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Into The Eighties 

The 1979-1980 Biennial Report, Field Museum of Natural History 


"Field Museum is a museum-goer's /^ 

museumat its best." i 

A/ew 'iork Times, October 21, 1979 

Building For A New Decade 

The 1980s clearly will be a new era for Field 
Museum, and in this report we will dwell 
briefly on where the fVluseum has been 
and, more important, where it is going. 

If the decade of the 1970s were categor- 
ized, it would be called "the building era." 
It took almost ten years to go to the friends 
of Field Museum, tell them of the need to 
rehabilitate the 50-year-old building, raise 
the $25 million required, and complete 
one of the most extensive museum- 
renovation programs undertaken in this 
country. During this time, the Museum was 
kept open to the public — although with 
temporary entrances and with exhibition 
halls closed and opened in sequence as 
craftsmen moved through them. Literally 
millions of specimens were moved into 
modern collection-storage facilities as 
added space became available; 
classrooms and a new cafeteria were 
opened; and scientific laboratories, a new 
education department, and administrative 
areas came into use. 

By the end of the decade, the Field 
Museum building, modernized, was one 
of the world's finest museum facilities — for 
exhibition, for collection preservation and 
study, and for public programs. Energies 
next were directed toward the Museum's 
reason for being — the programs of sci- 
ence, education, and exhibition. 

In the long run, the quality and stature of a 
museum depend in large measure on the 
intellectual capacity of its curatorial staff. 
Although additional scientific personnel 
are needed in many areas of Field 
Museum, given the financial exigencies of 
the times, it is likely that Field Museum will 
find it prudent to concentrate on maintain- 
ing and increasing excellence rather than 
on increasing numbers of personnel. 

A great museum is one of the few institu- 
tions of an educational or cultural nature 
that offers a lifetime association to the indi- 
vidual citizen. That association can en- 
large horizons, enrich a life, and ultimately, 
even lead to a professional commitment. 
The key to such association is the public 
programs offered to both children and 
adults. Since Field Museum's building 
renovation was completed, a wide variety 
of programs has been developed, making 
the Museum a center of intellectual activity 
for thousands of people. Enlargement and 
diversification of such offerings, which 
once started, are largely self-funding 
through participation fees, must be a high 
priority for the 1980s. 

To the vast majority of the public, Field 
Museum is its exhibition halls. The collec- 
tions are world renowned; thus \he objects 
on exhibition are of the highest quality. 
Many of the exhibits themselves, however, 
do not meet the same high standards. One 
of the most important priorities of the de- 
cade ahead must be exhibit renewal. An 
exhibit master plan was developed in the 
1970s, and the first major exhibition proj- 
ect planned therein is underway. 

It is a temptation to attribute all institutional 
problems and lacunae to lack of funds. 
Clearly this is escapism; however, the eco- 
nomic climate of the times does permit 
ample room for such attribution. 

In 1950, Field Museum derived its income 
almost entirely from two sources: endow- 
ment income and Chicago Park District 
tax support. In 1980, the income was wide- 
ly diversified: from tax sources — local, 
state, and federal; from contributions- 
corporate, foundation, and individual; and 
from earned income — admissions, sales, 
and services. Inflation is wreaking havoc 
with the finances of all nonprofit institu- 
tions. Field Museum included. An intense 
effort must be made in financial planning 
and resource development to meet pro- 
jected financial needs. 

Important changes in administrative staff 
have been made in the last two years. The 
President and Director, E. Leiand Webber, 
indicated his desire to retire in 1981. After 
careful study the Trustees restructured 
the office of the chief executive by ap- 
pointment of a Director as chief operating 
officer responsible for the day-to-day 
internal operations of the Museum, and 
a President as chief executive officer 
responsible for long-range planning, 
development, and external relations, in- 
cluding government relations. Dr. Lorin I. 
Nevling, Jr, Assistant Director, Science 
and Education, and a member of Field 
Museum's staff since 1973, was appointed 
Director on May 20, 1980. In early 1981 
Dr. Willard L. Boyd, the distinguished 
President of the University of Iowa, was 
appointed President of Field Museum, ef- 
fective September 1, 1981. Other senior 
appointments during the biennium were 
Mr. Thomas R. Sanders, formerly Planning 
and Development Officer, as Vice Presi- 
dent, Development, and Dr, David M. 
Raup, formerly Chairman, Department of 
Geology, as Dean of Science. This strong 
senior administrative team will serve the 
Museum well in the years ahead. 

Field Museum is strong. Its staff is 
talented and dedicated to the Museum, 
whether it be the newest security officer 
or the most senior curator. The Board of 
Trustees is a working and committed 
Board. The relationship between Board 
and staff is one of trust, cooperation, and 
mutual respect. 

We look ahead to this decade, and be- 
yond to Field Museum's centennial in 
1993, confident that Board and staff, 
working together with donors and various 
levels of government, will solve the finan- 
cial problems facing them. Given the crit- 
ical and necessary financial base. Field 
Museum will grow in distinction and in 
service to science and society. 


The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

Children in a summer workshop learn about 
the food and customs of many lands 
L. Belmont photo 

Students In an adult course collect 
fossiliferous concretions from a shale bank 
along Mazon Creek G. Baird photo 

Field Museum during the past two years 
offered much that was new and. in turn, 
benefitted from the growing involvement 
of tens of thousands of people who took 
part in these programs and who were 
concerned with the Museum's well- 

These programs were made possible, in 
part, by public and private contributions. 
Historically strong support from the 
Chicago Park District and the federal 
government— primarily through the Na- 
tional Science Foundation, the National 
Endowment for the Humanities, and the 
National Endowment for the Arts — is now 
being complemented by modest, but crit- 
ically important, appropriations from the 
State of Illinois. Only about one-third of 
the annual operating expenditures, how- 
ever, is funded by all levels of govern- 
ment; two-thirds comes from private 
funds, contributed or earned. Thus, Field 
Museum is fulfilling its obligation and de- 
termination to not become an undue bur- 
den on government and, through gov- 
ernment, on taxpayers. 

One program funded by the National 
Endowment for the Humanities is "The 
Learning Museum," new this biennium. 
A three-year sequence of educational op- 
portunities focusing on the exhibits and 
collections, it has met with great success. 
This program provides a comprehensive 
course of study: a lecture course, a spe- 
cial event, and a workshop. For example. 

"Through Chinese Eyes" in 1980 involved 
220 persons in a six-week course. 6.000 
in an all-day festival at the Museum, and 
30 in a limited-enrollment seminar "The 
Learning Museum" sequence began with 

"China: A Deeper Look" in October 1979. 
Other courses of study were "South Sea 
Islands: Paradise and Perdition." "Ani- 
mals in Human Perspective." and "Co- 
lombia: Context, Conquest, and Gold." 

