Paris, 1795. 

3833 PAiJiE. The Decline and Fall of the English System of 7 

Finaoce. 8vo, pp. 33. Philadelphia, 1796. 

3834 Paike. Letter addressed to the Addressers on the ^ 

late ProclamatioD. 8vo,pp. 40. London, 1792. 

3835 Pahtb. Letters from, to the Citizens of the United ^ > " 

States, on his arrival from France. 8vo, pp. 40. 

. Washington City, 1802. 

3836 Paine, Two Letters to Lord Winslow, and to Mr. . ^ 

H.enry Dundas, on the late Proclamation. 8vo, pp. 36. 

London, 1 792. 
3831 Paine, Prospects on the War, and Paper Currency. /^* I 

8vo, pp. 68. London, 1793. I 


/ ^^ 3838 Paine. Rights of Man, Part the First, being an Answer 

to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolution. 8vo, 

. pp. 88. New York, 1792. 

^ ^ ' 3839 [Painb.] The Political Crisis, or a Dissertation on the 
Rights of Man. 8vo, pp. 125, uncut. London, 1791. 

J ^^ 3840 Painb's Second Part of the Age of Reason, Answered by 
James Tytler. 12mo, pp. 107, uncut. Salem, 1796. 

^ *S ^3841 Paine (Tliomas). Letter to the Abbe Raynal, in which 
the Mistakes, in the Abbess Account of the Revolution of 
America, are corrected and cleared up. 8vo, pp. 70. 

Boston, 1782. 

^ *>^ 3842 Paine. Oration, July 17, 1799, in Commemoration of 
the Dissolution of the Treaties between France and the 
U. S. A, 8vo, pp. 30, uncut. Boston, 1799. 

i^^ 3843 Paine. The Invention of Letters, a Poem, written at the 
Request of the President of Harvard University, and 
delivered, in Cambridge, on the Annual Commencement, 
July 15, 1795. 4to,pp. 15. Rare. Boston, 1795. 

J ^ 3844 Paine. The Ruling Passion, an Occasional Poem, writ- 
ten, by the appointment of the Society of the Phi Beta 
Kappa, and spoken, on their Anniversary in the Chapel 
of the University, Cambridge, July 20, 1797. 4to, pp. 
32. Boston, 1797. 

/ i^ ^ ^ 3845 Paine (Robert T., Jr.) The Works of, in Verse and 
Prose, with Notes. Port. 8vo, boards^ uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1812. 

J ^^ 3846 Painting. Its Rise and Progress, from the Earliest Ages 
to the Present Time. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1846. 

^ S ^ 3847 Paget (F. E.) Sermons on Duties of Daily Life. 12mo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1844. 

^^3848 Paley (William).* Moral and Political Philosophy. 
2 Vols. 24mo, cloth, gilt. Boston, 1827. 

/^ 3849 Paley. Sermons on Various Subjects. 8vo, boards^ 

Boston, 1827. 



3860 Palet. The Works of 3 Vols. Imperfect. 8vo,/^ 
boards, uncut. London, 1825. 

3851 Paley. View of the Evidence of Christianity. 12m9, /^ 

sheep. Hallowell, 1826. 

3852 Palfrey (J. G.) A Plea for the Militia System. 8vo, V 

pp. 35. Boston, 1835. 

3853 Palfrey. Discourse at the Second Centennial, of the z/^ 

Settlement of Cape Cod. 8vo, pp. 50. Boston, 1840. 

3854 Palfrey. Discourses on Intemperance. \%mOj boards, 7 

tmcut. Scarce. Boston, 1827. 

3855 Palfrey. History of New England. Maps and Ulus-ck' /^^^ 

trations. 3 Vols. Imp. 8vo, clothj edges uncut. 

Boston, Little, Brown & Co., 1865. 

Large paper, only 100 copieB printed. 

3856 Palmer (Aaron H.) The Present State, Productions, 5 ^ 

Trade, Commerce, Ac, of the Comoro Islands, Abys- 
sinia, Persia, Burmah, Cochin China, the Indian Archi- 
pelago, and Japan. 8vo. New York, 1846. 

3857 Palmer (J. C. R) Explanation, or Eighteen Hundred y5"2 

and Thirty, being a Series of Facts connected with the 
Life of the Author, from Eighteen Hundred and Twen- 
ty-Five to the Present Day. 24mo, half hound. Rare. 

Boston, 1831. 

Palmer was sapposed to be imptioated in the marder of Capt White, at 

3858 Palmer (Peter S.) History of Lake Champlain, from J ^-'V 

its First Exploration by the French, in 1609. Rubrica- 
ted title, tinted paper. Royal 8vo, uncut. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 

Large paper, yery small edition. 

3859 Palmer (Ray). Closet Hours. 12mo, cloth. ^ i ^ 

Albany, 1851. 

3860 Palmer. Hymns and Sacred Pieces, with Miscellaneous ^^^y 5 

Poems. Rubricated title, tinted paper. 8vo, boards, 
rough edges. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Large paper, only 26 oopies printed. 


// 2. 3861 Palmer (Stephen). A Sermon delivered in Needham, 
Nov. 16, 1811, on the Termination of a Century since 
the Incorporation of the Town. 8vo, pp. 44, uncuL 
Very scarce. Dedham, 1811. 


The following, whether in Tolomes or lots, will be sold at lo much each 
tnifOt lot, number 8862 to nomber 8956, inclusiye : 

"/ - 3862 Pamphlets (6). Bearing on the Orders in Council, 
New York, 1808; Paine's Address before the Mass. 
Charitable Society, Boston, 1808; History of the Cap- 
tivity and SuflFerings of Mrs. Maria Martin, who was six 
years a Slave, in Algiers, two of which she was confined 
in a dark and dismal Dungeon, loaded with irons, for 
refusing to comply with the brutal request of a Turkish 
Officer. Written by Herself. Boston, 1807; etc. 
8vo, half hound. 

•^' i^ 3863 Pamphlets (4). A Compl'eat Translation of the whole 
Case, of Mary Catherine Cadiere, against the Jesuite 
Father John Baptist Gterard, in a Memorial presented 
to the Parliament of Aix, in which that Jesuite is ac- 
cused of Seducing her, and six other female Votaries, by 
the Abominable Doctrines of Quietism, into the most 
Criminal Excesses of Lewdness. 12mo, London, 1732 ; 
The Memorial, of the Jesuit Father J. B. Gerard, 
against Mary C. Cadiere. PlaXe, London, 1732; 
Collection of letters between the parties, and a com- 
plete translation of the Sequel of the Proceedings, con- 
taining many curious pieces, under different heads, Plate, 
London, 1732. Half calf. 

*^ ^ ^ 3864 Pamphlets (7). A Curious Collection of Tracts, relat- 
ing to a Controversy which took place between the 
Apothecaries and Physicians of London about two Cen- 
turies ago. The Vol, is probably unique. 4to, calf. 

London, 1670-71. 

, '\ 3865 Pamphlets (6). A Circumstantial Detail of Mrs. Sid- 
dons' Life, for the last Seven Years. London, 1809. 
The Criminal Law of England, etc. 



3866 Pamphlets (5). A Submissive Appearance before C»-^ ^"3 

SikT ; Popery in Grosse ; The Period of the Persian 
Monarchie ; The Overthrows of Stage Players, wherein 
is Manifestly Provided, that it is not onely unlawful to. 
be an actor, but a beholder of those vanities. 4to, calf, 
Heidelberg and London, 1615-29. 

3867 Pamphlets (4). An Appeal to the Impartial Public, by j/ 2. 
the Independents in Gloucester, Boston, 1785; Obser- 
vations on the Present State of the Clergy in New 
England, by Peter Thatcher, Boston, 1783; Strictures 

on Mr. Thatcher's Pamphlet, by J. S., a Layman, Bos- 
ton, 1784; And the Reply to Mr. J. S., a Layman, by 
Peter Thatcher, Boston, 8.a. A rare coUectton of New 
England Pamphlets, all uncut and clean. 

3868 Pamphlets (9). An Appeal to the Public, by the Society //J^ 

of Christian Independents in Gloucester, Boston, 1785 ; 
The other pamphlets relate, principally, to the doings of 
the Ecclesiastical Council at Pomfret, Conn., in 1792, 
and a Controversy between Rev. John Sherman and 
Rev. Daniel Dow, of Thompson, Conn. 8vo, liaJf sheep. 

3869 Pamphlets (19). An Inquiry into the^ cause of Animal y^ "[T 

Life; James Dean's Oration on Curiosity, Burlington, 
Vt., 1810; Gov. Trumbull's Funeral Sermon, by Tim- 
othy D wight, etc. 8vo, haif bound. 

3870 Pamphlets (5). Address to the Inhabitants of London ^ ^ "> 

and Westminster ; A Second Address to the Same ; A 
Plea for Humane Reason ; A Plea for Divine Revelation ; 
An Answer to the Last ; A Defence for the Plea of Hu- 
man Reason, &c. 8vo, calf London, 1730-31. 

3871 Pamphlets (4). Affecting Case of the Queen of Hun- ^ j" ^ 

gary, London, 1742; Review of the Present Troubles 
of Germany, London, 1743 ; Narrative of the Late Cam- 
paigns in Germany and Flanders, London, 1761. 8vo, 
Iialf bound. 

3872 Pamphlets (7). All relating to English Foreign Affairs ; y/ - 

an interesting and valuable collection. 8vo, haifvel- ^ 
lum. London, 17 41 - 4 5. 


-^ f ^ 3872* Pamphlets (9). All relating to Queen Caroline; an in- 
teresting and valtiable collection. 8vo, half calf. 

London and Dublin, v.y. 

Jc^'b "3873 Pamphlets (16). American Funeral Sermons. Some 
as early as 1795, contains Wm. Morrison's Sermon on 
Gen*l Washington, Preached at Londonderry, N. H., 
1800. 12mo. T}i£ binding of this volume makes it a 

^0 3874 Pamphlets (3). Anecdotes of Hogarth, and Catalogue 
of his Works, London, 1781; Coxe on Prisons, Hos- 
pitals and Punishments in Russia, Sweden and Den- 
mark, etc. 8vo, calf. 

J<^^ 3875 Pamphlets (5). Barnard's Sermon at the Ordination 
of the Rev. Aaron Bancroft, 1786; Haven's at the Or- 
dination of Jacob Burnap, 1772, etc. 8vo, sheep. 

-^5^ 3876 Pamphlets (17). Biographical and Personal; Daniel 
Drayton ; Rajah Rammohun Roy ; Dr. H. H. Jones ; Van 
Buren; B. F. Butler; Chas. Linsley ; Lord Baltimore; 
Wm. Rawle ; Hugh Williamson, and others. 

/ C 3877 Pamphlets (8). Blair's Grave; The Wit's Magazine, 
and several Pamphlets relating to the Dissenters at 
Hackney. 8 vo, half bound. 

/ /' 3878 Pamphlets (10). Case of Margaret C. Rudd, at the 
Old Bailey, 1775; Dr. Harwood Relieved of Palsy 
by Electricity; Antiquity of Government; Arts and Si- 
ences in Egypt, etc. ; half calf London, v.y. 

S V 3879 Pamphlets (7). Caesar^s Commentary; The Passage of 
St. Gothard ; The Clapiad, (Poetical directions for ac- 
quisition and treatment;) Mock Elegy on Peter Pindar; 
The Sphinx's Head Broken, and Stephens' Lecture on 
Heads. 4to, half calf London, v.y. 

-- ^ " 3880 Pamphlets (28). Chronicles of the Latter-Days, etc. 
1 2 Nos. of the Iris. 8vo, half bound. 

/ V,. 3881 Pamphlets (4). Concerning an Ecclesiastical Council at 
Stockbridge, Mass., Oct. 1779; A Plea before the 




Council^ in Uie Cause of Mrs. Fisk, who was excoramii- 

Eicated for marrjing a Man whom they called immoral 
and profane, Boston, 1 T32 ; Bacon's Letter to Joseph 
Huntington, Boston, 1782; Lettera of Gratitude to the 
Connecticut Pleader, J, Huntington, D» D., for his Let- 
ters of Friendship to a certain class of Gentlemen, with 
niustrations from Recent Examples, by Impartialis, 
Hartford, 1781, and UluBtrations Illustrated, Containing 
a Brief Reply, &c., by John Bacon, A. M,, Hartford, 
1781. All rare New England PamphleUy in fine cotir 

3882 Pamfhlets (6). Ooucorning the Tariff. 8vo, W/ J ^^ 

bound. 1831-32- 

3883 Pamphlets (20). -Comprising the first 10 Nob. of a French ^S ^ 

Newspaper, publisiied in New York, ia 1814. Syo, half 
sheep. Rare* 

3884 Pamphlets (12). Containing various Addresses, Ser- ^{'^ 

mons, &C.J by G. W. Bethune, J. W* Francis, and Chas. 
Sumner, Svo, half morocco, 

3885 Pamphlets (34). Comprising Addresses, Sermons, Ac, /2 > ^ 

by distinguished Men, Autograph of J» Q» Adams and 
others. A valuable selection. Various places and dates. 

3886 Pamphlets (8), Collectia Curiosa j Letter to Fox, / j 

and Speeeh of Fox, respecting Public Affairs, 1792; 
Truth and Reason, against Place and Pension ; The 
Englishman's Right j Reform in Parliament ; Reflections 
on the English and French Revolutions, etc. 8vo, hal/ 

3887 pAKPHrjiTS (16), Colman's Sermon on the Aocession 7 i i^ 

of Geo. II., Boston, 1727; Elyah'a Mantle, by Samuel 
Cheever, Boston, 1724; Sketch of Gov. Hancock, Bos- 
ton, 1736; The Vision of Nathan Culver, late of New- 
town, N, Y., etc. Mantj of these rare. 

3888 Pamphlets (6), Counsels of Prudence for the Use of /^ 

Young People, Loudon, 1735; Directions for the Con- 
duct of Young People in Private Life, London, 1 739, 
etc* 8vo, ailf 



/Q'^ 3889 Pamphlets (7). Directions for Impregnating Water 
with fixed Air, by J. Priestly ; The New Method of Ex- 
tinguishing Fires by Explosion and Suflfocation. (These 
Tracts show the origin of the manufacture of soda wcUer^ 
and foreshadow the invention of t/ie Fire AnnihikUor.) 
Considerations on the Causes of Earthquakes ; Inquiry 
into the Nature, Order and Government of Bees, etc 
A valuable collectiou. 8vo, half bound. 

J <'^ 3^90 Pamphlets (3). Discourses on Thos. Paine ; The Thea- 
ter ; East and West. By M. D. Conway. 8vo, 1867-60. 

j\^^^ 3891. Pamphlets (10). Debate in the House of Represen- 
tatives, of Pennsylvania, Relative to the Bank of the 
United States, 1811; Trial of Maturin Livingston, 
against James Cheetham, for a Libel ; Address of Mem- 
bers of House of Representatives on the War with 
Great Britain ; Address to the People of England, by 
Cobbett ; The Military System of France ; Causes and 
Character of the late War ; Proceedings of the Hart- 
ford Convention, original edition ; Plan of an Improv- 
ed System of the Money concerns of the Union. 8vo, 
half morocco J 1811—16. 

<^ <^ 3892 Pamphlets (2). Dr. Nott and Union College. 

Albany, 1853. 

y/^ ^ 3893 Pamphlets (10). De Witt Clinton's Discourse before 
the Literary and Philosophical Society of New York, 
1814; Papers Relative to the Recent Riots at Balti- 
more, Philadelphia, 1812; Trial of Alex. Whistelo, 
containing 56 pp, of evidence and learned arguments, by 
the Physicians, Lawyers and others, as to whether or not a 
BlackMan can be the Father of a White Baby, Usejtd 
and interesting. New York, 1808. 8vo, half bound. 

-' 3894 Pamphlets (22). English printed ; several relate to Re- 
ligious affairs in India. 

I ^ 3895 Pamphlets (4). Epitome of Mohammedan Law ; The 

I Marches of the British Armies in India ; The Dangers 


of India from French Invasion ; The Husbandry and 
Internal Commerce of Bengal. Svo, half calf. 

Calcutta and London, v.y. 

3896 Pamphlets (11). Eulogy on Washington, by Minot; J^^ 

ditto, by Paine ; ditto, by Ames ; Correspondence be- 
tween John and Samuel Adams, Boston, 1802 ; Letters 
on John Adams, from Alexander Hamilton, New York, 
1800 ; Several Pamphlets by Edmund Burke. 8vo, half 

3897 Pamphlets (4). Examination of President Edwards' In- 

quiry on Freedom of Will, Boston, 1770; Several Nos. 
of the Monthly Repertory, containing Articles refer- 
ring to America, etc. 8vo, calf 

3898 Pamphlets (4). Pacts for the People; Wealthy Oiti- <l/S^ 

zens of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia ; Diary of a 
Landlord, etc. 8vo, half turkey morocco. 

3899 Pamphlets (6). Frauds on Neutral Flags; The Road ^-q 

Maker's Guide ; The Trial of Gov. T. Picton, for in- 
flicting the Torture on Louisa Calderon, with Plate ; 
Remarks on the Oude Question; Wilkinson's Account 
of the Navigation and Commerce of the Black Sea^ 
etc. 8vo, half calf London, v.y. 

3900 Pamphlets (31). Funeral Honors bestowed on the Re- ^/^^J? ^ 

mains of Capt. Lawrence and Lieut. Ludlow, with Eu- 
logy by Judge Story — seoeral pages of valuable MS. 
notes concerning the affair of the Chesapeake; 
Pamphlets relating to Slavery ; The Invention o£ Let- 
ters, a Poem by Thos. Paine ; The Original edition of 
the Trial and conviction of S. and J. Boorn, for the 
Murder of R. Colvin, etc. The Vol. contains numerous 
broadsheets and newspaper cuttings inserted. 8vo, half 

3901 Pamphlets (14). Funeral Orations, Sermons, and Eu- y^^ 

logics on Distinguished Men ; Oration on the Sublime 
Virtues of Geo. Washington, by Fisher Ames. A Poem 
Sacred to the Memory of Geo. Washington, by Richard 


Al8op ; A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of George 
Washington, by Peter Thacher. 8vo, half bound. 

Jff^ 3902 Pamphlets (11). Grimke's Address on Peace; Tern- 
perance Tracts ; Licensed Houses ; The Case of Wil- 
liam Vans, etc. 8vo, half bound. 

< % 2903 Pamphlets (10). Hall on Modern Infidelity; Priestly's 
Answer to Paine's Age of Reason ; Ancient Geography, 
by Richard Perkins ; A Jewish Tract, on the 53d Chap- 
ter of Isaiah, etc. 8vo, half calf 

*c^ 3904 Pamphlets (5). Henderson on the History and Cure 
of the Plague ; Chas. Caldwell, on Yellow Fever and 
Plague— ywZ/ of MS. notes; Miller's Report on the Ma- 
lignant Diseases in New York, 1805, and Rogers on 
the Properties of the Liriodendron. 8vo, half bofmdj 
I rough edges. 

(^ 3905 Pamphlets (21). History of the Old North and New 
Brick Churches in Boston, by Henry Ware ; Dedica- 
tion Sermon, by Edward Everett ; Election Sermon, by 
Orville Dewey; John Adams' Funeral Sermon, by 
Ware, etc. 8vo, lialf morocco. 

//^ 3906 Pamphlets (15). Historical. A valuable collection. 

//'^ 3907 Pamphlets (33). Historical, Personal and Local. No 
duplicates ; a valuable selection. 

/•^ 3908 Pamphlets (14). Inoculation for the Small-pox, con- 
sidered and proved by the Word of Gtod to be Sinful, 
In a Sermon Preached Feb. 28, 1762, by Joseph Maul- 
den, London, 1762; several Sermons concerning the 
Jews; The Man in Iron, New York, 1797, etc. 8v0j 

_,** 3909 Pamphlets ( 14). Letters. To the Duke of Portland ; Duke 
of Argyll ; To the People of Ireland ; To a Friend on 
the Marriage of the Prince of Wales ; To the Farmers 
and Traders of Ireland; On the Conundrum now 
solved by Bonaparte ; To the National Convention of 
France, by Joel Barlow, etc. 8vo, half bound. 


3910 Pakphlets (8). Leesons to a young Prince; Features J 6^ 

of Mr. Jay's Treaty ; The Revolution of America, etc. 

N. Y. and Phila., '1^82-93. 

3911 Pamphlets (17). Local History; 4th of July Orations yC 

&c. A valuable selection. 

3912 Pamphlets (8). Medical. On Insanity; Delirium Tre- ^ ^ 

mens, &c. 

3913 Pamphlets (24), Mellen on Acetic Acid ; History of //O 

Steamship Great Britain ; The Observatory at Pulko wa ; 
The Great Commercial Prize ; Phrenology not Opposed 
to Religion; The Quaekery of the Age; The Club 
Boom, &o^ 

3914 Pamphlets (6). Mrs. (Jalindo's Letter to Mrs. Siddons, 

being a circumstantial detail of Mrs. Siddons* Life ; 
Romilly's Observations on the Criminal Law of England ; 
A New System of Education for Laboring People, etc. 
8vo, half calf. * 

3915 Pamphlets (8). Mostly of a Controversal Character, J^^ 

and relating to the Dissenters. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1719-1735. 

3916 Pamphlets (6). Mostly Narratives of Surprising Ad- ^ ^ 

ventures. 12mo, haif bound. 

3917 Pamphlets (5). Mountaineers of Switzerland, N. Y., y^i ^ 

1796; The Politician Out-witted by an American, N. 
Y., 1789 ; Daranzel, by Edward Everett, Boston, 1800; 
The Castle Spectre, as performed at Boston, Salem, 
1799. 8vo, caif. 

3918 Pamphlets (8). Murder of the Marr Family; Murder /. 

of the Williamson Family ; Death of John Williams, the 
Murderer of both Families ; An Awful Warning; Me- 
moir of John Tuck, the Mock Parson ; The Soldier's 
Companion ; The London Conjuror, etc. Plates, color- 
ed and plain. 12mo, half calf 

3919 Pamphlets (8). National Fast and Thanksgiving Ser- ■" ^ 

mons, (fee, 1799 to 1815. 

3920 Pamphlets (5). National Thanksgiving Discourses, deliv- \ 

ered Nov. 29, 1798. 8vo, half bound. Boston, 1798. 


1 S^ 3921 Pamphlets (5). Neutral Rights, by Schlegel, Phila., 
1801; Speeches, Giles and Bayard, Boston, 1802; Glea- 
son's 4th July Oration ; Bradford's Fast-day Sermon, 
Boston, 1795; Dr. Warren's Eulogy on Thos. Russell, 
Boston, 1796. 8vo, uncut. 

r i^ 3922 Pamphlets (16). Of these, 8 relate to Mary Toft, the 
Rabbit Breeder; The others are important Political 
Pamphlets ; 2 on the subject of Liberty and Property. 
Moat of the Toft Pamphlets have had a name torn from 
tfte title-pagCj and in some instances from the second leaf, 
ivitk which exertion they%are all in fine condition. 8vo, 
half hound. London, 1726-32. 

A ooUeotion of Pamphlets oonoeming Mary Toft, sold in the Roxbatgh 
sale, for £86 16s. 

^(Tl 3923 Pamphlets (9). On the Subject of the French Pi-oph- 
ets ; Answer to several Treatises, &c., by Sir R. Bulke- 
ley ; Reflections on Bulkeley's Answer ; An Account of 
the French Prophets, and their Pretended Lispirations; 
Enthusiastic Lnposters, no Divinely Inspired Proph- 
ets ; An Essay of Humane Nature, or the Creation of 
Mankind, etc. " Exceedingly rare and curious." 8vo, 

half calf London, 1707-8. 

Autograph of Z. Poulson. 

-^7'5^3924 Pamphlets (16). One, by Thomas Andros, Author of 
the Jersey Captive ; Nathaniel Howe's Century Ser- 
mon ; Deceivers Made Manifest ; An Historical Sketch 
of Charlestown, in the County of Middlesex, and Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts, read to an Assembly of 
Citizens at the Opening of Washington Hall, Nov. 16, 
1813, by Josiah Bartlett, M. D., etc. 8vo, half red 

Barflett's Sketch of Charlestown is a rare looal history. 

/ /^^ 3925 Pamphlets (5). Pennington on Fermentation, Phila., 
1790; The Sufferings of Mary Dyer, etc. 8vo, Ao// 

3926 Pamphlets (6). Plays; The Heiress, a Comedy, by 
Lieut. Gen*l. John Burgoyue; The Spanish Priar; The 


Constant Couple; Gustavus Vasa, and Addison's Trag- 
edy of Cato. Printed at Worcester, 1782- 12mo, 

3927 Pamphlets (17). Publications of the Society for Pre- J? ^ 

aerviug Liberty and Property, against Republicans and 
Libellers ; Tracts relaling to affairs in Ireland ; Obser- 
vations on the Dispute between the United States aod 
France, etc. Svo, board$. 

3928 Pamphlets (8). Questioa whether a Man raay Lawful- /^-h 

ly marry a Sitster of Deceased Wife; Carey, on Plan 
far Eatablishin^ a College in Philadelpliia; PJan for 
Administering tlte Girard Trust ; Documents relating 
to the Presidential cleetiorij 180 1 p vindicating the Charac- 
ter of James A. Bayard, from the Aspersions of Thomas 
Jefferson ; FaetB in relation to the building of the two 
Greek Frigates; Anniversary Discourse before New 
York Historical Societyj by G. C» Verplanck, etc, 8vo, 
ftaif sheep* 

3929 Pamphlets (6). Relating to the Dudley Observatory- -^ i*^ 

Albany, 1856-64. 

3930 Pamphlets (3). Relating to the North-Eastcrn Bonn- ^ 5 ^ 

dary of the State of Maine, 8vOj half morocco. 

Portland, 1828, 

3931 Pamphlets (4). Relating to the Theatres Royals Lon- ^ i^ 

don; from t be Library of W, E, Burton, 8vo, hidj 
purple calf. London^ 1809-10. 

3932 Pamphlets (8), Relating to the last War with Eng- y^.-- ^ 

land; Report on the Subject of Impressed Seamen; 

Hamilton's Letter on John Adams ; Correspondence be- 
tween Gov. Sullivan and Col. Pickering; David Os- 
good's Solemn Protest against the Declaration of War, 
etc, 8vo, boards, 

3933 Pamphlets (9). Royal Disaaterj or Dangers of a j * 

Queen; The Regent and the King^or a Trip from llart- 
well to Dover ; Pickering's Letter to James Sullivan ; 
Tlic Narrative of Mr. John Soren, a Nutive of the Uni- 



ted States of America, Piratically captured on the High 
Seas, in Requittal for an Act of Humanity, in saving a 
British Transport, with near 300 troops on Board, from 
Sinking; The Crisis, by a Citizen of Vermont, etc. 
8vo, half sheep, gilt. 

/C/l 3934 Pamphlets (7). Samuel Johnson's Remarks on Dr. 
Sherlock's Book, London, Printed for the Author, 
1689; The Christian Hero, by Mr. Steele, London, 
nil ; The Constitution of His Holiness, Pope Clement 
XL, Rome, 1713; Letter to a Friend, concerning the 
Great Sin, <tc., London, 1714; The Great Duty of a 
Decent Behaviour in Church, London, 1716; Of Chil- 
drens' Capacity to receive Religious Listruction, Lon- 
don, 1717 ; and a Discourse showing that the Marriages 
of Such as are near of Kin, are Sinful and Abominable 
now, Under the Gospel, as well as they were Under the 
Law, London,. 1718. 8vo, halfvdlunu 

4/.^' 3935 Pamphlets (7). Selections from the Works of Cobbett; 
Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine ; The Scare- 
Crow, etc. 8vo, half bound, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1796. 

Ji^ 3936 Pamphlets (15). Sermons, <fec. 
^5^3937 Pamphlets (14). Sermons, Addresses, Ac; Port of 
Dr. Benj. Rush. 8vo, half hound. 

/S ^ 3938 Pamphlets (14). Sermons, by Parish, Ware, Holmes, 
Worcester, and other New England Divines. 8vo, 
hoards, uncui, Boston, 1810-21. 

/y/i^ 3939 Pamphlets (9). Several Discourses on Music, aod two 
Masonic, by Nathaniel Adams and Samuel Davis, at the 
Installation of a Lodge in Amherst, 1797. 8vo. 

/^^ ; :^ 3940 Pamphlets (8). Short Account of Algiers, Map, Phila., 
1794; Account of Malignant Fever in Philadelphia, 
Phila., 1 793 ; Features of Mr. Jay^s Treaty, Phila., 1795 ; 
Trial of James Cheetham and others, Phila., 1794; The 
Danger which Threatens Europe, New York, 1795; 
Vindication of Mr. Randolph's Resignation, Phila., 
1795, etc. 8vo, half morocco. 


3941 Pamphlets (6). Stratford, as couaected with Shaka- /(ft^ 

peare; A Peep behind tfic Curtain; Mrs. Bibb's Baby; 
Anderson's Parlor Magic, etc< Ports, and Engravings* 
12mo, half calf. 

3942 Pamphlets (8). T. Clarkson, on Improving the Condi^ J^TO 

tion of British Slaves ; An Es^^ay on the Silk Worm, by 
John T. Sharpless, of Philadelphia ; Lecture on the Nat- 
ural History of New Jersey, by Samuel L, Mitcliell; 
The Virginia edition of the various charges against 
Aaron Burr, by Aristidea, With an Appendix, by a 
Gentleman of North Carolina, Portrait of l>r. Franklin, 
8vo, iheep. 

3943 Pamphlets (27). T. Jonea' Dedication Sermon, Bos^ J f^b 

ton, 1817 ; Peter Whitney's Fast Sermon, Boston, 1 8 12 j 
Reuben PuflFer's Convention Sermon, Boston, ISl I ; The 
Life Boat, a Poem, Boston, 180G, etc. 8vo» half mo- 

3944 Pamphlets (7). The Anti- Jacobin Review and Maga- /- v 

zine, etc. 8vo, halfhomd. 

From the library and witU auiogrnph of J, Q. Percival 

3945 Pamphlets (3). Tlie Eabcl of Quakerism Thrown y^ ^ 

Down, by a Lover of the Truth, London, 1731 ; Infidel- 
ity Scourged, London, 1746, etc. 8vo, half calf rough 

3946 Pamphlets (5). The Fatal Effects of the Present Es- 57? 

cess of Public Charities; The New Highland Adven- 
turer in England ; The Life and Character of Lord Jcf- 
ireys, and Letters Relating to Charles the L 8vo, halj 
hound. London, 1757-64. 

3947 Pamphlets (19). Tiie Fatal and Pernicious Conse- J' /"J 

quences of Mr. Jos. Bellamy's Doetrincs Respecting 
Moral Evil, Boston, 1759 ; Abiel Holmes' National Fast 
Sermon; Nathaniel Patterns Sermon, Preached Jan. 1, 
1758, at Brookline, Wherein is Briefly attempted a Dis- 
covery of the Causes of Our Late National Calami tieSy 
Disappointments and Losses, rery rare, Boston, 1758; 
Election Sermons, Humane Society Disco ui^ses, etc. 
vo, half morocco. 


yc ^ 394:8 Pamphlets (7). The Grotian Religion Discovered, at 
the Invitation of Mr. Thomas Pierce, in his Vindication, 
by Richard Baxter, Catholick, London, 1658; Vindiciae 
Anti-Baxterianae, Or Some Animadversions on a Book 
Intitled Reliquiae Baxterianae, or the Life of Richard 
Baxter, London, 1696, and several other Pamphlets, 
by the Author of the last Piece. ThA Vol. contams a 
gredt number of cotemporary manuscript notes, A printed 
note an the last page, refers to Mrs. Dyar, of New Eng- 
land. Small 8vo, calf. 

^0 3949 Pamphlets (7). The Portfolio. Engravings. 8vo,6oorcfa. 

Philadelphia, 1822. 

•^^ " 3950 Pamphlets (3). The Rights of Property Vindicated, 
Against the Claims of Universal SuflFrage ; The Spirit 
of Despotism, etc. 8vo, half bound. 

f'-?S^ 3951 Pamphlets (11). The Tryal of a Cause for Criminal 
Conversation, between Theophilus Gibber, Gent, Plain- 
tiflF, and William Sloper, Esq., Defendant, London, 1739; 
An Essay towards the Character of Queen Caroline, 
London, 1738 ; A Hue and Cry after a Pack of Hounds, 
London, 1739; Proposal for a Bill to Repeal the Ten 
Commandments, London, 1738. 8vo, half sheep. 

/d^ 3952 Pamphlets (19). The Volume is mostly the Collected 
Works of James Creighton. 8vo, half bound. 

3953 Pamphlets (19). Thoughts on the History of Jacob 
and Esau, Worcester, 1791 ; Pocahontas, or the Gentle 
Savage, etc. 18mo, half sheep. 

-^ ^ 3954 Pamphlets (8). Treatise on Plows and Wheel Car- 
riages, with other Scientific Tracts, American and Eng- 
lish. 8vo, half sheep. 

i C 3955 Pamphlets (14). Two Sermons, by Joseph Buckmins- 
ter, at Rutland, Boston, 1769; Several Sermons by 
Alexander Proudfit, Salem, N. Y., 1805, etc. 12mo, 
in unique binding. 


3956 Pamphlets (9). War without Disguise, or the Frauds ^^^ 

of Neutral Commerce, printed in America, 1807; An 
Answer to *' War in Disguise ; " Plan for Preventing 
and Punishing Atrocious^ Crimes ; Porcupine's Politi- 
cal Censor; Two relating to the French Minister Adet, 
etc. Autograph of J. G. Percival. 8vo, half bound. 

3957 Panama (The) Massacre of American Citizens, April, ^ 

1866. PrirUed for Private Circulation. Imp. 8vo, 
pp. 69. Panama, New Granada, 1857. 

3958 Panizzi (A) on the Supply of Printed Books from the <"5 ^ 

Library to the Reading Room of the British Museum. 
8vo, pp. 29. (London,) mdcccxlvi. 

3959 Papacy in the Nineteenth Century ; Answer to Six ^ ^ 

Months in a Convent ; and Nunneries in France. 3 

3960 Papers Relating to the Arctic Expedition in Search J ^ 

of Sir John Franklin. Maps. Polio, pp. 156, half mo- 
rocco. London, Published by Authority of the 

British Parliament, 1850. 

3961 Papers in Relation to the Official Conduct of Gover- ^i^ 

nour Sargent. 8vo, pp. 64, uncut. Boston, 1801. 

3962 Paradise (The) of Fools, or the Wonderful Adventures J J ^ 

of Beelzebub Bubble. 12mo. Baltimore, 1841. 

3963 Paris (J. A.) Pharmacologia, the Theory and Art of -? S ^ 

Prescribing. With Notes by Charles A. Lee, M. D. 
8vo, chih. New York, 1846. 

3964 Parisian Sights and French Principles, seen through ^ C 

American Spectacles. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1852. 

3965 Parish Will Case in the Court of Appeals. The J i^ 

Statement of Facts and Opinions of the Court. Royal ^ 

8vo, pp. 123-43. New York, mdccclxii. 

3966 Parish Will Case. Opinion of Hon. S. L. Selden, and ^^ C 
Extracts from the Testimony. 2 Pamphlets. 8vo. 


I Jo 3967 Parish Will Case. 2 Pamphlets. 

JS^ 3968 Park (John C.) Address at a Meeting of the Descen- 
dants of Richard Haven. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1844. 

^ f 3969 Park (Mungo). Travels in tho Interior of Africa, in 
the years 1795-96-97. Plate. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1800. 

^ ^ ^ 3970 Park (Thomas). An Oration delivered in the College- 
Hall, at Providence, Auj^. 13, 1788, on the Death of 
Mr. Nathan Merrick. 8vo, pp. 16. Rare. 

Providence, (1788.) 

^^ 3971 Park (Roswell). A Hand-Book for American Travel- 
lers in Europe. 12mo, cloth. New York, mdcccliii. 

-^ ^ 3972 Parker (N. Howe). Iowa as it Is. Embracing a fall 
Description of the State of Iowa. With numerous 
Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. Chicago, 1855. 

^ ^ ^ 3973 Parker (Nathan). A Discourse occasioned by the 
Death of the Rev. Joseph Buckminster, of Portsmouth, 
who died June 10, 1812. 4to, pp. 22. 

Portsmouth, 1812. 

3974 Parker (R. G.) Exercises in Composition. 12mo, 
boards. Boston, 1833. 

^ ^ 3975 Parker. Progressive Exercises in Rhetorical Reading. 
12mo, boards. Boston, 1835. 

// 2 3976 Parker (Sam.) A Free and Impartial Censure of the 
Platonick Philosophic. Small 4to, half calf, antique. 

Oxford, 1666. 

From the library of John AUan. 

^0 3977 Parker (Theodore). Pamphlets (47), consisting of 
Sermons, Orations, Essays, &c., together with a number 
of Sermons preached on the occasion of his Death, and 
other tracts in various ways concerning him. 

y J^ 3978 Parkman (Francis). A Survey of God's Providence in 
the Establishment of the Churches of New England. 
8vo, pp. 25. Boston, 1814. 


3979 Parkhurst (Nathaniel). Ten Select Dit^cour.^egj treat- /^ 

ing of England's Guilt, etc. Svo, sheep, London, 1 706, 

3980 Parnassian (A) Shop opened in the Pindaric Style, J^ ^^^ 

12mo, boards, uncut, Boston, 1S01< 

3981 Parravicini (L. A.) Giannetto Letture Pe Franciulli S ^ 

E Pel Popolo. 4 Vols. iJ^mo, paper unmi, 

Livorno, 1839. 

3982 Parry (James). Memoir of Rosa Bonlieur. 8vo, pp. J ^ '^ 

64. New York, 1857.. 

3983 Parsons (Jonathan). Freedom from Civil and Ecclesi- y &. C^ 

astical Slavery, the purchase of Christ A Disconrse 
oflFered to a numerous Assembly, on March the Fifth, 
1774, at the Presbyterian MeetingHouse, in Newbury- 
port 4to, pp. 19. 

Newburyportj New Encfland, (17T4.) 
One of ike Boston Massacre Series, dcdieat«d to John H&ncock. 

3984 Parsons (Joseph). Two Sermons preached at Brad- 4^^'^ 

ford, March 11 and 25, 1743, 8vo, pp. 30. 

Boston, 1744, 

3985 Parsons (J. U.) The Biblical Analysis, or a Topical ^ ^ 

Arrangement of the Instructiona of the Holy Scriptures. 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1837. 

3986 [Parsons (Theodore) and Pearson (Eliphalet).] A/_,^, 

Forensic Dispute on the Legality of Eti^^laving the Af- 
ricans, held at the Public Commencement iu Cambridge, 
New England, July 21st, 1773, by Two Caadidates for 

the Bachelor's Degree. 12 mo, pp* 4S, unan. Rare, 

Boston, 1773. 

3987 [Parsons (T.)] Result of the Convention of Delegates ' J^ JJ y ^ 

holden at Ipswich, in the County of Essex, who were 
Deputed to take into Coasideration the Conalitution 
and Form of Government, proposed by tlie Convention 
of the State of Massaohusetts-Bay. 8vo, pp. 68. 
Scarce. Ncwburyport, 1778> 

3988 Parsons (Theophilus). Essays. l^mo^cIatL 

Boflton, 1845. 



/ { 3989 Pabticulab (A) Narrative of the Imprisoiimeiit of two 
Non-conformist Ministers, and Prosecution or Trial of 
one of them, for Preaching a Sermon in the City of 
New York. 4to, rough edges, title page and one leaf 
of Epistle to Reader f missing. New York, 1707. 

3990 Parton (James). Life of J. J. Astor, to which is 
appended, a Copy of his last Will. 12mo. 

New York, 1865. 

^' 3991 Passion Flowers. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1854. 

3992 Past (The), The Present, and The Future. 8vo, pp. 
40. 1851. 

Jt^ 3993 Patent Office Reports, 1831, 1843-44, 1847-61, com- 
plete, mostly in chth, but a few in sheets, stitched. 40 
Vols. Washington, v.y. 

A wt of Patent Office Reports so nearlj complete is seldom met with. 

/ . 3994 Patbbson (Daniel). A Travelling Dictionary. 8vo, 
sheep. London, 1787. 

i ^ L^ 3995 Patinum (Carolum). Imperatorum Romanorum Numis- 
mata ex sere Medias et Minima Form®. Port, and 
many hundreds of Illastrations. Folio, cal/f gilt. 

Amstelodami, Apud Georgium Gallet, Bibliopolam, 


/>^ 3996 Patriot (The). Folio, pp. 4. Boston, N. E., 1714 

/l' 3997 Patriots of the Revolution. The Old Roll of Fame. 
8vo, pp. 20. Boston, ( 1 864) 

J^^ 3998 Patriotic Addresses to the President, 1798, with the 
President's Answers. 12mo, she^. Boston, 1798. 

3999 Patten (Thomas). The Christian Apology. 8vo, pp. 
30. New Haven, 1757. 

6"^^ 4000 Patten (William). A Discourse occasioned by the 
Death of the Rev. President Stiles. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut. 

Exeter, mdccxcv. 

• 4001 Paitl and Virginia, in French. Plate. l6mo, calf gilt. 

A Paris, 1789. 



4002 Paulding (J. K.) The Merry Tales of the Three Wise 

Men of Gotham. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1839. 

4003 Payne (A. R.) The Geral-Milco, or the Narrative of 

a Residence in a Brazilian Valley. Map and Dlustra^ 
tions. 12mo, hoards. New York, 1852. 

4004 Pazos (Vicente). Letters on the United Provinces of ^^7 

South America, addressed to the Hon. Henry Clay, ^ 
Map. 8vo, hoards^ uncut. New York, 1819. 

4005 Pbabody (Andrew P.) Lectures on Christian Doctidne. ^ ^ 

1 2mo, cloth. Boston, 1 844. 

4006 Peabody. Re-opening of the Church of the South Par- /^ 

ish, in Portsmouth, N. H. 16mo, cloth. 

Portsmouth, 1859, 

4007 Peabody. Sermons for Children. \6mo, cloth. ^^ 

Boston, 1866, 

4008 Peabody (Oliver). Sermon at the Ordination of Mr. Jq 

James Brigham, June 9th, 1736. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Boston, MDCCxxxvr. 

4009 Peace, Advocate of. 219 Nos. Boston, v.y. {C 

4010 Pead (D.) Parturiunt Montes, Ac, or Lewis and Clem 5 ^ 

ent taken in their own snare. 8vo, pp. 16. 

London, 1709, 

4011 Pearse (James). A Narrative of the Life of. PartL — 'J fV 

Containing a General Account of his Early Life. 
Part n. — Containing an Account of his Unfortunate 
Lnprisonment, at Plattsburgh, in the State of New 
York, certified by a number of gentlemen who were 
acquainted with the circumstances of his imprisonment. 
\2mo, sheep. Scarce. Rutland, 1825. 

4012 Peatehmann (Augustus). Historical Summary of the * 

Search for Sir John Franklin. 8vo, pp. 30. (s.l.s.a,) 

PrWateiy Printed. 

4013 Peck (Charles E.) Tourists* Companion. Illustrated i ^ 

by numerous Engravings, Maps and Charts. 16ma^ 
cloth. Buffalo, 1845. 



J 4014 Peck (J. M,) Gazetteer of Illinois, in Three Parts, 
containing a General View of the State, a General 
View of each County, and a Particular Description of 
each Town. 12mo, cloth. Jacksonville, 1834. 

^ ? i"" 4015 Peck (John). A | Description 1 of the | Last Judgment,] 
with I some Reflections thereon. | The Happiness of be- 
ing Ready, | and the Misery of being Unready for | such 
a day ; | Also, | a Poem on Death, | and | on the Resur- 
rection. I Two Engravings. 8vo, pp. 31. Very rare. 

Boston, 1773. 

^i''40l6 Peep (A) into Catharine Street, or the Mysteries of 
Shopping. By a Late Retailer. Svo, pp. 25. 

New York, 1846. 

j^ 40n Peep (A) Into the Sanctuary, being a succinct examina- 
tion of the Right Rev. B. T. Onderdonk, Bishop of New 
York. Svo, pp. 32, uncut. Boston, 1845. 

^^ 4018 Peep (A) Into the Synagogue. Svo, halfcaCf. 

London, (s.a.) 

^ C 4019 Pelham (Wm.) A System of Notation, representing the 
sounds of Alphabetical Characters, by a New Applica- 
tion of the Accentual Marks in present use. 12mo, 
boards y uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1808. 

y ; 4020 Pembebton (Ebenezer). Sermons and Discourses on 
Several Occasions, by the late Reverend and Learned 
Ebenezer Pemberton, A. M., Pastor of the South Church 
in Boston. 8vo, sheep. London, MDCCXXvn. 

/ 4021 Penington (John). Chemical and Economical Essays. 
Chemistry, and the application of that Science to some 
of the Arts and Manufactures of the U. S. A. Svo, 
half bound. Philadelphia, mdccxc. 

^ ' 4022 Penry (John). Historic of Corah, Dathan, and Abi- 
ram, &c. By Mr. John Penry, a Martyr of Jesus 
Christ. 4to, pp. 45. (London,) 1609. 

^\ 402a Penn (William). No Cross, No Crown. The Eighth 
Edition, corrected. Svo, calf. Two pages supplied in 
manuscript. Leeds, 1743. 





4024 Penn. No Cross, No Crown, 2 Vols, in one. Firat Ji^ 

Yol- wants title page- 8v<>, half calf. Boston, 1747* 

4025 PENJf. Fruits of Solitude in Reflections and Maxima re- / 6 

lating to the Conduct of Human Life- In same Vol, 
Hia Ad™e to His Cliildren, 2 Vols, in onc< 12aiOj 
sheep, Philadelphia^ 1794- 

4026 Penkbcuick (Alexander), An Historical Sketch of the J O 

Bine Blanket, or Craftsmen 'a Banner. 8vo, boards. 
Scarce, Edinburgh, 1722- 

Manuscript title [M^ge^ 

4027 Pennsylvania Colonial Records. Minutes of the Se- ^ S ^ 

premc Executive Councilj from its Organization, to the 

Termination of the Revolution. 16 Vols. 8vo, half 

turkey morocco ^ 

Philadelphia and Harrisborgh, 1852-53, 

A Tcrj ^e set. 

4028 Pennsyltanta Archives, selected and arranged from-y^^"* 

Original Documents in the Office of the Secretary of 
the Commonwealth. By Samuel Hazard, 11 Vols. 

8vo, The first nine umform with the preceding ivorlct the 
otJwrs in half calf Philadelphia, 1 854—55. 

4029 Pennsylvania (The) Hermit, a Narrative of the extra- f i^ 

ordinary Life of Amos Wilson. Engravings. 8vo, pp. 
2 t, uncuL Philadelphia, 1839, 

4030 Perciv^ai. {James G.) Elegant Extracts. Vol, HL /^^ 

Port. 8vO| boardsj uncut. Boston, 1826, 

4031 PERE0RINE 'm France. A Lounger's Journal. 8vo, pp. J' i ^ 

98. London, 1816. 

4032 Fehicop^ Evangelic^, 2 Yols, in one, 8vo, half calf, i ^ 

Lipsiaj, 1796. 

4033 Perkins (Eliza). Memoirs, Moral Productions, and :? -"^ 

Selections of, 12mo, boards. New York, 1823. 

4034 Perley (Jeremiah). Debates, Resolutions^ and other f *- 

Pro<*eedings of the Convention of Delegates assembled 
art Portland, Oct, 1819, for the purpose of forming a 
Constitution for the State of MaiDC, 12mo, rotfgh odj^es. 
Scarce. Portland, 1820. 



/C 4035 Perpetual War, the Policy of Mr. Madison. 8vo, pp. 
119, fmc-w/. Boston, 1812. 

J {} 4036 Perrault (Charles). Contes des Fees. Orn^s de 
Figures. (Colored.) 32mo, half morocco. Paris, (s.a.) 

5 ' 4037 Perrin (John). The Elements of French and English 
Conversation. 24mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1832. 

// *^4038 Perry (Chas.) A View of the Levant, particularly of 
Constantinople, Syria, Egypt, and Greece. Numerous 
fine Plates. Folio, cal/j gilt. London, mdccxuii. 

/ ^^ 4039 Perry (William). The Royal Standard English Dic- 
tionary. Sheep. Brookfield, Mass., 1806. 

5^^*^4040 Perry (William S.) A Century of Episcopacy m 
Portland. 8vo, pp. 16. Portland, 1863. 

PriTatdy Printed. 

// Z 4041 Personal Narrative of the First Voyage of Columbus 
to America, from a Manuscript recently Discovered in 
Spain. Translated from the Spanish. 8vo, boardsj 
uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1827. 

'^^ 4042 Peters (J. R., Jr.) The Chinese Museum, Boston. 
Svo, pp. 187. Boston, 1846. 

< ^ ^ 4043 Petitpierrb (F. 0.) Thoughts on Divine Goodness 
displayed in Future Rewards and Punishments. 12mo, 
sheep. Walpole, N. H., 1801. 

-^ S> 4044 Pfeiffer (Ida). A Journey to Iceland, and Travels in 
Sweden and Norway. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1852. 

/i 4045 Pfeiffer. A Lady's Voyage Round the World. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1852. 

>" 4046 Pksjdri Fabulffi Expurgate. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1827. 

y 4047 Pharmacopoeia Nosocomii Neo-Eboracensis, or the 

Pharmacopoeia of the New York Hospital. Svo, half 

bound. New York, 1816. 

Aatograph of J. G. Peroival. 


4048 Pharmacopceu (The) of the Massachusetts Medical So- J 2) 

ciety. 12mo, hoardsy uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1808. 

Autograph of J. Q. PeroiyaL 

4049 Pharmacofceia (The) of the United States of America. 3^ 

8vo, sprinkled coif. . Philadelphia, 1851. 

4050 Phelps (Austin). The Still Hour, or Communion with 6 ^ 

God. 24mo, clo^. Boston, 1860. 

4051 Phelps (Egbert). Modern Benevolence, a Satire. 8vo, ^ S^ 

pp. 37. New York, 1860. . 

4052 Phenix (The). A Collection of Old and Rare Frag- J 2 ^^ 

ments. 12mo, Aoari*. Rare. New York, 1835. 

4053 Phillips (Henry, Jr.) Historical Sketches of Ameri- y^)r^^ 

can Paper Currency. 2 Vols. Royal 4to, half crimson 

turkey morocco, extra, by Bradstreet, gilt top, rough edges. 

Roxbury, 1865. 
Large paper, edidon onlj 60 oopiee. 

4054 Phillips. The same. Pcap 4to, half green turkey J^ 

morocco, extra, gilt top, rough edges. 

Roxbury, 1865. 
Edition 200 oopiee. 

4055 Phillips (J. T.) A Compendious Way of Teaching 

Ancient and Modem Languages. 8yo, sheep. 

London, icdccl. 

4056 Philosophy in Sport. Vol. L 24mo, half morocco. -5 ^ 

Philadelphia, 1828. 

4057 Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation. A Book for the / ^ 

Times. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1841. 

4058 Philosophical Theories and Philosophical Experience. <r b'^ 

By A. Pariah. Cap 8vo, cloth. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1841. 

4059 Phillips (Samuel). The Orthodox Christian ; | or, | A /^ Z. 

Child, I well instructed in the | Principles [ of the | 
Christian Religion, | Exhibited in a Discourse by way of 
Catechising. 1 12mo, slieep. Very scarce. 

Boston, Printed by S. Kneeland and T. Green, for 
D. Henchman, in Cornhill, 1738. 



S^ 4060 Phonic (The) Primer and Primary Reader. 12mo, 
boards. Boston, 1865. 

/^ '4061 Physiology (The) of Marriage. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1856. 

