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^©^ Harvard College 
U^ J Library 


^ fl^'^Ui,^^ 




^JU /fi'/U4^^ 

Blbliotbeca Hn0lo««3ubaica. 



Anglo-Jewish History. 



^ubltcattons of ti^e 9nglo JelDtd]^ f^tetortcal fExj^ibitton. 

No, 3. 



sjud s5a/(D.^:?. ;v 




^^ ^-jTUd^ 



Manuscript Sources of Anglo-Jewish Hist 


I. — Pre- Expulsion Period to 1290 

II. — Middle Age, 1290 — 1656 . 

National Movement for th 
1642 - 1656 

III. — Modern Period, 1657 — 1886 . 

A. — Histories .... 

B. — Political and Social 

C. — Acts of Parliament 

D. — Trials and Leading Cases 

E. — Polemics — External 

F. — Polemics — Internal 

G. — Conversionism to 1840 . 

H. — Biographies 

I. — Periodicals 

K. — Almanacs 

L. — Communal Organisation 

M.— Ritual .... 

N.— Sermons .... 





• • • 


















III. — Modern Period (continued) — 

O.— Theology and Biblical Exegesis 
P. — Rabbinic Scholarship 
Q. — Hebrew Poems, &c. 


S. — Cookery Books 
T.— Synagogue Music . 



^/Lmjl /ff'/lcc^ 


In the following pages we have attempted to bring 
together the raw materials of the history of the Jews 
in England, hitherto scattered among many thousand 
volumes or tracts, but some day, we hope, to be property 
digested and suitably presented in artistic form. Our aim 
has been to prepare the way for this consummation, by 
arranging our materials in such a way as to make them 
most easily available for the students of Anglo-Jewish 
history — if any such there be. We have accordingly classi- 
fied the entries, and under each class we have arranged 
them alphabetically or chronologically, according as we 
considered either method of arrangement more suitable, 
letting uniformity give way to utiUty. As so much of 
the work is already arranged alphabetically, and so much 
else is anonymous, and as our immediate purpose is to 
subserve history rather than bibliography, an Index did 
not seem necessary. 

We have prefixed to the lists of books some account 
of the MSS. containing information on Anglo-Jewish 
history. Here we have been working on almost entirely 
virgin soil, which was scarcely even touched by the 
investigations connected with the late Anglo-Jewish 
Historical Exhibition. Where possible it has been our 
aim to give some short account of the contents of the 
various MSS., so that the student may judge whether it 
is worth consultation. 

The bibliography itself is divided into three parts, deal- 
ing respectively with the Pre-expulsion period up to 1290, 


the Middle Age up to 1656, and the Modem period 
down to the present day. In the former periods we have 
endeavoured to collect evfry iiem of information that 
we could come across in the original sources. In the' 
Pre-expulsion period this has involved a reference to 
almost every work of importance, dealing with the general' 
history of England for that period. Hence we can only 
profess to give those items which art- given in the in- 
dexes to the Rolls Series and Record Commission publi- 
cations, the chief county and town histories, and the 
publications of the antiquarian societies which deal with 
the period. In these cases the entries are taken direcdy 
from the indexes in the volumes, which are unfortunately 
often too meagre. At the same time many other items are 
given, and in the case of the various series of Rolls pub- 
lished by the Record Commission (Nos. 1 29- J 35, 1 54-165), 
the references have been obtained by searching out the 
Jewish names from the indexes, which include consider- 
ably over 100,000 names. A few references are added 
to modem historians of repute, and Holinshed's entries 
have l>een given as 3 specimen of the Elizabethan 
annalists, who cannot however be considered as original 
Authorities. Lastly, care has been taken to give as 
many references as could be found to the Jewish sources 
for the period- In a few cases where only a single piece 
of information is contained in a volume we have given it 
in full.' 

We have been equally full in the entries relating to 
the Middle-age of Anglo-Jewish history, between the 

* The student may be reminiloJ thai the mttjOTity al th« Pipen 
of the Anglo-Jewish Exhibition, as well ns Mt. M- U. Da»ii"s 
fdition of the SMeiaralk, issued with Itus vulume. deal wilb the 
Prc-CK pulsion Period. 

^pUL /^'/V^^ 


Expulsion and the Return. This period has till lately 
been regarded as a blank, but, as Mr. S. L. Lee was the 
first to show, and as our entries amply substantiate, there 
^a large number of scattered references to the existence 
of Jews in this period at all times from Edward 11. to 
the Commonwealth.* 

In the Modern period, since the return in 1656, we found 
"impossible to give facts scattered in isolated volumes, 
and our entries relate for the most part to books and 
paniphlets entirely devoted to various aspects of Anglo- 
Jewish history during this period. In two sections, how- 
ever, those giving biographical details and information 
about communal organisation, we have departed from 
this rule, and have given every scrap of information we 
could collect on these subjects, which form the back- 
bone of the recent history. Most of the works men- 
tioned have passed under our eyes,t but in a few in- 
^'^ces, the titles have been taken from bibliographical 
works. Where size and place of publication are not 
S^^cn, it should be understood that the book was pub- 
^shed in London in octavo form. The date is at times 
omitted in sections arranged chronologically : in such 
^^s it is the same as the preceding number. 

The bibliography will probably be considered suffi- 
ciently extensive by most who consult it. Yet it in- 
cludes only part of the materials we have collected, as 
^ our opinion bea-^ing on the subject. We have col- 
lected a very large number of entries on Christian 

A paper on this subject will be found in the volume of Papers 
»»««d with this work. 

T A number of the rarest formerly belonged to the collection of 
^^ late Alfred Newman, now in the possession of Mr. Asher I. 
Myers. To these we have added the initials A.N. in brackets. 

Rabbinic scholarship in England, on dramas,* nt 
and poems written about Jews, on Belles Lettres writtei 
by English Jews and Jewesses, and on contributions U 
science and scholarship by English 'Jews, and on tin 
"Anglo-Israel" craze, as well as details of Anglo-Jewish 
music. But these topics, though interesting in themselves, 
only indirectly throw light on Anglo-Jewish history, and 
would have unnecessarily increased the size of the bode 
Articles in periodicals dealing with Jewish subjects have 
been very fully given by Poole in his " Index to Periodical 
Literature," and it seemed scarcely worth while to print 
the few additions we could make4 

Lastly, the pleasant task remains of thanking those 
who have kindly aided us in some of the sections. 
C. Gross has been enabled, by his unrivalled knowledge 
of English municipal records, to add the items givea 
in Appendix to Part I. under his name. Mr. Lewis 
Emanuel has kindly revised the sections relating to the 
Acts of Parliament and leading cases, to which he has 
made many valuable additions. Dr. Friedlander haa 
been good enough lo checic the Hebrew items. 
would also like to record the services of Mr. Dunn, 
Reader to Messrs. Wertheimer and Lea and Co., whose 
care has prevented many mistakes from creeping into a. 
work which has been produced rather hurriedly i 
not to delay the aeries. This unavoidable haste must 

* A tolerably complete lisi of these appeared in Ibe " En 
Almnnac" for tS8l. 

t A few o\ [hi? earliest and most inleresling of these » 
ethibitcd at the Bntish Museutn during the late KihibitioD (Cat., 
pp. »l-?). 

t A number of medical and anlhropulogifiLl articles arc given 
bj Billiae^ Id hi« ma£nificent " Mcdiml BiblioGraphy," lui v 

^pui n^^ftci^ 


be our excuse for any lapses beyond those to which 
bibliographical works, even when produced under more 
favourable circumstances, are proverbially liable. 

AVe have by this work done our best to enable the 
inquirer into Anglo-Jewish history to quote his sources 
-accurately, and to fulfil the Rabbinic maxim, " Say a thing 
in the name of him who said it." We trust we shall 
not be considered presumptuous if we express a hope 
that we shall be spared the fate, too often dealt out to 
bibliographers, of not being quoted at all. In making 
this request we ask but a small reward for a great labour 
— a task which has, however, been lightened throughout 
by being a labour of love. 


Note. — By an inadvertence the numbers at the end of Part II., 
and at the beginning of Part III. overlap for seventeen items (280- 
296). If any of these are to be quoted they could be distinguished 
by a reference to the Part. In the section " Communal Organisa- 
tion " some of the entries have no bibliographical references, as 
none could be obtained by the time fixed for passing the sheets for 

^[jU /ff-/U4^ 

'" *^ai^B^V^"'-''V^MV 



Besides the extensive materials for Anglo-Jewish His- 
tory that are given in the printed works catalogued in 
the present volume, there exists quite as much inedited 
in MS. form. Indeed, with regard to the period pre- 
vious to 1656, the MS. sources largely exceed in bulk 
the matter that has already been printed. As these are 
gradually printed or calendared, references to English 
Jews are almost invariably found in them, leading to the 
conclusion that those MSS still inaccessible will be 
equally rich in new information. It was, however, ob- 
viously impossible to indicate all these sporadic references, 
and we confine ourselves in the following account to 
MSS. dealing entirely with details of Anglo-Jewish His- 

The MSS. throwing light on the pre-Expulsion his- 
tory of the Jews in this country are more than usually 
accessible to the student, being mainly concentrated in 
three repositories — the Public Record Office, the British 
Museum, and the Chapter House, Westminster. At 
the two former institutions the documents can always 
be seen ; and at Westminster the Dean and Chapter 
have shown themselves willing to place their treasures 
at the disposal of a duly-qualified student, under proper 
restrictions and conditions. A short account of the 



various documents to be found at these institutions will 
be some guide as to their value and use, 

A. Public Record Office. (Rolls House, Chancerj 
Lane.) — The Jewish MSS. at this store-house of English 
history are mainly comprised of three series of do- 
cuments, termed respectively: — (i) " En chequer 
Receipt^Jews ; {2) "Exchequer of Pleas— Jews;" and 
(3) " Memoranda of the Queen 's Remembrancer- 
Jews," under which headings the various rolls are to be 
asked for, A short description of the first series, which 
gives the receipts of the Tallages for various years, was 
given by M. Schwab in the J?cvue des itudes juivet 
{XI. 256, siq\ and need not here be repeated. It may 
however be remarked that in the Record Office the rolls 
are numbered consecutively from No. 85, so that 84 ■ 
be added to the number given by M. Schwab. 

The second series of plea rolls, recording cases tried 
before the Justices of the Jews, have never yet been 
calendared, and a list of the terms and years to which 
they apply may here be given : — 

Exchequer of Pleas — Jews* Rolls, 

I Eli, r. 

Easter 2S Hen. III. 4 15 Mich. I-2 E(l. I. 

Ttin. iSHen.llI. 7 16 Mich, a-3 Ed. I, 

. Mich. 28-9 H. III. 6* 17 Trin. a-3 Ed. t. 

5 Easier 37 Hen. III. 

6 37Hdn. HE. 

7 so Hen. HI. 

8 Tnn. S'-S^ H- "I, 

9 Easier 51 Hen. HI. 

10 Easter 54Hen.HI. 

11 Trin. 56 Hen. 111. 
* Entry in Hebrew on last membrane relating lo ■ debC of ^a|. 

IE lallage mciDOnuictk. 

^P^ ffi-/U4^ 









5 Ed. I. 




6 Ed. I. 




6 Ed. L 




6 Ed. I. 




6 Ed. I. 




6 Ed. I. 




6 Ed. I. 




7 Ed. I. 




7 Ed. I. 




7 Ed. I. 




7 Ed. I. 




8 Ed. I. 


No. Term. Year. Mem. 

36 Easter 8 Ed. I. 10 

37 Trin. 8 Ed. I. 10 

38 Easter 9 Ed. I. 7 

39 Trin. 9 Ed. I. li 

40 HiL 10 Ed. I. 9 

41 Mich. lO-iiEd. I. 10 

42 HiL II Ed. I. 5 

43 Easter ii Ed. I. 9 

44 Trin. 1 1 Ed. I. 5 

45 Trin. 12 Ed. I. 9 

46 Mich. 12-13 Ed. I. 7 

47 Trin. 14 Ed. L 9 

The whole legal history of the early Jews in England 
is written in these 381 membranes, which include the 
names of almost every Jew who existed in England in 
the reigns of Henry III. and Edward I., and record 
almost every transaction in which he was connected. 
The more interesting cases should be selected, and the 
names occurring in the remainder tabulated, if a solid 
foundation is to be made for the early history of the 
English Jews. 

The third Jewish series at the Rolls House is more 
varied in its character than the other two, as may be 
judged from the following short calendar : — 

Memoranda of the Queen's Remembrancer. — 

Jews' Rolls.* 

556. I. Bonds, temp. Hen. II. 

2. Tallage 5,000 marcs, 5 Ric. I 

3. Debts found in Cambridge archa, 8-24 Hen. III. 

4. List of Lincoln Jews, 1240, A. D 

5. Bonds, 33-53 Hen. Ill 

6. Chattels of Abraham of Berkhampstead, 34 

A* wX&a XJkJka ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

7. Receipt of Tallage, 38 Hen. Ill 







• A fuller calendar will be found in the MS. descriptive 'rt of 
this series (voL xxiL) at the Rolls House. 



. Tallage receipts at Cambridge, &c. 

I. Same at Nolllngham 

•. Debts of Jews of England given to the 

46 Hen. Iir 

. Bonds, 34.56 Hen, HI 

I. Scrutiny of Westminster archa, 56 Hen. 

1 Ed. r 


13. Writs for Inquisitions [some Hebrew] 

JS;. I. Scrutiny of Westminster archa, I Ed. I 

2. Receipt of Tallage, 2 Ed. I. 

3. Tallage at Bedford, 2 Ed. I 

4. Memoranda of Tallage, 3 Ed. I 

5. Memoranda urTallage, 3 Ed. I 

6. Inquiry into Debts of John de Gurney [with 

fiye Hebtew SAetartiA] 

7. Contenls of Hereford Archa, 12 Ed. I 

8. Ditto, (3 Ed. I „ 

9- Writs and Inquisitions into houses escheated od 

Expulsion, 19 Ed. I 

la Contents of Westminster archa, 19 Ed. I. 

II. Abstract of results of Inquisitions al Exeter, Win- 
chester, Norwich, Sudbury, Nottingham, Here- 
ford, Oxford, Northampton, Huntingdon, Cam- 
bridge, Canterbury, Devizes, Marlborough, 
Stamford, Uncoln, Bedford, York, Colchester, 

13. Payments made by Hugo de Kendale for sale of 

Jews' houses 

IJ.JJ. Contents of the Archa; of Exeter, Cambridge and 
Huntingdon, Bristol, Hereford, Canterbury , 
Lincoln, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, South- 
ampton, al the Expulsion 

14. Chattels of Gamaliel deOxon 

596- 1. RcceiptsofTovrer, 3 Ed. I 

a. Ditto, S Ed. I. 

This series of rolls is peculiarly rich in infonnatii 
about the Exptilsion, full particulars of the results o^ 
which can be obtained from 557, Nos. 9-33. 




^jljjt n/i'fviA^ 


Besides these series, specially devoted to Jewish matters, 
isolated deeds occur in many of the other series, some of 
which may be here referred to : — 

loquisitio post mortem. 34 H. III. 50 Jacob Crispin. 

i» „ 36 H. III. 49 Joce le Prestre. 

Misc. Q.R, Misc. 10 Ed. I. Inquisition into Jews* house 

at Oxford. 
9» „ Constable of Tower, 561-5. Transport of 1335 

Jews to ** Wytsond '" at Expulsion at a charge 
of 4d. per head [See D. K. Rep. xl. p. 474. ] 
Tower Misc. 74* List of grantees of houses at Expulsion. 

,, ,, 144. Jews' houses escheated to King, c. 5 Ed. I. 
Chapter House. London Bag 14. Four Sheiaroih, 

„ „ Box 43 Jews' Bonds. 

Royal Letters, 4961-3. Correspondence about a Jewish physician 

Items relating to Jews occur, indeed, in all the great 
series of rolls, as can be judged from the references in 
the bibliography to those parts of the series already 
printed (Nos. 21-25, '29-135, 154-165). It would be a 
huge task to go through the whole of these series to dis- 
cover the Jewish items, but it may be anticipated that 
as the Pipe Rolls and other documents are printed, fresh 
accessions to our knowledge may be anticipated from 
these publications. 

B. British Museum. — A full list of the original 
charters relating to the Jews, in the British Museum, was 
given in the "Catalogue of the Anglo- Jewish Exhi- 
bition," pp. 183-188. Besides these a few transcripts 
occur as follows : — 

Harl. 980. Notes on Presbyter Judaeorum. 
91 *»709' Reference to Justices of Jews. 
' Lansd. 215. Excerpts from Tallage, 35 H. II. 

„ 625. Grantees of Jews' houses at Expulsion. 

Add. 4,363. Notes on Jews, . 
„ 4,542. ,, „ [ Madox Collection. 

9f 4tS^S' M »» 


Add. 24.509- Bonds [=Mi5C. Q.R. 556. i.] 
„ !4,5I0. Inquisition Ab.slracl [= Misc. Q.R. $57, ».] 
„ Z9,S6S. Three Shelaralh tianslnted by E. Meades dx 

C. Westminster Acbev. — This collection consists 
489 rolls, some of several membranes, put together ia 
sixteen bundles, and numbered in pencil at the back. 
It will be useful to present a list of these liundles, and a 
short indication of the documents they contain. 

I. [N05. 140-157] Small Rolls of various kinds, four of thi 
{lip, 14s, (4;, 157) EivinEtranaaclionsofNorwich Jewiih 
Exchequer day by day in the years 9-11, Hen. IIL 
11. [182-710] Sales of Houses to Jews. 
UL [z03-206] Wrils to Cyrographecs oTNoinicll, Nottingtum, 

and Canterbury. 
IV. [158-169] Sales ot Houses to Jews- 
V. [l-ll], VI. [11-104], VII. [105-139] Hebrew 5-*rfafWi, 
all now printed in Mr. M. D. Davis' edition. 
Vril, [256-380] Writs of various kinds lo the Cyrographen. 
IX. [2M-2SS] Bonds to Jews. 
X. [381-391] Quiilances by Jews to Christian Debtors. 
XL [391-404], Xn. [170-181] WritsissuedbyJusticesofJ. 
XIII. [405-420]. XIV. [421-424]. XV. [4*5-439], XVL [440- 
486i.] Bonds to Jews. 

A small number of these deeds were selected by 
P. C. Webb, and published by him in 1753, in hi»' 
Question, etc. {set No- igz); but the Nornich Day- 
book, in Bundle I., still awaits publication. Indeed, the 
larger proportion of the deeds relate to Norwicli : rf 
the 267 deeds contained in bundles I.-IV., Vill.-XIl, 
no less than 94 relate to that town. The remainder are 
chiefly from Nottingham, Canterbury, and Colchester, 
■nd are probably the results of the " scrutiny " of the 
ucha of these places at the " Starr Chamber " at West- 


Besides the deeds contained in these three institutions, 
there are a few others elsewhere, most of which have 
been described by the Historical MSS. Commission («/ 
No. 75), among which the deeds at Sl Paul's, in the 
Ninth Report, are tlie most important and interesting. 
Besides the Oxford Deeds referred to in the Fourth 
Report, others are given by Macray (No. 95, cf. Revui 
V. 248), and by Mr. Madan in his just issued Rough 
Nolss, Nos. 326, 687, There are besides some docu- 
ments belonging to the Corporations of London, Nor- 
wich, and Winchester, which have not yet been made 
accessible to the inquirer, but will shortly be made known 
through published calendars. Indeed, as the biblio- 
graphy shows, there is scarcely any publication of original 
deeds relating to national or local history previous to 
1290 that does not contain sporadic references to Jews. 

The Records of the House of Converts in Chancery 
Lane supply a connecting link between the Expulsion 
in rago and the Re-settlement in 1656. These arc 
contained in 177 Rolls at the Record OtBce, known by 
the title of " Miscellanea of the Queen's Remembrancer — 
Domus Conversorum," and extend from 5 Edw. III. to 
5-6 Jac. I. They contain the accounts, year by year, 
of the Master of the House of Converts, and include the 
receipts of the Converts themselves. Some of the latter 
are signed in Hebrew {vide 2-3 Hen. IV.), Among the 
names which may be found of interest are Philip Ferdi- 
nandus (41 Ehz.), Eliz. Fardinando (5 Jac. I.), and 
Yehooda Menda (20 Elii.). There does not appear to 
have been any convert between 6 Edw. VI. and ao 

Of more general interest are the State Papers also in 
Ibe Record Office. As far as these touch what we have 


called in the following pages [he "Middle Age 
the " National Movement for the Return," they have 
been exhaustively calendered ; and transcripts cf the 
Indexes, giving all necessary indications for the student, 
will be found under Nos. 209 and 293. These extracts 
have been prepared in the light of the most recent 
investigations, and they will be found to comprise 
such new names in Anglo-Jewish history as Maria 
Anlhony de Verona, Mark Raphael, Carvajal, Coronet. 
Casseres, &c. Some Hebraic names have been hypoiheti- 
cally included, as likely lo lead the student to further dis- 
coveries. The calendars of Domesiic State Papers of the 
years 1641-1649 have not yet been printed. It is highly- 
probable that they will be found to throw considerable 
light on the history of the events which led up to ibe 
return, and on the condition of the Marrano com- 
munity which is believed lo have existed in London 
at this period. The minutes of the Privy Council 
since 1542 also remain unprinted. These have, how- 
ever, been searched— thanks to Mr. C. Lennox Peel^ — 
and one Jewish reference relating lo ihe fate of Jacob 
Barnctt (No, aao) has l>een found." One of the printeil 
entries referred to at No. 20S speaks of an important 
list of Jews, and an inventory of their estates, drawn up 
in 1542, at the instance of the Privy Council. The book 
containing these precious data has been sought for, ijut 
unfortunately without success. The "Johnson MSS." 
discovered at Hull [see Nos, 218a and 223), of which afi-w 
■till remain unprinted, contain curious references i" Jews 
during the Middle Age, and one describes a synai;iiL;iii.- 
established in Hull, about 1600, on the site of a still .ilj^r 

■ This has since been printed al length in the " Anglo-Jcwiib, 
HMotieal E«bibitioo Fspeit," pft. 74-75. 



Jewish house of worship. The genuineness of these 
documents has been strongly assailed, and is very 

The British Museum Collection of MSS. affords a few 
inaportanl contributions to the history of the ke-settle- 
ment. The two petitions of Manuel Martinez Dormido, 
alias David Abrabanel (see No. 958), presented to Crc 
well in 1654, are to be found in the Egerton Collec 
(Add. MSS. Eng., 1049, lo!. 6). One of these is a formal 
petition to Cromwell to allow the Jews to settle freely 
in England, and it bears a memorandum which illuf 
the Protector's favourable view of the question. Another 
interesting MS. (Add. MSS., 4106, fol, 153). refers lo 
certain negotiations between the Jews of Amsterdam 
and Charles II., then in exile at Bruges, and inci- 
dentally yields significant evidence on the question of 
the extent to which Menasseh ben Israel represented 
his Dutch co-religionists in his mission to England. The 
Museum also possesses a large number of the manuscripts 
of Emanuel Mendez da Costa (No. 943). One volume 
(Add. MSS., 29.867) is a commonplace book, in which 
tie a few memoranda on Anglo-Jewish history. Another 
MSS., 29,868^ consists of a collection of miscel- 
is MSS., among which is a list of Jews (fols. 15 
6), hitherto supposed to be "a list of the earliest 
Jewish setders in this country."" A comparison of the 
document with the burial register of ihe Bevis Marks 
Synagogue conclusively proves that the date assigned 
too early, and its importance much exaiigerated. 
refers lo the " widow " of Antonio Ferdinando, 
Antonio Fernandez Catvajal (see No. 923), 
it includes the name of Dormido. It must con- 

Picciotlo ; "Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History," pp. 32, 33, 


aequenlly have been drawn up sometime between 1659 
when Carvajal diedand 1667 when Dormido died. Frnm 
internal evidence it would appear to have been the work 
of a non-Jew, and, perhaps, had some connection with t''e 
threatened re-expuhionof the Jews, soon after Chirles II, 's. 
accession to the Throne in 1660. The Restoration, 
was by no means so happy an event for the Jews as 
has been represented. So far from Charles II. having 
been favourable lo them,* there is abundant evidence 
that with the inauguration of his reign the Jews of 
London were again reduced to the secret worship 
which they had followed previous to the mission of 
Menasseh ben Israel. The London mercliants, who 
had thtn exclaimed against the tolerance of Cromwell, 
seem to have expected that the "Merry Monarch" 
would reverse the policy of the Protector in that respect. 
So much is evident from a petition on the subject pre- 
sented to the King by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, 
in t66o, and the text of which is preserved in the Re- 
membrancia of the City of London (vol. ix., 44). 

For the later political history of the English Jews the 
archives of the London Committee of Deputies of British 
Jews will be found exceedingly valuable. The Board 
was founded in 1 745 as a Committee of Diligence, to 
assist the progress of the Jewish Naturalisation Bill, 
introduced into the Irish House of Commons in that 
year. Its minutes and letter-books are intact from thjt 
date, and form a complete documentary history of the 
enternal relations of the Anglo-Jewish community for 
over a hundred and forty years. The Board took the 
lead in the struggle for Jewish emancipation ; it caused 
mcaiures, adapted to Jewish requirements, to be iniii- 
'Ficciotto: "SkeCehes," pp. 30, ji. 


ated in Parliament, and has been instnitnenlal in ob- 
taining the extension or modification of clauses in Actt 
affecting Jewish interests. It lias also watched over and 
defended Jewish rights and privileges on every possible 
occasion. In assisting foreign oppressed communities, 
it was, during the presidency of the late Sir Moses Monte- 
Core, and before the foundation of tho Alliance Israelite 
Universelle, the leading Jewish body in the world. On 
all these subjects its records contain precious information. 
Of lale years ihe Anglo-Jewish Associaiion has shared 
with it, in amicable co-partnership, the conduct of foreign 
affairs. The minutes of the latter Society, and especially 
the reports of its Executive Committee — -complete since 
1871 — offer copious data, not only on Anglo-Jewish 
history, but also on general Jewisli history. In the library 
of the College at Rarasgate, established by the late Sir 
Moses Montefiore in memory of his wife, arc some valuable 
letters and records relating to the foreign missions under- 
taken by that philanthropist on behalf of the Board of 
Deputies. These include the note-books kept by him 
during his travels in the East, and the original firman of 
the Sultan of Turkey, granting equal rights to Jews. 
The original decree, in the same sense, obtained from 
the Emperor of Morocco, in 186.^, is lo be found in the 
vestry-room of the Bevis Marks Synagogue. An impor- 
tant collection of documents relating to the emancipa- 
tion struggle is in the possession of Sir Julian Gold- 
«mid, Bart., M.P., whose grandfather. Sir Isaac Lyon 
Goldsmid was the leading figure in that crisis of Anglo- 
Jewish history. They are contained in two volumes, and 
consist principally of correspondence with Lord Holland, 
the Marquis of Lansdowne, the Duke of Wellington, Earl 
Grey, Sir Robert Peel, Lord Melbourne, Lord Deuman, 


Dean Milman, Lord Wynford, the Earl of Auckland, 
and other influential personages. 

From the year 166+ Ihc MSS. relating to the* 
internal history of the community are fairly complet 
The only important documents of an earlier date 
are the memoranda of leases of the first Jewisl^ 
cemetery, founded in 1657, which have, however, 
been printed (see No. 296), and some accounts 
relating to repairs of the Synagogue in King Street, 
Aldgatc. These are in the Bevis Marks Synagogue. 
It is curious that the earliest document bearing on 
history of the Jews of Ireland also relates to theif 
cemetery, being a deed of conveyance of the burial 
ground at the foot of Ballybaugh Bridge, Dublin. This 
is dated 1727. and is preserved at Dublin Castle. With 
one exception tlie Minute Books of the Spanish antS 
Portuguese Congregation are intact from the year 1664. 
The first volume is an interesting record of the organis 
lion and early struggles of the community. The missing 
volume (from 161)8 to 1724) was in the possession 1 
the late Isaac da Costa, of Amsterdam, and was sold in 
iSAt wlicn his libraiy was dispersed. In it is contained 
■11 that the historian will require to know with regard to 
the building of the Synagogue in Bevis Marks, the oldest 
Jewish house of worship in the country. The records o 
the other Ijindon synagogues are also in good preserva- 
tion, and arc full of information on the organisation and 
•ocial condition of the community during the periods 
which lhi.-y relate. The same may be said of the 
archives of the Charitable and Educational Insliiuiioits, 
a list of which will be found on pp. 160-167. Of the pro- 
vincial synagogues and societies we cannot speak with 
certainty. I'hc records of several csiinct commumtica 


are known to have been lost or mislaid. It is to be 
hoped that the present revived interest in Anglo-Jewish 
History will result in some measure for the systematic 
preservation of such records in (he future. 

For Anglo-Jewish Biography and Genealogy — two 
branches of history which remain as yet unexplored^ 
the manuscript materials are abundant. Foremost among 
them must be mentioned the Synagogue Registers of 
Births, Marriages, and Deaths. These have been 
admirably preserved, and, in the Bevis Merits Synagogue, 
are fairly well indexed. One volume of marriage con- 
tracts was unfortunately destroyed some years ago when 
a. fire took place in the house of the Chicham (Chief 
■Rabbi), to whom it had been lent. The earliest Re- 
pister of Burials dates from 1657. It is apparently not 
the original register, but a careful copy of names and 
dates made direct from the tombstones. Its genea- 
logical value is inferior to that of the subsequent 
volumes as the names are given in simple form 
instead of in the genealogical form usual in such 
registers. One of the Khetubah (Marriage Contract) 
Books (lyoi-io) has the following curious title: — 
" Registers of Marriages by the Right Rev. Father in 
God, David Netto Archacynogue." An important regis- 
ter is the Alien Book, which contains the counterfoils 
of certificates granted to Jewish aliens by the secretary of 
Bevis Marks Synagogue under the Act of 1803. It 
Tds the origin of a large number of Anglo-Jewish 
and the frequent occurrence of the phrase, 
who fled from the Inquisition," invests it with mournful 

Of actual pedigrees the only extensive collection will 
.1)6 found mentioned iii the Catalogue of the Anglo- 

Df ce 





Jewish Historical Exhibition (p. 31, No. 762), where a 
list is given. They number about sixty, and have been 
compiled from Synagogue records, the archives of 
Heralds' College, family documents, &c. Some of them 
are very elaborate. One of the Monteflore family con- 
tains nearly 1000 names. The Beih Hamidrash contains 
a set of elaborate pedigrees of the English Chief Rabbis, 
prepared by Mr. N. L. D. Zimmer. 
The Jewish genealogist may also be recommended to 
iull the following MS. collections ; — 

le Acts of Pailiament. 
o Parliament. 
Le Neue's Obiluary, from 1658 to 1680 (BriU Mils. Harl. MSS., 

Musgrave's Ohituary (Btit. Mas. Add. MSS., S7J7-5749)- 
Wills in Ibe Ptobaie Office. 
Grants of Arms at HciaUs' CoH^e. 
Palenta of Deniiation on tlie Patent Rolls at Ihe Record Office. 

The British Museum contains the following MSS. of 
Jewish biographical interest : — 

Ua^es Hut: Felilion to Geo. II., 1744 (Add. MSS. 23,819, foL 

- Abraham Israel : Contract with Charles II. for gold rainei m 

Jamaica, 1662 (Add, MSS. Eg. JSSL '"'■ 'S')- 
Anlonio de Souza : (Add. MSS. 15,194, fols. 161, 183 and 15,199^ 

fol. i45). 
Antonio de Sousa, Commission to, 1660. (Add MSS. 30,846, UL 1 

■ 87.) 
Emanuel Mendot da Costa: Letter to and rrom the Prino 

Waldeck (Add. MSS. 15,943, fols. 116-117). 
Emanuel Mendci da Costa : Minnies ot the Royal Soc , and Soc. et I 

Auliq.. 1757-62 {Add. MSS, Efi. zJSi). 
Emsnuel Mcodec da Cotita : Correspondence 1737-1787, Ii 

(Add. MSS. 3S,534-a8,544)- 

^IjU /^-/^^i-cT**-- 


David Mendez da Costa, Commissariat Officer in Germany : Letter 
and Memo. Book, 1757-1759 (Add. MSS. Eg. 2227). 

Franz Van Schonenberg, Envoy to Spain and Portugal : Credentials 
to Pedro II., 1702. (Add. MSS. 28,945, fol. 353.) 

FVanz Van Schonenberg: Letter to Lord Portland, 1689. (Add. 
MSS. Eg. 1707, fol. 45.) 

Franz Van Schonenberg : Letters to Lords Manchester and Not- 
tingham, 1702, 1703. (Add MSS. 29,590, folios 3, 40, 64, 66, 

Solomon da Costa : Letters to J. Caryll, 1746. (Add. MSS. 28,330, 

fols. 323-324.) 
Solomon da Costa, Letter to Sir N. H. Carew, 1748. . (Add. MSS. 

29,599» fol- 347-) 

Collections of autograph letters, of substantial bio- 
graphical value, are in the possession of Dr. Maurice 
Davis, Mr. Lewis Emanuel, Mr. C. K. Salaman, and 
Mr. C. I. de Sola, of Montreal. Details of these Collec- 
tions may be found on pp. 26-30 of the Catalogue of the 
Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition (1887). 

At the same Exhibition were shown some interesting 
literary MSS. of Solomon da Costa Athias (775-777), 
Rabbi Zebi Hirsch (779-782), Dr. Meyer Schomberg 
(783), Naphtali ben Abraham (786), Rabbi de Falk 
(787-789), Rabbi Tevle SchifF (791), Abraham ben 
Naphtali Tang (792 and 808), N. L. Benmohel (794-796), 
E. H. Lindo (802-3, 2142-2145, and 2146-2148), Grace 
Aguilar (804-806), and Michael Josephs (809-810). Par- 
ticulars of these may be found in the Catalogue on 
referring to the numbers appended to their names. In 
the Montefiore College at Ramsgate are a few inedited 
MSS. of the late Lady Montefiore. 

Jibliotbeca Englo=3u&aica. 



Cam. Soc^Camden Society Pui/ieatinm. 
E.H.S.— fn^/iiA Sistaticai Sacicly. 
^.C—Steord Commission. 
R-S.—Xoll! Series. 

BEN Meie Ibn Ezra.— M11D niD' lED 
Grundlage der Gottesverehrung in einer paraphras- 

»tischen Verdeutschung, von M, Creizenach. Frank- 
fort a. M., 1S40. 
First separate edition in 1529. Written in England in 
I15S. Some copies of Cieizenach's edition were issued at 
Cambridge, with title page altributing German version lo 
D. H. Oppenheim. 

n3!?n mJN.— Sabbath Epistle. 

First printed 1690. Best edition by Luizato in Kcrim 
Chemid, iv. 15S. Written in England in 1158, Inlrottuc- 
tion to, translated into Italian by Benedelti, Cans. Sacra, ami 
in English by J. jacohs, Jcaiish Chran., Jan. 13, 1882. 

, Acta Sanctorum. Edit- BoUandus, etc. 

U., 586 -. Mart, XKV : WilUelmus de Norrico. [From 
xxxiii. 494. Jul, xivii. ; Hugo puer Lincolniie. 
Iri. 576. Oct. xix. S. Frideswida Oxonia;. 

Ancient Laws of England. — Edit. Thorpe (R-C), 

Angln-Sa:xon Laws. 

All Jews under King's protection. Ed, C, 25, 


Monumenia Ecctaiastka. 

Ifa Christian woman fornicate with Jews, Th. P. T 

If any one celebrate Easter with the Jews, Th. P. x._... , 

If any Christian accept unleavened bread, or any rooil 

or drink from Jews, Th. P, xUi. I. 
If any Christian sell another to Jews, ibid. 3, EcR. E. 150. 
Mass not lo be celebrated where Jews are buried, Th. P. 

xlvii. I. 
Thai no Christian turn Jew, Ecg. E. 147, 1501 

4. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, edit. Earle. 

1137, Martyrdom of William of Norwich, 263. 
[Sketch of Loddon Screen given □□ p. 371.] 

5. Annales Monastici, edit. Luard, 1869, 
Annals of 



Be. -^Birmondsey. 
•W.—T. IVfk/s. 
V^a. — WoricsUr. 

766, ii. 

acfe respecting a. boy in 558, ii. 4 Wi. ; Crime of ii 
i. 157 Wa.; crucify a boy at Norwich in 1144, i». »S W. j 
icre of at coronation of Rich. I., i. 20, ii. 63, 246, iU. 

as. IT. 42, 44, 386, M., Wi., Wb., D., O., W., Wo.; 
pillaged and massacred by John in izio, i. 29, ii. 81, 264, 
liL 32, 4S1, iv, 54, M., Wi., Wa., D., Be., O., W. ; deaca ^ 
burnt at Oxford in I3Z2 for marrying a Jewess, ii. 29! 
iii. 76, iv. 63, Wa., D., W. ; contribmion to Heniy III. i 
I3IS, ii. 301, Wa.; attack on and robbery of by Oxford 
clerks in IZ44, iv. 91, O., W.; ordered by Council of Lyou 
to remit interest to crusaders, L 369, Bu. ; story of a Jew ai 
Toledo, iv. 437, Wo. j money borrowed of in 1 249 by Fuchanl 
declare,!. 137, T. ; inquiry into the chattels of those kiUed 
in the diocese of Lichtield in 1154, i. 330, Bu. ; same befor« 
justices at Stafford in 1255, i. 338, Bu. ; crucify Hugh ol 
Lincoln, L 340, ii. 346, iv. 443, Bu., Wa. Wo. ; execnlkiii 
of eighteen in Lcndnn in consequence, i. 346, ii- 348, Bu., 
Wa. ; Dominicans try to save the rest, but fail, i. 346, 34^ 
Bu. ; they arc saved for a iBige sum by R. of Comw^l, 
>■ 34^1 37li Bu. ; how those who offend in ecctesiasticai 
causes are to be punished, 135S, i. 41S, Bu. ; eompUinli 
against in the petitions of the barons at Oxford iti 135ft 
i. 443, Bu.; guardians of the Jewry appointed in lasS, 
i. 4SI, Bu. : exchequers of, i. 47S, Bn. ; slaughter «um1 
plunder of at Worcester in 1163, iv. 449. Wo. ; slaughter ii 
London, 1263, ii. 101, iv. 141. 142, 450, WL, W., Wo.! 
tlaoghlcT in London by S. de Monllort, and in Canterbury 
by G. de Clare, 1164, iv. 145, O.; slaughter by S. 


MontFort younger at Winchester, ii. 363, Wa. ; slaughtered in 
Cambridgeshire by barons, ii. 371, Wa. ; statutes ngainsl in 
1369, iv. Z2I ; statutes of Westminster against, respecting 
dress and money, ii. 119, 3S4, 3S5, iii. 365-6, iv. 265-6, 
467-8, Wi., Wa., D., O., W., Wo.i hanged and im- 
prisoned for clipping coin in 1^78, iL 390, lii. 379, 2S1, 
iv. 378, 879, 474. Wa., D., O., W., Wo. j imprisoned and 
lined in 1187, iv. 30S-9, O., W. ; insult to Sacniment by 
a Jew, who is burnt for it, iv. 503, Wo. i expelled England, 
ii. 409, iiL 361, 467, iv. 326, 503, 561, Wa., D., Be., O., 
Wo. : fr. Aquitaine, ii. 409, Wa. ; ill-treatment at Cinque 
Ports, iv. 317, O. 

Ileniy, a converted Jew, a papal letter to DuiistB.b1e Friory 
to pravidE for him, iii. 365, D. 

James, seltlEment with Dunstable about Wadlow land, 
iii. 164 D. 

Mossy, attempt of forgery on the Prior of Dunstable, 
iii. 66, D. 

6. Arch.«olocia. [From Index lo vols, i.-xxx.] 

Their crucifixion of a child at Lincoln, i. 27, con6rmed 
by records, 2B. 

No certain account of their appearing in England before 
Wm. I., vi. 163. 

Their synagogues not buill in a circular form, vi. 166, 172. 

J. Caley, a metnoir on their origin in England, viii. 3S9- 

Wealth over-estimated in England in early times, xxviii. 

324, MS' 

Jews alone are licensed usurers, ihW. 
6a. Bacon, Roger. — Opera Inedita, by J. S. Brewer 
(R. S.), 1859. 
Pref. pp. Ix., Ixi., Jews helped to translate Arabic works. 

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Debts to, 152. 

Lands pledged for, 351. 

Reward for giving information of property of, 262. 

8. Baker, T.— History of College of St. John, Cam- 

bridge, edit. Mayor, 1869. 

Settlement of, in Cambridge, 26. 

Supposed site of their synagi^ue, 27. 

Joceus, a Jew, owner of Bede's house in St. Sepulchre's 
parish, 27. 
1 Bannister, J. — Jews in Cornwall, iajbum, Roy. Inst. 
Com., 1867. 

Pp. 324—42. 

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456 {3rd series). 
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IzSz, 600 for clipping in Tower, Clause 10, E. I., m. " 
in London 280 hanged, many more elsewhere, 279. 

, BiGLAND, R. — History of Gloucester, 1819. 

East Gate Si. was formerly Jewry Si. ; OD N. side 
mains of Jewish spmEogue, 135. 

1169. Joce flned iDLis. — 1217. Committee of 24 t( 
appointed to watch over Jews, ibid. 

. Blomefield, F. — Histor}' of Norfolk, iSio, 
iii. 26-2S, tnartyrdtjm of William of Nutwich, 

64, Gul. de Norwich Justiciar of Jews, 1204. 
iv. 184, house of Abraham til Deulecresse. 

510, Mirjld filia Humfrey de Havile escheated he 
lands by marrying Jomet the Jew, c. 1199. 

;. Blunt, J. E. —A History of the Establishment and 
Residence of the Jews in England : with an Inquir 
into their Civil Disabilities, Lond., 1830. 

[A succinct r^sum^ from Prynne, MadoK, and Tovey.J 

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Jews, pp, 22, 32, 65, 68, 81. 
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Merchants to Kings of England, in ArchaoiggU 

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264, 279, 2S0. 

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(R.S.), 1883. 

Jews capable of taking donation, i. lOJ.— Debt to a Jew 
when interest shall not be paid, i. 481.— Jews excepted fron 
a donation, i. 377.— Chattels of slain Jew lo go to King, ii 
245,— May practise circnmciaion, ii, 464. [e.g.] Jew wouh 
lie if he said Christ -was bom of a virgin, u being igaiiiH hi 
intelligence, iv. 393.— Jew might impute to lew [otessoins; 
Y. 269.— Jews cannot have any property of tneirown, vL Jl 
57, and pp. xniii.— xxviii. 

— Notebook, eiiit. F. W. Maitland, 1887. 
No». 169, 301. sSi, 918, 456. 475, 1376, 1445. 'SS4. "825 

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». 4. 8, 33. '06. «a3- 

. Soc.) 




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i. 359, Silver St., formerly Jewgale. 

ii. 140, expelled. 
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Transactions with, L 133, 174, 306, 367, 374, 377; ii. 35, 

Lands mortgaged to, L 3(5; ii. Ii, I15. — Search b the 
lews' charter chest at York, i. 377. — Crucify a boy at 
Norwich, i. 138. — Crucify a boy at Gloucester, i. 210, 216. 
— Circumcise 1 boy at Norwich, i. 437. — Massacre of, limfi. 
Rich. I., i. 2^3, 244, — Persecution of, 250 hanged in York 
Castle, i. 251. — Story of a Jew in Tewkesbury, il 134. — 
Punishment of Jewish money-clippers, ii. 163, 167. — Ex- 
pelled from France, ii. 34S, 283, 318; Irom Caglaiul, ii. 
251. — Miracle connected with Jews of Seville, iii. 153, — 
Massacre of, in Seville, iii. 154. 

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i. Justices for custody of Jews, Nos. 1291, 2079 ; ii. 473, 

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No. I2II [espelled from Newcastle, 1234], 1216 [York 
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i,, edit. Lemon (R. C), 1806. 

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Legacy to converts to Judaism, in will of Hugh de Wells, 

,7, vii. 

Abelard s retort upon a Jew objecting against Christian 
fete, the fact of churches being struck by lightning, vi. 95. — 
Witticism of a Jew Iravelling in company with a bishop and 
dean of Salop, vi. 146. [Peche (Peccati) and Dayville 


a8. Capgrave. — Chronicle, edit. Hingeston f R. S.) 

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Martyrdoin at William of Norwich,/, ccciit*. 

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Gloucester, i. 20, 21. 

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31. Catalogue of the Anglo-Jewish Exhibition, 


Sketch ot pte-expulsion period, f-4. 

KellcG of period shown at Exbibition, Albert Hall, 6-13. 

Documents shown at Rolls Office, 175-8. 

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P. 57. Expulsion. 
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Diipute between a jew and a Christian settled by Ed. L, 
L 28. — Punished for clipping coin, i. 18. ^Expelled frtwi 
Uasctngue, i. 30; from England. 31. — Enormilics coca- 
milted gainst by certain fanatics, i. 157.— Charge against el 
conspiring against Christians, i. 158. — Persecution of by 
Samaritans alluded to, i. 399. — Of Constance meet Pope 
Martin V., ii. 321, 

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[Annales Londoniensei et Faulini.] 

Persecuted by John, i. 14. — Eighteen drawn at London on 
cha^eof crucifying boy at Lincoln, i. 48. — Pcrseeution of 
tit Cambridge, i. 71.— Suffer at Worcester in 1263, i. 61 ; »l 
London in 1267, i. 78 ; in 1279, L 88. — Hanged as money- 
clippcii iiv London, i. 93. — Hamo Hauteyn and Robeit of 
LiKHum, justices of, i. 9$. — William Caileion and (tcnry de 
Bray, justices of, i. 95. — A new chest for Jewish boruh, 
i. 96. — Ail in London imprisoned in 1288, L 97. — AU 
tanished from England in 1290, i. 99. — Petition lo be re- 
called, i, 174, 169.— Persecuted iu France in 1320, i. 289.— 
MuMcred at Esiella, i. 341. 


34. Chronicles of Hen. II. and Ric. I., edit, Stubbs 

(R. S.), 1867. [Benedict of Peterborough.] 

Hen. TI. allows them to hare cemeleries, i. iSl. 
They are forbidden lo possess aims, i. J79, 
Riot gainst at Richard's coronation, ii. S4. 
Protected by proclamation, iiiJ. 
Persecution and self-immolation at York, ii. 107. 

35, Chronicles of Stephen, Hen. II., Rcc. I , edit. 

Hewlett, 1885. [William of Newbury, q. v.] 

Jew converted prophesies concerning see of Lincoln, 154. 

Favour shown to 1^ Hen. II., 180. — Richard forbids pre- 
sence at coronation, Z94. — Disobey, and a tumult anw>, 
155. — Massacre of Jews in London, 295-97, — At Lynn, 308, 
309. — A Jewish physician murdered, 310. — Massacre 
Stamford, 310-13. — Attempts at Lincoln fail, 311. — Mas- 
sacre al York, 313-23. — Exiled from England, 574. 

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„ a boy al Gloucester, 3. 
All seized by order of Ed. I., 26. 
Those convicted of clipping hanged, 29. 

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12, 30, 27, 28, 191 [Incaoladon by a Jew]. 

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1073. Jews settle here (said to be by Fuller). 
11S9. bon ' ' 

1215, Hot" 
1224. King erants house of Benjan 
;ao!. (Had been Jewsi' Syne 


Guildhall, whic!) includes churchya 
up with ?N-1B" naUD. MS. Bi 
IZ41. Tallogeof thejew 
iz56. Letter of prolectit 
men of Ely had kidnapped 

for the Jews, because gtaslt- 

43. Cooper, W. D. — History of Winchelsea, 

Expulsion of, 20. Their hall now named Trojan'i HtS, 
in nineteenth qua.rler, 40, 113, 219, 234. 

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Slaughtei at Rouen, 54. 

1 144. Alleged crucifiiaon of William of Norwich, 67. 

Persecuted at Ric. l.'s coronation, 83-84. 

Persecuted by John, 99. 

Obtain protection from Greg. IX., I iS. 

Of Lincoln crucify a boy, 132. 

Clip coin, IS7- 

Cmdfy boy at Northampton, 1 59. 

Banished the realm, 178. 

45. CovENTRiA, Walter DE. — Historia,edtt., W. Stubbi 

(R. S.), 1873. 
Allowed to have cemeteries in England, i. 301. 
Not to keep arms, 313. 

Riot at Richard's accession, 375 ; and at York, 391. 
Taxation of, ii. 73 [Cafiilula from Hoveden]. 
Are allowed to live in French towns, 163. 
Persecuted in England, tzlo, Zo.l. 

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456, In 1340. a house on West Quay is itescribcd as 
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pp. 147-I97- 

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Ar(hixohgical Journal, xxxviii., p. 178 seq. 

[Containing mass of details unfortunately without autb< 
ties. Mr. Davis has also written articles on the medLr 
Jews in the Jeuiuk World, 1875, Jewish Chnnicle, ij.. 
and liSji^aneuijIrgus. iSj7,JVo'liHgAam Guan/ian, 1E77, 
and Maochutei Jewish Rtitrd, 1887.I 


49. Devizes. Richard of. — De Rebus gestis Ric Primi 

(edit. E. H. S.). 

Massacre of, I ; slory of a hoy deceived by, 60 seg. 

60-62, [Jew goes through eharacter uf q11 towns, London, 
Canterbuiy, Rochester, Chlchmer, Oxford, Exonia, Bilh- 
(onia), Wigorn, Ceslria, Herefordia, Eliomcum, Ely, Dun- 
elm (UuTham), Northwic, Lincolnia, BrisloUum. but recom- 
mends boy to go to Wintonia=Jeru^leDi of Jews.] Quoted 
by Pearson, Sisi. Maps, 37. 

50. Devon, F. — Issues of the Exchequer (R. C), 1837. 

CoQveited in time of Edw. Itl , 163. 

Jewry, London, 514. — St. Mary's Chapel in, 11. 

Converted, inquisition into chaileU, 17. Land purchased 

House of, 6S, 73, 471. Archives inspected, and Debts 
enrolled, St. 

EnahledtolrafficwithChilstians, 142. Allowance to, 471. 

Roll of, 17 Hen. IIL, 506.— Fines of, 509. Church ol, 
5>4. SiS- 

[Cuntains also fac-simile of caricature.] 

51. DiCETO, Ranulf de. — Opera Historica, edit. W. 

Stubbs (R.S.), 1876. 

Imprisoned in France, ii. 4 ; persecuted in England, 69, 

75. 76. 

52. Drake, F. — Eboracum. 

57. 94, 95- 96, w8, IS3, 254, 165, 277, 322, App. 

pp. liv., XV. 

53. DlTGDALE. — Monasticoti, edit. Ellis, &c. 

Massacre at St. Edmund's Bury in 1 189, iij. 104. 
Depositing money in Abbey us a bnnk, ibid. 
Maintenance of two Jewish converls imposed on the 
Abbey at Reading, iv. 3t. 

54. DuTHY, J. — Sketchesof Hampshire, Appendix, 1839. 

Richard Tochir, Bishop of Winton, allowing Adam de 
Port to grant the manor of Abbotstow to a Jew in security 

55. Eadmer.— Historia, edit. M. Rule (R. S.), 1884. 

Jews converted to Christianity, 99-tol. 

