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Full text of "Bibliotheca nicotiana; a catalogue of books about tobacco together with a catalogue of objects connected with the use of tobacco in all its forms"

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Robert E. Gross 

A Memorial to the Founder 
of the 


\' Business Admiiiktnuion Library - 
Los Angeles 

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^3il)ltofl)eca "gXicofiaita. 

'^i^riof^eca ^icofiana ; 












Nearly four centuries ago the Old World learned from 
the New the use of tobacco, and the lesson has been so well 
learned that smoking is now common everywhere. 

The pipes from the pre-historic mounds of the United 
States, and from the ancient cities of Mexico, prove the 
extreme antiquity of the practice ; while its connection with 
religious, political, and social usages gives additional interest 
to all that can be known about it. 

Special interest in the subject arises from the fact that all 
savage and semi-civilized peoples have lavished their highest 
skill and most characteristic art upon the construction and 
decoration of their pipes, and nearly the same may be said 
of nations higher in the scale of civilization. 

The decoration of pipes and of smoking appliances 
generally thus adds a new chapter to the "Grammar of 

Until about twenty years ago, no attempt had been made 
to bring together what might be called an ethnographic 
collection of objects connected with the use of tobacco in 
its various forms — of pipes of all kinds, some being so 
unlike our notion of what a pipe ought to be that even the 
most experienced European smoker would be puzzled by 
them — of fire-strikers for smokers — of snuff mills and snuff 
rasps, by which people in earlier times made their own snuff 
— of snuff bottles in all their wonderful variety of style and 
material — of snuff boxes and many other things which 
illustrate the use of tobacco. 

The collection that was then attempted includes all these 
objects, and also the whole Uterature of tobacco. It was 
begun as the recreation of a busy life to a large extent 

ii Pkei'ace. 

spent in travelling, thus affording special opportunities for 
collecting, and has been continued to the present time with 
increasing pleasure and success — the collection growing 
rapidly, while the field for exploration has opened out far 
more widely than had been expected. 

The results of these twenty years of labour, though 
large, are yet necessarily incomplete ; but it is hoped that 
they may become the nucleus of a collection as nearly 
perfect as is possible, and thus extend our knowledge of a 
curious and interesting practice which, beginning in very 
early ages, has become common in every country of the 

It has not been thought well to burden this Catalogue 
with many notes referring to individual objects, or to the 
travellers who may have brought them to England. All 
such facts of interest will be found in the Illustrated 
Catalogue (No. 4og) of the Bibliotheca NicotianiT-. 

W. B. 

Birmingham, 1880. 


[ I.] Oviedo. Coronica de las Indias. | La hysteria 
general de | las Indias agora nuevamente im | pressa 
corregida y emendada. | i547- Y con la conquista del 
Peru. I 

(Libro quinto, Capit segundo. De los tabacos | o 
ahumadas que los indios acostumbran | en estaysla Espanola.) 

Impreso en Salamanca por Juan de Junta. 1547. 

[2.] Segvnda | Parte del Libro, | de las Cosas qve 
se I traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales, | que siruen al 
vso de medicina. Do se tra | ta del Tobaco, y de la Sassafras : 
&c. Hecho por el Doctor Monardes Me | dico de Seuilla. | 

En casa Alonso Escriuano, Im | pressor. [i8mo.] 

[ 3.] Instrvction | svr L'Herbe Petvm ditte en France 
L'Herbe | de la Royne ou Medicee : Et sur la racine | 
Mechioca3n principalement (auec | quelques autres Simples 
rares & exquis) exemplaire "k manier philosophique- | ment 
tous autres Vegetaux. Par I.G.P. | Nvie, d'Envie, en Vie : 
A Paris. | Par Galiot du Pre', Libraire mxi. ; rue S. Jaques, 
k I'enseignc de la Galere d'or, &c., &c. [iSmo.] 1572. 


[4.] Primera y | Segunda y Tercera | Partes de la 
Historia | Medicinal de las Cosas | que se traen de nuestras 
Indias Occi- | dentales que siruen en | Medicina. | Tratado 
de la Piedra | Bezaar, y de la yerua Esquerconera. | Dialogo 
de las Gran | dezas del Hierro, y de sus vertudes | Medi- 
cinales | Tratado de la Nieve | y del beuer frio. | Hechos por 
el Do I ctor Monardes Medico | de Sevilla. | Van en est a | 
impression | la Tercera parte y el Dialogo del Hierro nueua- 
I mente hechos, que no han sido impressos | hasta agora. 
Do hay cosas grandes | y dignas do saber. | Con Licencia y 
Preuilegio de su Magestad. | En Sevilla | En casa de 
Alonso Escriuano. | 1574. | 

[4to, 206 pp. Woodcuts.] 

[5-] Tractado j de las Drogas, y medicinas de las 
Indias j Orientales, con sus Plantas debuxadas al | biuo por 
Christoual Acosta medi- | co y cirujano que las vio | 
ocularmente. | En el qua! se verifica mucho de lo que escriuio 
el Do- I ctor Garcia de Orta. | IJirigido ala muy noble y muy 
mas leal ciudad de j Burgos cabe(5a de Castilla y camara de | 
su Majestad. | En Burgos. | Por Martin de Mctoria impressor 
de su Majestad. | 1578. | Con privilegio. | In -cooodait Iwrder. 

Esta tasado en ciento y nouenta y dos marauedis. 
[4to, 448 and 38 pp. Wood engravings, see p. 360 Del 
Bangue, and 408 Del Opio.] 

[ 6.] Primera | y | Segunda [ y | Tercera Partes | De 
la Historia Medicinal ; de las cosas que | se traen de 
nuestras Indias Occidentales, | que siruen en medicina. 
I Tratado de la Piedra Bezaar, y de la yerua | Escuergonera. 
Dialogo de las grandezas del Hierro, y de sus vertudes | 
Medicinales. | Tratadode la Nieue, ydel beuer Frio. | Heches 
por el Doctor Monardes, Medico de Seuilla. | Van en esta 
Impression | la Tercera parte, y el Dialogo del Hierro, neu- | 
uamente hechos : que ne ha sido impressos hasta | agora. 
Do ay cosas grandes, y dignas de | saber. | Con Licencia y 
Priuilegio de su Magestad. | En Seuilla | En Casa de 
Fernando Diaz | 1580. | 

[4to, 162 pp. Woodcuts.] 

[ 7.] De I Landtwinninghe \ Ende Hoeue | Van M. 
Kaerle Steuens, ende M. Ian Liebaut, | Bey de Doctooren in 
de Medicijne. | &c., &c., &c., T'Antwerpen, | By Christoffel 
Plantijn in den | gulden Passer. | 1582. 

Pages 260-8 give an Account of Tobacco under the 
name Nicotiane or Petum. [410, 707 pp. and table.] 

[ 8.] Delle Cose, | che vengono | portate dall' Indie | 
Occidentali pertinenti all' vso | della Medicina. | Raccolte. & 
trattate dal Dottor Nicolo | Monardes, Medico in Siuiglia, | 
&c &c I in Venetia, Appresso Giordan Ziletti. 1582. | 

[8vo, 249 pp. & Tavola 1 1 pp.] 

[9.] Historia | Naturale, e Morale | delle Indie; | 
scritta | Dal R. P. Gioseflfo di Acosta | Delia Compagnia del 
Giesu ; | &c., &c., &c. | Nouvamente tradotta della lingua 
Spagnuola nella Italiana | da Gio. Paolo Galvcci Salodiano | 
Academico Veneto. | Con Privilegii. | In Venetia, | Presso 
Bernardo Basa, AH' insegna del Sole. | 1596. 

[4to, 174 pp.] 

[ 10.] A Defence of | Tabacco : with a | Friendly 
Answer to the | late printed Booke called | Worke for 
Chimny-Swee- | pers, &c. | 

Si iudicas, cognosce : si Rex es, iube. | 
London, \ Printed by Richard Field for Thomas Man. 
I [Square 8vo.] 1602. 

[ 1 1.] Work for Chimny-sweepers : | or a warning for 
Tabacconists. | Describing the pernicious | vse of Tabacco, 
no lesse plea- | sant than profitable for all sorts | to reade. | 
Fumus patria;, Igne alieno Luculentior. | As much as to 
say, I 

Rellcr be cliokt with English hemp, 
tlien poisoned witii Indian Tabacco. | 

Imprinted at London by T. Es/e, for Thomas \ Bushell, 
&: are to be sould at the great North | dore of Powles. 
[Square 8vo.] 1602. 

[ 12.J A I Counter- | Blaste to | Tobacco. | Imprinted 
at London | by R. B. | Anno 1604. 

The original ed. 13 leaves, collated with Bodleian. 

[13.] A [ Counter- | Blaste to | Tobacco. | Imprinted 
at London | by R. B. | Anno 1604. (Wanting Title page.) 
[410. 18 pp.] Arbers' English Reprints — has also 
notes on the early introduction & use of Tobacco in England. 

[14.] Tobacco-Leaves | by | Samuel Rowlandson, | 
six copies printed | London | 1604-13. A reprint of 
Rowlandson's pieces, ist Instructions given to a Country 
Clown, To take Tobacco when he comes to town, 1604; 
2nd, The Devil's Health drinker, 161 1; 3rd, Tobacco 
carried to Tyburn, 1613; & 4th, To smokeing noses & 
stinkeing nostrils. 

[8 pp. sm. 4to.] 

[ 15.] The I Triall of | Tabacco. | Wherein, his worth 
is most worthily ex | pressed ; as, in the name, nature, and 
qualitie of | the sayd hearb ; his speciall vse in all Physicke, 
with the I true and right vse of taking it, as well for the 
Seasons, | and times, as also the Complexions, Dispositi- | ons, 
and Constitutions, of such Bo- | dies, & Persons, as are 
fittest : I and to whom it is most | profitable to | take it. | By 
E.[dmond] G.[ardner]. Gent, and Practicioner in Physicke. | 
Imprinted at London, by TL L. for Mafhcw L^ownes. \ 
Paules Churchyard, | at the signe of the Bishopjs-head. 
[Square 8vo.] 1610. 


[ i6.] Perfvming | of Tabacco, and j the great Abvsc 
committed ] in it. | V\'ith many other auncient and ] modern 
Perfumings; and the exposition of | the Chapter of the true 
Oderife- | rovs Cane of [ Dioscorides. j Taken out of the 
new Historie or Illv- | stration of Plants, Written by Matth. | 
de L'obel, Botanographer of tlie [ King his most excellent 
Maiesty. | Translated out of Latin by I. N. G. | 1610. | 

Lotidon, I Printed by William Stansby. [8vo, iSpp.] 

[ 1 7.] 'I'hc I Maske of | Flowers. | Presented | By the 
Gentlemen of Graies-Inne, at | the Court of White-hall, in 
the Ban- | quetting House, vpon Twelfe | night, 1613. | 
Being the last of the Solemnities and Magnificences ' which 
were performed at the marriage of the right | honourable 
the Earle of Somerset, and the I Lady Francis Daughter of 
the Earle | of Sufiolke, Lord Cham- j berlaine. | 

London \ Printed by N. O. for Roberl Wilson. 
[8vo.] 1 6 14. 

A challenge between Silenus and Kanasha upon the 
point; "That Wine was more woortliy then Tobacco, and did 
more cheere and relieue the sjjirits of men." 

[18.] A Counterblaste to 'I'obacco, by King James 
the First. [4to.] 161 6. 

[ 19.] Deir Historia | de i semplici | aromati, | et altre 
cosi che vengono | portate dall' Indie Orientali pertinente | 
all' uso della Medicina. ( Di Don C.arzia Dall' Horto | Medico 
Portughese, con alcune breui Annotationi di Carlo Cluzio. | 
Et dve Altri Libri Parimente | di quelle cose che si portano 
dair Indie Occidentali ; | Con vn Trattato della Neue it del 
beuer fresco. I Di Nicolo Monardes | Medico di Siviglia. | 
Hora tradotti dalle loro lingue nella nostra Italiana da 
Messer | Annibale Briganti, INLarrucino da Ciuita | di Chieti, 
Dottore & Medico Eccellentissimo. | Con Privilegio. | In 
Venetia, 1616. 

[Svo, 525 pp.] 

[ 20.] Brathwaite's (Rich.)Solemne, loviall Disjjutation, 
Theoreticke and Practickc, briefely shadowing the Lawcs of 
Drinking, &c. Oenozythopolis, at the Signe of Red-eyes. 
161 7. 

The Smoaking Age, | or | The ALm in the Mist ; | 
with I The life and death of Tobacco. | &c., Oenozythopolis. 
) at the Signe of Teare-nose. [iSmo.] 1617. 

[21.] A Counterblast | to 'I'obacco. | Contained in 
The I Workes of | The Most High | and Mightie | Prince | 
James, | &:c., &c. 

Loudon I Printed by Robert Barker and yohn Bill. 
[Fol.] Anno 1619. 

[ 22.] Tobacco I battered ; | & | the Pipes | shattered 
I (About their Eares [ that idlely Idohse | so base & | 
barbarous | a Weed ; | or | at least-Wise | ouer-loue so 
loathsome | Vanitie ;) | by | A Volley of holy Shot | 
Thundered | From Mount Helicon. [i8mo.] 1614-20. 

[ 23.] A Briefe and | accurate trea- | tise, concerning, | 
The taking of the fume of Tobacco, | which very many, in 
these dayes, | doe too licentiously | vse. | In which, the 
immoderate, irregular, and vnseasonable vse thereof is 
reprehended, | and the true nature and best manner of v- | 
sing it, perspicuously demon | strated. 

By Tobias Venner, Doctor of Physicke in Bath, etc. | 

At London. Printed by W. L. for Richard Moore. 
[Small 4to.] 1621. 

[23*.] Tabacolcgia : | Hoc est | Tabaci, | Seu | Nico- 
tianae | descriptio | Medico-Chirurgico-Pharmaceutica: | Vel 
I Ejus praeparatio et usus in omnibus ] fcrmfe | corporis 
humani in- | commodis; una cum varijs Tabacum adulterandi 
ra- I tionibus, & accurata signorum, quibus eius bo- | nitas 
dignosci potest, annotatione, Per Johannum Neandrum 
Bremanum, | Philosophum, & Medicum. 

Lvgdvni Batarorvm, \ Ex Officina Lsaaci Elsei'iri. 
[4to.] 1622. 

[24.] Een Korte beschrij- | vinge van het wonderlijcke 
kruyt I Tobacco, komende uyt verre ende vreemde | Landen, 
het welcke zeer bequaem ende nut is teghen | veel gebreken 
des hoofts, der mage, ende andere leden | des lichaems, 
dienende principalijck de Zee-varende | lieden : het welcke 
den Leser in dit Boecrken wert | te kennen gegeven. Over- 
geset uyt 'tEngels. | 

Men vintse te koop tot Rotterdam, by de | Borse by 
yoris Pamuehs. [i8mo.] 1623. 

[ 25.] Hymnvs Tabaci, | autore | Raphaele Thorio | 
Lugd. Bat. 

'X^^xi \ Lsaaci Eheviri. | [Small 4to.] 1625. 

[26.] Traicte | dv Tabac, | ov | Nicotaine, Panacee, | 
Petvn ; avtrement | Herbe h la Reyne, | Auec sa preparation 
& son vsage, pour la | Plus part des indispositions du corps 
humaiii, | ensfinble les diuerses fagons de le j fiilsifier, & les 
marques pour | le recognoistre. | Compose [jremiercment en 
Latin par Jean Neander, | Medecin a Lcyden, & mis de 
nouueau en | Francois, par I.V. | Oeuure tres vtile, non 
seulement au vulgaire, niais a tons | ceux qui font la medicine, 
& notaniment a ceux qui voyageants [ n out nioyen de porter 
quantite de medicaments. | 

A Lyo/i, I Ciiez Bartliehmy Viiice?tf, rue Merciere, | 
a I'enseigne de la Yictoire. | [i2mo.] 1626. 

[27.] Tabacologia; | Hoc est | Tabaci, seu Nicotians | 
descriptio | Medico-Cheirurgico-Pharmaceutica, ) Vel Ejus 
prjeparatio et usus in | omnibus, ferme corporis | humani 
incomodis. | Per Johannem Neandrum Bremanum | Philo- 
sophum et Medicum. | Lugduni Batavorum. 

Ex Ofticina Isaad Eheviri, \ &c. [ 4to.] Anno 

[28.] HymnusTabaci, | Avlore | Raphaele | Thorio. 
Londini. | (Bound with No. 58.) 

Impensis J^oannis Waterson. \ [i8mo.] 1626. 

[ 29.] Directions for Health, | Naturall and Artificiall : 
I Deriued from the best Phisitians, as well | Moderne as 
Antient. | &c. Tobacco- | taking, &c. | (S:c. 

The sixth Edition reviewed by the Author, | 
(William Vaughan) | &c. &c. 

London, \ Printed by jl^o/in Beak, for Francis 
Williams, \ &c. 1626. 

[ 30.] Hymnus | Tabaci | autorc | Raphaele Thorio | 
Lugd. Bat. I Typis [ Isaaci Elseveri | 1628 \ Engd. title. 
Satyrs smokuig. [ssff. 4to.] See early Dutch pipes on front. 

[31.] Traicte | du Tabac. A. Lyon. 1630. 
An edition similar in title and contents to No. 26. 

[3^-] Petri Scriverii | Satvrnalin, | Ofte PoL-iiscli j 
Wasten-avond-spel, | Vervatende liet gebriiyk ende misbniyk 
I Vanden Taback, | ' Onlangs by den Auteur iii't Latijn 
beschreven, ende, | by eenen Liefhebber in't licht gegeven. | 
Nil verrijkt, ende herdruckt ; niitsgaders tot dienst ende | 
Vermaek van een yder in Neder-Duytsch vertaeld | Door 
Sanivel Ampzing. | 

Gedruckt te Haerkin, \ By Adriaeii Roman, Ordinaris 
Stads-Boek-drucker. [4to.] 1630. 

[ 33] ^Vine, I Beere, Ale, | and | Tobacco : | Con- 
tending for Superiorit)'. | A Dialogue. | The Second Edition, 
much enlarged. | 

Printed at Loyidon by T. C, for '^0/111 Giviie, and 
are | be sold at his shop at Fiirniuals Inne Gate | in IIoI- 
borne. | [Small 4to.] 1630. 

[ 34.] Petri Scriverii | Waston-avond-spel, | Den 
tweeden Druck. | vervatende j 't Ghebruyk en 't Misbruyk I 
van den Taback, | Uyt het Latijn in Neder-duytsch vertaelt, | 
door S. A. I Noch zijn hier by gevoeght | XL. vermaeckelicke 
Poctische Grillen, | den selven Here P. S. toe-ghe-eygent, 
door H. V. D. 

Tot Leydcn, \ By Wilkm Christiaensz. Anno 1631. 
[Oblong iSmo.] 

[35.] Tobacco I battered; | and j the Pipes shattered | 
(about their Ears that idlely | Idolize so base and barbarous | 
a WEED; | or | at least-wise over-love | so loathsome 
Vanitie) : | by | A Volley of Holy Shot | Thundered | From 
Mount Helicon. | Du | Bartas | his | Diuine Weekes | And 
Workes | with a Compleate Collectio | of all the other most 1 
delight-full Workes | 'I'ranslated and | written by yt | famous | 
Philomusus, | losvah Sylvester | gent : | 

London, printed by | Robert Young. 1633. | [Folio,] 
Engraved Title by R. Elstracke. Pag. 563-579. See error 
in pagination. 

[36.] La I Theriaque | Francoise. | avec les vertus, et | 
proprietez d' icelle selon Galien. | Mises en vers Francois par 
I Pierre Maginet Pharmacien Salinois. | Et dispense' publique- 
ment a Salins par ledict Maginet, | & Claude Thouuerey 
freresPharmaciens, | enrAni623. | aLyon, | ParBanlielemy 
Vincent, en rue | Merciere, a 1' Enseigne de la Victoire. | 
1623 I 

[8vo.] 91 pp. Bound with No. 26. 


[ 37-1 By t'ls King. I A Proclamation restraining the 
abusiue venting of Tobacco. | 

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker^ Printer to the 
Kings most excellente Maiestie : And by the Assignes of 
yohn BUI. [Folio sheet.] 1633. 

[ 3S.] Desengano | Contra el | mal vsa del | Tabaco. | 
Tocanse varias Lecciones, ] y tratanse al intento, muchas 
dudas : con reso- | lucion las nuevas, con novedad | las 
antiguas. | Por el Doctor Francisco | de Leiva y Aguilar, 
Medico-Philosopho, | hijo de la insigne Ciudad | de Cordova. 
I Con Indices, al Fin, de Cosas Notables ; | y Tabla de 
Capitulos. I Con Privilegio Real. | En Cordova. Por 
Salvador de Cea Tesa. [Small square 8vo.] Ano de 1634. 

[ 39.] A. van de Vennes, | Sinne-Vonck | op den | 
Hollandtschen 'I'urf. | Ende des seifs Wonder Veen Brandt; | 
in Gedicht uyt-geschildert, en aen-gewe- ( sen op de Haegsche 
'I'vrf-Marct. | Hier noch by gevoegt een vermakelielcken. I 
Hollandtschen Sinne-Droom | op het | Nievw | Wys-Mal | 
van den | Ouden Italiaeiischen Smit ; [ Mitzgaders | De 
\'indinge der Tabacs Wonder Smoock, | Hijcke lijck verciert 
met Konst-Beelden. 

In s' Graven-Hage. \ Adriaen vaiide J'e/i/ie. Wt- 
gevormt in de Poetische Druckerye van | Jsaae Bvrchoorn. 
[Square i8mo.] 1C34. 

[ 40.] Via Recta | ad | Vitam Longam. | or, | A plain 
Philosophicall Demonstration of | the Nature, Faculties, and 
Effects of all such things | as by way of nourishments make 
for the preservation of | health, with divers necessary dieteti- 
call observations ; | &:c., (.*tc. By To. Venner. Doctor of 
Physicke in Bathe. | As also an accurate Treatise concerning 

London, \ Printed by R. Bishop, for Henry Hood. 
[Small 4to.] 1638. 

[41.] Bacchus Wonder-wercken: | Waerin | HetRecht 
Gebruyck en Misbruyck | des Wijns door verscheyden 
vermaecklijcke, eerlijcke | en leerlijcke historien wort afge- 
beeld, en de lasteringe | der Dronckenschap met levende 
verwen afgemaelt, &:c., &:c., byZ*. F. Pers, Amsf., 1628. 

Page 67-70. Engravings, & Songs on Tobacco. [410.] 
140 pp. 

[42.] Puer I Centum annorum | sive | Heteroclitus | 
repuerascentis Mundi | genius, | Der vor Augen liegend- 
handel-und | wandlenden Welt taglich anhal- | tendes 
Kinder-Spiel. [i2mo.] Circa. 1640. 


(Plays containing discourses on Tobacco, Tea, etc. 
A song in praise of Tobacco, and a code of burlesque 
Statutes enjoining the use of Tobacco.) 

[43.] Mr. Grymston's | Speech | in | Parhament | 

upon ] The Accusation and Impeachment | of | William 

Laud, I Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, upon high | Treason, | 

&c., &c., see page 304. 

" Most unworthily trucked and cli.iffered in Tobacco 
Licenses and fines." 

[4to, 5 pp.] London. 1641. 

[44.] An I Ordinance | of the | Lords and Commons | 
Assembled In | Parliament, | Concerning the | Excise | of | 
Tobacco. I Hen. Elsynge, Cler. Pari. D. Com. 

London, Printed by Richard Cotes and yoh 
Raivorth. \ [8 pp.] 1643 

[ 45.] De Herba | Panacea | quam alii Tabacum | alii 
Petvm, avtNi- | cotianam vocant, Brevis | Commentariolus. | 
Avctore | ^'Egidio Everarto, Antverpiano. | 

Vllrajecti\ pro Davide ah Hoogenhvysen. \ [i2mo.] 
1644. (Bound with Nos. 46, 6*, 7, and 8.) 

[ 46.] Johannis Neandri | Bremani | Tobacologia, | 
hoc est I Tabaci | seu | Nicotianae | Descriptio | vel | ejus 
preparatio et usus. | LHtrajecti | pro Davide ab Hoogenhuysen 
[i2mo.] 1644. 

[ 46*] Epistolae | et | Judicia | ClarissimorimT aliquot | 
Medicorum. | De | Tabaco. | 

Ultraiecti, | Pro Davide ab Hoogenhvysen. | [i2mo.] 
Anno 1644. 

[ 47.] Misocapnus | sive | De Abusu | Tobacci | 
Lusus Regius. | LHtrajecti pro Davide ab Hoogenhuysen. 
[i2mo.] 1644. 

[48] Hymnus | Tabaci | autore | Raphaele Tliorio 
Ultragecti pro Davide ab Hoogenhuysen. [i2mo. ] 1644. 

[49.] De I Abusu Tobacci | Discursus, | Ex Operibus | 
Seren. Regis Britanniae | Jacobi | desumptus, | Et hac 
forma | in Dei Gloriam, | & | Juventutis, hanc herbam | 
hoc potissimutn sedulo, | Cum vitae, teinporis & studiorum 
I dispendio detestando, ] sitientis & consumentis. | 

Rosiochi, I Prostat apud ^oh ILalkrv. [i8mo.] 
Anno 1644. 


[50.] Job. Michaelii I. I. Hornani, | De | Oculo, | 
Et quaedam Poematia ejusdem | Auctoris | Dordrechti, | 
Excudebat Henricus Essaeus. | 1645. 

Among the poems above referred to is " De Tabaco." 

[51.] lo : Chrysostomi | Magneni | Burgimdi Luxo- 
uiensis Patritij Philoso- | phi Medici, & in celeberrima 
Ticinensi | Vniuersitate Regij Medicinae | Professoris | 
Exercitationes | de Tabaco | ad Illvstrissimum Heroem | 
Othor.em Caimvm | Supremi ItaHae Consilij Regentem 

Ticini Regij, Apud lo : Andream Magriuiii. [4to.] 
1648. (Bound with No. 59.) 

[ 52.] The Code | of | 1650, | being a compilation of 
the earhest laws and orders ] of the | General Court of 
Connecticut : | also, the | Constitution, or Civil Compact, | 
entered into and adopted by the Towns of | Windsor, 
Hartford, and \Vethersfield | ini63S-9. | &c. &c. | commonly 
called I Blue Laws. | Hartford : | S. Andrus & Son. | 

[8vo. Reprint in the 46th year of Independence — 1825. 
119 ff. see p. 96 "Tobacko."] 

[ 53.] A I Briefe and accurate | Treatise j concerning | 
The taking of the fume of | Tobacco, | which very many, in 
these dayes, | doe too licenciously use. In which the 
immoderate, irregular, and un | seasonable use thereof is 
reprehended, and the | true nature and best manner of using 
it, perspicuously demonstrated. | 

By L. Venner, Doctor of Physic in Bathe. Loiidott, \ 
Printed by yaines Fleslter for Henry Hood, Sec, 1650. 

Mounted in Vol. I. of History of Tobacco Illustrated, 
and a separate copy. 

[ 54.] Tabacum | Carmen. | Auctore | Joanne Bap- 
tista I Godefroy | Societatis Jesu. | [8vo.] (c. 1650.) 21 pp. 

[55] ^'''1 Recta I ad Vitam Longani. | or, A 
Treatise wherein the right way and best | manner of living, 
etc. I As also | An accurate Treatise concerning Tobacco. | 
By Tho. Venner Doctor of Physick in Bathe. 
London, \ Printed by yames Flcslicr, for Henry Hood, etc. 
1650. [Sm. 4to.] 

[56.] Petition to the King's most Excellent Majesty 
on behalf of the Inhabitants and Planters in Virginia and 
Mariland. (Relatmg to the trade in Tobacco.) 
[Folio, 4 pp.] Circa, 1650. 


[57.] Hyninus | Tabaci, | Avtore | Raphaele Thorio | 
Editio Nova, MuUb Emendatior. 

Londini. \ Y.^zw'i.thiAT. N.\ixo Hum. Moseky. \ 1651. 

[58.] Hymnus Tabaci; | a | Poem | In Honour of 
I Tobaco. I Heroically composed | By [ Raphael Thorius | 
Made English by | Peter Hausted | Mr. of Arts Camb. 

London, \ Printed by T. N'. for Hiiniplu-ey Moseley, 
C!^c. [i8mo.] 1651. (Latin & English bound together.) 
(Bound with No. 28.) 

[59.] Pvlvis Febrifvgvs | Orbis Americani | Serenis- 
simi Principis | Leopoldi | Gulielmi | Archidvcis Avstriae 
Belgii ac Bvrgvndiae Proregis | Ventilatvs | Ratione, Expe- 
rientia, Avctoritate | a Joanne Jacobo Chifletio, | 
Equite, | Anno 1653. [Small 4to.] (Bound with No. 51.) 

[60.] Jatrologismorvm | sive | Medicinalium | Obser- 
valionum | Pentecostae quinqve | Vtilibus PrKceptis, 
Dominici Panaroli Romani. | 

Hanoveriae \ Typis jFohannis Aubry \ sumptibus 
Voharints Bayeri, Bibliopol. Francofurtens. Anno 1654. 
[Small 4to.] 

[61.] Les i Bachanales | ov | Loix de Bachvs | Prince 
de Mise en Arabic | Roy d'Egypte et des Indes, et Diev 
des Bevvevrs. | &c. Tird des Burlesques du Sieur de la 
Garenne, | &c. 

Chez Andre Gales, Imprimeur, rue Brocherie, &c., 
1657. [Reprint of 1870. Valence.] 

[ 62.] De Tabaco Exercitationes | Quatuordecim. | 
Authore j Joanne Chrysostomo | Magneno. | Burgundo 
Luxoviense Patritio, | Philosopho, Medico, & in Universitate 
Ticinensi Regio Me | dicinae Professore. | Editio ultima a 
multis mendis | repurgata. | Hagae-Comitis. | Ex Typo- 
gxxpWia. Adriatii Vlaccj. [i8mo.] 1658. 

[ 63. J Wine, I Beer, Ale, | and | Tobacco, | Contend- 
ing for superiority. | A Dialogue. 

London, Printed by J^. B. for yolm Grove, and are 
to I be sold at his shop betwixt S. Katharine's Stairs | and 
the Mill, next door to the sign | of the Ship. | [i2mo.] 1658. 

[64.] Panacea; | or | The Universall Medicine, being 
I a Discovery | of the | Wonderfull Vertues | of | Tobacco | 
Taken in a Pipe, | With | Its Operation and Use both in 
Physick and Chyrurgery. | By Dr. Everard, &c. 


London, \ Printed for Simon Miller at the Star in St. 
Pauls I Church-yard, near the ^Vest-end. [i8mo.] 1659. 

[ 65.] Organon Salutis. | An | Instrvment | to Cleanse 
the Moniach. | As also divers new Ex- | periment of the 
virtue | of | Tobacco and Cofl'ee : ( How much they con- 
duce to preserve humane health. | By W. R. of Gray's Inne, 
Esquire. | The second Edition, with new Additions. | 

London. \ Printed for D. Pakanau, at the Rainbow | 
in Fleet-street, neer the Inner | Temple Gate. [iSmo.] 

[ 66.] Decision | del Pvnto, | enqvese controvierte | si 
los polvos que de nuevo se anaden al | Tabaco, son danosos, 
o prouechosos | a su vso ordinario de tomarlo | en polvo. | 
Avtor el Doctor Don Diego | Henriquez Correa, Cathedratico 
que fue de | Visperas de la Vniuersidad de esta Ciudad, y 
Medi- I CO del Excelentissimo senor Code de Villa Vmbro- | 
sa. Marques de Quintana, del Consejo de sa Ma- | gestad en 
el Real de Castilla, Assistente, y Maestro de [ Campo 
General de la gente de Guerra de Seuilla, | y su Tierra, 
Presidente de la Real Casa de la ] Contratacion da las Indias 
de esta | Ciudad, &c. 

Con Licencia, | En Seuilla por Luan Gomez de Bias, 
Impressor J mayor de dicha Ciudad. Ano de 1659. 
[Small 4to.] 

[67.] Eeen Vertoogh van de | considerabele | 
Colonie, | By de Ed. Groot Mog. Heeren | Staten van 
Hollandt ende West- | Vriestlandt, uytgeset op de vaste | 
Kust van | America. | In 's Graven-hage. | Jacobus Scheltus. 
1676. [i2mo. 94 pp.] 

[ 68.] The original records of the Pipe-makers' Guild 
Gouda; with the Constitution, laws, and acts, from 1660 to 
1724. Bought by me from the Secretary, to whose fomily 
the records and plate, &c., of the Guild had been forfeited 
more tlian a century before, through the non-payment of 
monies lent. Van der Want's great grandfather restored the 
plate, but kept the records and guild book. 

[i vol., M.S. folio, brown mor.] 

Bound with this is the whole series of 504 Drawings 
of Trade Marks granted by the Guild, with names of the 
respective owners, from 1660 to 1870. These were copied 
for Mr. Bragge, from the large wooden tablets preserved at 
the Guildhouse at Gouda. See No. 87. 


[ 69-] Judge Ramsey's | Instrument ] to Cleanse the 
Stoiiiack, I as also, j Divers new Experiments j of tlie | 
Vertue | of | Tobacco and Coffee: | How much they conduce 
to I preserve Humane Health. | Recommended to Public 
View I by Sir Henry Blount, iv: Mr. James Howell. I The 
third Edition with new Additions. \ 

London: \ Printed for S. Speed, at the Rainbow in 
Fleet street, | near the Inner Temple-gate, 1664. [OS pp., 
1 2 mo.] 

[ 70.] Martini Schoockii | De | Sternutatione I 
Tractatus copiosus : | Omnia ad illani pertinentia, juxta j 
recentia inventa proponens. ] Editio altera, priori & emen- 
datior, | & uberior. 

Ainsfelodaini, | Apud Fetniiii I'aiiden Bergc, &c. 
[iSmo.] 1664. 

[71.] Simonis Paulli. D, [ Medici Regij, ac Praelati 
Aarhusiensis | Commentarius | Ue | Abusu Tabaci. | 
Americanorum Veteri, ] et | Herbae Thee. | Asiaticorum in 
Europa Novo, 1 Quae ipsissima est Chamaeleagnos Dodonaei, 
I ali^s I Myrtus Brabantica, Danice Porfz, German, Post, | 
Gallice' Piment Royal, Belgice Gagel dicta ; | cum Figuris 
aeneis, utensilia quaedam Chinensivm | eaq pretiosissima 

Argentorati \ Sumptibus Authoris Filij | Shiwnis Paulli 
Bibliop. [Small 4to. I 1665. 

[72.] TABAAOriA I sive de | Tabaco | Dissertatio | 

quam I I placidae OiXtargwu discussioni 

submittit. | 1667. 

Adamus Hahn. | Jenae. | Litens Wertherianis. 

[ 73.] Magneni De Tobacco Exercitationes, Amstelo- 
dami. [i2mo.] 1669. Vellum uncut. 

[ 74.] Duplicate copy. Bound with Nos. 4S-6-7-&-9. 

[ 75.] II Tabacco | Opera. | di D. Benedetto Stella | 
da Civita Castcllana, M. D. ] Nella quale si tratta dell' 
Origine, Historia, j Coltura, Preparatione, Qualita, Na- | tuni, 
Virtu,andVso. | inFvmo.inPolvere, | in Foglia,inLambitivo, 
el in Medicina. | Delia pianta volgarmente detta, | Tabacco. | 
Si discorre degl' vtili, ch' arreca moderatamente pre- | so, 



de i danni ch'apporta smoder-atamente | vsato, e qual sia 
el vero, e legitime | modo diprenderlo. | Trattato | Naturale, 
Medico, Morale, e-Curioso. 

Ill Roma, Per Filippo Maria Manchii. [iSnio.] 

[ 76.] Two Broad Sides ] against | Tobacco. | The 
First given by | King James | of Famous Memor)' : | His | 
Counterblast to Tobacco. | The Second | Transcribed out 
of that learned Physician, ] Dr. Everard Maynwaringe, | his | 
Treatise of the Scurvy. | To which is added, | Serious 
Cautions against Excess in Drinking: Taken out | of another 
■Work of the same Author. His preservation | of Health and 
Prolongation of Life, j ^Vith | A Short Collection, out of Dr. 
Ceorge Tliompson's | 'I'reatise of Bloud ; Against smoking 
Tobacco. [ Also many E.xamples of God's severe Judgments 
upon I notorious Drunkards, who have died suddenly, | In a 
Sermon Preached by Mr. Samuel Ward. | Concluding with 
Two Poems against Tobacco and Coffee. | Collected 
and PubHshed, as very Proper for this Age. By J. H. 

Licensed according to Order, June 6, 1672. ] Lciidoii, 
Printed for J^ohii Jlancock. [4to.] 

Frontispiece : a portrait of King James, engraved on 
Copper. Folded A\'oodcut at end. 

[77.] Oratio | de | Tabaco ejus- | que hodierno j 
abusu I habita | a | Jacobo 'Pajjpio Med. | D. ejusdemquc 
Prof I publico | cum Magistratu academico in Illustri | Julia 
quarlum abiret | Tertib edita auction 

Hclmestadii, 6^v., 1673. [4to, 44 pp.] 

[ 78.] 'I'hc 1 True English Interest: j or an | Account 
I of the ] Chief National Improvements; | in | some Political 
Observations, Demon- | strating an Infallible Advance of 
this Nati- | on to Infinite Wealth and Greatness, ] Trade and 
Populacy, with Imployment, | and Preferment for all 
Persons. | By Carew Reynel, Esq. ; | 

London, I Printed for Giles IViddnicit's, at the Green- | 
Dragon, in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1674. | [8vo, 92 pp.] 
^'t'l; jip. 32-36 on Tobacco. 


[79-] A Collection of 15 Ordinances of Zutplien 
relating to the Impost on Tobacco : — 














2 pp., 4to 






2 pp., 4to 




3 PP- 4to 




2 pp., 4to 


3 PP-. 4to 


16 pp., 4to 

[ 80.] Negotianum Satyriciim, | Of de | Quinta 
Essentia | \'an den | Toeback, | Door j Jean Ple)n de 
Courage. | [8vo.] 1676. 

(ledrukt tot Afnarsdainnie \ "By Actaeoii van S/aiiiine, | 
Op't hoekje van Vulcani-sfmat \ Daar de gebaarde Pyp in de 
gevel staat. 

[81.] Histoire | du Tabac, | 011 | il est Traite | parti- 
cvlierement | dv | Tabac en Poudre. | Par Monsieur De 

A Paris, \ Chez J/ Le Firs/, ruii S. Jaques, | a la 
Couronne de France. [i2mo.] 1677. 

[ 82.] JoJiannis Xicolai | lima Schvvartzb | Com- 
mendatio | de | P.itu Anti-quo et Hodi- | erno Bacchana- | 
lioruni. j 

Helmestadii, | Typis Ov Sumtibus lienrici Davidis 
Mulleri, I Acad. Typoi,r. | [4to.] 1679. 

[ S3.] Simonis PauUi, D. | Medici Regii, ac Praelati 
Aarhusiensis | Commcntaiius | De Abusu Tabaci | Ameri- 
canorum Veteri, et ] Herbae Thee | Asiaticorum in Europa 
Novo, I Quae ipsissima est Chamaelcagnos Dodanaei, | 
Editio Secunda priori auctior & correctior. 

Aig^oiforati. \ Siimptibus B. Authoris FiUi Siiiioiiis 
raiilii, Bibliop. Anno Salutis 1681. [Small 4to.] 

[ 84.] Tlie I Natural History | of | Coffee, Thee, 
Chocolate, Tobacco. | In four several Sections ; | ^Vith a | 
Tract I of | Elder and Juniper Berries, | Shewing how Useful 


they may be in Our | Coffee-Houses ; | And also the way of 
making | Mum, | With some Remarks upon that Liquor. | 
Collected from the Writings of the best Physicians, | and 
Modern Travellers. 

Loudon : I Printed for Cliristoplwr Wilkinson, at the 
Black Boy over | against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet. 
[i2mo.] 1682. 

[85.] The I Way to Health, | Long Life, and | Happi- 
ness, I lire., &c., to which is added a Treatise of most sorts 
of I English Herbs, | (&c., &c.) The like never before 
Published. | Communicated to the World for a general 
Good. I By Pilotheos Physiologicus. | London, Andmc 
So7c>/e. 1683. 

Pp. 164 to 177, "On Tobacco." 

[ 86.] The original Grants, Resolutions, Petitions and 
other papers, of the Pipe makers guild of Gouda. Given to 
me by P. van der Want, of Gouda. 

3 vols, [folio.] \^ol. i, 1683-1765; vol. ii, 1766-86; 
vol. iii, 1 786-1 826. 

[ 87.] Gebruik en Mis- bruik | Van de | Thee, | 
Mirsgaders een \'erhandeHnge wegens de | Deugden en 
Kragten van de | Tabak. | Door | Cornelis Bontekoe. | In 
zyn leven Raad en Lyf-Medicus \'an zyn | Keurvorstelijke 
Doorluchtigheid | van Brandenburg. | Hier nevens een 
Verhandelinge van de | Coffee. I Met des zelfs krachten in 
gezonde, en ] ongezonde. | Door Stephanus Blankaart, | 
Philosophiae en Med. Doctor en Practizijn | tot Amsterdam. | 
ln'& G}'aTen/iage,hy Pieter LLcigen. \ En iot A/nsUrditni 
By yan ten ILoorn over het oude Heere Logement, | in 
de History-Scliryver. [i8mo.] 1686. 

[ 88.] \'o\. of Tracts : Curious | enciuiries, | being si."; 
i Brief Discourses, | viz. — I. Of the Longitude; | \\. The 
Tricks of Astrological Quacks; | HL Of the Depth of the 
Sea; | IV. Of Tobacco; | \'. Of Europe being too full of 
People; | VL The various Opinions concerning the | Time 
of Kee[)ing the Sabbath ; | London : | Printed, and are to be 
sold by Randall Taylor, near | Stationers' Hall, 168S. | 
licensed, Septemb. 21, 1688. 

" On Tobacco," pp. 18, 19, with large plate of The 
Tobacco Manufacture, from the Universal Magazine, 1750. 

[ 89.] Die I Schaubiihne | mcnschlichcr Ccwohn-und 
Thorheiten ; | Entworflfen in 7 Classes : | &c. 


IV. Tabaco-Logia | oder | Bericht vom Taback, | 
woher er tomme | und | Niitzlichem Gebrauch und Misz- | 
branch desselbigen, | &c. Front : a copperplate, 3 smokers ; 
and on Title page, a woodcut of a table, with pipes, tobacco, 
liiic. 1690. [i2mo, veil., 96 pp.] 

[ 90.] Volume of Tracts in Dutch. 

The last, A Treatise on Tobacco : Its cultivation, 
properties, uses in Surgery, misuse and harm of, praise of, 
and the latest Tobacco Laws. 116 pp. 'I'itle-page wanting. 
Cir. 1690. [i8mo, veil.] 

[91.] DerPolitischeundLustige | Tobacks- | Bruder. | 
Das ist: | Sonderliche Beschreibung | Des Edelen Krautes | 
des Tobacks, | Darbey allerhand lustige Begebenhei- | ten 
und lacherliche Historien, so sich offters bey dem Tobacks- | 
Schmauchen ereignen, der be- | liebten Tobacks-Zunfi't zu 
sonderbahren Gefal- | len, und dem Curiosen Leser zur 
Gemiiths-Krgolzlichkeit mit allerhand neu-ersonnenen und | 
vormahls nie in Druck heraus gegangenen I Tobacks-Liedern 
vorgestellet. | Von | Michael Kautschen. | Gedruckt im Jahr. 
1690. [iSmo.] 

[92.] Tabacologia, \ Ofte korte | Verhandelenge | 
over de | Tabac. | Desselvs deugd, gebruyk, | ende kennisse; 
I Waar door aangeweesen wordt | een wegh om lang vroolijk, 
ende | gesond te leeven. | Door | I. I. \V. Beintema van 
Peima. | Med. Doct. 

In 's Grai'eii/iage by Layn van Dyck. \ Boekdrukker 
by de Luyterse Kerck. [i8mo.] 1690. 

[ 93.] Panacea : | Oder | Allgemeines | Hiilfts-Mittel, 
I Dadurch iedwede, so wohl | Mannes-als Weibes-Perso- | nen 
befallende Kranctheit geschwind | und gliictlich zu curiren 
oder abzu- | wehren ; \ .\uszgefunden | von Johann Ignatius 
AVorp. I Beintema von Peima, | Medic. Doct. | Aus dem 
Niederliindischen | ins Hochdeutsche | iibersetzet | von 
J. S. D. 

Zu finden Bey yoh. J-ricdruii Glcditscluii. [iSmo.] 

[ 94.] Waare | Oeffening en Ontleding | der Planten. | 
Handelende | Van haren Oorspronk ; Ontleedinge ; Wijse 
van I Groeyenge ; Voorteelinge ; Chymische Ontbindinge ; | 
Kragt ; Werkinge ; Gebruyk; ^lisbruyk, bysondere I ]-'.ygens- 
chappen, en eyndelijk haare -Siektens en Ster- | ven, &c. als 
mede een nette ontvouwinge. van al | le dat gene, dat sig, 
zo in de Lugt, Hemels-kring, | en .-Vard-kloot vertoond, en't 


welk tot Groeyenge, | en Voortteelinge der Planten contri- 
bueert. | Hier nevens werd ter nedergesteld. | De Culture 
ofte Voortcjueekinge van de | Tabak. | Haar Gebruyk, 
Misbruyk, Kragt en Werkinge, | tot een generate ^^'^eder- 
legginge van dat buytensporige | Boekje, Tabaks Verhan- 
delinge genaamd, en | door Beintema a Peima uytgegeven. | 
&c. &:c. I Door | Theodorus Schoon, Med. Doct. | Met 
kopere Platen Vercierd. 

In's Gnh'c'/i/iaj^t; \ By Meinder T. Uyt'd'erf, Boekver- 
koper, I in de Halstraat. Anno 1692. [8vo.] 

[ 95.] Nuttelyke Consideratien | of | Sedige Aanmer- 
kingen | Over het Heedendaags | Tabak-Suigen, | Of, en hoe 
verre het selve ge-oorlofd zy, of niet | Als 00k eenige 
Aanmerkingen tegen verschcide Stellingen, vervat in het | 
Tractaat onlangs in het licht gebracht, door | J. J. W. Beintema 
van Peyma. INI.D. | Tot lof van den Tabak. Voerende den 
Tijtul I Tabacalogia | Ofte korte verhandeling over den 
Tabak ; desselfs deugd, | gebruik en kennisse. | Hier aan 
volgen dan noch ook verscheide Maat-gedichten over | 
aaumerkelijke saken. Alles door B. C. de Vries. 

Amsterdam \ Gedrukt by Cornelis van IIo(\i;ai/iiiiscii. 
[4to.] 1692. 

[ 96.] A I Natural History : | Containing | M£ny ..ot 
Common | Ob.servations : | Extracted out of the best ] 
Modern Writers, j By | Sir Thomas Pope Blount, Baronet. | 
London : Printed for R. Bentley in Russell Street, in | Covent 
Garden. 1693. I 

[8vo, 469 pp.] 6i;'t' Opium and Tobacco, pp. 1 16-135. 

[97.] Annuente numine | Gratiosisimce Medicre 
Facultatis | consensu, | de | Tabaco, | In | Alma Viadrina, | 
Preside | Dn. Bernhardo Albino, | Phil. & Med. Doct., 
Prof Publ. Ordinario, Serenisf atq ; | Potentisf Electoris 
Brandenburgici | Consiliario & Archiatro, | Domino Mecce- 
nate, Patrono ac Prajceptore | seternum devenerando, | Ad 
diem XVOI. Mart. An. MDCXCV. | In auditorio majori | 
disputabit | Horis antenieridiani.s | Johannes Theophilus 
Letschius, I Brega Silesius, | A. & R. | Francofurti ad 
\'iadrum, | Literis CIiristoi)hori Zeitleri. | 1695. [410.] 

[ 98.] De I Buitenspoorige | Toebaksnuiver, | of | het 
Huwelyk | door | Snuiftoebak. | Kluchlspel. 

Te Amsteldam. \ By de Krfg: van y. Lescailje, op de 
Middeldam, | op de hoek van de Vischmarkt. [i2mo.] 

l99-] Le I Parfiimeiii" ] Fraiirois | Qui eiiseigne toutes 
I les manieres de tiver les Odeurs | des Fleurs, it a faire 
toutes sor- [ tes de composition de Parfums. j Avec le secret 
de purger le Tabac en pou- | dre ; & la parfumer de toutes 
sortes d'Odeurs. ] Pour le divertissement de la Noblesse, | 
I'utilite des personnes Religieuses & | necessaire aux Baig- 
neurs & Perruquiers. ] Par le Sieur Barbe Parfumeur. 

\ Lyon, ! chez Ht'laire Baiifel, \ 'j^ac-i/zvs Gvcrrier, \ 
Sc y^aajves Lyons. | rue Merciere [i2mo.] 1698. 

[ 100.] Les Malades 1 de Belle Hunieur; | ov j Lettres 
de Chaudray. | A Paris, Chez Michael Brunei, [8vo.] 169S. 
{See page 76, L'Exercise de la Tabatiere.) 

[loi.] The Furmetary. [ A Very | Innocent and 
Harmless j Poem. | In Three Canto's. 

London : \ Printed, and Sold by A. Bahkoin, near the 
Oxford- Arms-Inn, \ in \\'ar«ick Lane. [Square Svo.] 1699. 

[ 102.] Tobaco-Logia, | Das ist, | Kurzer, nutzlicher 
und griindlicher Bericht ] Von Dem Taback. j Darinnen 
begriften, | I. Von dessen Namen. II. Von dem Geschlecht 
und Gestalt. ] III. Von der Pflanz und Wartung. | IV. Von 
der Praeparir und Zurichtung. | V. Von Erfindung des 
Tabacks Trinkens dessen Unterscheid und Gebrauch. j VI. 
^'om Nutzen des Tabacks zur Arzney. ] VII. Von Missbrauch 
un Schaden des Tabacks. | VIII. Vom Lob und Scheltung 
des Tabacks. | IX. Grab-Schrift't des Tabacks. \ X. Neue 
verbesserte und vermehrte Tabacs, Zunfft-Ordnung. j Allen 
den jenigen zur Nachricht so meh- | rertheils aus iibler und 
schadlicher Gewohnheit | des TalDack-Trinkens, als des 
rechten und nutzlichen Gebrauches sich dessen j bedienen. \ 
Cum gratia & Privilegio Superiorum. j in 001 Jahren nicht 
nachzudrucken bey Straff \ eines Centners Virginischen Ta- 
backs. Durch Greift-Ahn-Barth. | Der Tabacks Zunfl't, 
wolbestellten. Presshalters zu Rollenhausen vor dieseni | 
Jahr. Gedruckt in diesem Jahr. [iSmo.] [Circa. 1700.] 

[ 103.] The Mysteries j of | Opium | Reveald, | by 
I Ur. John Jones, | Chancellor of Llandaff, a Member of the 
College of Physicians in London ; and formerly j Fellow of 
Jesus-College in Oxford. 1 

London : j Printed for Richard Sniitli at the Angel 
and Bible without | Temple | Bar. [8vo.] 1700. 

[ 104.] Le Bon LIsage | du | Tabac | en jjoudrc ; | Les 
j difiirentes manieres de le | preparer & de Ic parfumer. | 


Avec pliisieurs choses curieuses | concernant le Tabac. | A 
Paris, Chez la Veuve de G. Quinet, dans la | grand Sale du 
Palais, au premier pilier, | proche la Chapelle, | attcnant 
le Bu-reau du Tabac en poudre. | 1700. | Avec Privilege du 
Roy. I 

[Sm. Svo, 68 pp.] With three other pamphlets. 

[105.] Oorspronck, [ lof, gebruyck | en Proffyt | van 
den I Snuf-toeback. | by L (ambertus) B (out). Circa 1700. 
[i2mo. 24 pp.] See letter of Dr. Campbell. 

[ 106.] A I Mechanical Account | of | Poisons | in 
several | Essays. | By | Richard Mead, M. 1). | London: ) 
Printed by J. R., for Ralph South, 1702. 

Essay 4tli. On Opium, p. 127. [8vo., pp. 175.] 

[107.] A I Looking-GIass [ for | Smoakers : | or, | The 
Danger of the Needless or In- | temperate Use of Tobacco. | 
Collected from the Autlior's Nine Years E.x- | perience, and 
Thirty Years Observation, | after he came to Manhood, j In 
which the lawful Use of it is approved, the | Abuse of it 
reproved ; Directions to them that | have a mind to leave it, 
and Cautions to those | that never took it. | A Poem. [ By 
Law. Spooner. 

London, \ Printed for A. Baldtotn in Warwick Lane. 
[i8mo.] 1703. 

[ 108.1 I. N. J, Disquisitio Philologica [ dc Ritu 
Salutandi ] Sternutantes j quam i Superiorum Consensu | 
habuit I d. 7. Maji 1704 PrKses | Joh. Gerhardus Meuschen, 
I Kiloni, j Bartholdi Reutheri. [4to. 24 pp.] 1704. 

[ 109.] -Stephani Blancardi | Phil. & Med. Doct. und 
Practici Ordinarii j zu Amsterdam, | Haustus Polychresti, | 
oder : \ Zuverliissige Gedancken, | vom | Thee', Chocolate, | 
Coffee', und Taback. | &c., &c. Hamburg, Coftee, 1705. 
[i2mo. 222 pp.] 

[ no.] Uso, ed Abuso j del | Tabacco. | o sia | 
Disertazione Fisico Medico-Morale, su | lie Utilta, e Noci- 
menti | del medesimo. | Scritta da | Don Marco-.Antonio j 
Nicolicchia, | Clentiluomo Messinese, Dottore,&c.,di Venezia, 
&c. I In Lion di Francia. [24mo.] 1708. 

[ III.] Jan de Regts | Mengel-dichten, | en | Kluclit- 
spel I de Naciitwachts. | t' Amsterdam, j By Joh. Oosterwyk, 
&c., &c. 1709. 

[Svo, pp. 112.] Bound with Poeraets (iediclUen. 
Utrecht, 1722. 


[ 112.] Gildebrieven, | Van alle dc | Gildeiis | Binncn 
de Stad. | douda. | 

Tot Gouda. | Johannes Endenburg, | 17 13. | [Folio.] 
{See page 233. Pyp-Makers Gilde.) 

[113.] La I Tabaccheide | ditii-ambo | di [ Girolamo 
Baruffaldi | Ferrarese | Accademico Intrcpido | con le ; 
Annotazioni. | In F'errara, 1714. | Per gli Eredi de liernardino 
Pomatelli Inipr. Vescovali | Con Licenza da Sui)criori. | 
[4to, 240 i)p.] 

[ 114.] Auserlesene | Ergotzlichkeiten [ von | 'I'abac, 
I ^Vorinnen nicht nur | Desselben Urspning, VViirkung. | 
medicinischer Nutzen, Annehmlichkeit und j Zierdj auf 
cine anmuthige Wcise in allerhand | poetischen und andcrn 
aus [ Beriihmter Manner Schrifften | gesamleten tJedantken 
vorgestellet, Sondern auch | Desselben Reclit,wie esebemals | 
von Tit. Herrn Heinrich Kestnern, &C., &c. Leipzig, 

1 7 15. [i2mo, 96 pp.] 

[ 115.] Dis]iutatio Philosophica, | Quaestionem, j 
Nuni I Herbae Nicotia- | nae usus, Levis Notae | ]\LicuIam 
Contrahat ? | Tractans, | Quam | . . . | Exponunt 
M. Job. Christian, Kehl, | et | Joh. Henrieus Herbst. 
Lipsiae, | [4to.] 17 15. 

[116.] nissertatio Satyrica | Physico-Medico-Moralis. | 
de Pica Nasi, | sive | Tabaci Sternutatorii | Moderno abusu, 
& no.xa. I Authore | Johanne Henrico Cohausen | Hilde- 
siensi. INLD. 

Amstelodaiiii. \ Apud yoaii/iein Oosterwyk. [i2nio.] 

1 7 16. 

[ 117.] Tobacco: | a | Poem. In | two Books. | Trans- 
lated from the | Latin | of Raphael 'Fhorius. | by Henry 

London. \ printed by ]V. LI. sold by ^. Noon. &c. | 
1 716. [i2mo.] 

[118.] Negotianuni Satj'ricum, | of de | Quinta 
Essentia | Van den | Toeback, | Door | Jean Plcyn de 
Courage, 1717. 

Reprint of the ed. of 1676. [30 pp., 8vo.] 

[ 119.] Mengelpoezy, | bestaande in | Herderszangen, 
Minnedichten, | Brieven, iMengeldicht, en | Vcrtaalingen. | 
Te Leiden | By Johan. A. Langerack | 1718. | 

[8vo.] pp. 192, and in same vol. (Jan de Regt 
Mengel-dichten of 1718.) 

[ 120.] Jan de Regts | Mengel-dichten, | Gezangen [ 
en I Khichtsjicl | de I Nacht-W'achts. ] Twecde-druk, 1 Te 
Amsterdam, | ]!v lohannes Oosterwvck. [ op den Dam. 
17.8. I 

[8vo. 134 pp.] 2 vol. in I. Bound with 119. 

[ 121.] Neo-Thea, | of Nieuwe | Theetafel, | Opge- 
zocht voor alle I-iefliebbers van j een gezond, lang, en vrolyk 
leven ; | Ofte wel eene naaukeurige Beschryving van de | 
krachten der in-en uitlantschc Kruiden, Bloe- [ men.Wortelen 
en Planten : | Door den zeer geleerden en wydberoemden 
Heere, | Den Heere | Joan Henrik Cohausen. | Anipts- 
Medicus van den Bisschop van | ^^unster en Paderborn. | 
<S:c., Door den geleerden Heere, | Henr. Joseph (irasper. | 

T' Amsterdam, \ By'yoanncs Oostemiyk, Boekverkooper 
op I den Dam. [i2mo.] 1719. 

[ 122.] Wiegel. J. Chr. Ncue Invention | oder entwurff 
von [ Schnupftoback Dosen. | Title engd. & 7 sheets of 
Engravings of Snuffboxes. [Ob. fo. small.] Circa 1720. 

[ 123.] Puer I centum annorum ] sive | Heteroclitus | 
repuerascentis mundi | Genius | &c., &c. 

Im. Jahr | Da die Welt alt und Kindisch war ] [i2mo. 
144 pp.] Circa 1720. 

[ 124.] Draft of Agreement, dated 12th August, 1720, 
between Francis Willis of Virginia, Planter — and Charles 
Brandee, Tobacconist of London, for the sale to Francis 
Brandee of all the Tobacco grown, " stem'd, and made 
straight," on the lands of Francis Willis during the life of 
Francis Willis — at the price of Eleven pence per pound. 

[125.] Musarum Anglicanarum Analecta : Londini, 
Jacobi Tonson & Johannis Watts, 1721, 2 Vols. In Vol. i 
is a poem by Ralp Thorius, M.D. Page 220 to 263. 
" De Ppeto, sen Tabaco." 2 vol. 

[ 126.] Leonh. Ferdinand, Meisneri, | Med. Doct. & 
Prof Regii, [ De Caffe, Cho- | colatae, Herbae | Thee ac 
Nicotianae | Natura, Usu, et Abusu | Anacrisis, | Medico- 

A''ori>iibergae \ Sumpt. yok. Frider. Rudigeri. \ 
[i2mo.] Anno 1721. 

[ 127.] P. Poeraets | Gedichten | Utrectht | By Johan. 
Visch Boekverkooper | 1722. [8vo. pp. 205.] 

[ 1 28. J How do you do after your Oysters? or | A 
True and Lamentable Account how One and twenty Ingenious 
Gentlemen were set upon on j Wednesday Morning last, 
about One o'Clock, and Listed, as it is thought, for the | 
Service | of the Pretender, with many | other Remarkable 
Discoveries. | To which is added j Better than you after your 
Tobacco ; I or I A Full and True Account of One and 
twenty | Gentlemen who Listed in the Service of | Robert 
Marrall, Knt. on the nth of April, on which day they got a 
Dangerous | Surfeit of Tobacco, which they have never | 
since recover'd. j The Second Edition. 

London : | Printed for T/io. yones, over against the 
Fountain [ Tavern in the Strand. [Folio, S pp. | 1723. 

[ 1 29. J 3 Vols, of Pamphlets. | Chiefly relating to the 
Excise of Tobacco. [8vo.J London. 1723-1733- 

[ 130.] II I Tobacco I Masticato, e Fumato | tratteni- 
menti ditirambici | di | Francesco Arisi j &c. Colle sue 
Annotazione &;c. 

In Milano, j Nella Stamperia di Paolo Antonio 
Montana in Strada Nuova. [ 4to.] 1725. 

[ 131.] Raptus I Ecstaticus | in Montem Parnassum, | 
In eoque j Visus Satyrorum Lusus j Cum nasis tabaco- 
prophoris. | sive Satyricon Novum ] Physico-Medico-Morale ( 
In modernum tabaci sternutatorii abusum. j Autore | Joanne 
Henrico Cohausen j Hildesio-Saxone. 

Amstelodanii, Apud Gulidmuin Barentse. [ iSmo.] 

[ 132.] Reflexions sur I'usage de I'Opium, des j Cal- 
mants, et des Narcotiques, pour la guerison des Maladies. &:c. 
A Paris, \ G. Caz'e/icr Cik. [8vo.] 1726. 

[ 133.] Apollo's I Marsdrager, | veylende. | Alderhande 
Scherpzinnige en Vermakelyke | Snel, Punt, Schimp, | en 
Mengeldigten : | En daar onder de AVetten van het Verkeer- | 
spel. de Lof van de Rhynsche Wyn, ] I'Samenspraak over de 
Tabak, &c. 

Op Parnas, \ by Valerius Ma.xinius, I en | Junius 
Juvenalis. | In Compagnie. [i2mo.] 1728-31. 

[ 134.] Gedigten | van | Samuel Sylvius. | &c. &c. | In 
s'Gravenhage | Bij Pieter de Hondt. | 1729. [410. 2 v. in i.] 
496 & 244 pp. Contains Tabak quatrains, &c. &c. 


[ 135- ] I'^'ililc I Chronologique | des Edits, | Declara- 
tions, I Oidcjnnances, | Arrests et Reglements, | Rendus 
depuis 16^9. juscju'^ present. | Concernant | la Ferme 
Generale du 'I'abac. 

A Paris, \ Chez la Veu\e Saiii^mi/i ct Pierre Praiilf. 
&c. [4to.] 2 Vols. 1629-1739. 

[ 136.] Tlie I Genuine | Thoughts | of a | Merchant : 
I shewing : That in all the Libels, Re- | monstrances, 
and I pretended Letters a- | gainst A new Method of Levying 
the Du- I ties on Tobacco and AVine, there is not j so much 
as one Word worth answering. | London : | Printed for 
^. Roberts, near the Oxford Arms, j in Warwick lane, 1732-3. 
[8vo, 32 pp.] 

[137.] A True Copy of the Excise-Bill, intitled. A Bill 
for repealing several Subsidies, and an Imijost now payable 
on Tobacco of the I'ritish Plantations; and for granting an 
Inland Duty in lieu thereof. [410.] 1733. 

[138] The j Case | of the | Planters of Tobacco | 
in Virginia, j .As re])resented by Themselves ; | signed by the 
President of the { Council, and Sjjeaker of the House of 
Burgesses. | To which is added, .\ Vindication of the said | 

London, \ Printed for 7'- Roberts. 1S33. [Together 
with forty-six other Papers on Tobacco and Excise Duties.] 
[8vo.] 1733. 

[ 139] A I Letter | from a | Member of Parliament | 
to his I Friends in the Country, | concerning | the | Duties 
on Wine & Tobacco | 

London \ Printed for T. Cooper, in Ivy Lane | 1733. 
[ 8vo. 36 pp.] 

[ 140.] The I Rise and Fall | of the late Projected | 
Excise, I Impartially Consider'd. | By a Friend to the English 
Constitution. | 

Lofidon I y^. Peele, at Lockes-Head, | in Amen 
Corner, 17 33 I [8vo. 61 i)p.] 

[ 141.] The I Budget | opened. | or, an j Answer | to 
a 1 Pamphlet | intitled, | A Letter from a Member of Par- | 
liament to his Friends in the Countrj-, con- | cerning the 
Duties on AA'ine and Tobacco. | London \ Printed // LLaines, 
at Mr. Francklin's in | Russell Street, Cimvent Garden. 
1733- [8vo. 34 pp.] 


[ I42'] An I Appeal | to the | Landholders | con- 
cerning the I Reasonableness | and | General Benefit | of 
an I Excise | u])on | Tobacco and Wine. | Lotidon \ Printed 
for jf. Peek, at Locke's Head in Amen- | Corner. 1733. | 
[8vo, 31 pp.] 

[ 143.] De I Tabaco | Stenivtatorio | vvlgo | Dom 
Schnupff-Taback | A.D. D. XLX DEC, MDCCXXVII | 
disputabit | M. Antonius Gviliemos j Plaz | et | Jo. 
Christoph. Marci | Coswiga.-Anhaltinus. | Editio Secunda. | 
Lipsiae | Literis lo. Christiani Langenhemii, | 1733. | 
[Sm. 4to, 32 pp.] 

[ 144.] The I Vitner [ and j Tobacconist's | Advocate, 
I Being | Remarks upon, | and a | Full Answer to [ those | 
Scandalous papers | Published in | The Daily Coiiranf, \ 
under the Title of | The Occasional Financer, | and under 
the Names of | Carus and Meanwell. | London : \ Printed 
for T. Reynolds, over-against the | Fountain-Tavern in the 
Strand. 1733. [8vo, 46 pp.] 

[ 145.] A I Bill I For repealing several | Subsidies and 
an Impost | Now Payable on | Tobacco | Of the ] British 
Plantations ; | And for granting an | Inland Duty in lieu 
thereof. | Loudon: \ Printed for W. Webb, near the Royal 
Exchange. | 1733. | [8vo, 39 pp.] 

[ 146.] The I Citizens' Procession, | or the | Smuglers' 
Success I and the | Patriot's Disappointment. | Being | An 
excellent New Ballad on the Excise Bill. | London : \ Printed 
for .(4. Dodd, without Temple-Bar, 1733. | 
[Folio, 8 pp.] 

[ 147.] AReview | of the | Excise Scheme; | In Answer 
to a Pamphlet, entitled | The Rise and Fall of the late 
projected Excise, | impartially considered, | with | Some 
Proper Hints to the | Electors | of ] Great Britain. | 

London : \ Printed by LL. LLaines. at Mr. Francklin's, 
in I Russell Street, Covent Garden, 1733. [8vo, 71 pp.] 

[ 148.] The Late | Excise Scheme Dissected : | or, an 
Exact Copy | of the | Late Bill, | for Repealing several 
Subsidies, and an Impost, | now | Payable on Tobacco, &c., 
with all the | Blanks filled up, as they probably would have 
been, | if the Bill had passed into a Law : and proper | 
Observations on each Paragraph, | Together with, &c., &c. 