J I 4062 Physiology (The) of Marriage, containing a vast 
amount of Valuable and Important Information to the 
Married, and those about to be Married. 12mo, clothy 
gilt. Boston, 1867. 

Contams the rare portrait of the Old Physician, which is usually left out 

/O 4063 Physiological (The) Effects of Alcoholic Drinks. 

12mo, hoards. Boston, 1848. 

Autograph of J. C. WarreiL 

4064 Pickering (John). A Vocabulary, or Collection of 
Words and Phrases, which have been supposed to be 
peculiar to the United States of America. 8vo, hoardi, 
uncut. Boston, 1816. 

/ 6 4065 Pickering (John, Jr.) An Oration delivered on the 
Fourth of July, 1804, at St. Peter's Church, in Salem, 
Massachusetts. Svo, pp. 24. Salem, 1804. 

^ J ^ 4066 Pickering. Eulogy on Nathaniel Bowditch, LL. D., 
May 29, 1838. 8vo, pp. 101. Boston, 1838. 

Jo 4067 Pickering (Theoph.) The Rev. Mr. Pickering's. Let- 
ters to the Rev. N. Rogers and Mr. D. Rogers, of Ips- 
wich, with their Answer to Mr. Pickering^s First Let- 
ter, as also his Letter to the Rev. Mr. Davenport, of 
Long Island. 8vo, pp. 20. Very scarce. 

Boston, 1742. 

> 4068 Pickering (Hon. Timothy). Letter on the imminent 
danger of an Unnecessary and Ruinous War. 8^o, pp. 
16. Boston, 1808. 

i 4069 PiCKERONiAD (The), or Exploits of Paction, Celebrated 
in Mock-Heroic-Al, Serio-Comic-Al, Hudibrastic-Al, and 
Quissic-Al Numbers. Illustrated with Explanatory 
Notes. By Ralpho Risible, Esq., Poet-Laureat to their 
Most Dis-honourable Honours, the Grand Knights of 
the Most Sublime Order of the Essex Junto, <fec. Svo, 
pp. 36. Scarce. Newburyport, 1811. 



4070 Picture (The) of London for 1808, with two large i^ 

MapS; and several Views. 24mo, caJf. London, 1808. 

4071 PrCTUBE (The) of Dublin. Maps. 12mo, boards^ vnau. Y 

Dublin, (s.a,) 

4072 PiDGEON (William). Traditions of De-coo-dah, and An- /, -p 

tiquarian Researches : Comprising Extensive Explora* 
tions, Surveys, Excavations of the Woaderful and Mys- 
terious Earthen Remains of the ilouiid-Buildera in 
America. With Seventy Engravings* 8vo, dolh. 

New York, 1858. 

4073 Pierce (John). Brookline Jubilee. 8to, pp, 72, /P"^^ 


4074 PiERPONT (John). The National Reader, 12mo, ^i*?ep- 5^ 

New York, (s.a.) 

4075 PiERPONT. Sabbath Recreations. 24mo, cloth. /C 

Boston, 1839, 

4076 Pike (J. G.) A Guide for Young Disciples. 24mo, i ^ 

half morocco. New York, (s**^) 

4077 Pike (M. S.) Creola, or the Slave and Minstrel. Sro, / /^ 

pp. 53. Boston, 1850. 

Sappr«8Bedy edition deetxoyed. 

4078 Pike (Nicolas). A New and Complete System ol y 

Arithmetic for the United States. 8vo, sh^p. Fine 
copy. Boston, 1808. 

4079 Pike (R. W. C.) Mnemonic Chart. Large Eroad^ 

sheet. Rochester, if- Y. 

4080 Pike (Samuel). A Compendious Hebrew Lexicon, J ^ 

adapted to the English Language, and Composed upon 
a New Commodious Plan, to which is annexed, a Brief 
Account of the Construction and Rationale of the He- 
brew Tongue. 8vo, :fhe€p. London, mdcclxvi, 

4081 PiLSBURY (Amos). Sketch of the Life and Public Ser* 5 {- 

vices of. In same Vol., the First Edition of same work. 
Port. 8vo, pp. 44-24, cloth, uncut. Albany, 1 860. 


20 4082 PiNCKNET (Charles). Three Letters: First, on the 
Case of Jonathan Bobbins ; Second, on the . Recent 
Captures of American Vessels by British Cruisers; 
Third, on the Right of Expatriation. 8vo, pp. 65, un- 
cut. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1799. 

V ^ 4083 PiNCKNEr. The Same. 8vo, half morocco^ top giltj ufi- 
cut. Philadelphia, 1799. 

J l) 4084 PiNKERTON ( John). A General Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, from the Earliest Ages to the Present 
Time. Illustrated and Adorned with numerous Engra- 
vings. 26 Nos. 4to, uncut. Philadelphia, 1809. 

^^ 4085 Pious Thoughts, by a Lady of Boston. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1834 

J S ^ 4086 Pious (The) Minstrel, a Collection of Sacred Poetry. 
Port. 16mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1832. 

/ C' 4087 Piper (H. H.) Sunday Evenings. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

London, 1833. 

^ 5 ^ 4088 PiRATiaAL Barbarity, or the Female Captive, comprising 
the particulars of the Capture of the English Sloop, 
Eliza Ann, and the Horrid Massacre of the Unfortunate 
Crew, by the Pirates, March 12, 1825, and of the un- 
parelleled sufferings of Miss Lucretia Parker, a passen- 
ger on board said sloop. 12mo, pp. 36. 

New York, (1825.) 

^ ' 4089- Pitt (Caleb). An Essay on the Philosophy of Chris- 
tianity. 12mOf calf. London, 1796. 

^' ^ 4090 Pitcairn's Island, and its Inhabitants. With an Au- 
thentic Account of the Mutiny of the Ship Bounty. 
24mo, cloth. New York, 1832. 

4091 Plain (A) and Earnest [ Address | from | Minister | to | a 
Parishioner, | on | the Neglect of the Publick Worship, | 
and I Preaching of the Gospel. | 8vo, pp. 26. 

Salem, 1771. 


4092 Plain (A) and Seasonable Address to the Free-Holders / ^ 

of Great Britain, on the Present Posture of AflFairs in 
America. 8vo, pp. 21. Scarce. London, mdcclvl 

4093 Plain and Simple Rules for Preservation of Health and /- *• 

Vigour, from Infancy to Old Age. 24mo, calf, 

Philadelphia, 1831. 

4094 Plain Directions on Domestic Economy. Svo, pp. 16. ^ ' 

New York, 1821. 

4095 Plain Talk and Friendly Advice to Domestics, with C 

Counsel on Home Matters. 12mo, cloth. . 

Boston, 1855, 

4096 Plain Truth, addressed to the Inhabitants of America, / 1"^ 

containing Remarks on a late Pamphlet, entitled. Com* 
mon Sense. Written by Candidus, 8vo, pp. 84. 

Philadelphia, 1776. 

4097 Plain Truth, containing Remarks on a late Pamphlet, 
entitled. Common Sense. 12mo, pp. 84. (s.l.s.a.) 

4098 Plan (A) for a United Company of British Manufactu- 

rers. 8vo, pp. 25. London, 1798. 

4099 Plan (The) of a Society for making Provisions for Wid- 

ows, by Annuities for the remainder of Life, and For 
granting Annuities to Persons after certain Ages. With 
the Proper Tables for calculating what must be paid by 
the several Members in order to secure the said Advan- 
tages. By William Gordon. 8vo, pp. 35, uncut. 

Boston, 1772. 

4100 Platform | (A) | Of | Church Discipline | Gathered out of / J _ 

the I Word of God,| And Agreed upon | By the Elders 
and Messengers of the Churches,] Assembled in the I Sy- 
nod, I At Cambridge, in N. E. | To be presented to the 
Churches and General Court, for their Conside- 1 ration 
and Acceptance -in the Lord, the 8th Month, Anno 1649. | 
4to, title, 5 prel. 1., pp. 33. 1 1. table of contents, Jialfcalf 
antique. The first edition, exceedingly rare. 

Cambridge : Printed by Marmaduke Johnson, 1671, 

^ 408 


fy- 4101 Platporm (A) of ; Chorch-Discipline, ; Gathered out of 
the Word of God, and Agreed upon by the ,' Elders and 
[ Xfessensrers Of the Churches assembled in the Synod 

, At Cambridge, in N. E.j To be presented to the Church- 

I es and General Court, for their Consideration and Ac- 

I ceptanco in \ the Lord, the 8th Month, Anno 1649.; 8vo, 

[ pp. XVI.-40 ; app. - 1. ; 3 L not numbered ; 1 p. contents, 

I half crimson turkey morocco ; very rare. 

\ Boston, Printed by J. Allen, at the Sign 

of the Bible, nn. 

^ - * 4102 Platform (A) of Church-Discipline, Gathered out of the 
Word of God, and agreed upon by the Elders and Mes- 
sengers Of the Churches assembled in the Synod at 
Cambridge, in New England. To be presented to the 
Churches and General Court, for their Consideration 
and Acceptance in the Lord, the 8th Month, Anno 1648. 
8vo, pp. 64, uncut Rare. Boston, mdcclxhl 

j' t 4103 Playfair (William). The History of Jacobinism. Its 
Crimes, Cruelties and Perfidies, comprising An Inquiry 
Into the manner of Disseminating, under the Appearance 
of Philosophy and Virtue, Principles which are equal- 
ly Subversive of Order, Virtue, Religion, Liberty and 
Happiness. With an Appendix, by Peter Porcupine, 
containing a History of the American Jacobins common- 
ly denominated Democrats. 2 Vols. 8vo, boards, im- 
cut. * Philadelphia, 1796. 

- ' V 4104 Plea (A) for the Poor Soldiers, Or an Essay to De- 
monstrate that the Soldiers and other Public Creditors, 
Who really and actually supported the Burden of the 
late War, Have not been paid, ought to be paid, can be 
paid, and must be paid. 8vo, pp. 33. Scarce. 

New Haven, mdccxc. 

4105 Pleasant (A) Peregrination Through the Prettiest Parts 
of Pennsylvania. Performed by Peregrine Prolix. 
24mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1836. 


4106 [Plinth (OctaTius)]. The Works of. Boing a Confi- y^T^ 

dential Communioation. by Sylvan, Euomy to Humnti 

Diseases; and Continuation of tho Confidential C(uii- 

munication intended for the (General Benefit of the Af- 

fllcted. 2 Vols. 8vo, paper, wicut. Very rare. 

Providence, 1813-15. 

OoUTios Plinth, better known m Sflvan, or the Rain Water Doctor, fbr- 
merljlWedet Dedham, Man; he wae drownfd In a barrel of rain 
water In IHlf^ Nothing la knownof his early history, but he was futk4 
of asnrting that he was soTeral hundred yean of age, gravely olaim- 
ing to have lited upwards of 660 years. His works are now tery 
ioaroe. For another Vol. , aee No. 186(k 

4107 Plouqh-Boy (The). From June 5, 1819, to May 27, - >^ 

1820. 4to, pp. 416, half bound. Albany, 1819-20. 

4108 Plumer (William, Jr.) Life of William Plumer. With 

a Sketch of the Author's Life. By A. P. Peaboily. 
Port. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1857. 

4109 Plumbr. War-Songs and Ballads, from the Old Tvs- ^ ^ ^ 

tament. 16mo, pp. 68, wictU. Boston, 184(>. 

4110 Plutarch's Lives, the translation called Drydon's. Cor* ^ ' /^ ^ 

rected from tho Greek, and Revised by A. IL Clough* 
6 Vols. Imp. 8vo, cloth, edges uncut. Boston, l8l*fK 

Large paper, 100 oopiea printed. 

4111 Plymouth. Sermons (13) and other Discourses i*cla 

ting to the Pilgrims; includes Allyn^s Sermon, 1801 ; 
Holmes 1806, and Cushman*8 Sermon preached 162 L 

4112 Pocket (A) Dictionary of the Spanish and English Lnri* j C 

guages. 2\mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 18214. 

4113 PoBMS, by Antliony Pasquin. 2 Vols. 12mo, half nw- 

rocco. London, (1789,) 

4114 Poems by Louisa Blake. 12mo, morocco gilt, gili edges. 

Boston, 1832. 

4115 Poems on several Occurrences in tho PrCvSont Grand 

Struggle for American Liberty. 12mo, pp. 24; rvnj 
rare. Chatham, 177;*. 

M ^ 


^ "> ^ 


/i"S 4116 PoOTS (The) Ramble after Riches, or a Night's Trans- 
actions Upon the Road, Barlesqa'd ; With Reflections 
on a Dissenting Corporation; Together With the Au- 
thor's Lamentations in the time of Adversity. 4to, haij 
calf, both rare and curious* London, 1691. 

Af c^ 4117 Poetical (A) Account of the American Campaigns of 

1812 and 1813, with some slight sketches relating to 

the Party Politics which Governed the United States 

during the; War, and at its Commencement. Dedicated 

to the People of Canada, by the Publisher. 8vo, 

hoards J unctU. Halifax, 1815. 

"' A nve and omions book." 

/^ 4118 Poland. 12mo, pp. 19. New York, 1834 

5 " 4119 Poles (The) in the United States of America, 24mo, 
boards. Philadelphia, 1837. 

5" ^ 4120 Police Record of the The Spies, Smugglers, and Rebel 
Emissaries in Tennessee. Ports. 8vo, boards. 

Philadelphia, 1863. 

^ 4121 Politics and Literature in Europe and America, for the 

year 1827. 24mo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1828. 

i^ 4122 Politics for American Farmers. 8vo, pp. 96, uncut. 

Washington City, 1807. 
"^^ 4123 PouTiCAL and Moral Justice, or the Principles of a 
Free Government Supported by the Highest Authori- 
ties. 8vp, pp. 15. s.l.8.a, 

yc 4124 Political Progress of Britain, or an Impartial History 
of Abuses in the Government of the British Empire in 
Europe, Asia and America, from the Revolution in 
1688, to the present time. 8vo, pp. 120, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1795. 

4125 Political (The) Detection, or the Treachery and Tyr- 
anny of Administration, both at Home and Abroad, 
Displayed in a Series of Letters signed Junius Ameri- 
canus. 8vo, pp. 151. Rare. London, 1770. 

4126 Political (The) Mirror, or Review of Jacksonism. 

24mo, cloth. New York, 1835. 



4127 PoLTAirtHUS (The). 12mo, half hound. Imperfect. /^ 


4128 PoMFBET ( John). Poems upon several occasions. 12mo, ^ ^^^ 

boardsf uncut. Boston, 171)4* 

4129 Pond (Enoch). Pope and Pagan, or the Similarity be- -^ ^ 

tween Popery and Paganism. 24mo, cloth. 

Portland, 1846. 

j 4130 Pond. Swedenborgianism Reyiewed. I2m0f cloth. -< ^^ 
I Portland, 1846. 

4131 Pond. The World's Salvation. 24mo, cZo^A. ^^ 

Boston, 1845. 

4132 PooLE(W. P.) An Alphabetical Index, to Subjects ^ ^^^ 
treated in the Reviews, and other Periodicals, to which 
no Indexes have been published. Svo, half morocco. 

New Haven, 1848. 

4133 PooLB. An Index to Periodical Literature* Syo, dot h. J^U^^ 

New York, 1853. 

4134 Poor (Alfred). Historical and Genealogical Researches, J> ^ 'D 
and Record of Passing Events of Merrimack Valley. 
Numerous Engravings. Folio, rfa^. Haverhill, 1858. 

4135 Poor (John A.) Address at Fort Popham, 1862. 8vo, /^ ^ 
pp. 58. New York, 1863. 

4136 Poor Richard's Almanac, as Written by Benj. Franklin, 5 ^ 
for the Years 1739, 1.740, 1741. 12mo, pp. 48. 

New York, 1851. 

4137 Pope (Alexander). An Essay on Man, with Notes, by 5^ 
William Warburton, M. A. 8vo, pp. 50. 

Boston, 1787. 

4138 Pope (Charles). Journal of Trade, 1845. 8vo, cloth. V 

London, 1845. 

4139 PoRTEUS (B.) Lectures on the Gospel of St Matthew. ^ "^ 
18mo, boards. London, 1824. 

4140 PoRTEUS. Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew. 5^^ 
1 2mo, doth. Pliiladelphia, 1829. 


^ J 4141 Porter (Charles S.) A Semi-Centeimial Discourse, de- 
livered Oct. 1, 1851, at Plymouth, Mass. 8vo, pp. 47. 

Boston, 1851. 

7 4142 Porter. Centennial Discourses (6). Valuable as Local 

S^^ 4143 Porter (David). Journal of a Cruise made to the Pa- 
cific Ocean, in the United States Frigate Essex, in the 
years 1812-13-14. Engravings. 2 Vols, in one. 8vo, 
half morocco. New York, 1822. 

yS^ 4144 Porter (Eliphalet). A Sermon delivered to the First 
Religious Society, in Roxbury, Dec. 11, 1783, being the 
First Day of Public Thanksgiving, in America, after the 
Restoration of Peace, and the Ultimate Acknowledge- 
ment of her Independence. 8vo, pp. 24, uncta. Bare. 

Boston, 1784. 

/^ 4145 Porter. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. J. G. 
Palfrey, Boston, June 17, 1818. 8vo, pp. 35 uncut. 

Boston, 1818. 
y^^ 4146 Portico (The). A Repository of Science and Litera- 
ture. Conducted by two men of Padua. 4 Vols., half 
bound. Baltimore, 1816--18. 

/ ^ 4147 Portion (A) of the Secret History of the American 
Revolution. 8vo, pp. 14. Washington, 1860. 

.^V 4148 Portrait of LB,fB,jetie, printed on cotton cloth, for use a* 
a handkerchief. 

J "> "^ 4149 Positive Facts,versus Envious Assertions, being an Impar- 
tial Review and Refutation of all the charges preferred 
against Gov. Clinton, by a Candid Virginian. 8vo,pp. 
87. (8.1.) 1823. 

: 4150 Potter (Alonzo). The School, Its Objects, Relations 
and Uses, with a Sketch of the Education most needed 
in the United States ; the Present State of Common 
Schools, the best means of Improving them, and the 
Consequent Duties of Parents,' Trustees, Inspectors, Ac. 
Plates. 12mo, half bound. New York, 1842. 



4151 PoTTEB (A.) The DrinkiDg Usages, of Society. 12mo, ^^ 

pp. 36. Boston, 1853. 

4152 PoTTEB (Elisha R.) Considerations on the Rhode Island ^ ^ 

Question. 8vo, pp. 84 Boston, 1842. 

4153 PouCHOT (M.) Memoires snr la Dernierre Guerre de 6^" -^ 

L'Amerique, Septentrionale entre La Prance et L'An- 
gleterre, Suivis d'Observations dont plusieurs sont rel- 
atives au theatre actuel de la guerre & de nouveaux d^- 
t^ils, sur les moeurs & les usages des Sauvages avec des 
cartes topographiques. Par M. Pouchot, Chevalier d6 
rOrdre Royal & Millitaire de St. Louis, ancien Capa- 
tine au R6giment de B6am. Commandant des forts 
de Niagara & de L6vis en Canada. 3 Vols. 12mo, Juilf 
calf. Yverdon, mdcclxxxi. 

This work is so soaroe, that when Br. Hough made his transUtion he 
found it impossible to purchase a copy. 

4.154 PoucHOT. A translation of the preceding Work, by Dr. / J "& 
Franklin B. Hough. Numerous Plates, Maps and other 
Illustrations. 2 Vols. Royal 4to, /lalf crimson turkey 
morocco, extra, by Bradstreet, gilt top, rough edges. 

Roxbury, 1866. 

4155 Pouchot. The same Work. 2 Vols. Royal 8vo, S^^'^ 

binding as above. Roxbury, 1866. 

4156 PoucHOT. The Same. 2 Vols. Bx)jb1 ^io, half crimson y 5 * — 

turkey morocco, extra, gilt top, rough edges. 

Roxbury, 1866. 
Large paper. One of only 7 copies printed on Whatman's BngUsh Draw- 
ing paper. 

4157 Power's Greek Slave. 12mo, pp. 28. New York, 1847. ^ ^ 

4158 Practical Remarks on Reform in the Medical Profes- S ^ 

sion. 8vo, pp. 49. London, 1841. 

4159 Practical Sei-mons. Vol. I. 8vo, chth. London, 1845. / 

4160 Practical (The) Gardener. 12mo, pp. 119. 5 v 

(s.l.) 1832. 

4161 Prairiedom. Rambles and Scrambles in Texas, or New / i^ 

Estr^madura. By a Southron. With a Map. 16mo, 
cloiL New York, 1845. 


/ ^ 4162 Pratt (Rev. James). Address before the Pjiman 
Club, Feb. 13, 1840, in Portland, Me. 12mo, pp. 16. 

Portland, 1840. 

P 4163 Pbay (Lewis G.) The Boston Sunday School Hymn 

Book. 24mo, boards. Boston, 1844. 

J Z 4164 Peeachbr (The). Sermons by Eminent Living Divines. 

VoL L 8vo, cloth^ uncvt. London, 1831. 

/ -* 4165 Prentiss (Thomas). Death, the last Enemy destroyed. 
8vo, pp. 35. Dedhaai,jiDCCCiii. 

; , i 4166 Present (The) State [ of | North America. | L— The Dis- 
coveries, Rights, and Possessions of | Great Britain. | 
n. — The Discoveries, Rights, and Possessions of| 
France. 1 III. — The Encroachments and Depredations 
of I the French, upon His Majesty's Territories, in | 
North America, in Times when Peace sub- 1 sisted in 
Europe, between the Two Crowns, | &c., &c. | 8vo, pp. 
64. Scarce. 

London, Printed, 1755: Boston, New England, 
Re-printed and Sold, by D. Fowle, in Ann 
Street, and by Z. Fowle, in Middle Street, 

/ CZ. 4167 Present (The) State of New England with respect to 
the Lidian War, wherein is an Account of the true 
Reason thereof, as far as can be judged by man ; togeth- 
er with most of the Remarkable Passages that have 
happened from the 20th of June till the 10th of Novem- 
ber, 1675. Faithfully Composed by a Merchant of 
Boston, and Oommunieated to his Friend in London. 
18mo, half morocco. Scarce. Boston, mdcccxxxiu. 

Contains seyeral inserted plates. 

^^ 4168 Presidents and Presidential Candidates, Funeral Eulo- 
gies and Orations (48), as follows: On Adams and 
Jefferson, by Bryan, Stanly, Everett, Ware, Webster, 
Daveis, and Whitney ; on Harrison, By Bigelow, Put- 
nam, Doggett, Richards, McPhail, Thompson, Goddard, 
Doane, Damon, Whitney, Van Rensselaer, McGill, 
Teflt, Cartis, Spencer, Cobb, Bouton and Potter; on 


Taylor, by Krebs, Flint, Prentiss, Ware, Reynolds, 
Worcester and Bell; on Clay, by Hoffman, Crittenden, 
Breckenridge, Tator and Brown; on J. Q. Adams, by 
Sharp, Lunt, Gnrley, French, Abbot, Lord, Allen, Liv- 
ermore, Greene, Fumess, and Everett. Many of these 
JSulogieSf particularly Bryan's, Stanly's, and several 
others delivered in the Southern States, are rare. 

4169 Presidents and Other Distinguished Men, Eulogies on /^^ 

(28), including a number on Lafayette, Clay, Calhoun, 
Adams, Jefferson, Taylor, Madison, Ac. A valuable lot. 

4170 Presidency (The). 8vo, pp. 45. (s.l.s.a.) 

4171 Price (Richard). Essay on the population of England, ^ ^ 

From the Revolution to the present Time. 8vo, pp. 
88. London, mdcclxxx. 

4172 Price (Richard). Observations on the Nature of Civil /^ 

Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice 

and Policy of the War with America, To which is 

. added, An Appendix, Containing a Statement of the 

National Debt, etc. 8vo, half bound. London, 1776. 

4173 Price. Observations on the Importance of theAmeri-/^ 

can Revolution, and the Means of Making it a Benefit 
to the World. 8vo. pp. 110. London, 1784. 

Autognph of Bei^aniin Rush. 

4174 Price. Observations on the Importance of the Ameri- ' 

can Revolution. 12mo, pp. 36. Boston, 1820. 

4175 Price. Sermons on Various Subjects. Svo, boards, uncut, y 

London, 1816. 

4176 Priest ( Josiah). The Anti-TIniversalist, or History of (- ; 

the Fallen Angels of the Scriptures. Proofs of the Be- 
ing of Satan, and of Evil Spirits. Embellished with 12 
Engravings. 8vo, boards. Albany, J. Munsell, 1839. 

4177 Priestly (Joseph). A Continnation of the Letters to the J ^^ 

Philosophers and Politicians of France, on the Subject 
of Religion, and of the Letters to a Philosophical Unbe- 
liever, in answer to Mr. Paine's Age of Reason. 8vo, 
pp. 72. Salem, 1795. 


4178 Priestcraft Defended. A Sermon Occasioned by the 
Expulsion of Six Young Gentlemen from the University 
of Oxford, for Praying, Reading, and Expounding the 
Scriptures. By Their Humble Servant, The Shaver. 8v.o, 
pp. 42. Boston, Edes & GiU, 1769. 

/O 4179 Priestcraft defended, by the Shaver. 8vo, pp. 36. 
Some leaves imperfect. Newport, R.L, 1770. 

/^ 4180 Pbrieur (J. C.) Boyer's Royal Dictionary. 8vo, sAeg?. 

London, 1783. 
j(/^ 4181 [Prince (Thomas)]. An Essay | To Solve the Difficul- 
ties I that attend the several Accounts | given by the | 
Evangelists] of I Our Saviour's Resurrection,| and | His 
Appearance to his followers | On the Day He rose,j 
4to, pp. 30. Boston, in New England, mdccxxxiv. 

/2^^4:\%2i Prince. A Sermon at the South Church, in Boston,, 
N. E., On the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, July 
18, 1746/Occasioned by taking the City of Louisburg, 
on the Isle of Cape-Breton, by New England Soldiers, 
assisted by a British Squadron. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, printed. London, reprinted, 1746. 
5i/C 4jg3 Prince. A Chronological History of New-England, in 
the form of Annals. Being a summary and exact ac- 
count of the most material Transactions and occurren- 
ces relating to this Country, in the order of time wherein 
they happened, from the Discovery, by Capt GrOsnold, 
in 1602, to the Arrival of Governor Belcher in 1730. 
With an Introduction, etc. 8vo, calf. Rare. An 
unusually fine copy. Boston, N. E., 1736. 

' , 4184 Prince. A Sermon Delivered by, on Wednesday, Octo- 
ber 1, 1718, at his Ordination to the Pastoral Charge 
of the South Church in Boston, N. E., in Conjunction 
with the Reverend Mr. Joseph Sewall, together with 
the Charge, by the Reverend Increase Mather, D. D., 
and a copy of what was said at giving the Right Hand 
of Fellowship, by the Reverend Cotton Mather, D. P. 
To which is added, A Discourse of the Validity of Or- 




dination, by the Hands of Presbyters, Previous to Mr. 
Sewairs on September 16, 1813, by the Late Reverend 
and Learned Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton, Pastor of the 
same Church. 8vo, title and three 1. the dedication, 
pp. 76. Second title, 1 1., preface, pp. 16. Both title 
pages bear the imprint of J. Franklin, unctU ; rare. 

Boston, Printed by J. Franklin, for S, Gerrish, 
and sold at his Shop, near the Old Meet- 

ing-House, 1718. 

So muij diBtingiiislied names are seldom seen on one title page. 

4185 Prince. A Sermon Occasioned by the Decease of Mrs. / J ^ 
Martha Stoddard, Late Consort of the Hon. Anthony 
Stoddard, Feb. 11, 1747-8. ^tatis 62. Small 4to, 
pp. 24. Boston, 1748. 

Uncutt and in remarkably fine condition. 

4tl86 Prince. A Sermon upon the Death of Mrs. Elizabeth / 3 i^ 
Oliver, Relict of the Hon. Daniel Oliver, Wednesday, 
May zxi., 1735. JEtatis 68. 8vo, pp. 20, unad. 

Boston, MDCCXXXY. 

4187 Prince. Sermon on the Death of His late Majesty, ^ 6 

King George, of Blessed Memory. And the Happy Ac- 
cession of His present Majesty, King George II., to the 
Tlirone. Delivered in Boston, N. E., Aug. 24th, 1727. 
8vo, pp. 26. Incomplete, Boston, mdccxxvii. 

4188 Prince. The New England Chronology. 8vo, calf, /t '^ 

Wants title page. 

4189 Prince [(T., Jr.)] The Christian History, containing fZ'^ 

Accounts of the Revival and propagation of Religion in 
Great Britain and America, for the years 1743-44. 
2 Vols. 8vo, calf. 

Boston, N. E., Printed by S. Kneeland and T. 
Green, for T. Prince, Jun'r, 1744-45. 

This work was ondertaken at the suggestion of Rev. Thomas Prince, who 
was one of the Principal oontributors. It was pablished by his son, 
Thomas Prince, in weekly numbers, and continued for two years. The 
Tolomes are extremely rare — the Prince library contains but a few 
scattering numbers. ^ 

4190 Princeton Review, Nos. (6.) Philadelphia, 1829-37. ^ ^ 


/O 4191 Principles of Politeness, and of Knowing the World. 
Bj the late Lord Chesterfield. Methodised and digests 
ed under distinct heads, with additions, by the Rev. Dr. 
John Trusler, containing every instruction necessary to 
complete the Gentleman and Man of Fashion. 12mo. 
calf. Portsmouth, N. H., mdcclxxxvi. 

^^ 4192 Principles (The) of War and Peace, manifested by 
their practical operations and opposite effects upon Na- 
tions, Kingdoms and People. 12mo, boards. 

Albany, 1831. 

/<" 4193 Prisons (The) of Philadelphia. By an European. 8vo, 
pp. 46. Philadelphia, 1796. 

^ " 4194 Prisoners (The) Friend. Nos. (20.) Boston, v.y. 

Private Library Catalogues. 


/C 4195— Adams (Thos. B.) 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1832. 

r<^, 4196 — Allan (John). Books, Coins, Watches, Boxes, etc 
8vo, pp. 344. New York, 1864 

/i^ 4197— Anthon (John). Svo, pp. 53. New York, 1863. 

/O 4198— Avery (S. P.) Art Library. Svo, pp. 37. 

New York, 1867. 

/^ 4199— BowYER (Theoph. T.) Svo, pp. 50. 

New York, 1864 

"5^ 4200 — Bryant (H. W.) Sermons, Eulogies, Orations, Ac. 
4 Catalogues. Portland, 1861-2. 

-< ^^ 4201 — Buckminster (Rev. J. S.) 8vo, pp. 66, unaa. Rare. 

Boston, 1812. 

^^ 4202— Campbell (James). 8vo, pp. 114. New York, 1850. 

4203 — Carroll (Chas.) of Carrollton. 8vo, pp. 91. 

Baltimore, 1864 

■" 4204 — Choatb (Rufus). 8vo, pp. 158. Boston, 1859. 

4205 — Choules (John 0.) 8vo, pp. 132. New Yort 

. 4206 — CoxB (John Redman). 8vo, pp. 154. 

Philadelphia, 1864 



4307— CozzEXS ( A, M.) 8s^o, pp, 34, uncuL New York, 1868. ^ 

4208 — Cbowninshield (Edward A,) Catalogue of the Valu- y ^ 
able Prirate Library of, 1156 Titles of Books, and 
116 Titles of Autograph Letters, etc. 8vo, pp. 80< 

Bostoa, 185 J. 
Thia collection wu parchued bj HeDry SteT^ia for $0,500. 

4209— Davis ( ). 8vo, pp, 90, uiuut. Boston, 1847. 

4210— Davis (Wm. X) 8vo, pp. 128, ujiau. S^ 

New York, 1865, 

4211^ — Dodge (Wm,) Karc American Books, 8vo, pp, 28> ^^ 
nnciii, Cincinnati, 1867* 

4212 — Drake (Samuel O.). Chiefly relating to the Aotiqui' J C 
tiesi History, and Biography of America, and in aa 
Especial Manner to the Indiana. 8vq, pp. 80. 

t Boaton, 1845. 

4213— Du PO.NCEAU (Peter S,) 8vo, pp. 66. ^ C 

Philadelphia, 1844 

4214— EowATtDS (Charles). 8to, pp. 28. New York, 1868, ^ 

4215— Eluot (Wm, H.) 8vo, pp. 42. Boston, 1832. / C 

4216— FiSHEa (J. B.) 8to, pp. 300, mad. 

Philadelphia, 1866. 

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New York, 1866. 

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Eiversside Press, Cambridge, 1864- 

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4221 — Gabdikeb (J. S. X) 8ro, pp. 47, uncut. Scarce, 

Boston, 1831. 

4222— Gbeek (Samuel). 12mo, pp. 18. * Boston, 1835, 

4223 — Guild (George F.) 8vo, pp. 73. Boston, 1853. 

Tkts Ubrarj contained ^ greftt niimbor of rare Amerioari books. 

4224 — Hall (Fitz Edward). 8vo, pp. Z52,unru£, 

Boston, 1867. 


t" V 


'^ t 

< "V. 


-?f ^ 




^ 4225 — Halleck (Fitz-Grecne). 8vo, pp. 26, maa. 

New York, 1868. 

<" 4226— Halsey (A. P.) 8vo, pp. 79. New York, 1864 

/ 4227— Harris (Thaddeus M.) 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1843. 

4228 — HosMBR (Zelotes). With Addenda. 8vo, pp. 116, tm- 

cut. Scarce. Boston, 1861. 

^^ 4229— HosACK (David). 8vo, pp. 39. New York, 1867. 

1 4230— Hubbard (Judge). 8vo, pp. 30. Boston, 1848. 

^ 4231 — Huntington (Joshua). 8vo, pp. 8, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1820. 

5 ' 4232— Ingraham ( J. W.) 8vo, pp. 89. Boston, 1848. 

Ji"^ 4233 — Ingraham. Books, Minerals, Shells, and Curiosities. 
8vo, pp. 4. Scarce. Boston, 1855. 

/,! 4234 — KiRKLAND (Rev. Dr.) 8vo, pp. 20j pardy priced. 

Boston, 1828. 

1 " 4235— Laparge (John). 8vo, pp.42. New York, 1866. 

i " 4236 — LuDEWiG (Hermann E.) 12mo, pp 84. 

New York, 1858. 

i ^ 4237— MTarland (James H.) 8vo, pp. 20. 

Philadelphia, 1863. 

J 5N 4238— MoRRELL (T.H.) a Choice Collection of Works on 
America. 8vo, pp. 137, uncut. Scarce. 

New York, 1866. 

5 " 4239 — MoRRELL. Autographs, Portraits, &c. 8vo, pp. 48. 

New York, 1868, 
r^ 4240— MuNROE (Nathan). 8vo, pp. 68. Boston, 1866. 

y r 4241 — MuNSELL (Joel). Books principally relating to Ameri- 
ca. 8vo, pp. 123, tinted paper, uncut. Albany, 1855. 

$ ^ " 4242 — MuNSBLL. Same. Imp. 8vo, uncut. Albany, 1865. 

Large paper, edition 26 oopiee. 

^ 4243 — ^MuNSELL. A Bibliographical Library. 8vo, pp. 41. 

Albany, 1856. 

4244 — Norton (Chas. B.) Bibliographical Library. 8vo,pp. 
12. New York, 1855. 



4245— Newell (G. W.) 8vo, pp. 32. New York. ^ ^ 

4246— Oakbs (William). Chiefly Works on Natural History. 6^ 
8vo, pp. 20, tmcut. BostoO; 1849. 

4247— Penniman (J. R.) 8vo, pp. 4. Rare. Boston, 1827. ^ ^ r- r 

4248— Pbbcival (James G.) 8vo, pp. 142. Boston, 1860./ C 

4249 — Pickering (John). 8vo, pp. 188, uncut. Scarce. y^ 

Boston, 1846. 

4250 — ^Priestly (Joseph). 8vo, pp. 98. Scarce. / w V 

Philadelphia, 1816. <^ 

4251— Rantoul (Robert, Jr.) 8vo, pp. 22. Boston, 1859. ^ ^ 

4252— Raw (Ludovic). 8vo, pp. 64. Paris, 1847. 5^ 

4253— Sedgwick (Theodore). 8vo, pp. 35. New York, 1864. ^"^ 

4254— Simpson (J. W.) 8vo, pp. 34. New York, 1866. i ^ 

4255— SiCBTS (A. A.) 8vo, pp. 302, tmctU. / 

New York, Bradstreet Press, 1868. 

425&— Stbbbings. 8vo,pp. 24. New York,* 1845. ^ 

4257 — Stiles (Henry R.) Chiefly American Local History. ^ J ^ 
8vo, pp. 45, uncut. New York, 1866. 

4258— Story (Joseph). 8vo, pp. 31. Boston, 1846. ^ ^ 

4259— Taylor (John). 12mo, pp. 47. Albany, 1865. ^^ 

4260 — Thacheb (Samuel C.) 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. Scarce. / 2. 

Boston, 1818. 

4261 — Thorndikb (Augustus).. 8vo, pp. 75. Boston, 1860. ^ ^ 

4262— Tbavbrs (Robert, Jr.) 8vo, pp. 17. New York, 1867. ^^ 

4263— Van Der Kemp (Francis A.) 8vo, pp. 29, uncvx. S^ >^ 

Cambridge, 1830. 

4264— Wbtmorb (ThOmas). 8vo, pp. 28. Boston, 1860. ^^ 

4265— Webb (Thomas H.) 8vo, pp. 74. Boston, 1867. ^ ^ 

4266— Whiteman (Wm. A.) 8vo, pp. 72. New York, 1866. 5 ^ 

4267 — WiNCHELL (James M.) 8vo, pp. 12, uncvi, ^ ^ 

Boston, 1820. 



JJ1 4268 Private (The) Journal of a Journey from Boston to 
f New York, in the jear 1704, kept by Madam Knight 

^ Cap 4to, ufuM. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

6 4269 Prize Fight between Abram and Jeff, in Four Rounds. 
Stake — The Constitution of our Fathers. 

» /5 "" 4270 Proceedings and Speeches at the Dinner in Celebra- 

tion of the Landing of William Penn, by the Historical 

^ Society of Penn, on the 8th of Dec, 1852. 8vo, pp. 42. 

Philadelphia, 1853. 
/i i^ 4271 Proceedlvgs at Suffield, Sept. 16, 1858, the One Hun- 
dred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Decease of the 
Rev. Benjamin Ruggles. Plates. 8vo, pp. 118. 

} Springfield, 1859. 

^ / 4272 Proceedings at the Printers' Banquet, at Niblo's, 

Broadway. 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1850. 

J C 4273 Proceedings in the Arches-Court of Canterbury, in a 
J Cause between the Hon. Mrs. Catherine Weld, and her 

Husband, for Impotency, etc. 8vo, pp. 48, tmcttf. 
/ Scarce and curious. London, mdccxxxii. 

^ /^^^ 4274 Proceedings of a Court Martial for the Trial of Major 
# Benedict Arnold, with an Introduction, Notes, and In- 

, dex. Port, of Arnold, from a private plate. Rubrica- 

I ted title, tinted paper, 8vo, rough edges. 

New York, Privately Printed, 1865. 
/ ^ f ^ 4275 Proceedings of a Court Martial, held at Brunswick, in 

^ the State of New Jersey, by order of His Excellency, 

Gen. Washington, for the Trial of Major-General Lee» 
' July 4th, 1778. Rubricated title. Royal Syo, boards, 

uncut. New York, Privately Reprinted, 1864. 

Edition 100 copies, of which this is No. 74. 

J Si 4276 Proceedings of a Meeting in Philadelphia, Nov. 1824^ 
to Commemorate the Landing of William Penn, on the 
24th of October, 1682. 8vo, pp. 23. 

(Philadelphia,) 1824. 

■ 4277 Proceedings of Am. Antiquarian Society, Oct. 22, 1860. 
8vo, pp. 50. Boston, I860. 


4278 Proceedings of the General Court Martijil convened for J c'-d 
the Trial of Com. James Barron, Capt. Chas. Gordon, 

Mr. William Hook, and Capt. John Hall, of the United 
States Ship Chesapeake, in the month of January, 1808, 
Published by the Department. 8vo, paper, uncut. 

s.l. 1822. 

4279 Proceedings of the Essex Institute, 1848 to 1863, y 5^ 

3 Vols. 8vo, half morocco. Salem, 1856-1864 

4280 Proceedings of the National Pharmaceutical Conven- .^0 

tion, 1852 to 1857. 7 Vols. Svo, paper. 

Philadelphia and New York, v,y, 

4281 Proceedings of the Legislature of New Hampshire on /O 
Important Subjects, Oct. 27, 1813. 12mo, pp. 40. 

Concord, 181 3* 

4282 Proceedings of the College of Physicians, of Philadel- ^ 

phia, relative to the Prevention of the Introduction atid 
Spreading, of Contagious Diseases. 8vo, pp. 37. 

Philadelphia, 1798. 

4283 Proceedings of the State Convention of Mechanics, held Q 

at Utica, Aug. 21, -22, 1834, for the purpose of taking 
into consideration the Effect produced on the various 
Mechanical Trades, by the. Present System of State 

Prison Discipline. 8vo, pp. 10. 

New York, mdcccxxxiv* 

4284 Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, -^ / *- 

7 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, Printed for the Society, v.y. 

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and yJlS^ 
Sciences. Vol. L %vOj paper, uncut. Boston, 1848. 

Proceedings of the American Association for the Ad- , 
vancement of Science. 4 Vols. 8vo, paper. 

Cambridge, 1855-57. 

4287 Proceedings on occasion of Reception of Sen. Azambu- ^ 
ja, of Brazil, and Sen. Sarmiento, Minister of the Ar- 
gentine Republic, etc. 8vo, pp. 26. 

New York, 1867. 



4 424 

/^ ^ ^4288. Prooeepings (The) of a Convention of Delegates from 

the States of Mass., Conn, and R. L, the Counties of 

Cheshire and Grafton, in the State of N. H., and the 

County of Windham, in the State of Vt Convened at 

Hartford in the State of Conn., Dec. 16th, 1814. Svo, 

pp. 39. Hartford, 1815. 

Original edition rery soaroe. 

y -2. 4289 Proceedings (The) of a Convention of Delegates, at 
Hartford, Conn., December 15th, 1814. Third edition. 
8vo, pp. 32, uncia, Boston, 1815. 

f -- • ^ 4290 Proceedinos (The) of a Convention of Delegates from 

the States of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode 
Isknd, The Counties of Cheshire and Grafton, In 
the State of New Hampshire, and the County of Wind- 
ham in the State of Vermont, Convened at Hartford, 

' in the State of Connecticut, December 15th, 1814. 

8vo. pp. 32, uncta. Hartford, 1815. 

^ Soaroe edition. 

/^l: 4291 Proclamations for Thanksgiving, issued by the Conti- 
nental Congress, President Washington, by the Nation- 
al and State Governments, oh the Peace of 1815, etc., 
// With an Historical Introduction and Notes. Royal 

8v0) tinted paper, ttnad. Albany, 1858. 

* -^ ^^4292 Prodigal (The) Daughter, or a Strange and Wonderful 

.. Relation. 12mo, pp. 12. Greenfield, 8.a. 

^ / C 4293 Professor Hale and Dartmouth College. 12mo, pp. 

23. s.l.8.a. 


/' '^ ' 4294 Profitable (A) Book, declaring divers approved Reme- 
dies to take out spots and Staines in Silkes, Velvets, 
Linnen and Woollen Clothes, With divers Colours, how 
to die Velvets and Silkes, Linnen and Woollen Fustian 
and Thread, etc., not the like revealed in English, here- 
tofore. Taken out of Dutch and Englished, by L. M. 
4to, black letter, a leaf wanting. Rare. 

London, 1605. 

^^ 4295 Programmes (3), Jenny Lind, Anna Bishop and Sontag. 



4296 Progress in Error, or a Tour through Universalism, -i ^ ^ 

TTuitarianism aad Skepticism. 16mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1842. 

4297 Progress (The) of the Pilgrim Good-Intent, in Jacob- ^ 

inical Times. 8vo, pp. 122. Concord, 1802. 

4298 Proofs of the Early Settlement of Acadie by the Dutch. <^ ^ 

8vo, pp. 19. 8.1.8.a. 

4299 Propagation de la Foi. Nos. (20.) Paris. ^ 

4300 Proposals For Printing, by Subscription, The History j-y<-j^ 

of The Public Life and distinguished Actions of Vice- 
Admiral Sir Thomas Brazen, Commander of an Ameri- 
can Squadron in the last age. Together with His Slighter 
Adventures and more entertaining Anecdotes. In Three 
Volumes, in Quarto, Adorn'd throughout with cuts. 
Being the judicious Abridgement of the unwearied 
Author's own most elaborate and Costly Performance, in 
Thirty-one Volumes in Folio. By Thomas Thumb, Esq., 
Surveyor of the Customs and Clerk of the Check. 
8vo, pp. 19. Rare. Boston, mdcclx. 

A Lampoon on Got. Pownal, by Samuel Waterhouse, which created great 
excitement at the time of its issue. 

4301 Prospect (A) from the Congress-Gallery during the / t 

Session begun Dec. 7,1795. By Peter Porcupine. 8vo, 
pp. 68, uncut. * Philadelphia, 1796. 

4302 Prospect (The) Before Us. Vol. I. 8vo, pp. 134, un- / ^ 

cuU Richmond, Va., 1800. 

4303 Prospect (The) Before Us. 8vo, pp. 96. /C 

Richmond, Va., 1801. 

Sold by the Author in the Jail at Richmond. 

4304 Pryor (Abraham). Description of British America, -^ ^ ^ 
from Personal Knowledge and Observations, contain- 
ing many and various Communications never before 

made Public. 12mo, pp. 24. Scarce. 

Providence, 1819. 

4305 Psalms and Hymns for the Sanctuary. 12mo, shee:p. /^ 

Boston, 1845. 


^^ 4306 Psalms, Carefully suited to Christian Worship in the U. 
S. A., Being an Improvement of the Old Versions. 
24mo, sheep. New York, 1806. 

^ 4307 Psalms. Tate and Brady, with Manuscript Music. 

Early edition, imperUBct 

^ 4308 Public Characters, or Cotemporary Biography. 16md, 
pp. 100. New York, 1805. 

y 2^'^ 4309 Public Good Without Private Interest, or A Compendi- 
ous Remonstrance of the present sad State and Condi- 
tion of the English Colonie in Virginia, etc. Humbly 
presented to His Highness the Lor.d Protectour, By a 
Person zealously devoted. 4to, pp. xvi.-26. 

London, Printed for Henry Marsh, and are to be 
sold at the Crown, in St. Paul's Church-yard 
1657. Reproduced by photo-lithography, 
J /'i^ 4310 Publications of the Prince Society: 

II. — ^Wood's New England Prospect. Royal 4to, pa- 
lmer, uncut. 

Boston, printed for the Society, 1865. 

Large Paper, e<Utioii only 20 oopiee. 

in. — Dunton's Letters from New England. Royal 
4to, paper, uncut. 

Boston, printed for the Society, 1867. 

Lfurge paper, edition only 20 copies. 

■^ . 4311 Puissant (L.) Trait6 de Topographic D' arpentage et 
de Nivellement. ^io, uncut. Paris, 1820. 

^ ^ ^ 4312 Puissant (L.) Recueil de Diverses Propositions de 
G6om6tri6. 8vo, red edges. Paris, 1824. 

4313 Pulpit Sketches, or the Dreams of a Pew Holder. 8vo, 
pp. 36, uTtcut. Albany, 1845. 

/^5^ 4314 Pulteney (Wm.) "thoughts on the Present State of 
AflFairs with America, and the Means of Conciliation. 
8vo, pp. 111. London, 1778. 

/6 4315 Polteney. Considerations on the Present State of 
Public Affairs, and the Means of Raising the Necessary 
Supplies. 8vo, pp. 51. London, 1779. 



4316 Pursuit (The) of Knowledge under Difficulties. Ports. / 
18mo, cloth. Boston, 1831. 

4317 Pursuit (The) of Knowledge under Difficulties. 2 Vols, f^ 
ISmo, cloth. New York, 1843. 

4318 Putnam (Allen). Spirit Works Real, but not Miracu- 4 
lous. 8vo, pp. 62. Boston, 1853. 

4319 Putnam (Geo. P.) The Book-Buyer's Manual. 8vo, / -"'^^ 
I half morocco. New York (s.a.) 

4320 Putnam (Gideon). A Budget of Nick-Nacks. 12rao, J i ^ 
pp. 41, uncut. Boston, 1824. 

4321 Putnam (Israel W.) A Fifty-years' Ministry. 8vo,pp. ^^S"^ 
34. Middleboro', 1865. 

4322 Parchas (Samuel). His Pilgrimage, or Relations of the y (T^ 
World and the Religion observed, in all Ages and Places 

• discovered from the Creation, unto this Present. 

London, 1614. 

4323 QuiBSTio Quodlibetica, or a Discourse Whether it may j '^^^ 

bee LawfuU to take Use for Money. 12 mo, calf gilt, 

London, 1653. 
Fine copy of a scarce book. 

4324 QuARiTCH (Bernard). A Catalogue of Books in 2\\ / J ^ 
classes of Literature, many of them Rare, Valuable and 
Curious. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1860. 

4325 QuEHNB Elizabeth's Bishops, or a Briefe Declaration of ^ / 
the Wickednesse, of the Generality of those Bishops of 
England, that lived in the purest times of King Edward 
the Sixth, and Queen Elizabeth. 4to, pp 13, uncut, 

London, 1642. 

4326 Questions (Certain) | Concerning :| 1. Silks or Wool in *: r':) 
the High Priest's Ephod. | 2. Idol Temples, commonly 
called Churches. | 3. The form of Prayer, commonly 
called I the Lord's prayer. 4. Excommunciation, &c. | 
Handled between [ Mr. Hugh Broughton, remaining 
of late . at I Amsterdam, in the low countreyes, | and | 


Mr. Henry Ainsworth, teacher of the exiled English | 
Church, at Amsterdam, aforesaid. | Small 4to, crushed 
morocco, London, 1605. 

Ainsworth was an eminent Puritan divine. He and Broughton were 
eqoallj, noted for their proficiency in Hebrew, and for efforts tending 
to the conversion of the Jews. 

/C 4327 Question (The) between The United States and Peru. 
8vo, pp. 141. New York, 1860. 

$ 4328 Question (The) of War with Great Britain. 8vo, pp. 
14. Boston, 1808. 

^ ^ 4329 Q Horatii Flacci Carmina Expurgata. Cum Notis Jos 
Juventii et Aliorum. ] 2mo, sheep. 

Cantabrigiae, icdcccyi. 

J C 4330 [QuiNCY (Josiah)]. An Answer to the Question, Why 
are you a Federalist? 870, pp. 22. s.I., 1805. 

^>^ 4331 QuiNCY. An Address to the Citizens of Boston, on 
the close of the Second Century from the First Set- 
tlement of the City. 8vo, pp. 68, unctU, 

Boston, 1830. 

y^ "5 4332 QuiNCY. Address at Faneuil Hall, May 1, 1824. 8to, 
pp. 18, uncta. Boston, 1824 

*" 4333 Quod (The) Correspondence. Vol. I. 12mo, cloth. 
^ New York, 1842. 

* ^ 4334 Quotations of Humor, Wit and Wisdom. 24mo, cloih. 

Boston, 1849. 

/^1j 4335 QuozziANA, or Letters from Great Goslington, Mass., 
giving an Account of the Quoz Dinner and other matters. 
By Sampson Short-and-Fat. 18mo, pp. 68. 

Boston, 1842. 

2 ^^- 4336 Rafn (C. C.) Cabinet D'Antiquit^s Americaines A Co- 
penhague. . Engravings. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Copenht^e, 1858. 