56. Ecclesiastical Documents, edit. J. Hunter (Cam. 

Soc), Pari n,, No. vi. p. 60. 
Grant by John, Bishop of Norwich, to Ralph Roman of 

L certain houses in Linne, which had belonged to Isaac, a Jew 
of Norwich, at the request of King John, a.e. 1214. 


57. EuLOGiUM, edit., F. S. Haydon (R. S.), 1863. 

Burnt at Northampton for conspiring to employ Gre 
fire to bum City of London, iii. izo, 

58. Eyton, R. W. ^Antiquities of Shropshire, i8( 

i. 311; ii. 176; xi. 32a. 

583, Fleta seu Commentarius Juris Angucaw 
Edit. 1685. 

I., c. 2Q, p. 30, — Justices errant con have jurisdictll 
over custodians of Jews. 

I., c 37, p. 54, — Contrahenles vero cum Judacia x\ 
dxa.bas pecoranles et Hodomltx in terra vivi confodi 
duiD tamen capli per testtnioniuro legale vel publice 

59. Fowler, J. T.— On certain "Starrs," or Jewiii 

Documents, partly relating to Northallerton, a 
Yorkshire Arc/iteu!. and Topog. Jc 
pp. 55 to 63, with facsimiles. 

60. Freeman, E. A. — English Towns and Districts, i83} 

Jews of Lincoln and Aaron of Lincoln, Jl6. 
Aaron of Lincoln at 5l. Alban's, 261. 

61. Freeman, E. A. — Norman Conquest (Index Vol). 

Dealings of William Rufus with, v. 72. 

Not mentioned in England before his time, v. S58. 

Position under Karlings, ibid. 

Position in England ; their houses, v. 819. 

Catoing influenced by NotmEin Conquest, Hid. 

6z. Freeman, E. A. — The Reign of William RufiB, | 
1881. 1 

Settle in Engktid, 160.— Their position, ibid. j 

Fabrond (Rufus), 161 ; compared with the Sicilian S 

' I 

63. Fuller, T, — History of the University of Cam- 

bridge, 1840. 
Pp. 8, 21, 77. 

64. Gervase of Canterbury, edit. Stubbs (R. S), 

Minister to the Monks at Canterbury, i 
Taied by Henty II., i. 432. 
Taxed by John in laio, ii. 105. 
Persecution of in 1164, ii. 235. 
Banished by Edward I. in ijgo, ii. 296. 



64a. Gloucester, Robert of. — Metrical Chronicle, 
edit. W. A. Wright (R.S.) 1887. 

Lines 9909, 9920 [Massacre Ric. I.] ; 11,936. 

65. GoLDSCHMiDT, S. — Gcschichte der Juden in Efigland. 

iter Theil, xi. and xii. Jahrhundert, Berlin. 1886. 

[First published in Berliner's Magaiiii, 1885-6. Makes 
use of Rolls Series snd Record Commission pu 111 I cations.] 

66. GouLBUBN, E. M. and H. Symonds. — The ancient 

sculptures in the roof of Norwich Cathedral. 

Ch. ix. St. Williain, the boy martyr of Norwich, pp. 101 
icg. [lUuslration, p. 83.] 

67. Graetz, H. — Geschichte der Juden. 

vi. 168, 140-7 [Massacres under Bic. I.]; 414-6 [Ibn 
Blzra in England]. 

yii. II, 12, 120-3, 191-8 [Expulsion] ; 463-6 [Conversion 
of a Dominican cause of expulsion]. 

68. Green, J. R. — Short History of English People 

(Macmillan), 1875. 
Relation with Wm. I., 83. 
Position in England at Conquest, Uia. 
Persecution, 19S. 
Banished by Ed. I., 199. 
Restored by Cromwell, 573. 
[See also Oxford Medical School of J. at, 83.] 

69. Grossteste. — Epistolffi, edit. Luard (R. S). 

On the proper treatment of Jews, 33-36. 
Christians not to consort with, 318. 

70. GiJDEMANN, M.— Gesch. d. Erziehung der Juden in 

Image der Monde tianskted into Hebrew by R. Hagin 
f. Dculacres [Neubauer], p. 86. 

Semag, law 65. TIT K'n'oVaS'X jnlpK' 'MH D' imjf?! 

3«3 nn DH^ B"E'3 ^^K dv inr? d'^'J"^ sfB'n, 86. 
, Hallam, Henry. — Middle Ages (Murray), i860. 
Wealth amassed and persecutions endured by, i. 209. 
Early celebrity as usurers, ibid, note''. 
Final expulsion from France, i. zio and note'. 
Ordinances against them, i. Z2Z. 
Exorbitant rales paid by them in England, il 320. 
Massacre of by Pasloureaux, iii. 297. 
Liatnlity to maltreatment, iii. 305. 
Barbarous customs regarding Ihem, ibid, note. 
Jew drowning story, iii. 36G, nole". 
E^ly money dealings, iii. 33E. 


■ation vouchsafed to them, ibid. 

Decline of their trade, iii. 3J9. 

Addiction to coin clipijing, iii. 369, note'. 
, Hargrove, W. — History of York (York), 1S18. 

Massacres of, i. 71-S2. 

Jewsbury, ii. 558. 

Jewish Feasts, ii. 401. 

Jewish Synagogue or Tabernacle, Walmgale, 291. 

Jubbergale, ii. j86-8. 

(On N. .-iide of Jabbergate remiins ol several 1 
walls tradition stales were formerly part of a Jewish Sfri 
gogiie now Unitarian Chapel.) 

Clifford's Tower, 248-59 [with illustration and wi: 
. Hasted, E. — History of Canterbury, 1801, 

Confined in Castle, i. 6t, 

Where they dwelt, i. 126 [South side of High Street]. 

Houses in possession of Corporation, ii. 364. 

. Hemingford, Walter de. — Chronicon, ed. H. C I 
Hamilton (E. H. S.) 

Massacre at coronation of Ric I., i. 138-147. 
Expelled by Ed. I., who receives one-lifteenth from lafi; | 
and one-tenth from clergy, ii. Z0-3: 

. Higden. — Polychrc 

viii. 40, 52, 82, 84, 8 
. Historical MSS. — Commission Reports. 

i. 96, Deeds at Westminster. 

iv. 44S. Mild^oda at Oxford ; 458, her leal, & 
387, Pardon for murder of Jew, temp. Ed. II. 

vi. 576'', Isaac of Wallingford. 

viii. 319*, 408'. 

ix. l\ 6', I4-, I4^ M\ 82", 4S'. 49''. so'. 7r- [LondwJ. 
. HoLiNSHED, R. — "Chronicles." 1586. 

A good Jew's Answer to William Rufui, 27, a 60, b la— 
Slricken by a Christian, 118, b 50.— Hath his looth d.. 
out, 174, a 40.— At Tewkesbury fallcth into ■ jalco, Sf^fl 
b 60,— Jews and Chriatians dispute, 27, b ».— Buiiu (M 
death, 119, a 10. — Suit to William Rufus against Jews be 
Christians, 27, c 40. — Brought into this land by ] 
William, 15, a lo. — At Lincoln slain and spoiled, 372, ali 
— Inhsbiting London are slain for treason, 267, a 60.— '" 
at London and why, 163, b 40.— Accused ni 
crucifying a child, 353, a 50. — Charged on pi 
■ . aS^-. 


•Vfeant to crocily a child in ipile of Christ, 21 
nlly imprisoned ttunughout all England, 3 Sj, a JO.— Give 
Henry 111. the third part o( all then muveables. zit, b 6a. 
—Indicted and punished for abuaiog the King's coins, 279, 
bjo. — Crucify a child, 56, b 30. — Grievously taxed, lor- 
nttnted, and impriBoned, 174, a 30.— And when they buried 
llldr dend, lOI, b zo.— Appointed to enrol all their debts, 
pitdges. &c., 145, b so. — ETceedingly hated and inuilheTcd, 
"I. t> 50, 122 a//. — Houses set on fire in London, llS,a6o. 
— Beaicn and abused by the people, 1 18, b 60.— Meant to 
present King Richard with a rich gift, 1 18, b 40. 

5*. BouEBENE, Roger de. — Chronica, edit. Slubbs 
(K- S.), 1871. 

A,llcniied lo have cemeteries in England, ii. 137 ; under 
■« prolection of the King, 231 ; not lo keep arms, J6l ; 
nots against at Richard's accession, iii. 12 ; and at York in 
"90, 33, 34 ; laialion of, and meawres taken to ensure (be f' 
creilit of. Iii. 266; are allowed lo live in French towns, iv. 

, "S. «r9. 

" Huw E, A.— Sir Hugh of Lincoln, or an Examina- 
''?" of a curious Tradition respecting the Jews, 
^'* a notice of the popular Poetry connected wuh 
'^ ^70., 54 pp. 1849. 

m. nu^-j^ W.— Bristol {" Historic Towns"), 1886. 

^ *»c Btistol Jewry, pp. 27-30. 

17. iKGUxj^H.— Chronicon, edit. Gale, 1684. 
*■ Reference in charter [proliably forgery]. 
• », U4, I IS (at Cambridge). 

[8. JEHVjjjjj gj.jj Eliezer. — min' nnJD Commentary on 
^^^taieuch, published with D'Jpi nn, Livorno, 1783. 

_l-V^Dn[ttins references to English Rabbis, Aaron of 
. 'aiOlpC? Canterbury), Berachyab of Nicole, Benjamin 
J,. Canlerbury, Elia Menachein, Jacob of Orleans, Joseph of 

■'JEWISH Chronicle." 

'849, June 22. On early Anglo-Jewish Rabbis, by L. 
I 1859, Feb. XS- Letter of S. M. Drach, on Shetaroth. 
I J863, Aug. 22. Inquiry as to Jewry Hall (?), Leicester. 
I 1877, July 6. Reference to article in '■ Norwich Argus." 
_ '8771 July 13. Reference to articles in " Nottingham 
Gnardian"or July 7. 

1S77, Jaly 13. Letter of M. D. Davis, suggesting search 

among Tosaphists for yjin and for York under p'illVK. 

J877, July 30, l-elter of S. Heilbron, calling if------ -- 



passage in Shem Haggedolim on Tosapholh J"3113, 

lUggests should be )"3"n3. 

1SS2. Jews m Soutlutmplon, hj S. L. Lee. 

1883, Jan. 16. Domua Convereonim, by S. L. Let 

1886, Nov. 9. " Aaron Bon of the Devil," by J. Jacobi, 

Jewish World." 
1S73, April 18. Aaron of York. 
„ Aug- 22. J CW5 at Exeter. 
„ „ 29. Starr. 
■S74, May 1. Jewish tallies. 
„ „ 15. Jewish tragedy, izzo. 
„ ,, 21. Starr of 125Z. 
„ June 26. Moses of Oxford. 
„ Aug. 14. Jewish Receipt, 1182. 
Si. Johnson,R.. — Ancient cusloms of City of Hereford, 

70-t, Splendid wedding of Jews. SwJnlield at Bosbuy 
issued a veto. On eipulsion their property, 3S fines ud 
forfeiluies, fell to city. Ultimately portion of the confiscated 
properly was converted into an almshouse now ktiown ts Sl 
Uile'a Hospital. 
81. Joseph ben Joshua Cohen. — Emek Habacha fiber 
aetzt von Dr. M. Weiner, 185S. 
A.D. Sia German Jews fled to Spain and England, S. 
A.D. 119a York massacre, 36. 
A.t). 1341. Enieutt in London, 41. 
A.D, 1358. Finally bnnished from England, 54. 
A.D. ISJI. References 10 English Je»s, 72. 
Heb. App. pp. 9 and 10. Massacres at London and Vok. 
12 proselytes slain. 

TION. — Index i.-x!oc., 1875. 
Jewry Wall at Leicester, Mr. Thompson on, 
Trtalinent of in ancient deeds, f,\\\. 311. 
B4. Kino, C, W. — Jewish seal found at Woodbridg^ 

Suffolk, Anh./our., xli. 16S-170. 
85- I<AIN0, H, — Supplemcnury Catalogue of S« 

Nil, 1394, Seal of Sampson b. Sampson found 
SO. L*umti»K, Ok. — Ordonnances des rois de 
do III (Miiititme race. 

I- 317. ^^''i^of ci|iul3Lun of Jews who had Bed 

i> l)9a 

pee-expulsion period. 15 

, Leicestershire Architectural and Arch.eo- 
LOGICAL Society's Transactions. 

The Jews and the Jewty Wall, by James Thompson, iv. 

[Jewry Wall figureil in vol. i. and mentioned in every vol. ] 

. Lelavd's Collections, edit, T. Hearne, and 
i. 148, 163, 229, 24s. 247, 267, 456, 460, 475, 536. 
ii. 209, 313, 402. 
, LiBER Albus, &c., edit. H. T, Riley, i86z. 
(Vol i.)- 

Cu^tom of threepence halfpenny charged on each Jewish 
burial, Pref. p. L 
Jewry, 99. 

Jews, violent death of certain, 74. ,' 
Jews, escheats and tenements of, 79. ' 
Jews, chattels of slain, So. 
Jews, inquisition concerning the death of, gg. 
Jews, ordinances as to, 590, 591. 
Joce (Joseph), the Jew, death of, 99. 
(Vol. iiL)- 

The Jewry in London, 430. 

[In vico qui vocatur " Colchirchstrate " in Pajochia S. 
Olavi in Judaismo.] 

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(Cam. Soc). 

t, 16, 19, 23, 50, 62, 199, 2W'J- 

91, Lite of Saint Hugh of Lincoln. — Edit. Dimock 

<R.S.), 1864. 

Grief of Jews at his death, 373 [the bishop not the boy- 
gi«. LivGRE DE Reis DE Brittanie. — Edit. J. Glover 
(R. S.). 

Crncity St. William of Norwich, 202-5. 
Massacred at Norwich, 250. 
Persecuted by John, 280. 
Banished the realm, 308, 324. 
93. Loftie, W. J,— History of London, and edition. 
i. 112, 114,122, 145, 185, ig6. 

ii. Map in Appendin F, gives position of the Jewry 
H 02A. London (" Historic Towns "). 1886. 


a8. Capgrave. — Chronicle, edit. Hingeston (^R. i 

Jews accused of assisting certain lepers to poist 
are burnt, 1S6. 

29. Nova Legends Anglije, 1516. 

Martyrdom ofWilliara of Norwich,/ cccijf. 

30. Cartulary of St. Peter's, Gloucester, edit 

W. H. Hart (R,S.), 1867. 

Jews, n. 149, 179, 297-299.— Murder by, of a boy 
Gloucester, L 20, zi. 

Slain Jews, chattels of, ii. 27J. 

31. Catalogue of the Anglo-Jewish ExHiBiTioah 

Sketch of pre-expulsion period, 1-4. 
Relics of period shown at Exhibition, Albeit Hall, 6-1}, , 
Documents shown at Rolls Office, 1 75-S. " 

Documeuls shown at British Museum, 183- 

3». Chronica Monasteru S. Albani, edit. H. T. BJlqf 
(R.S.), 1869. (Walsingham, Gesta.) 
i. 183, i93t 239. 401-406, 471- 

33a. (Trokelowe and Blandford), 1866. 

p. S7. Expulsion. 

jai. (Walsingham, Historia"), 1S64. 

Dispute between a Jew and a Christian settled by Ed. I 
i. aS. — Punished for clipping coin, i. 18. — ExpeUed frer" 
Gascoigne, i. 30 j from England, 31. — Enorniilies coi 
nutted against by certain ^nalics, i. 157. — Charge agaJiul< 
conspiring against Chri^ilians, i. 1 58.^ Persecution of I 
Samaritans (dluded to, i. 399. — Of Constance meet Pofi 
Martin V., U. 321. ^ 

33. Chronicles of Ed. I. and II., by Stubbs, 1883. 

[Aonales Loodonienses et Paulini.] 

Persecuted by John, i. 14. — E^hieen drawn at London (i_ 
charge of crucifying boy at Lincoln, i. 48. — PeisecutiMt 41 
■I Cambridge, i. 71.— Suffer at Worcester in 1263, i, '" 
London in 1267, i. 78 ; in 1279, i. SS. — Hanged as n . .._, 
clippers in London, i. 93. — Hajno Hauteyn and Koberl o.^ 
Ludham, justices of, i. 95. — William Carlelon and Henry dl 
Bny, justices of, i. 95. — A new chest for '—--'- ' -»- 
i. 96. — All ia London imprisoned in laSf 
banished from England in 1290, i. 99. — Petition ti 
called, i. 174, 169. — Perucuted in France in 1320, i. 
Massacred at Estella, i. 341. 



, Chronicles of Hen. II. and Ric. I., t<iit. Stubbs 
(R. S.}. 1867- [Benedict of Peterborough.] 
Hen. II. allows them It 
They are forbidden to p 
Riot against at Richard' 
Prolected b; proclamalion, iiid, 
Persecution and self-immolation at York, ii. 107. 

. Chronicles of Stephen, Hen. II., Ric. I , edit. 
Hewlett, 1885. [William of Newbury, q.v.] 
Jew converted prophesies concerning see of Lincoln, 154. 
Favour shown to 1:^ Hen. II., iSo.— Richard forhids pre- 
sence at coronation, 294. — Disobey, and a tumuli arises, 
295. — Massacre of Jews in London, 295-97. — At Lynn. 308, 
309. — A Jewish physician murdered, 310. — Massacre at 
Stamford, 310-12. — Attempts at Lincoln fail, 312. — Mas- 
sacre at York, 31Z-22. — Exiled from England, 574. 

. Chronicles of Ric I., edit. Stubbs (R. S.), 1864. 

Massacre of, 142. — Regulations for, 449. 

. Chronicon Petroburgense, edit. T. Stapleton 
(Cam. Soc). 
Cniciiy St. William at Norwich, 2. 

. CoGGESHALE, R. — Chronicon Anglicanum (R. S.). 

12, 30, 27, 28, 191 [Incantation by a Jew]. 
, Cole, H. — Documents Illustrative of English His- 
tory in tbe 13th and 14th centuries {R. C), 1845. 
[Pp. 285-333. Contains the first Jews' Plea Roll eitant 
for the year 4 Hen. HI,] 

, Collins, J. H. — Note 


Block of Jew's Tin, in 
:. Jiify. Inst. Corn., 1872, pp. 73, 74. 

. Cooper, C. H. — Annals of University a 
of Cambridge, vol. i., 1842. 
1073. Jews settle here (said to be by Fuller). 
1159. Donum of Jews. 
1 169. Fine paid by Jews. 
IZ15. House of Hakin the Jcs 


). Moses ben Isaac, of London. ^llpJn '^^^. Fraj 
mente aus der Punctuation-und Accentlehre dt 
hebrilischen Sprache, angebOch von R. Mose, Puni 
tator. Edit S. Frendsdorf. Hanover, 1847. 

J, MiiLLER, Max. — "Are there Jews in Cornwall? 
in Chips, vol. iii. 299-329. 

[First HppMted in " Macm. Mag.," xv. 484-94.] 

I. Neubauek, a. — Catalogue of Bodleian Hebre 

MSS. 1881 

1311. lid. DvnMnpj ntrs 'kr D'DBi[?n 'js^ d'W 

nTQK^JrN (? printed) 

'S47' MS. belonged to Tomaao Markenfeld from Ea 
land [1563]. 

781(2). 72. R. Yose of Nicol Decision 6g'' R. Mose 
Ijjndon quoled. 

882. Quotalions from R, Moses of London. 

1234(9). I^- Joseph b. Jacob of Murel heard this ci 

a Abraban 

!. Neubauer, a.— Hebrew Translation of "Image C 
Monde" in Miscellanies of Soc. Heb. Lie, ii., p 
158 se^. 

[Attribuling it to Ilagin fil. Deuleeresse. First appear 
in Jionutnia.J 

J. Nedbauer [Renan]. — Les Rabbins Fran9ais, 

Eiegetes. Eleasar of Beaugenci is quoted by R. Moi 
of London (437). 

Jacob of Orleans, Jehuda, Sir Leon, Josepb Sir Mor 
Palomon de Chateau, London, quoled by Isaac Halevi 
Sens, 428, 

Also Berachyah Hanaqdan, Berachyah de Nicole, Jac 
of Orleans, Joseph de Nicole. 

Moses Naqdan quotes Samuel Hannqdan and Beiachj 
Hanaqdan, 4S4. 

Shneior quotes and eicerpts Moses Naqdan, 487, 

" Image du Monde " (attributed to Hagin lil. Deulacis 

Suggests that Elias the Holy, of pinZlK. was of Yd 
(Eboracum), 742. 
^. Newbury, William of. — Historia Rerum 
canum, edit. H. A. Hamilton (E. H. S.), 1856. 

Fa»oured by Hen. IL, i, 282.— Excluded Irom Ric. I. 

n London, 3-6 ; 

IS, iSi 


ford, 17, 18 ; al Lincoln and York, 19-^3 ; nl York, 24-29 ; 
displeasure uf King ihereal, 29. 

115. NoRGATE. K.^England under the Anglian Kings, 

i- 27. 46. S3 : ii- 2S9, 290, 486-9. 

(Also Jewiies marked in maps of Lincoln, Winchester, 
Oxford, London.] 

116. "Notes and Queries." 

First Series : Tewkesbury, lii, 195, 479 ; in Cornwall, v. 

SicBod; Chai 
Canlerbuiy, viii. 243.— 

TTiird: In Cornwall, iL 456. 

Fiflk: In England, i. 397; ii. 12; iii. 177, 216.— In 
London, iv. 268 ; v. 30. 

SixlA : Exeter, c, 1233, i. 495 ; of Tewkcshury, ii. 52, 
318 ; iii. 318.— Jewish converls" houses at Oxford and Lun- 
don, i. 351, 386.— Ancient conveyances Lo, vi. to6: vii. 14. 

117. Oliphant, J. L K.— Old and Middle English. 

Giieerie in AncicH Siwle. (1220.] 

luktde in Curser Mundi, p. 350. [1290.) 

ludisskeHU and Juden in Ormulum. 

Gi-wa becomes Geus in Kentish Sermons. (O. E. Misc., 
p. 16.) 

ladea and Jurv both occur in Philip de Thaun, lizo. 
(/V- Treat, an Scitnce, p. 124.) 

PaU of ludeus and Grwis. [ffomiliu, 1160, p. 9.) 

118. OxENDENE, JoHNOF. — Chronicles,edit. EUis (R. S.), 

Apply to Pope for protection, 164. 
Forbidden to eat fish at Lent, 194. 
Crucify boy at Northampton, 254. 

119. Paris, MAxriiEw. — Chronica Majora, edit. Ltiard. 
(R. S.), 1883. 

Passage through Red Sea, i. 11 j wanderings in desert, 
iduf.; numbering of, i. 12; stations in Desert, iiii/, ; ex- 
pelled from Rome by Claudias, i. lo; ; rise against RomanS: 
i. 108 ; account of war, i. log ; dispersion of, i. 112; per 
secuted by Uomitian, i. 116 ; rebel and are put down in 
tl2, i. 119-121 ; lay waste Palestine, i. 123 ; reduced by 
Severas, 131 ; dispute with Pope Sylvester, t6o ; attempt 10 
rebuild temple under Julian, 166 ; in Crete, discovered by a 
diabolic appearance in the shape of Moses, 180; a converted 
Jew, miracle with respect lo in 552, 234 ; a Jew who tried 
■ - "lutn an image of the Saviour sloned in 560 ; a Jew pet- 



suades Jeiid to issue an edict against images .. , .. ,. .— 
slaughter ofatMentz cad Calogne, by the Crusaders, ii. JtS 
at the coronation of Richard in spite of hia prabibilici' 
>>' 350 i their consequent persecution throughout EaglUl| 
35t I king gives them protection, ibid.; attacks 
Nurwicb, Stamford, and Si. Edmund's Buiy in tn 
Crusaders, ii. 358 ; iheir dreadful fate in York, 359 ; 
of by the Chancellor W. Ljngchamp, ii. 381 ; seizan 

Elundcr of by John, 11. 528 [ especial tortnre of 01 
ristol, ibid. ; man; fly the kingdom in 1210, 11. 531 ; 
visions respecting debts to them In Magna Cnti.^, 
deacon hanged by F. de T " '' " " ' ' ' 

) pay 

1 thill 

property to Hen. HI. in 1130, iii, 194; house foe c , 
Jews built in London by Hen. III., ili 305 ; i.i 
granted Pope Gregory IX., ill. 309; forl.iii.i. 
mand usury from Crusaders, iii 2&\, 31s 1 deridi: ir 
tians in consequence of the Caursin usurers, ill. j ; 1 , . 
slaughter of, in Spain, iii. 369; give money to Ih. 
and are protected, ibid. ; pillaged by Geodrey ihi : 
in 1239, 111. 543 ; pay a third of their properly lo \'.- 
Hid. ; homicide by, ibid. ; clrcumdse a boy at Nini 
543, iv.30; their punishment, iv. 31 i (heTcnTu: 
up by Alexander in the Caspian mountains, Iv, 77, 1 ;i 
pellnl to pay a heavy ransom in 1241, Iv. 83 : b'.li 
Tartars and Circassians to lie the Ten Tribes, iv. iji , 
siralagem to assist Che Tartars with arms, iv. tjl-; . 
tuted when ihisis discovered, iv. 133; pill ^ed by II<.-l : I 
in I243i iv. 260; itga.ia in 1244, iv. 37J ; me body nJ n '- 
murdered by, found in London, iv. 377; buried in .Si. I''-. 
378 ; rc^Ialions as to debts due to them by Crusadir- i-i-' 
by the Cimnci! of Lyons, iv. 459 ; the coinage cli]ip..) Irr 
them, iv. 608, V. 16, 114, 13&; impoverished by the Kin^'< 
extortions In 1250, v, 114; crime of one Abraham, iM. : 
accused by Abraham of treason, V. 115; (heir endeavours w 
have him put lo death, ibid. ; justices sent throughout Eng- 
land by Hen. III. to investigate their po.'sesslons, tUd.; 
their secrets revealed to the King's eXQClors by a Jew, v. 116: 
extortions from by Hen. HI. especially from one Airb, 
v, 136; Ihelr joy at the attacks on the Ciursins, v. ufii 
Phihp Luwel takes bribes Irom, v. 161 ; pillaged bf 
Hen. HI. in 1252. v. 274; the prelates bound lo, v, 335; 
their false accusations of jtzsliciaries Robert de la lie dnd F 
Luwel, V. 345 ; banished by Louis IX. from France cxccpl- 
iog under certain circumstances, v. 36; ; this caused b; 
words of the Saracens, v. 36a ; their place supplied by the 
Caursins, Hid- ; their murmurs against the Caursint. v. 404; 
less exacting money-lenders than the Caursins, v. 42}; 
demands of them by Richard of Cornwall fur Hen. ni,T. 


441 ; speech of the high priesl Elyas, iiid, ; not hIIowciI lu 
leave tlie kiDgdom, ibid. \ [heir limBll remaining substance 
pillaged, ibid.; [he money gat /torn them by Hen. HI. 
given to the Pope, v. 458; demands of Hen. III. from in 
1255, V. 487 ; Hsit to be aHowed lo leave the ciiiintry, ihid. ; 
sold by Hen. III. to Richard of Cornwall, v. 488 ; ipared by 
Kichard, ibid. ; at Lincoln steal and murder the boy Huyli, 
T. jl6; all the Jews of England share in the ^\\r of thi.s, 
*■ 579 ! iteir punishment, idid. ; those executed nol 
lamented by the Caursins, ibid. ; the year 1253 a bloody 
year for them, v. 537 ; some of those condemned at Lincoln 
saved by the Franciscans, v. 546 ; some released from the 
Tower, v. 552 ; inquisitions respecting, in 1258, vi. 398. 
School of, in London, v. 399. 
The wandering, account of, iii. 161-163 '• *' 34'' 
Elyas Bishop, ajew, the charter of Si. Alban's lo Richard 
of 05chey taken from, v. 398 ; inverted to Christian ily, 
V. 730; the poison for the English nobles concocled in his 
bouse, ibid. 

Paris, Matthew, — Historia Minor, edit. Sir I'". 
Madden {R. S.), i86g. [Only items seemingly not 
in Ch. Majora.] 

Decree concerning, at Lalerin Council, i. 412. — Ubed 
magical arts at Ric. l.'s coronation, ii. 9. — Seven imprisoned 
for cinnimdsing boy at Norwich, ii. 375, iil 271. — New 
privileges brom Pope, ii 378. — Allowed to keep Christian 
Euvanls, I'^fi/.— Proclamation In England that no one should 
injure them, iL 392. —Not to hold house after convicted of 
forgery, iii. 322..— Hen. III. order? shall not eat meal in 
Lent or on Fridays, iii, 310. 

Pai.GRave, Sir F. — Rise of English Commonwealth. 

ii, pp. xxv.-xKvii., Description of protracted litigation 
of Richard de Anesty in 1156. S, and of many loans con- 
tracted with Jews to carry on litigation. 
Index to Printed Reports of. 

Roll relating to, among Chancery Records in Rolls 
Chapel, VIL, App. ii., 211. 

Placita JudKorum, Hen. IH. and Ed. I. removed from 
Carlton Ride to Stone Tower, IX. 19, Ajip. i. 9, 26. 

Jews' Rolls among Exchequer of Receipt Records, xviii. 

Documents relating ti 

among Miscellanea of Q. R., 
iit of Jews' Rolls in Rec 

List showing p!ac 
Repository on 21st Nov., 185^, 

Bonds to, among Records removed from Chnpl 
to Repository in 1859, xxi. 20. 

h hospUalE. 
I of Buig tc 


124. Parker, J.— Early History of Oxford (Oxf. Hia. 
Soc), 1885. 

Su^est5 fir Manasse mertioned in Ojifordshire Domesdlf 
was a Jew, as he is meiilioneii as being fined for haliliq 
land without King's licence, 
facsimile frontispiece. 

125. Patent Rolls. — Ed. I. 

(Aaalyses of these are being eiven in ihe succesiivf Rep™n 
of the Deputy Keeper from 18S1, and contain msny 
relating to Jews, but are uniiidexed.] 

iz6. Peck, F. — Antiquarian Annals of Stamfor<3. 

iv. 17. Jossred, Abbot of Croyland, sent brothi 
Colenbam to preach against Jews in Camb. AJiio lo i 
foul. Peter of Blesens, p. ns, 116. 

V. 15. Permission tu bury dead. 

vi. I. Massacieat Ric. I. 's coronation. 

3-8. Suggests that Jews taught tngli 
sactes at Lynn, yiamford, York. 

1 1. I tSs. William de liurg pays Benedi 
bim from debt to Jews. 

viii. 2. 1219. Jews to wear badfies. 

ix. 19. 1290. Their Synagogues at Huntingdt 
Stamford being prnraoed, Giegury de Huntingdon geu 
their books and studies [v. Catak^ue of Ramsay Librlij). 
Leland Comment., p. 3ZI. 

127. Pearson. — England in Early and Middle Ages. 

Iheir condition and massacre, i. 54S-9. Argue with 
Christians, 420. 606. 
Ta^edby John, ii. 55 ; by Hen. III., 199-! 
Massacred in London, 241. 
Forbidden usury and to hold land, 303-306. 
Ejipelled England, 347-349- 

128. Pike, L. O.— History of Crime in England (Smith. 
Elder), 1873. [Frontispiece with early caricature oE 

Jewry pledged lo the Caursins, 193, 264. — Slalnle of' 
194, 4&4. 

Position of, in England, from Conquest to end of 
century, 157-9, 4S>- 

Admirable patience and tenacity, 159. 

Massacre of, in London un Richard's coronu' 

At York, l6l-2, 457-8 ; at Lynn, Stamford, and 
162-3. 457-8. 

Combination of clergy, barons, and liadera B|^ioA 
■ «4-S- 


Envy exciled by Iheir superior knowledge of ci 

Kegulationi for, under Ric. I-, tS6, 463. 

Frauds and coin-clippiny allribulert lo Ihem, 186. 191, 

Their condi'ion in reign of John : the Jew of Bristol and 
his teelh, 1S6-7. 463. 

Hostility of clergy lo. 187-8. 

Are compelled to wear badges, if male, iSS, 463, 

PandulHs nish to expel them, 188-g. 463. 

Dehls of the clergy to them, :8g-90, 463. 

Caricature of, in reign of H-eniy III., 190-1, 463-4, and 

French usurers among them, 191. 

Have rivals in the 

Bribe the Justici 
slfitted, 193, 464. 

Forbidden to practise usury, 194. — Females as well com- 
pelled to wear badge, liiii. 464. 

Accused of offences againsc Christian religion, 194-5, 

Cruelly eitpelled from England, 196-7, 465.— Divisions of 
their property, 197-8, 465. 

"Jews' Rolls " referred to, 463-4. 

lag. Pipe Rolls. — Magnum Rotulum Scaccaiii, 31 
Hen. I., edit. J. Hunter (R, C), 1833. 
Pp. S3, 146-9. 

130. Pipe, Great Rolls of the, 2, 3, 4 Hen. H., edit. 
J. Hunter (R. C.) 

Pp. S, IS, 36, 71, 96, 127, 133. 

131. Pipe Roll Society Publications, 1885, sey. 

^L Introductory vol., pp. 8, 9, 64, 65. 

M 5 Hen. 11., 1. 3, 12, 17, 28, 35, 65. 

^K 6 Hen. 11., 33, 50. 

^^r 7 Hen. I!., 43, 63. 

^m S Hen. II., IS, 24, 41, 61, 62, 69. 

■ oHenH., 61. 
^1 ioHen. II., 31. 

W 1, Hen. II., 4, 6, 7, 11,35.61. 

"■ 13Z. Pipe, Great Roll of. — 1 Ric. I., edit. J. Hunter 
{R. C). 

Pp. 8, 59, 160, 319, 226, 229, 246. 

■ 133- PfPE, Great Roll OF the, 1189-90, edit, J. Hunter 

L[R.C,), 1844- 
Pp. 8, 20, 26, 39, 43, 44, 45, 50, 60, 73. 74, 75. 99, 109, 



no, 144, 160, 165, 173, ao8, ao9, ai6, aig, 226, 228. 1^ 
230, 242, 246, 251. 

134. Pipe Roll, 3 Jo., Rotuujs Cancellarii, edit. 
J. Hunter (R. C), 1833. 

Pp. 4. 14. 30, 36, 47, S9, 85, 88, 89, 96, 102, lii. 16J. 
169, 171, 188, 225, 244, 246, 271, 285, 286, 294, 326, 3W' 

[Mostly Jebls of Aaron of Lincoln seized by King.] 

135. Placitorum Westmon. Abbreviatio.— {R. C.) 

Pp. 9, 36, 40, 53, 59, 62, 64, 97, 11;, 114, 166, 16S. 
175. "3, 256. 

136. Plowden, F. — A Treatise on the Law of Usur)-, 

Chapters i.-iii. deol incidentally with Jews. 

137. pROTHERO.^-Simon de Montfort. 

Fined by Hen. III., 108, 125. 

138. Prynne, W. — A Short Deraurrer to the Jews long 
discontinued Remitter into England, 1655-6. 

[In two parts. Part I. went into two editions. ' 
fullest collection of records yet printed in coanecled mi 
The work was writlei with violent feeling against Jews, 
from the autlior's oftkinl connection with the Record Offie* 
is full of information.] 

139. PuGiN, E. — Specimens of Gothic Architecture. 

PInte 1 gives window and door of Jew's house at Lin 
(earliest in the chronological list), described pp. 4-5. 
" 1. ;. The chimney peculiar both in this and ihe c 


140. Rkcoki) or Caernarvon. — Record Cora., il 

Pp. IS9. "63. '79, 'Si. 193. '96. 

141. Records of the Borough of Nottinchaii.— 
Vol. i,, nSS-'399- 

lew gallow. in Ly „ 
Jew Lane = Vcnetln Ju.lieorum[ DerinE = S. NidioU* 
Street, ' 

St. Pfler' 

rn' (vnagngue «nd church house in street leading tr 
(ler'tlu Friar Mmn. 


14Z. Recoeil General des Anciennes Lots Fran- 
daises. — Paris. 

No. 391, p. 6S3. Ordonnnnce qui cj:pul5e Ics Jiiifs venus 
d'Angleterre el de Gascoyne. 

(No! given bat reference made to C.L., I. 317, No. S6.| 

143. Registrom Epistolarum J. Peckham, edit. C. 
Trice Martin. (R.S.). 

Jews of London, i. 213, 239 ; Li. 407, 410. Preface, pp. 

144. Recistrdm Malmesburiense.— Edit. Brewer and 
Martin, i8So. (R.S.). 

Jewry, Statute of the, i. 233, 506. 
Jews, creditors of the abbey, ii. St. 

145. Registrum Roitense — Edit. John Thorpe, 

Acquietarit (Radulphus piior) domum de usuria versus 
Sttmson Judeum. 
J 46. Revue DES Etudes JuivES. — Paris, iS8o, &c. 

i. 61. Several lews mentioneii mth addition of " Itn- 
glals" ot " lenglische," in Role de Juifs a Paris en 121)4. 
By I. Loeh. 

■■ ,. Z. Cahn on R. Jor.iloh of Jolany. 


iv, 14. Memorbuch de Mayence 
London, 1264. 

. 247. Un Schetar d 

r deed, 

: Athen. 

. Nov. 1884. 

r A. Neubauer (C0I- 

[ Q., Sixth 
t Vesoul aboul 


viii. 168. Moses " lenglische " mentioneJ a 

xi. 256. M. Schwab, Docuinenls pour str 
des Juifs en Angltlerre. 

lii. 73. Moise le Naqdan. By W. Bacher, 
B47. RiLEY, H. T. — Chronicles of London, 

Jewry of Winchester destroyed, 78 ; of London 
Jews to plead before the citizens in certain cases, 17. 
Moiety of movables exacted liy the King, 21. 
A Christian child slain by, 25 ; their puaishment, iiiJ, 
Persecution of, 54 ; slaughtered in London, 61. 
Inquiry as to flesh sold by, and the buycts and sellers 
thereof, 177- 

is of churches held by, 194 ; war- 

n burnt, 334. 

Concerning adi 

■hips of Christians 

JOO killed for ei 



Dnirn and hni^icd for clipping coin, 139. 
AU in Englimd impruoned, 241. 
Banished from England, 242. 

148. Riley, H. T.— Memorials of London, 1868. 

Mnidei commitled by, 15. [Abraham de Derkynp, 
Issac of CuilertHiry, Cresse 1. Isaac de l.jnKin, sisl SepL, 

' I the ward w 

149. RisHAKGER, William de.— Chronicon St. Albanii 
edit. Riley (R. S.), 1865. 

Shockir^ dealh of a Jew al Tewkesbury. 4— At C»* 
brid|>e aretHkeo by the DisinherisoDcd. 44. — Gram made I 
Edw. L for expukiOD of, iiS.— Bani?:he<i beyond sea, 43ti 

150. RtsHAKCER, William de. Chronicle of, edit. H^ 
well (dm. Soc.). 

Killed in London, 24, 126. 

151. Rogers, J. T. — History of Agriculture and Prio 

i. 285. Il is said le«-s never eictuded from Oaford. 
iL 579. col. ili, A clerk hired al Farley, 1^30, to Irai 
lale Hebrew inio Ijtin. 

" Farley : In prccuralia soluta coidam derico Om 
eipT'Denti EbraicMin in Latinum. " 
[J. T. K- suggests it might be for ttansbting a " Stair. 
15a. Roll oe Hdl'semold Expenses of Bp. ; 
FIELD (Cam. Soc.), 1855. 

Money lenders, I3J. — Cherished by Hen. III., xcii. IL 
Account of thtni, Iheir dress and wealth io Herelbtd, C 
E\v<elled the lealm l>y Edw. I., ci. 

!At marriage, in I2)'6, Aug., numbers invited and ga 
ng*, but Bp. forba<le and ei communicated all « 
attended ; there were displevs of silk and ilotfa of go 
hoisetnoniJiip, singe plays, sports, and games.] 

153. Ross, J. — Hislorta regum Anglise, edjL T, Heooi 

Pp. 200' J, ISrory of Oxford cross said to have influe ~ 
Edward I.J 

154, RoTULi DK Oblatis et Finibus, 1199-1316, ed 
Robert! (R. C). 1844. 

Pp. 41, 44. S*. 65. 66. 91. 92, 101,121,121. 130. 133. ll 
■97. iQf. 302> >(^< >l°> iiS, 231, 236, 240, 34b. 249, al 
■57. »SS. *63p '*>*. 367. 271. 272. »8o. 196. 297. 303i " 

4>8. 430, *ii. 440. JS4. S6o, 598, 6C0. 




. RoTULi Chartarum, edit. Duffy (R. C). 1837. 
Pp. 6". 7, 17, 29. 52, S5^ 59", 6i, 62", 70, 75^ 96°. 9S. 
105". I25^ 134, 150. 155", 158, 165, 185", 193, I98», zoo*', 
201, 203, 204. 

. RoTULi CURI.E Regis, edit F. C. Palgrave (R. C), 
1835. [1194-1199-1209.] 

1. 9, 15, t6, 34, 79, 223, 2S9, 33S. II. 62. 108. 
. RoTULt DE Liberate, temp. Johaiinis, edit. T. D. 
Hardy (R. C). 1844. 

24. 34. 35. 3S, 39. 42. 44. 48. 49. 54. TL 7*. 73. 8*. 

RoTULi FiNiUM, 1716-1272, edit. C. Roberts 
(R. C). 

I. 4, 6, 62, 76, 77, ?8, 87, 104, MO, 170, 174, 179, igi. 
194, 114. 216, S36. 264, 288. 21J4. 295, 297. 3'5. 3". 356. 
360, 380, 390, 391, 399, 405, 408, 412, 415. 419. 422, 427. 
438.441.442. 444,445. 455. 461- [1216-1244.] 

II. 14, 25, 47, 55, 58, 60, 6s. 6e, 67, 6S, 73. 82, 84, 88, 93, 
95, 110, 113, 134, 125, 148, 153. ISS. 163, 165, 168, 232, 
302, 309, 3:4, 335, 415. [1246-1272.] 


I. 119, 124, 126, 313, 3j8, 319, 321, 322, 355, 3q6. 

II. 250, 282, 391, 789, 791, 792, 793. 794. 798. 808. 
RoTULi LiTERAHUM Clausarum (R. C), edit. 
Hardy, 1844. 

I. i\ 11^ 20^, 23!.. 25, 30*. 33^ 34", 35, 44. 49. 49S 73. 
75, So, 87, 88, 89^ 95, 107, l37^ 146, 152", 166, 166", 171. 
172'', i8|i', lS6^ 189, 195, igis, 197, 198'', 203, 205, 220, 
223'', 224*, 227!", 231, 2421., 243, 263°, 265=, 268, 272, 275'', 
" 286, 313, 321% 323% 328", 330, 330^, 341. 354". 357. 
_. , 36S. 367°. 368, 386, 387, 399, 40r, 407'', 409. 409^ 
414. 426. 459. 513". 521". 53°. 540, 548. 55I^ 555. 5^7. 
""", 598", 628, 6$2^. [1204-1224^] 

[. 9. 24, 29". 40. 5°\ 51°. Si''. 53. 53*. 63. 67*. ;8, Sr". 
88^.89,90,92, 96, 108, 113% 114", 123, 123% 129", 135, 
'35*. 140". "63". '65', 172, 176, 176", 180, 194% 198°, 
200, 206. [1224-1227.] 

RoTULi Ogiginalium (R. C.) 

64, 73''-76' [List of Jews housts at expulsion. ] 
Rolls of Parliament, Index to the. 

Certain Jews complain that a Jew boy was baptised 
against their will, and ptay justice; King will not revoke 
baptism, i. 46*. 


Such 05 hnve charlers to converted Jews to restore ihcn 
a petition from the, 49*. 

Obbert de Lou); and otheis indicted for concealing chattel) 
of condemned Jews, 51*. 

K. le Clark bought house from Jew who had homes la 
sell to plead thereon, 38-. 

Impetrect petition concerning, 61*. 

Arrears of rents to their lands since in maiiu ngis to be 
paid to landlords, gS''. 

Prior of Bridlington accused of concealing monej due 10 
King, property of Jew, gg". 

Archbi>hop of York impeached for purchasing a debt 
due to an eniled Jew from IVior of Bridlinyton, tiid. iki*. 

R. Filz Walter prays to have a chapeL called the Jen 
Sy(iagOt;ne, i6iv 

R. de Stormeworth prays restitution of a 
sold to a Jew, 303*. 

Ed. I. pardoned 10 Christians all 
if pay principal, 465''. 

Pardon of debts to Jews by Ed. I. conferred by Acl, 
Ah. I, Ed. III.,ii. »■ -- 

s debU to J( 
iferred by J 
n that many pretending to be LorobanU 

are Jews, 332-. 

Church mote inJuEcd by covetous ChrisUnns thui bf 
them, 338'. 

J. Oldebury diacharged of a debt to Jew in Kiog*! 
redress, 402*. 

Doinus Conveisomm contened to Keeper of Roll^ iu. 
31'. V. 447'. 

163. RoTULi LiTERARUM Patentium, edit. Hardy, 

'3^ '4. 15''. 16, 16"', 22^ 24''. 30. 30", 33, 37, 36", itf; 
47. 47^ 54°. 75". 8l^ 83, 85^ 97, ' ... 

169", 194- [1201-1216.] 

164. ScACCARii NoKMANSi.E, edit. Siapleton 

(E. H. S.), 1840-4. 

I. cxli., d.-^II. L, li., liv.. loixi., Uxxv., cimvi., ccxUt., 
cc!., ccliii. 

165. Select!, edit. Hunter (R. C), 1834. 

V. jto. [Plea about Jews of Northampton, 1265.] 

1 66. Rye, W.— Pedes Finiutn. 1882. 

Pp. 67, 140. 

167. On the Circti incision of a Boy at Norwich ia 

1330 in M'r/o/i Anliquarian Miscellany, voL I* 
pp. 3"-344- 

With tweniy.lhree anpuhliahed documenis in Append 
tome relating to Oxon and Lincoln ; mostly to Norwich. 

:rted Jew, 


i. Rye, W.— Short History of Norfolk (Pop. County 
Hist.), 1886. 

Persecution, 4Z.— St. Willinm of Noiwich, 46.— Lynn, 
47.— At Norwich, 48.— Cnricnliirfs of, 51-a.— Jews' Ways 
by Burnham and Burgh Castle, 16. 

- Rymer's Foedera (Syllabus in English, Hardv), 

Jew of Lincoln, Anron Ihe, 18. — Benedict, sou of Mo«;. 
seas of London, a Jew. sS.—Cresse, a Jew, 59. — Edward 
Bmssels, a Je*. 315. — Hagin, a Jew, 59. — Henry, a 
Verted Jew, created a knighl, 87.— Helias Sabot, a ' 
" ' me la Chase, doctor, 566,— John, the converte 
^^ Joba de Chttstel. a converted, 386. — Elizabeth, i 

Verted Jewess, 547.^ewesses throughout Enginnd, regu- 
htions to be observed by all, 94. — Jewry in Kngland, 78. — 
Jews. 14. Z4. 46. 50- 56- 59. 72, 78. 85 89. 93.— Cemetery 
Of, 46. — Comiug to England, regulations concerning, 34 — 
Commanded to evacuate Northampton Casile, 72. — Con- 
Wrted Jews. 33, (56,) 87, 90, 154. S'S- 3S6.— Chapel ol ihe 

e averted Jews, iSz. — House of converted Jews in New Street 
the suburbs of London, 33, ,^4, 94, 182,315, 518. — Kee|>er 
i[ converted Jews, 147, 386, 495. — To tie induced to attend 
"ic discimrses of Ihe provincial of the Friars Preachers, 90. — 
' 'oug tor the management of the houses of converted 
London, 91. — Elizaljeih, daughter of Moyaes, 
p of the converted Jewi, 547. — Hagin, son of Deu- 
Kres, appointed High Priest of Jews for life, 93. — 
mprisoned by the King ; excluded irom a general pardon, 
IJ. — Indicted for clipping coins, 89. — -tnveutoiy of all ihc 
!ebCs due to the Jews to be made, 66.— Albertus Medici, 
>dge of the Jews. 156.— Justices of the, 50.— Liberty to 
*" — e their high priest, 6a.— Messuages of, r4.— R^ola. 
concerning, 50. — ^Regulations to be observed by, 79, 
14.— Privil^cs to the, in England and Normandy, 8. — 
Ubbi Moysis, bishop of the converted Jews, 547.— Tallages 
fae by the, 82.— Tallages to be paid, 88— Their help to 
tichard, brother of Hen. HI., 59. — Ordered to leave the 
ilngdom, 109. — To wear two while tablets on their breast, 
(.-Under protection of Hen. III., 72.— Under protection 
iSfKingJohn, 13. — Jews and Christians who clip the coin, 
^— In England, 8, 13, 79.— A'aiirned by Hen., HI. to 
—(her Richard in security for money advanced, 53.— Con- 
tniMtion of privileges granted to Jewish pries^lhood of ail 
Be, 14.— Jews in Gascony, 83. 93.— Of Hereford, 24.— In 
'een, Moeschalcy of, 156.— Of London, 13, 46, (151). — 
lieircoffins to be searched, 56.— Debts of the, 56.- Jo^ee, 
fcprfeW of, 14.— Masters of the law of, 46. — From Win- 
dlilsea, expulsion from, So. — From Windsor, removal from 
ordered, 9S. 


I. Selden,— De Jure Naturali ei Gentium, sec, Heb 
On Jewish Medals and coins — one from Sclieckaid i 
Persia, onolher in Surrfy (fig.}, 186-7. 

Passage from " Shulshelelh Ilalikebala " on persecalic 
of Jews in England, 1260, 1S6. 
The Winchealer inscriplion, 191. 

, Titles of Honour. 

A SluT ttanslaled hence inlo Tovey, 644, 
A. Sever, S. — Memorials of Bristol. 1821. 

Pp. 527-9. Jews m Brislol [chiefly from Piynoe], 
. Shirley.— Royal Letters of Hen. III. (R. S.), t86( 

Of Ireland, i. 519 ; of KenI, 392 ; of Poitou and G« 
coigne, i, zo6 ; also ii. 23, 24, 46, 9S, I lo. 
. Skelton, J. — Oxonia Antiqua, 1823. 

PI. 100. Domus Conversorum al Onford. [Also in W. B 
Turner's Records 0/ Oxford, p. 436.] 
. SoMNER, W. ^Antiquities of Canterbury, 1640. 

Jewiy and Jewry Lane i Synagogue where Saracen's Hei 

. Speed, J. — The Mighty Empire of Britain, 1676. 
Jewry streets or lanes occur in rnaps of Hereford (6) 
Warwick (U); Lichlield (PJaye's Lane, 12) ; WiQi:hesler(4V 
Canterbury (24], and Parish of Alihallows in Jewry in C 
. Sprott, J. — Chronicon, edit. T. Hearne, 1719. 
P. 75. Anno Domini MCCXC. quidam Jud^us Pa 
emit a muliere Chri-tiana corpus Domini die Pascha oC. 
bulHvit in patella et iransliKit cullelto et sanguis exit' 
■' ' III sunt Judflsi at) Anglia 

r, Stati;tes of the Realm. 