N.B. — This Pamphlet is designed as a New Year's | 
Gift, proper to be presented by all honest Candidates to | 
their Electors. | London \ Pr. for y. Dickenson in ^^'itch 
Street. 1734. [Svo, 80 pp.] 


[ I49-] Verniinftige | Untersuchung der Frage : [ ob 
I Galanten und andern j Frauenzimmer | nicht eben sowohl, 
als denen Mannes-Personen j 'I'oback zu rauchen erlaubt, | 
und 1 ihrer Gesundheit niitzlich sey ? | J. J. W. Beintema. 

Frankjurth and Leipzig, 'J^o/i. Frddrich RUteiu. 
[8vo.] 1743. 

[ 150.] A I Pipe of Tobacco. [ In | Imitation | of | Six 
Several Authors. | The Third Edition, with Notes. | Londoti: 
I Printed for W. Bickerton. 1744. [8vo, 21 pp.] 

[ 151.] A I Pipe of Tobacco, | iSrc, &c. The Fourth 
edition. 1744. (Bound with Mock Heroics on Snuff, 
Tobacco, & Gin. 1S22.) 

[ 152.] A I Treatise | on | Tobacco, | Tea, | Coffee, 
and Chocolate. | I. The Advantages and Disadvantages 
at- I tending the Use. | 11. Full and distinct Directions laid 
down. I III. The Chinese or Asiatic Tea. | The Whole 
Illustrated with Copper Plates. | Written originally by Simon 
Pauli, I and | Now Translated by Dr. James. 

London: — Printed for T. Osborne, in (Cray's Inn ; &c. 
[8vo.] 1746. 

[ 153.] Der I Knaster. | Besungen | Von | Johann 
Christian Giinther, | aus Schlesien. | 1747. 
A Poem. [8 pp., 4to.] 

[ 154.] Discourses | on | Tea, (<S;c., &c.) Tobacco; | 
with I Plain and Useful Rules | for | Gouty People. ] By 
Thomas Short, M.D. London, Pr. for T. Longman,, in Pater- 
noster Row, I and A. Millar, in the Strand. | 1750- 
[8\o, 424 pp.] See 227 — 257 on Tobacco. 

[ 155.] Nulla Salutifero praestantior herba Tabaco. | 
Wy Ludolph Hoage, priester in de Tempel van den wydbe- 
roemdon Vulcaan Artis Fumatoriae Professor primarius | 
L. B. S. [MS. sheet, ' 



Tabacum Carmen. | Auctore Joanne Baptista 
Societatis Jesu. [Bvo.] [Probably French, about 

[ 157.] Dispvtatio Inavgvralis | Medica | de | Tabaco | 

eivsqve vsv Medico \ qvam | svmma Regia Avctoritate | 

svffragante gratioso medicorum ordine | pro — Gradv Doctoris 

Habebit | M. Christophorvs Carolvs Reichel | Dresenensis 

Medic. Cand. | ^'itenlbergae. 1750. Ex Officina Schlo- 



[ 158.] Deutliche und ausfiihrlichc Nachricht [ vom 
Ranch- | und Schnupf-Taback. | &:c., &c. Georg Daniel 
Thebesii, M.D. Halle. 1751. [410, 84 pp.] 

159.] Meditatio Seria I super | Tabacatione Pipali, | 
rejecta Nasali | et Anathematizata | Knablativa. 

Trajecti ad Rhenuin, apud C. Va/ufer Post, juniorem 
Bibliopolam. [MS.] 

[ 160.] Another edition of the same broadsheet. 

[161.] An I Appeal | to the | Public ; | In Relation to 
the i Tobacco * "' * ; | And a Revival of the | Old 
Project, j To establish | A General Excise. [ When the 
Serpent gets his head into a Hole, it | will be no hard Matter 
for him to draw his | whole Body after it. | Hampden of 
E.xcises in the Reign of William III. 

London: \ Printed for W. Owen, at Homer's Head 
near | Temple Bar. [Svo.] 1751. 

[ 162.] Das I bey vergniigten Stunden | spielend und 
singend | auffiihrende | Musicalische | Tabacks-Collegium | 
Durch I Pierrot Faustin Forte, | Director und Componist in 
seiner Vaterstadt. | Franckfurt und Leipzig. [410.] 1752. 

[ 163.] A I Treatise | on | Opium, | founded upon | 
Practical Obsei-vations | By George Young, M.D., | Physician 
at Edinburgh. | London : \ Printed for A. Millar, in the 
Strand. | 1753. | [8vo, 182 pp.] 

[164.] Gotdob Avgvsti lenichen, | Observationes 
Selectae Criminales | de | Tabaco. 

Giessae, \ Apvd yoannem yacobvin Bravnivm, A.R.S. 
[4to.] 1756. 

165.] Girolamo Barruffaldi. | La Tabaccheide. | 
Ditirambo in De Baccanali. Seconda Edizione. | Bologna. 


See 3rd vol. Vignettes. 3 vols. [8vo.] 

[ 166.] A I Treatise | upon the Herb | Tobacco, | 
pointing out its deleterious, pernicious Quality, | and its fatal 
Effects I upon the Human Constitution, by the great variety 
of Disorders it occasions. | Not only affecting Three of the 
Five Senses, to a | great Degree, but impairing the Faculties 
of the I Mind, and even frequently causing premature Death. 
I By a Gentleman of the University of Cambridge. 

London: \Vnn\.c6.lQX Charles Slalkcr. [Svo.] 1760. 


[ i67-] Cautions | Against the immoderate Use of 
Snuff. I Founded on the known Qualities of the | Tobacco 
Plant ; And the Effects it must produce when this | Way 
taken into the Body : | And | Enforced by Instances of 
Persons who have | perished miserably of Diseases, occa- 
I sioned, or rendered incurable by its Use. | By Dr. J. Hill. 

London : Printed for 7?. Balih(.<in, &--c., and y. 
yackson, &•€. [8vo. ] 1761. 

[ 167.*] Second Edition of Do. 1761. 

[ 168.] Dissertatio Medica Inavgvralis | de | Tabaci 
Ptarmici | Abvsv | cev | Atrocis affectvs ventricvli j 
aliorvmqve morborvm cavssa | qvam | Praeside j Daniele 
\Vilhelmo | Trillero | Philos. et Med. 1 ). Consiliario ,\vlico 
Regio I Medicinaj Professore Pvbl. ord. Primario | et ill. 
Acad. Scientar. Bononiensis | sodali | Pro Doctoris Gradu 
I rite impetrando | D xiii. Mart. Ann: cio i.t cci.xi | 
H L. Q. C. I Pvblico ervditorum e.xamini | subiiciet | Au 
Avgvstvs Lvdov. \'nwvrde | forsta-lvsatvs | Vitembergae | 
Prelo Ephraim Gottlob Eichsfeldi | Academiae a Typis. | 

[169.] Cautions | against the immoderate use of Snuff, | 
&c., &c. By Dr. J. Hill. | Dublin: J. Potts. 1764. [38 pp.] 

[170.] A Collection of Edicts relating to Tobacco. 
Dated Berlin, 1764-5-6-6-6-86-8-9-70. Stettin, 1776-6. Berlin, 
1787-7 and 1800. [Folio]. 

[ 1 7 I.J Poems I upon | various subjects, | Latin and 
English, I by the late | Isaac Hawkins Browne, Escj., | 
&C., &c. London, 1768. 

[8vo, 160 pp.] p. 115 — 124, "A I Pipe of Tobacco: | 
in imitation of | six several authors." | 

[ 172.] Nieuwe en Naauwkeurige | verhandeling | van 
den I Tabak. | &c., &c., | in IV. Afdeelingen. | &c., &c., | te 
•Imstcrdam. | By (lerrit Bom, &c., 1770; and, in same cover, 
Verhandeling | over den | TabaK | 'i'wcede Stukje | 1775. 
[Svo, 88 pp. & 56 pp.] 

[ 173.] L'Art I de faire les Pi])es | a fumer le Tabac | 
par M. Duhamel du Monceau | de I'Academie Royale des 
Sciences | 1771. | 

_ [Folio, 34 jip., \: II sheets of coi)i)er engs. of Pipes, 
Machines, & Furnaces for burning. 


[ 175-1 ' ''"^ I 'I'obacconisl, | a | Comedy \ of two Acts [ 
altered from Ben Johnson. | By Mr. Gentleman \ acted at the 
I Theatre Royal I in the | Hay-niarkct ; and j Edinburgh. | 
With universal applause. \ Loudon. \ Printed for ^. i^c//, near 
Exeter Change in the Strand ' and C. Etheringtoit, at ^'ork { 
1771 i [8vo. 50 pp.] 

[ 176.] Die i bekehrte j Tabacksrauclier, | oder j Vor- 
schlag I wie das Tabackrauchen am j leichtesten abzugewoh- 
nen j sey. | Leipziger Herbstmesse. I 1774. [i2mo. 44 p.p.] 

[177.] IJissertatio [ inauguralis Medica | de , viribus 
MedicisNicotianae | ejusqueusu et abusu, | quam | annuente 
inclyta facultate ' medica | in [ antiquissima ac celeberrima 
Uni- I versitate Mndobonensi publicoe dis- [ (juisitioni sub- 
mittit I Franc. Joan. Cuntira, [ tV-c, Ovc. | Vindobonae, | &c. 
1777. I [Svo. pp. 32.] 

[ 178.] A I Treatise j on the | Culture 1 of the ] 
Tobacco Plant : j with the j Manner in which it is usuall\' 
cured, j Adapted to | Northern Climates, j and \ designed 
for the use of the j Landholders of Great Britain, &c., &c. 
London. [Svo.] 1779. 

[ 179.] Zinspelingen [ Op en onder t'Rooken van een j 
Pyp Tabak. Pages 335 — 338, De | Leermeester | der ( 
Zeden | &c., &c. [Amsterdam, [ bij Tjeert Blick j 1781. | 
[8vo.] Engravings. 

[ 180.] The Method | of cultivating | Tobacco, | 
adapted to the | Climate of Great Britain. | With the | 
Natural History | of that Plant, | From Linnaeus and other 
Authors. I 

Edinburgh. \ [Svo.] 1782. 

[ 1 8 1.] Ordenanzas | de la Real Renla j del 'I'abaco. i 
para esta Reyno | de Nueva Espafia, j que se Administra | 
de Cuenta de S. M. 

Reimpresas en Mexico, en la Imprenta de Don 
Felipe \ de Zliniga y Ontiveros, calle del Espiritu Santo. 
[4to.] Alio 1786. 

[ 182.] \'erses | by | John Frederick Bryant, j late 
Tobacco-])i])e maker | at Bristol. | together with ] His Life j 
written by himself | London : \ Printed for the autlior j and 
sold at liis sliop, No. 35 Long Acre. I 1787 I [Svo, pp. 64. 



[ 183.] Medical Reports | of the Effects of | Tobacco, | 
in the ("lire of [ Drojjsies and Dysuries, | or j Cases of Tain 
and difficulty of jjassing Urine. | By [ Thomas Fowler, M.D., 
itc. I Together with Observations | on the Medicinal Effects 
of 'I'obacco, I from Corresijondents. | &c. The Second 
Edition revised, | with considerable Additions. 
London. [ 8vo.] 1788. 

[ 1 84. J Des Kriegscommissarius | Riebens ! auf vie- 
Ijahrige Erfahrung '. gegriindete \ Anleitung zum Tabacs- 
haue j fiir ; alle Landesgegenden | zum Drucke befordert ] 
vom Commissionrathe j Riem. | 1789. ] [Small 8vo pp. 52.] 

[ 1S5.] A I Treatise | upon the Herb | Tobacco, | 
pointing out its | deleterious, pernicious (Quality, | and its 
fatal Effects | upon the Human Constitution, by the great 
variety of Disorders it occasions. | Not only affecting Three 
of the Five Senses, to a | great Degree, but impairing the 
Faculties of the | Mind, and even frequently causing 
premature Death. | By a Gentleman of the University of 

London : \ Printed for C/iarhs Sta/ker. [ 8vo.] About 

[186.] 'i'raite' Complet j de la Culture, ] Fabrication et 
^'ente j du Tabar. | D'apres les Precedes pratiijues dans la 
Pannonie, | la A'irginie, le Danemarck, I'Ukraine, la \'al- | 
leline la Cuyane fran(;oise, et cidevant dans [ la Guyenne, &c. 
j Par un ancien Cultivateur. 

A Paris, \ Chez Biiisson, Librarie-Imprimeur. [Demy 
8vo.] 1791. 

[ 187.] An I Enquiry ] into the Nature and Properties 
of I Opium, ] wherein | its Comjionent Principles, | Mode 
of Operation, and j use or abuse in particular diseases 1 are 
experimentally investigated : & the opi- j nions of former 
authors on these points | impartially examined. | By Samuel 
Crumpe, M.D., i.\:c. 

London, 1793. [8vo, 304 pp.] 

[ 188.] A I Dissertation | on the | E^se and Abuse j of 
I Tobacco. ] Wherein | The Advantages and Disadvantages 
I attending the Consumption of \ that entertaining Weed, 
are ] particularly considered. | Humbly addressed | to all the 
I Tobacco-consumers | In Great Britain and Ireland, | but 
especially to those among j Religious People. [ The Second 
Edition.' | With Additions and Imjjrovements. [ By Adam 
Clarke. | &:<■. 

London: \ IVinted for G. U'hitfidd, City Road. 
[ Medium Svo.] 1798. 


[ 189.] An I Iv\iicriiiicntal Disscrlalion > on the 
Clicmical and Medical I'roiierlics | of the | Nieotiana 
Tabacum | of Linnaeus. | By Edward Brailsford, | of 
Charleston, South Carolina, cvc. 

Philadelpliia. \ Printed b}- 'yvlin Or/iiiviL [ 8vo.] 

[ 190.] An I Historical and Practical j Essay I on the | 
Culture and Commerce | of} Tobacco. | I!y William Tatham. 
' London : | &c. 1800. 

[8vo, 330 pp.] 3 Engravings. 

[ 191.] Praktische Bemerkungen | iiber den | Misz- 
brauch | der | Tabacksrauchklystiere | bey eingesperten 
Briichen, | &:c., iS.c. 

Leipzig, I F. G. yacobner, \ 1801. I [8vo, pp. 172.] 

[ 192.] Anweisung | zum | Tabaksbau | fiir j Oekon- 
omen, | S:c. Meissen, bey K. F. A\'. Gebstein. 1 803. 
[8vo, 182 pp.] 

[ 193.] Beitrage | zur | Cigarren-Kunde. | von | Phillip 
Andreas Nemnich, | der Rechte Licentiat in Hamburg. | Aus 
dem I Journal fiir Fabriken, Manufacturen, Handlung, Kunst 
I und ^lode | besonders abgedrukt — Leipzig, — bev I. F. 
C.leditsch. | 1808. 

[ 194.] Jubilee | Pipe of Tobacco. | Sarum, Oct. 2r, 
1809. I To be given to every Father of a Family, with a 
Pajier of Tobacco and a Tobacco Stopper, exhibiting in 
profile an exact likeness of the King, to be kept as a 
perpetual memorial of him. [410 broadside.] 

[ 195.] Ueber | den Anbau | des | Landtabaks | und | 
dessen Verbesserung, &c. &c. 

Leipzig, bey J. G. H. Richter. [p.p. 128. Sm. 8vo.] 

[ 196.] The I Tobacconist. | a Farce | altered from Ben 
Jonson, I By Francis Gentleman. | Correctly given, from 
copies used in the Theatres, | by | Thomas Dibdin ] &c., 
&c. I Printed at the Chiswick Press, | by C. Whittingliam 
I &c. 1815. I 

[ 3 2 mo. 32 ff.] No. 49 of Dibdin's London Theatre. 

[ 197.] Reglement | op de | Pypen-Fabrieken, | en 
den I Pypen-Handel, j binnendeStad | Gouda. | TeGouda, | 
bij Wouter Verblaauw, | Stradsdrukker. [ Foolscap 4to.] 


[19S.] Grilndliche Anweisung j zum | vortlieilluiftusten 
j Tabackshau | fur Oekonomen. j 

Affissen : ]]'. Gih-dsr/u: t'irca 1815. [ Svo 182 pp.] 

[ 199.] Generis | Nicotianarum | Historia | quam 
Munus professoris | in j Gymnasio Hamburgensi Academico 
ingressLirus | rerum naturae studiosis | offert | Joannes 
(Jeorgius Cliristianus l.ehmann, | Afed. et Phil. U. Hist. 
Xat. Prof. .Societt, Hist. Nat. Berol. | Phj'tograph Hcrbipol. 
Hist. Nat. Halens, Mineral. Jenens. et Aliar. Societt. ],itt. 
Sodalis. 1 1818. I 

[4to, 52 pp.] 4 Plates of 'J'obacco Plant. 

[ 200.] Dor wohlcrfahrnc | Tabaksfabrikant | i.S;c., &c., 
von I J. G. Kogel. | Quedlinburg und Leipzig. 1819. 
[Svo, 72 pp.] 

[201.] The I Battles | of | Barmy Hall, | A Poem, [ in 
two Parts. I With an | Interlude on War, | wherein the 
present System of Warfare is e.xposed, | and a new System 
recommended. (See page 56 The Pretty Smoker.) 
By Sir Samuel Addenn K.P., t^-c. 

I.irJs : I 18 19. I Printed by ]!'. Gajc/nss ami Co. 
&.C. [i2mo.] 

[ 202.] Mock Heroics | on | Snuff, Tobacco, and (Jin | 
and I a rhapsody | on an Inkstand, j A\'ith four appropiiate 
coloured caricature | engravings by Cruickshank. | I'.y ]■ 
I'Jagnitin | London \ Hodgson &-• Co. 1822. [Svo. 16 p.p.] 
Bound with this is " A Pipe of 'I'obacco, in imitation 
of six several Authors." 4lh Ed. 1744. [21 p.p.] 

[ 203.] Geschichtliche | Uarstellung | der | Ungaris- 
chen Taback-Cultur, des Activ-Handels | mit Taback und 
der Schiidlichen Einwirkung | auf beydes | durch die zeit 
181 7 I &c., &c., &c. I in I zwey Theilen | und | einem 
Anhang, | Pesth. 1822, <.S:c. [Svo. pp. 74 i\: 103.] 

[ 204.] Cautions to Young Persons concerning Health, 
I in a I Public Lecture | &c., ilx., \:c. | shewing the evil 
tendency | of the | use of Tobacco | upon | Young Persons ; 
more especially the | Pernicious effects of smoking Cigars, 
&c., &c., &c. I By Benjamin Waterhouse, M. D. | Prof of 
Theory & Practise of Physic, and Lecturer on Natural History 
in the | University of Cambridge, New England. 5th Ed., 
with additional notes. Cambridge University Press, 1S22. 
[Svo. 40 pp.] 


[ 205.] Representations | of the | Enibossed, chased. 
and engraved | Subjects and Inscriptions, | which decorate 
the I Tobacco Box and Cases, | belonging to the | Past 
Overseers Society, I of the Parishes of | St. Margaret and St. 
John the Evangelist, | in the City of | Westminster. 

London. \ Printed and Published by / Clark. [ Folio.] 
1S24. (Proofs on India Paper.) 

[206.] Same as preceding, on plain paper. [Large 4to.] 

[ 207.] Taschenbuch | fiir | Tabaksraucher | &c., &c. | 
Tubingen, | bey G.y. Osianda: \ 1825. [Sq. i2nio. pp. 62.] 

[ 208.] Tiie I Cigar. | London, \ Published by T. 
Ricliardson, 98 High Holborn : | Shencood, yones &■■ Co., 
Paternoster Row: | IV. Hunter, Edinburgh. | 1825 | 
[3 2 mo., 382 pp.] 

[ 209.] Der erfahrene | Schnupf-und Rauchtabaks- | 
Fabnkant, | &c., &c., i&c., von | J. P. Vangreen, | Quedlin- 
burg and Leipzig. 1826. | 
[8vo, 92 pp.] 

[ 210.] The I Social Pipe; | or, | Gentleman's Recrea- 
tion. I A Poem, &c., &c. 

LMidon : \ Published by Thomas Gosden, o^c. [Demy 
i2mo.] 1826. 

[211.] Observations | sur | Les Maladies | auxquelles 
sont sujets les ouvriers | Employes | dans la Manufacture 
Royale de 'I'abacs, | a Lyon ; | Par J. P. Pointe, 
L}on. I Gabriel Rossary. \ [Svo.] 1828. 

[212.] De I Nicotiano. | Disscrtalio | Inauguralis 
Medica, | quam ] Consensu atque auctoritate | gratiosi medi- 
corum ordinis | In | Lfniversitate Literaria ISerolinensi. | 

Auctor Herniannus Heutzfeid. 

Pjerolini, | Typis Augusti Petschii. | [8vo.] 1828 

[ 213.] Code I des Fumeurs | et des Priseurs; | ou j 
L'Art de Funier et de Priser, | sans Deplaire aux Belles, &c. | 
Par MM. E. — D.— et C. — P. — | Anciens marchands de 

Paris, I Roy-Terry, Editeur, ^:c. [i8]r.o.] 1830. 

[214.] A I Botanical, Historical | and I Practical 
Treatise | on the j Tobacco Plant, | in which | the art of 
growing and curing Tobacco in the British Isles, | is made 
familiar to every capacity, &c. By Thomas Brodigan, Esq. 
London, ^c. [8vo.] 1830. 


[215] A I Practical Treatise | on | the History, 
Medical Properties, | and | Cultivation | of | Tobacco. | ]!y 
James Jennings, Esq., iSrc, iVc. 

London: \ Shenwod, Gilpin, and Piper. [i2nio.] 

[216.1 A I Treatise | on the | use and abuse | of | 
Tobacco, f tending to show why this plant is hurtful to | 
the nervous system in particular, and of | course to the whole 
human | frame in general : | The beneficial Use of Tobacco 
isalsoconsidered; | By Edward Teare, | Surgeon, | Doncaster. 
I Together with an appropriate Frontispiece engraved by | 
The Author. | Cur moritur Lomo — cui tabacum in agro 
crescit. | 

Doncaster: \ c^v., //' Slieardoion : b't. \ Circa 1S30. 

[ 217.] An I Apology | for | Smokers, | &c., &c., &c. 
Yarmouth : \ Printed &: Sold by Mllliam Alexander. \ 
183 1 I [8vo. pp. 34.] 

[218.] Matthews' Comic Annual; | or the I Snuff Box ( 
and the | Leetel Bird : | an original humourous Poem. | by I 
Pierce Egan, | &c., with eight original designs by | Robert 
Cruikshank | engraved by M. U. Sears. 
Miller, 37 Oxford St. | &c., &c. j 1831 | 

London : \ Alfred 
19 pp.] 

[219.] Het Nicotiaansche Kruid, | en | uitzicht op mijn 
dood. I van wijlen | Mr. Willem Biiderdijk | voorafgegaan 
dooreen | levensbericht | des | Dichters, &c. Hotterdani :h\] 
A. F. LL. Sniit. 1832. [ 8vo. 53 iS: 48 pp.] 

[220.J Haniibuch | der Tabaksfabrikation | oder | 
Anweisung | &c., iVc, &c. von Ludwig Fouchy, Fallschau 
und Freystadt. 1832. [ 8vo. 654 pp.] 

[ 221.] Nicotiana, i^x. (as below). An Edition of 1832. 

[ 222.] The Tinder Box, | beinga | Geological, Minera- 
logical, Metallurgical, | Mechanical, Chemical, iS; Comical | 
Essay, | by | Ignis Ardens, | Knigb.t, \ iSrc, &c. 

L^ondon : Published by U'ni. Marsh, ^fc. 1832. 
[Small 8vo. 40 pp.] 

[223.] Nicotiana; | or the | Smoker's and Snuff 
Taker's j Companion ; | Containing tlie | History of To- 
bacco ; I Culture — Medical Qualities, and the Laws | relative 


to its Importation and | Manufacture. | Witli an | Essay in 
its Defence. | cSic, &:c., By Henry James Meller, Esq. 

London: \ Effini^hani IVi/son, Royal Exchange. 
[iSmo.] 1833 


[ 224.] II I Tabacco | sestine | del Dottore | 
Antonia Guadagnoli | d'Arezzo. 
Firenze. [ i2mo.] 1834. 

[ 225.J Knasterkopfs I Annehmlichkeiten und Frcuden. 
I &c. &c. Taschenbiich | fiir | jeden Tabaksraucher, &c., &c. 
von Friedrich Sternberg, | &c., &c., Ronneburg. 1834. 

[Sq. i2mo. 163 p.p.] 

[ 226.] [Russian] Handbook for the AVorking up of 
Tobacco ; or a (juide to the most profitable preparation of 
all kinds of smoking and snuffing Tobacco. 

Moscmc. [8vo.] 1836. 

[ 227.] A I General History j of the | Tobacco Plant; 
I intended as an | Authoritative Reference | to its | 
Discover^', | Dissemination, and Reception as a Luxury. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne : \ Printed hy Patfison and Ross. 
[i2mo.] 1836. 

[228.] Tobacco: its History and Associations, Use 
and Abuse, including an Account of the Plant, and its 
Modes of Use in all Ages and Countries ; shewing it to be 
tlie Solace of the King and the Beggar. 

Comprising Prints and Woodcuts ; Portraits of 
renowned Smokers ; Tobacco Papers; Numberless Cuttings 
aiul Extracts ; Pipes, Cigars, Snuff, and Snuff Boxes, anil 
all the Smoker's Paraphernalia; Statistics of Consumption, 
Revenue, etc. in Relation to this Wonderful weed, and in 
fact, every conceivable item of interest that could be gathered 
in relation to the subject. 

The result of over Thirty years labour in Collecting ; 
mounted and arranged in 17 large folio Volumes; with 
specially printed title pages ; bound in half green morocco 
extra, gilt tops, by A. W. Bain. 1836. 

[ 229.] The National Impolicy | of the present | high 
duty I on | Tobacco. | Extracted * * * from the | 
evidence given before the Committee of Revenue | enquiry; 
the Select Committee on the growth | and Cultivation of 
Tobacco ; and the | Commissioners of Excise enquiry. 

[ 8vo. 27 pp.] Westminster: I'ac/icr tl^- Sons. 1837. 


[ 230.] Tentamen Medicum | de | Herba Nicotianae, | 
ejusque Usu et Abusu, turn in Medicina, | turn in Vita 
Communi. | Quani | Annuente Sunimo Nuniine, | ex 
auctoritate rectoris Magnifici | Petri Johannis Uylenbroek, 
&c., &c. 

Lui^duiii Baiavorum, \ Apud y. W. van Leemveii. 
[8vo.] 1837. 

[ 231.] A I Philosophical and Statistical History | of 
the I Inventions and Customs j of | Ancient and Modern 
Nations | in the manufacture and use of | Inebriating 
Liquors ; | &c., &c., &c., | together with an extensive illus- 
tration of the I consumption and effects of Opium, | and 
other stimulants used in the East, as substitutes | for wine 
and Spirits. | by | Samuel Moorwood, Esq., 1 Collector of 
Excise. I Dublin: \ ]Vm. Curry, yiinr., &-• Co. \ Longman, 
London. 1838. [ 8vo. pp. 746.] 

[ 232.] A Paper : of Tobacco ; Treating of | the Rise, 
Progress, Pleasures, and Advantages of I Smoking. With | 
Anecdotes, of Distinguished Smokers, | Menis. on Pipes and 
Tobacco-Boxes, and a Critical | Essay on Snuff. | By Joseph 

London: Chapman atid ILall. [ i2mo.] 1839. 

[ "2>Z-\ O" I ' hs History | and | Properties Chemical 
and Medical | of | Tobacco, | a probationary essay | pre- 
sented to the ! Faculty of Physicians & Surgeons | Glasgow, 
I by I Henry Wilson Cleland, M.D., ike, (Src, July, 1840. 

Engraved title. Bibliography of Tobacco at end. 
[ 4to, 68 pp.] 

[ 234.] The I Smoker's | Dream ; | by | Oida, | with 
numerous | illustrations. | London : \ y. d-- D. A. Darling, 
126 Bishopgate Street. 1840. [r2mo, 91 pp.] 

[ 235.] La Physiologic | Du Fumeur | Illustree \ par 
"Cham." I De'pot central pour la Belgique, | Michel, 
Libraire, Marche' au Bois a Bruxelles. | [128 pp. i6mo.] 
Circa 1840. 

[ 236.] Hygie'ne du Fumeur | et du Priseur, &c., &c. 

Paris. I Dcsloges. [i2mo.] 1840. 

[ 237.] A Pinch — of Snuft'; | com]50sed of | Curious 
Particulars and Original Anecdotes of | Snuff Taking ; | as 
well as I a Review of Snuff, Snuft-boxes, Snufl-shops, | Snuff- 


takers, and SnufF-papers ; | with | The Moral and Physical 
Effects of Snuff. | By Dean Snift, | of Brazen-Nose. 

London : \ y?^'/j(v/ Tj'iw, 50 Cheapside. [i2mo.] 1840. 

[ 23S.] Inllaences | du Tabac | sur L'Homme, | Par 
Armand Grenet. ( Docteur en Me'decine de la Faciilte' de 
Paris, &c., &c. 

Paris. I Dcsloi^t's. [8vo.] 1841. 

[ 239.] The j Anti-Smoker | and | [ rogressivc Tem- 
perance I Reformer. | Leicester. 1842-3. 3 \ols in i. 
A collection of Anti-Tob. pieces. 

[ 240.] Two Lectm'es | on the | evil effects arising from 
the use of | Tobacco | in its various forms, | given in the | 
Manchester Mechanics' Institution. [ By Chas. Clay, M.D., 
London, &c. | 

Ellerby C> Cliectltain, Oldham St. 1842. [24 pp. 

[ 241.] Catalogue | of | the uinivalled collection ] of | 
pipes, I Turkey, Persian, Marakicbo, and | Kanaster 
Tobacco; | and | Ilavannah Cigars, and Manilla Cheroots, | 
of the rarest quality. Also, Catalogue of Snuff Bo.xes; | the 
property of | His late Royal Highness, | The Duke of 
Sussex, K.G. | — which will be sold by Auction by | Christie 
& Manson, | July 10, 11, 12, 1843. 
[4to, 26 pp.] 

[ 242. J A I Counterblast to Tobacco, | by | James 
the First, | King of England. | With Notes and Illustrations, 
I by Charles Beckington. | 

Newcastle upon Tyne : \ Pattison and Ross. [8vo.] 

[ 243.] Religion and Cominon Sense | versus | 
Tobacco : | By Thomas Cook. 

London. Elliot Stock. [8vo.] 1843. 

[ 244.] Manuels-Rorct. j Nouveau Manuel ] com;)let | 
du Fabricant et de I'amateur | de | Tabac, | contenant | 
L'Histoire, La Culture et la Fabrication du Tabac, | &c., &c., 
par P. Ch. Joubert, | Paris, 1S44. 
[i2rao, 264 pp.] 

[ 245.] Das Ganze | des Anbaues un<l tier Fabrikation 
I des Tabaks | i\:c., ^-c, von j P. Ch. Joubert | & S[)rengel. 
Quedlinburg und Leipzig. 1844. L ^^'0> '6° PP-] 


( ^4^.] L'Art de Fumer, | ou | La Pipe et le Cigare, | 
&c., &c. A Li^ge, I cliez J. Desoer, Impiimeur Libraiie. | 

1844. [8vo, 70 pp.] 

[ 247.] L'Art de Fumer | ou | La Pipe et la Cigare | 
Poiime on trois chants | suivi de notes | par Barthijlemy. | 
Bruxelles. | Societe Beige de Libraire. | Hauman & Cc. 1844. 
[ i2mo, 125 pp.] 

[ 248.] Tlie Cigar | and ] Smoker's | Companion. | 
London: \ G. J^ic-kers. \ 1845. [ i6mo. 16 pp. Illus- 

[ 249.] China, | as it was and as it is, | with a glance | 
at ] the Tea and Opium Trades. | New edition. | London, | 
Cmdock i> Co., 48 Paternoster Row, | 1845. 
[Pp. 64, Sm. 8vo.] 

[ 250.] Smoking and Smokers, | an | Antiquarian, 
Historical, Comical, Veritable, | and Narcotical Disquisition, | 
written, illustrated, and engraved by | (George Thomas 
Fisher,) (inMS.) — | &c.,&:c. London, \ Josef h Baker, \ Cigar 
Merchant, Dealer in Meerschaums, &c., | no Cheapside, | 

1845. I Entered at Stationer's Hall. | [8vo, 90 pp., many 

Bound with "Snuff and Snuff-takers," by same author 
and engraver. 1846. 

[ 251.] L'Art de Fumer. | ou | La Pipe et le Cigare. | 
Poiime en Trois Chants. | suivi de notes, | par | Barth(flemy. 
Troisieme Edition. 

Paris. \LaUeniande-LepineYA\X.t\ix. [12 mo.] 1845. 

[ 252.] L'art de fumer, | ou | Traite' des Fumeurs | 
des Pipes, des diffe'rents Tabacs, | et de leur mode de 
pre'paration, | suivi des Pre'ceptes d'Hygiene, | par C.A.L. 
Jamet. | 

Met'^ : H. X. Lorette. [Svo.] 1845. 

[253.] The I Mysteries of Tobacco. | by the | Rev. 
Benjamin Lane; | with an | introductory letter | addressed to 
the I Hon. John Quincy Adams, LL.D. | by the | Rev. 
Samuel Hanson Co.x, D.D. | Pastor of the first Presbyterian 
Church, Brooklyn, New York | 

Nei(.< York \ Wiley and Putnam. 1S46 | [Svo. pp. 185.] 


[ 254-] Snuff and Snuff-Takers. I A | Pungent, Piquant, 
Comical, Veritable, | and | Historical Disquisition, | To 
which is added | A Dissertation on the Poetry of Sneezing. | 
By I Author of " Smoking and Smokers." | Adorned with 
numerous Woodcuts, &c., &c. 

London : \ Josepli Baker, no Cheapside. [Copy 
Svo.] 1S46. 

[ 255.] Letterkundige Bijdragen | tot de Geschiedenis 
van I den Tabak, de Koftij | en | de Thee, | Door | 
Dr. G. D. J. Schotel. 

'S Graven /i age, \ P. H. Noordendorp. [8vo.] 1848. 

[ 256.] Cigars and Tobacco, | Wine | and | Women, 
as they are. | By ] a Modern Epicurean. | London. \ Kent &^ 
Richards \ [ i2mo. 115 pp.] 1848. 

[ 257.] The' impolicy | of the present | high duties on 
Tobacco ; | and | their injurious effects | on the | Trade and 
Morals of the Country. | by | Richard Griffiths Welford Esq. | 
London \ Gadsby \ 1848. [Svo. 68 pp.] 

[ 258.] Memoire | sur | la Culture du Tabac dans 
ITle de Cuba. | par G. Lobe. 

Cayenne, \ Imprimerie du Gouvernement. [9 pp., 
8vo.] 1850. 

[ 259.] La Physiologie du Fumeur. 

Brussels. \ Michel. [i2mo.] N.D., probably about 

[ 260.] Griindliche Anweisung | zur ] &c., &:c. 

Verfertigung | aller Sorten | Schnupf-und Rauchtabacke, | 

sowie der | Strangtabacke und Cigarien; | &c., &c., &c. | 

von I Friedr. Bodenbruch, | Quedlinburg und Leipzig. 1851. 

[8vo, 80 pp.] 

[261.] A Little Book of Songs and Ballads, gathered 
from Ancient Musick Books, M.S. and Printed. By E. F. 
Rimbault, LL.D. 

London : John Russell Smi/h. [8vo.] 185 i. 
(Contains old songs about Tobacco.) 

I 262.] A Dialogue | on the | Use of Tobacco, | &c., 
with I practical reflections and suggestions | by a Reclaimed 
Smoker : | " Do thyself no harm." | London, \ S/range and 
Clarke. \ Circa 1852. 
[i2mo, 44PP-J 


[ 263.] Cigarrc, Pfeife, und Dose. | Oder : | Das 
Rauchen unil Schnupfen | &c.,&c.,von | Friedr. | Stahmann, 
I Quedliiibiirg und Leipzig. 1852. 
[Svo, 34 pp.] 

[ 264.] Der I Tabak und sein Anbau | von | A. v. 
Babo, I und F. Hoflacker. | Nebst einenn Anhang iiber die 
Cultur und Behandlung | des Tabaks in Holland. ] von | 
Oekonom. Ph. Schwab. | Mit lithograpi.schen Tafehi. 

Karhnilw. \ \'erlag der Herder-.schen Biiihhandlung. 
[8vo.] 2 parts. (Cound separatel)-.) 1852. 

[ 265.] Der Anliau | des | Tabaks und des Webcr- 
karden, | &c., &c. | | I^andwirtlie und CUirtner. | von | 
Hugo Schober. | Leipzig, j Georg \Vigands Yerlag. | 1S53. 
[8vo. 128 pp.] 

[ 266.] Hygiene du Fumeur. | Conseils aux Fumeurs | 
sur ] le Choix d'une Pipe. | Paris. | Ballay et Conchon, | 

1853. [ i2mo. 144 pp.] 

[267.] A I Commentary | on ] the influence | which 
the use of Tobacco | exerts on tiie Human Constitution, I 
in a series of Letters : | by | Francis Campbell, AL.\., ALD. | 
Superintendent of the Colonial Lunatic Asylum. Tarban. | 
Sydney. | Published and sold by all the booksellers | 1853. 
I [Sm. Svo, 206 pp.] 

[ 268.] Les Cigarettes, Poesies, | par Victor Mabille. 
Paris, I 6'(?;v//(V frl-res. [ i2mo.] 1S53. 

[ 269.] Practical Observations on the Use and Abuse 
of Tobacco, &c., &c., by John Lizars, Edbh. 2nd edition. 

1854. [8vo, 22 pp.] 

[ 270.] Over den Tabak, | bijzonder over | zijne 
onbewerktuigdebestanddeelen. | Proefschrift | terverkrijging 
I van I den graad van Doctor in de wis-cn natuurkunde | 
aan | deUtrechtschehoogheschool. | door | C. L.Vlaanderen. 
I Utrecht, P. W. Van de^Weijer. 1854. 
[Svo, 95 pp.] 

[271.] GeschichtedesTabacs | und | andererahnlicher 
Genuszmittel. I Von | Fricdrich Tiedemann. | Mit Abbil- 

Fmiikjiiit a. I\L Druck und Verlag von HcinrUh 
Ludwig Brbnuer. [Svo.] 1854. 


[272.] El I Tabaco. | Su historia. — Sii estancamiento. 
— Males que produce. | Su Cultivo, bene- | ficios y 
preparaciones de que ha menester. — Su elaboracion. | Sus | 
preparaciones preliminares. — Sus cualidades, sus defectos. — 
Medios de | corregir estos ultimos. — Compras, ventas y 
beneficios que de su co- | mercio bien etitendido pueden 
resultar, &c. &c. [ Por D. Victoriano Felip. ] Primera 

Madrid. \ Imprenta de T. Forfaiiet, Calle de la 
Greda. [8vo.] 1854. 

[ 273.] El Tabaco, su historia, &c., &c., &c., por D. 
Victoriani Eelip. Segunda edicion, Madrid. 1854. 
[i vol., Svo, 305 pp.] 

[274.] (Globules I for | Tobacco-olaters | 
Murder Mother, Murder ! I'm going to die, God bless you ! 
The Times and Tobacco. 
Tobacco, and the Human Family. 
What are the properties of Tobacco ? 
&c., &c., &c., &c. 
London: Hoidston ^s' Stonemaii. [Pp.32.] 

[275.] Tobacco; its History, Nature, and Effects, | 
on the Body and Mind. | By Joel Shew, M.D. [8vo.] 

[ 276.] La ! Tabacographic | dedie'e | aux Tabaco- 
manes | et au.\ Antagonistes | Du Cigarc, de la Pipe | et de 
la TabatiC-re : | par Ann. Gramme Blismon. | Paris | chez De 
La Rue. 1856-7. [12 mo. 288 pp.] 

[ 277.] The Pipe | and | How to use it. | This small 
offering at the | Bacchic Shrine, | is respectfully dedicated to 
all I Strong-minded Authoresses, | and | T. P's | " with an 
earnest hope " | that they no less than the fraternity of | 
Smokers | may profit by the advice therein contained. | By 
a I Cantab. ( 1856. | [i2mo. pp. 29] 

[ 278.] Les I Fumeurs | de Paris. | Dessin par 
I Andrieux. | Paris | Gustave Havard, Editeur, | 15 Rue 
Guenegand. | 1856. [ iSino. 92 pp.] 

[ 279.] Petite Monographic du Tabac. 

Paris. I Chez les Debitants de Tabac. [ i2mo.] 


[ 28o.] Practical Observations on the Use and Abuse 
of Tobacco, greatly enlarged from the original communica- 
tion on the I'lffects of Tobacco Smoking which appeared in 
the Medical Times and Gazette, August 5, 1S54. By John 

Edinburgh. [ Svo, 30 pp.] 1856. 

[ 281.] Narcotia; | or | the Pleasures | of Imagination, | 
Memory, and Hope, | united | in the | Philosophy of 
Tobacco. I A Poem. | London. | Whittaker & Co. | 1857. | 
[ Svo, 24 pp.] 

[ 282.] To all who Smoke! | A few words in defence ot 
Tobacco ; I or I a Plea for the Pipe. | by | Cavendish. 
London. Bailey Brothers. 1857. [Svo, 96 pp.] 

[ 283.] Practical Observations | on the | Use and 
Abuse I of I Tobacco. | Greatly enlarged | &c., &c., &c. | by 
I John Lizars. | si.\th edition. | Edinburgh. | \V. H. Lizars. | 
[Svo.] I 1857. 

pp. 42. Two coloured plates. 

[284.] Is Smoking Injurious? | The Arguments Pro 
and Con, rationally considered, | by | John Skelton.M.R.C.S., 
Eng. I addressed to the working classes. | 3rd edition | 

Published hy John Caiidice/l, 335 Strand, London | 
[pp. 12. Svo.] 1857. 

[ 2S5.] The Tobacco Controversy : | Is Smoking 
injurious? | The Pro and Con, | Philosophically, Socially | 
and I Medicinally. | Selected from the Journals of the day | 
with notes. | Series i, 2, 3, and 4. | Containing | the 
Lectures | by | George Sexton, Esq., M.D.,F.R.G.S.,F.E.S., | 
price 6d. 

London, 1857, yanies Gilbert. [Pp. 58, Svo,] 

[ 286.] A I Dissertation | on the | Use and Abuse of 
Tobacco, I by Dr. Adam Clarke, LL.D., F.S. A., &c. 
London, Tegg &• Co. 1857. [Svo, 22 pp.] 

[ 287.] Tabaciana — Anecdotes sur la Pipe, le Cigare, 
et la Tabatiere. | Dedie aux Tobacomanes. 

Paris. I Delarue. [ i2mo.] [1856 or 1857.] 

[ 2SS.] Tobacco; | its History, Cultivation, Manufiicture, 
and Adulterations. | Its LTse considered with reference to its 
Influence | on the Human Constitution. | By Andrew 
Steinmetz, Esq. | of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 
London: \ Richard Bentley. [ i2mo.] 1S57. 


[ 289.] A Doctor's Fallacy | on | Smoking and 
Smokers, | Examined and Explained | by One who smokes, 

1 And a Medical Practitioner of Twenty-five Years' expe- 

London : \ John Wesley &= Co., Paternoster row. 
[i2mo.] 1857. 

[290.] Du I Tabac, | de son usage, de ses effets mediats 
ou immediats sur I'economie, et de son influence sociale. | 
par le Dr. Fievee de Jeumont. 

Paris. \J. H. Truchy. [i2mo.] 1857. 

[291.] The Tobacco Question Morally, Socially, and 
Physically considered. By J. B. Budgett, M.D., L.S.A. 

London: \ George Philip 6^ Son. [ 8vo, 40 pp.] 

[ 292.] Death in the Pipe, | or the | Great Smoking 
Question, | by J. L. Milton, | Member of the Royal College 
of Surgeons | of London. 

London : \ George Philip and Son. [Demy8vo.] 1S57. 

[ 293.] The I Anti-Tobacco Journal | Vols, i, 2, | 
3, 4, 5, 6, & 7, from November, 1858, to Oct, 1865. [8vo.] 

2 vols in I. 144 & 144 pp. 

[294.] Tobacco I and its | Adulterations; | with 
Illustrations drawn and etched by Henry P. Prescott, | of 
the Inland Revenue Department. 

London. ■\ Van Voorst. [Medium 8 vo.] 1858. 

[ 295.] Der Tabak | in naturwissenschaftlicher, land- 
wirth-shaftlicher | und technischer Beziehung. | Ein 
unentbehrliches Handbuch | fiir | Landwirthe, Fabrikanten, 
und alle Jene, welche, | den Tabak naher kennen lernen 
wollen. I von | Joh. Bapt. Caj. Roller, Augsburg. 

In George yaquefs Versagsbuchhandlung. [i2mo.] 

[ 296.] Volledige Handleiding | voor de Teelt | en 
verdere Behandeling van den | Tabak. | Naar de beste 
binnen-en Buitenlandsche Bronnen | en onder Medewerking 
van onderscheiden | Praktische Tabak-steelers, | bewerkt 
door I E. C. Enklaar. 

Amsterdam, \ y. Noordendorp. [Copy 8vo.] 1858. 

[ 297.] On the I Physical, Moral, and Social effects 
1 of Tobacco. By Dr. Hodgkin. j Read at Bradford — Meeting 
of ] National Association for Promotion of Social Science. 
1859. I [8vo, 16 pp.] 


[ 298.] Tobacco : | its History and Associations : | 
including | an Account of the Plant and its Manufacture ; 
with its modes of Use in all Ages and Countries. | By F. W. 
Fairholt, F.S.A. | With 100 Illustrations by the Author. 
Londiin : \ Chapman and Hall. [8vo.] 1859. 

[ 299.] Oudbeidundige Verhandeling | en | Aantee- 
keningen | betrekkelijk | de Kleine Rookpijpjes, | Waaruit, 
naar 't Volk hier en daar gelooft, de Reuzen, Alven | Feeen 
en Aardmannetjes oudtijds gerookt zouden herben. | Eene 
Bijdrage tot de Geschiedenis van het | Pijpen-maken en 
Rooken. | Door | Dr. R. Westerhoff. 

Gronlngcn, | Erven C. AL Van Bolliius HoUsema. 
[8vo.] i860. 

[ 300.] Confessions | of | An old Smoker, | respectfully 
addressed to | all smoking disciples. | By John Stock, LL.D. | 
London. \ Elliott Stock, 62 Paternos. Row. 1S60. [i2mo. 

[301.] Les I Paradis | artificiels | Opium et Haschisch ] 
par 1 Charles Baudelaire. | Paris Poukt-Malassis et De Broise. 
i860. [8vo. 334 pp.] 

[ 302.] Does it pay | to | Smoke ? | By an old Smoker. 
I London: Tegg. [i8mo, 55 pp] Circa i860. 

[303.] The I substance of a Lecture | on the | pernicious 
properties and injurious effects | of | Tobacco, | delivered in 
Cheltenham, &c., &c., | by a Rejector of Tobacco. London: 
Tiveedie. [8vo, 36 pp.] Circa i860. 

[ 304.] The I Seven Sisters | of | Sleep. | Pojnilar 
history of the seven prevailing | narcotics of the world, | by | 
M. C. Cooke, I Director of the Metropolitan Scholastic 
Museum. | London : \ yames Blacktvood, \ Paternoster Row. 
I [8vo, 371pp.] i860. 

[305.] Trait^ | Theorique et Practique | du | CuUotage 
des Pipes | oeuvre posthume | de Culot, libre penseur | 
Philosophe e'phectique j Professeur honoraire de Pipe &. la 
Societe' Oenopine | Membre | de plusieurs autres Socie'te's 
buvantes, | &c,, &c. | Paris, \ Etienne Saiissct. (Written by 
Bezon.) [8vo, loi pp.] i860? 

[306.] Almanack | Du Fumeur. | 1862. | Paris. \ 
[i2mo, 124 pp.] Engravings. 

[307.] Histoire du Tabac. | Ses Persecutions. | par 
C. Barbier. 

Paris. I Giistave LLnard. [i2mo.] 186 1. 


[ 3o8.] Fifty-four Objections to 'I'obacco, | by Tliomas 

London. [ Oblong i2mo.] 1862. 

[ 309.] Les Funieurs (rOpiuni en Chine. Ktudc 
medicale. Par le Docteur H. J/ibermann. 

Paris: ]'ictor Rozicr. [Large 8vo.] 1862. 

[ 310.] A Few Words on " Fairy Pipes," by Llewellynn 
Jewitt, F.S.A., (S:c., with a Plate of Old ICnglish Tobacco 
Pipes, made at Broseley, Shropsliirc. 1862. Reprinted 
from " Tlie Reliquary.'' 

[311.] Tobacco; its Use and .\buse. | l!y Louis 
.Silberberg, j Manager of the Habana Cigar Company. 
London. [iSmo.] 1S63. 

[312.] Saxton's Handbook. | of | Tobacco Culture, | 

being a complete | manual or practical guide, &c., &c. | 

with illustrations, &c., &c. | N'eici York \ C. M. Saxton \ 
1863. [8vo. 82 pp.] 

[313.] The I Smoker's Te.\t Book. | by J. Hamer, 
F.R.S.,L. I Printed and Published by | The Editor, 7 Brig- 
gate, Leeds. | 1863. [32mo. 107 pp.] 

[314.] A Selection of Indian Pipes in Catlin's North 
.American Indian Collection, the Drawings (142) made and 
coloured from the originals by Mr. Catlin ; with his auto- 
graph description of Lidian smoking usages and ceremonies. 
Written and drawn for Mr. Bragge. 1864-6. [Oblong 
Atlas folio.] 

[315.] De I Inlandische Tabaksplanter. | EenVolledig 
Handboekje voor | Planters | een voor alien die met het 
vak in | Betrekking Staan. | door | Th. C. Frijlink. 

Amsterdam, j G. T/ieo. Bom. [i2mo.] 1864. 

[316.] The Tobacco Leaf | Organ of the Tobacco- 
Trade of the United States. 
New York. 1865. 

[317.] Des Fumeurs d'Opium, j et | des Fumeurs dc 
Tabac. | Memoire lu par AI. Ale.xandre, Docteur en 
Medecine, a I'.Vcademic d'Amiens, dans la Seance du 26 
Aout, 1865. [8vo.] 

[378.] For and Against Tobacco. | by | Benjamin 
Ward llichardson, MA., RLD., | Senior Piiysician to the 
Royal Infirmary for l..e dis. of | the Chest. ] London : yohn 
Churchill &• Sons. 1865. [ 8vo, 75 pp.] 


I 319.] A Pipe of Tobacco: | with | Whiffs and 
Clouils. 1 By E. L. Blancliard, Esq., j with illustrations. | 
London. H. fieal. [121110, 16 pp.] (Circa.) 1865. 

[ 320.1 The I Smoker's Companion, | or | All about 
Tobacco ; j Being | A popularly written History of the Plant, 
&:c., i\:c. I Also a concise declaration of the | ])roperties of 
Tobacco, with the unquestionable testimonies of non- 
smokers, to I its excellence and harnilessness. | By William 
E. Peacock. 

^^ancheste)■ : \ J^o/in Heyu<ood. [8vo.] 1867. 

[ 321.] Pourquoi Ton Fume. | par Louis Audiat. 
\Yioii: I L. Clouzof. [8vo.] 1867. 

[ 322.] The Pipe versus Humbug, j a Popular, 
Philosophical, Historical, Statistical | Rational, and Medical 
Defence of the Pipe, | itc, &c. London. [8vo, 30 pp.] 

[ 323.] The I Meerschaum : | How to choose, smoke, 
and colour it. | &c.. See. | London : Stanley, 2iivcrs, 6^ Co. 
[Small 4to. 16 i)p.] 1867. 

[324.] Concerning Cigars: | How to select them, | 
with a word about "Clays" j London: Stanley, Rivers, &^ Co., 
8 Palsgrave-place, Strand. [8vo. 32pp.] 1867. 

[325.] La Pii)e j Poeme Tabaco-didactique | par Ch. 
de Ryle'. | Paris: Frederic Henry, Libraire | Galerie 
d'Orleans. [8vo. 32 pp.] Engravings. 1867. 

[ 326.] The I Armchair in the Smoking-Room. | With 
Notes on Cigars, Aleerschanis, and Smoking, from various 

London: \ Stanley Rivers d- Co. [8vo.] 1868. 

[ 327.] Smoking and Drinking. By | James Parton. 
Boston: Ticknor and Fields. [8vo.] 1868. 

[ 32S.] The I Tobacco Trade Review. | A Monthly 
Trade Journal. [4to.] 1868 — 1880. 

[329] Practical Observations | on the | use and abuse 
of Tobacco. | greatly enlarged from the original communica- 
tions on the effects of | Tobacco Smoking, [ which apjieared 
in the Medical Times and Gazette, August 5, 1854, | accom- 
panied with cases illustrated by coloured plates, j the 
drawings after nature. | by | John Lizars, | &c., &;c. | 9th 
edition. | Edinlurgli : \ Marlarhan and Stewart. \ 1868. ; 
[8vo, 62 pp.] 


[ i;io.] Almanack | Du Fuineur | et du Priseur. | 
Illustre par Gavarni, Raffet, iV'C., iS:c. loth Annee, 1868. 
Paris. (See No. .) [izmo, 180 pp.] 

[331.] Tabacologie | et | Description d'un Narguileh 
unique au Monde I &c., &c.,par I Kirithoglou. I Paris, 1S69. 
[Svo, 46 pp.] 

[ 332.] Strong Drink | and j Tobacco Smoke ; [ The 
Structure, Growth, and Uses of Malt, ] Hops, Yeast, and 
Tobacco. I By j Henry P. Prescott, F.L.S. 

London: Macmillan and Co. [Svo.] 1869. 

[ ZZ7>-\ Pattern Book | of French Pipes, | from the 
year 1850, | Presented in 1869 | by G. C. Van der Want. 
Pz.. I Pipe Manufacturer | at Gouda | to Wm. Bragge, Esq., | 
at Sheffield, | for his Collection. [410.] 

[ 334.] The Pipes of all Peoples. Being a descriptive 
Sketch of Mr. Bragge's Collection of Specimens of Art and 
Industry relating to the Use of Tobacco. Reprinted by 
permission from the Bh-i/iiiix/m/ii Daily Post, December 16, 
1870; with corrections and additions. [8vo.] Privately 

[ 33S-] Snuff-Taking, its Utility in Preventing 
Bronchitis, Consumption, &c. (With Prescriptions.) By 
John C. Murray, M.D., F.A.S.L. 

London: y Chatwin and Sons. [8vo.] 1870. 

[ 336.] Abridgements of Specifications relating to the 
preparation and use of Tobacco. A.D. 1721 — 1866. 
Printed by order of the Commissioners of Patents. 

London: Eyre and Spotltsiooode. [8vo.] 1870. 

[ 337-] Catalogue and Drawings of 504 Marks or 
Devices granted by the Guild of Pipe Makers of Gouda, 
from its foundation, to 1870. Copied from the original 
painted tablets, by G. C. Van der Want, Secretary of the 
Guild, for Mr. Bragge. MS. Folio. 

[ 338.] Third | Annual Report | of the j North ot 
England | Anti-Tobacco Society | (1870) — Report of Annual 
Meeting in Manchester. Feby. 2, 187 1. [8vo. 19 pp.] 

[ 339-] Revelations about Tobacco. A Prize Essay, 
&c., &c., by Hampton Brewer, Esq., L.R.C.P. London: 
Pitman. [8vo. 48 pp.] 1870. 

[ 340.] English Anti-Tobacco Society. Vol. of Blank 
Forms of " Promise to abstain from the use of Tobacco in 
all its forms." 1870. 


[34'-] The Art of Colouring a Meerschaum. In 12 
Rules. By an Old Smoker. 

London. [i8mo.] Circa 1S70. 

[ 342.] Cope's Tobacco Plant. | A monthly periodical, 
interesting to the Manufacturer, the Dealer, and the Smoker. | 
30 March, 1870 — Jan., 1880. [Folio.] 

[343.] Smoking and Drinking; | The Argument 
stated I for and against, j By Medicus. With an Appendix ; | 
and a Chapter on Tobacco. \ By B. W. Rirhanison, M.D., 

London : \ Sampson, I^ow, Son, 6- Afarsfoii. [i2mo.] 

[ 344.] Smoking : { When injurious, when innocuous, 
when beneficial. | With Compendium of the 'I'emperaments, ] 
showing how they are influenced by Tobacco. | By John C 
Murray, F.A.S. 

London : | Siinpkin, Marshall, d- Co. ! [8vo.] 187 1. 

[ 345-] The Workman's Pipe ; What it is, and what it 
does. A Lecture by Dr. Ritchie. Pari rid i(t: London. 
[Svo.] 187 1. 

[346.] Two Lectures on "Snuffing," and "Snuff 
Boxes;" delivered by John Holland, Esq., before the Sheffield 
Literary and Philosophical Society, December 5, 187 1, and 
February 6th, 1872. 

The Author's Folio MS. Presented to Mr. Bragge. 

[ 347.] The I Movement against Tobacco. | Fourth 
Annual Report 187 1-2 of the Eng. Anti-Tob. Soc. Manch. 
[Svo. 38 pp.] English Anti-Tobacco Society. 

[ 348.] Meerschaums, | and | How to Colour them. | 
by I Amator Fumi | London. 1871. [i2mo. 16 pp.] 

[349.] Almanack | Du Fumeur | &c., &c. 187 1. 

[ 35°-] Juvenile Smoking. Rep. from Dub. Univers. 
Mag. London: Parlridt^e. Eng. A. T. Soc. [Svo. 13 pp.] 

[351.] The Tobacco question physiologically, chemi- 
cally, and botanically considered. (By W. E. A. Axon., Man- 
chester), reprinted from Dub. Univers. Mag., Sep., 1S71. 
Eng. A. T. Soc. [Svo. 13 pp.] 


[352-] Almanacli (lu Fuiiicur, et du priseur. Illustre 
par Gavarni, Cham, etc. 

Paris. [i2mo.] 1872. 

[ 353-] The Autobiopraphy of a Clay Pipe. 
London. [121110. 31 pp.] Circa 1872. 

[ 354.] Tobacco : An Essay, by Henry Gibbons, Af.D, 
London. [8vo. 24 pp.] Circa. 1872. 

[ 3S5-] Tobacco and Disease. The substance of 
Three Letters, with additional Matter. From the English 
J/e't7/(7;«(-(by Axon). London: Trubner, 1872. [8vo, 20 pp.] 
Anti-S. Society. 

[ 356.] Smoking and Thinking. From the English 
Mechanic i^y ."Vxen). [8vo, 4 pp.] Anti-T. Society. 

L 3S7-] Du Tabac. Essai siir son Histoire et sur ses 
effets physiologiques et pathogeniques. These presentee et 
publiquement soutenue a la Faculto de Medecine de 
Montpellier, le 26 Juillet, 1872, par Antoine Coudour, pour 
obtenir le grade de Docteur de Mcdecin. 

Montpellier : Boehm &• fils. [4to.] 1872. 

[358.] British Narcotism. Fifth Annual Report of 
the English Anti-Tobacco Society, Manchester. [8vo, 
12 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 1872-3. 

[ 359-] Tobacco ; | an Essay, [ by j Henry Gibbons, 
M.D., I Professor of Mat. Med. London : Partridge. [8vo, 
24 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. Circa. 1872? 

[ 360.] Tobacco, [ its | History, Nature, and Effects | 
on the I Body and Mind. | By [ Joel Shew, M.D. | 1872. 
[8vo, 40 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 

[ 361.] The Workman's Pipe : ! What it is, and what it 
does. I .K Lecture by Rev. Dr. Ritchie. 2nd Edition. [8vo, 
64 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 1872. 

[ 362.] Autobiography | of | a Clay Pipe. 2nd Ed. 
[lanio, 32 pp.] Eng. A. '1'. Soc. 1872. 

[3*^3-] Confessions of an Old Smoker, respectfully 
addressed to all Smoking Disciples by the Rev. Jolin Stock, 
LL.D. [i2nio, 40 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 1872. 

[364.] Tobacco and Disease. | Three Letters with 
additional matter from the English Mechanic. London : 
Tntbner. [8vo, 20 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 


[ 3*55 ] Association Francaise Centre Tabus du Tabac 
I et des [ JJoissons alcoholiques | Autorisee le II Juillet, 
1868 I Cinquieme Annce. No. i, 1873 I Paris. | Au seige 
de rAssociation | 12 Rue Chanoinesse | 1873. 

[ 366.] The Physiological Position of Tobacco. Rep. 
from the Quarterly 'journal of Science : (by Axon). London: 
Trubner. 1S73. [8vo, 17 pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 

[367.] The Fascinator : a Prize essay on the Moral, 
Social, and Economical results of the use of Tobacco. By 
Harriette Noel Thatcher. 2nd edition. London: W. Twecdie. 
[Svo. TOO pp.] Eng. A. T. Soc. 1873. 

[ 368.] MS. Catalogue of Pipes and other objects 
connected with the use of Tobacco. Lent to the Inter- 
national Exhibition of 1S73, by Wm. Braggc. [fo. loi pp.] 

[369.] Tobacco I &its F^ffects: | A pamphlet addressed 
to non-medical | readers, | by [ Charles William M'Carthy 
Dublin. I London: Simpkin^ Marshal!^ &• Co. \ 1874. 
[Svo. 32 pp.] 

[ 370.] 'i'he Press | anil the | Tobacco Question. | 
Review j of the English Anti-Tobacco Society, Manchr. 
[Svo, 14 pp.] 1S73-4. 

[371.] Smoke not. | .A Lecture. | delivered at Dids- 

bury, I &c. 
[Svo, 16 pp. 

by Thomas Reynolds. | 3rd ed., 6th thousand, 
lirit. Anti. T. Soc. 1S74. 

[ 372.] " Smoking to the Glory of God," | a Letter | to 
the I Rev. C. H. Spurgeon, | in Reply to his Apology for 
Smoking, | by W. M. Hutchings. 3rd edition. Loudon. 
\V. J/. ILukhings, 5 Bouverie St., E.C. 1S74. Portrait of 
Spurgeon. [Svo, 14 pp.] 

[373.] Christianity | and | Tobacco, j The seventli 
annual Report | of the | English Anti-Tobacco Society | 
1874-5. Manchr. [Svo, 16 pp.] F",ng. A. T. Soc. 

[ 374.] Tobacco I \Vhifi's | for the | Smoking Carriage. 
I Mann Nephews, 29 Cornhill. | 1874. [Svo, 31 pp.] 

[375.] Cope's Tobacco Plant — to Aug., 1S74. ^Vilh 
Extra Illustrations. 2 vols. F"olio. 

[ 376] Le Tabac | et | L' Absinthe | leur influence sur 
la Santo publique | sur I'ordre moral et social, j par j Le 
Dr Paul Jolly. | Membre de I'Academie de Medicine | 
Paris, Bailliere et fils. | 1S75. [i2mo. 206 pp.] 


[377-] Tobacco: | its | History, Varieties, Culture, | 
Manufacture and Commerce ; | with | an account of its 
various modes of use, from its first | discovery until now ; | 
by I E. R. Billings, | with illustrations by popular artists. | 
Hartford Conn, | American Publishing Company. | 1875. 1 
[8vo, 486 pp.] 

[378.] Tobacco; and the Diseases it produces. By 
Charles R. Drysdale, M.D. [8vo.] Balliere, Tindall, and 

London. 1875. 

[379.] The Tobacco Trade of Bristol. By Thomas 
Davey. Henry Hill, Bristol. [8vo, 12 pp.] 1875. 

[ 380.] Tobacco : Its use and abuse. By Louis 
.Silberberg. The Habana Cigar Company. [i2mo.] London. 

[ 3S1.] May Young England Smoke? A modern 
question, medically and socially considered. London. [8vo, 
32 pp.] Circa 1875. 

[382.] Curious Notions. Jotted down in strange 
times. [8vo. 27 pp.] 1876. 

[ 383.] The Poppy Plague | and | England's Crime, | 
by I J. F. B. Tinling, B.A. | London: Elliotl Stock. \ 1876. | 
[8vo,'i92 pp.] 

[ 384.] The Smoker's Guide, Philosopher, and Friend : — 
what to smoke, what to smoke with, and the whole " what's 
what" of Tobacco, &c., &c., by a veteran of Smokedom. 
London: Hardwick. 1876. [r2mo, 184pp.] 

[385.] British | Manufacturing Industries. | Edited by | 
CI. Phillips Bevan, F.G.S. | Tobacco | by John Dunning. 
Stanford. 1876. 

[ 386.] Diseases of Modern Life. [ by Benjamin Ward 
Richardson, M.D. ALA. F.R.S., &c., &c. Second Ed. 

London., Macniillan c^ Co., 1876. See chapters 10, 
II, 12 on Tobacco, 13 Narcotics. 

[ 387.] L' Alcohol I et | LeTabac, | par | le Docteur A 
Riant. | Ouvrage contenant 35 figures | 

Paris: Hacliette C^ Cie. 1876. [i2mo. 188 pp.] 

[ 388.] De I I'empoisonnement | par la | Nicotine et 
le Tabac, par | Eugene Fonssard. I Docteur en Medicine 
de la Eaculti de Paris. ] Paris, j \'. .Vdrien Delahaye et Co. | 
1876. [8vo, 104 pp.] 


[ 389-] Le I Tabac | qui contient j Ic plus violent des 
Poisons I La Nicotine, | Abrege-t-ill'existence ? | est-il cause 
I de la degenerescence physique et morale | des soci6tcs 
modernes? | par | Le Dr. H. A.Depierris. | Paris. | E. Dentu. 
1876. [8vo, 512 pp.] 

[390.] Einige Notizen | zur [ Statistik des 'J'abakbaues 
I in Elsass-Lothringen. | von | August ?chniitter. | &c., 
Strasburg. 1877. [i2mo, 64 pp.] 

[391.] Facsimiles | of | Plug Tobacco, | manufactured 
by I John Finzer & Bros. | Proprietors of the j Five Brothers 
Tobacco Works, | Louisville. | First edition. 1877. Litho- 
graphed by I the | Calvert Lith. Co., | Detroit, Mich. | 
[Ob. 8vo, 30 pp. 1877. 

[ 392.] The Tobacco Question : Physiologically, Chemi- 
cally, Botanically, and Statistically considered. 

Reprinted from the Dublin University Magazine. 
[8vo ] Manchester. 1878. 

[ 393] Liverpool Art Club. Catalogue of Sj^ecimens 
of i\x\. Work. Ill Snuff liotik-s, Snuff Rasps, Snuft" Bo.kcs, 
etc. (Forming part of the Collection of Wm. Bragge, F.S.A.) 
Liverpool. [8vo. 48 pp.] 1878. 