/ ^ 4337 Rafinesque (C. S.) The Pleasures and Duties of 

Wealth. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut. Philadelphia, 1840. 

4338 Rafinesque. Grape Vines, and the Art of making 


4339 Ralph (Dr. J.) Domestic Guide to Medicine. SvOf cloth, J ^* 

. New York, 18ii5. 

4340 Rambach (J.) Meditations and Contemplations, on the / 

Safferings of Our Lord and Savior Jesas Christ. 2 
Vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1 763. 

4341 Ramsay (Allan). Poems. 24mo, hoards, uncut. J ^ 

Edinburgh, 1819. 

4342 Ramsay (David). The History of the American Revo- /''"■'' 

lution. 2 Vols. 8vo, sheep. Trenton, 1811, 

4343 Ramsay (Andrew M.) The Travels of Cyrus, to /C 

which is annexed a Discourse upon the Theology and 
Mythology of the Pagans. 12rao, sheep; scarce. 

Boston, 1795. 

4344 Rand (Wm.) A Sermon Preached to the Ministers oi / 

the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, at their Annual 
Meeting in Boston, May 26, 1757. 8vo, pp. 23. 

Boston, 1757. 

4345 Rand. A Sermon Preached at Road-Town, Oct. 27, /^^^ 

1742, When the Rev. Mr. Abraham Hill was Ordained. 
12mo, pp. 24, uncut. Boston, 1742. 

4346 Randall (Samuel S.) The Common School System of • L 

the State of New York. To which is. Prefixed a His- 
torical Sketch of the Origin, Progress and Present Out- 
line of the System. 8vo,cZorA. Troy, 1851. 

4347 Randolph (John), Abroad and at Home. 8vo, pp. 29, / - '^^ 

unad. Washington, 1828. 

4348 Randolph. Speech, March 6, 1806, on Mr. Gregg s /^( " 

Resolution for a Non-Importation of British Goods. 
12mo, pp. 23. Salem, 1806. 

4349 Randolph. Speech on the British War. 12mo,pp. 12. // ' 

Washington, 1812. 

4350 Random Recollections of Albany, from 1800 to 1808. . S 

8vo, pp. 57. Albany, 1849. 

4351 Rankin (Melinda). Texas in 1850. 12mo, cloth. . 

Boston, 1850. 




i // 2. 4352 Rape (The) of Bethesda, or the Georgia Orphan House 

Destroyed. . A Poem, by John Johnson. 12mo, pp. 
16. Rare. Charleston, hdccxcil 

i^i^ 4353 Rappers (The), or the Mysteries, Fallacies, and Absor- 
^ dities of Spirit-Rapping, Table-lipping, and Entrance- 

i ments, by a Searcher after Truth. Engravings. l2mo, 

boards. New York, 1854. 

/^^"^ 4354 Rathbubn (Valentine). Some Brief Hints of a Belig- 
^ ous Scheme Taught and Propagated by a Number of 

I Europeans, living in a Place called Nisqueunia, in the 

t State of New York, 8vo, pp. 23. 

Salem, hdcclxxxil 

Probably the earUest work published in this coontry, against the Shaken. 

-^ ^ 4355 RAf 10. DisciplinsB, or the Constitution of the Congre- 
1^ gational Churches. 12mo, cloth. Portland, 1829. 

^ ^ 4356 Rauch (John H.) Intramural Interments in Popular 
Cities. 8vo, pp. 68. Chicago, 1866. 

y^^C? 4357 Rawson (Grindal). Wunnamptamoe Sampooaonk, 
Wussampoowontamun.. Nashpemoeuwehk mungauash 
ut New England, Qushkenumun en Indiane TJnnontow- 
aonganit Nashpe, Grindal Rawson, &c. 8vo. 

Mushauwomuk Printeuun Nashpe, Bartholomew 
Green, kah John Allen, 1699. 

« The confession of faith in English and Indian, translated by Grindal Raw- 

son. Imperfect, but Tery rare. 

^2- 4358 Ray ( Wm.) Poems, and a Sketch of the Author's Life 
and Captivity, and SuflFerings among the Barbarians of 
Tripoli. 24mo, half bound. New York, 1826. 

-/ ^"' 4359 Raymond (Henry J.) Oration on the Completion of a 
Monument, Erected to the Captors of Major Andre, atr 
Tarrytown, Oct. 7, 1853. 8vo. New York, 1853. 

4360 Raynal (Abb6). The Revolution of America- 12mo, 
sheep. Dublin, KDCCLXXXI. 

/ 4361 Raynal. The Revolution of America. Svo, pp. 92, wii- 
cut. Salem, 1782. 


4362 Reach (A. B.) Claret aod Olives. 12mo. 5 ^ 

Nejr York, 1852. 

4363 Reading no Preaching, or a Letter to a Young Clergy- / ^ i^ 
man, concerning the unwarrantable practice of Read- 
ing the Qospel, instead of Preaching it. 12n)o, pp. 24. 

Boston, 1756. 

4364 Reasons, Why the British Colonies in America should // Z 

not be charged with Internal Taxes, by Authority of 
Parliament, Humbly oflFered for Consideration. In Be- 
half of the Colony of Connecticut. 8vo, pp. 39, uncut, 
Scarce. New Haven, mdcclxiv. 

4365 Resells (The) Catechism, Composed in an Easy and y S ^ 

Familiar Way, to let them see the Heinousness of their 
Offence, the Weakness of their Strongest Subterfuges, 
and to recall them to their duties. 4to, pp. 29. 

(London,) 1643. 

4366 Reception and Speech of P. S. Brooks. 12mo, pp. 12. /^^^^ 

4367 Recollections (The) of Jotham Anderson, Minister of J: ^^ ' 

the Gospel. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1824. 

4368 Recommendation (A) of Innoculation, according to Ba- / r D 

ron Dimsdale^s Method. By John Morgan, M. D., Doc- 
tor-General of the Hospitals, and Physician-in-Chief of 
the American Army. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1776. 

4369 Reconcilution with an offended Brother, Explained /O 

and Inforced, in a Plain Discourse, by William Balch, 
A. M., Pastor of a Church in Bradford. Scarce. 8vo, 
pp. 47. Boston, 1740. 

4370 Record American Bible Society. Pamphlets (136). 6 2- 

New York, v.y. 

4371 Redding (Cyrus). A History and Description of Mod- / ^^V 

em Wines. Post 8vo, cZo/A. London, 1851. 

4372 Redfield (J. W.) Outlines of Physognomy. Numer- / 

ous Engravings. 8vo, pp. 96. New York, 1850. 


4373 B££^ John). An Apologj for the Bite of In&nt Bap- 
lifiL. and for the Uscal Modes of Baptizii^. 12mo, 
calf. Proiidence, (1806.) 

, , 4374 BcED f' Joseph I. Tom Jones, a Comic Opera, as per- 
formed at the Theatre-BojaL Sro« interleayed with 
4to leaves, half calf. London, mdcclzxi. 

y^ 4375 'Sampsox]- Correspondences for ChOdr^i of the New 
ChurcL 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1833. 

/ C 43 7 G Beed i' William B.) Address before the Riilomathean 
Society, University of Penn^ Not. 1st, 1838. 8vo, 
pp. 62. Philadelphia, 1838. 

S ^ 437T Bees rJohn T.) Medical Theories of CuUen, Darwin 
aod BusL 8vo, pp. 74. Philadelphia, 1805. 

^ 4378 Beflectioxs Upon the Administration of GrOTemment 
8vo, pp. 104. London, 1740. 

\ : ^ 4379 Beflbctioss npon Mr. Wetmore's Letter in Defence of 
Dr. Warterlaod's Discourse of Begeneration, with a 
Yindication of the received Doctrine of Begeneration 
and plain Scripture Evidence, that the Notion of Bap- 
tismal Begeneration is of a dangerous and destructive 
Tendency. By Jonathan Dickinson, A. M. 8vo, pp. 39, 
rough edges. Bare. Boston, N. E., mdccxuv. 

^^ 4380 Beplexions On Bepresentation in Parliament. An at- 
tempt to shew the Equity of establishing a more eqaal 
Bepresentation throughout Great Britian, but also of 
admitting the Americans to a Share in the Legislature. 
8vo, pp. 44. Scarce. London, mdcclxvi. 

438 1 Bepobmation Principles Exhibited by the Beformed Pres- 

byterian Church in the U. S. of A. 12mo. 

New York, 1835. 

4382 Bepobmation (The) of Lawsuits and Justice, brought 

home to every man's door, agreeably to the Principles 
of the Ancient Trial by Jury. 8vo, pp. 96, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1805. 



4383 Bboister of Lost, Stolen and Missing Securities. Nov. o 

1865. 8vo, pp. 84. New York, 1865. 

4384 Regulations for the Dress of the Army of the United 5"* 

States, 1851. 12mo, pp. 28. Washington, 1851. 

4385 Reid (Capt. Mayne). Odd People, being a Popular J ( "* 

Description of Singular Races of Man. Plates. 16mo. 
cloth. New York, 1860. 

4386 Rejected Addresses, or the New Theatrum Poetarum. 2 ^ ^ 

Port. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1840. 

4387 The Religion of Nature Delineated. 4to, caZ/l z'^'^' 

London, 1726, 

A portion of the type for this work was set by Beig. Franklin. 

4388 Religious Exercises for Christian Families. 24mo, ^ 

cloth. Boston, 1843. 

4389 Remarks on the Rights of Inventors, and the Influence ^ 

of their Studies, in Promoting the Enjoyments of Life, 
and Public Prosperity. 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1807. 

4390 Remarks On some contents of a Letter, relating to'the / ^ 

Division of the First Church in Salem. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Boston, 1735. 

4391 Remarks on the Rescript of the Court of Madrid, and J^ 6^ 

the Manifesto of the Court of Versailles, and an Ap- 
pendix, containing the Rescript, the Manifesto, and 
a Memorial of Dr. Pranklyn. 8vo, pp. 91. 

London, 1779. 

4392 Remarks on the Employment of Females in Midwifery. ^ i^ 

8vo, pp. 22, uncra. Boston, 1820. 

4393 Remarks on the Canal, or "Dique" of Carthagena, New ^ 5"^ 

Granada, and its Navigation by Steam. Map. 8vo. 
pp. 67. New York, 1855. 

4394 Remarks on the Tour around* Hawaii, in 1823. 8vo, / ^ 

pp. 42. Salem, 1848. 

4395 Remarks on the State of the Laws in Massachusetts, 2 ^ ^ 

respecting Violations of the Sabbath. 8vo, pp. 15. 

Boston, 1816. 


y 2 ^ ^4396 Be^abkb on some of tbe Circumstances and ArgniqeBta^ 
producei] by the Murder of Mr. Paul Chadwick^ at Mai* 
ta, on the E^st Side of the Kennebec, on the 7th of 
Sept. 1809. 8vo, pp. 24. (8.1.8.a.) 

^^ 4397 Remarks Upon the Auction System, as practiced in New 
York, with Nqmerous Facts and Illustrations. 8vo, 
pp. 56. New York, 1828. 

i 4398 Remarks Upon the Law of Marriage and Divorce, sug- 
gested by Mrs. Norton's Letter to*the Queen. 8vo, 
pp. 47. London, 1855. 

^ ^ 4399 Remarkable (A) Prophecy. Presented to our Read- 
ers as we received it, as a support of their Faith in the 
Millenium, which we hope can be supported, by Scrip- 
ture, Reason, and the Opinions of Pious Men, that it 
will Gome, and the time Soon. 12mo, pp. 12. Rare. 

Exeter, 1794 

/^ ^^4400 Rbminiscenobs of Bishop Chase. 8vo> pp. 120» 

Peoria, 1841. 

^ 4401 REKONSTRANOEa Presented to the Government, in or 
about 1653, on the Inestimable Riches of the British 
Seas. . 8vo, pp, 22, tmci^. London, 1817. 

^ 44Q2 Rennie (James). Scientific Gardening. Engravings. 
Cup 8yo, cloth. London, MDCCCXZXin. 

/ C 4403 Rennie. Natural Theology. Engravings. Cap 8?o, 
cloth. London, mdcccxxxiv. 

/f" ; 4404 Rensselaerwyck. An Historical Sketch of the Colony 
and Manor of. By Daniel D. Barnard. 8vo, pp. 70. 

Albany, 1839. 

^ " 4405 Reply (A) to Dr. Waterland's Defense of his Queries. 
8vo, calf. London, 1722. 

C 4406 Report (A) on Spasmodic Cholera. 8vo, hoards. 

Boston, 1832. 
4407 Report and Resolves in relation to the North-Eastem 
Boundary, March, 1838. Maps. 8vo, pp. 76, uncut. 

Boston, 1838. 


4408 Report of the dommittee appointed February, 1809, ^^ 

to inquire into the situation of the Farmers' Exchange 
Bank, in Gloucester, R, L Published by order of the 
General Assembly. 8vo, pp. 43. Scarce. 

Gloucester, R I., 1809. 

4409 Report of a Committee of the Linnaean Society of New /^'^^ 

England, relative to a large Marine Animal, supposed 

to be a Serpent, seen near Cape Ann, Massachusetts, in , 

August, 1817. Plates. i^o^Jialfcalf. Boston, 1817. 

4410 ' Report of citizens of Boston, opposed to increase of © 

Duties on Importations. 8vo, pp. 196, w/icvt. \ 

New Yorhi 1828. 


4411 Report of the American Institute, 1848. 8vo, cZo<A. /'C : 

Albany, 1848. *i 

4412 Report of the Commissioners of the State of New- /Q /^'^ ^~ 

York, to Explore the Route of an Inland Navigation, 
from Hudson^s River, to Lake Ontai'io and Lake Eric, 
With three other pamphlets, relating to the same sub- 
ject Albany and New York, 1811-1817. \ 

4413 Reports of the Free School, Gower's Walk, Whitechapel. S^ 

A Series of eight Reports. London, 1809-16. { 

4414 Report of the Proceedings of the Committee appointed J 

to prepare and present Medals to the N. Y. Regiment 
of Volunteers, with the Rolls of the Companies. 8vo, 
cloth. Yetj scarce. Netv York, 1848. j 

4415 Report of the Secretary of State on the Criminal Statis- ] 

tics of the State of New York. 8vo, cloOt. \ 

Albany, 1856. \ 


4416 Report of the Senate of Massachusetts, comprising the ^ 

President's Message, The Act Declaring War, etc. 8vo, 
pp. 28, uncta. Boston, 1812. 

4417 Report of the Select Committee of the Ohio Senate on 

giving the Right of Suffrage to Women. 12mo, pp. 8. 

4418 Report of the Special Committee on the troubles in 

Elansas. 8vO; cloth. Washington, 1856. 





^ 4419 Report of the School Committee of Boston, 1865. 
Plates. 870, cloth. Boston, 1865. 

J 4420 Report on Insanity and Idiocy in Massachusetts, 1854. 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1855. 

e 4421 Report on Sickness and Mortality on board Emigrant 
Ships. Svo, cloth. Washington, 1854. 

^ 4422 Reports on the Erection of a Monument to the Memory 
of Gen. Worth. Panoramic Plates. Svo, cloth. 

New York, 1857. 

/ 4423 Reports from the War Department, made to the House 
j^f Representatives on the Fourteenth March, 1800, and 
Fourth of February, 1803, Respecting Claims against 
the United States for service of the Militia of Georgia 
in the years 1793 and 1794. Svo, pp. 27. 

Washington, 1818. 

.^r^'^ 4424 Reports of the Commissioners, on the Zoological Sur- 
vey of the State of Mass. Svo, pp. 107, U7icut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1838. 
/ ^ 4425 Representation and Petition of the Representatives of 
the Territory of Louisiana. Svo, pp. 30, uncut. 

Washington City, 1805. 

tf f"^ 4426 Representations (The) of Governor Hutchinson and 
others, contained in certain Letters Transmitted to Eng- 
land and afterwards returned from thence and laid 
before the General Assembly of the Massachusetts-Bay, 
Together with the Resolves of the Two Houses thereoD. 
Svo, pp. 94. Rare. Boston, N. E., 1778. 

n 4427 Reprint (A) of the Reed and Cadwalader Pamphlets, 
with an Appendix. Rubricated Title. Svo, tmciU, 1 S63. 

Privately printed, and only 199 copies. 

Also the Privately printed " Correspondence between 
Wm. B. Reed and John Pennington," in relation to the 
above. Svo, uncut. 
^^^ 442S Republican (The) Campaign Songster. 24mo, pp. 108. 

New York, 1856. 




4429 Result of the Convention of Delegates, Holden at ^•/'^ 

Ipswich, in the County of Essex, who were Deputed to 
take into Consideration the Constitution and form of 
Government, proposed by the Convention of the State 
of Massachusetts-Bay. 8vo, pp. 68. Scarce. 

Newburyport, 1778. 

4430 Retrospect (A) of the Boston Tea-Party, With a ^ Ji J^ 

Memoir of George R. T. Hewes. Port. 12mOf boards. 
Scarce. New York, 1834. 

443 1 Reveries in Rhyme. By " K emo," of Louisiana. 1 2mo, /^ Z. 
' pp. 88. New York, 1846. 

4432 Review (A) of "the Principal Events of the last ten ^2. 

years in the life of Mrs. Hannah Kinney, TogetUer with 
Comments upon the late Trial, Written by herself. 12mo, 
boards. Boston, 1841. 

4433 Review of a Part of Prescott's ''History of Ferdinand // 

and Isabella, and of Campbell's Lectures on Poetry." 
12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841. 

4434 Review of Bishop Hobart's Sermon, entitled The United -^ 

States of America, compared with some European 
Countries, particularly England. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut. 

New York, 1826. 
4i35 Review of Dr. Channing's Discourse at the Dedication 6 
of the Second Congregational Unitarian, Church New 
York, Dec. 7, 1826. 8vo, pp. 91. Boston, 1827. 

4436 Revolutions of Portugal, Written in French by the y" 

Abbot DeVertot, of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions. 
8vo, calf. London, 1721. 

4437 Revolutionary (The) Plutarch, containing the Biograph- / c 

ical, Historical, and Secret Memoirs of the Buonaparte 

Family. 8vo, sheep. Scarce. Baltimore, 1806. 

4138 Reynolds (Frederick). The Life and Times of. Writ- ^H) 

ten by Himself. Two Vols. Fort. Syo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1826. 

4439 Reynolds (G. W. M.) Collected Works of; Novels, &c. / 3 Sf^ 

9 Vols. 8vo, half green turkey morocco. 

New York, v.y. 


^O 4440 Rhbes (WUUam' J.) Manual of Public Libraries, In- 
Btitutions and Societies in the United States and British 
Provinces. 8vo, c/o^A. Philadelphia, 1859. 

JO 4441 Rhode Island. An Act for the Establishment of a 
College or University within this Colony, 1764. 8vo, 
pp. 12. Providence, 1803. 

rC 4442 RhodB Island. Pamphlets (60), Published in Rhode 
Island, and mostly relating to Providence. Some date 
back to the last century, and many are of the early part 
of the present. From the Library of Dr. Thomaa 
Webb. It would be very difficult to bring together a 
similar collection. No duplicates, and nearly all in 
' fine condition. 
^ 44429 Rhode Island. Pamphlets (17). Principally dupli- 
cates of the last lot. 
y^ ^ 4443 Rhyme (The) and Reason of Country Life. Engravings. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 

^r^ 4444 Rich (Obadiah). A Catalogue of Books, relating to 
America, ifec. 6 Vols., as follows : 
1. — Manuscripts and Printed Books in possession of 
Obadiah Rich, Esq. Svo, uncvl. Printed by Order 
of the Houseof Representatives^ Dec, 27, 1827. 
n. — A Catalogue of Books relating Principally to Amer- 
ica, arranged under the years in which they were 
printed. Svo, pp. 20, uncut. London, 1832. 

m-— Same title. Svo, pp. 129, uncut. London, 1832. 
IV. — Bibliotheca Americana Nova, or a Catalt^ue of 
Books, Relating to America, printed since the year 
1700. Svo, clothy rough edges. London, 1835. 

V. — Supplement to the above. Additions and correc- 
tions, 1701 to 1800. 8vo,cZo^A. London, 1841. 
VI.— Bibliotheca Americana Nova, 1831 to 1844, 8?o, 
cloth. London, 1846. 

Bound with the last Vol., 3 Supplements ; Books relating 
to America, pp. 16-S-48. The last being Mr. Rich's 
This set of Rich's wants Catalogue ftom ISOO to 1881 ; it is in other 
respects perfect, and contains soTeral rare pteiphlets |not osaally 
found with the series. 




[RiCB (George W.)] Ab Old Play in a New Garb, ^0 
Hamlet, Prince of JDcninark* Illustrated. 12mo, pp, 
59. Scarce. Boston; 1852. 

A very anuiing TraTeetie. 

4446 BiCHijtps (George H.) Menooir of Alexander Macomb^ ^ 

Miyor General Commanding the Army of the United 
States. 12m0; boards. New York, mdcccxxxiii. 

4447 Richards (Wm. C.) A Day in the New York Crystal o 

Palace, and How to make the most of it. 12mo. 

New York, 1853, 

4448 Richards. Electron, or the Pranks of the Modem /i ^ 

Puck. 12mo, boards. New York, 1858. 

4449 Richardson (Luther). An Oration July 4, 1800, in the / ^ 

Town of Roxbury. 8vo. Boston, 1800. 

4450 Richardson. Address before the Roxbury Charitable ^ 

Society, 18u4. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut. Boston, 1804. 

4451 Richardson (Joseph), Complaint against the Clergy of /^^ 
the Bay Association, Plymouth County, Mass. 8vo, pp. 

16. Boston, 1818. 

4452 Richardsiana, or Hits at the Style of Popular American f ^ 

Authors. 8vo, pp. 40. New York, 1 841 . 

4453 RiCHiNGS (B.) Narrative of the Persecutions and Suf- / ^ ^ 

ferings of The Two Martyrs, Robert Glover, and Mrs. 
Lewis of Mancetter, Warwickshire. Post 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1836. 

4454 Richmond (John W.) Rhode Island Repudiation, or // Z 

The History of the Revolutionary Debt of R. I. 8vo, 
cloth. Providence, 1855, 

4455 RiCKETSON (Shadrach). Means of Preserving Health //^^ 

and Preventing Diseases. 12mo, sheep. 

New York, 1806, 

4456 RicoRD (Elizabeth). Zamba, or the Lisurrection. Post <* i^ 

8vo. Cambridge, 1842. 


/ 1 '^ 4457 RiCRAPT ( Josiah). A Survey of Englands Champions 
and Truths faithful! Patriots, or A Chronologicall Be- 
citement of the principall proceedings, of the most 
worthy Commanders, of the prosperous Armies raised 
for the preservat^n of Religion, the Kings Majesties i 
Person, the Priviledges of Parliament and the Liberty 
of the Subject, &c. Ports. 8vo, boardSf uncut. 

London, 1647. Reprint 
-^5 4458 RiDDELL (J. L.) A Monograph of the Silver Dollar, 
good and bad, Dlustrated with Fac-simile figures of 
four hundred and twenty-five varieties. 8yo, half moroc- 
co. Very scarce. New Orleans, 1845. 
(To 4459 RiDGELY (David). Annals of Annapolis, with an Ap- 
pendix, Containing Letters from General Washington 
which have never been published before. Plates. 12mo, 
doth. Baltimore, 1841. 

-? ^ ' 4460 RiGGS (Luther G.) The Anarchiad. 16mo, doth. 

New Haven, 1831. 

^y . 4461 Rights (The) of the Colonies Examined. Svo, pp. 24 
Rare. Pages closely trimmed, reading matter some- 
what cut. Providence, 1765. 

/ i"^ 4462 Rights (The) of the Congregational Churches of MassBr 
chusetts. Result of a Council at Groton, Mass., July 
17, 1826. 8vo, pp. 63. Boston, 1827. 

yi^ 4463 Rights (The) of Great Britain asserted against the 
Claims of America, being an Answer to the Declara- 
tion of the General Congress. 8vo, pp. 96. Scarce. 

London, T. Cadell, 1776. 

^ (T r 4464 Rights (The) of Parliament Vindicated, On Occasion of 
the late Stamp Act, in which is Exposed the Conduct of 
the American Colonists. Addressed to the People of 
Great Britain. 8vo, pp. 44. London, Almon, 1766. 
Also, Consideration on the Propriety of Lnposing Taxes 
on the British Colonies, for the purpose of Raising a 
Revenue, by Act of Parliament. The Second Edition. 
8vo, 3 p.l., pp. 81. N. America, Printed : London, Re- 
printed, Ahnon, 1766. Also, Protest Against the Bill 




to Repeal the Stamp Act. Last Session. 8to, pp. 16. 

Paris, i.e., London, 1766. Also, Second Protest, &c., 

Ac; pp. 15. Paris, 1766. Also, a List of the Minor- - 

ity in the House of Commons, who voted against the I 

Bill to Repeal the Americap Stamp Act ; pp. 8. Five 

tracts in one VoL Svo, half russia. Paris, 1766. 

A rare and interesting collection. 

4465 Rip-Rap Tracts. 2 Nos. Svo. Scarce, s.l., (1833.) ^^ 

4466 RiPLBY (Ezra). A History of the Fight at Concord, J ^i— ! 

on the 19th of Aj)ril, 1775, With a Particular Ac- ' 

count of the Military Operations and Interesting Events 
of that ever Memorable Day, showing that then and 
there the First Regular and Forcible Resistance, was 
made to the British Soldiery, and the First British 
Blood was Shed, by Armed Americans, and the Revolu- 
tionary War thus Commenced. Svo, pp. 40. Scarce. 

Concord, 1832. 

4467 RiPLET (H. J.) The Four Gospels, with Notes. Vol.1. /^ 

Containing Matthew and Mark. 12mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1837. 4j 

4468 Rif>LET (H. W.) Genealogy of a part of the Ripley Fam- J i^ 

ily. Svo, pp. 48. Newark, N. J., 1867. 

4469 Rival (The) Princes, or Faithful Narrative of Curious Jc 

Facts, relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke. Port. 12mo, 
pp. 32. London. 

4470 RoBACK (Dr. C. W.) The Mysteries of Astrology, and 5'^^ 

the Wonders of Magic, Including a History of the Rise 
and Progress of Astrology, and the Various Branches 
of Neeromancy. Ports. 8vo, clothj gilt. 

Boston, 1854. 

4471 Bobbins (Archibald). A Journal, comprising an Account ^ ^ 

of the loss of the Brig Commerce, of Hartford, James 
Riley, Master, upon the Western Coast of Africa. Also 
of the Slavery and Sufferings of the Author, and the 
rest of tlie Crew, upon the Desert of Zahara, with Ac- 
counts of the Manners, Customs, and Habits of the 
Wandering Arabs. 12mo, sheep. Hartford, 1817. 


JO 4472 

/^ 5^4473 

/O 4474 
^0 4475 
J\'^ 4476 

J i^ 4477 
/fl 4478 

^^ 4479 
<"" 4480 

/c? 4481 

Bobbins (Chandler). An Address delivered at Ply- 
mouthyOn the 24th day of January, 1793, to the Inhabi- 
tants of that Town, Assembled to Celebrate the Victo- 
ries of the French Republic over their Invaders. 4to, 
pp. 20. Boston, 1793. 

Bobbins. Century Sermon, Preached at Kingston, In 
the County of Plymouth, April 2d, 1794, At the Special 
Desire of Mr. Ebenezer Cobb, who on thatDaj Arrived 
to the Age of One Hundred Years. 8vo, pp. 24. Rare. 

Boston, 1794. 

RoBBiNS. Discourse before the Humane Society of 
Massachusetts, June 14, 1796. 4to, pp. Z^^wmM. 

Boston, MDCCXcvi. 

RoBBTNS. Portrait of a Christian, drawn from Life. A 
Memoir of Maria Elizabeth Clapp. Port. 16mo, do^ 

Boston, 1859. 

RoBBiNS (Nathaniel). A Sermon Preached at the Ordi- 
nation of the Rev. Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth, in Dan- 
vers, December 23, 1772. 8vo, pp. 30, r(mgh edges, 

Boston, N. E,,1773. 
Roberts (Mrs. Marty n). The Spiritual Creation, or 
Soul's New Birth. Port. 8vo, cloth. 

London, W. Pickering, 1 843. 

Roberts (Orlando W.) Narrative of Voyages and Ex- 
cursions on the East Coast, and in the Interior of Cen- 
tral America. Map. 24:mo, cloth. Edinburg, 1827. 

Roberts (William). Memoirs of Hannah Moore. Vol 
II. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1834. 

Robertson (Ignatius L.) Sketches of Public Characters, 
drawn from the Living and the Dead. 12mo, pp. 259, 
uncut. New York, 1830. 

Robertson (William). The History of Scotland, during 
the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI., with 
A Review of the History previous to that Period. 2 
Vols. Port. 8vO; boards, uncut 

Philadelphia, 1811^ 


4482 Robertson. The History of America, Books IX. and X., ^ )^ 

containing the History of^irginia, to the year 1688, 

and of New England to the year 1652. 8vo, rough I 

edges. Philadelphia, 1799. I 

4483 Robertson. The History of America. Second Ameri- /^T 

can Edition, in which is included the Posthumous Vol- ■ i 

ume, containing the History of Virginia, to the year I 

1688, and of New-England to the year 1652. 8vo, 
sheep, gilL Philadelphia, 1821. 

4484 Robinson (Catherine). The Victim of Depravity. The ^ Z I 

Reputed Wife of Michael Robinson, a Notorious Pick- 
pocket, Who was Executed for Murder in Wales, Eng., 
April 6th, 1832. Plate. ' 12mo, pp. 36, uncut. 

S.I., 1832. 

4485 Robinson (James). Book-Eeeping, by Single Entry. -^ 

8vo, boards. Boston, 1831. 

4486 Robinson (Rob't.)^ Seventeen Discourses on several fT5 

Texts of Scripture, addressed to Christian Assemblies 
in Villages near Cambridge. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1824. 

4487 Robinson (Samuel). A Catalogue of American Mine- ^^'0 

rals, with their Localities, including all which are known 
to exist in the U. S. and British Provinces. 8vo, cloth. 
Scarce. Boston, 1825. 

4488 Robinson (Solon). Hot Com, Life Scenes in New ^ i '"' 

York. Illustrated. \2mo, cloth. New York, 1854. 

4489 Robinson (Wm. D.) Memoirs of the Mexican Revolu- ^ \ 

tion, including a Narrative of the Expedition of General 
Xavier Mina. 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1820. 
Aatogrsph of J. G. Percival. 

4490 Robinson (John). Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the ^'Z 

Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the 
Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and-Read- 
ing Societies. 8vo, sheep, gilt. Philadelphia, 1798. 

4491 RoBSON (Joseph). An Account of Six Year's Residence ^^ 

in Hudson's Bay. Maps. 8vo, calf. London, mdcclii. 




i y 4492 RocoHiBTTi (Joseph), Why a National Literature wi. 
not flourish in the United States. 8yo, pp, 84. 

New York, 1845. 

/6 4493 RoGEARD (M. A.) Sayings of Labienus on Napoleon 
m, the So-called Modern Ccesar. Royal 8vo,pp. 16, 

New York, 1865. 

/ <^ 4494 Rogers (E. 0.) ■ Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, Hu- 
man and Mundane, Embracing the Natural Philosophy 
of Spiritual Manifestation. 8vo, pp. 108. 

Boston, 1852. 

■ /^ 4495 Rogers (E. P.) A Historical Discourse on the Reform- 
ed Prot. Duteh Church, of Albany, November 26, 1857. 
Plates. 870, half mar. New York, 1858. 

-*rJ^^^ 4496 Rogers (Thos. J.) A New American Biographical 
Dictionary, or Remembrancer of the Departed Heroes, 
Sages and Statesmen of America, confined exclusively 
te those who have Signalized themselves in cither Ca- 
pacity in the Revolutionary War, which obtained the 
Independence of their Country. 8vo, sheep. 

Easton, Pennsylvania, 1824. 

^ 4497 RoLANDi. Liturgia Anglicana col Salterio di Davide. 
32mo, she^. Londra, 1820. 

y^ 4498 RoMAiNB (Benj.) Yellow Fever. 8vo, pp. 40. 

New York, 1823. 

"^ 4499 RoMAiNE (W.) Treatises upon the Life, Work and 
Triumph of Faith. 12mo, slieep. New York, 1839. 

y ^ / 4500 Rome. Appian's History of. 4to, velltm. 
The Colophon reads a^ follows: 

Impressum est hoc opus Ventvj's per Bemardu 

pictorem & Erbardum ratdolt de Augusta una 

cum Petro loslein de Langencen correctore 

acsocio, Laus Deo, Mccccucxvii. 

* This beautifully printed Volume, 892 years old, is in a wonderftil state 

of preserration, being with the exception of two or three leaves not only 
perfectly clean, bat the paper remains as white as when it came tarn 
the Printer's hands. 



4601 BooRBAOH (O. A.) Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue y^/^ 
of Americaa PublioationS; including Reprints and Orig- 
inal Works, from 1820 to 1852. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1852. 
4502 EooT(H.K.) The Peoples' Medical Lighthouse, Mar- J ^" 
riage Guide, etc. Engravings. 8yo, cloth. 

New York, 1854. 
450S Rosenberg (0. G.) Life of Jenny Lind. 8vo, pp. 82. ^ ^ 

New York, 1840. 

4504 Rosenberg. Jenny Lind in America. Port l^mo, cloth. / 

New York, 1851. 

4505 R[0S8] (H.) An Essay For A New Translation of the ^ C' 

Bible. By H. R., a Minister of the Church of England. 
2 Vols in one. 8vo, calf. London, 1702. 

On the title page, 8. Mather, 1758, and on the fly leaf in the hand writing 
of Samuel Mather, ** Sent for his little Nephew Inoreaae Mather, in 
' Boston; firom his Uncle Samuel Mather, in London, 1702.** 

4506 Ross (Arthur A.) A Discourse embracing the Civil and / ^ 

Religious History of Rhode Island. Small 8vo, cloth. 

Providence, 1838. 

4507 RowB (Elizabeth). Devout Exercises of the Heart in "^ 

Meditation and Soliloquy. 12 mo, boards. Scarce. 

Dedham, 1797. 

4508 Rowland (David S.) Historical Remarks, with moral 'j J S ^ 

Reflections. A Sermon Preached at Providence, June 
9tlu 1779; wherein are represented The remarkable 
Dispensations of Divine Providence to the People of 
these States, particularly in the Rise and Progress of 
the present War, between the Confederate States of 
America and Great Britain. Small 4to, pp. 39, uncuu 
• Rare. Providence, (1779). 

4509 Roy (Rammohun). Translation of the Ishopanishad, ^ ^ ^^ 

one of the chapters of the Yajur V^da. 12mo, pp. 35. . 

Calcutta, 1816. 
JliWO Royal (The) Eclipse, or Delicate Facts, Exhibiting the ^ c 
\ Secret Memoirs of Squire George and his Wife, with 

Notes, by Diogenes. 12mo, boards, uncuL 

London, 1807. 




/ ^ 4511 EoTAL (The) Kalendar For England, Scotland, Ireland 
and America; for the year 1794. 12mO; sheep, 

London, 1793, 

^ ^ 4512 Royal. The Same, for 1798. London, 1797. 

{ C 4513 Royal (The) Sin, or Adultery Rebuk'd in a Great King. 
8vo, pp. 29. London, 1738. 

J ? j 4514 RuDO Ensayo Tentativa de nna Prevencional Descripion 
Geographica de la Provincia de Sonora, etc. Royal 
4to, pp. 208. St. Augustine, Fla., 1863. 

Printed by MunfieU, large paper, limited edition. 

3 ^ 4515 Ruinous (The) Tendency of Gambling and Gambling 
Houses. 12mo, pp. 24. New York, 1852. 

J^^^ 4516 Rules and Articles, for the Better Government of the 
Troops, raised or to be raised and kept in pay, by and 
at the joint Expense of the Twelve United English Col- 
onies of North America. 8vo, pp. 16, tmcut. Scarce. 

Watertown, B. Edes, 1775. 

^^ 4517 Rules and Articles, for the Better Government of the 
Troops, raised or to be raised and kept in pay, by and 
at the Expense of the United States of America. 12mo, 
pp. 92, City of Washington, 1800. 

J 4518 Rules and Orders, House of Representatives, Mass. 2 
Vols. 24mo, doth. Boston, 1853-54. 

y/ l1 4519 Rupp (J. Daniel). History of Northampton, Lehigh, 
Monroe, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties. Embellished 
by several Engravings. 8vo, sheep. Scarce. 

Harrisburgh, 1845. 

4520 Rush (Benjamin). Eulogium on David Rittenhouse, 17 

Dec, 1796. 8vo, pp. 46, uncut. Philadelphia, (1796). 

4521 Rush (Jacob). Charges and Extracts of charges, on 

Moral and Religious Subjects. 12mo, sheep. 

New York, 1804. 

4522 Rush (Richard). A Residence at the Court of London. 

8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1833. 

Letter of the Author inaerted. 


4523 RusKiN (John). The Turner Collection. 8vo, pp. 88. 2 ^'^ 

London, 1857. 

4524 RiTSSELL (John). An Address to the Faustus Associa- ^ 

tion, Boston, Oct. 4, 1808. 8vo, pp. 23. 

Boston, 1808. 

4525 Russell (John). A History of the United States of /^'t) 

America, from the Period of the Discovery, to the 
Present Time. Engravings. 12mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, (1837.) 

4526 Russell (John). Memoirs, Journal and Correspondence <• C 

of Thomas Moore. 6 Vols., 3 to 8. fcvo, cloth. 

Boston, 1853. 

4527 RUSSEI.L (Winslow). The last Address of, delivered in // ^ 

Troy, July 19, 1811, before he was Executed for the 
Murder of Michael Backus. 8vo, pp. 12. 

Printed for the purchasers, 1811. 

4528 Rtcaut (Paul). The Royal Commentaries of Peru, in ^2 ^2^ 

Two Parts. The First Part Treating of the Origin 
of their Incas, or Kings : Of their Idolatry : Of their 
Laws and Government, both in Peace and War: Of the 
Reigns and. Conquests of the Incas: With many other 
Particulars, relating to their Empire and Policies, be- 
fore such time as the Spaniards invaded their Coun- 
tries. The Second Part Describing the manner by 
which that New World was conquered by the Spaniards. 
Also the Civil War between the Pizarrists and the Al- 
magrians, occasioned by Quarrels arising about the Di- 
visions of the Land. Of the Rise and Fall of Rebels, 
and other Particulars contained in that History. Il- 
lustrated by Sculptures. Written, originally, in Span- 
ish, by the Inca Garcilasso de la Yega. Port.' and 
numerous curious Plates. Polio, half calf. 

London, Printed by Miles Flesher, for Jacob 

Tonson, at the Judge's-Head, in Chancery 

Lane, near Fleet-street, mdclxxxviil 

4529 Rtlb (J. C.) How Readest Thou ? A Question for )' ^ 

Every Body. 12mo, pp*. 82. New York, 1855. 

' ';-, 


^ 4530 SabbathSchool Visiton 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1840. 

4531 SABBATH-School QQCstion Books, (24.) 

^ I, 4532 Sabin (Joseph). A Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, 
Engravings, and Miscellaneous Articles, belonging to 
the Estate of the late John Allan. 8yo, hoards, rough 
edges. New York, 1864 

^ i^ 4533 Sabi!^. Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue of the Li- 
brary belonging to Mr. Richard W. Roche. Sold by 
Bangs, Merwin & Co. 8vo, uncia. New York, 1867. 

y ^ 2. 4534 Sabik. Bibliotheca Dramatica, Catalogue of the Theat- 
rical and Miscellaneous Library of William E. Burton. 
Port. Imp. 8vo, pp. 463, uncut. New York, 1860. 
«^ Large paper, very soarce. 

/ (/V 4535 Sabin. Bibliotheca Splendidissima, Catalogue of the 
Library of [A. E. Douglas.] 8vo, boards, uncut. 

New York, 1856. 
Very scaroe. 

^ C 4536 Sabin. Catalogue of a Valuable Private Library, com- 
prising an Extensive and Select Collection of Choice 
Books, in every Department of Literature. 8vo, hoards^ 
uncut. New York, 1859. 

2 crO 4537 Sabin's Reprints* 4to series, 10 Vols., |7ajper, tmcu^. 

New York, 1865. 

The Series oqiuistB of the fbUowing works: 

L Order Book of Capt. Leonarc^ Bleeker, 1119. 

II. A Relation of Maryland, 1635. 

III. Present State of the Indians InNewEnglai^, 1650. 

IV. Certain Inducements to Well-Miuded People, 1643. 
Y. Further Progress of the Gospel among the ladians 

in New England, 1652. 
' VI. Progress of the Cospel among the Indians in New 
England, 1659. 
VIL New England's First Fruits, 1643. 

VIII. Further Queries upon the present State of the 
New-English Affairs, 1689-90. 

IX. Day Breaking, if not the Sun Rising, of the Gros- 
pel, with tho Indiatis in New-England» 1648. 



X. Clear Sanshiue of the Gospel, breaking forth upon 
the Indians, in New England, 1648. 

453§^ Sabin*s Reprints, Octavo Series. 5 Vols. ; paper, uncut. 2 ^^ 
"^ ' New York, 1865. 

The Series consists of the foUowing works. Edition 100 copies: 

L The Journal of Major George Washington. 
n. A Journal of Two Visits made to some Nations of 

III. Vindication of the Captors of Major Andre. 

IV. A Brief Statement of the Province of Pennsylva- 

V. Present State of Virginia, by Hugh Jones, A. M. 

4539 Sabin. The Same. Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 Royal 8vo, ^ ^ 
paper, uncuL 

Large paper, edition 60 copies. These are numbered 16. 

-)^4540 Sabine (Lorenzo). Address on the Hundredth Anni- J 
versary of the Death of Gen. Wolfe. 8vo, pp. 100. 

Boston, 1859. 

4541. Sabine. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of they^i 2? 
American Revolution. 2 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut, 

' . Boston, 1864. 

4542 Sabine. Notes on Duels and Duelling. 12mo, cloth. ^TJ 

Boston, 1855. 

4543 Sabueb (M.) Extrait Des Epitres de Seneque. 12mo, i^ 

uncut. Paris, mdcclxx. 

4544 Sacra Biblia, Ad LXX. Interpretvm fidem Diligentis- ^'^ 

ime Tralata. Black Letter, iro, in original binding. 
Basilese Andream Cratandrum, Anno udzxyi. 
• Cumgratia & privilegio Caesareo. 

St Jerome's Version of the Septnagint, not divided into verses, and con- 
tains some remarkable readings. For a particular account of this edi- 
tion, see **Bibliotheca Sussexiana,'* Vol. L, part XL From the Library 
of John Pickering, and contains his Autograph. 

4545 Salem (The) Belle. A Tale of Love and Witchcraft, Jj^^ 

in the year 1692. 24mo, cloth. Scarce. 

Boston, 1847. 




Jj^ 4646 Salem Witchcraft, Comprising more Wonders of the 
Invisible World, Collected by Robert Calef, and Won- 
ders of the Invisible world by Cotton Mather, Togeth- 
er with Notes and Explanations by Samuel P. Fowler. 
Port. Small 4to, doth^ uncut, Boston, 1865. 

Large paper, edition 100 copies. Contains the original article by Mr. 
Deane, signed Delta. **SparioaB Reprints of Early Books.** 

4547 Salem Witchcraft, The same. Post 8vo, cloth. 

Salem, 1861. 

^$^4548 Salemankis (Abbe). Letters of. 8vo, pp. 156. 

Philadelphia, 1810. 

^ 4549 Salmagundi, or the Whim-Whams and Opinions of 
Launcelot Langstaff, Esq., and Others. 2 Vols, in one. 
16mo, half bound. (New York,) 1807. 

^ ^^ 4550 Salmon. Moral RcOcctions, in Verse. Begun in Hawk- 
stone Park, May 20th and 2l8t, 1794. 8vo, Joari*, 
uncut. London, mdccxcvii. 

^ ^ 4551 Salmon. An Essay concerning Marriage, Shewing, 
The Preference of Marriage to a Single Life, etc. 
8vo, sheep. London, MDCCXir^. 

^^ 4552 Salomon (Gotthold), Twelve Sermons, delivered in 
the New Temple of the Israelites, At Hamburgh. 12mo, 
cloth. Charleston, S. C, 1841. 

^ ^ 4553 Sampson Against the Philistines, or the Reformation of 
Lawsuits, and Justice made Cheap, Speedy and Broagbt 
Home to every Man*s Door. 8vo, pp. 96, wicra. 

PhUadelphia, 1805. 

^ ^ 4554 Sampson (M. B.) Central America, and the Transit be- 
tween the Oceans. 8vo, pp. 28. New York, 1850. 

<^ ^^ 4555 Sand (George). Pseudonym, Simon. 24mo, boards. 

Bruxelles, 1836. 

^^ i^ 4556 Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers to the 

Declaration of Independence. Ports. 9 Vols. 8vo, 

boards, uncut. Philadelphia. 

4557 Sanderson (John P.) Republican Landmarks. 8vo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1856. 


4558 Sandyhan*s Letters on Theron and Aspaaio, Addressed 2^^ 

to the Author. 2 Vols, 12mo, calf. Edinburgh, 1762. 

4559 Sanpord (H, S.) Systems of Penal Codes in Europe. 5 "^ 

8vo, cloth. Washington, 1854. 

4560 Sanpord (L. G.) The History of Erie County, Penn. J^ iTD 

Ports. 12mo, clolh. Philadelphia, 1862. 

4561 Sanger (Ralph). A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of j*^ 

Capt. Lewis Smith, who was killed, Jan. 11, 1819, by 
the fall of a tree. 8vo,pp. 16, uncut. Dedham, 1819. 

4562 Sansom (Joseph). Sketches of Lower Canada, Histori- 5 *<5 

cal and Descriptive, the Morals, Habits and Religious 
Institutions of that Isolated Country. Plates. 12mo, 
hoards, uncut. New York, 1817. 

4563 Sargent (J. 0.) On Steam Navigation, and Naval War- S^^ 

fare. 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1844. 

4564 Sargent (L. M.) Reminiscences of Samuel Dexter. 5^ 

24mo, cloth. Boston, 1 85 7. 

4565 Sargent (N.) Life of Henry Clay. 8vo, pp. 16. 5^^ 

Philadelphia, 1844. 

4566 Sargent (Winthrop). The Life and career of Major* /^ ^\ld^ 

John Andre, Adjutant-General of the British Army in 
America. Port. 8vo, cloth, rough edges. 

Boston, HDCCCLZI. 
Large paper. Edition 76 oopieo. 

4567 Sargent. The same. Port. 12mo, half calf, gilt. /7^^ 

Boston, 186L 

4568 [Sargent.] The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution. Cap J'z/ £H. 
4to, half Roxhurghe, uncut. Philadelphia, mdccclvii. 

No. 89 of 99 oopioa printed. Fisher's copy sold for $85. Of great raritj. 
Contains the suppressed leaf at page 126. 

4569 Sarran (B.) Memoirs of Gen. Lafayette. 2 Vols. ^^ 

\2mo,clothr^ Boston, 1833. 

4i570 Saturday Evening, by the Author of Natural History < 1>^ 
of Enthusiasm. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1832. 

4571 Saturdat Evening. 12mo, thth. Hingham, 1833. -^ ^ 



4572 Saunders (Daniel, Jr.) A Journal of the Travels and 
Sufferings of a Mariner, Cast Away near Cape Morebet, 
on the coast of Arabia, July, 1792. 24mo, boards. 
Scarce. Exeter, 1830. 

J j^ 4573 Sawbin (James). The Repentance of the Unchaste Wo- 
man. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. Boston, 1823- 

t 5 6^ 4574 Savage (Edward H.) A Chronological History of the 

Boston Watch and Police, from 1631 to 1865, together 
, with the Recollections of a Boston Police OfiScer, or 

f Boston by Daylight and Gaslight. Port 8vo, boardty 

rough edges. Boston, 1865. 

/J 4575 Sat (Jean-Baptiste). A Treatise on Political Econo- 
my, or the Production, Distribution and Consumption 
of Wealth. 8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1836, 

^ ^ 4576 Sayings and Doings at the Tremont House, in the year 
1832. Extracted from the Note-Book of Costard Sly. 
2 Vols. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1833. 

f^ 4577 Scenes from the Life of Jesus. 24mo, boards. 

Boston, 1852. 

S"^,4578 Scenes from Christian History, limo, boards. 

Boston, 1852. 

y/ Z 4579 ScHEPPBB (John). The History of Lapland, Wherein 
Are Shewed the Original Manners, Habits, Marriages, 
Conjurations, &c., of that People. Plates. Folio, 
boards. At the Theatre in Oxford, mdClxxiv. 

/ / I 4580 Scheme (A) To Drive the French Out of All the Conti. 
nent of America, Humbly offered to the Consideration 

of , Esq. 8vo, pp. 20. Scarce. 

Boston, N. E., 1755. 

,, ^2. 4581 ScHERMBBHORN (John F.) View of that part the Uni- 
ted States which lies West of the Allegliany Mountains, 
With regard to Religion and Morals. 8vo, pp. 52, 
uncut. Hartford, 1814. 

/ - 4582 Schiller (Friedrich). -Poems. 24mo, pp. 255. 

Leipsig, 1818. 


4583 ScHLEGEL (J. F. W.) Neutral Rights, or an impartial /i ^ 

examination of the Right of Search of Neutral Vessels. 
8vo, pp. 162. Philadelphia, 1801. 

4584 Schoolcraft (Henry R) A View of the Lead Mines / ^ ^ 

of Missouri, Accompanied by three Engravings. 8vo, 
boards, uncut. New York, 1819. 

4585 Schoolcraft. Narrative Journal of Travels through y J T) 

the Northwestern Regions of the United States, extend- 
ing from Detroit, through the great chain of American 
Lakes to the Sources trf the Mississippi River. Per- 
formed as a Member of the Expedition under Governor 
Cass, in the year 1820, Plate. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Albany, 1821. 

4586 Schoolcraft. Expedition to the Source of the Missis- J^ ^^ 

sippi River, in 1820, resumed and completed by the 
Discovery of its Origin in Itasca Lake, in 1832. With 
Appendices. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1855. 

4587 Schoolcraft. Travels in the Mississippi Valley. 8vo, ^^ 

calf. , New York, 1825. 

4588 Schott (James, Jr.) A Statement by. 8vo, pp. 60../^ ^ 

a Crim-Con and DaeUing AfGokir. 

4589 Science (The) of Electrical Psychology. 8vo, pp. 16. ^^ 

(Albany), 1849. 

4590 ScoFTELD {Samuel). An Inaugural Dissertation on the ^ x 

Nature and Origin of Vaccinia, or Cowpock, Nov. 1803. 
8vo, pp. 69, uncut. Scarce. New York, 1803. 

4591 Scotch (A) Answer to a Yankee Question. By the ^^ 

Scotch Poetic Genius. 12mo, pp. 36. 

Clyde,N. Y., 1866. 

4592 [Scott (Walter).] Guy Mannering. 2 Vols. 16mo, ^Q 
cloth. Boston, 1857. 

4593 Scott. Biographical Memoirs. 12mo, cloth. /O 

Boston, 1829. 

4594 Scott. Life of Jonathan Swift. 1 2mo, cZo^A. /q 

Boston, 1829. 


Ji" 4595 Scott. Rokeby, A Poem. Illustrated edition, 18mo, 
green turkey morocco, gUi, gilt edges. 

London, 1841. 

^^ 4596 Scott (William). Lessons in Elocution, or a Selection 
of Pieces in Prose and Verse for the improvement of 
youth in Beading and Speaking, as well as for the peru- 
sal of Persons of Taste. l2mo, sheep. 

Hartford, mdccxcv. 

^ 4597 Scott. Lessons in Elocution, 12mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1814. 

i ^ 4598 ScouGAL (Henry). The Life of God in the Soul of Man, 
or the Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion. 
Small 8vo, boards. Boston, 1806. 

