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Full text of "Bibliotheca anti-quakeriana: or, A catalogue of books adverse to the Society of Friends"

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3. a 








§io0ni^^al |[dic£9 of i^t ^ut^ors, 




AuTwim or "A Duourim Cituoodi or Fbibhds' Booib," » Two Tom. 








iMxnou' coNMOiw, m.o. 



What is (JuakcriBm ? Tbis is a qaostion wliicb, however atnutge it ma; 
ftppear, woiDK to hftvo puzxlnd tnany members of the Society of Friends 
of lato ycunt, noA by otbom iri mudi mlHundenitood. The ausTsr is, 
DotwithBUndiDg, very uimplo, for, in tho viortU of Wii.i.iam Pkkn, it is 
neither mora nor lesH than " n now nick-ntune for old GhriBtituiity," or 
" FrimitivG Christianity revived :" but split np and divided in principle 
and [micttoo as Fnouds are id the present day, bo that old or primitive 
Cbristianily may be said to bo aoarccly kuonn, it still remaina a pnszte 
DOt only to many amonget thorn, but to otbcn ; and it is hoped that 
this Cataloguu may prove one monnK of opening tho oycH of some, and 
by examining both itidca tbey may be able to arrivo at the truth. 

This work do«e not inolndo (except in a few instances) any entry of 
books written by antagonists who onoe belonged to the Society, sooh an 
Buoo, Ekits, Ckewdson, and others, that being already done in my 
Ottalogoe of Frieadfl' Books, lately pnbliithed ; but this contains an 
aeooont of all boi^ (aa fitf n« has come to my knowledge) written 
b; those of otlwr nligiotu d«nominatiODH, Ac. and the reader will 
pgnetva oo examination that the greatest adversaries the Society bad to 
oontend with, in early days, wtre the Nonconformist Divinof . 

Having no desire to miiiroprosont any of tho authors whose names 
appear in this book, though holding views differing from my own, I have 
taken the short sketches or biographical accoauta mostly from aonroca 
(hminhed by tlieir own bodies or favourable to them ; and in order to 
give some further idea of what those men were, I have oocoaionally 
added the titles of some other works not bearing upon the sabject id 

The greater Dumber of the volumes rooorded here may bo foUDd io 
tbe Biitieb Hnsoum, and in tho Library of tbo Society of Friends at 
tbair Meeting Honso, in Qounduditcb, London ; and I have given, 
nfeteDoe to where others may bo met with ; and may also statv that I 
hate many of tb«m constantly on sale. 

J. a 

90/«mo., 1B78. 



The Aatbon' Bam&meB are oarried on Alphabetically with Bio- 
gtaphioal Notices where such have been obtained. 

The Titles of the Books, and the nnmber of editions printed, as near 
as can be ascertained, are in chronologiGal order; then follovs the 
Answer, if any, printed in a smaller or Brevier type ; and lastly, the size 
and date, and nomber of sheets. 

Those having no Aathoi'e name will be fonnd nnder Anonymout or 

Almanaci aod Periodical PiMtcaUoTit may be fijnnd onder those heads. 




W. Bee WiLUAM Aij.en. 


DaU. Shtfti. 

ABRAHAMS, Dr. Oalenne, "Bepated OMef of the Boomian 
MennitU, in HoUand," aaija William Sewel, Id his History 
of Friends. 

YERDEDIOING der OhriBtenendie Doopboxzinde Oenaamd 

Wordeo BeneCFeoB Eorte Grondstellingen Van Han 
Oelove en Leere, door Oalmii» Abrahajnsz, Ifet EenniH, 
en toeBtemming, van andere Bijner Uede — Leeraarea. 
t'Amtttldam : By de Wed P. Arentt, en C. Vander Syi, 
Boekyerkoper* in de Beuri-ttraat, in de drie Baapen. 

8to. 1609. let 
AUES, WillUm, of Frampton CottertU, Olomaterthire. 

De Uerhozgentheden van het Rijoke Oodta. — The Ujaterisg of 

the Kingdom at Ood, and the worfaiiig, leading, and guidiiig 
of Qod's Spirit declued, in oppoBition to the literal woiahip 
maintained as the trae worship of God, bj OalMt 
Abralum tto. IMl. S 

ADAMS, J., Chaplain in Ordinary to King Wm. the Third. 

A SERMON preached at St. Ctement Dane), the 29th of Sep- 

tember, 1700. OcoaBioned by the Recantation of Mr. 
Clement JoyriM, (lately a Qwiker). By 3. Adaus, Chaplain 
in Ordinary to HIb Majesty. Published at the Request of 
the Persona concerned, and several others of that Parish. 

'■'■'■'*' '"^''London: Printed for D. Brovm,mthout TempU Bar; 

r -M ^ '^ -ar. and Peter Bvek. in FUet Street . . . 4to. 1700. 4 

ADDEBLEY, William, a Nonconformist Divitie, Xjeotnrer at 
St. SepuUkre'%, London. 

The Foot Out of tht Snare. (Part by him) . . 4to. 1856. H 

Sh John ToiJiKaTT, In mr (MaiogaM of rriaidi' Biiaki, VoL 1, fgi TIS. 
NATLEB, Jarae», of Anieilot. near Wakefield, Torkthire. 

Foot jet In the SnKra, DUooveied in ttn Answer to John 

Tcldervji, Wiiliam AdderUy, and otben. 
^. Latidon: Printed for Gilet Calvert, de. 4to. lSfi6. 4) 




ADDEBLEY. WUliMn,— cmijmu^. 
TOLDEIITT. John, d London. 

Tho Suaat TRcm LaiiOpm, tetiott what ki unlii, fea. 

Lonilcn.PriBUd/OTa.Catv* , , . 4ta. ItU. t 

ACHIANS. Jacob, (./Holland. 

(Book unknovu). 

AMES, William. 

^— Eni hiirtQMkii;«n, Ao. A rttff-iiMlied »ivl Btiiim(<Im« Lirftr 

B«proTod.(m) JMob Ainmoi, lDnDarl<re»lli>d Mr. Jui>, lol. do diM. | 

ALBEIITI. Ooorgo WUliAm, ft Proacher at Tundtm, in Hanovtr, 
was born in th« year I72S, and diod in 1758. 

Au&ichtige Nachricht Ton der Keligioii, Gottesdienat, 

Bitten, und Gebmuchen der Quakor. — Lettcrti on the 
State of iieligioQ, Worship, Mannere, and Castoms of 

J, the Quaketa Hanoper, 1750. 

' BMldo ik* kttx*. O. V. ADwrU p<it>lIift«J " TIunthM en Homs'i KfMT* 

ifD Skiukl ftcliifiuii.* unilu tin Dkma of AUltuiphilv <^(f«lftMHL 

ALGOT, William, an Ajiabaptiet. See Edward Fan. 

ALEXANDER. John, of Uith, in SMtlanJ. 

• ■ jMuitieo-Qoakerlsm Emnined. or a CoMmtATioK of The 
Blasphemous and nnreasonable Principles of the Qda* 
KXH;<; with a Vindication of tho Cuuitcn or Qqd in 
Bkitain, from their Uiiliciou« Clamotirs, and SlAndnroua 
Aiiponiioua. By John Alexander, Prfachfr of tki GonpitL 
Landon: PrinXfi/oT Donrutn y^ienum, at tin i^ign of tht 

King't Armt, in th» PouJtty. . . . iU>. 1680. 82t 

The follownd Preamble i* prefixed to this book, viz, : — 
" My Lord Biithop of EdtHliuttjh iiBTing appointed me to 
nriew and examiite a Book Compiled bj Mr. John 
AUxandtr, tw., hj John Hamiltim, dated, Ln(A, OeU)b»r 
16. Ift79." 4to. k 

SEITH, Owfc*. (4 Abtrieen, an4 ollwi plaoM, iM mf OaUlosa* ot 
Fn«ad«' Books, toL 3. p. IS. 

Tnith't DdfODoa: o», tfao Pr^loinlfi Eximiiutioii, by John 

AUxmitr, of IMOi, ol tbo Priaeig)l«i ol tboM (call'd 
Qoijua^ FaUly Urntai by hiic. Jmiiiuimi — Qntkorina, %t- 
insinA tad ContnUb. Toother vltb tioia* AninuLdToruaa* 
«D the Dodlcotiui of bin li«ok to (ht Aibfrl Cluyion, then 
Ualcff oi Ijob4qii. Bj O. K. 
IamImi.' PrinUi far Anv'anriii Clarfc in 0aerf4-Yard tn 

IxmAari Strttt. BoaittUtr. . Small 6to. 16S>. 10 

ALLEN, James, of Botton, Nti* England. Ona of the Uinisteis 

■ — - An Ansiteb to George Keith's Lnu., &o. (Epta. b.v James 

Allen. Increase Blather, and oth«r>.) 

BotloH: (.Vnr Englatur) Priititd, de. . Small Sto. 16M. 

tm ntmat Mtwtwn 


ALLEN. Jann, — emtinutd. J 

KEITH. O«org» 

Tb* Pntendad AmiMm 

AU*n. JMkm UmkI^ 

ALLEN. WiUiam. " »u u/K'-,, 

atodione Man aU lii^ ^^- '* 
the Errors of ludejV * 
bcptiBQ) ; yet hl« Ap™ 
retoTDed to the Com W** 
ftiid in 10S9 wrot« hit^* 

MOTX.— Thi* MCOUOt <j 

AaabapiUt >ixl Fri 
^^^ Pr«tM« Cu hilt Wotl> 

Tho Danger of ExramutV 

the QuAKKKs: in which « 
them of being guilly cf 
bringing men to SulvalimL 
Enem; to thotr Opiiiii>^^ 
Enemies to tbcm tliuiiMlTeB^ 
Landm, PrintM bt/J, D.,J\ 
Thru-I'iytotu in Oonthil, 

• The Mme. with a new Titto pagi 
- The Grand Erroar of the QpW 
Sbawing bow they contradtot t 
men to 8atv»tioa hy followtEf 
eomee by ontward Teaching/ 
seek it by foUoving that Ligj 
without extf^rnal teaching l^i 
WttxiiHiii TlioM things are i 
bare betrayed them Into delu 

Bern. 10. 14. 17. Hoo iSaU 
turf aol ktardt AnJ 1 
Ptmc h(v I So Ikm yaUi 

Londtm, Prinud/or WaluA 

M St. Paid'i Chweh-Yai 

B«print*d in hi* WotkH, p. 669 

— BVTKcauna abort Atsbim t 
miJ'aU fJIwnJnation [bf Oi 
CUldrni ol Lutlit Tindiuled :' 
Tht Daimr of Bnthuiisam I 
bead. [Witb -A FuUoript. 

The WORKS of Mr. Wilu 
Tbirtean Distinct TracU on . 
Sarxaon Preaeh'd at bit Fan' 

^. Contain, 
i^'lin? for « 

°f •«»Boa. 

"•7 "hail 
_-rr*'doa of » 

^' Company 

tfie lW«ridijm 
and ni„y in. 

^X" -' ". is-; 

•.^ tho Light ^ 

• Sro. 1690 I 
^^^«A.VACff For 



sous OP ADTjgSaS BOOKS, 


ALLEK, 'WilliMD,— «m(tiitiicJ. 

lairge ludex of Texts of Sori;,t»ro expluo'd ; sdA u 

Alphabetical Table of the Princ^iLl U&ttera ooctain'd io 

tb« Wliole. To which is Prefii'a A Preface, coneerning 

y' the Author and hie WritingB, by John Lord, Bishop of 

I^Hdon: PrinUdby W. B.for Waiter Ktttilbg, Richard 
Wilkin, and William Ha«v» ; ««<( are to br lotd at tk* 
Kiiiff'n Htod in St. F'aut't Church-Yard. 
{British Miwoum, 8752. *.) , Polio. 1707. 

A gKituoN Preacb'd at the PunGral q{ Mr. William Allelic 

Auii<ut 17, 1686, Uy Richard Kidder, Bootor of St. 
Martin Oulwii^h, London. 


PooB RoniN. 1677. Or. a Yei-.,ki,.N*v-Ai-m*n*cii for the 

People culldd by the Meu of thj^ WorW Quahbbs coulaiu- 
ing Many Nucdful and Nc'ceasjy^ obuvirvatioiiB, from the 
first day of the First Uoa^_ till the last day of the 
Tvelfth Mouth. Beiug AMo^ggt the Brotherhood and 
the Sisterhood the l^apiil^Year, notwithstanding the 
Twelfth month have but isviii. days in it. CalciiUled 
For the Meridian of the Bi ^i_ ^ud Mocth within Aldtrt- 

Sa, and may indifftrcntly eorvo for any other Meetiog- 
ise either iii Walet or / :„^/,inc(. Given fortb by Poor 
Boux. a Friend to the Lig.^t. 

Fnim Westminster : Pri\t,d by Obdbob Ijarkd* /"!■ ih* 
A«n^i* of John SkvmoihV F.dq., by Authiriti/ Jrom lit* 
Kin^'t Maul ExttUent Mhjnty . . Small 8vo. 1677. 

1678. A Yka and Nat Alma-'Lok. For the people call'd by 

the men of the World (,fctiiKERs. Containing Many 
needful and nooeasary obser vatious from the first day of 
the first Month, till the lai t day of tho twelfth Month. 
finug A great year for proci ention, notwithstanding it is 
the second after the Leapiuj Year, Qu.cmj.tKa for the 
Meridian of the Bull and j louth within Mdengau. and 
may indifferently serve foi any other Mceling-hoUBe 
«itlier in \YaUt or England. By H. N. 

Loriilo'i. PrinUd/or ihf C.>l„^anyo/ Staliontr$. 
(Id the Bodleian Library at Ojford.) Small 8vo. 167B. 

^^ 1679. A Yba and Nay Alwakacs. For the people call'd 
by the men of the Worhl Qdakxhb. Containing Many 
needful and necessary obsLr\-a,tions from the first day of 
the first Mouth, till the llrst day of the twelfth Month. 
BetDg tho third after the BUesextiJe or the Leaping Year. 
Imdan : Printed/or thfS;ompanu of Slationm. 
(In the Bodleian Library at Wxiord.) Small Sto. 1679. 






The Second Part of the Y«* wid Nav Alkxhick. Contain- 

iiig Uanj nocMsan; nml iisefiil OIi8er\-atioiii fittiuR for a 
Friendl^r Kiilcndar, ii« * deemptinu at thn four MtaaoiiB 
of tiio y6ar. the uuinber of tlii^ ERlipHe*. wIh-o tlitty shall 
b^tpcB, and wliere to he semi ; Die Twelve Art.kloA of a 
I'm aod y<iy man, Home Memoint on our I-Victtd Janui 
Ifai/hr, tho five Ligrkts of Walton , and BOTvrnI other thiuga 
very nMfnl and noccusary to be known. Calculated uo- 
ooraing to Art by J. N. a Brother and Friend to th« 

London, PrinUd htf liaryartt Whiu for iAk Company 

nf Stationers Small 8vo. 1679. 

(In tbe Bodkian Library at Oxford.) 

- 1680. A Yb* and Nav Auiamack. B(*ins the Bissextile 
or Leaping Ye*r. CuxuiJiTitB Properly for the Meridian 
of the Bull and Mouth vitliin Aldcrfiiatf, and may lo- 
diflereutly serve for any other IkleetinK-houKe what or 
wbereaoever. Tho very fcrnrth Edition. By H. N. 
Ijondon, Printed for the Vompann nf $t<itioner$. 
(In the Bodleian Library at Oxford.) 8vo. 1680. 

- The Second Part of the Yea and Nat Aijiakaox. Coo- 
taioing Many necessary, protitabte aud useful obeerTa- 
tiona fitting for a Friendly Brother Kalendar, ae an 
aocount of tbe EcUpaee which shall happen to Year, 
when they may bo eeeu and what they ai^iifie. A De- 
Bcription of tbe four Seasoua. or Quarters of the Year; 
and our Astrological Judgments thereupon. A continua- 
tion of friendly QuMtions and Anewer«, with a Relation 
of a Had accident tlint bi^cll two Friends ; Mome furthar 
aoeountri of nuch u« hiul Wind-Uilk going in tli«ir 
Beads before our timofi and (ovenU otLur thin^ t«ry 
usefnl and neoCHSary to bo known. Caloulnted acoordisg 
to Art by SI. Y. a Brother and Friend to tlie Light. 
London, Pmiud by Anne Oodbid, and John Plaifford, 
for tie Company ^ Slatioiifr*. . . . 8vo. 1680. 
(In the Bodleian Library at Oxford.) 

1788. Calculutt-d to the Meridian of 
tliB People called QITAKER8. Contain- 
ing Yea. and Nay Obtiervattons on 
Every Uontli in tfin Year. To which 
are added, A QuakiTr'c Adrioe to hia 
Son on the 1 4th day of the 12th Month 
(called yehntaiy) — and The Quaker's 
Catechiem, Giving Beaoons Why w« 
are called Quakers ? Why we've Si7«i( 



ALUANAGES.— <r(mifmi/J. 

llMtinga ? Why Woujeo Preaoh as w«ll ae Men ? Why 
Tre use Thee, aad Thou ? Why we Never Put off our 
HaUT Why we don't Wear Black Cloaiki for Deoooml 
EeUtioDS ? yihy we never Drink to Aiiy One ? Why 
We wear uo Laoe, and other Ornaments ? With tb* 
Ckaraetrr of a Wet Qiuiker. And a Word about TiUiee. 

Uai .So*. U<ir nhaln l^nm'x* i>» M Umu f**^ a>mp. 
TbU Atatuuuk lui .Vnii^np irni TvUiia'fr,* 

VfhU'lt*'!. Xs AllDUdk '•- >■>'! BtftHI 
ll k nrtl'Nn. frdr TLirtJ Eiflil Ifl fUW ta, 
■IVia MMhlu 0«l. Ibr Tbta nn/if km 11 Onli*. 

trw ••k/NaibH inll wt iiieo StnbUini. 

By « Friend of the Light. — ^Aek therefore for it. in tho 
Pulonr Facing the Entry, In At the Green Batch, Next 
to the Golden-Fan, Over against Gniy'i Inn G(i(«, jnet by 
Middle liow. in Holborn 8to. 1788. 

ALSOP, Vincent. M.A., A Nonoonformirt Dirine of St. John't 
0>Uegt, Cambridyt, and Rector of Wilby, in HorthampUm- 

^^ The Minchief of Impositions. (Anon.) . . 4to. 11I90> 

The B«ctor of Sutton. (Anon.) . . . 4to. 1690. 

BtB pilmai'i Nosousfonatiri tt*amU, T*L %, pi tl(> 

ANDREWS, ThomaM, a Nonoonformirt Divina and Yicar of 
li'eUingboroui/h in Northatnptonnhirt. 

" He had tronblo from tbo Qnakcra, who would come into 

the Church and disturb him as he wa« preacliing ; but h9 
naed to stop till the officers carried them out of the 
Cborch." Palnur'i is'on-CM\foTwUt'* ilmioriiU, Ftft. 2, 

ANDREWS. Thomas. Vicar of LUmovtr. is MtmrnmahsHn. 

— ■' A Seriona Expostulation with the People calt'd Qtuncns; 
by way of Letter to a Pariakioner of that PcrtiuuHiun at 
FtatTrrttai. iu MotrMouruiiiiiBK. To which ia added, A 
Short ^'iew of the Danger of AroKTAcv, in a Poalvcript 
to ouch a« have gone off from the Couununion of l£e 
Church of En^and. By T. Andrtwt, u-k. ftad Ticar 
of Uanovtr, Homnoulhthin. 

liondan : Pntiud jar li. MiditiaUr at ikt Tlbv Crmnu 
in 8t. Paui-i Chiirch- F«nf. , . . Sto. 1709. 


ECCLB8T0H. TbMdor, of L^nde*. 

AB(]iIt to ThM. Andrew^ LMKrloa PiriililoDn of PoDlypool, 

Oftttni. A Striou npmUlalioB iritb the Pcopta called 
(Joakm. (Part bj Joiara Jork tai E*aii BrvuJ 
Lotion I PiinU4 and told by /. StmU, tn WluU-lIort- 
Cowt, tm Ormttoai Strttt. »n. INS 4| 


■' AMDBEW8, Thomax,—e<mCinutd. 

™ A Hodest ExQrrsT into tboWnightof Throdar* FeeUtWt'$ 

BbPLT to A Srriout ExpotltuliltiOD icith fA* QcAKERS. In 

a Second LcttiT to n PnrLfthioDar of Ponxypool, MoHmouth- 
aim. By tim Aumox of tho former. 

London Prinud: and sold 6y Sam. Bas*rM m Abtr- 
jwwnny. 8to. 1708. 7 

■OOLBSTON, Tfasodor. ol toniim. 

■ Baiawki npoo Tho. dndrevt'i Boob, miaoftUtid, A HodMt 

Bai]ttif7 ; wlitnin. aunie of bii HiaUkM about iba Doolriiu 

of Ui* PMple called (tuaken are oonaidend, Bj Th«odo^ 

Emiwtoa. (Part tar Etas Bsvar, Joiumi Jom, tnd other*-) 

London! PHnud and mid by J. Soutte, In Whiu-Hari- 

Cowt, fn Oroefouf SlncC. .... fivo. liW. fll 

ANONYMOUS And PBcadonymouB. 1661-68. 
■^ ■ A SosTR Word to a Sorioue People ; or, A Moderate Dts- 
oot^ss respecUiig ae well The tissKstts, (go called) As the 
Prttent Churches. 
Lwdon, Prinud *y J. Cottnl/or Jams* No*U, in Fosttr 
Lane, dt 4to. 1051. 9 

, i/. C«ttun Qoanio* uid Anti-qQiniici. couconuiig ths Qtwken (lo 

ckU«dJ b Mill abont Y<>TkiiLirn. 

4t». London, Priratd in tht ytar 16G3. 33 pa^M 

— The QoBMCBa uitl Qemkebs Cadss at The Second Heahcg, 
Or, Ths Quaktn Aniiqutring AdvocaU ejcamintd: hit 
Pleading* Jound light and vtake, kit langvagt lettd and 
rwHng, hit PrineipU* laoie and large. The Quftkiog and 
wbtmoMd faction diHcovcrcd to bo a new branch of an 
old rooi, revived b; Siitun ; Kotno of tfaoir strango tin- 
ao« t«noiit«. nnchrisiian practiios, and opinions 
atoorod upon the Spirit, to be abhorred, and avoided bf 
all holy Souloe, are also discovered, and truly laid open. 
London: prinud hg I. O. for Naih. Brooke, at th* 

Angd in Comhit ito. 16&8. 7| 

' A Kofik of lutaiHa, nlUng, uid Uei.'— Oss. Vol. 

FOX, Omw, annrtri th« above in, 

— The Otm( UMn» ol (ho Onat Whan imtoUtid. £o. (Paga 

aiG.) FoJio. IU9. 

A Buisr Rkplt (o some part of a very ecorrilotis and lying 
Pamphla, called Sanls errand to Damascus, eheviog the 
TUiitie of the praises there attributed to the Sect of the 
Qmktrt, and Falsitie of their Helaii'mn which are nought 
«lse but the breathings of a Spirit of Malice. 

Lamion, Printtd bg T. H. Jot H. K at th4 sign of IA« 

thnt Pigiom in Paul* Chureh-Yard. . . 410.1663. 6 

HotB. — Tbii pico* U a MDdsDatiao ot and tonau tha Sod pait 
ol " A Buar Bu.anoir o( Tha IrmlEeioo ol tha Hoannaa 
Qoaanw, kt~, wrtttaa \ij Praada BiaJjuon, 





ANONYMOUS,~iwn(i>>wMl. lft58-fiS. 

Freedom of Reli^oa Wonbjp . oi^ tite Jnbiloo of Ordi- 

HATLEK. Juhm. «t bmt W»Ii^U In TorktMn. 

SiiiriliiiU Wtok*iti)MM>, in HMvanlj pUoR. nroolavmiac Ptm- 

doinv lo Out F<7im«, bat p«n«KitttiiMi Ui» ptiwari or u> 
miiMiui U> a Boukc. intilolad. Fritdom u( RtUsian Wonhip .- 
M. Um Jnbilse ot Ordiauwni, set forth withoul b DJuna. 

iU). lio PriKUr'i namt. pUtefiOT dau. ^^ 

■ Tba WoroeutcnJiiri; Pi^tUiaD to Uiv pArlitiiKiat for the 
Uinistrj of Ro^iUud dvfcixlvd, by u Minuter of OlmBt 
in tliRt County, kts. 

London, PrinttJ /or Tha. Und^AiU, at (A* Bttu 
jHclior, fn Fault Church-Yard, aiut JPrancU Tj/ton, 
tU tltt Thru Dafffffri. in FUnt StrM. . . 4t«. 1663. 6) 

' Ts> QuAKSKD DizAM : or, the Devil's PilKninKKO in 
Englaod : bung An infallible Relatiou of lltc^ir mvohiI 
Meeting*, Slireckingft, Sh^inRs, QiiiLkingii, [toaring*, 
TaIUukm. HowIinK"> TrombliogH in lb« Bodivtt, 
Binngs in tli« BcllicK : Witb k Nnrrativo of tboir MTeral 
ArgnnieDts, TcnctK, Pnncipli-H, und Ktnuige Doctrina: 
The strange and wondorful Satanical Apparitions, and 
the appearing of the PevU unto tbeu iii the likenecs of a 
black Boar, a Dog vith Hamiog eyes, and a black num 
witliout a head, causing tbe Doga to bark, tlie Swine to 
cry, and the Cattel to ron, to tbc great admiration of all 
that ahall read the eame. (Witb curiouu wood cut 
figures of Naked fcmalee, iic., on the title paK«.) 

iatidon : PrinttA Jar O. Horioit, and art to be lotd aX the 
RoifiU Krthan'je in ComkU, , . 4to. IfifS. 

B*prtciUd lo " Xbi CntoaU} BoDk." 

{Brit. Uu». E. •) 

- Th« QvAKBBS terrible Vniox ; or, Tbo DcvUk'h Progrvsn to 
th« City of LoMioK : Being a mon* true and p«rfoct 
l{«lation of tlwir »oTi>ral Meetings, Transea, Qaakings, 
Bbaki&gti, BoAringd, and TrembliBg Postures ; tbe ap- 
pearing of two strauge Oracles, with an old Love-look 
eut off from Hntan's Itoad : tho manner of pnltiog it in 
practice, and drawing in of otber« ; the bunuDg of their 
fine Cloatbe, Prints and Ribbons whicb seemed to tbem 
like sa many Uelli^h IIag«. and Kuries; tlieir sereial 
OpinioDB and Tenet«, holding a community with all 
mens Wivc«, either sleeping or waking; their strange 
Doctrine, Raptures, aud Inspirations; and tbe most 
hidoon* Aotiuns of all tLe several aotts of Qnakcn ; u 
Catharirtt, FamiliiU, EntkutiaUt, MoalanirU, VaUndant, 



AK0NY&I0U8.— omtmuftf. 18GG. 

if Liifriinf, the like never read, or heard of Wore, ainoe 
the OKtaQTy of mau. (Witb Curioua Wood-cnto.) 

LoiutoN, PfvtUii /t>r O. Horitm, m tht yrt4U year 0/ 

Qualiinff 4h). 1M6. 1 

[Brit. Mm. E. ~) 


A DwxuuTiini (rom Ui« Children ol Licht (who «r* b^ the 

World lOonLfvilly cuUvil Quakfn) iwunit ievHTitl false 
Ttrportt, tetadaU aai Irrs. ui BBrcrni uewi Buuku and 
Famphltii. put lortb by Hntry H'ufifr, K. Wood, aoi] 
Giorfe llonon. whoic Ijc*. iild ilmndon iliall not pM< (or 
tnitb: bal ibolt bo jmlged. aad out oat by ittchail uid hi< 
Angtb iDto tLa wnrlil, whjoh U thair habicaciOD amouBit lbs 
chlldraD ol darknodB. AImo, A Wars lug tnna Iba Iiord loal) 
Ballad'iaakers, and luaue-maken, with ttiom that print and 
aall th««D, Ae. 
London, Printtdjor Giltt Citlvert, «E tht Blatk Spraod 
BafU.»tlAeSrr4lendv/PauU 41o. 16M. 1 

- Qu*KXsa ar«>t. and DAiitiBaaus Bbddcebs. Ap- ^ 
ptaring in their InchaHimeiit of One Maiy WTiito at WiiJt- 
huQ-skeTth in SufTolk, less. 

I^mdtm, Printed ty T. SI., /or Edirard Dud, <nid me to 

bt mid at Au thop at the Oun in lait-lain*. . 4tD. 166S. 1 

(Brit. Miu. -;') 

- The Qtift«kmg WonifTxiiANcic, or Tlw Jc«ait« ttim'd •' 
QUAKER. In a Witty and {M Diiicovory of their Pro- 
duetion and I!hr, tbnr jAtngtioifr, Docirinf, DiuipUtu, 
Polio/, }'rr*wmptiem, I^inorarKr, Prophann, Dimmulatvm, 
Cniy, I'-ncAflriruilm^j, with their BchavioarB, Oeetures, 
Aimee and Ends. All ptmctunlly handled and proved, to 
gtTO onr CooutiymeD timely Notice to avoid their Snarea 
aud subtile l>elueionE, Sinutlala Sanetilai Vuptitnia Jni- 
qvitfu. By one who was an Eye and Kare Witnesee 
of their Words and GcBturcB in their new hired great 
TaTetn Cbappell, or the Great Slauih within Aldert^tt. 

London. Printfd i'oT E. B., at tht AngtU in PatiU- 

ChmfhYard. ' 4to. 1656. S| 

POX. Qoarge, anavrn the abova in, 

^— TboOrcat HiaTunolUuOreal Whoraiulolilad.Ao. (PwsSI.) 

Folio. 1SS9. 

An Anewer according to tmth, that tiembleB sot, oor 
foakee. nor quailetb. given to tfairty-aix queries, pro. 
poanded by James Pamel, &e. 

S*t Taoiui DaiROH. 
FAStTEL, JaiBM, of OrUliriler. 
—— aouaa'a Hbid Chc^ viU hi* own Sitard, if«. . 4u. Mi. IH 



AN0NYMU8.— eondntwrf. l«55-56. 

— — The QcAiBna Fiery Beacon : Or, TTi* 8hsking-RfiBt«n 
Ghost : beiog A new Relation, and further Discovery of 
their Etrange and sadden Agoules, Trances. Quakings, 
Bhakinge, Kaptur^H. Viatous, Apparitions, CoutUcla with 
Batau, Renlalioas, Dlummatious, InatriictioDs in d«w 
divine M^BUTies, and eerftpbicol Divinitj ; their s«Teral 
CaUiogB, Miaaioue, M«ELaaR6s, Orders, Secta, Places, an4 
Fenona; their inohau led Potion h. Rikhona, and Bracelets ; 
their Declaration in Wealmiuiitur-Hall, touching Heaven 
tni H«U : And a Narrative of their prcacnt Actingx and 
Exta«i«B, for the Rwccring away of our good Fundnmontal 
Lawa like so many old CobwcbH. (With a Wood cut qb 
the title page of Th* Shaking lianUn Qhtat.) 

Landon, PrinUd/or Q. Uonon. . . . 4to. 1660. 

{Brit. Hut. E. V) 

- A Serious Beviev of eome PrinflipIcH of the Qoaken. 

FAENWORTH. Richird, rf JJatfty. in r*rfc<ft(fe. 

. Ibe Smpturf 9 ViSDicitiox. otniiut tba Soonui C«xnui>iCTOM. 

Bjr OHO Jons SvAi-nAH. and u Ac lailh Prraehtr oj 1A« 
G<3rptl at KitmihoroDgb (n BcotUnd ; and Ih* othw itiJod, A 
Bmmu irnVir «/ mmw Priittipttt of Hit Qdaikm ; wbnrola 
tern is ihiuMvtTid, luiil trulh dafniilad: B; P. E. and 
writtm oith ■ pan at Edenborough. FriaitA iu Ui« vt^ar 16(9, 
and a wnttm iHLni«. » il it «cf« tbr Printer <ail«d Ptur 
MiifUth, bnt BO primtKl qmdo : and Xhat tbty ihutSe. but 
lau ooMk to tfadr iliuao. ocd tratli b tbu Utort SD*«<r it 
Manoad and doacod. acd their nrar ii diicoTcnd. and tbaj 
aMaarad, *«. 
£imdi»n : FriiUtA for OiUt C'«I(«rf, ol lA* tlaet Sfrtad 
Kaglt at thi IFttI tnd vf Paul*. . . 4tO. ICM. 

FOX. 0#orae, 

Th« Oreat MitnaT ol Ihe Oraat Wbora onlolJad, A«. (FaiiB SG7.) 

Folio. 1U9. 

The Quaker'* F«ar; vooderfiil, atrange, and true ncvrg 
firom the famoiu ton of Colobeater, is Eaaox, ■bemng 
the manner how one Jamea PanMD, a Qttaker by prof«- 
rioD, took upon him to fant twelve days and twelve nighta 
without any aastenauoe at all, and called tli« pa«plo that 
were his foUomrs or dijtciplea, and aaid that all tho 
people of En^^land that wore not of tbeir coogregatien 
wen all damned ereatorea ; alao of his blaapbomotu Ufa 
and acandalotu death in the jayl at Colobeetor, this pre- 
sent month of April, 10(6. A Ballad. (Black Letter.) 
With 8 Woodcuts. Broadside, IMS. 

' A Sad Caveat to all Quakers. Not to boast any more that 
they have Ood Almighty by the hand, when tbey have 
tha Oeril fay the toe. Containing a tme Narration of 
one WSiiom Pool an apprentioe, A a known Quaker ne«r 




AHONYMOUS.— «>«ti««<«i. 1657. 

Wortater, who on Friday, in Uet Ffbr. the 20, boMting 
Ihftt h« ioii that day Christ by the hand, and miuit ftc- 
cording to appointment go to him again, did on that 
eTeoing by the temptation and impnlBion of tho Dovil 
drown himself in the Bitof, Togelhar jpntb^lbo-^ndgo- 
xasnt of thu Coroner and Ju^ijllu*-*'"'''*^"^ ty <>' 

S^.oinrder. As iiljn>>l<' — wnw 

Quakent who digguu th« 

most anponleled pr«sumj>ttou ^ ton, 

vho undertook to raiao him again to iud, ^ ole 

manner of it, and the words that at tliut time she tniiHvd ; 
Tb» tike whereof never heard in Chrittcndome. (Black 
Letter, except Title page.) 

London, Printed for IP". OUbrruon, in Oilttpur-$1r«ft, 

vdlhout !i'ewgalf ISmo. 1657. 16 fge* 

KM. W, ftolliaJdlDhm t«(nniapp»DtlHlaOH.Knl^,((U»riiUk 
at St. CUiD*. lo Ui* CII7 sf WuohUt, 

HoBAxxAS to tho Son of David : or A T«Rtimony to the 
Lord's Christ. Offering it Self, indifermtly, to all 
personB ; though mora especially intended for the People, 
who p«s8 under the Name of Qi:aeebs, &c. 

landrm. Printed bi, JFMiam OodhU. . . 4to. ICW. 28 

tOX, OMffl*. 

TlioQrwt MUt«(70f lbs OmfttWlinroiiiiloUad. fte. (Pn^219.) 

Folio, len. 

Pamphlets. Qnery, the titlea? An- 

Three Dntch 

iHES. ■WillUm. 

Den Antiit ooWcek; — Astielirut diieoTcred and bud opco ; ca 

U) oDiwir CO tbrco pooiplilcta putliihcd «ilbout tha 
Auitior']! nnmo, but ia ihc Light tho Aulbor ii dinooTorod. 
jDdgact, tud cut oat. 

4to. ISET. 

' A trae Relation of the Life, ConverBation, Eiamination, 
Confesaion, and lost deserved Sentence of Jamtt .Vaytor 
the grand Quaker of England. \Vho for his Blasphemous 
and abominable Opinions, and Practises, was wbipt at a 
Gart'8-tail«, bom Waiminttfr to the Boyatl-Eiclianye in 
London, Dttfmher the eighteenth IRG6, and tlic-nito stand 
in the PiUory, and to bavo the letter B s«t upon his fore- 
lieod, and to bo burnt thraugJi the toung with a hot Iron, 
and to be kept in Prison daring life, without being 




ANONYMOUS.— <wuin«*rf. 16B7-69. 

feUowed any auetenauce. but what he shall eame with hia 
owno Labor. (Ciiielly Black Letter.) 

London, Printed Jar Tho'ruu Vfre at the Aniii'U uilArtui 

S'emiate Bmall 12ino. 1667. 16 pagea. 

dot*. -With * i^orlsu tniiU>|il*H, vMh ttwH wotti DBdcfBHth. " TW 
Uuuin buo Janui Kiif lar ■bwd la Uu PUlniT* ■nd vH vhipt (i«m tki 
PkIUkju' •> WulmlmU^, te 1^ ftordl Xnhuf* to l^nulni, Dw^bo 

Uu tMb, 1<U1." 

- The QllAKERa Qoakino. Or. the moat just and dtnerrei 
pnuishiui'iit ititlicted ou the person of Jamkm Kayi^ii for 
bIk moHt horrid btaaphemiefl. Togiither with the Coa- 
Iciuioii of hiH AssociatvH, who were 

TVmotAy WedJorkA 
I'Jtonuu Symont. L 
JToAn Stranger, J 

r Hannah SlrangeT. 
•J Mariha Hi/mon*. 
[^DorcM Lrbury. 

Ab also tlto reMODS whir the farther punishment of the 
•aid Jiuius SiofUtr was enspeaded on Batorday, Dfcemh. 
20 and deferred by order of Parliament antill Batnrday, 
DKtmb. 27. Ue remaioB etill a prisoner to Srw^aU, 
wh«re many of his AsBocialea do daily resort to him. To 
uhcA it aJdtd, The eeverall damnable opioiODS of th* 
said Quxnas. 

LmJoa, Printed f<rr W. OUbertion, at th« BOt* in QHt- 
rptir-ttrifl, wiliiout Xeicgale. . . 12mo. 16S7. 

Hml -Ob Uh tact «f th* nUc fgt )• ■ cortou »M4>ntt - TV •hkbr' 
■/ Jama Xnylin'f t«u«^ In CW Plllft). ■■ Oi PalU».ranit al lr<x- 

(Bri(. Mw. ?i^) 

-Twenty QiriKwo QVERIES. Having been Clowded, and 
now Bronght forth to Light, By Mad-Tov. 

Lomdott, PriMud /or Bt^ert Pa^, living in Barbican in 
thr4t Pigtan-AUty 4to. 1659. 

Xol*.— Tbi On! OaHT li. " Wh u tglht fliW qtm» iIM not «itla«0MiC 
tUank-mK^f- Vb> Mk.— WbMbM «»n» F<» All nnhlH A* ta 
that Bnlf SliUf. Uiui (Itiit* bo ; abut tit tund lin at tlw lUu/i-ErtI t 

- A QjMO for the Quaxbbs. (Soo Thomas Surnt.) 

- A Cateohicm. (Sm Saitobl Eatow.) 

BCHROUOH. Ed«d.. □( Wntmortljuid. * 

— BcoD* FaUa PrisdpUi uid «ii>rs dl««onrr«d and rafaM,— ia 
•acwn to SmwmI Batoa** (MmUmd. 

- Jmbm Nailor'a RxcuiTATtoN, PeDn«d, and dire«t«d by 

HiiBwU. to all the People of the Loan, Gathered and 
Sealteied. And may most fitly scrre aa au Aniidol* 

4to. 1669. 5t 



ANONYMOUS.— .-onf.VtBwi. 1669. 

BgainBt the Infectious Poyaon of DftnmftUe HendM, 

altlwiiKh eouclicd under the moot 8p«doiu Yi^ o( 


London, Printtd for Kdmard FamKam, and art to b* 

told at kit Shop, in Pop/t-kead-AUry. . 4to. 1650. 

H«**^^TliJ* la % i^prlql i>f Juur* Vft^W* *■ Ta ftU Ut> PhdU of tb« IdiiEiit 
^■ULvnd or 9c«ll«T*<l." Kith thfi aildltlnn tii Um «bon tiHit ft^fc- 

' Anti-Qtuikeriem. or, A Character of the Qnakere Spirit, 
from ita Original and firet vaiiKe. Writli^n \>y a pioua 
Gflntlanao that bath heen tliirtecn voare amongst 
the Separatista to make obser^-atioiiH. and is dov returned 
borne with a full int«nt to lay op«n the whole Mjetery of 
iniquity, in nnvoiling the Whore, that men may do longer 
drink of the wine of her Fornications ; he hath vowed a 
single life, and giveii himself up wholly to the exerciBes 
of the mind. And here he hath deecribed the Spirit of 
Qnalcerbim. 1. Being a precise I'unian. 2. An Ana- 
hoiflMi. 8. A Scfker. 4. A lianter. fi. A Qmiher, and 
indeed what not, all tliinga, oud nothing. By wbicb 
Cbaraat«r every Uan may in aomc measure ace the de- 
ceitfnlniwK of hi» own imagination and be oarofnl, and 
vatcb liimself accordin^y. 

B. London, I'rinttd/or thf. Author, Anno Dom. 1669. 

A Leaf from ihf. TnH> of Life. 
Soid by Danifl WhttK, at thr 

WATER upon the FLAM^E : by XX Qcekiks Propounded 
in the Spirit of Love and Meekneoee, To the Serious Con- 
sideration of all Gods People ; Principally to the l-Vra 
Momibcb-Mkh, commonly so called. }iy fhif tliat lovtCh 
the Tmlh. and all Good Mm ; Af'donf that nfifher lutlh, nor 
evrr had. nor ritft inlnidelh to Ani'r thr least Place v/Pro6t 
or WoHdly Advantage by any Change of GoTeniment yehat- 

4tO. Loniivn. Printrd in the Ytar 1669. 
IMl— At r*e* U, tHaUoii li vai* or - Uu poor 'Itinlid fliritm. " 

I and Temble Newea from Cambrid^, boing a true ' 
JUlation of tlm Qiiakrrt liewit.L'hing of Marif I'liilijin out of 
the Bed from her fluMband in the Night, and tranfiformed 
her into the shape of a Bay Marc, riding her from Dinton, 
towards the Vnirmaiy. With the manner how she 
became viaible again to the People in her own Likeness 
and Shape, withber sides all rtut and torn, as if tbey 
bad be«n spur-gal'd, her hands and feet worn as blacli as 

By th« Kamo Author. 
Hrvfii Slam in PauU Vhurek- 





AMOKYMOUS,— «.«rinu«J. 1660-60. 

a Cool, and her montli Hlit with the BridUi Bit. Likotrin, 
b«r SpMch to tho S'cholan nnd Countny-mm, upon this 
great and wonderful Chang*, hor Oath before the Jndges 
and JoBticeit, and the Namm of the Qaaktn bronght to 
tiyaX on Friday tact at tLo AfieieeH held at Camhri^. 
With tlie Jadgm«nt of the Court. At aUo, the Uenls 
matehinif of on* from hU Company and hoUtmy of him tip 
jnto ike Air, tiilh tfitat hap'ruA thereupon, 

London, Primed for C. Broola, and an to b* teU at tHt 
Royal Exthattyt in Com/aU. . . . dto. ldG9. 

BUOELBT, luBM, of Cambriig*. 

^^— uid otb«n. — A LjiiiK Wonder diiiiwivend scd Iho Straceo and 
T«rriblo New« from Cmmbridgn proved (aUo, wiiicli talis 
turn* ia pobliibod in ■ li))s1. oonocmint; ■ vieknl uluiddr 
CMt vpon • Quaker, bat Vae Autboc ot thft mid libol mil 
uhMud (a lubnanbo hii Dunc to II. AUo thU conUtn* u) 
■J Hinror U> Jobn BnuiOD'a Papv looehiDg Ilia *»iA ijaii^iaA 

Witohonlt, A«. 4Ui. London, lacO. 

■t* fllfbatdvi liT Jobn flnlth, 8*111., BoU. IitUhmtOi. <i*ait» WhU»- 

— An AooouKT of Mreral thinn that pMtcd betwMn hi* 
Sacred Uajfstjr and Richard Hnbborthonic, Quaker, od 
the 1th of Junt, ICCO. Afl«r the delivery of Gtorgr Fob, 
bia Letter to the King. Lortdion, Printed for M.S., and 
art to bf mM at the DookitlUrt Shop*. . . . 4to. 1660. 


HUBBEKTHOKtl, BUhird, ot IVtImrf in Laiteiuhirt. ' 

— — Sunvlliiii]! Ih*t Ut*lj piwsed iii Dik^uuik liutv««n tbs EIKO 
tad &. H.. PtiblUhtid to pr*T«ot tlio miatakBi uid Erran ia 
a oopj Ut«l>' printed, coatiu7 to tbe knowUiiKe or istontiaB 
of tJie pattjr Moocnwd : uid nol odd!; to. but also mu- 
pnoUJ uid abntad in mtmni porticalui. thnrcfore it vw 
UMngbt caoTaiuant tea tbo nmonnR ol Enon and mittakM 
to b* nfdntad ia a mora trno form and onlor lot Iba latU. 
■mUod of othara. a. tt. 
£<Miit»«, PrinUd If P. L,. for 0. C. and art to bt <oM ot 
kU tkop, ot tlie BUekSpriadSatU, at tht Wnt *nd ef 
Pomlt. «10. 1660. 1 

BepahUibcd in bii Wcaki, pai^ S68. 

— A BclatioD of a Qnakor, that to (ho nhame of bis Profes* 

■ioD, attempted to * * * near Colcheater. (is rerM.) 

Fotio. — ^0 Prititer't naiiw, place or dat*. , | 

Bj Sk iota Ooaui. 

- Tbit Harmony of Confessiona : or, the Fanatick Director; : 

compiled by Sir Henry Vane, Ur. Simpson, Mr. Feu. 
Jemes Naylor,aDd othere; a piece wonderfully eoodaoiDg 
to the intoreet of the Saints, and deetmction of that 
Aotiohrutian thing, called " Settlement." 

U - rU ttwt*Ua KtMUuv' 




ANONYUOUS,— wfirijuMrf. i«at-«a. 

^— TliA lUAQE of Jciiloniio Sought out, nnd (By tho D»t 
DairuiiiB) pttrtl; ditcovoroci, how it workctli uml provokoU 
is th* Ujnticsl duunbdra of Iniquity, &o. 

London, Prinud/or thf Aitllior, and an to h« mid at ths 

Blaek-spnad-Eagle, near the Wett m\d of Paul*. 4to. 1660. 1^ 

Xoto.— SoMnl bj nliUk4 Id mr tttmiA'* OaUlxtfn*, Vol. 1, (•«■ «t, 

Tbe Famaticx Hutobt: or Aa Euet Bkiatiok aod AO' 
coCKT of The Old Akabaftliis and iVas QcAXEsa. (With k 
Portrait of KinR Charlw II.) 

LoRi^, I'rinlrd /or J, Siimi, at tA# Croit-K^m* in St. 
PaiUt Chureh-yard. . . . •nuOl Hvo. 1660. Ui 

- Seasonable Exbortations— by 6i Teaobeis in London — 
directed to tLcir Conf^gatiouH. . . . abt. 1G60. 

- To th« Quakcm Homo QiiitricH in sent to be answerftd, tb^t 
all People mfty know your Spirit, and ihn temper of it, Ite. 

abt. 1660. 

— BxHPBB In>Kii : or A Parallol betwixt tbo Ao«ioct and 
Modem PHANAT1C8. 

Lond(n\ ; Printed for tUrhard Ijmimdn, at th* While /.ton 
in St. Paul't ChuTch-vard, over a^ititiit the IttlU Xorth 
dixrr. 4to. 1661. 8 

B«printed in " The Harleiaa Ifiscelkny," Vol. 7. p. 899. 

4to. 1811. 

BURROCGH, Edirard. ot fFatntortland. 

—— PnuiciTTiox impcnclwd. u a TrBytor againat Ood. hti Lt<n 
uid UciTCFQiQciil ; utd the oAUio of the attlUot Muijm Tln- 
dleaUd, again*! tbo Cmslt; inlhclsit iijhiu ihnta hj the 
P»pUU In (nnnor ditfmi. BAlnj) > Eirlnt Ahuifeh to 4 Book 
c*lt«il fisMFRB IiiiSH ; or, > PikrilIIml ol riiaauliolii. fta. 
ItMlj pnblUhed b.v > nain«l«iM Autbur, tie. 
LoaiLm, IVinfof fr/r R. IF., in UartiniUGraod. Ho. IMl. ( 
BipriBtel in Iiui Wurkt. juko 793. 

— Pkbbot RgaiBfit the POPE : or a true Copy of John Ptmt 
tbe QMafirrt Letter and Challeogc to tbe Popt. With hia 
HoUneu'a Antwer thereto. And an Account of the QuaJtm 
Proceedings and eutert&iiunent at Rome. 

4to. LoxiKi.'*, Printtd tht 9lh day of th4 ith Montth ratltd 

jurtt, \mi 1| 

PEBBOT, Jokn, ot Irtland. 

Jem PBKftwr'a Anma to th* Pop«'« /Hgatd .VdnubH Btlptr ; 

or, % Bnil; la ikc TfMt RntituUi, PnMOT <ig«itui tlit ran. 
St^gitoi oj • Scnutt d tba Lord eJtllad Jama ftnun. 
London Print*Af«r Hoturt y.'ilto», u llu Blaek-Spread- 

BaaU. »nd ITifulinil in 3larii»-t4t-0r«ad. BcOMfid*. IMl. I 



ANONYUOUS,— '^onttnuvf. 1669-79. 

^^ An Humblo Kpoloov for Sim-ConformUti ■ with Modort nnd 
8«Tioti« RoflectionE on the l-VieDdly Debate, nod the Con- 
tiDaation tberoof. By a Lover of Truth aad Pea<?.e. 

SniaU 8vo.— /'nVtWJ in iht IVnf. 1669. 101 

— Canows ajid IxsTrrriTiojia Drawn up and Agreed upon By 
the GenenU AsaMahly or Ahttitui of the Uead^ of tha 
Qtubkh 1 From hU Partii of the Kiiisdom, at their New- 
Theatre in Graetehurehnrpft. iu or abaul January 1668-9, 
Qevrtit Fox being their PrCHident. 

Small Bto. l/imdan. Printed, Anno Dom. 1669. 

HoU.— TUdiaimilBl d Ota. Fni'ii '' Frlruds fiiDmililp moil b* Is Uu 


^■^ The Innooact AiMonhliei. and Good Order of tba pMpIo of Ood, 

KM Qaafeml ViKniriTKn, troia th* grOM Aiipaniaiu), 
uniiM* uid Slwi'Ura of lwi> ClManrans JMrlng p&mpkia bi: 
(lie one, «ctllnl«d, r^ Quoin-'t Spiritual Court Praclaimndi 
wrillfl] b; one SathanUl Sinilh, An ApoaUle from Iba Troth 
end riictit way of the Lord.— The other from e DMneleu 
AullioT. Ectitnltd. Thf Quakrri Canncn* Ofwl CotuHlutiimi, 

ftc-. Utag nlu uuithot Work of DarkDou, end with the 
Li^t b jadged. . . 4(o. PriaUJ In Iht Ytar. 1669. 

— An Answer to a 8oditioua Libel, called, A Deolaration 
from the People of God called (Quakers, Ac. wherein is 
dieoovend, that their Meetinge are eeditious C'onven- 
tielM, and that they are not clear from daageross 
PraotiMfi against Church and Realm. 

Ltrndon, Prinuii (mitii aliowanet,) Anno Dom. 1670. 

WaiTEHRAD. OtorgB. o( London. 

-^~- end *. ■■— The I'ojilsh lotarnMr Raprabniided, (or bi« FaU* Ib- 
(onnalion tc»i»i the Qnaken Uoeiintt* - in tl*f>l* to a nwct 
BnviooB, Abniire. Swditioiu, aod Irrational Fampblel, eliled 
An Atimtr U a itdiliout Libel, aa hv nioal falalj terma Ih* 
laU Innoewit Dselanition from the Pmpfo of Oiod. aalled 
Qiutkan. aguiiil all S(>diliuu« GmrcutJolH, tie. [Whiirtia 
tJMr /nnocmry u rUarid, and hrrttn rinilicaud.] 

<to. Prtnltd in ilit IVor. 1670. 

— Wielihiua Wakened, or. The Qnaken Mndri^all in Rim* 
DognU. (By Martin Uewellyn, of Chnst Ohorch, 

4to. Printed m tk* YMrr, 1672. 

^~ Pll's Ultb*, or the Seooxd Piar of the Character of a 
QUAKER with Hefleotiona on a PiUifnl Sheet. Pretended 
to be an Anxwer to the Fonner. (See B. U.) 

Xioamov, Printal, and are to ht told by the Booktetlera of 
IxmJim. or elttvkerr. .... <tO. 1672, 


ANON YirOUS,— coi.(ifli«rf. 1 672-74. 

The SmuT of tlw Qr«RBi» Tried, Accnrdine fo tliitt din- 

^^ oovery it hutb miule of itself in their gresA Prophet, Mid 

^B pAtrinrch Georg« l-'ox, Ac. (See Uemrv lleDWOttru.) 

^H Ij/mjim, I'rimnl for Maurice Atkinn. ■ 4to. 1872. 

' Ad Explanation of the Roman Gatbolick Belief. 

A Seriooa ExiiuHttilntion witli B. E. tux BmiDent Qoakbb, 
AboatliittLiiUtBn-iikiDg, fur uecr Flirty thoujibud pounds. 
A RTHat iMvrt wln-reof was Mokkt* of the QUAKERS 

4to. PrinUdJor J. V. Mt (A* Ytar, 1673. 
la Uii> book U th« lalloviQK <^uS- 

Thm li iw faun tn>>( 
In B Jdiint. Ikn H «■ OU KdoWt, 

f^ lh# Afrfoiu tmrn 

■Till Ami i/^ «*•■ 
•lull a Qutu l>r* a Bnalm. 

.Iitit ToiHt httiT A<> ff*. jaJ fidv, 
Sim lilt tJt%'*l a punmf hyt paf " 

Controvere; Ended : or, Th<! Heuttmce giv«u by (iMrpt For 
hiuiHelf a^nxt liiniKulf luid Party lu tUf. pereona of hn 
Adrunmriee, ratified and aggrnvfitcil by U'. I'rnn (tiuar 
ablest Advocate) even in his llnftiug Buuk of tlio \'iiidu:a- 
ti<m of 0. P., 4c. (See Uesev Hedworth.) 

London, Printtdjar Franeu Smilk. til tlir EU/ihanl and 
CoMle, natr the livi/al K.tfhanije iit Oirrilai : mid at tht 
tame mipt jint ilmp m(Jumt TempU-Har. . 8vo. 1678. 

A Kew W'>ai» Conoeming the Taui- of Si-mrrs, OccaBioned 
by the Reading of Two Papers lately Publiahed : The Ouo 
eidled TV Spirit of thf Hat, kc. Imiaijht Ui l,i^t: The 
other called 'fh* Spirit of Aliixauder the Coppersmith 
Utrlif Brnwrd nou> Jiutlii Ufinikfd. With aoiue SanioD* 
Taotntim Conueming tncni botli. Uy One uhu detin* la 
tjy ait lAiMi]*! 1"*' Md/ait thai ichirh it 'jwd. 

4to. So Printrr'tnamr or fdacf, (.\boiil 1673.) 

'Dm Qnakers Pedigre« : or, a Dialoock b^twcon » Qiukra 
and a Ibsuit, Who at laat become lieconcited, as (holding 
in a Kroat measure) the eame Principles ; wherein ia 
ahowD bow the Mystery of Quakebisme was first Uatcht 
by the JuriTia : By what Artti, and for what Design it 
waa Mt on foot in h'ntiland ; and by what means it hath 
bncn propagated xinov, and im Htill defended. With their 
Contnvanoo for the Carr^-inK it on for the Fnlnre. 

L/miliHi, I'lintfd /i>r lirnjamiH Uarri*,al the Slationm Aruu 
in Suilkitu AUfy, warthr Knifil y.x--haugf. 4t0. 1674. 





ANONVMOUS.— <:o«ii«i,*rf. 1674-7«. 

UOON. Ji»liit, ot Carhouit. in Ltmtiuhir^, »[(« ol BrittoL 

A Joniitical t>Hi^« diaooTPrad : in it pi«M oallad, *■ Th* 

Sioakci'i Podigtrai or ■ DUlogiM bet-irMn a QuAkrr and a 
MDlt, As. Broadride. Ko Prinier'i riarne,}ilaet, or dau. 

— A Qoaliers Sermon : PBKACciitt> at the Bull-and-Mouth 
MsErcta-UoDSK, In St. yfurtinx-l^-Orand, London, Oa 
SuDClfty the 16(A. of Sor. 1674. Taken from his Month 
in Short-hsnd b; an IndifTeroDt Penon. 

•Ito. Printed in (A« Ymr. 1074. 

— Tho Sod and dreadful end of ou<: of tlio Qiulien, Ac. 

(Alout lft75. 

QUAKERS at WntinbilM. 

Tnt Stu EmcT* of Ckokltt Dot*cl«d ; BiHng an Impartial 

Ai.'Oouiil ul III* poor womaD, DOar TrnpU-Btrr, UUI7 tniiplrd 
in iwr DiKliactioa ^> ATut-- oKuy titnri/. — In Panuancn of a 
late Halioioua Pasiplilei and Fallaoioa* Aneonnt, aulitultd, 
TW Soif itad Z>r«j(^ia End v/One 0/ (hf Quakcn, Ac. 

«lo. PrinWd in tft* I'tnr 1675. 

— BtptiiiB, InEuit Bautiflru. and Quakerism brieflv bat im- 
urtiaOT consi<lcrfid, in a Letter to a Priend. with a ehort 
diMOMire from tlic Im|>tety, Atlicitim sud Popery of our 
Ag«. in another Letter. .... I2mo. Itt74. 

The Quaker's Inet Shift fonud out. 

(About 1&74.) 

PBtTN. WillUm. PoDii<bra( Pntiuyfranln. 

Kaksd Trnth i>Miti no ohltt : or, an Awnrnrtn aUbellMaBheM, 

•ntitUd, " Ttra (Jnakvr'a lut Stiilt louoil onl." 

Broadaide. IVli. 

Tbk QrAXBBS Fakkwkl to Kx(>l.&ko, or llM;ir Vojtbes to 
New Jrr*nf. sitniitt; un ihn: Coulinrot of Viri/ima, and bor- 
dering upon .V'lr Hiu/t'inil. To Ihf Thw I'/, Th« Jnd*- 
pettiitMtt Voy^t lo New England. |in vers«.) 

firoad)iide,~/»i»iJ(Mi, Frinud/vr J. O. 1676. 

The MonstTone Eating Quaker. 

The Quaker turned Jew. 

The Quaker and hii) Maid. 

B00KE8. Etlii. at l.4*dMi. BMording dark dIiIm BociMj. 

— — rtjD QoAkon aoqtnUod b«ai Um lonl aapnloia of Uw icao- 
dalooa Lib«Uor. Bang a dHaotloa ot iliM« ■wxd aliiuiT* 
aadacodid {laiapUot*. witltnlBd ; I. Tlia lf<nutn)a> Ealins 
'Qnakvr. t. TIm QnaW limi«d J*w. *. Th* Qiaaltar aBd 
kU Uaid. WUeb an wafttWrf by pUia VTUmea lo wad»- 
otivn tlia Imoraal. etaar lb* Trath and atop dabaiwhaty. Bj 
BUia Booktx. Bmtdaidr. A's fnain't iiaMf »r /r«M, (l>7Sr) 



ANONYMOUS. -f.»n/mu«i. 1676-77. 

The Anti-Quaktrr ; or, n Conip<>n<lionti Av-neer U> b tedion* 

Pamphlet, nntitubd, A T^i■lltiH•.^ of Ontbe, subscribed by m 
Jur}' of 12 Quakert, whoHO mttncs an pretixed to it, 
togclhwr with the Fortoum of that Jury, tne Iting-leoder 
of thftt Tribe, nod Head of that Faction, WHUan P«m, 
KU«digiDg sevemJ roattouB why tlicy (qo cases excepted) 
nfilM to snear, which are refuted, aad the Vanity of 
Ibam demonstrated both by bcripture, Keasou, and Au- 
thority of Ancient, and modern writers. By Hisorcus. a 
Profefloed Adversary of vain Swfanng In oonuuon dift- 
eoiu-Be, and cominuuicAtion. 

Londan, Printfdfnr It. Hiii/nlon. Boaktrller to hit Meat 

Sacred Majesty ; ai ike Anr/el in Amen Corner, ito. 1676. 7 

BIOHABDaOM. lUcbud. ol Ijmdna. 

— — To tb« Axti.Qdaxnii MiioncDi doaotnung Oath*. 

ito. Na yrinlrr't tuani vr pla£«, (167^ t 

A SMendly Conference Between a Ministeb and a 
PuuBRioNEK of liifi. ioclining to Quaiieiiisii, Wherein The 
alffiord Opinions of ttiat Skct are detected, and exposed 
to a jnst Censure. By a Lovur of Truth. 

Lntdon. Printed by T. R.Jor Haliert t'larell, at the Pen- 

eock in St. P/tul'» Vkurck-yard. . . Bro. 1676. 11 

By » UaaOiaMn Vtumt. »•• ICUiRwd'i Uf; line "Tb* Brtilib Primd,' 
f4( 4inn. MM. 

IW ■ Tiiiill«M[oQ dJ " A ^isfiLltT CobSettaoo, •«• laJtat dAM I0TS. 

BLLWOOD. Thonuu, JLitiuinentdt to John Millon, tha Post. 

TuTTn Pim*ii.ix<i, lujil D^WcliaK KltttOK: iir. ah Axuwkr to ■ 

Book, mi<-caU'il, A Frieatlly Cin/erenrt briwrfn a UjatiMr 
and k i'uishioiicr of hid, iaelining to QnAlMrimn, ic. 

SmitU era. Prinleil in Ihe Ye^r 16T0. «•! 

A SuRTKT of ^nnkcnim, »" it i« Htatcd in the Profeaed 
Doctrine and Principles of tiint Tahtt : with a Serious Re- 
flection on the Dreadful Import tla-rcof, to subvert the 
very Being and Iteahty of the Chrutian Religion. By a 
Lover of the Truth. 

London, Printed for Tho. Parkhunt, at thii Bible and 
Three Crtnnis, at tht Loa'or nid <?/ Cheaptide, near 
Herrer-i-Chippel «ma]I Svo. 1677- 5) 

S**>.~Bi<iTT Wmlir •*;« In bli 7nf*M » " Ti" fpMt of Qbitiftnn," 
OUtlUtbwksMnttUDllTlhB uecUuil Auilior of -'Tb* FnUUilne ot 
Um tmipvam.'—*. 4. Koain fuautu. • Bcuub Vniijstnut WuUiot. 

■ The Qnaiter's Opinions. 

PBHN, WUUiua. fouideT o( Pmniylvania. 

A Britt AMfwiK to ■ Fsliiii nod FooliMh Libxll, e*llail. The 

Qiulccr* Optmi^ai, Von tbetr hIcm that Writ it ud B««4 !l. 

4tO. Prtnted in Itr Year IBTS. 3) 

C 3 




ANONYMOUS,— fo»tin.i*<(. 1677.79. 

- — - The FiinilamcntKl Error of the Qnakcrs il«t«otod ; or. tbat 
Meu do not boooino ChriKtinns by following Uio LiKht 
Witliio, without outward leaching, ttc. (About ltt77-) 

SUITII. Slnpheu. ol H'lirplndiin, nsftr (iuililfiird. 

Tlie liiln ol (^mtiirr. which in tlm [.innr ol Mkx. Bultod •boira 

lbs Wotb ol DiukiiMM. BniiiR hd AnitiHT to a Book ; 
IntUnM, Tfc* Fmuli mental Ktr.>ri<f ilir ^unit* iwtttud. 
Bj «u Aiittitrr wbd Imth oouocitlsJ hi8 Nhiqu. Hnrnln i* 
pruv(>d. that nm tnay not bteomf ChrUtiaru bjf foUuitiito Ih./ 
Lifkt ttithin. . • if»- ICTT. 

BeprinWd in bin workn. pat^it S93. 

— The ILtg^l of {gl^ta xaifTtma* & vnoTto, _from Divine /luti- 
tutwn, I'rimitiif I'rarticf, Vnlunliirij ItotuUioiu, and f'o- 
jifMV Ijairt. WfTH A JlMT VlXWCunoN or THAT Sacrkd 

MAnmnAXcc from tho Ouvils of Thomab Ellvood, la his 
Pretended Answer to the Fbibsdlv Conpiesbxck. 

UmAtm, PrinidAjor E. Croft, at ik^ "Hintf Oo\4t*t lAoM 
in tilt Poultiy, i««r a^irut thf Stocla-Mtrktt. 

mmaU 8vo. 1(577. 1R( 
»} Thomis Ci»nH 

ELLWOOD. Thoniu. Amanoaniii lo John WKom, Uici PmI. 

Thn FoitynAtioN ofTYTHRR tthakon : anil the PnuT PrinclpBl 

PiwU (ol Divint iKitilulian. Primlliiif Frarlirx, ValmiU^tji 
Utmaiiinu. iitid Pmitivr iMimi <■□ wliiah llie namelMi 
Anltior nl llin Boak. mIM. Th* Sight of TtUhet Aitert^ owt 
PKKttH.buh Mt bi« pr«l*iii1i>d Riitlil'toTythtis. BtunoTtd, 
In ■ Viifif to the fH Book. By Thomu Bllvmid. 

8io. fVintnl in tht Ytar IB78, SS 
lUprinWd.— Tbr and Motion. 

Lmdefi : Printed and lold bu iJtr onlgtu nf J. Smelt, at 
Ih* BMt, in (Jcoiyr lard, iMmbarit Strttl. Uro. ITSO. IM) 

— QrtsBBs mffr OMi*tt : or a LETTEIt to a Qctnc^ng tfaiklTt 
from a Moderate Gentleman Trepan 'd Inlo one ot their 
itMinrft. in hopes to work him to the Party, Wherein A 
true and Short Account is given of their Foolish and 
RtdionlooB way of Worship. Written tome time since ; 
and to gntide the Importimitiea of 8evonl, and nmovo 
the many and great Errors oecaaioa'd by oft«n Trnn- 
BOriptMUifl, Now Print«d by a corroct copy. Sm/t Mixta 
joiit. 4to. Ijondan, i'riutrd/nr thr Aulkor, 1678. 8 

— The VovcK of tlie LIGBT nnto the Pei^e called Quakers, 
in relation to TYTHE8. 

IjmdoH : Prinlfd/vr JtouM CoUitu, m tin TentpU-ptmagt 
from Kmrj^-artft. . , . . . 8?0. 1678- J 



ANONYMOUS.— WMiMiMirf. 1678-79. 

PETBBSOM. JuaatL. of Ittrtfenl. 

The P«inphipt of tbo Ljir DiBCoverod. (Printi'd Anno 1676) 


■ Brirl Itr|>!v tn i Mnlilioit* Short ipTcivl in and about I/«rt- 
/srd. rfc., Piillcii the Voice ol tbc l^ghl. itp. 

41Dl iVfnbii jfnna Ztom^nf. 16TS. 


A ViKDirATiON of the Prieadly Conference, between a 
UiMsTKR and a Pakii^iiiuner of Ilia, incliuisg unto 
QL' AKKllISM, from the Excoptionii of TaoMAX Ellwooo, 
in hiii pretended Answer to the said Oinjrrrncf. By th« 
samo Author. 

In poiiT Aiuvtn their remalntlh faltluicil, — Job 81, 31. 
Lonilon, Prinfi'd tiu Sum. UoTicmft far H. Ctaml. at the 

Ptar<iek at the Wni mrf «f St.' Paub. . 8vo. 1678. iH 

SuppHll bj Edwud Fovlor, BUbup ul OlBoenUr. 

CtmiSTiAXiTYDO Enthcausm:* or, The Several Kinds* of 
Innpinitignx and Rerelationa Pretended to bv tlie 
QUAKERS.* Tried, and found DeHtnictive to Holy- 
SoupTirRK* and True' Religion* : In Answer to 
THoin*" A'WrccW* Defence thereof; in Iiia tract Misc&Ucd 
Truth Prevailing. &t, 

LoKoox," PrintrA Ay T.f>.* for Hrnrt/* Brmtut* at tht 
Omi at Ihr IT'™! nirf nf St. Pmih.. . . 8vo. 1678. 


IM>,— A nrs liUi pw wu nilolBl tn tbii anrt Is Uw T«r KM. 
buIh >bu lUW uul lilK UD^nr THouia Otonaa. 


The pAPwmt )oiin^r firottur : or. The VH.ENESS of 

QUAKERISM. Detccird : An it hath been Printed and 

Poblished by TheniKelveii. And an Appbnmx of the 

QVAKSRB UnKOTiDd Fftith, which is also gathered out 

of their own Printed Booes. Uy Misoplakes and Pbi- 

LAu-TBEs. (Licensed W. Jane. Surrmb. IB. 1G78.) 

London, Printed fur Kdward Brtirtter, and Sinum MSitr, 

at Ik* Crime in St. Paal't Chureh-ifard, and at thf Slur 

at the WejUnid of St. Paui'i. . . ito. 1679. SSJ 

N«t«.'^ ropy o( llil* buoA ii io (ht nmllrlui L^bptfy, mt OitohL Frtnrii 
Ban Id hl> Api'O'tU la " *n Vrntat Pr»li«iM lo thi Piutu* rt 
OuJMffBfn, fiw p- 71 of Mid twtkj vajv th*t It «v* *ri1t«(i bj Ur. 
WMl^ Id ilu Clicinb of Kncluid." 

WMITKHBAD, GcorgD, ol lj>»dMi. 

Ibe IUai. Qttaker » IUaI I>n)ti>atiiDl. And tbc Spirit ol Popcty 

dirottiy ulruclc hI. Iu Aiiihit to a Moat Mailcioua and Sena- 
lUloiw BcH»k. Kiililulod. Th' rM|)l]it'« >V>uR^<r Brolktr. Bj a 
DU^ivd Anthiir. nndiir llic TitI** W«n/itnn« Mill PkitaUthe* ; 
ball nn tlio scoitnirT proT»d Philoplann, Miialnhei, Ity a 
Sm-mtl «f r.-ftniii. ' O. Wbil«]l»<i. (Witk » Pind-rrlpt lijr 
IbuiAkti KkhxiwiiuN.) Ilu. Frinltd in fjir }Vdr lUTO, 





AS0SYM0U8,— «iN(w«rti. lC79a). 

The QoAKEBS Creed oonceniJriK Uie ilut Cliriot Je«iu, 

tranecribed Mtiaiim out at a TruatiBe entilli^d, Tla Way 
Cast up, lately writlcu hy Georgn Krith, u Qu>Lk«r. with 
Animad versions upon it. 

LoHDOX, Printed for Jonathan fUibinwa, at the Goldfn 

Lyoti in St. Paut'i (JhuTvh-gard. . . 4to. No Ditto. 2 

Bj WlUlHD Ilsmirtb. (?] 

In Um) BocUoiiui Librerj'. at Oxford. 

EEITE, G<or0), of Scolland, kfUmrardi o[ i'mnfylpaiid, th, 

Tfa« Scot C^riil OiriiiMh n> lie L> True ralecl GOD uti TtiW 

•ad Ftrlwt Mim , tontuuini; m AciirCT lo a Inlc famphlet; 
. bannx Uub Title. C^< ^■'*l>"i ^"'^ lanniniRj i||i Jpaa 
C^riit Jiui. it(., Writ by a KumnUu Autttor. Wblob 
Pa»Mf I cioDUiDoUi BiMi; grou Li«v. Hiii wlirnl pamnioni : . 
BaiQd aaiiMolber mat MitUtkm, uooMiuu«il by tlia Author 
hi* IguoMiice Hwl NiBilDeM. B; G-eofsr Keith. 

8vo. Printed in (h* r^r, 1679. 7 

^ WoBK for a CoorER. B«ui;t on Aonwcr to u Liljcl, writttta 
by Tiiomaa Wynne Tlir Cooper, the AJc-Mjui. tbo Quaolc, 
aud tbe Spesiiug Qtiuk(ir. 

tjindou: Printi4iyJ. C./ttrS. C.,at th» Prinetof WaUi'$ 

Armt, KFtr the Uogal kn'Junx'/e. . . 4to. 1679. 41 

V« WtLuiJi Jons. 

— Thfl QuAMR§ fabcal anil eMfinumita »jriun«l POPEBY: 
Recommended to be Rcview'd by Mr. WiHiam Pertn, Mr. 
Robttt Barklay, Otoryjn l-'»r, Grorg* WhUehead, and tbe 
reat of Uie People 4to. No Date. t 

{Brit. Mut. !^fi) 

— A DuUogoe between Father P n imcl WiiUam P n. 

4to. No Date. « 

— The BccTOH of SriroN coninutt«d irith tht San vf Ht. 
fimri. or, A Defmw of Dr. StiUingfleM'a Inniatm, liia 
Diacounos of ICrtoBunanifntion, Idolairt/, aud other Writ- 
ioga ; againM his Int« Srnnon, F.ntiliiltMl, Tbe ^iacHif 
ri Jlnnnturn- By tbo Author of tbe l.'hritliaH Trmper. la 
a I«ner to a Friend. 

Loudon. Prinltd h/ J. />., to he mid hy Itiehard Jattfitay. 

in Qtueiu-Htad- Alley, in Pater- SMler-Iiaw. 4tO. 1680. 10} 

ViM.—9j VbMcM Ateup, ■ lennuitiJiimiM tCiuuUt to Karthmpl iM w. 

— rforts nnd ^irt-braiibs : or A 8PECI11EN of the Dakou 
and IUkuout of PopKnr and Sei-AJUTioN '\VbCTeui is 
fooved £VoiD nndeDiabl* UBtt«r of Fact and Beaton , that 
Stportition from the Cawca of Ekuijued is, in tbe Jndg- 
tneut of Papists, nnd by Hsd Expuricncc, found the most 
CorapendioBE my to introdnr« PonsT. and to Bain« th« 
Crotfitant BeligioD. 410. 1680. 


ANONYMOUS.— «™ftnu^d. 1680. 

fBeprintod.— Thfi 2d<1 Eaition. 
Ijmdon, I*rinlr<i for CoijWmtR Tooke, at the Ship in St. 
I Pitufii Chnreh-<far>t . . 4to. 1881. 

Koto.— jUImmI ta Wr. RlDhitnl Cailfi.irr, WIUUiB J«iUa*,Sa. 
BtprisM Willi a ^ooad Tati. lu (ollom. lia. 

POXES and FuiEiiHAifDji: or, a SpttcnuitK of the Djuioek 
and UjJiMiMti of Pdpkut nnd Kbpjjution. Wherein is 
proved from nndnniiiblo Matter of Fact and Reason, that 
Sepwalion from tbo Church of I'AuilandiB. iu the judg- 
ment of PnpiKtK, ftnd by ead experience, foiiud the moitt 
AOnpendiouK vnty to introduce Popenj, atid to mine th« 
Protwtant lioligion. Signed PniLuiKitKS. To thu Boftdw. 

DuUin, I'riniiJ h\j Jos. ftai/./ar Jot. //mivs, tmd art to 
be fold by Awntham ('hurrhill,at Ihr lilaeJi Sir«nm Putrr- 
twtler-liiyw, nrar Amm Vnrtur, I/mdon. 8vo. 16B2. 16J 

StAaMMIh>AKb)>lili(>pii.l»<hoii>>.uidlIirnH«>dl»TiBaii>llbii Ikfetoid OhDnA at tnlMrf. 

— FOX£S nnd Fbiebbands :— SHKwnto, ttumrx Grand Plot lo 
obtain Toleration for hirr Iti-ligiun, iind lo Rv-fstabhsb 
Popery : by way of Petition, by fair Entri-atiee : by pro-' 
pMinf; of Itlarriagri botffoen Protestant and Itomi^h 
Princvi'. by Separation, Rebellion, Schiemii, Beets, by 
uopooing Setclomentc, and Uuiformi^, and contriving 
tfa« IWlh of King L'hartft the Fir%t. and the KriU that 
followEid to introduce Popory, aud to ruin the Prote^laut 
B«hgion. The Third and Last Part. (Signed Puiliukks.) 
London, I'rinUd Jar Amahain ChurvliiU. at tht ftUek- 

8wmi in Are- Mary- LitFif, tieiir Amt^i-t'onifr. 8vo. 1689. 16 

McM^BsWrt Van ih< B41(«tal iliii vcirLMfi.liiIdiEiiiMhtaihdiMdH, 

SH tnd. •dtuua. fsliliB. UBlj llui Uc. &u)i7 Kiliuii. *u Uu aiubnr, uul 
ftddlD^a^d Ptrt, b* bu fv|iTlntnd Ihp lint. 
BH^HUng ll» QotlBH, Iki AalliDr ■tjii, - t hen litta uodltilT liiriiiiinl. 
Ui*l ■ Hi. OnuT^ JmH llMlmd, llwl (lu; onnWriiaM n— —-•*»■[ oU 
Um KhI at lU Qtnkvn. As," 

BwliaCDt.linl'ui. ■■(n11lli>n,nTpB(!>7.!ln<]«1lllnii. 

The Rwirr of TITHES BcEBserttd: wherein The Proofs 
from Divinu Inslitution, Primitive Prat-ticc, Vohintary 
Doaalion, and Ponitivc Ijawi> ar<! fiirLbor Htrengtbenea 
and YindicHt<-d; Et-peclally from tho ohjf^ctions taken 
oat of Mr. tiflilm't Histoiy of Tithr*. By the Aatbor of 
the Right of Tithes AKHiTtpd, &c. (Tkomjlb Comber.) 
L/nitlon, PriKUtt /or II. Vromf, at ihf Gun at Ike Wttt- 
mil of St. PauVt, and R. Clartl, at tht Ptarock. in St. 
Paul* Vhurrhyard. 8*0. 1680. S8| 




ANONYMOUS.— r<».«««<rf. 1681-85. 

— Five important QUERIES Humbly Propounded To all 
true Lover« of liie Peace aud Safety of the CHURCH and 
STATE. By a Sincere Well-widier to the Old l'roie*tw( 
Rltligioii. IVidJiu i^pU niiiiifuam capit Miatam- — "Often 
chuD^Qc prUHumf: Death at hand. 

London: I'rintrilbij yathanirl Tluiminon, nrxl Dorr U) ike 
tVnw Knii in Frllir-lMn* -Ito. 1681. 

— The NEW OftDERS of Hie UiJKffrr's JnnticoK of the 
Pence. For putting the Laws m Execution agaiiiHt nil 
Sbuimakies. CosvExnuLaa and unUwfnl Me«tmj;H. {Black 
Letter, except the Title paKe.) . . . B.^No Date. 

— Midd. Sa. Ad Oejirral Qnanerial, Snaionrm PacU Pouiiiti 
lie<nf imi. pro. Coni. Midd. apvd Hicbshall, in St. Jolin- 
Htntet, Ice.—" Wliareas at a Sc»siouti held for the County, 
iiiDeor. last." 

t^udoti, Printfil bif Tluniia* Uodykin, near tlif DoZ/iMit* 
Inn, in »>«( Smilhfi^ld, . . . Polio. B. 1682. 

— Devon Be. /!•/ Qtnrral <}uartfrial. Snxion I'aein Dam. llrgit 
tmt. apitJ Cru^r, Kxoq. in tt pro Cooiitat, pried, KfcitnJtt 
dir OotolmB, Anno lifjni Dom, tto*tri Carou fietviuii Dn 
gratia Aw^iir, tee. 

Jjmuitm: T'riMrd by J. (,', tniii Frreman Ci'llina, and are 
to hr told ty T>anrl /trniTII nf lAi* Hlack-Strati and fSiUe 
%rilh'mt Tr»%jAr-liar FoHo B. 1688. 

— Throo Lkttkxs of Tbakks to the l^rottilnnl ^tioaaSn. 
1. From th* Annt'tptittii at Muneter. 2, t'r<m ihr Con- 
firfyatitHu tn New-Eugland. 8. I'nm the Qiuiki-rt m P«U- 

Ltmdon. Prinltd/or Bmj. Tookt. . . . 4to. 1688. 

A Letter to a DiiiaetitAr. (1687 ?) 

v. (T.| (Not K IVioitd.) 

Hkvuikki ii|miii « PAMPHI^RT Stilod. A t.a4t«r b> • ^iaMnbf, 

it.. In a'tr/ihfT Lfttrt to iht Mnr i)l*MDtor. . . 4lo. (1607-J 

— The VAxrrv of all Pretenoes for ToixeBAiiov, wherein The 
IiDtu PU/u for ToUfratittn are fully AunvrtinKl ; and tha 
Poiinlar ArftumcntH drawu from the Praetioe of the 
Unit4>d Sttkrriandi uw Htat«d at large, and ahovn to he 
wvnk, fallAoiouH kbA inHiiSicitmt. 

I.ondon, I'riutrd for Sam. Smith, cl lilt Prinot't Armt, in 
St. I'aul-A C/turek-Yttrd. .... 4to. 1686. 

— A Law of Makvlixo concerning Bklioiok. 

Folio Broadeido. No Dat«. 

3M*.— WHtUa ta Lvtd B*IUM««C'« tta*. H* ••■ ■ P>|4i(. 





ANONYMOUS,— «.«(i«ii«*. 1688-89. 

Tkrr* CoDinddnitiODfi Vrnpnitd In Mr. 'WiUiom Pen, Gmemi- 

jn^ tht VtiUdity and .SVcuri/;/ of hit ,V«r Mn^a Charta for 
ijbrrtl/ qf Contciftuf, hy A Buptivt ; itAjVA nuiif bf itartby th« 
CmMdtralum of nit ilte Qtuikfr*, and of M my-Dissentiug 
foetllTOD aim liiat kaef Votee in thf Ch'tiee of Purliiwuiit- 
Mm. . . . 4to. {S'o Printfr't nuni* or Plact.) 108S. i 

^— ' An Asmtitnby an Anabitptiiit to thu Cbiu €ansibii)Xliint propoatd 
lo Ma. WiLU4M Penx. By a prfti'titlf^d Dim*t, oaDMnitig 
1 nxam emjMtA tat Vlhtit; ef tfsniiiinii. .flUiniviI (<> be jmA- 
UfJbnf (Jtb lOlA day of ScpUmbvr, l6Hf4. 

LukJor, Printt\l and xiM, by .inifrns Siitelf, at tht Tkrtt 
Krgf, in yai/'-llfa'l'Cmirt, ia Grart-CKutchStrttl, ortr 
affoinut thf Conituil. 4lo IMS. S 

Iho QoAker'a Art of Courtship ; or the Yett kuiI Nay 
Academy of Cuinplimei)t». Fcoutiepiece- 

8vo. London, 1687. 

Another edition. (?) 8vo. 1710. 10* 

VHTTEHEAI), UMn;)), of Ortim, in Wf4tmartlani, laal Of Loiuton. 
Uuloth^n, — FuficiicKt pETEriKu. uiii Propbiinu Uaiinniring Sqnv- 

itnhd), Ln n Brief Arcuunt. |lM. of J'An. ItUkt. SU'Irfdt 
leguy to Ihv i^iuikrn fprntcndcd.) 2111U7, of an Ula Bo- 
DiaiKC. (tiled. The t^aaktri Art uf CvarUhip. 

Frintrd, nn/I ni!d tig Andnte StncU, at thr Crvotrd'BitUt, 
in Itolloxiiy-lMiit, in Shorfiiteh. . . V6lia. 11090 ?] | 

- Sonu! Quurics oouocmiug Ijiberty of Cousci^u, directed 
to William Pctin &ud tlrnri/ i'arf. 

4to. .\V> I'rinler't namt, pliwe, or dale. \ 

~ The (Jnakere B«nioii^rnDce to the I'^rliambnt, Ac. Touch- 
ing ihe P'-pi-h Plot, imd Sir KdmuTiJ-Hiiry Ondfrnf't 
Morder. Much of wliich being not unseaBonahle at tbiu 
Joucture ; it is now Iteprinted ; As also to shew, that 
Uie Qnaken were formerly as Zealous against Pofty, ao 
•ay otben ; ootwith^taiidiug tliey have bo much ap- 
pMred to tlio ooDtraty of late. Liceus'd, June lt>. 1G89. 
A\0. l^ndan. Printed 168fl. And tnld at Srreral Book- 

MUrrt 1 

BepriDtcd in " TliA Hurleiiui MisocUouy, toI. 7. p. 608. 

•I to. 1811. 

- A LooKiKs-QunK for the QUAKERS: in Tmo Columnii, 
Ac. — ^Fan.. Asanas. Prier 7'iivj Pnift. Folio, London, ItKiO. 8 

- A Qiiiikcr't Lettor out of l)i« Country to Fneud John ia 

Ill •• The Uarli-iRn Mit.ui.'llBny, Vol. 1, p. 976. Ito. 1806. 




ANONYMOUS,— MMliitBwf. 16fl8-9B. 

The SaocineBB of a Sedneer Bolmkcd or Tlu Prid« mi 

Folly of an Imarant Scribbler Miute Alilniftnl in ftnm« 
RxMAaKH upou a Scurriloua Liiibl wntteo Iiy Jovkpm 
NoTT a Billy CotiCL-iti-d (Juakrr of l-^xoa sgainBt a Book gf 
tho HcY'-rurni Mr. GxaiinK Tilom* in VindicKtiOD #f tbt 
^OTtr'f-n:in. To|{cthor with a Coofutution of soine ErTon 
of the QunKKw, in n BtvoK cnll'd (br ad AnliphrtuU) 
GotpclTrtith* Scriptvr-illif A>*rrud. Written by Johh 
a*!iSAGurP mi Joesro Wott. iV? Sultw liJ/i-a CrrpiiUim. 
Pru/atia tt «aw«wiA« jrrofficto hominutn improbinsinKirum 
Sreta, et{fU$ Bfli^o Hallum H^liyiurierii lUtimurr nl. Horn- 
bcolc Summa Controv. p. 89. Quakeriiiiu is a moer Flavt 
of tlio T)n<il : a emootli Tate to Seduce tbe Simple from 
their Alli^iauoc to Chriu. Dr. Uore's Mj/tUnf oj Oodli- 

KfM. p. Ban. 

UmioH : t'riniedJoT J. SaHAunf at Ike Jttmg'Sun, over 
ofin'iMt the li/tyal KM:hiinife in Com-HU. 4to. 169S. 

ELT3. Edmanii, • C'lantTmui of Iha Cbnjcb ol Englaiid. 

TlwM LKTTEII.S to Ui* Aiilhur of a Book. EDtitolud.tfapLonl't 

D«7 Tinrlicstfd. nr. Thv (Irat Dvof tt^Wo*^ tlui*^'"''"t'»n 
Btnatn. To^cthii with AniitiBdvtnioo* on n Bailing 
Pampblrt, cnlitalnd. ~ Th« SaoeineH o! a Scliti-or E«link«d, 
or. Til* Pnila uid Polly of an ignorant Snrlhblcriuadnmaal- 
tMil. li.v tfSmunb <lt>i. a Sanaut of Jatus Cbrt«t. 
t^ondon, fVinliii jiir T. XorthtuU, m Otvrge-yard, antr 
Lombnrd-tiitel 410. I6Bi. 

— A Lellor to tho Quakers, vis., To Goo. Fox, Geo. While- 
bead. Pra. Caiafield, Stephen Crisp, and tlie roat of your 
Pnaohen. (Siffowt, " Phil. Angltu.") Suppo$t4 h/ F. 
Bvgg or John /Vunyautn. 

Lan^Km, Prinltdjorlkr Author, and aMlcbttold by $tv*r^ 
BoohHUn. Aug. 80, 1S0O Folio. 

^ An Answer to a Book, entituled, " A Brief examiitBtion 
and »tat« of Liberty Spiritual." Ac, by W. Penn. 

4ta. Aboat IfifW. 

— HisToiBB Abngto do la Naisaanoa A du Frogret da 
KorAKKUMB, AvM Cellc de mb Dogmea. 

A Cotognt <Am Pikmu! MAUrur. . Small ISmo. 169S 

" Tb4 Antliar ol thia biitoiy. initcad o! ralatlBg waU.«lU«uU (aoU, 
baa MWF'Ud, without cjthar diwcmm*nl or eboic«. •oth aa 
attniafiaBl nedlf; o( tnitb and laliwlanoj, a* i* Tatlur adapM 
to nelt* laaiiht** Uiaii la adalniaUr taalrainiasL." 
MotMrn't K£tU*i<uiie»l ttitlery. ToL t. f, 87. ncto. Bditioa 1774. 

— UtsToiRK den AxAiupTiiiTe!! ou Relation cnrionm do lenr 
dnctrine, lU^gl^^■■ A Ri-volntiona. Uut (m Allemagne. Uol- 
linde, qn' Angtcterrc, ou il H U*iU de plUBicrs seotea d* 






ANONYMOUS,— wBfmwi. 1695-98. 

Marninnitaa, Eouakres, ft autrfis qui en eont prtrreniu. 
Ii9 toot enrichi de {igarea ou taille douce. 

A Ptirit, ehft Chirlet Clouswr. . . . 12ido. 1696. 7t 

' B(Hne of the Qdaxbrs PriucipIcH aud Doolrlnea, ^afni £ 
#din, Ac. Itepriiited for tlm ^nko or eucb as Imvu not 
M jet aeen tbem, or that havo nut duly veij^li'd and 
consider 'd the Tendeuc;^ (uid DiinKurouB CoasequeDce) of 
Many of tliem. futasti), Sept. 20, I6&2. Supx>oae(l bj 

London: {'rinltil Jor John (firitllm, [tooksfthr, ovrf 
mainrt tkr Off at Janut in UUho^t'jaU-itrtft, and 
Riehard Baidmn in ll'arwiek-laru. . . 4to. T698. H 

WHIT£IIKM>. UMrge, of Orion, in ff atmonland, iMt of LonJon. 

A joil 4!nqiiby into ihr Libvllim Abuse of the Teopio iuUkI 

(joftkon. to bit Bo&ndoloua Fompblot, Ulalr «ttlod. Some o/ 
lAr Qualicri Priiieiplii. IJocrrniu, t,awi. and Ordrrl, iCe. 
•■ Ttitf Ami in SUertt at IV frrfitt. dt., (ml UikI i\dll Wkaol si (lun."— J^hI. M. 
iLimJoii, JVJnf'it ami (pIiJ Ay T. Kvictf, at the Craokrd- 
Bitlti in U«lyv!tU-Lant, SlH>T*diUli. . uuall Stu. 16H. S 

Tbo Snftk« in tbu OnwM Sto. 1696. 89 

Repvinted, — See Cuakleb Leblib. 

- Tlieotofrift Mystics : Two Disconreos connming dirine 
Commonicatioua to Bouls duly disposed, 1697, with, An 
Apology for, aud an Invitation to, the People called 
Qnaltrrii. to rectific eoue errors, which throngh the 
lOMndahi given thuy have fallen into. . . Hto. 1697- 

- The History of Siu aud Buredie, ice. See Couucs Lbslik. 

4to. 1696. 8i 

• The Bhame and HniniliRtion of tho QUAEERS, in a Ite- 
markable J«rf;/"wwl «/ Infatuation, alrcaily begun upon 
mme ef tfnir Obttintite MiniMmi of their Seoood DftfB 
Meeting, Ac. (By Kdward BTEPOEns.) 

Bold ly Ik liruK-n, at ihf Itlaek Siean and Bil-U leUhotU 
TempU Bar. And li. Smith, at llit Avyd unlhaHl 
IJteaim't lim Oatt, ntar ihs FiMi. 4to. (1697 f) 1 

' A Bauoiors ConnxcKcv Iwtwoeti a Stiniitti nnb ]piiria{|tDiur, 
Cont^ryiinij tk/i prafiiee of our Orifmdiix ChuTfk of Eng- 
land, fit oaptixing InfantK by fiovrinq ii'ntfr on ik fir fact* 
or S/irinktiny ihifi ; and in Conjirminij Ikrm o/lmrardi hg 
tht JiUhop : proving all Tlirtt I^iu/ul by i/ood lUofonj and 
Ike Auikorilif of Hol^ Sfripturr.. With a Vindication of 
the IjAWt-uLNKBs of GodfalherB and Godmothers, and of 





ANONYMOUS,— ronrtnN^t/. 1698. 

tlie Sacred Order of BiAops and ibmr being Spiritual 

Jjondr/n : PriHlttl/or f.ijxiUt SiDIIU, "> lA« Gun, Ou \V**t 

(W of Si. t'mil'n Church- ^ard. . . . ito. 1GS8. 14 

— Laving OD of Haudit upon B»])tixed Boliovere, ue Haeb, 
proved an ordimuic« of Chrittt. la Anuwcr to ^tr. 
DanTer'it former Book, Intitulod, A TrtatUf ■>/' htgimj an 
of honiU. Tbo 2nd edition, with a Brief Answer to a lat« 
Book, called, a Trmtisc concerning laying on of bands ; 
vritten \>y a KamelcHs Author. 

London, t'rintfii and «r^ lo be $o!d b^ Brty, HarrU, at 
Ih* Cpfier md of Gracevhurch-»rreet, near Cimittil, 

12mo. 1698. 5 

KaM>— lallilibiink.iiiukrnutlHmM. " K<U ll*a ul SodDiiai." 
■— Ifa( £.!« Dnt (t Qitilltb by (iroriiii Fax, (irorgt Whittktad, 
fiUfikra i.'riiip. aud other the most Antient ft Eminent 
QtuKKKM, l)etween Edward Billing on the one part, and 
sonuiUVif-./rriijinjiilioadedby Jftamncl .Vcnings on the otlier 
Part. En an Awaid relating to the Grovemmcnt of their 
Province, wherein, becauee not moulded to the I'allate of 
the aaid .Simuz-il, the Ligfab, the Trutb, the Justice nnd In- 
fallibiUty of the»e R^rentFriendaareuragnedbyhim, and 
hia Aocomplivex. AUo Several R«niarkK aud Animadver- 
Bious on the same Award, itetting forth the Preniisea. 
Witli some Beflectionn on the BadiJom Oi)positiDn of 
thM« Men a^init tl]eprGM!ntGov«nioar,Rnutbiiirdaring 
AnclatioiiHueMK in thinr proxnmptnoiu amerltiig an Au- 
tboritj lMireov«r tJie Parliameut of Exoi,im>. 

4to. (I'hiUidiiiAio yrinud (7) 1696-9 {?)) 
JEKKIKG8, Sftmaal.ot Sn Jmfy. 

TruUi rwcnm) ft'oia Forserj asd F4]«booil, In ancmr to " Th« 

C»** [inl." 410. 1«M. 4 

^— The 8«T«ral Kinds of lusnirations and Bevelations pre- 
tcndml to li; the (juakeni, Tried, aud found Destraotive to 

?<I]I Saiplan and True Bcligion. In Answer to Thomm 
LoitAm: PrinUd for C. Bromt, «t fht Otin at ihf Wat 

end of St. PauU 6to. 1698. U) 

XM^-m* )■ Bwnlr • <m Ut1> >>«• t> u aU ntk tdnUi ta UM, •■ 
' OtuiaUudl; w KBlba^Min. te, (nil tlio TapM«i CniUKK, 

The DangerouN Im/Miaur4 of QuakurinM, BeprtMauted in s 

IiOlt«r to a Friend, 

Lombn : I'rintrdfor A. Btddtein, near the Orford Amv 

iM \V«T\nck-lM« Folio. 1606 \ 




AN OS YMOU8,—fOBf in iW. 1G99. 

ASUBY, Itlcbnrt). o( Sarfitlk. 

The jfaUj oE ■ Tibdlrt made nianUeit; bring Somf Britf 

Obttr^atiiMu upon a Ltnix. Lktoly Publiubci). nnJ Ahanlwly 
BntittiUd. The Uangermu liajxitlttrr of Quakrriim. ^K\itaf&ti 
til* BnTioiu AbiwDi u{ that Antlior wv l>eteol«d. By 


Lmnubm, Frini-^ aad told by T. Somlf. in WMtf-flart- 
Cmtrt in Oriuioai-tlrtil, and at the Dibit in Leatten- 
Uati-Strtet. 4lo. teW. ll 

A bri«f Aaawor to a PtiniphUit;, entittiled, Tkf Fothf of « 
LihflUr, rfr. By the Author of Tlw Daniifr/niA Im/iostaret 
of QnaJieri/im, Ll a Becood Letter to a Friead. 

8vo. No Priiafr'u tuiiaf, pftn-c, or date, IBM (?) \ 

■'An Answer to a late pamphlet, called, a Sobnr Dinlogoe, 
between a Sootcli Presbyterian, n London ChurcJimon, 

and a Real Quaker 1099. 


Tb* CtiUTcb-UM (tad llw QitAker iliiiloKtune : witL it n'lity to au 

uwww t0 B Late pamphlet, anllt^. A Sober Dialojjie bittcfen a 
SoMefa Ptesbyteruui, a London Oliarohtaut, and a r««J 

London, Priiittd and told by llie IloolutUtrt of London and 

M'A>tinin.lfr. 8vo. 1690. 2 


Dine Few of the (JUAKERB many Horrid Blatphanita, 
Htrttia, and their lUimii^ Trruumahle Prinripl^i, De- 
stnietive to Govk-iismkst. Ih-lhvr'il to ike Mixnbem of 
BmA Houmm. of the L<ini>s aad CnuMimit. Iii thit Month 
of M«reA, 1698-9. (By Frnnois Bu^^g or Edwd. Book- 

tandiM, Prinlr'i hy nkh. Jajirwrnj Jim,, on AdiUt-llill, 
•Urtr Daeton'-Covimont; ami arf. to br mid hif Jona- 

Iktut tioimMm, 

at tht OolAim-lAon in St. I'iml's 

4to. 1699. 8i 

VBITEHEAD. 0««Tge, of Orr«n. in Wnlmartland. tail of Lofdon. 

■^— C(Mt and JsMunn VnnncATsn. and xhv rcoplc rsDeil Qirjiiuinii 
D*fonilM,iliflAtuipliMid ^mliif, agaioirt Invidionn Attumpt* 
and CaliiRinlaii. Bning a Jiiit Rimuinntinn at Twi> Book* 
•CBioat tbe »ftk(l CAopld. Knlltiili>il. lit. A llrirf DUcnvrry, 
Ac-i by IhrM Ner/ntk Print'. 2iiil, Same (nc <>/ tUr Qiuiitn 
•MHy htrrrii BlatjihtmUt, lie., beitiK a SfHixtiitoiiK Li))el. Ac. 
Lofuhn, Prinltd and tDid by T. Sovlt. in Whiu-IIart- 
ConTt in Orttclotit^Stretl, and at the BibU in Lradenhalt 
StrrtI ito. 1699. 

■The .Quaker's, Wedding, a Comedy. . . . Ift99. 

A pAaaLLEL between the Faith luid Dodrine of the Pro- 
tent QcAKKKs, and that of the if^itftj^nduhs in sll ^m 
of the CHl'RCH. And also A rarallel bctww^n Qt<a- 





AN0NYM0U8.-<»>ufnu/J. J7O0. 

krrirm ftnd Popert/. (Quaxkkbii Ilia SRIK of sU EvaoE 
ftud Ukkisu, ftc) 

London : PriitUd and mU by John Sit, ntar Suaicneri- 

IlaU. 4to. 1700. Bi 

— Th« Qdakrbs Prophesie of the Dreadful uid Utter D«- 
etructioD. of all the MinUterB of tlie Gbarob of Eujc* 
land. Ac. 

Lontkm, Printat, Mut art W be loU by J. yutl. near 
StalioiifnIuUl, Folio. 1700. 

BzKJuuu nnoD tha QukKxns: 'WlicretD the |^bin-^niltn 

ue Flftiniy Dealt with. 

Art Ah chh to Tomimt m *—9t. VUIL tUL t». 

Lemdom, Printed far W<dtw Ktttilhy, at tht BUkoja- 
H*tdinSt.Paul'>Chtireh-Yard. . . 4 to. 1700. 

FISLD, John, ol lAmdon. (But Anon.) 

8«BM ObMirrattciDi od tho Bon»rk« ttpon tha Qtwlnn : or, tk* 

Sunt Diinli Kbtv EVtaclod. nod riiltj MuiitoMad : Bnd hi* 
iwor >bilil7 fur liiH Tnigniibin] ^^mib I'mvod tanfoetml- 
Lmdp», Prinud and toU by T. ^otoli, in ITAfM Hart 
Comt. in Graeioiu Strttl 4H). 1700. 

^ The Qnnkers Cre*^ r Contn-ioin^ Twdvo Articles of their 
Antichrietian Doctrine, for tfbiib ming ^nbc ^titgtb l^m. 
Published by Eom« vbo have Joyned with Ur. Qrorgt 
Keith. Ac. 

London, Prinud /or John GieiUim, againtt Crotbt/i^are, 

in Biihuppjate-Urtet. .... 0to. 1700. 1} 

FIBU>. JohB of Ltfutm. (Bat Axos.) 

— ^ His CiuED'P'jMnuii Dxtzcnn. io Bsplt tot pMaptilM.Falat; 

eailoi C^i 4'"^t'* ttitt. ooDUinuie Tnlva AitioU*. Po^ 

Uahad bf Mine, who liftiw not Jojood with Om. £W(A in Ui 

Priit* *ii>l OonmdiiBllMi. bm TMUUifiiart both Un. ud 

lliwii Ibat jojn wlUi Llm tbvtein. 

London, Primed and leld bjf T. SaitU. in WkU* Btrt 

Coarl, in Gmaate Sirett, and at U* £Me in Leaden- 

kMSUM 4to. ITOO. 

— The Uaak taJtan off: or, fnihmsin Snurp'o and Whitp'd. 
Beug A DofcDoo of a small Tract, call'd, The Qnakcn 
Creed, (By way of Rxplt to A Foolish Ioski., call'd, C^( 
(njfc-^oraen BtluIrS.) Together with Tht (Juaktrt 
Creed, ItEFBiNTaD and KsriAJto'D. To which !« added, A 
Poanoam, (by J. S.) concemiug Baptism and the Su/i}»«r. 

PriaUd/or John QtrtiUm, tn Bithoptyatr-ttrttt. 

Small 8vo. 1700. 
•mj. a 



ANONYMOUS,— rt-N/wmwi. 1700-4. 

Ad AcooiTKT of tlia Dootrinc uid Discipline of Mt. liiekard 

Davit, of Uotktrtll. and tJiOso of hiit SavAXATiOH, with the 

Caiwtu oj (Stor^ t'ox, &c. 

4to. tendon, Prinleit in tlu Viar, 1700. 

K~ Kiciuui Dttia. 

' The liutal>ility of the Quakers pretended Infallibility. 

Lotuion . Pot iu. 1 700. 

' A Km <md Say Mmue-Trap : or, The ^nnKcr in ^nrttntas, 
B«ing ji trae, but ooinieal Aijcoiikt of an eminenl Qtutker 
ia Soulhxark, who bttinfi mov'il by the Spirit to Ije with 
ft ^IrrcliKnt'H Miiiil, WULM taldiii ia B<td with her in the 
jorj Hporting Minato, by tho Iktorchnnt himitrif, with A 
pleMiiiit Account of th« onnnm^, xly Trick*, and In- 
trignes th« hght Quaker mndo ii«c of to tempt tho poor 
dan W«ooh to sin. which he pt^orm'd by ^vinjr her 
ten GuinMs to bribe her thereto. The pitrticuliira of 
which being taken from the isjui'd Maid's own Confession 
to her Master. 

AUhnofh r> IM* dnanni, >diI nut. 

With brvvl brfm'd dal. aad Onvtt «Mrt I 

?*l QDV And thia. It tcvnif y« rult oo. 

Anita^jt^ l<4T0 lo ttin Kt Uiitlan. 

To lafvt i^t Uglkt, jt *> iDQcb tan4 «^ 

To b poor Wcooh vilb t«ur» t lUflc g*. 

Mika it ftppaar ^tii unti put out, 

I^mfon, Printed Jor T. M. in Vlftt Strat. 
(In the Bodkian Library at Oxford.) 

- Tlui ProMCut State of QtrAKKitWM in Exnijixn, &C. 

Twenty One Qnestione seriougly proponnded to the People 

called Qaakers. 

PITT, J. (Kot of the Soei<t^.) 

^^~ A Wmr (tn na UnEh&ritabla Cennnrrr: or. A Dotantitical H*. 
ohaaidt'i %luk t.^fsnaxt, init Mnjail ;ntf>nitifln of a Quiuia, 
RinrniD. Id Aiuvct to a Puiiphlot. latiiuW 31 C/iiatiant 
itri^imls fTiiptiwudrd lo Uit F'l'pl' /•■•illnl (jniixr.i. By J. 
PiU. Small Hfo. i'rinud in the Ytitr ITOl. 1 

. RBrLKcnoNa on the Printed Case of Ulilliiin T^am, Esq., in 

a Letter firom some Gentlenien of I'mdimnia, to their 
fViend in Londvn, Together with A True Copy oj ihe 
AddreHfi of the (f(<iiibera of the AAsembly of the thrM 
Lower Coontiesi, to Mr. Pmn, tho lOtb of Oeiobrr 1701. 
laadon, Printed : and .v>ld by tK* RoakteUrrt. 

PrUe JW. 4lo. 1702. 2" 

- The Wolf Stript of Iliu Shepherd's Cloatbin^, ix. 
Sold 4y tkf BonluelUn of l/ondon itud Wfttmiruur. 

4to. 1704. IS 

maCMAtua IJBUK. 

Bepnated.— The 4lh edition . . 4to. 1704. 

8vo, 1701. 1 
8vo. 1701. 8| 




ANONYMOUS.— «mifit«rti. 1704-7. 

' The Cliarwiter of n QiiEkor. 

Un.ln„. i'ni,leil 1701. PuhHiihtd hy S. G. : and sold at 
Ikr Orrcn llraiiaa in Si. Paul'* Church-jfaril : aniiolhtr 
lionktrllrn. ' FollO. 17(M. J 

— The Tnvern Frolick : or, % Comical Dialogne between s 
Drattken Priest, ftniJ » Wot l^ndou Quaker As they mot 
ftt ft Tavero Dear the Royal Fi.cliiitit(e in Comhill. on 
Tnoaday Night lasi. 

London, Priittfii for J. Htand, in Holbani. 8vo. 1704 

A Kiod and OompaMdoiiate Adhomtion to the People called 

QvAKSiut, from mimy Pcntons of the Cimrch of England, 
who trnly dcsiro their [irCE«nt Penee and evcrlSAling Hap- 
jnitAu. Addri;«Hod to th<-m at the Christian Pmlfcoit, 
commonly called WiitTsvxTiDK. a.d. 1705. 

Prinlrti laid iotd bg J, Itmiiiiiiij, in Hartholomrw Clote, 

ntar Wr*t Smlh/irld. . ' . . . 4lo. 170B \ 

WraTISG. J«hi). QnakCT Bibliojjniiiliw. 

Tbfl Aihoomihani .^dmomahcd : or. An Astiwui to certain Cbcbcb- 
mvi) ProtcD'trd. " Kind vid ComiiuiioDate A^maniliun 1*> 
Ibe Fi<i|ile, rftlltid (Jiiikktfiit." DnlivnrM at thiirioiU'Sirtit. 
Uteting-HoiurDoor. Ibu fStli i)t lb» 4l>i Muiitli, 1706. 

iMidim^ PriiMd and lold t^ T. Soatt. in WkUt-Hart- 

. Court, in UraeioUd-Strrtt 410. ITOfi. 

— A Kinif and Companionate ADMoxmaK Roneved to th« 
People caird QcAKKKM, from miuir Persons of the Church 
of ExoLAKD, Viho truly d(Hiir« their prceeat Pmc« and 
everlasting Ituppinea. AddreoHi'd to them at the CAriXwiN 
PtHifwtl, commonly eall'd WmrBitiiTinE, a.d. 1706. 

I'rintrd tmd wid by J. Doimiiig, in liorthiAomeir-Cltae, 
tioip IVat-SmilkfifId, .... 41o. 1706. 

— An AcMToujiT of the Societv for pmpagatmg ihr Oo«pel itt 
Foroif{ii Parts, EBtahlished by the Royal Charter of King 
'William ni. IVilh ihtir PmrrnltH^ and Sirrns, and 
HopoK of M}ntiniial Proftress tmdcr Uic Happy Beign of 
HcrrooKt P.xcHIcnt Majeidy Qhkkn Avkk. ( Front Upiece.) 

Ijindon, Vrinird ty .Intrph Dmminff, lu Itarltudomnr 
Vtott nrar Wnt Smtthprld . . 4to. 1706. 

Aji A-sswer to the Socond Proposition of IM^frt Han-lM/'i 

Apolotiy : Wherein be Uid doim the Fundaueiitul Dob- 

trtne of Qi.'AKKKiTMi. ri:. That of lxmnediat« Rvrolntion. 

London: Printed ly T. If. /or 11, n'Uliin, at Iht Amj('«- 

ileadif, SI. Paift ChnrrhYard. . . Svo. 1707. 






[About 1706.] 

«o. 1707. H 

t ANONYMOUS,— «)«/.nu«i. 
A Diviao Trc«ti«c. 
ELLWOOD. TboniM. of UungtrlHIt. Itmki. 
I ■^—. Tho Glortouii BnghtUMi o( tbc fietstl' C)ni;, &a. 
Ab Essay on Inttpiration. In Two Prirtx. 
London: frinUii Jor John WijHt.attlte lloif in St. Paul's 
. ChMrdt-Yard. 8v<i. 1707. 2»1 
I BepriDted mtix the Author's name. (See Bbhjamw 
I Baili.) 
The QnAliers Sermon on the UNION : Coing the only r 

SsxuOM pMAeh'd and printed, hy th&t Sort of reox>le. on 
Uiat Bahjeet. 

hondim Printed : <md told by Brnj. Jtra'jge, at the Brtwit 
m PaUr-Soiifr-Pmt. Price Ta-iipmet. 8vo. 1707. 1 

Tho Vivary Pikcrim rotuming to J<iru«'m ciicoura^'i]. 
in a Letter to hii Niece, whose PnrcnlB hnd been aoiluocd 
by Quakrn. By a Person of QuiUity. 

London : Pfi'itfd /or Of«Tg« Sau-briitfit; at thti 8 h'tmcer 
dt Lucf* in Littlf llriiain, mid SM In/ J. Baker, at 
the Black Boy in Pttttmaxtgr litnc. 

I2mo. [About 1709.] 4 

•,• lUilarifSM*! thsand "8.H.," anil itui. - niftaoaoA, Janr. SUtk, 

WUliam Pen Tam'd Conptrir : or. tho QUAKEBS PBO- 
I'UECY for the Itcmaining Part of this ycnr 1700. ftud 
the begimjing of the next. With Itcmarks on a Ute 
Fainoua Ooi^uiictioii, between a, Certtun Lady and her 
Ifonkey. As also, a Vialo^e between a CitiKcn's Wife 
is Cifitptidf, and bcr Parrot. J>edicatcd to AnunadAb • 

Jourdan. Author of the Quakers Dry Bottle. 

LiMdon : Printed /or A. h'mmvitoti, in BuJl and MnutJi 

StrM 8vo. ITOtf. 1 

Tho QcAKKitN .\rt of CourtH}ii]i : or, the Yra-atid-Xtttf ^ 
Aeadfiiuy of Ccuti-UMKinrM. ConttuiiinK 8<^vcnd Curioiw 
DixoounMiii, by Way of Dtalogueic, LutUim, and SongH, 
betwooR lirrihrm and Orffn-.ljn-on'J SiKtcnt. A« nbo, 
ouny Bam and Comical Humour«, Tricks, AdreDtui^s 
and Cheats of a C<tniitifi Unity. With several other Mat- 
ters Very Pleacant and Dchghtful. Calculated for the 
Meridian of the Hull and Muulh, and may indifferently 
Bene the /Ir-(Arm of tlie H 'in t^niV/- Order, for Noddifiea- 
tioD iu any Part of U'm-rt'iciKfi- Ijtnd. liy the Anthor i/f 
Teagnelaud iv6t6. (With a h'roniitpiece.) 

Lou'lun, Priiiltd, atid are to te Sold ty most Booll»r4len. 
Price Bound, One Shilling. 12ino. 1710. 




ANONVMOU8,--f.7nnnH*rf. 1710. 

t^t JprilUb ^poUo : or, Curioiut Aniwmmetd* for the In- 

ancious. To" which are Added the moat Matenal Occur- 
iDDMs Foreign aiid Uotudaliok. Vol. III. |nnnib, CD. 
Prom ^ribaji Bei)t»jmb«.T 1st, to gtanbaQ Seplemljer -Itli, 

Londott : Printed for, and Sold ky J. Miti/ii, at tht Print' 
ittg-Prtat againtt WaUr-Ltin* in FlMt-Slreet. 

Folio. 1710. 1 

KoMv— ConMlnlng ■ l)ataj bj H. a, wltb u Amraw iiltDsd &hM Dm.— 

— Amdiadab: or, tlio QvixxK'n VISION. (With a carioua 
Frontispieco.) . . . Sro. In the Year, 1710. 1 

— AmtDMiab : or the Qualcer'e Yision, ^xplainod ajid 
aaavfer'tl Paragraph by Parngiapfa. Knlei'd in the Hall- 
tioak aeeorJiny la Order. [Ciirhut Frrrntupuce.) 

Lmidon : PrintM and told bi/ Edit. iJidinnler, at lie St«r 
if Pye-Conur atar Wf*t-Smitk^dd. . . 8vo. 1710. 1 

— A I)«pty to Aminndab : or, an Answer to the Quaker's 
ViaioD. l^agraph by Paragraph. 

Qvo. Printed in tlte Year, 1710. 1 

— Tlie Tcnoliing Qiinkcrs not Inspired ; or, Dicir Coninion 
Pret«ticee to Lvhpiratiok proved Oroundlemt aod Vain. 
in n DlAliUOUK betweena Mmitter and his Paruhianrr. 
Designed for the Uso of the Common People, cspocially 
of those that are in Danger of being sodaood uy tfacM 
fahw Teaobcn. In which their Prctoticre to tfao being 
BaptixMl with the Uoly Gbo«t and with b'ire arc ex- 
ploded ; fu)d lh<ur Oiuk4.-tio.ib, from several Tests of 
Seriptnrc aguinot Wiitcr-Baptiiim, Answer d. lig a 
Minitlrr a/ Ikr CKurrh of Hxulani>. 

Loi»d(m: Vrinlrd (or U. tlirtnents at iht Ha^-Mtxin in 

St. PauV* Chuirh Y->rJ 8*0. 1710. 

(In Um Bodleian Lit»«r>- at Oxford.) 

— Amkapab's DttaAHATiwii, Delivered at a Qeneral Metiiny 
Uolden upon tlto Fimmt Dai of the t^att PeaxBcoar. 
(Cturiotu frontiipieee of n Quaker Preaching.) 

8vo. In Ike Year 1710. 

— Atariaa. A Sermon held forth in a iiuaker'M MMtiug, 
imnK-dinUilj after Amiuadab'a Vision. With a Prayer 
for routiu); uul tlic i'Uurcii and L'nit^rtili/, and lileHaiug 
Trif/r aud CuUnrd. Price \d. 

8vo. tendon : PrtHleJ it tht Year 1710. 



ANONYMOUS,— COTifmiMJ. 1711-16. 

The Quakers Abhorrence and Detestation of AMINA- 

DAB'8 Vision and Declaration. Given at ft General Meet- 
ing this Pbntxcost. Entered in the Hall Book according 
to Act of Parliament. 

LontUm : Printed ; and Sold by J. Baker at the Blaek- 

Boy in Paternoster-Row 870. 1711. 1 

A Sermon Preaeh'd against Quakerism. Being a DiscouBSX 

of the Beenrrection and AacenBion of the BODY of the 
Holy JeBOB of Naioretk. Preached At WliUe/iacen, January, 
the l8t., 1709-10. 

London : Printed and Sold by H. HUh, in Black-fryari 

near the Water-Side. Price 2d. . 8vo. 1711. 1 

•- — The Fair Qnakers : a Poem. [B; John Binqlt ?] 

London : Printed/or J, Morphea, near Stationers- Hall. 

Folio. 171S. 4 

IfABTIN, Joaifth, ot London. [Anor.] 

Bbiubis on a Poev, intitnled, The Fair Quaken. In a Con- 
ference between Hilary and Theophilut. 
London: Printed by Ph. Guiilim tn Austin Frgars; and 
sold by J. Morphea, near Stationer's Hall. . 8»o. 17U. IJ 

Several Important Tbuths of Bbuoion maintain'd, — Being 

a Reply to R. (Jlaridiie's MKuna iNQumBNnnif, &e. ****** * 

* * it -^ * ^ H 

London : Printed for John Wyat, at the Bote ist St. Paul's 

Chureh-yard . 8vo. 1714. 9. 

Bes Dahiil Fsat. 

A Tbithpet Blown in the North, and sounded in the Ears 

of John Eriekine, call'd by the Men of the World, Duke 
of Mar, By a Minietring Friend of the People call'd 
Quakers. With a Word of Advice and Direction to the 
said John Eriskine, and hia Followers. 

Sold by S. Keimer, at the Cheshire- Coffee house in King'n- 

Arms-Court on Ludyate-hilt. . . . 8vo. 1718. 2^ 

The Church of England the Sole Enconrager ot Free- 

thinking. Or, an Essay, to prove that the Church of 
England baa this Mark of a true Church, that she allows 
and encourages every particular Member in her Com- 
monion, to examine and try her Doctrine and Dixcipline ; 
and to compare them with Scrijiture, and the Pattern of 
the I'rimitire Church ; and that this liberty is not nllow'd 

D 2 



ANONYMOUS,— «N(m«*rf, 1717-22. 

by any other ChureJi^ or iWt* in the World, which set itp 

for lifr liivaU and AJvtrsariii. 

Noltiwikam : I'rinted hy WtUiam Ward, /or J. Knaptcn 
in Si. t'md'k Church-Yard: A. H*ttr*wortli m PaUr- 
lto$tfr Hiue: T. V^mam and J. Uibomt m i^imbard 
StTt€t. [Price 4d.] . . . . Svo. 1717. IJ 

(Qdikm mlaapHMDleil. M W IS. ^) 

The Toty Quaker : or. Aminadab's Nkw Vnno» m tbc FnUM, 

oiieT a Cup of the Creattire. 

London PrinUil : ami told by J. Mor/ilurc nmr Slatumrrt' 
HaU. Price Four Penoo. . . . 8vo. 1717- 

Aminftdftb's Conrtship : or. The Qnaker'e Wodding. A Po«n). 

Price Oue SLiUiag 12mo. Lvuiim, 1717. 2^ 

B«* Buu BocsiTT, In mj PrUmli' OtUloeiu!. VoL I., |>Act IM. 

A IMitratimi of Truth to Bkjmucix IIo.idly, On« of Iho 

Hteb PrioRte of tlio Laod, and of the Dc^roo whom Man 
oaU BiraopB. Tiy a Miniiitniig Friond, who writ to 
71u>. Bradhuri/, a Dealer in many Words. 

IjomUm : PrinUd for K. More, tuar St. Pauls, and mM 
ttt) the Difokfttl^r* of London and IVivtmimler. 6v0. 1717. 

TheEimcttTAiNKK: eontainin^RxiiAiiKiiDpoiilfea, Maanon, 

Ri^ittioD and PoUar, to whidi is Prvfixt, A Dkdicatiok to 
tho UoHt Piimoiut UDivcreity of Oi/ord, Togethur wiUi s 
Taklo of Contcmts, directly pointing ont the principal 
Topioln. Ai»iuiHDt>> DoHcnptioos, Chanctos, te., 
thronghoat tho WboU. 

tandoH : Printed by S, MUl m grfat Carttr-Lane, and 
wU iy the liooiatUera of Londm tmd WtttMintttr. 

12mo. [Aboat 1718.1 

A OftATiD DnpiiTK between the AnabapUsta and Quaker* 
bi^ld IhiA day at Kkiiiuer*- Alley. (Dabtin.) (On 
Simda; Uic 2«Ui of KagaA, 172S.) 


A New BujjiD OD th« Diepnle between The Quakers and 

{DiMtHf) Prinud far (A« Bmtjit of tht Flying 
StatiunfT*. .... (Folio. 1722.J 

uul WUIUni Dow, ioHKb aa. nl Mia*. 

The Qnakor'0 Petition to the H- 
(la vem) . , . . 

of C- 

Folio. No date. 




ANONYMOUS.— «»«(«n"^<i. 


Folio. PMinPrinltd! [ITSO?] 

The CliATftctcr of u Quaker. 

[liri,. Mu.. ''^] 

The Quakers Letter of Thanka. (See Jbbemjah.) 4to. 1722. 1 ( 

^^— The Letter of EnthuMMm. To the Aolhor of the Britiah 
^B Jouroal 1723. 


Of Bovcaloit Itcli^aD, Hid tlia Pfomiiiod Spirit. Boing PuTo'i 
Aiuiwcr to DiogBUM's li«tt«ri>JEitthi»i)tKin. In "Tlin Bcitlih 
Jonmal." Polio. No I^intrr'i Nniw w Flact. HIV.] 

ia Answor to Ui« L«ll«r of EutliiuiMiii. Published in IliS 
BlilisU Juurniil ol A|irvl tbo ISUi, ITSIJ, iu a Lettur to tlio 
Author ol tL» W/rkin Journal. 
Lmidon- Printtd and lotd ^s/ J. Ptele, at Loeke'i Bead in 
PaUmoiUT Raw 6n. ITM. 

■ The Qiialccn 0«ac>:. 

[lirit. Mw4. 



Folio. Dublin: Vr'mied in fJ^ YtarlliS. k 

The Quaker Champion or tho faidLK tnmod Bullt. 

FoUo. Pnntfd in iha IW 1727-8. \ 
[Brit. Mxs. ™^^] 

-^— Th« Qitakkr'k opera. Am H in Pcrform'd li Lb'h nnj 
HAKrxn's Great Tbc.atrical Ttuoth in BartholDmsw-Fair. 
With tke Musick prrjue'tt to *ack Song. (By TbotUOS 

Lonifam : Prinudfor J. W : And Sold hji J. Hobertt in 
K'M'icick-Lant ; A. DodJ, at the Ptactck «ril/unit Tern- 
fU-Jiiir : ami E. Suit and E. Smith at llie Boijal- 
Errlitin;ie. (Price It.) .... 6to. 1728. 31 
{In the Guildhall Library, Loudon.] 

- A LETTF.B to a Qdaxkii In Niihvi>i.k, [iroring tliat SUttr 
^ajtliim i" tbo Ordinance Otir Sunour — Las appointed for 
On* of tho UoanK of Salvation, &a. 

Nonrieh ; PriMed b\j Ilfnry CroM-ffrovf, <fc. 8to. [1780 ?] H 
Sh Pinur tUian^rai^ 

rBCKOVBH, EdoiiiDJ. o( WtlU, in Sarfaik. 
, ~—' The Alwwtv tmlo tiui LvlW nnttem to a Qualm in NmjUJL 

Ltndtm : FriulrJ and Sold bg John Darby in BarlUolomfio 
Clatt. elc.rU ftro. 17S0. 3 

FOnSTEB. Jodob, of DutAam, lut ol Tottrnliam. 

A VnPiciTinH of Ote Donlrins o4 Anpiifiu,— la uuwm- |»— d 

Lfller to n (Jti.'ikiT in Norfolk, A«. . . Rvo. London, Xlii. IS 


-. Oiiota^ "id t<S , Co5«cift(4. UorTfiori pi.i-rtad -joe (ji.Mittttiot^ |7J^ 


ANONYMOUS,— con(M((«^<i. 1730-88. 

A BepLV to tho Answer unto the Letter writteo to & 

Quaker in Norfolk. With an Appenddi. 

London : Printed and Sold by John Darby in Bartholo- 

vtea-Close, <te. 8to. 1780. 4 

Bet Feilu RiDDariBLii. 

Brharks upon a Enx now depending in Paruauent, onti- 

tuled, A Bill to prevent Boits /or Tyth^s, 4c. By a 
Reverend PaEi.AT£. 

Observations on the Animadvgbsioms on a Beverend Pre- 

lates Rehasks upon the Bnj. Now depending in Farlia- 
HKHT Entituled A Bill to prevent Suits for Tythe», Where 
none, nor any Composition Jot the game, have been paid 
tdtliin a Certain Number of Years. 

London : Printed for J. Roberts, near the Oxford Arms 

in Waneiek'La)ie. [Price SLc-Pettce.) . 8vo. 1781. 2 

The Poor Vicar's Plea against the Quasbbs Biu., and/or 

the present Benefit of Itecovering kis Small Tythea by the 
Help of the Ecclesiastical Court ; Addresa'd to kis Hepreten- 
tativet in Parliament. Signed A. B. 

4to. No printer's name, place, or date. i 

Reasons why the Quakers' Affirmation should not paas 

instead of an Oath. FoUo. 

Query, whether Anon, and at to date, dc. 

A Mkthod to shorten Controversy exemplified ; Addresa'd 

to the Quakers at their Generai. Meetino. Non Loyica 
ted Oeometria. 

London : Printed for J. Wilford, at the Tliree Ooldett 
Fiou-cr-de'Lvcft, near St. Paul's. {Price G<l.) 
(In Sion College Library.) Svo. 1782. 2 

Nota.— Thli pumplilst Ig od T*< Ncuntlv gf Wattr BaptUm, 

The Pbinciples of the Leading Quakers Truly Represented 

as Inconsistent with the Fundamental Doctrines of the 

, ^ ' Christian Religion. Or, a Vindication of the Bishop of 

'ir*^ (- .-jt ^ Lichfield and Coventry ixom the Charge of Misrepresenting 

"** them ; in Answer to a late Letter to His Lordship on 

that Occasion, by T. S. and a Pamphlet intitled, A Cloud 

nj Witnes'cs, rfr. By J. B, 

London : Printed for James Roberts, near the Oxford- 

Arms in Wanric'k-Lime 6vo. 1782. 14J 

Baptism with Water and Infant Baptism assorted. 

Edinbunjh, printed 1788? 



ASONYMOUS,— Mwi/j.i.n<. 178S-37. 

BESSE, Jomph. at f^urfon. (bat Amos.j 

^■^ An AKSinit to 1 I>4iiPRi.aT. IaIoI; priutod at Edikhciuiii, iali- 
tulvd, l)aj>tHUi witti Wntiir. onil Ji>/iiiii-/iij>lii>u juMTtcd. 
Lonjan : FrinUit and julrl 61; (iir .Uiigtu «fJ. Strielt, rfe. 

tfro. 1T98. St 

Defencft of Uio paraphtet entitled Baptism with Water, Ac. 

BESSE. Joseph, ot /.uTidoii. 

' A ttEPLT to n Intc Vktvsck of (bfi rnmpblct, iotitalod SaptUm 
'wfib llVjUr and Intiuit HnptiMu A«M>Ttud. lee. 

LanHim: I'ritittJ atutniUt by lite Attignt of J. SeviU. (te. 

8vo. 1T9S. ei 

Vindicatian of a Defence. 

SESSB.Jotepb.ol l-omloH. 

An EiiHiXATio!! of B late TuidicKtion ol ■ Dofeuue 0/ Buirtiiini 

itiih WaMr aud InfLUit-Dnptiiiiii uwrtod. dsc. 

Ijtaitim (intuit itniirint] , . . > . 9vo. 1739- 5 

A Vindication of Bisliop Taylor. (By Tbouas 8h.ibp, Arch- 

deaooo of NorbhomberUnd, Ac.) 

8vo, Printed in the Year, 1788. I 

Tk* True Picture 0/ Qiiakeritm : in a Si'MM-iby Vikw of tbe 
BioapuEMUta. HsBKniKH, and TreaHonable Princii>les of tbo 
QuAkiaii of old. Takoii out of llteir most notod and 
kp^ruv-txl Writors. And hnmbly olfcrcd to tbo CooKidcr- 
atiou of all Fkuuids, who Ate not i;saGtly in the same 
way of Thinking. By a Lover of Truth. 

/xiBrf<>n ; Printtii for J. Holn-rU ntur the Oj/ord-Ariiu in 

lV,,ritick-L,»ie. 8vo. 1786. 4i 

A LETTER to a MEMBER of the Honourable the Hoobb 
OF C»»]iio!is, occHsioued by A Petithin presented from 
thoee Foople called Quakkkh to lliat Uonoitrable Uoitae. 
Skttiso PonTii Tlie fatal < 'umefiirncn Umt woiihl attuud 
both Churfh and StaU, if a further Bi'^iilntiuu of tlia 
^thea paid by tboiii, ulioiild hn miuln. \Vith a Bkotch of 
tlutir D<-Hi!i^nt, Bisc and ProgrcKK to iIiIk TiiiiL'. Hiiinlily 
ofltTvd t<> The Consideration of Both Huiisvs of Pm-liii- 
raont. (J'n4v iid.) 

Jxiwlna : Primtd for T. Vooptr, at th* Ghht in Patur- 
ttMlrr-Ilou' : aiiii «oM bg the Boukselltn of Lrmdon 
■Md Wfttmiiul^r 8vo. 1780. 2 

AttBt Ola jwtikl ITMi Kvcnl pnhUMtioiiB wan Imatd nUUna It Ow 
TrUx nn. for ihi TUlu uf rbliA He mj "Ciu*l<«ii< ot Friend^ 
Btnki," VJ. S, noilni lb" li-»il " licmluri." 

A Lbtteb to the Bight Bevcrond the Lord Bishop of 
London : occiisioned by disputing with a Quaker. 

LuHiion : PrtnltJ for J. lioberlj, war the Oj/ord-Amu, 

I'm nWirirk-UM. . . ,. . 8vo. 1787. I 



ANOKYMOt-B.— cwiiiHHflJ. 1787-88. 

— A LKrrBS to the Atithor of a Late Pampblkt, ontitlnl, A 
Letter to the Itight Iteverend tlie Lord Bisliop of Iiok- 
uoN : Uccaeioned by Dii^putiiig willi a (Juaker. Contitin- 
ing the Aunwers, which the Writer of Uiat Letter Might 
fuul Uoght to have gireu to the Quaker, upon the eovcrul 
Heads in Dispute. 

I^ndou : Printfd Jar J. Rttbtvit, nrnr ihr OT/ont'Antu, 

in Wttnrick-lMtif. {Prie* Onr Shilllni/.) . 8yo. 1787. 3i 

lOjr M(. Burit, i>l T^iUalmft. neu MaUtai, Ema.l 

— Alt Examinatioiiof a Boob, Lately printed by the Qit^kkbs; 
and by them distributed to tlie Members of both liouscH 
of ParUani«ut, Intitnlod, A Brief Acoount of many of the 
ProsecutiouB, tic. — So far as the Clergy of the Uioceee of 
Londoji are conoomed in it. — To whioh is added, ?^c 
Poor Vicar's PIfa mtiinxl the QiuxKUii' ISill, a Paper 
writt«a while Uiat Bill \ttut ilcpttiidiii;; the last year. 

jMtidott : PriaUdJor J, ICobrri* in M'anncK-Lttne. 

8vo. 1787. 8 
BES8S. JoMrpb, ot Ijm/Um. {Amoh.) 

A Tladicalion nt a Book, lutitiil»il, A Briof ocooiuit, *e..— Shew. 

ing 111* Faluct aa'l IniusTicit ot th* Calcitaiiimi kdiI 
Smwrti in a Lal« tloak ootl'd Ax BuMixinuii. £d. The 
Etabioks uid DmHamDiTT of the CLF.RCiY □( lii# Momm 
itt hooioB in ihtii An*ufri ond luflccU'iu : uid the Fau* 
iKMb uid lNC<nniumrai7T of Uic InifUtgeiKift b; Ifaem 
pnbliiibtH). To wbidi uw addiid, JtTNHirkji on the poor Vieat'i 
Vic*. Witli Ltiiliop Bdiuict'* Doncriptian at tlic EccLiaua- 

TtOAI. CciDI.T«. 

Laiutan : iVtBltvl mut lolit hy thr Aaiffnt of J. SmrUt M 
th* Bible, tn Orcrge-gard. Lonilard Strttl. Sto. 1TS7. t>| 

— A DantxcK of tbeExxuiHATioM of a Book otililiilcd, A ItritJ 
Atraunt aj ntinnj of the I 'iitirrutimiii nf the. Piople raltfd 
Qtakkidi, tfe. 8o far «« tlw Clorgy of the DiooMo of 
TiONpoK an.' coiiouni«d in it : In Adbwct to a late Pomphlci 
m)blL»hcd hj the Quakvnt, by way of TuEotcATioH o( that 
Part of their llri^ Accowi. 

LonAfR: PriiUd /or J. llot/fTit, tt Ike Oj/ord Armt, in 

Wamidi Unt, (Price One Shilling.) 8to. 1787. 41 

BESSE. Jm^ijIi. (Amuc.) 

BumMka on • PampUat Utelj pttbluhnd by the Cltcigr cl tli* 

DiaoMO of LoDdoa, vnAa lb* Title ot ■ DansicB si tlie 
KxAmxATiov ot a Book, entitnlod, "A Brict Acaaaat, Ac, — bo 
loT ■* th* laid dptGy ar* ooDcoRHtd in It." 

LoNdMi.- PrimltAtmd tol4ln)HuA—tifiu^J.8<arit-,attlit 

BibU (m (Jnwyr l'»r>f, LirDAard SIrttt. . , 8tu. ITK. S| 

— Hlw CrKK of Deism : or. The MeUiutAnal Bvlicmu l>y 
J£Sl'S CUBltiT Ihb OuJy True Bclision. VrtOi an Ap- 



ANONYMOUS,— <wiifriiwA(, 1787-41. 

pLiciiTioN to PapUta, Quakrrt, Soi-iiiimis, Slid SffptitJa. Oy 

It CoCNTBv OlbBiOWAX. (Eldiba Sutrii.) In Two Vot.utnu. 

London: Prinud /or thf Author: and »old In/ It', ^iin^ 

and R. ilitnby, at the Wut-Kud qJ St. Paul'*. Pne* 

10» 8T0. 1787. 

S« Xuiiu Skrh. 

All Exauiuntion of a Book. Lately printed by the QciucRKa, 
— intituled, A Bri«f Accoaat. ic.^tjo far as the ClerRy of 
tbe Dioccee of Lichcteld and Coventry are couovru<M] 
in it. 

London : Printedfur ■/, Rohtrla, nmr the Oxford Artmi in 
Wanruk Larif. Price One SliiUiDg. . 8vo. 1789. 

BESSE, Jowipb. ot l^don. 

•^^ A TnncMTioit o( a BooV intitnlod, A Brief nocoiint. An., — tn 
■natCM to • Into Exftminatkiii tlicrcnl. ho tar wi tbu ClerKTol 
tfao Dioocis ot I.lflijltid nii4 CncrHCn/ we oooMravd ifl H 
with an Appendix. Iji ILrvi.v to Ibe OtijtoliMU of Two dargr- 
mm or Uio DIooMO called 8t DuviJ't. 
Xi«n(Ian .- Printtd and told bg T. Soult RaulUm laid LiUU 
llinde, at rft< BMf in Gtorgt-j/ard, LmMardSIrttt. 

»™. 1789. 
A DtsReiiatioii on the Liberty of Preaching grnutod to 
Women by the People called Quokeris, Ac. 


BUTTY, 3oba. U.D. of Dublin [but Anoh.) 

>- — A Sroond DinBtstulioa ou the Tibtiijt of Omening OnHil«tt ta 
Vlvavea hj tho People cnUcd Qnnkcni ; in Aiwwor to s lata 
IhMm>nos on tiuil labjvct. Ac. 

DiMitt: PrinUd l^ Inuie Jiitkim, in Utath Sirtel. tCe. 

Svu. 173D. 41 
An EsAiDKATioN of ft Book, Lately printed by the Qcakkkm, 
—entitled, A Brief Account, &a. So far as the Clergy of 
the Dioeeses of Oxivhu, Glocestbh, and Cuks-tkb, oro 
eonoeraed iu tt. 

liondon : I'rintrdjor J. and II. Pemliertan, at the Onldeii 
liuck m)ain*l St, Dunslan'n Church in t'Uct'Slrfrt. 

8«>. 1740. a 

BE8SR, JoMpfa, ot iMiulon. 

A ViMcrMTMN ot a Bonk lirtitutf^I. A BrM •MOOnl, Ao.,— iu 

Aiuwfr lo a UM KxAMiMttiox Uiunnrt, to Ear a« the Oler)[r u( 
Um DioaMUH ol Ot/erd, Glocattr, &uil Ch<»Ur, an cunwraod 
in it. 

Loitdon : PrinUi and u>ld hy T. Smtlt Itaylton and LtUt 
llinde, at ttie IlibU, in Oeorfe-j/ard, Liimbard Slrett. 

nvo. IHQ. SI 
An ExauiinatioD of a Book, Lately pnntod by the Qcakkhs, 
cutitlcd, A Brief Account, &c. — Iu Dbfkice of the Cleifiy 
of tho t^iotnr of Yonx. 

Losdan : I'rxHifi fur John and Paal Knaptou, at thr 

Croirii in Lud-yilf-Strctt 8vo. 1741 tIJ 




ANONYMOUS.— «.it™it«/. 1740-69. 

BKSSR. Jonrjib. ol JUiulon. 

A VinDictiiov at > Book, IblJtalcd. A Briof Aeconnt. ite,,—-bi 

tms""*'! t<i n Imio BxumLnACinu Lbcrcof. io DofODcc of tltc 
Cli'iKy ot lh» I»ow80 ol Ynns. 

London ; PrinW «ni( toW by T. SiiikU.' Ildij/llim und Lvkf 
Uimie,at tht tign 0/ the liibU in Oeorgt-yanl, Lombard 
Stmt 8vo. 1711. U) 

— Tho QcAJiKii tmi Me-nr«i>isT C(tui]Nirod, lu au Ab&tnivt of 
Ueorge Fox'h Jouniul. WiUi aCojiy of liu> Last Will nud 
T«at&nieiit> luid of tbc Bovcruml Mr. titmyi! WliiujitWt 
JoumalB. With llistoricnl NutoK. Iliiinbly r<?i-oiniii«n<Uxl 
to the Penmal of the Qunkora mud MotbodistM. (By Dr. 
Z. Grey.) 

/.ontlon : Printed for J. ilUltm, ofpotitt the Adpuraiti/ 

Ojlice, Chmimj C'cuM. .... 8vo. 1740, G} 

— Ta the Man eailfti iht Craftsman. Signed Amiiiadab. In 
" The Cnftsmati," for August, 1740. p. 888. 8vo. 1740. A 

^ - Pabliek Spiiit illostrated in the Life and Deaigna of the 

BoT. Thomati Bray. (See Tuuuah DnAV.} . Bvo. 1746. S) 

. A Letter to a Person lately join'd with tbo People called 

Quaki-rd. Lj auBRci to a Letter wrotfl by him. 

SmaJl 8vo. Printrtt in tk» Vtur, 1748. 1 
Reprinted. See Jouv Wkklk*. 
Tlio Wolf rtript of hi» Sb&cp"* Clothing. . 8vo. 1750. 

Tbo Hooont Conutty Foiniilu Qiiakor'H SiKcch in the Uoiue 

of L , to Lord li A, on Tbontday, June 7th. 17fi8. 

Ltmdon : I'rinUtl/or II. Carprntfr, in Fleet Slifri. 
Frke SUptitf« 8vo. [1768.] 1| 

— A IiBRER from a Gentleman in London, to hi< Friitad in 
Fonsylrania ; witb a Satire ; coulaiuing Some Chanc- 
teristioal Strokes u[>on the Uauucra and PriiioipUw of Uw 

l^mdott : PrinteA for J. Satti, at itt tilaek .S'uvm, in 

I'atir->loiter-lknt 8to. 1766. \\ 

VttHt^-aaftami br Wh. Hwn. lb> m>d, «l PMl<i<lrl|>Mi. 

— An UmoBicju. liEviEv of the CojcannmaN and Govxati- 
UF.nt of Pensylvaiiia, from its Origin ; so far as rvKard* 
the several Poiuta of Conttovetey. whieb hare, from Timu 
to Time, arisen b«twecD Tltu aeveral Gorcruon of timt 
Pbovixcb, and Tbcir aoveral AamnbliCK. Founded ott 
autbentie Doonmeatu. 

Ijmdott : Printed Jor It. firifithn, in Patrrno*ltr-Iiott. 

BjBtmuma tutnum 8vO. 17G9. 29t 

Muili abUitmn, 

■4 HT^ "m* mm. B*iiv> t> rrf) Btnlmi, iniUMinl utt 
" y »i" ' >V Uv /-^tm t^ Im/amtv Itaa^Mlii FrKUii. 
< iif*M lnlM« br hmt italka IB Uc Otrk •lUual ■ Simk." 



ASOKITUOUS,— «w((Vi«<'rf. 17B2-67. 

A IHrenco of Wfttor-Hnplimn, oeeoKioncd by Remarks on 

UD ndttroHH to tlio People cnllcd Qiiwkern, Ac lu « LotWr 
to » Friend. — Thi« forms purt laid commences at page 75 
of a pajnphl«(t, entitled, — Remarks upon ii Letter to a 
DifiseutiBg Minister, concominf; the expodiency of Stated 
Forms of l*rayer, for I'ublic Worship, liy a DiHsonting 
iliiiieter. — The 2mJ edition. To which is now added. An 
Kxamiuatiou of the Preface to a New Plan of Chiistiau 
PabUo Worehip, called. The Cliristiait Common -Prayer- 
Book, or UuiTcraol Liturgy, lately pnblj^ed: With * 
DcfoniN! of Water -Baptima. 

J^nJan : I'rinteil /or J. Waugh, at ihi: Turk'* Ilrad in 
l^mbiird-Strftt : W. Fennirr, at Ihe An/jel atid UilU in 
I'atfnimtcr Ki/ir ; It. FUrMonil, al ].ivrrpi>nl ; T. Ander- 
ten at Man(hfstfT: anil J, Edihm*, at ShrtVibunj, 

8to. 1702. 85 pagM 

The Qojlxbb uomaek'd : or, Puuk TarrH : Humbly ad<lros8*d 
to the CoDfiideratiou of all Uie t^reemeu of i'cun^lrauia. 
(Signed, Philopatrics.) 

J'hUnthlphia : Printed m the Year qf our Lord. 8vo. 170-1. 1 


Tlie Quakn' ViudinfitAd : or. obdHrrtttionS (lO ■ lAte runplilot, 

eutitnlnl. Tbc t^tukur uniua^'d. or Ptiun Truth. [Slgnod, 
PbilaI«UiL-L) 8to. Frlnltd lu Ikt Ytar. 1761. I 

Behiuei oa the Quaker aniaaik'd i ot Plnla Truth loani to bo 

rinm Fdihood ; Humbly addreu'd i,i ihi CnndiJ. <9tgiwil 
" fniubtLpnUMiK," a£d datcil M arkrt-Strtrt. Mattft IG, 

PuiL,ti'Ki.Miu : I'rintfil and loUl bg John Morrii, oj^retiU 
liw I'Arw Hnptn, in ThirdStrttt. Sw, flTU.) 1 

A LooKDio Quua lot Vnzaimtnutt. or A hrirf Sxamlnatiim 

ofthfiT Sjvjally. iltris, and oihtr (fuatlJIealliHit fitr tlortra- 
nunl. With S^mw Aiitniiidcfrili'HM >.ii Ihr Ijuoktr anmaik'd. 
Uniul'lf aJdreui'd lu tlm couMilumtinu •>! lliu Lmjal Kueii- 


8vo. PuiLAbKi.pnu : Prialtdinlhe I'ror, 17II4. 

A liKTTKn to tlio Author of a Lkttkk to Db. FoauKt. 

Norrrifli : t'rinird by lUdiard Uratniffe, in tht Cnehy 
Law, rfe. 8vo. 1767. 

Sh iuauxi. Mkvtui. of Hvr.ri/*. 

PBIPPS, JoRopb, «t Sentieh. 

Otasnvti'Kiys on a Into Anoiirniniw PnUicatka. intltnlol. & 

IieUvr lo the Autliiir ft a Le'lUi to Da. Fouiir, *e., in Vin- 
diwtiun of BoUtl liHrctn.v, oud the PkuiciFi.BS oi Ui« Piwpla 
called Qiukm. Itj J. riu;i)w. 

IjHKdon ,• PHaIrd and told lig Starf ttiiiJe, at Ha- 9, in 
Gtarff- Vard. iMmliard-Slrtil, iCc., i^, . . 9t9. 1707. 







ANONYMOUS,— «HtriiK«/. 1767-72. 

Tlift Quaker's DTeftm, composed by N- 

Mr. 8 ds, Minister in Iho 8- 


— o. Mill tbc Hot. 
-r S 1 Mcdiog, 

ADAMS. Fit«. 

— - QvutK*. pMBUttn, tai TnanunH. Vpam tbe Da4tna« of Uio 
Hoi; Trlnilr : lDitcrib«d to Uie Krr. Mr. Kimiao. Miiiintur of 
tbc AMOflUta CoDRTOKalioa. in Uiu Cloif.Neatiuile; sjicl tlio 
Bnv. Mr. Iiniiiit. Sliovniitkcr. in 04r««A«<i<t. To wliioti U 
tJdoil, S»cnu tltriolimn upon ■ Bi«gni^iul VvrlatmtBee, 

ndltxl TLe QiiixBii'e Dniuit. compourf Vv Mr. N o, 

and do Kit, Mr. S^ — nii. Minister iu tbe S 1 8— — t 

llMting. XeK<<ulU. Ihj PiTz AiiAu*. 
tondon .- PrtuiM/w C. iliUft. in thf StivA: W. Charm- 
leg. U. flrMmg. K. AhmhraJ, J. Barber, and T. Slack, 
Jn \nwMtJ<,' A. DoniUmn, in £iIiiihiryA; /. Oraham, 
inSuiiilfrtand:A. Alii4tickiimdotJtefBo»k' 
lelUn in 7ovn and Couittrj/. . . . fl<m. [ITCTf] 

H. &. 

— A VladlnUoD of the FaoU in tba Pro Rnqniiw*i Laiur. tad 
Iho MUrtprHfUtalion* is iLo It'jify tborelo ooMidend. 
Addrunod to Ihn Adttiok of Urn Urplt. Al«r), hd Eukixi- 
TWif of tbo ]}Iiignlmil UiiaIuv'h Draam: in which Qii Criti- 
d»mii nr* dvtoctml ; ami his Bviwuuiui; in Fnrooi o[ Human 
Sytttni, to the Diaereclit of the AnlboiTity and Uw of liirinr 
Btvrlatkm, <«po«*d. Mj A. M. Anthor of a Tinv v/ |A« 
XWidty la Ikt Qlati af Divint Hirtlati-n, <fr. 

Nattaillc: Prtiut'l Jnr thr Autluir -. iincf «uM ^ tA< fiooft- 
ttUat in rown and Country 9ro. 17G7. 

The BigliU of Uie Clei^ of IieLuid. 


ABlo»dTCnkaiaoDarampIi]«t. latelr p«bliibod;M)Utl»d. "The 

BighU ot th« CIcTKf of Irobuid." Ao. Oj a Frieud U> Um 

Ciril aDil Ilcligioa* ItigbU of Mankind. 
DiMin : PHnui bg andfirr AUi. JTCWJoA, in Henry Strttt. 

8td. vm. 

BeoKHU fauinUy uSani agninat some pftrtc of Uib Qookera 

Titbe Bill, now d«peiuling' in Puliuinvnt. 

Folio. A'o Printer'* nam* or piae€. 1772. 

' iftHtum in Parro eosira Pitrrnm in STullo, or a 8il Anya 
CtLMttm Rkvikw of a six years nncandid Coaimwny : 
whorvin Hr. Pnim'a arrfximents in Defence of Qdaxkbism, 
in Itis Ob»trv«tiimx, and Tfit Ori'/inal and pnamt $taU of 
3fi»<,agBiDKt Mr. NRWTO«,ofiVonr«>(i.arL-Klicinitolwi(*/(ie- 
livr ; Bjod tbc Poclriiica of tdtoluu \fffuitt/ and Vnir^mU 
IMmplion Eairiv dednc»d from •unu- tif th« Ottttkeri Prin- 
ciples, as laid aovu in liarelai/'t aiid Pliiffa't Writings. 
Addivteod to tbo People caUcd Qi-uKsfi in particolAT. by 





ANONYMOUS,— eo«itwir«<. 1778-98. 

Ono irho* «s« fonnorly » Uembor of tb*t CiDinnAX 

IjtndoH : Sold by tUchardnnti and Vrqukitrt, miJtr thx 

llo^ Kxtlimtge. 8to. 1778, 

Tbi6 QtuKxa; a Comtc Opera. As performed At llu i^ 
Tlt«atr«' Royal iu Drury-Lime. 

/xinJuii : Printril for .Tohn BeU.nftir Exettr-Rxehanife, 

in the Strand. {Price ouo shilling.) . 8vo. 1777. 8 

The Following Queriea are addrcHsed to tlie Peopia called 
QsAXBBs, for their scriooa consideration. — lat. "Ah 
JBighteen Friends of Wlutby Meeting (many of tliem 
ancient and re^jxictable People) liavo beoi lately exeom- 
manicat«d for arming their Bhipg, duriag tke lute HoKtili- 
tles, uitli GuDs/if/- Vefmet only, ice," 4to. Juno 1, 1788. J 

TliQ Kiiintle from the Yearly Mooting in London. Signed 
WnjJAiL TooKK Folio. 1788. 1 

Nnl*.— ThI* fparton Xplntl* U np pawl la tun* bMD ^IrfT"* ^iS ttt- 
ftimiS bj Um titan QusiUU, B. O. IM. 

The Yoirico QtiAXKK ; a CuMsny : aa it is performed at tlte '' 
TiiRATUK BoTAi. in Smock-AIIey, with grout npplaase. 
(By Jonx OIvEKr*,) 

DMin : l'rinlf4 for Maltlitw l>o>/U, Xo. 196, AlAfg- 

Strtet 12mo. 178-1. S| 

A Familiar Enquiry concerning the Fixed Bolo of God's 
Worship, and Men's departing from it, (Qaakers, p, 67.) 
Beprinted. — A New edition. 
LoMilim: PrinUd /iir J, Bnekland, in PaifTwaur-Rom. 

litao. 1781. » 

'To the Society of tho People oalled Qiutkoxa. Siga«it 
Patijiau Folio, ila;/ ISiA, 1798. 1 

SnJinm rum, df Knit Oruun- 

The Oommittee of Meschants, It«NKEi!s, Tiudkss, and 
other I\KAitrTA<iTe of this Metropolis, appointed hj a 
General Meeting on the ICoyal Exchange, to promote 
Public Coutributious for the Defence of the Coimtrv, &e. 

Folio. [About Sid Moiilh 1798.] 1 

KoU.— Ia>riUBC mrait ta jtia iu n fiuLlick <>«t(iMllan tat VOtof. 

TJio Committee of Mvrcliants, Bankers, TraderB, Ac., of 
thiH Mt;tropoli» (inviting Friends to contribate to War- 
like defence. &c.) . Folio. [About 8rd Month, 1798.] f 

CAndid Beflectiona on Some Doctrinal Errura lately 
advouoed at .\ QiuxHua ' Mbktixo. huld in Ludlow. Iu 



ANONYMOUS,— <wn(tMti«t. 1799-1801. 

a Lotter ftddramod to Mas. Darby and others of tlutt sect. 
Bj Ml Auditor (a Priest.) 

LudUiw: PrinUd ami aold by W, Felton, Price Six- 
I'oiice 8ro. [1709.] 

— A New and Seasonablo AcMresa to the OUciptin&riaits of 
\ tbe People called QuakcrH, rc-lulivc to Tithes aud TaicK. 

By Catholicaa. (WilHam Matlli«irs.) . 12mo. 1708. 
2nd Edition. —evo. Priatcd io 1798. 2' 

KuU.— An AJmmIhwm, t» ih» »bw^ Brtolnl dBM tbalud EiUUuUi mtj 
bd fuiud pntUtd to Hm* «aplt* of uut Kdilhni. 

- — Intrllbctual Elbctkicitv, Hovum Or^anum of Vuion, xai 

Qbamd Mystic Secret: namely, that the prraeut state 

of Things is the consequence of au incipient Change in 

Unman Nature itself: a UoTolution that, the more it is 

thwarted and croeaed, the more it's &piht Tibratea, 

kindles and flames, t^o. By a Bation.u. Mystic. 

Smiboa: '^"W at the (tffirr. So. 888, Ojiford Strut, 

oppotite John Strcfl ; htf txr and Ilnr'l, No. 32, Paler- 

amtrr-ltinu : SifirafI, itpimsStr York-lIouM, I'iceitdiilg : 

Yoniiii, Xo. 4, lJrfiil;ii'f-Hlr/rl, J}rHT>j-1jant Theatre ; 

tmd at SI, Goodge-iStrert, TaUsnham Court Itaud. 

Price 4». in Doardt. .... 6vo. [1798.] 

By W. BtlduD. Sa p. SI of U■^ Bwa. 
KoU XCbtviK lt>. 131) nkUnii to QnalariiBi. 

— A \>T.TTV.n to the People called Qiakbbs, on the enormous 

and ridiculous IncousiBteucy of their Conduct in refneing 
to find Snbstitntaa to serve in the Militia, at the aame 
Time that the; volontarily pay the Income Tax imposed 
for the exprMs and avowed Purpose of carrying on tbe 
p««scnt War. To wliiob will bu added, A» Ai>»mmx, 
ContainiuK an £m|iiiry, WhelluT any Peoule can in , 
Action maliz^t the Christian Princijiles which tue Quaken 
profVHH, in tho proticnt iftate of human 8od«t;. 1799? 

^ The Anti-Jaoobin Review, &c., for July, ISOO. Pp. 2M 
and 265. On J. G. Devan'e Itefutation of misre- 
presentations of Friends 8vo. [180O.[ If 

— On Ouakerism ; being a Letter addressed to tbe Bev, Mb. 

Booue; — and to Tmk Bev. Mb. Hukset; — By an Old 

Sailor. 8ro. landon. 1800. 1 

Bm bui; CtxxwM. 

Tho 8qttib ; or, A Word of F^cudly Advice — to Joteph 

PrUiilfy : — WitJi some brief Uemarfcs on the Slatb Tmdk. 
By Uexrkiah fiRQADBsm. 8vo. [About IKOl.] 8} 

PnMithttt aeeorilinif W Act t^ Parliammt. Priv* Ova 


ANOSTM0U8,— «wi(t«Mef. 1(J01-08. 

QuntBH moBt htinihl^ H(ldreBs»»d to SamiieJ Tiiclter. EBqoire, 

in ooDsequoDcv of his Olsor^-aiioua ou Jolm Huieoek'it 
B«asOQH for withdrawing from Sorirtij iriih tkt Quaktr*. 
Bjr A Wuak Cliristian. (Of Carrickft-rKuti.) Written in 
1801, OfBlmibm», Iitolalry, auJ Hi/j^Ki-unj. ISSmo. (IBOI.J 

I TUCKRB, BMauAt, «1 Irttaitd. 

- — K I'T^ *" ov'^'ti " Qnorim nddrtiuad to Sanmel Taek«r." Id 
2 PorU. Part I. Bj lli« Aiitbnr ot tho ■' Obwirratioiiui 
■ddni'dlnl to Jnltll Uiiuc<lDk." 

Bry<ut ; l-rinltd bg Dalterty it Simnu, No. 8, Blsh-ftmel. 

13mQ. 1(K)2. 

k Boply to (wruin Qomim addnwod to Samarl Tnchnr. Pitrl 9. 

lUlfiut .• Prinltd hg Doherty it Siimiu. Na. H, High Strtrl. 

ISmo. 1801. 


- A Hftnd-lriU— priat«il by -I. Bonsor, Snli^bury Square, 

l>cc7iiniDK. — " Lon<lon, (llttli 5 mo.) Moy 1902, — Cir- 
DitiUir, " This Addrcjw procccxlE from aeurious Impressioa, 
io. (proposing to publigh) '■ The Stb Bbilaadpbbii Ssqa- 
ji«." . 4to. 1802. i 

- Stricttibks on the Conduct of the Qnakere as a Society. 

No. 1. to be ooiitiuucd occa&iouall)-. (See John Paysk.) 

1^0. 1602. It 

- The Anviaxit, or. the Moral and Iiiterary Tribunal, i Vols. 

ZiCifrfon : I'riiilfl /or tmtl told hij JatMS WaJlin, .Vu. 46, 

PattTjiMter Fou- 12mo. 1803. OSj 

Vol. 1. Reprinted. The 2iid edition. 

Uk* AnUnir AAA JuHH bmvri it. whu bflvnnnU (ruttliiibDi a n*»fl Utiim 
In Uh tA'oik tm '"I'tuSkttiolj lit l^ntnjiU," it«, 

A Imttkh r<-^pcctfnlly addressed to the Most Reverend oud 

Ri);)il Revbi'frud the AKcmtuiDors amu Bisnora of tlie 

Ciirucii or Rnuijdcd, on Mr. Joseph Laucaiiter'6 Pl&u for 

tho odncation of Uie Lower order in the Community. 

Umiion : f'riHltit/oT John UtockdiUe, I'iecadUly. Prift 

I*. tW. 8to. 1606. 


UABBISOK, Gcorgo. ot WaadMintrA. 

Sonw Bsmarki on a iMtet \a\e\y pabliahcJ luiil .\drlreiiiai1 to tho 

AKlibtMliojii hciil lIlihapD of tbo Cbnii^ tA t^nglmti, nii JcHtajili 
Laiiciulvr'i VitM for tlio nJiicaliiio of the lawur orilor o( IJi* 
CoiBmunil]'. in uhii^ti (^itkijriiiin ia deHKriboil iw ■ (II*|liutiDK 
■milBiirn v( Auli-uliri>liiui H«r««lu and Ulaai^aoiiw*. 
Lmiim: I'rinUd for J. and A. Aiiih,CoTHfua. ftro. ISOC. 

OOWAKD, LiLko. of TaUnham. 

— A Fsi^Dotca tm a Lrtt«r to tti^ .Vrcbbitdiopa tni Bisfaoiw of tho 
dinnh ot En^Und, and on a CbursB ncf-ailv dcliioml bj 
til* AnJiilinuxu) of S<iram, nialivc to JiMvpli LanoBxIcr'a 





ANONYMOUS.— «m(.>i«<Mi. 180B-40. 

PIad tea tbo aducktioD of tb« lower ordon «l the oommiinily. 

Bj 3CCC1.»TC». 

hoiuten: Prinliil naitmld by PhilHyt and Fardon, Gforgl 
j/anl, Lambanl-ilrrfl Svo. 180B. 

— Qnakcnam licfuted. Are The QuA&Ens' Biout in thoir 
Opiniou ou the Baptism of the Spirit ? By ad Emigrant. 

drmrfster: I'rinltd by J. Tunter, OirAW^-i'fwrt. I'rityt 

8Lc-PfWf 8vo. [1810?J II 

— An AKsnxK to a LKimt on TIic Qneation arc thb 
OrASKBs' lltotiT in tlioir Qpinion »n llie nft]>tism of the - 
Spirit 7 (By Mr. B ' * '^ *.) To wliiuli i« ftddcd, A Sbconu 
loTTKB, ID B«ply. By an Emignuit. 

Omtefntfr : PrmuJ fry J. Turnrr, Cncktaiiti'Strtft. Priw 

JVTO«-/'ni« 8vo, [1810?] 81 

— A DuLOODE between a Master and an Apprentice; occa- 
eJoued by Xtdnns nn (fbiicntimi, delivered by Mi. Lan- 
eaater, in wtth, in tito Month of February. 1810. 

IfaSli: Primal /or William Meylrr : and toU by F. and 
C, lUringtim, St. Paul'* Church-Yard, Londun. 

lima. leiO. 1} 

— A Correct etatemcnt of what paeeod at a Conference between 
tlie Kmperor Alexander and a deputation from the Society 
of Quakers ; conBisting of J. WilkinaoD, S. Grillette, ana 
WiUiain Allen, at the time the Northern Monarcha mid 
other great nieii were iu £uf;liind, in the snuunerof ISl'l ; 
which will show to the moral and relif^ionit world, that 
tlicro IB at least one eminently piotia &Iouarc)i in Europe. 
ALm>, a Letter, atddiMaed to J. Wilkinson, and tli« heads 
of the Society of Qnakcnt, on tlio nubjoct of Foro*t«JUtiBi 
and Sabancmg tiie Price of Bread Cora ; pArttcolany 
intCTMtiog ut tlm prcncnt time. By a Lndy, woU known 
ia tlie litwary world. 

Lotidon : Prmud for W. Por**, Xo. 80, PitradUl^, ro^V" 
t^SackviOt Strtft, by C. U. lUyneU, 31, PiefKiiUy. 

8to. 1817. 1) 

— Sena Letters to the Socie^ of Frieude, on the robject of 
Baptism 1887. 

BICHABfiSON, WIUImd, oI North Shield: 

SvmukBMi * PunpUol, anlUoM, Bncti Letter* te Um Bodeljr 

of Frinulu, on tlw inbiect ol Baptidu. By Wiixuv 


Nvrth SkUliU : Prmtrd at lif Port of Tyttr Pilot Oficf : 
amd Mdd by i/unvH it Dartmi, QractelmTcK Strret, ite. 

»n. 1840. It 


&XOSYU0JJ8,— continued. 1849-1869. 

The Pilgrim's ProgreaB from ^dboltism to C^slianii!i. 

London : W. M. Clark, Waricick iMne : J. Cooke, 
Meadoic-Lane, Leeds ; and may he had of all Bonk*eUer». 

Square 16mo. 1849. 7 

NoM.— Thli book. vriUm by u Ei-Uotbdiliat. «in(^iia (s» Cbap. SIT.) (he 
Anthor^i WuiderlnRa unanBflt B«eU,^PrimlClTfl H^thixllKUs QMJikfrt, kc-, 
Uld baa BDme i^lrtotnrcs ajno PBon'n '* Bondj FoimditlDa ShiLan," Ad., . 
■Dd lb# AaUinr thouffh ha t»yfl he has '■ the dc^i^flt rfiupwt for Frlanda mi 
ft rallglDtlB bod^," yel i^peak^ ijf them hi ft ver; diHreapHtful nj. 

An Eeaay for the Times ; or, & Testimony for God and the 

Holy Bible, in opposition to the Philosophy, Infidelity, 

and Spiritualism of modem Times. By a Bible Christian. 

London ; Published by Partridge and Oakey, Paternoster 

Row ; artd may be had at Seeley'i FUet Street, and 

Nisbet d Co. : Bemen Street, (JlicAnrd Barrett, 

Printer, Mark-Lane) . . Small 8to. 1852. 7 

Not*. — AflfttDHt Bobert Banlftj^ Apology ftnd Friends' FrinoLplea ooDosralng 
the SerlptanB, 

Letter upon Quakeriem ; or, Trnth and Error. 

London ; Wertheiia and Macintosh, 24, Patemogter-Row. 
(Printed at the Operative Jeicish Converts' Inxlittition, 
Paleetine Place, Bethnal Greeti.) . 12mo. 1855. 6 

Tbb book wema to tuTe ftrinn out ot Sbfth Oreer^i books. 

Life alone in Christ Jeans ; or, Quakerism analyzed. 

Dublin : Hodges, Smitk & Co., 104, Orafton-Street, Book- 

telUr$ to the University. . . . 8vo. 1861. 14 

Was Justified : an Appeal to Scripture and Common Sense. 

By a Lover of Peace.* 

Londoti : Hamilton, Adam» d Co. ; Paternoster- Bow. 

Birmingham : Hudson and Son, Bull Street. 8vo. 1869. 22j 

* Of EdgtHflboHi uBftf Bltmlnghuu. 


Bemarks on the political conduct of the Quakers. In 

" The Gentleman's Magaiine." . . . 8vo. 1803. 

LETT90M, John CoaHey,— Signed Philantkropai. 

Fnrtlier lemarka on the political conduct of the Qoobers. in 

un-wei to AntifanAticna. In " The Oeotieman'a Magazine." 
From which Bcparate copies were taken. 
NkhoU and Son, Prinltri, Ittd Lion Patiatie, FUet Utreet. 

Large Folio.— No Date. 1 

ASTI-JACOBIN REVIEW (The) and Magazine, &c., &c., &e., 
for July 1800. No. 26. Vol. VI. (p. 254) (ContainiDg a 
Bevicw of Joseph G. Bevan's Refutation, &c. 8vo. 1800 





HARD, JoRioli. Riiq. {Qnct;, if tiio ivol Nunc T) 

iMPOSTDitit EipOKED, Id a (mr Bhol Ronuirk* on tlio Imdisioiiit- 

nan, l^tanoneM, ludctkoc;. TimloDoD. nud Vnl/jwrit? Of 
ewfci fa Pmom, leho tiyl' Thi-titirlrti AxTi-JxRaiini Bt- 
innu. ftr J<i8l»B Hatvip. Kail. 

ConfrrU^f : JVinl^d b]) F. IloiUon ; for J. Dfinhliiu, Cam- 
Mdae I T. Hum. I'almvulrr-rov), I.imiUm; llii:arU, 
Balk ! Bul/iii, BrUlol ; and all olhrr Boo/utiltn. 
Pnet Siipmiee Svo. (1801 or S.J II | 


Ill " Tlin AiiU-Jnccbin Bcviow." — a noUi cnrrMting ftn MUrtlolt 

ul llio KriUtor—" lli-it tjonkcn an not ChrisUiuia." 9ia. 1800] 

ARCH£R, I«aao, Vicnr of MihimhaU, in SniM*. 

WIOTEHKAD, Otctntr, ol Lmi^Um, 

■ Til* fonltnlioni Spottifi Bb-chamkd. — Also an Asmor lo Ibo 

riciir u/ ilitjenhall't CQibUdDRC 

4(0. No PHaUr'tnamr <ir ptaer. [IfiOl-l 

ARCHER, Goorgo, of fi'm Tirrrhitm, XorfoUi. HoBigncdaCortifi- 
eato sgaiiiEt Fricudjs at tlio ond of " Tbo Qtu^ser'a Chal- 
lenge," &o., 1600. 

Km Eiinuui Uxitiuji. 

ARNOLD, Nicbolas, Professor of diTiDity at Fnmtker, was bom 
at /.«ni<imrofiiniJiiil618(the 17tbofUeo«mber). After 
having Hludicd is soveraJ UiiiTcnitiM, he was, in 1H30, 
SMiointwl B«etor of the School of Jablooow. Li 1(144 lie 
nsitcd EhrIukI, in hopea of attondius lootarcH at Oxford 
or Cniuliridgc, but mw (litni'tiointod Uiroug)) th« ili»tiirt>- 
anc«e of tho Civil wur. In 1115^, ho wa« ohottcii IVofcssor 
of Divinity at Fmnfker, in FrUrltmii, and reputably oocu- 
piod this poEt till hix death, which happened in 1680 (tbo 
Ifith of October). Ho is known as the Author of sevcTal 
traota aftainrt the Bocinians particolarty " A Rcfutatioo 
of tho Oateohism of the Bocinians ; " "A Commentary od 
tlie Epistle to the Hebrews ;" and " Lax in Tenelwis," 
priiit«d iu 8vo. at Leipeio in 1C!>8, containing an esplaiM< 
liou of paauHfM of Bcriptuie brought by the Soduiaua in 
support of their sy^em. Aikin md Enfitld'i QtnenA 
lliiv/rufJii/. Vol. I. Ijmilon 1799. 
ISagU. Soar. Diet. Hut. 

Thoologienl Excrvitationn on the " Theses Thcologicio" of 

Robert Barclay.— Qaory. tlw title ? 
BABCLAY. Bobort, tba AfOttgUt. 

— OaximucA QumbH AninadTarsloiin to Kiwiui AsaoLM— 
ButeltaUonMB TbtotoclMiii I>« Qvixxkino. (jOKjiia bivri* 
BcAilMia. AMlwt Bok«rW BMwlnio.— Cftaiit OliriUlao 
AnnaadTOTViHU on Iha ^leolo^nl Bxeteilatteaa e< HJBola* 
AtbbMw (itbo can* biiMdf Doetor ud Ptottmutl DMahr) 
toannring Ooakmnii, muI m iliart nhtBthM tbanot. (Witb 
ft PiMlMtipt hy Uunjii. Fnrlj) 



r LEY, Richard, was boni near iUnn^ Mri^. and bron^bt up in 
the pnblio ecbool there. He wait aftGrwanln Atiiiistcr of 
Blatkraite iu Lanrij.\hirr, where he wan ejuoted by thu Act 
of Voiformity, in the jcar 1662 ; after his TrjiictTncint ho 
became Pantor of ft diKsontijig Gon^egution iu Hull. Bo 
died about tho ycftr 1691. I'alantr'i XoncoHfomiuu' itt- 
mofial. Vol. S, p. 64. 
Hit Baaum nflixtlnc npos Iluilsl Rmilb. Qunr. Uia tUitt 
BOOO, John, <>t llarroyaU, iu Yarkehirt. 
Some obHerratiODH Vpon k Bvraion bearioR tbe nftni* ut Mr. 
Aitlty'i : Prenoht'd iu o|ipo«iti'jii to u Toditnoiiy luid niioi uata 
tlicm. of thnr spirituul trnkcdnnH; wbenin h<< is loitii tonmt 
And p(TT«rt Urn Scriptural : to bo ipurantol thn truili, w it u 
in Jcaiu : ui4 comciiiiL-iitty no Minitlcr nl Chrii^t, &c. Bf k 
loToc ol ttic tmtli, Jolui llo^g. (I'igImc iIbLcJ 2Sch of Utb mo., 
4M. jPrinlAl in lAc r«(ir, 1075. S 
SMITH, DoniBl, M MarOereugh. in IF'Ohhinr. 
-. — (Au Aoconnt ol bin Roini: to llju hiilrpendfnt MiMitiiijt in IluU, 
■md iippciLriDg Niikcd bofoni Uieui ui n Sifpi u( tli« mikediuiu 
oi tiiEU CougrcgatinQ.} Ito. [1073.] 1 

ATHENIAN MEROUBY (Tho). PuWwhod by Jo«h Duictox. 

No. 21, Vol. 7, Tuesday, Juno 7th, IC92, contains, "An 

Answer to a Paper cutituled, Thr Ailienum SociWy Vmn^d : 
Wherein our former charge on the Quaktrt ie raoAn good, 
their ohjeetians antireril, and a fuller aeiuititt pven of the 
Priariplt* and Praetie** of those dtituUd People." 

WTETH, Jowpli, ol lAM'Um. 

Tbo <<(VnianSucit<t.v anTail'il: or, Ihnir lirnnruiiMi uid BdvIouh 

AibtuiBj; ol UiD Qunken d«li)ol«d nud i«i>ivtiuuili»I. (Asom.) 
Aid nmvd a Qcikkh. 
Loniim: Priattd /or Thamat Nortlieoll. in Get/rsej/aril in 

Litmbard-ilrtfi Folio. I6S3. 1 

PBHK, ViUtBBi, Fonndor of PrntitifliMmla. 

rV Ktw AtlieiiiiLilit no Suhlr Ber«UI8 : Hfiny nn Aararr lo tA< 

AthcBian Moroury «/ thr 1th Im'anl, in bfbalf oj the Profle 
eaUei Qooken. (Amoh,) 
Londan .- Priaitd for Thonuu Nortlieolt, in Gtorge-uard, itt 

lAmbari Street Folio, 1089. | 

Bopiiatcd in Fbdh'n Worlui, Vol. 3. page 793. 

■ No. 22, Vol. 7, Saturday, June 1 Itb, 1C93. containg, '• .i 
OottmtiatioH «/ our A»»irfr to ihr Quakers. 

The Sttond Part i>/ the Alb«iii&nH no Noble Bcnaiu : Sting oa 

Jnivrt It tkt Atbitiiau McrDuiy. of the litjh of tin ith JfdiUJ), 
mJW latte. in behalf of the Piofleealled Qoalun. (Axos.) 
hattdoa : Printed (or I'/utiiuu HoitJict'H ui Unrff4-ganl, in 

Lm^Mrd-ttrtet.' Fubu. 1633. ( 

iteprlBka 111 I'ouii'ti W«rlw, Vol. 3. jusn TOT. 


ATHENIAN MEECURY,— continued. 

No. 23, Vol. 7, Tuesday, June I4th, 1692, containB, " A 

Conthi nation," <£c. 

PENK, William. 

— The Third Part of the |trb at^minm nu Jtnblf SOKfatii : Being an' 
AoBwer to the Athenian Mercury of the I4th of the 4tb Month, 
called Junt, in Behalf of the People called (Jnakerx. (Anon.) 
Londnii : Printed for Thomai Northcutt, tn Oeorgf-yard, 

in tuininnl i'lrfff Folio. lB92. | 

Boprinted in Pcnn's Works, Vol. 2, page 803. 

BATHUB3T, Cliarlee, of London. 

and olhcra. Tns Dotino Athehiirh' Imposing QnettioiiB no 

i'roofi'. In Answer lo their Qaestioni, and mott apparent 
UiBTAJCEB, about the Ptoplt commonly talUd Quakers, and their 
I'ro/-t»ion. Thin lieing our 5lh Anairer to their JUt-rcunei of 
the 71k. lllk and 14(h of June last. 

London: Printed fcT Thoinai Northeott,in George-yard, it 
Lombard Street FoUo. 1892, | 

No. 24, Vol. 8, Saturday, Nov. ISth, 1692. Question 1. 