1. 100 [merchants] ; 202-3 l^^ Plstoiibus] ; 2H, 333, 
I Edw. 111., St. 2, c. 3. 
i. Stein SCHNEIDER, M. — "Abraham ibn Ezra" 
Zeits. f. Math, und Phys. HisL Lit. Abth., iS3a, 

Steinschneider, M. — Cat. Bodleian, i860. 

No. 7,068, col. 24.75. Snmuel b. Salomo (ex Drei 
Fa]ai>e. .'iir Morel N"Ta'?]3'KD ^niD 13'aT in ni.ljn 
. mtf'Si nin^n 'JIDD, j 9. Tosapholh to Aboda Sara. 


<o. Stow. — Survey of London, edit. Strypie. 

Jewry a plice in the liherties uf Tower, Uk. ii., p. 31, 

First brought over by Will. I.. Bk. lii., p. 54. 

Several hanged for circumcising a child, idid. 

Seven hundred slain by Londuncrs, and why, iiiJ. 53. 

Treatment in several reigns, pp. 54, 55. 

Rolls' Chapel for converts, j«rf. 261, 263. 

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[The "standard" history of the pre- expulsion period. 
Illustrations: Seal of Jacob of London ; the Boilleian ewer 
{without arms) ; and tomb of Si. Hii];h ofLincJn. Almost 
entirely derived from Ptynne.] 

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Massacred at London, 1 16. Strict laws against them by 
Ric. L, 153. 

Expelled England by John, 182. Hung for clipping 
coin, 299. 

Expelled England by Ed, L, 3r6. 

Jews of Norwich crucify a boy, |3 ; another at Bluis, 63 ; 
Su Hugh, Lincoln, 24S. A fourth at Gloucester, liid. 


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Castle, 1880. 

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192. [Webr, p. C.]— The Question whether a Jew . - 
was a Person capable by Law lo purchase and h(F' 
Lands , , . Fairly stated and considered, Londir' 

[Valuable collection of records in Appendix.] 

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Outrage ol at Norwich, iv. 324. 

or Chrisreadom obtain a proiection from Pope agtii 
enloriions, \v. 326. 

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Aboul niniJk of Iwelflh century gave money lo Empioi 


Maud and King Slephen to s 


r houses fti 

Oblained a burying place (l 177), 165, 

Farciblf take away a Jewish child thai bad bei 

Mei aod laptised, and are imprisoned, 220. 

Not to receire from scholars more than 2<l. in pou 

ivennight, ace to statute of Hen, III. (1248), 239. 
One of them (1268) breaking cross in a proces * 
tre obliged by the King to build a cross and piese 
■.ble one in silver for prucessiuns, 273, 274. 

Chancellor had ccgnizance granted him by Ki 

' causes between them and scholars, 325, 316. 
Expelled Oxford and banished the kingdom (1 
Purchased tenemenls called Grral and Little Ji 
Of their synagogue and burying place, Hid, 
or their enormities at Oxford about ibal time, 329, 
Read Hebrew in their school, 397, y. ii. p. ii. 745 
.Settled in Oxford about 9 Will. I. (1075). i. 129. 
Jews' school, ill. 651 [became London ColIege=Bi 

■'M'oRCESTER, Florence of. — Chronicon ex Cliro 
*»icis, edit. Thorpe (E. H. S.), : 

A boy murdered by them at Bury, ii. 155. 

Many slain at coronation of Ric. I., 157; slain in varioi 
I {>Uces, 15S. 

Imprisoned, 169; executed at Norwich, 177. 

Plundered and slain, [92, 

Synagogue given up to Friars de PccnilentiS, 210. 

Forbidden to practise usury, 214. Expelled from Car 
rlridge, 215. 

Imprisoned, 220; hanged for clipping coin, 221. 

Bay cruclHed by them at Northampton, 222 ; in 
W lirisoned, 23S ; expulsion, 243. 

■year Books, edit. A. J. Horwood (R. S.). 

, " Defend " inserted in deeds 

I Jews, 190. 

33 Ed. I,, Annuity (o a Jew (Simon), and a mortgage Ic 

I ZUNZ. — Geographische Literatur der Judcn, in Ges. 
'.. '67- 

i 44' (30 Joseph b. Baruch = the one who brought J e- 
tuda b. Kardinil's " Kusari" to England. Both Jewish 
Kmsaders (v. de Rossi cod. 625. H. D, L, in preface to 
^'Kusari," 1839, } 3. Orient., 1840. 5S8). 
' (4.) Meir b. Baruch, Joseph's brother = Meir of England, 


. ZuNz. — Zur Gesch. und Literatur, 1845. 

Tosafista : (?) Sir Leon (35), Sir Muriel (37), EtUs f 
of pviai« (? Eboracutn), Jomlob of Joigny (52). JosoA 
Daniel (52, 89). Exegetts : Jacob of Orleans (75). hi 
mtors : Moses der Nakdan = M. b. Joseph, Moses b. b 
of England (112). Jurists : Meir of England (161), j( 
lob of London, 1173 (193). 
, Die Ritua. 1865. 

20 ijivan, a fast for Jews of France, England, 
for the mittfis of BloLS, I171, 127. 

Meit of Kodienbui^ (R. A. 410., No. 117) tn 
md England as one. A Machsor with notes from Engbl 
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n 2 



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[Note. Jews banished in 1287. More Strictly espcDcd 
1610. In 1624 practically atlowed.] 
306. Barry, John S.— Town of Hanover, Mass., 

Jacob's lamily of Jcwiib entraction reiiJenI in EDglaad 
■ 5lh century. 

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1492. Spanish Jewish fu^ti 

n England, i 

■ 377- 

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15^7-1533, Oxford, 8vo. 1870. 

[Contains important documents beating on the particip 
lion or Jews in the controversy on Henry VILI.'s divorc 
Unrorlunately the work is not provided with an index,] 


. Nicolas, Sir Harry. - 
cil of England. 

1421. Baptism of "Job, . 
1542, Arrest of Jews, V 

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n spolhecary from Italy," ii. 


of the Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth, and 
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VQl,ii. {ts8:-i59o)- 

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a Jew, prosecution of, 617, 

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Present to, 416, 445, 447. 1 

IS of, 453. 455. 456, 460- 

Lop™, Dr. Ri^ei 


- Death o 


I of, 444, 448, 456. 
videiice al, 445-448- 
I of. 460- 

Wile and cliildren of, 434. 

Daughter of, 413, 440. 

Cousinj of :6. 

i''- ('59S-1597)- Hurudo [f Herreia], r 
Cadii, 279. 
f LopEZ. Dr. Roger, 76, 

IS implicated ir 
■ '5- 

i conspiracy, 85, i 

o. »S- 

b, prisoner at Rye, 413. 

J Sarah, widow of, grani 

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Jew pirate arrested, z6o. 
Vol K. [iSi9-i5z3).— Jacob, Abraham, xj, 82, 91, 
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[. (1C35-1636). Judaism, proscculionorconvett t 

Vol. I 


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Jews. 193, 194. 
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aonof, 143. 

Jew., 189. 

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Simon de. 212. 

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Jewish broker?, 49. 

\m, 49. 

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petition of, 378. 

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93. 227. 247. aCo. 274 CJi 29S. 3*6. 325 0. 327- 


RnMes. Antonio Rod riques Feiemena de, depositiM| 
of, 29S. ' 

parents of, 294. 

pctilion of, 294. 

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Ponlo. Antonio de, 316. 
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Colonial Series, edited by W. Noel Sainsbury. 

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(East Indies.) — 41, 299, 429, 598, 643. 

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-^West Indies.) Caseres, Bemnrd dc, 6^. 73. S6, 

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Henry de, 65. 73. 

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Enriqaes, or Heiiriques, Daniel Baeno, grant of de- 
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Josef, 13S. 

Moisc Bueno,_I3B, 

Fraso, Jacob, petition of, 65. 

Jew!>, 13S, 140, 489. 530, 1710, 1S60, 1895. 

report as to their trading to the pluitalioa 

gmnls of deniiation to, 139. 

giants made vjid by the King, 948, 949. 

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Isasc Israel de, 948. 

Aaron Is:iael de, 948. 

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MIDDLE AGE, I290-1656. 4I 

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208 (5). 
V0I.V. (1562). Jews, the, 158 (10), 190(1), 197, 208(5)- 

Calendar of Letters, Despatches, and State 


Papers, relating to the Negotia 
land and Spain, edited by J. A 
P. de Gayanjos. 

Vol. i. (1485-1509). Jewn, conduct 
England, 164. 

between Eng- 
Bergenroth and 


Vol. It. (1429-1533). GabrieUo, Marco [! Raphiel, MaA], 

a converted Jew, 335. 

inviied lo England, 761. 

Imperial Amliit^saduri lake measures for ia 

arre'.l, 825, 842, 844. 

in London, 45. 

Jews in Venice and Bolognn consulted on divorce 

esse, 61, 552, 869. 
one in Rome to be brought to England, 761; 

■'■ 535- 

one in Rome compelled to many his brotheri 

wido*, 739. 

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Tremellius visited England in 1549 and 1567. 
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[Rodrigo Lopez.] 

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Contents ; with a Strange Sonet, entitled, Gorgon; 
or the wonderful Jew. 1591. 

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1596. Abraham [Alonzoj de Hetreia lirou^Iil lo En£lud( 

MIDDLE AGE, II90-1656. 


U16. PiOT, Lazarus.— Tlie Orator: Handling a Hun- 
dred Severn!! Discourses. 1596. 

Tgsth Declamation, " Of a Jew who would for his debt 
have a pound ofthe flesli of a Chrislian."] 
217. Halevi. Abraham aben Hassan. — Hasc sunt 
verba Dei, etc. Precepta 613. Collecta per A. fi!, 
Kattani, transiata in iinguam [..atinam per P. FerdU 
nandum. Cantabrig, 410. 1597. 

[Translation of ncyn vh nivai ne-y niTO by p. 

Ferdinand, teacher of Hebrew at Cambridfie, and a con- 

318. Ellis. — Letters Illustrative of English History, 



1599. Letter from Esperania Malchi to Quee 

. SvMONS, John.— Hul! in ye Olden Times. 1886. 
1599. David de Pomis, a Jew Rabbi, resident at Hull, 

series edited by Mr. Gunncll [see No, 
Pomis is generally supposed 10 have died 
(cf. Graeti, " Geschiehte," ix. 483).] 

?i9. Nixon, An-ih.- 
Erothers. 1607. 

[Gives an account of the kindly 

Venice in 1588 
■The Travels of Three English 

of Sir Thon 
i-as turned inti 

Shirley by a Ji 

bad account in Day, Rowley, and Wilk; 
Shirley's travels in the sameyesrj. 
1x90. Jewes' Prophecy, or Newes from Rome. 1607, 


—"Old Plays," (" Everie Woman 

"You may hire a good suit at a Jewes," (cf. Academy, 
May 14, 1SS7). 

^so. Paterson, Mark.— Life of Isaac Casaubon, Lon- 
don, 1875. 

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laoa. Bacon's Apophthegms. 

1617. Anecdote of Gondemar. 



ijoi. Harbison, John. — The Messiah already come; 
or profes of Chris tianiiie, both out of the Scrip- 
tures and auiicienl Rabbins, to convince the Jewa 
of their palpable and more than miserable blind- 
nesse (if more may be), for their long, vaine, and 
endiesse expectation of the Messiah (a^ ihey dream) 
yet for to coroe. Wricien in Barberie in the year 
1610, and for that cause directed to the dispersed 
Jewes of that countrie, &c. Amsterdam, 1619. 
8vo., 68 pp. 
220c. Castro, D. Henriques de. — Auswahl von Grab- 
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1623. Burial at a child of an English proselyte, p. aX. 
„ Burial of a daughter of an English Jew, p. a8. 
1625. Burial of a child of an Enijlish proselyte, p. aS. 
„ Burial of the wife of an English pri»elyte, p. 18. 

nt. The Wandering Jew telling Fortunes to English- 
men. 1625. 

[Reprinted in J. O. Halliwelt's " Books of Characlei," 
London, 1857,] 

3ZZ. Marlowe, C. — The Famous Tragedy of the Rich' 
Jew of Malta ; as it was played before the King 
and Queene in His Majestie's Theatre ai While- 
hall, by Her Majestie's servants at the Cock Pit. 

[Edited hy W. Shone, with Notes, iSlO.] 

323. GuNNELL, W, A. — Sketches of Hull Celebrities. 
Hull, 1876. 

1600 (i-iVfn). A Jew goUsmilh in Chepe, London, p. 18^ 
161S. Israel Leoni, Hull merchant, p. 9. 
1649. Kichard Ffranks. Chamberlain, and afkerwardi 
Mayor of HittI, pp. 1 13, 20a 

[ rhe genuineness of the documents edited in thi 
has been strongly contested.] 

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[Reprinted (roia/eviisA ChrtiituU of Dec 9, t6, »3, 
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240. P. T. [Thomas Pocock,] — De Termino Vilae ; «■, 
the Term of Life, viz., whether it is fitted or 
alterable; with the sense of the Jewish Docton, 
both ancient and modern, touching Predcsunadoa 
and Free Will. Written in Latin by the fanioui 
Menasseh ben Israel the Jew, and now translated 
into English. 1700. 

[Contains a memoir of Men«i5eh based 
Bipplied 10 the writer by Mr. Uoiucs Serra.] 

MmDI.E AGS, 1990-1656. 


r. Manasse b. Israel.— Gratuiatio gentis suse nomine, 
ad principem Fred. Henricuin cum juxta reginani 
Henricam Manam, Caroli Magnse Britannife regis 
conjugem, synagogam lustraret. 4to„ 11 pp. Amster- 
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[Reprinted by Hansen! Knollys .Soc, 1848,] 
r. 141, Jews, alchau^h hecelics, may make i^ood citizens. 

[. Leonard B USHER. — Religious Peace; or, A Plea 
for Liberty of Corwcience. Presented to King 
James, and printed in the year 1614; reprinted 
1646. 1646. 

[Reprinted in coUeclion of Hunserd Knollys Soc., :846.] 
Pp. 28, 47, 71, Hy not setting up liberty of Cimscience 

Jevs are pievenlud Irnm .'ieeking to inliabi: Etigland, and 

their coDvcrsion 13 impeded. 

|.. A true and perfect relation of a . . . Conspiracy 
discovered by a Jew in Turkie. London. 4to. 1646. 

J. Thomas Valentine (Rector of Chalfont). — A 
Charge against the Jews and the Christian World 
for not coming to Christ . . . Delivered in 3 Sermon 
beforethe . . . House of Peers, . . . May 26, 1647, 
being the day of their Public Fast. 410. 1647. 

i, Ht;GH Peters. — -A Word for the Army, and Two 

Words -to the Kingdom, to clear the one and cure 

the other. (Harleian Miscellany, v. 573.) 1647. 

Art 10 demands that "strangers, even Jews, [be] admitted 

to trade and live with us." 

r. Edward N[cholas. — An Apology for Ihe honour- 
able Nation of Jews, and all the Sons of Israel. 

Large Diatribe of the Jews' 

348. T, Calvert. — 
Estate. York. 

[Added to a translation of R. Samuel's " Demotistraticia 
of the True Messiah."] 

J The Petition of the Jewes for the Repealing of the 
Act of Parliament for their Banishment out of 


England, presented to his Excellency [LordFauM 
and the Generall Councell of Officers, on Fiji^ 
Jan. 5, 1648, with their favourable accepliiw 
thereof. Also a Petition of Divers Coraraanden, 
prisoners in the King's Bench, for the releasingo' 
all prisoners for Debt, according to the Cusiointof 
other Countries. London. Printed for Geoip 
Roberts. 164* 

[Sni. 4to., 6 pp. The pelitionera are '"JohanniCine'- 
wripht, Widduw, and Ebeneiet Cartwrighi, htr Sm, 
freebom of England, and now InhabitanU of [he Gl]r •> 
Amsterdam." This is the first petition picsenled 
□ection with the National Movement for the Keiuin 

250. Menasseh bf.n Israel. —'?(i"ffl" mpa Esto es, 
Esperanza de Israel (Relacion de Aharo Levi, ihi 
A. de Montezinos.) Amsterdam. 1649. 

[Dedicaled to the English Patliamenl and Coanci 
State "in order to gain your iavoui and goodwill to 
agf. John Sadler.— Rights of the Kingdom. 1649. 

P. 4S refeis to Menasseh ben Israel, and pleads foi 
and mercy to Jews. 

352. J. DuRY. — An Epistolary Discourse to Mr. Thocoas 
ThorowgDod, concerning his conjecture that the 
Americans are descended from the Israelites. 1649. 

353. E. S. [of] Middlesex. — An Epistle to the learned 
Manasse ben Israel in answer Co his, dedicated to 
the Parliament. London. 8vo. 1650, 

[Proposes twelve cnnditions for the re-ad missiaii of Ibe 
Jews. Among them ate lliat Jews shall not circumci^ ; Itwl 
they shall attend a Canversion Sermon onee a yeat on Cool 
Friday, and that ihey shall pay double customs.] 

354. R. LeoJuda. — History of the Modern Jews. Trans- 
lated from the Italian of Juda, by E. Chilmead. 

»SS. Antonio de Montezinos [=Aaron Levi}- 

Relation of ... . Antony Montezinus of what befell 

him as he travelled over the Mountains Corditlxre. 


[Another edition in 1651. 4to.] 

56. T. Thobowgood, B.D. — ^Jews in America, or Pro- 
babilities that the Americans arc Jews. 1650- 
[Second Edition.] 
'S7- Mknasseh ben Israel. ^ The Hope of Israel 
Translated into English with the " Relation of ... , 
Antony Montezinos." 8vo. and edit., 1851, with 
Discourses upon the Point of the Conversions of 
Ihe Jewes, by Moses Wall. 1651. 
[The oHginj], in Spanish, appeared at Amsterdam in 
1649 (No. 250), and a reprint in Madrid, l8gl. tl al<^o a;i- 
peared in Dutch, together with a translation of Nichuki' 
tract (see No. 247) at Amslerdam, in 1666.] 

»The Great Deliverance of the Whole House of 
Israel : What it truely is, by whom it shall be per- 
formed, and in what year ; in answer to the book 
called " The Hope of Israel." London. 8vo. 

59. Sir Hamon L'Estrange. — Americans no Jews. 
London. 4to. 1652. 

[Reply to No. 256.] 

]o, R[oger] W[illiams]. — The Fourth Paper pre- 
sented by Major Butler to the Honourable Com- 
mittee of Parliament for the Propagating the Gospel 
of Christ Jesus. London. 4to. 1652. 

[One of the questions propounded hy Major Butler (p. 3) 
is, "Whether it be not the duly of the magistrate to perniil 
the Jews, whose conversion we look for, to live freely and 

|i peaceably amODgst us." On this R. W. conunents at length 

I ™ — -ffi "native sense (pp. 18-19).] 

- The Hireling Ministry none of Christ's, or 
I Discourse touching the Propagating the Gospel 
if Christ Jesus, humbly presented to such pious 
ind honourable hands whom the present debate 
'lereof concerns. 1652. 

P. 27.— "All consciences (yea, the very conscience of the* 

■ Pfl.pials, Jews, &c.) ought freely and impanially to be per- 
Ksutted thf ir severall respective worships, their tninLSters of wor- 

■ Ihips, and what way ot maintaining them they freely choose," 

; Wonderftil and most Deplorable History of 
lie Latter Times of the Jews, London. 8vo, 1652. 


, 263. iEleasar Bargishai, — A Brief Compendium of ihe 
- Vain Hopes of the Jews Messias, ihe IgnoiaM 
Fables of their Rabbies, and the Confuting of ihc 
Jewish Religion. Written by E. B., a bora Jet, 
for the upholding of Christianity. Svo., : 
[A. N.] 165*. 

[Colopbon: "This ]3 the first part of ibis, my liiOe 
Treatise, of the Jews superstitions and carnal hoping It* 
their Messias, as they sre laught from Iheir babbling Til 
muth and foolish blinde Rabbies and Teachers."] 

264.1 Henry Jessey. — The Glory of Jehudah uA 
Israel. 1653. 

[Referred to by Menasseh ben Israel in his "Humble 
Addresses" (see Nos. 275-6) as having been written 

265. Original Letters and Papers of State addressed 
Oliver Cromwell concerning the affairs of Great Bri- 
tain . . . found among the Political Collections 
John Milton. '74J' 

P. 100. — Petition for the re-admission of the Jewi 
dressed to the Short PatHament by Samuel Ilening. 

266. Joseph ben Israel.— The Converted Jew; 
the Substance of the Declaration and Confessictt 
which was made in the Publique Meeting House 
Hexham, the 4th moneth, the sth day, 1653, b^ 
J. ben I. Gateside. 8vo., 12 pp. 165}, 

367. The Counterfeit Jew. Sm. 4to., 8 pp. [A. N.] 

[A persnn named "Josephus ben Israel, ' who cam* 
Newca-lle under name of Horsetey, The tract wandcn 

268. Tho. Weld, Sam. Hammond, Cuth. Side-vRaI^ 
AND WiL. DuRANT. — A False Jew; or, a WondcrM 
Discovery of a Scot, baptised at London for 
Christian, circumcised at Rome to act a Ji 
baptised at Hexham for a Believer, but found 0< 
at Newcastle to be a cheat. Newcastle. 4tO« 

14 pp. Its. 

Second Edition. London. 4 to. 1654. 






Thomas Tillam. — Banners of Love displaied over 
the Church at Hexham ; or, an Answer to a Nar- 
rative stuffed with Untruths by four Newcastle 
Gentlemen. London. 4to. 1S54. 

Eliazar Bar-ISA jah, — The Christian's Messiah 
vindicated by One ttiat was a Jew bom. 8vo., 66 pp. 

[Pp. 61-66, " Episllc to my former Breihren."] 
Eliezer Bar-isajam. — The Messiah of the Chris- 
tians and the Jew. 8vo. i^SS- 
Mercuhius Politicus. 

Distress of Jews in Poland, Nov. I, 1655. 
Hamburg full of fu^'ilive Polish Jews, Dec. 17, 1655. 
PoliEh Jews pelilioa to be allowed la setlle in Austria, 
Dec 20, 1655- 

If Jews admitted to England, will be useful in war with 
Spiiin, Jan. 24, 1656. 
" Public Intelligencer." 

Distress of Jews in Poland, Nov. 12, 1655. 
Polish Jews' petition to be allowed to setile in Austria, 
Dec 17, 1655. 

Samuei Brett. — A Narrative of the Proceedings of 
a great Council of Jews, assembled in the Plains of 
Ageda in Hungaria, about 30 leagues distant from 
Buda to examine the Scriptures concerning Chiist, 
on the 12th of October, 165(3. 1G55. 

t Rep rimed in PAimix.] 
Wenasseh ben Israel, — To his Highnesse the 
Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, 
Scotland, and Ireland, the humble Addresses of 
Menasseh ben Israel, a Divine and Doctor of Physic, 
in behalfe of the Jewish Nation. 4to,, 23 pp. 


[No imprint or date. The British Museum copy is dated 

in MS. "November 5th {London) 1655." Reprinted in 

Sot. Hib. Lit., Misc. II. Also separately in facsimile 

(Dwi^ht), Melbourne, 1868.J 

Menasseh ben Israel. — To his Highnesse the Lord 
Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland, etc. 26 pp. 4to. [1655.] 

[No imprint or dale. Apparently a revised edition of 


7. John Durv (in Hesse Cassel). — A Case of Con 
science, whether it be lawlul to admit Je 
Christian Commonwealth, resolved by Mr, ], D, 
written to Samuel HartHb. 1655. 

[Repiinted in Harltian Miscellany, vij., 240-Z44.] 

8. VV. Prynne. — Short Demurrer against the Jewa 
continued remitter into England. Part I. 1655. 

[A second part appeared in 1656, together with a 
edition of the first.] 

5. A. R.— A View of the Jewish Religion, comaining 

Manner of Life, Rites, Ceremonies, and Cuscornsof 

the Jewish Nation throughout the World ai this 

sent time, with their Articles of Faith, as no* 

received. ifijt 

[ 'Announced in Fnilic ItUilHsencer, Feb. 4, 1655-56.] 

3. W. Phineh.— The Law read June the 10, 1656^ 

unto the People Israel belonging to the returning 

from Captivity at the Tent Judah, London. 

I. J. Copley.— Case of the Jews is altered and t 

Synagogues shut to all Evil-walkers, or a Vindicft 

lion of the Jews. 4to., C pp. 165& 

I. Arise Evans. — Light for the Jews : or, the Meant 

to convert them, in answer lo a Book of rtieiis, 

called " The Hope of Israel." London. 16 

[A nole stales thai the pamphlet was wntlco in Mt) 

1656, but not published until 1664. Tlie obiecl of ihe « 

was to proTC lo Menasseh ben Israel ihal "Charles Stew 

i< he whom you call your Messiah, Caplain and DdiTail 

who will bring you to present happiness if you follow him." 

J. Menasseh ben Israel. — Vindicife Judajonim, ( 
a Letter in answer to certain Questions propounded 
by a Noble and Learned Gentleman, touching the 
reproaches cast on the Nation of the Jewcsj 
wherein all objections are candidly and yet fuUf 
closed. By Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel, a Divine 
and a Physicyan. Printed by R, D^ in the year 
1656. 8vo., 41 pp. 1656. 

[A Gemuui tranilalion by Mendelssohn was pubUihed tf 

MIDDLE AGE, ligo-1656. 53 

Berlin, 1782, and reprinted at Bamberg, 1882, in conneelion 
witb [he Anti-Semitic movement. I'lanslaled ialo Pohsh in 

284. [Henrv Jessey]. — A Narrative of the late Pro- 
ceedings at Whitehall concerning the Jews, who 
had desired by Rabbi Manasse, an Agent of them, 
that they might return into England, and worshi[> 
the God of their fathers here in the Synagogues. 
Published for satisfaction to many in several parts of 
England that are desirous and inquisitive to hear 
the truth thereof. 16 pp. 1656. 

(Reprinted Harl. Misi. iii., pp. 578-83. German in 
Panthean Anabaptist, p. 235 seq.j 

385. Anglo-Judteus, or the history of the Jews whilst 

there in England. Relating their Manners, Car- 
riages, and Usage from their admission by William 
the Conqueror to their banishment, occasioned by 
a Book written to his Highness the Lord Protector 
(with a Declaration to the Commonwealth of Eng- 
land} for their re-admission by Rabbi Menasses 
Ben Israel. To which is also subjoyned a particular 
answer by W. H. 1656. 

286. Thom.\s Collier. — A brief Answer to some of the 
objections and demurs made against the coming in 

• and inhabiting of the Jews in this Commonwealth, 
with a plea on their behalf or some Arguments to 
prove it not only lawful, but the duty of those 
whom it concerns to give them their Liberty and 
Protection (they living peaceably) in this Nation. 

2S7, The Case of the Jewes stated ; or, the Jewes Syna- 
gogue opened. With their Preparations in the 
Morning before they go thither, and their doings at 
Night when they come home : their Practises in 

t their Synagogues and some select actings of theirs 
in England upon Record. R. Ibbitson. Sm. 4to., 
z : 

.Thomas Burton, M.P. — Parliamentary Diarv, 
edited by J. T. Butt. London. 8vo. iSsS. 

Feb. 4, 165S. "The Jews, those able and general inut- 
ligencers, whose inlercourse with ihe Conlinenl Ctomwell hal 
before lurned to a prolitnLle Bccuunl, he nuw conciliated b; 
a seasonable benefaction 10 their principal ageni resident in 

5. The Great Trappaner of England Discovered; 
being a True Narrative of many dangerous and 
abominable Practices of one Thomas Violet, Gold- 
smith, to trappan the Jews and ruin many scores 
of Families in and about London. London. 410., 
6 pp. 1660. 

D. Th. Violet. — Petition against the Jews, with 
several Reasons proving the East India, the Turkey, 
and the East Country Trade may be driven without 
transporting gold and silver out of England, 4to. 



.0 the negotiations of the Jews with Ciomwctt. 


191. Wood. — Athense Oxoniensis. 

n of the Edict ol Expol- 

I. William Godwin. — History of the Conunon- 

wealth of England. iSsS, 

Vol. iv,, pp. 243-51. Chapter on Return of the Je*« W' 

England, in which reference ia made to Doraiido's PetilicM 

and the foundation of the first Jewish Burial Ground 

;. Calendars of Spate Papers. — Domestic Series 
during the Co mm on wealth, edited by M. A. E. 

Vol. iii. (i^sO- Menasaeh ben Israel. 471. 

Vol. iv. (1651-1652). pass for, S77- 

, V. (1652-1653)- Jewish Rabbi, 38, 
Sanhcilrin, 339. 

ews, 110, 334. 
enasseh ben Israel, pass for, 38. 
Mordecai, petition of Kobeit Ricl 
half of Jews in EngUmd, Sec 


fd^MA JSi^/t£Un^ 

MIDDLE AGE, I29O-1656. 55 

Vol. vi. (1653-54). Jews, 21, 42, 95, 167, 263, 289, 331. 
Menasseh ben Israel, pass for, 436. 

Vol. vii. (1654). Abarbanel, David, 393, 407. 
Jews, 91. 

Vol. viii. (1655). Dormido, Manuel, Petition of, 102. 
Jewish Kabbis, 7, 336. 
Jews or Hebrews, 62, 336, 402, 583. 
Menasseh ben Israel, 402. 
Samuel ben Israel, 585. 

VoL ix. (1655-1656). Jewish Hebrew, 866. 
Jewish nation, 15, 20, 51. 
Jews, 15, 23, 51-57, 58, 82, 128, 257, 294, 295, 316, 

in London, petition of, 237. 

Judaism, 16. 

Menasseh ben Israel, 15, 20, 23, 52, 366. 

— - petition of, 237. 

request of, 15. 

VoL X. (1656- 1657). Menasseh ben Israel, petition of, 

Vol. xi. (1657-1658). , loi. 

son of, loi. 

294. Calendars of the Clarendon State Papers. 

Vol. ii. (1653). Consultations in Parliament for bringing 
the Jews into England, p. 233. 

295. Thurloe State Papers. 

Vol. i. (1653). Debates in Parliament on readmission, 387. 
Vol. iv. (1655.) Question of readmitting Jews, 308, 321. 

Menasseh ben Israel, 333.I 

296. "Jewish Chronicle." 

Israel Davis : ** Resettlement of the Jews by Oliver Crom- 
well," Nov. 26 and Dec. 3, 1880. 

** The Return of the Jews to England," Dec. 10, 1880. 

Philip Abraham : State Papers relating to the Return, V 
Aug. 8, 1884. 


-MODERN PERIOD, 1657-18 


J. S. OcKLEY. — The History of the present Jei 
throughout the World : translated from the Italu 
[of Jchuda de Modena], to which are subjoined 
two supplements— one concerning the Samaritani, 
the other of the sect of the Carraites, from Uie 
French of R. Simon, with notes. 8vo. »To7» 

[Another edition in 17M.] 

I. T. Taylor, A.M.— The History of the Jews frtim 

Jesus Christ to the present time ; translated f 

the French of Basnagius. 1708^ 

!. Henry Hart, D.D. (Dean of Sl Paul's).- 

The History of the Jews. 
(. Hannah Adams, of Boston, America, — A Histor] 

of the Jews from the Destruction of Jerusalem li 

the Present Time. 8vo., pp. 576. [A.N.] 
}. History of the Jews in All Ages. Svo., pp. 528 

[A. N.] 1831 

;. James A. Huie, — The History of the Jews f 

Titus to the Present Time. 104 pp. fA. N.] 


S. James Fink. — Sephardim, or History of Ibe Jei 

in Spainand Portugal. 8vo., 480 pp. [A. N.] 1841. 
J. M. MARGOLiouTH.^The Jews of Great Briiaii); 

being a Series of Six Lectures. 8vo., 4iapp. 
i. [G. AcuiLARJ.^Hisiory of the Jews in England.— 

Chambers' Miscellany. 1S47. 

). E. H. LiNDO.— The History of the Jews of S^ 

and Portugal from the Earliest Times to their i 



Expulsion from ihose Kingdoms, and their sub- 
sequent Dispersion ; with complete translations of 
alt the Laws made respecting them during their 
long Establishment in the Ibenan Peninsula. 
8vo. London. 1848. 

ago, ISAAK DA Costa. — Israel and the Gentiles: Con- 
tributions to the History of the Jews. Translated 
by Kennedy. 1850. 

291. HuiE.— The History of the Jews from the taking 
of Jerusalem to the Present Time. 8vo., 304 pp. 
[A. N.] 1851. 

[? Second edilion of No. 285.] 

292. Adolfo de Castro. — The History of the Jews in 
Spain, translated by the Rev. E. D, G. M. Kirwan. 
Cambridge. Svo., j;6 pp. 1851- 

293. Prize Essays on the Post Biblical History of the 
Jews. I.^ndon. 1852. 

Writlen for priics offered by the Jnuisk Chroniile. 

ag4. Morris J. Raphall, M.A., Ph. D. — Post Biblical 
History of the Jews; from the close of the Old 
Testament, about the year 420 B.C.E., till the Des- 
truction of the Second Temple in the year 70 c.e. 
a vols., 8vo. London. 1S56. 

j. Rev. Moses Margoliouth. — The History of the 
Jews in Great Britain. London. 3 vols. 1857. 

296. James Brown. — An account of the Jews i 
City of Glasgow. London. 8vo. 

397- W. J. Rule. — History of the Karaite Jews. i86z. 

298. T. S. DuNscoMBE. — The Jews of England : their 
History and Wrongs. 1866. 

399. Dr. M. KAvsERLibfR. — Geschichte der Jiiden in 

t Portugal. 8vo., xi.-367 pp. Leipzig. 1867. 

[The la.?! chapter has some useful references lo the early 
hiiEory of ibe Portuguese Jewish community of London. J 
Rev. Dr. Hermann Adler. — The Jews in Eng- 
land. A Lecture delivered to Jewish Working Men 




at the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' School, on 

Sunday, May ist, 5630-1870, 8vo., 32 pp. Lond 


of Modem 

Two Leclures delivered al the PhUusopliica] loMilulian, 
Edinburgh, on Nov. 28 and Dec. 5, 1S71. 

302. Alex. Murray, — History of ihe Jews. 1875. 

303. James Picciotto. — Sketches of Anglo - Jewish 
History, Svo., xi.-4ao pp. London, 1875. 

[Reprinted from the Jnidsh CkronUle, and dedicated ta 
Sir Moses Monlefiore. Gave the first authentic aceount 
from Ihe Sjnagc^ie Records of the history of the Djsi«eB 
family and iheir secession ftoni Judaism.] 

304. Frederick David Mocatta. — The Jews of Spain 
and Portugal and the Inquisition. 1877- 

[I'lanslaled into German, Italian, and Hebrew]. 


306. W. S, — An Epistle from the Spirit of Love : 
Peace unto all upright Israelites. 410. i66j. 

307. Dk Cmeaumont, French Ambassador at Constanti- 
nople. — A New Letter concerning the Jews, 1664. 

308. The Restauration of the Jews, or a True Relation. 
of their Progress and Proceedings .... being the 
Substance of several Letters, viz, from ADtwer|\ 
Legorn, Florence, five, 31 pp. [A.N.] 1665. 

309. John Evelyn, F.R.S.— The History of the Three 
Late Famous Impostors .... and Sabbatai Lev), 
the Supposed Messiah of the Jews in ihe Yetr 
1666 .... together with the Cause of the Final 
Extirpation, Destruction, and Exile of the Jcwt 
out of the Empire of Persia, 1668. 

[Aaotber edition in 1669.] 




>.|JosEPHUs Philo - JtiD«us Gent fpscud.]. — New-s 
from the Jews, or a True Relation of a Great 
Prophet in the Southern Paris of Tartaria ; pre- 
tending himself to be sent to gather together the 
Jews from all parts. 410,, 6 pp. [A. N^ 1671. 

[Addressed to R. Joslina ben Eieasar and the lest of out 
Brethren, the Jews in Amslcrdam, "'and signed bj Gorion 
ben Syrach."] 

. Hazzard's Repokts. 1673- 

Vol. i. Petilion of Jews, II Feb., 1673. 

:. E. Bernard. — Translation into Latin of the 
Letters of the Samaritans, which Dr. R. Hemington 
procured them to write to their Brethren, the Jews 
in England, in 1673, while he was at Schem. 
Published in a Collection which the learned Job 
Ladolphius had written to himself and other 
learned, and who had received a Copy of the Trans- 
lation from Dr. Smith. i''73- 

I. L. Addison, D.D,— The Present State of the Jews, 
more particularly relating to those in Barbary, 
wherein is contained an exact Account of their 
Customs, Secular and Religious, to which is anexed 
a Discourse of the Misna, Talmud, and Gemara. 
Svo. 1 675' 

[Also 1676, izmo., and 1682, iimo.] 

%. Jacob Jitdah Aryeh (Templo).— A Relation of 
the Host Memorable Things in the Tabernacle of 
Moses and the Temple of Salomon, according to 
Text of Scripture. Amsterdam. 410. 1675- 

[Id Engliiih, preparatory, no doubt, to Templo's coming 
over to Eugland to show his model of the Temple to 
Charles II.] 

5. A Collection of the Names of the Merchants living 
in and about the City of London. 1677. 

[The oldew printed list of the merchants and lianlters of 
Loadoti. Among the names sue the following : — 
Isaac Alvarei, in Si. Maiy Ax. 

Jacob Jesrum (PJessurum) Alvarez, in SI. Maty Ax, 
" <ry S/reel. 


Mr. Andrado, Ltadinkall Strttt . 

Mr. Ashur, Alairmanbcrry. 

Moses Berrew (? Baruch Lousaila), Duke's Ft<^ 

Abra. Cnris (? Caceres}, Mincin Lane. 

Mr. Cnlteris (? ( lUtieirez), Berry Street. 

Jacob David, Litt/e Ta<ver Street. 

Aivato Dccosta, Budge Jiaio. 

Mr. Deco.tus, Duke's Place. 

Sir (?) Ba. Degiimai, Berrr Street. 

" "" " s (PDe Leon). ^MifZojK. 

Jos. Ddliv 

M?) d'Olivierrei, nrogmarltn 3 

Lyon Dellivi 

Mr. Demingo, Mut^wtU Street. 

Solo. Demodina, CieatSl. Met. 

Mr. DepostuE (?), Duke'i Place. 

Abrah. Deporta, St. Mary Ax. 

Mr. Dermedo (? Domiido Abarband), St. Afal^ 

John EUhon (? Eliason), J^rji 5ft«e/. 

ijimon Francia, Leadenhall Street. 

Dom. Francia, rfiKa. 

Mi. Gaseronne (? Jeshunin), SI. Mary At. 

Anto, Gounnesevares (? Gomes Suatez), C 

Anth, Gomescrd (? Gomes Sena), Btrry Strett. 
Ja. Gonsalus, Leacfenhali Street. 


Henrique, Walbrook. 

Pierce I 

Abraham Jacob, flatten Garden, 

Mr. Ibrook (?), Buie's Place, 

John Israel, Arnii/agt. 

Sam. Lewin, BarHoiy Street. 

Jacob Lnce, Fati.Churck Street. 

Michael Luce, Duiis Place. 

Mose Lowmao, FaH-Churc/i Street. 

Mr. Manindew (! Miramla), Btrry Strea. 

Mr. Moria, Great St Htllens. 

Moses Miicate (Mocalta), CamtmiU Street. 

Pel. Oleverez, ZJuieV /'/aff. 

David Persore, Dute'i Place. 

Movill 1 

UDd J Perrera, Zhtke'i Place. 
\^\Ki ) 
Henry Ricirdus (• Ricardo), at Aid. Jeffery'i, Br^ 

Mr. Robulus {? Roblcs), Berry Street. 
GameE Rodrigiies, Berry Stnel. 
Mr. Samuel. DuWs Place. 
Anlh. Sexagomes (? Seixas Gomel), Mintrin, j 


^^w^r. Sigucs {? Sciias), Gsodmim' s Fiildi. 


[? Scares), 

ra), Dvkt's Place. 


I. Tares (? TrU 
Isaac TtUis. Berry Street. 
^monglhc "Goldsmiths that keep Running Cashes" 

is '■ Thomas Pardo, at the Golden Amkor in Lot ibatd 
.^^^ Street. 

^ ji6. A. CZonference betwixt a. Papist and a Jew. or a 
'v__, "Letter from a Merchant in London Co hJs Corre- 
spondent in Amsterdam. [A. N.l, pp. 34, 'signed, 
'^I- M.]. " 1678. 

jH' A. Conference between a Protestant and a Jew, or 
*■ Second Letter from a Merchant in London to 
"IS Correspondent in Amsterdam. 4I0..; 32 pp. 

3'8. Havne.— Jews as Aliens. 1685. 

3'9- London, Jews i 
clause i 

1 there i 

-Begins .-— Wherea: 
— v= ,n a Bill brought into the Hon. nuuac ui 
^T'^ftions, entitled : An Act for prev( nting Frauds 
Uio ""^^gulating Abuses in the Plantation Trade . . . 
J, ^^ of the Hebrew Nation, residing at London, 
(,■ ^* "humbly crave leave to offer to the considera- 
ri ^ ^f the Hon. House. Sril. Mus. Cat., Land., 
' **Q pp. 1696. 

jg "^ __ Conferences ; one between a Papist and a 
to j^'. in Two Letters from a Merchant in London, 
lA *^ Correspondent in Amsterdam, izmo., 40 pp. 

*~ -^^Tobably reprints of Nos. 316, 317.] 

tli^ ^ Jews' Charter; or an Historical Account of 
ar^r* Jrivileges granted them by the several Kings 
B^-. Parliaments of England. . . . Extracted out of 
d^^^^r's Chronicle, St. Ambrose's Letter to Theo- 
*\JS the Emperor, &c. Svo. 170Z. 

^ Abstract of the Account of the Proceedings of 


I, the In< 

, [A. N,] 

Q Portugal Svo., 35 pp. Price, 
live of an escape from Lisbon 10 Lowt* 


" who leverted to hU U 


32 J. Reasons for Naturalising the Jews in Great BrilS 
■ and Ireland, on the same foot with all other Natio»* 
.8vo., 48 pp. [A. N.] (J. Roberts,) 

324. \ Confutation of the Reasons for Naturalising l4 ^ 
Jt;ws ; containing their Crimes, Frauds, and Ins- 
leiicies, &c. Svo. 171 

325. Euz. Smemajah. — Letter to the Patriots of Chsnf 
.- Allev, by Eiiz, Shemajah, a converted Jew. 

, 3z6j Ano.M. — A Historical and Law Treatise against 
Jens land Judaism ; showing that by the am 
established Laws of the Land, no Jew hath _ 
Right , to live in England, nor to appear wtlhoiL;^ 
Yellow Badges upon hia or her upper garment . . -^ 
together with a confutation of the two argumenl^^ 
us'd by some for the Re-Admission of the Jcwl- 
8vo., 30 pp. Price, 4d. [A, N.] (J. Robens-J 
327. SOLOM. Abarbanel [W. Arnall]. — Com plaints of 
the Children of Israel concerning the Penal La«i 
a Burlesque on the Dissenters petitioning for > 
Repeal of the Test Act. 1736. 

318. Reasons offered for theconsideratlon of Parliament 
for preventing the growth of Judaism, 1738- 

329. The remarkable Life of Uriel Acosta, an eminenl 
Freethinker, with his Reasons for rejecting all Rf 
vealed Religion, to which is added Mr. Lainbert'i 
Defence. . . . Price, is, [A. N.] 1740- 

330. Consideration on the Bill for a General Naturaliea- 
tion. t74*. 

331. The Expediency of a General Naturalisation of 
Foreign Protestants and others. '748. 

[Rcprinled, 1751]- 


THE "JEW BILL," 1753. 

332, An Act to permit Persons professing the Jewish 

Kdigion to be naturalised by Parliament, and fur 

Dlher purposes therein mentioned. Anno vicesimo 

sexto Georgii II, Regis. Fol. 4, pp. 407-10. [A. N.] 

[" Being iheSUlh Session of the present Parlinmem,"] 

i33- E. J. Gent. — Some Considerations on the Naturah 

sation of the Jews. ^753 

334. [J. Hanwav.] — Letters admonitory and argumen 

tation from J. H y, Merchant, to J. S 1 

Merchant. ^753 

335- J- H. Merchant. — A Review of the Proposed 
Naturalisation of the Jews, being a Dispassionate 
Inquiry of the Present State of the Case. 8vo., 
2^5 PP- 17S3- 

AS^- P. Peckard. — The Popular Clamor against the 
Jews Indefensible. A Sermon preached at Hunting- 
don, Oct. 28th, 1753. 8vo., 28 pp. Cambridge. 
[A,N.] 1753- 

||Y - JosiAH Tucker. — A Letter to a Friend concerning 
Naturalisations, showing (i.) What Naturalisation 
isj (ii.) What it is ; (iii.) What are the Motives for 
tlie present Clamours against the Bill .... 
(v.) Proposing a scheme for the Prevention of all 
future Naturalisations. 8vo., 29 pp. Price 6d, 
[A.N.] 1753- 

33S. W. Warburton, Dean of Bristol. — Remarks on 
some Passages in a Dedication to the Jews. 1753. 

339. [P. Carteret Webb, F.R.S.].— Question whether 
a Jew born within the British iJominions was, before 
the making of the last Act of Parliament, a Person 
capable by Law lo hold Lands to him and to his 
Heirs, fairly stated and considered. 4to. 1753. 

[See No. 385.] 

340. Right Hon. E. Weston.— A Pamphlet on the 
Memorable Jew Bill. i753- 



341. WiNSTANLEY. — A Sermon preached at tlie Pins'' 
Church of St. George, Hanover Square, Sundaf, 
Oct. 28, 1753, on Occasion of the Clamour agi'W 
the Act for Naturalising the Jews. Rvo., iSpp- 
[A. N.] (Dodsley.) 

342. Archaicus (Pseud.) — Admonitions from Seriptut 
and History, from Religion and common PrudfflW 
relating to the Jews. 36 pp. (Ealdwin ) 8vo. M- 

X/' 343. Archaicus. — The rejection and restaurationofllw 
Jews according to Scripture. 

. 344. A. Z. — A Letter to the Publick on the Act (« 
^ Naturalising the Jews. iJSJ 

345. Philo Patri^ [Pseud.]. — An Answer to a Pa*- 
V phlet entitled: Considerations on the Bill to pemul 

persons professing the Jewish Religion 
naturalised. 8vo. I7S> 

[In form of letter, all signed " P. P."] 

346. Answer to a Pamphlet entitled " Consideration 01 
the Bill to permit Persons professing the Jewisl' 
Religion to be Naturalised." 8vo., pp. 96. [A. N.] 

[A Third edition also appeared.] 

V 347. An Apology for the Naturalisation of ihe J 

containing an account of the Charters, Privilegeji 
and Immunities gran led to the Jews by the Kiiig 
of England five hundred years ago, &c. By a Trai 
Believer. 8vo., pp. 30. London. (Cooper.) 8vo. ( 

\/ 348. An Appeal to ihe Throne against the Naturalist! 
tion of the Jewish Nation; in which are eJtp< 
those Practices for which the Jews were expelled (W 
of England. 8vo., pp. 34. Price Sixpence. [A.N^ 
(J, Bouquet) 17 - 

^ 349. A Candid and ImparlJal Examination of the i 
passed last Session of Parliament for permittiiig tl 
Foreign Jews to be Naturalised without their r 
ceiving the Sacrament, &c. (Wnght.) Svo. 6d. 


W> The Case of the Jews considered with regard to 
Trade, Commerce, Manufactures, and Religion, &c. 
By A Christian, pp. 33. (Reeve.) 8vo. 6d. 1753. 
l^ 35I' A Collection of the Best Pieces in Prose and in 
Verse concerning the Jews, 8vo., pp. 88. {M. 
Cooper.) 1753. 

35^- A Confutation of the Reasons for the Naturalisa- 
tion of the Jews. 1753. 
3j3' Considerations on the Bill to permit Persons pro- 
fessing the Jewish Religion to be Naturalised by 
Parliament in several Letters from a Merchant in 
Town to his Friend in the Country. 8vo., pp. 60. 
lA. K] (R.Baldwin.) 1753. 
354' An Earnest Persuasion and Exhortation to the 
h'vs occasioned by the late Act of Parliament in 
"eir favour. Svo., pp. 27. (Withers.) [A.N.]. 
35J. Art Epistle to the Freeholders on the Naturalisa- 
"**i of Foreign Jews. I753- 
^ I ^^tiersent to King Ahasuerus on behalf of the 
l''^^^ in a Letter to a Member of Parliament. 
"**^don. (Cooper.) 8vo. 6d. 1 753. 

357. V 

Jul! Answer to a fallacious Apology artfully cir- 

|3«ated through the Kingdom in favour of the 

y^tunUisation of the Jews, inscribed to the Lord 

rxJ*)'Of, Aldermen, and Common Council of the 

^ty of London. (Fox.) 8vo. 6d. i753' 

[Went into second edition.] 

^ ' "^unher Considerations on the Act to permit Per- 

^ns professing the Jewish Religion, &c., in a 

?econd Letter from a Merchant in Town to his 

^liend in the Country, pp. 100. i753- 

[■'in this part the utility of the Jews in trade, their 

siluitioti in other nations, snd the expedienc; of conlinuinc 

Uiem on the present footing are fully considered and 

' "^- The Humble Petition of several Merchants . . . 


o the Honourable the Com 
4 pp. fol. 

[In favour of the Bill, Alinchcd to the petition, « 
only takes up firsL page, is an Afiidavit Kcving t- 
mitiale Henry Symons, the Polish Jew. This mtis 
been issued to counteract the Petition to which il 

360. An Histoiical Treatise concerning the Jews t 
Judaism in England. London. (Baldwin.) 8vo. ( 

361. Historical Remarks on the late Naiuralisatioa E 
Svo., 72 pp. [A. N.] 

362. The Jewish Gin; or, the Christians taken Nappiu 
and some Friendly Exhortations both to the Jeil 
and Christians. (Robinson.) &vo. 6d. 

35.J. The Jewish Naturalisation considered with i 

to the Voice of the People, its own Sclf-inconai 
tency, and the Disingenuity of its .'\dvocales. [Hi 
George Coningesby, DD.] (Halkett and L^ing.) 1 

364. The Jew Naturalised, or the English Alienated ; 
Ballad ; to which is added the Parable of l" 
Chosen and the Unjust Servant. Lond. (Webbk] 
fol. 6d. I 

365. The Jews' Advocate; containing Mr. Locke's 
timenls in respect to the Treatment of the Jew 
Christians. 8vo., 54 pp. London. (Cooper ) 

366. The Jew's Triumph. A ballad. To be sung < 
said to the children of Israel on all popular oca 
sions by all Christian people. Fol. '7S}' 

367. The Kingdom of Israel .... the Doctrine i 
Sacrifice examined .... in a Letter from s C 
tieman in the Country to his Friend i 
occasioned by the Act for the Naturalisation ol t 
Jews, with Observations thereupon. 8vo., 3a | 
(M.Cooper.) [A.N.] 17^ 

368. A Letter to a Friend in the Country on the robjo 
of the Jew Bill. London. (Corbet.) Sto. ' 



). A Letter to Sir John Barnard, Knt.. &c., on llie 
laie Act for naturalising the Jews. 8vo., 19 pp 
London. (BouqueL) 8vo., 6d. 1753- 

1. A Letter to the Public on ihe Act for Naturalising 
the Jews. London. (Carpenter.) 8vo. 6d. 1753. 

;, A Looking Glass for the Jews; or the Credulous 
Unbelievours, &c., with an Introduction by way of 
Answer to several late Pamphlets concerning the 
Jews. 8vo , 68 pp. London. (Dickenson.) is. 