J P y^ 4599 ScRAP-BooK. Containing several hundred Steel En- 
gravings. 4to, half calf. 

^ < "^ 4600 ScBiBER (Peter), pseudonym. On Protection. 8vo. 

New York, (1844.) 

/ ( 'i 4601 ScBiBBLEOMANiA, or the Printer's Devirs Polichronicon. 
A Sublime Poem, Edited by Anser Pen-dragon, Esq. 
8vo, calf gilt. London, 1815. 

/ cIrV 4602 ScRiPTURE-Bishops (The) Vindicated, by Eleutherius, V. 
D. M. In same Volume, Eusebius Inermatus. 8vo, 
sheep. Boston, N. E., 1733. 

A qaeer old rolame of Theologictd ControTer^. 

y 4603 Seaburt (Samuel). Sermon at Boston, Mar. 25, 1788. 
8vo, pp. 30. Boston, 1788. 

y 4604 Sbabury (Samuel). The Continuity of the Church of 
England, in the Sixteenth Century. 8vo, pp. 174. 

New York, 1853. 

y 4605 Seahl (John). Sermon at the Ordination of the Eev. 
Stephen Peabody, Atkinson, Nov. 25, 1772. 8vq, pp. 
35. Boston, N. E., 1773. 

/^ 2 1 4606 Sears (Edmund H.) Pictures of the Olden Time, as 
shown in the fortunes of a Family of the Pilgrims, with 


a Genealogy. Private Edition. Plates. Turkey mo- 

roccoj antique, gilt edges, Boston, 1857. 

A 8trict]y private edition, of which but very few copies were printed. 

4607 Second (A) Letter to a Friend, Giving a more particu- /^ »^ 

lar Narrative of the Defeat of the French Army at 
Lake George, by the New-England Troops, than has 
yet been published. Representing also the vast Impor- 
tance of this Conquest to the American-British Colo- 
nies. To which is added, Such an Account of what the 
New-England Governments have done, to carry into Ef- 
fect their Design against Crown-Point, as will shew the 
Necessity of their being helped by Great-Britain, in 
Point of Money. 4to, pp. 16, unciU. 

Boston, N. E., Printed and sold by Edes and 

Gill, at their Printing-Office, next to the 

Prison in Queen-street, mdcclv. 

A clear and beautiful copy, of a very rare pamphlet Autograph of £d^ 
ward Wigglesworth. 

4608 Second Advent Pamphlets (20). Some as early as 1813. '/ , 

4609 Second Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the Peo- 

ple, on the Measures Respecting America, by the Au- 
thor of the First. ' 8 vo, half morocco, uncut. 

London, 1775, 

See Rich, 1774, No. 28; 1775, No. 48. 

4610 Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France, during / fU 

the Revolution, with a Cipher of the Secret Corres- 
pondence of Marie Antoinette. Svo, half calf, gilt. 

Philadelphia, 1826 

4611 Seely (John B.) The 'Wonders of Flora, or the Tern- 2 S^ 

pies and Dwellings Excavated out of a Mountain of 
Granite. Plates. 8vo, half calf London, 1824. 

4612 Sega (James). What is true civilization, or Means to ^ 

Suppress the Practice of Duelling, to Prevent or to 
Punish Crimes, and to Abolish the Punishment of Death. 
12mo, calf Boston, 1830. 

4613 Seixas (J.) Manual of Hebrew Grammar, for the use . 3 ^^ 

of Beginners. Svo, boards. Andover, 1834, 





/ 2 S ^4614 Select Sermons of Dr. Whichcot. 8to, calf. 

London, MDCXCvra. 

J* - 4615 Select Sermons, and Funeral Orations, translated from 
the French, of Bossuet, to which is prefixed An Essay, 
on the Eloquence of the Pulpit in England. 12mo, calf, 

Boston, 1803. 

/ D 4616 Selection (A) of the Patriotic Addresses to the Presi- 
dent of the United States, together with the President's 
Answers. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1798. 

<■ '^ 

^ ^ 4617 Selections from the Early Ballad Poetry of England 

and Scotland. Edited by Richard John King. Orna- 
mental .title pages, headings and initials. Fcap 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, W. Pickering, 1842. 

/ ^' 4618 Selections from the Writings of Fenelon, with a Me- 
moir of his Life. 12 mo, hoards, rmcut. Boston^ 1829. 

/ i ^ 4619 SEMi-Centennial Celebration of the New-England Socie- 
ty in the City of New York, Dec. 22, 1855. 8vo, pp. 
116. New York, 1856. 

/ 4620 Sentiments (The) of a British American. 8vo, pp. 16. 
Rare. Boston, 1764. 

5^ 4621 Septennial (The) Act. 2 pamphlets. 8vo. 

London, 1740. 

y 4622 Series (A) of Appeals, To all Men and their Families. 
By Mrs. Nemo. 12mo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

^ "^ 4623 Series of Numbers on Prison Discipline. 8vo, pp. 16. 


4624 Serious (A) Call | to the [ Quakers, | Inviting them to 

Return to | Christianity.] By a friend.| 8vo, pp. 16. 
Very rare. 

Boston, Re-printed and Sold by T. Green, 
in Middle street, 1709. 

4625 Serious Considerations On the Election of a President, 

Addressed to the Citizens of the United States. 8to, 
pp. 34. New York, 1800. 


4626 Sbbicon (A) Preached before the Society for the Propa- / d 

gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at their Anni- 
versary Meeting, In the Parish Church of St. Mary-le- 
Bow, February, 1712. By the Right Reverend Father 
in God, John Lord Bishop of Ely. 8vo, pp, 66. 

London, 1713. 
BeUtee to Amerioa. 

4627 Sermon (A) Preached before the Society for the Propa- / ^ 

gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at the Parish 
ChuTch of St. Mary.le-Bow, the 16th of Feb., 1710. 
By William Lord. Bishop of St Asaph. 8vo, pp. 43* 

London, 1726. 

4628 Sermons before the Female Charitable Society of Salem. ' ^ 

VariousAuthors. 8vo, half bound. v.y, 

4629 Sermons of John Baptist Missillon and Lewis Bourda- 7 j"^ 

loue, two Celebrated French Preachers. 12 mo, $heep. 

Hartford, 1805. 

4630 Sermons on Particular Occasions. 8vo, boards, uncut, /O 

Boston, 1812. 

4631 Sermons to Asses. The Fourth Edition. 12mo, half 2 C 

calf Philadelphia, mdcclxlt. 

4632 Sermons (12) By Various Eminent Divines, preached on J fl 

the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles L 
4to, calf London, 1 6 80-1 73 1. 

A Rare and Carious CoUection. 

4633 Serviob Book for the Use of the Church of the Disciples. 7 

1 8mo, sheep. Boston, 1 844. 

4634 Service Book for the Church of the Saviour, with PsalmB y 

and Hymns for Christian Worship. 12mo, morocco. 

Boston, 1846, 

4635 Services. Arlington Street Church. 12mo,cZo^A. J 

Boston, 1862. 

4636 Several Assertions Proved, Li Order to Create another J q 

Species of Money than Gold and Silver. By Mr. Asgill. 
8vo, pp. 46. London, 1720. 




4637 Several Apologetical Letters to a Friend, in Behalf of 
The Rev. Mr. Whitefield, Ac. 4to, pp. 38. 

Boston, 1745. 

4638 Sewall (Joseph). A Sermon Preached on the Fri- 
day Evening Lecture, at the South Meeting-Hoase io 
Boston, March 5, 1741-2. 8vo, pp. 24. Very scarce. 

Boston, 1742. 

^ Z 4639 Sewall (Bufas King). Ancient Dominions of Maine, 
Embracing the Earliest Facts, the Recent Discoveries 
of the Remains of Aboriginal Towns, the Voyages, 
Settlements, Battle Scenes, Incidents of Indian Warfare, 
and other Incidents of History, etc. Engravings. Svo, 
cloth. Bath, 1859. 

/iT*^^ 4640 Sewall (Samuel). Phsenomena qusedam J Apocalyp- 
tica I Ad Aspectum l^OYi Orbis configurata ;\ Or some few 
Lines towards a description of the New | Heaven,| As 
It makes to those who stand upon the | New Earth.j 
By Samuel Sewall, A. M., and sometimes Fellow of 
Harvard \ College at Cambridge in New England] 
In the same Vol., The | Fountain Opened,| or ] The Ad- 
mirable Blessings plentifully to | be Dispensed at the 
National | Conversion of the Jews,] by Samuel Willard. 
With appendix by Samuel Sewall. 4to, title 3 p. l.,pp. 
64-24, ywZZ turkey morocco, extra, top gilt. 

Boston, Massachusetts, Printed by Bartholomew 

Green, and sold by Benjamin Eliot, Samuel 

Gerrish & Daniel Henchman, 1727. 

A very rare work, relating in great part to New England History and 
the Indians. The first edition prioed bj Steyens, at £7 7s. 

7 4641 Sewell (Stephen). The Scripture Account of the 
Shechinah. Svo, pp. 27, uncut. Boston, 1794 

J C 4642 Sewall's Poems. Wants title page. Contains several 
Poems relating to Washington. 

/ I 4643 Seward (Anna). Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin. 
Svo, half bound. Philadelphia, 1804 


4644 Seward (William H.) Life and Public Servicea of 1 ^^ 

John Qnincj Adams. Port. 12 mo, sheep. 

Aubnrn, 1 849. 

4645 Sbwell (Wm.) An Essay on the Study of Dead Law- i ^ 

guages. 12mo, boards, uncut. London^ 18 SO, 

4646 Sexagenarian (The), or the Recollections of a Literary / t 

Life. %^o,calf. London, 1818. 

4647 Shakspbarb (William). Miscellaneous Papers and Le- J S 15 

gal Instruments under the band and seal o(, Includiag 

the Tragedy of King Lear and a small fragment of 

Hamlet, From the Original Mss. in the possession of 

Samuel Lreland, of Norfolk Street. Svo, clothy uncut., 

London, 1196. 
The oelebrftted Ireland Forgeries. 

4648 Shakspeare. The Most Excellent Historic of the Mer- / ^ S"*^ 

chant of Venice. Dlustrated. Svo, tinted papeTfmoroti' 
CO, gilt. New York, 1860. 

4649 Shakspeare. The Poems of, with a Memoir. By Rcr. / ^HP 

Alexander Dyce. Port. 16mo, calf, gilt. 

Boston, 1856. 

4650 Shaksperiana. Catalogue of all the Books, Pamphlets, y/5T5 

&c., relating to Shakspeare, to which are subjoined an 
Account of the Early Quarto Editions of the Ormt 
Dramatist's Plays and Poems, the Prices at which tnany 
copies have sold in public sales, together with a List of 
the Leading and Esteemed Editions of Shakspeare's 
Collected Works. 12mo, boards, uncut. Very scarce* 

London, 1827. 

4651 Sham-Patriot (The) Unmasked, or an Expositloa oi J J, ^*^ 

the Fatally Successful Arts of Demagogues to exalt 
themselves, by Flattering and Swindling the People, 
By Historicus. Svo, pp. 47, uncut. Haverhill, 1 805, 

4652 Sharp (John). A Sermon Preached at White-Hall, in /O 

Lent, Oo Friday, March 20, 1684-5. 4to. 

London^ 1685. 


-<^> ^4653 Shaver's (The) New Sermon for Past Day. By Pas- 
quin Shaveblock, Esq., Shaver Extraordinary, and an- 
other title. 8vo, pp. 48. Philadelphia, 1796. 

/ 4654 Shaw (Ferdiuando). A Sermon on the Death of Queen 
Anne, and the Happy Accession of King George to 
the Throne. 8vo, pp. 27. London, 1714 

/^ 4655 [Shaw (S.)] Immanuel, Or a Discovery of True Re- 
ligion, As it imports a living Principle in the Minds of 
Men, Being the latter Clause of The Voice crying in a 
Wilderness, Or a Continuation of the Angelic Life. 
By S. S. 8vo, sheep. Rare. 

Boston, N. E., Printed by Rogers & Fowle, for 
J. Edwards, in Comhill, 1741. 

J S i^ 4656 Shepard (Thomas). The Parable of the Ten Virgins, 
• Opened & Applied. Being the Substances of divers 

Sermons, By Thomas Shepard, Late Worthy and 
Faithful Pastor of the Church of Christ at Cambridge, 
iu New-England. Now Published By Jonathan Mitch- 
ell, Minister at Cambridge, and Tho. Shepard, Son to 
the Reverend Author, now Minister at Charles-Town, 
in New-England. Polio^ sheep. 

Re-Printed and carefully corrected in the year 1695. 

-^^2 4657 Shepard. Thesis Sabbaticae, Or The Doctrine of the 
Sabbath. Wherein the Sabbath, I. Morality, H. Change, 
IIL Beginning, IV. Sancitification,are clearly discussed. 
By Thomas Shepard, Paster of the Church of Christ 
at Cambridge, in New England. 4 Vols, in one. 4to, 
sheep, London, 1640-49. 

/ -> ^* 4658 Shepard. Three valuable Pieces, Viz; Select Cases 
Resolved. First Principles of the Oracles of God, or 
Sum of Christian Religion. Both corrected by Four 
several Editions, and A Private Diary, With some Ac- 
count of the Rev. Author, 8vo, sheep. Boston, 1747. 

y/ c 4659 Shepard. The Sincere Convert, Discovering the small 
number of True Believers, and the Great Difficulty of 



Saving Conversion, whereto is now added, The Saint's 
Jewel, showing how to apply the Promises and the 
Soul's Invitation unto Jesus Christ. 8vo, sheep. 

London, 1672. 

4660 Shbpard (Samuel). The Principle of Universal Salva- /O 

tion Examined and Tried. 12mo, pp. 36. 

Exeter, mdccxcyiii. 

4661 [Sheppabd (J. H.)] Defence of Masonry. 8vo,pp.32, ^7 
vnciU, Boston, 1831. 

4662 Sherlock (William). A Practical Discourse concern- 5"^ 

ing Death. 12mo, iheep. Albany, 1814. 

4663 Sherwood (Ely J.) California, and the Way to Get Jl S'^ 

there, with the OflScial Documents relating to the Gold 
Region. 8vo, pp. 40. New York, 1848. 

4664 Sherwood (Mrs.) The Hedge of Thorns. 24mo, 1"^ 

boards. Plymouth, 1824. 

4665 Shew (Joel). Hand-Book of Hydropathy. Plates, i^^ 

12mo, uncta. New York, 1844. 

4666 Shipwreck and Adventures of Captain Donald Camp- ^^^ 

bell in the East Indies, including his Imprisonment by 
Hyder Allies troops. Plate. 12mo, pp. 35. 

London, (s.a.) 

4667 Shipwreck (The), or the Adventures, Love and Con- ^ \ 

stancy of Paul and Virginia, who .were reared in the 
sequestered valley of Port Louis, in the Isle of France, 
etc 12mo, pp. 34, uncut. New York, 1 82 1. 

4668 Shobbrl (Frederic). Narrative of the most Remarka- 6 ^ 

ble Events which occurred in and near Leipzig, from 
the 14th to the 19th Oct., 1813. 12mo, boa/rds, uncut. 

New York, 1814. 

4669 Shoemaker's Original Poems. Broadsheet, a literary -<' ^ ^ 


4670 Shones and the Bones. 12mo, pp. 8. s.L, 1861. / 

4671 Shore (John). The Literary History of the late Sir y ^^ 

William Jones. 12mo, pp. 16. London, 1795. 


J J 4672 Short (A) Account of some Particalars concerning 
p Dooms-Day Book. 4to, pp. 21. Scarce. 

f London, mdcclvh. 

/(; Z 467S Short (A) and Easy Method with the Deists, wherein 
the Certainty of the Christian Religion is demonstrated 
by Infallible Proof. 12mo, she^. 

Windsor, Vt, 1812. 

^ A rare edition. 

f ^^4674 Short (A) History of the Public Debt of Maryland, and 

t of the causes which produced it One leaf gone. 8vo, 

pp. 94. Baltimore, 1845. 

> ^ 4676 Short (A) History of the Opposition. 8vo, pp. 58. 


Belatet to the Amerioaji Reyolution. 

^ 4676 Short (A) Introduction to the Latin Tongue. For tiie 

Use of the Lower Form in the Latin SchooL 12mo, 

^ sheep. Boston, 1785. 

^ "^^ 4677 Shorter (The) Catechism. 24mo, boards. 

New Haven, 1809. 

J^^ 4678 Shurtlepp (Nathaniel B.) A Decimal System, for the 
Arrangement and Administration of Libraries. 4to, 
cloth. Boston, Privately Printed, mdccclvi. 

I ^C 4679 Shurtlepp (Rosewell). A Discourse Delivered at the 

Funeral of Mrs. Mary Woodward, Consort of the late 
Hon. Professor Woodward, in the Meeting-House near 
Dartmouth College, March 29, 1807. 8vo, pp. 23, tm- 
cut. Hanover, 1807. 

4680 Shuttleworth (P. N.) The Consistency of the Whole 

Scheme of Revelation with Itself, and with Human 
p Reason. 8vo, cloth. London, 1832. 

4681 SiBBALD (Chas. F.) Estate of. Auditor's Report 8vo, 

pp. 272, unctu. Philadelphia, s.a. 

4682 Sibley (John L.) Notices of the Triennial and Annual 

Catalogues of Harvard University. 4to, paper, uncut. 

Boston, 1865. 

Large iM^>6r, editioD 80 copies. 



468S SiCHBL(J.) 







Spectacles, their Uses and Abuses. 8vo, ^ ^^^ 

Boston, 1850, 

4684 Sights of Saint Petersburgh. 8vo, pp. 76. 4 

St. Petersburgh, 1860. 

4685 [SiLLiMAN (6.)] Remarks made on a Short Tour be- 

tween Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819. 
Plates. 12mo, half hound. New Haven, 1820. 

SiLLiMAN. A Journal of Travels in England, Holland, 
and Scotland, in 1805-6. 3 Vols. 12mo, $heep. 

New Haven, 1820. 

SiLLDiAN. A Sketch of the Life and Character of Pres- /O 
ident D wight. 8vo, pp. 47. New Haven, 1817. 

SiLLiMAN. The World of Science, Art and Industry, y ^ ^ 
Illustrated from Examples in the New York Exhibi- 
tion, 1853-54. With 500 Illustrations. 4to, cloth. 

New York, mdcccliv. 

SiLUMAN (B., Jr.) Petroleum Region in California. ^ i^^ 
8vo, pp. 23. New York, 1864. 

4690 SiMMS (Jeptha R.) Trappers of New York, or a Biog- <^-% 

raphy of Nicholas Stoner and Nathaniel Foster, with 
Anecdotes of other Celebrated Hunters, and some Ac- 
count of Sir W. Johnson, and his Style of Living. En- 
gravings. 12mo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1857. 

4691 SiMMB. The American Spy, or Freedom's Early Sacri-//^ 

fice. A Tale of the Revolution. Royal 8vo. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1857. 
Large paper, editton only 28 copies. ^ 

4692 Simpson (James). A Visit to Flanders, in July, 1815, J ^^ 

being chiefly an Account of the Field of Waterloo. 
24mo, sheep. New York, 1816. 

4693 SniPsON. Necessity of Popular Education as a National ^ ^ 

Object. 12mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1834. 

4694 Simpson (Sidr.) Reformations, Preservations, Opened 

in a Sermon preached at Westminster, July 26, 1643. '' 
4to, pp. 30. London, 1643. 


^ ^ 4696 Simpson (Stephen). Biography of Stephen ( i' •:;. wifli 
his Will. Port. 12mo, half morocco. 

PhUade;^ . . .832. 

<f^^4696 Sims (CliflFord S.) The Origin and Sign:.: .:i»ri of 

Scottish Surnames, with a Vocabulary of ^'! 'Uian 

Names. Rubricated title, tinted paper , Svo, }»^i,' bound* 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1862. 
5"^ 4697 Sin and its Consequences. 16mo, cloth, 

Boston, 1854 
^'b 4698 SiNDiNG (Paul C.) History of Scandinavia, from the 
Early Times of the Norsemen and Vikings, to the Pres- 
ent Day. Port. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

y 4699 Singleton (Arthur). Letters from the South and West. 
8yo, pp. 159, vncut. Boston, 1824. 

^^ 4700 Sib Robert Peel and the Com Law Crisis. 8vo, pp. 
33, uncut. London, 1846. 

/ ^ i. 4701 SiTGBEAVES (L.) Report of an Expedition down the 
Zuni and Colorado Rivers. Maps and Illustrations. 
8vo, cloth. Very scarce. Washington, 1853. 

3 -^ 4702 Six Hundred Dollars a Year. A Wife's EflFort at Low 
Living under High Prices. 1 6mo, cloth. Boston, 1867. 

S ^ 4703 Six Months in a Convent, or the Narrative of Rebecca 
Theresa Reed, who was under the Influence of the 
Roman Catholics about two years, and an inmate of the 
Ursuline Convent, Charlestown, Mass. 24mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1835. 

^ 4'f04 Skene (Philip 0.) Italian Tales, \2mo, hoardsjuncut. 

London, 1829. 

*i " 4705 Skene. The German Language, on the Hamiltonian 

System. 12mo, boards, uncut. London, 1831. 

< <'^ 4706 Sketch (A) of the History of Monkeys. With Numer- 

ous Illustrations. In same Vol., Sketches of Popular 

Tumults. 24tmo, half morocco. London, 1848. 

^ ^ " 4707 Sketch of Commodore Charles Stewart. 8vo, pp. 50. 

Philadelphia, 1838. 


4708 Sketch of the Blind Vocalist and Pianist, Miss Ellen S. i'^ 

Emmons. Waltham, 1855. 

4709 Sketch of the Life of Hon. Roger M. Sherman. Port. -^^ ^ 

8vo, pp. 22. New Haven, 1846. 

4710 Sketch of the Life of James Wyckoff, comprising an -Z S."^ 

Account of his Lamentable AfDiction. 16mo, pp. 32, 

BuflFalo, 1846, 

4711 Sketch of the Resources of the City of NewYork, from Jl i^^ 

the Foundation of the City. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

New York, 1827. 

4712 Sketches of Imposture, Deception and Credulity. ^ ^ 

24mo, cloth, Philadelphia, 1845. 

4713 Sketches of the New York Press. 8vo, pp. 47. /^^T? 

NewYork, 1844. 

4714 Skinner (H. B.) The American Family Keepsake. ^^ 

12mo,pp. 110. Boston, 1848. 

4715 Skinneb (0. a.) Letters on Modem Revivals. 12 mo, ^7 5^ 

boards J Boston, 1842. 

4716 Slade (William, Jr.) Vermont State Papers. 8vo, ^9 

boards, uncut. Middlebury, 1823* 

4717 Slavery in New Jersey. 8vo, pp. 52. ^ i^ 

New York, 1845. 

4718 Slavery. Pamphlets (6) Relating to the Subject. Free- /C 

Soil Songs, Boston, 1848; Patent Key to Uncle Tom's 
Cabin, N. Y., 1853; Uncle Tom's Cabin Reviewed, by 
J. A. Waddell, Raleigh, 1852; Slavery and the Union, 
Boston; And the Legislative Report Concerning the 
Treatment of Judge Hoar, by South Carolina, Boston, 

4719 Smallby (John). The Liability of the Sinner to com- S^^ 

ply with the Gospel ; His Inexcusable Guilt in not 

complying with it, and the Consistency of thesa with 

each other. . Dlustrated. 8vo, pp. 63. Title pagu 


^^ 4720 Smead (W.) Plan and Operations 'of the Citizens' 
Bank, Cincinnati, in 1843; together with the Art of 
Money- Getting, or How to Gain a Fortune. 12nio,pp. 
15. (Cincinnati,) 1845. 

6 4721 Smellib (W.) The Philosophy of Natural History. 
12mo, calf. Boston, 1839. 

^0 4722 Smffh (Adam). The Theory of Moral Sentiments. 8vo, 

calf. Philadelphia, 1817. 

y 4723 Smith (Anna C.) The Orphan Blind Girl. 12mo, 

cloth. Baltimore, 1865. 

Contains Specimens of printing for the Blind. 

J S 4724 Smith (Albert). The Struggles and Adventures of 
Christopher Tadpole, at Home and Abroad. Illustra- 
ted by Leech. I2mo, boards. London, 3.a. 

yu TT 4'j25 Smith (Buckingham). Narrative of the Career of Her- 
nando de Soto, in the Conquest of Florida, As told by 
a Enight of Elvas, and in a Relation by Luys Hernan- 
dez de Biedma, factor of the Expedition. Firie Port, 
on India Paper. Lnp. 8vo. New York, 1866. 

Bradford Qub Series, No. 6. Edition 125 Copies. 

^^ 4726 Smith (Charles). Trip to Bengal. 8vo, pp. 52. 

London, 1802. 
Presentation Copy firom tlie Author. 

/^ " 4727 [Smith (Eunice)]. Practical Language, interpreted in a 

Dialogue between a Believer and an Unbeliever. 12mo, 

pp. 24. Very scarce. 

America : Boston, Printed by E. Russell, next the 

Stump of Liberty-Tree, 1792. 

-^ ^^ 4728 Smith (B. Cakes). Old New York, or Democracy in 

1689. 12mo, pp. 65. New York, 1853. 

4729 Smith (Francis H.) My Experience, or Poo tprmts of a 
Presbyterian to Spiritualism. 12mo, cloth. 

Baltimore, 1860. 

; ' - 4730 Smith (George). History of Delaware County, Penn. 
Maps, Engravings, &c. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1862. 


4731 Smith (Gerritt). The Religion of Reason. 8vo, pp. y 

85. New York, 1859. 

4732 Smith (Horace). Memoirs, Letters, and Comic Mi seel- / ^ 

lanies in Prose and Verse, of the late James Smith, Esq, 
2 Vols. \2mOy cloth. Philadelphia, 1841, 

4733 Smith (Horace* W.) Nuts for Future Historians to *5 'J 
.Crack. 8vo, cZo^A. ' .Philadelphia, 185(5* 

4734 Smith (James). The Winter of 1840 in St. Croix, Witb / ^ ^ 

an Excursion to Tortola, and. St. Thomas. 12mo, rUtlu 

New York, 1840. 

4735 Smith (James). The Dictionary of Arts, Science and >^$^ 

Manufacturers. 2 Vols. 340 Engravings. 870, chilu 

Boston, 1854, 

4736 Smith (James). The Commonwealth*s-Man, in a Series S^ 

of Letters Addressed to the Citizens of New York. 
8vo, pp. 46, unoA. New York, 1806. 

4737 Smith (James E.) Lachesis Laponica, or a Tour in / ? (T 

Lapland, now first published from the Original Manu- 
script Journal of the Celebrated Linnaeus. 2 Vols, 
Plates. 8 vo, boards^ unctU, Scarce. London, 1811. 

4738 Smith. An Litroduction to Botany, With Notes by ^ 

Jacob Bigelow, M. D. Numerous Plates. 8vo, ihcep, . 

Boston, 1814, ^ ^ 

4739 Smith (Jerome V. C.) Natural History of the Fiahea ^ ^ 

of Massachusetts. Engravings. \2mOj cloth. 


4740 Smith (Captaine John). The Generall Historic of Vir- 1^ / J_ 

ginia, New England, and the Summer Isles, with the 
names of the Adventurers, planters, and Governoura^ 
from their first beginning, An. 1584, to this Present, 
1626. With the Proceedings of those scverall Colo- 
nies, and the Accidents ttiat befell them in all their 
Journyes and Discoveries. Also the Maps and Descrip- 
tions of those Countryes, their Commodities, People, 
Government, Customs, and Religion, yet knownc. 2 
Vols. 8 vo, sheep, Richmond, 1819, 

Autojpraph of J. G. P«rciTaL 



/i V 4741 Smith (John). Advertisement for the unexperienced 
Planters of New England or any where. Or the Path- 
way to experience, to erect a Plantation. Imp. 4to, 
jfaper. Boston, Reprinted by Wm. Veazie, 1865. 

Large paper. Only 26 printed. 

^ r^ 4742 Smith. The same. Medium 4tO) c/o^. Boston, 1865. 

Large paper. Edition 76 oopies. 

// ^ 4743 Smith. The same. 4to, cfo^ Boston, 1865. 

^tT 4744 Smith. A Description of New England, or the Obser- 
vations and Discoveries of Captain John Smith (Admi- 
rail of that Country), in the North of America, in the 
year of our Lord, 1614. Imp. 4ttOf paper. 

Boston: Reprinted by Wm. Veazie, 1865. 
Large paper. Only 26 oopies printed. 

^r^ 4745 Smith. The same. Medium 4to, cfo^A. 

Boston, 1865. 

Large pi^)er. Edition 76oopiee. 

// l^ 4746 Smith. The same. 4to,cto^A. Boston, 1865. 

/ y /^ 4747 Smith. A True Relation of Virginia, with an Introduc- 
tion and Notes, by Charles Deane. Map. Fcap 4to, 
paper, uncuU Boston, 1866, 

4748 Sbhth (John). The Curiosities of Common Water. 
12mo, pp. 54. Salem, 1832. 

2 4749 Smith ( Josiah). The Character, Preaching, Ac., of the 
Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, Impartially Repre- 
sented and Supported, in a Sermon Preached in Charles- 
ton, South-Carolina, March 26th, Anno Domini, 1740. 
With a Preface, by the Reverend Dr. Colman, and Mr. 
Cooper, of Boston, New-England. 12mo, pp. vi.-20, 

rough edges, Boston, 1740. 

Very fine copy. 

%^ 4750 Smith. Sermon in Memory of George Whitefield, 
Preached at Charlestown, S. C, Sept. 30, 1770. 8vo, 
pp. 15. Charlestown, 1770. 

y// n 4751 Smith. No new Thing to be Slander'd,| A | Sermon | 
Preached at Cainboy, in the Province | of South 


Carolina, Sept 27, 1730, | And now Pablish'd for the 
Satisfaction | of the Aathor*8 People, and to | rectify the 
Opinion wbich some had j conceived of his Principles 
Particu | larly relating to the Errors of Arias | and 
Arminius.| 8vo, pp. 22. Rare. Boston, N. E., 1760. 

4752 SiflTH (J. C.) On Miracles. 870, pp. 24. / 

New York, 1861. 

4753 Smfth (J. S.) Memoir of the Baron DeKalb. 8vo,pp. ^ S^ 

36. Baltimore, 1868. 

4764 Smith (J. V. C.) Tnrkey and the Turks. 12mo, cloth. J ^ 

Boston, 1864. 

4766 SMrrH (M.) A Geographical View of the Province oi J 
Upper Canada, with an Appendix, containing a complete 
description of the Niagara Falls. 12mo, pp. 107. 
Scarce. Hartford, 1813. 

4766 Smith. A View of the British Possessions in North / C 

America, With an Appendix, containing a Concise His- 
tory of the War in Canada. 16mo, zheep. Scarce. 

Baltimore, 1814. 

4767 Smith (M. Hale). The Ark of God on a New Cart / 6 

8vo, pp. 69. Boston, 1847. 

4758 Smith (0. H.) Early Indiana Trials and Sketches. 9 (^^ 

Port 8vo, cloth, Cincinnati, 1858. 

4759 Smith (R. C.) Gcorraphy on the Productive System. 

Engravings. 24:mo, boa ds. Hartford, 1838. 

4760 Smith (Samuel B.) The Wonderful Adventures of a /^T? 

Lady of French Nobility, and the Intrigues of a Popish 
Priest, Her Confessor, to Seduce and Murder Her. 
24mo, cloth. New York, 1841. 

4761 Smtth. Renunciation of Popery. 8vo, pp. 64. ^ ^ 

Philadelphia, 1833. 

4762 Smith (Samuel S.) An Essay on the Causes of the / /^ 

Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Spe- 
cies. Syo, sheep. Scarce. Edinburgh, 1788. 



5 4763 SiflTH (S. T.) Illustrations of the Divine Government 
12mo, cloth. uncuL Boston, 1831. 

S fi 4764 Smith (William). Discourses on Several Public Oc- 
casions During the War in America. 8vo, calf. 

London, mdccliz. 

£ 4765 Smith (William). Journal of a Voyage in the Mission- 
ary Ship DuflF. Interspersed with Singular Incidents 
and Adventures. 12mo, sheep. New York, 1813. 

4766 Smith (William). The History of the Province of New 
York, from the First Discovery to the Year 1732. To 
I which is annexed a description of the country, with a 

I short account of the inhabitants, their religious and 

' political state, and the constitution of the courts of 

justice in that Colony, The Second Edition. 8vo, 
sheqf. Philadelphia, 1792. 

J^^^ 4767 Smith (Wm. R) The History of Wisconsin, io Three 
Parts. Historical, Documentary and Descriptive, Com- 
piled by direction of the Legislature of the State. 2 

^ Vols. 8vo. MadisoD, 1857. 

I '^j^ AU published. 

I ^ i ^ 4768 Sbothsonian Report on the Construction of Catalogues 

of Libraries and a General Catalogue. 8vo, pp. 96, 
uncut. Washington, 1853. 

Jo 4769 Smithsonian Reports, 1854-56-57-58. 4 Vols. 8to, 
cloth. Washington, v.y. 

J / 4770 Snoblacb (The) Ball, or Pill Garlic and His Friends. 
^ Illustrated. 12mo, New York, 1865. 

4 ^ 4771 Snow (The) Storm. A Scottish Tale, to which is added 
the Secret of Fortune Telling. Plate. 12mo. 

New York, 1823. 

> 4772 Snowden (James R.) A Description of Ancient and 

Modern Coins in the Cabinet Collection at the Mint 

of the United States. Numerous Elegant Illustra- 

[ ■ tions. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1860. 



4773 SNOwpEN (Richard). The History of North and South |^ 

America, from its Discovery to the Death of Gen. 
Washington. 2 Vols, in one. Maps. 12mo, sheep, 

Philadelphia, 1819, 

4774 SNUPP-Taker's (The) Companion. 24mo, pp. 49. >^ 

Philadelphia, 1841. 

4775 Sober Thoughts on the State of the Times. 12ina, 5^ 
cloth, Boston, 1835, 

4776 Social Science and Political Economy, as bearing upon J ti 

the Subjects of Labor, Trades* Unions, Co-Operative 
Societies, and Model-Houses and Cottages in Europe 
and America. Svo, pp. 144. Chicago, 18<i7. 

4777 Society for the Relief of Aged and Destitute Clergy- S^ 

men, with Statement respecting Ministers* Salaries. 8va, 

cloth, . Boston, 18*i2. 

PriTstel J printed. 

4778 SoLARi (Catherine). Wellington Pocmetto del Marchese ^ S^^ 

Antonio Solari Veneziano, and Wellington proved to be 
the Greatest Warrior of Ancient and Modern Timca. 
Port Svo, half calf. Rare. 

London, Published by the Authoress, (1820.) 

The portrait is one of the earliest specimens of the lithographic art 

4779 Solly (E.) Syllabus of Lectures on Chemistry. 8vo^ / C 

cloth. Philadelphia, 1850. 

4780 Some | Account | of the | Life, | Service and SufiFering | of i y e^ 
an Early Servant and Minister | of Christ,! Joseph Coale,| ^ ^ 
Collected out of his own Writings, | who, after near six 

years imprison- jroent in Reading-Oaol, died Prisoner | 
for his Christian Testimony. | Svo, zheep, 

London, 1706. 
A scarce account of Quaker martjrdom. 

4781 Some Account of the Life of Spencer Cone, a Baptist , / Z 

Preacher in America. Port. l2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1856. 

4782 Some Account of the Life and most Remarkable Actions ^"^ 

of George Henry, Baron De Goertz, Privy-Councellor 
and Chief Minister of State, to the late King of Swed^-ti. 
Port. 12mo, half calf. London, HI 


/ i ^ 4783 Some Fruits of Solitnde, in Reflections and Maxims Re- 
lating to the Conduct of Haman Life ; and More Fruits 
of Solitude. 2 Vols, in one. Small 12ino, sheep. 
Newport Rhode-Island : Printed by James Franklin^ 
At the Town School-House, 1749. 

/ / > 4784 Some Important Cases of Conscience, answered at the 
Casuistical Exercise on Wednesday Evenings, in Little 
St. Helen's, London. By S. Pike and S. Hay ward. 870, 
pp. 40. . Boston, New England, 1760. 

^ ^ 4785 Some Important Observations, Occasioned by and adapt- 
ed to the Public. Past, Ordered by Authority Decem- 
ber 18th, A. D. 1765, on Account of the Peculiar Cir- 
cumstances of the present Day, Now humbly ofiFered to 
the Public, by the Author. 4to, pp. 60, rough edges^ 
clean, Newport, 1766. 

-*? ^ " 4786 Some Lines in Verse, about Shakers, not published by 
Authority of the Society, so called. 8vo, pp. 56. 

New York, 1840. 

"^ 4787 Some News for Episcopalians. 8vo, pp. 16. 

New York, 1860. 

"^i L 4788 Some Notices of the Character of Mrs. Sarah Parkman, 
Widow of the late Samuel Parkman who died July 
21 St, 1835. 8vo, pp. 16. (8.1.8.a.) 

y4^^ ^*^^^ ^^^^ Observations shewing the Danger of Losing the 
Trade of the Sugar Colonies. 12mo, pp. 15. 

London, mdcoxiv. 

y :) 4790 Sommers (Lord). The Judgment of Whole Kingdoms 
and Nations concerning the Rights, Powers and Pre- 
rogatives of Kings, and the Rights, Privileges and Prop- 
erties of the People. 8vo, pp. VIII.-I66, sheeU stitchedf 
uncut. Scarce. Newport, R. L, 1714. 

4791 Song (A) Composed by the British Butchers, after the 
Fight at Bunker Hill, on the Seventeenth of June, 1775. 

Eude EngraviDg of the Battle, hj Psal Rerere. This broadsheet, printed 
at about the date of thfi Battle, is of extreme rarity. 



4792 SovG (The) of Milgenwater, Translated from the origi- /^/-^ 

nal Feejee, by Marc Antony Henderson; D. C. L. l^mo, 
cloth. Cincinnati; 1856. 

4793 Songs for the People, or Tippecanoe Melodies. 24cno, i ^ 

pp. 72. New York, 1840. 

4794 Songs of the Free, and Hymns of Christian Freedom. ^ i "^ 

12mO; cloth. Boston, 1836. 

4795 Songs of the Temple, or Bridgewater Collection of Sa- :)^ 

cred Masic. Oblong 8yo, half bound. 1816. 

4796 Songster (The) Naval, being a Collection of Naval Vic- /^ ^ 

tories, and other Excellent Songs. Folded Colored 
Plate. 16mo, pp. 16. Charlestown, 1815. 

4797 SoNORA Rudo Ensayo Tentative de Una Prevencional J c^ 

Description Geographica de la Provincia de Sonora sus 
terminos y confines o mejor Coleccion de Materiales 
para Hacerla Quien lo Sapiere Mejor, etc. Fcap 4to, 
half red morocco , gilt. 

San Augustine, de la Florida, 1863. 
Priyatelj printed by Joel MimseU, edition 160 oopiee. 

4798 SoRGB (Mr.) Extracts | of | Two Letters, | wrote origi- ^^\ 

nally in German, | from the | Reverend Mr. Sorge, at 
Shildberg, ] in the Newmark, dated the 3d and 1 14th of 
October, 1758, to two of | his Friends, | giving | a Partic- 
ular and very AfiFectionate Account of the | Horrid Cru- 
elties and Barbarities committed by | the Russians. | 
12 mo, pp. 24. 

London, Printed : Boston, Reprinted and Sold at 

Fowle & Draper's Printing OfiBce, opposite the 

Lion and Bell, in Marlborough St.,MDCCLix. 

4799 South (The). Pamphlets (14) Printed in the Southern / C 

Stajtes, mostly relating to Southern Affairs. 

4800 South Carot.ina Nullification. Congressional Report, /C 

Feb. 8, 1833. 8vo. 

4801 South Sea Company. A Letter to a Member of Parlia- / 

ment, occasioned by the South Sea Company's Scheme 
for Reducing the Public Debts. 8vo, pp. 36. 

London, 1720, 



^ 4802 South Sea Company. An Examination and Explana- 
tion of the Soath Sea Company's Scheme for taking in 
the Public Debts. 8vo, pp. 39. London, 1720. 

^ 4803 South Sea Company. A Farther Examination and Ex- 
planation of the South Sea Company's Scheme. 8vo, 
pp. 39. London, 1720. 

i 4804 South Sea Company. A Comparison between the Pro- 
posals of the Bank and the South Sea Company. Svo, 
pp. 19. London, 1720. 

/ 2, 4805 Southby (Robert). Madoc. 2 Vols. 8vo, boarisj 
uncta, Boston, kdcccyi. 

i^ 4806 SouTHEY. Metrical Tales, and other Poems. 24mo, 
hoards, uncut. Boston, 1811. 

^ ^ 4807 SouTHEY. The Expedition of Orsna, and the Crimes of 
Aguirre. 12 mo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1821. 

JC 4808 SouTHEY. The Progress and Prospects of Society. 
Vol. L Port. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1829. 

y 2 4809 SouTHWiCK (Soloman). The Pleasures of Poverty. 
8vo, pp. 80. Albany, 1823. 

f "" 4810 SoYER (Alexis). A Shilling Cookery for the People. 
Port. 16mo, boards. London, 1858. 

^ 4811 Spapford (Horatio G.) The Canals and the Interior 
Commerce of the State of New York. 18mo, boards. 

Troy, 1825. 

/^' 4812 Spappobd. Gazetteer of the State of New York. Map. 

8vo, sheep. Albany, 1813. 

4813 Spapford. Gazetteer of the State of New York. Map. 

8vo, sheep. Albany, 1824. 

^* ^ 4814 Spalding (Joshua). A Sermon delivered at Salem, Dec. 

' 21, 1786, previous to the Execution of Isaac Coombs, 

an Indian, whose Crime was the Murder of his Wife. 

Small 4to, pp. 24. Salem, MDCCLXXXvn. 

4815 Spalding (Lyman). Dissertation on the Production of 
Animal Heat. 8vo, pp. 30. Walpole, N. H., 1797. 


4816 Spauldino (Mary). A Remarkable Narrative of Mary J J f^ 

Spaulding, (laughter of Benjamin Spaulding, of Chelms- 
ford. Small 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1795. 

4817 Sparks (Jared). The Life and Treason of Benedict ^ iT" 

Arnold. 16mo, boards. Boston, 1835. 

4818 Spawn (The) of Ixion, or the "Biter Bit." 12mo, pp, J t^ 

1 5. Forge of Vulcan, 1 846, 

4819 Special Report concerning the Historical Library of 5"^ 

Peter Force, Esq. 8vo, pp. 8, utuM. 

Washington, 1867, 

4820 Specimen (A) of Printing Types made by Joseph Fry & ^% 

Sons, Letter Founders and Marking Instrument Makers, 
by the King's Royal Letters Patent. 8vo, calf, 

London, mdcolxxxv* 

4821 Spectator (The). 4to, in Nos, complete. 5"^ 

Boston, 1856, 

4822 Speculum Belli Sacri, or the Looking Qlasse of the Holy / j 

War, wherein is Discovered the Evill of War. the Good 

of War, the Guide of War. 4to, sheep. (8.1.) 1624. 

With separate Dedioation to the King and Queen of Bohemia, Princo 
Charles, the High Court of ParUament, and the Reader. 

4823 Speech of Mr. Barnard, on the Bill to Refund the Pine 

imposed upon Gen. Jackson. 8vo, pp. 20, uncut. 

Washington, 1844, 

4824 Speech of Mr. Holmes, calling upon the President of the ji^v • 

United States for the Reasons of his Removing from Office, 
and Pilling the Vacancies thus created, in the Recess of 
the Senate. 8vo, pp. 28. Washington, 1830, 

4825 Speech of Mr. Hubbard, upon the Bill making further f^^ 

provisions for the Persons engaged in the Revolutionary 
War. 8vo, pp. 29, uncut. Washington, 1832- 

4826 Speeches (The), Addresses, and Messages of the several ;< ^-^^ 

Presidents of the United States. Embracing an Offi- 
cial Summary of the National Events of the first Half 
Century of the Union. Ports, of the first six Presi- 
dents. 8yo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1852. 



ir ^ 4827 Speeches (The) of His Excellency, Governor Hutchin. 
son, to the General Assembly of the Massachusetts-Baj, 
at a Session begun and held on the 6th of January, 
1773, with the Answers of His Majesty's Council, and 
the House of Representatives, respectively. Published 
by Order of the House. 8vo, pp. 126, clean perfect copy. 
Scarce. Boston, N. E., 1773. 

S^ 4828 Spence (William). Britain independent of Commerce. 
8yo, pp. 91. Philadelphia, 1808. 

y i ^ 4829 Spencer (Rev. 0. M.) Indian Captivity: A True Nar- 
rative of the Capture of Rev. 0. M. Spencer, by the In- 
dians, in the neighborhood of Cincinnati. Port 16mo, 
cloth. New York, (1834.) 

/ C 4830 Spiess (C. H.) The Mountain Cottager, or Wonder 
upon Wonder. 12mo, sheep. Philadelphiaj 1800. 

5 u 4831 Spirit of Humanity, and the AnimaPs Friend. Extract- 
ed from the Productions of the Enlightened and Benev- 
olent of various Ages and Climes. 8vo, half morocco. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1855. 
^ 4832 Spirit (The) of Despotism. 12mo, sheep. 

Philadelphia, mdccxcv. 

y C 4833 Spirit (The) of the Public Journals, or Beauties of 

the American Newspapers for 1805. 12mo, theep. 

Scarce. Baltimore, 1806. 

^ ^ 4834 Spiritual Culture. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1841. 

^ C 4836 SpiRiTUiiL Despotism, by the Author of Natural History 
of Enthusiasm. 12mo, boards, uncut. 

New York, 1835. 

/ S ^ 4836 Spiritual (The) Sea Voyage. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Buffalo, N. Y., 1851. 
^^ 4837 Spiritualism. Pamphlets (5). 
y 4838 Spoppord (Jeremiah). Gazetteer of Massachusetts. 
Map. 12mo, sheep. Newburyport, 1828. 

!^- 4839 Spoonbr (Alden). American and Foreign Grape Ymes. 
12mo, paper. Brooklyn, 1858. 



4840 Spoonbb (Lysander). The Deist's Reply to the Alleged {l^ 

Supernatural Evidences of Christianity. Svo^ pp« 62. 

Boston, 183G, 

4841 Spoonbr (S.) A Biographical History of tho Fiae Arta, /Z i^ 

or Memoirs of the Lives and Works of Emiuent Paints 
ers, Engravers, Sculptors, and Architects, from the Ear- 
liest Ages to the Present Time, with Chronological Ta- 
bles of Artists and their Schools, Plates of Monograms, 
etc. 100 Photographic Illustrations inserted, 2 Vols, 
Royal 4to, cloth, rough edges. New York, 1865, 

Large paper, few copies printed. 

4842 Spragub (Chas.) Writings of. Now first Collected. ^ 

12mo, cloth. New York, 1843. 

4843 Spragub (William B.) A Sermon delivered in Albany, y £) 

on the completion of a Quarter of a Century from the 
commencement of the Author's Ministry, 8vo, pp. 40. 

Albany, 1854, 

4844 Sprague. Sermon in behalf of the Poliali Exiles, lately /C 

arrived in this Country, 1834. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Albany, 1834 

4845 Spragub (W. B.) Sermons. Newspaper Cuttings and 9 ( ^ 

Autograph Letter from the Author inserted, 8vo, half 
morocco. Albany^ 1835. 

4846 Spratt (G.) A Compendium of Toxicology. Illustrar / ^' ^^'^ 

ted with colored figures of Plants. 12uao, half morocco* 

London, (fi*a.) 

4847 Spring (Qardiner). Hints to Parents. 24ino, cloth. ^ C 

Scarce. New York, 1835. 

4848 Spring (Samuel). Three Sermons to Little Children. ^ S^ 

24:mo, uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1783, 

4849 Spurzhbim(G.) Outlines of Phrenology* 2^mQf boards. 5^^ 

Boston, 1832- 
4860 Spurzheim. Elementary Principles of Education. 12mo, 5"^ 
cloth. Boaton, 1832, 

4851 Squier (E. G.) Honduras In teroceanic Railway. Map, ^ 
8vo, pp. 63. New York, 1 854, 




4852 Squibb. Collection of Hare and Original Documents 
and Relations, concerning The Discovery and Con- 
qaest of America. Cap 4to, boards, uncut. 

New York, mdcoclx. 

y 3^^4853 Stabl (Madame De). Corinne, or Italy. 12mo, chtk 

New York, 1857. 

C7 O 4854 Stage (The) Condemned, and The Encouragement giv- 
en to the Immoralities and Profaneness of the Theatre, 
by the English Schools, Universities and Pulpits, Cen- 
sured. King Charles L's Sunday's Mask and Declara- 
tion for Sports and Pastimes on the Sabbath, largely 
Related and Animadverted Upon, And Remarks on 
diverse late Plays, as also on those, presented by the 
two Universities, to King Charles L 8vo, calf. 

London, 1698. 
Autograph of John Knox. 

/^ 4855 Stansbuey (Howard). Exploration and Survey of the 
Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, including a 
Reconnoissance of a new route through the Rocky 
Mountains. With Vol. of Maps. Numerous colored 
Plates. 2 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1853. 


4856 Staples ( Wm. R.) History of the Destruction of the 
Gaspee. Svo, pp. 56. Providence, 1845. 

^ 4857 State Papers and Publick Documents of the United 
States, 1801-6. 8YO,boards, uncui. Boston, 1814 

<, "^ 4858 State (The) of England in 1588, In a Letter from a 
Priest at London, to the Spanish Embassador at Parts. 
8vo, pp. 56. London, 1746. 

J ^ ^ 4859 Statement of the Demands of the Representatives of 
^ F. Pelletreau, on the Parties Interested in the Ameri- 

can Vessels, the Hart, Two-Friends, Alpha and Miner- 
va, Destroyed at Sea by a French Squadron, Command- 
ed by Admiral Lallemaud. 8vo, pp. 18. 

New York, 1838. 



4860 Statbmbkt of the Funds of the State of New York, and 2 (^ 

the Annual Bevenae Thereof, and also of the Receipts 
and Payments in the Year 1797. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Albany, 1798. 

4861 Statistics of Industry in Jfass., 1845. 8vo, paper uncut. 4 

Boston, 1846. 
4862* Statuten des St. Petrus-Vereins in Albany. 12 mo, pp. ^ 
16. Albany, J. Munsell, (8.a.) 

4863 St. Bernabde (Henri). Ultimate Objects of Napoleon PC 

III. 24mo, pp. 61. Boston, (1858.) 

4864 Stearns (Jonathan P.) Historical Discourse. New- / S "^ 

buryport Centennial, 1846. Port. 8vo, pp. 64. 

Newburyport, 1846. 

4865 Stearns (Samuel). The American Herbal, or Materia ^ C^ 

Medica. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. Walpole, 1801. 

4866 Stedman (Edmund C.) The Prince's Ball. A Broch- ^ i^ 

ure from "Vanity Fair." Illustrated. 12mo, cloik. 

New York, 1860. 

4867 Steele ( Ashbel). Chief of the Pilgrims, or the Life and /^ ^ " 

Times of William Brewster, Ruling Elder of the Pil- 
grim Company. Steel Engravings. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1857. 

4868 Steele (Richard). The Husbandman's Calling, Shewing J (: Z- 

the Excellencies, Temptations, Graces, Duties, &c., of 
the Christian Husbandman. 12mo, zheep. 

Boston, in New-England. Reprinted byB. Green, 

for Nicholas Buttolph, at his shop, at the lower 

end of Corn-Hill, 1713. 

4869 Stein (Albert). Improvement of the Navigation of the -< ^ 

Mississippi River. Map. 8vo, pp. 32. 