Other adult education courses have been 
growing in popularity. Devoted to sem- 
inar-like presentations through a number 
of sessions, subjects have included "The 
Nature of Evolution." 'Oceanography. ' 
"Psychoactive Plants of South American 
Cultures. " "Scientific Illustration. " and 
"Introductory Egyptian Hieroglyphics." as 
well as "Conversations with Field Museum 
Scientists." Courses are taught by staff 
and guest faculty and denve from Field 
Museum's four areas of basic research. 
From 849 adults enrolled in 1976. the total 
grew to 1.851 in 1980. 

The Department of Education's Public 
Programs Division offers a variety of edu- 
cational experiences to members and 
nonmembers alike, many free with ad- 
mission. During the past two years. 
73.694 persons attended 120 free pro- 
grams, including Edward E. Ayerfilm lec- 
tures and full-day festivals devoted to 
China. South America, and the American 
Indian. Seventy-four paid programs at- 
tracted 10,985 persons to such pre- 
sentations as Anthropology Film Festivals 
II and III and "Aspects of the Peking 
Opera " 

In the Ray M. Kroc Environmental Pro- 
gram. 4,364 people took 125 field trips 
led by one or more specialists in biology, 
geology, or ecology to such locales as 
Indiana Dunes, Starved Rock, Volo Bog, 
Nelson Lake Marsh, and Goose Lake 

In 1979. children's summer workshops 
were started for ages 5 to 12. The pro- 
gram brings the Museum's halls to life 
through films, tours, and crafts. For 
example, children can listen to African 
music, make a flute, and play it them- 
selves. In 1979, 308 children attended, 
and in 1980, the number increased to 

The Group Programs Division of the De- 
partment of Education also provides 
tours related to school curricula, work- 
shops, and lends materials free of charge 
to the Chicago metropolitan community 
and beyond. In 1979-1980, a total of 
404.349 students in 8.396 groups visited 
the Museum. Teachers called at the 
Museum for 1 .068 sets of objects for 
classroom use. and through the Harris 
Extension Loan Program, exhibit cases 
were delivered to 360 schools, both pub- 
lic and private. Each school received 10 
cases each year. 

A new program to acquaint teachers with 
the use of the Museum was started in Fall, 
1980. under a grant from the National 
Endowment for the Arts. As part of their 
student-teaching experience, 12 stu- 
dents from Northeastern Illinois Univer- 
sity attended classes at the Museum and 
planned and led tours. 


The Transition Years, 1979-1980 


"The Great Bronze Age of China: An Exhibition 
fronn the People's Republic of China" displays 
recently excavated terra-cotta soldiers. 
R. Testa photo 

Chai Zemin, People's Republic ambassador to 
the United States, pauses on his Museum tour 
to see a model for the exhibit. R. Testa photo 

In May, 1980, critic Franz Schuize observed 
in Art News, "No local institution has run 
up a more impressive schedule of large 
scale exhibitions lately than the grand old 
Field Museum of Natural History." 

During the past two years Field Museum 
was host to a number of outstanding 
traveling exhibitions organized by other 
museums, produced one permanent and 
two traveling exhibitions, and com- 
menced work on exhibitions to open in 
1982 and 1983. 

"Treasures of Cyprus," an exhibit of 150 
stone bowls, pottery, and other objects, 
reflected 8,000 years of Cypriot art and 
culture. Organized by the Smithsonian 
Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, 
this exhibit was sponsored by the gov- 
ernment of Cyprus. 

"The Art of Being Huichol," an exhibit of 
150 costumes, votive objects, embroi- 
dery, beadwork, and yarn painting, re- 
vealed the art of these Indians of 
Mexico's northwest mountains from the 
turn of the century to the present. This 
exhibit was organized by the Fine Arts 
Museum of San Francisco. 

"Image and Life: 50,000 Years of Japa- 
nese Prehistory" presented the oldest 
pottery in the world, some 1 00 decorative 
and utilitarian artifacts, including an 
18,000-year-old figurine. This exhibit was 
organized by the University of British 
Columbia Museum. 

"Gold of El Dorado: The Heritage of 
Colombia" put on display more than 500 
golden weapons, hunting and fishing 
gear, cooking utensils, musical instru- 
ments, and other artifacts associated 
with the mythical El Dorado of Colombia. 
Organized by the American Museum of 
Natural History, the national tour was 
sponsored by Chemical Bank, with sup- 
port from the National Endowment for the 
Arts and the National Endowment for the 

"The Great Bronze Age of China: An Exhi- 
bition from the People's Republic of 
China" drew 258,713 viewers through its 
10-week stay It contained 86 bronze 
ritual wine cups and food vessels of a 
quality never surpassed by any Bronze 
Age civilization, 11 exquisite jade sculp- 
tures, and eight terra-cotta figures from 
the spectacular 7,000-soldier burial army 
of the First Emperor of China. The exhibit 
was organized by the Metropolitan 

Museum of Art, and its national tour was 
made possible by grants from the 
Coca-Cola Company, the National En- 
dowment for the Humanities, and the 
Robert Wood Johnson, Jr, Charitable 

With the aid of the Museum staff, WTTW- 
TV, Channel 11, produced a half-hour 
documentary, "The Silent Army," on "The 
Great Bronze Age of China" exhibit for 
showing in Chicago and the other cities to 
which it went on tour. 

For its outstanding work in informing the 
public about this exhibit, the Museum's 
Public Relations Division was awarded 
the Publicity Club of Chicago's highest 
honor. The informational campaign also 
drew the help of Chicago businesses and 
corporations. Foster & Kleiser and the 
Willett Corporation provided billboard 
space, and displays were set up in such 
stores as Tiffany, Gucci, and Lord & 
Taylor. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company 
in Chicago produced one million hand- 
outs for homes and hotels and, among 
other help, funded an educational sup- 
plement for area schools in the Chicago 


The Transition Years, 1979-1980 


Preparator Daniel Weinstock positions a mount 
lor the exhibit of feather arts. C. Abrams photo 

"Patterns of Paradise" shows examples of tapa, 
or bark-cloth, mostly drawn from the Museum's 
collections. R. Testa photo 

Field Museum's own anthropology col- 
lections provided materials for three 
well-received exhibitions organized by 
Museum staff. Two of these exhibitions 
were circulated to other museums. 