About a Quaker that went throngh Lcsdenliall Street, 
with a cry, — " that God would turn the Hearte of this 
People tliifl day, ic." 

No. 5, Vol. 16, Tuesday. Sepr. 18, 1694. Queetion 7. 

Dispute with a Quaker, on the Principlee of Christianity. 

ATKINSON, John, of Cockermouth, in CumbeTlmid. 

A DiscouuaE of Election, shewing, 

I. The Nature 
II. Tho Proof 

III. The Properties 

IV. The Improvement 

To which ie added, 

A Vindication of this Doctrine of Election, in Answer to a 
Into Pamphlet, Entituled, Almilute I'rrJenihiatiim not 
Srrj/iliinil. With a Letter to a Friend, once in Dangor 
of the Quakers Delusion. By John Atkinson, Minister of 
tlic Gofipol, at Cockermoulh in CitmhfrUmd. 

iaiiiUm : Printed for R, Burrowjh, and J. Baker, at the 
i'liH and Moim in VonihH ; and N. CUff, iti the Pmiltry. 

8vo. 1708. 10 

Koia.— Eub TnuiH in llto nlKiTs hu ■ dinlnct Tltlij pige. 
FEAJtON, Jane, of Cumberland. 

A Reply to John Alkinion't iiretendtd Answeb to Abeolato Pre- 

tlcxtiniitiou iii'l Bcriptiiml. Uy Jake Pkauun. 

/.rriirfun ; J'riiilfil and told In/ J. Soicle, in mUe-IIart-Courl, 

In (Iraciou'-Strefl 8vo. 1709. $| 

of Election. 


ATKINSON, John,— MwfiHuerf. 

FIELD, John, of London. 

- ' Tbutb oommended, and Booommended to All ; bat more particu- 
larly nDto the People tbat Attead npon John Atkimon'i 
Hioistly at Cockermouth, in Cand>erland. With Some Bhut 
Bemarks upon J. A.'b Letter to bia Friend, said to be in Dangtr 
of Deltuion. 

London: Printed and fold bjf J. Soatt, in Whitt-IIart' 

Court, in Qriuioai-ttreet. .... Bvo. 1709. 0) 

ATKINSON, Simon, of Laamhy, in Cumberland. " A very acnto 
man, &nd of a good judgment ; especiaUy nice in his 
Bohool learning. He died in Sept. 1604, upon n cold, 
caught in trarelling from Penrith, where he preached at 
the opening of a lecture, encouraged by Dr. Tlwmtu 
Oibion, oi Hatton Garden, in London," 

Palmer't NonconfonaUW Memorial, Vol. 1., p. 802. 

HEIiLIKQ, Joseph, ot YorkihiTe. 

the Lamb'B Innooena; defended, against Lyos and Slanders. 

In HQBirer to a second reply of a Pripxt. \fbo is called u Ministor 
at Lozonby in Cumberland, called Simon Alkinacm. who bnili 
aliened hix WolSsb nataii; aKaiuut thoue peoplu culled (jiiakom ; 
lauking tbem ap with Papists, Sea. 

4to. No Frininr'i nam or pliice, 1G58. 01 

AUSTEN, Ralph, a Baptist? 

The Strong Man Armed not Cast Out, but Eemored to a 

Strrmger Hold : tIz., From Propanenebs to Hypocmhie. or, 
An Answer to a Book, Entituled, The Slront/ Man Armed 
Cast Out, and his Goods gpoyled ; or, T/ie Poor Mini dlling 
at Jesus's Feet, Cloatlisd, and in his Riglu Mind. Written 
by James Jaekion, formerlya Parish Priest, and afterwards 
a Teacher among the Independents : And now Walking 
with the People called Quakers, as he Tcstlficth of him- 
self. In which Answer is plainly discovered the Igno- 
rance and Darkness, the Pclusioua, and False Apprehen- 
sions of this Jamea Jackson concerning himself, itnd the 
Churches, and Assemblies which he disowns, and Separates 
from. And also the Erroneous Interpretations and 
Applications of the Scriptares, which he mentions in 
his Book. Herein are also Discovered several Charnetera, 
plain Marks of those False Teachers that the Spirit 
speaketh expressly should come into the world in these 
last days. Written for the Vindication of the Truths of 
the Gospel, the Stablishing of those who are in the Trutli, 
Uid the Reducing of those who hive Erred from it : And 
in all for the Exaltation of the Name of our Lord Jef^us 
Christ. By /.'«. Aii'lni. 

IjOtiiliiii, J'riiilM fm- I'fler P/nkir, al Ihr [jy mid .SVfc 

orcr iii/iiiiisl ih'' liiiijal Jil.nh-iii'ji: in Ciniihill. Hvo, 1676. 8 



AUSTEN, 'Rai^h.—eoHthMd. 

JACKSON, JuD«i>, ot S'ntnagham. 

TLo Mu.iint <•( ili« KvlxtUiong HoslMnil-Dinn, nitalDiil Th« Tnu 

Hpir I'Uiul/ i1lwvv*tii>1 Id tlita Briut Ki'ply f" tbv IllfWiibi*- 
nuei, LioB, uid SluiduTH, vt Ha. Antim. Ujr Juqiim JK.kmiu. 

iUi. /VinJot IB Hit irar. IGIS. 



'B. B. Esq. 

An APOLOGIE for the if^nrcf; cf t^nghn!), (ignin«t tbo 

CukXovTa of tho Men of No-CoKMrntucK : or the Dtiko of 
^nthinabani'i Sttoabi. By E. B. EHqoiro. 

/^fXihiR, I'rivifd /or W. Krltilh/, nt (Ac Ilinkops Ilfad in 
Si. Paul t Churrh- Yard. . . . 4U). IfiSff. 

PENN, Williun, (lint Avon,), rmindw ot Pfnniyhania. 

^nimu-jrmiriiu on Ih-r Apiiiogy <A IL« UMnoronM 6i|nJi«, atniuat 

Ibu UuKK fii* Bucukuius'h SvcoDdi. nnSImoJ Ho Covtfimct. 

[ito. No Prinur^ tutnr or plate, I6SS.] 
It«priDt«d in Win. Peno'i Vorlu. ToL 3. pace 7S3. 

B. J. i.e. .Tonx BATCim.rai, «.*., Vioc-Provoist of EUm-ColUyi, 

ChriBiian Qacriee, to Qoaking (Jbristians. 

8T0B?. JuhD, of IFalmattland. 

A Sliort DiKcovEKi of certain Tnttbaof God— whieh an A Rfpfg 

agaiiul two iMrijii, in <in f.j-lilli' .- And, An Atuietr la mrlain 
Ourrit* ttmtaint4 in « hook, laiiiulnl, ChriiHan Qwrir*, to 
Quaklnt ChrUUaKt, rabMrib«>l l<y ono J. B. Alto 4)Biviw 
pmp«tiid«d to b* ADKwarad 1<; tho AalLoiu ol Uia a«a»Bwk, 
or uif otbor. By Jam 8tosi. 

4lo. JVinKd is IJ^ Y«at, ISM. 
B. 6. i. e. BicBABD Blosce. 

■ - QrKmoxtt Propounded to George VHiitAheftd and Ocorgo 
Fox, Ac. Who diHputcd by Tnnic« l^:lLiIUt ouo Ukivkx- 
nru-MAX id Camlruii^. kttg. Hi. 165U. By B. B. 

4to. [icsg.] 

KoU,— T^ QflHtldBi m prf Dtvd fn ad Ism put ol lb* wapUit waatUdt 
■■TtH<)nak«aMHnMl,'Aa. Tha? wn npiUtad la " A Bh> i" lb* 
r)iiil<ii' >ii , itlTi iililllhiiM So TBiHUa Sum. 

WmTEHEAD, Geo. iMi GEO. FOX tbe Tonagor. 

Tnitli DaCtndiiif tli* (jiukm and Uioir Prii)el|<lM ; Mr Ui« Amraw 

oi Traib to fiS Qa«»U(>ns pToponuM lo U. W. ud U. P— 
^ It. B Stc. ICGO. 

BAILY, John, of ytir l^H'jlaHd. One of the Uinistera tliero. 

An Anawkk to George Kcith'n Luuel. {£pisU« I7 Jobn 

Baily, Increase Matbcr and oUMm.) 

Itoiton, (.Vnr Kttt^and) I'rinltd. . Smafl 8vo. I6(M 

8h fiiUm* UizDiu. 




BAJEIt, Jobo WilliftiD. Doctor and frofeasor of Dirinitj- (so 
called) at Jens, ia Oennany, v»a bom &t Surcmbirs ia 
1647- Ho bec&me the first Hector at Ualle iq .S''uv(iy. 
when be di«d in IC&'t. Ue wrote a Compendiom of 
Thoologj^, and otb«r works. 

' DimrtatiO L Contra QuiUicros, ot ^nccipuc contm Biur- 
elsiam. lAbout 1688.] 

EEITB. Ocorsf. of AbH^fn. 

—' kak» aMpoosio ad liaiori DiHertntionam I. CantrA Qutikeioa, 

Amilrrdam, pHnUd, 16S8. 

— Drrma Innac^ata BoTcIftlion o&d tnnriiuTtoit oontioaDi in tbv 
l^na CfauToli ; in tw> TmatiarA ; tlio Pint being oq Amwur 
to Jv. tr. iluj'rr, t)c>Rt"r iiiiJ I'mkiMAi ot Dmuit; no calloJ. nt 
^riM In O/rnumi/, PiiliUslMil tint in Liatlna and now in Kng- 
liati. Ttie Socuud bsLUK an Amwar to Ottirgt Hiekt. 

Svo. Ltnubn, PrinUd in rAe I'tar, IGHI. 14 

Jobaanis Griliebm Bajer, S. Tbeol. D. et Prof. F^'BL. 

- COLLATIO DocTRiN* Qvajckkohuii ot Pucitkstantitk una 
cvm ilannoiiia <HTor\'m QvAKKiuinvM et U&teikujoxohvm 
AuoRvii, AtqTc Ubeorvntionibvs NcuuKtuLriis, in KfiLterium 
IiBcnotnu ET SispYTATioNVH Aciutcuiioitrvm cotutignnta. 

Jmo, Sumiiiitms Toliia Ohriini/u, liibl. — TypU I'aiU 

EhricU, 4to. 1694. SO 

- Synopsia Theologin Qaakcronun. . 4to. Jen. 1701. 

BAKER, Joftciili, Minister m Worr^ttrr, wbere he was i^eoted ta 
A C«[>y of a letter, iriik ttn An»wrr, c.mif^ming a CnnUnt at 
Worrater heltertn a MinUler and a Quaker. (Edward 
Booino) 4tQ. lOKff. 1 

BALDWIN. Jamee, Beotor of Dunuvll and Cm-Iron Itode, io 

The lieaBonablenoBB and Ei^oity of tbe present GBtablish- 
ment of Titue^i. A Lettkr to aQrAAss, in Answer to au 
old Treatise revived, written by Anthony Fiursun, aud 
eutitnled, " Tin Ortat Ciue aj Titha liiilij ttaUd, cUarIt/ 
opentd, and /"ill/ niuiUfit." By James Ilaldwiu, late 
Be«tor of Bunwcll and Carlton Bode, Norfolk. 

.VontwA ; I'rinlfil and said hy W. Chtur : told atm bg 
Mr. ilrijfilh and il. C'lioprr, ia Vatrmimlfr-ra^, /»n. 
rfon ; Mr. MerrU, at Vnmlrridijn ; Mr. (irren, al liury : 
Mr. Hollin'iKortii, al Lt/nn; and Mfun. I'owit ami 
Carr, at YarmoMh 8td. 17&7. 5 

XaW.~nu Uwi na lutiiv ou •<> h*! Id Mcraiial tbtl iemfli PUn* 
lai4l] ihiiM a iH*iL u*«rui«. 


A catalogtje or adverse boors, 

BARKER, MftttliGw, M.A. Rector of St. Lmnard'ii, Eaut-Cluap, 
Ltmdmi. Of Trill. O-li. Camb. A Man of contiidentblu 
leaming. grcAl piety, and aniversfil candour and modera- 
tion. No lover of con trovers iea. bat an hearty promoter 
of practical godliueas, without laying strese on little thinge. 
He was horn at Cranabury in XaTlhamjitonMri: When he 
liad taki^ii hin iepnxa, ha wait to Itanffury, where ho 
taught Hchool; lint wiw forced to remove to T^-omW, on 
thu brenkiiiK out of tlio Civil Wiir in 1*141. There be waa 
oliOBCu Miiii*t«T of St. JamfiM, GorUck-UUl, wlierc hs 
ooiitiuttcd about 5 yearx. From thonoe bo roraovisl to bo 
IcotiirCT at MortlnJu- in Surrrt/, being invited thillior hy 
the citiMDE that wor? there in the summer. But Mr. 
Hobrmigk, of 8t. Ijecmttnli, Eiutrhtap, dying 1650, tbo 
Parifili called liim to be their minister, and be continuod 
eo till 1G»2. when be left them.— Ue died Marek 2S. 1098." 
Work*. — Palmfr't Noncon/urmiiU'i' Menu/rial, Vol, l,/i. 120. 

Quakerism No ChriHtianity, fto. By John Faldo. (Epis. 

BahMrihcxI kv Mattltow Bnrkor, and 20 otlier Divinea.) 

»vo. 1675. 
PEKK, WUUam. Ponadar «( PTimtyltania. 

A JrnltMDU to Ono and Twenty f.rnmiM] ncd BsHMod 

DIVINES {to oaltcd) Bdng an Amiwer to tn Aburiw BfUOt 
•^ait the Qaaktmi, ft«. 4io. 1674. 

BABRT, Jamea. 

Doctrine of Election, Mworlod aod proved, n^^aiiMt Papiats, 

AnninJanH and Quakcra 12mo. 1700 

BUBNTKAT, iobtt, CambfTtanit. anwwartli o( Irrtaiul. 

• and Axe* Btbsttxl. — Tbo Imkucemtt oi tliv CluiHliao Ql-uuru 

onnitctUd; and Tbe l^lh ol tMr IViiKiples and Ihiotrind 
vltaftd Bad doIeedDd. tzem the loud (l>ul falief CluoDvrik 
bwM iniiaaRtiMW, and iruked SlAiiden ot Jama riiirrjr. 
Paliliiiliod tar tli* gnMnJ Saticfution uid Bcoellt ol all. mio 
aiiniily dmiM lo know and mahnm tlie Tralh. 

4ta. PrinuJ rn IV Ytar IWS. 
BcfTuitml En Ua Works, pae* 18T. 

BABTLETT, Oliver 0.— of North-Ameriea. 

- — ' A Vindication of tlie two Oospel Ordlnanoco, Baplinu mmI 
tbe Lord's Supper. 

Averts, Jeromikb. «t Korlh Antriea. 

Oaapel Ooctcina Vindicate^ and trood (n» Ika bIiIi la «lifali 

H it utTf-lral !•> OIiv.!r C. EiailMt'R book, w]Mi li« caU* 
*' A YiiidiDalioB ot lltr l«u (kwiwl ntdiitaiiOM. Baiituiii and 

Uio IimU'd Supwr." 
Nru UtilfvrJ: PriMrJ ly Bft>famintiiiA*f. 

9w. lais. It] 


BATCmXEB, John M.A. Vioe-Provost of Eton CoUege ; of 
Etiumuel CoUege, Cambridge. One of tlio Ejected Mmisters. 

Clirisiian Queries to Quaking ChriBtianB. See J. B. 

Beaidee the above, he wrote the following works, viz, : 

Golden Sands, on Ephet. ii. 7. ded. to PrinceBB Elizabelh in 


A Translation of a DiBcourse of Mons. dn Plemx Monmy's 

irith this title. The Soul'i oien Eeideneejor its oam Immor- 

■ — ■■ The Vii^in's Pattern ; in the exemplary Life and Lamented 
Death of Mm. Susanna Penmck — Sick — Bed Thoughts, 
on PAtl. 1. 28. 

London's New Year's Gift ; to the God of its late DeHver- 

ance, &c., 1669. 

■ Taste of a catechetical and preaching Exercise, for tho 
Instruction of Families, &c. 

BAETEB, James, of Woherhampt<m. A Miller. 

Answer to "A True TeBtimony," &c. By Edward Elwall. 

Contains some misrepresentations of James Naylor. 
Answered by Elwall. 

BATE, James, was the Son of the Bev. Bichard Bate, Vicar of 
Chilham, and Hector of Warekor, in Keitt, who died in 
1786. This Son was bom at Bocton Mnlkerb, in that 
connty, in 1703, and educated at the King's School, Can- 
ttriiury, from whence he removed to Corpun-Chri'ti ColUyf, 
Cantbridi/e, where he took his first degree in 1728, and was 
elected fellow soon after ; bat an offer of a fellowship at 
St. John's being made to liim by the Bisftop of Ely, he 
accepted the latter. In 1727 he took his master's degree, 
and became moderator of the University in 1730. Soon 
after this he attended the Honourable Horatio Walpole, 
AmbaBsador to ParU, as his Chaplain, and on his return 
obtained the Bectory of St. Paul's, Dept/ord. He died 
there in 177S- — NickoU's Li/e of Botcyer. 

Quakero-Melhodism ; or, a Confutation of the First Pbinci- ^^ 

FLE8 of the Quakerx and MetliodUtt. In Answer to a late 
Pamphlet called a Congratulatory Letter to the Bevercnd 
Dr. Trapp, &e. In which tlio Reverend Mr. Bate's Notions, 
Ac., are Examined and Befiited, by T. S — ij, Esq. ; in 
a Iiettcr to the Author, concluding witli an Address to 
the Free - Thin korri. By James Bate, M.A., Itcctor of 



BATE, JfltOOS, — evtitmued. 

St. Paul'ii Dcptford ; mA Formcri; CntfLAtM to his Eied* 

li>Dcy lloratii) IVal-pol'^ Etng. ; hia Mitjcsty'B Ambamador 

Extraordiniu^ and FlonipotcDtiAry at tnc Court of Frft&M. 

Jjond'in: t'rintol /or John Carlfr, at the lUaekaian't 

lltad opitotiu to the llojfol Ejeckatt^e, in Comhtil, 

Friee U Sro. [174a] 


~ Defimou of u CongntulatoTy Lottw to Uu B«t. Dr. Tnpp, ia 

wpiy to Quakcro MtUiodUm fito, 1710. 

- InBdelity Scourged : or, Chtistiuiity Vindicated. L 
Fkom the Hcemdalou* A»peraon» of Mr. Tbohaa Cbcbs, in 
his four UteDiseertationa, viz. 1. OnMdcbwiUk. 8. Ou 
i/nrodaod Emu. 8. On liuUuiw. i. Un tlis Extirpation 
of (be CrttM/im'fM, n. From the BojiIiiBtry of a lat« 
Book called. ChrUtianity tioC Founded un Ari/umml. COD- 
taiiiiiiga fall, clear, and ('tis LopodJ a satufuitory Aaavmr, 
to »om<! of the moat popular ObjecUonB to lUi-tiiUum, 
ntoK ti-iiK-ciiilly tboAe tuat couconi the IJutory of tlic Old 
Totanu-nt : uid ciMlnbliitiitug nnob PriuoiploB aa may onaUe 
oven ha nulcamod lUtailur, to unKwer moMt other Objeo- 
tions of like sort. liii Jauku Batb, M.A., Urcior uii 
IxelHTtr of Si- PaiiU, Drptford. Fonnerly Fellow of Bt. 
Jokn't Cambridge ; and Chaplain to Ur. IVatiiolf, his 
Mi^os^'s AmbasB&dor at Paris. 

Liondtm : Printed hy 11. Kent t»ttd lolit by J. liahertii, M 
the Oa;fonl Ann* t« lyaritick-Lojie. [Pries J^fo thillittyr 

and nx/tf Nw.] Svo, 1716. 

[lirU. J/bj. 4010 b.] 

FINCH. Blekftri. ol I^nAM. 

A Latter to the BcrcKiid Hr. Bato, RmIot al St. Panl. Dtpvhrii 

saoHUMd by hi> Book, inUtlcd. }t\,fideUtfiei»itgii, or Chri— 
Uoninp vhtH^Mti, <fe^ treating of 1. Thv Bod«oa ol the nodw. 
toUaft, S. Til* Aipari^ o( Mr. HaU't WritingR. a. Tbn Fall 
OtUvL 4. Moral olili^on. G. Tbo Cusot JitwiBiid Kun. 
6. The QnalMC* vindiMMvil troiD Hr. 8*t«'8 TimlMat Mid |i>l- 

e> Htin-pn.->«tiUlii>iJB (it thftl r«ojda. Bj Ilia Aulliur of 
•ml liKitirtial JboughU, rU. 

Lc*don: i-rinttA for J. Jintmos, mt tk» <Mim Lim. to 
li^att Strirt, Ik 9va. tlK. 

BELL. tL. <tt LoiutrM. 

^— ' BuuKES on a PtXPOLBT ealiiled, Ii^if<(tJy troaryed er Ckrii- 
lioally rindintfMl, Writt«i hf Juub Batb, ILA., BMtur of St. 
PtmT*. Sttftjprd. Vrbcvem Ibo Oonn of DsUM ii ioqnircd 
isto aad MngnH. uid Ui. CsM'* Tnatuent ol tbo ^iiaJtrrt 
d«lMt«d aad opoMd. 
XtnifMi : iVM«J/«r Jf. CiH«fr, «t lAe QUAe, fa iU<TiHtlfr> 
Aw. *«. Sn>L 1740. 






BATE, Juoet,— mfl/mii«<J. 

liU WorkB beHldm tho nboro urc, 

An Address to Ilia ParialiiODerB on the Bebellion in 1745. 

An Euiia; toTords a Rationale of tlie Docttino of Original 

8tn„ 8to. 175S. 

Boprinfed. — A 2nd editioo. 

BAXTER, Richard, & KouconformiBt Divine, wati bora the 12th 
of 9th Month, ICIR, iit llvitlnri, m ShroyiJiird. In lfi40, 
hewu LDvitiid to bu MiDi»tcr »i KidilrmwifUr, wliicti xitna- 
lion b« accepted. Ho aftcrw»rdK Hottlud m London, 
wher« ho Hoffereid much for hiu nooooBformity. In 1685, 
bo WM tried before Chief Jiutioe JofTerioR, for some pos- 
MMa OOntained in his parBphraw on the Kow T«8tament ; 
tA being found guilty, was sentenced to be impriiioiied 
two yoara ; but after a short confinoment, by tbe media- 
tion of Lord Powis, he obtained liis liberty, and preached 
wtthoDt molestation. Ue died in 11)91, and was boried 
in Chri^ Church, Newnato btroet, Loudou, 

The Worcoater-fthiro Petition to tlie ParUament for the 
Mini&lrj- of Eufchuid defended, by a Minister of Christ in 
that County; iu annwer to XTI Quuriux, printed tn ft 
Book, called, " A Brief Discovery of the tlin-i'fold Entato 
of Antichrist:" whercunto ia added, XVIi Cotuitor- 
(jneries. and an hmnbk Monition to Parliament, Peoplo, 
aod Ministers. [Amonvuuub.] 

LoHtlon. Printed Jar Tho. VndfThill at llw- lflv« Anchnr 
M Paul't Chtirrh Vanl: and VrancU Tynn* itt tlif 
Three Dittjiien in FUtt Street. . . 4to. ItiSS. d 

ALDAM. Tbomu.. 
(ilCUOLSOS, Btmji). 
UkWSOM, TtuwuM. 

A BtM Dl8eoT«i7 of a, lliivotold R*tnte «I AsUclulrt sew mtonfc 

In the Wuiid.— AIhu Ctrtiiiu (^mrius Bpon a FeUttoB IUt(r 
UMented to tho Puliutociit (ruoi diren uenU«men and otbaa 
m WvreriUnhiTf. fse. 

Ltmdtm : Prinifii for GlUt Calvcrl, Itlaek Sjrread Sa^, Mt 
Ihi Wat nut <>/ Fanh. Ala. 14SS. 

inCBOLSOK, BsaiumiD, of rielr/II. 

T^un'* DaruDK mukst Ltia, la a tiriaf Abbwot Io a Book, 

iatitaled tta Wareatfnhirf I'clilion dofnidsd; Milforlli byono 
(eJfuliuid'j blind Bnidot) wIuj cjiUb hiuLiulf a Uiuu(«r ti Cbrbt, 
|t4 pbad* idtogotlier, UUt tlie Fri-in. Ahbou. lliihapt, aoit 
Cktpffn I.fmJn wbieb thr Papl/ti act toKb to miiiaUin llwir 
UouiroM Wi^nbip. taa ot Divine ricbt tad intlilntioa. and 
WBTO gjvra M till' iiiiunWniiiK <it Mm Cluireh of HtftlanJ, wliiob 
lie nllaa Ibn CLiiri;h of diitet. *od eowplalaa ol the tio of 




BAXTER, Rich«ra.— owiiMiir/J. 

Sftcnlcdjw, ait^gl tbooc vho Iibto, or >h«ll Uka ugr of tbi 
■foTMsid Lsuda or Tithoi, (tuMii thf Clersy, wblofa luewaa tfat 

tto. No Prinl'r'i Ditiw irrploef. [16GS?] 1 

VOX, QMTga, Fonnder ol the Society of FriendB. 

Tiui Grmt HisTBlit ol Iho Un^nt Wbora nntolded. te., (at pa^ 

333). . Folk). IG&O. 

- Tlie QUAKER'S Catechism, or, the QrutBiw <jnc«tioiiGd. 
tlieir Qtieationa answered, siid both pabliiihed, for the sake 
of tboBe of them Uint linve not yet einn^ unto Deatb ; 
and of Uioxc ungrounded Novices tliat nre mat in danger 
of thctr Bcdnetiou. Ity Richard Baxter. 

LotidMi : PrinUd by A. At. far Th'imia VmierhiU at ffcr 
Anelior anil lUhlf in I'aiih t'lmrrtiiiiird, /i»it Franeit 
T!/U»t at Ihr Tbrte Dai)")"" i" h'lrtl Sirttt. 4tO. IMO. 7 

Bqtrintod, (same imprint] .... -tto. 1655. 7 

KOM.— IB tkU •Utlra Uh> IMMr K U onllUdln the wenl " OiTKOua." KBi 

E^winted. ". ""TT Ho. IB57. 

KAYLKIt, JfkBiOt, ol At^mUti, bom- WakfJtfU. 

An Anntor to n Book calloil, Tht Qiuittr't CdiArAim, fnit oat bj 

Bicnuw BiSTm, vhnrvin th« SUniWm it Sotnlipd, bis 
<}n«tiMW AiuiNMd, Bad bu Diwit discmrercd, abcrrby tbo 
nmplo bAR been doerivnl ; and tbc r<>pciy provod io bin owu 
boaom, wliicb ka woiild cant npoo the daaiim. Pnblwbod lot 
Ui« tal« (it all who dniTft lA tenia out aI dAvfan, to tbe 
Foundation ol tbo tms Prophsta and ApnMI**, litutv ChrUt 
J«<tD* ia Uiu L](tkt and Cumar SUitw i nhvrv UihI u building a 
Babitaiiuii <■! ILiithUonauau nod e\'(4liuitit4[ Penw: wban 
tbe diildicn ol LiKbt Jo rMl. Alio conao Queriot lor tha 
diaooTctiag tbo hJw Gnxuidi ol tbc litcnl Priot-bood ol tlisaa 
(bja, ia tliolart tiinei o( Antiobriit. // yoa tnm (Ac Trvih, 
llu Tnilh *AalJ mate fov/fte. Jamm Noilor. 

ita. l^aniton. Printed in Iht IVor, 1IIS5. ii4 

BaptfitM 4Iol (Sam ittpriM.) 1666. 7 

FOX, Oaorsc. 

Ho Grrat HUtory o( tbo Otnat Wbora naloUcd, A«. Folio. 1669. 

- As Answer Ui the QoiiWii Qnorioa . . 4to. 1855. 1 

• One Sheet agxinst Hne QnxkoiH. "By Richard Baxter. 

Jjmdim, PiiHlfil t-y Iloit-rl ff-'htlf, for ynil Surmomi, 

BookuUer. in A'rtfcr«u'»M/<w, Ahho Dom. 1667. Sn. 1667. I 

BUBBOrail, Edward, ol Undfrbarrmr, ia O'tttmorttanJ. 

^^ Ifanr Strcmg (Uaaona ca nt oandad. wtileb wonU hinda amy 
ru>»nnalto Uan (loui Mnn Alj^ikKa; And Ognteft lakni 
tmtoflA* Way. I)«l Mniaalaiir Fonra and XwBtr Atfo- 
mmU OvKiunivd muI Conlulcd ; r«t [ojlb, uid mui into 


BAXTEB, Richard,— cow (iHi«J. 

tbe World b; Richard Baxter, a Professed MinJHtOT; bnt a 
fregnent Contender againat the Wajes of God. And tbis Is 
aD AnBB-er to a Sheot of his, crjed np and down the BtreetB in 
London, as some oicellent piece; but is proved to be fuU of 
Lyea, Slanders, and false Beprooches against an iunooent 
People. Ac. 
Lundtm : Prinled for Tkomai Simnunu, at th* Bull and 

Mouth, neer Aidengate 4to. 1667. 9 

Reprinted in bis Works, page 310. 
STOKER. William. 

Answer to Baiter's Sheet against the Qaakera. (In Mannsoript) 

8to. 187B. 1 

One Sheet for the Ministry, Af^inet the Molignants of 

all Borts. By liichanl Ba.vlrr. 

Loniloii, Printed by Robert White, for .Wet/ Simmons, 

Bookieller in Kedennimter, Avno Dom. 1667. 8vo. 1657. 1 

A Second Sheet for the Ministry : Justifying our Calling 

Against Quakers, Seekers, and Papists, Etnd all that deny 
OB to be the Miniatera of Clirist. By Riduird Btixter. 
Londfm, Printed by li. White, for Nevil Simmons Book- 

teller in Kedermimtcr 8vo. 1657. 1 

WHITEHEAD, George, of Orton. in Weitmoreland, last of London. 

A Brief Tbeatibg, on the Truth's behalf in discovery of FaU* 

boods which ore dispersed abroad in two papers of Richard 
Baxler'i who is ({reatly eeteemed of as an able Minister at 
KedarmimttT in WortateTihiTe, bnt his ignorance and deceit 
is here made appear in his two papers, the one intituled. One 
Sheet for tbt Minxttry, the other A Second Shtet for the 
ilittiitry, &c. 

London, Printed far Thomas Simmom, at the Bull and 
Mouth near Aldertgate Street. . . 4to. 1668. 8 

FOX, George, 

Tbs Great Mister; of the Qreat Whore unfolded, Sco. (page 62). 

Folio. 1669. 

A Winding Sheet for Popery. Bi/ Bichabd Baxteb, 


London, Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Sininioni, 

BookselUr in Kedemdmter, Anno Dom. 8vo. 1657. 1 

Note.— Qiukon mtotimied In this Tnel. 

and JoHH TouBEs. TanE Old Light exalted above Pre- 
tended New XiiflHT : or A Treatise of Jesus Chbist, Ab 
He is the Light which enlightens every one that comes 
into the World. Against the sense both of the Quaker, 
Arminian, and o^er Assertors of Universal Grace ; 
whose Light is proved to be Darkness. Delivered in Nine 
Sermons. By Jons Toiibeb, B.D. Ajid Oommcnded to 
pablick View by Mr. Richard Baxter. 

London, Printed, dc 4to. 1660. 12 


In tb'' Bodleian Library at Oxford. 




BAXTER, Bichaid,— eon((>i«*(i. 

FlSHElt, B*iaatl,<itKitrthampUni. 

The Iriam or Cnsin Wmii:>, proveil to be enHGoient lo iMd 

unto OcD, in Muwcr to a Book put forth by John Tombet Kod 
Rtekard BaiUr, In whtefa tbcT e° about lo provu tliu Lulit 
vithinuuilffldaittnlciuItnGoa; by nuniij fiilllblt arginarnU.b) 
ptn*rtiHfi <^ Scripllin; mut tlirir ouii rfiui-n^nff). 

Londwn, Frintrkfor Thonuui KinuHom, i£c, , . ito. IC80, 8 

Baprliila<l In hii Woilu, |iitKe ())• 

' Tbo Jtiutiefi't A t,'!*" to tlui Jiabhut : or, Tho Counfry eonMting 

Oic I.i'Bii'*r«(fy kud CUrgy. In Amwei to JoAn Oipoi, CO., 
Tlumat Damon, it .A., John Tmnbti, B.D.,Ka^ RUhard Baxur. 

4to. London. PrinUd, 1660. 103 
Bcprintod In hU Workv, pngn 37. 

-— The Tmo Catbolick, aiid Catholick Church DoBcribod. 

Aud th« Vauitj- of Dig Papists, and &1I other fichismatiokSi 

that coufine the (JatbuUck Church to their Sect, discovered 

and shiuned. By IHrhard BiLrier, a Member of (hat 

one Universal Cliuroh, which contaiueth all the trao 

ChristiaiiB iu tlie World. "With an ApoloKotical Postscript 

■ffRJOJit the fautiouH Principles and Writinffs of Mr. T. 

Malftai, Mr. 7'. 7'iViv, }'liihTHrnu», and such otlters. 

Lond/in, I'rrntfd by A. M./nr T. Vmia-hitl al the Anchor 

m\d Bibir in I'ault Church •//ifd, aiKi F. Tytmi al (A/ 

Ibw Dajfjen in FUet utreel. Small 12nH>. 1(KK>. 141 

— Tbo Cork of Church-diviitions: or, Directions for weak 
Christiana, to kcci> thetu from bciuR Dividers, or Troublere 
of th« Church. WithKomuDirQctiona to the Pastors, how 
to deal u-jtli nucli CIiriHtiiLiiN. By l!U-hani Baxter. 

iMiidnn, J'riiilrd /nr .VrnV S'/mmoiu al the ihree Crvwa 

ovrr a'jiiiiM IhtShom-Vantluil. , . 8vo. 1670. 80] 

NM*.~Ai tlM «d at ihU Iwli U 
lUbMI tij Uu luu AoUuir.* 

" A CaulegM o( ficnlu vrittioi ul |ab- 

TAYLOB, Tliomu, of Stt^ff^ri, 

Cuiui'i Book. Ectitolod. The Cttn of Chnnh DintwM. An- 

fwer'd and oonfitied. And be pnv'd to bo a PhjnliMi el 
Mo TiLua : who bftth Buiiitcvtod bia FoQ; and WcakiMW ia 
BBdRtaUns « Work vfaioh he bath n litlla Qndantnubiig 
in. Bj TtuiBuu TtTioH. 4IO. iViauil in (At rrar. 1671. 

BtTrintod In 10* Work*, imo* IM. 

A Def«Dee of the Prindples of Lon, which aro noccsaat? 
lo the i'liiti/ and CimtorJ of Christians ; and are delivered 
in a Book called The Curr of Churcii-fHrUiimt. I, luvit- 
inR all sooad and sober Cbmtians, (by what name aoever 
cnllod) to rooftive each olbcr to Commiiniou in the aaxaa 
Churcltcii. n. And wltcrc tlmt (which is flret dcairaUo) 



BAXTER, Riebiud,— <«>nrm»^. 

euinot be attained, to bear with etoli other in Uioir dis* 
tinct ABs«mbliefl, and to nanags them nil id Clirii^iiin 
Love. 'WritU'U to ibtcct And endiento nil Loru-Eilling, 
dividing, and ChurcliilL'^lroj'iDg PrboiplcH. PsKHions and 
Fraotioiw, and to pn!Hcr\C tliti weak in thie lionr <>r mani- 
fold temptation. Hy Hifliard llajier, one of tlic Mgumers 
for a Sou-diviiling and Sclf-affiicting Land. 

Londtm, Printtd /or yevit Simmoiu, at the dgn vf the 
tkr*» CroKtu nt«r llolboTJi Cmididt. , , 8to. 1671- 

A Treatise of DKATU, The last Enbmv to bo rlcntroj-nd. 
Sheviug wherein its enmity coIl^itltutll, and how it is 
destroyed. Part of it wan Pn^ach^d at tho Fiittomli; of 
Klitaitth llie btto Wife of Mr. Jmeph liak^r. Pastor of tho 
Cliurcli at Biuiit Andrmrt in WnrfKntfr, By lUfh. Unjfter. 
With some fow piuiHaKtM of the life of tiiie Baid Mrs. Uaktr, 

ItmJon, f'rititfJ for Sfril Siininon», at the /Viiiew Armx 
wi Hi, I'aul'x Chureh-ijarJ. . . . Itimo. iC72. 

A EERUON of JrcouKtrr, Preachod at PimU before the 
HoDoiinble Lord Major Aod Aldormon of Die City of 
Ijindon, Dfwm. 17. 16M. And now Eidargcd. By Itkh. 

London, PrintMfor SftU Simmont, at th* Prinm Arm* 
in Pmd't Church-yard. . . . lOmo. 1072. 

Quakerism no Ohristianity, &c. By John Faldo. (EpisUe 
by BiciiAUu Baxtkk, and 20 other Diviuee (bo called.) 

8yo. J^mlon, 1675. 

FEIW. Wnlinm. Ponmlcr o( Pmntylvanta. 

^^ A Jm Rkbi'ilk I« One nud Tit<«t7 Loftrnful nml RsTCreod 
DtVnlBS ffo toUcil) BviuK ku AnHwiir U> Hn Altuir* Epi4tU 
■gilBrt the pDopU «&ll«il QwaKerj, DabDcriliail by Bicliard 

Buur «nd otlion. fto ilu. 1674. 

Beprint«d in biit Works, Vol. 3, l>i>«i^ l^'l- 

Bichord Baxter'H Catroi.ii:x TueoixioiE ; Plun, I*ure, 
Pewaablo : for PACIFICATION of the Dogmatical Word 
— WaniooDi. In Thrrt Books. Written ehicfly for Pos- 
terity, vbea end Expcrieuoo hath taught men to hate 
Theologioal Ware, uid to love, and aeck, and call for 
Peace. {Ex Utlh Pax.) [Portmit ^tat : Siuc 58. 1078.] 
tott^on, Prxnltd by Hohrrt White, Jut Xn-ill Simmoiu at 
the Prineea Artiu in St. PauU Cliurrh-Yanl. 

FoUo. 167£. 

KMt.— Bub Btot w pul bu ■ iciw*!* |«eUuttso. 






BAXTKB, Richud,— coHlimuni. 

Tlie Jud^moiit of tin; Iat« Lord Chief JuRtioe Sit IRslllicb 

■BaU, of tko Nature of Tiirit Rr-LUiioN, llio CauscH uf its 
Corruption. Atnl tlio Churches i'alamily. liy Stciin ADOixiowti 
luid Vku.knc'ks : Witli tho doKircd Ciiru. In ihrtH' Din- 
conrwis, w-ritton by IiimKi-U %i noveml tiraox. Humbly 
dvdiciUcd to tlio Hviiouniblc J>it1gc« and Learned Lawyer*, 
wbo liiu'w iind lionoimxl tbo Author, bocaoHe in thoir lino 
E«ntimcnt« of Bchgion, nnd ita Dcprftvstioufi, and Ibe 
Cure, the wcllliun) <M F.niiland, under his Majesty, «s veil 
fts their ovm, io cmini-ntty concomed. By the bitlifnl 
Publisher, Riciiark B.\xteb. To which is annexed the 
Judgment of Sir l''r.tneit Bactm Lord Verulam Si. AihtH*, 
and ChaDcallour of Kiu/trmJ : and eomeirhat of J^. Itaatit 
liiifrotr* on the saroe subject. 

Lo)i4on, PrinUd fur B. SiiHmon*, at (Ji« iJhive Coekt mmt 
the WtMi-end 0/ S. Paul'» Church. . . 4tO. 1684. 

An AnniDoitKNT of ^t. 9niUr's HISTORY of his Life and 
TwEH. With an Acoot7nt of many others of those 
iVuriby Mmi'jiiers vlio vioie Ejected, after the Restaora- 
ratiou of King Chaklb^ the Seoocd. By £i>u)j9ii> Calaiit. 
J'.Virn. Fit. it Srpot. [With a Portrait of Riuhuxd Raster, 
^tat. SujB 76.] 

tiottdvn : Printed htf S. Bridge, /or Ttianuu Parkkant nl 
the BiM* md TUrtt Crmm* in Chfapwir, Jonatfuut 
Itobinim at the OtiliUn Lijon in St. PauFn Church Yard. 
Aud Join Ijairrenef nt thf At*g*l in the Poullrry. 

8ro. 1702. 46i 

DiaXTioyti and Pkhhwasions to a Saiaid Convermon. For 
PrcTcution of that Deceit and Bamualion of Soub, and 
of thoM> Scandalti, HcreaicB and desperate ApostaaiM, tliat 
are the CouMiiaeiits of a Connterfcit, or Bupcrficial 
Change. By lUtharJ ISa-rler. C^t Cbirb CililioK. 

London: I'rintfl /or Thn. Parkhurikf, nt thf BiUr and 

Tknt Crotem at thd lo\r«r «nd (if Chrapdde. ISmo. 1702. 18 

A CALL to Ute Uncotn-ertAd to Sunt rat ^r. Asd Aocept 
o{U«n7«liil« Mifrey mft^behftd, u«Ter they voold Bod 
Mervy tn tbo Pay of lliotr Extremily. Fram ihe Unny 
Qod. To which «r« Added. Ptrna* of Prayer for Morning 
and Kveningfor a Family, for a Penitent Sinner, and for 
the Lord's Dav. Written at t)ie Bcqiteat of the Lat« 
Rercrcnd and l<eamcd Archbishop I'lAtr: By RtcnAuu 




BAXTER, Rioliril,— r(Hi(i/nteJ. 

BuTSB. To be Rcitrl in F*wii.ixh when any sro Uxoox- 
vnvBD. The BOth Edition. C»rvfiilly CorrucM. 

Lffndim : Ptintfd by Tho. Uunet, hy Orditr of Ihf Kivm- 
Un of tAf RevtTYiid Mr. Itithind Itoj-ter ; and sold In/ 
Tho. I'arkkurit, at the ISibU and Thrtt Crouma in 
Chatfrnd^, near Merctn-Chapel. . . limo. 17(W. 

Tbo PooB Hjui's family BOOK. 1. TeAchlng him 
bov to become a true Cluristiaa. 2. How to livo &s a 
Cbristiai), towards God, himsoK, imd otherx in ull his 
Beiatious ; eBpeoLally in hitt Family. 8. How to die as a 
Cliristiaa in Hope and Comfort, and «o to be Glorified 
with Christ for ever, hi a plain famiUiiT Conjfrtnee betavm 
a Teathrr and a J^anirr. With a Form of ElJiortatiou to 
tho Sick. Two Cati^cliisma, a Profession of C'liriBtiaiiity, 
Forma of Prayent for Various asea, aud some Psai-ui, and 
Hixirs for tbo Lord's Day. Written by Ricu. Baxtkx. 
With a rc^ipoMt tu LaudlordK und Bicb Men to giro to 
their Tenanti» and poor NcitthlionrK, cither thin or Bome 
fitter Book. The Setextii Editioi;. 

DiiUi'n : I'riiUed jiw Otofjt Orufrion, at the Tiro BHAit 
in Eftex-iHreet. .... 12mo. 1728. 

Ekowusdox AHD Lovs compared. In Two PartR.- 1. Of 
FalMly pretended Knonlea^e. H. Of True aanug Know. 
Met and Love. Written as greatly needful to Uio Safety 
ana Pence of e^'<^ry Christian, aiid of the Chnreh : the only 
certain way to escape false Ik-ligionit, HttntHtcH, Sectit, acd 
Halignant PrejudiueE, PL-reecutions and Sinful Wars : all 
cuimd by falncly pretended kDowlcdge, and hasty jndKiDg, 
by Prona. Ignorant Men, who know not their own Igno. 
ranc«. Bv the Rkv. Riciiajic Daster, A'U/ior <ff " 7'ht 
Saiiu'* J^ifrlaMififl i.W/," &c. With a Life and Character 
of the Author. By J>r. Adam Clarke. 

Lomfon: S. Coriith and Co., 12fi, AVi('c/ui<' Strttt : 
J. ComiJi. 87, .V#ir StrfH, liinuinrihrrm, 85, l,ard 
Strtet, LitfTpiiol, mid 18, On^twi Street, Tfuhlin. 

I«mo. 1840. 
BAYLEE, Joeeph, Incumbent of \Vood»id«, Chahirt. 

An affectionate Address to the Society of Friends, npon 
tome of the views put forth in their Yearly M«etiug'a 
epistlia for this year. 1840. 

STAKSFIELD, S<uiiitcl,o( Lirtrpool, »tU.tviirAii r-f Kfndal. 

A L««tar to Joaaph BmIqci, ■• Idnumhi'iil " ol Wooil>id«, 

Ch'iihir*, (n Btplf to hi* Addiiwi to tlm Svcirty ot TrivuAa. 






BAYLEE, Joseph, — continufJ. 

npao *ona of Uia views put (ortb iuthctrdoeiiiu«iil. vulilled. 
" A TMIlmoOf U tbn Aiitlioiity o( Cluint iu hii Churcb," 
Ae. AUo <mui)«t *oiDB o( tbn onrrupIiODH ol ptDtcMODg 
CliTialcuiloui. By Bauinol 8taD«ll»1d. 

Lirtrjiiiol .- ThoTiuu Ooil^'on, Lord Strtet. 

London. : RdmMntl Pry, BithopioaU Strttt. . ISmo. IStOi 1| j 

BAYLEY.H.. of ;>'«./'»</ 

• A Iiottcr from a CbiirclimHn to n Qualter (Ocorgo WLi(fi> 

bewt) 12mo. 17S1 

BAYLY, Bonjiunin, Hector of Si. Jwrws't, in lirutol, 

^ An BsBKjr on Inspintion. In Two Put«. (AnoKYiiors.) 
LoKDOM : I'rinitdfor John Wjrnt, nt th« Itoee in iH. PatU'» 
Clkurck-YorA 8to. 1707. 

Ilcprinted, entitled, — An Kbsav on Lnspibatiom. In Two Parts. 
The First, BbewtnR what Proofs are n«ceseary for a Pro* 
phet's own Couviotiou, by which lie nuy ccrtnUily know 
Ilimaelf to bo Ins|]ir'il. The twcanti. Showing what 
PtDofH an nciCisMiary for him to producD, in order to 
mtinfic ftnd convince Uio World of tbc BniUity of bin 
In^piraticin. Hy Bkkjuiin Baii.y, h.k. lUclor o/ St. 
Jaduh'b in Brititol. 

9^( Srionb £i)itiBn brtn ntnc^ tfoTRcltll sntr Cnlargri). 

LoMuoN : Priut4)d bv j. x. for lobn VUvst, at the li'*^ 

in St. PaiU'A Chnrch-Yiird. ". . Bvo. 1706. 271 

OoBUaU — Tba UtMtil kmii} UD>km. i. Mimn AiEwnnil (nalnil tbdr 
MnliiiiiiDdluiliriBd talsiutdj Ini|4;nl, u iltn l>i«pbvu « ApiatlH.— 
ra ARTHnmrrs IMntuoian, Uut tbt- (In* no tolUL at mHtUMatJ 
FmvI (4 k(T lni|dnUgB^'n» pMtlMnn uf Hi. Kutu'i OetAt t* Ih* 
itaiat^-aim* KMIxllaaw ob U» UjrMit ft<tl.-^'Xta> ImuulMuer ol 
Dptolmmiimipii lb* (jnitw latfit In ta « d»«» Afgninnil i<>tti>i>.ilut 
'krill|<l»vid tiilUlili](8|ifU.— 04 »<liuvlntl«i 

of Uw <lad«n.— Ill* Aallotf Quiilwn iiud> Ite tJNM ilUiiii ibi ■iwtlw 
irinu} Bat* al VWIh nd PnHls*^Tlia Unod OumtBMnn nl lU*.— 

BECKHAM. Edward. D.D. Rector of (jnyton.7X»rp# in KorfM. 

• (and others) A Brief Discovkki of some of Uie Jilatfhemma 

luid Hnliii'Tui PrineipleH aiid Practices of IhA Pnoph), 
cRlled QUAKERS : taken out of tiK'ir Mo«l Noti-d and 
Approrad Anlbom. HnmUg OjTrrrd in lb* Connttrration 
of tk* Khtg, and I/nth tloiuet of Pitrliamonl. By 
KJuarA linkhttm, D.D. *aA Bcctor of' 

tien, Hfvitou, Bector of Orlortne, -Noitroui. 

laneatifr Topeii/f. L.D. sometimes aeo. 
FeU. of Otm. rf Caitu Coll, Cambr. 
(wilh a Postecript by FRAScoia Buoo) 

Ijunit'/n, f'rinird Jar J'lhn Harris iil Ih* Ihirrtm m lAsilt 
ISHiaiH 4to. 1699. 




BECEBASI. Edward,— <ontinM(^. 

WHITEHBAD, Ooarsa, oJ I,aiidon. 

— The Thriw {tirfolt Cbcgtmtn'* Briff liUcavnit, AC-,— UodMllj 
obMnVil 40 Mir jtnpinoit. 
Louden, I'rinttd and lold tjt T. Savin, in White-lttirt- 
Court, in OrtKimu Sirtit, and at the BibU, in Leadtn- 
nallnrtet fatio. 169S. | 

•-^HMtlior tdjtian Folio. Nodal«. ) 

OOUIiDHEY, neuTj, ot iMndon. (Bal Asos.) 

>^— A itvn Way of Bonding the BiMd nocjrdin^ to the tluee Norfolk 
tfUr-ji/mnt, ThoRB Lthiuaiiloni iwiiinit tbo Qnukori. KdaarJ 
BttkbiUK, D-D. Hrary MtriiiM, uootnr. l^ncuiier Toftlifff: 
labrrod trom tm luvUnoo ot Tlurim. in a B»nk Ratilnlnd, 
if Brief Dimvery of tome of III* liLnphrmDii^ nait tfdilunu 
Pfinciplet and PnutUtt of lite I'fpU cilUd Ijiiiihcn. Aic. 

4lo. fill i'rinttt' I ivime OT plaer. [1690. | t 

PRim, Win.. FonndoT o( Pennrylcania fnuoni-monB). A Ttfstimornj 
tn tlui Tralb oi God. u hold bf the Qnnkara (oiuifdc to 
BoMK, Lotllc, Bookhom, Ac frro. 1G9H. S 

Bopriiil«d.—3Dil edition IGDU. at 

FIBIiD, John, al Laadon. An ApoIoRj (w tbe People, Mllod 
QwLkMS, and mi appwl to tbo Inhkbituiu ol Muilulk Hud 

Ltfnrfim, Printtit and naU bj/ T. SaieU. <r Wkilf-Uart- 
Cinui, in Oracione Sirtrt 4to. lliU'J. 9 

>8'>n>0 I'kw or till! QUAKERS mJiny horrii] J1Ui*plumiujf, 
IJerenift, jind their ttlnojy Tre<i*onabU lYuieiplf-*, DoetrBQ- 

tivD to GtlVKBNjmST. 

ItmiJon, I'ri-atrd hy Hiek. Jtmeviiy, jnn. on AdiUr 

HUl, nfiiT Lhtt'>r'it Commotu, <fc. . . Ho. 1G90. 2] 

»f Akihthouii. 

WmTEHBAD, QMrgB, at toadon. 

Cfotft uid )[Rniniicg ViKniotTm, and tho Peoplo enlled QriiatM 

I'lnhndL'd, in BtiiuiirlE nnil {fnidicr. ugaltitt Invtdioiu 
Atteniptii and OaluiiimiMi. Belnu > jiut Rmmiuation ot two 
Book« tkKiiiiiBl thu Hid Peuiilfi. Euliluliid, Int, /[ llrirf Zlii- 
toprrjf, tec., by ttitoo Nmfotk PrinU, Sud. Somf fra of Iht 
tfuaiert naf^ horriA Btiuphtniiei, ,tr., bcinit n ScaDdalana 
Libel; Contaulng «ba nutny of the Itcpeittcd Abiuw ia 

^oAa UtriUm'i Antidote, and F>anf Ji Hag'j'i PklMTim'i Pro- 
pro*. Biamlnml bj <l. H7itfi-'<.-uit. a Sonuitol Cbriit. 
LtnJon, Prinled and 'old bij T. SauiU. in White tlart- 
Coui't in Qmeio'tt Street, aiutul thi BibUin Lfailmhall- 
ttrett 41^ 1698. 10 

Tbo ^Bxlitra' CbRlUngt mftdo to the Norfolk Clergy, or a 

BeUtion of » Confortiicc between Soihh Clrr'jii- Mm ot<he 
Chvrrh of England, luitl monid ifunkem, Itulil (on the 8th 
of l>efmiUr, 169A, in Wftt-l>rr/him-('hiirrk) m tlic Connt; 
of XvffoUt: together with Uiohg Lcttors which pRsnod 



BECKUAM. Edward— «Mt.t»(u^</. 

) between ttem in order Uiereimto. To wliieli in nddtMl a 
Certificate relnteiiiK to the Cbalienge. Cbt ^rtonb i^btlioti- 
Linidiii. I'nrilcfl hy H. HUU./or EAiriirii Po'>tf, at Ui* 
halj'-MiKm undt.T tkt Rotfal K-ithan'tf, Cvrnhill. 
(«n(. jtf.u. "*,^») jto. 1699. 

ASBBX. BietiMil, ot Sor/olk. and olbvTu. riz.. ThomM BoDti«t. John 
Hnbbwil. Ir-ha Fiddutaim, Duiiel I'billijni. mid Tbauo* 

Th* Dmntini tit tho Pcflplt calW QrrjKUM : brinx n lUrLT to K 

Booh laloljr |iul>liiilit>d l>j cnlnln JViVifi of tho Ootmty ot 
Narfatk, nnit^rtbe prctviiiloil 1'il'nnf T7i>- V'^l^'''^ CtallrKgn, 
•nd MnUiniDg totne BrivfHnrl Miftiot .1 riinnilnrniii'u iijion 
the Book itM<t{. 8«ti-t<l1 C<rriM'ilrt, nliich llnti'i't Itje urrur* 
in tliom of Wtii Drrtham, auil Clpur tht' l'r«i<la c«U<<d 
QtMlhm of tbo HAid <'.'A<ir'>'n!jr. The Lullcn thiU puted 
bcMMa lliem Uul (ho i'rinlr. 

landnm, PrinlrA auil m(.t hg T. Snirtf, in Whilf-Harl- 
Cauri, in Onieimu-Slrttl, atut ml thr JtiUr in Itntiim- 
HaHStntl 4(n. IBM. 

J. (8.) 

—^ A Ttllit to tli« Clibov of tbo IKi»ti*><t uf Sorfotk utd Si^'alli, 
wherrin tiMj are DwiuDd to ChaUeueu ttiu <}iiakm ouoir 
more To UMt thsm in tbo Face of llw CLioultj, is Otdtrr to 
Prn™ *hUh of theni too ChrUft Miaiiifn : Thich tamj b« 
d'ino ncorliiiR to Ihv Mntlioil linmn iniil (Invn, with "mj 
lilllo Di'iintulioii aud Iv tlii' (irv*! KHlixI'uiiuiii of tL» 
Andilcvy. Br ■ Uoubsr u( llie CAnr^A of Kn-tfitiit. 

4to. AV iVtnlrr'i nuRtif. plnet. vr dale. !•] 

— Thts PuixriPUK* of till" Qr*KKi(.t fnrtliiT slirwn to he. Bla*- 
plicmuaH Biid Ki^itioiiH. in a Buply t^) tixo. WBiixmun'it 


Edward fiECKnuit D.D. Beetor of Onjr-^ 

I'ti-Tiiurpr ; 
Uembv Ukritok, U.A. Rector ol Ox- 

Lancahtkk TopcLtrri!. IlL.B. Hometimca 
Seuior Pnllow dT (lonvU and C.'i/iia 
Collo((v, in Camtrriiiyr, now R«ctor of 
Harkirolil ; 
jMudon, I'riHlfilfor Uruhmnit AylauT nt tht Thrfr Pi/fftitt* 

dqviiNii ihf lio^'it Kxchangf in ConhU . 4to. 1700. ISj] 
WHITKHKAD, O*orf*, of /.onAin. 

Cralb (littaliat : lad the Qutbm PistliHK*d (ma Uie KcrfiJJt 

Htftort Piniutu ObarjtB - in ■ Ruber Aa«wts to lli«ir B«a1(, 
FbIxIt ililed. Tihr Prtnetpla «/ Ikr Qmtkfn ftviker ihnrm to 
ttf lUatiihtKiitHi niui SmIUihu : By IbMD tliiu Rraurksd 
Anllion. Tlx. Arfwuril Itttkham, D.H. BMtOrOl i;ii)rlA<(*rjbwp, 
tttnri Mtritan, y.t. ItKdir of O^Aonn^L, /.niKmtrr Tn^ 




BECKllAU, Edward,— contittucJ. 

tUft. Beclor o( Unchrntd: NonroLX. Xi^n in* ri>miiu> 
tioD Aniwrifid. b)' iiniT^t tl'Aii'tiriiil. a Si-rvuit of Chrwt. 
i.i»iil<>n, hrinud and told bg T. SokU, iu Whiir Harl 

CuHrt, in Oructciiu j>fr«'t 4U». 1701. 3S| 

A Certificate, of several Principal Inliabitsuts withio the 
Parialiefl of Wi-M-Dcrfham, auil of otJier adJAceut 
P&riahes, to obviate the false Buporta Kiveii out by the 
Qoakers, Ito. SiguiKl by Will. Fenii. Will. Youitg, 
Biobd. T&vlor, George Ardier, J »Iiii Smitli. Joliii Wri^bt, 
^W. WBde, TboB. Complin, Joliu Goildivrtl. ThoN. Ward. 
Tlio*. Hubhanl. Willm. Prick, Cukb Mayi?r. Grucn Lam- 
MD, Miiry I'arke, Burth. Bam&ey, Qiwl. Cbicco, Wil. 

BEDINOFIELD. PLiIip, of Bunkum-Thm-p io yotfijk. SUles 
< liimtclf Gentlenion. 

A LxTTXit to <t QuAKBH in N(>ei>ols, proving that WATER 

BAPTISM is the Ordinance our Saviour (who canio down 
from Heaven to instmct ub in the way thither) hwi 
appointed for One of the Mcaua of Salvation ; without 
which, acrordinii Io ihf Terrnt of Ikt (ionpel, we cannot 
enter into that Kingdom. 

iVonricA : I'rinlfd by flmry Cromi-jrroini, atiit «>M iy J. 
C'lirloJ in IfiJi'r-Lanf, and A. IfrUrmrorlk in PaUr- 
KMtfT-Iloir in Lofidmi. [Price, Sij: I'^rief.] 

8vo. [1730?] 2 1 

AHONyHOOS, bnt >iu;i|K)iM<d bj Educicii rEtnovEii. of Wrllt iu Nvr- 

— Tbv Aiwv«r oiito tbo tivtlrr xrittcn to a QDiksr in Sor/otk. 

Lmdoa : Prlnttit onrf io!d b\/ John Daibij fa llattlliilomfiB 
Clott, Artkar IMunrnrlh in f^ltnuittir lliia, Jtihn Ctarkr, 
vKder ikt Kvyal Utthan^t; and Jama C«rlut in Noneiek. 

Hto. 1780, 3 

■i* If rilBg Uili pHDiitiliil H* ■ DoM hi aj Ctulosa* nt TtinM Ueoti, 

(ul, I. ii' M. 

' A BxrLT to tbo Anbwxh anto the Lkitia written to a 
QvABEB in NoRFOut. With an Kvt%imn. In the Lkttbr 
Beplv, and Appekmx, all Hohen Uardtiy't ArgnmcnU, 
the Standard of the Quakers' Faith, are fairly drawn 
forth, examined and confuted. 

L/ondim : I'rinltd anil sold hi/ John Hiirby in Ilarlholomrai 
Ootf, Arthur Brttrairorth in f'aler-ntuUr- lioir, Jnhn 
Ctarkt under the Roynt Kxehange : and Jamt4 CarliM 

in jVorH-ifA 8vo. 1780. 4 

POBSTKR. JotUh, ot th* BUhoprIek of Ihtrham. Iwit of TtilUnham. 

—^- A ViVMi-tTioK ot Um Doalrin* nl BaplUm, a» b*til by tfaa Pmiplii 
callnl Qujuuma ; in mmnur tu Philip DtdiniUirld'i Punplitau, 
eBporuUjr Uut. Ballt'i). J Letter to i QiuL« m Korlnlk : 




BEDINOFIELD. Philip,— *u«rinu^rf. 

Vherrio his Aririmvata for Water BaptOm »xe Enwra'frf: 
Hii Mutakrn Kutiuu* anic4iniiti|;i tbc Dapttim o( Uie Spirit, 
Drlretrd : uid hi* Eipottlioa at liuidiy TurW o[ SFripfuri*, 
Kejulfd: ProriiiR. /'/i<il tkt BoplUm with tilt Iloly Spirit, it 
Ike Trtir. Iliijilitmo/ ClirlBt; iell*refm tveru True lltlietier i* 
ittitiaUd intrr thr CbriHtInn ChiiTRli. With a (Jaoiitiotiaiy 
PontHiripl OlrcclAd la tli* ClBisy. 
Loniion : Printfd and toUl by the Atrir/njiof J, Sinfir, M 
Ike BiMe in GroTje-YarJ, Lvmlia-rd-etrM. . . ttrai. 1T9S. 

BELCHEB, W. of LofiAw / 
lut^IIvctuft] Electricity, &a. 

8vo.tl79e.l IS 

BELLISGHAM, Biohard. of .V^t Knylaml. 

A Lotter to pennnde to Persecution, &c. Qoeiy, tbe title ? 

KATLSB, J«me«. ol AnUtloe, aov Wnk^eld. VorJbAirv. 

*' Something in ojuirrr to laio Ltttcrt ami /nnu Ko* EdkIiidcI. to 

roTJie nf KusliLud. to prrricade to Pertecutiirii : ouf. l.rtter 
(n thr Natneo) Blcbnr<l BiUuipliMii ; and the Athir in the 
Nant of John KDdi>con. a<ivtmar of BotUn. the TtA 
UoDth, iee»." 
la Kftylor'g Works (oiilf) paRe 737. Bro. 1716. 

DENNETT, Phili]^. of Vhrrttm in LaneawAiVe. Odo of tfaa 
Ejected MiiufltorB. 

^^ A Pnpor <lircctod to Iticbard Rop<T, and Ills Quakinft 
Fricnil, vrit)i Twenty qncricu. Quor}', the titlo ? no copy 
having como to my hands. 

BtrBBOUOH. Bdwuii, of UndrTlamiK, in WeHmiTtilMnd. 

Aonrtin lo H*«ral Qitbkiks Put tortb to Uii> ikviiiMil Pwopto, 

oailMl Qnftktre, bjr Philip Bennett. *hu uUi bimsfU a 
Hinutor (it Obxiit, but in (ontid a Peveim ; utmctd b7 
tbom to whom they wore dirtetca. Al»o. Auswcn to acvcntl 
othtar niblU (Jmui |mt forth by one Joidi Brxtk, A«. 

Lonltim. Printtd f„r Gilt* Catvert, dte. . . 4lo. ItiEt. 

Bapriittod Id bU Wdrka, ptg* 3S, 

A L^riVinf; Qlaes, Ac. 

FOX. Ooorgn, o( l>ra^lo» Is Uio Clay. I>iefM<nAir«. 

Tb«aM»t Uutcrr ol tlu> Onat WLon nnloldcd, «a. (mm 187). 

Polb. 1&». 

BENNET. Thomas, an Engliiih DiriDo, was bont at SitlMiuy, 
in 1678. and edacatod at St. John* CoUt^, Camhrid^, 
wbate be took hia dogieea in art*, and obtained a f^ow- 
iblp. In 1700 be was presented to the Keotory of St. 
Jama, Colrhatrr, and altoat 1710 to the Vicaraife of 
iS^. Giie*. Cripfifftiaie. Ue died iu 1728. Dr. B«nnct 
WSH a mail of VJt-tX learniuK. niid an aoato conlrover- 
Btalist. His books urv okicfly [lolviiiical. — Hiag. Uritt, 


Wtrn AXSWEB8. 


BEKNET, ThomM,— crwKiniW. 

- A CowTOTATKwi of QrASEBiflM ; or n Plain Proof of the 
V^ Falsbood of what tho Principal Qu/ikfr Writers fcxpecially 

Mr. R. Bnrdftij ill his Aj-oloyif and other Works) do 
ToAch, concerning Tho Necesaityof I m mfdialr Vie\el&tioa 
in order to a tai-in-i Chriatinn Faith ; tho Being, Nature, 
■od Operation of the PreteuJeil l'nii<<-rml I.i-iht Witliin: 
itB Striving with Men, moving them to Prayer, tatA call- 
ing them to the MiuiHtry ; Regeimmtion, Siuiolifi cation. 
Justification, Salvation, and Union with God ; tho Nntnrs 
of a Church ; tho Rulo of Faith ; Water Baptium ; imd 
the Lord'i* Supper. DivciBC Question)) aleo couoomiiift 
Ferfoction, ChrUit Satisfaction, tho Judge of Controveriitii, 
&c., iiTO bri«flj stated and reeolvod. By Tho, Bknnkt, 
M.A., Rector of St. JatiiM, in Cvlvluner, and late Fellow 
of St. Jokn'a CoUfjt, in Cawhriitje. 

(JamMd'je : Printed at the Vitivernty Prax^/or Edtrumd 
Jf^'Tji, liotikti^llcr in CaviMil;/e, and Janir» Kilaplon, 
altlu Cn>u-R, iti St. Paul't Churchi/arJ, Ijandiin. 8vo. 1706. 

V V Bc^rinted.— 2nd Edition. 

Camhnd'ie : Printed at the Vnirernly Preit,/or Edmund 
Jeg'ery, JiookMfter in Cami/ridije ; and are to ht told by 
Jamtt Knapton at Ikf C'ro«n in St. Paal't CKurrJi 
Yard. London 8to. 1709. 



Bepriuted.— By Thomas Beknbt, D.D. Uto Vicar of St. 
QUet't, Criyidegote. — The 8rd Edition. 

Londott: Printed hg M. J., und told by A. liettfaaorik 
and C. IJiteh at the lied Lion in Pattmuntrr liuv. 

&ro. 17S8. 21 
LINDLEY. BRoJuniii. of Yorhklrt. 

— Tb» Kkhritv ol Imtniii-ifi ^Icbdntian. Jtmati* tiu FonudatJoa 
tod Urvuml ot Trnu Vnilb. proieil : niid the OotniL, iu 
True MiiiiiiU-n. and Uioic CluuttiitD Wi'itinftn. cupcRlallj H. 
Banlay'i A]<oloiiy, if. viuillcHlfil : la fiVKKer tu tlie (lark 
atlMQT^ of Tliomai Brnni-t ittruiuHl tiitiii ; Iti liU Kliio Timt 
duptclt. (i( his I'rctoudt'd. Limjulalion u1 Quakeritm, By 

Lonrltiii .- Frinirit and lotd 6y J. Scvle, in Whiu-ltari' 

Omrl, in tiriieiViui Sttfil 4t«. ITlOi 17 

— ^ The Nei-xbutt of Jminibiali Eibilnlion,— In nn wmwcff to tlic 
dark Btlfliivtii of TRomo* liennfl Hsnliiit U>cm, In 111* .S'l-roi. 
(rfli latt ChaftmolhaVivtvruliid Confvta'iim of QuaktrUtt. 
Bf Heiyantn J.indlrg. Tun BtLoto hmv. 

/.MtitiiH : PrinUd and moU by PhUip Ciciltm, in Aiatin 
yrj/iin, nrat the koj/al fJchaiifff. . . . ittr. ITIS. St| 

A DiBCocRBF, of thfl Ncoo«"ity of Iwing Baitiz'd wtm Watkb, 

and Be<:c-i^-iIlg the Lord's 8rpp»; Talteu out of the 
CosriTATuw OF (JiAKKBira. Uy TuoMAx Bkkkkt, M,A., 




BENNETf Tbomas,— wnfwiH.-'/. 

Btouir of St. JmncK's in CoIchoBtar. m/l Int* FfUmr qJ St. 
Joha'B CotU;}f in CtimbridgQ. 

Camtruti/i' : I'rinlfd at the ('mifrttt^ PrtM, for Edviutid 
Jrffry, BoohirlUr in CavthriiUie. And are to ht »old 
iy Jaiwt Knapton al l/w Croun in St. Paul'n Clittrfk 
Yard, London, Price three Pence, or 20s. the hnudrod. 

12mo. 1707. 

ABI8T0BULCS. i.e. Tnoui Wodlrok. o( Sidney ColUge. in Caiv 

— A LaTTNN to thn tUvBn'nd Dii. Bitianrr, Bonterol St. Oiln Ctip- 
pUgatt, Upon tbl« (JneKtioo: Whrihrr tlm FrofU taU'd 
ffvakt'n, do rot thr nearnt, of any othrr Sftt in lUligitm, 
rtKniblr iKc Primitiet Chrittiant in Prineiplei and Ftnrlice f 
T«r7 iiMi«««u7 to be c<niiii<ic>T'd in thii Ago. By AKiiito- 

Lmdon: PrinttdfoT A.ilaort,ntaTSt.Paurt. . 8to. 1730. 4| 

A Second Lktm tn Ihn Bovorond Dn. Bicinict. in Dfrlcoce of tbe 

ApoBllcii and I'riiultlve E'athon of Ihc Cbnn^. for thtir 
4U«geneai tntrrprftatirin ef Ihr Laic of Mnnco, affiiiiHt th* 
llii^alvn ot Uiu LinTeH. uud Lilend Cauioiunlttton ol Uiia 
Ard. B^ AHi«Toii(;t.(iii, 
London .- Printtd for A. Moor*, ntw SI, Ftatl't. fPriet It.) 

evD. 1781. SI 

An AxewKR to Arintubalus'a Two LeIUn to Db. BRnvt : or, A 

Vu]di('iitiou o( tliu Ortliodui and Learned Oloncr of the Chnith 
ol Knulnud, from tboae Semriloiui and Soandaluna BollM- 
tioun ho hu east oo th«n. fiji e Cousth Oviiats. (IreniML) 
LondlHi .- PrSnltd/or it. Smith in Conhitl. . . 8to. 1711. 3t ' 

Otber Works by Thomas Bennet, vii. — 
' A Brief TliMTrmv of the Joint Uko of Preeompoii'd Set 
Pormn of PiurKu ; iihowing I. That thu Ancient Jon, 
our Savior, hU Apostlos ttuil Uio Primitive 01>riiiU«ns, 
never join'd ia nay Prayers but prpcouipoe'd Sot Forms 
only. II. Th&t those precompoe'd Bet forms in which 
they joyn'd, wore snch aa the respective Congrcgationa 
were ftoooatomed to, aud thoroughly acqnainted with. 
m. That their praclioe warroutti tiie Iniposition of a 
MatioD&l Preoompoa'd Liturgy- To wliioh is annex'd. A 
DisoovBSK of the Gtn or Phayku, Khuwin^, That itkat iha 
DiHSent^rH mfan In/ ike liifl i>f f'rai/rr, viic, a Fafull^ of 
Cfmcfiring I'rai/rri Extempore, i> i^nt f/r>)'ni»td in Seriplurf, 
Tmt Smoukii EtiiTtoN. By Thoius Bxnnkt, M.A. 

Camfrid^ ; I'rint/d al tkr Unirtrnlfi Prta, for Edmund 
Jtffty, Itoftkulter Ml Uambrid^ : and art to ki lolJ bg 
Jamet Kvaptan, at (Ac Cttnrti in St. Paul'* CAurek 
Yard. London 8vo. 1706. SB} | 

- A DwooDKSt of JoiKT Pniyer ; tibcwing, I. What is meool 




BESNET. Thom»6,—conti«uf4. 

by Joint Prsycr. II. That the Joint Use of Prayers 
conceiv'd fsettmporr hinderB Devotion, oiid consequently 
diefileaseB God, Ac. III. That Uie L^y Disfleuters arc 
obbged upon tbeir owu t*ritioi|ilei». to abhor the Prayeni 
offer'd in Uietr separntft Aflaomhlies, aud to join in Cotu- 
mnuiou witli tlte Eiitabliii^iiMl Churdi. By ThumfiM 
B«uiiet. M.A., Beclor of St. Jairut'», in Caleketter, ftc 
TiiK Skconi> Editiok. 

Camhrid/iii: l^'mlnt at tht Vnir^mit!/ Frrti, ifc, 8vo. 1708. W{ 

BOBINSON. G«ti]aniiD, ol Liimlmi. (Not n Prirm^.] 

^^^ A H"''ru: oT tfv Cnnf fif J,itur<fir*, ttml thfir Impositions lu 

ANBWEK to Mk. liKSXJtr'B BrUf llulury of I'rvoompo^d 

•(4 Forum of l^yvr : tuiil His f>i»euur<e of Joiut-Prajer. 

Bj Bm-iAiuM BoBtnsox. Miniisli^ of tiio Cionpul. 

London: PHnt/dby B. Toohcy.farJ. the DMf 

and Crown, in lltt Old Changt dvn. 1710. H'i) 

A Ij-TTEft to Mr. Bfjainiti Itnhinson, Ocoaiiion'd by His 
Bkvikw of the Con* of iMurijies, mid Ihuir Impo»itioii. 
By TtiomM Bcnnot, 11I.A., Bcctor of St, Jamn'r, in Oof- 

Loadttn, Printed hi If. W., for Jamet Knifiiiin, at lint 
CVdim in St. I'aiU'n Church- Yard ; and told by 
Edmund J tjf try. lloohelUr in Camhridgf. 8vo. 1710. 18 

A Second Letter to Mr. BeujamiD Robineou, &o. 

jAntdoH, Prittted hij W. li., ,fe. . . Bvo. 1710. 6) 

An EiMAv OD the Thirty Nine AKicloH of Bcligion, 
Agrtcd oa \ ■ '1652, 

AndlteviHod) (1S71 ; wherein (tho Text beinK first 
exhibited in fxKt'n and k'l'jUth, and the minotoitt Vtiria- 
tioDS of 18 the most Ancient and Authentic Copies cnre- 
fidly noted) An Acooant in giveu of tlie Proceedings of t'on- 
ToeatiOD in fruning and setliuK iha Text of the Articles, 
Ac. With a P«KrAT08Y Ei-istc.k to A>ilh'm;i l 'i/lliim. Esq ; 
■heroin the CKn-KiouH FnlKhondH and Calumnies of the 
Autliorof I^ru.ftcrafi in Prrftirtiiin, ftrc oxpot«;d. By Tuoiua 
Brxmkt, D.D., Rector of St. Janun'x, iu Calrhntfr. 

Ij/mdott : Printed la/ At. J.,/t>r If. Innyii,at ll"' Pritic*'* 
Amu, in Si. PihI'i Ckureh- larrf. . . 8vo. 1716. 80 

A Confutation of Popery 

A Discoarse of Sdiism. 


A P«raphnut» on tiic Book of Common Prayer. 

The RightN of tho Clergy. 

^—Directions for stadying Divinity. 



BENNET, TliomM,— (wwifnuerf. 

A DiscourKi" of the Blcsscfl Trinity. 

Abridgutont of tbo LoDdon Ca«i» «g»io«t DiRScntcn- 

A Compendious Hebrew Grammar. 


BEWICK, John, Bector of the FarUh ChoKb of StatikoiK in 
WtredaU, in the County of Varham. 

Ad Answer to a Qiakkhs Sovciiteen Heads of Queries, con- 

taiuiue iu thorn eoveuty hcvc^u QuUHtiona. \\'Lereui 
Studrv BcrijiturcM out of tliQ ProphetH and A|>OHllen ura 
cleared : Tliti maintenance of Mluuters b}' Titliex in by 
Scripture fully vindicntod : St^vernl CaKcn of Conrtcit^nec 
iifXi tv*i)lvod; Scvtiral iwints of ChriBtinu Religion aro 
conlinntid : Parochial ChtirchcH, and th« rractivos of 
eotnc tliinsM in thcso onr Eaglish ChurcLei; arc thronghly 
justified : The Grsnd Antichrist vrith the Ilcrc<ticnl Anti- 
christs are deciphered and paralleled. By John Btaick 
HiniKler of the Oospel. and Hector of the Parish Choicli 
of Stauhop iu WcTfilaU in the County of Durham. 

London : /Vi»l«i by T. li., far Andrew Crook at the 
tiffH of the Orefn Drutjon in Pavh Chiirch-t/tird. 

4to. 1060. 

RdM.— TUlvotitiiUlkatod U> 8lr Otnre* T>». Kntgtil. uul Ik* KpMla 
tidaM-TdK. IStlCM Tb*()iuitl(iIi«i«*vTllt«ln WlUJAltKKIMOH 
mat •» lutrtol Iu Uia loul, and 3. B. hti UuI ~ Th> Littu of Qui* 
tliou *u Ihnt wdmcd, (n Johm Brwict nSUd MlmliUr af UHKkrf. 

WHlreHEUD, GcorK«. of Orion, in WamortXatii, la«l vl Laninm. 

and JiMEii NiTuia.— Th« Trae MmUUn livuig ot Uw Ooifi^ 

IHtttngniebed lioiii tbo FoUo MtnuMn livtug opua TithM 
asd loNsd Mai ii>« nQ « c«.' In a briaf toplf to ■ Book 

>til«d, An ^(wwrr (o a (^vAkrr't 17 Jtr^iti a/ l^urrirt, iy John 
Boniek. irAu«aJbKiiM((/ulIi>ibtorpffA<(>iiprl, unil Rrrlar 
«/ ihf I'«ruh Chnrth o/ BUahoii in Wurwdslo fn Ihe C<mnty 

LimioK, Printed for Tkemat SimmMU, at tkt Eigne of tin 
Bull and Jtoulh, near Atdengatt. . . . 4h>. lUO. 

BILUKGHAM, Bidianl— we BKLLwoHia. 

BILLINGSLEY, John, u.a. of 8t. Jokn't, Cambridge and Corp. 
Chr. Hxitird, irofl bom at Cfiatham in Kmt, Sept. 14, 1C2£, 
»nd onlained tfrpl. 26, 1649, in the Church of Si. Andmr 
Vnderthiifl in Lonilon. liSTiile be was at Oxford, bo 
preadied frequently in the adjacent plaees ; and atltngth 
had a call into one of iLe remote and dark coroeni of tin) 
laud, to preach the gDH|i«l ; which he did very amdnooibr, 
n':. ut .'i^idinr|ham tu (^mbtriduid. Htt found the peqpn 
very ignorant, and tlier«fora nt apon catechizing, and 
waa one of the aasociatton for roviviog the ecriptoral 





BEULIXOSLEY, John.—eonivmM. 

diecipline of particular churchea. of which the world baa 
bad an Mcount in priut. From tbeuco tie removtid to 
ChMtrfietd ; where he was liii^hly vnlned by m&ay, Ac. 
He died May 80, IDf^l. Ho Wrote- (tomothing agniunt tlw 
QitaJtfn, tutA ]iriiitc-d a fltnnon with it. — I'almrr't iVonwR* 
formitl's Mrmorial, Vol. I, p. 818, 1775. 

StiODg Comforts for Weak ChriaiianB. [1658 9] 

FOX. OootKB. Founder of the Bopicty ol Friaudn. 

Tbe Great Miitcrr ol tbu Uroat'Wbaro imlclilod, Ao. [p«ffA 118). 

BmE, Ua^ne — eee Bvjik. 

BIRD, Benjamiii, of E^ter. appears to have written eeveral 
books, hut I am nnahle to give Uietr tiUi->a, having scordted 
MTeral libraries in vain to Hud copies. Tho fullowiog 
ftre tho AmiWGri). 

nEU>. Joha, ol London. 

A B*pl7 to BtviAMia Bibd'i Iipioranco, Poll*, tie. Bybimdwli- 

io liiH lD||«tiio)i« and vtiy Luviux Fijcnj. Mr. Wiiliam Clap 

of AbboU Wiialton. 8m. Ki> PrinttT'i nainr or pLtet. {I69G.1 I 

-— Tfao minatiina fiiift't Hlingi Cliyl ; ur, » Bii|il} tu /trr^/aniia flinl 
Cntholick flia Fb^oii Dtmai*. 

(Ito. .Vo ftiril*r'« naiw or jiJnc*. [10011.1 1 

^^ Vnu dTIioging no Chiub, Bwing An AnswiiB Ui B. liird'i Bvpl; to 
thu llanifirrjnff Uinri H'in^ Clipp'i. 

London: rrinted /or Thomas }iorlheot,iu Qtorgt ■yard in 
Umbant-iirtfl 8vo. I8B6. 1 

BIEKENHEAD, Sir Jolm (or Bcrltcnhcnd), a Tolitical Writer, 
who was bom in the year 1015, and died in 1079. 

The Fonr-I<;gg»d Quaker, » Ballud t» tho tune of tlio Dog 

and Elder H Maid. 

BLAKE, Pmncifl. 

Choice CoUoctions of Hcriptnro agniiiKt Quakerism. 1655. 

FOX, Ukmi*. Foiui<l«r ol tlin Uncloly ol Fiioudi. 

^^ Hie Gnat Wttuij o' <^|' Uni«l Wbon unloldod, Ao. (pofln sr). 

Fuliu. ICG-J. 

BLISS, Qcoi^, A.U. Perpetual Curate of Funtmjtm, in Su»ux. 

I The Obligatory Kuture of the Sacraments ; or, Strictnre* 
on &lr. tiunicy'H reninrliH rci^poctiug BapLiHiii aud tha 
Lotd'g Supper. By th^i Rev. George BIikb, A.M., Ac. 
Lonifon: PrinUd fnr ,/. Uatehard an4 Son, So. 187. 
J*i««iii%. «y W. Jl/iMOB, t'AtcA<«irc . 12aio, 1828. ff) 

BLOUE, Bicbaid, of London. 

Qi.'KaTioN!i Propounded to George Whitehead and Goorgo 

Fox, ibo. Who disputed by Tuniea agaiiut one Uuinir- 




BLOME, Bichard, — coi<iinHrd. 

sitie-MAJc Id OamAruf^r, An^. SO. 1659. ByR. B. (nt tli« 
eud of tiio Quftlutr diuftrmea, A«., by Tboe. Smith.) 

4to. [16W.J 1 
Rttjirintcd wiih ftdditions, ftt the end of " A Gagg for Uie 
QnAkcFK, &a.." by Tiioe. BmiUi. . . . 4to. 1C&9. 

WHITEHKAD, Obo. Hn.l Gko. Foi. Uib Youubw. 

Truth De[*ui1!ue thp Qnnkpni uiil their PrincipU* : or Urn 

AmiwcT of Tnilli to ib QavBtuuii propomidod to Q. W- »ad 

O. P.— By B. 1) 8wx IC50. 5 

— Tlio Faxatick Uistokt : or. An Enact Reutnox nnd 
AocorNT of Tlif Old AKjjiKPrtsta, and .V")!' Qcakkhs. 
Being the aumiQe of dl tbst bath be«n yet di£«ovvr«d 
abont tbeir mont BlaeplicniooB Opinions, Dangeroas 
I'actisea. and MaliLiouK Eudevoura to eubrert all Civil 
(Jovenimeul both in Cliurcli aiid Slate. Together with 
their MatI Miniick Prankn, mid tlitiir ridiculous a«UoBa 
and fceoturvM onough tu arnuno any sober Christian. 
Whiefa may prow th« Death nnd Burial of the Janalith 
^odrtiitB. Published with the aiiprobaiioii of divers 
orthodox BiTines. [Dedicated to the King (Chorlw 2itd) 
with a fine portrait of him.} 

Lcmdon, Prinlfd Jar J. Sinu, al the Crom Ktyf in St. 
Paut\ Chureh-^ard. . . . SuutU 8to. 1000. 
BUBBERTHOBKB, BicLu4, of TtUand in Laneatbtn. 

wid Jahrii Nutlxh. — A Sbort Axtrmui to a Book oallol, lln (]iHi'>r>' : WblUliecl irith Iba Appmbation ot lUtar* 
Orthcxtux Di*incMi (•■> osUed) aiiiI il«iUe«l*il to Ui« King, hj 
BiiUuTd lUume. UK&iuiit tbi> Qr>iiEii«.) Whioh Iwinit 
BHuniiied and TriM, u found to b<> a I'uckpt vl Old Uea, tataj 
at mhuk WW wvan jtvari diii'e prcfrntcd lu tiia Ltitt* Par- 
likinaiil : uid iKnoa to other ParliamcDti and Prototton : 
whirJi br na vu Aniwinad and Ccoiliilcd in (ho Tear tCtS, 
Buutjr oUi«r LIm aod lalM Hsportii u> etiburad up alne* by 
ibtm : wliirli bvrrin {■ Ansirarad and Piaprnrad. 
Lvn^an, Printnl for Qiln Calvrrl, at (Atf Blaeh-Sfrtad- 
M»fU, at Ihi Wft-rnd of Poult 4lo. 1S60. 

BOND, SaiDMon, of ComuaU, wa» ono of th« c)out«d UiniKt«rs. 
H« aft«iirsrds went to th« Inland of lltrmiulat, wbore ho 
. Y died. 

ia^^ A Publick Ttyai of Uie Quakers. 

E8TLACKB, Franciti. ot BtrmuAti. 

— A 9iTmliM pitiithr prored * PMoemtor. Beins ■ Juit TBYAL 
ot SMiipwn tkaa's Book, utititiil«l, " 1 pnhluk i.nxl a( t|)c 
Aukii*, it," Prangbt with FjlluciH. Fslw fioctruiu, 
Slaadcni. BAllliigli, AMftniooM, F'nrYi-ninn*. nad olh«« 
abiMM, berain VvlBttai. Vintiani. uul Wi|«il at. A»d 



BOND, Hianp#on,~<o'iiinue4l. 

that Uic Tni6 Cbritil !■ Oimcd by the Poojilo nllod Qnalscn. 

plulnlv lUMilr mAaltai<t.~f>*ij Ihrur Ih-it hafr Anm imirf pat- 
licuUirhj rvnfrrnnl, an'l hyr iihJ /Ciir ft'ifui-fHf in Ihf Dit' 
jmU at ltvriuuilH>i ; unit rAoir Ifuit fiiii^r Aiirf (A<' /iiruial i'/Am 
Surii, irhith manifest* iUtI/. 

liomitim, I'rinttd by John Bringhwttt, dt fht ttjfn of Ikf 
Book, fn Oraefchurch Sirrcl 1t«>. 1688. 

tl«ML— Put ol (hk bacA u l^^'i^'"'"*" Wn-Kmui". K-O-uul J(Miit Tvto.— 
Km Bjr Gttilogiit oT ItlmiJt llooki, toI, I, p*g( E77. uO trI. 3, ptea <tl7. 

B0S8UF.T, Jamex, a colebrutctl Fnmoli Frolato. was born at 
IHjoti Ui Itaj. Uc complfltdil liiii tituilieB ut tbc coUogo 
of Savarre, and hnriDg takcu liin degreoi* in Divinity, 
became Caoon of MfU. Ou accautit of Iiio fumu lui a 
Preacher be wus invited to I'ari*, wlierc in lUftU li« wuh 
made BUhop of Comlom, tmd ajipointod preceptor to tlie 
daapbin, to vliom Le addroiised bin Di§coiu«e on Utiiver- 
aal Uiatory, which ia the betit of all hi§ works. Soon 
alter bjs appoiutiuont of tutor be reoigued his Bifihopric, 
an incompatibie with that employmeut : but in lliSO the 
King tnatlc hiiu Almoner to the Dauphiuesii, and the 
n«xt year Bitdiop of MeauK. In 1(1117 lie wim uoiniuated 
Councilor of State, and noon uftor first Aliuoncr to tlio 
DacW-M of Burgundy. Ho wiw hIbo admiltiid a momlicr 
of tbe French Acadeoiy. and constituted Superior of tlic 
College of Navaite. Bossuet dixtin^uisbcd blmwlf 
sreatly by his Sermons, particularly tlie funeral ouea on 
illustriouB personages : nor was be less celebrated aa a 
controvertist. His " RxnoHitiou de la Doctrine de I'Egbae 
Catbollquo," van rovoived with uucommon markit of 
approbation by Uiu merohnm of bi» Coniniuuion, and ii 
Raid to have wrought powerfully in converting many 
ProteittiuitN. In 1086 be publiuhcd tbi; "HiHtoiro den 
^livcB Protestantes," which was rd'utcd by several nblo 
wrilen. ile died at Paris in 1704, and wn« buried at 
Heaoz. His works were published in 1748, in 20 vols. 
4 to. — iiorwi. 

^luiimion A-la-M'ide: or, a History of Qnietiem, partion- 

larly that of tlic Lord Ardt-biiibop of Camhraif and 
Ifadam Ouinmr.. Containing An Account of her Life, 
ber FroplmeicN and Vikioua. her way of Contmnnicatiug 
Grace by ElTasion to those about ber at Silent MovlingK, 
&c. Al&o An Account of the Mnnngcinent of that Con- 
lroT«r8ie (now depending at !U<"o-) butwist tho Aruh- 
biahop of Camlmiif and Lbe Bishop of il/cnu, by way of 
Answer to tbe Archbishop's Book. — Writ by Meniarr 
Jacques Beuigues Boeaaet, Hiahop af Meaax, tmc '/ ih* 
Prvuck King's rn'ry Conncil, m\d I'nUahti bjf Aii 





BOSSUET, Jftmee.— «oR(tiiM(ii;. 

MajfMi/'a AutJiorittf. Done into EngUJi from the Origmal 
printed at I'arU. 

London, Printed for Jojril |B"ns at ihf Harrom fii Little 
liritnin, and al titc Crom-Kry* and Uihlr w 

Comkili marktl. . . Small Svo. 1088. 6} j 

Frioe One Sliilling. 
{HrU. Mu$. -a^) 

BOUIiKS. Edward,— «ee Bowlks. 

BOUKIGSON, AntoniR, wiw bom in 1616 at !,i»i^ \a FtanJtrt, 
and died at Frtaukfr in tlio Pruvinca of l-'rhe in Hollaiid, 
the 20tli October, 1680, aged C4 years. 

^— Uel lioht dc6 Woorelds, /« fen iter watraetitiy I'frhael um 
eenf Pellcgrimmo Anthoimkttb Bodbiohon, Na't Eeawig 
Lone teisende ; /f-rn dm daeh gttrra^ door GauiaTUBH da 
Coat, Dizecteur van't Kiland Noord^trant in't Hertogdoat 
Hidstetn, geweest Zijnde OrGTstn van d'Oratoren, en 
Padtoor van Bt. Jan, tot Mitcbelcn. Vii hit Frant na 
«t/n Hand-ifhrifi reriarU, en in dru ulnhken rrrdeelt : 
Yrnlienmdr ticUsrii, vrr^tatm, «i tpA i« aekt ijKfinmfn te djn, 
ran aU* J'/rtiiniua bugtmil im xirb trl tJriill u bfkr.ctren, 
m hart uili-ihrit vU tn Ktrbfti, Eerste Dbbl. 

t'Aoutfrilam, iiy PifUr Armtn. in d» Bturt-ntrnft, m df 

drie lUpm, Anno mil. . . . 8vo. 1671. 28' 

• Al>VKBTISflENE)rT ; VtM AitTIKHKEm BotTaiU!tON,QetofarATOD 

a«n alle menfichen die het aenfcmaa ma^. Tcgcn Dm Suns 
dor QuAKKut. Op hare ongefondeerde rtNlcnon on LuMiir- 
ingen, die ty tegeoM liaur hebbon willon b«w(!K<^:i, door 
Bf^jtmin Furhj, tn kuActix Qm»kcT» ; in ocn Trnctoatjo 
gnintit^docrt, ~iliitt;ain(lle i^ouiignoti onttriltl in ^lai-gml 
gupmbnact; gt&iulil in ^^mititttuin in t'Jaai, 1G71. 

Wtlk« LtuUritigm en qmulf StellmiieH der Qualitrt, Ktnar- 

(ijk ten Toon //mtett xijn, door dit Adttrtiatmeni, 
T'Amiterdam, By Pietrr Armlz m de Beurt-Slmat : i'm 

df dru Uttpfn, anno. \6Ti, . . . 8to. 1672. 97^ 

FtniLY. Brajuoin, ol Colchfttr, ttlerwuds of Bolterdatt. 

AnlbaoiaUo fimmgnan ondockt, te. (Part by Stopbco Criip.) 

AmtUrdam, PrtnUd. 

Sm mr Cateloju oC rflood^ Veob, m. 1, |i MT. 

^^^ A Waxniko Af^Qfit the QcAKKRft: vherein Uie Errors of 
thai 8e«t are plainly detccUtd; and tltv Aolhorilj of 
Oottmaun, lioth Civil and Eocluia«tica], fully vindicalod. 
TogotlMr with An Aeoouat of tlic Piincipicn, Mvans and 
Char«etcn> of Tmo ChriKtianity and ItcgcnonilioB in lli« 

. 4to. 1671. 71 




BOUBIGKON, AntOBia,— ron(tNu«<f. 

Spitit of Jkhi's Christ. By Mm. AKmncu BocxiaxON. 
DoHf out nf Frmicli. To whioh is prufix'il A Preface to 
tlie Kfgliih BeniJrr, 

London, I'nni'J /or H. Biimugh and J. Baker, at lA# 
Sun avd Moon, in Comhill, , . . 6vo. 1708. 

BABCL&T, Bolwrt, JOD. cit AhfHUfn.—fkXL of thn Apolo^nt. 


— AMod««ttin<IR<«inaR AnDRF.SSlflthavaU-mraiiiiiK Fnllowon 
of AMTONIA BOl'UK-KON, iipou ixMuuiloa of tbo Tnn*- 
btmg Mid PabUiiliiiiK '>F Her Wuwitmo a«|iUo«t tlM Qd;ixrm, 
and iU ProtMO to (hp Enulish B«iMl«r. Bf on« ol Uw kEcitb- 
Mid PMpla, With n LvUm from *. i. (Aukkiw Jtmti) to 
Dr. 0. «. (GtoMx GiocKx.] . 4to. Piintod in the imt, ITOa. 

CATALOGUE of the several TrcntissB written by Mw. 
AutDuia Bourignon, comprised in Nin«toon Volumes. 
Vol. 1 oMitnias on A|>ol<iKi'tii'iU 1*(«[mi) for Mrs. Anl. UouriKUon'* 
D^trine and rcrauu. 
Hot Idtflrioitr Lifa I , _ . __ , ., 

% lin. A. BnnriKium'a Life continncd b; it Friend. 
a. Ood'l Onll Mill Menu lU'fnsn). in 'i PartR. 

k TnMtiitu of tbe {{"liMi? Lit*. 

^le Lwt Metaj of God. 
4. The Light liaen in Dulmen, in 4 Porta. 
n. Thn Piioonl of Mao DiTinit; . lal and 2iid T*nrta. 
B. Tho ('nneral nf (»!■(> Dirinity. Srd nnd Itb Tarta. 

7. Tht Lii[bl of lb« WorLd. In i PiirU. 

8. Tb« Aoidem; of LenmM Divinea. 
The Confiuion of lli>- liiiltdunt of liaheU 

9. A Treatise of Solii YiitiiH, in 3 Purts. 

10. A Wuning »j;iiinFit tim i^iiaken. 
The PoTtcciitioDii cf tbn BiKhlcHniii. 

11. Th* Tantimony of the Truth, tut Put. 
13- A CoUnoUon o( TeotlmoDlai f[iTcn to Nfni. A. B. bj' neat); For- 

•ona of (mdoiibttd Crodlt and Vnnwity. 
13. The TutiniMij of Tnilli. '2nd V»ti. 

ItmoMaM MknovMc'd, and Truth discover'il. 
H. The Tonoh-Ktone. 

The Uonun^'SlBr. wilh ■ CoUoalion of divi>r« PnunnrntM. 
lA. The Bliudneiii ol Mm oo-s-a,'Aaj; in 3 PnrtB. 
IB. AcU-Chriat dii00TBr«id, in D Forte 

The 'AeAj PtTf.poctiT«. 
17. The Beni^vatiui) ol the Ooiipat Spirit, In 8 Part*. 
16, Tb* Kev U««t«D and the New Eanh. 

The StooM ol the Hew Jtrutattvi. 
U. Bound Advifos tu all lort* ul PtnoiM. To whioh in annei'il, 
Th* niniiiinntod J. EnKullwrt of lii« Thrt'o Eitnto*. 
U(i«t of thoM Writiiitn BCD tmnalulcd Irom the OriRinul FVmirh into 
the Hifh and l.ow-Duleh. H/ilid I'irtuf. I'arl I. Tho nmeb- 
«(«IK. end TJur ili:nat>iiliiin n/ the (iotpet-Sp'rU, I'art I. aleo 
hate Latin. The U^tol th* Wcrld. Solid Vlrtnn. Thr Llg^t 
riaon in Uarkoest, The BenoTnllun o( the (rMmd -Spirit, A 
Wkmin;: amiuiit the QuaktT', Thu Pur«acutK>iut t>t tbo 




BOURIGNON. AntODi*,— wHiMMerf. 

BinhlMiuK, Tbo Ackdemf nf Learned Divinoi. miiI tli* Cm- 
taaioa of Ibe Bntldera of BaM, into KHgliih." 

Hra. AntAuU BoiiriKiiun'it Contvvsioa of Fftith, pnbliciilT pre- 
sented by tivT to the Court of Gottvrp, to oppose tho 
malicious Roportit which some bad indnstriouiJy raiftMl, 
to maJio th« purity of lier Voctmie and 8entiiu6otn bo 

L f mn ChruHan, and do belifrr all that a irtu Cliritllan cujrAt to 
II, / <tm bapiii'd in itu Caikoliei Churtli, in tht Name of Ihi Father. 
In lAc Naau o/ th< Stat, in tAt Sanu <tf lAr Holy (iliiml. 
III. / MUre Ihi Tuv'h Artictri of Ikt CnxiJ, irr Ihr Apottltt Sj/miiol, 

auditi/n'l daabi nf auif ont Arlirlr o/ it. 
IT, I htlircr tluti Jnus CluUt u Irur Ocd, aiut Ihat He u oImo trrt* 
itait: atul likncitj tluil In u thf Saviour aud JUdttmrr of Ik* 
T. Ibtlirrt in Iht Ootpf), fn Ihr Ualf Prophrli.and in all ih* Hotg 
Seripturft, bclh ef tht OU and Hew Tatanunl, 
Ju>i I will Uvc BiKt ili« ill aU Ui« PoiaU of tbii Fiiith. nhieli 1 jimtoa 

before UdJ uDci Mi'D tu til wIimii it nu; cunuwii. 
In iMtimonj vhcnof, I bavo mibccrib'd thin mj CuufexiOD wiUi nj 
Mfinil. and loal'd it vitb mj Seal. 
At SUivi<li. M<in;\ 

II, ic;g. :l.s.] 

Jnl. Roarifuim. 

BOUBNE. Inimaiiu«l, Fitator of the Church in .Uhovn- in 

A defence of the Scriptores, and the Holy Spirit maldag 

in lliein, as the chiefe ludge of Coutroversioa oi Fatth, 
Kuil of the light iii tttem, as neodfull to be loolied uuto for 
direction to altalne Balvatiou : WiUi a Viudioittion of 
that Honour duo to Magi6trate«, UiutKt«ra, and otbera, 
BMOtiing to lh<:ir Placeit and Diguitieii. In a R«lBUon 
<^ • Disputation at < 'lu-tirnUUt in the County of thirhy, 
betWMD B(Hn« MiniKten of thn OospcII, and .lamr» ya^er 
aa erring Quaker. The QooKtions disputed were theaa 
foare : I. Whftktr the Sfiiril qf Ood nfxtiikia^j iti tA^ Scrip' 
fur*, br iKf CkU/t Jiidff* of Owiirowmm of Faith .' AflSnaed 
b; UB Ministen of Christ. 8. ITAriAn' lA« pririUe Spiril 
in lit Pope, or in "»(iy Qitttkfr, be tiir Chitft Judfe of Contro' 
Vtrme* f D«ayed. S, Whether erery man Iw bvavd to took* 
to tkf light irilhin him {at taj/idft) /v Am dirtffiim to 
attaiH* Sairation ! Denyed. 4. ll'ArJAcr I'r he lairfiiU to 
mil «Jvy oMN Matter ur Father, uftrii earth, ar to gire any 
AoNoitr to man f AlEnued. In vhivb, Tito Truth in con- 
firmed, and the (Juuker'n Error* and BloBphrinieB 
dtiKovered, and cotifuicd, and ntiuij places of Scrif4tira 
from tJic Vfilieii t»U« iipphcakliunH, elvared. With sonu 
AnittiadverBioDs uponn lying Relation, of that dispatation, 




BOURNE, Immftnno), — foniiaufil, 

pnWwli^d by lamr* XayUr. By Immamul Doumt, Piwtor 
of the Church in Athorer in th« Connty of Dakbt. 

LomUft, Prinurt /or John Wrigkt at th« Kmg't Uead tn 

thtOUBaUty 4to. 16116. 

R)X, Qtatffi, Founder ot l)io Sooi«t7 of I'ri*Dil8. 

The (iiwt MutzHTof Uiu Ureut Whore onluldbd, 9x. (piwe 13T.) 

Folii*. 1689. 

A Defenoe and JnatificatioD of Minutm Malntmancf by 
TyniKN. And of Infnnt- Baptism, Hiimuiio Lcajning, sad 
tlie Swortl (if the Mn^pKlrHte ; which some AnAUAmsTS 
Iklwly ciUl Fonr Bandy PiUan, and Popish Foundations 
of oar Ministry and Churchae. In which Tythea are 

Svrcd to be due by Divine Bight to the MiniHt^n of the 
oepel. At) common Objections Aasiv«red, ajid divers 
caws of Conscience humbly proposed : with a light to 
dear them. In a liEi-Lif to a Paper sent by some Ana- 
lapiuts to Imma-miei. nooKKB, Late Pa&ttir of the Churdi 
in AiKtortr in tlie Comity of Dtrbg : now Preacher to the 
CongTegatiou at WaWiam in the County of l^resier, 
'With A sliort kx*yni» to Anthony Prirmn't Great Case of 
lathes, Ac 

- 7%m Mat atkomd Idak, dft Otau «nmll SiKhkdpi (~— Reia. 1. H. 

London, Printed /or John AUtm, at ihe fii'«'ii(( Sun in 

PouTm Ckurehyard. . Small '8i,0. 1669. lit 

BOIIST^S, FJward, M.A.— was the Sou of Oliver Bowles, of 
Sullon in ticJ/ordiliirt. lie was fur immc time Chaplain 
to tfa« Earl of Manchesl't, bnt npou the rednutiou of Yurk 
vu eonstituted one of the 4 MiaiBteri' mnintniued by th« 

State in that City with honourable (.tipeuds. He was 

cIoet«d to the Vicar«ge of L^tda, Afml, 1661. — but, 
throogh the favour of the time*, Dr. John Lakt (after- 
wards Bishop of ChUJifst-vj was instituted into that 
Vicarage. Mr. B. preached liis course at the Minster on 
tlie Wtdnmtag Lecture, and once a month at Tii'Ieuntrr, 

where be was often set upon by the Quakers. Being 

aalied, in bis last illness, what of Conformity he disliked ? 
bo aitswered, " The whole." Ue died at the a^^e of 49, 
and wan ban«l on the evoof Burtholomftr-dny. Ifiua.— 
Hia jMtrKon wiix tall and haiidnome ; bU diriiorliiient, 
iDoi)c*t and obliging. — Palmrr't Soncon/orinintx' Mfoioriat, 
Voi. t, p. 680. 

- Tfaa Dtmx and Dakokb of S^VEARTNG : Op«nod in • 
Bonnon preached at Yokx t'fbnutnj 8, 1665, the day of 
Swearing the Lord Maior. Ittj Edw»rd Bowie ^-Jt- 





Zaeh. S. 1. 

koA I '•ill biins f^'th Curie. >dd tlic Lord of BMU.nnd it riiril 
eiiUi iMo tb" Iloaiiccif thn Tbiof. anil iaio ibo Hoote of him 
tlmt ■wunritUi tnt"lj; )>j luy Namn : itntl it iiltnU nnmia ia 
' (lin mldnt <>( hU Hai)ii«l aiiil ulinll oonsiuue It, tiltli tbo 
Tiiulivr thnniut, and tliu siuiiun Ibtreot. 

PrinUd and kM tN York by Tho. Broad. . 4to. 1688. 

[Brit. Miti. 1858 b.] 
FOX, Ooorge, Foumtra oJ the Sooiuty of Friondii. 

Tbo OkU M i«mT cd tbo (irott Whoro unfoidod. Av. (p«RD 1781 

TqUo. 1C£9. 

BOWYBH. , (Parson) . . ■. . . 4lo. 1«55. 

Bie Dnfy of eonsalting a Spiritual QNiiaerconsMertd. 

|il)Out ITW.] 

BOWSAB, SiHQUt'l. ot /Try'.fjmrt in /'or»^(jJli'«. T.atAsoit,. 

Ccai-vidwiitioQii ou d pnmphlol, cotitn!<Ni. ■• "Hio I>ntj of coiuall- 

jng a SriiiiTiTii. (iriDx. rj>ni<iitcrKd : " OLvra and luodrd 
>b<iut lo the Inlinhitants nt .Vnitoct. f.imj(. jtSlfon. Ao. and 
lb» Autbor's I'apith ArguiiMula rvtuted luid dei^ttNl. 

8vu. Frblvd iu tbo yoitr. 173<. 

B0Y8E, Joseph, s tlii4H«ntiDg Miniictor, wiu bom at I^td» in 
I'orAiiAirc, in IttlKI, noA I'diicuteil firHt nt Kendat m It'fvJ- 
tiiortland, and next at an Academy in Supnni. la IftSS 
he became joint Pastor with I>r. Daniel WilliiLinit of a 
, CoDtiTegation at Zhiblin, where Mr. Bojse aftemarde had 
Mr. Tbomas Kmlyn for a coadjutor, till a diSerenoo arotrC 
between tliem upon the doctrine of the Trinity, The 
eoudact of Mr. Boyae od that occasion enbjected him to 
mnob severe censTire, He died in straitened circom- 
stances iu 1728. His vorks were published (he same 
ye«r in 2 yoIm, foho.^l?""'. Mrtgarifit. 

Thn WoKxii of the Reverend and Leanicd Mr. Joseph 

BoTKc, of OuUin. Being a CovrLKTK OuixecrtOM of all 
the Piiicotinic*, SvnDOna, and otlit^r Trucl», WhicI: hftvo 

be«n already Published. In Two Volumes. 

fjmtltm ; PrinUJ/or John Oraij, at (ht- t'lVMJ.AVy* in Ikr 
Poultry Folio. 1728. 

S-M.- At Ihrmlnr Uiii Ur(B mik, m, "Son* I^kkm aCtnt n-tlm 

FUUAB, Saaiul. ot t>Htilin. A SohoolmMtn. 

A Scvioiu Bcri-T to IVrito >«ction> ot ^baubi ftoniu. pro- 

poanl to Uic osnidonttioD o( lb« Piwplc iiallt:4 Qotxn*; 
tncciadm); ttM Work* ol |au)ti V"])*'. )** >!)«<, an At*A 

ITSH. By 8aai4*l FiUJnr, on* Ht lb« PoofJn call'd Qii«lun. 
UMiii: FfUittd ami mid fty Sam. AtUtr, «( IA( Otok dnJ 
Stain, In Mtatli-Strm Aro. tTSfl. 




BRADLEY, Samuel, of Souihu-arl; f iv Bapti»tTi 

A Reply to * ScftntUlous Pftpcr. 'i oompoaod 

The AnnioKtTY of tho Tmc MininUy. in i^'i'Toli 

Spirit : uui the IildUlry "' mnb ilun, lui aio iLintiug h IIO 
Shulinet. onJ (.'•■ OnUnani-ia, nn<l [liuir I|jii<>ntiiou nt fto 
Spirit'* Bapti»iii ("/ •ohi'h. Walrr P.i/jfiim ir.i* &«! a riyiirff 

diBuiT«t»i]. BuiiiK u SJwrt /if(uni to m B^wk. *iititiilpd. J 

Arptu to a SeandaioKt Paprr, «ubBcrib»d by une -Samu-fl 
Bradlty, ■ Bii|itiit T«iich«r, *■ eououriiiiii; ti diipulti tlmt hu 
IwtwMD HDtuu of tliQ ptwplo called Quakkw, aud wiinii £aji- 
MtU in Soulhirarltt. 

Londnn. Priixltdfar Rabtrl ihfiignaf III* JSUuk- 
^^rtud-HofU mtd IffmlnK*! (n .Vdrfin'i ('(Jniiut. 

^^ *tc. I6B0, a 

""" »r..„„ ! •fiu;i!>hirf, 

kPPutiTioHs Bden in 

. and about the Towu ^ 

V Oouilty of Lancaster at 

. the BehoMera. BtiluK a 

iH-iiF of the samo Towu, to a 

jti3iiKVATios!i the re u [Kin, wli»t 

A CdUUijigQ^ and what uac may be mudo 

BRADSHAW, Effii-^ur Tlu>. Brea*trr and Orf-iory Moult, 
KULEIL J«BK *<''<' ^t ^ lAre« Jj j£/<'j in lite Poultry, 
— «|^^«i( 6'AurcA 4to. IftSO. 1 

Wliiteat DiveU UNV AILED. And their aheepa 

. f uUed off, that their li'oulviih imsidr may he ewaii/ 

J, la answei to a Letter suhacribed lamea Xaylor, 

^etftJ Quaker. Written by Ei^ih BaAuniiAW. 

4to. PrijiUil, Anno Dom, IftH. 



aTIiOBi Judw, of Ardcilof. avai Walnficld, 

• n« Bailtr Btbalitd, in a rtplj/ to avaprr lubicrlbid Ellis Bi«d- 
iluw, icha mlU il TJii: Qtukor'ti Wutcm l>«vil Uiivuled: but 
hallt dlttoifrtd a dark I>itil In //iiiuri(f, at in Ail foptr 
afftan, rrj.lUd iy him ulia U caitrd it/met Nailer. 

410. A'li PtiiUefi mttM, p{aet, or dale. 
FOX, Qtottf, VonxiAtt of Ibe Society of Friemlii. 

Th* Great HuiBiit ol th* Or<»t Wbore nuloldtsd, Ho. (page H). 

rc\\a. I6fia. 

■ Tbe Quftkere Quaking PrinciploK oxamincd and Befated. 
In A briefo imttwer to HOmc crrunGoue Tencats held forth 
by Jimt* Sajfhr in hjit answers niito Mr. liajner, and 
»ome others that have publikely oppoeed that blacke 

^lirH iti the lUlwUH Quakers. Writteu by EUib Brad- 


Lmiiicm : PriiiUd /or LoJomekt Uoi/ii, and ar* to ba 
K/M at his tAop at the CaaU in Comthill. . 4to. 1650. 

O i 



x-uih. n. 4. 

Anii I will brinit forib Cvttf. b*!'! iho Loti ot Ho«». •nd It ihM 
i'lilvi Lijtii tli<< UiiLMOof tbii Thief, luid iuki tb« Binian of bim 
llint ewuiLnitli lalnlj byiuyKliuK': luicl it riiall r«uiilSo In 
tli*i miilnt of bin Uuusc. nnd thatl eonnamii II, iftlb Ui* 

'Timber tbFrooI, luid the StDtits thurvof. 

rrintrd and sold in York btj Tho. Urwul. , 4tO. 1665. 

{tiril. Mm, l»59b.j 

FOX, O«orge, Foimdor ot tbe Society ot Frlandi. 

The UtMl UiRTBBT ol lli« Ur«at Wlior* uuIuUpj. Ac ipwo ITA 

BOWYER. . (ParBon) 4to. IfifiC. 

T!«! Duty of connnltiDg % S]nrih)al (hiHlercM)«iflpre3- 

LAboiit 1721.] 

BOWSAS, Rilimnil, ol iiri-lj<nrt in n^.n^-tifctri-, [but Amoh] . 

Coanlitcrulitinii c.ii n piiinjihlel, i"iilitiiU"l, '■ Thi- Daly o( cnoxntt- 

iiiM » tti-iRiTtm. titiiDK. (T'»i»id«rinl : " Givuu mid 1iancl«d 
ftliODt to UiM luhuliitaols of Uarttici, Long-Svlian, fte. Bod 
Ui« Antbot'v PiipiiA Afgnmoats related uid df u>«tcd. 

avu. Trintcd in tbc yva, 1731. 

B0Y8B, JoHopb, a iliKRriitini; Mimsbir, was bom at Lrtda in 
Yorkthirf, in IGOO, and educated first &t Krndaf io !('«(■ 
marftanJ, anU oext at au Academy in Slfpney. In 1689 
he became jctut Pastor with Dr. Daniel Williams of a 
CoiiKreitntiou at Thibliu, wliitrc Mr. Bojm) aftvmarda had 
Ur. TlioiiuiB Emlyu for a uumdjutfir, till a diiTtri'iic« aro«e 
1xtIw<*u tliem upon the doctrinr! of tbe Triiiily, Tbo 
rnnduot of Mr. Boysc on that oucauoii itnbjuctetl bim to 
macb KtrrtTR <N>uKure. Hu diul in «trftitoD«] eirctim- 
Ktimaov iu 17SH. His works wore published tin siitao 
year til 2 \-olii. folio. — Qmtif. M^jatine. 

Th^ Works of the Reverend and Lcam«d Mr. Joseph 

Boyso. of Ihiblin. Being a Cpmplp.te Collbctios of all 

tfa« DiECOursee, ilennoii&, and other Tmcte. Wbicb bavo 

been already PnUisbed. In Two Voltunes. 

Ijindon : Prmttdfar JtAn Gray, at the Crott-Kiy* in tht 

Pimltry FoUo. 1788. 

Kd1*.-AI ih* aed i« Ibla lua* niL inw "Soar Oviuim tttttt la Iha 
finrtrliwiuiB «» Uw rrafU <»U^ (Iciiiu, farUnlnrii ^ Um la lb 
<)U(a'* CiniMiF."— 1 Siuat. 

Ftnj.BU. Simaol, ot liuUin. A Sflhoolmaiittr. 

A Scrioai Rtri.1 io Twslva tcctionii ai ^bntibt fiuitt*, pro- 

pMod Ui tbo cuiuldontLoD of thn Pcoplo called (Jcuubb ; 
fmoladiAK 111* Wfirfe* of |airpb Vopn, JB> alltn, an Aged 
■nd En)n(«i Pi«a«bvr affibns Lb« Prv«tybrf«u In MiUfa, 
Vn». By Sraiiivl FaIIct, «n« of Ibt Fecfl* <ati'' l^ufan. 
Kutilin : iYJoMil and mtd try Sam. FvM«r, M tht Olobt aiU 
Seatn. In Utath-Strtri Bvo. ITW. 

B. B,A 



BRADLEY, Samoel, of SouthwiMrk? a Baptist Tu 

A Boply to A Scandslous P»per. '■*! oompoKw] 

WniTEHBAD, GwTfid, o( OrUm in trclmonUiul, lait of(,in<Iuo(!d 

Tb« AoraoRm of tLe Tru* UinisU7. in B&iitUiDC ^tg^t 

S^t; knd thi) IiloUlry of luoh Men. m ara dotUotV 09 
BhadOiet. uid Carnal Oriinan^^4, und tbuii Iftuuniuou of ^So 
BpififN BapCiam (i/ wineh, H'attr Daptiim icm but a rij/Hre)- 

dueorarsd. lieiag a S>u>r! lUlurn to a. Book, entitulcd.. A •• 

Aply >o a SeaiuUUout P-'ii". «ubi»?ribcd by ddo .S'liinu'l 
/Inulbjr, a Bapttat T<Boh<tr. an cnucnrniitg n tliaputo that i«aa 
b«tir««ii Roran of tbo p«(ipl<i call»il Quilkkbr, uul »omn /fu;i- 
litlf in Sauthtcarkt. 
Zondon, PrinUdfor Hobtrt thrtignofihe Black- 
Sprtai-Eagli aid fl'indmil in Uaitin'i I'Grand. 

4to. leeo. S 

BRADSHAW, Ellis, of BaUon-U-Moom, lanmnkirt. 

A Trtio RELATION of the Strnage ArpudTiuxit aeon in 
tl>ii Air, ou Mnniiaij 25. Frbr\uirij, ill aii<I about the Town ^- 
of hollon in the Mores, in the County of Lanriufer ut 
mid-dftjr, to the umazomcnt of tliG Bi^hoMurs. Buing u 
LcTtXR sunt &om kllis aiutiiiHAW of the ximic Town, to a 
Friend in London, with Obmiuvations thert-njion, what 
probably tbey may BigDlfio, and what uite may he ma4o 

Lontton, PrinUii jur Tlio, Brtu-^Ur imil fJriijory Mottle, 
and are to he tald at the three liibles in l/us Poullrg, 
uikJa- Mildrtdt Church 4to. 1050. 1 

The Qoakw*' Whitest Divdl UNV AILED, And their sheep* 
cloiUluiig pulled off, that their Wwh-Uh intidf may hi- ettsilg 
(tixwntnf. In uuwor to a Letter Biibseribed /fim/-.i ,\'ayhr, 

A Pn/iMfJ (iuaker. Written by Elus Bkadsoaw. 

4to. PrtJiiid, Anno Dom. 1664. 1| 

HATIAIEI, JunM, at Ardetla*^ neu H'aktfifliL 

Tit Sailfr Btbtikni, in 't rtjily In apaptr tubtcr'ihdl Elli» Br»il- 

^MM, who ealU it Tlit (jiiakM-'H Wllilunt Duvil VuviuIihI : (ut 
hath Jitctfcerftl a dari Devil in Ilinurl/, a4 in Aii paper 
appeari. rrplitd bf/ him ictui it ealltd Jbidph KuJn. 

iUf. Ho Priuifr'i nnm*. plaiK, or iati. I 

POX, Goorse, Fon&dorof the %otaaij of Frioiuli. 

Tb« iinaX MiirrKaT of tbo Oront Whoro natoldcd, te. (p*8" ^■ 

Folio, lOGil. 

■ The Quakers Quaking Principlee examined and Refuted. 
Id a hriefo auawer to ^me erroucou& Teueuts held forth 
by JoBiBt Sai/lar in his auBwers nuto Mr. Ha-rtrr, and 
vonio othorti that have puhlikelv oppoBod that blaclce 
Mini m thf dtludtd QuaUcrs.^ — ^Written by EUia Brad- 

UmdtM : Printed /or ladowiek* JJayJ, mi4 en to be 

aovld at Ait tko/t lU th* C'-ttU jii Vom*kiU. . 4to. 16541. 





And 1 ^ilt btiw 

thoflinHii Wolghnl: In An Aii*w«r b> » Booli, OftUed Tilr 
jiiuikfr'i Qunkiny Principle, ExanUned and tiefaled, Bvl 
lorth l>T Kllit Bniiltham ; And dodJCKlvd. aa hu aiutb. Ui liia 
Hiitlinats ttiv Lor) rmtct^tor o( Enilland, ScvtUmd, and 
Irtland, with tki! DumiiiidiiJi tlicrual; maidi baait«dc[ by 
tbo Author, but u littln north, on tbo bout i> pt>«t, Ito. Dg 
a Ftitnd M llu IKorit n/ (l<),r. but an erumy la l^t Dtwil't 
trerk, lekert tt U /mtad and flmdtil far, CftlW o! the WoorU 
Junna Naylor. 

Lvtulim, Frinud /or Oilft CalvrTt,M the Biaek-SfTioA-EagU, 
at the Wnt-md of Fault 4U). ICSG. 

FOX, OooTiio. 

Tbe UnuttUmsKiol tbeUraat miora unfolded. Ik. (i>««o>3S). 

PoLio. ie59. 

The Conviction oi JAMES .V.J 17.0 fi, ttnti his Uitck spirit, 

dcmouHtrittcil from liiit owii ctnUTeKHioiiK, Ij'CM, cviwiunfl 
kuil et)<r}tf in lAv moine poinla of Thclritir hg him 
hfld /oTih againiit ihr. truth. la noFWor to « Book of liiu 

called '•WickfdnefM vightd.". Writfoo by EIUb Brad- 


IjaiuioH : Pr6it«d by M. S. for Loitmrick* Ltoyd, at the 
VmtU in Conncali {ComhiU). . . . 4to. 16S6. 

Kow—M Um cailalUnapunpMui addDl. " A FaWrft* * to BU iv* 

BIUOUK, Kobert, Rector of .UUiatl^a:* the Gnat, lAfnden. Of 
Wailham CoUe^/e, Oxford. Hia FnlliPr waa a Captain is 
tlie Parliament's Army. fVhou Oxford waK RnmeDdered 
Im went thither ; and, aa hoou as he wan capable, waa 
ehoMn fellow. Coming aflerwardo lo /jmiAm, lio nettled 
ill tliiH Pariah, and mtliorod a ohiirdi, of whioh h« coo- 
tiniiod PiLntor to the day of his death. Ho wa« » man of 
grvnt hnniility and ninecnty, and of a very peaceable 
temper. Hu died AfrU 14, 1704, aged 77, as appoani 
from bis tomlNrtODe in Jfunhill h'UUU. Ue had a eon in 
the miniBtry amoiis the Dissenters who bore both his 
munee. who sacceeoed Mr. Nath, Maihrr. Works. — 
Funeral Bermon for Mr. Venning. — Another for Mr. 
WadsworU). He and Mr. W%iTi\ain wrote an EpisUe 
betwe a tract of Mr. Fal<h>'s againxt Quakerism. — Palmer's 
NoiK*itifaroa*ti' Mrmiirinl, vol. 1, p. 71). 

BItAY, Thomaa. a pioiia Divine waa bora at Mart<m, in SJtrop- 
ikirr, in U)M. From the school of Onralrg lie ri'itiovcd 
lo Hurt H'lll, Ox/iinl, whore ho took bja degree of BiielMtlor 
of Arts, and then eotcred into Orders. Being rccon- 
monded to tlM patronage of Lord Digby, be obtained in 
IG90 the Rectory of SMd^Ht, in Wtmntkiltirr, on which 



BRAY, TiiOEOAs — «iHi{i)iu^. 

he took his degree of Uaster of Arts. Hero he compoeed 
Ilia ealechetical Leoturos, Uio puhlicatiou of wljich iuduced 
Dinhop Comptou to diooKC hiiu to miiKiriutend the Church 
of Maryland, us Iiih CuimuisKary. tliiH niipoiiiliuc-iit he 
ftoooptod, bat bi^fcire his dc^pHrtiirc h« witx enri'fiil to 
smpEoy uwfiil Mistjipniiriuti, for whom lie prooured 
Panxibiftl LibrorioH, M ouc mtthod of rcndurinjc their 
lafcoare mora clfcctnn.1. This judicious plno w)u« after- 
wards Gitendcd to t'.'i-jii'id and WuUk, nudor tliu Kiitliority 
(^ An Act of Parliameot. Previous to this, he took hiK 
Doctor'e Degree, and it vas by bis esertioos thnt th« 
6o«iet5 for the Propagation of the Gospel was founded. 
Having thna prep&ied tlie way for making the Office 
which ho held servioeable to the great end in view, he 
sailed from EngUud in 1((99, and remained in Ainmct* 
aboTO 2 yvtui to settle tlio Churches. In 1700 be accopted 
the It«ct«rv of St. liatolph, AltJi/aU, from whieh time to 
biK dcatli in iTHO h« Ubourt^d inccRKnDtly in work* of 
pidty, pnrticularlv in eKtablishing and cnlargiiiK bis 
uvoniite plan of t'aroc^hJal Libraries, tbo Association for 
which L8 still in a nourishing state. Besides bis I^tiotures, 
Im published "A Martyrology." in foho ; Bibliotbi-oa 
Pkiocbialid," 2 vols, 8vo. ; aud other works. — JlUiij. liriit. 

An Eaa*v towards Promoting all NecoHxarr aud Useful 
Knowledge, both jOibijtt anb |lunian. In all the Parts of 
tlu Majesty's T'minniimt, Both at Uuniu aud Abroad, /iy 
TmiMvi BiuT, D.D. 

London, I'rinifd iy E. Holt /or Itobtrt Clavel, at th* 
Peaeoek in St. fauU ChureJi-Yard . 4to. 1697- 

RMil— Al th* and U m UnttlHmont «( " DlbUuibM* PwHhuni,' t pifiL 

' A HEHOItlAL representing (he present State of 
BELIGIUN, on the Continent of North America. By 
Thomas Bray. D.U. 

Ltmdan, Printed tnj WHiium Downing, /or the Author. 

Folio. 170U. 
WTBTH, JoMplu of /.ondnn. 

HMumKB on Ih. Itray'i Mtmoiiol, *c., <rttl» BrW CttMrnvatlons 

<iii una* \'in.i,si^i!t ill th» Jiti of l^ii Puilition in M«rrt.iir», 
soil Ml hU (7iiY<i^ir Lelttr Ui Uiu CleriQ? tbure \ mibiHNiueDl 
l« Uia said ViHiMtiun. E); Jiarph Wgnh. 
Ln>4on, Printtd and told by T. Sovilr, In WhiliHan- 
CcMirl, in Graeioiu Strett 4lo. 1701. 

A Ijctter from Dr. Brny to siicb as have oonlributed 
tfivmrds i>ropagaling Cbri«tiau Knowledge in the FlanU- 
tioDH 1700. 




WTETH, JnBDph, ol Loridon. 

Ab AifgBKit to B Letteu frnm Dn. Blur. DirecU d to inch u 

h*v(i Bdiilribulod toarniiiii IhcI'ropgkgnUngCbriilun 5'''i*''b3( 
in UiB rlimtntioni. Itii Joseph Wjeth. 
London, Printtd and mid ly T. S«»U, in Whitt-Hatt- 

CouTt, in (Iraeipta Street. 

4U>. IfDO. at 

— Publick spirit, lUuBtrated in the Life and Oeeigns of the 
Bereresa Ifiomag Bray, D.D., Late Minister of St. 
Jiotolph, without AldffaJf 4to. 1700. H 


Lmidon : Printed Jot J. lirothertoK, at tht Bibtf haW 
Tom'* Coffet Hmue, m OrrnkUL {Priet One .ShUling.) 

8tO. 17-16. Si 

KoU.—il tb* tnil «t lUi book Hun b " 1 Lilt <)/ (Ik AMoEJitM ^ nu l*4> 
Dr. Ilrtjr - 

BBECK, Edwftpd, of Dorehftlet in Kew Knglamd. 

Edvard Bnclc to the Church of Chriet at RalnforU). (Laneit- 

iJiiro).^'With Homc Queries by Quaken. Anguct 17Ui. 

4t«. 16». 
(Brit. Jtfiw. S^) 


Ad Akswii to a 8cuidtlo>tu Fhpft, whprrln unt inn tfoaki 

CT« to lie aDtwer^. And liUwise. Tb«r«[iit*IMniitiat^ 
iM tuA Sltiid«ni. (uid lalae soaumttiuiui uKiuiiat Uirae ptwplo 
ittium be (and Uio World) etUla Qnaken, Dated from Dttr- 
thtiur in }iiu!F.nftand. AuRiut 17, 165JI. inbmnbcd £dicianl 
Brrf it, which »iu direclod to a VoofXe oiliainforih tD Lomta- 
thirt. which he ckIIi ,I CAunrh of CArbl. 

J.Anfli>ii, I'nnifd far (SiUt C'altifrt, at the Black 8pn«d 
Kail*, nifr Ih^ irtti mil i^ PavU. . . . 4Ul 1660. 

(Brit. tint. %p) 

BRIDGE. William, n Puritan Divine, wan Iwrn in 1600. Ho 
was a FcUow of Kmm-mufl-C'illnir, Cavtbrid'it, where he 
took hia Master's de)p«G ; and eftcrwards settled oa a 
Minister at Sunwh, till lie was eilmced for Non-con- 
formity, when he went to liotttrdam, and was cImmh 
Putor of an Independeot Congr^i^ation. In 1648 he 
retamcd to England, and wae appointed one of the Weti- 
minitUr AKtvmblj. He bad abo the living of Great Yor- 
mouih. from whirh be was ejected after Uie RcRtoratiun, 
and died in 1070. Hih works, which an rigidly C*l- 
vioiatic, we're pubU»bed to 2 vols. 4to. — Calamy. 

\ - — Scriptnre Light the most Sure Liobt, C'ampand mVA 1, 
Rerelationa and Yiaiona. 2. Natural, and Baperaaloral 
Drftama. 8. InipreBBiona with, and without Cho Word. 
i- Light and Law within. S. Divine Providcnoc. 6. 




BRIDGE. WiUiam,— «-r.»-,.i/Brf. 

CiirUtiftn Eipcricnco. 7. UunnuiQ Rcmton. $. JadioJAl 
ABtrolog)-. By William hrid'jr, TruiclKir of tlio Ooef cl 
at Yarmaulh. 

I,xmitim : Printrd hy Pttfr CoU in Lnnttn-HvU, atiil at;f_ 
to it wW al hi) Shop, at ttir ai'jv o/ tlic /Mnfwii/- IVnw 
m CoTfthil, netr th* lioj/ui I-l^kavg'- ■ . Ito. IGS.G. 

WHITEHEAD, Orar^, of Orton, Wnlm/irfland. last at Z.un<tbn. 

The L»w i.od LiRlit WiTUm tbo mott mtv Hale, or Li^lit. which 

•heWetJ] the ri^ht ubil' and t'ud uf the t^tripturc, mouilcttud 
In oppniillon to lovorol fiUto I'riDoipleii iniortoj in a Hook 
biUiOleil S^ipturt l.tghi U^ nutti ntrt t.ighi, hj WillUiin 
Brida*- Um (ir««t Paiti^ ujt^ Itoreranil Fatiiei, lo iioi»J<uitutI, 
at UtH Cbiuuti ftl V'lntK'UIA la SowtOUl' Coojbtiidlor (}<Tirr^« 

iV>. No Prinler'iname.pta^tiOr 4itlt, 

Twenty oDft uvAmt BoouL oi Mr. Willum Budhk ; some- 
time F«lIow of Hmmantul CoUodg m CambnJ'j, aud uow. 
Faetor of tho Oburch of Clitut is Oit)M IWwoi^ ia 
A'«/o«. CoUected into Two Vojlcius. ' ■ ■ ^ 

In th* Baacmd TalBm. 

IS. SlTfjif HIT tAghl III/ moil ««» (IjTU ; 

VUi'iiLV, V. SittbnO «aQ flnw- 
DiiiviJ PrtuDi. t. DntiMUM* 

viLb •u'l viUiuui yivti. 4. Ukbt 

mil Lsa >-;Uilu. t. lilimn PiM- 

7:. tlmiDBDe lUunii, «. JaOlslalA*- 
trollg). OnS/VI. l.U. 

14. Ohrfir <■ TthhI, ud Bii ^mninci 

Ifi. 4 X^iry iip/0T (Arf £)oirnriM(» In aM« 
oC 1. Onal fitD. 1. WuluDHi til 
OcuBl B. MlnfrntrJijIii <j1 Ui1!1i«. 
C Wuit ol Apimrjinf a. &, AOIiDtJt-n. 

A. Tnni'Utimi. T. tX"**r1ii>(i. Tl. 

lubuta fniifi Ibc CuDiUiuii> HAclf. 
On ftaU 49. IL 

le. HI* afaliil IV Holv 0««l. 

17. aim vf IttflmU]!, 

15. Tlujai^Apmat trial mil IMimitnl. 
19, riM Oosdaiul Mmu i)/X<MM««hM. 
30. TV OnM TMvi ruilli Mn ilo. 
U. Tk OmiU nii^ ftuk uo i^fir. 

LtrnJoa :1PrittUd iy PfWr fijic, at the ti'jn tj/" (j&« Printing- 
Pnu in Gorakil, n€tr tkt Royal JCxchanife. dto. 16&7. 

BROABBBOf. Hez<tk!ah. (A Fictitious Name.) 

The SuuiB ; or, A Word of Friendly Advice in the present 

Crixi* of Affaii«, To Jmcfh Pri^ithij ■ Wbereiu tli« tni« 
Ckbms of llir late Rims at Binmngliam arc traced to 


la i;te.F)r«t.V(riaD. 

1. Tit OrttI Oorptt Hytlrry v/ Iht Se^iiU 
CpaUhrf tmd iL>llAr«a, optnM and Dp.< 
ftUi/nm C »'«l» l^uU, (JjKw, 

& AafdB'i Pawr to T>m|iJ ; dtvl Cifcntfi 

4, Oraw /w Ofiw» i of, t*« Oii»r-jIo»iM 
•r ChUtt I^UuH nMin.1 I>« nil 

a. Jn II Htal.BninmiiW- 

T. n« ^mtUkiJ Lifr, ml {(.Mn* q/ 

C«rM <■ 1^ BtUrrrn. 
& rik ira»it:^CMaan, 
p. n> ;A4»i'i nidiiv^Lu* is Hw 4^ 

la. CMsTi t^aliv fa ■! «r IfUWgM. 
tl. A n^tHtlM i^Qiltfil OnUruiBMi. 
U OTMf Mil ZflH ArlraiiJ tii/li. 





BBOADBBIM. Hezekiah,— <N»irimi>»t. 

their Source : a CesBation of Hostilities proposed : 

EndeavourH ueed to allay the Hi-'ats and Auimoeities that 
have too loug existed, to reoouoilti the coutending Parties, 
Slid uiiito all roli|[ioa8 PtofcsHious iu the Bauds of 
BrolliiTly Love and Coii«oril : with woine brief Remarks 
oil the Sl»vv Trutlo. By HK}:KiitAit Bkciadiuum. 
Pricp Okk SiitLLixti. 
Fabliabod tecordiug to Aot of ParlioiDOiit. 

evo. [Abonl 1801.] 

BROOKS, Thomafl, Rector of St. Mary. M<i;).l,ilm. Puh .Srm(. 
Ltmdott, Ho was a very affecting Preacher, aod useful to 
many. Tho' be need maDv homely phrnHeB, and eomc- 
times too familiM reaemblances, which to nice oriticB 
might appear ridicnione, he did more ^ood to Honls tbaa 
many who deliver llie taont exact eomposaraa. — Ur. 
Btookt had been for aome tiue a Preacher at St. Thomaa 
Apotila : and about 1(15] was choocu by tbo majority of 
tlio pariahiooera of St. Afaiy Magdalen. GaUuTinj; a 
eliurdi tfacTtt in tli« con^«ftaUoDiU way, llw rent of tlia 
parish prcfonvd a petition agaioKt him to tho Committer 
of MinisteTS, and he publidied a defeooo agaiiiKt th<dr 
charges. He died Sept. 27, 1680.— iWmfr'* Noneon- 
Jonuittt' Memorial^ Vol. 1, p. 188. 

— The Fool Old of the Snare : or. ft Restoration of the Inhafai- 

tanta of Xion into their Place, &c. 

Ijandon, Printtd. rfr 4tO. 16B6. TJ 

NdU.— Krt LrThaniuBrtc^L 7« iha (nU UUe««> ••>• or 0*UkB««l 
modi' Bosfa, VdL % p. IU. 

NATLEH, JuoM, ot ATdf4toi, d«m WakffirH. 

— Pool TSt in t1i» Snsrr.— I>iMi>Kirvd in an Amwei iv John ToU 

Jertijf, Tlumu Bnoitt, and otbar* ilo. I6&6. «| 


^ — Antichrigi in Spirit nusMked. 

PABKKIl. AlriMiiIcr, vl YorluMrt, kftorwardii of London. 

A Puoomy ol Satau'ii Wild, and hu iTbtile Derioei in TmM- 

Inming kimsrllc into tbo likiiipap ol bulb. DKuiu't Ilia 

IjM and daadcn Utaly pri&tcd tni publiakol in a Booln 
•nUtnfed. AnlUkrUI lln UpMtl wunaittd, ±k. fmt ttaih by 
otin Jttwttt UrOTPH, wlio ituoa blnwolf a Ptaadior, .tc. 
iMidim. PriHltd far THimuu Sinmont. at lAf BvU nod 
Mimlh, luar JUertgaU. 4lo. 16ST. 01 

FOX.0MiB».Fa<iBileraif lb* Social of FrienA*. 

— • Til* Oraat Uiaraw of IboOrmtlTbora toMAii.t's. (vttt»W9i 

Folk). ua». 




BROWN. John, of Wamphry, in Sroibutd, vas banished in 1862 ; 
and died in HallanJ in 1679. Besides the following, he 
wrot« a treatise on Uio " Morality of the Sabbatb," and 
other wocUh. 

^ QUAKERI8ME The path-wny to PAGANI8ME or A 

Vien of the Qunken Bcligion ; being An Exnminution of 
the Th^tt and Apolo'/it of llohen Barday, one of thoir 
nnmber, published lately in latine, to discover to tho 
World, what that is, which they hold and owne for the 
only trtii; ('liristiau Helicon, liti Juuk Bkown Minister 
of the Goepol. (WiUi » Powtscript. by R. M. C.) 

Printtdjor John t'ainii, and other iioahiMtn in £iitn- 
buiyh. Anko ciOEJOi-xsvui. . 4to. 1678. 


BABCUT. Bobert. of t/ry. eeor AbfrJtm in Scotland. 

Bobort BixmUy's Apology (or tho Tnic Chrintliui IHvlnity, vinJf- 

fub-ii frtm Jt-jjn liwita's EiiuQiu»tion ixoil |irrteiiiied Con- 
rnuaioii lli«tvii[. in liih liiHih, uHU«d, (JOk^icaiMui tlm Puth- 
wny lo !'•'>*> I HMH. In aliith ViiiduaCiou I. B. bin man^ 
groH prnrnioiM &ud ahaiM i>r« ducovercd, anil his /urlouf 
uid H^lrnt Jlailingf and BrvUinffi lolierl; rebuked. By 
B. B. ^hereunia i» added & Obmiiaii ruid FnoiidlT Rx)>0]i' 
tnlatlon witfa Bonsnt MACocrAnm. louthiiig hi> I'trnMRrlpI lo 
tbo saiil book (•( J. If. writUn (•! hini tiy Lillus t^cEiM, wile 
of Attxanilir Sk'in, uid dvlivenid voiar uuiuiHlui njiiao Bt hit 
bOTaa in lluttfrdiiiii. 
Printed in Hit ytar, 167B, and are to bt iotd by A«tfamin! 
CUrk, Staxioner, in Qtorgt Yard, Lambtr Strnt, at 

Londim 410. 1679. 

Bot>'''>tcd in hla Worbi, pago Tt7. Inllo eiUlloa. 

KfiM.'^-^'bl* a«pbr'*BDiiM not lutv bvwn v<in bj I1t»vd^ f<ar*bi]o BaMv 
■>• xliidlM late (Im tnoDnt if chulH IL, ud WM *nn futiilBa 
lin>oi«riD*U*iH<,BKinp*tttbod In AJXIWg.b^a Ihian^ '■-tb-i. 
(>B*lan<in«ban.'-SHft<n»iil»'i "Can/ulatdfrf ludkyliW DM 
MH<pk>ltr rVMHtt." l>IMa<<<l|>Wa, inu. 

BBO^\'NL£E, William Craifc, A.M. PnstoT of a Dutch BefornMa 
Church in New York for manyycare, was bom in 1784 at 
Torfoot. the family e§tate, noar .Scrntluivun. Smitand. His 
patental ancestors had been the " Lairds of Torfool" for 
nukoy generations. He was brother of the "Reverend" 
Jane* Browiilee, of Falkirlt. and Nejiliew to James 
Jc<&«y, M.i>. Profeabor of Anatomy in tliu University of 
OIme^, to whom the foUoniug work in iledicutod. 

A Cai«fiil and Free Inquiry into tlic Tmo Nattm) and Ten- 
dea«y of tho IBtliginii ^riiuiphs of the Societv or 
FsiEjma, commonly called Quakers. In Two parts. 1. 
The history of tltcir opinions: the rise and progress of 
the Society. U. Dissertations on their doctriuaJ tenets, 





BKOWNLEE, Williniu Craig,— /roWi«w.(. 

their woridiip, ministry, Ac. By WUliain Cntig Browu- 

lee, A.M. Minietw of the Gospd; 
" SiiU-jc sunl ? ic m<> pl&is eucore &u coin da f«i." 
i*hiUutftplda : I'libiitlitii byJuhn Mortimrr, J. lliirsUng, 
I*ri>tlfr 8vo. 1824. 

MMK^-Anmdti n. al OiU lucit, " OootMiM • iiritl IMilBa of Ibiaiut 


RTCKSITE Conlrovony. 

B*Tf«« or BkwbIoo, On Qutiki'iiiiii], 

. 4^. I«3fi. 4 

BBOWNSWOBD. WiHiam, of Krndai. 

The Quaker- Jesuite, or, Popcrj' in QnakerinD» : Boing a 

clear Piscorory. 1. Tfuit tJirir Doctrinf*. irith thfir I'lv/t 
and Argtunrnt)!, art fftcht out of the Coiineil uf Treat, Bel- 
Itumine, ami others. 2. I'kal llu^ir Practv-n are ftteht 
out of th* HaUii aad PraclWt of Popiik UoTiJet, With a 
serioos admonitioii to the Qaahere. to oooaider their waj-B, 
and reton fcom whence tJicy are taUea. liij William 
Browusword. Minuter of' the Go'pd at EcudaL 

Lamitrtt, J'irintrd tiy J. M. and arc to be lotd In/ MiUt liar- 
rUtm, Booktellfr m Kendal 4*0. 1660. 

BTOBT, John, ol IfVitntOfr/anrf. 

SabUsD'* I>«I«H« BrulirD duim. and one of Anttohrirt'* War> 

rionr's DBruTlIi: In *u ADuwvt (o a icandaloiiiB Panplileti 
loUtuUd, Tab Qiuxeh Jchut: ci. I'^ivcty in (fuaktrSme : 
Put taitb by ono William Itrmttvtntra. who cmU binucU 
Uinutotot Uio Goipc-1 al Kmitat. la wblcb tbn Doatnoon 
of tbo Quolttn (•« (^l«d) wa own tru)j sUWJ tban ba hath 
■Utod tlmiu. A*., Ao. B7 JeAn Sloaru. 

LoHitim, Printed for Betifrt Iftlian, m Ikr iUd«t-S|n'farf- 
SafU tmd H'inrf MJJJ, in ilarlitis near AliUrigale. 4lo. IfiGO. 

BUCELEIt, Ednard,— Uiiiiet«r at CilhourH, in HamiMr*. 
•• Ue was much tlie gentlcimaii, a good I^acher and a 
good writer. lie had been one of Oiiifr't Clmplaius, and 
preached before him four tiait« a year, for nhtoh he bad 
£20. After ba waa ejeoted he lived privaUiy at iimd/oi-d 
AUiii in DoT*ti, whar« h« followed the trade of mailing, 
and prcaehed hut Mddom ; «xc«pt in and about (ha year 
1672, at a f^utleiiiau'n Iioum;, where few if auy w«re 
admittod hovidH tbd family. H* frofavuUy atU'ndi.'d at 
the public churcli. — l'aim*t'M ttoneof/omUW Ufmoriat, 
VcL 2, ;.. 7. 

— and BoBXKT PtKaunr. — Tfa« Addtev of tamo MinirtoiH 
of Cbriut. [About ISM.] 


BUCKLER, Eiwtai.—tontmtttd. 

BAKEH, D«ul»l, of Loadov. 

WiUi Trb Lmht iv flftMti FriuiU {ot Om Ma ot WifJii} 

M|>nivvd, Ac. 
London, Pr till fd,— for Mary WnCtcaod. . . . <(<>. 16M. i 

NoU.— Tbs PricaU DUUH m !— 

tMmn TBgUo. John DuBM. Umrd boekUr. 

>h>bne I'lngttT' if um VnKM. JuIid Vutin. 

TttMut Bpuk. Joitatu TiMXtDi. BtmoB PoIa. 

THoauditrii. WUItuDHnbr. HuUoWdliL 

WUUm Uigul. UlDbud Ihmbrtcr. Uutttw* Huru. 

Fbiloeophioal, UietoricaJ, and Theological Obeervations 

of Thunder. 

BUCEBIDGE, Abraham, (A FictitioiiB name?). 

J Copy oj a Qtinlcing KpieLle. Writtm Nov. 7, 1701. — In 
"Thfl N<!W UDivcrMfU Magsiine." Fvt November, 1755, 
p. 177 8vo. 1765. i 

, BULL, George, a learned Prelate, was borne at WMt, in Sumtr- 
reUhirt, in 16S-1. He Was educated at Tivertun School, iu 
Derofukirt, from whenco he removed to F~Mirr CoiUgf, 
Ot/otH: bat oa refusing th« eBRagemeEit he retired iu 
1649 to ItiH nntive Cotutjr. Haviug been ordained be 
bfteamu Miuiistur of St. Ororgp'^K iic-ur Bmtd. la I6S8 \v» 
was preeentod to the Roctory of Stddin^oit, in OlmicttUr- 

tkire, In 1706 he was consecrated Bishop of Si. DariJ. 

— Ue died in 1709. and wae buried in tie Church of 
Brecknock. — From hU Lift', by Nehun. 

Thl>0«F» Boll tea nUUn ttraC IbMliwlHl Toda, Int I d« nM And 
tar of Uhub HlMrt Friradi, b* tm amrihtit— is idnnuT, (od tw 

HIIH|HllllllllmiHIIWII*IHllllllIHl%l>1l>IHllll III >llllllllllMl»"llliri 

CUKYAM, JohB, waB bom at Efntate. near Bfd/ord. in 1628," 
He learnt to read and write, and followed hia Father's 
biisineee, which was tliat of a Iravi-llltig Tinker. For 
fiome yeara he led a difiKilutc life, but at Ictif^h he bc^au 
to study tlie acriptnres. About 1056 he became member 
of a Baptist CongTCKation at Bedford, to whom he oc«a- 
aionally preached ; for which nt tlie Betttomtiou, hti vn* 
taken up ami confined in Bedford gitol 12} yean, vupport- 
iog liinivejf and family all tli« wliile by tagKing laoe*. 
It was here that be wrote his " Pil^crim's Progress," 
which has gone throngh niunerous editions and been 
translated into Koreipn lauf^aj^cs. Un bis release from 
Prison, he be«Bme Teacher of the Baptist Congregation 
at Bedford. Ue died at the house of one Mr. titraddoch, 
a Oraoer, al '<The Btar," ou Snow Hill, in the Pariab 
of Bt. Bejiuh'hrc'a, London, after 10 days sickneea; 
and WHS tiiricd in th4^ Now Burying-plocc. near the 




BUNYAN, John,— contfHnwf. 

Arti]]ery-|^oQiiiI, in the City-road (called Dunbill- Fields,) 
whoro there ia thin intoription ou his tomb, 


Ai'TniiiL or TtiK 

" PiLOKiu'it PRDiiness," 

Obt. 8Ut Acot. U98.—M 60. 

Some OoBpal Truths opened, according to the Scriptures. 
Or, The Divine and Hiiiiiaue Nature of Christ Jeeux, llis 
coming into the World ; Iub lliRhteousnegs. Death. 
Resnrrootion, ARCcnpion, InterooK^ioii, and aecoud ooming 
to Jud|{mL'iit, plaiutj- DeiuuuHtrAtud aud Proved. And 
also, Auawcm to sovtiriil QitctitiotiK, with profititkle Direc- 
tion* to Ktiuid Tiutt in Ihu Doctrine of Jokiik the Son of 
Mary, K^iiist tliosc blnnteriBg Stomm of tho Devil's 
Tomptationi!, which do nt this Day, liko mo man^ 6cor- 
pioDK, break loose from the Bottomless Pit, to bits sod 
torment those thnt have not tasted the \'€rtue of Je«nH, 
by tlie Ilevelatiou of the Spirit of God. Published for 
toe good of God's Choeen Ones, by tb&t Unworthy S<irTnnt 
of Christ, John Bunyan.of Bedford, Bythe Grace of tiod. 
Prcacljcr of the Qottpcl of his Dear Son. {With an 
Ejnvtlo to tfatt Rottdvr, V Jo^Q Burtoa-J ■ Bvo. 10&6. 

BUBHODGH, RJwuO, ol UiuUttHirrxM In ITcfwioMtanrf. 

Tlw True t'nitb ot Ui« (k>*pel of I'vacr ranirndrd for, in rftr 

Spirit of Mttknni: And thf Sfnitery of Salvation (Clirirt 
Within, tiiu Hi^po of Olm^) I'tniiicnli-^ in thi Spirit of Imt*. 
agaimH tht 8c«ret opponticai of loini B<miits a Ptobmed 
Uinlakr ia BtdfonUhitr .- or. An Auraci In hit llnoh, wUBd. 
Saimt Qotftt Trntlu ifymrd. itt. 
London : Prinl-J f»r OiUi IMvrrt at Iht Black Sprnuf 
EafU nt the Wfil <Bii of I'ltuh. . iu>. t6H. 

BvpriBted in lii« Works, vue ISG. 

' A Vindication of the Book called. Some GoEpot-TrntliK 
Opeoed ; Acc^ordiDg to the Scripture*, and tho UppositioB 
made sgainst it by Edward Bokrouoh, a professed Qiutlo'r. 
(hut proved an euemie to the Trutti) examined and con- 
futed by the Word of God. And also. The things that were 
then laid down, aud declared to tho world by me, are a 
seooud-time boru witness to, according to truth : with the 
Answer of Kiiirard Ramiwjh to the Quieries than laid 
down in my Book reproved. And also, a plain Answer 
to his QiuiirieH, given in KimpUcitio of nonl ; aud is now 
also prceontal io the world, or who obw may read or 




BUNVAN, Jobn.—eontinMd. 

hear them ; to the end (if God will) that Truth may btt 
discovered thereby. By John Hintyim, PrOftoher o( tbt 
Oospet of Chbist. 

London, I'rinled/or Maithuta CoufUt/, BootuttUr in iVeip. 
port. Anno Thim. 1657 4to. 1657. 

ttDW.— FnSul to ttil* baDk u ■ BHsmBradatnj SpIiUa. (IpKd bf 
lurbud BpaD«lr. 

Ji iliD BortAC. 
• Juhn Cbm. 

• r)iUJ.ihi>aiiy.Uiiii> nu IBiLtimiUHHlt 

BUBBOUOB. Bdvard. 

Trntb (Uio Stnuigiuit ot All) WEtnniuifii lorlb Id thA Hplrlt of 

TnMli againsl «U l)«o«U: Ami I'tHuiliuK in Ili|thtw)ui»i«MM 
tia owiMP MUM. to Uiti uudiTrbamli UK uf Ui» Hiuplv, iwiuiitit 
■ TMy gTCU □niubd' of Lyes. Slun'it^n. iwrvvrtiutf ktl tlw 
Sfriptmes. Coiitnidictioui. nnd [nine (JuinQiiblul dotrtrinM, 
held (crth by tbt^ IniiEi'EDDI!iti. An-l in pniliiMiUr bf ODO 
JoDK ItrtKloa (»D0 of Gug'i AnuyJ in two MivDriill Dnokm 
put forth bj Lim. ngainiit tbo danpiaoil HOJtttitrcd Pnopln 
cnllnit Qiutlurni. And U a B«pljr unto bi» »oci>nd Rook, cftllod 
A r<*n'h'ca(fOR, ilN- 
Lonrfon; IVintfrf A>r OiUt Calvtrt, at the Black .fiirtad 
EasU. near Ike Wat end of FattU. i\a. I6GT. 

Beprintett in bin Warks, pw^ 375. 

POX, 0»anie. FonodtT ot the Social/ of Prltmdi. 

Tb* CIrmt Himaiiv of the OreM Whure antolded, fee. [pane lOD) 

{•nd pwiD 8) FuLiu, 1GG9. 

— - The WORKS of tliat Emiueut Servant of Ciiiust. Mr. John 
Botiymn, Inte Ministes of Uio Oufi-Ki., nud Pastok of the 
CoDgrugntion Kt BKiiniiio. C^t Jftist Dolumt. Coiitiiiuin|{ 
Ten of liiB Excellent maiiii«criptK prrpiiT(!d for the Press 
bofore hie Death, n«vor before Printed, and Ten of liia 
Choice Books formerly printed, viz. : — 

Tftt a*«iai jvirtinif <»»' 1^1"- 

CkrMa Cmrlfnf JiaHnar <■ kit In. 
U ntrn f im. 

nt 0«iigr»i»lt SMo itTOIutM. 

Ilwlu tamalj l>rlstol. 
SU9M b$ OraCB. 

CkriiUon Sikovlaur. 
IVn* vVlt Ik SjitrH, aituS DuOir^ 

Tlif Strilt OaU. 

Som^ Qi>t]!*l lyfttht OpntA. 

I^^ht fur tlum tn tt^rkmm^ 

T^f Hulv Citf. ATn Jtrmalim. 
Tht llHunwciM <if uu I>ta4. 


Collected and Printed by tlie l^cur«ment of bin Church 
and Friends, and by his own Approbation before hie 




BUNYAN, John,— mititoiiuvf. 

Death: Th&t these bis ObiisUan MtniNtoriitl LaboarB 
nuy be preaerred ui the World : Together witli A Large 
Alphabeticai. Table, [by Charles Uoe,] cootftiniug tka 
Conttnti of the Whole. (With a Portrait,) 

London, Printed, imd are to be Sold by IVilU'i"' MiirihaU 

al the BihU in \ewi)ate-tlrtet. 

I''oUo. 1692. ISS 

Nots. — Quokcn Bru [ofeirad te in this Volume, na imdor, yit. : — 

Atan-t iti L'uDiUUnw ntait QiMbTUH nut auiptl Dmlrlno. p. II. D. >T. 
WOlioH JS« tjirUiuBal oiaMrt Mill xnnx CbnulUn' Satt^^iLriiiniin, 
*.tlM,a.iai. "niit Qiiatf* thii iaalai Clin»-i iwn KitntTK p.<31. ■■ 
M. 01 «iM»m.;i.Ml.ii.3,6,30,S1.M,U. 117.07, 6i.«I. 01 Qulwa 
Wiltlnis luunuiiiRi Olirlil. p. .a. u( H^puoilHi HDid <inilnWL 
■■ Kl n- ». icl. ^^■a>^fI ovti CWlu mJ) k bu ■» iMtsn lb« Woda 
MVD,p, V^- ". ,■<>. Qwafr'ri fiaiietvUtkjilt C,iDvvnHllao About UM,|t 
0^. *. 41. TLuQ^li <iHi\\*r9 hiti: puiut bv«rir ackkiut alD, t^y ■» bnl 
Bmtuni Ruui.f-dm. 'L IS. »lUnoUrM.t^ubTm>atla<iCkrtiitlnll«*iD, 
Uiu Lnnt nwvd UMm. tfr. p. (RIs ■■ IT. A Uaa»>T uld Uul I ibmoM 
Dp ui Uiil, liHilM 1 hJiI Uitf Hull «l Xary su U Brona villi Uh hid* 
BsiIt, ^ Sm, a. n. 8<iDi» QuilJuot (a Ilia QoAkm, 'v, (■>,!• Uml 
indAid Jam: Mr, Uia Clirlal al iid4 ; « m iu> : aij.bbiud hliDcdj 
nflhlii >«i r Aa. : I !;<<■■ baaiwl nan F to., luull unDBsdj bni U> 
Okanbt p. CM, ■>.<•. 

Ot Qulxn PnkDtH, b. 7U. ■. 4. QwJMi alakid nuoni Ulnk J«iiiu 
Cbrid not tebtmiiilaSinCarai^e.nCa.M,!!, Qiulin sanOm* tM 
OailHl. p. 3K ■■ M, O). J«n* CloiR nwld ui aOu u b* iliil bu be 
llwalilal(«bwi.iailul «u*mPrtDatolM,p.7»,«. UbJiOtoB, 
k* cv«M Ml mUhr (M alD, bMkOH Dodalni Ji<l!rf«miteliiDBh>lli*Lof4. 
wwnnil,p.TW,ii.«l. CH thiClb)>>aM f'oIrA, ,> lU.a.lS. TfaiKia* 
Jint BUM but UWM tfaU not b> dUnn'J mml iImjiIh, >. 1% ■■ M. 
TbaH ibailuUl CbUitnil oT Bill, f^ UK, a. 71. Bbwt. AlnsJ <4 CtanM 
Is •••«,;. Tit, 11.9]. QiBbt AniBMmMlirt ■. TBg. a.Vi. Tbn Qvstrri 
dmM nf Iho lUnmMlai. HiTlH di Imnm ^ib lb p. HH. n. IE. Abini 
fwWIiitO Mhn . >■»«.»■«■ 4iMifl«MiilAIwn<tabogiiivlWUi, 


A P«p«r ooncctnuig a stnuige occonnt at Cambridge. Bee 


BUCKLGT, Jadwd, and Mlur*. ol CajtiM^t. 
A Lying WoDilcnr di9i«oi«T»(l, Ac. 

41a. 1W». 

The Lwe or Joioi Bunyan, written by Himwlf. and pub- 
lished uadcr the Title of "Okack AttoirsMnoTo xXfpCaiKW 
or SiNNKKn." With tliv addition of some particnl&rs of his 
vxiicninatioQ before hiit Oommittal to Prison, and a oon- 
tiuuation to the time bo joiood Qood Clmetian in gkmr. 

LqiuIok : Samtut liagtttr and Som, 16, Patemottrr ftov, 

Svo. 1815. 

KoU.-'At (**■ S cl tlw (bora la, ■• Tbe Qcmbn, Ibili Br 

BUBGES8, (Doctor.) 

A Cane coiicetuing buyiuR of BiiJiopH Laud*, &o, 

POX, GoorRc. Pouniln ot the Booioty ol FriMid*, 

Aa AiitwKu tu Dr. BBrnna'* hia Book, tntilnled, A Cat* i 

by of Iruj-iiiR Biihopi LuhIk. 1;o, wd abont TTtlief, *«. 
I^mbli.- I'TintKI for Thu.Simmmtu.atthe IhaiaiU Momtit, 
»ntt Atiirnf^lt 4ta. lUf. 



SUBNET, Gilbert, n wlobrated Prelate, was bom at EJinbur^k 
in 1048. lie received bis education at AhFrdfrn, aaH in 
1G68 went over to Uclhmd, wbero be studied Hebrew 
uaAet a learned J«w. Od bin return be litopptsd nt Loudon, 
aitil was ohoaen a oieutber or the lioyiil Sociut]^. Hu en- 
tered into E]>iBCO])al urd<!r!i iu ll!t!A, luid was prcHented 
to U>e liring of Siliumi; but in 1069, bo wae appoint- 
ed. prof^HHOr of diriiiily at 6(<u>qou'. In liS73, bowevor, 
be settled in London, was macle Cbaplain to Uie King. 
Prmclier at tlm Botle, and Lacturer of Si. Clrutetits. At 
this time be engaged in wTiling the History of the Re- 
formation, the first volnme of which came out in 1(179, 
and the author received the thanks of Parhameut. Tlio 
'^A Tf^ume was published in 1 IIKI ; but tbe 8rd did not 
t^pMT till 1714.— In 16S9. be wa» concnoralud liahop 
i^ SaUthurii. He died March 1714-15, and watt buried in 
Uu OllUTCli of St. Jamet't, VlerkmiwM. — iiiog. liritt. 

■ Bitiliop BrnvKT's HISTORY of Hia Own Time. Vol. !. 
From the Iii.'»to ration of King Charhm II. To thu Settle- 
ment of King William and ^iiet;ti bfiu-y at iha Itevohi- 
tiOD : to which is prefixed A 8iiminfl.ry Ruuapiltilatiim of 
Alfiurs in Church and State bom King Jtunes I. to the 
fie«loration in Uiu year 1660. 

hmtbm -■ frinltdjar Thonuu Ward in ihe Inner Tfoiplr 
Um Folio. 17S4. 

Vol. n. From the Revolution to the Conohmion of tlui 
Tr«Uy of Peace at Virfehi, iu the Reign of Queen Kxkk. 
To which m added. The ArTHoa's Life, bytbe Editor, 
i.aniion: Printed /ur the Kdit»r, hi/ Ja<fp!t Dowtiinff in 
BarlhoUimett Clot/', and Htnry Ifooi^o/Iw f/ic Strand. 
p Folio. 17&I. 

BeprintedioG vole. 6to. lixfnrd, at the ClareiHion prca, 1823. 

• The eame. C vols. Oj^ford, at ihf Vnivrrrity p»v«, 1888. 

History of his Uwn Time ; new and improved edition, 
with Historical and Biographical Notes. 

a vols. Impl. 8to. I8I7- 

ARSCOTT. Alvxandcr. Seboolniiutor. of ItrUtoU 

tJcuK (^invUniniioiu rrUlina to the I'MPRit Stale of Qio Chm- 

liui Uitli^jiuii.— WitLuB AppcMUXfOOOlauitiuiioiDO Ronarka 
<m » I'hmhk" iu llic IJocond Vtilntno ol uliluip UuriMI'a 
Ili»lvfy ol bis own Timim.— I'l^rt Snl. 

Loi^n : Prfnted and told by thr Atiffai af J, Sttti*, o* 
Ihr Hibtf in Georgt TarJ, Lumbenl SIrfri. . . 8v«. n?4. 





BUENET, William, an AnabaptUt. 

The Capital Principles of tbe People caUed gUAEERS 

Discorered and Stated out of tlieir owii WitmNas, Both 
w to what they owu, and aJso u to what they disown. 
All weighed in the BaUftSM, and foaud to repugue the 
the Scriptures of Truth, and to he au evuKJou of the 
Doolrine of Chri*t and hit bkHMLtl Apontlc* ; who walked 
in his steps, and wcto a« m many OnwIdM dim-ovorinK 
his Hocretx, nocording to <J(i}o»i. 1 2S, 8ft, whoM> faith and 
doctrine we ought to follow, ilrh. 6, 12, and whiitcwr \» 
found oontroiy tbereutito, to withstand and oontiinj 
AfiaiDBt, JurU S. By WtLLUM BtmssT, a Xjover of Troth 
aod Foace. 

410. Lrmtlon, Printtd in th* Yftr, 1GG8. 

VCotk— Thv nndnillltf put eoDilrti of throe ptfH En Torat. h toUowh 
"Us CoHCLi'«c<a boat An EiluirUMu) w bc^ dvw ■>> Uu Bmrrvaia.* 

WmTEBEAD, Ooorgo, of OrUm, H'rAtiwrtilawi, liwl of Loniton. 

Til* Linn Mud Liri of CBKin wnnni, kdiI lliv Bitvol sod 

EflioftcT tbereoT PeiooiiJitiBU^. Anil Uiv Qaakm PrinH|-lu 
JoBtified bj tb* SiMipCum ot Trath, tbe Voetxian oi Clirut 
Kni bin Apoi^H. (Tom tlio Uao and B!u;>benioiui Cottatnu- 
ti«aii put upoD tbcm by Wir.i.iui ItunnET, in hia book, rtiUd, 
Tht V^fital Priiieijtiri o/ Ihr pfoplf ealSrd Qiuiktn. Rotoitt 

tbe rott of tlio Bapiitu that owa bim may iW bit AaU- 
CbriiUkn >|iirit imd doiitriim — delmtvd, Ac. 

4(0. Lonilon. Primted in O* Ttttr. 1668. 

Bcprintcd {with " Tbo Cliibitiiui Qiuker.*^ Sro. PkiUdelfUa, 182S. 

" A Sartona B«fle«Uou otpou boibc of With Bt]ni«t'> Chief 

Aqpunwat*, kbuut tL« Bonntctian of the Sinn FuiKU. in 
bin Bouk. >tUed The Cafitat FrivtifiUi af tht ftopU taUtd 
QiiAkera." Id Q. W.'i " CbrUtiui giukn," pii«a nW. 

Folio. IC7S. 

BURREL, William, the anthor of the following paper says 
tlicrein that " be had gone under the name of a Quaker 
for this laet 10 or 11 years." It seems certain howevor 
Utat he never did belong to the Society. 

A Paper sent to tbe Qna£ere from W. B. Truth aoprariti^ 

iritk an open Faet, ayaiiut Oppoxtn and falu i'mpJutt, 
WiUiam burrtl. 

4to. .Vi> PrinUr't namt or ptaw, fl67G.] 

inr. iiniffir r,riijrHfnfffn|n ■»» fti ffn^rn iimi iiLbI. ii^ 


BUBT, Job. 

— A Dialogue between a Gentleman and a Tradesman, 

with a Supplement on Baptiain. 




BUBT. Job.— continui'd. 

FOBSTEIt. Joaiab. or the Biiilinprlck ol [turbam, Isat nt Tolunlwi. 

The rnc>|il« nailed <^akm dctleaUdl. nnd llt» ItnpiUti Coix!ul«it, 

bviiiK a Bvply lu Joh Bvrl'i t>roUiiiil«il Xvrvivi. to K. B.'a 
I2tti I'rO|iontiiOii, And to a Book, intilol^d. A I'initUalion of 
the Dorlrinr of Baptim.ile.. to wbiBh is luuivi'd, au Appvn- 
dii. in BiuwM' M Oiyraid Edieanti ot Dublin hii attempt 
aRaiot tho tali Baok, £«. la wbinll raply aa<I appoodii. 
thoii (BllBciony Itonioning it dvlMted : ttmu- •rroncoim noil 
coufnuail notion of SpiritiiBl Doptinn obrlaced ; Uwir mjuinlAd 
conUwIieUnua and lacQiwiatenDSnii inani[aMl«d; and lli« 
Doctriue o( Baptlmu. (in hnld l>; ibo Peopla (kllad Quakm, 
is furtliu iutoictfd bnd vinilicnted. &y Jo»uit Fobstiiii. 
London ! Printfd and laid by T. S^iclt Rayilon and Lnke 
Uindc. at the Dibit, in Gearge'j/ant, Lvmhard-tinrt. 

8yo. 17*0. 

BUETON, John, of Bedford, a Baptist Minister and IViend of 
Jobn Danyaii. 

— "An Epiiitio to " 8oin« Gospel Troths opened, &o., by Jolm 

Bonyuii 8vo. 1656. 

B«phated in Bunyiin'u Worlu 
-An EpietU to "A Vindication of the MUne. 



Mm JdllH lIl'ITTAII. 


BUTLEB, Sitmuel, nn Eugliiih Poet, wno the Don nf a Fanner at 
SiTrmhauit in Wnrrnlfrthirf. and bom thctre in 1B12. Ho 
rec«ired hit) education at Worcester S<?bool. — After tho 
Beatoration ha became 8ccr<'t»ry to the Earl of Oarbeny, 
who appointed him Steward of Luiilow Caetlo. — Ho died 
in London in 1G80. and wa« buried in the Chorch-yard 
ofSt.Panl's.Covcnt Garden. — In 1721, Aldonnan Barber, 
the Printer, erected a Monument to his memory in Wcat- 
minatcr -Abbey. 

• Two Leitera, one from John Audland, a Quaker, to W. 
Prjuse, the other William Prynne's Answer. Bi/ ikf 
Author of HuiUbriu Folio. 1672. S 

B«piinted ia tLn following. 

-Foethomons WorkH In Prose and Ver»e, Written in the ^ 
time of the Civil warK and RiM^n of K. Charles II. by 
Kr. Samncl Butler, Antlior of Hudibnix. From Original 
MSB. and Scarce and Valnnble Pieecx formerly printed. 
With a Key to lludibrae, by Sir /fifl-r l,'E»tritngf. 

London, l*rinteilfor R. Smith nnd (f. Slriihut) at tht Roifat 
Exrhatujr. Jontt* Brotrii Withuul Tfmf'U-Bar : andiold 
hy J. Uorpketr luMr Stalionm-liall, 

SmaU 12mo. 1716. 13| 




BUTLER, Samnel,— cDKimwrf. 

Bepriated. — Tlie 8gcod4 edition. 

IxmJon, Vr'tTxtf.d for Stimiul Brueoo and mid bg R. Smilh 
and O. Slrohan, /tc. . . SuiltU lamo. 1716. 

OontAllH beslilea other piooeii, 

■■Tbp ChurvUm t-t Iho tira Vatu1«B. Thf Fmh^Urian, In /t rp tm S a mU 
An.>i">fiiii. Q<»iUr. tiiil FltUi Sijnarfht-Mm. Cuu^odiug >ltli (dits* ts 

BYNE, ^fognni, a PrioEt in tbo Connty of SuMex, 

' Th« BConiMl Quakers acswered, and their railing Rpply 

related: by the meauQat of tbe Lords BervaatB Maonus 

Lmulon, Printtd hy William Beittlry fur Artilrfm Crook, 
at the tiffn v/ tht grevti Dragon in PatU* Churth-yard. 
{BrU. Mm. lOS. e. e.) 410. I0S6. IC) 

LAWSON. Tbotoni, — SchaolnuutOT of Oreat StrithUinA, ona of tbe 
uoat okilhil BoUnlitU In BdkIuiiI. ftud lormerlj • Prioiit ol 
Kemtidt ill Laneathirr. 

The Up oJ TruUi op«ii«d agftllMt » Oawbnr wiUi nnWmpnpd 

Mortar. A few ironl* aj^iiut k Book, writlvn hy Muirnui 
Bim, FriMt in thu Oomily of Siuiei. vhich b« ealU, Thr 
Btor^fml (jiuakfTi aMivered, fte. But ha himivll in fouDil tho 
8ooni«i. and tbe Lyor, oban^iut am witb Uiiast I avivt 
nok«. unr Qovnr coitornd inlo ray bnnrt to trpsok. Tbo. 

London, Fnnlr4/«r OiUi Calvrrt, and art to Ac fM «1 
Ihf &SatkSpniiA-KagU at tht H'rit end of Paalt. 

410. 1660. 

FOX. OMvge, Founder of the Bocieiy of Friood*. 

Tbe Oro*t MivrNDT of the Onai Wbora mttoldod, fto. (p*» 811 

Mo. isw. 



Strictures on a small piece entitled. The Deism of the 

HchiEinatice exposed. .... tivo. Itnyi. 

C, J. See John CiiBVNP.y. 

0., J. See Jouathaa CLAraAM. — A Qnide to the True RclinoD. 

8to. Edinbargti, 1G69. 
0., J. V. Sec John Vinokkt Cake. 

Qnttriee pror>o»n<lnd to OitoitaB Pox and His Minittern, 

To anmrcr from ■ pnpKr wrote by Gforyr f'o^, intitoled 





C, B., — eontmutd. 

At* E[>UtU from the PfopU tailed Qtiakert to all people lo 
rtMi over, of u'kaC (bey hold coiterrtiing God, Cbrixt, kit 
DetUh, IteMirrection, Uidemi'tion, StilratUm, Justification, 
Blood, Faith and liopt. By a Lovkii of oar iMrd Jtxia 
Cbritt, Uio Son of God, wlio waa born of tlio Vir-jin 
Mary, by tlio power of tlio Iiolv Oliost, fi>r the Cuiust and 
UanK Savioitk, m thnt [iromised Sol-iI, lliiil God to Adam 
«dd ahoald brenk the Svrpents huud. (B. C.) 

LotuUm, Printtd/or Anni Hmrsler, at the Ooldm HMoin 
in Fore-ttrttt, again»t tiiffint Poiltrit near Cripptr^att. 

4tQ. IfiGD. 

c, w. 

Tlie New Light, or Tab-Leoture of Thomas Grace, Quaker, 

according to the ti|)irit, to the dear Siatera and rest of 
the Saiols, by W. C 4to. IfiOi. 

CAFFYN, Matthew, a Bupttut Teacher, was born at Hortkam in 
Hmtfx in the your tfS28, and died in the ttrd month (May) 
1714, for further particulars coucdroing him, mo 
"Crosby's History of tho Sngliiih fiaptixts," vol. 4, page 

AnoUier Aocotmt, — 

CAFFIN. Uatthew. was a native of Honham, Sumrx: and was 
expelled from the University of Oxford, for ombraciog 
and def^'uding believers' baptism, lie joined the Geuerai 
Baptist Church at Honhum, and was eoon called to the 
work of the ministry, ifis labours were assiduous and 
his BQooesa was great. He was frequeutly engaged in 
defending the principles of the Bsptiatn. especially against 
the Quak«rH. He is distinguished as the principal nop. 

Sorl«r of those doctrines whone introduction proved to 
ealructive to the denomination. He diiid iu 1714, aged 
86 yews. — Wotid'* HUUmj <>/ lltc Omeral llnjilial*, p, 1 SR. 
8vo. 1847. 

- and WtujAU JErrKBV. The Deceived, and deceiving 
Qaakcnt dJKCovercd. Their damnable Heresies, horrid 
blwpbemi«B, mockiugs, railings, unparallel'd Deceit, and 
Disbooeety laid open. In the discovery of which is made 
known the pnre nae of the holy Scriptures (which by 
them is denyed), tlie true Christ, and how he Juatiflea, his 
wooud coming proved not to be already (as the Quaker 
afiirniH). Also the Heaurrectiou from the dead, and the 
Eternal JtiixiNKKT, and several other particuiars that 
SaintR arc required to be Ktedfast iu. Sfl/orth apefiutly fur 
tkt goad of thott that art tallrd out of tht World, iulo th* 






OAFFIS, Mftlthow,— fiwfiwuerf. 

primi'iv firder of thf Goajifl-, hut maijhe inffuU for all profit. 
By Malthew CaSyi) a nemmt of the h-rd. related U th* 
Church of Chriat nrar Hornhnm in Sutifx hrin;i aa ti/f, and 
«igr>irtln<Mn. — AnticliriBt mivdo kuowu. Or, Tlie RonuHb 
Whoro of Babylon proved lo keo tbn Aiittcbriiit or iStia 
of sin. — By Wiiliara Juffory Sm-ant of tlm Cliui^k^of ChrUt. 
TiOKiiUN Prinltd % ii. L./or FranrU Smilh, and amtn bee 
told at hit Shoji in h'tying-Uone-C'iurl in h'lrfl Street, 
near Chantrri/ /.an/-. .... 4to. 16B6. 10 

fin iiIki Waxiu itmni , 
LAWSON. TbumAN, itiiil Joan Slum. 