• Philadelphia, 1841. 

4870 Stevens (George A.) Mirth and Song, consisting of a ^^Z ■ 

Lecture on Heads, and the Courtship, with a Collection 
of Approved Songs. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1804. 

4871 Stevens. A Lecture on Heads. To which is added an 2 ^ 

Essay on Satire. Embellished with forty-five heads. 
16mo, boards. Baltimore, (s.a.) 



^ 3 fl 4872 Stevens (Henry). Catalogae of my English Library. 
Post 8vo, cloth, gilt top. London, 1853. 

^1^"^ 4873 Stevens. Historical Nuggets. Bibliotheca Ameri- 
cana, or a Descriptive Account of my Collection of Bare 
Books, Relating to America. 2 Vols. Fcap 8vo, cfort, 
top gilt. Scarce. London, Chiswick Press, 1862. 

^2^^4874 Stevens' American Bibliographer. 2 Vols. 8vo. 

London, 1854. 
All oyer pnbliBhed. Only one hundred printed. 

'^'^ 4876 Stevens (Mrs.) Sympathy of our Lord Jesus Christ 
12mo, boards. London, 1830. 

^ '"^ 4876 Stevens (Rev. W. B.) Providence of God in the Set- 
tlement and Protection of Georgia. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Athens, Ga., 1845. 

/^^ 4877 Stevens. Discourse delivered before the Georgia His- 
torical Society, Savannah, Feb. 12, 1841. 8vo, pp. 40. 

Savannah, kdcccjli. 

J C 4878 Stevenson (Rev. Robert). Scripture Portraits, or Bi- 
ographical Memoirs of the Most Distinguished Charac- 
ters Recorded in the Old Testament. 2 Vols. 12mo, 
boards, uncut. London, 1817. 

/ ': 4879 Stewart (Dugald). The Works of, in Seven Vols. 
(Wants 2d Vol.) 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1829. 

/ C 4880 Stewart (John). The Pleasures of Love. Plates. 
Small 8vo, sheep. London, 1806. 

J J"^ 4881 Stewart (C. S.) Brazil and la Plata, the Personal 
Record of a Cruise. 12 mo, cloth. New York, 1866. 

4882 Stiles (Ezra). A History of three of the Judges of 
King Charles I. Major General Whalley, Major-Gen- 
eral GoflFe, and Colonel Dixwell, who at the Resto- 
ration, 1660, Fled to America, and were secreted and 
Concealed in Massachusetts and Connecticut, for near 
thirty Years, with an Account of Mr. Theophilus Whale, 



of Narragansett, Supposed to have been also one of the 
Judges. Contains Portrait, with all the folding Plates 
and Maps, which are so frequently missing. 8to, in 
original binding. A very fine copy. Bare. 

Hartford, 1794. 

4883 Stiles. The United States, elevated to Glory and 2 ^'^^ 

Honour. A Sermon preached before His Excellency, 
Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., L.L. D., GkJvernour and Com- 
mander in Chief, and the Honourable, the General As- 
sembly of the State of Connecticut, convened at Hart- 
ford, at the Anniversary Election, May 8th, mdcclxxxiii. 
Second edition, corrected. Svo, pp. 72, sheep. Very 
scarce. Worcester, mdcclxxxv. 

4884 Stiles. Discourse at the Instalment of Rev. S. Hop- U. C 

kins, A. M. Newport, R. L, April 11, 1770. 8vo, 
pp. 48. Newport, mdcclxx. 

4885 STILE8 (H. R.) Letters from Ihe Prison-Ships of the / cTD 

Revolution, with Notes, by Henry R. Stiles, M. D., Ru- 
bricated title, tinted, laid paper, with appropriate head- 
lines, initials, &c., 4to, uncuU 

New York, Privately printed, 1865. 
Large paper. 86 copies printed. Forma No. L of **The WaUabout PrLi- 
on-Ship Series.*' ^ 

4886 Stiles. The same. 8vo, hoards, uncut. o i^ 

New York, Privately printed, 1865. 

4887 SwLes. Account of the Interment of the Remains of 

American Patriots, who perished on Board the Prison- 
Ships during the American Revolution, with Notes and 
an Appendix, by Henry R. Stiles, M. D. 4to paper, un- 
eta. New York, Privately printed, 1865. 

Large paper. 85 copies printed. Forms No. II. of *'The Wallaboat Prison 
Ship Series." 

4888 Stiles. The same. Svo, boards, wncut. 70 copies 

printed in this size. 

New York, Privately printed, 1865. 

4889 Stiles. Contributions towards a Genealogy of the J - 

Massachusetts Family of Stiles, decended from Robert, 
of Rowley, Mass. 1659-1860. 4to, pp. 48, uncut, 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

- f 


4890 Stiles. The History of Ancient Windsor. 2 Vols. 
8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 

^ 4891 Stilling (Heinrich.) The Autobiography of. Svo. pp. 
187, uncut. New Tork, 1844. 

/ C 4S92 Stillman (Samuel). Four Sermons on Important Sub- 
jects. 4to, pp. 85. Boston, N. E., 1769. 

J S C 4893 Stith (William). The History of the First Discovery 
and Settlement of Virginia. 8vo, uncta. 

New York, 1865. 

Edition 250 copies. Printed by Alvord, for Joseph Sabin. 

5"^ 4894 St. John (Henry). Letters on the Study and Use of 
History. 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1777. 

J y y^ 4895 St. John (J. Hector). Letters from an American Far- 
mer, describing certain Provincial Situations, Manners, 
and Customs, and conveying some idea of the State of 
the People of North America. 12mo, old binding. 

Philadelphia, Matthew Carey, MDCCXCin. 

5 ^ 4896 St. John (Theophilus). Sermons on Lnportant Subjects. 
Vol. I. 8vo, boards J uncut. London, 1812. 

J^ 4897 St. John-Land. A Retro-prospectus, in two Letters, 
Supposed to be written some years hence. 8vo, pp. 62. 

New York, 1864 
J /i^ 4898 Stocks and Stock-Jobbing in Wall-street, with Sketches 
of the Brokers and Fancy Stocks. By a Stock Gamb- 
ler. 8vo, pp. 40. New York, 1848. 

^^ >J^^4S99 Stoddard (Solomon). An Appeal | to the | Learned,] be- 
/' * ' ing I A Vindication of the Right of | Visible Saints to 

the I Lord's Supper,] Though they be Destitute of a | Sav- 
ing Work of God's | Spirit on their Hearts, | Against the 
Exceptions ] of Mr. Licrease Mather. | 8vo, pp. vl, 
98, in original binding. Rare. 

Boston, Printed by B. Green, for Samael 
Phillips, at the Brick Shop, 1709. 

/j^ 4900 Stoddard. Tlie Danger of Neglecting the Worship 
I of God, under a Pretence of being in an Unconver- 


ted Condition^ Shewed in a Sermon Preached at 
Northampton, The 17 th Decemb., 1707, being the 
time of the Sitting of tho laforior Court. 12mn, pp. 28, 
First leaf imperfect Very rare. Boston, N. E-, 1708* 

-* 4901 Stoddard, The Defects of Preachera, ReproTed in a / y t "*- 
Sermon, Preached at Northampton, May, 19th, 1723, ^ ^ 
The Second Edition. The Sermon is complete; title 
page, and '*To the Reader," imperfect. 8vo, pp. 19. 

Boston, 1747. 

4902 Stoddahd. The natnre of Saving Conver-| aion, and y/"2 
the Way wherein it | is Wrought, \ by the Rev'd Learned, 
and emi-| nently Piou3| Mr^SoIomoo Stoddard,| oPNorth- 
* ampton, New England. | First Published, A* D., 1719|. 
And now a Second edition, with a [ Preface. [ 12ma, 
ilicep. Scarce. 

Boston,! Printed for, and aold by Andrew | Bar- 
clay, at tlic gilt Bible in Corn-] hill, 1770- 

-4903 Stoddard. Those Taught by God j the \ Father | to ^ ^ y 

know I God the Son, are Blessed.] A Sermon [ Preached 

at Boston Lectun^, July 3d, 1712,| 8vo, pp. 33. Rare. 

Boston, in N, E,, Printed by B. Green, for Benj. 

Eliot, at his Shop in Kin^ Street, 1712. 

4904 Stoll (Maximiliani). Praslectionea in Diveraos Mor- ^ 
bos Chronicos* 2 Vols- 8vo, boards. 

Vindobon®, 1788. 

? Autograph of J. G, Peroital, In eaeh Vol. 

4905 Stdht; (James W,) FeBtival of the Sons of NewHamp- /C 
shire, with the Speeches, etc., Nov. T, 1849. Ports, 
&TO, cloth. Boston, 1850. 

4906 Stone {William L.) Matthias and His Impostures, or J^ S ^ 
the Progress of Fanaticism, 24mo, cloth. 

New York, 1835. 

4907 Stoke. Letter to Doctor A. Brigham, on Animal Mag- f ^ 
netiam, being An Account of a Remarkable Interview, 
between the Author and Miss Loraina Brackett^ while 
in a State of Somnambulism, 8vo, pp- 66, 

New York, 1837. 


^ ^^ 4908 Stone. Life of Joseph Brant, (Thayendanegea,) In. 
eluding the Border Wars of the Ameriean Revolution, 
and other matters connected with Indian Belations, 
from the Peace of 1783 to the Indian Peace of 1795. 
2 Vols. Ports. Rubricated titles, royal 8vo, ro«gA 
edges. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864, 

Large paper, limited edition. 

^>/i^ 4909 Stone. The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, 
Bart. 2 Vols. Ports. Rubricated titles, royal 8vo, 
hoards J rough edges. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

Large paper, limited editiozL 

5 ^ 4910 Stone. Same. 8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. 

/ cJ 4911 Stories for the Home Circle. 12mo. 

^ New York, 1857. 

Cl/X 4912 Story (Isaac). A Sermon Preached August 15th, 1798, 

at Hamilton, at the Ordination of the Rev. Daniel 

Story, to the Pastoral care of the Church in Marietta 

and its vicinity, in the Territory of the United State? 

North-west of the River Ohio. 8vo, pp. 43. 

Salem, 1798.- 
Said to be the first publUhed Sermon preached in Ohio. 

/ ^ 4913 Story (Joseph). A Discourse in commemoration of the 
First Settlement of Salem, Mass. 8vo, pp. 90. 

Boston, 1828. 

S^"' 4914 Story. Constitutional Class Book. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1834 

^"^ 4915 Story. Selections from the Works of. With a Sketch 
of his Life. 32mo, cloth. Boston, 1839. 

^ f>-.-|U4916 Stowe (Harriet B.) Uncle Tom's Cabin. 8vo, half 
morocco. Boston, 1852. 

^"^J^^ 4917 St. Pierre (Bernardin). Paul and Virginia. Plates. 
12mo, sheep. New York, 1805. 

^ ; 4918 St. Pierre. Voyages of Amasis. In French and Eng- 
lish. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1795. 


4919 Straohan (John), Burleaqae of "Rip Van Winkle," or Z^£^ 

8ome Nambulistic Knickerhockera. 12uio, pp, 44. ^ 

New-Ca^Uc-upoD-TjDe, 1866. 

4920 Stbain (Isaac G.) Cordillera and Fampa^ MouDtain 

and Plain, Chili, in 1849, 12ino, dotJi. 

New York, 185^. 

4921 Street (Alfred B.) Drawings and TiDtiogs. 8vo, half ^i^^ 

morocco. New York, 1 844. 

4922 Streeter (S. P.) Marylandj Two Hundred Years Ago. _/ C 

Svo, pp. 76. Baltimorej 1852. 

4923 Strictures on Nnllificatioa, Svo, vncut, Jl i ^ 

Boston, 1832- 

4924 "Strike, but hear mc," Enlargement of the Erie Canah 5 "^ 

12mo. 1836. 

4925 Strother (D. H.) Illustrated Life of General Winfield / f'^ 

Scott. Svo, pp. 144. New York, 1847. 

4926 Strout (Arthur B.) Chinese Immigration, and the j? j-v 

Physiological Causes of the Dceay of a Nation* 8vo, 
pp. 26. San Franciaco^ 1862. 

'4927 Stuart (Moses). Commentary on Hebrews. Vol, L /vr 
Svo, boards, uncut. Andover, 1827- 

4928 Stuart. Course of Hebrew Stndy, TolIL 8vo,Joflrd*, /^ 

uncut. Andover, 1830. 

4929 Stuart. Critical History and Defence of the Old 2 ^ 

Testament Canon. \2mo^clotL Andover, 1845. 

4930 Submarine Exploits of J. B. Green. Svo, pp. 62> ^J ^* 

Buffalo, 1859. 

4931 Sue (Eugene). Matilda, or the Memoirs of a Young ^ "^ 

Woman. 3 Vols* Svo. New York. 

4932 Sub. The Mysteries of Paris. Cloth, i^ 

New York, 1844 

4933 Sullivan (James). The Path to Riches. An" Inquiry J Q 

into the Origin, and Uhc of Money, and into the Prin- 
ciples of Stocks and Banks. 12mo, pp. 45. 

Beaton, 1SQ9. 


f 4934 Sullivan (T. R.) The Liberal Preacher. 8vo, Mf 
morocco. EeeDe, 1838. 

? i 4935 Sullivan (William). Historical Causes and Effects^ 
12mo, cloth. Boston, 1838. 

$ 4936 Sullivan. Sea Life ; or, What may, or may not be Done, 
and What Ought to be Done by Ship-Owners, Ship- 
Masters, Mates and Seamen. 24mo, half bound. 

Boston, 1837. 

m?^^ 4937 Stultipera Navis. The Modern Ship of Fools, -^re 
Perennius. 12mo, calf. Philadelphia, 1807. 

t? ^ 4938 Summary (A) of Christian Doctrine and Practice, de- 
signed especially for the use of the people in the New 
Settlements of the United States of America. 8vo, 
pp. 63. 5 pp. manuscript inserted. Hartford, 1804. 

5 4939 Summary (A) View of the Millennial Church or United 
Society of Believers, Commonly called Shakers. 12mo, 
sheep. Albany, 1823. 

*j^ 4940 Summary. The Same. 12mo, «Aecp. Albany, 1843. 

/<'^ 4941 Sumner (Charles). White Slavery in the Barbary. 
States. Illustrated. Post 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1853. 

i^ 4942 Sumner (George). A Compendium of Physological and 
Systematic Botany. With Plates. 12mo, $heep^ giU. 

Hartford, 1820. 

y S ^ 4943 Sumner (The) Family. 8vo, pp. 10. Boston, 1855. 

y /- 4944 Sumner (W. H.) An Inquiry into the Importance of 
the Militia to a Free Commonwealth. Svo, pp. 70, 
uncTU. Boston, 1823. 

/ u 4945 Sumner. A Paper on the Militia. Svo, pp. 30, uncuL 

Washington, 1833. 

Vi 4946 Sumner. Letter to John Adams, with his Answer. 
fiTvo, pp. 70. Boston, 1823. 

4947 Sumner. Reminiscences of Gen. Warren, and Bunker 
Hill. Svo, pp. 16. (Boston,) 1858. 







SuHNEB. Will of. 4to, pp. 48. Boston, 1861. 

Sunday (The) Scholar's Mai^aziae, or Monthly Reward 
Book. Vol. L 







12mo, half bound. Boston, 1824. 

Sunday (The) School Service Book. 24mo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1844. 

Supplement to "Six Months in a Convent." 24mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1835. 

Supplement to the Hand-Book of Needlework. Engra- 
vings. 8vo, chth. New York, 1847. 

Sure (The) Way to Grow Rich, or Historical Memoirs 
of the Life of Tom Gardner, a Citizen of New York. 
Showing how, from being a tailor's boy and not worth a 
shilling, he acquired a great, estate, and died worth a 
Million of Dollars. 18mo, pp. 35. Frankford, 1811. 

Subtees (W. E.) Recollections of North America, in ^ft^ 
1849-50-51. 8vo. Privately printed. 

Survey for the route of the contemplated Cumberland t 
and Oxford Canal. 8vo, pp. 15, uncvt. Scarce. 

Portland, 1823. 

Survey of the Extent and Evil Tendencies of the Lot- ^ 
tery System in the U. S. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Philadelphia, 1833. 

Survey. Report on the Greology of the State of Maine. / / Z- 
By Chas. T. Jackson. 8vo,pp. 168. Augusta, 1838. 

Survey. Report of the Exploration and Survey of the 
Territory on the Aroostook River. By E. Holmes, 
1838. 8vo, pp. 79. Augusta, 1839. 

Survey. Report on the Geology of Massachusetts. By 
Edward Hitchcock. 8vo, pp. 44, uncvl. Boston, 1853. 

First Report on the Geology of the State. 

Survey. Report on a Re-examination of the Economical 4/d 
Geology of Massachusetts. By Edward Hitchcock, 
8vo, pp. 139, uncul. Boston, 1838, 



^0 496 1 Survey. Reports of the Commissioners of the Zoological 
Survey of the State of Massachusetts. 8vo, pp. 107, 
uncut. Boston, 1838. 

V 5 ^4962 SuuvEY. Report on the Greological Survey of Connecti- 
cut. By Charles U. Shepard. 8vo, half morocco. 

New Haven, 1837. 

^ 4963 Survey. Report on the Geological and Agricultural Sur- 
vey of the State of Rhode Island. By Chas. T. Jack- 
son, 8vo, cloth. Providence, 1840. 

y y f ^^ 49 64 Survey. Report in Relation to a Geological Survey of the 
State of New York, 1836. 8vo, pp. 60, unaa. 

Albany, 1836. 
A ▼aloftble blbUographj of Works on Geologjr and Mmeralogy of New 

/ ^ ^ 4965 Survey. Report on the Geology of the State of New 
Jersey. By Henry D. Rogers. 8vo, fud/morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1840. 
-^ ^^ 4966 Survey. Report on the Geological Survey of the State 
of New Jersey, for the year 1866. 8vo, pp. 27. 

Trenton, 1867. 
J2 i^ 4967 Survey. Report of a Geological Survey of the State of 
Delaware. By J. C. Booth. In same Vol., Shepard*a 
Report on the Geological Survey of Connecticut; Re- 
ports on the Zoological Survey of Massachusetts ; An 
Essay on Organic Remains; A French Work on Fos- 
sils, and Alger's Account of the Zinc Mines of New 
Jersey. 8vo, half bound. 

r ^ ? J ■- 4968 Survey. Report on the Geological Survey of the State 
of Ohio. By W. W. Mather. 8vo, half calf. 

Columbus, 1838. 

J ^ 4969 Survey. Report, Second Annual, on the Geological Sur- 
vey of the State of Ohio. By W. W. Mather. Maps. 
8vo, half hound. Columbus, 1838. 

^ ,' 4970 Survey. Reports, First and Second, of the Geological 
Survey of Missouri. By G. C. Swallow. Maps and 
Plates. 8vo, cloth. JeflFerson City, 1855. 


4971 SaRYBY. Report of the Geological Survey of the State of ^ Z 
Wisconsin. By James G. Percival. 8vo, pp. 111. 

Madison, 1856. 

4972 Survey. Report of a Geological Survey of Wisconsin, /^ Z. 
Iowa, and Minnesota, and incidentally of a portion of 
Nebraska Territory. Made under the instructions 
from the United States, by David Dale Owen. Numer- 
ous Plates, plain and colored. 4to, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1852. 

4973 Survey. Reports on the Geological Survey of the Pro v- ir^^ 
ince of New Brunswick. By Abraham Gesner. 3 Vols. 
8vo. Scarce. St. John, N. B., 1840-43. 

4974 SusQUEHANNAH (The) Title, Stated and Examined, in a /C/0 
Series of Numbers, first published in the Western Star, 
and now republished in this form, for the benefit of the 
Public in General, and all persons concerned, in partic- 
ular. 8vo, pp. 115, uncut. Scarce. Gatskill, 1796. 

4975 Sutton (Thomas). The Calotype Process. A Hand- Q 
Book to Photography on Paper. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1855. 

4976 Swan (James). A Dissuasion, to Great Britain and the 5^ 
Colonies, from the Slave Trade to Africa, shewing the 
injustice thereof, Ac. 8vo, pp. 41. Boston, 1773. 

4977 SwEDBNBORO (Emauucl). An Account of the Last Judg- yC 
ment, and the Babylon destroyed, showing that all the 
predictions in the Apocalypse are at this day fulfiUedi 
being a relation of things Heard and Seen. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851. 

VJ1978 SwBDBNBORG. Clavis Hieroglyphica Arcanorum Natu- ^ ^ 
^^ ralium et Spiritualium per viam ReprsBsentationum et 

Correspondentiarum. 4to, pp. 33. 

London, mdcclxxxiv. 

4979 SwEDBNBOROiANiSM. Pamphlets (8). / Z 

4980 SwETT (S.) History of Bunker Hill Battle, with aPlan. ^' ^ 
8vo, pp. 58-34, UTicut. Third Edition, with Notes. 

Boston, 1827. 


^i'^iOSl SwETT. Notes to his Sketch of Bunker Hill Battle. 
8vo, pp. 24, uncut. Boston, 1825. 

^ ^'^ 4982 SwETT. Original Planning and Construction of Bunker 
Hill Monument. With Engravings. 8vo, pp. 11. 

Albany, 1863. 

y 4983 Swift (Jonathan). Travels into several Remote Nations 

of the World, by Lemuel Gulliver. Engravings. 24mo, 

boards. Philadelphia, 1831. 

yC 4984 Swift. Remarks on the Tory History of the Four last 

* Years of Queen Anne. 8vo, pp. 65. 

London, icDCCLvni. 

^ 4985 Swift (Seth). A Sermon preached at West Rupert, at 
the Ordination of the Rev. J. B. Preston, Feb. 5th, 
1798. 8vo, pp. 28, uncia. Bennington, 1798. 

5 ^ 4986 SwiNTON (Wm.) How the "Ring" ran Pacific Mail. 
A Story of Wall Street. 8vo, pp. 1 3. New York, 1 867. 

-i./'^ 4987 Sym ( John). Life's Preservative against Self-Killing, 
or An Useful Treatise concerning Life and Self-Mur- 
der ; contaihing the Resolution of manifold Cases. 4to, 
morocco gilt, gilt edges. London, 1637. 

/Co 4988 SrMMES (Thomas). A [ Discourse | Concerning | Preju- 
dice I in Matters of Religion, | or | An Essay to Shew the j 
Nature, Causes and Effects | of such Prejudices, | and also 
• the Means of Preventing, or | Removing them. | 8vo 

pp. IV., 21, half morocco. Rare. 

Boston, Printed by S. Kneeland, 1722. 

')i f/i 4989 Symmes (Thomas). Historical Memoirs j Of the Late 
"* Fight at I Piggwacket, with a Sermon, | Occasioned by 

the Fall of the Brave | Capt. John Love well, | And 
Several of his Valiant Company, | in the Late Heroic 
Action there. | Pronounced at Bradford, May 16, 1725. | 
By Thomas Symmes, V. D. M. | The Second Edition, 
corrected, 12mo, unbound, half tide, title pp. XII.-32. 
From half title page, a piece of blank paper cut ; from 
title page, a line in the border cut; from page 1, the vig- 
nette has been cut, thus removing from page 2, six lines 
of print; a bit of blank paper is torn front the margin oj 



the fourth leaf, and from the last leaf a piece is tarn from 
the top, destroying a portion of the head line and a part 
of ihe^ top line of tfie page. This copy is made up from 
twOf and is in part uncut. 

Boston-: ia New England. Printed by B. Green, 

Jun., for S. Gerrish, Near the Brick Meeting- 

House, in Comhill, 1725. 

In Morreirs sale, a copj of this rare work bound, brought $165. Sab- 

seqofintlj, in the Roohe sale, the same was sold for $175. The one 

here offered can, with small expense, be restored and made tally 

equal to the other; as with the exoeption of the imperfections noted, 

all of which, save one, are slight, it is in yery fine oondition, being 

generally clean, and having a wide margin. Concerning the rarity 

of this book no remarks are needed. 

990 Symmes. Funeral Sermon, with Memoirs of his Life^ -p C ^ 
Ministry, <&c. ; and his Monitor for Delaying Sinners. 
1 2mo, sheep: Newburyport, 1816. 

4991 Symme8*8 Theory of Concentric Spheres, demonstrating j ^'' S 

that the Earth is Hollow, Habitable Within, and Wide- 
ly Open about the Poles. 12mo, sheep. 

Cincinnati, 1826« 

4992 System (A) of Exchange with almost all Parts of the j ^ 

World, to which is added, the India Directory, for pur- 
chasing the Drugs and Spices of the East Indies, &a, 
12mo, sheep. Scarce. New York, 1800* 

4993 Table (A) to bring Old Tenor into Lawful Money. ^ "^> 

Also a Table to know the Value of Pistoles, Guineas, 
Johannes and Double Johannes, Moydores, English 
Crowns, Half Crowns, Shillings, and Copper Half 
Pence, at the Rate of Dollars, at Six Shillings a Piece^ 
at which invariable Value they are fixed, by a late Act 
of this Government, the Act to be in Force from and 
after the 31st of March, 1750. Broadsheet; very rare, 

^Boston, 1750. 

4994 Tables of the Pay, Emoluments and Supplies of the 

Army and Militia of the U. S. 16mo. Boston, 1814, 

4995 Tables showing the number of Emigrants and Recap- ^ 

tured Africans sent to Liberia by the Government of 
the U. S. 8vo, uncut. Washington, 1845, 




^ 4996 Tait (A. C.) Five Discourses, preached before the 
University of Oxford. 12mo, tinted paper, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846. 
J C 4997 Tales of the Tripod, or a Delphian Evening. By Per- 
tinax Particular. l2mo, boards, uncut. 

Baltimore, 1821. 

t^ 4998 Tanooigne ( ). A Narrative of a Journey ioto Per- 
sia, and Residence at Teheran* Map. 8vo, half morocco, 

London, 1820. 

/^ 4999 Tandon (J. E.) A New French Grammar. Svo, sheep. 

London, 1760. 

// 2^ 5000 Tannehill (Wilkins). Sketches of the History of Liter- 
ature, from the Earliest Period to the Revival of Let- 
ters m the Fifteenth Century. Svo, sheep. 

Nashville, 1827. 

Preeentation note from the Author to Rev. John Pierpont inserteiL 

^^ 5001 Tanner (H. S.) The Canals and Railroads of the 

United States. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1840.- 

/^S^ 5002 Tansur (William). The American Harmony, or Royal 

Melody Complete. 2 Vols, in one. Square 8vo, halj 

bound. Rare. Newburyport, 1771. 

JC 5003 Tappan (David). A Discourse at the Thu^d Parish, in 
Newbury, on the First of May, 1783, occasioned by the 
Ratification of a Treaty of Peace, between Great Brit- 
ain and the U. S. A. Svo, pp. 19. Salem, 1783. 

5 5004 Tappan. Convention Sermon, Boston, June 1, 1797. 
Svo, pp. 34. Boston, 1797. 

J ^. 5005 Tappan. A Minister's Solemn Farewell to his People. 
A Discourse in Newbury. Svo, pp. 35, uncut. Scarce. 

Portsmouth, 1793. 
u 5006 Tappan. Sermons on Important Subjects. Svo, sheep. 

Boston, 1807. 
5007 Tarascon (Louis A.), to his Fellow Citizens of the 
U. S. A., and all his other Fellow Human Beings on 
Earth, not anywhere else. 24mo, boards. 

New York, 1837. 



5008 Taste. A Suggestive Essaj. By Discipulus. 32mo, ^ ^ 
cloth, Boston, 1841. 

5009 Tate and Brady. A New Version of the Psalms of Da- /^ 

vid. 24mOj calf. Boston, 1795. 

Autograph of Elbridge Gerry. 

5010 Tate and Brady. A New Version of the Psalms of Da- 5 ^ 

vid, fitted to the Tunes used in Churches. \2mOj sheep. 

Boston, 1807. 

5011 Tator, vs. Turnip. An Original Exposition of the Code ^ 

of Procedure. 8vo, pp. 10. Albany, 1849. 

5012 Tator (H. H.) The Character of Thomas Jefferson. 

8vo, pp. 22, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1852. 

5013 Tator. The Character of Hon. Henry Clay. 8vo, pp. rj $^ 

22, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1852. 

5014 Tator. The Character -of Alexander Hamilton. 8vo, ^ 4 ^ 
pp. 22, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1851. 

5015 Tator. The Character of Patrick Henry. 8vo, pp. 24,^ 5 -- 

uncut. Albany, "J. Munsell, 1852. 

The inteUigent reader wiU obterre that the writer is no common Taior. 

5016 Taunton. The Ministry of Taunton. By S. H. Em- 

ery. 2 Vols. Port. l2mo, cloth. Boston, 1858. 

5017 Taxation no Tyranny. An Answer to the Resolutions ^ Q 

and Address of the American Congress. Third Edi- 
tion. In same Vol., Tyranny Unmasked, an Answer to 
Taxation no Tyranny. 8vo, half bound. 

London, mdcclxxv. 

5018 Taylor (Bayard). Summer and Winter Pirtures of / C 

Sweden, Denmark, and Lapland. 12mo, cloth. 

New Yorkj 1858. 

5019 Taylor (Charles). The Instructive Magazine, A Li- y 

brary of Useful Information. With Engravings. 8vo, 
boar^ds. London, 1833. 

5020 Taylor (Isaac). Bunyan Explained to a Child, being y ^ 

Pictures and Poems founded upon the Pilgrim's Pro- 
gress. 24jaiO, half bound. Hartford, 1831. 


' 494 


^ u^ 5021 Taylor. Ancient Christianity. \2mOj cloth. 

} Philadelphia, 18-tO. 

' ^ 5022 Taylor (Jane). Contributions of Q. Q. Vol. L 12mo, 

^ hoar dSf uncut. New York, 1826. 

• */ * ' 502:i Taylor (Janette). Life and Correspondence of John 

I Paul Jones, including his Nai'rative of the Campaign of 

. the Liman. Port. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

/ New York, 1830. 

§ • 502 1 Taylor (John). Records of My Life. 8vo, cloth^rough 

' edges. New York, 1833. 

# 5025 Taylor (0. A.) Memoirs and Confessions of Francis 
f Volkmar Reinhard, S. T. D., Court Preacher at Dres- 
^ den. Port. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1832. 

J^ f "^ 502(5 Taylor (Mrs.) The Itinerary of a Traveller in the 

w Wilderness. 24mo, hoards, uncut. New York, 1825. 

J ' . ' 

' - 5027 T^iGNMOUTH (Lord). Memoirs of the Life, Writings 

and Correspondence of Sir William Jones. Port 
f 8vo, sfieep. Philadelphia, 1805. 

' r 5028 Telemachus, in French and English. Vol. L 12mo, 

$ sheep. London, MDCCXcm. 

^ ^ 5029 Telegraphs and Railroads. Pamphlets (6), Relating to 

9 Atlantic Telegraph and Pacific Railroad. 

i / c 5030 Temple (Cynthia). It Isn't all Right, being a complete 

Refutation of the pernicious doctrine that, " Whatever 
is, is Right." 8vo, pp. 2U Boston, 1861. 

fit TjO:*! Tennent (Gilbert). Two Sermons preached at New 
Brunswick, in the year 1741, on The Priestly Office of 
Christ, and the Virtue of Charity. 8vo, pp. 37. 

Boston, N. E., 1742. 
50:)2 Tennent. The Necessity of Holding Fast the Truth, 
pp. VL, to the Reader, Boston, Dec. 22, 1742. Signed, 
Benjamin Colman, Thomas Prince, and others; pp. ilO. 
Wants title page. (Boston, 1742.) 

5033 Tennyson (Alfred). Maud, and other Poems. 16mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1855. 




5034 Tennyson. The Princess : A Medley. 16mOj chih. /O 

Boston, 1848. 

5035 Testimony to the Value of the Sacred Scriptures. 8vo, 5 "^ 

pp.64. New York, 1853. 

I 5036 Teacher (James). An Essay on Demonology, Ghosts 1 2 S "" 
and Apparitions, and Popular Superstitions. Also an 
Account of the Witchcraft Delusion at Salem, in 1692. 
1 8mo, cfo/A, uncut. Boston, MDgcoxxxi. 

5037 Thacheb. The American New Dispensatory. 8vo, ^ 
iheep. Boston, 1810. 

i 5038 Thacheb (Peter). The Death of the Rev. Habijah 9 fJ^ 
Weld. A Sermon delivered to the Bereaved Flock, 
May 19, 1782. 8vo,pp. 27. Providence, mdcclxxxiii. 

r9 Thacheb. Sermon at Dorchester, June 24, 1797, be- 9 ^ 
fore the Free Masons. 8vo, pp. 22. Boston, 1797. 

5040 Thacheb. Sermon, April 6, 1798, at the Interment of ^ 5^*^ 

Rev. John Clark, D: D. 8vo, pp. 27, wncw^. 

Boston, 1798. 

5041 Thacheb (Saml. C.) Sermons, with a Memoir. By F. ^ ^"^ 

W. P. Greenwood. 8vo, boardsj uncut. Boston, 1824. 

5042 Thackbah (C.Turner). The Effects of the principal / 

Arts, Trades and Professions, on Health and Longevity. 
24mo, calf. Philadelphia, 1831. 

5043 Thackebay (W. M.) Essay on Thunder and Small /"^ 
Beer. 1 2mo. New York, 1851. 

5044 Thackebay. The History of Pendennis. 4 Nos. 8vo. ^ 

New York. 

5046 Thanksgiving (A) Sermon for the Important and As- 
tonishing Victory Obtained on the Fifth of December, 
1757. By David Hirchel Franckel. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Boston, 1758. 

5046 Thanksgiving (National). Sermons (2), 1815. By ') ^ 

Appleton and Popkin. Svo, uncut. 
6047 Thanksgiving Sermons (3). Eliot 1 794, Thacher 1795, ^ 

and Holmes 1814. 8vo, U7u:ut. 

\ ^^6 

J 5048 Thanksgiving Sermons (3). By Bradford, Eliot and 

f Osgood. Svo, uncut. Boston, 1794-95. 

I ^ 5049 Thanksgiving Sermons (6). By Morse, Mellen, Kendall, 

# Thatcher, Holmes and Baldwin. 8vo, mostly uncut. 

Y^ Boston, 1795. 

Ii T -/ ^ ^ 5050 Thanksgiving Sermon. By James Freeman. 8vo. 

f^ Boston, 1796. 




^ " 5051 Thanksgiving Sermons (4). By Strong, May, Mason and 
Parish. 8vo. Various places, 1798-1802-4. 

# J ^ 5052 Thanksgiving Sermons (6). 

'I ^ a ^ ,^^^^ Thatcher (Thomas). A Fast of God's chasing, ] Plain- 

ly opened, | For the help of those poor in spirit whose | 
hearts are set to seek the Lord their God, | in New- 
England, in the solemn | Ordinance of | A Fast.| Where- 
in is showed, I. The nature of such a Fast. II. The| 
Testimony God will give thereunto of his gracious ac- 
ceptation. I III. The special* Lesson wherein God will 
I bear witness to such | A Fast. IV. Some helps to 

Faith that it shall be so. | V. Why such a Fast is so ac- 
ceptable and successful. | VI. HoW much this concerns 
J God*8 people in New-England. | Preached on a Fast, 

\^ called by Public Authority, Oct. 26, 1674. | By Thomas 

Thatcher, | Pastor of a church in Boston. | 4to, title, 4 
1 pp. To the reader, signed Increase Mather, pp. 25, 

W half calf J antique. Very rare. 

i Boston, Printed by John Foster, 1678. 

1 /C 6054 Thayer (Mrs. C. M.) History of the United States. 

j I 24mo, boards. New York, 1828. 

/ J Q 5055 Thayer (Ebenezer). A Sermon Preached at Wood- 

stock, May 24th, 1 727, Upon the Ordination Of the Rev. 
Mr. Throop, to the Pastoral OflBice there. 12mo, pp. 

/ 30. Rare. Boston, 1727. 

! ^ ' - 5056 Thayer (Thos. B.) Christianity against Infidelity, or 

I the truth of the Gospel History. 16mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1836. 



5057 Theatre Classique, contenant Esther, Athalie, Polyeucte 5 
et M6rope. 24mo, uncut. Paris, 1822. 

5058 Theatrical Dictionary, containing an Account of all the ^ a 
Dramatic Pieces that have appeared from the commence- 
ment of Theatrical Exhibitions, to the Present Time. 
Together with Their Dates, when Written or Printed, 
where Acted, and Occasional Remarks on their Merits 
and Success. To which is added an Alphabetical Cat- 
alogue of Dramatic Writers, with The Titles of all the 
Pieces they have Written, annexed to each name. 12mo, 
sheep, London, MDCOXcn. 

5059 Thelwall (A. S.) The Iniquities of the Opium Trade C 
with China. 12mo, clothe uncut. London, 1839. 

5060 Theologia et Philosophia Lidica. Vol. I. 4to, half calf. ^ ^ 

Paris 1801. 

I 5061 Thermoicetrical Navigation, being a Series of Experi- / 
I ments and Observations tending to prove, that by as- 

I certaining the Relative Heat of the Sea- Water from 

time to time, the Passage of a Ship through the Gulph 
Stream, and from deep water into soundings, may be 
I discovered in time to avoid Danger, although (owing to 

I tempestuous weather) it may be impossible to heave the 

; lead, or Observe the Heavenly Bodies. 8vo, pp. 100, 

' uncut. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1799. 

5062 Thiers ( Adolphe). The Mississippi Bubble, an Authen- ^i ^ 
tic Account of the Darien Expedition, and the South 
Sea Scheme. 12mo, boards. New York, 1859, 

5063 Things to be seen by the Sea, at Nahant, by Old Oceania >^ 
Gray and Melancholy Waste. Engravings. 8vo, pp. 
12. Boston, 1862. 

5064 Third Annual Report of the Regents of the University, / C 
on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural His- 
tory. Colored Plates. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1 850. 

5065 Thirty Years in the Arctic Regions, or the Adventures ^ Z- 
of Sir John Franklin. Plate. 1 2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1859. 


/a 6066 Thomes (A. C.) Civilization, and Roman Catholicism. 
8vo, pp. 32. Philadelphia, 1851. 

J C 5067 Thomas (E. S.) Reminiscences of the Last Sixty-five 
Years, commencing with the Battle of Lexington. 2 
Vols. 12mo, hoariz^ Hartford, 1840. 

/^ i 6068 Thomas (Gabriel). An Historical and Geographical 
Account, of the Province and Country of Pensilvania, 
and of West-New-Jersey, in America, the richness of 
the soil, etc„ with a Map of both Countries. 12mo, 
cloth. Scarce. New York, 1848. 

Reprinted in Fao-Simile, from the rare edition of 1698, for Henry Austin 

^-^P*^069 Thomas (John W.) An Apology for '*Don Juan," to 
which is added a third Canto, including Remarks on the 
Times. Post 8vo. cloth. London, mdcccl. 

^t 6070 Thomas (Marcia A.) Memorials of Marshfield. En- 
gravings. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1854 

^ i^ 5071 Thomas (R.) A Pictorial History of the United States 
of America. From the Earliest Discoveries, by the 
Northmen, in the Tenth Century, to the Present Time. 
Illustrated with Two Hundred Engravings. 12mo, 
hoardi. Hartford, 1846. 

J 5^ 5072 Thomason (D. R.) Fashionable Amusements. 12mo, 
boards, uncut New York, 1831. 

y ^ " 5073 Thompson (Andrew.) Sermons on Infidelity. 16mo, 
cloth. Windsor, Vi, 1833. 

, 1^ '^; 5074 Thompson (B. P.) History of Long Island, containhig 
an Account of the Discovery and Settlement, with other 
Important and Interesting Matters. Plates. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1839. 

^C 5075 Thompson (Charles). Evidences in proof of the Book 
of Mormon. 32mo, cloth. Batavia, N. Y., 1841. 

J I 5076 Thompson (D P.) An Address before the Vermont 
Historical Society. 8vo, pp. 22. Burlington, 1850. 


5077 Thompson (James W.) Sennon at the Re-opening of the /O 
Independent Congregational Church, Salem. 8vo, pp. 
33. Salem, (1856.) 

6078 Thompson (John S.) Critical Lectures on Theology, ] 
Demonologj, Christologj, and Anthropology. 8yo, 
boards, uncut. Scarce. Rochester, N« Y., 1824. 

6079 Thompson. The Christian Guide to a Right Understand- ^ ^ ^ 
ing of the Sacred Scriptures, designed as a Select Com- 
mentary on the Four Eyangelists ; with a Brief Memoir 
of the Author, and a copious Introduction to the New 
Testament. 8vo, boards f uncut, Utica, N. Y., 1826. 

5080 Thompson (Joseph P.) The Moral Unity of the Hu- / ^^• 
man Race, with an Appendix, on the Coral Islands. 
8vo, pp. 71. New York, 1851. 

/'^HSl [Thompson (Mortimer L.)] Nothing to Say. A Slap J ^'^ 
at Mobocratic Snobbery, which has "Nothing to do," 
with "Nothing to Wear," by Q. K. Philander Doesticks, 
P. B. 16mo, doth. New York, 1857. 

5082 Thompson. The Witches of New York, as encountered 
by Q. K. Philander Doesticks, P. B. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1859. 

5083 [Thompson]. Doesticks. What he Says. By Q. K. / ^ "^ 
Philander Doesticks, P. B. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1855. 

5084 Thompson (William.) The New and Complete Bird- J ^ ^ 
Pancyer, or Bird-Fancyer's Recreation and Delight. 
12mo, pp. 100, uncta. Scarce. London, (s^a.) 

6085 Thompson (Zadock). Natural History of Vermont. 8to, / ^ ^ 
pp. 32. Burlington, 1 850. 

5086 Thompson. History of the State of Vermont 24mo,^/^ 
half bound. Burlington, 1850. 

6087 Thompson. Lake George, Lake Champlain, Montreal, J' f 
and Quebec; pp. 48. Burlington, 1845. 

5088 Thomson (Andrew). Sermons, and Sacramental Exhor- ^ ^^ 
tations. Port. 12mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1832. 


/ Z ^^5089 Thomson (Alex.) The Lives of the Twelve Caesani 
8vo, calf. London, 1796. 

] u 5090 Thomson (Samuel). A Brief Sketch of the Causes and 
Treatment of Diseases, Addressed to the People of the 
United States. Pointing out to them the Pernicious 
Consequences of Using Poisons as Medicine, Such as 
Mercury, Arsenic, Nitre, Antimony, and Opium; and 
the Advantages of Using such only, as are the produce 
of our own Country. Designed as an Introduction to a 
full Explanation, to be published hereafter, of the Sys- 
tem of Practice discovered by the Author, which has 
been secured to him by Patent. 12mo, pp. 36. Bare, 

Boston, 1821. 

/ 2 ^ Jr*091 Thomson. Learned Quackery Exposed. Li the same 

^ Vol. "The Hoop-Pole Band," a Satirical Anti-Masonic 

Poem, relating to Morgan, ^^o^half morocco, (s.l.) 1834 

VA queer lot of Doggerel, by the auUior of a new system of Medical Prsctioe. 
Thorburn (Grant). Sketches from the Note Book of 
Laurie Todd. Port. Svo, pp. 30. New York, 1847. 

^ f ^ 5093 Thorburn. Notes on Virginia, with a Chapter on Pu- 
ritans, Witches and Friends. Svo, pp. 36. 

New York, 1848. 

y ^ 5094 Thoreau (Henry D.) Walden, or Life in the Woods. 
16mo, cloth. Boston, 1854. 

J C 5095 Thornton (Henry). An Inquiry into the Nature and Ef- 
fects of the Paper Credit of Great Britain. Svo, calf. 

Philadelphia, 1807. 

5 " 5096 Thornton (John). Bereaved Parents Consoled. 32mo, 

cloth, gilt. London, 1831. 

/■y 2 5097 Thornton (J. Wingate). The Landing at Cape Anne, 
or the Charter of the First Permanent Colony on the 
Territory of the Massachusetts Company, now discov- 
ered, and first published from the Original Manuscript, 
with an Inquiry into its Authority, and a History of the 
Colony. 1624-1 62 S. Facsimile of the Charter. Svo, 
cloth. Boston, 1854. 


5098 Thornton. The First Records of Anglo-American ^ 

Colonization. 8vo, rio^A. Scarce. Boston, 1859. 

Edition 250 oopiee. 

5099 Thornton. Colonial Schemes of Popham and Gorges. J Q 

8vOf boardSf uncut Boston, 1863. 

5100 Thoughts on the late Transactions respecting the Falk- 

land Islands. 8vo, pp. 75. London, 1771. 

5101 Thoughts on the Present Relations and Interests of the /O 

United States. 8vo, unciif. 

New York. Printed for the Author, 1810. 

5102 Three (The) Impostors. Translated from the French J ^ 
Edition of the Work, Published at Amsterdam, 1776. 
12mo, pp. 84. New York, G. Vale, 1846. 

5103 Thurston (Benj.) Four Sermons delivered at North-< i^ 

Hampton 8vo, pp. l\j uncut, Portsmouth, N. H. 1791. 

5104 Thurston (David). History of Winthrop, from 1764, 
to October, 1855. 12mo, cloth. Portland, 1855. 

5105 Thwing (P.) Memorial of Mrs. Grace W. Thwing. /C 

12mo, pp. 20. Boston, 1865. 

5106 Tidy (Theres) pseudon; Eighteen Maxims, of Neatness 

and Order. 16mo, pp. 32. Boston, 1829. 

5107 Times (The). By a Young Bostonian. 8vo, pp. 83. -^ ^ "^ 

Boston, 1820. 

5108 TiMPSON (Thomas). Female Biography of the New / C 

Testament. 24mo, cloth. London, 1834. 

5109 TiNDAL (Matthew). Christianity as old as the Creation. 

8vo, sheep. Newburgh, mdccxcvii. 

5110 TiNDALL (P. B.) The Mineral Waters of Western Vir- -^ ^ 

ginia. 24mo, cloth. Richmond, Va., 1858. 

5111 TocHMAN (G.) Petition, of the Next of Kin and Heirs- J C 

at-Law of (Jen. Thaddeus Kosciusko, December, 1847. 
8vo, pp. 44. (s.l.s.a.) 

5112 ToLAND (Mr.) Nazarenus, or Jewish, Gentile and Ma- / !> ^ 

hometan Christianity. 8vo. London, 1718. 


JC 5113 T0LI.EN (Chas.) Faneral Oration at the Burial of 
Spurzbeim. 8yo, pp, 32, uncut, Boston, 1832. 

/(^ 5114 Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress, with a Preface, Notes 
and Appendix. By one of the Fancy. 12mo, boarii^ 
iincut. New York, 1819. 

^ 5115 Tomb of Napoleon, and the Hospital of Invalids. 8vo, 
pp. 32. Paris. 

^'^ 5116 ToNE(W. T. W.) Essay on the Necessity of Improv- 
ing our National Forces. 8vo, pp. 113. 

New York, 1819. 

J ^ 5117 TooKE (William). Sermons on the Dignity of Man,and 
the Value of the Objects principally relating to Human 
Happiness. Vol. H. 8vo, calf, Worcester, 1807. 

/^i> 5118 ToPHAM (Edward). The Life of John Elwes, Member 
in Three Successive Parliaments for Berkshire. Port 
24mo, half morocco. 

Poughfceepsie, Paraclete Potter, 1815. 

t 5119 Total (The) Loss of the American Ship Hercules on 
the Coast of Caffraria, with an Accurate Narrative of 
the Sufferings and Disasters of the Crew. Plate. 
12mo. London, (s.a.) 

/ 5120 Touch (A) at the Tunes. 24mo. Portland, 1840. 

J r^ 5121 TouNGHOO Women. 8vo, pp. 50. New York, 1860. 

5 ^ 5122 Tourist (The), or Pocket Manual for Travellers, Map. 
24mo, cloth. New York, 1834. 

y ^^^^^*r2S T0U8BT (Sinclair). Strikes, their Lijurious Effects on 
the Working Classes. 8vo, pp. 15. New York, 1860. 

5^ 5124 Tower (David B.) Algebra. l2mo, boards. 

New York, 1845. 

^^^^ 5125 Town (The) and Country Magazine, for the year 1774. 
Ports, and Engravings. Amongst others, the Engrav- 
ing, America in Flames. 8vo, half bound. 

London, 1774. 


5126 TowNLBT (Richard). The Miacellaneous Works of Tim //^ 
Bobbin, Esq., containing his Views of the Lancashire 
Dialect, with large Additions and Improvements, and a 
Glossary. Also his Poem of the Flying Dragon and 
the Man of Heaton, together with other Whimsical 
Amusements in Prose and Verse. To which is added, 
A Life of the Author. Embellished with ten Copper- 
plates. 12mo, cloth. London, 1818. 

5127 TowNSEND (Benj.) The Complete Seedsman. Show- /a 
ing the Best and Easiest Method, for Raising and Culti- 
yating every sort of Seeds belonging to a Kitchen and 
Flower Garden, with necessary Instructions for Sowing 
of Berries, Mast and Seeds of Evergreens, Forest Trees, 
and such as are proper for Improving of Lands. Ru- 
bricated title, 8vo, sheep. (s.l.) hdcg. 

6128 TowNSEND (Shippie). The Gospel Considered, and the ^ 
Manner in which it should be Preached. 8vo, pp. 21, 
uncut. Boston, 1792. 

5129 TowNSEND. Gospel News, Peace and Joy. 8vo, hoards. 6 

Boston, MDCCxciv. 

5130 Tract Magazine. 84 Nos. New York, v.y. '^ ^ 

5131 Tbacts (183), in Foreign Languages. 5 "^ 

5132 Tract (E. C.) Memoir of the Life of Jeremiah Evarts, J ^^^ 
Esq. Port. 8vo, cloth Boston, 1845. 

5133 Tracy (Joseph). The State of Society in Western At / 
rica. 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1 845. 

^/5134 Tragedy (A). The Adulateur, as it is now acted in ^"^ d 
Upper Servia. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1773. 

This pamphlet relates to ReYolationary Affiurs in Boston and New Eng- 
land. It is yery rare. 

5135 Train ((Jeo. F.) An American Merchant in Europe, / ^ 
Asia, and Australia. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857. 

5136 Traits of the Tea Party, being a Memoir of Geo. R. T. /^^^ 
Hewes, one of the last of its survivors, with a History 
of that Transaction, Reminiscences of the Massacre and 
the Siege, and other Stories of Olden Times. By a 
Bostonian. Port 24mo, chth, uncut. 

Ne^ York, 1835. 


/^ 5137 Transactions of Agricultural Societies in Massachusetts, 
1849, 1851. 2 Vols. 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1850-62. 

^ ^ 5138 TuANSACTiONS of R. I. Society for the Encouragement of 
Domestic Industry, 1858. 8vo, pp. 200. 

Providence, 1859. 

/ 5139 Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of 
New York. 6 Vols. 8vo, 3 in cloth, 2 in paper. 

Albany, 1854-63. 

5'^ 5140 Transactions of the Society for the Promotion of Use- 
ful Arts in the State of New York. Vol. III. 8vo, 
hoards, uncut. Albany, 1814. 

^ O 5141 Trastour (P. E.) Memorial against the Tehuantepec 
Rail Road Company of New Orleans. Two Pamphlets, 
English and French. 8vo. New Orleans, 1853. 

;; ^ 5142 Traveller's Guide to the Hudson River. Maps and 
Engravings. 8vo, pp. 50. New York, 1857. 

) "C' 5143 Travels into several Remote Nations of the World. 

By Lemuel Gulliver. 2 Vols. Calf, gilt. 

London, mdcclxxvil 
^ f^ 5144 Travels (The) of Anacharsis in Greece, during the 

Middle of the Fourth Century before the Christian Era. 

Plates. 8vo, half calf. London, 1810. 

