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Full text of "Biennial report of the state librarian for the two fiscal years ending ... [serial]"

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This book is due on the last date stamped 
below unless recalled sooner. It may be 
renewed only once and must be brought to 
the North Carolina Collection for renewal. 

dec 1 o B76 

Form No. A -369 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Ensuring Democracy through Digital Access (NC-LSTA) 





From July 1, 1926 to June 30, 1928 


of the 




From July 1, 1926 to June 30, 1928 


Librarian Carrie L. Broughton 

Chief Assistant Pauline Hill 

Senior Assistant Mrs. Aline Weathers Fleming 

Senior Library Aid Margaret Birdsong 




To the Hon. Angus Wilton McLean, Governor; Hon. J. A. Hartness, 
Secretary of State, and Mr. A. T. Allen, Superintendent of Public In- 
struction, as Trustees of the State Library. 

Gentlemen : I take pleasure in submitting to your honorable body, for 
due consideration, the biennial report of the State Librarian of the State 
Library of North Carolina, for a period covering twenty-four months from 
July 1, 1926-June 30, 1928. 

ADDITIONS, 1926-1928 


By purchase 1,394 

By gift 190 

U. S. Government 273 

Received from other states 200 

Bound newspapers 269 

Bound magazines 260 

Total 2,586 

Number of volumes in general library 42,500 

Number of volumes in governments 7,794 

Number of volumes of bound newspapers 5,237 

Number of volumes of bound magazines 5,140 

For lists of newspapers received at State Library see Appendix A. 

For lists of magazines received, see Appendix B. 

For additional Bibliography of North Carolina literature con- 
tinued from previous reports see Appendix C. 

For Bibliography of Genealogical material in State Library see 
Appendix C. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Carrie L. Broughton, 

State Librarian. 

Biennial Report of the 



(Abbreviations: d., daily; sw., semi-weekly; m., monthly; bm., bi-monthly; 
tri-w., tri-weekly) 

Albemarle --Stanly News Herald, w. 

Asheville Asheville Citizen, d. 

Asheville Asheville Times, d. 

Asheville Blue Ridge Republican, w. 

Beaufort Beaufort News, w. 

Benson Benson Review, w. 

Boone Watauga Democrat, w. 

Carthage Moore County News, w. 

Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Weekly, w. 

Chapel Hill News Letter, w. 

Charlotte Charlotte News, d. 

Charlotte Charlotte Observer, d. 

Charlotte - Presbyterian Standard, w. 

Clinton Sampson Independent, w. 

Concord Concord Daily Tribune, d. 

Concord Concord Times, sw. 

Conover - Our Church Record, tri-m. 

Cullowhee - Cullowhee Yodel. 

Danbury Danbury Reporter, w. 

Elizabeth City .Daily Advance, d. 

Elizabeth City Independent, w. 

Fayetteville - Fayetteville Observer, d. 

Forest City Forest City Courier, w. 

Greensboro Friends Messenger, m. 

Greensboro — - Greensboro Daily News, d. 

Greensboro Greensboro Daily Record, d. 

Greensboro Greensboro Patriot, sw. 

Greensboro N. C. Christian Advocate, w. 

Greenville Greenville Daily Reflector, d. 

Hendersonville Hendersonville Times, d. 

Hickory Hickory Daily Record, d. 

Hillsboro Orange County Enterprise, w. 

Lenoir Lenoir News-Topic, sw. 

Lexington Dispatch, sw. 

Lincolnton Lincoln County News, sw. 

Louisburg Franklin Times, w. 

Lumberton Robesonian, sw. 

Marshall News Record, w. 

Mocksville Davie Record, w. 

Monroe - Monroe Journal, sw. 

Mooresville Mooresville Enterprise, w. 

State Library 

Morganton Deaf Carolinian, w. 

Morganton News Herald, w. 

Nashville Graphic, w. 

Newbern The New Bernian, d. 

Newbern The Sun Journal, d. 

Newton Catawba News Enterprise, sw. 

Norlina Norlina Headlight, w. 

North Wilkesboro Wilkes Journal, w. 

Oxford Oxford Public Ledger, tri-w. 

Oxford Orphans' Friend, w. 

Pittsboro Chatham Record, w. 

Raleigh Biblical Recorder, w. 

Raleigh News and Observer, d. 

Raleigh North Carolina Odd Fellow, m. 

Raleigh Progressive Farmer, w. 

Raleigh Raleigh Times, d. 

Raleigh Union Herald, w. 

Reidsville - Reidsville Review, tri-w. 

Rich Square Roanoke-Chowan Times, w. 

Sanatorium Sanatorium Sun, m. 

Scotland Neck Commonwealth, d. 

Shelby Cleveland Star, tri-w. 

Siler City Chatham News, w. 

Smithfield Smithfield Herald, sw. 

Statesville Landmark, sw. 

Sylva Jackson County Journal, w. 

Tarboro Daily Southerner, d. 

Tarboro Weekly Southerner, w. 

Thomasville Charity and Children, w. 

Wadesboro - Messenger and Intelligencer, w. 

Warrenton Warren Record, w. 

Williamston - Enterprise, sw. 

Wilmington Wilmington Morning Star, d. 

Winston-Salem Twin City Sentinal, d. ' 

Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal, d. 

Atlanta Atlanta Constitution, d. 

Baltimore Baltimore Evening Sun, d. 

Boston Christian Science Monitor, d. 

Boston Boston Transcript. 

New Yoi'k New York Times, d. 

New York New York World, d. 

Richmond, Va Southern Churchman, w. 

Richmond Christian Sun, w. 

Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch, d. 

Washington United States Daily, d. 

Washington Washington Post, d. 

