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From July 1, 1940 to June 30, 1942 


Librarian . Cabbie L. Bbouohton 

Chief Library Assistant Pauline Hill 

Senior Assistant Mabqaeet B. Pbice 



State Librarian 

To the Hon. J. Melville Brougiiton, Governor; Mr. Thaddeus Euke, Secretary- 
of State: and Mr. Clyde A. Erwin, Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Gentlemen: — I have the honor to present to your honorable body for 
due consideration the biennial report of the State Librarian of the State 
Library of North Carolina, for a period covering twenty-four months from 
July 1st, 1940 to June 30, 1942. 



By purchase 1.3SS 

By gift 257 

U. S. Government (not catalogued) 85 

Bound newspapers 205 

Bound magazines 428 

Number of volumes in general library 73,006 

Number of volumes of bound newspapers 6,716 

Number of volumes of bound magazines 7,206 

Books catalogued 1,509 

Cards added to catalog 5,767 

Cards added to newspaper index 5,412 


Visitors to Library (white) 29,663 

Visitors to Library (colored) 1,446 

Number of bound newspapers used 4,004 


Personal Service . $11,9S5.92 

Supplies and Materials 194.33 

Postage, Express, Telephone, Telegrams, etc. 199.64 

Printing and Binding , 2,142.97 

Books, Magazines, Newspapers 6.967.9S 

Repairs, Alterations 301.27 

Library Equipment 1,923.43 

Travel 131.50 

Microfilming 825.00 

Respectfully submitted, 


State Librarian. 

4 Biennial Report of the 



(Abbreviations: d., dally; w., weekly; s\v., semi-weekly; m., monthly: bra., bi-monthly; 

trl-w., trl-weekly.) 

Aberdeen and Vass Sandhill Citizen, w. 

Ahoskie Hertford County Herald, w. 

Albemarle Stanly News Herald, w. 

Asheboro Courier-Tribune, 

Asheville Asheville Citizen, d. 

Asheville Asheville Times, d. 

Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Constitution, d. 

Beaufort Beaufort News, w. 

Boone Watauga Democrat, w. 

Boston, Mass. Christian Science Monitor, d. 

Carthage Moore County News, w. 

Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Weekly, w. 

Chapel Hill News Letter, w. 

Charlotte Charlotte News, d. 

Charlotte Charlotte Observer, d. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Times, w. 

Charlotte Beasley's Weekly, w. 

Conover Our Church Record, tri-m. 

Durham Durham Morning Herald, d. 

Elizabeth City Daily Advance, d. 

Elizabeth City Independent, sw. 

Fayetteville Fayetteville Observer, d. 

Forest City Forest City Courier, w. 

Gastonia Gastonia Gazette, d. 

Greensboro Greensboro Daily News, d. 

Greensboro Greensboro Daily Record, d. i 

Greensboro N. C. Christian Advocate, w. 

Greensboro Greensboro Patriot, w. 

Greenville Greenville Reflector, d. 

Hendersonville Times-News, d. 

Hickory Hickory Daily Record, d. 

Jackson Jackson News, w. 

Jefferson \she Presbyterian, m. 

Lenoir Lenoir News-Topic, sw. 

Lexington Dispatch, sw. 

Lincolnton Lincoln County News, sw. 

Louisburg , Franklin Times, sw. 

Lumberton Robesonian, d. 

Marshall News Record, w. 

Maxton Scottish Chief, w. 

JVIocksville Davie Record, w. 

Monroe Monroe Journal, sw. 

Moravian Falls Yellow Jacket, m. 

Morganton News Herald, sw. 

Mooresville Mooresville Enterprise, w. 

State Library 

Nashville Graphic, w. 

New Bern The Sun Journal, d. 

Newton Catawba News Enterprise, sw. 

New York, N. Y. The New York Times, d. 

Norlina Norlina Headlight, w. 

Oxford Oxford Public Ledger, tri-w. 

Oxford Orphan's Friend, w. 

Pittsboro Chatham Record, w. 

Raleigh Biblical Recorder, w. 