^^ 5145 Travels (The) of James Bruce into Abyssinia, to dis- 
cover the Source of the Nile. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, 1798. 

' / C 5146 Travels of an frish Gentleman in Search of a Religion. 
24mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1833. 

J /^ > 5147 Treaties of Amity and Commerce, and of Alliance Event- 
ual and Defensive, between His Most Christian Majesty, 
and the Thirteen United States of America. 4to, halj 
morocco. Scarce. Philadelphia, MDCCLXXVin. 

Antograph of Samuel Adams, on title page. 

-^M ' 5148 Treatise (A) on the Origin, Progressive Improvement, 
and Present State of the Manufacture of Porcelain and 
Glass. 12mo, boards. Philadelphia, 1846. 


5149 Treatise (A) Upon the best Method of Protecting Prop- /^ 

erty from Burglars. 16mo, pp. 65. 

5150 Treaty between the Queen of Great Britain and the ^ 
Emperor of China. In English and Chinese. 8vo, pp. 
101. No imprint. 

5151 '^Treaty" (The) between the United States and Mexico, /O 

1 848. 8vo, half bound. Washington, 1 848. 

5152 Treatyse (The) Of FysShynge wyth an Angle attributed ^ 

to Dame Juliana Berners. Reprinted from the book of 

St. Alban's. Curious Engravings. Port. 8vo, pp. 41. 

LondoEf, Jphn Baskerville, for William 

Pickering, 1827. 

Trials, &c. 

5 153 Trial. Case (A) decided in the Supreme Court, in Febru- ^' ^ ^ 

ary, 1793, in which is discussed the Question '* Whether 
a State be Liable to be sued by a Private Citizen of 
Another State." 8vo, pp. 122, uiicuL Scarce. 

Philadelphia, 1793. 

5154 Trial. Collection (A) of the Most Remarkable and In- / W ^ 

teresting Trials, Intended, not only to ^oint out the 
Crimes of the Great, but also those of Inferior Crimi- 
nals. Plate. 2 Vols, ^io^ half calf 

London, mdcclxxv. 

5455 Trial. The Principal Events of the last Ten Years in S "C 
the Life of Mrs. Hannah Kinney, with some Comments 
upon the Late Trial. Written by Herself. 12mo, 
hoards. Boston, 1841. 

5156 Trial. True (A) and Minute History of the Assassina- ^ C 

tion of James King of Wm., at San Francisco, Cal. 
8vo, pp. 26. San Francisco, 1856. 

5157 Trial. An Account of the Trial, Confession, and Con- J / ^ 

demnation of Six Witches, at Maidstone, in the County 
of Kent, at the Assizes, held there July, 1652. To 
which is added the Trial, Examination and Execution, 
of Three Witches, Executed at Faversham, in the same 
County, September, 1645. 8vo, pp. 26. 

London, two hundred copies re-printed from the 
original edition, mdcccxxvii. 



^ ^ " 6158' Trial. An Account of the Trial of Mr. Elwall, before 
Judge Denton, for publishing a Book in Defence of the 
Unity of God, in the year 1726. 12i)io, pp. 12. 

Birmingham, 1788. 
'o 5159 Trial. An Exhibit of the Losses sustained, at the Of- 
fice of Discount and Deposit, Baltimore, under the Ad- 
ministration of James A. Buchanan, President, with a 
Report of the Conspiracy Cases Tried at Harford 
County Court, Maryland. 8vo, hoards^ uncut. 1823. 

^ S^*" 5160 Trial. An Expose of the Case of the Commonwealth, 
or John W. Simes A Co., vs. McEwen & Shea. By 
M. H. McEwen. 8vo, pp. 34. Philadelphia, 1844. 

/u^l) 6161 Triai^ Addison (Alexander.) On an Impeachment 
by the House of Representatives, before the Senate of 
Penn. 8vo, half morocco. Lancaster, 1803. 

/O . 5162 Trial. Archille (Dr.) A full Report of the Most Extra- 

ordinary Trial, for Seduction and Adultery. 8vo, pp. 

31. New York, (s-a.) 

/^ (^ 6163 Trial. Arison (Wm.) The Infernal Machine Case. 8?o. 

Cincinnati, 1864 

5164 Trial. Armstrong-(T. J.,) for the Murder of Robert Craw- 
ford. The Confesssion made by Armstrong. Svo, pp. 

106. Philadelphia, 1861. 

5165 Trial. Arnold (Stephen), for the Murder of Betsey Van 

Amburgh, a Child six years of Age, in Cooperstown, 
June 4th, 1805. 12mo, pp. 23. .Newark, N. J. 1806. 

5166 Trial. Arnold (Stephen), for the Murder of Betsey Van 

Amburgh, a Child six years of age. June 4th, 1805. 
12mo, pp. 24. Scarce. Cooperstown, N. Y., (1805.) 

J ^^ 5167 Trial. Arnold and Ramsay, w. The United Insur- 
ance Co. 12mo. New York, 1800. 

/Si 5168 Trial. Arrison (W. M.),for the Murder of Isaac Al- 
lison, June, 26, 1854. 8vo, pp. 36. 8.1. 1854. 

J/ ^ 5169 Trial. Avery (Rev. E. K.). for the Murder of Sarah 
Maria Cornell. 8vo, pp. 143, uncut. Boston, 1833. 



5170 Trial. Baldwin (Chas, N.), for a Libel in publishing < ^^ 

Certain Charges of Fraud and Swindling. 8vo, pp. 
1 24, uncut. New York, 1818. 

5171 Trial. Beale (Dr. S. T.) for Rape. 8vo, pp. 30. / C 

Philadelphia, 1855. 

5172 Trial. Beale. The Same. Newspaper cuttings in- /^n) 

serted. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1855. 

5173 Trial. Beauchamp (J. 0.) Confession of, for the ^^^"O^ 

Murder of Col. Solomon P. Sharp. 8vo, pp. 134. 
Scarce. Bloomfield, Ky., 1826. 

5174 Trial.- Beardsley Divorce Case, with All the Evidence ^ i^^ 

suppressed by the Daily Papers. Svo, pp. 83, imcui. 

New York, s.a. 

5175 Trial. Biles (Edwin R.) Forgery. 8vo. J ^^ 

Philadelphia, 1858. 

5176 Trial. Buckingham (J. P.) Libel. Svo, unaU, 7^'^ 

Boston, 1822. 

5177 Trial. Burnell (Barker). Embezzlement. 8vo. V^ 

Boston, 1847. 

5178 Trial. Bums (Anthony). Boston Slave Riot. 8vo, . o 

pp. 86, uncut. Boston, 1854. 

5179 Trial. Byrne (Patrick), for Mutiny. Before a General J^ CV 

Court Martial) Held at Fort Columbus, on the 22d of 
May, 1813. Sentence — Death. 8vo, pp. 12. Scarce. 

New York, 1813. 

5180 Trials, Confessions, and Biographical Sketches of the / ^^V 

most Cold-Blobded Murderers, Embellished with nu- 
merous Engravings. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841. 
1 Trial. Confession of the Murder of William Morgan, ^ 5 ^ 
as taken down by Dr. JohnL. Emery, of Racine County, 
Wisconsin, in the summer of 1 848, now first given to 
the Public. By Henry L. Valance. 12mo, pp. 24. 

New York, 1849. , , 

5182 Trial. Criminal Law Cases. 3 Pamphlets. ^ 

London, 1853. 

5183 Trial. Criminal Trials. Svo. Richmond, Va., 1851. -*? ^ 



J ffX) 5184 Trial. Campbell (H. A.) Trial and Execution of Maj. 
Campbell; for Killing, in a Duel, Capt. A. Boyd. 
12mo, pp. 44, uncut. Boston, 1808. 

c ^ 6185 Trial. Chapin (Amasa), and Others for Conspiracy. 
8vo. Cincinnati, 1853. 

^ - 6186 Trial. Clark (Willard), for the Murder of Richard 
W. Wight. 8vo, pp. 217. New Haven, 1855. 

C^'Tj 6187 Trial. Cooke (McLaurin F.), for an Assault and 
Battery upon Thos. J. Wall, a Pupil. 8vo, pp. 86. 

Boston, 8.a. 
/2 ^ ^ 5188. Trial. Cooper (Dr. Thomas), for Infidelity. 8vo. 

Columbia, S. C, 1831. 

J (-^ 5189 Trial. Crosby (Dixi, M. D.), for Alleged Mal-Prao- 

tice. 8vo, pp. 85. Woodstock, 1854. 

J p^ 5 ^ 6190 Trial. Cunningham (Mrs.) Fictitious Heiress of Dr. 

Burdell. Confessions of the Accoucher. Bold Game 

of Mrs Cunningham. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1857. 

^ 6191 Trial. Cushing (Col. Thos. H.), before a Court Mar- 
tial, at Baton-Rouge, on charges by Brig. Gen. Wade 
Hampton. 8vo, boards. Philadelphia, 1812. 

^--g 6192 Trial. Dalton Divorce Case. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Boston, 1857. 

Dalton Divorce Case. Shawmut edition. 8vo, 


D'Hauteville (Paul D. G.), Against David Sears 

lers. 8vo. . Philadelphia, 1840. 

D'Hauteville Case. Report of. 8vo, pp. 295, 

Philadelphia, 1840. 
D'Hxiuteville Case. Review of. 8vo, pp. 41. 

Boston, 1841. 
Daniel (H.) for the Murder of Clifton R Thom- 
son. 8vo, pp. 36. Cincinnati, 0., 1845. 
6198 Trial. Daviess (Samuel), for the Murder of Henry 
Pendleton Smith, Sept., 1818. 12mo, pp. 104. Scarce. 

Frankfort, Ky., 1819. 



pp. 94. 



and 01 











5199 Trial. Drane (Capt. A.) By Court Martial. 8vo. -^ ^ 

Louisville, Ky., 1847. 

5200 Trial. Dred Scott, vs. J. F. A. Sanford. 8vo. -hT ^ ^ 

Washington, 1856. 

6201 Trial. Dred Scott Case : Examination by S. A. Foot / ^ 

New York, 1859. 

5202 Trial. Dunbar (Reuben), for the Murder of S. V. and / 2 5 

D. L. Lester. By Jacob C. Cuyler. Port. 8vo, pp. 
75, uncut. Albany, 1850, 

5203 Trial. Earls (John). Report of the Trial and Con- ^-4? 5 ^ 

viction of, for the Murder of His Wife, Together with 
the Confession. By Wm. F. Packer. 8vo, half morocco. 

Williamsport, 1836. 

5204 Trial. Ebaugh (Rev. J. S.) 8vo. New York, 1853. ^^^^ 

5205 Trial. Fairbanks (Jason), for the Murder of Miss 7 " ^'^ 

Elizabeth Fales. 8vo, pp. 87. Scarce. 

Boston, 1801. 

5206 Trial. Parmer (Daniel D.), for the Murder of the /^^^ 

Widow Anna Ayer, at Goffstown, on the 4th of April, 
1821. 8vo, pp. 32-72. Amherst, N. H., 1822. 

5207 Trial. Fry (Emilie L.) Petition for a Divorce. 8vo, J Z ^'^ 

pp. 40. Philadelphia, 1859. 

5208 Trial. Gardner (Geo. A.) Perjury. 8vo, uncut. i S^ 

Washington, 1853. 

5209 Trial. Garretson (Rev. J. G.) Seduction. . /f^ 

New York, 1853. 

5210 Trial. Goodale (Ebenezer), by Court Martial. 8vo, 5^ 

uncut. Cambridge, 1812. 

5211 Trial. Goodwin (Robert M.), for Killing James /'^ 

Stoughton, Esq., in Broadway. 8vo, pp. 196, uncvt. 

New York, 1820. 

5212 Trial. Goodwin, for Manslaughter, in Killing James ^ ^^ 

Stoughton, Esq. 8vo, pp. 53. New York, 1820. 

5213 Trial. Green (Henry G.), for the Murder of His Wife. / '^ ^ 

8vo, pp. 48. Troy, 1846. 


<, '^"■- 6214 Trial. Hawkins (Edward W.j The ffistory and Con- 
fession of the Young Felon, who was executed in Es- 
till Co., Ky., on the 29th day of May, 1857, for the 
Murder of James M. Land, and Jesse Arvine, ginng a 
minute detail of the commission of Four distinct Mur- 
ders, Many Thefts, Forgeries and Counterfeiting, also 
the Courtship and Marriage to Six difiFerent Young 
Females, before the Felon attained the Age of 21 
Years. 8vo, pp. 60. (8.1.) 

^j^5215 Trial. Hicks (Albert W.) Life, Trial, Confession 
and Execution of. Numerous Engravings. 8vo, pp. 
84, uncut. New York, (1850.) 

/. (3 5216 Trial. Hicks, for Piracy, on board the Sloop Edwin 
A. Johnson. Ports. 8vo, pp. 68. 

/ 2 ^"^5217 Trial. Hodge (Arthur), for the Murder of his Negro 
man slave, named Prosper. By A. M. Belisario. 12mo, 
pp. 136, uncut. Middletown, 1812. 

^ot 6218 Trial. Howard (Mrs. Margaret), for the Murder of 
Miss Mary Ellen Smith, Her Husband's Paramour. 
8vo, pp. 64. Cincinnati, 1849. 

6 J 5219 Trial. Huntington (Chas. B.), for Forgery. Thick 
8vo, dolh. New York, 1857. 

< "" 5220 Trial. Hughes (Dr. J. W.), for* the Murder of Miss 
Tamzen Parsons. 8vo, pp. 58. New York, 1866. 

:> (^- 5221 Trial. Jeffords (Chas. M.), for Murder, at New York, 
^ Dec, 1861. 8vo, doth. New York, 1862. 

7^1 5222 Trial. Keen (Moses W.) Who was hung for the Mur- 
der of his Wife. Life and Confessions of. 12mo, pp. 
24, ttwcz^. Scarce. Maysville, Ky., 1842. 

^ ^ 5223 Trial. Kendall (W. G.) Late Postmaster at New 
Orleans, fur Embezzling a Letter. 8vo, pp. 36. 

New Orleans, 1855. 

5224 Trial. Knapp (John F.), for the Murder of Joseph 

White. 8vo, unaU. Salem, 1830. 


5225 Trial. Knapp, for the Murder of Mr. White. Pam- ^jf^ 
phlets (3), including the two published at Salem, and one 
by "A Citizen of Danvers." All uncut. Scarce. 

5226 Trial. Kneeland (Abner), for Blasphemy. 8vo, pp. ^ > ^ 
93, uncnt. Boston, 1834. 

5227 Trial. Littlejohn (DeWitt C), w. Horace Greeley for -^ ^^ 
Libel. Svo. New York, 1861. 

5228 Trial. Livermore ( Alpheus) and Samuel Angier, before / 2 ^ ^ 
the S. J. Court, of Mass., for the Murder of Nicholas 
Crevay, an Indian, Nov. 23, 1813. Svo, pp. 60. 

Boston, 1813. 

5229 Trial. Lowell (Chas.), vs John Faxon and Micajah / ^^ 
Hawks, Surgeons and Physicians, in an Action of Tres- 
pass on the Case, for Ignorance and Negligence in 
their professional treatment of the Plff's dislocated hip, 
with observations on the prejudices and conduct of the 
Inhabitants of Eastport, in regard to this case. 8vo, 
pp. 29, uncut. ' Portland, 1825. 

6230 Trial. Lyon (Edward), for Perjury. 8vo. J T ^' 

Philadelphia, 1817. 

5231 Trial. May (George Ryan), for Highway Robbery, in J ^Tl) 
1811. 8 vo, pp. 24, uncut. Keene, N. H., 1 8 1 1 . 

5232 Trial. Mackenzie (W. L.), for an alleged violation of ] C^V 
I , the Neutrality of the United States. 24mo, pp. 104. 

New York, 1840. 

I 5233 Trial. McKenzie (A. S.) The Somers Mutiny. 8vo. //-^ 

I New York, 1843. 

I 5234 Trial. M'Leod (Alex.), for the Murder of Amos Dur- J' 2. 

! fee, and Burning of the Steamer Caroline. 8vo, pp. 

j 32. New York, 1841. 

6235 Trial. Mowrey (James D.) Love and Arsenic, the -<? c^ i^ 
Great Piqua Murder. Ports. Svo, pp. 16. 

Tippecanoe, 0. 

5236 Trial. Mr. Jay's Argument in the Du Lux Case. 8vo, & ^ 
pp. 88. New York, (1857.) 



5238 Trial. 


5239 Trial. 

5240 Trial. 


6241 Trials. 


5242 Trial. 
Sally ( 


5243 Trial. 


Icl) ^^^^ Trial. Nettles (Joshua), and Elizabeth Cannon, for the 
Murder of John Cannon, On the Night of the 24th of 
October, 1804. By S. C. Carpenter. 8vo; pp. 127. 

Charleston, 1805. 
Onderdonk (B. T.) 8vo. New York, 1845. 

The Same. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1845. 

O'Shea, vs. Shea and Kirker, for Libel. 12mo, 

New York, 1858. 
Pamphlets (9), Trials, Controversies, Ac. 

Prescott (Abraham), for the Murder of Mrs. 
ochran. 8vo, pp. 154, uncut. Concord, 1834. 

Report of the Impeachment of James Prescott, 
Judge of Probate, for the County of Middlesex, before 
the Senate of Mass., 1821, with Appendix, containing 
an account of former Impeachments in the same State. 
By Octavius Pickering. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1821. 

J i'^ 6244 Trial. Report of the Trial brought by the Rev. Charles 
Marsy, against the Most Noble, the Marquis of Head- 
fort, for Criminal Conversation with PlaintiflTs Wife. 
Damage laid at £40,000. 8vo, pp. 96, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1804. 
^J ^ ^ 6246 Trial. Reickles (John H.,) for the Homicide of Henry 
Linsledt, in the City of Charleston. 8vo, pp. 95. 

Charleston, S. C, 1858. 
i^^^ 6246 Trial. Renshaw (Lieut.) of the U.S. Navy. Indicted 
for Challenging Joseph Strong, Esq. 8vo, pp. 114, tm- 
cut. New York, 1809. 

y /'i^ 6247 Trial for Producing Abortion on the Person of Maria 
Bodine, to which is added a full Account of her Life, 
and Horrible Practices, together with Prostitution in 
New York, its Extent, Causes, and Effects upon Society. 
Ports. 12mo, pp. 48, uncut. New York, 1847. 


y 5248 Trial. Ritchie (Samuel S.) and others, for Conspiracy 

and Fraud. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1849. 


5249 Trial. Scott (Robert), Executed for the Murder of Ami /ffD 

King. Confession, History and Life of 8vo, pp. 8. 
Scarce. San Francisco, 1854 

5250 Trial. Seys (Rev. John). Pastor of the Bedford Street $^ 

M. E. Church, New York City, for an alleged assault 
and Battery, on Mrs. Elizabeth Cram. Port 8vo, pp. 
12. (New York, 1867.) 

5251 Trial. Sickles (Hon. Daniel E.), For Shooting Phillip J ^ 

B. Key. Port. 8vo, pp. 106, vncut. 

New York, 1859. 

5252 Trial. Smith and Ogden, for Misdemeanors ; in the / C 
; Circuit Court of the U. S., July, 1806. 8vo, sheep. 

I New York, 1807- 

5253 Trial. Stephens (James). Indicted for Murder. Speech ^ C 

of John W. Ashmead. 8vo, pp. 90. New York, 1850. 

5254 Trial. Stewart. Divorce Case. 8vo, pp. 130. // ^ 
I Chicago, 1867. 

I 5255 Trial. Strang (Jesse). For the Murder of John Whij[> / * 
I pie. 8vo, pp. 35, uncut. Albany, 1827. 

5356 Trial. Strong Divorce Case. 8vo, pp. 69. / ^ 

j New York, 1865. 

I 5257 Trial. Swearingen (Geo.), Executed for the Murder of / ^ ^ 
his Wife. 8vo, pp. 61. s.l, 1829. 

5258 Trial. Testimony in the Forrest Divorce Case. Verba- /O 

tim Report. - 8vo, pp. 185, uncut. New York,, (1852.) 

5259 Trial. Testimony in the Forrest Divorce Case. 12mo, / i^' 

pp. 34. Philadelphia, 1850. 

5260 Trials. The History of the Most Remarkable Tryals in / 2 i ^ 

Great Britain and Ireland, in Capital Cases, viz : Her- ' 
esy, Treason, Felony, Incest, Poisoning, Adultery, 
Rapes, Sodomy, Witchcraft, etc. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1715. 

5261 Trials. The Lives of Mark Rashton, the Drunkard; ^ ^^^ 

Dan Coultford, the Gfitmbler; Miles Daring, the Thief; 
Bloody Bill Blank, the Murderer. 24mo, pp. 32. 

Philadelphia, 1842. 


/ Of 5262 Trial. The Proceedings of the Court Martial on the 
Trial of Hon. Augustus Keppel, Admiral of the Blue, on 
Board the Britannia, Jan. 7th, 1779. 8vo, calf. 

Dublin, MDCCLXXix. 

^ y i ^5263 Trial. The Malefactors' Calendar, containing Genuine 
and Circumstantial Narratives of the Lives, Trials, and 
Dying Speeches of some of the Most Noted Criminals 
in Great Britain, Ireland, and America. Plates. 8vo, 
theep^ gilL New York, 1813. 

5264 Trial. The Sham-Robbery, committed by Elijah Put- 
nam Goodridge, on his own Person, in Newbury, Dec. 
19, 1816, with a History of his Journey to the place 
where he Robbed Himself, etc. 12mo, pp. 152. 

Concord, N. H., 1819. 

//6 ^ 5265. Trial. The Several Trials of the Reverend David 
Barclay, before the Presbytery of New Brunswick, with 
their Judgment at Oxford, an Appeal to the Synod of 
New York and New Jersey, with their Judgment in the 
City of New York, Remanded by the Synod to the 
Presbytery of New Brunswick, with their Judgment at 
Hackettstown, and a Vote of Censure on Jacob Kerr, 
one of the Complainants. 12mo, sheep. 

Elizabethtown, Printed for the Author, 1814 

^^-* 5266 Trial. Thompson, vs. Ewing. Contested Election- 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1862. 

^/''i ^ 5267 Trial. Thorn (Mary B.) Life and Confessions of. 

Engravings. 12mo, pp. 32. Norfolk, Va., 1854 

^J S^ 5268 Trial. Tocker (Mary Ann). The Trial of, for alleged 

Libel. By Wm. Cobbett. 12mo, pp. 48. 

New York, 1818. 

6269 Trial. VanhoUen (Geo. S.), and Execution of, July 26, 
1817, for the Murder of Hugh Fitzpatrick. 12mo, pp. 
12, uncut. (s.l.s.a.) 

5270 Trial. Walker, w. Walker. A Full and Accurate Re- 
port of the Celebrated Trial, including the Unfortunate 
Letter of Mrs. Walker to her friend « Guss " Waldron. 
8vo, pp. 143. New York, 1854 


5271 Tbtal. Wallack, rj. Wallacik, Adultery. 8va 5^^ 

Neflr York, 1834. 

5272 Trial, Ward (Matt. F.), for Murder. 8vo. J ?^^ 

New York, 1854. 

5273 Trial. Ward (R. J. M.), The Most Extraordinary / ^^ 

Miu^derer named in the Calendar of Crime. 8vo, pp. 
15* Cleveland, 0., 1857. 

5274 Triau Webster (John W.), for the Murder of Dr. / ^~1> 
Parkman in the Medical Collegej Boaton, Nov, 2i, * 
1849* Porta. 8vo, pp. 92, uncut. Boston, 1850- 

5275 Trial. Webaten For the Murder of Dr. Parkman. J T 
Svo, pp. 56. Boston, 1850. 

6276 Trial. Webster, EjEtraordinary Confession of the / C^ 
Murder of Dr. Goo, ParkmatL 8vo, pp. 1 6, unvtu. 

Boaton, 1850. 

5277 TuiAi^ Webster. For the Murder of Parkman, March^ ^ ^ i '^ 
1850, Phonographic Report, by Di\ Jaaies W. t^toce, 
Svo, pp. 314, uncut, Eoiston, 1850, 

5278 Trial, White (Benj. D,) A Brief Sketch of the Trial, ^ ^ 'J 

and hia Dying Speech under the Gallows. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Batavia, 1843. 

L 6279 Trial, Williams (John). Fraud. 8vo, 

' Washington, 1837, 

5280 Trial, Wintlirop (Col. G. P.) By a Court Martial, on ^ S "- 

Charges preferred against him by Adj, Gen. William 
H. Sumner* 8vo, boards , rangk edges, Boston, 1832. 

5281 Trial. Zenger (John Peter), Of New York, Printer, /^ 2- 
who wad lately Tried, and Acquitted, for Priuting and 
PubUaldng a Libel against the Government, with the 
Pleading and Arguments on both ^ides. 4to, pp. 32, 
half bound. Scarce, London^ 1738. 

Ill sjime Vol. J lire two otliw rape pamphlet; one reUt<*s to a W ork Hous<^^ BpI 
Stroud » iu Kent — London, 17:^5; &nd th« oUier^ to the Ckirtcr Schools 
m lf«lvid — LqiuIoii, 1T@7. 


/fl 5282 Trial of Mr. Whitefield's Spirit, in some Remarks upon 
his Fourth Journal, published when he staid in Eng- 
land, on Account of the Embargo. 8vo, pp. 46. Scarce. 

Boston, T. Fleet, 1741. 

^^ 5283 Trial. The Same. 12mo, pp. 44, ttna//. 

' London, 1745. 

JS^ 5284 Trial (The) of Episcopacy. Reported by R. C. C. 
24mo, sheep. Poughkeepsie, 1817. 

5 'O 6285 Trials and Confessions of an American Housekeeper. 
Engravings. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1854. 

3 5286 Tribune (The) and its Major-Generalship. '♦ On to 
Richmond," in Four Tableaux. 

/o 5287 Tribute to the Memory of Peter Collinson. Port 
8vo, pp. 37. Philadelphia, 1861. 

yrD ^^^^ Tribute to the Memory of Edward Everett, Boston, 

Mass., Jan. 17 and Feb. 1, 1865. Port. Svo, thick 

paper, uncut. Boston, mdccclxv. 

J ^ k^ 5289 Tribute to the Memory of Edward Everett, by the 

N. E. H. Q. S., Boston. Port 8vo, doth, rough edges. 

Boston, 18S5. 

/ C 6290 Tbicolored Sketches in Paris during the years 1851-2- 

3. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1865. 

yC 6291 Trip (A) to Boston, in a Series of Letters to the Editor 
of the United States Gazette. By the Author of Two 
Years and a Half in the Navy. 12 mo, doth. 

Boston, MDCCCxxxviii. 
yC 5292 Trip (A) to the Moon, containing an Account of the Is- 
land of Noibla, its Inhabitants, Religions, and Political 
Customs, &c. By Sir Humphrey Lunatic, Bart Small 
8vo, calf. London, 1765. 

^*< J 5293 [Tripp (Alonzo).] Crests from the Ocean World, or 
Experiences in France, Belgium, and England, in 1847. 
48 Engravings. 12 mo, cloth, gilt. Boston, 1853. 

5294 Trojan (The) Wars. Curious Prints. 24mo. Title 

page imperfect. London. 

An old Chap Book. 


5295 Trotter (John B.) Memoirs of Charles James Fox. 5^ 

8yo, boards. Boston, 1812. 

5296 Trubner (Nicholas). Bibliographical Guide toAmer-J'j'^ 

ican Literature. SYO,?ial/ morocco. London, 1859* 

5297 True and Infernal Friendship, or the Wisdom of Eve, ^f ^ 

and the Character of the Serpent, with the Situation, 
Jojs, and Loss of Paradise. 12mo, half bound. 

Providence, 1813. 

5298 True (The) History of Deacon Giles' Distillery, Repor- ^ ^ 

ted for the Benefit of Posterity. Plates. 8vo, pp. 4S. 

New York, 1844. 

6299 True (The) Merits of a late Treatise printed in Ameii- 3^ 

ca, entitled. Common Sense clearly pointed out, ad* 
dressed to the Inhabitants of America. By a late 
Member of the Continental Congress. 8vo, pp. 44, vn- 
cut. London, 1776. 

6300 True-Born (The) Englishman. A Satire. By Daniel /O 

Defoe. 8vo, pp. 36. k/ London, (s.a.) 

5301 Trumbull (Benjamin). A Discourse delivered at the J Q 

Anniversary Meeting of the Firemen of the Town of 
New Haven, April 12, 1773. 8vo, pp. 38. 

New Haven, MDCCLXXiir. 

5302 Trumbull (Geo.) Pocket Typographia, a Brief Practi- {H^ 

cal Guide to the Art of Printing. Engravings. 32mo, 
cloth. Albany, 1840. 

5303 Trumbull (John). MTingal : A Modern Epic Poem, in /CQ 

Four Cantos. 16mo, blue morocco. Boston, 1799. 

5304 Trumbull. MTingal : A Modern Epic Poem, in Four .\ 7) 

Cantos. 12mo, boards. Hartford, 1782. 

Fine copy of the first ediUoD, brought, in Morrell*s Sale, $7.00. 

5305 Trumbull. MTingal : An Epic Poem. With Intro- ft\ 

duction and Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. Fine Port. 
Tinted paper. Royal 8vo, boards^ uucut. 

New York, 1860. 

One of 100 oopies, on large paper. 


/ CT^ 5306 Trumbull. The Poetical Works of, containing M'Fin- 
gal, revised and corrected, with Explanatory Notes ; 
The Progress of Dulness ; and a collection of Poems on 
various Subjects, written before and during the Revolu- 
tionary War. In two Vols. Plates. 8vo, boards, im- 
cut. Hartford, mdcccxx. 

/ jr^-^ 5307 Trumbull (J. Hammond). The Public Records of the 
^ Colony of Connecticut, prior to the union with New Ha- 

ven Colony, May, 1665. 8vo, clolh. Hartford, 1850. 
/O 5308 Truth Vindicated. 8vo,pp. 18. Philadelphia, 1854. 
^ 5309 Truth Will Out. The Foul Charges of the Torids 
against the Editor of the Aurora, Repelled by Positive 
Proofs and Plain Truth, and his base Calumniators put 
to Shame. 2 Tracts. 8vo, pp. 12. (s.Ls-a.) 

J^^^ 5310 Trve and Entertayning Accovnt of a Slaye-Ryde, with 
Designes Representyng ye Mannerres and Customea 
thereof. Folio, pp. 11. Printed by J. Munsell. 

»/ S"^ 5311 Tucker (John). A Letter to the Rev. Mr. James Chan- 
dler, Pastor of the West Church in Rowley, relative, 
more especially, to a Marginal Note or two in his Ser- 
mon, preached at Newburyport, June 25, 1767. 8vo, 
pp. 27. Scarce. Boston, N. E., 1767. 

^ ^^ 5312 Tucker. A Minister's Appeal'to his Hearers, as to his 
Life and Doctr4ne. 8vo, pp. 14, uncui^ without date. 
From the old Tory Press of Meln & Fleming. 

-< ^^ 5313 Tucker. Election Sermon preached at Cambridge, 
May 29th, 1771. 8vo, pp. 63. 

Boston, N. E., mdcclxxi. 

^ r"D 5314: Tucker. Remarks on a Discourse of the Rev. Jonathan 
Parsons, of Newburyport, delivered on the 5th of 
March last, iu which remarks, the Civil Government of 
this Province is vindicated from that gentleman's severe 
Charges and Accusations, of Spiritual Tyranny and Sla- 
very, and he is shown to be inconsistent with himself, in 
accusing the Province of these Things, while he aims at 
promoting the same Evils. 8vo, pp. 36. Scarce. 

Boston, 1774. 



5315 TuCKERMAN (Henry T.) Characteristics of Literature, ^ ^^ 

Illustrated by the Genius of Distinguished Writers, 
12mo, cloth. Pliiladelphia, 1851. 

5316 TucKEY (J. K.) Narrative of an Expedition to Congo, i ^ 

Map. 8vo, boardSf uncut. New York, 1818. 

5317 TUPPEB (Martin P.) Proverbial Philosophy. 12nio, 6 

cloth. Boston, mdcccxl. 

5318 Tupper's Complete Poetical Works. Port. 12mo, /S 

cloth, gilt. Boston, 1855, 

5319 ToRNBULD (Robert). Olympia Morata. Her Life and ^0 

Times. 24mo, rfo^A. Boston, 1846. 

5320 TuRNBULL. The Claims of Jesus. 24mo, clotL / ^ 

Boston, 1841. 

5321 Turner (Wm.) Offices of Public Worship, lor the Uao -2 ^ 

of Unitarian Christians. 12mo, morocco. 

Newcastle, 1824, 

5322 TuRPiN (William). The last Will and Teistamcnt of, ^ Z 
. formerly of Charleston, S. C, late of New York, who' 

died Jan. 2l8t, 1835, in the 81st year of his age. 8vo, 
pp. 81. New York, 1835. 

5323 TuRREAU (Louis Marie). Memoirs de la Guerre do la ^ ^^ 

Vendue. 12mo, pp. 244, uncut. Paris, (s.a.) 

5324 Twelve (The) United Colonies, by their Delegates in ^^^^ 

Congress, to the Inhabitants of Great Britain, 8vo, 
pp. 8, undent. Philadelphia, 1775. 

5325 Two Discourses, occasioned by the late awakening J^ ^ "^ 

Preaching of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield. By Nathaniel 
Appleton. 8vo, pp. 44. Boston, 1741, 

5326 Two Discourses and a Prayer, delivered Sunday, the ^ ^ 

nth, and Tuesday, the 19th days of May, 1767, at the 
Quakers' iTearly Meeting. 8vo, pp. 90. 

Philadelpliia, 1783. 

5327 Tyler (Bennet). New England Revivals. 24mo, c/otA. U i^ 

i 'oston, 1 846, 

1 '^ 


^ (f^^ 6328 Tyson (Edward). Orang-Oatang, siveHomoSylvestris, 
or the Anatomy of a Pigmie, compared with that of a 
Monkey, an Ape, and a Man. To which is added a 
Philological Essay concerning the Pigmies, the Cyno- 
cephali, the Satyrs, and Sphinges of the Ancients, 
Wherein it will appear that they are all either Apes or 
Monkeys, and not Men, as formerly pretended. Nu- 
merous Plates. 4to, calf^ gilt. London, mdoxcix. 

^^^S^29 Tytler (Alex.) General History, Ancient and Modem. 

With Robbins' Continuation. 12mo, sheep. 

Hartford, 1818. 
...-^--ftSSO Tytler (James). The Age of Reason Answered. 

12mo, pp. 107, uncut. Salem, 1796. 

/ 6 5331 Uncle Richard's Conversations about the Ancient His- 
, tory of London. 24mo, c/o<A. Lowell, 1842. 

5332 Underbill (Updike). The Algerine Captive, or Life 
and Adventures among the Algerines. 24mo, sheq>. 

Hartford, 1816. 

5333 Underwood (Almon). Millennial Experience, or God's 

Will Known and Done. 12 mo, cloth, red edges. 

^Boston, 1860. 
J 5334 Ungodly (The) Condemned in Judgment. A Sermon | 
preached at Springfield, Dec. 13, 1770, on occasion of 
the Execution of William Shaw, for Murder. By Mo- 
ses Baldwin. 8vo, pp. 22. Last leaf wanting. 

Boston, 1771. 

5^ 5335 Union (The) of Churches in the Spirit of Charity. 8vo, 

cloth. Boston, 1860. 

^ ^ 5336 Union (The) of Churches. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1862. 

j-Nw 5337 Unitarian Advocate and Tracts. 8 Vols. 12mo, half 
morocco. Boston, 1828-39. 

/ C) 5338 United States Weekly Telegraph. 16 Nos. 

Washington, 1832. 

y ^ 5339 United States Literary Gazette. 5 Vols. Vol. 11. to 

VI. inclusive. 8vo, half bound. Boston, 1825-27. 




5340 Universal Damnation and Salvation clearly proved by i^ 
the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, to which 
are added a few Preliminary Observations. 12mo> 
boards, uncut. Boston, 1826. 

^--*341 Univbrsalism. Pamphlets (16). For and. Against. 

Mostly printed at Boston, v.y. 

— 6342 Univbrsaltsh. Andrews (Elisha). A Candid Reply /^ 
to the Arguments of the late Rev. Elhanan Winchester, 
contained in a Work entitled, " The Universal Restora- 
tion, exhibited in Four Dialogues, Ac." 12mo, hoards, 
uncut. Boston, 1800. 

5343 Univbrsalism. CroswcU (A.) Mr. Murray Unmasked. ^^ 

With an Appendix. Taken from the Essex Gazette 
containing the Address of Mr. Chandler, with regard to 
Mr. Murray. By A. Croswell, Pastor of a Church in 
Boston. 8vo, pp. 20, uncut. Boston, 1775. 

5344 Univbrsalism. Norton (Elijah). Salvation for- all ^ ^^^ 

Men, and a Special Salvation for all True Believers, Il- 
lustrated and Urged. 8vo, pp. 23. Windsor, 1794. 

5345 Universalisjc. A Scries of 11 Pamphlets on the Sub- 
ject of Universal Salvation, as follows : 

I. — Salvation for all Men, illustrated and vindicated, as a 
Scripture Doctrine, in numerous extracts from a variety 
of Pious and Learned Men, who have purposely writ 
I upon the Subject, together with their Answer to the Ob- 

jection urged against it. By One who wishes well to 
all Mankind. 8vo, pp. 26, ttncut. Boston, 1782. 

II. — The Doctrine of Final Universal Salvatioo, exam- 
ined and shewn to be Unscriptural ; in an Answer to a 
Pamphlet, entitled Salvation for all Men. 8vo, pp. 96, 
uncut. Boston, 1783. 

ni. — All Men will not be Saved Forever, or An Attempt 
to Prove that this is a Scriptural Doctrine, and to give 
a sufiBcient Answer to the Publisher of Extracts in Fa- 
vor of the Salvation of all Men. By Samuel Mather, 
D. D., Pastor of a Church in America, Boston. 8vo, 
pp. 31, uncut. Boston, mdcclxxxii. 


IV. — All Meix will not be Saved Forever. By Samuel 
Mather, D. D. The Second Edition. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Boston, MDCCLXXXin. 

V. — A Letter to Dr. Mather, occasioned by his disingen- 
uous Reflexions upon a certain Pamphlet, entitled Sal- 
vation for all Men. By One who wishes well to him, in 

common with Mankind. 8vo, pp. 9, unctU. 

Boston, 1782. 

VI. — To the Author of a Letter to Doctor Mather. By 
one of the Readers. 8vo, pp. 6, uncut. 


VII. — Some Remarks, on a Pamphlet, entitled. All Men 
will not be Saved Forever, wrote by Samuel Mather, 
in Answer to one, entitled Salvation for all Men, ad- 
dressed to Mr. Mather, together with some remarks on 
the insidious pamphlet, (so called, by hini,) to which is 
annexed. Four Inferences, from the above remarks, by 
Shippie Townsend, of said Boston. 8vo, pp. 32, tincta. 

Boston, N. B., mdcclxxxiii. 

Vni. — Divine Glory brought to View in the Condemna- 
tion of the Ungodly, or the Doctrine of Future Punish- 
ment Illustrated and Vindicated as Rational and True, 
in reply to a late pamphlet, entitled Salvation for all 
Men. By a Friend of Truth. 8vo, pp. 51. 


IX. — Divine Glory brought to View, in the Final Salva- 
tion of all Men. A Letter to the Friend of Truth, by 
One who wishes well to all Mankind. 8vo, pp. 19, un- 
cut. Boston, 1783. 

X. — That all Men shall not be Saved, attempted to be 
Proved and Illustrated in Three Sermons, preached at 
Maiden, October, 1782, by Peter Thacher, A. M. 8vo, 
pp. 51, uncut. Salem, mdcclxxxiii. 

XL — A Serious Letter to the Young People of Boston, 
which may be serviceable to others, to guard them 
against Error. By Mathetees Archaios. 8vo, pp. 27, 
uncut. Boston, mdcclxxxiii. 


5346 TJPHAM (Chas. W.) Lectures on Witchcraft, cora prising 7 

a History of the Delusion in Salem, in 1G92, 16mo, 
boards, uncut. Boston, MDCCCXXSt. 

5347 Upham. Salem Witchcraft, with an Account of Salem ^ / Z 

Village, and a History of Opinions on Witchcraft and 
Kindred Subjects. 2 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1867. 

5348 Upham (Wm. P.) Memoir of Gen. John Glover, of 5 ^ 

Marblehead. Port. 4to, cZo^A. Salem, 1863. 

5349 Upton (John). Critical Observation on Shakspeare. ^^ 

The Second Edition. Svo, calf. London, MUCCXLYir. 

Signature, and several pages, in the handwriting of J. Mltford* 

5350 Urania for 1821. Port, and Steel Plates. 16mo, itif 5 ^ 

covers, gilt edges. 

5351 U. S. Bankrupt Law, 1867, with Notes. 8vo, pp. 39, 5 ^ 

New York, 1867. 

5352 Vade-Mecum (A) for Malt- Worms, or a Guidti to Good- J? l'^ 

Fellows, being A Description of the Maimers and 

Customs of the most Emiuent Publick Houses in and 

about the Cities of London and Westminister, with a 

Hint on the Props, (or Principal Customers), of each 

House, In a Method so plain that any Thirsty Person 

(of the meanest Capacity), may easily find the nearest 

Way, from one House to another. Illustrated with 

proper Cuts. Dedicated to the Brewers. 8vo, chtht 

uncut. London, 1865, 

Reprint of a cariooB old book. 

5353 Vade-Mecum, Or The Dealer's Pocket Companion, Con- ^'^ 
taining Tables For the ready'knowing the Amount or 
Value of any Commodity, either Bought or Sold by the 
Pound, Ounce, or Yard, or any other Thin^ under 
What Denomination soever, from a Farthinj^: to Twenty 
Shillings. &vo, uncut. Scarce. Boston^ 1772, 

5354 Vail (Thos. H.) The Comprehensive Church, or Chris^ 
tian Unity and Ecclesiastical Union. 12mOf cloth. 

Hartford, 1841. 



*ir^^ ^1^5355 Vale(G.) The Diamond. 12 Nos. 8vo. Scarce. 

New York, 1840. 

^y^ 5356 Vale. Manual of Political Economy, a Supplement to 

the Diamond. 6 Nos. Scarce. New York, 1841. 

^ C 5357 Van Btnkershock (Cornelius). A Treatise on the 
' Law of War. 8vo, pp. 251. Philadelphia, 1810. 

i 5358 Van DoREN (Wm. Howard). Mercantile Morals, liimo, 
cloth. New York, 1855. 

^^ ^ 5359 Van Dusen (J. M'Gee). Startling Disclosures of the 
Great Mormon Conspiracy, being the Celebrated "En- 
dowment," as it was acted by upwards of twelve thou- 
sand Men and Women in Secret Engravings. 8vo, 
pp. 23. New York, 1849. 

)^4^ 53ti0 Van Rensselaer (Cortlandt). Historial Discourse 
on the occasion of the Centennial Celebration of the 
Battle of Lake George, 1755. Notes and Map. 8vo. 

Philadelphia, 1856. 

^^ ^ b'MX Van Schaack (Eliza T.) A Woman's Hand, or Plain 

Instructions for Embellishing a Cottage. 12mo, cloiL 

Albany, Munsell, 1859. 
-^^" 5362 Van Winkle (C. S.) The Printer's Guide, or an In- 
troduction to the Art of Printing. 12mo, calf, 

y 53(13 Vans (William). Five Books and Pamphlets relating 
to the Controversy, between William Vans, and the 
Heirs of John and Richard Codman. Boston, v.y. 

This strange controversj, arising out of Transactions in France, between 
Vans and the Codmans, after being carried on for some years in that 
country, was transferred tq the United States, and here oontmned 
by Vans, with remarkable energy and determination, for nearly forty 
years, when it was terminated by his death. 

j C ,^364 Vanderpool ( ). Speech on the Bill to Provide 

for the Settlement of certain Revolutionary Claims. 8vo 
pp. 14. Washington 1834 

53{j5 Varnum (James M.) The Case of Trevett v$, Weeden. 
On Information and Complaint for refusing Paper Bills 
in Payment for Butcher's Meat, in Market, at Par with 


Specie. Tried before the Honourable Superior Court, 
in the County of Newport, September Term, 1786. 
Small 4to, pp. 60. Providence, John Carter, 1787. 

5366 Velasquez (Pedro). Memoir of an Eventful Expedition ^ (Tb 

in Central America, Resulting in the Discovery of the 
Idolatrous City of Iximaya. 8vo, pp. 35. 

New York, 1850. 

5367 Vermont. Bibliography of. 4to, pp. 23. / C ^■ 

New York, 1860. 

5368 Vermont's Appeal to the Candid and Impartial World, J i /^^ 

Containing a fair Stating of the Claims of Massachu- 
setts-Bay, New Hampshire and New York. The Right 
the State of Vermont has to Independence, with an 
Address to Congress and the Thirteen United States. 
8vo, pp. 52, uncut. Scarce. Hartford, (1779.) 

5369 ViGNE (G. T.) Six Months in America. 24mo, cloth. / i^ 

Philadelphia, 1833. 

5370 ViGNOLES (Charles). Observations upon the Floridas. $ 'C 

8vo, boards, uncut. ' Ne^ York, 1823. 

5371 ViLLEBS (C.) An Essay on the Spirit and Influence of / C 

the Reformation, by Luther. 8vo, sheep. 

Dover, N. H., 1807. 

5372 Vindication (A) of an Association, from the Charge of /^ "^ 

countenancing Heresy in Doctrine, and of Partiality in 
Conduct, shewing that their Conduct has been in all 
things just, in most Things necessary, with Respect to 
the things alleged against them. Written at the Desire 
of the Association, by one of their Number. 8vo, pp. 
39. Scarce. Portsmouth, N. H., 1758. 

5373 Vindication (A) of Mark Langdon Hill, Collector of ^ ^^ 

Bath, Against the Aspersions in a Pamphlet, "Relat- 
ing to Violations and Evasions of the Laws, during the 
Commercial Restrictions) and late War, with Great 
Britain. 8vo, pp. 30. s.l.s.a. 

5374 Vindication of Hiram Powers, in the *'Greek Slave" ^ C 

Controversy. 8vo, pp. 16, uncvZ. Cincinnati, 1849. 


^^ 6376 Vinton (Francis). The Annals of Rhode Island, and 
Providence Plantations. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, C. A. Alvord, 1864. 

^/"i^ 6376 Vinton (John A.) The Female Review. Life of Debo- 
rah Sampson, the Female Soldier in the War of the 
Revolution. Port. Fcap 4to, half crimson turkey mo- 
rocco, extra, by Bradstreet; gilt top, rough edges. 

Boston, 1866. 

^c^ J 5377 Vinton. The same work. Royal 4to, paper, uncut. 

Boston, 1866. 

Large paper. Edition only 86 copies. 

/\r 6377^ Vision (The) of Rubeta. An Epic Story of the Island 
of Manhattan, with Illustrations, done on Stone. 8ro, 
hoards, uncut, Boston, mdcccxxxviil 

-<r-? S^ 6378 Visits from the World of Spirits, or Interesting Anec- 
dotes of the Dead, Containing very curious Narratives 
of the Appearance of Many departed Spirits on partic- 
ular Occasions, to Friends, Relatives, &c. Being an 
Impartial Survey of the most remarkable Apcounts of 
Apparitions, Dreams, Ghosts, Spectres and Visions. 
12 mo, sheep. London, MDCCxa. 

/ (j^'i> 6379 Vocal (The) Companion and Masonic Register, with a 
List of the Lodges in the six Northern States, with the 
Names of the Officers, and the Number of Members 
of which each Lodge consists. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. 

Boston, 1802. 

/ 6 6380 Voice (A) from the Newsboys. Port. 12mo, chth. 

(New York), 1860. 

r ^ - 6381 Voltaire (M. F.) The Philosophical Dictionary, for the 
Pocket. Translated from the French Edition. Cor- 
rected by the Author. 12mo, sheep. New York, (s.a.) 

y 6382 Voltaire. The History of Charles XIL, King of Swe- 
den. Port. 12mo, sheep. New York, 1803. 

^Q 6383 Voltaire. Defence of Lord BolingbrokiJk's Letters on 

the Study and Use of History. 8vo, pp. 66. 

London, 1853. 


5384 YoLTAiRE. Micromegas : A Comic Romance. Being a y ^ 

severe Satire upon the Philosophy, Ignorance, and Self- 
Conceit of Mankind, together with a detail of the Cru- 
sades. 8vo, calf. London, mdccliu* 

5385 Voltaire. Memorials, Letters, &c., relating to Perse- /O 

cution, and particularly to the cases of Galas and Sir* 
ven. 8vo, iheep. London, 1779* 

5386 Volume (A) from the Life of Herbert Barclay. 12mo, / 
cloth. Baltimore, 1833. 

5387 Volume of Engravings. 44 Portraits on Steel. //^^^ 

5388 Volunteer (The) La^reate, or Fall of Peter Pindar, y q 

Odes to Lord Howe, Mr. Pitt, and the Swinish Multi- 
tude. 8vo, pp. 23. ' New York, 1796. 

5389 Votes and Proceedings (Extracts from) of the Ameri- ^-^j 

can Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, on the 
6th of September, 1774, containing the Bill of Rights, 
A List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, the Associ- 
ation, and Address to the People of Great Britain, and 
a Memorial to the Inhabitants of the British American 
Colonies. Published by order of the Congress. 8vo^ 
pp. 43, uncut. Boston, 1774, 

5390 Votes (The) and Proceedings of the Freeholders and /S^ 

other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Town 
Meeting assembled, according to Law, published by or* 
der of the Town, to which is prefixed, as Introductory, 
an attested copy of a vote of the Town, at a preceding 
Meeting. 8vo, pp. 43 ; a very rare Revolutionary Pam- 
phlet. • Boston, (1772.) 

5391 Votes (The) and Proceedings of the Freeholders and ^ ) "^ 

other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Town 
Meeting assembled, according to Law, the 5th and 18ih 
days of November, 1773. Published by Order of the 
Town. 8vo, pp. 15. Boston, 1775. 

This extremely rare pamphlet records the doings of the town meetings, 
held to discoss the Tea Question. 




Jtl 5392 Waddell (J. H.) The Dartmoor Massacre. 8vo,pp. 8. 
Scarce. Boston, 1815. 

^<^6393 Waddington (John). Church of the Pilgrim Fathers. 
12mo. London, 1851. 

/C^ 5394 Wadhams (Albert). An Essay upon the Origin and 
Use of Seals, also introducing a design for an improved 
Seal of the United States. 8vo, pp. 40. 

Albany, 1865. 

^y C 5395 Wadsworth (Benjamin). A Letter of Wholesome 
Counsels, directed to Christian Soldiers going forth to 
War. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1709. 

/^•)^396 Wadswowh. Invitations | to the | Gospel Feast .:! or, | 
Free OfiFers of Salvation, | through | Christ. | Eleven Ser- 
mons, I from Luke xiv., 16-24. 1 12mo, zheep. Rare. 

Boston, ni5. 

^y S "^ 5397 Wadsworth. Rulers | Feeding, and * Guiding | their \ 
People, I with | Integrity & Skilfulness. | A Sermon 
Preached | to the Great & General Court of | the 
Province of the Massachusetts- j Bay, Convened at Bos- 
ton, N. E., I on May 30, 1716, the stated day | of their 
Anniversary Election | of Counsellors. | 8vo, pp. 67, in 
very fine order. Rare. Boston, 1716. 

/ /^^ 5398 Wadsworth. The | Highest | Dwelling with the | Low- 
est ; I or, I The Most High God | Reviving the | Humble 
Soul. I A Lecture Sermon preached | at Boston. 1 12mo, 
pp.46. Rare. Boston, in N. England^ 1711. 

y/ i 5399 Wadsworth. Vicious Courses Procuring Poverty, De- 
scribed and Condemned. A Lecture Sermon preached 
at Boston, Feb. 19, 1718-19. 12mo, pp. 32. Rare. 