6 Biennial Report op the 



Agriculture, North Carolina Dept. Conservation and Industry 

of, Bulletin Country Life 

Agricultural Review, North Carolina County Court Note-book 

Dept. of Agriculture Current History 

Alumni News, North Carolina Col- Current Magazine Contents 

lege for Women D. A. R. Magazine 

Alumni Register of Duke University Dearborn Independent 

Alumni Review, University of North Delineator 

Carolina Drama 

American Federalist Education 

American Legion Educational Review 

American Historical Review Engineering News-Record 

American Labor Legislation Review Everybody's Magazine 

A. L. A. Booklist Genealogy Magazine 

A. L. A. Bulletin Good Housekeeping 

American Magazine Harper's Magazine 

American Mercury House and Garden 

Americana House Beautiful 

Annals of the American Academy of Indiana Magazine of History 

Political and Social Science International Studio 

Archive (Duke University) James Sprunt Historical Publications 

Arts and Decoration Jewish Tribune 

Asia Johns Hopkins University Studies in 
Atlantic Monthly Historical and Political Science 

Bnai Brith Magazine Journal of American Genealogy 

Book Review Digest Journal of Home Economics 

Bookman Journal of the Illinois State His- 
Books torical Society 

California News Notes Journal of Negro History 

Canadian Magazine Journal of Pharmacy 

Carolina Magazine Journal of Social Forces 

Carolina Motorist Journal of the Elisha Mitchel 
Carolina-Virginia Retailer Scientific Society 

Carolinian (North Carolina College Journal of National Education 

for Women) Association 

Catholic World Kourier 

Century Ladies' Home Journal 

Collier's Libraries 

Commerce Monthly Librai-y Journal 

Commonweal Library Notes, N. C. C. W. 

Confederate Veteran Literary Digest 

Congressional Digest Literary Review 

Contemporary Review Living Age 

State Library 


Louisiana Historical Quarterly 

Manufacturers' Record 

Maryland Historical Magazine 


Merchants' Journal 

Michigan History Magazine 

Michigan Library Bulletin 



National Genealogical Society 

National Geographic Magazine 
National Republic 
New England Historical and 

Genealogical Register 
New Republic 
New York Genealogical and 

Biographical Record 
Nineteenth Century 
North American Review 
North Carolina Booklet 
North Carolina Health Bulletin 
North Carolina Insurance Bulletin 
North Carolina Library Bulletin 
North Carolina Municipal Review 
North Carolina Teacher 
North Carolina Welfare Progress 

Peabody Journal of Education 
Pennsylvania Magazine 
Pictorial Review 
Pittsburgh Carnegie Library 

Prison News 
Publishers' Weekly 
Raleigh Student 
Readers' Guide to Periodical 

Red Cross Courier 
Research Bulletin of the National 

Education Association 
Review of Reviews 
St. Louis Public Library Monthly 

Saturday Evening Post 
Saturday Review of Literature 
School Life 

School and Society 


Scientific American 

Scientific Monthly 

Scribner's Magazine 

Sewanee Review 

South Atlantic Quarterly 

South Carolina Historical and 

Genealogical Magazine 
Southern Medicine and Surgery 
Southern Textile Bulletin 
Southern Tobacco Journal 
Southern Planter 
Starry Cross 
State School Facts 
Studies in Philogy 

Tarheel Banker 

Tennessee Historical Magazine 
Theosophical Quarterly 
Through the Ages 

Trinity Historical Papers 
Tyler's Quarterly Magazine 
University of North Carolina 

Extension Bulletin 
University of North Carolina 

Utah Genealogical and Historical 

Virginia Magazine 
Virginia Quarterly Review 

Wake Forest Student 
Welfax^e Magazine 
Western Reserve Historical Society 

William and Mary Quarterly 
Wisconsin Library Bulletin 
Woman's Journal 
Woman's Home Companion 
Woman's Press 
World's Work 
Yale Review 

8 Biennial Report of the 


Bibliography of North Carolina 

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State Library <> 

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10 Biennial Report of the 

Upchurch, Mrs. T. B. Meditations, n. d. 

Morning glories, selected poems, n. d. 
Ware, C. C. North Carolina disciples of Christ. 1927. 
Weaver, J. V. A. To youth. 1928. 

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Winston, R. W. Andrew Johnson, plebian and patriot. 1928. 
Woolson. C. F. Rodman the keeper. 1886. 







PAULING HILL, Chief Library Assistant 

12 Biennial Report op the 


The interest in personal and family history has grown so rapidly that 
we are endeavoring to specialize in this department in our library. We now 
have one of the best genealogical collections in the south and to it resort 
daily people from all over the country diligently searching for family 
records and military data to enable them to secure admittance to one of the 
patriotic societies of our country. 

Besides the genealogical material in the State Library the North Carolina 
Historical Commission, which is housed in the same building, has many 
county histories, marriage bonds, deeds, wills, etc. 

The material in both departments is always available to the reseachers. 
However, the staff of both are too limited to permit them to engage in 
private researches. We are always glad to refer our patrons to some 
competent genealogist who will gladly do the work for them. 

In the following pages you will find a complete bibliography of all 
general genealogy, state, county and family histories, military rosters, 
newspaper clippings and magazine articles. 

State Library 13 


American genealogists, a catalogue of family histories. 1895, 1900. 

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in London and in the Islands, for the history of the U. S. 1926. 
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Conn. Hist. Soc. 1911. 
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archives. 1916. Contains emigration lists on file in Switzerland. 
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State Historical Library. 1914. 
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Library of congress. 1910. 


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families. 1910. 


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entitled to coat armor. 1904. 
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American families. 4v. in 1. 1856-1868. 
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of prominent American families settled in this country before 1800. 1886. 
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14 Biennial Report of the 


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bearings, heraldic devices, and seals, as authorized and as used, of the 

counties, cities, towns and Universities of the United Kingdom. 
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Who was Who. 1897-1916. 


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Americana, v. 12-date, Jan. 1918-date. 

For contents see Genealogical index in library. 
Bolton, C. K. Marriage notices, 1785-1794, for the whole United States. 

Bradford, Gamaliel. Confederate portraits. 1914. 

Sketches of Joseph E. Johnston, James Longstreet, P. G. T. Beauregard, 

Judah P. Benjamin, Alexander H. Stephens, Robert Tombs, and 

Raphael Semnes. 

State Library 15 

Browning, C. H. Americans of royal descent; a collection of genealogies 
of American families whose lineages are traced to the ligitimate issue 
of kings. 1894. 
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showing the lineal descent from kings of some members of the National 
Society of the Colonial Dames of America and of the order of the 
Crown. 1900. 
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1699. 1926. 
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Daughters of American Revolution. 

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v. 1-40, 1916; v. 41-80, 1926. 
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Daughters of the Revolution. 