[ 394.] Zur 1 Geschichte des Tabacks | und | seiner 
Besteuerung. | von | Dr. Gustav Eberty, | &c., &c. | Berlin. 
1878. [i2mo, 30 pp.] 

L 395-] '^•"-"' I Ceschichte des Meerschaums | mit | 
besonderer Beriicksichtigung | der | Meerschaumgrube bei 
Eski Schehr in Klein .'Vsicn | un der vertreftenden | Indus- 
trie zu Kuhla in Tluiringen. | von Alexander Ziegler. | 
Dresden. | Carl Hockner. | 1878. | [Svo, pp. 172.] 

[ 396 ] Entwurf eines Gesetzes | betreffend die | 
Besteuerung des Tabacks | nebst | Motiven und Anlagen. | 
Berlin. | Carl Heymann's \'erlag. | 1878. | [Imp. Svo, 
83 PP-] 

[ 397-] I^Jc i Fabrikation des '{"abaks [ in der j Alten 
und neuen AVcll. | Unter Beriicksichtigung der allgemein 
gehorten Behauptung : j Der Gebraucli des 'lobacks sei der 
Alten ^Velt [ von 1492 uiibekannl gcuesen. | \'on ' Lothar 
Becker. | Bremen, 187S. \ ]. Kiihtuian. [Imp. 8vo, iS7pp.] 


[398-] Aus der Havanna. | ErfahrungenundAnssichten 
I iiber die | Fabrikation der achten Cigarren. | Nebst Mit- 
theilungen iiber | Tabacksbau iind Tabackshandel, | &c., | 
von I F. H. Meyer, | Bremen, 1878. [12010, 53 pp.] 

[ 399.] Das I Tabak-Monopol | und seine | gemein- 
schadlichkeit. | Nacli der Artikeln der Lahren Zeitung : 
Tabaksteuer und Tabakmonopol. Lahr, 187S. [Svo, 64 pp.] 

[400.] Das I Tabak-Monopol | in | Oesterreich und 
Frankreich. | von | Dr. Josef Kriickl. | Wien. | Carl Gerold's 
Sohn. I 1878. [8vo, 68 pp.] 

[401.] Die Nachbesteuerung des Tabaks, und die 
Rechtsordnung. Ein Gutachten von Dr. Bluntschli. 
Frankfurt a. M. [15 pp. Svo.] 1879. 

[402.] Drawings of the Silver Plates of the Pipe 
Manufacturers' Company, which are used at the Funeral of 
Pipe Manufacturers, Gouda, to place upon the coffin in 
the Guild procession. MS. [Folio.] 

[ 403.] Namen en Merken | der Pype-fabricanten. 
Gouda. [Svo.] MS. 

[ 404.] Collection of Engraved Tobacco Papers, made 
by Mr. Gosden, the celebrated Waltonian, containing three 
hundred and fifty-five plates, with a few additions by George 
Daniel. [Oblong 8vo.] Autograph note of G. D. 

[ 405.] Similar volume, containing two hundred and 
six engraved Tobacco Papers, collected by W. Bragge, F.S.A. 

[ 406.] Collection of Printers' Proofs of Tobacco 
Papers and Wrappers. [4to.] Probably Dutch. 

[407.] Note Book : containing pen and ink drawings 
of 260 Maker's Marks, of English Pipes ; and 310 Maker's 
Marks, of Dutch Pipes. From the earliest period, to the 
end of last century. Being the Marks upon the Clay Pipes 
in Mr. Bragge's Collection. 

[408.] A Collection of 232 Drawings of Pipes, in 
the British Museum, Christie Collection, India Museum, 
Blackmore Collection, and in other Museums. 

The Drawings are to scale, and on each is a written 
description and history of the object. They are uniform 
with the Illustrations of the Catalogue of Mr. Bragge's 



[ 409'] Illustrations of the Catalogue of Mr. Bragge's 
Collection of Pipes of all Ages and Countries ; and of Pipe- 
cases, Tobacco Stoppers, Snuff Mills, Snuff Rasps, Snuff 
Bottles, Snuff Boxes ; Flint, and other Fire-strikers, Tinder 
Boxes, and of all objects connected with the use of Tobacco 
in any form. 

The drawings are to scale ; are on specially prepared 
paper of uniform size ; and on each drawing is a written 
description and history of the object. They are about 1200 
in number, and are contained in 20 book-like boxes. 










Section 31 — Europe. 


[ I to 13.] Thirteen Cards, on which are 128 Early 
English Clay Pijies. Collected from all parts of England. 
90 of these have makers' marks, which are copied on 
the cards . . . . . . . . .128 

[ 14 to 30.] Seventeen Cards, on which are 143 Early 
English Clay Pipes, from excavations in London. Sixty-seven 
have makers' marks: copied on the cards. . . 143 

[31 to 36.] Six Cards, on which are 57 Early English 
Clay Pipes. 32 have makers' marks : copied on the cards. 
Collected by the late Dr. Bousfield 57 

[ 37 to 42.] Six Cards, on which are 78 Early English 
Clay Pipes. 62 have makers' marks : copied on the cards. 
Collected by W. J. Bernhard Smith, F.S.A. ... 78 

[ 43 to 46.] Four Cards, on which are 57 Early English 
Clay Pipes (chiefly Shropshire). 56 have makers' marks : 
copied on the cards. Collected by Mr. Sothorn, Pipe 
Manufacturer, of Broseley. . . . . . -57 

[ 47 to 56.] Ten Cards, on which are 172 Early English 
Clay Pipes (Broseley). 161 have makers' marks: copied 
on the cards. Collected by the late Dr. Thursfield, 
of Broseley, and described with Illustrations, by Lin. 
Jewitt, F.S.A., in "The Reliquary," Oct., 1862. Purchased 
from the Widow of Dr. Thursfield. . . . .172 

[ 57 to 60.] Four Cards, on which are 51 Early English 
Clay Pipes (Broseley), all of which have makers' marks : 
co])ied on the cards. Duplicates, from the collection of the 
late Dr. Thursfield. . . . . . . -51 



The following Pipes, from No. i lo No. ij, are of brown, 
i^/azed, earlliemi'are. 

[ I.] Figure of man with pipe in his mouth, bowl a 
human face ; sin. high. 

[ 2.] Snake, coiled ; 3in. diameter, 6|-in. long. 

[ 3.] Human figure, leg forming tube of pipe ; 4in. 

[ 4.] Dragon, with open mouth ; ornamented with 
black and dull red ; 6^ in. long. 

[5.] Dragon, with open mouth, and with wings ; 
Sfin. long. 

[6.] Straight pipe, with hand grasping stem; bowl 
a human head; 7 Jin. long. 

[7.] Straight pipe, plain stem, Turkish ornament on 
bowl ; 6^in. long. 

[ 8.] Straight pipe, bowl of Turkish pattern, with 
enlarged base ; 6|in. long. 

[ 9.] A monkey sitting, wearing a cocked hat, and 
smoking a pipe having a human face ; 5|in. high. 

[10.] Snake, in six coils of 4iin. diameter; 6iin. 

[11.] Hand, with bell-shaped base, holding pipe; 
4|in. high, 4iin. long. 

[ 12.] Recumbent figure, resting on elbow; sin. long. 

[ 13.] Monkey, sitting; 2|in. high, sjin. long. (Two.) 

[14.] Grotesque figure, with large nose and beard; 
arms-k-kimbo ; 4^in. long. 

[ 15.] Fish's head and tail, carried by human figure 
squatting; 3in. high, sin. long. (Two.) 

[ 16.] Snake's head, with plaited stem, seventeen coils : 
I4in. long, ifin. wide. 

[ 17.] Straight pipe, stem turned in rings, fluted bowl 
of Turkish pattern ; b\vn.. long. 

Note. — The above are from Brampton, near Chesterfield. 

[ 18.] Figure, w-earing cocked hat, blue coat, and sword, 
smoking a pipe. Hat marked " Nelson." 6in. high. 

[ 19.] Figure of an old woman smoking a Jjipe, the 
bowl of which is a man's head ; pale green handle, with two 
perforations for fingers ; 4ilin. high. (Staffordshire.) 1780-90. 


ExcLAN'n — Pottery. (A.c.) 

[ 20.] Figure of an old woman smoking a pipe, the 
bowl of which is a man's head with red turban ; handle, a 
snake, red, green, and blue ; 4f in. high. 

[21.] Seated figure of man smoking; blue coat, 
yellow breeches, broad-brimmed hat; marked, " Old Farmer;" 
dog at his feet. 5 Jin. high. (Staffordshire.) 

[22.] Figure of Lord Nelson, blue coat, right sleeve 
empty, cocked hat ; left hand holding large goblet, which 
forms the bowl of the pipe; 5|in. high. (Staffordshire.) 

[ 23.] Seated figure, wearing three-cornered cocked 
hat, black wig, green coat, red breeches ; smoking serpent- 
headed pipe; white dog at his feet; 5 Jin. high. (Stafford- 
shire. ) 

[24.] A hand carrying a pipe; in palm of hand a heart 
in relief ; bowl of pipe, two faces ; 4in. high. (Staffordshire.) 

[ 25.] Curved stem, large bowl, with four grotesque 
masks in relief, with fluted base, and painted blue ; whistle 
formed of dog's head, rising from centre of stem ; stem 
splashed with black, blue, and dark and light brown ; lojin. 

[ 26.] From same mould as No. 25 ; green glaze. 

[27.] In form of crocodile; head erect, open mouth, 
body marked with scales ; brown glazed earthenware ; loin. 
long, 6in. high. (Ashby-de-la-Zouch.) 

[ 28.] White glazed pottery, splashed with blue ; bowl, 
4jin. high, 2jin. diameter, marked with dots, and with scrolls 
at base; 7 in. long. (Ashby-de-la-Zouch.) 

[29.] Grey pottery; bowl, 4iin. high, 23in. diameter, 
brown glaze, mottled ; surface of bowl marked with incised 
lines, and dots in relief; 7in long. (Ashby-de-la-Zouch.) 

[ 30.] Clay bowl, 4in. high, 2in. diameter, incised at 
back ; on " heel " are eight imprints of the celebrated 
" Gauntlett " mark. This was probably a " show pipe " of 
that maker. Dug up at Cirencester in 1857. Engraved in 
Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries. 

[31.] Coiled pipe; composed of twelve concentric 
rings or coils ; four rings in centre for holding ; a circle of 
rings outside of coil ; an inner circle of rings, standing 
upright near the circumference; bowl, the head of Wellington; 
on hat, "Lord Welington;" spotted with blue and brown; 
igin. long, i3iin. diameter. 


England — Pottery. (A.c.) 

[ 32.] Snake pipe of two coils, marked with scales, 
coloured green, brown, and blue, silver mouthpiece ; loin. 
long, 7 in. diameter. 

[ 33-] Snake jiipe of three coils, oblique markings in 
blue and yellow; 6|in. diameter. 

[34.] Snake pipe of three coils, marked with scales; 
bowl a human face, white, glazed; 8^in. long, 6|in. diameter. 

[ 35.] Snake pipe of two coils, body spotted with blue, 
green, and yellow; on bowl, wheat-ear in brown; gin. long, 
4iin. diameter. 

[ 36.] Snake pipe of two coils, yellow with black spots, 
marked with scales ; on bowl, wheat-ear in green ; gin. long, 
sin. diameter. 

[37.] Snake pipe of two coils with six bowls, white 
body; ornamented with gold and light purple; 8^in. long, 
4iin. diameter. (Old Worcestershire.) 

[ 38.] Snake pipe of two coils, light brown, scales 
marked out with dark brown ; wheat-ear on bowl ; Sin. long, 
4iin. diameter. 

[ 39.] Snake pipe of two coils, scales marked by 
triangular indents, mottled with green and brown ; Sjin. long, 
5in. diameter. 

[ 40.] Flat coiled pipe of nine coils : on upper surface 
of coils are figures and ornaments in low relief, coloured ; 
bowl of pipe, a lion's head; iiin. long, 8iin. diameter. 

[41.] Flat coiled pipe of ten coils, the upper surface 
overlaid with five loops, terminating with plain bowl ; white 
body, covered with small circular spots of dark-green and 
brown ; bowl, yellow with brown spots ; Sin. diameter. 

[ 42.] Flat oblong coiled pipe, flat coils overlaid with 
coils in cross directions, coloured blue, green, yellow, and 
red ; flat coils splashed on under side with blue and red ; 
upper side dotted with black ; bowl, snake's head in blue ; 
Siin. long, sin-wide. (Swansea.) 

[ 43.] Flat, oblong, coiled pipe, surmounted by seven 
small coils, yellow and blue; bowl, a negro's head ; upper 
surface of flat coils, spotted with blue and yellow ; under 
surface, splashed, blue and yellow; gin. long, 401. diameter. 
(Swansea. ) 

[ 44.] Flat, oblong, coiled pipe, similar to No. 43 ; bowl, 
a snake's head, in brown and blue; gin. x 4iin. (Swansea.) 


IVMH.AMI -I'ull'tKV. (A.C.) 

[45.] 'i'wisted coil |)i]>c, white ground, splishcd with 
blue and yellow; bowl, with hawthorn leaves in blue, on 
white ground ; 11 Jin. long, i Jin. diameter. (Swansea.) 

[ 46.] Flat coil pipe of three rings, centre filled with 
five coils in dark blue ; on bowl, figures of two boys, one 
running, the other holding a cup, in lov relief; flat coils, 
splashed with blue and yellow; 6in. diameter. 

[ 47.] Flat coil pipe, four circular loops on ea( h side, 
and two oblong loops in centre, running lengthwise and 
crosswise; body white, spotted with blue and brown ; bowl, 
with two fern leaves in brown ; i2in. long. (Worcester.) 

[48.] Flat coil pipe, similar to No. 47. (Worcester.) 

[ 49.] Flat coil pipe, five upright coils on upjier surface, 
and interlaced horizontal coils; bowl, a bust with cap; body 
of pipe wiiite ; spots of brown and blue on upper surface ; 
on under surface, similar s[)Ots in stripes; gin. long, 4in. 
broad. (Worcester.) 

[50.] F'lat, oblong, coil I'ipe, a four-fold horizontal 
loop in centre ; body, caue colour, bars of blue and yellow 
on both surfaces ; bowl, blue-black, with wheat-ears and 
thistles in low relief; ii|in. long, 4Ain. broad. 

[51.] Circular pipe of eight coils, upper surface over- 
laid with five smaller coils ; bowl, a laughing face ; on under 
surface, radiating streaks, in blue and yellow; upper surface, 
spotted with blue and yellow on white ground; 6iin. 
diameter. (Worcester). 

[ 52.] Pipe with three bowls, bowls enclosed by a 
looped snake; rich brown glaze; 4|in. long, 3in. diameter. 

[ 53-] P'Ps with seven bowls, the two lower bowls wiih 
human faces, the others, each with narrow leaves ; bowls and 
stem looped by a coiled entwining serpent; not gl.i/.ed, fiint 
black and yellow spots; i6iin. long, 3|in. wide. 

[ 54.] Wedgwood Hookah Base, of best period ; vine 
and acanthus foliage, in white on blue grouud ; silver mount ; 
9in. diameter, Sin. high. 

[S5-] ^Vedgwood Hookah Base; figures and acanthus 
foliage in chocolate on caue-coloured ground ; 8 jin. diameter, 
7iin. high. 

[ 56.] Wedgwood Chillum audSarpoosh; Chillum with 
figures in chocolate on cane-co!oured ground ; Sarpoosh, with 
honeysuckle ornament in olive green on cane colour ; 4in. 
diameter, 5|in. high. 

Note. — \\'udg\vood made for the East India Company. Hookah 
Bakes and Chillums, for presents to native rulers. The Hookah Ba^e 
No. 54 was bionght from India. 


England— I'u II EKv. (A.c.) 

L 57-] i^'PS bowl (Wedgwood or Turner), classical 
figures, white on blue ground, silver mount and chain. 

[ 58.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood or Turner), classical 
figures, white on blue ground, silver mount and chain. 

[ 59.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood), lower part fluted, 
classical figures, white on blue ground, silver mount. 

[ 60.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood), white stem, classical 
figures, white on blue ground. 

[ 61.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood), figures of Esculapius and 
Cupid, white on blue ground. 

[ 62.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood), group of three classical 
figures, white on blue ground. 

[ 63.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood), single figure carrying 
basket and wheat, white on blue ground. 

'I'lie bowls of Nos. 57 to 63 have "heels " and short stems. 

[ 64.] Pipe bowl (Wedgwood), upright, with Wedgwood 
cover; figures of Esculapius, Venus, and Cupid. 

[ ('S to 75-] Eleven pipe bowls (Wedgwood); nine with 
classical figures, two with foliage only; white on blue ground. 

T/iese bowls have acorn-shape cups at base, and short 

citiTed steins. 

[ 76 and 77.] 'I'wo pipe bowls, (Wedgwood.) similar to 
the preceiling; cujis wantinir. 

[78.] Two pijte bowls, (Wedgwood,) same shape; 
figures and foli;ige in black on red ground ; cup wanting. 

[ 79.] 'i'wo ]iipe bowls, (^^■edgwood,) same shnpe; 
white ; acorn-shape cup. 

[80.] 'J'wo pipe bowls, (Wedgwood,) same shape; 
white ; cup wanting. See Wedgwood Plaques on Snuff 
Boxes, Nos. 36, 37, 38, and 38.* 

[81.] Hookali Base; (Spode,) groups of Amorini ; 
blue on white ground ; 9in. diameter, <))\n. liigh. 

[ 82. J Pipe bowl, white glaze ; painted in imitation of 
wood; ruins painted in o\al medallion. 

[ 83.] Pipe bowl ; conca\e sides ; white, painted with 
bird and flowers ; 2in. x 2|in. high. (Old Clielsea.) 

[84.] Pipe bowl ; white; portrait of Admiral Codring- 
ton; 4in. high. (\^ urcestcr.) 


England — PorrKKv. (A.c.) 

[ 85.] Pipe bowl ; crimson ; gilded ; j aiiiting of a 
castle and water; 4iin. (Worcester.) 

[86] Receptacle of bowl; green and cream colour; 
gilded. (Worcester.) 

[ 87.] Receptacle of bowl ; ^[andarin smoking, and 
flowers. (Old Chelsea.) 

ENGLAND— SILVER, etc. (A.d.) 

[ I.] Pipe, iron, many feet long; elaborately coiled and 
twisted; from bowl to tip, ijin., 9^in. high. 

[ 2.] Pipe, white metal ; three coils in middle of stem ; 
1 3 Jin. long. 

[ 3.] Pipe, iron ; two coils in middle of stem ; gj-in, 

[ 4.] Pipe, iron ; slender straight stem ; yin. long. 

[ 5.] Pipe, iron ; spiral groove on middle of stem ; 
lyfin. long. 

Made in Birmingham by S. Timmins, about 1820. 

[ 6.] Pipe, silver; stem in three pieces, bowl attached 
to stem by tube of horn, lin. long; 2oiin. long. 

[ 7.] Pipe, silver ; bowl fluted and chased ; a garnet 
set in back of bowl ; stem in three pieces ; i6iin. long. 

[8.] Pipe, silver; hinged open cover, with perforated 
bottom; straight stem ; tip bent ; 9 Jin. long. 

[9.] Pipe, silver; tapering twisted stem, mouthpiece 
flattened ; gjin. long. 

[ 10.] Pipe, silver; straight stem, in two pieces, small 
bowl ; 8in. long. 

[ II.] Pipe, silver; base of bowl fluted; stem in three 
pieces; curved near bowl; 33in. long. 

[ 12.] Pipe, silver, in form of battle-axe, with banneret 
on stem, 4in. x 3in. ; bearing in low relief a figure of Liberty 
trampling on a royal jiersonage. On the ground lies a 
broken sceptre and crown; above, the motto, "Sic semper 
tyrannus." 9fin. long. 

This pipe belonged to a pohtical cUib in New Yorl:. From tlie collec- 
tion of Mr. .Allen, of .\rw York. 


l'",Noi,.\.\i) — Sir.vr.u, etc. (A.n.) 

[13.] ripe, silver; bowl in form of thistle flower, 
supported Iiy thistle leaves; i61in. long. 

Belonged to a club of Scotchmen in N'ew York. From the collection 
of Mr. .Mien, of .New York. 

[ 14.] ripe Case, to contain a "Cutty,'' silver; front 
of bowl hinged at bottom, hinged and perforated cover, 
silver cliain ; 4|in. long. 

[ 15.] Pipe, silver; curved stem, with receptacle, silver 
chain ; liorn mouthpiece ; Sin. long. 

[ 16.] Pipe, silver; globular receptacle, 2in. diameter; 
porcelain bowl ; loin. long. 

[ 17.] Pipe, silver; bowl parallel with stem, with 
receptacle, upper part of stem of wood ; i6in. long. 

[ iS.] IJowl, silver; lower [)art of bowl fluted; hinged 
cover; 4in. long, 2|in. high. 

[19.] Pipe, silver, in form of man's head, repousse ; 
head-dress and hair, gilt; cover, hinged; with fish and swan's 
head and neck in relief; silver chain, wood mouthpiece ; 
gjin. long. 

[20.] Pipe, silver; Elizabethan ornaments, re[)oussc, 
on cover and bowl; silver chain, bone mouthpiece; 44in. 

[21.] Pipe, silver, lower part of bowl fluted; cover 
attached by chain ; yin, long. 

[ 22.] Pipe, silver, cover attached by chain, globular 
receptacle ; middle of amber mouthpiece covered with silver 
thread ; 7^in. long. 

[ 23.] Pipe, silver stem and cover, white porcelain 
bowl ; on cover, two figures joining hands over an altar ; 
6|in. long. 

[24.] Bowl, silver; socket, facetted; i|in. long. 

[25.] Cigar tube, silver; in middle, a dog with bird, 
in relief; 4Jin. long. 

[ 26.] Cigar tube, silver, in form of a pipe ; man's 
head with turban, repousse ; 4in. long. 

[27.] Pipe, brass; bowl, a Cossack's head with fur 
cap ; i4.\in. long. 

[28.] "Cutty," polished iron; 4|in. long. 

[29] Cigar tube, silver; s-lin. long. 

[68J " 

England— Silver, F.rc. (A.d.) 

[ 30.] ripe, carveii wood ; square bowl, with cover ; 
on stem, a box 3111. lon^', for tobacco, with cover ; carved all 
over, foliage in relief; lojiii. long, stem 2Mn. broad. 

[31.] Pi|)e, all ill Coqiiilla nut; carved all over. In 
front of bowl, a group of figures in high relief, Queen 
Elizabeth seated, Raleigh, Spenser, and Shakespeare around 
her. Stem carved with festoons, and three shallow cups of 
foliage, perforated; i7in. long. 


[ I to 39.] Thirty-nine Cards, on which are 354 Early 
Dutch Clay Pipes. 300 having makers' marks, which are 
drawn upon the cards. Collected in Holland during the 
past twenty years. Many of them were collected by Mr. 
Van der Want, Master of the Pipemakers' Guild at Gouda — ■ 
the seat of the pipe manufacture in Holland . . 354 

[ 40 to 50.] Eleven Cards, on which are 99 Early 
Dutch Clay Pipes. 64 having makers' marks, which are 
drawn upon the cards. Also 175 Modern Clay Pipes, which, 
with the preceding, formed the exhibit of the Dutch Pipe- 
makers at the tlxhibition of National Industries at Delft, 
in 1863 ......... 274 

[51.] Case, with glass top, containing 3 unbroken Clay 
Pipes, of the earliest Dutch make. No. i, i7fin. long; 
bequeathed to \V. B. by Dr. Holtrop, of the Royal Library, 
The Hague. No. 2, i3jin. long; presented to W. B. by Mr. 
Van der Want, Gouda. No. 3, i34in. long; was found 
behind the wainscot of a chateau near Leyden. 

[52.] Two " Bri<legrooms''' Pipes — Clay — decorated 
with ribbons. Smoked only on the marriage day, and its 

[ 53-] I'ips bowl, dres de Flandrcs. A fine portrait 
head, with blue turban; at base, a grotesque mask; 7in. 
high, 5 J in. broad. 

[ 54.] Pipe bowl, Gres de Flandres. Gray, with reed 
stem, i4ni. long; i^in. high, 2. J in long. 

[ 55.] Smokers' Tray, co|iper, with four extinguishers 
for spills ; in centre, candlestick, 5in. high, and plate, 
perforated to receive three knives, with twisted handles, and 
three piickers and stoppers ; i2in. x Qin. 

Holland— Earlv Clav Pipes, rnr. (A.e.) 

[56.] Smokers' Candlestick, brass, witli three feet; 
three extinguishers in tray; circular plate on candlestick, 
perforated for tliree knives, with twisted handles, and three 
])rickers and stojipers ; glin. high, 6.',in. diameter. 

[ 57 to 65.] Nine Hookah Bases, of Delft jjottery, blue 
and white. Made after Chinese patterns for use in China. 
Brought from China. 

[ 66.] One Hookah Base, of Delft i)Ottery, blue and 
white. With Chinese mark of Leaf 

[ 67.] One Hookah Base, of Delft jjottery, painted in 

[ 68.] One Hookah Base, of Delft pottery, blue and 
white, with elephant's head. 

[ 69.] Small Hamper, containing 24 minute pipes, 
2]in. long, resembling the long Dutch clays. 


[ I.] Pipe ; a gnarled root, carved with many 
grotesque heads and animals; gMn. x iiin. 

[ 2.] Pipe, for two smokers; made of a branched root; 
2oin. X loin. 

[3.] Pipe; bowl enamelled, blue ground, French eagle 
in relief on stem; i2|in. long. 

[4.] Pipe, ivory; bowl, 6^in. high; a female bust with 
lace collar, surmounted b)' foliage of vine ; an eagle's head 
below; stem carved in spirals; 29in. long. 

[5.] Pipe; wood; "La Lanterne," (Paris, 1S66;) 6in. 

[6 and 7.] Two pipes, clay; "La Lanterne," (Paris, 
1866 ;) 6in. long. 

[ 8.] Pipe, with Sevres howl, with inscrii)tion " La 
fumee in'amuse"; stem of ivory and horn inlaid; i6.',in. 

[9.] Pipe, with Sevres bowl; a claw gilded, holding 
egg; blue ground, jewelled; 7in. long. 

[ 10.] Bowl ; similar to No. 9; dark-blue ground. 

[11.] Bowl, Sevres, marked; dark -blue ground, 
jewelled; oval picture: a Dutcii Boor smoking; 4in. liigh. 


Fkanll S;.\ rics. (A.i.) 

[ 12.] Bowl, Sevres; dark blue ground; oval picture, 
a lady and gentleman seated under tree; 2^in. high. 

[13.] Bowl, Sevres; dark-blue ground; jewelled all 
over with pearls; 3in. long x 2iin high. 

[14.] Bowl, old Sevres; soft paste; monogram, 
" I. M." in wreaths of roses ; arabescpie ornament in colours, 
on white ground ; ^lin. long x 2^ in. high. 

[15.] Bowl, Sevres; a female head, "Italy," with 
castellated crown ; 2in. high x 2in. dia. 

[16.] Bowl, Sevres, imitation of "Wedge wood " ; in 
front, Silenus on his ass; figures in white on blue ground; 
stem glai:ed ; 4Mn. high. 

[17.] Bowl, Sevres; sky-blue ground; in front, "K" 

in gold on dark blue; 2 Jin. high x 2|in. long. 

[18.] Bowl, Sevres; dark-blue, gilded; 2|in. long x 
2in. high. 

[ ig.] Bowl, Sevres; white ground, vase in front, 
richly gilded ; 3iin. high. 

[20.] Bowl, Sevres; white ground, slightly gilded; 
2iin. high. 

[21.] Bowl, yellow; portrait bust, with helmet; z^in. 
long X 2im. high. 

[ 22.] Bowl, French grey ; acanthus rosette, and head of 
Medusa, with porcelain inner cup : imitation of Wedgewood; 
2|in. long X 2iin. high. 

[z2*] Bowl, Sevres; trial piece; head: white, with 
dark-blue turban; 3|in. long x 2iin. high. 

[ 23 to 27.] Five bowls in form of heads; pottery, 
chocolate and black. 

[ 28.] Bowl, red [jottery ; grotesque head, with mask 
on cover. 

[ 29 to 32.] Four bowls, large turbanned heads ; pottery. 

[33.] Bowl, Rouen fayence, head of a .Satyr; 
4iin. x 4iin. 

[34.] Bowl with cover; Rouen fayence; scrolls and 
dog in relief; sin. high. 

[35.] Bowl, Rouen fayence; two bearded masks, with 
scrolls above ; 2;Jin. x 2] in. 

[ 36 to 40.] Five bowls, made for oriental use. 

[ 41.] Bowl, daik blue glaze. 


r'KANci: -Si:v:;ts. (A. i.) 

[ 42.] Bowl, gilded all ovtr, classic masks, iVc. ; cover, 
a winged lion. 

[ 43.] Bowl, metal, gilded ; Turban - shajied cover, 

[ 44.] Bowl, metal, gilded ; Turkish shape : statuette 
of Cellini on cover. 

[45.] Bowl, metal, sihered ; shooting scene, in low 

[46.] Bowl, metal, silvered; festive scene, in low^ 

[ 47.] Bowl (upright), metal, silvered ; peasants dancing. 

[ 48.] Bowl, metal, gilded ; richly chased figures ; cover 
with figures and foliage, in relief; at back, a locket with 

[49.] Bowl, bo.Kwood; elaborately carved with figures, 
and Louis Quatorze ornament ; with horizontal and vertical 
sockets for stem, each with carved and gold-mounted 
stoppers. Bowl also mounted with gold ; 4in. high x 5|lin. 

[ 50.] Hookah Base, Sevres porcelain ; blue ground, 
arabesque ornament in gold ; gin. high. Sin. diameter. 

[51.] Bowl, terra - cotta ; head of Don Quixote; 
3^in. X 5in. high. 

[52.] Bowl, terra-cotta ; head of Sancho Panza; 
3in. X 3|in. high. 

Nos. 51 and 52 were modelled by L. Desbordes, for W. B. 

[53.] Bowl, terra-cotta; portrait of L. Desbordes; 
2jin. X 2^in. high. 

[ 54.] Bowl, terra-cotta; a chiffonier; 2in. x 3iin. high. 

[ 55.] Bowl, terra-colta; Madame Rachel; 2|in. x 2fin. 

[ 56.] Bowl, terra-cotta; a chiffonier, seated; 2.1in. x 2in. 

[ 57 to 63.] Seven bowls, terra-cotta; grotesque heads. 

[ 64 and 65.] Two pipes, covered with foliage and 
ornament, glazed and painted; 9iin. long; bowls i|in. 

[ 66 to 70.] Five pipes, smaller, similar in material and 
character to Nos. 64 and 65. 

[ 71 to 78.] Eight " I'ostilion" pipes; small. 


France — Sevres. (A.f.) 

[79.] Bowl, with figures and elaborate ornament, 
partly painted and glazed; 5in. x 6|in. high. Made by 
Gambier, of Givet. 

[ 80.] A collection of about 220 French clay pipes, of 
various kinds. Many are portrait heads of historical and 
political personages, and human and animal heads grotesquely 
treated. Some are of large size, and many are partly glazed 
and painted. Many made by Gambier, of Givet, and 
Dumeril, of St. Omer. 

[81.] Pipe, wood, carved all over; vine foliage and 
grapes, in very high relief, the vine branches in full relief; 
amber mouthpiece, 3in. ; 33in. long. (Swiss.) 

GERMANY. (A.g.) 

[ I.] Pipe, light wood; carved dog and game bag; 
cover, a man sitting cross-legged; ii|in. long; bowl, 5in. 

[2.] Pipe, carved all over; on bowl, a family party 
seated round a summer house, in relief; on stem, groups of 
figures and foliage; 23|in. long; bowl, 4in. long, 3Ain. high. 

[3.] Pipe, boxwood; on bowl, carved, a coat of arms 
with crown, chateau and mountains ; base boldly fluted ; 
cover, a crown in silver; loin. long; bowl, 3|in. long, s^in. 

[4.] Pipe; bowl of dark wood, 4in. long, 4|in. high; 
two soldiers in high relief on bowl, in classical costume, silver 
shield between them ; silver cover, mount, and chain ; 
i2Mn. long. 

[ 5.] Bowl, wood ; fluted base, with five serpents 
in silver ; in front of bowl, a laurel wreath and foliage, with 
figure in relief; cover, silver, on it three small figures in 
relief; 4lin. high, 3in. diameter. 

[6.] Bowl, boxwood; on bowl, carved figure of 
Mercury ; socket, in form of dolphin ; silver cover and 
mount; 3in. x 5in. high. 

[7.] Bowl, Boxwood; hunting scene, in high relief; 
silver mounts; 3in. x 3I high. 

[ 8.] Bowl, boxwood ; a stag hunt, in high relief; 
socket, a dolphin's head; 3?,in. x 2.',in. high, 

K '[73J 

Germany. (A.g.) 

[9.] Pipe, wood; carved richly all over; in front of 
bowl, a head of Christ, in medallion ; acanthus foliage ; 
silver mounts; loin. long; bowl, 3iin. x ^Un. high. 

[ 10.] Bowl, boxwood ; in front of bowl, a soldier in 
relief, with pike ; foliage, &c. ; 4lin. x 4|in. high. 

[11.] Bowl, boxwood; richly carved, small female head 
in front of bowl ; acanthus foliage ; bowl and socket 
connected by large acanthus scroll ; 4in. x 4 jin. high. 

[ 12.] Bowl, satinwood; carved in high relief; Napoleon 
in triimijihal car, receiving offer of keys ; cover, a crown in 
silver; 5in. x 5in. high. 

[ 13.] Bowl, boxwood; carved in high relief, hunting 
the bustard ; socket, a dolphin's head ; silver cover ; 
4in. X 3Jin. high. 

[14.] Pipe, boxwood; carved all over; battle scene, 
in high relief on bowl ; boar hunt on stem; socket, dolphin's 
head ; i3in. long : bowl, 3Mn. x 2in. high. 

[15.] Bowl, dark wood; in form of grotesque head, 
with long beard and far cap — on cap, a mask ; silver cover 
and mount ; sin. x 5in. high. 

[ 16.] Bowl, dark wood; a human head, with pointed 
ears, resting on a dolphin ; silver cover, castellated, sur- 
mounted by a cannon; silver mount ; 3;Jin. x 3|in. high. 

[17.] Bowl, dark wood; carved, trees in high relief, 
and deer ; base, a dog's head ; wooden cover ; 4iin. x 4^in. 

[ 18.] Double bowl, wood; bowls connected in front 
by double-eagle; 3in. x 3Jin. high. 

[ 19.] Bowl, wood; in form of Chinaman's head, with 
glass eyes; silver chains and pricker; 3iin. x 3iin. 

[ 20.] Bowl, wood ; beautifully inlaid with brass wire 
and pearl ; keel of bowl bound with silver ; silver cover and 
mount, coat of arms on cover; 5|in. x 5in. high. 

[ 2r.] Bowl, bo-Ywood; lower half open scroll work; 
3in. X 4Mn. high. 

[22.] Bowl, dark wood; a hand holding a globe; 
globe encrusted with astrological emblems, in silver ; 
wooden carved cover, and silver mounts; 3ijin. x 4in. high. 

[ 23.] Bowl, wood; a hand holding a globe, encrusted 
like No. 22; cover, a figure of Time, in relief, holding a 
silver scroll of the Decalogue; 3in. x 5in. high. 


Germany. (A.g.) 

[24.] Pipe, wood; base of bowl fluted; surface 
covered with pearl inlaying, and brass wire points ; three 
double-headed eagles on bowl ; silver cover and mounts ; 
i3in. long; bowl, 3Mn. x 4in. high. (Vienna.) 

[ 25.J Pipe, wood; bowl, 2|in. x 3|in. higli, inlaid as 
No. 24, with three eagles ; silver cover, embossed and silver 
mount; stem, twisted horn ; iiin. long. (Vienna). 

[ 26.] Bowl, wood, inlaid with pearl ; eagle in front, 
vases at sides ; silver cover, tall and tapering, with silver 
rings, silver mount and chain; sjin. x 3|in. (Vienna.) 

[27.] Bowl, wood, inlaid with pearl and brass wire; 
three eagles on bowl, two on socket ; silver cover, engraved ; 
silver socket ; 2|in. x ajin. high. (Vienna). 

[28.] Bowl, wood, inlaid with silver; double-headed 
eagle in front ; flowers at sides ; silver cover, with four 
large flowers in relief; silver mount; 2jin. x 3^in. high. 

[ 29.] Bowl, inlaid with fine silver wire; double-headed 
eagle in front ; beautiful scrolls at sides ; silver socket, 
embossed, and silver cover; 2iin. x 2in. high. (Vienna.) 

[ 30.] Bowl, inlaid with pearl ; heavy brass cover and 
mounts; 2|in. x 2iin. high. (Austrian Tyrol.) 

[31.] Pipe, boxwood; bowl, 3in. x 2J,in. high, with 
heavy brass mounts, and brass receptacle; Tl'\n. long. 
(Austrian Tyrol.) 

[ 32.] Pipe, dark wood; bowl, 3in. x 2];in., inlaid with 
pearl and brass wire, and five beads of carnelian; S^in. long. 
(Austrian Tyrol.) 

[ 33.] Bowl, wood, inlaid with pearl and brass wire 
points; brass and copper cover; extinguisher shape; engraved ; 
copper mount ; 2 J,in. x T,\m. high. (."Austrian Tyrol.) 

[ 34.] Three bowls, united in one socket ; wood, inlaid 
with pearl ; covers of brass, ornamented with copper wire, 
and surmounted by crosses; copper mounts; 2in. x 3Jin. 
high. (Styria). 

[35.] Pipe; bowl, 2;lin. x 3in. high, wood, inlaid with 
pearl and brass wire ; body of bowl brass ; brass cap ; row 
of small brass plates at base ; '/jin. long. (Styria.) 

[ 36.] Bowl, light wood, inlaid with brass, and incised; 
double row of small brass plates; brass cover, 2 Jin. high, 
with silver rings, and wire coiled round it; 2iin. x 4Ain. high. 
(Styria. ) 


Germany. (A.g.) 

[37.] Pipe, wood; bowl, s^in. x 5|in. high, inlaid 
with pearl ; body of bowl of brass, with rings and tassels ; 
cover, brass, with triangular pendants, etc. ; 6.}in. long. 

[ 38.] Pipe, wood ; bowl, 2in. x 3^ high ; base fluted ; 
body of bowl iron ; cover, tall, of iron, ornamented with 
coloured metal ; brass mounts; 7|in. long. (Styria.) 

[ 39.] Bowl, wood ; body, iron; cover, iron ; ornamented 
with coloured metal ; ain. x 3in. high. 

[40.] Pipe; bowl, wood, ijin. x 2in. high, inlaid with 
copper and brass points ; body and cover, white metal ; 
4iin. long. 

[ 41.] Pipe, wood; bowl, a knotted piece of root yiin. 
long ; cover turned, with inscription ; stem and tube of 
wood, with rough surface, rising to bowl : united at bottom 
with two hands, inscription between ; 42in. long. 

[ 42.] Pipe, stag-horn ; cover and mounts of metal, 
amber mouthpiece, green flexible tube ; 2Sin. long. 

[ 43.] Pipe bowl, stag-horn, carved ; a grotesque animal 
head with open mouth ; ferrule on stem carved, a bearded 
human head ; socket and stem of black horn ; i-jl'm. long. 

[ 44.] Pipe, pine-wood ; stem, part turned and part with 
bark on; bowl, pine-wood, iiin. high ; two tassels of lichen ; 
44in. long. (Styria.) 

[45.] Pipe, similar to No. 44; lyiin. long. (Styria.) 

[ 46.] Pipe bowl, black horn ; in form of dolphin's 
head ; part of stem seven-sided ; ferrules of Coquilla nut and 
ivory; i3in. long. 

[ 47.] Pipe, wood, in form of trumpet ; mouthpiece 
and bends of black horn ; 24in. long. 

[ 48.] Pipe, turned wooden bowl with perforated cover; 
horn mouthpiece; 5 Jin. long. 

[ 49.] Pipe, black horn ; bowl carried by a curved 
tube ; receptacle peaked and prolonged in front, and inlaid 
v.ith ivory discs ; 2o^in. long. 

[ 50.] Pipe, horn, stem fluted ; receptacle curving 
forward, grasped by a hand in low relief; iSin. long. 

[51.] Pipe, stem, horn; mouthpiece, horn; black 
flexible tube ; bowl of light wood, 6in. long, with spring and 
disc inside bowl. Bowl connected to stem at upper part by 
short tube; 2 2 in. long. 


Germany. (A.g.) 

[52.] Pipe, wood; incised with diagonal lines, orna- 
mented with silver studs and silver points ; mouthpiece of 
horn ; silver cover in form of hehnet; lyin. long. 

[53-] Pipe, wood; ornamented as No. 52; stem, 
triangular, silver chains ; iiin. long. 

[54.] Pipe; bowl, wood, covered with silver points in 
diagonal lines; stem, of black horn and ivory; i8in. long. 

L 55-] P'Pe, wood ; stem and bowl ornamented with 
silver studs and points ; silver cover; triangular stem ; i2in. 

[ 56.] Pipe, wood, similar to No. 55 ; bowl, straight, 
four-sided; i2in. long. 

[57.] Pipe ; porcelain bowl; large receptacle of horn; 
i7iin. long. 

[ 58.J Pipe, wood; bowl, sin. long; horn receptacle; 
cherry-stick stem ; i6;lin. long. 

[ 59.] Pipe; porcelain bowl ; black horn receptacle and 
mouthpiece; i2in. long. 

[ 60.] Pipe; white porcelain bowl; socket and receptacle 
of silver; stem, black horn, inlaid with pearl; 23Mn. long. 

[ 61.] Pipe; bowl and receptacle silver; coat of arms 
and initials on receptacle ; silver chain ; black horn stem ; 
i6Mn. long. 

[ 62.] Pipe, light wood ; bowl, 4in. x 3in. ; turned 
wood stem; igiin. long. 

[ 63.] Pipe, wood ; bowl, held in a hand ; coat of arms 
and inscription; stem, cherry-wood and horn; 17 Jin. long. 

[64.] Pipe, light wood; bowl, four-sided, engraved; 
stem engraved, jointed at top ; 2o.Mn. long. 

[ 65.] Bowl, light wood ; inscribed with students' 
names and portrait; date, 1819; 4in. x 4iin. high. 

[66.] Pipe, wood ; 9in. 

[67.] Pipe, black wood, turned; i3Jin. long, 2in. 

[68.] Pipe, wood; a hand grasping a tankard; 9Mn. 

[ 69.] Pipe ; earthenware bowl, with grotesque face in 
front; metal receptacle ; horn stem ; lojin. long. 

[ 70.] Pipe, staghorn ; bowl, 5in. high, 2in. diameter; 
bowl, stem, and receptacle elaborately carved with hunting 
scenes, white figures on dark ground ; silver mounts ; i6in. 


Germany. (A.g.) 

[71.] Pipe, staghorn ; bowl, 5111. high, 2]in. xilin. ; 
bowl beautifully carved with hunting scene, stag and dogs, 
figures on horseback ; stem, staghorn; lyin. long. 

[72.] Pipe, staghorn; bowl carved with sportsmen 
shooting ; stem with deer ; 1 3 Jin. long. 

[ 73-] P'P^i bowl and part of stem of staghorn carved ; 
bowl with dogs, boar, and deer; stem with dog and fox. 
Long pointed receptacle of black horn; i4lin. long. 

[ 74.] Pipe, bowl and socket of one piece of staghorn ; 
carved with deer, dogs, and grotesque figures, in high relief; 
stem, black horn, middle of stem cased with wliite staghorn, 
carved in spiral grooves; 2 3in. long. 

[ 75.] Pipe; bowl of staghorn, 4in. x 4in., with 
abnormal "tine" pointing downwards; flexible silk-covered 
stem ; i4in. long. 

[ 76.] Pipe, white staghorn ; bowl in line with stem ; 
bowl carved with large female face in front, and hunting scenes. 
On upper part of bowl, classical figures; in middle of stem, 
a bearded bust ; i4.\in. long. 

[77.] Pipe, dark wood, elaborately carved all over; 
on bowl, a country carriage full of peasants, drawn by two 
horses, and with foliage all in very high relief. Receptacle 
curving to front, carved with Gothic ornament, and in 
front, two chamois fighting. Stem carved with Gothic 
ornament. i6in. long. 

[ 78.] Pipe, a chamois horn ; mouthpiece set on at a 
right angle ; s^in. long x 6iin. high. 

[ 79.] Pipe, black horn ; bowl and stem carved in 
spirals; stem parallel with bowl; siin. high. 

[ 80.] Pipe, wood, richly encrusted with silver ; heraldic 
lions and crown on bowl. Silver box in front of bowl, 
containing medallion of Lamb, in silver; " M.B." engraved 
on lid of box. Stem, a silver tube, on which are lions' 
heads, to which silver chains are attached. i5in. long. 

[ 81.] Pipe, carved bone, with ferrules of black wood ; 
bowl, head of priest, wearing a broad-brimmed liat ; in 
middle of stem, female figure and group of apes ; 3oin. long. 

[ 82.] Pipe, boxwood : head in medallion in front of 
bowl ; stem and bowl beautifully covered with acanthus 
foliage; silver mounts. lo.Mn. long. 

[83.] Bowl, meerschaum; green tinge; upper part 
cased with silver; silver mounts. 3in. x sin. high. 


Germany. (A.g.) 

[ 84.] Bowl, meerschaum ; sleeping cupid ; basket and 
festoons of flowers; silver mounts; 4in. x 3iin. high. 

[ S5.] Bowl, meerschaum; figure of cujud sitting; 
silver mount; 4}in. x 3Mn. high. 

[ 86.] Bowl, meerschaum ; hand carrying female bust ; 
silver mount; sin. x sMn. high. 

[ 87.] Bowl, meerschaum ; sportsman, with dead game 
and dogs ; 54-in. x sin. high. 

[ SS.] Bowl, meerschaum ; head, with pagoda-form 
hat, ornamented with silver and bells; cover of silver 
filigree; sin. x 6in. high. 

[ 89.] Bowl, meerschaum; fluted at base; four classic 
heads in medallions ; silver cover and mounts ; 6in. x 6in. 

[ 90.] Bowl, meerschaum; head of sphinx; 3in. x 2in. 

[ 91.] Bowl, meerschaum; head in front, in low relief; 
Louis Quatorze ornament in low relief, studded with beads ; 
3in. X 3iin. high. 

[ 92.] Bowl, meerschaum ; on bowl, warriors before a 
fortress ; underneath, coat of arms, with biretta; 44in. x 5|in. 

[ 93.] Bowl, meerschaum ; with five bowls and five 
sockets ; 4iin. x 3in. dia. x 3jin. high. 

[94.] Bowl, meerschaum; engraved diaper, silver 
mounts; 3^ x s^in. high. 

[95.] Bowl, meerschaum; characteristic Hungarian 
form ; 3^in. x sin. high. 

[ 96.] Pipe, meerschaum ; bowl, Turkish form ; stem 
in five parts, with amber mouthpiece, fitted in case. 

[97.] Bowl, meerschaum; stag and trees incised; 
socket connected with middle of bowl by acanthus scrolls, 
silver mounts; 4|in. x 4in. high. 

[ 98.] Bowl, meerschaum ; large scrolls ; silver recep- 
tacle; cover, a helmet in silver; 4in. x 6|in. 

[ 99.] Bowl, meerschaum ; with broad flange at top 
of bowl and end of socket ; silver mounts , 4|in. x 4in. high. 

[ 100.] Bowl, meerschaum ; back and keel edged with » 
silver; silver cover beautifully chased; 3iin. x sin. liigh. 

[ loi.] Pipe, meerschaum; amber mouth[jiece, 3]in. 
long; stem and bowl in one piece; i2lin. long; bowl, 3in. 


Germany. (A.g.) 

[ 102.] Pipe, meerschaum; stem in form of bamboo; 
amber mouthpiece, in case; lo^in. long. 

[ 103.] Cigar tube, meerschaum and amber; Tyrolese 
peasants and dog, in reHef; 5]in. long. 

[ 104.] Pipe, meerschaum. 


[ I.] Bowl, red jasper; with wavy lines of grey ; silver 
ferrule and cover, with agate bead ; 2in. long, 2J,in. high, |in. 

[ 2.] Bowl, Egyptian jasper; silver socket and mount ; 
2in. long, 2jin. high, |-in. square. 

[ 3.] Bowl, moss agate ; silver cover and ferrule ; bead 
on cover; 2in. long, 3in. high, lin. square. 

[ 4.] Pipe, banded agate ; silver cover and socket ; 
bands well marked on sides; 2in. long, 3in. high, |in. square. 

[5.] Bowl, jasp-agate; silver cover and socket; 2in. 
long, 3in. high, ^in. square. 

[ 6.] Bowl, light-coloured banded agate ; 2in. long, 
2|in. high, I in. square. 

[ 7.] Bowl, agate; with opaque grey bands at top and 
bottom; silver cover and socket; 2in. long, 3in. high, lin. 

[ 8.] Bowl, agate, red and white ; cover and socket, 
silver gilt; 2in long, 3in. high, lin. octagonal. 

[ 9.] Bowl, agate, grey and white ; silver cover, chain, 
and socket ; 2j,in. long, 2J,in. high, i fin. diameter at base, 
I jin. at bowl. 

[ 10.] Bowl, chalcedony; silver cover and socket; 3|in. 
long, 2iin. high, ifin. diameter. 

[ 1 1.] Bowl, agate ; gilt mount to bowl ; 3in. long, 2in. 
high, I Jin. diameter. 

[12.] Bowl, agate stalactite; natural surface; 2,',in. 
long, 4in. high, ijin. diameter. 

[ 13.] Bowl, "ruin-marble," Saltzburg ; 3in. long, 4in. 
high, liin, diameter. 


Germany— Stone and Pokcelain Pipe Bowls. (A.h.) 

[ 14.] Bowl, "ruin-marble," Saltzburg; 2-J,in. long, 3in. 
high, lin. diameter. 

[ 15.] Bowl, green serpentine; fluted base ; 2.Un. long, 
2in. higli, i|in. diameter. 

[16.] Bowl, green serpentine; 3in. high, i^in. diameter. 

[17.] Bowl, dark serpentine; with co\er of same 
material ; 2in. long, 34in. high, i Jin. diameter. 

[ iS.] Bowl, dark serpentine; cover of same material ; 
2|in. long, 2Mn. high, i|in. diameter. 

[ 19.] Bowl, dark serpentine; 2'l'\n. long, i^Jin. high, 
|in. aiameter at top, ilin. diameter at lower jsart of bowl. 

[20.] Bowl, "lava," yellow; head, with pointed beard ; 
2in. long, 2;{in. high, i^in. diameter. 

[21.] Bowl, "lava," green ; head; brass socket; 3Mn. 
long, 2|iii. high, liin. diameter. 

[22.] Bowl, "lava," red brown ; head, surmounted by 
Egyptian capital; 2|in. high, i^in. square. 

[ 23.] Bowl, light stone; formed of the stone of monu- 
ment at Waterloo; lined with silver, surmounted by a model 
in siUer of the monument; monogram "W" and crown 
car\ed on front of bowl ; 4in. long, 4Jin. high, 2in. diameter. 

[24.] Pipe, reddish jasper; stem and mouthpiece of 
three pieces of carnelian, with silver ferrules and mounts; 
gin. long; bowl, i|in. long, 2^in. high; square. 

See also A.k. Xos. 70, 71, anrl 72. 


[25.] Bowl; surface, richly gilt; picture of students 
playing cards, chess, etc.; 4Mn. high. (Vienna.) 

[26.] Bowl, white ground ; nymphs carrying Cupid in 
a basket of flowers; 4fin. high. (Vienna.) 

[ 27.] Bowl, sage green ground; oval medallion; 4in. 
high. (Vienna.) 

[28.] Bowl, white; portrait of lady; 4]in. high. 

[29.] Bowl, gold ground; copy of Dutch jiicture ; 
3iin. high. (Vienna.) 

[8,] L 


[ 30.] Bowl, wliite ; lieads of Alexander I. and Blucher 
in bas-relief ; 4in. high. (\'ienna.) 

[31.] Bowl; female portrait in brown; coat of arms; 
4Mn. high. (Vienna.) 

[ 32. J Bowl, white groimd ; Turk smoking, "Old Nick" 
giving a light; 5in. high. (Vienna.) 

[33-] Bowl, octagonal; figures; 4in. high, (^'icnna.) 

[ 34.] Bowl, octagonal; figures; sijin. high. (Vienna.) 

I 35.] liowl, octagonal, black ground; figures, etc.; 
2^in. high. (Vienna.) 

[36.] Bowl; pug dog, sitting ; 3in. high. (Gotha.) 

[37.] Bowl, silver mounted; brown jasper, cut; 
3|in. X 2in. high. (Bottcher-ware.) 

[38.] Bowl, octagonal; figures and flowers on alternate 
sides; white ground; 3in. x 3in. high. (Furstenburg.) 

[39.] Bowl; two children, in purple; 3in. x 3in. higli. 

[40.] Pipe-dish, painted with flowers; 3|in. x i^in. 
higli. (Furstenburg.) 

[41.] Bowl; fawn colour, exquisitely painted with 
insects, by Lcoiihard Geiser ; 4in. high. (Nuremburg.) 

[42.] Bowl with receptacle; light fawn colour, painted 
with insects, by Leoiihai d Geiser; 6iin. high. (Nuremberg.) 

[ 43.] Bowl, globular, white ; landscape and figures on 
each side ; 2in. x 3^in. higli. (Schlakenwald.) 

[ 44 ] Bowl ; a head with pink hat and white collar, 
with stem and receptacle ; stem of wood, inlaid with pearl ; 
2Jin. X 2in. high. (Nymphenberg.) 

[ 45.] Bowl ; white, painted with flowers and strawberries, 
with stem of horn, inlaid with pearl ; cover of bowl, a flower 
in silver; 3|in. x 2iin. high. (Nymphenberg.) 


[46.1 Bowl, with globular receptacle, Meissen ; white, 
painted with flowers; 5 Jin. x ijin. high. 

[ 47.] Bowl, with globular receiJtacle, Meissen ; white, 
painted with flowers; base of bowl fluted and gilded; 
4|in. X i:j'in. high. 


Germany — Meissen Pipe Bowls. (A.h.) 

[ 48.] Bowl, Meissen, white ; blue flowers round top 
of bowl ; 2|in. x 2^111. high. 

[ 49.] Bowl, Meissen, white ; socket a dolphin ; 
paintings of buildings on each side; 2lin. x 2|in. liigh. 

[50.] Bowl, Meissen, white; flowers on sides ; 2in. x 2;^in. 

[51.] Bowl, IMeissen ; flowers, scrolls in low relief; 
2|in. X 2iin. high. 

[ 52.] Bowl, Meissen, white; in front a head with green 
wseath; 2|in. x3Jin. high. 

[ 53.] Bowl, Meissen; flowers round top, band of scales 
in purple round middle; 2in. x i|in. high. 

[54.] Bowl, Meissen; same shape as last ; sprays of 
flowers, etc. ; 2in. x ifin. high. 

[55.] Bowl, Meissen; i;|in. x lin. high. 

[ 56.] Bow), Meissen, white; trophy of arms and flags 
on sides; ijin. x 2|in. high. 

[ 57.] Bowl, Meissen; in front a portrait head in purple, 
ornament in black ; i|in. x 2in. high. 

[ 58.] Bowl, Meissen, white ; on each side, portrait 
heads; i|in. x i|in. high. 

[ 59.] Bowl, Meissen, white ; landscape and figures in 
purple; 2in. x 2|in. high. 

[60.] Bowl, Meissen, white; flowers on bottom; 
ifin. X 2|in. high. 

[61.] Bowl, Meissen, white; flowers in front, star on 
each side, in low relief; i§in. x 2Mn. high. 

[62.] Bowl, Meissen: similar to No. 61; flowers 
on upper part. 

[63.] Bowl, Meissen, white ground; "T.C.L." and 
1773 under a crown in front; 2in. x 2^in. high. 

[ 64.] Bowl, Meissen, white ground ; soldier on 
horseback; i:|in. x 2in. high. 

[65.] Bowl, Meissen, white ground; flowers; i-^in. x 2in. 

[ 65.] Bowl, Meissen, white ground ; chateau on an 
island, ornament around in colours; i:Jin. x 2in. high. 

[67.] Bowl, Meissen; base fluted; battle scene; 
I Jin. X 2in. high. 


r.izRMANV — Mf.issf.n' Piri", r.nwi.s. (A.n.) 

[68.] Rowl, Meissen; in form of cjoat ; sjin. x3in. 

[ 6y to 73.] Four bowls, Meissen ; heads, wliite glaze; 
men and women. 

[74 to 112.] Collection of forty Meissen howls, 
heads of men and women, portraits anil grotesque ; all well 
painted, many mounted with silver 

[ 113 to 116.] Four bowls, Meissen ; heads, painted. 

For other Meissen bowls, see Nos. 167 to 189. 


[117.] Bowl, Beilin; mermiid, sujiporting richly 
decorated vase; mermaid's tail, blue; 2:jiii. x 4:Jin. high. 

[ 1 18 to 121.] Three bowls, Berlin ; merniaids supporting 
vasts; 2'Jin. x 4jin. high. 

[ 122.] Bowl, Berlin; paintiiig, female half-figure, blue 

[ 123.] Bowl, Berlin; portrait of Guttenberg. 

[ 124. J Bowl, lierlin; portrait of Lourens J. Koster. 

[ 125.] Bowl, Berlin ; jiortrait of Napoleon 1. 

[ 126.] Bowl, Berlin; portrait of Naval Officer. 

[ 127.] B.owl, Berlin ; jiortrait of Lady in mauve dress. 

[128.] Bowl, Berlin, with receptacle; portrait of 
Frederic \\'illiam. King of Prussia, monochrome, brown. 

[129.] Bowl, Berhn, with receptacle; female figures 
bathing, gilded. 

[ 130.] Bowl, Berlin, with receptacle: landscape, with 

[131.] Bowl, Berlin, with receptacle; huntsmen at 
an Inn. 

[ 132 and 133.] Three bowls, Berlin, with rereiHacle ; 
views of Miinchen and Borsen. 

[ 134.] Bowl with receptacle, Berlin ; most elaborately 
painted ; covered with a multitude of figures and heads ; 
upper part of receptacle painted with grotesque heads in 
brown ; on lou er jiart, a festive scene in colours ; lolin. long. 


Germany — Ukri.ix Pipf. Bowls. (A.h.) 

[ 135.] Bowl with receptacle, Berlin; entirely covered 
with paintings of animals, human figures, and heads, in brown 
tints only ; 6jin. long. 

[ 136.] Bowl and socket, Berlin ; bowl, a vase. 

[ 137.] Bowl, Berlin; covered witli minute and e.xquisite 
paintings of symbols of life and the arts, and with inscriptions 
in many languages ; jfin. high. 

[ 13S.] Bowl, Berlin ; bla::k ground. Masonic emblems 
in front. 

[139.] Bowl, Berlin ; a skull in low relief, on black 

[140 to 142.] Three bowls, Berlin : green ground, 
painted with flowers, figures, and landscape. 

[ 143.] Bowl, Berlin ; rich colours, green, brown, and 
red, blended. 

[ 144.] Bowl, witli receptacle, Berlin ; on bowl, " Die 
grosse Windmiihle." 

[ 145.] Bowl, Berlin : painted, with " G " in flowers, 
and wreath. 

[ 146 to 165.] Twenty bowls, Berlin; various; one 
with receptacle. 

[166.] Large bowl, Berlin; painted with six different 
subjects; on lower part a map of Germany, and music. 
Painted by Qiiasf, of Prague, yiin. high. 


[ 167.] Bowl, Meissen ; "two children kindling a fire," 
painted by Marcoliiii. 

[168.] Bowl, Meissen: ''children with grapes," 
painted by MarcoUni. 

[169.] Bowl, Meissen; letter "T" and wreath, both 
of flowers. 

[ 170.] Bowl, Meissen : sage-green ground, letter " D " 
in gold. 

[171.] Bowl, Meissen; white ground: "H" and 
wreath in gold. 

[ 172.] Bowl, Meissen : picture, after ^Vouvermans. 

[173.] Bowl, Meissen ; " boy swinging." 


Germany — Dresden- — (Meissen). (A.h.) 

[174. J Bowl, Meissen ; "Napoleon I." 

[ 175.] Bowl, Meissen ; cherubs from the "San Sisto," 

[ 176 to 1 84.] Eight bowls, Meissen; various. 

[18510189.] Five bowls, Meissen; two inform of 
bears, three in form of dogs. 

[ 190 and 191-] Two bowls, Meissen; in form of birds. 

[ 192.] Bowl, Meissen ; in form of bird, with stem of 
black horn and ivory. 

[193.] Bowl, Meissen; shooting scene, with stem of 
ivory, carved. 

[ 194.] Bowl, Meissen ; white ground ; picture of Turk 
under a crimson canopy; 7in. x 4in. diameter. 

[ 195.] Bowl, Meissen ; elaborately painted; coat-of-arms 
of Cologne, with inscription above, and male and female 
figures as supporters ; 11 in. x 4in. 

This bowl was formerly smoked l)y tlie giant in the guild processions 
of Cologne. 

For old Meissen kuc/s, see Nos. 46 to 11 6. 
[ 196 to 199.] Four bowls, German. 

[ 200.J Bowl, German ; hunting scene in low- relief, 

[ 201.] Part of pipe stem, painted with figures of 
Diana and Ceres. 

[ 202 to 208.] Seven bowls with receptacles, German ; 
three white four in colours. 

[ 209 to 232.] Twenty-four pipe bowls, German ; 

[ 233 to 236.] Four cylinders — parts of pipe stems — 
German ; painted. 

[237 and 238.] Two bowls, Clienniiti! ; red clay, 

[ 239 to 245.] Seven bowls, German ; imitation jasper, 
various colours. 

[ 246 to 255.] Ten howls, German; human figures, 
Fanny Elsler, a Turk smoking, a cobbler, etc. 

[ 256 and 257.] Two match bo.\es, CSerman, in form 
of huumn figures. 

[ 25S to 260.] Three bowls ; Hungary. 



[ I.] Pipe, light wood; bowl siin. long, ^'\n. high, i^in. 
diameter. On bowl, " rune stones," carved. On stem, 
runic calendar, incised in two lines of characters and two 
rows of symbols ; carved in high relief. Amber mouthpiece, 
2in. long. Made by a .Swedish peasant. E.vhibited in 
International Exhibition, 1851. 40 Jin. long. 

[ 2 to 5.] ripes ; bowls, tubes, and covers of iron ; 
mouthpieces of bone. Made and used by the miners of 
Dannemora. 4.5in. to 6in. long. 

[6.] Bowl, steatite; 2in. long, i|in. high, lin. square. 
(From Gulbrandsdahl, Norway.) 

[7.] Pipe; bowl, wood; 2jin. x 2sin. ; flat sitles ; 
silver cover. Bowl carvetl with large scrolls on rough ground. 
i8in. long. (Norway.) 

[ 8.] Bowl, meerschaum ; carved with acanthus orna- 
ment. 3 Jin. long, 2jin. high, i^in. diameter. (Norway.) 

[ 9.] Bowl, light wood ; carved with scrolls and leaves, 
jiin. long, 2in. high, lin. diameter. (Norway.) 

[10.] Bowl, meerschaum ; plain. Characteristic form 
of Norwegian peasants' pipes. iJin. long, ijin. high, |in. 
diameter. (Norway.) 

[11.] Pipe, light wood; bowl carved all over with 
acanthus ornament; stem fluted, yin. long; bowl, ifin. x 
i|in. diameter. (Norway.) 

[11*.] Bowl, with socket; light wood; socket and 
bowl mounted with iron ; both carved all over. loin. high, 
2 Jin. diameter. 

[ 12.] Bowl, of wood, covered with birch bark ; inlaid 
with black and white bone ; mounted and lined with iron. 
5in. long, 3in. high, i|in square. Very old Norwegian 

[ 13.] Bowl, wood; inlaid with pointed strips of bono, 
incised with dots. 6iin. long, 3iin. high, 2 Jin. diameter. 
(Old Norwegian.) 

[14.] Bowl, wood; bowl, a portrait head; mounted 
with silver; silver strips along angles of stem. yin. long, 
4in. high, zin. diameter. 

[15.] Bowl, wood ; a portrait head of the late King of 
Sweden; cover, a cocked Iiat. sin. long, 5?,in. high, i^4n. 
X 2in. diameter. 

[16.] Bowl, wood; a man's head; socket and cover 
in gilt metal. loiii. long, Sin. high, 3in. diameter. 


Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. (A.i.) 

[17.] Pipe; bowl, red granite, 3in. long, 3 Jin. high, 
2in. diameter; silver cover and socket; boar and dogs, in 
medallion, on cover; stem, black polished wood, i|in. 
diameter ; mouthpiece, a silver ball, 2in. diameter. 3Sin. 
long. (Swedish.) 

[ 18.] Pipe ; bowl and base of bone ; stem of wood ; 
carved all over in high relief with animals ; short wooden 
mouthpiece. 4iin. wide. 11 {in. high. (Old Norwegian.) 


[ I.] Pipe, wooil ; bowl 5]in. long, 3.',in. high, i|in. 
diameter: mounted with copper, ami with copper cap. Surface 
carved with basket work ; studded with silver points ; brass 
chains, ami twisted pricker 6in. long ; plain wooden mouth- 
piece. 8|in. long. 

[2.] Pipe, wood; bowl i|in. high, lin. diameter, plain 
brass mounts; turned wooden niouth[uece. 6jin. long. 
(From a Siberian prisoner.) 

[3.] Pipe, wood ; bowl i^in. diameter, brass mount 
and cover; wooden mouthpiece 4}in. long; bowl mended 
with lead. 7in. long. (From a soldier at Cronstadt.) 

[ 4.] Pipe, wood ; bowl 3in. long, zin. high, mounted 
with copper incised; iron cover, wooden mouthpiece 4^in. 
long. 7Jin. long. (Bessarabia.) 

[ 5.] Bowl, wood ; brass mounts, .co\er, and socket. 
3jin. long, 2iin. high, i^in. diameter. (From a soldier at 

[ 6.] Bowl, wood ; cover, mounts, and socket in brass ; 
brass pricker attached by thong. 2fin. long, 2in. high, i]in. 
diameter. (Cronstadt.) 

[ 7.] Bowl, wood ; copper mounts and socket. 3in x 
2in. X ijin. (South Russia.) 

[ 8.] Pipe, wood; bowl 2in. x liin. high, lin. diameter; 
brass cover and mount. Peasant's pipe, common form. 
Sin. long. 

[ 9 to n.] Three small bowls, wood; 2J,in. x ijin. x 
lin. (Peasants' pipes from Nijni Novgorod.) 

[ 12.] Bowl, wood; brass mount and cover; 2in. long, 
2.',in. high, Jin. diameter. (Tula.) 


European Russia. (A.k.) 