Boston, 1719. 

// 5400 Wadsworth. The same. 8vo, pp. 31,t(7krtt/. Scarce. 

Boston, Printed by Rogers & Fowle, 1744. 

5401 Wakefield (Gilbert). An Examination of the Age of 
Reason. 12mo, pp. 36. Boston, 1794. 



5402 Waldo (S. Putnam). The Tour of James Monroe,^ i^ 

President of the United States, through the Northern 
and Eastern States, in 1817; his Tour in the year 
1818, together with a Sketch of his Life. Port 1 2 mo, 
sheep. Hartford, 1820. 

5403 Wales (Ebenezer). Counsels and Directions to his /(J 

Children. Published from the Author's Manuscript, 
found among his papers after his Death. 12mo, pp. 
24, uncut. Boston, 1813. 

5404 Walpord (Edward). Shilling Peerage for 1855./^ 

32mo, cloth. London, 1855. 

5406 Wallace (John W.) Address, May 20, 1863, on the W*^ 
Two Hundredth BirthDay of Mr. William Bradford. 
8vo, boards, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1 863. 

5406 Wallis (John). London, the British Capital. Map. V 

12mo, half bound. London, 1814. 

5407 Walsh (J. H.) A Manual of Domestic Economy, suited y^ 5 " 

to Families spending from £100 to £1000 a year. 
200 Engravings. Small 8vo, pp. 736, half morocco. 

London, 1857. 

5408 Walter (Nehemiah). A | Discourse | concerning The | y/ ^ 

Wonderfulness | of | Christ, | delivered in | several Ser- 
mons, I by Nehemiah Walter, M. A., | Pastor of the 
Church in Roxbury. | 8vo, pp. vi., " To the Reader," 
signed, Increase Mather, 3 p. 1., 240. Sheep. Rare. 

Boston, in New England, 1713. 

5409 Walter: Discourses on the whole LVth Chapter of 7^^ 

Isaiah, Preparatory to Communion at the Lord's-Table. 
To which is added The Author's Last Sermon, by the 
pious, judicious and learned Divine, The Rev. Mr. 
Nehemiah ^ Walter, Late Pastor of the First Church in 
Roxbury. With a Preface, giving some account of his 
Life and Character. 8vo, old binding. Scarce. 

Boston, New England, mdcclv- 


yi^^^SilO Walter. The Body of Death Anatomized. | A Brief 
Essay, | concerning the | Sorrows and the Desires [ of 
the I Regenerate, | Upon their Sense of | Indwelling 
Sin. I Delivered at the Lecture in Boston,] 12 d. 7 m., 
1706. 1 8vo, pp. 26. Boston, 1736. 

^'^D 5411 Walter. Unfruitful Hearers | Detected and Warned. | 
or a I Discourse, | Wherein the Danger of, and by, | 
Unprofitable Hearing, is laid | open, and cautioned 
against. | As it was delivered, in the Course of his | 
Ministry, | By Mr. Nehemiah Walter, | Pastor of the 
Church in Roxbury. | First Published by some of the 
Hearers in | 1696, and now Reprinted at the De- 1 sire 
of their Successors. Small 12mo, pp. vi.-68, original 

binding. Rare. 

Boston, N. E., Re-printed by J. Draper, for Di 
Henchman, in Cornhill, 1754. 

^^ 6412 Walter (Nathaniel). An Heavenly and God-like 2^1, 
the grand Characteristics of a true Christian. A Dis- 
course delivered in Part at the publick Lecture in Bos- 
ton, Dec. 31, 1741, by the Reverend Mr. Nathaniel 
Walter, Pastor of the second Church in Roxbury. 8vo, 
pp. 40. Boston, 1742. 

^^^ 5413 Walter . The Thoughts of the Heart, The Best Evi- 
dence of a Man's Spiritual State. A Discourse from 
Proverbs xxin., 7. 8vo, pp. 31, uncut. Rare. 

Boston, 1741. 

^^ I 5414 Walton (Izaak). The Complete Angler, or Contempla- 
tive Man's Recreation. Fourth Edition, with large SA- 
ditions. Plates. 8vo, calf. Scarce. 

London, mdcclxxxiy. 

J^^ 5415 Walton. The Complete Angler, or Contemplative 
Man's Recreation. The Fifth Edition, with Additions. 
Plates. Svo, calf, London, mdccxci. 

^T^ 5416 Walton and Cotton (Charles). The Complete Angler. 
2 Vols, in one. 32mo, half calf . 

Chiswick, C. & C. Whittingham, 1826. 


6417 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, or The y/ 5*2 
Contemplative Man's Recreation. Edited by John 
Major. Finely Illustrated. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1866. 

Large paper, and, next to Pickering's, by ikr the finest edition of Walton 
and Cotton. Pablished at $16. 

5418 Walker (Aaron G.) The Life of P. Jerringham J 2 ^^ 

Cauflfraan, A Great American Resurrectionist, or Rob- 
ber of the Grave. Engravings. 8vo, pp. 63. 

Philadelphia, (1850.) 

5419 Walker (Alexander). Intermarriage, or the Causes ^ S^* 

why Beauty, Health, and Intellect result from certain 
Unions, and Deformity, Disease, and Insanity, from 
others. With Eight Drawings. 12nio, cltfth. 

New York, mdcccxlh. 

6420 Walker (John). A Rhetorical Grammar, in which the /C 
common improprieties, in Reading and Speaking, are 
detected, and the True Sources of Elegant Pronuncia- 
tion are pointed out 8vo, hoards, uncut. 

Boston, 1822. 

5421 Walker. Orations, Odes, Scenes, and Speeches proper /^ 

to be read and recited by Youth at School. 12mo. 

/ New York, 1808. 

5422 Walker. The Teacher's Assistant. 12mo, sheep. / i ^ 

Carlisle, 1806. 

5423 Walker. Improvement in the Art of Reading. 8vo, / ^ ^ 

pp. 86. London, mdcclxxxiii. 

5424 War-Horseiana, or an Authentic Report of the Sayings ^ < ^ 

and Doings of the War-Horse, and his Ponies, from the 
year 1847, up to the Present Time. By* Timothy 
Watchem. Illustrated with eight beautiful Engravings 
by Peppergrass, from Designs by Cruikshank. 8vo. 

(8.1.), 1851. 

5425 War in Disguise, or The Frauds of the Neutral Flags. / r 

12mo, $heep. New York, 1806. 


^ / 6426 War of 1812. Pamphlets (25), concerning it. A valu- 
able selection, 

J ^ 5427 War with Prance; or. Who pays the Reckoning? in an 

Appeal to the People of England. 8vO; pp. 41. 

London, 1793. 

The foUowing lots, from No. 5428 ta No. 5719 incluslTe, relate direcfly to 
the War of the Rebellion, or to the Caiue of the War. They aU come 
irithin the oloes incladed by Bartlett, in his Literature of the RebeUion, 
but it wiU be observed that a large proportion of the titles are not men- 
tioned in his Work. 

o 5428 War. A Call to My Countrywomen. 12mo, pp. 12. 

New York, 1863. 

^ 5429 War. A Picture of Slavery, drawn from the Decisions 
of Southern Courts. 8vo, pp. 16. (s.Ls.a.) 

/ 5430 War. Adams (C. F.) Manuel Pereira. 12mo, pp. 
302, uncut. Washington, D. C, 1853. 

/^'^ 5431 War. Adams (Nehemiah). A South Side View of Sla- 
very. 1 2 mo, cloth. Boston , 1860. 

5 "^ 6432 War. Andrews (E. A.) Slavery and the Slave Trade 
in the United States. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1836. 

^ " 5433 War. Andrews. The Slave Trade in the United 

States. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1836. 

/ 5434 War. Autographs for Freedom. 12mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1853. 

^^^ 5435 War. Ayer (I. Winslow). The Great North -We stern 
Conspiracy in all its Startling Details, etc. Illustrated 
with Portraits. 8vo, pp. 112. Chicago, 1865. 

y^ ^ 5436 War. Ball (Charles). Slavery in the United States. 
A Narrative of a Black Man, who lived Forty Years a 
Slave. ' 12mo, cloth. New York, 1837. 

5437 War. Barnes (Albert). Scriptural- Views of Slavery. 
12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1 846. 

' 5438 War. Bartlett (John Russell). The Literature of the 
Rebellion. A Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets rela- 
ting to the Civil War in the United States, and on sub- 


jects growing out of that Event, together with "Works 
on American Slavery. . Royal 8vo, pp. Hlj paper, tm- 
cuL Boston, 1866. 

Edition, 250 copies. 

5439 War. The Bermuda and Cargo. 8vo, pp. 467. / 5'^ 

5440 War. Bibb (Henry). Narrative of the Life and L^-^L^/C 

ventures of. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1849. 

5441 War. Bishop (John S). Concise History of the War. / c 

With Map. Indianapolis, (s.a.) 

5442 War. Bowman (S. M.) Sherman and his Campaigns, o^ "^ 

Numerous Portraits. 8vo, shtcU stitched. 

New York, 1865. 

5443 War. Breckinridge (Robert J.) The Great Deliver- f > "^ 

ance, and the New Career. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Philadelphia, 1865. 

5444 War. Buxton (Thomas F.) The African Slave Trade. ^ ^ 

12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1839. 

5445 War. Capture- of New Orleans. Official Reports. J ^ " 

Plates. 8vo, half morocco. Washington, 1862. 

5446 War. Catalogue of the Art Exhibition at the Metro- y ^"^ 

politan Fair, in aid of the U. S. Sanitary Commission. 
Tinted paper. 4to, boards. . New York, 1864. 

5447 War. Chambers (Wm.) American Slavery and Col- / ^ 

our. 12mo, cloth. London, 1857. 

5448 War. Chaplain's (A) Campaign with Gen. Butler. 5 ^ 

8vo, pp. 66. New York, 1865. 

5449 War. Chase (Henry). The North and the South. 6 " 

The Free and the Slave States. 12 mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1857. 

5450 War. Cheever (Geo. B.) The Guilt of Slavery, and y6 ^ 

Crime of Slaveholding. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1 860. 

5451 War. Clark (James H.) The Iron-Hearted Regi- / ^^ 

ment, being an Account of the Battles, Marches, and 
Gallant Deeds performed by the 115th Regiment N. Y. 
Vols. 12mo, paper, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865. • 


^^ 6452 War. Clarkson (Thomas). History of Abolition, and 
the Slave Trade. 1 2mo. Wilmington, 1816. 

S ^ 5453 War. Clarkson. History of the Abolition of the Afri- 
can Slave Trade by the British Parliament. I^ort 
8vo, doth. London, 1839. 

/ 5454 War. Cochin (Augustine). The Results of Emancipa- 
tion. 12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1863, 

^ 6455 War. Commercial Relations with Foreign Countries, 
^ 1862. Svo, cZo^A. Washington, 1863. 

y f 5456 War. Commercial Relations of the United States, 
^ 1863. 8vo, clotlu Washington, 1863. 

^ 5457 War. Congressional Documents relating to the Slave 
* Trade. 8vo, half hound. (v.y.) 

y . - 5458 War. Conkling (Alfred). Powers of the Executive. 
"^ ^ \2mo, cloth. Albany, 1866. 


w 5459 War. Copley (Esther). History of Slavery, and its 
Abolition. Port \2mo, cloth. London, 1839. 

y C 5460 War. Coppie (Henry). Evolutions of the Line. 
24mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1862. 

V S"^ 5461 War. Cordner (John). The American Conflict 8vo, 
pp. 48. Montreal, 1865. 

y C 5462 War. Correspondence on the Present Relations be- 
tween Great Britain and the United States of America. 
8vo, pp. 153, uncut. Boston, 1862. 

yC 5463 War. Cullum (Geo. W.) Systems of Military Bridges 
in use by the United States Army. Plates. 8vo, pp. 
226. New York, 1863. 

y$ ^ 5404 War. Daly (Chas. P.) Are the Southern Privateers- 
men Pirates 7 Letter to the Hon. Ira Harris. 8vo, 
pp. 13. New York, 1862. 

yC 5465 War. [Darling (W. A.)] Report on Internal Revenue 
Frauds. 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1867. 

5466 War. Debates on Revision of the Constitution of Lou- 
isiana. 8vo, pp. 644, uncut. New Orleans, 1864. 

/ * 


5467 War. Denslow (Van Bnren). Fremont and McClel- / 

Ian, their Political and Military Careers Reviewed. 
8ro, pp. 32. Yonkers, N. Y., 1862. 

5468 War. [De Peyster (J. Watta).] Winter Campaigns. / 6 

How Great Generals bring Cannon, <fec., into the Field. 
12mo, pp. 24. (s.Ls.a.) 

5469 War. De Peyster. Secession in Switzerland, and in/ 5"^ 

the United States, compared. 8vo, pp. 72. 

Catskill, 1864. 

5470 War. Dewees (Jacob). The Great Future of America / ^ 

and Africa, &YOf cloth. ^ Philadelphia, 1854. 

5471 War. Digest of Opinions of the Judp:e-Advocate Gen- / C 

eral of the Army. 8vo, pp. 252. Washington, 1866. 

5472 War. Douglas (Frederick). My Bondage and Free- JS ^ 

dom. ^Port. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855. 

5473 War. Duke (Basil W.) History of Morgan's Cavalry. J r ^ 

Port. 8vo, boards. Cincinnati, 1867. 

5474 War. Dyer (J. C.) Notes, on Political Mistakes, ad- S^ 

dressed to the People of England. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Manchester, Eng., (s-a.) . 

5475 War, Eastman (Mary H.) Aunt Phillis's Cabin, or / 2. 

Southern Life as It Is. 12mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1852. 

5476 War. Estvan (B.) • War Pictures from the South. ^ i ^ 

12mo, cZo/A. • New York, 1863. ^ 

6477 War. Expenditures and Receipts of the County oi J ^ I 
New York, on Account of the Damage by Riots of 
1863. 8vo,pp. 1215. New York, 1868. 

5478 War. Faulkner (T. C.) History of the Revolution in 5"c' 

the Southern States. 8vo. New York, 1861. 

5479 War. Fifty Years in Chains, or The Life of an Ameri- S ^ 

can Slave. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

5480 War. Fletcher (John). Studies on Slavery, In Easy / 5 " 

Lessons. 8vo, sheqp. Natchez, 1 52. 


J 1 y"' 5481 War. Fonnan (J. G.) The Soldier's Manual of Devo- 
tion, and a Collection of Hymns and National Songs. 
24mo, cloth. Alton, TIL, 1861. 

-^^ 5482 War. Fort Pillow Massacre. Report of the Commit- 
ter. 8vo, cloth. (Washington, 1864) 

* ^ 5483 War. Foster (Lillian). Andrew Johnson, His Life 
and Speeches. Port 12mo, clotJu 

New York, 1866. 

c 5484 War. General Orders afifecting the Volunteer Force. 
12mo, cloth. Washington, 1862. 

5485 War. Giddings (Joshua R.) Speeches in Congress. 
Port. 1 2mo, cloth. Boston, 1 853. 

/ ^ 5486 War. Giddings. * The Exiles of Florida. Engravings. 
12mo, cloth. Columbus, 1858. 

/6 2- 5487 War. Glazier (W. W.) The Capture, the Prison-Pen, 
and the Escape, giving an Account of Prison Life in 
the South. 12mo, cloth. Albany, 1865. 

^ C 5468 War. Goodell (William). The American Slave Code. 
12mo, cloth. New York, 1853. 

/ 5 ' 5489 War. Goodwin (Thomas S.) Natural History of Se- 
cession. 12mo, doth. New York, 1864. 

y 5 •• 5490 War. Gospel of Slavery, a Primer of Freedom. By 
Iron Gray. 12mo. New York, 1864. 

i 5491 War. Green-Back, to his Country Friends. 8vo, pp. 
17. New York, 1862. 

"i I. 5492 War. Gregoire (H.) An Inquiry Concerning the 
Intellectual and Moral Faculties, and Literature of 
Negroes. With Life and Works of Fifteen Negroes 
and Mulattoes. 8vo, sheep. Brooklyn, 1810. 

/ C 5493 War. Gurowski (Adam). Diary from March 4, 1861, 
to November 12, 1862. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1862. 

/ ^ 5494 War. Hand-Book for the War. 12mo, pp. 23. 


5495 War. Hardinge (Emma). America and Her Destiny., J u 
Inspirational Discourse by the Spirits. 8vo, pp. 15. 

New York, (s.a.). 

5496 War. Helper (Hinton R.) The Impending Crisis. /$'^ 
12mo, doth. New York, 1860. 

I 5497 War. Hcpworth (Geo. H.) The Whip, Hoe and J J 
! Sword, or the Gulf Department in *63. 12mo, doth, 

\ Boston, 1864. 

5498 War. Hersey (John). Appeal to Cliristians on Sla- 
very. Cloth. Baltimore, 1833. 

5499 War. Hervey (Geo. W.) Liberty as a Cloak of Ma- ^^ 
liciousness. 8vo, pp. 21. New York, 1861. 

5500 War. [Holt (J.)J Report on " The Order of American y^-^ 
Knights," alias " The Sons of Liberty." A Western 
Conspiracy in aid of the Southern Rebellion. 8vo, pp. 
16. Washington, 1864. 

5501 War. Hough (Franklin B.) History of Duryees Bri- J ^ ^;? 
gade, during the Campaigns in Virginia and Maryland. 
Port. Extra tinted paper. 8vo, hilf morocco, gilt edges. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. 

5502 War. Jackson (Frederick). II Recrutio, A Comic ^^S' 
Opera, As Originally Produced by Members of the 
Forty-Fourth Regiment, in Barracks at Newbern, N. C. 
8vo, pp. 15. Rare. (Roxbury, 1863.) 

5503 War. Jay (William). The Character and Tendency ^^ 
of Colonization, and Apti-Slavery. 12 mo, cloth. 

New York, 1835. 

5504 War. Jay. Inquiry into Colonization, and Anti-Slave- ^ 
ry Societies. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1858. 

5505 War. Jay. The Action of the Federal Government, ^ t 
in behalf of Slavery. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1839. 

5506 War. Jones (Charles C, Jr.) Historical Sketch of yy 2^ 
the Chatham Artillery, during The Confederate Strug- 
gle for Independence. Rubricated title. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, J. Munseil, 1867. 


]y 5507 War. Jonmal of the Convention of the P. E. Churchy 
in the U. S., 1863-65. 2 Vols. 8vo. 8.1.s.a. 

^ C^l 5508 War. Judd (David W.) The Story of the Thirty- 
Third N. Y. S. Vols., a Two Years' Campaigning in 
Virginia and Maryland. Engravings. 12mo, cloili 

Rochester, 1864. 

^^ 5509 War. Junkin (George). Political Fallacies. An Exam- 
ination of the False Assumptions, and Refutation of the 
Sophistical Reasonings, which have brought on this 
Civil War. Port. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1863. 

y^^S^ 5510 War. King (Henry F.) The^Rebellion, an Historical 
Poem. ]2mo. Portland, 1865. 

Bat 50 copies printed for the Anthor, for diBtribution among frienda 
This is the only copy rested nncat. 

^/C 5511 War. Knox (Thos. W.) Camp-fire and Cotton-field. 
Southern Adventure in Time of War. Plates. 870, 
boards, Chicago, 1865. 

/^ 5512 War. [Lester (C. E.)] The Light and Dark of the 
Rebellion. 12mo, cloih. Philadelphia, 1863. 

The seventeen lots following, with the titles on pp. 281 to 287»con9titate 
one of the most complete ooUections of **Lincolniana" extant, compris- 
ing nearly OTery memorial of his death, printed in book or pamphlet 

^^^5513 War. Lincoln. Appendix to Diplomatic Correspon- 
dence, 1865, Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Ex- 
pressions of Condolence and Sympathy inspired by 
this event. 8vo, boards. Washington, 1866. 

y(^ 5514 War. Lincoln. Athenaeum Club Memorial. Port 
Imp. Svo. New York, 1865. 

/'r^ ^ 5515 War. Lincoln. Bancroft's Memorial Address. 4to, 
uncut. Washington, 1868. 

Large paper, few printed. 

/O 5516 War. Lincoln. Campaign of 1860. Speeches of Lin- 
coln, Seward, Wade, and others. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, 1860. 


5517 War. Lincoln. Eulogy upon the Character and Ser- ^ 
\ vices of Abraham Lincoln. By Samuel L. Crocker, Jr. 

8vo, pp. 28, uncut. Boston, 1865. 

6518 War. Lincoln. Life and Martyrdom of Abraham Lin- ^0 
i coin, 12mo, iheeU. Philadelphia, 1864. 

I 5519 War. Lincoln. Pamphlets (37). Political, relating y^-^ 

directly to Mr. Lincoln, being Letters, Speeches, Bur. 
lesque Lives, &c. Many of them are very scarce. 

I 6520 War. Lincoln. Pamphlets (18), Sermons, Eulogies, -*- ^ 

I &c., on occasion of Mr. Lincoln's death. 

6521 War. Lincoln. Pamphlets (6). Relating directly to / ^ 
I the Assassination. 

5522 War. Lincoln. Pamphlets (5). Campaign; Life of ^ 

Lincoln, all different. 

5523 War. Lincoln. Papers, Ac. (12). Memorials, Ac- q 

counts of the Murder, <fec. 

5524 War. Lincoln. Sermon on the Death of President J C 

Lincoln. By Richard B. Duane. 8vo, pp. 15. 

Providence, 1865. 
6525 War. Lincoln. The Assassination and Death of -<. " 
Abraham Lincoln. By Abbott A. Abbott. r2mo, pp. 
j 12. New York, 1865. 

5526 War. Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial. By John G. JJ^ 5 "^ 
Shea. Port. Svo^ cloth, gilt. New York, 1865. 

6527 War. Lincoln. The National Preacher, May and June, J 
i 1865; contains Six Discourses on the Death of Presi- 

dent Lincoln. 

I 6528 War. Lincoln. The Real Questions before the Coun- 

try, What the President Proclaims. . 8vo, pp. 22. 

New York, 1866. 
6529 War. Lincoln. War Letters of a Disbanded Volun- J ^^ 
teer, His experiences as Honest Old Abe*s Bosom 
Friend and Official Adviser. 12mo, boards , uncut. 

New York, 1864. 


y S"J 5530 War. Livermore (George). An Historical Researcb, 
on Negroes as Slaves, as Citizens, and as Soldiers. 
Rubricated title, tinted paper, Svo, clotL Boston, 1863. 

J ', ^ 5531 War. Long (R. H.) Gazetteer of the Border and 
Southern States. Map. 24mo, cloth, 

Pittsburgh, Pa., (s.a.) 

/ O 5532 War. Mackie (J. Milton). From Cape Cod to Dixie. 

12mo, cloth. New York, 1864. 

/O 5533 War. Mahony(D.A.) The Prisoner of State. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1863. 

J Q 5534 War. Marks (Rev. J. J.) The Peninsular Campaign 
in Virginia, or Incidents and Scenes on the Battle-fields 
and in Richmond. 12tnO; cloth. Philadelphia, 1864 

./ 6 A 5535 War. Massie (James W.) America, the Origin of her 

Present Conflict. Map. 12mO; cloth, uncut. 

» . London, 1864. 

) 5536 War. Matlack (L. C.) History of American Slavery 

and Methodism. 12 mo, cloth. New York, 1849. 

^ C' 5537 War. Mayer (Brantz). Captain Canot, or Twenty 
Years of an African Slaver. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1854. 

^ ^^ 5538 War. McClellan (G. B.) Report on Organization, 

and Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac, With 

Plans. i>wOy cloth. New York, 1864. 

/ 5539 War. McClellan. The Army of the Potomac. Maps 
and Plans. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1864 

. / 5540 War. McClellan. Who he is, and "What he has 

"^ * Done," and Little Mac, "From Ball's Bluff to Antictam," 

both in one. 8vo, pp. 14. New York, (s.a.) 

5541 War. Meek (A. B.) Romantic Passages in South- 

western History. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857. 

5542 War, Meek. Songs and Poems of the South. 12mo, 

cloth, gilt. Mobile, 1857. 


5543 Wab. Messages and Documents, 1862-5. 6Vo1s. 8vo, J^ 

cloth. Washington, v.y. 

6544 War. Messages and Documents, 1862-3. 2 Vols. 8vo, J ^ 

cloth. Washington, 1862. 

5545 War. Miscegenation, the Theory of the B'ending oi / 

the Races applied to American White Man and Nc< ro. 

12mo, pp. 72, xi,ncut. New York, 1864. 

5646 War. Moore (Frank). Rebel Rhymes and Rhapsodies; ^ Q 
Personal and Political Ballads, Ljrics of Loyalty, and 
Songs of the Soldiers. 4 Vols. 16mo, half moro co. 

New York, 1864. 

6547 War. Moore (James). Xilpatrick and our Cavalry. y^ S'"^ 
12 Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1865. 

5548 War. Mott (A.) Anecdotes of Persons of Color. ^ C 

12mo, cloth. Scarce. New York, 1837. 

5549 War. Murphy (D. F.) The JeflF. Davis Piracy Cases. J C 

Full Report of the Trial of William Smith. 8vo, pp. 
100. Philadelphia, 1861. 

6550 War. My Southern Friends. 12mo, c/o^A. No imprint. ^^ 

6551 War. Narrative of Privations and Sufferings of United ^'/ ^ 

States Officers and Soldiers, while Prisoners of War in 
the hands of Rebel Authorities, With an Appendix, 
containing the Testimony. 8vo, pp. 283. 

Philadelphia, 1864. j 

6552 War. Navy Register, for 1865. 8vo, pp. 334. ^ ^ 

Washington, 1865. 

5553 War. No tt (Charles C.) Sketches of the War. 12mo, i^ 

cloth. New York, 1863. 

5554 War. Nutshell (The). 12mo, pp. 72. ^ "" 

New York, 1862. 

6655" War. Official Record of Rhode Island in the United fS^ 
States Army and Navy, during the Rebellion of the 
Southern States. Port. Royal, Svo, pp. 829, rough 
edges, boards. Providence, mdccclxvi. 

One of 24 copies printed in thiB style, on tinted paper, with Rubricated 


^Cr^ 5556 liVAR. Our Cruise in the Confederate States War 
Steamer Alabama, The Private Journal of an OflBcer. 
8vo, pp. 64; rare. Capetown (Afi-ica), 1863. 

6557 War. Packard (Mrs. K. E. R.) The Kidnapped and 
the Ransomed. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1856. 

-^ ^ 5558 War. Palmetto Pictures. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1863. 

5 "^ 5559 War Poemphlets (500). A Collection relating directly to 
the War J or its causCy and all coming within the scope of 
Bartlett's "Literature of the Rebellion." .The CoUec- 
turn comprises, however, a great number of woiJcs not men- 
tioned by Bartlett. This and the eleven following hu 
constitute the pamphlet portion of a private collection formed 
during and since the war. There are very few, if awy, ^ 
duplicates. Some may have got in by accident, but tlie 
intention has been to exclude them. 
/ 5560 War Pamphlets (500). 
f 5561 War Pamphlets (500). 

^ 5562 War Pamphlets (78). All relate to Currency and 
Finance. A valuable collection. 

2 Q 5563 War Pamphlets (30). A Set of the United States Ser- 
vice Magazine. 5 Vojs., in numbers, uncut. 

N. Y., 1864^6. 

c 5564 War Pamphlets (27). Quarto size, including a com- 
plete set of the Spirit of the Fair. 

6 5565 War Pamphlets (20). Rebellion Record, Pollard's 
Political Pamphlets, &c. 
/^^ 5566 War Pamphlets (18). Printed abroad, mostly in 
c 5567 War Pamphlets (16). 
/J. 5568 War Pamphlets (14). Relating to Military Prisons, 
&c., North and South. 
^^ 5569 War Pamphlets (11). 
J 5570 War Pamphlets (7). Relating to John Brown, and his 

Capture of Harper's Ferry. 


5571 War. Papers, Relating to Foreign Affairs, 1864. 2 ^ 

Vols. 8vo. Washington, 1865. 

5572 War. Parton (James). General Butler in New Or- Jl ^'^ 

leans. \2mo, cloth. Ports. New York, 1864. 

5573 War. Patterson (Robert). A Narrative of the Cam- ^ 2 ^^ 

paign in the Valley of the Shenandoah, in 1861. Royal 
8vo, in sheets. Philadelphia, 1865. 

Large paper, edition only 100 copies. 

5574 War. Patterson. The same. 8vo, cloth. J ^ 

Philadelphia, 1865. 

5575 War. Paulding (J. K.) Slavery in the United States. ^ "^ 

24mo, cloth. New York, 1836. 

5576 War. Pauline of the Potomac, An Authentic and ^^Q 
Thrilling Narrative of tho beautiful and accomplished 
Miss Pauline D'Estraye. Illustrated. 8vo, hoards. 


5577 War. Peters (Richard). Case of Edward Prigg. .2 C 

8vo, cloth. New York, 1842. 

5578 War. Phelps (Amos A.) Slavery and its Remedy. ^'^ 

24mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1834. 

5579 War. Pollard (Edward A.) Southern History of the 5^ 

War, the First and Second Year. Ports. 2 Vols. 
8vo, cloth. New York, 1863, 1864. 

5580 War. Post (Lydia M.) Soldier's Letters, from Camp, /^ ^ 

Battle-field and Prison. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1865. 

5581 War. Rankin (P. H.) The White Man's Grave. Sierra ^ t 

Leone, in 1834. Plates. 2 Vols. 8vo, half calf, gilL 

London, 1836. 
5682 War. Rankui (John). American Slavery. 24mo, ^ 
boards. Boston, 1838. 

5583 War. Redpath (James). A Guide to Hayti. Map y 

and Plate. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1861. 

5584 War. Register of New Jersey Volunteers. 8vo, half :J ^V 

hound. Jersey City, 1863. 


1 5585 Wab. Regulations for the Army of the United States* 
1861. 8vo, doth. Philadelphia, 186 1- 

y/ ^ 5586 War. Report in Relation to Armored Vessels. . 8vo, 
cloth. Washington, 1864. 

yi^ 5587 War. Report of a Committee appointed by the Mass. 
Hist. Society, on Exchange of Prisoners daring the 
American Revolutionary War. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Boston, 1861. 

/^5"" 5588 War. Report of the Adjutant General of the State of 
New York. Svo, cloth. Albany, 1863. 

^2 $ A 5589 War. Report of the Adjutant General of the State of 
New York, 1864. 2 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Albany, 1864. 

^ 6590 War. Report of the Commissioner of Internal Reve- 
nue, 1864-5-6. 3 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1864-5-6. | 

J ^ 6491 War. Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, 1863, i 
1865. 2 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1863, 1865. ! 

' ^^ 5592 War. Report of the Secretary of War. 8vo, cloth, 

Washington, 1865. 

J 5593 War. Report of the Select Committee, relative to the 
Soldiers* National Cemetery, March, 31, 1864. Maps. 
8vo, c/o^A. Harrisburg, 1864. 

y fi 5594 War. Reports of the Select Committee of Five. 8vo, 
^ cloth. Washington, 1861. \ 

J j^ 5595 War. Report of the Joint Committee on the Condact 
of the War. 3 Vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1863. 

/ 5596 War. Report of Major-General John Pope, On the 
Virginia Campaign. Maps. 8vo, cloth. 

(Washington, 1863.) 

5597 War. Report on Surrender of Navy Yards. 8vo, Aa(/^ 
morocco. (Washington, 1862.) 


5598 War. Report on the Army of the Potomac, under ^^ 
McClellan. 8yo, cloth. ^ * Washington, 1864. 

6599 Wab. Report on the Invasion of Harper's Perry. Svo, / C 
cloth. Washington, 1860. 

5600 Wab. Robinson (J. B.) Pictures of Slavery and Anti- /^'^ 

Slavery. 1 2mo, cloih. Philadelphia, 1863. 

5601 War. Rosecrans' Campaign with the Fourteenth Army J (f 

Corps, or the Army of the Cumberland. 12mo, pp. 
465. Cincinnati, 1863. 

5602 War. Russell (Wm. H.) My Diary, North and South. J 6 

Port. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1863. 

5603 War. Sargent (F. W.) England, the United States, J 

and the Southern Confederacy. 8vo, pp. 184. 

London, 1864. 

5604 War. Seabury (Samuel). American Slavery, Justified ^ 2- 

by the Law of Nature. 12 mo, sheets folded and collated. 

New York, 1861. 

5605 War. Sennott (Geo.) On Andrew and Butler. 8vo, ///"^ 

pp. 16. Boston, 1862. 

5606 War. Sharp (Granville). The Just Limitation of /C 

Slavery, in the Laws of God. 8vo, hoards, uncut. 

London, 1776. 

5607 War. Sherman's Account of his Great March. 12mo, 4 

pp. 214. New York, 1865. 

6608 War. Silver (Abiel). A Tract for the Soldiers. 12mo, yj^/^ 
pp. 12. Boston, 1863. 

5609 War. Southern Notes for National Circulation. 12m0y /S '^ 

pp. 132. Boston, 1860. ^ 

5610 War. Southern History of the War, Reprinted from 5 C" 

the Richmond Corrected edition. Ports. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1863. 

5611 War. Spencer (Bella Z.) Tried and True, or Love / f"j^ 

and Loyalty, A Story of the Great Rebellion. Plates. 
8vo, cloth. SpringCeld, Mass.j 1866. 


JO 5612 War. Stewart (Alvan). Writings and Speeches on 
Slavery. Port/ 12mo, cloth. New York, 1860, 

j d 6613 War. Subgenation, the Theory of The Normal Rela- 
tion of the Baces, in Answer to ''Miscegenation." 12mo, 
pp. 72. New York, 1864. 

A i 6614 War. Sypher (J. R) History of the Pennsylvania 

Reserve Corps. Ports. 8vo, zh^. 

Lancaster, 1865. 
^5 ^ 5616 War. Taylor (Jeremiah). Life of E. H. Brewer, a 

Soldier of the Potomac. Port. Cloth. Boston, 1863. 

^ ^^ 5616 War. The Congressional Globe and Appendix. 8 
Vols. 4to, halfrussia. Washington, 1862-65. 

S L 5617 War. The Delirium of my Childhood, A Foresight, in 
1819, of Events Witnessed by the Same Person in the 
War of the Rebellion. 12mo, pp. 24. 

New York, 1866. 

yC 5618 War. The Farcical Tragedy: A History of Striking 
Events in the "Model Republic." By one of its Loyal 
Citizens. 8vo, pp. 29. Cincinnati, 1864. 

/ d 5619 War. The "Negro Pew." 12mo, hoards, 

Boston, 1832. 

r ^ 5620 War. The New Orleans Riots. 8vo, cloth. 

^ '' Washington, 1867. 

^? 5621 War. The Old Flag, First Published by Union Pris- 
oners, at Camp Ford, Tyler, Texas. Folio. Lithograph- 
ed in fac-simile. Bridgeport, 1864. 

5622 War. The Soldier's PocketBible, issued for the Use 
of the Army of Oliver Cromwell. 24mo, pp. 24. 

New York, (s-a.) 

5623 War. The Spirit of the Fair. 4to, in Nos. complete 
in sheets. New York, 1864 

PablUihed by the Sanitary Fair Committee. 

5624 War. Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army. 24mo, 
cloth. New York, 1862. 



5625 War. Trial of William Smith, for Piracy, as one of the 

Crew of the Confederate Privateer JeflF Davis. 

5626 War. Tucker (Beverly). The Partisan Leader. 2 /^ 

Vols. 12mo. New York, 1856. 

^,.--ff627 War. Webster (Noah). EflFects of Slavery on Morab j/*>^ 
and Industry. 8vo, pp. 56, tmcict. Scarce. 

Hartford, 1793. 

5628 War. Weeks (Delia J.) Legends of the War. An- '. % 

thor' sediti(mf printed for private circtdation. Port. 12mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1863. 

5629 War. What became of the Slaves on a Georgia Plan- / ^ S ^ 

tation : Great Auction Sale of Slaves. A Sequel to 
Mrs. Kemble*s Journal. 8vo, pp. 20. (s.L), 1863. 

\,x-«630 War. Whitman (Walt.) Drum Taps. 12mo, c/o<A. /S^ 

New York, 186^7, 

5631 War. Whitman (William E. S.) Maine in the War J/H^ 

for the Union. A History of the Part Borne by Maitio 

Troops, in the Suppression of the Rebellion. 8vo, 

boards, uncut, Lewiston, 1865* 

Bat few copies reserved in this condition. 

5632 War. Who shall be the Republican Nominee for Pres- 

ident? 12mo, pp. 21. (s.l.), 1860, 

5633 War. Wilkes (George). McClellan, Who he is, and 

What he has done. 12mo, pp. 12. New York, 1862. 

5634 War. Willetts (Edward). Greenbacks; A Poem for 

the Times. 8vo, pp. 16. Cairo, 111., (s^a,) 

5635 War. Wilson (Henry). History of the Anti*Slavery 

Measure of Congress. 12mo, cloth. 

New York, 1865. 

5636 War. Woodbury (Augustus). A Narrative of the /J\^ 

Campaign of the First Rhode Island Regiment, in the 
Spring and Summer of 1861. Illustrated with a Por- 
trait. 12mo, sheets. Collated for binding. 

Providence, 1865. 

5637 War. [Wright (Elizur)]. The Lesson of St. Domio- ] ,' 

go. How to Make the War Short, and the Peace Right- 
eous. 12mo, pp. 24. Boston, 1861. 



jC 5638 Wab. Ye Book of Copperheads, Illustrated. 

Philadelphia, 1863. 

The foUowing, from No. 5689 to No. 6719, were all printed m the 
Southern States, and relate to the War. Mo$i of ihem loere printed 
in the Confederate 8taie$ during the War. Kearlj all of these are 
Bcaroe, and many are qoite rare. 

yi^ 5639 War, Acts and Resolutions of the Second Session of 
Provisional Congress, of the Confederate States, 1861. 
8vo, pp. 100. Montgomery, Ala., 1861. 

/ ^ Z- 5640 War. Acts and Resolutions of the Third Session of 
the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States. 
Richmond, Ya. 8vo, pp. 91. Richmond, 1861. 

J 2 ^^ 5641 War. Address of the Atlanta Register, to the People 
of the Confederate States. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Atlanta, Ga., (s.a.) 

•< -*^ ^ 5642 War. Articles of War for the Government of the Ar- 
mies of the Confederate States. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Charleston, 1861. 
oO 6643 War. Branson (L.) First Book in Composition, Ap- 
plying the Principles of Grammar to the Art of Com- 
posing, also giving full Directions for Punctuation. 
12 mo, boards. Raleigh, 1863. 

/ 5644 War. Brown (Aaron V.) Address of, before the 
Democratic Association of Nashville, June 24, 1856. 
8vo, pp. 22. Nashville, 1856. 

.y^^ 5645 War. Camp McDonald, the School of Instruction of 

the Fourth Brigade of Georgia Volunteers. 8vo, pp. 

32 Atlanta, Ga., (d.a.) 

y-^ > 5646 War. Cantwell (Edward). Benjamin Franklin. 8vo, 

pp. 31. Oxford, N. C. 

Published by the Franklin Sodety, 1867. 

/ ;j 6647 War. Chaudron (A. DeV.) The Second Reader, de- 
signed for the Use of Primary Schools. 12mo, pp. 96. 

Mobile, Ala., 1864. 
'] 6648 War. Cobb (Howell). Scriptural Examination of the 

Institution of Slavery. 12mo, cloth. Georgia. 

Printed for the Author. 


5649 War. Collier (Robt R.) The Right way for Restory/ j"Z) 
ing the late Rebel States to the Federal Union. 8vo, 
pp. 96. Petersburg, 1865. 

6650 War. Confederate States Almanac, for the year 1864. y 2 5 
12mo. Mobile, Ala. 

5651 War. Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Epis- Ji c' i 

copal Church, in the Confederate States of America. 
8vo, pp. 59. Augusta, Ga., 1863. 

5652 War. Davis (JeflFerson). Message, Dec. 17, 1863. ^ 2 

Richmond, 1863. 

5653 War. Dorsey (Sarah A.) Recollections of Henry W. ^ ^ 

Allen, Brig. Gen. C. S. Army. 12mo, cloili. 

New Orleans, 1866. 

5654 War. Pitch (Henry S.) The Lawyer's Test Oath. 2 ^"^ 

8vo, pp. 22. Savannah, Ga., 1866. 

5655 War. Fowler (W. H.) Guide for Claimants of De- / ; ^-^ 

ceased Soldiers. 12mo, pp. 72. Richmond, 1864. 

5656 War. Fremantle (Col.) Three Months in the South- /^ 

em States, April to June, 1863. 12mo, pp. 158. 

Mobile, 1864. 

5657 War. Gilmer (John H.) War of Races. By whom it ^^ 

is sought to be brought about. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Richmond, 1867. 

5658 War. Gorman (Capt. J. C.) Lee's Last Campaign, / i ^C 

with an Accurate History of Stonewall Jackson's Last 
Wound. i8mo, pp. 71. Raleigh, N. C, 1866. 

5659 War. Grayson (W. J.) Letter to W. B. Seabrook, 6 ^ 

on the Dissolution of the Union. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Savannah, Gu., 1850. 

5660 War. Hall (Wm. A.) The Historic Significance of / 2 ^^ 

the Southern Revolution. 8vo, pp. 45. 

Petersburg, 1864. 

5661 War. Handlin (W. W.) American Politics. A Moral J : . 
and Political Work, treating of the Causes of the Civil 
War. 8v0; cloih. New Orleans, 1864. 


^ 5662 War. Hardee (W. J.) Rifle and Infantry Tactics, 
revised and improved for the C. S. Array. Engravings. 
2 Vols. Boards. Mobile, 1863. 

/: u 5663 Wab. Holcombe (Wm. H.) The Alternative, A Sep- 
arate Nationality, or the Africanization of the South. 
8vo, pp. 15. New Orleans, 1860. 

J'>'\ 5664 War. Jackson (H. W. B.) Historical Register, and 
Confederate's Assistant to National Independence. Con- 
taining a Discovery for the Preservation of Butter, to- 
gether with other Valuable Recipes, for the Soldier 
and the People in general, throughout the Confederate 
States of America. 12mo, pp. 44. 

Augusta, Ga., 1862. 

y i^ 5665 War. Johnson (L.) An Elementary Arithmetic, de- 
signed for Beginners. 12 mo, boards. 

Raleigh, N. C, 1864 

5666 War. Journal of the Proceedings of the General Coun- 
cil of the Protestant Church, in the Confederate 
States of America, 1862. 8vo. Augusta, Ga., 1863. 

/ "fo ^^^"^ War. Lander (S.) Our own School Arithmetic. 12mo, 
pp. 282. Greensboro', N. C, 1863. 

^ ^ A 5668 War. Lester (W, W.) The Military and Naval Laws 
of the Confederate States. 8vo, half bound. 

Columbia, 1804. 

\ ^ ^ 5669 War. Mahan (D. H.) An Elementary Treatise on 
Advanced-Guard, Out-Posts, and Detachment Service 
of Troops. 16mo, cloth. New Orleans, 1861. 

j^ : 5670 War. Mangum (A. W.) Myrtle Leaves . A Book Pecu- 
liarly Adapted to the Times. 12mo, pp. 134, 

Raleigh, N. C, 1864 

. ^ -6671 War. McCabe (J. D.) The Guerillas, An Original 
Domestic Drama. 12mo, pp. 44. Richmond, 1863. 

V. - 5672 War. MdMahon (T. W.) Cause and Contrast: An 
Essay on the American Crisis. 8vo, pp. 192. 

Richmond, 1862. 

; s u 


5673 War. Memorial of Lieut. Col. Thornton. 12ino, pp. JJ Z 

Printed at the Sontb, during the War. 

5674 War. Moore (Mrs. M. B.) The Geographical Reader, / 2 ^^ 
for the Dixie Children. 4to, boards. 

Raleigh, 1863. 

5675 War. Moore. The Dixie Speller, to follow the First // 2. 
Dixie Reader. 12mo, boards. Raleigh, 1864. 

5676 War. Muhlbach (L.) Henry VIIL and His Court, J V^ * 
or Catherine Parr. 2 Vols. 8vo. Mobile, 1865. 

5677 War. Our Cunency, Some of its Evils, and Remedies /2 ^ "^ 
for Them. By a Citizen of North Carolina. 8vo, pp. 
47. Raleigh, 1861. 

5678 War. Pardigon (C. F.) The Practice of War. 24mo, /fTJ 
cloth. Richmond, 1863. 

5679 War. Patten (George). Cavalry Drill, and Sabre 
Exercise, from Standard Military Authority. 12mo, 

I pp. 165. Richmond, 1862. 

I 5680 War. Paxton (J. D.) Letters on Slavery. 12mo, b 
I cloth. Lexington, Ky., 1833. 

I 5681 War. Peters (W. C.) Piano-Forte Primer, contain- 5^ 

I ing the Rudiments of Music. 12mo, pp. 48. 

I Richmond, 1864. 

[ 5682 War. Pollard (Edward A.) Observations in the // Z 
North : Eight Months in Prison, and on Parole. 8vo, 
pp. 142. Rifchmond, 1865. 

I 5683 War. Pollard. La Cause Perdue Histoire de la z/ C^ 
Guerre des Conf6d6r6s. Numerous inserted Plates. 
4to, fud/ morocco. New Orleans, 1867. 

5684 War. Porter (Wm. D.) State Sovereignty, and the fr ^ 
Doctrine of Coercion. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Charleston, S. C, (s.a.) 

5685 War. Proceedings of the Bank Convention of the Con- 
federate States, Held at Richmond, Va., July 24-5-6, 
1861. 8vo, pp. 14. Charleston, 1861. 


y jn) 5686 War. Regulations foi* the Army of the Confederate 
States, 1862. 12mo, cloth. Richmond, 1862. 

J ^ i^ 5687 War. Regulations for the Medical Department of the 
C. S. Army. 12mo, stiff covers. Richmond, 1863. 

J C 1) 5688 War. Regulations of the Ordnance Department of the 
Confederate States of America. 12mo, boards. 

Richmond, 1862. 

• ^^ . ^^ 5689 War. Richardson's Virginia and North Carolina Alma- 
nac, for 1864 12mo, pp. 36. Richmond, (1863.) 

' ^ , " 5690 War. Rules of Practice, under the Sequestration Act, 
for the District Courts, Confederate States, for the 
District of Alabama. 8vo, pp. 10. Mobile, 1861. 

^ <rb 5691 War. Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, 
S C, and a List of the Property Destroyed. 8vo, pp. 
76. Columbia, S. C, 1865. 

/r^ 5692 War. Sewell (Mrs.) Our Fathers' Care, a Ballad. 
12mo, pp. 28. Richmond, 1864. 

J^ f^ 5693 War. Silas Mamer, The Weaver of Raveloe. By the 
Author of "Adam Bede." Svo, pp. 276. 

Mobile, 1863. 

w ^^ "5^ 5694 War. Special Exemptions from Confederate State 
Taxes, in Kind. Broadsheet, brown paper. 1864. 

^ ^ 5695 War. Speech of Hon. Albert G. Brown, Crystal 
Springs, Miss., Sept. 6th, I860. 8yo, pp. 8. 

Jackson, Miss., 1860. 

J ^ 5696 War. Stewart (R. J.) A Geography for Beginners. 

Maps. 12mo, cloth. Richmond, 1864. 

^S r 5697 War. Stiles (J. C.) Capt Thomas E. King^ or a 

Word to the Army, and the Country ; pp. 56. 

Charleston, S. C, 1864* 

- ■ 5698 War. Stiles (Wm. H.) Address at Milledgeville, 

July, 4th, 1866. 8vo, pp. 36. Atlanta, Ga., 1856. 

5699 War. Stringfellow (T.) Scriptural and Statistical 
Views in Favor of Slavery. 12mo, pp. 149. 

Richmond, Ya., 1856. 


6700 War. Sullivan (J. P.) The Political Status of Louis-^ 
iana, and the Consequences of Armed Secession. 8vo, 
pp. n. New Orleans, 1863. 

5701 War. The Army Hjmn-Book; pp. 128. 

Richmond; 1865. 

5702 War. The Christian Banner. 

Fredericksburg^ Va., June 18, 1862. 
Printed on brown paper. 

5703 War. The Constitution of the State of South Carolina, 

With the Ordinances thereunto Appended. 8vo, pp. 
40. Charleston, S. C, 1868. 

5704 War. The First Reader, for Southern Schools. 12mo, 
pp. 24. Raleigh, 1864. 

5705 War. The Ordinance Manual, for the Use of the Offi- 

cers of the United States Army. 8vo,. boards. 

Richmond, 1861. 

5706 War. The Rebellion, Its Consequences, and the Re- 

construction Committee, with their Action. Port, of 
Jacob Barker. 8vo, half morocco. 

New Orleans, 1866. 

5707 War. The South Alone should Govern the South, and 

African Slavery should be controlled by those only who 
are Friendly to it. 8vo, pp. 60. (s.l.s.a.) 

6708 War. The Southern Soldier's Prize Songster. Con- 
taining Martial and Patriotic Pieces, chiefly original. 
Applicable to the present War; pp. 104. 

Mobile, Ala., 1864. 

5709 War. Thomas (J. P.) The Carolina Tribute to Cal- 

houn. Port. 8vo, cloth. Columbia, S. C, 1857. 

5710 War. Frezevant (D. H.) The Burning of Columbia, 

S. C. A Review of Northern Assertions. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Columbia, S. C, 1866. 

5711 War. Trial of the Murderers of Archibald Beebee. 


// ^ 

) i 

8vo, pp. 94. 

Raleigh, N. C, 1867. 


//i"^6712 War. Tucker (Beverly). The Partisan Leader: a 
Novel of the Southern Confederacy. 8vo, pp. 220. 

Richmond, 1862. 
Y Z^ ^6713 War. Tyson (Bryan). A Ray of Light, or a Treatise 
on the Sectional Troubles, Religiously and Morally 
Considered. 12mo, pp. 171. 

Browers' Mills, N. C, 1862. 

-J^ i> "" 5714 War. Uncle Budding's Gift Book for the Holidays. 
12mo, pp. 96. Augusta, 6a., 1863. 

/ JX 6715 War. Walden (P. E.) The Tariff Act of the Confed- 
erate States of America. Approved May 21st, 1861. 
8vo, half morocco. New Orleans, 1861. 

// Z 5716 War. Warden (T. B.) Battle of Young's Branch, or 
Manassas Plain, foug|it July 21, 1861. Maps; pp. 156. 

Richmond, 1862. 
yi, 6717 War. Wheeler (Joseph). Revised System of Cavalry 
Tactics, for the use of the Cavalry and Mounted Infan- 
try C. S. A. Plates. Mobile, 1863. 

/il) 5718 War. York (Brantly). York's EngUsh Grammar, Be- 
vised and Adapted to Southern Schools. 12mo, boards 

Raleigh, N. C, 1864. 

6719 Wars (The) of the Gulls: An Historical Romance, in 
Three Chapters. 12mo, pp. 36. Scarce. 

New York, 1812. 

/, ^ 5720 Ward (Geo. A.) Journal and Letters of the late Sam- 
uel Curwen, an American Refugee in England, from 
1 775 to 1 784. Port. 8vo, half levant. 

New York, 1842. 

/j*^-^''^21 Ward (T. De W.) India and the Hindoos. 12mo, 
cloth. New York, 1851. 

•) . ^ ^722 Ward (Thomas). England's Reformation, from the 
Time of King Henry VHI., to the End of Gates' Plot 
8vo, caJf London, 1715. 