All UiiUiiKlit T>4cBKR Witaenod KfE^mrt, en. The old Botllm 

miiulli o)wn0ct. ilx Wmo panred (ortb, drenli of J)rnnk»rd>, 
d«iiynl at thuiu who luiT* bwted of the oew. Thst in lo i»y. 
tho ntKuund, tuuMMOwd, nnnftvory Doctrions. imd Opuiiotu 

o( Matthne Caffyti, Bftptbit Tmclit^ Uid ap«ii. Wbiob 

DnclrlDoi and murtvnry ■pmu'tint wnm rnaoiviHl tnim hi* 
own moiiUi. pun ^t ihmn at » MmIuik uf lli* Fro|il« caUod 
Qiwl^rt, nt Croirlcy in Siurifr, (to, 
Lomfim, Frintfl for GUrs Caterrt, at the BUick Sprrml 
Eaole, at the Wttt end of Paait. . . . *Ui. 1065. 

KATLER. June*, ot Ardrtlot new H'akefitlL 

Tho Ltom or OttBur, Mid tb» Word nt IJfo. clriund bom ths 

DeocipU of th* Deoeher, uil his liti-ml n«n;K>o« tarood 
npmi Lii* owee Head. AUo the Man of Sin found oat, icho u 
hiiiag himtelft in <t htiipe of Confiuitm, pntrDixoe Ami- 
thriti ii HOI gfi fame. (In .Wwar to U«nbe« CafSu »nd 
WiUiiuii Jcffcty.) Ho. 16«. 

FOX, 0«orit», Founder of Uie Swiwtj of Friend*. 

~~- The OhmI HmmY ol thu Oreiit Wbore wifoldvd, A«.. p«wb 139. 

Kua. un. 

FkiUi ia Go(V« PromiiieB the SaintN WkI woiipon,— To 

which iit anncxcil. Tin- gront vrrur uid ini«tRku of the 
QoalwrB, couccming the tnifl Chrint nad how he is mud 
to be in hi» ^looplo ; uad coDcoraing tho role of manluDd, 
in whioh their former oxtravagtuicies are l&td opon and 
eon fated." 
WOLLBICU, H(uii)>hvir]r, of NfinvutU-utKter-Lyne in Stoffontthirt. 

■ Onii WuninK mor« to Ihn Btrrmt befun- ILvii P><r b« wholly 
vpenl and tL« NiKhl conr Un-in. in iihkh no man t«n wen 
lot (rod. whirh tliu Lord moved nic to vritr. otolic I ilumld 
lift" bccai Silent lor crcr. With n Short Amntor to > Book 
ol Matthfie Cnjtin': onn of tbcii Tciiclicra in llttrtkan ID 
XiMf^J. Il^l^lililii. fVftf/i I.U Otid'i jirirmtMet the Saintt Aoif 

ft'tapMu. With mitiiy QiimiM alio for tbciu to Annaar. 

Writl«u l'7 oni' Uial bMh «*! under tbuM shAdnwi with 
Umiid. but hitlh ou* fouud Ihu day, in whiah bU *lmdow« fly 
»wv- Hompher]' Wolrioh. 
London. Priiaei for Robert WU$onat the Sign afiheSUieh 
a'lKAid Eaale ani H'lniTJUfll in MartintLtGnnA. 

4ta. ICGl. 

ril ANSWEItS. 


CAFFIN. Uatlii«w,~«>iiii>iu^. 

n'BI'rEHEAD. George, of Otlon, WfilvuirtlaNil, lul of £onAm. 

Ttie 1'''nii''iQiiii Wny of ttiv RiciJ PtuisuiTKn laul AntielirUtian 

Minintcn DKTl!^.^Kl>. To which i> nuucxed, SormMhtnC 

CMiConiitiB the ttiic Christ, nnct hii hcing in tiU Pcojiln; in 
■lUiTPc (o lUtillAi-ii' CajK'i bin grval error ami MikliLkii nt tb» 

Quufcrrr. in 1ti> Hook, eutltuJoiJ, J^'ailJi in Guil'i frvntua, tlu 
Sainlt liril irttjpon. 

Londan, Printed /9r Rcbfrl WiUon. . . 4la. 1661. 

TALAUY, Edmuod, an ciiiini^iit Divinv among tho DisBeiiterit, 
vniK Qruadaou i>f Etlniiiml Culnmy, Author of " Tlio 
GimIIv Ifan'K Ark," and other works, ile was born in 
1U71- iinving eiL>niplcti:d his edacation at diOorcot 
Schools in Knglaud. he n-ag eesl to Utracht ; and in 
16W, was ordaiitcd at Londoa. in the Preebyterian way. 
After ofliciating to different cougregatiouB, lie nuvoccded 
Mr. AlBop in Westminster- lu 1702 he puhlixhod an 
abrid^mont of Baxter's Life and Tiiui^, with an account 
of lllo ejected MiuiaterH ; a anht«N]ucut iilition of which 
«U ftnlitrgcd to four voliiniee. Thiit work occa«ioned » 
conlrovorMv bRtw<i«n tho Aiitlior and Mr. afterwards 
Bishop Hoadly. In 1709 Mr. Calamy made a tour in 
Scothiud, where the degree of D-D, waa conferrud on 
bim kj tliree Uuiversitiea. Ue died iu lTi!2. BeHidcH tlio 
thovo, ho puhlishod two vols, of Senuonn ajid hociih tracte. 
H« al*o l«ft a large Manuscript by hint, entitled " An 
HJsloricftl Account of my own Life and Timea," which 
it if to be regretted Iiilg never been printed. — Jiio'i. Britt. 

An AnatDOMENT of 51r. Snrler's HISTOBY of hi§ Life and 
TiiiK>. With ftii Account of many others of those Wortht/ 
JJiHittm who were Ejected, after the Itestanration of King 
Chaxlkm the Hi;eood. Their Aiwlu^ij for Themselves and 
their Adhon-ntH ; containing tlie Ground* of their .V'jb- 
eot^omutt/, and I'ractine ati to Statid and lifcanmnal 
ComtKHnion with tho Cburdi of Kivjlmid. And a Con- 
tionatJou of their UiMtory, till tho year l«l)l. By 
Ei>urKD Calamy, Edm. til. it \i^ii, (Willi a Portriut 
of Htcbard Baxt«r, aged 7S.) 

I^iJon : PrintfH fty S. Briitflf, /or Thmaag Parkhnnl, 
at ihf llibU antl Thref CVohim i« Ckfipttdf. Joniithim 
fiobiiuau at Ihe (iolilen Lyim in St. Paul'* Chtiixh- 
t/ard. And John lAmmie* uI the Anrfel in thf Poultrri/. 

8vo. 1702. itii 




CAMELFORD. Gabriel, of Scavelg Chapel, (on the hotden of 
iMucoHhirt). After bis ejectment hewaBansefiU Preacber 
iu the {>cirta ailjaoent, and was au iustrument of conTert- 
iag mtiuy, part ioi J arty in Fnnifa FelU beyond the sands, 
who afterwards formed tlicmgelvea into a Dissenting 
Churoh, nyion llic Flan of a mixed Communion, (lieiug 
partly ladepeudentt; and partly BiiptistH). He AicA in 
1676. — Pabntr't Nmicoti/ormUtt Mrmorial, vol. 2, p. 496. 

— Divera Queries of great importance, propounded by TliomoJi 
Alkinuun of CartmaU in Lanciishire. to Gnhriel Caniflford, 
Parson of SiajUy-Chappfl : with bis Answers to tbem. 
Also ItcpIioR to UtG Auswera wherein is layd open the 
tbo subtilty and deoeit of th« Priest, and his InventiooB, 
SnaroH, and Baits, &o. 

l^oU.— TtaHo QMtiM tad Aiuvon US DrloMuUI InisrMd In O. F.V wt 

POX, Oooigo, Foandor ol thq fioctnt; ol Fdandd. 

— - and BicniHD HQnnKnTnciRH.^Tnitli'* U^fnoM n([ainRl lbs B«- 
llued iuhtUtj' of till! 15khi-)[KT. bold f'lrtb Lu dinrx AtiR««rc 
Iu *uverfil Qiwritm tuoAv by mvu (r&llDd MuiibUts) in lh« 
Nortli- Oiven forth hy the Licbl and Vouvt uf Ood sjiiiear- 
iofc in Ocorse Poi and Rieliard Hnbbortbom. 
Printfd j«T Tho. Vt'a^t ai kit hw»t In t)\e Parrnunl in 

York 4(0. 1C63. 

(BrU. Mu,. !^) 

CANE. John Viaoent, a Franciscan i-'^ar. See " Evangelical 
Diography," by Eraemua Middleton, vol. 8, (in 4 Tok.) 

Put Lux ; or, A general conduct to a right underetanding 

in the great Combuntious atid Broiln about Bcligion hen 
in England. Betwixt Papist and ProtcMtaiit, Preitby- 
teriui and Indf^jicudont. To tlio end that Moderation 
and QuiotucH inny at length hnpily cniran aftor m> varioujt 
Tiimnltit in ttio Kingdom. By Sir. J. V. 0. a &iond to 
ell lU^ligionN. 

Small 8to. (DoiMypd,* SoPrinter'tnanumrptaca,) 1661. 88 
IBril. Mm. £. 22GC.) 

Banintod, Second edition, enlarged by the Antbor, Mr. 

J. V- C. a ^i«od to men of all K«U^on«. 
(Brit. Jfiu. 4190. *.) 8vo. Lcmdon, 1662. 

StiUingfleeton : or, an Account of Dr. StiUingfloct'a late 

book against the Botaau Charoh, by i. V. C. 

18mo. Brngr* : Priuttd, 1672. 


WITH AKaweiti. 


CANE, Jolin ViDoent, — contintwrf. 

FOX. GcoTgo, Fonnilnr of the 8ooi«(7 of Prlen't«. 

— Bomothinti lu AH««iitt to ■ Book, (udl'd Fi*t Lcl, Bdng a 
I>i«ci'Une betwMn • Papiii uid IVotrjfuRi, £o. vhu wrilo* 
at lliC bottom d the Titfo Page, J. V. C. Alao Kumcthiiii; id 
Anmet to Um Pafiit'i QnurioB. 

4ta. [.amtrnt. PrtnUd in the Year, 1867. 3 
KcM.^<uai Onit, tb< HoMoiifotiatiit IHvlu aln uunnd Ibii boulu 

CABHICHAELL, Altoander, oC Glas^ioie. 

Bkuxvkxs Uobtification of Ain by the Bpirit: with the 

Author's three )a§t BsKMONe. The Second Edition. To 
vhich is added au Ktsmj an Ilypucriey. By Mr, Alex. 
CwTnichaell. V.D.M. 

iiltDi'iua-ColUge, Prinltd bi/ Mr. Cunairhaelt, and Com- 
IHtHy Smalt 8vo. 178(>. 161 

KoU.— Ths BsUmw") UartUadlDl) ol Sin ud the ttant lul Sactaoiu. wan 

CABSI/AKE. 'William. Curate of Werrin;,Um in Dewnhirt. Of 
Eifter C«Ufjt, Oj-ft/M. He preached altout ill the Churches 
in Loiuiim al] the time of the Plngite. He was afterwards • 

for some years Piietor to a Coiigregiition nuar HarMe-ley- 
doirn in hlouiha-nrk. He was incliued to mclnnoholy, tiut 
s vorjr holy good man. He died eoou after the lt«vola. 
tiwi. — l^almir'* Nancon/ormitU' Mevtorial, voL 1, p. 424. 

Qnakerism No Chrifltiauity, ic, by John Faido. (Epistle 
subscribed by Wilhftm Carel&lce, ojiil 2U other Diviues.) 

8vo. 1676. 

8m Jam FUDo. 
PEKK, WUUtm, F«usd«r ot Ptnaiglv/inUi, 

A JotT Bbsors Io One and Twuitly I.pftrDod aiid Dovimod 

DIVINES {ho onlli'd). Il«iui[ au Aiuwer to &□ jfAonvi! 

BpttlU i«Mnst the gaaken, ^. . . . tlo. 1674. 4 

CARTER, Isaac, of PorUta, Hants. 

- Od QuAKKHisM ; beiug a Lxttbk addressed to Thk Rbv. 
Ur. Roouk, Miiiisti'r of aa ludupciideiit Church at Gob- 

E>rt ; and to Tiie Rkv. Mil. Hoiisuv, Minister of a Baptist 
hurch at PortsEDOuth. By an Old Sailor, {IsaaoCaiitkh), \ 
awomted to tnahe Brino for Children's Rod*, id Fortsca. 
(With a Letter prefixed addrcssud to John Penuey.) 

L/jndott: PriiiUd for th« Author, !y Onrit, WMi», anil 

Taylor, Chancery. Lati^. Price Sfj^JWice. 8vo. [1800.] I 

UULL, David, a Tannor anj a Disiwaluig ProouheT ot fluiianl Is 

A Fdw kviUUivKuuoKi «ddi»ucd to Hi. Jmhc Carirr, ou Uu 



CARTER, lamc.—eonlittueJ. 

Foltchooilji HjnUiiied la lii* LotUir On Qnjuuutt. By ■ 

LoToi ol Tmtb. Second tilition. 

POTl»»a: I'rinlttl hy S. itilit, St. Giorgr't St/Mart. Sold 
bu all thf Bookiflltrt in PoTltnumtk, Farttta, and Uotport. 

8*0. 1801. 
A Treatise on Cliurcli and Stale, 

CAULFIELD, James, PriutsGller and Biog^aplier of London, 
died mm. 

PortraitR, ^lemoin, luid ( bimicttTi, of B«marlcnl>Ie P«»oqb, 

from the Revolution in 168K to the «nd of tlio R«tgQ of 
George 11. Collected from the rDoi;t nutbontto aeooanU 
cixtant. By JftmoH Canlfleid. lit 4 vols. 

jMnthm : I'uhtishfd fig H. R, roirnj, 66, Vattrnotur Bam: 
and T. II. M'kMij. 108. Nrw^tf Slivet, . . Sro. 1818. 

CHAMBERLAYNE. John. Sou of Edwabd Chambbrlavkk, wm 
educated at Trinity Culltyte. Oj-furd. lie was Oonllenua 
Uaher to Prince George of Denmark. He died in 1728. 

jVfiffn« lirHimniv Notitia : or, the firtstnt Sintt of Gbk*t 

BRtTAtN, witli diTcr* Bevabka upon Tbo Ancient Stata 
thereof. By John Chambcrljij-ne, Esq. ; F*Uow of the 
Royal Soeiftii. The I-'oiir and Twentieth Edition of th« 
Sontlt part call'd En-iltind. and Third of the North part 
called Seoiland; with luiprovemi-ut. and more exact and 
larger Additions iu the List of the Officers, ins., tbaa io 
any former Iinpre&siou. In Two Paits. SBit^ \p$ 

CIIANDLP.R. T.htaiKtitr.i^ B*d/ord, »ucc«««or to J^obo BuDyu, 
as fiaptitit Uinittor then. 

and JoHx WtLHON. — Ad Epiallo to tbo Boodor to John 

Banyan's Works, Tol. 1 Folio. 1692. 

CHASTELLUX. Francis John. Muqnis de. a Uarehal of 
France, was bom in 173-1. lie served with gr«at repnta- 
lioa in America, and in 1706 waa an officer in the Unarda. 
la that year he poUiabed bis " Esaay on the Union of 
Poctiy and Uueie," vbieh gai-o ri« to a long coulrovoray- 

Ijojtdon : PnnMJor 'rimolhij Goodwin, Matlhtv Wolton, 
limynnin 'Vooke, Danid MidvinUr, and Jacob Tnmon. 

8to. 1716. 

XMpb— TIdB vnrt Bmt41iii Hi p*^ t^4n-.«n uDnla on. 'Oa*k«fa.* vjit 
Thisb Isdaoiltedlii (ta lDda,'ib*liiifnii<ii«iiiipnnilD)«iii>lani|lu].* 

•n cUipd la ratacrilK 
f fha ctentH wfaWb ■» Ud i^M Pltend^ rrincdpbL ^ tUi Anlbw, 
i apFMi b> »• 10 t* ilatftar n not lb* <aa* m tin* iUM laaii laid b* 
J rH(Dd<|ontiwlaDifflMtm««i(BkWM. 







CHA8TELLUX, Franois John,— <o«(tnK.-rf. 

His next work was his, " Kssai de la feUcito publiqnQ ;" 
pubhsh^ at AmBterdam, and translaiod inW English 
nndet the title of "An Kesav on public Happiness," 8 
Tole. 9vo. To liim ia aBcriled likewise apiwe intitoled, 
" Notiee snr le vie ot les ecrits d'Uelvetins," Ue died 
«t Pari* in 1768.— Z>je(. Hw/. / 

Traveln in North Arawioa, 1780, 1781, and 17B2. (TraDS- 
Uted from the Frt>iich). . . .2 vol*. Bto 1782. 

ItRISSOT ilDU'urvillc, IJolin Pelflr), a Pmiwhiiuui. 

ElAinnn critiqiKi ill<ii Voysgca ilnnii I.'Amttrii|U(i ; Se|itontTin- 

uftln, <l« M. L« MtiniaU d* CiuMWUtici vu L«IU« ■ M. Iic 
MBrquiii CliuUUuK. 

d Loiidra. Sro. 1766 

— The mzao in Bogluli (lluiuncript) Uo. 

CHEYNEY. John, of nuar W'amngton, in Lnneathii-e. An Epis- 
copal I'riest. 

A SkinniBh made npon QUAKERISM: Beiiig a Brief 

Cu.sFt'TATiox of a mo8t gross I*Rt>cii>LK or Point of 
Doctrine: PnUiahed and Maintained by one Willum 
Px9i!(, a Quaker ; lu acE'rtaiuBuok. Eutitoied, Quakfritm 
a NUk-nam* /or old Cltrittianiiy. Siihvertiii)^ Hcligion, tmd 
all Duty both to God and Man. By j. c. n Minintrr afrlte 

Lun-lon: Pr'mtrii, ffir Uirliard [hitler, nfxt door lo thf 
Lavtb and Thrrf Houh in IJarbkan. . 4tO. 1C76. 

FENN. Willluii. Puuniier of Pmruslraiiia. 

• The SKiiuii«itiK Pott'ftUiil ftoil TnpTH T)(>r(<n'l»l ; l<v\ae m 

Antiwtr k> t Puitijiblvt, volitulvd, A Skirmiih nuidr upon 
tJvakirUni. Bif WtUiiutt raun. 

4to. Printed in tlu Vtar, 1BT6. 

RapricUvl in hia Work*, to]. 1, page BSO. 

EIXMITH, Biyui, of Warringtun iu Lancathin. 

— — The tln«kilful Skiriuinbvr Tvbukvd fui Blaskhrhy: being a 
Brief Aniwrt to ■ I'luuphlul. eatitiUpil, A Skinaith msde 
•ipon tJvaktrinH. 

4to. No Printel't mtiw orjiUiet, [1676.) 

The Shibboleth of Qnskerism, or that which they call the 
pure lang^nai^, proved as nsed nmonget ns, to be only a 
matter of indilfereucy, and not of absolute necessity as 
von-iuK and thou-iug, and the uamiug the Days and the 
MonthH. iui. 

■ ONE SHEET againrt the QUAKERS, detecting Tarn 
EIuKOUB and MjsI'bacticb In refusing to ReToronoe Men 

J^ A(5^^a.^<^^ 


" f-l'^'^y ' 






CHEYNEY, 3oha,~eoitiinut!d. 

outwardly by Word and Bitiuviouit, aftor the mMintr in 
UM among us ; Wliich ie proved to be Good and Lawtol. 
Dy t. c. Smoertig iatn'nlwy iki) I'koHoUcu'n and »*-aJate»$ 
o/ Ihu Kind ^ Mm, kc. 

Lumdtm, Printfd/or Rithard BvtUr, naxt door to tKt Lamb 
and Thrtt Botela in Barbitan. iXo. 1677. 

■— QnakoriBm proved to be gross Blaspbomy, and Antichristiaa 
HoKHic ; By ■)■ C. 

Ijoiidiin, I'rinted/ar Richard Butter, next drittr lo th« thrvt 

Hoich III Barbican 4tO. 1677. ii 

Tho game, vitb a new title page. . . . 4to. 1679. 

ItEI.LBW, Joim, (Not ol th« Society.] 

^— Tbc QrixEtii IsyocKuci Delivered trom the hwil vrons dmw 
nntn them about thnir jfi^bi Blitbin- K; Ad Irratioa^ 
Wfiting ; oall'ii Quakniim pntrfd (o )m ffrvH /Kdraftmiji 0*1 
^tilJf/iri'li'in llfrfii/. Aiid »l•^ fortb by J. C. WhcnbrLl 
Eriilvntly sliuvu, uul ouly Luw Unrtaoutuibl; tho Ifuakrrt, 
by that writiu^ skuubI Ibtiir Lt«BT Wmna, Hitniilty htm 
bcDU. but Ohio, huw the/ uuqr b« looked co by oUmm I17 
wriling KgnlDat tho umo pnnciple. 

*to. /rfiHitin, PritUd in (ft* Yrar, HOT. 

Two SermoDB of Uypocritiie, and the vain hope of S«lf- 

doc«iviug Kimiers ; togotliiir vritli an iuupccliDti into the 
maimers and conventAtion of tho pooplo called Qiiakere, Ae. 
Ijmdon, Printed /or H. ButUr luit door to the- Lamb and 
Thrm BovsU in Barbican. . . . Sm. 1077. 

A Call to I'BAYEB, in two SkuioNs on that Bobject. Ut*ly 

Preached to a Coomtr Aodtiobt, with an Account of th« 
Principle and Piaotice of the Qdakbbs in the matter of 
Prwfer. Hahjoined. Wherein is shewed, that the Qoakuh 
B«ajpoD i» mach wanting in Prayer, and tlioy themHlTM 
jtroaly puilty of not calHuR upon God, and of Fathering 
Riiich impiety npou the spirit of Gvd, alludginfc him in 
defence of their Pfayar.lesd coorae. By the author of 2^ 

SkinnUh ujnm QiiakrriMm. 

Btuatl 8yo. J/ondtm, ['rintsd in iht yar, 1677- 10} 

QUAKEEISM Suhvcrtod : Being a Further Discov«i» and 

CoxpiriATios of the Giumw Erkovrs of the (JaakerH ; Pub- 
Itabed and Maintained by Wcujam Pbmn and other* of 
tfaat Sect : by which it is plain, that the Brronra of tbo 
Qnakere be most pemieionB, subverting CbriHt'a true 
Beligion. By j. c. 

Ito, London : Prinltd in lA« fMir, 1677. 
{Brit. Uiu.^^} 



CHEYNEY, John,— «m(.nw(i. 

HATDOCK, Bogor. of Prnkrth. Laneathirf. 

Tha Kxiunsnin oontnandcd : BainR A CoUeotiuu ol Mveral 

pMMsen, Uken forlb ol kiihc Boolu ol John Chej/neu'i who 
ttllis liituseK. Thf Author uf the Sklrnntb upon yuaurim .- 
ill irhiab is llie BiuieaeM, wlclurdnciia.Coutrailictioiit. I.jxia. 
HjrpocriEie. UDbt-tlet, Conlasl'in «nJ Blnapbtrmy ol ttiKl 
Bluraiialiiiig Ptiest dSeoovereil. Hnil iin [nut ti|WQ ki tlin licw 
ot cTery onu who stiall [vwl witb h Biiiitl'i *'y<'- Cvll'eltd ba 
a FTirnd ti> (he Truth, and a WrU-iciihiir to lltt SouU of all 
ftmU, Soger Huydockc. 

Mo. PHnttA in tht Year, 1GT6. 

Be|iritit«d iu hi« Worke, pogo G. 

A WAKNING TO 80UL8 To beware of QUAKERS am 
Quskiiiiin: By ououeiou of n late Dispute at ^r^ in 
{Jhahiri, between John Vbeipicy a CbriHtiaii Miiiiutor and 
lioijer Uai/riork a Sect-inastcr and BiHjakor to Ibo Quakers ; 
on Tntaday Jan. 28. 1676. 

S. Tim. it. 8. — The lime leill came vhm they telU not mitarr 
ioimd Doctrine, but <(fl-T their inrn lu$U ihatt tkrg hrap to 
thrmtelvet Ttachm, hoxiimj ifchiny eim^ and thry thalttum 
atcay their tare from the trulit, aiul ihalt br IvrneduntofiMa. 

l^niJon, Prinlrdjnr Dortimn Newmait, at th« Kinii't-Amu 

in Iht! 1'aa.hrnj. ..... 4tO. 1677. 

\Chttham Lilirary. Civil tfur TratU, 9970.] 

f.M. JubaObOTiiof •■ir>,|(|KaUDg(it rriend>,: "Onw I «u Is oooitaitaaD 
with Ulkb. ujd 1 luil IhD Kwil vrurd for ouiFbt 1 Knoir <tf oU tlul UVil 
AtwMI me, and *i|iMiiiUjr botaiv 1 wti Idkuivler. Iluiuuli ntuoc I euofi itrta 
UitlttBlitrjtUlntliiUtlxjrlianUinUKhtinil •pokK >i'l) i>tDi>'- liDtunv 
tikAl 1 lUbTV IrjwrlttnafndlUlipatMJoD f«>r «l>oiit hhllit ^lu- f>r qomfFthUig 
Bon. detf«l*duii1 8buu«d l1ielF«nOF4 ... 1 «ir] niorl4]l> h&u<l hv cbom, 
•Bd*m|>tliM( Ibc Horil liliUHlf. Ufriii Iji I'ouuU:.! muFv vilr, Uiil jrct I luuail 
111 or tudjv U miirv on Im* hi,Ifr(t ^nil nullcn'^ ]':r mHiij ft inin" own vk^. 
v^ •tpn vltb n* lu opLaioD. Ho Uut 1 «b« ylkliJj it I* nU upon lli« 
fWiil ol wlnln liuMT UM 1 am as btUi, Int teauiH I luvu «jms 
p ui M wi 14 On auolu wid Oitboliok Snlril of BnUofB. auuhiud to *u 
HiBM,uid ewoot Buifc* ma* IUIl0on« luuaa uid notloiii^ and opttUonL 
.... I un nfllihur idotc nor Iwt > QiuKfr nov Ihw I ma u to Dj 
■Uudluf Judjfiiiaal." 

HATDOCK, Soger, ol J><nt<-Ih. Lantiuhirt. 

— A HTPOCitiTBUQr«iI«d.fitidflB!a«pbemeriDRileMBailoHt. Boing 
*n BxaminKliou ol JoAn Ckfjaei/' Palae Bolidioii nl hio 
Puinit« with tht> (^unfcm, at ArUg-HaU in C'liuAtTV, Ui« 
SSrd of tho llth Moseth, ooUed Jiinuarv. 1076, publinhud in 
hti Dook cntitulcil. A ll'iimln^ fo Souti, &e. Wheruiti John 
Cbrynei/i Lj'ii* luid SLuidon mu diitKit4>d, bia Byuooruiia is 
UDTftUodi bit Comfniion gn*fl filajphaiiiv ftn lunifAsled. 
Which bo iMtb pnbUikod in bli fMM&id Book : that tho 
Bimplo-heiutcd PeopU nuj rm JoAn CAcynry, tlin piotondod 
Ooapel lliDiet«r, u no Ukolffler ol J«ns Cbmt- Ba a 
DiteifU t>/ Christ, Bousa Uayikick. 

4to. rrinud in lU Ywr, 1677. 
IteprioUd in hu Work*, page 27. 

■ A VuifioAiioH or Oiiaa and SwLXROiQ In woigbty Cams As 





CUEYNEY, Jolm,— C9.ifmi*«/. 

Lawriil uiu] I'hcTuI uoder the Gospel ; akd The Qimtcera 
Opiniou aud Practice a{;amat all Oaths atid Oatb-laking, 
proved to be unecriptuial. and withont auy just lt4>ft8on ; 
Be bIbo against their owu Principles. By .Iomk Cmknrv. 

/ liavt iKorn by myittf.thr iiord itpoiu out of my .IfiiufA in RiiiM- 
rovineti, atiit ihall not rfFu'ii, Thai untn me te-'n) Knee ihalt 
bov>, every Toaffut lAulI ner.iir. 

I4«. IC. ■!». 

Ijondem, I'rivlftl/or R. Jkitlit. tie-rt door lo ttit Lamh and 
Tlirn Dowh in Baibicau. 4tO. 1677- 

UIBSON. WiUiam. of Lancvhire. Iwt of London. 

Tbo LtrE or Oimnlilcb In lli» Iiiglit uut SntviitEiiii ot HiB 

Rxaltixl 1 OT on Anmrm to »ii lI'Mikn iir imrLiritliir Tro rt l W i, 
Kirnii lixrili by JuAr Chtynty, sn Epi'riiinl Priniit >1 <ir nMr 
irnrrtngfun, iu ibv IJoruit}' ol Loiifvfer. UEUiiiDt tlip Pcvfdw 
of Uud ottU'J (iunkfri. — Hy a StrBsnt u/ Cliriit, «:bo iUtin4 
the Temporal ami Elenutl Goad of all Ptople, Wimjah 

4to. FHnttd (n lln Year, I6T7. 

CHICCO, SBDanel, of Wett Dfreham. in Sor/olk. 

Ho rigned a Certificate against i;>i«nd», at the end of 
" Tlio Quakers ChalleiiKe &c 1690. 

Bm Enwuc BK^ium. 

CUUiD, BoDJauin. of Ahiuiidon, Hfrkt. lie jk *.r\.\A lo have been 
"A Malsteri" and by Profetitiion a Quaker (tbo* & wi«ked 


A Full and Troe Aceomit of limjamin Child, a Quaker ; A 

Notorious Cheat aud Imjioator; shewing. 1. How he 
loil(['d at an Eminent Quaken, one Mr. liumian in Ahiwi- 
dan, wh«r« he deigned himself sick, aud made )ii« Willi 
hiBTtng Mr. Haman, bis Wifi> aiid DiiiikIiUt ; TlirM 
Hundred Pounds cacli, Bnd One Hunilred PoundH Ijctwecn 
the two Berrunt* of the IIoum! ; alno lii« Ai!C0vi>t7, Bnd 
Manying Mr. Ilarman'* Dnuglit«r, with whom be had 
Three Uiindred PoiindK Portion, lie., Ac. 

Londim: I'rinUd/or T. Hrynold*, near Lwigalf. 

8TO. 1708. 

CUILD, John, wan boni at Redfurd, abont the year 1688, » 
PiOBclMtr of long fctauding amouc the liapruu, but who 
apo«t*tiwid from tliem, and eooformed to tlia Churth of 
Knylaiut. Hc Bfterwkrdii camn to a mij^erable ond. for 
which ceo a book ontttlod, " The Miu(>hi(-f of Persecution 
exemplified, br a tmc Narrativt* »f Ihn life and de|>lorab1u 
oud of Mr. Jmid Child, vriio mi>^^'nibly dcHtmycd liiniMitf, 
Oel. 1». 1684. Aloo Crosby's Baptitte, vol. 2, png« 879. 




CHILD, John, — ftmtinued. 

A Itroderate M«aaa^ to QcAKRoa, Bsekkkh, and Socrausn, 

l>y a, Fkikni> and Well-wisher to them itll. Or Some 
it^^meDtti ofCered to cleiir up tlu-oe pDintH in clifTLTi'nct 
bfftwist ttiom and Dthora. vii., Hid 6it]iti*iu with Witter, 
the Biglit of Adiniuintnitiiiu in thiH Agr, itnd tlio I'rc- 
cxistAucj' of Iho 81JI1 uf Oud to hh Wing couucivcd of the 
Virgin. By Jons Cn"-o- 

SiniiU dvo. PrivtM in fAw Year 1676. 

EVoUl'— A1 LhD and III Ulli. m^l tbu-fl 1* itiUiNt. '■ Thfiv iJitrMtliHH offertA to 

CHUBB, Thomn», bom 1 679. Ho wns bred a glover, but became 
toUmbljr Tcntcd in Mathcmntics, Gpograpliy, tuid many 
other brancfac« of science. But Divinity above all waa hjit 
favotirite study ; and it is said, that a little Bociety wait 
fonned at Salisbury, under the management and direction 
of Chubb, for the sake of debating upon religious MiibjoctM. 
Here the Scriptures are reported to have been read under 
llie guidance of some comnientatDt ; and every man deliv- 
ered his Btutimeuts upon all points freely, iiud without 
rMcm. About tliin time the Coutmversy njjon tho Trinity 
wft« carried on very warmly betwtin C'lurke and Water- 
land ; and falling under the coguixnncc of this Theologi- 
cal Anemlily, Cliubb, at tbe ro'juc^ of t)ie members, drew 
Qp and ananged his eentimcnts about it. in a kind of 
dissertation : whicli. after it hod undergone some eorreot- 
ion. appeared to the World, under the title of, " The Su- 
premacy of the Father asserted, Ac." and gained him great 
celebrity. He died at Saluharxj in his OStli year, leaving 
behind him 2 vols of Posthumous Works, which he oallB 
" A Farewell to hia Readers." from which wo may fairly 
fonn this judj^eut of Itis opiuiouH : " tliat hu had little 
at no JfJiy ^of rcvylatiou : that indeed hii [ilainly rejects ' 
tlu! Jewiull Rovelation, and couHCiiiiHitly the Christian, 
which in fonnd<Hl U|ion it ; tliuL LiMliKclainm a future judge- 
ment, and j» very unwrtnin iw to n.ny futnru ftiite of ex- 
istence : that a paiticuhir providence is not dcducible from 
the pbffnomena of Ibc WuiM, nod thorcfore that Frayer 
caonot be proved a duty ; &c. &o." As licentious however 
as be may seem to have been in his way of thinking, ho 
nefer was censured as Ucentious in his actions ; nothing 
irrfigDlar or immoral, as it is agreed on all hands, over 
appearing in his life and conversation. — Jona't itkiffraph- 
ieal tHctianaTy, 1701. 

Another Aocouut,^ 

CHUBB, Thomaa, wax born at Eiut llanham near S/tlhhwy in 




CHUBB, 'niomiis,—contmufd. 

1679. Ha received n common ednenUon, after vhieh ho 
Kerrtd bin ftpprenticealiip to u Glover, but tbat tm^tt 
proving injuriouH to bis eyc», be liooamo partner wi(b s 
Tallow Cbandlcr. In 1715 he published a tract in ftivonr 
of Arianism, whtm the Controversy wae carried on 
between Dre. Clarke and Waterlanil. This introduced 
bim to some gentlemen of eminence, and particularly 
Sir Joecpb Jekyll, Master of the Kolls, who took Chobb 
into his family, but lessened the favour by requiring bim 
to attend table aa a servant out of Uvery. He died at 
SalUbunf, ill 1747. Aged G8 years. — BtcMf. Briit. 

. Tho- SiTPSBMAoy of tbe Father .imerlfd : or, eigbt ArRumaita 
from Scnuniraii to Prove. That tlie Bon in a Stiag, Id- 
forior and Subordinate to thd Father, and tbiit tbu Fatbor 
alone lb tbo &uprcin« God. With tho moxt miilcrinl 
Objections Anewert^d. By Tiiomaii Ckuhii, a Lay Member 
of the Cntmcrn of KnijIaHii. 

LtmdoH PrinlM: And arf to be »i>id tnj J. Itobertx, nrar 
Waneiek Law. Prien U. . . . 8vo. 1715. 
Reprinted in the •' Colleotion of Tracts." (p. I.) 4to. 1780. 

lloto.-.ThU IwoV ««• pqMlthAil itiT TbAH, Cbalib, bj Wrn, Whltgn. ■■■ 
"Mansli* ot Ui« Lift uid WrtUugn of Wu. WUimn," tail nliUud. exk, 

im p.m. 

Tbe BopKRMAcvof the Father vindicated; or. Observations 
on Mr. Cl4iiiffdl'i book. Entitled, Arianian Anatornued, 
Wherein is shewn, That what ^fr. Vlagiji-tt, and otbsra 
call, Chrut'* l>ivin£ Kature, is mo far from being tho Real 
and Very [Son] of Go», that on tho contrary, it is in 
Bcality tbe Very [Fatbkk] of God's Sou. Wher«in like- 
wise tbe Personal Union of tho Scpreme Gon to the Man 
i'hritt Jetiu ; the QiUftccnct of tht Word; tba Standard of 
ikr Specifx of Mankijid : and other Points of Importance, 
rdating to tbis Controversy, are briefly consider' d. By 
Tbomax CnuDa, Author of Tli« SajireBiacti oj i/is Father 

hotidon, Printed Jor J. Kttbtrtt, near Waridrk-tan^. 

I'rie* SU-I'tner 8vo. 1718. 

B«ptint«d in the " Collection of Tnvote." {p. 45.) 4to. 1780. 

.^^ Some Pkiti an'l Sbort AnnciU9iT* Irom Scurpnnts. Frovitia tba 

Lord Jkbub ('BBiirr to ha tbo 8u{>re[i]« Uol^ or Ono aiul Um 

luno God with tlioFBtbair,iiotwitb>Uuiiliii){ hiia< hHnrlrdfid 

InJrrioTtty to tho Pathar with icapeot lo bji Human Nalurt 

aoil N'-l'-iionhif. Th» fiUi adltion. 

iMtuIon : PtiaUd f«r John Ctark. at t)it BiUe nut CTown 

in tht pMlttry, n/tai Chrapiiib. IFrie* Tmj Pratt, vr 

lU. m UnAr*4.) ftn. 17». 





CHUBB, Thomas, — continued. 

■ Tb« PrerioaB Question, With wf^rtt to Bki.ioion ; HrnnWy 

offer'A, BB necesBary to bo couekter'd, in ordn* to the 
settling and detcnmninf; all other QaeHtiona on tiua 
Biibject. By Tii". Ctiunii. 

Loitdon : PrinUd In/ J. liarhy, in Jiarikolomew Cloif : 
md told htj J. ^aon near Merem-Chapel m ChtapriiU, 
and J. ItnberU in Warwiek-latu. Price Od. 8to. 1725. 

Bcpnotcd.— Tlio ini edition 8vo. 1725. 

B«pnnted.— The 8rd oditioo 8vo. 1726. 

fi«priQted.— The 4th editioD 8to. 17S8. 

Boprintcd in the "Collection of Trfteta," (p. SOO). 4to. 17SQ. 

A St'fTLEMErr to the Previous QnoKtion with Begnni to 
itEi.ioioN ; wherein Several Objections made to tho 
Prtriout Qaettian nre examined ; and in which Gon's 
Moml Charactrr IB more fully vindicated. In a Lbtter 
to s FuBND. By Txomjlb Cuuiift. 

London : Printed hij J, Darby in Bartholomeai Clott ; 
ttnd tohi In/ J. Noim near Mereer'a-Chapel in Cheofiridt, 
tmd J. Bnbertt in Warwick Lana. IMct Bit. 

Sn. 1726. 
'Ee^tedinthfl "Collectionof TractB,"(p.221). 4to. 1780. 

■ A VraniCiTIOH of (Jad't Mural Character, as to the Cause 
uid OHj^in of Evu., both Natural and Moral. WLorein 
The Ca^ of Liberty an^ Neoessity ia considered, with 
regard to Uuinau Actions. In a Lbttkk to a FatK.tu. 
Bj Tro. CnvBB. 

Ltmdon : Printed hy J, Pa rhy and T, Brtnme in Rartholo- 
auuhClow; and sold In/ J. Noon, nuar Mrrrm'-Ohaprl 
m OMOftidt, and J. ttohfTti in Wnrmrk Lanr. Ptii^ 
\i 8vo. 1720. 

Beprint«d in llie " CoJldction of TractB," (p. 247). 4to. 17S0. 

' A Snpplemeut to a Vindication of God's Moral Charaoter. 

Bcprintod in tbo " Collection of Traotts, " (p. 276). 4to. 1780. 

-An ExaimuTioK of Mr. Barclay't PaiKapLBs, with regard to 
Ibn's natnral Ability since the Pall, m laid down in his 
Book, intitled, --In Apology for the Irut Chvlian Ditinitg, 
at the MHU W ktlil forth nnd prfturlifd hij tlif Proph: faU'd, in 
ieom, QcAsaas. Wtierein is shewn. That the said Prisci- 
RJM are erroueous. and in which Human Nature is vin- 
dicated from Uiiil Bdnlen of Reproach be baa loaded it 
viUi. lu a LnTKa to a Fhikkd, Occasioned by the great 





CHUBB, TliomiiB, — continuffl. 

Commeadntion given to Ur. Bftrclay'e PerformiiDoe in tbo 
Britith JourtnU, No. XXX., and now offer'd to the Con- 
Bideratioii of the People oall'd QuuicRtt. To whiob ie added 
Th^ Gbtra of ChHil rfc.— By Tiio. Curiis. 

London, PrinUd by J. Darhy and T. limtcnr in BnrlAoIo- 
mmr- Clasf ; and ti/14 by J. Siitm near Mercfr's Chapel in 
Chfapitidt, and J. liobrrU in Waruiifk-taae. Pritt \s. 

ftvo. 1746. 
Beprintedin the "Collaction of Triiot^,"' ipaRo .tOl.) Jto. 1780. 

"Tin OW)' ol OluliL, ouniiuoncH t\ y^ SW. 
BE&TBK. TbotDM. ol Mtiknham in Wiluhir*. 

tiuii of tli« 4lh PrupoHiticu of Itohtti Daretay't ipolocr fw 
the true Chrinlisu Diriiiily, in uuwer to Thovua CkuW* 
TT«Mtuo, cDlitu!<Hl, ua KiuiniDRtico of Mr. ilarrloy'i I'riii' 
eipki. wiUi Bogord to Man'* iiaCiml Ability lince Ui« Fall. 
Bj Tuouu BuvEs. 

Loadim: I'rlHUtt ami Said by J. Iht Oxford 
Arnu in ICancirk ],ii«r, and Ihr Auigni af J. Hoittr, at 
Ih/ Bihlr tn dfori/r Viiril. l^mluinl Strfrl. . Sro. 1726. SJ 

HOHOAH, TboiDM ; M. 1>. of BrUtol (Nul a Kriviiil.) 

hTaiOMrVaivic^nos ol ill. Barclay'! Suliemv. In K«ply to lb. 

Ciuibb'4 Bvmaihi, lu ■ Lellu to ■ Friond. Bt Tuo. Uoboui. 

Londan: Frinltd far J. (itbdra and T. Limgiiutn tit Pour- 
NmUT-Hmi). {Fricf iW.f . . . . 8w. ITS?. S) 

//mmom \aturi Vindieated: or, ft RRPIjY fo Mr. BKATiin'it 

Book, Etititlctl Suprmaliira! hifiiirnr'-ji nrrrtAaiy In Sal- 
ration ; Being a Vindioatiou of t)i« fourth Proposition of 
BoBKRT B*iiri.Av'n Apology. Wlieruin ie ehcwD, That 
Mao. in hie Natural CnpHcity, in a Moral Agent; that 
k« has Power, and is at liberty to do both Good and 
Evil; and, cooBequcntly, cao render himself either ac- 
ceptable, or displeasing to bis Maker. In a Second 
Lrrrxa to a Fbibkd. Uiimbly offered to the considera- 
tion of the People called Qcakbiu. By Tko. Citimn. 

IjvHdon : I'rinUd ht/ .1. Oarhy, and T. Brmme, <tr. 
{I'ri(^eJ.) 8to. 1746. 

Eeprinted in the " Collection of Tracts," (p.SSfi). 4to. 17SU. 

BKAVEK. TbniDW. ol .V<Ifc»Aam in H'iluhirf. 

- — Th* Axratj of <(ehI, adA lb* A|*dcj of Blan. Oa worbioK in Uia 
SalTatiuD of ICitn ; bsioit • MOOnd ViudioaUon of the tib 
fVo|nutioD of H. Btrri«T'» Apoloj^, for tbo Tin* Cfarutua 
DtTuritr. <° Brinr'idn' to a TrotUo of TAnnuu Ckvbb'i, 
entitkd BumaH yaiurt Vinditalrd. By Tnauo Diutsx. 
l^mdm : Printrd aihI idM by tb/ Atiiyui of J. S«trU, oi 

thf Hibtt f> Worfe Yard. /nwAtiril StrfH. 0vo 1727. H 



CUUBB, Thomu.—eontiuaeii. 

H080AN. Thomu. M.D., of BriiM. 

A ItftTU to Mr. ThrnnoM Chvlb, oooauonad By hU tm LattoH 

toft Piund is Tiadiottlon of Human Naiur/ Iinmbl; ofbr'd 
todutcoamUw*titinrithBP»')pla<mll'J Qiiakrrt. BrTBosnii 
UamuM. H.D. 

tiOiuhn : Printtd for J. 0»bt>rn and T. Longman at ibe 
ShipmPtiUriKuUTltatB. Priec 64. . 8vo. 1797. 3| 

' Some short C^marks upon Dr. Morgan's Tract, entitled, 
" A Letter to Mr. Chubb ;" oooasioiioi by IiLh two letters 
to a Friend. Ac. In a Tliird Lellor to a Friend. Hiirnbly 
o£fer«d to Uir eonHid<»ration of tho Pooplu cttlk-d Qiiiikcn<. 

Repriutud Id tJie " CoUcction of Trttctn,' p. 342). 4to. 1730. 

Scripture- Bridon CO Considered : in n View of tlio contro- 
Tersy, betwixt the Author and Mr. Babclav's Oefcndors. 
vii. Mr. lifiiren and Wr. Monatt. In a Fourth Lotler to 
a Friend. To which are added, Two Tracts, viz. I. ijome 
Short KeHections on Virtue and Happiness, iic. U. A 
few Thin^ humbly offered to the Cousidoratiou of 
Belierers &nd UobQlteTera, &a. By Tao. Chuhb. 

Lomlon: Printed h\f J. Darby aiut T. Bmwut, Sc. 

{Price U.) 8to. 1728. 71 

Reprinted in the " Collection of Tracta," (p. S48). Ito. 17SU. 

BEAVEN. Thonua, ol Mtlhaliam in Witukin. 

Serlptnn KvitUnco ilet*iiil«<l. to aaivsr %o TftfmoM Chath't 

Tnot, iiitilul»(l Scriptar* livid--nc« tomiderfil r wtioroiu tlie 
Ttnth of Chri^tiuiitj. hu^ lliu lnurtL Prujiutitioii ot Robtrt 
Bartla^ Apoloic. niv niiitut«[u(><l HRaiiul i>rum and b^ 
dtUty.atvie^%Bxitv of the Coulruvi-nj' betirizt Tftiiilim 
Ckubb utd Thoinai lltavm. nUUog (a the niomiud Propo- 
ntidii. llv Thomu Bcotcd, 

lAoibm.- PrittUd and Sold Iry theAnlgnio/J. Soitlf.ttt thi 
BMt in (Uorg* Yard, in Lombard SIrtft. . 8vo. ITIH. 4 

HOBOAX, TluMoas, U.D., ol Briifoi. 

~ — A DsmtOR ot Halnrol luid Ruvculed Bbmoiok : oooMloned Bjr 

Ur.OmiBn'v Sunptutv Eridcucu Cousidvrud' iu a Viewuf (li« 

Cotttroitmif bctmit liinucU nnd Mi. Barcloa't Dnfcnden. 

In a SocoQil Letter ta b Prirod. By Tuouls Moiuusi. m. o. 

iMtfdon ; frintfdfar J. fttborii aad X.Lonjpaiinat the Ship 

in PaUr-iuHUT-Boir. (I'rieii G.I.) . 8vo. ITVi. 9) 

Befieetionton Natural Ultrly. ^Vberdn The Case of Liberty, 
aad Neoeesity, wbeii cousid&red, aa a proper Fonndatton 
for ['irituand TitJution iot Heaardt&aii Puni»KmmU, is ex- 
amintrd. Occasioned, 1^ Dr. Muryan't Tract, entitled, A 
Dtfmtt of Natural and tievtaled Relvjion. In a flftb Letter 
to % Friend. 

Bepriuted in the " Colleotion of Tf»ct«," (p. 871.) 4to, 





CHL'BB, Thomiw,— coHnniMJ. 


A Bkvibw <it tbu CoMTSOTEmnr Reluting U) thti i^MC^ of Man t> 

(h^ f'njr. (41 Hr. BitttUki't Propoiitiuu kctu-vcu Mr. CmV**. 
Mi. Bmizn ADfl Dr. Manaix. In a Lcltcrtoa Kriimd 

LoH'L'ii : Printf^t 'tJi't Sitid tut J, fiotirri* in H'tifvUk-I^H^; 
and at Ihf BibU nrar (imryr.yard to I.euibant-Slr^il. 
Prlcu liil Hr». No daW. S] 

A CoiXECTtoN of TaicTa, on Various Subjects. Written Iqr 

Trouab Chubb. 

ImhiIou : I'rijtUil/or T. Cox at the t^mb iimirr llie Boyal 

Kjebaiyf Urge 4to. 1780. 

AnotliuT Million. 

Ijomion : Printiid for tlie Author. 

Urgt 4to. 1780. 60 

Boohs imitm !»/ Tiiouah Cnv&s ami priiitrj «tnof iA# Ptihtka- 
liun of ftu Colifctiott of 'i'rwt* in Qnaru>, viz. : 

I, — A DtBcouBsz concerning Rrison, with regard to Minion 
and />tnV liem-laiion. Wherein is slieu-u, That Iteatem 
tiilivr if, or that ii oii^ht lo be, a auQlcieut Gnido in 
M»tl«T» of R^^liK'Oii' Oocarionsd by the Lord Bialiop of 
lAm'hn'* Srronii Lott«r to hi« ClftrKj'. To which are 
added, Some Reflections upon the coiupurativc Ex<«l]oiicy 
and t'sc'fuhieKs of moral ntid pOKitivc Duties. Occatiioucd 
by the controversy that h&» ariseu (with Itexpect to thJa 
Snhject) upou the Pubhcation of Dr. Clark'* Exposition 
of the Church Cateciiitm. By TuoM.ts Cucea. 

ImihU/ii ,- I'linlM fur T. L'oj:, al llw Luwb iiitdrr lA/ 

hogal-Ejrchau^. {I'riet Out Skiltiufi.) 8vo. 1781. 6^ 

It«print«d~The Sod cditiou. 

IL — An Ekquixt conooming Did GaotTKn* and Rkahonh, or 
wliat tho«c principtcK atu, on wiiich two of our aiimrurMary 
Bolemoities arc founded : it-. That on tlic AOfA nfjanuuiy, 
heiug the day of the martyrdom of King CAni-'« the First, 
appointed to be kept as a (lay of fasting : and Tliat on thu 
CiA of Xurrmber, being the day of our deliverance from 
popery and elavery, by the happy arrival of his lat« 
Ikfujeaty King William the Third. api>otDted to bo kept ii« 
a day of Ihauk&givini;. To which is added, Thf Sujicirueg 
of Rcaiton tn MalUn of Religion, farthtr eomuiemi, et«. 
By TnoHAJt Cupau. 

LoMiUm: PrailM for T. C<tJt, ttt thr I^mb, under ihe 

Hoyal-Kxrhftny. {/Mw 1..) , . Bvo. 1782. 2^ 

■ m.—Fonr Tracts, n';. LAhEkijviiit concerning the RooIeb 
of the iV«r TMiment, Whether thoy woro writtao by 

CHUBB, Tfaomas— (wifi'nunl. 

n-rrn answers. 


Divin* Injfiralion, &c. U. RKUutss oa lirHann'ttua't 
Lbtteb published in the IjxkIuu JuurnaU of the 4fA acd 
ll/A of April 172-1 ; wid te-publiBbed in the JoumaUot 
tbe KfA and l2tA of ^/^^i' 17^1) ; conlaininn ftu Arniwuint 
diftvn from th« nnftlc Fact of Chrim't Beaurroction, ta 
pnvo the Dlrinity of hiit Mi«tioii. Wbcroiii in tliowu, 
that Urilannif lu'-iATgameai docs out anawpr the PiirpoM 
farwlii«h it wkh iDt«nd«(l. in. The Ca»e of Abraham, 
villi raepect to his being commnniU'd br <^oi> to ofTdr hiH 
MO /mac in Snciifice, forther ccDEidort'd. In Anitwer to 
Kr. Sbm4'» BcmorkB. In a letter to the Jt«v. Mr. Siwif. 
JV. ThoEquityaudBeaBonabkncKs of ft future Judgment 
and Itetributioo ej^emplify'd : or.aOiscourseon tbel'arable 
of the UDiDorciful Servaut. &s it la related in Mattli. iviiL 
&om Verse 28. to tlie end of the Chapter. 

London : Printed /or T. tW, at the Lamb, under tht 

Ro^aX-Kxeiuiiigi ... Bvo. 1781. »l 

• rV. — Some OaaKRVATiONs offered to Pnhlick Coiittidunttion. 
OeewioBed by the Oppueiliaii mulv to Dr. RundW* Elec- 
tion to tbu See of GlonccKler. In which thu Crudit of tha 
HitUny of tbu Old Tsktauknt is purtieulaxly coniiidered. 
To which &r« added. Three Tracts, rii. I. An Ansver to 
yHx. Sfonf's secoud Remarks on the Caee of Abraham, 
with Regard to bin being commanded by God to offer up 
his Son UtitK in Saerifice. In a second letter to the Rov. 
Mr. Stone, «. a. and Fellow of the learned Society of 
Wadham-ColUijfj'mOx/iird. II. A Diocour«o on Siuumty. . 

Wherein in nhewn, thai Sincerity affordK jimt grotind for 
PoACe iind BatiHfacliun in a Kfan'^ own Mind, tuid renders 
hia coodnct jiutly approvahlc to vvcry other int^Ui^nt 
Being. Occiutioned hy what Dr. Watrrlami him lately 
written on the Ktibject. In n Lettt^'r to « Gontleman. 
HI, A Bapplomcnt to tbc Tnict, intitled, The Equity 
and Beasonablenes^ of a future Judgment and Retribution 
Exemplified. In which the Doctrine of tbe eternal and 
endless Umtttion of Punishment to the Wicked, is more 
particularly and fully considered. By Thomas Chubb. 
LonJiem : Printed /or T. Cox, at ike Lamb, untUr the 

Ibtfal-Kjrkan^t Svo. ITSfi. 8^ 

■ V. — Tlio Eijnity and RcnKOUHhloucftti of the Divink Cokvkktt, 
in Pnrdonmg Sisssw upon their Ri>i>t!utHiicc, txi-mphficd : 
Or a DiscourHo on the Pantbic of tlio Pnidignl Bun. In 
which tho«« Doctrines, rii. that Men am rendered accvpt* 
thl» to God, and that Sinners ar« recomnK'udod to aia 
Uvrey, either by tbc perfect Obedience, or tbc mchtorioua 

1 1 




CHUBB, Tlioinw,— <v»i/imMrf. 

SnfFeiiui^, or the prevailing IntercesBion of Cbriel, or hj 
one. or other, or all tbeae. are particularly considcicd »ud 
r«fated. OoaasioDetl by Dr. limUrx late Book, entitled 
The AniUogi/ o/ Religinn mUnmi mid receaUtl, to tkf Comti- 
liuion and Oiitnf of Sature. Offered to the cooaidsratiOD 
of the Clftr^ amouR all Dtmominatioas of Christians. To 
whM^ aro oddivl two DuottciiTATioKit, ru. I. OoDoeniiiig 
th« SouM and Meaning uf St. Paul't WohIh, Titita UL 10. 
11. A Jtfdii that u «n turretitk, after tk^ Jim and MMind 
adutonition, Tf)f.i:t : krutinng thnt hr ihat u nueh, u tnl^^rtett, 
ami u'fin^tA, hrittfi ooiuUinntd of him^lf, II. CciDMraing 
the Tim^ for keeping a Sabbatb. Offered to the oonHiikr&. 
tion of the Sabbainriane. In a Letter to Mr. KlieaU, 
To which is likovise added. Tbe Case of Pecuniary MnlotN. 
with regard to DiBseDters. particularly considered. In % 
geooud letter to tbeBev. Dr. SubHng. By 'Fbouas Chobb. 
Luttdon : I'rinted far T. Cox, at tkii lMml>, rniiJ^r iK* 
Boi/al-Ejxhaj^. [Prict \m. ftj.] . . 8to. 1787. 

SLWALL. Edaurd. of IVolorThantpUM. A SabbaUnun Biptiit. 

Xlie Trnc tnA, Sum WB<r to Rcmonf HireliDipi ail ol tfaa Cbsroh, 

*o. — With Au AxawKB to my buloTcd Pitenil TnomuCvcKB'* 
DuBKBTjkTioic. coDoamlDg (he Tiou for Kerpbig tb* S^bbMb. 
tea. I'Juo. Londint. 1TS8. 

CORNTHWAnB, Boblct. 

An KbUT CO tlW SuBini: ur, A Modait Attkupt towHd* a 

PUio, Hriptnnil Rowlatioti «f Uio folloiruig Qoutkau. 

I, WlulhfT tht tlKTStlTB Dii Sajhmtb k>m fim* b>A»ui 

IB Faraditt f 
It. WMhrr Ihf tame now obtiyei CimmnuraT Oaea- 
iiiou«il by thv Fotlowiog Pinnu Utaly vroto npon 
the SviUBTT 1 vi«. 
Ur. UaiUtCi DiiOMiTK on Uw Lobo'* D*t ; 
Ur. Jtfktait'i DiionDna (woMmiuit Una BtU^iaiM 

Obwmlloa ol thn Lou-'« Dtr, Ac : 
Ur. C'AuM'i DiaonrUtioii oononniDg tbe Tune at 

Ki<*)>luH A SabbiOb : 
Ur. KtUinffteatlii'i Api>aidix t« liM Sa^Itaumt 
10 the Setmana pivaefaod at Saiuft Ball 
•igniut Fopiayi 
Hr. DoM't HoTOBtli Dqr BablMih net obHgatw? 

on ChtUUant, tai U« Appnidix : Aad 
Dr. Walft HallnoRR of TlmeB. PlaoM and PMpb ; 

la wbioh emj Tbma, Jii4fl»d toaierial. aBM«d hf Ua ot Ibwn 
OtxnxmR oa U* II«g*ii*« Sidr of (iUur ot Ui* aboTa 
MMiloiMd QnaMioM, i« Itnfartialljr Comidorad. Sty Boans 

Lmuikm. Printnl, ai»d SoU ty J. A'mr, at tkr H'liiu-Hart 

inVhMfriile. lPTic^OmrSliiUiiif,at>t!ti*.ptaf.i 8m. HW. 




CHUBB, Tbomae,— eortttntt«r. 

■ VL — An Ekqltbt into Uie Gromid and FomiclAtioi) of 
&KU0IOX. Wherein is shewn that Keligioa ia founded in 
llatiu«. That is. that there ie a, right and wrong, a true 
and tklse lieligiou in Nature : And that Nature or 
Reason affords plain, ohvioiu^, ocrtntn principIeH, l>y which 
ft man may distiugnlfth thetK, luid form it propor jiidgtuc-ut 
in the OMte ; and which »n honest, uprijdit mau may 
safely and Hconrcl^Btay hie mind iipon.amithit the viirio«j» 
and oontnuy opiniotiB that prevnil in the world, with 
rrgnrd to this enbject. To which are added, I- a poht- 
Hi-Kii^, oocoeionod by the publication of Dr. Stkbbinu's 
ViBitatioa-charg>e, that had been delivered to the clei^ of 
the Archdeaconry of Wilu. II. A short Dieeertation on 
Stall. xLr. 21. // lli^u ifiU he perfect, go arui >d[ lliiit thou 
hatt, and 'jive to the puor, and Ihuu thalt Imve imaure tn 
A«m<m: and com* and/nlhw tru. Occaaioned by Dr. Steb- 
boio'b nnjOBt and gronndless rcflcxiou on the author, with 
ngftrd to this text hi the afort-Baid Charge. III. An 
Answer to a private letter, from a strmt(;er to the author, 
on Uia ttnhject of God's Forekuowlege. iJy Tuotus 

Umdott : Printed for Tho. 6W, at the iMinb, under the 
RofaUEnxhanyt. Prite 2«. . 8vo. 1740. 


VII. — The Tacm Gosrti. of Jesis Cskist aseerted. Wherein 
is sh«wn what ia, nud what in not l.liat Goupcl ; what was 
the great and good end it wan intended to »crve ; how it 
ie «xcel]«Dtty eiiited lo iinswer that purpose ; and how, or 
by what meitns, that end has in a greiit measure been 
fniHtrated. Eumbty offered to pnblioJc comsideration. and 
in p«r<icalar to all those who esteem tbem«ulv^s, or are 
wtoomtd by otherie, to be ministers of Jtni.i VhrUi, and 
PrcAchcnt of his Gospel i and more espioially to uU those 
who have obtained the reputation of bcin^ the groat 
Defenders of Christianily. By Tbou\s Chuub. 

AcU »vli. 6. Thnj drfir Jaton, onrf rettain br'tttrtn, tmlo Iht 
mien cf Iht ciig, trying}, Theie that have lurnnl Uu vorld 
vptiilt doien. are tomr liither aUo. 

To which U added A Short DiHKcrtatlon on Providence. 
London: Printfd/or Tho. Coj:, at llie /.amfc, imifcr the 

Royal Eiicluins<! Bvo. 17&& 16i 

Reprinted — Tho second edition. 


REMARKS on Mr. Tao. Cbdmi'r lAnri Dlturitniun m Ptwl- 

ttetcf. With A>iauiTKKM0N8 f>u hiK Tmr Giiif4l o] Jmwi 
CluiKl SBUttcd. In Ui< Onlci t(>lluwiBg. 




CHUBB. Thom&s.—fontiiui'rd. 

Sect. L Bamu-ki on LU definitiMia and dietloctirriM of 
IVoTiiDiice ; tOKutber with hi* tritieUm on Out 
voorod hukriin. 

Stcl. II. Oq hit trui Gotpel of Jirai Chriil OHrrtnl. 
iSoiB poniciilart^. oahit uxtb Stction. rit, wliBt i» 
not Ibe tmo Uoapcl. 
Kiel. III. nlii KpbiiDio III Pnnlilrncc comidered. U 

groiuideil on Ktu- Tntaimrni nutliiirit;. 
Sf^t. IV. (hi bi» inoni sUalrsct roMOolngx an Prori- 

Sfrl. V. Tbe dootriuo ot Proviilvnce Ikrtber utiiUlnod. 
•nd bin whcinu coia|iiir(-'<l "itb ".'but in bor« td- 
•^t. VL Infermtti dranti Iram ibe wboln. 
With >ii ImjMODoTOiiT Eputlr. wbDrain llioao RavABXt m 
jianit^ilitlly oOcmd to Ut. CBC^nn^ii ooutldttralloD. Bjf oM 
ADVOCiTE af ihr CmiiTUR Ucvbution. !■. «. CitMa 

Lonifon ; Printed f»T D. Fanur. at Iht Kinf'i drmi, in 
St. TaaJ'* Chatvb Yard. (PrUt U. M.) . Sto. I7M. 

Tbc ImpiratioD ol the Nrw Tpittiuariit Aiiintod : The Intcsrity 

o( the Sacred Writeni Tinditnlpii ; nnil tbe UrthoJ ol St-U- 
ViTloN by a RKDXEicin Conyinu/it. In hDEWot 1« ■ L>to Book 
fl( Ui. CkuWi. KuliUKil, flir Tnic Uoapol ol JnR» Cbriit 
BMWtod. Humbly ollared lo Publink wnnidnnitico, and 
in ptrtiaBlu ta all Uio»e nbo ertecm tbinmclrui. ot an 
cclMmed bj oUwn to bo Holder* tottfa of Nc<«-tJKbt. and 
Onat Pradcieiita in Moral Argnmant. In a Lvitcr to that 
Antbat. By PinLKUi mm» D a OnuariAiioa. 

London: l^ntfd and SaU by T. AtUty. in Si. Pa^'» 
ChuTCh-furd i K. A'utt, at tkt Ktyat Exchangt, and 
A.Uoild,itUhoutt*mfU-Bar. . . »m. 1T89. 

Till. — Tlie TmiE Gohpbi. of Jesna Cliriat vindioaUd. And 
kIho a VuiDicATioM of tliQ Adtbor's ahort DitourUtioD oq 
Pbuviukhi'K. By Thokah Ctiuuii. 

Loiuloit : Printed for T. Cox, at lAe I,amh, trndtr the 
BoyaUErekamjt 8VD. 1789. 

{Brit. Mm. 


IX. — A DtscouBSR OD MiukCLBB. OtHQBidand SB EvideneeB 
to prove tbe Bivine Otiginftl of ft BerelatioD, Wbenon 
is flhewQ, wbat Kind and Degree of Eridoooe atims ttom 
them, and Ln which tbe Tarioos Reutoniiif^ od Umm 
QtieeiiODB tliat relate to UieBnlijeot are fiiiHy rcpruentcd. 
To wbieb is added, an Ai-pxKDtx, oootuiuDg An Enqoitj 
into the <{ne*l4on, ri:. Wlietbcr the Doctrines of a fiilnre 
State of ExiKtcniK' to Men, aiid a fntojc Rotribatioc, 
were plain)}' and ctoorly tnnght hj Mwt* aod the Pro- 
pbcta ? Humbly oDered to Uw considenitioa of Uio Bct. 




CHUBB, ThomM,— wM/iwH^rf. 

I>H. Wabscstom, aod all nthnrK tliivt patiiculnrly intoiwt 
UieiuselTes in tbia Qucntion. Ihj Tiiomah Cnnin. 

Ijandmi : Primtmi Jar T. Voif, at the Lamb, wiilfr thr 
Boyal F.rfhaniis 8vo. 1741. 

X. — All ExQTmtv concermng BEDHMniox. Wherein tho 
Chbistian Bkiikkptiox is particulnrly coneidered. To 
which ie prefixed, a funfxcv. ; \Vli6reiu is sbenru, Tliat if 
Cbristioiuty be not fouuded ou Ar^mii^ut, but on thoMi 
Divine ImpreiiHiotis tlint axe mude ou Mitci'k Mtiidx cou- 
ceniili):; it, (sn n litte ingtmioiia Autlior hn.» tiiU^m\iU;A to 
proTC ;) then it is mobt iinccrtnui iind pn^ciuioitH, uicl 
cahsot be reclncod to any Standard. Aud jd which in 
also Hhtirm, tbiLt Cliri«t')> Kingdom hns been ho far from 
Wing supported, and e^tabliElied by tb« lnt«ruoEition of 
Civil Tower : that on tho contrary it has rather been anoi- 
hihtt«d tliercby. By Tho. Chubb. 

Jjondan : Printed for T, Co^, at ihe Ijtmb, under thf 
tiuyal F..tchan>je. Price U. 6<l. . . 8vo. 1748. 

XI. — The Ground and Fouudatiou of Morality cooeidered. 

"Wherein is shown, that diBinterefited benevolence is & 
nropor aud a worthy priricijiit! of action to iutnlliROnt 
Deiujpt. And in which is al^o «hrwD, what vomc- of tho«o 
ahaiird nnd bad conKctiucncps hto, wliich naturally and 
obvionnly follow the doclrino of absolute eelfiebncHK ; or, 
timtnlf-goodie the eoleand tinivereal principle of aotioa 
in nittnrc : Occasioned by tho Itev. Mr. Itutbcrford s 
Euay on Morality. To which ia added, the Eii^t §cctioa 
of the Author's farewell to his readers : namely, the intro- 
duction. WiiereLn liiot-e iiolute. viz. ofdiviue iuipreesiona 
on men's tDinds, of xii^cial ffrace, of the Tirtne and merit 
of faith, and of 8t. Thoiuan's uubehef, are particularly 
outBideted. By Tiiaxu Ciiouii- 

LotntoH : rrintni Jor T. Cnx, at the Ijomh, under Ihe 

Ro^td Hjxhange 8vo. 17-15. 

Four DiKHKRTATinsit, viz. 

I. On the lIisTonv of Melcbizkdkx. From whidi it 
app<»rs, that Al-ralaut did not givo Tithes io Mrlr.hufdek, 
bill iMrhitfdek to .ihrnliam. 

H. On the Temper aud Behaviour of Esau and Jacob, 
Uw two Sons of the patriarch haur. Whereby it appears, 
that Ktati wa6 much the better Man. 

UL Ou tbo Conduct of Balaam. In which that Pro- 
pbet'H Chaxaeter is civarod of thcirui RrjtroaolH-K aud Impa- 
lationK wherewith it has been etaincd. 





CUUBB. Thomas.— <■«((.««.■■(. 

IV. (hi Dr. SiiKaLocs, Lord Bishop of Sali^fy't 
Afieertion, r'w,. Tkiu/ar all it kbU : ae Rrannded upoDi or 
at as iDferenco or Coiicluniua drawn from \he foUowinfc 
PrCDunes, uaXa^Xy, And thf pfnpU (of luraal) trmd the Ixird 
all tlirdai/Kof3o9hntt,and all the daifiofth* lilJi'n thai out- 
Ur*d Joriiiut, trho had »im ail Ifu frtat work> of tfu Ijord 
that hf did/or lamel ; wlucb Promiitea arc the Text to hui 
IiOrdshis'B SemuHO. lately pnblished. laucribod to lis. 
SjumBL J)iCKBB of Waltok in Sukksv. By Tho. Cavm. 
London : VrinfM/ur T. Cox, at the Lamb, uudir tht 
ltt>}itil-Exthang«. [Print 1*. 6rf.) . 8yo. 1746. 71 

MOSS, Chnrln. im EiiKliih Prt'latc (Xvphcv of Bob«rt Utm, U 
Bufcliiih Ihiioc) nu tlio Aullioi □[ tbc loUowmg Anottfme^m 
pnmpklvt. in Kiuwur. to tlic abovR. 

Tho Care oI AfiRAHJkM nnil Mii-i^mxiiiiix, The Rihtobt ol 

RuoanilJMnB, Ami lUv ST'^KTot BALAAM, CoiiHiilerwil Md 
K x]il tilled ; knd tht< Uibtikxb oi Mr. Cbobb. anilOUiar*, 
Coirented. With • Povtikhii^, rolBting (o lim Expokiuti 
«l tb« CmoAnitH, by Jmhva. 

Lmdon .- Pritutdfor J. Roberu. in WarwlekLaiu. Sra. t7U. S 

BATE. Junes, Doctor of St. Paui'i, Drpl/ord. 

InAdolitj ScoDTiiod : or, Chrlmiuiity VtodleMod. 1. Fitn IIm 

S'candaJaw dtftriUau <il Mr. 'I'uuius CuoBB, in hii torn late 
DiaMttatioOf, til. 1. Mrifhiinlek. 3. Oa Jatoh niii Btau. 
S. On fioluani. 4. On tlie Extirpalitm of tbu CanaAnlln, 
— <tc. 

Ltmdim : Prlnttd by Jl. Kent «.nd totd ly J. RoAert*. at 
the Viford .irmi in Wanciek Lint. . . Sra. lltC 16 


A Baon uad pjiiTDrui. krcovni of lht> Lire bdiI Ctumacti* ot 

tb« CeUtomtvd Mr. Tiiomiii CutiBB. who died luUly at SalU- 
buiy. Is A LetlM trum a Otntlrmii ol tluu UI7 to hii 
Friond in LoDdon. 

Londnjt : Prinltd for John Kom. a! Ihf Whtit-Hart, 
ntar ilrTcer'i Cbopit, Clitajtiitr. (Pric< SU-pnKf.) 

Stu. 1747. U 

UsMOiKi ol Mr. TaoMi.» Csv»t,hit* ot SaUibury : m. A F^dler 

nod iii(ir« FttitL/ul A«xh.stoI Lit Lili-. Wrilmgii. CWMtcr 
uid Uuath. ImtiiriperMd with •ome BumuLj on the Bboit 
and Fait&Inl Ac«oiitil. Id a Letter (ran uiotbM GcoUctnaa 
is that OitT to hii Friend in iMiidaL. (KgDcd " PhiaklliM 

ttwidnn - Prinltd for Jamn FUKktr, Bvattellrr, in Ike 

Turl. Vxan ftro. 1747. 4| 

— A ViKoiCATioM of th« Mr.xoBy of Mr. Chudo from tbc kcdt- 
rilouH aud crouttdletfa CaltijUDJca tuggt-nUd ky a late 
iafamoua LiW. lu two gc&nisc Lcltcti> to the ecaudaloiu 




CHUBB, Thonuw.— MftttfitW. 

Libeller. Th* first from J n /. U, one of (he 

Pec^ile called iiuaktrs residing in Saiiiinir^ ,- and the other 
from a Moral J'hilotopher. 

LonJati : I'rinttit/or J. Norm, at the Wkitr-Hart, ntar 
Mtrccr't Ctwpptl, Clieapsidt : and C. 
Additon't Head, faein// h't. T>unttim't ('hurch, 
Flret StrefX : and Snld bif lk« BanktrUtT* in 
Saram. (Prm Six-Pmeo). . . 8vo. 1747. 28i 

-LE, J , of SalUbHry. 

A Hecond Lkttkk from one of the People culled Quakers, 
rwidine in SAi.iMnrnv, To the AuUior of a Pnmpblet, 
(mtitlotl, Mkvoihh of ThinnM Cltiihh, to wliivli ih pr('fix<,-d, 
A 2ud cditiou of tbo Fibst Lkttkr. 

London : Printed /or J. Xoon, al the WhiU-IIart, near 
Mrrev'i Chnjid, in Chtapuidf, mid mid iy It. Cot- 
Uiit, and £, J^iulvH, m Sarum. [I'ricf Thrtt 
pme«.] ^ 8vo. 1747. U 

The VcsTsmtofoa Wcsss of Tit. Thumat Chubb: contaioing, 

II1» Tb« AUTUOh'ft r^nVBlt t^hjaKHd' 

on; cuui(rnLciiitiAic ■ VAfletj t,t 
Trwi*. on iha &>dkI HDporiKiit VdI^ 


I. BtMUfei as th* StripMRa. 
IL Okiii I Bljon* m Ibo B4inr«tid Idi. 

With an Appbndix, 

Iscludiag a Postscript to Mb four last DiMcrlations, more 
parti cnliirly relative to that on tho Uittor^ of Mel- 
cmzEOEE. To the vLole is Prefixed, Some Account of 
Um Acthob : Written b; Himself. 2 vols. 

Loudim ; Printed Jur R. Vttldtnn,jvn., at th$ Hot, in 
Patrmotier Bote, mid lotd hy E. Eatttm, ia SUrer 
Street, Strum 8to. 1748. 

Dilrn ihdi alxdiuioe Id CbiiiUu p»«|4i. * . 93. Thslr 

mU.~tB Iks ItiM IDlUIUI. ~ 

CLAPIIAM, Jonathan, of WrawpHDgham, in Norfotk. 
biEoself a Uiuieter of Christ there. 


A short and full Voisicatiok of that sweet and ComftutaUe 
Oboixance, of singing of Psai-mes. Together with some 
profitable Rnles, to direct weak Chnfttiaii& how to slug to 
edifieatioD. And a briefe Coufutatiou of toaic of the 
meet nsnal Cavils made ugniuvt Ihti anme. Publiabcd 
Mpceially for Iho iitc of the Chrii^tinus, m nuil about tbe 
Town of n'ramplijiijliam in Norf. for the Kutli^action of 
MKb, M NCriiple the eaid Ordinancp, for tlu' cttitbliKbmciit 
of sncb u 00 ovm it, ngoiost all Seducers that come 


A cataloock op adtebse books, 


CLAPIIAM, Jonathan, — t-miimitd. 

amongst llicm ; &nd for Mke mtitruction of nil in Rcucral, 
tbat ihey ni»y better improve the same to their Hjiirilual 
comfort and oencfit. hj lo. Ciapham, ii.A. and MiaiBter 
of Ohriiit there. 

t Cor. U. 15. 
IwiU ting vith tht rpiriUmid I itiU ring teilH Ihe uiulfr*Miufiap 

4to. London, Pnnttd, Anno Dom. 16SG. 

WUITEIIEAD. Ooorge. ol Orion, Watmortland. Iwt of Lonion. 

And CaniHToriiKH Atkinboh. — Datio's Boaiiuot diacaverod wlio 

of him mukc HoMiih, hat witbntlt IhB Spirit and idUioilt 
uijtlcrtiliuiiliiie, t» tlin Dninkiinl dSd wblcb liv deelana of in 
Pial. If), IS. or, a TnrR IIihcivkrv nf tlikl Cu«tonie«od 
Pomie nkicli Ihe I'rirsU ul ttiLa (i«Der»tiou would mftk* Ml 
Mdinuiue ol. to blitiil ibi^ tjta ot the Simptfi an tliut priett 
Clapliiitn : ia his G,an;iiiiicnl<, whiah u 1i<t« uinruttd. (7 ut 
— Ckriilophrr Alkiman. Oiorfr Wkltrhrad, 

Lonrfon • Frintid/OT iiUei tialefrf. at the Btatk-Sprtad- 

Eagte. at lilt Ww-fod nf Fauli. . 4tO. ICGS. > 

C*tir*a OxKKUTiox Discoreivd, in AionrR to an tpiRlle diitoMtl 

tot^Roniet.intBoo^TMvil. A Short and t'lill rindietian 
^llMt Sveet and (omfnrtable Ordinanc€. of Sin^gPnlBW. 
Put tortfa bjr our Jimuibna OlR{iliain, — Wfaoreiii bo in loud 
in •nTT, In C'afn'i Wit>. in hh fftlM anoDiUtion* and SmM 
dM^aluK and nnrlniDi ntlliiiH attAlnit th* innocatil, whicb ia 
MMwerad L17 u« wbuaa luuu* in lb« llaab is aearj/e tniU' 
htad, ttt. dv. 

Londoti. Printed/or GIU» Calvtn. at thf Blaei-Spriad- 

KagU, nttr Ihn Wttt end of PoiOm. . *U>. IMS. 

A Full Disco\-KRT and CoNycTxTios of the wickeid and 
damuabte I>octrines of the (jrAKERs. Ab also, a plaiu 
VuidicntioQ and conlirmatioD of sundry fundAineiitai 
poiuU of the Clmstiaa UdigioD, deiijed or corrupted by 
Ihe iin^imie^ of the Truth in these I'imea. Puhliahed for 
tlic bcudfit of Mudi w«ak Christiana, wlio are not f>o abl« 
lo discover and opiiuj^te the daagerouti dootriDflH of subtil 
Bcdncen, wIk^u coloumd over with fair wonlR aod pre- 
t^ncCM, aud no are more apt to be taken in Ihoir Moaroa. 
Wfaereunto is anoexod an cxcelh-nt Discouno proving 
tbat HiBSing of Paahm ut not only luwfnl, but an Ordi- 
namM of God. By .Tox^iTirAii Clapbam, a Surrant of Christ 
in U» work and labour of the Go^l, at tVrmiitUitgkam 
in yorf. 

Imk^i : Prmud bjf T. R. A E. il. /or Admimm 
Ujlfiflil at thf tiihle, in Popes htnd Alley, Htttr 
Lvmbard-Uretl ..... Ito. 1656. 




CLAPHAM, JonatliAD.— <^0NiJHi>tfrf. 

HUBBERTHOBN. Ru^hard. ol Tillma in tancaihirt. 

Tralk ADil Innoooacio olcttring itsoU uni! iti child roo.—Aloo ht 

tliu Troiitiie i> » MonatAia ol Conlniifin. liioa, miiiI Sliuidm 
pruoMding (ram ono Jmuiihun Vliij;luim, u Pi-liisl, Buula 
nuuiilMt. oto. (In aa«w(tr 1« " A Fuli Disouvvr}' aud Cuulu- 
Ution, *c.'') 

LvuTini. PriuttAfor Gitet Caleerl. al Ibt Biaet Spread 

Sagh.m lluH'fttmd of PauU . . 4to. IfiGT. S 

Il«pTint«<l in hit Worlu, pnge [2S.J 

And WtLij^M Jekkis. — A Discovery of the Quakers Doe- 
tnac to tlie Protector. 

FOX, UMmo. FoiindBr oj tbo Soaoty o( Fricndi. 

Tto OfSBt MiiinBT of tli« (iraat Whor« aotolded, *o. (iWKa *S) 

VoUo. 19S9. 

A Gaids to the True Religion. 

8vo. Ediiibiir{;h. 1669. 

PEMN, Williiuii. Foundor o( pHtiugbtaitia. 

Tb» Gnido Mistak™, utiil TnmponKind r«t>nk«il: or, a briol 

B«|>l7 i" ■limnihiin Vlapham't Hook, inlitnlvd. A Oviilr to ihr 
Tnu Rttiffion. \\\ whi<li hiii liclujioix n CimfiiUii,)a\i tlufoe ■ 
riiif ii Ittlicltd. ili» Aipomiom aro Urprihrndid. hii t'litt. 
tradictimu am C'i»n(j(iT<d. D; W. P. : a FrUud to tlk« Tru* 

4lo. LoBilon, Frinttil in the y<ar, IfKlS. 8 

CLARKK, Adftm, of J/mdon. One of the moHt eminoDt Wes- 
loj'iLR Sfiiiiiters, k native of Ireland. Author of " The 
Holy Bible, with a Conimentnrj' und notoe." 

' A DnwofRsE on the NHture, InEtitiition. and Design of the 
Holy Knchariet. commoiily citUcd the S^rameiit of the 
Lord's Supper. By As.ui Cukeb, lAiJ>. I>\A.S. 

Tbe Second Edition, Mufh mlarijfd and improrrd, 

l-ondon : Printrd for the Aiilhnr : and xnld hij J. 
BiillrrKorlh and Son, FUrt-ntrtet : T, Illantktirti, 
City l(nad: W. Uayniri, I'atfmoster l{oie; }iuUaU 
and t\j. LitTpo'il ; John Cooke, Vrmottd Quatf, 
and Marim Ktftit:, ColUye Grttn, Ihtblm. 

8vo. 18H. 7i 
ALEXANDER. StmMt, of Nffdham Utarht. Sitfolk. 

m Bcourki OD Pr. Adiuu Clnrlic'n Discuunc ou tlio Nittnrc, ln*t)- 
tntioa. uid BouKn of thu Uol}- Baoliuiit. conuuoQlf callttl 
Uia SwMiDuit oil tlia Lord'* Sapper. By Vorai. 

PritOftJor like Author, and >dU by J. Lonut-i. Butk' 

port, <U Une. ^9. Sj 


A catalooob op advsbbe booes, 


CLABRE, Sftmuel, was bora iu 1S90, at Woohton, in ir(inrt4>k- 
nhirf, of which place his father wae Vicar above 40 yean. 
He reoeivod his education at luaanuel CiiUe-j*. Cambrid^, 
after which he eatered iuto orders, aud officiated some 
time at .SAoiutV-i. iu Chrthirr, from whence be removed to 
Coventry, aud afterwards to AlocRler, ou the preoeuta* 
tiou of Lord Brooke. Here be rvHidud 9 years, and tliea 
became MiiiiHt4>T of St. Htnnit Fink, in fyondon, where 
he oootiuuetl till bii wan Kiloiiced nt the Restoration. He 
died iu less.— Ca/flmy. 

■ A IhEiBSOB or Looking-Obvefi both for StLinbt A Sinors whfrrin 
i» Becorded, as Ood'e Great Goodnem to the one, to liia 
Sereace Indgment against the other, vrherevnto is added 
a QeognpUodll Description of all the Knowne World, as 
also of tkifOd^tti Cily'i lioth Anfifiit and moiUrn, ftc. By 
Samv. Clarke, (JBn^raved Title page.) . Folio. 1666. 

Nota.-ltF(8iiW.b ~II*NII»l(liulH*ii>lniMlrlliIata]l7iaHD«U.* 

POX, Oeorgo, Fonndei of the Sodely of PricDd*. 

Somctbioa in Ahikbb to Ijijovlek Sttifiglfion't Book, — And, 

Romauiiiig iu ansicsi to SatiiMrl Clarke, vtia OoUii kliD««U a 
PmIdt, in Ilia lioolt eaU«il. A lAioking-(}la*t far SainU and 
SiMUn- Uy o. t. 

410. Lendm, Frinttd in tht Ttar, 1067. 

CLAItEE, St«pbeii, U. A. Rootor of Bury-Thorft, in Yvriahirt. 
'—— A short Vindication of tfa« Ctrny'i lUghl to Tytha, ooca- 
siooed b; a Mcenagc from a Speaker, among the Peopls 
call'd QudA^n, to a Clergyman of the Church ofEjioi-tKn, 
In a Lbttkb to the said Speaker, tii/ Siei-iiEX Clax^lk, 
M. A. litdor of Bnrylhorpe, in Yorkshire. 

York: Printed and mid by Thinnaa Qettt. J.ilfrwt h^ 
iir. Bildj/ard and Mr. Ward, BookitUen, m (A# mm( 
City : at alio ty Mr. Mace, HooktdUr, lU Hull. 
{Prit* Six Pm<€.) . . . . ero. 17*0. 

BBSBB, JcMpb. AatliM ot " Tlie SnS«TieBi o( tho Qiukon, ftc" and 
otlitt vorkii. 

A LvTTRH lo Stsfris CuBXt, BcotOT o( BuryOorft, in Fort* 

ihirf. In Ani-sii'f ki hla thon TlndicalloD of Um Ckqor'a 
Bight In Tillift. Uy On* c4 iLe Pwoi>l« talM Qiufan. 

London : FrinUd and told by T. SouU Bafliim, t»d 
Luke Uindt, «t Iht BibU, in Oeergt-yard, Lat^ard- 
»trt*t »n>. 1740. l| 

CLAXTOM, Laniraoe, of CinuMigethirt,—Ba bad been a 4 

PreB«ber amonget tlw Baatara. bat commg to balifln in 
tlKi doctnoea of John Beevs and Lodowickuttgg^eton, ha 
bMMDO {eooB after the decease of the fbmier) a writer in 




CIiAXTON, LaurenM, — eonlmiud. 

vindication ot their prinoiplCB. After UstUDC 4 book* 
UaBgleton sitys, " he grew ho proud, *ai ItOiiiag ovar 
tbo Selicven, siiyiiig. Thai ua body eaidd mriu in the mn> 
dUatiaH of tkU Cbntmiuioii, not John RocvD uvh d«<td, but 
ht, and to that purposQ ht wrotd anntUor book, wheiain 
he had proudly euutod himitulf iato John Rccvo's Chw, 
fflnlfting John ftcove and hioueif , but ijuito exoluded mo. 
VherenpoD I put him down, for ever writing Any more. 
He ©ontinned thus 4 years, until the year 1661, and in a 
while after humbled himself to me, and acknowledged bis 
fault, and I forgave him, but ty'd lum not to write any 

When the Fire destroyed the Cicif of LoniloH ; he 
em^yed himnelf in hel{>ing (lerBona of quality to borrow 
vaoaitj to build tlieir hou^ert again, but the per^oiii that 
bad wt money run away, ho lie wae arrested, and put iu 
Ludifot* Goal where he died (lG(t7?) after beiiij; Im- 
prinoncd about a year." — ^ifu-pfUtan't" Aatt of Iha Wit- 
■MWJ, ^." 4to. ltiU». p. SO-ii'i. 

The Bight DEVIL DLioovered : 

1 "I f DeKfHt. 

2 Form. 
8 -/nAu- Eduration. 
4 Qualijlcalion. 
t Place iinil luiturt of Torment. 

With many other Divine Secrete, never as yet e»taiit. 

Fnbliabed for Confutation of the Learned. luatnictiug the 

Wi«e, and ondeoeiving of the Simple. Written by Laur, 


I/ondon: Printtd /or the Author, mid art la bti rtoid 
bjf Franfu CoainH, at the Sign oj the Anchor onrf 
Jlfarirvr in TofKer-Hrtet, Small 8vo, ICSD. 

(Brit. Um.^^) 

■ "nw Qdaxbbs Dowsml, with all other Di9i-ess*tiom ibdr 
inside tani'd outward : Wberein you have it iufallilily 

1. IFAn{ Scrfyturr w, tthat not. 

2. By vhoin it iras vrit. 
S. Far whom it wat icril. 
4. The end itherrfore it i«m rmt. 

A]iio, A Bridf SAanATiiix of the Qiutkm Cattftrimec with ns 
lh« KCoond of </u'y lt>i5!l. whoroin wo made appear, That 
all their Sufferings in AVie Kniiiand, or any other Nation, 




CLAXTON, Laturenoe, — cnntinuM. 

they Buffer justly ae evil doers, ho that neither they, nor 
their Peri-ocalors, bo li^inK and so dyiBg, shall e<aoape 
Dainimtiou. Mith a clear Cniifiita.tiou of all Aiuar.MhV'i 
(eaUcd Fukk-Wii-lmihJ tliiit dutiy God'ii Prrrofralivo 
Pow«r in matter of PnmnutioD and Solvation. Wntt^'n 
by Laurmc- Ctaj-toJi, the alone, true, and fuitMul Mcm- 
Hcuger of Christ Jorub tlict Lord of Glory. 

Lotidon : I'rinttd for thf Autfioiir. and or* to hf$cl4 
btj Will. Lfarnrr at tlir Blackamoor, ntar Fttrt- 
brulfff 4to. 1659. 

ttvfii^— A Cm nf IhlK boak n&y b* IminA In Ui* tnro/lii' Llbvur, At 
DnMiaUl* IlnaM tlwilng llaut, Ilonndidndj, tlM In tb* LIMuy 

HABWOOD. John, of rorkiMrr. 

Tbo Lyiofl FrDphct JNtcmfivrf nnif lUprDvnl : [n ui iinnntr tfi 

uTDrnl uuneulftro la a bi>i>k mIImI n< i^iuiktr4 Oaanfat, 
Bitjd In b« wrtllMl bv Lavrriwt Ctoihrn, wliu lllltK|>)lcIuaiIl^lJ^ 
■tflm hUDMlt tbe aIiiD» tme and hiUiful Mphhiiiiiioi oI Cbrint 
JNa>i but bU 8|imt Wmg trird b; tbn fruita il bath 
bcodKbt (uith. bv u> iDtmd ici be D MfofcciCFr of Satui. <(:v, 
XondoR .- Printtd r-ir Tlianuu A'lminiiFW, a( tht HM and 

Mouth mar Aldtnuaii itn. 1CS9. 3 

■ ■ A Pandisieal Dialogue hc^twccn Faith and Reason. 

{In tht Ubr«rt/ of l^mbrtU fulaet.) . . 4to. Lon, 1660. 

A Wonder of Wonders 16B0. 

■^— The LoBt Sheep Found : or The Prodigal returned to hi« 
Futkera house, after many a sad and weary Journt^ 
tlirougb many HeU^ons Oountrcys. Whore now, nob- 
withtttaudiug all his former Tronsi^Bsioua, and l>r<mch 
of hiH Fathcm eommands be is received in an ctvmal 
Favor, & all Uie righteous it wiakud Souh thnt he bath 
left behind, rcKC^VL>d for ctental minery; As all along 
«Tcr}' Chiirch or diH[WDNAtioa may read in his TraTflki 
their Portion after thiH Life. M'ritim ly fjiur. Clurivit, 

4to. Ijim'lim: friiilfitfor thf Anikor. 1660. 8 

CLAYTON. Robert, an Iriah Prelate, wa« the Son of Dr. Clayton, 
dean of KUdart and born at Dublin in 1C9C. lie received 
bis education at Westminster School, &om whence be 
removed to Trinity College. DubUn. of which Society be 
became Fellow, and iu 3729 look his Doator'ti degree. 
On becoming acquainted with Dr. Clarke bo enibraood 
Arianiam, notwithataadi ng which, be waa sueu^Mfnlly 

Sromoted to the Sees of Kulala, Cork, and Clogbcr. He 
icd in the year lT5d. — Dioy. Britt, 

lie WW tlte anthor of many books bcstdce tbo fol- 



CLAVTON, Robert.— amtinued. 

Lkttem whicb passed between the Ri^ht Bararend Bouxsr 

LorU liUkop of Corui:, Now Lord Biehop of Ci^xikku; 
and Mn. Wii.u*» Pkkn, coucoruinj; Bai^imh. 

i'trilg, yrriti/ t my UnW Ihoi, Kitept a Stan bt liani a/ 
IVaUr aiid tin- Striril, lu cannul tnler ialii Iht Kingdimt 
a/ U(i<l. JnnH ill G. 

London. PrinUd hy W. Boni/fr, and sold hij It, 
Bnldtriti atul M. Coojmt in PaUr-notttr- Hoip. 
[PnW Ow< ShUUiiff.] . . . fivo. 175(1. 

Xtto.— wnilMn PniD atiaM Ituin u« pol>Utti«il Id (b6 tXtUtt book »iUi lbs 

COCKSON, Edward. M.A. RuutOr of Wtttrot-Barlon, in Or^onf- 

The QiTAKEBs BiStjrct Jtnt'ii, oi", Somi? Brief ObNorTntions 

ott their Agroemt^Dt with tlic CiirKcii of Rowr, both in 
their t^iociplcs und Practicco. SbowioK tbu Probability 
of tlteir tiiee, aud the Certainty of thoir Eucourugements 
from Popish Semiuttries. la Three parts. By Eow. 
CouuoH, MA. Hector, Jtc. 

LandoH : Vriuttd, and art to b» lold tti/ £)rto, CbltB, 
lU Iht <}tren liragna, in Si. PanVx Church-Yard, 
and Gro. Thorp, 'UnokurUrr, in Banbury. Svo. 1708. 18i 

The QcASKRs no UiatctlBnt Divskntkim ; or, A Trentiiw, 
shewing their Dieagreemout with aJl Protfrntimt CfaurcbcH, 
in all the Articles of thi? Christian Faith, contained in 
Ui« Apostles Creed. With Bomo «hort reHrctioDH on Mr. 
R, y'irrr'f of Btttibury'i Answer to Mr. Ilmj. IjortUng, 
Serving a key to Unlock the (iu'ikmi Mysterions acknow- 
ledgenUDls of the true Jtras Christ, and of the Ilviy 
Trimly. By K-ivi. Coektan, M.A, and ItectOT of WateoU 
Birion, in tJin County of Oxuu. 

LoNcloM ; Prhiltil. and are to be told hy K. Kveli al the 
Orr^a VrayoH, and li. WeUiiitvn at the DalpUxn, 
both in iS(. faul'i-Churth-Yurd, J. Sutt n*ar 
Statiottm Hall. And G- Thorji, Booktelier, m 
Banbury. 8vo. 1704. 7} 

Rol*.— DbM Piut. Vicar (4 TMtnlumi. un "TIid; tlhi OuJon) onw h 
••tha Haawr canteuA, <*." 

-^^ T^lll ^'e.lAxu, Cruel Pcntouutors : boing a Rkvikw of llie 
CovTBOTBBsv between, Mr. BtuijAutNLnvKi.tNn, Minister of 
Bunhiiry in th« Coonty of Cj-om, uid the QtixKKxii ; iu a 
Letteb to Mr. Siclmi!) Ot&ai of the i>aid Tovrn, in who«e 




C0CK80S. Eflwatd,— f<«.rmH^rf. 

Name that oontrovcnty is maDog'd by thm. Espoaiog 
Tbo F*Uhood, Kiuplineaa, nnd ImpcrtiiieaeiM of tliOM 
Two fiookft. CaUed, Tkr Vicar »/ fiiuibuiy OmtrfAl, ftnd 
Tli4 Vic'ir I)/ Biuibiiry JarlJur Vorrfttai. TooBTUXtt Witli 
ft tbort Abridgmeiit of the Histoiy of tbe ijuakm Ponw- 
ontiOBi ferBiligion, lo Pmntrattiit in Am4Tk.a, and tho 
AboiDiitabl« Trranny of Ibeir Gavemment there. By 
Bow. OmxsoM, U.A. and Hector of M'titeol- Barton in the 
Coonty of Oa»i. 

LanJitn : Printed, ami are to be mid bg E. Ecett at th» 
Oreen-Jira/jiin, and R, Wellitufiim al the [hip&in, 
both t'n Si. Paitl't Church-Yard : and O. Thtirp 
BimlatlUr in lianhurg. . . , 8vo. 1705, 

CLABIDQB. Biobacil. OrunuJIy Boctor at PiopUlen ia Woretiur- 
iMrt, BflMrTBTdi ■ Bat>tifll, tuid wbnn bo wniui Uic tollawing 
■iiKwiir, a noCod MiQUitar al tha Soctoly ol Frlcmlx. 

V«Jtiu luauirtndum t or, an Answvh lo n Book of Kclipard Coek- 

«i>n, M.A., Mill Itoolor, H buiiti]«ii bimselt, uf HV(!en(-Siirr<rri, 
in th* Countj of Oxon, Mintulilutmi Riiiid ^untm Cruel 
PmaoDlonr Being a BcTiew of ihu CiMitttjroraw, between 
fFN^aniin I.nvfling. UinittFT of /iLinbtHV. in Um tud COBUty 
anil lh« ifaiikm Uierc ; in a l.cttor to Rlthord Viefn of tb* 
Miid Town. In vhicb Anavtir the aftid lUria* In aiaulnad, 
and B«Iat«l, and tlis Qd&kim oleared of tb* eiiMft Of pei- 
SMoUoa fi)« B«li]tion. 

Lvnda* : Frtntnl ami Sotd bg T. Sovlt, in Wkilt-Btrt 

CauTi, in Gractom-tirat .... 6to. ITOG. SO ] 

QnakoriNm diaertrd and {aid ftpm. Or, » Treatise contain- 
ing a Faithful Dixoovfrj of near upon six hundred of tbeir 
errors, and Horrible BlasphomicK ; toading to the ntter 
deetmction of tlic Tru* Cbriitian Faith: and the total 
eaby^rsioD of the Estftblithed Government of Great 
Briiatn and Irvltmd. Bincmrely collected oot of their 
choioeet and most oeldirated writinge : anf exposed to 
tlio Pnblick view of all men. Oecaaion'd by a I^te Dts- 
courae, PubiJBb'd by Itich. Cfitrid^, oalkd "iMiialtt- 
iinirmdunt," and bcinf; a Just and HoDMt retnra for bit 
UDJu*t and diHhoucnt clmrge of Blaspbemiea, (in that Book 
co&tain'd) Bfnunst many of the moat eminent Pathen 
and Writcn of the Gharoh of EDRJand. ToKethar with m 
Full DiHi^ovcry of tlitiir Deplorublt! DoccipU in their lute 
Sham-CreodH and Mock DcoUration* : of their revunind 
Ecteom of tho Holv Soripturov, and sinceio B«lief in 
Chiiat Jecus. Witii a tmo Key to unlock thair Mnte- 
riooB roeaoingfl in them both. By J-Jdm. Codcnn, H-A. 
and Rector of Wttsr^t-Uarlon, in the Oonnty of Oxod. 

London : Printed for WiU, Carter, at the Grem 

Draitfm rn St. PitnVt CAukM Yard. . 8vo. ITOS. Tl 



COCKSON, E^wftrf.— »«(.»*.«(. 

WHITniO. John, QiiAk4T Bil<bOKnpli«r. 

The HKCTOB CORBECTED. or. PorKi-rjr DLisBotiMi anil Laid 

ofe»: In Ancwcr to En*. Ccokbom, liiii Book FaUljr 

called Auknuai Qiiiicub anb T.titi l^pcn, whomlii n*ar COO 
at hit FoMuriM, FoUohaoJi. anil i'lrrnniimii, uiil atUer 
Abii*M In tMlatlnn to bl« Pr«tnRi1(iil (JuiitiitUmiionloit thn 

»uibr»' Bookx itre DoleetAil ami KijH'W. By JOiia 
UTOM. With someUiiuK iii ItvUtioo tu liis rsdltciM. 
London: Prinled and lold by J. Soiele, in Whiu-Uort- 

Courl in Oraeiomttrett Bw, ITM, 10 

The SERPENTS ncwi Broken ; and Hi« Grand Dosign 
a^nst Hits Trna Vhritt, and to Dcwtroy the Tr<w CkrMai* 
IMujioH, in orcctmg (, fully DiBoovorcd. Being 
ft Vindication of QHak^riKm l>mKctfd and Itiid Opmi, against 
th« frivolons, idle, and caufisless Cnvills ot J'/tin Wkitiiiii, 
» principal i'illw of tbat Antichristian, Heretical, and 
Diabolical Sect. By Kituard Coekion, a.A. aud Kector of 
Wtttjxit-Uartun, in llie Couuty of OXOM. 

l/oudan: Prinlfd for WHlUmi Carter at thf (treen 

Dria/on in St. Paul'n Church Yard. . fivo. 1708. 8} 

WUITING Johii. Quakor BiblioftraphM. 

CmuT Jiniti Ownad u Ila in Gao tai Uiir, Moulding to th* 

Holy SartplOTM. And tbn Ltat'* IMu«« ivspt mnj: in 
BkiiIt Ui Kilif. C'Tki'in't SciinilonK l*tuitpblet, MU«d. The 
Hrrprnfi llrad llmhrn : Wfavrvin lie uptWrM tu Iw tht 
Srrprnl. ■••hoie lirad in OruilFiI, Itnil b« WOUndcd with bin 
own Weapon, iliii Inlau ciiargo* NgMiut tbo Quakrrt Rti- 
tatcd. oud Jiutljr RoCoittid «n Urnivlf by numcrcias Te«ti< 
tDOiura out ol Iita Itrcllircn'B Bnohs. Bfiing the •iad Part n( 
Tfc* Rrcl'/r t7i:n--cl'il, Mid the Triw Chriil nnil ChrUtian 
JtfH^on vindidilnl. tly Jons Wmiiito. 

London: Prinlrd iinrfmW hy J. SoibU, in Whitt-IIait- 

CourC, in (>r<i';iini| jfrirrl. . . 6vo. 1700. HI 

Tbe Si>irit of Qi!«xKniau, a Spirit of Fabbood aud Deooit. 
BdiiK ft Second Vindioation of Qii-iln-rium DUseetrd and 
taid Open, ftgainst the abuHive olaiidors of Jfhn Whiting 
thOu' AdrccAti>, aiid hin mnticlouH Atlttmptii, 6i/ hU uncon- 
$atmalilf fniij'afins iJx 7ViiiA, wickiMlly to expose tLe HaiDC ; 
in Answer to a late Libc) of lufi ciilluil, Tht Utciur Cor- 
rrfUd, or, For-jerij Dm/elrd, dr. By S-'.dward Corkiuin, M.A. 

and Itector of We*trM- ll'irtim iu tbo Cownty of Oion. 

JjmthH : l*rinled Jot Wiliinm (Jnrttr at ihir (Iretn 

Droj/on in St. I'md'n Chureli-Yard. . 8vo. 1709. 7| 

BeprinteA, — 

London i PrinUd/or WiUinu\ Carter nf tht Ibmt and 

Croon in St. PauF^ CJiuirh-YarJ. . 8vo. 1710. 7j 

KMC.--A Oon of >lu f^nl CiliMan tit Itai> •ben l> In lb> Libruj of Hlnn 
miilill. Undun Will, •nil ■ Hip; 'i( Ihv Siiwvl E^'on III tba tilnrj 

df IIm Mi i aitJ ur I'ninula U Uidv Jlcvtiw Il<'U>«t iluuiiJjJiLch. LveiJuil 





COCKSON, Edwarii,— fn«i,-7»Mrf. 

Tbo Siulm CitKisTUNrnr of tho Quiumra Ooofijtcd Mut 

Eipoc'd. Or, A Third Vindication of Qunkrriim DU- 
stcled ftnd laid Opf^i. Being A Full lUply to JoKn 
IVhitinp't Scnrrilous jVnswer to T)u SerjinU't Head Broktn, 
ift. Whorein it ia clearly proved, that the Qua}<tTt in aat 
own the trM Chritt Jesus, as ha ie God and Man, according 
to tho Holy Soriptnree. But ExtrcUn cujining cra/tiM** 
Kh»nhy thti) Uf in ii-ait to dfcfivf. By Edward CoekMm, 
li.A. and Bootor of Wetteoc-BarCon in the County of 

London : Printed /or William Carter at th« Rot and 
Owm in St. Paul'x Churek-Yard. . Hvo. 1709. 

A SHinlling-Sjitd for Qoaeekisu, beinR A Brief Enqniiy into 

the Toleration of tiio (Juakera : and whether They have 
not rendred tbeniBelves utt«rty ntscapable tboreof, by ibe 
Books written hy Them. By E»w. Coorson, u.a. Bector 
of Wf sent- Barton in thd Comitv of Okon. 

lAmdon : Printed ty II. i^arker and Soid bg William 
Carter, at llin Bote and Crotcn in St. Paul'* 
Church Yard 8vo. 1711. 

WHITEHEAD, Ueonie, ot Orton. in Wtitmortland. iHtef LoadMi. 
and WutuM Hud, oI Lond^m uiil Gaoits in Bf*tx. 

Ha PoopU eitird QnithDni, Trtilv Rnjironontinl. anil VIndlMtsd 

from ■omn uUtHkra In Ihn KEPnitiiiniTiTioH ot tlis LmMt 
hovt of Cimvoealiim. "WiUi A Biiaf Bii<jiilry into * PaTM- 
«nlU)| F>m)>hUt> Ut«ly daliTcr'il lo tl]« Msmton ot Pkrlia- 
tntnt, alilod, A WindingShett for Quaktrirm: lu^iuU; 
iImi^'iI ifwii't the Rud Peoplt. uiA tli« Tulemtioi). 

London .- PrinUd ami Mold by Phtip Guritlim in Autlin- 
yryir; nmr lltt Royal Htchanfff, . 4lo. I7I2. 

BtrprSntoit bi Take'* Uunoin of a«Drge WhitchdA^. 

COKAYN, Oeorgo, A Noaconforniiat Dirmo, of St. PanerM, 
Boper Lane, London. After hi* ojoctnumt ho was TaiitoT 
of a Congregational Chttrcli in tbuCitv, and many eminent 
citizens edhcred to fiim ; such as Alderman Titchl'mrn, 
Irtttm, H'il$i/H, Bit John Moor, &c. Aftfr many laboora 
in lh« Hcrvice of his master, twd some vnfGarings for h'un, 
be qnietly ended bis days, and was carried to bis grave 
in peace, with a nnmerous attendance of devoat 
moomera. — Palmer't yoKcon/ormitU' Uenwrial, vol. 1, 
p. 183. 



TV Fool Out of the Snar*. (Port by him.) 

Ito. 1656. Tf 

HATLEB, Juuw. ot ArdalM. new Walt^ld. 

pAot ;i>t 1b Ui« SiMin, I>Ehotm«4 in an Auikt to John 

To/Amy, tlt^rge Catkajfm and otbtn. . <to. IGGC 





COLE, John, 

A Book printod in the year 1668.— Query the title 9 

SOX, Gaorga, Pt-mulcr ol Iho Sooioty ol Pricsdji. 

— Tb« Groat MmBHTOl the Great Whora nnloldnd, tie. (p«gD 3T9.> 

KoUo. 1S6». 

COLE, Tliomae, was educated at Weatminttrr Bcbool, from 
nheiiM he waa elected studont of Chriit Church, Oxfurd. 
la 16S6 be becamo priuoipal of St. Mary's Hall, wbere 
he naa tutor to Mr. Wcet. oud many more divines of tho 
Charoh of Eufrlund, as well &» otlior omiiieut suliolare, 
particaiiirly tlio gruftt Mr. Johu Louke, who being a layman, 
ewiitinucd iu commuuion witli tho efitublifibed Obiirch, 
but diKcovcred an high regard for tboee couecieatioos 
mon who li?ft it because thoy could uot comply with tho 
not of uniformity ; und isheved an abhomenco of that act 

itself. Mr. Oolc, aftur bis ejectment from Oxford by 

tlw King's Commie ttionore in ICGO, kept an academy near 
N4t&Atxi in O.r/oriUdre. He wae a man of good learning, 
mttcb of the Gentleman, and eminent for virtue and piety. 
[Ilia character had been shamefully traduced as an 
encoorager of immorality in bia family, by one Wtsln/, 
«ho had been ouc of his Puplla.j He afterwards settled 
in London, and bo«amo ouo of tue Locturorn at Piunar's 
Hail. Uo died iu Sept. 1697. — Paimert NoneonformitU' 
Mmtoriat, vol. 1, p. IW. 

— Quakerism No Christiamty, 4c. By John Faldo. (Epia. 
subscribed by Thomas Cole, and 20 other Divines.) 

8vo. 1678. 

Sh IcBit Fauio. 

PBHK. WilUatn. toaaiei ol Ptnntvlvania. 

A Jen OiiKDEi: U> One and Tvont; Lnnmed and IkircNoiI 

1>[^'INKB 1*0 calloit). Dciug im Antiwar to au AInuivi 

Epittlr aijsuagt th« Qiukani, &e. 4to. 1674. t 

'tX)LE, William, of SeiMMth-upon-Ti/nf, und Thoiub Weli> and 
others.— The Perfect Pharifle, under MomusH Uolinessc, 
(M>podng the Fundamental PrinciplGs of the Doctrine of 
UM Go«^, and Scripture Practices of Gospel Worship 
nuuiifeatuig himself iu the Generation of men called 

Qat*ti4': Prinud by S. B. and an to bt totild by Wili. 

Laruton, BookftlUr, in .Vmrrnidc. . 4to. 1058. 


LonJ^M : PriitUd for lUchard Tomliat, it ffcf San and 

liibtt Mar Pu Conur. .... -Ito. 1654. &i 

Bit*,— ror u Aa*««r •■> Ihit took •£>! uinlbsr ta Uw —iot ■Mbon ■■■ TboMu 





COLLIER, Thomne, a Baptist tcocbor of Stmunetdiirf. 

A Dialogue between a Minister ot the Goopel, and an 

enquiho;; Chnsiiau, about tbu Authority of the Serip- 
inres, aud tlie PriuotplMt of tbv Quakeni : by T. Collisr. IftSC ? 

KATIXB, Junta. o( Ardfilar, nonr Ifaktilfld. 

DxcKiT braiutht to DtT'Linirr, in >ii Anowcr to ThnmMOoIIut. 

what ho hath dwlAmd In a [look cnlttid, ,1 DiaLugur btlwien 
a UliHisUr ttmt a ChrUtiati. 
LiniHon ; I'rinuA liy T. L. for Gilfi Caivnt, rfc. 4ti>. 16J0. 

FOX, Oeorce, Foimder of the Sociolj ot Frinula. 

— ^ The Orant MtimtaT ottho arsatWbMcnulDlded, &e. (pwte ISO). 

Polio. lflS9. 

— A Looimca-Oi.ASSF; for tbo QUAKERS, wberain they may 
behold thomselvoe ; and others also may behold tlioir 
pernicious waj-B. Or, /Vrct'f rttuTii^ii upoji tlif Dferivrrt 
headi. Being an ANSWUB to Jamifi Snylof^t preti^ndMl 
Akswkr to Tfi'imiii Colliirr'ii Book, called. A iyifloiiue 
brtaeen a Hiiiialfr an<l a Chrtntiim. Wherein the Truths 
assorted in that Dialogue are clearly proved ; and Jam^ 
Saylor and the (juakerit are proved to be the liers and 
d«ceivern ; a:id ao indeed tiiey linvo laode lies Lheir 
refbgo, and under falflhood have tlicy hid tliomaclTes. 
Ilerc ill Ilkon'iDO a Bolation of /amfx Sanhr't exaltation 
ill the IKi-af, wbcro the QunkcrH proclaimed him Christ; 
but have now fotiud a OirnisT without tliem. 

tjtmAm, Printtd /or Thoinru Urtieiifr, at the tu/n of ihr 

thrtt UU>lt» at )ltt Wft rtui of PaiiU. . 4to. 1CC7. 2) 

PITMAM, Jolm, ud JMpcr B*tU ut Street in SotMneUhlrf. 

'— Truth VinitSBalcd, •Jiil the Lym's Ilvluiii! twnpt a«nf . Hems *"> 
AnawpT (tt ■ Bock nut (ottb by Thomu CoUicT. called > 
Loulinn glatif /or Qiutkor*. O&d klw) to WIIIU) piullcnlani ill 
a Rook ol his cnllcJ. A IHalogiu, Ao. Wboniin tlii> truth i« 
clcoTCil from tbimo Slnndcni uid BopHnuhnit lij hiui out 
niKoi it : anJ l!i« RrfuKo ol lAet ii««}it nwnv, aud upMi ti3*l, 
himulf li>imil gnllly ci maxn at Uio«e Bvib vhioh h# bath 

UUiiiy KbtittA upon the lanvcwut. ToRMhor with an 

KfiNilu l(> the peoplo called Buptwt* ; with wlwan we MaB> 
lime* t*A ou HaKkf, ins. 
LonAm, PrinU^ far Thema* Sumumm, at the Pull aad 
Vmith n*er AtJimgaU. 410. 1658. t 

FOX. OeorgD, Potmder ol the Stxioly ol VtiraAn. 

Tho Gr«t MiBTKBT o( Uw GiMt WhoM onroldeil, ftc. (paitB Sei 

Folio. lCt9. 

— Ad Answer to an Kpistle. 

— The Hypocriso and Falsbood of Tboniaa SalthouM, diROo- 
viwed. a Dot«d Quaker : iu viudicatiou of a former Book 
wrilU-H by Thomas Collier. (About ID&ef) 




COLLIEB, Thomius.—fwitinufd. 

WASTFIELI), BiilitTl, of BriiUatiton in Srnnrrtftthtrr. 

An Rqiinl llulliuKie: wbm-ic tbu Minintuti and CbimboK ol Ibo 

A>iii!>n[itiKtB (nooulliKljiiroiiuly wujgbud:— BoJngaa Aimwor 
Ic It l:ibcl I'lililinbod by ((« in llio Wlialt ol) T)4cimiu Cotlicr, 
•nlitlllml The IhjiMi-rtricaait f'.ili^'ioif o/Tboinu!)itltlion«« 
duoovorcd. a. ncitiiJ (jniLkcr : in tiiiittiiAtioD olkkmcr Book 
writton by Tluiuiaa (;.iHliir.— Wrilum bj ft Lorw irf llie 
Tnilb. Slohrrt jr.i«i/ri!it 

Lint'I'in, S'rininl fur Tltaiaai Simawiti, at tht Biilt and 

Jl&ulti, near AUUnfitUt ita. I8£9. 7 

COLLB. John, of Xorarich. 

Tim liaiaKLt,u.a; or An Apology for Auihadab Shoe's 

(Joas BoiiXKu.) ApoHtttoy. ByP***» P* **-* •, 
E«^., F.O.H. (/i. i<nir.) 

>onnVA ; I'rinlft ami gnid Ay t'Aflnf irH<i Co. in ike 
(Jockey- /.niu-, and mny he had of the oihtr liotilarlten. 

LEU'ge4U>. 1768. U 

PBOUD. Joiapb, a Daptlst ProaabcT, DcdiiT tltc jalgnAtore of I'aiLO. 

—— Tlio Ixoiuii'iiiiiv CrtBKKcTFO : Of lujurwl Virlmi miA HuiwBty 
d(ir<<riili>fl. A l^Htjriii I'aoiQ, BvJiiK lui Auswur ttinti illiberal 
publicaliuD. nititlcd. ■' Tbu Uoubelijad : or, lui Apologjr Uf 
Amisuub gtion'a A|H)iIiu}'. itc. 

Nomich : I'rinlril by Chiut rinil Co., in llul Vockty-LaaT. 

Bto. ITM. 11 

S« rnf ^^MiJosnis of rrteniti' Ilooti, nL I,p.mL 

COUBElt. Tbonioe, a learned divine, wait born at Wesirrham in 
A'rrrJ, in 1044. Uc nicciviid liin AuaiKuiioii) (^diiciilion nt 
Sidufg Callfji-, ( 'aml«riU-je, wbnru ho loiik Iiin dcKTOOB in 
Aitu, but roccivi-d tbiit of Duetor in Diviuity from Mm 
Archbuhi'ii It/ ('•inirrUirij. Aft«r obUininj; dilTtrcnt prefer- 
.monU iu tlto CLtirch gf York, bu wuk pnimottid to tlio 
I>oanry of thirluim in IGDl, uid died tLeru iu 1G09. 
— Biog. UriU. 

TiM Siglrl of Cijlbtg AsitEBTBD ahd I^ov-es, from Dirim 
Jnttttutmii, Vrimtthe Vntcticf, Vulimliiry Donations, and 
/Vrillic lyairn. Wrill A Ju*!T VlNHKiTlOS OF Ta*T SALKKII 

IIaiktkkanci^ from the Cavils of Tiiumas Ku.woaii, In bis 
Fn-tt'iitb'd Aimwerto the Fhikkdi.v Cohkebesi-k- (Anux.] 
iMurlwi, I 'riiilnl /irr K. Vrn/t at thf Thrit (ioldfn Lnitu 
in tA* PouUrg, wrr agaiutt th* Stocks-Markft, 

Small 6vo. 1677. l&t 

KM*. — kstvtnd b; Tnoiui Euvdod aw Uimnuui uiulur iikit, WH. 

The RjnHT of TITHES Rcnsserted : wherein The Pn>oft 
from Divine luHtitiitiou. Primitive Practico, Voluntary 
Donation, and Poaitive Lawn are furUicr Streugthencil 




COMBEn, Thomoe,— wnftKxnf. 

And Vindicated ; EupMiAllj from the ObjectioDs taken out 
of Mr. SttdMu Hurtory of Tithes. By Uio Author of Th« 
Bight of TitbM Aborted, Ac. 

London, PrinUd/or H. Bnmt at thn (hut at tS» Wett-end 
of St. Paul'*, and It. Ctavti at the I'taeoek in St Pavl't 
Chureh-Yard. Bvo. 16B0. 88| 

CBUSTtAMTT 00 E[iTinji«u8M ; Of, Tho Several Kindfl of In- 

iipiralioiu And RovclittionEpretoDded to by tho QUAKERS, 
Tried and foiind DcBtrnctive to Hoi.? 8rTiuiTi;iiB aiid troo 
Retigiou : In Anewor lo T/iumta EHuviiuVs DeTcucu thoro- 
ofi Id his Tract Miscalled Truth Prevailing, &o, 

B«T. X 3. Thou katt tiyfd thrm akich tuy ihty art ApoitUM, 
and ar* nol ; ertd hail found thtm Lmrt. 

London, Printed hy T. D.,JfT Umry lirom*, at tht Gun 

at tJui Wea Old of St. PauU. . . . 8to. 167R 14) 

— Tlw Sowrnl KINDS of Iniipiratiotis taiH Rovclntions Pre- 
tended to hy Uio QUAKERS. Tried, xai found Detrac- 
tive to ^bIq ;%mDluic and trtic Roli^'ioQ : In Ansver to 
Thoma* Kllifood't DofcnoffXhureofr iu bi» Tnct Uiaoalled 
TacTB PaEv.uij)io, Ac. 

London, I'rinttd/or C. Dromt, at tk» Gun at (A* Wtit- 

mdqfSt.PauU. . . . '. . Svo. 161(8. Uj 

Hola^TUi li mini; » arw UUt fgt W Ua p[»filtii|i 

■ An niatorioal Tindtcstion of tb« Divntx RtoKT of TITHES, 
from Boriptare, Reason, and the Opinion and Practice of 
Jem, Oi-ntUa, nod Christians, in all Agtt. Dexifmcd To 
Supply the OniisriionH, Auhvct tlie OhjcolioDtt, and Boctifio ■ 
tho MiHtaketi of Mr. t>fldm't Hitttory of Titboi. By Tho*. 


Itffubm, Printed bu 8. Pnyeraft, for IMert Clwrl nt (A« 
PtaeoekinSt. PomU Chunh-Yard, Ifo. 1682. 841 

. MxMoiBa of the Life and Wbtti!«o8 of Thomas Coiam, D. 
D. Sometime Dba-i of Du&uam, in which is Lntroduc«d a 
Candid View of the Scope and Kxccution of the eeveral 
Work* of Doctor Comber, as well printed as MS. AIho, A 
fair Account of liid Literary Gorrespondeoco. Comiiilcd 
from tho Ohfiinal MS8. by bis Or«at Grandton Tikimax 
Cohbeh, a. h. Littu of Jceua CoUogo Cunhhdgo. {With a 

London, Printed for tlu F.diior,and SoUbi/ W.J. and J. 

UMardton. Ho^-Kte\anyr. . 070. 1799. 26j 



COMBER, Thomae,— cwiKinwci. 

The following M&S. were found amongst his papers. Bee 
hisliie, as above Appendix, p. 427- 

" Fourteen 'queriea addressed to W. Ptmn and U. 0. on the 

Uninenal ivleration propoeed." 

" Three Coueldoratioua addreeoed to W. F. conoemtug the 

security of liiti New Uagoa Charta for Xiiberty of 
CooBcieiue. " 

Botob^Undtt AMiafIMttvt,'A%ib IB^ mLf bo found (he titla cf t jirlDlAl 
p^phUtt sonanbAt >t H ill*r to tkU, bikI *\dr^ 1 1niltivii lo bn tbp Btund. 

" Ten Qaerice touching the Quakers Pretences to the Bpirit 

of God." 

COMPLIN, Thomas, of Wtit-Vfrtham, in Norfolk. He signed a 
C«rtificato agaloflt Friends, at the eud of " The Quakers 
Chalkugo, Ac 1699. 

Am Edod. Bkouum. 

COOKE, John, Rector of the United Parishes of St. Gwrjo (An 
Alartur and St. Mary 3dtuidalen in (Janterbury, and of 
ifenhnnt in Kmt, and one of the Six Preo^horB of the 
Oathedrai Church of Canttrbary. 

^— Some Conoi derations touching tbo payment of TythoB : 
■ddieesed to tho ProfcEsoiE of Religion, oommonly cnllod 

Jftwkers, is the Pariah of Uershom. By the lato Rev. 
aha Cooke. 

Bvo. No Printer'* tioBW, place, or dot*. 

FOBSTE R. Jotikh, of Ute Bithi^ci of J>uT)ia'n, lut of Tollmham. 
^^ An Adsvw Ui John Cook. Quorjr, Uiu title, Sic. . . 1786. 

COOPER, William, M.A.. Rector of St. Olavf, Southrarh. He 
was first at liivjmire m Siuatj:. Hi" first wife's father, a 
considerable Daieh limuer, haviug got in favour with 
Abp. Laiui, begged some preferment for his eon-in-law, 
Dpou which he gave him this hviug. But he disappointed 
the expectation both of his patron and parish, (much to 
the satiafactioa of tJie more suber and rehgioiuj by 
proTing a Puritan. Ho was n critical linguist, Do meao 
phLlo80|>lier, a quick diHputuul, and well versed in oon* 
trovcntes; k learned expositor, a celebrated Historian, 
and a fine Foot, eGpecially in Latin. Ho was Chaplain 
to the Queen of Bohemia, (Mother to tho Princess SojMa 
of iiimni-rr) and continued in her family at the littfut 
tma 1644 to 1C48. He was greatly respeetod by tUAt 
nrtnoos Princess, and by the nober part of her Ooort ; 
had free conversation (in iMiin) with the foreign Envoya, 




COOPER, Waiiftm,— <(.n(i«w.-f/. 

who tJitm resorted to her ; and became bo well tctwhI in 
the aiTairE of Kuropf, as to be reckoned do small politician. 
He understood men aa well as boolm. and was generally 
rained and respected by euoh as knew him ; and meet by 
those who knew biui bent. — Palaier't Soncon/vmiitti' 
Mfmorial, vol, 1, \>. 187. 

Quakerism No CbriHtianity, Ac. By .lolin Paldo. (Epi«. 

aub»eribed by William Coopor. ana 20 other Divinctt.) 

8vo. 1078. 

FBNN. WiUiain. P<iand«r ol PenntyltKUtia. 

A Jitn KRniTKii to Qii« ftitil Tveutj LeMuml Mul RSTiroad 

DIVIKKtj (Roualtud) BvinttiuxluavrviVjAiiAbanrfUpittU 
AKi^inat tbu (Juaktra. la ftu. IGT4. 

conn and CLOQIIEB (Bobcrt) Bisliop of. Bee Bobebt 

COKK and ROSS (Edward), Biitbopof. Sco Edwaup Wetkxiuu. 

CRAWFORD, Matthew. 

Exercitacio Apolo(;ctica (alwut Qaaken and lite Babbatb). 

CBOESEt 0«rard, whose name, (on account of the Enfi;liKh 
ttsoalation of hia Hi6tor7 containinh' Hametliinj; inserted 
by Friends.) baa already ap{>onn!d in my Catalogue oS 
nicnds' Booka, hoe vol. 1, |i. iHO, but an notwithstand- 
ing they are miftreprvHunted tlicrciu, iind otlter par- 
ticnlsrs bftving: como to oiv knowled^ since, I here f^ve 
tlte following account of him, as well as tlic title of bis 
Latin History more fnll, with the English trannlatioa 
Again, and an aiiKwvr to the same not noticed before 

CR0E8E. Gerard, a Dutch Divinn, wa» Iwni at Anaifrdam in 
UU± Hi> ntudiud at /.ipyifrn, after which be went to 
Smifma, and on his return boenme Factor of Alf^ax, near 
Dnri, wWro he diwl in 1710. Crocso wrote also besides 
tlw folluwinf;, a ciugular book, with the titk of, "Homenu 
Hel>roD», tavc Historia ilobreomm ub Hoincro." 1704. 
Tho intent of this work is to prove that uuder the Siege 
of IVoy that of Jericho was iatci>dod. — ilcreri. 

' — IlmoiiiA QrAKKKLiKA, Bive De vnlgu dictis Qnakeris, Ab 
orta illonim nsigue ad recins nalum schisma, Libri IIL 
Id quiboE pnesertim ngilur de ipsorum prRcipais ant«- 
eCBSCNribas, and dogmatis (at and simibbas pladlia 
aUorum hoc tempore) faciisquv, ac canihun, inemorabilibiu. 
.■imstffoiiiimi, Ai«d Hmricvm tt I'iWmiur I'htodori ftoom. 

6vo. 1695. 871 




CROESE, Gertad.—amiinutd. 
Beprinled. — 2uA oilition. 

TransUtcd into Gkkhan. 

Berlin : Urn Johann Michad Itiiifi'iem. 

Anutfrdam. Sro. 1708. 

8vo. 1C96. 49 

Tnmslnt«d into Etkiuhh, entitled, — 
' The General Hiittory of tbo Qinxlccnt : containing the LivcH, 
TmaDts, Sufferings, TryaU, 8pe<!c)iun, ftutl Ltttcra of all 
the moet eminent Qiia1(ctb, Ix^tb Mvu an<l Womon ; from 
the first Rise of that Seot, down to thin pnisent Time. 
CoUeeled /mm ,!/ii«i(scrt;if*, rff. A Wark nfi-rt allrmplM 
befort in English, Being written originaUj in Latin 
kjr Oerard Croese. To vliich is aticlod, a letter writ by 
Utartv Kfith, auij sent by him to the Anthor of this 
Book : Containing a Viudicatiou of himself, and Several 
Remarks on tbie Uiutoiy. 

Lontion, l*rinttd/or John Vunlim, at the Baren in Jrieen- 
Slrt4t 8to. 1698. 


^^ DtLCcmuiOHKii qiUBilnm vnldo iti-minitriin in Gutuitni Caom 
HiMivrUtii IJiiAk^riMiDLiiJ. KilitvH I'liilnUlhn. 

Atiulrlolliimi, Typit iinjwfii.r priiJaeobo Cluu*, tUblUtpota. 
— Cntain Dilnddatiniii rnrv Dixete*n to Gomrd Cmoic'K Biabny 
of tlto QoaksTi. Bdltol b; Philolctbcn, [Lo. m Lovsr ot 

Atmltrdam, Printed far Jacob Claui, BoolutUrr. 

suiftU 8vo. isae. 

KMk— TU* but li kU Vi han Amd wrlttsn by. * A Plijilalu. unad 
KMJU>wu*.irluivH buinaLnUiomi.bul (uninl ■ Qnikir.'' Set MM- 
lnfm!iKtarMMUeatftuliHt.tBi.i.^.in,»BU. KdlUmi, 1714. 

CROFTON. Zadiariah. He was born, and for the most part 
educated in fhiUin, being related to Sir Kdauril Cro/fon, 
Bart. Id tbo Inth troubles he fled into Etiyhmd ,- and 
vfaen he came ou uliore lind but a groat, which he speut 
Ills first oi^t at hiH <|uarlent. Hl- whm Pastor of a Church 
at WTmittrt/ in Ciif-hiT'. He n-afl sometime Miniver of 
St. Jam^'t, Garlidihiihr. Hu had at one time a Farm at 
IaUU liorf'mt in Unl/onUhirf. TliC latter part of his 
life be kept a school in the parisli oi Al<i'j<ii', in which 
he oontinned till his death. His works are numerous. — 
Palmer' t Xoncun/uramli' Mtnwrial, vol. 1, p. 98. 

(An Epistle) " Unto the Christian Readers esp^ially the 

InlmbitaiitJi about /.ictr^iiu/, and WoUuh in Lmicathire." 
piefised lo Ralph Hall's Rook, entitled, " QuokerK Prin- 
eipl«s Quaking, Ac." 

4to. 16S6. 





CBOFTON. ZMhfaMt,^-rmii!mud. 

ABaMSON. Wiilialu. of Livfrpoal. 

An AiMwci to a Book, titlud, Quakon' Priucipleii Quakiiw, *e- 

tlo. li>S«. 4 
CROSBY, ThomflB. of LomUm. A tiaptUt. 

Tbo UisTOBv of the EngUeb Baptisttt, firom tho Rcformntioii 

to Ibe Be^iuuiDK of tlie Bogn of Kiug Goorgu 1. Voi- I. 
Coutaiiiiug Dicir HiBtory to tbo liostoraUon of Kiug 
Oliarleii IL By Tiioa, Crosuv. 

London, I'rhltdjvr, imd S<ilit hy, thf Editor, tillter nt hu 
HiMne in Vint-Strtft, Hituirie* : ur at hit i/otuv ujwm 
Ilonr-li/'ihim, Sauthtcark. . . . Bvo. 1738, 84 

Vol. II. Containtng Their History from the Beatoratioo of 

King Charlrs II. to ttio End gl hiK Beign. 

l/lfidon : I'rhiti'd for t/tn .iiilhoT, and tiild by ktm at kit 
Howie on Hortlij-dtiuii, Siiulkunirk ; and Aanin Ward, 
ISooktelUr, at the Kingi-Armn in Little- liritain. 

Bvo. 1789. 84 

. Vol. HI. Containing thoir Historv from tbo End of tho 

Bwgn of King Charles II. to theLndof thcgloriootBaigo 
of Kjog WiUiam III. of immortal Memory, 

London : Prints /or lhj< Auilu/r, imd »oUl hy John liobim- 
mm, Boakariler, upon Ilorfp-l^-domi : J. Had^, KpMi 
London ■lirid'je ; and A. Ward, in Lillle Britain, 

8ro. 1740. 88 

Vol. IV. CoDtaining Their Iligtory from the End of tlie 

R«tgn of King Woxjau XII. to tho Iteign of King George 
I. including iomc Tart of his Iteign. 

fivo. ISamt imprint M Vol. 9.) 1740. 8fii 

CUTHBERT, Eicliard, (The Rev. Mr.) of KrnJal. 

Tho Qu»kur»' Looking QIahb. 

8m, a LotUr to Iho Uov. Mr. Bichnrd Cuthbert. 

uvo. (AlMint )7S0e)f 60.] 

S«e, &L«U«r,— "Sr.,lMiiwM] plML»o*),&o.,"witb ut EpiUcJi. 


D., E. Soo Edvau) Doiw. 

D., P. 

An AtuwcT to 2tt Queetious. 



D.| F.| — eontlnued. 

AMES. Wtllintn, of Framplan-Cotlerfll, 0laiiet4leikiTe. 

E(iD Wcdcrlci^uu Vnn con Boual. — A CoufuUilion of a Book 

intitulod. An Amnrcr lo IZ Qaontkiru by F. D, unt ol wbjali 
thoSf on Wing tnkaa. and the Liur detMitcd, hiii uuwor nnnain» 
Vitb»ul uay Uniigtb *U>. Ml. (| 

D., W. 

' A Lkttkk from a Qentlomait in the Country to bia Friend 
at Lifnilun, Conceming a CoNFEaKMce between Homo 
OLBBav-MuN Kt Wesl-DeTfham ill Norfolk, aild HOUU) 
(jcAKKRH. Deeemher tht Qth. 1098. 

Printed Jur, and stild by the hnoktfUera of LimAon and 

W*»mituttr. 4to. 1698. 1 

A.. J. 

Bomarki upon n Lottor tram a G«DtlemiiD in tbn Connliy lo Ilia 

Fti«od in Loi>'I<>u ; nud n[<un a KcUtiou ul buiuo Nurfulb 
CDuKf, uf H CuuffTrlico butwfi'ii tLi'tu luiJ «om<i (Juikk«n, nt 
VMt-Dt<retiHm Ciiuith, iu Norfcilk, Dt'oumtwr Uui 8tb, ICfiS. 
And a CeTtiftcatu tnlutiiiK tu Itio ChuUtDgD : with Biniio tol- 
tbar Acouoct ct thu said Couturocou. il/ ua E;a uid Ear 
WiloeiE of Ibo vholo. J. A. 
|.(mil<'n. frinuit and Kolit Ay tA< BoolutlUr* of Lonihit 
an,l WttlmiiuUT 4to. 1C99. 1 

>ALES, Samuel, (Lieut. Colonel) 

QuAKKus abA Cock Rostna ; or, Hn-ocBisT UxxAassD. To 
wliicli la aildvtl ,^ (unoiig Qialirguc, incrwxN.i Mk. Nuom.k 
Ajtu Mil. DuwKRKiHT, pitiketl III) acisidiuilally l>elwoiiu the 
PJS's-foot and Pie Crust, ia Slmo liinc, iind Weslmiuator 
AtiDOT; BUjiposcd to liavo droiii>ed from llio pcioket of 
StmoOD BKraolph Nortb, Eeq, or his Friend, &^. Fmnos 

■•Lat ;auT vomen keep tHeaoe in the Chonihei." Lit. Paat, Ut. 
KpitlU Carialh. Chnp. XtV. 

" Tbia Spiril muvra me to spenk to thee, friund Dull Toantieet, in tfao 
W&tcb-lwtu«. — Uothrt Qooie. 

By LieiiT. Colokkl Saxuei. Dalss, r. s. a. 

Jtonllini; l'<rinted/oT Richard PrUitUy, 148, flitfhJIaUiom. 
To be had a/ the UoiilaeUtrs in London, I'rinUfd by G. 
Hormaa, liaui^n-Lanc, Covent-Oarden. 8vo. 1628. 8J 

DANHAVEB, Dr. Jolm Coumdua, of the UuiTordty of Straa- 
burgb. — Seo m. Juun Joacuui ZENTouArr. 

UANSON, Tbomae, M.A., eomo time Fellow of MiujdaUn CoHiyt, 
Oiford. Ho was taniod out of Sandidch iu Kent, in (W. 
lOfiO, npon a pretcuoe of a Haw in tho titlo to hiit plaeo ; 
but BOOB after bad this Uviog {IfilttoH in Hufolk) ginu 



DA Ml 

DANSON. Thomas.— ronfmHP J. 

bim, where there were two parixhoM tuiited. Bi^og 
ejected lierc mlao be shifted froiD oa« plnoo to ftnothur, 
vi». S'lndirkk, Alniii/ilnn, &*:., til] at last ho rotircd to 
Jjandira, whfrft he died Amin 1(134. There is sonio accouut 
of hiiu in W;nd\ Atluiia, Ojvn, loot cditiou, vol. U. 
p. 101. — Pnlmrr'i SoncoiifannUu' Memorial, VoL 8, page 

■ The QiiflJters Folly Made manifeEt to all men : or & True 

Bei^tioh of what passed in Three Disputatious at Sand- 
nW<, April, 12, 18, 19, 1659, betweeu three Qualiers, and 
It MilUBt«r, n';,, llr, Snmiirl h'hher, OforjK Whitrhrad, 
Richard Uulilifrlhorn, and Thuaiiu Dimaoii. Wheruiii inniiy 
Popiith TeueutB were by thaiii Mniutaiuod, imA \>y him 
Iterated. Occantoned hy tiu imperft'ct nud (iu many 
thin^) fahte Reltttiou of tho twJd Di»putMtiou«, puhh«ht'd 
Iiy li. HiMifrih'irn, one of the Throe Qnokcn, which wiid 
lU'latioii Ik alN» Ccmur'd aud Amendod. Together with 
« brief Narrntivo of (romo romark&ble PaaaBges. Bt Tho. 
Jhiiium, liitfl Follow of M'tiid. Coll, O.rmr, ana now 
Miiiiiitor of tlio Gospol at S>itidieU-h in Ketti. The Sod 
edition , 

Lofidrm, PrinttJ by J. H. for John AlUn at the tiuin'i 
Sun, Paul'* CIturfk- Yard. . . Small l^io. l'n69. 

Koli.— At U» mid uf IbUlnA Ua"Li>l B( BoDto »ld hf fchn Uka,- 

WniTKlIKAD, G««ni*, of Orion, Wrilmorelanil, iMl of Lonibm, 

Tli« Vuicu of WIhIohi tilWii'd (urlh, u^d Antuilirist's Fdtjr 

uic) Dwt'it, imil tilt- Ireviicn <■( Ood^ LoTC to the Craatni^ 
uid Un- ¥.Berta of bin llLiKbt«aiuaiM> in hia pMpl« tmljr 
duoovnred.— Ill ooiiwer lo Tlioi. IMTuen, . tiro. IGS'J. 


' The QuAKEBs Wi&noM dracundcth not from Above, or a 
firid' ViKDicATioii of a, Email Tract, ltitittil«>d, '/V (/iMiJt-m 
yoltg maJf mini\ff!i<l to ail rrum. As also of it's Autbour, 
from the ExcepUoUB made Rgaio^t >>, and Aepereiona 
test upon Him, In a Pamphlet calltd Tlie Voice of Wit- 
dam, 3te. rublifthcd by Gkokok WaiTHEAn, Quaker. By 
Tho. Dakhox. 

tiondtm, I'rintfdfor J. Allen, at ike RLiinii Sun iu Panit 
Ckurtk-Yard Hmall 8vo. 1690. 

Vatt i i mn.-l 1-Tfi)-I — V ■- ■• n f-'-r—itlT- ")-l-firri--lr-1 f ■>*•■■— I 
«n««IM«»tlf Mo)ml of Mmy TMU.<t nwUmr*. Hclna InlotbilM 
•uJ MtnUi li(Mli«- naval, aarlDt winUp, and aiaaing hamU, It* 
HTOrt of vbUli b( •■)■ bo RMittd ttMs 'Mi. ThMnH CkiMMi Cliln» 



DANSON, Tboia&s, — ettntinvtil. 

BOWABP. Lolw, ol Dover m Kent. 

— Tta Vmta Bow UMsmtNOKC. or some of Thomat /)<in«a>i*i 
Lyca ta'ulci manifont. wMi'h hu lialh Priuti^l ni»I put lo 
pnliUrk vUw is two pfiiujililuti. tlic oii« Intitnloii, Tlui 
(fmiktr'' h'lillij I'Uiiir muni/ftf. And tho olbur. The l^mktr't 
Witilom H.itfr<na iibm-r. And in Ibo Brut imiw of hi» Sam- 
thf liB colli'tb tbcm thulnuMnt Truilu. But tin.- Wine in 
LbotI will not Bu uikti tberii, but «i1l onniiiJsrbcttirrof them, 
for, Thf aiic man't eyt if in hix hottt. By l.ukt Ilmeard. 
Londim. Printed for Thonui* Simnwnf, iil tht Hull anil 
Mouth iwur Aldtrigatr *to. 1659. 

FISHER. SMunol. ol Sorlhanwian, nftunrards a PriBsl fil f.jjdii fa 
ifrn t, utter a Unpliat. bnt vhen hu wrote tbo tuUowttiu uuiwor, 
ail iiiaittent Uiuialer ol thn Sucicly ol Frionili. 

— — BUSl'ICUS tu\ ACADKMICO.S in Kirrriiatiwiihiu Kj^piulala- 
UniU Apal'i^ftUij Quaixwr. TliB liiutkk'i Ainrm to tUa 
Babbiej ; or. tbe Cuanlry corrPutiiiK tho Unirfnih/ and 
CIrryjf. Jte. Iii Aaawi'r toJohri Omen, ii.ii,. rAunuiii UiiiU'in, 
■J,, /ofcn roBififi. B.D., mill Richard Ilailfr. 
iMiulon. PrtuieA Jor Hobtri ll'iUon, in Miutini tuar 
AUUngatt (to. 1060. 

BoprinUul la his Work*, page ST. 

A Braopsis of Qn&BKRiPM : or, A OoUection of tho FuiidD- 
mental Erronra of the Quakers : Whereof thew) are a 
Taste, ri:. 

L That there are not Thnu Pn¥oiia in tho Ood'Hoad, 

S. Tlia* Chrirt did mrt mnko mtinfnelion (or tho Sin of Man. 

5. That JuitidDfltion Id not by imputi-d Rijibtoooaitniii. 

4. Tbat nnr gond Works, arc Ibo Monturion* Causa ol ovr 

6. That II HtnUi of Pmedom from 8iu, is attalnaliU In Uiis Lils. 

5. That tliorv in a Liiflit lu a\tTy Maii, suHIclenl to yfiiS* him 
ti> SulvHliou. 

T. That the SotiiilTire ix nut tho Word of Qod. nur a standing 

Bnle of Faith oud Life. 
8. Tbat thflrt i» no Eoaurruotion of the Body. 
% That thtMv'nQonoodiuaiuDcil OrdinaiicDi, Baptisme, Lnrd's 
Soppcr. tto. 
Oollcclod out of their Printwl Books. With ft Brief 
R«fntntioti of tlieir mont mAtonal ArgiuncntB, (and par- 
ticularly. If. I'nu in hiB late S'l'nl'j FiMinilnfiim Shakm) 
ami an Essay towards tho Kstablishment of privat^ 
Christiaos, in the Trntlte opposed by those Krrvan. By 
Tho, Oi'iiMiH, sometime Miniater of the tiospel at Sond- 
miek in Kent. 

Bto. Ijundon, Printed in Ihe Year, lOflB. 

WUITKHRAJ), Omrsc, of Orion. K'MtmoMinil. taut of /.nrufnn. 

^— Tkn Uivinilyof Christ, and I'mty of the Thm tbat b«ar H/eord 
lu Hnavtn ; with thn blrawil Kiid and lancets of Clirint'a 
AppMmwo. Coming in iliv V\<'*h, ijuflcrius and BaonOcn 





DAKSON, ThomoB.—eontintud. 

tor BumeiB. conCMiud luiil vindioaled, by bia folknnm oaUod 
Qiutken.^Ia pntva to That. I'inaint, aai IPillm. Madox, 
lliauniliiig Book, xtil'd, TheFoiiatLuiaa.<£e.,'i'hai.l}<aiioti, 
bu Syncfilf , to. 

4tO. Lmdan, Fnntsd in Vu Yair, leC'J. 
Bm Tboio* Vaaan. 

He aim irrot«, — 

— A DIncourBC of Prodot«rmiDation. 

— An Answer to Shrrhck'i DkcouTHo on the Knowledge of 

— Th« Saint's Peracroronce aescrted sgainat Jtr, Iv/m. 

— A Friendly Conlcreooe between a Pauliit and a Giialim* 
on J astifi cation. 

DAUBENY, (Rev.) Cliwles, ArchacncoD of Samm, Minister of 
Christ's CtiuFclt, (so ciOImI) Ifnth, wan thu Author of matij 
works t«>sid«s the following, a lift of which may be found 
in " A Biogntphicul Dictionary of the lii-ing Atithora of 
Grout Brltaiu and Ireland, &c. 6vo. 181G." 

^— A Gim>B to the Ciiuncn, id Roverol diHuonntoH ; To whidi 
are added, Two PoHTsotiprs ; Tlu Fimt, To those Mom- 
beis of the Cfanrch who oocosionallr frequent other places 
of PuUio Worehip ; Tht Steond^ To the Clkrct. Ad- 
dresHcd to Wii.t.rAU Wn.iixRFoitcB, Esq., M.l'. Hy the 
Rev. OuA«t.r.s D^cbbjty, LL3., A K«8byter of the 
Church of England. 

•■ Then (houlil be no Sthitm lo lb* Body,"— I Cor. riL SG. 
Lcmdon : PrinuJ /or T. C<uUU, Jun., taut If. Davi**, 

in tkt Strand Bto. 1798. 81i 

■ Vols 

Beprioted.— 2Dd cditiou 

ftfo. 1799. 
8ro. 1801. 

Tlw Fall of Papal Bome, rooommended to the 'oonaidem- 
tion of England Bro. 1798. 

80&MTLEBUBT, Thoiau, of Shtffiild. 

Tbn Sigf* ■>' DialtUMli, timmivA ; onJ Clrrinftl IdotomIuodiiU 

dat«elod. Ill nUiuloo hi noranl nc«nl vuliliwltoD*. in 
IMhim of an Eidoxln Priwthood, EsUkliahiooaU. sad 
THhM hg iloBAfiiy, CJhovA, and ethm. 

London: 8oU by W. hant, UtadtnhaU Sirttit and J. 
ilatihnn imkt Strand. i£c. ... 8w. ITW, 



DAUBENY, (Bev.) Charfte,— ci»,r;«a<^. 

A Charge delivered at tbe Visitation ot this Rcvflrcnd the 

Archdeacon of Saniiu, on Iho 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th 
of Jane, 1806. , Bvo. 1806. 

L&KC&STRIt, JoDOpb, PonmiOT ot Uut Vaoounmim BjttMO ol 

kn Appeal for Ja«tioo in the eanae of Ttm UioniiiLiid pooi and 

Orjilinn eliildrcn : nnd for tlio bononi ri l)(i JBolj Jtrcipltmi ; 
bvinniiIUpl^.npouDg tbamiiroprcscttUtlcauiiu tliocbarga 
d«livstcd at tlio t'iiiUlion of C^xtM jjinbing, Arofadoiwoii ot 
Swum, Janci, IHOfi. 
Lotulf'H: I'riHUJ liy ih* Ariihnr, and lold a( Ihf Frer 
Xchoat, Utron-ih Haatt, Soulhviark. . . Hyo. 1800. 3| 

Boprmtod.— Sdo my Cntologno ot F^loniU' Bonlni, vnl. 9, p. TS. 

UCJWABD. Lukr, of Ackworth, Yarkiliin, nnil Tonimhtmi, aatg 
London. — Author o( ■' Tho Ctlmato ol Loodou," Sco., ami 
nuiay oUior works. 

A F™ nnlept on n Letter to tLo ArrlibUhops had BiBb'^pa ot tho 

(Thimh ot Eiij^loiii]. nnd ua it ChuiRu icpiinll}' dvlivertH] bj 
ttiv Archdeutwu ol Snnun. roUtivu to Jusipii Lakcotui'* 
Ptnu lor tliu udiicatiMi ol the lower ordatw of tho oommnnlty. 
JLofulini: rrint/il anAtattlbj/ PhiUipi aiut Fard,on, Oivrg*- 
yard, Lmnhatd Sired avo, 180fi, S| 

DAVIS, Ricliard. of Roudl in Norlhamptonthirt!. — Not an Ad- 
vcnuT, hut thu book is entered btrc art it would moHt 
likely 1)0 Honght for under his namu, but is ovidoutly the 
work of an opponont both of Frionde and Bichard Davis. 

-An AcrturvT of tho Doctrine and Dieciplino of Mr. Richitrd 
I'avU, of li'ii/iadl, io the County of NorlfMinpton, and 
tboso of liiji Ski'akatiom. With tlie t'unoiw of Gnrrye Fax, 
Kppoiotod to Ixt Ri'itd in al) the ifiitckert Meetings. [B; 
an AxoKVMoDs Author.] 

I^ndoTt, PrinUd in thif Year, 1700. 4 

XoUl-^I tb* «n4 of " Tn Uw UhIdi." <>( tb* obDin l> tha roUuirlnii :— 
" Alter th« C(H>iil« of tlinMi Pupom wern nonl to tho Pnas, FtoikU 
Dugy dti1ii»r*d into my hutulu n Copy ol the Canont of 
Gtorgf Foi, which tiro ju<ltt<»l pnipor to ho Printed with tlut 
AManat of tho Daritirrr . thcv liHitig a fnrthor CoiiRnniitioD 
ol th* Agrcomunt of thu SmttiriVH in «oilnHT»itrlnig Ui diMiM* 
til* Cbnnh ot Eniilitiui ■ and for UiHt rvAMiii Minong maar 
oUimi TVrj nhvioun, 1 liavu bi<rc pruauuted j-ou with a jiul 
*i«« ot tbe *aid Canmu." 

• F*rra Ui« Grand Evidence of Anr JitlmBt m Cbriit: or, 
T^e Nature of Faith and 8«lvution opon'd, from'JoHB vi, 
40. By ItlL'IUBn Divte, of liotreU in NorthamplonihiTe, 
J^nduH, I'riHl4ti jor |obn SBsil{|llU. "( ih- Bihlt I'li 

Oraefthunh Strict . " . . I2o»o. 1705. 7i 

M{iU.-K<>l ainrtr, uul noUiliig te do vllb FitMdi. 




DEACON, John, of l^iA,n ? * 

A Vvvncx DisctivEHY of a Sbckbt I>i!CKtT. Or, Th^ Man 

of Sill uumikskcd, liU ftlioo pa- clothing of glorious 
pretcDi^es piiUt^d off; aud hiii Wolvixh InaJde eet fortli in 
its Col»iirii. Wlicrc tuny ciisily be iliHoemed flatan traos- 
fcrmcd into tbo resembliuiL'e of lui Angol of lii^'lil, !ii tliat 
Beet or Soeiot^ Commoiily ciJliicI Qiiiik<;rii. BcJok Nino- 
tcon Qtrriofi. dir«ctoi) to tli«ir SpOKlccm st thu Hull itml 
M'luth neer Alilmrjnu : and aneworcd by that gnu^ fo- 
mentoi of Iloro«ie, Jumi-n .Vnyfj-r. With a Reply thorvunto, 
and Fourteen Queries more returned by him unto me, fully 
wiBwered : and Twenty four more proposed. By me John 

ImIsIi 9. 16. for tlu UadfTt of Ihit ptvplt eauit tAnnto fnv,itail Uiey 

thai art led of lAsni are iaitroijtd. 
Judo 10. 19. Thtte art nmrmurfrt, eomplaliifn, v?a!kins atUf Ouif 

oini \\aii, and XKtir inonthi tptak gt^at tumllln^ mnU, 
• tlir*i iir iUj-)) ului tffOTatf thfoutlvfn, being muiiall,h»eiag 

lull Iht tpiril. 

RcTVL S. 9. ttflml'l I tiiill mrtJi/ ihm of tht Sgaufaiiuf tf Solan 
irhi<k ray lh'« he Jtirt aiui art not. hal ihif lie. 
iM^iilirn, I'rinltil/'ir Jm; Hirones, at lAe myn o/lhr ftntlU 
BMT thr threat \orth dtmr of PauU. 410. 1056, 

{RrU. Mtu. ?:~) 

NATLEB. JamuM ot Ardtttot. ■dcmt WafitfieU. 

A I'nMikn Diiio»t]cry. «t tlic opon niiiulne*! o( rtahrl'i ItnlldNa, 

auil lli«tr n)nltiii*j I.Aiiipu^n. wlio tiava Ixittu ItuililiuK with- 
uut, lit! IIiw7 Oriiy Fnilli. Kauwlodffn, and lb« G«*p«I-IiKU 
withiu. tho Lhw iA liie >l*w Ouvrauit «oA malura ot Ilia 
New (Avatar*. Plainly laid opou in an AtiRv«r to » Book 
Jntttuled,.! FvUikt Din^'T^ryaf a 'rcril T'^tfiyl.fa'bKt'AtA 
John Braeon. in brhiUf of (omu who |>n:tiTiid it roll ta Uia 
UinJaUy. Bf ui Eumy to dcoNt, bat s Friend to tb* 
ONAtlnn, culled Jutuft Sat/lar. 

Lmilnti, I'rinUd (iit Oilrt OilrrrI, at Ibf Blaek-SiinaA- 
Kngle.nrfrllun'rtl-fiutafPiiuU. , , 4lo. ICSG. 

FOX, OOdtge, FonndtT <A the Sooict; of Fiiendg. 

■ The Orckt Hiimiai: ol tlie UT««t WhorD ouloUed, Ae. {p. 39.) 

Polio. 1AS0. 

Tho Grand Impostor Bxahiskd : or. The Life, Try»I. aod 
Examination of JaubsMatlbs, TfaeSediioed ntid St-du<^iii|{ 
QVAKEK. irilii the mAiuier of tua Riding into llrmtol. 

Jubn 19. 7. Wt hart a Ltnt, ani ly ituu La» In tmfkl la lift, 
Utuiut Im m>ulr himt^f (Ar .Vm ofGvd. 

Limdat : JVntlnl /or Hnuy Brome, itl tkr Hand, m S. 
Pmiri CAurrAyord 4(o. 16G6. 



PEACON, 3oim,—eontimud. 

Beprint&l, with theH«< v/ot^n adiiti in tfa* titk page,— 
" Wheroaiito is added. The SeDteow pMMd npou Lim 
b; the High Court of ParliameDt." 

Londt/n. Printfd fur iSotrtj Urotae, at the Hand in S. 

Piml't CiMrch-'garii 4to. IftSR. Ci 

Bcprinted in " The HarleiaD Miaoellany," vol. R. 4to. 1810. 

n«printo(). — The eame, vol. . 8vo. 

■ An Exact Histort of the life of Jamhs Navlob with bia 
Pake-Mts, BiBTH, EDnPATiofj, pROrKBBios, Acnosa, ako 
Blasphkuibs. Also flow he came first to be a Qnaker, 
and received his commiaeion from ileaveu (it; he eaith) 
wfaen be was in the Field at Plow. Taken from his own 
moulh. With thn Doctriucs, Touet.i aud practises of 
toxDH otlicr of the Hatno Sect. By Juun Dkalun. {From 
mj hoi^og At Jiiin-hill., Tjiiiniini. liaectahf.r Wlh, Ui56.) 
LcmdiM, Prinlfil/ar F.dicard Tlionua, and are ta he mid 

M Am ktttut in Green Arltnr. . . iU>. 1057. 6| 

DELPHIC Oracle. (The) 

ARISTOBULUS, i. e. Tboxm WnoLBTiw. 

A LcltfT to the Bcv. Dr. Boniiat. (ADiironi to tba WriUm in ttio 

Dilphte Oraclr.j 

Bvo. 1730. 

DENKE, Henry, was educated at the t'niveraity of Caml'ritUie. 
The first living be obtained viae that of I't/rtun in Herl- 
/unlfliirf, wltich core he held for about ten years. About 
tbe year 1618, he puhlickly professed bimitolf to be a 
baptut, and was bftptijed by immersian at l^ndon, and 
joined bimtiGlf to (Jic vutJK'f^^ation of tliat mrfiiiuiion 
there, of which Mr. Lambyvm* the Piutor. Hodiitd a little 
after the Kinttijratioii, aud ii|)uu liin grave was put, by a 
O/^vyynair of hi" iLCijiiaintanrc, thin epitaph, 

" To Ull hit irndiim. Itarning, jjnorfnm iinbi turn, 
I lufl (« tag «n iwitf. ft"! AiTf liri llvaij Dniiue." 

— Crothif'i llintory uj the ll,i/,tisi>. Vol. 1. p. 297 — 807. 

— Hm) Quaker no PapiHt, in Answer to Tbe Quaker Diearmed, 
or A brief Reply and Crnsurc of Mr. Tlmium SmM'a (riv. 
olotu ]l<ilntion of a Dispute held betwixt himself and 
Certain Qnakors at Vumhifjt. lit Hbn. Dshkb. 

V.phei. 5, H-S, 
tTalk » ChU4rrti n( liplil : for l\r fruit of the Spirit Ubkall 
Odojjkeui, uid ItiuiiTiuL-ftMHS, uiul TuiTTn. 

Ijondon, Printed, and are Iti heaild Ay Frtiwii Smith, tU 
Ike Siffne of the Flejihiiiil and Ciullr irilhoul Templr- 
liar. Jto. 1669. 





D£NNE, Henry, — foniimird. — 

An EPISTLE Itcoomaicnaoa to nil tin- Vnntnt* iu Th» 

City A Nation. To such as chu«« Rctxtniint ruthcr thiui 
tbo VioUtloD of their ConscioDoou. Whdroin is OMertcd, 

1. The LawfnluoBs of an Uath. 

2, The Antiquity of an Oath. 
B. The University of it. 

With the moflt Material Objectiona Answered. B; IlBintr 

Lrtndan, Printeti/or Franri* Smith, at tkf Rfej/htaU mtJ 
CtulU ntar TnnpU-Bitw. . 4lo. 16G0. 

(Hri(. 3fHJ..-«^;«) 

PIBHRtt. Smnnol, of Londnn, icbco tlui •luw^r vm orittun- 

Out Anliiioto inW!' nBimut Ibnt pruvokine Sin oj Sheuujid br 

liciwciiii of which tliii I.wiil now Monrniilli. (iivcaj (brth 
ham uniler Ifan Itnnliiii nf llio OjTprrjitfti .'i.-nt aj God, bj- w^y 
til Koplj hoth to llmry Prn'i Rjiixtlii ntiout Itir t^r/ulMeti, 
Arili'inity lui'l Ihiirrrfnliiy nl lui Ovth^ nail hia Anmn to 
Itiu ^Tiaitrs ObiMliuii* a-minal it. Itrfinnmrnded (Ittj tdn) (o 
all Ihf Pntuni in I'lii Ci'fji nnd Krilion. to nicA at thaM 
lUitrainl. rather thnn the i'lolnlliin <v/ Ihfir CovMcirneft. 
And kino toJfrrmiah IPHbufTiaXedTloalotSnieariatLtii. 
LaiuLm, Prlnttd/or Hubert WiUoa, in ifarliru mar Aldm- 
naif 4U). [I6(iV.]| 

BopTicliKl iu hU Wuiki, pngp 789. 

Ho WM nlito the Antlior of the followinK workc, vii. 

The Doctrinu and couvcTBation of Jo)ia the Baptixt ; ft 

Visitation Sermon Bvo. 164S,* 

The FonndAtion of Children'B Bnpti):in discovcrod And 

roaod ; an MMirer to Dr. FcaUcy and Mr. MarBhail. 

4to. IMS. 

The Man of Sin discovered, whom the Lord will dcstn^ 

with the hrightueaa of his coming. . . 4to. IC 

The Drafi-QCt of the Kingdom of lIcftTcn ; or, Cbriet's dntw- 

iug all oieu 8vo. 1040. 

' Tb« LcvcUer't dc«ign diftcoverod. ft BrOAd*id«. 


A CoDtcolion for TrutJi, in two pubUck dJtputatioiK at SL 

Clements Church, lH:tw<,>on l>r. Gtmning whI Hiaay 
Denne, eoncoruiDg In fitnt- Baptism. . . 4to. 16G8>-' 

Grace, Mercy and TnitJi. Bepriotcd in 1790. 


WlTn AK8WER8. 


DENIIA^^, Sir John, a Poet, was born in lfll5, tA DuhUn. In 
1C81 he was sent lo Trinity College, Oxfnni, from whoiM* 
be went to lAnfoln't Inn, brit lie mnilc littlo or no pro- 
gress in the Law. la 1041 appeared hia tragedy of 
Sophy, and soon after was vanAe governor of for^ham 
CattU for the King. In lOlS he publishod hU Ooopor's 
HUl, tho beKt of al) his worke. Ha died in 16G8, and was 
bariedin Wetttimuur Abbei/. — F^rffuion'i Bio'j. ZKci.,1810. 

■ A Reh^ion of a Qnaker ; that to the ehame of his Profea- 
eion, attempted to •■•*"* * •••* near Coloheeter. 
[Akoh.] {Va verse.) 

Folio. [.Vo Printer't namt, place, ordaU.] 

Bcprintcd in tlio follo\riug, — 

POEMS and Tiunbi^tioms, witli tlio Sfipitv, Written hy 
the HiHiotirahle 8ir irntti De.vuui, Kiii^-bt of the U'llh, 
The Third lininv.uiim. 

lj?«iUm, I'rinicd li<j J. M. far H. Herringman ; and or* 
to b* told b\j Jot. Kni'jhr and Fr, SiiHnrffnt, at l/u'! .SVjt 
o/ thi- lUue Afielwr in the Lower Walk oj thf Sfv- 
Eicdtang* 8to. lffS4. 

DERBY, (CharloB Stnnley.) Eurl of, waa Son to Jftrwos, Earl of 
Derby. Ho diod 2lHt of Dccoinbur, 1672. For further 
partioular«, aeo OrBDger*B Biogrupbieal llietory of Eog- 

■ Tbe Proteatant Religion is a Sure Ponndation an^ pRtitcj- 
PLS of a TucB Chkistian, and A Uood fjubject, a Great 
Friend to Humane Society ; and A Grand Promoter of 
all VirtacA. Both Christian and Moral. Tlie Second 
Edition. By CJiarUs, Earl of Derhi/, Lord of Mmm, and 
Uw /*<(«. 

lofidon, Pritiird Jur W'iliinm Ciuirman, at the Popt'M 
tlead in Ike letter walk of tlu Si^w-Exchanat. 

4to. 1C71. 
TmnB-TRiCMPHANT ; in a DIAI/OOUE botwocn a PAPIST 
and a QUAICKR : nlitrdn (/ tiipposf) Is made Manifest, , 
that iiunKiaa is th« OFK-tspaiso of Popbbt. At lA* Uiut, 
The Papist and the Quakeb, are IFnUrim VterinU Both 
of one VKNTKa. 

London, Pritited Anno Dotaini, mdolzzi. 

DIBDTN, Cl-arlea, of l^ndon, was bom at SoHikampniH, sbont 
tho yoar 174t*, and educated nt Wiurhfitir. with a view 
t« the clerical function. U« died July 2&tb, IBM ; at 





DIBDIN. Charles.— «wit.'mi#(/. 

Arlinft street, Gamdon Tuwu, aud was buried nt Si. Jamn, 
Ilmnpntrad fiiiad. AfiPil C9 yfiilrs. Life prefixed to Ox- 
beiTj-'it Edition of the foUowiD^ piny, — 

The Quaker ; a Comic Opera, by Charlen Dib^in, A(!«pt^ 

for Theatrical He presentation : as porfortDQd at the Thoatro 

Boyai, Covent Garden. 

%m. 1777. 

Ijiriilim. printed for Jalin Cait<thorn, 6, CMbfrint-atrttt, 
Strand, RtHikneUer to Hfr Riiyai HiyliHea the Printra 
of WaUjt 12n»o. 1806. 


it^Hinliurijh : PrinUd and Puhluhtd by Oliver and Bffid, 
Uigh'Strfrt 12mo. No datf. 

The Qnaker, a Comic Opera; ^g gir. (. flibMn. WOi 

Prefatory Remarks. The only edition exiatinK nbiofa ia 
faithfiiily marked vritli the stage Baeinees, and sta«;e 
dirtiatioiiii, aa it ih perfonned at t)in Sbiatics ^asnl. By 
W. OxiiraBY, Comrdiiin. f Witli s FroDtiKpicoe Portrait of 
llr. Inclddon, tin Steady.) 

^onbtni : PuMlthnl fur thr Proprittort, by If'. Simpldn, 
and U. Miiriilutll, Station^r'n Court, Lml'jalt Str4«t : 
and C. ChappU, 66. Pall-MaU. . . 8to. 1820. 


DICKSON, David, of Edinburgh, was the Son of John Dtcksoa, 
Ucrchaiit in Gliifjmr, and wae ednoated at Uu) UniTVrtitj 
of f ilasKow. 

TVufA** Victory over Hrwr : or. tbo Tme PriQciples of tbe 

Ohrifitiiui B«ligion, stated and vindicated against the 
following Herosiiw, n*;., Arian*, Arminiaus, Anabaptista, 
AntiiDoniana, BrowDipts. DoiiatiHts, l-jpicnr«aDa, Enly- 
cliians, Ereetiaits, FaDailists, Jesuits, ludependenta. 
Libertines, Mtkuiclicans, Pelagiane, Papists, Quaken, 
SociniaDs. Sabellians, Scepticks, Vantuians, itc. The 
whole being a Commentary on all tbe Cliapt«n( of tiw 
Gmi/imkm of Faiih, by way of Question ami Answnr: la 
wluoh, tbe Sariny Truttu of oar holy Religion cro confimud 
And eatablLsbed ; Mid the dmtgerous orroni »nd opinioaB 
of iU AdTersariea detected and confuted. Written by the 
Ute Reverend and Learned Mr. David Dickaoh, Profoaaor 
of Diriniin in Ibo Univcnity of tidinhir^ To tlui 
Edition it prefix'd, a short account of tbe Aathor's life, 




DICKSON, DAvii,—eontinut,l. 

By Uie late Eeveread Mr. Roukut Wodbow, MiniHtor of 
tho OoBpel at Eautnood. 

GlaM/ow : Priiiud by John Urge*, and toUl at hit Shop tn 

(hf Salt-market 12mo. 1764. 121 

KMT.— Tun Book wu BM pnUlibed la tba nu, IM, b* Q. 8. [0«t» 

True Chkibtiam Lovk ; to be nung with any of tho Common 

TuueH of the PKalms. Written by tho lato Iteverenii and 
Learucd Mr. D^viw Dickson. Sometime Miuiiter of the 
Gospel nt Irvine, afterwards Professor of Divinity in the 
University of Edinburgh. To whicli la added. Honey- 
DrapK, or, ChrystaJ Streamti : Howlug liom Cliri&t, Lite 
Fount aio And Dead thereof. 

Gtat'iaw : Printed hy John Bryef, and told at hit Shop irt 

the Salt-markft 12ioo. 176*. I) 

B* 4ii4 •ixnii u» jfi leaa. 

)IM8DALE, Wilham, of Wim. in llerr/onU,ir<^. 

A tarther. faithful, and sober Account of the Kxperienoes 
of WiLLiAU DmanKL, now dwelling at Ware la Hari/vni- 
thirr ; Tbv pcrnon wlio^to hciirt (iod eniiueutly turned 
from the I'riiiciidufl of tbc QtinItcrH, to ombruco the Oiriu- 
tinn Religion. Being a Defence of bie preeent Faith and 
PriDCiplcH, againgt the IfailiDgt) end faleo Accusations of 
bU Aaversaries W. Uailit and <S. Crup, (should be J. 
(Jrook.) (Joakers. At page HO of W'm. Uaworth's Book. 

DINGLE Y, (Rev.) Robert, of Ma'jdalnt ColUge, Oxford; Rector 
of Bri^il4Xone. ItU nj Wujht, died lOtiU. 

and Edw«kp ItvcKUtit. 

The AddreKs of some MinisterH of 

[About 16S8.] 

Vox Call; or, PbilosophicRl, UiutoricHl, and Theological 
Ob»cr\ation& of Thunder. [18mo. London, 1G58. 

BAKER, DMiiel. of l^d»n. 

Willi Tbr Lijtiit in fifl*«ii frinitti, ut iLt- lule ol Winhl reptored, 

«bo Jian joviied ■□!) lubicrilicd Lhi'ir UHmts logi-tltir (osd 
ptinlcd), i» puUiki licw, dtcluriDd Unmsclnn to te MiuiiUn 
«l Ubriat,— [lUbliubni imdtr Ibcir i>«ii liimdi in Pnnl, ia 9 

Book* lir two at tho cliiofcRt ol tbcui (Ui wit), llvltfrl 

VInfley wad Kilii/ini Hiirklnr, lie. 

tJnTtdon, trinteii in tlir I'JIh month, fiir Mary Wtiiteood. 

lh>. lUtl. 




Disputes between Uie Aualajitivts dnd Qoftlcen in Da1>lia. 

See Anonymous, ITi'Z. — Oswald Edwards wcl Andrew 

DOSEL. Daniel, Bon of Ralph Dobei,, of Cntnhrook in Simt, 
(Shoemaker) born 1700, marriod a Mies Oak of %*, whose 
family were Quakers, lived there eome time then came 
back to Cranhntiik and was Pastor of the Oeueral Baptist 
Rocii-ty thfre 44 ycara (Ixiii sou BeiijnmiD ■uocceded liim 
and was ruHtor 42 yearn), )iu died 178S, nged 81 yeais 
and 7 mouths, leaving 8 eonit and one ditiighter, (tliorc is 
a lioitd stone in I'ranlir'iol! Vhiirch yard in mejoory of hit^. 
Ho was by Tratle a Shoemaker and Leather Cutter, no 
was a Preacher in the Concectioa for GO years, aad for 
21 yean ht^ld the high office of MeHHcnger firom the Gonersl 
Afiecmbly to the Chnrobes." 

Klltr.—'nubm paVmUt* tOMrniiDg Dsnlnl I>iiIh>I I rMrvlti^tniRilOiiif 
nupoDdtuf fW. Tuiall of OwtbrwAj. *bv olitaiiLDil Itvaaa trtait « Ctm9U^ 
dim at Uw iioUI FubIIj Iu tlw hois plosi. 

Hio Roventh-Dny Sabbath not oblif^atory on CbriKtinna, 

in C Parte. Together with a particnlar Examination of 
eome pasaaf^ is a Dook. entitled, "The Ancient and 
Uoiiourable way." And hoihr remarks of a I'iece. entitled 
"The Seveuth-Day Sitbballi farther viudiuated." And 
uiotb«r QiititUxl, " A Second Defence." 

An Appendix oontainiug answers to objectiotis, and liko- 

wJEe an examinatioQ of Ur. Klwall's Chiif argument for 
the continuation of the BeTeuth-Day Sabbath : also a 
particular Vindication of Chri^tiane obi«rving the First 
Day for Pnblick and Aiieembly Worship, And that from 
the New Testament, and the following autiqoitiea of the 

ELWALL, Bdward. a BabbaUrlan B«ptist, ot JFolvtrlutrnpUm. DM 
in London. 

-^ TlM Tnui tad Sun Wijp to Beiuovt Binlisf[* oat at lli« ChoKb. 
ftc.—Witlt An-^XBHriitoiuybokmdFlUBdTHOiuBCiiiiui'B 
DimnTAnoK. WDcerniitcUM Tina lor EMFUigtlicSmbbatb, 
«ftewdu> Um ODnndetBdoncf the Am-SAnnxTiuiHi. And 
a Short BnuNE «a Dunxi. Doni.'* luU It>vak npoa Uw 
taiue SubiMl. 

Umo. l.ertdon,priaUd, 1738. 

COBKTIIWUTB, B<)4«ft, (oot a Pttted). 

All Bbui on th* tltoura : or, A UodMt Armur lomnla a 

K' tia, tcriptonl BetoloUoa of tiie foUoving QuartiCM, 
Asawra to Mr. Debtl's Bmwab Daj SabtaUi, Aa. 

Sml l^emOm. ITIO. 

Sm Ite (iH tUI* ludu Taxiu* C>CM. 




DOBEL, Duiieli — amtiniud. 

IFaMr Btiftifui an Ordinauee of tfac Oonwl Chnrch, mani- 
fested, by the Uootnne and Pmctioo of the inspired Apoa- 
Uee. Iq a tUiltUON, Pniaolied on tho nords of our Lord. 
LvKE xsiv, *0. And hclinM, I nfnii (A" I'roniae. of my 
Fathrr upim you : but tarry y* in »fcc CVly 0/ Jtrutalem. 
vmlU if* bi iiidiud leilk I'nuvr from on Hiyh, Now Pub- 
liabed, aod bnnibly olTor'd, to the Serious CoDsideratioo of 
Uia RiLtoiooa Pkople call'd Qualur*. Iteyvnt, unit U 
Hapli^fd wfTy one ofymi in iht Name of Jeau Chritt, for 
the Itfmimon of Sim ; and ye tliall rtrcirethe (liflofth/ /Wy 
OkMt, Acts ii. 88. To wbicb U added. An OcoaBionui 
PitxricB to the KiuDER. By Dmiid TJoM. 

Vnulerburtf ; I'rinudfur th^ Aiitliar, and SnIA bjf him at 
hi* Himte in Cntubrauk : mid at the Printing office m 
Canurbary. Price Six-Prtice . . Sio. 1742. Ij 

BES9E. Joanpb. Aathor at " Tho BuAcciogi of the QnnitTt, Ao.," 
■uul uuuij otbcr woilu. 

Au RxAMiDiTiaN ot k I)liiconni« or Sonaon pablisbud byDiaiu, 

DoML. of Cranlrruiii, in Kent, mi Uiv BiibjMt ol Witk*- 
B*niBH, wiUi Rntarlu on Lie trefaee to Uw uxaa. B7 Ooe 
of tlw r«opl« nailed Qiutkt'ni. 
iAmdon I S^nt<d an4 loH by T. SoKJr Rayllon and Lutt 
BtKde, at iltr Hiblt In Oriiryr-uuril, Lvmbard-ttntt. 