[13.] Pipe; bowl, dark wood; heavy brass mounts, 
cover attached by chain ; pricker and fire tongs 3in. long ; 
fitting in "guides." io]in. long. 

[14.] Pipe; bowl of grey clay, 2|-in. diameter 3|in. 
high ; octagonal sides with full length figures ; ends of 
stem, horn, centre of woven horse-hair. 23in. long. 

[15.] Bowl, wood; mounts and cover in copper; 
pricker attached by leather thong. 4in. long, 2^in. high, lin. 

[ 16.] Bowl, wood; base obliquely fluted; 2]in. long, 
I fin. high, ij|in. diameter. 

[ 17.] Bowl, wood; base of bowl has plate of brass let 
in to five sides; 2|in. long, -lin. high, lin. diameter. 

[ 18.] Bowl, wood ; base fluted, carved wooden cover; 
2|in. long, zVm. high, i-gin. diameter. 

[ 19.] Bowl, wood; fluted base, carved wooden cover 
with bone knob; 3lin. long, s^in. high, i-iin. diameter. 

[20.] Bowl, brass, cast ; loose cover ; 4\m. long, 2in. 
high, i|in. diameter. 

[21.] Pipe; bowl, wood, 4iin. x 4in., 2-lin. diameter; 
wooden cover; stem of birch, having bark on, i|in. diameter; 
amber mouthpiece. 38|in. long. (Galatz.) 

[ 22.] Cigar tube ; birch, with bark on; mouthpiece and 
tip of black horn; i2in. long, iMn. diameter. (Lower 

[ 23.] Cigar tube ; same material as No. 22 ; loMn. long, 
^in. diameter. 

[ 24.] Cigar tube, wood; i6in. long, |in. diameter. 

[ 25.] Pipe, wood; bowl iMn. diameter; silver mount 
and cover; mouthpiece horn, 2]^in. long. 6in. long. 

[ 26.] Cigar tube, wood, with wire gauze fire protector ; 
8Mn. long, |in. diameter. (Used in the grain warehouses, 

[ 27.] Cigar tube, wood, with wire gauze fire protector ; 
with ring and cap ; 6in. long, lin. diameter. (Used in the 
grain warehouses, Odessa.) 

[ 28.] Cigar tube, wood, with wire gauze fire protector ; 
with ring and cap; 7|in. long, |in. diameter. (Used in the 
grain warehouses, Odessa.) 

[89] M 

European Russia. (A.k.) 

[ 29.] Cigar tulic : tube of silver, witli ring, 2.lin. long; 
amber stem, 4in. long. 6;^ in. long. 

[30.] Pipe, of gnarled and knotted root; bowl loin. 
high and 5in. diameter : lower part a large grotesque head, 
with moutli open ; cover, a bear's head ; stem, 2in. diameter ; 
grotesque heads at bottom and in centre. 3iin. long. (Made 
by a Russian peasant and presented to the Emperor.) Given 
to W. B. by the Director of the Imperial Hunt. 

[31.] Pipe; bowl, wood, siin. x ;^\'m. x 2}in. diameter, 
mounted with silver; stem, cylindrical, ij^in. diameter, 
embroidered with flowers in beads ; amber mouthpiece, 3in. 
long. 5oin. long. (Finland.) 

[32.] Pipe; bowl, wood; stem, cylindrical; upper 
part flexible ; embroidered with flowers in beads ; cords and 
tassels also in beads; mouthpiece, horn. 35in. long. (Finland.) 

[ 33-] Pipe; bowl, wood, 3?,in. long, 2}in. high, i-Jin. x 
i^.in. diameter; stem, black wood turned; flexible tube at 
upper part. 31 in. long. (Wasa, Finland.) 

[ 34.] Pipe ; bowl, wood; sjin- x 2Jin., i^in. diameter; 
bowl carved; middle of stem flexible; covered with 10 
wooden carved ferrules or cups. 22in. long. (Finland.) 

[35'] Pipe; bowl, wood ; 2iin. long, 2iin. high, liin. 
diameter ; middle of tube flexible ; plaited leather, red and 
black • horn moutlipiece and receptacle. 2 5.Un. long. 

[ 36.] Pipe ; bowl, wood ; 2Mn. x 2]in., ijin. diameter; 
stem, turned horn ; horn mouthpiece. 24Hn. long. (Fin- 

[ 37-] Pipe ; bowl, wood; 3in. x i|in. x i|in. diameter; 
stem, spiral, wood. 25^0. long. (Finland.) 

[38.] Pipe; bowl, 2 1 in. x j I'm., i|in. diameter; 
flexible tube at end ; black part in middle of stem, isiin. 
long. (Tavasthuys, Finland.) 

[39.] Pipe ; bowl, 2in. x i|in. x i|in. diameter; carved 
stem, knotted wood, yellow and black ; part flexible ; horn 
mouthpiece. i5?,in. long. 

[40.] Pipe; silver bowl, 2|in. long, i|in. high, igin. 
diameter, with cover ; stem, black polished wood ; flexible 
part, with bone fittings ; amber mouthpiece. 24in. long. 

[ 41.] Pipe, wood; bowl, 2jin. x ifin., iMn. diameter; 
black flexible tube ; horn mouthpiece ; middle of wooden 
stem flattened and extended on one side, with bone pricker 
inserted. This flattened part of stem is characteristic of 
pipes made at Kuopio. 2i.Un. long. (Kuopio, Finland.) 


European Russia. (A.k.) 

[42.] Pipe; bowl, wood ; 2;'Jin. long x 2^11. high, i.lin. 
diameter ; carved, a hand holding bowl ; stem, dark mottled 
wood, with flat part in centre, as No. 41, with place for 
pricker ; part of stem flexible ; horn mouthpiece. 25in. 
long. (Kuopio.) 

[ 43.] Pipe ; black wood ; upper part of stem flat- 
tened, as in No. 42 ; pine-shaped receptacle, finely fluted ; 
stem also finely fluted; porcelain bowl. 11. Jin. long. 

[44 to 51.] Eight Peasants' Pipes; wooden bowls; 
stems of wood, with upper part flexible. (Finland.) 

[52 to 65.J Thirteen peasants' pipes; wooden bowls; 
stems of wood, without flexible part. (Finland.) 

[ 66.] Cigar tube, wood, with grotesque head. "jlin. 

[67.] Cigar tube, wood, with bark on. Q'jin. long. 

[68.] Pipe, porcelain bowl; brass mount. 7,',in. 
long. (Finland.) 

[69.] Pipe, wood, in form of double-headed eagle; 
bowl, 2in. diameter; monogram, "A. I," on bowl; mounted 
with silver. Presented by a peasant to the Emperor 
Alexander I. yin. long, 5in. high. 

[70.] Bowl, silicilied wood; 2Mn. long, i;}in. high, 
i|in. octagonal ; dark brown. (Ekaterinburg, Oural 

[ 71.] Bowl, red jasper; coat of arms carved in front ; 
li]3 of bowl and socket carved with leaves. 2fin. long, 2in. 
high, i-|in, diameter. (Ekaterinburg.) 

[72.] Bowl, yellow jasper; exquisitely carved, Venus 
with basket of Amorini, and other figures ; on socket, 
"A. B.," and coronet. Carved by Cizie, for Count Bobrynski, 
Prime Minister of Alexander I. 2fin. long, ifin. high, 
i^in. diameter. 

[ 73.] Bowl, wood, with flat base ; painted, with 
white spots; brass mounts. 4iin. long, 3|in. high, 2in. 

[74.] Bowl, boxwood, with pearl discs; horn ferrule 
on socket, below which are triangular pieces of black wood 
inlaid ; lined with iron. 3Mn. x 3lin. From Troubke 
Deverensky. (The " Pipe Village.") 

[75-] Cigar tube ; a reed. 8|in. long. 


European Russia. (A.k.) 

[76.] Cowl, with receptacle porcelain; (St. Petersburg;) 
dark blue ground ; richly gilded. Sin. high. 

[ 77.] Bowl, porcelain; (St. Petersburg;) white ground; 
painted with deer in a fir forest. 5^in. high. 

[78.] Bowl, porcelain; (St. Petersburg;) white and 
blue. 2in. high. 

[79.] r>ow], porcelain; (St. Petersburg;) white and 
blue. 2in. high. 

[So.] Pipe; bowl, 5}in. ; wood, beautifully mottled; 
stem and mouthpiece of wood tipped with ivory. 2oiin. 

TURKEY. (A.l.) 

[ I.] Bowl, red clay; broad flat base; gilded. 2^in. 
high X 2^ in. diameter at top. 

[ 2.] Bowl, red clay; 2^in. higli ■< yn. diameter. 

[3 to 44] Collection of 42 Turkish bowls in clay, red 
and black. Purchased in Cairo. 

[45 to 70.] Collection of Turkish bowls for water 
pipes. (Cliill'ims.) Purchased in Cairo. 

[71.] Pipe; bowl, 2in. high x 2|in. at top, 4in. at 
bottom; red clay, gilt; stem embroidered with silk, and 
gold and silver thread; mouthpiL-ce missing. 5ft. Sin. long. 

[72.] Pipe; bowl, liin. highxifin. diameter, red 
clay; stem embroiderdd with silk and gold thread; amber 
mouthpiece, 2in. long. 48iin. long. 

L 73] Pips, clay bowl, wooden stem; bowl attached by 
leathern thong. i6in. long. (Hamal's pipe, Constantinople.) 

[ 74.] Pipe, cla)' bowl, cherry-stick stem ; loin. of 
midde covered with red cloth. 22iin. long. (Constantinople.) 

[ 75-] P'PC) leather-covered flexible tube; black wood 
mouthpiece, 4in. long. 25in. long. (Constantinople.) 

[ 76.] Pipe; tube plaited; tube and bowl covered with 
red velvet ; horn mouthpiece. i7in. long. 

[77-] Cigar tube, Sin. long, silver filigree; amber 
moutlii)iece, 1.5 in. x jJ^in. broad. 

[ 78.] Cigar tube, Gjin. long, silver gilt filigree; amber 
niouthi)iece, i|in. long. 


Turkey. (A.l.) 

[ 79.] Pipe, entirely of amber ; bowl mounted in gold ; 
Negro's head and giraffe carved ; stem composed of flat 
beads of amber. i3in. long. 

[ 80 and St.] Two cigar tubes, black clay, inlaid with 
white metal. 4i|ui. long. (Cairo.) 

[ 82.] Cigar tube, red clay, polished, cylindrical, gilded. 
4|in. long. (Cairo.) 

[83.] Cigar tube, ivory; stained green, inlaid. 5|-in. 
long. (Cairo. ) 

[84.] Cigar tube, black glass; painted and gilded; 
Venetian work. 4\in. long. (Cairo.) 

[85.] Mouthpiece for Hookah, glass; coloured glass 
flowers enclosed in crystal ; Venetian work. 4f in. long. 

[ 86.] Cigar tube, in form of pipe ; bowl, 2in. high ; 
composed of fragments of amber embedded in dark resin. 
6in. long. 

[ 87.] Cigar tube, straight; of same material as No. 
86. 5^in. long. 

[ 88.] Cigar tube, cylindrical ; of same material as 
No. 86 ; sfin. long. 

[ 89.] Cigar tube, wood ; a curved, knotted stem ; 
black; sin. long. (Candia). 

[90.] Amber mouthpiece, in three pieces; two 
enamelled ferrules set with turqoises, between them a snake, 
enamelled; 7in. long, ijin. greatest diameter. 

[91.] Amber mouthpiece, fine pale yellow; in three 
pieces ; large bead and ferrule, exquisitely enamelled on gold, 
with landscapes and sea-views; 6 Jin. long, lin. greatest 

[ 92.] Amber mouthpiece, in five pieces, each partly 
transparent, partly opacjue; SJin. long, greatest 

[ 93.] Amber mouthpiece, a single piece of very trans- 
parent amber; 4in. long, 2^in. wide, igin. thick. 

[ 94.] Amber moutiipiece, in two pieces; black amber; 
4in. long, ijin. greatest diameter. 

[ 95.] Amber mouthpiece, 4in. long, 2|in. wide, x liin. 
thick, with an oval ferrule of amber, 2|in. long, r^in. 
wide X Jin. thick ; clouded amber. 


Turkey. (A.l.) 

[96.] Amber mouthpiece, sMn. long; upper piece, 
2 Jin. widexiiin. thick; below, a square ferrule of amber, 
i|in. X |in. thick ; clouded amber. 

[97.] Amber mouthpiece, 3111. long, 2^in. wide x sjn. 
thick; oval ferrule of amber, 2|in. x liin. x |in ; clouded 

[ 98.] Amber moutlipiece, 3f in. long ; base of upper 
piece carved spirally; greatest diameter, i|in. ; ferrule 
of amber, 2 fin. x 2]in. x lin. thick. 

[ 99.] Amber mouthpiece, siin. long; greatest diameter, 
I in. ; three jjieces of amber; two agate beads. 

[ 100.] Mouthpiece; two pieces of marble, brown and 
white; cylinder of enamel between; 3Mn. long. 

[ loi.] Amber mouthpiece, with bead of wood, inlaid 
with silver; sjin. long. 

[ 102.] Amber mouthpiece; two pieces of amber; two 
jasper beads, inlaid with metal and ivory ; 3in. long. 

[ 103.] Mouthpiece, amber tip, 2in. long, i-^in. wide; 
silver tube, in two pieces, with flowers embossed. Sin. long. 

[ 104.] Collection of fourteen cylinders for mouth- 
pieces ; one lapis, one jade, the remainder of agate ; two 
inlaid with silver, twelve inlaid with gold. 

[ 105.] Collection of 24 beads for mouthpieces ; of 
agates, lapis, jasper (plain and inlaid,) enamel, wood (inlaid 
and carved), &c. 

[106.] Pipe; clay bowl ; stem of ebony, finely inlaid 
with ivory, in geometrical designs; amber moutlipiece. 
28in. long. 

[ 107.] Pipe; bowl, silver fluted at base and socket; 
stem, four jiieces of ebony, fluted, connected hy silver 
ferrules formed of leaves; amber mouthpiece. 29in. long. 

[ 108.] Hookah carpet; ground of rich yellow velvet; 
broad bortler of exquisite embroidery in gold and silver. 
4ft. 3in. x I ft. 9in. 

Case for part of Hookah tube which rests on carpet ; 
similar velvet and embroidery. 3ft. long, 4lin. diameter at 
one end, z^in. at other. 

[109.] Seven coils of flexible tube ("Snakes") for 
Hookahs ; embroidered ; covered with silk, leather, cloth. 
From I .',in. diameter to ^in. diameter. 


ITALY. (A.n.) 

[ I.] Pipe, steel; bowl, four-sided, engraved; perforated 
cover, with spring ; pricker attached by chain ; stem, steel, 
cylindrical, with three knobs. 2iin. long. 

[2.] Bowl, steel, four-sided, inlaid with silver; hinged 
cover, perforated ; and with dragons, beautifully chiselled. 
4in. long., 2iin. high, liin. wide. 

[ 3.] Pipe, steel ; made from a key ; bow of key 
chiselled. 4|in. long, 3in. wide. 

[ 4.] Pipe, ivory ; bowl covered with figures carved in 
relief and surmounted by figure kneeling behind a shield; 
stem covered with figures carved in relief, and with ornament. 
23in. long. (From the Bernal Collection.) 

[ 5.] Pipe, ivory ; bowl surrounded by figures in high 
relief; stem covered with figures and ornament also in high 
relief isjin. long. 

[6.] Pipe; ivory bowl richly carved with figures in 
relief; carried on horn socket carved as serpent; stem also 
with figures in high relief isiin. long. 

[7.] Pipe; bowl, of walnut wood, with coat of arms 
carved in front, silver mounted ; stem, ivory, turned in spirals ; 
receptacle also in ivory ; with silver pricker and stopper; all 
contained in leather case. 27in. long. 

[8.] Bowl, dark wood; richly carved ; in front, two 
figures in relief; at back, a Satyr; on sides, Amorini and 
flowers. sMn. long, sjin. high. 

[ 9.] Bowl, dark wood ; in front, a female in low relief 
in oval medallion ; at base, a terminal female figure, boldly 
carved. 3^ in. long, 7 in. high. 

[10.] Bowl, bo.xwood ; ahead of Mercury, carrying 
silver bowl ; below, a grotesque mask and acanthus foliage 
carved in relief; silver socket. 3jin. long, 2-Jin. high. 

[11.] Pipe; bowl, porcelain, (Capo di Monte,) a 
mermaid supporting on head and hands, a festooned vase ; 
stem, ivory, perforated and enriched with figures in medallions; 
ivory receptacle. 23lin. long. 

[12.] Pipe; silver bowl and cover of fine filigree; 
stem, black wood, with silver ferrule and ivory tip. i8in. 

[13.] Bowl, light-coloured wood; head cf goat sup- 
porting bowl; at base, acanthus foliage, s^in. long, sin. 


Italy. (A.n.) 

[ 14.] Bowl, terra-cotta; full length male figure, nude, 
flying, garlanded with wheat, bearing Cornucopia, which 
serves as bowl ; 4|in. long. 

[15.] Bowl, ivory; negro's head in front; back of 
bowl fluted ; acanthus foliage below ; 2in. x i J, in. high. 

[ 16.] Bowl, socket, and part of stem, ivory; bowl and 
stem covered with turned knobs; base chequered; 3in. wide, 
7 in. high. 

[ 17.] Bowl, porcelain (Capo di Monte,) white; a hand 
carrying leaves, enfolding an old man, with his hand upon a 
skull, and an infant holding a rose-bud; 4in. wide, 4fin. 

[18.] Bo.vl, porcelain (Cnpo di Monte;) human figure, 
with goitre, squatting; 4lin. long, 3iin. high. 

[19.] Bowl, porcelain (Doccia;) full length figure of 
Napoleon, seated ; white ; ^Un. x 6in. high. 

[20 to 37.] Eighteen bowls, terra-cotta; heads, &c. 
Made in Trieste. Mounted on two cards. 


[ I.] Pipe case, boxwood ; on head, a shield, full 
length figure, and musical instruments; on slide "A.N. 1681 ;" 
at small end, two young Bacchuses astride a wine cask. 
S^in. long. 

[ 2.] Pipe case, wood ; hinged lid or cover, elaborately 
carved, with figures of Virginian Indians, and perforated. 
1 1 fin. long. 

[ 3.] Pipe case, boxwood ; hinged lid ; cylindrical stem, 
covered with small groups of figures carved in low relief, 
emblematical and historical, iiiin. long. 

[4.] Pipe case, bo.xwood ; hinged lid ; cylindrical stem ; 
full length figures of man and woman ; stem and head 
covered with scrolls, iijin. long. 

[5.] Pipe case, tortoiseshell ; hinged lid; inlaid with 
silver, in form of pistol, ivory ram-rod. i2^in. long. 

[6.] Pipe case, dark wood; with grotesque head; on 
slide, moon and stars, and figures in liigh relief. lo^in. 


Pipe Cases. (A.o.) 

[ 7.] Pipe case, ebony ; with slide, carved all over with 
figures, &c. ; on head a portrait, with inscription, " Nicolaus 
Foorsee. Anno, 1626." ii|in. long. 
Note. — This is ihe earliest " Pipe-case," with date which I liave seen. — W. B. 

[ 8.] Pipe case, wood ; hinged lid ; cylindrical stem, 
with four bands of carved ornament ; brass rings on stem ; 
head inlaid with brass. ii|in. long. 

[9.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; head, a pelican, 
tearing its breast ; stem, cylindrical, upper part, spiral, 
loiin. long. 

[10.] Pipe case, wood; hinged; head, carved with 
scrolls, in very low relief, octagonal stem, ivory tip. iiMn. 

[ II.] Pipe case, ebony ; hinged lid ; Arab's head, with 
long beard ; cylindrical, plain stem. lofin. long. 

[ 12.] Pipe case, ivory ; hinged lid; turned stem ; silver 
ferrules. 11 in. long. 

[13.] Pipe case, wood; inlaid with mother of pearl, 
sliding cover. 1 3in. long. 

[ 14.] Pipe case, ebony ; with slide, in form of pistol ; 
carved with ornaments all over ; stock of pistol, a head with 
long hair. 19 Jin. long. 

[ 15.] Pipe case, boxwood ; hinged lid ; on lid, full length 
figure of man smoking; cylindrical stem. 11 in. long. 

[ 16.] Pipe case, ebony; with slide, carved all over; 
on head, a castle ; on stem, a monkey, &c., and scroll 
ornament ; silver mount on end. 12 Jin. long. 

[17.] Pipe case, wood; with slide; head, a lion 
couchant ; on stem, carv-ed, a female head and ornament. 
1 1 in. long. 

[18.] Pipe case, wood; with slide; head, a mermaid 
with curly hair. Sfin. long. 

[ 19.] Pipe case, wood; similar to No. 18. 

[20.] Pipe case, wood ; with slide ; covered with 
incised ornament of Norwegian style. i2in. long. 

[ 21.] Pipe case, wood ; with slide ; upper end of stem 
carved with zig-zag ornament. i2in. long. 

[ 22.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; head, ornamented 
with perforated brass ornaments; cylindrical stem. i2in. 

[97] ^ ■ 

Pipe Cases. (A.o.) 

[23.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; double-headed 
eagle in brass on hinge ; body and stem inlaid with twisted 
brass wire. 11 in. long. 

[24.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; body and stem 
inlaid with twisted brass wire ; pricker giin. long, in brass 
tube. i2]in. long. 

[25.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; body and stem 
inlaid with twisted brass wire ; pricker 7 in. long, in brass 
tube. loiin. long. 

[26.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; two black lines 
along head. iiin. long. 

[27.] Pipe case, light wood; hinged lid; head orna- 
mented with engraved brass ; dial-plate and finger on hinge ; 
stem ornamented with brass wire; stem, part spiral, part 
octagonal. SJin. long. 

[28.] Pipe case, wood; in form of lion; with slide. 
8^-in. long. 

[29.] Pipe case, boxwood: hinged lid; on head, the 
archangel Michael and Satan; cylindrical stem, carved. 8iin. 

[30.] Pipe case, wood; hinged Hd; head and stem 
ornamented with perforated and engraved brass plates, g^in. 

[31.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid; ornamented with 
brass plates ; inscription on head. 8f in. long. 

[32.] Pipe case, wood; hinged lid and inscription, 
similar to No. 31. gin. long. 

[33-] Pipe case, wood; similar to No. 32, with 
inscription. 7iin. long. 

[ 34.] Pipe case, wood ; similar to No. 33. 7in. long. 

[35.] Pipe case, light wood; hinged lid; coat of arms ; 
skull of ox and crowned eagle on front of head, iiiin. long. 

[36.] Pipe case, papier-machd ; in form of pistol. 
9|in. long. 

For other Pipe Cases, see (B.C.) 


[ I to 8.] Tobacco stoppers ; porcelain, old Dresden : 
I. Leg, blue shoe ; 2. Leg, black shoe ; 3. Leg, red shoe; 4. 
I>eg, boot ; 5. Dolphin ; 6. Asparagus ; 7. Arm and hand ; 
8. Human head. 


TorACCO Pipe Stoppers axd Prickers. (A. p.) 

[9.] Tobacco stopper; figure of man holding purse; 

[10.] Tobacco stopper; cIowti, dancing : brass. 

[11.] Tobacco stopper; part of, found in Ber Street, 
Norwich. Temp. Chas. 2nd ; brass. 

[12.] Tobacco stopper; man, with arms a-kimbo; 
white metal. 

[13.] Tobacco stopper; Britannia; brass. 

[14.] Tobacco stopper; figure in complete armour; 

[15.] Tobacco stopper ; woman and child ; brass. 

[16.] Tobacco stopper ; two pugilists ; brass 

[17.] Tobacco stopper ; clown; bronze. 

[18.] Tobacco stopper; figure of man, in round hat; 

[ 19.] Tobacco stopper and corkscrew; screw with 
cover; silver. 

[ 20.] Tobacco stopper and corkscrew ; screw with 
spirally fluted scroll head ; silver. 

[21.] Tobacco stopper and corkscrew; bronze head; 
screw folding within it. 

[22.] Tobacco stopper and corkscrew; with cover for 
screw, richly chased ; silver. 

[23.] Tobacco stopper and corkscrew; with cover for 
screw, plain ; silver. 

[24.] Tobacco stopper and corkscrew; screw with 
hinge, lying along the stopper ; steel. 

[ 25.] Tobacco stopper, with medallion head of 
Charles ist ; on other side, head with laurel crown ; bronze. 

[26.] Tobacco stopper; head of Sacheverell, sur- 
mounted by a Queen Anne's farthing ; bronze. 

[27.] Tobacco stopper; medallion, masonic symbols, 
perforated; bronze. 

[28.] Tobacco stopper; medallion; head of a pope, 
and the devil ; bronze. 

[29.] Tobacco stopper ; head of Duke of Wellington ; 

[30 and 31.] Two stoppers ; hands, with pipes ; bronze. 

Touacco Pites Stoppei^s axp Prickers. (A. p.) 

[32.] Tobacco stopper, of twisted iron wire ; the middle 
coils with brass wire upon them. 

[33.] Tobacco stopper; with large ring; iron. 

[ 34.] Tobacco stopper ; with ring ; surmounted by dog; 

[ 35.] Tobacco stopper; with signet ring; bronze. 

[36.] Tobacco stopper ; a hammer ; brass. 

[37.] Tobacco stopper ; with signet ring ; bronze. 

[ 38.] Tobacco stopper; with signet ring, engraved with 
bird ; bronze. 

[ 39'] Tobacco stopper; with signet ring, engraved with 
eye, &c. ; bronze. 17 century; found in Thames, 1S66. 

[40.] Tobacco stopper; a leg with boot; lead. Thames, 
Greenhithe, i856. 

[41.] Tobacco stopper; perforated stem; curious 
cage-like top ; steel. 

[ 42.] Tobacco stopper ; turned, knob in middle ; brass 
ends ; wood. 

[ 43.] Tobacco stopper ; leg of gazelle ; silver mounted. 

[44.] Tobacco stopper; in form of human leg, with 
shoe ; silver. Formerly the property of Admiral Driver. 
Made from Spanish dollars. 

[45.] Tobacco stopper ; leg of gazelle ; silver mounted ; 
silver plate under hoof. 

[ 46.] Tobacco stopper ; horn of small deer ; silver 

[47.] 'I'obacco stopper; with square stem, sliding 
through perforated and engraved pipe cover ; silver. 

[ 48.] Tobacco stopper ; boy's leg, with coiled serpent ; 

[ 49.] Tobacco stopper ; cylinder, with screw thread ; 
on end, a head and " I. C." ; silver. 

[50.] Tobacco stopper ; conical stem, with perforated 
head ; silver. 

[51.] Tobacco stopper; shoe, with stopper attached 
to heel ; silver. 

[52.] Tobacco stopper; small bust of old man, on 
pedestal ; terra-cotta. 

[53.] Tobacco stopper : monkey seated on a bough ; 
carved in dark wood. 


ToRACco Pipe Stoppers and Prickers. (A. p.) 

[ 54.J Tobacco stopper ; bust of old man, with cap ; 

[ 55-] Tobacco stopper ; figure of Wellington, standing 
on a drum ; pottery. 

[56.] Tobacco stopper; conical; carved. in spirals; 
at bottom, silver groat ; ivory. 

[57.] Tobacco stopper ; bust of Shakespeare, on 
pedestal ; carved from Shakespeare's mulberry tree ; silver- 
mounted. Engraved, " R. W. " 

[58.] Pricker ; ship, on twisted stem ; silver. 

[59.] Tobacco stopper; with perforated disc at top; 

[60.] Tobacco stopper ; with ring at top ; silver. 

[ 61.] Tobacco stopper; with perforated disc with rim ; 
and pricker, with sheath ; silver. 

[62.] Tobacco stopper and pricker, and small spoon, 
with sheath ; pierced ornament in gold, at sides of stem ; 
at head, a painting, on ivory, of man smoking, with motto — 
" chacun d sou goust ; " covered with glass ; silver. 

[ 63.] Tobacco stopper and pricker ; latter with sheath, 
surmounted by parrot ; silver gilt. 

[ 64.] Tobacco stopper and pricker ; pricker, with 
small figure, in silver, holding a tankard ; sheath of turned 
wood, with silver base. 

[ 65.] Pricker, in form of a bone ; silver. 

[ 66.] Pricker ; twisted stem, with coin on top; silver. 

[67.] Tobacco stopper; a coin hinged on stem, with 
ring j silver gilt. 

[ 68.] Pricker; curved stem, with lyre-shaped handle. 

[69.] Pricker; upper part of stem perforated; sur- 
mounted by fisherman carrying rod, and a fish ; silver. 

[70.] Pricker ; twisted stem, with figure of a young 
Bacchus carved in ivory. 

[ 71.] Pricker ; twisted stem, with bird. 

[ 72.] Pricker; in form of a bone. 

[ 73.] Pricker ; pearl stem, curved, with spiral band ; 

[ 74.] Pricker ; sword, with scabbard ; silver. 

[ 75.] Pricker; pearl stem, with spiral band; silver. 


Tor.ACCO Pipe SrorrF.RS and Prickers. (A. p.) 

[76.] Pricker; twisted stem, surmounted by horse; 

[77.] Pricker; sword, hilt with facetted steel studs; 

[78.] Pricker ; perforated at upper part ; surmounted 
by man on horseback ; silver. 

[ 79.] Tobacco stopper and pricker ; body beautifully 
chased ; surmounted by griffin in relief, carrying crown ; 
silver gilt. 

[So.] Tobacco stopper ; Venetian glass; double spiral 
coil within. 

HOLDERS, &c. (A.m.) 

[ I.J Pistol fire-striker; a wheel-lock, let into block of 
carved wood ; carved on sides ; with socket for candle. 
glin. long. (French.) 

[2.] Pistol fire-striker; body of brass, engraved, 
terminating in knob; chamber for tinder, with socket for 
candle. 6in. long. (German.) 

[ 3.] Pistol fire-striker; stock, of wood, tapering, ending 
in knob; chamber for tinder. 8|in. long. 

[4.] Pistol fire-striker; stock of wood, terminating in 
knob ; upper surface inlaid with brass wire ; chamber. Siin. 
long. (German.) 

[5.] Pistol fire-striker; wooden stock; to]5 and side 
of body engraved ; chamber with thumb bit. Sin. long. 

[ 6.] Pistol fire-striker ; top and side of bod)- engraved ; 
chamber with thumb bit ; socket for tinder under striker, 
sin. long. 

[ 7.] Pistol fire-striker; wooden handle ; body, of brass ; 
large chamber in front, witli projection to attach candlestick. 
7iin. long. Engraved "J. H. Bolton." 

[8.] Pistol fire-striker ; stock, walnut, carved and 
inlaid with gilded brass ; barrel of pistol flying open by 
spring, which raises a candle. i2ijin. long. (French.) 

[9.] Pistol fire-striker, entirely of steel; stock and 
body inlaid with silver and gold. 7in. long. 


Fire Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holders, &c. (A.m.) 

[ 10.] Pistol fire-striker; wooden stock ; body, of brass, 
with chamber and candlestick ; military symbols engraved on 
side. 7 -Jin. long. 

[ 1 1.] Pistol fire-striker ; stock, of brass, tapering, 
octagonal, with knob; chamber. 5iin. long. 

[ 12.] Pistol fire-striker; stock and body of brass; 
sliding chamber; hinged socket, connected with priming 
pan. 6:Jin. long. 

[13.] Pistol fire-striker; stock, of wood, on which 
are initials " C. R., 1841 ''; chamber and candlestick. 7in. 

[ 14.] Pistol fire-striker; stock of wood, body of brass; 
tinder chamber. 6in. long. 

[15.] Pistol fire-striker; stock and body, of steel; 
cylindrical stock. 5^in. long. 

[ 16.] Pistol fire-striker; stock of wood, body of brass ; 
on body, "Riviere, London." 5|in. long. 

[ 1 7.] Pistol fire-striker ; stock, of wood ; cock, im- 
perfect; large candlestick. Tl'm. long. 

[ 18.] Pistol fire-striker; stock, of wood; brass body; 
tubular chamber ; candlestick, with extinguisher. Marked 
" London." 7in. long. 

[19.] Pistol fire-striker; stock and body, of brass; 
engraved ; brass chamber for tinder, with hinged lid at end 
of stock ; at opposite end, brass nippers, with spring, for 
holding taper; tinder box engraved "/E. A. Silvius." loin. 

[ 20.] Pistol fire-striker ; entirely of steel ; tinder 
chamber and socket for candle; stock, with bend near body. 
9|-in. long. 

[21.] Fire-striker: fitted into brass box, with perforated 
and engraved sides ; rising candle ; on lid of box, " Francz 
Lewin, Anno. 1725." 7in. x 4iin. (Nuremburg.) 

[ 22.] Fire-striker, with watch and alarum, and candle- 
stick, fitted into brass box ; box engraved, and on lid 
military symbols, in low relief 7in. x 3iin. (Nuremburg.) 

[23.] Fire-striker, with revolving notched wheel and 
spring acting upon flint; in circular brass box; lid engraved; 
sides and bottom, engine turned; steel key. 3§in. diameter. 

Fire Strikers, Tinokr lioxiis, Maicii Holders, &c. (A.m.) 

[24.] Tinder box, iron, circular; with steel and 
presser; candlestick lid ; 4in. diameter. (English.) 

[25.] Tinder box, iron, circular; with steel and 
presser; candlestick lid ; 4^in. diameter. (English.) 

[26.] Tinder box, iron, circular; with .steel and 
presser; candlestick lid ; 4|in. diameter. (English.) 

[27.] Tinder box, iron, circular; with steel and 
presser; candlestick lid ; 4|in. diameter. (English.) 

[28.] Tinder dish, copper; flint and steel. sin. 

[29.] Tinder dish, copper; flint, and pair of pincers, 
with tinder box at end. 5in. diameter. 

[30.] Tinder box; with hinged candlestick lid, tin; 
with flint and steel, and knot of brimstone string. 4Ain. x 
3lin. • 

[ 31.] Chemical match box; japanned, with stoppered 
bottle and phosphorus matches. 3:^in. x 2in. 

[ 32.] Bundle of brimstone matches. 

[33.] Double steel, hinged, with springs forming fire- 
tongs, with knife. 

[ 34.] Combined steel, knife, fire-tongs, and pricker. 

[ 35-] Combined steel, stopper, and fire-tongs, with 

[ 36 and 37.] Combined steel, fire-tongs, and knife; 
with large and small corkscrews — the larger with double 
spiral ; engraved. 

[ 38.] Combined steel, fire-tongs, stopper, and cork- 
screw ; the steel hooked to clear stones from horse's hoof. 

[ 39.] Fire-tongs, in wooden case ; handle of ivory ; 
case tipped with ivory. 13 Jin. long. (Persian.) 

[ 40. ] Fire-tongs, in iron case ; handle and tip of case, 
brass; brass swivel and chain. i9in. long. (Persian.) 

[41.] Fire-tongs, in octagonal iron case; chased; 
handle and tip of brass. iS^n. long. (Persian.) 

[ 42.] Fire-tongs, iron ; elaborately perforated ; edges 
inlaid with gold. i2Ain. long, |in. wide. (Persian.) 

[ 43.] Fire-tongs, brass ; elaborately perforated ; head 
resembling a bird. lo^in. long. (Persian.) 

[44.] Fire-tongs, steel; inlaid with silver; head, an 
amber bead. 5in. long. (Persian.) 


Fire Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holders, &c. (A.m.) 

[45.] Firc-tongs and pricker; iron wire. sin. long. 

[ 46.] .Slow-m.itcli holder, iron tube, with knobs at each 
end ; steel and pouch attached by leather thong. i4Ain. 
long. (Chinese Tartary.) 

[ 47.] Slow-match holder, silver, in form of a cannon ; 
richly repousse, and chased. 7lin. long, lin. diameter. 

[48.] Slow-match holder, silver ; repousse, and chased. 
6in. long, ^'in. diameter. (India.) 

[ 49.] Slow-match holder, silver : foliage, repousse' and 
chased. 4iin. long, i^in. diameter. (India.) 

[ 50.] Steel, with pouch for flint ; wooden button. 
5?,in. X 2in. (Chinese.) 

[51.] Steel, with pouch for flint ; with steel studs and 
corner-plates ; silk knot. 5^in. x 2|in. (Chinese Tartary.) 

[ 52 and 53.] Steel, with pouch for flint : two pouches 
attached by steel chain ; brass studs, and jjerforated orna- 
ment, and two animals in brass. 4fin. x 2^in. and 3|in. x 2in. 
(Chinese Tartary.) 

[ S3*] Steel, with pouch for flint ; star-shape, and 
square brass bosses ; leather thong. 4in. x 2in. (Chinese 
Tartary. ) 

[ 54.] Steel, with pouch for flint ; square boss, and 
corner-plates ; leather thong, with blue glass bead. 4in. x 
2|-in. (Chinese Tartary.) 

[ 55.] Steel, with pouch for flint ; brass mount, and 
beautiful perforated ornament, sjin. x 2in. (Yarkand.) 

[ 56.] Steel, with pouch for flint ; steel mount, inlaid 
with silver. 4|in. x 2|in. (Japanese.) 

[ 57.] Steel with pouch for flint ; Jajjanese cloth ; wood 
button. 3in. x 2^in. (Japanese.) 

[ 58.] Steel, with ]iouch for flint ; with pricker in body 
of steel. 3in. X 3in. (Japanese.) 

[59.] Steel, with pouch for flint. ain. x i.'.-in. 

[60.] Steel, with pouch for flint. 3in. x 2-jin. 

[61.] Steel, with pouch for flint; embroidered with 
beads. 2^in. x 2jin. (German.) 

[105] o 

Fire Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holdkrs, &c. (A.m.) 

[62.] Steel, with pouch for flint; in form of pocket 
book ; red leather. 2Ain. x ziin. (German.) 

[63.] Tinder box, with steel; silver figures in low 
relief, igin. x ihin. (Chinese.) 

[ 64.] Tinder bo.x, with steel ; toji and bottom, agate ; 
oval. i|in. x i-^in. (German.) 

[ 65.] Tinder box, with steel ; steel, engraved with dog. 
2:[in. X i]in. (German.) 

[ 66 to 68.] Three Tinder boxes, with steels ; steel. 
2in. X i-]in. (German.) 

[ 69.] Tinder box, with steel ; brass, in form of fish. 
2iin. X i^'in. (Dutch.) 

[ 70.] Tinder box, with steel ; iron box, encrusted with 
silver, containing pistol fire-striker. i|in. x i.'.in. (A Jajjanese 

[ 71.] Tinder box, in form of heart ; brass, engraved; 
plate of mother-of-pearl on lid. 2|in. x 2in. 

[ 72 to 78.] Seven tinder boxes, cylindrical; brass 
and copper. From $Un. to 2 jin. and liin. to lin. diameter. 

[79 and 80.] Two tinder boxes, iron, with flint and 
steel. 3in. x 2^in. (English.) 

[81.] Tinder box, japanned; witli flint and steel and 
presser. s^in. x 2|in. (English.) 

[82.] Fire-striker; silver tube, with stopper, spirally 
fluted and chased ; with flint and steel, and roll of match. 
3Mn. long. (German.) 

[83.] Fire-striker, with steel and match. 3in. long. 

[ 84.] Fire-striker, with flint and steel, and match. 
siin. long. (German.) 

[ 85.] Fire-striker, with flint and steel, and match. 
3|in. long. (Spanish.) 

[ 86.] Fire-striker, with flint and match. 2Mn. long. 

[87.] Fire-striker, in form of pistol ; with explosive 
caps in box at end. 4in. long. (German.) 

[88.] Fire-striker, box; with explosive paper and 
match. 2 fin. x i|in. (German.) 


Fire Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holders, &c. (A.m.) 

[ 89.] Match bo.x, with ratchet for raising tinder; inlaid 
with gold all over. 2 jin. x i|in. (Indian.) 

[90.] Match box, with tinder rope; Niello on silver. 
2Mn. X iMn. (Russian.) 

[91.] Match box, with tinder rope; Niello on silver. 
3in. X i]in. (Russian.) 

[ 92.] Match box, with tinder rope, in form of book ; 
Niello on silver. 2§in. x i|in. The Caucasus. (From the 
Moscow Exhibition, 1S72.) 

[ 93.] Steel, ending in serpent's head ; on each side a 
dragon, in low relief; inlaid with gold. 44in. long. (Persia.) 

[ 94.] Steel ; on each side a dragon incised. 44in. 
long. (Persia.) 

[ 95 and 96.] Two steels, in form of serpents. 3in. 
and 2Mn. long. (Persia.) 

[ 97.] Steel, with socket, containing small spoon. 
2?. in. long. 

[ 98.] Steel, with three rocking thumb-and-finger-bits. 
2 jin. long. (Chili.) 

[ 99.] Steel, with depressions for two fingers and thumb. 
2 in. long. (Chili.) 

[ 100.] Steel, with figures of two dogs. 2§in. long. 

[ loi.] Steel, with perforated handle and hook. 2|in. 

[ ro2.] Steel, oval ; perforated ornament in centre. 
2 Jin. long. (Tartary.) 

[103.] Steel, flattened oval; plain. sli". long. 

[104.] Steel, shuttle-shape; plain. 3J;in. long. (Ger- 

[ 105.] Steel, with silver plate on each side ; engraved 
inscriptions "Resales," and "Felis." i|in. long. (Mexico.) 

[ 106.] Steel, with dog in brass; in leather bag. 2|in. 
long. (Finland.) 

[ 107.] Steel, flint and amadou. (Poland.) 

[ 108.] Tinder box and steel, " Yesquero," formed of 
an Armadillo's tail ; mounted with silver, with silver chain ; 
steel, mounted with silver. (Pampas.) 

[ 109.] Tinder box and steel, silver ; with steel, 
surmounted by lion in silver; silver chain. (Pampas.) 


I'lRK Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holders, i!v:c. (A.m.) 

[no.] Tinder box and steel; formed of a Puma's 
tooth, with cover and chain of gold. (Indians of Grand 

[ 1 1 I.J Tinder box, with steel; box ijin. long; carved 
and beautifully mounted with silver ; steel, attached by 
flat chain, 2in. long. (Mexico.) 

[ii2.] Tinder box, hard wood; boldly carved with 
boys ; stopper, a bust of girl, attached by silver chain, sfin. 
high. (Holland.) 

[113.] Tinder box, wood, with stopper and chain; 
mounted with brass, and inlaid with brass, and mother-of- 
pearl. aUn. high. (Holland.) 

[114.] Tinder box, wood; with stopper and chain, 
mounted with brass, and inlaid with flowers in brass and 
copper, s^in. high. (Holland.) 

[115.] Tinder box, wood; mounted with brass, and 
witli brass stopper and chain ; inlaid with brass and mother- 
of-pearl. 2'|in. high. (Holland.) 

[116.] Tinder box, nut; fluted; middle carved in 
chequers; ivory bottom; ivory stojjper, with chain, a^in. 
high. (Cicrman.) 

[ 117 to 123.] .'^e\en match boxes, metal. (English.) 

[124.] Cylindrical match box, with socket for match 
on lid. 2:,'in. high. (English.) 

[ 125.] Pneumatic fire-striker. (English.) 

[126.] Match box, papier-mache; in form of boot. 

[127.] Match box, silver filigree; in form of boot. 

[ 12S.] Match box, silver ; in form of shoe; Niello. 
3.Un. long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 129.] Match box, silver: prepared for Niello, but 
not filled. 2^, in. x lin. (Tula, Russia.) 

[ 130.] Match box, steel ; beautifully inlaid with gold 
and silver ; by Zuluaga. 2iin. x i]in. (Spain.) 

See cigarette case Xo. 58. 

[ 131.] Match box, brass ; with lever opening lid, and 
lifting bottom. (English.) 

[ 132.] Matcji box, brass ; with hinged knife for cutting 


Fire Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holders, iS:c. (A.m.) 

[ 133,] Match box, brass ; Leon Clerc's patent. 

[ 134.] Match box, brass; Benda's patent. 

[ 135.] Match box, pressed horn ; in form of book. 

[ 136.] Match box, leather ; with white metal mounts. 

[ 137.] Smoker's knife, single blade ; with steel, 
attached by leather thong. (Spanish.) 

[ 138.] Smoker's knife ; handle, wood, fluted ; back of 
blade used as steel ; with pricker. 

[ 139.] Smoker's knife ; a long bow, between hinge 
and blade, serving as steel. 

[140.] Smoker's knife, ivory sides ; with match box, 
etc. (Modern English.) 

[ 141.] Smoker's knife, tortoiseshell ; with stopper, 
cigar cutter, match box, etc. (Modern English.) 

[ 142.] Smoker's knife, ivory and metal; with double 
match bo.x, cigar cutter, etc., etc. (Modern English.) 

[ 143.] Smoker's knife ; handle, a steel shell ; with 
st0])per at end ; pricker, etc., etc. (Modern English.) 

[ 144.] Cigar scissors; working in metal case ; orna- 
mented with Niello. (Tula, Russia.) 

[ 145.] Fire-drill, hard wood. 23in. long. (From the 

[146.] Iron tinder-box, oval; with steel on hinged 
lid; I gin. long; handle, ifin. long. 

[ 147.] Charcoal-pot, rough, unglazed, earthenware, 
sin. X 3]in. x 4in. high. (Old Dutch.) 

[ 148.] Charcoal-pot, brown, glazed, earthenware. 
5], in. X 5 1 in. x 2-,' in. high. (Old Dutch.) 

[149.] Charcoal-pot, with handle; Delft pottery; 
]5ainted in blue ; outside, with pictures illustrating the pre- 
paration of tobacco ; inside, a picture of planter smoking, 
with a charcoal pot of this form at his feet. 4fin. diameter, 
3in. high. (Old Dutch.) 

See tob.icco jar, No. 60. 
[ 150.] Stand, for charcoal-pot, with small square 
charcoal-pot inside ; painted with boats, windmill, etc. 
Delft pottery. S^-in. diameter, 34in. high. (Dutch.) 

[ 151.] Tinder-box, wood; carved; in form of barrel; 
windmill and house ; festoons, etc. ; stopper, a man's head ; 
mounted with silver and with silver chain. 3 'in. high, ijin. 
diameter. (Dutch.) 

[109 J 

§ectxon ^ — JVsia. 

INDIA. (B.a.) 

[ I.] Massive bowl, 3 Jin. x 3in. diameter, of dark stone, 
carved with silver rim; ebony stem, i6in. long, with silver 
ferrules and rings; mouthpiece, silver, isin. long, covered 
with filigree and studs, in silver. 34oin. long. From 
International Exhibition, 1862. (From Arracona Province 
of Paindao, Bengal.) 

[ 2.] Water pipe; bowl for water, black nut, 4iin. x 2 Jin. ; 
enclosed by four acanthus leaves in silver ; chillum of silver, 
lower part fluted; stem, silver. i4in. long. 

[ 3.] Water pipe; silver bowl, 4iin. x 3in. ; repousse', with 
Indian ornament ; stem, blackwood, with silver ferrules and 
mouthpiece, igin. long. 

[4.] Large pipe in red pottery, unglazed; bowl 2|in. 
diameter ; with nearly circular chamber beneath, 4in x 3. I in. ; 
wooden mouth-piece, sin. long. (Ahmedabad.) 

[ 5.] Pipe in ijlack pottery ; small bowl. ^Vm. long. 

[6.] Large pipe bowl, with serpent twisted round it; 
wood ; body of serpent studded with silver scales ; bowl 
studded with small silver jjlates and knobs ; cover of bowl, 
silver ; surmounted by female figure, holding mirror ; stands 
upon a " lingum " of green jade, 2iin. x 2in. ; upon which is 
a serpent in silver, with open mouth. 6Mn. long, 5in. high. 

[ 7.] Hookah, with chillum ; i3J,in. high x 4in. diameter 
at base ; black pottery ; chillum, a double cup ; imitation 
Bidri ware. (Baroda.) 

[8.] Hookah, with chillum ; black pottery. i2in. high 
X 4in. diameter. (Baroda.) 


India. (B.a.) 

[9.] Hookah, with chillum ; 15111. high; body in form 
of ring, sin. diameter; black pottery, shghtly gilded. 

[10.] Hookah, with chillum; of grey pottery, with 
incised leaf ornament, isjin. high, 6in. diameter. 

[ II.] Hookah Base, vase form ; black pottery ; incised 
ornament. Slin. high x 6in. diameter in body. (Baroda.) 

[12.] Water pipe; base in form of peacock; black 
pottery; Sin. high; base, sin. diameter. (Baroda.) 

[ 13.] Water pipe; body, cylindrical; horizontal, 4lin. 
X 2in. ; cylindrical foot, 9-Mn. high. (Ahmedabad.) 

[ 14.] Water pipe, white wood ; turned ; body, cylindri- 
cal ; horizontal, 2Mn. long x 2in. diameter. Height, 44in. 

[15.] Water jjipe; with small white metal base, 3in. 
diameter X 2lin. high; incised ornament; upright stem of 
wood, turned in deep cups. Height, 11 ^in. 

[16.] Two water pipes ; small wooden bases; turned. 
4in. high, 2in. diameter; tubes 3in. long. (Delhi.) 

[17.] Hookah; red pottery, plain; wooden stem; 
turned. i6iin. high. 

[ 18.] Hookah ; red pottery. Similar to No. 17. 

[19.] Hookah; base and chillum in light pottery; 
base gin. diameter; height, 21-^in. ; upright stem, embroidered; 
brass tube to attach snake. (Scinde.) 

[ 20.] Hookah ; brass base, 4iin. high, 4in. diameter, 
on three feet ; stem and chillum, of wood. isMn. high. 

[21.] Hookah, black pottery; base of imitation Bidri, 
7iin. high, 4in. diameter; height 2iin. Smoking tube rises 
to height of chillum, and bends at a right angle. 

[22.] Hookah; base, pewter, inlaid with silver (Bidri), 
7in. high. Sin. diameter; five circles on base, each enclosing 
a cross ; stem, of wood, with spiral riband of brass ; 
chillum, metal, covered with wire netting ; fire-tongs of brass 
attached to chillum by brass chain. 

[23.] Narghile; bowl, metal, i4in. high; brass orna- 
ment in relief, standing on brass tripod ; ujiright stem, of 
wood, inlaid with lozenge-shaped plates of silver ; snake, of 
red leather. 37in. high. 

[24.] Hookah; base, 7in. x 7in. diameter; jiewtcr, 
inlaid with silver (Bidri ;) stem, chillum, and sarpoosh, 
silver repousse. Height, i7in. 


India. (B.a.) 

[ 25.] Hookah ; base, ^in. x 6in. diameter ; globular, 
pewter, inlaid with silver, (Bidri ;) on three feet ; chillum 
also inlaid. Height, 21 in. 

[ 26.] Hookah ; base,, 7in. high, 6},in. diameter; 
rising tube, chillum, and sarpoosh of silver gilt, rei)ousse. 

[27.] Hookah; base, Bohemian glas.s, enamelled; 
Chillum brass. Height, iiiin. x sin. diameter. 

[ 28.] Narghile; bowl, cocoa nut, encrusted with silver 
and coral, standing on tripod ; stem, wood, ornamented with 
silver chains and small coins ; chillum silver, with similar 
chains and coins. Height, 24in. 

[ 29.] Hookah, with dish, entirely of alabaster ; bowl, 
carved with spiral pattern. Height, lyin. 

[30.] Hookah Base; pewter, inlaid with silver, (Bidri;) 
loiin. diameter, loiin. high; bell shape; four oval medal- 
lions, with Greek key pattern border ; wreaths of flowers 
between ; key pattern round edge of base and at top. 

[30.*] Hookah Base; ])ewter, inlaid with silver 
(Bidri;) 8iin. diameter x 8-}in. high; surface covered with 
lozenge pattern, graduated. 

[31.] Hookah Base; pewter, inlaid with silver, (Bidri;) 
6in. diameter x 6Jin. high ; surface covered with diaper 
pattern ; each division enclosing a four-petalled flower. 

[32.] Hookah Base ; pewter, inlaid with silver, (Bidri;) 
Sin. diameter x 6hin. high ; body covered with scale-like 
pattern ; horizontal borders round base and at top. 

[ 33.] Hookah Base; pewter, inlaid with silver, (Bidri;) 
6?,in. diameter X 6fin. high; six groups of flowers, divided 
by upright bands of ornaments. 

[ 34.] Hookah Base; pewter, inlaid with silver, (Bidri;) 
34in. diameter X 3jin. high, standing upon dish, 6J,in. 
diameter; dish, with three feet; surface covered with flowers 
and ornament inlaid with silver. 

[35.] Hookah Base; brass; 7in. diameter x 7 ]in. 
high ; body covered with flowers and leaves in thin metal 
applique'; on ground of black lines, crossed diagonalh'. 

[36.] Hubble-bubble; cocoa-nut bowl, 3J,in. diameter ; 
stem, turned wood, 7^,in. long; turned and painted tube; 
earthenware chillum, 'jin. long. 


India. (B..\.) 

[37.] Hubble-bubble; bowl, 2 Jin. diameter, white 
metal; tube, turned wood, i2in. long; clay chillum, Sin. 

[38.] Hubble-bubble; bowl, cocoa-nut, 4in. diameter; 
mounted top and bottom with brass. Surface of bowl, with 
engraved ornament, filled in with white metal ; stem, black 
wood, turned, i6in. long; chillum, brass, Sin. long; smoking 
tube, I Sin. long. 

[ 39.] Hubble-bubble ; bowl cocoa-nut, 3J,in. diameter ; 
mounted in brass, and ornamented as No. 38. Rising stem 
of turned and carved wood, i3in. long; smoking tube, 
painted red. 

[40.] Hubble-bubble; bowl, cocoa-nut, 3iin. diameter, 
6in. long ; silver mount at bottom ; at top, silver wire lacing ; 
smoking tube, turned wood, i4iin. long; chillum, earthen- 
ware. Sin. long : rising tube, turned wood. 

[41.] Hubble-bubble; bowl, cocoa-nut, sMn. diameter; 
top mounted with brass, fluted ; rising tube, r i in. long, 
covered with brass. 

[42.] Tripod for carrying Narghile, brass ; with six- 
sided opening. 5in. high. (Bengal.) 

[43.] Tripod for carrying Narghile, brass; with 
circular opening. 6in. high. 

[44.] Hubble-bubble; cocoa-nut bowl, 3 Jin. diameter ; 
smooth, black, and pointed : smoking tube, painted black 
and red, 9Jin. long; rising tube, turned and painted, iiin. 
long ; with chillum, perforated. 

[45.] Hubble-bubble; small cocoa-nut bowl, zin. 
diameter : smoking tube, 6in. long ; rising tube and 
chillum. Sin. 

[ 46.] Hubble-bubble ; smooth cocoa-nut, 4] in. diameter; 
turned wood stem, 22in. long; turned rising tube, i6in. 

[ 47.] Hubble-bubble ; rough cocoa-nut, 3}in. diameter ; 
tube, turned wood, 2oin. long ; rising tube, wood ; jiainted 
red, yellow, and black; and chillum, iiin. long; with 
metal cover, hinged. (Bombay.) 

[ 48.] Hubble-bubble; rough cocoa-nut, 3 iin. diameter ; 
rising tube, turned wood, 9in. long, including earthenware 

[ 49.] Hubble-bubble ; smooth black cocoa-nut, 2in. 
diameter; smoking tube, sUn. ; rising tube, sin. 

[113] P 

LXI.IA. (R.A.) 

[50.] Bowl of hubble-bubble ; grey earthenware, 34in. 
diameter X 6 jin. long; incised pattern top and bottom; 
pine shape. (Kuteh.) 

[51.] Bowl of hubble-bubble; similar to No. 50; 
3lin. X 5^; black earthenware. (Kutch.) 

[ 52.] Bowl of hubble-bubble ; black earthenware, g.Un. 
long, 3in. diameter ; lower portion ])ine-shape ; neck pro- 
longed to carry chillum. (Ahmedabad.) 

[53.] Hookah Base ; brown glazed earthenware ; -jin. 
diameter, sMn. high. 

[54.] Hookah mouthpiece, 3 J in. long, 'I'm. diameter; 
iron inlaid with gold. 

[55.] Hookah mouthi)iece, 4in. long, ;in. diameter ; 
iron, with silver ferrules, curved tip. 

[56.] Hookah mouthpiece, gfin. long, lin. diameter; 
iron, with silver facetted studs ; silver mounts. 

[57.] Hookah mouthpiece, 6Mn. long, i^in. diameter; 
agate, fluted, and engraved ; silver mounts, engraved. 

[ 58.1 Hookah mouthpiece, 3in. long, ^in. diameter ; 
silver enamelled, in form of bird, with chain and ring ; parcel 

[59.] Hookah mouthpiece, 5in. long, ^in. diameter; 
silver, parcel gilt, movable bird, and chain. 

[60.] Hookah mouthpiece, 4in. long, diameter; 
silver, chased in high relief. 

[61.] Hookah mouthpiece, 5]in. long, fin. diameter; 
silver, with cylinder of lapis lazuli, 2in. long; inlaid 
with gold. 

[62.] Hookah mouthpiece, 2in. long, ij'in. diameter: 
jade, engraved for inlaying. 

[63.] Hookah mouthpiece, sjin. long, ijin. diameter; 
white jade. 

[ 64.] Hookah mouthpiece, 3in. long, ?,in. diameter ; 
white jade. 

[65.] Hookah mouthpiece, yin. long. fin. diameter; 
greenish jade. 

[ 66.] Travelling pipe ; to be u?ed without water, i2in. 
long; 3in. x, jin. tliick ; wood; clay bowl. (I'"yrahad.) 

rrciiMiti'cl tn ilm Imcrn.Tlii^nnl Fxliibition, Paris, 1872, by the Mali.arajnh 
of Vizianagram. 


India. (B.a.) 

[67.] Travelling pipe; lo be used without water; 
9fin. X 6|in. high ; brass ; wooden stem ; bowl, 2Mn. 

[68.] Pipe; igin. high ; cylindrical stem, with double 
coil rising to bowl ; covered all over with gold foil, and 
bound with silk thread; brass bowl, zjin. diameter. 

[69.] Bowl; 4;^in. long, sin. high, i]in. diameter; 
brass ; socket, carrying bird. 

[ 70.] Bowl ; 2iin. long, ijin. diameter ; carved ; 

[71.] Bowl; i},in. long, ifin. high, J-in. diameter; 
carved ; steatite. 

[71*.] Bowl; 4in. long, i|in. high, 2in. diameter; 
brass ; with animals and foliage in low relief. 

[ 72 to 74.] Three bowls, black clay ; 2jin. long, lin. 
high, -Jin. diameter. 

[75.] Earthenware pipe body, without mouthpiece ; 
4in. high, 2|in. diameter ; earthenware tube, 2in. long. 

[ 76 and 77.] Two Hookah Bases; loiin. high, 9in. 
diameter; earthenware, green glaze ; fluted. (Scinde.) 

[ 7S.] Hookah Base ; 8 lin. high, 6in. diameter ; brown 
pottery ; protected by iron strips. (Scinde.) 

[ 79.] Hookah Base ; 9in. high, 7in. diameter; leather; 
ribbed with strips of green leather. (Sirsa.) 

[80.] Hookah Base : loin. high, 7in. diameter; leather, 
with strips of brass and white metal alternately ; ornament, 
incised. (Sirsa.) 

[81.] Hookah Base; 7lin. high, 6in. diameter; light 
brown jiottery. (Umritsur.) 

[82.] Hookah Base; i7lin. high, i3in. diameter ; a 
dish of red pottery, painted with black lines ; with rising 
stem, i2in. high, spangled with gold powder. (Scinde.) 

[83.] Hookah Base; iQ.Un. high, is^in. diameter; 
similar to No. 82. (Scinde.) 

[ 84 and 85.] Two Hookah Bases; 6in. and 7iin. high; 
slate coloured pottery. (Agra.) 

[86.] Hookah Base; sAin. liigh, 6in. diameter; red 
pottery; incised ornament. (Lucknow.) 


Assam axd Burmah. (B.p.) 

[ 87 to 156.] A collection of 70 chillumf^, in ])lain and 
ornamented pottery ; some with multiijle bowls for smoking 
different substances at the same time ; collected by the Indian 
Government from various parts of India, for the International 
Exhibition, 1872. 


[ I.] Council ]jipe, wood ; of the Jabboka Nagas, an 
independent tribe inhabiting the Patkoi range of mountains 
between Upper Assam and Burmah; 9Mn. long; bowl, 4in. 

[ 2.] Pipe, dark wood ; bowl of [winted oval section ; 
pricker, a thorn, attached by string ; used by the Nagas of 
Assam. 8iin. long. 

[ 3.] Pipe bowl, wood ; in front of bowl a human face, 
marked with dots, which dots are the " Ako " or the taboo of 
the owner, showing his success as a warrior or hunter ; ears 
with tassels of beads and wool ; - 
(From Patkoi Mountains, Assam.) 

[4.] Pipe; bowl, black stone; stem of wood partly 
covered with woven grass ; below bowl is a Bamboo recept- 
able for tobacco juice ; which juice is drunk after a feast. 
gin. long. (From Seebsangor district, Assam.) 

[ 5.] Pipe ; bowl, horn, with receptacle for juice, with 
stopper; stem of horn and bone. Sin. long. (Assam.) 

[6.] Pipe ; bowl, hard wood, with point at bottom ; 
stem, silver and cane. 9in. long. (From Aboor, Assam.) 

[ 7.] Pipe ; bowl, 4in. long, of dark stone or ]30ttery ; 
stem of wood, with an iron mouthpiece, 7in. long ; Chyeen 
pipe. i6iin. long. (Burmah.) 

[ 8.] Pipe, wood, 9Jin. long ; bowl, 4in. long. 

[9.) Pipe, wood, sMn. long, -^'in. diameter; stem 
curved to bowl; reed mouthpiece, liin. long. (Burmah.) 

[ 10.] Pipe, wood; similar to. No. 9, but without reed 
mouthpiece, sin. long, lin. diameter. (Burmah.) 

[11.] Pipe, wood; reed mouthpiece, ijin. long; 
stem covered with incised pattern in diagonal lines ; in form 
similar to preceding. sMn., fin. diameter. (Burmah.) 


Assam and BuR?,rAH. (B.v.) 

[ 12.] Pipe, wood; similar in form to the preceding; 
reed mouthpiece, iin. long. sin. long, 'j diameter. (Burmah.) 

[13.] Pipe, wood; stem carved; bowl, plain, with 
ridge in front; reed mouthpiece, im. long. 5in. long. 

[ 14 and 15.] Pipes; glazed brown pottery. 2in. long. 
(Burmah. ) 

[16.] Pipe ; Dense black pottery. 2 in. long. (Burmah.) 

[ 17.] Pipe, black wood; bowl short and broad, and 
set on to the stem at an acute angle. 6iin. long. (Burmah.) 

[ 18.] Pipe; i3in. long, made of a bamboo, 22iin. long, 
I \m. diameter ; the middle portion cut awa)', and bent so as 
return to the line of mouthpiece ; the last joint of bamboo 
forms the bowl, and is connected w'ith mouthpiece by reed. 
(Kaween, Burmah.) 

[19.] Pipe; bowl, wood ; 2in. long; reed stem. s^in. 
long. (Burmah.) 

[20.] Pipe, wood ; brass ferrule ; oblong heel. S^in. 
long. Burmah. 

[21.] Pipe, wood; bowl, 3in. high x 2in. diameter, 
with flat foot; stem, 3jin. long, covered with tin; reed, sin. 
long. sin. long. (Burmah.) 

[ 22.] Bowl, glazed earthenware; bowl, Mn. long, with 
bamboo stem, 24in. long; similar to Nos. 14 and iS- 

[23.] Pipe; 28in. long, cane-root, with bases of shoots 
left on ; bowl, 2 in. diameter, dark wood, carved ; inscription 
on stem. 


[ I.] Hookah Base, formed of a gourd; 2iin. high, 6in. 
greatest diameter ; richly covered with Persian ornament, 
light on dark ground. (Kaliam.) 

[ 2.] Hookah, vase-shape, with chillum ; lower part of 
base richly inlaid with gold ; band of incrustation of 
turquoise on upper part ; band of inlaying on chillum ; 
width of vase, sin. igin. high. 

Persia. (B.c.) 

[ 3.] Narghile ; bowl, cocoa nut ; 6in. long, 4in. 
diameter ; lower half of bowl carved — a hunting scene in 
low relief; upper half covered with silver, enamelled — heads 
and flowers in colours ; rising stem and chillum, i4in. long; 
chillum, silver chased ; rising stem with animals and birds in 
black on white ground ; smoking tube igjin. long, also with 
animals and birds in black on white ground. 

[ 4.] Narghile ; bowl, 8jin. long, pointed at bottom, 
4|in. diameter; rising stem and chillum, izin. long; 
smoking tube and mouthpiece, 26.',in. long ; the whole silver 
gilt, and elaborately chased. 

[ 5.] Narghile ; bowl, cocoa nut, 5in. x 5in. diameter ; 
rising stem, 2oin. long, of turned wood ; smoking tube, 26in. 
long, cane, ornamented with velvet and silk ; stem and 
smoking tube, strutted and attached by cords. 

[6.] Chillum, with sarpoosh ; 7.',in. high; steel; 
elaborately perforated, and inlaid with gold ; the tube for 
attachment of elastic pipe inlaid with scales, and terminating 
in snake's head with ruby eyes ; dipping tube, sin. long. 

[ 7.] Narghile Bowl ; steel; decorated with incrustations 
of flowers, etc., in gold. Sin. long, 4in. diameter. 

[8.] Narghile Bowl ; body of deep blue enamel, with 
six vertical belts of flowers in enamel ; deep blue enamel 
between the upper and lower casings of brass, with flowers 
and birds in low relief on blue enamel ground, with female 
heads in enamel between the groups of flowers, etc. glin. 
long, X 4lin. diameter. 

[ 9.] Narghile Bowl ; body of bluish green enamel ; 
upper and lower casings of brass, covered with figures in 
circular medallions and floral ornament in low relief ; Persian 
inscriptions also in low relief; top and bottom casings con- 
nected by thirty brass wires. i2in. long x 5vin. diameter 

[10.] Narghile Bowl ; silver ; six oval medallions of 
flowers and birds, repousse' ; fluted at top and bottom, gin. 
long X 4|in. diameter. 

[11.] Narghile Bowl; body enamelled with spiral 
bands of dark blue and white, and flowers ; to]) and bottom 
casings with groups of figures in low relief, on enamel 
grounds ; Persian inscriptions in similar work, as mouldings. 
1 1 in. long X 4 Jin. diameter. 

[ 12.] Narghile Bowl; brass; belt of Persian inscriptions 
round the middle ; full length figures above and below, in 
low relief, each under an arch. gin. long x 4jin. diameter. 


Persia. (B.c.) 

[13.] Upper Casing cn/y of narghile bowl; silver; 
enamelled ground ; figures and inscription in low relief. 
4^in. diameter x ^Vm. high. 

[14.] Chillum ; enamelled with flowers and female 
heads, as bowl No. 8. 7 in. high. 

[15.] Chillum; blue enamel; similar to No. 8. 5in. 