Raleigh News and Observer, d. 

Raleigh Raleigh Times, d. 

Reidsville Reidsville Review, d. 

Richmond, Va. . Richmond Times Dispatch, d. 

Rockingham Rockingham Post Dispatch, w. 

Roxboro Roxboro Courier, w. 

Roxboro Person County Times, w. 

Rutherfordton Rutherford County News, w. 

Sanatorium Sanatorium Sun, m. 

Sanford Sanford Herald, sw. 

Scotland Neck Scotland Neck Commonwealth, w. 

Shelby Shelby Daily Star, d. 

Siler City ■. Chatham News, w. 

Smithfield Smithfield Herald, sw. 

St. Paul St. Paul Review, w. 

Southern Pines The'Pilot, w. 

Statesville Landmark, sw. 

Sylva Jackson County Journal, w. 

Tarboro Daily Southerner, d. 

Tarboro Weekly Southerner, w. 

Thomasville Charity and Children, w. 

Wadesboro Messenger and Intelligencer, w. 

Wallace Wallace Enterprise, w. 

Warrenton Warren Record, w. 

Warsaw Duplin-Sampson Advocate, w. 

Williamston Enterprise, sw. 

Windsor Bertie Ledger Advance, w. 

Wilmington Wilmington Morning Star, d. 

Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal, d. 

Winston-Salem _J Twin-City Sentinel, d. 

Winston-Salem The Industrial Leader, w. 

Valdese The Valdese News, w. 

Biennial Report of the 



Agricultural History 
Agricultural Review 
American Antiquarian Society 

American Antivivisection Society 
American Library Association 

American Hebrew 
American Highways 
American Historical Review 
American Home 
American Legion 
American Literature 
American Magazine 
American Mercury 
Annals of the American Academy 

of Political & Social Sciences 
Arizona Highways 
Army & Navy Journal 

Atlanta Historical Bulletin 

Banker and the Financier 
Book Review Digest 

Business Week 

California News Notes 
Canadian Historical Review 
Carolina Co-operator 
Carolina Journal of Pharmacy » 
Carolina Kiwanian 
Caswell News 
Catholic World 
(The) Chat 
Christian Century 
Christian Herald 
Chronicles of Oklahoma 
Congressional Digest 
Contemporary Review 
Cumulative Book Index 
Current Biography 
Current History 
Duke Alumni Register 
Duke University Bulletin 

Education For Victory • 

Employment Security News - ' • 


Extension Farm News 

Filson Club History Quarterly 

Florida Historical Quarterly 

Foreign Service 

Genealogical Magazine of N. J. 

Genealogy ~&~ History — 

Georgia Historical Quarterly 


Good Housekeeping 


Health Bulletin -— 

Holland's ' 

House & Garden 

House Beautiful 

Independent Woman 

Indiana Magazine of History 

James Sprunt Studies 

John's Hopkins University Studies 

Journal of Calendar Reform 

Journal of Mississippi History 

Journal of Politics 

Journal of Southern History 

Journal of Elisha Mitchell 

Scientific Society 

Journal of Illinois Historical Society 

Journal of the History of Ideas 

Journal of National Education 

Kansas Historical Quartei'ly 
Kentucky State Historical Society 

Register ( _. 

Kiwanis Magazine 
Labor & Industry 
Library Journal 

Louisiana Historical Quarterly - 
Manufacturers Record 
Maryland Historical Magazine 
Meredith College Bulletin 
Michigan History Magazine 
Mid America 
Minnesota History 
Missouri Historical Review 
Mississippi Valley Historical Review 

State Library 

Monthly Checklist of Official 
N. C. Publications 

Monthly Labor Review 


National Genealogical Society • 

National Geographic Magazine 

National Historical Magazine D.A.R. 

New England Historical & 
Genealogical Magazine 

New Jersey Historical Society 

New Republic 

New York Genealogical & / 
Biographical Record 

New York Public Library Bulletin 

New York Times Index 

News Letter - r 

News Map 
'Nineteenth Century 

Norfolk & Western Magazine 

North Carolina Education. 