"Feather Arts: Beauty, Wealth, and Spirit 
from Five Continents" covered some 
1 ,000 years. All but three of the 260 ob- 
jects were drawn from Field Museum col- 
lections and included such items as an 
ancient Peruvian mantle, feather bas- 
kets, and a tribal headdress from the 
Amazon Basin. Most of the objects had 
been collected priorto1920; many came 
from the Museum's Fuller Collection of 
Oceania; most had never been dis- 
played. Phyllis Rabineau, Custodian 
of Collections, Department of An- 
thropology, organized this traveling ex- 
hibit, which was funded in part by a grant 
from Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Van Zelst, 
also donors of a collection of Brazilian 

"Inro, Shrines and Netsuke: The Art Lac- 
quer of Japan," was installed perma- 
nently in Hall 32. The Inro and miniature 
shrines were drawn from a gift of John 
Woodworth Leslie, and from the collec- 
tion donated by Commander and Mrs. 
G. E. Boone. Thirty-five pieces were 
loaned by another Chicago-area collec- 
tor. Dr. Bennet Bronson, Associate 
Curator, Asiatic Archaeology and 
Ethnology, organized the exhibit with as- 
sistance from Carolyn Moore, a volun- 
teer and member of the Women's Board. 

Another volunteer, Anne Leonard, 
helped bring about a second traveling 
exhibition, 'Patterns of Paradise," or- 
ganized by Dr. John Terrell, Associate 
Curator, Oceanic Archaeology and 
Ethnology. Mrs. Leonard earlier had ar- 
ranged a Members' Night exhibit of tapa 
cloth (made from bark), and its success 
prompted development of what was 
probably the first major museum display 
of the dramatic art of tapa-making. The 
exhibit also was a survey of the people 
and culture of the South Seas. Field 
Museum specimens formed the bulk of 
the exhibition and were augmented by 
loans from the Honolulu Academy of 
Arts, The Mission House Museum (Hon- 
olulu), the Logan Museum, and the 
Smithsonian Institution. The exhibit was 
made possible, in part, by grants from 
the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Curators and exhibition staff are also 
preparing for two other major exhibits. 

'Maritime Peoples of the Arctic and 
Northwest Coast " will show objects of 
the Northwest Coast Indians and Alas- 
kan Eskimos, some of which were first 
presented at the World's Columbian 
Exposition of 1893. Supported in part 
by grants from the National Endow- 
ment for the Humanities, the Robert R. 
McCormick Trust, the Frederick Henry 
Prince Trust, and National Endowment 
for the Arts, this permanent exhibit will 
open in 1982. In 1979, the Museum re- 
ceived a grant from the National En- 
dowment for the Humanities to plan for 
the traveling exhibit, "Imperial Treasures 
of Tiwanaku." To open at Field Museum 
in 1983, this exhibit will display treasures 
of a pre-lnca empire from Bolivia. 

In 1980, a traveling exhibit developed by 
Field Museum in 1975 was permanently 
installed in a new museum in Guayaquil, 
Ecuador. "Ancient Ecuador: Culture, 
Clay and Creativity" displays the earli- 
est known ceramics in the Western 

Among the awards earned by our exhib- 
its during the past two years, "Feather 
Arts" and "Patterns of Paradise " were 
singled out as among the best in exhibi- 
tion design by Print Casebook. Design- 
ers were Clifford Abrams and Donald R. 
Skinner. "Patterns of Paradise" also was 
selected for inclusion in the Chicago 80 
Annual, published by the Chicago Com- 
munications Collaborative. The Chicago 
Book Clinic honored Abrams for his de- 
sign of the "Feather Arts" catalogue and 
Donald Emery for the catalogue of "Pat- 
terns of Paradise." The Society of Typo- 
graphic Arts selected a poster prepared 
by Edward Bedno, of the Department of 
Exhibition, for the Museum's anthropol- 
ogy internship program as one of the 100 
best graphic designs in the United States 
in 1979. 

In 1980. Donald R. Skinner was named 
Acting Chairman, Department of Exhibi- 
tion, succeeding Mr. Bedno. who be- 
came Chief. Exhibits and Presentations 
Division, National Air and Space 
Museum, Smithsonian Institution. 

Collections and Research 

The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

Technical assistants Anna Campoli (front ) and 
Jan DiGirolamo prepare textiles for storage 
in Department of Antfiropology project. 
L. Belmont photo 

Dr and Mrs. Karl Menninger contributors of 
Navajo textile art. L. Webber photo 

Field Museum is internationally known for 
scientific researcfi in [he fields of anthro- 
pology, botany geology, and zoology, for 
enormous research collections, for scien- 
tific publications, and through the per- 
sonal reputations of the scientific staff. 

During the past two years. Field 
Museum's collections of more than 13.5 
million specimens were enlarged by 
229,672. These specimens came to us 
through purchase, transfer, bequests, 
gifts, exchanges with other institutions, 
and staff fieldwork. Three significant 
transfers were received which comple- 
ment, or extend, the Museum's collec- 
tions in important areas. From the Univer- 
sity of Chicago came 100,000 stone tools 
that had been excavated in South Africa 
and dated to as much as 120,000 to 
130,000 years ago. From Oregon State 
University came 53 specimens from a 
prehistoric site in Uganda that pertain to a 
central African stone-working tradition. 
From Princeton University came a collec- 
tion of 12,986 birds, representing most of 
the families of birds in the world and rang- 
ing from species that are currently extinct 
to those that are very common. This col- 
lection includes specimens from the 
1880s, helpful in the study of change. 

Several major gifts are helping the 
Museum lay the groundwork for a fine 
Japanese collection and are extending 
the Chinese holdings. John Woodworth 
Leslie gave 273 Japanese objects, 
mostly lacquerwares of the 18th and 19th 
centuries; Commander and Mrs. G. E. 
Boone gave 80 Japanese and Chinese 
objects; Hisazo Nagatani gave 66 Japa- 
nese and Chinese pieces, including a 
systematic collection o\hikite, decorative 
door pulls; Caroline F Bieber gave 406 
embroidered Chinese folk textiles and 
textile samples acquired in the late 
1930s; and the Kellogg Foundation gave 
27 Chinese objects, including four 7th- 
8th century (T'ang Dynasty) ceramic 

Field Museum also received 24 superb 
specimens of Navajo textile art, rugs, and 
blankets from the collection of Dr. and 
Mrs. Karl A. Menninger of Topeka, Kan- 
sas. Their gift of 20th-century weavings 
complements the Museum's holdings 
from the 19th century. 

From staff fieldwork came 5,000 speci- 
mens of the Tasmanian liverwort flora ob- 
tained by Dr. John Engel. Collections of 

the Tasmanian mosslike plants are found 
in few herbaria. 

Major gifts to the Department of Geology 
included 3,553 mineral specimens, per- 
fect crystals mounted for viewing, from 
the estate of Dr. Henry English. 

The Library added 3,825 titles, bringing 
its total holdings to 201 ,000 volumes. 