[ i6.] Chillum ; silver : with flowers in oval medallions; 
similar to bowl No. 10. 6 A in. high. 

[ 17.] Chillum ; brass ; turt^uoise blue enamel on body. 
6in. high. 

[ 18.] Rising Tube for snake ; finely enamelled. 5^in. 
long X iin. diameter. 

[19.] Pipe ; bowl, enamelled on silver with flowers 
and female heads ; stem, a massive gold tube, richly 
enamelled with flowers only. 2 2in. long. 

[ 20.] Mouth])iece ; inscriptions in medallions, on blue 
enamel ground, s-^in. long. 

[21.] Four Pipe Bowls: two with heads in enamel; 
one with flowers in medallions ; one with ornament on blue 
enamel ground. (Four.) 

[ 22.] Hookah Base; silver, bell-sha])e ; six oval panels, 
with large blue flowers and green leaves in each ; bands of 
blue flowers and green leaves round top and bottom, all in 
rich translucent enamel, in bands round top and bottom. 
Siin. high, 7 Jin. diameter. 

[23.] Hookah; brass; pear-shaped body, fluted, 4.',in. 
diameter; fluted base, 4in. diameter; fluted neck, i]in. 
diameter X 6in. long; below chillum, a perforated dish, 5in. 
diameter ; the whole surface covered with Persian ornament, 
beautifully engraved. Total height, 2oin. 

[ 24.] Hookah ; brass ; body nearly globular, 5.\in. 
diameter ; cylindrical neck, yin. long ; below chillum, fluted 
dish. Gin. diameter ; circular base, 4iin. diameter ; body and 
neck engraved with figures ; toj} and bottom of neck with 
bands of ornament on enamel ground. Total height, 23in. 

[ 25.] Chillum and Dish ; brass ; dish, 6in. diameter, 
fluted edge ; engraved with animals in borders ; snake 
mouth set with turquoise. 

[ 26.] Chillum and Base : brass ; base, ii.lin. diameter; 
dish, 6in. diameter, 6in. above base ; chillum, sin. diameter; 
total height, isin. ; the whole surface repousse, and engraved 
with figures, animals, and ornaments in borders and panels. 


Persia. (B.c.) 

[27.] Hookah Base; brass; 6jin. diameter x 6^in. 
high ; horizontal bands of ornament and figures covering its 
whole surface. 

[ 28.] Chillum ; 7in. long, silver; repousse; the middle 
enamelled with flowers and with ornament, on dark blue 
ground ; four chains ; painted stick, yin. long. 

[ 29.] Narghile Bowl, brass ; belt of Persian inscriji- 
tions around middle ; figures in low relief on lower part, each 
under an arch ; figures and heads in medallions around 
upper half. gin. high, 4iin. diameter. .Similar to No. 1 2. 

[30.] Mouthpiece, 8iin. long; enamelled head, i.'.in. 

[31.] Chillum; upper ])art of silver, 3 }, in. high ; belt 
of perforated work at top ; silver chains ; lower part black 
wood, carved. 6Mn. high, 3vin. diameter. 

[32.] Chillum, silver ; chased in lozenge pattern, and 
perforated ; many chains, with carnelian beads at ends. gin. 
high, 2^in. diameter. 

[ 33.] Chillum ; upper part enamelled heads in medal- 
lions ; lower part wood, carved, siin. high, 2iin. diameter. 

[ 34.] Cup of Chillum, silver ; perforated ; engraved ; 
chains. 2;^in. high, 3in. diameter. 

[ 35.] Hookah Base, brown earthenware; silver mounts; 
repousse'. gAin. high, yhm. diameter. 

[ 36 and 37.] Hookah Base, brown earthenware ; brass 
mounts, with Persian ornament incised. 

[ 38.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; Persian ornament in 
white, blue ground, gin. high, 7in. diameter. 

[ 39.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; landscapes and orna- 
ment in outline in gold on blue ground, gin. high, 6in. 

[ 40.] Hookah Base, [wrcelain ; ornament in gold on 
blue ground ; chased silver base, with three feet ; silver rim 
and cover, repousse', and chain ; four makers' marks in 
Chinese characters, iiin. high x 6in. diameter. 

[41.] Narghile Bowl, enamelled in colours all over ; 
on middle, twelve vertical panels of flowers, with divisions of 
brass-work, arched at top and bottom ; above, six heads, in 
medallions, with rosettes of flowers lictwcen ; below, five 
heads, in medallions, with small ro.-)Ctles between. 10 J, in. 
high, 5 in. diameter. 


CHINA. (B.d.) 

[ I.] Water-pipe; bowl or body of bamboo; Chinese 
characters and trees, inlaid in mother-of-pearl; tube, iiin. 
long, tortoiseshell ; silver mounts, silver chain, and pricker. 
5in. high, 3in. diameter. 

[ 2.] Water-pipe; like No. i, but without tube. 

[3.] Water-pipe; bowl or body of bronze of quatre- 
foil section, inlaid with silver, 2in. high, 2in. broad; reed 
stem lo^.in. long, with silver mouthpiece 3in. long. 

[4 and 5.] Two Water-pipes, of white glazed porcelain; 
rosette in front of body. 6in. high, i;|in. diameter. 

[ 6.] Water-pipe, bronze ; in form of elephant with 
prolonged trunk; ears and trappings gilded, iiiin. high, 
2 1 in. long. 

[ 7.] Water-pipe (similar to No. 6), bronze ; Howdah 
cloth, inlaid with gold. loin. high, 2Mn. long. 

[8.] Upright ^^'ater-pipe, brass; base, foursided, 
2in. X i-^in, ; perforations on sides and end of body. 11 in. 

[9.] Water-pipe, brass ; cylindrical section; Chinese 
inscription on base. iiin. high. 

[ lo.J Water-pipe, brass ; cylindrical section ; Chinese 
inscription on base. 2oin. high. 

[11.] Water-pipe, with tobacco-box, brass; chain and 
hook attached to belt ; case of leather with geometrical 
device, gilt. 11 Jin. high. 

[12.] Water-pipe, with tobacco-box and two tubes, 
brass ; case of body, brown leather. Chain. 

[13.] Water-pipe (similar to No. 12) with circular 
Tobacco Box ; case, imitation of shagreen. 

[14.] Water-pipe, brass; stem, imitating bamboo; 
with two tubes and circular tobacco-box ; geometrical fret- 
work in copper upon body, loiin. high. 

[15.] Pipe; with small iron bowl, lined with clay; 
stem of bamboo, 4oin. long ; mouthpiece, black horn. 

[i6.] Pipe; bowl, wood; carved Chinese full-length 
figure in front ; stem, bamboo, 24iin. ; mouthpiece, white 

[17.] 13ow], wood; carved grotesque animals, etc. 
3in. high, 2in. diameter. 

[121] Q 

Chixa. (B.cI.) 

[ 1 8.] Pipe; bowl, bamboo, ifin. high, lin. diameter; 
stem 13^,111. long; ornamenls and grotesque animal in dark 
colour on light ground. 

[ 19.] Pipe, of ivory, stained red; bowl, 2in. x lin., 
carved scales, lined with silver; stem, i5|'.in. long, carved 

[ 20.] Pipe ; massive brass, grotesque human head, 
surmounted by small bowl ; 2in. x 2in. stem, brown 
jointed cane, 8lin. long; brass mouthpiece, yiin. long. 
(Chinese Tartary.) 

[21. J Pipe; bowl, silver; stem, cane, coloured red, 
i2in. ; silver mouthpiece, 3in. long. 

[22.] Bowl, white metal, 2in. high x Jin. diameter. 

[ 23.] Bowl, white metal, iMn. x |in.; stem, loin. long, 
covered with fine wire. (Shan.) 

[24.] Pipe; bowl, white metal, liin. x |in. diameter; 
stem, covered with fine wire, i5in. long; white metal mouth- 
piece, 7^in. long. (Shan.) 

[25.] Pipe; small bowl, brass; black wood stem, 
loin. long; mouthpiece, jade, 3fin. long. 

[ 26.J Pipe; small bowl, brass; stem, i6iin. long, 
covered in silk ; horn mouthpiece. 

[ 27.] Pipe; bowl, brass, 4in. long ; dragon on ground 
of blue enamel ; mouthpiece, 4in. long, similarly enamelled ; 
stem. Sin. long, black wood. The inside of bowl has a pro- 
jecting edge to retain the clay lining. 

[ 28.] Pipe ; small bowl ; mouthpiece, 4|in. long, of 
silver ; stem and mouthpiece richly enamelled. 4^in. long. 

This pipe was engraved in " Edwin Drood, " under the belief that it 
was an opium pipe. 

[ 29.] Mouthpiece, brass ; engraved flowers on blue 
enamel ground. 8in. long. 

[ 30.] Pipe ; bowl, silver-plated, 3iin. long ; mouth- 
piece, 4|in. long ; flowers, on blue enamel ground. 

[31.] Pipe; bowl, brass, 4lm. long; mouthpiece, 
4iin. long ; on each, dragons — on blue enamel ground ; 
stem, black wood, 6in. long. 

[32.] Pipe, white metal; bowl with circular foot; 
mouthpiece, 2^in. long ; stem, taper, white metal, Sin. long. 

[ 3S-] P'ps, brass ; engraved. 7in. long. 


China. (B.d.) 

[ 34.] Bowl, cast brass. 

[ 35.] Bowl, wood ; knot of tree, zf in. y zin. high. 

[ 36.] Bowl, steatite. (Foo-Chow.) 

[ 37.] Bowl, steatite. (Foo-Chow.) 

[38.] Pipe; bowl, brass, zin. long, i|in. diameter; 
stem, cane, 2oin. long ; mouthpiece, white metal, 6in. long. 
(The Corea.) 

[40.] Pipe ; similar to No. 38 ; brass mouthpiece ; 
wooden stem, afin. long. (The Corea.) 

[41.] "Fire-stick" Boat, in form of dragon; gilded 
head, tail, and scales; papier-mache and lac. 27in. long. 

[41*] "Fire-stick" Boat, in metal and wood ; in form 
of paddle-steamer; decorated with gilding. iSin. long. 

[42.] " Fire-stick " Box, porcelain ; colours on white; 
perforated on three sides. 8in. long, ifin. square. 

[43.] Water-pipe; bowl, wood, 4Ain. long \- if in. 
diameter ; rising tube, turned and carved, '6J,in. long ; bam- 
boo tube. Sin. long. (Kakhyen, Shan.) 

[ 44.] Pipe, bamboo ; bowl, a small bamboo tube. 
36in. long, 2]in. x ifin. diameter. 

[ 45.] Hookah Base, porcelain, with long neck ; green 
ground ; richly painted with foliage, flowers, and butterflies. 
i3in. high, 7iin. diameter. 

[ 46.] Hookah Base, porcelain, white ; painted with 
conventional Chinese ornament in colours. 8in. high, 5 fin. 

[47.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; sliort neck ; dragons 
and flowers in red, foliage in green. 6in. high, 6in. diameter. 

[ 48.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; storks, horses, and 
clouds, in blue, on white ground. 6Mn. high, 6in. diameter. 

[ 49.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; figures, and interior, 
in red and gold, flowers on neck in colours. 6fin. high, 4in. 

[ 50.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; flowers in blue, on 
white ground. Chin, high, 4fin. diameter. 

[51.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; body formed of lotus 
flower, in orange and blue; white ground. Sin. high, 7in. 

[ 52.] Hookah Base, porcelain; body formed of lotus 
leaves, covered with painted flowers and foliage, in green and 
red. Sin. high, sin. diameter. 


China. (B.d.) 

[ 53.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; white ground, with 
mountains in dark blue; trees, etc., in colours. 8Mn. high, 
6},in. diameter. 

[54.] Hookah Base, porcelain; chocolate ground; 
four medallions, 3in. diameter, with foliage and birds in 
colours, on white ground. 8iin. high, 6Jin. diameter. 

[55.] Hookah Base, porcelain; body ribbed; white 
ground; figures, foliage, etc., in colours. gMn. high, yin. 

[56.] Hookah Base, porcelain; (Kaga) ; cylindrical; 
two panels within black border, containing figures ; lower 
part red ; si.\ makers' marks in red on bottom. Sin. high, 
4^ in. diameter. 

[57.] Hookah Base, porcelain ; black ground; flowers 
in white and blue; four sMn. panels, with birds and (lowers 
in colours on white ground. 8in. high, 7 in. diameter. 


[ I.] Opium Smokers' Tray, of dark wood, inlaid with 
mother-of-pearl, 23iin. x i5in., having upon it two smaller 
trays, i2J,in. x Sin., and a stand for pipe bowls, with drawer. 
The stand is perforated with holes for four pipe bowls. The 
drawer contains knife, scraper, needles, and spatula for taking 
up the opium. 

[ 2.] Opium Smokers' Box, gin. long, 4|in. wide, 3in. 
high, hinged, of dark-red wood ; contains bamboo pipe, box 
for opium, lamp, can for spirits, scissors, knives, needles, etc. 

[ 3.] Stand for four bowls, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, 
with drawer ; containing knife, scraper, spatulas, and needle. 

[4.] Opium Pipe; stem, tortoiseshell ; mouthpiece, 
ivory; bowl, black porcelain. i6fin. long. 

[ 5.] Opium Pipe ; shagreen i)olished ; tipped at end 
with ivory; bowl, black porcelain, with ornaments in low- 
relief; silver sockets. 2i2in. long. 

[6.] Opium Pipe; tube of green jade, i6in. long; 
mouthpiece of white jade, tin. long; bowl, enamelled; 
silver socket and clip, beautifully chased. i7in. long. 

[ 7.] Opium Pipe, tortoiseshell ; ivory tip and mouth- 
piece; bowl, porcelain, red, gilded. 2o|in. long. 

Opium Pipes, etc. (R.d.d.) 

[ 8.] Opium Pipe ; tLibe, porcelain, richly painted ; 
bowl, enamel, white and blue. 2oin. long. 

[ 9.] Opium Pipe ; tube, enamel, green ground, with 
foliage and flowers ; bowl, porcelain ; mouthpiece and tip, 
white jade. 2o.',in. long. 

[ 10.] Opium Pipe; tube, enamel; flowers on a deep 
blue ground; mouthpiece, i^in. long, and tip of white jade. 

I Sin. long. 

[11.] Opium Pipe; tube, polished shagreen; mouth- 
piece, 2 Jin long; tip, ijin. long, both of green jade; bowl, 
octagonal, silver ; silver clip and socket, richly chased, and 
set with coral. 2 2Ain. long. 

[12.] Opium Pipe; tube, bamboo ; mouthpiece, silver, 
4iin. long, chased silver; bowl, enamelled ; socket and clip 
of silver, chased, igjin. long. 

[ 13.] Opium Pipe; tube, bamboo; mouthpiece, black 
horn; bowl, porcelain; silver clip and socket, igin. long. 

[14.] Opium Pipe; tube, bamboo; bowl, porcelain, 
chocolate colour; silver clip and socket, igin. long. 

[15.] Opium Pipe; tube, bamboo; bowl, porcelain; 
silver socket and clip. 2 2in. long. 

[ 16,] 0|)ium Pipe; tube, bamboo; bowl, porcelain; 
slate colour, with foliage in white ; silver socket and clip. 
2o|in. long. 

[17 and 18.] Two Opium Bowls; stone, polished. 

[ 19 and 20.] Two Opium Bowls; enamel. 

[ 21, 22, 23, 24.] Four Opium Bowls; porcelain. 

[25.] Opium Pipe; i6|in. long; bamboo; globular 
head, porcelain, blue and white, 2in. diameter. (Chando.) 

[26.] Opium Pipe ; i4in. long; bamboo; cylindrical 
head, porcelain, blue and white, 2in. x i|in. diameter. 

[27.] Mouthpiece; grey jade. 2iin. long x i;Jin. 

[ 28.] Spirit-lamp, with Dish ; octagonal ; 4Jin. 
diameter ; and bo.x, with cover, sfin. x 2iin. ; blue enamel. 

[ 29.] Opium Scales, in fiddle-shaped wooden box, 

I I in. long. 

[ 30.] Cake of Opium, 4in. long x i|in. x lin. 

JAI'AN. (B.e.) 

[ I.] Pipe, silver; engraved, llowers and butterfly, 
deeply cut. i8in. long. 

[ 2.] Pipe, silver; four groups of leaves and flowers in 
relief; three ditto, sunk; two ditto, engraved. i8in. long. 

[3.] Pipe, silver; body, hexagonal ; eight plaques of 
various forms, with pictures in lac, with inscriptions. i5|in. 

[4.] Pipe, silver; with design in relief; barge being 
towed, tree, etc. ; enriched with gold and various coloured 
metals. laMn. long. 

[ 5.] Pipe, silver; with flowers, birds, tree trunks, etc. ; 
birds and flowers in gold. loin. long. 

[ 6.] Pipe, silver; trefoil leaves and flowers, connected 
by stem, which forms a scroll-like pattern ; part of the leaves 
and flowers in gold. 9|in. long. 

[ 7.] Pipe, silver; in relief, a fish leaping a waterfiill ; 
slightly enriched with gold. gin. long. 

[8.] Pipe, silver; body slightly flattened; dragon, 
surrounded with clouds, in high, and sharp relief; clouds 
undercut. 8|in. long. 

[ 9.] Pipe, brass ; dragon and clouds ; clouds undercut ; 
with inscription. lofin. long. 

[10.] Pipe, white metal; cylindrical; covered with 
156 coats of arms of Daimios ; engraved, and in relief. 
io|^in. long. 

[ II.] Pipe; bowl and mouthpiece, silver; stem, iron, 
exquisitely inlaid with the Imperial symbols in gold. lojin. 

[ 12.] Pipe; central part of stem, 4in. long, of iron, 
inlaid with gold ; bowl and moutlipiece of silver, with scrolls 
and birds deeply cut. ii.',in. long. 

[13.] Pipe; bowl and tip, silver ; stem, iron, inlaid 
with Imperial symbols in gold. 8|in. long. 

[ 14.] Pipe; bowl and tip, silver; central part elabor- 
ately inlaid with gold, and having the Imperial symbols. 
8fin. long. 

Formerly belonged to Enomoto, foster-brother of tlie Emperor 

[15.] Pipe, silver; on lower end of stem, flowers in 
relief in gold ; foliage deeply engraved. 8|in. long. 


Japak. (B.e.) 

[ 1 6.] Pipe, silver; two tigers and bamboo in high 
relief, in gold and coloured metals; ijin. of cane in middle 
of stem. loin. long. 

[ 17.] Pipe, silver ; man on horseback, carrying banner, 
and above, a soldier, both in high relief, in gold and other 
metals ; inscription on each subject ; 3in. of cane in middle 
of stem. 10 Jin. long. 

[18.] Pipe; silver bowl and tip; eagle and cat in 
oxydised silver on brass; ijin. of cane in middle of stem. 
9iin. long. 

[ 19.] Pipe, silver; with two dragons in clouds, in relief 
in gold; 2in. of cane in stem. 9|in. long. 

[ 20.] Pipe, silver; interlacing circles forming a diaper; 
interstices deeply cut ; size of circles diminishing towards 
ends; ifin. of cane in stem. lojin. long. 

[21.] Pipe, silver; rugged tree trunks in high relief, 
with flowers in gold ; 2|in. of cane in stem. 9§in. long. 

[22.] Pipe, silver ; two storks, water, and mountains 
near tip ; near bowl, a stork flying, in high relief in gold 
and coloured metals; liin. of cane in stem, lojin. long. 

[ 23.] Pipe, silver ; near bowl, a wreath of small flowers 
in high relief; at other end, a warrior in full armour com- 
pleting an inscription on tree trunk, in high relief in gold 
and other coloured metals; ijin. of dark cane in stem. 
9|in. long. 

[24.] Pipe, silver; at upper part a dragon in gold, 
with clouds ; at lower, a tiger in gold, with rocks and clouds ; 
2|in. of cane in stem. g^in. long. 

[ 25.] Pipe, silver ; dragon and clouds at each end, 
deeply cut ; 2iin. of cane in stem. loin. long. 

[ 26.] Pipe, silver ; surface engraved in simple scrolls 
deeply incised ; 2|in. of cane. 9^!n. long. 

[27.] Pipe; silver ferrule, i|in. long, in middle of 
stem ; at upper part a waterfall with rocks, and a woman 
seated in landscape ; on ferrule, a sea view, with birds flying; 
at lower part a house and a man on horseback fording a 
stream ; all enriched with gold and coloured metals ; 3^in. of 
cane in stem. 1 1 Jin. long. 

[28.] Pipe, silver; a bamboo deeply incised, and a 
tiger in bronze, foreshortened; 2|in. of cane in stem. 9fin. 


Jai'An. (B.C.) 

[ 29.] Pipe, silver; on upper part, a cuttle-fish ; below, 
a lobster and fish, in coloured metals in sharp relief; 4in. of 
cane in stem. g'm. long. 

[ 30.] Pipe, silver, hexagonal ; on upper jiart birds, 
and tree in flower ; centre bird, in coloured metal enriched 
with gold ; on lower part tree trunk and two pheasants, the 
latter in coloured metal ; 2Mn. of cane in stem. gin. long. 

[31.] Pipe, silver ; groups of storks flying, engraved; 
2Ain. of cane in stem. gjin. long. 

[31*.] Pipe, silver; man on horse-back, engraved 
deeply. 8fin. long. 

[ 32.] Pipe, silver; i>art of each end exquisitely inlaid 
with geometric ornaments in gold ; the other part diapered 
with interlacing circles, the interstices being deeply cut ; 
3|in. of cane in stem. 8|in. long. 

[ 33-1 I'ipc, metal ; on stem, five small grotesque 
figures, inlaid and enamelled, gin. long. 

[34.] Pipe, silver; part of stem engraved with spiral 
bands of fine lines, part with imitation of a woven fabric, 
and part incised with lines in three directions ; one side 
marked with oblique bands of lacquer, gin. long. 

[35.] Travelling Pipe, silver; stem flattened; spiral 
bands of yellow metal, diapered, siin. long. 

[36.] Travelling Pipe, silver; flattened stem, chased 
to represent a rugged wooden stem. 5Ain. long. 

[37.] Travelling Pipe, silver ; stem flattened ; slightly 
engraved; with oblique band of lacquer. 5^in. long. 

[ 38.] Travelling Pipe, silver ; flattened stem, slightly 
engraved ; with oblique band of lacquer. S^in. long. 

[ 39.] Travelling Pipe, silver ; stem lacquered. 5|in. 

[40.] Pipe; a model of a long pipe; tip and bowl, 
silver; stem lacquered, s^in. long, ^in. diameter. 

[41.] Cigar-tube, ^Vm. long, silver; flowers, grasses, 
etc., inlaid with gold on a dark ground ; pearl mouthpiece. 

[42.] Travelling Pipe, brass ; cylindrical, plain; siin. 

[43.] Pipe, metal; on lower part a man's head in 
bronze, very finely chased; s^in. of cane. S|in. long. 


Japan. (B.e.) 

[ 4 t to 49. J Six ripcs^ silver ends, with cane stem ; 
engraved and plain. 

[ 50.] Pipe, brass ; on upper part stork flying, on lower 
part two storks and flowers, enriched witli silver and coloured 
metal; 4|in. of cane. loin. long. 

[ 51.] Pipe, brass ; bowl in line of stem; curved mouth- 
piece; 6 ^in. of cane. gfin. long. 

[52.] Pipe, brass ; bowl in line of stem ; 4 Jin. of cane ; 
Siin. long. 

[ S3-] Pipe; bowl and tip, brass; i2^in. of cane in 
stem. i8Mn. long. 

[ 54 to 59.] Six brass-mounted Pipes, cane stems. 

[ 60.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-'pouch, with three hinged 
metal plaques attached by swivel to ivory button ; on plaque 
figures in low relief enriched with gold ; pouch and case an 
imitation of brown leather; on pouch a group of figures and 
boar, in metal enriched with gold in high relief; button, a 
group of six figures in relief 

[61. J Pipe-case and Tobacco-pouch, black morocco; 
with three hinged plaques and circular ivory button ; on 
pouch a warrior, in metal enriched with gold ; on ijlaciues 
birds carved in pearl and inlaid, on ivory ground ; button, 
2^in. diameter, group of figures in low relief 

[ 62.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-pouch, black morocco ; 
on pouch a large dragon enriched with gold ; chain, com- 
posed of four plaques of old Cloisonne enamel ; silver button, 
2|in. diameter, with fish in high relief 

[63.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-pouch, black morocco; 
on pouch a group of animals carved in ivory; chain, com- 
posed of two ivory plaques richly carved ; hinges and swivels 
in steel; inlaid with gold and silver; button, ivory, an oval 
box with hinged lid, carved all over, i Jin. x i^in. x i^in. 

[ 64.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-pouch, black morocco ; 
on pouch a flower in high relief and three butterflies, in silver 
on gold ground; button, ivory, 2 Jin. diameter, with silver 
plaque sunk in top; flower and butterflies in high relief; 
attached by eight silver chains, witn swivel. 

[ 65.] Tobacco-pouch of imitation cloth, dark blue 
with white pattern ; on pouch man on horseback, inlaid ; 
chain, three hinged metal plaques, figures enriched with 
gold ; button, ivory, a group of twelve masks. 

[129] R 

Japan. (B.e.) 

[66.] Pipe-case and Pouch of imitation cloth, dark 
green with white i)attern ; on pouch two birds in silver with 
tree in gold; button attached by 18 small chains, with slide 
richly chased ; button, ivor)-, 2in. diameter ; two figures in 
low relief, one playing flute. 

[67.] Pipe-case and Pouch, black morocco ; on pouch 
a figure holding a fish and teazing a dog; ivory button, i|in. 
diameter, with a figure in low relief; button attached by 15 
fine silver chains, with slide of enainel. 

[ 68.] Pipe-case and Pouch, black morocco ; on pouch 
a bat, in metal ; case attached by single silver chain. 

[69.] Pipe-case and Pouch, black morocco embossed 
leather ; pouch, double ; on pouch flowers in bronze ; circular 
wooden button, attached by cord with glass bead. 

[ 70.] Pipe-case and Pouch, imitation leather, embroi- 
dered in gold and blue ; pipe-case black lac, with three 
pods in gold lac, attached by cord with sliding bead of lac, 
carved head in cavity of bead. 

[71.] Pipe-case and Pouch; pouch embroidered; 
plaque, with moon, bird, and cloud, in gold and silver ; 
pipe-case exquisitely plaited in bamboo, silken cord with 
carnelian bead. 

This Case and Pouch belonged to Enomoto. See No. 14. 

[72.] Pipe-case and Pouch; pouch in light brown 
leather, clasp, a hut and trees in gold ; pipe-case of black 
wood, with figure in gold and mice in silver ; attached by 
cord, with gold bead perforated and engra\ed. 

[73.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-box; box of wood, 
octagonal, loose lid, ornamented with foliage and insects in 
lac ; pipe-case, upper part of ivory, lower part wood tipped 
with ivory, carved and engraved ; attached by silken cord 
with seven beads. 

[ 74.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-box ; box, wood, oval, 
4in. X i^in., leaves and insects in low relief in lac ; case, 
imitation of shagreen, white on black lac ; attached by silken 
cord, with metal and ivory beads. 

[ 75.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-box : box, wood, 4Jin. x 
2 Jin. X 2lin., a house with figures in i\ory in front, inscriji- 
tion on ivory at back ; case in one piece of wood, hollowed 
and carved ; silken cord and carnelian bead. 


Japan. (B.e.) 

[76.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-box; box, wood, oval, 
3fin. X 2:|in. x 3in., fruit and leaves in lac and pearl; case of 
light coloured bamboo, flattened ; carved with bird and 
monkey ; hinged cover, carved ; silken cord with button in 
form of a fruit, with head in cavity. 

[77.] Pipe-case and Tobacco-box; box, black lac, 
oval, 3}in. x i|in. x 3|in., tree in gold lac, with pearl flowers; 
case of wood, flattened, carved all over with a great dragon, 
foliage, and clouds ; hinged lid in metal, engraved ; silken 
cord, with two carved beads, white and black. 

[78.] Pipe-case, wood, iifin. long; carved all over ; 
two figures, one playing flute ; ground diapered richly ; 
silver swivel, etc. ; hinged lid. 

[79.] Pipe-case, wood, 11 Jin. long; covered with 
dragon in gold, and clouds in lac and ivory ; encrusted 
with rock-crystal ; hinged lid ; silken cords and tassels. 

[80.] Pipe-case, lac, loin. long, with fragments of 
mother-of-pearl embedded ; with half of a tobacco-pouch, a 
haliotis shell, attached by cord, with red lac bead, carved 
with two masks. 

[Si.] Pipe-case, 8Jin. long; covered with mother-of- 

[82.] Pipe-case, Qin. long; of woven bamboo; 

[83.] Pipe-case, Sin. long; of finely-woven bamboo. 

[84.] Pipe-case and Pouch, loiin. long; embroided 
all over in purple and white. 

[85.] Pipe-case, gin. long; black wood; plants and 
rabbits in silver and gold. 

[ 86.] Pipe-case, ivory ; incrusted with insects in 
hard stone, pearl, etc. 81in. long. 

[87.] Pipe-case, ivory; in form of an acacia pod; 
incrusted with pendant flowers, foliage, and birds, in hard 
stone, pearl, etc. ; stems of foliage silver. 8f in. long. 

[88.] Tobacco-box, wood, oblong; with plants in gold 
lac ; lac button, attached by cord, with red ivory bead. 
4^in., I fin. x 2 fin. 

[ 89.] Tobacco-box, octagonal, wood ; ornamented 
with insects and foliage in gold lac, and foliage in metal. 
3|in. X 2 Jin. x 3in. 

Japan. (R.c.) 

[ 90.] Tobacco-box, oval wood ; carved with landscape; 
silken cord and lac bead. 2 Jin. x liin. x 4in. high. 

[ 91.J Opium-box, wood ; in form of barrel ; lined with 
metal ; on lid a seated figure ; lid, double, under lid, a rim 
movable, covering three needles. 3in. diameter, 2 J in. high. 

[92.] Tobacco-box, formed of two haliotis shells, with 
carved wooden cover ; on cover, a slug in ivory ; on sides, 
serpent and slug, and a frog in lac, in relief: button, wood; 
in form of two toads ; attached to box by silken cord. 3 J in. 
wide X 2in., sJin. high. 

[ 93.] Tobacco-box, ivory ; carved with symbols ; 
on a diapered ground ; top and bottom of dark wood ; 
top fluted. 4in. long x 3jin. wide, 2jin. high. 

[ 94.J Tobacco-bo.x, cylindrical, ivory, with masks ; a 
figure on stilts, and conjuring apparatus, in lac, in relief 
3§in. diameter, 2 gin. high. 

[ 95.] Tobacco-pouch, leather; metal plaque, with four 
beautifully wrought figures. 

[96.] Smoker's Cabinet, wood; 9in. x 5in. x 6in. high; 
with three drawers ; with fire-pot and ash-pot in brass. 

[97.] Smoker's Cabinet, lac; gin. x siin. x yin. high; 
three drawers; fire-pot and ash-pot of white metal, engraved; 
covers repousse', with birds in low relief; metal handle in 
form of knotted cord, with tassels. 

[98.] Smoker's Cabinet, lac; yin. x yin. x yiin. high, 
fire-pot and cover of white metal ; three drawers : one with 
metal ash-box fitting drawer. 


[ I.] Pipe, of mammoth ivory; half the stem of wood, 
inlaid with white metal. g\in. long. (Samoyede.) 

[ 2.] Pipe, mammoth ivory; mouthpiece, of wood, 4in. 
long. iiiin. long. Brought by Mr. H. Seebohm, from 
Yolcheeka, in the valley of the Yenesay. (East Siberia.) 

[ 3.] Pipe, mammoth ivory ; with loose mouthpiece, 
2 Jin. long. gin. long. (From River Lena, or Yenesay.) 

[4.] Pipe, mammoth ivory; loose mouthpiece, sin. 
long; cavity of bowl lined with white metal. io|in. long. 
Brought by Mr. Seebohm fruiii the valley of the Yenesay. 


Asiatic Russia. (B.f.) 

[5.] Pipe, whale's bone ; carved from one piece; eleven 
animals in relief ; incised ornament on sides and back ; the 
lines filled with black. 13 Jin. long. 

[ 6.] Pii)e, whale '.s bone ; carved from one piece ; man 
in sledge and animals in relief; incised lines filled with black. 
loiin. long. (Esquimaux.) 

[ 7.] Pipe, wood ; stem formed of two pieces, bound 
together with thongs ; bowl, of metal, 2in. diameter. 
i2iin. long. Brought by Admiral Belcher. (Tongoosk.) 

[8.] Pipe, wood ; bowl, stone, ijin. diameter; stem 
similar to No. 7. loiin. long. From Admiral Belcher's 
collection. (Tongoosk. ) 

[9.] Pipe, wood; bowl, lead, ijin. diameter, incised; 
stem similar to No. 7. 12 fin. long. (Tongoosk.) 

[ lo.J Pipe, wood; bowl, lead, curiously undercut, 
if in. diameter; stem similar to No. 7. iifin. long. 
Brought by Captain Sherard Osborn. (Tongoosk.) 

[11.] Pipe; stem of hard wood, inlaid with white 
metal ; mouthpiece, 4in. long, of soft wood ; ujjper part of 
bowl, white metal. lo^in. long. Brought by Mr. Seebohm 
from the Yenesay Valley. 

[ 1 2.] Pipe ; body of hard wood, inlaid with white 
metal ; mouthpiece of white metal, 4in. long, cylindrical ; 
bowl, white metal, attached by inlaid strips of metal, gin. 
long. Brought by Captain Sherard Osborn. (Ostyak.) 

[13.] Pipe, wood; bowl of bone, |in. diameter. 
Similar to No. 7. i3|in. long. (Tongoosk.) 

[ 14.] Pipe, wood : bowl, of brass, fin. diameter. 
Similar to No. 7. 8Jin. long. (Tongoosk.) 

[15.] Pipe, wood; bowl with cover, mounted with 
copper, and with brass ornaments ; wooden stem, carved with 
spirals. 7 fin. long. Brought by Mr. Seebohm from the 

[ 16.] Pipe, iron ; bowl |in. diameter; middle of stem 
\m. square; ends cylindrical, square part engraved. 11 ^in. 
long. (Tongoosk.) 

[17.] Pipe, iron; bowl ijin. diameter, polygonal; 
middle of stem |in. square, engraved ; ends polygonal. 
1 7 in. long. (Tongoosk.) 

[ 18.] Pipe, iron; bowl |in. diameter; in cloth cover 
ornamented with beads. 15}, in. long. (Tongoosk.) 


Asiatic RrssiA. (]].{.) 

[ 19.] Pipe; stem and bowl of dark red wood in one 
piece, inlaid with brass wire; bowl, i]in. diameter, mounted 
with silver; amber mouthpiece i|in. long. iS^in. long. 

[20.] Pipe; stem and bowl of dark red wood; bowl 
i|in. diameter; silver mounts to bowl and end of stem j 
inlaid with brass wire. gMn. long. (Kirghese.) 

[21.] Pipe; bowl i|in. diameter; silver mounts; 
inlaid, etc., as No. 20. lyiin. long. (Kirghese.) 

[22.] Pipe; bowl i|in. diameter; brass mounts; 
inlaid as No. 20, and with discs of pearl shell. 6|in. long. 

[23.] Cigar-tube, isAin. long; inlaid witli brass wire. 

[ 24.] Pipe-bowl, red wood; silver mounts ; bowl 
octagonal, with cylindrical fluted base. 3in. long, 2in. high, 
I Jin. diameter. (Kirghese.) 

[ 25.] Bowl, silver mounts, inlaid with brass wire ; 4in. 
long, 2jin. high, ifin. diameter. (Kirghese.) 

[ 26.] Pipe with two bowls ; bowls, ^Jin. diameter, 
inlaid with brass wire ; silver mounts and mouthpiece. 
9jin. long. (Kirghese.) 

[27.] Pipe with three bowls; bowls, lin. diameter, 
united in one socket, ornamented with silver bosses, silver 
wire, and with silver mounts ; niello on socket ; cherry-stick 
stem. 2oin. long. (Caucasus.) 

[28.] Pipe ; bowl with silver mounts and silver wire, 
neillo; wooden stem with silver chain and pricker, isjin. 
long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 29.] Bowl, red wood ; silver mounts and cover orna- 
mented with niello. 2jin. long, 2in. high, liin. diameter. 

[ 30.] Pipe ; bowl of black wood, inlaid ; brass mount, 
and brass ring at bottom ; stem, an iron tube, tapering. 
6|in. long. (Caucasus.) 

[31.] Pipe, with stem i8Jin. long; composed of 
Siberian stones, 20 pieces — jaspers, rhodonite, obsidian, etc.; 
bowl, meerschaum, 3iin. high, 3iin. long, 2|in. diameter ; 
silver mounted. (Ekaterinburg, Oural.) 

[32.] Cigar -tube, silver; stem composed of nine 
tubes and beads of rock crystal, agate, beryl, amethyst, etc. ; 
mouthpiece, jasper. 8iin. long. (Ekaterinburg, Oural.) 


Asiatic Russia. (B.f.) 

[ 33.] Cigar-tube, of seven pieces of jasper and two of 
rhodonite ; the centre a jasper ring. 4jin. long. (Ekaterin- 
burg, Oural.) 

[ 34.] Pipe ; straight, cylindrical stem, with spiral 
bands of gold and silver ; bowl, gold and silver ; the silver 
throughout being ornamented with neillo ; amber mouth- 
piece, i^in. long. i4in. long. (Caucasus.) 

[35-] Cigar-tube, hexagonal, straight ; three sides gold 
chased, three sides silver ornamented with neillo ; amber 
mouthpiece, liin. long. gMn. long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 36.] Cigar-tube, octagonal ; four sides chased gold, 
four silver with neillo ; amber mouthpiece, cylindrical, 2 ^in. 
long, I in. diameter. 6 Jin. long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 37-] Cigar-tube, silver, ornamented with niello. 6|in. 
long, Hin. diameter. (Caucasus.) 

[ 38.] Cigar-tube ; body, dark wood ; two ferrules, 
of silver, with niello; amber mouthpiece. 7|in. long. 

[ 39.] Cigar-tube, cherry wood ; both ends cased with 
silver, with niello. lojin. long. (Caucasus.) 

[40.] Cigar-tube, silver, with niello; parcel-gilt. 4|in. 
long. (Caucasus.) 

[41.] Cigar-tube, silver ; covered with very fine niello; 
amber mouthpiece. Sj^in. long. 

[42.] Cigar-tube; silver filigree on gold ground; 
amber mouthpiece. 4fin. long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 43.] Cigar-tube ; embroidered with blue silk and 
silver ; amber mouthpiece. 7 fin. long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 44.] Pipe ; stem, dark wood, cylindrical ; curved ; 
finely inlaid all over with silver ; bowl, lined and mounted 
with silver; amber mouthpiece; with bowl for cigar. i4iin. 
long. (Caucasus.) 

[ 45.] Pipe : stem, wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl 
and bone ; bone and wood inlaid with brass ; bowl, clay, 
4|in. high ; mounts of bowl and cover of bowl, silver leaves ; 
silver chain and pricker; amber mouthpiece. 23-^-'in. long. 

[ 46.] Pipe ; stem, wood ; upper part curved and flat- 
tened ; inlaid with bone, pearl shell, and brass ; amber 
mouthpiece. 24in. long. (Circassia.) 

[ 47.] Pipe ; inlaid with pearl and brass; ivory mouth- 
piece. 2 1 in. long. ('Circassia.) 


Asiatic Russia. (B.f.) 

[48.] Stem, black wood; incised; Unci filled with 
white metal. i8iin. long. (Circassia.) 

[ 49.] Pipe ; red clay bowl ; wooden stem ; bowl 
attached by leathern thong; peasant's pipe, is^in. long. 


[ I.] Pipe, brass; bowl and middle of stem ornamented 
with curious interlaced ornament and knobs ; knobs in high 
relief. 33in. long; bowl, ain. diameter. (Batta, Sumatra.) 

[2.] Pipe, brass; similar to No. i; with short chain 
for pricker. 29in. long. (Batta.) 

[3.] Pipe, brass; similar to No. i; with brass chain 
and pricker. 3iiin. long. (Batta.) 

[4.] Pipe, brass; bowl, "hammer-headed;" diameter 
of bowl, 2jin., of base, i|in. ; length of bowl and base, sjin. 
i8|in long. (Batta.) 

[ 5.J Pipe; stem, brass, ornamented in middle like 
No. 1; bowl, wood, 9in. high, 2Mn. diameter; "hammer- 
headed ; " inlaid with small rectangular brass plates ; brass 
chain, with iron pricker. 2 gin. long. (Batta.) 

[6.] Tobacco-pouch, leather; with heavy bronze chain, 
2oin. long; and steel, 6in. x i|in., with richly ornamented 
brass mount, iiin. x i5in. (Batta.) 

[7.] Opium Pipe, bamboo; bowl, earthenware, en- 
veloped in white metal ; clip and socket white metal ; with 
belt of inlaid ornament round stem. 9|in. longxiAin. 
diameter. From Kendie Tempoerveng. (Borneo.) 

[ 8.] Opium Pipe ; bowl, steatite ; socket at end of 
stem, brass. i6^in. long. 

[9.] Tobacco Pipe and cigar-tube ; composed of four 
reeds, 3oin. long, connected by bends of horn ; mouthpiece 
of horn, loin. long. 

[10.] Tobacco Pipe; made entirely of black horn; 
receptacle, pine shape. Sin. long, 2in. diameter. 24^in. long. 

[11.] Tobacco Pipe; entirely of black horn; recep- 
tacle, gin. long, 2in. diameter; bowl, ■jin. long, i|in. 
diameter ; at bottom of mouthpiece, flower of six petals, 
6in. diameter, agin. long. 


Java and Sujiatka. (B.g.) 

[ I 2.] Tobacco-pipe; cnLirely of black horn; receptacle, 
8iin. long; bowl ■jm. long; two flowers on stem ; each, 5in. 
diameter. 44in. long. 

[13.] Pipe, wood, with bark on; bowl parallel with 
stem ; two faces carved at base of bowl ; whistle on stem ; 
string of wooden beads attaching cover, isin. long. (Java.) 

[14.] Pipe, wood, with bark on; bowl parallel with 
stem; four faces carved on bowl, i sin. long. (Java.) 

[15.] Pipe, wood, with bark on; bowl parallel with 
stem ; two faces carved on base of bowl ; two birds on cover ; 
string of wooden beads. i3in. long. (Java.) 

[16.] Pipe, wood, with bark on; bowl parallel with 
stem; whistle at top of stem. i4J,in. long. (Java.) 

[17.] Pipe, wood, with bark on; bowl parallel with 
stem. i3in. long. (Java.) 

[ 18.] Bowl, wood, with bark on ; three faces carved. 


[ I.] Betel-nut Cutter, entirely of iron ; cutting blade, 
3in. broad; inlaid with brass; knobs at end of handles. 
i2in. long. (India.) 

[ 2.] Betel-nut Cutter ; body, brass, perforated, and 
ornamented with imitation stones ; ivory plaques on handles. 
8-Mn. long. (India.) 

[ 3.] Betel-nut Cutter; body, brass, terminating at one 
end in animals, the other end in peacocks' heads ; cutter, 
straight. 6-Mn. long. (India.) 

[4.] Betel-nut Cutter; body, brass; semi-circular guide 
for steel cutter ; octagonal handles, with knobs. 6iin. long. 

[5.] Betel-nut Cutter; body, brass; cutter, steel; 
hinged; in lower handle a curved knife, siin. long. (India.) 

[6.] Betel-nut Cutter; body, brass, perforated, orna- 
mented with foil ; round handles ; curved knife, with catch 
let into lower handle. 6in. long. (India.) 

[ 7.] Betel-nut Cutter, steel ; hinge in form of dragon's 
head ; body chased ; handles of silver, chased. 6in. long. 

[137] s 

Betel-nut Cutters and Boxes. (B.h.) 

[ 8.] Betel Box, amboyna wood, with drawer ; contains 
five turned wooden boxes, with covers. Sin. x 4|in. x 3in. 
high. (India.) 

[9.] Betel Box, lac, with three compartments for 
betel nut, and the lime and spices; Tamil. 5 fin. high, 6in. 
diameter. (From Rangoon.) 

[10.] ChunamBox; brass globular ; plain flat bottom. 
3|in. diameter. (India.) 

[11 to 18.] Eight stoppered Bottles; containing areca 
(betel-nut), whole and crushed ; chunam, (lime,) cardamum, 
and areca, crushed and mixed ; and catechu. 

These are the ingredients of the mi.xture used by tlie Nawab 
Nazini, of Bengal, and were given by him to W. B. 

[ 19.] Chunam Bottle, 6'Jin. x 2in. diameter. 
[20.] Chunam Bottle, 6fin. x i|in. diameter. 
[ 21.] Chunam Bottle, 6fin. x a^in. diameter. 

The above are of bamboo, engraved with bands of ornament, 
the hnes being filled with black. 

[ 22.] Chunam Box, carved in wood in form of 
human figure ; head, forming the box ; eyes of pearl ; face, 
tattoed. loin. high, 2|in, diameter. 

[ 23.] Chunam Box, carved in wood ; in form of full- 
length human figure, jfin. x 2in. diameter. Brought by 
Captain Denham with No. 16 from Solomon Islands. 

[ 24.J Chunam Box; a gourd, i2in. long, i|in. 
diameter, with iron rod, io|in. long, with wooden handle, 
4in. long. (Humboldt's Bay, New Guinea.) 

[25.] Chunam box; a flattened gourd, 2in. high, 
3iin. diameter; covered with beautiful incised ornament, 
filled in with black. 

[26.] A Woven Grass Case, containing two bamboo 
tubes for holding betel and chunam ; each with ornament in 
incised lines, blackened, sin. long x i|in. diameter. Brought 
by Captain Denham, from Solomon islands. 

[27.] Chunam Box, bamboo; with characteristic 
Batta ornament, incised, and filled in with black. 3|in. x 
liin. diameter. (Sumatra.) 

[28.] Hashish Box, silver; repousse; hinged-lid; 
ring for attachment, sides fluted; top and bottom with 
circles of flattened beads, repoussd 2in. diameter, i^in. 
high. (India.) 



[ I.] Pipe-case, ebony ; liinged ; to contain two pipes ; 
carved all over. 21 in. long. 

[ 2.] Pipe-case, ebony ; hinged ; lid missing ; bottom 
plain ; top and sides carved with flowers and foliage. 2 2|-in. 

[3.] Pipe-case, wood, for two pipes; in middle of 
top, bottom, and sides, bands of elaborate ornament in low 
relief. 23Ain. long. 

[ 4.] Pipe case, wood ; hinged ; for two pipes ; head 
and back carved in low relief; stem, cylindrical, plain. 
2 2|in. long. 

[5.] Pipe-case, papier-mache, for two pipes; black 
lac inlaid with pearl, iplin. long. 

[ 6.] Pipe-case, wood, for two pipes ; hinged ; lac, 
with foliage on all sides ; brass mount at end. 26|in. long. 

[7.] Pipe-case, ivory, for two pipes; lion on cover; 
each side elaborately carved and perforated ; mica under- 
neath. 2 1 in. long. 

[8.] Pipe-case, ivory, for two pipes; on top full length 
figure of man smoking ; carved all over ; hinged ; ring at end 
for hanging. 2oin. long. 

[9.] Pipe-case, ivory, cylindrical; hinged; head 2iin. 
X 2in. ; for two pipes ; lignum vitre foot ; elaborately carved 
all over. ii|in. long, ifin. diameter. 

[ 10.] Pipe-case, soft wood, for two pipes, with slides ; 
two ends and middle of stem carved with zig-zag ornament. 
33iin. long. 

[ II.] Pipe-case, soft wood, for three pipes ; full length 
of stem carved with zig-zag ornament. 342in. long. 

[ 1 2.] Pipe-case, soft wood, for three pipes ; wooden 
tassel and ring at end. 3 Sin. long. 

[ 13.] Pipe-case, tortoise-shell and ivory, for two pipes; 
on head of case grotesque head in ivory. 21 in. long. 

All the above Pipe C.ises are from the Dutch East India 

For other Pipe Cases see A.O. 


gecfio^t @ — Jlfrtca. 


[ I.] Pipe, wood; bowl 5111. long, 2fin. high, 2|in. 
diameter, octagonal, inlaid with brass wire, imitation coral, 
and with black stone in front ; stem, cylindrical, inlaid in 
same manner ; mouthpiece, ivory. sgJin. long. (Mostaga- 
nem, Algeria.) 

[ 2.] Pipe-bowl for four smokers, wood, 3iin. diameter ; 
standing on base 94in. high, 5?,in. square; base and shaft 
carved ; ornamented with brass wire, coral beads, and 
mother-of-pearl. (Mostaganem.) 

[ 3.] Pipe-bowl, wood, square, 2iin. x 2Mn., with cover, 
5 -Jin. high; inlaid with brass wire; palm trees on sides. 

[ 4.] Pipe-bowl, wood, in form of shoe, yin. long, sjin. 
high; inlaid as No. 3. (Mostaganem.) 

[5.] Pipe-bowl, wood, in form of slioe, sMn. long, 2in. 
high ; socket for stem projecting from heel. (Mostaganem.) 

[ 6.J Pipe; bowl, wood, inlaid with brass wire and 
coral beads, 2 Jin. high, ijin. diameter; stem, ivory, black 
and white, fin. diameter, inlaid with metal points. 2oin. 
long. (Mostaganem.) 

[ 7.] Bowl, wood: lower part globular and fluted; inlaid 
as No. 3. 4in. high, 2jin. diameter. (Mostganem.) 

[ 8.] Bowl, wood ; octagonal in middle, cylindrical at 
top; inlaid as No. 3. 2|in. high, 2|in. diameter. (Mosta- 

[ 9.] Bowl, wood ; octagonal in middle, cylindrical at 
top; inlaid as No. 3. ajin. high, 2]in. diameter. (Mosta- 


Northern Africa. (C.a.) 

[ 10.] Bowl, wood ; octagonal sides, inlaid with plates 
of mother-of-pearl and brass wire. 3in. high, ijin. diameter. 
(Mostaganem. ) 

[ II.] Bowl, wood, octagonal; inlaid as No. 3. 2|-in. 
high, I'l'm. diameter. (Mostaganem.) 

[12.] Bowl, wood; cylindrical at top, tapering down 
and enlarging to octagonal bottom ; panels inlaid with pearl, 
haliotis, and brass wire. 4in. high, 3in. diameter. (Mosta- 

[13.] Bowl, wood, octagonal; belt round centre in 
relief; panels inlaid with pearl, twisted wire, and coral beads. 
3;^in. high, 2in. diameter. (Mostaganem.) 

[14.] Bowl, wood, tapering down ; inlaid with close 
parallel lines of twisted wire ; iron hinged cover. 2|in. high, 
i|in. at top. (Mostaganem.) 

[ 15.] Bowl, wood, tapering downwards ; with spreading 
base I fin. diameter ; ornamented with brass, laid on, and 
with brass beads. liin. high, ijin. diameter. (Algeria.) 

[ 16.] Pipe; bowl, red pottery, iMn. x ifin. ; covered 
with fine silver filigree; stem, two silver tubes, iiin. and 
5 in. long, green velvet between ; silver chains. 2 7 in. long. 

[ 17.] Pipe; small metal bowl; stem, silver, repousse. 
i3Mn. long. (Tunis.) 

[ 18.] Pipe ; bowl ih'm. x lin. ; stem, silver, repousse. 
28^in. long. (Tunis.) 

[19.] Pipe; bowl, vegetable ivory, i-l'm. x i|in. 
diameter, carved, two Moorish faces ; reed stem 4in. long. 

[20.] Pipe; bowl, vegetable ivory, 2-|in. x lin. 
diameter, in form of Moorish figure ; reed stem gin. long. 

[21.] Bowl, vegetable ivory, liin. x 2in., carved with 
two full length figures. (Morocco.) 

[ 22.] Pipe ; clay bowl lin. x -Jin. ; turned wooden 
- stem ; horn mouthpiece 2in. long. gin. long. Used by the 
poorer Moors for smoking keef. (Tangiers.) 

[ 23.] Pipe, vegetable ivory ; rough exterior ; 2in. x 
i^in. ; reed stem 4 Jin. (Algeria.) 

[24.] Kabyle Pipe; bowl, red pottery, i iin. x iMn. ; 
wooden stem with bark on. ii.'.in. long. 


NouTHF.RN Africa. (C.a.) 

[ 25.] Kabyle Pipe; bowl, red pottery, i|in. x i|in. ; 
curved wood stem with red clay mouthpiece. Sin. long. 

[25*.] Kabyle Pipe; bowl, black pottery, lin. xiin. ; 
straight stem, wood with bark. S^in. long. 

[ 26.] Bowl only, black pottery, 2in. high, lin. diameter, 
4in. long ; handsomely modelled ; cap of brass wire. 

[ 27.] Bowl, black pottery, 2in., fin. diameter. 

[ 28.] Bowl, red pottery, fluted. 2Mn. x 2^in. long. 

[ 29.] Bowl, red glazed pottery, 2in. high, 3Mn. long. 

[30.] Bowl, white pottery; upper part of bowl with 
stars in blue. 4in. high, 2in. long, lin. diameter. 

[31.] Bowl, wood, carved. 2in. high, 3|in. long, 
ifin. diameter. 

[ 32.] Bowl, red pottery ; lower part of bowl fluted. 
2fin. high, ijin. diameter. 

[33.] Bowl, brown pottery ; lozenge-shape imprints on 
bowl. 2in. high, i|in. diameter. 

[ 34.] Bowl, black pottery ; square foot, notched on 
three sides. 2iin. high, liin. diameter. 

[ 35.] Bowl, red pottery; small square foot. 3in. high, 
i|in. diameter. 

[ 36.] Bowl, brown pottery ; fluted, gilded. 2Mn. high, 
lin. diameter. 

[37.] Bowl, red pottery; polished; iMn. high, fin. 
diameter. (Kabyle.) 

[38.] Pipe, black clay, fm. long; bowl i]in. x i|in. 

[39.] Pipe, black clay, 8Mn. long; bowl i^in. x ijin. 

[ 40.] Pipe, black clay ; polished surface, octagonal stem, 
curved. 4iin. long. (Gizeh.) 

[ 41.] Pipe, red clay ; cylindrical stem, tapering. 7iin. 
long; bowl i|in. x i^in. (Gizeh.) 

[42.] Pipe, red clay; sin. long, 2|in. high, lin. 
diameter. (Gizeh.) 

[ 43.] Pipe, red clay, 4iin. long. (Gizeh.) 

[441049.] Six bowls, black clay, trumpet-mouthed; 
variously ornamented with foliage and chequers. (Assouan.) 
3in. high, 2fin. diameter. 


Northern Africa. (C.a.) 

[50.] Bowl, red clay; foliage in relief on sage-green 
ground. 4in. high, 3iin. diameter. (Assouan.) 

[51.] Bowl, similarly ornamented. 3iin. high, 3;|in. 

[ 52.] Bowl, ornaments in relief on blue ground. 2J;in. 
high, 2|-in. diameter. (Assouan.) 

[ 53.] Bowl ; on base of bowl ornament in high relief, 
upper part incised. 2|in. high, 2|-in. diameter. (Assouan.) 

[ 54.] Bowl, red clay ; bowl covered with ornament in 
low relief, socket incised. 3 in. high, 2 fin. diameter. 

[551066.] Twelve small Pipe-bowls; four black 
pottery, eight red pottery. (Kabyle.) 


[ I.] Gourd Pipe, studded with brass nails; small clay 
bowl inserted in middle. igin. long x gin. diameter. 

[2.] Gourd Pipe, with clay bowl. igin. long x 4|in. 
diameter. (Loando.) 

[ 3.] Massive Pipe of black clay; stem, 8|in. long, 2in. 
diameter ; upon it serpent in high relief ; bowl inserted in 
upper side of stem and attached by cord through perforation. 

[4.] Pipe; bowl, iron; 6in. long x i|in. diameter; 
rim of bowl turned over and notched ; at bottom of bowl an 
iron fork to thrust into the ground to support the pipe while 
smoked ; stem, wood, ornamented with eight leathern tassels; 
leathern thong carrying iron pricker, yin. long. 38in. long. 

[ 5.] Bowl, red clay, polished ; incised lines from top 
to bottom ; bottom of bowl bound with iron wire ; socket 
for stem of snake skin. 6iin. high, lUn. diameter. (From 
the Niger.) 

[ 6.] Pipe ; bowl, black clay, 4iin. x 2in. diameter; at 
bottom, grotesque face ; side of bowl covered with incised 
diagonal lines; stem, of cane. 35in. long. 

[ 7.] Pipe; bowl, black clay, 4in. long; in form of two 
horns ; stem, reed, with five bands of silver wire and six of 
gold wire ; mouthpiece, silver s^in. long, with bands of coiled 
silver wire. 33in. long. (Ashantee.) 


Western Africa. (C.b.) 

[Sand lo.] Two Pipe-bowls, red clay; in form of 
leopard, with dots and incised lines filled with white. 
4in. X 3|in. (Ashantee.) 

[9.] Pipe-bowl, red clay; in form of bird, incised 
lines filled with white. 4in. long x 3iin. wide. (Ashantee.) 

[11.] Pipe-bowl, red clay; globular bowl; double- 
peaked foot. 3^in. X i|in. (Ashantee.) 

[12.] Pipe-bowl, red clay; globular ornament 
in relief and incised; double-peaked foot. 3|in. x i|in. 

[ 13.] Pipe-bowl, red clay; carried by elbow brackets; 
incised and ornamented, siin. x 2in. (Ashantee.) 

[ 14 to 16.] Three Pipe-bowls, red clay, globular; 
incised lines filled with white. 3fin. to 2 Jin. x liin. to i:Jin. 

[17.] Pipe-bowl, red clay, cylindrical; four rows of 
projecting notched pyramids. (Ashantee.) 

[18.] Bowl, red clay, with four large cones dotted and 
incised. (Ashantee.) 

[19.] Bowl, cylindrical; dotted and incised. 4f in. x 
I Jin. (Ashantee.) 

[ 20.] Bowl, cylindrical, with four large cones on bowl ; 
dotted and incised. 3iin. x lin. (x\shantee.) 

[ 21.] Bowl, globular; incised and dotted. 3jin. x i|in. 

[ 22.] Bowl, in form of a shell. 3iin. x 2|in. (Ash- 

[23.] Bowl, globular; incised and dotted. 4in. x i|in. 

[24.] Bowl, globular; 2fin. x i|in. (Ashantee.) 

[25.] "Fan" Pipe, red clay; polished; bowl, 2|in. 
long X 2 fin. high, bands at top ; wooden stem, 2 A in. long. 

[ 26 to 30.] Five "Fan" Pipes; similar to No. 25. 

[31.] Bowl, "Fan;" black clay. 2in. x 2|in. high. 

[ 32.] " Fan " Pipe, with cover; wooden stem. 2iin. x 
3jin. high. 

The ''Fan" Pipes have Bowls at right angles to, and in the 
middle of, the stem. 

[33.] Pipe, red clay; wooden stem, ifin. long. 
i|in. X 2fin. high. (Eatonga.) 


Western Africa. (C.b.) 

[34.] Pipe, red clay; lower part cased with hide; 
wooden stem, 2 Jin. long. 2Mn. x 3|in. 

[35.] Bowl, black clay; socket curved; bands of 
ornament on bowl and stem. 2|in. long, 2 in. high. 

[36.] Bowl, black clay; globular. 3in. long, 2in. high. 

[ 37.] Bowl, red clay; curved socket, peaked in front. 
2]in. long, i-iin. high. 

[38.] Bowl, red clay, globular; cylindrical straight 
socket. 2in. long, 2in. high. (New Calabar.) 

[39.] Bowl, globular, 2]in. long, il'm. high. 

[40.] Pipe, black clay, 2iin. long, 2in. high; large 
heel, curved downwards ; bowl, with fruits in relief round 
middle ; wooden stem 2|in. 

[41.] Pipe, black clay, 2in. long, i|in. high; wooden 
stem, engraved, 6Jin. long. 

[ 42.] Pipe ; bowl black clay, 2in. long, 2in. high ; 
stem with bark on, giin. long ; bowl has three bands of 
chequers impressed. (Cameroons.) 

[43.] Bowl, black clay ; boy strangling a serpent. 2|in. 
long, 2|in. high. (Dahomey.) 

[ 44.J Bowl, brass, with lid, ijin. x i Jin. ; wooden 
stem 4in. long, carved with diagonal lines. (New Calabar.) 

[45.] Bowl, brass, 2in. long, ijin. high; Mi and 
serpent on each side in relief. (New Calabar.) 

[46.] Bowl and Stem, brass, siin. long, ijin. high; 
serpents on bowl. (New Calabar.) 

[47.] Bowl, black clay ; figure playing guitar. 2in. x 
2 in. wide. (Cameroons.) 

[ 48.] Bowl, black clay ; female figure with arms a- 
kimbo. (Cameroons.) 

[49.] Pipe, red clay: bowl 2in. long, ijin. high; 
wooden stem i7in. long, turned, incised, and coloured red in 
parts. (Bonny.) 

[ 50.] Pipe, red clay ; wooden stem ; similar to No. 49. 
loin. long. (Bonny.) 

[51.] Pipe; bowl red clay, 2in. long, i|in. high; 
wooden stem i3in. long, incised. (Bonny.) 

[52.] Pipe; Bowl, red claj', 2in. x i^in. ; turned 
wooden stem, isfin. long; inlaid with white metal; mouth- 
piece, white metal. (Bonny.) 

[145] V 

Western Aikica. (C.b.) 

[53.] Bowl, black clay, iVm. long, 2|in. high; two 
bowls united at base; wooden stem, ifin. long. (Liberia.) 

[54.] Pipe, black clay; bowl 2|in. long, 2in. high; 
three bowls united at base; wooden stem, 2}in. long. 

[55.] Bowl, black clay; 2]in. long, 2-^in. high; orna- 
mented with rings. (Liberia.) 

[56.] Bowl, gray clay; 4in. x 4in. (Liberia.). 

[57.] Bowl, gray clay; 2fin. x i-iin. (Liberia.) 

[58.] Knife, with curved blade, gin. long; wooden 
handle, roughly carved ; and circular wooden tray, 7in. 
diameter x |in. thick, for cutting tobacco. (Lagos.) 

[59 to 61.] Three Pipes; Bowls, light red clay; 
wooden stems, half black, turned. (Lagos.) 

[ 62 to 76.] Fifteen Bowls ; red, yellow, or black clay 
from 3in. to lin. x 2in. to lin. long, all ornamented. (Lagos.) 

[77.] Pipe-stopper or Plug, 2in. long, lin. diameter, 
black wood ; grotesque head, with long ears, and with ring 
in nose. (Ambriz.) 

[ 78 to 80.] Three Bowls, red clay, 2?,in. high, 2^in. 
long, i|in. diameter, with flat rims, 2|in. diameter; quartered 
by black and white lines. (The Nussi Tribe, River Niger.) 

[ 81.] Bowl, red clay, polished, 4in. high, 2iin. diameter, 
with pattern of vertical and horizontal lines ; square base. 

[ 82.] Bowl, black clay, 3-Jin. high, lin. diameter, 
tapering to a point; set at an acute angle to socket; socket, 
trumpet mouth. 

[ 83.] Bow, red clay, 4iin. x 3iin. diameter ; trumpet 
mouth ; socket for stem, siin. long ; connected with lip of 
bowl by a buttress ; small rings impressed. 

[ 84 and 85.] Two Bowls, red clay, 2in. high, liin. 
diameter ; tapering upwards to fin. diameter; small chequer, 
incised on lower part. (Ambriz.) 

[ 86 to 89.] Four Bowls, red and gray clay, 2in. to 
ijin. X lin. diameter. (Lagos.) 

[90.] Black clay, 5iin. high, 2^in. diameter; beauti- 
fully incised with foliage and ornament"; and coat of arms in 
front ; cover and mount white metal. 



[ I.] Gooboo Sobat Pipe; large clay bowl, iiin. long; 
bottom end protected by cup of hide ; stem, cane ; mouth- 
piece, horn, attached to stem by skin of antelope's leg; 
cotton cords carrying stopper made of pith of aloe, and a 
wooden rammer. 35 Mn. long. 

[ 2.] Bowl ; similar to bowl of No. i, but rather smaller; 
lines scratched on surface chequerwise. 

[ 3.] Djour, or Gooboo Sobat Pipe ; bowl, clay ; stem, 
cane; mouthpiece, a small gourd, attached by hide. 41 in. 

[4.] Pipe of the Mundo tribe; bowl, red clay, polished, 
bands of lines at bottom ; attached to stem by hide, stitched; 
stem, cane. 

[5.] Djour Pipe; bowl, red clay, polished; curved 
stem; mouthpiece, wood, fixed to stem with hide. 23in. 

[ 6.] Dinka Pipe ; bowl, red clay, polished, attached 
to stem with hide ; stem bound round from end to end with 
narrow iron binding of extreme thinness, varying in width 
from yV'"- to xVin. 31 in. long. 

[ 7.] Dinka Pipe ; similar to No. 6, but with orna- 
mented bowl ; tassel of iron beads from bowl. 23in. long. 

[8.] Dinka Pipe; stem, a gourd, 26in. long x 3in. 
diameter ; clay bowl, ornamented at base, attached to stem 
by hide. 32in. long. 

[ 9.] Nile Valley Pipe ; black clay bowl, with socket 
of hide ; stem, wood, cylindrical, bound with iron and copper 
in bands. 2oin. long. 

[ 10.] Dinka Pipe ; bowl, red clay, polished, fixed to 
stem of soft wood by a long socket of hide ; movable 
wooden mouthpiece, forming a chamber in which bark fibre 
is saturated with tobacco juice, a " quid " from which is given 
as an act of hospitality ; leather cap to mouthpiece, fastened 
by cotton cord. 31 inches long. 

[11.] Djour Pipe, in form of human figure with a 
monkey's face, carved in hard red wood ; ears large, with 
radiating holes for straws ; head hollowed to serve as bowl ; 
at back of neck a short tube to attach mouthpiece ; belly 
and back tattoed. 12 in. high. 

[12.] Djour Pipe. Similar to No. 11. 

[ 13.] Gooboo Sobat Pipe Bowl, red clay, with socket 
of hide for stem ; chequer of incised lines on bands. 8in. 


Nile Vai.liov. (C.c.) 

[ 14.] Bowl only of Sisha Pipe, in form of double cone 
placed point to point ; at the junction are five projecting 
studs or arms, ornamented with incised lines and dots, 3.} in. 
X i|in. diameter. 4^'m. x jin. 

[ 15.] Sisha Pipe, with wooden mouthpiece ; bowl same 
as No. 14. ornamented with stamped dots in circles, and in 
bands round top and bottom ; hide socket ; bowl 3in. x liin. 

[ 16.] Sisha Pipe ; bowl 4in., stem sin. long. 

Consul Pellierick says of Pipes No. 14, 15, and 16, " they are 
used for smoking through mill;." Tliey are from 5° N. Latitude. 