North Carolina Employment 
•• Security Information 

North Carolina Federalist 
North Carolina Historical Review 
North Carolina Libraries 
North Carolina Parent-Teacher 

North Carolina Public School 

•North Carolina State Alumni News 
•North Carolina Wild Life 

Ohio State Archaeological & 

Historical Quarterly 
Pan American 

Pan American Union Bulletin* ", 1 
.Pennsylvania Magazine " -' 
Popular Government 
.Popular Science 
Progressive Farmer 
.Public Assistance Statistics 
Public Welfare News 
Readers Digest 
Readers .Guide *■ • 

"Red- Cross Courier ■ ' 

Research Bulletin of N.E.A. . ' - 
Rotarian . ' ' *" /•- " 

Saturday Review of Literature 

School & Society ' 
Scimitar & Song 
Scientific Monthly 
Selective Service 
Sewanee Review 
Social Forces 
South Atlantic Quarterly 
South Carolina Historical & 

Genealogical .Magazine 
Southern City 

Southern Economic Journal 
Southern Folklore Quarterly 
Southern Historical Society Papers 
Southern Literary Messenger 
Southern Medicine & Surgery 
Southern Review 
Southern Tobacco Journal- 

Specialty Salesman 

State School Facts 
Studies in Philology 

Tar-heel Banker 
. Tar Heel Boy 

Tennessee Historical Quarterly 
Textile Bulletin 
Textile Forum 

Tyler's Quarterly Magazine 
Union Seminary Review 
U.D.C. Bulletin. . 
U.N.C. Library News Sheet 
U.N.C. Record. 

Virginia Magazine 
Virginia Quarterly Review 
Vital Speeches 

West Virginia History 
Western Pennsylvania History 

White Ribbon : ... 

William & Mary-Quarterly . -. 

Wilson Bulletin V - ' 

Wisconsin Library Bulletin 
Wisconsin Magazine of History 
Yale Review 

8 Biennial Report of the 



Alley, F. E. Random Thoughts and Musings of a Mountaineer. 1941. 

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Carolinas. [c. 1941]. 
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Federation of Women's clubs. 1941. 
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North Caroliniana. 1941. 
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1939-1940, a cooperative study made by the teachers and pupils of 

Mitchell County, n.d. 
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[c. 1941]. 
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a Young Cotton Planter, [c. 1901]. 
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State Library 9 

Fowler, G. P. The House of Fowler Family, a history of the Fowler 

families of the south. 1940. 
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Forsyth County, N. C. 1941. 
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W. Fuller. 1926. 
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treatment of aliens in the United States, [c. 1940]. 
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anniversary publication of the Woman's College of the University of 

North Carolina. 1942. 
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Torch, n.d. 
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10 Biennial Report of the 

London, L. F. Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire: his life and works. 1941. 
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can Population Policy. 1940. 
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survey 1938-1940. 1940. 
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The McLeans; The Torreys; The Purcells; The Mclntyres; The 

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the founding and development of Cannon Mills Company and 

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script Collection in the Archives of the North Carolina Historical 

Commission. 1942. 
North Carolina Historical Records Survey Project. Division of Community 

Service Programs. Inventory of State Archives. 
North Carolina Historical Commission. 
Local Government. 

State Library 11 

State Board of Alcoholic Control. 

Licensing Boards. . 

Stonewall Jackson Manual Training & Industrial School. 

Utilities Commission. 

Board of Advisers of the Veterans Loan Fund. 

North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority. 

North Carolina Historical Records Survey Project. Division of Profes- 
sional and Service Projects. Inventory of Church Archives of North 

Brunswick Association. 

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Flat River Association. 

Raleigh Association. 

Southern Baptist Convention. 

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[c. 1942]. 
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12 Biennial Report of the 

Turner, J. C. A Truth in a Smile, [c. 1941]. 

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Carolina. 1915. 
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Wood, Charles. First the Fields, [c. 1941]. 