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information relative to the founders of New England. 1860. 
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v. 65: 43-50; 165-174. 
Genealogy. A weekly journal of American Genealogy, v. 1-date, 1912-date. 
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v. 1 contains genealogies of Byrd, Stockton, Coates, Pashall, Morris. 
Herrman, Van Renssilair, Page, Carter, Livingston. Carroll, 
Graene, Harrison and Randolph families, 
v. 2 contains genealogies of Washington, Bowne, Rawle, Jefferson, 
Philipie, Wayne, Preston, Shuyler, Macpherson. 

16 Biennial Report of the 

Gulf States Historical Magazine, 
v. 1-2, 1902-1904. 

Genealogies of the following families are given: v. 1, Fisher, Ross, 
Sanders, Abercrombie, Hayden, Failey. v. 2, Crawford, Walton, 
Winfree, Womack and Brown. 

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Harper, Mrs. L. Du Puy (Van C.) Colonial men and times containing the 
journal of Col. Daniel Trabue, accounts of his ancestry, life and travels 
in Virginia and the present state of Kentucky during the revolutionary 
period, the Huguenots, genealogy with brief sketches of the allied 
families. 1916. 

Headley, P. C. Public men of today, being biographies of the President 
and Vice President of the U. S., each member of the cabinet, the U. S. 
senators and the members of the house of representatives of the 47th 
congress, the chief justice and the justices of the supreme court of the 
U. S., and of the governors of the several states. 1882. 

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1620-1700. 1923. 

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v. 1, City of Albany; v. 2, Columbia County, N. Y.; v. 3-12, United States. 

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For contents see Genealogical index in library. 

Journal of American History, v. 1-19; 1907-1925. 

Landes, J. T. Mayflower descendants and their marriages for two gener- 
ations after landing. 1922. 

Livingston, John, ed. Biographical sketches of eminent American lawyers. 

Portraits of eminent Americans now living, including President Pierce 
and his cabinet. 1854. 

Lookout Magazine. Jan. 3, 1925-date. Contains short sketches of south- 
ern famililes. Index in the Genealogical index in the library. 

Mackenzie, G. N. Colonial families of the United States of America, 
v. 1-2, 1907-11; v. 4-7, 1914-1920. 

Makers of America ;' biographies of leading men of thought and action. 

Men of the south. A work for the newspaper reference library. 1922. 

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arranged alphabetically. 1915. 

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Current v. A-B, 1926-27. 

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Index of persons v. 1-50, 1906-7; index of places v. 1-50, 1908; index of 
subjects v. 1-50, 1911. 

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logical Register. 

v. 60: 23-28; v. 61: 265-270; 347-353. 

v. 62: 78-81; 168-171; v. 66: 30-32; 306-308. 

State Library 17 

Pittman, Mrs. H. (D) ed. Americans of gentle birth and their ancestors. 

1903-1907. 2v. 
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1915. 2v. 
Representative men of the south. 1880. 
Researcher. A magazine of history and genealogical exchange, v. 1-date. 

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Swiss, Dutch, French and other imigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727- 
1776. 1876. 
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Genealogy, v. 1, p. 79-93; 177-192; 269-295. 

Contents: Cary, Dickenson, Loomis, Montgomery, Ball, Dubois, Brad- 
ford, Griffith, Phillips, Horton, Freeman and Wallace famililes. 
Southern Historical Society Publications, v. 1-11, 1897-1907. 
Contains families of: 

v. 1 Lester, Lamar; v. 2 Strother, Gaines; v. 3 Ammonet, Renick; 
v. 4 Nickolson; v. 5 Carrington, Kinsey, Baker, Alston; v. 8 Jones, 
Jameys, Auld; v. 9 Arnold and others. 
Spooner, W. W. Historic Families of America. 1907. 

Contains following families: Van Rensellaer, Dana, King, Carroll, Tal- 
madge, Dwight, Chen, Stuyvesant, Morris, Langdon, Hillhouse, Clarkson, 
Willard, Ewing, Astor, Lee. 
U. S. Secretary of State. Census of pensioners for revolutionary military 

service, with names, ages, and place of residence. 1841. 
U. S. War Department. Pension rolls of the United States. 1820. 
U. S. War Department. Pension rolls of the United States. 1835. 
v. 1 Mae., N. H., Mass., R. I., Conn., Vt. 
v. 2 N. Y., N. J., Penn., Del., Md., Va. 

v. 3 N. C, S. C, Ga., Ky., Tenn., Ohio, La., Miss., Ind., 111., Mo., Ala., 
Territory of Mich., Territory of Ark., Territory of Fla., District of 
U. S. Census Bureau. Heads of families taken at the first census of the 
United States, 1790. 

Conn., Mae., Md., Mass., N. H., N. Y., N. C, Penn., R. I., S. C, Vt., Va. 
Virkus, F. A., ed. Abridged compendium of the American genealogy; first 
families of America; a genealogy encyclopedia of the United States. 
1825-26. 2v. 
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County and Town Histories 

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v. 5 Kaskaskia records 1778-1790. 
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Contains much early history of citizens, counties, etc. List of soldiers in 
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22 Biexxial Keport op the 


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burg, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Shiloh and in the Confederate 
prison at Andersonville. 1908. 

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Previous volumes called Transactions, v. 9 gives Bassett, Williams and 
Dighton ancestry of Governor Robinson of Kansas. Contains many 
county histories. 

Gleed, C. S. G. Kansas memorial, a report of the old settlers' meeting held 
at Bismarch Grove, Kansas, Sept. 15 and 16, 1879. 1880. 
Contains register of the old settlers' meeting, embracing the following 
items: Name, date of birth, date of settlement, place of settlement, 
where resided since, present residence, occupation, politics, etc. 


Kansas. Adjutant-General. Reports. 1861-1865; 1907-1908. 

State Library 23 

Kansas. Adjutant-General. Kansas troops in volunteer service of the 

U. S. in the Spanish and Philippine Wars. 1900. 
Kansas. Adjutant-General. Roll of the officers and enlisted men of the 

Third, Fourth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Kansas volunteers, 1861. 1902. 