«fO. 1TI4. 9| 

' TIm) PliEA for Infants' Baptimi, Iiipleadu> : or, Biuuuu 

on a Vvico, lutittcd, a Fi-ka for Jnfanlt: or, Tliv Suriptvn 

Doctrine of iVaUr ISapiitui &tat(jd. ISy Oakikl Dobbi.. 

C'niil^r^'^ '' T'rinlid for the AutJujr, and iiold l/y ktm at 

hi* lloiaf in t'raiit-riioki-: and az tkt Prinliny-o^et, 

Cantrrimry. Prioo Tiro-Pir7ief, . . 8vo, 1742. 1 

' IxTAxre SpriDkliuft, an Vn*eriptural Doetrinf: or a Defence 
of eomc fomicT Itrmark* oii a Piece vntitlod, a Pica for 
JnfimU — BapttHm : W«<f an Answer to a late Pomjikltt, 
atilJ, A t'arDirr Dktkkcs, — WLtrcin the Atitbor's self- 
ecm tndict ion. Fallflcy.aiidlDeonclum-ticss.iH made mani- 
fesl. — By Uanibl Dobel. 

Cmttenury ; Printtdfor thf Author, aitd Kitd al hi$ Hotae 
m Onmbrook Qjo. IHO. S) 

An OccAiitncAi. Lkttkr, ofTcr'd to the Serious ConHideration 
of the People catl'd Quaki-m, and In particular to Mr, 
SoKKSB Bxsu, wl*o calin biuittclf one of thtm. By Dani^ 

Cantrrbmy : Printrdfor tkr Author, and told by him «t 
huUotur.ii* Crttnbrci/k ; and at th* f 'mi^Mif^JfEM in 
Vaattrlmry. I'riee Si. or Twelve for it. Di. Svo. 17M. 1 




DOBEL, Diinio], — coTitiitHfi. 

The EuuniiiiDg Quakxh, ExAsiKsn : or, n Fartlicr vindi- 
cation of W*rKR-BAPTiSM : by tliu [tnrlriiie mid Praclife of 
the lN!(i>meD Aposrt.Kv. Aiid from Uiu Tkktiuos'ikk of 
Sovurnl uf the Most !\>iihrnil .iuiltim, of Ihtt propk' caII'iI 
Qi/AXKHs. Being au Ashk-kr to Jobkpu Bbssk's H-ramin- 
aliim, of a Difioouree oil 'WatET-KaptitUD. Wherein that 
Autlior'H Arguments, arc fairly Aiiawec'd : and his Con- 
tradictious, both to Uimeelf, aad lii§ FrieitiU aie made 
nutnifest. Ity JJaniei. Dubei.. 

(Jamerimrij : VriiiUdJor tht AtUhur, and told ty kiat in 
Cranbrook, anil J. Abrt* at Vie Printmjfoilkt. [Price 
Nine Peuoe.] 8to. 17-16. 

New Catholic Communion iiinanai^tcnt with Old Christian- 
it)' or a Trentiiio Shcvrrni? ttiiit Christian Raptinm otiKht 
to precede Chrintiiut Communion. &e. Ac. &c. AIko tlio 
Author'* AddjvKK to tli? Duuonii nation of BaptiMt* in 
General. By Daniel Dobol. t^n>. Cantfrbury. No date. 

DODD, Edwaj-d, of Londim f 

iKMOOkKTB NO Baimth : or. A PAittB op Si-B(^aclk8 for a 

Dark-Siphtcd giAKER. Whereby, If he be not wilfully 
blind, he may diHi^ni Tniih from Li^*. IVting, a B«joyn- 
der to a Pujiitr litlvly pnlitiKluid intituled, Innocmeii Clr-ar^i 
/mm Lifn. In vindication of ti-imu/l S/nilh, MituHtor of 
tlm Word ftt Crfaaffi- in tbo County of S-ihi', from tho 
Caltironios of thowe prcteucicd Innoconte. By E. D. 
London, I'rintM /or FrttncU Tifton, and are la be «otd at 
Ihf Three Ihnj-jert in Flret-»treeU . . 4to. 1668. 

UOWUIL, FntuRJi', of Todtkom nnar Orryriij!/, IVtllnuirtlaiul, mho 
ili(<d It I'rinuiiiT )tt Api'W/i/.U'tvMt.yivutaiiialiie yvM KXH. 

Dahkhceu uiil l<i!ic-iuii(*K Ex|>«llc"J I'y tliu Lixlil aliuuuit forth, 

anil UiD BppcuiUK^i' of tliu Day. In uuner to ft Book ludlad. 
tniunrnu nil BAIKTS. i'nbliBli«l bj ouu Kimard Dadd, 
mhartia h* hatli UbaiircJ to jirtno Tjlbd lavfull. koJ 
Tithinit PriMU mb4 Hirclma to b« ibo Hiniiton oj tho 
WorJ. knd Ifa* kUMO-honu tba Church, mnd call* Uolatrj 
CiriUty. and HtMbeuMi Complemacil* utiariena. uiJ bath 

loorcrn. who nukra mu-nt wHUUAt Ihv HtiHl ol lli» Di«A<M, 
*Dil npiuuit tlir Tpar ol tho BuuL 

LwubiA, i'rinitd far TAoimw Simmo»t. «t lk# fiuJI a»A . 
JtoiaitntarAtitngaU tlo. lUt. 

BcprinlMl bi hU Work*, page SIT. 

CaolH-'Oucf AnUairtMVi.HiDtta«.At.'bf P. B. It&tMD. 

DODD, Philip, Chapkin to the Ixird Usyor of London. 

A SEItUON [on Geno&is. Chap. U. Verse 8.] preach«d in 

Ihe Calhtdrai Churvli «/ St. Puul, before the Bight llouoittr. 






DODD, VM\lf,—f!»,tinMd. 

■ble the Lord Mayor, the Jadgcx, Tlid Wonfliipful the 
AldoimeD, the S«rieanl8 at Lttw, The HhenfTs, tho Ccim- 
moQ OoniicU of the City of London and the City Officun, 
on Sunday, the Nineteenth of April. 1807, beinfftho Fint 
Suniiay in KatleT Term, liy lite fUid. Pmup liobD, M.A. 
Chaplain to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor. 
Loiiiiun : |)iinltb bji WI. S^ilsoii, St. Penr'i Hill, Theton' 

(Annimmi' Ifttge ito. 1807. ^ 

{BrU. Mui. -I-ITS. o.) 

Rtto.-'TUi li lb* obI; esnaOB of P. riixbl'i I hd flivl Id IhS Drltkh Mll- 
HBiiL, bill thti toikmiui; in tbu iqj* UtAt ebudunm FriuodV' 

— A BEBMON [on Matt. V. 83.37.1 prcaohwl in the CathM. 
ral Chiireh «/ St. Paul, before tho Itight Honourublo the 
liord Mayor, Ac. — On Sunday, the Thirty-Firet of May, 
1807. being the First Sufiilny iu Trinily Trrm. t!y tkf 
find. pKtup DoRD, M.A. Chaplain to the Uight Honour- 
able the Lord Mayor. 

London : Orintilt 65 !B. SHilsoR, Si. Pttsft Ilill Doctort' 
Commotia. large -Uo. 1807. 

Kob«.~fDr «I^^airof UiftBarBlun knil otfa«r SanaODii b? tb^ V4ma Anlbcv 
•H TIM OmU- ISagatiii. \iA. IU. IVrt 1. tntf 140 A Ul. ISIS. 

BBTAN , Josvpli Gumey, of Lcadon. 

A Itii'LT to >o Dmoli of n mstiiiou. publiihud in thooonrM otlaat 

ytax, l>v PiDUr Douii. u (I'lnlco to tElo «et1 koowu naruplo 
of tliD Society ol Fnimdii, ocmmouljr ciUlcd Qunlcora, ngaiiut 
>U Swearing. Bf Joirpb Gunwy licnut. 
Lotulnti! Frinitil try IV. Hhitlipi, Otorgi Yard Loiabard 
Slrml Svo. )B08. 11 

MeM^-AIb-rtnrotUiKrnlrtaniUr K^it. lo>I>nii> IX Orv.- U-v 
Mv, Vol, TH. wgD tia. pnbUii^-J Is! l»^ but ugl hfuonbls t» On 
Mnclrk* ut fnmii vbicE ■■ cu htriiy gupcci. 

i>OB, Charles, of Soulhu'ark. 

— Uo edtt^ John Banyan's Works in folio, 1694, and puh- 
liahed on Lidcx to tho aamo. 

1>00UTTL£, Thomae, a Divino, was bom nt KidtUrmmiter in 
IftSO. lie WUH at first & ckrk to an Attorney, but quitted 
tltat piofc«iiion and went to Pembroke-Hall. Cambridge. 
On beiog ordained, he became Minister of St. Alpha(;e, 
Iitntdoti- Wall, from whence he was ejected for Koucon- 
fonuity in 16C2. Ue then kept au Auiidemy, and afliir- 
wardtt erected a Meotiug-Hoiwe in MoukweU-strwit. Ho 
died in 1707. a|;cd 77 vearH, and was buried iti BualiiU- 
V^elds, and Dr. Williams preached bin funeral Scnuou. 
—Palmer't Stmcon/'tniiUii' Mfmorinl, Vol. 1, pujpc 80. 




DOOLTTTLE, Thomas, ctmtmued. 

Qnal-eriftn No Christianity, Ac. by John FnMo. Epislla 

eiibacribed by Thomaa UoolitUe and 20 other DivmoK, («o 
called.) 8vo. 1676. 

Seo Jon FiiJM. 

PEKH. Williun, Ffumder ot Pmn^lvarda. 

' A Itht ICituiiii: to Onu uiil Tvitnly Lenmcd uid Beverend 

DH'INE.S (no dmIIciI) bung on Ausffur to tui Abuitct Kptitte 
BlifXiM tbu tjualers, J£c Uo. 1074. 

DOVE, Oitleb, (a fiotitous omioq 1) See my Catalogue of Fronds* 
Bookii. vol. 1. 1>. B43. 

BiBDfl of s Fp-ArtiKii, Flock togotlior, Itfinq 'Ttro tpetldfd (wi**, 

A Uaq-Pie und a Jat, or k Wheedling Diaiaovb Betwixt 
Mr. C'akt ft Quaknr, and Mr. Bi.y. a I'Tttlnjixri'in, with the 
iitt«rpDsition of Mr. Dove, a Good Chiirthman, who spread 
the Nkt, &c. 

4to. LontfoB. PrinlA*. ( 1728 ?] 8t 

1K)VE, John, of London, a TailOT. 

A Creed, foasded on Trntb and Common scaBe ; with Bome 

Strictures on the Origin of oar Idciis. tho Primary DeugD 
of the Dtrcalo^'ue, the Lit^lit. Law, oiid Keligion of Nsture, 
Natural Conscience and the Moral Sense. With a Tjett«r 
to Ilia Qraee tlic Arclibisliop of Canttrlmry, oiid au Appm- 
din to tlic Rev. Dr. I•'o^^e^. 

London : I'rinlatjor the Aulhor: and told bif K.'Wilk^rt, 
at Ik* Scven-Stan in FU*t 8trt*t, dt. . 8to. 1750. 

An Ekmt on Ikshbatioii : or An Attempt to ehcw that 

the Preteucce of the ancient and the modem Zanzchmdi, 
to that OF DrmnTY, were, and are, Dec«ptiODa. 
Wherein tho Fundamental Principles of Baxclay, ts hia 
AvoLoav for the QrAKaas, are rehited ; the NeeeauMr of 
an External Bevelatiou proved, and tlie Fiotion of ao 
Internal one exploded. With a Hue and Cry aft«r the 
EimiuHiAwT ; Itiii PsKiiuN dcacrihod ; aitd hi« FaaMixa 
ddinsatnl. Br Jimif Dova, Author of tbo Cukd fonncbd 
on Tnitb and Coiuiuoii Sonxi, Ac 

LohAm: Printed Jot th* Atithar : and»ld by E. Withartt 
bttwi'fn Am TmpU-Oau*, tiMt titrnt : It, Itt^duvt, at 
du ISou m Pater-twiUr How; and O. tJk 
liOAt and Crovn in GnKttharch StrM. . Svo. 1766. IBj 

Fijux Tat-ra; or, QcAiuatisK Unmanlt'd. In a BwrtM- 

HXHT to tlw E«aAy on iKHniuiion. Addr«i«scd to tho 
Wonliipfnl Ooiupany of QvAxaiia in Convocation at tbeir 




DOVE, John, — eoMimuid. 

Hall iu Ontet-fhurek-itrfft : With a Noto on a Tract of 
tbo itev. Mr. Penx, Curalo of St. Andrme'i, Undertkafi. 

By JOBK 1>0VB. 

QoiiBM to tetcb tbolr PoJIitren ilo raka 
TtiB Sari|itumn uvur. lui'l tiuikc Muheh ijuukH ; 
Huuxi.'K quivvt*!!. to ixA DiKiEi, too, 
Thiii tlirir Itflifdon cnD'l be now. 
Yd it yon read in Juiu*, there yon may boo, 
Mudi olJer (JuAiuinii Uiui thooUinr thnto. 

• Jinx II. 10. 
Ij(mio»: PrittUd/ar the Author : ami Sold by E. Wilhert 
at lh« Sloven- Sliirs in FUft-ttrett, and R. Baldwin at 
the Rfiiui in PalernotUr Row. , . 8vo. 1756. 4^ 

RxMABKs npon a Pamphlet written Iiy the Rev. Mr. Galxd 
FutMiNo, Id a LutUir of Adinouition to tho Bov. Mr. 
6iuniuil Piko, Jio.) ontitlod No Protestant Poperr. With 
woaaa Strictnnis ufiou the ItumarkablGi; in Mx. Fleming's 
Scale of First PrmciplM. AddresGed to tho Iterenmd 
Tbo Doctors of tho Borqunne. Uy John Dove. 

Jjunilon : Prinietl fur the Autiwr ; And soldby f!. Wilhert, 
at iht Stivcn- Slurs betwerri the Tern pU-0 ate* , FIkU 
Street ; Si. Baldwin, at thn I(o.iit in l'atrr-no>tcr'liou> : 
Mid K. IHIly, at the Ilnxt-nnd- Croiim in thr I'ljuttrjt, near 
(A4 Maitnon-Hoiw, [Prioo Oxb BatLUHa.] 8vo. 17li6. 4 

■ A DiwWBTATioi* npon the supposed oxixtoieo of a Moral 
Law of NaliiKt, aoil upon tlie Bcdng of a Tuittfin God. 
Wliprt-in JK »ibcwn tlint tlw' Hen of the former is not to bo 
fonni] in Scripture, and ie contrary to Itoason: nnd thnt . 
tho lutter ii; contained in ticripturo, and is not Contrary 
to Itcaeon. With a Letter to tlao Kiftlit Itevereud Tuotus, 
Lord Itishop of Oj-ford. And a Postscript to the Duncud, 
Um Critical and MouUdy lioviewete. By Juhh Dotk. 
lumdaxi: Printed Jor the Aut/u-r : andsildby E. Wilhen, 
at iki Stven-Stan, iietit'em tht Temple-Oate*. FUel- 
Strttt : Tlui. FiM, at the Wktitttheaf, Chtapaidt, iKk 
Corner of P<air-nntcr- Ttiius ; and K. TKUy, at thn liote 
and Ormcn in tha PouUry, near tlie Manxioa-hauu. 
Ehw Ons Sbaiiog. .... »vo. 1757. H 

Th« Inmortanee of Rabhlmcal Leanung ; or. The Advant- 
11^ of^undunrtftiidiiiK tlie liites, Cnstouis, Usages, Phr»- 
eoolof^, Ac., of tlic T'ltmuJi^tf considorcd; with eomo 
Bemarks on their. ^EnigmatJeal and Subluoe Metliod of 




DOVE, John, — emUnmd. 

Instrnction. Occasion'd by the Rev. Mr. John OGV* Pre- 
face to his learned Commeut ou Ifau New Tcdlameut. 
Lundim : I'rinlfd for the Author: and told by E. WiXhtrtf 
at thi' Sefen-Stiirs in V'Vrrt b'treft, rfc. 8tO. 

BivtioDol Beligion, dktbgiiifih'd from that wbich ia Enthn- 

, HiiLKtio; with Swao Strictures uu a I'litnphlut, iutilU4 

Tlio SoriplHro Account of Justifying Faitb, considered in 
a Letter to tbo ikv. Mr, SnmucI I'iJto : iuterHporsod witb 
ItetloctioQH on Home Modern tieutinioats in Itcligiun. 
(Bigned " i'HiLASTnBopos,") 

Londtm : I'riiired/or J. Jliiekland. at the Duck, in Pattr- 
notter-nne : T. FMil, at r/n- WlitM-theaf, Cheapnd*: 
and E. DiUy, at the Hose mul Crown, in the Pmiltri/. 

Quo. [1757 or 1758?] 

Rkmahks on the Rov. Mr. John WiinioyV Hufiicii'iit Antwer 

to tbo Author of the Letters im I'tikhon and A»>rA)iii>. 
With a Lkttkr nddroHE'd to Hun, Itolating to hiu Tory 
extraordinary Treatment of that Author, &e. By J. D. 
London : PrinUd for M. Iten-it, in Pittemonter Umt, ntwr 
Clieapauie. [Price I'krte-Pmee.] . . 8to. 1768. 

DKAYTON, Thomas, of Abbey Itippon in Huntitigilonthirt (Snp- 
poHcd, but " AuonjTuoutt.") 

An Anerer according to Trutb, that trfmbico not, nor 

quftkoR, nor quailctb, givdu to thirty eJx QiiuricH, pro- 
pounded by JunM-H Parncl (Commonly called tbo young 
Qaa](«r) to an ancient Country Miuistt-r; nitli Home 
coantcT-Quorit^ by tiie naid MiuietiT, unto tbo uatd Youofc 
Qo&clc and bis Fellows. 

PABNEL, JftiDM, ot CoUhaUr, Eutx. 

OoLun's Hrap Ctit (ijTiri'th Ai> (nrn Sirorel; InaCombatbMvtll 

Uttlu David, Ttiv yonnti IJthiiliiiK. *Iio itai»l« in the farnvt 

•Dd iilrviii;lL ul Lib (iud. mill lirunt Galiah. UiF jiRjud BoMtn 

«bQ«lau<ii ill hii ciwD itii'u^tli. gk'riljriuii in ibo Ann lA 

Both, uidconticiiiiiiR aeddHiiiMiig Utile ,^avid, botwiM ol 

Ilia ^nlh. Id n RifJy toaBMk,Mt foi^ byan "»~™»*^ 

Antlior, Bcdcx |)iriiiDC«a( on Amwh to lUatj-tix QMriM, 

proponodMl bj' Jan** Pamrll, kIioih b* In (oom cula, TlM 

joBDit QnskM. And «Ji>o on Antwtir to MnriJ Coostar- 

Qncrini. rr<'I'c^U(l<xl ^7 the ume unnamed Aalboor.wlitw 

.] undtnitBiid ut bv one Tlicnuu UralMi, a Ttacboof Uio 

Vorld at Abbry Itifjion, in Iltmlingloiuhirt, ite. 

lmide»: i^u\Ud )orGUm Calrtn.M the Matk-SprMd' 

E»tU,at the nntrndo/PauU. . ilo. IfiSt. 

B«|iriBl«d Is hU Wfwlu, paga 99e. 

DUKE, FitadB, of We«tm)iist«r. Sec FBA»aa. 






DUNTON, John, a bnoliHollcr. wan bom at Orajfham, id llvtit- 
ingdanthiri, ju KJAd. He cArri<)(I ou busiDesB iw » Pub- 
lisher on AD extensive Hcnle, iu Lnndmi, but ftiilod bj hia 
projeoti! : one of the most lemurkublo of wliicb wae. 

■ " The Atbenian Mercury," a Monthly paper, oontaimng 
qaestione with their solutious on all subjects. This work 
was repnuteO aflerwardn in -1 \oU. Hvo. with the title of 
"The Atlitiuitui Oracle." 

Uealeo wrote a curious book, called " Duutoa 'a Life and 
Errors," which has been republiBhed in 2 vole, 8vo. Ho 
died io 1788, Niehuh's Btin-ijfr. 

■ Books lalthj Printed Jut John Dunton at the Baven m 
the Poiiltrcy. 

London, I'nntrd Jor ^a^Ti Jlmitoit, "' tlie IUii'ti m the 

FoUo. \m\. t 

ftUKHUfpt FrtvoAif Id Am^Tini, Mni^ hy rit^p^rvp Ki^Ubt aIk utoisl Bwka 

DUBANT, W'illiara, Preacher at Allhiilloien, S^i>ciistl''-iii>on-T^nf. 
Ue was coDgregatioDal in his principles, and one of an 
nuHpotted conversation. After being silenced, he oontiii- 
ned to preach to his people in private often iu the ujght, 
and not without much dlfBculty. Upon K. Charles's 
indulfteitce lie preaclmd publicly in this town, to a 
numorone Hiiilitory. in a liceniiL-d huui^c. He was a man 
of peace, and did not use to meddle with Controversies in 
bis MrmonB. He di<id in the latter end of Kins Ckarla'f 
nngn, and was buried iu bie own garden ; not being all* 
owed to bo interred in, what was called, holy ground. 
Palmer'* Xoncm/ornmU' Mi-moriiil, Vol. 2. p, 267. 

ftud Tiio. Wbu> and otlicrs, — The Perfect Pharise, under 

3tto\Kiitn HoUnease, Ice. 

4to. Gateiiide, prinud, 1668. 
4t0. Ltrndan, lOfiJ, 

A Tnrtber Discovery of that generation of Men called 

Qaakere : by way of reply to an Answer of Jamca Nayler 
to the Perfect Pharisee, Ac. 

4to. Galttide, priHird, 16G'l. 


DUItllAM, (Bishop of i.e. £i>wabj> Chakolkk, Son of Samitkl 
CoAimun. of the city of Duhliit. — In 1717. Dr. Chandler 
was nominated to the 8ec of lArhjuld, from whence, in 
1780, he was translated to Durham. He died in Oros- 
venor (Square, London, July 20, 1750, and was buried at 






DUBITAM, Bishop of, — contimied. 

Fomliam Itoyal, in tlio County of Uucke. Hiuehmnm't 
Hialurij iif Durham-, t£e. 

A Defence of CliriBtianity from tho Propliecic^ of tijo Old 

TeBtoment ; iu wliich tae connidonii] tLo Ubjoctioiu va 
[Autboiiy Collinti'] Groitudit au<I Buiuraus. 
hatidon 8vo. 172S. 

— k Vmclic&tioi] of tlio Defence of ChriKtianity in Answer to 
[Collins'] Bobuitie of Litcnii I'ropbccy; with a Letter 
from tbo Rev. Mr. Musson, conooioing the Iteligiou of 
Macrobius, &c 

Loitdoji. 8vo. 1728. 

DYCHE, (Rev.) Thomaa,— School-Master at Sirat/nrd.U-B(nt. 

■ A New General Engliiih Dictioniiry, Ac. (began by him, fin- 
ished by Wm. rardon, Gent.) the 11th., edition. 
l/in-iiin : I'tintcifor C<ithariii« and Itiehard Wnrf. ai iKr 
BihU ami Sua, oti lAul^ate-Uill. . . t^o. 17liO. 

tUM — In Uili IHalnsai]' (Vliodt u« MjMgmmiiL Dm AMiK 

DYKE, Danifil, M.A. Rector of Ilmiham Magna in llfTi/oriUhin, 
of CamMii'je l^tvemtg. Ho was born in 1CI7, at tCpying 
in K>»ex, where liia l-'ather, the good old Parilan, Mr. 
Jeremiah Dijkf, was Minister. He was Nephew to tbo 
famous Mr. D. Vykt, R.D, who wrote the Treatiso of tha 
dcccitfolnces of the heart. lie bad episcopal ordinatioa. 
Wbcn he appeared in public lie was soon taken notice of 
for hi* gtwi IcAruiagand useful preachin;;. and va8 pro- 
foTTcd accordingly. Eoaidcs haT-iiij; thin Valuable living, 
h« WW) made ooe of the Chaplains in Ordioary to (Mittr 
Crmrnmeli, and ia 16511 wax npimintod one of tlio Tnoca of 
Ministers. Ho wiw of Uiu BiiptiHt pornuwion, and appears 
to have been tbo only one of that porsoosion, bosidex Mr. 
Ttjtiilien, in that commisnon. After he resigaed bis living, 
he prenohcd ax often ae he had opportunity, and was 
generally preserved by sotae kind appeaianco of Provid- 
ence from the rage and malice of his persecutore. Ue was 
at leiiglb chosen and ordained Co-Pastor with Mr. Wtil- 
torn Ki£in to the Congregation of Baptui* ia Di^oniAfr* 
SftMrv, Londtm, where he eontinned a faithful labourer 
to bis death in 1088, when be was about 70 yean of aga. 
Ho waa buried at liunUU PUldi, and Mr. If dnur preaoh- 
cd hji Funeral Senuon. Ho was a man of «o much 
modoKiy that be could oerer be prcvmiled n]>oi) to pubhab 



DYKE, DaDiel,~eoiiiinii/if. 

ftoj thinf(. HIh nnmc, howoror, Btaods witli Bomo otlion 
in two or tbrcc printed pnpors, in tUooumpoHiugi;f wkioli 
it is BuppoHed ho hiwl some concora ; v. g. Wuuss. Tbo 
Bftpti«t'E Aaswer to Mr. IKito'a AppeaJ. 

- A BecommendatioQ of Ur. Cox't Coofatation of the SlrrorB 

- Rel*tioii of a Mooting; at TiarUUan botwccn tbc /I^Intiand 
Uio Quakm. He was Uie ciUtur of uuvera.1 adioot MROOOS 
of hi8 Pftthor'e. 


EACIIAKD, Lanreaco. — See Echabd. 

BATON, SamiKil, Of 'V-in/ University. The Son of Mr. nirUnrd 
F.ainii, Vicar of firent ftmlirnrlh id Cheshiro, (and brother 
to Mr. Tli^'pUihis Enloii, tho ronowncd (iovGmor of .V**- 
Havfi, Wood say* of liim, ■■ Aftor lie had left tlie Uni- 
versity, he took orders according to the Church of Eiutlanrt, 
and waa beneficed in this country ; but having been 
poritannically educated, he did diafwnt in eome particulars 
thucof. Whereupon finding hia place too warm for him, 
bo r«n'olted and wont into Nrm-Knglnttd, and preached 
amimK the brethren tbero." — But upon hia dixtiont from 
Mr. Ifattniiori, al)unt the narrow t«nnii and fonnii of oivil 
covcnimcDt tluin impotwd upon that infant colony, bin 
brother odviHed liim to a removal. CalUng at Umlnn in 
his imv, the Chtircli there gave him a presaing invitation 
lo ncttlo with them ; but bo wiui full bent upon coming 
back to OUi-F.n-iland. where Ood bad most work for him 
to do.1 Upon hie rotum, he gathered a congregstioDid 
Chnrdi at LhickfHjMd, and afterwardi; removed to Stock- 
port, wlifire he preached in the froo-achool. Some of the 
peopb beie ran things to a great height, and grew wiser 
tJuta Ujeir miniflters, so that they occasioned him much 
diffionlly. After he was ejected in 1CB2 he attended On tho 
Uiuttttry of Mr. Anaier at DeiUon, aa did many of hia old 
bearom ; w)io by difticiiltioK and sulTeriuga were wroo^bt 
into a better temper. Mr. Kntan died Jim. 9, 164M, aged 
(W. Ho kft no cliitdren, but he left a good name beliiud 
him among pcmonH of all ponuiwiouK. [He waa a very 




EATON, Samuel, — crmtinuM. 

holj man, a p^reon of gr^at leamiDg and jii'I'tmeot, and 
a most mcomparnble preacher : of cmincat nole and 
influence in tliisand thenet^hliourinL; Conntics.l Mathfr't 
IIi»tori/ of AV(r.J-,'ii.//a»ii, — I'uliuer'a NonooD/ormiBte' 
Memorial, Vol. 2, p. 91 

The Qiialfcrs ConfiitRd, hoin^ An Avtiwica ViiUi Ninrtaen 

Quorien ; PropouQcloiI tiy thctii, nuil Kent to tlio Klden of 
the Cliiirch of Puck/nMA in Vhrshire ; wii<!rrin i* tiftM 
forth much of the Doctrine and practise Concerning 
BovclatioQH, and immediate Voices, and against the holy 
SoriptureB, (Jhrist'e Miuiatry, ChiircheB and Ordinances, 
fto. Together With an Answer to a Letter which was 
Written and eent by one of them to a Family of Note and 
Qnality in the eaid Couuty, which pleaded for perfeotioQ 
in tbifl Ufe. aud for Quaking. By S<imiul Eaton Teacher 
of the Church of Cliriat tiemtofore nuiotiug al Duck^Jteld, 

DOW ia Slockport in Chnhire. 

iMtidon, I'rinleii hij R. Whitf for Thiyma* Breirtiter.Bndarf 
to be Sold nt the Si^ of (lit three HihU* at ifie WrtI mJ 
o/Pauh «0. 1654. 

ANONTUOUS. (Sapi>oi« cl b; Jom Ctxu «nd Paxson* HmratL.) 

An Aiuvgr lo • Booh which Bunnol Efttoa pnt uji lo Iha Futl- 

UTOt: wliloh fa* Mtilli he b • Twuh«r at Ibo Cliiuob ■>( 
C'bri'il, lierMutur* mnaiam at Duekfu/Uld, now ml Slmkpmt 
in Che-hirr; ui4 ha cal's Ibe Title ot hia Book "(JaiUcn 

/•omton : Printed (or QtUi Cahitru M tkt btack-Sprtad 
Eagtf.t^ tht Wftt endo/ fauU 

ito. lEM. TJ 

POX, Gtort*. Ponndvr o( the Sodet; cd Prionds. 

TlM OrMt Miaikiii of ihu (irttt Wbotu uofotiUd, Aa. (mie 1|. 

Pobo. lUV. 

A Catccbiiim, ico. (Anon) 

BUltROUGH. Edward, a/ Unditrharroa, Wettmonlatid. 

Some FdJic rriuciplc* uid anon Aituxivon-4 aiiil rahitcd : In a 

than auawiii to a C»t»chlam~B<K>k, wfainli t* Mid M coaUlo, 
Thf FriiiripUi of Btligion .- unt b>rtfa \ij a BaianlwM 
author: bul is nippoviKl to biiUia«vTkotoneSa<inHt£aio>i, 
a proKiMtU MiniaUr ot tb« Ooapn)' ■amng tli> BmI oI Ui» 
Iniiependaat*, in Oitthirt. But anai Inw Euaiaaticm, 
be in foand to be tim-hiwg Iho Traditiooia of Uoo, Im Ibe 
Cownnndiawito ol Ctifiat : and tii> Pnodpld tf ptofwl lo 
b« not Mtotding. bm coQtrarj to lh*> &ri»iT of Oon and Uii 
BtriptiuM. U7 R. B. 
J^rutiia.* PrinuJfvr Thomat SJHtnwBf, nl tAf f>«U itad 

ilovlh nfar AlderigaXe. .... 4to. 16&9. 

BF|iriDttd in bU Wurfe*, pags 483. 




ECnARD, Lftarenoe, nn English Divine, vaa bom at Cauam ta 
Suffolk, aliout 1671, nnil brauglil up at ChrUI CoUtrge, 
CambriiUie, wliere he took tho ilt-gMQ of x.a. id 1U95. On 
entering into onlnn, he was preeontei] to thu living!* of 
Welton ouil in lAno'lnifkim. In I6IIII he puh- 
ItthedluaRonDmTItstoTv.inSTolK. 6vo. In 1 702 up pen red 
Ilia Uenoral E cu lo si antic &1 nistory, in 1 vol. folio ; after- 
word* printed in 2 vols. 8vo. In 1707 fau publiohod th« 
flrat volume of hisliiHtory of EagUnd, which ho completed 
ia tvo mora rolumee, in 1718. This work dous credit to 
hii ciindonr und induetry ; but the Btory of Olivbk 
Cromwell and the Devil brought it into disrepute. Id 
171S ho was made Archdeacon of Stown : and in tho reign 
of^Bo&oB I., was presented to the livings o( lUiulUtham, 
Sudhora, and Al/nrJ. in Suffolk. Ue died suddenly in 
1780. Ueeidea the above works lie published aOazetteer ; 
B Description of Ireland ; a Translation of three Comedies 
ofPiaatuH; auotberof Terence; and a volameofmaxims 
from rillolftou. — Bioij. Briit. 

Tho mSTORY of ENGLAND. 1-^m the First Entrance 
of JULIUS C.^SAR and the Romajih To tlie End of the 
KeigD of KiNO Jakkh tlw First. (?wi(fiiniH</ (/m Spate cf 
1878 YeoTi. With a Comploat Imikx. By L»LiiiaiCTi 
EdRAxn, A.jf. Prebendary of Lini-oln, and Cliiipliiin to tho 
Bi^t Boverend William, Lord Biehop of that DioceKo. 
LimJon : Printed for Jtteob Tonton.mtkm Grayi-Iim (iaU 
nurt Griiys-inn Laiuf . , . Folio. 1707. 

. Tbo HISTORY of ENGLAND. From the Beginning of 
the Beion of King Chakleb tho First, to the Kestoiutioii 
of KikoOhaklks the Second. ConiniiiiiKjtiu Spuw 0/ ahoM 
M JTwiw, Volume the Second. With a Comploat Index. 
Bj LAOMtHCK EciiAfui. A.u. Arohdeacou of Stuu-f. 

Lmtdon: PrinUdJar Jaeah Toiaam, at Shaki'apeitr'*-lhaA, 
over nijainit Knthitrine-Stnet in tlie Strand. Folio. 1718. 
KoW. -Ill ihli Voliuu*. " Oualon, rhn »b<r tnl hnjtmni, f. <77. ewit 

- Th« mSTOBY of ENGLAND. From the RKsxoaAtios of 
Kxxo Cbaeleb the Second, to the Conclusion of the Heioh 
of KiMo Jaiuks the Second, and EeiabUshmout of King 
WlLLUK and Queen MahY. Cimlainm^ the S/iaee of' near 
29 Yran. Voli'kb the TriiBu. With a Compleat Isukx. 
By liAtiHitwoE EcBABD, A.M. Archdeaoou of Siatre. 

I/ondoH : I'tinUd for Jaeob Tnntim, at ShaJutpear't- 
Brad, oner agttiiut Ksthnrinf-Htrert in tkt Strand. 
{Brit. Mm. 950S. h.) Polio. 1718. 

XgU.— Ilwn li k tRiDUiplvn t« Hgh \tL 



EDINBURGH Bariew, (The).— 809 Pkuodicu. Pdblicatioks. 

EDWARDS, John, (Son of Tnowna EnwARDa, Author of ■• TKt 
Oniiiiriftia,") was born at liiTl/'>rrl. iii 1G87. lie received 
his education at Merchant Taylors' Sohool, Londoa ; 
from whence be weut to 8t. John's CoUeRe. Giuul>ridg«, 
where he wa« cboxen follov. After Oio Eeatoration he 
was ordained and Ixsoiuoe Minister of Trinity Chnrch, 
Carabridgis. He was next cUokcu LeotHrcr of St. Edmunds- 
bury, anil soon after gavo up \iis fellowship. From Cam- 
bridgo he removed to the living of 8t. Peler's, Colchester, 
but after coutiuuiujr there throo years, roturaed and tooic 
his Doctor's degree. H« died in 1716. Dr. Edwards 
was a zvnlous Cainnist and a most volaminous writer.— 
Bioff. liritt. 

ISia {iriDcipsl of hie numerous works are the following,— 

— The Pbbacbeb. A Discourse, Shewing, wliat are the Par* 
ticularOfSces 'I'll/ Kmploymeots of those of that CuAiUL-TU 
in the CUUiiCH. With a Free Censure of th« moat 
oommon Failinos and MisaABBiAOsa of Peraonit in that 
Sacred Employment. To which is add«d. A Catalogue 
of Home Autliors who mnybe beneficial to Yoon^Preaohon 
Rud Studc^nts in Divinity. By loam £i>waiu>s, i>.&. {Wilk 
a Portrait.) 

London : X'rinud far J. HohiiiAOn, J. Lavrenet, and J. 

U'ya* 8to. 170S. 

{Brit. M<a, 4499. d.) 

- The Preacher. Tlie Second Part. A DiscoritsR, Shewing, 

I. \Miat Particular Dootrinea ought to be Preached 1^ 
Uie Dispensers of the GospoJ. II. That these Dootriues 
are gi'iierally uej^iected. or (which is moat usual) Picacbed 
agniiiHt. III. What ore the Causes of the Neglect and 
0]>ponitiou. IV. Wjiat are the Dreadful Consequences 
hereof. With continued Advice to Students iu Divinity, 
and to Yitvxa PuKAniKii.t. To which is Anu<.'i:i'd Thv 
HEAREB : Or a Bri<ir DiKuoano, Shewing what are tho 
QnalificatioDB that aro Required in tlionu P«rHona who 
would Beooiv* Bonaflt and Advantage by Uouring the 
Word Preacht^d. By Joiih Edwauib, d.o. 

LoHiHon : Printed /or J. Hokm»tm, J. Lawmee, and J. 

WyM Bto. 1707. fl 

(»n(. il,a. 4406. d.) 

- TIm PltEACUEIi. TnB Thieo Pakt.— Contaioing Farther 

i^fjnand .'IWi-i.'/i. fortbe Right Discharging of the Sftored- 
Office of PaKAi-uiNc. With Animadveiaiona on soma 
PamgM in tho Book Eatituled, The Whole Dnty 0/ Huh. 





EDWARDS, Joha.—tontinurd. 

and in the late Writings nf Dr. HicKca, Dr. Miohols. Mr. 
Bkkket, Mr. Ci-ABK, and Mr, Doi>weij.. Togetbor with a 
VuuUeati'jn of t!ie firat Part of the PKEncHEft from Uie 
UnJDSt ExooptiouH and CftvLla of Mr. Liobtfoot and 
others. By John Eowaiio!!. u.d. 

lumdon. Printed Jnr Junalhaii lialmtatm, Jvhn Laiertnet, 

ami Jokii iVyol 870. 1709. 

{Bril. Mitifum, 449'«. d.) 

KoM. — Od tbo Aj'Uial ot tay eapj of thia Third part U written, 
by « loraer «wiWT,— 

"Abmliam NnlHtT&p 
at Iiiworlli. 17t'i»." 
Fr. L/iefiUr. 

*' Tlie QiMkont.* jt tliolr Enrnri to niwtrlne. & Partimilwi- 
tic* iu PtudtiM! nvt fortli, ftl liirite tad extKu'd koj trimin'd 
pntly hanclKoiiicIy. I'g. 6G. ffcn., Jfc. 

* li hut btfUU MlJ of (b? Qlll^pT*. 
" A rpflplf wlUn ml manji^rTr" 

And the Aathcn' tn kin Prvfoui-. to this ThirJ Part, *ay; " I 
biTo moni piutioulacly Wivaod ms Brcthiwa againut Urn 
Cbnal* aai InipMtnfM ol the QuaKin. tot tho' 'tin oot tn 
lie JniiRil thnt tJuiir CotriASo In unino tcspMta ia I.AuilaLiln 
and Worthy or Imllnlinn, In an mnch tbnt tlti>^ ahatl KiKO 
in Jnil^uenl iiKuinct this Debaucticd Uvuimtiuti. yut tbinw 
&r« ao laimy l'\ia\iy tliinKB iu tboii Priaciiilui bikI ProotioD, 
tbut I tumai't ifp how wc onn nvuHF ouriHlvo* Itom taking 
iiDli«o □( tbam nod nborply rnbuking tbom." 

CoDtunU ot tbn Third Part (relating to the (Jiiokors) :— 
UinitUn mtfihl thirjly to ff-iirii ttirir Ff'pU uyiiiiwi the Sal ef 

lilt Quaktrt, brtniue 
X. f tfr lak •iMf rkiwrf Grmniit'vnili of Hi! ClirlilluiU;, llir HlMarinl 

t. TV) !,« lAi hunilaili,% of hurd Emm t» iMr Dadrliu ot Iba Uob) 

t. r^ ilnty IIu fhii^lnwqr'IlU IIIiwhA TrlnllT. p. M. 

A. T*ify WM JuftkllMCioD. no; A)p CbJl»t'« RtsbtooiuDdaa, &M Ub^ «n. 

0. Iiini fTarwl tmrrtm of timoXaU VrittViaa. p.eO. 
0. ncv PVIM M< fla^ Rai^Bn^ p. tn, A<. 

T. IV|i Bitwl bMb Ui* SaHunanU o/Cv .V<h Tummtnt. il <H, TO. 
Tfkrfr irmfi^Er MKrrun w Mf<J, p. 71. TA. 71, 7&. 
b«>rbaiktt>Hun«p«ilkf«rIiiilo>ti3rHidl>lUM<inv. p. JM, 77. 
TVr ItAlm^jr Abf T«iap«ruH». p. 7t 
Tkrtr flnm •<»< numv Loab. p. 7S. 
nMrFUIn AppucL p. m, 
nrh- Wonla lUHl SpMohoL p,,Ae. 
71(^sMaiMT*nii4tlis«tIInt<1>. mnd Hilctloc IbOM tbr/njisl. rLtlLn. 

nrt-aliiiuilnfDtOaiha.wiil'liiUifUiij nil FiiiliUuu. u.iM. 9s, tS. 
nrfrBDatUMinn. p. 07. 

ndrmtaBalothaKptntindlniiijndUtdtniliiUnna. p.nfa.IIN. 
nMr ■dntui la Coniglniot Kstr. p. lol. 
A FtwagfttjJrljMlmlUMrnaMumlCumnBailMa. p. IDl. 

tIMr PiW p. !»<. KM. 1(0. 
rUr Hjrponlo;. p. ll*, IW.lW- 
tlWCp Invlffiim <ni< PniihjkniarH. p. im, 110, lit. 111. 
r<r Arri !• a Vnll* i(^ JutluoB. PaiwtlaiB. una Itwimt aii«taaiP.U& 
7W Ajifwnmnto/ltnn nndflt' pft^Mata WKfdf pcHlRiUn. p.ll4im. 
Wt i^ul lui lAoJF ■pun ifcnr KKiulaa SliSMMH « a iW>* «^ Itaa ibNaHik. 
Mia. US 






EDWARDS. John.— ron/iniH-J. 

TaKOijtaiK Bet^nuAT* : or, Thfi Bonr nod St'iiHTUiORof the 

ChriHliun Bdi^ou, Comj>nai.'d iu UiRtinol Diooountca or 

TreHtiney upon 

TIlO J^ird't ('rnijpT, iunl 
The TVti Commnndmunt*. 

In Two Voliimns. Vol. 1.— Tbo SftMud Voliiiii<!. Tito 
WlioI<> adJuKtiHl to Uie Sacr«d Scri'iituriii, nnil tlio Judg- 
moiit iif this I'riilnlanl Reformrd C'hurthrt, Our mm more 
CBpccifilly ; mid ilcMKn'd «e kii AntidoUi in this CorrQ|>ted 
Afip fiRiunut tlic (InngcroHs Opinioun of I'apUtt, Ariam 
Bud Snriiii/iiii, I'ftagianii HDil lirwimxtranli, Anohapti»l*., 
AndvomJons, Driiti, Athniittt, Scrpllrbx, Knlhutia'U, hit/er- 
tiwK. All CDdoavoiircd to be eo Friim'd as to be OEeful 
Dot only to i'rofrty'd Sfuil*}its in JUnnilj/, bot to all th&t 
are Lnrfri of IHrinf li«')ii<M'jf, and desire to make fftrther 
I'rolirifiiri/ in it. With proper fm/f'jv-v and TaUts. By 
JoiLV EnwABiis, D.D. (I'lirUfii', hy Vertiti'.) 

London: I'rintfl for Jlajjn ^fjiDTtUtt, n' 'he An(iel in liW 
PoaUri/ ; Jlolm (Plgat. "f 'If Hof. mid SimiiD SobiiUOT. 
at tht Goldm Lion in St. PaiU't CAurck- Ytiri. 

Folio. 1718. Sei 
(Brii. Mm. 479. .f. 9. 10.) 

KiiU.-'4fik»HiimiBlloii*d, VaLS.p. IU. ISS. 411, tHR, and (TS. 

EDWARDS, Onwald. of r>ublm, an Anabftplist Preacher. 

A Stiiokk at tilt) Foniidatioii of Quttki^riHm : or, Wat«r- 

BaptiKm dufendt^l and proved au Ordiuance of the noapd 
of our Tiord .TcMttr. Iiv Hiiudry ArKiim^nts: AdvUJiced for 
the bpDcfit of tlic PiKipIe cnJIrd (Juakm. 

Ihihlin : I'riiilrd liy iS". I'-Hrrll, at thr Siipi of the Prititiiu/' 
Prn*, in Copfier-AUry, near V^irkHiU, , 8to. 17S2. 

Um tabjHt 0( WMfrHiptiani. oniiinkilr "nutiiwl bf t IH w ii i m oi Ut. 
ja*>|ih OUI. IB* at tbs ifuiTUlil P»<|itr> igoalart), u tluli]liUTlBr«lHt 
DHT TUilphitn't ihini. il a limn khpiu ■ F«daU Urjubar (4if tVT btmOQ^ 
■h1> Imllimtd Hi tl«I ilixIMx 111 wliUd) 1 am toMMmJ, ■■( iDUmd (bv 


—— An Kuul NMnUivo of tbo moat mktoriiil PaiikKx* >i> * I*** 
DUpnU ID Skiniim'- Alloy, botmcii itneaUt A, dintnli.lttptiiil, 
Jokn Slottdart, Qnnlmr, JiiMrph GUI Lie Auuuuit, PnJritfi 
frnr^n. Wiliiaja Dortir, itoatntara, nkioli li»ppon*il 19tii 
SrptnHhfT 17'i'i. M takm fn ebancMr*, irannrilMd and 
ttlMMxl by Ai»ir*w Hmvr^, tfc. 

Tbe {Jtuken cImtciI, A«. 



£I>WABDS, 0*wal<l,— «.nfin.u-.i. 

OILL, Jowph, a MlnUtor ol Dublin, Son <H Wai.UK <>n.L, ot Sllfllo* 
in Vumb^rLinil. 

Aa AxDwitK l"i» I'ftiuiihlut wigiiBd hy OtTatit Kilietirtb. An Ana- 

bni'liHl pBBiOHiiK, •■iilitiii"il. J SImkf at llir Fmut'l'iliim of 
tju'ikeriini ; whuiiiiu hia 8o|ihiBm-iun) PtiUiJl-N). Srw Nnli-)ia 
iiiylodcA, and Arjfuiiu-iiti tut Waif r i3ti)itijiii KpritUid : iiud 
tb? Iiu|)liam ol our LulJ Jcaus Chtitt bj uuu Spiiit, ilufondud 
nad ^FiDvnd an OrilfNan<^f ot tbo Goipcl, to iMintuiaa in tbt 
Chutih to UiB cad of Hio Worid. By Jojuru Oiu.. 

/jBMin : /'rin(/'i by Jj^fiittirrA .tailMr, and told by Samitfl 

FtilUr nf lh< OUiirn in itratk^lritl. . . tlvo. 17^. fit 

' The <?iu)inr« Answer, AnHWer«l, or, a Second Stboae at 
the FoimdBtionof gUAKKUlSM : Wherels. The Quaktn 
Foigery aod Sophisms are Detected, their iiew Notions 
exploded, and Arguments for Water Baptism is Defended, 
Plainli, Proving Water- Baptism to be an Oidiuauue of 
our Lord .iesTiM Cfiriti. and to he continued a» suoli in the 
Chriatian Churuli to the end of tlio World. — Al^o, A pl«iu 
I>i!tni)DKtriitioa that the Qunkert do not Baptize with tba 
Bpirit : Tltnt they are not BApti):ed witli the Spirit : 
fvitliur do they know, whut tlie Baptictni of the Spirit in, 
hy 0«WAIJ> Euwiniia, a real Frirnd to ihf Quaketn. 

Dublin : I'rinud by S. I'oweU, and lold 6y Samuel Cm'per 

IN Abbet/'» Scrcel 8to. X728. S} 

- A Third SraoAK at the Foundation of QrAKEKwii: or. a 
Letter to the People calld QUAKEIIS. Wherein it is 
plainly provitd, that Dr. William IhU of Cnmbrid'je, (who«o 
Doutrin^t of BftptiMtiK in a fifth Edition has been lately 
Pulilixhrd by them) waa tlie I-'ouuder, and (lonfonnder of 
ifHakrritm. And that he wub Proud, Ignorant, and 
Incoherent, or InoouGiateut with himself tu hin Si-'iiti- 
oestM. Also, Plainly proving, uvl-ii from the Doctor 
hiniMCtf, that the People call'd (Juakrrs, are ueitJier 
Baptized with the Srint, nor able to Baptize iiuy with it. 
And to the clearest Dcmonrtratiou, Ibnt their Notion of 
the Spirit's Baptism is n notorioiiE Ahsunhty; neither 
agreeing with the holy Scripture, nor their own Profime 
\\ ritings. 

Oil Uiat tome vae coiiM tn<th« thn ^i<tmi Qnake, 
And tiiBt poor FK>[>k>. (miu INnMe GrrorvsbHkw: 
Vbiob Ircan the Vea ol Uint pmu'l SoLool-nuui (oil 
Wtom \hay no much adote, vBin Uuotor I»tU. 

Iiamentation, What ihalt 1 da unUr ikte, O thou pi/or Ihdy 
0/ QnaLcrB, (Ay VropheU harr leen rain and Joolith Ihinjx, 
/or ih^ PaleO l'M«on», and Vaiuc* oj iianiihaicnt. 

JhMiu : Prinltd by S. I'owoil, and told hy Q. lUnA, Book- 
teUrr, at the Conter 0/ VattU-lant, near tlu Uortf- 
gxtard Svo. 17it5. Ij 



A catalogoe of adverse books, 


EDWARDS, Oawold,— tfr»rfitm/'(i. 
A Fourtli Sttoak, 4c. 

8vo. 178S. 


FORSTEK. Joaiuh, ut tlio BisIiO|iriok of DiirAnn, tMt at TVUtnAnm. 

Tlio rcopla gullod Qiiakeri dc-fcmded, uuil Uiu BapfiiU CimtliM, 

bving a Bcply to Job llurl't ptflouili'il JUicn lo R.B.'i IStli 
PrnpOHition, oitd to a Hook. intilQlnl. .1 Vindication of the 
Vaetri'tr of Itit/itinu, dn.. to which ia rvauoi'd. ua Appoodix, 
Ic onicnar to Otitalil Kdwariti, ol Uu'iliii hi* BttoiD)'t agaioat 
the said Hoot:, Ic, (la k Fourtli Strnnli.) 

8vo. ^uTulun,|n^nir^ ITIO. 

EDWARDS, Tliomaa, Esq. 

The ParaBelone ditmantUd iif her Cloud, or, l^nilniaiiUni 

fBTtfiu'jl. Drnvi-ii fruiu A Lit«r&l Trftnacrii>t of Mr. 
axtkb's, And tlie Jiiilf^fiDt of Othunt, iii tbo mOKt Radi- 
cnl Doutrines of FoiUi ; compiu'd with tboKe of Hia 
OrUio<lox, boUi CoofortiUKt iind Noucoofonoiiit ; aud 
triLDvferr'd over by way of Tftt, nutu tho Patur kud 
<JuAKXR. By Thomas Edwaiids, Eoq. 

London, I'rintrd and iold by Wil!. Mnnlutl, at Hw ItiMe 
m Sfxt'jnU-tirttt, mid Jolm Marshal M lltt iiihU in 

Gr,tcti'liur(U»tTfel 4to. IGOO. 55| 

{Brit. itu». 4255. d.) 


Nicholas, of l-'nyk m HmnpMrf, For some account 
of his Buffering and impriHoumcnt whilst a tVioDdt 
see BoBse's BuffmugG vol. 1, pages iSl, 286, 280. 

OntBloifotikf h'ttt of tht ImjHmng Funnal Quaker's Imafce: 

or rolhft an Kf^lie iif />/r« and ijnod Will to thtm, to lUete 
them Ihtir great Weekuem (if tuit Fnlli/) m mijiiuj Tlluc a»d 
TllOU ; and alio for not putting off the Hat, and not paifiag 
af Tytht : Writ by Nicb. Eed, one of their Sorieti/, uulil J. 
Kilbnnie, and N. Qeats [G&teit] (Ijto I'rrathcr*) mrt mornl 
by a Proud and J.i/ing Spirit, to catt ^oH Iteproafhftil Lit* 
vpva me, nhick in JuMif {mhitb u ime of the Uast Alarkt <ff 
a true ChriMian) ought to make out their Auertioni, or tUt 
to aeknoirtrdge their Failin'jt ; which I have lung ago taU 
before them in I'rint. 

London, I'rintedfoT thf Author, and are to bt Sold by J, 
Oirillim, BooJueller mvr againit the Great Jame*, in 
liithoptgate- Street: imd Hdtr. Straitir, at the Fatitam- 
Steun, near the Uank-Side in Smuhuark. 4to. 16&3. 

ELDERS KoA Heeseugan of Sovora] Clinrobus of ibtm, Abtrg- 
nrrnny and other plaoM in WaUt, dt. 

■ An Kwnaam »t^astThe In/ertimio/ the'Time*,Ot \ faithfail 
Walcb-word from HottHl Sion, to prevent tlie niine of 




ELDERS and MES8ENOER8,— M«/iH««t 

Soulcfl. \V1i6ntby eomc KpRciiill ConsidorationB are 
poreaenteil to Siuners, Admonitions to Saints, and lori- 
tation to Buclsaliders. Published for tlic good of all by tlio 
amtoiutinc'Dt of the Eldtrii and MosKeogers of the severali 
Umnhea of lUton, Ahngcvi-nny, 'IWilinoy, Carmtilhfri, 
Htr^ord, Brfilu-ardin, CUilock and LUitujOD, meeting at 
Hrnknock upou the 29 and 80. daies of the Flft mauetb, 

S Oo», 4. 1, 9. Hfriny tcr hnaf ret fined Ihii MinUtry,iu lee have 
fiwtKyl Bwreji me faint not. linl have mi<iimetd the hfiMfB 
thing* of dtihoneity, not walking in eraftineiie. hot kamUina 
the Word of God dteeltfuHy : but by maniftstatlon ojtht truth. 
rtmmrjidiit} ouneltvi ta every roam eoTOtlente fn tie Sight «/ 

1 Oar. S. II. fur nlher fnanilalion fart tf man luy, IIU* thai it 

1^4, nhie.h it Jeiiu Chri't. 
Im. Bfl. 1. Ciy iiluiuf. i^Hir' nut, lift ap fAjf Vaiee like a trumpet, 

and theic my people Ihcir IratunTeeeioiu, and the hotue of Jacob 

their Sim. 

JiiT, 3. 23, lietum yt baektUdIng ehtldren, and I will heal your 
baekilldingi ; behold, ve comt unto thee, for thoa art the Larii 
our Uod. 

London, Printed for T. lirnegter, at th* tiaret BibUn lU Ui^ 
Wm mi 0/ pAub, .... Ito. 1656. 

FOX, OeoTge. FoondtT of lUe Sodrty of Friomla, 

Tbs Grant MirkuxoI Ibc QrautWhoRi unfolded, Ao. (pw» SHO 

Folia. 1SS9. 

JLLTSON, Thomas, of Eatmgton in Durham, 
A Petition.— 1«54. 

UOWOIL, Ftahou, u( Todlkom, near Greyrigg, Wettmrrtlattd, 

^^ An Asirwwi to • Pa»b«, culled. A Ptiiiion of one Tfanmu Elly- 
loD, laU Shrjihent of Hmtaplrm in tke Vouitty of Durham, to 
hit lll;ilinrit the Lord i'mitclor of England. Seotlanil.tiBd 
Irelanj, anil to ati EtHsrtort, Hinge, and Priacn ihrmigh the 

4to. tmulaTu PrinttdinthtYtof.lKt. 

Bepnutvd i& bt» Worln, fats» 7. 

ELME8, John, Vicar of St. John's, Limcriek, in IreUtiid. 

Qaakenam exposed ; or Iho Doetrincii itnd Priuoiiilea of the 
Society of friends explained from tlicir own writers, boinff 
a ScrtnoQ preached at tit. Joliu's Church, Limmok, ou 
Snaday evening, March SUth, 1842, by thd Bev. Joha 
Elmes, Ti^a- of St. John's, with an Appendix, &-c 

Limmek: Printed and Pubiuthed ty Oenr-jf Jf, Qogfit, 
84, GeoTst-Sttett, .... Iftuo. 1012. 





ENDICOTT, John. Goveraor of iSVir England. 

Tbe Humble Petition aoid Address of the Oeneral Court, 

aitttng at Boston in .Wir Knglanit, unto The Hufh itnd 
Muffitif Priuc<! CuAUiJts tbe S()cou<I. AnH proecutad unto 
Hia Moat OrociouM Majixity Frh. ll. 1660. 

Ito. I'rintfd in ifu Ytar 1660. 

BTIBBOCOH, Eimti, rf Undfrbarrovi, Weitmonland. 

A Daoluatiuii of tbs SuA Mud Orpnt rpriccniioii and MkrlyrJom 

of Um 4}tuk(<n. iu Ni<w Kuutuid.' -Alio. Some Coaiidcr- 
ationi pncentnl to Ibs Einw, nhiob in. in Jntufr to • 

Stlilton ub ^tilifMi, icliiicb wat pcicnlod auto IlimbyUiO 
BDDT>1 Ooiut atllmton : SabtCTlhodl>y J. Kndiriit.lliechiel 
Pgnwoator tbcio ^ tluQkiag llioroby to cotve tlioittiMiliwgi bom 
Out Blood of thn InnnDntil. 

Loruton : I'riiitrit /or Hobert B'ihon, in Marliiu Ll Ontad. 

ilo. [1660] 

Beprioted la Lis Work*, ptLfp) 756. 
- A Letter, &c. 

NATLER, Jftuee. of Ardrihe nenr Waltefitld. 

■ - "Som^rAin.f fnaniirrr to tiro Ijltrri irnlfrom Nw-Eiudnul, lo 
■ome of Enj^londn tn pfrttc-iilr so Ptrtecutitin : oru J^tltr iu 
thf Knmf -if Rii'hnrd llillingham ; onil Ikrathfr (a th/ Sanu 
III JaliD KiiJirxiH. Oorrnuir i>f UoslOU. Tlie 7(li Mootb, 1808, 

In Maylet's Wotk*. (<ui!;) pwi 737. an>. 1716. 

Kati — nil Jntm XBdlsoUns igiut PawnMcxd Frtixdi. OovoMlia 
DKn »a bt Mllnl • Chrtnlu I auool linilintanill n* bli tiieait gtn 
Uu ■ uoM ou^tnt rLaiHlu, ulolliiw*!~-~Ur. BUlminiOvnnuir 
«4lh«CoLL<ii}4 kpJ ft TiTv tiiaZldil uij niBeh rH;iHt«d nui. Btvist t« 
4aliai Id ihn ;n> m»i, anil I».l ilui shist *oiajitid ol Uwaa cbn OM 
MMM Ui<r>. In vhr-n .Ilin'nllii>> ami inlTuUlKa b* lUglll |iuUlll>**>4 
Ba mniBaM Itatn UU tb' JaiiaiUrtluu ul ITuiHrkwiIU dHlrnI lili !•■ 
rutaJ to i^'irti. fur iJiD mL.(v njurvitiBifi BiiiujrLatrmttiiii irf jovtii*, ■■ 
OoTantBT ef tbtCvkmj; t^ vbJfb virina bn hmU'^lrDiH] fvi n#Dj if«n 
Mtb IIHl* XalmtiiMtaa. M* (swl (led (M bU eooDtn UU id) wt 
ind lBamitUaaMatB«n<aUB,baMlHlMipbilb«Liir4,l)itha inh 
ymt la^atin^'^lbmA Kiw n^md Jrnm«>l,n. 11^ ITT. 

IKCYCL0P.S:DU BntaomM (The). Artide " Quakere." 

BBVAlt, JMopb (iaraej, of Slokr-NnringUm, London. 

A BotgUtionoiiKiBWof UwinoroinodCTPiniMiimiMUtkin*!)! 

Utn Sooioij nt TriMda, Ac. 
L«n4t»t; l^attd and Sold by tt'iliiain Phillip; <tt. 8vo. 1800. 

EFP!ENHOF, L. Hendricks, of HoUand. 
Five QaeutioQB. 

JAOODS. Jftcob. (and An. Jibh) tm gntbirKt «p Rijt Bi»ti™-Aii 
Amwot W Sn QmalUnikiet totili b* L. IlrDdni^kt tfixmlic4, 
(o be aotwiTtiid bynowLouvmUedQuakcn. 4k>. 

167a S 



ESTNVICK, Francis, of FoUc^ntofit in AVni. 

-^— Somn Error* of the Qoaxxu VvtwAci, fu. Their Dtijinl 
of Clkrivt, hiij Sacrifico ; Ordioaiicc^K, the Besurn-cliun of 
tbo Body, nod Christ's Second Coining. To whieb i> 
added Proof, That the Light in all Men ie not ChriKt. 
With an Answer to a Quaker's [Ocorgc Sparrow] I'riu»o 
of tt'ilUmn I'mn, By fViiMrw Kuttriek {a Preacher of 
Glad Tidings to all Meu) at FoidkJiioit in A'l-nt. 

I'riHttdfor tke Author, and are to inf Hold at tev-eral plttcn 

in London 8to. 1897. 2 

(In tbe Bodleian Library at Oxford.) 

KoUk—'aMf^ s^rruu'i chanoUf at mufni Pm*." anl iha B«|i>t 

FISU), Jolui, ot LotuUn. Author «t " Pioly Framoteil, Ae." uiJ 
oUier works. 

A TmiuosT to Obbut hia Saorifiee. OnliDiiiiiHi*. tho Remrroa- 

lion ot thu Bodv : Alio Chriirt'ii Hcfoud Coming Ownctl. knd 
Fra. KttrUk'i Ciargcn in hi« .Vonur Kmrt Dftcotcd, Dimicd. 
Lnutan .- /"Hiitni and Sold by T. Smrrlr. tuxl door (>i Iht 
MeiUttf-llmut.inWhilf-HiiTl.Courl.drc. . . Svo. 1G!IT. 1) 

IVANS, EvoD, Rector of PhUadelphia. — See Gko. KstTB, in my 
Catalogue of t'riendH* Boolis, vol. 2, p. 40. 

EVANS. Theophiins, of LanyammaTch, Brrcondiire, and Vicar of 
St. DaviM, in Breckon. 

-Tbe HtHTotiY of Modrm Enthmasm, from tbe Befonnatioa 
to the PrOBcnt Times. By Tin:upHii.uH Evanh. 

Ijondtm : I'rinUd and tnUi hy W. Outti, near TrmpU-Bar ; 
and W. Vlarkf, at Shakmprar'i-llfad, i*n ThrradneedU- 
Strttt behind the BogaUExchavgt. \^I'ric» !».] 

8to. 1762. fii 

Reprintdil.— fbi Sttoni fbilion, with very Largo Additions 
and Arovndnif ute. 

London: Prinird /or thf Author : and »ohi by H'. Owiw, 
Krar Timplf-Uar: ami H'. CUrkt, at Sliakesprar'f 
Urad, in ThrtadntedU-Slrtet, behind tke Jloj/al-Ex- 
rhmgf. [Prif.^ is. Gd.] .... 8to. 1767. ISf 

EVELYN, John, F.11.8.. an eminent PhiloBopher and Patriot, 
paitiuilariy akilled in Natural HiatorTi- and the Fine Art«, 
was bora at Woiton iu Surrn/, lt!2(J. and died tluire 
170&-6.— (TdH*' " BibUolheca Britannica," 

■ Uoauura illustrative of the Lifo and Writings of John 
Evelyn. Eeij., comnrisijig hi« Diary from 1641 to 170C-6, 
and a Sdectiou of hid familiar Letten. ^Contains Bome- 
ttusg abost QuakenJ. 

Lvndwt. a ToU. 4to. 1818. 




EVELYN, JohB.—oMiniifJ. 

Boprintccl. — Snd odition, 2 rob. . 

. I^tdon. 4to. 1810. 

Disiy and Correepondenca of John Evklyr.F.B.B., Author 

of the " Sjriva." To which is subjoiiied i^c pctttatt tn- 
RS||Onbenu hctwfif^u King Charlciii I. aud bir i£dWMd 
Nicholiw, Aud between Sir Eitwnnl Hyde, afterwards 
Eiiri of ClcvcdoD, nnd Sir lliclmrd Browne. Edit*d from 
tim Original M8S. nt Wotton. By William Bray. Es,i.. 
F.B.S. A New edition, in 4 voIk, con«ut<.-d, Bcviued and 

LonJon : PuhlMitii for Ihtir^ Colimm : hti hU Stteeeman 
Hunt nn<i lilac!;e(, Gitat ilnrihomwjh «trM. Uto. 1864. 

ETEBASD, Robert, (Captain). 

An EnsTLE to the several Conobboationb of the Nok-Coh- 

roBMma. By Cap. lioiiERT Everabd: Now by God's 
Oraee a Member of the Uoly Catholick Cbnrch of Christ. 
Sliewinf; the Reasons of his Couvereion and eubmii^ign 
to the said Catiiolil-k Chi'Rcii. The Second Edition, 
containing in it aevcral matercol Additions and Enlarge- 

I bdievo the Hoi; Ctttboliok Chuivh. Apmt. CrtJt, 

Small 6to. Printed 16«4. 
(Brit. JlfiM.X^ ) 

HOWGIL, FnmcU, of Tadlkorti, new Onyrigg, WtttmortUnd. 

Ttia Trnn lin.K, Jl-dok, and Gvm* ol Uic troo Chiuvb ol dod 

Dijoovpn^il. Mii<t bnme t«tiiunnj imM whfti It In, uid 
wtiorviii It ciinHiRtnih. tn Oppooitldn (t> tb« proUoJMl 
CalliuUok Chuirli <>t B(im« ber Bnl«, PcinmlitlloiD, ifnlde, and 
JudKV. Boititi lutumiHl in luioBurto Capluui Ruhtrt Krerrard 
his Book, titled, Ad EpiBtlu lo till the KonruafonaMi^ 
wberDin bin uiuiii Kcssuiib. tiruundii. uid AUoiprtiaat,— an 
wuutUDDil uid diacciursvd «iU]. Ac— Bj sSuAmD^ JttaJMt 
of that Chunh utiioh tied isle Ihv TCildmwH, wbeo Uirttty 
halij/Uin lat on * Qaacu upou Uic Waton. FrtMU HowgUL 

41a. Prtnui <■ tkt Y*»r, XtXt. 

Beprfat«d tn Us Wcnka, p^e GOO. 

E'WUtS,'] Thomas, He had been a mechanic, and wasEcnt ont 
or to preach by a Church in London, with one Ur. T. 

EW£N, Barni. Tho' he waa no scholar, 'tis said h« vat ft 
jtiuicial methodical prvacber. He sncc«eded Dr. In^thim 
paatot of a church in lirutol, in 16G0, and continued witb 
them tiil 1070. — Ue waa Tery grave and serious evny 
wliere, and full of good discourse. He was sotnetimea 
abused in the Gtrecte, but would not attempt to r«laliate; 
** for (aays he) venge*iic« is God's ; my duty is patieD«o." 





EWIN8, TIioinM,— roiititiiM'rf. 

Id bin timo QuakeriBm b^gan in limCul ; many fell in with 
it, anil Bome gave him tUflturbance. Upon the licstoratiou 
bo Boon quitted the public pulpite. Tho Bji. courted bim 
to CtHiformity, but be could by no ni«auR bis Hatijttied to 
comply. He was often in prison, oncu Tor n wholo ytmr, 
where ho preachod twice a dny. Tlioro ho contracted m 
lethargic diutetupcr, of whidi he diul, it|(;ud liiioat 6i>. Ho 
left a good niuuc behind bim. — I'almrr's Soru:onJomu4U' 
MemoTutt, vol. i, p. S5I. 

For farther particuhirs concerning Tfaomoe Ewins, eee 
" Tlie Beoortls of a Chnrch of Chn^^t, meeting in Droad- 
metil, Bristol. 1C40— 1IS87. Edited for the Uanserd 
Knollys Society, by Edward Bean UnderhiU." Bvo. 1817. 

UOLLEHTEII, DeuniK. uf IlfUl^l. 

— TIm Skirld ul the Wuukk UiecovKHsp. Anit I lit niinfflrd Ftirptt in 
lAtf mlilit 0/ llfr. In a lettur — iluJ Anen-rm tu the liicl(!|Kiii. 
dantBaptii'd rcoplu. — Tuiji'tbtr ivitli iii]Dth«[ iellci Hiitiun 
to Thomtu k'tcrni, v. Tcaehtf amoDg tbi'm. — And likowuio on 
ftlKinT k> Ifi Antiquoriei. dinKitail to tlia Penplc cnllod <Juak- 
(n. whkh won iciil to 'iViumiii £ii'rru trom wliom llw Antlq- 
aerio* wt>r« ri'U'il\4ii!. cLoiitib .Inha I'eiuUiniUi iiulilithed Uut 
AutlqnetiM hy thp niuue of CjueriM. 

Lokdon, Prinlrij far Oila Calperl, aadttn tobeioldat Ait 
SAnp. at thf Sign 0} the Blaek-S^rtad'Eaale. at th/ Wiit 
end v/ Faati 4to. IGQlS. S 

and otherB.— The Chiiroh of Christ in BRISTOL, Beoovor- 
ing fa«r Vail out of tbo hands of them that hnvc nmitton 
sna wonnded her, and taken it away. Being a just and 
neceeeary Vindication, from a folee and scondoIouB imputa- 
tion out npon her by Dmni* HoUuter, fonnerly a Member 
of her. but now an Apostate from, and an Opposerof thoao 
Waieti, Truths, and People, which once be eeemed zealous 
for. Ah appears by & late Pamphlet put forth by him, 
called, fA* .S*i'rt« 0/ the Whare liuu-M-fTi'd. With somo 
portiouUi wordti, from some partiouW i>eraonH whom bo 
Iiatb by name ubnsed and reitronchod. Likowine a word 
by Thonuiji l\iccn, nutu what eouceniH him in tliu said 
pamphlet, and also to tlio latter part of another Book, 
oalwdt Satan ailhriinrd in Am Chair 0/ I'filihtice. 

LmAm, Printed Jot Tkoma* lir»itt*ttr, at ilic lArer Bihlt* 

at Ihi Wat-ef»t 0/ PmtU. . . . Jto. 1QS7. 9} 

HOLUSTEB. DenuiE, dI Brutal. 

Tho IIaiu^t'i VuLBiHdrEB: and hsrlyinjjrefagBSw^pt awiy 

by Uio I'owoT ol Troth, witb wbiob dio vu imitlm u>d 
woimdnl. Uaiug »a Anmror to a Book publialiad in Um 
uaiui) vt ahoul Co pacwna ol the ludBptuuleiit B^itiaod, ud 




EWINS, or E'WEN,— rfln( 

HOLLISTER. Donni«,— oHitinuiiJ. ' 

minKlml pRopin in thn miilut of Bnli^lnn, Inlitiilod- The 
Churrh of Ckriit in KriKtuI rfiivrritt-) hfr Vail. Hat \» 
niftiiifpRtiKl to be a luiinllo of (liHlKiriij tiuti Hypooriaie, * 
rutiiKU i>[ li«s uxl (Ificvit luitivr wliii'li Ihvy lulwui lu liidia 
tlliTUIsvlvfW. Hn nilli h Vsil, Au. Bjj Dtnmt UoUittet. 
London, Printed for tht Auihor. . . . 4to, IC£9. Ill 

FOX, 0«oTgo, Fonnder of tlic Sooiet; of Friondn. 

The Gnat MiimsT nl ths Oreikt Wbor« unlolded. Ae. (pii«« 93) 

Folio. 1069. 

ES-FRIENDS. — For Iho Namee of some who turned Adver- 
Hariee. and whoae works are cutered to my Catalogue of 
Frieode' Books. — Sue X Fiuknus. 


F.J. — Bee JAMsa FoKEEa. 

FALDO, •Tdlin. " Ht^ Iiiul been Cliaplam in tbe Army, and bad 
no bt'nefice when the A(t o/ I'lii/tirmiit/ took plaov, but 
WM EJlenccd by it. Uo vra» kodio timo iiilur PtiKtor of m 
CoQgTCgttticn in Lmitbm, and died /-VA. 7> ](!iK), as^ 57> 
His fnucrnl eermon wae prc^acbcd by Mr. (Jtiirk, He w«« 
cosgiegatioual iu his judgment iu tbo latter part of bis 
life, and noted for ble moderation. He wkh buried at 
BuNhiU-jUldn. — Pabner't SunconJuniiuU' Mciiu/rial, ?ol. 2, 
p. 6S0. 

— Qna][«riuii no Christiamty ; or, a Tborow Qtutker no 

CbiiKtian 8vo. 1672. 

B«printod, entitled,— 

QvAicKsiHM No CiiKiKTiAitiT? Clearly and abuitdatitly proved, 

out of tbe WritinRii of tbeir i'hiff Lfulfrt. Witb a Key, 
for tbc unclcmtiindiiiK tkrir HeuHO of tbeir many Usurped, 
and Unintelligible \S'»rdii and Pbra«ea, to moot Beaders. 
la Three Parts, By Joits Fai-i>o. 

London, I'rint'd ly Urn. OriJ/in and are to he uAd bg Jo. 
IMnmifn at the Ooldm Li/on tn Si. Patil't C'hiirek- 
Yard, and liob. Boulter at the Turk'i-ht^ tn Cont- 
hm 8to. 1678. 

PBKH, Wniiaa, Fooader ot Pnruj/Uania. 

QDAKNHtM ■ Nf* Kiek-Jiamt (or Olil CnHtminiTI : B«inc Ab 

A&aWM (o B Hook, Botilnled. Qiuikrrum Sn CkratiaHilji ; 
WbWlHiiNl bj J. Paidn. In «bicb tbc Biu. Docitlh aod 



FALDO, John, — contiHued, 

ftactier of tho Abated Qunfcfn *fo Traly, Briefly and Fully 
DMlju«d and VindlcMod trom tho FaUo OliarKoa. Wiokod 
loainiuitioDi, nod uliaont OppiMitinn madn liy that Ailrarnitr^. 
With a Kkt. npenitu; tlin Trnn Maanln'^ «l siiaia nt thoir 
Doctrine, from IXvA donoUivVum which Ihnir RnomMi 
Ign>^«»utty or Unviiiuily Antcm. U"iKirt hikI l>iiipntn to be 
lliifirt. By onf <if tlum, ajid a .Sufcrer icUh tktm i« ni) ifcrir 
Sfffferinyi. Willtim Tnin. Svu. Priuti>d, Asia-*. 16TI. 

Bepriolcd in bis Works, vol. 2, p«e<> 237. 

■ A Vi)(i>ic*T(oM of QuAKRRisv No CsKiaxiAifcrY, ftc, A^&iost 
Uie very v&iu Attempts of Wt[.t.i\u Pkv. in hia pretended 
Aksiwkii : with scime remitrkiilile PiiHKagea out of the 
Qoftlceni' BeKistry, whereiu tbcir near approacb 
to Pop«r5', and their bold bUaphemy is abundantly mam- 
feat. By Ji>n\ FALtw). 

LonJoit, I'rintrd by B. Gri/fin for J. linhinnmi, at the 
Ooldm Lj/on in S. Puul't Church-yard, aud liiib. BoulUT 
at Ike Turk's Head over agaimt the Ewhangr, 
(Brit. Mut. 41B1. a,) 8yo. 1673. 

FENN. Willluii, FuuDiltr of Pfunt^lvania. 

TbB lirAUtnTiof JulinFnldu'ii Vinrlirnli'"! of h'u Bnob, calloil 

(fuakfrUm No Chrirtlaiiiiy. Bobg » Bujoysom Iu Defrnet 
of {\MAnuetr. btilalcil, Uaahrritja b New Ntck-Naino for 
Old ChrUtiaaitu. Wlicreln mnuy Woigbty tio«pcl-Tnitbii 
ftra hftnitlcd, an J llw DiHliignniioua OMrlago at niir Advuriary 
1« oUarrml, tor tbe Wtttr lufurnuliooofall Mmlernta In, 
qnir«rH, In 3 imrbt. By W, P. wbo luvM nut Ctwlruvcnio 
(or CoQtrovvnio mkn. 

8vo. PriuUd in th« Year, 1078. 
Beprinted in hi> Work*, vol. 3, page 311. 

- A Challen^. 

PBim, Williun, Pounder of Frauigtroaia. 

An Ai)ii»«r to John Faldo'i printed Chailense. 

- A Curb /or William Penn§ Cmi/iilfncr ; or a Ueply to hu 
Anneer to Johu FaJdo'a Primed Vharge, and Ckallmife of 
WiUJVD Peun, alierein hu/aitr inmnualuniii andjutjlingt in 
hi* An»ierr are Selected, by John Fnldo, Author of ihe Book 
/ntifttftiJ Quakensm no CliriHtiiuiity. Folio. [About 1G74,] 

PBim, Winum, Foimdtr of Fenniylvanin. 

— WnUun PpiiQ'ii Rctnni to John Frtldo'i llepl^, «ft1lod, A Curb 
for William Pciui'i C^xfulrnct. .tc. Writ in dotmioo of bll 
umrar to Jaha t'alAiit Prililnit CiiallBnitii. 

8vo. So I'riiilfr't immt or plaet, tlfi74.] 

-^akmim no ff briilianif j : or, a Tliorow-Qiiaket no Chris- 
tiaa. Proved dy the Quakers Principles, detected out of 






FALDOi Jobn, — contuiftl. 

their chief Writers, and confuted by Scripture and right 
Boamn : with a Key to their Tenos and Phraeea, a 
Diaoonree of Apostolical Inspimtious. and an Account of 
their Fonndntion laid in Poi-rkv. By Jmvi Fa.i,iki. To 
tltia Impreseiou is added tux APPENDIX, containing Tho 
Quakers Canons and Confltitatioim for their Eool«iri&ittionl 
Ordtr mid Discipline, their Symbolizing with ^w tliorois; 
with n Cftttlogae of their CapitiU Erroimi (lod BlaHpho- 
mtOH. And now reeommendud by the Epistles of many 
LcATDcd and Worthy Dimsks. 

MuiUi. G. 23. 
If thertfvTf tbo tight tliat in In time bo lUrknCM, hoa jrtal U 
CAlIf iarkam I 

Ijmdoa : Printed hf B. G. far Jonathan ItthinMn, at 

tAc Goldnn-lAjon in A". I'aul't VhtTch-yard. 8vo. 1675. 2SJ 

OmMntik-Tn Ibn llwlivr. \<j i. 9.—TM Aulbnr'i KaUtl* In t)ir> n<i»i|iiT, — 
Ta Ibt atarliliu Uwltn, Slcud bl Pmitlt V*A«, WOL TuUp, IM. 
Bnvfi. TKe. ITidnKtrrJi, 4m^ ''TbaulaliU, Moiwab. U. W^— TIM 
KpMmal nmj LtuBiri u>t WBtHij DMum, Thnau Uula, BMhud 
Kuur wd DilMn.— (jnakoUiB Ho bbtliUMlCj, tt I puw, villi ■ Xf.— 
an ApVMdli, Ag. 

PRKK, Williun, Poundor ol Pauuylvarila. 

A Jdht BvniTKE to Onn It Twcntj Iiium«i1 tat Vlannoi 

I>IVINF,S (■»> CAlUull Being an Aimvar ta an ^tiiffM 
Epititt «KiuuBt thr I*eople eall'il Quotrn. aulMcribcd \)J 
Thotmia UniitoD. Ttiomu Joooiub. John Tatn. lotm 
Shofflclil, Aotbooy Palmer. Thoniaa Coin. Tbonu JhwUttl*. 
Richard Biutcr, WilliBia Ooimx, Gaoiff GnflUli, MalUww 
Barkar, Jotui 8lB8t*><>n. Aiutniw Pmaut, Blefaatd M^Ot 
ThawM Oeaga, VTlHun Jaakja. Thamat WWwm. Beojamia 
Baalltr, VBUim Canlak», Stupbao Ford, Samnel Smilh. 
I^ WiDlMi Fnm. 

4b>. PnnUd in lAe faar. IVH. 

BopiinUd in U* Workt, toI. 9. page GM. 

XXI. DIVINES (whoM> NamcH are horouDdcr affixed) 

Cleaced. of the UnjuHt Crimiuntiona of Will, /'mn ; in his 
Pratended Svst H^vxjsk for tlirir Epistle to a Book, ectj- 
toled, Quakerism No CHRtsnATciTV. And IViUutm Fnm 
proved neither Christian, nor a man of Common HoAes^i 
or Uoneety. The Xanits vf tlu IHrinet vindieattd. 

Or. Tbo. Mutov. 
Dr. Tlifi. Juwnbt 
iJr. JohEi MntfWiQ, 
Mr, Tbi iniu Cnlr. 

Mr. DlciluM lluUr, 
Mr. Tliuuika Ooq^, 
Mr. John 11>^ 
Mr, ADib. I>kliiMt, 
Mr. BMwd Hap>, 

Mr. WHLJaakn. 
Mr. Ohl Odio, 
Mr. WIU. OMtn 
Mr. SMAiarM, 


Mr. Tlu^ DuatilUh 
Mr. Mr. IlMdiK, 

By JoBX Faldo. 

lAii'don ,- I'riittfd liy J, D. for Donnau Xtitman, and Jotta- 
tJum Bobituon, at the Kiny't-AriM, in tlir Poultry, and 
at the Gotdm-Lyon in S. Puul't CliurchjfarJ. 

{lirit. Mm. 


8m. 167fi. ei 



FALDO, Joba,—eoniiitw4. 

— ' Tbo Snakf in ilu Ortttt Further DiHOovered : or. the Qt:ABBB9 
Sa Chmliani- Proriiig out of tlieir own Writingti, that 

I, Tlif Seri/ilurM W be thf Word of Qod, 
II. Daplunii, and the Lord's Sujijier, 
ni. Tl„< ,l/..n/,(»,rf of Ch-ut, 4i\ 

Vfidt an Account or their Ciinoiis, CousUtutions, Eoclw* 
iaBtienl Ordnr and DiHoi[ili»c. 

JUondon, I'finte'ijor J. F, and are to be Ktld by A. Bald- 
win, in Warttiek-Utnf. 8vo. 1698. 22| 

HolA.— Tbi> old •lluon Dl " QuJurliun. ta^ ISTIS, with • bo* TIUo Ml 
■nH «idU*Iodb. 

. A DiBdotrBWK of tlio rtiospti of Jltatt. ftiiil of llie Qovmiiiient 

of onr own Spirits, Doing the mibstiinoo of Divers 
SERMONS, from Ephos. vi. IS. and Prov. svl. »2. lately 
preached bj Johx Paldo, Minieter of the Gospel. 

hondtm: Printed for Tho, Cockmll. iil f/u* 7'hret I.fg» m 

th^ Poaltrey. orer ibjiUml lltt Utoda-Marlmt 8vo. 1687- 151 
(Itrilith Afiunnn, 4406. bb.) 

FALKKEB. William, D.D., of Lipm, in Nor/oik. 

Two TREATISES. Tlie First, Conoeming Itipnu^g A 
€auan : Tho Second, Au Aksivkk to Un. Skukantb Surr- 
fwUifi. To which aronnnctotl Tiibeic Sbsmokh, Preached 
upon several Occasions, and vorjr ueoful for those Timeti. 
By ^ late Learned and Reverend Wiu.uu Falkkbh, 
JD.D. (With a I'ortrmt.) 

Lottion, Prinred/or Jtitblf^ if bi»btll, «"</ are la b« fold 
hy John Soulhly, iil tfie Plow)h in C'lmliHl^ and Luke 
iltredith, at llw Kinffihsaii in S. PauTt Church- Yard. 

4to. 16»<. 

ItvM^TIlll \b<A *u IdllMl hj WaU-M ShirlKk, vIUi u Dirl'llo JidlHt. 
dStboiiTk la tb* AnbhinliDp oil CuUrt>nr)>,— I'b* Htitnup.atllii>nn(*iaalIlH>Qiu*m,uil>h* Aiit)i(ir(WiB. riUmril Id viUIsk 
M e e t u iPC Itwl' Prlnoli4lf4 urp^ " Hut varlnn m? niuif bluuwMa nnrirH 
wwl'raj UDuMit Ihwu. I ihill Inilil DO f uur* Uuuu*. obicli IbelT Tuuh- 
vabkVfl )hitblblhu1rWti[.liii?iivii4ll>iiuio]jr*H, TL^nimtytuKrLfil^ vlilbb 

tim ^f-ti'T-MttS (0 ihrni) lilt J ««U ba«taauiii01obcBi,fju-tnifrj(rqaOhrliil' 
ifuulf. H iLEij- jD^FxiEih w^'i[iTaiaDdlatli« luanfr at ChrlBtlw. T#1lb«D 
vlM «nit ItnlbnAiiMitcIi • srvt. 1 dd bDl BAdnrUlf ta giro »«aDnB4« Urihl 
IbfT Id «]1 tliliifl4 An fall ijf ihnm bol^ tbenvu'? <']«LaioD<,biiidv^flcB«iio 
WUMiuu; bo i]n«Q ull from tiiaia of %bmn «ql Dficttten «>A 
PnlUuD>."-'aM|< Mint Mid bijuli, 
"TbiU p|4M<l4l ..E-EKpT'lnlip 

Tlirif M.E>a»i«j1i<x tli# n^\f H'llpliirtt^ 

Thdlr JIhiwnlEiit iliD FiAVEaiuriir* 

Tba docVUia at l*vfKUaix lAW dtdvUc IZlfOliiMlttt flhtffBfltblr fnc frvn lln. 

FABUER, Ralph, View of St. yieholtu't Drittot. The Old Incnm- 
bcDt (Mr. T'laynod) Kunrivin^, b« proBnUy gave place to 


FARMER, Raipb,— «m(.im^<(. 

him ill 1060, and preacliDiI in imothor Parish till Barthol- 
mem. l{iC3 ; tlieu he rotired 8 miles out of town, uid 
preached to the CoUicra at liitt own house at Hanitam. 
He died about ItitiO. 

— ^— The Groat Mvhtkbibh of OonLisKiKK ant) UKaontixcMiK. 
The ono oponed from thiit otomall trnth of the na-«ninff 
Scripture of tho fiver-blMKod JKUcn. The othor discoTena 
£rom the writings and ^wakin^ of a gmeratioa of de- 
«eivere. called Qnnkers. Wherein their ^thanicall deptJis, 
and IKabolicall delusions, not hitherto eo/u% known, 
ara laid open. And that which (as they often say) they 
have to deliver to the world, which it is not yet able to 
rooaive, U moet probably manifested, a little before Ihrtr 
time. To the rendring them and their way abhorred to 
all true Christiana.— By lU : Farmf.r. a Servant of that 
Jeamt Christ that waa crucified at Jtnuiairm above atitoen 
hundred yean ago. 

London, PrinteJ by S. O./or William BaUard, Boohtlkr 
rn Cora-*lTftl, at ihe Sii/n «/ ih< Uible in Bri*U>U ; and 
Jtuhua Kirtan in Paitt't ChitTch-yard. . 4to. I655> 

ADDLAND, Jolm, ot near Kmdat in Watmonland. 

Tba IxaocKVT JnlivBrad out nt thi> Srmm. aiuI Iha BUKIt OmiB 

FbUoii into Ib« fit : or. An Aciwor to • BixA* tniUtnM, 
'* Til* GrKHl U}-Ht«TlMot 0<Mlli(i«M kod UnffodliiiaM," full ot 
LieK, SIsndpTt. luid tk]«« w«UMtiouB; Put lortb by tittph 
Farmer, a pr(<t«ndpd Minuter In tha Cit; of BHjmI, agunat 
Umae ioncxTDt, p«i«e>ble. dnpisod p«i>p)o ■aarafalljr Mllod 
Quakfri. wlivroin John Thurlat.Seitttt-ary ol StMe, towluMa 
A farmfr-i Itook mu dircctod, may nsd tha Adiiwct whcrain 
tluir tolia iiccaKiiUonB an auAt nuuulcit. AIho hi Aovwot 
to Wllllun rtruDo ftud SmdusI HdrIh of BriatoL 

LmdiM, Printtdfor OtUi Cidcrrt, nml art tabftotdal hit 
ihap, at th# BlMk SjrrroJ Eagtt netr tht Wft Bad of 
PaaU - 4to. ia». 

FOX, O«orge, Founder ot tbo Soeietjr ot Prionds. 

Tbo QtraX MimDi of tfao Grmtt Whoro antoldod. ftc. (V*V ^^■ 

FoUo. 1659. 

— Satban Inthron'd in his Chair of Psstilbkcc, or, Qtuduv' 
ion in U* Hxnllition. Beiog a trne Narrative and Relation 
of the manner of Jame* Sailer (that eminent Quaker's) 
entrance into Uie City of Bristotl the 24, day of OetoUr, 
llt56. With Otu mmi'ioinghart-ktadfdheforr hia\ : andiKO 
iKonm, <mt on one tdde, anoiitfr on iht other ndt of Au hont, 
holdiiui the rfinet, and leading him. Sirtaiiig, HoKaniiah, 
ami Holy, Holy, Holy, lA>rJ Ood «/ Imol. Together 
with Maie UasplHnons letters foiuid about him, witli 





FARMEB, Rtlpb,— foutmiW. 

tlietr exatninftliona thereupon, in Uub Cily, ahiI other con- 
tiiderablf! [ihseu^'ok. ftuil observAtions. W/wretn u add^d a 
Vindieation oj the M-'fjintraUn and InhahitimU nfthia Cittf, iit 
r e ftroMur to tlir iifstHti'j 0/ llirno Qunkrrn'im.oniiiit ut. Wilha 
D*cU»nawn 0/ th( otxiukiti, rMf /trid t/rcnvlh of Ihnn in thit 
Cilji. Collected and Publi§hcd by R-t. Farmrr, a flon'niit 
of (ftud Ibat bopes to be saved by) that JrKiii Chrint who 
trae Crncifiitd at Jtrv-wlfni above aixtoon buodrod ycarefl 
a^oe ; whom the Quakers nuUifie. 

London, Printfd for Kdaard Thotnat, atti are to h« told 
at hit hoiut in Ortm- Arbor. 4to. 16G7. 


BISHOP, ODOrse, ol Briilol. 

• "nn! TiraosB CF Tnnrn EmltBd OTrtr the POWEBS ot DUtK- 

NESS. I'rniii wlnmcin i* jminwl Tlio Jl/miiftot Halph Farmfr 
(an vikU'ih wiil Hl"in!-ihirtfy Priwut of BfiiSTOi,) opmrd in 
Blatphrmy aiiainil God, nnd his Namr.nnA his TabrrnaeU, 
and them thni dietU in llfapen : in a lulu iVojiioinr Pamphltt 
olhin, iiititulpd, Solan tnlhron'd in hi* Cliair of PfitiUner: 
er. Ouakerum in i!i Kraltailan. Aod in the Light imd I'ttvat 
e4 Which in compTcbciultHl, *wopt %vay. ami oTCTthniHTi tho 
fiUh^ mnltoT, and milehlevmit dangii »f Sntnu in thnt hrap 
of yaiihund: and hii) CiMfiitioH, Dtilinrifily, l^rt, Slnndnri, 
Stofi, BUuplifmifi, aiid otlinr PMultd StnS wltli wbioh fl 
in fill'd. madr mnuiftial, luid timed back into hi> owb 
botomv. Ibd Laku from whuncD it Dame : and tho Truth full; 
xindicatcd. d: made to apcEir olcar. u to all that'* cndoa- • 
ToniDd to be rail thurooa by him. ottboc an to I. N. and that 
Coniponiii'a lain cdiuiug ta Itrijiiil. tholr Paper*. <f<;. oropoii 
ocobmIoxi tli«r4i>( In that hia Hook. 

Fortheiakeofthf limplt -hearted in thUgrtat hour of Temptation, 
and Powrr of DarlmtH. 

By a Kilnni of the Truth, even of that Chritt'i apptaring tlw 
»Moad limo without lin imto lalvalioa, icho ii the light of 
iht leorU. uwrf ll^ililtth «'iT^ man thateoinclh into Ike world! 
icAo trai erueifitil ttl Imutilnn f/y llirod, Pilate, the Chief 
Frietli end tCljtrrt if thr Jricn. niirf thf ti'hnlt mutliliule of 
th^n, abure tixUen hundred ^rrr* ttinf^, who iroi nu«,bred 
mwMit tniugretinn., 'chntr bliHid r.lnausetb lioni ail nin 
(wMea ttu Prints drnj/] them that tH'ilk in the Irjt/it. Gw. 

He that Uadelh (nio Castivity ihall go into Captirily. He that 

kiUrtk with (bf .SronJ ihall tit kilted icitk tht Sfcord. Bert 

it thrpiilitnrr aud thf faith of the tiainit, Riv. It. 10. 

Vfndon, Printed far iSil't Calvert, and art to bt told dl 

Ail thop at the Blaek-Spread-KagU, nttr Iht Wat-end 

o/PouL *to. IMT. 


FOX, GcorRO. FotmdM of th« Sodeijr ot Frieo jji. 

— TboGKAtMidKBtol tho OrcatWbon unfolded, fto. (pace SI). 







FARMEE, Ralph.— cOTiimwrf. 

The Impostor Dothron'd ; or, the Qiu]cer'B Throne of IVnth, 

detected to boo Satui'e Seat of Iiyes, otc. (in nuHW<ir to 
Copt. Bifthop) .... iio.—LoHdan. 1668. 

^— Tho Lord CsATSNii Coae Stated ; and the Imposter Dethro- 
n'd : III/ vay af lUplvjo Captain George Biabop, A Oraitd 
Quaker in Bristol]. Wherfiin it brldly hiuted, the rott«n- 
noBB of the Qnnlfr* coiiTCr«ion, find [iiirfeotloti, in Funeral, 
ezcmplifiod in this buvio Bixhop; in Kpccinl iiutauccd 

In hJH PrtictiHGii ) EKtnto of tho Loiu> Ciuvxsi, 
agalnHt tho f Life of Mb. Lov-e. 

By occnxion whereof, this Trnth is ast<«irt&d, vie. If ire may 
jndgfl of tho Consicnce, Honesty, and Perfection of Iftuilc- 
rm in gmoml, by this raxa in particui&r, A tmm matitifaii 
ViU a petnon, lU iinij undtr hem-ett. and yet a per/fct Quae- 
KR. — ^By ll4iljih Farmrr. a Servant ofJetus Chri*t, who was 
cmeifiod at lenuaUm, above sixteen hundred years ago. 
and whose IHodiI tho Quakm trample nnder foot, as a 
eotimoix thing. 

Limdan, Printed by Jl. I. for Editard Thomat, at Ihe Adam 

«md Ev€ in JJttU Britain. , . . -Ito. 1G60. 17| 

KMb.-!^ tlu l«f (iHtB* tiK tni* pwh hfriaMd,— 

Tlie Impudent and daring Protestntion, and appeal to Ood, 
of ftioTVff /JiVir);., concerning the bnsincnH of the Ijoxd 
Cravm, whereof (na be coDfe«ses) he had tho whulo maa- 

I Ai dedarf in lk« /trtsftice of tlis Lord, beforr wham \ /t«r, 
who seMrrkflh thf heart, imd tryelli the rrim, and bringtik 
trtry trvrk to jud'jmtmi, thai i <im Clear and innocent thtre- 
iu : nor harf i ns«d, vor da i Know of any indirect proettd- 
ing in thai irJioU hainette of Craven and Faulconer, 

George Bisliop. 

- A Pliun-dealing, and Plain-meianing SERMON Prcadi't 
in tho Parip^ Church of St. Xieluiliis, lirittot, April 6, 
1G60. Being tlte day appointed by the Parliament for 

Snbliqne FattiDg and Ilumiliatiou for tlie sine of the 
ATioK, Ac. Together with a prefatory Kpistle, and enb- 
aoanepi Vindication both of the Beiinon. and Author, 
'ffbemn (beeidea an A|K)Io{f)- for home and pl&in preaeh- 
iag) yon have something offered to allay the heat of tlieir 
Btomaolu. and to temper tlic longnea of thoae, who (being 
iftnomit in Scriplurc) raproadi and renle ['redyiery and 
Prtthffm. With aome faiata at Satamk siiMIoty. and the 
nii«clti<if of Uto«e people, who brand Zeal for God and 




FABMEB. Balpb.— eontinufrf. 

Truth (in froe, homo, and faithfull pnaohzng) with the 
reproachful immRit of An^r, piiKt<ion, on^ Bailing- 

LiOndtm, Prinlfd 6y S. Orijfm, itni/ are (o be tiM by 
Thomaa WaU by the ToUzeu in Corn ttreet in Driitol. 

4to. 16«0. 51 
EBBUBT, WiUiotn, at WaUi. 

—~— Jack PniLling: or, a MiaiirrEH mndo A BlAcV'Pnilding. Pro- 
Muted to Ur. S. Farmer Fiir«oa u( KiehoUu Chiircb to 
Bristol: Bj w. B [fiiiiiHii.] 

JtliatitU,'TUamiliiM*tltitrrmaiid.ama, WSatprnJttU U Una wt 
hmff krpt A^ Ontinamtt4t ''■u thai mf k4«f tfitlbi' fnr>Hrh}^ti|, of (M tte 

To fMTC Ood. i« nnt in Poriua ol Worabip, «c. bat In w^tlun 
MotiatuUy oil Ooil, .t lullowioK Ctiriat, lu Ibu Ctot*, ur 
Mlowthip of liix oufluimi^, lub. 19. SI, IS, 36, 37. 

PrinUd iir London. tto. 1654. I 

Bril. JMtti. .■'■?' ) 

FAWNE, Lake and SuitiEL Geli.ibr.ikd, Jobhoa Kibton, Joint 
BoTHWJ., Thomas Underhill, find Natbakiei. Wkhb, 
BoaksdleiB and Stationers of Jjjndon, 

■ A Beaoon 8bt on Fire : or The Humble Information of 
certain Stationers. Citineus of Ijamlmi, to the Parliament 
and Comiuouwealth orENULANri. Couccmiiii^ tbu Vigil- 
ftao; of Jesuits, Papinta, and Apontates, (Inking lulviint- 
tjgt of Uie Divisions among oursolvvs und the t^i'itf* great 

Oonupt the pore Doctrine of the Scnptmres. 

Intradace the whole Body of Popish Uoctrioe & 

Seduce the Subjects of this Commonwoalth unto the 
Popish IteligioQ, or that which is worse. . 
By Writing and PuUithiny many Po/njib Jiookt, (Printed iu 
England in the English Tongue within theee three last 
years, therein maixitaiuing all the gross points of Popery, 
urging a noocssity fur all to receive tliciu Ujion paixi of 
Bunnation. proolaiming iu one of tliuui. that tho i'urlia- 
iMttt have discbitrg'd the peoplo of this NiilJou from tho 
eommon prcifexfod Relif^Iou thereof; iioiistiiii; of mnuy 
eminent toon that arc litti^Iy converted to tliuir RcliKion, 
sod «xproeBtng tho hopt^'S they have of a grvat Howiug in 
of pooplonilto them.) .("■' Wa^phem'nut llnoki f.f nnolhtr 
Natitr*: All made evidently tho Cntnlo^c and Contents 
Cf many of the aforesaid Books added hereunto. Pub- 
UAtd/or the Service of the I'lirli'imeitt and Commonu-ealth. 
Hoping that Fatliameut by Buflici«iit Laws, aud the Lords 
Htmaters and People by their Preaching and Prayers, will 
set tbeiaflelvee (upon this Alarum that the Enemy gives) 


A CATATxtaire of adtsbsb books, 


FAWKK, Lnko, and Samubl Oklubbakd, — continued. 

to iQaintain the Faith that was once delivered to tlifl 
Baiuls flRauist all the Euemiea thereof, 

l^ntion. Printed for th-f Suincriber* htrtof. . 4to. 1C52. 2 • 
{Brituh Mwimim, lOSi C. 26. and -^^) 

The Beacon nameing with ft Aon Ohtanu: or a Jcsnpi- 

cATioM of The FirinR of tlie Beacon, hy way of ANiMiDVEB- 
8tuii Upon tlio Boole entituled Tht lUoeim'it Qiunched, 
SuhHcribod hy Col. Pridr, He. 
IiOKDON, Priuted by Jbrahnm Milijrr, tmd Pablisfa«d by 
the SuBscKinKKs of the Beaton wi <mfiTc, 16£2. 
{Brituh Mnifum, 108. 0. 27.) 4tO. 

A Second BEACON Fired. Hnmbly PreBsnted to the 

Lord Protbctob and the PuTliimml By the Pnblishont of 
the Firet. With their humble Petition, that they would 
do what may be expected from Christian Magistrates, io 
snppresEing Blaiiphemoufl Booka. 

For Siimi takt wr cannot hold our pttiee, 
LonAm, Printed Jot ih^ Suhmrilim hereof. , iU), lOM. 
{Brit, J/w. f^) 

HOWOIL, Ffnad«, of To/!t!un-ne near Grryrigg, WtitniBriland. 

- — ■ Tbc Fierr darU of thn Itivnl qiip.nnbcd -. or MinolliiiiK in Annrar 
to a UiHik tuUUil, A Hmmit Brarnn Firfd, prosmlcd lo the 
Laril Pmtiwtnr ftuil llm I'drlinniuiit, luid mibiiRiibfd b; Luit 
Faieiu, John HuthiDtl, Samwl Gfllihraiut, Thmiuit I'lHlfTkill, 
jMkva Kirton, Hathanatl Wtb. WliirPuitbiiirtlaRaiidSlai]. 
dan &(« inkde manifrMt a^cut tli« Innai^vut. Aft. Wltli an 
AaawM to ■ Booke enU'd, "A Voice ttum tLi> Word ot 111* 
IiOrd, bjr John (Mfiih." hy F-dtcatJ ISnrrotiyh. 

tvidoH. Prinlrd for Oilfi Calvtrt at tilt black SfrtaA- 
ilagU at ttm Wttt md oj PauU. . • ItOi. IQSL 

lUprrintod in hill Works, frago ]T. 

FOX, OeoffEB, Fo(uid«T d( the Suciot; o( Friend*. 

— The On&l Utanwt ot the Great Whore anfoIdeJ, fte. [p. SS.) 

Folio. 1U9. 

GOODWIN, Jobn. Vi««r o( Si. SUfhen't, Coteman Stmt, Jjmdon. 

A Prcib Dittfitrj at Uie High PraRhjteriau Spiill. Ot tba 

tfamching of tht urimd Bfvrtmfirtil, XknAtxmg t. Tha On- 
Chriiliui I)Mlbg8 ot the Author* ot ■ Pamphlat, Entitidad. 
A Steond Bfactm Fired, ite. lu pT«>MitIni| tmio the hmi 
Prolaetor and rarliainent. ■ lalsified paaRaKB oat otona el Wr. 
JiihH tJoodmn't Booka. ai (^(«ll&i^iIl£. ritheT Bla()it)MDi*, or 
Error, or boUi. FI. Tho Riil ot tbnii Petition for anl^ectinx 
Iha Lilit-rlif ot tba T'mi tfl tbo Arbitnuiti*a* and mil ot « 
taw mm. ITT. Tbs Chrinliiui F.qDit7, tliat aatialartioa ba 
ItiTm to the rcnon m notorlooaV and pnMielj wrongad. 
Togolbcr with tlie RcaponaalMy Bpiatla m tho said Baaeoa 




FAWNE, Lake, and Sauosl Gelubiund, — c<mtinii«<l, 

GOODWIN, John,— ^onlinwrf. 

Pirare, to Uie itaid Mr. Ooodioin. frituglit >ith tnrtbur roril- 
iagfi, EtJiifloiitJfUS, Bonrrilons ljiii):;unMv. itc. iaaloud ol A 
CkriatuD aoknowlodgmi'at of Iheir orrour. Uiion wliich 
Epistle aome AuUDndVeraioiis nre mode. B.r John Uoonvni, 
A Scmmt of God m the Uoapet ot hia Dnni Sua. 

Wkrn I icoutd hav* htalfil Itrarl, Ihr iniqaifj/ vf Ephraim wot 
Diteoer-rrd, unit lh4 leickfiLnm e/Santaria, iCc. — Hon. 7. I. 

Then itirt thrrr tav Ihrrva crueiJUd tpith him, (h<- one on the 
rifht haiul, tlu oOirr on tlu Ic/l.— Mat. S7. S8. 

Hitmanum ttl trroM : Jaeert, beliuiiuut: fenrverare, J>iaboU' 

tlia t<n> Lcttorn vriltoii lomn jtmm ulnae. th« Odo by IIm kiJiI 

John Giiadiciii iti Mr. J, Cnr!il ; llie Other, by Mr. Caryl in 

Aniwor tmroimlo ; tinUi reUting tu tbvpMBaKB<it>uvaliiiitod. 

Londim, Frinlr-l/frT tht Aiilhor, and arc to be Mold by II. 

Crippi, aid L. LI. IN i'ope'i brad Atliy. . . 4tO. IQGl. Il| 
tBHi. itv4. ^) 

— A Cataloock of New Books, by way of tiapplement to th« 
former, lieing Such as have bees Printed ixom. that time, 
till Ka*t«r-Tenii, ICOO. 

London, Primed by A. M. mid are to be told Ay Luk4 
Faicnd at the Parrtil in Pauli C/turrh- Yard, and Frittiei* 
TyUm at tkt ihrta Daijijtni in FUrt itrcnt. 4to. 1050. 8 

FEAKE, Cbhetopher. a Fifth Mooarcliy U&a. 

and othsre. — A FAtrnr^i. Dtscoi-EBv of a treaclierons Oeaign 
of Mytical AntifhrtAt Displayiug CsBisTa Baskebs, But 
attempting to lay waete Scriptures, Churcbes, CLrtHt, 
Faith, llopo, Ac. and establiiJi Paganism iu Exai..and. 
Beasonably giyen in a Letter to tlie Jailtirul iu and nvar 
to Jintrlfy. Containing an Exomiiiutiou of many Doc- 
trinea of the People calJt-d Quakkkm in Y'-rhkirf, Tcigelher 
wHh • Censure of their Way, and Muverfd ItcuiB uonceraing 
tho designs of Qod, Satiui, uud Men, in tliese things 
rocommeudod to the uousideratiou of thum who luro in 
gaoA eitut<i»i for Christ. 

London, VriiiUd by U. HUU/or Thonuu Bniaj$t«r, and an 
to be lold at tht 'I'hrtt BibUt in PauU Chureh-yard, 
(BW/. J/iM- -?t«_) 4to. 1858. 

A pAmiiTn. DiHcovxBf of A treacherous Design of Myxlieal 
Anlirhritt dibt'Iuying CimtsTs Bakkkiib, But attempting to 
lay wairto Scriptures, Obnroheii, Cbriut, Faith, Hopo, te, 

. and egtablish Paganism in England. SeaHonablj givou 
in « IMter to t£e Faithfnl in and neer to Bnrrtg, bj 
Jeiepk KclUt, JoKn Pomrvy, and Paul Gliaton, Coutuio- 





FEAKE, ClifiBtopber, — eontinued. 

iiig an Exjimicfttion of nuiny Doctrines of the People 
called QVAKER8 In York-ihSr'; and now in most parts 
of England : Together with a CenBuro of thoir Way, and 
Koveral lUsmx oonceming tho designs of God, Bstau. and 
Men, in tfaoNe things, recommended to the consideratioD 
of thorn who are in good earaeet foi ChrUt, B; 

tjyndon, Ptiftt«d/or Thoma* Bremittr, arid are to bt told 
at the Thrtt liibUa in Pauls ChuTth-yard. 4to. 165S. 
{Brit. Mu>n.m.J^) 


«i)*«v-^l lilt ma of tin "fclnHI— Ml to ttn to»dM." It tha aamt ot 
Idimiuf ITiMliiaiUlUii&EayMlfl^BlDqiwai'audCufauiv'*. 

FABKWOBTH, BichanI, ol Balby In Yorkikirt. 

LioBT riicti ottt of DiBKHEHg Now iu tboM LnttOT'D^. Sliow- 

ing tbo Jark Bnyo imd Wurvliipa cif tiiu Uuiutry of Antitluirt 
now in tbeio Apoitulpd Timtx. wlii«h in fx^riloiiii. u U ton- 
(ald (if often hi tbc UdI; Ghogt ttiit ipoka throng i^uri, 
nuil DOW 1b fiilnllcd in iixtio InUoc dn^'ii. it TYin. t. — Wbnv- 
iu «oin£Uiiiig IS TrlttoQ in reply to n Hook that WM MtlOtth 
liyllieitry oud niglit VloMinuiid abonlUovvrlny, wbosoCOt- 
taliy iiiak-uAiiietb tlis Peopla «t Ouil. in rcriliuji and Uatf 
•couaing Uiem, and enIliiUi them Quoken, in «t>out Yatluhira. 
July 16SS Ho. MES. 7(1 

B,iprinUd,—Loitd<M. Printtd for OiUt 4to. 1664. 7(| 

ChTuttopbcT F«nkc also wrotn tho foUoiring,^ 

A Beam op Liout, fining In the midst of maob Darkiuu 
and Cottjanvii-. Being (SVith the Benefit of Betroqieetion) 
An Essay toward the etating (and fixing upon its tnie and 
nrOpor BSBia] The Hat Citvne unilfr Iltm-nt • rt'i. Tho 
CauoG of God, of Christ, of his People, of the whole 
Creation, that gi'Oaiia and waits for the manifestation of 
tlie Bona of God. By CnB.FEABE.PreaoheroftheGospal 
of tha Kingdom of Joetis Christ. 

Tht Lifiht thiiuth in Dathnttt, and the darlmttt tew^thtnditk 

Uiuit. Job. l.S. 
Vnta Ut uprifht, fktre ariitth /.Jjhl fn Iht D»huM. FmL 1 12. 1, 

London, I'tinltd hy J. C /or Livevell ChapoMtt, at iht 
Crmm in Popa-haid Alify, . . . Jto. 16S0. 

'PEKV, "VliOitaOiDl Wat- IWtlktim in Norfolk. Ho iti^ed a €«• 
tifi«al« Rgtinst Friends, at the end of "Tho Qn»ken 
Ottlknee, Ac." 1699. 




FENWICK, John, a Methodist. 

An Ap|*ea] to all men of Common Sense : b^iDpc in Aotwr 

to JoaH Usltoh'b IiAtter to H Frieod. B; John Fkhwiok, 
late fftrmcr. 

London : PrinUd by R. Jlawn, And told at tht S*m- 
duiptl, Citff-ltoatl: and af fA« lice. Mr, Wttity't 
PrMeJiing-iloiua, m TmHTunid Country, 1779. [Ptw 
On* I'mni/.] ISmo. 1779. 


Bepriittod. — Tbo Snd edition. — (Same imprint.) 12mo. 1779. i 

FIENNES, William, Lord Sav and Sele, was bom at On->u 
Jtnmj/kttm, in VrforiUhirf, tu 1&62, hauig the eldoflt Ron 
of Sir KicuAkD FiKSKKH. \a whom the baioiiy of Say and 
8klx lukd boon rvvivix) by JxHtn I. He whk eduutited at 
WiadtMtrr-Khoid : from vLeuce bo removod to NrxCoUfye, 
OiffonI, whoe ho obtained a follownhip. Xii 1024 bo wmh 
created a ViMoont ; bat in tbu RobcUiuu be took nn 
ftctive part sgluast tbo crown, for wilt di lio wiw pToolaimed 
k traitor. AAer the BoHtorntioii, bowotx'r, ho was re- 
wded with the o&icei; of Lord Privy Seal, and liord 
Cbamberlain of tbo bousehold. Hu died in 1662. Bciiides 
speedioe in Pirliamiiut, lie giubli^ed traola against Llio 
wcQuak«r». Hia aou, Natiunuu. FiEHsixa, was GoTernor 
of Briitol, when Pu»ck Bi'i-krt made himiwlf HmMt sI 
that place, for which the Parliamcot Miuod him to bo 
triad, and he waa Bent«Dc«d to low hie head. But bjr tho 
mteiwt of liis Father ho obtnined a pardon, und after* 
wds beoanu • groat favourite with Oi,itbk Oiuihitku., 
vbombo pertuadcd to aasusM tho title of King. Ilu 
pmblished ^eecheeand tiaeta ; Mid died in 1669. — Weoi. 
— CianndoH, 

Folly and Madness made maiiifeet ; or, some thin^ writtcm 
lo ^ow how coutrar; to tlt« Word of God, and Practice 
tt the SaiulH in Ui« Old and Kaw Tcittamcut, the Doctrineii 
Mud Practices of the Qunkcni lu-u. 

Query, wbetlior printed F John Wliitohcad, m hia nspl; a^ tbJM 
Book wM msDX to bin In UaaiiacTlpl. 

' Ttio Quaker's Rcgly mnnifoBted to be Bailing ; or, a Pur- 
snauce of those by the light of the Soriptores, who through 
Ibeir darii imaginationB would evade the IVatb. 

Kita^TbU iDfl dUc* It «4ilcmia lo Duv IVi))!.!!. cf 4<Uir*wt.% 
Iwiwi ilMit of iht Mitl^t Da OIL* PAULt, vLa g»n W Ite Qmimt 
tUi |n«Dl UhUiU'Bmm, U Mttrtvy. 

Wm HiAm mtlraltn BMirmtm Of VummUmaM el tht QMfan Iff Urt 



riENNES. William.— <OTft>tw<f. 

WHITEHEAD, John, ot Occuwirt, «fl*T of Smnr \n HvUrmfti, in 
tlje Bait-HuluiK ot Yotkibirc, uul altvruf J?u(>i in LitKoliuhirt. 

A MiiitniSTATiOK ot Tkvtii, Writ in Ahbwek to s Bonk which 

a NiLBiclciiB Author {Lord Ssy) hatii irrittt'n kC"!"*! Ili« 
Fsopio <?uUod Qcuawa. ^VL(]^uIli■caDtlu□clI•limr■ Uutnilbe 
and hnrd neeoltM, tedding to begot Jeolooiic* uid evil 
tlioiigbta of them («ha nn koova to bo Honolcai uid 
luuocoQl] in tbo Aiktlior't Totuiantji and Noigbboiirt, to 
whuiii li-> hatli Mml tbtH llook, which U htra datcctod, and 
Uw Innuceuey of Uod'a Servaol* cletinil. 

Bepmit«d io bU Works, paKS 133. 

FIBMIN, Oilea, of CamMdit Vmvmntii, wa»i n native of SnffoVt. 
Bo lit first KppHed liiuuwlf to t!ie Study of Pliyaio, and 
practisod it afturwnrds for several years in Sfit-Knglattd, 
whither ho retired to enjoy liberty of coiucienoe. On 
his retam to Knftland ho beciimo Minister of Skidjord, 
whence he was ejected in 1662. He then r«Miimod tlie 
practise of Physic and retired to the Village of lirdyKxIL, 
where he contmued till hie death, in 1G97. Ue wa« aboro 
80 years of age and retained the vigour of his facotties to 
the laat. Ue wrote aeveral works besides the following, 
for an account of wbioli. and further particulars, see 
Palmer't Xoneoti/ormixh' Mfmonal, vol. 1, pagi> 617 — BflO. 

STAiiussraa against SHAKING: or, A DiKcovcry of tAr Priw» 

of DarlmetH (scaroely) trauKfonund into an Anifd of Lioht, 
pOWArfolly now working iu the deluded people called 
Quakers: with A Sober A'l-twer to their railings againat 
MinUtrr^ for receiving maiutenance from tholr peopl*. 
Being the flnbetnnoe of one SritKOK pleached I-'tb. 17, 
1065, at Shalford in /-.Mnr. By Giles Firfflin, (Pastour 
of tho Churcli then) upon oooasion of the Qtuiun 
troabling those parts. 

London, Prinled by J. Q. Jot Nolhanirl Wtlb a»d 
William Oranlham, at th« bUitk JSfar, in St. Pool'* 
Churtk-yttrd, mer the litlU Norih-ihre. , Ito. 1&S6. 

BUBBOCOH, Edward, of Vnderbarrov in We*Murtl»nd. 

Blahtitliini; apiiniit Qnizua Thtoim down, aad owrtMsJ, tni 

no I'r^d-nH tonnd iRninbt it. or ui Aniwur lo a Boofc Mllad 
, tHabUihiKs agaiiut Qiiahiajf, put forth 1^ QilM nnaUi, a 

FrafotMdUiauUr in Knox. , 

LandoH, pTiUti for <Ht4$ CalftrUat the Block-Sprtai- 
e«gi*t <U the »'at-fruJ of PmiU. , . . ito. USS. 
BAprintMt In hia Work*, [>*£• 1G3. 

FOX. Owrt*, Fonadw o( the Sociely ot Friend). 

TbcGrDidllisiaai at lhoOn»atWh>}nntttaldcd,ftG.(f«caIM> 

FoUo. 16W. 





FL&TEL, John, a. NonoonformiBt JOiTine, was bora in Woneitfr- 
fhiTf, in IC27, find edncated at Unirerisitg ColUije, Oxford. 
wher« be took the degree of B.A. In IBGO he waa 
ordai&ed amoDg the i'resbyt*riaoa at SaUxbunj ; after 
irliuih be settled at IMriimmih, in Drvmithirf. but was 
ejected in 16C2. He died eudduuly at KxfUr, Jane 2Rt>i, 
1681, in his O-ltb year. His works, whioli aro held in 
eonsLderable eateem, have hecn piibhshed, iu i vols, folio, 
ftcd ftlao in 6 vols. Svo. — Calamy. 

.. A Letter sent hy John Flavell, nn Independent Preaoher at 
Dartmouth, in Dovonshire, to OlomontLake, ofCreditOBt 
the 2Dd day of the Sth Month, 16d7. 

A Second ' 

' which is an Answer to my fonoer letter, 

the 7th of the Sth Month, 1C87. 

IfAlv.— Ikilli ILlmct laCtvrt uv iDMr(«<1 In ft PUDptdAl ontlllail. "SonwUiliitf 
bg KUni; nf iitlimanQ tounrutne ClouioDt lAkr. Ao., wllb 0, I^ta^) 
tumir. Ito. IBM. 

8m tty ObUJosd* at rrlsadi' JMA». toI. 1, in. TKi 

; FI£UIKO, Robert, a Scotch Divine, wae born at Diuhent, ia 
1680. He Rtudied under tiamuel Ratherford, at 8t. 
Andrew's, after which ho became pastor of Caad-u^lan'j 
till the Bertoration ; when, on the eatabUtthment of epin- 
eopacT, he retired to llnUand, where ho died in 1694. He 
noblislied & noted book, (tailed, " The Folfilling of th« 
BCriptateB," 1726. Folio. — From Am Life preficed (o kii 

■ A SuBTKV of i^nnKcriim. ae it ie Gtatod in the ProffiteA 
Doctrine and I'rinciplen of that Pabty; with a Berioua 
Reflection on the Dreadfnl Import thereof, to subvert tha 
Tery Being and Reality of the Christian l{eli<fto>i. By a 
Lover of tlie Truth. [Anok.] 

LumJiiH, Printed fur IVio. I'tirkhurst, at iht Bible and 
Thrte Crnatii, at the Lowtr tad of Cheaptiit, near 
Mercer'i Chappel .... Small 8to. 1677. 

FORCES, Junes, M.A. Howaa of an honourable AmCcA family, 
and was pious betimes. He hod his education in /16<r- 
dftn, and being Master of Arte there, was admitted in 
Oxford, ad f«nrf*-m. Coming to England, he was full of 
serious thought ; and most earnestly desirous that God 
would chusc for him an useful Station, and bl^a hifl 
ministry, to the conrersioo of eools. Not being satisfied 
to accept a Parish that was offered him, ha was in 1CS4 
Mnt by the powers that then were, to the Cathedral ot 
fHoucaiir, ivliere he preached with great succeBB, to 
tbo ippucnt diwt^ of tthoitciu&g ]ai life. He gathered 




FORBES, James, — emttinuid, 

a ohnrob, whioh vtia chiefly miulQ np of hia own oasTerlt ; 
and after 6 yo&rs Le wilh outcd of the Cathedral, whan 
Dmu Braiujh took ponseseion of it ; bnt lio Rtill oontiaaed 
tbore, miiiistrin^ privntoly ite lio ooiiltl. — Iii Yarrinylon't 
Plot, (or I'acldniitim'.i) be WKS comniittcil to ChepM» 
CastJo, where he wita long kopt in uttrnit nnd dark roMn. 
When he van dieobargod, be ntnmcd to hiK pnctonl 
carOi in the purHoit of which ho suffered divors impmon- 
nWDtn in GloucaUr, one of which was for a whole yoar. 
He WM 88 years Minietor in OhueeHrr. In his jndgmoDt 
be waa a strict CoJnnUt, — At his death ho left many 
gifts to Charitable nsee, especially his etndyof Bookii, 
which was considerable. Ue died May 81, 1712. ot. ^tat 
68, and lies buried under his own Gommniuon-table. — 
Palmer's yoiUM\/annuU' Mnrutrial, VoL 1, p. 646. 

NmuaiiTAM : or, Joiw Elliot's Stning Grace m aU Mntt 

FroviKi to bo No OtucK ; and Hia Invuxatku Bacfo in AU, 
3, (fltial Kothiiig. By J. F. 

Lmubm, Printrd for Thmnas. Cofkivit, at the Three Leyt 
m (Arf Pottitrry, over agaiiift th« Slotla-Marktl. 

4to. IGM. 

ELYS, Edmaod, ot Totncn (a Devmttiire, BaMor «t Ettt AlUyttm, 
Rxelrr. A Kciu jiiriii^ Cti'tityiuim of IliB Church d Wngplrt, 
who "foto luTwa! btiolis in vmdieatlon ol Piianda, bwidM 
tlio (oUowiDg. B{<c m; CBtnlogau. vol- I, p. CTS. 

Bcdootioti* maa a Puny-blnt. Entitnlcd, John RHioft Saving 

Qnue in all tileu [■iav*il to bn Su OrMi : uid hi* lxcuunu» 
nnNo In Atl % 6tt3i Jtalbing. B> Ctemn) f\m. * S«T«iit 
«t Jmob OliriHt. 410. [Abou 1II96.I 

ELLIOT, Julin, ot Ghaeeitrr. 

— Tli«OiucKot OoDusntod tob«S«iiin|iinb|n[tnlEt! aodJiMU 
FoBSEB ptvnd ■ Fulfc WitDMi. Id ^ffirmlDg it to b* no 
Qnoc. BDd a Oical Kothini^. Buing n repl; U> hi» Book 
Wll«d. .VauiAldx. Uj Jolin EUioU. 

Lomtun .* I'liUfd /or Thm. Hortkeou, in Qtorgtfmd, » 
LamiMTil^tTret Sto, 10U. 

FOBD, Simon, a Dirino, was bom at Ea$t Offutll, in Devotuhke, 
in 1(110. Ho wu odueated at Z><TrAnt0r-SohODl ; and to 
ICaOadmitttMl of MA^daleu-hall, Oiford, after which bo 
obtained « stndcntubip of Christ' Cburob, whero bo m* 
a«at«dBJ). is 1640. In lesi he became Viear of St. 
iMmrttwt, ItMdtng: in 16S0 Vicar of AllSainU, Nortii* 
unploo : and in 166S, being tliui Doctor in Divinity, b* 
WW appointi.'d Charlain to lliu Kioj^. Is 1Q70 be wu 
ioatitated to the fCcctory of 8t. .U<iry, AUUrmntmiMj/, 
liOHioti, which be exchaugod for that of Old Sttinford in 



POBD, SimoQ, — eoncinued. 

ty»reexierihirf, wbcre ho diecl in IB!)!). Ho wrote Latin 
poems ; Bermoua ; a, ucw version of tlio Pdaliufl ; aud a 
Disooiuse od Divbio Judgueuts. He was alao ou« ottha 
TratuJatorH of Plulorcli'B Morale. — ^fo•>l^. 

— utd CiiHiaToi-BBii FowLBE. — A SoBBR AN SWKB to an angry 
EPISTLE, — pKfix(>d to a Book, called C'/truta fniMMncy 
pUadnl (u/ain»t the Cry of the Chit/ PrictU. Written hj 
TuowAit 8vKBi>, fee. 

London, frinUd for Samuel OdlUmmd, at the Halt tit 
PauU VhuTvh-Vard 4to. 1856. 

8PEBD, TboiUM, o( Brittol. 

The Guiltj-Covered Cleduviuh DOTMlod, *e. 

BtB CDUcrorinii Fuwuait. 

Oavii&aia Kvpi'x oV Buflu. Or The Lords WonderB in the 
Deep. Beuig A Sermon I'roiehrd at th* rim« of the Pub- 
liqne AssiBeB n( AU Hallonv, in Northampton July i, 
1666. Being the day appointed for Solemne Tkankiijirin^ 
for the late remajkalle Victtrnj obtained against the 
Dutth, by the lioyaU Nat^y nnder the Condnct of bis 
BoTU-L HiauNESSE. Anil pnhLUhrd at the ipeinall Intlane* 
fffhi* Majfttin Beverend Judgca tind ihn Hjgb SfaerifTo of 
that County. By S»i<>n Foau, DJ)., ChaplKine to hU 
UiyC'Ety and Minister thfrr. 

Oi^ord, Printed h\j W. Hall for Samuil Pocock, Anno 
Dom. 166& 4to. 

ADtHcouxiiKoonosrmiif; Gods Judgements; Besolving many 
mighty Qukhtioms aud Casks Relating to them. Preach- 
Cd (for the EuliHtiUice of itj at Old Sainfard in Wareftter- 
Mrr. {And Now Puhlitkfd to accovipanij ih^ Annexed 
)I&BJtATn*X (onecming the Man irAnir Kluids nndlM^ lattty 
Botted off, tti fA* Sri'ihbourijii/ Parith oj Kings -S win ford 
m Staffordsbirg, Ptnln-d In/ another Author. By SlUOH 
VoRD, D.D. and Kcotorof OUl-Smn/ord. 

Jjotulott, Printed /or lien. BT»mt,iilthoQunaltha Welt- 
end of S. Pauit. ..... ISmo. 167B. 

FORD, Btcphon, Vicar of Ch!pjnn;i-Xurton, in Oxfordthxre. After 
hii ojcoUncnt he continued to preaob among the peoiiJe, 
to whom ho liiul been rt'lutcd, as ho had opportunity ; hut 
be was Badly harustied, and at lengUi Homu of his unemiea 
UircatoDod his hfo, and bo waK forced to fly to Ixnidtm, 
where he often preached in the time of the phi^ic, when 
many others fled into the cooutry to cecapo it. Whun 


Ua. London. lEST. 11 



FOKD, Btephen, — emuinued. 

liberty was gniuted, a meeting-ploco erected for Eiim 
in Milcit-laiif, near Thamen Strrrt, wbore ho wius Pastor of 
a CoDgregattoual Cburcli. Hero he held n catectioUool 
leotore for yoong men at 7 in the moming on Lord's dftys, 
and afterwardB cJianged it to the evening ; which it in to be 
hoped did miich good. Dr. W. eays, " It hath been n>- 
ported that tble Mr. Ford had been a Servant to the head 
of an howBO," SuppOBtDg that report true, he might yet b» 
ft very worthy and nseful man, and might afterwards have 
gone thro' a conrse of study. Woeks. — A, DUconrse, 
CDtitled, " A Gospel Church. — A Disc, on Regeneration." 
I'almfr't NoncmiforminU' Memurial, Vol. 2. page 809. 


Quakerism No CliriirUanity, ka. Hy Jnhn FaMo (Epis. 
BabBoribed by 8t«phai Ford, and 20 other Divinws.) 

6vo. 1675. 

PBNN, TflUi&m, Foimdir of TeniuyUtania. 

— 1 — A JotiT Rkbuki: to Ono nnJ Twrmty tifULmod and Borcrend 
DI\1NES (BO okUodJ being an Anoirac \o an Alnuit>* EfUtlt 
•goinal the QuokcriL, tee 41a. 167t. 

FOBMEY, John Henry Samnel. was bom at Berlin in 17II. 
He became Pastor of the French Church, Professor of 

Eloquence, and afterwards of Philosophy in the French 
College, and lastly Reorctary to the Academy of Scienoea 
in Mb native City, where he died in 1797- 

Hiatoire EccICBiastiqao, 2 VoIh. 

•^— An EocuEsusnc^L Uibtobt ; from tbo Bibtii of Cttiaxt, to 

UiK Present Time. Written originally in French, By Mr. 

FuUHKy, Secretary to the AciLdomyof Scionoesat Gki(1.iic. 

To which is AilJcd. An Appenuh, Giving an acoonnt of tli4 

Poople called MicruouisTs, By the Truislatok. 2 Vol*. 

London, Printed Jot R. Darit, in ItctUily: J. Sruhrty, 

in St, Paul'* Church- Yatd; arut L. Darit aad C. 

Jitymcn, in Uolimm. .... 8to. 1TC6. 

,- , M0U.-O0BUI1U la Vol % u. mr. "AMtd* zm,-^H mnvmtttm, 

BKKZLBT, Jams*, of lAmdon. 

A LatUr t» Dr. f<ini«n, F.B.B (3 editicnM) 

London: Printed fir W.NUolk^- • ■ 9n. 17TS. <tj 

BBVAH, Jowph Qtmi*;, a( Slob Kt^nfiton. 

—— A B«(iiUlkn of (oma of tfa« iDoramoitftminiiirvpTMODtatkawel 
tht Sodel; of Pri(iDdji,--ViUi a Ltfo ot J*ns Hutub, ibe. 
Umdpm: PrinU4aiuiKUib)WiainmfhiUip;itK!. ew. IWO. 




FOWLER, Cbrirtopher, M.A. Born at Marlltrromh abonl IftlO, 
aiid educatoa nt Oxford, wlmru ha contiuimd aome time m 
ft prOKchor. He removed tbouce to Wnodhey in Brrla. 
AAor tbat to Si. MnrrinrfX'i, Lothhiiry iu i>>n>lim ; from 
thence ho went to lirtdinij, where Le wns Vionr of St. 
Jtfmy*, and nt length Fellow of l^tnn Vnf. Upon K. 
CtutrU»'» return he lost this fellowship, tuid in 1662 was 
qjeoted from Rcndin'i. He afterwtirde rotired to L/miton, 
whore he exercised nis minifstry in private. lie died in 
Southitarit, in Jan. 167G. — Patni^r't Nontotifotyimu' Mt- 
tnorini, Toi 1, p. 281. 

■ ftDd Smos Ford.— A Sober ANSWER To an angnf EPI8- 
TLK, Directed to all the publick Tt'^civrt \a this Nation, 
and prefixed to a Book, called (By au Antipubabis) Chritta 
Innocfncy pUadeil a<itthiisl tht Cri/ of the Cliiff Pritat». 
Written In haul By Thouah Spekd, onoc a pnbliek Teacher 
himeetf, and bIucc revolted from that Calling to Mnrchan- 
diat, and of late grown a Merchant of SouUs, trading 
Kubtilly for tlie Qlakebs in lirUloU. Wherkim The 
JesuittcaUEquivooationeiuidBubtlelnBinuatious, whereby 
ho QodeftA'oars secretly to infiise the whole Venomo of 
Qtiakin^ I)wirine», into undieocraing Readers, are dis- 
oorered ; a Catalogne of the tme and genuine Doctrines 
of the Qoakera is presented, and certaiue Quextioua 
depending between as and them, candidly disputed, 

Simon Ford 


r in Reding. 

I/andtm, Printed /or Samtut OeUibrand, at the BaU tit 
PauU Church YanI 4to. 165fi. 



SPEED, Thomu, ol Britlol. 

^.— The Oiii]tj-Cam«d Clrrutxir tJnvuled ; in ii plain and ouidid 
Bupty imlo Tni} BimiUot at Wrath and Counuion. wrapt Dp 
in DDe KUi] tnunty uliMits ol Pnpirr. Tho rtaa writUm by 
Chriiloplifr I'owttr Kui Simon Ford. o( Reading : Tho <ithar 
■ Wmiant Thomat, of Vbley, b SamrrirUhirf. \Vli«n>tu 
ill -their mallcioui St«Di)«rs and (alsit A(H!iiantiou«, whioh 
thoy caut . DiHiQ . tlia Tnilli. are cluAQ wiuh'd oO; Thuir 
vcBiponii wltli which they war Hgaingl Ibv Lumb, hrukco 
cn«T tli<iir ima hvwL* ; and they, with lli« r«t ol the Tjitb- 
«iaetinff TMthisra, ]>TOTed tu l)t< Ihv gtvat tnccndiiuiH. and 
Uiileader* u( thuD natiuns. By Tuoiiu Sfecd. a Priond la 
»U that (rnnftl* at the irnrd of (h< L<iTd. rfe. 
iMiuton, Printed for OiUi Calvert, at llu Blaek Fprrad 
Katie, at the HVif rad uj PauU. . . . *U>. 1C£T. 

Hat*.— WUIUin Tbnmu'a nnipliJol, nnuliUng ol II ikHU at j/tprr, tat 
CLPmld^ AS, CoM'ioI lo.adu u|i Uig~Im BdbUd* «f Wnlb wrf 

Owiadco." iu a tbtiou. 





FOWLER, Cliriatopber,— (wwmti.'d. 

•^^ A Trne Ohaifio in Ton Purtical&rs sgainst the People call- 
sd Qnakew. (In Edwd. Burrough'B Worka. page 686.) 

BDRKOUOH, Bdvar^ ot Uttd^rbarrmr. Wettnurrtland. 

A Disoovery ot lumo part of ths Wot bctWDMi the Siacdtim ol tU4 

LAMB, and the KinKiloin ot AnTi-CiiniHT : Hitld^Ib ia thi* 
AiMnant of nnvarnl DiapntOB and (jiiarl«*, botv«ali a MiiiUUT 
ol Chiiit (mallj »o) iuii\ nae (bat hath th* N>ID« of a Mmla' 
Un, bai it proveil Ui li« a Ululiiter utit Momber o( Autichriat 
li; arUenl TMtiiuomcs. And U ■ Kbrrt Account ul lbs 
CoratooMiMt, Iipionuicw, Env;, and th« FniiU ot DarluiMi 
1iI«iiK}iI lortli tiy C. FoieJer, a prof(«i<od Miuiitcr iu lirading. 
London. Prinltd for Itnbrrl H'l'Iion. at Ihi Illark Sprtad- 
EagU and WindniU. in Martint, near AldtrtgaU 4lo. 16SS. 

Beprtnted (o hu Wnrks, |iaue 636. 

FOWLEB. Edward, tia English Prelate, was bom at TKwfrrlrt^ft. 
in Glouettttnhir*, in 1682, and educated at Car/nu Ckruli' 
CtAlfjr, Oz/ord ; but took his Maatot'a dcRieo at Cam^ 
Iridije. In 1656 lio became Clm|)lKiu to tlie Countess of 
Kent, who ftnvo liini the Rectory of Xorthill in Bed/ord- 
thirt. la 1678 he was jirt-sn:ilfd to AU- Halloas, Tirtad 
Strrtt; and in 1B76 to a Probciid iu Ohuersier, vhen ho 
bad a dispute witii tlic Corporation, rcHpcctinf; & Bermon 
wbieh he preached tind printed. In 1661 he was ioKtitnt- 
ed to the Vicarai^e of Bt, Gtlet's Cripfjttirttf. on which he 
resigned All-HaUows. Uo was mode Bishop of GloveMttr 
in 1601, and died at CMmu in 1714. Besides several 
SennoQB and tracts he wrote, — 

^— The D&sioH of CaxistuxiTV ; or, A plain DomonitLntton 
nud Improvement of thia PropOHttion, vrt. Tliat th« enAu- 
ing men with luwttrd Real RtghtooasncnH or Trnn Iloli- 
nciw, WW tho riiimaif End of our Saviour'* Coming into 
the World, aod \nih6 <ireai /nfMuiiMntof IliH BletwedOos- 
pel. B^ £t>wAiti> Fiiwutti, Minister of God's Word at 
Sorlhil in lifiifoT'lthirr. 

L&ndon, Printrd bg K. Ti/Ur and II. IMtf-yr H. ItoytUm, 
J}ook*<lJ*r to the King't iiWil KxeetUitt Uajftty, and 

lj>dwrirk Lnyi Qm. 1671. sat 

{Brit. Mu*. 1019. K. 10.) 

— The DssioH of Cbbibtuhttt, &c. — By Edwakd Fowuts, 
Rector ol Mkalloirt Bread Street London. The Seeond 

toHdoH, Printfd Jiir Jt. Itnytion, JiookuriUr to kit mu»t 

8«cnd Si^jftS, ft llf Aui/tt iu dmcH-CorHrr,. 8to. 1670. SI 
{BHliA iftuevM, 4874. M.) 

— (-^;-4'., p.^.lTC-r; •Mrf±*r*ri> ■'^ 



' varMxn^BL. 

. s., 




FOWI^B, EivMi.—eoHtimud. 

I The Design of CUrUtianity, ftc. — By Edward Fowias, o.d. 

I now Lord Biahop of Glocbhtch. T/h TlurJ EJUum lUvUrd 

■ M%d corrteitd h/ ihe Amhor. 

I Lendm, Prinltdb^ J. H.Jor Luku Meredith, at tkf Star 

I t«j S. Paufi Chiirch-Yani. . . , 8to. 1C99. 

I (Brit. Afiu. 1413.6.23.) 


The Dcnign of Ohrisliiuiity, Ac. — By Edward Fohles, A.M. 
B«ctor of Xarth-IIiU in liBil/ordtture ; aud oftorwftrds 
liord Bishop of GUiumirr. 
Ut thatfnUoterth mc iihall not valk in Darkatu, John viii. 1>, 

Tho 4th Edition. 
Loiulon, Printed far JoKn Rivinqton at thti Dthh and 

CroicH in St. PaiiU Chureb-yard. . . 9m. 1780. 19( 
{Brit. Mug. 4S7S. aas.) 

KoM^Tbt nfanOM to rrtsodi la tbUi book lanwr allsU. 

Rett'— Tb* tao Bookt, "A Frienitlj CnoImviKio." its. lATR. •Oit"! Vludl- 
onllim df Ui* FriouiU; Contnrotiec" Ac. lfff& H«< Aminsoi't, li&fB ^ 

•MB* bMD ■UrtbutAl Eg tlu> Autbnc. bat oil UUsI U Uwl Uui US ul bj 


FOX, Bolinn, L.L.B. Vicar of Mi-Uunknm in Wiltuhin. 

— Af^ppa almoH periwadtd la tie a Chr'uliaa : or. tho Self con- 
derailed QUAKER, Being a True copy of Two Pai-sks 
Ijal«ly I^inted by Tiiouas Bbavbn, in relation to the 
QuAKKitn. With a Preface and aome Reflectioua on the 
IttKt of them, Etilituled //« Sfcond Thmtijhtn. By Ilohuit 
For, i..i^u. Vicar of Mfikesluim in the County of Wilta, and 
lftt« Fellow of }i'ea-(h!Uiie, 0,evn.. 

iW Ihfir Folly [and yaUhood] *halt be mantfat onto all ilm. 
i Ttm. 8. ». 

Ij/ndmi : Priiitrd far John Wyat, and Sold hy ilogfr 
Wamr, ISoohrtlrr, in Chipji^nham. . . 8vo, 1707. 

The same. — London : Printed far John Wyoi, at the Rtmein 

St. Pmd'* Church-Yard. . . . 8vo. 1707. 

BEATEN. ThomM, Jttor., of Mtlkaham in WUuhirt. 

Th« ^itb-flrittl of MKLKniitH. hJB BeMOningi. lu> WBBM ri oiM, 

andhia Sdf-^aniiBbiEtiant ; Bri«flj Exuiiwd la ft SoSar 
Viii4icatioii C'f a Popur Eutitolcd, Stisiit C^ng^. BaUtiag 
to lb« QcAKiiM, bniiut a Bcpl7 to Bahun Fax't Agrifpa, A«. 
Br TfcOTuu Bfavtn. Jnn. 

ttnAm • Printrd ami Sold by J. SowU, in WhiUtlart. 
Cmrl, tn OTiicitmt-Stntt 8nt. ITCT. 

■ Thoniu BcAven's Vindication of his Second Thongbts re- 

Utin({ to the Quakers considered. Being an Answer to a 






FOX> Bohnn, — continufil, 

late pamphlet, abusively entituled, Tfa* High Priest of 
UellteeJiaai, &o. 

Limdon : Printed Jor John Wyat, at the Rote in St. Paul'* 
Churtk-yard, and Sold at R. Wamf'f in Chipprnhavt. 
hi ... 8vo. X707. 


BEATRR, TboniM, Jdiit., ot Mel>t(than In Wituhirt. 

Some ObBPTTiltoDG on tbn Cotitiiivimie \tXv\y dcpnoduiit. l>(4«Mit 

l^obnn tat, I'lfiir ol Molknhum, tai Thomai Btann. Jtut. 
London : Prtnud anA lotd by J. SevU, in Wliitt'Itart- 
Courl, in GraeUaa Strttl. .... Svo. 1TD6. 

FIUNCIS, Dnke of If MfmtmM-. 

-^ Tlio Fuluense nnd Fiwneeso of OODS GRACE Eq Jsraa 
OitniHT; (leolsrcd Id tbo Point of KUcthn, byk middla 
wny bctwoene Calvin and Arminiiu, will diffi'.rcnt from 
them both. In an tuifonne Bod; of DivinUit. Bj Frtmeit 

London, PrinUd by lUehard Oulum and Ortifory [>ttUr. 
{Brit. Mm.-'- '^- ) 4to. -in»w Dom. 1642. 22^ 

^— TbA FulneoH and Fr««nGRii of Qooa Gkxcb in CHBI8T 
dtwiiu-ed. I. Iq the Point of FAmiim, by a middle vay 
betwcon Cahin and Arminiu*. and different Fram llian 
both. II. How God Oid^TH and appoints Men to tluiir 
final Ends : sometoUonor.somBtoDiBhonortoElcrDilr. 
Id an tiniform Body of DinsmB. In Two Farto. By 


Itmdtm, Printed by Tliamat Xmrcomb,for JoknClarkanit 
are to be told at kit ithop at Mfrtm Chapjiel in Chtap- 
ndt Ito. 166S. SSi 

DM*.— Pull. l>tbood1tlnll(4 IMS, ir|ib«nir*tlt1<i [HAii. Bub put hu 
• iviiumu (Itli iiun and pMbnUiin. ilie lillo of Ui* Itiid rut K--' n* 
rnlanu u>il KincniMot OoIM au«I u CHBiaTI>«linl. KuHlf, Bos 
0>1 iitafjM inil nm.iInU KB) M Uult flnftlaDdt; •nnn lo Hobv, laMl* 
Dlibuuot t(> ElcraItT " n> SMnDd l>>it. lAnitnD, PnrUd brnomH 
K»uml>, for Juhu CWt uid MilH >UUb»1 «id u« to ba K>U U (Mr 
iilu>iiBliiUua«t'lCb*|ip4,uillD WHlmiDiUrB>a ... tut. MEO. U| 

■ - Tho FnlncEB and FrpcncHtt of Oodk Oraox ia Jchuh Christ, 
declared In two general Points: Fint, That PontODal 
Election is no ground of the Saints PorMverance in tb« 
Grace of God by Jesus Christ. Becondly, In what ennm 
Uie Bcriptnres epeake the Saints Perseverance in that 
Otace. The Third Fart. By Fbascm Duke. (Cooke f ) 
London, Printed by T. N. /or Wtl, Milttard. trithenU 
Weitminti«r Halt Oatt, and Milt* Michtul irithin tkr 

Oau 4to. 166& It 

{Brit. Mtu.-^^) 



FRANCIS. Ihike.—continufd. 

POX, OcOTRiii, Pounder ot the Society o( FVIeml^. 

— TiwOtut MuTxaT ol the Orcat VThon onlolded, fto. (p- 3M.) 

folio. t«». 

An ANSWER To soms of tho Prinoiplo QUAKERS. Which 
deceive the People, but more Particularly to n Book of 
Joan CBAHlUMrs, Called or known by this Title, A Sarra- 
(MV plainfy »hM)it>if, That the PriniU of Engt&nd <it,\ ax tnili/ 
Anti-Chrut (who tjot up since th* lUtys of tht Aponltf*) ai tK* 
PejM and hi* Clergy ; Ventfiny Christ to b« both a King, 
a Prutt and a Prophet : mith a leruna Waniinif to (A* Par- 
liament, not to uphtild and maintain thev\ by a Ijaw, under any 
]>rfl4tKe ahaUotver : la (dta a warnini/ to all PfopU, thai 
(upon peril 0/ their Imiiiartal Si/iUt) they be no longer deluded 
and hemlekrd by their Snrceriei, but that they came to Chritt 
the true lAght, lehich mil lead them nut iif the Pathe of Sin, 
into the iray of T'eaee. fty one {irhothnmgh oiereie from the 
Lord^ hath eteaped the SnareK i>f Sin and Deceit, and bin 
irOHjfAl {throvgh Jitdgmenl) into Am yiire Fear, Known bylh^ 
namt^lotat Ooakdler. By Franciu Dvks of H'lunniiw- 

' ttr. 

LoniUm: Printed by T. X.for MUei Mirhel the. younger, 

the Jint Slwp in Weelmi'ttfter Hall. 4tO. IGGO. lit 

WOITBUEAD. O«orgo, of London, lonnorlj of Orion, io tFettimere- 

— Tsi Tkcte Lioht cipeltiQK thp Fooot Mist ut the Pit, ftDi] the 
KToKE ConhiBiun uid Blnngiht'iiiy of \hv Uount, wllir^lI \* i/fJaK 
lurth ngninat the Liglit of Christ aoil the Scriptittv witMn; 
from ui old Professor, cailod Sftaneit l>a\t of K'rirmi'Uttr. ta 
liuillnoli. stileil. .in ^n'urrl) umimf ihr I'tinetual ijuaken, 
nho therein loitsts *a il bo bud a grnal iiliill in Diviut^. Ad. 
B7 Qeobds WmrsERiii. 
Lumlnn. Brinttdfar Thomai Simnume,alth< SignoflMd 
Pvil and ilaiith near AltUngatt. ■ 4lo. 1660. 3 

[FREE, John, of Southteark. 

■ Dx. Fseb'b Bemarka, upon Mr. Jonei't Lkttkk, And tho 

A^^daviti relative to the CompOKiug, tb«D piibhHhiiig from 

the PuLKT ; aiid aftcrwarda {iruitiui^ thiit itciiudAlous 

Forgery, tho pretended Letter ima the Mansions above. 

London : Printed by H. (Iierit, in Holhom,fnr Ihr .■lulhor ; 

And told by W. iS.initty, at the Ship, apponil" St. Dun- 

itan't CAureh in b'Uel-ureet. [^Price Oitt ShitUii'}.] 

8vo. 1759. 

Vota^lB Iblf hook, fHnaUr u* l^i» i^len bt, ' 1Ti:pw pnwwfnllT dl4 t^ 



FREE, John, — contiiaud. 

PMsw, ud Srrunu; tOd ibMOl U lavtUbb JEmI Iu pN;ta*lto« 

" WJMtlkar It WH tor tbr D(-iiikho( imttiUiiif, or noti m UBIMt 1*11, but 
OD llBilaii tlio llUi (if fibnufv, IIMr, In UlB £tni<nji. Uun via • 
IdHTau. H II Im ■•14, of ••TT •!»■«• F>uaiji»M, M ■ Wuiuui'a In Um 
Bu>LUE^nH.vhnUn1waf UlgLVvltMlladQDAItKIUL JoHfh MhU tormt^T 
■ Waiiimnn, vtir> Boi" (boBI Id > brMd-Mnowd ■lilts Hit, sKb lnn( 
Ii«4H. ftud vttiic ClrAiba, ftoil oh4 I« pnuA <w fFdliHriiM!onjno& 
Ufliail lb* utoAlliAtl CKuTfh, 1VU MMin bi a/lrwf qdod Ihs puciC*^ 
Wlurtbarr Im j r M Id IIk A— 'mhlj, ot Uf. j.ihii, or 31r. JoiiH^ Wlh. 
Br>lUia*allL»Mnii>itTHiiiii'> »hii -»r» jaoiwl tn tnm* la at f tack 
U aaatrUIn -. but Hum U»i ni* ^ lufauiiir. Tba UaMlnc smUDOM 
Tmtma Hodm^ it* Buttrtt ct » it uiknnn: Inl H U *m ikd << 
■a c J n Upg, Iht^ ««» all wvll oilad ia Ihiil tlan to H van. 4a-, iM~" 

FREETHINKING CUIUSTIANS.— A Society which assemblea 
together in the City of London einoo the year 1790. For 
further particulftrs concerning tbem, see Kvana' Shtteh, 
18th edition, 1814, p. 811. 

»- The Fieethiukluf; CliriiitiatiLs' Mog&zino ; intended for tho 

ptOmotiou of Hiiliimat Reliifion ajiJ Free /n7iM'ri/. VoIiUUe 1. 

Jimban : Printed and I'ubliihtd by Charltt JdiKluim, 

Whiit Itn»r-Courl, Cottiman Slr^t : b'j ■wham. Commnni- 

eatimu (f'i}.<E paid) mil be t/iank/idly receivtd. Pric* 

7'kirlfm ShiUinj)! half baitnd. . . . Bto. 1811. 

■ Vol. II. [tame imjnint.) Prie* Twtht ShilHnift m boardi. 

9m. 1818. 

Voi. III. /-onifcm ; PrinUd. and PiOAuhed by C. UiuAam, 

67, Whiuchapfl, rfe 8ro. 1818. 

Vol. rV. {tame imprint) Bto. 18U. 

Solfc— Vol. n.— OjBiiiu*. -"on llis PnUBMlinu ol the Qatbmta Iba !»• 

Itoiur. ni 111. ^jArU. p. sue. 

Vol. Iv.~Aon1nU<i< ■qiutar. p. MH. 

— ^ The Freethinking ChriatianB' Quarterly Kegister Vol 1. 
"For vre ottn do noUiine sguiut tba truth, but tar Ui* truth." — Piou 
London : H. Urtherin^im, Printer, IS, Kin^vjate Strvtt, 
Holborn ; Puhluhed 6y Shirrwoad, .lonet, rf Co., Paler- 
no*t»r UoK 8vo. ISSS. 

NDto.— Csntihui 


at* on 111* pnbUe rondaM of Uia. F>T-— r^ Thti- 

•alail (hamMt nt tb< modtan Quba.-that ■iunlu«~tfea(i M—«im 
BtMB* ■■Tir"i1 BHin al Uniuaum, tu Mltfa.— P utt — 4f lb* b- 


The Freethinking Chrifitians' Quarterly lUgigter. Vol. IL 
Ixmdon : H. Helkerin^tm, Printer, IS, Kinjigate Street, 
fltilbom : Publithed ttf Sheraood, Gilbert and Piper, 
Patemotler Itira 8vo. 18S5. 

KM^W.— Hw pku» iiii u iy . Inajlaila,— FM, flwua. W« i 

^a.— Q iuk Mli, lU 

tbc Hrti 

>,— n 

Dd te 

V, -Om(» lal^ *1«* li vr^mUuB FMEKtt* ABM! 
■ad iiiiiiim. Til ii Fatn.—OfwatlOD «f Ik* WH 




FULLER, Thomafi, a Divine, waa bom iu l&)8, at AlJwinkU, 
in Stirlhamptanjihire, wbeTA Ma Path«r wdn a Miuieler, 
□nder whom be received hia educ&tiou, iiu<l then rcmovuit 
lo Queen's College, Cambridge, of wiiiub hia materimJ 
UqoIo, Bishop Diiveniiut, was Master. A-flerwiirda be 
obtained a fi^llowship iu Sidacy College ; iiI»o a Probeod 
iu the Cathedral of Salisbury, and tho Rectory of Broad 
Windsor, jn Donietahiro. On Wing his preferments in 
thi> civil ware, he became a Chaplnin in the Royal Army, 
undi>r Sir Ualpli Ilopton, who left hira with tho Garrison 

Cut BaEint;-housc, which ho Euccouitfiilly defended against 
the R^bols. After this he was at Exotor, as Chnplain to 
tbo Princess Henrietta Maria ; but on the taking of that 
city, he withdrew to London, and became Lecturer of Hi, 
Bride's, Fleet Street. In 1648 he was presented to Ulft 
Living of Waltliitm. in Kanc-r, which he left in 1658 for 
that of Cran/ord, in Middltae.e. At the Reatoration he 
recovered bis Prebend, waa made Chapbuu to the King, 
and created Doctor in Divinity at Caubridx^- Ho di«d 
AugQiit 15, 1661. Tho principal of his works is, — 

— Th6 Church -History of BRtTAiM : from tbo Birth of Jesua 
Christ, Uutiil tli« Year M-DCSLVIIT. Eiideiivoiired by 
TliomaK Fuller. [The HisToRvof the Univcntitvof Cam- 
bridge, since tho Conquest, — Tbo Hiaronv of ft'altham- 
Abby in Essex, founded by King Harold. By Dbotaiu 
Fuller, tfaa Curate thereof. (In 13 parts.) 

fLof^im, I'rinUii for Jnim il'illiaiiiH, at tite giyiu of the 
Crown, in St. I'aul'i Church \fard, Amtn 1G5C. 
Foho. 827 sheets. 

Beprinted. — A New edition, m six volomes, by the Ber. J. 
8. Brewer. U.K. 

Oj^ord : AC the Vnivfrtinf Press, . , . 8vo. 1M5. 

KOM.— " 

'I"-'—- " Tlif Sib Book. Vol, 4. |>. 130. 

eammuid : tnm HiDHi* ta «ipuil« U f h— btp. v h ne^ <d hktniiiMitf : bnl 
tlviii iBbtUn M rapHhm, II preMdlng ernm igtuinnsn. hi.<h • on^ict 
irt rlnmlihrMMi U tro4DfclfHtAUaD,4tuif ofeouluupC."— VDL4-pA|re UKi. 

FOX, Ototfit, FoDodw ot the Society et Friaad*. 

BamMluiiR b Avrwkh lo Lodviricli Mnggl«itoi>> Boole,' 

BOiiMtltuiil in uttwt'i to IVicnuu t'ttlUr. iii Li* CfiurcA llittory, I 
lo Uul wliiaii be writt'ii Iu BuroD Brook, wluruio tin Haj'lt-ii 
aguiut tbc (^iui)i<n, iiv. 

ltd. London, Priitlid la llu Year, 1647. 


FULL WOOD, Frouoia, of Wt-tt-Ahinytoit in Dn-omHrt. 

— A TacK Bki^tiok of a DtHPUTi:, between Francis FuUvood 
Ui»iiit«r of ll'nt .IhiiigUm in the County of Deivn, sud 
one 7'fcmiw Satt-lhiat, OH lis nuid, of tho County of \Vt»t- 





FULL WOOD. PranoiB,— rtmimiMJ. 

nifrland: before the Comjrfyation of ihem, called, QHdhm; 
with some otliers that aendmtally heard thereof: in thtt 
House of Henry PoUfxfen,VL»n; in the Raid Parish of 
Wr*t-AlKini)lon. On TueadayVLemhA^-ot Otitohcr, 1656. 
PnbliBhed by tome that were pmfmi at the Ditpuu : out of 
a ungle and sincere deeire, thftt Error may bo Maarood, and 
tlio Truth cleared. Tojrtker with an Anjviirr to Jamn 
Ood/run, By the said F. F. 

London, Pnntfd hy A. M.Jor Abtl Roptr at th* a^ iff 
Ihg Sun in Fltet-itTMt over ai/aiiut St. DtottUm* Churek. 

4to. 1656. 

SALTHOUSE, Thomu. ot Drugalibtek in laneiuhire. 

Tba HMdHD thinit» of Stnu lirouiiht to tiiiht uid r«7T0*»d tn IB 

AXHWKK to a Book. Ictitolud A truf li^lalian of a IH^p^U 
btlKfrn ynuiaii Fulwood. Jf mulrr o/ Woat AlviDgloD, in tk* 
C(>untj| of DovoD. ami Tbomiii Snttliiiiiio. lU it ii laid. o/ llu 
Comily of Woitmorlanil. brfari the Canjrr'flattoJa of tka» 
calUit Quakon. in (he lleiut n/ Hour; Polloxphor, litfiifrc, 
in iht $aid Farith i>/ Wiut Alvii^t^bMi. I'nbUHbad in 111* 
Truth's detencB. nai itont iil>ruiul la Ui« Wurtil, to pnmu 
the uuktioHti AiiDiort iiuiHtrfwl Ei4lAtiiiii. By • PoUowor of 
llie hfnub in ttiv Wnr itKuimt the BiMuit and PmlM FMpIul, 
kgaown lo tlw World b; the Quna ol Thomai Sallhotite. 
Londam, PHMtd for aHu Calvurt. at sht Bluk-Spttai- 
SAfU IU4T tht If fjlttul of FiiuU. . . . ito. 1657. 

FOX, Ooorg«, Foondct ot tha Sociatj ot Primd*. 

— Tb« Great Hiimtol tb« OrMt Wliar« Bnlolddd, As. (pam 71.) 

Pcdio. 16«t. 


0.. 0. — 8«e GcoBOK Gssooav. 

0., U.— See HiMKY Uuao. 

O., J,— 8«e JoBx QuKii*. 

A LetW, Rtibecnb'd J. 0. — mentioned in Pmn S Whit*- 

K*ad'* ChrUtitiH Quakrr,/elio Edition, Pr^att, theet F. 

OASKIN, John, of 

A Jaat Dsnufcx and VwntOATioii of Oospcl Uiniators U)d 

Gocpcl ordiuanecH aKninnt The Quaker* manyfalne Accn- 
Mtioiu, Slanden and Bvproacbes. la Aoawer to JoKm 




GASKEI, John, — fontinjud. 

Horvnod his Letter, &nd E. B. his book, called, A Jutt 
and Imit/uI Tryal of t/ic Ministfn and ToKhtrii of this Afff, 
a»d mtral other*. Proving th« Mtnutfrt CalUmj and 
iltdnfnanet Jast &nd L&wful, and the Doctrine of Pfr- 
/tttion hy Frff. Justification, preached by them, agreeable 
to the Scripluret. With the Qaakeri Ohjeciitins anewered. 
And the Quakfrt Verfrctiuti by hearkening to, and obeifing a 
Vyht vithin them, proved contrary to th« Scripturea. AaA 
their Praetiem in ten particulars proved eoutrary to the 
Comnuntda and Kxampla tit Chriit and his ApostUs. By a 
hovtr of Ootpel Minuten and Ootpel Ordifianctt. 

London, Printed hy W. G./or the Author, and art tti be 
told Ay Itaar Pridmore at the Si^e of the Golden Fat- 
con nerr the Siw lixchanfft. , . . 4tO. 1660. 20 
HUBBEBTHOItN, BioiiarJ, of Yeltarut in Laiutuhirf. 

AaAxEWKR ti> • Bfiok. ciUleil, A JiihI DeFuiice aiiil ViniKnatinu Of 

(iatpft MinUUn and Ootptl Ordinatien : pot ti>rtlj l>y J. O, 
In vliich h« jiretoida aa Ajii<r*r to E. B'h. Tryal tA U)« 
Itinur/n. and othur Uiuirb ■gunat tL« Qualtett. 

London, Prinlttl for Itobert Wilion. at Tht Sign of Ike 
hlaek-Sprtad-Eagle and H' itartini-U-Grand. 

llo. 16S0. S 

Beptlotcd in h>> WorkR, pogo SM. 

OATAKER, Cbarlee. Son of Tbom-vs Gxtakbb. was bom at Bol- 
ktrhithe in 161'!, and took his def^ree of Master of Arta at 
Pembroke-CaUrrje, Oxford ; after which he became Itector of 
Hogge-iton in Biickinyhamshire. and died there in 1C80. Ho 
wrote several trcatisee iu favour of Caiviuitim, some of 
whioh w«ro answured by Bishop Bull. — Wood. 

^—^ An ExAMRCATioN of the Cftse of the QUAKERS, coiicomiiig 
OATHS Propounded by thwn, A.D. 1B73. To the Con- 
sideration of the KING, and both Hotues of Parliament. 
WiUi a Vindication of the Power of the Magintrato to 
impose Oaths, and tho Liberty and Duty of alt Christ- 
ians to Swear by God Reverently ; Humbly Submitted to 
the Judgment of Kis Most Sacred Majesty, and the Two 
Houses of Parhament. By ChurUn Qataker, Bector of 
lio-jgfUon in the County of Buekf. 

London, Printed by T. X.ftir TTtonuu C<iUin»,atkiz Shop 
at the Middle ■ Temple- Oatf in Fleet ttteet. uiiCLXXV. 

■Ito. 1675. 6) 
WUITBHBAD, Gcotec. of Orion, We$tmortlvd. Uat of London. 

^— The Cut ot the Quakkiu coDocming OiTm. Dctondcd m Bvtn- 
gclicnl. Coclainlng ui Aniwor to Chatln tialaker't laM 
Kiamliiatioii t-t llm Vhhh of lit* Qankirri (which h* uiCh, M 
humlily luhmiiitd to the Jndijmfitt o/hU moit Satrtd tiajaty, 
and til Tko Uoiuti of Patliuueul.) 

Ho. Fritittd in thr ftar, I67G. Gf 





QAUDEN. John, an English Prelnto. was born io 1605, at May- 
fi4td ia Euex, and educated nt St. Juhn't ColUyt in Cam- 
hridgt, whexB he took Uiti degrees iu arts ; aiter which he 
WIS prese&ted to the Viearogo of Chippenham, in Cam- 
bridgnkirr, and the Bcctory uf BrvfhticrU in Herkthirt. 
He now entered himstlf u member of Wadkam ColU^, Ox- 
/oTd, where he took hia degree of Doctor iu Divinity, ia 
1&41. At tlio bc^Diiing uf the Civil War ho conii>lied 
with the ruhug purty, wiu miide Douu of Bocking, and a 
member of the WeKtmintitor Asscmlily, which Loworcr h« 
did not attend. Hanng got into hie possesion the UttDa- 
script of the Meditations of Ciiarles the first) ha pnUiib' 
ed them under the title of " Icon Baeilike. or. the Fort- 
laiture of hie Sacred Majesty in hig Solitude and SufTor- 
ingE." i-'or this he was made JJishop of Exeter at the 
Boetoration, and in 1G02, was traneiated to WorceBtoT, 
where he died the same year. The Bi&hop publi^ed & 
number of books, aiid,amoog the rest, "The Life of Bishop 
Brownrig." — Bum/. BrUt. 

'V ■ ADisoousBX oonceraing Pinii.icK Oaths, nndtltclAllftllMflS 
of SwKAUiiKi in Judicial Procef-ilitigs. WritloD by Dr. 
Gaddkn, Bishop of £xot«r. In order to answer the 
tcruploit of the Quakers. 

London, Print/d /or li. Roytton, BookteUtr to tht Kia^ 
Mo*iKsK*U*iuM<ymy,atth4AngilinIcy-Um«, iU>. 1662, 8 

PISHBR. Sasioel, ot JlerlhampUm, ImI ot Lmitm. 

- TneBiMior BnripJ bptidrllip Bniinem) : ortturt EminmtOm- 
•ocr. Dr. John (Jou-drn.Biihopol BjrtUr, to Eminrnilif oxer. 
Mca. M to noaod hia Oipq C'avti icdU nigk lo X>et,lii vitb his 
ovn U'tapon, in liis IaIo to b'ujiCT-<iaiiiuiUj'ai>pIiiailcd 

Appear jinco 

*■ A OtffavrM rtmtKnanttPubtUlc OMiit, and the Lnrfaloou 
«( Stciarina in Judicial rrocttditigt, in ordctr to Bimcr tba 
SenipUi of the Qasbra, Ao."— B; Havaitl t'uhtr, PiiaODcr 
in Stvpatt, (m tho Tntlh nf Jtmu. 

4(0. IVfnJrd <R ihr Uotuk, Caliti ^Dfiut in Ihr Xtat, I6BS. 

B«|wi8l*d In his Works, page 857. 

GELLIE, Paul. — See ALESAKDnt SatBEErr. 

GELLIBBAKD, Samnel. a B«oliMnor, at the Ball, in Pull's 
Choieb Yard, Loudon.— Seo Lru Ytjwt, 




OITTINB, Dtmiol, ot AmiuUi in Sunat, & PriMt. 

■ fiemnrks ou the Tenete &ud Principles of the Qnakers, u 

ContaiDod in tho Theses Theological of Robkbt Babcliit. 
Jjondon, PHnUd by J. Keitntkntn, aiui Kid bif E. \Vith*n, 
at i\m Sevm Stars in I'Uet Slreet, . . 8to. 1758. 


A BcTiow tit tho Herd. Mr. D*». Oirnan's tUnsrln on tlia 

Tenets nnil friuriplea of thu QaKkera ; ahoving thair ooil- 

tranoly ^l tLifi Uutcliinaonli^D Hchemn. tai cauAgUiai^y tillb 

Uie Srrk]<tiiiea. 

Lendon : Frintrit/ur }F. Oan, nrar Ttmplf Bar : H. Cooit, 

HE the iioyol Exckangt ; and E. OardiaiT in aTaetchHTch 

Uriel. »n>. \Ui. 

GLISSON, Henry, nnd others, of CoUhestrr in Em^x. 

A Truo imd Lamontablo ItxuTiOK of the most deeper&te 

death of Jauks Pabsbl, Qoalier, Who wilfully starved 
bimsolfe in the Prison of Colehfitfr. Together with the 
Attoxtation of the Chiefe Majestrates of the Town, and 
the CoroneT, signed with tbeir own hands, and b; them 
desired to be made PubUqne. As also H'" blasphemous 
Letter to Doclar Gtiston of tte same Town : and hia 
Answer returned thereunto. An Example of Aduioaition 
to tbofie of his own Faction, aiid may •onre (far borrour to 
&U that »htiU peruse it. 
Landon, I'liiiird by T. C. /or William Oitbtrum, at tht 
RibU in Oiltspuntrift u:ithout.Nev;i/aU. . 4to. 1658. 
(Britith Muifym, E. ^) 

]CoU.~Tli«liillu*lB|quUMVu<UMMl«). P.') dB*th, U Uw ood ot tbl« 



» do ftbd UaI Jit, Parmi 

WA c*a IfArn or Ltutv uT. 
HiU wILdmahI hy a> thla Atlh itiif cif itav 16A<^ ic 
bfl »(nn Oorpr at Uifn i*m^cI RnVfii nnlo Aldtmuii 

fuFiiiii«n <*1 iho fnijtjML, qj]4 Ji/t^h Umilk «mitb«i' 

'h bla vUfnl njHUiuof bu tiatnrki load 
ir> Hi4 bit vOTvl fnipoilotar UtUiDbato i^v ^>M, ta 

John OatU CofODA. 


SBOBTLAND. Tbomiui, Axke Laxolei uitl oUiers. 

Tli« Lambs Dcfcnc* oRaicBlLYESiuid A True TtatinioiiTpTen 

fODwming the Bofteiiiig* ncJ Dratb ol Jamo* P»roell. And 
iJu jjTUMiiil IhfTfiif. hy luf.h liandt at u'tri ryt-vittinttt, 
end hiivt lUliiiirHli/d Ihrir Kamri Ihrmo. 

iMulon, Printed for Oittt Calvrrt ul Ik* iVntmdofPaitU. 

iu,. mi. 
GUSSOK, Fan].— See CausToi-aut Fkaxs. 

OODDABD, John, of Wra-Drrfham in ^'orfolk. He signed a 
Curiifioutb iifpunvt Friends, at tho nuA of " Tlt« (juaiieiB 
Clmllengc, *«.," 16l«). — Sec Euwabo Bkocham. 




GOOD, Thomu, DJ)., Master of Baliol ColUgt, in Oxford. 

FIRMIANU8 and DVBITANTIV8. or certnin Dialooum 

eoncemmg Atheism, Infidelity, Popery, titid otl^tr ner«Bioa 
and SchismeB that troublo the peace of tho Chorch, and 
Mti destructive of Primitive Piety. Written in & plain 
and euic moihod. for the BBtisfaction of doubting Chris- 
tiaBB. By Tso. Qooo, d.h.. Master of Baliol CoUedg«, 
in Oxon. 

Takt hftd Brilhren, Uait then be in any of you an nHt hAVf nf 

mibelief, in drpartina from the livinf) God. — Heb. 3. IS. 
Or/ord, Printed Ity L. LUhfieid, Printer to the Univrrttty, 
/or Tko. Uaneax liookxeiUr in Hertford, . 8vo. 1674. 


BOUBNK, Edvud, nt IToTcnrfr. • Phonic itm. 

An Anhwbh tu Doctor Ooud (bo s&llvdj hii DIALOGUE atniiul 

thuite. callril (^nkcn, whoniiii he b>th forged the QuBksr Bii4 
Coiiiated iiimatU. Wbieb Vialo-iaf o( Tho. Good'i in in hi* 
Book. Intituled j'imiioniM aod DubltoHliui, or oariuD />(«• 
liiguri canccnuDg Alhfiim, Injlili-Uly. foytry. uid othar 
llfrnitt hud HehUnt. which troubla tlia Poui« ol thn Chimb, 
Ac. By £iliv(iril Buum. 

4lo. Printed in Ihf Tear, I6T5. 

GOODWIN, John, Yic»r of Si. Stephm'i, Coleman Strtet, iMudon. 
Ho died in 1605. 

T>u Foot Outo/th* Snart. (Part by him.) . 

ito. ICM. n 

SATLBB, Jam** ol Ardetlor, near Wnkefield. 

^^ Foot jet in the Soiini. DiMovered in as Aoewer to Jolm 

Toldmiy, John QoodieUt, and otliai*. 

tto. lUO. 4| 

GOODWTN, Thomas, a NonoonfomuBt of the Indnpcndcnt p«r- 
masion, was brother of Uie preoedinf;, and bom at lioUtbjf 
in Norfolk, is 1600. Be died in \&^b.~VaUimy. 

and others, — The Principles of Faith. 

ATEINSOK. CliriMophcr. of WtttmorfJani, 

The Sword ot lh# Lord Dniwa, and forbjahad agaiiut Um man 

olSiar iir8oisMbillgiiiiui>*cita*PaperMtlortli^thtM 
ol tho chief Pikalt ot l,^tndoll. wboaa natOM an TKam«t 
Coodinnr, and <aia Sf/t, and .VjidrocA Snpon. fto. 

London, Pnnttd and nre to bt totd ty OiUt Calvrrl. at the 
lign ojthtBiatk-Sptmd-Kasl§,attKiWeU*nd^Faml4, 

410. tm. 

GOUGE. Thomas, (Son of William Gongo, a Dmoe) ma bon 
at ]ioir in 1GU5. He was ediioal«d at Eton, aadafla^ 
warde at King't Collr^, C^tmhrid/fi, ot wbieh ho became 



OOUOE, Thomas. — nmtinaed. 

fallow. In 1C88 he obtained the living of St. SfpuJchir't, 
Londotit but at the liestorittion he was ejected for Hon- 
Conformity, on whioli be exerted himself in promoting 
Ghmtian Knowledge in Walea, and other good worka. 
Ue died in 1681, and his funeral Bormon wae preached 
by I>r. (afterwardii Archbishop) Tillot^on. His practical 
tracts were oollected into one vol. 8vo. in 1706. — Calamg. 

■ Qukerum No Ciirialianity, &c. By John Fiildo. (EpisUo 
Bubseribed by ThomaB Gou^, and 20 othur Divinou.) 

ero. 167S. 

PEKK, 'Williun. Poundoi of Pennti/h'aiiia. 

A JpBt Ilisnnu k> One nad Twonty LonmoJ oad BcTnruail 

DTVIKES (lo oatli-vl) Ddiug »a Aniwor to k& Ahmlve 
Ep<UiU agnuiHl the Ijnakcn, atn 4to. 1674. 

OBAKGBR, James, a Biographer, was a native of Btrfuhir* ; 
bnt where educated is not known. Ue studied some time 
at Chntt-tlturck, but without taking a degree; and on 
entering into orders was presented to the Vicarage of 
SJ^ltike in OxfonUhirr, where he dtsohar;^ the parochial 
duties with great fidelity, and died of an npopleotio fit, 
whila administering tbo sacrament, on Sunday, April 14, 
1776. He printed two sermons ; but Is beet known by 
hill " Biographical History of England," pnblished in i 
mail vols, in jto., and since in 8vd. It is a mere cata- 
kigoe of Portraits, eoUveued with short aketches of 
ebancter. — (7m. Buig. Diet, 

GBAIJT, Jobufion, Minister of St. Jamet's, iMtchfurd. 

The Beasonahleness of th« Eittahhalied Church of England. 
A Skkmon, preaclitid at SI- lamti'i, ^iitrbfsrb, Hundag, 
88J June, 1806 ; by Johnson Grant, M.A. Mmulrro/ ihat 
Gte^l, And published at the general request of the Coo- 

Stnringlon : Printtd aiid sold ly J, Haddock, Hortt- 
Markd : Sold al»o by Mti* Ihaiu ; and J. llatchitrd, 
Piccadilly, L&ndm 8to. 1806. 

FOBSTEB, JotiD, «l WarrinfUm ta Lanetuhirf. 