[, A Modest Apology for the Ciiizens and Merchants 
of London who petitioned the House of Commons 
against naturalising the Jews. (Webb.) 8vo., 4d. 
[Went iWo three edilioiis.J 

(. The Motives to a senseless Clamour against the 
Act concerning Jews exposed, and the Act set io a 
true Light. 8vo., 30 pp. London. (Cooper.) 6d. 

J. A Narrative of the remarkable Affair between Mr, 
Simonds, the Polish Jew Merchant, and Mr. James 
Ashley, Merchant of Bread Street, London. 8vo. 
50 pp. Price One Shilling. [AN.] i753- 

5. Placard, " No Jews, no Wooden Shoes," 

[These were pasted up everywhere : no satisfactory ex- 
planation has been given for the second ha,lf of the inscrip- 
tions. Perhaps some reference to Freiich peasants and 
their sabots was intended.] 

6. The Other Side of the Question ; being a collection 
of what hath yet appeared in Defence of the late 
Act in favour of the Jews ; to which is prefixed a 
word or two by the Editor. 8vo, 56 pp. (Mean- 
well.) 8vo., IS. 1 753' 

. The Prancing Jew, or Solomon catch'd in a Bridie, 
fol. IS. 1753 

. Reasons offerred to the consideration of the Parlia' 
t for preventing the growth of Judaism, 
led to the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor. (Brett ) 


379. A Review of the proposed Naturalisation of 4lB 
Jews ; being an Attempt at a Dispassionate Inq«irl 
into the present State of the Case ; with somefe-J 
flections on General Naturalisation. By a Metdufll 
who subscribed the Petition against the natnnJia-l 
tion of the Jews. 8vo., 106 pp. (Waugh.) 8«o. 1 

[Went into second edition.] 

380. Seasonable Remarks on the Act lately publishrfl 
in favour of the Jews ; containing divers irei^ffj 
reasons for a Review of the said AcL (Dodslcjjl 
8vo. 6d. iTSS-B 

381. The Unprejudiced Christian's Apology for m% 
Jews; humbly offered as a Reasonable Answer til 
the several Arguments lately set fonh for a Repc^ I 
of the Jews Act ; with some recommendaiiKj I 
Observations on the conduct of the Minisa7.¥ 
(Owen.) 8to. is. i7SJ.| 

382. A True State of the Case concerning the good (Xl 
evil which the Bill for the Naturalisatic 
Jews may bring on Great Britain ; with some RfrB 

marks on the Speeches of Sir J & "' 

H s F y, Esq., upon the said Bi 

Bystander. 32 pp. (Noon.) 8vo. 6d. ■75>l 

383. Briton [Pseud.].— The Crisis; or, An Alarm U 
Britannia's true Protestant Sons by a Cou 
Gentleman. Price Threepence; 18 pp. 

384. A.offiropo. — Some Reflexions upon the Quc5tioi 
relating I0 the Naiuralisation of the Jews comidem 
as a point of Religion in a letter from a GentlenH 
in the Country to his Friend in Town. Svo. 

385 A Reply to the famous Jew Question. In whid) 
.... is fully demonstrated, in opposition to ti" 
.... performance thai the Jews bom here b 
the late Act were never Intiiled to Purchase 1 
Hold Lands .... but were considered onlf I 

Aliens In a letter to the Gentlemen I 

Lincoln's Inn. [P. C. Webb.] By a Freeholder d 
the County of Surrey. 410, 


5. The Jews impartially considered. (Millan.) Swo. 
6d. 1754. 

/. The Impartial Observer ; being a modest Reply to 
what halh been lately published relating to the in- 
tended Naturalization of the Jews, considered in a 
niodest, serious, and religious view. Leven. 8vo. 
6i 1754. 

I- Ab Act to Repeal an Act of the Twenty-sixth Year 
of His Majesty's Reign, intituled "An Act to per- 
mit Persons professing the Jewish Religion to be 
Naturalised by Parliament, and for other Purposes 
therein mentioned." [A. N.] 1754. 

> A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir Thomas 
r Chiltji with an Appendix on the Naturalisation of 
lie Jews. 1760. 

P- MARQns D'Argens. — The Jewish Spy, being a 
philosophical, historical, and critical correspondence 
, by letters, which lately passed between certain Jews. 
Translated from the original into French. Five 
™ls.8vo. 1766. 

• K. Shylock [Pseud.] — The Rabbi's Lamentation 
on the Repeal of the Jews' Act, setting forth to the 
™pectable Brotherhood in Duke's Place how ill it 
™Mmes any Dissenters from the See of Rome and 
■Tritons more especially, to refuse them the Benefit 
. "* a Naturalisation. 1768, 

'■ A Letter addressed to the Overseers of the Portu- 
I piese Jewish Synagogue in Bevismarks, London, 
I "POn their extraordinary conduct in the Dispute 
' between Mr. Ximenes and Mr. Joshua Lara with a 
full Explanation of the Affair, and an Inquiry into 
the Propriety of their passing Sentence of Excom- 
munication against Mr. and Mrs. Lara, Mr. and 
Mrs. Furtado, and Mr. Cohen .... to which is 
added a Postscript to Mr. Ximenes. 8vo., 55 pp. 
■ Price IS. [A. N.] 1773. 


-/ 393. Religious Intolerance no part of ihe general plan. 

y/ , 394. Robert Hill. — The Character of a Jew. 

Before ijji- I 
ertain Israelite, ^d his | 

396. Copy of a Letter from the Right Honourable Loni | 
George Gordon to E. Lindo, Esq., and the Portu- 
guese, and [to] N". Salomon, Esq., and the German 
Jews. 1783. 

397. CoMTE DE MiRABEAU. — A Moscs Mcndclwohn JUT 
la Reforme politique des Juifs el en parlJculiersui 
la Revolution tenti^e en !eur Faveur en 1753 dans 
la Grande Br^tagne. London. 8vo., 130 pp. 


398. Angel Lyon. — A Letter from A. L, to the Ri0* 
Hon. Lord George Gordon on Wearing Beards, wrtfc 
Lord George's Answer and a Reply ftom Angd 
Lyon. 8vo., 16 pp. [A. N.] 1789. 

[Lord George Gordon s Idler is signed Troro Felon Sxk, 
Newgale, wilh the name " Israel bar Abrabam G. lionlon."| 

399. A Colleaion of Testimonies in favour of ReUffOUl 
Liberty in the case of the Dissenters and Jews 
8vo. 1 7( " 

400. Asst CiRECOiRE.^An Essay on the Pliysial| 
Moral, and Poliiical Reformationof ihe Jews 
the Rights of Natural, Moral, and of Civil Society; 

8vo. 4s. 


401. An Appeal to Popular Prejudice in favour of iM 
Jews, by a Ltfiler addressed [o a Member of Parlili 
ment. 8vo., a6 pp. (Johnson,) 

40a. P. CoLQUHUN, LL.D. — A Treatise on the Police 
the Meiropolis. 8vo., 444 pp. 1797 

403. P. CoLQUHUN, LL.D.— The State of Indigena 
and ihe situation ol the Casual Poor In the Met 
polis explained. 1799 


|. Joshua Van Hoven. — Letters on the present state 
of the Jewish Poor in the Metropolis, with Propo- 
sitions for araehorating their Condition. A Letter 
to Abraham Goldsmid, Esq. 8vo, is. 1802. 

^ 405- L, Alexander. — Answer to Mr. Joshua Vanoven's 
Letters on the present state of the Jewish Poor in 
I" London, in which some of his hasty Mistakes 
*''e rectified; with a word to P. Colquhoun, Esq., 
■>" the subject of the Jews as treated in his Police 
•^Mhe Metropolis; with an Introductory Letter 
Wlting in a conspicuous view some of the Jewish 
%-Iaws as observed at present i and an exact copy 
"f the Bill now before Parliament for bettering the 
ilate of the Indigent Jews. 1802. 

[ *''^^- T- GiLLi LAND. —Jack in Office. Containing Re- 
I J/ inarVs on Mr, Braham's Address. 1804. 

4''7' T, AViTHERBY. — An Attempt to remove Prejudices 
I ^Ti.c:eraing the Jewish Nation, 8vo. 1804. 

y 40g. L, Cohen.— Sacred Truth addressed to the Children 
™ Israel residing in the British Empire, containing 
?|*~ictures on the Book entitled "The New San- 
"^*irin convened in Paris, &a" Exeter. 8vo. 


409, O|of.gjjj. Talma. — Transactions of the Parisian 

r^»ihedrin, or Acts of the Assembly of Israelitish 

^piities of France and Italy, convoked at Paris by 

*^ Imperial and Royal Decree, dated 20th May, 

'S06. 8vo., 334 pp. 1S07. 

' PlinjD and Causes and Consequences of the 

French Emperor's conduct towards tlie Jews, includ- 

"ig Official Documents, lamo., 190 pp. [A. N.] 

I (M.Jones.) 1807. 

I [By an Advocate for Ihe House of Israel.] 

• T, WrTHERBV.— A Vindication of the Jews by way 
of Reply to the Letter addressed by Perseverans 
lo the Hebrew Israelite. Svo., 287 pp. [A. N.] 



An Essay on the Commercial Habits of the Jewi 

413. An Appeal to the Humanity of the English NatioB 
in behalf of the Jews. Dunstable. (J. BurkitL) 
8vo., 31 pp. [A. N.] 1811. 

414. The Lamentations of the Children of Israel, re- 
sfiecting the hardships they suffer from the Penal 
I^ws, and praying that, if they are repealed, so is 
to exempt the Catholics and Dissenters from their 
iniluence. the Jews may also enjoy the benefit oC 
this indulgence. By Abraham, Isaac, and Jacobs 
Moses, Aaron, and Levi, David, fiethsheba, Solo- 
mon, 1,000 Wives and Concubines, Daniel Bdt«- 
shazzar, Manasseh ben Israel, of the House a£ 
David. [A, N.] 72 pp. 

415. Th. WiTHEBEV. — An Attempt to remove Prejudices 
against the Jews. 1814. 

416. On the close conformity of Opinion between ihe 
modern Jews and the Roman Catholics. DubKn- 
8td. iSis? 

417. John Allen. — Modem Judaism, or a brief Ac^ 
count of their Opinions, Traditions, Rites, j 
Ceremonies, Svo. 434 pp. iS 

418. R, F, A. Lee, "Baroness Despenser."^A Trai» 
lation of the Hebrew Epistle of Antonina Despenset^ 
entitled Qnavn ^K S^lsn mat* or A Circular Epistle 
to the Hebrews. Heb. and Eng. 4(0. 1821. 

[TransUled by H. V. BolafTey. Preface lo the 
lion appeared in i8lO also by H. V. G.] 

419. An Epistle from a High Priest of the Jews 
Chief Priest of Canterbury on the extension of 
Catholic Emancipation to thejews. Second Edition. 
96 pp. [A. N.] 1821, 

[Signed From the Place of , 

Synagi^c Lan«, the I5ih day of the jrd 
Ninan, Anno Mnndi, jSjj."] 



1. Van Hernert. — Plate of the Jews at the begin- 
ning of the XlXth Century. Translated by L. 
Jackson. 1815. 

t. M.J.Maver.^ — Account of the Zoharite Jews. i8a6. 

2. The Religious Rites and Ceremonies of every 
Nation in the World, imparliahy described and 
beautifully illustrated with engravings on steel and 
wood from ihe celebrated and splendid work of 
Bemhard Picard by Colin Mackenzie. 1826, 

I 4^3. R. Meldola. — Letter by R. Raphael Meldola to 
C A. Lindo, Esq., of Leman Sireet, on the State 
ofjewish Education, June 19, 5587. 1827. 

■'4- P. Anichini. — A few Remarks on ihe expediency 
and justice of Emancipating the Jews, addressed 
(0 his Grace the Duke of Wellington, K.G. By 
the author of "An Historical and Analytical view 
oflhe Catholic Religion." [A.N.] 8z pp. 1829. 

^'5- Joseph Crooll.— The Fifth Empire, delivered in 
a Discourse by thirty-six men : every one made a 
speech .... and it is decided among them that 
the Fifth Empire is to be the inheritance of the 
Sons of Israel. lamo. 1829. 

°- Joseph Crooll.— The Last Generation. Cam- 
bridge, lamo. 1829. 
^*^°- M. E. Levy. — Letters concerning the Present Con- 
dition of the Jews, being a correspondence between 
Mr. Forsterand Mr. Levy. 1829. 
V'**9- M. E. Lew. — Speech delivered at a Meeting of 
Christians and Jews in London in May, 1838. 


[In T. Thrush's Letters to the Jews.] 

/^30- Apslev Pellatt. — Brief Memoir of the Jews in 

V relation to their Civil and Municipal Disabilities. 

[A. N.] 8vo. 40 pp- London, 1829. 1829. 

[With Appendix containing the Jews' Petition to Oliver 


urg afTecling ihe civil and rcligioi 



431. Th. Thrush (late Capt. R.N.). — Letters tc 
Jews, with a copy of a Speech said lo have 
delivered by Mr. Levy, of Florida. York. 

432. Correspondence between Mr. Forster and Mr. Levt- « 
on the Present Condition of the Jews. 1819.^^ 

434. Jewish Emancipation, a Poem by a Levite. i82<i, -^^^ 

436. Two Letters in answer to the Objeclions ui^ed *^ 
against Mr. Gram's Bill for the Relief of ihe ]v*\ *^ 
with an Apiiendix. ao pp. 1830. ' 

437. F. H. GOLDSMiD. — Remarks on the Civil Dis- 
abilities of British Jews. 78 & 6 pp. 

[On p. 69 an esrimate of Jewish population of Helio- 
polis as 17,1)86. baseil on an average aumbet of deathi of 
344 for The past three years-] 

438. Hy.4M Isaacs. — Ceremonies, Customs, Rites, and 
Traditions of the Jews, inteispersed with GteaninKs 
from the Jerusalem and Babylonish Talmuds and 
the Targums, Mishna, Gemara, Maimonides, eic. 
Also a copious selection from some of their prayers, 

439. Barnard van Oven,^ — Emancipation of the Jews. 
Copy of a Letter taken from the "Times" 
February 3rd instant. Signed B. V. O. 8 pp. 

440. Extracts from Journals on the Disabilities of the 
Jews. 1830. 

44a. Extracts from the Public Journals on the Dis- 
abilities of the Jews. 183a 

443. I. D'IsBAF.u. — The Genius of Judaism. 
266 pp. (Second edition.) '833- 

444. Francis Henry Goldsmid. — A few Words re- 
specting the Enfranchisement of British Jews, ad- 
dressed to the new Parliament. [A. N.] LoulOB. 

445. The Arguments advanced against the Enftan- 


i of 

cUiseraent of the Jews, considered 
Letters. [A. N.] London. 1833. 

446- HvN«AS HURwiTZ. — A Letter lo Isaac Lvon 
Goldsmid, Esq., F.R.S., Chairman of the Associa- 
tion for obtaining for British Jews Civil Rights 
and Privileges, on certain recent Mis-statements re- 
specting the Jewish Religion. [A. N.] London. 
^^1. Basil Montagu. — A I.£tterto Henry Warbunon, 
Esq., M.P., ui>on the Emancipation of the Jews. 
Second edition. 40 pp. 1833. 

[Refers to Edinlmr^l, Rrv., Jan. 1831 ; Mirror ff Pat- 
Itam^Hl, April ami M.iy, 1S30 ; il^cslmmttir Rev., April, 
iSz9, jhd July. 1830.] 

448. Richard Whatplv. D.D. (Archbishop of Dublin). 
—K Speech in the House of Lords, Aug. i, 1833, 
on a Bill (or the Removal of certain Disabilities 
from His Majesty's Subjects of the Jewish Persua- 
sion, with additional remarks on some of the Ob- 

[ jections ui^ed against that Measure, also a Petition 

10 the House of Lords from the Clergy of the Dio- 

\ «se of Kildare, relative to Church Reform, with 

Observations made on the occasion of presenting it, 
Aug. 7, 1833. [A. N.] 8vo., 56 pp. London. 

449. Remarks on the Disabilities of the Jews, with 
Postscript 1833. 

450. Speeches of the Right Hon. Robert Grant, M.P., 

I the Right Hon. T. B. Macaulay, M.P., Joseph 
Hume, Esq., M.P., and D. O'Connell, Esq., M.P., 
in the House of Commons, on Wednesday, .^pril 
V' '^33' on Mr. Grant's moving a Resolution rela- 
li^eto the Civil Disabilities of the Jews. [A. N.} 
8»o., sg pp. London. 1833. 

[EiLlracLed from the Mirror of Parliameitl, part ccir, ] 
451. The British Jew to his Fellow Countrymen. 44 pp. 
' [»•»■] tin- 

as*. J. CoLES.^Observations on the Civil Disabilities 
J rfthejews. 1834. 




453. Jea\ CzYssKi. — An Enquiry into the Politic^^^ > 
Condition of the Polish Jews, considered in relaiicS^^^^ 
to the general interests of Europe, in which a^^'^is- 
deiineated the Social State of Poland .... trati^^ ^jt 
lated from the French of j. C- [A. N.] Pric»==^^j 
One shiUing. 35 pp. i8j4-^^ 

454. B. MoNTAGti. — .4 Letter to the Right Rev. ihe-^^ 
Lord Bishop of Chichester, on the Emancipabon oT^ 
the Jews. 183V '^ 

455. Barnard Van Oven. — Debates in the House ^ 
of Commons on a Resolution preparatory to the -^ 
introduction, and in the House of Lords on the J 
motion for the second reading of the Bill for le- I 
moving the Civil Disabilities of the Jews; the pro- V 
tests of the Right Hon. Lords Holland and Clifford T 
against the rejection of the Bill, and a list of Peti- 1 
tions for and against the measure, presented dur- 
ing the session of [1S33]. Svo., too pp. London- 
[A. N.l 1834. 

[ Reprinted from the Mir'or of Parliamml. Has a pre- 
litninary iddrcts by Barnard van Uven, secrelaiT lo rbc 
coaimiller of the Jewish Aisociatloti fit Obuiniog Civil 
Rights md Privileges.] 

The dilc " 1833 on the title page U wiitlen. 

457. An Appeal to the Public on behalf of the Jews; 
with considerations on the pohcy of removing their 
Civil Disabilities; comprehending a brief historical > 
sketch of their residence in this country from ihetf ' 
first settlement. Svo. 1834. 

45S. Correspondence between Chief Rabbi Herschdl I 
and J. J. Lockhard. 1854. 1 

[On the Oniti to \x taken bjr Jewi,] 

460. David Salomons. — A Short Statement on behalf I 
of His Majesty's subjects professing the Jcwiih f 
Religion, with an Appendix containing the Jc*!* 
Relief Bill as passed by the House of Common! ii 
the two last sessions of the late Parliament, ti 


with the Oaths and Affirmations reijuired from 
persons of various Rehgious Denominations. [A. N,] 
London, 1835. 1835. 

*G2. [Sir] D. Salomons —Further Observations on 
behalf oF his Majesty's subjects professing the 
Jewish Religion, with an Appendix. 1836. 

IC3. Britannicus. — The Case of Mr. Salomons, Alder- 
L man Elect of the Ward of Aldgate. Letters of 
I Britannicus reprinted from the Morning Chronicle. 
f 20 pp. [A.N.] 1836. 

-<t^4- Alex. McCaul, D.D. ^Sketches of Judaism and 
the Jews. 8vo., 171 pp. [A.N,] 1838. 

^1.65. M. Samuels. — Jerusalem : a Treatise on Eccle- 
siastical Authority and Judaism, by Moses Mendels- 
sohn, translated by M. S. 2 vols. London. 1838. 

466. A. A. LiNDO. — A Word in Season from an Israelite 
to bis Brethren. No. i. 1839. 

467. A Christian'.— Jewish Admission into Parliament 
considered in an Address to the English People. 
13 pp, London, 1843. [A. N.] 1842. 

468. A Conservative. — Remarks on the Civil Dis- 
abilities of the Jews. 1842. 

469. Henry Hawkes, B.A., F.L.S.— The Position of 
the Jews. A Sermon [on 2 Sam. iii. 38] addressed 
to the High Street Congregation of Christians, 
Portsmouth, in reference to the death of Rev. 
Solomon Hirschel, DD., Chief Rabbi of the Ger- 
man and Polish Jews in the British Dominions. 
London. 1843. 

I. Rev. Sam. Alex. Bradshaw. — A Tract for the 
Times, being a Plea for the Jews. 47 pp. London. 
^3. [Sir] D. Salomons.— The case of David Salomons, 
being his Address to the Court of Aldermen on 
applying for admission as Alderman of the Ward of 
Portsoken. [A. N.] 1S44. 


474. Moses Samuel. — An Address on the Positii 

the Jews in Britain, with reference to tiieir Literary, 

Political, Civil and Religious Condition. 27 pp. 

1 . 476. QuiziMUs (Pseud. )^Cursory glances at the present 

I V Social Stale of the Jewish people of Great £ritaiiv 

16 pp. Edinburgh. 1844; 

477. A Friend OF Truth.— HDS nanK. A Few Word 
addressed to the Coinniittee for the Electioi 
Chief Rabbi of England and to the Electors at 
large. London. 1 844* 

478. A Jew. — Suggestions to the Jews for improvement 
in reference to their Charities, Education, ancl 
General Government. 8vo., 32 pp. London. 

The writer appeals to, such ol his reader 


1 be addie^ 

with h'TV 

t G. Galabin's 91, Bartholumei 

480. Rev. W. Ayerst, A.M. — The Jews of the Nine- 
teenth Century. 8vo. 431 pp. 1845. 

481. LiEUT.-CoL. George Gawler.— Observations and 
Practical Suggestions in furtherance of the Esta-. 
bhshment of Jewish Colonies in Palestine, the 
most Sober and Sensible Remedy for the Miseries 
of Asiatic Turkey. 48 pp. 1845. 

482. Benjamin Gompertz. ^Letter addressed to .Mr., 
Jacob Salomons, Secretary to the Hambro Syna- 

Od the necessity for a Society for relieving Deservil 

483. E. MiTFORD. — An Appeal in behalf of the Jewisl 
Nation in connection with British Policy i 
Levant. London. 184^ 

["The purpose uf the writer is threefold — first, to expo* 
the Injustice and cruelty which tlie Jewish oatioii sin 
endure, especially at the bands of MohammedaDs; secondl] 
to appeal to the British people In their behalf 1 and, thirdli 
to point out how England may remedy the evils complained a 
Btid at the same time very considerably promote the s 
of her political poailion, and the prosperity of hec c 
dependencies." Extract from Preface.] 

* *■ -^V.N Israelite.— Jewish Emancipatiun. London. 

^5- TT'he Jews in this and otlier Lands. i6mo. London. 

"* ■ ^^rospectus of a Jewish Society at Liverpool for the 

"•^ hiatal suppression of Mendicancy. '845. 

** ^ ■ _'^he Jews, their present State and Prospects (forin- 

>.-rjg No. 31 of The Topic). London. 1846. 

^ - Kev. Clotworthy GiLMOR, M. A. —Jewish Legis- 

lalorB : A '.vord in Season on the general subject of 

Jewish Disabilities. 8vo. ,93 pp. London. 1847. 

* ^- Kev. Moses Margoliouth.— The Jews in Great 

Sritain ; being a series of Six Lectures delivered 

St the Liverpool Collegiate Institution, London. 

Rev. W. L. Pope, E.A. — On the removal of Jewish 

Disabilities. A Letter to the Parishioners of Great 

Yarmouth. 8vo., 7 pp. London. 1847. 

■ William Thobneorrow.— Advocacy of Jewish 

Freedom. London. 1S47, 

[W. T. was chairman of the Liberal Commiitee in Ihe 

Comhill Waul ; Jews much indebted to his exertions.— J. C, 

J«ly23, JK47-] 

- Barnard Van Oven, M.D.— Ought Baron De 

Rothschild to sit in Parliament? An imaginary 

Conversation between Judjeus and Amicus Nobilis. 

8vo,29pp. London. 1847. 

^^3 Anon.^ A Clergyman's Apology for favouring the 

removal of Jewish Disabilities as bearing on the 

Position, Prospects, and Policy of the Church of 

England. 8vo., z8 pp. London. [A. N,] 1847. 

494. BiCNON (late Member of the Chamber of Deps., 

for the Dept. de I'Eure). — On the Proscriptions 

and Persecutions of the Jews, with reflections on 

Religious Proscriptions. Translated from the French 

by a Lady. With an Introduction, Preface, and 

Explanatory Notes. London and Brighton. 1848. 

495. Rev. T. R. Birks, M.A.-A Letter to the Right 

Hon. Lord John Russell, M.P. 

of Jews to Parliament. 8vo., 60 pp. 

the admission 


496. Rev. George Crolv, LL.D.— The Claims o( lie I 
Jews incompatible with the National Profession n( I 
Christianity. 8vo., 40 pp. Ix)ndon, i8(S. 

[Replied to by ibe Rev. A. L. Green.] 

497. Charles Egan (Barrister-al-Law, late Fellow Coin- 
moner of Trinity Hall, Cambridge). — The Sialui 
of the Jews in England, from the time of ihc 
Normans to the reign of Her Majesty, Quwn 
Victoria, impartially considered. Including authentic 
Notices, deduced from Historical and Legal Reconh 
and Debates on the Jewish Disabilities Bill, wiih 
Comments. 8vo. London, 1848. 

498. Henrv Faudel. — A Few Words on the Jewish 
Disabilities, addressed to Sir Robert Harr)- Inglis. 
Bart., M.P., [in reply to his published speech oo 
the Jewish Disabilities Bill made Dec 17th, 184).] 
London. 184& 

499. Rev. Ol. Gillmore, M.A., (Vicar of Dartfei^J 
Kent). — Jewish Legislators and Israel's CoDVersJoK 
A Word in Season. London. 

500. Francis Henry Goldsmid (of Lincoln's Ina 
Barrister).— Reply to the Argumenis advaocei 
against the removal of the remaining DisabtliUes 
the Jews. London. i& 

501. A. Keyzor. — A Few Remarks on the Jewish C 
abilities. (? Norwich.) 181 

502. L. Levason. — Jewish Disabilities. To young II 
Pope. Great Yarmouth. 184^ 

503. Rev. John Travers Robinson. M.A. — Remv 
deprecating the proposed Admission of Her Majcsiyl 
Jewish Subjects to Seats in the House of CommoN 
8vo., 36 pp. London. [A. N.] 184I 

504. Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell. — Jewish M 
abilities : a Speech delivered in the House of C 
mons, December i6tli, 1847, on the Jewish 1 
abilities. London. it 



William Thornborrow. — Advocacy of Jewish 
Freedom, and edit. 1848. 

[Contains portrait of author " HsLeninR lo ihe speech of 
Baron Lionel De Rothschild at the Hall of Commerce, on 
his appeal to the Livery of London for their vDles" ; also 
litho. of the testimonial presented lo Sir David Salomons 

Anon.- — ^"Che Sara, Sara," or Lord John Russell 
aod the Jews. 8vo., 16 pp. Lend. 1848. 

(On the fly-leaf is an " Eiratam. Page lO, iax yew d' esprit 
read yea ifcfirii:-] 

;. D. R.— A Christian's Appeal to the British People. 
Aji imaginary speech in Parliament against the Jew- 
ish Disabilities Bill. 8vo., 23 pp. l.ond. 1848. 

). EuPHRDN (Pseud.), — Remarks on the proposed 
Bill for Admitting Jews into Parliament. 8¥o.. 24 
pp. London. 1 848. 

>. A Graduate of the University of Cambridge. 
— A few words on the proposed admission of Jews 
into Parliament. 8vo., 8 pp. London. [A. N.] 

[. A Layman.- — Remarks on a letter to the Pari- 
shioners of Great Yarmouth by the Rev. Henry 
Mackenzie, M.A., on the subject of the removal of 
the Jewish disabilities. 8 pp. Yarmouth. [A.M.] 

[. One of the People. — A Word with the Earl of 
Winchelsea. London. 1848. 

J. Progress of Jewish Emancipatic 


514. Hon. W, F. Campbell (M.P. for Cambridge). — 
Substance of a Speech on the Jewish Question de- 
bvered in the House of Commons, May 4, 1848. 
28 pp. London. [A. N.] 1849. 

515. Rev. Henrv Hughes, M.A. — A few Plain 
■|'houghts on the Christianity of excluding a Jew 
from Parliament, suggested by the recent Division 
in the House of Lords. London. [A. N.] 1849. 


516. Rev. Henry Street, M.A.— A Plea for the "f- 
moval of Jewish Disabilities. 8vo., 31 pp. Li* 
don. [A. N.] i!# 

517. Don Adrian; or, The Harp of Judah. A Du- 
matic Poem, in ten aas, or two parts. Lond. \i^ 

" The author, in submitting the aliove woik Id ifae poUb 
regrets that Englishmen, ever foremost as the chimpuxn^ 
liberty, should still cherish vulgar prejudices agaiiulf' 

Isra.eJjte Imbued with a real love of civil and 

ligious liberty, he has produced the Iragedy of Don kiraX 
&.C." Advl., y. C, Nov, 16th, lS4r 

518. Rev. Aaron Lew Green (Minister of the Jewiili 
Congregation, Bristol). — Dr. Croly, LL.D., vena 
Civil and Religious Liberty. London and Bristol 


[Si, No. 496.] 

519. Rev. Tkomas Pvne, A.M., Incumbent of Hook, 
Surrey. — Judaea Libera ; ot. The Eligibility of the 
Jews to Parliament. London. 

510. Phcenix (Pseud.). — Scripture Reasonings in sup- 
port of the Jewish claims to sit in the Commoni 
House of Parliament, addressed to the conscience 
of the Christian People of the British Empire. 
London, [A. N.] i8sol 

521. MacGill, Rev. D. (Minister of the National Scotdi 
Church, Holloway). — The Claims of the Jews 
Christian State; a Lecture. London. 1851, 

Szz. Jewish Disabilities Bill. The Lord Chancellort 
Speech in moving the Second Reading, London. 
The profits of the sale to tie applied to the tanr\ for 
ing the Shoredilch New Almshouses opposite Haggcntooi 

523. Ei,KALi, Rabbi Judah. —aits it?30 The H» 
binger of Glad Tidings ; an Address to the Jewi*b 
Nation on the propriety of organising an Associ*' 
tion to promote their regaining of their Fathertand 
8vo., 10 pp. English, 8 pp. H-.brew. London. 




meMts in Palestine. — Address to the Public. 
FcE>,,3pp. .852. 

■^ 525. Ai^pRED Brandon. — A Letter to the Right Hon. 
Lord J. Russell on the Jewish measure. 12 pp. 
London. [A.N.] 1853. 

^ 526, M I LIS, Rev. John. — The British Jews ; being a 

<iiges[ of the domestic habits, the religious cere- 

"^c»nies, and the social condition of the Jews in 

'^'"eat Britain. (Illustrated.) London. 1853. 

Dedicated by permissian lo the Right Hon. Lord John 

I ^Usscll. 

\ 5^7' The Lords and the Jews. 8vo. 1853. 

^_, S'9' AjijoN. [Mrs. Horatio Montefiore,]^A Few 
^|k ^ords to the Jews, by One of Themselves 8vo. 
^B I-^nd. 1854. 

^■"Ko-AsoN.— Jews' Disabilities Bill Protest by a Be- 
■ 'ieving Jew. 8 pp. London. [A. N,] 1854- 

I [The author explains that "love lo the Jew nnd supreme 

I love to Christ" constrains me, a. believing Jew, lo protest 

. «fiainst the above measure.] 

— The Crisis and Way of Escape. An Appeal 

for the Oldest of tht; 0[)pressed. Touching the 
Origin of the present War and conditions of durable 

• Peace. London, 1856. 

[The object of the author is to induce the English Govern- 
nent "to prevail upon the Porte to allow the Jews facili- 
ptoce ol refuge for them, from the anarchy and confusion 
from which they suffer, but in which they have no share.] 

■*^- The Stock Exchange Almanack for 1856. 4to. 
7 PP- 1856. 

[A/eaif/i/^V in verse? A "sltit" on most of the pro- 
minent Jewish members of the Stock Exchange of the 
*^3- A Clergyman of the Church of England.— 
"" The Anglo-Hebrews ; their past VVrongs and pre- 

sent Grievances. Two Epistles (with a Postscript) 
written for all Classes of the British public, London. 
[Advocates the removal of Jewish disabilities. ] 


V 534- Anon. — Exclusion no Intolerance. To the Ri^^^lit 
Hon. S. H. Walpole, M.P. 8vo, 53 pp. Londc^=»Ti, 
[A.N.] 18 ==; 6. 

[Protestagainst the Jews being admilled to Parliamtm^ J 

535. G. Cruikshank. — A Slice of Bread and Butter '• -iit 
by G. C. Being the substance of a Speech d^^^lj. 
vered at a Pubhc Meeting held for the benefit of 
the Jews' and General Literary and Mechan^^E crs' 
Institution. London. 18 57, 

536. Rev, Harold H, Sherlock, M.A. (Rector of 
Ashton-le- Willows.) — The Principles and Preced^^nts 
of Holy Scripture favour the complete EmanC"^Sj3a- 
tion of the Jews. A Letter to his Grace the Ai:= — <^h- 
bishop of Canterbury. London. iF^^ S7- 

537. The Author of the Phrase "Unchi 
Legislature." — The Admission of the Ji 
Parliament truthfully considered 
our National Christianity, Commerce, and the 
British Constitution. 8vo. London. i ^557- 

538. JoHtf SiEEBOLD Edison. — The Impossibilit3^ of 
admitting Jews into Parliament consistently -with 
the recognised principles of the ConstitU-ticii 
demonstrated in a manner parallel to the derr»ori- 
strationof a theorem of Euclid. London, 8vo. i^^S^' 

539. Horatio Montagu. — ^The Jews in Parliain^^'- 
a National Evil not now to be escaped by ^*- 
London. 8vo. i^ S^ 

540. George S, Yates. — Is it desirable to admit J ^^"^ 
into Parliament ? An Essay, Liverpool. i9- ^,' 

[Oriuinally read before the Liverpool Chris lian Soefer 

541. Rev, P. Beaton, M.A. — The Jews in the E 
From the German of Dr. Frankl. 3 vols. 8 ■ " "'\ 
252 & 390 pp. London. i^^ -^ ^ 

[Translation of A'tfcrii ytrusiUtm.~\ 

542. J. S. Edison.— The Question of the AdmissibL- -^'^ 
of the Jews to Parliament as yet undecided. ^ 
London. iS- -^^' 


C. Wray. — The Jews admitted to the Christian 
Parliament. A Sermon preached at Liverpool, iimo. 
London. T859. 

54-4. Thos. Clarke, M.D. — India and Palestine or 
the Restoration of the Jews, viewed in relation to 
the nearest Route to India. 1S61. 

5-4-5. John Symons, — High Street, Hull, Some Years 
Since; and Biographical Sketches interspersed with 
historical accounts. Hull. i86i. 

[Contains a few references to the Jews of Hull.] 

r6. F, G. G. — De Inglaterra a Mamiecas. Algesiras 
(Spain). 1863. 

[Gives account of Sir Moses Montefiore's mission to Mo- 
rocco. It is apparently nritteu by 1 Catholic Spaniard, who 
was inleresled from humaailarian molivea in the mission.) 
S-47. E. UsLEY.— Trifles. 1865. 

Pp. 441060, "Jews." 
S48, Rabbis of Jerusalem. [A Letter stating the Ca- 
lamity caused by the Cholera, and calling for 
assistance.] Hebr. and Eng!, Fol. ['^^S]- 

I49. Thomas Hodgkin, M.D., F.R.G.D. — Narrative of 
a Journey to Morocco in 1863 and 1864, by the 
late T. H. (With ponraits of the author and Sir 
Moses Montefiore, and other illustrations.) 1866. 

[The author was medical altendant to Sir Mosea Monle- 
fore, and this work is an account of the miesion of Sir 
Moses to Morocco in 1S63. ] 

), J, H, Stallard, M.B., Lond, — London Pauperism 

amongst Jews and Christians. 8vo., xii.-327 pp. 

London. 1867. 

[Dedicated by permission to the Baroness Lionel de 

Kothschild. ] 

[. Bernard Craceoft, M.A. — Essays, Political and 

Miscellaneous. 2 vols. 1868. 

[Pp. 1-70 of vol. ii. on "The Jews of Western Europe," 

reprinted irom the iVtstminsUr Reviem. ] 

bs. W. C, (a Pole). — An Appeal to the Jews inhabiting 

the North Country. i6mo. 1868, 

63. The Extraordinary Life and Trial of Madame 

Rachel [Sarah Rachel Levison] at the Central 

Criminal Court, September, 1S68. The report 

copied verbatim from the Times. 1868. 



554. Anna Maria Goldsmid.^ — Persecution of ihejc 
of Roumania. Translated from the French verei^^^^, 
of the original Hebrew, by A. M. G. 'Sf^^ ., 

555. Debate in the House of Commons, loth Api<^3i 
1872, on the Condition and Treatment of the Jt»^^^ 
of Roumania and Servia. 8vo., 16 pp. Lond. 18;^^ 

556. Anonymous, — The Jews in Roumania: Accoun^^ 
of the Proceedings at the Trial of the Jews at Busou** 
Translated from the Runianische Post for the Rou--*^ 
nianian Committee. London, [A. N,] 1874^ "• 

557. An Open Letter, addressed to Sir Moses Modte- 
iiore, Bart., on his arrival in the Holy City of Jem- 
salem, together with a narrative of a Forty-days Sfr 
journ in the Holy Land. With portrait. Hebr, 
and Engl. 8vo., 188 pp. 1875. 

559. Leopold Gluckstein. — The Eastern Question and 
the Jews, London. [A.N,] 1876. 

560. Copy of an Address presented to W. Aronsberg, 
Esq,, of Manchester, by his Worship the Mayor, on 
Friday, Oct. 27th, 1876, in the Mayor's Pulour, 
Town Hall, 58 pp, Manchester. ['876-, 

561. Prof. David Kaufmann. — George Eliot and 
Judaism. Translated by J. E. Ferrier. '877. 

562. Henry So i.OMOM. — Daniel Deronda, froma Ji 

[>oint of view. 8vo., irpp. ['^TS-J 

563. [I-ORD Stanlev of Alderlev,]— Speech of the 
Right Honourable Lord S. of A. on moving for 
a Paper respecting the Religious Persecutions 
Russia. Delivered in the House of Lords, Friday, 
June IS, 1877. 8vo. 6 pp. 187J. 

[Eiiracied Irom Hansacd'i Farliamenlaiy Debate, mL 

564. Anon. — The Modem Jews on Capital Pnnishiiient 
1877. 8vo., 4 pp. 1877. 

[An Edilorittl Aittcle enlilled " Death Puniibmeol, 


the JrxUk Werld by the llowaid AsiociBtion.J 


i^. Principalities, No. i, 1877. Correspondence re- 
specting the . . . Jews in Servia and Roumania, 
ordered to be presented to the Houses of Parlia- 
ment. Fol. 359 pp. 1877. 
566. Rev. D. Moses Margoliouth.— The Destinies of 
Isiael and the Claims of Hebrew Christians upon 
the Sitting Congress. 8vo., 82 pp. London. 


[iDScribed to the Plenipolentiarics at the Berlin Cuii- 

56?- Philip Abraham.— nS:jni nino:n Curiosi'ies of 
Judaism. Facts, Opinions, Anecdotes, and Re- 
narks relative to the Hebrew Nation. 8co., 300 pp. 
London. 1879. 

!«■ Dr. Bluntschli. — Roumania and the Legal Status 
oflhejews in Roumania. An Exposition of Public 
Law. Sto., 31 pp. London. 1879. 

[Transtaed from ihe German and published bylheAnglo- 
Jewisli ABSocintion.] 
S°5' H. GuEDALLA. — Speech of his Excellency Don 
Anionio Canorus del Castillo, Spanish Minister of 
Foreign Affairs, on the Right of Protection by the 
r.uropean powers of the various Nationalities residing 
^ the Empire of Morocco, translated from the 
Spanish by H. G., to which is added amongst other 
™^tirnents. Imperial Edict and Decree promulgated 
Jf Sultan of Morocco at the request of Sir Moses 
Montefiore, Bart., and the latter-s Address to the 
'-"ngregational Authorities of the Jews of Morocco, 
*™ copies of Correspondence between Mr. Guedalla 
^ the late Marshal Prince, SeFior Romersartiz and 
p^'^hal Serrano, relative to the re-admission of 
■'"*'s into Spain. FoL, 22 pp. 1880. 

■/ Text of the Convention of the Morocco Con- 
/ence as agreed to by the Eleven Powers, and 


ippeal t 

the Sultan for free 

"fships and Religions in his Dominions. Fol. 4 pp. 

■ *^Ussia, Nos. 3 and 4, 1881. Correspondence 
^Pecting the expulsion of Mr. L. Lewinsohn. 





571. Sydney Montagu Samuel. — ^Jewish Life in t.1 
Enst. X.-199 pp. London. i8^B 

[A Series of Travelling Sketches reprinted from the ynt—a 

572. Anon. [Alfred Geiger.] — Die Russischen Juc3. 
verfolgungen. Fiinfzehn Briefe aiis Siid-Russli »-i 
8vo., 61 pp. Frankfort, znd edit, with " Na. 
sclirift " same year. i& 

[Translation of Letters sent to ihe ^.oiih tVorld bjr 
special Commissioner of that journal id South Kiiuu.] 

573. H. GuEDALLA. — Some account of the two jourr*.* 
to Russia undertaken by Sir M. Montefiore, Bart-. 
1846 and 1872 to further the interests of the K-»J 
sian Jews. 8vo., 20 pp. iS. 

574. Russia, Nos, i and 2, 1882. Correspondence 
specting the treatinent of Jews in Russia. ' 

575. [Joseph Jacobs.] — Persecution of the Jews 
Russia, 1S81, Reprinted from the Times, with M". 
and Appendix. 8vo., 31 pp. 1 

576. Charles Kensington Salaman. — ^Jews as 
are. 8vo., pp. viij.— 314. London, 18S "^ 

[Went into a second edition.] 
576(1. J. M. Schiller-Szinessy, M.A., Ph.D.— Persec- "^ 
tion of the Jews in Russia. Speech ... at ifc"^ 
meeting in the Guildhall, Cambridge, Feb. 15, 188;^^ 

[Printed by requea!.] 

577. Russian Atrocities, 1881. Supplementary stati 
ment issued by the Russo-Jewish Committee ' 
confirmation of the Times narrative. 8vo., 35 

[Signed N. M. <lc Rothschild, Chairman.] 

578. To the Chairman and Members of the ExecoUi 
Committee for the Relief of the Russian Jn 
8vo., 12 pp. [iSSv'J 

[Report on the International Russo-Jewiih CoDTer 
(August, 1882) by Mr. B. L. Cohen, DcfegBlc of the 1 
tion House Fund. The Conference idcI to devise me 
(be repatriation and diipcruon of the refugee* < 
Austrian lironlier.] 


579- Persecution of the Jews in Russia. Mansion 
House Relief Fund. Liverpool Commission. 8vo., 
H pp. Liverpool. 1881. 

[Rrporl of the Commission.] 
°- H, Gi;edalla. — A few words on the Jewish Ques- 
tion in Russia by Prince Demidoff San-Donato. 
(translated by H. G.] 4to., 9 pp, London. 

^- GvEDALLA.— am Dt? -in3 The Crown of a 
™od Name ; a brief account of a few of the 
r?'ngs, preachings, and compositions on Sir Moses 
™ontefiore's natal day, November 8th, 1 883. 
rlebrewand English. Svo., 71 pp. [London.] 

'8. rr ['^^3-1 

• ■ IJosEpH Jacobs-]— The "B!ood Accusation." its 

°"gm and occurrences in the Middle Ages. An his- 

'^"'^al commentary on the Tisza Eylor Trial. 8vo., 

%I?P- 1883- 

L*<jptinled (roni Iroish CkronieU, June 29, 1S83,] 

^^-^RK Samuel (President of the Toronto Branch 

tie Anglo-Jewish Association). — How to pro- 

1 '-*te and develop agricultural pursuits among the 

•'^■^vs, 8vo., II pp Liverpool. 1883. 

/^'S.dress on the occasion of the presentation of the 

jj. ^Irait of Mr. Ernest Hart to his wife at Grosvenor 

^^use. His Grace the Duke of Westminster, K.G., 

g ^ the chair. 8vo., 29 pp. 1883. 

^^J Moses Monlefiore Commemoration; souvenir 

^JJitaining line of route, order of procession, copy 

jjj address, programme of fireworks, bonfire. 8th 

P^ovember, 1883. Issued by order. Fcp., 4 pp. 

LMamsgate.] V^^Z-\ 

\Ti [Programme of fesiivities in Ramsgate.] 

■ J. MiCHELL (H. M. Consul, St. Petersburg).— The 

Jewish Question in Russia, By Prince Demidoff 

San-Donato. Svo., )(.-io5 pp. London. 1884. 

[This work, dealing with a question which profoundly 
agiUted all the European Jevsish communities at the time, 
was translated at the cost of Mi. H. Guedalla, who also 
sapplieda Preface.] 



587. [Flaminio Ser!.] — Album Momefiore. 115 l^^i- 
Svo. Cassale Moaferrato. 188 * 

[CoUectioQ of Letters, Poems, Aildtesses, &c. wtiltni ^— ^' 
Italy on the ocCHsbn of Sir Mosea Montcfiore's lOOlh bin!^ 
day. Mr. H. Guedalla contributes a Hebrew poem.] ^. 

588. I. Stoke.— 1"K jiB ::i2"it;'iii D3w;'S unip T^ 
iUT.][p TjjjNnjK^ An Historical (?) Sketch of a^^ 
London Tailor. London. 8vo., pp. 24. 1884. -^ 

589. Anon. — France and Tunis. London. 8vo. 51 pp. '_, 

[An account oflhe early stages of the dispute «houl ibe J| 
Enfiiia estate in Tunis, which afterwards led to the ocoj- 

Eitiim of Tunis by France. It relates the case of u> 
ngtish Jew, named Joseph Levy, who had sought 10 oxt- 1 
□Eie his right of pre-emption with regard to the Enlidi 

590. Matision House Fund for the Relief of the 
Russian Jews. [Report of Messrs. B. L. Cohen, 
S. Montagu, and A. Asher, M.D., on the Agri- 
cultural Colonies in America.] 8vo. iSfti. 

591. Anon, [compiled by H. Guedalla]. — The Monte- 
fiore Centenary. 44 pp. 8vo. 1885. 

t Accounts of the festivities on the Montetiort CcnieiuuT 
extracted frum the yewish World, Jtwish Cknmide, Vft 
and Shaart Zion. ] 

S9ia. N. Berlin.— oSpil IfriDS (in Reality in Fiction. 
A satirical description of Life and Manners amoi^st 
the Foreign Jews in Great Britain. Judeo-Genn. 
London. 8vo., 40 pp. 1885. 

592. Joseph Jacobs, B.A. — The Jewish Question, 1875- 
1884 ; a Bibliographical Hand List. pp. 3d.-96. 
London. 1885. 

[A Bibliography of the anti-Semitic agitation which 
in Germany in \%^^■ Supplementary lists appeatcil in ibt 
" Revue ties Eludes Juive>," 1S85.] 

593. David F. Schloss, M.A. — The Persecution of the 
Jews in Roumania. A detailed account, compiled 
from recent Ofticial and other authentic infomu- 
tion. pp. 27. 8vo. 1885. 

[Prepared at the request of the Council of the Anglo' 
Jewish Association.] 



■ INO"n irna I"t tS'O U^Ull Judeo-German. 

London, 8vo., pp. 24. 18S5. 

[DeMTibed as BDJJ.T DUaOli; of a "Dp^KB Iff'T' 

9S - The Jewish Roumacians and the Treaty of Berlin. 
>p. 148. 8vo. 1885. 

[No. igi (vol. iv.) of " Diplomatic Fly Sheeis." Reprint 
of articles from Vanity Fair, AqeusI 21 and 29, 1885.) 


[See also Part I., sab zvc. Statutes.] 

^c An Act to oblige the Jews to maintain and provide 
for their Protestant Children, i Anne c. 30. 1702. 

[Repealed in 1846.] 

'<ai. An Act for Naturalising such Foreign Protestanis 
and others therein mentioned {including Jews) as 
are settled or shall settle in any of His Majesty's 
colonies in America. 13 Geo. II. c. 7. 1740. 

An Act to permit Persons professing the Jewish 
Religion to be Naturalised by Parliament, &c. z6 
Geo. II. c. 26. 1753. 

603. An Act to Repeal an Act of the Twenty-sixth year 
of His Majesty's Reign, intituled, An Act to per- 
mit Persons professing the Jewish Religion to be 
Naturalised by Parliament, &c. 27 Geo. II. c. 1. 

€04. Barbados. — An Act concerning the Vestry of the 
Hebrew Nation resident within the Island. S. sh. 

[For electing five representatives to settle taxation. ] 

;. Copy of a Bill which has recently passed the House 

of Assembly in Jamaica. 1830. 

[Repealing ihe clauses disabliiiE Jews from being elected 
inembets of the Corporation of Kingston.] 



I 6o6yAn Act for the Relief of Persons of the ]«" 
l ^^ Religion elected to Municipal Offices. 8&q\'' ". 
^^^■cap. 52. ig^^' 

An Act to provide for the Relief of Her Majest>i^^ 
Subjects professing the Jewish Religion, ai i ^^^ 
Vic. cap. 49- 185^^ 

Sec. I empoweis either House of ParliamenlluraodUyil** 
fbtm of oath, so a.s Co enable a Jew to sit and vote. Bf mc. 1^ 
Jews ate precluded from holding certain office*. By itc. 4 ih -^^ 
right of pre^ntinj; Co any eccle^astical bencFice posscHedbC^ 
Jews is to devolve on (he Archbishop of Camerbury. 
An Act to Amend the Act of the Twenty-first an4^ 
Twenty-second years of Victoria, Chapter Fortj-'"^ 
nine, to Provide for the Relief of Her Majesty"*^ 
Subjects professing the Jewish Religion. 23 & 14 4 
Vic. cap. 63. i860. — 

Repealtd by a? & 30 Vic, cap. 19, which Kmovcd ifce * 
words " on the true faith of a Cbnsttan " from the oath. 
. An Act for Confirming a Scheme of the Chaiilj ' 
Commissioners for the Jewish United Synagoguei. 
33 & 34 Vic. cap. 116. 
Miscellaneous Clauses in Acts 
(a.) 6 & 7 Wra. III., cap. 6, sec. 63. 1694 

Jews cohabiting as man and wife la pay the 
imposed by Ihli statute on marriages. 
{b) a6Geo. II., cap. 33. 175* 

Lord Ilardwicke's Act for prevention of (landi 
maniages. Sec. 18 eiempla Jewish marriagei. ^^ 

(f.) 4 Geo. IV., cap. 76. Repealing Lord Haitf 
wicke's Act. i8»j 

Sec 31 exempts Jeirs. 
(f*.) 6 & 7 Wro. IV., cap. 85. An Aa for Mj 
riages in England. iSj^ 

Sec. 2. Jews may contract marriage accordine M 
hh usages, provided Ihni both parties are (N di 
ih religion, and that the Registrar's ccrtilicaie 
ren obtained. 
(i/.) 6 & 7 Wm. IV., cap. 86. An Act for 

ing Births, Deaths, and Marriages in EngUnd. 