Arderly, J. S. Kentucky records, early wills and marriages, old Bible 
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Clark, Daviess, Fayette, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, 
Montgomery, Nelson, Nicholas, Ohio, Scott and Shelby counties. 1926. 
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Includes biographical sketches and lists of Revolutionary soldiers. 
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sketch by his son, C. D. Drake. 1870. 
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No. 5 Historical sketch of St. Paul's church, Louisville, Ky. 
No. 7 Centenary of Kentucky. 
No. 8 Centenary of Louisville. 
No. 12 Bryant's station. 
No. 14 Clay family. 
No. 15 Battle of Tippecanoe. 
No. 16 Boonesborough. 
No. 17 Old masters of the bluegrass, Jouett, Bush, Grimes, Frazer, 

Morgan and Hart. 
No. 18 Battle of Thames; contains roll of field, staff company officers 

and privates. Kentucky volunteers and mounted infantry of the War 

of 1812. 
No. 19 Battle of New Orleans; contains list of Kentucky men in the 

No. 24 Life of James Francis Leonard and biographical sketch of Col. 

Joseph Crockett. 
No. 26 Kentucky mountains; contains statement showing the names and 

description of service of early settlers in eastern Kentucky, eni'olled 

on the pension list under the act passed March 18, 1818. 
No. 27 Petitions of the early inhabitants of Kentucky to the general 

assembly of Virginia, 1769-92. 
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recorded in the state land office at Frankfort, 1782-1924. 
No. 34 Index to all of the earliest land entries, warrants, deeds and wills. 
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The McDowells, Logan, Aliens. 
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sketches. 1920. Bullitt, Prather, Clark, Churchill, Pope, Speed, Joyes, 
Veech, Thurston, Taylor, Bates, and Floyd families. 
Kentucky General Assembly. Official manual for the use of the courts, 
state officials and General Assembly, 1894-date. Since 1906 name changed 
to Kentucky Directory. 

24: Biennial Report of the 

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twentieth century. 1901-1902. 

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achievements, biographical sketches. 
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taken part in the development of Virginia and Kentucky. 1901. 

Lewis, Phillips, Moss, Van Meter, Cunningham and Harness families. 
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County and Town Histories 

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and recent progress. 1872. 

Biographical sketches and personal reminiscences of the pioneer settlers, 
notices of prominent citizens, etc. 

Louisville. Johnston, J. S. Memorial history of Louisville from its first 

settlement to the year 1896. n. d. 
Muhlenberg County. Rothert, C. A. History of Muhlenberg county. 1813. 

Gives list of soldiers in the War of 1812. History of many of the early 

families, men in the Mexican War. 
Ohio County. Taylor, H. D. Ohio County, Kentucky, in the olden days. 

1926. Contains Ohio county biographies in 1885 and marriage records 



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tles of the Washington artillery and of other Louisiana troops. 1874. 


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(3rd ser.) v. 1-2, 1831-1906. 
Maine Historical Society. Documentary history of the state of Maine. 

1869-1916. 23 v. 
Maine historical and genealogical records, v. 1-9. 1884-1898. 
Maine Genealogical Society; York deeds 1726-1737. 1903-1910. 8 v. 
Sargent, W. M. Maine wills, 1640-1760. 1887. 
U. S. Census Bureau. Heads of families taken at the first census of the 

U. S., 1790. 1908. 
Maine Historical Society. Vital records. 

State Library 25 

County and Town Histories 

Belfast. Belfast, Maine. Vital records of Belfast to the year 1892. 1919. 
Farmingdale. Farmingdale, Maine. Vital records of Farmingdale to the 

year 1892. 1909. 
Gardiner. Gardiner, Maine. Vital records of Gardiner, Maine, to the year 

1892. v. 2 marriages and deaths. 1915. 
Hallowell. Hallowell, Maine. Vital records of Hallowell to the year 1892 

1924. 2v. 
Pittston. Pittston, Maine. Vital records to the year 1892. 
Randolph. Randolph, Maine. Vital records of Randolph, Maine to the 

year 1892. 1910. 
West Gardiner. West Gardiner, Maine. Vital records of West Gardiner, 

Maine, to the year 1892. 1913. 


Maine Adjutant-General. Alphabetical index of Maine volunteers, etc., 
mustered into the service of the U. S. during the war of 1861. 1862. 

Gould, J. M. History of the First, Tenth and Twenty-ninth Maine reg- 
iments, 1861-1866. 1871. 

Small, A. R. Sixteenth Maine regiment in the War of the Rebellion, 1861- 
1865. 1886. 

Whitman, W. E. S. Maine in the War for the Union. 1865. 

Maine Salisbury Monument Commission. Report of the Maine Commis- 
sioners on the monument erected at Salisbury, N. C, 1908. Contains 
list of men buried at Salisbury, N. C. 


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1904-1925. 7v. 
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church from original sources, v. 1, 1915; v. 2, 1928. 
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Maryland Society of the Cincinnati Register. 1897. 
McSherry, James. History of Maryland from its settlement in 1634 to the 

year 1848. 1849. Contains list of Maryland officers in service during the 

Revolution, 1776-1781. 
Neill, E. D. Founders of Maryland as portrayed in manuscripts, provincial 

records and early documents. 1876. 
Richardson, Mrs. H. D. Sidelights on Maryland history, with sketches of 

early Maryland families. 1913. 2 v. 
Skirven, P. G. First parishes of the provinces of Maryland wherein are 

given historical sketches of the ten counties and thirty parishes at the 

time of the establishment of the Church of England in Maryland in 1692 

U. S. Census Bureau. Heads of families taken at the first census of the 

U. S., 1790. 1907. 
Wilstack, Paul. Potomac Landings. 1921. 

26 Biennial Kei'ORT of the 

County and Town Histories 

Anne Arundel County. Riley, E. S. History of Ann Arundel county in 
Maryland. 1905. 

Warfield, J. D. Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard counties; a 
genealogical and biographical review from wills, deeds, and church 
records. 1905. 

Baltimore County. Genealogy and biography of leading families of the 
City of Baltimore and Baltimore County, Maryland. 1897. 

Baltimore County. Allen, Ethan. Garrison church; sketches of the his- 
story of the St. Thomas parish, Garrison Forest, Baltimore County, 
Maryland, 1742-1852. 1898. 

Cecil County. Johnston, George. Histoi*y of Cecil County, Maryland, and 
the early settlements around the head of Chesapeake bay and on the 
Delaware river, with sketches of some of the old families of Cecil county. 

Caroline County. Noble, E. M. and others. History of Caroline County, 
Maryland, from its beginning, n. d. 

Dorchester County. Jones, Elias. History of Dorchester County, Mary- 
land. 1902. 

Frederick County. Grove, W. J. History of Carrollton Manor, Frederick 
County, Maryland, giving the names of early settlers, among them 
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the first to sign the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, the Grove family and a complete lineage of the Jarboe 
family. 1922. 