■ Biauuu. oocutioiMd \>y & Seuuoh on the Rtaianabtrntti of tht 
KitabtUJinl CItiireh of Esnusu; pniochcd nt Iho Cbapol 
eallod SI. Juiii»'r Latrhfi^riJ. and pablitboj by Jami»aii 
OuNT, n.i. Allnnlloiintnlj ibiilirigBeil to thn IitlifthitftOt* <■( 

bavv, tar a ■eri«8 of ye&n, ftttenddd tLut cliapel. (Siipied 
UwrpoDi, PnaUd by Jaiau Smlh Sn>. 1807. 





GRANTHAM, Thomas, a Baptist, of HoMon in Lhicolntkirf, waa 
bora in tbe ycnr 1034, and choBou paetor of the Churcli 
in SoiUlt Mirsh in 1650, when only twenty-two y^ars of 
age. In IGG'J. ho was ordain«d to the importaDt office of 
messenger ; in whieh capacity he labonred diligently and 
BUocessfully, and was the great support and omameiit of 
the Saviour's cause. lie died Jun. 17, 1602, liavinK. 
within two miuutea of his death, delivered a 6trildiig and 
solemn addreag to those who were witaeesinft his depAr- 
ture to hia rest. — Wood's Hisfori/ of (h* Otatral liaplitU, 
p. 154. 8vo. 1847. 

TliQ Baptint against the Quaker, Being A Defence of the 

Bpirit, Kpeaking in the Soriptun as afoi«8Bid, to be th« 
Bapreme Judge of ContravenieB in Bdigton, in oppoaition 
to tbo Spirit Npealciug in the Quakert, and more especially 
in Jtobrrt Ruekhilt aiid Jiikn Whitrhtad. 

nato rnsrnrfi: or, The Amititt If Ijiulian Urligion, In luNtCan, 
UMatgQ, KinlliDDi. ukI Bmuij. ilDwnu) ui Ktumiil [anli-ulul; 

tTfHiHT<l|flfl. fliaiilTnl Atl'l ^'tniflfAt'd, tlvBlTiaJBMDJ A^LIH< vU^cb bKt« 

tnndad that Sutt!) |tiofuiion. iijr iibbiuw iBDnntiiMi. or (mUnilci 
Bcnitlloii."— B; TooHu a&AHaiH. • Stmnt of Cbitnt. 

London, T'rinird far Franci* Smith, at /Ad Sijn of (A* 

EUphant and CiutU in CvmhiU, near the liyiil-ii-r- 

tk«»^f Folio. 1678, 

He also wrote, 
— — Th« Baptist againet the Papiet. 

—— The Prisoner sgainrt tbo Prelate : or, a diaIoR:ao between 
the Common Qaol of Lincoln, and thu Cathedral. 

An Apology for the Baptized Believers, Ac 

GBEEN, Jdm, of London, 

and others, — A True and Impartial Narrative of the Emio- 

QDt Hand of God that befel a Quaker and bis Family 

4to. 1672. 

6BEEVHILL, Joseph. M.A. Hector of East llorttty tuA Etut- 
ClanJan in Surrfy, 

— Ad Esmay on Prophecies of the New TinAHsn, mor« 
SBpeoiAlly on ths PBoraEcr of the Millekkihu, ibe moet 
pfosperoiu itat* of tbe Church of Christ here on earth for 
a Tbotuand yean. B; Jo»xrii CuLXxniu-, M.A. Sector 




GBEENHILL. Joseph.— <wi((.iiwd. 

of EaBt Horsley, and East-Claadon in Snny. The Eiohth 

Edition, revised and oorrected. 

VanUrburii, I'rinttd by Simmont and Kirklry : and sold by 
K. Johnton, hoatuelUr, -Vo, 12, in Ave- Maria- Lant, 
London, 8to. 1778. 86^ 

OBEOOBY, George, a Divine and misoelkueons wrilcr, wna the 
son of a Clergyman in Ireland, and born in 1754. He 
wftti edncated at Liverpool for the Counting- huueo, ia 
which he epont some years ; but at length applied for, 
and obtained orders in the egtabliBhed church. In 1788 
he Bottled in London, where )i« became cvoaing Preacher 
ftt the Fouudling, and lastly Vicar of Wat-Ham in Eimx, 
for Vhioh preferment he was indebted to Mr. Addington, 
vho employed him to defend Iuh adnunistrBtion. Ue died 
in 1808. — Ofiiu' Mai/asiM. 

A Brief Argument why the Quakers are bound in Oon- 
sciencc to pay Titliea ; in reply to a Pamphlet intituled 
" Reasons why the People called Quakers do not pay 

Londitn : PrinUd 6y T. Maiden, Shfrbonic Imm, 8vO. 1605> \ 

BEVAN, Joseph Onraey, ol Swt* NnDingtoa. 

Oursury RemKrkit on O. U.'x " Briot arKomrnl nh? Iha QuJcon 

are bound in iicmB«i«iio(< to pay Tytbiw." [Akoh.] 
LonJon, Prinird and (oM fty PhiUipi arid Fardon, Qtorgf 

yard. Lombard StrttI 8vo, 180S, 1 

Jkiply to G. Qregorj'a Obicrmtioiu. (In H.8. Copied bv Uarriii 

Birkbeck.) Mio. 1806. 

' A Beply to the Cursory BomarkH (by J. Q. B.) (in Manw 
teript Folio. [ISOffJ i 

BIBEBGCE, Mcfiii!, Quaker BibliofTaphur. of GiiiU/drd. 

Some Sirictorcii c-n O. O.'a Beply to J. U. Ssrod'a Caaoty Bo- 

□nuk*. by M. U. (In Manuieripl.) . . . 4(0. UU. | 

, QBEVILL, Bamael, of 
- A SleconrKo 

FBHK, WUllais, FoDi)d«r of k'mmylvania. 

^■^ Dtm and Thcmwh : or the Apoatolieftl Doetrinsi of Lioirr uxtA 
PsrfectioD inaintiuc(>d : HftKiniit tbo oppaiile pim of Sainuct 
Orniill. (■ Prcttndi'd MiiiisUT af tlic(ia*polJ In bi» Ungoapol- 
lilce Diimniio iii;iiiiiot it Sook. cnlitolod, A Talinvmy of 
tA< Llghl Wilhin, onoiently writ by AUxandrr Farktr. By 
*. P. 

4U>. Prinud in iht Ytar, 1674. 4 
B«|iiniitcd in hit Woilu, vol. 3, page 619. 




OBEY, Z&ohAry, nn English Divine, wms bom in Yorkshirf, in 
1687, Uo was educftted st Jfm» ColUgt, Cambridgr, whoiv 
be took his de^rree of Doctor of Lawe in 1720. Ue be- 
came Rector of Houghton Congtutt in BedfordMre : and 
Vicar of Bt. Ptur't and St. r?ii«i'i Fariabee in Cantbrulge. 
He died st AmpthiU, Nov. 26. 1706. 

The Quaker and METHObiat compared, In an Abstact of 

George Fox'e Journal. With a Cony of his Last Will 
^ and TeaUmont, and of tlie Reverend Mr. timri/e Whitf 
field's JoiiruiUs. Willi HJHtorical Notts. HumMy recom* 
mooded to the Perusal of the Quakers and Mcthodistc. 

Ijmdiyn ; I'rinti-d /or J. Milian, opponU the Admiralty 
O^t, Vkariiuj-Vrou Bvo. 1740. 


GBIPFITH, Ooorgo. M.A. of the Charm Hmue, London. He 
was aleo a week-day Lecturer at St. Bariholunieii: near the 
Boyal £xchaDge. He was very couversible and much 
the gentleman. He was recJioucd a man of great in- 
ventiou and devotion in prayer. In hh younger yean ha 
was much followed, but when he f^w old Iiik eongngation 
declined. His usual place of meeting, tavarda the clow 
of luK life, wa» at OirdUr'n-Hall. 

^^ Qnakeriem No Christianity, &c. By John Faldo. (Epis. 
subscribed by George Griffith, and 20 other Divines.) 

8vo. 167S. 

. PBHN, WillUin. Fotmdor of Peiiniyleama, 

A JnRl KiiuEi: to One ncd Tweiil)' Lcumcd »iid BcTirraiil 

DIVINKH. (ancallDd} iJoing an AiuniN %o ai 4tnitiet HfittU 
tUttixti tho Qnftkvn, Ac 4ta. 1C74. 

GRIFFITH, John, formed the Chnrch in Dunning's-alley, and 
continued to pn-nide ovor it until his death in 1700. Ho 
had boen dcvot(»l to Ood for upnards of three. £coro years; 
and was pastor of tliat Church upwards of CO year*, four- 
teen of wnicli bo H]i«nt in prison. Hih werku bcaide tha 
following are " A Coinpluuit of tlie oppresKcd against th* 
oppre»l^or, ICGl. — Two dnicounwn— " Ood'H Oracle and 
Ctuist's I>octrine ;" and "A Treatise touching EtUing 
from grace." — Wood't ilutory ■j/' the (Jmrral Ut^luU, p. 
168. 8vo. 1&17. 

< A VOICE from the Word of the Lord, to those Kraod Im> 
postoTS calkd Qkakkbh. Wherein is di««ovvrud their 
fleshly And filthy miDdodae6s,togetli«r with the jadgnwnW 




GRIFFITH. John,— «mhnn«*. 

of tbu Lord Attentlin^ ttiftm. Ako ft word ot caution to 
nil thiit are caliett to be Maintn in thin Nation, whicli aiAy 
bo of concemintjot to all poodle Py Joan GnimTM a 
Survant of Vhriit, uiil ono that beam wituuDS agauist thoHtt 
vandring stars. 

London, Printed/or Ffana* Smith in Flying- llortf -Court 
in FUn-»mtt- . . . Small 12mo. 1051. 
{BrU. Mut. 'iiJL) 

a** lite Tromai Lorxa. 

BURBOUOH. Kdirtii, 0/ Und^harroK, WrtltiwrfJani. 

An Anawot to n Book, adlM A Voice from the Word of ihe Lord, 

)nratMjohatirifflth,aeuii«tiiB«liomtbu World calls Qiukani, 
wWiiii hii lalKo Moniatfoiai U dontnl. uid be proi-od to bo 
k Sluidanr, aqiI ths troth elaarod ttmn hi> Bcandnla. — In 
FrituciK Uowgill't •' Fki7 DoiU ot th« Dtrril QJUiuhti," fto. 

4to. ICU. 

OBIOO, Henry, an Anabaptist. 

^^— LiasT from the Sim of Ri);bteou:in6ea, Discovering &nd Ex- 
peUing DorkneHB. or, Tlie Doctrine, and soma of the 
Mmipt Principlea of tlie People called Qaakin^, briefly 
and plainly laid open and refuted. CoutaiuiuK a Reply 
to nn AntKfr of a Letter written formerly by Ibo Author 
to hia own Natural Si§ter, dwelling in thu ItilaDd of liar- 
bitdoet. Publisbed for common bcinofit, but more es- 
pecially for the good of poor, weah, wavering Christians, 
(o help and recover them out of tbe snare of tiatao. By 


Small 8vo.— PnnMil m tkt Yuir, 1672. 

WIUTEUEAD. Oeorgo, ot Orton, Wtitmorfland. Iwt ot Ltrndon. 

— Lux EiortB (Mt ; ortheLi^t ajnTioK opic UtepDiDiMdQiuknr, 
with KililcDtTaiitiinonjagkiiMt tiicDnrkuMi uid I'TujudicooI 
tlid Oi.ii Aniiuptii'T in Answi'r lo lli-my (Jrljip*) Hook. Stilnd 
Light frvm Ihf Sun n/ liii/hiriisuni-ii. (bM proiwl ui Kllccl 
ot Smuku (tud llArklltmt, )>n>cul<dvutl (rout ttia Cit ot Kninily 
and Contuoioa.) tcis. {la 0. Ws " Cbrivtiiui (Jiuker.") FoUix 1973. 

B4raiaM^PIM»d(tpkia. Hro. ISU. 
— The Buptiift not Babylonish. 

WBITEHEAD, GcorsD, ol Ortan, WtJtmortland, 

Tbn Anttr; AnabftpUiitpraTDd BtBTi^nmiiir, in Annmr to Htttry 

OrijFjt't FBID|>)iltit, ntllod. 7'li( Hiiplitt nut Habylvsuh, 
WtiMtiB, WbilM ho «uda«*ouia In ruooHC-ttH bU ContnulJa- 
tiom (in hi* Book SatilnlMl. Lijhl from she 5va, ^.} 
CbwBcd upon him in a Ps|)t<r, (sutilufixl. Tke nabflanuh 
B«pntt ! bv ii run iiit') inun ContrBdirtiom, Abatuditin and 
Um AvcanatioDii ■gniiiBt tha pHipIc of God. Ckllid Quakert, 
and tbiTii Principlci. Bj Q. W. Ic -' Tba ChmUait Qoaknr," 
fad Part, pago 119. Folk). 1S7S. 



GRIGGE, \rilliftm. of UrUtoU A Tanner. 

The Qaakera' JESUS : or. The onawadling of ILat Chfld 

Jamfs Xaili/r, which a wicked Toleration hath midwiv'd 
into the World. Discovkkins The Principles of the Quak- 
ers in general. In a. Sarralive of the aubetanoe of hia 
Examinatif/n, and his Dii«oi[iles, as it wiid taken from their 
own mouthcs, in tlieir autiwer before the MagiHtratea of 
the City of Brisial; also, of his Exiuninatiou in the 
Painted Chmnber IfVxfininjirrr, uid the tnanni^Dinent of it 
in Parlinmeut, now published for the mvti^factioti of tiiin - 
self And some Christian Friends. Bv Wnj.uM Ouioor, 
(Citizen of Bristoi.) who bcliovos in that ietnx (oud him 
wone for Balvation) that was cruciliod at Jfra»iiUm, aboT« 
Sixtean hundred years n^e. 

LanJnn, Prinud hy M, Simmon*, and are to ftc sotd hy 
Joirjih Cran/orii, at t/u »iipi of llu Kw^i-lUad, in Paut* 
Church-y<trd. 4to. 1C88. 10| 


Babilmkeb'a Oatrage roproTsd. trr.kyfhiplor William Grifgi 

ot llriilnll, TrUDor, To Sruurgt him, lot bin mnny uot.)rioQ« 
li**, blaiphomiai, nproaohoii. vntn boutiiiRi, uid otbur lUch 
lite noTioDi mattsr, vomited onl AKiiCLHt iW- irntli. uid it* 
FricndK. in a late fierjp ptunpbli-t, ipuMinlivd uuilvrbis utiaie) 
entilulttd, Tht Quahfn Jtnu. In wbicb bv bju pruL'l&imM 
hii mm ibun^, nnd isFsm/, ■! in manj' other parlioalan, 
■a motv npcctiill^, by bii moit kbomin^le byi<Mririi). in 
rliargJuB IbBi u matlor □( cnmc apoa tb« sum ol bii ind%- 
Dation. ot wlikh ho hiouelf ia hslciu-kftcr. prorcd to ataod 
giilly L; liib i>wi;i pmRtiaii. — B; ma impartiiu fiicuil !<■ (lod** 
Tnilli. audcr wbat ttolko *o«Tar ponscniod hy thn blind 
Zmrfon, PrinttA for GOet Calcnrt, of t^ Biaek-SprMd- 
MttgU, at Ili4 WatSnd ef Patit: . . Mo. 1656. 

GCDENS. M. Goltlob Fr«doriclc, ft Preacher to T^uban. 

M. Oottlob Frirdrirh Oudriio, Prodigcni in Laubon, Liob- 

reicho Bor^tcDim^ dt-x WAitnKK und Fai.saiikn ; Welchea 
in Benjamin Holtnenn, oinnt auRewohen LehrorH Dnl«r 
denen Qraokcm in Holland, £n:«RTUcia)i Burnt in 
QuisUichiir Liebo an atlen Voick aich zu dem Gcift* 
Olouti in ihnen eu bekehren; nngetroAm wird. 
rimftiili, Gtdruckt tatd Verlryt ton .Vi^h/m Sehillfn, 

8vo. 1744. 


— H. GotUob Frederick Gudena, Preacher in Lauban ; fai« 
charitable Exposition of what is trne, and what is falsa 
foond in A Seriom Call, in Christian Lore, to all Peopie 
in order to turn them to the SpintofChrist, within tb«m 





GUDENS. M. Goltlob Prodorick,— <wfi(iniu-rf. 

By Baqjunin Holmds, od acceptablo Minister among the 
Quakon, in HoUoiid. 

Lauian, printed h^ and/or yieoUa SchilUn, . . 1T14. 

BB8SS, Joaoph, Writing Mwler nt Jjorulna tbrmarlr nf Calehetifr. 
Author ol " Tlie Hu([iiiriiig« of ttie (jnkk«r«, Ac," ftod otber 

An Answer to Prodoriok Oade. l7iB. — Query, whother printod t 

GUTHRIE, Willifim, a miHceUanaoua writer, was bora at 
Bric/im, in the County of Aii'nvi, in 1708, and educated 
at Kinf/'t CiiUf'je, AbfTiUen. From theuce he removed U> 
Louilou. where tiQ w&a employed in coiapiUu); Parlia- 
mentary debateB ; and, among other workit, pubUflhed a 
Hiitory of the Puerftge ; A OcucriJ History of th« World, 
18 vok. ; a History of Euglaiid, S voIh. fol., and the 
popular " Geograpbioal Grummar," thoiiKb thin laHt ia 
said to hare been written by Knox, the hookneUer. Bctiidaa 
theae ho translated QuintiUiau, 2 vols. 8vo. ; Cioero'a 
OfKc«B; and CiMro's Epistlos to Atttcus. His other 
works are. The Friends, a novel, 2 voh;. ; and Romarks 
on English Tragedy, 8vo. He had a pension from 
Government, and died in 1770. — Gfi. Buy. Diet. 

A Now QwfiTapIiical, HiHtorical and Commercial Ohammui ; 
and PrCHCnt State of tlie Beveral KxNUDOkia or thb World, 
CoDtaininf;, I. The Figures, Hotioua, and Distances of 
therinnctfi.— n. A general View of the Earth.— HI. The 
grand Divisions of the Globe into Laud and Water, Con- 
tin^otfi and I^landK. — IV. The Situntigus luid Extent of 
Em{>ire8, Ac. — V. Their Climate, Air, Soil, Ac. — VL 
The Birds and Itcasts peculiar to each Country. — VU, 
Obfiervationa on the Changes that have buen any where 
observed upon the Face ef Natnn' Hiuoo liio raort early 
Periods of History. — VIII. The History and Origin ct 
Natiotia: tlieir Forms of Gov«nmient, ReUgion, Laws, 
Ac— IX. The Genius, Manners. CuKtoms, and Habits 
of (he People. — X. Their Language, Learning, ic. — X.I. 
The Chief Cities, Structures, lluins, and artificial Curjoei- 
tic*. — XII. The Longitude, Latitude, Beariiigii, and 
DiataaedH of principal Places from London. To which 
an add«d, I. A Gii»(taAi-iiiCAL Indsx, ko. tl. A Taolm 
of tha CoiKit of all Nations, and their value in Emuumi 
Homiv. III. A Ciiftomii-ixiicAi. Tahlx of reiuarkablo 
EveDls from th« Creation to the prcaeat Time. QiuE- 




GUTHBIE, William,— conrintwtJ. 

Iratt'd witb A New and Correct Set of Map", V,afxmA 
by Mr. Kitchiii, Geograplier. The Fodbth EotTiOir. iOB- 
pTOved and enlnrged ; Ac. 

Lonrfon : I'rinted jar J. Knox, No. 148, near Som^nH 
House, m tJi* Slrand. .... 8vo. 1774. 

)CotA.^TIiU mrtL la ampema si bmt and Ma ignwamiaH MDOonUf 
rhcudi tai Uiilc iirlnil|ilH. ■■• p, 19M. 


H., F. — See FsAKas IIioqdiso!!. 
' H., H.^ — 8ee Hxnocb Uowkt. 
H.f J, — See JoiiK Humvucit. 


The CHiRACTEB of a QUAKER In iiia traa ftnd proper 

Coloors : or, the Clownish Hypooriie AjaftlomiMd. — 
LiceuBed and Entred according; to Order. 

London, I'iinUdJor T. EygUtfietii. . . 4to. 1871. 

HUDTABD, Tlomu. of Limion. An Attornoj. 

■— 7bo LIBELLER Charoctorii'd br bin oim Rand, in Aimnm b> 
a Scnrrlloiu Pamphlet, latltiilod, C^i tf^ulii b( ■ ^nikir, 

iVt. PrieUd in Uw ftM, I6TI. 


^^~ Plch Ui.tka or tlio Srcond Past of the CharacUir of a 
QUAKEB vitfa Rvflectious on a Pittifd Shoot, Pnteadwl 
to bo an Answer to the Former. 

lAWiton, Prialtii, and art to bt told by (A* Boofadbn of 
iMTuitm, or eUfieluTf .... 4to. Ili?2. 

BACKET, John, an Enfjlijtli PrC'Iati>, wa« bora in I^nJoa in 1693. 
H« WM edncuU'd nt Wfuminftrr-ifliool, from wheooo bo 
removed to Tntiitt/Collfgr, Vamhridiii, where ho obtained 
S fellowHliip, and nTotc a Latin plajr called " Loyola," 
which WM acted before James I. On entering into orders 
be became Cbaploia (o the Lord Keeper WilUams, Bishop 




HAOKET, Jiihn.—eo7Uhutd. 

of TAnetiln. In 1028 he was appointed Cbaplain to tba 
Kiag, and Prelieudary of IJiu-oln. The next year ho was 
pretioutod to the Keotory of Si. JmlTfin, Holbom, with 
whidt be hell! that of Cheam, in Surrey. He took liis 
Dootor'6 De^ie in 1(>2R, and iu 1031 wits made Aroh- 
deMUOit of lifd/nrd. In l(H\ he. made it Kpt^euh bofore the 
Honnc of Lords, ugainet taking nwny Dofttie ntid Ghftpten!, 
for which t)io King nominated him to a ResidtntiBrj-Bliip 
of St. Paul's. He was, however, deprived of this, oaA aleo 
of the Living of St. AndTnt-'g, in the Rcbi'Uion. Alter the 
Refttoratioa he was made Bishop of Liehjifid ; which Ca- 
thedral he nearly rebuilt, partly at his own expense, and 
partly by enbecription. He also gave several benefactions 
to the Vnivertiiy of CambritUif. Biehop Hacket died at 
Ueh/Uld, Oct. 21, 1670. aged about TSyears. His works 
an — 1. A Century of Sermons. 2. The Life of Aroh* 
lliahop Williams ; both in Folio, — LiU by Dr. Plunte. 

A Bermon preached at Polc&worth about 1608 7 Query, 
whether printed ? 

BABRIS. ChoiloB. o( ni^h-ifycnnib'; Biiekinghamtklrt. 

— Tho Woou amlor Sbcops-Clolluiig l>iiica\&r<iil : or Uin Spirit nf 
Cixin, aii|!e4hiig iu lli« BLHbop nl l.iifhliftit, Ropmrnil. A* 
hntatter is nuffiuii'iitly miiiiifvslvi] by lb<> Fniiln of Iiis Scr- 
moQ >t PoUneorth ia Warviduhirr. PiiblUhi^ tar th« 
benefit of tbe people is Uioee P«tt*. by ii lomr of Ihuir ha- 
■norUl Soola, ChaTUi llarrit. [INurl b; Wiluau lUntus the 

4to. Printed in thr y/ar, IMP, 9 

IIAGGAR, Uonry, was sonte time Minister at Siajf'ord and 
wrote a piece, called. The /uunda lion of tht fmit dUcovered; 
which was answered by Mr. Houghton. He is mentioned 
by Mr- Dtimt, in hi* preface to the two publick disputa- 
tions between Dr. Gitnt<in'j and himself, as one who had 
teBtifiad, both by his pou and tujerinys against in/ont 
baptiani, aud \A fiuppoKod to be the person that baptized 
Mr. Dnntcrn." — Vrofhy't Hatory <tj the BajituU, vol. 8, 
pikgeSH. Svo. 1740. 

' mi Thomas Pollaud. — Tho Holy Scriptures clearing itsdf 
oC Soanclalu. 

P4RNW0ltTH, Rlchaid, o( Batby in YitMire. 

TLv Holt ScHii^unss (rum ticuutalii am CIcHrnd, ar An Atutwar 

to S HiX'li Ml (;>rlli liy llin Hnpti/.tir" ; to w>t Hmry Haggrr 
KDd Thamat PolUrd, EutitiiloJ, Tht Hoi)/ Srnptttm tUaring 
iuttf of ScnndaU ; But i> acsuilBllnl or |)vrTuit#d, itnil 90 
MUidkhiicd by Uicin. ai in tbta iliuwoi to th«ir'a will turilinr 
Rppou. iit, — Written by a Bcrvuit of tho Lord, in tbe SUi 
MooatL, ir^G, Djr B. F. 

Xyvndan. I'titaitt foe liiln Catmrt, at tkr tign oflhtDtaek- 
tifrtiidli'inU, at lltt H'al tnd of fduh. . ' tto. ItHS. 7\ 




HAGQAB, Hoiiry, — eontinutd, 

FOX, OeMM JPImtiiier ot the 6««icitT ot Primi'lit. 

The Oreot MisTnaT of tho Groat Wlww unlolded, *c. (ji. Sfil.) 

FoUo. 1( 

He ftlflo wTot« the following,— 

-— Tbo Order of Canacfl, of 

IGods FoTO-Kaovlodgo, 
EloctioQ, and 
0/ Man* Sidfiition or Dtmnazion, 
Lwd down eo clearly, and proved so plajoly by the Scrip- 
fnres, that even the meanetit capacity amougat Ilational 
men may undorstaud it, to their great Batisfactioa, As 
also, liVf/icr Chriit Dyed J<rr Ali, or Sol /or aU. With 
tlic Cauj^es and EiTecta that may follow, or not follow; 
Bfiriously conHidi^red, lueokly controverted, and proved 
plaijily by tlie Scriptiircm of Troth ; to the great BatiafoA- 
tion of ftU Rational peoiile fe&riiig Ood. By Hsmv 
KAnn.\B, tt Servant of Chrutt, and of the ConifTfyalian of kit 
The 5th edition. 

Lojtdon, Printed /or FraneU Smith, to be tald at tht 
Etejikant and Cattla, a Uttie vilhoiU TempU Ham. 

4to. 16l>9. 8 

HALL, Ralph, of lAmciuliim. 

— QVAKERS Priuciiilca Qualdng: or. Pretended Ijgjit 

f roved DarknGSH. and FiTfectiouH found to he greatest 
mporfectious. lu an answer to a written Piptf, gab- 
Bcribed with the Name of Thomas Holmx, and aoMeni 
through the Coinitry about lArrrjiaol in Landuhire. Hod- 
wtly propoimdod by llaljih Hall, an affootionato Lover of 
Truth, Admirer of eittccro Saving Light, anient ddirar 
of perfection. (With lui Epietlo " Unto tho Cfarixtiao 
Bcader," by Zatkariiih Cn^ton.) 

liotuJon : PrinUd by Jl. I. awt <ir* to b* Sold by Edm. 
PaMm\, fieer Doelort Commons, and Tho. Parkkum, 
over o/jiiiiM jhe ^tat Conduit in Cheapnil*. 4to. 165S. 

ADAUSON, WilliAiD, oi Liverpool. 

—^ An Annni to a Boole. Titlwl. Quaim Friiteiplet QiiaUmf : Sob- 
Miribeil by the name of one Jtalpli Unit, witb ma BpMtla (w 
eaUod) lo tho KMd«r, (abwnbod with Urn b»bid of tm» 
Xat}ia,Hali Croftan. A princijilo ol ilorfautiu, ikoeit. aad 
Muhuitm in Halfh H*U, and hit F«Uow-l«baiir<r In flaUuUM 
wort, Xaxhariak CrvfWi, it dLseovarad hj Uw QoakWI ^rtn- 
dpl*. wad Um Qnahm laiBeipl* deUi Mand i^ioMlbepavw 
of ilarUww, toJ all Uie bit* tviadplM ia Ite vcdij tlitn 




HALL, Ralph, — emiUnufd. 

ADAMSOM, Williftffl,— conCfnufi. 

to iliH(<(i¥0r luicl lay op«n. The Boole wm «atJ \ahti modniitl; 
propouudc-d bj- Ralph Ifjit. but iu il I tmmJ "" inany liim. 
tlaadvn uid fuUiu ucouiintioiiiii «iUi cunfimeil, nin anil 
IriTolDtii yiorit. u many of Ihrro ii not wortb lUfiitionuiB ; 

Jit. loBt tbo Author nliaiild boaat b hiii miKobiur. I nliull Iny 
ova *oiiietbiug lu \ngvei U> atiaio few of thorn, tn iwpwl 
of th« iLDmber of tiiem. 

Thf HtalhfTU are nint dovn into thf pit thai Ihry modt, i» 
(lU Sel which CAcy laid, it their ovm foot taken. 

A Mmnt to the 1e&>t in the BouHobuM of PuitL, ami Ibe 

lOMt uDongiit hifl BreUmn, nrhoH tuuae ui tbo floati id 

H'ftiuui .{(liiuuini. 

Lotukm, Printrdfor GIU* C/Uvfri, aiul am to bt iiM at 

hU tkop at the SUtek-Spreait-EagU, near lh( H'fit-end 

o/PatOi 4te. lOfiS. 

FOX. a«on^, Founder ot the Soctet]' at Frwoda. : 

Ttw Great Mitri&iofUio Great Whom onloldod, Ac {paao49). 

Folio. 1GC9. 

HALL, Thomas, B.D. A Nouconfonniet Dinne. Curate of AVht* 

SvTtoti in WtirctnterKlUrf, was boni at Woramter^ He hero " 
ncoodoil liis Brother Mr. John llall, when lio romuvcd to 
Jinynitffrorir, tuid iipphed himself in earaeet to do good to 
KKilg. His eaJtiry boing Kmall, he kopt the freo-school. 
imd continacd eingle. In the time of the Civil War, he 
waa often acctie^d. cnrsed, threatened with death, many 
Umes plundered, and 6 times imprifioned. Ue gave 
many valuable book» to the library at ISinninijham. He 
prevailed with his Parish to baild a public Library, and 
gave hie own study to it in hia life-time. He was of a freo 
and liberal heart : and when outward oomforts fitilcd. ho 
lived by faith. Iu hh last stckucHA, hia stock wae reduced 
to sixpeuoe ; but he wad eaj7, and Raid it was cnongli : 
and U proved &o, with providential additions for before it 
WM gone, several Beitlcd papers uf uinuey were sent him by 
onlcaown friends.— He died April 13, ltf65. His lifo was 
writtAo by Mr. /(. Mo<rr, — Palme's NmconformitW Mt- 
vumal, vol. 2, p. 644. 

Apologv for the Ministry, and itn Maintenanoo ; the ncceti- 
aty.^ignity, and cfGcjioy of % Goopd-MiniBtry, against 
BocbUAnB, AiutbaptiHtit, Swvnekfeldiaus, Kuthnsiants, 
Liberiioea, Quakers, uul the rest of that tont. 4to. 

Sakuu's Do«o(fau.: or, A COMMENTARY (By way of 





HALL, Thomas, — eontimi^d. 

Supplement) on t)io Five laitt Yer«6B of the "niuteeoUi 
Cliapter of HOSEA : Wherein id tct forth, 

Imjiittiti-ney, And 
Very Boitable to, sad HcnHonublo for, thorn pr^Bont Times. 
Where yoa have tho Text explained, Baodrf Coses of 
Ctmsc-ieDCo cleared, many Practical UbBervatioDS raiMd 
(with BcfereoceB to each Anthors as clear any Point mon 
mlly.) And a Synopeis or brief Character of the twenty 
Kings of l»r<ul, with some ueefol Inferences from them. 
By Thom-vs Hii-i. J3-D- and pastor of Kingnwrton. 

Thus H)JU t do fo Ihee. O Iirael. and heeiiiue I mill ilo that unto 

Ihrf, prrpart (o meet Ihy God, O Iirael. Amoi i. 19. 
dprudrnl man/ore-Mieth Ihe rvtl, and hideth hlmtelf. Pn>T.33.8. 
Eui Ckrittut it A}">*U>li minatihir /anRorotu, rf ^avittr 
rtprthmdunt rt'tl'a ; lamfrt I'ruplutanim Condonri id^n itd 
detrrrmdta mains aptiorem, if ati HmOfrm Iffi inrulratiJum 
efifatiirrM runt, quia nemper rfrtiu }'<r«a* fi<igitiowniBi ad- 
dunt, quat fvcnttit posUa oitfndit non »tuM« rimtu, Lutber. 
Mt Prii^at. ad Hoitam. 

London,, PrinUd by R. I. for Jo. Cranfifrd, at the Cattle 

and Lion in St. PauU Church-yard. 4to. IG60. 23^] 

[BritUk Miufum 460S. aaa.] 

Bepriiitcd, Bvo. 1843. 

Mot*.— Al the ooil utIUa work <■ prtoMd ■ pile* at 9o)u(iuni EHl••^^d■l 
lAEh of IVlh Tnnnib. lAAtt- t& nfmoM la irfalab tiM Antbor lA^ " Ibvliic 
febrirnl iH^nrn ihat IrrtitniJoiHr Ia dmdMI* • InfniiuHt of votfM li4l» 
■lint ipimviauif i I iWl Bs* glK juD ta lB*«im at tb* laiatea. 
Anuchr' <uiEi yiuphibij ot «ir Umta. Tba bu« f«4UH til Uuh aiiiriil. 
tfUulvH rvnpblat, u C&BfuulUiD *qflJfllmL"''lA (b« Ibdu. (JiutH< 
bow VUn. p. IM. 

HALLET, Joseph, of ChetUbormuih in Somemltkirt, waa boni ei 
liridport, iu Pameiihirr. He had no TTniTCTKity cdiicatiou, 
bnt hy bin own imluslry be arrivfld at a oonBidcrablo 
m^anuro of learning. He was an accompliidicd critic in 
tho Ilfl/rnr and Greek toQguei, and an oxcvUi^Dt Divin«. 
In the time of the Oiril Wars ho was miniutor of //tniirn 
St. Gforyf in this County (Bomenet). Prom thcnoo horo- 
moved to this place, where he continued his ministry (ill 
the fntal ll'irtlwli-tai-ic. After that ho retired to liridfion, 
and Uved a while in the honi^o of his wife's lather, and then 
in one of his own in a neighbouring parish called BradpoU. 
vhare he preached several years. At length be was oalled 
to be Pastor to a Conf^egation of Disacnters at F.reter, 
where be exercised his ministry till hi> death. U« was 
twice in the Southgate Prison for hi* Honooaformitv. — He 
died MatcA U, 1688; [Ho mu tliu fothoi of Mr. 'JoMph 



HALLRT. Joseph,— ooniiniwrf. 

IX&Uet, vho wae colleague with Mr. Fierce of Exeter, and 
the Author of many valuable writings,] Works, — Sovend 
Hermona on Christ's Ascension into licmven- — Some m- 
cribe to him, 27 <iaeri6s to the Qoakere. — Palnur'i Nonc*m- 
farmitu' Mtmorial, Vol. 2. p. 8&6. 

■ Tvraty BOTen QucriOB. 

Netb— TbiM SI <lBorlM ua iidDlnl In Um BopI; u Mloai^— 

OAHNAOLtPF, John. Mid Jonrn Norr. ot Exeter. 

Uo*mil TniLlm SeilptnrnUj nuortcd : in ANSWEB to |aitp^ 

•allill'i Twuoly Huvun Queric*. Hy Ja|{<t AniiBAclifl luul 
JexBti Hall. 
Prinitd, and mid hy T. Smelt at Iht Crookd-BilM, in 
UotyveU-Lant, in Shoniitth. ... 4to. 1S93. 

[lYWELL, Henry, VJoar of Cov/nlA in Siuniw. 

An Account of FAHttusM as it is |lti»i&(b unS ||iDp!igal(!i by 

tbe QuAKEBs. Sbewingtho !}an<ieTniumeiii of their Tenet*. *" 
and their Ineonxulfvaj with tho PrincipIoH of C'Dmmon 
BfAmm and the Declarations of Holy Scriptur*. By Ufttry 

Lmdon : Printed/or B'aitw Kettilbif at the Hittiop't head 
in 8. PauC* ChurchYard. . . Small 8vo. 1673. 


PBini, WUlUm, Foander of Pemuyleanla. 

WtMlnm Jnatlfieil of her CliililTDn from the Ignoriuice and 

Ciilnmiiy of ;/. Hatlywtlt, in bU Booli cklled, An Artount of 
FiKiLiHM, 11/ if u Rtvivtd and I'rvpagaUd by tht QuaAnnr. 

Bji WiUiuD Faim. 

8to. pTinitd in tht Ytar, 1C73. Si 

' A DiBoorm of tho Sit of JRcason in lifattcTB of Beligton : 
SliOwing, that Ohbistianity contoinH nothing Bepngnant 
to Bight R«anou ; against Enthusiasts anil DutsTs. WriW »/ 

ten in Latin by the Beverenil Dr. Bust, late Lord Bishop 
of Ihvmore in Irtland : and Tniuslate<i into EnnUth, viOi 
jtHMtation* upon it, by Hkhuy Uallvwell. [Dedicat- 
ed to Dr. Hkkrv Mobk.] 

lanilon : PriulM by llm. HtU,*, Jun/or Walter Kettilhy 
at the Buliop't-Head in St, Paul's Ckarch-Xard. 

4to. 1683. 11 
i Excn-i-KKCY of Moral Tektue. from the Serious Exhort- 
ation of St. Paul to the Practice of it. In Herenil Dif. 
connM npon Phil. A. 6. To which is added, A pistonrsi 
fff Siiumt|[. from John i. 47- By Hxmkv Hau,ywxu^ 
Vicar of Onefold, in S\t*ifx. 

London, Prinud for jfsnui 2lbam«ni, at the Aw/el and 

Omen in Hi. Paufa ChitrcHYard, Snudl 8ro. lt««. Hi 



UAHBUnO, Ministen of 

^— Tlio Quakers Abomination, given forth by the Ministon of 
Hamburg. (Id Dutch) 

Mow.— TMiwDitliMtotwiBaiaa* folia Datib Telimo la Ua BiUiA 

CATON, TCiDiun, of Laiteaikire. 

,Qlt *!tt 9liirt«t itbctitt.^Tha Antimt Tmth trtalted;or tbe 

IbDoociicy of the Chiii^tlon Quakers Mimift'Mvd. KUr] the 
Tratb ol thoit Writinga Jiutiflod : In Aniwut to a, M»boious 
Book iDtitdod. Tho Quakers Abimunatioa, gimn fottb by 
Uio MiiiiBtrra c( Uaniimrg. 

410. K« i»,ta, 

HAMILTON, John, of J>tiA. Hia atteetatioa to John Alexas- 
dor'H " Jefiuitioo Quakerism, &a." 

•^—."liy Lord Biahop of Fdiabarnh haiinf; appointed me to 
revitiw and ez&mine & Book compiled by Mr. John AUx- 
mder, kc" , 4tO. 1679. 

8m Jod AuuMMm. 

HAMMETT, John, of N>wpon, liho-lf-Ithmd. formerly of Uu 
BaptiHt Communion, from which ho withdrew and joiDod 
Friends. — 8eo under hie name in my "Oatalogna of 
Friends' Books," vol. 1, page 008. 

Tbe Baf^ism of Water plainly proved to be & eoimnaod of 

Jenui Ohrist, and to bo Btill in foroo. 

WILEINSOK. Williiim. of RhaJtUland. 

Tbo Hxmtn at the Sslu Ss'xtix, vitboat Elomrataij Water, 

DOBoaatntinl; Ptot^ to bo TAt Tnu Itaiittrm of Chriii. 
1b antwar lo K Book iiDbiicriboiI bj J<ihn ISummrtt.ct Nr»- 
poiit In BhoOtl'tanil. intitnlnit. " Tftc P.i/i(i™> i^ WaUr 
plaiMhl ftOttJ to b< a faiiunaiui of Jtmi Chriit, WM W to 

itmufant." B7 W1U.1XM WiLUKaugr. [Wilb a Pi«Jm» 
bjr Liwrou) UournKT.} 

LoNifon : Frinttd and lold bu the Auiant nf J, SovU, at 
Ou BibU in Otorffe-yani, LanAaril-Scrtet. S*o. 1T18. 

HAMMOND, Bnmnpl, of WfmeantUi-ufinti-Tyn^, St. yicknha, «H 
educated at Kiaii't Uoli., CamhiiVix. Ho wan bom in York. 
At th« Univ<?rvitT ho was Servitor to that eminent Bc^nw 
l*rofa«eor of Divinity, Dr. S. CollinJt, who heartily lorcd 
a wit, and could not endoro a doll genius about him. 
By the Karl of M'lnthflrr't interest he at length obtftined 
a Fellowehip in M<i{j<lfil*m ColUff«, and waa an htmj in- 
Htrumeut in reforming and nusins that booiety. Ha btA 
many pnpUs, eeveral of whom were afterwards of giert 
rei)ute both in Church and state. He be^au to pruwh 
in tbe neighbouring Church of St. OUa, with such pioas 
zeal, pungency, and ChriatiaD osperittoee, tliat his 
suuiirtry wan attended by pcntuiut Imu DlU porttf of tbe 





HAMUOND, Samuel,— conttriux^. 

town, and from Uio moat dlaUnt fioUeggBa ; and it «as 
crowned with tlio convorsion of eom» nwros (l^r. ^f<in- 
eli^uya eome biindredH) of ooliulani. It wam tiio goaoral 
opinioo, that there was nut * more convinoing oad 
BBCCWifiil miaut«r in CamhriiL/e, frvm thu timo of Mr. 
ffiUiam I'frkia/, thdD he wus. Hu wim dntwD from heoca 
by Sir Arthir ll-uUrifigit, with whom ha wont Chaplaiu' 
into th« North. There ho whs at firet Minister at iiUhup- 
Wtartmoath, and from thenoe wa« invited by the mem* 
htm of Vt. Jeu'iumi't Ohnrob at St. Nichohu't m Xne- 
etutU, to assist the Or. who was disabled, with a design to 
cbnse him Paator upon the Or.'e decease. But ho (for 
Bome reasons) not chuaing that, continued oulj: lecturer 
there till nomo time after the Restoration. He was thou 
invited by a Society of Morohants to be their Preacher at 
Ilamlaiiyh ; bat tbeJr Charter hoinK in a little time to be 
rcuowed and oonfirmed, the Lord Chancellor Hi/itf would 
by no means pass it till Hi. Hammond, who wonld not 
nco the ritoa and ooromonios of the Church of Knylauil, 
waa dismissed. So that ni)ou tho coming of a new Prosi- 
imii thither, he waH not suffered to preach there any 
IBOxOi because of bis Nouconformity. lie removed &om 
Umtod to Storkholm, the Capital of Siteikn, where one 
Mr. Citlrr, a Merchant from Ijimdan, van very kind to 
him. From theiice he weut to Danlziek, for a few mouths. 
Bat Knglaiid was the place of his dcsiroH, and httlicr bo 
rotonied in tho year 1665, and tooh np bis abode at 
Hockmtjf amongst some Merchants, with whom he had 
ben abroad ; and there ho preached occasionally, in hia 
own and other famihos, and there ho died, in the year 
1666. Ho was muvcreally reputed one of the most 
teamed men, and best Proachors in the North ; and was 
highly valued by those foreignera whom be conversed 
with in his travels. — I'alnifr'ii yoncottfurmitU' Mfmuriat, 
vol. 2, p. 266. 

and Tboius Weij) and others, — Tbo Perfect Pharisee, 
onder Uoxxisu UoUnesse, &c. 

4to. OaUsidt, priHttd, IGBS. 
4tO. Londvn, 16M, 

■ and TuoHis Weld and others, — A Further Dificovory of 
that generation of l^len called Quakers : by way of Ki-ply 
to ao Answer of James Nayler to the Perfect Pharisee, Jte. 

4to, GaUfiiU, prinled, 16C-1. 

' and Thomas Wkld. — A false Jew, &o. 

Hdto.— WriUni «rr» t>» Ottunmj at ■ Hcnf. *tia SnI ifKi^i* to N • 
)f*. ind ItaB * lit t W. ud ■■• loEod k (ImU. 







HAMiTOND, Samud,— «mftrtu«(i. 

The QitAKKBS HouBK Built iijion the Sftnd, or, A DlBcovery 

of the daiiimibleueMMe of tlieir pcruicioiis Dootruiiiit. With 
a Waruiiig to the People of Qoi, Hud oil olbura tliat 
tender the a&lvution of tlicir imniortnl nuiiles, to biiild 
upon the Bocko Christ 3ma», nud liiu BigIit€oii6ne8Be, to 
oon&rm the Faith onco delivered to the Saints. la 
Answer to n RayliDj; Pnaipfalct, lately put forth bj 
Gbohok Whitbbicad. This in pnbliHbod for the Reeniiii^ 
of the Saints, keeping others out of the Bnaro, and (u 
poesiblc) the reducing eome of those th&t have been 
Mdnccd by their DeBtmctive Principles. By the unwoiihy- 
est of the Labourers in the Lords Vineyard, and Teacher 
to a Church of Christ, Samuel Hammond, 

Qat*At«A, frinted by Slrpken BuiUey. . . Ito. 1058. 

HUBBBKTHOBH, Biohud, ol YrOand in LartcatJarr. 

TLa(Jiink«r'«BoiiMBnill iij^n tbpBockCliriiil.ivliorcioDalthn 

Uirir D(K>lriu««, t'rmciplct, uor I'rrurtJOM CHl be contnuidadt 
tiijiditrrtiTiid ; Iwiag ncitlivi dcanunblo, nor panmaiia. As 
Samuel Itamnumd b&tb Ulily nfflnDcd In bI* Book called, 
The QuaiUn Uotue iiuitl u/ioii Iht .S'liiicf, etc. 

4u. iVo Friiitfr't nnnw or plaet, [Bbont 1GS9.J 

POX, (Hotgt, Foundor ol the Society of ('riandi. 

— Tbo (iroat Uistbbt oI Ui* Urent Wliura unfoliled, Ite. [itsfi 183]. 

VoUo. 16S9. 

HABBIS, Francis, Cnntte of DMurit ia Glouenurthirt, vhen 
ho vae ejected in 16Q2. 

. Some QUERIES [Twenty eight] Proposod to Uw Con- 

aideration of the Grand Proposers of Queries, the QouBSs; 
aa also To all the Lord's people in this Nation, which, if 
rightly coaaidered, way be as a BtinoTa, or stop, to pre- 
vent their falling into thome snares and (nt>iu)d]en 
Teueuta of the people called Quahm: wherein itiAity 
through want of Juogemcot and cuntiidcration are en- 
tangled. And which, if ttobcrly annwored, will occasioa 
a further discovery of Truth, againrt their dangeroos. and 
destructive Opinions and Tencnte. Propoeed by Fran. 
Jiarrii, a Servant of Jrtit* C'hTi»t, 

Jjandan, I'rinUdJor Hniry t'lfUhtr, at tht three gilt Cvpt 
in the Stv buiUtingt nrar Ikt tt'nt end of Patiu. 

410. 165S. 
KATLEB, Juaei. ol ArOetloe atmx WalteJMd. 

— — Aa AxHwtii to TiiftitT<Eiplit Qnrriva Sent oatb; Fran^ BarrU 

to thoM poopto Lo calla Qtuulirrt • Whcnin hia Spirit U 
tiTed, to bo nf/aUAiy to Lliitt Bjnill ilial wa* iDkll lbs CbUd- 
no ol Light, by bU uws «tutil» uul lalaUibl* proof: bm 




HABRIS, Francis, — cnntimifd. 

KAXLEB. Jamoa.^rimlinufd. 

>UoiUr« lii>iiiK roiuovcd, hla Qii«rio> ore croondlnM: and m 

ttio Imtb ClfiiLil. in Ihe light ul tbo Icut ul tbo Lord'i 

I*i<uptti. Writt(<Q in ihc dffi^TiH! of tlio Trath : mad tot Um 

IrerinKlbc Iiriuliu ovi ol tlio hotiii at tho .Kffypli/in. — J.N, 

Lmiiion, PriMrilfitr (Hii-ii (%xlfrrt, und art tuttr toUlitl hit 

Shcrji, at tht iUatk .S]ir«id EagU men tht Wcil-ead of 

I'autt, himtloa, ito. 16U. 

FOX, G«oni<<. Komider of tbo Society of Friemli. 

Tbe Ur«itl Mihteux ot the Ureiit Wbuin nofolilod, la. (j*ao M) 

Folio. 1669. 

HARRIS (Mr.) of ToUalnirt/ ne«r Mahhn, E*wx. 

A Lkttrh to Uie Author of a Iiatb PAm-autT, cntitlod, A 

Letter to the Right Bevoivnd tlio Lord Biuhop of Lundos: 
occuioned hy Ui^putiug with a Quaker. 

I/onJon: I'rintrdfur J. Rob*rU,ntar tiieOi^ord-Ann»,in 
Warmrk-Lan^ 8to. 1787. 

Sea AsDHTBoniL 

HARTOY, Audrew, of tluhUn. 

— Tbe QuAKKKH Dfitftctod : or, a Certain Fobgerv DiBoovorod. 
Beiu^ ft True Bclutiou of a late Diepate wbicli buppened 
in SkinneT'*:lll.-i/, betwoon a Baptist and some of the 
People o&Ilod (Juakers : Whereby a Paper lately Printed 
Mid Intituled, An Exact Noirative, Ac. is piovad to be a 
True ConntcTfeit. 

Dttiiin ; Printed by S. Poitelt, at lA* Sign <^tkt Printing- 
Preu in Cupper- Alley, near Cork-Hill. Svo. 1723. 



' An Exact Narrativo of the most material Passages in a 
late Dispute in Skinnn-'t-AUfy, between OmtiM SdanriU 
Baptist, John SUi'idart Quaker, Jot^'h OiU his Assistatit, 
PMriek Fenton, William Duvf-r Moderators, which happen- 
ed lOtb Septfwber 1722, as taken inCharaotera, traDscrlbed 
and attested by Amirrui Harvey. — &o. 

HA^VEIS, Thomas, an English Divine, was bora at Truro, in 
Cermtall, about 173<l. He nerred Ms time to an Apoth- 
eeary, but afterwards went to Camhridgn, where he took 
the degree uf Bachelor of Laws. On entering into orders 
he bcoiune aiJHiKtout to Mr. Msdan at the Lock Chapel, on 
vbom TOOommendation he accepted tho presentation tO 
Uh Roetory of AU-!iaini>, Aldtcinklf, in Norlhampli-riMrt, 
upon an impUcd promise of rvsignatioD ; but wfaeo Um 
time cspircd, ho refused to give up the living, wfaicli 
oocaeioued much censure on tbe Calviuistic Metbodiste. 


HAWEIB, Thonifts,— confinjM(f. 

At lust the Cotintosa of Huntingdon compromised tlio 
alTair, and liur Cliapkin hM the liviug to Ids death. 
That Lady bIeo eutniNteJ him with the uiauagement of 
hur chapuli^ and the Beniinary which xho had fouudcd for 
tho rdiicntion of yonng studeals in diviuity. WIk-h the 
MiHvioDftry Society was formed, he ftlKO took the lead iu 
its diivction, and obtained n doctor'u degree from Scot- 
land, lie died in 1820. — OmU Magaiine. 

^^— AnlmpflrtiBl and Succinct History of the Rise, Deolpneion, 
and lU'viviil of the Church of CJiriet ; from the iiirtb of 
our Saviour to the Preocnt Time. With Faithful Charac- 
ters of tho Priiicip&l Pemon&ceB, Ancieut ami Modem. 
IJy the Itev. T. Htiwois, L.L.B. A M.D., Chaplain to the 
late Coiuitess of lluiitiugdun, and Bector of All Saints, 
Aldwinokle, NorthamrtouBhire. Iu Three Volumes. 
Vol. I. 

London : PrinUdfor J, Mnirman, {Sui^rcMor to Mr. Dilly,) 
in Iha I'uuUry : Sold ahn hy T. Cha/nnoH, h'l^t-Stnt^ 
T, OilUt, I'rinUr, Salubunj-S^uirt. 8vO. 1800. 

BBVAN, JoBcjik (}iiin«y. htA tb« toUovinR aot« printed mt a flj iMf 
and uiHrted in liiii " Bufatatiuu of eumu of tht- muiu niudani 
minnrtMnitBtiocii ol Prii'sda." piiutod. IBHO.— 

"Btncetllia Krfatntion real to Picu, it Viork intillisd, 'A 
Kew iind Inipiirtiiil Uiitory nl tho Clmroh ol Chriit,' by T. 
Hawciii. ha* maiM to tb n di'IIki ol tlis Antltoi : who tftluM 
tbiii opportuiiit; o[ rpmuking, tlint lie appriilwnila tliar* wiD 
ba Tonuil iu Uio lottuvlti^ p%^, an luitwnr lor M nmeh ol 
Ihal butfk M eootaina vmaMoiu MiarttoM nqwolbiii lb« 
Sucl'.'ly fl Friondi: inott o( tlia geonnl Obu^M oIT. Bjimit, 
ORuiuvt tbo tarty memWn oF tlnl Smlitty, Mtag plaiiniatif 
or virtually diDCHsBnl oaclrr toiao (mo or mere of the btaiLi, 
into vhiali tMi puopblot u tliTidod. 3Sd Ut Moalli, 1800." 

BAWOnm. WilUun, of St. John'* CofUgt, Catnbridije. Hfi VU 
wcU akilled iu the three le&med laufniaft^s, IaUui, Oreek, 
and HebrfiP. After his ejectment from St. I'tiar't Churrk, 
St. Atbatu, he was upon a certain occaHion dcKirod to 
|maeh a fitnsr&l aennon, t>nt was hlndcrtd. Whcronpon 
the eDnKregfttion went to tho clofatera in tlio Abb*?. In 
BoarnuMi-tiine the soldien came in to take him ; and one of 
tbe bMr«n inlerpomaR to prart^nt it, was shot to decih. 
Mr. Hauorih was tried at tho Atuzos on this account, ud 
■KM at laat ddivend, but fined ; while the aoidier eaeaped 
free. Ho Jived aft^^rmrds for 20 years n-ith a ccuRiega- 
tion at lieiljortl. — I'aimtr't yvncwjormviW Memorial, vol. 
2,.p. 10. 




IIAWOBTII, WiUiftm,— ooiKtnurt*. 

The Quaker Converted to Chrisfiiuiit;, fto. 

\ I of Pool In J: 
) I > Justioo of 

D<or*«i4hir*, attar o( Loiutim. 


CfiOOK, Jobu, } I > Justioo of IVoM in BritfaTdthirt. 

BvbtUion Rebukf d : in aa Auwwer to a Saandulooa Fuapblcit, 

eutitlcd, Tht QniLkcr conrerttd to Ohiistiuuly. >t>s. Written 
try oDo Wii,i,uu IliiwonTit. lU) Indtfendrni-Pnaxhin ia 
HiiiironuoiiKK, and \Yiixiau DiumitLB.BYoiuicmaDmilio 
Tomi ot Iloittoi^, a Ptafcuor, nnd u nearer of tbo lajd W. 
n. /(]( thf t'rifnilt !>/ TVutA, irftii iriifc if« f VnjijifTifji in yVu* 
Z«c« 10 IV 5i)ul< o/aU FwpU. Jolin Crook. William Bayly. 

4lo. Friauit in Eb( ftiir. 1673. 7 
BqrinM 111 W. Bayly's Wotka, rafle 098. 

TfaetffnakiT (Tonbnfcb lo ffbriatiniiitg, Rft-estaWifihed, Upon 

tbe Bamc, Kiiri>. mifi'. una only Foil tidnt ion, .7™ii Chriit 
eraf.iAtii, nnil litK Rij^-lileousneftB tmputud for Justifiention : 
HnviuKj-ft numindto change tho BwoetftiiileiisieYoko of 
CnmsT'a 0'>«pkl, for the Old Coreauit- Yulie of Qcakeiuku ; 
or, A full RspLT to a Book eutitulod, lUMUon ruhukrd, 
writtea by JoAw Crook and William liaih/, both in tho 
Uini«tiy among the Quakers. Written by WnxiAU 
HawoBTH, a Contender for the Faith once delivorod to 
tlie Saints. With an Acoouiit from Wiluam Dikssu^, 
ibe Pereon bo frequently mentioned in tbifl Treatise. 
London, PrinUd for Jonathan Jtabiiuon, at the Gol<Utt 

LAon in Paid* Chureh-yard. 4to. Anjio, Dain,iSTU 22^ 

TATLOB, ObriitophoT, <d tt'allham-Abbff/ in Eitte. 

A Falthrul aii<l Tnio WITNESS tn Ibo LUiHT ot Jomta Obrint 

or Wnr>l <>f Faitlt wjllilu. in tho il«art nuit Coiianinnco. — Alao 
a PuHtkCript in Hiixwur ki Homebiutu LyoHaii.! ItnllecUouiioatt 
Vifoa WD by IFitliam Itawarlh, au Indrpendenl Frfoehtr, 

4tO. Prinlfd in thi Kntr, 1675. 9 

•— An Antidoto A^inst that Poysonotts and Fundamental 
OJTOr of tho QualwrO, dmyiny thf iniru' Nunmietd iru-o and 
real Manhood nf Jrxiu Vhiixt in ilravm, a jilaee rrmntt from 
tht F,arth. In Two Sonuoiu prcaoboci at Uor^ford, Bj 
"W. IL Chrutopbilos. 
London, Prints for JonMhaa Sobkuoa, at tSt GoUat- 

Ljfon m St. Paul'* dmrAnard. . . . Ito. I676> 6 

BATLT, WUIInb, and Josx Crook. 

Th* CiiosTKatBiT CoKtEsr PiBCOTBRBC, Of WiUiam Uateorlh't 

Booh, entitaloii |Tba tjunkirr Coni'erird lo Chriilioiiitg tt- 
<ttahlithi:d\ KvIuU'd, Wbvnuii tus •bmud AsMrtiou, vit, 
Tbat our I uvqJ Hi^lcousBftV ooaisiita id Uitt Clilta mil 



HAWORTH, WiUiam,— f»n(ifHi.!.i. 

BAYLY, Wniiiun, uii Jobh Cnonc,— cantlRivil. 

V«rtaeg whiob tho Spirit of Qod wnrlw In onr Mind*, Ac, m 
muiikiited. Tiie Doctrine of JiiHliflf-alUHi hy a Ki^taonii- 
nesH ffliuUy vrithuiil U9. Huiuiitu'd. Hia neVHrul ArtftknionU 
tojiiovo tLi? Qrit EiniuitB in tbo Uturt to Kvil to ho ib« Sim 
of Uii<7i>iixtiitiuK Vvii-inti, \iiivvTe-L Ami Iiih 'iu%'vr>i! Soofftf ^ 
Folirhiiioiin, SluDitori, Coiitriulictioiu KUd Ciinfiiiiiaiu. in tba 
•aid Book. Bupmontod. Sy John Cri>ak nad IVillUBi Baul't- 
AUo an Anawcr t» the Puitompt at tlio Ewl of Wiliiam 
Hainrlh'g wickiul pamphlet oallod An AntidvU, Aa. Df C. T. 
[Cbubtofbbb TtnoB-J 

1lU>. No PrintfT'i mum or plae*, CU7G-) 

Wnxiuf B*Ti.i his BEPLT to William Hnwortb'i Latter Part ot 

hii tiuatier Convtrud Jtetiiabliiivi. And alio, a few Worii 
in Bspl; to Wu-lus Dimuixlk. Ity H'lJituni Hayly. 

4ta. FrinUil in thir Yf*r. I0TR. 

lf<4*'"Thli !• Win. lUjrlj^ part nilj <if the birv^pilnjt, rvprlnud m ■« Id b« 
plMad la hli Wuta, faamUHlafl at |ra^ 746 torn* »i4» of vkMh bai* 

- ArnHiirvKRBioNB npon n Into Qcibmno LIBEL from the 
Hartford QnAkom, Killed, J 7'fMinumy /or tiit Mnn Chriit 
Jtsiu. Dcmonstrutiug, That it is not tho Bamo trae and 
tval Man Christ Jcsiie that they give Testimony onto, bnt 
another faleo and fcignt'd Jeans : or, A fresii and faller 
itruught ot the same Autidote. agaitiat the PoyeoQ preeen- 
tod iu the Whorea Golden cop. By Wii^. Hawuuth. 

■Ito. Prinli<d in Uu Seemth Month, 1676. 
{Dnt. Mum. 5^) 

THOMAS. Birhard. \ 

l^UMSTKD. Edward, Jbbt., 
BUTT, Abrabam, 
HABTIN. Biohard. 
BTODT, H™i7. 
STOUT, Mary, 

ot Berijatd. 

- Tb« TK«n)i«NTnt the B«rtr':<nl Qnak«r« (»r the Man Cliritt Jmn, 
Tindicatvd from tho Malioirxu Slanilen. PertvrBiouH. t^oo- 
Ituiiaiu, Imprrtincnon and Idlo Quibliiu ol WiUiam 
Haaiyrth an Indfpcndmt iV^of hrr, in Lii Amiiai>vij^ioH'b oa 
thouid Tfitimnny from thr jlan/^iril (fiuiktri. u iiii[>(Tiiiico) 
bn oalU tbom. Witb a Drinf and Srrloni Rajil; by Uarjf 
Smut, to what eonccrnii hnr In H'tlUitm HnxiirlK't tonnw 
Book, Kiititiil»il, Thf (jiiak«r c<intvri/<l tn (.Tbridianity il<- 
titahlithtd, wbirb about two yMr« niiico John Crook anil 
ITilJiimi Bnyly buvp mure tolly Anivtrfd, in tbeir Book, 
entiluled. The Counlrrfrit ChritSian IfiKormd : intendsd 
beroaftor to bn publikbcd, unto abicb Tbe Sulotaocc o( thit 
Tnut vill TCtVE for an Appendix. 

4to. FritUtd in Iht tMr, ICTG. 


Jceii* of Kuar«U) uot Uio Qaaken MeeAiali. 




HAWORTH, WiUium,— confiniMtf. 

THO MAS, niohard, 

BWEETINl). Heary, 

MARTIN, Itkli^nl, of Btrtfenl. 

PLUM.STFD. Edward, 

8T0UT, Haury. 

The IndoponilBat-Ageiit, or 0*1(210111 Ilavank'i Ualiw, Ontnse. 

nnd HUhiIot ngniiiHt tha I'mpin «iUDd Quaken. (in hit UU> 
Book. Inl'ly utiloil, Jfiut 0/ Nuumitli not Ibt Qnakon 
Umiahj tiiiiakxii. 

4to. No FTinlir'$ nam* orptwr, [1677.] 

An Answer to the mdependeat Agoat, &c. Qnery, the right 
litie 7 

BTOUT. Henn-. 

BWEETINH. bcnry. 

THOMAS. Rioh&rd. 61 Htrt/ord. 

HAATIN. Uichard. 

PLDMSTBD, Edwiir.1. 

Tbe HAUdt of the InJepeadeDt-Agent titaln BebnkMt, ami lita 

Falshood Detvctcd \ Chietiy n\>'>al tli« Mku CLriM Jmiu i la 
Bejilj to bin Ajuver to a ahix't, viitiluled, Tht Imlependmt' 

i\o. Nc Prinur'i aamt, fUtct, or 4atc, 

■ tht ^luaktt Conbirttlj : or, Tbe Experimental Knavledgo of 
JeBUs Christ Orucilicd, In opposition to tho Prinaiplos of 
the Quiikm, declared ; In a Narrative of the Conversion 
of one in Harifonhhirt, who was for some Years of their 
Faith and Principle, and inclined unto them. The 
mauBcr how he was wrought oif from them by the Lord. 
And several dealings of Christ with his Spirit afterwards. 
With some things annexed for detection of their Errors 
DeluHious, and Prevention of the growth thereof. Written 
tnr Himself in hia own Worda and Phrases. Likowteo au 
Epistle Dediuntory b^ W. Hawoutu, Minister of the 
Go«pel ftt Hartford, 

London, i'rintrd /or J, Rolniutm, at tht Gotden-Lion in 
Paul') Churck-Yard. . . . . 4to. 1690. 

KnU.— Thli ruoplil't vu wrltteo bj W. P. (WnjJiir DniBuul,*ad 
rabUilHd It WiU4ia Bawdbtii, *llb bU BpliUg pnOMd. 


HATWARD, Sarali. of CoUhtiter. 
A Ljring Bcaudolous Paper. 1 G60. 

Query, the title ? 

FUBI.Y. Jolin, (uid othom, of CokhrHer. 

Tb« tfi'DiTANO: ol n Lktteii icdI to the HjuiimuTM of Ooi.- 

cnKNTER: or. D Udo uid Cry Hon t after > Bidknlou* uij 
(««u>Uliiiiii Paprr. piil forth b; a chfittinR. vickxl and dac«ii- 
(nl •romui, tbiu tuliKribai bnnnlt Siiun HATwiitn. ftc. 

tW. Priiittil in tht Itiird ilonth, 1SS6. 




HEDWOBTH, Henry, of 

•^^ Tbo SptRiT of tbo QcAKKRa Tried, Aocording to that dis- 
covery it hftth made of itself in their groat Pronhot, uid 
Patriarch GBORas i'ox, in hia Book Titled, Iho groat 
Mystery of the groat Whore, &o. In an Epietle to the eaid 
QcAKEBS, but especially to the honeet hearted arnon^ 
them. — Ac. — My a Lovor of Tnilh and Men. [Axon.] 

London, Prinud/iir Maurice Atki/u. 4to. 1678. 

VRSS. WUUun. Fowider ol Ftatuulnania. 

— The Spirit OFTHUiuVindiontediittiuiut Thatot BnitonftRiiTT; 
Onieuonalilj' Mmiifcitcd : in > Isto Mnlioioziii Libel, Intitu- 
led, The Spirit of the Qunk«i Tri/iJ. <tc. By a Friend to 
lOghUoiuntii atid Peace, W. P. 

4M. Prinud te t\e Tmt. IfiTS. 

Soprintod in hU Works, vol. 3, page VI. 

— ControverBy Ended : or, Tbo Sftntenoo pivflo by Otorye Fax 

himself a^aiuiit hintJiiilf and Party iu llic pemons of his 

AdversarifiB, rnlifiod and ^gravateil by Iv. I'fim (their 

ablcHt AdTOOOtc) eren in bin Huffing Book of the I'lni'i- 

ciKr'on (i/ 0. F. 4o. Being a defence of that lilUo Book 

Intituled, The ipirit of (hr Quakers Tryod. Hero it ia 

manifoetud ont of their Writings, that the Leading Quak- 

m do but equivocally confess the Diviniit/, and plainly 

deny the Hunuitiiiy of our Lord Jeeas Christ the Mediator 

between God and Men. aUo, from Cgt aiiS Cat SliinuitS 

u nlnlcti t^t ^ibint jganoai etunt gibi la ot^iti of l|{nB. 


IjOndan, Priiilrtljar Fraiievi Smith, at lite KleffuiHt atiil 

Ctutle near iht Bayal Kjtfhanijr in ConJtili ; and at tA« 

MBU dynjinl *hoji wilKout TrmpU-liar, , 8vo. 1673. 

I*ENN, WiUiam, PouitdCT □( Fenru]ilvanin 

^— A WwDwa-Suiirt lot ConlrovcnJo Eoded. 

Lugo tlo. S'fi lYlatrr't riamf orptaet, fISTS) 

ir«UL— a. Ridnrtb l> iil» nqwUd 01 bMm Ite Mtiua el " Tb* QMbm 
JjMhMw," M* Thonm TnoatrvM. 

HERB, Frasi, of PhUttdtlfAia > 

Ein«KurtoErk1iirunftTODd«ni GeRchnelieQenWortOotUii; 

irie Aiioh von der 0)iriKtliciIi<rii Taiifordiiong, and von dotD 
friedlidieu Reicli Cbhatii Cit^Q da« Volk wclcboo man 
Qnakcr ncunt. 

6to. Oednckt im Jahr 170O. 
(Brii.Mw. 4162. a.) 

MASON, Bciii»ialo, ot Phitadilphia, Sorlh Anurita. 

I^aiti risiiMI out ut Obhcvkity. or, a Bopiv to Pnudi tl«rf^ 

Famphlrt, intiUtid A Short ExpIicatioDot thowrlHttDvori «f 





HERB, Franz, — eoniitiufd. • 

HiSOS, Btmjaaun,— continued, 

Ood : liketriiie o( tba ObriitJaii! BaptUm, mi the PoMSablo 
Kingdom of Cliriit ftgiuiut the Fooplo ooUod Quokon. Dy 
Bonjiinim Manon. 
fliiliuUiitliia ^ I'rlntM hy Jotfjih Cnikitutak, iit JUorfcel 
SIrttt, tKtieitn Seciml aitd Third ttrefU. Sro. 1790. S 

HESLEWOOD. John. D.D. Eector of St. Olave. SvuUwark. 

A SERMON [on Isai. r.5. 8.] Preiwhed at St. Oiave South- 

mirk, Septtmher Iho 8(/i. 1700. Occasioned by tlie Re- 
cantatiou of Dr. J'lh. Sjiiri', lately a Quaker, By John 
Hcalewood. D.D. Koctor of 8l. OUvi Soiuha'urk. (With 
Dr. John Spirc't Orntiou at tho name place) PublMtd at 
thr It^ifiifil o/ lAi! Peneru <^ncc^l(^i, and tevfral otlim of 
thai ParUk. 

Dntdan, Printtd/cnr AM liaprr at th* Biack Hoy in PUtt- 

Urtft oi'tir lujaiiiitt St. Durutwu-Chttrek. 4to. 1700. 8| 

[In Dr. WiUianu't LiVary.) 

HEWIT, Peter, Sector of liinman, and Chancellor of St. Fin- 
barria, Cork, in IreUttut, 

.. A FlftiD Answer to that Part of Willi/mt Feiin'i Book af^inst 
the late Bi&Lop of Cork, wheroiu he attempts to jitutifio 
the Qnitken; aiaiii^e of Watcr-Bnptism aud tho Lord's 
Sapper; tlwvmi} thf Wi'nkariiM aiiil EntirnJ all hoM'tyBCiiotu, 
and Tt/iitinii tlirm /•articitlnrly !'a,iii hy Piujf, By Peter 
Hfwit, Sector of lUnroan, ojid Chiuicollor of St. Fin- 
barria, Cork. 
Dublin : Prinud ly Jo. Itajf in Sftwiwr-fltw, over tyamit 

iktVxoUd 8maU8vo. 1701. 91 

HIBBARD, Rev. Billy, of Sm-York. — A Minister in conneiion 
vi tit the Mclhodiats. 

Some Errors of the Quakers. laid open with plainnesa, by a 

Plain Man, and a Lover of Uonea^. 

PrinUit/or iJu.- Header. . , , December, 1808. 
Prirt R,i. 
I An Address to the Quakers : Inclnding Uio pnmphlct en* 
titled, Ekboks op tbk Quakkbs Ac. witli a pnfaco, iu which 
the Author etateii hi^ rcfteouii for vritiii^ ttio Errors ot the 
Quakers ; and with a Postscript, coutuining furthor reas- 
ons for that pablication. Br tbk Rkv. Bti.Lv Hibbabd. 

Ntw-Tork: PrintrdfoT the Author, 12d»o. 1811. (4 

HOTT. laniM, muI ttoand Tilas, — of Aumics. 

Ixrtteni to Billy I1ibbard.-««c hU book " An AddnM to Uw 

Qoakon, ka. 18U." 




W1LLX3. ThDiiiM, ol N fa-York. 

Tbe Oootrini) and PrinclplM ol the pMple «»IUd Quinu ««• 

plaintd ami VlniUcatoil ; tn x KitrLt to HililHU-il'i - Addm* 
tattle Qiuknni, laeludinx tha PMophtut entitled Emin ol 
IhA Quftknr*, it«. In -wLinh, hii icro» minoprcumUtwiiut 
lUlit OnliiiuKina uro FX(K>iMirl nnd n-fut<^d■ ByTfaonui Willla, 
Kne-i'urk: Prinui and, told bjf Samutl ft'omi, .V<i. M7, 
J>nirl SlTMt Small I2ai>. 181S. 

HICEES, Oeorge, a learned Divine, w«s born %t XotrtAam, in 
Y»Tlabire, Jnne iO, 1642. Ho bad Ids grammfttical 
edaontioD nt tbo School of North AlUrton, from whence 
ho rcmovtd to St. Johit'i CoUnjr, Oj/ord; but afterwards 
be went to Mafidatm Hail, and, in 10G4, to Ltnoln-ColU'jr, 
where he obtained n feUowship. After this he travelled, 
and at I'aris contrnctM an intimaoy with Hcmr JuateU, 
who entniHtcd to hi$ care his l''ather'B Manuscript of the 
"Codex canonum eocleeiic oniversalis." to be presented 
to the Vnirvrmly of Orford. In 1GG7 he accompaniod his 
patron, tho Hake of Landerdale, to Scatlmd, vhero b<i 
was complimented with the Uegree of Doctor of Lawn at 
St. Andrnv's, but he afterwards took tbe aamo in rt^lar 
oooTHe at Osfiird. lu IRM) he waa promottnl to a Prebend 
of Woi-catrr, iind priiHOutcd Die uune yoar to tbe Vicarage 
ot Atl-hallouii, ISirkifig. In 1888 bo became Drmi <(f War- 
ef4ttr: but at tlio Involution bo lo«t that and his other 
preferments fur not taking the Oathe. In 1C9S he waa 
oonsoorated iihliop nf Thf{ford by the N on jnring Prelates, 
who were desirous of keeping up their separation from 
the eetabliehed Church. Ho died Doc 15. 171G. Dr. 
llickcs wae a profound Divine, and particulatl; skilled 
in northern literature. — Bioy. Brill. 

- Tbe Spirit of EnthuHiajiin exorcised, in a BEltUON 
preached before the Uniri!r»ity of Oxmiu), on Act-tinnday, 
Julg 11, 1660. Bv OKoiwit HicxM, D.D., Prebendary of 
'VVorc(ist«r, and Chaplain to liia Grace the Duke of I^n- 
d«rdale. Printed at tho request of Hr. yuf-ChaneelUtr, . 
aod many otbors, who h^nrd it preached. 

Leaidon, Itinud for Waitn KftliOj/, at (A* Bukop't- 
Hea4 in St. t'auV* ehiirfk-t/ard, iidclxxx. 4to. 1680. 

' The Spirit of Eulhusiaam Exorcised : In a 8i-rmon Prracb'd 
Before lite (iiirfrntif of Qr/ortl, Ste. The Fourth Edition, 
mudi enlarged. By GKOihtx HicxKa, D.D. With two 
DuoovBsKS Occa&ioued by tliu Kew Pxopsets Pretcnsiona , 
to InspiifttiDD and Uiraclv*. Tito first The Uiatory «^ 




HICEES, George, — eontmufrl. 

Hontauiem. By a Lay- Gentleman. Tbo otlier Tht New 
Preteuden tn Pmphccy F.zomincd. By K. Si-iNciuis, a 
ftmbyter of the Clinrcll nf Engliuifl. 

Lendan, Printed Jor ttickard Sure, at Orag'i-lnn Gatf, 

in HoUinm 8to. 1709. 85 

Kala^—Thia .Vnlha In Uw Bbon wdA hth eauHnlnd titmSt, " Lat u ■ 
llul> a-atr putlmUilj MiMt opon thM Uutaagura* Ita«til» M tb* 
Qi«j*fra ji>o« br UiAlr Jii4iuU7< u^ ov OooLBBpl of IlkUU bHoiua * 
pouicrt^u Hvcl I AMDvrtibiff ■ «^<Hf*iif Mi<mU1ry toA wpiwituai Warthtp, 
*b*r*bf Ut^ pruUnA Ut»t tbb Hq^j Uboitt no&m 4o*a upon UvUr 

Mil pr«7 iij hviiit9%iou. *^<liifil ftojr n««Ml Iv ConililioD at Sn- 
&tu«- iv]ii*ii tbf J mijcl iMifiChur thaj ikt huijfiiu' IbuLr Houla lu ft ■Uufit 
UHd dtunh EnuiTinf, Hit Iha Hpl^t, ■* Umj prvInnU, HbBll luoro HimA. 

butr^ It la IsdllTirtnt iw It ■ MiD « WonM, m pntnh or ehv-" 
nt *liu H^ llul ImiatAUl* ltf««latlia 1* ft dancsmu donrint paliuUiMr 
la (nt UDDln ^ IT''—* °ir1if i^' *" •doatad Id >te Sauuiali Gua- 

not Hi PtO. BanarlrBaih* -' limm N»la nrltb VoDoac, 

Mfl^Rlstnn. ■Dil B«««t Old IVMb Of I^U H O* m»ili>-ftvi^ tW «M 

KEITH, Owirgo, (before "hh Apottaaj) 

■ Divine Immedlnte HeveUlion and bspiiMnftit Coatiiiavd Id Um 

Tn* Obnnb ; in two TrcAtiim ; Uie Finl Iwtos 4n Aii««w 
t»<ro. IT. B<tjtr, Dootot and Pn>feH«or •>( [)iriiutr iO wlM, 
•t Jena in Omaany, FabluIiAd &nl in Lkluui uid now in 
Cnolish, Tilt) Swoud beinu an biuiwdt to Qeorae Iticlu tot 
0^«i.) By O. K. 

»T0. JUinilaii. i>r<nbd <n th4 Year, 1884. U 

ICK8, IStonuB, a Preacher among the AnabaptistB. 

■ A Dui-ooDK between % fbriitSnn mh a ^iiohtr, wherein ib 
Faithfully Represented. Some of the Cheif and moet Con- 
eeiniu); Opiuioua of the Qi;akrbs ; Together with tb«ir 
Method and Matmer of Reasoning in the Defence thereof. 
JuWi»brt for (Tommon i^tntfil. By T.H. 

Itondtm : PrinUd for Hmry llilU, aiut are to be told by 
Peter Parker, at the Leg and Star /ii Ctimhil. 

8to. 1678. 6 
The 2nd edition oorrooted and amended. 8vo, 1678. 6 

—— A CoDtiniwtion of the DuLoaus botwocn ^ ft^tslian anii a 
tfnikn : wherein The truth of thoee things objected againHt 
them in the firet part are fnliy conlirm'd : Together with 
a further aooount of their perilous and pomitions crrorB, 
eoncemiug, The Person of Christ, His SattsfactioQ : 
Justification, Sanotifioation : The ministry, and Imme- 
diate Motions are in this gcoond P*kt oleeriy represented 
out of the Wrjtinga of Mome of their PrinoipiU. and most 
Approved LuikIitk. Publishi'd for the Common luforma- 
tios of Huoh UH either really um or may hti, in danger of 
twidg Inxuared and intangled by them. By 'i'hoiiuit HUkt. 
Lvltdon, Printed for i'rtrr Parker, at iht Ijnj and Sx«r 
tn CVntUU, ofcr ag«i»»t the itoyal iuxthaw^t. 

6to. 1673. 6 



HICES, Tbomiu, — »>iiiiiii(c(/. 

^^ Tlie QiiAKHR CoiiiI<^mi)(Hl out of lus own Montli : or, an 
Axswsn to Wtix. Pkn'e Booh Entituled, Rejibon agftinet 
Baiuhs. and T&uth agHUut Fiorox ; Wherein he hiitb 
«onfeiiBed, tbftt if those things object«d a^^&inst tho 
Qnaken, in two former DialogneB be true, that then a 
Quaker is qnite aootlier thing than a Chrifittan ; thst 
Uiose matters heretofore objected, were and are real truths 
»nd no fictions, is ftiily cieejed and evinced in Ihia Uiird 
Dialogue between a CUrlatiau and a Quaker. By Thwnat 

Ifondim, Printrd by II. [f. /or Prtur ParluT, and are to 
br »olH at %M S6op at llw Ool^Un-Ltij and Star OT*r 
' ' againtt the Itoyal I'sehang* in ComhUl. 8n>. 1674. 


The Qnakns App^ Akbwebbd, or a full Belation of th« 

Occasion, Progroee, and Lsene of a Meeting held in 
Barhiean, the 28th of Aninmt last past. Wherein the 
AllegAtiODB of Will'mm. Pen, in Two Books lately Pub- 
lislted by Him, aKsinst Tfiomat Hick* : were Answered and 
Disproved. And Tho. Hioks, bis Quotations out of Uto 
Qiuiken own Books, AttcKtcd. by nuverHl, m bfting ap- 
peal'd unto. rublixLud for Oommon Information. 

London, frinted/irr I'rter Parkrr, at the Lfff and Siari" 
Comhil, oner agaitat the Royal Ejvliojigir. 8vo. 1674. 

Kaw.— Tlijii book vu pnblUluJ b; WiixiiH Itimii, Dai. I>m. Tro. 
pin. Dutttui Knauis tai atm rmrr, vllta > f mf l t * bt 

H<4*. — Tli« Mlowins Title wm pnSted lo Iho nbore whtn bftand 
■I . lOKvtber ■■ Thrm DiAlogttan bct«i*«n a Cbriirtiiui and a l^slior— 

, t_|'\^ nnbi irliicli in now annaicd Tho Qiinkfin' A|>piol uinwireil. ic' 

■ ' Limdirn : Frintrd anrf art la tr mlil hy Prirr I'lirin. a( Ihf 

Ltg and Star in Ctmhil, u^uiiwl (fir Kaifal Kxthang*. 

sto. icn. 

WHITRHBAD, Ooorge, ol Orion, Wrtttnortland. 

Tb» Di»Mtii PtOKo'e, at Thnman Uicht bin Fei^Ad Dtelo|pw bo* 

tvMoi • Vhrtttian uid n ()-aaktr, jaofvi, KU UaefanUim 
Forgn?, ooiuiatiiig ot Stlf-Cvatndiouoiw.iiid abuMa agauiat 
Um Tt«Ui uid Poopla oallAd Qulwiv. Wbtrda Tto. Hiekt 
liBlfa MOSUiM (ibouRh in ED17 aiCMdAd) lil*BrnllMrlI<*ry 
Griff, !b U( Bfthjloslab PunpU«l sllUd Lifht frim tki 
Smu of Ittghlfovnifit. Bo«b«ilt tfaaj bar* boUi KotorioMl* 
eantr«diet«d Uwrnatilvei, uul «acb otbor, u hun^j eriaceiL 

410. Ptiniid In the yrar, XtnX. 




HICE8, Tlionuu!,— ronttniMvI. 

PBKN. WillUm, Foiui<l«r of Ptniui/lvitiiia. 

— BlUKaKAKliiQBt RtlLINU. Bii<lTKtiTH*||ahuttPinTt09i. CoinRAii 
Aaawr lo lli-jnc Two InlB Pniii|ih]ulS, Iiititiilnil, A Dlalosnf 
bttwtfn a Cliriatiiui ami it tinnier : uidtkd ContiiatitlUiii, t». 
by oDo Thnuuu tlUki. no AnabayUiit Temtlier, [Part Oa*. 

8*0. PrinUit, Aitno, liSTS. 

— The Ocrantdridit CliriKitmi nplwt*>l ; an.I tbn Hbai. Qc^m JTH- 
tiS«d of UucI luid Sciripturu, &c., imHi""' Tlioiuttii HlckH.— In 
Un Third Dialogue, im, 

fiTo. PrMtd tn thtj/far, 1674. 

Beptintod in hU Worlu, vol. 3, pnge MO. 



VTBST, Robert, of Drviia. 

A DKHiniBTBiTioTf in brief, of whftt I hftve noted in a Booh. la- 

tiltod. A DiiLouDK bvtwcun (I Chuibtias Ulll U QUAKKR. 
Wlieteiii ii miuiifuat that J'hnrmii llitki uid hin Con- 
(Ddornten ipenk not by the Spirit of GoJ, neither in he rulod 
tooflbing thLi Mycteryol Oodin Faith b; Ilolj'Sdnptaro.bat 
on tfao control?, Ac. 

4to. Ptintfd in tlu ijear, IGTB. 


— Tho Pride of Joritun Spoiled, ohiob MognlAad itMlf agunU the 
Lord and bia Vxoti.z. Or, A Lit'lnff Testihonv affatnxt 
Tffoiuil HicH, nii'I Mm Con/edtrattt l)amaabU llrtaif, 
r«Uu,SutitiUs. aitil Drtfil no'lid in kii Third Boak loachinft 
tkt Ught in jifun, Sen. 

(to. No PriMrr'ii imnM arptnec. [1674.] 


•^— Tha ChriitUn b QnAintn: TheQoakeraOirrusniiidoininniitnitod. 
In a t.nltiir U) n rooni worthy Pcritiu in thin City, ^ving 
luiBvt^ lo lh4 llltln Boiik litloly PiibUHhod, and now Ro- 
prlnted, tnllluleit, A IHaloijiu Iteiiri-en a Ckrhiiati <inil a 
Qaaktr. Wherconto is mlded a PoHtnorlpt lo tlio Bnodnr. 

ftfO. Uimlon, friHlfJ, 1674. 

.^ Voy. — TbMit hn vnu finplfl* of thli trHt vtlb tlu tlUa lUcfaUt iliffanal. 
vfaleh mi*, bt '■ B. B. Pbj." 


LODniNOTON, William, of Iltrtf-yrd»h!rt. 

— Tbm T»relve PogKO Prini-inlt*. or OfiHtoica, for whioh Tnootui 
HloKS hatb piibliHliHil tliv Quaier lo be do Chriiti^n, 
Swionalj eonaiderod. and pnwpntrd U> Mr. K. L.. Citiimt of 
XiMtdon. By W. L., a liover of every man vhomc conTana- 
tion i> Honcit. 

Svo. Prbtud in iht Ttar, 16T4. 

KEITH. OMTEie, (before his Apo«tMy.) 

l-VwoicATioM from the Formrias Mtd Abncea of T. IlSfU and IF. 
A'ijnn . with the tvit of hia oonfadarata Brothim of Ibc i?<ir- 
UcoK-UttUng, held LoiiifeR tho 98tb ol tha 6U1 nonth. 

S10. frinltd. 1674. 




HICKS. Tiiomae.—ftmHnufd. 

1VHITEHEAD. Oeorge, ot Orion, iParmnrtUnd. 

The Qnalcera PtKiiinGaB Detmiting PolEaoy, In Two Short 

TrMtinM. I. Tbe Flrrl in Kaaver to — Thi Qiuikirt (fvibbltt, 
— 3. Th* Steoiul, being a trriff Imji'mhnvnt >if thn forgti'f 

eonpuiyalon [ia Ihuti Qoftlnni Appral AnH«i>r»(t.i 

8to. Printtd in tht I'mt, tGI4. Si 

PBKN, WilliMflL, and Oeorgn Whitoho&d. 

The CBnistiAS Qniiin and hia Dirino Tcatimon? Ti»miiai»b 

bj Scriptnre, Bonson anil Anthorittm ; »giunrt the Injuriov* 
AllempU thai liave lioeu laUJj nutdo by novcral ^rfpirmrtw, 
vttlj MuDilVKt DeHign tn ronitor him odioanly IiieotuUtcnt 
wiUi Cliritlumity Mill Crril Sooietj. 

Fulio. PrinUd tn Ot* Ymt. IST«. IMi 

BCDTARD. ThomM, of Londmt. An Attoraay. 

The Barbiaiin-Ch«At DulMted ; or, InjUBtice Amjgnsd : b«bit a 

BHpf and Sobei Diwiuisition of the Pruoedon ot ths Ama- 
bapHili : lutp Etuotoil JudUatitTf in Batbiean, London, the 
SSth ot tho Month called Jiiinut, 1674. With *amii Qhtvt- 
Titinns Qpon thoir p'ctoiidod M«ciiuit IhorBoI. in their 
Pamphlet, term'd. The QnaluTl Apptal Atuitend. 

Hto. PHiOtd in th* Ytar, 1674. S) 

^— A Beboke to Thomas Rndyard. 

BUDTABD. Tbomu. ot Lfrndon, 

— An Akhwir to a Sc^wnkl.iTM P«p«r ot T. Hick*, tatatA. A JUhvl* 

(o T. K- &e liViUi A K-iuaxumption our fottDor ciutipUliit and 
chmrite a|[^iu>l T, Hick*. B]) a Lovtr o/ Tmth, TboiiDU 

ero. PrinUd in tht r«»r, l€H, 

His Last Legacy to the QtUkkore, 1690 ? 

VHTEEIIEAD, Ocorge, o( Onon, Wtttmoreland. 

ud oUiBt».— PoBnmt t>KT«on[I^ and Propbauft Vonnrarin; %t- 

sn^abrb. In ■ Brl*f Aononiit. 1*1. of Tho. //irjb. Ilia 
IiMt btgwy to til* Qwalim (iir«tvucl»<l.) Sndly, ot an Idle 
Ih I II HUM, lllliid. Tkt Qvaken An of ConrtMo. 

Prilttei. and told by Andmt Saycle, uI lAc CtooIuA BiUrt, 
tnBaUoaajfLaru.inShorfdilth. . . FoUo. [ICOOT] 

HIDE, Matthew, of London, for nearly Twenty years had shevn 
publio oppOBition against Friends and their Prinoiple of 
Tbe Lioht WmiM in tbeJr Pnblic Asaemblifis ohiefiy la 
and about London. The followiuK )>ook contoiun atnis ' 
And faithful Narrative of kitt lant und I>yiQK Wordii on th* 
I9tb day of 12tb Month, 167S, attuat^'d br hiH Wif« 
EliKoboth Hide and Mary Fookn— With William Pcnn"^ 
Warning " To all .lll^«ultu'<It, /'irmriifinij, and Contmtimi^ 
Oppnun of the Ukituou. Ltonr ot Jkscs d, rat CoNsa- 
ntcK, ftc. — 




HIDE, Matthew,— wrtd'nuoJ. 

PEHK, WiUism. Foundn crt FnntyhaKia. 

Suri. !imill«n to tlie Oroittid ; I>«tn( i BrUt, bat Fail^M 

SamtCinr, ul tlia DjrUg Bmbotm ot • taM Liviog Smut, 

£>Ui*l'«opleakU«dQiukan.uJ their Fkith uid Wonhtp) 
TTUEH' BiuE i AHmMd by Bfe uid Eni-WitiKwiidg, when- 
of hill Wiililow is ana. fviluhtd in llonaur la Ged. Far a 
WarniBf la Qalntalftr; and -a Coafirmalion M tJui Uaiuil- 
luarUd. With an Appendix boUi to Foa and Friendt on tbu 
oeMilon, Bjr ITUIlum ftua. 

tio. JMnint M t^ Ytar, 1676. 
Bcftfinted in bia WmIu, toL I, ptn* 711. 

EIOOINSON, Fntacis, wms educated at Emanuel Calirge, Cam- 
bridgt, until he was Mii-itvr of ArtH. Wait Mlaiiiter at 
LeiccBtw, and afterwards invit«d by thcGoviM-Douroftha 
Mafisachnselts Ba^ Cooipaoy to Xciw-Englaud. — Uo died 
in August, 1680, m the <Utrd jrear ti his a^fa- 

[HIQOINSON. FranotB, (his Son) was for a time School-Master 
ut Candirid^e ; but having attained aa mach learning aa 
iJt^t- En'jland <iO\i\A llieu afford, he was deeiroaeof visiting 
some Huropran Unirersity : and being recommended unto 
RoUrrdani, soum I^uk Marchaata, out of respect onto aa 
hopeful scholar of Nta-Kiuiland, coutributvd ooino four 
score poiuuls in Honey to assist Iiih Jnvunilu Htudim at 
LryiUtv. Afterwards ho returned to England, And Hettled 
at Kfrby-Stecm in )Y«stiiwrt.lattd, Loping to do most good 
among tho ignorant people there. But it pleased the tied 
of Heavun to [wrmit the first out-breaking of tiiat Prodi- 
gioua and Comprelieiisive Heresy Quakerum in that vei; 
plaoo ; and a Multitude of People being beicUehtd therein- 
to, it was a great nlSiotion auto this worthy man ; but it 
occasioned hiu writiug the brut Book that aver was writteu 
■gainBtthntSinkof Uloflpheiuied.Eutituled.Thfilrreligioii, 
£o. This Icarnod peritou wan the Author of a Latio 
Treatise, " D« Quinq,majrwaui liuminiiiat: De Luet Inertatai 
De Lnrf Crtata : Df Lwaiim yatura, Oratia li (iUiriit, and 
htnog Illuminated tba HoHS* of God in tliat purt of it, 
iriiar« our Lord had set bini to thine, ho wont awiky to ths 
light of Ohry, in the GSth year of his Age. — trom " Thd 
Lif« of Mr. i^xKcm Uioonraox. — In Cotton Mathtr'» Hi*' 
tory ^ Nat-EngUmd, iioob, III. p. TO. 

— A BaiKr ItsLATTOH of The Itrehgion of the Nobthziui 

QUAKERS. Wherria tkrir horrid PritteipUt and PrMtuat, ^ 
Doctrines and mannore, »« far AS Ibeir Mnttrj of loi- 
qtuli« bath jet discovered itulf, an plainly exposed to 




HIGGINBON, FianciB.— f.(n/,«u/<I. 

the view of every InteUigent Reader. Toiiethfr uith a 

ilir^f Utply) to timu part nf n very Mcuiriiotu auil lying 
'amphUt called Savlb mand to Dnimuru*. 
Sjondtm, I'rinud byT. U./ar II. It. at lite ripne qftk4 three 
Pi'jfimt ill Paul* ('hurch-yitTd. . . 4to. 1698. 

KdU.— Tlila buuk 1> uog ol Ux auraiM writMi iffrUut ritoliL 
FOX, GoorsD, Fonndmr of the Sooiel; of Priendg. 

Tb« Ot«M Mi»TBitT of Uie Urtat Whore unfolded, te. {page 66) 

Folio. less. 
' A Bkebp Kbvlv to some part of a very scurrilous and lyiug 
Pamphlet, called Sauk errtmd to Damasiius, ehewing tlio 
Tanitie of the nraiacR tliuro nttribated to the Sect m tha 
Qtutkrrs, aud Falaitiu of their liclatiant which an uongfat 
else hut the broathinga of ft spirit of Mnlioe. 

Limdon, I'rintfd b;t T. H. for H. II. at (As tu/ne tffth* thrm 
Pigiront in Paul* Vhurth-yard. . . 4to. 16S8. 

Not*.— TtiU toot u * QooltniuUca of Uk prMdlag- 

HIGOINSON, John. (BroUier of Francis) Uiuititer of Salem .Vnr. 
F.nylaud, He called Tss Ltaar, " A Stinking Vapour 
Jroin HtU." 

—^ Emstio to tlie Reader, to Mortoa*s " New-En^land'a 
Memorial, lOOtf." 
He died Doer. 9th, 1708, in the 08rd year of hia Ago. 


or Thomas, of 


^ Glory Bometimea afar off, Nov Btepping in ; or. The Groat 
gospel- Mysterie ofTire SrisiT. or iJivine Nature in Saints: 
Not iu that Philosophical and humane eenee, by effects 
and habits of Grace, but after a more ETanRetical, Divine, 
and MynteriouH manner of in-betng. Opened, affiraud 
and clcarf'd, and KloriouHty breaking forth tbtongh aelond 
of imbtil porv(irt:ni^,caniaIobJMtiOlU,Uiddreadftileoii- 
ilentningB ennt upon it ; And clo««d op with aa account at 
w>mo princi^lcB prnctiwrH nnil wnyrn which have Maled up 
this MyKtonc, and thereby held down tho Saints in veak- 
noKF, and ehut up the world in darknoBS for so long • 
time. Adiniui*tred throu'ih the hand of a Bah* m lA« 
hwu^tilge ondJtUmtJtip o/ tlw ilj/tttria <^ Ckriit m tin. 
London, Printtd for OiletCalrert. and are to he toid at A* 
Uaek tpTMd Eagle at the Weit end oj PauU. 4U>, 1668. 7| 

(Ineluding 1 page of Errata at the eod.) 

Kol*.— Thi> i*nrh1>i (ItuTogh srilua hj tm Uttmtft fln* lu* •••■ M 

t» md ant ujUUniiwla aitb rn*o^ 1 MiuH eipcc* Ullafta* 

IM rilniili ■«u» tffKf* ft. 




HIOOENSOK or HIGOINSON, Thomas,— cmkiiiu^. 

— - A TnmMottr to tlio Tmo JBSUS and the Faith of bim. 
Whcrvin tlio W»y of the P<^opl« culled Qmvk^^rs is ia 
Uaekneas aud rtghteoaiiiie«8 summed and Weighed. Finit 
in • Qflaertkl Ex»moa of theiiEpirltaud chief Principles; 
After ID a, particular review of the same> as it is dietiuctl y 
td forth in a hook of theirs, called, Lope to the- Loii, 
Wheroia are mauy thiugs ufi^iful for the diaeenung of 
Bpirita iu this hour of darkusas and temptation. By T. 


Lond/m, PrinUdfir Thdnntu BrrtMlrr at the thrtc Bibtdi, 
ntar tlu WmI end qf PauU. . , . 4to. 1656. 

tm- "Of the Oovdromvinl biwkHoflhnt period. Hii* is reiOMlt. 
tbie (or it* milcbwu nni vUrioUoD tpirit."— TAit laU Ueorgt 
Ojfar, ojllaelmaf. ISfi?. 

NAYLEB, Jomiw, otArJfalur, ueiir WafstfitXd. 

A ViKKicunuH of TRUTH, us hoM t^rtb in % Book. «ntititl«d, 

I.1II-B to the LuBt, liora Die Lies. Sl&ndatm and UoMiu ol T. 
liiKIIi>Diioa, iu ■ Book, eniloi], A 'i'/'tlmomf U tht tntr Jittu. 
But bo II diaooTcrvd to hold ionh uiotliar Jaaiu Umo vbMi 
tfao Soriptnrei hoUl tortb, or 111* Rftinta witlMM. L N. 
/.<>iirl<iii, Frinltil/or QiU* C'ltfiwt, ami artlobt told at the 
blatkSprtad-liagU, »t titt tf'ttl-Knd <^ Pauli, fto. 1SS6. 

FOX. 0«oTg*>, Founder ot the Sooietj of Friodi. 

— The Orcnt Uiitcry ot t!io tirvat Wboto imfoldMl, Jtc. (M0S GS) 

Folio. 1669. 

H0BB8, Bicfawrd, Pastor of a Bnptwt Congregfttiou, at Dtrrer 
in Kent. Crosby in his " Htstoi; ot the B^tists," sant 
be was, " a worthy pious good man, who aaf<^eJ mtu-A lor 
hia religion." — He died ahoat 1678, bays Wood, in his 
" History of the GeuenU Baptists of the New Uunnexion," 
published in 1647. 

sod Thomas Fastridok. — ^A Trut and Impnrtial Bclatwxo/ 

tome Uemarkahle PaaBBgea <tf Chaiu.s8 Buuev a Quaksr, 
wAu projial liinur-lj a PbOPBBT, iitiil IfnU he irat lenl ^ Ood: 
As aUo ki» Pbopbkct and Bevelatiok, from the ISth day 
cf Ofitobtf totheHLij/ the hum Momk, Auao 1 067. 

4to. [1667.] 

— The QciKEBs Lbokisp Glass JLook'd upon ; And tnmod 
towards Himself; ina8<JO»tBBi^yto&nUndvUPamplot 
Published by Luite Hawahi a Quaker, Agaiuat A Nakiutivc 
form«rlj Publiabed, Sotting forth the Folly and Prenoiup- 
tioii of Ctiajiet Baity a Quaker, eomeUmen a Prisoner in 
horrr. In which Boply the Xruth of thu nuJ Nanativtt 






H0B6S. Biebard,— cMO'ntMi. 

ia hirther Evidenced and Viadicated ngainst the Cafilliiig 

London, I'rintril/ar Fr/mcii Smith at th^ EJfphanI and 
CoilU, nrar tht Itoyat f-lichiinffe in Cfrnhil. And aI*o 
<tf th* mm4 Siyn thrjirit Shop mthoia TrmpU-Raire, 

410. 1878. 

HOWAAD, Luko, of -Dun*' in KfM. 

A Looin!)o-UM«« lot BtiptiHts, belait a ShoH HutkIItccI ttirir 

Kout und Riw in Kxsrr ; wb«r«iii lh« Kmniow nUt OS 
Riehard llobbi (Putur of Ihu Saptult \a DovfT, WiOi MBM 
Otbon therein ooDDcrni-'d n-ith tiLm) in HnmhBndcd. Oott- 
toiiUDg tXtd n lurtboi CuuluUtioD of tlioir Uto Faratd Han*- 
(trr (and thoir AJiition Uuretojof ILsii Lying WoodBt ont 
of Iiincolnkliiro. 

410. PriMtd In tA« year, 1073. 
Bf>prli]t«d in hii Woilu, paite 10S> 

BeprinUd with iLe loUowing :— 

The 8«iT of the Scoasin Thiotm Dmni : or Rlehari ttMbt liii 

Folly, Enry ui>l Iiyon, Lu ttia Um Ratil}' to my Book, ullod 
A i.oakin'j gliut, itv., Mknifnutml ftnJ Uabnknd. WharaltDIO 
U Einu«ied my «Bli tro«ii Uia BaptiiU lo w»Ik to tha TrM 
LiiBt. AnJ ■ True Tvatiniony tv Ibe Lixhl »nil Powar ol 
ChtiMt in tlitt Hmrt. With > f«» QuHriuH to llie said R, Hvbhi, 
ISy Lnko Ilowtrd. To whioh ia addod a (urtliOT anawot by 
T. O. [Tuoua Bddubd.J 

4(0. PtinUd in iht yrof. 1019. 

BapriDt«d in his Works, pt«e 137. 

BCOYABD, Tlionuu. dI Londna. An Attonu-y. 
— The AnabAptiat Preacher tuuniuked. in a Uathm DUooran'al 
bia Ltitru WoKDEn out «l Lancoi.KiniDi^ Aa al*o the Nmn 
from JiUhard llobht, an .liui^^rui PrDaehar ui Voter, 
■uiciinod. Tbcil JuffUi, X-ymj luid i)i-i:i-il) itatofttAJ. By 
T. B. 410. Prinltd in Hit grar, 167B, 

Tba W*Tn.B*mBri Bepmaefa HsrsL'ti, b«tni; a furtbor Rtftj/ 

Auairaring k IMtBM of ii, UMt to bia [irplmdud /ra;iiuri«I 
J/arrotftif of OM C £iiptt', hmito a pn^lecdcd (Quaker: a 
Story <■( 11 jtMi ataoding. In DDfoooo ot an Aiuver to tba 
aaid .Viirratlr-i ,- elcariu^ tbo I'Miptc c^lod Quairrt of lb* 
H'liter-HapHii'i C&lamcy and Abosa bUbbad oat agn^nft 
tbom. Ry T. H., (olth a P.mlKnrlpt by WiUJAH ODtm.) 
Id Loko Ho*ftrd'* " S«»l of th« Boottiar, Ao." 

iU>. trinud ia Lkf j^ar. 167S. 

UODGES. Tbomu, B.D. Bectorof Sotildmu, in O^onUUn. 

— ■ A Boriptiire Catecbinne, toiruda the confutation of Bondiy 
enovn ; gome of Ibem nf the present tim^s. 

Or/ord, Printed *y U. HaU, Prinltr to tft* Vnivtrnty for 
T. HoHnvin, .... BmoU 8to. 1668. 

IMa^Tbi ttlH Ob^ si lUa bo««. inaM •• 01 1^ Enrain il <W Qaaten." 






HODOES, Thomne,— «m(in««rf. 

FOX. George. FonadCT of the Sofliely al Friend*. 

TIm C<rp*t Miklcry of Ilie Great Wbont onloldcd, ia. (pile" B?'-) 

lu uiswer to Ttiot. IIoi%e» Folia. 1SG9. 

HOLCBOFT, FraQCis, M.A., Fellow of Cunbrid«e UniTereilr. 
Hu Father was a Kuigbt, and lived at W<sit-Ham, ue&r 
London. Ho v&a Pa^H to Mr. D. Clarkmin, and Cliaiaber- 
fellow with Dr. Tiliolaun, afterwards Abp. of Cantrrburg, 
HHTioK lieeu iicquaiutod witli mum who wero of the con* 
gregatioua) jadgmeut, he fell in with it, and be wtta much 
flstoemod in that ciijiiifily, and beciime very zealous for it, 
■0 that he formed a church u]>oa thut |)lan, aud was nrj 
much against holding commuuion with the parish -churchea. 
Uanj* of the mombcr^ of hi» church hriug in eeveral 
distant villageE, be and Mr. Oiiit'j, his afiGistant, [after 
their ejectment] went and preached at naaoy of these placea. 
He died at Tripltmr, on Jan. 0. 1092. his tomb-stone eays, 
in Ma 69th year ; hie Fooeral Sermon in his CSrd. Ue left 
ft unall estate to the poor of liia OhnrGb, and a pieoe o( 
miind at Oakini/tan to bury in. There he himself waa 
buried. — Pidnufr'n .Votieon/orntisl*' Mcmariat, xol. 1, p. 201. 

Six Sheets againat Friends 4to. 1664. 6 

ATKSLOB, John, of Cambridgrihtri. 

A BxsoMS of Tnith. To Swocp away tbo Bofngo of Lie*, or, tSom*- 

thliw in Aiisvor to one l^anirU Iluldfran (Priul) « PiUoner 
in Canbriitiif Caiilt- who hiilh helyod and tll«!nii(iritj anil 
lalMl; Mciuted an Innocent gieople. In TvcIts ]itu«vl« ol 
FaoMi but tiU Idee uiii Itilsts uacuii»tiuu§ Am Swi-pt ii«*7, 
■od the Truth of (lluiT Ooutriuu cl^Kred uul VindinAtod. ft«. 
— B; a Follovsr of th« Lunh, through th»|[n«itTribulaEtoD, 
J«Un Aynttoe. 

4to. London, PrinUd In lAc Ytar, 1664. U 

C4TEB, Samotl, Jom Wma ukd Jncon Bixca. 

■ A Stlation ofiome of tht muit itatrrUU nuiltm thai piuKd in a 
Publlfk liitpvtt at ThlipUw i*n CaiubriiiKtHihiiH, thu liith ifojf 
oj the 2aA. Month. lOTS, biticern PiuiciH Huldorofl, tad Jo- 
Mph Oddo, hit aniitant. both Prfjibyttnan Prieitt. on Ihi^fU 
Parly, aittt Busool Cuter vith lomt other* oj Iht Pntn^ of 
InOh calltd Quakon. 

4to. Ho PriMrr't maiu orjXaot, jl67A.] 1 

^~ Tbo iDDOWnl deared *nd tha OoDtj Mud* MuiifiMt. B«ing a 
Anp/jr to a Frinted Paper latul; oomt- to oi; Hand, titlad, 
Apottaeu of the PtopU calUd I^UKlctTs from the yuilh opt* 
^tiitnia to Ikt SaiHit i subtcribed bf >'ni;ifu HaulcrtiftKaA 
Jotffh Oidt^, nho ull IhenuetrGR Mtnuinr of CAriit. but 
npoD R»UDiin«tioB an ma4e manifest by lli«ir Pniita to be 
othurvajrra, Thiit is lo wty, Imiuraat of thu tiuu God aod 
Jecoa Cbtift, and Enmaist to hiii Appeanao*. 4h). B<i a 
SrtvmA of I'rutA,— Samuel Cater. 

ito. PrlMti in the Ytar, I67S. t 




HOLLAND, Biclinjd. M.A. Chaplain to the Dnkc of Ridi- 

'— A SERMON Preached in the Parish Ohnroh of St. iUa^w 
tho MiiTifjr, on Lmuhti IMii'jf, Snodfty, Fftmary lllA, 
1^ Ht the Baptiziko of some Pereons of Bipcr Ycftre. 

Sublisbtb at t^c IRiqutsI of Ibim antr t^tir ^ntnit. /V 
HlCltAlTl) HoM.AKO, M.A. C/iaplain to Am (tTacr the DirxK of 
BiOHHOHD, Curatr o/ i'(. MagnuB, and Lrclurrr of Atl- 
huHiiir* tkf Grfat, 

Lt/nilon, I'rinttd for J. Back, at the Blatk Boy on Lon- 
don Briiiije ; and told by J. Natl, near StationfTt-llaU, 

4to. 1700. 

Mot*— TU> Smnnn Is iltOlrWal. "Ts lU Um> vb" b*n nimti Kmbtuad 
tht Ckartit o/KanIniuI, Hp«iiUtBliuuiriLr>» lilcli BnpHr-lta •iilttU.jl 
Hm* brvngbl n^ b« ^iuil>Ta. utlict* tmoiil^L AivittaptviMS uul ia •urns 
CrrfU* lb* tiltf U A Honnna Yi¥it^tii,—*i Ibn llBptlita^ vt bwb 
QulHn. Ms. I7W. 

HOLTHUSIUS, Christopher, a Preacher at Franckftirt. 

Sometbiugaitaintit Barclay's Apolngy, priutoditi thcOcmiU) 

LanKuaftn. Sen Ltfn aiid WritingK of Barclay, p. IIS.— 
■- ftlso the Life of Barclay id the Bioy. Britt. 

HOMES. John, a Baptist Teacher. 

The Fighting Qnakcr'a (Potcr Bmm's) Expoditioo in Feo- 

liilTania (in verse) 

HONYlfAN, Andrew, a Scotch Bishop. 

BooRioNOKisM Disi-i.tyKi> in a Disoovery and briflf Rcfiita- 

tion of Sundry Gross £krob8 Uainlaio'd by Aktoxia 
BooBioNOM and the Anthor of the Prfjacr to the Engheh 
Beader. Before the Itenoratian of the OwyrU ^fiht Use 
of A. B.'s Books. 

Alifrdrm, Printed hy John Forktt, Priitler to the Tonn 
and Vnirtrtity, Anna. 8vo. 1710. 

HOBNFy, John. Vicar of Lynn, in .VorftHt. Of Trinity CoUr^ir, 
Camirid'i'. Bom at Ijony Stilton, LinroiHthire, Ho 
preached first at Sution St. Jaatft, and afl«nrarda [1947] 
was beneficed and eottled at AHh'iUoif4 Church in Lynn. 
Kt'jin, bom whence he vae ejected iDl66!l. Bat be lived 
ia the town till his death. He was an Arminian ta th« 
point of redemption, and coDtended eaniwtly for tlio 
universality of it. He waa vary ready In th» Soriptorw, 
excellently skilled in the Oriental tougow. H« vas & 
nwn of great charity, commonly cmplying bis pocket of 




HOBNE. John,— tantinued. 

whiit mouey he bacl in it naoBgsl tb« poor. idisD bft went 
into the town ; givios to Kay 8-aeh nuMTable object as 
preeeuted, tlte firei piece of Eilver lliat oame to band, be 
it wliat it would. He died Dai. U, 1676, a«ed 61. 

' EssATEs about Oeueral and Special GRACE. Oocasionod 
by, and byway of Auiuiadveraion upon tiome lineK of a lato 
pictnre of a Good old Gentleman, drawn first in the 
Pulpit, and then in the Press, by W. K. Iteotor of £. W. 
in N. Written by J. H., Preaclivrof the Uoepellof Chiiat 
in the pariftli of Lifnn Allhalltiim. 

LontUm : PrinUd by J. Brudmrll /or the Atiduir. 

•Ito. 1&S9. 


■aod Tbooub Mooke, Jnn. A Breife DiocoTery of Tux 
People culled Qdakbbs. and A Wamiiii/ to till I'copU to 
beiearr of tlu-in, and of their Dangerous Prin^ples, &o. — 
By Jahn Hume, and Thaman Moore, Junior. 

Ijondon: PritUeJ by J. BnuUnell./or Ike Autliora. 

4to. I6G9. 8i 

WHITEHEAD. Gcorgo, of Ortm, Mm of London, and Jobs Wditb- 
BEAD oDil GKunaE Fox. the Yonogct. 

k Brief DiBPovery ol tli6 Dangetoun Prinoiplm o( Join Uonu (a 

Iciest in Liuj imil Thumu Mmirr. jituior. botli Toaobcn o( 

th« pauiilt caileil Mooieiuu or Uuiilestaruiu, £o. ilo. IGGO. S 

The QttAKcns proved DeoetTere, and snch aa people onglit 

not to listen to. or follow, but to account Accursed, in the 
M»nftf^ment of a Charge formerly given out agaJn&t them 
to that effect, by ./. Homf, Preacher of the Gospel at 
South Lin in Xor/nllcf. Which Charge was m&uagod and 
made good by him against Oior-je Whiieheail, iu the Chan* 
oel of South Lin, before some Huudreds of People, Jan. 13, 
1659. io the great baffling of the siiid (iforye Whiukead 
and his Party, through the CDcroifiil and gnusioua Hand of 
the Lord appearing for Ills Truth and ServaotH therein, 
aa ia known to, and witnessed br the generality of the 
Atidieuoe of Understanding. PubUshed as a warning to 
bU to beware of tlie said people called Quakers, and their 
UTOoooutt Prineiplea herein also in part diecoveied. 

Lmidou, Printed /or John AlUit at the Bi'tn^-Simne At 
Pmiit Chiinh-yard. . , Ito. Ammo Dom, IMO. 



HOBNE, John, — cotuinued. 

WHITEHBAD, Otatiga, of Orton. WatnerflanA, lutof London. 

' TLe Qiiftkers no DM<-i»»rs. or the MMiaRmwiQl of nu onjart 
Chnr^ n^-kinnl tlipm CoolutHl ; bciQ^' n Biiat Bctom to ■ 
PiiaiplilBI, iuUlnlcii, TItc i^aateri pTOivd Ufctivm, oimI inrfl 
m lAi- Fioftt ougkl not to liiltn la or follmc but to account 
AceuTttd, in Iht ilano'i'iiuTil nf a e^argt givai tnit againtt 
lArm to that f fret, Dy John Huran uHo eulti Hinttl/ t^rtaeh- 
T of Iht Qoipei oi South Liu, in Norfolk, irfco U * ehitf 
Xtaehfr amon) tht PfitpU ealltd Muorwiiis «r lioiTarUllatf, 
to> By one ubo U Mcuunted u Decoivur, j'St InM, Oemyt 
Londm, PrinUd for Gila Calutrt. at tht BlachSprtad 
- ■ - . ilo. 

KagU, ntar Iht It'eiC tad of Poult. 

1660. 4( 

and Tbomas Moobe, Sen. imd Jem. — Fuller Discover; of 
the daogeroUH PrincipIeB and lying epirtt of the People 
called Quakers made mamfeHt, in George Whitehead, 
John Whitehead, and Qeo. Fox, the Younger. 4to. 16G0. 

Truth's Triumph, 

4to. 1660. 

WHITEHEAD, Oeorno, of Offon, }FfilitKirrlanil, iMt ol /.diulon. 

^^ Tbe Hc-Oodta Honi hruki'n. or. I^xockkct Elamtsd ■eaiott 
InBolfncv, A Impudent FuIjiIkhhI. In Amwor to t*o Buuka 
ogBiuHl the I'n^iplc of <ioi) cullnl (fiuiktrt, Tbc one iatitnlcd, 
A t'nlltT Diicorriy wlilnii la atullcil witli intli anallituda ot 
Lyat, HlukJen. utA jwrv^rliag tlia Tra^, utimLllcahfttlinal 
Men oiUut : TLn AuttK>rs of wblcli atn John Horn, Thvnat 
Moort Senior, and ThoTmn iloort Junior, And tb« otLac 
Book ii ftilicl; pkllrd Thotu'i Tmuiirii. hj iotat Hocii. 
(Piirt by RicnmD RnnuKtiTHoiixi:.) 

London, l^ini'd f<ir Hab'-ri Iht Sign nj the Dlack- 
Hjirtad-EagU and H'iiul-mitt tn ^artin'j ntar ^HibritiitM. 

tio. iceo. 

HOBTOM, George, Bookseller, Royal Exchange, London, 
and BoBBBt Wood and UsitBT Walker. — SeTeral News 
books and Pamphlets, viz, Tha Weakly Poet. — MrrrHriut 
Ftanigotut, — The Paitlifol Scout, &o. — See PaxiootCAL 
PuBucATioKR. See altto Aieukwouh, " The Qnakers 
Dream,"— " Ttie Quakers Terril.le VUion,"— and "Tlw 
Qnn^enl^ory £vacon,&c." — all pnbliJiJbed in 16(6. 


— Sludeu tad LjM BtLng OMt upon Uw ChiLlrsn of Ll^t. in. 

KaUo. lietS.] 

ADKi->)uno3lrDntli«CbitdT«no(Li^t — a^init aercnl Um 

nportJi, SoKBdAli and l7«a, in wtdiiiI a^mt Booha laA Pua* 
plileti, pat tortb by Mniry WdUi^. R. Waoi ani OMff« 
Uorum, whom lyM, ud •ludwa ibaU not pMS Im bolfa, to. 
hmdon, PHnudfoT OUe* Caletrt, <te. . KOl 18H. 




HOWET. Henoch, See the next. 

HOWET, Enoch, of Lincoln. An Anahaptiat. 

^— SDJNES suffered for, But not Bemittcd. boforo tber bo 
Committeil, or, A ConfesMion of Faith, different bom uioso 
that ho!<) it not lAwfnll to pray fortho Panlon of Sinks. 
By HxKOcB HowET, Bobbrt Small-Bone, and some others. 
Loriilon, Printeil by E. P. for Qeorg* Whiltiiujton, and 
art to b* »oU ol the tkop of HicJwlat Bourn*, at iht 
SonXk mtranee of th« Exclutttgt. . . Ito. 1616. 1} 
{Brit. Mm. -i^t) 

Quaking Principles dashed in pieces by the etftnding and 
unshaken Tbctb. Being an Examination of the Toneuts 
held forth by certain Northern People, rw. 
1. Slighting of ihf u-riltm Word, 
S. A npeakinii lo that tvitkin Man. 
8. Dtnyin^ tht iwe of Beiaon in tht mallen of God. 
i. A dfiiifiiuj of the Anceiiswn and Being of [hi! Uody o^ 

5. A dmyinii of aU the Ordinaneet of CfanBt. 

6. A dentfing fltmnr lo M™. 

7. Afforditiii absolute perftction at on* imtant. 
By Henoch Uowet. 

London, Printed by Hmry HSU, and are to bf sold at hu 
HouM Mar Pye-cortier at tht ngii of Sir John OUkatlU. 

AiQ. 1665. 21 
{Brit. 2du». «J5.) 

BCRBOnOB, ZAmxtA. of Vndfriixmw, Wtttmoreland. 

TbeWaJUolIuriwHiU'V] tlowii lo lli)>0[tOUND: orAnAniwoc 

lo k iTiDti Bixik. t'ikU«l, The (jiutLius rrlnriplai diuhod In 
piecu : Wipreiti our c«lleJ flenoch Jloirfl. wliich guns nniior 
(llciLajiioof im AnAbuptijilidotb fiklncly nconncHiuidxitAllcioTLtty 
bclTs us, Ac. — By ODD who is Zcnii'un (or tho Diuns ut Uia 
lord of hofltm, cnllod Kiticard llurrwU'ih. 

IjOtvUm, Frinltd f\iT (liU.i Calrrrl, and art la ht Sold Ol 
ttitBUrkSprtad-EagU.attlKlVmfndofFitvtt.iti). [1665.] t 

BepnotMl is hit Workt, pags 18. 

HATLER, Jmbm, of Ardttlat «r A rdiiey dhu tfakfjiilit. 

Tb« BoiwWr hiuvil ui>l hU Autrioit Pat ull, withuut a Conqatat, 

bj Ihe QushiDR PriDOi|>lc. In an Amiwer to Exoca Uuwxt'ii, 
««Il«d QoBluDtE Pcmoipln itaht in pioMi. Wnttco b; Jamt* 

London, Printed for G. Ctilprrl. end art to ht mM at U* 
Sliop at tlu Black Spmul Eaglt. mrer tkt WM emd ^ 
P<wb 410. I0S6. > 




HOWET, Enoch,— nmtiniuil. 

POX, George, Foiiiiiier ot the Soeioly at Frimds. 

TheUreatMiBTKiiToltlio OnktWhotviuifalilod, &o- (p«0C ll.) 

Polio. 16M. 

The Doctrine of the Light within the Nat"T»l Miwi leading 

to Eternal Life, examiuod by Scripture Light. 

8UITH. WUllHn, o( Bfilhorp in KaltinshamihiTf. 

The Ltjsh awtitr in thp Monlh of tho Fnlito PmpbM. Mivl» 

manlfont, who «n<ik> to porvort the riiilil w»t of Ihtt L(>nl, 
ftnd openeth tiln mniitli AimlDHt the Lord of LUo. uid duiim 
his Liulit witliiTi, Ha Rppnitreth in > Boole, onlitulcd. J'he 
Declrinf of th< l.ishl iri'lhtn. *C. 
landon. rriiilfi ft-r Tluimat SiBimoiu, at tbt Rail dnif 
Uoath ntat Aldengate 4tO. IS£8. 

Bcprintod in hiii Workf. pAg« 1. 

FOX. a«oni«. Founder ot th« Bocirij of ni«nd*. 

ThoQreat Mtoniix ot tbo Gnoat Whom nDtolded, Ik. (p. tW.) 

Tolio, iefi«. 

The Bkast That wa«, k i» not, & yet in, lonkcil npon : or, 

Tho Bo-peepinit "Rnwi pointwl nt: or. He that liidoth 
himself hntited, becanite of whom Truth complainetb. 
and is epoken to by Pope and Prelate, by Presbyter, by 
Indepeudent, by Quaker, by Baptist : ToRethPr with her 
Bovoral Answers to them all. Also Oua Description of 
tlie Beast. Also The Gotninx fortli and progress of the 
BcttAt hitherto. Also Au Epi«tli< to Ma){istrat«B and Law- 
pvcn, likewiAO, to take off Prejudice, if any be. Two 
Epintlea, one to tho RmkIot, and auotlior to Uiu Christian 
Beailur. With A tnio Ri-proof to W. S. a Quaker, who 
in hiu Book called 'Ifii- J,y'nfl fipirii in thr Moh'Ii of the 
Fitiif. I'rophft, wli<T<'-iD bo endeavours to make Men 
beheve that bo had anewerod H. H. hiu Book, c«l)«d Tk« 
thtclrint of ikr Li'ifit irithi'v thf Satural Man temUts U> 
Eurnttl Hf*, fj!aminfH by Scripttire IJ^t, 

LoniioH : Printtil /or l)tiniel WktU, at the Srrtn-Slart M 
I'a^Vt Church-Yard. . . . . 4to. 1669. 

HCBBABD, Thomaa. of »'«( Drrrkam, in XorfaUi. He sipned 
a CerUficAte against Friends at the end of " The Quakera 
Obanenge, &e." 1690. — See Edwabd Beckham. 

HUDXjESTON, WilliuB, Ttcor of Tirify, alia* TrmUy, in 

DivitM Tbutbs Tindioated, in th« Churtk </ Engjand. Bjr 




HUDLE8T0N, William,— <o»itHU**. 

WnxiAM IIUDLESTON, VicM of Tirltff, Rlias Trinity, in 

Lpndon: Prinled/nrJ. Bartlu)lvtiietr-Cloi<. 

Qvo. 178S. 80 

HoM.— "Cur, n. 01 ihe •Jatlu'n. •! II. *t. ThMr OiilDlana mil ot Kr. 
ZiNlfr, and utlian- Bvwuid fur uul Iwlu^c kd b> Hioiu." 

HUME, David, wok boro at K.Kn6rm;A, AprU 26. 1711. He WM 
<ioMtinix1 for tliR Uw. but lie took an aTenloQ to it, tai, in 
17tt4, went to iiri*ial, vritli a view to tli<! uu^ruiuitilQ pro- 
fosnon, vhich lino, alKo, lie w)oii reliui]iii>ititxl ; iukI re- 
Mlviag to make litvrntiire Iiik pursuit, lie puiwed ovur to 
Frtmct, where lie c6tnpo»vd IiJh " Treutiee on Uuman 
Nature." This work he pnbliebcd in Ijmiton in 1788 but 
ita reception not answering bis oxpcctntion, he printed a 
Binall Kualyaia of it in a Sixpenny pamphlet, to make it 
Bell. In 17i2 he brought out with better Eucce<is. the first 
partof Mfl"Easaya;" and doqq after he became Secretary 
to Ocueral Siiiclair, whom he accompanied in his mihtary 
«mba«My to the Conrtfi of Vienna and Turin. — While at 
the latter city be rcpfihlished his first work, nnder a in!W 
titleof " AnEnquiry couccming Hnnian Uwdi-rMttitidijig;" 
and, io 17G2. arpeared at EdiDlxtrgli bl*, " Political DiB- 
conrses;" which were followed the uamo year by hia 
" Inquiry conoeming the PrincipleB of MoralH." In 17B4 
be publitlied the first volume of his "lliston* of England," 
which he did not complete till 1761. While thin work was 
in prc^Mk he printed a piece, with the extraordinary title 
of "Tha Natural History of Iteligion ;" which was 
attacked with just Heverity by Warburton. in au anony- 
moiu tract, ftHoril«d at the time, to Dr Uurd. In 17BS 
Mr. Httme aucoiitcd an invitation from the Earl of H«rt- 
ford, to attend him on his em))aAi>y to Pario, where ho 
of course, expcriouced a cordial welcome from thottc called 
PhilotiopherB. While in Prance he formed an intimacy 
with Madame de Botiftlers, and a comuipundonce wuh 
carried on between tbem, wliicli laHtcd till within a few 
dayvof Honu'edefttb. In 17C7 he became under Secre- 
tary of State; but, two j-oars a(lerw»rd», he retu^d to 
Edinburgh, where ho died, Aneuiit, :U, 1776. Life ^y 

• The History of England, from the InTtaion of Jalina Ctesar 
to tlM Etiivolutiou in l<t8d. lu eight volumes. By David 


HUME, David,— ^ofKtniMrf. 



Hume, Etq. To which is prefixed, A Short ftoeooct of 

luK liifc, written by himflelf. Volume- I. (With a Portnut.) 

Kdinhurijh: I'rinUd fur Lachini/lun, Allen d Co., S. B^tg- 

liter, and CuOaU ami Martin, iMtidon : and for J. 

Kairbairn, Miindttl atid Son, and Archibald Ci/n*fablf 

and Co., Edinburgh; and J. and A. Ditnam, GUuyiw. 

8ro. 180C. 

Mow— 0<iailatiu,"aB|feM,lb*(nlr<iiof thitOHL'ToL Wh*n« 
lh*7 dirifld llwtr Busa, aw. Thi^ir Tl'ilnni uHloiuilcini iWf pHwcn- 
UOD, It. ndr rtwollllllw. IW). ThAi t^drHi tn Juim II. <m turn 

a. Vltl. rtsit. Jhsci NuitiT, hli iitnvwukaiH, VU. ML la 

I to lit! imi t!} [inaiirtuBRil, ib. 

ANOSYMOCS. (BappoHOd lij Emubith Buctunm.) 
Two Ii«t«n, fte. to Dxtii HonM. . 

8to. I7M. 

BE^A-K. Joicpb Garaef, of Stolu Ntaiiniiton. 

— I — A ItitdiUtlon ol lomo ol Ui* mom inodani misrcprMmtattoti) ol 
i Ui« Society of PrUodsi {ptjw BmoJ irfth a Lite ol 


I I^ndiHi ; iVrnf'rfanif loMly WOUam Phillip; Georgr j/ard, 

I Lvmbard iiritt. 9m. ISOO. 

HUMFKEY, John, Yicar of Frontf, in SoTMrtelthire. Having 
been edaoatcd in Oxford, he west thitbor to tbe King, 
. from the Parliament i^iiarters. Having taken hia degrees 
in the UnivoTKity, h« according to hui education applied 
to tho miuifttry; and being in tlie Country, and Dot 
acquainted witli any Bishop, be took ordination of tho 
Preshytery.— Liberty and peace, union and moderation 
were the tniuRn ho all alona; pumuM. Ho lived to a great 
Age, and survlv<^d all th^ eJE<ct«^l UiniHtcrs in Uu< County, 
(Somcntet.) and moat in the Kingdom. — Painur't Son- 
famuu' il*moriat, voL 2, p. 800. 

— Tlio Middk-Way of Porf<M;linn. With IndtfforoBcy bciwecn 
tb« Orthtjdox and thu Qaakor. By J. H. 

London, Vrintrdfttr T. Parkhurtt, at the UihU and Three 

Crown* in Chtapnd* 4to. 1674. 4^ 

WHITBHEAD, Omitb*. of OrMa. b iFtttmottland. U«i of LtmdM. 

— Tb* Wir or Lint Mid PsBiscnow Lifiacljr DttDODttntad in 
aoma Mriom AaimadimvioDa or Remaiki uid AD*«*n bmh 
Uw Book, •ntilDlad Thi HiihUr Wa« oj Pt^ltan.mttk 
Indlffrrtncn betwttn ttu Oitliodoi and i)if Qouar. Hanfat 
oonndercd, uid tlio oukrd Truth u it ia ta ChHtt Jmiu, 
opnad ia real Wn to tlw Soab of nwa. By OMirgo WUI*- 
bMd. ilo. fTiM4d ia i*« rrar, 1«76. 




HUMFBEY. John.—eontiniwd. 

A Letter to iffcoigc $iit^. conoemiDg tbe Salrnbility of the 

Heathen. Together with ft Teetlmony to the Eame Doc- 
trine, as long Md, and not Xeaii/ taktm v/i, ont of several 
former books of him tb&t writ it. B^ hit lietptctfvt 
yti^ihmr, 3. H. 
fjonJan, Printed and toU fty the Boolaellen o/ London 

and ir«IminjiWr 4t0. 1700. H 

A PAPER to WiLLUH Pk,s.v, at the Departure of that Gen- 

tlcmun to bis Territory, for his Peranal, ia Pbnmilvania, 
Wliereiu Two points are ])ro])OHC(I to him ooucfiruing the 
Qitaken Religion, thitt he muy receive himself Cimvutimt, 
or rrndcr to ottiont thnt are coiiKcioDtioii« abntit thnrn 
Chrimum Satitfnetwfi : The one i« their belief of an |nfail- 
ibU AnilniRci ; the other is their Dinuec of the Two Holy 
and iilessed Snanmrnts. With an Occasional /'uf^lAtton 
Conoenuogi'm/('*riri(irtoN,or Ood'$ D«eTt« about taring Man, 
Id Beferenoe to the Doctrine of othwa ,- and not the Qho- 
krrt onelj. By a Friend imkiioWQ. 

Lomlon : J'riiiled b^ f . T^.for II. Moriloek at the Phimix 

m St. FaaU Church yard. . . . iUt. 1700. i 

■ Vfrltuji in S'-infTiu : being a Woderate Disf onrse concerning 
the Principles and Practices of the Qui^sas. Writt«n 
long since (as they then appeared to the Author) in a 
middle way between them and the Followers of Orthodox 
Truth, for the mabing a Bridg, that tlie Well-meaning 
among them might come over to it ; piibhtih'd now, lest 
tliat Bridg ha pulled down by Reprcsentattou of them at 
tlie worst, from Boalts of their former writers. Together 
with Two Discourses more ; one of the Solvability of the 
Heathl^n, wherein an Aurfrnufnt ; the other, of Two 
Points, wherein S>iti<fiiriion is requir'd of these Friends : 
writ more lately by the same Author. 

Ltmdtm : Printed by J. Darby, in Bartholomevi-Ciou, 

6to. 170S. Hi 

. Dt JHstijifaiutna : being « Lkttbr to a Fribkd, ajKin a 
Passage in one of the Priutud Surraons of his Orace, tba 
preucul Archbishop of Yark. Set forth for the putting a 
Concluiiion to the several Book* and Papers written npon 
thii gnat Controverted Article. By John UrntniKT.J^td 
Eigbty Five, if .Vu//ra. 

LoMdon, Printed hij J. Darby Jor WaUfr KM^hg, at tkt . 

Bi*hof'* tDnd in St. PattVt Church yard. 4to. 1706. 5 

KMb— Tbm 1* ■ rouortil iwltel to ibli Dmk, ta Tit W ^ mmw w if 




RUMFREY. Mia,—eontinutd, 

An Account of the Frenah PropLetB, aoi their protended 

mKpirntions, in three letters sent to 3ohn L»cy, Eioq. ; 
By One that is concerned for his Friend : » Lover of 
Truth, and a. hater of persecution (with aa "Advertiiic- 
ment " at the end about Quakers). 

London ; Prititfd by li. J. /or Tliot. Parkhunt at tht 

liOiU and Tkrtt Crawrui, in ClieaptiiU, rfe. 8to. 1708. 8| 

HUMPHREYS, DHvid, Sccrotary to tho Society for the Propa- 
tion of the Gospol in Foreign Partu. 

An Historical ACCOUNT of the Incorporated Society for 

tba Pnpti'jiition of the Oo»iiel in Foreign Parts. Contftis- 
ing their }f'oundatiOD, Proceedings, &nd the Saocws of 
their Missionaries in the Briluk Colonies, to the year 
1728. By I>A\'u> HuupBaxra, D.D., Secretai; to tha 
Honourable Society, 

Lotidim, Printed bi/ Joneph Downing, in Bartholomtv- 

date, near Wtnl-tiraithfirld. . . . Bto. 1780. 24 i 

HoU.— CoolUiliiii an uwnml ol Otowit KxiTR and (ha mrtaiMm chbI 


Ignis FatuoB. 

HOWUIL. Fniucu, M Todthomi, ONT Ortfriffp, Wtttmarttand. 

— Odo ol ADtivlimt'R Vol«Bti«tS MMUkI, anj Uio Tnw Ught 
riadioatod- In Annrvr t« a Book uU«d Igni* Fetum, tfiit- 
Wtitci hj 90* It. 1.. nhcrviii L« tiniUoktu Bdvard J>oi, wd 
Samaflt ifvUlK (at the Coontjr of Salop], in their hjtt, etc. 

lumdvu. Printed for Titomiu Simmunt, itc. . . *ta. 1060. 

IBBOTSON, R.— See Hkjry Wai.kkr. 


SuxtrRM and Ltis BeinK M«t oiion Iha CbUdrvn of Llithl. glmi 

boili to Print Imii on* HXHSV Walkkr, wliinli K. IniTMM 
bath Priutod. Th*t Qmt Dtny the litnirrfetivn, imd ll/men 
ani Uftl. irblob *ro I^<m poeluibcd to the Nution ; «hi4li 
1^/m E. Wooii h*tb alio Pru)k4, )K. 

Folio. Sii Ihfintrr't tunw erpUut, [Jvnt COi, IttS.] 

DiOLEFIELD, Thomaa. of Carisbrook in the Itls o/ Wight. 

A Di»mi*- bet"-een a Joamyman Tanner of Oanubrook in 

Uiu Ih!«) of Wit^ht. and a (juaker Tliat Held forth at the 
Sign of the Bull. 

Winehnler Printed by Wm. Ayrti, at Eatl-Oate. 

6yo. [ahost 1789.] 





IVES, Jeromiah, <rf .Vorwirft, was Pnntor of tlio Chnroh in tho 
(Xd Jfu-ri/. L^iulon, from about thu yuur Itill) lo IdTS, 
Kod maiDtftLoed many contra verities with the PiedntrnptiKtM. 
Mr. Crosby says, — " He wns well helovwl and bore a /air 
charaoter to lis dyiug day," wtich probably ocourriid in 
1^75."— Wood's UUtoru of th* Gmtral BautisU, p. 153. 
8vo. 1817. 

^ The Quakers Quaking and their Foandation sbakeu. 

KATIiBR, JamB* of Antrtloe, now Waktfirld. 

WMtknM aiove Wii^kedue-s, nml; Truth abovn SiihtlUu, «Uek 

<j Ikt QnkkerB* Dcfouce a-iuiwl ihr Jlmudn- nm( U< d«MfMlU 
XJimit'rji. Cleitrly teea in an Ahvwhh u> s Book MUad. 
QUAKEB'SQU&EIKU.iloviHe'lliyJfnnniiiA JD<^«i[aiiullh« 
(USpiwd cniilvmplililu |>t>i)|itt< tntiuptud on b; tho World, sod 

tOOTued by the STOitiorn. Alio mme ^iientM (o Jtiromjr 

Ins. toiiching Am /j/i* Doofrino aiuj Dtetiti. By ooo who 
U o>Uod Jim EI Naii-iii. 

LoiuUiB: Priattd for Gila Catvtrt, at tlit Hlaek-Sprtad- 
Kaglt, near the Wat-end <i/ Fault. . . Ik). iGfiG. 

FOX, Oeorgfl, Foiioder of tlin Socioty of Fri«ni]fl. 

Tb» Great MisiHtiT of Uiu Uniit Wtiore iiDtoldud, &c. (p. 110.) 

FoUo. 1839. 

— TajwcfTu-y aboet Im}»idencij : Or, Tho wtrongth of Rigbtpoiw- 
nesH exalted, above The Qiuikfrx WiakuGBB and \Vi«l(cd- 
ness ; in a Reply to a Lying Pamphlet, call'd Waaktun* 
above WickednoflB : Published by J. SuyUr, in Answer to 
a Book, eatituled Tht Qiuiktn qunkiiHi. By which his 
notorious Lyes are made mamfeet. and tho Truth of the 
eaid Book justified : By Jaae.wiAU Ivhs. 

1,1/tultni, I'rinlfd hy ./. (.'oltrel Jot 1{. Mixm, at the Seven 
Stan in S. PauU Chuixh-yaTd. . . 4to. 1656. 

FOX. Goorgo, Foandor of tho Sooicty of Friaodi. 

Tbo Ur«at MiflisBi of tbo liroat Whoic ouloldod, ia. 


olio.' 1«S9. 

Confiimi'i' F.iicaiwtrrd : ot, A Vindication of the Lawfulneaa 

of Pr«aij!iiug without Ordiiiatiou. la Answer to a Book 

puiilidied by N. E. a friend of Mr. Tho. WifUt, intitulud, 

Tk€ eimjidmt Qu^tiimitt QufttionM. Together with An 

Answer to a Letter of Mr. Tho. Witlfs, published in tho 

■aid Book. By which tho Lawfuluegs of Preuoliing witU- 

Qut Ordination Ik cleared, and the Ordination of tlM 

National MinieterB proved to be a Nullity. By Jcr. Ivea. 

Pritited at London : <md arp lo bf lold hij Daa. Whilt at 

tA« ttvtn Slan i» PirtU'* ('kurrh-ifuni : or mny he kad 

at the Authors hoiijte in Hfd-Cross-atrefl. 4to. 16&)). 





IVES, Jennuaii,—toHtimu4. 

The Great C»B« of Couscicoco Opcnwl, 

PI8HBE, Sftmnol, of Nonfuimpton, Iwt of Loadon. 

1 Omt Antiilotc ranm «Hii!n«t ili«l PtovoWng gin of Swuftniit bj 

It«itii<>u ot whi«h ttiin Lnrx! ni'w M>iiini<'Ch. Otvnn ['X-lb (re«n 
nndpr the Burdvn o( tbp Oii[irti""*d xwnl <i) ((i>il. by w»y «l 
Beplj both td Jlcnry Dm'i E|)Uitl« slmut ttio Lawfiilneit, 
Antlqvily BQit f/n(cfniifii<v of ui OafA. — And ftlto Lo /«r^ 
IRiaJi ii'» hia Printed ("tea for SwiMuinu. Eolitaicd. Tht 
Q-rtat Cate af CnntHtnct itp*%\td, ite. obolil the /^ir/UiWw 
or VnlatDjulnfii ot -Vtnturinii ^. 

Ltmditn, I^inttifoT Rohrrt Wiliori, inlHariiKintarAUIm- 
Hatr, Wo. So 

Hffirmtod m hU Worka, («i^ T89. 

HODGKiy. HuDiwl, • OmictkI Baptict. 

A CAUTION to tbo Son* o[ Sios : bewg m ASSWEB lo Jrrt- 

niah Ivrt bin Book. Intituled, Tha grmt Cam ot OcmieiaDM 
»p«o*d. — By Hamufl Hadgkin. 

Ito. London, Frfnltil fin- Ih* Aaihrr fn tSf Year. IflflO. 

■Md^Tbt v^Ia ot Ih* H(1* ol thi> boot U *Di«vd la m]t Ouln^w <d 
riwnJi' Buuku VoL L r.HR— t.v ■ mart *«<ttiiiit Uu ABIhn^ mih ■ kad 
kdnnMnl hln hallux ■fniDU uid I bamliwu fi'liod tW «M SM MtODtcf 
tbU olana .If ItipIliU wh<> ><»•■ dcii tm tn <ibi t)H> Oilli ot ABimIihh.— 

Sober Beqnoiit 

PEKK. Willi»in, Fc^oilnr ol Pfnwylvania, 

Jenuiy l^r't K^Iht r(uiii«>>t i'ii:'Te<l In ibo iualt«[ of it, to be 

tlUe, importmeut Hud impadvul,— W, P. 

BKUHliuda. No Priiiter^ Mamt orplaet [1074.] 

aHBWin, WUliua, of SontluBm'i, 

Tha Umxwuun ot Uu- LIGHT vUcti iUbm b DuIbhm is- 

Mrtod. »nil IhF NntioRii and Optnlonii ot JnnniJi In 
Dlvnigod tko nib ol |1>« Isd Moncth, 1674. is tli« ITm-ft**- 
PUrf. U Criu/dtn, in lb* CoM'iCy "/ -'^iirrn/.) DotMltd, AO. 
Written kni] PitblUhoil for the liifonunliuu of all IbatdMif* 
lo knnw tbo W»y i;t Tnilb, (iiiit to walk in it. E7 WiLUUi 
SuBBm. WUli BUUU addiUoiw b; J. 8. [John Stnbba •] 

Ito. PrtnMd <a lAc rMT, 1CT4. 

WniTEHBAI). 0«of8t, of Orroti, WatmorthnU. Iwrt ol tmulmt. 

A Soiioiui ttaAkcH into Jtnmj In*'' Qurttiinu to ttM QvAina; 

who ai« harolD olawad tioiD lii« iMomtul Abtuwe. bb4 Jtr. 
Inn bUnaolt naolf««t to !« No Cbkutum frooi hia own Ob- 
ttmitioiu, lirrlUnf, Otfmtation, Ac. By a Witntm fir 
ChriaUanity in Faitb and Lilo, Oaargo WLileboad. 

8to. PHnttd Im tJt> Ymt, 1074. 

' Williun Penn's CcntfnUtion of m Qoaker ; or, An Aoswar to 
ft late Libel. 


B. 1674. 1 



wtra AUswEiia. 


IVEB. Jercmiab, — contimui. 

RDdfTHoius PiJiHT. — A ContORt for CUriutianifyor A FaitliM 

l{«Iatioiiof two late MesTreuH ItetwtMtn the Bajitists and 

tho Quaiere; the Oue. on tlie 8lli of (Mober 1H74. iu 

Jinrbican. Tkc otiMr, ou the 16th uf the Bnme Month in 

WhttUr fitrft! 1B74. Together, with deveral Letters that 

hftve paeeed between some of both PoxtieE, bath before, 

KOd Hince the aforgsuid Meetihoh. &c 

Londofi, I'rinledfor !•'. SmifJt at thu EUphant and Cattle 

in Comhil near tAn K/tyal-Exchan-if-, and Jonaihttn 

SoHnion at tA« Golden Lyon in St, Paula Churfh-yard, 

8vo. 167^. 
3t» ThoVu Purt, 

BSBWfiS, waUnm, o( SouthwaTk- 

Wtu.1111 PmKit uid the Qc^KKK la UNITY, the Anakapttxt MW- 

UkoD vid in Ecmilj. Oc n Brief IUp[y tungbeul HBtit Hliruiut 
by JnixKuil IrRR. ^DtltalBil, William P«im'a Cun/ufotion a/ 
aQQ«li«r: at. An Anewfr (a m laf Lltxtl. 

iia. Printed intht t'tur, 1674. 

— A Baiu fisTtitui to • SouDAuvK Pma (i!ud to ba) fnbliilicd 
bjr Inaux In*. W. B. 

Droodirid*. Ho Printtr'i lUiine pla4t Of tlaU, 

BLLWOOD, ThoDiM. AnumuiiliH to John UUion. the Post. 

— — roMurt NoChrWUnkir; or* Brint KXAMEN of n lute Book, 

Iiublinbod by onu T. flant, • iUipiUt Tnu-hfr. liiijertim title 
o( A ConU4l/or Chriilianitj/, or, « Faiih/nl li'hilwn of Txa 
late Mettlngt, itc. Aji I^bu. o'Miiv tuitiiiiKlverBion» on J. 
Ivtt'i Pi>(t«arlpt. And an Eip«iitulu(<)i7 FontJoript to Iba 
BiTTMn. By Thomw EUwtxid. 

evo. PrinKiI fn Ou I'mr, 1674. 
He also wrote, — 

■ InfAUt JOaptum XHsproved, 166C. 
-Oonfidinice qndEtidDed, 1857. 



being an account gf two public 

' Saturday so Sabbath ; 
£spat«tioiia, IGSd. 

' Contention for Tmth, two disputations with ttr. Dedwu 
ooaeoming PerKeverance and ApoHtaiiy, H(72. 

KnU^ViM kbma taat tnUa I luuk from ITikkTi HMoriF oT '^ OmfMJ 
A^llnvp'U>rW^J>**. Wivldox not boUDb Lta IMeki as <b* 
qut« vaOm m j. Tbon» l>*n*nn Ian uTntHiT to rttandm-^tH tbto 

U n-ip) nl vlUrJi tuu mo* tcp m; liojidfl iliuVutr til* jvOtPOH Of IU* 
ksot ihrqnfto a* III It.) "Tbn HSDU Wn-noaiea tmHil to lla 
poilUTt GrouD^, *n'l Vi^T'irATtE rromiiH VqUhia] HjMjitEDii* AtfvlnM It. 

iriimrirf l II Unlnuili'il AmS-'UI'l M TlU OoaltmilH. opi* ■*■> 
IKAit, kMiHV rjw. iA.».» uid U>. J^. /n^ PiiliUtfHa bf ttH mia Mr. 
J«n vil^ AHmni la Omo hinlti HirimcJ, ud Ka FHlibwd OMtsM 
••IMMMOtMadkcPruKiiitH. B> Tku Domm, •onrflni* MM 
M JToad. OoH. ttniL napnwhDi t.1 ibo Woid st traate<Ak t- KtM. 

totidm, frtmU* far Tin. AirMWni, M (Ar ihUf *■< T*tn DmHm, ta 
Cliniwldi, SBkU titi. 1(19. 






One of Gforyf Krith't Friends Seiuous ExQiriny, vhothor it 

liebettor to joyo with tlie iN-iiKpevDKN-ni, FnioiiiyTKiuAKN, or 
Clinrch of Enolaxh, Tu MnttcrH of Religion, biimbly 
offer'd to the lnilrpfn<UnU and I'rtfhi/teriant, And that 
CnuiPioN Tr'i'i'ianUum MnUru* deiiring their Jadgmest, 
before they follow Trfpittantium MuUfu*^ Method. 

Liindon, I'rinltil Jor li. Aylnter, at the Thrte Pidfforu tit 
Cirmliill.aitd i: lirtxw, at ihe Qtm at tht Wttt Kndof 
St. Pa^'i Church Yard 4tD. 1700. 

J., J. — Sec JouK JjLCKaox. 


— - A Jitter to the Cumor of the Diocese of .Voi/o/fc and Stifolk, 
Wherein thoy urc Dcnir^d to Challenge the Quaktn oaan 
more to Meet theu in the Fnce of Uie Country, in order 
to Prove which of them nre Chritt't MinitUrg : vUicb may 
be done according to the Method hnuo Uid down, wita 
very little Diepatation, nnd to the Great Bntinfactioii of 
the Auditory. By a Member of the C'Awrcft of En^Umd, 

4 to. A'o Prinur't hoim, place, or dot*. 

- A 8*cond Jailor to the Cieryy and People of Norfolk and 
Suffolk. By tho Author of th« firitt, n Uvmbor of llio 
Churcli of Kngland. 

4tO. jVo I^nlrr't namt, plact, or daU. 

A LzTres to Hr. 8. FoTBRRsru,, oooMioncd by His It«- 

m&rks OD an Addrc«B and germon lately published by 


Lendon : Printed for R. rtnrf J. DodtUy, m Patl Matt. 
[Priee one iMllin;i.'\ .... 8to. 1762. 

J., W. — See WiLLiAH JwrKiiT. 

JAIILONSKI, PhuI EmcHt, v»r th« Son of Dnniel Ernest 
Ji^lODiki, iiiid ProfcKmr of Theology at Frankfort, he vaa 
bocn «t Berlin, ItiS'S; died 1757. 

— InstitvtioDM Hintorix* Christisoie,— Puili Emeeti lablonski. 
TomTB I. — Uietoriam Antiqviorcm contineiiA. 
Tomra n. — Hielorinm Itccentiorem cwuUnenfl. 
Tomvs m. — Qvi littrtoriam ll^ceutii^eimamSeovIidedo:^ 

oetavi Coruplectit^T, conMripeit Ehxmiau). Hm. 
J> ANuii. &iox:m, S. Thcol. D. ct Prof. Ordin. Fncvltatu 



LBLONSKI, Patil Ernest,— eonHf(u«<I. 

Theotogici? in Itogla TiadriDa eemor EccloH. Itefono. 
Inspector M Paetor Priinarivs. 

Franeo/vrti ad Viadrvm, inipentit Ant, (jothofr Brirrn. 

Svc 1706-67. 7ei 
To}. 1 ConUini, M paftn »»4. — Siwtin XIII. Dn KntbTilMUa, 

FuiBtlt^iH, S«|M<rHU>tm an itiuillHlim (jviu-ki-ii*. 
Vol. », I'Ufft 378. Smliu XII. Dv Eiilhr>iiutui. FuiBtiaia, S«p*- 
rnUnliB, Quraokeriii, Hemlivtuiiiii. «9te. 

JACS80N, John, of 

' AiSo&ea Word to n Serioas People : or, A l([od«rato Dtn- 
CimuHK respcutiug »8 well Thr 8kkkeh», (eo culled) Ah The 
J'rr^iimt ('hurehcu. "Wherein tbe Diffurence betwwn iinaa 
touching Visible AtlmiDifitratiouB, is diHC0^-e^ed and Dis- 
euRiwd: and may BtTve (LH A J'ha/or the ^fatiomMinUCfri/. 
Bj n lover of Truth and Peace. [ANoitmotis.] 

IjOndon, PrmUd hi/ J. ColCrfl/or Jamifii Nuell, in Foalfr- 
lane ; and ar* to be mUI bij Giltn Ciih'trl at Ihr black 
Sjtread EtujU netr the Wt^t-mU of PavU. 4to. 16S1. 

' Strength in Weakueaa ; or tiie Burning Bush not con- 
sumed. Being an answer (formerly piililisbcd under this 
title) to two letters written by JameH Naylor. To which 18 
now addtd several other papcrB written since by the eome 
band (whereof oue is intituled, The arerH nhijolinyt nf 
the wickid Tijiruved.) With a reply tbereouto, ae also 
to the rest respectively. By J. J, 

Londoti, Printed by J. Jdacock. . . . -Ito. 1655. 4} 

HATLEB, JaiD««. of ArJul/it oeu fTakt/Uld. 

Tba Secrot SLootJnii o[ (li« wicJind, ropidvtvd, 09 ft Word to tlia 

eAiiiel«ii4 nabliiJi«r ot Uiftt bocftlla, " lilrangth in waainosa." 

B. leGG. 

SomtthiuH ftirtber in antirer to Jo)in .larkiiriD'* Hook, oalloil 

" Strouictli in *i<'iikii«iw" — wiUi h 1«w wurdu ia aiismr to • 

)irmt«i I'aper i>ubiii>ribed F. B. Ito. No Dwte. H 

FOX, Gooipi, Foundot o( the Sodoty of Friend*. 

The Ureal Mwtrm of Ui«Ur*atWhonniiifoldeil. *c. fpftgoaiT). 

VoLio. 16CS. 

< BosAKKAB to the Son of Davis : or A Testimony to the 
IiM'd's Christ. Offering itself indijferfnll'i, to all persons ; 
though more especially inteudei! for the People who pasa 
under the Name of Quxkkhh. VVhereiii uot so mucli the 
detecting' of their plthudm. «« thti reclaiiuiug the tender- 
hearted among tliem from tlu: Error of Iheir way, in 
awdeatly cndwouriHl, by a sober rcud modi'rntc Discourse, 
Ttmchia'j (lit Light and Law in twert/ man ; refemng to 



JACKSON, John.—rrmtinufd. 

whftt is held forth by them in thetr aevenil Boolt* laid 
Papers, bereiu Exomiiied and Discussed. B}' a Lovi!r of 
Troth and Peace. 

loTuJon, I'rinUit hy William GodUd. . . 4to. 1667. » 

VOX. 0«orgfi, Pnuiiilar ol th« SoelMy of Priandi). 

The GrMt Uiimt ot tliB Gnat Wbora nntoldad, Sx. (m«o 319) 

Folio. 16fi| 

JACKSON, Thomas, a Priest, of Stoke in Summ. 

A >Iiuin»cript to a Member of Parliament. Query, 


BUBBOUQB, Edwftid, ot Vrntrrbarrme, Wtttmertland. 

Satui'a DcDiigiie D«I«ftt«'l : In a ohort amwer lo a Uiutn 

BPDl by a Prieot out ol Siuifjr, l<> a Mfuitisr !•( IIiim [t 
Pnrliamviit. fnll ct nuluiK AcrnmiliuTiil, wbAn^by !j" 
bcctcUt nuitlm the Inaoerat. bv s •«:(?( dpniriiiic tbv 
•Dcntion o( tbn PMptaal Ood. fif BFrieudtoliiKlitwnilBaM 

Zitmdim. PHntKiJ /or Thoimu Sintmma, M the Bult amt 

iloulJt nitr Al^tngatt. .... A9- IWO. 1| 
Brtjiriittnl til hill 'WorkH, fo/ffi G14. , 

A L7UIK pnper luroQlated in the North of EsglaDd. (]aerj, 

the title ? 

MOWOIL, Praoou, ol TinbAon-F, now Qrcyrigg, Watmonlamd. 

TRUTH Lifting ii|i It* Renil nbon Su)ii»a: in an Anntar t» 

TBOUikR JxcKROV. lain I'cicit ol .S'InA* in Huutx. hta Lybtg 
Pajier wbinb ha left in tli« North of Knfland. Bj F»xai-iM 
Uuwuii., Whcn'onlo I* aildoil nooMtblBg by way ol I.«tt(Tr, 
from uiothtT liaii'l. to Ib(i HHld T. J. ■hnwioK the Rtvaons 
«h; it in jt)dK«<l Kiosl to publish tlio muau *l Uuit bow. Br 

J. a. 

4to. Prinira in Ihe Y<ar, 1663. 

JACOMB, Thomas, a NoDMndbnmst Diviiie, was bom in Laom- 
terthirt in IC23, and educated at Ma^dalfn-Hall, O^ori, 
from whence he removed to CtimMJge, vhen he bec«me 
follow of TrinihjCoUtrit. In the Bebellion he obtained 
the livinj; of Si. Martin, Lxui^aU ; but being ejoctod from 
it in 1662, lie was taken into the family of the Couuteaa 
of Exettr, where he died in 1667. Ur. Jaeomb wrote a 
Commentary on the Hth of the Bomau» ; a Tr«ati>« of 
ilolv Dodieation ; and SennouH. He had nlno a nhar« 
in tho Continuntion of PuoIu'm Annotation». — Calamg. 

^^ Qaakeoinn No Christianity, ice. By John P^do. (Epistle 
Kubbcribed by Thonua Jaoomb and SO other Diiinee.) 

Bm. 1076. 


JAOOMB, TbomM.—oontimud. 

PBHN, WiUiun, FoUDdor ol /'^uylpanfil. 

A. Jvn RiniTKii to Oiip auj T««iily Lo&meil ud B«TtTM<I 

DIVINED |H<i culUicl) BuiSK ku Aukww to ttn JhuiM 
SpiiiU jttjiiiust lliH (JLuikim, Aa. .... Ilo. 16T4. 

— TA* Foot tiui of (A/ Srtan ; or, » Iketortttion of the lababt- 
tanto of Zion iuto thoir Plus, «lo., b}- Jokn Tolderry. 
(X'ort b^ Tlionuu Jacomb.) 

4(0. Lnndan, printtd, 1C56. 7i 

Bm Bj " BMcrtpUn nuloffu et Prixula' BoOi." luL >, P- !»■ 

HATLER, JamM, ol Ardalot xmi Walu^tUU 

Foot y«t la tbn &□«».— IXMoovond in ui An««rar to Jvftn Tot- 

itcrry, Thuimu JhcumO, kud ollian, 4to. m5$. if 

^— ExooBS Wujc anil Oiuhob, Opotied in a Skrmon At Iaw 
renea-Juri/ in London, Fflr.lth, 16.'iS. At tlie Fumnhal. of 
tho RflverenJ Mr. Kichaiid Vines, Minister of tlto Gospol 
there. With n eliorl Accoimt of liie hm and Dkath. 
With Bome ElogieB, &c. on }iis ileath. By Tbq. Jaoomus, 
Minister of MuTlinii'Lud'itii* in the City of Ixifidon. (With 
" To the IWndcr," by Simeok Adhe. EcmiND Cal.uit.) 
The ticcouj Edition. 

Loitdun, I'rinUti by T. R. mul E. M./or Ralph Smith al 
tlu Bible in Conthil, near the Royal Exthanj/«. 

Ito. Anno. Don. 1650. 

JAMES. KIcanor, Wifo of Tsomas Skutx, Printsr of London, 
— Concerning tbiu Lady I God the following, "Mrs. 
Elianor James, Widow and Ksecutrix, (of Thomae James) 
came to Sion College, and Buding room enough in the 
Library to receiye them, (her Uutibaud's Collection of 
Books) she agreed with the Governors, and sent them in, 
8h« likewiie gave her own Picture, with the Picture of hec 
deceased HuM)and, and of Dr. Tbouaii James his Grand- 
father, first Keeper of the Bodleian Library in Oxford ; all 
vhieh hang up in our Library. Ah^o vhc guve two Pictures 
of Ein;; Cliarh-s U. one hnof^ in the Libnuy, the other 
in the puUick Hull of thia Colle^'e. Farther she gave K 
Clock. A Turkey Carpdt. throe Chairs, and two Tabm, all 
ooder the gmat window. Anna. 1711." — Qet Tks BiMiorv 
t^ Ikf Anrifiit nnil prctflitl Slaltn oj Sion Cott»yt. JBg W, 
Rea^i'j, Library Krfptr, Folio, 1734. p, 48. 

— Mrs. Jam«s'a ViiiDirATiAK of the Choroh of England, in an 
ANHWKtt to a Pamphlet eutituled, A Nkw Tkst of tha 
Ohuroti of England's Lovaltt. 

Loudou, VfitUed /or me Elinor Jame*. Xto. 16S7. 1) 





J A 

JAMES, Eleanor, — continued. 

Defence of the Church of England, in a abort ftnswerlo tbs 

Cautiug AddresK, with a word or two coueerniag K Qua- 
kera Good Advice. 4la. /or me KUiuir Javtet. 166T< 

JAMES, BHlpti. Pastor of t)iv ItoptUr Churdi at Sortk-WillMif- 
Itam in the county of Lincoln. 

A Tnie and Impartial Mabkatcvk of the Eminfitt-Ilmul »/ 

rtoii t)»it lirJtU A gUAKKU And his Fakily at the Town 
of Pitntati ill LincohMre: who Affirmed he wae command- 
ed of God to Pronounce Mr. ll/dph Jame' Preacher of the 
GoM-Ki. A LEPER from the Crown of the Head to the 
Sole of thu Foot : tlie snmo Jud^eutof Leproaie shortly 
after falling upon oneof hisChildrun; hiriiMilf, Wife, and 
the rest of IiIb Children, Ittiiug ivlao ivlBicie<I with a pain- 
ful Distetapcr. Attested under the Hands of several 
crodihlc PerHons, Eye and Eur \Vitne«seis. As by tlie 
Narrative will more at largo »pp<iar. 

London, PriiitM fur Fiitnfh fimith, «U thr. liltphant and 
Cfutle vithoat Tftnple Dorr, . . . ito. 1673. 

A Trne and Imjtartial NARiiATnE of the Eminntt Hand ^ 

God that Bf/tll A Ql'AKEB and his Famu,?, at the Town 
of I'ajiion in /.i>(c(j/wjJiiiv; who Adirmedht' wa«comni«ud- 
ed of floi> to Pronouuue &Ir. lial/ih Jamn Preacher of Ifae 
OospKL A LEPER. With a IMation of onu Marg llrom, 
that ttt the Hearing of (.'hriiin Humanity I'rfarktd, wm 
tiikoD Spoechleiie, and with a Strange manner of SwoUidk 
or Heaving, in her Fack and BaKAKT. Aleu an Impartial 
Account of Mome Remarkablu Paeeagc^ of one Chorin 
liaihj another l^unhir who ProfcKiscd fcimBelf a Propiut, 
vith hie Pbopitbsik and liKvsLATioN. AH mutted ttndir 
the Handt of neifrtil CrfdibU Vfrunn, Ki/e and Kttr Wit' 
iM«M>. ^t bg Ibt Nakbatii-e bill ntori itl bigt a]iptsr. 
Londvn, I'ntiUdjor Fitmtit SmiHi, at ihe Elejtlutnt and 

Cattle mHunil TempU ISarr. , . 4to. 1672. I 

BUDVAIiP. TIioiiui, Ol l^ndoH. Jut Attomoj. 

^^ Th« A»)ui-nn''( Limo WoHoxa ittMlAd by liU Brothar TnJt 

Cditnt, Rclurood nnon thftoiMlToii, Tboii J«Ml* •■■I 
•it, to Cloatbiog Ui*lr ova U««iUi«t «illi ili* Stat ol 
QuaktTt dlKOTRM, and lfa«ir horrid I>;e» dalacWd la 
Aiuwer to > DecHitfol Puniihlet, iutilulvd. Tie Smiiunt 
hand of Ooi that brjtl a Quokar and bii ^a»Klg, ol Paolcti, 
in Linrulii Shin, for protiounemg B*Ipb Junta, an AiialMp- 
tilt rrt,ith>T. to ht a l*pfr. JtyT.B. "yiith ■ F^utKTipt 
by JoRK Wuiimus.j 

ito. friHitd ia Dm r<w, 16TL 




AMES, Balpb, — continiuil. 

BUDYABJ). ThoiiiM.-«»>i{ii««f. 

The Aakbui tiat Pmobor amuuk'd. in a tnrtliar lUmovrirj ot hla 

IiVDto WoM>BB out of Lniwi.Kiaiit* : As alio Tbe Nawi hvm 
RUIuinl llnblu, ui AiuilMyOii froaohar Id i>M«r, oamiiwd. 
Thoii Jaggltt, i,<jrt, tuiJ Diciiu <l*(»el#(l. Av T. B. 

4io. Prinuiin Ou Xtar, 1CT8. 

The QUAKERS Subterfuge or Erasioo Over-turaca. In tlw 

Vmdicatioii of the lato Nabiutivk, OonoorninK the msmor- 
able Hiind of Qod ogtiiiiiit a <Jaaltfr,Aai his ^mily, in the 
Comity of LiNCoi.M. Wherein the Unchrip-t inn like DciU- 
iag< of the Qualwn in tLeir lato Book, Eutitaled Tbi Ai\n- 
baptift* Ltjin-j \V<miUr dftetud. With an Admonition to 
kll Christiana to bew&re of their Delusions : With some 
Aotiqtieries to Jtihn Whitehead, about his pretence to tbs 
Uini^tery, ond the statt; of the ijuaktrs Cougtegations. 
London, Printiil fur Fritncu S'lutk at the Klephant and 
Cattle trilJiont TnnpU liar. . . . 4lo. 1672. 

BUCKBILL, Roburt, nt Adiingfitft In MfrvtUuiA, Uaevbaliir*. 

and JniH W'Hminitn. — -The Qcakrim Retuoi Pliod upon th* 

lliiiK or AoiiK. TlivuRb ttie Sw«lliiiH Wiitttm Diuh rniw^r m 
Violcntlv t>> Ovntnni it. Whcrnia in prov'd thiilLlie .Vurr<i- 
tivr of Jtjtph Jame' a ui jiliiolittA t^j/tnij-Wondi^r. RPtcoidht^ 
to hii own Dflinitinn, Anil »!«o, tho urcnt ooniroruraie bo- 
IwMD the Ptopln n( Uml r-nlliul (Junktt, and oihon. about 
tit* Holj Spirit ot Ood. and tb« ScriptaTM, Iral; ttat^ uni 
Tary briv/ly diNouunud, m it ia owned by th« Qvakfrt. And 
IhO TtoUi olffimi tronx iLo Falit Saffgettioiu unA DfceitfiU 
brtntMtloiU (A tbn AjiabapHili about tbe lud Ctmtrorenie, 
la Aniwn lo a Subtil I'amp/ilti, laloty pobliabcd. ictitnlrd, 
TV Oitaktrt Suhtertugt or >.'i'<utoii '>i'n-ri(nMil Alu. ■ itm 
QutrUt fmposnded nDlo JlalphJamtt, «md tb* Anthor ol tb* 
SiibUrfugt, d*. By Kustii-i' Kuitsrii.l. To whleb la •lUad 
anothn PMlawipl hi Ansirur l« Kimv Querist pmpontidad la 
Ibv Haid Pamjiblvt, whircin miuiy Untrulha *n anogMtad: 
Lut hciDin the Tnith in clciind, ami llii> Bvaaioa ana I>Mait 
ol tbs JiaptiiU tuade mott toliy macifcit. Bjr JoKii Wnm- 

4to. FriiiUd in (ft/ Year, 1C78. 


BHUB, ^nUiam. ol Betihorp in {iottiaghamtltir*. A valnaUa 
HiaiitOT ot tbo Bodety of Friuods. 

The Baptist's Sopliietr; Dlscovsrsd: la aBriafAnamrtoalata 

Panphlut, cDtiliiied, Thi 4}aakan Suhttrfajt ur Bvatlan 
Ovtrtnnud. Wlivmiu all People ma; plainly »«e baw no- 
tustly the Itajiliili deal witb tbe Qnakert, and bow Stronfll; 
Utti? bend tb«r Bow, and ohcK)! tlieir Arrow* at tht'O witliuut 
■ Cmwo. rubliabed lo gire Batinlnctioii niilo all who aimpljr 
dMinto know tho Truth, hy William ^mitb. 

4to. Frinud in the fnir, 167]. 
B^priBied in hia Worb, jtet 233. 





or [ WUliam, ProfcBsor of Hiittory, Gtatgmc, 


> Vehus Patbocuus : or, The Weiipont of QiuiVemm, The 

'Wcakneee of iJuakerUin : Being A Diitcouree, whdroin the 
«lioirest ArguiueDts for Uioir chi«f Ttoiets hn Kaertat, 
mA their best DefcDcsH Annihilnt ; several AbotniaatioDK, 
not heretofore so directly Discovered, I'muafiked: with 
A DigroHSioii ExplicatiTfl of tho Doctrine anent tho 
ncccsfity of the Spirits Op(>ratioii ; and An Appendix, 
Vindicating, Horn. 9. Ptoia the Depravations of an 
Ai'minian. By fi'illutm Jiiiniton, 

Tit. t. 10. A man Ihtit U an lltrtilek. afxtr thi Jim a»d 
iMtni dimBnition, njttt. 

8to. Kdinburijh, Printed in the Year, 1689. 18 

BOBKRTSON. John, of Kinmiek to Seotlani. 

RuMticiu tA CUrietitA. Of, tho Putw-Bltx nbnkfiig tfa* Pinftr. 

In Antinti t<i I'rrtu Fatroelut. ulicrviii. Tim Fnlittiixxbi, 
Forgeries, liloa, I>ivT«nlon«, kail A«l!-CutitrtiIioU>>(i(, of 
WilXiam Jtanimm »x« d«l««t«d, l).v J<iu* KoutnTiiiiK. 

6ro, Prinud in the Year, 1601. 23 

Na2iahxbxi querela et Yotnm Justum. The Fundamentals 

of tbe Haiiuuciiv exaiuin'd aud diiiprov'd : whereiu the 
^oiceit ArgtunentH and Dcfrnoes of tho mo«t applauded 
and latest ueimrchick or Prelntiok Writrrs, A. st. D. D., 
the Author of An Kniuirtj into thr .Vnc Oi>inicin» (chiefly) 
fnvp&tfitletl bg llu PrethyUri<rn» in SeotlmiJ, the Author en 
lA^ Funitameiilal Chartirr of I'mhf/lry Amnttn'i' <t rlUjiTriv'^, 
and many otfa«n ue sinoerely expended, the Plea they 
bring from Ignatiwfi EpiatleB more itarronly diecu».^'d, 
many thiuga much enlight«iuug this' Controversy, either 
not at all, or uot so fully bilherto unCoIded, are, &om 
anctcDtChiirch'Wrili^rH, and otb«r uuHuspeoted Authors, 
sdvanc'd. By William Jnmeium. 

(rUinjioit, I'riutfii bij lUi^n'rt SonderHyfor ike Author. 
[Brit. UMeum. 410S. b.) An>u> Don,. 1697- 8S 

KotA—tn tba pTcIssa la UiU leak k ntillon U ninB <if vhail WIOli Foul 

BOBEBTSOM, John, o( Hinmiiek ia Srollaad. 

Soma UiKACuu tor ■ U»d Pri«*t : or, Aoimadrtrriom eu 

fl ■7ti<iin JaiKimu'i Fnt$M ^a a Boob, lotol; iinblkb*d b; 

bid, callod, .Votianuitl OaffWu. 

Sto. PHiledimllfYMr.inO. I| 

JEFFEBY, William, wae bom about the year 1616, in tbo 
jMnsb of PeniAurfi. and afterwarda liT«d at Bradi-xim, 
in SfTfn-Oaii* in Kfftt. CrCBbj. in his " llistory of the 
Baptist*," wya, "Ue was a successful, vigorooe, and 
unwearied promoter, aud defender of the DupiUi itttertU : 




J£FFERY, William,— «nftnu<J. 

one wlio niffered much with great patienw and pleaanra 
iu bi« UAtttur's cauBti ; bftd sevorfil diHputatious, not ouly 
with thoBO «( the eataljh^moiit, but witli the Imlependenu 
ftnd Qitahert. Thesn likst he laboured to nnijeccive, upoD 
their first ajnicnriLiice. He, with Mr. Matthew Cajftn, 
joined isHue with them at several places, &o," 

- Antichrist made known. Or, Th» Romlsli Whora of 
fiabylou proved not to bee the Antichrist, or Man of Sin, 
111 seven particulars. 

1, Who U ihia great Whorl of Babylon, o'u' W chi^ 

Seal hath been, anil in. 
fi. Her Fall, eiriii ihe nieant hair and In/ ii-hom, 
8. What i* the Spirit of Aatiehritt, and irAo AoiA Umt 

4. Tliat the Anlifkritt trill bee it nittifU perton. 
6. The mannrr of kit riniiil, and irkni, 

6. Stunt nf tlie grrat lhi%ig» her will do. 

7. Laitly, Hi* Fall, wh^n, and bij tchom. 
Ily Williiun Jeffery .SVnuja of ih* Church of Chritt. 
iinlrtd in llie IkfiuiUr book, kepi fry the Company nf Slation^ri, 

IxittdoH, I'rinltd by li. J. for Franci* Smith, itnrf aT» to 
bee tald at hi* Shap in Fli/injf-Uanf -Court, in Fl**t 
netr Chmtteri/ fj/ziui. .... 4to. 16541. 8) 

HATIiEB. Junoa. at Arittihe. sear Wakf/leld. 

The Lionr cr Cnniin', ui>l th* Wotd o/ Iilt«. olovvd trom tba 

Decclrtit of ilin Dweirw.uid lii> Utterul wmsikuis tarn^il 
cpon tiixtiwii HmuI. AIboUmHui of Sin fuimJout. wLu U 
litiUuK bim«elt(- in u luNqM ol Contuctua. t>ret4iudiiiit Aott- 
«br;at in not ;-c( Dono, In. [In uuwct to Uattb«w Coffin 
■od Wiiliun iodeiTj.] 
LMMfon .* Printed tor GiltM Caherl, at the Blatk-Spread- 

Eaiilt,»faTiht'Wt*lradofPauU. . . • 4V>. lOtfi. B 

FOX, OMrpD. Fooiulcir ol Ihe Soeletv of Frkmlg. 

Tho Great Mistehy of tit* Ur*at VfHon Ualoldtd, &e. (ptea 144.) 

Folio. 1«>. 

- The Liwroi-wBs of TITHES, Demonstrstod to Uie Con- 
viuciti^ of eueb of the Quakers aA pruteiid Conscieuce 
agniuat the payment of them : or, A Damouatration for 
Liberty of Coneoienfle to the Quakers in the Payment of 
their TiTHits. By W. J. 

Ltmdon, I'rinud far J, R. for John If AttboAf, near th* 
aeorgi Ihh, m LUtU Briimn. . . 4to. 1078. 

HOirWOOD, MiuholM. of StciniiJUU! in Kml. 

A WORD of Cdi;k(ei.: or ■ Wuniiiis ia All Taang ConTiDoeJ. 

Ftictidi. u)d Othiti vliom it mnf oonocrQ ; that nrv callod 
lorth to bear > Tuitimouy ioi Uio Lorl in Iho Con oI TTTUE. 


JEFFERY, Willi*m.— flr)nfin««<£. 