[ 17.] Tobacco-Stopper, wood, 7 Jin. long, |in. diameter; 
at top female head, carved. (Gooboo Sobat.) 

[ 18 and ig.] Two Gooboo Sobat Pipe Bowls, roughly 
incised. 7 in. long. 

All the above, from No. i to No. 19, were collected by Consul 
Petherick during his travels in Central .»\frica. 

[ 20.] Gooboo Sobat Tobacco-box, of light-coloured 
wood ; box cased with hide and with hide cover 7in. long, 
3in. diameter ; with wooden stem, shod with iron, to fix in 
the ground. Total length 2 5iin. 

[21.] Gooboo Sobat Tobacco-box, of light-coloured 
Avood ; box 7in. long x 2in. diameter, cased with hide and 
with hide cover ; stem of dark hard wood, shod with iron. 
Total length 2slin. 

[ 22.] Djour Pipe ; clay bowl, 6in. long ; cross-hatched ; 
attached to wooden stem by hide socket ; wooden pricker, with 
cotton cord. 24in. long. 

[ 23.] Pipe, clay; bowl and stem in one piece — a very 
rude pijie — stem and bowl cylindrical, sl'm. long, bowl 2 J in. 
X lin. diameter. 

[24.] Gooboo Sobat Pipe; bowl, clay, 7in. long; 
cross-hatched with incised lines ; stem cane ; mouthpiece a 
gourd ; bowl and mouth])iece attached to stem by sockets of 
hide. 29in. long. 

[25.] (jooboo Sobat Pipe; bowl, red clay, 6in. long; 
mouthpiece a gourd, loiin. long; stem of cane; bowl and 
mouthpiece attached to stem by sockets of hide ; twisted 
cotton cord for carrying. 33in. long. 

[26.] Pipe, wood, stained black; bowl, loin. x 2iin. 
diameter. 34iin. long. (From the White Nile.) 

[ 27.] Pipe-bowl, black clay, in form of negro's head; 
with socket of hide. 4iin. x sin. wide. (From White Nile.) 


Nile Vaij.ev. (C.c.) 

[ 28.] Clay-bowl, 4iin. long. (From the Gooboo 
Sobat tribe.) 

[ 29.] Pipe, 3sMn. long ; bowl, 4in. x sUn- high ^ ain. 
diameter ; black clay ; stem of cane ; mouthpiece, an iron 
tube, 5in. long; attached to stem by socket of hide. (Cen- 
tral Africa.) 

[ 30.] Pipe, 3iiin. long; bowl, clay, with double heel; 
stem, wood, with hide casing, loin. long. (Central Africa.) 

[31.] Pipe-bowl; similar to No. 30. 

[ 32.] Clay-bowl ; diagonal lines incised. 2iin. long, 
2|!n. high. 

[ 33.] Mburukan pipe ; bowl, iron, in socket of wood, 
covered with hide ; wooden stem. 2oin. long. 

[ 34.] Pipe ; bowl, plain, of iron, set in a carved dish of 
wood; bowl, 2in. high x i-Mn. diameter. 3SMn. long. 

[35.] Pipe, dark coloured clay, 4in. long; bowl, 2in. 

[36.] Bowl of similar pipe; 2jin. x liin. diameter. 

[37.] Bowl of similar pipe; 2in. high, ifin. diameter. 

[38.] Bowl only, black clay, iMn. x ijin. diameter; 


[ I.] Kaffir Water-pipe ; bowl, green sepentine, siin. 
X 3in. diameter ; upper part globular, lower cylindrical, 
connected by four rectangular brackets in relief, carved from 
the solid; tube, cane, i2in. long, entering obliquely a 
koodoo's horn, polished, which forms the water receptacle, 
25iin. long; the base of the horn being the mouthpiece. 

[2.] Kafifir Water-pipe ; bowl, green serpentine, 3iin. 
X 2 in. diameter, with two ears for attachment by leather 
thongs to tip of ram's horn, the water receptacle ; horn, 9iin. 
long; tube, a reed, 7 J in. long. 

[310 10.] Eight Bowls for Water pipes, serpentine, 
from 4jin. to 3}in. high, and from 2|in. to i|in. diameter; 
carved with oblique bands crossing each other ; spiral and 
zig-zag grooves ; rows of conical knobs, etc., etc. No. 8 a 
double bowl. (Kaffir.) 


Southern Akkica. (C.d.) 

[ii.] Bowl for tobacco pipe, green mottled serpentine, 
2 Jin. X 2 Jin. diameter; excessively thin, with deep thin web, 
or keel-like projection, from front of bowl to back. (Kaffir.) 

[ 12 to 17.] Bowls, serpentine, of various colours; in 
form and size resembling No. 11. No. 17 of wood. 

[ 18.] Pipe, green serpentine, |in. diameter ; bowl 
forming a half-circle 3-iin. wide ; stem, horn, 4in. long ; 
brass mounts. (Kaffir.) 

[19.] Pipe, serpentine, brown and yellow; raised flat 
panels on sides; bowl, curved in semi-circle, 2h'm. wide; 
stem, horn, 4in. long; brass mount. (Kaffir.) 

[ 20.] Pipe, serpentine, brown mottled ; bowl, curved 
as No. 19, 3|in. high, 2in. wide, with finger-ring at bottom 
carved from the solid ; horn stem 4in. long ; brass mounts. 

[21.] Pipe and stem cut from a single piece of grey 
serpentine ; bowl 2iin. long x fin. diameter ; stem in three 
straight pieces at different angles, cylindrical, with bands ; 
incised with cross hatching. (From the Mooi River, 
Transvaal. Kaffir.) 

[22.] Pipe; bowl of serpentine, gi'een and white, 
2 in. high ; stem, silver, 5 in. long ; cap and chain silver. 

[ 23.] Pipe, bowl and stem in one piece, of serpentine, 
dark green ; bowl 2|in. high ; stem 4jin. in. long. (Kaffir.) 

[ 24.] Pipe, bowl and stem in one piece ; serpentine, 
purple; bowl if in. high; stem 3in. long. (Kaffir.) 

[ 25.] Pipe, bow! and stem in one piece, serpentine, 
dark green, unpolished ; bowl 2|in. high ; stem sMn. long ; 
stem, at bowl, of same thickness, tapering to iin. diameter. 

[26 to 30.] Five Bowls, serpentine, with short stems. 
Form copied from Dutch clays. (Kaffir.) 

[ 31.] Bowl, serpentine, rudely formed. lin. x lin. x |in. 
Closely resembling pre-historic pipes of N. America. (Kaffir.) 

[ 32.] Pipe, hard red wood, witli box for tinder carved 
from the solid; bowl 2Un. long; cover and pricker attached 
by chain. 7in. long. (Kaffir.) 

[33.] Pipe, wood; bowl, a disc, 2|in. diameter, lin. 
thick ; stem 4|in. long ; iron pricker 6in. long, fitting into 
stem. (Kaffir.) 


Southern Africa. (C.d.) 

[34.] Pipe, carved in hard wood, 2Mn. long; bowl 
liin. high: "cut-water" front; reed stem liin. long. 

[ 35.] " Amakosa " Pipe with two bowls, wood ; bowls 
2?,in. long, inlaid with white metal ; stem 6in. long. (Kaffir.) 
One of the bowls is plugged whilst the other is smoked. 

[ 36. J "Amakosa" Pipe ; bowl, wood, 2in. high, inlaid 
with white metal ; stem and base of bowl of same metal. 

[37.] "Amakosa" Pipe; bowl, wood, 3 Jin. high, 
inlaid with stars of white metal ; stem yin. long, with six 
ferrules of brass. 

[ 38 to 47.] Ten "Amakosa" Pipes; bowls, wood; 
Nos. 38 and 39 inlaid with white metal ; No. 40, stem bound 
with wire. (Kaffir. ) 

[ 48 to 50.] Three Bowls, wood, 4in. x 2in. long x 2in. 
high. (Kaffir.) 

[ 50.] Bowl, wood, 2in. 

[51.] Pipe, wood; bowl, 5in. x 2in. diameter, with 
neck curved in semi-circle ; stem and end of neck bound 
with brass wire ; bowl lined with iron. 3oin. long. 

[52.] Pipe, wood; similar to No. 51. 25fin. long; 
bowl, 4in. X 2in. diaineter. (Bechuana.) 

[ 53-] Pip^i wood; bowl, 2jin. x 2in. diameter, tapering 
to base; plain stem; similar to No. 51. 

[ 54.] Wooden Pipe ; bowl, at nearly a right angle, 
liin. xiiin. ; straight stem, white metal tip. 2oin. long. 

[S5-] Pipe, bamboo, 28in. long, 2in. diameter; bowl, 
a small bamboo tube, lin. high, inserted at i4jin. from 
smaller end. (Madagascar.) 

[ 56.] Pipe, in form of tomahawk, with curved narrow 
blade ; stem, light coloured wood ; bowl, mouthpiece, socket 
and blade, white metal ; length of blade and bowl. Sin. 
24|in. long. 


^ectioxx 5 — Jlmexnca. 


[ I.] Pipe, terra-cotta ; bowl a human head, 2Mn. high, 
with i)eaked beard, curving forward ; ear with ex])ancd lobe ; 
stem cylindrical. 7in. long. 

[2.] Bowl, terra-cotta; human head with wrinkled 
forehead and face. 2^in. high. 
This and the preceding are admirably modelled, and arc full of character. 

[ 3.] Pipe, terra-cotta ; bowl a grotesque animal head, 
with large eyes and beak, 2 Jin. high, 2in. diameter ; polished 
stem, flat on under side. gin. long. 

[4.] Pipe, terra-cotta ; bowl, an animal's head, 3in. 
long ; upper jaw broken. 6in. long. 

[ 5.J Pipe, terra-cotta; bowl 3in. high, ifin. diameter, 
glazed ; bowl and upper side of stem dark brown, under side 
red ; incised lines on stem, and thee concentric circles 
incised on side of bowl. 6in. long. 

[ 6.] Bowl, with part of stem, terra-cotta, 3in. long, 
lin. high, i]in. diameter; with fillet round bowl and along 
upper side of stem. 

[ 7.] Pipe, terra-cotta, red glazed; bowl 2iin. high, zin. 
diameter, tapering towards top and towards bottom ; incised ; 
under side of stem flat. 

[ 8.] Bowl, with part of stem; 4in. long, 3in. high, i^in. 
diameter ; terra-cotta ; incised lines on stem, and three con- 
centric circles, incised on sides of bowl. 

[9.] Bowl, curved laterally, terra-cotta, siin. long, 
1 Jin. broad; flat base; painted in brown with circles and 
chequers, on white ground. 

[ 10.] Bowl, with part of stem; terra-cotta, glazed; 
rich red; bowl 6in. high, liin. diameter; under side of stem, 
flat. 5.Un. long. 

Pre-historic Pipes — Ancient Mexico. (D.a.) 

[ii.] Bowl, with part of slum; bowl, 2in. x lin. dia- 
meter, stem with flanges at sides and incised; three concentric 
circles incised on sides of bowl. 2|in. long. 

[ 12.] Bowl, with part of stem, terra-cotta, glazed, i|in. 
high, liin. wide ; bowl a grotesque head with flat beak. 4Mn. 

[13.] Bowl, terra-cotta, dark grey, not glazed, ifin. 
high, I Jin. diameter. 

[ 14.] Bowl, with part of stem, terra-cotta ; bowl, 2in. x 
i|in. diameter; body of bird ; stem glazed. 4iin. long. 

[ 15.] Bowl, with part of stem, terra-cotta, sin. long, 
2in. high ; in form of bird. 

[ 16.] Pipe, terra-cotta, grey and light brown ; bowl 
3in. high, i-^in. diameter; upper part of stem broad and flat, 
with incised lines ; on sides of bowl two concentric circles. 
7 in. long. 

[17.] Pipe, terra-cotta, light brown; bowl 2Un. high, 
2 in. diameter, tapering towards mouth and towards bottom. 
6|in. long. 

[ 18.] Fragment of stem, terra-cotta, 2in. long, -Jin. 

Tlie above are from the private collection of the late Emperor 


[ I.] Cast of Pipe; grotesque head above bowl. 
5in. long; bowl, 3in. high, lUn. diameter. (Georgia.) 

[ 2.] Pipe, in hard black stone ; dog, sin. long, carved 
in relief, clasping bowl. 2iin. long; bowl, 2|in. high. 

See Neander's Tabacologia 1626, for engra\ing. 

[ 3.] Bowl, in pink limestone, sjin. high, liin. square. 
(Miami River, O.) 

[ 4.] Bowl, part of, black limestone ; in form of head 
of deer. 2|in. long, ijin. high, liin. wide. 

[5.] Bowl, light stone, i-l'm. high, i^in. diameter. 
(From Silver Run, West Virginia.) 

[iSSl U 

Pre-historic Pipes— North America. (D.b.) 

[6] P)0\vl, grey rjuartzitc ; unfinished; not hollowed 
or drilled. 3in. high, i|in. diameter. (Western Reserve, 
Western Virginia.) 

[ 7.] Bowl, fine sandstone ; sides grooved obliquely. 
2|in. high, i|in. diameter. (Middleport, Meigo Co., O.) 

[ 8.] Bowl, fine sandstone ; incised. 3in. high, 2^in. 
diameter. (Chester Hill, Morgan Co., O.) 

[9.] Bowl, limestone. 2|in. high, i|in. diameter. 
(Washington Reserve, Kanawa River, West Virginia.) 

[10.] Bowl, dark veined .slate, sfin. long, ijin. x 
i|in. diameter. (Eaton, Preble Co., O.) 

[ II.] Bowl, whinstone. i^m. high, i|in. diameter. 
(Toronto. ) 

[ 12.] Bowl, black stone. 2in. high, i|in. diameter. 

[ 13.] Bowl, black limestone, with belt of incised lines. 
2fin. high, liin. diameter. (Marietta, O.) 

[ 14.] Bowl, black stone, in form of chisel. liin. long, 
^in. X Jin. diameter. (Newark, O.) 

[15.] Bowl, sandstone; incised with oblique lines. 
I fin. high, lin. diameter. (Proctor, O.) 

[16.] Bowl, limestone ; drilling of bowl only begun ; 
drilling of stem completed. 2|in. high, i;Jin. diameter x 
2iin. long. (Ohio.) 

[ 17.] Bowl, light coloured clay. i|in. high, lin. 
diameter, i^in. long. (River Tennessee, near Chattanooga.) 

[ 18.] Bowl, coarse clay; deeply incised, ifin. high, 
i|in. diameter, 2fin. long. (Grass Island, Ottawa River.) 

[ 19.] Bowl, dark red stone; bowl hollowed; stem not 
drilled, ifin. high, iMn. diameter. (Ohio Valley.) 

[ 20.J Bowl, brown clay. 2^ in. long, |in. diameter. 
(From Shenandoah Valley, Va.) 

[21.] Bowl, black stone. i-Jin. high, lin. diameter, 
2|in. long. (Chattanooga, Tennessee.) 

[ 22.] Bowl, steatite. 4Ain. high, 2iin. square, sin. 
long. (Shenandoah Valley, Va") 

[ 23.] Bowl, steatite ; incised all over in chetjuers. 
3|in. high, i|in. diameter, 3|in. long. (Near Rome, 


Pre-historic Pipes— North America. (D.b.) 

[ 24.] Pipe, black stone, polished, cylindrical stem. 
2in. high, i|in. diameter, 5in. long. 

[ 25.] Pipe, stone. 4iin. long, bowl 2|in. high, fin. 

[26.] Pipe, black stone with rim at top ; flat, broad, 
tri-lobed stem, siin. long; bowl i fin. high, lin. diameter. 
(Tennessee River, near Chattanooga.) 

[ 27.1 Bowl, rude head of bird in front of bowl. 3in. 
long, lin. diameter. (Western Pennsylvania.) 

[28.] Bowl, whinstone ; two full length kneeling 
figures and tortoise in relief. 2|in. high, liin. diameter. 
(Near Niagara.) 

[ 29.] Pipe, steatite ; in form of turtle ; one fin broken. 
I lin. long, 6in. wide. (McMinsville, Warren Co.) 

[ 30.] Pipe, sandstone ; in form of frog. sin. high, 
shin, long, 4 Jin broad. (Boone Co., Kentucky.) 

[ 31.] Pipe, fine grey limestone, in form of frog. 2i-in. 
high, 4in. long, 2fin. wide. (From Ohio River.) 

[32.] Pipe, dark stone; part of bird. liin. high, 3in. 
long, i|in. broad. (Mound City, Ohio.) 

[ 33.] Pipe, light coloured stone ; part of bird. 2in. 
high, 3iin. long, ijin. wide. (Mound City, Ohio.) 

[34.] Pipe, dark stone; part of bird. i|in. high, 
3:Jin. long, ijin. wide. (Mound City, Ohio.) 

[ 3S-] PipSj black limestone or slate. lin. high, 3^in. 
long, lyin. wide. (Lebanon, Ohio.) 

[36.] Pipe, reddish limestone. lin. high, 3iin. long, 
I fin. wide. (Miami.) 


[ I.] Bowl, black stone, inlaid with white metal and 
catlinite. 44in. high, ifin. diameter, 2|in. long. (Ojib- 

[2.] Bow^l, grey steatite. 4in. high, 2in. long, liin. 
diameter. (Nootka Sound.) 

[ 3.] Bowl, green stone. $l'm. high, ifin. diameter, 
ajin. long. (Nootka Sound.) 

[4.] Bowl, grey stone. 2|in. high, lin. diameter, 
ifin. long. (Greenland.) 


North-American Indian-. (D.c.) 

[ 5.] Bowl, black stone, inlaid with white metal. 3in. 
high, ij|in. diameter, 3in. long. (Greenland.) 

[ 6.] Pipe, with stem 'of wood ; dark stone, inlaid with 
white metal ; stem attached by reindeer sinews. Full length 
Sfin. ; bowl 2in. high, -fin. diameter, i|in. long. (Greenland.) 

[7.] Bowl, black stone. 2|in. high, |inch diameter, 
2in. long. (Greenland.) 

[ 8.] Bowl, black stone. 2in. high, ^in. diameter, 2in. 

Nos. I lo 8 have short stems, cylindrical or flattened, willi a 
web below, sometimes perforated. The bowl rises from middle 
of stem, with small neck, and is largest at base. 

[9.] Bowl, dark grey stone. 2 Jin. high, |in. diameter, 
3]in. long. (Sioux.) 

[ 10.] Bowl, steatite. i|in. high, lin. diameter, 3iin. 

[11.] Bowl, grey steatite. i|in. high, lin. octagonal, 
stem 3-4in. long, square, with web above, perforated. 
(Chippeway Indians, Lake Superior.) 

[ 1 2. J Pipe, black stone, with head of elk and beaver, 
ii-Jin. full length ; bowl iMn. high, |in. diameter, 2in. long; 
wooden stem, carved. (Canada.) 

[13.] Pipe, dark stone; two beavers and two smaller 
animals on bowl, in relief; wooden stem, carved. 3fin. high, 
ifin. diameter. (Canada.) 

[14.] Bowl, dark stone ; circular stem, grooved. 2 Jin. 
high, I Jin. diameter, 4 J in. long. (Chippeway Indians of 
Lake Superior.) 

[15.] Bowl, grey stone, coloured; ring below bowl. 
2 Jin. high, i|in. diameter, 4in. long. (Iroquois Indians.) 

[ 16.] Bowl, grey stone, coloured brown ; stem carved, 
and with perforated web. 3|in. high, ijin. diameter, 3|in. 
long. (Chippewa Indians, Lake Superior.) 

[17.] Bowl, grey stone ; bowl, stem, and web, beneath, 
boldly fluted. 2Ain. high, i|in. diameter, 34in. long. 
(Iroquois Indians.) 

[18.] Bowl, gTey stone; octagonal; square stem, 
web beneath, perforated. 3iin. high, ijin. octagonal, 4jin. 
long. (St. Francis' Indians, below Montreal.) 

[19.] Bowl, grey stone, partly coloured red; octa- 
gonal; 3^ in. high, i Jin. diameter, 3in. long. (Iroquois Indians, 
opposite Lachine.) 


North-American Indiax. (D.r.) 

[20.] Bowl, grey stone, coloured red. 3in. high, i Jin. 
diameter, 3] in. long. (Iroquois Indians, near Lachine.) 

[21.] Bowl, grey stone, coloured red. 3in. high, i§in. 
diameter, 3iin. long. (Iroquois Indians, near Lachine.) 

[2?.] Bowl, grey stone, coloured red ; bowl and stem 
fluted, web, with three perforations. 3in. high, ijin. 
octagonal, S^in. long. (Iroquois Indians, near Lachine.) 

[23.] Bowl, grey stone, coloured brown ; stem, square, 
cut in steps. 2|in. high, ifin. diameter, 3Mn. long. 
(Iroquois Indians, near Lachine.) 

[ 24.] Pipe, wood; bowl 2in. high, lin. diameter, human 
head, with hat ; curved stem 6in. long. (Ottawa.) 

[25.] Pipe, wood; bowl 2^in. high, iMn. diameter, 
human face on bowl ; curved stem 7Mn. long. 

[ 26.] Bowl, white stone; two bears and two dogs on 
bowl, in relief 2in. high, lin. diameter, 2;^in. wide. 
(Indians on the St. Lawrence, below Quebec.) 

[ 27.] Bowl, stone, coloured black ; wigwam, figures, 
and animals, grouped. 2|in. high, 2in. wide, 3-Mn. long. 
(Indians on the St. Lawrence, below Quebec.) 

[28.] Bowl, stone, coloured black; eagle, monkey, 
bear, cat, and dog, in relief, grouped. 2|in. high, ijin. 
wide, 3in. long. (Indians on St. Lawrence, below Quebec.) 

[29.] Bowl, hard black stone ; two beavers, fox, and 
bird, in reHef 2:^in. high, iJin. wide, siin. long. (Upper 
western side of Lake Superior.) 

[ 30.] Pipe, black stone, with wooden stem. 2|in. 
high, lin. diameter ; bowl 3 Jin. long. (Chippewa of Pem- 
bina, Minnesota.) 

[31.] Pipe, stone; stem with silver tube and silver 
chain 4in. long; horn mouthpiece; bowl ifin. high, fin. 
diameter. (Chippewa Indians, Red River, Minnesota.) 

[32.] Bowl, serpentine; zig-zag lines incised. 2|in. 
high, fin. square. (Chippewa Indians.) 

[33.] Bowl, wood, inlaid with white metal. 3in. high, 
ifin. diameter, 5 fin. long. (Chippewa Indians.) 

[34.] Bowl, dark stone, perforated web on part of 
stem. 2-|in. high, i^rin. diameter, 4 Jin. long. (Chippewa 

[35.] Bowl, dark stone, ajin. high, i|in. diameter, 
4|in. long. (Chippewa Indians.) 


Nor'ih-Amkkican Indian. (D.c) 

[ 36.] Bowl, dark stone, six-sided, with web on upper 
side. 3in. high, i^in. diameter, 3fin. long. (Chippewa 

[37.] Bowl, dark stone; deep web perforated on six- 
sided stem. 3in. high, 4iin. long. (Chippewa.) 

[ 38.] Bowl, dark stone ; square stem and bowl, 
perforated web on both. 3in. high, 6in. long. (Chippewa, 
Lake Superior.) 

[ 39.] Bowl, dark stone ; human head. 2in. high, 
4jin. long. (From Pembina, Red River.) 

[ 40.] Bowl, dark stone ; human head, with pointed 
ears. 2|in. high, 5in. long. (Chippewa Indians.) 

[41.] Bowl, dark stone, inlaid with white metal; 
recumbent figure in relief on stem. 3in. high, 5|in. long. 
(Sioux. ) 

[ 42.] Bowl, black stone ; female figure in relief on 
stem, and human head in bas-relief on bowl. slin. high, 
4iin. long. (Probably Pawnee.) 

[ 43.] Bowl, whinstone ; human faces on back and 
front of bowl. 2|in. high, S^in. long. (Greenwood Lake, 
New Jersey.) 

[44.] Pipe, wood ; bowl, a female head ; sitting figure 
in front of bowl. 4-^in. high, 14 Jin. full length. 

[45.] Bowl, dark gray stone; elaborately inlaid with 
white metal. 4^in. high, 7 fin. long. (Probably Pawnee.) 

[ 46.] Pipe, catlinite ; stem and bowl octagonal ; 2}in. 
high, 7|in. long. (Minnesota.) 

[ 47.] Bowl, catlinite, in form of canoe, ifin. high, 
sin. long. 

[ 48.] Bowl, catlinite. 2jin. high, 4|in. long. (Sioux.) 

[ 49.] Bowl, whinstone. 2|in. high, 3jin. long. 

[ 50.] Bowl, catlinite, in form of human head, ifin. 
high, I in. diameter. 

[51.] Bowl, catlinite. 2^in. high, 2fin. long. (Pro- 
bably Sioux.) 

[52.] Bowl, catlinite. 4in. high, 7 Jin. long. (Kansas 

[53.] Bowl, catlinite; six-sided stem. 3in. high, sfin. 
long. (Sionx.) 


North-American Indian. (D.c.) 

[ 54.] Pipe, catlinite ; with plain stem, wood, 2oJin. 
long. 5|in. high, i|in. diameter, io|in. long. (Sioux.) 

[ 55.] Bowl, catlinite ; beaver in relief on square stem ; 
3|in. high, sin. long. 

[56.] Bowl, catlinite; stem and bowl fluted. 2fin. 
high, 5|in. long. (Upper Missouri.) 

[57.] Bowl, catlinite. 2in. high, 3^in. long. (Probably 

[ 58.] Bowl, catlinite ; in form of female head, with 
head-dress. 3in. high, 4Mn. long. (From Pike's Peak, 
Rocky Mountains.) 

[59.] Bowl, catlinite; only roughly-shaped, not 
drilled. 2^-in. high, 2fin. long. 

[ 60.] Bowl, catlinite. 2in. high, 32in. long. 

[61.] Bowl, catlinite; front in form of lance. 3in. 
high. Sin. long. 

[62.] Bowl, catlinite; inlaid with white metal. 2in. 
high, 3|in. long. (Sherman's Pass, Rocky Mountains.) 

[ 63.] Bowl, catlinite ; inlaid. 4in. high, 9|in. long. 
(Sioux, Platte River.) 

[ 64.] Bowl, catlinite ; beautifully inlaid with white 
metal. 3fin. high, pin. long. (Sioux Bruleds.) 

[65.] Bowl, catlinite; inlaid. 3|in. high, 6|in. long. 

[66.] Bowl, catlinite; inlaid. 3iin. high, sfin. long. 

[67.1 Bowl, catlinite; bowl inlaid. 3|in. high, 6in. 
long. . (Sioux.) 

[ 68.] Tomahawk Pipe ; lozenge-shape iron blade ; 
three tassels of feathers ; stem, stained ; incised with lozenge 
pattern. igMn. long. Belonged to Strong-bow, Chief of 
Seneca Indians. 

[ 69.] Tomahawk Pipe, iron ; stem, dark wood, with 
four bands of brass wire ; mouthpiece inlaid with white metal; 
a hole with screw on edge of blade, in whicl to fix a plume, 
igiin. long. 

[70.] Tomahawk Pipe, iron ; plain da.-k wood stem; 
groove, at mouthpiece. i8|in. long. 

[71.] Tomahawk Pipe, iron; plain dark wood stem; 
mouthpiece, flattened. 26in. long. 


[72.] Tomahawk V\\>e, iron; plain dark wood stem, 
pointed at mouthpiece ; hatchet stamped " Holtzappfel " on 
one side, on other side " B.O." (Board of Ordnance) with 
broad arrow. 22in. long. 

This Pipe doubtless supplied to the Indians by the English 
Government during the American War. 

[73.] Tomahawk Pipe, iron; cylindrical wooden stem, 
turned at mouthpiece ; hatchet notched at edges ; bowl, 
octagonal. 2oin. long. 

[ 74.] Tornahawk Pipe, iron; stem, light wood, flattened 
and stained, inlaid with white metal ; \Yhite metal mouth- 
piece. 23|in. long. 

[ 75.] Tomahawk Pipe, iron ; dark wood stem, inlaid 
with silver in lozenges and bands ; mouthpiece pointed, 
tipped with silver. From a Shawnee chief, Kansas. 2i^in. 

[ 76.] Tomahawk Pipe, iron; with spear-point in front ; 
hatchet engraved, on one side an Indian striking a white 
man with a tomahawk ; bowl, polygonal ; dark wooden stem, 
turned. i2^in. long. 

[ 77.] Tomahawk Head, iron. 7iin. long, ajin. broad. 
Spear-shaped, like No. 68. 

[ 78.] Tomahawk Head, brass, with steel edge ; 
engraved with leaves. 6fin. long, 2 jin. broad. 

[ 80.] Wooden pipe with flat stem, carved from one 
piece ; stem perforated and ornamented with brass nails ; 
bowl, a human head, lined with white metal. 2 Bin. long. 

[81.] Stem only, wood; carved in bands of spirals; 
woman's scalp attached. Belonged to Hole-in-the-day, a chief 
of the Chippewas. 31 in. long. 

[ 82.] Pipe ; bowl, black stone, 4in. long ; stem, light 
wood, cylindrical, end cut into five cones. 32iin. long. 

[ 83.] Pipe ; bowl, catlinite, inlaid with white metal ; 
stem embroidered all over with dyed porcupine quill; tufts 
of hair attached. 35in. long. (Upper Missouri.) 

[ 84.] Pipe ; bowl, catlinite, inlaid with white metal, 
and having the end faced with metal ; Sioux or Pawnee 
make; stem, wood, perforated, 34Ain. longx2Ain. broad. 

[ 85.] Pipe, with stem ; bowl, catlinite, plain, ■j^in. 
long; wooden stem, 38in. long, i|in. wide; isiin. orna- 
mented with dyed porcupine quill, plaited, and having tuft 
of moose hair attached. 


North-American Indian. (D.c.) 

[86.] Pipe; bowl, catlinite, loin. long; a buffalo 
cow before, and a calf behind the bowl; weighs 2lb. 150Z. ; 
stem, 2 gin. long x 2 fin. and 2^in. wide ; painted with 
black bands. (Pawnee.) 

[ 87.] Pipe ; bowl, catlinite, inlaid with white metal, 
yin. long; stem, wood, 34in. longx2^in. and 2in. wide; 
i6in. of stem perforated. 

[ 88.] Pipe ; bowl, dark stone, inlaid with white metal 
and catlinite, 6in. long; stem, 3oin. long, 2in. wide, of plain 
wood. Chippewa. (Pembina, Minnesota.) 

[89.] Pipe; bowl, catlinite, 4iin. long; flat wooden 
stem, 32in. long x 2^in. and i^,in. broad; perforations gin. 
long ; covered with dyed porcupine quill, plaited. (Sioux.) 

[90.] Pipe; an unusually large bowl, catlinite, iO'|in. 
long X sfin. high, plain; stem, wood, 27]in. long x ijin. wide; 
gin. of stem carved in a spiral. 

[91.] Pipe; bowl, catlinite, S^in. long, plain; stem, 
wood, cylindrical ; incised with spiral lines. 

[92, 93, and 94.] Pipe Stems, wood, cylindrical. 
2oin., i7in., i4Ain. long. 

[95.] Pipe Stem, wood, i2in. long; with tuft of 

[ 96 and 97.] Pipe Stems, wood, 8f in. x 5iin. long; 
ornamented with dyed bark. 


The following nineteen Pipes are in hlaek days/one, or slate, 
and arc elaborately carved ivith the most singular and 
grotesque devices ; human and animal forms being grouped 
and involved in extraordinary modes. The Pipes from 
No. I to No. ig are entirely free from the influence of 
Europeafi civilization, which has modified the character of 
those following : — 

[ I.] Pipe. S^in. long, sin. deep, lin. thick. 
[ 2.] Pipe. io|in. long, 2in. deep, |in. thick. 
[3.] Pipe. i3in. long, 3{in. deep, iin. thick. 
[4.] Pipe. 4in. long, 2|in. deep, liin. thick. 
[161J V 

North-American Indians of North Pacific Coast. (D.e.) 

[5.] Pipe. i8in. long, 3|in. deep, iin. thick. 

[ 6.] Pipe. 8]in. long, ifin. deep, iin. thick. 

[ 7.] Pipe. 6Un. long, sin. deep, fin. thick. 

[8.] Pipe. 6Mn. long, 2^in. deep, i|in. thick. 

[9.] Pipe. yiin. long, 2|in. deep, i^in. thick. 

[ 10.] Pipe. Sjin. long, 4-Mn. deep, ii"- thick. 

[ II.] Pipe. i4Mn. long, 4in. deep, J,in. thick. 

[ 12.] Pipe. 6in. long, s^in. deep, lin. thick. 

[ 13.] Pipe. 42in. long, 2in. deep, |in. thick. 

[ 14.] Pipe. 2|in. long, i^in. deep, |in. thick. 

[15.] Pipe; a shark bent into a circle; head and 
tail in contact. 3in. high, i;|in. thick. 

[16.] Pipe, wood; shark, similar in form to No. 15. 
2|in. high, i^in. thick. 

[ 17.] Pipe, black stone, in form of cockle shell. 3Mn. 
long, I in. thick. 

[ 18.] Pipe; bowl, in form of fish's head; stem, wood, 
cylindrical; full length, 6in. ; bowl, 2iin. long, i|in. diameter. 

[ 19.] Pipe, stone; human figure on hands and knees, 
with bowl on back. 3in. long, 2|in high. 

[20.] Pipe, stone; representing cordage and tackle. 
8|in. long, 2|in. high, |in. thick. 

[ 21.] Pipe; 7fin. long, 3|in. wide, iin. thick. 

[ 22.] i4in. long, 4in. wide, ^in. thick. 

[ 23.] i7|in. long, 2|in. wide, fin. thick. 

[ 24.] i4jin. long, 4|in. wide, |in. thick. 

[25.] 7|in. long, 2in. wide, fin. thick. 

The above pipes, Nos. 21 to 25, are in black stone, and are 
elaborately carved, with involved groups of figures and ornament. 

[ 26.] Pipe, black stone; bowl, a human head ; figure 
on horseback on cylindrical stem. 9in. long, 2^in. wide. 

[27.] Pipe, black stone ; bowl, a human head; man 
with basket, seated on cylindrical stem. Qin. long. 

[ 28.] Pipe, stone ; bowl a human head ; figure working 
an ice-saw, on cylindrical stem. 8.Un. long. 


North-American Indians ok North Pacific Coast. (D.e.) 

[ 29.] Pipe, stone; bowl a human head; bird sitting on 
cylindrical stem ; in front of bowl a whistle in white metal : 
mouthpiece of white metal. io];in. long. 

[ 30.] Pipe, stone ; bowl cylindrical, plain ; upper half 
white metal , stem Jin. square in middle, and cylindrical at 
each end; mouthpiece white metal. loin. long. 

[31.] Pipe, stone ; figures and house, with glass windows 
in bone frame. lafin. long, 3Mn. deep, fin thick. 

[ 32.] Pipe, stone ; two houses with glass windows, 
inlaid with bone. i3in. long, sin. high, fin. thick. 

[ 33-] Pipe> wood ; two houses of bone with a tree 
between them, upon a boat, inlaid with black and white 
bone. lyin. long, 4fin. to top of chimney. 

[ 34.] Pipe, wood ; a house of bone with glass windows, 
and large box upon a boat, carved in wood, inlaid with bone. 
iSJin. long, 3fin. in. high, to top of chimney. 

[35-] Pipe, bone; bowl 2in, high, lined with iron; 
wooden stem 3|in. long. 

[ 36.] Pipe Bowl, bone, with bevelled brass mount, 
ziin. high, lin. diameter, 2in. long. 

[37.] Pipe, wood, in form of bird; bowl in back, of 
brass; painted red and black. 4|in. long, 2in. high, ifin. 

[38.] Pipe, wood, in form of bird; full length, 5-|in. ; 
wooden stem 2in. long; bowl in middle of back. 

[39.] Pipe, black stone ; English form. 5Jin. long. 

[40.] Pipe, wood; bowl a human head, scroll rising 
from stem. 4hin. long. 

[ 41.] Bowl, wood ; bird's claw, holding an egg. shin. 
high, 3in. diameter, 7in. long. 

[42.] Bowl, wood; brass bevelled mounts; heel 
running lengthwise. 2in. high, il'm. diameter, 3-|in. long. 

[ 43.] Pipe, wood ; bowl, iron ; on back, figure of a 
man kneeling. 2|in. long, liin. high, ijin. wide. 

[ 44.] Pipe, stone ; bowl, with three horizontal bars, 
and one vertical, at side of bowl; bowl broken. 2iin. high, 
2^in. wide. 



[ I.] Pipe, Palo Santo (Holy wood ;) straight, i3|in. 
long, I fin. square at larger end, liin. square at smaller. 
In large end is a conical hole in which to insert a roll of 
tobacco leaves — at small end a reed mouthpiece. Two sides 
incised, with large serpent, leopard and cub, great ant bear, 
and another animal. The other sides with circular and 
rectangular designs ; the lines being filled with white ; brass 
nails. Roll of tobacco-leaves with pipe. (Used by Payagua 
Chiefs, Paraguay.) 

[ 2.] Pipe, wood ; a human figure sitting, rudely carved. 
3in. high, i^in. diameter; carved wood stem, 7^in. long. 

[ 3.] Instrument for taking Niopo snuff. 6f in. long. 
A double tube made of bones of a bird, united to a short 
single tube. The double tube tipped with small nuts ; these 
are applied to the nostrils, while the other end is dipped into 
the snuff. (Madeira River, Brazil.) 

[4.] Pipe ; bowl, black clay, touched with gold ; stem 
a reed ; middle and ends painted ; mouthpiece, lead. sft. 
long. (Amazons.) 

[ 5.] Pipe, with clay bowl ; bow! touched with gold ; 
reed stem, painted. 4o|in. long. (Amazons.) 

[6.] Pipe stem, 4oin. long; painted. (Amazons.) 

[ 7.]' Pipe stem, painted. 24Mn. long. (Amazons.) 

[ 8.] Pipe stem ; made of the wood of a tree called 
Tacuari; tipped with lead; painted at ends. i5iin. long. 
(Indians of Caripi, River Para.) 


Section §. 


[ I.] Pipe, bamboo, 33iin. long, 3in. diameter; the 
bowl, a bamboo tube, gin. long, fin. diameter, inserted at 
4in. from end ; tuft of emu feathers ; stem and bowl orna- 
mented with incised lines. (Cape York.) 

[2.] Pipe, bamboo, 24|in. long, 2in. diameter; the 
bowl, a bamboo tube, 4in. long, lin. diameter, inserted at 
2in. from end; ornamented with incised lines. (Cape York.) 

[3. J Pipe, bamboo, 17 Jin. long, 2in. diameter; the 
bowl, a bamboo tube, sin. long, fin. diameter; ornamented 
with incised lines. 

[4.] Pipe, bamboo, 3oin. long, 2in. diameter; the 
bowl, a bamboo tube, 4in. long, lin. diameter, 4in. from end; 
ornamented with incised lines ; plain bowl. From " The 
Challenger" Expedition. (New Caledonia.) 

[5.] Pipe, bamboo, 33lin. long, i|in. diameter; bowl 
missing; orifice for bowl 3in. from end; 4in. at one end, 
6in. at the other end, covered with incised ornament, the 
space between plain. From the "Herald" Expedition. 
(New Guinea.) 

[6.] Bowl, bamboo, sin. long, i|in. diameter. 

[ 7.] Pipe, of brown, hard wood, a small missile club; 
in the apex of the head is a shallow cavity, Hned with iron, 
forming the bowl ; a small hole leads from the bottom of it 
to the side. i2Jin. long. Head, 2fin. diameter. (Samoa 
or Tonga ?) 

[8.] Bowl, of sperm whale's tooth (?); 2fin. high, 
i-Jin. diameter;. carved with two full-length figures in relief 
on each side of bowl, and two similar figures on base of 
bowl; belts of incised ornament round bowl. (Marquesas.) 

[9.] Pipe ; bowl of sperm whale's tooth (?); 2|in. high, 
I |in. diameter ; carved ; two seated figures in relief at base 
of bowl; stem, a bird's wing-bone. i3in. long. 

[ 10.] Bowl, soft light wood ; square box, with cylin- 
drical tube ; sides of bowl carved with jiarallel lines and 
zig-zag ornament ; carved ornament in relief on front of 
bowl. I fin. high, i-Jin. wide. (New Zealand.) 

[ II.] Pipe, light wood; in form'of sword; bowl lined 
with iron. 34in. long. (Fiji Islands.) 

"godacco iBc^CB. 

[ I.] Tobacco-box, copper, silvered, oval; arabesque 
of flowers and leaves in low relief covering the whole surface. 
4 Jin. X 4in. (Dutch.) 

[2.] Tobacco-box, enamel, oblong; flowers in colours 
on top and bottom ; on sides, pattern in blue, on white, and 
black on yellow. 4fin. x 2|in. (Chinese.) 

[ 3.] Tobacco-box, shagreen, oblong, silver mounted. 
5^in. X 2|in. (Dutch.) 

[4.] Tobacco-box, tortoiseshell, oblong ; ends of lid 
peaked ; silver mounted. sMn. x 2lin. x 2iin. high. 

[ 5.] Tobacco-box, wood, oblong ; on lid, three medal- 
lions with figures in relief; buildings on sides and ends. 
6in. X 2iin. 

[ 6.] Tobacco-box, wood, oblong ; feasting scenes 
carved on top and bottom ; ornament on sides. 6in. x 2|in. 

[ 7.] Tobacco-box, wood, oblong ; carving on top, 
feasting scene ; on bottom, the sacrifice of Isaac. 6in. x 3in. 

[8.] Tobacco-box, wood, oblong ; on lid, a figure 
and anchor ; on bottom, a feast and man smoking, in high 
relief. 5 Jin. x 2Mn. 

[9.] Tobacco-box, wood, oval ; puzzle box ; on lid, 
oval medallion with sportsman and dog, surrounded by 
foliage in high relief, sin. x 2 fin. 

[ I o.] Tobacco-box, birch bark, circular ; lid impressed 
with figure of old woman taking snuff, sin. x 2jin. high. 

[ II.] Tobacco-box, japanned ware, oval, with burning 
glass in centre of lid ; inscription, " Bright Sol through this 
your Pipe will light, and help old age to read and write." 
4iin. X 3in. (Birmingham.) 

[12.] Tobacco-box, japanned ware, oval; similar 
inscription. 4in. x 3|in. (Birmingham.) 


Tobacco Boxes. 

[13.] Tobacco-box, japanned ware, oblong; on lid, 
picture of waggon arriving at wayside inn ; party of peasants 
carousing. 5 Jin. x 3 Jin. (Birmingham.) 

[14.] Tobacco-box, japanned ware, oblong; on lid, 
picture of funeral procession of King William II., of Nether- 
lands. 5 in. X 3in. 

[15.] Tobacco-box, copper, oblong; on lid, Jonah and 
the whale; on bottom, Jonah preaching. 6?,in. x i-Jin. x i.Un. 

[16.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong; body, copper; lid 
engraved with five circular medallions of men and women ; 
bottom, with similar medallions ; inscriptions on side. 

[17.] Tobacco-box; top and bottom brass: sides, 
copper ; lid elaborately engraved, the story of Ananias and 
Sapphira ; bottom also engraved ; inscriptions, Dutch, 
yin. X I fin. x ijin. 

[18.] Tobacco-box; top and bottom brass; copper sides; 
engraved on top, Mary Magdalen and our Lord ; on bottom, 
our Lord in the temple ; on sides, figures of the Apostles. 
6iin. X 2|in. x iiin. (Dutch.) 

[19.] Tobacco-box; top and bottom brass; sides, 
copper ; oblong ; top engraved, the City of Delft; on bottom, 
a shield, siin. x 2-|in. x i^in. (Dutch.) 

[20.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong ; on top, engraved, 
view of Briel ; on bottom, shield and inscription, " To smoke 
by madams is impolite." 6in. x 2|in. x lin. (Dutch.) 

[21.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong; engraved on lid, 
husbandmen at work ; inscriptions. 6in. x 3in. x lin. (Dutch.) 

[22.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong; calendar and 
inscriptions engraved. 6iin. x i|in. x i^in. (Dutch.) 

[23.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong; engraved; on lid, 
female figure in centre, and four small figures, separated by 
inscriptions on labels ; on bottom, female figure under a 
canopy, and other figures. 6fin. x 4in. x ijin. (Dutch.) 

[ 24.] Tobacco-box, brass, oval; gilt inside ; lifting lid ; 
on lid, four dials engraved ; inside lid, movable plate 
engraved ; female figure at bath ; inscription around edge. 
6fin. X 4in. x liin. (Dutch.) 


Tobacco Boxes. 

[25.] Tobacco-box, copper, oval; lifting lid; top 
engraved with shield and armorial bearings; bottom with 
interlaced monogram ; covered with engraved arabesque. 

[ 26.] Tobacco-box, brass, oval ; engraved ; Samson 
slaying the Philistines ; double lid and double bottom, on 
which are amatory pictures engraved ; inside silvered. 
4jin. X 3jin. x i^in. (Dutch.) 

[27.] Tobacco-box, silvered, oval; similar engravings 
to No. 26; with double lid and bottom. 4in. x 3:|in. x i^in. 

[28.] Tobacco-box, brass, oval; double top and 
bottom ; engraved like No. 27. 4in. x 3|in. x lin. (Dutch.) 

[29.] Tobacco-box, brass, oval; on lid, engraved, 
three Amorini and foliage ; on bottom, a group smoking. 
4fin. X 2|in. (Dutch.) 

[ 30.] Tobacco-box, copper, oval ; full length figures 
on top and bottom, with backgrounds sunk and cross- 
hatched, moulded border; engraved, sin. x 2fin. x ijin. 

[31.] Tobacco-box, brass, oval; lifting lid ; engraved 
on lid nude female figure, and two angels ; on bottom, 
female figure, and emblems of war. 4iin. x 3fin. x lin. 

[32.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong; lid engraved with 
two figures smoking ; bottom with inscription. 4|in x 3in. x 
|in. (Dutch.) 

[ 33-] Tobacco-box, brass, in form of book ; engraved ; 
three grotesque figures. 4iin. x 3in. x i;Jin. (Dutch.) 

[ 34.] Tobacco-box, brass, cylindrical; engraved; horse- 
man, with spear, and trees, houses and landscape. 4in. high, 
3 Jin. diameter. (Dutch.) 

[ 35.] Tobacco-box, brass, in form of an egg ; opening 
lengthwise; engraved; "The JProdigal Son." 3|in. x 2|in. 

[ 36.] Tobacco-box, brass, in form of coffin ; shield 
with skull and cross-bones; also cross-pipes and tobacco-box; 
books, dice, etc., engraved on bottom. 4jin. x i|in. x ijin. 

[ 37.] Tobacco-box, brass, in form of shoe; upper part 
for tobacco ; heel for snuff; sole and buckle, copper; lid, 
inlaid with copper. 6in. long x 2in. 


Tobacco Boxes. 

[38.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong; inscription on lid ; 
double bottom, containing mirror and brass comb. 3in. x 
2in. X ^in. (Fahlun, Sweden.) 

[ 39.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong ; stamped ; on lid, 
figures gathering fruit. 6in. x i Jin. x i|in. 

[ 40.] Tobacco-box ; top and bottom brass, sides of 
copper ; stamped ; on lid, gi-oup representing Commerce, also 
a convivial group ; long inscriptions in Dutch. 6in. x i|in. 
X I fin. 

[41.] Tobacco-box, brass ; copper sides; in centre of 
lid, portrait medallion ; similar groups and ornamentation to 
No. 40. 4iin. X I -Jin. x i-^in. 

[ 42.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong ; top and bottom 
covered with a long inscription in eleven lines ; with Runes 
above inscription. 5in. x 2§in. x |in. (Swedish.) 

[43.] Tobacco-box, brass; copper sides; oblong; on 
lid, three-quarter length figure of Frederic the Great ; on 
bottom, the interior of a palace ; inscription stamped. 6in. 
X 2in. X i|in. (German.) 

[ 44.] Tobacco-box, brass ; copper sides ; oblong ; on 
top, full-length figure of Frederic the Great, stamped ; on 
bottom, thirteen small groups with names of victories. 6Mn. 
X 2in. X i^in. (German.) 

[ 45.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong ; on lid, oval medal- 
lion of Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick ; on bottom, a battle 
scene and inscription. sMn. x i|in. x i^in. (German.) 

[ 46.] Tobacco-box, brass, oblong ; on lid, in centre, 
half-length medallion of George III., with English coat-of- 
arms and small medallion of George II. ; on bottom, "G.R. 
and crown." 6in. x ifin. x ijin. 

[ 46A.] Tobacco-box, silver, oblong; smoking party on 
lid ; on bottom, Cupids with flowers repousse'; sides engraved. 
shin. X 2|in. 

[ 46P,.] Tobacco-box, silver, oblong ; curved front ; on 
lid, smoking party, repousse', sin. x 2iin. (Dutch.) 

[ 46c.] Tobacco-box, silver, oblong ; on lid Apollo, on 
bottom a falconer, engraved, siin. x 2|in. (Dutch.) 

[ 46D.] Tobacco-box, silver, oblong ; on top and bot- 
tom, engraved, pictures of naval engagements ; on sides, 
inscriptions commemorating victory of Captain Oorthius at 
Cadiz, 1 78 1. 5|in. X 2jin. (Dutch.) 

[169] w 

'lOISACCO Hoxiis. 

[ 461::.] Tobacco-box, silver, oblong ; very fine Persian 
filigree, applied to a European box. sfin. x (Pro- 
bably Dutch.) 

[ 46i'.] Tobacco-box, quartzite, grey mottled with red ; 
oblong ; with presser of quartzite, dished for snuff. 6Jin. 
X 4iin. X 2Mn. high. 

'goBacco §arjs. 

[47.] Tobacco-jar, scjuare, pewter, with presser; on 
each side, in low relief, shields, and angels carrying a crown ; 
coloured and gilded. 3Mn. x 3iin. 1750. (Dutch.) 

[48.] Tobacco-jar, ]iewter, square, with presser; 
Chinese ])attern in fine lines, stamped on each side. 4|in. x 
4iin. high. (Dutch.) 

[49.] Tobacco-jar, pewter, square; domed cover; 
maker's marks on bottom. 4iin., with corners rounded. 

[ 50.] Tobacco-jar, pewter, cylindrical ; negro's head 
as knob on cover. 5in. diameter, 4in. high. (Dutch.) 

[51.] Tobacco-jar, pewter; corners rounded, sides 
concave; painted with landscapes and flowers, siin. x 5in. 
X 3|in. high. (Dutch.) 

[52.] Tobacco-jar, copper, oval ; with lion in relief on 
hinged lid; inscription; date 1774. 6in. x 4iin. x ^h'm. high. 

[53.) Tobacco-jar, silvered, cylindrical; on sides, in 
high relief, boys reclining ; hinged lid, set with nine carnelians. 
5|in. diameter, 3in. high. (Dutch.) 

[54.] Tobacco-jar, wood, with sliding cover; inlaid; 
lined with pewter. 6in. square, 5|in. high. (Dutch.) 

[55.] Tobacco-jar, wood, cylindrical; lid carved. 5in. 
diameter X afin. high. (Dutch.) 

[ 56.] Tobacco-jar, wood, in form of tankard ; lined 
with pewter ; on sides, three groups of figures within wreaths, 
animals, birds, etc. ; on cover, figures, animals, etc. ; stands 
on three carved knobs ; carved handle. 6in. x 7in. high. 

[ 57.] Tobacco-jar, Delft potter)-, in form of tankard ; 
painted, Elijah and the Ravens ; hinged cover, and base of 
(lewter. 4in. x 7in. high. (Dutch.) 


TouAcoo Jaks. 

[58.] Tobacco-jar, Delft pottery, in form of tankard; 
mottled red ; painted, man in medallion, surrounded by 
scrolls in colours ; hinged lid, in ])e\vter, with medallion of 
Francis II. in centre. 4J|in. x 8iin. high. (Dutch.) 

[59.] Tobacco - jar. Delft pottery, globular; man 
reading; cover pewter, with a lion holding shield. yfin. 
diameter, fm. high. (Dutch.) 

[ 60.] Tobacco-jar, Delft pottery, circular ; painted on 
sides in blue, pictures illustrating the cultivation and prepara- 
tion of tobacco by Indians ; on cover, man smoking on 
terrace, with charcoal pot at his feet. 6iin. diameter, 3|in. 
high. See No. 149 A.m. (Dutch.) 

[ 61.] Tobacco-jar, Delft pottery; painted in blue ; on 
sides and lid pictures illustrating cultivation and preparation 
of tobacco; on lid, a seated figure. siin. x 5.',in. x yjin. 
high (Dutch.) 

[ 62.] Tobacco-jar ; similar to No. 61, but with pictures 
of river scenery ; lid surmounted by figure, with hand on a 
barrel. sJin. x 5j-in. x 7|in. high. (Dutch.) 

[63.] Tobacco-jar, Delft pottery; with low cover; 
painted in Chinese style, red, blue, and green. 5 fin. diameter, 
4^in high. (Dutch.) 

[ 64.] Tobacco-jar, Gres de Flandres ; in form of 
tankard ; incised ornament ; blue ground ; pewter cover. 
6in. diameter, 4in. high. (Dutch.) 

[65.] Tobacco-jar, bronze; two handles; on sides, 
figures dancing; bronze cover. 61in. diameter, 6iin. high. 
(German. ) 

[ 66.] Tobacco-jar, earthenware ; grotesque head with 
hat, crushed by a weight ; green glaze. sin. diameter, 
5 Jin. high. Modelled by Le Chesne. (French.) 

[ 67.] Tobacco-jar ; Japanese figure, with legs and 
feet of a beast. 8] in. high. (French?) 

[ 68.] Tobacco-jar ; pottery, globular, with flat cover ; 
pale blue ground, red ornament and green gorse-like foliage. 
5^in. diameter, 4jin. high. (French.) 

[ 69.] Tobacco-jar ; pottery, globular ; cream-coloured 
ground ; leaves and flowers in Chinese style. 6in. diameter, 
5in. high. (French.) 

[70.] Tobacco-jar; a seated figure : a cobbler at work ; 
brown glazed pottery. loin. high. (Angoul^me.) 


Tobacco Jars. 

[ 71.] Tohncro-jar: grotesque figure declaiming; brown 
glazed pottery. loMn. high. (Angouleme.) 

[72.] Tobacco-jar, porcelain; a Danish porter seated 
on luggage. loin. high. (Royal Factor)-, Copenhagen.) 

[73.] Tobacco-jar, with bas-reliefs on sides; cover, 
surmounted by urn, with loose lid; cast-iron. 6in. square, 
7in. high. 1823. (Swedish.) 

[74.] Tobacco-jar; birch-bark; stamped ornaments. 
4^in. diameter, 4in. high. (Kuopio, Finland.) 

[75.] Tobacco-jar, bamboo; flat cover; beautifully 
carved in panels. 4in. diameter, 6-}in. high. 

[76.] Tobacco-jar; flat cover; red earthenware; 
unglazed. 7in. diameter, 6jin. high. (Chinese.) 

[77.] Tobacco-jar, wood ; a vintage vat upon wheels; 
with baskets, vine foliage, etc. 11 in. long. Sin. high. (Swiss.) 

[ 78.] Tobacco-jar, porcelain, Dresden ; a vat filled 
with grapes ; a boy treading ; on each side boys with baskets 
bringing grapes ; in front, boy recumbent, and flowers, 
iiin. long, i3in. high. 

[79.] Tobacco-jar, bronze, silvered ; on body four boys 
holding wreaths ; on cover, masks, and acanthus foliage, 
surmounted by Oriental figure sitting ; three only made. 
8iin. high. 

Designed and modelled by Godfrey Sykes. 

"goBacco Wouc^es. 

[ I.] Tobacco-pouch, tortoise-shell sides, one inlaid with 
gold ; red silk bag and tassels, sin. x 3in. (French.) 

[ 2.] Tobacco-pouch, bladder, embroidered ; witli two 
figures and coat of arms. 5 in. x 7 in. (Dutch.) 

[ 3. J Tobacco-pouch, velvet, orange colour, embroidered 
with silver thread ; flat bottom, with coat of arms. 4in. x 3in. 

[ 4. ] Tobacco-pouch, blue cloth, embroidered. (German. ) 

[ 5.] Tobacco-pouch, canvas, embroidered. 6?,in. x 
7in. (German.) 


Tobacco Pouches. 

[6.] Tobacco-pouch ; bag lined with leather, and fitted 
with pockets for carrying pipes and tobacco. g'm. x i3in. 
(German. ) 

[ 7 and 8.] Two Tobacco-pouches, white leather, 
embroidered with silk ; flowers and foliage. i ain. x 4in. 

[ 9 to 15.] Seven Tobacco-pouches, leather, embroidered 
and ornamented with cut leather. (Iceland — Greenland.) 

[ 16.] Tobacco-pouch, bird's skin, with feathers. 6in. 
X 3in. (Faroe Islands.) 

[17.] Tobacco-pouch, sealskin, siin. x siin. 

[ 18.] Tobacco-pouch, silver tissue, embroidered with 
flowers. 6in. x 4lin. (Turkey.) 

[ 19.] Tobacco-pouch, blue cloth, embroidered with 
gold, crescent, etc. 6iin. x 4iin. (Turkey.) 

[21.] Tobacco-pouch, white linen, embroidered. 
7in. X 7in. (Turkish.) 

[22.] Tobacco-pouch, silk-woven ; red and gold. Sin. 
X 6in. (Turkish.) 

[23.] Tobacco-pouch, silk-woven ; bottom embroidered, 
iiin. X 5Mn. (Turkish.) 

[24.] Tobacco-pouch, silk-woven ; red and gold ; 
bottom embroidered. i4in. x 6Jin. (Turkish.) 

[ 25.] Tobacco-pouch, crimson velvet, embroidered 
with gold. 8iin. x 6in. (Turkish.) 

[ 26.] Tobacco-pouch, crimson velvet, embroidered with 
gold; Janissary bag. 13-Mn. x 6jin. (Turkish.) 

[27.] Tobacco-pouch, black velvet, embroidered with 
gold ; Janissary bag. i6in. x 6in. (Turkish.) 

[28.] Tobacco-pouch; open work of silk and gold 
thread; lined with red silk; Janissary bag. i8in. x Bin. 

[ 29.] Tobacco-pouch, striped cashmere, with gold lace 
and fringe ; Janissary bag. i5^in. x S^in. (Turkish.) 

[ 30.] Pipe-bag, square, embroidered ; thick cord 
handle, iiin. xiiin. (Turkish.) 

[31.] Tobacco-pouch ; skin of gazelle ; leather tassels, 
ornamented with leaden beads. i4in. long. (Syria.) 

[ 32.] Tobacco-pouch, stomach of camel. i5in. long, 
loin. diameter. (Syria.) 


Tobacco Pouches. 

[ 33-] Tobacco-])oucli, skin of" li/ard, with head and 
feet. i4in. X 4|in. (Syria.) 

[ 34.] Tobacco-pouch, woven grass, oval. fm. x 6in. 
(Western Africa.) 

[ 35-] Tobacco-pouch, woven grass, oblong ; embroi- 
dered ; tassels and beads. i2in. x Sin. (Western Africa.) 

[ 36.J Tobacco-pouch, woven grass, square; open-work, 
with fringe. Sin. x 6in. (Liberia.) 

[37.] Tobacco-pouch, woven grass, long. igin. x pin. 

[ 38.] Tobacco-pouch, bear-skin, with leather strap. 
i2in. X 6in. (North America.) 

[ 39.] Tobacco-pouch, brown leather, embroidered 
with four rows of beads. S^in. x 5in. (North America.) 

[ 40.] Tobacco-pouch, brown leather, embroidered 
with porcupine quill, red and blue. Sin. x 6in. (North 

[41.] Tobacco-pouch, white leather, embroidered with 
porcupine quill in colours, and with fringes. Siin. x 6in. 
(North America.) 

[ 42.] Tobacco-pouch, yellow leather ; edges and bot- 
tom embroidered with beads, with fringe of leather 2oin. 
long. 2oin. X4iin. (North America.) 

[ 43.] Tobacco-pouch, crimson cloth ; sides and bottom 
embroidered with beads ; fringe at bottom, with bells ; sin. 
long. i4in. x 5 in. (North America.) 

[ 44.] Tobacco-pouch, white leather, embroidered with 
porcupine quill in colours ; fringe of leather pin. long, upper 
half of fringe wrapped with porcupine ([uill. 14A x 6in. 
(North America.) 

[ 45.] Tobacco-pouch, skin of fcetal buffalo ; filled with 
" kili-kinic " (willow bark used as a substitute for tobacco.) 
loin. X 4iin. (Pembina, Upper Missouri.) 

[ 46.] Tobacco-pouch, dark leather. 7in. x sin. (North 
America. ) 

[ 47 and 48.] Two Tobacco-pouches, black leather, 
embroidered with beads. 6in. x 3^in. (North America.) 

[ 49 and 50.] Two Tobacco - pouches, black cloth, 
elaborately embroidered with beads. iSin. xSin. (Cana- 
dian Indians.) 


Tobacco Pouches. 

[51.] Tobacco-pouch, skin of albatross' foot. 6in. x 
gin. long. 

[ 52 to 59.] Six small Tobacco-pouches, silk ; embroi- 
dered in gold and colours. (Chinese.) 

[ 58 to 63.] Six small Tobacco-pouches ; grotesque 
heads, etc. (Japanese.) 

[ 64.] Tobacco-pouch, silk, small. (Japanese.) 
[ 65.] Tobacco-pouch, bark. 4iin. x 3iin. (Japanese.) 
[ 66.] Tobacco-pouch, wood ; hinged at bottom ; 
carved in imitation of leather bag. 4-^in. x 4|in. (Japanese.) 

gtgar (^a$c$. 

[ I.] Cigar-case, silver, oval; castles and acanthus 
foliage, repousse, (English.) 

[ 2.] Cigar-case, silver, oval ; vine foliage and grapes, 
repousse. (English.) 

[3.] Cigar-case, steel; engraved and pierced with 
with small holes. (English.) 

[ 4.] Cigar-case, steel ; pierced with small holes. 

[5.] Cigar-case, wood; pictures of horse and dog. 

[ 6.J Cigar-case, wood; from the wreck of "Royal 
George." (English.) 

[ 7.] Cigar-case, plain leather. (English.) 

[ 8.] Cigar-case, silver, engraved ; fluted for five cigars. 

[ 9.] Cigar-case, Buhl ; brass upon wood ; hunting 
scenes. (French.) 

[10.] Cigar-case, Buhl; silver and brass upon wood ; 
elaborate ornament. (French.) 

[11.] Cigar-case, porcelain, Dresden; on each side 
two medallions with figures. (German.) 

[ 12.] Cigar-case, porcelain, Dresden (cigarette-case); 
figures with Louis Quator/.e ornament. (German.) 

CioAK Casks. 

[13.] Cigar-case, papier-mache ; copy of Dutch picture 
— Wandering musicians. (German.) 

[14.] Cigar-case, brass-gilt ; engraved and perforated. 

[ 15.] Cigar-case, morocco, with coat of arms inlaid 
with silver, and leather, coloured. (German.) 

[ 16.] Cigar-case, alligator-skin, travelling case. (Ger- 
man. ) 

[ 17 and 19.] Cigar-cases, woven fabric. (Swiss.) 

[ 19.] Cigar-case, birch bark. (Swedish.) 

[ 20.] Cigar-case, silver; niello; chateau, horseman and 
dog and trees, sin. x 3Jin. x i|in. (Russia.) 

[21.] Cigar-case, silver ; surface covered with chased 
knobs, medallions and borders, gilt. (Russia.) 

[ 22 and 23.] Two Cigar-cases; covered with coloured 
straw in imitation of fine Mo.saic. Made in the prison of 
Santona. (Spain. ) 

[ 24.] Cigarette-box, iron ; beautifully inlaid with gold 
and silver on sides, edges, top, and bottom. Made by 
Zuluaga. (Spain.) 

[25 and 26.] Two cigar-cases; embroidered all over 
with beads. Made by nuns at Goa. 

[ 27.] Cigar-case; completely covered by fine ornament 
in gold, inlaid in blue enamel. (India.) 

[28.] Cigar-case, silver, oval ; filigree ; dragons and 
foliage in filigree. (India.) 

[ 29.] Cigar-case, silver, oval; figures of Fakirs, with 
trees in high relief, repousse'. (India.) 

[ 30 to 35.] Six Cigar-cases ; papier-mache and lac, 
covered with elaborate ornament. (Cashmere.) 

[ 36.] Cigar-case, silver, oval ; great dragon ; Pagoda 
and figures; on lid, bamboo foliage, repousse', and beautifully 
chased. (China.) 

[ 37-] Cigar-case, silver, fiat ; dragon and Chinese 
characters ; chased. (China.) 

[38.] Cigar-case, ivory, cylindrical; carved all over; 
figures and foliage undercut. (China.) 

[ 39-] Cigar-case, wood ; figures and foliage in bronze 
lac on black ; tubes for six cigars. (China.) 


Cigar Cases. 

[ 40.] Cigar-case, paper ; with transverse bands of blue 
and yellow. (China.) 

[ 41.] Cigar-case, silk ; embroidered with figures and 
trees in colours. (China.) 

[42.] Cigar-case, metal, oval: jajjanncd black; birds, 
flowers, and foliage in pearl. 

[43.] Cigar-case, metal, oblong; Chinese landscape in 
pearl and bronze on black. This and No. 42 were probably 
made in Birmingham, in imitation of Chinese work. 

[ 44.] Cigar-case, metal, oblong, hinged ; landscape — 
rocks, trees, and birds in bronze and gilt metal on black 
ground. (Japanese.) 

[ 45.] Cigar-case, metal, oval; top and panels on sides, 
with flowers and foliage in bronze and gilt metal on black 
ground. (Japanese.) 

[ 46.] Cigar-case, metal, oljlong, flat, hinged ; in fine 
lac ; landscape in bronze lac ; on other side flowers and 
foliage in bronze on black ground. (Japanese.) 

[47.] Cigar-case, papier-mache' ; brown; flowers in lac. 

[48.] Cigar-case, papier-mache; upper half with insects 
in lac ; lower, cased with woven bamboo. (Japanese.) 

[ 49.] Cigar-case, papier-mache, dark brown ; leaves in 
lac. (Japanese.) 

[50.] Cigar-case, metal, oblong, hinged; plaques of 
fine lac on sides ; edges covered with silk with small pattern. 

[51 and 52.] Two Cigar-cases, tortoise-shell; with 
birds; foliage in very fine lac. (Japanese.) 

[53.] Cigar-case, silk; blue, brown, and white. 

[54.] Cigar-case, paper; ribbed, mottled with brown 
and black. (Japanese.) 

[ 55-1 Cigar-case, paper, black, plain. (Japanese.) 