Martinsburg and Berkeley Counties. Aler, F. V. Aler's History of Mar- 
tinsburg and Berkeley Counties, West Virginia. 

Contains the report on the adjustment of the boundary lines between 
Virginia and Maryland. Historical pen sketches of the early residents of 
Berkeley county. Reminiscences of Martinsburg. 

St. Mary's County. Hodges, Mrs. M. R., comp. General index of wills of 
St. Mary's County, Maryland, 1623-1900. 1921. 

Talbot County. Tilghman, O., comp. History of Talbot County, Maryland, 
1661-1861; comp. principally from the literary relics of the late S. A. 
Harrison. 1915. 2 v. 

Talbot County. Talbot County, Mai-yland, marriage licenses of Talbot 
County, Maryland, from 1796-1810. 1925. 


Maryland General Assembly. Archives of Maryland, 1883-1927. 

v. 18 contains muster rolls and other records of service of Maryland 
troops in the American Revolution, 1775-1783. 

Camper, Charles, comp. Historical record of the First regiment Maryland 
infantry with an appendix containing a register of the officers and en- 
listed men, biographies of deceased officers, etc., War of the Rebellion. 
1861-1865. 1871. 

Hess, George. Maryland Campaign from Sept. 1 to Sept 20, 1862. 1890. 

Maryland commission on the publication of the histories of the Maryland 
volunteers during the Civil War. History and roster of Maryland volun- 
teers, war 1861-1865. 1898. 2 v. 






















State Liijrary 27 

Maryland General Assembly. History and roster of Maryland volunteers, 
war of 1861-1865. 1898. 2 v. 

Maryland House of Delegates. Roster of the soldiers and sailors who 
served in the organizations from Maryland during the Spanish-American 
War. 1901. 

Riley, H. R. Roster of the soldiers and sailors who served in the organiz- 
ation from Maryland during the Spanish- American War. 1901. 


Massachusetts Historical Society Collections. 
1-7, 9, 10. 
1-8, 10. 
1, 3-8. 

1-10, 71, 72, 74. 
Massachusetts Historical Society proceedings; v. 18, 1880-81; v. 42-date. 

Biographical accounts of prominent men with some genealogical notes. 
Massachusetts (colony and province). Records of the Massachusetts Bay 

in New England. Ed. by N. B. Shurtleff. 1853-54. 
Minot, G. R. Continuation of the history of the province of Massachusetts 

Bay from the year 1748. 1798-1803. 2 v. 
Noyes, E. J. R. C. Women of the Mayflower and women of Plymouth 

Colony. 1921. 
Sawyer, J. D. History of the Pilgrims and Puritans, their ancestry and 

descendants. W. E. Griffis, ed. 1922. 3 v. 
Young, Alexander. Chronicles of the first planters of the colony of 
Massachusetts Bay, 1623-1636. 1846. 

County and Town Histories 
Berkshire County. History of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, with 

biographical sketches of prominent men. 1885. 2 v. 
Massachusetts Vital Records. (See catalogue for the names of towns). 
Massachusetts, Lexington. Records of births, marriages, and deaths to 

Jan. 1, 1898. 1898. 
North Brookfield. Temple, J. G. History of North Brookfield men. 1887. 
Contains a genealogical register. 


Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts soldiers 
and sailors of the Revolutionary War. 1896-1908. 

Massachusetts Adjutant-General. Records of the Massachusetts volunteer 
militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threat- 
ened invasion during the War of 1812-14. 1913. 

Allen, S. P. Down in Dixie in a cavalry regiment in the war days from the 
Wilderness to Appomattox. 1892. 

Anderson, John. Fifty-seventh regiment of Massachusetts volunteers in 
the year of the rebellion. 1896. 

Billings, J. D. History of the Tenth Massachusetts battery of light artil- 
lery in the War of the Rebellion. Formerly of the Third corps and after- 
wards of Hancock's Second corps, Army of the Potomac, 1862-65. 1909. 

28 Biennial KEroRT of the 

Boies, A. J. Record of the Thirty-third Massachusetts volunteer infantry 
from Aug. 1862 to Aug. 1865. 1880. 

Bruce, G. A. The Twentieth regiment of Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 
1861-65. 1906. 

Cook, B. F. History of the Twelfth Massachusetts volunteers (Webster 
regiment). 1882. 

Cudworth, W. H. History of the First regiment (Massachusetts infantry) 
from May 25, 1861 to May 25, 1864. 1866. 

"Corpoi-al." Letters from the Forty-fourth regiment M. V. M., a record of 
the experience of a nine-months' regiment in the department of N. C, 
1862-63. 1863. 

Davis, C. E. Three years in the army; the story of the Thirteenth Massa- 
chusetts volunteers. 1894. 

Day, D. L. My diary of rambles with the Twenty-fifth Massachusetts vol- 
unteer infantry with Burnside's division, Eighteenth army corps and 
Army of the James. 1884. 

Derby, W. P. Bearing arms in the Twenty-seventh Massachusetts regiment 
of volunteer infantry, 1863-65. 1891. 

Emilio, L. F. History of the Fifty-fourth regiment of Massachusetts vol- 
unteer infantry, 1863-65. 1891. 

Emmerton, J. A. A record of the Twenty-third regiment Massachusetts 
volunteer infantry in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-65, with alphabet- 
ical roster, company rolls, etc. 1886. 

Ewer, J. K. The Third Massachusetts cavalry in the War for the Union. 

Ford, A. E. Story of the Fifteenth regiment Massachusetts volunteer 
infantry in the Civil War, 1861-64. 1898. 

Gammous, J. G. Third Massachusetts regiment volunteer militia in the 
War of the Rebellion, 1861-63. 1906. 

Gordon, G. H. Brook farm to Cedar mountain. History of the Second 
Massachusetts regiment and the Second Massachusetts regiment and 
Stonewall Jackson. 1883. 

Hanson, J. W. Historical sketch of the old Sixth regiment of Massachu- 
setts volunteer during its three campaigns in 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864. Con- 
taining the history of the several campaigns previous to 1861 and the 
name and military record of each man connected with the regiment dur- 
ing the war. 1866. 

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war of 1861-65. 1895. 2 v. 

Johns, H. T. Life with the Forty-ninth Massachusetts volunteers. 1890. 