HOUWOOD. Niofaolml,— eoHriiiurrf. 

Which may iili>» urvo for Arutnir to a l*to Psinphlet. rati' 
titled, Tkt Lfaafuiwf (if Tyilut, hu W. J. M it eoooonu tba 
ihiaktrt Donacienoo ia tha ouio : tha aUngntloDa thorcof lot 
ue Piriiie Biglil ol lyilu-i Wiug nuffioioiitlj^ contntnil is 
dlt«n TtmUm*. not tak«u nutico ot iu the taid iV«;>hM. 
Hieiiolu Bomwwd. 

*U). PriiUtfd la r)><< VMr, 1S75. 
Beprintcd *U>. 10«S. 

Ho also wrote. " The WIiolo Fnith of Uao." 2iicl editioii. 
1659. Ho died in a good old age. — Wood"* Ilutoryiff 
th» BaptUu, p. 1S2. 

JENEYN, WiUiam, a Nonconformigt Divine, vrae born at Stid- 
bury, in 1612. After taking his degrees in Art8 he wm 
ordained ; and in IGll became Uinlgterof Christ -Church, 
Newgate -street, and Lecturer at Ulackfriara ; but waa 
suKpeudi'd and imprisoned for a supposed sltare in Jjore'a 
plot. At the Restoration he waa aileuced, and in 1684, 
committed to Newgate, for holding a Conveutiole. He 
died in Prison, Jan. ly, 168.5. 

(An Epistle) To the Reader. — In Jonathan Clanham'a 

" Full T>iscn%i:nv aud CoKi^rTATioKof the wicked ana dunin- 
able Doctrines of the Quakers," Ao. . . 4to. 16S6. 

8« JoHlTHlR OLArHm tor u Xarwn, U p. IS) of Uili VU>lt«I». 

— ^ Uid JiiNATHAN Clai-kui. — A DiscoveTy of tli« Quakera 
Doothna to the Protector. 

a«Jaiiiiiuii Cbinultlatu lAnw. ^ W. 

The Foot mil of Ihf Snart. (Part by him.) 4to. 1656. 

KATLKB. Juum, ot Ardfilof, acu tl'akffitU. 

Foot 7et in the Hauv. — Dliicovcrnd iu ka Aiuirw lo John Tel- 

dtny, WilliaiH Jtnkin, (uiil ulli#ni. . , 4b>. UK. 

- ■ Quakerism No Christianity, &c. By John Faldo. (Epintle 
Babsoribod by William Jeukyn and 20 other DivinM.) 

B»joB»Pu«>. 8vo. 1675. 

PBKK. William, Foundar ol Pmnrgluania. 

A JcstRiiKt'KB ti> Oa« and Twaa^ Loiinud and B«vai«BiI 

DIVINES. (BuoalladJB^Baii AaiMtl0)ui.4ftiwivr SfMU« 
agaiail the Qnaken, tto Oih ISTt. 

JEKKS, Joseph, of yew-Englaiui. 

A Reply to William Wilkinson'a TrentiM on BaptJns. — 

Qneiy, tho title ? 
WILKINHOK. WLLiuD, ot Bhodf-hUnd in ttiw finftanJ. 

An AxaTU to JuTCph JmiIii' Bcply lo William WUkinaao'* 

TauTin. ■•utiiiilcd, Thv BBiitiitn o( the Hoij Spirit, without 
BUoMBtaij Water. Sen. [Pretace hj L««toiui Uobnti.] 
LoadiHi : f rJHIrd and tetH Ay Iht Anlffnt Iff J. SlX^^*, «t 
Uit £iW< in Gtorgryard, ia iMolKnt Strrri. Sfo. ITIL 





JENNER, Thomiw of Cathrrlnuyh (now Corlcne) in IrrlafiJ, 
formerly a Priost in Sorfolk. 

^^ The wveral Sects »ni Ddeperitte TeaoU that have boon 

J reached in our TimpH, with a breofc account C0Bc«nung 
ames Natlor, the (Juak«r, and the ntterisg of many 
horrid blasphemies. 4a. with tlie judgment prooomioed 
a^inst liim, 17 Deo. 16C8. large aheet, with repre^ota- 
tiODS of the difFereiit Sects, and two of the ponishmeatof 
Nailor. By M. 8. for Thomas Jeiuier, 1658. 

QufcKKBisu Anattimh'd and Con/iUed : wherein in Disooverod 

their MiuiifuldDwnnable Errors, talcou (^for the muKl part) 
from their own Uouthii Anil Pemt, with a ooiifutalion 
aanoxvd. As aW Their Vain Priuciplea, pumiciouu 
PractiMS, and Blasphemies (li^/iyiJi^ lAa Lord tiuit bought 
tittm) Evinced : AIho the Roly Soripture, Worship 
and Ordinances Vindicated : The Whole Discoorse being 
grounded upon II I'ft. II. 1, 2, 3, — By Tho. Jftiner, some- 
timea of Chmt CalUdgt in Cambrid-jt, and lately Manister of 
HonUaA and CofisftaU in Norfolk, and now living in Calh- 
tflottfih in IrtUxnd : Italia Snie. 66. Anno. Dom. 1670. 

8to. Printed in tlu Year. 1670. ISj 

»«t«. T hllbootmrflMK.1. Tllb IB »tUOa."To ArUmr.Eu-I K Dh- 
kH k -PnlH* U Iba Bwlot," b; TUuoU? Tajbw. 

VHITEIIBAD. George, of Ortoii, WrttmorcUind, hui of Lmdan. 

Au4 Wii.i.uv PsKM.~A Soiioui Atoldoi (Iit tbo PriadplM aacl 

PncUoo* ol Uie P<cpl« anttoj (jiinknni. agnlmit tbs MAllelom 
Afportioiw, Snooicwi DoaUiii«>, aiid Hi'rriil BlaapbuniMel 
ThoKM /*MMr. tad Tfniplto 7ayfer in Uivii Book, •Dlitolad 
JitalfrimaMlanunl.aMJCM^jvtcii. DividiNl inlo two pari*. 

' Ocorgo WlulvhiMtd, Bad Williwn Fenu. 

Ito. JVinWiil in lb/ Ffor. ISTl. 

Koto. — Tha Snd- Ful uf Uiiii woik b«lnu wtIIUd bj VtLLlAM Purrr. vaa r^ 
DTlnM to bW (ViUkIoI Woiti. Vql. 1. p<«a DJ. Olulliill WllRKKSU'l 

Worhf luTv nf.vtr bvfo «oliMM<il. 

JREMUH. (Pseudo.) 

Tb« Qnaieirn Letter of Thanks, (and a half-title). « 

Londun : Printed /qt T. Ijaia, atid mid by ths Booknelltn 
Iff London and ti'almiTUiter. (Priee Three-penee.) 

6vo. 1722. U 
■JOHNSON, Dinah. (Psoudo.) 

A Foneral SERMON on the Death of ^inn^ litlinion. An 

Eminent Quakvr, That Dy'd for Love of a 'Merchant's 
Sod in Z.i'>n«-8treet, Hold forth at the Bull and iSouth 
ICeeting-Uoose, on T\tetday. Lhiobfr 11. 1709. 

The Text. 
And ih* time drew nij/k, liiai tht ihttuld die. 
By O. Whilefaeed. 

jMtidtm : Prinled/irr J. Bagnati near Fleet Street. 

8to. 1709. i 




JOHNSON, John of U^trpiyol. 

An Occasional Review of the Probendftiy of LitcliJUW* 

Sermou, and AddretiB to the Pooplc called QaAkere: 
with a more mftture Ex&miDation of the Betnarka of hia 
Opponeiita, 8. Font kuh ill, and J. Vbipv*. la a Lettbs to 
a Fricud. By Joiim Joiinmuh. 

Try the SplrtU. I Jobtt iv. 1. 
London, Printtd for fhs Autlior, and wid hgJo$fp& Join- 
xoft, Ml Mead't lltad, oppo»ite Ihr MoTttinujtt : Mr. Oore, 
BookteUfT in Liverpool ; and ilr. Uanekt, in Warriit^' 
ion 8vo. 1762. 

■ A Serious Acldreaa to Samnel Fisher of Norwich, concern- 
ing (he «rrorH eliarged upon him by the fictitioas Quaker, 
fltmng himself Tutunir UAiun-KSfl. 

Jjmdon : Printed Jor M. Garney, BooktelUr, in Bell- 
Yard 8vo. 1778. 

JOHNSON, Jonathu), of Linroln. An Annbaptiiit. 
■ Somo Papers. — Query, wliother printed ? 

HASOK, Uimiii, o( Lincoln. 

The Uautinjt liaptLit diimomtud. sud the Beist Diurmed snj 

•ofbIt «Y>iind«l. wftlioul WIT Onriial Wnupxi ; lu > IIkpi.t b> 
■onu Pitprrt, wrlttdc by Jmuttlum ,/iiArurin i>f LineolFM, UMI 
Au««r 10 A \A<iM DViit biu) by itartin Miutm, ODOWenliu 
•XMiitli'iu >i4!Biu<I *Bitir&l Trulbo. PublUhed fry a FailltfiiS 
Hinutir. not of the Letitt, but of the Everliuliag Ooipet. 
London: I'niited /or Gilet Calvm, and are to bt 4old at 
Ike Blaei Spread EagU atai tha Wett-end o/PauU. 

4to. lUG. 

— Tint QijAXKB QvAMTT unci his QiTAititKL QuxLutn: in An 
AnHwor to a Bailing Pamphlet written by Martin Maaoa 
of Lincolm. Intitnled tlie EtoAfiTDCo Baptist Dishocttsd 
and The Beaet Disarmed and Sorely Wounded without 
any Cab-val Weapon. Whereunto is added Eighteen 
several Meditations nsnaUy Received by the Quakbbi at 
their first Enltmwe into that Delusion. By Josaisui 
JoHMSOK, a eerrant of Jcbqs Christ. 

Lotidon, PritileJ /or FrancU Smilh, m Flying tlorM- 
Court in Fleet Strett, near Chaneenf Lant End. ■ 

4to. 16«9. 
(BrU. MmJL».) 

UABOR, MKtiik, of Lbeoln. 

— Sion'i EtMsir DuoiTKun, or Tk* Warktr «/ lalqnity rti^rd, 

Md ImocnCT CuAS*D, /« s Rtnla to «cm 4httU of Baptr 
P<Mithed tm jMiUhn JohnMa, ^ tinti«tne. «nf to Mm 
SntUvied, "O* Qnakv qiuabl. tti lua qnArrel qnaU, io. 

4>a. ho PrinttT'i MM vrptoM, [1U9-] 






JOHNSOX, Jonathan ,—c«»(intu!rf. 

BWTH. William, ol Btiltutrp in Nvltin-jhanuhirr. 

The PkittiruJ WttDM* ; or A Hinn •>! Ldvk Bflnfilioi! rortli. lb«t 

th» blind tnav be (nided, uid ths HCKttvrvit kbOi^k^— At*" 
Tnitli defsnded uuj olcartd Ironi iLe Lye> aad fflntuluni 
dcolnred by Jonathdn Johntnn. a Baptiil, in pnfunion. 

London, Prlnlid fitr Thomai Simmom, at the Unit oMd 
Moath luar AldtngaU 4to. 16G9. 

B«|iriiiUitl in his Work*, pmie 31.. 

^JONES. Stopkeu, (Sod of Giias Jossa,) was boni is Lemdon in 
1768. Ue WHS Kdttor of the " Wfdtthall Ereitin-j Pu»t" 
" yrtt Masons' yiaijainne," " EiiTapran JUaiiaziue," &e., &0. 
For farther p&rtioulant coacem'uig him, nee i'pcait't BUi- 
yraphieid Diclimutry of Licin;/ Aulhon, puUis/unl in 1818. 

A Kgw Biogrnphioal Diotionary ; or, Pocket Conipeudiam : 
Goutoiuin^ n hricf accannt of the Liven ami Wriljugii of 
tlio motit tmininl |lcrsoitB in evoiy Age and Niition. 

Ltmdon: I'rint*4 for O. G. nnd J. Uobinum, J. Watlu, 

J. Seatchtrd, and E. X<teb^\/, 

ISmo. 17M. 18 

Beprintod.— The 2nd edition .... 1786. 

»««*'— Tliu VMlMwfT MauUu ■ lalH md lajiuioiu «bH«aui el OtnulK roi, an, 

JONES, William, of yorth WaUn. 

^— WoBK for a Cooper. BeioK ao Answer to a Libel, Wnitea 

by Thomas Wynne The Ooopor, the Ale-Man, tho Quack, 

and tho Speakino-Qcaeek. With a brief Acooont how 

that DiGsembting People differ at this day from what at 

first they were, liy on* who abundantly jnlita their Ijno- 

ranee and Folly, f Anok.^ 

London : Printt^l by J. C. for fi. C. at th* Frxne* of 

Walet't Arms nter the Hayal Exehangv. . 4tO. 1679. 

ltfllfi.'<Ppdlif<3 w Ihli pua[bhliA it ft eorioiSB ttitfll; flUbbl Poftnit of 
Tbomu Wyniu^ Unptol b; thci iMiil. 

WTNNK, ThoiuM, o( CaenciM, io Fli'il»hir/. in Siyrih-Wala. 

An AutkliriMiitD Coubv'I'iM]' retui-tcd. «ud li*Un'i< C'hu&pioD 

Def<«l«d: BfliiiBaRFpl)'t(>uiKiivioii*iuidHoiUTUou«Liti«ll, 
withoat any Nunc to li. oallpd. Vlittn fur a Cuumk. B«iiiu 
*1m a FfndJMtion ol mT Book. oQlitaleJ. Th' Au!i<iuily of 
tkt Qnaken ; Frain tbn Duo iDainnntioQii. Foliu Uocirine 
■nd Wiiae Charts thrrcin nontain'd agiuDit mo. my Book, 
ml tgaliut Uod's Pi«>|'la «allid Qnakart in gmicriii. Hy bu 
Tioma* IFynaf. [With a foaUorlpt by WiUiam Gihum.'i 

^. iVinttif tn tli4 I'tiiT, iCTS. 

JOOSTEN, P(Tter, Senr., a PrMobttr among the MmnonUu. at 

All AuHwet to a Oeitoiii Writing.— Qnwy, in Dutch only? 







J008TEN, Peter,— (wiliHiicrf. 

CATOM, WUliuii, ol Laneaitatt. 

Kcd Jo. Boii/in.— Sen liK^lbaEihig^i 8ttbibigI|tR, Sk. — A Jait 

Dofonoo of the TniUi □( our God ; ot an Amiver to i Book 
(intitnlod, An Answer lo n cotUiiQ Writiop) pvun forth by 
i'titer Jiiotten the &\Aia, wlio u a I'roiubct amoDttat Uw 
MtnnitU «o ctiUctt, at Akknuv-r 4to. IMS. 


E., B. See Benjauir Eeacb. 

KAYS, William, of SlukgnUy, Yorkuhirt. 

A Plain Ahswbb to the Eighteen Qnn>ries or John Wluto- 

bead Comniouly called Quaiuib. Iu wlueh Tho Hidden 
Mysteries, of lufalliUi! Spirit. Voioo of Christ, tlio An- 
oiiiting, Perfection, luid how Oliriat is tho Light of all the 
World, Ac. As also thu Singing of Oavid* Psofanii, re- 
oeiving of Titliea, nod that MioidtorB may bo called 
Maeters, and stnud Praying in the Synagognes, Ac. is 
fttUy discovered. Written by Williiim Kayx Minister of 
the Gospel at Stvkr^lif, he being required to make answer 
tbereouto, and being willing to confesee oar Ciritian 
liefurmed I'roteuant lUlision, uow BO Qtoeb qiuwlioaod, 
uid oppoMd. 

London, Prinud/or }!: E: 4to. 16M. 

EEAOH, Benjamin, t, Bnptiitt Minijtter, wu boni in 1640, at 
Stiiktkaman in Itucktnghamihire, utid vms brod to tnde. 
Being of ft stndioiut turn, ho joined a congrcgstioo of 
Baptistii, and beoftmo a Preacher among them. In iaC4 
bo was tried, and sentenced lo stand in the Pillory for a 
book called " Tho Child's Instructor." After this be mtl 
chosen Pastor of a cocgregation in Ilorsley-Bown, South- 
vark, where he died in 1704. Ilia " I'raTcIa of True 
aodlinesB," and ■■ Tnvels of UngodUnosa," written in the 
manoer of Banyan, wev« once very popular books. But 
be is now known by his " l^polo^ia^ or Key to open 
Boripture Meti^oTS ;" printed in fobo, in 168^and again 
in 1778. He obw wrote " Au Exponition of the Pota- 
Wci," Folio. — Cr^by't Hiaorif <^ the Uai>tuu. 

-^— Tbo Ouan IxroaioR DtMooTiaoD: or, Tbc QuaJun Doo- 
trine wdghcd iu tbc Ballanec, and liwnd wanting. A 

K£ A 


EEACn, Benjamm, — continwd. 

PoKM, By way of Dialogue : wherein their Chief ami most 
oonceming Frinciplce are laid down, and by the Authority 
of God'B Holy Word clearly Uefnted. By B. K. 

London, Vrinledftir B. Harrit at Ihf Stationer'* Armii in 

Sweeting'iRmitslytheBat/alErehanf/e. SmaUSvo. Iti75. 7i 

The Progress of Sin: or, The TBAvm-n of tQngoilliiusf. 
Wherein the Pedigree, Rise, (or Original) Antiquity, Suh- 
tilty, Evil Nature, and prevailing Power of Shi is fnlly 
discovered ; la an Apt and Pleaaant ALLEGOUY. To- 
([ether with the great Victoriea he hath obtained, and 
abominable EvJla be hath done to Mankind by tlie help of 
the Devil, in all liia Travcln, fi'om the begiiiuiug of the 
World, to tliifi very Day. Aa nlso the manner of his Ap- 

frdienEtou. Arraignmeut, Tryal, Condemnation, &ud 
Ixecution. By Benjamin Eea,afa, Authnr of The TroveU 
of True Qodlinosa. War with the Devil. Ani Sion in 

The Fourth Edition, CormcUAt With mm« Additions fcy (A« 

London, Printed for Nicholtu Boddinfflon, at tht GoUUn- 

Ball in Duck-Laiif ISmo. 1707. 8t 

(With CuTiouK WoiidCuU.) 

{Brituk Mm. 4411. %.*A.) 

Beprmted. — The Fourth Edition. (With n Frontiepiece, 
" The Kjfi'jiet of B. Kkach."} 

Lnnriim : I'rintad fcy A. W.Jor J. Clarke, at the Ootdm- 

Ball in Ihttk-J^ne 12mo. 1724. 8 

(BrMik Mxu. 4414. b.) 

Beprinted. — Tht Sixth Edition. Corrected, with some Addi- 
tional ilu! Author, {With Piotnrea) (and Portrait, "Tht 
£!ffigi«s i>/B. Ekacs."} 

London i Printed for W. jQhmMt, at tha Goldm-DaU, 

fn Ludgata-Strtet ISmo. 1TS8. 7 

{BrU. Mui. 874. d. 1.) 

Bopriotocl. — The Seventh Edition, Corrected, witli come 
Addition*, by the Author. With an «ntin) now 8«t of 
Cuts. (And Portrait, -■ The Effi^os n/B. KKArii.") 
London: Printed for J, Utv:, So.'ild, Pater-yosttr-liaa. 
{BritUh Mvutum, 44)4. e.) 12mo. 17S1. 

8 S 



KEACH, Benjamin, — emitimud. 

Bcprinted. — (Another Edition.) (With a ProntiBpiece of 
Solomon's Temple.) 

yeivciiiitU-uiion Tyne : Printtd by M. Browti, at ffic miU, 
in Ihf Fltdi-MarkH Svo. 1789. 

{Brit. Mtiieum, 

Beprintcd. — {Anotber Edition, no cntfi.) 
Bttbilli • VriviFii ly II, Uicliardton. 

(lint. Mm. an. a.) 

Bepriutod. . . . • . 

12mo. [1810?] 71 
ISmo. 1849. 

PAKKK, Jumoc. of London. 

#»l>t Jl'uliiiiii »ni Rumauceit Rvlmkod : In Anawa- to n«taid«d 

MhIIct cbnmed (tKaimt tht Quaker, in ■ Book. Itttitnltd. 7A* 
pTftiTtH of Sin. iff, written by B. K. OULioii uid SlnniJcrii 
thcruin rctarnc^bukaponhim.anilthcSpoaliarscif Ycauid 
Ha; in Truth tiodicatol. Hy JninM Pack. 

4to. Londim, Frinted in tht Year, 1664. 

p. W. fcnd DJJ <fflD, ToL S, f. M, 

WUUk^i Cattefi, 

— TrniTH UnvMr.'D by Scripture-Lijilit. In Thrw port*- By 
BoBcaT Fbitdom. [Prefooo by Bbxjuiik Kuce.] 

8maU8TO. 1699. 

KELLET, Joeepfa. — Bee Cbsistophkh Fiun. 

EENNET, White, wae the Son of Bngil Kmnet, Rector of Duti- 
rhxirrh, and Vicar of PoBtling, in Kfnt, He was bom at 
Dorerhn lUdO.and had hiu nami<, White, firom his mother's 
&tber. who was a Magistrate of that town. He rec«iTed 
bis education at Wrstmhuttir-Sctiool, ftndwent from th«Doe 
to St. Kdmiwi-hall, Oxford, where he took his Msster'a 
degree in 1684, and t^be same year was presented to the 
Vioaraee «f Amlroadfn, in Oxfardihirf. In 1689, aa he 
WAS abootinK, the gnn burst, and wounded him in the 
forehejtd. so that he was ever after obliged to wear ft 
piitch of black velvet. After this be booun« Vice-prinointl 
of St. KdimiiiJ-Uall : and. in 169S, wan j>r«««ntcd to &o 
Bector^- of Shntirsbroiikf. in Beriahlyr. In I(!99 he took 
his Doctor'* degree, and tfaenoxt year obtained the liring 
of .S'(. Bololpk, Aldimtf. He now liccnmi popolar aicoog 
the low rbnrch pnrly, and had a controversy with Atier- 
bnry resprclinE the right* of Convocation. In 170* hs 
WM employed by the Boolucllcr^ to superintend a coUec- 
tioa of English Historians, and to continue the worfci of 
which a second appeared in 1719, in 8 vols, folio. He 
nwde himself conspicuous by a funeral Bermon preached 
for the first Dike of DrrtrntJurr in 1707, whieb gave great 



oCTonce, as an apology for the sins of the great. The flame 
year he vias made Dean of I'elrrbarouijh ; but BO ohnoxiotut 
had he now made himself by hia jjarty zeal, that Wellon, 
the ileotor of Whitechapel, oaiiMftd his Portmil to bo 
exhibited iu the charaoter of JmlftM, in the altiir-piece of 
that Church. Tliis aut of indecetiuy wns properly rcHuntod, 
and the Painting removed. In 1718 he wn« ma^e lluhop 
of Pttirimriiiuih. He died in 1728. The Bishop was an 
able Aatiquiirj, and particularly oonvenaut in tho 
Korlbem Langnagee. — h\U l/jf yetcion, 

■ A CoKPLKTE HisTosT of ENGLAND : with the Lites of 
all the KiHos kdiI Quebms thereof ; from the Earliest 
Account of time, to the death of Hitt lato Majesty King 
WiUiam III. Containing A Faithful Itelation of all 
Aifaira of State, Ecclctiiaetioal and Civil. The vhole 
Ulastrated with Large and Useful Notes taken from 
divcrH ManuBcriptt^, and other good Authors: And the 
Effigies of the Kings and Quoens from the Origin&ls, 
Engraven by the best Masters. All new Writ by a Ltunt«d 
and Impttrtial Hand. 8 vols. 

Londtin: Printed/or Brah. A^/lnifr, Il/h. lianwick, Sitm. 
Smith and iirnj. Wal/i>rd,,\ViU. t'rtrmant Tim, Onod- 
tn'n, Tkn. Itennat, Mnllk. IVotlon, John Waltho*, Sam. 
ilantlUp, Tho. Stabarmtgh, John tiichoUon, l&ehard 
Parkrr, and litnij, Tooke, . . Large folio. 1706. 

HM*.— OmUn* !□ nJ. a— "JuBM Harlo'. thu Qtukm. hu UlurhondH 
ud l^unUlupsnl." f >!■• UTHibn. ttirlr MiulnrH. niin Lll.tnil-:^ Uk 
(■HIbiT In XVIiUr-Chiifil Cbiiri>h, A Third ui/«[oili-1 l^ualvr iu Col. 
fA«1fFj llATfod hiUHLf U> ilwLh*" WUliuu Pumj iJinjuiibl b; *,((ta 4a 
MmUtbm*. cnfij J«iUt. uodar « FnofttlDiJ-EiiiiHlt)". prntDntiiil Kiug Jiowvi'* 
d«dciia, As.. »c," 

■ Boprinted. — Second Edition, corrected, with additions to 
the 8rd vol. 8 vols. . . Folio. London, 1719. 


Mnmnlrs ol tb« Life, MinUtry. Tr;>I and 8nffArii)s«of th*tmT 

«Utiiivut I'rrKun. Jhiuoh Nniliir. tho (Jiiiiki'tH' licoHt A]">iit]a> 
Why win tr.v'il lyUiP H-uli Cviirt <j! Harljiiijipul fin 8ta». 

phetuy. in ths ymii IBljS. I'liblinli^il by hu Im jiBrtial 

IIuul. to prevent tbe abiuiea >u Dr. Kciui«t'i Iliitory whni 

{Fobliibed. and tlie Groin impuriiietiuii knd Miirtiiri'ioutB. 

llDtii of JameB Nailer, in tlic Utc Fotio CoUcclioD of Tiiali. 

LMtdan ■' Printed and lold bi/ J. liobfrtt. In Wanttek Lanr. 

Bto. 1719. 

KIFFfN, William, Minister to a Baptist Coujirefifation in D^-on- 
thin Square, London. Ho oiod tho 2Utli of December, 




KIFFIN. William,— «miMi«</. 

1701, in the 86th Year of his age, and vas buried in Bun- 
kiU FirUU, where a tomb stone is erected to liis memory. 

— The Quakers Appeal answorcd, &o. (Preface by W. KifBn) 

8vo. 1674. 

Sh TaoHU Bicu. 

He also wrote, " A OlimpBe o Sions' Gloty." 4to. 1G41. S 

— Bcmnrkablc Pttssagcf in the Life of Wiluau Kimx : wrHtdo 

bv bimsolf, and cdittnl from iha dttgtnal fflunusinat, with 
KoTKB AND ADpmoNa, fi; WiujAM (^MB. (Witli a Fortrut 

of KlFlTN.) 

LoHdani PfinUd/or Burton and Smith, 1S6, LfadtnhaS 
Street ; Sold alio bt/ Simpaon and Marshall, StaXiunen 
Court : J, Rubertson & Co., ParUatn^nl Square, EdiK- 
burgh : «i«i D. Morium, Junr. d Co. Ptrth. 8vo. 18S8. 18 

Tbb Lira of Mk. Wiujam Kiwto, npvnrda of Sixty Tmm 

Pantor of tbe BiijitiBt Cbiircb, Devuu»duru gqHare.Loadoo. 
From 1G3» to 1701 ; nud one of tlie Five Aldomcn ap- 
pointed by JaraeH II., in tbe Yeiir l(!ft7, when that Popish 
and despotic Mouarcli diKfranchiBed the City of Lcmdon. 
By Joseph Ivimky. 

" Bnt seek ;i! flret the Eingilom tJ Qud and hii ri|(bl«Otua«M, toA 
■11 tboM things BbaU bo uddod onto you." 

hcndon : Printed/or tht Author, and Sold h/ Aim, at E1| 
Ttrraiuhirt StrMt, Quern Sijvart ; and by Mr. Slander 
at th« ittMon Howt, Fen Court, FencJutreh Street. 

dvo. 1888. 

KINO, Bamnel, of Yarmmth in \offolk, 

— An impartial Inquiry into tlie Present State of Belifpon in 

Eugland: recommended to the seriona oouaideration of 
Christians of every denomination. By Samuel King. 
Yantoulh: Primed by Downe* and March i /or O. O.J. 
rf J. Bobinton, iMudim. . . . StO. 1789. 

X2KG, William, Bishop of Lmdon-dcrr^, aftorwarda Atcbbiabop 
of DuhUn, in Ireland. 

. A DraooiTRBK conoernii^ JH* Tnrfntitmt of 3/^i in the Woe- 

SHIP of Qoa. liy the Bight Rerereud l>r. Wiliojui Knco, 
Lotd BisIiOP of J^ndim-berrg. CJ;r 4Ul|| CiiHvn. 

LonAim, Printed/or Thomtu Athntun, as the White Stftait 
hi St. Pavl'$ Churth-)farJ. . . . 18mo. 170-1. 



KING, WtUiam,— conitnuKif. 

^ A DiHcnuRsB Conceming Tfte InveiUioni of Mm, m tLe Wo»- 
8BIP of God. By the most Keveiend Dr. Wiuuuii Kins, 
liOBD Abchbissop of Dtiblht. 

Edinhur^ih, Printed iy Mr. Robert Frefhairn, PrinW to 
Ikt Quem't man ejxtUna Maittty, MJ)CCJC1I1. 

8vo. 1718. 

■ An Admonition to the ^'astjAae: being a Vindication of a 
Dittoonreo oonoeniingjr/'* Jm-fnHnn> nf Mm in thf Worthip 
of God. By tho Most Bev&rend Fatlici in God, Willum 
Lord Arcb-Sieliop of IhMin. 

London, Printed for Thonuta Alldnmn, at the WUte Smm 
in St, Pauls Chureh-yard, Price Sixpence. I2mo. 1706. 

ITola.— ChUe; rolMlnf to B dkimto vtth Joanpb UoTH.H* U> "QbwIii* to tbtQaikHa.' 

KIETON, Joehaa, Bookeellor of London. 

Hoe Lnm P«im. 

ENOWLES, Sftmnel, Cnrate of MUdrnhaU in SHffolk, ml (MM 
of FiADcis Bugg's friends, and at a Pablio Meeting «f Ih* 
Qnakors at MiUi'nhall, the 80th of tho 2nd month, called 
April, 1C01. he made considtirable opposition and dis- 
torbancG. — See my C<itMo'juf of Vrimda' Booke, vol. 2, p. 
898, under Qoorgo Wbitehead'a namo, 1691. 

ENOLL, John Oomelis. of 

PABEE, Jomea, ot Loruto*. 

Ctiriilai Ittni Vn^ogM— Christ JsBua Gnlled, Uld a TmM- 

miiDy bum lo Lie irae L^ht, which unUgbtraetb tflKJ Han 

that oomoth into Iho Worid. In hdbwot to t, DaA •ijoumiu 
wd uiiprofltttblo Writing nignod and Mnt to at lb* roopln of 
God called (^uaken, bj Jiifin Cumrlii Knalt. . . *U>. 16T0. 

(A Dntoh Pamphlet.) 

Life of — Knater. ^In " The Enropa Erndita of Baht- 

lefos." — where this ControverBy (Eeithian) is placed Id a 
trae light. 

" Kmter was a man of rtnbitj', who lived at that time in A mrriea, 
■ad wiu on ejB vituutii of thoan dlviaiooE." — Hoikem'e 
XeeUtUutleiU UitloTy, vol. 6. p. U. BditUm 1T7<. 




TIiC CraK of SoiUKH. Containing, 
I. A Domotiitnttivc Proof of the Divino Right of £pis> 
copacy, from the Holy Si:riptarcB,(iUorit Matktmatieo.) 




L>, C. — coniinu^rl, 

n. The NeccBflity of a Litfiiay, or Set Form, for tbe pab- 
lick Worahip of Almighty God. 
m. A Beviev of tlic peculiar Teuuts and Doctrines of the 

DisssxTKRs, sbewing them to he fiilae auA crroueoua. 
IV. The Ooiivi.iri>ioii of the UnrTAauNs, in wi Ai-vknucc, 
wherciii the Doctrine of tbe Hih,y Trimty is OHScrUd, 
and fully defended. By ft Friund to the Di8Bent«rs. 
Londtm : Pnitudfor thf Author.and SoU bj/ T.AMtlttf, _ 

at the Hose in St. PaiU't Chureh-sard. . 8to. 1789. 1S| 

L., T. — See Tbouas Lewis. 
LAAT, Petrus de. 

A DuLOGttB between a Pbotestant and a Qoaskb. To 

which is added, a short Kxamination concerning the 
Bcandalons Custom of wearing white- pondered Ptrrim^t 
by tbe moBt Modern Divines. Jiij Petrus De Laat. (w* 
on Appendix.) 

Lomiim : rented /or J. Raheru in Wannek TjOM : Mri, 
Billimly at the Tlayal Exchange; A. Dod rcittunii 
TempU-Bttr. {Trie' Ttio.pence.) . . 8to. 1725. 

She signed a 
■ The (Quakers 

. 1699. 

LAM80N, Grace, of Wttt-Dertham in Narfotk. 
Certificate against Friends, at the end of ' 
Challenge, &g. — See Edwabb Bbckhah. . 

LANE, Edward, M-A., Viear of SpoTuhoU, Hani*. 

Look unto Jeans ; or, au Ascent to tbe Holy Moust^ to eee 

J«HUH Cbrint in bin Glory, witli an Appendix tbewing tbo 
certainty of tbe Calhng of the Jcwk. . . 4to. 1668. 

NoU.— Qicui Om>a fiIIi Ihe Isiborol Ibta boat"s Pualial Ct*Ba- 
xoMb," he xt^y* for tb* atttactUm ol Iba ytutort.- <>w buti§aiCt VvtkK 
mtnt tf a>Drr< liffat, vol. l. fOQt 101. Vm. 

LA8SENIUS, John, of Beriin. 

JosAKKis iMASKKii, — liisloriscbt nnb Srbrifflmnkigr f-zlmiaaq, 

bn bpt bcnig Zt\{ in lEngtUmii) unb ^({iDllbinb milunliEREti 
nnin ^ttU bit ajaukn. . . . Folio. 1701. 81 le«i 

^c4r.— nun tomiiipcrtolUidalla PaMb Vnlniaii. Hh Qb*k»m. 

AMES. WiUiMB, ot FrampUM-Cottetill, Gloueatmhirr. 

^— ^11 4i(bt C^mti nnb wiRa |ltt)it.— Tba Caaaoof OnirtuidUt 
Paople JuaUlt**! ; or kd Annwrrr to ootJohi hamrta'* luring 
BiBtny ct Uia N«« ttMt ot (JiuJtara m radlad. In trniu 
Anasi'i. tbtqr B!m aud Dootrisa i* JiuUfied, and hii Iqre* 
uid Earioua AoeiuutiuiB ara dixnnied and emdaouMd, wiUi 
a Laific Prtlacc, by Boijii. Fttfla}>. . . dto. 1G63. I1| 




LAWRENCE, Eawwa, Vionr of Jiotckurrh, iu Shropthirt. Of 
Magdalm CoU. Vamhridj/fl, Bom itt Miml'in in Uiift County. 
Upon his removal from the Uuivcrsity, be fixed in this 
VicongO, vhich wab small ns to Maintentnce, tbo' not its 
to work ; and wae near the place of bio birth, ilvxc he 
con^naed, without seeking any greater place, till the 
Jiiiri/wlontrui Act ejected him, at which time be had eleven 
Btning arguments against Nonconformity, riz, a wife and 
ten eluldren ; but ho answered them by his faith in God. 
— He was driven from Wkilchurch by the violent prose- 
ontiou of the Couventicte-a«t in 1070. when he remored 
to Londmi, where be spent the rest of bis days. He died 
Ruddenly in Xuer, 1695, aged ubout tiH. He wrote the 
following Works , — 

' Parents groans over their wicked Children. 

■ Christ's Power over bodily di»eaees, 4o. 

A Bermon in Morning Exercises against TraneubistaDti- 
ation, and a Funeral Sermon. OD 1 Cor. vi. 18. 

Nuts.— Ttio Book Iu vbleh Itio loOoitlas uum is gltiiil I ban Dot jM dli- 

BICKOCR, BiofaftTd, of Shr^Mrt. 

ThaSuDtaJnatifledaadtlieu'AooiuenfDiiiiilont : orAnAiuirer 

lo ibe |{reat DntgoD's Mosaagc, Put forth iu Bvo roaitiunii 
by one of bi* Mi^aiiciiijnrs. Tor this purpoic mactc use of 
Bdwaril Lauraiicr, IVieat Ht Eaul-Charcli, a place so called 
Id the Couuty »[ Sal«p, He. By a WitDont agxiiut Iba 
DnRDn'ii McsBK«:u (uf mim}' alvftjM livliijt In itn hero) and 
lea uie Truth, onllcd Richard Hiokock. 

London. PnnlidjuT Thoma* Simnunu, dl tht Sisnt oftht 
Bull and JUiwcA near AldertgaU. . , . 4tu. 1660. 

' LEASQEB, Tbomae, See the next. 

SANERD, John. He lived in the Eeign of Chablks II. 

■ The Country Innocence: or, the Chamber- Maid tnm'd 
Quaker. A Comedy. With Alterations and Amendmenta- 
As it IB now ncteil at the Theatre-ltoyal. Written by 3aim 
Leanerd. Licenced, Apr. 8. Ifi77. Roger L'EstrauRe. 

London : t'rintfd for CkarUt llaryirr, at the Flmeer-dt- 
lact, over ojfiMiMl St. Dunttan* C'AiurA in FUet-xtrttt. 

4to. 1677. 

LEDOEB, Thomas, of 

A Disconrso conucming tb« Quakcn (Soo Fox's Oroat Mis- 

tery, page 2H) 







LEIXIER, Thom&e.— conttituMT. 

BAITEUAN, OBorBB. (Nol of Ibo Sootety.) 

An Aiiiiwpr (« (Vindio&le tb>« Chuhi) u( the Nkk-oamoil Qnaksn 

ot SQcti >«iuidKU« uici unttutLii u ia ialaly emit ui<ua Uiom 
in > lying Pamphlet. otberwiBBoullvd) A /'iifounr i^oncfntinir 
the *iilalien. £et out by T. L., ot >■ I DndarttuiiJ tbo aigniH- 
cntion of the Lottcn, 7'(u>. Lidgrr. By Ooo. Butomui, 

4to. No Frinler't fuiiH orpIiKf, [tbont lOM.] 

NATLEB. Juii««.olJntato<, ama Wah^fiM. 

A Few WoBui ooouiionod by a Paper latel7 prinM, Milid A 

Ditcoune eonetmlrsff ihr Qaokcni. Ss«. . Ito. Ko date. 

Roprintod in bi> Wotk«, pitgo 110. 

•^—Antt-QaakenAEBertioQS. (See Fox'sGreatUietei;, page 2117.) 

Another DiBOoutBe. 

Ii££, Rev. Samael, PrebenJor; of Brittol : Vioftr of lianmU^ 
SummelMhire ; Domenlio Cliftplfuu to tlie Farl of Muntttr; 
ftiid Hogiuii Profeesor of Hebww in the Uuivcrtiity of Cam- 

— A Brief Inquiry into tbo QtioHtion irbotlier a Chrietian c»n 
reasonably and conecientioUHly object to the payment of 
Titbee ; addreaaed in a Letter to a Member of tbe Society 
of FricndH. 12mo. mS2. 

Bcprintcd. — The Snd Edition. 

Briibtl: Fublulifdby IV. Stronff, 26. Clart Strtft. 

I2mo, 1B83. 1 
FBT, Jowpb Stem, ot Srwtol, 

A Bri«f lutiuiry into the Queation, whether the Cletgj ot Um 

ChuTDb o( BiiKUnd oui rvktonabl]' Kod MnuciFiiliuuiilT eoa- 
cent to the nwivitii; □( Titboa, (In Aoswci to ■ Tnet 
entitled, " A Biitl inquiry into thc> Qumlion, Wbotbei • 
Chiintum can rcuoDnbly luiil onucimitloiutj objoot to tho 
Pimuont of TithcD." By Uct. Homncl Lao.) 
^fflnghant WiUon, Royal EMhititg*, totuUm; Ot^gt 
Davey, Broad Stntt, BriitoL . 13mo. 183S. 


- A Second Letter to a Member of the Society of Frieada, vit. 
Mr. J. Btorrs Fry, of Bedland, near Bristol, oontdiuag 
aomo further tnquirica into the Question, whctb«r ft 
ObiistiaQ can rcAsouably and oooacicntiooaly object to tbo 
Ferment of Titho« ; in answer to a Tract l^ him on tbo 
MDM aolgMt, &c. 
Brittol: PuUiiJifdlyW.StrongM.CiartSt. ISmo. 1838. 

FBT, Jewtih Slorrs, ot BrUtot. 

— StrietnrM on FrDfMwiT Leo'a Seoaoil Lutter OD tbi snlijecl ol 


liomdoK : Kfiufham WiitMt, Boyal Eitkangt ; GtDrft 
I}m>tt, Broad Strt4t, Brutal. . Uno. ItSS. 



LESLIE, Charles, (Son of Jobh Lbsuk, a Prelate) was bom in 
Ireland, He received hie edaoation ftt Dublin, after which 
lio became a Stndeut iu the Temple, but retinqaished the 
Law, and entered into ordera. In 1687 be was made 
Ghuuc<illor of Connor, where he diaplnTed great finunesc 
Id opp<jijing the Papists, piirticHliiriy the titnlar Bishop, 
with wiiom he held a tlisputation. He also prevented the 
intni^ioD of a high-Shorriff of that pereuaBiou, though 
appointed by the Kins himself. Notwi that and ing thjs 
seal for the established rchgion and the lawH, Mr. Ledie 
oonld not transfer his allegiance to a new government, by 
taking the Oaths to William. He therefore quitted teland, 
and settled in London, where biB pen was employed with 
great power ou political and theological subjects. In the 
reign of Queen Anne he wrote a weekly paper, called " The 
Beheareal, or a view of the times ;" in which, besides com- 
bating the SueptioB, ho attacked Locke and Hoadly on 
the Dnotriue of government. To promote the interCKts of 
the exiled family, he made frequent excureioufl to the Court 
of St. Germain d, and he even accompanied (he Son of 
James the Second to Uaiy ; but being cotivinoeil that the 
caneo was hopeless, be returned home, and died nt Ola*- 
towjh, in Iretajid, April IB. 1722. His theological works, 
of which the most considerable are his treatiaes against 
the Dcitita and Sociniaus, were printed In 2 vols, folio. 
His "Itohearaata" have hi-eu collected into 4 vols. Svo; and 
also in 6 vols. 12mo. Hie other pohtical pieces are too 
many to he enumerated. — liiog. Britt. 

■ The Skuk in the Grass : or, 8ATAN Tramtformed into an 
^itgtl of Xta^t. Dificovering the Deep and UnGuspeotcd 
SuhtiUi) which is Couched under the Intended f>impUaty, 
of many of the Vrineipal Ltadert of tliOKc Pcoplo cali'd 


Laiidon, Prinltd /or CharU* Uromt at tht Gmt at tht 
j^/ Wett-Knd q/ 8l. Paul'*. . . . 8to. 1690. 


fioprintod. — tht SSuonS (^bitiou lnitb al)i)itunn,(»om« imprint.) 

8vo. 1697. 27t 

Beprintod. — C^t ff^ib C&ition. 

Lmdrm, Printed /or CharU* Drotiu, at the Gun nt (A« 

Wat-md of St, Patil'3 8vo. 16»8 26| 

Vol*.— Sane ocplH hkTi ■ Fnnllaploov, *'« tmatlo prouhlDg itaoillne on • 

SatsT jBiiroi'S firom Ips JisentM of yiobl : or, The Qa»kei» 

Laet Shift to Oovor tlwir Sloutttrous UorCHtcs, Laid Fully 




LESLIE, Cbfttles,— iToiUinu^rf. 

Open. In a Reply to Thoman EUwooiTs Auswxn (PiibU«hed 
the end of Liiet Month) to Ororgt Kfith'n Nakrathk of tlio 
ProcccdingB at Tuntnt-IMI. Jimt 11. i696. Wliich AIho 
may serve for u Keplt (us to the main Points of Docirinr) 
to Geo. Whitehead's Ansiver to Tlut Sriiike i» ihr (trtut, to 
be Published the End of next Month, if this preveot it not. 
— fbt Sttonli (fbilian; bilb tamt ^mpaiizixitTxtt- Bj tJiie 

AUTHUB of, The Snake in th« Grant. 

They ihall laake Ihrir omn. Tongue lo fall upim Thfmtttvtt: AU 
that Ite Ihiin thaltjUe ateay. Vial. LXfl. a, 

London : Printed for C Jiritme, at tins Oun, near ike Wttt 
ftid of St. Paul'* ; W. Ktbhwhitr, at the Svan, in Si. 
Paul't Vliurth-i/anl ; and H. iiindmarth, at the Golden 
J i UaU, mtr agirimit thf lloi/al-Krchtmge, in ComhiU. 

4(0. 1698. 



■ A Dbcodrbx Proring th« Divino Inrtitntion of Wnter- 
Baptism ; wherein the Qnakcr- Arguments ngninttl it. are 
collected and confnted. With as much as is Needful con- 
coucenuD); The Lord's Supper. By the Axtthor of, The 
Unake in the Qraia Ito. 1607. 

Rcprintud. — Tlie 2nd edition. 

Londem, Priiiledfnr C. Ilrom*, at th» Out*, al th* Wnt- 
end of St. Paul'*. H'. KMrirMtt, at tk* WhiU-SitaM, 
W tn St. Piiul'f Cburehyard, and (i. Strahan at the Ooldtn 

liall orn- agnhitt tht ICotfol-Exdutng*, in ComhiU, 

evo. 1700. 

WHTTEHBAD. Otor^, of Onon. IFeitnortlimd, lut of Loadca. 

JUD Avnnon agalii*! tbo Vrsowic nt tb« tniht ia ibi Ann ; ott 

tb« BooLao Stilvd. tuidUieObrivliaii Pi^l* mi1*i1 Qoikbu, 
Vindimtcd, from it* nw>( gnw* AbuKvn and CaliuDnias. Iji 
Mstdn Stjlictitnu, dotcfiting tii« uaiuclcm Authot'* Malioe, 
OntiMO, had rcrvfvutioa afoituc U)« uid Poopto. Ctito 
whkliuuuicx'd. Abriul EiiuaicntJuiiof llicAiithoi'NSMmA 
Book, Btilad, SaiiH iiii-T^.b'd. Aliw, Bona NeUoo Ukon ot 
Uji DUoooim Iot llw Jiiviiu IniHtiUion of tPultr-BapiUtit, 
Londtm : Prinleil for Tko. VorlAcoKi in Oemye-yird, in 
Lombard SlT^tt SnikU 8*0. IMT. 

BCOBTBB. Kiitiard. of Wandiaorih its Surrey. 

TaD» 0«KXt> uid tho Lyiiig Tongoo RtvoutD. er, tha AcmoB 

of tba &iukkt in Iho (irtu DiMgnrcd, (o U » PoblUbor of 

I/ondon, FrinUdfor Frtttteii ItoUen, I'n iht Pat4afit goiat 
into WhittUart-Caurt in Lombard street. Ho. IMS 




LESLIE, Charles, — continurd. 
WYETH, Joanph, of f.milon. 

— • Angiiia Finite I Intuit : or. it «hHtb f« (hi Sirafct. Brinf! Bn A«ww*a 

lo Ihs TLinl aoA Lmt Edition o{ the 3s«b is Tit« Guki, 

whvTvin th&t AQtbnt'n Iiihiitir-ti uid Falsliixkt. both In 

QaotBtioD uid Btoir, nrc l)[Bc»v«ni<l Atiil OUvinUnl. Aiiil th« 

Troth Doctriuatlr dcUvcrrf'l lliy ux. Slntnit amj luaintAlued in 

Oppoiitioii to Ilia Mlatepreiwiitutiou* ftu<I IVrvcrBJoD. By 

Jntfph il'iirth. To wbtcti ia addud a Sori'Lxvi-iiT. by Gtorffe 


London, PrinUdand Sold by T. SinaU, in Whitf-Uart-Conit, 

in Gtariom Strett, and al tht LibU (ii I.tadrii-llaU' 

SirM- Sto. 1699. SGI 

BLTS, Bdmaiid. a Hfnlat«r olthe Clinroh ot BukIiukI. 

Befleotiom upoo leverol PaHSRns In a Rnnk, onlllnlml, 5a(«n 

4tii-nift'(f/r(iin M< DUgvUr of Light. By K'lniuo'lKlyit. 

iio. No I'rinttr'i name, pface or tUttr. i 

A DitrBMrR of a Book intituled. The Snakt in tk> (iravi, lo 
Hkply to Severn! A^'swKnll put out to it \>y fjuigc IBbilt- 
Ijtah. |as([ib Msil^- ^c, 

Londiyix, PrinUd by M. Bat'tft,/oT C. Lirnmr at ikt Gun, 
W. KthffuMU at Ihr Switn in St. Paul't Chirdi-yaril. 
And Ofo. Striihan al tltt (toUUn-IiaU, over aminxt the 
Boual- Exchange, in ComhU. . . . 'Svo. 1700. »»1 


ELYS, Edmnnd, A Uiniiter ot the Ohnnh of Bnglud. 

B«n>H:t[oii« iijmii Kotii* PnxKimM iu a Book Kiilitiiled, A Def«nM 

ot a 13<iuk Kulituled, Tlit Snake in the Grot: By EU>iitii>D 

London. Printed andSold by WhiteHart-Court 
in Qraeioiu Strtit 4to. IT'MJ. 

' The Pr«wnt State of Qdaeebism in Enolakd. Wherein is 
f hewed That tie Greatest Part of the Qiuiken in Emiland 
are so far Coiivrrled, as to be Conrinceit. Upon occadon 
of the JSelapM of Sam. if riip to <(nakmsm. Offev'd to thu 
Cvnndrration of ihe prfnent Oeiieral Yearly Meetiug of th/^ 
Quakers in Loiiilon, thit Whitiiun-weelt. 1701. 

iMnJim, J'ritilrd /or Cha4. Rrame, at ihf Gun in 1,udgaU 
tlyerl, and Gro. Straltan itl thf Goldjm, HaU,ov*ragaiit»t 
tiu l{oijal-Kxrhiin(jr, VomhiU . . 8vo. 1701. 

(XI8F, Samael. Uiher to BlchiL Soorjar'H Sebool, at ICondivrH-tt. 

A Libatl«r niyioi'd : bring a Vimlicatioo ol tlio PcopU, call'il 

Qiiakem, aKatimt thn malicliiim attomptH, and loul aji|Miri>l()aii 
ot a bonk, IritituW. Tlif PrrrmI SUilr of Qanktriem in EOK- 
)aii<l. Br Haniiicl Cri«p- 
Londtm.FriittedandSotdly T.Sovle.iit WhUe-Hart-Cmul 
in Qraciom Street %ya. IVH. 






LESLIE, CharloB, — eontmiud, 

^— A DiacocBflB ; shewing. Who they are that arc now Qiali- 
fj'd to Administer JBapliwn'ni'l'hiiyoibe-^nppH. ^V^M!^o■ 
in tho CBUHO of Ki-ihuopaoy is brielly Treated. By tbo 
Author of Ihf Snakf in (/[■■ Ortut. 

London, Prinud fcy IF. Redituii/ne /or C Bnine at the 
Qun, rffi 8vo. 1700. 

FimitiTe Heresie Revived, in S^e e(ailb anb |lTiiitia of the 

People cftUed Qcakebs : Wherein in shewn, in sncn Par- 
licmara.That the Principal and most Charaetfritlick ErroM 
of the QuASBRs, wero lirouehtd and Condtmntd, in tha 
Dayti of the Apuntlta, and the first 160 yean after Ohrint. 
To vhioh a added, a Friendly ExpoetnlatioD with W. 
Penn, upon Aoootmt of hia Primiiive ChritHanity, lately 
Pnbliehed. By the Author of Tim Snake in the Gnu*. 

ito. 1698. 

BepiintMl. London, Printed by W, R.for C. Brome, de. 
•"' 8to. 1700. 

WTETB, JoMph. ciI I.onihtt. 

Printitivt ChrUlianitji (wnti&nod. Id Ui» Pfttth and PnotlM at 

tba Fwple ttftlkirl (}iifik«r« ; beiuK in AnBwtiT la k PunjibM. 
•ntitOlM, i'rimilii'r Utrttie, ,te. Add whioh nuj Mm M 
■n Afffendii to a Book, cotitnlod, An AntUott ditiriwt lit 
VtKon of the Snake in tiif Qriit, by Gtotyt Whilttirad, — 
Joiiph W\lHh. 

lofubm, friiK/il and Sold hy T. f^rxBlt, iiril Door W (A« 
Mtetin^-Hotur^ in IFhilf-ttari-Ceurt in Onuiou* Slre4*, 
ami ai tht Bihle, in LtadenhaU-Smtl near th« Uarktl. 

8vo. 1693. 

BLIfS, Edmsnd, A Miaister of Ui« Cfaatch at Englud. 

EKn.>cnos( upon a Plunge omacniliis The Liglit WitLlo, lo a 

Book Entltolcd, FHmtUt* HrrrtU, An. 

*Xo~ SaPHnta'tnmiitorplaet, [ISMT) 

Some Seiuonabld Bktlbctions apon the Quakore Solemn 

PxoTKKTATiati aj^nst Oeor^f Ktith'* ProocedJngn at 
TomcrV Hall, 29th April, 1697-— By tk« Author of the 
Snkke in the Qract 4to. 1607. 

-y* Beprinted. l/tndon. Printed byW.IL /or CKarltt Brome, 
' al thf Gm at Iht Wrst -md of St. Paah. Svo. 1700. 

. A Brief Accoost of the Sociniau Trinity. By tho Author 

of the Snake tn the Onat, 

London, Printed by W. R./or Charta Brome, at the Oun 

at tht wftt-end «/ St. Paiii*. . . 8to. 1700. 

Kou.— Ths lullnUu Ulb *w fmliM ta Ikr tn. K4IMM «l tb* don, <U. 
" Itt* Snoovuiibj Out Kvno* *t Ibt AiAi w Iki Onw .■" fU. Om 







LESLIE, Gbarles, — conttniud. 

Wairr BnptUm, SpUdtfOey, PrimtUtt Brmir aft\i Qailm, ItrfitHUm 
on rhi Quiki'Ti, X Brirf ,ica»n( of the BujluUo Tllullr, 8«. IIOL TO 
IrlijKta 13 iv1d<«l A PmiFjun la Uia WIidUl 
Lowiai, .- (WnHiIJbr C. Ilrtmr. W. B.r,lBi)»iw, ntui a. Mtmkaii. 

The HwTOBY of Bin antl Heresie attcmptoii, from the Fir«t 

IKar that they Raiu'il io Unarm: through their vhrious 
Succiatci and ProyreM upon Earth: to the fimil Vwtonj 
over them, and their Eternal Conilemnation in Ittll. In 
Some Meditations upon thi b'ta»t of Bt. Michael and all 
An^Is. [Anom.] 

London: Printed/or H. Hindmanh, ot the QoWen-BaU 
ovtr ojioituf tkt lloyiil-Ejxhanijf, m Cvrnhil. dto. 1608. 

Ad EiiHay ooncomins the Divine lUght of Tttbes. By tho 
Author of Cbi ^Snslu in Ibt iSxast- 

J^ndim: t'nnlrd fur O. Brume, at the Gun, W. Rel>l*- 
Khitt at the Siran in St. Paul'* Chureh-yard ; F. PonI, 
at the Ilalf-MooJi, and 0. Strakan at ttu Ooldrii' Hall 
in Cornhil Svo. 1700. 

R&TBN, John, of Ferrinff, near Kflvtdrm in Ettex. 

Th* Sabtitiuuie ol n Discourse, some time aiaca Bstwtxt a 

CaaDlrjrmnn.a JiutiMol PtiMo, «QilftCoiin«oller»tLiHf, 

Oonooniiiii! Trrszs. Now mada I'uliliok. by John Raiitn, 
Londim.Printtd and Sold bjf T.SokU, in IFhiK-Uart-Courl, 
in Oraeiout Slriil BroadsiJo. 1701. 

1fpt«,— Laitin hv rriirlntnl thlR paprt Bl th' fbd nf tbn Tblrd Pvt cd Ibo 
KTiA^rlolbo <trtt■^ lAu pn^^EICUt lulI i.hnn H711 "Thin It ftlJ ttu Aojiikflr 
till Quakm bkisMUiuM Kitiiiita Uul £wiirMaMniiu(A<£>te<iMAiaU 

LIHDLBT, BeDJftmhi, of rarttACf/. [Ason.] 

CfHnlAiu anil Ebiim: or.lh* HrrtiUof Tjthloiivnder the Ooipel 

IMttted; in Some OliK^rvalloiiH ii|hiii h Hook cotitolocl. Jin 
flfcn lEniiining Ibi Qil'inc I'lighl of fglbti ; bj the Aotbor 
of 7A< Snaki in thi lirtui, Toi{Dlb(<i wit^ m Euay anncom- 
la^ tbo Fint Bi>e ol TjUtiM : ftnd tui E«My ngiunst tboir 
IKviao Right. 

London.- PrintnJ by J. SowU, in Whiu-itarl-Court, in 
Gnuiou* SirttI Od. 1709. 

A Dtnucm of tfao Book. Btitituled, Coint^ui and Cbun, -Agoiniit 

Uui EiaeptiunB u( nn Hnaidity, ignurant DLiiogOD, bctwata 
ButHUut ftud S.tphroiikui. jntbu pumjiblol riUl'd b; tlul proail 
Maaw at Cexduu Tun'osgii.— For Uio Mc^lb ol SeplratbiTt 

London: PHnUd bg J. SovU, tn WhUt-Hael-Coitrt, in 
Onxiont Strtit 4tt>. ITOO. 

■ A BEPLY to a Book entitolcd, Aiyuie Flagellatiu, or, A 
Smileh Jot the Snake, The 0/,iu Palmare of the Qtuikrnt, 
BeiDg A St<ond DanuicK, ok. The Third and I-att Fakt of 





LESLIE, Charles,— con/Vnufrf. 

Cbc 9tiskt in l^e Ansi- Sbowbg, That the QuaJam an 
PUuiily Setf-Cimdnnnnl jn tluB their Last Axbwbb. Aod 
tbcreforo it is to be h(^'<l that this will put an Bod to that 

London, Printrd fnr C. liromf at ihf (7ini <t( rhf We*l-e»d 
(if St. Paul's CAnreh-i'ani. G. Slraimn, afthtOoUm' 
/ Uall ovtr againtt the lioyal-Bxchangt in CbmAtU. 

6to. 1702. 2ft 

A ScBMOK Presch'd at Chbstkb, agaiust Uaruuoks in 

flifftrcirt (fominiiiiioni. By CharUt />.t/iV, Clian<»iIIi>r 

of the Cftthedrai of Cuwnwr. in llie Kingdom of Irfiand. 

Somewfiat Iinjirovcd. And the tamo Eubjsot fartfa«r 

raoaeculed, b>' Ilftny DndirtU, U.A., sonwtimo fellov of 

iViMtfy C«Ua/e ncnr ThMin, 

London, Printed by W.B.,for Char. Rrtm*. at ike Wnt 

Knd nf St, Paiii't, and Oro. Strahmt at tkt 0(dden 

Ball agaituf thf lioyal Exfhant,f. . . 8vo. 1702. SI} 

— The SocBiAN ControTor^ Diecuss'd : wherein the Chief of 
the SttcndAN Tracts (Publislied of Late Yeats here) are 
coNaiDut'D. — By CflAKLEH IiEflUE Chancellor of the Cathe- 
dral of CoNKoa. (Ib R DialogiiuM.) 

Jjondon, }'rintM/or 0. Sirahan, at ihr (inldm Ball onr 

aifaitut iJu lioi/al-Extkange in ComhiU. Xtw-Yftn- 

J)«y 4(0. 1708. 4S| 

— A Rbpi-t to the TiD^eation of the Ruf laxs npOD Hr. 
Lealie'M Firvt Dialogos on iho Socuoav Contnnvny. 
By the AtiTana of the Diju.ouux«. 

Loruiott, Printrd/or (iio. Strahait ovtr agMUt tht Itoyvl- 
E^Kkawjn, UoruAtU 4to. 1708. 

— Hr. LaxLia'a Answer to the Hfmarkt on bis jirtt Diidm/w 
against tlM SbctNtmu 4to. No date 

— Ml. Leslie his ANS'WER, to tlio Kxaminntion of hu Lart 
Dialogue, Relating to the SatiKfiiction of Jmrs CKawr. 
In a Letter to the Author. With a Sctn-KXEKt in 
Answer to Mr. CLEimori's Treatise of llic Word Peksok. 

London, Printrd and Sold by the BookttiUrt qf IjjridoH 

and WtMminitfr 4to. 1710. 9| 

HaU^HnSawUm— >— ■«i>iMllTM»p^»mJptlM«k«. 

— The Wolf Slript of Hi* Shephord's Cloathing. In An*>rrr 
to a Late Celebrated Bnnlt Intituled M opxhatiox a Vek- 
TDx ; wherein The Dni-jna of tbc Dtasaicmta against tba 




LESLIE. Charles, — ccyjilinued. 

ChuTth : and Ihcir Behariinn towards Her Majebtv both 
in F.ngland and Scilnnd ar« laid open. With the CaBS 
of OcicAsioKAL CosiFORMtTV cousidfirod. Huinbly offerd to 
tlio Consideration of Hkr Majkstv, aud her Thrbb 
Ebtatks of Parliament. Bv ouecall'd Au HioH-CamtoH- 
Mam. With my Ser^-iceto far. D'Aveiiaiit. [Anom.J 
Sold by the Booksetli-rt of iMndon and WfUminjiler. 

-Ito. 1704. 
Bcprintcd.— 4tb Edition 17(M. 


Tlie TSEOI.OOICAI. WORKS of tlic Reverend Mr. Charlee 
Leslie. In two Volumes. 

London : Printed by W. Bmrycr. . 

Folio. 1721. 427 

The Beveral Tbkatises contained in the Piust Volvux. 

A Short uid eoES Method irith the DaUt<. V»f,e 1. 
A Short uid cuf McthoJ with the lev*. Vt/ffi 81. 
A Tindlcntiou ot thn short aud eaBv Method with th(i DautB. f'MO 
■ 116. 
The Tnitb of Chrjutiuiitr domouHlKted. Pa«e 13R. 
01 Private JndgiueDt aud Authority iu Miilti'mof Fftitfa. Page 176. 
Th» Socdnuui ContruTprBV di»ir!UBB'd in nil Duklugouit. Pao* 196, 
An Annar to the Ilpmorks ou the hnst DioluRce. Paica 383. 
ABnJylo the Vindiention of the lU-iniitkn cm the lint DUlogno. 


An Amiwar lo the Eiamtnatinn n( thn Iml Diftlogne. Pngn 407. 
A Sitpplement in answer to Mr. CleiuluiCi Trvatiiio ot the Word 

Psnon. V»ff> 437, 
Tba Omo stated hetariHia the Ohuroli of Ramt Bod the Gbnrob ol 

Sngland. Page 461. 
The tnio Noticn of the CnthoUnk Chsrch. m Aniwor to tbo liUhop 

of Jf faiu'i I^tur to Mr. Sftton ; to nhlch in profix'd th« L«ttor 

it»U. Pwe 5fi',t. 
Tba oww ol the Hiinnle nnd PoiititloAto itntod. P»ae 688. 
A Sapplamcitt in deFence of it. Vane 693. 
A DlHHnrlHtiiiu vnTUvmiuK thr Vae uad Authority of BccteaisalioBl 

Bisloiy. Pane 737. 
A Sarmoo pnteh'd at Chuirr ■t(:iutut MurUt^ m differoni Ooni' 

muiKniii. VtK 73fi. 
The HJBtfny ol Sui and Bonriv id tome McdiUtiona an the PoMt od 

St. MieUatl uid All AngoU. Poeo TT.^. 

Tlie BovcrnJ Trbatiuks contain'd in the Second Volitmb. 

The SubIhi in the Grans, or Satui trantttomi'd into an Animal ot 

Liffht, Paije 1. 
Sahui I>iiiroh'il tmm his [>iK)riiixu of LiKhl, or the Qualm* Init ihitt 

to om'or their uii'mtroiiB HuresirB. laid (uHjr open. Fmp 17)1. 
k DalenM ol lh« Suake in the Gnim. in reply to sovarai Annrom 

Kt ont aicainnt it bv G. n'hiifhrad and Joieph, tto. ia tiro 
rta. PaiceflS. 
A Be^ l« a Itoolc, mtitnlcJ, A e/tuit Flimfllattu, or a Swltfli fo« 
the BDitko : hcing a Soconil li«ftaini>, or tbt third kud liM |>art <i( 
the Soako Id ihf Gnuiii. Pbhh 47S. 
The PrvMitt Slat« ol Qualieruan in England. Paiio 030. 




LESLIE, Ohnrleo, — eominudd, 

A DlMoune pKnrlug the Diviae ImrtiluUoa ol WatarBtpttem. Pa|> 

A Diacouni) Ebewicjn who tiiey axe that luu now qDBlif}''il to »i- 

miiiiBtor Bipliiini iiudllic Lord'i Suppot; whoroio (1« Onoio ol 

EplBoopAcy IS briefly Irented. Pn^o 711. 
Flimldve HeKaj reiivoil in tho Fuilli iiit4 Prnctino ot tha Pml« 

ealled Qiukere; To wliiali 19 iblilnil a, KrlnaiUyKipoitiUatloninlh 

^F. JVnn oa Mcount ol his Priiuit[va CluiBIiaiuty. Pag* 7SS. 
Bums MMonsblo B«fletIoQ8 noon the Qoakeni mlttnn ProlaBtellot) 

•IJMiiiit Q. Kfilh's PnwoacIiiiKK ut Tamer' s-Hull, Apr. 39, 1697. 

Page 763. 
An Emm; «oiuionuim the Diviiio Bight of Titboi. Piigc 803. 

— A Trac ud Anthmtie Aoeoimt of Qm Conveinon of a 
Quaker to Christ innitj, and of hor behaviour on her 
Death-Bed. By tho late Rcvcroad and Learaod Charles 
Leslie, Author of the Bbort-Mi^thod with the Jews and 
DeaaiB, and many other teamed aud iogeoious Treatises. 

' Ldaden: Printmi for J . Cooke, oiut J.CooU.opfwtUe Ber^r- 
«uj-- CuurCiintlie Stratid,aml laiif kadof the Boolaellert 
4^ Lonion and Wt»lmiimer. . . . dvo. Xlil. 8 


Bto. Brittol: PHnttd in r&< Year, I76S. 2 

— Ths Triumph : or, an Acoount of the Remftrkakle Expe- 
rience and Blessed Death of a Lady educated a Quaker, 
but converted to theKstabliEhed Church by the Rov. Mr. 
Cbarles LeUie, extracted £rom a Mauuncript Letter of hia 
to ^Sm. Bonnel, Widow of the lato Mr. Joidqh Bomult 
Actiounlaut General of Leland. 

Dahlin: Printed, by W. Ki'ld, No. S9, .SWnwr /toir. 

12mo. 1776. 

Vof*— TUi mIMMs !■ Uw •■» w tb* Btu tbot*, tat u tvtaa iwj MuUcntlj. 
LESLIE, John. — See Alc!uxj>bb SsiaaBrr. 

LETCUFORD, Leonard, Rector of tlunt-Iter-poini, in 5w««. 

-~— Sometfainff drawn np for the good Cliristian'R infonuation, 
and the Quokor'a edifioation. 

BIOOB, Amhrosc, c4 Rrifalt In Surrry. 

Tlia Sxwnn'i ScMrturr DI»oiiT«rej,iaapUiDABni«t loaljliig 

BeMdalana Papv, lauij ooiua fam irfWMrd I.ttc>iM, wba 
mia Umsdt B«cIot o( IfttnMHcc-Pwtal la Ui* Cwntrof 

s<u««. 4to. lecs. 




LEVERAT, John, Oovomor of Boston, in Ntw-Englmd. 
■ A Letter to William Coddington. 


FOX. Georso, Fonndnt of Ibe SMiety of Friomlii. 

• Somalhiiig io AxfiwsiE to a Listi-e> (whicli I liavu siwii) o! John 

Lewrfit, OovoruoTir of Boiloa, to William Coddinglon. Govnr- 
Dour of itoif^ litand. Daloil liiTT. Wiieroiu he mcntionn m<r 
Kanw. autl aiso wberoin John Levtrat jiutUloii Kogtr 
WaUamt'i Book of Ltn 4tO. :16T70 

SWI8, Thomas, of 

The BcoiiBQE : in Visdicitios of the Cbcrch of Esolamd. 
To which is added, I. The DanRor of tho Ohm^b-Estab- 
lisliment of En'fiimd, from the lusoleiiue of Protestant 
DiBsentera Oocaeiou'd by a Preuiutmeiit of the Farig 
Seeotui Paper of tlio Soourgo at Hie Kin;/'* Brnt^h Bar, hy 
tho Qrnnd Jury of the Hiiudrod of OiruNlon. II. Thfl 
Akatovy of the Heretical Svood of DiaBSDturs at Saltrrs. 
Hail. By T. L. (With a' Frontispiece of ■* The Boyal 
FuniJy of 8taart8." Also on en paving of "The Heroticul 
Synod at Saltore-UaU.'-) 

8vo. Jjondon : PnnUd wt tke Ytar, 1720. 
Price Six ShillingB. 

ICHFIELD and Coventry, Bichanl, Bishop of. 

A VindicatiOD of the Uiraclee of oni Bleesed Saviour, fto. 
avolB 8to. 1729—1781. 

LILLT, WiUiam, the Antrologer. 

LiUU'g Banquet : or, the Star Gazers Feast, with the man- 
ner and order how everyDishis to be placed npon his great 
Table at Chrisiman. for all Sects and Sorts of persons, both 
Presbyterians, AnabaptiBts, Quakers, Shakers, Seekers, 
and Tuarurft. (about 1658 ?) 

Londim, Printed far R. E«U. Folio. No date. 

SWEUiYN, Martm, of Chrht Church, Or/ord. 

Wickham Wakened, w. The Qcakoni Uadrigall in Rime 
Dogrell. [Asov.] 

4to. Printed in the Yeart, 1678, 

ELL WOOD, TboDiu, Amimainuia to Julm Uitkio, tbu Fott. 

In a MS. ViiliiiBo at Ellwood'* Shorter roomi.— Now in th« po- 

iiM**iun <>f Ann* Hantlaynl High Wjcombe, ia tbu [oUowiuH- 
" k Saljrick I'MBt OD tiw WioUuuo Plaf , lb Aoton wnl 







LOADER, Henry, An AnabaptUt. 

LONDON (The) Clironiclc. No. 1228. 

— — A Lettw in the London Chronicle from the TrosteeB of tho 

Corporation for the Relief of Presbyterian Mini^cre, &o. 


A Lov^r at Tnitb. ''Josbpb OtiAMKikxT] 

An Aedkesb to tbu Rev. Dr. Alihon, tho S-m. Ur. Bnrnia, and 

others. Trnstoe* ot the Corporatlim jar the Riluf of fmifi- 
ttrlan itinuten, thrlr ffldovi and Ckildren: Ming A ViK- 

MCATIOH ot tho QCAK>]1> from tho AstEIUITllNII ■>( thll (Aid 

Ttnatena in thoii LKiTEn publlalind la Ihn /.iiii'Icu CkrvnicU, 
No. un. To whlnb In ptolUnJ, tli« «aiJ Lotl«r. By a 
LoTut o' TniTm. 

Sto. (Ainfriea'] Printed in the Ytar, nC^. 

LOVELING. Benjamin. M.A., Vicar of liaiibury. 

■ The Bpibit of (f nikiiijm Eeliuk'd : In a Rkpj.v to a Lkttk* 
of Mr, Itieharit Viven of iiitnbiirij. Whftix-in \* aliewn tho 
GtiillinexB of bin Apoio;/;/ for not appearing on Mo'iday 
Uie lilBt of Srplrmher 1702, to Dtiflinil tlio Qtiaktr-TeruU 
from the Fth-ijihrmi/ &uA H/renr charg'd on 'em by Mr. 
Buiig. By lir-n. l^'tlinii, M.A.. Vicar of Hanhuiy. To 
vkieh tx onnc.r'rf, The Late Proceedings with the Quakers, 
at Banbury, MUdfriliall, Nonnch, Colchestfr, ftc, by CoQ- 
ferences, and othernise. By Francis Ba^'j. 

London : Printed fur tiw Autluir. and sold by J. TayUr at 
the Ship, It. Wilkinn al the KinijM Head, and C. Broom 
at the OuH in St. Paul's Chiire'h- Yard. , 8fO. 1708. 

VIVBBS, Riahiud, of Banbury, in OiforJthire. 

Tho Vicui of Banbury poumt^cl : (*, an Annin™ to Bn^f. Love- 

li»l)'i Bcply, (to ft Ijottflr of Rmhard I'itrri), Intitulad, The 
Spirit of Oiuiktrirm tUbtiktA, <te. Willi a Copy of tli* taid 

UilbT. 6j BliTRAltD ViVUlll. 

tiondon, Frinltil dnit Sold by T. Smcle, tn tHUteHial- 
Court, in OriuioiuSlreet 410. ITOS, 

(Unifittism DiiLiOi-iMi;, and its caiiH SinldnK : oloorly miuu- 

fcctod from divcnt CoiifereaeeH, wid otlior Proeeeding* 
vith the Quaker*, at lianbnry, Slffjard, CoUkrtter, and 
MiUtnhaU. By a scrvtnt of the Church, ^". livga. Also, 
ft R«ply to tlui QiuikfTi Apology, why thcyrefdBMto meet 
t'raneii Htifyj tho 21iitof Srptembn; 1702, to Defend tbem- 
selves from bin Cluirgo. By Ben. Lortiiiu/, HA., Vioar 
of Btmfnirif. 

I/MiHon : Printed (err the Avthar, tmd Held bg C Broma 
ot the (hm. ./. Toyltir at Ihf Shif, and B. WUIdiu at 
th* Kitty* lltnd, IN St, Pnut't C^tirek-Yard. 

8to. 1708. 11 



LOVE LING, Benjamin, — fontinuM, 

■ • djaaktriam ft Complicfttion of Ile-rem. Sekism, BlaxpUfmy, 
^'iiuriHMj, I.yinij, IHdiiiinliij, ilr. or a Bbfly to a Pamphlet 
of tho QtteUuTJi intitulcil Thf Virar of Banbury Cvnrecud; 
whoroin my Beplv to Mr. Vircm't Letter; and Mr. Bug-j't 
Into Procoedinge with the Bimhurf) Quakerg, are jostly 
vindicated. By Benjamin LovtUngM. A. Vicar of Banlmrif 
in Ojr/oriitJiire, 

Loiiihn, PriiUil/or Qfo. Thorp, BookteUer in Banbury, 
aitd sold by J, Nutt, near Stalionert Hall, Ijimdim. 

8vo. 1708. 

VIVEBB, Biohard, of Banhiry in Ox/ariUhiT(. 

^^ Tbe Tiaix of Bakbuht Paxth«r cottmUhI ; htang & I1bfi,t to Btn}. 
LovtUii^t late Book. falKly lutituItJ, {^uakfrimi a Cam- 
pUeoMon of lUnty, 4o. Ify Kichurd Viven. 

Lmdon, Printed and Sold by T. Hoal*. <n fThtm-Hart- 
Court, (n Oracioat Strt^l 410. 170S. 

The Pl:iih-Deuj!(o of the Quakeks : or an Anbwbb to the 
late Book intituled The Vicar of Banbury further Carrtct- 
*<i; wherein their Subtiltibs, Evasions, and Psrvajuoa- 
Tioiia, are Ohvioufily Espased. By Benjamin LovrUng, 
U.A., Viear of Banlmry. 

LotidoJi : i'rinted/or Geo. Thorp, Boakteller in Banbury, 
and nodi by J. Nutt, near StalioTtcrn'-llaU. 8vo. 1704. 

VIVEBS. Ricban), o( Paitbnn; in Oxfardthirt. 

Portlier ConBEt-rioii ot tho Vic«r ot BAHBUBY. u^. BBPLT 

to liti Third PAMPHLKT. Intitiilud, Th* Plain- Dealing ^ 
the Qa>k«n, &<>. liy Bicuiiui Vivisim. 

London. Printed and i^td hy T. SouU. in IFhiU-Hart- 
Cmart in (inuioiw ttrttU . . . , , 4to. ITM. 



LOVEB. Thoma*. An Anabaptist. 

■ The True GoBPEL-FjiTH witnessed by the Pbopsetb and 
Ai', and (joUeoted into thirty ArticlcB, Preeen- 
tod to tbe world as the present Faith and Practice of the 
Church of Chriat. By Tiio. Lovkr. With A Vokr from 
ihf Wortl of the L/)rd In thoat' ijrand Im/ionlori catted Quakert, 
By John GRtrFirti a Serviuit of Ckrint, and one that beaiv 
witness against thoac wandring stan. pftfilh, " To the 
Header in bt'half of tbo Author," by John Griffith, Jo. 
FoiWflll. Tho. Parret, Fr». Smith.] 

London, Printed for Francis Smith in Flying-Hon* 
Court in FU4t ttrtel, . . Small 1! 

(Brit. M«M.S^) 

Small iSmo. 1654. 2 


ISe 600R8, 

LUPTON. J. H.. M.A.,FQ]]owof8t. John's CoUego, Cambridge, 
and Second Classioal Master in tbe City of London 


Wakafiold WorthioB ; or, Biogniphioal Sltiitchea of Men of 

Note connuHted. by birth or otlmrwiae, with the Town of 
WftkeGeld in YorkBhire. By tbo Rot. J. H. Ltiptoa, 
M.A., fte. 

LoniUm : Hamilton rf Co., PatrrnotUr Row ; B. MiekU- 

Ikwaitt, Wakffitld 8vo. 1664. 161 

KoU-— Tblii Aattanr adln "^luknn" * fHOHilok] Hmt, v>^ qacAm from 
r boota In Ui BAomnt of Ja«C« MATtftk. 


H., C. (B.) See Bokert Macqcahx. 

UACAULAY, TIiom«9 Bftbiu^on, was bora in Ihoyenr lAOO. at 
TtTiipU HotUfif, in Lriefsimhirr. He Wfts tho Sou of 
SjAimABT MifuiitiJir, » Bcotti^i PrcubytcriBn. Hiit Onnd- 
fothcr wae a Fatitor in tho Kirk. His Mother wao a 
BohoolmistresB at Britlol. Her Uaiden name wae MtLt«; 
ehe was the dangbicr of one of the Society of Friends ; 
and being trained nnder the care of Hankui More and her 
Bisters waa an aocompliahed woman. Hia fathers' Sister 
being momed to Tiiomaa Buhmoton, a IkltiTobajit, he re- 
ceived those names at the font. He died Deer. 28, 1659. 
Aficd abont 60, and watt interred Jauy. 9, 1860, in Wett- 
mintter Abbey. 

— The History' of England, from tho AeooEtion of Jamce tho 
Second. By Thomas Babingtoo Macaulay. Vol. 1, 2. 
London: Longman, Iiroii>n,Cirtfit ami Lvn(fimm*. 8to> 1849> 

VoL 1, S, London, PhUadelphia reprinted. ISmo. 1M9. 

Fifth Edition, ToL 1, 2. , . LomLm, 8ro. 1849. 

Bistli Edition, Vol. 1, S. . . T^tkdtm, 8to. I8S0. 

Eighth Edition, .... London, 6to. 1662. 

Twdflb Edition, Vol. 1, S. . . Lmion, Sro. 1856. 

VoL 8, 4, 6. 

London, 8vQ. 1865— «l. 

— The Hisfory of England, VoL 1. (IV. VoL B, Edited by hia 

Sister l<ady Trevelyau.) . lAmdtm, 6vo. 1656 — 61. 




UACAULAY, Tkomae Babicgtoii, — emtintud. 

(Another flaition.] The Hirtory of Englana, (Vol. VHI. 
Editixl by Lttily Trovelyan. With a memoir of Lord 
UMAuky by tlio Deao of St. Paul's) 8 Vols. 

[Brit. Mu4ium, 8525. a.] London, 8vo. 1858—62. 

Tbo History tf( England, etc. [With a mfimoir of the 

Author by II. IL Milman.] People's Edition. 

London, evo. 1863—64. 

FOBSTBB. WiUUm Edward. U.P. tor Bradford, ud now rfacPrwt- 
dtnt of ikt Countii a/ tUtueatinii. 

^— Wlt-ciAH PmK uil Tfl01U« B. MjiciOTJt ; b«iio8 hrifrf ob*opm- 
tl«tw on ih» ehMRM nud» in Mt. Maci*iilay'« Hi^iarj <d 
Biu^bhiI, t^init Uie «h«M>il«r ot Wiliiun Pmn. By V. B. 
LondMi : CharU» Gilpin, S, BUheptgaU SCtmC tFilhaat. 

8vo. lew. 

Rot*.— mi pkmpUit, itmui ta • MpusI* Icra, «•* sdgduOr vtIIUd h 
■ miu lo tli« IsUovliif. 

Htmoin of tbu Pubtia and Private Lifo of WtbLim Pcm*. By 

Thomu OlarkaoD. H.A. {lib tflriiisn. With a rnKrAci, ia 

Bqily to the Obu«>« B^iaiiiiit his Cbaraetor mode hy Mr. 

lueniln; in hii " UiMtorj of BnaUod." By W. G. Forrtar. 

£M>di<n.* KnidliAuv ami Hluckhck, i9. Fl'el Slrffl; and 

47.BrwnSrreft,Man/:hf)UT; anitO. OUpin,B,Biilu>pi' 

gaU Slrttl a'Ubant. ite. . . . ISmo. IH9. 


Bariao d Porder** Obsnrr&tlou* on tho Chargeii mode in Uwaa- 

lay'a Hiituir ol UnitUud aaftSnat WUiiam P«no. Polio. 1M9. 

— Ptna TtndioaUd ud IlMftuIaj R^htted: «tia«iiiK Uie iajn»tios 
of T. B. Uaoanlaj^ BttMk upon tho Ohuaotar ot William 
T^nn, and Qw ontir* ikimaa ol any proal by whiob it can b« 

Lonijon : ihuUIffW hy ^yintt tf Joiuj. PaUnuuUr Sou: 
CmfU, Dnki Str^tl, filoomibury, and aJt BookttUtr: 

Largv Sto. 168& 
PtXOIT, William Ilepwortlj, ot Lo'idr'n. 

WiUiAta rctin. an IliBtuiical IlioKispliy- Wilb an extra ClispUv 

on ■■Tbo MMaiUay CluumM." (WiUi a P^rtniil.) 

Itimlcn .- Chapman it UaU, 193, PUeadillj/. . %n. 18G1. 

BoprinUd-— Sad Edition Foobeaparo. 1862. 

— BMoty ttl Wn.Ltiv Pmr, Ponate of PanniiylTMU. By W. 
HvpiHrth Dixon A New lAbngy Bdllfan. BraritUo. (ITiiA 

Lomfon : Bunt itrnt fifa«t<U, IS. Grtei MarfSontafh 
HiMi DcmyKTO. ISn. 

"II>.IiliiaV'WIIII>Biruim'i>)flrtii|>Uitb«l<(UateoU. Babuan* 
ITlMl M>4 Imwl II sith thn uMltlnn at ■aob Imb lulMt. A nn 
BHiHaUdn of rwdinvUI Uiuikllr. t>lii« fnr till IsUMUBg and loRnM- 
lite miBiuli ol uc «d ttc vofttM i< KwImiA."— iTjoniiKT. 







MACAULAY, Tbamas BnbtogtoD, — conttnuttt. 

JANMEY, SuQQoI U.. ot VituMa, Horth Jmrnuo. A UiiOtMr o< 
tlie Hiicinly of Frieuds. 

Tb« Lite of Willinni Pnoa : mth BeinctictTm tram Idii Oonctpon* 

duQcu Bud Aiitubioi^inphy. (OiuUiuiiig * " TindieraoB 
ut WiUiiuu I'l-uu fiuui tLo Cliariiva of T. ti. Maeanl*;.") 
FAiJod^'liAra: Z,i>pinfa((, (fnimiuifr C<i. . . 6vo. IBSL 

Beprinted.— Snd Edition. mvuoJ. 

liATgn ttvo. Philadflphta, («aiM Ir^kI). 18SX. M 

OAONTLBT. Williwn. *t BakevM. Drrbyihir'. 

B«iiurh> uu > ourUin puliHontJuu. t-ittiUcd, Maeanlaj'a PiXinIt 

tit th« Koundei of QuiUieniiui. (3 EditiuDH) 

Shrfield ; Rogcn, Frtnler, Driiannia Q^e, CattU itrtgl. 

ismo. isse. 

BOWNTREE, John Stophtnuon, ot York. 

— An Inqnii; ittto tboTnilhfnlnnititiif Loril Mncniilny* Porti^tini 
nf UuorKe Foi. lu Iwu levluruii. By Jubii UtopfaaatOO 

York: Thomai Bradj/, LmB OuiegaU. London: A. iV. 
Hfnnetl. Huhopigate ttrett icithoul. . . 6*0. 1961. 

PAGET. John, ol LoniSon. (Kot o( tho Sacict;.) 

An Inijniry into (ho ETidnni^o rotntlQg to Itu ChaMM bnaghi 

by I.ord MAcaiilny ni^nlnat Wiiliiun Ponn. Bj Joha PaffM* 

E«<|., Bitrriiilcr-Al-LAw, 

si'iilitm Blttekwoud and Smu, Kdinbargh ami Lmdon. 

8to. I8S8. 

' The New " ExAMKM." or An Inqniij Into the «vUaaM mbting 

to ocrlam PusBgri in I^rd Macnnln;')! Hiitory ooDiianiliig, 
I. Tho Dnka <-f MarllKirviiigb. II. Tliu Mmrmto of Uleiuio*. 
III. Tliir HigliUntlx of HcoUtuid. I V. ViMOont DoadM. V. 
WilliHiii Pmu. hy litan Puisr. BMri«t«r-at-La*r. 
n'illiam Blatkicoodattd Sam, SAatwyk and London. 

6n>. 1881. as 

THE FBIEND. Vol IT. I8M. P*«e 34. Contoiniag a Bovicw tA 
Pagot'a laqniry. Ao. Signod D. H. T. 
lto**l>entrMr>uI, 1941). ta. riu JIHUi* IVtnd, uu.— riw T»UA— 

UACLAINE, Archibald, a pioQH Dinae, wm bom at Afoixr^hon, 
in Irtlaiui, ill 1722, au<l educated at fHa*gmp. He en- 
dntvoiiKid to K>^t udmiiiHioo iulo tho ministry of Ibe Church 
of Eiifcltuid, but biiing prevented by eome informality, h6 
iK<M!i)ti!d an iiivitutiou froni tlm English congngation at 
tlio Ilngiie, wlicr<i ho itnccci-dcd bin uncle, Dr. Milling, in 
1746, luid contiancd tb«ro till 1794 ; wbea the inraaion 
of Holhind by tbo FtodcIi, obliged him to leave the coontiy. 
He tbon settled nt Bath, wbero ho died, tn 1801. Dr. 
Madaino i» bent known by hia translstioti of Hoftbdm'* 
Kceleaiaetical Hietory, — and an "Aiuwer to SoanM 
Jenyus's View of Chriatiauily." He aUo pabU<lwd a 
Volume of Sumous.— (Jnc. Biog- Via. 




MACIiAINE, Aroliibold, — continiud. 

All EooIeHiiUjtJcul Hiatory, — By John Lawrence Moelieim. — 

Tmimbtt^d from the OniatNAt. Latim, and accompiuiied 
witli Notes, Ao. by Aidiibal4 Muclaiue, D J). — In 6 Vols. 

8tq. Ltmdon, 1774. 1£6 

8<E J. L. Muamix. 
BBVAN, Joseph Onmo^, ol Stokt Xeainglim. 

A BefnUliou <it mroiB (it tbe mori) Moilorn MExroiironeDUtinnn ol 

the Hooiuty of l^iuuds. Sco Hvu. IWO. 8 

MACQUABE, Bobert, a KonooofonniEt Divine, of RotUrdam ? 

— Postscript to Snml. Itutherfoord'a Letters, Srd. edition. 
[Axos.] [ByBobert Macquare.See Jftffiniy'flDiRry.p. 676.] 

SBITH. Oeorgc, (licloro liia ApoHtocj.) 

Tli« Way oat np. and thn SltimblloK Blocker removed trom 

betoro tbo Poet of tlinso, « li» h-rv KiM^king the Way u> Zion, 
iirilli Ui«ir faert thitlifienr'l. CouiMaiiig ui luiBwcr to a 
FoHtCoript, priutisl al thu tiucl of StutriiL licTREuroun'ii Ii<it> 
tcta. third t>ditiuD. by a luuai'lctiit' uutliot, iiulei.'d nut witboQt 
eaoic. coDBiclcriii^ Ibr uiiid; lye* uui Uibooda tbnroui, 
■gutut tlic Pcoplo, cbUuI QimkcTn, which are horn diiproT'd, 
and nlutod ; aud the Troth n[ what wo held touching thniw 
Fartieulan talthtQlly dcclamd, Micnrdlng to thn ScrlpRir«g. 
BmOboiw KxtTR. PriaouHr in ttiuTulbuuthuIAbiTtiuen, &e. 
[xlw Pntww itnd PuBtiwript by Alhxuhiieii Skbu.] 

8vo. Prinlrd [in Ihllandi in iht Year, I67T. IB 

— PostaecM (Signed B. M. 0.) to John Browu'a " QuakoriBme 
U»P»tbW«7 to PftgiiniBiae," 4c. . . 4to. 1678. 

BABULAY, BnbHrt nnd Lillns Skelii, ol Scotland. 

R. B.'t Ap«log7,^ViiiiticaI«d from 3obv Urov»'§ EiuninAtian 

and pni(»Iidv<t Collttitntioil,— tKA^rrunlu w Addrd. AChriatiu 
Bud Friuuiliy Expuetuhitlun with Koxbht KLiuijl'uik. touching 
hia ruitBaript to the siuil Buok uf J. B. nriltua to hint by 
LnxLU SuiH, SsB tlo. 1679. 37 

B0pri&l«d In B. D.'s Works. p»go 717. . . FoUo. 1698. 

Vioftr of KmilKortk in Waneickihire. 

HADDOCKS, William. 

MADOX, William. J 

Ue waH yoiug vhec he came to thin Living, uid when he 
kft it ; but when be vas older, he never repented of his 
i^oioe to tmffvT affliction with so many of ttl« Servaute uf 
Ohiist. Wlttin the country was too hot for him, be hid 
himeelf in a wood, and came to LonJun, whore he was 
prcseoily tukeu notice of for hia useful preacbiug, and 
clio§eii Pastor to a oongregation in Suuihwark.—B.t oon- 
tiuned here in VC17 good e»(o«u, till death ended bis la- 



MADDOCKS, William, or Mados, William,— mntmK«l. 

boors. A Email picco of bis, in noxwcr to I'mH, is An- 
nexed to Vinernl'i Vefciict of the Trinity. — Pahtur't Noit- 
cmformiitW Memorial, Vol, S, f. 487- 

WHITEHEAD, Oeorge. of Orton. in Wrtmertlimi, iMt of London 

TbH DiviiiilT of Chriiit. &v., — io wiicwcr to TAot. VineraX, 

WUltn. Madcx, Xiwmaa liniunn and Jok* Oven. , iU>. 16G9. 


MAKEMIE, Frnncis. of Vir</itiia. 

■ A CiitecliiBm. 

KEira. G«orgD, (The ApoaUte.) 

— A Paper aeainiit " A CntcDUna, Ssa.," pnittcd in Htkocoie'j 

■' Aiuiwnr to George Kiith'ii Mbol, £d." . 8tiuU ^vo. ICM. 

' An Anbweb to George Keitb e Libkl. Agiunnt & Catscbisk 
Pablislied by Knmeiii Maheiiue. To wliicli is Addedi by 
way of I'(i*i»criiit. A Brief Nairative of a Late X>iffereooe 
amoni; the Quakcn, begun at Philadelphia. Witli as 
Epixtie to the " Clirifttiiui Boader," by Ikcxkase Mathbs, 
Jauks Allkk, SAMino, Wii-uutb, Jonx Bailv. and ConOM 

Soil— WtittcD " At lUitobotk Id Pocauk In McrftokL' 

MAIXE'US,TrcpidiuiUiim,(afiQtilioustiiune.) Sc«8aiiuei.Toui>o. 

MANING, Edwnrd of 

The Manked Df^vil, or Quaxeii, NciUicr F«uiii|T God, nor 

BeTcr«uciiig Mao. In au exc^cnt and true Dcticription of 
these Monsters, (not Men) made up of mcvr incocgrailtcs ; 
as plainly appears br the late |)eiiidioae Practice, (of the 
Seven Quakers, whicli were lately committed and to bo 
Tranaportcd) impartially repTeeented in this ensuing 

4to. iMidon, PrinttdAnno. V<m. 1064. 

LUCAS, RicJiolu, o* UrrtfvrJ. 

^~- H)di>thcnL— ATnt«iiii<IIiiipitrliAlNuituTioHottti«BemulutU* 

Proiidcnreii of the IiixicK G<h! of Hi-artD uid EuUi. kKiMI- 
iug fur Da hta oppmncd i^cmiita colled QUAKERS, A'icMioi 
i,ucat. N'tn/ Uankall, Ac— AndalMnnafKncftirMi mtUr 
mrntAtl'w v1 n Lying Papa {labliihcd DDdiir lite luuid of «oo 
Eifuurd Hnniiig. 

4(0. PrinUd In ilu Ytar, ItM. 

UAKTOK, Tliomas. a NoneonformlBt Divine, vaa born at Lar- 
TfiKf l.ytiiani, in KomeTirtthin, iu 1620. He reoeind bia 
education at T'ltrUm-Sfhanl, aiid next at WnJham-CclUv, 
flj/orrf, from whence he removed to Uan-hall. A)>out IWS 
be obtained the Uvingof^VoirA'nnn^on.wbiclt he quitted 




MANTON, Thomas,— wnimu/rf. 

for that of Si. Paul's, Cnvmt-Oardm, At the Beeto- 
rfttiou ho vas laoAa Cliajiliiiii to the King, aud Doctor 
in Diviuity by tuauiUiuiis. He was iiIao offered tha 
Deanery of Rixhnter, but decluioi] it, imd wiie deprived of 
his Rectory by the Act of Conformity. He died in 1077. 
Uis WorltB are ia 5 vols, fotio. — Li/r hi/. Or. Harris. 

Qaakerism No Cliriatlanity, &e. By Joho Pahlo. (Epistle 

subscribed by Thomas Mnjiton, am] 20 oilier Diviuen. 

8T0. 167fi. 

PEKN, William, Founder of Pmnujlvania. 

A iJbj«t ItrncKE to Onn nnil Twenty Li-impd and R«TOT»nii 

RIVINKS (lo ettlloJJ. Doing aa Anmor to ao Abuaive 
BfUtU aeuiixt ths Qnakon, Ac 4U>. 1074. 

MAEKHAM. George, Vicar of Carlton, in the W«»t Riding of 

— — Troth for the Seekers ; or. a fair and full Statement of the 
Facts which ^ro rise to the Imprifoiiment of the Qaokere 
now in York CaKttc. 

Lo7idim : Hild hij .7. ,<?. Jordan, Xo. 166, Fleet $treet; 
and by tKt BookitUen of York, Lrtd*, and UuU. 

8vo. 1797. IJ 

ItnM^At t)ia <Dl of tb1> pusphlat U ■ LUI nl Kn rnbUaiUsai ^<><^ lor 

J^a. Jutdan. 

Reprinted, 2iid. edition. 

8vo. 1798. 

WOBMALL, John, ol YorkiMn. 

Hid nthen.'-StaU o( Uio Cue of sovonl of the IVopIo eallod 

Qaakvni, imiiriiODad ia York^Cutla for the non.pnjniirnt nl 
Tithes Folio. [170C.] 

Reprinted, with kdditioiu. Folio. ITITT. 

— The jycrcsn: of tha PniiifniSBR n Tobx GitsTW tor not pnyinR 
Tithe*, ftpwiust thu Qiarjn'ii of Gecbik M t llinmi.— ccntnined 
in hm Book untitled, ■■ Truth for tho Soeken." 

rprA; PrinUd by Witltam illanthari, and told bij Iht 
BuoktfUtrt in Yorb 8vo. 1787. 

Beiiriuled.— The 2iid Edition 9to. 17S7. 

Bcpnatcd.— The Srd Rditioo. 

Londim: Prinltd Dnil loUt by Jama Fkillipi and Son, 
Otirrgtyard, Lamiard-ttTtri. . . 8td, 17B7. 

WILSON. Charlca, ol I. , a Hcnbor of tbo Ohnnih of EueUnd. 

Stiletinai cm tbo condan of the Hep. Ononat HAHKtiiK. H.A. 

OOMaloiltd to bin proBPcniioii of antDnil mt^bcni of 

the PmjiIs calUd QnAJcnni, tor Ihclr Nnn-P>;maDt d T>lh*s. 

In a Letter lo B W* • •, el H , a M«ob«ro( 

tbat Soci«t7. Bj Charliu ^ViLran. 

London. PrinUdfarJ.Ovien.lO».Pit«iJiUy. . »ia. i7M. 





MAREHAM, OooTge,— «ontinwfJ. 

SCAHTLEBURT. Thomiw. of ShrfflrU. 

A booKiKO-Oi.iHii fur the Clergy ; OT Some TnUU o( tbft Falsft 

Prupliula, {lUticulMl; nuuuleuauee bv (orea : In mly lu a 
Pamphlit, Lul«ly |i<>i>li"ll*Hl by Usulua HAKKKUf, ViMt ol 
Csrleton ; eiilitled. " Tralh for thi Stfkfn." 

London: Sold by C. l^w, Jvc-31aria-La7ie; and may it 
had of Wllion, Spfnct, ilauman, in York. . 8»o. [ITSTf] 

Bepinted.— The itti Edition. 

8to. Loiuton, (fa. CinTf] 


MoRK TsuTH for the Skbrers; or The Cbaboes of Dr. 
Marktiam Vindicated, in Opposition to Thk OentxcB of 
the Quakers Iupkisoned for uot paying Titbks. Bt 
OeoitaE M.vRKBAM, D.D., Vicar of Carltoii. in the Wert 
Hiding of Yorkshiro. 

Loiuion: Sold by J. S. Jordan, No. 166, Fle^ StrtH; 
anii hy the lioolatiUn of IVA;, LmiU, and Hull. [Pric* 
Om Shming.] Bn. 1796. 

WO RMAT.T, , John, of YoriMre. 

' kod oUicra.~Th« PuisotiKit'ii Dctbikk unppcrrUd : or Ab AiMim 

to the ChurKvE nnd AUcKBtiuQn of Okuhob M.immi, — oon- 

u1qc4 in bic Book, putitlcd. " UoK TnitL for the SeekDn." 

By the Aatbore o! t!ic Doff nee. 
yvrk; Frinl'd Aj/ irfUirim lUaacharit : nnd toUl &Jf tht 
hookdeilert in York ; iinil l/y Jamrt I'liilllpf dnd San, 
and Varton and llantj/. Lotulon. . . Svo. (1798.] 



Bepriiit«d. — The 8iid Edition. (iiMiie imprint). 


SCAMTLEBUIty, Thomat,. at Skrjirtd. 

Til* Eigbti Dt pistitlimit, MiorlDd ; and Qerieal iDcroseluiienli 

lletPcUU. Ill Atiiiiilnii to noveral roirrot tmbUMtloiw, in 
lIvffnM of Hu Eidnkiio Prlnnthnod, RxUbliabliMBla, and 
liUUB, bu Daubmy, Charch, and othrn. Bnl iiiai* jNutlCB- 
iRrif in Sepl; to » Fuu|>hltt Utaly |[ii>'>1i*l>"^ by U«aKt 
M»riJiMn. Viou Ol Culton, «nUtl»d. " Uuru TruUi tor tha 
Lmden: Sold bv W. Lane, LtcdnAaU Str*ft, and /. 
ilatlheiet, in the Strand, <fo 9to. 17M. 

MASON, James, of Bromptem, London. 

■ Peace or War. Showing the LawfolncM of War titider the 
Gospel DiqtensiitioD. An Answer to a Chrutiaa Appeal 
feom the Society of Friends to their feUov-CooatljmeD, 
ou the present \\'ar. liy James Masou, 

London: Printtd by J, Teiiion, C7, Chtapmde. 

SmaUSra. 1855. 
MATHEB, Increase, Son of Bichard Matbor, yna bora at Dor- 
cJwRtor, in New-England in 1639. He ntudiod at Harvard- 
GollcRC, and next at DubUu, wbcn ii« took bi» Uaitor's 



UATHEB, Increase, — eontiniud. 

degree in 16SS. Soon after this h<! becfimo Uin!ster of 
Torringian iu Devimxhire ; from wlieace lie removed to 
Ouerusej'; bnt at the Bestorntion lie retnraed to .Vfu>- 
England, wid Was chosen Miulrter of tho New Church nt 
Boston. When Jamee U. publiehod his Doclmrntion for 
Liberty of Conscience, Mr, Mather otune to England with 
an Address of thanks to the King ; but before hiu return, 
the Revolution ocourred. and ho obtaiood &om William 
a new Charter for the Colony of Maseacbusettg. He died 
President of Harvard- College in 1738. Aged 8E years, 

- An Essay for the Recording of lllufltriona Providences; 

wherein An Acoonnt is g-ivou of many Remarkable and 

very Memorable Events, wliitJi have hfijipeiiftd in this last 

Age ; eftiietially in New-Enolahd. By liicreMne Mather, 

TeoeberofaClitirchat Bnxtim in SrwEn/iUind. (Portrait) 

PrinleJ al Boflon in NeiT-F.ngland, and art In hn mid by 

Otarge Calrrrl at tht Si^ of th» Half-nuion in PaiiU- 

Ckureh-yard, London. ' . ^ Small 8vo. 1084. 26( 

(Brit. Mtuufum, 662. «. 11.) 

- An AxBWEB to George Keith's Libel. Against A Catbciii»m 
Fnblished, by FrnnrU Mnkemie. — (With an Epistle by 
Increase Matlier, James Allen & othcni.] 

Button, Printed In/ Baijimin Harria, al the Sign of the 
BibU, over againtt ihf Hi ftr- Anchor. Small 8vo. 1694. 

8BITH, 0«0TB«, (before hia Apostftoy from Pt{«iii1s.) 

Tlie Pret«Dde<l AariiiOTB prOT«d PnysOD, — (In tuwwor to Jaae* 

Atitn, Incrtat* Mnther, and uth«rs. 
Philadilphia, Printed by WiU. Bradfard. . . 8w. IMO. 
Sh as CaUloniu at Fiindi* Book*," ToL S, p. M. 

■ Remarks on a Sermon of George Keith. 

. Uemoirs of the Lira of the late Reverend hter^ate Mather, 

D. D. Who died /l«jiiv? 28. 1728. With a Prefaoe by 

the Reverend Edmond Calanay. D.D. (With a Portrait.) 

London: Printed for John Clark and Richard Jirtt at 

the BihU and Crown in th* Poultry, ntar Chtafitidr, 

Prifli 8vo. 1725. 

KEITH, GeorRO, (Imfnre hU ApocUoj frnni Friaoda.) 

The Prfihjiirn'an and IndnrndtiU Tlxlblo CbambM In |)ib Ciq, 

lanb. Hud i>l»awhon>, Bron|[bt to the tmV, aod eiamiaed 
kooordiuK tu Uie Doetrino of tbf huly SoripttUM iu tb«r 
J>u<iCririr, Jftnulry, tt'orthtp. Cotulilutivn, Oovtrtuiu-at, 




MATHEB, lacrettsei—eotitiniuil. 

KEITH, lientgn.—tontitaif'L 

SMrmnenU auJ Sabbath Day. And tvo Lvttora to tbo 

FreMlian in Itaiion : aud ui Amm'L-r tu the i^uiiii AbiMMi 
I^tn mill BULndtrii □( Incrtati Uathir and Saraurl S'orlam, 
Sk. By Qoorge Keith. 
PMladtlphia ! Printfd and fOld hi WiU. Brad/ord. A nno, 

SidaUSvol 1689. U| 


Lendan; Priattd far Thomat Norlheott, in Qrorff-Yard, 

{r Lambard-Strtti »to. ie»l. U 

B«* Bi; GtMa«a> ul Fiiandi' Bonlo. (VL 1. r- tS. 

MATHEB, Cotton, Bon of tlie prei^edinR, was ^MTu ui Botbm, 
in 1668. Hu reooived lu» ctitieatioD at Harvard- CulU^: 
and in 1664 was appoiotecl MiuiaUsr at liosttm, wlwre ha 
was couetitted ou all public afTitin. It ia to be regretted, 
Lowever, tlmt a man of bo mitoh worth should have been 
eonoEimed in the prosecution of ponona on the cheige of 
witchcraft. NotwitlistandiDg thin the Uuivoniity of 
OUsgow eeut l>im hjs degree of Doctor of Divinity ; and 
the lloyal Society of London elected him a mcmbor. Ho 
died in 1728. — L^f* by JeHtittu/i. 

— An Addi«M, Ik. 

KEITB. Otui^^, (belure hiit Aixistooy from E'rion^.] 

^ ,'Stiuni ^pBtal to uU the muni Solwr, ImpurtiBl and JuJioiOnc 

pDDple In Kew Excilamd. to whosu h&nJii Ihia inij oume, 
Whctbrr Ccllon Mather, in bii Uto Addmi, leu., bntti not 
Mtmuuly lailrd in pnrLiig the People call'd Qua krrt ; gnUty 
«( muiiloU Honiaifn, DliuipbmiiioH, and ■trans Dalimioiu, 
aiul wlMAbcr, b* bstl) not iMcta T«th«r prnrad otitUMlf is- 
traunly Ignnrtnt, uid graaU^ pocwMad with • spdrit et Par- 
itrHi-iii, Knur, ^JodiM, MU mvioiu Z«al aniiiiat Ui«m In 
Kvutiral, uiil U. K. in partiealar, ia Itis mort onohajilabla 
ftud rnsli Jad^inMit UKniuiil hiin. — By QiKiBiUI EaiTO. 
Prinird ami lold liy IViUiam Bradford, at PUlodilpki* ta 
i'tKunftfania, in tht Ytar, .... 410. I09t. 

— Tkr WtmJ^n of fA* Jnruible Witrld : Being »c Account of 
Uie TBTALS of itbcrA !31ili^ts. Lately £xe«ated in Nsw- 
ExoLAMR : And of Revcral mnarkablc Corioeittes thereto 
Occnrnne- To^hor with, I. Obitervations opon the 
Kataro, thu Number, and the opeiationB of the Derila. 
U. A Bhort Narrative of a late outrage committed by a 
knot of Witches in fi'u^ih-Liind.Tt^ much reeembliiig.and 
w> far explaining, that under which Xfu-Kn;ii<ind has 
laboured. III. Some C'-ooncels direoting a duo Improve- 
mcnt of the Terrible things lately done by the anosaal 
and aniaxiug Banj^e of Kvil'Spmu in Xnt-EnglatHt. IV. 




MATHER, Cotton,— eontfnwd. 

A lurief DUcourao npon tllO«0 TemptatioiL* wliiob ArA tlM 
more onliuarj DoviueHof Satan. Ry Ct>TT<ix ^^tT^Klt. 
PabLUhcd by tbu Spuuifil Oumniand of his Esokllkxct 
Um Govonour of tha Province of tbo iUiutixr/iiucIM-i/ny in 

PriiitMfini,aX lioitnn in Nrui- England ; awi lUprinUd 
at London,for John Danlon, at the Ilaem ia ike Pmdtrij. 

4to. \mz. 

An Answek to George Keith'a liaaa.. (Epiatle by Cottoa 

ifatker & otbera) 

Button {Sfw-F.nifijimd) Prinltd, dc. Small 8vo. 1691. 

So* Fund* Umm, ud ftu w uuavr n OaoMiK Kuni oadn !>■ 

Mit;puili't L'kriali Amfrieamt : or. the iSuIifiasluiil HistOtE of 

NEw-ENaLAKD, &om Its Cirat PlaBtutjf ^^ the Yoar Itm). 
unto the Year of our Lord, lil!)8. lu Seviiu Books. I. 
Antiquities : In Seven ObapterH. Witli aa Appmdix. II. 
Coutiiiuiug ttie litvoH of tbc Govurnouni, uuil NitmeK of tho 
Mugigtr»l(i« of Xcic-Enfiland : lu Thirlevii CliupterK. With 
ivn Ap[Hiudis. III. The Lives of Sixty Fiimoua DiviuuH, 
by whOKG Ministry the GborchoB of Sac- E'li/land havo 
beea planted and Coutinaed. IV. An Account of Vhe 
Univeraity of Cambridge in -V«<7 England ; in Two Parts. 
The I'irst cout^ns the Laws, the BeDe&ctors, and Vio- 
ciBsitudee of Hanard-CalU'it ; with Rcmarka ti)wu it. 
The Seooud Part contfttiiH tlio Livoa of soma Emiuaot 
Penoua Educntc-d ia it. V. Acts and UoniunL-ntN of tho 
Faith luid Order in the Churcbm of yea-Eni/tand, ptutsed 
in their Synods ; with ilistoHcal Remarks upon those 
Vonorable Assemblies ; and a groat Variety of Uhnrofa- 
0mm oocnrrin^, and reeolred by the Synods of those 
Chnrohcs : In Four Parts. VI. A Faithful Record of 
many UlnstrioDB, Wonderful Providences, both of Uerciea 
and Judgments, on divers Persona in Xeiv-EH'jlatuI ■. In 
Eight Chapters. VII. The Wan of t/ui hrrd. BeinR an 
History of tho Manifold Afflictions and IMstorbances of 
the Churches in Neie- England, from their Various Adrer- 
sarioH, and tlm Woiidurfiil M<itliods and Mercies of God in 
their Dclivcrimtio : In Six Cliriiittr» : To wliich in sab- 
joined, Au Appendix of R^marliiiblo OcourrunooK whiob 
NewEngland hud in the Wars with tho Indian SoIngM. 
from the Yoar 1088. to the Year 1698. By tha Reverend 
and Learned Cotton Matues, M.A. And Pastor of tho 
North Church in BuaCon, AVir-J-'nyfuni/. 

London : Printed Jor Thoinat Parkliurxt, at the Bibleand 
Thrtt Crwent iH Chtaptide, H.DCCIl. Folio. 170S. 




MATHER. Cotton,— fouHfiui'd. 

WHITINO. Jniin. QaaUi BibllogmpW. 

Trvth and ImuH-fncj; Diei^kiiiii ; usBiiut FaUhood uiJ Envy : 

uiJ the MttrtyiK of J«niiR.iiiiil taaenn tor hit Mlte.ViiiDiciT- 
BD. Ill Auxwur l>> Cotton Utither (• Pricit ol JSoitaa) liia 
Cklnmuiei!, L<rui and Abiuui of th« People oullcil Kfnaitn, 
tohiBUiloCduj-pft-Hl.rmT/o/Niiw-EiiglBnd, With lU-nmrka 
knil Obicrvntioiia on ncvcriU PAMmenH in tlio nunc, and htn 
CanfFBiioOE to the Jiiiit JnilgmeDtn otOod On Uwo). BjJttoL 

lMJid<m.PrinUit laul Sold by Whitf-llarl-Court, 
(n fJrofinwi-SiTi't 8vo, ITM. 

Bota.— ThlB banii U umKiiul In Jnhn Whltlne't Jilipliliimitfot of Os».HIAatfa 

"Sew-Eoglmd JoiJgtrt"— HMniy"C«Uluiriuof Frlonfl«'Do<*»,TOl.l.p*to. 

MAURICE, Frederiok Deuiaon. (Rev.) Professor of Mord Philo- 
tiopby in the Univeriiity of Cambridge, and formerly 
Ctiiii^iliiiu of Lincoln's Inn. Ho Aid 4Ui month, tit, 1878. 
nged nenrly 70 yc«re, and wau buried in Highgit« Ceme- 
tery. For further pnrtictilars concerning him, and sIko 
his Portr*it, we The liinitraud Lnn<ion .Vcnra, April 18, 

The Kingdom of ChriBt : or Uints on the Principlea, Ordi- 

nftuces, and Contititution of the Catholic Cliardi, in 
Lettem addreeeed to a Quaker. In 2 vols. 

l^idiin : Dartiji and Clark, IMItom Hill. . 8to. 1888. 

NuU,— Till, hmt n, ant pobllahn] tn parti. nilKlud, " l<tUn Id > UsB- 
BeomrCiiUlcaiKciIFiltniU BoekhioLl.p.aaii. ll»(oii Onrrnontan. 

MAYER, Cttlob. of Wr^t-Denham in Xotfolk. He siRnod m Cer- 
tificate ngninst Friends, nt tlie end of "Tlio Qunkon 
Challenge, Ac," 1699. — See Edward Bkckkam. 

MAYt), Richard, Vicar of Kinrixtftn-upon-Tlutmei. A nuui of 
sincere godliness, tlis livboors hero woro eromted vUfa 
abondant eaccGse. lie had nitonmrda alugo sod flotuull- 
ing eoBgregation in L/»fion. He was a ereat loror of 

tienoc and anion ; was of a rweet natural temper. Is 
lid last Kieknesa be bad great inward pence and serenity. 
Ilia cud was like an eveuing without clouds. Ue died 
Stpt. 8, 1695.^ — Palmer't yvnetm/omUW Mrviorial, vol. S, 
p. 449. 

QuAkerism No Chrintinnitv, &c. By Jobo Faldo. fEpiB. 

subscribed by Bicliard ^ayo, and 20 otbor Diriiies.) 

8to. 1675. 

Km JflHH FlLOO. 

PENK, WUIiiin. Fonndrr of Penruylvania. 

A Jurt lliiiiisit to One atiil Tvont; Lcaiuad and Btmmi 

DIVINEH [to caiU-A) Iwuig on Aiumir to an Abuiwt EpitlU 
ftKaiiut tlic Qnalum. Ac lt». 1RT4- 




MEI8, Frederic Emeet. 

^— EnlwurS der Kircken — Orftdoaag nnd Gebr&udM d«r 
QtiacW in Eugcliuid. 

HELDBUU, Qcorge, of Scotland. 

Answen to Bobert Buchy's Qaerioe. 

BARCLAT. RoUn, tlie Apologiftl. 

A R«plj lo UeorKe Kfeldrum'i Ansicen lo Bob«rt Buolar'a 

Qaeriw. — In Mamucript in tht hibrary at th^ Ptet MetUng' 
hovn, London, ^urry, whether printed r 

ICENZEIS, Jolin, ProfesBOr of Divinity in AberiUm in SeotlanJ, 

— BotoB llendaT : nr tlie Falsiiood of B0UK8 high preUncos 
to Tiifidlibilit.y and Ajitiquity evicted. In coDfiit&tion of 
kn Anonymotie Popiah Fumphlot tmderlaking th« dofenca 
of Mr. Dtrmpttrr Jeauit. By Jouif MsHzsis Profeaaor 
of Divinity in Ahcrdme. 

London, Printed fur AM liopfT, at the ti<fn of t)\t Sim 
over aiiaiial St. t>uiuilane$ Church w FUttttTtet. 
(Brit. Mta. 8986. d.) 4to. 1676. 6(H 

EETTH, OecRge, Owtort bu ApoaUey.) 

(]bukri«i( no yoptni, or a Piullonlar Ar4««r« to l^at Pari ot 

ioiia MmivU fniftttor ol Divinilj/ in AbvTtltMni. (at hi it 
eaUtd] hia Bcwk, lulilulod. Kama gtinbiti. Wherein tb« 
Pvoplv. callpii Qnmkcn. 4ni ctmceraud. whom he dclh ui«iii« 
H holding iDBOy llO|iia( jQocIiina, uid an if QuuJunun, [to 
ht Niokuune* our RrXigitm.,) were but pii[irT{> pitfiiurb. By 

Oionoi KziTn. [Pait li; Bobxot ))tiu.i.*T.] 

Sio. iVinbJ in the Ytar, 167$. 


MERCEB, (FrioRt,) in hia Pulpit in tlie English 

Aasembly &t AnvUrdam, in 1658, uttered eome Lies sod 
Slandere AgmnBt Friends, wliiub weru anHw-ered by Wil- 
liam Kxat». See my Cutalogue of Fmud'a Books, toL. 
1. page 29. 

SBITON, Henry, M.A. Beotor of Oxhonttgh, in Norfolk. 
(and o(Jter»} A Brief DiscoTery, Ao. . . 4to. 


' TUe Prinoipl«s of the Quakers further ahewn to be B1m> 
j^Mmooi, ko -Ito. 1700. 181 

Sm Kd*iu> BitfxatB. 

MEBITON, John, A.M. Bectot>f Boughum in Sorfolk. 

An AMnooTB against the Venom of ^u'iuri"". ^^' Bonw 

Oboebtatioms On a Little Fampiilet, suled, Tht (Jhrimati- 





MEBITON, John. — continufd. 

ity of the Peopte, cammonly called QvtXKta, By John 
Mrritim, A.M. Reotor of tiomihtnn iii yarfolk. 

London, Printfdjor l/ia Anlluir: and art tii be Sold by J, 
Robitaon at tlu Gulden- Lion In Si. Paul's fViUrcA* 
Yard. And U. lihodn at (A« 8utr in F/'i-i-Srrwt. 

SmaU bvo. 1699. 

WBITEHBAD. Otorsf), of Orl«M, WntntortlamU tut of iMndon. 

Cntl^ and Innfluvp VmdiMtvd.— Beint; s Joat Kuialnatloi) o( 

Same few of the Oaakert many htrtrid lilarpiiemitt.^. being 
K Souidulcius Libol ; Coo-UdtuBSi bbiii muiy of Uia It«|>MUa 
Abusei ia John Steriton'i AnIidoU, &o. . . 4(0. 1699. 

The Kkttob Eiftminad, about hia Book ScAndalaiutf StUud, A* 

Anli'tuCr iiyiii'nit !hf Vftwmf uf Quakrriim, by Jiihn iltntonj 

«Lo CAlU liiiiiHeK A.M. R*ot«T o? Bmi^hUm la Norfolk. And 

bii ObovrvittioiiB Remarked, tad th* Chriatiuitir of tb« 

pooplt- (Mimmuiilj' oolled QfMkm Bu-uw>rtad and VitidiMtad, 

Innu bin pi^rTcrsioiui and nigirtiDiiii. B}- Uiiuri^t WhitahMrd* 

ianiloB, Printfrf and Soid bji T. Si>»i*. m WhiuBart- 

Court in GraelmuStTttt, and at t}u BibU In LeaienhaU' ' 

StTttt. , 4to. IfM. 

METCALFE. Joseph, n Presbyterian Uinlster, of Botun in 

Leg&l forcing a Uaintcniiooo. 

CHALtCLET, Themu, Qt PAilatl^fpIifii, boitt In ^nulhwart. 

toninf m Maiatfnanet not wamntabln. (row Ui« Holj HcriptOM^ 

fur a Hinktei «t IhaUuiipel. B«iiifi an aiiswur toaomefllM 
tai enoDBODB pagaa, writ hy Jotr^h ifiicol/c, tending (oitir 
np Peneontion. •■>..... ITU. 



miiLEB, Jolin, a Baptist Preacher, of PtMam-Marlut, HorfoVt. 

• — A Short Dialogue between a Baptint and a Qoaker. 

yotvieh : rrtnttd by W. C. 12mo. [about 1718 ?] 

S«a alKO tarn lltrruni. 

BAHRBT, OharlM, 

■ • Aa Awnrer to Miller'i Dialegne. QQary, i>li«tha pdidod. 1118. 

WIUiBTT. Joiopb, ol SoutAuorl. Lmdon. 

Satao Oium'Anos* on & Frolcnded Dulogtw, ti«l»MB a ^^titt 

and a l^uaktr : With Bn •plutlD in Icndsr Lova to tha DU- 
tiimiilau Kni/tiirrn. aftnr tlia vajtoZlov. ft ml ■ FlWlUlipC 
r.iUUu»i to n (lo„li IMvIj pnhlialMd. iDtiliiM. J FfcJfPillf 
e/ /fc« ZJiciiM Dterftt of EUetion and Sepnbation. Bj Jo*, 
eph VUlatL 
Xowim .- Printed ty fftf ituijM a/ J. SoicU, «( lJi< SOb 
in OtorjtfTard, In Loitbatditrtit. . 9n, IfML 





MILLEB, Joabna, Beetor of St. Andre>T'», aiamorsanthirf, Hfl 
had beeu a Ijindnn Bookseller, but was ejected merely 
becauHG ho cotild not couform. Mr. /,mtu in his written 
obaervfttiouH, asks, " How could that be, if ho was not is 
ordoTH ? Ooold a layman be a Minister of & Parish ?" It 
iH answered. If he could hnve conformed, an some othen 
in the like oirctuiutaiiceB did, he might hitvc becu ordained 
andcontinacdinhishving. Nonoonfonnity wan the proper 
cause of hi« ejoctment. — Falimr'* Nonron/omiuW Memo- 
rial, tot. 2. p. 628. 

. Antichrist in Man, the Quakers Idol. 


NAYLER, JuDes, «! ArAtbu near Wakffield. 

• Antiohnat in Man Cbrist'n Euciny, whoiinth btwn |irpluiiiluifi for 

Chriflt in notion, but tiow at his apprarikncc dtiuidfl up with 
■tl bii power lo deny hia Lif;bt, luid priinob hini nnnaffioiolll. 
Clenrty diHCovDind in nn Answer to a Book titled, AaliehrUt 
{a itan Ihr (^aitkrr* lioi. Set loctli b; Joihua Hilier, lee. 

London, PrinUJ/or OtUt CaU'trt, onrf art fo i* told al Ih* 
BlaekSpnad-EatiU. al tha Wtttrnd o/ PanU. tla. 1656. 3) 

FOX, Otorge, Fouiid«r ot the Sosiet}^ ol Frioads. 

Tb* Ottt*t Uiannr ol tho Qioat WhotaBiitoldad.Aa. (p*Si> 4GJ 

Folio. Ifi69. 

IflLNEB, John, a Prelate ot the Bomish Church. 

Tho End of StUgiinii (£onltobu»5, in a Friendly Corres- 
pondence between ,!3l i^tUgioiii ^oticln of Jlrultfltnnl* and 
alioman Catholic "Divine. Addiceeed to the Kight Itev. 
Sr. Bnrgese, I^ord Bishop of St. David's, in answer to his 
Idrdship'e " Protestant Catechism. " In Three Parts. 
Part I. — On the Rule of Faith; or, the Method of finding 
ont the True reUgion. Part II. — On the Charaoteriatioa 
of the True Church. Part III. — On liectifying MistakM 
concerning the Catholic Chiuoh. By the late Bkv. Jorm 
MiLHsa, D.D., F.8.A. Sixth edition, with ooniidumblo 
emondatioDS by tho Author. 

DuUin: Printed liy Richard Oraee, C<Uh«lic Boolaellrr, 

», Mary Stmt 12mo. 1826. 16| 

OOODCH, Tbonu, ot Waterford it) Irttand. 

•~— Flun Tmtb vindicated uid uiBTtod : tbo fmllBiy of mui.iDada 
Bill«i of Faith dclcctod. uiil thn FnilL of OitIhI aioae taiia- 
tuuod vid iixnltcil. ku ditnni roIlm^tioUH ixi tt Book frulilled, 
"Tho Koil of KaligLOQR Cl>iitn)"r*™v." (»11«K»d lo bepnbli*]]- 
odbr "Tli4 tiui. 3M.~-V.\>.—r.&.i^') likcviio • UcioDC* 
Ot Iho AlbiR«tiiui«, witb h remkrli upon Gner'a Bppiv, tK. 
WaUrfard; Priiittii^ S.Smthi Sm. Ballry'i ^rvnttrt. 

Bva. lASO. i;| 




M180PLANE8 ana PHILALETHES.— See Anonyuocs and 
Mk. Wastall. 

■ The Anti-Qnaker : or, • Compemlioun Anarer io a ttiMOS 
Pampblet, eotituled, A Treatise of OathK, An. 

4to. Lotuion, printtd, 1676. 

Sh JUHixnimia. 
RICBABDSON. Biohard, of London. 

To tli0 Astt-QuiKui UiftoiK'Ug Mttceraintt Oaths. 

4I«. t^a Prinler'i name orptatt, [1CT0.] 

MITCHELL, William, of oear AlH-rd-rm. 

A DinJogae between a Quaker anJ a Stablo Christian. 

BABOLAT, Bobert, (Um ApolosUt.) 

Tmth olMTed of CftlnmnliM, u-hfrMit a BiMh IntitnlMl. A DUt- 

7i>jiu- brta-irt a (^ikrr, and ii iTdftJ^ ChrUrian, Prillt«d *t 
AberiUfH, »nd iiiwu g^-'J iP^iuml juditud to hv writ liy Wiltiam 
Slilehrll. H Pri]iuhi<l ntwr by it, or kt lout tlint bti had Iba 
clicif hiuii] in it) is eiMnmcd, aiul tha duuitrniDity ol tb* 
Anthor, in hii rcpniiiFiiliiiK ihr Quaktri is diicovctij. Ilim 
U kUo tbcir cnm truly sUitnl. cloaTod. dcnioDrtJAtAl. uid 
Iho objcatinm of their □p)Kiicn uiiwiin>d. xiconluis la tratli. 
Soripttm and right B«aeuD. B; RosBBt Babclat. 

4to. Priiutd in ttu ytmr, UTD. 
Bfpriated in hia Works, pigs 1, 

■^^ A Son> ANSWKBE, to A« Ashry Pammu-ot : or, A«hai>' 
TCftnMrs, By wny of Be))ly, to Hi'lifU }!artlaii't Ut« Book 

Sitituled, i'mlh cleaTtd of Caluniniei) in nnnwiin to a 
aUiijue tielween a Quaker and a iUM* CuMSTUX. By 

Small Sto. Abfrdent, Prinud hy lohn Forbn, An. 1671. 

BABCLAT, Bobort, (Uie Apologia!). 

• WILLIAU MICHEL DMH^AurRC ; or, Ttu Slatfering ImtaHUtw 

of the pr«t«pdvd StahU CAruNon Digoovuntd, hi* OmiMkma 
obMTTCd. and w«akii«n tuivaiK<H. In bi« Ma faiiU and 
tet-hle animadTMiioaa b? wa; of rvply to • book lariMM, 
Integrity of tbe i^uakert' Doelrint \m th* Second tino Jvti- 
lltd, and «l«aHd bom tbo Bclterato. Guoaniiu bol ninnilMn 
Calomslaa «f lhi> Caelllittg Cairehiit. By Borkbt Biacux. 

4to. JVJalnl in Iht ftar, 1S?S. 

Btprintod in hii Woikt, page 5S. ... Futio. IBM. 

MITCHELL, William, tli« Tindarian Doctor of S<oileaut. 

Amount tlio Lairt and dying WonlH of tho Tindarian 

Doctor Wl^LUJI UitcSKLL, Tkrre it a Sri-mfm maJt/or Hit 

Uajesly KiuK Okokoe, II. Hie Funeral Sermon, mads 





MITCHELL, Vfmiam.— continued, 

for the I'rebbyterwm MinUtere of tho Cmrncs of Smnjuo, 
Bad for Mr. Simmm ProftisKor of Divinity iti (ila/ijnir. III. 
His True and HrarlaKting Aimauiick, for the WorM to 
oome. With hitt dromlful gennou to the (Jiiakfrn. AU 
drttitaled la hia MajrtCi/ Kifsa QtttitiaK, II- King of Gnat 
Britain, France and Ireland, Bud Defender of my Faith. 

8to. Printed in tkt Year. 1728. 16| 

NoU. — Thin TIaclarida IWtor hti. ooDHnkliuf Fripful*. naa p. VU6 M lb* 
AbatD buuji, ^' Nnw i mapL ooma forth. hhI l^tl^t AjjuJEiit Ihi IMII Hb^ 
tbn QiulVrn, KB f'au^ roqahl Mtt(&"t Uw Il«ft>i{< kb &~ph4W<, 10 t nut 

Ogbl tetlDd Ui«H Tllo DohU ttia Qiuftm." 

MOODGT, JomeB, of BiuUm, Netr-EiujUtad. — See Ihokkask 
MxTiiKB. Answered by George Keith, in lii« " Pretended 
Antidote, &a. 

HOORE, Thomas, Jnnior, of ty»in, NorfnVi. 

Uerciea for Men. Prepared in, and by Christ, even forencb 

tiA neither know tfaem, nor him. Discovered, ihftt they 
might know, and eujoy them. Or A Diboourau of the In- 
ten^at there ia for All men in, and by Christ in the «adi 
And usefnlueeee of the Beleevere jHteiiliiir Priviledges &nd 
Service. In which \i alxo some Information about that 
Bervice to which the Grace of God, that hrin-jeth mlmtian 
to All mm, instmcteth, and obligeth the Beleever for tb« 
good of them All, according to capacity, and opportimity 
given him. Likewise some directions for, and concerning 
Christian Magistrates, In the opening Bomcliiiitrucliona 
arising from the Apostles Exhortation to Timothy, 1 7Vm, 
2. 1, 2. Delivered in Novtinlier l(i5fl, at the Alimday 
meetings at lilitirk-Fridrt : And beoauHC what then was 
iipokeu, met with some t)tibliok oppoHition, this iB now 
published for further eatitifaotion. Written by THOiua 
Moon, Juiiinr. 
i/wiiion. Printed by R. I. and ar4 lo be Sold in Pope*- 

Uead-AlUif. 4to. 1654. I9t 

• An ANTIDOTE againnt the spreading Infections of tlw 
spint of Antichrifit, abounding in these last Daya nnder 
many Vizors : Being A Discovery of a Lying and Aiiti> 
ehhittikn Bpirit in some of those called Quaken; and 
therein aome opening, clearing, and Vindicating of the 
Oroat things of God's Law, or Doctrin, munly stnick at 
ij Qmo, M conoeming the Person of Chriiit, and tlie 
Worin done in that Person for us; the infinite and 
ftbidiiig nrtne of them, and of them only for tlie taking 
away our Bin, and Douoeming hta Second appearing, and 




MOOBE, Tbomas, Junior, — raniintitd. 

the Qlory then to t>e reve&led, Lihemse concerning ths 
Seriptnres. In Kelstion of what paeeed in writing between 
them, &nd Thumas Maare Junior, after and npon occasioa 
of a Meeting nt Olfntworth, with tLe sum of what wss dis- 
coursed at that Meeting alao ; as likewise, of divers QuenM 
from some of them about Cambrulije, with the answers to 
them. B; Tso. Uookx Jtinior. 

Printed at LandoH fcy R. IbHuem for Ltreteell Chapman 

at tA* Crown in Pajit't-htad-AUii/, 4to. 1CS5. IB 

HATLEB, Iuubb. of Atdaloi naw Waktfidd, 

SATAH'S DMigQ diMoverad ; who under n rntciiM) of wonUp- 

plait Chriit'* Person in Hutoi, would nelnda Ool ■■! 
Ctirist, tbe Sj^irit una LiRbt. out ol thu World— Cle«rljr W4 
opeu in ■□ Acuwor to Thnmai Maor, who calli hi* Book *a 
AJitidotc n^BicBt tliD Spieiulius InfcctuiK, ite. Bj»&cmnt 
to Troth aollod Jamet Sat/lrr. 

ttuiJoH, PriHlM firr (HUt CaltMrl, M llW Blatk-llrrM4- 
liatlt,m^TtlMWM-E«4o/PauU. . . 4lo. l«fiS. 

A DEFENCE apusst thp Poyeon of Satak's Ditsiaint, cut 

out of his Uoatb by Javtes Natler, in his Pretended 
Answer to An Antiilute iitfaiiut tin t^eadimj IrtjWlunu of 
Ihr Spirit of Antirhriti, lattly Publiititd in/ Tuumah Uoox. 
Shewing bow loanifcetly the Hatd J. N. hath allured tha 
Sayings of T. M. in Uiitt Book, and grOKituly Bulycd him. 
and the Truth Attested by bim, ho m ovrtv B«Hdor may 
■oe, in most of the tluufs >pok«n to, and by that may 
jnd^ of tho rest of his AocoMtiooa, tbat might rcqaire 
aome farther Witnoesa thui J.N.orT.U. toprovD.ordia- 
prove tbem. With tonw Diecovery of the Emptiness, and 
Vtuoandnets of his pretended Answers, with bis Altering 
tiia Brings, and Cormpting the Sense of the Scriptares 
tbereia. Likewise of the Wolf appearing under the Sheep* 
skin, in the Beginning, and Close of bis Book. By Thomat 
Moot, Junior. 

Ijondan, Printed for Livocel Chapman, at the Croitn m 
PoiM'*-h*ad-Alley. . . . . 4to. 1666. 

KATLEB, Uam, ot Ar^lce bmt WaluMd. 

A BMicd Animr to Thomui Moat*, Yo Ihst wUah ba oill* U> 

DnfoQcc agklut th« pojwn, *e. Wlinatu it shwid Um 
crooked wkfw. the SeHMBt b UamA to tali* l« kMp Ood lad 
Us OraatoTM U a dttUnoe, and jM nonU do It vudm tka 
Hum oI • TMohar. Bt a btaad to tba Mad «l mth. 
MlM Jamft Kaylor. 

Lmdon, PrInttA for Gilm Caltwrt. al Ih* Black-Sprttd' 
MoffU, al tlu lVt*ttn4 pJ PaiTt. , . tia. IttC 




UOOBE, Thomas, Junior, — ewitinued. 

FOX, a«orK*, Fooudar of Uis Sooiotj of FHendi. 

Tb* Giwt ULiMiT of lU OrMt Wboie nidoldtd, fte. tp»m 1S9) 

Folio, issg. 

A Lju«»tatio>( over the Dead in Christ, not ae those wiUl* 
oat hope ; with iiistructioti, adtuonitiou, aud cnoonngA- 
meut to tbf) Survivere. Aa it ahonjd h&ve been diiliverod 
to the People (had not Sat«Ji hindered) at the FimenU of 
iSj. fhnn/ liLc of Cambridgn, iikn. 18,1856-7, in pursuance 
of his earnest request on hJx Death-Bed. Kov publiHhcit 
for the benefit of those that will hear. Bj Tbouu Moork 

Printtd at London hg R. I. far Livi^tU Chapman, at tht 
Owim m i'opii-hfad-AlUy. . , 4to. 1667. 

John Romn. —A Breife Discovery of thb Vxortx called 
QUAKEKtl, and A W/trnhiti to aU PfopU U> beicarc oflhew, 
and of their DangerouB Principlee. Bdng a tme Narra- 
tive of the sum and substance of two Disputes with them 
at two aeverall Meetinjjs, that is to say. with JoAn White- 
hfead at Gednry in lAntolntJare, Sept. 2 and with Otorft 
WhiUkfad, and Oearije Fvi, at Lin in Norfolk, Sept. IS. 
1661). By John Home, and Thomas Moorr, Junior: both 
of Lin aforei^aid. 

Loudon : I'rinud by J. BrudttuUJor iht Author*. 

4to. 16!F9. 

WHITEBEAD, Ooarga, of Orton, Wt*tmortU»d, la«t of J^ndon. 

— — wmI Jo>s WimKiruj), and Uiw. Foi. tlut ToangiTr. — A Bri«f 

DUcwvuryof Uie DnngirroiiB Prinfli pica of John Uonu (aPtliMt 
is Lin} nod Thomas iloore, jnntor, both Toaohara at ibe 
people oallivi SJo-rrriani or Mauifritiiriatit, (unit cftllnd by 
Bom* t'rtnniHrri or Indrj/cndanrr.) In Answer lo their Book 
sailed A BritJ Ditcn'mj iif thi FiopU (.slUd Qiuikfr; tf. — 
Bj lli« Tnilb rbiult in iu atoryt H'hilthtad, Jeltn WMUhtad, 
George Foi tli« Tiinnger. 
Prinltd far Thomu Simnoiu at the Bull and Stoalh mar 
AUUnfatt 4to. 1M9. 

' BasjLOB upon Bbkacu: or an Acknowledgement of Judicial! 
BlWKibw ande upon ns, procured by 8iNnn.i. Breacbbs 
(ooad MHOglt oe ; with Inetraotion, Admonition, and en- 
couragement yet to turn to him that smites us. as the sum 
of it WM delivered at thoFvniati t^Hi. Jerfmlah Cobimn, 
{late Preacher ti the OoapeU at HOkmet in SoHolk) Feb. 
ruarylB, 16GI. B7 2%». if«orHJinuor(witb a Postscript). 
London; Pri7>l4d by J. B. /or lh» Author. . 4to. 1659. 

InfitmetioQ to the Living, from the ConsidcrAtion of the 





UOORE.TIiomas, Junior, — comimud. 

future state of the DEAD. or.Thc Doctrint of the Rmtit- 
reotioQ o( the Dead, and of Eternal Judgment by Cluist, 
oe evideuced tn the TeBtimony of ChriBt, as tho Htim of 
it was delivered at the Euuerall of Utb. Elt^ibfth Harriton, 
Bottim; Jan. 1661. By T/io. Moore Janiar. 

Loniion: Printed by E. BrudmeU, Jor John dlbn at th« 
Sun-Rintuj in St. PaiiU Oiunh-Yant. . 4to. 1669. 

and Jolm Horn«,— A FnUer Discovery, fte. . 4(o. 1660. 

NvU^AniwuaJ b; 0*M]|* WiittbmO. Sm Jon Bonm. 

KOBE, Henry, an English Divine, wax bom at Grantham, Tn 
Lincohahire, in 161j. Ue was educated at Eton, and 
next at Christ's College, where he aiiphod to theeUutyof 
tlie Platonic phUosopiiy, took his degrees in Divini^. Mtd 
obtaiuod a feUowship. In 1640 he published "Psyoho- 
Zoik, or, the Life of tbo Soul," ft philoaophical poem, which 
ha republishoil, with other pieces, in 16'17. He refused 
tbe highest eoalesiastioiU preterm nutA; and though he ac- 
oepted a Prebeudal stall in the cliurch of Qlouoe8t«r, he 
eoon rcBigned it in favour of Dr. Fowler. He died in 1687. 
ilia Philosophical and Theological works b»vc been pub- 
lished in 2 vols., Folio. — l^e bij Ward. 

^^ An Explanation of The gmnd Mystery of Oodmxkss; ot, A 
TrueAudFaithfuU Rtprescntntionof the E>-urlUiStinK Oo«- 
pel of our Lorit and Saviour Jeeus Christ, the Ouely B«^- 
ten Sou of Oud lUid Sovereign over Men and Angchi. By 
H. More, D.D. 

London, Printed by J, Flrshrr^/or IF. Morden BooktflUr* 

in CambruVje FoUo. 1660. IS) 

KeU.—TU* Wort nnutu, H* Boot Z.,CbM.UlL,taa*BBD. "L^a 
Aoihii'i •pplitsiiim \e Uh h«MiriBfa^J QiiIm 1. lU darina 
Uuni .>t lh>t nml t.> ■njrb lb* irooBd* wA MOfM* Ik* f*tH M tMt 
B«iultfHiuC)iriii. »- TluttbanH*iwp«nlluUKUi9iteflBlrni< 
e«aialb>8*M'<MbF 0«»tm.liat HtbBc4l>tlW>ni«u. t. ThitUUb 
iBHlnUiec >ni nM rtiitim. I«l dlal^UaU. i<^~*ai luU]'< <* >^ bop* 
<f lb*lf Mtara te CluM." 

—^ A Coi^LEcnan of seven! Philosophic*! Writtogi of Di. 
Bkkby Most Fellow of Chrut'ii uolledge in CmuMd^ 
As Namely, 
AtUidot* againU Aliuum. 
Appendix to iA« »aid AntidoU. 

■* Letter* to Det-Cartet, rfc. 
Immortaiity of the Soul. 
OmJKtura Ca^Mlittka. 




UORE, Henrj,— cofiftnufff. 

The Becood Edition more correct ami innoh enlar^d. 

London, Printfd by Jamr-t t'ltihar. Jot WiUiaai MonUn 

BooktelUr in Canthridge. . . Folio. 1663. £08 

ConlnU.— Id U> " Enlhuilumiu Trlumpluliii." pi^pi IR, itagt. XXV. 

■ DtVTNB DIALOGUES. Containing auudry Tfi/ujuuiiianA ,{ 
IttDtructiajis Couceming the ATTKiBurita an God «nd Iiih 
Pecjv(i)En<;e in the Woeld. Collected ami compiled by 
the Caro aud luduMtry of Franaii^ut Palauiiolilaniu. 
Whereiinto ik tumexed A brief Discourse of the truo 
Grounds of tlie Certaiuty of Faith in Points of Beligion, 
togrthrr mlh $inne/eu> plain 8oiigB i/r Divine HymnH on (ht 
chitj Uoltf-Dayi ill lA* Yrar.—la 2 Vole. 

London, Printed by Jam^ FUthfT. 8vo. 1668. 

Boprinted. — She Jlctonli fbitioit. 

WisnoH VIII. 1. 
Thf IFiidom. O Lord, rtatlKlh fromonf nut to atuither mlghtiljii 
und tweelly dotli iht order all tkingi. 

Ijoniion, Printfd and Sold bij Jauph Dairninifin BartluAo- 

mm-Ci'»e near Went-Smithfield, kdcckiu. 8vo. 1718> 41 
KoU.— QaUnn up (nqorailj oiratlaiH] to Uil> b«L 

■ The Life of The tjMmtd and Piout Di. Qexby Moas, Late 
Fellow <// Chi-iBt's College in Cuibkiuob. To which are 
suuex'd Diverfl of bia I'seful and Excellent Letters, By 
Richard Ward, A.M. Rector of IngoUhby in Lineainthirt. 

London, I'rintfd and Sold by Joseph Dovminij in Hartholo- 

mnc-OliM near Wei-tSmithfield. , . 8vo. 1710. MJ 

K°U.— ThU tHAt encUliui " Tlu' L*4j VI*-OnMNi00Bnj irtimirl; Un. 
Add nnnbi n»iitiiini>il^ irliti Uowkiss tb* 4^>k«n, pun lOx. I)r. 
Uurt't Chuuhit ot the ta4j Convn, A*. Hg* tn. LMMi i. Imininui 
QairUi pfipoMia Ui lif . 1ilD» br %it* lair Ooonjr. pu* SM. Luui T. 
HU uiint lu tin (urvnMliDiud QwiiiH, pina liL LM*a A. " A l-tta 
(oWUIUiD r<iiDii, KiMi-i sbmil ttatitlmi. ud tb* Lotd'i HDjipw. ud how 
C«mu of tbB QoAken. [iB^rv 511. 

MORRIS, Samael. of BriMtol. 

• A LookiDg-GIaas for tbo Quakore. 

B. E.— Oerrue Bwiiiod. John FMnffOoll. John UMrland, and oUun. 

^-— An Aniwei to Sunuel Morria, ol Bristol. 

KoU.— TUi uivci ti idilvl M Jthn AuitUnd'i Book, " Tlw Innnrnn d*U- 
nnd «[ (4 UK aun. dt. tlo. ISU. 

UOIiBE, John, of Watford, fleru. An Anftbaptist. 

A Letter to William Penn,— dated Watford, the 4tb of tba 

llth mouth. Iti73.— (In W. Fenn'e lieply, tuititlwl, 
" riain Dealing, &c" . - . . . 4to. 1678. 




UOBSE, 3o\ia,—foHlinued. 

PEKK, William, Poaoilar of Ptntityliranta. 

PUlo-DMUng viih a tnuliiftlnti Analmntiit ; or Throa Lrmaa 

Writ npou oetMiuii ut omn Slniiiinmua IlnltKtIoiti, gina 
and pnMDoM SKUUBt William I'tnn \>J oon Jo^ il«ne. 
Published for CammoiiBeiii>fil. that >ll ImpArtial P*»pla ma; 
be butltr acqujuntod with tliu lonvtiTu St>irtt ot •ohm w> 
MiUd, nid thair nnoodl; rij wnpf Ptfunins tod) •• di«MBt 
bum Uum.MpMkUr is uoir BartlaM IndMrowa acftlul 
the poor QoftlraT*. By a Lvtrr of CAaHty and Sinoeritg in 


4tO. PrlnUd tn tht Yt«r, IflTS. 
Btpriotod in fau Worka, ytA. 3. pa^ 1T9. 


MORTON, NftthauicI, Socrotary to tlio Court for tbe Jsrudie- 
tion of Xnr-Plifmoitth. 

Nsw-EKoi-iNDfl Uemokuu. : or, A brief Relation of tka 

most MemorBble and It^anarkable Passages of tbe Provi- 
deooe of God. manifested to tbe PuisiuBa of yea-Kn^jmd 
in Anuriea: Witb special Reference to the firet Colony 
thereof, C&llcd New PLiHOUTti. As ahio a NomiDation of 
divera of tbe moHt Eminent InatrumentH deceased, both 
tA Church and Common-vealth, improved in tho firat 
beginiuDg and after-progreM of sundry of the ratpectiTo 
JnziBdictionE in those Parts ; in roferenco unto eundiT 
Bximplary Paesagea of their Ln-Bs. and Uu timt of Uwtr 
DxATB. Pabliab^ for the Use and ikoeBt (rf pnMnt ad 
fntnre Generations, I3y Nitiu-sikl UonoM. Secretary to 
the Coort for the Jurisdiction of .VW-PlfaioufA. 

D«ot. 83. 10. nrfmmd Mm in a d*4ert Land, tn IV wmU AoW- 

ing uiUenuti ht Ud him oAoiit : lu intlnietni Ata^ ht ttfi kim 

at fitt AppU a/ hit Bi/t- 
Jmtaa. i. t, S. / munbrr thrt, iKc klndnfii ef lAy f^olA, fA« 

Unv o/ Mm EtfouiaU, ahtn HauvmUttaJUrmtiiitiu milder- 

nrtt, in « I^nd Ikat isoi tuit toirn, itt. 
Daat. 8. 3, IS. Aitd tlum thalt rrmrmbrr nil the teny wAfeA rA« 

Lord Ihj) God Ud thtt thit FoKTi lautl fa Ihs WUdentttt, (f«. 

gith " To the Reader," by Jom Hioomcw, ftnd Thomas 

CamMdgt: Prinud hg S. Q. and M. J. /or John FiJur 
q/ Baton 4to. 1M9. 

(Brit. Mut. C. 88. C. 28.) 

Ka«*.--CUtUBh'"nr QBakmiUid mwd SwItBiinal rtlmtMtli, la 

lM,"».in. - ■'^ ■■ «-i- ~T— ■ itT I—'- "^ -T -- ^ 

ivn am Ooontrj lo UM" v OT. 

Ilw til>» tt HiBUtut ti Id ItM fnIM SUlH. wd tkt rXnln nn SalRXt 
Oiain 4ud IbaaADvaa IcittnaK. 





UOBTOS, Nntliaiu«I,— <-on(inti«(i. 

Tlie same,— The 2nd Edition. 

Boston, reprinted for I^inuil HencJiman, at the cornff Shop 
avfr aifaifii'l the Jirick-Mtelhiy- Moiige. 8to. 172L 



ITnvt Dot vHn^nfmj i4 LMU'tnH HltlnttiDiTUflvwUi^Lmprtntvf 

C«Ull7 ol PtfiKJiUli. " 

Beprinted, — TLb Std Edition,' (copied from the Second) 

Hfwport, b^/ Solomon SoatJttcick. 1772. 

■ The New-Ewgland'B Momoria!, &c. (The 4th Edition.) 

t'lyTioutk, iliui. Rrprinted by Allen Dan/orth. 12mo. 1826. 

[Bril. MMrum, 1446. S-] 


• NBwEsomKD'B Ueuorul, by NATHiNiEi. Mobtok, 8ecret*ry 
to die court, for the Jurisdiction of New-PUiuouth, iift^ 
Clritiaii- Containing beaidea the original work, and Uio 
Supplcmeut annexed to the Second edition, Luuik Ai>di- 
Tioxa IK SIaiioikal NoTisa, aud an ArPKxuu ; with a litho- 
grsphio Copy of an ancient Map. Bv Johk Da vim, FfUme 
of Ik* Amerieaa Aeademy of Art* cmd Science*, and Member 
^the Mtmtuh>ufttt flutnrical Socifly. 

Hut in tintiqiiiuii sylvftm. 
Botlon: Printed by Crocker and liretrstrr, iVu, 47, WmK- 

iiigton Street, late No, 60, CumhUl. 8vo. 1820. 80i 

[Bril. Mtueum, 1447. g.] 

' New-England's memorial .... Sixth edition also 
Governor Bradford'e History of Plymoath Colony; 
Portions of Prince's Chronology ; Governor Bradfotd'n 
Dialogue ; Got. 'Winslow's VisitB to Maasaesit ; with 
oumeroua marginal notes, &nd an Appendix containing 
cumeroua articles relating to the labors, nriuuiplea 
and character of the I'uritaus and Pilgrims, [PubliaJied 
by tlio Congregational Board of Boston.] 
{Bril. Mmevin, 9002. o.} 8to. Bottott, 1865. 

BOLDER, ChristopLer, ol K'trtWrftom in Olaneeilerthire. 

Tbe Fnith and Tostimony of tbn Martjrii,~>D'l SulTerinit S«rvu)t4 

olCiiriet Jeniia.penncntcit InATrnp^naliiiMjTmdicktoil.ifniuwt 
Ui« lyoK ajid Hloiiilnn (ant no ttMn tiylialluiaiti Morton id 
bit Book iulittiliHl, N'lr Rnyltnut'i ilrmorial. Wtillon (or 
tlio nuke ot thi- lioti-'nt bi'«rt»'l, by u iibrvaiit of tb(< lii-ing God, 
w1m> ia a wituoia ol lliu Hi-niuTcction of Christ Juiiu, uiit «( 
Ida appMimoM the bmudcI limo wtthoat lin unto lalvatloa, 
CkrUiphtr HoU^. [Put by Jnin Ra<;i.) 

tM, No i'rinUr'i ntoM or flace, [about 1(70.J 1| 




MOBHEIM, John Lnwnucc, a Genuitn Dirino, wtta bora At 
Lnhrek iu 1695. At the iiivitutioii of tho kiug of Den- 
mark, he went to Copeohageu; from whencii hn wmk oiitlotl, 
by the Dnkeoffiniu^wicl:, to h Pro feBKoriili i p «t Helm Ktiidt, 
where he was nlso appointed EooIesidBtical Counitellor.uid 
Superiutottdnnt of the Schools. Afterwards ho bvamo 
Chancellor of the University of Gottin^n, and died thcro 
in 1765. HiH works are, — 1. A Latin Translation of 
Cndworth' Intellectnal Ejystoni, with Annotations, 2 vols, 
4to. — 2. ObHcrvatioueE tiacrte. — S. Vindicite AntiquiB 
Christian oruni disciphniE'. — 4. Detetate apologetic! T«rtnl- 
liani. — 6. HiEtoria Tartarorum Eccleeiafitica. — 6. Ilist. 
Mich. Serveti.^ — 7. Ue rebus CUriatianomm ante ConetaD- 
tinum magnum Commentarii. — 7. inatitntionefl Uiet. 
Chriftianffi. The two last have been translated into 
English; one by Mr. Vidal, and the othar by Dr. Mac- 
laine. — Did. Hut. 

— An EccLKsiASTtcAL HnTORY, antient and modem, from the 
Birth of Christ, to th« beginning of the proKcnt Centnrjr: 
in which Tfao Biho, ProgrcsH and VaHationa of Chnrob 
Power are considered in their Connssion with the Stats 
of Learning and Philosophy, and the Political Hiictory of 
Europe during that Period. By the late Ic&rned Johjc 
Lawukkck MotiuRtsi, D.D. and Chancellor of the University 
of OuttiiiKtu. Translated from the Original Latin, and 
nccompatiifd with Notc» and Chronological Tablea, by 
Aiii-iiiiiAt.i) ^Iacl^lim:, D.D. In Fivi: Volumes. To which 
if added An Acoumto Index. A New Edition. 

London: rrinlrd /or T. CadtU, in thr Strand. 8vo. 1774- IH 

NuU. AVlmlliiailimofaiBQulani, wu taatmi W tin PhtU^riplii* Milia 

Dl lEUi tuuk pllDtad la I7W. 

BETAH, Joseph Qiaavj, of Stain Knrington. 

-^ k RutiilatioD ot sonw ol Uie tm^re inndom mlnTvprocntttioM ol 
the Soeis^ ot Frimli, oommunlj iiLUvd Quftlten^ wiUi ■ Xjifo 
of Jivu MkTUift, ttr. 

timiUm! Priiilfd and kH by WHlian FhiUipt, Georgt-yarJ, 
Lombard SlrtiU ^o. 1000. 

IfUOOLETON, Lodowick, was a Jontneyinati Tailor, who with 
his Companion John Keeve, set op for Viophtu. in the 
turbnlont times of OuMut Cbomwell. They gave oat 
tiiat Ibey were Thk Two Last WiTMisaes spoken of tn the 
Berelatioo*. The followers of MugKleton woe strong 
opposras of the commou notion of the Trinity, and Mem 
to nan entertained proper idea* of the InjuxtJcc, Impolicy 
Mid OdioiUDess of Persecntkni. This appears from a 
work, entitledi 7'A« Jl/v^-ilrtoniun I'rincipl** frrtt«iUiy, 




MUOGLETON, Loiomtk.—continiwd. 

published in 1095. — Uisa reply to an Aclvori«ttry. "^Tlita 
tiod gathers tip hie Jewels, many of thoso that DftTO bwn 
judged Heretics, will rise S<iinti, and many of tlioio that 
your Churches have oanoaised lor Baints will riso />ml* .' 
For no PerHmutors of Cantei^itee will escape the stroke. 
If any man ohject Paul'it persecuting the Chur«h, they 
may know that Pmil at that time acknowledged no Jesna 
at all ; therefore when ))otb eJdes acknowledge a, Jetiu, 
take heed how you pertieeiite !" 

Sinre writing the above paragraph, I have met with 
the fnllnwins? Inscription — lakou from the Cliuroh- Yard,* 
Spinning -Wheel -Alley, Old Bethlem. Mr. t ,u<liyrick Mug- 
vieton, died Monday, March H, lUlij, in tlio 88tli y««r of 

**Wh1lAl 1d*Tt>Dl«T]nu fend lATifM TmiDrtptloDi ffln; 
Mlftiv Splantni, man put rtnth miki pnumit Un, 
ll u vioucb 14 hAtAy writ* thj iiva», 
BneoHdluK lima* b/ OuH wUI nmA lii) tunc; 
Tbj dM^B, tby HdiB, vnMtud tba jrlab* muurjj, 
Hatonlgn Hill vturr Itogglatan's aoi lauidl 

This ia a singular instance of the extravaganoe of the 
followors of tliis now almost forgotten Prophet. I haro 
been down to ih< trmund, and no etone tells whnre (Air 
Proj'hnt lien. — t'.ritns't Skeiek oj Ihf Dmominatiom of thf 
ChnitMn WorU, 18th eilition. 1814. 

•^^ A TranKoendent Spiritnal Trentioo upon Beveral heavenly 
Doctrines, from the holy spirit of the man Je«us, the only 
true tiod, sent onto all hie elect, as a token of bis eternal 
lore nnto thorn, hy the hand of his own Prophet, being 
his last Messenger, and Witness, and forerunner of the 
Timble appearing of the distinct personal Ood In power 
and great glory, in the clouds of Heaven, witli hie ten 
tbouaauda of pergonal Baints. to separate between the 
elect world, and the reprobate world, to all Eternity : 
Containing those several Heads set down in the next 
pK^ following. John Reeve and Lodowick Miiggleton, 
(fc* tva laat Witneam anJ true ProphfU of Ihr nuin J'xiu, 
Ihr md^ lAird nf JJfr. and Glory, lent hy hin holy Spirit to 
' »ml Ikf forrhiwidi nf thr WiVf, and tfie foTi'AtaiiU of tlie repro- 
bill*. H-ilh tkf ftfraal Sfah of l.ifr and Dtath, and mddmly 
ofttr \t* h'trf tUUvfrfd thU drr.itdful Mfumge, [Ai* God Ikt 
man Jf«ut, will riwt/y nyinuir to bfiir ititneia iclirlher ht stnt 
N> or HOI : yi' ihif art llw ble»>^4 ihaU paliimlly irait /or the 
Inuh of tkit thiiui. If any of tlie Elect desire to speak 
with us concerning anything written in this Treatise, 
■ tlwy mfty hear of na iu Qreat Trinitg Lane, at a Chaudl«rt 




MUOOLETON, Lodomck,— fi7iifm««i. 

shop, aRaiust oue ih. MilUt, a Brown Bak«r, near Uie 

lower cud of lioit'latir. 

Printed Jot the Author*, and art la be *oUl by tluTn iit tht 
pltKc abovt-named, .... 4to. [166*2.] 

Tbfl Etune. . . 


. . 8to. Re-prinudin th« Ytar, 1711. 6^ 

' Th« same. . . . 4to. Rt-printftl in th* Ytar, 1TS6. 6 

The aame. Rt-pHnted in the year 1758 : unJ lit-printM fry 
Saitcripiiott, in (A« year 1B22, bg W. Smith, KifHtg Strttt, 
Long Aert. ....... 4to. 

' A Oeneral Epintln from tho Holy Spirit unto oil Prophets, 
Miniatere, or 8p«akent iii the World. Wberefoie if Uty 
Mau in the World sball be left to drispise tbls writiiig from 
tlie greutest to the leitst by calling of it blftaplipjiiy. a devil 
delusion or a lie in so doing they linvc commitled Ibul im- 
patdonable siii against the holy Spint that sunt us whurc- 
fore from the presence of the Lord Jeeas, elect men and 
BDseU we pronounce them coreed and damned soal and 
tody to all eternity. John Beevs and Lodovick Un^lt' 
toQi the two last Spiritual WitneBses, and alms tnie 
Prophctft of the Holy Spirit, by commission from the true 
Oui tliut ever tthall writ« or speak unto unbelierinK Magia- 
triitoH, Ministers and People uutil the only Lord of Life 
Slid Glory, the Man Jtit^iin perHOniUly appoareth in the air, 
with liiii mighty Augcils, to oenr wituttHH to Ihin tcatimoDj: 
•mi M oome Lord Jesus. From Grwit Tniiity Lane, at 
• Obluidler'K Shop, ngsinst one Mr. Miilis a Brown Bak«r, 
seftiBow Liuio End, London, ItiSi), in the Second Ycar 
ofoor Commission by voice from heaven. . 4to.t 16>S8. 

Beprinted.— With, "A lifmomtranee, rff. . 4to. 1719. I 

IU)phnt«d. — B.Bri>itrt,PrinUr,^Sl^ohHSlre<t,CUrlUH- 
•cwU 4to. [1881?] 

- A Letter preeent^d unto Alderman Foake, Lord Major of 
London, from tli« two Witn^Mvs and Prisoner* of Jetiu 
Chrict, in Mowgnte, M an eternal Witne» unto bini ; 
with a Doclaratiou unto the Recorder Steel, and the Lord 
Chief Justice Bowlee, with tlio whole Bench and Jury; 
and in general, onto all Civil Magistratea and Jaries in 
Uic World : John Reeve, and Lodowicke Moggloton, the 
two last Spiritual Witnesses, and tme i*rophete, and only 
Minitton of the everlasting Gospel, by Commiasion from 
the HoIt Spirit of the true God, the Lord Jeeos Christ, 
God and Man, in one Person, bkeecd to all etentity. IOCS. 


wrni ANSWEBS, 


If UGGLETON, Loiomo}i,~t<mtinuad. 

Bepriated in "A Volume of Spuitnol Epistles," 1755 and 

^— A Bcmonstmnce from the KIcttikI Ooil docIiuiDK scvent 
Spiritual TranBuctionB nnto tlie PArliftmcnt «.uA Common- 
wcftltb of England nuto his (-xceUoQcy tho Lord Geaeral 
Cromwoll tlic Council of Stfitc tbo Council of War ani 
to all that love tho Bpoond Appeflrin^ of the Lord Jeena 
the only God, and EvcrlastiDg Father blEseed for ever. 
By Johii Reeve and Lodowicke Muggleton, The two ladt 
'Witnesses and true ProphetSiimprifiOQedfor theteetimonj 
of Jesua Chrifit, in Uld Uridewell. . . . 1658. 

Tbs nmo, — PrinUd in the Y*ar, 16S8, and lir-printM in the 

Y»ar 1719 - . 4to. 

Qtutnl El^kUt 1 t "•** 

—^ Tb» ■amo, — Ixmdon : Printrd in ihe Ytar 1663. lU-f/rinted 
w 1791. [1719 ?J and Rffmnud in the ytar 1881. by R. 
Brown, 26, St. John Strtet, CUrkmvrU. . . 4to. 

• The same, — l*rinud in iht Ytar I65S, and reprinUd in 1783. 

Small 8vo. 

^— A DiTDCB LooK»o-Oi:.A8a ; or the third and last Testament 
of oar Lord Jebus Chkist, whose personal Ri^sidctice ia 
Mated on bin Throne of Eternal Olory in anotlivr World ; 
Being the CommiHtiioD of the Spirit, oftKoing with, and 
explaining of the two former Commi*iuoaK of the Law 
and tho Goapcl, differing onely in point of Worship. Set 
forth for the Tryal of alt sorts of suppo«od Spiritual taght* 
in the world, until the Ever- living true Jxsca, the oooly 
Hi^ and Mighty God personally appear in the Air, wito 
hifi Saints and angele. By John Rffiw and Lodifttick Huy- 
gUlim, Pen-men hereof, and the last chosen Witnesses va- 
to that Ever-blessed Body of Christ Jesus glorified, to be 
the oaely wise, very true God alone. Evoilastinf; Fathaft 
and OrMtor of bout Worlds, and oU that were made in 
thom • • . 1656. 

—~ The same (being tha 2nd edition) 

PrintM m lA' Ytar of our S,ord 1 656,'m</fuiM retuvted Ay, 
and rtpriiUtd/or tadawkk Mii^gUton, mit of Uu imd 
WitMtiM, ditiOing tn grrjit TriHity-Lan*, in London, ^ 
near ik* Sitpt of (A* tyoti <j«<i /Ac LaaiA, whrr* thU ' 
i;.>n<t u to ^ An</. (Willi a Portrait) 4to. 1661. 

[Brit. Uuuum, UIQ. oa.] 






MUOGLETON, Lodowick,— wniinwJ. 

■ The eame,— rA* Third F.ditum.^ 

London: PrinUii in tht Yf.arofi»trIj>rd\&iZ,andriiius 
Reprinted by Subtcription ■» ihs Year, 1719. 4to. 

The Fourth Edition. 

4to. Printed in ihf Vmt of our Cord 1666, aitd rt-pnnUd 

{by SubicriptioH) in the Ymtr, 1700 tS%\ 

dfifib liilion, — 

ijonilon Firnt printed fit 1666 ; rtmiud hy, and printtid for 
Lodouifk ilu^'jUlott, in 16S1 ; lie-prinUd {by Sub- 
leription) t» 1846, by Catchpiml d Trent, 6, St. Joh»'t 
tquatv./rom the Stmnd rdition m-ited by the Prophet 
hodnitick Muy^Utan : and may he had of Jotrph and 
and haac Frttit, Si. John'% f^itar*,ClerkmireU ; Jatrpk 
Qtmdar, 18, Xorihamptoti Park, ItUngton; and 
WiUiatn RidAdnU, I^tt^n, ntar SoUnu/kim; and of 
BookwtUn. (Portrait) . . . 8to. 1846. 

An OcoasioQal Discourse, ic, tX tbc end. 
{Brit. MuMtum. 1012. d. 14.) 

Kvta.— As AiUlUuiu] ut iDd TlUa n* tMti M Ug tuL tda. Ttl,— 

A Divine LooxiKaGiaHH: or. Hfi»veii!yToiidi-Ston<> ; Pro- 
ceeding from tliu untirrinc Spirit of nn Inlinito MsJMly. 
whose Ponwuftt B<>iiidi-nc<! in Si-ntnl on his Throne o( 
bri^t bumiDg Oroviut of £t«niftl Olorjr in another World. 
Parchaeed in this World from his Divin« Self only, by 
Vertne of powring forth his nnvftlnable Life Blood osto 
Death, thronrii the Transmuting of iiie inoomprehen&iUe 
Glory into a Body of Fleeh, sent forth for a Try»l of all 
Borts of liuppofiedypiritual Lights ijt this NatioD, ete., etc 
Printed in thf Year of our Lord, 16A6. Aitd Ite-priiUed 
by Stditeriptian in the Year, 1719. 

^^— J^nl KowK from Hcavcu or the laAl Lotvlli^ncc horn ottr 
Glorified Jckuh ii))»vu iiitt Stiirn wliureiii is inf&Uibly re- 
corded bow tliitt th<t Soul dit-th in the Body, and beth ia 
the grAva antil the day God will raise it from death mth 
a tme datoription of tho Kingdom of Heaven and of 
Kell. Also isdiceovered, I. What that is which sleeps in 
the Dost. II. Tho nattm of itti lie»t. HI. The mau- 
ner of its Waking. IV. The mystei; of the Disuuta 
Xetveen Christ and the Woman of Bamatia as toucliiog 
the true Point of Worship clearly opeu'd. Wh<ir(iia yoa 
have, diaira np, a Divine Charge a^uLuttl the Teadtun of 




MUGGLETON, hoAomck.—amlinwd. 

the Baptists. With all other Teachers publiok and prirftto 
for oountorfoiting the GotnmUEiourt of toe Man Jeciui being 
therein convictecl of epiiituaJ Uigh Traaeon asaiust 
ChriBt the Great ConimiHaioner of Heaven and Earth. 
With a true DescriptioD of the Kingdom of glory, prepared 
only for the Soed of Adam Hint blesaed Seed of Faith and 
true Relation of the Kiu^rdom of Darkiiees prepared for tho 
cuTBQd Seed of Civin. World without tnd. Writlon by 
Jobu RMve and Lodowick MngKlfiton, the Last Com- 
mifiijiouatod WitccBses and Prophets of that only Hi^h, 
Immortal, Glorious God, Chriut Jesus. 1C5B. 

TheBomc. . Small Bvo. lit-prinud in the Year, nW. l> 

Bo-priated. 4tO. No Printw't naau, piaet, or dot*. [17$1-8.J 7 

ATbus INTERPRETATION of tlieEIeventh Chapter of thfl 
fi'^rlMimi of St. John, and other Texts in that Book ; Aa 
also many other places of Kcripture. Whereby is unfolded 
and plainly declared tho whole eouncet of God concerning 
llimself, the Devil, and all ManHndc, from the Fotmd&tioQ 
of the World, to all Eternity. Never Ixjforin revealed by 
any of the aoiis of men, mitil now. llif Lodowick Mu^glo- 
ton, "nn of ikr liro last Ci/mmi>tiimaUd lFj*tn/i«jiiii tind 
Prvjtkeu of lh« Onely hiifh,iuanoTli>l,yl<iriotu 6'ei', Christ 

Pritund in the Tear of ow Lord 1663, for iht Author, 
dueUiiuf in Great Trinity-lane in London, war the Swffi 
of tin Lyon and tlus iMmii. . . f . 4tO. 24} 
{Brit. Mtuttuin, ^mJL.) 

- This, with JCftc Sacred Hfmnim.ani The StmVs Mort-jUti/.anA 
The Aiixwer to William Penn, Beprinted by Subscription 
in the Years I7G1, 17Q2, and 17C8. . . 4to. [1708.] 27 

- The BBmo. 
Lottdon: Printed for tht AMhar m tht Ymt 1662. Re- 

prinUtd hy .SuhMTtpliofi m the Ytar 1768. And Pt- 
by Stilitcription in the year 1688, 1^ R. lirnien, St. John 
Strett, CUrkmuM 4tO. 87 

Tho Neck of tho QUAKERS Broken: or. Cut in emulnr 
by the two-edged Sword of th« Spirit which is put into my 
First, in ft Letter to Edirard lUunte, ft Qaak«r. 
Secondly, In Answer to a Letter to Samuel Uootontai 

Thirdly, In a Letter to Richard Funnuorih, Quaker. 





MUGGLETON, Lodowiok,— (wiiimwrf. 

Fourthly, In an Answer to a printed Pamphlet of th« 
said Itiehanl luimtiriirth, Elltituled, Tmlk A*rfndrd: 
or, The AnoitUil and Sealed 'if Ihe l^ird drfmdtd Ae. 
n'ritten 6y Lodoniok Muggleton, one of the tun latt 
t'rojArU and Wilnaset unto lh« High and Mufhlg Qod, tlu 
Man Cliriul ./raiu in Glory. 

Amaterdam : Printed in the Year of our f^ord Ood, 1668. 
And iireU> be had in Great-l'rinitg-Lant, orer o^amMt 
the Lyan and the lAtmb. . . . 4io. 


4tO. Bt-jmnUd in the Year, 17l»6. 18] 

Hula.— It m fur pnbUiOIiisUila bod that MQtf*'™**'*^"^'"^'')!'! 
Ilnlln]'. li> lim, hA Mu Fomd eilOti W •muorvl \- yt] * tiiu t.4 
4^00. hD-1 Vi AUDd npoa lA* PlDciFT la ibns df Uu> luuM viiurjrfti plHiH flf 
UuCiIi. Uio Ro;^ Eicluuiiio. Tnn^ Bm Md ainithHjld an thw mtmI 
dA}^, Ha hmrvTvr £l««n llw Qbhkvrn of LMTln^ wj bACl id lUa p iiw 


Tb* luprlnt, "AjniMvdcai, A^"[a vtUimt donU « nuD, uhd tltf nA. ^u 
Ukont^l utcilkUd, •• u IS (Alt II Budor Uw piulacUnD c( Iba Ad c< Is- 

■ A LETTER sent to Thomas T*yi,os, Quakftr, In tlio Y««p 
1064. In Antaer to uiany blaitjiheiuoutt Sayiu^ of hi« to 
mvcral pieceM of Paper, and in the Marji^iit of a Book. 
Amongst many of his wicked ignorant Hayings, I have 
given an Anwer to some of the chief and main things of 
Concetoment, for the It«ader to know: The paitioolar 
Heads we eeves. — Dn Lodowick Mnggleton. 

4to. Printed in the Year of owr Lord, 1666. 


' The aiUOft ftr-printrtf in the Year, 1756. £{ 

Nsu.— ttU>B]tUinini»-priut«d>DJtad«dlo"Tti« QoUan' IT ml l«iitwi." 

ttiD imglmiloa ranolns bo. 

. A TauK INTERPRETATION of AH tbo Clii«f T»t«, fend 
Myiilcrioitti Bavinu^ and Vimion!! ojxinod, nf the wbolfl 
Book of thu RurKi.ATioM of 8t. John. Wlicruby ik iinlbldad, 
and plainly doclartKl tlioHit Wuiidttrfol dvop M3rKteriMand 
Visions int«rpnit«d ; conccniiiig Ibc true Ood, tbo Alpha 
iu>d ()mfja ; with varit-ty of other Heavenly Secnits. 
ufaioh luUb iWT«r bo<-u opened nor revealed to any man 
stnee the eraation of the World to this day. nntU now. 
/}y Lodowick Mnggleton, on* of the tiro Uul C«mmiuio»at*d 
Witnentt <t I'rophet* ^ the tmett) hi^, iMmortui, t^orioui 
Ood, Cbbibt Jesub. 

Piinled in the Year of our Lord, 1666, far the Aalkar 
Lodoarick Mtui^lon, in Great Trimty-Ijmte Ijondon, 
near the S'jrn of the /.yon and Lamb. . . 4(0. 8ft 




MUGGLETON, hoiomek,— continued, 

The RouM. 

Firtt prinUd for the AxUhor in (A« Ytar\(SXH,tmdt>oter»- 
printed by mibicriptian, 1746. . . . 4to. 21 

' The eame. 

yanlrDn: Fir$t printeJ /nr the Aatluir in the Year 1065; 
Printtd ly fiaiaeriptum in I71fl. and tlepriittfd liy latb- 
leription m 1808. Morrit and Itervet Printtn, 88, Rtd- 
CrotfSiTctt, Sotukwark 4tO. 48 

' A hooKiso-QiJMS for Geobok Fox tbx Quakbb, and other 
QvAKXKs ; Wherein they may B«e themeolvos to be llight 
DoTils. In AuawEB to Otorye For his Book, called, Soirw- 
Mag in Antwer to Lodowick MogRletons Jimik, vshieh In: 
ealU The Quakebs Neck Broken. Wherein la set forth the 
Ignorance and bliudncaa of the Quakers Dootruie of Chmt 
within them; and that they cannot, nor doth not know 
the tme meaning of the Soripttirea, neither liave they tbo 
Gift of luter^tretatiou of 8cri[>tare. As will appear in 
those several Heads set down iu the next Pago following. 
Written by Ladomrk MugtiUtnn, oue of the two last Pro- 
ph&tfl And Witnesses unto the High and Mighty Ood, tho 
Miui ChiiHt Jeeua in Glory. 

4to. Printed in the Year. I6G8. 1S{ 

KM<h— In tlu UoH ir raff* K '*" llaHoU's MIo ta& •uoUuv aoiiwii imA 

• IlMiMne. 