BcEistrar- General the appointment of Secretaries of 
Synagc^es to act as marriage registrars. 

I («.) 3 & 4 Vic, cap. 72. Ati Act to provide for 
the Solemnization of Mannages in the Districts 
in or near which the Parlies reside. 1840. 

Sec, 5. Jews eicmpted from operntioii of the Act. 

{/.) 7 & 8 Vic, cap. 81. An Act for Marriages in 

Ireland. 1S44. 

.Sec. 12. Jews may contract marriages accorling 10 

t1idr usages, priHrided they give notice to the Registrar 

>Dd obtain liis certiticale. 

Sec. 13. Jewish Refjistrars to be certified by the Pre- 
lident of Jewish Board of Deputies. 
I (f.) 9 & 10 Vic, cap. 59. An Act to relieve Her 
Majesty's Subjects from certain Penalties and 
Disabilities with regard to their Religious Opi- 
nions. 1S46. 

Sec. 2. Jews are to be subject to the same laws as 
Protestant Diswnlera with regard to their schools, places 
of religious worship, education, and charitable pur- 
poses, and the property held therewith. 
(A.) 10 & II Vic, cap. 58. An Act to remove 
Doubts as to Quakers' and Jews' Marriages, 
solemnized before certain periods. 1S47. 

Declares all marriages amongst Jews solemniied in 
England before the isl April, 1S37, or in Ireland before 
the ist April, 1S45, accoriling to their nsages, are good 
in law, if both parties were Jews. 

((.) 18 & 19 Vic, cap. 81. An Act to amend the 
Law concerning the certifying and registering of 
Places of Religious Worsliip in England. 1855, 
Sec. 2. Synagogues may hn certilied as such to the 
Registrar-General, and to be eiempl from the provisions 
of the Charitable Trusts Act, 1S53, with certain excep- 

L (y.) iS & 19 Vic, cap. 86. An Act for securing 
the Liberty of Religious Worship. 1855- 

Sec. 2 provides that 9 & 10 Vic, cap. 59 {vicli 
sufm), is to be construed with reference to this Act. 

' (i.) 19 & 20 Vic, cap. 119. An Act to amend the 
provisions of the Marriage and Registration 
Acts. 1856. 

Sec. 21. Marriages of Jews may be solemnised by 
Sec. 22. Twenty members of the West London Syna- 


gogue of British Jews, or of any Svnago^e in cnnr'^^Lj, ^H 
tion therewith, may cerliJy a Secrelaiy lolhe Rrgnu"'^ ■ 
General, as a Registrar of Marriages. I 

{/.) 35 & 36 Vic, cap. 33. The Ballot Act. 187--^^;" 

Schedule 1, «c. 26. If a Parliamcnlsry dtatr' ^^ ,^ 
takes place on Saturday, the presiding officer ntajr nut '^^ 
a Jewish elector's ballot-paper for him. 
(m.) 41 & 42 Vic, cap. 16. An Act 10 consolidai* ^^, 
and amend the Law relating to Factories an» *"• ^ 
Workshops. i8j» 'S'*' 

Sec. SO provides mentl!! by which Jewish maruific: ^ .^g» 
turers closing on their sablmlh may employ young \nim " _ 
sons and women iQ such a way as to make up the lo--'^*^^ 


611. Lilly's Practical Register, 1., p. 3. 

Religion of Jewish ploinlifTwas pleaded a 
action Tor debt. Judgntent for plaintiff. 

612. Barker v. Warrem. — » Modem Reports, ayi. — * 

c 1678- .^J 

Venue changed from London to Middlesei, lo suit coo- *-* * 
*enieuce of Jewish witness, who would not attemJ on Suoj— "^"-^ 

613. RoBELE r. Langston. — 2 Keb., 314. 1680. ■ 

Jews sworn on Fenuteuch : validity of evtdcDOe o 
tinned on appeal. 

614. East India Company v. Sandys. — 1 Shower, 371 i 
Sute Trials, vii. 540, 563 (Cobbett's Edition, 1 
408, 444}- 

Jews resided by English law as "alien f 

were in England by an implied lici 

615. Anon. — The Information of Francis de Favkp 
Delivered at the Bar of the House of CommoiU). 



Thursday, the First day of Novemlier, 1680, 
by Mr, VVilliam Williams, Speaker. Fol. iz pp., 
[A. N.] ,T. Newcomb and Co.) 16S0. 

616. Parish of St. Andrew's Undershaft, London 
V Jacob Menoez de Bketo. — 1 Lord Raymond, 

Father ordered lo [ 
uice, under 43 Eliz., i 
her needing a: ' 


Sx;. The Case of Mr. Francis Francia, the reputed 
Jew, who was accused of High Treason at the Ses- 
sions House in the Old Bailey, on Tuesday, Jan. 
22, 1716. Fol., 12 pp. [A. N.] 1716. 

[An adherent of the Old Pielender. He Was acquilled.] 

^«8. Vincent v. Fernandez. — 1 Peere Williams, 524, 

»Vin. Abr. tit. Jew, sect. 12. 1718. 

A Jewess turned Christian sued for roainfenance from 
her fttlher'3 executor, a-s no legacy was left her : order that 
the Maaler make inquiry if the chsrilien given by the will 
might not be nndei some secret trust for her if she turn 

. The Case of Mr. Anthony Da Costa with the 
Russia Company. 1 sh. fol. 1727- 

Claiming to be admitted. Claim refused as he was a 
Jew. Altomey-Genera] declared he ought lo be a.Imiited, 
but the Company still refiised, acd petitioned Parliament to 
moiiify their chatter in that sense. Ttie above broadsheet 
was a protest against the charge. 

The Proceedings at Large in the Arches Court of 
Canterbury between Mr. Jacob Mendes Da Costa 
and Mrs. Catharine da Costa Villa Real. 8vo., 
408 pp. [A. N.] 1734. 

Breach of promise case. Portrait of Mrs. Villa Real. 

The Famous Jew Case between J. M. lia Cosla and 
Mrs. C. da Cosla Villa ReaL Svo. 1 735. 

ih Mr. 


6ia. The Case of Mr. (Anthony) da Costa v 
Monmartel relating to a Bill of Exchange. 

^H^ Monmai 


613. Andreas v. Andreas. — i Hagg. Cos. i7', " ^m 

Reslilution of marilal rights ; Jewess matried m^^^^^^ 
Judaice has marilal Tighls. 

Jellish. — 2 Swanst. 538. 173^^ '^' 

A Jewish wiJow having turned Chrisuan. rtcovcn at*^-''?" 

' ■ :r children from her father, guardianship not btiV J*"^^ 

625. Da Costa v. De Pas.— Ambler's " Report of Ca sc^ ' '*^ 
in Chancefy," 228. 3 SwansL 487. 174;::^ ^* 

A bequest of ^i.joo for founding a " Jesuba" A 
in\'a1id, as being for n superstitious purpose. 

6a6. Omychund p. Barker. — i Atkyns, 21. 174^ 

Jew's evidence leyal, if sworn on Old TesUment. 

627. J. Kathkr.— The Tryal of T. Ka-her and Davie 
Alexander for a Conspiracy against E. VValpole. 
4to. 1751- 

Aiso accused of a plot to kill Sir T. Holham. 

628. Memorial of Edward Wortley Montague, Esq, 
wriuen by himself in French, and published laielj^ 
at Paris, against Abraham Payba, a Jew in Birih^ 
who assumed the fictitious name of James Robeits. 
Translaied into English from an authentic C0|>J' 
sent from Paris. 8vo., 78 pp. A. Mather. [A. N.J 


629. The Sentence of the Lieutenant-Criminal at Paris id 
the Extraordinary Case between Abraham Paybi 
alias James Roberts, Plaintiff, and Edward Worllqr 
Mont'gu and Theobald Taaffe. Esq., Members of 
the Hon. House of Commons, Defendanis. 8*0, 
30 pp. J. Robinson. [A. N.] Price Sixpence 

630. K Memorial or Humble Petition presented to the 
Judge in the High Court of Toumelle in Paris, by 
the Honourable Edward Wortley Montagu, fcq^ 
Member of Parliament for the County of HuRting* 
don, and Theobald TaalTe, Esq., against Abraham 
Payba alias James Roberts and Louis Picirc 
[A-N.] 93 pp. I7S»- 



S]'. The Memorial presented to the H]f,'h Court of La 
Touraelle at Paris, in favour of Abraham Payba, 

Jew, a native of London, against E d W— - — y 

M u, Esq., and T d T e, Esq. Trans- 
lated from the French Original. 8vo., 76 pp. Price, 
is-6d. [A. N.] 1752. 

"J!. The Case of Henry Simons, a Polish Jew Merchant, 
'ind his Appeal to the public thereon, now pub- 
lished with the Tryal at Chelmsford for the benefit 
of him and his unhappy family. 115 pp. 1753. 

'33' The Case and Appeal of James Ashley of Bread 
Street, London, addressed to the Publick in general. 
'1 relation to the apprehending Henry Simons, the 
Polish Jew, on a warrant issued out against Per- 
J""?' Interspersed throughout with many very 
!incommon particulars. 8vo., 47 pp. Price 6d. 
lA-N.] ,„3. 

[With print of Simons.] 

*^^*PaTAu Franks.— Franks and Wife, Appellants; 
^/"tto Adolphus and Wife, Levy, widow, and 
^''''^''s. Respondents. Case of the Respondents the 
*«Cutors of M. Hart. Fol. 1760. 

'-a^ uppelknt's case vtm alsu printed and a.n appendix 
"staining lie Hebrew Contracts, &c 

"JS' fs4jvc V. GoMPERTZ.— Ambler's Rep. 228. 7 Ves. 

«... "*=• 

I, .^ iB of Benjamin Isaac for support of Jewish chanties at 
"iXmsall " and London held vniid. 

'" "^OWer », Lady Lanesborough. — Peake's Cases, 

■s. ■„., 

^^ Jewess may be permitted to gi'e parol evidence of her 
J"* divorce in a foreign country, according to Ihe custom 

' ^Ndo v. Belisaeio.— 1 Hag. Cons. Rep. !i6. 

be ascertained by teslimsnyof 



QuestioD of legitlniBcy : marriage by Jewi&h ri 
be valid. 

638. D'Aguilar v. D'Aguilae. — r Hagg. Core. I 
776. I 

First dirorce suit between an Eaglish Jew and Jewoi 

638a. Rex v. Gilham.- 

i Espins 

s Reports, 189 -__ 

A Jew, who had not formally abjured Judaism, si 
llie New Testamecl, held 10 be an admissible wimfl 
though irhen sworn he had staled be considered hims^f 1 
memtjer of ihe eatablisbed religion. 

639. GoLDSMiD V. Bromer. — I Ha^. Cos. Rep, 314- 
[Validity of a Jewish mamage decided by tbc Bdh Di»J 

639a. Horn v. Noel.— 

Witnesses present j 

to prove Jewish mirri 

Campbell's Reports, 61. 1807. 

the marriage ceremony not ssffidM 
[e ; written conlrsci of marriogt llM 

639^. Jones v. Robinson.— a Phillimore's Reports, iBj. 

If Jews are married according to Christian rites, thcr 
conform to the ordinary cej^lations of Marriage Acti. 

640. Israel and Others v. Simmon."". — Starkie's Nii 
Prius Reports, it. 356. iSlS- 

SynagO(;ue declared to be a lawfal eslablishmcnt; iki 
thai lessees could sue for rent from iioldcts of seats. 

641. /n re Trustees ot the Bedford Charitt. 
Swanston, 470. if 

Jews not entitled to benefits of the Bedford Chuity. 

641(7. Edenborough I'. Archbishop Of Canterburt/- 
2 Russell's Reports, 119 (note). i8l4 

Jews wcie entiiled to vole in tbc cleclioD of k victt, h 
not Roman Cal holies. 

641. The Trial of John Kinnear, Lewis Levy, : 
Mozely Woolf, indicted, with John Meyer : 
others, for a Conspiracy on April 30 and 11, iSift 


"^ fi h n nee. Taken in shorthand by Mr. 
Jrast 5 8 pp., and plan of St. Peter's Field, 
*M es [A. N.] 1819. 

643 Smtj Go DSMID.-8 Simon's Reports, 611. 

A bequest lo enable Jews 10 observe the riles of Passover 
«W W be good, notwithstBndiiig the decision in Da Cusla 
I. DePas. 

64+ ^ismrtv. Hayter.~j Beavan's Reports, 1881. 

L'diiet "a bequest to Ihe Jews' poor, Mile End," ordered 
Ifiit !m6 be applied cy ires betwten Jews' IlospituI and 
HtUi Holin. 

Hs- Davjs v. Lloyd and Others.— i Carrington & 
Kirwan's Reports, 275. 1844. 

Tne entiy by the Chief Rabbi in the Synagogue register 
™* of Ihe circumcision of the plaintiff, a Jew, held not 
'Mussibleaspioofof hisage. 

**'■ Miller p. Salomons. — 7 Exchequer Reports, 475. 

^Efinan Salomons, M.P., took his seat, after taking the 
""J inicniiooaJly omittiog the words, "on the true faith of 
i ^"irisLian " ; was declared liable to penalties under i 
'™'Ee I. statute 3, cap. 13, sec 17. 

&(T- GoociiAN V. GooDM.'VN.— 33 Law Times Reports, 
l-naneety Appeals, 70. 1859. 

^ Jew and a Christian woman, who bave cohabited asmao 
«a wife foe twenty-eight years, presumed to be married. 

Michel's Trust.— 38 Beavan's Reporis, 39. 


A bequest by a Jew in support of learning in the Belh 

"wicdrash (or Divinity College), and to have the prayer 

Mlled " Kaiiiih " repealed on the anniversary of his death, 


^' Re Esther Lyons. — as Law 1 imes. New Series, 

J Jo. 1869. 

In the case of the abduction and baplism of a young 

Jewess for proselytising purposes, ^jo damages recovered 

By falhec 


650. LiNDO V. Rosenberg. — Annual Report Jc 
Board of Deputies for 18S3. iS 

A Jewish girl having been abducted by Roman Calb' 
for proselytising purpdses, Che Roman Catholic bisbap 
lady superior ocdeied by Court to atteDd theie to be 
amined. The domicile of the girl's father being Torcigii 
order as to her custody could be mode, but Udy super 
costs disailowed, 

(e.) polemics-external. 

651. D, NiETO, — Respuestaal Sermon predicado p<w 
Ar90bispo de Craganor, etc. Por el author de In 
Noticias Recondttas obra posthuma impresso ett 
Villa Franca [London]. Por Carlos Vero. A li 
insigna de la verdad. ip 

[In answer to Diogo da Annutiiiazmn, Aretbijiw 
Cranganor, Sermam do Aule da Fe jue 11 (tiehrim *• 
di Sept. 1705. Translated into English by M. 
184S (see No. 709).] 

652. Stehelin.— The Traditions of the Jews with ih 
Expositions and Doctrines of the Rabbins, cos 
tained in the Talmud and other Rabbinical «rilin0 
translated from the High Dutch. 2 vols. Sin. Si 

[English adaptation of Eiscnmenger.] 

653. J. H. — The Covenant of the Cherubim, showii 
the Hebrew writing perfect and the alterations I 
the Rabbis forged. 8vo., 47O pp. [A. N.l 1734 

[Plates by Gravelol.] 

ning the Etymolog)' s 
ture-Meaning of the Hebrew words Eluhim I 
Berith. [A. N.] 17J 

655. S. Saltel, D.U. — Some Queries relative to 1 
Jews, occasioned by a late Sermon, with some OtI 
Piipers occasioned by the Queries. Lond. (PayH 
8vo. 6d. 'Tf^ 


'S^' R-^PHAEL Baruh. — Critica. Sacra examined, or an 
Attempl to show that a new Method may be found 
'0 reconcile the seemingly glaring variations in 
Parallel passages of Scripiure. 8vo., 254 pp. [A.N.] 
*5?' H. Owen, D.D.— Supplement to Crilica Sacra, in 
"'hich the principles of that treatise are fully con- 
firmed and the objections of Mr. R. Baruh clearly 
answered. 1775. 

*S8. Rev. r. Beere.— An Epistle to the Chief Priests 
^^ Elders of the Jews, containing an answer to 
""^ D, Levi's challenge to Christians, respecting the 
^"mplishment of the prophecy predictive of the 
"""e of the First Coming and Crucifixion of the 
^iraaiah. 1787. 

660. DancAN Shaw, D.D. —The History and Philo- 
sophy of Judaism, or a Critical and Philosophical 
^alysis of the Jewish Religion. 8vo., 388 pp. 
LA. N.] Edinburgh. 1787. 

66'. John h. Swain.— The Objections of David Levi 
'0 the Mission, Conduct, and Doctrine of our Lord 
J^us Christ examined. 76pp. SeeNo.667. 1787. 
'■ Antisocinus. — Remarks on David Levi's Letters 
to Dr. Priestley. (SeeNo.667.) 1787. 

■^' The Reply of the Jews to the T-etters addressed 
to them by Dr. Priestley and Solomon de A. R, 
fiivingtons. 8vo. is. 1787. 

"*• Philip David Krauter, D.D. — A new succinct 
and candid Examination of Mr. David Levi's Ob- 
jections against Christianity and the Gospel History 
in his Letters to Dr. Priestley. Bath. 72 pp. 1788. 

'S- Jacob Barnet. — Remarks upon Dr, Priestley's I 
Letters lo the Jews, upon his Discourse on 
surrection of Jesus, and upon his Letters to the 
Members of the New Jerusalem, introductory t( 
Address to the Jews, i 



666. An Appeal to the Elders of the Spanish and Pot- 
tuguese Jews. 8vo., z6 pp. (Minerva Pi«i) 
[A. N.] !#■ 

667. Joseph Priestley. — Lelters to the Jews innlia! 
them to an amicable Discussion of llie EvidenttJ 
of Christianity. 8vo., 54 pp. Parts 1. and II. 

668. D. Levi.- Letters to Dr. Priestley, in answB w 
those he addressed to the Jews, inviting them WU 
amicable discussion on the Evidences of Chrisliani^' 
8vo., 99 pp, 1J9"- 

66g. David Levi. — Series of [7] Letters addressed 10 
Tom Paine, 208 pp. 

670. Letters to Dr. Priestley in answer to litl 

Letters to the Jews, Part II. , occasioned by Mr. 
David Levi's Reply to the fonner part ; also LeilcBi 
I, to Dr. Cooper in answer to his "One Great St- 
gument in favour of Christianity from a sin^ 
Prophecy;" 2, to Mr. Bicheno ; 3, to Dr. KraMfl; 
4, to Mr. Swain j 5, to Anti-Socinus a/ias AdkIb 
Eayley. 48 pp. 1799. 


. Joseph Priestley. — An Inquiry into the Kw* 
ledge of the Ancient Hebrews concerning a Vixoat 
State. 8vo., 67 pp. [A. N.] 

672. Dk. S. Herschell. — Against Missionary Schooth 
Sermon. 180T1 

673. Solomon Bennett. — ^ktC" nyj. TTje Cow 
siancy of Israel. An unprejudiced Illustration 9 
some of the most important Texts of the BiUe, SI 
a Reply to a Public Letter by Lord Crauford, ** 
dressed to the Hebrew Nation. 180 

[Tritnalaied into German by F. L. W. Wagner. Du 
GUJt, 1S35.] 

674. T. Goodman, — An Address to the Committee 9 
the London Society for Promoting Cbristiini^ 


among the Jews ; in which the conduct of the Coni- 
miitee is investigated, 8vo., 27 pp. 1809. 

675. Tallr — Remarks upon David Levi's Dissertations 
on the Prophecies relaiive to the Messiah. 18 10. 

fijfi. iNVEffTir.ATOR (Pseud.). — Strictures on " Lectures 
totliejews at Artillery Street Chapel." 1810. 

677, Chas. Leslie. — A Short and Easy Method with 
Itie Jews, wherein ihe certainty of the Christian 
Religion Is demonstrated. New edition, published 
under liirection of the London Society. 8vo., 147 
pp, [A.N.] i8i!. 

678' P- P. Pasquin (Pseud.). — Jewish Conversion, a 
Poetical Farce, got up with great effect under the 
dmciionof a Society for making bad Jl-ws worse 
Christians. Dedicated to His Royal Highness the 
Duke of Kent, with whose approbation it has been 
recenlly played, and will be repeated this Friday, 
Mayeth, 1814. 8 pp. [A. N.] 1814. 

[A poem in heroic couplets.] 

S7jJ. NiKELSBURGER. ^apjl' '?ip Koul Jacob in 
' Defence of the Jewish Religion ; containing the 
aipiinents of the Rev. C. F. Frey, one of the Com- 
mittee of the London Society for the Conversion of 
the Jews, and the answers thereto. 8vo., 79 pp. 
Ijverpool. [A. N.] 1814- 

[tteptinled New York, 1816.] 

ifo. A Letter to the London Society for Promoting 
Chrislianity among the Jews ; containing Strictures 
on the Letter of a Jewish Correspondent, by the 
aaihor of Remarks on David Levi's Dissertations 
on Ihe Prophecies respecting the Messiah. (Gale 
and Co.). 8vo. 1814. 

Ii. Copy of Correspondence between ihe Chief Rabbi, 
Dr. Solomon Herschell, and J. J. Lockhart, of Ox- 
ford, on the validity of oaths taken by Jews. Copied 
from the Morning Chronide, June 26th, 1817. 




632, M. SAfcntEL. — Address to Missionary Preachers at 
Liverpool. 1819. 

683. A Letter from a Jew to a Christian, occasioned by 
the recent Attacks on the Bible. Original. [A. N.] 

[Pemphlels, Vol. XVI., No. xxxiQ 

684. M. Sailman. — Mystery Unfolded; against the 
London Society for the Promotion of Christianity 
among the Jews. i8za. 

685. M, Samuei- — Address to the Patrons of the In- 
stitute for the Promotion of Christianity among the 
Jews. iS2i. 

686. Zailick [Selig] Solomon. — An Exposure of ~^ 
Hypocrisy and Bigotry and a strenuous Vindication _^~ 
of the Israelites, in an Address to the Members oi ^^ 
a Society formed for promoting Christianity among,^^» 
the Jews. i822_ ^ 

687. H. SiMMONDS. — Letter to G. V. le Grice concern-,^—, 
ing some words used in his Sermon about th^ ,^— - 
Jews. Penzance. 1824^^^^ 

688. M. Samuel. — An Address from an Israelite to tkj — -^ 
Missionary Preachers assembled at Liverpool, Au^ »— 
28, 1827. With Remarks upon the Conversion c*. 
Rebecca Lyon. Svo., 16 pp. [A. N.] Liverpocz^». 
(W. Wales.) 182 -— 

689. Joseph Mitchell. — A Lecture on the Origi -^ - 
Progress, and Proceedings at Home and Abroad 

the London Society for promoting ChristianSr ^ 
among the Jews delivered by Mr. J. M, at Pi^et 3 
vidence Hall, Finsbury Square. 8vo., r6 pp. i8 - - — _ ^= 

690. Rev. Alexander McCaul, D.D. — D^IIT mTS^^^~ 
The Old Paths ; or, a comparison of the princip ^ 
and doctrines of Modern Judaism, with the religi. ■«=* 
of Moses and the Prophets. 8vo., viii.-24o ^z:=^fi 
London. iS_^V ?■ 

[Issued in six^ weekly parts, price td. each part, "^ -^' 


publication entendine from January 15. 1836, lo March 3. 
1837. Translated inlo German and Hebrew.] 
69X. Rev. Dr. McCaul — Reasons for believing that 
the charge lately revived against the Jewish people 
is a Baseless Falsehood. London. [A. N.] 


On the Damascus Blood Accusalion. Dedicaled bv per- 
mission in Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen. 

692. [SirJ D. Salomons. — An Account of the recent 
Persecution of the Jews at Damascus ; with reflec- 
tions thereon ; and an Appendix. [A. N.] 1840, 

693. C. E, Jenkins, K.M. — A Speech delivered at the 
Public Vestry of St. Mary, Whitechapel, on Thurs- 
day, July 16, 1840, on the subject of the Persecu- 
tion of the Jews at Damascus. 8vo., lo pp. 
London. 1840. 

S94. J. Levinsohn. — - Efes Damraim. A Series of 
Conversations at Jerusalem, between a Patriarch 
of the Greek Church and a Chief Rabbi of the 
Jews concerning the Malicious Charge against the 
Jews of using Christian blood. Translated from 
the Hebrew as a tribute to the memory of the 
Martyrs of Damascus, by Dr. L. Loewe, Member 
of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and 
Ireland, &c. London. 1841. 

i. Thomas O'Brien, M.A., T.C.D.— Two Lectures 
upon Jewish Claims delivered at the " Crown and 
Anchor " Tavern, on March 17th and April rgth, 
1841. 8vo., 43 pp. London. [A. N.] 1841. 

1 .697. The Destiny of the Jews and their Conversion with 
the Gentile Nations, viewed practically, in a Course 
of Lectures delivered at St. Bride's Church, Liver- 
pool, by several Clergymen of the Church of 
England. i2mo. London. 1841. 

698, M. J. Raphall. — Judaism defended against T.J.C. 
_ 699. Rev. H. Highton (Assistant Master of Rugby 
^L' School). — A Letter to Sir Moses Montefiore ; con- 


taining Observations on the subject of an Addi 
lately presented lo him, signed by nearly 1,500 Ci 
tinental Jews. London. 

700. MosKS Maegoliouth. — The Fundamental 
ciples of Modern Judaism investigated, together 
a Memoir of the Author. Illustrated. 8vo. pp, 
xvi. (Memoir), 259. London. i 

[Dedicated to the liev. AJoander McCaul.] 

701. J. OxLEE (Rector of Moles worth, Hunts,). — Thn^^ 
Letters humbly addressed to the Lord Archbishi " 
of Canterbury, on the inexpediency and futility 
any Attempt to Convert the Jews to the Christi; 
Faith in the way and manner hitherto pracli 
London. 1 

702. Ridley H. Hirschell. — Brief Sketch of the pi 
sent State and future Expectations of ihe Ji 
iSmo. t: 

704. Ten Lectures on the Conversion of the Jews, do 
livered at the National Scotch Church, Regei* 
Square, in the Spring of 1S43, by Ministers c: 
difTerent Denominations. lamo. London. 1844 

706. Stanislaus Haga. — The Controversy of Zion: ^^^ 
Meditation on Judaism and Christianity, and ed— — " 

84 pp. ia45, — 

707. H. Leveaux.— A Letter to the Rev. Dr. McCiu^P 
by H. L., in refutation of a work entitled the " OldU 
Paths," and the Rev. Doctor's answer to the same 
London. 1845. 

708. H. Lkveaux, — A Casual Dialogue between a Chris- 
tian and an Israelite. London. '^5- 

709. M., Mocatta. — The Irtjuiaition and Judaism : a 
Sermon addressed to Jewish Martyrs, by the Arch- 


~fcishop of Cranganor, 1705 ; also a repW tn the Ser- 
"mon by Castos Vero. Translaied by M. M. 8vo., 
19' PP- 1845- 

Rev. John Oxlre (Rector of Molesworth, Hunts.) 
—Three more Lellers to his (Irace the Lord Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, on the culpability and un- 
auihorised presumption of tlie Gcnule Christian 
Church, in requiring the Jew to forsake the Law of 
Moses, Sic, containing also Metaphysical Disqui- 
sitions on the Godhead and a Confutation of the 
Diabolarchy. London. 1845. 

;. JUDAH MlDDLEMAhf.— IlCKl p^H HOK nu'na lED 

llt:'?nn <D2R lUa 1:d^ IDIJin. Paths of Truth ; 

being a Defence of the Talmiidical Traditions 

against the attacks in the " O'd I'aths," l>y Dr. 

McCaul. . . . Translated into English by M. H. 

Breslau. Part I. 8vo. London. '847. 

[No more published.] 

;, Dr. Morris Raphall and C, N. Newdigate, M.P. 

— Jewish Dogmas; a Correspondence between R. 

and N. 8vo., 49 pp. London. [A. N.] 1849. 

The correspondence arose oul of some remarks regarding 

Jewish Dogmas made by Mr. Newdigate in ihc course ol' 

the Debate on the third reidjog of the FaiUa.mentary Oaths 


716. Moses Moc.^tta. — n:iDS plin, or Faith Strength- 
ened. 1851. 

[Translation from Hebrew.] 

717. M. H. Ereslau. — The Re-opening of the Great 
Synagogue, being a few Observations in reply to 
the Times report of Friday, Sept. 3, 1852. 8vo., 
S PP- ' 1852- 

Selig Newman. — The Challenge Accepted. A 
Dialogue between a Jew and a Christian, the former 
answering a challenge thrown out by the latter 



respecting the accomplishment of the Prophect- "==— 
predicative of the Advent of Jesus. New York. 

719. Anon. — The Turk and the Hcb'ew; or ilie Ri— -^* 
of the Crescent. A Story of Rea! Events a^e^— 
Living Persons. iSj^u-^ 

[Refers to Damascus Blood Accusation of 1840, and sUc ■■ ^ 
that Father Thomas is still alive.] 

720. Dr. a. Benisch.— The Question at issue betwe^^^" 
Judaism and Christiaoity and Israel's Mission - 
exhibited in the Controversy between the Edtt^^- 
Review ST\Al'aQ Jewish Chronicle. London. 185 -^^ 

721. Dr. a. Benisch. — The Principal Charges of W ^^ 
McCaul's " Old Paths" against Judaism, as stated t^^ 
Mr. Newdigate in the House of Commons, co^e' "' 
sidered and answered. London. 185- ^ 

722. Rev. Mogtlock Daniell (of Ramsgaiel. — Cj^"^ 
Jews, as Jews, be Saved? A Tract most respcc ^^ 
fully dedicated to Sir Moses Montefiore, Bail—^ 
F.R.S. London. iSS^T" 

723. M. N. Nathan (Kingston, Jamaica). — A Defenc^^^^ 
of Ancient Rabbinical Interpretation of the Prc^^ 
hibitory Law of Deuteronomy xxiii- 3, being a^ 
Answer by M. N. N. to a Poiemic Essay on iha,^* 
Subject by the Rev. J. M. de Sola, (MontegO 
Bay.) London. >S59* 

724. Rev. John OxLEE. — The Mysterious Stranger ; 
Dialogues on Doctrine. 1859.-' 

[Dialogue the first is between "The Jew Rabbi and Ih^F 

725. M. N. Nathan, — A Defence of Ancient Rabbinical 
Interpretation of the Prohibitory Law of Deut. xxiii. 
3, being an Answer by M. N. Nathan, Kingston, 
Jamaica, to a Polemic Essay on that Subject by the 
Rev. J. M. de Sola, Montego Bay. Kingston, 
Jamaica. 40 pp. (See No. 723.) 1S61. 


■ -A-. Schneider (of Edinburgh.) — The Mosaic 
Miracles, with reference lo the Treatises on Divine 
*^^ Special Providence contained in Nos. 344-350 
**' *he/m/«A Chronicle. London. i86a. 

TAb Attack on the Treatises in question, whieli are de- 
~ "' ■ or thejevvish RdigioD."] 


I ' th '*^" '^ Benisch. — Bishop Colenso's Objections to 
Ti ^ Historical Character of the Pentateucli and the 
^oofc of Joshua (contained in Part I.) critically 
^^''amined. 1863 

t**-eprinled from tlie Jrwish ChronicU.\ 

J, om. (Jewish Assoc, for Diffusion of Religious 

CjY?'«'l«dge.)— A Jewish reply to Dr. Colenso's 

'■^'^ism on the Penlateuch. 1865. 

rejIT, ^. Benisch. — The Sabbalh of the Jew in its 
^<=in 10 the Sunday Question. London. 1868. 

Cft?*- sprint of a Series of Articles from the 7™,i>A 

Pa ' CuEDALLA. — Vice-Chancellor Sir Matthew 

S.^^ Wood's able Defence of Scripture against 

Ctit\'^"alists contrasted with Dr. Kalisch's " High 

ca^-^*^ism on the Old Testament," and fallacious 

ti^^lling against its contents by specious argu- 

Q»*~*Ts as contained in his "Historical and Critical 

■^ **lraentary on Leviticus," and a decision asked 

^: ^* perusal from those of all religious denomina- 

^*\s. [Not published.] London. 1868. 

X Another edition was issued in 1 88 1, under the title "In 

^emuriam William Page, Lord Hatheiley." 

I *IERSCHELL Fiupow SKI. ^Biblical Prophecies, in- 

'^^Uding those relating to the expected Advent of 
the Messiah as interpreted by the Hebrew Nation 
agreeably with the view of Ancient Hebrew com- 
Hientators thoroughly investigated and considerably 
augmented. London. [A. N.] 1869. 

'^3. Clementine de Rothschild.— Letters to a Chris- 



tian Friend on the Fundamental Truths of Judaism. 
8vo., 93 pp. 1869. 

734. Thos. •Gribele. — The Semi- Barbarous Hebrew 
and the Extinguished Theologian. Svo., 72 pp. 
[A. N.] .87". 

735. Anna Maria Goldsmid. — The Deicides. Analysis 
of the Life of Jesus, and of ihe several phases of 
the Christian Church in their relation to Judaism. 
Translated from the French of Joseph Cohen by 
A. M. G. Svo. London. i8;i. 

736. Israelite [Charles Kensington Salaman]. — .\ 
Letter to the Bishop of Manchester. 

[Reply to s. conveisionisi sermon ptcacheil by rhe 

737. "George Eliot." — Impressions of Theophrasius 
Such. 1879. 

[The modera "Hep! Hep I Hep!" pp. 313-357. 
Tiam,lLited into Getman by K. Lekmano, iSSo.J 

738. Oswald John Simon. — Extempore Speech 
Monday evening, i5lh November, 1880, by Mr. 
O. J, S. 8vo., 7 pp. [London.] [1880.] 

[Di:livered in the course of 1 debate at Cambridge, and it 
reply to some diaparaging remarks anenl the Hebrew ncc] 

739. Hon. George Solomon (of Jamaica).^ — The Jesus 
of History and the Jesus of Tradition. London. 

740. M. C— n'j'E? KT -3 IJ? Until he (Judah) coineth 
to Shiloh. A Letter addressed to the Editor of the 
Jewish World. 8vo., 15 pp. 1881. 

741. Rev. George Marcoliouth. — What is Judaism? 
A Question of To-day, 8vo., 25 pp. London. 


[Reply, " For private drculnlion only," to an anide 
benring the «ame title in the Fartnighltt Rarinv for AunM 
18S4.] ^ 

74a. Mrs. Boole. - Jews and Gentiles. 7 pp. 

[Keprint from _/no«A Cktimule, 14 Nov,, 5 Dec 1884.] 



(f.) polemics— internal. 

|.. Decision del Doctissiiiio, y Excelleniissimo Seiior 
H. H. Hassalem, M.A.A.B.D.R.M.R. Zcvi Asque- 
nasi, con su Betdin, sobre el problerna si Natura- 
leza, y Dios, y Dios, y Naturaleza es lodo uno ? 
Segim lo preilico el Senor H.H.R. David Nieto en 
el K. K. de Londres, en 23 de Kisleu, 5464. En 
Londres. Pur Tho. Hine en Aldersgate Street. 
18 pp. 1704. 

[Another edition in 1712.] 

;. De la Divina Providencia o sea Naturaleza Uni- 
versal o Natura Naturarite, Tratado Theologico. 
Dividido en dos Dialogos. 89 pp. 1704- 

Imprint : En Londres. For James Dover en Toivcr H ill. 
En el Mes de Elul, Ano 5464. 

?. JOHANAN BEN ISAAC. - [njl^ p"p HE! 31 flE-VD 

[against U. P. Hambiirger's decision on a divorce]. 
Amsterdam. 4to. i7°7. 

[In D'JlWn nUlE'n ff. 6 seq. : containing rssponsea of 
Jehuda Loeb Charif [Amsterd.), Zehi Ashkenari {Ham- 
ba^, Jehuda Loeb Ascher tRolterdam), on the decree of 
divorce declared by Uri Hhobus Hamburyet.] 
i. Uri Phoeus Hamburger.— '?!! ■ ■ ■ D'Dini Dnix 
na 'n-no!? ^^t( DJ. 4to. 1707. 

[Answering Johanan b, Isaac.] 
). Joseph IRGUS.—B'n: ivm n^iJD nnDin. 1714, 
[Edited by M. ben J. Chagi^- The second title is a play 
upon the name of Nehemiati Chajon, against whom the 
work is directed.] 

3. MosES BEN Jacob Chagiz. — O'ViPlS laB". Am- 
sterdam. i7>4. 
[Polemic againsl Nehemiah Cliajon, Abraham Michael 
Cordoso, and Samuel b, Jacob Ailion, nhose names by 
Gematria = D'yfla.] 
[. Shalom ben Moses Buzaglio.— D'33it?^ nnain 
B'ne^ napni. 

[Two Letters to Israel Meshullam Solomon concerning 
B's, disputed opinion in a lau'sui:.] 



753. Shalom ben Moses BuzACLio.^na irnc 
31 pMpl^ Wn. Report of the proceedings of • 
lawsuit. '774" 

754. M. GoMPERT Levison. — H^UD Hnsin. [Against 
Wardens of Duke's Place Synagogue.] 1775. 

755. JuDAH IN London. — D'K'nBn naiCn. Refutation 
of G. Levison's nSlD nnain. 1775. 

756. J. MocATTA.— An Address to the Congr^ation of 
Portuguese Jews, delivered at a meeting of their 
Elders on the examination of the report presented 
by the Committee on the Ecclesiastical state, A. M. 
5563. London 1803. 

757. Levy Alexander. — The Axe laid to the Root; or 
Ignorance and Superstition evident in the cha- 
racter of the Rev. S. Hirschell, High Priest of ihc 
Jews in England, in several Letters to him, on ck- 
casion of his having ordered the trees to be felled 
in the old burial ground at Mile End Road. Svo. 
London. 180S. 

758 Z. Solomon — niDTD '153 Exposure of hypocrisy 
and bigotry of the Society for the Promotion of 
Christianity among the Jews. i8»3. 

739. Anonymous.— no Swt? min. Is there an Otal 
Law of Divine Origin, and therefore binding upon 
the Jews? By One of Themselves. London. 1841. 

A Jerence of Ihe uithodoi stajidpoiat, issued during tlie 
Reform agilation. 

760. David Ntkto. — The Rod of Judgment, which 
proves to demonslration, by natural inferences, the 
truth of the Oral Law, tiansmitted tu us by ihe 
Sages of Israel, the authors of the Mishna and the 
Talmud, written by the Rev. David Nieto (of blessed 
memory), Chief Rabbi of the Spanish and Pott»- 
guese Congregation of London in the year 5474. 
Translated from (he Hebrew by L)r. L. Lorn; 
Ixindon. 1841. 

Issued during the Kcfoim A(;italiiin, Vol. ii dbU. im 


. De Sola, Rev. D. A. and Raphall, Rev. M. J. — 
m'3B'>3"n:E:'D mo nt?i?D ninsDD n"'. Eighteen 
Treatises from the Mishna. London. 8vo , 368 
pp. 1842. 

SeconiJ edition (issued in weekly and monthly parlsl 1845. 
Fcagmeiilary tianslalion of treatises Berachoth, Kilaim. 
Sabbath, Erubio, Fesachim, Vomah, Succab, Bezn, Rash 
Hushanoh, Taaiiith, Mcguillah., Moed Katim, Vebamolh, 
Ketuboth. Gillin, Kedushm, ChuUn, and Ytidaini, with 
brief Indications of the scope of the remaining Ireatises. 
The woik was projected by Messrs. Moses Mocatla and 
Horilia Monlefiore during the discussions which preceded 
the Reform movement, and was executed fur those gentle- 
men by Messrs. Ue Sola and Raphall, in 1839 [cf. " Bio- 
graphy of D. A, de Sola, by A. de Sola, Philadelphia, 
5624). Subsequently, after the schism had titken place, it 
it was put to press by Mr. Benjamin Elkin, a prominent 
incmher of the Reform Congri^nlinn, without the revision 
01 consent of the authors. The preface, which was unsigned, 
and referred in equivocal terms 10 the Oral Law, was written 
by Mr. Elkin. Messrs. De Sola and Raphall by advertise- 
ment in the Tlmesof Dec. 23rd, 1842, formally repudiated 
reBponsibdily for the work ; and (he t'ai'« a/ Jacob of Jan. 
6th, 1S43, was authorised to deny that the Reform Con- 
gr^alion had aulhoriseil its publication. An an^ry con- 
troversy ensued, Mr. Elkin issued a pamphlet (No, 765), 
in which he explained that no discourtesy was intended to 
the Iramlators, and that their names hail been placed on the 
tille-page by accident. In the second edition, however, 
the names were retained, although the preface remained un- 
signed, and its obnoxious references to the " Divinity of the 
Oral Law," were neither expunged nor modified. 

762. Anonymous.— Is the Ot^l Law of Divine Origin, 
and tiierefore binding on the Jews? The Advocacy 
of thi:i Question contested, — by a Member of tiial 
Community. London. 1842. 

Answer to " One of themselves," No. 759. 

763. The Oral Law and its Defenders, a Review by a 
Scripturalist. 8vo., 51 pp. [A. N.] 1842. 

764. B[enjamin] E[lkin]. — Rejected Letters. 8vo. 
24 pp. London. 1842. 

Contains letters and documents vindicating the Refurm 

L Movement which the Editor of the VeUt of Jacob had de- 
clined to insert in his Journal. 


765. Anon, [Benjamin Elkin], — Letters addressed /^ I 
ihe Editor of the " Voice of Jacob," being repli** \ 
to the observations contained in Nob. xxxvij. atw I 
jofxix. of that pubhcation. By the writer of iht 1 
preface to the lately published Mishna. 8vo,, jg pp. 
London. [A. N.] 184J. ] 

766. Rabbi Moshe Israel Hazan (Dayan of Jeru- 
salem). noKi Q-hzf nil, Words of Peace and Tnilh. 
London. 1845. 

In Hebrew and Eoglisli, On the ReTonn Secessdoo. 
Written and published during the author'^ Irmporary mi|r 
in London "on a Mission from the Holy Ciiv," Rcpljr 
to an "Address to the Israelites of GreW Bcitala," bj » 
Levite, published in No. 1 10 of the V. of J. 

767. BHp 'KipD, Holy Convocarions. 41 pp., 8va (To 
be had of M. H. Simonson, Manchester.) 1846 (i^ 

" Illustrates astro -geographintUy the reasnni the mud * 
Rabbim must have had in ordeiing the cclebiatioo of 
nvhi hsr ■'iSf a"' {second Day'a Festivals} pl6 pf^ 
fonnded on the varied expressions of Scriplurc" 

768. The Appeal of the Congregatipn of the Wen I 
don Synagogue of British Jews to their Brother^ 
Israelites tliroughout the United Kingdom. 8va, 
27 pp. 

769. Albu, Israel (from Berlin).— irwn nm. A Word 
in due season relating to the Divine Service, Stoi, 
218 pp. London. '^53; 

770. T. Theodores. — The Rabbinical Ijiw of E» 
communication, considered in its bearing on I 
case of the Margaret Street Congregation of Brituh 
Jews. Manchester. 8vo., a-j pp. i^S4- 

[A lecture delivered at the Jews' School [loiue, Uu 
Chester, on Jan. 29, 1S54.] 

771. Justitia. — A Year at the Jews' Orphan Asylan 
being the Narrative or Statement read by the kU 
Headmaster to the Committee of Invesiigatiof 
Jan. 1857. Eiiittd, with notes and an introductio 
by Justitia. Loudon. 185J, 

fkljtM Mt^/L^.XVu^ 


M2. "A Victim of Jewish Congregational Disunion" 
[Michael Henry], — A few Words on Jewish Con- 
gregational Union. 8vo., 20 pp. 1868. 

773. Two Orthodox Members of the Jewish Com- 
munity [B. Kisch and Numa Hartog.] — The Second 
Days of the Festivals. A Reply to a Sermon 
delivered by the Rev. the Chief Rabbi. London. 
[A.N.] 1868. 

773^. Walter Josephs. 1874. 

[Circular without title, dated November, 1874, advocating 
** the desirability, nay, the necessity of a modification in 
the Liturgy and Ritual of the Synagogue ... on Talmu- 
dical principles." The circular, which is signed " Walter 
Josephs," asks "those who share these sentiments ... to 
communicate with the undersigned." Privately circulated. 
Single 4to sheet printed on one side.] 

774. David Nunez Martin. — The Desirability of 
Reforms in the Sephardi Congregation at Kingston, 
Jamaica. Kingston. 8vo. i^TS- 

775. Anon. [Assur H. Moses.] — Another Battle of 
Talking. 1875. 

[Squib on the Debates on the Bays water Enlargement 
Scheme. ] 

776. Anon. — The Jewish Prayer Book as it is and as 
it ought to be. With an introduction by " A 
Layman." 8vo. vii.-77 pp. Melbourne. 1876. 

[Reprinted from the Jewish World with the object of in- 
ducing the Australian Jewish communities to revise the 
Prayer Book.] 

777. A Resident in Canonbury. — Is the Dalston 
Synagogue worthy of Support? 8 pp. London. 
8vo. 1876. 

[Attacks the scheme of the proposed Dalston Synagogue 
on the ground that it will not be situated in Dalston, and 
that it is calculated to injure the North London Syna- 

778. H. GuEDALLA. — Refutation of an anonymous article 
in the Jewish Worlds entitled " Secret History of 
Sir M. Montefiore's Mission to Morocco in 1863-4." 
40 pp. 8vo. London. 1880, 

I 2 


;79. H. GusDALLA. — Observations on the Jewish FS^ ^ 
of the Present Time. 15 pp. 8vo, London, x -^ 

780. [Alfred A. Newman.] — A Chapter of A^rm^ 
Jewish History. 47 pp. 8vo. London. » ^*S 

[Account of Ihe piocee(]inga of the BevL": Mark! tJ,yTu 
Bogue Anli.DeraolitioQ League, of which the aulhor ""ii 
Chairman. ] 

780(1. F. M. See. — An Advocacy for the change of cAf 
Hebrew as now used to the Enghsh Language, as .t 
means of Prayer in the West London Synago^« 
8 pp. London. i8S6. 

LPrivately printed.] 

{g.} conversion ism. 

[Up to 1840 ; chiefly biographies.] 

785. Lettra scritta all' Hebrei da Rabbi Moisi ScialiCti, 
Hebreo di Firenze, batizzato alli 14 di Giug. 1663, 
demostrando le raggione della sua Conversione 
esortandoH ad' Abracciate la Fede Cnrisiiaiu. 
A Letter written to the Jews by Rabbi Mows 
Scialitti, a Jew of Florence, baptised June 14, i66j, 
declaring the Reasons of his Conversion and ci- 
horling them to embrace the Christian Faith. Italian 
and English. 39 pp., 4to. 1663. 

786. Paul Tarczali, — Previa Dissertatio de Vocaiione 
Gentium et Conversione Jud^eorum .... 0\an. 
[A. N.] 1671. 

787. JoHW Jacob [Convert]. — The Jew turned Chris- 
tian; or the Corner-stone, asserting Christ to be 
the Messiah. London. 4to. 167" 

[Translated into Dutch in 1682. Wolf it. 8iSc] 

788. CoMPEir,NEDEVE[L,M.A. — Catcchismusjuc 
in disputationc et Dialogo Magister ac disci] 
scriptus a Rabbi Abrahmo Jagel. larao., 58 
Hebrew and English. [A.N.J 167] 


7*9- Eve Cohan. — ^The Conversion and Persecutions 
of Eve Cohan now called Elizabeth Vcrboom, a 
person of Quality of the Jewish Religion, baptised 
Oct. lo, i6So, at St. Martin's in the Fields. 1680. 

79°- Israel Isaac. — Christ Jesus, the true Messiah, 
delineated in three CEconomics agreed on ali sides. 
By I, I., formerly a Jew, but now a Christian. 
8vo., 25 pp. [A. N.] 1682. 

791- Alexanderson. — A Declaration of the Christian 
Faith, with a Letter to those of his own tiation 
from the Syriac. 1688. 

[Republished in 1703.] 

792- Assembly of Divines, England. — n'iPDn m HUfl 

D'lasan «':tDn2 '(tn ':t?T7 nojaS nvp invn. Cate- 

diesis religionis Christians brevior ... in linguam 

sanctam Hebrjeam fi del iter versa, operS G. Geaman. 


'93- Shalome een SaALOMOH. — A true Narrative of 

God's gracious dealings with the soul of Shalome 

ii. Shalomoh, of the Circumcision after the fiesh ; 

as delivered to the Church of Christ assembled at 

their Meeting House, Rosemary Lane, Sept. 29th, 

1699. 1699. 

[A second ediiioo in 1700.] 

"■*■ A Declaration of the Conversion of Solomon de 
Almanza, a Spanish Gentleman, with his Two 
Children and Nephew, from Judaism to Che Pro- 
testant Religion. Drawn up by himself in Spanish, 
and by his order translated into English. 8vo., 
16 pp. Price ad. [A. N.] i7o3. 

'^S- John Xeres.— An Address to the Jev 
His Reasons for leaving the Jewish, ai 
the Christian Religion. 8vo., 115 pp. 


sm bracing 

[A. N.] 

■?95. George Hickes, D.D.- 
course about the Jews a 

■Peculium Dei. A Dis- 
the Pecubar People of 


God, in a Sennon preached before the Alde^- 

and Citizens of London, on the sixth of ¥chr-t.i ■i^'y, 

1681. t 7 '.I. 

797. Moses Makcus. — The Principal Motives and C''- 
cumstances that induced M. M. to leave the Jewish 
and embrace the Christian Faith ; with a sh*?'^ 
account of his Sufferings thereupon. 8vo., ia6 pP- 
Price 2S. [A. N.] 171+ 

[Wilh recommendation from D. Wilkins, Chaplain t* 
Archbishop of Canlerbury.] 

798. Joseph Ottolenghi, — An Answer to Two PapeH 
lately published by Gabriel Treves, a Jew of ihe 
City of Exeter. The one enittled A Vindication 
of the Proceedings of Gabriel Treves against Jose)*-. 
Solomon Ottolenghi, now a Prisoner in Soull^ae, 
Exon. : the other is intituled An Advertisement, 
■wherein is contained the said Joseph Ottolenghi"! 
Vindication of himself, against the Aspersions csrt 
on him in the said Papers. 8vo. iv. and 3a pp. 
[A.N.] 173s. 