Preservation of collections is a major 
Museum responsibility. In 1980, the De- 
partment of Anthropology completed a 
move of some 250,000 objects into a cen- 
tral, four-story space that had been con- 
structed in the southeast lightwell during 
the decade of modernization. This stor- 
age area is well protected by sprinkler 
and security systems. Beginning in 
Spring, 1980, modernization was begun 
on the former storage space, under 
a grant from the National Science 

Among the last of the major benefits of the 
modernization program was the creation 
of a new library facility for the Department 
of Botany and the beginning of construc- 
tion of a rare book room for the Library 
itself, the latter to be dedicated to the late 
Mrs. Clive Runnells, a benefactor of Field 

Additional office and laboratory space 
for bird and mammal divisions, and in- 
creased utility and security of the speci- 
mens, was provided by the Ellen Thome 
Smith Bird and Mammal Study Center. In 
1980, this Center was dedicated in mem- 
ory of Mrs. Smith, founder and first presi- 
dent of the Field Museum Women's Board. 
The Center was made possible by a gift 
from Mrs. Smith's husband, Hermon 
Dunlap Smith. 

The collections were used by more than 
5,000 professionals, students, and other 
visitors during the past two years. More 
than 1,900 visitors to the Library reading 
room made use of 11,650 volumes. In 
1980, Field Museum made 615 loans of 
61,962 specimens. 

Collections and Research 

The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

A scientific illustrator prepares a subject for 
Fieldiana drawing. L. Belmont photo 

Curators emeritus: Dr Rupert L. Wenzel, 
Henry S Dybas, and Melvin A. Traylor, Jr 
R. Testa pliotos 

The work of Field Museum's scientific staff 
leads to scientific progress, and the data 
and new understanding flow into the world 
of science through publications, semi- 
nars, and lectures. At Field Museum, as 
shown, information reaches the public 
through school-related and public-related 
programs and special and permanent 

The professional scientific staff consists 
of 34 members, with a supporting staff of 
about 50. During the past two years, 
Museum staff members published 124 
scientific books and papers, including 
those appearing in Fieldiana, the house 
journal published in four series. Fieldiana 
had 21 titles amounting to 3,381 pages. 

Fieldwork took staff members to 64 loca- 
tions throughout the world in 1979-1980. In 
addition to the United States, they were in 
Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Belize, 
Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, 
Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Ger- 
many, India, Indonesia, Mexico, New 
Guinea, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, 
Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Venezu- 
ela. Wales, and Western Samoa. Today, 
fieldwork is oriented to research projects 
rather than to indiscriminate collecting. 
Some examples of research projects 

Drs. Michael E. Moseley and Robert A. 
Feldman, of the Department of Anthropol- 
ogy discovered that ancient farmers 
along Peru's desert north coast made use 
of canals 2,000 to 3,000 years ago to culti- 
vate 400 percent more land than currently 
is being cultivated. Dr Timothy Plowman, 
of the Department of Botany who led an 
expedition in Brazil, is investigating the 
useful plants of the upper Amazon Basin, 
including the natural sources of coca and 
cocaine. Dr. Edward J. Olsen, of the De- 
partment of Geology is investigating the 
physical and chemical processes that 
have affected one type of meteorite: they 
may be related to a supernova explosion 
that possibly triggered formation of the 
solar system. Dr. John Fitzpatrick, with an 
associate from the University of South 
Florida, is summarizing a decade-long 
study of Florida Scrub Jays, birds which 
exhibit an advanced form of social coop- 
eration. This study has been cited as play- 
ing a central role in increasing studies on 
cooperative breeding animals. 

During the past two years, there have 
been a number of changes in the scientific 
departments, including retirements and 

naming of new chairmen, and staff mem- 
bers have received a number of honors. 

Retiring were: Melvin A.Traylor, Jr, who 
retired as Chairman of the Department of 
Zoology after 40 years of affiliation with the 
Museum, 24 as a staff member; Dr. Rupert 
Wenzel, who in 40 years served as Curator 
of Insects, Head of the Division of Insects, 
and Chairman of the Department of Zool- 
ogy; and Henry S. Dybas, who in 39 years 
had served as Curator of Insects and 
Head of the Division of Insects. Each was 
named Curator Emeritus. 

In other changes. Dr. Robert K. Johnson, 
Head of the Division of Fishes, was ap- 
pointed Chairman of the Department of 
Zoology. Dr Bertram G. Woodland, 
Curator, Petrology became Acting Chair- 
man of the Department of Geology after 
Dr David M. Raup was appointed Dean of 
Science. The Department of Anthropology 
was reorganized to include a co-chairman 
system, with Dr Bennet Bronson and Dr. 
Phillip Lewis serving in that capacity. 

Among honors received: Dr. David M. 
Raup was elected a member of the Na- 
tional Academy of Sciences in 1979. His 
election was based largely on his distin- 
guished research in quantitative paleon- 
tology and evolutionary theory. Henry S. 
Dybas was awarded the honorary Doctor 
of Science degree by Tri-State University. 
Dr. Edward J. Olsen received the honorary 
degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from 
Augustana College and also was awarded 
the Distinguished Service Medal in Ant- 
arctic Research by the Office of Polar Pro- 
grams of the National Science Foundation. 
The award recognized his participation in 
the meteorite recovery program on the ice 
cap in 1977. 

Collections and Research 

The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

Dr. David M. Raup, newly appointed Dean of 
Science, directs education programs and 
special scientific projects L. Belmont photo 

Volunteer Martha Frey. a Vassar College 
student in Chinese and economics, 
catalogues Chinese coins. L. Belmont photo 

New programs, conferences, and special 
projects in 1979-1980 reflected the vigor 
of Field Museunn in carrying out research 
and post-secondary education in the 
natural sciences. 

In 1979. a Visiting Scientist Program was 
begun in the Department of Geology on 
a three-year trial basis. Established geol- 
ogists and paleontologists are invited to 
work at the Museum for a period of a few 
weeks to several months. They are chosen 
on the basis of accomplishment in re- 
search, their interest in using the Museum 
collections, and their potential for collab- 
oration with scientists at the Museum and 
in other Chicago institutions. During these 
first two years, 10 visiting scientists have 
taken part, and their presence has been 
stimulating and helpful. 

Some highlights of the program: Professor 
John A. Chamberlain, of the City University 
of New York, spent five months at the 
Museum studying the propulsion mech- 
anisms in the living pearly nautilus- 
important to geology and paleontology 
because the nautilus is the only close 
living relative of a vast extinct group of 
swimming mollusks. His project was 
undertaken in cooperation with Shedd 
Aquarium. Professor Armand de Ricqies 
of the University of Paris, a paleohis- 
tologist of worldwide reputation, spent 
three months working with the Museum's 
collection of microscope slides of bone of 
extinct reptiles, in collaboration with Dr. 
John R. Bolt. 