. 4to. Rt-printed in the Year, 1766. 18) 

' A Tnie iKTEKFasTATioH of the S!ttt(b of Cntrar. Spoken of 
in 1 Sam. sxvin. bfjin at the lllJi Verse. Shewing, l.How 
She and ali other Witohes do beget or produce that 
Familiar Spirit they deal with, and what a Pamihar Spirit 
is, and how those Voices are procured, and Bhapea appear 
unto them, whereby the Ignorant and Unbeheving People 
are deceived by tbi>m. 2. It is clearly made appear in 
this TxuATisis, that uo Spirit can be raised without its 
Body, neither can any Spirit asuume any Body after 
Death ; For if the Spirit doth walk, the Body muat walk 
al»o. 8. An Inteqircitattou of all thoNO Scriptures, that 
doth aeem as if Spiritn might go out of Mon'a BodiM 
whuD thffj die, and vubsi^t in some plsou or otluir without 
BodtM. — Lastly, Bcvenil otlior things needful for the niiud 
of Man to know : which whoever doth nndcnrtand, it will 
bo gnxat Satisfaction. Ill/ Lduowick Mi)ooi.kt<>x, Pfnman 
herev/, and Ike latl ehoitn Witneti itnlu that Kr*r- Ifleu^d 
Body of Chrixl Jem* GUiriJift, to bn vnlt/ Wite, rrry Iruf Ood 



MUOGLETON, Loaowicli.— cMinmrrti. 

alone, Evrrhuting Father, and Crtator of both World$, and 
all that uvrf ino^ in (km. 

4to. London, Printed in the Yfar, 1G69. "J^ 

ReprinU'il.— ff|jt Saaah Ctiition. 

4to. iMKdon, Printed by Subucriptioa in tht Yfor 172<. 6| 

BcprintiKl.— The Thiril Edition. 

Loncfon, Printnt h/ Sahieriptwn iJi Hie Ymr 1724, aud 
lU-i'tintfd in UDccxcm. . . BmaJJ 8vo. [1798.] 8l 

— The Bftme.— Tlie Fourth Edition. 
^Ditlloil : Prinieit ty Subter^Him in thf Kotr 1734. lie- 

printtd in 1798. And Re-printed in the Year 1881, iy 

/?, Brrntn, 26, St. John S(r«(, ClerkenvfU. . 4|o. 9 

»aU.--Ta lh« MMad •UIIob of tUi boat, thm 1* sMb], bw!iiiilB«al put 

U, Um llllB«tll«, til.-- 

— A Copy of It trtfiv tm((*n ty (&- /Vi);jA(i( MaggletOD, to Ifr. 
Edward Fewterril «/ Cbeeterficld, beariai/ Date from 
IiOildon March 29, 16G0." (Concemiug ^Vitchcrafl.) 

Beprintod, in, "A Stream from tho Tree of Life, Ac," at 
page 80. 4to. 1768. 

— Ted: AMBWEH To William Pknn, Quaker, His Book, En- 
titiilfd. The Sett Witnctfin provtd old llerttick*. Whebein 
Ho is provM to be an ignorant Spater- brained Qaaker, 
who kuowB DO mora what the trup God is, nor bis seeret 
D««reeB,theD one of his Coooh-horses doth, nor so nrncfa ; 
Par the Oxt ktioveth hi* Owner, and Iht Au hit Matter's 
Scrip, bat Pmn doth not know hie Maker, aa is manifest 
by liio Sciipturee, which may inform the Roarer, if ha 
mind ttio Interpretation of Scripture in the DiMOurao 
foUowinfr. I. Tlmt Ood woa in th« Fonae, ImaM and 
likeQi?K6 of Manx bodily Shape, tut wull an bia Soo) from 
Eteniity. 11. That the Subntaitcc of Earth and Mattar 
was an stomal, dark, Hcn»lo>ifl Cltaoit, and tliat Eartil 
and matter wa* vtvmal in tbo Original. III. That Ibo 
Boiil of Man ii; gcn<Tut4;d and ko^t by Man and Woman 
with the Body, and arc inaopanbte. IV. That the Soul 
and Body of Man nro both Mortal, and doth die and |^ 
to dnat until the ItoEUrrertion. V. That to {nl&ll tbo 
Prophecy of /-.'icmVh God deaoendcd from Heaven into the 
Virfcin'a Womb, and trausmated his sptntuai Body into 
a pure natural body, and beooma a Man-Child, ^ven Iho 
Cliitdo JetHi, Efitanuel Qod tttik lu. VI. That Qod bj 




MUGOLETON, Lodowick,— wmdnwrf. 

his Prerogative Power, batli elected the Bcod of AHam to 
be saTcd, and hath pre-ordiuncd the Seed of the Berpoot, 
Gucli as Pcnn the Quaker h, to be dauuted, vithoat any 
other luduoemenl, but his own Prerogative Will aod 
Pleasure, VII. A Beply to the DisoourBC between Pmn 
Kud me. VIII. Wlint is meant by tlio Armour of God, 
the WildomeBS, and the wilde Bciisla I fought with in the 
WilderacBB. JJy Looowick Mikkh^tos. 

4to. LoniUm, I'rittted in tlit Yair, 167S. 


Reprinted. , 4to. Ntj Printer'a name, pUice, or ihte, [1768 ?} 18 

The Bame. 

^anbcrn: lU-yrinUd by Subscription, in tlu! Year 1885, 
bij E. Broieii, Si. John St., CUrkmwell. . . 4to. 

lUrti foilentrth a Dortarntinn what the ahotf Armour qf Oodu, 
and what in mettnt Ay ihf WHiifrnf-ig : and a dncriplion of tkr 
Wildif Uffut* 1 fought wilh nfter tA* manfur of mm in the 
WilfUrnfi), lU / ttau jiyanififinif and tfavrlUn^i toicard* the 
htatenly Ca&aan, in lho»e 6 yean tirw.frcm (Ac ijrar 1662 
to (A* ymr 1668. Cotietniing my TraveU through ifio 
Spiritual Wildemfii» of Menu hearts in Mortalili/, towards 
til* ipirituai and htarcnly Land of Canaan. By Lod/imck 
MwjyUtrm. ....... 4tO. -Vn dale. 

KoU.— Thla DaskntioD U Uu lallR put at Ut* " AoMar (a Pami.' ud tin 

ims. WEUtmtofl FfEui'i book, ' 

•'Sow T shuU mile n lew words to satiify yoo, that my aniraiir to 
WiUiom Pcan'c hook 1h got snfo out o[ tho ptGwi, but nith groAt 
chiriTi; an>l dinlRiiltv ; tlio vi>liiiu(! If prelly Lugo, ntnulfii^n Hh'>vl* 
uiil All liiilf, Hiiii tii'iro U MLcii'ty <i[ matter in il tliiit in ii»w, iii-vt>r 
wrillwu iHifuni, lury iilutmuil tu rami : Ihu IkkiIu hxk LiUf a cruwn 
a-l>i»<Mi, I will uut let ODS go Uidtir tu li'ttuvl unr tUsuKur, then, 
luni it yuu pIuuD to mtke tbow trieuds iici(uttint«d with It th«t 
will go to the I'rioo of it, 1« Ibom tcvA taoavy, uid ! wiU ■onii 
ac many o( them aa tlic moiMiy doth amoniit to at hull u crowa 
a-pioM."— .Spfrinul Kplttla, Sod •dltion. p. BBS. 

The Itti of f^t SHilntMts of the SPIKIT. In Five Pari* ; 

ByIri>DowiCTC UtiRrti.croK, One of thoTwo Witnceaes,&Dd 
True Prophets of the only High. Immortal. Olorioua God, 
CArur ./muj. Left by him, to be publish 'd ader's death. 
In llie tatter dnifs hro linijht Start tltall arine, raiainy up 
men hning dead in thtir Sim, mhich shall mUt the i!r-aU,and 
the Walrrt of thf Dra^fon; tttt^fi/ay and prtarhiny the l^m 
of tht Lamb, -md tht Dratnteiwn <^ Atuichriu, aud tluill 
iUkmnuA his Water* ; bttt tKsy *hall be letakoitd in the Brrait 






HVOOLETON, Loiowic\i,~-f(mtinutd. 

of Affiiftvm, and ihf^ thall. rue again in ttrmigtr forte; and 

afttr Truth Khali be rereaird, and the Lamb ikall he AiwMM : 

AJUr tkiM thall bn but a rmiill S/iacfi. 
/"w in Iiis Book of Martm. [Wilh m " Epistle Dedi«alory." 

by T. T. [Thomas Tomkinson]. (Wriltou 1677) (With 

ft Portrait by Caffoel). 

4to. Lotulon : I'liiitedtn thf Ymto/out Lord God, 1699. 98t 
{Brit. itu4. '^^) 

KaU^PoxcplMal Uill ■JiUoc luiT* Uui otiuliua UUa DW wd EffHU 
CTDO iu porlcdl oot>Lc« lL04a IUi» *n miuiljr loand ar«w4 ant vtUi ■ p4^ 

^ The Bamo, — l^ndon : I'rintcd in ihr ymr of uiir l^rrd Ood 

1099: andIU-3/rinl,:dinth<i >''nr 17M, 4to. S8j 

— Samli IRtmoins : or,» Ditwb Appendix ; being a Collkchow 
of several TaeATtsEa Kpistolary aud Publick. Originally 
Written ftliove Fifty Years aiuce. By the Lord's last Im- 
mediate Meaaengor, JOHN KEKVE, and Now, aftor care* 
fulExnminatiou bytlictuobl correct Co)ii«i eommimioated 
for tliu CuuMolation iiud BclftbliBluaeiit of tlio Cliurcb of 
Cbriit, by tbeir Bn^tbren, wbosu Faitb in tbcKv and all 
otbcr bis irrrni and able DicIoriitioiiK, d"lb (and by Divine 
1*10*6011011) will remain unfibaken to Ktenuty. [Written 
1652- 10G7.] 

4to. VrinUti iy Sulicriptum in ths Year 1706. TAe 

rest art to he told al Tuv Shillingt per Book, tuimut Iht 

Siffit aj the Vidij^m tn Ijamb-AUfi/ in Bi»hop»yat»- 

Street, London. 
{Brit. A/iwrt.m, ^) 

Kni*.— Thin bonA aanbliu notUng bj Mocglolafi, md •■■ iiii^Hi pia- 

B«pnntod 4to. XodMe, U 

B«(printcd, entitled, — '■ 8iicrcd Rtnnains, or, A DivntE Ar- 
PBNDix; being a (Bllutim of Five Bpiritoal Epistles, 
origisiiily written about tbe year ICo-l : also William 
Be&wick's Replies to several (Jueries sent to bim, by the 
Lord's Last immediate Messenger Jodk Bxzvx, Ihni re* 
BJdiug iu London. Tliird Edition. 

liondoit : lU-prinled (or Joteph Frott, 17, Hedf Moon 
Street, Biihnpii/ate Street ; By Andrew T. Hobtrtt, % 
Uaeknty liaad, oppaiiu Shoredilch Chureh. 4to. 18M. 10 

Contents of " Bacrocl Remains," 1st edition. 

QitMriM amt l» Ur. So<t|{wirk, by Ibu Pn>]>L«t Bawe, p. 1. 
ifr. B«lR*tek-a BeyUet. y. 3. 

The Pmahtl-t Antirer ta Mr. Soljiwiek'i RrpUa, p. B. 
01 Uu> Out Pemmtl VHCreated Gtory, p. 90. 




MUGGLETON, hoiovwk.—ronlinued. 

Tht Pnipluet Aiuaer lo a Ltiter ttnt him by Etqulrt TvaaiagKm, 

An lo ihf EatI of r«iabroalM, p. 88. 

All KF■I8T^K to It KINSMAK. p. *7. 
Wh^l wiu /mm Kffmity. p. &1. 

A C)«Denil TltEATISE ..1 Ihn Tkrft lUcords, or VUpaaatloni. p. fiS. 
A Cujcii o( Unorriiw WiluoHgoii I'laiiily Proviiig Uicro acithcr U, 
nof av«r wu, aay i>lli«r Uod bul Jitiit Chriit .- tbo Loud, p. 74, 

' An EnsTi.K to a Quaker. (By John Beevo., 

8v. IPrinUd in lA* Year ITU f J 

Boprintod in, " A Stream &om the Tree of Life, &o.,"p. 49. 

4to. 17IW. 

An Epi8i;t.B of iht Pniphet Bek^-k, Written in the year 

IfiKQ. With, "An Occasional DUemiriir from (Ac First and 
Second Verie of the Strimd Chaptrr of the Divine Lookin|j- 
GlftBB, foiieemiiii/ tlui fnifihrt Itcevc, &C. iSi/ the Prophet 
Muggbtou, Seplem. 2B. knrn? Dom. 1GG8. 

4to. iPrinttd 17I9.I 

KdIb.— Tbs EplaUx, M 4boTe. n* nprlatcd Id " K Sliwun tram UkD Tn> ul 
U(si <s," 17M. Tb« OooHloiul DlKourw." tiu Imid miulaMi HpusUlj. 

An OcraMonid Discourse /rom the First and Second Ytr»« q/" 

the Second Chajder oj ike Divine Looking- Glass, ciwictrmiy 
the Prophet ReeTe, that DarkitexH, Death and Ilell, lay 
secretly hid in the 8i)intiial Earth etorually with God. 
By Uttl*Tophel Mugglclon, Srpt^ii. 28. Aitiio Dom. 1668. 

4to. [Lotid-JH, Printediji the Year, 1719.) 

ItoU.— Prlnlffl It tho BDil of " An Kpinln of Uu Ptnvlwl Bhtc." 

Reprinted, nt the end of " A Divine Looking-GlaBs, the 
4th edition." 4to. 1760. 

Eeprinted, at the end of 
6th edition. . 

' A Divine Looking-Glass, the 

. 8vo. 184«. 

• Lodomrk Mtunletortt Letter to Ilobert Peiree, eoaoemiu^ 
the Holy f'ihost. (Written Awput ind. 1080.) Witli, 
" The Tentimouy of the Prophet Mnggleton conoening 
tlie Deutli of Moflca." 

4to. [Printed in the Year, 1719 ?] 

Koto.—Tbi L(Ha to Robtrt P^im-, ■nt npHniad to ibo "ValanH at 
6j4rltiullIIdUlM,"aHpie>»IB. Inltrilllini, ITM.tDil p. VH.ftultdlllMi, 

la ll» " Mnua Iniu Uw TrM <tU£" 1TS8. 

K» ANSWER to Isaac Peninoton, Esq.: llie Dook In- 
tituled, I 'insert atiuits on some Pansmia uf Lodowick Mug. 
glotoa'a Interpreiation oj the lltb Chaptir '</ lAe Ileveia- 
ttODS. ^tw taau Pottage* of that Book vj hi* Intituled, The 




MUGOLETON, LoHovlck.—eontmiuJ. 

Neok of tlio QimkorH Broken. And in liie Letter to Tliomm 
Taylor, Whereby it might ajipo&r what Si:ilrit the eatd 
iMdowirk Mii^ijUum ie of, an3 from what God his CoiO' 
muKioQ in. As by what Authority his Spirit is moved 
to write BgitiiiBt tho People calleil Quakers. Writtou to 
inform those that do not kuow the Aiitiohrislian Spirit 
of Faleo Teachere in tUoso our Daya. By Ijidwdek iliuf- 
•jlfUm. Written in the Ykaji, IHfia. 

Lontltm: Printed by Subtcription in tlie Ytar 1719. 4tO. 

Tbo flamo,— 

Lr»idtm : Prinletl bg Sthneriptioit in th* year 1719 ; AhA 
lU-printid in the i/rar 1681, t'jr H. Bromi,^&, Si. John- 
*tr*et, Clrrhenw*U, ..... 4to. 

NMik— HnmlMim nnt Ulo bank la Um hh* Ib tho J«> lAW, bM oob 
«M tht4l ■■■ HI ai>, Ibn wpy laX prmf Mna nln-l oat of Uik Prinui^ 
b4iii]i. tka putlunlM or aMA U* aim M lvUiiw>,ia» LMtctluTbonu 
TuiuUiwui, dalod JuOujr 81, IML 

" Ibia in b> DcrtilTvnn tbnt 1 haw Mitt iivvon bookii nt thn Intoriitn- 
tktlnu ot tho Wlb'.li of Knilor. I dlil liilniiil tlin Anawnr to Iwmi) 
C«iit)lo||tuii «houy bAvu be«n iif^t«d »itn> ; Lut it did aiKvrj 
lu the I'reu. 

" 1 Ddvcr »nH ttu oroiiiH.>d in all tbu bookn an I hare priuUtl, M in IbeM 
tir< : lor thin of tbo Witch of Enilor t&th bovn for nil iDontlu in 
Ihn Printni'B hanilii : but villi much difUciilt}'. imil trc>nblo. *&d 
aliAige, I liava got it Mfo out «•( iLo vtvw : bat bsMOM thin 
Moter wiw eci b«M, uiil kspt It m kiutt, I giat tha «tb«r to 
ijnollii^T I'niitiT. UiiukliiK lo uaT« li <1i>i)(< M"re this, Uid M ft 
would ; but Ibrouah the liirKvtfalumii ot L'li* PriiilCT, not taUuB 
Uio copy in hia pooketii u hv thought to do, hu wi-nl out and left 
thn copy and proof of one shmt upon Uio prcm with his lumnta, 

«<>iiU littvo BOTrUid it to Uu CotmcU ; but tbo piictd DMda 
fri«nd* [or toanttj, olsn hn woubl biivi> hvva nttivlj imdana ; (or 
it ou*t tbo pri))l«r auvon jmnndii, nnil nm Tivk t»>iitidii to fiaeity Ilia 
■nntti-r, hdJ uut k«I it doiM neitbar. l!ul I b*vu [«v»(<mxi iha 
coiiy, rnonl piirt of il. und btuwaFter 1 do think lu )iriRt it, bat ucA 
ttt utDicul. It will hu no vaji ooovoniuiit." — iSjiirttiuit SpitUet, 
Sod cJiUbU. l»t2U, p. 379. 

A Coujunox or Epistlxm and Lbttkiu, viz. 

^^ 7V Prvphel It«6ve'H EputU to hi» Frimd, ditocHnring thr dark 
Usht of tht Quakers ; written m tht Ye^Jir 1654 SviAcmber 
the 20tA. 

vIr EputU of John Bocvo lo JIfr. Uill. (Jmm 11. 1050.) 

— Anoihtr EpM* of ioha'SMdyti'* la the taiM Pentm, — For Ilia 
Loving Frictia ChriAtophrr liill, Jlttl-nuiker in Stone ttrwt 
iu Mmtitt/Ht, ID Kntl. Th4M. — iMiuton, June the last 

-^ JiwfAri- EfitiU n/ Joim Iteevc's (o the tutiu rfr«Mi. 





MUGGLETON, hoiomck.— continued, 

* A Copy of a I^tUr tiruW ty IJki Prophet John BeevG to Mn. 

Alioo Wobb, eimliiinitu/ hisr llUttiiy and the Six I'rindpU*, 
OR Auiput 16. 1666. 

* An Epittlt of John Rcovo to a Friend, wrUtm in May 18S7. 

• Anoth^ KpiftU of John Beero's. 

vin /!)>«(i* iFTvid) ^M/ /ftfl ProjrA/'f JoHH Rebve to IflAAO Pbnjiwio - 
TONi K*q; dated 1658, concertiituj im Anticer to a Btmk qf 
hU.icitk Atrveral Myitt«ru» and Diidmi arid SpiriluiU I(irvtla- 
tion* decUircit by Ihn Prrtphet, concerning Oad'* visiUc 
appearing in thf. FU*h. 

K<ibi.-~Thn ran^nfi EpliUaa uul LHun un priukklu Lbeond of Uin >»4 
tditVfliot "TluvWilcb rJ Eiidui,"jm<1 IhiK m4rtadt*JVQn'|''tDlaLt In "A 
Btowinboiu UuTtevoI Ufii, A(l" TlioH mukcd (l)mnialDMdla>'A 
VelQUHi ul Stttil"'^ EvUUui, At." 

A DiaoouBSE, between John liecee and Itichard L^mtfr.MRB- 
ciUAKT. lUfited hy Lodowick Mmfglcton, iht" of tht Tvo 
Liut WiTNESBEi) and Pk<>fiikts of tkc Moit Ili'jh God, (Aa 
A/nnOuHisT Jesub in Olorg. — With, — "A Copy of a Letter, 
by th« pRoi-iiET LODOWIGK MUGGLETON, to Mr. 
Janwj H'AiWwJii of Brantry (Brotntive) ill Etarj:, Bearing 
Dato, tho nth of Jam 1682. " 

4to. No Printer'* nmns orpiact, [thont 1724 ?] 

Beprintod in, "A Stream from the Tree of Life," 4lo. 1768 

Beprinted in the " Two Systems of Astronomy, ito." By 
baao Frost. — p. 76. 

[Epistle Shewing " The Cause of tho Exoommuoicatian of 
WiUiam Meitdgate, Ac. and LotterH, via, — ] 

I TKe Praplitt Muggleton's F.pistU to the Dtl iwfn of the Cam- 
mission, tmixhin^ the HehMJon orcanimi'd by lAci Nino 
AsMTtions. — 1671. llfff followlh (A* Copy of a loiter to 
Walter Bohonan, n Scutclimiui, anothfr lleM in the same 
Conrpiraey icilh (Ac real, in Aksit'T to Am Hebelltaux Lotter, 
— A Copy of a Lttter irrittm hj tho Prtrphet Ijodowiclt 
Mnggletou, ((> Ciilonit Phaire, and the rat of (An BtUeeen 
of th> Commiaiian vf the Spirit, Umng in ikn Kinj/dtim xnj 
Irdood, dated in London, February liit tfith, 1680. — Tkt 
Prophet LoiKiwicK Muooleton's BUtnn^ to Mn. Sunn 
Shobt, Irnmrrihfd front a Copy drawn from Orif/inid ^vm 
tohtrby him. Jam the H 1662. 

4to. [Printed in 1724 i] 

Kols.— Muggtol'in'' Iilculnti ta Sualg RlwH, U nDrtdUl In Oa "VoIubs 
«fapMliulEvl-<i">.'("'"kII tb«<iiL»nM*n]>iliiMb)'-Amniuii tna 
lb* Tmn ol LUi'. it~ ITU. Xti> AbI r"*r*I*r la Iba AM fMi li 
MBllMd U tb> titaiut. 




HUGQLETON, Lodowick,— coittmuotf. 

'— Vciw Fidei Gloria est Corona Tito :— A VOUJME of 
SPIRITUAL EpisTuw: being The CnpuM of several 
LcTTKBs Writt«ii iiy Tbo two last Pbui'ukts aud Micssxii- 
OKta of God, Jolm Ilreve and Lmloiricke MiupjUlon ; COJl- 
talniiig Vari&ty of Spiritniit Beveliitione, ftnd deep 
Uysteriea, mamfeatJug to the Elect Seed tlio Prcrogativ* 
Power of ft true Projibet ; who, by Virtno of tboir Com- 
BiissionB, did truly give BleRtiiiigs of Lifo EvarlAsting to 
thoae that bebeved th«ir dcclarntioiis ; and to all despinng 
B<.-probatea the Cutho or Sentence of Eternal Damnation. 
Coi.LECTKU By the great PaiiiB of AlM'tniUr DfUjin/iinii 
Qua Elder, u truo Bebevor of God's last ComauBsion of 
ths Spirit. IsTBKDKD At fir§t only for Ma own Bpiritual 
Bolaco ; but finding tbcy eucreaeed to bo great a Volume, 
ho leavoe it to bis poBterity, that Agea to come may 
rejoice in the comfortable View of so bleijRcd and heavenly 
a treasure. TrauHCribed from AUxandrr IMamame'ii 
Original Copy by Tohiak Trrrif, a true Bttliover of the liln 
procioQH Faitii in the tnio God the Man ChrUt Jama, 
which most holy Faith the reprobate World doKpitw. 
"Written 1668.1091. Tbiin printed by Subscription in tha 
Year 1756. The iS'nrrcrf llemuiM, with the SmVt Mortality, 
and tho Atmcer to WHluim Pctiti. was re-printed by Snb- 
KoriptioQ in the Yesre 1761, 1752, and 17C8, which is an 
Esample for Generations to come. . . 4to. 176£. 

The same, — Printed In/ Suhtcripliim, in tht Year 1768 : 71*- 

firiuted, by Subieriptiim, in iJu Year 1620, by If. StnUii, 
King Street, Long Acre. . . . Ito. ISSO. 

Kotc — Thii Voliunc ooctaiiM, boidci other mtttltiT :— 

" Tbe IVipLet Bmvc's Eplatle,— dlaooraring tlia duk Ligbl of the 

Quakem, 1064." 
MuKKlvtou'K E;iuU« to Chjulopbur Hill, euncenioiK LannaM Claz- 

ton,— 1660. 
Tbo Quakers religion tiyTCWth to UiiKHlt'ton to bo the pnrMt of kU 

UiD anven Cliuiclics in rcHpcct ol prufticc, liut Uio vrunt of >U in 

ntikUcr ot tmo doctrine. WNip. 60. 'iai oditloo. 
EUi'.ttl'E'tli K<H>K.n, a Woouui DatU, mo p. iSi. Oco. Fon. Odo. Fox, 

U«t YiiiiiiKUi, Edvard Barren^, PrMiaiH Uorgil, l U mDcd Dovilc, 

p. 71, 8K«. 
"A BflHlioD ot xnne PuMitMi in > i1i«>aoiir*e with 0«o. Whlt«- 

fccuJ iiud Josioh Culv. in Iht jetx I60>^. k1ik> kouq relnUon of that 

cnmrd Devil, TliomM Lot, SpoBker o( till! Qnakur*." 
A Testimony nRoinit Jcbn B«five jb Iiodowlek Ung^atoo, \>f Iba 

(Jntiki'm ol Cork, iiigned hy Vim- Itonii, Wat. EdauMMi^ 

Kiibi'tt Sniiiihniu nud 23 Mlitrt nitli UnggMoft'a Bwtaaaa of 

dnitiiiitlltiii ii|iuii thiiiu, p. .17^—101. Aiiil tha duom of waj 
otbvi t'ticudB ic tlai^^D cuuouiiuuii t'cuiuiln ate scatland llifMi^t- 
«a( tho vul. 






ItUGOLETON, hodoviicki—rvntintud. 

A LolkT to Eliubcth Atkiiwnu. Feb. 13. l«Tt. 

UaKKt"^"')! Laltcr to Unbella Mfthim, QiiaIu?, ot NottiDfthMa, 

l&ii. on bet TOTnni lo 111* QwikMS. 
MiiKKlutuu'n Lvttar to RIm Joan, In Nottioeliam. 
UuKKlutvii'it Lullcr to WDluun Eiiig ■ Quaker, wlio oaJU* from New- 

Eni/liind, 1672. 
Moggloton'i Luttrr to WUliAcn Penn, 1073. — Unggktou lian cklU 

PtaBi ** tbnt bLiuipJidniinff, icprubikUr Dolil." 
UiiggMon'* L«tt«i lo John Gruttau, lOAS.— 

A Stkxam firom tho Tree OP Line : or,tfaoTiuaDRKOoi(DviDdi- 

•atodbffing Uio C'mpu:^ of eovcral LottiTU luid Kputiu WCOU 
hgOmTwoJatBi Vilita<»BeiiotJe»mChruL WhcraBTniUl 
rides triamphast, and Imagtnatioa is confouoded. These 
vrere not included in the Volume of Si-ieitual EiidTi.ES, 
beoaase of tlie great Kxpeuce. [Writteu 165-i — 1682.) 
(Edited by Jobn Pkat.) 

4U>. Printed Jnim i/m Original Mamiicripi in the Y*ar of 
Our Lard 1156 

ContcRb.— Tbo Prophet MogsUtoii'i EpUUo to Iho Belivrcnt ot tbe 

CoiHiiaiiiBion. toQching Uib B«b«Ul0n oouuioDnd bj iLo MtM 

Aaaeitinuii. p. 1. 
A LatUt written b; tbo MeaiicnKtT ol Uoil, Loclowittk Mni{|{l«ton, t» 

WalMr Buhucui, uf CuudBimuitioii toe Apuntooy, Juaiun 3S, 

1671. p. 9. 
A Cop7 ol > Letter writtdii br the Prophet Lodawiok UosglBldn, to 

111. Jamon WhitcLcAd of Qridiitroii in EaMn. htaring Uate, JmM 

15, IKM. p. 17. 
A Copy ul a Loticr writt(<a 1>7 tba PropIi«t Lodowiok Miuulolou. to 

Col'iiiii) I'liiiim, auil thu reet of the Bvliwure of the oummiiuiMia 

«t tbo Spirit. Uattxi in LuuiIuq, Pubnuuy, 16, 168)). p. St. 
A C«t>y o( ■ Letter writtuD by the Fiujihet Lodowtck Muiiglctoti, to 

Ut. Edanrd FcwtercU ci( Cluutcrflcld, bcuriog date Inim Ldodcw, 

SUtPh ti, 16C0, p. BO. 
A DiKwiini) bctwi-«n Jiihi) Bmvo and Biebud LnoJnr. U«rchMit ; 

recited by Ijodiiwiek Mogi^atiHi ona ot tfa« lwoliutWitDv*Mwuid 

P»i>LOTfl ot the ino«t high 0<kI, the Uui Chrial Jobiui !d aiocy.n, 

k Lett«r tiuiu thu Propbvt Miigglaton, lo Thumu TomUmoii. — 

From thu PrusB yiirj. Nowitatf , .\piil SS, 1G77. p. 18. 
An B^itlo To a Qimkcr. Bj John P.ecvg.— Begins, " Do«r and 

Lohhr Friund."' p, ■J9. 
An Kpinlio written by the Prophet Lodnwiek Mnggl«too- p. (S. 
An Bpiiittoat John Reovotnhii loving Priviid Chrlotophcr Hill, p.CS. 
A Copy of ■ Laiier <rn>t« by the l^>phi'l John Kuuve lu Mn. AUou 

Webb, containing h«r ]3i««Hin)[, and tbo SixPriuoiplui.oo Aainut 

16. 16£<t. p. 64, 
An BpiKtle ot John Bwvp to u Friend, writlui in Uay, I6a7. p. S8. 
Auothur EirioUi) ot John llcovo'i. p. 69. 
An BpiiUo wrote by thu I'mpbet John Bf'eve to Iham Peunlugtou, 

Bw). ; dalod lliiiM. Connemin)! nu Adhwit lo n Book t>t lili. wilh 
WTM«I ICyKlrrioii and Dlriuv aud Sjiiiituul Krvulnliuiui dnclaiwd 
by Um Ptoiihet, cuuG«mlii|( Uud'a visiblo sppcMuig in thu FImL. 





MUGGLETON, Loioiiick.—eontmutiL 

Tb« T«'ntimou3' of tlic Prophet Miigglrtoii, CODMlnlnB fbo DMtfa of 

Mcaes. p. 60. 
An EpisUo oi the Prophol Becvu WrilWn in tbe Voir. 1656, p. 81. 
A Cojiy of a Letlor (rritten b; the Prophet Lodaniok HiiMrlutuD, ta 

Ann AdlOU at Onretl. in CambrlttHMUre, benrio^ Dale firaa 

iMDdon, Much the 3Tlli, ICtUt. p. 80. 

SoppLEMEfiT to Tho Book of Letters, wxitUn by John Bmw 

Mtd LoJowicke Muggkton, the IVo ^ost ^njt^cli of 1^ 
ontjj trac fiott, our Lord JeauB Christ. 

Bkuiveu BiteinnsN. 

'With tbe nutiiorlty nt thn ChnrcbvvhiiTanwan AiUgMIl MUA 
throBgh tbe Mknnsr.ript ItMXkcda ol lbs l^biiTcb. and baivo ftnmd ttt 
tollovons licltorii, nm iu [iriul iu ll^.i " llixik ol I.ottorii." Tho lal- 
liTiriiiK Leltvn inuy h" iK>Tipiil<riiL<l tli" (^iiuTliixiiin i^l nil tha Writingi 
□t tbu Pruphuts KeicvE iiiiilMu(ru;.EruK.)Killi ii( npiriliud toattor and 
t«iii)X)iiil adTioH. ui f nr IU lh« Chorab is iu poesosaiuu ol. 


Loniion : Printed tty R. Bromi, 26, Si. John SirM, 
CUriunwflt -Ito. 1831. 

' Tbe WoBEs of Jolm Roeve and Lodowicko Mog^leton, the 
Two Laet Propheta of tbe ^'j/ trw Ood, our Lord JttuM 
Chritt. Ill three volumes. (With a Forti»t to each voL) 

iMiidim : Printed by Subscription. 4to. 1682. 
{Brti. Mutevm, 1012. b.) 

' - Okkxrai. Ixdbx to John Beevo ft Iiodovioko Hagglcton'R 
Works. Intended for Three voltuues. By Jom^b nod 
Isaac Fh>Bt. 

R. Brown, Printtr, 26, St. John Strut, afrk^nwtit. 

4to. 1881. 


1^ En tlia lui laM, *fk ttAo nu mtAt In Uia Ocdotf •( WiMiliiia«i 
B»,lbBl**UTliih*UluiBluibi>4li>tluUicaaa4r*nf i« the tiotkatl 
Mm B ww^ anil IddovUt Magnirtnti, ~ alio pntud la bt tt> tan laat 
■IMiaMmaPniAalci* J«iuClkrUt,"*L[ebl)Oul>nrHU t* t* Ml 

run ncntbm pain of 410 Hirauli liimt miiilMliilJ In mj I 
■nattiBtUimb— ifkWMwm'i iKMHy 41 U« Ctlam 


BUBBODOn, Bdmrd, ol Vndtrinaroie, tftMtatrtlamL 

ud Fuxom Qowon..— Anfwn* to lownl Qcksiu imt toirili ta 

th» daqibad Ptopl*. eaUvd Qiulwn. tn- fAllff fpniut, 

AIko, AuKwert to ««riinil othor Bulitil Qt-rric« pot lurtb bf 
otio John lUfvr, who Utci io the Citj of Loxiux, wbo «M< 
hicLM'U, Uiu Iwt UuiKcngrr imd Wltntwa nnto tho Inw Odd. 
bat is (ouod ■ (itlw Witncui. and k Lyar, aoil • Parrartat of 
tbo riglit my ol Cod. AmwcJod by Bduford Smrromgh, and 




MUGOLETON, Lodowick,— co7i«nH<ni. 

ANSWERS to MuKglntoa oui) UDovo.—contiiuiei. 
BUKROUOU. Edwar<l,-<yn(inw-I. 


Francit llavga, who we WiIhwidm nsto the Truth *eBii»t 
tbu Bnhtil mrvcail-lika Kuncntiuc. 

Z.iwi(i(Fn, FrinUd for QiUi Calvtrt, al the iiiaek-Hprtiut- 
Eaglf. m ilu H'tue end 0/ J><mr>. . . . 4lu. tCM. 

Bcminted in BnrruQgh'* Worlra, p. 29. . , Follo. 1073. 

COALB. Joniab, »l Whiurlrumr, (neat firftlci) in Oloucfultrthirr. 

A Tontkiiiony <x)nc«mliiK LoilnwickMogitloloa.— lu J.C.'sWorka, 

p. 343 ; ttlBO ill " Fioty I^ioated." 

FABNWOETPl. Biohnrd, of Dalby in Yorhliirf. 

T«om AecKSi'KB. or, Tke Aimniattd and fifaUdaf Gad dtfMd^i 

In lui ATiewEii writton hv Riobiwl Panwwnrlh. ax n Tksti- 
MON'Y af:aiu9t n Counterfeit CV'iumiaeloD nnil nil Iiijiiolioeuid 
(&l»u Jud^viuout dune Mid prDnoauced uixlor jintlcuoool the 

«0. London, PrinUd in iHe Ytar, 1063. 
Nolo. — TIilR vim li iililiiMi i1 to LodrrwlDk tiosBMon- 

POX, GiMiga, Founder ol the Sooictjr of Friocdii. 

Something in Answxn to LaA^neiek Mugijlunn't Book, nhioh ho 

oallH. Ihr <iu.ikm Ntck'llrnkm. Wlirarein La Juilghiil 

othem bo bnth Judijod kSm«elt. 

4tu. London. Printed in lh» Ytar, 16C7. 

PBIEKDB OF CORE, riz., Wiiaum Mobhib. Willub EpicranBOW, 
BoMiKT 8iiiii>au(. uid 33 oUieni. — Sou Mat^dobm's Volomo 
of fl|dritntl BpisUe*, p. STB, Sad Edition, wltoio tbo uiirwor 

(iBATTON, Jobn.— See bU Jonnul. im Edition, p. S3 ftnd 7S. 
HABWOOD, Jobtt, muwer to CUxton.— Soo Lawbichok Ouxtor. 

PBMENOTON. Ibmo, Son o( Aldennui Pksinotok, at London. 

OnntTinoKR nn »ome Paaani^dH of iMdoitiek iltissUtem, In his 

InlMTroWtioD of Itie lltli Chni.>lnr nt Ihn Hnittaiinm. Aa 
tlao <a Mtu Pmmrm in thni liouk of lila, gllJoil. The Sevk 
ofjlie Ouaitn Broken, mvi io lii>< tottur to Tkainat Taylor. 
WhotBby it nifty appear "bftl Spirit be in of, and what god 
hi* Commiscion is trom, in, 

iio. Frinud tn tke Ytar, lOSS. 

lUvrfntri in Ihe lit titiUm at bia Worlci, Put 2, Face S(1. 

PoUo. leai. 

PENN, Wniiam, Founder of PimiuyloairiJi. 

^ — Tbo t<>«t WiTMEHNKS pTOfod Old KcTOtiohs : or InTortoation I0 

Uio U-ni:-riuit : in which thu DooIjIiim o( Jokn litmt and 
Lodineitk Mayalrton, irhioli thejr Stile. UjatMlBI Dorer betor* 
known. rdvWa, orbcudof [rom tbo Foundation of tbe Wodd. 
an> provod b> ho njoptty -\nricu.t WhiiEir<ivf, BlaBpIivmiM and 
Hwtni**. (roni the Eviilnnrc of Serijiturf.lliaioH, uid lovoral 
Hittvriaitt. AUo An Accouul of some discourse betwixt 






HUOGLETON, Lodowick,— cotttfnuAl. 

AKSWERB to Mnggleton and Beuvo, — continurJ. 

I>£KN, WUliani.— eonliBUPd. 

L. H. Kud mysell, bj nhioh hi* Dluphomouii. Igootank MlA 
UDUiTory spirit U elouly anil tmiy maQilantcd. in toTC to 
tlia ImmorlAl aoiilx ol those tow. wlio am ooDcwra'd in tbn 
belief if bi« Iiui<oatiire«. By a IM'iim Irvr Witntii to that 
OIK Elfmal Way ^ Qod, reeealed in Uio Liglit of Uigbtoooa- 
Wta. W. P. ■ 

4lu. rrinti»I in the I'nir, 16n. 
Bcpfinted in hia World, voK 3, pMjo ISS. 

Not'i,— T1lL> bryik tl *t11L<^u flLirf];r Id rvpl; tf> " Th« PLvllw t^nUB^'OtuB,'* 

Urn Ctiicr '1 oiu, will Ujittrioai Mvloe*. *^ a< tbi llonk ot U» UvnlaUia 
o( HL John." 

WHITEHEAD, OMrge.— S«e bia " Qnaken' Fl&iuneM iktoeliitt; F>1- 
bwy," *o. 8»i>- 16Tt. 

V^rli It to ^ ntAtA llut thooffh tbr Hosrlr^oDlui* bAT« nprtnUd MuuM4»^ 
biKkkji UAiEivt FritiU'lii ilcwii i-t Itis |jrf*viil dkj. t«I Pflfdilp b^tn Eiui 

tnA JiM^'^i <'4^n*4 vjrkr, turn nnt Twm n<|trkDU<'1. U, F/« v<ir1n vnv 
b«nt toTUvUvl. 4I]l1 Hid tjiul nam n|ivtitt«il. When O. Fui'aVTtfkt 
wavfl D"Lli'eLc<1 UiQ Inrt HflAlQli ftIlug(lelon *u jilil InnludBd; Vi4 
Ihnfi h \m*c runinirtcna'B haf* b«e nrniitedikbfi pail abcnl MoaMoB 
to cmllud i Um laag MIL Wn. I'mii'*. 


Book! by BoIiOTcn in the Dootrioe* of John Bwto and 
Lodowick Miigglcton, (including somo Ehvonmblc to tboir 
principleH or friundly towardH Oiom by Non-Boli«vcrB,) 


^ - An Elogy on thft Death of Mr. Lodowick Muggletoti, Great 
Teachor funi Cliicf PillRir of a Bociety of People from bim 
so coll'd, who departed this Lifo on Monday, the 24lb of 
March having pseeed tL« 88th year of bi§ Age, aod boro 
tbe Obaract«r of a Mighty rropbet among his own pcoplo. 

Broadnd*, 1699. 

Tbe same. — Printed at the reqneat of Bomo of tbctr foUoirorB, 


Baprintod, 1761 Broadeida. 

Beprintod. Broadside, 1681. 

4il««. -Tblt- 

Koto. 'rblt"Ela«'«iiiUohT>Noa-liglMT(r, wuprtntcdtllbanqoat 
oqIi rollncn. 

B. (T. H.) 

— An Oiw. 

(on btA belief in Mi'finiJtiox.) 

4tO. {No Prini^t namf, pUet, or date.) 




Hf lUGGLETONIAN S,— continiM-/. 

(BOWN. John, of 

I TALL. Being a Short and TruQ DuMnNnTnATiiiN nr 


^H JOHN BROWN, a Brother to the Sarnie, and a Friend 

^^1 to the EUft. By way of Qcestiok and AxawEB. 

~ 4to. [1771.] 

CLAXTON, LttWrCDM, of CimhriAinhirf. 

EROST. Joseph, &nd\ofSt.JohD'E8qaarc,ClorkeDwoU, London, 
FBOST, Isaac, f Brass Founders. 

^^ DiviicB Songs of tbo ^iiggltlanitins, in grateful Praise to the 
only Inio God, tlie Lord Jeeus Cbiist. — Printed by Snb- 
Eoription. (Port mil.) 

Lomhn : i'rinud by R, Brotm, 26, St. John Strett, 

CUricmw<iU 16mo. 1829. 20i 

Hot*. ThalVTUiJkDgIn UdiCollHtlonlabjIEUubaUiHwiii. 

■ A Lbt of thk Books, with part of their title pages and the 
price of ca«h book, of the Toian and Laxt of 
tin only God, our Lord Jesus Cbriat. Written liy JmtK 
Bkbvk and Lonowtcs MuootJ^ToN, the Two WitneuHes pro- 
phecied of in the Eleventh chapter of the Bovultttionii el 
Saint John the Divine. 

Ixmdon : Prinud by H, Ferny, 36, St. John Street, CItrkm- 
well 16mo. 1848. i 

J. yUf erf ftoohe and Genebai. Index to John Beere & Lodo- 

wick Mugfjleton's Wobks : being the Third and last Teata- 
ment of the only God oar Lord Jeaus Christ. 

London : Printtd by Feimy and Co., 26, Si. John Strret, 

CieTkmwM 8vo. 1840. 1| 

FROST, Isaac. 

Two SyntemB of Akthonomt: ^ati. Tiiit NnvrroMiAsi Ststkh. 

ahownng tbo Rihu and ProKroKN thcroof, by a H)iort llistor- 
icft] Account : the General Theory, with a variety of Re- 
marks thereon. SuonD, The System in accordance with 
TiiK IloLV ScatPTCRRe, showing the Rise and Progrese 
from Enoch, the Seventh from Adam : The Prophets. 
Moses and others, in the First Testament : Our Lord 
Jesus Otrist, and his Apostles, iu the New or Seoond 
Testament : Beeve and MnggletOQ, in the Third and Laat 



FBOST, Iemc,— continued. 

Testament; with » v»riety of remArka thereon. Bylsjua 

F11Q8T. (With II plates.) 

•• Kemirtlisloaa wo, ncoordiue ^ H'* Proniuc, Look tar Hbw 
Henvone nm) n N'ow Earth, wLcr«iii divoUcth BightooauMM." 
—3 l',Ur 111. IS. 

iSntnttr id Slnttcmtn' %rU. 
Lotidott : I'riiiUd lig C'llehpoot d Tt«nI, 6, fit. Jiihn'i 
Siiuari>; VulUjhedby Simplan, MitrtluiU,il Co.. 8UUiOH- 
fr'i-HaU-Cuurl Lftrgo 4to. 1846. 

FKOST, JMcph. 

A Priuted Letter, dated, Jannftry, IRR8, — rcBpertinR tiKre 

being no " List of the SubMcribora, to tlio ith tdiiimi, of 
" The DiviDe LooHng-Olflss, 4o." 1780. . . 4to. 

PEAT, J., and Othcni. 

Bonos &( c^ratifnll ^raist Icr t^t Evc^.BIeaHRd, Glorioos King 

of SaintN And Merciful Imuiurtiil God, Our Lur!> JESita 
OawBT. (Knit Edition of the SoogBook.) 16mo. [1700?) 67 pagCBJj 

FIrtI Sons, by J. Prjt. 

SMOnd floHo, by Jamit Miller, 

TidtA Soxn, b; Jamei SlilUr. 
* Foiutb SoKo. llado on WnxiAX Bunixn, Bobhit tmiiuH aai 

EcuRM> T0KI.K11I1 rcaeiiing tbo Tnith, by Rubfrl /nfron. 
' Pittli RoKi), by ItonEDT iKr.UU. 

Siitl) SoNii, by Wii.i.[iiu Wonp, Jafnn-. 

8«TentL Suvo, by Biig/r Olirprr. 

BilClith SoHu. by Oforsf Ilfrmitagt. 

Ninth SoK'j, by Jtebfeen Datt. 

Tmth SoHu, by J. MilUr. 

Elevpntb Soso, by B. Gloper. 

Tvulfth SoNa, iJaiU Ih/ John Gala, onet Clrrk of Rfgam «■ BrrkMrt. 

Thirtfcntb Sonh, by Hayer (iUnvr. 

FouTUnntli 80KO, by lU'f/er (Ih-rrr. 

FifWwnUi Bono, by H'tJU^jin liV.nrJ, Poialtr. 

Siita'oth Suwo, by Rubrrt Pifkark. 

Svvi'utocutb 80KU, by i/om« MUlfT. 

EiKliltoctli S"Kci. by /'nj/rr Glovrr. 

Kiin'tii'iilli Sosn, by JtvJm ItV/itanw, 

Twentieth Soso, by ll'illl/im IKwirf, /■•itntrr. 

T««(lly-llr>« (iaiiKiiUi>d Twonly-flfth) Sono. by /Iiyo' OIotvct, 

NDtr,— Tho 4Ui Hid tAfc Sunn bf lUihnt IngruB, ■tin lacuH ■ atrdWr, 
M*nMlt*il IBlbtlkingUwlslUa. 

POWELL, Nftthaniel. 

■ — A trao Account of th« TrinJ and SuFTeriogs of Lodowick 
Hi.'tini.KT<>K, One fif the tint hut I'ropkfU iinJ H'r'lnnuM <ff 
ihn S'pirii, ]«tl by our Frifud Powell, who witneseed the 
Trial and nil hia Sufferings, tber«(c>re Ilo gins a more 


Wtin ANBWE&S. 



I POWELL, Nnthnnio),— fo«(mum(. 

L full uxi particulfLr Aocount of tbo Wliol« Proocedings 

I than tho Propiiot lias loft on Rooord, which is the Cauae 

^^m of my Printing it, That Bflitvur* may ntr hoie pati^ntlff onr 

^^1 ProjtAft boTt thiuf tJifffiitMi oti Trnth* Afeount. Knowing 

^^M when timo is ended, ho slionld meet his Ood. hie King 

^^m and Bedoemer, with all thosa that truly believe Joans 

^^B Christ, that was Crucified, was tho only aud alone eternal 

^^1 God, one Qlorious distinct Person in the form of a Man, 

^^1 who now reii^us in tho hij^liost Heavens, where we shall 

^H behold hia glorious Face, to live with him, and praiHO his 

^^1 Holy Namo for ever t 

^H 'Ito. Printed /lit T. Fever, {a, nirekiu.) 1808. 

^^^^ An Answer to Jameii Horet, ali<u Pattosoii, (an apoHt&te), 
^^ in M.S. 

SADDINGTON. John, bora at Arru^iy in LaeaUrihirf, about 
10S4, died in LomUm, Suptoinbor, 1S70. 

A ProepectiTe Glass for SAINTS and Sixxers : wliersby may 

appear and be aeen, 1. The Anthor'sLifeesprcEscd in the 

t first Epistle. 2. That there is no tme peace of mind in 
thoH« tltat account UiemKclvea Btilioveni, xo louf; as th«y 
lead a comirt life. A. Wliat f^'i^t Enemies tho Riclies 
of thirt World, and Poverty arc to Triitii. 4. Wluit that 
tmth and tr\n< knowl«dKO i'l whieh givoth MtiKfaction to 
the mind of Man in thu; life. And anroral otbar things 
OSoetBBry to salvation. By John Snjdin-it/nt, A tmo 
Believer of the Witocsses of tho Spirit, ecnt forth by tho 
immediate vojoo of God Almighty, in the year ItiSl. 
4to. Prinudin ikt Year 1G73. 
PrinUdintht Year 1619, attd reprinted /or J. May, bgT. 
B. Uttd^doM^n, tkid 8vo. 1828. 




Hett,— TUa book if not •(•eiiUf vttHoD iiinliut FilrTidi, tnt tt» Aaltus 

cbu^lB (!■•■" ^Ilh b*iuri]f Ki] uiti.«JirLiAia(, spirit "in duujiaK Uic jlc^iir^ 

nMUd or Uid lio^y «l cniin". 

Tho Aancuts of TacK Futh, depending upon tho Cotmra. 
HioK or THE SptBiT. Drawn np into Forty-Eight Heads, 
by John Baddikutoh, An Ancient Believer ; for the Benefit 
Ot other Believers, That tuim are, or hereafter iluUt eome 
to l/fUere; and to confound and disprove all despiaen, 
that aav, "Wo Imow not what wo beUerc." Anno 
£«MrfOM.- Prinud hy R. Bnwn, 36, $t. John Street, 
Cterkeuaell Rvo. 1830. 

HoU^— Od b Mptnto pBpnr ron* laitn, pt^^ «< 1^ e^vr d Ihr uha^ 
puarttok "lOu taU*TD Uul UiM> U iCid IkiU si d :Jt"nt'>i>l Ota) 
■bn* et MniBd th* Sun." 




SADDINGTON, John.—rantinund. 



4to. Ko itto. k 

TENNANT. James. 

Strc (tuh- Signocl J.T. . 

Beprinted, iritli the Aathor's name. 

4to. (A'o PriHUr't name. pUte* or iaif.) } 

TOMiONSON. Thomas, of Stadthouse, Sta/ordihirt. bom I68I, 
died aboat 1710. 

■— The Uabuont of the Thrbr CoMtnasiosta ; or, Sone but 
GaRiHT : Wherein is infallibly declared that all Pmphtu m 
the Time of the I^av, or under th« Jim Cammittion, And 
all AparlUt and Ministm in the Time of the Ootptt,Ao MOb 
of tlieiu annuimously agree in their Doctrine oouenuing 
OoD. .\nd that Mccording to the Doctrine of tlMlAtW Com. 
mrwum, which Doctrine was in the twofirrt C«mmima n i, 
Aod is more fuller in this, being thv ('ommunoiu of Mat 
Spirit : namely, that there is Now but Cbkut, .Vihu hut 
Chsut ; no otner God but oar Lord Jam Chritt, now in 
Heaven glorified. The first Becokd evidenced. Vnto >u 
a chUd i( hoi-n : unto lu a Bou m yiren : Ht shall he calltd 
tht mighty Ood unA the everlasting Father. — Isa. ix. 6. 
The second Krcueu evidenced. Great ia the mjttttty of 
Oodlinesa ; God manift<ied in Flak. Th^e art thne tkat 
br/iT fiecord in Ueaven, ic. — 1 John. y. 7- Tlie third 
RacuKu evidenced. In thf Dat/tafikf VoUeo/ihe Mvcnth 

AnRlil, abrn hr nhiil! beijiit l(>tniind,lke}d\iilOTy of QuothoU 

tffinuhtd. Hif Tiioujts ToHKiNKON. f'in't wnttto io lb« 
Year of our Jjord God 1002 ,- Bevined and abridgod by tho 
AuiJiar, and printed in the Year M.DCC.LV1I. 8vo, 1767. 

The MufceletoniauR Principles PREVAILING : Being As 

Auaw«r iu full to a Scaodalou* and Malitiona Pampnlct, 
Intituled A Cnit "Rtfuuntttun of tho Ahaurd and Ui<. 
chicvioujt PriocipIcK of the Bret called &(uoglkto)iiaii8 ; 
Whcrvin tho aforvnaid Priacipleo are vindicated, and 
proved to be infalUbly True. And Tho Author of that 
Libel, hiK Scandaloim Title and Bolnect proT«d u FalM 
to Truth, ae Light in to Darkness : And thjtt he knowe do 
_iBor« what the true Ood is, nor what the right Deri) is ; 
DOT any tme Principle or Foondatiou of Faith, for ail hi* 
gr«At Leamiag he so much hosts of, Uien those Jm» 



MUGGLETONlANa— cMiiinu^rf. 

TOMKINSON, Thomae,— cmrmtMrf. 

that put the Lord of Life to Death : For Uftmed and 
tanght UesasoQ is but natural, and bo falls short of the 
Glory of tiod ; as will appeu is the following DiaoooFsd. 
By T. T. 

4to. Printed in t/u Tear of our Ijord Ood. 1696. 

— Th« same, — Reprinted tnj T. H^iifward, Beach Strtrl, Ihttt. 

4to. 1623. 

— Truih'n Triumph: OR A WITNESS To tho Two WIT- 
NESSES, Together with an EXPLANATION or the 
Torments of HELL. Written by Thomnt Tmnldiiton, 
Dec«ae'd. And now publiahed by T. li. Pabt VIL 

4to. Prinud in the Year MVCCXXIV. 



26 pp. 

-(The Bunning Title :)—rn(tA'« Triumph: Or, <h* DeviU Toa- 

{John Middleton. liis Iwok, 1769.) 


Trulh't Triumph: oa a WITNESS to the Two WmreBBBs; 
Written by Thnmiu Tomkinton, Deceas'd. And now Pub- 
lished By Some Friends. Pabt Vni. 

I'ri7tled in the Year UDCCXJU. 
{John lUiddleton, his book, 1769. } 

^— (The Bunning Title:) — Truth's Triumph: Or, the SainU 3m. 


Nou.— TUa tpnan to be tli* wbols ol Tnitti'> Tfjnneb •• DrtBtod pmlimi 

— Troth's Trujmpb ; or. 31 iffliEnrt* lo tfei £hjo Wilntsua ; 
from that unfolded Parable of ©ur foii ani) ^obiour, 
Jttni tf lirisl. tbt jBifl^ »"ti Si'Sb'S ^"b, Mtittbew, obtip. 13, 
verse 80 to 42. wherein the riiiijiim en tills of Faith nre 
clearly discussed, Opened and EininitK^d ; ^('"3 Inaioa 
up into t|;icc Cig^t |ira)}s foUabtng : That is to say. 

24 pp. 

Fint . . qr thr Trur Gml. 

Benonillj . Oflht Tao Hrfiti. 

TJiiritiy . 0/ (hf Right Dei<il. 

Vounhljr . Of Prtdtitination. 

Fifthly . (Hthf I,aait Nature. 
Siillily . d/lKr Sinil't MorCatity. 
HltvisaMy Oflhr DrriVi TormtnU. 
Eiglithlj. Of Iht Sainl'i Joy. 

By Thomas Tomximson, A Believer and true Lover of tho 
Commission of the Spirit, being written for the benefit 
of himself and others, who are of the Seed of the Son of 
Alan, the Lord Jesus Chriet, tlio High and Mighty God, 
bfiing both Father, Son, and Spirit, in one single Person, 
bl«ued for ever. Amen. 

Be lM fmgetfvl to tnUrtain itrangert, far (y lAaf nwaiu (Dm* 
luir* rteeivcd AaaeU unaicarti, and haii mil tnovi if.— U«b. 
18. 3. 
Written in the Year of our Lord God, 1676 i Transcribed 

W 2 



MUOGLETONIANS,— wnriwtwd. 

TOMKINSON, Thomfts,— ftwimwd. 

b; thft Anthor, with somo AHoraUonR, 1600, and Printed 
l>7 SobtteripfioD, 1B28. 

Xonbon : iVinltwi by If. SmUh, King Strret, Lon^ Acn. 

4U>. 1699. 

A Practical DtscotmEE npon K^t Jndo. ©riginsUji 

SMrilltn by Thomas Tomkinbok, Gent. Being a copy of a 
Uajiusoript left with Thomas Tomkinaon Jim. hia tiraii4' 


Deal: Printed for Jameit May, d Jiaeph Oandur, by J. 

B. VnJ>^rdaw« 8vo, 1828, 14 

Halo.-. — Thin ut In illMlBCI •JlIlDDt ol tbU wmi 9s UM UUhi> 

AiitS8n(>bi 111'' ^'■^ UilBH lUlwl ITM. 

The Htstzbt of Faith, by Thomas Tomkinson, Cojiult bj 

Sauuel MoKBis Bailt, May, 1828. 

A SYSTEM of RELIQION, Sisgnlar and Surprising: 

Treating of the following Heads. I. Of the Nature of 
God, and that Josiis Chnet is the Only One and Troo 
God. n. Of the TEiyrry, in a Manner wholly differing 
from either tlio Altiannnnni or Arumt, n<!arer to the phis 
litcnd T«xt of the Scriptnro, and l«<ii liable to phUosopbi- 
«d obJAotions. m. Of the Dcril ; that he is no whore to 
bo foDDd, bat incarnntc in Man. IV. Of Ui<' Soil's 
dyinE with the Body till 'the EcBurroctiOD, ishcwing tliat 
the Notion of an immatGrial Bool diHtinot from the Bodjt 
is an inconceivable philonophical Abenrdity, and against 
the whole Tonor of the Scriptars. V. Of I^iwsriNATtox. 
VI. That there aro in Man two Priueiptfs natoral to hia 
ConfititutioQ, a good and a bad, which N«efs$aril!/ deter- 
mine his Actions, and are at Enmity with each other ; 
and how to know which is predominant. VII. A PhJlo- 
Bophical Manner of acconnting for the BisuuBEcnm. 
FaU^futly CuUrettit /rtrm d curimu Manutcrip{,Juund amtng 
lh« Paper* of Tho. Toukinhcin, Gent. 

8vo. Ij>Hili>n : Printed in tha Yiar, 1729. 9^ , 
Price Sticlit 2j. Bound &. 6d. 

-— Beprint«d by T. Ooode, 80 AifUtbary StrM, ObrtauMU. 

4to. I8S7. 16i 

Zion's Sonne*, 107D. M.g. Autograph. 4to. 116 leaves aikd 

appendix of 16 leaves. 

The Soul's Btruggh), 1681. M.S. 

lt««h— TMaMtlwl b7 kt*m BsmIL 




HUQOLETONIAN 8,— continue. 

TOMKINSON. ThoniM,— «w(HnMrf. 

•—— ThoObnBtianOotivarto,orCliiii)tiui]rUoBeTicw6d,l(>I>2.M.8. 

The White Dioell Uncased, 1704, is M.S. 

Itsto.— Tban(n(«e*dlU«UCitUililDUMMiiioTa4rto Oiutbo^ulo- 

Joyful Newes bom Heaven, for tbe Jewu vo called, 


Hot)!.— A Pwm Id M etuUM, CisiiHillH-d bj JLrdvs llnndl. 


A Brief Ooncorditnce of ull tlio Cliicf Heada of all the 
vritinga of Johu Beere And eomo of Uio writings of 
Lodowick Uuggleton, in U.S. . . 12mo. N.D. 

RoW.-^Inii*alUid b; WUUua CbsU. Fnt»U]r*oBpaHdbMinalW4(iiil 

70 pp. 

TUBNEB, Bobert. 

An Inbex To the Tliree WitnesBes on Earth, to the Ona 

Pereonal Qod Oioust Jesus. Mosfn ami Uie Prophtu to 
tlie Work of Creation, Curist and the A}'oit(ei to tlio 
Work of Bodcmption, Re*{w and Mu^gleUm to the Woxfe 
of BesarroctioQ. By Robeht Tcskeb. 
London, I'rinted/or the Author. [Price Ninep^noe.] 

4to. 1789. 



The TESTAMENT of the Twelve Patbwbchs. The Sons of 
Jacob. Translated ont of Greek into Latin, by Bokbkt 
Gbobthejld, eomctime ]3ishop of Liocohi : And out of Ms 
Copy, into French and Dutch by olhent; and now 
Sn^iahed. To tha Cndit trhtrcof, an Anciunt Grtnk Copy, 
writltn in Parfhmenl it ktjit in lius Vnivenaty Ltbrary <^ 

haniUin : Printed ly I}imja. Jlarru for th« Company <^ 
Slatwnurt l^no. 

Koth— Tbli bosl tn» (tnl prtnl^ In lETT. 

TuK Book or Bxoon tbe Proplict: nn Apocryphal prodnotioa, 
BQppofed for afcca to have been lust ; but diecovered at the 
oIohi; of the laut century iu AbysKinia ; now first trana- 
latcd from nn Etliiopio MS. in the Bodleian Library. By 
BicB&BD XiADUBKCK, hLJ)., AichbiBbop of Coebel, Ut« 





Professor of Hebrew in the Umveraity of Oxford. Ibitd 
Editiou, rt'YiBod and enlarged. 

Oxford, Privtrd in/ S. CoUiTUprood, Prinfrr to tht Vntver- 
»iti/,/or John Hmry Parker. Sold also bg J. O, and 
f! lUinnyton. Londoii 8vo. 1888. ISf 

Hou.-^Tba (Ula of Uu IM adlUim la ItBI, cad Uia ted (AUiia, IHK. 

hiBBi Eitocn Propbetffi rersio £thiopioa, qu» eectUi enb 
fiue NoviKHinii «x At>7)iBima Bnt&iuaiam Advecta Tix 
Tiiudem liitteralo orbi itiuotiiit ; £dit& A Bicordo L&a- 
renoc, LL.D, ArcliiepiBcopo CtutsLlicnu. 

Oxoniit, Typit ArMdtmiei'', imjWtuit Editori*. Proital 
vmuiUt apud J. II. Parktr, Oxonim ; «( J. 0. tt F. 
Rivington, Londini 8ro. 18S8. 10} 


PRO AND coy. 
ADAHS, Hannah. 

A View of IIbuoioks, in Three Puiv. A New Edition, 

By Andrew Fuller. 

LoiHion : PrinUd/ur T. WtUiam rf Co., A*. Sro. 1805. 88 


Memoirs of Beligions ImpoBtors from tlte Sevcutli to the 

Nincleuulh Century. 

London : Printtd Jar Jonet d Co., Want-iek Squart, and 
told in/ all liookteUers 12ino. 1628. 


A tme NARRATIVE of the Proceedinga at the Scenona- 

boose in the OLD-BAYLY, At a Seesions held there on 
Wedtusdax), the 17iA of January, 167!. Giving a fall 
Aooomit of the true Tryal and Sentistice of Looowica 
MuiHii.KTON For BhupbunoUK Wordn itnd Books. As 
aIko thoTrrnln mid Condnaaation of » Woman for killing 
her Butard Child ; and of a mnn for pcnoiiating aootber 
MTson in giring Bayl before a Jnd^. With an Account 
how many are Coadcmnod, Buni'd in the Hand, to bo 
Whipt, and Transported. With Ailo«an««, Kagtr 
L' Etlrangt. 

LvniUm : Printed for D. M. 167!. 

(BrU. .Vwnwi, P.P. 1849. a.) 




MUGGLETONIAN BOOKS, pro ftnil co7>,—cwtiit»*d. 

ANONYMOUS.— con f,«u.-d. 

• A Modest Accaant of the wickeA Lifo of that ^nni ImpOKtor 
Lodowick MuggietoD : wheroia are related all the ri-mnrli- 
kble ActtoDE he did, and aU the straD^ Accideut« thut 
have befallen bim, ever since his first coming to Loudon, 
to this Twenty fifth of Jonoary, 1G76. iHeo a Particular 
of those BessODS, which firet drew hj iTi to tbeee damn- 
able Principles: with several [ileasaut Stoiiea coucenung 
him, proving his Commisaion to be but Counterfeit, and 
himself a Cheat ; from divera Kxpresaioua which have 
falleti from his own Montli. Jjicenitcd according to ofder. 

Prinud at iMiidnn for If. fl. in 4to. 1676. 6 pages 

Beptinted in Tht UarUian MiHoelkny. Vol. 1. p. 810. 

4to. 1808. 

A True Rkpbksentation of the Absurd and Mischievous 
PRINCIPLES of the SECT. Commonlv known by the 
Name of Mu(hjlbtomuhs. (By Joai« WiLUjuts, afterwards 
Bit/top of ChieJi^ster.) 

London, Printed for Bw, Chi*w»li, at the Rom and Croivn 

in St. VauV* Church-Yard. . . 4to. 1694. H 

(Brit. Mutcuvt, !-^) 

■ VictionariuM Sacrum »m lUligioium. A DiOTioNiaT of all y 

BxuoiOKi, — whether Jfiri»h, Fa^an, Chrlttian, or Maho- 
irwdtn. More Particularly comprehending 1. The Lives 
and Doctrines of the Anthors and Propagators, Ac, [By 
Dahiu, Dkfob ?] 

The &nd edition, irith rrry tari/c Additlonu. 8vo. Lotuhn, 172S. 

KotA, — CoDl4tD>. Ao fteemi&C of Lodovlak MmHlMoo, and tarn Iwamt^ 

OBSERVATIONS on some ABTICLES of the Mui,^ 
toniaru Ckkxi>: vie. L That Matter existed without 
Beginning. II. That a Good, and aleo an Evil Principlt 
did eternally exist ; and that tii^ Devil had a carnal know- 
ledge of Etw. III. That God existeUi in the form of &d 
old Man about Six Feet high. IV. That God became au 
In&uit. V. That whibt Jtim Chritl wati upon Kartlt, 
there waa no God in lltavn. VI. That when Jenna 
Chrint died, God diud; and there wan then no God either in 
Uf^vm or on Earth. VII. That Mdoolktok and Rk.kvkh 
(Two Sectariee, who liVd in the time of OLI\T.B 
CROMWELL'S Protectorship,) were tu^ Dirinely ioHpired 




UUOOLETONUN BOOKB. pn> »ni ewi.—cottiniu^. 

AKOHYUOVS,— continued. 

Prophets ; from wboso Direction wo can onlj tmdontand 
the tme Boneo of &ariptiu«. i^poHod more immcdUtdy 
To tho Considertion of the PauciPAt. of the Modem lluo- 


London : PrinUd for the Atukon, And sold by It, UtU, 
oi fA« BibU iBui Crtiicn in lltt I'cmUry, [Price Six- 
pence.] SVO. 1786. 

(Brit. Mutntm, 106. b. 88.) 

Th« PBiNoirL.GB of the MuaoLEioiruiis assorted, nnder tbo 

follonins Ueads. I. On the Eteniity of SXatter. U. 
On the Kiifltence of Two Et«n)al Beings, On the Angels 
Fall aod the Pal! of Man. m. On Ood's eternal exis< 
(enoe in tbo form of Man. TV. That Ood became a 
man, and manifested himitolf in tbo Fleidt : and the 
Boriptnro doctrine of ttie Trinity conKidervd. V. Thai 
Jeaus Christ was Ood the Creditor of tin? World. VI, 
Wlieu Chriut d^wl God dyud .- Enocb, Motiou and Eliss 
wore taken up into Heaven and left with d«pated powtr 
there, wliilo God was porfonniug thv work of ndemptioo 
here on Earth. Vn. Concerning John Beere's and 
Lodowick Muggleton'a CommiEsion, with Mine observft- 
tioDs thereon. 

Price One SbQling. Bvo. Ijmdon, 1786. 60 F«ges 

KoU.— nil li • rmAj (s Uio (om(ir.los, 
A. B. |<^. AidcD DoihU.] ApFU im 

Tb* "AdtaUnmsDt" !• ilCB*! 

& CoKrEaBKCv betwixt a MuauueTOHum and a Bamist, On 
these Propositioiu : 1. There vuk uo God iu Heaves 
when Chnst Jeans wu on thiti earth. 11. Qod bcoanw 
w a Creature, 8iu exovptod. HI. God dy<^. 

London : PrinUd /or 'I'. Cooper, at th4 Globt in Pater- 
norter'Rou. Bvo. 1789. 

KotaL— TMt FUBpUd k ••■ IMhuw vI aoUta rnporiU<iBiv nrtateV 1b 
»wiUd tail blu, ukI Mttkvi la lb* BariiiWiML'— Jfi&Vi^c(&>. 

' the AmoToas Hmomtii and Andaeions Adventoree of one 
WII M t f H t » D. By a Muooletoruh. 

I.omi'm : Prmtfd/or ike Aulbvr, and mM by it. Watton 
Kf-rt thf Kirtfl't Aral* Taeem, Charirfry-I.MHt ; at ika 
rorntr qf Coek Cottrl, fating th4 (Hd ItaUey, LuJ^tn- 
Hill, unit at the PamfAUt iMoja of Ijondim and Wtft- 
miiuier, (Price fid.) .... 6vo. No d*ttf. 
{BrU. M>ut,>m. 1U77. K. &I.) 

tli4t.-lA BMn tc w Bfoc Utoty W MM ilAJ 





[UQGLGTONIAN B00E8, pro and ton.—amtimud. 
' Bailey, Hnthan, an English Gntmumruui and Leuoograi^r, 
who kept a, School nt Stepney, whero he died in 1742. 

Au Unireraal Etjiaological EngUsh Dioliouftty. tod 

oditioa 8tv. l^ndim, 172-i. 

BABLOW, Thomas, Biahop of Lincolu. 

The Gouuiito Bcmame, p. 81S 1698. 

•BUOO, Fraocis, (An Apostate &om the Qnakora.) 

The jQilorim's Btoarm from QvAKimHu to Chr%»tiamty, Ac. 

* * 4to. LoniU»i, IfiSe. 


Bcpriuted.— The 2iid oditioo. .... 8to. 1700. 

* Sh my daUlutrus uf PiUuila' Buuti, toL I, [i. B38. 

A C'llalixfu* of Book* u>rol« fcy Friin, Bugg. . 8vo. [1700.] J 

NoIa- — In tbli CVUiii^fi En an ''AdrnrClvninTil." ui4 T. H, n^ Uuirvln, 
~ TliM Id tbt UbiWT at Ckriil C'twk <.:iilJ»1a(> lii 'Ji/vnl, tbnre !• t? • 
Vottbr Ovulleruob. ■ IH«ii]c of (br Cljarrb'il JTno^MvMVOitlrt tif mc, «nd 

UB meat ftjiprnvwt Autbiira at itiAl H-ri. whiE^b I tULiik vo unm ilhaiii.4 
up (from il"lnjj *iiy mrtro barll, Vlrmi if- Fi'J't .l-rum-it ; to U »tf(^ 

Ibltlll Uu but IJUiJlut ul liiu lau{ uull Li> Ihal O. fut'i Omtl ttftltrj, 
As. >'nl., wlLb oui lU mun at hii lloobi, As., Aa. 

CAULILE, Richard, of iMulon. 

Tia Lion. A Tola. 

^oniton: 7*rinffiiami X^uiAUheit by Itkhard Carlilr, 62, 
f/*rf Strict Svo. 1828-1828. 

Kol<v-S» oosoORilait UumleMu In Vol U^ Ito. Ul. p. 361 ud In VuL ll 

BROWN, Tom. 

Works,— The Widow's WedOlug, 9th Edition, 1780. VoL 

4. p. 142-G. 


■ Aiigli<e Notilia, ITUi Edition 1091. 

„ 18th Edition JOM. 

*,* UuggliibnaUiic. p. STtL 


Cyclopicdia : or. An Univcreal Diotionarj of Aits and 
tiei«acea, Cth Edition, 2 voW. 

Lcmdom, PriMtdJar D. Midwinter, (and other*). 

Largo {olio. 1741— ITia 

AiUelg, <■ Uo^lgtsulNii.'' 

OHAMBEKS. Robert. 

' The Book of Days a MteocUauy of Popular AntifjuitiM la 
cotmectiou with thi> Oaloadar iuoluuiug Asccdoto, Bio- 



HUQGLETONIAN BOOKS, pro and con,—»mimt,td. 
CHAMBERS, tioheit.—eontinued. 

gmphy, 4 History, Curiosities of Literature and Oddities 
of Uuman Life and Cbaracter. Edited by K. Chambers. 
Id 2 ToU. 

W. 4 R. Chambtrt, London and EdintnLrgh. liox^ 8to. 18M. 
Sw— Hiator; of Lodowiek Ma£gtotot>, vol 1. p. 861. 

DUNTON, John, Printer, of I.rmdoH. 

~— P<wt Boy robb'd of his Mail, (pp. 422-482) 2Dd oditn. 1706. 

DYCH£, TboDUt, SohoolmMtor at StTatford-U-bow, Middlutx. 

• A New Oonet&l English Diotionaiy, the 11th Editioo. 

Limdon : Bto. 1760. 

AttUU, -VanMoMaM." 

EVANS, John, Maeter of a Seminary, hlingtim. 

A Sketch of the Denominatiou of the ChriRtiso World, Ae. 

The 18th Edition. . . . 12mo. London, 1814. 


FBISWELL, James Hain. 

TuLU : Readings from Rare books. By J. Huo FrUweQ. 

Author of " The Gentle Life," etc. 

London : Sampton I^io, Son, and Manton, MiUon Hotue, 

Lwlyatt Hill 8to. 1866. 28 

GORDON, Alexander, of Xoncieh, late of Livrrpool. 

— — The Origin of the MuitRlf^tonifeiiK : a Pnpcr read before tbo 
Liverpool LitermrY and Phil ono phi cal Sociuty. April 
6tb, 1869. By Alexander Gordon, U.A. 

D. MarpUi, Printer, Ijyrd Strttt, Livirpool. 8to. [1669.1 •* 

Aiwietit and. Modem Uoggletoniaas : a Paper ntA befon 

the LiTOrpooI Literary and Philosophical Society, April 
4th, 1870. by Alexander Gordon, M.A. 

Liverpool : Prinltd bi/ D. Marple$, Lord Street. Bto. JIBTO.J 

GBANOEB, J., Vic*r of Shiplakf in OifordMhir*. 

Biographical History of England. Vol. 4, p. 200. 4th 

Edition 8vo. 1804. 

••• Oaamalin. ad AmoodI of UA»M VncclMon (ud Ui hrtnlll. 

HENDERSON, William, Brother of Pathicx HaKuxxso*. of 

^— Truth and Beuon defended anjsst Krrxir and fiurwMif 
Etiry, in a Pdbucx Disrure, held at the Sia^it in the 



MUGQLETONIAN BOOKS, pro ani con,— eontm^ud. 

HENDERSON. Vlimua,— continued. 

SiitrawjK, SouihuaTk, OH ttie 16th and 18th days of Deo., 
1728, between Jobn Bawtinson, u MiiijgUtonian, uid 
William HeoderKDii, n (^uakfr, in the preHence of ROdc 
UoDidredH of People, Ac. — I'ablUkrd ty Wiluau Ukhdm- 
KM. 8to. Loftdm, [1726.] t\ 

Bh mf 0>laIa(H It nuoOi' aaaK nL 1. (. Mi. 

HUTCIUN80N, Thomas. 

The HJBtory of the Province of MasBftohueettB Bay [1628 

to 17601 . 8 toIb. 

Jioiton. 8vo. 17M-67. 
Znqniier (The). 1868. 

LiEBLIE, Charles, oi I/mdon, bom in Inland. 

The Snake in the Grass, or Sat«a transformed into an 

Angel of Light Svo. London. 1696. 89 

Beprinted. — See Gbarlba IiKaus, p. 867 of this Catalogos. 

UACAULAY, Thomas B., of London. 

HistoryofEngland, vol. 1. p. 164. , . 8to. 1848. 

Beprinted. — See Too. B. MActuLxr, p. 278 of tMs Catalofa*. 

BEES, Abraham, D.D.F.R.8. of Londm. Son of Lowia Iteea, 
a dissenting Minister in Mont-jovirrythire, 

The New Cyclopiedia ; or. Universal Dictiooarr of ^iJ». 

I Aiitna. anil ^iliralatt : formed npOD a more enlarged 

^^ Plan of arrangement than the DioUonary of Ur. Cham- 

^B bers. Large 4to. London. 

\ SCOTT, Sir Waiter, Son of Waltex Scott of Edinburgh. 

Woodstock (a Novel) vol. 8. (p. JMM.) . . . 18a«. 

BEWEL, William, of AvuUrdam. 

The History of the Bise, Inerease, and Progreas of the 

Christian People called Quakers, ka. Folio. London, 1722. 168 

B«pd.— Beomy Catalogue of Friends' Books, vol. 2. p. 661. 

1BABPE, L, A.M., of Sttpnty, London. 

A Now- Years- Gift to the Batcliff Convert, (against tb« 
MwyjlttoHianit). 8vo. 1717. 

li — The Spirit oj Two Prttmdtrt, John Been and Lodiviek 




UUOOLETONIAK BOOKS, pro and con.—amtintLcd. 

6HABPE, l..~amlinued. 

Magneton : Or, some Shobt Beiubks Upon this Toar'a 
Editipn of Tlie Divi'n Looki'ig-gla** : or. Third and La»t 
TetUanmt qf our Lnnl and Savwar Jemui Chrut. In ft 
Letter to a Frieud. Fart II. By L Sbakps of Sttjmtf. 

Aad thtfl had n iinp over (firm, u-AifA ii Iht Angel oflht Bottom' 

Utt Pit, trhnie Name in !he llebrrui Tongue u AbadJnn ; but in 

tht Ortfk Timgue liath hU Nanu: ApoUyon, 

Conur out of hiv, my S'eirpU, thai gt br not Farfaiun of Vr Sivt, 

and that j/t rfr«i" iui( u/ hrr Ptaj/urt .- for ktr Siat Kact 

- nachti wKo Hraefn, unit (iod hath muembTttt htr tnifultitt, 

IUt. 9. 11. IS. 4. S. 

LonAm, Prinud/or R. Within at the Khtti'i Head m St, 
Ptml't Chunk- Yard, and O, Slnihau aC ths Goldf» 
Bait m Comhil ; and mid hy J. Morphetp near Sltt- 
tiontn-flaU, Kd}t<ard linidum and Paul Sorrel, 5(a> 

. ttoiurt in itaUUf. Frico Six PcaM. . 9vo. 17S0. 

KbM^-A a»T (d Um than vntn jwnphlul U In tha UhnTT «( JJuudB 
>dfM,KUlluB01l4 ]wk4^, El^ntfLrl. Ixindnn, Tim uinnjrjnnna taui on f]4«« 

IB Ih* HB* HnUiiiuu'ii UI<»Fy. SuUi (lu> pun^ 

bqA Um iBfetw dub Auu to our kutnlmlim vbUirt baaBiiuf *^*** OilsluinM 


Tile (iuiKEKB QuutBLKs, in Three Piirts, Firrt eot forth is 


Pretended Propliet, hoD. Muoolbtok, and the Qnakoni 
compared Svo. London, 167S> 16 

VAUOUAN, Bobert Albed, B.A. 

>— Hovua wim nuc Mvmica. A Contribution to the Hutoiy 
of BdigiooB Opinion. B; Robert Alfred VaQ^ian. In 9 

Lmdon: John \V. I'arbrr and Son,Wait Strand. 6vo. 1856. 

KoM. — la VOL 1L ti. U& " The llQ(glal«duw. TiIKti M^inufibj me*, nd 
Buitort uf tboH A«ji Btm (ba flUfipUcioAj mW uui diit c«aA ^ bj ibo 
nud Uam, but uaiirnll]!' not Ihg IlcimKiDUttn* ul ICuslMi UrdMRD. 

B«print«d. — 'Die tiecood Edition ikvised and Augmented 
I^ the Antbor. 2 vols. .... Bn, 1860. 

WEITEHBAI), George, of Orton, Westmoreland, iMt of landon. 

—— The Qnalter'e Plauutogs Detecting VkUMn, In Two Bhort 
Treatises, I. The Fint in Anewer to an abnave Epistlo, 
stjl'd Tht QiiakfTi' Quibblu: and the comparison tberetn 
betwean tko MaggUtoniant and Qiuiktrt, proved Akmird 
Wd (Aywi, Ac. 

6vo. I'riHUd in tht Ytar, 1674. 




MUGGLETONIAN BOOKS, prt> aM am,—€mitM»ud 
WILLIAUB, JohD, BiBhop of Chicbeater. 

8m aaia UnaaiatoaUkH. Anw« p. 3tT. 

WYETU. JoBoph, of Londo7i. 

—— Angnis I'TagGlIatna : or, a Switch for tho Siiako. Being 
L an Anbwkb to the Tbiid and Last Edition of tho Snasb 

I m TUB Grass, kc . , . 8vo. London, 1609. 



Ad Ov&l paintlnz of tha Heatl and Bant, ia the Bird Qollct; 

at the Britieh MuBotmt. 
Pajntiuf; fnll lengtli by Mnggleton's Friend, WilUam Wood, 

of Braintree. — In tho poeseaeioii of the Maggletonian 


Caste of the Prophet's featares taken after death. — From 
tbiti eaitt a ^bo. CopjMsr plato engraved was exeoaled by 
0. V. Caffec!. It bears the following inBcription : " Lodo- 
wick Muggletoa, Dyed tho 14th of March, IC9J, then 
aged 88 yoars 7 months and 14 dttys. An orl^al iin- 

grsBBion of thia, 4to., Mezzotint, woe priced by a Loodon 
rintsellcr a few yooTH ago as Extra Itaro £1. 11. 6. 
Later impresBions were pubUsbed by Cuulfiold and Her- 
bert. 4to. 17!>4. 

A Small Oil Painticg from the eame, by Biobord PiokcngiU 
in 1818. 

A half lenplii en^raTing was exGcntcd by J. Eennorley. from 
the full length Portrait, iu 182^. Prefixed to tho "Song 
Book," at the expuneo of Joseph and leaae Frost. — This 
CD^aviiig has been Photographed Oiu^e-de- Visile stee. 

ttoM*^Tbim VA CfiUcfltlaiu id UDulet/in'* vciifcjk uiiT kl»> uf hit (ioltDiw^ 
in Ihs Uhm; nf llin tliitlili MnwQm] In Uio )><hI1i>Lui Uiimj. ■> 
Oifoidi \BiiiooCntie,a.U.oH»B WMli In I>i, WllUuni-a LI)inrT.<ta«n 
Saur*. BlADDflloin ; In Uw FriacHli^ IjXata, DcvDnaUn &odm, Buuopfr 
all atnat Wllhout 1 bi Ibo rWmfa* IArwv «/ ABUoil IMriMw*, I, 
mJOior^aU Htrtit, tciOuMt, lad In Uh ISbnij nt BL VmaTt "•■'■Tirt, 
I* k Tolmni <■( FamiihlMa la irhlfli I* wrllMa, 
"SMb AofluIlSTS. 

fluall. Msunil 

* I Wudnu." 

lUi^Lud Clark ) 

ADOllKr rolanir U in tbl Ulmr^ of LADitHlh I'ktuB. kin iBliDd ti7 Om 
WHFdvbH of Ibt VultrpiMrv' OimpADj. to vblob Li flD^ne4 oa tt» Mita of 

lb* tni* p*e<! or ib« Oni triHi, 

"Aiut. nth, int. 

ULuhud Cluki I 






■ A Cutecbimn KgHJDSt QiwknriKm. 

FIBIiD. John, JUthor of "Piety Prnmotmt, As." 

An Aatwrr to * Citiibiim «Kftitiiit Qnnkftrt. By K. K. SIiwriD( 

hill Abitse of tliu Pf^plp called Qu&koT*> and miirepnMnto- 
tioolB of tboir Doctrinefl' 
LonJnn. yrinttd/or TAd. NorfkeoR, in Otorfft-jiariliii Imwi- 
batd Stutt lUmo. ItM. 



An Epistle. 

WHITEBEAD, Oeorga, of Orttm. in Watmanland, Uit of tMttdiM. 

TbBCaunuKTTTofthcPxoruicominniily MliwlqciKSMTlDdi- 
eAtod, Irom Antlntirintlui Opponilimi — III. Id k briKf CoD- 
•IdmUca o( an BplHlln ilirHcUd lo Frifndi and Brrthttn at 
' iKeir n«M OmrrtU Urttins in Limilon. Sijoipd K, K.. but no 
Nam* lo il. BJimircly Tradend in bahall of the afotaatid 
F*ople and thaii Aceietit FiiMida, b; ■□me ol then. 

NAL50N, Henry, D-D. 

Foxes and Firebrmuda, fto 4lo. 1680. 

Rspiint^d 4(0. 1661. 

B«|»i]it«d.— The Fint Put, 2iid Edition, vitb m Seeoad 

FoxM and Firebrands, Tliird Part. . Bto. 1689. IS 

Bm AlrOltTHallt, 

NAK6LE, Edward, of AtJuU, Provinoo of GmmnifAt, Coonty of 
Mayo, Irtland. 

Th«AchilIUissionary Herald, foTAwnut, 18H. — Proprietor 

B«T. Edward Mangle. — Publisher George Awe. 

XsM. Tht (bon Mtilttu ■ ItnTin i4 «ush Oi*ir*i "Qiuktrloi, m Um 
SlofT Bf my lAlv, A«. " For kbm ptrtLoakn iMHiMnlin ibt umim ni f 
HH(i>m-l Uianbj. « rW »ilHJk/Hn4.t«Mh, — •— iilfci 

NEEDHAU. dement, a Presbytema of S<m»%, fn tho Fob tff 
Bfbxnr, LtieetUnhirt. 

A Bober Diiqtiicition of the People's Ri^t to ^rtbes. 167S. 




NEEDHAM, Clement,— eontwi>M«f. 

BCDTARD, Tbmats, tnd Willum Gibiom, ot LonJon, 

— TmiM EnDKD b; Chbist trith Uid LuTiticBl PiifBthooil, uid 
Uurctote DO Jiaioteniuioc for a (ioirpcl Miniatry. — Being u) 
An*wer to two Beyiliog PiuDphliil*,— The Onn by C. N. » 
JVu^t^uR, and tlie olliar by Crm WhratUt/. *d EpxHOfol 
Print. T)i« aaid C. N. uiil C. W. uii herain Justly rabiiliBd 
tor tbtiir emuity nud LJ'uk A^uinxt l)ie Pi>n)>t« of Gf>d, ftail 
thaii tirguiii«uU »Dd PI<ci lor Tylbeo cvD8id«r»d uid toUj 
■uawerod. {Pastnaript by GnaKua Wait.; 

iXo. PrinUd in tht Ttar, 1673. 

WILLBFOBD. John, of Nfther-Brouektan. u LiiceiUnMre. 

The Lying Spirit and Palie AdperliDDi torDod boina kgus, or 

•n Au«wer t<i loo B«vi1iug Letlem nboul the FrnjiUi Right 
te Tylhu, sent to the Fmplv MlJ'tt Qualrri m Ihn Vail of 
£«IIi>Mr, by Cl^mrac Nr«rfhani, » iVfifiytman; vlio writM 
hiiwall A l^aTtnrr in th< County ef Leiovater. By J. W. 

ItO. Printed in tkt YtOT, 1ST3. 

^KEEDLEB, Benjunin, Beolor ot St. Margaret-Mout, Friday 
Slrttt, London. Of St. John* ColUg*, Oxford. A. worthy 
DiTLDC. After he wu ejected, he lived uid prcKohod 

Srivateljr at Nttrth-Wamborouyh, in HampthiTe, wfacnr b« 
ied in 1682. Works. — Eipoeitory Notes, with practical 
obBerrations on the first five Chapters of Genesis. — Three 
Sermons in the Morning Extrtwi. — A Poem on the 
Death of Mr. Jtr. Whilaker. — Palmtr't XoneanformuU' 
Memorial, vol. I, p. 122. 

Qtiakerism No Christiuuty, io. By John Fsldo. (Epittl* 
subscribed by Benjamin Needier and 20 other Divines.) 

8to. 1878. 

Bm Jobs fujia. 

PENN, WilluuD, Founder ot Prmuylvdnia. 

k JotT Rkbuek to One uid Incty I,««med and B«T«T«od 

DIVINES jao i>BlIed) Being Ka Kaitm to ftn .ibwii<( KpinU 
igkinat the Quakcn. Ac 4K>. 1S7I. 

KELSON, Robert, a learned and pions writer, was bom Jana 
23, 1656, at London, where his Father carried on th« 
business of a Turkey .merchant. He was educated at 8t. 
Panl's School, and next under Dr. Boil. aft«rwarda 
Bishop of St. Davids. When old enough for the Univer- 
sity, he was entered at Trinity Collrge. Cambridfte ; and 
in 1680 he went on his travels, accompauied by Ur. 
Edmund Haliey. In 16S2 he cuArried Lady Lucy, who 
oonooaled frum him the cirounuitatiue of her being a con- 
vert to Popery, which, though it affected bim greatly, did 
not alienate his affections. Mr. Nelson was strongly 
Attached to James II., and he continued to comfflanieate 






NELSON, Robert,— MmtMiwd. 

with the KoQ-Jarore till tho doftth of Bishop Lloyd, whoa 
h« nitumod to tbo ostaiblished Church. Ha Uved oa 
tomu of intisoMy with Archbishop TiUotwn ; ani van 
the leidoa* promoter of all worka of ohuity. He did 
Jta. 16, 1714-lS, and vaa buried in tlio Ccmotciy of St. 
Qoorgo, Quoen Square. — Jiiog. Britt. 

Life of Bishop Bull. {Portrait.) 

, 8vO. 1713. 

NEUSB, H. 0., and others.— Sec Quuskb, Uistoria, &c. 

NEWMAN, John, of 
The Light WiUiia, Ac. 

OOAI'B, Jo*tah, ol WinUrlnimJt In tilmuMtcnUfv. 

A Vknitlcntlnnnftlioliinnr WiTitni, amUniit tli»DMfcil«M, Kftoy, 

•iiil IiIiuit''icoi7 olJohn iV^iraun, ui ilia Book, anlitoM, Tk* 
Light Wilkin, itii. ...... Ata, 

Bopnnitd in bk Worlu, (poQ) SOB.) . . . . 4(o. UTl. 

WHITSHBAD, Gwitsn, of OrUm, WatmorfUmd, Iwt o[ /.oiuloii. 

Chriil AuMndivI abnin Uia CicDim, hii JHoinlty, Light ir >fitn. 

Uii LiciuR Tht Wiyrd, His Wiiti! In Sainti, Ilm tK<iui; tliu onhi 
leati ofid Sulr .'■■iii'iK-iicif from tbu rluadj, orrcnieuiu, boretwu. 
MldhtMlitliililiillii CoIi«riUC>f Joltn '" ii illilll.«llil lli«lll><liim 
—And Ih* Mid J. N. bin Dook, atilvd. The Ufht irfiAfn. ite. 
(vMll bl* HMtltMt Con trad] ctinnH. IiuUi ii(irii>lnnm^T. Iiiitod- 
mXtj, mi tMklullj oxMntDoL li; m ■■rraiit ol Ukriat, U. 

4lo. Lonibn, PrinUd in tht I'ror, 1669. 

NEWS BOOKS.— See Pebjoduui. Pcducatiojis. 

NEWTON, Bonjdmiu Wills, of Pljpiumth. 

A ItemonBtriuKKt to tli« Society of Frioud», by B.W. Nowton. 

IjoniUm : I'uhlifhtii by SUi^t 4 Co., Btnuvt StrM, Sold 
bij Hoitf, l'l<f»ioHlh ISmo. 18W. 


TBBFPBT. loMph, ol JTjnnautA. 

^— Strlrtnre* on ■ Ul« imblioBtion, enttthd, "A Bmboii 
lb* Stxaatj ol FrfoDdi," 
Limd.m: J. it A. ArtK, Comhiai Dorfm «m 
OtttttlUirth Strt4l, ttc 

NEWTOS, Samnel, of iVorwicft, a Prtsbytman Priest. 


8vo. 18X. «| 

A Lkttxh to tli« Author [Jakes BaKZLr) of a Lxraui to 
Dn. Forhvt; in wlu«h •oms of the pnmilinjt aentinenta 
of that worthy Body of Hen eudlod Quucrm, m thay ttnod 
in Ur. BoKKDT Bftscubv's Ai'otjaar, and aa tlii^ are 




NEWTON, Samne!,— mn/inwrf. 

toached upon in that LKTiBit, are freely diRenaBed, and 
tbeir apprehended natural Tendency mauifeated. 

Norvich: Prinlnd by Richard Reahiifft, in the Cockty- 
Lant : And lold ly R, Ualdmn, in Paltmotter-Roiv, 
London 8vo. 1767. 5} 

PHIPP8. Joioph of Koneieh. 

Ob«ervtitiou« uii n Ule AnonymonB I'uliticfttioD, intituled, A 

Lettci to tbv Authiir uf a Lcttar lu Dh. Pohukv. fto. iu Tia- 
diMtlm of Robort liaroliiy . nni the Pkixciti-kh ot tho roaplo 
wilod QankriT. cy J, rtiippii. 

Londun .' PrinUd and Sold by Mary lUnde, at Na. 3, fa 
Otorgt-yard, l^mbard Scrttt, tte., tte. . . Sro. 1767. 7| 

' The Leading Seutimonte of tli« People called Quakers 
examined, as they are stated in Mr. Uobert Barclay's 
Apology ; with an answer to what Mr. Phipps has ad- 
Taneed for th« defence of thorn, in hia observations upon 
on Epistle to the Author of a Letter to Dr. Formey. 
London: Printed ty S. Bure.hatl, in Aldrrfgate-Streft, 
/or E. and C. IHlty, in the Poultry. . . 8vo. 1771- 16J 

PHIPPS. Joaaph, o( Nonaith. 

The Oriinnal ouJ PreiioDt 8titl« of Mxx. brinfly oomJilnreil ; — To 

wbioL HD) Hdddil, 8riiu« Rr MARIS (lu tl]e ArgutueulH »! Hiuunel 
Ntmtoo. of Nrprwi"h. By Jiibrph Pnin's. 

London : Fnnlrd and Sold by Mary Uindt, at No. S. U 
Qtorfe-yard, Lombard Slritt, lie. . . 8f0. ITTS. 


Boprinted, — S«o my Caialogiu of Friandi' Bookt, toL S. p. 4U. 

' An Appondis to a late FubUeation, ontitlod tfao Loading 
aantiments of tho Quakers examiued, &o. By 8. Nowton, 
of Norwich. Being an nuiswer to tlic imncipnl thingH 
advanced by Mr. Phippti io his luKt porformance, in 
which the Author tnkoo hi« final leavo of the Controversy, 
with a friendly addresH to Mr. Phi|)pH nod hiH Brethren. 
Xorwich : Printed by J. Croiuo, for M. Booth, m the 
Market-pUice 8vo. [About 1780.] 

PHIPPS, JoMOib, of Noraieh. 

A Bxri.T to a Lato PnblUntum of S. Nvnton, OiI Konridh, IntiUi. 

IviP, All Aj^iiduitii, ke.. Ill ,V[is»(>r towliiob \i\» plainly them, 
liist tho QTiiik«r« am not Calnnitlt: TkM tho Qoiipbl oora* 
prehoiitii nioi* Ihsa tTarvli, or the bus Stmi of WufiIh ; ud 
tbkt tbe 3riBii ot Tbuth ih to bo txptrimetd Hail lemibly ftU 
Is the Uinda uid OjUBoituct-B u( Mfh. 

Lmldolt: Printed and Sold by ItiehardMon anit ['nfuhttrt 
wider tlie Itoytit Enhuniif. and U. Hindi, at So. 3, in 
Oeorge-yard, I-.umbardStriei. . . . 8n>. I77i. 





SOBLE, Jolm. MJl.. of Smnon in TorkMrt. Of CMtt (htUyt, 
CantbriJgt. Born at MUby in Holdm pariah. 1811, AJd- 
mitted at CantbriJ^ in 1680. In IRST lie was Uinist«r 
at WluUfl/t. Id UHQ be removed to Smrton. He waa an 
excellent, lueful, and eolid divine, a man of an liapi^ 
memory, a f^at prosenee and reatlincsB of wit ; a minin 
oppoaer of tlto faotiouB and Lurrica of the times. HatUM 
much trouble with the Qitnlierx, whom ha often oonfnUi 
iu DccaKiocal and set dieputationn. He waa an cxoeUo&t 
diApiitant, ami never lost or disparaged his oanao or hia 
reputation by iguoranoo or passion. In the latter part of 
Lie life he prcaehod to a private congregation at I'onU/raet. 
He died Frh. II, 1C70, aged 68 yea«.— Poimer"* StmcoK- 
/ormuW Memunul, vol. 2, p. 675. 

NOBBIS, John, an English Divine, was bom in 16R7, CoUin^ 
bomf- h'in'jitmi in M'ilulitn, of which place his Fullicr waa 
Uinister. He had hie edncation at WinehfMfr-Schooi, and 
next at Exeter-ColUgf, Oxj'orJ, from whence ho removed 
to a fellovmhip iu All-SouU, where he took hie MaatoT'x 
degree in IGBj. He wua preeented to the Rectory of 
.Wu'lvn Si. Ijie. in Somfmetsliin, in 1680 ; and in l(!(tl to 
that of limtfrton, near Saiiihuri/, where he died in 1711. 
Mr. Norris wa« much attached to tlin Platonic system ; 
and lie ie accountod one of the moat omiseiit of tlM 
IdoalistB. — Biog. Britt. 

— — lUaum and lUli^vm : or, the Groonds and Mcaenrox of 
DxvonoH, Consider'd ftom the NATtKx of God, and Uio 
JRxInn of Blan. In several Contemplationii. With 
Kx«rci*t* of Pevotion applitd to every Contemplation. By 
John Sarrin, M.A. and Fellow of AU-SouU CoUedge id 

Ijondon, Primed /or Samiul ManMp, at tki BttO in 

Grmhil 8vo. 1889. 171 

BxPLEtinoNs Upon the CONDUCT <rf foman ^^It : With 
reference to the Study of I^aminy ana KnoftUdj/t. In • 
Letter to the Excellent Lady, Uie Lady Matham. By 
John .Vorm. M.A. Rector of .Vnrfon Si. J/o*, in Somtr- 
uukirr, near Bath: and late Fellow of AU-S<»ilt College 
in Oj-fxrd. To which is annex 'd * Viaitation Skukmi, By 
tJio same Author. 

IjMdo»t PriMfd for S. MAnthip, at ihf BOuk Ball in 
OmihiL StIXJXa . . . . 8vo. 1690. 
{Brit. Muttum. B?3. f. 19.) 




NOBBIS, John,— continued. 

fi«priated. — The Second Edition with Large Additiona. 
London, Pri'ittd for S, Mimtliip at the lilaek Bull in 
Carnhil. MDCXCI. . . . 8vo. 1691. 

{BriX. Muuvm, 8407. b.) 

TICEBIS, Riohard. i>f Clu^-lltagna io SanitnfUhtri. 

' A jut JStptttftnii™ to Joiia NonniB at Nfictim :Vf, to*, for hi« 
UnjiiKt Kvllxntlon on th* (JonkKrn, In Ii(* Bonh, KnlilulvJ, 
Btjirctiifn^ upon thf ConduTt vf Hiinuiii Lift. dS;. ToKi'lhor 
witb bis False tUiprHHAillMiou <i( tb«ir PriDoipli^ ul tbo LiKbt, 
Ld hU PontBenpt. Hhorein bu oppmes it to liin Notioii of tho 
d^oiiF \oyo^ or Ideal aorid, &a liu tdimi it, &a. By Birluad 
PrinUd itiul SvUt In) T. S. a( Ift* Cnuktit-Biaet, in Holy- 
letU-Lane, in Shortdilch 4ti]. 1001. 


BLVS, Bdmond, oi Totiutt io Devontkire, 
Chunsh of Eagliinil. 

A CleTsyiiiui ol the 

— Il<4IeoUonN apoa some pMMgM, in a Book. EatituloJ. Rcflao- 
tion* on tho ooDitaet o( Himuui tMe. Wilb livlorMieo ki tho 
Stud; ol iMMUTung wi4 Kaowlciljie. By Edmnnit Elyi. 

tio. No Printiv'i namr. place or datt, 

A, Skbmon Preuli'd in tbe Abby Ohuroh of BATB, Before 
the Bight Beverend Father in God, TUoMAS. Lord 
Bifihop of Batb and Wellb : At his VraiTATioM held 
there July 80. 1689, By John Norru, M.A. lEector of 
.Vmrlan Si. Lut, near Bath, and late Fellow of AU-So^ 
College in Oxford. 

London, PHnlfd in the Year 1690. 

TIiO flftnM. 

London, Printtd in thf Yfor 1691. 

Two Treatises cooceming the fiUniu^tgbti the First, Baing 
an AoEwer to a Letter of n Learned Quaker, wUcb he 
ia pleased to call, A Just JUprthfuniau to John Norris for 
Ail Unjtut lUjlectiont an iht Quakers, in hi» Hook EntituUd, 
Befioctiooa npon the Coudact of llomao Life, Ac. llie 
Second, BeinR a Discouree concerning the groesneea of 
the Quakert Notion of the /.t;;A/ Within, with their Con- 
fnEion nod Inconsiateucy lu Explaining it. By John 
Norris, M.A., Rector of lirmerion near Sarum, and late 
Follow oiAU-SoitU Cotlego in t^xfard. 

London, Printed for Sam. Manthip at the Blofk Bull in 
Cornkil, nntr lit Boyal Exchm<i*. . . 9x0. 1692. 

WHTTEHBAO. Otorge. ol Orion. WeitmartlanJ. last of r.#iwton. 

Tb» DtviHH LtovT ol Cltriiit in Uui, uid hti Hodiiktiaii Trolj 

oootsMed bj lb« People otUod 4 fntm. lu • Briot uid Oantle 





N0BBI8, John,— c(m/inu«i. 

WHITEEEAD, Ooore*,— conlina^J. 

Exitin<tift([<>a of John NorrU hit Tvo TnAtiuBa eon««nullg 
thn p!i-inr I.iffht. lotdndoil to wipo oil hlM tmciuo Ilrflootion 
cl iliroiiruti Bod Con/iuiorttin [lin Qiuiltm Nolinn ultboJIMt 
Witbln, With a PDitU«rlpt to J. M. ByO. W. aSorvaiitot 

1> bftitvf in Oorf frclicrfr aJ(o (n nw. Jo. H. I. 
Lmul'fn : Friiiltil for Thonuu Norlhcotl, In Oearjie-yaTi in 

Lombari^lntt BmallSvo. \69't. 1| 

VICZBI8, Biohard, ot ChnB-Magna In Somfruuhir*. 

— TiiUTii ftud IxNociKor Do(«mdod, Being a •obor Beply, Xo nan* 
EiomMii. in ■ TrcatiBp, written by Jonn NoiintB. concerning 
Ibe IHilneUght : Wln'-riiin int. pi'ni<:>iiiil llfUfctionRimii Ui>- 
nprMcotatlomi ol thn QiiHlietii alKiul Uicir Kriuoiplo ol tho 
LiHht, ;iro (iirther coiiBiijeKil. By Ricuakd Vickkt*. 
4lo. London: I'tinUd and loldby T. SoieU, ol thtCrooktd- 
BilUt, in, in Short^tth, <ii tA< year, 169|. 

ELTS, Edmund, of lotneit in [>nonthirf.. 

> — A Lkttek fn>ni Kdinund EUii*. A Mluuitmof the Oliareh of Enit- 
\aai. to John KurriB, aootbcr Uitiiatur of tho ■uoo Ohnnlii 
> Id Vindioatioa of tfao (jotinnii fiom the ebuTBe ol being 


4to. lHo PHnur't nam. arpUut, ISM.] 

^^ SpiitiTUAL CouMtiKL : or, tho FaUier'e Advice to hie Can.* 


Uear vt Childrm ihe Iiutrwtion of a Father, and A Uend to iiw« 
Vaatrttandlng. — Pror. i. 1. 

Treatibes npon Several Sabjcctu, formerly Printed Sraatr, 

now collected into 0iu Colnmi. Written by the Revetecd 
Mr, John NoasiB, lUtlvr '>f Bemertoa mar Sortun. 

London : Prinud Jor S.Mamhipatthe Shipntartht Royal- 

Ejtlian'jf in OirHhilt 8vo. 1697. 82| 

Met*. Tliii Vol. (uDtaiDi, 

"KvmcTiniii gpon tlio CnHni^i-T Dl ]|niRnr Hill, <&' |v IK- 
"A SiuioiT ttrwb^d Id ibi^ Abtj Ch^nh (< lUTit, ^," p. ffll. 
••TvsTu'nuiiBiiERDiBctbB JDihint Xigbl.te- ■ 

—II Further Lifiht : or, the Li»iit of tlia J^oplb colled Qvakbbs 
Exbtbit«d. Proper for the mHous OoDsiderflfion of all 
PurnooB ; but mom particulArlj* for those who were assem- 
bli-d at their Yearly Meeting in iMtnicn, 1727. 

iMiidon : Printed hy J. [tohertt b* Waruick-Ijane. (Pric« 

Cd.) ISmo. [1727.J 4J 

KMr.— rbdub |>«*<4 Diii t>«sl ud Ui* Dm 1h1 •onxaHnMl MMsC 
»«<>4 ■b*«Uln«]i.-Isv nwliM^" Uial Tiij iii liiiiif iiimhiIiii iI 

KHl. "VHI u la b> (luT* eHrindloUiW^fc.' UwntoM It K At nU 




NORTON. John, was bom Uio 6tb of Ma;,, 1606 at Star/ont 
(liiiihap Siartfiird'!) in Hert/ordthirf, and went to Bchool 
ftt Hunnirid/iirti (BmUi7i;(fiird ^) nftirnardii Curate iu the 
Ckuroh of Star/ard. lii tlie yew 1686, bo omijtrated to 
Neie-En(iianil. — He died April 5, 1668, *gcd DWirly S7 ye&rs. 
— Bee, " The Lifb of Mr. Jomm Noiitoii."— In Mnlhftr'ii 
" History of XncEiuitand," Book III. p. 82. Folio. 1702. 

■ The Heart of N(eii:)- England Beat at the Bi^sphemieb of 
the raeMnt Geaeratiou. Or a brief Thictitk couoeroing 
the I}ootriiie of Die Quakers, Demons tratiug the deatruc- 
tive nature thereof, to lUUgion, the Ohurcheti, and the 
Stat«, with cout«ii)t;rutioii of the Remndy aKainat it. 
Occaaional SntisfiMitiou to objeclions, and oonfirmation 
of the uootrairy Trutth. By John Nobto!*, Teacher of the 
Chnroli of Christ »t Batton, Wfui iirtu appointed tKermmla, 
bg tht onUr of the General Court. 

Printed by SaiiiMl Oretn, at Cambridy m New-Etufland. 

4to. 1659. 

Beprinted. — London, Printed btj J, H,,/or John Atfmi al iht 

t^ngSmiM in St. PatU'ii Church-yard. SmaUSvo. 1(160. 

An Appendix to the Rame. 

HOWOIL, FriwoU, of Jcwll/iorn, nnar Orryriffg, H'tttnorttand, 

Ttio Hkahi lit Kkw-Ehouhii UiuitiMd through WiokcdntM; 

in Aiuwer to a Book EDtilulvJ, Tht Hfart i>/ Nric-EttsUinit 
JienI, pnbliabad hy John Xoflon, ftppuuiU't Ihnivtiiitii by Ihn 
Ottnunl Court. Tb« Dootiiiw ul tLu Qunkcrt vLudicaMiI. hi* 
Argmocntii made t«id. bit I^oriUK^e iiuuiileet«d, unit hia 
lyliiK Doctrine brought to Ldght, luid jtu^od willi (he Word 
of Truth, and Truth olsnrvd trom bu Aaporrioai Miil 
SUndm. [pMt KnBD. KiTKRnvnnN.J 
London, Frinltd far Tliomat Simmoiu at Iht Buttaiut Mautk 
ntrr AldiTiijalr 4(0. 16£9. 

Bcpdiitod la \xi* WutIu, patts SUtt. 

NORTON. Samnel,— See iNcaueB MxTaia. 

NOTCUTT, William, Son of Jamks Notcutt, of Wringlm, near 
BrUtot, in Somfrtfiihire, was boru iu the ye&r 1673. Aftor 
making great proficiency in learning and going through 
the tmn^ forms, he was placet] under the tuition of the 
"Bov." WiLLiAit Payne, of Sajfron Wald^ii. He com- 
menced pceaobing in 1705, and was ordained Pastor ov«ra 
Cfaimli of Chrifit, at Th-i^st^mi, in f^t'^fx, whore he con- 
tinned for nearly twenty years. Soon after his i^ettkmpnt 
there he married Mabtua Pavhe, the daughter of his Tutor. 
lo the year 1724, the Chorch and Congregation in Tncket 






NOTCUTT. William,— «K((«ii*(i. 

Street, Iptirkh, on tlie death of their Pastor, "B«t." 
TBovi3 MiLWAir.iiiTited Wm.Notoutttoanooeedbim, here 
he continued preaching aearl; thirty two years, tiU hk 
death. He waa buried in the groond belonginft to tha 
Meeting- bouse in Tacltut-slreet, and on the tomb over th« 
vault ia which his remaiDH were interred, is th« foUow- 
isg ingoription. — 

Tkk R b tb he wd 


Died July 17f/., 1756. 

Aged 84 Tears. 

Ot kiDpdi hcftvcnly, ftntl of aoul •Idg«i«, 

In oouverM jiltiiijiiuu, luiil iu coDilnet ot«ar: 

In &1I a pMtor'8 vtuioTu voik Hvprov'd, 

By uuiii!>en blent, ftnd o'lm by nil bclor'd. 

Willi ey'ry Ki-nt!r. Bocial virlno drcrt. 

Of emiUuK )>[iticuGo ov'q in duulb poisCK'd. 

All these ware NOTUUTT'S houour* thro' hit it^ 

In these lav rngtoim. till ho dmpt hU day, 

Aad BoM'd tiiiuupLtkUt to tho raAlm ol Vaj. 

For forther particulare oonoerning him and hie Wifa'a- 
rent^kablsjlream, see a " Mkuois dp the Bar. Wiuoui 
NoTnijTT." (With a Portrait of him.) io " The Etm' 
ijdkal M'liadne and MUnonaru ChronicU, Augutt, 1690. 

Vol. xxvin., p. 818. 

London : Puhfuhtid by Franeu Wttllfjf, 10, Stati^nen' 
Court, Lfltd-jiUe Strttt 8to. 1820. 

An Impartial REVIEW of %6»rf P nrrfay'* g rat«Ddad 

AroLooT for the Phodplesof tETtJuuKas. Zfy Wiujih 


Bttiere not every Spirit, but try Ihr Spirit*, whether iJUf ht of 

dod ; bteaiut many falie PrepheU art goiu oul inlo the Worid, 

—I John *. I. 
Tt the Imv and to tht Tfttimony, if Ihty ipcak tut aeecnUiW M 

(Ail H'oril, it it bteautt there ii na l.xghi in Ihem. — Im. 0. W. 
tflhi liaht that it in (Am be Darkneti, Aow ffrtal li that Dark- 

mwf.— Matt. «. >3. 

Ipnrieh : Printed and *<Ad by J, BagnM, Ut tkr lintur- 
Market, MD.CC.XXXU. . . . 8vo. 1788. 

(Br*. Jtfw. ^ttj") 

BBOWH. Benton, of Lombn. 

— A Viitwcinos ol Btbat PareU xj/^i Apelofy Ua Ui« PrindtdM of 
the Fnoplo enli'd Qunkcri. iif>iiurlb« allcnpta of WiiJJUf 
lIotcVR, in n Intu I'tmpliln. Eatitulcd. An Impartul Bniaw 
q( Bob«rt Bwolfty'« PreUruUd Aiulogy- ^ ■ I^eUat (o a 
Ftitod *l Ipnrith. By H.B. 
ton4$K : Printed and Sold hn ihr Aaijia nf J, S'vU, «r 
tAc BM* in Gtorfff-rard, LmbvA ttrttt, ifc 9f0. IW- 






NOTCUTT. William.— cof.ei»««rf. 

A REPLY to II. B'8 VisDicATioM oC BoftwJ Bartlag'M 

AroLooT, Ao. llif William Notcutt. ~"~ 

I iriU givf /oh d Mcnuh and H'iutma lehUh atl your Adi)enafi4» 
(Aolj not b* abU to gaiiuay or mitt. Lnk* 31. IS. 

ThtFnmiitt Ihat hath a Dttam, Ut him UU n. Drtan: and kn 
lAoJ WJI my Word, Ut hiBUpM k mj) IVonl fitilh/iUlu : Wkal 
UlSt CWf bi Ikr irAAsIf lailh the Lord. Jvi.tS. 3H. 

Atd I tluTtfort bnovu yoar Enrmy. bccaiue I tell you the IVulJk. 
U<a. 4. 16. 

Ipneich : Prinud and Sold by John Biujfudl, in Si. 
Nu:hoUu'» Strfef. It. Utttat tht tiihUand Crawn in lh« 
Potdtry: and Tko, Cox at tht Lam// uiuttr ifui I'iiiztit 
c/th* Bffyal-KvAaMy«. LmuLm. M.D.CC.XXX.III. 
(PriM Onfl Shilling aud Six-ponoe.) . . 8to. 1789. 
{Brit. Mianoii, ^tJaS) 

UllOWK, HoDtoD, ol London. 

An KxAViNATioN ot R'jIUim VoievtCt Raplj to B. B'fl. Vlmll- 

catioD of Ilj^ByclU^S ARulUUr. Wtituriu Uia Uttcvil ul tlie 
said W. N. uibLrttioi nuiiifntvil ; bin luany Abiuet of Iho 
People cnll'd Quttkun iluleoUKl ; uid Uiu Genuine Seme of 
tb(^ir Writers Ek^Eortfd ; uKiOflt hiit Grc4d luid Pidpabtf Pit* 
virtion4 ol tlivm. Bj D. U. il'iirt liy Johei'U Besu.] 
Londun : Hint'dand Hold hy the Aitlgnt of J. Sutel', at 
Ihr liibU in Ororge-yordt Lombard Strtit. 8vo, ITSS. 

NYE, Pliilip, aae Tbohas Ooouwui. 




0A8LAND, Uearj, M. A. lie was born of sober and repntaUt 
parents in the parisli of Jiotk. From hU cluldhood Im wu 
stroogl? inclined to learning, and bent npon tbe uiiuiMry. 
Ha waa educated nnder tbe Curate of Uie Pari^, and at 
the Fre« School at Bra-iiley. lie was admitted to Trinity 
CoUeyc Cambriiit/e, while Dr. Hill wati MaHtor. — After 
nendiug i years iu tlie UuiverBtty, ha wunt to see hifi 
ni«nd«, intending to return auil pureai; liin ntndies. Bat 
th» fiunoUH Kr. Tomht, after his diopiitc wilb Mr. Ba;rt*r 
in li*itdUyChopfi, leaving the town, the Magistrates pre- 
vailed with Mr. <>a*lattd to BUCC(^ed him in IG&O. The 
nest year he went to London, and was ordained in Bm- 
Ikolonuv, near the £'j«Aim^, by Ur. S. CVirilY, Mr. Simton 
A^. &e. In the i>riiited teetimooial of hi« ordiaatiOD 




(then usual) the words relating to the taldiig tlw oovenuit 
were rased out, as he ha<) not taken it, nor wu it tlien 
insisted on as formerly. When he was of a MMtnr'a 
etasding, he went to Camhrid'je, aud took that degree. Ho 
was the legal Minister of limcdUy, from whenc« ho VM 
unwilling to remove, tho' he had considerable oBhn» 
because there were so many exoelleut Christians in the 
town. He continued hiH public hiboufH here till Au^. 24, 
16(t2. Hi) dicsl ou th« lUth of (Mobcr, 1703, aged aboat 
80. — Palmrr'* .Vonowi/i>rniut»' HUiiwrial. 

Ho wrote ■■ The Dead Pastor," &a. and eent fbrtb in U.8. 

eome AntiquerieB, which were answered by, 

SCllPHBETS, John, ot Woreetttnhirt. 

—— The VisiDx ot P.tnmity h«l<l forth. In Aqbivpt to »aaM AnU- 
qimtiefl. which wnritrnvBt) forth (riini £|7pt tiyontnrBtbot'i 
Builder*, s |>r«U<ii<le(l Hifii«tor of Clirul, liTiiiK in WoretMa- 
■Un at Beurlly, thai ia oaUod Mi. Itetir^ Otiand. As. 

London, Printed for Gilrt Calcirt. at the Blatk-Sprf^d- 
Jtafb, fiMT the Wttt-md o/ PmU. . 4to. 16S7. 

WHITEHEAD. Ooorgc, of Ort<m, tt'titmortlamt, Lut o( J-mutm. 

The CHiitiTUiiirf of Iho Pnonji comnicinly calli-i) QnAKuni.Tin- 

dlMtod, ttoai AnUobriiiliui OppiMition. — I. In a Sniiona Bs- 
mnUution of Duclor ford's i'mmtitirf affaiiui tfiu>li4Tuim, 
lu!.~-U. lu u Itrwl Aiiuwcr to Hnry Otland't Maaaioripl 
aK>Lio»i tlin HAiil Poople, /in. 
Lon'hyB. Frinttd firr Thoma* Hotthcott, in OecTgt Yar4 in 
Lombard SIrttt 41o. 1880. 

O'CALLAGHAN, A, Uwtar of tho ColUgf of KUkmnt/. 

TnuttuitT:! on Die Tendency of Tiiuun Saoaraa, ant Alfcoting 

Uic fistobliibtb (banb. >U"] ChriHtiimity itself ua "Bcuoa- 
*U* S«rvioe." By tho Bxv. A. O'Caluoiux, A.U., Mutor 
of tba OoUego of KitkcnQy. 

London : Printed for H'nttwr awt Kdnvrds, PmrmosUr 
Bom: By J. F. Dovt, St, Jokn't S^um. Svo. 1817. 

GOODOB, Tboaiu, of Wattrford to treUnd. 

Hw Poor UAH's dkim to > Mil in thoLandof titfafcuaw M nata. 

Tb« BJgfaUonnoai d fUtli'a (pmUhb MMrl*<t. Tbr Toio« 
of nibtlM dot«o(od ud nJMttd. Boaw of the Sim o( 
Bftfajlooi brovgtit Into Il«innnbruw*,b]r 111* R«diiig of a Coo- 
troTony about th* iprMiding of th« MrieltirM; vith •ova 
okiwTVAtiani on R Book wrttMi hf A. OXUWhaii, s^Ud 
Rot. a. M., UiMn ot the CoUffft ol KUkranj. MIM 
" ThuiiKhtH «u Ihf TcndpDc; o( Bihto BofiMm." 

Wmtrrford: pTintti for Iht Amkor hg J^m BiM, 9nt. 1817. 





ODDY, Jo&epli, M.A., Fellow of Cambrid^^e University, was bom 
at Leed*. Besides his fellowshit> lid had the living of Mei- 
dred in Ciimlirufyf.'hire, but lost bulli by IiJa Nouooufonnity. 
Ha afterwards retiretl to Willlnrihain iu the lulu of Kty, 
[where Mr. Bnt-bhaiP, after hia ojeotment, had formed a 
Oborcli in his own house, and had preached umnolestAd 
6 years. To escape the troubles whiob threatened him ia 
1€67 he went to London, when llr. Odd}/ succeeded him, 
and preached not only to this people but all over the feus.] 
— He was ouce confined 5 years together, and a great while 
with Mr. Ilolcrafi, to whom he was asaJBtant. — Upon the 
indulgence in lil72 he removed to CotUnham, and gave 
hioiBuf np entirely to Itiuerancy till his death, which 
happened A/"i/ H, 1687. He was buried by the side of hiB 
eomti^e Mr. IIoIcto/I, in a piece of ground which the 
latter purchiised for ft biirjTnggroimd, at (Mkin'jUin, where 
A decent Tomb wiia erected for them both. It mtty not be 
amiss here to insert Mr. OMy'i smart repartee, on bciu;{ 
uDBnlted by one of the wits of CambHilgf, after he was re- 
kaead from Prison, in the following extemporary Unoa; 

"OooJ Any. Mr. Oifrfy. 
"Prny hrjw fartiB yout body? 
"MrthJ T'V'^ you look dotmtttbly thiB ;" 

. [Ur, Oddy't txUmpoTory rtply.'] 

"ThAt, fUr'ii TOUT miiitAkn. 

"'Tig Itir riBtilBOiiBiicNs «ftkft, 
"DvaatUiiOTi'i Ui« buit uf yuur sin." 

— PofiMr'j NaneanfonnUu^ MemorvU, 7ttl. 1, p. 216. 

Bm Tiuvcu HotOOTT. 

0'£££FE, John, was bom in Dablm in the year 1746; bis 
father was a native of Kiiu/'t Cauntj/, and bis mother (an 
O'Connor) of Wrj-ford. 

The YoirNO Quaxkb ; a GoMeDV -, aa it in performed at tlio 
TuxATux BoXAi. in Smoek-AIley, with gntat applauoo. \ 
Dubtin: Printtd/or MalUtfit DoyU, So. 196, Ahl>*y.Strfft. 

lamo. 1784. 



12mo. DtibUn, 1788. 

0LDY8, ■William. 

— A OopiouH and exact Catalogue of Pamphlets in the Har- 
l«iaD Library. (With notes.) 

>u. TV llnrltla* XtuvUony, ##. 
ThU uiOut ion DUt mm iMuunble M ITituiili tu hit tiMa lo lbs ibm*. 




ORME, William, of Ptrth in Sattand. 

Life of William Kiffin.— See W. Kimx. 

Pra^tioal Works of Richard Baxter, vi(h Life and Critical 

examiiiatiou of hifi Wntmgit, by ibc Rev. W. Onne. 2S 
Vob evo. AoMdm, 1880. 

' Life of Owon, 8oc Jons Oweh. 

08LAND, HOB17.— Sec Henry Oasland. 

OWEN, Edward, Rector of Wdrrinfftott, in Laneiukirt. He died 

in 1807. 

. Tbo Nkokssity of Water- BiPTisH. A Disoonrsc occasioned 

br H PA>tPtu.ET Lately Publiehcd by Kr. 8ain. Ftilborgil 

of IFiim»^i<}7iJu Defence of tlieQiTAxeaNotioiiofBaptiNin. 

lAverpool : Printed by J . Sadler : and Sniil liij Mr. Sil/hal't, 

BookitUrr, in Camfe StTcet : lig Mr. I-'ield, Booksellrr, 

in PaUr-no*ttr-rmp, Ijondiyn ; Mr. Snelon in Manrlita- 

Ur; Mr. Lfdskam, in (,'hf»ter : ilrt. Hujifinton, and 

Mr. lianckg, in Warringt<ni ; Mr. Stuart, in Prttttm ; 

Mr. Oray in Lanauttr, and Mr. Athbumor in KendaL 

Bvo. [1701 ?] 


The NecesHity of Waior-Baptiam. Part ii. . . 6vo. 1761. 1 { 


POTIIEEOIIX, Smnud, of Warriniilon in LatKOthir*. 

BxFLT to B Pahdujct. pablubod in two put 
iiiiUtulcd, UiG MccGimity tif Waiu Baftirh 

A BxFLT to B Pahdujct. pablubod in two pwti, br B. Owao, 

.By SAHDab 


LomIo" -' iVini'il uTtii SM by Lukt HtntU, in Otorff-j/ard, 
LmiAerd StrM. Dro. ITtS. 

OWEN, John, a teamed Divine of the Independent nerauasioB, 
wosbornat 'SW/uiDi, in OxjunUhin, where his Fatlierwaa 
Vtoar, iu 1616. He sttidied at Qnoen'n Ootiege, Oxford, 
but, after takinif liiii Dt:grooit in ArtH, be tumod Non«on- 
fomiifit ; and in tlie BcbcUion ilintinfruislicd bimiwl/ M 
seabuvly, that tin- Committee for pni^ng the Chnreb ap- 
pointed him to the Living of t'vTdham, in Kttrj, from 
wbenco bo romoved to Lh^j-jftliall, in the uarnc County. 
Tbe very day after the murder of Charles 1. he {n«a«lied 
a Sermon before the Uouse of Commons, and he made 
himHclf so acceptable to the men in power, that Cromwell 
took him to Lreland. where, however, he did not remaia 
long. He next accompanied Uhver to Scotland, aod in 
1051 VM made Dun of Clirist Chureb, Oxford ; on whicb 
appointment h« rcoei^'od hia Doctor's dcgroc. H< wrvod 



OWEN, John, — tantlmieit. 

iiio Office of Vioc-OK«nc«IIor, with groat credit ; but on 
the death of Oliver bo was deprived of tbftt situatioo, as 
ho Afterwards wait of the Deanery. In 1678 he took the 
charge of a CongregHtion in LeadeuhaU-etreet. He died 
at KuUn-j in 1688, and wae hnried in BiinhJU Fieids, 
His works are numerous, and of the high CalviniHtio 
Gharact&r. — Palniert yoncji^formiiU' MemariaL 

The Divine Orif^nal of the Bcriptureii. 

12iD0. 1669. 

FI8HEI1, 8amii«t, ot Nirrthamplon, Uat of Umdoii. 

TLt Ruiiick'i Aijxx to the JtiiblH*! : or, Iho Cimittry Convoting 

the UnivfTritg (kuil CUrtV.^lo uuwvr lu John Oteen, I) J},, 
TltamoM D^iuon, U.A., Joim Tambei. B.D., sod lUthard Bax- 

41o. lAXubrn. 1660. lot 
BaprinUd in his Woorlu, p. 37. 

A Brief Dodamtion and Vindication of the Doctbdik of tha 
TaiMiTy : as al«o of tho Pcnion and SatisfactiMi of Cbriet. 
Accommodatod to ttie Capiii;ity uud use of eUch as may ho 
in danger to bo Boduci^d : nud the establiahment of Ibe 
Tnith. [With an Appendix.] 

John 5. SS. Search (he Sertpturti. 

By J. Ouw. D-D. 

lamkm, PrinUd by H. W. /or Nath. Ponder, al ike Si^ 
q/ Iht Peacock tii Vhanetry-Lam ntar tlt*t Strnl. 

SmaU 12mo. 1669. 11| 

VUITEHEAB, Gcorgo. ot Orton, Watmrretand hot of LomUm. 
—~ Tlia Divlciity ot CLriiit, ita..— in Aiumor to TItomat ViHenot tad 
Willm. iladut, — Ikot. DataoH, — uul John Otna, but Dttla- 


<to. leea. u 

8it Tauu* Vnnmrr. 

' Homoira of raz Lm, Writings, and Bpligion^ Connoxiona 
of JoMH Owkh, D.D., Viuo-Chaaoeliur of Oxford, and I>eau 
of 01u'i«t Church, doriiig the Couuuonwealth. By William 
OnD». (With a Portrait of Owen.) 

Lmdtm: Printtd/or T. Itamilum, 88, PaUr-HaHer-Ihw. 

Svo. leaO. 88{ 


— Tho QuucBKs Eleot od the Dkatii of CtuaLBs. Late King 




P., yf.,~-eonHnued. 

of Engknd. Written by W. P. a nooere Lover of 
CoABuca End Jaxrs, 

Lnndim, J'rintrd fty J. P. for livnry PlatjfurA, ttfar the 
TmpU-Church Folio. 16«5. 

■ Toajm Wip'd off, or the> Ei^sav of tbe QtrAXEna by way 
of Poetry: Orc.'mwtini hif ihf Coronntioii of Jamiui and 
Mahy. Writtrn in thf- lincrrily ^ (/ic tipirii, IJi/ W. P., a 
Servant to the Light. 

LonJffn, Printfd by J. P. /or Henry Playford, n«r tkt 
TrntpU-Chnreh. .... FoHo. 1685. 

PENN. WllUfim, ol I'mntj/lvama. 

I . FicUon (oiind out. To my ('Bt<^oull^d Frit<n<lii, (ulIM Qnftk«n, OD 
occutoaof Two Copioj «I VeraBo printed und mbioribwl W. P. 

Folio, icas. 

PAOITT, [or Paobt] Bphraim, w&s the son of Eosebins Paget, 
a Puritan Divine, and was bora in 1G7G, and educated at 
Chriet-Chunh, Oxford, lie obtained the living of Si. 
Eiif'und tJie KvKj and Martyr, in Lombard Street, Ijimdon; 
of which he waa deprived in ttin RelivlHon. Ho tbfin ro> 
tirod to Oept/ofd, wlicrc ho dioJ in Iti47. — H'ooJ. 

•^— HKanfiioaBAPHv : or, A desctiption of the Uereticks and 
Sectaries of tbese Isttar timee. By £,'. Pa^tt. The 
Second Edition, with some Additions : ns in the Page 
following. ImprhnatnT. Ja. Cranford. 

London, Printed by IK, Wilton, /or John Martlmll aud 
Itohert Trot, mid are ta he sold at l/ietr shops in Com- 
hiil, ovrr againtt Ibr. Kxcklmije, and under tkt Ckartk 
of Edmtmd the King ill Lombard Street. 4tO. 164S. 

{BtU. Uhuuvi, 452Q. b.) 

Bopriated, — Tlio Third Edition, with eome additions. 

{Brit. Mn*eavi, 4705. b.) 4to. lU?. S2i-| 

^^ HutEsioaBArBV, or a Deecription of the UesKTicKEa and 
SzcTABJEs Sprang up in tbese latter times. Declaring, 

1. Their OriyinaU andfiritt proceeduuit. 

2. TTieir Error* and Blaipkeniiti, 
8. Thfir »evcral tort*. 

4. Their Auiiaeiom boldntut in tkfu daytt. 
6. Thf amfntation of their Kmrnn. 
6. tJoir ihry hart bi'tH* punithed, and nupptttted timOHflt 

M hxrel^oTf. 




AOITT, [or Paobt] Epbtaim,—eojumHi-d. 

The Fourtli Edition, vlrerennto iu addGd an AIpbalHitioal 
Table. By Ephraim Pngitt. 

London, Printfd in/ W. W./or WiUiam L<e,aniart to b* 

Sol4 III hU Stiop in hltet' Street. . . 4to. 1C47. 22( 
{Brit. Muteum, i580. C.) 

Boprinted. — Tlie fift Edition, wheronnto is ndded the 
Quakers or Slinkers, and tbe Rftatere, with an Alphiboti- 
coll Table. By Epbraim Pa^tt. 

London, Printed for WHUam Lrf, and an tobtiold ol hi* 

»hnp at tkt Turks-Head in FUet-atrfet. , 4to. 1651. 22i 
[Brit, Mmcum,'^) 

BeprintDd. — Tho Sixt Addition, wheraunto is added this 
voar 16G1. Many new Additions, not heretofore eitant 
in print, Together with braese Plates of the most eminent 
Sectaries, as appeare ia the page against the Fro uli a piece. 
By Ephraim Pagitt, late MiuJBter of St. Edmandi Luiit- 
bard'ttrrri. . 8vo. (flame impriut). 1661. 19) 

{Brit. Mitteum, 1866. b.) 

IstddlUaD folbi-sbciv-. ull h Irlr*! nl -Tiir maiaptul," 'nt TtmaM,' 
■■riW IMiVrirr." "TKrJan-ir •■Tin .tii^iuimim,"uti"TKe Srtkef;' ul 
thcMtadUUmioiniutiji t I'lMtmiluf Jmu NiiLia, viUi Uw IMtor B. vn 

'Of all (If Krtlt (l!.!/ ,VIii»I null Xrron ofi, 

AKd idlltfalK Ll^kUrvHnn ISr W„rM. Dtr^lnimt 

Mitt ttnmslu blind, trr IrXo IIU>rr mailii/ plaf^. 

Tin tlgXl o/Nalft/BT l\t iv*! ifOrar-t." 

'AliMER. Anthony, M.A., R«otor of fitirum on tht Wattr. io 

(GfouecjiriT* Aire. ^Educated at Orford, and some time 
Fellow of liidiul CoUeiif, Bom in Woreeetemhire. He wafl 
eatt out by force, by some of the Deighbonriiig gentry, 
Ifofore tbe Act for Uniformity was framed. He put in a 
Curate, who also was disturbed for waut of tbe Common- 
Prayer. He had a congregation afterwards in l,<mdon. 
Mid exercised bis ministry there till his death, on Jan. 
26, 1678. He was of good minialerial abditioft. and of 
the congregational persuaiiion. Works. — A Scriplnre 
Bail to tho Lonl's Tabie ; a»ainRt Mr. J, Humpkrinfft 
Treatise of Free AdmiBBJon. MemorinlK of Godliness and 
Christian ity.^Tbc Ghristiau'E Freedom by Christ. ^The 
Gospel Now Croaturc. — Palm'r't .Yorjcoii/oniiwli' ilemoriiil, 
vol. 1, p. 682. 

. — Quakerism No Cliriatianity. A«.. by John Faldo. (EpisUo 
HubHcribud by Autliouy Palmer, aud 20 other Divines.) 

8vo. 1076. 

8h Join rujm. 



PALMER, Anthony, — coaUniud. 

PENN. Williant, PooDdot ol Pmaiyheuiia. 

A JniT RKnoiK to One anil Twa^ Lconiod ftnil R^vtrMid 

ItlVl.VKS (no called). Dmogtia Kutvmx io M Jliwirt EpitUf 
d^nln^t tli(r Qiiakcrii, d:c tki. 16T4. 

PALMEB. FranciB, of r^ndon f 

The Qn&kers' Apont&cy. maAe mnntfeet by one of Umt 

Eldera, who openly forbids thts Doctrine of Mui*e Be- 
demplion purchased by Ohriit ; to be eet forth to a Coa- 
greg&tioQ «t tbe Peel MMtiag. . . 8vo. I73S. 


and B. HooKB. — Tlie Form of Sound words. 

FOX. Oeorge, Founder of Iha Society of Frienda. 

Tli« Orokt MrmBT ol tbe Ureat WlioTeaiitolded.Ae. (Hee 9U J 

Polio, two. 

FABEE. Mary, of W(,»t.I>nyham in \orfolk. She widnwl a Oer- 
tilicato Against Friends at the end nf "The Qaslten' 
Cti&Uouge. Ac," 1699. — Boo Kdwaxo BBcimut. 

PABKEB, Samuel, an English BiBhop, wae bora at yorihampton 
in 1610. He died in 1687. 

Bishop Pabser's Uistorjr: or, the Toriee Chronicle, from 

tbe BeBtaoratioQ of King Chulea IL, IfiOD, to the j«ar 
1080. In 4 parte. 

8vo. Loiidim : Printed in (A« Ttar 1790. S0| j 
Price Six ShillingB, 
PARI-UMENT, Acts of. 

An Act for preventing MiHchiefit and DanKRrt that maj 

trine by oortiiin )>«rKonH cnllt^d (Juakm, and others re- 
foaing to tako Ua/ul Oath».—\9 & 14 Car.2.0ap. 1. IftSl. 

An Act to prevent and Kupproxx MdttiouH Conventicles. 1Q4M. 

FABEB. AlherlnR Ottn, a Gtmaa fhjiiictan. who roddad eooM tin* 
lu CrMnti Conn, PloM Ijtraet, Lotjdoa. 

- — A BkxiMtnkiKCV In rehnoM to Uie Act, to fmtBt a»d mipfrtn 
Miljliinu OoutBiiticIeii. 

tto. i^mlofi. PrtaUd in tin Ymr, IGM. 

PABNWOBTH. Bicbwd, ot Balby ia Y0rk4lttn. 

Cbiiitikn Roligloaa lUetiugii allowad by th* LiUntif, tn M 

fledltioD* OCMMtttdM, nor ptmiiluUe by tbe Ule Ari. 

ito. 1««L 
ANONYMOrS, [by WiiAiiMPBiiar] 

Bomo Souutuible nod eetioiu (Joeriei upon tb« Ul« Ael ^■Jtirt 

Coit*eiiti<iU*, Ae. 4tO. JVinUrf is |A< Ytar, 1S7D. 




PARLIAMENT. AoU of.— <wntmwrf. 

An Act for preventing oeaasionol Ooofonnlty. 

&N0NTM0U9. [b; Williak Pun T] 


Some coHBlilenitionfl od a late I)itl, intitnltiil, An Act for provmt- 

iug OccHHioual Couforinil^. 

FoL Loadmi. Priated in lAc Y<ar 1703. 

D., Q.. d the Inner Temple. Londooi. 

The (jaiLker no owMioaal CoiLromiht bat n Sino«M> Chrietisn in 

tiia Life. . . 4(o. Ltmdan : PrinUil in Utt Ytar 1703. 

> An Aet to prercnt the Qrowtb of Solitsm, tee. 

II OOTuddonitionii npon the Bill nowdopmiding in PnrlioiiKiit ; 

intituled. An Act to prevent the Onnrtb of Sohinn. 

Polio. [I7II.] 

A Leitm lo a Member ot Pu-liamnnt. BeUtlns to the Bill lor 

pravanting the Oioirth of Sohiem. . . . 8vo. 1711. 



OLABIDGE. Buihotd. and Jotm F.cci.i«TnN. 

Btid NotM. by way ot Qtiery. apoia UUJ Bill to raevent Uie 

Otowth ot Mhiim rolio. 


PARSONS, Andrew. M.A.. Rector of HVm in Hhropfhirc. He 
was bom iu Dftonshirt, aiid iva§ ministor there some 
TMtB before the Civil war. Being driven theuce to 
London, he became well known to Mr. I'yn, who sent him 
down to Wtm, when that town was garrisoned for the 
Pnrliament ; there he continued till tfic year IBCO, at tho 
Utter end of which he woe brought into trouble, on the 
Mconnt of neditiotiB words, winch were Hwom ngAinxt 
tlini. — Ho was tried at Shrnrtbury before Lord Sraport and 
otiten. — This trial made tt grcftt noiito »t that time ; lutd 
tiie more, because Mr. Panoiit wan a penon of known 
toTalty. Ue continued near 8 monthM iu Prinon. — Ho 
removed afterwards to London, whore ho was assistant 
for several years to Mr. W'ui'ri'orlh. — Ue died in I^iuion, 
the latter cud of 1681, aged 68. 

- QimlccrtHm No Ohriatijuiity, &o. By John Faido. (Kpis. 
unbiforibod by Andrew PnrKons, and 20 other divines. 

Sto. 1675. 

Sh J<ihi> FiLSO. 

PENN, William. Foundw ol Ftmvglpania. 

A Jun Krrukr to Ono anJ Twenty Loamoil and ItoivroDd 

DIVINES (ko MU«d| Boine ui Aiuwcr to an .ibHtiv4 KfUllr 
Kgainit the Qualivi«, He- **»■ 1674. 




PARTRIDGE, Tbomfts, s Baptist. 

imd RiCRARp HoBBS. — A True and Impartial RujiTIOii ^ 

timu- Romftrkable Paeeagea of Coaiii.kk Bailky n QoAlcor, 
irAo firo/eal hiftutelf a Pkophet, and that Ait inu «f«/ of (rod : 

&C 4U.. [1007.] 

8h Ricraro Boau. 

PAUL, Christopher or Ohristian ? of Daiil^ek. 

CATON, WiLllam, of Lantathire. 

Sint VtitHnntinvi VoniibnI&igtR. He. A Detenea o( thn loRnocDt 

■iKiunst the CAliuiinlaU>r, or no Anawor to Vtv* 8c>RdiU<nu 
Bcioks girou (oTtli aKAiiiit t)ta fmiiiln OAllnl Qoakwti Ui< 
Pint li^ Chriftaphfr I'ttulvt I>.iRUi(;l^&c.,«itbat^t>iirip*. 
by BenjtiraiD Kurley. . - . . . ito. ItM, 

CibUitr Sthll ir( Bliritit,— A Ort^n Soand of Tnttb ; or na 

Aiuwer to t^hriifion Faul'i Soacding Eoolw, . . ilo. 1665. 

PAUL Pry (The Penny} and Spirit of tho Town, No. 48, fw 
Saturday. Bept«mber 28tli, 1889. Sea Pesiopicu. Pob- 


FAYE, Edward, ao Aualiuptist Teacher of BrUiol, afterwards 
of Drpiford ia Kml. 

Antichrist in Spirit onmasked : or, ^nRkmim i fiat 

flclQiion. Being an Answer to a Pamphlet lately pnb- 
liHbed and dispersed in and about Drpiford in Ktnt, 
intttulod, Tlie CfirUtiatiUif of the People commonly called 
QrAKKKH. Which tb^ty nay ia averted againat the uujunt 
Chargo of tlicir bciu^- no ChriHlIaus, tipon eGveral Quot- 
tiODS RlatiDg to thoae Mnttoni wherein tht^ir Chriiitiaa 
BeU«f is cnoHtionod. By whicli Piimphlnt th<Ty wonid 
perswndo the World that thci QrnKKnn are Chri»tiaD». 
In which Answer yon have their Dpceit detected, their 
pretended Faith examined, and proved a Counterfeit. 
By Kiiir. Piii/f. a Servant of Olirist, [With " A Commec- 
dat^ry Epistle to the IIeuirk, by Ubm. Louma, and 


Small 8vo. London, Prinud m At Year, 1698. 

VfHITRHRAD. Otiotst. ot Orion. Wfimorftaad. Iwt o( I.ondM. 

^alublUI in fitib Bnniaakrb. and tlM Qmtkm ChrUtlatdtf 

Flndiratfl, Imni llm MftUoloiu nnd lu]ruiani AiUani^a 
ol ibtoifb pijii, ffliliinoi SUd. * lltnri; fnin. U llwir 
l*tc Dehauw oaafiusd Book PalHlr h(.vI«<1, AnlUkrUt m 
.^i-J( ummaik'Jf or (fuaktriiia a Gnat Dtluiion, Wbcnm 
tiinii CaiiHlMi Oalni^D, Folly tti F>Iibuod u« d«wrv«dlT 
Ri poind. 
LvHduH, iVJitMil /or f bsDiM Vsitbun, in QtoTft-yard, fa 
LtKAnrdttrnt. . ' . . . . BmbU Hvo. 1693. 





PAYE, Edward,— con finiifrf. 

Railiiigt and Stamlert detected : or the Folly and Horosies 

of the QuAKEKs Furtber Expound, fieliig au Aniiwer to 
an Invodive Libol Written liy <r. Whiuhfad, itnpcrtincDf- 
ly aall«d, ^ntittrriat hi ^Its^ aiintnshtb. *o. Which eoroo 
of llie Quakers' call An Answer to a Book trnly etiled, 
Antichrist in Spirit unotaski'd : or, fl^nuhmini a onitl 
^lasisn. In this Brifif Discoiu-HO you have th« SUnder- 
oni Out-orifiB of O. Whifhi-aJ, againet Edward Puy*. 
HfTiiy lytadfr, and IVUIuxm Alcot, Examiaed, Detected 
luid Confuted. 

8to. London, Printed in ifie Year, 16d2. 

WBITBHBAD. OeuTRC. of Orion. WetlmortlaiuS, lut of London. 

The ConttMunsd QnAnn. muI hii Cbriitun RcUgioii. Dnfciultd 

I •PAYNE, John, of AWi!l,n«iirZ).>n(rttrtw. 

F '■ To the Sooioiy of tho People eoUed Quakers. Signed 
I Pndjieu* Folio. iWuy 18. 1798. 

?g>in*l Cnbp snb ^ntBtrn. Id Answer U> two AbnRivn liitM- 
TsPxwrnLrra. TheOQetliliHl Aniithrini in Spirit VmiuuJu^ 
Tia othar Railiiifft ami aiiinilrn DrUciol. I'ruiuoli^l liy aam« 
Pnninnia. soiamonly aaUod Ana^ptiiU, at Deptferd la Kail. 
wbo !)**• nawkrily h^naa lh« CuntMl. 
London, PrinUdfor (^o. l^tDftolt, inOtorjt-yard.ioLom- 
bard-ttreti StatU Sto. 1693, 

■ Bnttcrnnm on the Conduct of tlie Quakent, an a Society. 
Ko. 1. to be continued occAHionwlly. [Anonymous.] 
^TOtitb for Thoma* (jTooka, UoolaiflUr, Itafhtrham, By 
Jam** MoHtyomtry, at tht Iri* Offine, Shtffifld, Priet 
Fourptnet. I2mo. 1602. 

PAYNE, William, B«ctor of St. 3fary3fiTf/>Eon,otfa«rwiseS(.j|f (try, 
WKiteehaptt, London. 

A SERMON upon the Death of the QUEEN, preached in 

the Ponuh-Chureh of St. M«av White- Cuappbl. By Patne, D.D., Rector of St. Mary Whitt-Ckapptl, 
&nd Chaplain in Ordinaty to Hint Mtijexty. 

Beprintod. — The Srtonb *bilimi. 

Lemion, Printed hy J. It. for B. AylrMT. at tk* Thre4 
Pigfons in ConxhU : S. Smith, and B. Watford, at tlu 
Prinen-Arms in St. PtmlU CkuTvk-Yard. . 4U>. 1695. 

WHITBOWE, Jo«n, Wifc of RtyntKr WiitTMnnt, o( Coeml-GimUn. 
Landoo, ^tornjili ol Puliifi/ ia Sarttf. 

^^ FaitiifnJ WorniagK, EipcwtnlaUoa* mod Exhortuiana, In Uia 

NTaral ProtaMora «( ChrUtumil; in Englamt. u ■«!] tboM 

.^e( ttie UifliMt •• Uw hcmml Quality. Toftelhei. with a 








PAYNE. William,— «»!(.« wJ. 

WHITEOWE. Joan.— Mittftwd. 

TteliTnon; ie><°*t diTer* (cre&t crrom in iiottia T«*eh*m. *nd 
olhtrllMMra.iiiidsriilrletPcahiuniiiiol BaligioD; oseutpn*Uy 
uritieQ tome Uma iffa in oppoaiUoo to diTn« AlbautltM 

Noiiuiu deUrct'd b? Dr. P , la • S*raon fOMolt'd mi IIm 

Dnth of the Uu Qu««d, Jto. 

LOTuIoti, Printed, and an te he loM ty S. WkUiock, im 

*PEAB80K, IiltM, of Hayri^m Cvmhurland. Ho VM > Fmixut 
ncd a Member of th« Society of Friends. After his 
murriage which wae According to tb« mice of tbo Sooietj, 
he went to rEtsido in Ireltuid but after contiDoing thm 
about b years he returned to Cumberland, and wa« sikr- 
wards for some miecondact diBowned and became wry 
troubI«8ome to FrieudB. 

• The ImplacahU Gi«tBi,Tr, of th« PMml* oall'd Qi-akbiw, in 

the County of Cumhrrland, against buo Peakso:!, Ooe of 
that ^rnnittiati. Being a true Account of tb« BiM, 
Progress and Management of their JScfittalton of him; 
and of tlieir groxH jlfnjuettci and StufnuliMii |lTiutiuf 
towards him ; contrary to tbcir Profesnoo and Antieat 
Fhnciptes, agaisst their own Members. 

Loniitm, Printtd, and Sold by J. Mtrrphevt near St4ition*r*- 
Hon 8to. 1718. 

SBSHOVSE. Joba, ot Wigton. id Cumberltmd. (but AnownoVB.) 

(hUr^iovt AponttitM Erpoi'd. or. a Belitiox ot tbv Hcntttaixi 

Ovnuott, Eh»?u>, isd BLjin-iir.MiKi iwmiiiittcd bj lu^c 
Psiwr. Biid hii impioui Aiiociatoa. upon icTFiml M<«aiian< : 
but mors oipooially m Mteticgi beld (or tbo Feilormmet ot 
Diiioc Semoa and Wonhip ot Almi^bly God. b;> lbs Pootdo, 
caU'd Qdakru tu tbo Count; ol CovnEiiuKO. 

8ra. Prinlfi {a Ikt Vtar, 17IB. 

STORY. Thoma*. el CtmbtrlmUl. 

— — Journal ot ku Lite. Fdio. 1T47. 

IPwwn*. mu ntMarbm << FModa. w nv 40. >•>. a<.l 

PEXDABVES, John. A.B., was bora in Comitidl. in tho year 
1622, and educftted at Kxrter CotUyt, Oxford. In tbt 
ye«r 1642, when the Nation was ioYOlved in war, he left 
the University, took part with the Parliament, and eajra 
the Oxford historian, " having a roluble tongne for ooot- 
ing, went up and down preaching in hooAee. banu, ondar 
tn!«t, hedges, and eUewhere." Though thla te eridentlf 
desien«d to blaoken his vatasotxy, his conduct herein was 
■nruy a« eommeDdabl* a« tb«t of many of th« epiaoopal 
ckrgy, who utrotchM all their pownr to obtain tmnianna 






FBNDABVES, Joha.—tontinutd. 

rich liviogs, bat did not preach at all. " Bnt," raya bs, 
" at length he turned Anabaptiet ; and having obtained 
a gr«at multitude of diaciplee, nude himseU head of tfaem, 
defied alt authority, contradicted and oppoeed all orthodox 
minietera, oballcuged them to prove theii calling, and 
spand not many times to interrupt them in their pulptts, 
and to urge them to disputes. After several challenges. 
Da. Mavke, of Ckrixi'i Church, nndertoolc to be lua Res- 
{wndent ; and, according to appointment, they met Sep- 
tember II, 1652, in Watiinylon Church, OxforcUhirc, vhta 
an innumerable company of people asBembled : but Pkm> 
BJiBVES being backed by a great party of AnabapcUii, and 
the Ecum of the people who behaved tbenuelves very 
rndely, the disputation vae intctruptod, and »o came to 
Bothiiig. He waa lecturer at Wanta^ in Berkthire, and 
Pastor to the Baptiat Church at Abiti^dtm in the same 
County. Our Author adds, that " he accounted himself 
ft true bom Englishman ; but, because he endeaToured 
utterly to undo the distressed and tottering Church of 
England, be was undeserving of the name. And aa be 
did these things for no other purpose than to obtain 
wealth, and make himself famous to posterity ; bo it 
would be accounted worthy, if by my omission of him 
bis name ooold have been buried in oblivion. " This 
bitter writer nevertheless, allows him to have been a 
tolerable disputant. Mr. Pendasvbs died in London, in 
the beginning of September, 1CG6, aged 84 years. His 
remains are said to have been carried to Aliingd/m, in a 
togar eaak filled up with sand ; where they were interredi 
with gi»at funeral eolemnity. in the Baptists' burying- 
grotind. He was a Fifth -monarchy-man ; and being 
nmona among the party, bis interment drew together ao 
great a oonconrse of people, that the government took 
notice of it, and sent Miuor-gbnkbal Bhukjes, with a party 
of Soldiers, to attend at Ahingdon on tba ocoanion. Tbe 
numerous assemblage of people spent several dars in tb« 
religious exercises of praying and preaching, which waa 
attended with some rude behaviour and uonfu«ion." — 
Btnjn. Brook'$ " Livet of (hf Piiritani," vol. 8, page 256. 

Aitaowxa against BABYLON, or Cortaine Quarid* serving 

to a cleere Dieoovery of the Mynery of f ni^uity. Wiurt- 
MNio itr* add*ii Endeavours for Beformation in Saint* 
Spparrell. With tom^ Quarirt for the people oallod 
Quakert. By Johv P»idabte8 a well wisher to Sum. 
London : PrinUd by Jtf. S, jor LivewM Chapman, at iJU 
Orownf tR Poptt-h*«id- Alley. • . 4to. 1656. 

Y 2 





PENDABVES, Joim.—amlinueil. 

— — Encteavorre for Reformation in AppumjU : or, aomoBeasoBS 
rc^ndred for Sainta forbearing to put upon their GannenU 
each TrimuiLUgs nud Oruninents as airv alltogcthcr BUpCT- 
fluous and apparently nselesse. Wilk An»mm to atrerul 
London, Prinlfd for Lheatl Chajmutn, m Popr't-head- 
Alley 4to. 16»6. 

VOtr.—Jkt IhandetlfalalmituviUlan 

HOLLISTER. Dtaiaia. of BritKl. 

"QuMiM la iba P*opi* «1M 


TIi» Skirts ol tbe Wbobi Dtnoovxnm.— In ■ LMtor. — «n4 Uko- 

vriae nn anmer to (ixtnoD AntlquoriM diraclad (o the Pea|ila 
<Miled ifuakrrt, whlib »Daw»r viu) Mot to Thamat Blt«u, 
Irnm whrnit tliw Antiqiu>ri«ii w<<m r<iC8iT«d, tbongb ^dAa Pen- 
darriu * Idiigt tiiu« ftfMr pubLJHliHd Ih* AntiiiuvrlM bj ttio 
iiftiue ol [ju«riu(, •rillio'it tlie Aaawn to tbem. oc tuluug Ibo 
l«Ml QOtics (>f it [in ii Book rntittiled. Arroici againti Baity- 
ion.] wbioli bath OMuionpil tho pr«i(-ntlnii of Iho oar. Mid 
the other, now to the view of tboii(ivborB*ij.U)dniiiluntui<l. 
t« iodgo of iho wbolo, and of the uuturo utd dowiitul 

deMing. i\o. iMiutan, 16M. 

6m tlUt TnoMAi £if AH. 

HATLEB. James, of ArdnUf. nor Waktlitld. 

An Amwim to noma QVEBIKS put out by ona Joka Pmdarvtt, 

Id h Bonk. «>llRit Amncti agiunil iliibyten, tie, fot tllil 
Peopln Kalleil (jriKKua to An««itr. 
Lotuhn, PrinWJ fur GiUi Calvrrl, at tht Dlaek-Spnad- 
Eaglf, lUfT lilt IFfiltTut of Paul': 4lo. 16MI. 

John Pendarvoft iUho wroto, 

The Fear of Ood : What it i«, and Exhorted to n« one of 

the Oreatr LtisMonH Ood ciUU upon mt>ii to IvAm b; his 
grett DiNpon«atioDS in tho Ml days. In a Scnnon 
Pronohcd anto Uu Oburcfa of Christ meeting in PftUf 
Front* London, the T«nlh A»y of the Sixth Month. 
Amu 1656. By that/mthful Srrrant of Christ John Pen- 
iMmsalittUbt/or* kit Death. (With a Dodioatorj Kpistie 
b; Jom Cox.) 

Iipnrfon .- Printtil *y li. I. for IJvejttll Chapman, tmd are 
tv be told ai the Ctomm in Poj^t-htad AlUy. tto. lfl£7. 


^— The FiiithTul SCOUT, coataioiDs,— ^ TVm Rilmifmiin- 
efmiMif tiu Qualun in Fni/iainl. From fVi/day April th* 20 
to fVyrfny April fA* 27. 1656. Numb. B24. 

Lottdm.printfHbif ttohm Wood,_foTO.U<rrbm, 4to. 1655. 

Th« Weekly POST. Oommumeatmg the Strm-ft and 






wonderful frophftU* of Mr. Wiliiam UlUf, «fc. From 
TtUidiiy thfl 17 of Apni to Tu^tday Iho 24 of April, 1655. 
Knmb. 128. 

LondoM, Printed bg K Wood, for uf/bniwfwN of tht 
. PeopU. ...... 4to. 1665. 

Utrcuriitt FuntiV/tiitut, or tlie Smokiiig NoctarnaU, commanj. 

eating Dark aud hiddeu NewcH oat of alt OI>»can PUew 

m the Antipodet, whetlicr in Fire, Aire, Eartb or Water. 

Forthoright uxiJentaudiuiforalltbeMad Uurry PeopUia 
■ the Land of I>itrknrst. From WeAnema, Dteetit. 13 to 

YroAaaem. De. 'M. IQH. .Vu-ib. 29- . 4to. 1654. 
— '— The same. [Sumli. 47.J From Wodacwvo, April 18 (» 

nWitnciv, April is 4to. 1000. 1 

— — ' M*miriio b'umigotw. — From Wednesovc, Pfkru. 28 to 
Wedn««OTfl, March 7. 1666. Numb. 40. CoDt&ining the 
foUowing lying etoiy, Ac., viz. — "The Devill appear'd 
iMt Might amoQgat some Gypsies Id Diviniti/ called Quakert 
ftt the Mouik in St. Mariiiu, eto." . . 4to. 1655. 1 

A Dkimjutiok (ram the CbUdren «l Light (idtoanlwUu'Wadd 

toprttlni;; ctllnd i/uakfn) Mgnniit Mranl (uia repOTtt, 
touiiUl* uiil ij'itu. 111 MiivrTiU uawsBooluudPuDphlvb), pal 
totiii bj llf. n'nlkrr, H. Wood uid Otarft Barton, whoiw 
IfWi ^'1 uliuidiin BliikU not |uiMi (iM trutli ; but ihAll b« 
JndMd, and nut out b; J/i<A<uI uid hia Angela into tLo 
wand, whioh ii (koir bubilatioa amoiutit the Dhildron of 
darknoat. KX*o, A Warning from tbc Lord to kU lUlUrd- 
tokluini, uid ImogC'CuJuni, vilh lb«m that jirlnl uid ii«U 
UwDi. «e. 

Lwadon, JVintuf for Giln Calvtrt al Itu BtaekSprtad- 
Kaglt, al Iht tf'r4l-fnd o/ PauU. . tui. ICSS. I 

' The PabUok Intelligencer, Conunnuicating the ehicf Ooenr* 

nenee, and Paocs&DrNos within The Domiuionji of Rnglaiut, 

Saataitd, and Ireland : Toji^tlier with an Aocoiuit of 

Ai(aire« from Hcverall Pari* of "Eunon:, From Monday, 

' DtemtxtT 15 to Monday Deermber 22. 1656. iVmnt. 62. 

L/trndon, PrinUd by Tho. Ntteoomh dittlUvj over mjainit 

iiitinard't CiutU in Thamft-Sir^rt. . . 4to. [1656.] 8 

Hsto.— Tbu Old Kutupauf nnulua ta (ecosst •( ttam llajtia idI lb* 
■ wi Uipw piUBWl tipnta blm by P ri i M n cy L 

The^OUemtor, No. 10, Monday. July 6, 1696. 


^^ A Cmbbur P«a«w,or ObramtioosoD Uia 01w«rnUar. Kiunb«r 
10. DtMtlwad*j. Jal; 6, 1«M. laraUboDtoUio Pcopl* 
olM gaak«n. 
Lemdan, Frinud and mU ty T. So^U. aaar tft« iTMttap. 
JIouH. iH fPAiU'0«n Cmti in Ortfrt'om itrut. 9n. UH, S| 





— The Atheniaa Mercury, 1692—1694. 

bh p. SI— <a ot ihii ctuiDgok 

— - The Politico) Btat» of Great Britain for the Honth o( 
November, 17H(I. (Containing tlio " CUrgy of MuUUu* 
pttition againtt tKt Quakers BiU.) VoL LII. . SrO. 1786. 

Th« SpectAtor, No. 6, Jnly llth, 1716. (Contamins • 

Blaoderous passage reilectutg upon tha cliftracter of soow 

J0HN80K. TtioTDM, Jomr Wsmxi) and JmvuB BAUcr.—U'nr- 
tiKVTiii-r.l 111 "Tho St. JuBM't Enning Pott," Nuiub. 18S. — 
Krum ThuieilH;, Atigu>t S, to Satutday, Aiuuit (. 1T15. 

Folig. ITie 
The Ddphio Oracle, 1720.— See this Catmaovz, p. liG. 

ne British Jonnial, April 18ih, 1728.— Latter of Entha- 

siasm, by Diogenes. 


01 Berealed B«ligioi]. and ttio PromLaed SpLril. Balng PuTO'l 

Atuaar to Diookitkii'ii Lettsrof Enlliunium. (lb "Tha 
Britub Jaamal") . . . Polio, [abt. ITU.] 
'•— Aa Aiuirar to tbn Letter at Entfaodano- PnbUih'd in Out 
Brltlth Joomnl of April tho IStb. 1733. In a Letter to 
Iba AdUiotoI tLe Wifkly Journal. 
Ittmien : Printtd and toU by J. PttU, at Loeki't-Ht^d in 
Patemotter-Rov. 8*0. 1TS4. 

(Public Papers of 17«fl.) 


. l[ A VindiciaUoD of iha QiiKkDni. from the Oronodlew aapcniona 

«1 a IIal*eont«ntWnt«T, and tho Aulhon oi toma Faragi^ihs 
in tfaa PnhUe Papan. 
London : FrinUdfor it. CoUyrr at tkt JtoyoJ SzehoiiM. 

4U.. 17M. 
~~ The Edinbnrgfa B«mw, 1806. 

HOWABD. Lukf, ot Ackvortk. 

— — A Brief AputoiJ7 lor Qaali«riain, baenbtd to tha Ediabiij|h 

Ltrnien : PrinUd /or Hl4 Author, df«. llBM. IMI. 

The Monthly Bei,-iew, 1808. 

The Critical Eevi«w, 1806. 


— B«ciark« on tha Obsamtiona aade en tha DladpUna Ot flw 

Qnakm b; tha Mmlbb liUtbni In thalr wainhi a rt i » aj 

WiaUm BatfaboeTi KHratt**,**.— mihaP««l*Mtptoalta 

OrttioalBeTi'ofli'* notiaa ot tha HsBoir- 

Lmian: Prntr.^ «U9»Mly PMUfi aninrd<m,OMM« 

^ari, Lirt^hmrd ilTMt. . . . . »to. UW. 





I Tba Penny P»nl Pry and Spirit of the Town. No. 18, for 

Saturday, September 28th. 1889. (Containing ui utiolft / 
OB ttw QiinlKirtt, and ■ ridicnloaa cut of "The Quftker," 
with ft vlonderonB report ol onr Iat« worthy Friend, Jolui 
Gray, the Pork Batcher of Drury L&n«, Londoo.) 

iMuion : frinud by J. K. Edward*, 80, Curtain Road, 
ShortdUek Folio. 1839. 

' Tba Weekly Dlapatoh. Aaffu«t Snl 1851. (ContoiiuDg • 
review of "Quakcrttm, or, thu Stoi^ of my Life." ISn. 

' He Achm Uiaeionary Herald. March, 166S. — (Contaimcf 
a Beview of " Qaakerlsm ; or, the 8tory of my Life.") 

— ~ Aiuvend itt Th« BHtUb Pnoid. lot Gth ma. 19SS. 

■ The Westminster Review. |bbSmM. No.ll., April, 1808. 

L/mdon ; John Chapman, 142, StTtmd. , . 8ro. 1868. 

CoDl^niofl.^Art Vin. Th* Etrl; (J>i*k«n, Md QtUkkcrijuii, 
1. QaakfHin : or, Ihf Story of ntji Life. 1S£1. 
t. Rcrue dii Dfiiz MoTidet. ToDM VL l' et 16 Arrit, IS60. 
S. rA« Kinpdom 0/ CkrUl: or, Jlina W a QuoJKv. Bj F. D. 
Usance. M.A. 3 toU. IMS. 

. Evaogelica] Magaxine, for March, 1869. 

— Aniwarad La Tb« Britiab FKenil, for4iti UooUi. laev. 
Good Deeds, for Dlarch, 186d, 
Amwered in Ttie Britiih Fritnd. for 4Ui Uontli. 1889. 

Tba North British Review. No. LXIV. Uay, 1860. 

Edinburgh: II'. P, Kennedt), 79, (inorpe Sirert. Ijondcn: 
HamiUon, Adamn, atid Co. Dublin : M'Qtatkan and 
GUL 8vo. 1860. 

CoDtftlaing.— Art II. — 1. (Juakeriim Pott aiut I^utnt. Bf Joax ft. 

Bi>iniTK)ac FoM tiro. Prize Bsny. 
9. Thf Ptejitiam. B; Tnoiui Hiscorx. Poit 8vi>. Prizs Emj 
B. A F^llmFaithi tn'n^a Htttvritat, JUtiaiaat. ojtd Satl^-falilieal 

Mluuh «/ tkt Soeitlj/ of Fritrul*. Bj simms SscrrjLBD. U J>. 

vrown 9tq, 

4. TbM Soeltly of Frieiult : an tnjnirn info thr CdUMt of fu Wt«i- 
MM M « CKureti. By Jouru Sattn Fux. F«Uow d tli« St*ti*tia»l 
8o>ri«ty. Crown 8 to. 

5. XtiMj/ on Iht Socidyo/ Frimtdt : bring ax iMnlru into l>te Cimta 
q/thdr Dimini4lttd li^Xiunei and Nntnlitn. Bj S^uciu. fonuB- 
otu.. Ctoim Svo. 

C TluIliliirnianEuayoHthe Society of FrifmU.andiJuCamti^ 

Ikiir D/sUniUm. Hy ■ Fricni of tli« FkUMb. 
7. Th' (^ rirtiuU; Tkjir ISucaildDteUm. 
S. Tin 5ixwly «f Friend» ; iu ilrtngtk attd itt Wtuknm*. 
9. An HmrH Conftui^ af lAr C«m* of Vtr^dmu iM fAf S»tUts ^ 





Fri/ndt, irilft a OUtner at c Few "PfCiUiantiu" «^ tht SeeUUf. 

By ■ Mrhvkh. 
lA. Ntlnuhlan : A Lrltrr, sjiiirtttrA to tht Mtmhm of Ihe Soriftjf of 

Ftinti». on Ihtir Ptruliaritia of Drtii and Languagf. 
11. Eiiag on lilt Deelinr of thr Soeiny, "Qiiiultum MiiUliu." 
13. li Lrltrr lo a Fritnd ■ beiny an K-ratatnaUoa <•/ a Faiiipliltt 

entitlrd. "The principU of AncUal (/uaJwrlm tomidtrtd wl(k 

rtfrrrnei to tht m^poiid uecadritct of ikt Hneimy o/ FrimJt. 

PEItRONET, yinc«Dt, A.M. Vicu' of Sh&reham, in K^nt, and 
Obftplain to Earl Btanhopb. 

An Affectionate Addrrss to the People called (Juakkbs ; with 

Begfti-d to Wat«r- Baptism, and the Lord's Sapper. 
Wherein the Ar^unieuts of the Late Learned Mr. ^BMiy. 
B* RCL* j[, are considered. By Vijjcbrt PBRnoHETTTdir 
VieSFOT Shorrhara in Am( : and Chaplain to the Right 
Houourahle Eabl Stanuovk. 

Ixindon : Printtd for B. Dod, at the TlibU aiid Key m 
Avf-itartf Iahic, nrnr Stittionrrn Unit. Wto. 17'17. 

ta • prHM III"' ••! ^kll ■muiir.l. " k SHond Utia to ib* lt*«. Mr. 
B*Mk In.' Bn. 17(0.— Tlis S(iirlt ul l^n ud oMikuMt Huu* ta partad* 

•— Some Reflections, bjr way of Dialogue, on the natvn of 
OrigimA Bin, Baplinmal HfgmeratiaH, liepentanct, the .V<w 
Birth, Faith, JmtifUalion, Cfiriitian Per/tdion, or Cni- 
vefsal Hulirieat ,&Di the Intpiration of the Syirit tif Ood.— 
Humbly inscribed to the Most Rererend and Right Bar- 
end the Lord's the ArchhiBbops and Biahopit of England. 
Bg Viu. Perronet. M.A.. Vicar of fihoriliam, in Kttil, and 
Chaplain to the Bight Uou. Earl Sluiihojx;. 

. B«printcd- — The 8rd edition. — 

London : Prinird and fiold bif J. Oli'vfr, in Bitrtliolom*» 
Clow, ntar Wat-Smithjitid. (Prioo 6d.) 

Small 12mo. 1760. 

i Kvla.— UUia«id(<tU*ptae*taiUU at Ui nA^iO fkmm hMda tk« 

PEBBY, Joseph, ot yorOtttrnpti/tt ! 

.. The Olor^ of Christ's Tisiblo Kingdom in this World, 
■B0ert«d, ]frOv«d, and explabcd, in iu two-fold Braocbea ; 
Fint Spinttinl, Sfomdtti Penonal : from abovo one hon- 
dred Texts out of Uir Old and Now Ta«t«in«nt. Or an 
Explanation of a mullitiidt' of HcriptarM, which contain 
or hold forth the kingdom of Ckri»t in th«m : and also 
sheviug the Certainty of jt« near approach ^it is to be 
hoped ID this OeneraUon) from many nndeniable eorip- 




PEBRY, Joseph,— contiBwrf. 

tan-Signs. By Joseph Peny, an CDwortby Son'tint in 
the work of the GottpeL 

SarihwnpUin ; PrinUd by U. Raiktt and W, Dicry, far 

tht Author 8vo. 1721. 8RJ 

noM. -CnnUlDS. u p. IM, Ao., mn* iDl«*|itHMUUou MnHrulng McDdt, 

8td. 1B03. i 

PERRY, WiUiam, o! lHUijtsdon, nowr r'jt/'Wjn, MiddUtex. 

I QenCle Hin t to the People c&lled Quakers. In I'A« (?*h- 

(firiniin'i Ma^asint, for September, 1808, . 


■^~ A Letter to Mr. Urban.^io mswer to the abov*.— In rA<' 0*nli' 

JUd^aifrM era. 1008. 

PHlLANAX. Calria. — See Samuiu. Yoi;ko. 

PILKINGTON, Matthew, LL.B., of Stanton, Prebendary of 

— The Necessity aiui Uftnuer o/ beinii ailmtud into Covenant 
H-LiA Clu-ist by Baptiau, net /iirfk, in a Sermon Preached 
Miiy 'J5tb. 17(!l). On the Ociiasion of admiuistring Bap- 
tism to OKE of RiPEu Yenrii. With an AnDiieBa to the 
People called Quasebs. iiy Matthew PUkingtoa, LL.B., 
Prebeiidary of Lich/iAd. 

yoiiiii'jkam, I'rinud by Samuel Crrtwellin Ih* Xew-Cluin^, 
antl mid by J. WhUton and B. WkiU, in tlfft-ttrtet, 
J^ntUm 8vo. 1760. 

FOTHF.IUUM,. Sftmud, o( Warrtngtm, and JoMpn Pstm ol 

B«nArk* uu K» Kvavt»» to the P«or1« ««ll»d Qiikkeni ; u)d • 

Bcnnoa uu Ibc Nmure stid Ktoevail; uf hvuiK wliuittHil iuU) 
Coirnuiit «ilLi Christ, bj Bu-tiEU: pubii^tiiMl by Mullbew 
PiUingtoD. L.L.B. luid I'rcbcniliir}' of Liclificld : in ■ Lcttar 
to the author, by 3. FolbcraU ; to vhiell uro added, A P«w 
ObMrotiODS. by J. Pliipps. 
JUmdon; Frinlrit and Suld by Samtut Clark, in Brtad 
Stwt Cktaptidr, Bto. 17BI. 

B^rinled.— The 8nd edition 8to. 1761. 

■ An Akbwba to the Lktter of Mr. Samnol FotherRill : with 
a Postscript, by Mr. Jubu [Josepli] Phippn. By Matthew 
Pilkington. LL.B, ProUnilary of Liehpfld. 

NoUingham : Printfd by Samuel Vrfuu'll in tht AW 
Changt, and aold by J. W/tUton and B. WkUe in FUtt 
Street, lymdan. Price Thbkk-Pekob. . 8vo. 1761. 

PIBIE, Alexundcr, Miniitter of the Gospel at XeivburffKin Seotlwtd, 
A Dicsertation on Bafium, intcndod to illiutral« the Origin, 






FIBIE. Alexnncler, — «(?iui4iHf<'. 

History, Design, Mode, and Subjects of tliBt Saorod Id- 

etitation: vherein the Mietakea of tbe Qnakm nad 
BaptiaU on that eubject are pointed out, and their objeo* 
Uous refuted. To which is added An Enquiry into tba 
Lawfulness of Eating Blood. By kixixmyat PniBt 
MiniHtor of tho Oospc] at Nevburgb. 

PtTth : Printed for th^ Auihor. . . . 12iD0. 1786. 

~ Appendix to a DiHstrtation od BAcnu, intended to exposa 
the FuUiicy and Abinidity of the Idea* of tlte Baptist* 
concerning Circumcision and Baptiom ; tho twochtircliM 
of the 0\A and New TcEtaments ; tlie two CovonaiitH and 
two Seeds of Abraham : — Containing a fall answer to all 
that MoBsre. M'Leau and Booth have advaooed on thaw 
Subjects : in A Series of Letters adilressed to Mr. M'LeaOi 
of Edinburgh. By Auixamieb Pibie, Pastor of a Congre- 
gational Church in Nevburi;;h. 

Perth : Printtdhr tha Author, . . . 12mo. 1787. 

PLAINTAIjE, Obftdiah, (a fiotitiouB Banc). 

Letter from a Qoakor. (Oo affoctation in droea) In " Th* 

Carlton Htnat- Magasint." p. 597. 

PLANT, Thomas.Elder of the Baptist Congregation in BdrMom, 

A Ooutcut for ChriHtiaaity or A Faithful RelaUon of two 

late Mkktincs hctwot'c tho jBipttels and tb« ^asktu; lb* 
One, on the 9tfa of Octobtr 1074 in liarbkan. Th« other, 
on the 16tb of the same Month in \Vh*tl*r Strett 1074. 
Together, with several Letters that have piuiHod bstwoco 
•onw of both Parties, both before, and since the aforesaid 
ICESTtNOS. As also. Some lieflections upon eevetml 
Passages, that are PuhUshed in the Account which the 
Quakers have given of the fiaid MKBTi^tos. PubHehed and 
Submitted to the Judgment of all judicious and Impartial 
Men. By Tko. Pujit. 