799. L. Stephens.^ — Discourse Preach'd before the In- 
habitants of the Pariah of St. Patrick, in Exeter, t 
Sunday, the 6th of July, 1735: Occasioned bytheir 
delivering Joseph Ottolenghi, a Poor Convert Jci 
out of South-gate Prison ; into which he was cast 
by a Jew, after his Conversion to Chrlstianitir. 
4to., 42 pp. Price One Shilling. [A.N.] ExetCE. 

800. D. Aboab.— noxi ion IDD. The Mercy and Truth; 
or a brief account of the dealings of God 1 
D, A., a native of Venice, converted from . . 
Judaism to the Gospel, 1; 

801. David Aboab. — A Short, Plain, and Well-grounded 

Introduction to Christianity Published fimt 

at Venice in Arabic and Italian, in order to be d" 
persed among the Neighbouring Mahometans a 
Jews, Translated into English by D. A. 8vo., 
pp. [A. N.] 

[Pp. 25-30 KcligiDUS poemi.] 


E. GoLDNEY. — A Friendly Epistle to the Jews 
.... humbly dedicated to the Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. 8vo., 176 pp. [A. N.] 1 761. 

Daniel Tringham Alexander. — A Call to the 
Jews; setting forth in what surprising manner he 
was converted to Christianity. 4to. 1770- 

4. B. Ben Mordecal — The Apology of, to his 
Friends for embracing Christianity in seven Letters 
to EHsha Levi, Merchant, of Amsterdam. 4to., 
205 and 187 pp. [A. N.] 1771. 

505. The Conversion of Jonathan the Jew as related by 
himself; designed as a Familiar Illustration of the 
Nature of Christianity. [A. N.] 1779- 

506. The New Testament in Hebrew, corrected by 
Richard Caddick. 1798. 

808. L. Mayer- — Restoration of the Jews, containing 
an Explanation of the Prophecies. . . . Addressed 
to the Jews. The Third Edition, with Additions. 
8vo., 24 pp. [A. N.] Price Sixpence. 1806. 

809. John Evans. — An Address .... upon the Bap- 
tism, by Immersion of Mr. Isaac Littleton, one of 
the Israelitish Nation, on his Profession of Chris- 
tianity, to which is added an Account of his Con- 
version. 8vo., 34 pp. Price One Shilling. [A. N.] 


810. J. S. C. F. Frey. — His Narrative, with an Address 
to Christians of all Denominations in behalf of the 
Descendants of Abraham. 181 3. 

[" His Narrative *' alone first appeared in 1809. | 

811. Hyam Isaacs. — ^A Solemn and Affectionate Ad- 
dress to the Jews, clearly demonstrating .... that 
Jesus .... is the only and true Messiah. Exeter. 

[Went into three other editions, 1825, 1835, 1835. Au 
eighteenth edition in 1840.] 


2. Tlie Claims of the Children of Aaron on the iro- 
mediate attention of the whole Christian Worid 
Dublin. 4to. i8iJ. 

3. John Hatchard. — A Sermon preached on Wed- 
nesday, June 22nd, 1825, on the Baptism of Mi. 
Michael Solomon Alexander, late Reader in the 
Jewish Synagogue, with an Appendix, 8vo., 40 pp. 
Price IS. 6d. [A. N.] iSiJ. 

^. H. H. NoRRis. — The Origin, Progress, and EiiS- 
ing Circumstances of the London Socieiy for Pro- 
moting Christianity among the Jews. 8vo. iSiS^ 

S- Abraham Elias Caisson.^ — An AfTectionate AppMl 
to the Sons of Israel, the chosen Nation, by one of 
their Brethren, addressed to Mr. Joseph Wolff and 
other lost sheep of the House of Israel, who be- 
lieve Jesus to be the Messiah. 8vo,, 11 pp- 
[A. N.] 181J. 

5. The History and Conversion of the Jewish hoj, 
by the author of the " Twin Sisters," &c Svo,. 
1Z7PP. [A, N.] i8j9- 

7, Rev. a. McCaul. — Israel Avenged by Don Isaac 
Orobio ; translated and answered by Rev. A. McCr 
T.C.D. Part First. 198 pp. [A. N.] 1839. 


[. L. Alexander,— Memoirs of the Life and Cm 
mercial Connections of the late B. Goldamid, « 
Roehampton ; containing a Cursory View of ll 
Jewish Society and Manners. iSoLf 

!, D. Mendoza. — Memoirs of the Life of Doni^ 
Mendo«i ... to which ate added Observ.itions 
the Art of Pugilism. 8vo., xxiii.-32o pp. [A. N.) J 

[A second edition in 1816.] 



. Humphreys (Edited by). — The Memoirs of J. 
de Castro, Comedian. Portrait. London. 8vo., 
zjgpp. 1824. 

B24. Memoirsof the Lifeand Writings of David Ricardo, 
Esq., M.P. 8vo., 32 pp. [A. N.] 1825. 

S25. M. LissACK (of Bedford). — ^Jewish Perseverance; 
or, the Jew at Home and Abroad. Bedford and 
London. 1850. 

[An Autobiography.] 
816. Godfrey Zimmerman. — Autobiography of Godfrey 
Zimmerman, formerly in the Commissariat Depart- 
ment of the Army under Napoleon. 8vo., 126 pp. 
London. 1852. 

827. HiRSCH Edelmann.— nnip ^^13 ■ ■ ■ ^1K2' nh\ti 
niBDin aa ■ ■ ■ iinXll ^ISt- 'D 2-in. Biography of 
. . . S. Wahl . . . containing also a genealogical 
and chronological sketch, &c. [Partly translated 
by M. H. Bresslau.] 8vo. 1854. 

828. J. G.— Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., F.R.S., and his 
many efforts for the relief of suffering humanity. 
8vo. . 1864. 

829. Rev. Dr. Abraham de Sola. — Biography of David 
Aaron de Sola, lale Senior Minister of the Portu- 
guese Jewish community in London. 61 pp. Phila- 
delphia. 1864. 

82917. M. N. Adler, M.A.^ — Memoir of the late Ben- 
jamin Gompertz, F.R.S., F.R.A.S. [1865.] 

[Extncted from Assurance Magazine.'] 

830. [Samuel Vallektine.] — Memoir of Isaac Vallen- 
tine. 1868. 

[In P. VaJlentine's Hebrew and English Almanack for 

831. Memoir of Maurice Alexander Alexander, Sydney. 


832. Dr. L, Loewe.— itu'^x '10 Sn:n aann 3in nn^in 

'l?n. Lyck. izmo., 41 pp. 1878. 






833, Rev. Prof. Marks and Rev. A. I^")WY.— Mft^r p 
of Sir Francis Henry Goldsmid, Bart., Q,C„ ^^1^ 
8vo. ; second edition, xiv.-3 73 pp. PortraiL Lo^^^. 

[The work is divided into two parts, the first, by IV^E 
Marks, being a general biography, and llie second, bjl>^^ 
Rev. A. Lowy, dealine wilh Sir Francis' cweer ia COMMIT 
tion with the Angla-Jewish Association. Amon* 1^^ 
Appendices to Ihe first edition is a letter from wifti^ 
Ricardo, M.F., in which it ia claimed that the principle <^ 
toleration should lie extended as much to Ihe Atncin u Ik^ 
Jew. This is omitted from the aecon<l edition, presumaU^ 
because of the Brodiuugh controversy which was tbaV 

834. Joseph Ellis.— Mr. Cohen. 8vo., 41 pp. 1881. 

[Extract from the Brigklon Gua'dian, Nov. 28lh. i860. 
Biography of Emanuel Hyman Cohen, founder of thi 
Brighttin Guardian.'\ 

S3S- J- KoHN Zedek. — n?nn ni:. Lemberg, Svo., 18 
+ 23 + 69 + 80 + 55. Portrait. 

836. Solomon Hakt. — Memoirs. 1881. 

[Privately printed.] 

837. Israel Davis. — Sir Moses Montefiore, a Bio- 
graphical Sketch. 8vo., 35 pp. Porirait 1883. 

[Reprinted from the Thnis with additions.] 

838. Leone Racah.— Sir Moses Montefiore, Bi<%ra&i 
di un Centenario. i6mo., 101 pp. Leghorn. 


839. LuciEN Wolf,— Sir Moses Montefiore. A Cen- 
tennial Biography, with Extracts from Letters und 
Journals, 8vo., XV.-290 pp. Portrait 18S4. 

Published on Ihe occasion nf the Centenary. Amniaa 
editions : 4to., 63 pp. With portrait. (New Vork, iSM 
Svo. (illustrated), xiv.-354 pp. (New Vork, 18S4). 

840. Anon.— ^A Sketch of the Life and \Vork of Sir 
Moses Montefiore, compiled from various autheotic 
sources. Illustrated. 8vo., 37 pp. Ramsgate. tRS^. 

841. James Weston.— Sir Moses Montefiore; the Stoiy 
of his Life. 8vo., 96 pp. 1S85. 

[Sce^/AfifccvM, Marc1ii4, 3i,ftnd38; uiJApnlii, iSSyJ 



Oez/. — Anglo-Jewish Historical ExiiibitioxN Catalogue. 
I^- C. — ^Jewish Chronicle. 
^. R. — ^Jewish Record. 
,5c W. — Jewish World. 

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847. Abraham, Abraham, Author and Communal Worker. 

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848. Abraham, Henry, Mayor of Southampton, 1824-1881. 

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Circa 1772. 
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' Environs of London 


[. p. 479. 

902. Be> 



Kayserbng, "Judiachen Frnuen," p. 174, 
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( Julius, Composer ajid Mosiuia. 


" Diet. Nut. mug. __ J 

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obtained degree in an English University. iiioo-iS69. 

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■' 1S39- 


tar. D. I 

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§J^M iM^ ^y^ ^S\ 



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L iSoa 

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•792- ^ „ 

" Thespian Dice 

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■Stadium Apollinaie,''^by F. M.). 

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/. C. Nov. 2 

. Mocatta. Mos; 
/. C. Oct. 2, 

. MouHAcH, Jul 

5, Author. 1768-1857. 


js (Israel) Lazarus, Mus 


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• 141 

^ "47- 



I. Nathan, Baron (Barnett), Dremalic ond Musiail £iUre- 
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y. C. and y. fK, Jan. 

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, Lawyer. D. 1882. 




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and Numismatist. 
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, 1SS4: 

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, Salomons, Annette A., Authoress. 

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. Salomons, Sir David, Loid Maj-or 

□d Politician. 


Reports of Inslitulion of Civil Enpneer^. vol. i: :*f "^ 
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rows o/yaiod. Nov. 29, 1844. - -mm 

!. Samuda, Joseph d'Aguilar, Sliip-buildei ftiut PoliC-**^^ 

1813-1885- -■— .1 

Tz-wf, April 29. 1885:7. C, M»y I. iSSs : 7. If., !W* ^' ' , 

and 21, 1S85 : CttebriHe! af Iht Day, July, 1881 . " 

Samuel b. Israel. Sec SoEtno. 
). Samuel, Baron Denis he, Financier. i7S2-l86a 

y. C, Aug. 24 and Oct. ra, i860. 
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/. C, April 27, i860. 
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t. Samuel, Sampson. 1S04-1S6S, 

y. C, Nov. 13 and 20, 1868 : % R., Nov 20, 1S6S. 
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(Portrait; Gainsborough, pinx. (bought in 1S62 for 
Nat. Gal.) ; Fry, sculp.). 
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E>. 1884. 

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, /. C, Aug. 22, 1873- 

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nasseh b. Israel, 1625-1657. 

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' Sola, Abraham de. Clergyman and Professor of Hebrew, 

/. (T., June 23, 1B82. " Cyc. Araer. Biog." 



: Ng. 8*9) : 


aoia \sfe No, 829), pp. 3, 4. 

and 16, 1863. 
[, Eloculionisl and H«t=:=«»^ 


1227. Sola, David Aaron 

Life by A. de Sol 
1Z29. Sola, Isaac db, Preacher. 

"LifeofD. A. deSoU' 

1230. Sola, Samqel d> 

J. C, Sept. 14. 

1231. Solomon, Abraham, Artist 

/. C, Dec. 26, 1862, Jan. 

1232. Solomon, Henry Napht^ 

/. C. and/. W., Nov. 18, 1S8:, and/. W., Dec. 9. -*^'' 

1233. Solomon, MyER, Founder of St. Albans Place Synages^'"' 

Cot., p. 5S. 

1234. SuLOMON, Samuel, Quack. D. 1818. . 

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Circa 1643. 

Batbosa Machado ; Woir {iie No. 239). 

1236. Stern, David, Viscount de, Banker. D. 1877. 

/.C„ Jan. 26,1877. 

1237. Stern, Henrv Abraham, Christian Missioiur7. D. 1^^^' 

Biog. by A. A. Isaacs. 
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riMw, Oct. 21, rS87. 

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Alhemeum, Sept. 17, 1887. 

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Memoirs : / «'. June 

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schicbte,''x.,p, 328. 
124Z. SuTRO, SiGisHiTND. Ptivsidaa. 181S-1886. 

/. C, Feb. 26, 1886. 
1243. SvMONs. Baron Lvon db, Communal Worker- Circa it 

/C, May It, i860. 
12433. SvMONS, Samuel Lyon DE, Communal Worker. D. iW* I 
/. C, May II, i860. ' 

1143^. Tanc, Abraham. Auih 
/. C, Dec. 19, 1S84. 


^^^-4-- Templo, Jacob Jehuda Leon (Aryeh), Author and De- 
signer. 1603- 1672. 

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"Anglo- Jewish Hist.," p. 45. 

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London. Circa 1675. 
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Memoir {see No. 830}. 
/. C, July 13, i860. 

^248. Van Oven, Barnard, Physician. 1797- i86a 

1249. Van Oven, Joshua, Surgeon. 1766- 1838. 
European Magasitie^ April 181 5. 

J 250. Villa Real, Isaac da Costa, Founder of Viflareal School. 

D. 1737- 

Ascamot of Portuguese Congregation, p. 93. 

1251. Waley, Jacob, Conveyancer and Professor of Political 
Economy. 1819- 1873. 

Times, June 23, 1873 '- J- ^» and/. W.^ June 27, 1873. 

1252. Waley, Simon Waley, Musician. 1827- 1876. 

Impartial (Boulogne), Jan. 21, 1876 ; J, C, Jan. 7 and 
14, 1876. 

1 254. Wasserzug, H., Chazan and Composer. D. 1882. 

/. C. and/. W,, Sept. i, 1882. 

1 255. WolFf, Joseph, Traveller and Christian Missionary. i79S- 


Times, May 7, 1862: "Travels and Adventures" (1862) 

1256. Worms, Maurice Benedict de, Financier. 1805- 1867. 

/. C, June 14, 1867. 

1257. Worms, Baron Solomon de. Financier, 1 801 -1882. 

/. C. and/. W,, Oct. 27, 1882. 
1259. Ximenes, Sir Moris, Financier. B. 1762. 

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1261. Zedner, Joseph, Hebraist, 1804- 187 1. 

/ C, Oct. 20, 1871 : /. C. March 21, 1873 (by M. 

1262. Zimmerman, Godfrey. B. 1788. 

Autobiogtaphy {^ No. 826). 

L 2 



1266. Hebrew Intelligencer, monthly. No. i, )an. i 
1823, London. Single page, large folio, price 6d. 

No names of puhiishers, eiiitors, or promoters. 

1267. ivhi The Hebrew Review and MAfi.uiNE 
Rabbinical Literature, edited by Morris J. 
phall. No. I, Oct. 3, 1834, London. 16 pp., weeklyi^fl' 

iz68. 3py' ^Ip, Voice of Jacob (edited by JacoW^ 
Franklin), London. No. i, SepL, 1841, 410., 8 pp — ^ 
fortnightly; Sept. 24, 1847, fol., fortniglilly ; bs^=^^ 
number Sept. i, 1848. 

1270. Voice of Jacob, Gibraltar. Started early in i88j^=: •*. 

1271. Voice OF Jacob, Sydney. No. 1, May 27, 1841 ^o', 
last number Sept. 5, 1842. 

1272. Esperanza Israelitico, Gibraltar. Started ik-* '" 

1273. The First Fruits of the West. — A Mnnthl,-M'*^i' 
Periodical devoted exclusively to the Jewish R^— *^ 
ligion and Literature, published in Jamaica unde^»-^'.' 
the editorship of the Rev. M. N. Nathan and LewS »^W 
Ashenheim, M.A. No. 1, Feb. 1844. 

[In the Ncfof/uly, 1844, there is a reference to '■ Ihr* :»« 
Prospectus of a Jewisli Monthly M^ailne, to be publi^ied i* ^^L 
London under the editorehip of Mr. Theodores." It dow"^*^ 
noi appear that the magazine ever saw the light.] ' 

1269. jnat "^DD, The Jewish Chronicle. Edited b«=* ' 
the Rev. Dr. Meldola and Mr. M. AngeL No. k — 
November 12th, 1841. 

[Issued with this series " IIT nOX," " Hebrew Ribb«***J 
nical and Biblical Dictionary " ; also " >lagadah Ibi Pm "^J^ | 
over." The latter was withdiiwn after ibe second nam b ^^ T* *^' 
and the former not completed.] ^, 

London. Weekly, 410., price 2d. Series ende<^>-*^' 
April a3rd, 1841. Issued subsequently in 8vo. 

I1"Dt "ICD, The Jewish Chronicle (New Sent 
AND Working Man's Friend. Proprietor an* 

Editor, Joseph Mitchell. No. i, October r8, 1844. 

Fortnightly, 4to., price id. 

June 27, 1845, title altered to jnat IBD, The 
Jewish Chronicle. Weekly from July 9, 1847. 

Oct. 1 1, 1850, enlarged to folio (8 pages), 
price 3d. 

August 18, 1854, edited by M. H. Bresslau. 

December 22, 1854, title altered to The Jewish 
Chronicle and Hebrew Observer, enlarged. 

January iz, 1855, edited by Dr. A, Benisch 
until 1869. 

186S enlarged lo grt. folio, and a penny edition 
issued together with the 3rd edition. 

April 2, 1869 title altered to inat ^E5D, The 
Jewish Chrohicle, Price 2d. Edited by Michael 

June 18, 187s, editorship resumed by Dr. A. 
Benisch till his death. July 31, 1878. 
74. Sabbath Leaves. Startedin June, 1845. London. 


niDie'' D13, The Cup of Salvation. — Prospectus 
of a Monthly Jewish Orthodox Magazine under the 

t above title, edited by the Rev. D. M. Isaacs and 
Moses Samuel of Liverpool (August, 1845). 




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dos Magazine, edited by Rev. D. M. Isaacs and 
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In Heb. and Eiig., with Meldola's HlV. 

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H CDntinuatioa of Voice of Jacob, published moaihiy. 


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by M. H. Breslau. Weekly, 8vo,, t6 pp. London- 
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1282. mio, The Guide. A Monthly Magazine devotff^ 

to the diffusion of Knowledge in Jewish Liieratup^^ 1 
Edited by Raphael d'C. Leivin, Head Master ^=^, 
the Hebrew National Institution, PubUshed h 
Michael de Cordova, Kingston, Jamajci, No. 1 
July, 1865. _ 

1283. '?Sie" nD33, The Hebrew National. Edited "^ 
by H. Filipowski. Weekly, 8vo., 16 pp. " "'^ 
Feb. 15, 1867. London. 

Words "Jeir"Hnd "Jewish" excluded from all ailidcs 
" Hebrew" being substituted, 

1284. Jewish Record. Weekly, Fol., 8 pp., with oc " 
casional supplements. Published by John EdwaicT 
Morse and edited by L. B. Abrahams. No. i _j^- 
June s. 1868, London; J. E. M. and A.sher I, ^ 
Myers, publishers, Oct. 23, 1868 ; enlarged (stilt 
8 pp.), Jan. 29, 1S69 ; published by J. E. M. alone,M« 
Nov. 5, 1869; discontinued Oct. 6, 1871. 

1285. Australian Israelite. Melbourne, Victoria. 

See/ea/iiA Chranicie, Aug. t, 1871. 

12S6. Jewish World. No. i, Feb. 14, 1873. London^ 

Weekly. Price id. Gr. Fol. 4 cols. 8 pp. Published. 

by S. H. Valentine, New Series : enlarged to 5 cols. 

per page. Aug. 13, 1S80. 
1287. The Jewlsh Schoolfellow. Pub. by Jewish 

Schoolboys of Adelaide, South .Australia in 1873. 
ia88. N0RTHW1CK College Times. 4(0., 4 pp, No. 1, 

Oct. 74, 1873. London. 

Wrilten and prinled by pupils of the Rev. A. P. Mcndei. 
NoTthwick Coliege School 



1289. ma, The Jewish Gazette. Calcutta, 1874, 

Marathi in Hebrew characters, weekly. Title as above in 

I ago. The Jews' College Journal, Edited by Deli ssa 
Joseph. No. I, April, 1875 ; last No., Oct, 1875. 
First 5 Nos. 4 pp. 4to., sixth 8 pp. 8vo. 

IZ91. The Dialectic, a Jewish Monthly. Melbourne, 
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1293. noN ^1K, The Light of Truth; published in 
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characters. Bombay. 

Organ of the Beni Israel Community of Bombay-. 

1294. Dnan, Hakerem. Edited by Naphtah Levi ; 
published by Abrahams and Distillator. London. 
Fol., 4 pp., weekly. No. i, Aug. 29, 1878. 

1295. D'^jrKlt'X UJ3K13i*^, London IsR.iELiTa Edited 
by Naphtali Levi ; published by Abrahams and 
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29, 1878. Weekly. Judeo-German in Hebrertr 

1296. nWl-V, Jerusalem. Edited by H. Guedalla. 
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1297. PuRiM. — A new fashioned Annual for an old 
fashioned Feast. Published by S. H. Valentine, 

Jewish World Office. 8vo., 108 pp. London. 
No. 1, 1883. 

[No more published.] 

1298. The Liverpool Jewish Magazine. Weekly. 

L Edited and published by Jar " " 
Liverpool. No. i, August 1, la. 
Svo., 16 pp. and cover. 
[Only one number issued. Some c 
The Liverpool Jewish Monthl'v 
Teachers' Aijvbrtisbr.j 

M. Nucomptoi 
S83. Price lid 






lagg. Jewish Herald. Melbourne, 1882. 

1300. VjlTN iyB"'?'iEi tin. The Polish Yidel. Ediid 
by Boris Winestone (?). Published by Rabbino- 
wicz and Werber. London. Large 410., 4 pp., 
weekly. No. i, July 25, 1884. Transformed inio 
CDJlplX N'T (See No. rjoi) on November 7th. 1884. 
Judeo-German in Hebrew characters. 

1301. BBjipu sn, "Die Zukunft" (The Fuiure">- 
Edited by Boris Winestone (?) ; pul>lished by Rat* 
binowicii and Werber. London. Large 410., 8 p^' 
No. I (No. 16), November 7, 1884, weekly, judc^*" 
German in Hebrew characters Price id. 

[CpnlinualiQiiof ^'TK njJE-O'lEl Ijn.] 

1302. n'oi'icn. The Hashulamit. Edited, prinl^^Sl 
and published by Judah Leep Bril. London. 
fob, 4 pp., weekly. No. i (Judeo-German in 
brew characters). 

1303. The Bevis Marios Gazette. By H. GuedalU--^ 
No. I, February 1886. I^rge folio, 5 pp. Londov ^^^n- 

[SCarted to resist ihe projected demolition of the I'*'"^^J? 
Marks Synagogue. Two issues of No. i were puhll-hf^-''^^*'^' 
vii., on Feb. 15 and Feb. 17. Tiie publication thc^-*^' 

1304. IlJ3^fl, The Lebanon. Edited, printed, and paW ^-"^ 
lisbed by J. J. Leep Bril. London. Lar^e ^tod^^ "■ 
8 pp. Weekly. No. i, June 1886. Hebren^-^ 
Price 2d. i 

[Started in Jerusalem in 1S62, and rcEumed successful' 
in Paris, Mayetice, and London.] 

1305. Jewish Record. Manchester, 1887. 


II. Abendana, J. — The Jewish Kalendar, contaiir 

ing account of their Fasts and Festivals tor t' 
year 545a. 32mo. Oxford. 169S 

[Also pubtistied lor 1693, '94< '95- '0 ^^^ '^- ] 


1312. D. NiETO. — Q'niP nra. Calendar for the years 
5478-5560. Hebrew and Spanish. '7^1- 

1313. A. Alexander. — Ahnanaclc for Jewish Commer- 
cial Travellers, with names of English Towns in 
Hebrew Letters, giving details of Coaches, Market 
Days, &c. 1782. 

x^T^a. A New Calendar for the years 5551-5600. izmo. 


r Printed by permissinn af the gentlemen oftbe Maha.mad.] 

13 1 4. Moses Meldola. — A New Almanack for the year 
5568 A.M. izmo. 1807. 

1315. D*?!!) nttna^ :"rpn wtha nu'on ^r m^.iimo. 


1316. ahvi ns'n:^ V'vpn d'd^w m-an i^e' St? niS, 
Hebrew and English Almanack for year 5596, cor- 
responding witn 1835-6. 1835. 

IJ17. Hebrew and English Almanac for the years 1837- 
1S40, with the Jewish Charitable Institutions. 

J318. n"in,inn, am, sin, . . .in, ovpn, nvpn . . .bv m? 
Knn, nn, pin, nm, nn, . . . Hebrew and English 
Almanack. i6mo., Lond, 1837-ji. 

'319. nini^ '3iP. Hebrew and English Almanack. 
i6mo, [Lond.] [1839-1864.] 

" . H. LiNDO, — A Jewish Calendar for .sixty-four 
years: to which are added Tables for continuing the 
Calendar to a.m. 6doq — 2240 c.e., and a Cbrono- 
logical Table forming a summary of Jewish his- 
tory. 1838. 

[Some copies have an acldilioiial hall-sheet carryinjj on 

the chronological lable to i860.] 

3320*7. H. Barnett. — Almanack. 1S41. 

13201*, H. FiLiPOWSKV. ^Prospectus to Chronology. 

Liverpool. 1844. 

[Twelve valuable lables for calculaiing Hebrew dates.] 

1321. Vallentine, Isaac ^niS, Hebrew and English 
■f Almanack for the years a.m. 5604 and 5605. 
^^H Contnnied to the presem day. 




1322. DeLara. — Illuminated Hebrew Calendar forsdoS. 
Printed in gold and twelve different colours, from in 
original design by Mr. de Lara. 

DHdicated to Sir Moses Monleliore. Voiet af Jtiti of 
Oi:iobi^[ 10, 1S45, snys that Mr de Lara puiaenled a (0(7 
10 the Queen persunally -'on Friday' 

1323. Hebrew and English Almanac for the year 560^ 
— 1^47-48. Carefully revised and corrected b/ 
the Chief Rabbi, the Rev. Dr. Adler, and the Rct. 
D. Meldola, London. 1847. 

1324. De Lara.— Illuminated Hebrew and Englisii 
Calendar for 5608. 

Dedicated to Hii Anthony de Rothschild, PrinlcJ h 
nine colours ani! gold, with a tablet tepresenlii^ 
Solomon's Judgment," "typical of the fitness of. 

' typical of tl 
a Member of Parliumeiil (c 

of liaron de Rothschild a 
City of London." 

1324a. Ph. Moss. — Calendar, Enghsh and Hebtc*- 


1324^. J. Madden. — Almanac, 5615-16, iBSS- 

1324a. H. Fiupowski. — Hebrew and Roman AInwnK 

from the year i c.e. to perpetuity. 1871- 

1325. Abrahams. — m?. Commenced in 187: 

1326 M. H. Myers. — Jewish Calendar and Diwy- 

Compiled by Rev. M. H. Myers. London. 

Annually since 1S76. 


NOTB. — Where no bililic^rapliical references are given the*? 

informalion known to the Editors is contained in " The J(«"" 

Directory, " edited by A. I. Myeis. {London, 1S73.) 


fXo. 303); Examisi-r, 18S0 ; AangAaiH Mafrmint, 1876 ; VJenie, 
•• Handliook to Ijjndon," pp. 531-7 % JewUh World, Jan. 9, 1880, 
*• The Community as it bus," [hy Rev. A. L. Green] ; Myers, 
** lewish Directoty" (1873); J. JacoKs. "atiidies in Jewish Sla- 

li^'iic^" [Jnvish Chrmiclc, 1S83) ; Wolf, " Resell levnert," &c. 

{.See No. 239.J 

1331. Ecclesiastical Authorities. 

Jea.'ish World, Dec. 19, 1879, " Tlie English Rahbinate " 
[l>y Rev. A. L, Green]: Jejoish World, July 22. 1887, 
"Chachamin of Bevis Marks" [by Luuen Wolf]; for 
biographies of individual Rabbis, see ^eclion H., " Miscel- 
lanea Biographica." 
"I-awB and Re^juli 

;a. Spanish A>fD Portuguese Synagogue. Founded 
circa 1640. 

Hislory in Picciolto, "Sketches" {No, 303,) /(toijA 
World, May 6, 1887. 

Laws, 1819. 183: (PorlUE.), 1858, 1872 (Eng.) ; amend- 
xaents nndated. 

EKlract from a scheme suhmiLted to Elders by Mahomad 
foi dealing with freehold properly of congcsgation in tily. 
[Appended is report of solicitors on title ileeds and other 
documents containing some details of hlsiory.] 

Rcporl to the Elders of the proceedings of the Spanish 
and Portuguese Jews' Congregation on the occasion of the 
centenary of Sir Moses Montefiore, Hart. Svo,, i: pp. 
Lavadores Society [History, feivish Chronicle, Jan. 24, 
— — 1879] Reports. 

^^3- UNiTtD SvNAGOGUE. Incorporated by Act of 
-Fariiament dated 14th July, 1870, 33 and 34 Vic. 
C;h. cxvi. (No. 609.) 

History [by A. Asher, M.D.] in Introduction 10 "Bye 
laws of the Constituent Syn^oguea " ( 1881). 

Articles of a new treaty agreed on by the Hub-Committees 
of the Great, Hambro', and New Synagogues. A.M. 5594 
»nd5S95- Svo., 11pp. 

Union of the Three Conjoint Synagogues. Report of the 
Delegates, 1S67. 

Address of the Wardens of the three City Synag 
Kiting forth the reasons for Union. 


Union of the Synagogues. Scheme as finally sellled It 
Council. April, 1S69. Svo., 31 pp. 

Alterations and Modi Real ions ol ihe Schem 
United Synagogue Ad. n.d. 

Union of the SyiwEoguEs. Scheme, wliich, liaviDg I" 
passed by Parliament, received the Royal Asscot, July ^ 

idministered under tbe I 
. I. ^ - arranged aceording 10 J 
tne season of the year at which the dividends are ■□ be dii- 
Iributed. 8vo., 7 pp. 1871. 

Bye-laws of the Constituent Synalpgues. 8wo., 77 of,' 
1881. ^ 

Standing Orders of Procedure at Meetings ot the CoaJK^I 
of the United Synagogue adopted at a routing of tlf^ 
Council held on June 17, 5631 — 1871. 8™., 15 pp. 

Accounts and estimates annually sinre foundation. 

Special reparts : Abolition of OSeiings : AboliliM of I 
Privileged Membership: Almshouses: Anialgamai' '' 

New Constituent Synagogues : Appiiintmeal of a Dtna > ' 
Appointment of a Del>^ale Chief Rabbi : Burial ol ihc 
Poor : Establishment of a Belh Hamidrash : ExlmJin 

surance of OfHcials : Modifications of ihe Ritual: Mm* 
DistHbution : Maintenance uf Jewiah Children in Ref^iM- 
tnry Schools : Pensions to Ministers : Froposrd Anulg)"*' 
lion with Oxford Synagr pgue : Purcho-se of Lmid for Con" 
teriei : Relations nith tiosrd of Deputies, Board uf tin 
dianB, Scbechita Board : Relief of ihe Poor : Spiii'u>t>^ 
dition of the Jewish Poor : Synagogue AccoramodilW" 
the Suburbs; Synagogue Choirs ; Training of jc" 

Burial Society : Laws, 1873. 

1334. Great SyN.AfioGUE. — Founded 1691. Nnw 
Constituent of the United Synagogue. 

History in Piccioito " Skeiches" (No. 303). U.S. Il;t 
L««», p. xnx. i /nifiii iVorM, May *0, 18S7 J MicWW* 
ol London (illustrated). 

Lawb: 1771, 1791, 180S, iSio (Judeo-Genn.) ; 
(Hebr. and Eng.); 1863 (Eng.) 

Burial Society Laws: l8lo, lS6j- 

Instiiution for relief of decayed members of Great Sj*- 
gogoc. Laws 1 1842. 


535. Ham BRo' Synagogue. — Founded 172G. Now a 
Constituent af the United Synagogue. 

Hi5totieal Notes in U. a. Bye Laws, p. xxx. ; JciBisk 
ChronUU, April 22, 1887 ; Jewish World, June 3, 1887. 

Laws: 1795, 1797 {judeo-Germ, ), 1845 (Eiig.), Araemi- 
mcnts 1797 (Judeo-Germ.). 
Burial Society Laws, 1797. 

i336. New Synagogue. — Founded 1760, Now a Con. 
stituent of the United Synagogue. 

History in Pkciolto " Skelches " (No. 303); U. S. Bye 
Laws. p. xxxi. ; Ct-Bil Em^aeer, I 339 ; Illuslratid London 
A>n.i, V. 389 J Mirrar, Jan. J and 12 1839 ; Jc^i^h World, 
June 3. 18S7; "London Interiors "uUustraled); Abraham's 
'■Curiosities" (see No. 566), p. 85. 

*337- Western Synagogue. — Founded 1774. 

Historical Notes in Jewish Chronicle, Oct. a, 1857 ; 
Rtport Books of the Vestry of St. James's, Westminster. 
Laws : 1S33, 1842. 

Address to members by a member of the Comtnittee 1841. 
1J3B. Maiden Lane Synagogue. — Founded 1815. 
'i39' West London Synagogue of British Jews. 
Founded 1841. 

History in Picciotto "Sketches" (No. 303); Builder, 
1867, xi». 499; JUuslTa^ed London News, 187a. 
Laws ; 1870, 1871, 1874. 

'iW. Cestral Synagogue. — Founded as branch of 
Great Synagogue 1855. Now a Constituent of the 
United Synagogue, 

Hislory in U. S. Bye Laws, p, xxxi. ; Description (illus- 
tattd) in Builder, 1869, xxvli. 8S7 ; Illustrated London 

Usl of donations in aid of Building Fund of Central 
SynajnguB. 8vo., pp. II, 1870. 

'J+i. Bayswater Synagogue. — Founded 1863. Now 
a Constituent of the United Synagogue, 

History! in U. S. Bye Laws, p, xxxii. ; " Bayswaler 
Guide"; Illustrated London News, Feb. aj, 1863 (illus- 
iTild). ■, 
Uwsi 1863. 
•34»- BoRouGif New Synagogue.— A Constituent of the 
Uniled Synagogue. 


Hi-itoty in U, S. Bye Laws, p. xxxiii. ; Dcscriplion fillu- 
\iMeA), \a l/luilrated London News, May 4, 1S67. 
Laws: 1868. 

1343. North London Synagogue. — Founded ifloS. 
Now a Constituent of the United Synagogue. 

History in U. S. bye Laws, p. xJiiuii. ; Descriplioo (illi* 
trated), \-a Illustraled London Ifims, Oct. 3, 1S68. 

Report of Provisional Committee appointed 10 proDM 
the building ol a Synagogue in Islington, 1863. 

Laws ; i!J69. 

1344. Dalston Svhagogue — Foun-led 1876. Nona 
Constituent of the United Synagogue. 

Sve No. 777- 

1345. East London Synagogue. — Founded i86j, 
Now a Constituent of the United Synagogue, 

History in U. S. Bye Laws, p. xxuv. 

1346. St. John's Wood Synagogue. 

A Constituent of ihe United Synagogue. 

History in U. S. Bye Laws, pp. xxniii.-iv. 

1347. New West End Svnagogue. 
A Constituent of the United " 

Hist, in U. S. Bye Laws, pp. xxniv.-v. 

Descriptions (illustrated) in Bmlding Neat, 1877, nuii- 
aS ; :878, p. 779. 

1348. Hackney Synagogue. 

minor synagogues and hebras. 

Historical notices appeared in feiuisk Chrsnklt, Noi. l7i 
1876, and Aug. 3, 1877. 
'349- German (now Spital Square) SvNAGOGUf-— 
Founded 1858. 
Ijws, 1880. 

Burial Society 

1350. Sandy's Row Synagogue ; Society, " KiHDSes 
and Truth," — Founded 1851. 

Laws, 1867, 1879. 

1351. Prescott Street Synagogue. — Founded 1748- 

1352. Scarborough Street Synagogue. — Founded 

'3S3- 1'kinces Street Synagogue, — Founded 1870- 
1354. Polish Synagogue. — Founded £iV^ 1790- 


1355. Fashion Street Synagogue. — Founded 1858. 

1356. White's Row Synagogue : Society, " Soul of 
Man." P'ounded i860. 

1357. Society, "Lovers of Peace." — Founded 1863. 


^358. Spanish and Portuguese, Mile End Road. 
Founded 1657. (Closed.) 

Jewish Chronicle^ Nov. 26, Dec. 3 and 10, 1880. 
Lysons, *' Environs of London." 

1359. Spanish and Portuguese, Mile End Road. 

Jewish Worlds Nov. 5, 1880. 
Lysons, ** Environs of London." 

1360. United Synagogue. Willesden. 

Thornbury, ** Greater London." 

1361. Great Synagogue. Alderney Street, Mile End, E. 

Lysons, ** Environs of London." 

1362. Great Synagogue. North [now Brady] Street, 
Mile End New Town, E. (Closed.) 

1363. Great Synagogue. West Ham, E. 

1364. Hampro' Synagogue. Hoxton Street, Hoxton, N. 

Lysons, ** Environs of London.'* 

1365. Hambro' Synagogue. Grove Street, Hackney, E. 

1366. New Synagogue, North [now Brady] Street, Mile 
End New Town, E. (Closed.; 

1367. Western Synagogue, Brompton. (Closed.) 

1368. Western Synagogue, Edmonton. 

1369. Maiden Lane Synagogue, Bancroft Road, E. 
X370. West London Synagogue, Balls Pond, N. 

137 1. "Gates OF Hope *' Schools. — Founded 1664. 

Picciotto •* Sketches," pp. 41, 154 ; Laws of Spanish and 
Portuguese Congregation, pp. 95, 97. 

wiih a list of subi 

1377. West Met Roi 
isH High ScHot 


1378. Jews' Collegi 

History, by M, 
Jewish Minisier5,' 
gogue, 1877. 

Reports annually. 

1379. Stepney Jewish 

Reports annually. 

1380. Bavswatf.r Jewish t 

Reports annually. 

, Borough Jewish Scho 
Re,.otlsannv . 

1382. Code of Standards 
and Religion issued by the 


1383. Spanish and Portuguese 1 
Founded 1703. 

Laws, iSzS, 1863. 

Bmmunal organisation. 163 

' BtwevoiJiNT Loan Society. — 

1,'s Almshouses. — Founded 1849. 
KTioN Society. — Founded (850. 

piOM Society. — Founded 1853. 

5 of American Jews on (be Imra gra- 
|fo8 Jewish Poor. — Founded 1853. 

B« CArimic/i, Jaly 21. 1S76. 
BARDIANS, ETC. — Foundcd 1859. 
%i Chnmule. Aug. 18 and Sept. 29, 1876; 
Ih Repoil [1S84); OurTime, May, 18S1. 
" ' erne for the Uetlet Managemenl of 

London : Je-jiiiH ChronicU, April 20 and 
n : bj J. Jacobs, Jewish CAmnicie, 

' (contains hislorical account of London 
and annually. 
* jR Relief Fund. — Founded i860. 
^ annually since iS6i. 
■■r ss Almshouses. — Founded 1862. 
•• Henry Moses' Almshouses. — Founded 

Deaf and Dumb Home. — Founded 1865. 

iry mjnvish CkrcnuU, Jan. 26, 1876. 
J Henry A. Isaacs : " Bounds versus Signs, A brief 
rison of the two systems now in use for the education 
f miiles," 1865. 
orts annually. 



1372. Spanish and Portuguese Villareal School.— 

Founded 1730. 

Pleciotto '■ Sketches." p. 75 ; Laws of Spanish and Pot- 
tuguese Congregation, p. 93. 

1373. Westminster Jews' Free School.- — Founded 

'To'pno D'Tiusno inn nOnpaa -wd -k-h dtidc ntrw 
□i'3 -ijfODrotaDjina mm iio^n man 

n-nn nvin 

s. sh. fol. 1S56. 

1374.' Free School. — Founded 1817. 

Hktory. /etoiiA Chronicle, Feb. 16, 1883. 
Reports annually. 

" Isaac Ciihen": Ptiie Esiiays by R. Benjamin {tSjl\i 
R. Harris (187a) i A. Levy (1^73). 

1375. Spanish and Portuguese National and In- 
fant School. — Founded 1839, 

1376. Jews' Infant Schools. — Founded 1841. 

Address on the opening of tlie School, l^lh Sept., l8(li 
■with a list of subscribers. 8vo. , 16 pp. 184I . 
Reports annually. 

1377. West Metropolitan Jewish School (now Jew- 
ish High School for Girls). — Founded 1845, 

Reports annua' ly. 

1378. Jews' College, — Founded 1852. 

History, by M. H. Ficciolto. in " Report on Trtiniif ft 
Jewish MinisletB," piesenied to Council of Uniled Spt' 
g<^e, 1877. 

Reports annually. 

1379. Stepnev Jewish Schools. — Founded 1865. 

Reports annually. 

1380. B A vswATER Jewish School. — Founded 1866. 

Reports annually. 

1381. Borough Jewish Schools. — Founded 1867. 

Reports nnnunlly. 

1382. Code of Standards of Examination in HetOT* 
and Religion issued by the Chief Rabbi, 1885. 


1383. Spanish and Portuguese Orphan SoaBir." 
Founded 1703. 

Laws, i8z8, 1S63. 


J. Dias ; A Lecture illjjtralire of (he present condition 
and compaiative merits of the Spanish and Poitugueie Jtws 
Clothing Society, 1831. 

1384. Almshouses of Spanish and Portuguese Co\- 

GREGATION. — Foundcd 1703. 

1385. Society tor oranting Marriage Portions to 
Fatherless Girls of the Spanish and Portu- 
guese Congregation. — Founded 1720. 

Laws, 1840. 

[Preceded by "A short Account of the Society."] 

1386. HoNEN Dalim, Menachem Abelim, Hebraf 
Yeotmot, and Hebrat Moalim. — Founded 1714. 

1387. Society for Initiating the Poor into thk 
Covenant of Abraham.— Founded 1745- 

Laws, 1848, 1856, 1874, 1886. 

1388. Beth Holim Hospital. — Founded 1747- 

Hislory in JemisA ChranUlt, Feb. 25, 1876. 

1389. Spanish and Portuguese IjOan Society. — 
Founded 1749- 

1390. Bread, Meat, and Coal Charity. — Foundeii 

Historyin/™i>AC*ra«if/«,July2i, 1876. 

[Lucien \Vulf] "The ' Meihebat Naphesh,' 5540'5640. 
E^ly History and Anecdotes" [Keprinted from /evuk 
World\ iimo. 11 pp. 1879. 

Laws, 1797. 

Centennial Report, 1879. 

1391. Holy Land Relief Fund. — Founded 1805. 
'39'- Jews' Hospital (Founded 1808) and Orphan 

Asylum (Founded 1831). Amalgamated 1876. 

IHistoiy of Hospital, yrroii A Chronidi. Dec. 31, 1S75 ; ol 
Orphan Asylum, in "Memoir of Isaac Valentine" (see 
No. 830), Jewish Chronicle, October 30, 1868, and Jan " 

l»7t; Jewish RecorU, Nov. 13, 1868. 
taws (Hosuital), 1S08. 
Reports (Hocpital, annually to 1876. 

„ (Orphan Asylum) annually lo 1876 
,, (Ainalgamaiion) 1878, 1S79, 188 
1883, 18S4. 
6ee No. 77 ■■ 

(593. Barrow's ALMSHOUSES.^Founded 1 


1394. Institution FOR relieving the IndigentBlind. 
Founded 181 9. 

List of Life-Governors and Annual Subscribers. (15 pp.) 

1395. Montefiore Almshouses. — Founded 1823. 

Wolf: "Life of Sir M. Montefiore" (see Na $39', 
pp. 43-44. 

1396. Philanthropic Society for Relieving Dis- 
tressed Widows. — Founded 1825. 

Reports annually. 

1397. Society for Relieving the Aged Needy.— 
Founded 1829. 

History mjeivtsh Chronicle^ Oct. 6, 1876. 
Reports (containing also Laws, Lists of Officers, &c.), 1^1 
1877, 1880, 1883. 

1 398. Society for Cheering the Needy at Festivals. 
Founded 1829. 

1399. Board of Guardians (Spanish and Portuguese). 
Founded 1837. Reconstituted 1878. 

History in Report for 1879. 

Laws : 1878. 

Reports annually since 1879. 

1400. Lyon Moses Almshouses. — Founded 1838. 

1 40 1. Surrey Jewish Philanthropic Society.— 

1402. Hand-in-Hand Asylum (Founded 1840) ani> 
Widows' Home (Founded 1843) Institution- 
Now amalgamated. 

History injtnvish Chronicle, April 14, 1876. 
Reports (Hand-in-Hand). j 

,, (Widows). • Annually. 

,, (Amalgamated;. » 

1403. Jewish Ladies' West End Charity.— Founcltd 

1404. "Independent Friends" Bread and Coal 
Society. — Founded 1843. 

1405. "Sir Paul Pindar" Benevolent Society — 

Founded 1844. 

Reports (containing also Laws, Lists of Officers, &c.K 
1859, 1873. 

modern — communal organisation. 1 63 

1406. Jewish Ladies' Benevolent Loan Society. — 
Founded 1844. 

Reports annually since 1868. 

1406a. Jewish Lying-in Charity. 

Laws, 1845. 

1407- Joel Emanuel's Almshouses. — Founded 1849. 

1408. Marriage Portion Society. — Founded 1850. 

Laws, 1858, 1871. 

1408a. Jews' Emigration Society. — Founded 1853. 

Reports annually. . 

Copies of Letters addressed to the Commissioners of Im- 
migration of New York, and to the United Hebrew Charities 
of New York, 1884. 

Copy of Letters written by request to the Alliance 
Israelite of Paris, and to the Trustees of the Mansion House 
Fund for the relief of the Russo-Jewish refugees, asking for 
a money grant to the Jewish Emigrants' Aid Society and 
Labour Bureau of New York, 1884. 

Extracts from Letters of Ainerican Jews on the Imm gra- 
lion Question, 1884. 

1409. SoupKitchen for Jewish Poor. — Founded 1853. 

History in Jewish Chronicle, July 21, 1876. 

Mio. Board of Guardians, etc. — Founded 1859. 

History in Jewish Chronicle, Aug. 18 and Sept. 29, 1876; 
also in Twenty-fifth Report (1884) ; Our Time, May, 1881. 

Lionel L. Cohen : Scheme for the Better Management of 
all the Poor, &c. 1859. 

Jewish Poor in London : Jewish Chronicle, April 20 and 
27 and May 4, i860. 

Foreign Poor in London : by J. ]^cohs, Jewish Chronicle, 
March 9, 1883. 

Reports : i860 (contains historical account of London 
Jewish poor since 1690) and annually. 

Mn. Excelsior Relief Fund. — Founded i860. 

Reports : annually since 1862. 

M'2. Salomons Almshouses. — Founded 1862. 

'413- Jacob Henry Moses' Almshouses. — Founded 

1414. Jews' Deaf and Dumb Home. — Founded 1865. 

History m Jewish Chronicle, Jan. 26, 1876. 

[Sir] Henry A. Isaacs : " Sounds versus Signs. A brief 
comparison of the two systems now in use for the education 
of deaf mutes." 1865. 

Reports annually. 

M 3 



1415, City of London Benevolent Society rot 
Assisting Widows in Distress. — Founded iSfij. 

Annual Stalemenu since 1S6S. 

1416. Sabbath Meals Society. — Founded 1868. 




Balance-sheets annunll;. 

417. Pennv Dinners Societv. — Founded 1869, 
Jewish Convalescent Home. — Founded 1869. 

Hislory iajtiaish Chranicie, Match 17, 1876. 
Keporls, anaoally since 1S73. 

419. East London (formeriy Stepney) Jewish Bem- 
voLENT Society. — Founded 1869. 

Laws, 1S70, 1879. 

420. Helping Hand Pension Society.— Founded iSjo. 

Laws, 1877. [Inlrotiuclion gives History of Soci«J.) 

411. Convalescent Home for Infants.— Foundd 

412. Jewish Home (_fornierly Jewish Workhodsei — 
Founded 1871. 

History in Jnvish CktoHich, Feb. 3 and April 14, 1S71 
aod April 14, 1876. 

Kcports annually since 1872. 

;4Z3. City of London Benevolent Society.— 
Founded 1871. 

1424. Jewish Ladies' Association for Prevesti« 
AND Rescue Work. — Founded 1884. 

Reports 1SS5, t8S6. 

1425. PoorJews'TemporaryShelter.— FoundcdiMS' 

History m Jewish World, iSSj, and Firel Report 
Laws, 1S85. 
Report 1885-6. 

1425a. Charity for the Relief of the Aged D» 

1425A. Five Shilling Sabbath Charity. 
[425c. "Good Intent" Benevolent Society. 
1425^. Ladies' Benevolent Institution. 
i4J5e. Pacifico Almshouses. 
1425/. Passover Relief Fund. 
(426. Jewish Wards in General Hospitals. 
JeiBiih Chranictc, Feb, 11, 1876. 




" Path of Peace." — Founded 1782. ■ 


" Path of" — Founded circa 1 790. 1 

Laws [revised), 1862. ■ 


"Loyal Independent Lodge of Good Fellows." 1 

Founded iSio. | 


"Tent of Righteousness " Friendly Society. I 

Founded 1812. | 

Laws {revised and amended), l836. 


"Path OF Rectitude." — Founded 1816. 


Loyal United Lodge " Sons of Israei„" — 

■"ounded 1820. 


Society " Charity escapeth an eyil Death."— 

Founded 1830. 


Iewibh National Frienclv Motza Associa- 

TioN.^Founded 1840. | 


FoREiGN United Brothers Benefit Society. — 

Founded 1854. 

Laws, i8;8. 


"Sisterhood Society."— Founded 1856. 


" United Brethren." — Founded 1856. 


"Holy Calling and Support of Jerusalem" 

Friendly Society.— Founded 1858. 


Jewish Mutual "Birmingham" Benefit So- 

ciETY.— Founded 1862. | 


Ancient Order of Foresters— 

Court "Sons of Abraham." Founded 1863. 

Court " Sons of Israel." — Founded 1863 

Court "Shield of David." — Founded 1865. 


Jewish Females' Confined Mourning Society. 

■"ounded 1870. 

Ruie.. :S77. 