Kirwan, Thomas, comp. Memorial history of the Seventeenth regiment of 
Massachusetts volunteer infantry in the Civil War from 1861-1865. 1911. 

Lincoln, W. S. Life with the Thirty-fourth Massachusetts infantry in the 
War of the Rebellion. 1879. 

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teer infantry, Second brigade, First division, Fifth army corps, Army of 
the Potomac, 1861-64. 1899. 

Mann, A. W. History of the Forty-fifth regiment Massachusetts volunteer 
militia. 1908. 

State Library 29 

Massachusetts Artilllery, Fifth Battery. History of the Fifth Massachu- 
setts battery. 1902. 

Massachusetts. Adjutant-general's office record of the Massachusetts vol- 
unteers, 1861-65. 1868-70. 2 v. 

Massachusetts Infantry, Thirty-fifth Regiment. History of the Thirty- 
fifth regiment Massachusetts volunteers, 1862-65. 1884. 

Massachusetts Infantry, Thirty-sixth Regiment. History of the Thirty- 
sixth regiment Massachusetts volunteers, 1862-65. 1894. 

Massachusetts Regimental Association Historical Committee. Record of the 
Forty-fourth Massachusetts volunteer militia in North Carolina, Aug., 
1862 to May, 1863. 1887. 

Moors, J. F. History of the Fifty-second regiment Massachusetts volun- 
teers. 1893. 

Morse, C. F. History of the Second Massachusetts regiment of infantry. 

Nason, G. W. History and complete roster of the Massachusetts regiments 
minute men of '61. 1910. 

Newell, J. K. "Our," annals of the Tenth regiment Massachusetts volun- 
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State Library '.\'.> 


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State Library 51 

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officers who served in the S. C. regiments on the continental establish- 
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Contains Seventh battalion, First regiment, Eleventh regiment, Twenty- 
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see, with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men 

and pioneers. 1880. 
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52 Biennial Report op the 

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Continuation of the Texas state historical association quarterly. 

Texas State Historical Association Quarterly. 

v. 1-15 July 1897-April 1912. Continued by the Southwestern Historical 

County and Town Histories 

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1887. 1887. 

State Library 5-°> 

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ment to the present. 1895. Contains biographical sketches of many 
leading men and women. 


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Contains muster roll of the Fourth Texas volunteers. 

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v. 16-date, 1925-date. 
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County and Town Histories 

Windsor County. Aldrich, L. C. History of Windsor County, Vermont. 
1891. Contains roster of Windsor county during the war, 1861-65. 


Roster of Vermont men and women in the military and naval service of 
the United States and allies in the World War, 1917-1919. 1927. 


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54 Biennial Report of the 

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the first six bishops of the diocese of Virginia; together with brief 
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Contents: The McDowells, Logans, Aliens. 

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the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, 
etc. relating to its history, etc. 1845. 

Johnston, D. E. History of the Middle River settlement and contiguous 
territory. 1906. Gives account of Mercer county. 

Appendix A. Contains an account of Virginia courts, officers and at- 
Appendix B. Origin of Virginia and West Virginia counties and their 

Appendix C. Biographical sketches of the Bailey, Bane, Belcher, Black 
Barnes, Bowens, Burke, Calfee, Capertons, Chapmans, 
Cecil, Clay, Cloyd, Davidson, Emmons, French, Gillespie, 
Hale, Hare, Hoge, Howe, Johnston, Kirk, Lybrook, 
Meadows, McClaugherty, McComas, McDonald, Napier, 
Pack, Peck, Pearis, Peters, Shannon, Smith, Snidow, 
Straley and Whitten families. 
Appendix D. Members of Tazewell County House of Delegates, 1800- 

Appendix E. Giles County Attorneys, 1806-1905. 
Appendix F. List of Confederate field officers in various regiments. 
Appendix G. Selected muster rolls of varied infantry regiments. 

State Library 55 

Jenkin, F. T. A. Genealogical chart showing the descent from several 
lives of interesting family connections of the Virginia families of Alex- 
ander, Anderson, Aylett, Bruce, Dandridge, Fontaine, Henry, Jenkin, 
Moore, Poindexter, Spotswood, West, etc. 1908. 
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Parker, 1650, and his wife, Accomac County, Virginia. 
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Gives genealogical data on owners of homes. 
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1776-1825. n. d. 
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lature, 1916. (Va. State Lib. Bulletin v. 8 No. 1-3). 
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Genealogical notes upon the families of the manors. 
Society of Virginia of the District of Columbia. 

Society register; containing a brief history of its organization, a 
biography of its elective officers, a roster of its membership. cl926. 
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to several hundred emigrants to Virginia during the colonial period whose 
parentage is shown or former residence indicated by authentic records 
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list of governors, councillors and other high officials, members of the 
House of Burgesses and the Revolution conventions of the colony of 
Virginia. 1902. 
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county, 1777-1870. 1903. 
Swem, E. G. List of manuscripts recently deposited in the Virginia State 
Library by the State Auditor. 1914. 

Contains list of county, personal property, books, list of portraits and 
pieces of statuary in Virginia State Library with biographical notes 
Swem, E. G. and Williams, J. W. Register of the General Assembly of Vir- 
ginia, 1776-1918. 1918. Virginia State Library report, 1916-17. 
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U. S., 1790. Virginia. 1908. 
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taken prominent part in the development of Virginia and Kentucky 
especially. Includes the Lewis, Phillips, Moss, VanMeter, Cunningham 
and Harness families. 

56 Biennial Report of the 

Virginia General Assembly. Statutes at large; a collection of all the laws 
of Virginia from the first session of the legislature, 1619-1792 by W. W. 
Henning, 1819-1923. (Supreme Court Library). 

Virginia heraldry; genealogical clippings from the Baltimore Sun. 1904-08. 

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, v. 1-date, 1893-date. 

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In this will be found brief records of Amelia, Chesterfield and Nottaway 
counties, wills, deeds, land patents, marriages, epitaphs and obituaries. 

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William and Mary College Quarterly, v. 1-date, 1892-date. 

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to 1865. 1915. 

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ginia in the seventeenth century. 

County and Town Histories 

Accomak County. Nothingham, Stratton. Marriage license bonds from 
1774rl806. cl927. 

Albermarle County. Woods, Edgar. Albermarles county in Virginia. 1901. 

Alleghany County. Morton, O. F. Centennial history of Alleghany County, 
Virginia. 1923. 