Adjunct Professor Jarmila Kukalova-Peck, 
of Carleton University. Ottawa, spent four 
weeks working on the collection of fossil 
insects. She contributed to the research 
on the unique Coal Age fossils of Mazon 
Creek, Illinois, tor which Field Museum is 
well known. 

Chicago is a center of activity for the study 
of evolutionary biology and, in October, 
1980, Field Museum was host to the "Mac- 
roevolution Conference." About 160 pro- 
fessionals and advanced graduate stu- 
dents, the majority from elsewhere in the 
United States and from several European 
countries, met for four days. The New York 
Times noted that the group ". . . included 
nearly all of the leading evolutionists in 
paleontology, population genetics, taxon- 
omy and related fields." The meeting was 
described in a review in the November 21, 
1980, issue of Science as ". . . one of the 
most important conferences on evolution- 
ary biology for more than 30 years." 

In 1979-1980, the second and third Sys- 
tematics Symposia also were held at the 
Museum. The topics were "The Origins 
and Maintenance of Diversity" and "Biotic 
Crises in Ecological and Evolutionary 
Time." Speakers included Field Museum 
curators as well as scientists from institu- 
tions ranging from the American Museum 
of Natural History and Harvard University 
to the University of Chicago and the Uni- 
versity of California. 

An important element of Field Museum as 
a research center is its interaction with 
neighboring institutions. Museum staff 
members teach at the University of 
Chicago, Northwestern University, and 
other local universities, and several regu- 
lar courses of these universities are taught 
largely at Field Museum. Graduate stu- 
dents do dissertation research at the 
Museum, and university faculty members 
conduct collaborative research with 
Museum curators. Many of these interac- 
tions are functions of the Museum's Center 
for Advanced Studies. Such educational 
programs and special scientific projects 
are under the direction of Dr. David M. 
Raup, Dean of Science. 

Members, Volunteers 

The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

Museum members tour Egypt, taking 
advantage of a rare opportunity for an in-depth 
visit to treasures along the Nile, J. Swartchild 

Volunteer Louise Neuert prepares Tlingit 
leggings for display in forthcoming exhibit 
devoted to Northwest Coast Indians and 
Eskimos- L. Belmont photo 

Membership interest and participation 
grew during the biennium. Membership 
activities included special exhibit pre- 
views, dinner lectures, field trips, adult 
evening study courses, and participation 
in the annual, behind-the-scenes Mem- 
bers' Nights. To keep members informed 
of programs, and of activities of the scien- 
tific staff, 22 issues of the Field Museum of 
Natural History Bulletin were published 
during the past two years. 

A special service also was developed 
— the Tours Division of the Department of 
Planning and Development. Led by pro- 
fessionals in scientific fields, most fre- 
quently curators, the 1979-1980 interna- 
tional tours included Egypt, China, Antarc- 
tica, Peru, Russia, and Greece. Domestic 
tours included a Colorado River rafting 
trip, a study of Illinois archaeology at a site 
near Kampsville, and a geology trip to 
Baraboo, Wisconsin. 

Volunteers are everywhere in Field 
Museum, and every day they help make 
the programs work, the research go for- 
ward, and the collections useful. Much of 
the enjoyment of members and visitors is 
due in large part to the work of dedicated 

During 1979-1980, 395 volunteers con- 
tributed 99,323 hours — the equivalent of 
57 person-years. In 1980 alone, 13 indi- 
viduals each gave more than 500 hours of 
volunteer service. Some areas where they 
made their contributions were anthro- 
pology, photography, botany, education, 
exhibition, geology, zoology, library, 
membership, public relations, and pub- 
lications. Their skills and expertise were 
employed in a wide range of services- 
cataloguing new acquisitions, conserving 
textiles, helping to arrange exhibits, collat- 
ing, identifying specimens, reorganizing 
collections, typing, editing and writing, 
aiding in instruction, filing, and mainte- 

Volunteers are very much in evidence at 
major exhibits: 60 volunteers manned 
strategic areas for "Gold of El Dorado," 
and 105 performed this taskfor "The Great 
Bronze Age of China." Volunteers are the 
reason for the great acceptance of the 
participatory, permanent exhibits, "The 
Place for Wonder" and "Pawnee Earth 
Lodge." Over the past two years, volun- 
teers provided programs in these areas 
for 446,804 visitors. 

On weekends, when the Museum is heav- 
ily visited, 27 volunteers who have full-time 

jobs share their free time with the Museum. 
They are important facilitators of the self- 
designed "Discovery Program" and con- 
tribute greatly to its success and the 
visitors' enriching experience. These vol- 
unteers presented 1,167 of these pro- 
grams to 23,542 visitors during the past 
two years. 

Field Museum's volunteer program is rec- 
ognized for its structure and emphasis on 
continuing adult education based on the 
opportunity for working under the direction 
of Museum staff and for personal growth. 
Once a year, the Museum holds a buffet 
dinner to honor and thank the volunteers 
who contribute so much to the institution. 
In 1979, Sol Gurewitz was honored for 18 
years of service, during which he made 
many contributions to the work of the De- 
partment of Anthropology, most recently in 
photographing old collections. In 1980, Dr. 
Elizabeth-Louise Girardi was recognized 
for her contributions as a volunteer in the 
Department of Zoology. 

Working Together 

The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

Some 1,000 people — Staff, Trustees, 
Women's Board members, and Volunteers 
— are currently planning for Field 
Museum's future, gaining it support, main- 
taining its facilities and programs, and 
using its resources creatively in the ser- 
vice of science and education. Along with 
the Donors, and building on the work of 
earlier stewards, these people have 
helped prepare Field Museum for the new 

In November, 1979, after serving the 
Museum for 14 years, Norman W. Nelson, 
Assistant Director, Administration, retired. 
His responsibilities had included over- 
seeing of renovation of the building. 

President E Leiand Webber President- 
Designate Dr Willard L. Boyd, Board 
Chairman William G, Swartchild. Jr.. and 
Director Lorin I. Nevling, Jr. 
J. Swartchild, R. Testa photos 

Mrs. Robert Wells Carton, President of the 
Women's Board, greets visitors to reception for 
Ambassador Chai Zemin; Thomas R Sanders, 
Vice President, Development. J. Swartchild, 
R. Testa photos 

At the close of 1980, three members of the 
Women's Board also were members of the 
Board of Trustees, 13 served on Trustee 
committees, and many more served as 
Volunteers. In Spring, 1980, Mrs. Robert 
Wells Carton was elected President of the 
Women's Board and Trustee, succeed- 
ing Mrs. Edward F Swift. During the past 
two years, among the Board's activities 
was the dedication of the Ellen Thome 
Smith Bird and Mammal Study Center 
and two bird habitat groups. (Mrs. Smith 
was the Founder of the Women's Board.) 
In May, 1980, the Board completed a 
project in matching a grant from the Na- 
tional Endowment for the Arts for equip- 
ping the anthropology department's 
textile laboratory. 