Work's Project Administration, North Carolina. Survey of Federal 
Archives. Inventory of Federal Archives in the State. 

Department of Agriculture. 3 vols. 

Department of Farm Credit Administration. 

Department of Justice. 

Department of Labor. 

Department of Navy. • 

Department of Treasury. 

Department of War. 

Department of Veteran's Administration. 

Department of Interior. 

Department of Commerce. 

Department of Federal Courts. ' 

Department of Miscellaneous Agencies. 
Worth, Kathryn. The Middle Button. 1941. 
Worth, Kathryn. They Loved to Laugh. 1942. 

Writers Program, North Carolina. How They Began in the Story of 
North Carolina County, Town and Other Place Names. Comp. By 
Workers W.P.A. 1941. 
Writers Program of the Projects Administration in the State of North 

Carolina. Raleigh Capital of North Carolina. 1942. 
Writers Program, North Carolina. How North Carolina Grew. 1941. 
Writers Program, North Carolina. What's Doing in North Carolina. 1941. 





1926-1928; 1934-1936; 1936-1938; 1938-1940 

14 Biennial Report of the 


In the State Library one will find one of the most complete genealogical 
collections to be found in the south. The material is always available to 
the researchers. The staff gladly assists the patrons in every way possible, 
but is too small to undertake private researches. We however recom- 
mend to our patrons some competent genealogist who will gladly do the 
work for them at a reasonable price. 

The original marriage bonds, deedsr wiHs, etc., from the various counties 
are to be found in the Department of the Historical Commission. 

The Land grants in the Secretary of State's Office are housed in the- 
same building with the library and here are to be found the land granta 
from the various counties of North Carolina^ 

State Library 15 


Asbury, Francis. Journal of the Rev. Francis Asbury, Bishop of the 

Methodist Episcopal Church, from Aug. 7, 1771 to Dec. 7, 1815. 

3 vols. 1821. 
Banks, C. E. Topographical dictionary of 2885 English emigrants to New 

England 1620-1650. # 1937. 
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Catalogue of the officers and alumni of Washington and Lee University, 

Lexington, Virginia. 1749-1888. 1888. 
Gaudy, Wallace. The association oath rolls of the British plantations 

NewYork, Virginia, etc.). A.D. 1696. 1922. 
General Council of the General Society Colonial Wars. First supplement 

to the 1922 index of ancestors and Roll of members of the General 

Society of Colonial wars. 1941. 2v. Vol. 2. Roll of Members. 
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present name, date formed, parent county, and county seat. n.d. 
Harvard alumni directory. 1940. 
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Part 1. The Romance of the Great Charta. 
Part 2. Pedigrees of. the Barons. 
hf Wynn, A. E. Southern lineage records of thirteen families. 1940. 

Contents: Evans, Hammock, Clement, Heard, Robinson, Fitzpatrick, 

Wyatt, Foster, Grigsby, Blassigame, Gowen, Bearden & Winn families. 


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Lancaster Parish register society. Registers. 

Vol. 1 — Bury 
Vol. 2 — Burnley 
Vol. 3 — Whittington 
Vol. 4 — Wigam 
Vol. 5 — Walton on the Hill 
Vol. 6 — Croston ".<!... 

Vol. 7 — Whalley 
.---'- Vol. 8 — St. James of Didsbury 

Vol.10 — Bury No. 2 ■ .1.1// 

: - - - Vol. 11 — Brindle : 

Vol. 12 — Middleton 
Vol. 13 — Ormskirk 
Vol. 15 — Eccleston 
Vol. 16 — Padiham 
Vol. 17 — Colne 
Vol. LS — Middleton, Pt. 2 
Vol 19— Pouton-Le-Fylde 
Vol. 20 — Croston, Vol. 2 
Vol. 21 — Cockerham 
Vol. 22 — Newchurch (Culcheth) 
Vol. 23 — St. Thomas, UpHolland 

16 Biennial Report of the 

Vol. 24 — Bury, Vol. 3 

Vol. 25 — Eccles 

Vol. 26 — Ribchester 

Vol. 27 — St. Michaels on Wyre & Woodplumton 

Vol. 28 — The Priory church of Cartmel 

Vol. 29 — St. Michaels Pennington in Furness & Urswick in 
Furness , 

Vol. 30 — Aldingham in Furness & Coniston, Lancashire 
Harleian society publication pt. 1, 1940 — The register of St. Lawrence 

Jewry 1538-1676. 
Harleian society publication — London visitation pedigrees, 1664. 1940. 