Augusta County. Chalkey, L. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement 
in Virginia. 1912. 

Augusta County. Peyton, J. L. History of Augusta County, Virginia. 

Appendix contains the genealogy of the Lewis, McDowell, Preston, Camp- 
bell, Stuart, Bell, Cochran, Tate, Christian, Crawford, McCue, Hauger, 
Mathews, Porterfield, Wayt, Waddell, Peyton, Baldwin and Koiner 

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with reminiscences of its pioneer settlers. 1886. 
Supplement, 1886. 

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Bedford County. Buford, R. D. Bedford County, Virginia, index of wills 
from 1754 to 1830. 1917. 

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Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1720-1789. Transcribed by C. G. Chamber- 
layne. 1898. 

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with genealogies of families connected therewith. Ed. 2, 1879. 

Campbell County. Early, R. H. Campbell chronicles and family sketches 
embracing the history of Campbell County, Virginia, 1782-1926. 1927. 
Sketches of the Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Anthony, Bailey, Brown, 
Boiling, Bullock, Burton-Harrison, Callaway, Candler, Chiles, Clark, 
Clay, Clemens, Clement, Cobbs, Cocke, Dabney, Daniel, Davies, Davis, 
Deering, Diuguid, Douglas, Early, Evans, Floyd, Franklin, Garland, 
Gilliam, Goggin, Hairston, Hanks, Haythe, Henry, Holcombe, Hughes, 
Hunter, Irvine, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kabler, Langhorne, 
Lee, Leftwich, Lewis, Lynch, McReynolds, Miller, Moorman, Morgan, 
Murrell, Norvell, Otey, Owen, Panhill, Payne, Perrow, Preston, Pleas- 

State Library 57 

ants, Prewitt, Robertson, Rosser, Russell, Scott, Slaughter, Snow Stith, 
Strange, Talbot, Tate, Terrell, Thompson, Thorpe, Thurman, Tyree, 
Venable, Wade, Walden, Ward, Watts-Sanders, Winston, Withers, 
Wyatt and Yuille families. 

Caroline County. Wingfield, Marshall. History of Caroline County, Vir- 
ginia, from its formation in 1727, to 1924. 1924. 

Culpeper County. Green, R. T. Genealogical and historical notes on 
Culpeper County, Virginia; embracing a rev. and enl. ed. of Dr. P. 
Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish. 1900. 

Culpeper County. Slaughter, P. History of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper 
County, Virginia, with notes of old churches and old families. 1877. 

Frederick County. Cartwell, T. K. Shenandoah Valley pioneers and their 
descendants; a history of Frederick County, Virginia, 1738-1908. Com- 
piled mainly from l'ecords of old Frederick county, now Hampshire, 
Berkely, Shenandoah, Jefferson, Hardy, Clarke, Warren, Morgan and 
Frederick. cl909. 

Fredericksburg. Goolrick, J. T. Historic Fredericksburg. 

Fredericksburg. Quinn, S. J. History of the city of Fredericksburg, Va. 

Halifax County. Carrington, W. J. History of Halifax County, Virginia. 


Hanover County. Page, R. Hanover county. 1926. 

Henry County. Hill, J. P. A history of Henry County, Virginia. 1925. 

King and Queen County. Bagby, A. King and Queen County, Virginia. 

King and Queen County. Hundley, W. T. History of Mattaponi Baptist 
church, King and Queen County, Virginia, n. d. 

King William County. Clarke, P. N. Old King William homes and fam- 
ilies. 1897. Includes over fifty families. 

King William Parish. King William Parish, Mannikintown, Virginia. 
Register, containing the baptisms made in the church of the French 
refugees at Mannikintown in the year of Our Lord 1721, March 25. n.d. 

Lancaster County. Nottingham, S. Marriage license bonds of Lancaster 
County, Virginia, from 1701 to 1848. 1927. 

Lunenburg County. Bell, J. C. Old free state; a contribution to the history 
of Lunenburg county and southside Virginia. 1927. 

Lynchburg. Cabell, Mrs. M. C. (A). Sketches and recollections of Lynch- 
burg. 1858. 

Madison County. Yowell, C. L. History of Madison County, Virginia. 1926. 
Lists of Civil and World War veterans in appendix. 

Middlesex County. Christ Church, Va. Christ Church. Vestry book of 
Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1663-1767. 1927. 

Middlesex County. Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia. Parish 
register from 1653 to 1812. 1897. 

Nansemond County. Dunn, J. B. History of Nansemond County, Virginia. 

New Kent County. St. Peter's Parish. New Kent County, Virginia. Par- 
ish register of St. Peter's, New Kent county, from 1680-1787. 1904. 

Norfolk. Forrest, W. S. Historical and descriptive sketches of Norfolk 
and vicinity including Portsmouth and the adjacent counties. 1853. 

58 Biennial Report of the 

Norfolk County. Mcintosh, C. F. Brief abstract of Lower Norfolk county 
and Norfolk county wills, 1637-1710. 1914. 

Norfolk County. Mcintosh, C. F. Brief abstract of Lower Norfolk county 
wills, 1710-1753. 1914. 

Norfolk County. Mcintosh, C. F. Brief abstract of Lower Norfolk county 
wills, 1710-1753. 1922. 

Orange County. Scott, W. W. History of Orange County, Virginia, from 
its formation in 1734 (c.s.) to the end of the reconstruction in 1870, 
comp. mainly from original records, 1907. 

Richmond. Moore, J. S., ed. Annals of Henrico Parish (cl904). 

Gives pewholders, heads of families and communicants of St. John's 
church, and lists of marriages, baptisms, deaths, etc. 

Richmond. Mordecai, S. Richmond in bygone days. Ed. 2. 1860. 

Rockbridge County. Morton, O. F. History of Rockbridge County, Vir- 
ginia. 1920. 

Rockingham County. Wayland, J. W. History of Rockingham County, 
Virginia. 1912. 

Shenandoah County. Wayland, J. W. History of Shenandoah County, 
Virginia. 1927. 

Spotsylvania County. Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800; being transcrip- 
tions from original files at the court house of wills, deeds, administrators 
and guardian's bonds, marriage licenses and list of Revolutionary pen- 
sioners. 1905. 

Tazwell County. Harman, J. N. Annals of Tazwell County, Virginia, 
from 1800 to 1924. 1922-1925. 2 v. 