Spanish and Portuguese Provident Burial 

Society. — Founded 1872. 


Metropolitan Jewish Confined Mourning ^^ 

and Burial Society. — Founded 1874. ^^^^| 

Rule^,, ^^H 

14430. Jewish Medical Aid Society. ^^^H 


|66 bibliotheca anglo judaica. 

144.'?^- Jewjsh Mutual Benefit Fund. 
1443^. "Pursuers of Peace." 
14431/. " RioHTEOus Path." 
1443*. "Social Union." 


1444. Board of Deputies. -Founded 1745- 

Constiimion 1855 1 amended 1883. 

Reports lo 1874, balf-yearly ami afterwards snnuall?, 

Ai>pfal on behalf of the famiihing Jews in the Holf Uii 
16 pp. London. 1S54- 

Morocco Mission ; LeIIcts from Sir Mose* HonldBt 
Bart., to J. M. Montefiiire, Esq. 40 pp. London. fH^ 

Roumanian Mission : Report of Sir Muses Muileeon 

Translation of a Letter addressed by Sir Moses MontP 

(lore, Bart to the Jewish Cungrej^alion of ll* 

H0I7 Land. 82 pp. London. 1B74. 

Palestine. Report by S. Montagu, 1875. 

Report on Morocco Mission by M. H, Picciotto. 

Reports ; Parliamentary Grants lo Schools, l8sa j ?"■• 
Famine Relief Fund, 1S73 ; Mission lo Holy Load bj'S 
M. Montetiore, 1866. 

1445. Anglo-Jewish Association. — Founded i8ji. 

Laws, iSSo. 

Report; annually since 1873. 

Trial of Jews at Uuseo. Roumania, 1872. 

Jews o' Roumania, by I. Davis, 1872. 

Public Meeting at Mansion House (Russian J«vs), iSSb 

Notes of information obtained at Bucluuest by D. I 
Schloss, 1S86. See also 568, 593. 

Education in the East, by Dr. M. Allatini ; 
J. Picciotto. 

Memorial to Shah, Persian and English. 1873, 

1446. Roumanian Committee, — Founded 187a, 

Address to the Jews of Great Briuin, 1S72. 
Report, 1875- 

1447. Ttirkish Sufferers Fund. — £:itablt:>hed 187] 

Appeal, 1877, 

1448. Mansion House Fund for the Relief or i 
Persecuted Jews of Russia. — Founded iSSs. 

Report 1SS6. 

See Nos. 578, 579, and S9a 

1449. Visitation Committee. — Founded 18S6, 

Rules for the guidance of Ministers and olben visit 
JewUb Foot. 4(0., 4 Pt>- 1886. 

modern — communal organisation. 167 

'450. Board for the Affairs of Schechitah. — 

Founded 1805. 

Slalements [giving Slalistica of Aaimala ilaughler«d] hall- 

The Communicability to Man of Diseases froni Animals 
used asFood. By Dr. H. Bdirend, 18S1. [Reprinted irum 
itii: Jewish Ckronktt, and issued by the Board.] 

145I. Heshaim College. — Founded 1664. 
History in yira^rA CkronuU, Dec. 10, 1875. 
HS^- Beth Hamidrasr. — Founded circa 1700. 
History \d Jewish CkiomrU, Dec. 24, 1875. 
A. Neubauer ; Catalogue of the Hebrew MSS. in the 
Jews' College, London. 8vo., pp. 64. Oxtord, 1886. 
[Privately printed.] 

'453. Association for Circulatino Standard Works. 

See Voice of Jacob, Nov. 25, 1842. 

1454. Association for the Promotion of Literature 
affecting jewish interests. 

See Voice ef Jacob, Dec. 23, 1S42 ; and Ja.n. 6, 1843. 

\ '45S- Jews and General Literary and Scientific 

Catali^ue of the Library, pp. 66. London, 1847. 
Addenda to Caialf^ue, pp. 7. London, 1849. 
Sj'llabus each Session. 

I ^456. Hebrew Antiquarian Society. 

SeeJeieiiA Ckromcle, May 9, 185:. 
I'^57- Jewish Association for the Diffusion or 
Rkuoious Knowledge. — Founded i860. 

Constitution, n. d. 

Kepoits annually since 1S61. 

Sabbaih Readings. 

P*58, Society of Hebrew Literature. — Founded 


Alx Jewish Xecord, ]a\y 8, 1870. See Nos. 2010, 20II, 
_ 201 la, S022. 

P*°'- Jewish Volunteer Corps. 

?,eejrwish CkroKicle, IMiy 3, i86j. 

" '■ Netherlands Choral Society, — Founded 1869. 
Jewish Working Men's Club. — Founded 1875- 
'°3a. Provincial Jewish Ministers' Fund. 

1 68 bibliotheca anglo-judaica. 

1464. Four Per Cent. Industrial Dwellings Com- 

Prospectus, 1886. 
Reports Annually. 


1465. Bath — 


1466. Belfast — 

Synagogue. Founded 1872. 

1467. Birmingham — 

History of Community in Jewish World, June 15, aa, 99, July ij. 
20, 27, and Aug. 3, 1877. 
Synagc^e. Founded circa i68a 
See Nos. 1580 and 1581. 

Laws, 1872. 

Reports annually since 1853. 
Hebrew National Schools. Founded 1840. 

Hebrew Board of Guardians. Founded 187a 

Reports annually since 1871. 
Hebrew Benevolent Educational Society. 
Hebrew Philanthropic Society. Founded 1828. 
Provident Co-operative Matza Association. Foandc^ 

Loyal Independent United Israelites Benefit Society. 
Founded 1853. 

Ladies* Benevolent Society. 

Court ** Jacob's Pride" of Ancient Order of ForestcfS- 

Laws, 1874. 
Hebrew Young Men's Literary and Debating Society. 

Report, 1878. 

1468. Bradford — 


1469. Brighton — 

Synagogue. Founded 1823. 
See Nos, 15S2 and 1583. 

Schools. Founded 1871. 

Hebrew Philanthropic Society. 


1470. Bristol — 


See No. 15S4. 

Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society. 

1471. Canterbury — 

Synaj^i^gue. Founded circa 1760. 

1472. Carpi FK — 

Synagogue. Founded 1S40. 

modern — communal organisation. 1 69 

^473. Chatham — 

Synagogue. Founded circa 1760. 

^474. Cheltenham — 

Synagogue. Founded 1837. 
See No. 1585. 

H75. Coventry — 

Synagogue. Founded 1850. 

H76. Dover- — 

Synagogue. Founded 1862. 

See No. 1586. 

Jewish Ladies' Philanthropic Society. 

H77' Dublin — 

Synagogue. Founded 1822. 
Philanthropic Society. 
Ladies' Society. 

M78. Edinburgh — 

History of Community in Jewish Worlds April 13, 1883. 

^479- Exeter — 

Synag(^e. Founded 1764. 

'4S0. Falmouth — 


'4^1- Glasgow— 

History of the Community by James Browo. (See No. 296.) 
See No. 1587. 
Hebrew School. 
J jv Philanthropic Society. 

^ ^- Hanley — 
J -c^ Synagogue. Founded 1872. 

3. West Hartlepool — 

^ School. 

"^^^^ Hull— 

Hebrew Schools. 

Hebrew Board of Guardians. Founded 1880. 
Reports annually since 1881. 
J Jewish Soup Kitchen. Founded 1872. 

"^^5. Leeds — 

Synagogue. Founded 1840. 
Board of Guardians. 

Reports annually from 1878. 
Society for the Relief of the Sick. Founded 1872. 
Ladies' Lying-in Society. Founded 1872. 
*' Social Union *' Benefit Society. Founded 1854. 


i486. Leicester — 


1487. Liverpool — 

History of Community m Jewish Worlds Aug. 10, 17, 34, and 3* 
Synagogue (Seel Street). Founded 1780. 

Laws, 1818. 
Synagogue (Hope Place). Founded 1842. 
See No. 1590. 

Hebrews* Educational Institution and Endowed Scho«J^^' 
Founded 1840. 

Hebrew Philanthropic Society. Founded 181 1. 
Board of Guardians. 

Reports annually since 1877. 
Society for Visiting and Aiding the Sick. 

Jewish Ladies' Benevolent Institution. Founded 184^^ 

Report of Committee of Ball, 1877. 
Visiting Committees of the Hebrew Congregations^ 
Manchester and Liverpool. 
Report, 1884. 
Soup Kitchen for Jewish Boys. 

Society or Clothing Boys of the Educational InstituC * " 
Founded 1866. 
Hebrews" Free Loan Society. Founded 1861. 
Jewish Literary and Debating Society, 

Reports annually from 1875. 
Jewish Choral Society. Founded 1871. 

1488. Manchester — 

History of Community in /«w/jA Worlds Sept. 7, 14, ai, Oc<- 
19, Nov. 2, 9, i6, 23 and 30, 1877. 
See Nos. 1644 and 1645. 
Synagogue (Great). F«)unded 1780. 
Synagogue (Reform). Founded 1856. 
Synagogue (South). Founded 1873. 
Synagogue (Portuguese). Founded 1 874. 
Jews' School. Founded 1838. 

Reports annually since 1839. 

lalmud Torah Report, 1886. 
Board of Guardians. Founded 1867. 

Reports annually since 1868. 
Hebrew Philanthropic and Loan Society. Founded 
Ladies* Association for Visiting the Jewish Poor. 

Repons, 1885, 1886. 
Visiting Committee of the Hebrew Congregations of Man- 
chester and Liverpool. 

Report. 1884. 
Hebrew Sisters Charity. 

Report, 1872. 

Hebrew Sick and Burial Benefit Society. Founded i86a 
Cracow Hebrew Society. Founded 1868. 

modern — communal organisation. i71 

'489. Merthyr Tydvil — 

Synagogue. Founded 1S48. 
See No. 1646. 


'491. Newcastle — 

History of Community in Jttmth Worlds Dec. ai» a8, 1877, and 
Jan. 4 and 18, 1878. 
Rtport of Meeting of Members of Old and New Con- 
gr^tions, 1873. 
Synagogue. Founded 1837. 

See No. 1647. 

Congregational Schools. 

Hebrew Philanthropic Society. Founded 1853. 
Jewish Ladies Benevolent Society. Founded 1872. 
Hebrew " Friend in Need" Society. Founded 1873. 
Hebrew Ancient Sacred Society. 
New Hebrew Friendly Society. 

^9a. Newport (Mon.) — 


Benevolent and Loan Society. Founded 1873. 

^3* Norwich — 


^^- Nottingham — 


Hebrew Philanthropic Society. 
, Laws, 1884. 

^5* Penzance — 


^^. Plymouth — 

Synagogu''. Founded 1762. 

"Jacob Nathan'* School Founded 1868. 

" Hand-in-Hand " Chaiitable Society. Founded 1861. 

"^^7. Portsmouth — 

Sjmai^ogue. Founded 1747. 

History in /«w/iA Worlds Dec. 3, 1887. 

Laws, 1873. 
Aria College. Founded 1874. 

History ia Jewish Chronicle^ March 22 and 20. 187a. 
Hebrew E<lucational Classes. Founded 1862. 
Hebrew Benevolent Institution. Founded 1804. 
Ladies' Provident Society. Founded 1770. 
Jewish Almshouses. P'ounded 1851. 

^498. Ramsgate — 

Synagogue. Founded 1831. 


See Wolf, " Life of Sir M. Montefiore " (No. 839), p. 51. 
See Nos. 1648 nnd 1649. 

Judith Lady Montefiore Theological College. Founded 

Deed of Foundation, 1867. 

Statutes, 1867. 

1499. Sheffield — 

Synagogue. Founded 1850. 

Board of Guardians. Founded 1885. 

Reports, 1886. 
Jewish Sisters' Benevolent Society. 
Hebrew Benevolent Society. Founded 1873. 

Laws, 1873. 

1500. North Shields — 


South Shields — 


1501. Southampton — 

Synagogue. Founded 1865. 
See No. 1650. 
Hebrew Sabbath School. 
Society for the Relief of the Poor. 

1502. Sunderland — 


See No. 1651. 


Hebrew Benevolent Society. Founded 1871. 

Laws, 1873. 

Young Men's Hebrew Benevolent Society. 
Hebrew Benefit Society. 

1503. Swansea — 

See No. 1652. 
Jewish School. 

1504. Tredegar — 


Hebrew Benevolent Society. 

1505. Wolverhampton — 


See No. 1653. 


Hebrew Benevolent Society. 

1506. Yarmouth — 

See No. 1654. 

modern — ritual. 

150?. Jamaica — 

Synagogue (Kinj.'slon). 
See No. 1589. 

HebiBW Penevolent Society (Kingalon). Fi 
Laws, 1853. iB6j. 

1508. India — 

Israelite School of the AnglQ-Jewjsh As=o 

Reports annually rrain tSSo. 
Bene Israel Benei'Dlent Society (Bombay). 

Jewish Boys' and Girls' Scliool (Calcutta). 
Report)., i£B2, iSSJt 1S34, tOSj. 

1509. Australia— 


•■JcweofNow South » 
">«rilh Bener ' ~ 

Mof Sydnc 

Mud Phlllnthropy," by Rev, S. W. Bra 
Synagt^es (Sydney). 

Haioiym/tniiiCAro<iii:ic,ScpL;, i8; 
Reports, lUi-'Bji. 
See No. 1655. 
Synagcgue (Melbourne). 
See No. 1&43. 
- , .548. 

Hebrew Ceriified Denominational School (Sydney). 

Hebrew Philanthropic and Orphan Society (Sydney). 
La* J, 1873- 

510. Cape of Goon Hope — 

Synagogne (Cape Town). 

Synagogue (Kiraberlcy). 

See No. 1588 

Jcwi-h Benevolent Society (Cape Town). 

Benevolent Society (Gtiqualand West). 

(M.) RITUAL.' 
Prayerbooks, &C. 

1. noB ^[j- m]n. Ldndon. 1709. 

2. Gamaliel ben PEDAHZOR.~The Book of Reli- 
gion : Ceremonies and Prayers of the Jews as |jrac- 



tised in their Synagogues and Families on aU occa- 
sions. Translated from the Hebrew by G. b. P., 
Gent. 2 parts. 8vo. 1738. 

15x3. I. NiETO. — Orden de las oraciones de Ros-asha- 
nah y Kipur. Nuevamente traduzidas por I. Nieto. 


15 14. Orden de las Oraciones de Ros Ashanah y 

Kipur, parE.I.H., H.R., Ishac Nieto, Rab del K.K. 
de Londres. 1740- 

15 1 5. Prayers for Shabhath, Rosh-Hasbanah and Kippur, 
with the Amidah and Musaph of the Moadim, ac- 
cording to the Order of ihe Spanish and Portuguese 
Jews. Translated by Isaac Pinto, and for him 
printed by John Holt in New York. 1766. 

[The Mahamad would not allow a translation to be printed 
in England.] 

1 51 7. Solomon ben Judah Ben Gabirol. — Keter 
Malchut .... traduzido por I. Nieto. 1769. 

15 18. Tephilloth, containing the Forms of Prayers 
which are publicly used in the Synagogues. From 
the original. Translated by R. Meyers and A 
Alexander. . 213 pp. 1770. 

1 5 19. A. Alexander. — The noB hn^ T]^}T], containing 
the Ceremonies and Prayers which are used and 
read by all families in all houses of the Israelites. 
Translated by A. Alexander and assistants. 1770. 

[Filth edition in 1808.] 

1520. Orden de las oraciones cotidienas .... nueva- 
mente traduzidas. Por I. Nieto. ^77i- 

1521. A. Alexander.— ni!?Bnn^ nriTlD IBD, or a Key- 
to part of the Hebrew Liturgy : containing several 
very remarkable paragraphs worth the reader's 
notice. Likewise a Chronological Summary of re- 
markable things relating thereto. 12 mo. 1775. 

1522. Fast Day Prayers, with translation. [Spanish 

rite.] 1776. 

1523. Hagada. — noth }r\iyn mo. 1778. 

[With Jew-German lettering.] 


Liturgies— Spanish 

S 15. nijytnn niD. Prayers 

' S2S«- t-"S3n nttian. Prayei 
who visit the Sick. 

-RITUAL. 175 

Rite. — jna nnnjj "no 


for Tabernacles. 1780. 

g and Readings for those 
* S?6. S. Alexander. — Pentateuch and Haphtaroth, 

twith English translation and Notes. 5 vols., 8vo. 
London. 1 785. 

[Printed by AUxander and Son, No. 11, Church Street, 
Spitallields.] ' 
E527. A. Alexander.— Arvith L'ir Kippur. Service 
translated into English. 1787. 

[G^Bn riK..] 
I5?8. A. Alexander.— Haga da h Translated. 1787. 

1529. D.Levi. — Translation of tlie Peniateuch. 1787. 

1530. A. Alexander. — Festival Prayers. [Spanish 
rite.] 1788. 

5531- — * — Daily Prayers, with English Translation. 

[Spanish rite.] 1788. 

1532. Rosh Hashonah Service, translated into 

(English. [German rite.] 1789. 

533. Isaac Delcado. — A new English translation of 
the Pentateuch, 410, 239 pp. [A.N.]. List of 
Subscribers. 1789. 

[Dedicated lo ihe Bishop of Salisbury.] 
534. D. H. ScHiFF. — mn3t::'ni niTt?. Occasional 
Prayers. Great Synagogue. 4^0. I790' 

15340. M. Edrehi.— I'sni initn noKo— D"n n-in ibd 
m?Dni. Edited by Moses ben I. Edrehi. 1792. 

[Readings for SabUilb Eves, mostly from Zohar ] 

1535. D. Levi. — Hagadah, translated 1794. 
'535"- D- Levi. — Daily Prayers, translated i8or. 

1536. Form and Service of the Hosannas as said at the 
Feast of Tabernacles, according to the Custom of 
the Polish and German Jews. Translated into 
English by A. Alexander. 74 pp. 1807. 

E»j36a. OmBD jn:i:3 nOE '?t? nijn. Orden de la Agada 


de Pesab en Hebraico y Espafiol. Traducido 
J. Meldola. ifi 

1537. A. Alexander. — Alexander's interpreting Tephil- 
loth. [German Rite.] 

1538. Lew Alexander. —A. 's Hebrew Ritual and. 
Doctrinal Explanation of the whole Ceremonial 
Law, oral and traditional, of the Jewish Com- 
munity in England and Foreign parts. 8vo. l,on- 
don. 1811 

1538a. J. VAN Oven. — Form of Daily Prayers wiih 
English translaiion and Preface. 

1539. L. Alexander. — The Holy Bible in Hebrew and 
English. 8vo. A.M. 5584 (1824). 

1540. David Aaron de Sola.— ni313 iio. The Bles- 
Bings ; or, Expressions of Praise and Thanksgiving 
said by Israelites on various occasions, with 
Intcrlineary Translation, accompanied with an 
plication of their Source, the Precepts, and C 
(regulations) attached to them and explanatory 
notes. To whicti is prefixed an Introductory Essay 
on the Motives and Duty of Thanksgiving. 8vo. 
London. 1819. 

1542. L. E. Pyke — Fonn Prayers for Hosaona 

Rabba, including the Hosannas, pp. 81. 1830. 

1543.— miayn ilDl rhonn tpb' . . . revised by J. Lew. 

1 8 JO. 

[Appeared with English lianElatioa id 1SJ4] 

1544. H. N. Solomon. — Daily Prayers. For the use of 
the jews' Free School. 

[Seventh edition in 1S61.] 

1545. Hagadah, with D. Levi's translation reprinted by 
H. Bamett. iSjj. 

iS4S'>. '?«"il?' n'?Bn -no Daily Prayers (Sabbath 

Festival), with explanatory rules by H. A. Henry. 
2 vols. l8j6. 

IS4S*. mum 1101 n'?Bnn -ijn:' . . . . revised by 

Lyon. Hebrew and English. iSji. 


1546. nniDD p'p ;n303 ni^Dn nno. Forms of Prayer. 

kwith an F;nglish translation by D. A. de Sola, To 
which are added Tables, forming a complete He- 
brew Almanac from 1836-8. 5 vols. 1836-8. 
547. Nathan Isaac Valentine. — min 13"ip n^Bfl 
nn?!" WS'yp. Form of Prayer to be used by ladies 
when they go to Synagogue after llteir accouche- 
ment. [Translated by H. A. Henry.] i6mo. 1837. 

1548. West London Synagogue of Eritish Jews.—Daily 
Prayers. m?anri mo. Forms of Prayer used in 
the West London Synagogue of British Jews, with 
an English translation. Edited by U. W. Marks 
(and A. Loewy). 5 vols. Lond. 8vo. 

5601-3 [1841-43]- 

[A second edilLon of Vol. I. in 1859.] 

154S11. West London Synagogue of British Jews. — 

Hagada for the Night of Passover. Edited by D. W. 

Marks. 1842. 

1549. n?Bn. The Daily Prayers, &c. Fourth edition. 
London, 5602. 8vo. 1842- 

1550. H.4GAD.\. -^NTc" •:3 jnai^ nos bty man no. 
London. 8vo. 1843. 

1551. n3133 nVsn. London, 5608. Svo. 1848. 

1532. Rev. B. H. Ascher. — D"nn "iBQ. Book of Life, 
in Hebrew and English. London. 1846. 

[A second edilion appeared in 1861.] 

1553. DDK ion. —Prayers, Instructions, Laws, &c., &c., 
for the Guidance of those who have to perform the 
Solemn Duties of nnn ns'm according to the Min- 
» of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews. London. 
The prayers translated and the whole arranged by Salo- 
mon Sequerra. Approved at a mettiiig of ihc Society of 
D'Xnn Rohazim SkTJ" fllptS, held Rosh Hodesh Tebet, 
5605, Pfinted at ihe expense of Isaac Jalfon, Esq. tCt. 
advertisement in y. a/ J., Jan. 2, 1846 ) 


1555- Rabbi Hirsch Edelmann. — y? IV^n Meditation 
of the Heart Hebrew Daily Prayer. 1847. 

^PcbHshed for the author, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe.) 

1556. rjrn ^^d Tltno, with the Translation of D. Le\i. 
6 vols. Lond. 8vo. 1850? 

1557. M. H. Bresslau.— ^KT3^ nwnS niinn Devotions 
of the Daughters of Israel. Edited by M. H. B^ 
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the Use of Jewish Women on Public and Domestic 
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1559- Israel Albu (from Berlin).— 'Hours of Devotioa 
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'Dedicated to the Baroness Lionel de Rothschild.] 

1560. narn ^rc n^sn. Hebrew and English. London. 
Svo. 1852? 

1501. Abraham's interlineary Tephillath, &c. 

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156-. n!:3 E"r 2D*n np^noi naio • • • hdido n'rcn 

n^^en *^ED.— The Daily Prayers . . . Sixth Edition. 
Revised and corrected with Emendations and Noies 
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1564. Hester Rothschild. — 3^ ^"^DK. Prayers and 
Meditations for ever)' situation and occasion in life- 
Translated and adapted from the French. London. 


[The profits to be devoted to the Jews' Orphan Asylum-] 

1565. iiB'^n Dii"in oy • • -nincDnnDymm ^c^oinnron 


E»^i3K. The Pentateuch, Haphtorahs, and Sabliaih 
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'I. HAGADA.—DniCE' Ij'^S man TiD. Service for the 
first nights of Passover . . . with a new English 
translation by A, L Mendes. London. Svo. 

and corrected" the 

'2. vba mbi) . . . m^n ^30 ni^enn VSia pnv* n't? 
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grammarian. Rabbi Shabsi Safer of Preraslow; jl« 
a valuable commentary, copied from a MS. of llw 

well-known Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschueiz 

together with an English translation of sooK 

illustraiLve parables, by Rabbi Jacob, Magid ot 
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38 pp 1884. 

[pTivately printed (or the use oF the author's childnn. 

Orders of Divink Service on SPEciAt. Occasioii*- 
A. — Layini; the Foundation, CnnSftration, Rt-^pwH 

of Synagogues, Sehoeh, Hospitals. 
Consecrations, &c., of Svnauogues. 

H8o. U'cmini-Iiajn, Nr-w Ilebrvw Cani;r¥Galiun, 1853. 
i;8i. New Synagogue, 1S56. 
158a. Brighton New CenlrBl Synagogue, Lajring Ihe 
Hoiic, lo Kislev, 5635. 



ijSj. Brighton New Cenlral Synagogue, Coneecnition, 2] Ellul, 

ISS4- Brislal Syn^ogue, Consecration, 33 Ellul, 5S46. 
Ills. Chelleaham Syn^^ue Ke-openintr, 1865- 
1586. Itovcr Synogoijue, Consecration, 2$ Ah, 5623. 
j!?' Glasgow New Synagogue, Consecration, iS Ellul, 561S. 
'^. Kimberley Synagogue Consecration, 1876. 
1589, Kingston, Jamaica, Synai-opue of the Portuguese Jews* Con- 

gi^aliun, Renewal of the Dedication, 5602. 
Liverpiol New Hebrew Con^reu. Synagogue, Consecration, 

5 Nisan, J604. 

Synagi^e, Laying the foundation-stone, 5622. 
'i9a. Bayswater Synagogue, Consecration, 14 Ab, 5623. 
'593- Biyswater Synagogue Re-opening, 1885. 
'S94. Btvis Marks Portuguese Synagogue, Com mem oration of ihe 

Dedication, 5575. 
'S91 Bevis Marks Portuguese Synagogue, Renewal of Dedication, 
a? Ellul, 5603. 
>■ Bevii Marks Portuguese Synagogue, Reopening, 33 Ellnl, 

'■ Be™ Marks Portogueae Synajiogue, Inalallalion of Prof. 
Anom as Haham, 8 Tebet, 5627. 
'SW Batoagh New Synagogue, Consecration, z Nisan, 3627. 
'S99. BtOTugb New Synagogue, Reopening, 21 Ellul, 5636. 
'™. Bnad Street Synagogue, Consecration, 28 lyar, 5637. 
'"'■ Brjanston Street Portuguese Synagogue, Laying the foun- 
dation-stone, n Nisan, 5620. 
•*"■ Btyanston Street Portuguese S¥nag<»ue, Dedication, S 
NLsan, 5621. 
Bryanston Street Synagogue, Rc-opening, 1865. 
""l''- Central Branch Synagogue, Laying the foundation stone, 6 

Nisan, 5629. 
]p- Central Branch Synagogue, Consecration, 6 Nisan, 5630. 
Polish Synagrigue, Cons 



"alston Synagogue, Consecration, 22 Ta 
^st London Synagogue, Laying the f 

Nisan, 5636. 
East London Synagc^ue, Consecration, 
' Great Synagogue, Co 




Great STnagogne, Consecration, ir Nisan, SS;o. 

Great Synagogue, CoQSecratioa, 24 Ellul, 5595- 

Greal Synagogue, Re-opening, 18 EUul, 5612. 

Great Synagogue, Insfallation of Chief Rabiii, ihe R«. Dt. 

Natlian Marcus AJler, 4 Tamuz, 5605. 
German Synagigne, Spital Square, Consecration, 1886 
Hambro' Synagogue, Re-opening, 1S37. 
Ilambro' Synagogue, Re-opening, 1877. 
Hand-in-Hand Asylum Synagogue, Consecration, iS/S. 
Hope Street Synagogpie, Consecration, 1885. 
Maiden Lane Synagogae, Re-openinn, 14 Adar, 5611. 
Maiden Lane Synagogue, Consecration, 19 EUul, 5618. 
Mildmay Park Temperance Synagogue, Consecration, iSSi- 
New Synagogue, Laying the foundation slone, 5 lyac, 5597' 
New Synagogue, Re-opening, zi Etlul, 5607. 
New Synagi^^e, Re-opening, 13 Ellul, 5615. 
New West End Synagogue, Foundation Stone, 1877. 
New West End Synagogue, Consecration, 6 Nisan, 5639. 
North London Synagogue, Laying the foiindalion stMX 

27 Kislcv, 5628. 
North London Synagogue. Consecration, 6 Nisan, 561S. 
North London Synagiigue, Re-opening, 15 Ellul, S6j3- 
Portbud Sireet Synagogue, Consecration, 10 Nisan, 5615. 
St. John's Wood Synagogue, Consecration, iS Ellul, S6j6. 
St. John's Wool Syn.igogue, Laying the foundation ilMi 

IS Adar, 5642. 
St. John's Wood Synagofrue, Consecration, 14 Ab, 5643- 
Saiidy's Row Synagogue Consecration, 1870. 
Spencer House Synagogue, 1865. 
West London Synagogue of British Jews (Burton St 

ConsecraLion, 1842. 
West Lotidon Synagogue of British Jews, Re-opening. 185- 
West London Synagogue of British Jews, Layine 

foundation stone, 4 Sivan, 560S. [Margaret SlrMrt,] 
West London Synagogue of British Jews, Cofuecnti 

«6 Ellni, 5630. [.Margaret Street.] 
Western Synagogue, Consecration, 24 Ellul, 5617. 
Western Synagogue, Re-opening, 36 Ellul, 5625. 
Western Synagogue, Re-opening, IZ Ellul, 5630. 
Wigmore Street Synagi^^e of the Portuguese JcWH 

secration, 27 Ellul, 5613- 




Melbourne Hebrew Congregalion, Consecration of Syna- 
goeue, 5637. 

Manchesler Hebrew Congregation, Consecralion of Syna- 
gogue, nth March, 5618. 

Manchester Synagogue, Re-opening, 1874. 

Menhyr Tydvil Synagogae, Consecration, 10 Tamui, 5637. 

Newcastle-on-Tyne Synagogue, Consecration, 1880- 

Ram^ate Synagogue, Re-opening and 501b anniversBry uf 
the wedding of Sir M. MonteiiDre and Lady Judith 
Montefiore, 30 Sivan, 5622. 

Ramsgate Synagogue, 53nl Anniversary of Opening, 1886. 

Southampton Synagogue, Opening, 1865, 

Sunderland Synagogue, Laying the foundation stone, 3 
Tamui, s6zi- 

Swansea Synagogue, Opening, 1859. 

Wolverhampton Synagogue, Consecration, 14 Ellul. 5619. 

Yarmouth Synagogue, Opening, 1842. 

Sydney Great Synagogue, Consecration, 1878- 

SpEctAL Occasions. 

Tiination of children, Bayswater Syna^ 

ony of Religious Majority, by Dr. Artom, 

1656. Public religious t 

gcgue, 13 Siva 

1657. Prayer for the Ceri 


1658. Confirmation, West London Synagogue, 1872, 1875, &c- 

1659. Presentation of SepherTorah, Be vis Marks, 1851. 

1660. Presentation of Sepher Torah, Bryanston Stieet, 1S81. 
1661- Service on Presentation of a Sefer-torah, Great Synagtgue, 

l66a. Service on Presentation of a Sefer-torah, Bevis Marks 

Synagogue, 19 lyar, 562D. 
1663. Service on a Presentation of a Sefar-toraii, Bevia Marks 

Synagogue, II Nisan, 5611. 
1U4- Service on a Presentation of a Seler - torah, Bryanston 

Slreet Syn^ogue, 23 Ellul, 5625. 

1665. Presentation of Sepher Torah, Sandy's Row, 1883. 

1666. Order of Service on the occasion of making collections for 

the "Metropolitan Hospital Sunday Fund," 1874, 

1667. Hospital Fund, Spanish and Portuguese, 1S74. 

1668. Medical Charities Fund, Leeds, 1886. 
69. Prayer in the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue 

of the oppressed Jews of Russia, 29 Shebei, 5642. 

n behalf 


Openings, ic, of Institutioms. 
1670. Belh Hamidrash Consecration, 1876. 

ing of the Gates of Hope 

. I'salms nnd Ode, 
School, 1S59. 
Bays water Jewish Schools, Opening, 1879. 
,. Opening of the new premises of Jews' College, June JJ. 

Tewi' Convalescent Home, Opening, Heshvan I, 5630. 
Jew-' Convalescent Home, Con,ecralioa of the New Wli( 

for Children, May t6, s63S. 
Jews' Hospital, Consecration of Synagogue, 23 Ailar, SStI' 
Jews' Hospital, Prayer on the Aniver^ary. 
Jeivs' Hospital, Liying the foundation stone, iS Sinn. 

Jews' Deaf aod Dumb Home, Consecration, 21 Tcbd. 
16S0. Jews' Free School, Consecration and Eiamination, jMi. IJ. 

1681. Jews' Free School, Consecration, iS lyar, 5626. 
i68j. Jews' Free School, Consecration of new bailiUngs, 1883. 
i6Sj. Westminster Jewi' Free School. Consecration, June n 

16S4. Jews' Infant School, Consecration, 14 Sept. 5601, 

1685. Jews' Infant School, opening of the New School, Julf'Ji 


1686. Jews' Infant School, Consecration oi extension, 1885. 
ews' Orphan Asylum, opening of the New School, April 1^ 

. Prayer for the use of Jewish patients. Supplied by Ow 
United Sjnugogue. 
t Ealing Scbool. Consecration, lyai 14, 5640. 
16901, Western Synag^^e Cemetery, Eilmonton, Opening, lSi^. 
B. — On Occasions of Gtneral Distress and of Gfufl 

1&91. Prayer in the Syni^ogue at Barhadoi, on the AnnirenMr 

of the great calamity, 2 Ellul, 5591. 
1691. Prayer on the day of general humiliation and lhuikipv>D(i 
for protection during the eatth(|uake, 29 Adar, 5603. 

1694. Day of Hi 

■ ■^■^'2p^5*^?«WWP i&'q'' 


1695. Day of Humiliation, Bevis Marks, 1847. 

1696. Prayer for General Fast, 1854 (Spanish and Portuguese). 

1697. Prayer during the Severe Visitation raging in Europe ; to be 

used in German Synagogue, 5592. 

1698. Prayer during the Severe Visitation raging in Europe ; to be 

used in Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Synagogue, 5592- 

1699. Thanksgiving for abundant harvest, West London Syna- 

gogue, S603. 

1700. Service, Thanksgiving for abundant harvest, October 17, 


1701. Thanksgivinaf for cessation of Cholera, West London Syna- 

gogue, 1849. 

1702. Thanksgiving for abundant Harvest, 1854. 

1703. Thanksgiving for abundant Harvest, West London Syna- 

gogue, 1847, 1854. 

1704. Prayer on account of the prevailing Cholera. 

1705. Service, Thanksgiving for the cessation of the Cholera, in 

Duke's Place Synagogue and Bevis Marks Synagogue, 
November 15, 5610. 

1706. Service, Thanksgiving for the cessation of the Cholera, in 

other synagogues, Nov. 15, 5610. 

1707. Thanksgiving for abundant harvest, Spanish and Portuguese 

Synagogue, October 7, 5615. 

1708. Thanksgiving for abundant harvest, Ashkenazim, October 7, 


1 7 10. Prayer for relief from the cattle plague, 5626. 

1 71 1. Thanksgiving for relief from the cattle plague, November 24, 


1712. Prayer against Cattle Plague, West London Synagogue, 1865. 

Wars and Battles. 

1 713. Order of Service, in reference to the American War, 

December 13, 5537. 

17 14. Order of Service, on Fast Day, on account of the French 

Revolution, April 19, 1793. 

1715. Order of Service, Thanksgiving for victory, 5559. 

1 7 16. Order of Service, on Fast day, on account of the war, 

15 Sivan, 5564. 

17 1 7. Thanksgiving for Victory, 1805. 

17 18. Order of Service, Thanksgiving for victory, 14 Kislev, 


17 19. Thanksgiving for success of troops in Crimea, 1855. 


, Thanksgiving for 

3. Order of Servi 

30. Prayer for the continuance of Peace, 5608. 

1. Prayer for victory, Ashkenaiim, 26 April, 5614. 

2. Prayer for victory, Sephardim, 26 April, 5614. 

3. Prayer for victory, Sephatdim, March 21, 5615. 

3a. Praver for resloration of Peace, West London Sjiugopit 

4. Prayer for success of Army, 1855 (Spanisli and, Portugnest)- 

5. Thinksgiving for capture of Sebastopol, -West Londal 

Synagogue, 1855, 

6. Thanksgiving for victory, Ashlteniiim, Oct. 4, 5616. 

7. Thanksgi'inB for the restoration of peace, Ashkenarii 

May 4, 5616. 

8. Praver for the restoration of peace, Sephardim, May 

Ba. Prayer Cor success in Crimean War, West London Syn 
gogue, 1855. 

9. Day for National Prayer, 7th October, 1857. 

□. Prayer for safety of lodiaa [toops, 1S57 (Spanish and Pona- 

1. Prayer for restoration of Peace in India, W«t Lch 

Synagogue, 1857, 1859. 

2. Prayer for victory, Sephardim, October 7, 56 18. 

3. Prayer for victory. West London Synagogue of British Ji 

October 7, 5618. 

4. Prayer for victory, Ashkenazim, 0;tober 7, 5618, 

5. Thanksgiving for victory, Ashkenadm, April jo, 3619. 
5. Thanksgiving for success in Abyssinia, in Spanish and 

guese Synagogue, July 4, 5628. 
7. Thanksgiving for success in Egyptian War, 18S3. 

1738. Order of Service on 

October 25, 180 
'739- Order of Service 01 

Charlotte, 1817. 

1740. Adirge chaunied i 

funeral of Princess i^nariut 

1741. Prayer and PsUms, on the 

Chsrlolte, KJstev 4, 1818. 

RovAL Personages. 

on the occasion of tbe|abilee of George III 

he accasion of the Funeral of Prim 

he Great Synago^e on the day of 
Charlotte, Kislev 10. 1S17. 

day of the funera] of 


1742. Prayer and Psalms, on the day of the funeral of King 

George III., Adar, $580. 

1743. A dirge chaunted in the Great Synagogue on the day of the 

funeral of George III., 5580. 

1744. Prayer for the recovery of King George IV., Sivan 14, 1830. 

1745. Order of Service for the day of burial of King William IV., 

January 5, 5597. 

1746. Thanksgiving for safety of Queen from the hand of an 

Assassin, 1840. 

1746a. Thanksgiving for preservation of Her Majesty, 1840 (Spanish 
and Portuguese). 

1747. Prayer for restoration of health of George III., 1788. 

1747^. Thanksgiving for George III.'s recovery, Great Synagogue, 

1748. Thanksgiving for the birth of a Prince, 29 Heshvan, 5602, 

and of a Princess, 3 Kislev, 5601. 

1749. Order of Service for the day of burial of the Duke of Sussex, 

4 lyar, 5603. 

1750. Masonic form of Service at the Lodges of Joppa and Israel, 

4 May, 1843, ^^ t^6 d^y of burial of the Duke of Sussex. 

1751. Thanksgiving for the birth of a Princess, 25 March, 5608. 

1752. Thanksgiving for the birth of a Prince, 16 April, 5613. 

1753. Thanksgiving for accouchement of Her Majesty, 1840, 1841, 

1843, 1846, 1848, 1857. 

1 754. Form of Service for the day of burial of the Prince Consort, 

Ashkenazim, 23 December, 5622. 

1755. Form of Service for the day of burial of the Prince Consort, 

Sephardim, 23 December, 5622. 

1756. Burial of Prince Consort, West London Synagogue, 1861. 

1757. Thanksgiving for the birth of a Prince, January 16, 5624. 

1758. Thanksgiving for safety of Duke of Edinburgh, 1868. 

1 759. Prayer for the recovery of the Prince of Wales, Tebeth, 5632. 

1760. Thanksgiving for the recovery of the Prince of Wales, 

January 27, 5632. 

1760a. Jubilee Services, 1887, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Beni 
Israel (in Marathi). 


1 761. Prayer for the safety of Sir Moses Montefiore on his journey 
to the East, 22 Sivan, 5600. 

176a. Thanksgiving on return of Sir Moses Montefiore from the 
Holy Land, 1846. 


1763. rii r ej for Sir Moses MoeUe6ore oa risit to Hdj LaiK^'« 

1S55. 1S75. 

1764. Taaaksgivia^ for the sa:xeB o*" Sfr >f oses Montefiore on hi^^ 

iooTDCT to tbe Easi, Adar 15, 5631. 

1765. P»Ter far The saooess of Sir Moses Moate6ore*s missioo t —^ 

Rome, 5619. 

1766. Pnyer for the sacoess of Sir Moses Monteiiore's mission t* -^^^ 

Morocco. Kisler lOi 5624. 

1767. Thank^ving in the S^pbardim Synagogae for the success 

Sir Moses Mootebores missioa to Morocco, Nisan 

176S. Thanksgiving in the Ashkenazim Synagogae for the 

of Sir Moses Montebore s mission to Morocco^ Nisan 

1769. Prayer for the safety of Sir Moses Montefiore on his jonme- 

to Palestine, $626. 

1770. Prayer for the success of Sir Moses Montefiore*s missioo t- 

Ronmania, 24 Tamuz, 5627. 

1 77 1. Thanksgiving on the return of Sir Moses Montefiore fr 

Ronmania, Ashkenazim, 21 Ellul, 5627. 

1772. Thanks^ving on the return of Sir Moses Montefiore 

Roumania, Sephardim, 21 EUul, 5627. 

1773. Prayer for the sa*'e*y of Sir Moses Montefiore on his joum< 

to Russia, July 18, 5632. 

1774. Thanksgiving on entry of Sir Moses Montefiore into h 

looth year, 1 883. 

I774ix. Prayer an i Thanks^ving on Sir Moses Montefiore com| 
his hundredth year, 26 Oct. 5645. 

1775. Service in memory of Sir Moses Montefiore, 4 Ab, 5645. 

1776. Funeral of Chief Rabbi, Rev. S Hirschell, 1842. 

1777. Installation of Rev. N. M. Adler as Chief Rabbi, 1845. 


1778. DaSilva, R. Josua.— Discursas (31) predycovcy^-* 
que o docto H. H. Yeosua du Syl\*a pregan a ^ 
K. K. Sahar a Samaym em Londres. Amsterdam. 


1779. Sermon, Oracion, y Problematico Dtalogo, qu^ 
se hizieron Eula celebridad dcla FundacioQ dela 


Santa y pia Hermandad de Sahar^ ora\ vaavi ieto- 

wim, Kstampadas en Londres, 5463. 1703. 

The "Sermon" is by Nieto (D.) ; the " Oracion " by 

Tsaac Henriquez Lopcz ; and the " Dialogo" by Moses and 

Isaac Nieto, sons of the Haham. 32 pp. 

' 7 So. Los Triunfas de la Pobreza Panegirico Predicado 

aula solemnidad dela fundicion de la pia, y Santa 

Hebra de Bikur Holim. Londres, 5469. 32 pp. 

Preached by David Nieto on Sabbath, 17 lyar, 5469. 

■*■ VSi. En Nombre de el dio Bendito esta Sanla Her- 
mandad de Bikur Holim. 1709- 

Impreso en Londres. Ano 5469. Por David Fer- 
nandez. 10 pp. 

^ 732. Sarmento, Jacob de Castro. — Exemplar de 
Penitencia, dividido en tres Discursos Predicaveis 
para o Dia Santo de Kipur. 1724. 

^ y 83. Sermao funebre eis deploraveis memorias 

do muy reverendo e doutissimo Haham Mareun 
A. R. Doutor David Neto, in signe Theologo 
eminente Pregador, e cabe9a da congrega de Saliar 
Hassamaym. Londres. 1728. 

^7^4. Samud\, Dr. Ishac de Sequeyra. — Sermao 
funebre da memoria de R. D. Netto. 1728. 

^ 785. Mendez, Abraham. — Sermao funebre a la me- 
moria de R. D. Netto. 1728. 

^ 787. Netto, Isaac. — A Sermon preached in the Jews' 
Synagogue on Friday, February 6th, J 756, being 
the day appointed by authority for a general fast. 
By I. N., Archsinagogus of the Portuguese Jews' 
Synagogue. Translated from the Spanish language 
by the author. (A.N.) 4to., 18 pp. 1756. 

' 788. Belisario, Isaac Mendes. — Sermon de Exequias 
por el Fal'jcimiento de fu Magestad el Rey 
Jorge II. Predicado en 21 Quislev 5521 que cor- 
responde a 29 Noviembre, 1760. 1761. 

'^89. Belisario, Isaac Mendes. — A Sermon [on 


I Chron. xxix, 27, 28], occasioned by the death of 
his late Majesty (George II.), preached in the Syna- 
jfogue of the Portuguese Jews in London. Trans- 
lated from the Spanish. London. 8vo. 1761. 

1790. JuDAH, Moses b., of Minsk. — nytDT ^"W 
[Funeral Sermon on R. Joseph of Brody, and R. 
Da\-id ben Loeb of Berlin.] 4to. 1771. 

1791. Orden de la oracion ... en el dia de ayuro . . • 

para humiilarnos delante del omnipotente Dios, im- 

plorando ... la Divina asistencia a las armas de 

su Magestad . . . con el sermon predicado en esse 

dia por . . . M. Cohen D'Azevedo. Hebrew and 

Spanish. i77^- 

[Also in Hebrew and English.] 

1792. Solomon, Israel Meshullam. — Sermon on 
General Fast and Prayer. i777' 

1793. Crool, Rabbi Joseph. — The Service, performed 
in the Synagogue of the Jews, Manchester, on the 
19th of October, 1803. Being the day appointed 
for a General Fast, consisting of Prayers, a Sermo^ 
Psalms and Hymns. Delivered in Hebrew ^1 
R. J. C., and translated bv him into English. 8v<>-^ 
32 pp. Price 6d. [A.N.'] i8<:^V 

1794. HiRSCHELL, Solomon. — A Sermon delivered ^^ 
the d.iy appointed for a General Thanksgiving ^^ 
the success of the fleet off Trafalgar. Arran^^ 

and lendered into English by a Friend. Londot 

5565 (i8cr J)- 
** A Friend '* was Dr. Joshua van Oven. 

1795. Meldola, Raphael ben Hezekiah. — Funer'^^ 
Sermon on Job xiv. i, 2), delivered at the Span ^^" 
and Portuguese Synagogue, on the day of burial ^' 
Princess Charlotte Augusta, &c. 8vo. Londoi» - 

18 «7- 

1796. Goodman, Rabbi Tobias. — The Faith of Isr^^t 
a discourse delivered at the Jews* Synagogue, S^*' 
Street, Liverpool, on Mav 2nd, 1819. Liverpool- 

[First Sermon preached and published in English.] 



17^ V* Meldola, David. — Funeral Sermon (on Numbers, 
xvi. 16), delivered at the Ancient Synagogue of the 
Spanish and Portuguese Jews in England, in 
Memory of R. Meldola, &c. (together wiih a second 
discourse on the same subject, and a dirge in 
Hebrew and English). London. 2 parts. 8vo. 


IT ^8. De Sola, David Aaron. — A Sermon on the Ex- 
cellence of the Holy Law, and the Necessity and 
Importance of Religious Instruction. Delivered in 
the Portuguese Synagogue, London, on Sabbath 
Hagadol, Nisan 12, 5591= March 26, 1831. Lond. 


[First English Sermon delivered in the Bevis Marks 
Synagogue. ] 

'799. Brandon, David R. — A Discourse delivered at 
the Spanish and Portuguese Jews* Synagogue, on 
the day of the National Fast, Veadar 19, 5592 
(March 21, 1832). 1832. 

'Soo. De Sola, David Aaron. — ^The Consolation of 
Jerusalem. A Sermon, &c., delivered on Sabbath 
Nahamu (July 27, 1833.) London. 1833. 

^^x. A Sermon delivered in the Synagogue, Bevis 
Marks, on SabLath Nahmu (27 July). By D. A. 
de Sola. 1833. 

^^^2fl. Isaacs, D. M. — Funeral Oration delivered on 
the Occasion of the Burial of his Most (iracious 
Majesty, on Saturday night, Tnmuz 5, 5597, at 
the Synagogue, Seel Street, Liverpool. 1837. 

^^^53. HiRSCHEL, Solomon. — Address delivered on 
laying the Foundation Stone of the intended New 
Synagogue .... with a short Account of the Cere- 
monial. London. 8vo. 1837. 

^^04. Discourse delivered on 6th Tamuz, 5597 — 9th 


July, 1837, at the Synagogue of the Spanish and 
Portuguese Jews, London, on the occasion of the 
Demise of his late Majesty, William the Fourth, by 
Mr. A. A. Lindo. Pp. 26. 1837. 

1805. Isaacs, D. M. — Funeral Sermon on the Death of 
Joshua van Oven. 1838. 

1806. Salomon, Dr. Gotthold. — Twelve Sermons de- 
livered in the New Temple of the Israelites at 
Hamburgh. Translated from the German by Anna 
Maria Goldsmid. 8vo. Pp. 247. 1839. 

1807. LiNDO, A. A. — Discourse on the Passover Festival, 
delivered at the Synagogue of the Spanish and 
Portuguese Jews, London, on the first day of the 
Festival, the 15th Nisan, 5599=2oth March, 1839; 
and at the Western Synagogue, Westminster, on the 
seventh day of the Festival, 21st Nisan, 5599= 
5th April, 1 839. 8vo. Pp.26. Lond. 1839. 

1808. BiBAS, J. L. — Sermon on the day of General 
Thanksgiving. 1840. 

1809. Meldola, Rev. A. — A Sermon (on Mai. iv. 2), 
On the Importance of the Holy Law, with its effect 
in promoting Unity and Peace, delivered on the 
Sabbath prior to the Festival of Passover, 8th Nisan 
(nth April), 5600. London. 8vo. 5600(1840). 

1 810. Marks, Rev. D. W. — Discourse delivered at the 
Consecraiion of the West London Synagogue of 
British Jews. London. 1842- 

Printed at the request of the Committee of Founders. 

181 1. Discourse delivered in the West London 

Synagogue of British Jews, Burton Street, Burton 
Crescent, on the day of its Consecration. 27^'^ 
January, 1842. 2nd edition. iS^^- 

181a. LoEWh:, Dr. L. — Pessik Yoshiyahoo, a Discourse 



delivered in the Spanish and Portuguese Jews* 
Synagogue in Bevis Marks, on the second day of 
Passover. 1842. 

1 813. Tephilah ul Shif-youat, a Discourse deli- 
vered in the Great Synagogue on the second day of 
the Pentecost. 1842. 

1 814. A Discourse delivered in the Spanish and 

Portuguese Synagogue, Bevis Marks, on the day of 
the Funeral of H.R.H. Prince Augustus Frederick, 
Duke of Sussex, 4th May, 1843. i843» 

1815. De Lara, D. E., LL.D.— An Address delivered 
at the opening of the New Synagogue in Man- 
chester, on Friday the 5th September, 5604. Lon- 
don and Manchester. 1844. 

18 16. Marks, Rev. D. W. — A Sermon preached on the 
Festiv'al of Pentecost, 5604, at the West London 
Synagogue of British Jews. London. 1844. 

181 7. Meldola, Rev. David. — A Sermon (on Deut. 
xxxiii. 36) delivered at the Spanish and Portuguese 
Jews' Synagogue, &c. London. 8vo. 5605 (1844). 

1818. Raphall, Rev. Morris I. — A Lecture delivered 
at the Consecration of the Synagogue, Hardman 
Street, Liverpool, March 25, 5604. 1844. 

Published in aid of the funds of the Liverpool Hebrew 
Educational Institution for Boys and Girls. 