Remick McDowell, James L. Palmer, Norman 
W. Nelson, and John C. Murphy with actress 
Helen Hayes, a friend of the Museum. R. Testa, 
D. Walsten photos 

Among other significant events was the 
re-election of William G. Swartchild, Jr., as 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Blaine 
J. Yarrington became Treasurer, succeed- 
ing Edward Byron Smith. The Board 
committees, employing an alternating 
schedule of two-year chairmanships, 
named the following individuals to head 
committees in 1980: Robert 0. Bass, 
Chairman of Resource Planning and 
Development; and George R. Baker, 
Chairman of Internal Affairs. 

Harry 0. Bercher, Paul W. Goodrich, and 
William H. Mitchell were elected Life Trus- 
tees in 1980. Mr. Mitchell had completed 
52 years as an active Trustee at the time of 
his election as Life Trustee. 

During the biennium, the Board of Trus- 
tees and Field Museum marked with sor- 
row the deaths of Life Trustees Remick 
McDowell, James L. Palmer, John T Pirie, 
Jr., and Donald Richards. Mr. Palmer was 
President of Field Museum, 1964-1969; 
and Mr. McDowell was President, 1969- 
1974. Both gave unstintingly of their time 
and energies during crucial periods in the 
Museum's history. 

A Continuing Commitment 

The Transition Years, 1979-1980 

With the growing involvement of individu- 
als, corporations, and foundations. Field 
Museum has been operating its highly 
successful "Commitment to Distinction" 
fund-raising campaign since 1976, based 
on five-year budget projections. The 1976 
-1980 goal of $10.8 million was success- 
fully achieved and exceeded when a total 
of $1 1 ,505,022 in gifts and pledges was 

Since its inauguration by a forward- 
looking Board of Trustees, the "Commit- 
ment to Distinction" program has bridged 
the annual income gap, saving the 
Museum from indebtedness and deficit 
spending. Its success is owed to a group 
of outstanding Chicago businessmen 
as well as to dedicated and generous 

At the head of the Resource Planning and 
Development Committee. Robert 0. Bass, 
Vice Chairman of the Borg-Warner Corpo- 
ration, has pioneered as coordinator of the 
Museum's fund-raising efforts through a 
selfless commitment of personal time 
and business acumen. The increasing 
strength of the Corporate and Foundation 
Gifts Division is attributable to the dedi- 
cated efforts of its chairman. Stanton R. 
Cook, President, Tribune-Company He en- 
listed a team of 40 corporate executives, 
and this division brought nearly $2,5 mil- 
lion to Field Museum during 1979 and 
1980. The Individual Gifts Division, with the 
vigorous leadership of Gordon Bent, part- 
ner of Bacon, Whipple and Company, 
raised almost $2 million during this period. 

The result of this coordinated effort was 
the securing of $4,456,953 during the 
biennium. Approximately 450 corpora- 
tions and more than 4,500 Museum mem- 
bers, who contributed above their dues, 
gave through annual support. The 
Museum wishes to cite the following 
donors for exceptional generosity: 

Benefactors: Charles Chacey Kuehn (be- 
quest). John W. Leslie (bequest), Harold L. 
Stuart Trust. Amoco Foundation, Chicago 
Community Trust. The Joyce Foundation, 
John D. & Catherine T MacArthur Founda- 
tion, Robert R. McCormick Charitable 
Trust. Frederick Henry Prince Testamen- 
tary Trust, and an anonymous donor. 

Major Individual Donors: Mr. and Mrs. 
Gordon Bent. Buchanan Family Founda- 
tion (Mr. DeWitt Buchanan, Jr.), James J. 
Daly (bequest). Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. 
Field, Mr Paul J. Gerstley Mr. and Mrs. 

John H. Leslie, Mr. and Mrs Albert E. M. 
Louer, Mrs. Charies S. Potter. Barbara G. 
Quigley (bequest). Mr. and Mrs. John S. 
Runnells, Mr, and Mrs. Jack Staehle. and 
two anonymous donors. 

Major Corporate Donors: Commonwealth 
Edison Company Continental Bank Foun- 
dation, Field Enterprises Charitable Cor- 
poration, Marshall Field & Company 
Foundation, First National Bank of 
Chicago Foundation, International Har- 
vester Foundation, The Naico Foundation, 
Dr. Scholl Foundation, Sears, Roebuck 
and Co.. Sterling-Morton Charitable Trust, 
United States Steel Foundation, Inc.. and 
the A. Montgomery Ward Foundation. 

During this period, the Board of Trustees 
approved a new "Bequests and Deferred 
Giving Program." The Joyce Foundation of 
Chicago awarded a two-year grant to 
subsidize this effort through the Depart- 
ment of Planning and Development. An 
integral part of "Commitment to Distinc- 
tion," the new program is designed to in- 
crease the Museum's endowment fund. 
Long established as the base of Field 
Museum's financial strength, the endow- 
ment funds were increased by $855,339 
in 1979-1980 through gifts and bequests 
of generous donors who wished to help 
ensure the Museum's future. 

Toward The Centennial 

Looking toward Field Museum's centen- 
nial in 1993. the indications are that the 
new decade will be marked by progress 
in development of scientific and educa- 
tional programs as well as by the neces- 
sity to meet problems of inflation and 
rising costs. 

Over the past two years, it has become 
apparent that many families are making 
the Museum a part of their lives. The 
steady increase of participation in adult 
courses and the overwhelming success 
of the children's workshops are but two of 
the signs. Also, museum-goers are be- 
coming even more interested in adding to 
the educational experience of their visits 
through participation in various pro- 
grams: 30 percent of the visitors this 
biennium involved themselves in 
Museum programs, ranging from a dem- 
onstration of flint-knapping or a perform- 
ance of the Royal Dancers and Musicians 
from the Kingdom of Bhutan to a lecture 
by Harvard University zoologist Stephen 
Jay Gould on "Human Uniqueness and 
Animal Nature." The three-year adult 
"Learning Museum" sequence is provid- 
ing opportunities to experiment with new 
programs and new ways to interest 
potential participants. 

In the 1980s, the highest priority is being 
given to developing the scientific staff 
and to strengthening the ties with the 
academic community in the Chicago 
area. Field Museum will build on the visit- 
ing scientist and symposia programs as 
well as those incorporated in the Center 
for Advanced Studies. 