Truro Parish. Slaughter, P. History of Truro Parish in Virginia. cl907. 

Westmoreland County. Fothergill, Mrs. A. B. (M). Wills of Westmore- 
land County, Virginia, 1654-1800. 1925. 

Westmoreland County. Wright, T. R. B. Westmoreland County, Vir- 
ginia. 1912. 

Williamsburg. Goodwin, W. A. R. Historical sketch of Bruton Church, 
Williamsburg, Va. 1903. 

Williamsburg. Tyler, L. G. Williamsburg, the old colonial capital. cl907. 

Williamsbui-g. Tyler, L. G. Williamsburg. cl907. 

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town in the Shenandoah Valley. 1925. 


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file in the Virginia land offices together with material found in the 

archive department of the Virginia State Library. 1927. 
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McAllister, J. T. Index to Saffell's list of Virginia soldiers in the 

Revolutionary War. 1913. 
Virginia State Library. List of Revolutionary soldiers of Virginia. 1912- 

1913. 2 v. 

State Library 59 

Baylor, G. Bull Run to Bull Run. Containing detailed account of the 
career and adventures of the Bayler light horse, Company B, Twelfth 
Virginia cavalry C. S. A. 1900. 

Burt, S. H. List of officers and men of the cavalry brigade of Brig. Gen. 
R. L. T. Beale, S. C. S., surrendered at Appomattox C. H., April 9, 1865. 

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ginia cavalry. 1927. 

Loehr, C. T. War history of the old First Virginia infantry regiment, 
Army of Northern Virginia. 1884. 

McDonald, W. N. History of the Laurel brigade, originally the Ashley 
cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia, and Chew's battery. 1907. 

Richmond Howitzers in the war. 1891. 

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Wise, G. History of the Seventeenth Virginia infantry, C. S. A. 1870. 

Worsham, J. H. One of Jackson's foot cavalry. 1912. 

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Davis, A. K., ed. Virginia war agencies, selective service and volunteers. 

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Butches, B. L., ed. Genealogical and personal history of Monongahela 
Valley, W. Va. 1912. 2 v. 

De Hass, Wills. History of the early settlement and Indian wars of west- 
ern Virginia, also biographical sketches of distinguished actors in our 
border wars. 1851. 

Lang, T. F. Loyal West Virginia from 1861-65. 

McWhorter, L. V. Border settlers of northwest Virginia from 1768 to 
1795, embracing the life of Jesse Hughes; with preface and added notes 
by W. E. Connelley and sketch of the author by J. P. MacLean. 1915. 

Newton, J. H. History of the Panhandle; being historical collections of 
the counties of Ohio, Brooke, Marshall and Hancock, W. Va. 1879. 

West Virginia Archives and History Department. 

Biennial report, v. 1-3, 1906-1911; v. 3 contains the soldiery of West Vir- 
ginia in the French and Indian wars; Lord Dunmore's war; the Revolu- 
tion; later Indian wars; whiskey insurrection; second war with England; 
war with Mexico, and addenda relating to West Virginians in the Civil 

Lewis, V. A. History of West Virginia. 1889. 
pt. 2, counties of West Virginia. 


Cook, R. B. Lewis county in the Civil War. 1924. 

Cook, R. B. Lewis county in the Spanish-American War. 1925. Pam. 

Lewis County. Cook, R. B. Lewis county in the Spanish-American War. 
1925. Pam. 

County and Town Histories 

Berkeley County. Aler, F. V. Aler's history of Martinsburg and Berkeley 
County, West Virginia, n. d. 

00 Biennial Report op the 

Fayette County. Peters, J. T. and Garden, H. B. History of Fayette 
County, West Virginia. 1926. 

Hampshire County. Maxwell, H. and Swisher, H. L. History of Hamp- 
shire County, West Virginia. 1897. 

Harrison County. Haymond, Henry. History of Harrison County, West 
Virginia. cl910. 

Lewis County. Smith, E. C. History of Lewis County West Virgina. 1920. 

Marshall County. Powell, Scott. History of Marshall County, West Vir- 
ginia. 1925. 

Monroe County. Morton, 0. F. History of Monroe County, West Virginia. 

Pendleton County. Morton, O. F. History of Pendleton County, West Vir- 
ginia. 1910. 

Preston County. Morton, 0. F. History of Preston County, West Vir- 
ginia. 1914. 2 v. 

Preston County. Wiley, S. T. History of Preston County, West Virginia. 

Randolph County. Bosworth, A. S. History of Randolph County, West 
Virginia. 1916. 

Richie County. Lowther, M. K. History of Ritchie county with biograph- 
ical sketches of its pioneers and their ancestry. 1911. 

Shepherdstown. Dandridge, Mrs. D. (B). Historic Shepherdstown. 
Appendix contains alphabetical list of officers and privates connected 
with Shepherdstown or recruited in its neighborhood during the Rev- 

Summers County. Miller, J. H. History of Summers county. 1908. 

Tucker County. Maxwell, H. History of Tucker County, West Virginia. 


Wisconsin State Historical Society Collections, 
v. 1-21, 1903-1915. 
v. 23-28, 1916-1920. 
v. 21 index to first 20 volumes. 


Bryant, E. E. History of the Third regiment of Wisconsin veteran volun- 
teer infantry, 1861-65. 1891. 

Love, W. De L. Wisconsin in the War of the Rebellion; a history of all 
regiments and batteries the state has sent to the field. 1866. 

Quiner, E. B. Military history of Wisconsin; a report of the civil and mil- 
itary patriotism of the state in the war for the Union, with a history of 
the campaigns in which Wisconsin soldiers have been conspicuous, reg- 
imental histories, sketches of distinguished officers, the roll of the illus- 
trious dead, etc. 1866. 

Wisconsin Adjutant-General. Roster of Wisconsin volunteers, War of the 
Rebellion, 1861-65. 1886. 2 v. 

Wisconsin Commission on Civil War records. Records and sketches of 
military organizations, population, legislation, election and other sta- 
tistics relating to Wisconsin in the period of the Civil War. 1914. 

State Library fil 


Amory. Meredith, G. E. Descendants of Hugh Amory, 1605-1805. 1901. 

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Southern Families, v. 1). 

Armstrong. Armstrong Zella, comp. Armstrong "trooper" (in Notable 
Southern Families v. 3). 

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66 Biennial Report op the 

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08 Biennial Report op the 

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