^819. Carillon, Rev. B. C. — Sermon delivered in 
aid of the Beth Limud Society. 2nd edition. 
Jamaica. 1845. 

1820. Raphall, Rev. Morris Jacob, M.A. — A Ser- 
mon entitled " The Unity of God, the Distinguish- 
ing Feature of the Jewish Faith." Yarmouth. 

Republished in London 1849. 

1821. Abler, Rev. N. M. (Chief Rabbi). — A Sermon 
delivered at the Great Synagogue, on the occasion 
of his installation into office as Chief Rabbi of the 



United Congregations of Jews of the British 
pire, on the 4ih Tamuz, 5605 (8th July. 18451 
Translated by Barnard Van Oven, Esq-, M.D. 
London. il45- 

i8i». Meldola, Rev. David. — Oration at the Funeral 
of the lamented Mr, Aguilar. 184;- 

[Mt. .\guilsr was father of Grace Aguilar, snd 
muienl member of the Se^ihardic CoTntQunity. ] 

1873. Henry, Rev. H. A.— Sis Discourses onthePnn- 
d|>les of the Religious Belief of Israel. Londoo. 
8vo. 1846. 

iSijrt. Adler, Rev. N. M. (Chief Rabbi),— Sermon 
delivered in the Great Synagogue, Duke's Place, on 
the occasion of the recent General Fast Day, Wed- 
nesday, the 24lh March, a.m. 5607. London, pp. 'S' 

With a prayer in Hebrew and Enslish. Publish^ la 
ihc benefit gf the sufferers in Ireland and in ihe Higl" 
or Scotland. 

1824. De Sola, Rev. D. A. {Minister of ihe Conpt- 
gaiion). — A Sermon delivered at the Siianish wd 
Portuguese Jews' Synagogue, Be vis Marks, on Wi^ 
nesday, 7th Nissan (24lh March), 5607, being the 
day appointed as a General Fast- London. i84J' 

1825. LoEWE, Dr. L. — Massa Eliezer. A Discoune 
delivered in the Great Syn^ogue at Wilna, Riissii, 
on the occasion of Sir Moses and Lady MontefiwA 
Patriotic Mission to that most important Com- 
munity under the sway of the Czar in the )"» 
1846. Wilna. )84T' 

1826. Abler, Dr. N- M. (Chief Rabbi).— The Je"iiH 
Faith. A Sermon. Svo. i&tfc 

1826(1. Adler, Dr. N. M. (Chief Rabbi.)— AddrSi 
lielivered by the Rev. the Chief Rabbi. N. * 
Adler, Phil. Doc, at the Conversazione of the Je* 
and General Literary and Scientific InstilUtifK 
Sussex Hall, on Thursday, Oct. j6. 1848. 
Single 4I0, sheet, printed on one tide in two eoba 


8=7. Abler, Dr. N. M. (Chief Rabbi).— The Bonds of 
Brotherhood. A Sermon delivered in the Syna- 
gogue D'Oi^Ti "1?!? of the Spanish and Portuguese 
Congregation in London. 8vo. 1849. 

SaS. Abler, Rev. N. M. (Chief Rabbi).— How can 
the Blessings of the House of God be attained? A 
Discourse given at the Consecration of Canterbury 
Synagogue. 1849. 

"829. Meldola, David. — nilOK im. The Way of 
Faith, etc. Translated from the Hebrew of Ha- 
ham Raphael Meldola. 1849. 

"Saga. Meldola, David. — The Divine Judgments im- 
posed ; being a discourse (on Deut. xxxii. 39), deli- 
vered at the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Syna- 
gogue on the Penitential Sabbath, &c. London. 
fivo. 1850. 

'*3o- SCHiLLER-SziNESSY, Rev. Rabbi S. M. (Ph. Dr., 
F.G.O.S., late of the Synagogue of Eperies in 
Hungary).— The Olden Religion in the New Year. 
A Sermon preached before nDlC nU'pn in the Bir- 
mingham Synagogue on the second day of the 
Festival of the New Year, 5611 (September 8th, 
1850). London. 1850. 

Translated by Miss Miriam Nathan. 

^3i. Levy, Rev. M. B, (Minister of the Brighton Con- 
gregation). — A Sermon delivered on the Sabbath 
naan (Dedication), 5611, at the Biighton Syna- 
gogue. London. 1850. 

f ^3. Davis, Alexander B., Master of the Western 

Jews' Free School for Boys. — A Sermon on the 
Mixture of Love, Fear, and Joy, as inspired by the 
Observances of Judaism, delivered at the Brighton 
Synagogue on the eighth day of Solemn Assembly, 
Uct 19, 5612-1851. London. 1851. 


1 833. Marks, Rev. D. W. — Sermons preached on varioos 
occasions at the West London Synagogue of British 
Jews, VoL I. London. 1851. 

VoL iL appeared in 1862, toL in. in 1884. 

1834. The First Ceremony of Confirmation in the 
Halliwell Street Synagogue, Manchester, by the 
Rev. E>r. S. M. Schiller-Szinessy, local RabbL 
Manchester. 8vo., 12 pp. 1852. 

[Consists of a Sermon, entitled, "Confinnation — agennioe 
Jewish Institntion," by Dr. S.-S., Special Addresses toach 
of the nine Confirmants, &c.] 

1835 Kalisch, Dr. Marcus. — Two Sermons delivered 
before the Congregation of the New Synagogue, 
Great St. Helens. London. 1853. 

1. nOX \V}n Our Chief Requirements. 

2. On Predestination and Free Will. 

1836. Davis, Rev. Alexander B. — On Charity; the 
first, most beautiful, and chief of the Graces. A 
Sermon delivered on Tuesday, Aug. 7, 1854, at a 
Special Service in aid of the Fund for the Relief 
of the Famishing Jews of Jerusalem at the Spanish 
and Portuguese Synagogue, Kingston, Jamaica. 


1837. AsHER, Rev. B. H.— Two Sermons (a) nOKH nn 
(d) 'rh nyiB^n yn. 1854- 

1838. Marks, Rev. D. W.— IIK mm "The Law 
is Light." A course of Four Lectures on the AH- 
sufficiency of the Law of Moses for the guidance of 
the Israelite. London. i^S^- 

1839. Adler, Rev. N. M. (Chief Rabbi).— Solomon's 
Judgment. i^S^ 

1840. Mendez, Rev. A. P. — Sermons. London. 8vo. 


1 84 1. Schiller-Szinessy, Rev. Dr. S. M., Rabbi of 
Manchester. — Charity : A Sermon preached ^^ 
behalf of the " Benevolent Fund " at the Halli^<?" 
Street Synagogue on Sunday, the 5th of Chanuccan, 
5616 (Dec. 9, 1855). Manchester. i^S"* 

^u^ m^fUA^ 



1841a. ScHiLLER-SziNESSY, Rev. Dr. S. M. — Harmony 
and Disharmony between Judaism and Christianity. 
Two Sermons. Manchester. 8vo. i^59- 

1842. GoTTHEiL, G. — Moses versus Slavery, being Two 
Discourses on the Slave Question. Manchester 
and London. 1 86 1 . 

1843. Raphall, Rev. Morris Jacob. — Bible View of 
Slavery. A Discourse. 1862. 

1844. Form of Special Service held in the Synagogue, 
St. Thomas, W. I., on the 7th Dec, 1863, with a 
Sermon delivered on the occasion by the Rev. M. N. 
Nathan, in honour of the Memory of the lamented 
King, Frederick VII., pp. 7. St. Thomas, W. I. 


1845. Baar, Rev. Dr. H. — Two Sermons on the Ten 
Commandments, delivered at the Seel Street Syna- 
gogue, Liverpool. 1864. 

1846. Mendes, Rev. A. P. — In Memoriam Rev. B. 
Abrahams. 1864. 

1847. Abler, Rev. N. M. (Chief Rabbi). — The Morn- 
ing and Evening Sacrifice. 1865. 

1848. Artom, Rev. Professor B., Chacham. — The 
Duties of the Jewish Pastor in the Present Age. 1866. 

1849. Adler, Rev. Dr. (Chief Rabbi). — The Second 
Days of the Festivals. A Sermon delivered at the 
New Synagogue, Great St. Helen's, on the Second 
Day of Passover, 5628. London. 1868. 

Printed by request. See No. 773. 

1850. Adler, Rev. Dr. Hermann Nathan. — ^^ins: 
D^n^K. A Course of Sermons on the Biblical 
Passages adduced by Christian Theologians in 
support of the Dogmas of their Faith. 8vo. 1869. 

Translated into Marathi for the Beni Israel. 

1851. Emanuel, Rev. G. J. — Sermon . . . preached on 
Sabbath, Feb. 10, 5632-1872. Birmingham. 8vo., 
9 pp. 1872. 


1852. Joseph, Rev. Morris. — Progress- A Sennoi 
delivered in the North London Synagogue. 8w, 
16 pp. i8ji 

1853. Artom, Rev. Benjamjn (Chief Rabbi of ite 
Spanish and Portuguese Congregations of England). 
— Sermon preached in several London Synagopia 


1854. Abler, Rev. Dr. Hermann Nathan. —k 
Judaism a Missionary Faith ? A Sermon preacha) 
... on the 2oth December, 1863. 8vo., 8 pp. 


1855. Emanuel, Rev. G, J. — ^Sermon delivered on ihe 
Seventh Day of Passover. iSj6. 

1856. Artom, Rev. Dr. — Sermons. Second EdimW' 


Sermons on " Cicmalioo," and onp delivered at iheCm- 
secralion of Manchesier Sephardi Synagogue, are added. 

1857. Emanuel, Rev. G. J., B.A. — Sermon delivewl 
at the Birininghain Synagogue on the Seventh Il»I 
of Passover, April 5, 5637. Birmingham. Svo.- 
14 pp. i87T' 

[Published for Ihe benefit of the Birmingham Hebrt* 
Board of Guardians.] 

1858. Simon, Oswald JoH>f.— The Worship of God. 
A Sermon, 8vo., 13 pp. London and .Ashford. 

G. J. — Our Jewish Brethren ia 

t86o. Wolff, Rev. Professor A. A., Ph.D.— The Life 
and Career of Sir Moses Montetiore. Sermon 
preached on the occasion of the Hundredth Birthday 
of Sir M. M. . . . at the Synagogue, Copenhagen. 
Translated from the Danish by Mrs. A. SimoD. 
8vo,, iipp. Copenhagen. 18S3. 

1861. MvERS, Rev. Isidore, B..\.— .'V Sermon in Verse. 
delivered in the Sandhurst Synagogue on the Jcwiib 
New Year. 5643 (Thursday, t4th Sept., 188)). 
13 pp. Sandhurst. iSSj. 

«/«A Mij^Au^iAJt 


1862. Adler, Rev. Dr. H. — The Purpose and Methods 
of Charitable Relief. Two Sermons. 8vo., i6 pp. 


1863. Adler, Rev. Dr. H. — The Orphan and the 
Helpless. A Plea for the Jews* Hospital and Orphan 
Asylum. 8vo., 8 pp. 1884. 

1864. Adler, Rev. Dr. H. — "Remember the Poor." 
A Sermon preached in memory of the late Baroness 
Lionel de Rothschild at the Central Synagogue. 
8vo., 13 pp. 1884. 

1865. HiRSHOWiTZ, Rev. A. — JiK'D p"lDT The Memorial 
of Moses. A Sermon delivered at the Princes 
Street Synagogue on . . . the occasion of Sir 
Moses Montefiore, Bart., completing his hundredth 
year. Hebrew and English. 8vo., 7 and 9 pp. 


1^66. Singer, Rev. S. — The Deaf and the Dumb. — A 
Sermon delivered in the New West End Synagogue 
on May 30th, 5645-1885. 1885. 

1867. Adler, Rev. Dr. H. — Hebrew, the language of 
our Prayers. A Sermon. i6mo., 15 pp. London. 

1868. Salomon, Dr. B. — Address delivered at the Con- 
secration of the New Cemetery of the Manchester 
Hebrew Congregation. 1885. 

1869. Simon, Oswald John. — The Liberty of the Soul. 
An unspoken Sermon for the Feast of Passover. 
8vo., 7 pp. London. 1885. 

1869^1. Introspection. An unspoken Sermon. 8vo., 

pp. 8. London. 1885. 

1870. The Jewish Pulpit. 1886. 

[Republication of Sermons issued in connection with the 
Jewish Chroni€leS\ 


1871. D. NiETO. — Pascologia overo Discorso della Pas- 
ca in cui si assegnano le ragioni delle discrepanze 

j.'fi^wu Awm ju Tm^Af r A 

r=r rrr=: I tniun d: r^sfebiar la Pssca tn h 

ifiSL .1 I -.-Trr. rf. ^tr _r_ Txitijoh. 1702. 

TT-;=5 rT*f - 2il" -^irrTag Icstsr. Fihuc. MariA CaidiMle 

Fv— ^T laSEZfCLtJfe. — -TtsT^innaes of the E^cdesos* 
srx H-vtL ?TQiir nf liif lews. Svo., zoo pp. 
:rJR_ 1706. 

* 1 a«v^ 

r^ — VrTTT-T: ZcEL — nnnof- se prQcra la Vcrdad 

l^f^m ifiy J^zscEEiS Xzrrn. — m nt Esdai 
r ♦TEsn ~t?s;ii» mncmssa cr Ydiama Hebraicoytia- 
'HDziar s: J^nmani^f- H^irsir and Spanish. 169 
HUL •T gc. Zr«^ . 1715- 

1^75. rA3C2i. Ifa^TT. Lre^z- ljkc=r3tx. — Espejo fiel dc 
T121S ^^-nncriifse TnzssiaCDan of the Psalms].!rc xt:. 1720. 

"> T -^T-n nn; Xlu-T ni -lu rcrx-^.ir re :>er.r accession to ibe 
ijjrisL -ir-ce. r*nirf 1 iz -A7>Ctr.:iliTr.,. i6oa. 

1S75. Ajc:x_ r A~r N:rr: . — Ncdci^ reconditas y 
r*:?5rh:zrLi5 f'ci Trrct*: Tr.:er:>'^ ce las Inqiiisiciones 
6e Fat h-.i t Frmipl cr-n 5U5 pnesas. In 2 partes. 
Cc=i' — T in DC. rcc un Ari:n:sio. En Villa Franca 
(Lc-ncon - 1722. 

1877. Jacob de Castro Sarmexto. — Extraordinaria 
Pro\"idencia, cue ei £T3p. D:os de Vsrael uso con su 
escogico pueblo em tiempo de su major aflicion per 
medio de Mordehay y Ester contra los protervos in- 
tentos del t)Tano Aman. Compendiosaniente dedu- 
zida de la sagrada Elscritura en el seguinte Ro- 
mance. London. 1724. 

1878. JosKPH BEN Ephraim Caro. — Dinim de Sehiu 
y Ikdica colegidos de Sulhan Aruh y traducidos en 
idioma Espanol par A. Mendoza. 1733. 

^/^<*. jKm.m.mi^^im tfiitJiSpi 


1879. Jacob Sasportas. — 3pV* ^ni< [Rabbinic Re- 
sponses]. 1737- 

(Many dated from London, e.g.^ No. 4, dated Aug., 
1664 ; also Nos. 5 and 6, No. 66, addressed to Joshua da 
Silva, in London, 1673.] 

1880. Israel Lyons, Senior. — Observations relating to 
various parts of Scripture. Cambridge. 1768. 

1 88 1. Jacob ben Eliezer ben Mebr Eisenstadt, of 
ScHiDLOWiTZ. — 2py^ nn^in [Comments on Biblical 
and Talmudic Passages], Publisher W. Tooke. 
(pit:). 1770. 


ncDnm. 1771. 

[Letter on study of Hebrew literature. Reproduced in 

1883. Mishnah, translated into English by a primitive 
Ebrew. 1772. 

1884. Moses ben Jehuda, of Minsk. — ^^y] DntJ^ pi< 

[t'^n v^DSi^ ^"ti noKD 4to. 1772. 

1885. A. BusAGLO. — I^D ^33. Commentary on nmx. 

1885^. A. VAN Oven. ntJ^^ K'^K ^n. Translated from 
an ancient Indian MS. into Hebrew and English. 


1886. David Levi. — A Succinct Account of the Rites 
and Ceremonies of the Jews, in which their Re- 
ligious Principles and Tenets are explained, par- 
ticularly the Doctines of the Resurrection, Predesti- 
nation, and Free Will, and the Opinion of Dr. Pri- 
deaux concerning these Tenets Refuted. 1782. 

[With portrait from ** European Magazine."] 

1887. Dr. a. Anschel [Worms].— nn ^y p^DDID niK^n 
Kna [Commentary on "Chad Gadya" in the 
Hagada Service.] 1785. 

1888. Philo-Veritas. — A Jewish Tract on the Fifty- 
Third Chapter of Isaiah, written by Dr. Montalto in 
Portuguese, and Translated from his Manuscript by 
Philo- Veritas. [A.N.] i790- 


iSSo. Levis Discourses to the Nation of the Jews. 
Flemeg. Svo^ 3s. 6d. 1790. 

iSSo^^ C J. AsuLAi. ynwn mio. 1791. 

iSoo. Eliakim ben Abraham. — nno^CO rMtffV, 

\">nly three of the essays appeared.] 

iSoi, rHixE.\s Samuel,— oruD Kmo [n^nm noKD^] 


ExplanatioDS of sayings of R. bar bar Hana. 

iSoi. Daxiel ben Moses David Terni. — T nano 'D 

n 7^- •©33r Dnan nvp bv niiK^n r\VH). . . . Notes 

by XL C, Rimini. Florence. 4to. 1795. 

iSg^. David Levi. — Dissertation on the Prophecies, 
3 vols. 1 796- 1800. 

^Dedications to David Ilenriqaes Tamuna, Samuel Baretu 
via Veig3u and Abraham GoIdsmid.J 

1S04. ^- ^'- I^H Yemin^' [pseud.] — The Expected Good 
End : in 3 pans : L The Birth of Jacob ; II. On 
Verges of King Solomon ; III. On the Structure of 
the rabcrnacle. 105 pp. 1800. 

1895. R. JosKPH Crool (Teacher of the Hebrew lan- 
guage in the L'niversity of Cambridge). — The 
Restoration of Israel. 8vo., 94 pp. 181 2. 

1896. S. 1>F.NNKTT. — The Constancy of Israel, an Un- 
prejudiced Illustration of some of the most Impor- 
tant Texts of the Bible. 8vo., 235 pp. [A.N.] 


1897. Solomon Bennett. — A Discourse on Sacrifices. 


1898. J. King [Rev.]— ntTD yn [Dissertation on Book 
of Esther, &c.] 181 7. 

1900. J. King [Rev.] — rhuho yxi [Dissertation on the 
Prophecies.] 1819. 

1901. H. Bolaffey. — "IIB^ ny\H [On a Primeval Lan- 
guage]. I^ndon. 1820. 

•m^^ 4^4*- m^m 9rjthiM^tUm>liMsL. 



1902. H. HuRWiTZ. — ^Vindiciae Hebraicae, or a defence 
of the Hebrew Scriptures as a vehicle of revealed 
Religion, against Mr. Bellamy. 8vo., 270 pp. 


1903. M. H. SiMONSON. — On Joshua x. 12-14. Man- 
chester. 182 1. 

1904. H. SiMMONDS. — naiDKn niDn^D Arguments of 
Faith, Hebrew and English. 73 and 79 pp. 1823. 

1905. Philip Sarchi. — An Essay on Hebrew Poetry, 
Ancient and Modern. 1824. 

1906. Solomon Bennett. — The Temple of Ezekiel. 
London. 4to. 1824. 

1907. J. BEN A. ScHNiTZLER. — KHH 11X^2 on Ezekiel xl. 
to xlix. 4to. 1825. 

iqoja. I. IssERLES. — Ezekiel xl. explained. 1826. 

1908. H. HuRWiTZ. — Essay on the still existing remains 
of the Hebrew Sages. 1826. 

1909. Hebrew Tales, selected and translated. 8vo., 

211 pp. 1826. 

19 10. An Introductory Lecture delivered in the 

University of London, on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1828 
[A.N.] 1828. 

191 1. Extracts from a work entitled "Elements of 
Faith," for the use of Jewish Youth, by S. T. Cohen, 
published in 181 5. 1830. 

191 2. Arthur Lumlev Davids. — Lecture on the Philo- 
sophy of the Jews, delivered at the London Tavern 
to the Society for the Cultivation of Hebrew Lite- 
rature, December 23, 1830. 8vo.,*56 pp. [A.N.] 

[At end reviews of his Turkish Grammar, and a letter to 

the Times, May 6, 1 831. 

1913. Mosesben Isaac Edrehi. — D^D3 riK^yD nao. The 
Book of Miracles, being an important account of 
the River Sambatyon, &c. 1834. 


1 9 14. S. Bennett. — Critical Remarks on the Autho- 
rised Version. 1834. 

1915. G. C. Blumenfeld. — Ecce Homo, im Process 
mit dem Konig und dem Priester oder die Selbster- 
losung der Menschen, ein Evangelium von Jiingsten 
Gerichte. London. 1835 (?) 

1916. J. Van Oven.— Manual of Judaism. 1835. 

191 7. Solomon Bennett.— nionp hv npnoi ^ilin Knm 

^npn pe6 niD^e'V A Theological and Critical 
Treatise on tlie Primogeniture and Integrity of the 
Holy Language. 4to. 1835. 

191 8. B. Franklin. — The Glory of Eternity, relating to 
the Immortality and Perpetual Peace of the Soul. 
8vo., 36 pp., Hebrew and English, and 4 pp. List 
of Subscribers. [A.N.] 1836. 

191 9. Isaac Orobio. — Israel Defended, Jewish Exposi- 
tion of Prophecies. 1838. 

1920. Selig Newman. — Emendations of the Autho- 
rised Version of the Old Testament. London. 


192 1. David Aaron de Sola. — Prospectus of a New 
Edition of the Sacred Scriptures, with Notes Critical 
and Explanatory. 1840. 

[Embraces a brief history of former translations. As a 
literary effort it was considered by Dr. FUrst of sufficient 
importance to warrant its republication in the ** Orient," 
December 26, 1840.] 

1922. Rev. Morris I. Raphall. — 'n WD, The Fes- 
tival of the Lord, as celebrated by the House of 
Israel in every part of the World. London. i2mo. 


1923. S. Bennett. — The Hebrew and English Holy- 
Bible . . . the English version revised by S. B. 
Part I, 2 (containing Genesis i.-xli.). London. 8vo. 

1 841. 

[No more published.] 


1924. Francis Barham. — ^The Hebrew and English 
Holy Bible. The Hebrew is reprinted from the 
text of Heidenheim. The English version com- 
pared with the original, and carefully revised by the 
late Solomon Bennett. The Hebrew text revised 
and corrected by Mr. H. A. Henry, Head Master 
of the Jews' Free School, and the work is edited by 
Francis Barham, Esq. London. 1841. 

1925. David Aaron de Sola, Morris J. Raphall, 
and J. L. Lindenthal. — 'n niin "IDD. The Sacred 
Scriptures in Hebrew and English. A new trans- 
lation, with Notes critical and explanatory. Vol. I., 
Genesis. London. 1841. 

[No further volumes were issued, but a second edition of 
Genesis without the Hebrew was published in 1843.] 

1926. E. H. Lindo. — The Conciliator of R. Menasseh 
ben Israel ; A Reconcilement of the apparent contra- 
dictions in Holy Scripture. 2 vols. pp. xxxii.-3i2 ; 
vi.-336. London. 1841. 

(Contains a sketch of the life of Menasseh ben Israel, 
biographical notices of the quoted authorities, and explana- 
tory notes. ] 

1927. Yates. — Selections from the Old Testament. 
Liverpool. 1842. 

1928. Aaron Berachyah ben Mosheh. — h)p) pl^ "inyo 
npy^ [Guide to Devotion]. 1842. 

1929. Dr. L. Loewe. — Matteh Dan : The Rod of Judg- 
ment ; being a supplement to the book " Kuzari " 
... by the Rev. David Nieto. . . . Translated 
from the Hebrew by L. L. 1842. 

[The first two conversations.] 

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• -i^UMIWC ....■FfcW^J'l.^.l 


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<• . " 

-^. FxcPCw^Ki- — ^zn TE^. Abraham ben 

' am nt rte aa tbenaricil aid technical 

---rEDra:^ zf ±e H*:rewsw Xazariies, M^home^ 
s. jsr^ r-.niL rip:! >LSS^ £d::ed bv H. F. Lon- 
X i«»*^ 1851. 

"~ '^. >f :rt X**»>.-rr3 ; tnas-ated into Hebrew, 
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^.i Tsaumninjr**^ Tarts w«r? rit>rs!«d in 1S75 *Q^ 1879.] 

!l-3:>cs ii?CLMi5t — rcr2 TH. The Path of Great 
T >«nr i C^^'e:±::c of Prover ij| Instruc- 
ts v,^ vJlTLiircT: r* A,;ihoc> disti-guished in Israel 
"" iSC'^trt i.::5i leiT-ir.^. t^^ fuda ben Saul Aben 
o^ fjT b::> 5CC Rirb- Sajn^el Aben Til)L>on: 
l:-::scrjo^> xiboc M.^:^^es Mii^i^nide-, tor his son 
V Vrci:'.:^^ Sei -^ :"c-' li-t Will to- fie Instruction 
-Ij^*- vjiid Al>c JL -o>er.: Arabic and Greek pr )verbs 
-. ice-: !-u,^ HiCrf^. Ediei fro 11 MSS. in the 
:;c rt Li:nr*\ OxrVcd. ani accompanied by an 
/- <a rrx3siL:?jui ~ry M. H. Bre>suij j. LonJon. 
:^ r. 1852. 

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u> :>:iei w.> i p'S *^:nr. ^ Th-^ G-iie of Zion/' 

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,\-oa>. &c. Par: i. London. 1852. 

K-x\H\M PE SoL.\- — Beiem th Hite-nenth, the 

:. n ncl i:ure o :he proi b ced aniaiais of Ixv.ticus, 

> deterniia.d L>y ine nio-t em nent Authorites, 

..ijcw.-han IC.iristian. Monireai. 16 pp. 1853. 



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• • • t^'npn jv^^ ^£5^T;^ hv i3in t^k ]r^^t<'^n laon Kin 

in iDK'::^^ '11 vjx^i^ nn ^xvj*;:' 'i niTpm • • • nvp 

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1D313 • • • Dn3D mnno i3d^ ^iy p^n xini • • • on 
VDiiXQ*^"»D *n:f '1 • • • nnyn naoin dx; h^ik^ki nny • • • 

D^MDTp ^iOI '11 oypn n*^ ni^r]'' '1 Edinburgh. 
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[Translation of article contributed to Ersch and Griiber's 

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u)f '1 Di3i^ iDn:;ni mo • • • f nu* mnM r^px 

V^l1X3*^"'a 2 parts. Edimburgi. 8vo. 1857. 

r.TT^^ 1:^- "E. J. ^.^^=^:t,. — TTS": mao. A choice of 
It-i-^ :smiraznr £ C:>jecrion of Ethical Sen- 
rfn:-:*^ nr.f jCis mis. rrirTiilly compiled irom the 
-.T7 n.'.: rv J..iL:ct S~u:ciirc: Iba GabiroK and trans- 
ijcttz. ran Hert^s^ ry 5^0: Jefauda Ibn Tibboa 
L-nnniE. J^i^ t3±L-i Si rev. 1859. 

^ " " will. hcc-slI 

>: Tosbiia ben Hanania. 

E^jsi : pcinr-'i in Berlin.] 

szCT- ±:li»5 S:c r^vTTZZiS- — Moses Maimonides Yad- 
—.a-^jsr.gT rr >Ls^Te Tocsh, HOchoth Melachim, 
rmTLrm^ Li-rs rjoz^sr-^g Kings and their Wars. 
Tnzsisiei. fr:c=^ :be Hebrew into English by several 
j£iz^3ei •-j.i^v Ecnrd and revised by E, S. 
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'\ ol. I. consists of the Commentary, and Vol. II. of the 
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;_ . ^.■.- ^•>-«. »■ w '••. TJB»iJ»"*ii«3Vw:» ' -''Piiilfci'j ia. 



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"Paper read before the Soc. of Bibl. Archaeology, 4*1* 
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[Published as Vols. XXVIII. -XXX. of the English and 

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Parts of the Translation were ccntributed by Mr. Joseph 

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[The English Part has not yet appeared.] 

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[Accompanied by a portfolio of Facsimiles.] 

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Barniitzvan of S. Cohen. l^V>■ 

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J. Keyser on his Barmitzvah. IJ9' 

[A similar poem for S. Keyser, 1794.] 

2027. Daniel ben Raphael Meldola, junior. -hW 
nnxpiu apy p omaK innn ^la3^ ■ • • in^ 


2027a. Hyman Hurwitz.— The Tears of a Graieful 
People, a Hebrew Dirge and Hjmn, chaunied in 
the Great Synagogue, St. James's Place, Aldgaie. cm 
the Day of the Funeral of hii late Most Sacred 
Majesty, KingOeorge I II., ofblessed memory, 15 pp' 
Hebrew and English. Price as. [A. N.] 

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Anniversary of the Jews' Hospital. iBil- 

20280. H. Hurwitz. — The Knell, an Elegy on Georg* 

the Third. From the Hebrew of H. H. by W. 

Smith. Thurso. i8»7. 

[Followed by Ihe originul Hebrew in English Ittlei 

2029. Rev. Daved Meldola. — nrp. A Dirge in Memof 
of the late much lamented Rev. Dr Meldola, Chi" 
Rabbi of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' CongRi 
gation, chaunted by the boys of the Orphan Socieljl 
on the evening of the 7th Tammuz, 5588 (iSw 
June, 1828), composed by his son and pupil. Da'' 
Meldola. [A. N.] 18: 

2030. Dr. Benjamin Franklin.— ^3^ 72H. — Elegy 
ihe Death of N. M. Rothschild, with a free Trant 
lation from the Hebrew. 4I0., 24 pp. [A. N ] 


2031. Ode, Hebrew and English, spoken at the Aoai 
versary of the Jews' Free School. 



. Jacob Eichenbaum. — TC, aipn (A Poem on 
Chess). 1840. 

1033, Nathan Is.\ac Vallentine,— [I'^lfn mDHD. The 
Refuge of the Omniijntent . . . who displajed His 
peculiar protection over Queen Victoria and her 
itrious Consort on the event whii h occurred to 
n on the loth of June, A.M. 5600. Hebr. and 
Eng. 1 840. 

I34. David ben Raphael Meldola, the Younger, — 
pE-ma '"3 13'nx n^xni ub" i31 hv ■ ■ ■ min'? iiotd 
Hebrew and English. 8vo. [London.] 1841. 

■035. Michael Josephs. — pTJ" n?nn. A Hebrew 
Poem ; in Honour of Sir Moses Montefiorc, on his 
turn from hh Mission to the East. Translated 
into English and German. London. 8vo. 1841. 

3036. Abraham ben Shalom Belais. — n^sni nn iso. 
Poem on the safe Debvery of ... . Queen Vicloria 
of a Princess, Also a New Poem, in honour of Sir 
Moses Montefiore, &c. 8vo. [1841 ?] 

2037. m •01. A Lyrical Ode on the Death of the 
Rev. Dr. Hirschel. Published by A. Abrahams, 
Houndsditch. London. [? By B. Frankel.] 1843. 

1038. Abraham ben Shalom Belais.— DH 21 D nJ'P- 
Elegy on the Death of H.R.H. Augustus Frederick, 
Duke of Sussex. 8vo. 1843. 

1039. S. HoGA. — miN ms'tn ISO. Translated from the 
English of John Bunyan, by S. Hoga. 2 vols. 
London. 8vo. 1844. 

1040. Alexander Pope. — Pope's Universal Prayerj 
with a Hebrew Translation, by M. Josephs. London. 
4to. 1845. 

2041. Frankel, Rev. Dr. Benjamin {author of the 
^^ lini nx:, &c.). — ^'3tyo ns>K. Ashry Masscil, A 
^^L Poem, in Honour of the Rev. Dr. N. M. Adler, 
^^V Chief Rabbi of Great Briiain, fitc London. 1845. 


2042. Abraham ben Shalom Belais. — mrt ^ipl min^l? 
Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the success which 
crowned the Mission of Sir Moses Montefiore to 
Russia, &c. Hebrew and English. 8vo. 1846. 

2042flr. Ode for the Anniversary Meeting of the Jews' 
Hospital, held at the London Tavern .... and 
recited by one of the Girls of the Institution. 
(Broad sheet.) 1846. 

[Signed S. S. These Odes were almost an annual insti- 

2043. Rabbi Abraham Belais (late Treasurer to the 
Bey of Tunis, and Chief Rabbi of Nice). — An Ode 
in English on the late Election of the Baron Lionel 
de Rothschild, M.P., on the success of Sir Moses 
Montefi ore's recent Mission to France in the affairs 
of the Jews of Damascus, and on the liberal- 
minded Pope Pius IX., the friend of the Jews. 
Al>o a Prayer in Hebrew and English for the above 
distinguished Men, as well as for H.M. the Queen, 
H.M. the Queen Dowager, and the Royal Family. 
[London.] 1847. 

2044. David ben Raphael Meldola, the Younger.— 
Epitaph to the Memory of ... . Abigail, third 
Daughter of D. A. Lindo. Hebrew and English. 
8vo. [London.] 1848. 

2045. Samson Rausuk. — DniD. [A Poem.] Hebrew. 
8vo. 1849. 

2046. "i^J:^. Dedicated to Master A. Cohen, &c. 

Hebrew. 8vo. 1849. 

2047. p)DV TND p . . . DDnn niD bv nyp Svo. 


[Another by L. Dukes.] 

2048. Abraham Ben Shalom Belais. — T\yp, Elegy on 
the Dcaih of ... . Baroness H. de Rothschild. 
Hebrew and English. 8vo. 1849. 

[Oihers by H. Ldelman and B. H. Ascher.] 


2049. " 'The Voice of Lament." — A Collection of Elegies 
and Poems, in Hebrew and English, wriiten on the 
Death of the late Hananel de Castro, Esq., Member 
of Deputies of the British Jews, President ot the 
Jewish Literary and Scientific Institution, Sussex 
Hall, &c. 1849. 

2050. Samson Rausuk. — 'Vy. A Poem. Dedicated to 
Master M. Adler, &c. Hebrew. 8vo. 1850. 

2051. nnn^ TK'. A. Poem. Composed in honour 

of the Marriage of H. Solomon, Esq. and S. Adler, &c. 
Hebrew. 8vo. 1850. 

2052. nnn^ TC^'. A Poem, in honour of the 

nuptials of J. Sebag, &c. Hebrew and English. 
i6mo. 1851. 

2053. n^U? n7Dn. A Hymn, in honour of Masier 

M. Moses, &c. Hebrew. 8vo. 185 1. 

2054. npnn T*^. a Poem in honour of Master 

N. H. Adler, &c. Hebrew. 8vo. 1852. 

2055. Marcus Heinrich Bresslau. — rh^n) n31. " God 
Speed to Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore." A Poem, 
written on the occasion of their journey to the Holy 
Land. Hebrew and English. 8vo. i^55. 

2056. n)h::^ h)p. **A Voice of Welcome to Sir 

Moses and Lady Montefiore, on their return from 

the Holy Land. In verse. Hebrew and English. 

8vo. 1855. 

2057. Samson Rausuk. — nn^l^ Tt5^. A Poem, com- 
posed in honour of the Nuptials of A. H. Moses, 
and H. Cohen. Hebrew. 8vo. i^55- 

2058. nnn'' TK'. A Poem, composed in honour 

of the Nuptials of L. L. Cohen, Esq. Hebrew. 8vo. 


2059. nnn' n^'^. A Poem, composed in honour 

of the Nuptials of H. D. Benrcnd, &c. Hebrew. 
Svo. 1857. 

of Master A. Keyser, He. Hebrew, tivo. 1SS7. 
ao6i, TS". A Poem, in honour of Master B. and 

J. L. Cohen, &c. Hebrew. 8vo. 1858. 

ao62. rilTT TC. A Poem composed in honour 

of the Nuptials of J. Israel, Esq., and M. Adler. 

Hebrew. 8vo. 1858. 

2063. Jews' Free School. D'TVXn inxO DTISf ntnx 

nBipnS ivin Di»3 Dn^» iiini mm iiD^n mana 

C"'in • ■ ■ niE-n. London. fol. 1859. 

3064. Wpsiminster Jews' Free School. — . . D'HSB' ntriK 

0"t-in ■ ■ ■ ijlin Dl'a. s,sh. fol, [London,] 1859. 

7065. Jews' Free School.— Pi 3!? n nsipn^ • ■ ■ D'HCf nentt 

y-in ■ ■ ■ s. sh. fol. [London.] 1860. 

[.\lmost aiinuall)'.] 
io66. Westminster Jews' Free School.^" ■ 'DTiBE? nt?l« 

3"3-in ■ ■ ■ lyin nm s. sh. fol. [London.] 1863, 
[Almost annually,] 

1067, Samson Rausuk. — n^nn "i*!?. Poem commemo- 
raiiveof the successful Mission of Sir Moses Monte- 
fiore to the Court of Morocco. Hebrew and 
English, Svo. 1864. 

206S. S. Seeag. — Elegy on B. Abrahams. 1864. 

1069. Gates of Hope School.— T-!?. An Ode for the 
celebration of the Bicentenary of the Charity School 
"The Gates of Hope," etc. Hebrew and English. 
i6mo. [London.] 1865. 

2070. J. GoLDENWASSER, — nBlin? D'hv. Leaves for a 
Healing; being a Collection in the Hebrew Lan- 
guage, consisting of Original Poems and Trans- 
lations from Mudern Classics, Friendly Corres- 
pondence, and Epitaphs. London. 1865- 

2071. Samson Rausuk.— TB". A Poem in honour of 
Master A. M. Ssbag, etc. Hebrew. Svo. [1866.] 



2072. Samson Rausuk.— nyiK'n mi h)p, (A Poem in 
honour of Sir Moses Montefiore, paraphrased by 
M.Henry.) Hebrew and English. 8vo. [1867.] 

2073. nnn^ it*^. A Poem composed in honour of 

the Marriage of B. Cohen and L. Merton. 1870. 

^074. nnn^ TK'. A Poem composed in honour of 

the Marriage of N. Cohen and J. M. Waley. 1873. 


^75. Jehudah Stennett. — h)h'20 i>Mp1. (Hebrew 
Grammar.) 1685. 

i 076. Philip Levi.— Knpn jV^^ pni51. A Compendium 
of Hebrew Grammar. Oxford. lyoS* 

^076^. Abraham Yagel. — 31D nph. Catechism, Hebrew 
and Enghsh. 1721. 

3077. Israel Lyons, Senior. — D^l^D^n miD. The 
Scholar's Instructor. An Hebrew Grammar. Cam- 
bridge. 1735. 
[A Second and Third edition in 1757 and 1810.] 

2078. R. Benjamin Levi. — D^K'lp nvi- Epitome of 
Hebrew Grammar. 1773- 

2079. D. Levi. — Lingua Sacra. 3 vols. 1786, 

loyga. H. Hurwitz. — Elements of the Hebrew Lan- 
guage. 1807. 

[Went through many editions, and was for a long time the 
standai d Hebrew grammar among English Jews. ] 

2080. S. J. Cohen. — Elements of Truth for the use of 
Jewish youth of both sexes. 112 pp. 181 5. 

2081. Jewish Preceptress, by a Daughter of Israel. 


2082. S. Newman. — who ISD. English and Hebrew 
Lexicon. 1832. 

[Followed in 1834 by corresponding Hebrew and English 



:— lUDftTTaL 

^^w anf Xnr^i^ Lexicon. 

.J5TX- "T^z: TZ~ JCEjL ^ la. ijct msrr.Tns.Ti^i rm^ in A. V. » 

~- k: 1S54. 

Tfgfcu i ~aa3S!«. — srr k -^. 'nuglBJ^ and Hebrew 


K^ anf T-Tiplsi. SjeLing Book, 

'jk^ inrei T*i- 1837. 

2aBt ^nns^Ki^^r* rr:i:?w;;r lH3:"Kr*TJ fmne-rr Ho'wtix.— 
Zjrcz'Jit: 41 -^uLZTiii: Hijoo^.. oii^tTiner viJi easv Pas- 

^2t^ n Tsirrx 3iai:ira !E^x^-nn^».. it::. i S39. 


aaiFT: fsur X^' — ^-Jl "*t!r* ""TTTTL A Orammar 
If" :nt lEst^.xrz^x ~.inun:i^?f vnr T^nrrcA. tOirecber with 
z sanrt: s-,inrr n zni 'J!nai5:tf i^TT,7r.Tnf.T, London. 


3Ck5?. T ^T-rr Ar«^:in Ttii!^! Miifc^ nf "Tie Manchester 
Hi .^i^F '^^.^.::.!r»r»T >r-ri:».» .. — l^liIidcs of the 
jt'¥\-sr T-.t iLT'-iT. :t I. Ti:'*vi<- rif ^•-•isii^ns and An- 
f^vtTr. -r.r ri.:: isf nf foD:cis i^i FiL:iiil:es, Man- 

irrc^irr- 1S45. 

r3.5c^ A> Ax3-?^C-i-v 'r^x^fw. — Tht Teic'-er>' and 
rij-irnir _'-.s> ~c "3: :r 15 L^fss.^ci-, ror-vey r.^ to un- 
zTD^.TTiDtc zrjniis ibi £r< ?ifiL5 .~>: G^i and His 
iiT-'Hirriu r^.^cfOr--, Mtsv 1 c^:!. 4^, Fore Street, 
L.circi. 1S45. 

209c M. H !:::>£ I. H. Mytii>, — Tweh-e Hundred 
Q--CS: :--> 5.r_i Ar^«er> cr. :-^ B:^e; intended 
peine: :il t f:r :r>e u>e of Schoos and Young Per- 
WOZ.S. L.:nf :n. 15^ pp. 1S45. 

2092. A. ArA\H w. — M^ra'. and Relig'oMS Tales f^r the 

Yojng of the Hebrew sm. Sva, xvi.-239 pp. 

London. 1846. 

[ A<:=vr^ from ibc French ** Les Matinees dc S*medi, " oi 

G. B^n LcvLj 

/^ JL^ "Z > 


2093. A Lady. — U'nmn ^n ]^V l^KO. A Hebrew and 
English Vocabulary, from a Selection of the Daily 
Prayers for the use of Schools and young beginners. 
London. 1848. 

Revised by Sabato Morais, and under the sanction of the 
Rev. D. Meldola. 

2094. Practical Instruction in the Hebrew Language. 
Part L ; Reading Lessons, with a Literal Transla- 
tion. London. 1848. 

2095. Rev. Dr. Meldola. — n31DK TIT The Way of 
Faiih : A Moral and Religious Catechism of the 
Principles of the Jewish Faith. Translated from the 
Hebrew by the Rev. Dr. Meldola, London. 1848. 

[With portrait of Author. It appears that only "Lecture I. , 
Part I.'* of this work was published. 1 

2096. Rev. B. H. Ascher. — Dny3 113n. Initiation of 
Youth : containing the Principles of Judaism, 
adapted for the Period of Confirmation, arranged in 

, a Catechetical Form. London. 1850 

2097. Dr. a. Benisch. — l)thn nns. Being an He- 
brew Primer and Progressive Reading Book, with an 
Interlinear Translation, preparatory to the Study of 
the Hebrew Scriptures. Compiled by Dr. A. B. 
London. 1852. 

2098. Solomon Sebag. — The Hebrew Primer and 
Reading Book. London. 1852. 

2100. S. Solomon. — HKnpn niD^. Hebrew Primer. 
London. 1853. 

2 10 1. Abraham Benisch. — Scripture History, simply 
arranged for the use of Jewish children. London. 


2102. M. Davidson. — Moral and Religious Guide; 
based on the Principles of Universal Brotherhood. 
London. 1855. 

[Dedicated by permission to Lord John Russell.] 



2103. M. H. Bresslau. — Hebrew Grammar and Dic- 
tionary. London. 2 vols. 1855. 

2104. I. Reggio. — A Guide for the Religious Instruc- 
tion of Jewish Youth. Translated by M. H. Pic- 
ciotto. London. 1855- 

2105. Miriam Mendez Belisario. — Sabbath Evening 
at Home ; or Familiar Conversations on the Jewish 
Religion, its Spirit, and Observances. 2 part^ 
Revised by the Rev. D. A. De Sola. London. 


2106. M. H. Bresslau. — ^A Compendious Hebr^^ 
Grammar. London. i8^^^ 

2107. M. H. Bresslau. — Sabbath Meditations. Londc^^^ 


2108. Mrs. Sarah Harris. — Thoughts suggested ^ 
Bible Texts. Addressed to my Children. Londc:^^ 
i6mo., 209 pp. i8^^9' 

2109. Israel Albu. — PiCnK^^^ pn. A Statute unto Isra*-^^ 
containing an Abridged Account of the Religic^^^ 
Duties of the Israelite, &c. Hebrew and Engli^^ 
London (imp. BerHn). 120 pp. i8^^- 

[Sanctioned by the Rev. the Chief Rabbi.] 

2 HO. MoRiTz Steinschneider. — Reshith Halimud. 

1 86 1. 

[Hebrew Grammar for the use of Beni Israel Has t 
Hebrew translation of " God save the Queen/* composed 
by M. S.] 

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Hospital).— n*^D mm. I'he Law of Moses; a 
Catechism of the Jewish Religion. (Jewish School 
Books, No. I.) London. 1861. 

2 1 12. Dr. a. Benisch. — An Elementary Practical 
Hebrew Grammar, with copious Exercises from 
English into Hebrew especially adapted for Jewish 
Schools. London. 1862. 

21 13. Anon. [Abraham Abraham]. — ^The Catechism 


of Religious and Moral Instruction for Children of 
the Hebrew Faith. 2nd and enlarged edition. 

[Translation of Cohen's "Jewish Catechism.*'] 

^114. M. Kalisch. — A Hebrew Grammar with Exercises. 
2 vols. 1863-65. 

[Second vol. contains exceptional forms, with short history 
of Hebrew Grammar and Lexico^jraphy.] 

*'X5. (Jewish Association for Diffusion of Religious 
Knowledge). — Little Miriam's Bible Stories,by H.N. 


Vol. I., Job ; Vol. II., Samson ; Vol. III., Gideon ; 
Vol. IV., Ruth. 

^ ^ 16. The Way of Truth ; or a Mother's Teachings 
from the Bible. Part I. The Book of Genesis. 


^ ^17. H. N. — Little Miriam's Holiday Stories. 1868. 
Vol. I., The Sabbath ; Vol. II., Passover. 

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of Declaration of Faiih to be used at the Confirma- 
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[The initials I. L. M. appear on the cover.] 

2123. Annette A. Salaman. — Footsteps in the Way of 
Life. 1873. 

[Classified Anthology from the Old Test. ] 


2124. Author of "Little Miriam's Bible Stories." — Sab- 
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the Jews. i873- 

[Jewish School Books, No. 2.] 

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with the Haphtorahs or Portions from the Prophets. 


2136. K. M. [Lady Magnus.] — A History of our People 
since Bible Times, for Jewish Boys and Girls. Part I. 


[An extended edition of this appeared in 1882 under the 
title " About the Jews since Bible Times."] 

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A Series of Progressive Lessons for Jewish Youth. 
8vo., xii.-296 pp. London. 1879. 

[Published by the Trustees of the Jacob Franklin Fund.] 

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2139. Dr. D. Cassel. — Manual of Jewish History and 
Literature, preceded by a brief summary of Bible 
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modern — synagogue music. 229 

2140. Anon. [Baroness Lionel de Rothschild.] — 
Addresses to Young Children. Series I., 1884 ; 
Series II., 1884. 1884? 

2 141. L. B. Abrahams. — Manual of Scripture History. 


2142. Lady Magnus. — Outlines of Jewish History, 

from B.C. 586 to C.E. 1885. Maps. Revised by 

M. Friedlander, Ph.D. pp., xxiv.-343. London. 

[Published at the cost of the Trustees of the Jacob Franklin 


2143. The Jewish Manual ; or Practical Information in 
Jewish or modern Cookery, with a collection of 
recipes or hints relating to the Toilet. 8vo. London. 


2144. Aunt Sarah's Cookery Book for a Jewish Kitchen, 
Liverpool. 1872. 

2145. Mrs. J. Atrutel. — An easy and economical Book 
of Jewish Cookery, upon strictly orthodox prin- 
ciples. 1874. 

2146. Aunt Sarah's Economical Cookery. 1^7 7* 


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Hebrew Melodies, Ancient and Modern .... The 
Poetry by Lord Byron. Fol. 181 5. 


2148. I. Nathan. — An Essay on the History and Theory 
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Pp. 45, 46 specimens of Anglo-Jewish Music. 

2149. Rev. D. a. de Sola and Emanuel Aguilar. — 
The Ancient Melodies of the Liturgy of the Spanish 
and Portuguese Jews, harmonised by Emanuel 
Aguilar ; preceded by an Historical Essay on the 
Poets, Poetry, and Melodies of the Sephardic 
Liturgy, by the Rev. D. A. de Sola. London. 1857. 

2150. Charles Salaman and C.G.Verrinder. — Music 
used in the Services of the West London Synagogue 
of British Jews. Composed, collected, and adapted 
by C. S. ; the ancient melodies harmonized, and 
the whole arranged with obligato organ accompani- 
ments, and edited by C. G. V. London. 1861 

[Mr. Simon Waley collaborated in the work]. 

21 5 1. C. G. Verrinder., Mus. Bac. Oxon., Organist 
of the West London Synagogue. — n"2 yri3 *?trer. 
" Israel in Adversity and in Deliverance," a Sacred 
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ment in 2 parts. 1862. 

[Composed for the degree of Bachelor in Music ; per- 
formed on the 25ih June, 1862, at Oxford.] 

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ture on Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Music 
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P. 34, Example of Jewish Music. 

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Hymns and Prayers, with Solos and Choruses, and 
an Accompaniment for Piano or Harmonium. 
Composed, compiled, and edited by the Rev. 
M. H., with the co-operation of Prot. Michael 
Bergson. 1874, &c. 

2155. Rev. M. Hast & Prof. M. Bergson. — A Col- 
lection of Sacred Jewish Hymns, and Prayers, com- 

.. ^/J^...., 


posed, compiled, and edited by M. H., with the co- 
operation of M. B. 1874. 

2156. H. GuEDALLA. — Seven Ancient Melodies, har- 
monised by Mr. E. Aguilar. Published by H. G. 

[Published in aid of the Sir Moses Montefiore Testimonial 


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2162. Rev. M. Hast. — "By the Rivers of Babylon." 


2163. D. M. Davis. — Psalm XV. to be sung in the 
Synagogues at the Special Service for the celebra- 
tion of the Centenary of Sir Moses Montefiore, 
Sunday, October 26, 1884. Music by D. M. D. 
4to., 4 pp. 1884. 

2 164. David Lewis. — The Tonic Accents of the Hebrew 
Pentateuch. 1884. 


WsRTHBUiER, LsA & Co., Printers, Circus Place, London Wall. 


rr^ k- -(i-rj 

-..• t- 

>, ».. .—^TT^DC 7HE LAST