McCall, Mrs. W. H., comp. Roster of Revolutionary soldiers in Georgia, 
[c. 1941]. 

County and Town Histories 

Colquitt county — Covington, W. A. History of Colquitt county. 1937. 


Marbois, Barbe. History of Louisiana particularly of the cession of that 

colony to the United States of America. 1830. 
Seebold, Herman de Bachelle. Old Louisiana plantation homes and family 

trees. Privately printed. 2 vols. 


Hill, Mary Pelham. Vital records of Georgetown, Maine to the year 
1892. Vol 2 — Marriages. 1941. 

County and Town Histories 

Wayne County. History of the town of Wayne, Kennebec County from its 
settlement to 1898. 1898. 


Burns, Annie Walker. Maryland genealogies and historical recorder, 

Vol. 1. 1941. 
Passano, Eleanor Phillips. An index of the source records of Maryland, 

Genealogical, Biographical, Historical. 1940. 

County and Town Histories 

Prince George County. Greene, Sylvia Gorman. Marriage records of 
Prince George County, Maryland, 1777 to 1836. 1941. 

Sandy Springs. Farquhar, W. H. Annals of Sandy Springs or twenty 
years of a rural community in Maryland. 1884. 4 vols. 

Washington County. Bell, H. C. History of Leitersburg district, Wash- 
ington, Md. 1898. 

Wicomico County. Maryland historical records survey. Inventory of the 
county and town archives of Maryland. 1940. 

State Library 17 


County and Town Histories 

Ashfield. New England Historic and Genealogical Society. Vital records 
of Ashfield, Massachusetts to the year 1850. 1942. 


County and Town Histories 

Union and Middlesex Counties. Clayton, W. W. History of Union and 
Middlesex Counties, New Jersey with biographical sketches. 18S2. 


A Fries, Adelaide L. Graveyard register of Friedland Moravian Church, 

Forsyth County, N. C. 1941. 
-J Fowler, G. P. The house of Fowler family, a history of the Fowler 

families of the south. 1940. 
"*" Hickerson, T. F. Happy valley history and genealogy, [c. 1940]. 
H' Ivey, G. F. The Ivey family in the United States, n.d. 

McKoy, Elizabeth Francenia. Inscriptions copied from stones in St. 
James graveyard during March and April of 1939. n.d. 
U McLean, A. W. Lumber river Scots and their descendants. 1942. 
rr Michael, O. B. Yadkin college 1856-1924, a historic sketch. 1939. 
H Sloo, J. R. & Pauline Herring Sloo. John Herring of New Hanover 

County, N. C. and some of his descendants 1705-1941. 1941. 
■^ Sondley, F. A. History qf Buncombe County, North Carolina. 1930. 

2 vols. 
'^Webb, W. J. Our Webb kin of Dixie, a family history. 1940. 

Whitener, R. V. Tales of our ancestors in Catawba County, N. C. 1915. 

County and Town Histories 

Miami, Montgomery, Warren, and Preble Counties. Brian, L. M. Miami 
valley abstracts from the counties of Miami, Montgomery, Warren, 
and Preble, 1803-1850. 1940. 


County and Town Histories 

Erie County. Nelson, S. B. Nelson's biographical dictionary and his- 
torical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania. 1896. 

Snyder County. Fisher, Dr. Charles A. Abstracts of Snyder County pro- 
bate and orphans court records, 1772-1855. 1940. 


Revill, Jane. Copy of the original index book showing the revolutionary 
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Contents — Evans, Hammock, Clement, Heard, Robinson, Fitzpatrick, 

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