Renovation and construction inside the 
Museum was all but completed during 
1979-1980. with the installation of barrier- 
free access for the handicapped, certain 
office and libraryfacilities. and renovation 
of Hall 38, the dinosaur hall. In the face of 
dramatically increased costs for energy 
and labor, however, the need remains for 
added projects that would decrease the 
amount of energy consumed for heating 
and cooling the building. This problem 
was first addressed in 1980 when work 
commenced on a new roof designed to 
conserve energy Also, the building's ex- 
terior needs to be restored. Field 
Museum's classic structure, on the Na- 
tional Register, requires much work, 
using new preservation methods, at a 
cost estimated at $3 million. 

The decade of the Seventies closed with 
the Museum presenting major traveling 

exhibitions, such as Treasures of Tu- 
tankhamun. " organized by other muse- 
ums and drawn from abroad; the decade 
of the Eighties opened with major perma- 
nent and traveling exhibits being de- 
veloped from the Museum's own vast re- 
sources Yet, much still must be done in 
terms of remounting a number of the ear- 
liest permanent exhibits, many of which 
date from the 1930s and 1940s 

In 1980, the Board of Trustees 
reevaluated "Commitment to Distinction" 
and set projected expenditures for the 
next five-year period, 1980-1984, of $72 7 
million, of which $272 million must come 
from new or expanded gifts and income. 
In doing this, however, the Trustees gave 
a new thrust to the program. In addition to 
seeking gifts and pledges solely toward 
operating funds. $10 million of the new 
goal was allocated specifically for capital 
improvements, especially renewal of 
permanent exhibit halls, energy conser- 
vation projects, and the restoration of the 
building's exterior. 

Although the Board of Trustees will con- 
tinue to meet goals of the present and 
near future through "Commitment to Dis- 
tinction" grants and gifts, the support of 
an increasing endowment fund, built 
pnmarily through bequests and various 
forms of deferred giving, is cntical to the 
enduring strength of the Museum. The 
active participation of Museum members 
in these support plans will help Field 
Museum meet the challenging, long-term 
financial requirements of its scientific 
and educational programs. 

Financial Statement 

Field Museum of Natural History 

Statement of Revenues and Expenditures — Current Funds 

Years ended December 31. 1980 and 1979 


Source of revenues: 
Public funds — 
Chicago Park District tax collections 
Government grants 

Total public funds 

Private funds — 
Investment revenues availed of for operations: 
Pooled security investments 
Securities of individual funds 

Total investment revenues 

Unrestricted contributions 


Private restricted funds availed of for operations 

Total contributed revenues 


Museum shops, cafeteria and tours 

Total earned revenues 

Total private funds 

Total revenues 

Operating expenditures: 

Education and exhibition 
Publication and photography 

Building operations and security 
Administration and development 
Museum shops, cafeteria and tours 

Total operating expenditures 

Revenues in excess of (less than) expenditures 




of total 

$ 2,337.274 






1 ,440.536 






















































1 00% 

$ 51,716 






to Distinction 




of total 

































































1 00% 

$( 23,771) 




Board of Trustees 

December 31 1980 

Women's Board 

Decembers!, 1980 


William G Swartchild, Jr , 

Board Chairman 
George R. Baker. Vice 

Robert O Bass, Vice Chairman 
James J. O Connor, Vice 

John S Runnells, Vice 

John W Sullivan, Vice 

BiaineJ Yarrington, Treasurer 
Mrs Theodore D. Tieken, 

E Leiand Webber, President 
Lorin I Nevling, Jr, D/rector 

Board of Trustees 

Mrs T Stanton Armour 
George R Baker 
Robert Bass 
Gordon Bent 
Bowen Blair 

Mrs Robert Wells Carton 
Stanton R Cook 
O C Davis 

William R Dickinson, Jr 
Thomas E Donnelley II 
Marshall Field 
Nicholas Galitzine 
Hugo J Melvoin 
Charles F Murphy. Jr, 
Lorin I Nevling, Jr. 
James J O'Connor 
James H. Ransom 
John S Runnells 
William L Searle 
Edward Byron Smith 
Robert H Strotz 
John W Sullivan 
William G Swartchild, Jr 
Edward R. Telling 
Mrs Theodore D Tieken 
E Leiand Webber 
Julian B, Wilkins 
Blame J Yarrington 

Life Trustees 

Harry 0. Bercher 
William McCormick Blair 
Joseph N Field 
Paul W, Goodrich 
Clifford C. Gregg 
Samuel Insull, Jr 
William V.Kahler 
William H. Mitchell 
John M Simpson 
J Howard Wood 

Officers and 

Board Chairman 
William G Swartchild, Jr 

Executive Committee 
William G Swartchild, Jr, 

Board Chairman 
George R Baker, Vice 

Robert 0. Bass, Vice Chairman 
James J O'Connor, Vice 

John S Runnells, Vice 

John W Sullivan, Vrce 

Blame J Yarrington, Treasurer 
Mrs Theodore D Tieken, 

E Leiand Webber, President 

Vice Chairman— Program 

Planning & Evaluation 
John S Runnells 

Program Planning & Evaluation 

Mrs T Stanton Armour 

Mrs, Robert Wells Carton 
C, Davis 
Mrs Gordon R. Ewing 
Mrs John H, Leslie 
Hugo J, Melvoin 
William L Searle 
Edward R Telling 
Mrs Theodore D. Tieken 
Theodore Van Zelsl 


Carolyn P Blackmon 

Bennet Bronson/Phillip H. 

William Burger 
David M Raup 
Donald Skinner 
Melvin A, Traylor, Jr, 

Vice Chairman— Resource 
Planning & Development 
Robert O, Bass 

Resource Planning & 

Development Committee 
Mrs T Stanton Armour 
Gordon Bent 
Mrs Robert Wells Carton 
Mrs. Hammond E Chaffetz 
Marshall Field 
Nicholas Galitzine 
John C, Meeker 
James J O'Connor 
MrsO M. Patterson 
John W. Sullivan 


Thomas R. Sanders 

Wee Chairman— Public Affairs 
James J. O'Connor 

Public Affairs Committee 
Stanton R Cook 
Mrs. Emmett Dedmon 
Howard E Johnson 
Mrs Frank D. Mayer 
Mrs. William Wood-Prince 
Blaine J. Yarrington 


Mary A. Cassai 
Jacqueline M. Felicetti 
Thomas R. Sanders 

Vice Chairman— Facilities 

John W. Sullivan 

Facilities Planning Committee 
Harry Bercher 
Mrs. Stanton R Cook 
William R Dickinson. Jr 
Charles F Murphy. Jr 
John S. Runnells 
Julian B Wilkins 