[56.] Cigar-case, paper; imitation fish skin; gold and 
white. (Japanese. ) 

[571065.] Nine Cigar-cases, exquisitely woven; of 
bamboo, grass, etc. (Japanese.) 

[ 66 to 67.] Two Cigarette-cases, covered with silk, with 
cords. (Japanese.) 

[177] X 

CioAK Cases. 

[ 68.] Cigar-case, bamboo, cylindrical, mounted with 
silver; carved; top covered with fine gold and silver filigree; 
silver chain. (Sumatra.) 

[ 69.] Cigar-case, fine basket-work, oval; black crosses. 

[ 70.] Cigar-case, fine basket-work, oval ; black and 
brown. (Java.) 

[ 71 and 72.] Two Cigar-cases, fine basket-work, 
cylindrical ; bands of black on light ground. (Java.) 

[ 73-] Cigar-case made entirely of cloves, oval. (Java.) 

[74.] Cigar-case; a pod, mounted with silver in middle. 
6in. X 2 Jin. wide. 

[751079.] Five Cigar-cases, woven grass. (Lagos.) 

[ 80,] Cigar-cases, woven grass, embroidered with red 
cloth and bead fringe. (Western Africa.) 

[81.] Cigar-case, Panama-grass, open-work edge ; very 
fine. (Panama.) 

[82.] Cigar-case, Panama grass, with geometrical 
pattern in blue. (Panama.) 

[ 83.] Cigar-case, plaited rush. (Mexico.) 

[ 84.] Cigar-case, birch bark ; figures and bird em- 
broidered with porcupine quill, in bright colours. (Canadian 

[85.] Cigar-case, leather; very finely embroidered 
with porcupine quill. (Canadian Indians.) 

[ 86.] Cigar-case, plaited grass ; red lines. (Swiss.) 

[ 87.] Cigar-case, wood, cylindrical ; red and yellow 
lac ; bands of black, and on top black medallion, incised 


g^Tuff ^eciiow. 


[ I.] Snuff Mill, with grinder or pestle ; amboyna wood ; 
globular ; cover, perforated in centre for grinder to work 
through. 3fin. diameter x 3in. high. 

[ 2.] Snuff Mill ; dark wood, globular, wooden 
grinder, cover perforated. 4in. x 3in. high. 

[3.] Snuff Mill ; ivory, globular, cover perforated, 
ivory grinder and spoon. 

[ 4.] Snuff Mill, boxwood, cylindrical ; surface covered 
with three belts of carved figures ; grinding chamber Jin. 
diameter, 3in. deep ; grinder armed with iron button notched. 
5|in. high x ain. diameter. Dated, 1607. 

[5.] Snuff Mill; body, bone; cylindrical; grinding 
chamber, lin. diameter, 2|in. deep; grinder of wood, armed 
with iron, surmounted by knob of stag-horn, carved with three 
grotesque heads, sin. high, liin. diameter. 

[ 6.] Snuff Mill, wood, with rings of metal and horn, 
and ivory ring at top : grinder armed with iron, notched, and 
with horn knob. 4in. high, liin. diameter. 

[ 7.] Snuff Mill, wood, cylindrical ; incrusted with horn, 
and with chased silver rings ; grinder wood, similarly orna- 
mented and armed with iron, in form of H. 4in. high, i|in. 

[8.] Stone Snuff Mill, ii|in. diameter, on wooden 
frame, isin. x n]in. ; upper stone, Sin. diameter, with hole 
for handle. (Northern Norway.) 

[ 9.] Stone Snuff Mill, without frame, similar to No. 8. 
Lower stone, iS^in. diameter; upper stone, 11 Jin. diameter, 
with central hole, and hole for handle. 



T/iefoUoK'ing S/niff Hasps an richly c-a?-,vd jcith fgiires, 
7nythoIogical, scriptural, grotesque, etc., and with ornament, 
tnasks, fruit, etc. 

[ I.] Ivory ; two monkeys seated smoking and drinking ; 
tragic mask at broad end. yin. long x 2in. broad. 

[ 2.] Ivory ; a Dutch boor, three-quarter length, with 
pipe, jug, and glass. 6-Mn. long x 2in. broad. 

[ 3.] Ivory ; a boor, full length, with pipe and jug, 
leaning against a wall ; bo.x with silver mount at large end ; 
on lid, a boor's head in low relief. 7iin. long x 2^in. broad. 

[4.] Ivory; man smoking; woman with lofty head- 
dress ; above, a bearded mask ; in medallion below, a vase 
of flowers. 8|in. long x 2;^in. broad. 

[ 5.] Ivory ; man seated on bank smoking. 6in. long 
X 2 in. broad. 

[6.] Ivory ; full-length figure seated on a barrel 
smoking a pipe, hat with feathers, by his side a barrel on 
which is a tobacco-box ; arabesque ornament below. 6|in. 
X I Jin. 

[ 7.] Ivory ; lovers, each with a pipe ; below, a winged 
head with bunch of grapes in mouth. 6-4in. x 2in. 

[8.] Ivory ; Venus seated on cloud, with doves ; 
arabesques ; on lid of box, doves with fruit. Sin. x 2iin. 

[ 9.] Ivory ; Cupid reading the lesson of love to a 
woman, above and below are groups of fruit ; on lid of 
box group of fruit. Siin. x 2jin. 

[ 10.] Ivory ; Hercules leaning upon his club, masks 
with arabesques above and below ; on lid of box two birds 
drinking. 7iin. x 2jin. 

[11.] Ivory; full-length grotesque figure fiddling, 
holding fiddle between his legs ; with lid moving on pin. 
6Mn. X i|in. 

[12.] Ivory; Neptune and nymphs ; arabesque above, 
below a flaming winged-heart ; on lid of box a basket of 
fruit. Siin. x 2|in. 

[ 13.] Ivory ; female at bath, bearded man watching 
her j head of boor below. 7iin. x 2jin. 


Snuff Rasps, in Ivory, Wonn, Metal, Enamel, etc. 

[14.] Ivory; Jason attacking the dragons and bulls 
who guarded the golden fleece ; above, shield with coat of 
arms and boys carrying a wreath ; below, arabesque with 
vase of fruit ; on lid of box, a boor with jug. i3in. x 2fin. 

[15.] Ivory; The Annunciation — the dove in clouds, 
above ; on lid of box, the infant Jesus with orb and cross. 
Sin. X aiin. 

[ 16.] Ivory; Jupiter on an eagle — thunderbolt in his 
hand; Cupid behind. J^in. x i|in. 

[ 17.] Ivory; Action, with dogs; winged heads above 
and below ; dogs, drapery, and ornament, stained black. 
7|in. X 2in. 

[18.] Ivory; Alpheus pursuing Arcthusa, Diana pro- 
tecting her, Cupid aiming a shaft at Alpheus. Sin. x 2 fin. 

[ ig.] Ivory; Diana with bow and arrow, seated by 
water ; above, a group of flowers ; below, full-length figure of 
fisherman; on lid of box, a man drinking. S|in. 2^in. 

[20.] Ivory; Susannah and the elders; above, three 
seated figures drinking ; below, an arabesque snrmounted by 
an eagle; terminal mask at small end. gin. x 2 2in. 

[ 21.] Ivory ; engraved figure of man with pipe in hand, 
jug on bench behind him. 5in. x 2in. 

[22.] Ivory; Apollo and Cupid in oval medallion; 
above, a grotesque figure of a man seated on basket, with 
flagon and glass. Siin. x 2|in. 

[ 23.] Ivory ; two female figures, one with bow and 
arrow, in oval medallion ; above, basket of fruit ; broad end 
fluted. 7^in. x 2jin. Original silver rasp. 

[ 24.] Ivory ; male and female figures, in conversation 
under a tree. 7 fin. x 2 jin. 

[ 25.] Ivory; arabesque ornament and Cupid; above, 
basket of flowers; mask below. Siin. x 2Jin. 

[26.] Ivory; Perseus and Andromeda. Sin. x 2in. 

[27.] Ivory, box-like; lid, moving upon pin; square 
sides fluted ; on lid, half-length female figure, with basket of 
fiowers in lap ; basket of fruit, garlands and birds. 7in. x 

[28.] Ivory; coat of arms and coronet ; group of three 
figures, Sacrifice to Diana. 9 Jin. x 2|. 


Snuff Rasps, in Ivory, Woon, Metal, Enamel, etc. 

[ 29.] Ivory ; full-length male figure holding jug and 
glass, legs crossed, leaning against a barrel ; bottom mounted 
with metal. 6Jin. x 2in. 

[30.] Ivory; Jupiter, nude, with thunderbolt, fm. x 
I fin. 

[31.] Ivory; bearded man, full length, in doublet and 
cloak, with broad-brimmed hat ; a stopper or plug in crown 
of hat. 6|in. x ifin. 

[32.] Ivory; full-length grotesque figure of man 
dancing ; holding flagon and glass ; peeping through hole in 
the brim of his hat. yMn. x 2in. 

[33.] Warrior in classical costume; full length, with 
helmet, shield, and short sword; on shield, a mask. 7|in. x 

[ 34.] Ivory ; full length grotesque figure of man 
embracing large flagon, yin. x 2in. 

[ 35.] Ivory; full length female figure carrying a parrot; 
an anchor below. 8} x 2|in. 

[ 36.] Ivory ; full length figure of priest in biretta and 
alb; on right arm the words "Apointement ordinaire"; his 
left hand receiving a bribe. 6|in. x 2 in. 

[37.] Ivory; two lovers under a tree, both smoking. 
6in. X 1 1 in. 

[38.] Ivory; rasp, having chamber for "carotte," |in. 
diameter ; lid, moving on pin ; on lid, a king of France 
crowned, holding sceptre ; eagle at foot. 4Jin. x i |in. 

[ 39.] Ivory ; The story of St. Hubert ; portrait head 
on background of ermine, surmounted by a crown ; above, 
a chateau. 6Ain. x i^in. 

[ 40.] Ivory ; in form of elongated shell ; fluted. 
8iin. X 2in. 

[41.] Ivory; female figure, with distaff; a grotesque 
head above. 6fin. x i|in. 

[42.] Ivory; figure of Diana; a grotesque head above; 
basket of fruit below, yin. x 2in. 

[43.] Ivory; Venus, with Cuind flying a dove with a 
string; scroll ornaments, and vase of flowers. 7 J in. x 2iin. 

[44.] Ivory; arabesque ornament; long plain panel 
in centre. 7 in. x ifin. 


Snuff Rasps, in Ivukv, Wooli, Mictal, Enamel, ktc 

[ 45.] Ivory ; cover, moving on pin ; Apollo standing 
on festooned altar, with lyre, bow, and arrows. 6in. x i|in. 

[46.] Ivory; figure of a marshal of France, with 
baton ; carved monogram, " L. H." ; edges broken. 6in. x 

[47.] Ivory; figures on both sides; cavalier, with 
flagon and glass ; on oi>posite side female figure in peasant 
costume; lid, moving on pin. 5-}in. x i|in. 

[ 48.] Ivory ; female figure in French costume, with 
high head-dress ; lid only. 6in. x i|in. 

[ 49.] Ivory ; fowler, with decoy bird and dog. 6Jin. 
X I Jin. 

[50.] Wood, richly carved with emblems and 
ornament ; in centre, winged-heart, transfixed, suspended by 
chain. 24in. x 7^in. 

[51.] Wood; on sliding lid. Crucifix, and George and 
Dragon ; below Crucifix, inscription ; on back, animals and 
scrolls; and armed figure holding scales. i6iin. x 4^in. 
Dated 1746. 

[52.] Wood; box at end with coat of arms, carved, 
surmounted by crown ; flat plain back ; bevelled and carved 
sides, izin. x 4in. 

[53-] Wood; lid moving on pin; on lid, boar hunt, 
iiin. X 4in. 

[54.] Wood; pyramidal, three-sided; standing on 
three feet, with three graters ; wooden stopper ; carved base 
and top. 9jin. high, 2^in. at base. 

[ 55-1 Wood; large figure of Justice, under canopy, 
loiin. X 4in. 

[56.] Wood; slide and back with floral ornament in 
low relief; inlaid with ivory; sides with twisted mouldings of 
ivory; box, a fox's head, with ivor)- teeth and eyes. lojin. x 

[ S7-] Wood; similar to No. 56. loin. x 2|in. 

[58.] Wood; both sides with hunting scenes, inlaid 
with ivory ; edges inlaid. 1 6in x $\m. 

[ 59-1 Wood ; inlaid with brass wire and carved ; cock, 
double-headed eagle, and griffin, in three panels of light- 
coloured wood; initials J.N.A.H., with laurel wreath and 
crown. 1 1 in. x 2iin. 


Snui'f Rasi'!^, in Ivou\-, Wood, Metal, Enamel, etc. 

[ 60.] Wood, beautifull)' carved ; lid moving on pin ; 
on lid, coat of arms and crown ; on back, lady caressing a 
dog, inscription — " Fidelite Merite Amour." Inside lid is 
written " Rape a Tabac ayant appartenu a Louis, Dauphin, 
fils unique de Louis XIV, ne le ire gbre 1661, re^u Chevr. 
du St. Esprit, h. St. Germain-en-Laye, le ire Janvier, 1682, 
mort h. Meudon le 14 Avril, 1711.'' yjin. x 2 Jin. 

[61.] Wood; puzzle-box; lid moving on pin ; top and 
bottom flat ; carved with foliage in low relief; twisted ivory 
pillars at sides. gAin. x 2;Jin. 

[62.] Wood ; carved in low relief, flaming-hearts in 
centre ; birds and foliage ; carved inscription round margin — • 
" Votre . coevr. estle . miene . saccomode . tres . bien . 1737." 
gUn. X 3^in. 

[ 63.] Wood ; in shape of boat, with figure head ; on 
hinged lid covering grater, carved, a nude female figure 
(Fortune) standing on globe in boat, with inscription above — ■ 
"Rien de plus incostant.'' 8Jin. x 2in. 

[64.] Wood; boar sleeping amongst foliage; slide on 
back. slin. x 3 Jin. 

[ 65.] Wood; crucifix, with emblems of The Passion ; 
angels, etc. ; inscription — " Lorentbertant." Siin. x 2iin. 

[ 66.] Wood ; carved in high relief, St. Crispin at 
work ; below, measuring stick and boots. 8|in. x 2iin. 

[ 67.] Wood ; full-length figure of pilgrim, with staff 
and bottle, and scallop shells, under canopy ; below, Bacchus, 
astride a barrel. 8|in. x 2|in. 

[ 68.] Wood ; The Ascension ; coat of arms, with 
coronet and inscription — " Le svis h. Claude de Cabaza 
Prestre ; " at bottom — " Faite par P. Castel ; " on cover, 
cross, with emblems of The Passion ; flaming-hearts with 
inscription — " Lamour nous unit ; " cover moving on pin. 
8in. X 2^in. 

[ 69.] Wood, inlaid with ivory; twisted ivory pillars at 
side ; on box, crown and orb in ivory ; on back, scroll 
ornament and flowers, in low relief, and date, 1740. 5. Jin. x 
2in. ' 

[ 70.] Wood ; ])elican in medallion, with Cerman in- 
scription ; box carved with animals and ornament. Date, 
1 746. yiin. X 2iin. 


Snuff Rasps, in Ivokv, W'ooi'. Mk'iai, Enami.i., i-tc. 

[71.] Wood; covered with arabesque ornament, carved 
in low relief; within medallions, initials and date, " I.F., 
1739." Sin. X 2Mn. 

[72.] AVood ; sheep and children ; inscription. Sin. x 
I fin. 

[73-] ^^'ood : on slide carved in high relief, figure 
of Venus standing on globe ; on back, acanthus foliage. 
6fin. X i|in. 

[74.] Wood; coat of arms; collar and cross, sur- 
mounted by crown. Date, in relief, 1723. S|in. x 2^in. 

[75'] A\'ood ; five subjects carved in low relief — 
St. John the Baptist, The Holy Family, St. Peter, and 
St. Genevieve. Date 1732. Large shell at bottom. Sin. 
X ziin. 

[ 76.] Wood ; in liigh relief, half-length female figure 
holding a flaming heart, above her Cupid aiming a dart. 
6iin. X lAin. 

[ 77.] A\'ood, curved ; inlaid with light-coloured wood, 
with squirrel, bird, and foliage. Date, inlaid, 1757. 6|in. 
X i|in. 

[ 78.] \Vood, inlaid with brass wire; stag surmounted 
by crown and double-headed eagle, in low relief. Date, 
inlaid, 1746. 6^in. x i|in. 

[ 79.] Wood, curved, inlaid with brass wire with 
flowers ; and in medallions carved pelican, lion, and stag. 
7in. X liin. 

[80.] Wood, inlaid with brass wire with scrolls ; in 
panels, carved double-headed eagle ; two eagles and heraldic 
lion; sides carved. Date, inlaid, 1729, 6fin. x i|in. 

[81.] Wood, curved, inlaid with brass wire and pearl. 
6iu. X i|in. 

[ 82.] Wood, curved. Inlaid as No. Si. 6jin. x i§in. 

[ 83.] Wood, curved. Inlaid as No. 82. 6|in. x liin. 

[ 84.] Wood. Similar to No. 83. 6in. x i^in. 

[ 85.] Wood, with slide; inlaid with pearl on back and 
slide ; terminal mask ; puzzle-box at bottom. 5|in. x iMn. 

[ 86.] M'ocd ; back and sides inlaid with liglit and 
dark woods ; slide, silver repousse', with amorini and flowersj 
silver outlet, with lid. Cin. x i.'.in. 

[185"] Y 

Snuff Rasps, in Ivory, ^\■ool>, Mltal, Enamel, etc. 

[ 87.] Tortoise-shell, inlaid with silver : on slide, mono- 
gram and foliage ; on back, coat of arms and crown and 
foliage ; silver outlet, with lid. 6|in. x i|in. 

[ 88.] Tortoise-shell ; back, ivory, inlaid with tortoise- 
shell — Cupid and foliage ; slide, silver repousse, with bird 
and foliage. 4iin. x liin. 

[ 89.] French Buhl, brass ; on back, arabescjue orna- 
ment on black ground ; sides inlaid with various colours ; 
hinged cover of grater inlaid with pearl and colours, and 
engraved ; lid of bo.x has clock dial with movable hands. 
Sin. X 2 1 in. 

[ 90.] Brass ; half-length figure in wig, embroidered 
coat, and sash. 7 in. x 2 in. 

[91.] Limoges enamel ; in colours ; half-length figure 
of lady, with fan and lap-dog. 6^in. x zUn. 

[92.] Limoges enamel ; in colours; full-length figure 
of lady seated, with lamb with garlands of flowers. 6f in. x 

[ 93.] Limoges enamel ; in colours ; in medallion, a 
nun seated and angel; below, " Je vous le garde." 6^in. x 
2 2 ill- 

[94.] Limoges enamel; in colours; Tobias and the 
angel. 6iin. x 2jin. 

[95.] Limoges enamel; in colours; group of five 
figures; above, Roman head in medallion, yiin. x 3^in. 

[ 96.] Steel ; Damascened with gold ; on slide, mono- 
gram, and inscription " Donne avec plaisir k mes amis " ; 
cover, moving on pin. 6|in. x 2in. 

[97.] Steel; curved; engraved, and inlaid with silver 
and gold; chateau and scrolls. 6in. x i;^in. 

[ 98.] Steel; curved; engraved, and inlaid with foliage 
and scrolls in gold and silver ; bo.x at end. 5 A in. x lin. 

[99.] Steel; engraved, and inlaid with silver and gold; 
chateau in centre, sfin. x i^in. 

[ 100.] Steel; not ornamented. 6iin. x 2in. 

[ loi.] Moss-agate; mounted with silver; two hinged 
lid.s. 7in. x 2|in. 

[ 102.] Brass; in form of lute. 6in. x 2in. 

[ 103.] Steel; back and front Damascened with gold; 
cover, moving on pin. 6^in. x i^'in. 


Snuff Rasps, in Ivokv, Woon, MiirAi., Enamf.i., etc. 

[104.] Bronze; full-length figure in costume of early 
part of last century, using a snuff rasp. 6in. x 2in. 

This is the only illustration of the use of the snuff-rasp, whicli I 
have seen. — W. B. 

[105.] Copper ; engraved hunting scene ; inscriptions 
at each end. 7 in. x i^in. 

[106.] Brass; engraved ; hunting scene. 6?7in. x i];in. 

[107.] Brass; perforated and engraved; at bottom, 
letters I. O. H., and 1734 perforated. 7in. x i^-in. 

[ 108.] Brass; figure of monk carrying cross. 6|in. x 

[109.] Brass; figure of Victory on a battle-field. 
6in. X 1 1 in. 

[ no.] Iron; in form of fish; hinged at tail. 7fin. x 

[in.] Wood; inlaid with light and dark woods; 
metal outlet. 7in. x i|in. 

[ 112.] Horn ; plain; brass grater. 6|in. x 3iin. 


[ I.] Gres. de Flandres, six-sided ; grey surface, 
chequered; border round top, and ornaments in blue and 
white, glazed ; pewter base and cap. 6Mn. high, 4in. 

[ 2.] Gres de Flandres, square ; angles and top blue ; 
four masks at upper corners; pewter cap. i2iin. high, 
4^in. square. 

[ 3.] Delft pottery, globular, with six flattened sides ; 
painted in blue on white ; houses, castle, etc. ; pewter cap. 
7|in. high, sin. diameter. 

[ 4.] Brown pottery, nearly cylindrical ; lion masks on 
four panels ; small circular ornaments in dark clay, applied. 
9iin. high x s^in. diameter. 

[ 5.] Red-brown pottery, four-sided ; medallions on 
sides. 5in. high, 3in. square. 

[ 6.] Brown pottery, six-sided, circular base ; figures 
and rosettes on each side ; pewter cap. pin. high, 4iin. 


Snuff Jars — Pottery, Gt.ass, and Mf.tal. 

[ 7.] Brown jjottery, si\-sided ; figures and two heads 
on each side ; 'pewter cap. Sin. high, sin. diameter. 

[ 8.] Brown pottery, square ; figures and ornament on 
each side ; chain ornament marking sides ; pewter cap, 
engi-aved with coat of arms and date, 1789. 7in. high, 4in. 

[9.] Pottery, glazed, cylindrical; ground olive-green, 
with figures in high relief in lighter green ; pewter cap. 6in. 
high, 3iin. diameter. 

[ 10.] Pottery, glazed, globular, dark-green ; head and 
ornaments in high relief; pewter cap. 6^in. high, 4jin. 

[11.] Pottery, glazed, octagonal; imitation marble, 
white on reddish-brown; pewter cap. yii'i- high, 4|in. 

[12 and 13.] Pottery, glazed; globular, with six 
flattened sides ; with panels of figures, heads, and flowers in 
colours on black ground; pewter caps. 6Mn. high, 4Mn. 

[14.] Pottery, glazed, dark-brown, six flattened sides; 
on sides are figures, in relief, of our Lord, St. Thomas, St. 
Matthew, St. John, St. Philip, and St. Bartholomew, painted 
in colours, dated 1654; pewter cap and base. 7iin. high, 
5 in. diameter. 

[ 14.*] Persian pottery ; cream ground, glazed; painted 
with flowers and pine-shape ornaments in colours ; Dutch 
mounts in pewter. 4iin. high, 3iin. diameter. 

[15 to 24.] Ten Glass Snuff Jars; figures, flowers, 
ornament, and inscriptions painted in colours ; pewter caps. 
No. 24, dated 1721. From 5', in. to 7 in. high. 

[ ~5-] Opaque white glass; square, painted in colours ; 
on one side figure on horseback ; on other sides flowers. 

[ 26 and 27.] Two Snuff Jars, clear glass; engraved; 
pewter caps. 7in. x 9in. high. 

[ 2S.] Venetian glass, amber and white; jjewter cap. 
Sin. high, 3in. diameter. 

[ 29.] Venetian glass ; white, blue, and red, in vertical 
stripes ; ])ewter cap. Sin. x yn. 

[ 30.] Venetian glass ; white, mottled witli blue, flutccj. 
g|in. X 3in, diameter. 


Snuff Jars — Pottery, Glass, and Metal. 

[31.] Copper, six-sided, engraved; cap miss ng 
lojin. high, 6^in. diameter. 

[32.] Copper, cylindrical; large coat of arms, sur- 
mounted by mitre; cap. loin. high, 6jin. diameter. 

[ 33] Pewter, square ; on each side stamped, St. 
George and Dragon ; cap. gin. high, 5in. square. 

[ 34.J Pewter, hexagonal ; on each side stamped 
flowers in high relief; cap. gin. high, 5 Jin. diameter. 

[ 35.] Pewter, square ; on two sides full length figures 
engraved ; on other sides inscriptions ; cap. gin. high, 4iia 
square. Date 1678. 

[36.] Pewter, square; at middle of height four deep 
notches at corners, engraved; cap. fm. high, 4in. square. 

[37.] Pewter; in form of book with clasps; on sides 
large portraits engraved; cap. 7iin. high, siin. broad, 
3iin. thick. 


[ I.] Light wood, circular, flat; bevelled to thin edge 
all round ; horn stopper. 3 1 in. diameter. (Norway.) 

[ 2.] Similar to No. i, with horn neck and bone 
stopper. 2 fin. diameter, lin. thick. (Norway.) 

[ 3.] Dark wood ; top and bottom mounted with silver; 
stopper with chain; inscription — " Lorent/, Schllott, 1731." 
3jin. high, 2in. diameter. (Norway.) 

[4.] Light wood, silver mounted, silver foot, and silver 
stopper with chains. 3in. diameter, lin. thick. (Norway.) 

[5.] Wood, annular; inner diameter 2in. ; carved 
heads in medallions, and bird ; four brass rings for sus- 
pension. 5in. diameter, 2in. thick. (Norway.) 

[ 6.] Dark wood, silver foot, mounts top and bottom ; 
engraved circular silver plates on both sides ; silver stopper 
and chain. 3in. diameter, lin. thick. (Norway.) 

[7.] Dark wood, pear shape, silver mounts top and 
bottom ; stopper and chain. 2in. diameter, 2Ain. high. 

[ 8.] Wood, circular ; with leather strap for suspension. 
6in. diameter, 2 Jin. thick. (Norway.) 


Snuff Bottles. — Europkan. 

[ 9.] Light wood ; ivory foot, willi monogram ; ivory 
circular plates in centres: ivory mouthpiece, with silver chain 
and stopper, sfin. diameter, i|in. thick. (Norway.) 

[10.] Bone, mounted with brass ; brass stopper and 
chain; circles of brass on sides; on side initials " G. E. S." 
and date, " 1647." 3|in. diameter, Jin. thick. (Norway.) 

[11.] Dark wood, mounted with silver; silver chain 
and stO])per ; engraved, "C. O. S., 1690." 3Mn. diameter, 
4in. high. (Norway.) 

[12.] Dark wood, silver mounts; engraved silver 
plates on sides. 3iin. diameter, lin. thick. (Norway.) 

[13.] Wood, annular; inner diameter lin. ; silver 
mounts top and bottom, and silver bands connecting mounts ; 
silver stopper and chain. 3|in. diameter, lin. thick. (Norway.) 

[14.] Dark wood, acorn shape ; silver mounts; outlet 
with spring, aiin. high, i^in. diameter. (Norway.) 

[15.] Wood, pear shape, silver mounted ; silver stopper 
and chain. i|in. diameter, 2in. high. (Norway.) 

[ 16.] Silver, egg-shape; interlaced monogram on side. 
2|in. high, i|in. diameter. (Norway.) 

[17.] Bone, four-sided; coffin-shape section; zig-zag 
pattern engraved on all sides; silver stopper. Date 1738. 
3in. X ijin. x lin. (Swedish.) 

[18.] Ivory; bottle in form of horn; richly carved; 
Cupids on each side; lion in relief on inner curve, siin. 
high, 2in. at base. (Norway.) 

[ 19.] Ivory, in form of horn; lion in relief on inner 
curve ; carved with characteristic Norwegian scroll ornament ; 
mouthpiece, animal's head; base in silver. 4iin x lAin. 

[ 20.] \\'alrus tusk, in form of horn, ending in fish's 
head'; silver base, mouthpiece, chain, and stopper. 4in. 
long, i|in. at base. (Archangel.) 

[ 21.] Ivory; full-length figure of man in wig and long 
coat ; silver base, on which is a group of dolphin, rudder and 
trident, in relief; silver chain. 3 4 in. x lin. at base. (Arch- 

[ 22.] Horn, fiat triangular; on sides, cross, angel and 
birds, incised. 4in. x 3in. (Norway.) 

[ 23.] Transparent amber, in form of horn ; mouth, 
mounted with gold; carved amber stopper. 4Mn. x i^in. at 
base. (German.) 


S.NL'i'i-' Bottles. — Eukoplan. 

[ 24.] Opaque amber, in form of horn ; amber stopper 
with chain (base broken). 4lin. x i|in. at base. (German.) 

[25.] Deer's hoof, carved; man and woman shaking 
hands; ivory base. 3iin. x 2Mn. (German.) 

[ 26.] Deer's hoof; carving, representing a philosopher 
.seated at a table, meditating, with his hand upon a skull, and 
a buffoon dancing before him, scraping a gridiron with a 
marrow -bone; on table-cloth the inscription "Homo 
memento mori"; mounted with silver. 4in. x aiin. (German.) 

[27.] Deer's hoof; carving representing a man seated, 
shaking out snuff from a snuff-horn into his hand ; in front a 
vacant chair and a table, on which are a pipe and tobacco- 
box — inscription on face — "ne quid ni mis." 4in. x 2lin. 

This is a rare representation of the mode of using the snuff-horn. 

[ 28.] Deer's hoof; top and bottom mounted in silver; 
stopper, a dolphin ; carved, a Virginian Indian with his hand 
upon a floral wreath, enclosing letter S. 3iin x 2iin. (Ger- 

[29.] Made of deer's hoof; pique, silver, and pearl; 
on base, clock dial in silver. 3iin x 2in. (German.) 

[ 30.] Wood, in form of horn, flattened ; carved ; man 
in armour, with shield and lance ; on opposite side Neptune, 
with sea-horse; mouth, in form of fish's head. yin. x 2|in. 

[31.] Horn, flattened; sides, of wood ; mouthpiece, 
metal; on sides are incised emblems of The Passion. 
Dated 1726. 4;|in. x 3in. x |in. (Norway.) 

[32.] Plain white horn ; with horn stopper and base. 
4], in. X 2in. (Northern Russia.) 

[ 33-] Horn; silver base, with oval glass and gold foil. 
4in. X 1 1 in. (Northern Russia.) 

[ 34.] Black and white horn ; mouth carved in form of 
fish's head and shoulders, with eyes in ivory; wooden stopper, 
sin. X 2|in. (Reval.) 

[35-] White horn; bottom, of wood, with brass plate 
and ring; wooden stopper. 4iin. x 3in. (Northern Russia.) 

[ 36.] Horn ; mouthpiece, iron ; brass rings top and 
bottom connected by leather stiap. slin. x 2in. (Northern 


Snuff Bottles. — European. 

[37.] Black horn ; mouthpiece and bottom, ot" white 
bone ; in bottom two [legs of white bone. 6in. x i|in. 

[ 38.] Horn, flattened, with spring of horn, by pressure 
' of which the orifice is opened. 4in. x 2in. (Northern Russia.) 

[ 39.] Horn; upper part cut off; top and bottom brass. 
4in. X 2i-in. 

[ 40.] Black wood ; curved pear-shape ; flattened ; 
silver mounted ; silver stopper and chain. 4f in. x 2|^in. x 
fin. thick. (Norway.) 

[41.] Horn; acanthus ornament, carved on sides in 
low relief; toj) and bottom mounted with fine filigree ; silver 
chain and stopper. 4in. x 2in. (Norway.) 

[42.] Horn; top and bottom silver mounted ; silver 
bands down centre and sides ; hinged lid on side for filling ; 
silver stopper and chains. 4-Mn. x 2in. (Norway.) 

[43.] Brass; sides, flat; brass stopper and chain. 
3iin. X i|in. x |in. thick. (Made at Tula, Russia.) 

[ 44.] Upper part, black horn ; lower part cased with 
white horn ( ? ) ; silver bottom, with hinged lid ; oval silver 
medallions on sides, with inscriptions, dated 1744; silver 
stopper and chain. 5in. x 2|in. (Norway.) 

[ 45.] Horn ; nearly covered with casing of bone or 
white horn ; on each side a medallion representing a combat 
between men on horseback ; carved in low relief; inscription 
beneath ; mouthpiece, brass. 6in. x 3in. (Norway.) 

[46.] Horn, engraved with five medallions on each 
side ; silver bottom with sliding lid, inscribed " A. N. O., 
1793 ;" silver mouthpiece, chain, and stopper, siin. x 2|in. 

[ 47.] Horn, casing of white horn 3Ain. deep, engraved 
with five medallions on each side ; bottom, white horn, 
inscribed " L. M. S. O." s|in. x 2|in. (Norway.) 

[ 48.] Horn, nearly covered with casing of white 
horn ; silver bottom, with initials " O. T. S. C. ; " silver 
mouthpiece. 5^in. x 2|in. (Norway.) 

[49.] \\'hite horn, black at tip; wooden l)ottom ; 

silver moutliiMecc ; engraved on sides, four medallions and 

ornament; >topi.(.r attached by leather thong. 6 i in. x 3 in. 


Snuff Bottles. — European-. 

[ 50.] ^Valnls tusk, pcar-shnpe, curvud, octag(inal 
section ; top and bottom silver mounted ; circular siher 
plates on sides — one inscribed " Th. K.," the other " 1790." 
4in. X sin. (Iceland.) 

[51.] Walrus tusk, pear-shape, curved, octagonal 
section; angles marked by lines in relief, siin. x i|in. 

[ 52.] Walrus tusk, cylindrical, flattened, inlaid with 
white metal ; white metal mouthpiece. 4in. x liin. (Iceland.) 

[ 53.] Portion of bone, ends stopped with wood ; 
wooden stopper. 3in. x 2jin. (Greenland.) 

[ 54.] Portion of tusk; top and bottom missing. 2lin. 
X I Jin. (Iceland.) 

[ 55-] ^Vood ; bottle in form of grotesque lion with 
crown. 3iin. x 2Mn. (Norway.) 

[56.] ^^'ood ; one side a female face, on the other a 
human skull. 2in. x liin. (German.) 

[57.] Hard wood, globular, with long neck; richly 
carved heads in medallions ; female bust forming the neck. 
5 Jin. X 2 'in. diameter. (Italian.) 

[ 5^-] Wood, carved — three large medallions containing 
crowned heads ; on neck, four small masks. 4in. x 3in. 
diameter. (Italian.) 

[59.] Coquilla nut; base and stopper wood ; carved 
with figure carrying basket, etc. 5in. x i|in. diameter. 

[60.] \A'ood; human skull. 2?,in. x 2in. ((ierman.) 

[61.] \\'ood ; carved all over; three belts of figures 
and heads illustrating The Passion, jlm. x 2;Jin. (Dutch.) 

[62.] Wood ; male and female figures holding crown ; 
ship at back. 3iin. x 2|in. (German.) 

[ 63.] Nut ; nude figures, in high relief, dancing. 
2iin. X 2in. (German.) 

[ 64.] Wood, carved : on one side. The Crucifixion ; 
on the other, an angel and three figures ; in high relief 
3in. X 2-J,in. (Dutch.) 

[ 65.] Nut ; fluted ; carved st0[)i)cr. 3.lin. x 2in. 
diameter. (German.) 

[ 66.] Two groups of figures, with tree and rocks, in 
high relief. Nut. 3lin. x 2in. diameter. (Clerman.) 

[193J z 

Snuff Bottlf.s. — Europeax. 

[ 67.] Wood ; a high-heeled shoe; covered with figures 
and busts, in high relief. 3iin. x ijin. (German.) 

[ 68.] Pewter; a high-heeled shoe, pointed toe; chased; 
pewter stopper. 2 in. x 2 in. (German.) 

[ 69.] (lourd ; elaborately engraved, with jjictures of 
The Crucifixion and Scripture subjects ; ivory mouthpiece, 
with spring. S^n. x 2Mr'. diameter. (Italian.) 

L 70.] Gourd; engraved, with groups of figures; pewter 
mouthpiece; iron stopper. 4in. x 2Ain. diameter. (Italian.) 

[71.] Gourd; coloured red; engraved; figures of 
lighter tint than the ground ; moutlipiece, silver, with spring. 
3iin. X 2in. diameter. (Italian.) 

[72.] Nut; carved with flowers, and with grotesque 
head at bottom; stopper, with chain. 2]in. x ijin. 

[73-] Wood; front richly carved; in centre angel's 
winged head ; below, two medallions, with emblems ; back, 
plain. 6in. x 2|in. x |in. thick. (Italian.) 

[74.] Ivory; with two plaques of nut on sides, on 
which are carvings of musicians ; ivory edges, carved. 
2iin. x i^in. (German.) 

[75.] Ivory; six-sided; fluted; silver bottom and top ; 
silver stopper and chain, aiin. x 2in. (Norway.) 

[ 76.] Ivory; two groups of nude figures, smoking and 
drinking under vine ; ivory base and stopper. 3in. x i|in. 
(German. ) 

[77.] Ivory, in form of gourd; fluted and engine- 
turned at bottom. 2fin. x liin. (French.) 

[ 78.] Ivory, vase-form, beautifully engine-turned in 
imitation of basket; top fluted. 3in. x ijin. (French.) 

[79.] Ivory, globular; quite plain. 2|in. x ijin. 

[ 80.] Ivory, two groups of figures smoking and 
drinking, and in medallions two heads ; ivor)' base ; silver 
mount and stopper in form of animal's head. 2|in. x iJ[in. 

[Si.] Ivory, flattened, heart shape; St. George and 
the Dragon and a martyrdom in high relief on sides ; ivory 
foot, engine-turned. 2|in. x i|in. (Italian.) 

[82.] Ivory; satyr and nymph embracing. 3iin. high. 


Snuff Bottles. — Europfan. 

[83.] Ivory; kneeling female figure, nude, with basket 
at back — stopper of" basket, a child's head. 2iin. high. 

[ 84.] Ivory ; the offering of the three Kings in high 
relief. 2in. x liin. (Italian.) 

[ 85.] Ivory ; in high relief, five full-length figures 
smoking and carousing ; stopper and bottom missing. 2|in. 
X 2iin. (German.) 

[ 86.] Ivory ; in high relief, the story of Actseon. 
2iin. X I jin. (German.) 

[87.] Ivory, circular; on both sides groups smoking 
and drinking. 2|in. x 2in. (Dutch.) 

[ 88.] Ivory; curiously carved with 19 grotesque human 
faces, each face forming part of its neighbours ; stopper, 
two heads of priests. 2fin. x iMn. (Italian.) 

[ 89.] Ivory ; in high relief, five figures and monkey ; 
background, a wall ; brass stopper, a boor dancing ; metal 
base. 2 1 in. x i^in. (German.) 

[90.] Ivory; bunch of grapes. 2^in. x 2|in. (ItaUan.) 

[ 91.] Amber, in form of deer-hoof ; Cupid e.xtinguishing 
a fire ; inscription below, " Ich losche meine Flammen." 
3iin. x i|in. (German.) 

[92.] An Indian bean, mounted with silver; silver 
stopper. 2 jin. diameter X |in. thick. (German.) 

[ 93-] White glass, Venetian ; a negro's head ; pewter 
stopper. 2Mn. x i|in. 

[94.] White glass, Venetian ; a negro's head ; pewter 
stopper. 2 1 in. x il'm. 

These were made in Venice for the Gold Coast trade. 

[ 94.\.] Grfes de Flandres, oval, flat ; flowers and foliage 
in low relief on blue ground, on both sides. 3|in. x 2in. x lin. 

[ 94E!.] Gres de Flandres, oval, flat ; flowers and foliage 
within border, on both sides. 3iin. x 2 in. x lin. 

[94c.] Cires de Flandres, pear-shape, curved; small 
flowers in low relief; silver mount and chased stopper. 
4iin. X 1 1 in. 

[ 94D.] Gres de Flandres, globular, flattened ; covered 
with small devices in relief ifin. diameter. 



[ 94E.] lirown eaitlienware, unglazed, circular, thinned 
to edge. 2. '.in. diameter. (Brittany.) 

[ 94F.] Brown glazed earthenware, in form of dog. 
2|in. >c i|in. 


[ 95.] Indian nut, carved with figures and animals ; 
brass mount. i^,in. diameter, 2Jin. high. (Scindc.) 

[ 96.] Indian nut, carved witli mythological figures. 
2in. diameter, 2in. high. (.Scinde.) 

[ 97 to 106.] Ten Snuff Bottles, cocoa-nut ; most 
elaborately carved, some over the whole surface, others with 
rich bands of ornament, ajin. to s^lin. high x 2in. to 2lin. 
diameter. (Scinde.) 

[107.] A gourd, with wooden stopper. 9in. x 4in. 

[ 108.] Bamboo, engraved. 7in. x |in. (Madagascar.) 

[ 109.] Bamboo, engraved ; with leatlier thong, sin. 
X |in. (Madagascar.) 

[no.] Bamboo, plain; loop of covered cord to 
stopper. 2Un. x |in. (Madagascar.) 

[ III.] Oval nut, with ridge at bottom ; wood stopper. 
2in. X i.'.in. 

[112.] Gourd, plain ; bead-work stopjier. 3iin. x 3in. 
diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[113.] Gourd; three large beetles in black; light 
ground. 3in. x 2jin. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[ 114.] Gourd; black patches, with lines of dots upon 
tliem. 3in. x 2in. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[115.] Black nut with stopper, ifin. x ijin. dia- 
meter. (Kaffir.) 

[ 116.] Two Snuff Bottles, brown nut ; one with double 
loop of string, ilin. x i.Un. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[117.] Brown nut. i fin. x 2in. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[118.] Black nut; incised ornament; horn stopper, 
oval. 2^in. x ijin. diameter. (Kaffir.) 


Snuff Bottles. — Asiatic, African, etc. 

[119.] Made of rhinoceros horn; egg-shape: brass 
stopper. 2in. x ijin. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[ 120.] Brown nut. ijin. x i|in. (Kaffir.) 

[121 to 123.] Three Snuff Bottles, bamboo, with in- 
cised ornament, hnes filled with black. 34-in. and 3Jin. x 
2jin. long. (Kaffir.) 

[124. j Horn, small bottle, with thin curved strip of 
same horn, iiin. long, for sticking in the hair, i Jin. x fin. 

[ 125.] Two gourds, each 2in. x if in., covered with 
blue and white beads; connected by strings, Sin. long. 

[ 126.] Three gourds, each 2in. x lin., covered witli 
blue and white beads; connected by plaited cord, 5in. long. 

[127.] Gourd, with long neck, tassels of beads, and 
copper coins, incised with crosses, siin. longxi;|in. 
diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[ 128.] Snuff Bottle; made of the albumen of blood; 
gourd-shape ; surface pricked-up ; stopper of the same 
material, attached by twisted cord. 3.Un. high x 3in. diameter. 

[ 129.] Snuff Bottle, in form of buffalo, of same 
material and similar surface as No. 128. 4J,in. long x 3in. 
high. (Kaffir.) 

Engraved in Wood's Natural History of Man. 

[ 130.] Gourd-shaped Bottle, of same material as 
No. 129; covered with beads; white and blue diagonal 
stripes. 2|in. high, 2^in. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[131.] Bottle, of same material as No. 130; body, 
square ; neck circular, with cover ; blue and black lines. 
4|in. high, liin. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[132.] Wood; fluted. 2.lin. high, ii;in. diameter. 

[133.] Gourd; sixteen vertical bands of brass wire, 
resembling embroidery. 2 Jin. high, 3in. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[134.] Ivory; cylindrical; plain; lid missing. 3in. 
high, i^in. diameter. (West Coast of Africa.) 

[135.] Black nut; plain; ivory mouth. 4in. x 2jin. 


Snuff Bottles. — Asiatic, African, etc. 

[ 136.] Black nut; polished; silver mount; with ivory 
"dip-stick," with which to rub the gums with snuff. 4in. x 2in. 

[ 137.] Black wood ; with perforation on side for cord; 
covered with incised lines. 3}in. x ijin. diameter. (Kaffir.) 

[ 138.] Black wood ; similar to No. 137. 3^in. x i^in. 

[139.] " Knob-Kerrie," with stick i6in. long; head 
hollowed for snuff, and covered with incised curved lines ; 
wooden stopper. 3|in. X3in. (Kaffir.) 

[140.] Shell of tortoise ; the openings for hind legs 
closed with cement ; stopper and fittings are missing. 3 Jin. 
long X 2 1 in. broad. 

[ 141.] Shell of tortoise; mounted with silver; silver legs, 
head, and tail; stopper, with silver chain. 4in. long, slin. 

[142.] Vegetable ivory; head with cap and pipe, 
coloured. (North Africa.) 

[ 143 to 150.] Eight bottles, in glazed earthenware; 
six blue glaze, two grey glaze, with ears ; covered with orna- 
ment in low relief; No. 143 mounted with silver. (Morocco.) 

A collection of 13 Kaffir Snuff-spoons of bone. 

Two have double bowls, and three have long bowls, to 
supply both nostrils with snuff at once. 

Nine have the stem divided into two, three, or four 

They vary in length from 4|in. to gin. ; and are carried 
by the Kaffirs thrust into their hair. To these is added a 
spoon in wood, turned, made l)y Europeans for Kaffir use. 



[ I.] Oval, engraved with plants in low relief; rough 

[ 2.] Six-sided, flattened, transparent, plain ; polished 


Chinese Snuff Bottles— (Hard Stones.) 

[ 3.] Small square bottle, engraved on two sides with 
Chinese characters, and on two with flowers ; rough 
inside ; coral stopper. 

[4.] Flat, circular, transparent; green jade stopper; 
polished inside. 

[5.] Double cylindrical bottle; with green glass 
stoppers, and spoons ; polished inside. 

[ 6.] Circular, flattened ; roughened inside ; lightly- 
engraved with flowers on one side only ; carnelian stoi)per. 

[ 7.J Flat, oblong; jjolished inside ; a tree engraved in 
low relief on one side. 

[ 8.] Flattened, nearly circular; lion handles in relief; 
sides concave, polished inside ; metal stopper. 

[9.] Flattened, oblong, oval; partly polished inside; 
lion handles ; Chinese characters on one side, flowers and 
leaves on other; coral stopper. 

[10.] Oblong, oval; polished inside, fluted edges; 
green jade stopper. 

[11.] In form of dog (Kylin), rough inside; malachite 

[12.] Circular, engraved with obverse and reverse of 
Spanish dollar; polished inside. 

[ 13.] Oval, oblong; lion handles; dragons and kylins 
engraved on sides in low relief 

[14.] Large, plain ; polished inside. (From the " loot " 
of the Summer Palace, Pekin.) 

[15.] Six-sided; on each side plants and animals in 
relief; polished inside; green jade stopper. 

[ 16.] Flattened, oval; surface reticulated. 

[ 17.] Flattened, oval ; lion handles ; two medallions in 
relief, with flowers ; pink crystal stojjper. 

[ 18.] Flat, square, oblong; with flowers in relief on 
one side ; polished inside ; coral stopper. 

[19.] Flat, oblong; plants in relief; polished inside; 
green jade stojjper. 

[ 20.] Circular, flat, in dark crystal; sides covered with 
circular devices in relief 

[21.1 Brown, flat, square bottle; lion handles; 
polished mside ; jargoon stopper. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles— (Hard Stones.) 

[22.] Oblong, dark, six-sided : three sides with flowers 
in relief; amethyst sto|iper. 

[ 23.] Large, circular, flat; very dark crystal; trees and 
bird in relief; polished inside. 

[ 24.] Flat, circular; with crystals of titanium; polished 

[25.] Small, flat, oblong; with hair-like threads of 
titanium; green jade stopper. 

[ 26.] Flat, circular ; rough inside ; with crystals of 

[27.] Flat, S(]uare; dark crystal; full of crystals of 
titanium; rough inside; pink crystal stopper. 

[ 28.] Circular, flat, rough inside, one side engraved 
with plants ; with titanium crystals ; pink crystal stopper. 

[ 29.] Oblong, oval; plant.s in high relief, with titanium 
crystals ; rough inside ; stopjier of rock crystal, also full of 

[ 30.] Dark-coloured, circular, flat; full of large titanium 
crystals; rough inside. 

[31.] Globular, slightly flattened; lion handles in 
relief, and grouji of titanium crystals ; rough inside ; with 
green glass stopper. 


[32.] Green, square; seal characters in relief on two 


[33.] White, small; cylindrical, taper; plain. 

[ 34.] Oval bottle, white ; trees engraved in low relief; 
coral stopper. 

[35.] Greenish white ; man embracing jar. 

[36.] Translucent green ; flattened; oval; plain. 

[ 37.] Oblong bottle, white ; stopper and chain, of nine 
links, carved from one piece ; surface of bottle and stopper 
covered with ornament in relief. 

[ 38.] Light green, large, cylindrical, tapering ; suji- 
ported by grouj) of trees, carved from the solid ; green 
jade stopper. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Jade, Chalcedony. 

[39.] Mottled green, flattened, taper; edges thinned. 

[ 40.J Waxen white, oblong, rounded; kylins in high 

[41.] White, cylindrical, plain, small. 

[42.] White, purse-shaped; fluted sides; with square 
stopper of lapis lazuli, attached by four cords with silk 

[ 43.] Mottled green, oval, flattened, plain; pink crystal 

[ 44.] Greenish white, flattened ; man on horseback in 
brownish shade, in low relief. 

[ 45.] Mottled green, circular ; flat sides. 

[ 46.] Greenish white, cylindrical, tapering, plain. 

[47.] Waxen white, oblong, flattened; with ears and 
cord for suspension ; carnelian stopper. 

[ 47A.] Waxen white, circular, flat ; delicately engraved 
on one side with inscription, the other with foliage. 

[ 47B.] Translucent green, oval, flattened; upper part 
fluted ; flowers in relief on lower part. 


[ 48.] White, plain, flattened, nearly circular. 

[49.] Brown, large, flattened, circular; stopper, with 
large ruby. (From the Summer Palace, Pekin.) 

[50.] Gourd-shaped, greyish white. 

[51.] Gourd-shaped, brown. 

[52.] Opaque white, flattened, circular. 

[ 53.] Double bottle, brown, cylindrical. 

[54.] Translucent white; small, flattened, circular. 

[55.] Translucent white ; pear-shape, flattened. 

[56.] Translucent grey; flattened, circular; carnelian 

[57.] Translucent white, circular, flat; figures in low 
relief on brown. 

[201] AA 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — A^rETHYST, Green Turquoise, 
Lapis-Lazuli, Mocha Stone. 


[58.] Oblong, flattened; figures of men and trees on 
each side in high relief; white tourmaline stopper. 

[ 59.] Gourd-shape, flattened ; engraved foliage on one 
side, in relief; green jade stopper. 

[ 60.] Bottle in form of a fruit ; foliage and branches in 
high relief. 

[ 61.] Bottle in form of a fruit ; malachite stopper. 

[ 62.] Egg-form, fluted; amethyst stopper. 

[63.] Oval, flattened; dragon in relief; malachite 


[ 64.] Bottle in form of a fish. 

[ 65.] Bottle in form of a fruit; tendrils and butterfly in 

[ 66 and 67.] Two small flattened bottles, No. 67 
having lion handles. 

[68.] Oval, flattened; plain, with black veins. 

' [ 69.] Cylindrical, large wide-mouthed plain bottle. 

[70.] Flattened, oval, plain, with black veins; coral 


[71.] Bottle in form of a fruit; foliage in relief; 
malachite stopper. 

[ 72.] Oblong, flattened, taper, mottled. 

[ 73.] Oblong, flattened, taper. 

[ 74.] Circular, flattened. 

[ 75-] Cylindrical, flattened; pink crystal stopper. 

[76.] Oblong pebble; jargoon stopper. 


[ 77.] Large jjebble, egg-shape ; rich moss-like markings 
on grey ; carbuncle stopper. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Mocha Stone, Carnelian. 

[ 78.] Circular, flattened ; coral stopper. 

[79.] Oblong pebble. 

[ 80.] Oval, flattened ; dark, one side grey ; mocha- 
stone stopper, set with a pearl. 

[81.] Flattened, taper neck, with lion handles; green 
jade stopper. 

[ 82.] Circular, flattened ; coral stopper. 

[ 83.] Oval, flattened ; fluted edges. 

[ 84.] Circular, flattened, with lion handles ; pink and 
green glass stopper. 

[ 85.] Circular, flattened, with lion handles. 

[ 86.] Oval pebble; malachite stopper. 

[87.] Circular, flattened; green jade stopper. 

[ 88.] Oval, flattened, with lion handles. 

[ 89.] Similar to 81, with flowers engraved on one side. 

[ 90.] Circular, flat, dark colour. 

[ 91.] Oval, square sides ; blue glass stopper. 

[92.] Oval, flattened, with lion handles; yellow glass 
and garnet stopper. 

[ 93.] Flattened, oblong, carved handles. 

[ 93A.] Flat, white ground, light colour, with rich brown 


[ 94.] Oval, flattened, milk-white and pink ; on one 
side Chinese characters, on other side a deer and foliage, in 

[ 95.] Bottle in form of fish, yellow. 

[ 96.] Large bottle in form of " finger citron," yellow; 
tendrils and foliage in high relief; malachite stopper. 

[ 97.] Circular, flat; red and white foliage in relief. 

[ 98.] Small, cylindrical ; red and white foliage in 

[ 99.] Bottle in form of a fruit, red and white. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Carnelian, Agates. 

[ loo.] Bottle in form of cluster of red fruit ; carnelian 
stopper, carved in form of rat. 

[ loi.] Flat, oblong, plain, red. 

[ 102.] Bottle in form of a fruit; leaves and branches in 
relief, in white. 

[ 103.] Bottle in form of a fruit ; malachite stopper. 

[ 104.] Bottle in form of finger citron, yellow-brown, 
leaves and bud in high relief. 

[ 105.] Flattened, oblong, taper, plain. 

[106.] Square, flattened, white and red; foliage and 
insects in relief: turquoise stopper, carved. 

[ 107.] Irregular pebble; yellow and red. 

[ 108.] Plain oval small bottle; carnelian bead stopper. 

AGATES, Engraved. 

[ 109.] Oval, flattened, brown ; foliage and fish 

[ 1 10.] Oval ; one side with horse and figures in black, 
in relief on white ground ; Chinese inscription engraved on 
other side ; green jade stopper. 

[in.] Circular, flattened, white, with figures and trees 
in black, carved in relief; green jade stopper. 

[ 112.] Oval, flattened, white, figures in black in relief; 
coral stopper. 

[ 113.] Bottle in form of fruit, white; with bat, in black, 
clinging, carved in high relief; with threads of titanium. 

[ 114.] Flattened, taper, brown; elongated neck, lion 
handles, lion and bird in relief; black stopper. 

[115.] Oval, flattened; figures in relief in brown on 
grey ground ; one side plain ; green jade stopper. 

[116.] Oblong, flattened ; brown and white ground; 
flowers and trees in relief; green glass stopper. 

[ 117.] Large, white ground, with figures in high relief 
in black on both sides ; pink crystal stopper. 

[ iicS.] Oval, flattened; greyish red; fish and butterfly 
in high relief; pink, tourni;i!ine stojjper. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Agates, Jasper. 

[119.] Oval, flattened; large; olive green ground; 
stag, birds and monkey in yellow, in high relief; coral and 
white jade stopper. (From Summer Palace, Pekin.) 

[120.] Oblong, flattened; grey ground, cock and 
foliage in high relief, in brown. 


[ 121.] Oblong green pebble. 

[122.] Oblong reddish grey pebble; white carnelian 

[ 123.] Oval pebble. 

[ 124.] Oval; olive green and light yellow; coral and 
lapis-lazuli stopper. 

[ 125.] Oval, flattened, dark red variegated ; red and 
green ivory stopper. 

[126.] Oval, flattened, light yellow and dark green; 
green jade stopper. 

[127.] Oval, flattened, bloodstone, large; green jade 

[128.] Oval, flattened; bloodstone, green. 

[129.] Oval, flattened; bloodstone, green; coral 

[ 130.] Circular, flattened, octagonal; edge, red blood- 
stone ; pink ivory stopper. 

[131.] Circular, flattened, red bloodstone, small. 

[ 132.] Oval, flattened, green and yellow moss-agate. 

[ I33-] Oblong, flattened, brown and black. 

[ 134.] Oblong, cyHndrical, flattened, grey and brown. 

[ 135.] Globular, flattened, moss-agate, green and 
white ; lion handles and medallions, carved in relief. 

[ 136.] Oblong, taper, flattened, brown ; garnet 

[137.] Cylindrical, flattened, large, with foot, red and 
white, lion handles; medallions with landscape and inscription 
in relief; porcelain stopper. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Jasper. 

[ 138.] Large circular, flattened, brown green and 
white moss-agate ; lion handles. 

[139.] Oval, flattened, brown and white; carnelian 

[ 140.] Circular, flattened, light brown; raised tables on 
sides and edges ; pink crystal stopper. 

[ 141.] Oval, flattened, light and dark brown. 

[142.] Circular, flattened, yellow brown and white; 
green glass stopper. 

[ 143.] Oblong, flattened, salmon colour. 

[ 144.] Oval, oblong, red and grey; silver stopper, set 
with carnelian and malachite. 

[ 145.] Oblong, flattened, greenish moss-agate. 

[146.] Circular, flattened, with foot; white ground with 
red patches, tables on sides. 

[ 147.] Oval, flattened, green moss-agate with white ; 
blue glass stopper. 

[ 148.] Circular, flattened, grey with white. 

[149.] Globular, flattened, grey and white, banded; 
coral stopper. 

[ 150.] Oval pebble bottle, grey and white, banded. 

[151.] Circular, flattened, grey and white; carbuncle 

[ 152.] Oblong square, flat sides, corners fluted, brown; 
with green jade stopper. 

[153.] Flattened, circular, dark grey and brown; lion 
handles ; pink crystal stopper. 

[ 154.] Similar to No. 153. 

[155.] Dark brown and white pebble; green ivory 

[ 156.] Oval, flattened, grey, with white bands. 

[ 157.] Oblong square bottle, similar to No. 152, dark 
and light brown and white. 

[ 158.] Flattened, wide mouth, brown and white; two 
circular medallions, landscape and inscription in relief; 
kylin handles, perforated. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Jasper. 

[ 159.] Broad base, grey, banded with white, fluted 
on one side, engraved ; coral stopper. 

[ 160.] In form of fruit, grey calyx and stalk, white. 

[161.] In form of heart, flattened ; banded with white. 

[ 162.] Large, flattened, grey and white mottled; lion 
handles ; green glass stopper. 

[ 1 63. J Pear-shape, taper neck, grey banded ; green 
jade stopper. 

[164.] Oblong, cylindrical, flattened ; grey stalactitic 
agate ; red ivory stopper. 

[ 165.] Circular, flat, grey, zig-zag-banded. 

[ 166.] Oblong, square, dark brown. Similar to 
No. 152. 

[ 167.] In form of a recumbent stag; grey, brown and 
white; malachite stopper. 

[ 168.] Oblong, oval, flattened, brown; with white and 
red bands. 

[ 169.] Square, flat, grey and white ; tables on sides 
and edges ; coral stopper. 

[ 170.] Flattened, heart-shaped; square neck very dark 
brown, upper part fluted ; pink ivory stopper. 

[ 171.] Oval, pebble, flattened; black, green, and white. 

[ 172.] Oblong, flattened, of irregular shape. 

[ 173.] Oval pebble, in form of fruit, the stalk being 
the stopper ; brown carnelian 

[ 174.] Four very small bottles, in case; in lapis-lazuli, 
carnelian, jade, and avanturine. 

[ 175.] Bottle, in conglomerate of quartz pebbles ; dark 
colours, in grey. 

[176.] Bottle in form of fruit, in malachite; foliage 
and insects carved in high relief; carnelian stopper. 

[ 177.] Oblong bottle, carved in beryl ; on sides, figure 
seated under a tree, and bamboo carved in relief. 

[ 178.] Bottle, oblong, flattened; in sapphire. 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Steatite, Limestone, 


[179-80-81.] Three small bottles, in light coloured 
steatite, exquisitely carved with foliage and ornament ; sides 
finely perforated ; gilded ; stoppers kylins. 

[182.] Cylindrical, dark-brown; trees, flowers, and 
birds carved in high relief. 

[183.] Flattened pear-shape, greyish -white; bird, 
clouds, seal characters, and lion handles, in relief. 

[ 184.] Flattened oval, large ; white and red lotus 
flowers and foliage, and storks, in high relief; steatite stopper. 


[ 185.] Pear - shape, flattened, narrow neck; fossil 
coralline, black and white ; green jade stopper. 

[ 186-7.] Oblong, flattened, brown coralline; plain. 

[ 1 88.] Flattened, sage-green; lotus flowers and leaves 
in relief 

[ 189.] Circular, flattened; striped grey alabaster; plain. 

[ 1 90.] Bottle, in form of fruit, pink and white alabaster; 
green jade stopper. 

[ 191.] Fluor spar, egg-shape; amethyst stopper. 


Nos. ig2_ to 2oy are of Cloisonne enamel. 

[192.] Large bottle, oval, flattened; light green 
gi'ound, with flowers and foliage in colours ; gilded border, 
chased and perforated. 

[ 193.] Oblong, oval, olive-green ground; ornament in 
colours ; Chinese symbols in centre, in blue. 

[ 194.] Cylindrical, with long neck; flowers and foliage 
in colours, on black ground. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Enamelled. 

[195.] Cylindrical, blue ground; animals and flowers 
in black and colours. 

[196.] Cylindrical, blue ground; dragon and flowers 
in black and colours. 

[197.] Globular, with long neck; blue ground, with 
flowers in colours. 

[198.] Heart-shape, flattened, blue ground; floral 
design in colours. 

[ 199.] Oval, flattened, blue ground; dark blue centres; 
design in colours; coral stopper. 

[ 200.] Shouldered bottle, dark blue ground ; red 
flowers in centres ; design in colours ; carnelian stopper. 

[201.] Globular, flattened, with brass handles ; blue 
ground ; design in colours ; green jade stopper. 

[ 202.] Cylindrical, tapering, blue ground ; central 
flowers red and white ; design in colours. 

[ 203.] Flattened taper, blue ground; design in colours; 
enamelled stopper. 

[ 204.] Flattened bottle, blue ground; stork in white, 
trees in black. 

[ 205.] Flattened, chocolate ground; storks and small 
birds and flowers in colours. 

[ 206.] Flattened, light blue ground ; butterfly and 
plants in colours, black on neck. 

[ 207.] Flattened, dark green ground; flowers and 
animals ; geometrical design ; top and bottom borders in 

[ 208.] Flattened, oval, translucent blue ground; medal- 
lions, with interiors and figures in colours on white ground ; 
green jade stopper. 

[ 209.] Cylindrical, large, blue ground, with gold spots, 
on silver ; chased metal stopper. Marked. 

[2I0.J Oval, taper, black; Chinese inscription, and 
man riding an ass. 

[211.] Circular, flattened, black; tables on sides; 
landscape and inscription. 

[212.] Cylindrical, black; landscape and trees in gold. 

[213.] Gourd-shape, light green ground; crabs in 

[209] BB 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Metal, Ambek, Lac. 

[214.] Oblong, flattened, white ground; animals and 
trees in colours. 

[215 to 2 1 8. J Four oval flattened, white ground; 
figures on each side in colours. Marked. Three of these 
have evidently been painted by Christian artists. 216 and 
217, chased metal stoppers; 218, jiink crystal stopper. 


[219.] Cylindrical metal bottle ; base and neck gilded; 
black ground ; flowers in panels in relief, gilded. 

[ 220.] Cylindrical metal bottle ; base and neck gilded; 
black ground ; tree and flowers in high relief in two panels. 

[221.] Glass bottle, circular; cased in silver, richly 
chased, and perforated ; dragons in medallions ; lion handles; 
stopper set with malachite and coral. Marked. 

[ 222.] Silver-mounted wooden bottle; cased in silver, 
richly chased, and set with coral and malachite. 

[ 223.] Heart-shape botde, bronze ; ornament in panels 
in high relief. 

[ 224 to 233.] Ten small gilded and enamelled bottles, 
in form of fruits, etc. 


[ 234.] Of irregular form, dark; pink crystal stopper. 

[ 235-] Of irregular form, dark ; turquoise stopper. 

[ 236.] Oval, yellow, transparent ; with fly imbedded ; 
carnelian stopper. 

[ 237.] In form of jar, yellow, opaque; with group of 
animals carved. 

[ 238.] Oblong, oval, black amber; pink crystal stopper. 

[ 239-] Oval, clouded amber; sapphire stopper. 


[ 240 and 241.] Two oval flattened bottles, in red lac; 
covered with figures and landscapes in high relief. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Lac, Pearl, Ivorv, Wood. 

[242.] Gourd-shape, red lac, silver mount; figures 
and flowers in low relief; geometrical pattern on ground. 

[ 243.] Oval, flattened ; fragments of malachite 
imbedded in brown cement. 


[ 244.] Taper, cylindrical, incrusted with pearls ; coral 

[ 245.] Bottle, made of a lump of pearl shell ; branches 
and fruit in relief; coral stopper. 

[ 246.] Glass bottle, circular, flattened ; incrusted with 
groups of pearls, which the Chinese cause the pearl oyster 
to secrete in the form desired. 


[ 246.] Oblong, flat; square sliding cap to neck; flowers 
and kylin in low relief in panels on sides ; inlaid metal 

[ 247.] Cylindrical, perforated ; flowers in high relief 
in two panels ; stopper, a kylin. 

[ 248.] Taper, carved with mythological figures ; ears 
for cord ; stopper, two female faces. 

[249 and 250.] Two, cylindrical, tapering; carved 
with dragons in high relief; stoppers, kylins. 

[251.] Small bottle, ivory, inlaid with red and brown 
lac ; ivory stopper, and ears for cord. 


[252.] Dark wood, carved. 
[ 253.] Gourd, with metal stopper. 
[ 254.] Gourd, inlaid with brass. 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 


[ I.] White ground, painted figures; green glass stopper. 

[ 2.] White ground, painted figures; green glass stopper. 

[3.] Perforated ; fishes, wheel, etc., in colours ; symbol 
in blue ; on white ground. Marked. 

[ 4.] Boats and figures in relief in colours. Four 

[ 5.] Flat bottle, raised edges, landscapes on white 
ground. Four marks. 

[ 6.] Oval ; many figures in relief in colours ; pink 
crystal stopper. Marked. 

[ 7.] Painted with animals, birds, and trees; carnelian 
stopper. Marked. 

[ 8.] Oval ; domestic utensils in high relief in colours, 
on white fretted ground ; carved coral stopper. Marked. 

[9.] Painted with many figures; white ground; pink 
crystal stopper. 

[10.] White ; warrior on each side in red. Marked. 

[11.] Oblong, oval; perforated ; dragons ; imitation of 
red lac ; stopper of same. 

[ 12.] Oval; perforated; kylins in red in relief; coral 

[13.] Tapering neck; green pattern on lilac ground. 