Bra4. Coniider. Bramint. and then Judy. 
Limdon, Printed j'or F. Smith at Iht Elfpkant and OulU 
in CiimAit near the HoyaUEnehange, and Jonathan 
Hobituon at the OoUtn Lt/on in St. PtmU Churek- Yard. 

8vo. 1674. 
BLLWOOD, ThomM, AtnukiiODida to hha Miltoa. th« P>>«t. 

FoHiRT KoChriitUait^i ors Bni>I RXAMEN«t*IaM Book. 

pabUsbadbTcne T-Ft^nt^a Bapliit TrMhfr.imdn tbtTiltoor A 
Conietl for CArirtiantty. or, a Faithful miatioit of Tvo lau 
Utetiftfi, ki. Aa fttio. aoiao uum*dTM*iaaui on J. Irtt'i 
PMUoripL Anilui Eiportulatory PMtoiripl to Uie BtFmre. 
By ThoBM KUwDod. 

St«. Priuittl in tin IVor, 1S?4 




FLDIPTON, John, of IhAlin. A Baptiat. 

T«D Obsrgea againat the Pooplo o»U«d QiiAbm. 

1696 7 

BBATEN, ThomM. ot Mtlkftham in Wtliihir*. 

JOKH Pi.i>iitun'« Tun Ch&rgM ftguiut the PMpI*. akIUd 

QUAEEItS. hrivSy ttQiiEC[-d 
Bri$tol ■ Prinltd liy IfilL St)anf,fi)r Ih, Autlur. 4to. IMS. 

A Quaker Ko Christian. 

PENN, WiUiun. Fnundcr of Pmjuj/hania. 

utd JoRKEranETuidTuoiLisSToin.— Th«QcAjmiKCKiir«nut, 

beisg kD Aniwcr ta Jobn Plimpton's du-Ingmaou* p«p«r, 
BoUtulod, J l^aaktr So CAruriitn. 

4lo. liabtin, FriitUi in tht Yiar, lOSS. 

AlfOirTVODS.~(B7 ■ M«mbrr of Ibe Cbtuch ot Eniduid.) 

A VntoKution ol the QUAKERS lonoecocjr occaiiqcod by Jom 

Puvrroii's Ut* Pjirxn. Crying kboot th* Ci^. jt (faakfr, tait 
no Ckrittlan, And <^akrrum Kxyladtd, WrilUnbjkMMn- 
\vt ol tlie Cfanreb o( Eitni'tnd. 
DuAUn Pnntnl, urKl ar« to fr* SpM bI 1A« FJmcf tn KiA- 
ambls-ftrcft Sm&U 8to. 1098, 

KM*.— Od U>* UM p*«t II li «>daiHd,"rDi Hi. lota Pusnoic tn [IdUjh, 
■ I DO." 

SHABP, iathmj, of Dublin in IrtlanJ. 

Dltt wip'd off, beioK ■ nrtnni to J. PUrapton't Uea ud diify 
duu^ kgftiiut W. Fena. ... — .. _. 

^^1 duu^ kgftiiut ff. Fena. .... Polio. ~169S. 

f^POINTELL, Daaiel.— See J>KKtxL PorwTEL. 

POLIiARD. TbomM, b HemW of the Chnrcb abont LiehJUU. 
— The Holy Scriptniee clearing iteelf bom Scand&U. 

PABNWOBTU, KiobHiJ uf Balbf in VortiAirf. 

^ — Til* Bom BcximBii tniin Scuid&li arc Cleftrsd, or An Ana««r 
to a Book Mt lorLh bjr Ibr Btpxitan ; to wll Htniy Hagftr 
and Thvtivu Pollard, Eatttnlod. TAc Heiy S«rifttirt4 ttiaritig 
ifti/ of SeamUU, 'te fto. ISGC. 

FOX. (l«ars*, Fonodot ot tha Societj ol Frisndx. 

Tbe OrMt Mi»Ut7 ol th< anal Whan oaiolM, *e. 

'oLo. un. 

POMBOY, John, Rector of Bramby in Yorktkirf. Ba vraa about 
70 3re«rs of ago at tbe B«ttoratioii, and di«d at Btwrty 
aoon after bi» ejectaieiit. — ■Paiiwr't Nonean/onnitU' Umiw 
rial, vol. 8, p. fiSC. 

)L, Mattb«w, a NoQconibcmist Dinne, was bom at Ynrk, in 
1024. He took his Jbgne of Muter of Arta at EmaoDel 
Colleg*. Cuobridge ; after irhich be bocam« Miniiit«r of 



POOLE, Kattliew, — Matinu*d, 

MIohftEil'le-Querne, London. In 1662 Mr. Pool 
«jected from his living for Doncoiiformity, on wtiioli ha 
undertook his great work, the " Synopsis Critinorum." 
This immeuse body of biblical criticism, originnlly pub- 
iisbed in fi vols, foho, was reprinted ati-'rankfortin 1078; 
ag&in at Utrecht, by Luesden. in 168G ; and a fifth editioD 
of it appeared at Frankfort, iu 1700, in 6 toIb. folioi 
Wltik- tliuH unploycd onr author wrote eome hooks against 
Popory, and bfl began also, " Eugliab Anuotations on the 
Holy Biblo;" but pruceeded no farther than the S8th 
ohuptor of Isaiah, tho reinaindur buing completed by 
other hand^, in 2 vols. foho. Wh«n Oat«a gare aa 
account of the popish plot, in the list of Uiont who vera 
to he taken off by it. the name of Mr. Pool inut found, 
which induced huu to go to Amfitetdam. whom h« died 
in 1079. — On, lihff. Diet. 

- Tkf Foot oat of the Snare. (Part by him.) . 4to. 16S8. 

Sh Jam lOLDaBTT, la mj CUalofiu << Fdmdii' Setia, loL ■■ f 1*^ 

HAYLER, Junes, nt AnUilof, near WnktfieU, Yorluhirr. 

Foot yel in tbn Koare. Diii«avitr«d in ui AM««t k> JoJkm 

Tvldervy, Matthfjc Pool, luiA otiinrs. 

LondBtt: rrinltd/ . . 4ta. ISM. 

POPE, James, of 

^^ A Plea for Truth, in love to Truth. 

CBOOK. Jotm. ol Btd/oriUUft. A Taluablo Friend, kod JoiOm ot 
the Psocc. 

DMsiairninnKSUK mi Ploa fur Tnimi. nor Ignotaece a Lorcr o( 

It. Hving ail Aantmt ft * Imnk oallsd Plta/or Truth In Im4 
fo Truth. 8uIm(tHI>«<J by Jniott Poiw. 
^ •' LMuloni I'rinlril for Thovtat SimmfK* M tiK BM tU 

Mouth ntar AUUrij/att ito. UCt. 

POPE, Biefaard T. P., of ZhiUn ! 

An AddroM to tho Sociiity of Frieodii, eommonly called 

Quaker* Folio. [About 1889.) 


A LoUm tfl Um B«t. Biehud T. P. Po», an lb* nbject ot hit 

SoRDOD and Bid«tln, addrntimd lo Uia Pcopi* oiiiA Qnaken, 
•t Uielf Pnblio ]ila«a nt Wortbip in EiulMoi>-8Uc«l.Dablia,«n 
Sniida; meraias, Ui« SJ ot Mnj. inat. 1839. B/ as Impattial 
D^Mtmt D.F.Oariiittr. to. WettmdrtlamJ.Sitt4t. 9n. 18M. 




POTTS, Lftwronec, Priest of SiapUitm-n. in Irthmd. 

Ijettcr to Robert Lookey.— Answered by Johs Bckxybat in 

Uia "Holy Tnith and its ProfftssorB defended, 4c.'" 1688, 


8oe mj CtTjiUKit<K of FuntDa' Buoka, Vol. I. p. M9. 

POWELL, Thomas, M.A., of Si. Sidwali* in Dfiimthirf. After 
. his «jectiueut here, he went to Londtm. He wuh a fiood 
Pieaobt'r, very active in the ministry, and much OKturmod 
for his piety. In bia jud^ent he woa CongregBtionsl. 
Paimer't SaneonformiiU' Memorinl, Vol, 1. p. tItiS. 

A Word to the Wise is enon^. 

TAUOQTON. Jobn, ol ataueettrrtKirt, dltonrnr'U o( London. 

A VituIlMtlon ot Jkhiiii Cnitiin, tha Inunaoulato Iiunb ot (iml. 

trcna Ctie Kuul and Bltfi'licnioiiii Iiu;)uUtion of tna» Thnmitt 
Ptnctl, a ftcnobfr amoiiit>>( Ibn Indcpfidtnu. who tHimiuJ 
Thai Jerai Chr\4t inu Ihe Grealnl ■•iinntr in Ihe W-rrld. 
Willi oil .Umur to a I'upor put fortli by liim. rDlit<ile<l, A 
Word to lilt Witt it tm/ugli. Alto A wanting to turn, that 
ll« Hnliil nor aliidi) no lonKor in Iiying %ad maMiig L;m bia 
Hcfngo, loat tba Wratb ot Uod biikk loitb npoii lum, and 
Uu>r» lie 110 KuEDtidy, Bj Jobm Vauoktox. in tcom fiUlnt a 
Quaker 4to. Frimtil in Ihi Vttir. 1476. 

— The Don, the Onut«tt Sinoer in the World : or, A Baply lo 
TnoMAB FowKi,. who <tbUii biimclf a UintiUr of tht Qetpel, 
fH Afflrmn JEnr* CnninT wat Iht Urtalut Sinntr in lh> 
Wvrld. By Jodm Vacoittoh. 4W. PHaud in tht Ytat, I67B. 

POWELL, YiivMor, .of yorih Wain, wim tho son of Bioiiabd 
PowKi.t., and was boni in tbo j'car 1617. Hin mothsr of 
the Vanaimri, a family of piront antiquity, tlint came ont of 
YorkAhirt into WaUt. His first prcformont iras in the 
EiUihluhfA Churvh. and was firet made Curate at Clun. 
Ue afterw&rds joined the Nonfoa/ormUl*, eettles at l*arlford 
in Ktnl, but afterwardij returns to WiiUn. Ue joined the 
Baptists. He died the 27th of October 1G70, at Karoonr- 
Ham*, the tlieii lleet-urison in Lambeth, in the 11th year of 
hia imprisouioout, and in the J>8rd yeorof bin ago. and «m 
buried in Bimhiti-FifUt. For further particulars, dm 
Cm*by'* Ilittory aflht BaptUl*, vol. 1. p. 87S— 8S2. 

Oon The PAToea Glorified : And the worke of mens Rx- 
DKitpnoH, and Salvation, finished by Jesus Christ on 
Earth. Opembd di a SEUMUH Before the Bight Honour- 
able the Loan Maios, and the Bight WorabipfuU the 
Sheriffes, Aldermen, oui) Henrdtr of the City of Lokuom, 
the eecoud day of the tenth Uouctb (called Decembtr) 
l&id. By Vainuor PowtU, a vriUing (thfHtgb we*k) ha>- 





POWELL, \nnaOT,—a>ntinut<L 

bonrer in ChriRtti Vineyard ia W^Ui. Tiw mdodI Im- 

iMndan Printed by CharU* Swnpter, Jar Hmnah AlUn, 
at thi Crotene in Piipe$.H*ad AlUy. SiiiaU Sro, 1950. 

— CluiGt and UoBOi exeellencf, or, 8ion uid Sinai's gloty. 

SmsU 8to. IS60. M} 

SATtKoFjLiTB Set forth In Three Dialogaes,orGonfere)io«*: 




aud a 


Doubting BeUerrr. 
Wherennto ia added Tvn Skkmons One of them Prtaeke^ 
bt/ore the PorhuBCQt the otiier Before the Lord Mayor of 
the City of LoMDOM. Bg Vatasor Powill, Miiattmr of tfU 

Ijondon, Printtd by Bobrrt JbhiUon for Livfit*U Ckapnan, 
at ihf Croum in Pope»-li«ad AlUy. SiUfill 8vo. 1651. 

Cbbist Exjj,tkd above all Creatures Hy God His Father. 
Or A Sermon Preached before the Riefat Honourable, tha 
PaWt<ifn<7i( of the ComnionweaUU of Exoi-i.sD, (At their 
Bolemae Fast, observed the last day of the last Montb 
oalled Ffbrvary 164(1.) By Vavamox Powbli.. 

London, f'rintrd by Hi>hf.Tt IhhitMmfor Liv«V*U Chapman 
al the Orvmt in Pope't-hrad AUry, MDCU. 

Small Sto. 1661. 

Common Prayer and Dirine Serviee. . . 4to. 1660. 

The Sufferers CatechiBnt. 

Sinful and sinleea Swearing. 

The Bird in the Cage, chirping, fonr distinct Hotes to hia 
Goncerta abroad Small Sro. 1661. 

Beprinted. — Tlio 2nd edition corrected. Small Sro. 166S. 

K Concordance to the Bible : with marka to distinguiali 
the commandfl, promiMe, and threatenings. 

Ijmdon. Bvo. 16T1. 

The Life and Death of Ur. Vavasor Powoll. . Bm. 1671. 

12mo. No date. 

Life of th« Ber. Vavasor PowelL 

London : I'he lUti^iov* Tract Soeirty. 

ULWSON. John, of Lanaut^. 

w4 Bicnti. HrBRaraoM— Tnth elMi»duid tbaDcorittBtte 

lam lto rt. er, An Atiiw«r lo a Prinud Pvpn. whaniti mw 



DWELL, TftTUor, — eoMinu^. 

LA.WSON, JohB.— eonMniMif. 

MttaLii vntnitbi and fuliiii AjponiionD, e«it cpon « PoopU 
otUvd QDBk«n, bytoms MMnWn ol IhoChnnihat Wunut 
in Walks. AIm BB Anawer to Vavatvr Fovirl. 

4U>. Prinlfd in Iht Yfor, 1664. 

D'mTEL, Duniol, KecUa ot SlopUkHnt in /Tmt. OrCam6n<J^ 
Vnivnmty. He wan bom at CkitlrhvrM, and wa« Eunoaa 
in all the County for his extruonlinftry nntuinJ iiud tic- 
quired abilities, eminent piety, gwen'l tooiper, «nd greitt 
moderation ; liie generous principles, great acqaaintoiioo 
witli and intereet in the Clergy, bis rational and yet 
earnest vay of preaching, ana learned expositions of 
difficult places of scripture ; in a word, for being an 
honour and oniamoiit to tb« Chnrob, and her champion 
too, excepting her heirarchy. agaiuat which bevas always 
rofacroent. Hin peuncablii iqiirit waa troublod with some 
unquiet Baptiot* and Quukent. Onoe, exiwundiug that 
chapter in which we nr» wamod to avoid Huch an ■ appear 
in ehMp's cloathing. but inwardly am mvoning wolree,' 
bt toocdied upon the Quakers ; one of whom caitio to 
Ua obHTch the nest Lord'»-iiaij, and declared ho wai KCnt 
^^ of God. But Mr. Poynifl being tlien in the conr»e of 
^P exposition upon the next wortU, the Quaker said be 
~ was dwappointed, for he exj)ccte<) his farther insisting 
opon tlie otlier. Hereupon Mr. I'a^iul took advantage 
OOnviooiDgly to nrguo that the Quaker wiu not, aa he 
pretended, sent of (jod. who certainly knew what nuhjcct 
be would be upon, and would have infnmed hiK metiHCn- 
ger, or at least have suited his message to the occasion. 
His T>u*day'$ lecture in this place was very famoas, and 
was much frequented by the neighbooring parishes, to 
bear his explication of tlie principles of religion, and the 
olMoure pasaagcs of the prophets. Aa soon as the licenses 
aUM foith in E. CharUt II'b reign, he began the meeting 
in StapUhunt. whidi was erowd<;d veri' much during the 
remaiodor of hie life. He died in 167-1. Being obliged 
to tain down the windows of Uie nkeeUng-house to let in 
air spoa a former occasion, the place being mightily 
tbrooged. he took so violent a cold n« tlimw him into a 
Umt, sod carried him off delirious in a few days. — Pat- 
nut'* iiotwonformuU' Memorial, vol. 2, p. 68. 

. — Uosea and Aaron, or the Ministen Right and Uagistratw 

WBITBHEjU), OoOTga, at Ortan, ICutmertlaiid. tut ol tonicat. 

An Viiiwt Pui CawTVT%», vaA Utlrhutdte tai Chrjat'i (Mkr 




POTNTEL, T)mw].—<-m,tinut^. 

WHITEHEAD, (foorge,— eontiiiu.'J. 

Tin<tlcal«it fiKaiuiit AuliclirUlianiitni ; In uisvar to ft book 
cal!«d Huif and Jitron. or the Miaittrri RiyAt. and the 
Magittnl't cJary. Oiiruo forth by Daniel Foinult, ■ UlM 
MiDiilrr in Kent, nbo Uku ona cif Ibe PupUb oritor, cftlts 
himarU RvfUk of thp Chitri^h of Chiut Kt Staplfhiril. vbo 
iu liii book hath (Ulod ■ UiTM-foia Pl« tat TithM; Tbkk 
ol Law Dwiru. Ijhw thimant. ncd Frtt-Gtil. Bj- a Witnow 
o( the Way ct Truth, ti. W. 
Z^m'/ini. Frittied firr Thnmiu Simoiaiu, at tht Bvll and 
JUattOi ntar AUtrrtfoH *ta. 16M. 

PRAT, Dam«l, Vicar of Tottenham, near London. 

Several Iiaportaut TRUTHS of RELIOION UMiDUia'd; 

In Opposition ti> tUf- AbumiK iiniion il upon ihn H.Scsmoan, 
the l'Ri»imv« Fathebs, aud other Eoclbsustical Wutkhk, 
in I'nvoiiT of ToDontH espousHl bjr Anahaptitu and 
Quaktrt. Bei)i){ a ItEPLV to H. Clarid^f't Mki-ih* 
iKQCisBicDtrsi ; a Book Jrequently hoasted of m liithsito 
nnaiiBwer'd. By Uanibl Prat. A.M. 

Ltmilon : Printed /or John Wyat, attht Bo*tm8t, PauJ't 
Chitreh- Yard. Sro. 1714. 

KM*.— Some fopk* of Ukli bo<ik *«* laiiud Aium/mDiulf. 

PRESSICK, George, of thtbUn. in Ireland. 

A briefe Rkuition, of some of the most Remarkable PaKSgea 

of the AxABAPnaxB in High and low Orrmang, in the jrcar. 
1621, Ac. Gathered out of the writinj:s of Sltydfit, 
AnUinitu, Serftinut. J^mhfrltie, John Giufiu, and others 
who write of their Practises. And lintliiifffr. l.uther, 
Wffanetkon, Calvin, Vrnnut,taiti othem whs writ* ai;atnat 
their hereaie*. — By Oflorge Prc«iuok, of Dublin in Ireland. 
[Dr. Waiiam'i Liirari,.] . . . .4(0. 

BUBBOUGB, B'lwanl, of h'ndfrbamue In Wtitimrttand. 

A ViKriCirioN of ths Ptupl* o( Ofxl, cullpd Qiiakm ; — Bmut 

An AsBviii tc a Bookr — by eme Qearpe PretiUk, of DnMta. 
In which "Book muiy Lyra uid CaltnuniM u< jire*mt«d 
acainit th* Innoeont Ptople of God. And thii ii lot tbe 
elparlDK of tho Tmth. thai no Ly> maj nil upon it; attdlor 
til* (Hliafaolii'ii •>( nil eaXiei Phipta in li'laml. and olMwbiM*. 
Lanilon : Trinleil/itT lioberi Wilton, (n HarttHM-U-Oraaii. 

410. riMO<] 
B«fnli)t«<I in hii Work*. p«iw 7U- 

PBICE. William, of ■ Wttt-Derehata in .Vor/oift.— He signed a 
Certificate iigwnnt Frtdndii, at the end of " Tba Qnakan' 
ChalleDge, Ac." 1699. — Sue £bWAUi> Bkcxhax. 




PBIDEAUX, Humphrey, an English I>iviDe, Historiiu], and 

Crilie, wfts boru in 1648. died 1724. His chief works are 

■' (The Life of Mahomet ;" " A Letter to the Doists ;" and 

his groat work, " The Connection of tho History of the 

' Old ami New Testament ;'" a hody of nniversal history, 

Wiitten with snch capacity, accaracy, indnstry, and 

. faoDoety, as make it one of the best books that ever came 

into the world. It comprisos the afTaire of Aa^ria, 

, Egypt, Greece, and Borne, aa well as thoeo of the Jews, 

and illnstrateB mauy parts of profane history, whioli 

before were obacure." — Siephm Joncs'a Bing. Dirt, 

L The Orioiku. asd Ewht of Tmrea, fot tho Maiotenanoe of 

I l)u Ministry in a Chrtstian Church, Truly Stated. To / 

^1 which is annei'd the Drauobt (/ a Bill Prepared to havo 

^H been ofTer'd to the Parliamcut. in the Reign of King 

^H* William and Queen Mary, Aiiito 1601, for the Bestrainijig 

^^1 of Pluralities of Bene&cen with cttro of Hoiils. With 
^^1 Bkason^ for the said Bill. The Second Edition. Bevisod 
^H and Aufjimented by tlio Learned Dr. Qumpskkt PaiDuux, 
^^V Late Dtian of yoneirk. 

^H Lemdon : Prinlcd/or R. KnapUick, and J. and R. Totuim. 

^^' 8to. 1786. 

PRIDEAUX, Richard, of NneeiutU-upon-Ti/fte. 

and Thomas Weld and others, — Tlie Perfect Pbariw, niider 

MoKKiaa Holincase, &c. 

Ito. QaXaiiU, printed, 1668. 

Bcpiinted 4to. I^idon, 1654. 

A Pnrtber Difloovtry of tliat generation of Men callod 

QnakcTB : by way of reply to an Answor of James Nayler 
to tho Perfect PhariKoe, Ac. 

4to. Qattnde, printed, 1654. 

HovTiinBiH Weui. 

PBUDOM, Robert, Pastor of the Baptist Chnroh at Uridlirujion, 
in i'orkuhire. He died in tho year 1708, — " Mr. Pmdom 
was a Gentleman of property, and educated a ProMby- 
terion." For further particulars, see David Don^ihu's 
•'History of the Baptist Cburcbee in the North of Eng- 
land," 12mo. 1816. 

Th* Trv4 CasKt, and tho (Jnaiien Cobist compar'd: in a 

LsTTEB sent to Mr. lUchard IluTdciutU. Wliorotn m a 
short Re>new of some things asserted by the Quakm \a 
thieir yor/olk-Di»ptaatiiin with the Clerg>', &o. 1098. By 
Robert Prodom. 

landim, Prinlfd far Wiliiam ifanhaU, at fftc RihU in 
Netvi/ale-tirttt, and John MartluiU at the ftibU in 
f}rat*ehiireh-nr<tt 8to. 1699. 









PBUDOM, Robert,— fOTiMtwrd. 

FIELD, John, of London. Aotbot ol " Piotf Promoted," and aUmt 

-^ The Tme Chruil owoed •* Ood aod Mui : hy tfao PmvI*, ««1M 

Qiukon. In Aiwwsr to B. I'.'i SauiriltiuK PuupUet, Intl- 

tolcd, Tht Trot Ckrit, and Ihe Quuker*! Chriil, Co mpared. 

Bj JoAn Fitid. 

LorutoH: PrinUd and lotd by J. SoviU, tit R^jlr-ffart- 

Cuvrl, in Graelout Strttt 8to. 170T. 

TmnB Uxvah/d by Soriptnro-Light. Id Three Pftrto. 

Written for tlio t&ka of thoso that desire to behold it in 
its native BcKuty. To which i« ndded, An Api>kxi>ix, 
which the Author desires to leave ao a Legacy to his 
Children. By a dciqiised Follower of the Blessed Jesas, 
BoBBRT Pritdou. (With a Preface by Benjk. Keacb.) 
IjmAon ; Priiit*d and gold by John Marshal al tht IlMe 
in GrMt-Chureh-ttreet. . . 8maU 8vo. 16d9. 

PSYNNE, WiUiam, a politioal writer, was bom at Smauxiek 
is Somfrsftshire ill 1600. He was educated at liath, and 
next at Orid CoUe^r, Oxford, from whenoo he removed to 
Lincoln's Inn. Id 16SS he was po(iecute<l in the Star 
Chfttiitii^ for a libel entitled, " HiiitriomaHtix," when he 
was ecutenoed to pay a fine of i'fiUOO, to bo cspelled the 
University of Oxford, and the Bncicty of Lincoln's Inn, 
and after locing his eara in the Pillory, to be imprisoDed 
for life. Id 1G87 Prynne fell again nnder the censure of 
the same court for another Ubel, wbcn he was doomed U> 
loss the rtiinajudc^r of his oars, to have his cheeks branded, 
to pay another line of hvo thousand pounds, and to bo 
{lurpetnally conlined in Caernarvon Castle, but ailer* 
wards he was removed to Jersey, where he remained till 
the meeting of the Long Parliament, when he entered 
Loudon in trimnpb. He was soon alter elected Member of 
the House of CommoDs, where he difftinffnishcd bisuelf as 
the leading manager in the proseontiou of ArchbiBk^lAud. 
Prynne, however, op)iosed Cromwell as vebftmeatnaa he 
lind done the KiuK, for which he ww went toDnnatwCasUe ; 
but in I66Q tie wiui restored to hiH wcat. He was ixkstni< 
mental in tho ncall of Cburlo* II., for which bo was 
appoint*d EMper of tlio Records. In 1661 ho fell under 
tbe censure of the honiift for publishing ao address to the 
Peen, against a bill then in progress napect^ Coipor*' 
tioDB. Be died in 1601). PrrDDD was a mort volaminoaa 
witt«r, but his principal work is a CoUectioD €f Beoorda, 
8 Tobi, folio. — hiog. lirin. 

Tbe QUAKERS Uhmasud. and clearly detected to be bnt 





PRYNNE, WUliam,— tfimitnui-rf. 

the Spauni of Ilmniih Frnijt,JfnUtfi,ti.iii Frimritean Frytn: 
Kent from Ramf to sediioe tbe iutoxioaUxl OidAy-keadtd 
Entjluh .Vifirm. By nn Informntion ucwly tftkoa upon 
OmA in tb« City of ISrUtot, Jan. 22. 1651, anil ttomfi 
evident DemODfitrations. By WilHnm Pr^nne of Sieaitu- 
mek, E§q ; Tbo Second Edition Enlnrged. 

Lmtdon, Printed /or Edvard Thomas in Grrm Arhenvr. 

4to. 16SS. H 
(Bmuo 1 Uaf. 

Itepritited. — Thp Second Edition, enlarge. 

l/mdan. Printed for F.daard Jliorntu, at iha Adam «md 
Em, in lAttU' Dritain. . . . -Ito. 164M. G 

AUDLAKD. John, of, near Kndal in Wfttmertland. 

Tbo ScBooi^MiBTKU Disci|)lin'd r or, ■ Bsfti to — George WUl- 

inglitn, — Al«o. An Answer to n Sonuiliitonn Pnpflr, pnt (dHK 
by IVitliiin Prynnr. oiitiluled Tha IfnalUrt unmiukril and 
eUarlj/ iLiueud. wlierom Itia aiuidRra arn nuvl» to Appear, 
ntxl Ii4 clearly detiuiletl. being talwn witli n iy« in tils uiuull). 
Wlinwrnnloie iiilJud n Bi^iilytoan ttiMitv.-ij*! P»|>er. pul fortli 
by ti'iUiam I'rynne, in hl4 ly'nid iularitwl Edition ol U* 
Mimilaluiiii papur uforemuDliuuod ; io vhlch bo it nortt 
imioaikod, and proTcd to b» apuivaod (rom the Pftlbar of 
Lien, wbniin ranitta ii mcepiii^ away. Ily imr. lehv U a 
Witwn agiiitut I'nyplianrnrii of Fririu luul Ptnpw, calUd 
Jam Ainiui<i>- 

Londiyn, Printtd for OiUt Citlvrrt, at tht Black Sprtad- 
EoffU.nfffthf Iffttnulef Fault. . . . iia. iUS. S 
Bcprinted in bia Work*, pogo 107 — lU. 

A Kxw DncorxBY of some Romss Emibsakies, Qvakcrr ; ae 
likevriiio of some Popish Errors, auadviaedly embnmd, 
puTBDod by our Antic ousiitxiijh Mi.iiitTEn!*. DiscoTOrinfc 
the dangfrotix fjfetis of tbeir dixainlinum-} the Frrqiumt 
jmMUk AdmiiihtratU'n of the Lonls SiippuT ; the PopitJi 
Errort wUere-on it is bottomed ; penwiidiiig Ibe /rfqumt 
Ctlebratioii of it, to all Visible Churchmrmhcrj, with their 
Frte-Admimoti tbereiutto ; and preaoribing some leg&l 
Hegal lifmetlUt to redreaa the .Vr-ir Sairileifimu iletaintug 
of it from tlie people, where their Mimstere are obstinate. 
By WMiam Pry?int of SicamtuHekt Esqairei « Bttwher of 
Lx«coln» tnne, 

London, Printtd for Ike AiUhor, and or* lo It told hg 

Edward Thnmn* in Green-Arbor. . . *to. 1666. 71 

FOX, Owre*, FonndMr ol tha Society of Frienda. 
The Or**t Umuv of the Qwat ' 


Tb« QrMt Umuv of the Qroat Wboro nntolded. «o. fp. 3t8) 

F<di<>. its*. 

Z 2 





QUAEEBS^Books io the Kame of.) 

A MoBt excellent and rare I>iscourso of the Way to Ihe 

Kingdon : for AnHwor and Advioe to tlie Wise and truly 
hnmlilod onca, walking among tiio Pcopla commoaty 
called QuakcTR, or Trtimbkra. 

lymdnn 4to. 16S6. 

Kwaakers Ooffoning. [In tcteo.] 

evo. [Amiitcrdam ? 1700 f J 
{Bril, Miuifum, '-?3^) 

A DECLABATION of Ou> Nkik. Prince of the Air, and all 

his Infomall Crev, to ttto Iiihabitautii of the whole irorldf 
but cbiclly to the Qvakxbx of Oreat llritain, ife. 

Broadside. — Printed fn/ Otorye Morgan. [Jtf«»vA S, 1659.] 

— ALsTTKREODtfromaHeicliRntinDUDLIN inlltELAND to 
his Friend in Lot(i>ON, Declaring the Alteration of Ajfairet 
there, in ennunoning a Conventioo of Estates to ait at 
DtBUX, &c. (Si^ued T. J.) 

iMniioH, rrinledJuT Thnmat Pool. . BraadKidc. I6S9. 

Sou. —Till* 1>U« Rim kn ihoodI al • Pnduuiko hi/Un b lb* FiM* I* 

— A Lettks from SIIREWSBURT. eoUing forth the D^ga 
which the AnabaptiEta and Qoakeis bad to boonrfl Uba 
Castle, and to have received five hundred more ooto tlian 
in opposition to the Farliauent. (Dated S»lop, Ftintan/ 
il. 1600.) 

Lendm, Prinud/w T. H. . , Broadside [16tiO.] 

— HntTonix dcs Axamtiatbh ov BdatioQ curieiua ds lenr 
doctrine, Ref^G and Bovolntiona, tnnt ea AllcmsgiM, 
HoQanda, qirAnglttcrro, on il 6t traito do pluBicrs saotM 
do MonnonitcH, Kouakrcs, ft antrpK qui on eont proTenna. 
I<e tont «nriohi do figtinm on tKiUc donee. 

A Pari*. Chts CharUif Cloiisirr. . . 12mo. 1636. 182 pp. ' 

— A New Qaaker'a Bcnnoi) ; by a modest Female Qnakor, 
the text from the S^th verse of the 2ud chnpUr of Obiuliah. 
rChirioiui wood-cut of a Quaker's Meeting. About Jam«8 
Sndu time.) .... Folio BrVMlitidc. No itkta. 

— HiKtoria Von Denen Wider Tanffom. — ^anlrnjitutimin it 
fnlbnsinstimm ||ttnlhtDn natp tf>titlUib» ]rn«l-9sii*f. kifar 


wirn AitBWEBa. 


QUAKERS,— <i'>n(miW. 

kit ^Ilm dijuackir. uniJ mnn ^rta-griilfr, totlrbc Vii Jinjii 
6otl{s Sril^tra titninni^igcl, ttn!) bciluniul, :iiicb Irene 'S*^ptt 
nnb ^rrbigcT fliiottlu^tn tooTts, frcruMit, btrlciiinbltil. gtliulot 
anb btrfolgd bnbtn. mil bidm pt Hjicit tlicnlirbcu itiib nnkltt^cn 
$upff«», bbli jn (Joltw lEbrt uii& (Pt^aitung Uiatt tf brulu^tn 

SUu^ljl, J^aK itkIi buim ^mammtn gtliagcn ani saffgciLibltl. 

KaUw— Tut COUoctlon lui tvo Tlilo li^H^*! ^^ I1h> *■> uigimml odp. botti 
tahlf flWD to tliaJr iv4t ftbov*, imJ onM^LnA ibv fuUmdnji Kca lt jwMwch 

S*l %bia nub ^rnin St^bjKrniit VBitntaitStiiii^R Ciitl, bu til. 
glunitmitbiaR nub giitatuibti SiriiM, <U. 

Ctbnrht im Jifet 17U1. 

TUi I>>rt at TmllH auelalai lbs luUgwlsii pDrtc^U. 

Orfdofia Aqblmonn, 

rBiiirtD* Si)4li*nH SoDPnxli, M&enna Uflntroiu; 

Jnhannw l^ItcUun, r\m*aHU. At pifr<r4. 

Thanw Kmiinr, Airurlli 

lihton Soutala h'LoIOMi. 

BmBl ZshnidoUtiii. 




Bvtan HIool anamUialila ol« UirU mn dui Unlbto. 


t!hrliti«u Hubuni, ullm EUu Pnlorini. 

— Biaranu PoiATKHtRitir, otiir tint (TDllhemmtnt BELATtON nat 

JliiiiiuitaOl Bon Iriiun Sibfaatnmn, 5ni iJllin ANABAPTI8- 
EN nub flnikrin.— Hi»t«ry «[ tli* VaiiatlnR, «r a tnin R«. 
Utiuu ud UiieUiKt)iio« ol Old Aiuiliuptiiito ftn<I Nciw (Jiiftknrn. 

Gfdnekt im Jakr 1701. 
IH fku.— OopMiDuUiluii ot Uw"FTt> Spirit" lail tba <liuk«n,H la- 
Tbiu ruUoiri tbli TiU^,— 

— lUiitatU Fnnatieorum. 4o.^Hifltory of Ftiantius or ii Porfcot 

Halation ami Knowlodga of Uie Old Aiiiilipi|itiBts and No» 
OoakntK, published ill htnidoa in lOGO. with tliu nppro. o[ 
duhrniil Eiigjtisli TLa>!ogiau«. ami tnuulutcd iota Dutch by 
Boneiliot Fi(f;l(Bu. 
FIMo.— " Tbe Qiitknr'i AoupUin tir Um n»uia af Aihliif," H p>g* W. 

„ Tha t^uku nil J fuuilu UitHie Alt. )H*«ara p. EB uhI S8. f 

„ rratrn;! nl WlHwlin ounBan. 

pottmll It Tbomta Vmaa. 

A ItnirBiBDlalkio bov lb* Qokkn, &iul«|itlfi'v PAiut1«, Ftm RfMi of UiB OUi iJ Jwiun, lUI.d luujua la 

BulBOd, orMi tnxumctkiu ku.I frltfbtfw klaoitbbif iHaii«ti>ui4 

an^bow UkKit]£iL li'iit'4'tJD^, bAi^diitf uui 4 ^iuilailiu»\ Mtvt 

I ttittr nwlii <uid dug irauiibJaHut <~ 

196 pp. 


SciBtilt ^ittinuttiiu 9«'bilit( 1701. 84 


Poitnll si IkwiDiu KnttooMaui. 



QUAKERS,— «m(Mu«ii. 

}0mglkbi, ftbni'nnb .fntilUcbt ftfala nnb SxnbiiOB|» WStu 

Gtdnttkl in Jahr 1701. 
^irtnlt ol BodihUoIili i* HplDoi^ Jsteo* •> UtataU. 

.. D>tU ODlrdus, «Uh JutU. 

^— Alte imd Neue Bohwum-Bciiitcr-IIruth. nsd (JnAclccr-DniMl, 3»» 
kt Bnmdlieho Fontcltao^ luxl Bloabwnrdiga Bnohlnng 
Soa dMMn Alloa QuaoJuni iiud NottCD Frxu-Boixlom. 


QaMkar-Bf«nel, «e. (»mod(I UUa.) 

FvOtlv— Till Qfttx BuUmju ud t>lH HtaUIi " jMob Dijlor* Kt«C <t 

tt gloamj uuJn'M ■hit ilii'lr rliTi'T luui vh titt GbrIM tb* Loid'-Ta* 
VOOMI (BtoDili Slnmui'i ui<1 Ujullm III I lull Itlli tlllHlltl lll>«M 

MnnNl ttMt dusLIm IB Itu- inkj >ua ImOl out. " Bslx, Boll." *■■ 

As <la*k« JuiH »*]l<u nU mit* Itw <1<K<1 lUn.— Mnd op aad Wklk. 

Ttia Nn Bua I( butl* BplilH. 
tM. ixuuqaaten. Tm gottor im hmw rtwUhtl Oroitli m IfMi. 
tw Mmblw. tcikBu and utiiiwi. ud Ih* Uinti* in mkal vllh 

■b TbtBWW. 

& IbtRsUiuBsel. 

«. Hufo. 

PortMt at fucbu AmiDlBii, 
Phtt.— TUo CIiUUt ol Uh Qiukor ud Fro Sidrtt lo*>i4( tbt Kloe ^ 

„ Dl* IsnWllmdlKliED Qoiotai nod Kdntn BuntUer. 

Th> pHoca » *Tt* gl Ik* Uintlok-tilukwa,— r>H 8|littiV 

ruwii—, An. 
„ XIdh OfUtUcbMi, 

Dor venclinuktH Welt-Maon noil Scboi&boUlga BTTsnna ill 
Engoliaitd (OltTiei Croinwull Ac. 

Otdrvelu tm J«»r 17 
roMoU d OHni CnmnIL 
„ tJBa^Mta.ftflt. 
„ itt JnbBSD OoDU, pmi IB. 

FonUllniiB BUr Nciwr W«lt-W«b«n (BttaBHUltieh). 

I. HmmUDhCuU*. 

•. TtHIDliB llnbbu. 

t. BVOkUod Bplnoa. 

t, lUlt^iuHiB«k«ii,nMbltMaUkBiimdrOTidiiiMailMkBBVB. 

(MruU W /*W ITO. 
PoMll of Bauliu ilH C«nfB. 
- et TtuiiDH BubbM. 
„ (d IMUwu UiUw. 

. Di« TioKolili'hU ros df m Biukaa BMrltOB bdor FUmImb Jnin 
KuaiKu SaUUi Hovi tou Sraiaw) Dw Sieli Adiw ISH^ Aa. 

0«lrutr(( Jm JaAr Clkriiti. 1701. U| 

rnrtnll of SibtaU Mn, 111* (Inal BMnjw (Dd Um UiMUh JON •< lb* 
Twn atm fl»t— lallf . 

' NoTTU in Belxio JadtDTornni ll«t Oligtr pHnlli. A« . . 1701. - 

. Breael dt>r FalMbtn UMuon via •neli SebaU-KAaOMdM 

Ujiiitvn iitiuim, Ima Cbmti 1701. 

. EnohroUicho BrfidarMhalR d«r Altsn niul Nanon WMcstan&r 

Quukw 170*.^ 

INuinU. -nx CUmA uik BMnv* Tte Uh MmU* Jhbm K*]r»>, Xta* •( 
■fat<hBtB^I*>7.Mil Oi Mm MwUi B4bUtal 8>«l, KtaB «< tt* Jw«. 





9u ViiiIicliMl SEBV CHltlSTI Bn fUn^rn MESal£ nnb Scg- 

lanb bit bull. ^D) bn IfiiitiRgniiD (rti tfrti Imtm Jatab*. U«D. 
49. Cap. 10 vew. 

6(bniiHl |m |s(i. 1T03. S8 pagoH 

— Prob«lio SpiritOB ot DoetriiiiB D(tiiu>arili. ina iit Emliian 4a« 
O^iEtes mid dm Lebiu Cbnatiani Dinnocriti. Cunnt Dippol 
Muannt, Aof Declaugan ClirUlichor Fivaada. — Henrich 
Qeorg Heaae, D. 

Oadnokt In Jabl, 1709. US pum* 

- Do Geveinade Kwftaker. Blyspol. Op d'Amster^arosQ 
Scliounbdrgb moerm^cn Vurloont. [lu three Actii and 
in verse, By H. van Halmael.] 

T'ArmlDTdiim, By Engclhe-rtun SolmaitK, lioehieTkoper in 

de Sint JanH'UlTaat, by At FtuweeU Bunjiral, <to, 1708. 8 
(Brit. Mimmtm, '-^^) 

Kote.'— WLUi ■ CutIdiu «cig»n«l title In niliUlloii lo the hboTT npKHEiUng 
HnMLfd out. 

- Verrolg van de Ocveiiiede Kwaker, 2do BlyspeL [In three 
Acta and In verse, by H. Van Halnia«l.] 

t'Atna^dam, Gedmla voor lUn A^Oieur, en by dim xtlvett 
tt bfkoomgn, all ouk by Hmdrik van tie OiwW, Uoekvtr- 
koop^ op d« Heik'je v:c;i, over /w( Ro*}>hxtij». 4to. 1709. 6J 

Now.— WIOl the Hmo cniliiua ongnTWl TlUo ptcs. 

■ VeiTblg vao do eereto od tneede Qeveiusdu Kwakor. 8rd 

t'Anutrrdam, 4to. 1711. 

■ A Play Bill. — Mr. and Mxs. Liston'b Night. Nkw Tbeatrk .^^' 
lloYAL, CovEMT Garden, this prcEeat Fridat, June, W, 
1811, Will br aet'-d {By Ptrmi»«ion of Uut ProprietOta 
of the Haymarket TI^Mre) Ikt Camtdy <if The lUUNO 

K. MaeUuh, Printer, S, Bow Strett, London. Folio. 1811 k 

■ A Qnory to 'the Quak«rs respecting their fiepoguaiioc to 



RAii'D, Asa, of Gcrrfuim, Main*, ^fV-EHgland,a, Professed Uinieter 
of the Qoepel. 

~^ Two Sermons. . . . PuMUhtd in ihe Year 1817. 




RAND, Acs, — cmtmiu^. 

COBB, Rilwaid, of :f(iTth Awnri^a. 

• A Fow OinnrvnlUrig on «uuio of the PrinoiplM of Uio PfopU 

oaU«il<ju)ik«re, in rupljlo AaaBoiid. {II!« "Two Bmaeaa.") 

Ponland: Priiatd, Sto. 1817. 

A Word in Beason IBSO t 

inJSSBY. Siunatl F., of Portland, Matw. Kta Bn}land. 

— A Btiol Eiamitifttioii o( Ain Itiuid'n Itoolc, nailed, "A Word in 
SMKini ;" nilh n ItefutBtloc of hotqr iil tiko iirriinooiia lUM- 
nwnta luid charsea it^iiitil the P»oii]e ciLllml (jiiklwn; 
wbtrclij tiia woik will Hiipesr out of neiuiou. By tjuiuuel t. 

Satim: }'rinttd by TiurnuuCCfuhing. . HmQ. 1881. 

BAMSEY, Bartkolomew.of ICn^t-Arrf/uunia Soffolk. Hongnsd 
a Certificate ogaiuBt Friends, at tho end of "Tho QuaJiitni 
Challeuge, Ac," 

KAWSON, Edward, Seotetar? of the QeMtal Court of the 

A tne Relation of the Prooeedisgs a^^alABt certain Qiukkbs, 

(Wi/ffttfrt liubinjum, Mamiadukt SUvensori,eJli Mary Dy^r,"^ 
at the general! Court of the ManaehuieUhoHea at liotUm 
mNtvc-F.nijland, OdoWlS, lC5d.(BigDodEt>wAiu>B«irao« 

London, Prinud ly A. W. . . Broadside. 1660. 

BEEVE, John, wm bom in WiUMn', hid Fatlior, Wallisr Bwve, 
wae CUrk to a Drpufi/ of Irrtand, bis Coaaiii L. MoggletOB 
BajH " A UcDtlcmEui, but fol) to decay, so h<i pat Joha 
Bocvo Apprentica to a T»ilor in Ijondnn. Ho vnui of on 
Honest, Jtist nature, and l)annle§s, butaManof nogrcat 
wit or Wiedom, no Uubtllty, nor no great etoro of Iteligion. 
He died abont the latter end of J^ij, in tho year lO&S. ia 
tho 49th year of his ago, and was buried in Betblam 

' An Epistie from the Highly Jehovah, or Jestu the (mly 
LoBu, and God of the Elect Israehtee, from one, whoM 
oamo is Johu Eovvu, Pilgrim, Ac. . , . 16&I 7 

■ An Epirtle of tkr Proyhrt Rmtc. Written in the Year, 
165<^. With, "An Uoeasional Diacounw, &«„ by Iha 
Prophet Mnggleton. 

4to. .Vo t'rinUr't natiu or ^net, [1719.] 

Sh Inoamix HnaaLrroii. 

Thf pTophft Bcvvo't EpiuU lo kii Frind, diMcoretinff tk* dark 

Lifht o/ the Qoakcre ; imtuu m iht ytar 1651, Sepkmber 





BEEVE, John, — rontitiued, 

iJu 2Qih, ftfter some otlior EpIatloB, la tho folloning, at tbo 
«nd, via. — 

■ An EpitlU wroU by the Prophfl John Rbkvb to Isaac Pknx- 

IHOTOR, bUq. ; daUd 1668, eimcemin'j mt Ansvirr to a Hook 
of fcw, mtk uveral MystmM and Diviru and Syirilaal Re- 
vftaliotu declared by tlu Prophet, conctming God'» vuiliU 
epjieariifj m the FUnh. 

4to. No Printer's name or pltui», [1668 ?J 

Bacred BomaiDe, &c. 

Bopriiit«d. . 
Beprinted ftgaiu. 

Printed by Sithteription in the Year 1706. 
4to. No dato. 


Alt Epistle to n Quftlier. By John Rmts. 

BvO. jV(* Prinlrr't namf, place Of Date, [1711 ?] 
Uea iJ« Luuuwiuii UvaaLaioK. 


Nine Queries, Bigned by him on behalf of a Meeting — in 

•' The Mask taken ofit, &o." [See Ahom.j . (jvo. 1700. 

BEISEB, L. Auton.— A Lutheran and Native of AngBhufTi vbo 
bdnK driven from that City for hia religion, retired to 
Hainburgfa, and there became Ptutor of tbe Church of St. 
James. — Biog. Britt. — Article Barclay p. 480. 

Anti'Darctaius, id est, Examen Apologiie, qiiam non ita 

pridem Itobertns Barclaivs, B cot o- Brit annus, pro Theo- 
loet& vere Christiaua edidit, institutum in ^^tioin Kvan- 
geuoorom, a L. Auton Bbiskbo Augustano, uuno Patttoro 
■d D. Jocobi Hamburgeusis. 

Trans lati OB, 

I I Bkrelay rofnted, or &u Exauiimtlioti of the Apolog; aot 
long at(0 pnblisbed by Hubert BaxcUy, a 8cot«iiUD,l^ 
tho tmo Uhriatian Divinity, &o. 

BLT8, Edmund, a Minietur □[ tlio Cborah of England. 

TiQiIinlai quoTnnilnmlloberti BorcUii NDouuitniu, contn aliaiwa 

ArgiminiilAtionni'. InooLlliro. nitlTiliilitiicttAitti>biiniUiiui ; 
nbi Iti^iwntHr Kliiiidalio VurilstiM Ji'IintuudiaU £ luUnia 
Baiutiitiutia, de SDripturin, deUiUTunaliUodiiiiipti«DO, jHw, 
Elinio, E««l. Aug. IVotib. 

— — A Ttndleation of Homo uniitiuivtiU of Bnliort lUralnj, B^iDil Ihu 
Argnincsl" ol n II<ivk, «titililM. &nti-I3Hrelftiiut : Whuradn 
lb* TruUi <>t ImitHiiialt &ud Inteunl IV-rrl/iliwi, of Ihu Scrip- 
Mm, of Uiiivrr/al Jf.riffinf>fiiin,iatiiithi.-rciji1iuuBd. Sj Bdm. 
B\y», B Mluiskir of the Cbumb of Knaland. 
FriiU<dfarT.N.iiia<orgeyardliiLoialiardStr<«t. 4lo. I<03. 







BEYNER, Edward, n Pariton Divine, wm bora at Mariey, io 
Yarkthire, la 1600, aud itlucittttd lit Cambridge where ho 
took hiu Master's degree, entered into Onlcm, wid became 
Bohoclmaster at MarkH Hatm, in Liifolnnhire. He waa 
RAerwardM choi»D Lecturer of a Church in lAneoln. and 
Minietor of St. P«Ur'*, in that City, Ho also officiated 
in the Cathedra) during the Uflurpation ; but wak ejected 
at the Bestoration, aad died about 1S70. Ue wrote, — 

Frccepte for ChriBtioQ Practice. 

MASON. Mutiu. of Lincoln. 

-^ Tbo Pkouu Phubve Beprared : or IV lying Orutar UU mm. 
In BD EiamiDBttoii of wmo Ptwagai) in ■ Book, «atinb^ 
PntfpU far Chriilian iVocIiiv, or, The Rult »f tht Ntm 
Crtalurt Ntw Hixlord, Writton bj aaa Kda. i^yiur, vfao 
oolUhlnuolf a Ulaiiitw of th« G««p«l b /.inewin; But It 
found ■ Lyar bv ■ CbtlJ ol tb« Li«]it, who U Imown to Iha 
W<vld by tho Huna at Martin Maton, 

4lo. London, Printed in tin YMir, iaS$. 

EEYNER, Jolm. Fellow of Camhriihie Vnhertity, BOD of Edwakd 
BcyivKu, of I.iiiailn. A man of cougloonble linniing, 
, •ingiilax modesty, and emiueut piety. After lie was cast 
out of hi* foiiowHliip in li}C2, he left the ministry aii4 
practiBcd Physic. He diud of the smatl pox at Xoain<fh4im, 
Paitntr't Nuftcon/ormiiCt' Mifitiruil, vol. 1, p. 204. 

BoVeral Queries in the following answer ; — 

HAYIiER, JuDM, ol Ardtiloe uou Waii^fi^ld. 

A Tmo DIiDOTcrio of PxTTn, aud a BrM MatdlMtUkm ol lh« 

Oround npaa wbloh wo ttand, la lbo«« wlio dMire to know it. 
— Alao as Ao«w(t to gavtVAll (JueriM [ml forth by dim Jobm 
L«n<tcn, rriatfd for Gilts CalBert, at Ikr Blmk-Sjrrtad- 
Ea$U. n<rr tht »'ut-c«Kl of Fatiti. t(o. I6U. 

BICHAEDB, Surad Ckrcy, of EMt»r. 

'^—Ib^QvaatAXDtmQvxxxB*; or, A Voice &om Exet«r For 
tht Altar, tht Throne, iiml ihir VomtUutiott of GTt«t Ilriuxin, 
with scripture proof, from OoneuB to the ^velationa of 
St. John ; showing that the Union of Chiftob and State 
/( of Dwatt Ori;iin and Affmintmeiit, ami <^ Ptrpetiud OhU- 
gation, and that tlie National Establishment and sapport 
of the Visible Oburcb of God on eortb. as insUloteo in 
the Time of Mooes, was doKiKiiod to be couUimed, in 
Principle, under tho GompoI I>i<peiisaUoa w foretold by 
the Old TiiKtiuuent PronhctN, and BA-AAzmed bj tin 
Acts, thci ToiLoliing, ana the Prophetio Deolontiou of 
our Saviour and hin Apo»U»). By SXmitbi. Oabst Bicbaum. 
I>edicat«d, by PermisfiioD, To ths Lobd Bisaor or Exetbb, 




BICHABDS, Sninacl Carey,— emttiniuit. 

and to tho Mayor of Ewtw. To which are added, 
liErrEBs IN DsrKXcK of CnuiKiii Batks. 

London : Wm. EUtrard I'ainUr, S42 StranJ, and Hamia- 
/ord, KxtttT l&mo. lUl. 


Beprinted, — Snd edition. 

Dorchetter ; William Barclay, CornhiU. 

19mo. 1U7. 8i 

B0BIN8, Thomas, of 

■ The 81NNEUD fVamitig'pitee, or, Hictvmxt Mettmger. InBtmct- 
timoB; with many good luatructioos to evt^ty trae 
OhriiiUaii to talio li«ed of seduuiuR people, mo&iuDK each as 
will onll tliemselvea Clirint. By Tho. Bodihs, B. of D. 
(Wood cut Portrait.) 

friHtcd /or S, TyM, at th« ti/pi nf the ihret BiMeit on tMt 
middU of Ijmdm-hndoo. ' . ■ limo. [ 1660 ?] 
(Brit. Uutmim, 4474. a.) 

FABHWOBTH, Biclifur<I, ol Baltv iu Yorbhir*. 

Bngland't Womtug-Peeoa eono forth wrltton npaa ocoflaion of 

Ibo comiD!; tiTtli ot a Ikxtk of oiih Thnninii Itnlililtis, U. ol D. 
AjKlai he calls liiuiBplfJviijjJanii'i H'alclinuin, lint in dmauTerod 
to bo Bn[iland'i JHind Onidc. Uy one EUliurd FiiniDWurtli, 
A Stnant of tlu Lord. 
London, Prinud for Tho. Wa^U, and art to b* told at tho 
PaveiMat in Tork. Ho. 1668. 

BOB, Samuel, Vioar of Stol/old, in Bad/oriUMre. 

-^— Tlwt Great CaseofTiTuKsconsidered- By SamvelBoe, A.M. 
Vicar of Stotfold, iu BKDW)«DaniHR. Very inteteating to 
all true PiioTKSTANTs ftuil LoveTs of Dieir Country ; purely 
tutondod for tho Increuue of Uxrrv and Pkace 'ouder our 

SrvHunt linppy Estaslisiiuknt. With just BeinarkH on ft 
iinDiD^lyrefiiie<l Aa sa, &a. 

London; PrinUd/orJ. iVUkie,at tht BibU, in St. Paul's 
Churdi- Yard 8vo. 1761. 

]lo4«-— " Tbl* 0«dU«ViU)'i too Hmiblp fclln^ 1-tt tit nli^uat h«J iml, biia ta 


■0 MnUfLillj and VJ furlonATj thai «■' luiit^l nut hb]i» bplr.u nmcnniM V> am 
to Uul> ul tliD iuH>k 4D>1 <£>rtUbi< ttaym ol '"■■'-"•""]■ mi OtaruUaa 
BlilM.-— XdiIUv BfciHf. 

3BSEIN80H. JamM. ol YiaUind. 

^— BuBnel Boe'i OWrmtioiui on Tho OrMt Out) of TithM Mo- 

Loitdon: Printed for lht.iM>ior,KoldhyJ.andJ.Jeakiiuo*, 
ol t*aUm4. H'ratnurrtland : oitd bg the BookttlUn of 


Londmi lUMl WtttnintUr. 

Sm. IT63. Bl 




BOE, Bamnol— tfoiin'mMi. 

Usehil Bem&rkB on somo proposeid aUeratioiu in our 

Lmmoy. A Word to the Qfaeers, on their EpUtlo at 
the Yearly Meeting. 17C9. With a Defbnck of tlio AtnrHOS, 
aii'l Itie Book Eutliusiaam detected, deftjfLted. Uy Baucxl 
EoE, M.A.. Vicar of Btotfold in iiedfoTdtkire. 

Cainbridije, Printed and mid b^ Fletekrr and lioAtan: 
Soldalmi by S. Croirder in Patfr-Xualtr-IiDie.J.Dodtl^ 
in Pall Mall, and M. Uiiujmton, near Trmpl* Bttr, ' 

Undm. [Price Six-Pcnoe.] . . . 8«.. [1769 ?] S| 

- I 

BOOEBB, John, an Enfftish Divine, vm boni nt Entham in 
OxfoTihhirf, of which parish his Fftther waa Vicar, in 
1C79. Ho entered at .Vnc ColUgr., Oxford: but lu 1B»8 
be obtained a fellowship in CorpM V/iruti-C-ilUge. After 
completing hia degrees in arts, he was presented to Uio 
Vicantgo of liMkland in Berlukire, from whence lie re- 
moved to London, and became lecturer of St. dtmta 
Dantt ; and also of Chritt Chureh, Xmryate StrefL In 1716 
ho was instituted to the Hfclory of Wrington in Sonu-rtft- 
thire : and some time after elected Canon residentiary of 
n'rii*. of which ChnrcJi he became Snb-dean. In 1719 
he pabltshed a book entitled " A Discourse of the visibte 
and iuviciblo Church of ChriHt;" which ho aft«rwudfl 
dcfirnclM) ii^iiiust Sykoa, in " A Review of the Diaeoane." 
For thoKo Porformuiiws, the Univomity of Oicford pre- 
sented him the Dcctoo of Doctor of Divinity. In 172$ 
he wan api^inted Chapltun to the Prince of WmlCK ; and 
abont the same time he pubh^hi'd, " Eight Sennonii on 
the Neoeesity of Divine Revelation," against Collins, who 
retorted in a ■■ Letter to Dr. liogers ;" which drew from 
the latter " A Vindication of the Civil Establiehment of 
BeligioD." In 17X8 he was presented to the Vtcaraga 
of Si. GUtt, Crippltftate. Us died the year following ; and 
after his decease, two volumes of his sormonH were pnb- 
liHhcd, with some B«couDt of his life ; and two tracts on 
Pojjery and Nonconformity. — Biog. liritf. 

—— A pBaseuiVB to CuMt-oauirv. Address'd to the Qvakhw. 
By J. BooEBs, D.D., Late Vicar of Bt. Otia's CriypitgaU, 

I.Mi\don : Printed for W. hmut in PtOtr-noitsr-Iiott. 

Bto. 1747. 81 • 
fiOFB, Ocorge, e«U« binuioU ft O«titlonun). 

Ab Antra to tb* Bar. John Bognm'a AddtoM, to iMnoada Iha 

PmuU oallod Qaa!i«r» to ocmtorm to ih* Cbmnlk of Bng* 
itiai. By Ui« AuQiiir ol Ttntb tnuaounUug Huku B bmob. 
London: PriiUtilfiyr T. thtUitU and Anthtr, Um 
<omeT ef Barihalamm-Latu, ThreanbtttMt-Strtit. 

»!». 17*1. 





BOPER, Ronilall, An AuAbAptifit. 

Trutb Uiniiicateil lieiagnu Answer to the faigh flown FuidM 
of John I'cTTeit, (Known by tlie tiHUiQ of a Qnakfr) ha b 
Fapar with this Iiwcripliou, to all BftptietB everywhere, 
or to auy other who lire yet under thu uhudowti mid wntry 
Element, nnd are not come to ChriBt Lho eribEtiuiccu 
^lieraiii is laid open the airy rain FooliEhnosB, if not 
BlaepfaemoasneeH of his words covered over with ambignotis 

^- iLud doabtfol tearms, onto all onbiazod and rational men. 

^k — By Randall Ihper, a Servant of Chriets. 

^P dto. hmulon. Printed/or the Author, 1661. 


PBBBOT, John, of Ireland, tondatt. Jiome, lul of JaraaUa. 

Tbo \Limxi of BuTtEM and the I<ou>'a Soi-rtis : and Ibo Spirit 
of J«IU. the Guide tmlo both, nnd onoly imd intolUbU Hula 
leading botli iiirn tlicin. and iill other Onlinnaam and 0(&>> 
liient« ol God, ruid a Suut's Lite. Whic.b mny Mrra ta U) 
AXBwn auto IUnhai. Bopkh's Auaver uuto n Pa]<er writtrat 
liy ine iu Ibe (lenoa ol the Mitl«r; of Uod, diieotul to all 
fikptlala OTetywbcrf . (m. 

Lottdim, Frinttdfor Robert WiUon. 4lo. IflOa. 

ROSEWEZJj, Thomas, M.A., of PevAroke Coll., Oxford, Sector 
of Siittim ilandrvite, ID Wiluhire. Ro WU bom at Dun- 
ktrlon near Baih, May 8nl, 1680. [Hia &ther died when 
ho woe not above 10 ycare old, and left biro a plentifnl 
fortouo, mnch of which was waited in bis minority. His 
Uncle, being his guardian, sent h\iT\ to school at fiUA, 
where ho made a good progreea till the Civil War bogaa 
to rage, when the King's Army taidiig that GftrriMOn, tho 
School was broke up. About thix timi>, imvulling a little 
from homo, he saw K. Clmrlat I. in tho field, uitting at 
dinner imdcr a tree, with a few persons about lum ; which 
made each an impression on his mind as disposed hiiii to 
tho greater compassion and loyalty to that nnbwpy 
monarch. Ho continued with hiu jfaele till 1G46, wLen 
he iwut him to London, to be put to Bome trade. Hero 
Providence cast him under the ministry of Mr. Mat. Han- 
tand, which was bleeeed for his conversion at the ago of 
16. lie was pat to a Silkman in Ch»apnd4, but being 
tronblod with a weakness in his eyes, the eoloura of the 
silk wore olToasivo to him ; so that he wan taken from 
this bueinesB. Uo was afterwards Cttcd fur tho University. 
After a time he was preseutt'd to tlic B<:ctory of lihodt io 
Simunet. In ICC7 he removed to Sutton MdnJevili!, Upoo 
hit ojeetment in 1602, ho travelled into acvi^ral counties. 
He aflerwardfl remov(.-d lo JlnihtrlUth*. Ho was tried 
bi'fore Lord Clutf .luKtice J/jf^ria for preachioK. — bat 
aftvr a time King Ckarlt» grautod him a [^rdoQ. lie oat- 





BOSEWELL, 1bomaB,—t(mtint>sd. 

lived his trial 7 .vcars, And died Ffb. 14, 1892. in the 62nd 
year of hU age. * He wns hnrii-d at liunhill FieU*. wbeie 
tbore iH a Latiu inscription on his TomlistODO. — Palnuf't 
Noneon/trrmitt*' ilnnorial, vol. 2, p. 612. 

■— Ab ANSWEB nnlo Thirty QureriCB Propoiuiilcd by thoiw 
who liy tho World (as tbey say) aro eoorsfiilly cnll«d 
QUAKERS. By Tnotus BosbVku, A Witnoss to Um 
Trntb, as it is in Jems. 

4to. LmdoH, Prwud in Uu Tmt, 16W. 
(Brit. Jfw.i^) 

ROSS, Afoxander, a VolnmiiiODs Compiler, was bom in 1590 in 
Scotlaitd. lie was an epiaoopal Pirine, and Master of 
the Free-School at Swaikamptan, where be died in 1654. 
— Oen. Buit). Diet. 

UANZEBEIA : or, A Vrew of all RKi.iaioNS in th«WoKLD: 

With the several Church Goveniraeuts, from the Creation, 
to these times. Togiither with a Dieioovcry of all known 
Ueretis*, in all Agoff and placoR, throughout Atia, A/riea, 
Ammea, and F.urope. By A. B. (With Portrait of Hom 
ty Lomhart 
Lamdon, Printed bg Jtifiut Younfi.for John S ag tM H, and 
arttoht JOU at hit thop, at tlu Si^n ^ tkt Ortjf'koimd 
in Littlt IMtain, Wiihina AhifrfjaU. . ISmo. 16S8. 9& 

NoMl— Tboa l*og maisUini nl"Qsitkan"lnlhUJbif HiMn. 

Bcprinted. — The Second Edition, Enlarged and Ptrfetted, Uf 
ALBUUrDBB BosB. {Wiih Portrait bg LoirAart.) 

Lomdon, Printed /or T. C. /or John Sm/vell: and or* to 
letd at hi* Shop, at th^ riijn, o/ the Oreifhound in IJttU 
Britain Wtthaa Aldenyatt. .... 16S8. 

Reprinted.— The Third EdiUou. 


IIANSBBEIA: or, A Vtow of all R«U^on» in UhWobu}: 
Witli tho Mvcral CbnTcb-Qovcmmerits, from the Creation, 
to theec times. Also, a Dit'CoreTy of all knovB HrrtM* 
in idl A^w and Places; And choice Obeemtions aod 
Befleotiona tbioo^oiit ibe whole. The Fourth Edition, 
Bvimrgii tmd Ptirfeeted by Ai.e.uxdeb Rosa. To wfaJeb 
Sfe uinaxed, The Lives, Actions, and Ends of certain 
notoriottB Hrrttiek*. With their Kffigiee in CopiMr- Plates. 
Prtnttd /or John Willianit at the nipt of the Crown in 
€taBi-^t^t6-ioxtti in JTittU ^lilaiii. ■ 8vo. 167S. 

Bapnatcd.— The 6Ui Edition, enlarged. (Portrait.) Svo. 167S. 



BOSS. Aloxitnder,^9n(inu<!rf. 

Reprinted. — 37k Sixth Edithn. (Portrait.) 

London, Printed /or M. OiUitflotntr, at the Spread-EaifU 
m Weitmiiistfr-HuU, ami \V. b'rfrman. at the Itillt, 
orer a-juiml the Middle TempU-Oatf, in FUtt-Strett. 
(Portrait.) Largo 8vo. 1696. 29) 

FOX, Oeorgi>, Fonodor of the Sooiety n( Frian.ln. 

^Tbe Qreat Misixat ol the QntX V/hon oiifiilded.fte. (page 373) 

FoLio. les*. 

CBI8F. St«r>U«n, ot C^Uhnter in Butt. 

5i (SwriiEM ffrinniB^nntiibiiiljrt Otlit^tttM.— Trntli trionipbing 

Oter riLlHnlnHHt i ui no Auauier to Thirty toUc iwcusatltiDa 
t^mst tlj>< Iimnndtit Pi^oplii o( (kKl DafUil (Juoknni; in k 
MTtain Buok LutituifK), " A Viow of all Uali^tit iu tii» 
World : vtrittcQ b; Aleianilor Hatt. . 410. 1670. 


BOTIIWELL, JoliD, BookaeUer of Lottdon. 

BUDD, James, Curate of Ganiaie, in Yorlahirt. 

^— Tufo Pitcoiirses : the former od Baptiun witb tb« Holy 
Ohost : the latter on Wator-Biiptiicm : Originally oompoe'd 
for, and preach'd to, the Author's own Congregation, tot 
which they were intended as a l^«iervaihe against tbo 
Kpccions Erront of the Quakert in their Doctriuee upon 
towe subjects ; and now, after large AdditiouB, and ■ 
gimt Number of Marginal Notea, are sent into Iho World, 
in hoptiK they may become, In eomc meafiare, inBtrnmentftl 
in conviuciug all Judicious and Impartial PerEons among 
the (^uik'-.m, who are pleas'd to vouohBafo them a aeiiotu 
and dehbcrate Perusal, of their aforesaid Errors ; and a 
SatisEaction to all others, who desire to sec Wnt»r- Baptism 
dearly demonstrated from Teetimouies of Holy Writ, lo 
be an hutitufi«n of ChrUt of perpetual obligation. By 
Jakes Bcdd, Cmato of Oartdale, in the Parish of Sedberyh, 
Kfudal : Printed and Sold Ay Thomat Askbumtr. (Ptiw 
One Shilling and Sixpence.) . . 6to. 1710. 

ANONTMOUS.— [SappoMd hj Tbomu Lmcism.) 

—^ An Eiuuinalioti dI a I>liicf>urao an A<ij>rfiin witli tboifaly OAa«(: 
Ulely iiublisbucl bjr JaiiiDH Itiiilil. wliervia to wsic aia vaia 
■Matwna, hiie KlosMt, tutd Diln«pn-B(!iitatiotuol thataaNd 
nMida;huHiociiudatEnMawiUilums«l). ib<! TUiijSa l f iax m, 
and tbe Ohtmh ol EnKlmd, with rvgoid to Ibc maia bijii- 
tnaat, Oi Gitta and GiaauB ol tbo Uolj tihiMl. or Spirit, an 

Elotod out uid cjpoiod: and tbc I<iipiiiin,viih,ot by lb* 
ely QbMt. or Spirit, m nuuntainod by tha poo|>lu calM 





BUDD, James, — tontinu^, 


Quak(«t, U »li«vD to ha Uiv trw ChriHian Ilaptitm, UBurilBC 
lo the Sori|itar««, tii opp<>«itioa to vliat lhi« writer faw td- 
Taneed. pAri 1. By I'Aildlrlhri runda(ir7ui>. 
Kendat : Frintcd anil Sold bg Thamai A^ibvmer. Vro. 1T41. 

UKOASTEB, TliomM, of SfiibeTgh- 

Trao SplHtaal HapHtm, or Kvaiujf.liea.1 Dlteipl/thlp Miiiirt«il, ia 

inmn BniDnrk* npou Twn UiKMnvsn*, piiMialml by Jusm 
Builil laW' CunU if Qamlilf, Tlie l'ir>'l ['pim R.ipti™ wil* 
(hf Hulf OlioKl ; Tli« Lutter, I>or W»U<r-Bii]itina : vbanto 
the Autbor's I'^rvenioiu. uid MiBn')in<HiiuUuiu are oMo- 
Uil ; and hia Cmtradictiuiu ue nuda mani^I. VlOt aa 
Appecdix. Bj ThmnJiB Lonoiurtnr. 

London : PriBled and io!4 by T. Soatr Rnyttim and iMkt tht ItlDU in Otorgi-tard, L(mb(trd Htrttt. 

8vo. 17*3. 

RUSSELL, WiUiam, Pastor of a BaptiBt Congmgation at liiyK 
Hall, near Wt»t SmiihfU'ld, was educated at the University 
of Canihridi/f, and Uieie created DocWr <>/■/'%««*. — Woodt 
in hia "Uiatoryof the General Bftptists," safS,— "Ha 
mu celebrated for the discnseions in which he was ea- 
ga^ed. In 1668, he pablislied a piece agatart the Sab- 
batarians ; and in 1676| an Epistle oonoumiitg Baptism." 

QnakeriBm is Paganiem, By W. L.'b ConfeBeion ; in a Boos 
Directed to Mr. N. L., Citizen of Ixmdon ; or, Twelva of 
the Qn&kers Upinions. called by W. L. The Tvtlv* Pagtm 
Priiicipla, or Opinions ; for which the Qnakers ar« 
oupoaed to Chrietiatia ; Ex&miiied and Preaentcd to 
W11.LXUI pRKH. By W, R.. a Lover of Giiatni*HiTY. 
Londtin, Printed /or FranHt Smith, at iht KUphant antl 
GufU in Conkii near the Hm/iU Eiiehait^. Bto. 1674. 

KM*.— Al tb* «xl at thK bnnk U, "a ZslUrfltm «ti Bmlft Citmmittm 

"nMiiii^ iMiiiiinf TiiMiti liti 

LOBDIKOTON, WUUun ot nerlfonUlnrt. 

Quxuiiii DO fi»umm : or, a Mfoidl; B^^lj to W. B. lilt an- 

(rinidly IKmooim, Inlitnliyl Qiiakrritm u PagiiKint, ibewios 
Uia IneuffialMioy <•( nliHt ht Liitli VTitlou to UuolinlUaB Um 
Qnukun, imd to nnitt thvin nil f IcnlbuiK uid Pt^mm I0 Uw 
Pcoplo. Bj W. L. ft Lcntt of Fcacu morn than M Pwttw. 

8ro. Ltmdon, PrtaUd in tAc rear, 1C74. 

BUSSEN, David, of Hgthe in Kent. 

■ FHiulttmfntaU irithout Fminihition : Or, a Tmo Picture of tbo 

AnalmptietE, in thoir Bisc, ProgrcH, and Praotioo. Writ- 
ten for the nae of such ae take 'cm for S<uhU, wlico they 




BU8SEN, Dttni.—toniintud. 

KK not so maoli lui Chrintiami. To which is added a 
Letter from tlie Rovurcnd Mr, J^mw Bronte to the Aothor. 
London, Printf<i/i?r li. Jimtett, at (/w Mttrt, urer-agaitut 
', Ckaruvry-TAmr-md in FUet-Slrfft. . . Bvo. 1709. 11 

HOftav-^bl* bonk anlriklnjt *itnM lll !■! in l ■BuUHllll il oX 7rtaqdj^ lb VfWll 
■&>■•,«» Mh puUoului toniiwnmta*lnT«LPi«ii»». Lithk llnwin^ 

STBKNETT, Jomipb. Ron of tho " Rot." Kdvuil Btennett, ot AUne 
Am, in Berkihirt. (ml at ths 9ocl«tr), a Baptint. 

An AturwOT lo Sir. David Jtuttfii'i Book, nnlituril, "f'tmdamen- 

tall u-ilhem ■■ fomiiIi(i-in. nr a 7'™' Pff^lwY y/ (** .IndAay- 
tifU, Ac. 'fngnthar with noniD l>ri«i( Remarks' uu Hi. Jama 
Anxnw'j t«tt4'r uuiox'il lo tbitt TrDulimj. By JoHph 

London ; /Vin(<rf and Mold bu D. Bravn al the Blaek-Siea» 
witAaui Tt-mplt-BaT, S. Croueh al tht Corner «/ Peft't 
Htad AlUy in CiimhU. aiui J. Hakrr at Strretr'i Chapp<l 
(n ChtajuUU, 8m. 17M. 18| 

BUST, Oeor^, a, leimied prclato whb bom at Cambridgf. He 
became fellow of Christ'ii College ; but.attheBostoratioD, 
he went over to Irfiaml, nud was preferred to the deanery 
of Connor, and the Kectory of Magoe, by BiJifaop Taylor, 
wfaoflc funeral Hormon he preached and uubliahea in 1667> 
Tfao sonic year ho wax tiiudo fiitiliox) of iMrnwre, when he 
died in 1670, 

A DtsoomtsK of the illu of Season iu blatters of BeligioB, 

Ac.^ — Written in Lntm by the Bc'vcrc-nd Dr. Rrsr, late 
Lord Bisliop of Dromoiv in trrUmA : and trannlated into 
Enylith with Annotatiota npOD it, by Ukk. Uallvwkll. 

4to. London, prinUd,\^&&. II 

Sk niHaT H^u-vnu. 

■IBFOOBD, Samoftl. a famous Soottifth Reformer, and 
Profeasor of Divinity in the Uuiveraity of St. Andrtitt, 
wad horn in SeotUntd abont the begiuuiug of the 17th 
Century ; and died March 29th, 1661.— ITauV BibUotheca 
liritannita. /-.Wjpi. 4to, 1824. 

Ho^—i. n. Sam TiM *rp**( lA 1v*D h*ca mi iJwaan. (ml tbv fvUvvfiic 


AniLut. ("lui I ball' illamtirF^ lo l» Bnban UHgOM*. tm JtJBnj'a 
DluT, p. M8|. r><liiDilnc uTanl} OfiD THmO* uid, u lk« teak •BUM »• 
mJ4bl fo' nSLlnr h^ dvuci. tt u QEKOAArj lu illn it » pluc hir^ 

1 prt^oiao thftl tUbhnnT MlfQt'J^U: wa« tjat ItiP K4[1'<r ^ Ikiv vlflLoq 
c4 UiD Lcttonl! Iei ttiv i'.-mtHirl|tC hn "H^it " ^•*ti<r*fmj ni4; lit 
Inidv flaDod, [if (l^r (t^nriu bo ■iLrTtriflUIlj ri]Ti4fl1iir o( thm IhiDKl pttm 

XtlVUkllU. 1 mavi mtt cdinir fm^AUH Hjf vhll*pcflmJ|u»i«Uld IftflntnO 
a«itaa bft4h boMl olHI-nroO b> fliwr.luii* vtil ,»""** UXII. lo |utv luj OVflt, 

uJ ntwn Ih* Iw4l« lai SplrH, pI uw >!<■«( Uial DiBrtna* bHnl ; 
bai«l»tecMH,ttM*bamlMMnp,uil mllond do*« (te daw (T 
»llMn»» J Mip« r »l«iiB H <«i wjte l tii'<Witirii°lw<lalirillTtt*l'wW 
ui fklvht^Ai hnd U«*i toA •baUiwar I* lb uij ut Uttt n««i 4c«d)ia 

Mid dUUUBUv. tiAl !■ (« IIkB Ihltr ifArllng.- 

a A 




BUTHERFOORD, Samuel.— fMin«««I. 

Mb. RiTTHKiirooRi/8 LETTERS, 77,<r Third EditUm Now 

divided in three Pitrti;. Tlio Firtt containing thoM vhieh 
wcro wrilton frimi .\h,-rdtfrn, where he wm confiiicJ by ft 
Hcniiiticc of the Ui'jh t'tmnnim'tfi, drawn forth n^ninHt him, 
piirtly upon the account of his 'Minin;} them, partlf upon 
the aoooiiQt of hie'<w(/..nn(ri/. The Bbcokd k Tmhu* 
contttining some, which were wiitten from .liiieoi'A, before 
he was by the /Vflttfjpe^eecutioQ thrust &om bis MiiiiKteiy; 
find others npon occasions afterward, from St. Aiidrtw*, 
London, dr, J'uUUIied/or itie iiw uf all the Pf/iphof Oodt 
biit nioro fiartieiiiatlg, Jut thnne tchu are, or a/lenrard may (M 
lull lo suffmnit /or Ckrvit and hi* etnte ; Bg a BViirwArt* 19 
l/if u'urk, and Pm/iU of iJiid. 

Job. IIS. 3. They ihall pal you out o/ thr Synagoiiiu : Vta, Ike 
tfini^ Cirmetk Ikal Khntaifrr Ullilh yna, viti Ikink Ikat he 
rfof ih Qed ttrrU*. Vet. S. And thnt Mnf miil Ihey dot 
unto ynu, hecaiut Ihey havr nol kttMm Iht Falhrt. nor mt. 

2 Tbami. 1. R. lifting (I U n righUmu thing with Ooi.ta 
r'trnaiini" Iril/itlalion I" Ihrm lliiit Iniihlf gitu. Vor. 7. And 
(0 U1B vho nrr Inn^il^il rnt iriih lur, icbm iht Lord Jttt* 
tliMl be rrveaitd frvm heavrn ailh hti mij/lily AngtU, <tt. 

Small 8tO. Printed in tht Yew 107S. 

Beprintedt (and diBcrontl; set np.) 

8vo. Prvnt*d in the Y«ar 1675. 40t 

KBITH, a*ortiu. (liotoro his ApostMy). 

; The Wa; Cut np, -ConUiniafl tic ADnwr U> % PMrtMrtpt 

pritiMd Hi l)i(i end <>t Hahiikl R<;TUiiurvBi>'s I^l<««, Uiird 
•dillMi. bjr a DUueleMM) Author, ka. 

Sro. PrinUd in tkr Yemr. ICn. IS 

Bt* Bduk lUcuetM. 

RUTLAND. John, Baptist Preacher at rtdham-Uiayfaret, alias 
Pvllutm-Miirkfl, tioffolk. 

A Vindication of the Divine Docrecs of Kkciion and 

Ib?probation. Being the eubtitanoo of several BcrmOQs, 
ou Itora. 0. C — !M. Preach 'd at Pullinm'MargaRt, in 

Norfolk, by John itutlaud 1720 ? 

8w alia tewa MiLua. 

WILLKTT, Joatipli, ol Svathteark, IjmAan. 

Some DDtKnrATioMs on ■ rretmdnl DUIotpK b*t«o»n • BoftUt 

and •■ l/tuiktr. Alul n roBUcript, reUlinp t.-' allook btalj 

IiiibliOiM. lotitnl'il, A I'liiifriviitiin uf thr IHviii' thtrta^ 
Slt<iuin unit Kqurutmllnn. U> iMMTB WlLLKTT. 
London: Frintf4lMihr Aaifmt i-f J. Saoit.M the BOU 
(> George yani, i« Vomhari Street, . . Bie, 17*0. 



BYAN, Edwunl, of Dublin. 

■ Tbe HisTOBV of tho EFrEcrs of Relioion on Mankind ; id 
Cotmtriee, Ancient and Modcni. BarbaronH nnd Civilizod. 
Containing, Sect. I. The Eipedieucy of true Religion in 
cinliKed Htatefl, with tbe Origin and Effects of fagan 
SoperstitiouB. Sect, II. TheEffectn of Jadaiam on tha 
Hebrews Ihemticlvea, and on tho Sentimenta of Pagans. 
Beet. III. Tendency and rofii EffoetM of tiio Christian Code. 
Sect. rV. OriiTiu, Progress, and Efl'cctB uf MiUiometauism. 
By the Bcv. Eimnao Bv*s, B.D. 

L/mdoa : rritiU-.d Jor J. F. and C. BiviwjUm, No. 62, St. 

Paul'* Church-yard &V0. 1788. 24| 

The Bi8T0B¥ of the Eftkcts or Bblioion on Mankiko. 
Vol. H. Containing, A Bnpplemcmt to the First Vulnme. 
Sect. V. The erroneous Doctrines and Superiititious Pn«(- 
ticea of Christianity not to be imputed to ChriHtianity. 
Boot. \I. The Enthusiaeni of tho Heathens ; the origin. 
Progress, and Influence of Fanaticism in the Time of tbe 
Crusades, and in the Sixteenth Geutory; with the Effects 
of it in England in tho suvGotceuth on the Government 
of the Kingdom, on the Uanuera of the Fanatics, on 
Literatnio, and on the Beligiou ftnd Morals of the Enghah 
Nation. Sect. VII, The real caunea of eeveral Perwi. 
cotiouH, Ileresies, Controversies, Wars, onA MtMsacrm 
imputed to Clmatianily, by Shaft s bmy .Voltaire, BouHseau, 
Hume, Gibbon, and others. Sect. Mil. A Bcfotation of 
Objections whicli have been urged against the Utility of 
Religion. By the Rev. Eowahu Ryas, D.V., Prebendary 
of St. Patrick, luid Uiniater of the Parish of St. Luke, 
London : PrinUd/or F. rf C. lUvitigton, No. 08, St. PauTi 

Omreh-i/ard. 8to. 1798. 20 

N'nU.— Alpwn 141. Vol. £ "Tim IIHuId uid KOnu nf Iha Ealhiulunn of 
At |>HS lU, VciL 1. "BabLDuslAT^OiduioaoIdclosilnWHinrBM." 


':, A., A Proroaaed Roman Catholiok. 

- TIio BooonciloT of Ri!ligionii,or a Ducidcr of all Controrprsies 
in lIatt«T8 of Faith about lGG-1. 

KnU-— Ttaii himt wnUtoi Hlvm ndnjUnni (id Frinuti' FilndBln. 


2 A 2 




S., A., — eonftntwrf, 

ODALE, jMiftli, ot WintrTbumc, (auur Bristol) in GUntealenJUrt. 

Th« WnoNit roTAiLKD, nr tlio Hiitcny u( tbo Douil ot Om 

CmTRcn ot llovK, Rkviui.ei) ; bauig a Briol uuwdt lo a Bodl 
eutll»!(<rl, " Tli« lUT-nncrilnr of Rrtigiont ; Or a DcdiUT of all 
Coutn>viin<iii» in uiiiltcr* ol Kiiilli, Wrilt«n by a PiofcMad 
Ibmiin Cflholiek, vrlio mibBcriliuB hlit nam*. A. S. In whicb 
hu BodeHTonred to provu the C'AuTafc 0/ Boim %o b8 the »ni« 

ilo. Printrd (ft Ihe Ttar, IMS. 
&., E. Sec EpwAitn Stephkss. 

An Apolooy for and ao Ikvjtation to the People «alled 


London, PrinUd for the Author, Bvo. 1687. 4 
8., J. 

Tite CftHc of the QiifthtT* rolatiog to Oatlicft stated by J. B. 

BENSON, Gemac. ot Kfndal in IPfitmarfland. A Jiuitico ot Um 

A Sooond Tkbtikohv oonRcmlng OMhx and Sweiuing : in AtmHT 

to a Ilnok ciilk[nl(«l, TA'' Comt of the QnakMS iv^lintf fo 
Oatlitt talfit Inj J. S.. Sic. 

«lo. Printfd IB Ik* y'ltr. ICT5. 

S.. J. — ^The Maek taken off: or, Qnakiriini aTKin and wmrr. 

See Akomthovs. 8vo. 1700. 


S., S.— 800 Sakvkl SrAitMxo. 
S., T.— See Toouas Sitrni. 

8 T 

— !— A BKVIFAV of that wlitoh RuniAiin HuunskmoRM did 
ftffinnc to the KING aK the chief Pniicii)le of tJic QralMiB. 
Wbervby it doth apimar thnt HtiiniKnTiiaiiK did uot dfr 
clwro fnUj tbo Quakcn Pniict|ilo. WntUui in a frieodlj 
mj to nsdoceLve the QniUccrv if po«&iblo. imd to imveDt 
othiBrs firotn Callitig into tlioir errors. 

4to. LoMitou, PriHttd % /. C. 16(tl. 

S.> W.— Sec William SsKTrARD. 

8ADD1N0T0N, John, of Anunf-ij in t^eaunhire, A Mn^o- 
totiiiui. — 8ec Muoui.KTONtANtt. 


Some Quoriea of W. 8altcr> tondinf; to inforco the obeervm- 

tion of the Jenieh Babbath apoD OIiriiitiaD*. [About 1060 J] 

l'BI4INUT0N. Itaam. Son ut Al<l«nu*ii PixivnTtiK, ot r^n<faa. 

Tb« KtW'Covvtuitt cf tliu Qtam. Diatinipiiidled trcim tli* OM- 

CoTMMitt ot Uie Liw. And tbe Bent or SabbMli of Bdiwnm, 
froni Uia BmI ot SubliAtii of the Jrva ; nrbieb differ u ninoli 
tram iwh uUi«r, m tbo Siffa nd Shadow doth from Ilia thiag 



SALTEB, V/.,—tvntinwd. 

rSNINGTOK. lB<uui.^ont{nat4. 

■iamfled md shadowed out. la Atuwer to ■onu' Queries ul 
H. Salirr'i tendmg to oifonio upon Ohiiiluaa tlio Obium- 
tiOD of the /«iri<A-S»bbAlb, See., ^c. B; Iiuu: PtaiHaTQii 
Um Touiiger. 

London ,- Prinltd /or Robtrt Wilton, and artiob* told at 
hit thov at tht Blaek-tpTtad'EiigU and WindmiU in 
M.trtin'1 L'Orand. *to. IROfP. 

BoprinUd in liu Work*, let eaitinn, folio. Purt 1, pftNO 360. 
„ „ Hud odition. tia. Vol. I, paflo 819. 

„ „ ard cdttioti. Bvo, Vol. a, page 81. 

SABOI80N. William, of iVe»t-Dmluim in Xor/olk. 

He ncned a oertificate against FrieDds, at tho end of " Thft 
Qaakere Cballeiige, &c." 169». 

B*e BDwann Uboxium. 

SAY and BBLB, WilU&m, Lord.— See William FisMNRa. 

SGANSBETT, 8teph«D, M.A. Of both UmTorHitioM, and Coa- 

idaot of rritiity ColU'je, Cimlmiigf. His Father whk Yoo- 
man of tho Wardrobe of K. ChtirUa I. tlo was eilonood 
at Uavml in Suffolk in 1662. Boon after which he wn» 
put into the Ecclesiastical Court, being charged with 
preaching oontrair to the Act. He died Dee, 8, 1706, 
aged 75. He hiid two diKputatioiiit with G. Whiuhead 
and other Quakers.' — I'abiwr'i ^mconfonnUW Memarial, 
toI. 2.p. 421. 

An AxTiDOTx againBt QUAKEItlSMB : Wher*inthr$«/oaow' 
rag Qaeetions Are opntid, the Truth oonceming them 
Prov»d, the contrary argumente Examined and Cot\fHU4. 
lKA*(A*r tJu Seriptura, or tkf Iji-jhl in every man be our Ilule 
to Hfimenf Whether the L,viht in retry man bt a Saviiiij 
Light ? Here simirthiiuj dI*o concivjimj Immediate Teach- 
ing. Whether I'rr/eetion, vi/., a itati: Jrtf /rom all tiu, b» 
atlaituibU in thi* l,ifr t Whtthrr Hapluin ifith irater be an 
ordinanot of i'krist hindimj la t Whether the Sufper be an 
ordinatica of VhrJAt binding luf \V krthrr Jiulifieatian he by the 
lUgktMnunrsf of Chnut imputtd ! By Stephen Seandrelt, 
Uinistor of Ood'ii Word. 

London, Printed for Tho, Parkhunt at the Bibh and 
ThrM Crown», in Chtapndt, near Merwr'i-Chappel. 

4to. 1671. 
Iit'IKlATEB, Bobart, ol Coggtihali in Etiei, 

■ TbePrmLyttii'B Antidotu Ghuik-iku HraSEi.r. oiSteplunScitiidrtu 

GonfutlDK llimitill in bi< ErroccuuB UudcUc <jf ContnuOD Mkd 
aUurditiei. iliU'd, An Aiil%il:i!f 'iifaiiu! iiutthfriim: Beb« 
a briot coUoflUon o( >omn of bU orron. Bl»[<Iii'n)le«, and 
■ell conlriuhctliiuti, To^vtbet witb aonic itik-rUiK*ry oolM 
npoii tbeut. 

LuDa B. Ho Printer'* nont orptact, [ICJlfl 



8CANDRETT, Steplien,— conh'niu-J. 

WEITEIIEAD. Ooorgi), of Orion, Wntmorrtimi, laal of Lottjim. 

The Pmbjitcr'* Antiitote Tsmn, or Stephtm Standrrl fwtUt his 

AnttdoU aeamut QnakDriinii) Pmrcilri Vbftidiaot N»VBla*t 
uid the tnilb plalnl; aaiuirUul anil Tlndloftlnd ia divoB 
icrifhtii I'oinU, Againal lioUl tlio bntMrfeot ui4 eonnpt Weak 
ol 8. 8. >iul liiv MuUiiv. Xh« A«MmU7 «t DiiisM fw ullnd. 
wlio Bat ftl nVilnifNKl'r in tbi.> I<>iik ^irtinnmri't TlnMt uni 
ot tbu i!<^ernl At'iiuiMy of Ihv Kirk «S SeolUaid, kboot tbtlr 
Cuuletaiun of FniUi. wliiaii wiu fint priutod lA S4iithmt, 
Bad lifter reprintHl at Lontlon, Anno 16S1, O.W.,— In O.W.'b 
Chrutuui QDakor. Fiut 3, page 171. . . . Folio. 1871.1 

SCOBTBITH, ) Qwrge, of Lincoln, and odo of Ibo Ejool«d 
or [ Ministers there. " IIo was Kdimnl He^rr't 

8C0RTWRETH ?) Colleagne, aud a Tory fervent and affocUon- 
ate Pieachcr ; bnt of no great natural abilities, or aoqnirod 
learning. Ilia coujanction with Mr. lU'jiier ww • gmk 
hajujiiiess to liim ; for he ranch helped and contiatudly 
guided him." — Palmer't NoHconft/nniita' MetmniiU, vol. S, 
p. 164. 

A IKbooutm. Query, whether printed ? 

MASON, Uarliii, ol Li«a>ln. 

A Cnso 10 tlia Loftic Lingnint, or Thr liapnidrney of « Smooilk- 

TongHtd Fmlour pjnjnly vuidt ManifnI. tu * &niim ol 
Bovvrall naHurtiuUii ipvuti furtli by Qtorgt StvrtntK, • pr«Mn- 
dcd MinuUn uf lli« Cloapvl in Lincolru. Vpua a IVivIitaQ- 
tuji Diioanm) Uierc, tietwiit Him and one BuiuBt Ouvm, 
wbom theWorid oalla a <fuat«r. 

London, PrinUd far Olta Calvrrl, <■( (Ac BlMlSftead- 
SagU. at tlu We»t-md of Pa»U. . . , ito. 1(55. 

He also wrote, — 
A Word or Warning to all Slombering Vii^ina. 

SCOTT, Bobert, or Jihinebetk-FlaU, North Ainmea. 

The DootriaeH and PriucipleH of tlio People called Quaekm, 

(A* fjihiHtfd by Thmta* iVitlU,} Exiuuiued. By Bobert 

Boott, X^rcaohor of th* QcApeK 

I'uwjhkdfptU: PrMt*d Ay C. C. A4am». , ISmo. 1812. 

WILLIS, Tbomu, ol Ntit-York. 

— BaoiwkK on Bobert Scott'" Riftmi nation of tb« I>oetrlml* amd 
Prineipla ol tbc roufb) t<fLl1«) (Jniki'iii : with lonu hutlMr 
•i|ii>Dat)D(ii of tboie IVincL III ■.■■<. By Tboinu Willi*. 

KtvYork: PrinUd aiut lold by Sanm^l ITwkI, Vo. tS7, 
FMHitrttt. Ibna. I8U. 

8C0TT0N, JoBhua. 

JohanneB Boooldus rcdiviras, or, the Gcnnan entbouaBt 

revived in the Engli&h Quaker. 

iMttihtt. ISmo. 1659. 




SERABICIS. Peter, of AmHtcrdam ? wrote some books MriUfe 
Frieods, one, an Answer to some Rem&rhK wlucfimn 
fiiveu out by JuAn W^n». the other "Of the True Way to 
Ood,"&e., but not having met with eopjett of tho eaid books 
I eannot give the correct titles. Both mro answOTod by 
William Ames, for which sm Wliiting'H Catalogue, p. 218, 
and my own, vol. 1, p. 29. 

BEWABD, William, of 

-^— JooKiuj, of ft VovAOa fioia Savaunah la Ptiilodolphift, and ^ 
from Pliilaadpbia lo Eugiaud, M.DCC.XL. By Williah '^ 
Skwakd, Gent. Componioo ia Tiuvkl with Uie Bovercod 
Ur. Qkobok WaiTKraiU). 

London : Printtd, <md SoU at Ih^ following Book»tU«n 
atui VamiiMtt Shops. At J, Otteaid't, at ike IhiM and 
Crown, Miir till' Munxioii-liouM: Janus Backltmd, at lA# 
Bttek in I'alrr-NotUr-ltow : T. Qar<in«r and A, Dadd, 
mihout Tfotpt^-Jiitr : E. Cook* and A . ISarlUa, «r tkt 
tiinjal-F,xt:han>}t. AUa l/y J. WiUait m Brut^ , 
Gabrifl fiarnt, Junior, in Qloueoiter : J. Trail m 
Kdinhutyh ; and by other Bavktrltert, bnth in Taint and 
Country. An aim by tht Baokfrllers in Xrie-Knylaml, 
NttK-i'ork, I'hiladflphia, and Oharln-Tou^u flVOi i740. 
[Price Stitcb'd ooe 8hiUiiig.J 

SHADWELL, Cliorles, of Dablia, Nephew of Thomas SsADwxu, ? 
the Poet Laureate. He dieJ fEe~12th of Aagnst, Vtili. 

■ The Faim QtJAKER : or, 'J he llumnur.i iij the ^amj. Written ^ 

by Jlr. Chiirlea Shadwell, aud itltcrod by Caiitiun Edwunl 
Tbompwon. (With a FroDtifipiocc.) The 2iid editiOB, 
with many o^ditionn. 

Lmdon : I'rintMf^r T. LotnuU», in FUet Stretrt : and T. 

litektt, in the Strand Bvo. 1776. 4t 

[Price One Sbilliog.] 

Tlu Fair Quaker of Deal. 


Rcpriatfld 17M. 

TbnL>b>.l>,>UU»I.MrMt<«(liurl«luCMri«,ia8. Tb(Nl*ftTU«M 
kod bniil In WMminiUir JiWf. 

SUABP, Thomas, (Bon of John Sharp, a leaned Prelate,} was 
bom about 1608, and educated at Trinity C'llU-je, Cam- 
hrid^je, where he obtained a fellow^p, and took his 
Doctor's degree in 1729. After receiving some profer- 
ment in tiio Ohnreb of York, be wtu collatu'd to the Arch- 
dL-acoury of KortbumborUnd, mid made Prebendary of 
Dwrltam, wheto bv died in HSB. 




SHARP, Thoman, — cojilinued. 

A VmdicutioD of BihIiup Taylor, from tlio mjorioos mia- 

ropToeontntion of liiin by ttiu AnUior of tliu Letter to the 
clergy of the Churdi of l-ltujCand in tlio County of Sirrtk- 
wnberland. ^Vith k few retimrke upou uome other 
pasea^B in that letter. Licenced sucl entor'd kooording 
to order. [Akok.] 

evo. Prinud in tU Ttar, 1788. 

SB80B, J«M^. o( lAindm, Aniboraf " Tbo B&0eriDf[i ot the Qiudmii. 

Tha ViriHtnil JUil ; or & Dkrhce (^mntdid u^ on Seriflmrr) el 

a Loiter lo tha ClnrRy ol A'urchumAn'Iafld - Id aafwci to a 
Pamphlat iutitl'd, .1 Vindicatiuna/UhhojiTafUir.itr. [A«M.] 
^onifon : Printed and Sold hy tlm Aiiignt of J. SoaU. M 
llm BlhU in Qeorge-Ytint. Lmntianl iilTt4l, <te. *(*. 17S5, 4| 

Noto.~TKB"l.dn«totlitCiirs)-*'o~> ■" *Tit(*n t7 WoUin Uiwcmw. 

A Reply to a Pamphlet, ontitlod, " ThK Protefltant flail ; 

m, A Dofeoce (grounded upon scripture) of « Lettar to 
the Olei^ 1^ NorUmmberliuK). In further TUidioalioB 
of Bishop T<iylor: and in J ni<tifi cation of cvrtaio Bemarks 
ufHni ih* mid Ijetter, formerly Published. 

Fini prinud m 1786. 
DESBE, JoMipb, «t London. 

^^ A Il£I'LY to u lato Dimirinc of thu Punpblcit. iotitalcd, Baptitm 
wilAH'dMruiilIicTuiT-lli.iTMXiuiHTWid.— WlthouAlfMiadiz. 
OonUinlog K>mo Hmutrkt on tha fttjaee to a laic Afpiy to 
lbs Protntmnt Flail, Ao. 
Limdtiit: PrinUd and tvld by tkt itigm <>f J. Sotttt.^. 

Tractfi on varioaa enbjecta. Formerly printed eepazatelj. 

Now collected into One Votmae. A Vindication of Bp, 
Taylor. Reply to tlio Protestant Flail. Preface to the 
fifth and eixJi volumes of ArchbiiJiop SJuirp'i Bermous. 
Pn)f(U!« lo the Hevcutb votuinu of tlio ntuoe. Questions 
for examining cliildrvn and young [x-rnonH in the Cate- 
dbiBm. ■ Lutt«rB on MonU Virttiv and Monti Ohti^tatioii. 
Spoeoh at Fartnrtll-Uali. DisconiiK!!* on Pru4icliin£. By 
■niomw8hiirp,D.D.>Lst9 ArtbdcAcon ot SurtMumbfTtanJ, 
Rsd Prebeodary of Durham. (Portrait.) 

London : PriTiud /vr Robert Uortfifld, at th* Cromi in 
LitdifaU^rr4t 8to. 1768. 80| 

SHEFFIELD, John, Bttolorof St. SuirJUnV London Stooe. Of 
I>«trr //ohm, Cambridfft. Ho wu addicted to •ai a a mHU 
and piety from his Tontb. He mred no paiua in prea«l>> 
ios or praying, while the time* aUowed the pnUio exereias 
of bis ministo'. or in disoouree that tended to edifioatioo. 




SHEFFIELD, John,— «oniinuAf. 

HtM life WM AD example of Ins book called CoasoianiH. 
He formed hie eermoue not from mciniiHtio coattimplatioca 
in bis c«ll, but took for a ground-work iiuuh thiu^ oti 
oeonxied from obsen-ationB on mankind «« well aa from 
Belf-r«ftectioD. How much he picked up from liis couvor- 
eatioQ with men, to warn and advise tbem againHl vain 
excuses for hiu, his facetious book on that Bubjcct BafB> 
ciently t«eti&es. Alter bin expulsion from his Ohuroh in 
London, he retired to Enjkld. Hg died in a good old age, 
and retainod his faoalttea to tli« last. — Palmer'* Nimeon- 
Jitrmuu' Mnaorial. 

QurtlteriBm No Christianity, Ac. By John Faldo. (Epis. 
subscribed by John Sheffield, an<1 20 other Divines.] 

Bvo. 1675. 

Sh Juib F< 

rBMH, WilUsm. Founiler ol Pmiuylviii^ia. 

A JnBT UxniTKE to Que uid Twenty Loomed nnd BevwMid 

DIVINES (bo 0»Ui!i1) Being nu ijiavna to xa Afiiuivt Epiilie 
■eiinol llie (jtukun, Ita 4to. IVH. 

8HELT0N, WLlli*m, R«ctor of St. Jam«w. 
KENNIEB. David. Rootor of St. AZunW. 

SSil5:.1obnj Nonconformist Mi^n.. 

HOIT. John. 

■WIN8LEY. Arthur, Jun. 

BX:RKIN. OUver. 

JONES. Edward. 


Borne Account from CoLcnitsTSK of the ^sukcn €nen 

against the very foundation of the Christian lichgion ; so 
Fairly and ingenuously Collected from Eomo of their 
Approved Books and Authors, that neither by Curtailings 
aor Additions can there be any PorvorBious or Abuses 
protended, Im. 

itO. No PriMUr'* namt or pitiw. [169S.] 

B&TLES. ThcmuM. ABTnim Cotton, Jom Puklt. DuuelVisukitux, 
PiuHam KxvTMH, Boueht Huusib. ncd Ueohimi Okhomib, 0I 
Cvtchalrr in Ktujt. 

Some ACCOUNT from COLCHEBTBB of tbo Unlainieu uid 

IHa.iDB«oaltr cd Tvo Rrctiirii oni! Tito Non-CanfoTvaii 
IfoiiBms, and Fivr otiior ttrum*, m Uivir At^otatt n^ikiA 
ihu Pravlo calltfll Quakm. 

London, rnntrdandioid by T.Saitle.ia WlaUUart (Umrl, 
In Graciam ittttt. and nl tht Dibit in LiaJtniiUI-4trttt. 

410. 10B9. 




8HEPPARD, Edgar, of /^rf-n. 

A Fallen Faith : beiiif; a Uistoricat, Beligionet and Socio- 
political Sketch of the Society of Friends. By Kdg»r 
tibcp)jaril, U.I}.. Liceutinte of the Itoyal CoUegs of 
I'lij'aiuiaiiti, and Fellow of the Itoyal College of SorgeoiiM. 
iMtidoa : I'iytr, SlephrtuoH and ^tP^MCr, PaltrnotUr Ita*. 

8to. 1669. II 
For Muwtn to the Abavo, See Tlie Friend. Vol, 19, pofft li, 
I860. And The IMtith frttad, V.:l. 18. pag< 37, IWO. 

BHEPPABD, William, n Lawj-cr, was bora at WkitmiatUr, in 
(HoHe**ifnhiTr. Ilo wu aalli'd to the bar bj the Socis^ 
of the Inner Temple, and in 1650 woe made Bei^ant-at- 
Law, by Cromwell, who also appointed him a Welsh 
Ju(^. He died in 1074.— "'<«((. 

■ The Parson's Guide : or the Law of Tithes. AMierein is 
showod, who miiat pay Tithes, and to whom, and of what 
thiugH, When, and how tlioy must be paid, and bow they 
may be recovered lit this day, and how a man may M 
diBoharged of paymr-iit thereof. 

i/imdim, I'niiir/l hi/ T. M. for IT. Ijct, D. PaJitmaH, and 
O. JJntfct, fli their Shv/H ia FUct-fttrfrt, . 4U>, 1054. 
RMa^BaUOoa U» iboH bg mitc BuDr uUui «aA> od Oh Law. 
FOX, Uooriie, FouH'Ibi of tiio Sooietjr of Priendn. 
The OtMt Miitvry ot tlio QtMt Wliun unfoUloil. A«, (nn 849 

SnEBLOCK, Bicharil, was bom at tMmi in Wurral, <Aa>kv4, 
Nov. 11. 1G12. Educated at (ijfor-tani Trinity CoUegO, 
Dablin ; Caratc to Dr. Ja«i)er Mninc, at C^iMiwjton, 
Oxford ; being ejected, afterwards became (.'baplain to 
Sir Itobert BiudloiiEe, of Dorriek, Lmttnnhire, I>omestick 
Chaplain to Ckarl** Earl of Detb^, aftatwards Itector of 
Winaick, in LaHra»hirt. 

• A DuioutTEst! of the HoLv Spihit, His Workinya and Im* 
predion* ou the S<>i;i.)i of Mun. 

LofiAon, I'rinltd by K. Ci>trx/i>r R. Boy$ton, at Ike An^ 
in ln4 law SdmU 8to. 16M. 

' fDie Qdakxbs WtLDB QcKsnoKR objected agftinst the Minis- 
ters of the GoBpel, and many Sacred Acts and Offices of 
Ikligiou. With brief viwiwn thcrennto. Together wiUi 

1. OJ f*« i/o/y S,.irit </ God. Hit im- 
pTfuiotuaml Workinyaon the SovU qfUtn. 

2. Of Dieins Bt^ftlatiim, HttUale and Itn- 
A Diacoono - mediate. 

8, (>/" Emir. HfTfsif.and Sfhism : the Satart, 
Kiudea,(.'auut,IiriiMiHi, and Danyra tAfrr> 
of: icilh Dittetiotu /or aitiidifif iht Mate, 




SHEBLOCE, Rich&TH.—eonlinumt. 

All cay ir(ui/nahU for Ihtm timM. Bj B. Sherlook, B.D.i 
at llorwkk-iJat in Lanc<uluT4, 

Londim, Printed by K. Cottt/or li. lioi/ttoti, at iAa Angrl 

ill Irii'-Limi Ito. lOWK S&l 

HUBBBBTHOBN. Biohard, ot YfUaitd In Laneathin. 

A BKrLT ia n Booli aot forth b^ oou of Uio blind Onijta ol 

Jdiplainl, who ii a Pricrt aX Barwiok.iiull in LauciwLire.who 
whliM bt* iwiii« ii. Shctl-ck. Batchdur ul Divinity, liul bu ia 

Ctd to be a Divluoc attil duDcivtF i>[ tlio pcoijlo : wliich 
k U it) ftUHWvt lo 'iiiuv CJuircH net li>rtti t<i liim, hj tbian 
wboiu 1)0 calls QunlEort. Dmn'lfiiU, pownrliill (toil t Hr^»oR 
to thoe fur HTcr. Aiwh. Tii; Servant Kkluinl lltAbtrihorne. 

London, PrinitAJor Gilei Calvert. . . . iU. 1(U>4. 4 

Beprintcd is lii> Work*, page 7. 

FOX, 0«cire«, FonncUr ol t)i« Sooloty ot Prleiid*. 

.— Thu Ore&t Hihtkbv of Ui« Uienl Whoro unlulded, S:e. (p. Si2) 

Fuliu. 16(9. 

Tlie Practioa] Christian : or, tbo DoTOUt Penitknt, A Book 

of Dcvolion, coutainiiig The Wbole Duty of a Clirititiau, 
in nit 0ccn,fiion8 ami NecesKitiu^. Fitted to the main 
Ubck of u Holy Life. Jn fooi natts-^By R. 8iiEit^>cK, 
D.D. Late Rector of WiswicK. g!jt Si»(h (fSition.SiibtatlJ 
mi Smxaltb. To which is now added, The Life of Dr. 
ShfTlofk, by the Right Reverend Father in God, Thutuu, 
hordliiahopof Sudirriind Mart, (^Frtmlinpifcif and Purlrail.) 
Loudon : Prinud by W, Vtarton, Jor M. Wotloti, al ik* 
Thrt< Dagyrn in FIfet Strett : ajid Jti. Hollnnd at ike 
Riblt and Ball in St. Paufi Chureh-ynrd. 8to. 1718. 

Hlcbard Sborlook, unne jBon betoro hi« doath caiMod hix gravn- 
■lona lo be laid In tb« place wbero his bodv wa« ii(unranU 
borttd, — and hoorileml thotiiUowing Eiilt«i)li U> )i« vuxiav'd 
h> Bmhi aiid Cx'd upou bu Htou«,— 

r" Exueia, 
Indigniumi Hujui EccUiia 
Obiil SI) DU Jwiii, Ah, /EtU. 76. 
Aano Bom. IGSa, 
Sat iu/alualum Cunculcdtr." 

SniBREFF, Alexander, John Leslie, and Pxui. Oxluk. 
StndeDtfl of Divinity of Aberdem in Scotlaud. 

QiMKKHiHii Canvasskd = Jiohin Jiaiclaij hofBed in th« 

dvfvuding of litn TliOMti a(;aiuBt young Studeutu at Aher- 
dtnt, and ho, together witli Mr, Owrye Keith and the reai 



SHEBREFF, Alcxftnder,— (wtinu#rf. 

of his friends, found gnilty of blasphemy, troason, lying, 
uliiftiiig, quibling, tergiTcrsing, &c., or, A mogt trae and 
Ikitlifnl accompt of a Dispute betwiit some Stadeots of 
Diviiuty at Ai-erdfiie, aud tlie Quakers in and about the 
place, holden in AUjandrr Harfter bis Clona (or Yard) 
AfirU 14. 1G76 y^ars, before souui bundrcdn of witncasea, 
Andrea Thonuvn, buiug PrettUK ; Togetbcr iritli th« 
Qu&kers [ireteiided trtic aad foitbful ncoompt of tbc 
Banu Diupute euunincd. As hIho n fnrthor uoofnUtioa 
of the Quakers FrinciptQii, by the formur Argumente more 
fUly unpUfied, and diverM otbar demonstratiotu, &o. 
Fnbliflbed by fAL. Shirrff ] 

iJohn Uihe tM.A. 

(Paul QtUit I 

4to. Prtnled in the Yatr, 167S. IS 

, S^CSH, Aluxuider. — Sco otio Eobt. Babcut. 

— and Jons Skkis, Tnojtiri Minotti. Jons Cuwis.— Qnuuxim 
Connrmud, in Auavor to Qanksriinii CuivMaod; WbatttD 
Tbo Acooiint Uin Sliulciila at DiTicity of Atcrdcm givo* at 
tli« Disjiutti tliuy hsui with tho Qnnkon, U ouuuiiicid, and 
from tbuir ovni woid« tbn; itrn prcivod enlltj ot mtny gro»» 
Ijta, «tiDtriHbvtir)nii and iiriivAriu»ti< xih : wbleb a1*o U allM* 
t«d bj-tbu BabicriptioQ ot nutrnill Studuutt, preMul ■! IbS 
Dinpiito, uid dui'ii comn Ui own nod nnUl «lui til* Pco^o 
callod <)iiAk«ni. I'ul/tukrd !iij Hi' (did I'eopU ml AbmUrn 
Jot TnilA'i and thHr men Vindieatuin. 

410. Prfnu4 in IV Imt, 167S^ 

BIMONIDES, S, of HnUand * 

AMES. Williun, ol FnmtiUm'CotltTtU, Oloucntenkire. 

(uid J. )L) St SnIu^i {lioji^ttin btktnlitn ^ui Ding^iB.— Tba 

Falao I'tDpheU known b; tbuii Fruitn :— Witb aa Aarwat to 
•Qmo EiTon attorcd b; a Fiioit ot Piciubtir, .V. Simonida. 

4lo. 16fi9. 

SIMPSON, Sydrach.— See Tbomas Goodwin. — Answered by 
Chbistuvukk Atkiksoh. 

SINGLETON, Jolin, Student in Oxford Univcraily. He wm 
turned ont after bo had been Ibcne 8 yi-ani, by Uto 
CoRUnistioiiCTH, in 1060. Ho tbcn went into HiMandmaA 
Ktndiod Pbywio. It in not certain whether Iw look hia 
degree in thftt fiwnlty or not, bat ho xtas always ofler- 
vards called Dr. SingUum ; tho' bo did not praotiu am 
fuiher than to give bis advice to particular Mends. Ha 
lived witbLady Scot in HfrtJoTthhirt.atiA preached at Jlm- 
/ord to some I>i6»cintcr8 , before Ur. Hmrvrth fixed (ben. 
Ho was afterwards Faetor to a Congregation in Ijaniloa. 
He aflerwardh went into WancKktHin, bnt waa again 


SINGLETON, Joba,— continued. 

ofJIed to Londim, to be Pastor to a Congregfttion there 
in tho room of Mr, T. CoU. — Pahrutr't StnicunfuTmUlt 
Mfuwriat, vol. 1, p. 170- 

Qnakorism No CliriBtmaity, Ac., by John Falilo. (Epietlo 

eubscriU'il by Joliu t^iuglctoD, nud 20 other Diviueo.) 

8vo. 1675. 

PBKN, Willkm, Founder ol Pfmuytvania. 

A Jdrt Bxui'icr to One ami IVirat; Lonnieil *nA ItevcKod 

DIVINES {>o cullnl) Being aD Anmnir to on Abailvt EyiilU 

nguunt Iho Qoakera, An. Ito. 1074. 4 

8KIPP, EdmuQCl, of liodtnham in Utrffordehtrt. 

Tho World'tt "WondM-, or tho Qr,\itEB3 Bkzing Starr: with 

An Aetronomicnl JudgmeDt given upon tho enme, from 2 
Cor. 11. 18, 14, Ifl. iE*ro\'iiig th«m to be altogether de- 
laded by Satiui, both in their judgmente and walkings : 
Together with a probable conjecture of tlie end of the 
World, and the estate of things in tlie interval. By 
Edkund SKn-r Preacher of the tioapel mitD the People 
at Enilftiham in Herr/oriUhirr. 

London, I'rintfd In/ Henry HilU, and art to hf Sold at th* 

Sujn of Sir John OldcmtU near I'^-cornfr. 4tO. 16JW. 

SHTTH, tliunphi7, of LitiU Cawtnu in Hertfardthire. 

Soniothmj! in Ilciptjto P.dnmnd SIdpp'a Book, wliidi hoecllii Um 

^^^K Woi 111'* Wonder, oT Ihc Quaker'i lilaiiiig-SlaTrr.viha mUh 

^^^H li« U H Teaulier a! llic (toii]i<il at limlrnham in lifrefarfUhirr- 

^^^B At liis I)<Hik tilt Wuit'l luHV u'oiiiliir i but tliii c)itl>Ln>ii u( 

^^^H Lialil (lotb uot ; l'>r biK fnilj- in it lli'y tDAiiifi'iit, ivud hiiu lo 

^^^H b« the Wandrijig-Siant, wb(> U wuDdurnl (rviui Trutli ; uid 

^^^H thou Bmj rciul in J\idt. in tho Vtxi. Edmond Skim, Uint iu 

^^^H I ^7 conni^ioiKW gtinll me rvuivtubur, who in r^iLllwI of tho 

^^^H World, Hmtipliry Smith. — In BiehoTcl Faniiwortb'i " Anti- 

^^^H ebrlil'H Mui <>I War, Ac. 

^^^B Lomlon, I'rialfil for GiUt Calverl, at the DUuk-Sprtad- 

^^H Eagli, althf tl'r4tend n/ Paul: . ito. ISSG. S| 

^^^1 Bepristci! in Lin Work*, entitled. " Tho BtinbrringStu Oia- 

^^^H eovored, Sto.," page SS. 

BUALBBOKE, Uioh&rd, an Engliiih Prelate, was bora at 
tiirm>t;fkam in 167}!. lis studied at Mii'jiSaU-n-ColU^, 
Oxford, where he took his Doctor's degree, in 1708. In 
17^ lie was oonaeorated Dishop of St. Dartd't, and in 
1780 WOM tramtlated to LirhjUtd and Coivniry. Ue dia- 
■ ttuguiabcd binuclf iu> a controverHioliat on Uie Trinity, 




SUALBBOEE, KuiharA,—<:milinHr,t. 

uainst Whirton ; and nlso in annwcr to 'Woolfiton on the 
Uirades. In tbio lost conteii;!, however, he beCRiiH' tho 
object of ridicule, by nn nritlinieticiil cnJcnliitJOD of th« 
uouiber of devils which cuteivd the hprd of BwiD«i. The 
Bisbop likewise, published some sermous and charges, id 
one of which he made an allusion to Warbnrton's Divine 
Leitatiou, which drew a BOvere reply from that writer. — 
He died iu 17-19. — SithaU'e lioicyer. 

- A Vivnicxrimt of UiG Hibaolks of our BlM««d Bavioor ; In 
wliieh Mr. IVimUtaii'i DtHcoureoH on Uium aro Murti«aWlj' 
Exiimin'il, hiH nretondud AiithoritioB of tho FmHiBn 
KgiiiiiHt tho Truth of their literal 8cnw! aro iwt in a jant 
Light, and )iIk obj<tctioiiii in point of Reason are Answor'd. 
Vol. I, In whicli tho Tiiree l-'irnt Diftcouivcs of Mr, 
Woohion are Considcr'd. By the Right lleverend Fatber 
in God, BicHAHo, Lord Bishop of St. Davto's, 

Lonilon : I'riiilfd j'or .lamrt and John Kuapioti, al fhr 

CrcHitt Ml Si. VaiiCf VUureh-i/arJ. . . 8vo. 17S9. 87 

•A VixwcATioK, — Vol.n. In which the Three l.iat Diacouracs 
of Mr. WooUtojt are Coueider'd. By the Bight Bevettad 
FMhor in Ood, Biciuxn, Lord Bi«hop of UehfitU and 

London: PrinUd /or Jamet and John KttafiUm, at tk* 
Crovn in St. PauVt Church-yanl. . . 8to. 1781. 

S. T. [A»».| 

A Lkttkii t^ the Biclit ItcreKnA ItrcRUV, IjotA BUboy el 

Litcbdfild and Cnrontry, ocrAkinnnd by M> nOth OtUi LoeS* 
■hlp'R S(«<ind Valamo ol Th4 Viititieartan of lh« Ifimlia i:f 
(HIT hUftfj RkTionr, h rtgard* the Quauu. 
hfubm: PrinitdfoTW.MtaimetatthtAtiaeltmCMtikat; 
and lold ty llu Boottfltfn of Londim and Watmtuter. 

Sn>. I73I. 
Ttcpriotod.— Tbe Sod ediUoii,'coiT<ietoi1. 

(Smso tmrriaL) Sfo, 17S1. 

A 8««ou<l L(4I«T to Ihe BikLI Bnamd BlcaUD, LOnl DSibop 

oi LiUlffitld tnA Coffniry. In Dcdimw al ■ tonor ItUm la 
tiui LonUhip. Wherein thut mimpntMnUd and InfoNt 

Chriatian Socicly. f idled Qnnlurn. ate imputUU; dUUndaJ 

ngunit hill Lordihip'ii ViodicnlDT. hy T. 8. 

iMnditn: /ViHf'il fiir J. Hobrrti. in h'armUk-Lamr; dt 
l)«dd. wiilimu Trti^le-Bar ; and £. Xtal, at tie Ra^t 
Kichangt. , . . . . Anx. ITSl. 

BBSSB. Joicph. Author o( ■' Tlie SaJI«hasi of Uw Quitn. fte.," 
uid ma&7 otliMT woriu. 

ACLorool Witiie*iwi,]iroviiie, tlulUia B)niopoIZ.ieJ^(liraBil 




8UALBR0EE, Ricbfird,— <vntmuMl. 

BKSSE, J<iso)ib, —<pnliBiud. 

CtntMry. in ILe SeaoDd Volmna of hla Vindlcttion o( tb* 
Uinwl«aot our Bltiiued Snriunr, BMli uUrtpreamiUd lb* 

LoadoH: PriMedand lOlA at the Otorsf-Yari, 
Lombard Stittt, Itc 8to. 17S). 

The PnivciPLKs of tho L^-uling Qaitf^r* Truly BcprftRcnted, 

L as In COUP is tent vritti ttio Fundamental Doctriixii of tlie 

^ft ClirietiaQ Uoligion. Or, n Vitvpication of the Biishop of 

^1 Z.tcA/!f/ri and C'jpciKryfroin thoChurgoof MiBrqircK'nting 

^M them ; in Answer to a late Letter to llis Lordship on 

^H that Occasion, b;T. S.,aiidaPampIUet intitled, J Cloud 

^1 of Witnn!<f», dc. By J. B. [Anok.] 

^H I^uiim : Vrmtrd Jor Jamea Iluberu, war At Oxford- 

^H Arnu in Warurkk-Lane. 8tO. 178S. 14] 

^^ BE 

BB8SB, Joii«ph. 

A Detknck nf Qcjusnimi ; or, ■□ Adiwot Xa n Book, iotitaled, 

A PaXUBTAtTTR u^'iinjit QlrjiEEnm ; whtUm by PitWOR 

SmtB, Hj^., *«.- Willi «n \»ni"i>n[, eonlAiniue. I. An 

EjyimiruHimi of t)i« flrnt ClaM of Quakrr Tftiiiuini't, pro- 
dncod in a tutu Vindiralioii at the SitAop of Licl^uld nuil 

London : PiinUd aoA iiiM hy (Art .jftif^ni i>/ /. Stiitlt M 
Iht BibU, in Qt(rr)f i'ard, LDtabard SifvtL 9vo. 1719. Ml 


A TomiouioM of til* QoiKitTis : or. An Asawia To tbo Bp. ot 

D— *« Chargr affiiiut Tbeia. and llir LdI« tivfcnoB ef that 
CtuVRP. To whioli in iddvd, & mora full and perftrA AeootlDt 
ol tiic QitiuKux uiil their DoctrioM, oocMioiicd by Dr. HmnT 
Hon*'* itfiinltm of them, 

London: PHnltil /nr T. Cimptr, at thf OU'bt. WW Gonttr ef 
Iiy-Ijtnf, ru-ii Falrr-NvtfT'ItoHi, [Priot Od..] . flro. 17W. 

tt«rnbll«hecl La"ACordi^ IqtI/ow SpiriU, Ac." Vol.S.pigD 
SM ISnio. ItOS. 

— ^ Three Lrllen tt> iha Bithop ot LlfbAeJdKDi Conentrif. LCoa- 
ormmi; the Prinoiplai of tliu Quakon, %ad noini] lata ohusm 
agninut tbuiii. 'J. Couloioin^ n Coiiliitnlion of tho ChArRC* 
— in a ]{»>knnUR>I. " A VinilioatuiD of ths iSiibofOt Lifl^fu^d, 
Mb B, i'n>vliig 111!) |mrticiiljwI>oelrtDMUl40lWlMIiairiudi 

dlaUntPii'b tb(< ijtiakvr» frma th« HMt of llankiBd an eon- 
riMmt witli t^miliva CbrMiloity; iritb ft ObMraotor <4 
OloBui Pol and kia Wiitillga. 

B«priBt*d.— Jnd edition, 

London : Printtd for J. HuggO'iu^n, £e. . 

&BSSR, JoMpb. 

am. ITSS. S 

' A OMmAflOK ef tlw Ouiua ef Deieu : Wboiriii Ihu ChHttian 
■ad OrtlMdM SmtiBenla of WIU.UH Pish. ar« falljtlntioti. 
nnt«d by Sitraeti from hia oiro lfiiU»pi, obiob are tlMV'd 




SMALBROKE. Richard,— nrntiBwrf. 
BBS^li:, Jowyh.—timtinitfd. 

from tbo Prrvtriioiu oiul iliiemuimetiiyni at > SiunU** 
Author, in bin Uu l-'trulfcution of llio llUhop ot LUItfitld • 
■nd C'oorrilry .- VIIL n I'artirul^r Bxaraiiuttieim of Uul 
Anthnt'o CDiumeut on itevvi4Ll Tf^U of Srriplurt, uid ua 


Lvnilim: Printtrl and inld by tttt Attignt of J. SlKtU, <U 
the Biblf in Gror^ryard, Lnmltard Stretl. . 8v«. 17S4. 

ABSOOTT, AleiBiiiler, Bebonlmiutitr of tirUtol. 

Bomo Ooniidcrations rrUtlDg to thn Hnrnnnl 8tato at tli# ChrU- 

tiMi BoUifldn. Whemin, tli« frini.ii'iil BTiilonca of Ui* 
Cbrlctlwi B»U|{ioo m ftuthar aipIftiuM aud d«(»Dd»d ; la 
AnswM to the ObJMtionK mnje B«itiiu)l it id a Uta " Vindio*- 
liuD cJ the Biihop of Lichfivld and Cavuntry," Ac. — (Tba 
8rd riut.) 
London .- PrinUd and told bu Vti Auiftt afJ. SomU, ite, 

»i«. ITU. at ' 

Ropriated Sto. inS. 

8MALLW00D, Allan, CD., of 

A SERMON Preacied at C*ni.iBLK, Auy. 17. 166-1. 

Sf/»»(irooW. D-D. 

Forft, Pritittil bij Slipft^ BiilltUy. Sm&Il 8vo. 

[In tht Uodlfian Library, Ojfard.] 

HOWOIL, Frkccii, of Todlhortu near OrryHsg, Wettmirtiand. 

Oathi no OtMpol Onliimnen, hut prnhihiWiI in Chrtnl : b«lnff !■ 

AirswBB t» A. SiDhUwiXHl. Il.D., to hi» iHHik Utrly puliliitbf^ 
bviuii k Sjfnuciu I'tcarli)^ >t CarUIr, 16M, wbcnin Im Iwtb 
Ulroaml to pravc, StrnuisK luntul unonlE OhliatilBl: Ida 
Botuo&B kad ArRummt* m« aoM^rd nnd annrerad, ami tlM 
DcMtriae of Chiiit vindiMtod •gnicnt tlic Conevptioaa aad 
Intnprvtatiniiii of Matt, who Tonld moko it wlA. By a 
Sniltiror for Chiiat aad hu Dnotiimi, P.H. 

4to. ivinuif in IA« rMr, l<a*. Ul 
Rnpriutcd in blR Worb, page 6G7. 

^— - A Keplt (o a Pamphlet eaU«d. Oatlta no GoBp<d-Ordinaso9, 
&o. Wherein a Sermon Preached al CnrlitU, Aug. 17. 
16&1. with all th« ArguraenCA lh«rciu produood (fo prvM 
thai our Sfiriour did not forhid nil Sirforiug) in fhUjr Vin- 
di«al«d. Tlie Text of 8t. Mat. I>. S4 and St. Jnmt* 5. IS. 
an plainly interpreted, the Trutli nndcniably maDifcsted, 
and th« Oijjccticins to tlic ooDtrH?. what «ver could be 
found in tho Writings of Fnxneu Houvnlt, S«m: l-'uitr,tat 
any oLh>!r Quaker Mtisfaotoriljr answered. By Alan 
Smalitood. D.I). 

York, I'rintfd ti/ Stfphrn Bulkiiy, and tiro to hr mU by 
Frattci* il-wltim'- . . . Small 8to. 16OT. SOj 


TbU bMk •• iadluMd "U IW Jll f KlU HIT Jmm r^nBM, 
la lb OMnt* JMteMw of Itannit.- 




JMALLWOOD, Allan,— «>n(ini«rf. 

BENSON. 0«n8*e, of Kmdal in WatmorrJattd. n Jnntiw of Petae. 

A Tntu ToatimoDy connoming OAlba * Sweariuii, &e.. lu klw, 

An Anawot to tLe mibjwl inslM'r voulain^d iu Twelvr Jtfv- 
nmti or R^ainnx (laid linvn iu n St'micja I'ti-iobud at CnrlliU, 
Aug. 17. ICGt. Iiy .Ulnn Smnltcooit. D.D. ax hu ftiloa himwlO 
to |IMve, TbHt onr Saviour did doI forbid lUI Swiukiuia. 
Whirtin u /alia tltarfd, tixa oomnnHid of Clirinl iiii.t liTa 
Apo»lte <Iamfi, Swear nut at all, Uatth. G. HI. A Jiim. R. 19. 
bom the oomipt ^Iobbps, limitnd ■ddm anil ranniiitiifii ot ths 
raid A. 8. io his said Sormon : anil Id his r«iil7 to P. H. hia 
Book, called. Oatlit no Ontyfl fitillnanet, it. And aim, Ibn 
oiiMatigfaoCoriucBii and lingoDuduem of tbe ateroiftid vga- 
oinntH, tal!; disooviuod, Sta. 

Itu. LandoTK Prinled in thr Year, IS&i. 

— ASraonil Tbstimont conooniinR OoUuiuid Snvaring: in Aiuwor 
lo a Book (intilulod. The Cami of thr. QaakorH rilating Io 
Oalhti iJatril by J. S. or on Apftndii to a Book wrltton In 
Uii* ycsr liliiA. in umvnr to Allan KnutHviaoi. WlinntiD i« 
tully dcuvd the oommaud of Cliiixt, An. 

4to. PrinUd tn the Year, ISTG. 

SMITH, Elislia, M.A., Loctutet of Wuhtch, and Boctor of Tid 
St, OiU»'*, in the Inlr of Kli/, ftnd CoMtle Smns, Norfolk. 
He diod in tho year 1739. 

TTw CUKE of DEISM : or. the Mediatorial Sclisme by 

JESUS CHRIST Tbo Only True Iteligion. In Answer +- 
to the Olijectious started, and to the very imperfect 
Aooount of The Rttigioti of Nature, and of CHBiaTiAXiTT, 
given by the Two Oraclei of Dsiau, the AittitOB of CArii- 
tumilif a» old m the Crtatum; and the At;TaoB of the 
Charaftcrutick*. With on Apit-i cation to Paput*, Quttken, 
Snnniann, and Scrjttiah. And An Apprkiiix, in Akswkh to 
a Book entitled, Thf Moral Philosoplur, or a Dialogao 
between » Christiaa Dnxt and a Chhittian Jim. In Two 
VoLCitKS. Tlw Second Editinn, corrocted and improvtd 
udth fcir.^j Addilumt. In a Nbw Method. By a Countby 
Clxbotiun. Vol. I. Vol. II. 

/ tame not lo lUttroy the Lata, but Hi /u{/U it. Vf btU«vt in (kin, 
MU»t also in Me. 

London : Printed for tJie Author ; and lold bjf W. Innyi 
and R. Manbif, at the WaU'End of St, Pind'$. Price 
to* 8vo. 1737. 69! 

SMITH, Fivncia, vm mi «inin«nt Bookaellcr in Loadon, and an 
active and UKoful preachor amons the Oonoral Buptiiit*. 
Uo wu a ECfiJoas aefendor of civil and roiigions hwrty, 
en aocotmt of which bo enfiercd mitny impriMmmfiDta, 
and heavy fines and seiEureB; h« frequently folt the 

2 D 




SMITH, Pntncia,— (WTKinuarf. 

weight of tho fury of Judge JeCTries. After the revDla* 
Intioa, be was &ppoiiited b; Kinfi Williftm to tlic office 
of Keeper of the Castomit. He died Door. 22, 1691. — 
Wood's "Coudtnied liutory <ff the GmtrtU BapHtU of tA« 
Nea Connexion," 1847. 

See wider WiUiam Uneklowe in my " Catalogoe of Frioods' 

Booke, &c," Vol. 2. p. 180. 

SMITH, John, of Weat-Derelum in Nar/oUi. He eignal a 
OertiScate ogaiuat i'Viends, at tbo ^ of "The Qa&kcn 
Challenge, ic." 1699. 

SUITH, Joattpti, D.D., ProTOSt of Q«,em'» Coatw, O^vrA, vw 
born &t Lnuthfr, in H'estnwrfland, 1670 ; died ITSC. 

Hoi>KE!c Pleas for Schun and hiddtliiii Bcviov'd ; or Tba 

present PrmcipUg of DBtsu aii<i Enthvsubu furly mpte- 
aeatod: and Tbo False Prettiuvs of the Mod&utx-Ujln to 
the ItOenat of tho Church of Etigland, Expoe'd. Also 
MoiUnt Plias Jor tJerery Beviow'd : or, A particolar 
Dtfmee of the Athnniaian Crted against the AWnb and 
DtstSTfl. In Two Parts. Tho Third Ewiios, with a 
pRXTACK and IxiHn, and Hevoral other Addition, by the 
Author JosBPU Siirni. 

London : PrittUd /or Charlet Rivinjlon at th» BilU and 
Vrom in St. PauCt Chunk- Yard. . . 9n. 1717- Itj 

SMITH, Patrick, U.A. Vicar of OrMU-Paaton, in HmtiMsdon- 

—— A PauaEBVATivE against QcAKsatiiM, or, A Complication of 
Deiku, Enikvhlvsm, and divers other Ancient and Modem 
diuigerouA Emirt and Urretiea. By way of ConferoDCA 
botwoeu A MiNtHTEn and his pAusmoKKit. Wherein The 
Principlm of tb« Qi^AKxaM, or Dkihtk, Ekthitiuaxth, and 
eeveral other Aaciont and Uodom IlrrftifJa anil .fcAu- 
natitks, arc fairly oonsidcr'd ; and plainly and folly coa- 
fated ; and tho true Principle!) of the Chnslian Beugjon, 
in Opposition thereto, Asserted and Vindicated. jIU 
bting rictoirmodaUd tti the lui'l^slttndin^ ^ tht IMMMVf 
CiipDcihj. By pATBicE BuTa, M.A.>Vicar oiOrtat-PoMon, 
Hunt in 'jtaitihire, 

Luiulm: Privied/or C. lSeingttm,atthe BihU attttCrovH 

w St. Paul'* Ckxtreh-Yard. . . . 8to. 1782.16 

A PixBxxTATtrE gainst QrAsnaiHu : By way of CoofemDoe 

between A Uiui^lcr imd kU Pahsbioner. Whneio The 




SMITH, ralricV.—continufl. 

Erroaooan Tenets of the Leading Quakers are fairly 
CoQsider'd and Stated, and jilaialy aud fully Confuted ; 
tnd tho 'Frne Piinciploa of the Chriatian Retigion in 
Opposition thereto, ore asserted mid Vtudioatcd. All 
being accoiDraodatcd to the Uuderstiuiding of thomeaueitt 
Capacity. By Patiiiok Sxith, M.A., Vicar of Orsat- 
PaxXmt, Uuntin/jdonskirt. 2nd oditiODi oorrcotod UiCl 

fjondim: Priixtfijnr C. Itimvgtmi, at the Dibte: ami Cnwn, 

in St. f-iuVt Chu-ch-Yar'L . . . 8vo. 1740. 20^ 
BBBSB, JoMph, Anihnr ot " The SnQerlogH ol lli« Qnak«r«, «o." 

—— A DsnscB ol QuAKBKiRM ; or. un Annmr to n Book intituloil, A 

pMRsaviTlTK ngariat Qvakkhihii : WritU'ii by Patmick 
Bmitr, M^., ILiid Vicar, as bo iitilon himicll. ul Orrat F'axlon 
in Ilnntiastdantltirt. In irbich Aninntn His DhuHc* Btniiut 
the Quakeri, o( llfirm. A'HlAiiJiiwm, Hfr,-ay iiuii Hchiiat, nro 
aocaideivcl uid mfiitnd: Ilia MiHinUrptfjUtiotin ol tbo Uol^ 
Serijilurtt roiuiitiinUiJ : Hiii [rcqiiniit {'.-nr-nium i>( tho 
Quakm WrilmpB ildUelnil : aii"! llmir Iriilj ('ftriilii-m Princi- 
fltt hU1«iI, Uiil vlixticuitvil, iu niil^U"'!!"" to liU Attrmilt., 
wbiob kr« i>h«wu U> bu Weak uiil Svlf-ouutrudiotor;. with 
■a AmsDiX, DunlttiniiiH. I- Aii Eiaminalion ot tL« Gral «Ui>s 
Ol QtutlttT Tettipvmirt , produoiMl \n a Lito TtuilioNtiou ut th« 
MiAop of Liehfitld and Covtnlry. II. A Detreiion of (ho 

timdM : Prinud and SuUt trfi Iht Aiiiijiu of i. SmtU, M 
th* BibU, in Gtorgt-j/aTd, Lombard SSrat. »n}. lT8t. ST| 

BOCEETT, ElisM, ol London. 

— k ConpTDtitlatory Letter to the B«T«rBn(1 Mr. Pitnicn Rimit, 

M.A.I apoa Uiu Ptililtfiutiiiii ut hii InboriouB, leiiTu«d, and 

exodUnt n«atu>u. mtitalod. •' A rrMorvativn a,cnuDst Qiutk- 
aricm." By ■ GantlcmoD. {IrtmieaH 

London: I'rlnted andtuUl by J. Habtru.inWantick-Lanf. 
^ SvD. 1731. S| 

SMim, Samuel, Curate of Cre»»fdge in Shropxhirt. He was 
fomiorlv Minifitcr of I'riltUwtll in E^scj', a very pioiia, 
and jaoiaious man, and greatly oBteemed. lie spent his 
last years at DuJl^ iu IVorcMtenhire, which was the 
pla«e of his nativity and there died, very old in I66-I. and 
w»fl buried in the Chancel. — Paltiu-r't Noneon/ormuu' 
Memorial, voL 2. p. 825. 

■ Malice Stript and Whipt, or an examinatioa of the Qiiftkcm. 

4to. lC5fi. 

ImocnroT cleared (mm J.yi. in aniwnr or mply to xonw pw- 

ait diaigRd wlib in a b(<uk liOlinlMl, i/uUci Siritt and WUp- 
frd,lM. PabUabeil by One, who mJIi blmeeir SamutU Smiih, 
Mhrinltr ol the Ua*pel. tee. 
LmAm. Frittl^/ar Thamai Slmnmu nt the BnJl nnrl Uovlb 
nttr AlderigaU. . . iVt. 1058. 

2 n 2 




SMITH, Samnel,— fonimiwi/. 

HOWQIL, PraDOu, ol Todthanif. near Greyrisg, Wfttmorttmd. 

— — One of ADtiohTiiiU Volcnticrii Dofuatcd. and tbo Trae LUit tIb- 
dkutiid- In Ajuiwrr to n Bcok cuIIinI Ignii Faluat. tMUiahcd 
by one R, I. vhcrcm bo TicdicntrJ Eilmanl /htif.uid MtBitfll 
Smith (of tbc Onncty of Salop), in tlinlr Iijmi, otc 
Ltftufim, PrinUd/iiT Thuntiit Himmmu, lie. . 4U. 1060. 

SMITH, Siuatuil, of Hfrt/ord. After Lir (tjcotmcnt ho bod » liviiig 
ID lirrlahirt, and WIS citftt out ill 166S, ftnd Ailcaocd at 
Stamford Dini/lrif, wlierc Dr. Pardagf bad lK*n bofora. 
Ho nftenrards mostly resided in Gf/zti^fiaenfiirt, and at 
last died in Uerr/nnUhire, in IB85. 

Quakerism No CliriBtianity, &c. By John Faldo. fBpis. 

Bubscribed by Samuel Bnuth and 20 other Divinee.) 

Bto. 167S. 

PBNN, Williuju, FounJpr ol Pnauyicania. 

A Just Rkbitiui to Ouc and Tvenly Lcanird txA Bw c r cD i 

DIVINGS (so ealli'd). BKint; an Annru to u ^t«««(v 
£ji{jll< agoitut tliu Quak«n, (tv tto. 16T4. 

SMITB. Thomas, Vicnr of Cald*rat«, in CambridffeMrt, and 
Keeper of the University Libraiy, in Cambrid^. He died 
SeplmtUr ilth, ICCl. 

The Quaker Disarm'd, or A True Rklation «rf aLat@ Pnblick 

Dtsptr-iK held III ('ambridge. By Three Eminent Qiiukunt. 
against on<i Scholar of Ciunbridge. With a Ixitt«r ia 
Defence of tbo Miuintry, andaffainst Lay-rrcnchcre. Alao 
Several Qturria proposed to the Quaitn to be answered 
if (bey can. 

LonHtm, PrinUd f>y J. C. and art told nttr the LiuU 
North-l}^^/^^ PauU CkurtJi. . . 4to. 1M9. 

ttoW^Tbl* pwnphlM eunUiu "Qnwilim. |<n>i»iin<Kl tt. titaf H'hllrtiit 
ud <>«r«> Vni. Ac. WliBillipaMliiiBn]i^>lDflOB*BB*i«rib-Mak 
Id CnnMAi', Aq«. n. Un. Hi K. b.- IBtifD*. BtMn.l «Mcll ua ■» 
prSntcd la iho Dill. lA OaiH A«J ' Wia lb* iDBaiet OMr A»n ni 

kl Ikiiil)'." 

DENNE. He&ry, a IU|>i1iiI ncil ad Eucm^ to tbe Truth id 
tliiuiK, lLi>ut;lj in tht folloving a Vindioatot- — Bre lui ] 

in thia CntuluKnti, p. llS. 

ThrQnalinrDo Pai'i'il. is Anmnv toTfaoQnaker DtMUtii« A 

bfidt ILcply and Cimiurc of Uc. TAnmu .VnilA'i M*nlnQiB*la- 
tlon nl n Diapiitc held bcMiit himiwll and OrUin (/tukan at 
Camlnigt. Jtr Hof. Dkxhx. 

Laniton. /Vinlrrf nnil arr lii bt nitd ty Frauit Smfli, at 
Iht Sigrit of thf SUfhrntl and CattU witlmit TrmpU- 
Bar. 4to. 16S9. 

A Oxtut for the Ql-akkum, Bpoaking by tho lasrauTim of Um 

PAPISTS. [Ooiitaintitg an Annrar to Hbot Dim's 

London, I'rinted by J. C. and or* $oU nttr lA« iVoriA 
Door (if S. PtmU Ckurrli. . . . Uo. 1659. 





8UITH, Thomas,— cowtmurtl. 

WHITRHg&D. UeotKO, ol Orion, WMmmUai. lut a( L<mdoH. 

The Kky ir ENuwLKtKiE not band in tlic UHivEaniTT Liaounr 

otCiuBiuiME: or. A short Asbwhb to ■ Foolish. Slandoroiiii 
Fixniixi, (mtiluluil, A Uagiifor tkt Quakorii. Winch irtM* 
Ibd Anthoi'i name to it ; but ho ia kiinwa otiinlly tu h» 
TfkiDuu Smilli, I'rictt ol CaUUcul, luiii kMiwr ut iLe «Url 
Librarg lu Camliriiljf : bU Poll; npioved, hia Lj«a rejwstod, 
ami the Truth vimliMtoJ. 0y a FHmd to lArrn ihnt hate 
Ini'imty. U. W, 

Loiulan, IVi'ntnJ &y ^. /. /or Robert WiUoa, al Ihr Sim of 
the Blaelt-8prtaA-Ea}le and WiadmM in AfarCtn't 

rOfiind. ito. xfm. a 

SMITH, William, ProvOHt of Uio Coltogo of PAii<i<t>^iAM. 

A Skumon, Proaohod in Chrint-Churdi, Philadtilphia ; before 

tiio Proviuoial Grand Mai^tcr, and Oeneral Commimi- 
catioii of Free and Accepted Masors. Un Ttx*a4<ty the 
84tfa of •/»»«, ITQS, being tho Oriwid Annivfr»ary of St. 
John the Baptist. By Wh-llim Sihtb, M.A. Provoat of 
tie ColUfffi laul AeiuLmty of PliUsdetpbia. 

FMlatUlphta : Printed. hcmdaa, RsprinUd for R. 

Orijfulu, in ratemunler liuic. . . 8vo. [1756.] H 

A Brief Stats of the Pbovwcb of Pkhnsylvahu, in which 

Tlic Conduct of their AHEcmblios for several Years past ia 
impftrtiall; examined, and tho tnie Cause of the continual 
Encroachments of tho FreneA displayed, more especially 
the secret Design of their late unwarrantable luvaeion and 
Settlement upoH the River Ohio. To which is annexed, 
&n easy plan for restoring Quiet in the public MoaHurox 
of that Province, aod defeating the ambilioua viowx of tho 
French in time to come. In a Letter from a Oeutleman 
who Has reeidcd many years in Pmiuylvania to his Frioud 
in London. 

The Second Edition. 

Latuloa : Printed for li- Orijfatu at tht Dunciad, in 

Patenwttrr-Boie 8to. 1755. * 

The 8rd. Edition. 

London : PrinUd for li. Orifidu, in PaunuMUr-Itow, 

6vD. 175S. Sjl 

-^ An Axswxn tn an lavi-lioaR PamphUt, tntllaled, A Brief Stair- 
mmt of llu Fniviiuf of Ptmimi.TtMix. Wheraln ara •■iKMod 
Tbu muiy tnliti- Ajjorrlion* iit tb« Autliur, or Aultjoi«, of tfaa 
Ul<l Buai'lilrt. with n Vii'W to nmdor thu Qnnltrrs ot Pemi- 
tytvania ami their GoTommont ohiioiioti9 lu lliu Britlsb 
I srliiiiauut UD<1 Miiiuitrii ; aad tho Suv<'nil TmusHntiiioj, 
moat groaly iiiiiirci>rD>cniod thorcin. mI in thuir true liijht. 
LendMH Prinuifor S. Bladon, in fattrmiltr Saw. 

9n. ITGG. () 



BHITH, WtUJiUil,— contJniH'J. 

— A I^RtEr ViKir of the Oondaet of Pskksvlvaku, forthe Year 
1 765: eoforuB it uETootod tbo Qeueral &or\-ice of the 
British Colonic«, particularly the Expodition inid«r the 
Iftte Oonerol BsADDoric. With an Aocotmt of the shocking 
luhnimtniticH, oomnjittod by Incnrdona of the Itutunu 
upon the Province in iMobtr and .Voivnitfr; vMch 
ocoasionod & Body of the inbabitfints to come dovn, whilo 
the Assembly were sitting, and to iiiBist apoQ an immediate 
Suspoisiou of all Di&putoe. and tha Paa&iaj{ of a Law for 
the Defence of tho ('ountry. Interspers'd with huvoth) 
interoBtiug Anocdoleti and original Pftpera, relating to 
the PoLrriDB and PuNoirLxa of the People called Qoakxib ; 
Being a seqoel to a lata voU-known Pamplilet Intitlod. A 
Brucp Statk of Penniylvauia. In a Skcoko Lkttxb to a 
Friend in London. 
London : PrinUd far 11. Ori^tlu fn PaUmotttr Rene ; 
mtd toldbj/ Mr. Bradford in Philadtlpkia, [Price one 
SbiUing and eix-penoe.] . . . 8vo. 1750. 


A Trno And Impartinl SutmneRt ol Uin Pntrlnce of Pnvtnvuni.. 

ContaUUngt an auol Aoooimtol th« Nslun ot it* Oovcni* 
meat, the Povor ot the PrapnuUiuo, lutd thdr Ootvroora ; 
H mil u tfaoM vliioh tbc^ derim imder tbe Ikival antil,H 
(hOM Uujlmvft HMDCBDd IS mudftM riolktioii utoTMif^ tMr 

PttOiaf * OhartM, and ibo Rightt ot the Ptopla. to, ^Cbe 

wbolo b«liig a loU Antrwar Ui tlid Pomplilfila l&titM ABmr 
SiATx, ami A Uaiir Yikw, Ac, oI Uie Caodiut o( Pmnk 
VAMU. [WUli an AmxDix.] 

PMlnilrhMa; Prvatdbg W. Dvitlap, at Uie HaoM-Frtai. 
ing-Opct Si«. 17CV. 

- A LtTTES firom a Gentleman in LondoB, to his ^ond in 
PenHylvania ; with a Satiiik ; containing some Otiuaotoiu- 
ticol Strokes ui>ou tliu UunucrH and Principles of the 
Qdakxu. r^on.] 

Londtm : PrmUd for J. Stott, at th« BUek AiWlt in 
PaUr-Woitfr-Roa 8td. 1756. 

SODOB and Man, Thomas WiI«0D. Lord Bishop of, 

Sib Birman SsaaiLMX. 

BOUEBVILLE, Akiandor, 

^— Cobdenk Policy the internal Enemy of England. By Aln- 
ander Somerville. "ODenhobaavbitftludatthePbogfa." 
Lomdon: Robert HardmcA, 28, Carty SirMi. ISjDo. 18(4. 

Kite.— CsBt4lDi iiiliiiiuiiiiilgH III \iifiknllt 

SOUTHED, Boboit, Poet Laoroat. 
EsprioUa'6 Lottcn, Vol. S. p. 92, 98. 





■ Krantinlmm Sy-fcrmim : or, Rkvci.a,tiox Dcmonatriited. In 

la imaui Pasts. Tbo First, being a Pliilosoiiliioal Dis- 
flOia»B iMtUng to tha Second. The Bcconil is Holy 
Scriptnro, Attrotwrnkaliy handled from tbo ISadix of ft 
NativUg, ftnd a DirtctUm of the Luminorifs, &c. The 
Third is an AppeiutCr tonching Uio Sehfai* of SolU Ingress 
into Aii*i for the year lfi77. Tbo vhole being s UivitM 
Treatise teoommeoded to the Berions penual of tbo on- 
pregodto'd Matktmatician and Aitroto^, as aUo of all 
other FereouB, to Uie intent ihey may behold Qod'a 
Glortooa Wouders revealed in the Heavena. B; John 
SauUtufrtii, an Expcriecciir of the Lova of ./una, and ft 
Well-wisbor to the People in Scorn called Quakuw. 

Jjondon : I'rinled /or t)n Aulkar, and foU at 1A4 digH 0/ 

lie Three Uibka in LaidijaUf-ttTMl. Soull 8tO. 1<(80. lit 

SFENCELY, Bichacd, of Bedford i 

^— ' An Eiiistlo, to JTohn Bunyau'a " VindioatioD of Some Qoepel 

CI Tniiha opened, &e. "—against Edwd. BnTroogh. 
I 4to. 1667. 1 


*&PIBE> Joim, Jonr. of Southwark, was the son of Jom Spirb, 
and was born iu the Ooanty of licrkt, when he was nbont 
18 Tears old bis Parcuta joined Friendu, in which pro- 
foaaiou be cohiIiiiukI about 26 yearti, till bin diiiowiunent 
vhen he was about 40 years of age. — Soo my Oataloguo 
of Friends' Books, VoL 2, page 016, for an aocoont of two 
of his pnbUeatiocs. 

- " Dr. John Spire's OatTioit at the Varith Church of St. Oi<m, 
Bouthwork, Sepleuiber tho 8th, 1700.'"— S*^; pago 19of 
" ft Senaon ou his Bocoutation, by John HosUwood. 

4to. 1700. 

ST Ar-Tl AM, John, M.A., Vioar of Tfriing in Eiatx. Of Oj^ord 
Univertili/ and it native of Norfolk. iViwcouri thna Bieiiliona 
him in his Ileprrtorium Krde-niiiticim I'ainehiale iMndinmtf. 
"John StiiUiam, A.M., S Miiji, 1GS2, per dtpr. Weld. He was 
an able Preacher, and an holy liver. One of striot coogra- 
gational piiaciploii. Ho kept up a meeting in this puoe 
afterbis ejectment, and diod Pastor of a disacoting Ooogre- 
gation here in 1G80, or 1C81." — Palmtr't ymuonfonmit*' 
ilrmvrial, ToL 1. p. 528. 

Contradictions of the Quakers (m> calltKl) to the Scriptum 
of God, and to their onu KCiihliags and vain Jftogbags. 
£diniuTgk 4(o. Ift&fi. 




STALHAM, 3oha,—cotitinutd. 

FABNWORTII. Biohwd. ot Ralby in Yorkihin. 

Tbo Sntiplurei ViHniciTinN. againit tho BocrruBOMRUHCfOM- 
By one Jom STAi.iuti. iiTuliu )u mUh Pnaehtr of thr OWf H 
at EJoukirc'iigh lu Scutlniul, Ao. 

Zundcm, PrinUd for Gilt* Cateurl, at the bUtt Sprtad- the Wettmd of Fault. . . it». 16fiS. 

Tlio BtcviLBD Bcbaked: or, a Rft-Iaforoomcat of the Chang* 
agaiuitt the Quaiumui [So Cftllcd] For their CanlraAUtion* 
to th^ SeripUire* of Ood, and to Ihfir own Seriblin'j-t, whicb 
Bichard Famwortk ftttcmptod to ftnuwor iii hui pivtcaded 
Vindifatwn of flu Scripturfg : bnt i» farther dwcovered. 
with hi» FfUow Contnuiictors and Buvil«r«, aud their 
Doctrines, tobo Anti-Ucnptoral.Aiiti-Christiiui.atid Anti- 
Sfnritual. By J»bn bTAi.Hiuif, a Bervant of tlio Great 
Bubop and Shepherd of Souls, appointed to watch liia 
littlo Flock at Tcrlini! in Kmm-. 

Loti'ion, Printed by llnirij HUU ttnd John PUld, PnMUrt 

toHulIi'jht^ 4to. 1667. Ml' 

tlol^— PnAud lo Udi •«* ■■ an BpliUt -IrHTHi-' ~T« Bit 
OUnr lORiminill) Lcrd PnUsHir, ia." 

HUBBBBTnOBN, BlcLnril, of yftUuul In iMtttathbrt. 

— — TheBKBuuwof nBefilur {Klloiiup(n]Iiixu7mhe»d,iDkn.J>i 

to K Book |ml fortb by cnw John Stelhitm, MlUd a Minlrtw i 
M Trrlin in p:iifi, Whorvic ii nhcwed OBla all BpiritmlJ 
men. that bahimMU iHjaatl; privod tobnaOaatndtMtaral 
tlio S(TripliirM,wliilo ba nliily aonaionotlicntiianofatlMt an 
nU:ar. Olid tbo Mjlng U tnl^llod upon him, he ia Ulaa ialo 
iLo Pll, wliieh lie dilBtad lor oUwn, tor •van that <>«)> wfaidi | 
bn cnJk JItTttU, do m wonhip U10 (lod ol our Pubani. Oj I 
B. H. 

-. LotuUm, Printtd far GHet Calvert at Iht Btart^SprtuA- 
' rij(< at the Weil end of PauU. . . . Uo. 1B67. 

Boprinlcd in hi* Woric, pn^ 8G. 

POX, OooTge, Pouadnr of tbo Society of Prlonda. 

TbuOr«atMiRKHt of the Great Wliorouii(uld»l,Ae.(raeil6n. 

Folk). i6i«. 

- Uamnoll Aittidot«ii, to bo nflSxcd owr against tho Udcs of 
B. H. and £. B. thoir pomptilnt, cntitulod. The Bebnkes 
of » B«vil«r. Written and prottciibcd by John Btalhwn, 

London, Printtid for Kdward BnuUr, a»td art to bt tnid 
at hi* ihop at tht Si^ qf ths Oraitt, in St. Pattl'i 
CkarfA-s^rd, 4to. 1M7. 

FOX, G«org*, FoaudiT of the SaaHy of Fri«ndii. 

Tlw faaal Miw»Bt ol tbo CMat Wborc iml oliiod, *e. {pjjt » 





STABLINO, Saninel, Mayor of London. 

- — An A.V8WIIII to tlio S'-diiion» Mid Scandalmiii pAKimuET, on- 
titoled, Tho Try&l of W. I'mn, uiil W. Mmd, at ttio 
BoniotiB hfild at the Old Uaily, London, tlio 1, 8, 4, 5 of 
Sfpt. 1C70. Contamed in Four Soations. Writtou by 
8. B. a BViend to Joatico and Ooarta of Jiutico. 

LMdoft, erinud inf W. O. 4to. 1670- 

Reprinted in " The Harloian Uiso«Uany, &o." 

PESN, WUUun, Foonilw ol Pntmyleama. 

Tmth BoMncd trata Xmtowtvia. at a Briol Reply to a atevt lUr- 

•oDiz of Lia, Fottu. Knd SUndtr; bol n prolcDdud Aiu»tr 
to IbO TVyui g( W. fenn. and if. Mtad, Ice. writ wid nib- 
tuW4 S. 8. By a praffMt tinrmy la Opprrficm, W. P. 
(WItb an AptwiuUK, by TLm. Uixlyiml.) 

4to. I-rinlril in (Aa Ytar, I6TO. 
Beprinled 11W>. 

Bopriuttd 1b Ilia Worlu, vol. 1. pag« OW. 

EBTBBBINO, Homy, % loantud Divine, who viw oducat<,'d at 
Citii«Arid^, and distingui&hcd hiomelf groiitly iii the 
BaogDriAn Controvcny ; for which Bishop Sherlock mode 
I him Ch&Dcelior of Salitbury. Uo died in 1763. Ua 
I preached tho Boyle's Lecture; and ixibliBiied, bcaides, 
I two volumes of [irnctiual Sermons, witti a foho volume <4 

■ Cttutroveiviitl pieces. — Oeni, Mat). 

A Short and True Kccovvrr of ft Co»riEui:i»,-K tield at u 

Qimkcnt* Ucetiug-Hoa*e in Surrui.x, with Joseph MiMif 
ton of Ucmpion-Ahbin/ in SurfiAk, Si'Kuikb. Together wiUi 
some Beinarks thereupon. Dy Kcnry Stobbing, lUeSor 
of RickinaboU Inferior, a>\d lau FeUou qf Ht, Catharino'a 
Uail, in Oambridge. 

LoTidim, Prinlrd/or Johtt Ptmherton at the Dtiek and Sun 
(ujairut St. Dumtan't ChuTcft, in i'Ywl Slrt-tt, Price 
One Bbilliug Bvo. 1714. 

MIDDLETON, JoMpb, ol nm^Um-Atbey in SvrfoU. 

The QtiAKBiu VisiiiciTNt). Eroni thn liiipqtMJOBOtfarMfriiiUi«ir 

luatoiuiR thu oouiiiiuatiCD ot ifhut't .^igtUm- Boiag aa 
Aoniir to a Book iQlitulod, A short and tmt Accotal if a 

Ctta/kmiM k*Ut <u a Qnatent' Moetiag-Hoiuo (n Snflalk, 

tiw ua Iw tt ]lttbUB|, 0]>p<meM and lunb 9'^l<l""- ^*- 

goMtnl. Wbrabj Itie FaMocd ot th« *alJ AeeoutU ii Do- 

tavtod, Tbe CkrUlian Dectrim oj Bimu, m pratcuuM bj 

llMQaatfr>,TiDiliMit«<l,aiid tli««alil Bntor'* AismiuiDt*, In 

Oontradioliuii tbotcto, II«fcit«il. By Je«xra itmmiUKTOii. 

Lotvlon .' I'rinlfd and lalii fry Iht Atrium of J. SotU, ta 

White-Uitrl-Courl, in Grdfioui Stntt, and at Ikr Bible 

la Gmrgtj/ard. LinAanlStrrit. . Ovo. 1715. 





STEBBIHO, Henry,— twitinufd. 


aiBSOH, OwontB, of Tktiford, ia Norfotk. 

CifUtiaB Bapiiim vindicnied. tram the Principal O^aotioau ol 

Utnrg SubUnn. Hvcbir ol Hu.laiifiliaU ia B^fotk: In Hi* 
Printoil Aooount at a Coutoratii^u Uiaro. Bj (Mom Oibaon. 
Londcn : I'riolrd iLnd mlit bg tJU Attlgm of J. Sm»U, in 
WMtt-Han-C'inrt in Omei'nu Stir-tt . umf ol ilu IMiU 
in atargt-Yard, iMntbaril-SlTttt. , . . Hn>. ITIS. 


FIELD, John, of tonJen. 

—~ Upon Uimiy Btcbbing'* Boole 

Qoarj, whetbor printed f 


■ Th« CaARaiE of HKKKev Cootinu'ct, id ft Second Dttfcaeo of 

tbe Divine Inntitutioa of Water Baptism, Being m fiiD 
Iteply to a Book of the Qaakers, Entitnled, CMttitm 
hapthm Yiridicaltui Jrom t!if Princifial Of'i'ctiom iff HAIII7 
Stebblng, lUfiurof UickingliaU in Butfolk, in IdtprinUd 
Aeeount 0/ a Con/trencf Ihtre, and Pubtisliod by Geobob 
GiHBON. Wherein also some Gross and i''und&meatal£iTOn 
of Robert Barclay, not liit!i«rto Animadverted upon, on 
CcuBured aud Exposed. By Ucnry Stebbing. 

London : Prinltd fcy J. T'einbrrton, at (Ad Back and Svn 

agaiatt St. Dmutan'i Church in Flut Mrsa. 6tO. 1716- Ef 

■ APoBteeript to thoCliar^orHen^Coutiaaea; bemg th« 

tUrd and Unl Dcfeuov of Wat«r Bftptiem. 8vo. I7I6. 

• Polemical Tkagts ; or a Oolleotion of Papers written in 

Defeuoo of the Doctrines and l>i&oipUiie of tbe Cliurch of 

England. To winch aro added A Short Exposition upou 

tlio Clmtch-CatocliiBm. and a Bermon oouoeniinR tbe 

Exoclleucy of tbe Knowled'^'e of CliriKt Jeiiua. By Uoniy 

Stobbing, M.A. Hector of Garboldiiibam in Norfolk. 

Cairibridi/e : rrinud at the L'niwniiy-Prai, ^y Con*. 

CrmcnfiHd, And told bj/ C. Biwiftr, in Vattr-^oMitr- 

liow, London FoUo. 1727. II 

A Tabic qf Ikr TnntiMt oontaintd in tJktt Volume. 

I. A TrMtiw) «oncurBiiiK UiG Oi>«ratious ol Ui* Holr fipuiL 
n. Dmoartm npoa HTm) Bul>j«c1a rcUiiTa tu Ibe lartgotnc 
QoMtiM). «U., BMixuunoB, Strom Fxitu, A-c. 
UL An Aoooont of » Oonl«t«nM hM vritb Jneru Umtmroa k 

QiulMC, npmi tlw Bnbjact of Wm^BimiH. 
IV. A IMuieo o( thft (ortsoiiiK Aogouhc l&guim Ui« Qaalnn 

(OuMtoi GiMMi'B) O^mUbu. 
V. A ratthet IhtfMiM at tbu loragoins Aooooal ackinil Um 

ObjtotioiK ol JMtra MtBOUtcdi. 
VL A Sbort Prwit of Ui« NoecaUj c< WuzK-tUmui, 
VU. A DtUace of Uie Bopott ol Ifan Oovuirm ol Ibe Loww 
House ol OoNTouTioH ; III iwa Futa. 



STEBBINO, Ueaty.—contimied. 



Aa Euaj ooncomiiig Civil OoTommeiit toiuidorod u it ataada 

rnlaUNl In lloligion. 
Tbe Younit CtirintlaD iugtmctoil. "r n Short Bipoaitiou iipoB 
th« CtiiUMh-CnlvaliiHai : In tcu rut*. 
. k SormoQ ouuaeniin); tho ExoeUeno; ot the Eoowled^ ol 
Clirial Jusiu. 

NdU.— Tba tulhiic, b laprlDttM Umm UhM. ••;* In U> PntHL— '' Tb* 
l>LKpiiH vltb tlio Qiuton baa Mnffvad koidb cbiuigt ; bol tn tt^ JU4UMI 
of U7 UatUt iitrwi (vlilob tud Dot bxajiuU bh ^al bjan A 
ot Nt« Ainmuju inldeh xcuiisil DwdlaBi) tot ti* nw«iiftlii| 

of U7 UatUt alTui (vlilob tud Dot bxajiuU bh ^al I171 
""' -..^_- irffc. 


baaiBfnl toaunw nboorBM 

ThlDn ' 

_ . ral^b _ ._.. 

*iA^ ba aMbili aUifi'd wilA IfaBKiM opeo «liA lb* cnanl Ooobo- 

Bigtii (in *»U to aiw*!. 1 hmbimrwianBngtUaildonannaMA 
ft*aat01bai««,<«lat>Iilioii(tiii - - - 

Ifg J WIitifc* 

Tba Mtnlna MOtaiMoMiin Is thaalBttial, vtiJi>b laoaahbtMlboaaM 
baa( M ittnoab,—" Bat t Mopat Imtau n^xuliug 11, ibw (h* Qmliirt 


im aniKiiaaoHcn id loa cn^inai, voif^o it tttmi im n w Twr agM 
ttnoab,—" Bat t Monat Imtau nixuliug II. Uut (h* Qmliirt 
7 danjEnraw ^"l. 7k>*' mnl dolX lul u rlaik ■ Canko'. and 
■ Uia UaUi (il ChiliUuitl/. luiiltw •aotd B|Ud Ua itul i*uta." 

STEPHENS. Eawurd, of 

' The Shame and HnimliAtiou of ttio QUAEERS, in a Ite- 

markAblo JuJ'jmfrit of lu/atuatknt, already begna upon 
Hfote t^ ihfir ObttiwiU M'mialen of their Seoond Daya 
Ucetiug. With a fair triiniiTi<; and kind Ailinvnitiim to 
tiifl Wit, who «re sisooro, aud desire to cfloajm Uio Snaro 
of Deceit, to beware of Uiem. I. A Hrief AeevunUff titt 
ISeifinning <"id [*Tt>grai of the Difftr^nwM btlwten Qeofga 
Keith lUki I'm' otivrr Quakvn). [.Vmon.] 

Sold by It. Brovm, at the Btatk fiwan and BHU witkotU 
TmtpU liar. And R. Smith, at the Aiwfel, xdthoul 
lineoln'i Inn-GtU« nmr thu FitUU. . ' ito. [1(197 f] 
{Brit. Iftt^nim. fi^) 

A Kind Lf«TATiox to the PeopU aalkd QUAKERS, to the 

dno ConKidcmtion of Somo Iui)K>rtaut Tnithe : lu a Lftttr 

and TKtnty IJumtintui, Kent long Mined Ut thoir Sfoond-dayt 

Mtetmg, and nuw to them gJl. To both which, an Answer 

from Uieir prosout Frarly Meetinij, 1697. ia desired. To 

William Peiin, nnd thn mt, fte.. <it tAWr Seooud-Dajra- 

He&ting. WiUiavt, with ihr. rest oj tin Friendt with iAm. 

Prinud fiyr t\t vlM^or, for tk» Um imJ Bttufit of a lU- 

ligwu* Socuity : vtd an Ut bi tc4d at Mr. HoUtr'i 

HottM in LtitU-TritiUy Lmf. . . . 4to. 1897. 

^- An ApoLoor for, and an iNnr^knoK to, the People caQ'd 
QiMiana, to Beetifio Komo Eiron;, which through the 
BeoHdaU Drea the; have fitllen into. Whoroin the Irao 
Original Caanca, both Humane and Divine, of all tlte 
Dbruum* in the Ohurek, aud MUchi^f* in the StaU, aod 




STEPHENS, Edwanl,— ««irrnu«/. 

among the PttipU, aro plaiuly and briefly opened and 

Lontlon, PrinUd/or tlu Author. . , . 8vo. IIMW. 

A Second Letter to William Prn, Oforyx WhiuhtaJ, T. 
Ecrlestim, and tbe rest of the MmitMrg qf th* QoAiuna at 
tbeir General Yearly Meeting. 

4to. No Pnjtt«r't tiamt, jilat* or iatt. 

■ Aehem and Elymaa : or. The Tra^ltr» of Israel, the Enrmies 
of RigliteouBuees, and Pervrrtm of the Rif^t Waysdftlio 
Lord Detected, among tbe Loaders and Manafforv of 
Three JiangfTowi Snii, Boman GathoUck Misaionen, 
Quaker MiiiisterB, and Gliurdi and State Dcitit*. Li 
Tliree Letters, One to t)ie Quaker Minintcm, aaotb«r to 
the Lorda of tbo Privy Council, and a tliird by IVilliam 
Pitin to a Frioud in OUiticntrr^hire : And in some Ohtr- 
vntioni upon them, and QpoD aonta other tbiagf latdtf^ 
printed oonoeming ttio Boman Oatholtok luMJonas. 
By a Faitkjal Monitor and Frimd In hi* Cotrntiy, and 
WeU-wuber to all. (Edward Stephens) 

4to. Printed in ihe year 17M. 

■ ObocrvaUoaa upon (An Three Letters, mul tome ihin-p lately 

4to. No Printer'* rutme, place, or daU. 

STEPHENS, Natbanie!, M.A. Rector of Fenny-Drayton, in 
Leiccstenihire. Of Oxford UnivcMity. Hi« father was 
minister of Staunton- IlamuiHid, in I('i7u. This Uving of 
Dreyton was not, as WoaJ rcportit, a vei^nostration ; Sir. 
B< was duly pr«Hcatcd b^' llio Patron Mr. Purrj;y of 
BtrfaAtrf. Ilere ho lived tdl the violence of the CAvaUers, 
who thieatouod plunder, impriBonment and fine, drora 
him to seek sanctuary in Corentry. Ther«, daring the 
continuance of the war, he prt.-acked on IjorJ'i-Jay 
mornings in the (treat cbnrcb. At his return to Drayton 
be had tionble bom some Baptists The mont notod 
Quaker in EnyUmd, Oeorite Fox, came out of hjii little 
jiariKb ; but he learnt not his Quakerism tluirc. Hi, 
tiirphrn* had much discourse with him, tbo' with little 
effect. He thought his time Iietter frjiout in iustnctiiig 
atoacliable i>eopIe; wliicb ho did very dilif^utly. Being 

S'ect«d for his Noucouformity in mc2, lui coutioned in 
16 town tot some time, pruaohing priratol;, but was 
■flerwards bo molvittMl, Hint bo was forced to remon 
seven times for peace. At taut ho fixed at Stoke-tioldmy. 




STEPHENS, NftOnitl,— oontmitfiJ. 

whM* Iw oo&Unueil tJio oxorciiu; of bia miniatry, sb In 
had opportunitir, till he died, whicli was lu Fel. 1G78, 
tigfii 7a. — ralmrr't NvncmfonniUt MrmorUd, vol.S. p. 1 12. 

A Ftun aod Eaeie OALctTiJincm 




Mark, and 
Number of 
the Name 
Humblj' Preaentod To the stadione Observets of Scriptore- 
Pruplieci^ta, Ood'a Works, and tJic Timee, iJy Natbanou. 
BiKi'iiKHH, Miniutm' of Ffnnif-Zhriti/lun in Leitttttrthirt, 
Wbcrciitito is iircfixcd, A CommeBditory EitarLic, written 
by Mr. Kdm, Vaiamy. 

iMitdim : Printed hy Ja. CiittrA, Jot Matth: Knjnhm, at 
the Fountain ; Nath. Ueiithfoat, at lite yiUrti Aevrn: 
and Hen. FUte.her, at the thrtt giU Cupt in S. i'aait 
Ckur(h.yaTd 4tO. 16*6. 


VncDictx FuniuuKNTi : or » Uirccfold d«fonoc of the Dew- 
TBDiK of Obioinal 8d( : Togvtbor with somo other fiindft- 
mentala of Salvation. The firet against the eiceptiooa 
of Mr. Ji/ihfH F.verard, in bia book entitule^l, The Creation 
and the Fall of man. The second against the Examintn 
of the late Aaaembliea Confession of Faith. The third 
ajcainat tho AlloK^ions of Dr. Jrrmty Tayhr, in his Unim 
Sftftiariiim, and two leaacr TroatiHea of hin. By Natii- 
AKiKL STVPUXNa, MinistUT of FeNny- Drayton in Lrifnirr- 

LontUm, I'rinfd hy T. IL and K. M. Jar FJmund Parfm 
in I'auli Chititi, right orrr agamtt tht Ca*tit'T<iv*rn, 

■ Doeton-Cnmvunu 4to. lOSS. 81i 


BIEUART. Walter, of Pardowwi. 

CoLLKCTioNs and OaautvATiOKa Metfaodit'd ; Ccnermmg tht 

Worship, Diociptiije, atid Qo^'cnimeDt nf the Ohnreh of 
SCOTLAND. Id Foot Books. 

Kdittbtirgk, Printtd bij I fit IJeira and Sueeruort o} jInJme 
Andertan, Printer to the Qhmim ntott ExctUrul MiytUjf, 
Anno. Dom. MDCCIX. . . . <to. 1709.40) 

Sh (oci UO. 01 r*pMM, <tufcw* wd BuorlMkiM*. 

Beprinted with additions. — FdiiiimTgh : Sold by W. Omy, 

Jrwait^tke KrchaHgf,aud ll,Ini/li;PoUtmw. 8vo. 1770, 





8TEVEN80N, Matthew, of 

The Qoakera Wedding. October, 34. 1C71. 

London, I*rinUil Jut liouland IU>ftiMt, at th« Sun 4^ 
Bate m rJU Poultry. . . . Bioadsid?. 1871. 
{Brit. Miaeum, Lntt. 2. 176.) 


The QuikoTB AHHirifi to the Qnnkeri WudJinR, NoTe[nlM>r, 8. IfiTl. 

thtPrnMltry Bra»dnd«. 1871. 

—— Porks: or, A MisoellnDy of Sonars, Bfttyrs, DroU«iy, 
Panegyricks. Elegiee, &c. &t tbs lubtxaco and Re^ttoit of 
several Friends, Timos, and Occssions, CompottM; and 
nov at their Command CoUectod, &ud Committed to Ute 
Ptvtt. By the Anthor. M. Swwnwn. [Tlu Qnakor'l 
Wfddintf, at page 78.) 

IjOtid/m, Printed far It. Jleynaldi at tht Sun and BibU, 
and John Lullon at the lllae .Inekor in lAe PouUrey, 
liMkiulUrf Small 8vo. 1678. 

(Brit. Mmrum, 288. b. 40.) 


Spiritual Coorbihip ; or, the Bival QnaltcresMi, witb 


Prico Oo« Shilliag. 

Bto. LmAxi. 17M. 

BTILLINOPLEET, Edwnnl, a loamcd P