5723 Ward (Henry). History of the Second Church in Bos- 
ton. 8vo, pp. 60. Boston, 1821. 


5724 Ware (Henry, Jr.) The Office and Character of Je- ^^^ 
SOS Christ 12mOf boards, uncut. Boston, 1825; 

6725 Ware. Hints on Extemporaneous Preaching, 18mo, /C 

hoards uncut. Boston, 1824. 

6726 Ware. On the Formation of the Christian Character. 5^ 

24mo, hoards. Cambridge, 183L 

6727 Ware (John). The True Relations of the Sexes. 16mo, // > ^ 

cloth. Boston, 1860. 

5728 Ware (Wm.) American Unitarian Biography. Vol. /O 
U. 12mo, elotk. Boston, 1851. 

6729 Warren (John). Eulogy on the Hon. Thomas Russell, ^ ^ ^ 

May 4, 1796. 4to, pp. 31; Monody pp. 3, uncut and 
per/ecdy clean. Boston, 1796. 

6730 Warren (John). The Conchologist. Plates. 4t0j half J i^^ 

hound, Boston, 1834. 

5731 Warren (John C.) Address to the Boston Society of y 5^ "" 
Natural History. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1 853. 

6732 Warren. Physical Education, and the Preservation of ^ 
Health. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1849. 

5733 Warren. Remarks on some Fossil Impressions in the y 2- 

Sandstone Banks of Connecticut River. Photographs. 
8vo, cloth. • Boston, 1854. 

5734 Warren. The Great Tree on Boston Common. 8vo, ^j' S"^ 

cloth. Boston, 1855. 

6735 Warren (J. Mason). An Account of the Aztec Chil- ^' ) ■- 
dren. 2 colored Ports. 8vo, pp. 17. Boston, 1851. 

5736 Warren (Joseph). Oration delivered at Boston, March -c ^' '^ 

6, 1775. 12mo. (s.Ls.a.) 

5737 Warren. An Eulogium on Major General Joseph War- y ^^T^ 

ren, who Fell at the Action at Charlestown, June xvn., 
MDCCLXxv. By a Columbian. 8yo, pp. 22. Rare. ^ 

Boston, 1781. 

5738 Warren (Mrs. M.) Poems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous. J ^ ^ 

12mo, sheep. Scarce. Boston, mdcczc. 


i 5739 Warren (William). The Great Sin: Sermon on the 
Seventh Commandment. 8vo, pp. 16. Milford, 1855. 

^ ^ 5740 Warriner (Francis). Cruise of the U. S. Prigute Po- 
tomac Round the World. Embellished with Engrav- 
ings. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1835. 

CO 5741 Washington (George). A Collection of the Speeches 
of the President of the United States to both Houses 
of Congress, At the Opening of every Session, with 
their Answers; also the Addresses to the President, 
with his Answer, from the Time of His Election; with 
an Appendix, containing The Circular Letter of Gen- 
eral Washington to the Governors of the several States, 
and his Farewell Orders to the Armies of America, 
and the Answer. Dedicated to the Citizens of the 
• United States of America. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, July, 1796. 

/>5^' fi T42 Washington. A Collection of Papers Relative to Half- 
pay, and Commutation thereof. Granted by Congress to 
the Officers of the Army. Together with a Circular 
Letter from His Excellency, General Washington, to 
the several Legislatures of the United States. 8vo, 
pp. 24. Rare. Boston, 1783. 

J ^ 5743 Washington. A Message of the President of the Uni- 
ted States to Congress, Relative to France and Great 
Britain, Delivered Dec. 5, 1793, With the Papers there- 
in referred to. 8vo, *Aeep. Philadelphia, 1795. 

> ^^. 5744 Washington. Address of George Washington, Presi- 
dent of the United States, to his Fellow Citizens, on 
Declining being considered a Candi Jate for their future 
SuflFrages. 8vo, pp. 26. Stockbridge, 1796. 

A very scarce editioiL 

// '' 5745 Washington. Address of George Washington, Presi- 
"" dent of the United States, to his Fellow Citizens, on 

his declining being Considered a candidate for their 
future Suffrages ; to which is added the Tribute of Re- 
spect Paid to his Memory, by the Legislature of New 


Hampshire, at their late Session at Exeter, December 
28th, 1799. 12mo, pp. 36. Perfectly cleariy in origi- 
nal covers. Exeter, 1800. 

One of the rarest of the Washington pamphlets. 

5746 Washington. Constitution of the U. S. ; Declaration 4 

of Independence; and Farewell Address. 16mo, pp. 
64. Boston, 1862. 

5747 Washington. Farewell Address of. To the People of the / J"^ 

U. S. A., Sept. 17, 1796; With a German Translation, 
by F. W. Bogen. 24mo, pp. 71. New York, 1852. 

5748 Washington. General Washington and General Jack- 

son on Negro Soldiers. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Philadelphia, 1863. 

5749 Washington. Letters from His Excellency, George 

Washington, to Arthur Young, Esq., F. R. S., and Sir 
John Sinclair, Bart, M. P., Containing an Account oi 
his Husbandry, with his Opinions on Various Questions 
in Agriculture, and Many Particulars of the Rural 
Economy of the United States. 8vo, boards j uncut. 

Alexandria, 1803. 

5750 Washington. Letters from General Washington to S ^ 

Several of his Friends, in June and July, 1776, in 

which is set forth an Interesting View of American 

Politics at that All-Important Period. 8vo, pp. 44, 

uncut. Philadelphia, 1795. 

Known aa the Spuiions Letters. 

5751 Washington. OflBcial Letters to the Honorable Ameri- ^ 

can Congress. 2 Vols. \2mOf sheep. 

New York, mdccxcyi. 

5752 , Washington. Reprint of the Original Letters from / 
Washington to Joseph Reed, during the American Rev- 
olution, referred to in the Pamphlets of Lord Mahon 
and Mr. Sparks. By William B. Reed. 8vo, pp. 154. 

Philadelphia, 1852. 

5753 Washington. The Address of the late George Wash^ y ^ 
ington, when President, to the People of the United 
States, on Declining being Considered a Candidate for 
their Future Suffrages. 8vo, pp. 32. Salem, 1800. 


/O 5754 Washington, The Constitation of the State of Massar 
chusetts, and that of the United States ; The Declara- 
tion of Independence, with President Washington's 
Farewell Address. 12mo, pp. 119. Boston, 1805. 

J/ 2L 5755 Washington. The Declaration of Independence, and 
Washington's Farewell Address to the People of the 
United States, 1796. 4to, cloik^ gilt edges, 

Boston, 1862. 
The fine edition published by the City of Boston. 

^^ C2- 5756 Washington. The Journal of Major George Washing- 
ton, sent by the Hon. Robert Dmwiddie, Esq., Hia 
Majesty's Lieutenant Governor, and Commander-in- 
Chief of Virginia, To the Commandant of the French 
Forces on Ohio ; To which are added the Governors 
Letter, and a Translation of the French OfiScer's An- 
swer ; With a New Map of the Country, as far as the 
Mississippi. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Williamsburgh, printed; London, reprinted forT.Jef- 
ferys, the corner of St. Martin's Lane, mdccliv. 

"This edition is only second in rarity to that of the first printed at Wil- 
liamsburgh, of which only two copies are known to exist." 

^ 5757' Washington. The Last Will and Testament of Gen- 
eral George Washington, With a Schedule of hia 
Property Directed to be Sold. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Philadelphia, 1800. 

/ i^ 5758 Washington. The Resignation of His Excellency 
George Washington, President of the United States, 
and his Address to the Citizens of the United States, 
September 17th, 1796. 12mo. Scarce edition. 

New York, James Cram, (s.a.) 
y'/Z 5759 Washington. The Writings of George Washington; 
being his Correspondence, Addresses, Messages, and 
other Papers, OfiScial and Private, Selected and Pub- 
lished from the Original Manuscripts, With a Life of 
the Author, Notes and Illustrations. By Jared Sparks, 
LL. D. Numerous Plates. 12 Vols. Imp. 8vo, 
boards f uncut. Boston, 1837. 

' Large paper; retj few printed. A remarkably fine dean copy. 





5760 Washington. Whiting. Revolutionary Orders of Gen- <-*<-^ • 

eral Washington, Issued during the Years 1778-80- 
81-82. Selected from the MSS. of John Whiting, 
Lieut, and Adjutant of the 2d Regiment Massachusetts 
Line, And Edited by his Son, Henry Whiting, Lieut. 
Col. U. S. Army. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. 

..New York and London, 1844. 

5761 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the / 

United States ; Published for the Washington Benevo- 
lent Society of Cranberry. Port., and Certificate, sigftcd. 
12mo, pp. 46, half hound. Kew Brunswick, 1812. 

6762 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the J^ ^ 
United States. Embellished with Arabesque Designs 
and Illuminations. Folio, boards^ rough edges. \ 

Philadelphia, 1868. 

5763 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the / A 

United States of America; Published September 17, 
1796. Printed by Order of the Legislature of Penn- 
sylvania, February 22, 1864. 8vo, pp. 11. ^3 

Harrisburgh, 1854. „J| 

5764 Washington. Farewell Address, Delivered September / ff^ji^r- 

17th, 1796. 8vo, pp. 24. New York, 1861. 

5765 Washington. Political Legacies, to which is Annexed / g^ 

an Appendix, Containing an Account of his Illness, 
Death, and the National Tributes of Bespect paid to 
his Memory, with a Biographical Outline of his Life 
and Character. 8vo,ca7/I Boston, 1800. 

5766 Washington. A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon, 

and Others, on the mode of Editing the Writings of 
Washington. By Jared Sparks. Also, A Review of 
Lord Mahon's History of the American Revolution, from 
the North American Review for July, 1852. 8vo, pp. 
89. • London, 1852. 

6767 Washington. A Selection of Orations jind Eulogies, ^ 5 -^ 
Pronounced in DiflFeront Parts of the United States, in 
Commemoration of the Life, Virtues, and Pre-eminent 


Services of Gen. George Washington, who Died at 

Mount Vernon, December 14, 1799, in the 68th year 

of his Ao;e. 12mo, sheep. Amherst, 1800. 

This oolleotion, edited by Rev. Mr. Atherton, oontains the OntioiiB of 

Lee, Minot, Ames, S. S. Smith, Atherton, McGaw, and Orr, with 

Washington's Farewell Address. // U probably Vu raretl if VU 

collected Volumes of Eulogiei, 

J^2. ^'^STGS Washington. A Volume of the Massachusetts Spy, and 
various other Papers, containing numerous notices of 
the Death of Washington. 

Worcester, and other places, 1799, 1800. 
5769 Washington. A Word to Federalists, and to those who 
Love the Memory of Washington. 8vo, pp. 14, tmcirf. 
Scarce. (s.l.s.a.) 

•^ ^ 6770 Washington. An Address Delivered at the Commemo- 
ration of the Death of General Washington, Feb. 22, 
1800. 8vo, pp. 6, uncvi. 

This Address is from the Connectiont Magazine for Jannaiy, 1801; the 
place of delivery is not mentioned. 

)f5'Ci 6771 Washington. An Engraving. A rock, in mid ocean, 
with waves dashing and lightning flashing around it. 
The rock is inscribed Washington. A Eulogy on 
Washington. Printed first in London; reprinted in 
Philadelphia. * Broad sheet, extremely rare. 

J S'^ 5772 Washington. An Enquiry Into the State of the Farm. 
8vo, pp. 13, uncut; rare. (s.l.s.a.) 

/ r i' 5773 Washington. An Oration in Memory of the Virtues of 
Gen. George Washington, Delivered at Lovett's Hotel, 
on the Evening of the 22d February, 1800, before a 
Literary Society, and Published by their Order. By a 
Member. 8vo, pp. 23; rare. New York, 1800. 

' ri 6774 Washington. Abbot An Eulogy on the Illustrioas 
Life and Character of George Washington, delivered 
before the Inhabitants of the Town of Haverhill, on 
his Birthday, 1 800, at the Request of their Committee. 
By Abiel Abbot. Contains Farewell Address. 8vo, 
pp. 27-21, uncut. Haverhill, (1800.) 

Contains presentfttion note to Bey. J. KendaU, PlymontlL 


5775 Washington. Alden. A Sermon Delivered at the ^^C^D 

South Church, at Portsmouth, on the Vth January, 
MDCCC, Occasioned by the Sudden and Universally 
Lamented Death of George Washington, etc. By 
Timothy Alden, Jun., A. M. 8vo, pp. 24, uuctU. Very 
scarce. Second edition. Portsmouth, N. H., (1800.) 

5776 Washington. Alexander. A Sermon Occasioned by ^'"V^^ 

the Death of His Excellency, Gteorge Washington, 
Lieutenant General of the American Army, etc. By 
Caleb Alexander, A. M. 8vo, pp. 23. Contains a 
Valuable Historical and Biographical Appendix, of five 
pages. Scarce. Boston, 1800. 

5777 Washington. Allen. An Oration on the Character of p ^^^ 

the late Gen. George Washington, Pronounced before 
the Lihabitants of the Town of Western, on Saturday, 
the 2 2d of February, 1800. By Joseph Allen, Jun., 
Esq. 4to, pp. 12, clean, uncut, aiid very rare. 

Brookfield, Mass., 1800. 

5778 Washington. Allison. A Discourse Delivered in the /^ c^J;:^ 

Presbyterian Church in the City of Baltimore, the 22d 
of February, 1800, the day Dedicated to the Memory 
of Gen. George Washington. By the Rev. Patrick Alli- 
son, D. D. Six plates inserted, 8vo, pp. 24, calf, rare. 

Baltimore, (1800.) 

5779 Washington. Alsop. A Poem: Sacred to the Memory -^ c*^ ^ ^ 

of George Washington, late President of the United "" 
States, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the 
United States; Adapted to the 22d of Feb., 1800. By 
Richard Alsop. 8vo, pp. 23, unait^ and clean. Scarce. 

Hartford, 1800. 

5780 Washington. Ames. Oration on the Sublime Virtues / ^^V 

of General George Washington, Pronounced at the Old 
South Meeting House, in Boston, before His Honor the 
Lieutenant Governor. By Fisher Ames. 8vo, pp. 51. 

Philadelphia, 1800. 


U '2 ^ "5T81 WA8HnrotON« Ames. The aatne. 8tO| pp. 31, uncut 

Boston, (1800.) 
Fine dean eqpy of the edition ptibliBbed by the State of Munchnaetti. 

yy 2, 5782 Washington. Ames. The same. Another edition, 
published by Young & Minns. 8vo, pp. 31, uncut. 

Boston, (1800.) 

6 ^ 5183 Washington. Ames. The same. Another edition. 
Manning k Loring. 8vo, pp. 31. Boston, (1800.) 

^ ''S ^-- 5784 Wabhinoton* Andrews. An Eulogy on General Qeoiffd 
Washington, Who Departed this life December 14th, 
1799, in the 68th' year of his age. Delivered before 
the First Religious Society in Newburyport, February 
22d, 1800. By John Andrews, A. M. 8vo, pp. 21, 
uncut. Perfectly clean copy, in original blue ewers. 

Newburyport, (1800.) 

J ^^ 5785 Washington. Andrews. An Address before the Wash- 
ington Benevolent Society, in Newburyport, on the 22d 
of February, 1816. By Edward W. Andrews, A. M. 
8vo, pp. 15, uncta. Very scarce. 

Newburyport, 1816. 

y// Z 5786 Washington. Astrop. Original Poems, on a Variety 
of Subjects, Interspersed with Tales, forming the largest 
Miscellaneous Collection ever published by an American 
Author. By Robert Francis Astrop, of Brunswick, Va. 
l&mo, boards. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1835. 

Cantaiiia eh Epic Poem, **TlBe WaahiiictoiuBn,*' of twenty pagei. 

/ 2 ^ Z. 6787 Washington. Atherton. Eulogy on General George 
Washington, Late President of Uie United States, who 
died December 14, 1799; Delivered at Amherst, N.H., 
before the Inhabitants of the Town of Amherst, the In- 
habitants of the Town of Milford, and the Benevolent 
Lodge, on the 22d day of February, 1800, etc. By 
Charles H. Atherton. 8vo, pp. 23. Very scarce. 

Amherst, 1800. 

^ ^^ 6788 Washington. Badge, with Portrait woven in silk. 


5789 Washinoton. Bailey. Triumphs of Liberty. The y 7^ -^ 
Prize Ode, Recited by Mr, Finn, at the Boston Theatre, 
on the Anniversary of Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22^ 
1825. By Ebenezer Bailey. 8vo, pp. 8, uticiU. Very 
rare. Boston, 1825, 

6790 Washington. Bailey's Washington Almanac, for the -^ 5 
Year of our Lord 1823. Port. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Philadelphia, 1823. 

5791 Washington. Baldwin. A Sermon Delivered to the ^^ ^ 
Second Baptist Society in Boston, on Lord's Day, De- 
cember 29, 1799, occasioned by the Death of General 
George Washington, etc. By Thomas Baldwin, A. M. 
8vo, pp. 28, clean J uncut j in original covers. 

Boston, (1800,) 

6792 Washington. Ball A Sermon Delivered at Rutland, / J — ^ 

Wednesday, January let, 1800, before a Numerous 
Audience," Assembled to publicly mouri^ the Peath of 
General George Washington, ete. By Heman Ball, A. 
M. 8vo, pp. 27, ttnci^. JRare. Rutland, (1800.) 

6793 Washington. Bancroft. An Eulogy on the Character ^"7^ 

of the late Gen. George Washington, delivered before 

the Inhabitants of the Town of Worcester, Common- , 

wealth of Mass., on Saturday, the 22d of February, 

1800. By Aaron Bancroft, etc. 8vo, pp. 21, uncut^ 

clean copy. Scarce. Worcester, 1800. 

6794 Washington. Bancroft. The Life of Washington. By ^( ^ 

Aaron Bancroft, D. D. 2 Ports. 2 Vols. 12mo, boardif 
uncut. Bedlinglon's edition. Scarce. Boston, 1826. 

5795 Washington. Banks. Washington and Jackson on 
Negro Soldiers. Gen. Banks on the Bravery of Negro 
Troops. Poem : The Second Louisiana, by George H* 
Boker. 8vo, pp. 17. Philadelphia, a,a. 

6796 Washington. Barnard. A Sermon Preached December 5 V > ^ 
29, 1799, in the North Meeting-House, Salem, the fiOrd's 
Day after the melancholy tidings were received of the 


Death of General George Washington. By Thomaa 
Barnard, D. D. 8vo, pp. 27, uncut and clean. 

Salem, (1800.) 
J Oy^^ ^"^^^ Washington. Barnes. Discourse Delivered at South 
Parish, at Scituate, February 22, 1800, the Day As- 
signed by Congress to Mourn the Decease, and Vene- 
rate the Virtues of General George Washington, etc. 
By David Barnes, D. D. 8vo, pp. 16. Rare, 

Boston, (1800.) 

yj^'O 5798 Washington. Bartlett. An Oration on the Death of v 
General George Washington, delivered at the request ^ 
of the Selectmen and Parish Committee, before the In- 
habitants of Charlestown, etc. By Josiah Bartlett, Esq. 
8vo, pp. 16, uncuU Very scarce. 

Charlestown, mdcoc. 

/ -c S ^ 5799 Washington. Bascom. An Oration, Delivered Feb. 
22, 1800, the Day of Public Mourning for the Death 
of General George Washington. By Rev. Jonathan 
Bascom, of Orleans, to the people of his charge. 8vo, 
pp. 15. Extremely rare. Boston, 1800. 

^' . ^ 5800 Washington. Bayard. A Funeral Oration, Occasioned 
by the Death of Gen. George Washington, and Deliv- 
ered on the first of January, 1800, in the Episcopal 
Church, at New Rochelle, in the State of New York. 
By Samuel Bayard, Esq. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce. 

New Brunswick, 1800. 
5801 Washington. Beers. An Oration on the Death of 
■ General Washington, Pronounced before the Citizens 
of Albany, on Thursday, January 9th, 1800. By Wil- 
liam P. Beers, Esquire. 4to, pp. 17, uncut. Very fine 
copy, and rare. Albany, (1800.) 

^ ^ . 5802 Washington. Bigelow. An Eulogy on the Life, Char- 

acter, and Services of Brother George Washington, De- 
ceased, Pronounced before the Fraternity of Free and 
Accepted Masons, by Request of the Grand Lodge, at 
the Old South Meeting-House, Boston, on Tuesday, Feb. 
11, 1800, etc. By Brother Tunothy Bigelow. 8vo, pp. 
26. Boston, (1800.) 


5803 Washington. Bigelow. A Sermon Delivered at Cas-Z/^ 2- 
tleton, on the 22(1 of February, 1814, before the W. B. 
Society, of the County of Rutland, in Commemoration 

of the Birth of Washington. By Henry Bigelow, A. M. 
8vo, pp. 28, rare. Middlebury, Vt, 1814. 

5804 Washington. Biographical Memoirs of the Illustrious ^i "2 

Gen. George Washington, late President of the United 
States of America, and Commander-in-Chief of their 
Armies during the Revolutionary War. Dedicated to 
the Youth of America. Port. 24mo, sheep^ gilt. Scarce. 

Barnard, 1813. 

6805 Washington. Biographical Memoirs of the Illustrious / f i 
Gen. George Washington, late President of the United 
States of America, <fec.. Containing a History of the 
principal Events of his Life, with Extracts from his 
Journals, Speeches to Congress, and Public Addresses ; 
also, A Sketch of his Private Life. 12 mo, half mmson 
morocco f top gilt. Scarce. Brattleboro', 1814. 

5806 Washington. Biographical Memoirs of the Elustrious / /. D 

General George Washington, late President of the 
United States of America, and Commander-in-Chief of 
their armies during the Revolutionary War. Dedicated 
to the Youth of America. Port. 24rao, boards. 

New York, 1815. 

5807 Washington's Birth-Day, an Historical Poem, with y ^ c 

Notes and Appendix. 4to, pp. viii., 55. The title 
page and 3 succeeding pages beautifully executed in man- 
uscript. Extremely rare. ^ Albany, 1812. 

5808 Washington's Birth-day. Celebration at the Cooper / C 

Institute, under the Auspices of the Union Defence 
Committee. Speeches, Resolutions, &c. 8vo, pp. 46. 

New York. 1862. 

6809 Washington. Bishop. An Eulogium on the Death of /z^^" -" 

Gen. George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the 

Armies of America, Pronounced February 22d, A. D. 

1800, at the Meeting House in Pittsfield, Rockingham 




Goanty, State of New Hampshire. BySamnel G. Bishop. 
Published to please the Author, that the Reader may 
know what a Good aad Yirtaous Example is, and be 
excited to Copy it. Half, calfj very rarCf perhaps tmique. 
Printed at Gilmanton, By £. Bussel, for the 

Author, March, 1800. 

Jn the same Tolmnet a sermon preached on the occaaion of the ftathor*8 
marriage, with sereral other tracts concerning a qnarrd between the 
author and Seth Giuhman of GoildhaU; cvrioiis plate, representing the 
hanging of the modem Haman and his eons. AU these tracts are of 
great rarity, and Tery cnrions. 

^ j )'' ^81^ Washington. Bishop. Eulogium on the Death of Geoi^ 

Washington, By Samuel G. Bishop. Royal 8yo,'tiAcuf. 

Roxbury, Privately printed, 1866. 

In 1866, 1 caused to be printed, firom the original, an edition of 66 oopies 
of this book, the edition being strictly a private one, and intended ex- 
cluaTdy for presents. I uniformly answered all applications for pur- 
chase, by a gift, as long as any remained. This is one of several un- 
numbered copies which I have,from time to time, purchased in New York 
bookstores. This fiict, which I offer without comment, wiU I doubt not 
proTe very suggestive to gentlemen who have printed **private edi- 
tions."— W. 

5811 Washington. Bishop* Eulogium on the Death of. By 
Samuel 6. Bishop. Royal 8vo. 

Roxbury, Privately printed, 1866. 
One of only six copies printed on Whatman's drawing paper, and theonlj 
copy in this style ever ofiered for sale. 

z' , ^ 5812 Washington. Blake. A Masonic Eulogy on the Life 
of the Ulustrioas Brother Gciorge Washington, pro- 
nounced before the Brethren of St. John's Lodge, on 
the Evening of the 4th Feb., 5800, etc. By Brother 
George B. Blake. 8vo> pp. 23, unaUj clean. 

Boston, 5800. 

^^ D 6813 Washington. Blake. The same. Second edition. 
8yo, pp. 23, vncut. Fine copy. Boston, 5800. 

5814 Washington. Blanchard. Journal of my Forty-Fifth 
Ascension, being the first performed in America, on the 
ninth of January, 1793. 8vo, pp. 27. 

Philadelphia, mdccxcui. 

Inscribed by Blanchard to George Washington. This pamphlet ii 
called unique, in a recent New York catalogua 




6815 Washington. Boftrdman. The new Doctrines of In- /^ 
tervention tried by the Teachings of Washington. An 
AddrcBB Delivered in the Tenth Presbyterian Chnrch, 
Philadelphia, on Monday and Tuesday Evenings, the 
23d and 24th of February, 1852. By H. A.Boardman, 
D. D. 8vo, pp. 63. PhUadelphia, 1852. 

5816 WiSHiNOTON. Bocock. Inaognration of the Mills J q 

Statue of George Washington, In the City of Washing- 
ton, February 22d, 1860. Oration by Hon. Thomas S. 
Bocock. Address by the Artist, Clark Mills, Esq. 
Prayer by the Rev. B. H. Nadal, D. D. 12rao, pp. 24. 

, New York, 1860. 

5817 Washington. Boddily. A Sermon Delivered at New- ? S ^3 

buryport, on the 22d February, 1800, by Rev. John 
Boddily. 8vo, pp. 16; title page, and last page tarn. 
Very scarce. Newburyport, 1800. 

5818 Washington. Boies. An Oration Pronounced at / 7 K 

Blandford, on the 4th of July, 1814, before the Bland- 
ford and Granville Branches of the Washington Benev- 
olent Society of the County of Hampden, in Commem- 
oration of American Independence. By Patrick Boies, 
Esq. 8vo, pp. 18, ttnci//. Rare. Springfield, (s.a.) 

5819 Washington. Botts. Speech of the Hon. John M.Botts, / C 

at the Academy of Music, New York, the 22d February, 
1869, being the 127th Anniversary of Washington's 
Birthday. 8vo, pp. 40. New York, (1859.) 

5820 Washington. Bowers. A Discourse on Occasion of / ^^ -- 

the Death of General George Washington, delivered in V / 

St Ann's Church, Pittston, on Saturday, 22d February, ^)(^ 

1800. By James Bowers. 8vo. pp. 18. Rare. ^ 

Hallowell, (District of Maine,) 1800. 
6821 Washington. Bradford. An Eulogy in Commemora- CZ'^t) 
tion of the Sublime Virtues of General George Wash- 
ington, Late President of the United States, who died 
December 14, 1799. Pronounced in Wiscasset^ Febru- 
ary 22d, 1800, etc^by Alden Bradford, A,M., S. H. S. 
8vo, pp. 16, uncut. Wiscasset, 1800. 


^^') 6822 Washington. Braman. An Eulogy on the late Gen- 
eral George Washington, who died Saturday, 14th De- 
cember, 1799. Delivered at Rowley, Second Parish, Feb- 
ruary 22d, 1800, by Isaac Braman, A.M. Svo, pp. 24 
Rare. Haverhill, (1800.) 

^ ^^^ 5823 Washington. Brooks. An Eulogy on General George 
Washington. Delivered before the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Medford, etc., by John Brooks, A.M. 8vo, 
pp. 15, uncut. Boston, 1800, 

J J ^^ 5824 Washington. Buckminster. A Sermon Delivered in 
the First Church in Portsmouth, on the Lord's day after 
the Melancholy Tidings of The Death of George Wash- 
ington, etc., by Joseph Buckminster, A.M. 8vo,pp. 17. 

Portsmouth, 1800. 

/J -^ 5825 Washington. Buckminster. A Sermon Delivered in 
the First church in Portsmouth, January 5th, 1800, the 
House being dressed in mourning, in token of Respect 
to the Memory of General Washington. 8vo, pp. 19 to 

/ J "^-^ 5826 Washington. Buckminster. A second Sermon, deliv- 
ered Lord's day, January 5th, 1800, from Matthew, 
27th chap., 45th verse. 8vo, pp. 31 to 45. 

5^tr <5 5827 Washington. Buckminster. A Sermon Preiached to 
the North and South Parishes in Portsmouth, Frater- 
nally united in Observance of the 22d Febx'uary, 1800, 
the day appointed by Congress to pay tributary respect 
to the Memory of Gen. Washington, by Joseph Buck- 
minster, A.M. 8vo, pp. 28, uncut. Scarce. 

Portsmouth, 1800. 

J 6828 Washington. Buckminister. A Discourse Delivered 
in the South, and in the North Church, in Portsmouth, 
•December 14, 1800, the Anniversary of the Death of 
George Washington, etc. By Joseph Buckminister, A. 
M. 8vo, pp. 21. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1800. 
Buckmmister'B Anniyeniiry sermon is one of the rarest of the Washing- 
ton Eulo^ee. 



6829 Wasbinoton. Bullock. Washington, and Other Poems. ^ S^" * 

By Cynthia Bullock, a graduate of the New York Insti- \ 

tution for the Blind. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1847. \. 

6830 Washington. Burrill. An Oration, pronounced at the y Z ^--^ 

Baptist Mecting-House in Providence, on Tuesday, the 
Seventh of January, 1800, at the Funeral Ceremony on 
the Death of Gon. George Washington, by Col. George 

B. Burrill. 8vo, pp. 15, uncutf clean^ in original covers. 
Rare. Providence, (1800.) 

5831 Washington. Burroughs. An Oration on the Moral 5 ^ ^ 
Grandeur of George Washington, delivered on the 
Centennial Anniversary of his Birth-day, February 22, 
1832, at Portsmouth, N. H. By Charles Burroughs. 
8vo, pp. 59, uncta. Scarce. Portsmouth, 1832. 

6832 Washington. Butler. Our Country, and our Wash- y ^^^ 

ington. A Discourse delivered on Sunday Morning, 
February, 22, 1852, the Birth-day of Washington, in the 
Hall of the House of Representatives. By the Rev. 

C. M. Butler, D. D., Chaplain of the Senate of the 
United States. 8vo, pp. 24. Washington, 1852. 

6833 Washington.- Call. Address of Past Grand Master, J ^^ 

R. K. Call, delivered at the Capitol of Florida, by re- 
quest of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, on the 
24th of June, 1859, For the Benefit of the Mount Ver- 
non Purchase. 8vo, pp. 24. Very Scarce. 

Tallahassee, 1859. 

5834 Washington. Carroll. A Discourse on General Wash- v . ' 

ington, Delivered in the Catholic Church of St. Peter, 
in Baltimore, Feb, 22d, 1800. By the Right Rev. 
Bishop Carroll. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce. 

Baltimore, 1800. 

5835 Washington. Celebration of Washington's Birth-day, J) C 

at New York, on the 22d of February, 1851. 8vo, pp. 
113. Autograph of Edward Everett. 

New York, 1851, 




/^ 6836 Washington. Chaudron. Funeral Oration on brother 
George Washington, Delivered January 1st, 1800, be- 
fore the French Lodge L'Am6nit6, by brother Simon 
Chaudron. Svo, pp. 26 ; torjij but no portion missing. 
Scarce. Philadelphia, 1800. 

^if' 6837 Washington. Chaudron.- Oraison Fun^bre du Fr6re 
George Washington, Prononc6e le Premier Janvier, 
1800, dans la loge Francaise, L'Am6nit6 Par le F. Si- 
mon Chaudron, Orateur de la Loge. 8vo, pp. 35, halj 
morocco. Philadelphia, 1801. 

/<> tB" ^^38 Washington. CoflSn. A Sermon delivered February 
22d, 1800, the day of National Mourning recommend- 
ed by the Government of the United States, for the ^ 

* Death of General George Washington. By the Eev. 

Ebenezer CoflSn, A. B., Pastor of a Church in Bmna- 
wick. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut. Very rare. 

Portland, 1800. 

w^ 5839 Washington. Coles. The Memory of Washington. 

/ f An Address before the Members of St. John's Lodge, 

No L, Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons of 

New Jersey, Feb. 22, 1853. By Oscar Coles. Svo, 

pp. 24. Newark, N. J., 1853. 

/ C 6840 Washington. Congressional Banquet at Washington, 
in honor of George Washington, and the Principles of 
Washington, February 22, 1852. Reprinted, as re- 
ported and published, by William Hincks and F. H. 
Smith. Svo, pp. 57. Boston, 1852. 

^i 5841 Washington. Constitution of the Ladies' Washington, 
National Monument Society, Together with the Pro- 
ceedings of the Convention assembled in Chicago, at 
the instance of the Ladies Present in that City during 
the session of the National Masonic Convention, Sept'r 
14, 1859, Resulting in the formation of the Society. 
Svo, pp. 15. Washington, D. C, 1860. 




6842 Washington. Cumings. An Eulogy on the Late Pa- C^ j -i-. 
triot, Washington, Addressed to the People of Bille- 
rica, January 10, 1800, etc., by Henry Cumings. 8vo, 
pp. 16. Fine copy, very scarce. Amherst, 1800. 

5843 Washington. Camming. An Oration commemorative ^^ 

of Washington, delivered Feb. 22, 1821. By Hooper 
Cumming, A. M., Pastor of the third Presbyterian 
Church in the City of Albany. 8vo, pp. 26; very 
scarce. Albany, 1821. 

5844 Washington. Cunningham. An Eulogy delivered at ^ $^ 

Lunenburg, on Saturday, the 22d of February, 1800, 
The Day recommended by Congress to Commemorate 
the unequalled Virtues and pre-eminent services of Gen. 
Qeorge Washington, etc. By William Cunningham, 
Jun. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut, scarce. Worcester, 1800. 

5845 Washington. Custis. Recollections and Private Me- J ^^"^ 

moirs of, by his Adopted Son, Greorge W. P. Custis, with 
a Memoir of the Author, by his Daughter, and Illustra- 
tive and Explanatory Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. 
Portraits. Avio^aph Letter of Custis inserted. 8vo, 
half calf, antique. New York, 1860. 

Out of print 

5846 Washington. Dana. A Discourse on the Character ^''iT^i) 

and Virtues of General George Washington, Delivered 
on the Twenty-second of February, 1800, the Day of 
National Mourning for his Death. By Daniel Dana, of 
Newbury port. 8vo, pp. 31, uncnt, clean. 

Newburyport, (1800.) 

5847 Washington. Dana. A Discourse on the Character f c^'2> 

and Death of General George Washington, late Presi- 
dent of the United States, of America, delivered at 
Ipswich, on the 22d February, A. D. 1800, by Joseph 
Dana, A. M. 8vo, pp. 28. One extra page, ivith hymn. 

Newburyport, 1800. 


/ c^ ? 6848 Washington. Davis. An Eulogy on General George 
Washington, pronounced at Boston, on Wednesday, 
February xix., mdccg., before the American Academy of 
Arts and Sciences, by their appointment, and published 
at their request. By John Davis. 4to, pp. 24. Rare. 

Boston, MDCCC. 

^ / S ^ 5849 Washington. Dead March and Monody, Performed in 
the Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, on Thursday, the 
26th December, 179^9, being Part of the Music Selected 
for Funeral Honours to our late Illustrious Chief, Gen- 
eral George Washington, Composed for the Occasion, 
and respectfully dedicated to the Senate of the United 
States. Portrait. By B. Carr. 

^^ i"> 6850 Washington. Dehon. A Discourse delivered in New- 
port, Rhode-Island, Before the Congregation of Trinity 
Church, the Masonic Society, and the Newport Guards, 
'the Sunday following the Intelligence of the death of 
General George Washington. By Theodore Dehon, 
A. M., Rector of Trinity Church, in Newport. 4to, 
pp. 19, uncut, and very rare. Newport, ifDCCC. 

^ ^ 5851 Washington. Description of Mr. Huntington's picture 
of the Republican Court, in the time of Washington. 
Folded Plate. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1865. 

'J ^ .' 5852 Washington. The Same. Folded Plate. 8vo, pp. 16. 

New York, (s.a.) 

5853 Washington. Dunham. A Funeral Oration on George 
Washington, Late General of the Armies of the United 
States, pronounced at Oxford, Massachusetts, etc. By 
Josiah Dunham, A. M. 8vo, pp. 20, uncutj in original 
caver. Boston, (1800.) 


5854 Washington. Dunham. An Oration at Windsor, Vt, 
Feb. 22, 1814, before the Washington Benevolent So- 
ciety. By Josiah Dunham. Title page torn. 8vo, pp. 
48. Scarce. Windsor, Vt., 1814. 


6855 Washington. Dwight A Letter to George Washing- ^ r 
ton, President of the United States, Containing Stric- ^ 
turcs on his Address on the Seventeenth of September, 
1796, Notifying his Relinquishment of the Presidential 
Office. By Jasper Dwight, of Vermont. 8vo, pp. 48, 
vncut, Philadelphia, 1796. 

Jasper Dwight is a poeadonym. Diiaae was the ftuUior of the pamphlet 

5856 Washington. Dwight. An Oration before the Wash- /Jo 
ington Benevolent Society of Pennsylvania, Delivered 
in the Hall of the Musical Fund Society, on the 22d of 
February, 1827. Bj William T. Dwight. 8vo, pp. 34. 

Philadelphia, 1827. 

5867 Washington. Ellis. An Eulogical Poem on General >/ /'^^ 
George Washington, who died aj his seat at Mount 
Vernon, December 14, 1799, Pronounced at Topsham, 
February 22d, 1800, the Day Assigned by Authority 
for tlie Citizens of the United States to Testify their 
Grief for his Death. Published at the Bequest of the 
Hearers. By Jonathan Ellis. 8vo, pp. 24. Rare. 

Portland, (1800.) 

5858 Washington. Ellis. Commemoration of Washington, / . 

(A Discourse on the New Holiday,) Preached in Har- 
vard Church, Charlestown, on Sunday, February 22, 
1857. By George E. Ellis. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Charlestown, 1857. 

5859 Washington. Emmons. A Sermon on the Death of V; 

Gen. George Washington, Preached February 22, 1800. 
By Nathaniel Emmons, D. D., Pastor of the Church in 
Franklin. 8vo, pp. 25, uncuL Fine copy. Scarce. 

Wrentham, Massachusetts, 1800. 

5860 Washington. Ernst. A Sermon Delivered before the ^Vj 

Civil and Military OflScers, the Membce of Franklin 
and St. Paul's Lodges, and a large i«nd respectable 
number of the Citizens of Montgomery County, and 
others, in the Church at Fort Plain, on January 28th, 



1800, in Consequence of the Death of Lieutenant Gen- 
eral George Washington. By John Frederick Ernst, 
Gospel Minister at Oooperstown. 4to, pp. 20. Ex- 
tremely rare. Oooperstown, mdccc. 

^/-J'^SSei Washington. Eulogies and Orations on the Life and 
Death of General George Washington, First President 
of the United States of America. 8vo, sheep. Scarce. 

Boston, 1800. 

^) / ' 5862 Washington. Everett. An Eulogy on General G«orge 
Washington, who Died on the 14th of Dec., 1799. Pro- 
nounced at Dorchester, Feb. 22, 1800, etc. By Oliyer 
Everett, Esq. 8vo, pp. 22, uncta. 

Oharlestown, mdcoc. 

- c: 2. 5863 Washington. Everett. The Life of George Washing- 
ton. By Edward Everett. Ports. Royal 8vo, cfort, 
rough edges. New York, 1860. 

Large paper. 

^ "^ 5864 Washington. Exhibition of Leutze's Great National 
Picture of Washington Grossing the Delaware. 8vo, 
pp. 16. New York, (sa.) 

' ' - 5865 Washington. Fiske. A Sermon Delivered Dec. 29, 
1799, at the Second Parish in Oambridge, being thp 
Lord's Day immediately following the Melancholy In- 
telligence of the Death of General George Washington, 
Late President of the United States of America. By 
Thadeus Fiske, A. M. 8vo, pp. 21, uncut. Scarce. 

Boston, 1800. 

^^ ^^ 5866 Washington. Flint. A Discourse Delivered at Hart- 
ford, Feb. 22, 1800, the Day set apart by Recommenda- 
tion of Oongress, to pay a Tribute of Respect to the 
Memory of General George Washington, etc. By Abel 
Flint. 8vo, pp. 22, uncut. Fine copy. 

Hartford, 1800. 
/ 6867 Washington. Folsom. An Eulogy on Geo. Washing- 

ton, Late Commander-in-Ohief of the Armies of the 
United States of America, who Died December 14, A. 


D., 1799, Delivered in the Academy, February 22d, A. 
D., 1800, before the Inhabitants of Gilmanton, Agreea- 
bly to their Previous Request. By Peter Folsom. 8vo, 
pp. 12, ti7ic7it. Bare. Gilmanton, 1800. 

5868 Washington. Forbes. An Eulogy Moralized on the ^^ ^"J 

Illustrious Character of the late General George Wash- 
ington, who Died on Saturday, the 14th day of Decem- ij 
ber, 1799. Delivered at Gloucester, on the 22d of Feb- ( 
ruary, 1800, etc.. By Eli Forbes, A. M. To which is 
added, Washington's Address, etc 8vo, pp. 40, uncta, 
very fine copy. Newburyport, 1800. 

5869 Washington. Foster. A Discourse Delivered Decern- ^"5 "3 

ber 29, 1799, Occasioned by the Melancholy Death of 
George Washington, Lieutenant General and Command- 
er-in-Chief of the Armies of the United States of Amer- 
ica, who Departed this Life December 14, 1799. By 
John Foster, A. M. 8vo, pp. 22, uncut. Fine copy. 
Scarce. Boston, 1800. 

5870 Washington. Free Mason's Monthly Magazine. Con- 

tains Reminiscences of Washington. 8vo. 

Boston, 1857. 

5871 Washington. Frelinghuysen. An Oration on the Death '; "S 

of Gen. George Washington, Delivered in the Dutch 
Church, in New Brunswick, on the 22d of February, 
1800. By Major-General Frederick Frelinghuysen. 
8vo, pp. 24. Scarce. New Brunswick, 1800. 

5872 Washington. Frisbie. An Eulogy on the Illustrious -^C '^HP 

Character of the late General George Washington, etc.. 
Delivered at Ipswich, on the 7th day of January, 1800. 
By Levi Frisbie, A. M. To which is added. General 
Washington's Parental and AflFectionate Address to his 
Country. 8vo, pp. 61, uncvt. Clean. 

Newburyport, 1?00. 

5873 Washington. Fox. An Oration Delivered at the Re- d 

quest of the Washington Light Infantry Company, in 
Newburyport, Feb. 22, 1832, ^t the Centennial Cele- 
bration of the Birthday of tWashington. By Thomas 
B. Fox. 8vo, pp. 22. Newburyport, 1832. 




/7$ ^874 Washington. Fox. A Portrait of George Washing- 
ton, from an Original Drawing as he Appeared while 
Reviewing the Continental Army on Boston Common, 
in 1776. A Historj of the Portrait, and Documentary 
Evidence in Proof of the Correctness of the Likeness, 
by Charles Fox. Port. 8vo, pp. 37, cloth. 

Boston, 1851. 

J' 'j ' 6875 Washinoton. Girault. Vie de George Washington, 

Pris de L* Anglais et Dddie a la Jeunesse Americaine. 

By Prof. A. N. Girault, U. S. N. With Engravings. 

12mo, Iialf bound. Philadelphia, 1850. 

•.' "i " 5876 Washington. Glass. A Life of George Washington, 
in Latin Prose. By Francis Glass, A. M. Port 
1 2mo, sheep. New York, 1 835. 

^C 5877 Washington. Gray. Oration Delivered before the 
Legislature of Massachusetts, at their Bequest, on the 
Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of George Wash- 
ington. By Francis C. Gray. 8vo, pp. 80, uncta. 

Boston, 1832. 
5"iY 5878 Washington. Green. A Discourse Delivered at Mai- 
den, January 8, 1800, a Day Devoted by the Inhabitants 
Publicly to Respect the Memory of the Illustrious George 
Washington, etc. By Aaron Green, A. M. 8vo, pp. 23. 

Medford, (1800.) 
yS £J' 5879 Washington. Green. An Eulogy on George Wash- 
ington, late Commander-in-Chief of the American Ar- \ 
mics, who Died December 14, 1799. Pronounced at ^ 
Berwick, January 4, 1800, by Benjamin Green, A. M. 
8vo, pp. 16, fine uncut copy. Extremely rare. 

Portsmouth, 1800. 
^^ 5880 Washington. Greenfield Gazette, Jan. 4, 1800. Con- 
tains numerous notices of the Death of Washington^ and 
Extracts from Eulogies, by Linn and ot/iers. 

^ C' 5881 Washington. Guizot. Essay on the Character and 
Influence of Washington in the Revolution of the 
United States of America. By M. Guizot. Translated 
from the French. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1840. 


5882 Washington. Guirey. A Paneral Sermon on the Death ^^'^ 
of General George Washington, who Died at Mount 
Vernon, Dec. 14, 1799, Aged 68. Delivered, 6y request, 
before the Methodist Episcopal Church at Lynn, Janua- 
ry 7, 1800, etc.' By the Eev. William Guirey. 8vo,pp. 
22. Scarce. Salem, 1800. 

6883 Washington. Gurley. An Address Delivered before Jl ^^^ 

the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, on the Festival of 
St John,. at the Stone Chapel, Boston, Dec. 27, 5802. 
By Brother John N. Gurley. 8vo, pp. 20. 

Boston, 5803. 

Not strictly A eulogy, bat largdy devoted to notbe of WuhingtoQ. 

6884 Washington. Hall. An Oration Pronounced July 4, y^ 

1800, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Boston, in Commemoration of the Anniversary of Amer- 
ican Independence. By Joseph HalL 8vo, pp. 24, un- 
cut. Boston, (1800.) 

Washington is prominentlj notioed in this traot^ 

5885 Washington. Handkerchief. Has Portrait of General /.'^"Z) 

Washington, and Plan of the City of Washington, on 
cotton cloth. Pvblisked in 1800. Very rare. 

5886 Washington. Harper^s Weekly, Feb. 24, 1866. //- 6 

Imtrated Article on Mount Vernon. Contains 9 Por- 
traits of Washington. 

5887 Washington. Harris. A Discourse Delivered at Dor- ^ ^ Z. 

Chester, Dec. 29, 1799, being the Lord's Day after hear- 
ing the Distressing Intelligence of the Death of General 
George Washington, etc. By Thaddeus Mason Harris, 
A. M. 8vo, pp. 16. Charlestown, mdooc. 

6888 Washington. Harris. An Address Delivered before 

the Washington Benevolent Society, in Dorchester, 
February 22d, 1813. By Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris. 
8vo, pp. 15, uncta. Scarce. Boston, 1813. 

6889 Washington. Hemmenway. A Discourse Delivered at 

Welles, on the 22d February, 1800, Occasioned by the 
Lamented Death of General George Washington. By 


{' u 

/ ■■ " 


Moses Hemmenway, D. D,, Pastor of the First Gbarch 
in Wells. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut ; very scarce. 

Portsmouth, 1800. 

5890 Washington. Hildreth. A Discourse Delivered before 

the Washington Benevolent Society in Exeter, on the 

Day of their Anniversary, May 4th, 1813. By Hosea 

Hildreth. 8vo, pp. 24, uncut. Scarce. 

Exeter, 1813. 

Ji'l 6891 Washington. Hitchcock. A Discourse on the Dignity 
and Excellence of the Human Character, Illustrated in 
the Life of General George Washington, late Command- 
er of the Armies, and President of the United States, 
etc. By Enos Hitchcock, D. D. 8vo, pp. 32 ; An Ap- 
pendix, pp. 3. CUan, in blue covers. 

Providence, 1800. 

-<r ^ ' 6892 Washington. Holcombe. A Sermon, Occasioned by 
the Death of Lieutenant-General George Washington, 
late President of the United States of America. By 
Henry Holcombe, Minister of the Word of God in 
Savannah. 4to, pp. 1 8, uncut. Pine copy, in original 
covers. Scarce. (s.l.8.a.) 

^ (f^ 5893 Washington. Holmes. A Sermon Preached at Cam- 
bridge, on the Lord's Day, December 29, 1799, Occa- 
sioned by the Death of George Washington, Com- 
mander-in-Chief of the American Armies, etc. By 
Abiel Holmes, A. M. 8vo, pp. 22. An additional leaf, 
with Hymn, sung at Cambridge on the occasion. 

Boston, 1800. 

5894 Washington. Holmes. The Counsel of Washington 

' Beconmiended, in a Discourse Delivered at Cambridge, 

February 22, 1800. By Abiel Holmes, A. M. 8vo,pp. 

23. Fine copy. Rare. Boston, 1800. 

6895 Washington. Houdin. A Funeral Oration on the Death 
of George Washington, Delivered in the City Hall of 
Albany, in Presence of an August Assemblage of Citi- 
zens, on the Twenty-Second of February, 1800. By 


Michael Gabriel Houdin, Miyor in the late Bevolution- 
ary Armj of the United States. Curious Portrait. 4to, 
pp. 11. Fine, perfect copy. Rare. Albany, (1800.) 

589G Washington, Hough. Bibliographical List of Books y * j-^ 
and Pamphlets, containing Eulogies, Orations, Poems, ^ 
or other Papers relating to the Death of General 
Washington, or to the Honors Paid to His Memory. 
By Franklin B. Hough. Rubricated tithj tinted paper. 
Imp. Svo. Albany, Privately printed, 1865. 

Edition 24 copies, of which thia ib No. 20. 

6897 Washinqton. Humphreys. The Miscellaneous Works ^^^17 
of David Humphreys, LotA Minister Plenipotentiary 

from the United States of America, to the Court of 
Madrid. Port. Contains a Poetical Eulogy on 
WashiMgtonf of 860 lines. 8vo, half calf uncut. 

New York, 1804. 

6898 Washington. Huntington. A Sermon Delivered at //5^ 

Topsfield, January 6, 1800, occasioned by the Death of 
George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Amer- 
ican Armies, and late President of the United States. 
By Asahel Huntington, A. M. 8vo, pp. 32. Includes 
an historical sketch; pp. 3. Rare. Salem, 1800. 

J re 

6899 Washington. Jackson. Eulogium On the Character 

of General Washington, late President of the United 
States, Pronounced before the Pennsylvania Society of 
the Cincinnati, On the Twenty-second day of February, 
Eighteen hundred, at the German Reformed Church, in 
the City of Philadelphia. By Major William Jackson. 
8vo, pp. 44. Philadelphia, 1800, 

6900 Washington. Jarvis. An Oration delivered at Pitts- y^ 

field, before the Washington Benevolent Society of the 
County of Berkshire, on the 4th of July, 1812. By Wil- 
liam C. Jarvis, Esq., A. M. 8vo, pp. 22, uncut. Rare. 

Pittsfield, 1812. 


fe ^ ^ 5901 WiSHiNOTOV. Johnson. Eulogy on General Geoi^ 
Washington, a Sermon Delivered February 22d, 1800, 
in the North Dutch Church, Albany, before the Legis- 
lature of the State of New York, at their request By 
John B. Johnson. 8vo, pp. 22. Scarce. 

Albany, 1800. 

/ *-^" J 5902 Washington. Kemp. A Sermon Delivered in Christ 
Church, Cambridge, in Maryland, on the Twenty-second 
of February, 1800, Being the day of mourning appoint- 
ed by Congress For the Death of General George 
Washington, Late President of the United States. By 
James Kemp, A. M., Bector of Great Choptank Parish. 
Inserted Plates. 8vo, pp. 15, unctU, half calf. Rare. 

Easton, (1800.) 
^ ^ 5903 Washington. Kendall. A Discourse Delivered at 
Plymouth, February 22d, 1800, at the request of the 
Inhabitants, and in compliance with the Recommenda- 
tion of Congress, as a Testimony of Grief for the Death 
of G