[ 14.] Flat; figures on sides, flowers on edges. 

[15.] Oblong, oval; perforated; dragons; dark blue, 
with porcelain stopper. 

[ 16.] Oval ; many figures in high relief; white on white 
ground ; stopper white porcelain. 

[17.] Form of flattened gourd ; in imitation of red lac; 
surface covered with geometric pattern. 

[18.] White ground; figures and boat in relief in 
colours; porcelain stopper. Marked. 

[ 19.] Oval, white ground ; boats ; interior, figures 
and trees in relief in colours. Marked. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[20.] Long neck j black ground j landscape in gold; 
silver stopper. 

[21.] Flowers in colours in medallions on sides; 
pattern in blue on edges. 

[ 22.] Perforated ; monkeys on each side in colours on 
white ground ; ivory stopper. Marked. 

[ 23.] Boat and figures, and figures and trees, in high 
relief, in colours. Marked. 

[24.] Imitation of red lac; symbols and flowers in 
high relief, on ground covered with geometric pattern ; 
porcelain stopper. Marked in gold. 

[25.] White ground ; perforated ; dragon in relief in 
lilac ; flowers in colours ; garnet stopper. 

[ 26.] Yellow ground ; perforated; ornament in relief 

[27.] Cylindrical, white ground ; dragon in chocolate 
in clouds of blue ; stopper a large pearl. 

[ 28.] Blue ground ; flowers and leaves in colours. 

[29.] Cylindrical, double ; white ground; flowers in 
red. Marked. 

[ 30.] Shouldered ; white gi'ound ; trees, with birds, in 
colours ; pink crystal stopper. 

[31.] Barrel-form; white ground, dragons in blue and 
brown ; clouds in brown ; pink ivory stopper. 

[ 3--] Upright, square; dark blue ground, with gold ; 
on sides panels with figures and trees, in colours, on white 
ground. Marked. 

[ 33-] Shouldered, cylindrical ; black ; foxes and fruit 
and foliage in white ; wooden stopper inlaid. 

[ 34.] Circular, flat ; white ground ; a figure in brown, 
and Chinese characters in medallions on sides ; flowers and 
foliage in colours on edges. 

[ 35.] Figures in relief on gold ground ; glass bead 

[ 36.] White fret ground ; dragon in green. Marked. 

[37.] CyUndrical; dragon and clouds in white, on 
black ground. 

[38.] In form of torso; white ground; foliage in red. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ 39.] Double bottle ; numerous figures in relief, in 
colours, on gold ground. 

[40.] White; large locust in green; on other side 
locust and a jar ; gilded stopper. 

[ 41.] Flattened, taper; group of figures on each side; 
design in red on edges. Marked. 

[42.] Perforated; white ground; figures in relief, in 
colours, on sides ; design in red on edges ; pink crystal 
stopper. Marked. 

[ 43.] In form of dog ; dark blue and green ; porcelain 

[44.] Large; white ground; on each side pictures of 
interiors with figures ; pink ivory stopper. Marked. 

[ 45.] Gourd-shape, with sash tied round middle ; 
dragon in red-brown on green ground. 

[46.] Yellow ground ; dragon in black. 

[ 47.] Double bottle, flat, tapering ; flowers and inscrip- 
tions on sides ; edges pink and green, with design in colours. 

[48.] Perforated; red ground; flowers, ornament, and 
symbols in relief, in colours ; mounted top and bottom with 
white metal. 

[ 49.] Figure of Chinese woman, painted in colours, 
the foot being the stopper. 

[50.] Green giound, chequered surface ; lion handles; 
green jade stopper. 

[51.] Gourd-shape; pink ground; covered with orna- 
ment in colours. Marked. 

[52.] Triple bottle; three gourds, white, green, and 
red ; flowers in colours and gold. 

[53.] Cylindrical; black ground; figures in white. 

[ 54.] Globular ; long neck ; dark red upon light red 
ground, speckled. 

[55.] White, fretted ground ; boat with canojDy, and 
figures in relief, in colours ; treEs at sides. 

[ 56.] Flattened ; figures and trees in blue on white 
ground ; garnet stopper. Four marks. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[57.] Gourd-shape, large; dark red ground; covered 
with bats, fruit, and foliage, in relief in colours; green 
turquoise stopper. 

[58.] Heart-shape, flattened; green ground, beaded; 
sides white, with figure in colours, and an inscription. 

[59.] Large; white ground; figures on horseback, 
and boat on lake ; rocks and trees in blue and brown ; 
porcelain stopper. Marked. 

[60.] Similar to No. 57, but with white ground; 
porcelain stopper. 

[61.] Flat, leaf-shape ; white diagonal fret pattern on 
sides ; edges with leaves in relief 

[ 62.] Large ; black ground ; trees in high relief, green 

[63.] Elephant kneeling; pink striped howdah and 
neck of bottle gilded ; pink ivory stopper. . 

[64.] Flat bottomed; dragons in blue in perforated 
medallions ; lion handles, red ; avanturine stopper. 

[ 65.] Heart-shape, flattened ; white gi^ound ; a festival, 
many figures, painted. 

[ 66.] Dog with ball, in brown and gold ; ball, red. 

[67.] Oval, tall; pale green ground; on sides flowers 
in lilac on white ground ; landscapes in red on edges. 

[ 68.] White ground ; partridges, dogs, and foliage, 
painted. Marked. 

[69.] Cylindrical, taper; dark blue ground, beaded; 
five-clawed dragon and clouds in gold in relief Marked. 

[ 70.] Flattened; on sides landscapes with water, ripples 
in relief, on white ground ; on edges design in colours on 
dark red ground. Marked. 

[ 71.] Cylindrical; flowers in blue and gold on white 
ground. Four marks. 

[72.] Oval, with long neck; on sides squirrels and 
foliage, in colours, perforated ; lion handles in red. 

[ 73.] Double bottle, cylindrical ; landscapes iablue on 
white ground. 

[ 74.] Flattened ; dragon in green on red and white 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ 7S-] Cylindrical, black ground; figures in pale blue 
and white. Marked. 

[76.] Double bottle, cylindrical ; landscapes and rocks 
in reddish brown on white ground. Marked. 

[ 77.] Double bottle, cylindrical: groups of figures on 
white ground. Marked. 

[ 78.J Double bottle, cylindrical ; one blue, one 
yellowish green ; flowers and ornament in colours. 

[ 79.] Gourd-shape, flattened ; birds and clouds in light 

[80.] In form of a pebble, white ground, painted with 
insects and foliage ; carnelian stopper. 

[81.] In form of a citron, yellow, with green leaves; 
silver stopper. 

[ 82.] Oblong, oval ; rich green ; coral stopper. 

[ 83.] Heart-shape ; figures and landscapes in blue on 
white ground. Marked. 

[ 84.] Circular, flattened ; sides painted with flowers 
and foliage on white ground ; ornament in red on edges. 

[ 85.] Heart-shape, flattened ; a figure on each side in 
colours in small medallions; covered with ornaments in blue 
on white ground. Marked. 

[ 86.] Tall, square bottle, blue ground; figures on each 
side in dark blue. 

[87.] Cylindrical, tapering, fluted; blue tourmaline 
stopper. Six marks. 

[88.] Flattened; imitation of green turquoise; bats 
and clouds marked on surface. 

[ 89.] Cylindrical ; dark blue ground ; dragon and 
clouds in white and light blue. Marked. 

[ 90.] Three small white bottles, in which snuff is sold, 
with inscriptions. • 

[91.]. Oval, flattened; dark red ground; many figures 
in relief, coloured ; stopper, a peacock in metal, with chain. 

[ 92.] Heart-shape, flattened ; white ground ; tree and 
water, and tree and flowers on sides in colours ; design in 
dark red on edges. Marked. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ 93-1 Cylindrical, tapering; grey crackle ; deer, monkey, 
bird and tree, in colours. Four marks. 

[94.] Cylindrical; landscape with bridges and house 
in blue and brown, on white ground ; metal stopper. 

[ 95.] In form of squirrel; white; black eyes. 

[ 96.] Square, tapering ; figures on each side in colours 
on white ground ; lion handles in blue. Marked. 

[ 97.] White ground, fretted; figure mounted on kylin; 
blue and green. 

[ 98.] White ; trees and birds in colours ; lion handles 
in red ; green glass stopper. Four marks. 

[ 99. J Oval, white ; kylins on each side in red and gold, 
in high relief. 

[ 100.] Small, flattened ; base perforated ; rats and 
branch and leaves, in high relief. 

[ loi.] Cylindrical, flattened, white ; on each side 
interiors with figures, in colours ; metal stopper set with coral 
and malachite. Marked. 

[ 102.] Oval, white; on each side a theatrical repre- 
sentation, in colours ; pink crystal stopper. Marked. 

[ 103.J Square; white ground; figures on each side; 
dark blue ornament at top. Marked. 

[ 104.J Circular, flattened ; white ground ; female figure 
in blue on each side ; perforated at bottom, and with ears at 
sides for cord. 

[ 105.] Oblong, tapering neck; white ground; man on 
boat and trees, in colours. Marked. 

[106.] Cylindrical, shouldered; white ground; many 
figures in bright colours. 

[107.] White; kylins and clouds in relief ; perforated 
all over. Marked. 

[ 108.] White ground; many figures in relief, in colours; 
and boat, in red, with canopy, with figures in relief and colours. 

[109.] Cylindrical, tapering; musician on buffalo, in 
colours ; coral stopper. Four marks. 

[no.] Flattened, white ground; five-clawed dragon 
in relief, in green ; pink crystal stopper. Marked. 

[217] cc 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[in.] Tall, oval, white ground ; dragons and clouds 
in relief and bright colours. Marked. 

[ 112.] In form of dog, with puppy; blue, green, and 

[113.] In form of squirrel, brown, with leaves and 
fruits in colours. 

[114.] Cylindrical, blue ground; many horses and 
tree, in white. Marked. 

[115.] Oval, white, fretted ground; kylins, in very 
high relief. 

[116.] In form of two manuscript rolls, bound 
together with sash and cord ; rolls ornamented with dark and 
light blue, and with borders top and bottom ; sash, with rich 
pattern in colours. 

[117.] Square, with corners rounded, white ground; 
figures painted on each side. Marked. 

[ 1x8.] Oval, tall, yellow; kylins, in high relief 

[ 119.] Circular, flattened, white ground ; covered with 
close pattern in dark blue. Marked. 

[ 120.] In form of a fruit, large; black ground, with 
leaves and pods in slight relief, in green. 

[121.] In form of boy, with vase, seated on a frog; 
green, blue, and yellow. 

[ 122.] Heart-shape, flattened, with trees and flowers 
in low relief in colours, on white ground ; pattern in blue on 
edges ; pink lac stopper. 

[123.] Circular, gold ground; medallions on sides, 
with flowers in black, and inscription. 

[ 124.] Cylindrical, tapering, with small pattern in red 
on white ground ; in two panels; flowers in colours on white 

[ 125.] Double bottle, cylindrical, white ground; figures 
in colours ; bone stoppers, inlaid. Marked. 

[ 126.] Pale green ground, beaded; two oval panels, 
with figure, and a landscape in colours. Marked. 

[127.] In form of butterfly; markings on wings in 
relief, in colours ; gilded. 

[128.] Oval, tall, flattened; dark blue ground; per- 
forated all over; symbols, flowers and ornament, in relief, 
in bright colours. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ 129.] Imitation red lac, perforated all over, kylins in 
relief; marked in gold. 

[ 130.] Cylindrical, white ground ; figures on horse- 
back in blue and brown. Four marks. 

[131.] Cylindrical; figures and trees in colours, on 
white ground ; malachite stopper. 

[132.] Cylindrical; landscape with houses and water, 
in blue on white ground. Four marks. 

[133.] Heart-shape, flattened, white ground; many 
figures on sides ; design in red on edges. Marked. 

[134.] Yellow glaze; reticulated. 

[ 135.] Cylindrical; five-clawed dragon and clouds, in 
blue and brown. 

[136.] Oval, large, blueish - white ground; many 
figures on horseback, and a boat on lake with rocks and trees, 
in blue and brown ; porcelain stopper with figure in blue. 

[ 137.] Oval, tall ; perforated all over ; imitation of 
red lac ; dragon and stork in relief; porcelain stopper. 

[138.] Oval, flattened; perforated all over; kylins in 
relief in colours ; blue glass stopper. Marked. 

[139.] Oval, tall; perforated all over; pale green; 
dragon and stork in relief; green ivory stopper. 

[ 140.] WTiite ground, fretted ; many full length figures, 
in relief; green ivory stopper. 

[141.] Cylindrical; a warrior in colours; inscription 
on white ground. 

[ 142.] Similar to No. 137. 

[143.] Cylindrical, tapering; expanded neck; light 
brown crackle. 

[144.] Cylindrical; expanded base and neck; bright 
green glaze ; crackle. 

[ 145.] White. Similar to No. 140. 

[ 146.] Oval, tall ; dark blue, perforated ; dragon and 
stork and clouds in relief 

[147.] Oval, flattened; dragon and stork in relief, in 
green and red on white ground. Marked. 

[ 148.] Circular, flattened, white ground ; bats and 
clouds in red. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ 149.] Square, white glaze j grooved sides and trans- 
verse grooves at angles. 

[150.] Circular, white ground; roses and blackthorn 
on sides in colours ; rats in relief on shoulders ; tendril and 
leaves on neck, in relief; around base, circular ornaments 
in yellow and blue alternately, perforated. 

[151.] Large, unglazed porcelain, grey; three cocks 
and clouds, in black and blue grey ; inscription on opposite 
side. Marked. 

[152.] Double bottle, cylindrical; white ground; 
landscapes in blue. Four marks. 

[153.] Tapering to neck; foliage in blue on white 

[154.] Cylindrical; white ground; warriors fighting ; 
painted in colours. Four marks. 

[ 155-1 Cylindrical; five-clawed dragon in brown, clouds 
in grey ; white ground. 

[156.] Cylindrical; figures and landscape in blue, on 
white ground. Four marks. 

[ 157.] Circular, flattened, white; on each side a locust 
painted. Marked. 

[158.] Cylindrical, tapering to base, white; a sea 
view ; vessels at a wharf, painted. 

[ 159.] Cylindrical, tall, white; five-clawed dragon and 
clouds, incised under glaze; stopper, a kylin in ivory; 13 
rings on bottom. 

[ 1 60.] White ; perforated all over ; dragon, stork, and 
clouds in relief; coral stopper. 

[ 161.] Tapering to neck; club ornament on yellow 

[ 162.] Oval, flattened ; figures, interior, landscape with 
river and clouds in relief in colours; neck broken. Four 

[163.] Cylindrical, wliite ; two figures in colours. Four 

[164.] Cylindrical, white; figures seated at table, in 

[165.] Cylindrical, wliiie ; figures in colours ; bat and 
clouds in red on shoulder ; coral stopper. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ i66.] Cylindrical, white; figure and landscape, in 
brown and blue ; coral stopper. 

[167.] Cylindrical, white; figures in bright colours. 
Four marks. 

[ 168.] Cylindrical, white; five-clawed dragon in blue; 
clouds in chocolate. 

[ 169.] Cylindrical, white ; figures in blue and brown. 

[170.] Cylindrical, white, tapering to base; many 
figures, in bright colours ; pattern in blue on shoulders and 
base. Marked. 

[ 171.] Cylindrical, white; dragon and clouds in green. 

[172.] Cylindrical; dragon in red-brown ; clouds and 
pattern on neck and base in blue. 

[ 173.] Cylindrical, tapering to base; figure in colours, 
and inscription within coloured border, on white ground ; 
silver stopper, repousse, and chased. 

[174.] Cylindrical, white ground; cart with cover, 
drawn by six horses, in colours, and mountains, in blue. 

[175.] Cylindrical; figures in bright colours; group 
of many bottles, with inscription below ; on white ground. 

[176.] Cylindrical, white ground ; butterflies, flowers 
and grass, in dull colours. 

[ 1 7 7-] Cylindrical; circular devices in blue, on white; 
green jade stopper. Four marks. 

[178.] Cylindrical; like No. 173. 

[179.] Cylindrical, white ground; rocks, water, and 
trees, in brown. 

[180.] Cylindrical; landscape — rocks and trees in 
chocolate, on white. 

[181.] Cylindrical, tapering to base; white; figure, 
with axe, in colours. Marked. 

[182.] Cylindrical, white; two figures and duck, in 
colours ; inscription. Mark, a duck. 

[ 183.] Cylindrical, white, tapering to base; figures 
seated at table, in blue and dull red. 

[ 184.] Cylindrical, white ; two figures in colours. 

[ 185.] Cylindrical, white : many figures at an altar, in 
colours. Marked. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ i86.] Cylindrical; figures, rocks, two boats, one with 
large flag, in blue and dull red. 

[ 187.] Cylindrical; figures on horseback, in white on 
black ground. 

[ 1S8.] Cylindrical; figures and trees in dull red and 
blue, on white ground. 

[ 189.] Cylindrical; two figures in bright colours on 
white ground. JNIarked. 

[190.] Cylindrical; pale green ground; five-clawed 
dragon and clouds, in red. 

[ 191.] Square, yellow glaze, plain. 

[ 192.] Tapering to neck; brown glaze, plain. 

[ 193.] Globular, long neck; dark green glaze, plain. 

[ 194.] Tapering to neck; brownish black glaze, plain. 

[195.] Cylindrical; turquoise-green ground, covered 
with fine markings in dull red. 

[ 196.] Neck contracted at bottom; black glaze, plain. 

[ 197.] Globular; turquoise glaze, plain. 

[198.] Cylindrical, tall, purple; red glaze on rough 

[199.] Tapering to neck; light fawn-colour glaze, 

[ 200.] Light green gTOund, finely sprinkled with blue. 

[ 201.] Flattened, long neck; grey crackle. 

[ 202.] Cylindrical, contracted above base; black glaze. 

[ 203.] Cylindrical, contracted above base ; brownish 
red glaze ; green jade stopper. 

[ 204.] Square, groove down each side ; transverse 
grooves on angles ; green glaze. 

[ 205.] Globular, tapering to base ; long neck, black 
glaze ; leaves in gold. Marked. 

The follotvmg five bottles are of a Chinese fonelain 
lo/iic/i closely resembles in density, hardness, and polish, the best 
specimens of JVtdgicood's "jasj>er-7i'are." 

[206.] Circular, flat, light brown paste; raised plain 
medallions on sides and edges ; cut and polished as stone. 

[ 207.] Oval, flattened, chocolate colour, plain. 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[ 2o8.j Oval, flattened, tapering to base ; brown paste ; 
cut and polished as stone ; silver stopjjer, set with coral 
and jade. 

[ 2og.] Circular, flattened ; Chinese symbols engraved 
on sides ; light green paste. 

[210.] Narrow, flattened; oUve green paste, polished 
as stone. 

[211.] Circular, flattened; many figures in colours, 
gilded on white ground. Marked. 

[212.] Small, green ground; raised ornament, yellow 
in centre. 

[213.] Oval, small, yellow ground; flowers raised, light 
green in centre. 

[214.] Shouldered bottle; two boats, water, and trees 
in relief, in bright colours ; ornament in red round neck and 
base. Four marks. 

[215.] Oval, tapering to neck; figures and interior in 
relief, in colours ; ornament in red round base. 

[ 216.] Oval, flattened ; many full-length figures in high 

[217.] Oval, flattened; boat and figures and water in 
relief, and on opposite side figures in relief in bright colours ; 
ornament in red round neck and base. Four marks. 

[218.] Gourd - shape, flattened, contracted centre; 
white ground, clouds and bats in dull red. 

[219.] Double bottle, cylindrical, tapering to base; 
white ; figure and ass and an interior in colours. Marked. 

[ 220.] Two small glass bottles of snufl", with advertise- 
ment papers. 

[221.] Square, tall ; white; dragons in blue, round long 
panels sunk in sides. 

[ 222.] Cylindrical ; a troop of camels, trees, and 
landscape in brown and blue on white ; flat top. Mark, a 

[223.] Cylindrical, tall, tapering to base ; white glaze; 
wicker pattern in relief round upper part. 

[ 224.] Flat top, similar to 222. Mark, a fish. 
[225.] Cylindrical ; figures in colours ; borders in blue 
at top and bottom on white ground. Marked. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain. 

[226.] Octagonal, tall, slightly tapering downwards; 
cattle and trees in blue on white ground. 

[227.] Circular; contracted base, white crackle ; with 
landscape in black, blue, and green. 

[ 228.] Square, tall; green ground, finely mottled with 

[229.] Cylindrical, tapering to base; dragon in blue 
on white ground. Four marks. 

[ 230.] In form of leaf; liat, with flowers, gilded. 

[231.] Globular, with long neck; dull blue ground; 
foliage in low relief. 

[ 232.] Double bottle, cylindrical ; light green ground 
with blue mottle. 

[ 233.] Oval, flattened, with dragon and clouds in 
white edged with green. 

[ 234.] Cylindrical, tapering downwards, expanded 
mouth ; apple-green ground, with ornament and leaves in 

[235.] Heart-shape; green gi'ound, beaded; figures 
and inscription on sides on white. 

[236.] Cylindrical; trees and birds in blue on white 

[237.] Flattened, octagonal, long neck; dragon in 
black on yellow ground. 

[ 238.] Oval, flattened ; watch-face on each side ; edges 
pale blue, with design in relief in gold. Marked. 

[ 239.] Oval, flattened ; sides and edges perforated ; 
bats s}'mbols and flowers, in bright colours ; white ground. 

[ 240.] Cylindrical, large ; blue diaper and foliage on 
white ground ; flat top ; ivory stopper. 

[ 241.] Cylindrical ; blue figures on white ground ; 
spoon in form of spade ; large ivory stojjper, inlaid. Four 

[ 242.] Circular, flattened ; yellow green gi'ound ; 
dragon in pink, surrounded by clouds in blue and white. 

[243.] Heart-shape, flattened; lion handles; foliage 
in colours on white ground. Marked. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Porcelain, Glass. 

[ 244.] Globular, long neck ; light green ground ; 
beaded ; three oval medallions with landscape in colours, 
foliage in red, and inscription, on white ground. Marked. 

Twenty Stoppers, various stones, with spoons. 

Thirty-six Heads of Stoppers, various stones and 


[ I to 60.] Chinese SnufF Bottles, in great variety of 
rich colours, combinations of colours, and kinds of glass. 
Twenty having stoppers of coral, silver, stone, and glass, with 

[61 to 73.] Thirteen Snuff Bottles in imitation of 
Mocha-stone and agate, of a peculiar kind of glass, said to be 
made by the use of the sile.x of the rice plant. Nine having 
stoppers of garnet, carnelian, crystal and glass, with spoons. 

GLASS SNUFF BOTTLES— Cut as Cameos at 

[ 74.] Figures, house and trees, in olive-green upon 

[75.] Dragon, and inscription in seal characters, and 
lion handles, in black, upon opaque pink. 

[76.] Figures, birds, and trees in black, upon opaque 

[77.] Large ; trees, flowers, and clouds in bright blue, 
on opaque white. 

[78.] Cylindrical; two five-clawed dragons in dark 
red, upon opaque orange. 

[79.] Flowers and foliage, upon white. 

[80.] Horses and trees on each side; two shades of 
light pink. 

[225] DD 

Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Glass. 

[8i.] Large, cylindrical, tapering to base; flowers in 
dark blue, upon white ; white tourmaline stopper. 

[82.] Large globular, with long neck ; flowers and 
open ornament in blue, on white ground ; solid leaves in 
blue, on base and neck. 

[83.] Large cylindrical, tapering to base; lion handles; 
two oval medallions, with symbols and bats in blue, on white. 

[ 84. 1 Circular, flattened ; lion handles, base, and 
border of medallions in blue, on white ; in medallions, 
flowers painted on gold ground. 

[ 85.] Dragon, in orange-brown, on white. 

[ 86.] Black-thorn, birds, and bamboos in dark red, 
upon crystal ; roughened inside ; green jade stopper. 

[ 87.] Dragon in black on each side, on white. 

[88.] Large; ruby glass with symbols and leaves on 
neck ; cut in high relief. 

[ 89.] Dark blue upon white ; plain white neck. 

[ 90.] Dragons in ruby glass, in high relief; inscription 
in seal characters within oblong medallion, on semi-trans- 
parent ground. 

[91.] Bear, monkey, bird, and foliage in light green, on 
opaque white ground. 

[92.] Figures, bats, and foliage in ruby glass, and lion 
handles, on semi-transparent ground. 

[ 93.] Bonze, deer, symbols, and lion handles in dark 
blue, on opaque white ground. 

[ 94.] Bonze on horseback; tree and flowers in blue, on 
semi-transparent ground ; carnelian stopper. 

[95.] Rude figures and trees in reddish brown, on blue 

[ 96.] Large oval, flattened ; large dragon in high 
relief with clouds in red, on opaque white ground. 

[ 97.] Large, cylindrical ; tapering to both ends ; trees 
with flowers and birds in high relief in red, on opaque white 
ground ; carnelian stopper. 

[ 98.] Tall, gourd-shape, contracted in middle : tendrils 
and leaves in white, on pink ground of two tints. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Glass, Painted Glass. 

[ 99.] Large ruby glass, with dragon, lion, and lion 
handles in high relief; green glass stopper. 

[ 100.] Leaves and fruits, and tendrils in high relief, in 
red, on semi-transparent ground. 

[ 1 01.] Small dragons, symbols and lion handles in 
blue, on transparent ground. 

[ 102.] Altars and lion handles in dark green, on semi- 
transparent ground. 

[ 103.] Large symbols on sides, red on white opaque 

[ 104.] Foliage, etc., and lion handles in deep blue, on 
semi-transparent ground ; green jade stopper. 

[ 105.] Dragons on each side in red, in high relief, on 
semi-transparent ground. 

[ 106.] Dragons covering whole surface; water at base, 
in light red, on opaque white. 

[ 107.] Scroll-like ornament, with grotesque head and 
fish, in high relief, in ruby glass, on semi-opaque ground ; 
green jade stopper. 

[ 108.] Large Chinese characters and lion handles in 
red ; semi-transparent ground. 

[ 109.] Dragon and bird in ruby glass on transparent 
ground ; rough inside. 

[no.] Bonze under a tree, and figure, stork, etc., in 
ruby glass, on semi-transparent ground. 

[ HI.] Devices in black, on opaque white. 

[ 112.] Devices in blue, on opaque white; pink glass 

[ 113.] Symbols in black, on opaque pink ground. 

[ 114.] Animals and tree, in blue, on semi-transparent 

[ 115.] Four plants in pots, various colours, on opaque 
white ground. 

[ 116.] Dragon, in high relief, in ruby glass, on while 
ground ; blue glass stopper ; in silver liligree case. 


Chinese Snuff Bottles. — Painted Glass, 
Applied Ornament. 


[117 and 118.] Two crystal glass snuff bottles, with 
lion handles, engraved ; each with a landscape painted upon 
the inside of the bottle ; inscriptions also upon the inside ; 
No. 117 with glass stopper and spoon. 

[119 and 120.] Two similar bottles, smaller; painted 
inside; both with inside surface rough. No. 119 with glass 
stopper; No. 120 with malachite stopper. 


[ 121.] Large, cylindrical, tapering to base; pale green; 
flowers in high relief, in yellow and pink, and stems in green. 

[ 122.] Small ; green and red in very low relief. 

[ 123.] Gourd-shape, contracted in middle; semi-trans- 
parent white ; with leaves in blue, green, and pink, and stems 
in pale green, in high relief, applied ; lapis-lazuli stopper. 

[124.] White semi-transparent ; flowers in white and 
pink, stems and leaves in green. 

[ 125.] In form of citron; yellow mottled; leaves and 
stem in high relief in light green. 

[ 126.] ^Vhite, opaque; flowers in pink, leaves in yellow- 

[ 127.] Greenish grey; fruits in dull red, leaves and 
stems in light green; applied; glass stopper. 

[ 128.] White; flowers in pink, leaves in green, blue, 
and yellow. 

Tlie preceding Snuff Bottles vary in height from 2 inches 
to 2\ inches. Those described as ^'' large" are from jj inches 
to 4\ inches high, and are not for the pocket, hut for the table. 


§;tuff ^oxe^. 


] Labradorite, oval. 
Jade, oblong. 

Matrix of opal, oblong. (Hungary.) 
Matrix of opal, oblong ; gold mounted. 
Noble serpentine, oval ; garnets imbedded. 
Rose-quartz, oblong. (Siberia.) 
White chalcedony, semi-circular. (India.) 
Laminated chalcedony, oblong. 
Obsidian, circular. (Mexico.) 

Obsidian, oval. (Mexico.) 

Matrix of amethyst, oval. 

Lapis lazuli, oblong. 

Bloodstone, oblong. 

Roman Mosaic, circular, on porphyry. 

Roman Mosaic, oblong, on porphyry. 

Oblong bo.x, inlaid in lozenges with adularia, 
labradorite, lapis-lazuli, etc. (Siberia.) 

17.] Lumachelli, oblong. (Italian.) 

Egyptian jasper, oval. 

Egyptian jasper, oval. 

Egj'ptian jasper, oblong ; Indian granite bottom. 

Rhodonite, oval. (Siberia.) 

Lepidolite, oblong. (Saxony.) 

Avanturine, dark grey, curved. 

Avanturine, red and white, oblong. 

Avanturine, brown, oval. 













Snuff Boxes. — In Hard Stones. 

[26.] Avanturine, brown and white, oval. 

[ 27.] Avanturine, red spotted, oval. 

[ 28.] Avanturine, red band, pink and white, oblong. 

[ 29.] Lava, brown, oblong. (Italy.) 

[ 30.] Lava, yellow, carved, Venus with basket of 
Amorini; oblong. (Italy.) 

[31.] Lava, yellow, carved, "The Laocoon;" circular. 

[ 32.] Anthophyllite, oblong. (Siberia.) 

[ 33.] Bronzite, oblong. 

[ 34.] Silicified wood ; oblong. 

[35.] Silicified wood, oval, with natural surface on 

[36.] Silicified wood, oblong. 

[37.] Silicified wood, oblong. 

[38.] Silicified wood, oblong. 

[ 39 ] Silicified wood, oval. 

[ 40.] Silicified wood, oblong. 

[41.] Silicified wood, oval. 

[ 42.] Silicified wood, oblong. 

[ 43.] Siberian feldspar, green, oblong. 

[ 44.] Norwegian feldspar, oblong. 

[45.] Siberian granite, red, oblong. 

[ 46.] Siberian granite, pink, oblong. 

[47.] Syenite, oblong. (Finland.) 

[ 48.] Flowers and fruit, in hard stones, incrustcd on 
white agate ; lid only. (Vienna.) 

[49.] Red jasper; fruits and flowers in hard stones,, 

incrusted; oval. (Vienna.) 

[50.] Rosso antico, oblong. 

[ 51.] Double box, Indian jasper, oblong. 

[52.] Agate, incrusted, oblong. 

[S3-] Agate, oblong. 

[54.] Agate, oval. 

[55.] Agate, oval. 

[56.] Agate, curved. 


Snuff Boxes. — In Hard Stones. 



. 59-' 










infiltration ; 




Agate, circular. 

Agate, circular. 

Agate, oval. 

Agate, oval. 

Dendritic jasper, black and white, oblong. 

Dendritic jasper, black. 

Jasp-agate, circular. 

Jasp-agate, white and pink, curved. 

Jasp-agate, black, white, and red, curved. 

Moss-agate, curved. 

Egyptian jasper, oblong. 

Yellow jasper, curved. 

Indian jasper, circular. 

Egyptian jasper, brown and black mottled, oval. 

Eg)'ptian porphyry, red and white, oval ; part of 

Egyptian porphyry, red and white, oval. 
Swedish porphyry, circular. 
Porphyry, red, brownish spots, oval. 
Dark jasper, oval. (German.) 
Banded jasper, oval. (German.) 
Banded jasper, circular. (German.) 
Green and black jasper, oval. (Siberian.) 
Green banded jasper, oblong. (Siberian.) 
Yellow and brown banded jasper, oblong. 

Olive green and black jasper, oblong. (Siberian.) 

Pink grey jasper, oval, carved on sides. (Siberian.) 

Blue grey jasper, circular. (Siberian.) 

Pale pink jasper, fissured, and reunited by silicious 

oval. (India.) 

Banded jasper, curved. (German.) 

Dendritic jasper, oblong, black and white. 

Brown and yellow banded jasper, oval. (German.) 
Gneiss, oblong. (Siberia.) 

Snuff Boxes. — In Hard Stones. 


[ 122 

8g.] Gneiss, oblong. (Siberia.) 

90.] Anhydrite, oblong. (Siberia.) 

91.] Quartzite, oblong. (Siberia.) 

92.] Conglomerate, oval. 

93.] Conglomerate, circular ; part of box. 

94.] Conglomerate, quartz pebbles, oblong. 

95.] Conglomerate, oval. 

96.] Conglomerate, oval. 

97.] Porphyry, Sweden, oblong; top cracked. 

98.] Crinoidal stone, oblong. 

99.] Crinoidal stone, circular. 

1 00. J Serpentine, oblong. 

1 01.] Banded agate, jasp-agate top ; oval. 

102.] Jasp-agate, oblong. 

103.] Brown agate, oblong; lid only. 

104.] Brown jasp-agate, oblong. 

105.] Blood stone, in form of shell. (Hashish box.) 

106.] Indian agate, oval. (Hashish box.) 

107.] Indian agate, circular. (Hashish box.) 

108.] Indian agate, oblong; not mounted. 

109.] Dark, mottled, serpentine, oblong. 

no.] Brown jasp-agate, oblong. 

III.] Fossil wood and jasper; oblong. 

112.] Black and white agate, bottom jasper, oblong. 

113.] Laminated grey chalcedony, oval. 

114.] Stratified stone, oblong. 

115.] Green, mottled serpentine, circular. 

116.] Green and red mottled jasper, oval. 

117.] Dark brown fossil wood, oval. 

118.] Bluish-grey Gneiss, oblong. (Norway.) 

119.] Blood stone, oblong. 

120.] Indian moss-agate, oblong; not mounted. 

121.] Black and white limestone, whorl of fossil shell ; 

to 125.] Four circular boxes, in serpentine. 


[ I.] Steel, octagonal, oblong; chiselled ornament in 
relief; rock crystal top and bottom, engraved. (Spanish.) 

[2.] Steel, circular; chiselled and perforated, ornament 
top and bottom; silver mounted. (Italian.) 

[ 3.] Steel, oval ; figures in low relief, on gold ground, 
in four medallions ; tortoise-shell bottom. (Spanish.) 

[ 4.] Steel, oval ; chiselled and perforated ornament 
on lid. (German.) 

[ 5.] Steel ; in form of bale of wool ; chiselled and 
perforated all over. (Spanish.) 

[ 6.] Steel, circular ; geometrical ornament ; gold 
ground. (Spanish.) 

[ 7.] Steel, circular ; in centre a head, in high relief, in 
medallion; around it arabesque in very low relief (Italian.) 

[ 8. ] Steel, octagonal, oblong ; on top and bottom 
acanthus foliage, repoussd (Italian.) 

[9.] Steel, oblong; flowers and foliage; chiselled, per- 
forated. (Spanish.) 

[10.] Steel; nude figure and young Satyr in high 
relief in centre ; flowers and foliage ; chiselled. (German.) 

[11.] Steel, oval; double box; landscape, figures, and 
ornament Damascened, in silver and gold. (ItaHan.) 

[ 12.] Steel, oval; on top and bottom figure in armour 
on horseback, repousse. (German.) 

[ 13.] Steel, oval: trophies of arms, repousse. (German.) 

[14.] Steel, octagonal; on top and bottom figure on 
horseback, and foliage, repousse. (Italian.) 

[ 15.] Steel, oblong; acanthus foliage, rei)ousse. 

[ 16.] Steel, oval; birds, arms, and flowers, repousse. 

[ 17.] Steel, octagonal ; on top and bottom flowers and 
ornament chiselled and perforated. 

[ 18.] Steel, oval; on top and bottom birds and foliage 
chiselled and perforated. 

[19.] Steel, oval; griffins and foliage in very low 

[ 20.] Steel, oval; acanthus ornament in low relief. 

[ 21.] Steel, octagonal; ornament radiating from centre, 

[233] JiE 

Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivorv, Wood, etc. 

[ 2 2.] Steel, oval ; scallop shells in high relief, repousse'; 
gilded centres, perforated. 

[23. J Steel, oval; a convivial party in low relief. 

[ 24.] Steel, octagonal ; on lid a brass plaque — an owl 
smoking, by his side jug and glass, in high relief. 

[25.] Steel, oblong; lid ornamented with nails with 
facetted heads. 

[ 26.] Cast-iron, Berlin ; in form of shell ; gi'oup of 
classical figures ; bottom, a shell. 

[27.] Bronze of three different colours; hexagonal, 
inlaid with clouds, water, etc., in silver. (Japanese.) 

[28.] Oval ; on lid small enamel in centre, surrounded 
by acanthus ornament in silver, chiselled and perforated, on 
gold ground ; tortoise-shell body. (French.) 

[ 29.] Circular ; on lid silver plaque with box con- 
taining hair, surrounded by scroll ornament ; tortoise-shell 

[30.] Oblong, double box ; on lid silver plaque chased 
and perforated ; similar mounts on sides ; tortoise-shell. 

[31.] Silver, oval; top and sides covered with flowers 
and ornament, chased, applique. 

[ 32.] Copper, o^•al, parcel-gilt ; covered with ornament 
and foliage, repousse. 

[33-] Copper, oblong; on lid, figures engraved, on 
bottom a fine arabesque with figures in very low relief. (Dutch.) 

[ 34. ] Copper, in form of shell; parcel-gilt; with inscrip- 
tion. Date 1662. (German.) 

[ 35.] Circular, with gilded medallion of Alexander I. 
of Russia; papier-mache. (Russian.) 

[ 36.] Circular, with head in silver, of William IV. ; in 
high relief; papier-mache. 

[37.] Circular, with group in silver, in high relief, 
of three men carousing ; papier-mach(f. 

[38.] Gilt metal; handle of walking cane; Louis 
Quatorze ornament. 

[ 39-] Copi)cr, in form of shell ; covered with minute 
figures ; electro-deposited. 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc, 

[40.] Steel, oval; inlaid with silver; on lid three 
female figures ; on bottom arabesque. (French.) 

[41.] Silver, oval; lid a Berlin casting; Saul of 

[ 42.] Silver, oblong ; on lid a pagoda, figure and 
ornament; sides covered \vith ornament, chased. (Indian.) 

[ 43.] Silver, oval ; with foliage, and in very high relief 
flowers. (Chinese. ) 

[ 44.] Silver, oval ; lid repousse ; figures on horseback 
in high relief —meeting of Prince Charles and Lord Drum- 
mond near Stirling, 1746. 

[45.] Silver, oblong ; with two small cups to put to 
the nose. 

[ 46.] Silver, curved ; on lid a ship in full sail, repoussd 

[47.] Silver, circular; niello; plan of St. Petersburgh, 
and on bottom statue of Peter the Great. (Russian.) 

[48.] Silver, circular; niello; map of Vologda, etc., on 
top; twelve coats of arms. (Russian.) 

[49.] Silver, oblong; niello; on lid a boar hunt, and 
arabesque ; on bottom a huntsman, dogs, and arabesque. 

[ 50.] Silver, oval ; niello ; landscapes and figures. 
(Russian. ) 

[51.] Silver, oblong; niello; covered with geometrical 
and arabesque ornament. (French.) 

[52.] Steel, covered with fine ornament in silver. 

[53.] Silver, gilt, circular; elaborate ornament in gold 
on black ground, set with garnets top and bottom. 

[ 54.] Bronze, oval; foliage in black on gold ground. 

[ 55 and 56.] Brass, gilded, of irregular form. (Chinese.) 

[57.] White metal, oval; top and sides inlaid with 
silver ; Bidri. (India.) 

[ 58.] Bronze, oval ; inscriptions inlaid witli silver. 

[59.] Slccl, oblong, flat; engraved. Date 1760. 

SxuFF Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. 

[ 60.] Iron, stamped. 

[61.] Silver, oblong ; with watch— by ^rc^w/ — in lid; 
with ring for chain. 

[62.] Silver filigree with enamel ; tortoise-shell. 

[ 63.] Copper, scallop-shape, with coat of arms in 
enamel and inscriptions. (German.) 

[64.] Bronze, oval; Chinese inscriptions in silver, 
inlaid on top and bottom. (Chinese.) 

[ 65.] Brass, oval ; on lid Crucifixion, with emblems of 
The Passion ; brass on dark brown ground, (enamel ?) 
ornament in same style on sides. (Dutch.) 

[ 66.] Tortoise-shell, oblong ; head of Napoleon in 
high relief in carnelian ; top inlaid with border in gold. 

[ 67.] Brass, in form of shoe. (Dutch.) 

[ 68.] Brass, in form of coffer ; banded with copper. 
Date 1779. (Dutch.) 

[69.] Double bo.x ; horn, octagonal; covered with 
bands and shields of brass, engraved ; inscription — " Katrina 
Asmvs, 1684." 

[70.] Tortoise-shell, oblong; flowers and shield in 
gold, pique. (French.) 

[71.] Tortoise-shell, circular, flowers in silver and 
gold, piqud. (French.) 

[72.] Tortoise-shell, oval; flowers and ornament top 
and bottom, in gold, piqu^. 

[ 73.] Tortoise-shell, in form of boat ; inlaid all over 
with stars and lines in gold, piqu^. (French.) 

[ 74.] Tortoise-shell, oval ; inlaid with silver, pique. 

[ 75.] Tortoise-shell, oblong; marine view, and inscrip- 
tion in silver, pique. (French.) 

[ 76.] Tortoise-shell, oblong ; on lid an angel with 
trumpet and flowers ; on bottom bird and flowers in silver, 
piqud (French.) 

[77.] Silver; tortoise-shell lid, with two figures in 
pearl and metal. (French.) 

[ 78.] Tortoise-shell, oblong; on lid Chinese landscape 
and figures in gold ; inside lid a fine miniature — nymphs 
and Cupids. (French.) 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. 

[79.] Tortoise-shell, circular; inlaid with pearl and 
silver. (French. ) 

[ 80.] Tortoise-shell, oval ; lid incrusted with silver and 
pearl. (French.) 

[81.] Tortoise-shell, oblong; lid inlaid with stars, 
pique'. (French.) 

[82.] Horn, circular; on lid a painting, under glass, 
of castle and water — Vernis Martin ; bottom and sides 
covered with stars in gold, pique'. 

[83.] Papier-mache, oblong; flowers and borders in 
silver, piqud. 

[84.] Triple box, wood, oblong; surface incised all 
over in chequers slightly inlaid with silver. 

[85.] Wood, oblong; lid inlaid with silver; surface 
chequered ; silver points at intersections. 

[ 86.] Wood, circular ; on lid oval Wedgwood plaque — 
a shepherd with dog. 

[87.] Horn, circular, with circular Wedgwood plaque; 
group of " Liberty, Peace, and Victory." 

[ 88.] Horn, circular, covered with stars in gold, piqu6; 
oval Wedgwood plaque on lid ; Cupid piping. 

[ 89.] Horn, circular, with Wedgwood plaque ; girl with 

[ 90.] Ivory, oblong; lid carved in high relief; man on 
winged horse, attacking a lion ; Greek inscription. 

[91.] Ivory, oblong ; on lid in high relief, a monk 
seated at table caressing a female. (German.) 

[ 92.J Ivory, oblong, carved all over; on lid a man 
and woman smoking ; on sides hunting scenes and scroll 
ornament. (German.) 

[ 93.] Ivory, circular, carved all over; top and bottom 
with fishes and shells, sides w^ith boats and water. (French.) 

[ 94.] Ivory, circular, carved all over ; on top a house, 
figures, and trees ; on bottom a chateau, etc. ; on sides, 
hunting scenes. (French.) 

[95.] Ivory, oblong; on top and bottom female head, 
engraved, with borders ; lines filled with black. (Mexican.) 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivorv, Wood, htc. 

[ 96.] Ivory, egg-shape, flattened ; engraved on lid 
two winged hearts ; on bottom, man driving a countr)' cart ; 

[ 97.] Plaque from lid of box ; ivory, circular ; mono- 
gram, and laurel wreath ; cross and ornament in shar]) 

[98.] Ivory, circular, richly engine-turned all over and 

[ 99.] Ivory, in form of leg, with slipper. 

[ loo.J Ivory, oblong, curved, carved all over; land- 
scapes, figures, boats, and foliage. (Chinese.) 

[loi.] Ivory; section of tusk, with iron bullet im- 

[ 102.] Horn, circular, with carving in ivory of a female 
at Cupid's shrine, under glass. 

[ 103.] Silver, oblong; on lid enamel picture of birds, 
within border of vine foliage and gi'apes, in enamel. 

[104.] Silver, oblong ; Chinese landscape and figures 
in enamel and gold, on green ground ; in Chinese style. 

[105.] Silver, oblong; engraved on lid, leaves in 
enamel in colours. (French.) 

[ 106.] Silver, oval, with miniature under glass, of man 
with full wig and ermine robe. 

[ 107.] Oblong, dark blue enamel, covered all over 
with fine ornament in gold. 

[108.] Dresden enamel, oblong; on white ground 
two horsemen — couriers taking to Magdeburg news of a 
victory in 1757; inscription on picture " Cito, cito, Magde- 

[109.] Dresden enamel, oblong; on yellow ground, 
foliage and shell-like ornament; flowers in colours underneath 
the fid. 

[iio.j Dresden enamel, oblong; on lid on white 
ground, group of Amorini on clouds, with flowers ; under- 
neath lid Venus sleeping, and Cupid. 

[ill.] Dresden enamel, oblong: landscape on lid and 
sides in red, on white ground ; underneath lid an emblema- 
tical picture, and Raising tlie Brazen Serpent, both in colours. 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivorv, Wood, etc. 

[ 112.] Dresden enamel, oval ; on lid The Sacrifice of 
Isaac ; underneath lid Rebecca at the well ; on bottom St. 
John ; on sides Christ healing a blind man ; and The Devil 
tempting Christ ; all in colours on white ground. 

[113.] Enamel; in form of shell ; flowers and orna- 
ments in gold on white ground. 

[114.] Silver, six-sided; in enamel on lid a head with 
laurel crown, and ornament in colours on white ground. 

[115.] Silver; in form of boat; blue enamel, with 
ornament in gold. (Dresden.) 

[116.] Battersea enamel; poodle's head, white and 
fawn ; on lid a man on horseback and trees, on white ground; 
on under side stags. 

[117.] Battersea enamel; poodle's head, white and 
brown ; on lid stag, fawn, and trees, on white ground ; on 
under side turkey, cock and hen, on white ground. 

[118.] Battersea enamel; pug's head; on lid hounds 
and stag, on white ground ; on under side poultr)', on white. 

[119.] Battersea enamel ; bull-dog's head ; black and 

[120.] Sevres porcelain; in form of leg, with pink 
shoe and high heel. 

[ 121.] Imitation of Avanturine; oblong. 

[122.] Ivory; in form of powder horn; carved all 
over with birds and animals ; mounted with silver ; crystal 
in lid. (German.) 

[123.] Bone of whale; in form of grotesque head, 
with wig and cap. (Scandinavian.) 

[124.] Double box, shell of tortoise; mounted with 

[ 125.] Cowrie shell ; head of young Bacchus on silver 
lid ; with inscription — 

" For thy sake, Tobacco, I 
Would do anything but die." 

[126.] Shell of a tortoise. 

[127.] Cowrie shell, carved all over in cameo; two 
heads ; lid, a white cameo, large head bearded, with laurel 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. 

[ 1 28.] Harp shell; mounted with white metal. 

[ 129.] Large spiral shell, with two lids; on each 
figures in niello on silver. 

[ 130.] Oblong Snuff Box, made from the albumen of 
blood. From the Nu]ii district. (River Niger.) 

[ 131.] Lobster's claw, mounted in gold. 

[132.] Pearl, oblong; engraved. 

[ 133.] Horn, oblong; inlaid with pearl in lozenges. 

[134.] Tortoise-shell, oblong; lid of pearl, carved, 
David and Nathan. 

[ 135-] Tortoise-shell, oblong, with double-peaked lid. 

[ 136.J Horn, circular; Cupid among flowers, im- 

[137.] Tortoise-shell, oblong; carved all over, land- 
scapes and figures. (Chinese.) 

[138.] Tortoise-shell, circular; landscapes and figures 
in high relief top and bottom. (Chinese.) 

[ 139.] Ebony, oval; covered with acanthus ornament 
in low relief. (India.) 

[ 140.] Horn, flattened with wooden bottom, oblong. 

[ 141.] Horn, in form of boar's head; lid of pearl, cut 
as cameo — a lion. 

[142.] Foot of a deer, hoofs polished ; horn lid. 

[ 143.] Horn, carved in spiral. 

[ 144.] Horn, with horn hook to attach to belt. 

[145.] Lac, red and brown, oval; covered with fine 
geometrical pattern ; green leaves on top. (Chinese.) 

[ 146.] Horn, in form of leg; agate set in lid, mono- 
gram on heel. (Dutch.) 

[ 147.] Leather, a shoe, mounted with silver. (Dutch.) 

[ 148.] Leather, a shoe. (Dutch.) 

[ 149 to 151.] Horn, circular, engine-turned. 

[ 152 to 162.] Eleven lignum vita; and ebony bo.xes, 
circular, engine-turned. 

[ 163.] Light wood, circular, impressed as engine- 
turned. (French.) 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. 

[164.] Box-wood, carved all over; heads in medallions 
top and bottom ; at bottom box for " pince-nez ; " inside lid 
a silver medal. (German.) 

[ 165.] Box-wood, oblong, carved — on lid reception of 
a victorious soldier on horseback, on bottom a fortress. 

[ 166.] Wood, in form of boar's head, ivory tusks. 

[ 167.] Wood, female figure whose petticoats form the 
box; on lid, a figure carved in low relief; ornament on 
sides. (Dutch.) 

[ 168.] Wood, oval, carved all over with figures and 
animals ; on bottom coat of arms and coronet. (Dutch.) 

[ 169.] Wood, oblong ; scroll ornament on lid. 

[170.] Wood, long oval; carved by prisoner at 

[ 171.] Wood, circular, lined with tortoise-shell ; recep- 
tion of Voltaire by Henry IV., impressed. (French.) 

[ 172.] Wood, circular, figure of Napoleon, impressed. 

[ 173-] Wood, circular, group of figures at a tomb, 

impressed. (French.) 

[174.] Wood, in form of leopard. (India.) 

[175.] Wood, in form of sheep, with bone horns. 


[ 176.J Black wood, in form of toad. (India.) 

[ 177.] Black wood, in form of toad; rough skin. 


[ 178.] Ebony, dog's head, glass eyes. 

[ 179.] Dark wood, in form of shoe; inlaid with light 
wood and twisted copper wire. (French.) 

[ 180.] Ivory, oval ; top and bottom, wood ; top inlaid 
with light wood. (French.) 

[181.] Satin-wood, oval; top and sides inlaid. 

[ 1S2.] Wood, with lorgnette, vinaigrette, and pince-nez 
box. (French.) 

[ 183.] Wood; to be carried on thumb, hole through 
bottom for thumb. (German.) 

[ 1S4.] Light wood, circular. 

[241] FF 

Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. 

[ 185.] Wood, in form of a barrel. (Dutch.) 

[ 186 and 187.] Wood, circular; from the ruins of 
York Minster, 1S29. No. 186 with silver medal of York 
Minster inserted in lid. 

[ 188 and 189.] Wood, oblong; from the "Mary Rose," 
sunk at Spithead, in the reign of Henry VIII. 

[ 190 to 192.] Wood, oblong; from the wreck of the 
" Royal George." 

[ T93.] Coquilla-nut, in form of boat; carved all over. 

[ 194.J Coquilla-nut, carved all over; at end grotesque 
head, with ivory teeth. 

[ 1 95-] Coquilla-nut, oval ; Neptune and sea-horses on 

[196.] Papier-mache, oblong; picture after Ostade, 
" The Tavern." 

[ 197.] Papier-mache, circular; "Madonna with Infant 
Jesus and St. John," after Raphael. 

[ 198.] Papier-mache, circular ; on lid a portrait. 
[199.] Papier-mache, circular; head of Madonna, 
after Raphael. 

[200.] Papier-mache; girl, admitting lover to her 
room. Painted by Raven., of Birmingham. 

[ 201.] Papier-mache; the Five Orders of Society. 
[202.] Papier-mache ; Les Anglais \ Paris. 
[203.] Papier-mache; picture of negro, with jewelled 
hair and dress. 

[ 204.] Papier-mach6 ; in form of shoe. 
[205.] Birch-bark, oblong; landscape and castle, im- 

[ 206.] Birch-bark, long oblong; perforated, and under- 
laid with talc. (Norwegian.) 

[207.] Wood, circular, in imitation of birch-bark. 

[208 to 212.] Birch-bark, perforated, incised, and 

[213.] Wood, circular; convivial party, impressed. 
[ 214.] Tortoise-shell, oval, fluted. 
[215.] Plaque from top of bo.x; horn, circular; the 
Vcndome Column ; impressed. 


Snuff Boxes. — Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. 

[216.] Silver, oblong; on lid and bottom, in high 
relief, birds and bamboo foliage ; on sides and ends bamboo 
foliage, also in high relief. (Japanese.) 

[217.] Silver, cylindrical, double box; on ends, groups 
of figures ; on body, a stag hunt, in high relief, repousse. 

gnuff ^^uffs. 

[ 218.J Snuff Mull, a ram's head, isfin. x 8Mn. high: on 
head snuff box of silver, chased, with pink crystal on lid; 
silver shields at base of horns and silver tips ; thistles in 
silver set with pink crystals ; two hare's feet and two prickers 
attached by silver chains ; on three rollers. 

[219.] Snuff Mull, a ram's horn, i2in. x6in. high, 
mounted with silver ; lid chased and set with agate ; mallet, 
pricker, rake, spoon, and hare's foot attached by silver chains. 

[ 220.] Snufl" Mull, cow-horn, loiin. x Siin. high, 
mounted with silver; silver plate and thistles in front; mallet, 
spoon, and brush, in silver, attached by silver chains. 

[221.] Snuff Mull, cow-horn, three coils, 6i-in. x s|in. 
high ; silver plate on lid with coat of arms. 

[ 222.] Snuff Mull, cow-horn, flattened, 4lin. x 4in. 
high ; silver mount, engraved with coronet and " \V. L." 

[ 223.] Snuff Mull, cow-horn, 3',in. high ; silver mount; 
end carved — a bulldog's head. 

[ 224.] Snuff Mull, cow-horn, 2jin. x $Un. high ; silver 
mount, set with cairngorm. 

[ 225.] Snuff Mull, cow-horn, 3lin, high; silver mount; 
thistles and plate on lid. 

[ 226.] Snuff Mull, ibex-horn, 7in. long; silver mounts. 

[227 ] Snuff Mull, ram's horn, loiin. long; horn lid 
with iron hinge; spoon and chain of iron. 



Japanese carvings, chiefly in ivory, used as buttons, or 
"toggles," to attach to the waistband the pipe-case and tobacco- 
pouch. They are very varied in subject and character ; some 
are single figures, nia?iy are groups of figures, illustrating the 
mythology, history, occupations, and daily social life of the 
Japanese. They are frequently treated in a humorous or 
grotesque mariner ; but invariably the character and expression 
of the carving is admirable. 

The following, from bi to g6, are in ivory. 

[ I.] Fai-nily group — man smoking. Marked. 

[ 2.J Group of three figures — one .smoking. Marked. 

[ 3.] Man seated on buffalo — attendant with pipe. 

[4.] A hero smoking astride a tiger. Marked. 

[5.] Two figures — one smoking. 

[6.] Two figures — one with axe and faggots, smoking. 

[7.] Man with pipe, seated on basket. Marked. 

[ 8.] Seated figure, with pipe. 

[ 9'] Opium smoker, with open mouth. 

[ 10.] Warrior in armour slaying a great ape. Marked. 

[ II.] Figure mounted on buffalo, two attendants, one 
playing flute. Marked. 

[ 12.] Two figures, with .saddled buffalo. Marked. 

[ 13.] Warrior mounted on grotesque animal. Marked. 

[ 14.] Figure seated on buffalo, playing a flute. Marked. 

[ 15.] Priest with open scroll seated on a deer. Marked. 

[16.] High personage on horseback, with three atten- 
dants. Marked. 

[ 17.] Bald-headed priest, with open scroll, seated on 
spotted deer. Marked. 

[ 18.] Group of three warriors. Marked. 

[ 19.] Figure, with scroll, astride a fish, with water. 

[ 20.] Seated figure caressing a tiger. 

[21.] Combat between two men, one on horseback 

[ 22.] A camel. 



[ 23.] Group of six figures, seated and standing. 

[ 24,] Man, woman, and ape. Marked. 
[25.] Figure of a deity, with two pigmy men. Marked. 
[ 26.] Group of seven monkeys, two holding pole on 
which one swings. 

[ 27.] Five blind men quarrelling Marked. 
[ 28.] Group of five figures — one carr>'ing a hawk, one 
with a bear. Marked. 

[ 29.] Group of nine grotesque masks. Marked. 
[ 30.] Group of two men and a boy. Marked. 
[31.] Mythological group — three men with horse and 
frog, and a lizard coming out of an egg. 

[32.] Group of five musicians, three with instruments. 

[33.] Grove of bamboo; three figures and deer 

[ 34.] Seven grotesque masks ; grouped. 
[ 35.] Four figures — three issuing from a box, one of 
them with a serpent's neck. 

[ 36.] A Japanese woman pouring out tea for a man in 
European dress. Marked. 

[ 37-] Woman washing clothes. Marked. 
[ 38.] Old man, with mask and a child. 
[ 39.] Man carving a grotesque mask, with chisel and 
hammer; another man looking on with admiration. Marked. 
[ 40.] Bald-headed personage, with large ears, carrying 
a MS. roll ; a man following. Marked. 

[41.] Two figures discoursing about a grotesque head 
between them. Marked. 

[42.] Two figures at a table playing with dice. 

[ 43.] A countryman tying together with cord the four 
legs of a wolf ; a man looking on. Marked. 

[ 44.] Two mythological figures, with serpent. 

[ 45.] Two frog-faced and frog-shaped men, one carry- 
ing the other. 

[ 46.] Mythological personage, with large bald head 
and white beard, and attendant carrying scrolls. 



[ 47.] Two smiths forging a sword blade. Marked. 
[ 48.] Group of two figures and dragon. Marked. 
[ 49.] Woman washing herself, and child. 

[50.] Two women, one with large hat, and two 

[ 51.] Two children, with a mask, sitting. Marked. 

[ 52.] Man in rich robes, with a trumpet, and carrying 
a child on his back. 

[ S3-] 'White-bearded man sitting on recumbent spotted 
deer, and an attendant. 

[54.] Two old men quarrelling, one carrying a tea-pot. 

[ 55.] Man and woman hand in hand, 

[ 56.] A man and woman sitting in front of a large jar, 
with a mask between them. 

[57.] Woman with a child, and with a grotesque mask 
on her lap. Marked. 

[ 58.] Two boys quarrelling. 

[ 59.] Man feeding a tame bird, and boy with basket. 

[ 60.] Mythological personage with large ears, opening 
a bag full of trinkets, boy watching him. 

[61.] Two old men with grotesque horned heads, 
quarrelling. Marked. 

[62.] Man with scroll sitting by the side of a large bell. 

[ 63.] Bald-headed, white-bearded old man with staff", 
carrying a child on his back. Marked. 

[ 64.] Man with a gilded mirror. Marked. 

[65.] Woman in long robes. Marked. 

[ 66.] Man with sword, triumphantly astride a prostrate 
enemy. Marked. 

[ 67.] A giant, holding a man by his arms and about to 
slay him with a sword. Marked. 

[ 68.] A woman in long robes, being caressed by a dog. 

[ 69.] Mythological personage with dragon on his back. 

[ 70.] Man in long robes and child at his feet. 
[ 71.] Woman sitting, with fan and butterfly. Marked. 
[ 72.] Mythological personage sitting, with dragon by 
his side. Marked, 



[ 73.] Grotesque old man, with horns ; with anchor 

and cable ; sitting in water ; the water carved in black wood. 

[ 74.] Woman tying the mouth of a sack. Marked. 

[ 75.] A man with shears, on the back of a goblin owl 
flying. Marked. 

[ 76.] Man hoeing, and dog. Marked. 

[ 77.] A gobhn-like figure, with staff, and upon his 
shoulder a frog. 

[78.] A figure of a bearded old man in rich robes, 
carrying a battle-axe. 

[ 79.] A one-horned beast, with base engraved as a seal. 

[80.] A man carrying a frog upon his shoulder. 

[ 81.] An old man sitting, sharpening a saw. 

[ 82.] A mythological personage standing upon an egg, 
from which is issuing a horse. 

[ 83.] An old man with pointed beard, with bow and 
arrows. Marked. 

[84.] A seated figure wearing a fox's mask. 

[85.] Figure, similar to No. 73, standing on the sea, 
carrying anchor and cable. Marked. 

[ 86.] Boy squatting, holding a cock. Marked. 

[ 87.] Man carving a gigantic mask. 

[ 88.] Man sitting, and monkey. 

[ 89.] Group of nine shells — three open, showing land- 
scapes carved within. Marked. 

[ 90.] Monkey seated on cylindrical bell carved with 

A grove of bamboo, with seven figures beneath. 

Circular, with female figure and fish in low relief. 
Oval, with enamelled centre on gold, in colours. 
Circular, woman with long hair and long robes, 

[ 95.] Circular, with figure and buffalo carrying faggots, 
in lac. 

[96.] A bivalve shell open, showing landscape and 
houses within, two smaller shells attached, one occupied by 
a crab. 






in low relief 


[97.] Wood; laughing mask with horns. 

[ 98.] Wood ; laughing mask with a horn. 

[ 99.] Wood ; mask of a child. 

[100.] Wood; squatting figure of man, with large 
mask slung to his shoulders with a sash. 

[ loi.] Wood; figure of a woman, with head and 
hands of ivory. 

[ 102.] Wood ; a flat melon with a squirrel peeping out 
of a hole in the rind. 

[ 103.] Wood, circular, hollow ; female figure with a 
lute, floating on waves ; hair set with coral and malachite ; 
ornament perforated. Marked. 

[104.] Wood; man squatting with his hands clasped 
over his knee. 

[105.] Wood; grove of bamboos, with seven figures 
within. Marked. 

[ 106.] Wood ; woman carrying a child and a kettle. 

[ 107.] Horn ; an egg broken showing grotesque bird 
within. Marked. 

[108.] Horn ; a cicada upon a half walnut shell. 

[ 109.] Horn ; man in grotesque attitude hiding a 
mask behind him. 

[no.] Horn; woman with fan. Marked. 

[in.] Horn; man kneeling, and a horned demon, 
both floating on a lotus leaf. Marked. 

[ 112.] Horn ; laughing woman holding a ladle. 

[ 113.] Wood; in form and size of a walnut, the rough 
surface being a mass of about seventy human masks. 

[114.] An oblong piece of rock crystal, polished; 
with threads of chlorite. 

[115.] Rock crystal, oval; with moss-like bodies in 
centre ; outlines of limbs and head of mouse engraved. 

[116.] A monkey and fish in agate ; the monkey in 
white, the fish in black ; carved from one piece. 

[ 117.] An animal in white and red carnelian. 

[ 118.] A citron, in yellow carnelian. 

[ 119.] Two dragons grouped, in brown and white 

[ 120.] An oblong button of imitation turquoise, with 

silver ring. 







England— Early Clay Pipes (A. a.) . 
England— Pottery (A.c.) .... 
England— Silver, etc. (A.d.) 
Holland— Early Clay Pipes, etc. (A.e.) 

France— Sevres (A.f.) 

Germany— Wood, Horn, and Meerschaum 
Germany— Stone Pipe Bowls (A.h.) . 
Germany— Porcelain Pipe Bowls (A.h.) 
Germany— Meissen Pipe Bowls (A.h.) 
Germany— Berlin Pipe Bowls (A.h.) 
Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (A.i.) 
European Russia (A.k.) .... 

Turkey (A.I.) 

Italy (A.n.) 

Pipe Cases- European (A.o.) 
Tobacco Pipe Stoppers and Prickers (A.p. 
Fire Strikers, Tinder Boxes, Match Holders, 
ETC. (A.m.) 


India (B.a.) 

Assam and Burmah (B.b.) . 

Persia (B.c.) 

China— Tobacco Pipes (B.d.) . 
China— Opium Pipes, etc. (B.d.d.) 

Japan (B.e.) 

Asi.\tic Russia (B.f.) 

Java and Sumatra (B.g.) . 

Betel Nut Cutters and Chunam Boxes (B.h.) 

Pipe Cases— Asij^tic (B.o:) . 







. Si 

and S5 

. 84 











Northern Africa (C.a.) 140 

Western Africa (C.b.) 143 

Nile Valley (C.c.) 147 

Southern Africa (C.d.) 149 


Pre-Historic Pipes— Ancient Mexico (D.a.) . 152 

Mound Pipes— United States (D.b.) . . 153 
North American Indian (D.c.) . . . .155 
North American Indian, of North Pacific 

Coast (D.e.) 161 

South America (D.f.) 164 


Australia and Polynesia (E.a.) ... 165 

Tobacco Boxes 166 

Tobacco Jars 170 

Tobacco Pouches 172 

Cigar Cases 175 


Snuff Mills 179 

Snuff Rasps; Ivory, Wood, Metal, Enamelled, 

ETC 180 

Snuff Jars; Pottery, Glass, and Metal . 1S7 

Snuff Bottles— European . . . . 189 
Snuff Bottles— Asiatic, African, etc. . .196 

Snuff Spoons— Kaffir 198 

Snuff Bottles— Chinese; Rock Crystal . -. 198 
Snuff Bottles— Chinese; Jade . . . 200 
Snuff Bottles— Chinese; Chalcedony . . 201 
Snuff Bottles— Chinese ; Amethyst, Tur- 
quoise, Lapis-l.azuli, Mocha Stone . . 202 
Snuff Bottles— Chinese ; Carnelian . . 203 
Snuff Bottles — Chinese ; Agates, engraved 204 
Snuff Bottles— Chinese; Jasper . . .205 
Snuff Bottles— Chinese; Steatite, Limestone, 
AND Enamelled 208 




SNUFF bottles-Chinese ; Metal, Amber, Lac 
SNUFF bottles-Chinese; Pearl, Ivory, Wood 

Snuff Bottles-Chinese ; Porcelain . • 2^2 

SNUFF Bottles— Chinese ; Glass ... 225 

SNUFF bottles- Chinese; Glass, cut as Cameos 225 

SNUFF Bottles-Chinese; Glass, Painted . 22S 

SNUFF Bottles-Chinese ; Glass, Applied Or- 


SNUFF Boxes, in Hard Stones . • ■ -229 

SNUFF BOXES ; Metal, Ivory, Wood, etc. . 233 

Snuff Mulls '^^ 

Nktsukes . . • I • • ■ 


■>■ \