Norman P Radtke 

Melvin A. Traylor. Jr 

Vice Chairman — Internal 

George R. Baker 

Internal Affairs Committee 
O C Davis 

William R Dickinson, Jr. 
Thomas E Donnelley II 
Paul W. Goodrich 
Mrs Corwith Hamill 
Mrs William H. Hartz. Jr 
Hugo J Melvoin 
David Rewick 
Jack C. Staehle 
Robert H. Strotz 


William J Lauf 

Retirement Subcommittee of 

the Internal Affairs 

William R Dickinson. Jr 
Hugo J. Melvoin 
E Leiand Webber 


Blame J Yarnngton 

Investment Committee 
George R Baker 
Bowen Blair 
0. C. Davis 
Nicholas Galitzine 
James J. O'Connor 
Edward Byron Smith 
Robert H Strotz 

William J Lauf 

Nominating Committee 
Nicholas Galitzine, Chairman 
William R, Dickinson, Jr, 
James H Ransom 
William I, Searle 
Edward Byron Smith 
Mrs. Theodore D Tieken 

s Keene H Addington 
s. Edward King Aldworth 
s. Richard I. Allen 
s. James W Alsdorf 
s. Angelo R. Arena 
s A. Watson Armour III 
s. Laurance H Armour. Jr. 
s. T Stanton Armour 

Vernon Armour 

Edwin N Asmann 

Thomas G. Ayers 

Russell M. Baird 

George R. Baker 

Claude A Barnett 

Roberto, Bass 

George R. Beach 

James H Becker 

Edward H. Bennett, Jr, 

B. Edward Bensinger 

Gordon Bent 
s. Richard Bentley 
s Harry 0. Bercher 

Michael A. Bilandic 

Bowen Blair 

FrankW Blatchfordlll 

Edward F Blettner 

Joseph L Block 

Leigh B. Block 

Philip D Block, Jr. 

Philip D. Block III 

Edwin R. BlomquisI 

Arthur S. Bowes 

Lester Harris Brill 

Robert E. Brooker 

Cameron Brown 

Isidore Brown 

Roger 0. Brown 

Evelyn M. Bryant 

T von Donop Buddington 

Thomas B. Burke 

Robert A Carr 

Robert Wells Carton 

Hammond E. Chaffetz 

Henry T Chandler 
ss Nora F Chandler 
s George Chappell, Jr. 
s Walter L Cherry 

Fairfax M. Cone 

J Nothhelfer Connor 

Stanton R Cook 

Edward A Cooper 

James R. Coulter 

William S. Covington 

Robert Lane Cruikshank 

HerschelH. Cudd 
s. Leonard S. Davidow 
S- Orval C. Davis 
S- Edwin J. DeCosta 
s. Emmett Dedmon 

Roberto Delaney 

Charles S. DeLong 

Charles Dennehy 

Edison Dick 

William R. Dickinson, Jr, 

Stewart S. Dixon 

Wesley M. Dixon 

Elliott Donnelley 

Gaylord Donnelley 

Thomas E Donnelley II 

Maurice F Dunne. Jr 

R.Winfield Ellis 

Marjorie H. Elting 

Victor Elting III 
s Winston Elting 

Gordon R. Ewing 

Ralph Falk 

Suzanne Clarke Falk 

Calvin Fentress 

Robert C Ferris 

Joseph N. Field 

Marshall Field 

Charles Robert Foltz 

Peter B. Foreman 

Francis G. Foster. Jr 

Gaylord A. Freeman 

William D. Frost 

A W. F Fuller 

Douglas R Fuller 

Maurice F Fulton 

Johns. Garvin 

Johns. Gales 

Maurice Patrick Geraghty 

Isak V. Gerson 

Geralds Gidwilz 

James J Glasser 

Mrs Julian R Goldsmith 

Mrs. Paul W Goodrich 

Mrs. Donald M Graham 

Mrs. David W. Grainger 

Mrs. Donald C. Greaves 

Mrs. Robert C Gunness 

Mrs. Robert P. Gwinn 

Mrs. Burton W. Hales 

Mrs. Corwith Hamill 

Mrs William H Hartz, Jr 

Mrs, Fredenck Charles Hecht 

Mrs Ben W. Heineman 

Mrs. William A Hewitt 

Mrs. Stacy H. Hill 

Mrs. John H. Hobart 

Mrs Thomas J. Hoffmann 

Miss Frances Hooper 

Mrs. Fred W. Hoover, Jr 

Mrs. Robert M. Hunt 

Mrs Chauncey Keep Hutchins 

Mrs Robert C Hyndman 

Mrs Robert S. Ingersoll 

Mrs. Samuel Insull, Jr 

Mrs Spencer E, Irons 

Mrs, Henry P Isham, Jr, 

Mrs, Frederick G Jaicks 

Mrs. John B Judkins. Jr 

Mrs. Byron C Karzas 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mrs. Bertram D. Kribben 

Mrs. Louis B. Kuppenheimer, Jr 

Mrs Louis E, Laflin, Jr 

Mrs, Gordon Lang 

Mrs, Norman Laski 

Mrs. Gordon Leadbetter 

Mrs. John H. Leslie 

Mrs. John W. Leslie 

Mrs. Edward H Levi 

Mrs Chapin Litten 

Mrs. Albert E. M. Louer 

Mrs. Donald G. Lubin 

Mrs Franklin J. Lunding 

Mrs. Wallace D Mackenzie 

Mrs. John W Madigan 

Mrs. James Magin 

Mrs. Robert H. Malott 

Mrs. David Mayer 

Mrs. Frank D Mayer 

Mrs Frank D. Mayer Jr 

Mrs. James G. Maynard 

Mrs. Brooks McCormick 

Mrs George Barr McCulcheon II 

Mrs. John T. McCutcheon, Jr 

Mrs, Edward D. McDougal, Jr 

Mrs Remick McDowell 

Mrs, JohnC, Meeker 

Mrs Henry W, Meers 

Mrs Hugo J. Melvoin 

Mrs. J. Roscoe Miller 

Mrs. Newton N, Minow 

Mrs William H. Mitchell 

Mrs. Kenneth F Montgomery 

Mrs. Evan G. Moore 

Mrs Graham J. Morgan 

Mrs. John T. Moss 

Mrs Arthur T. Moulding 

Mrs. Charles F Murphy, Jr, 

Mrs. Mailers Murphy 

Mrs. Charles Fenger Nadler 

Mrs Edward F Neild III 

Mrs. Arthur C Nielsen 

Miss Lucille Ann Nunes 

Mrs. John Nuveen 

Mrs. James J. O'Connor 

Mrs, PatnckL. O'Malley 

Mrs Richard C Oughton 

Mrs Henry D Paschen, Jr 

Mrs Macrae Patterson 

Mrs R Marlin Perkins 

Mrs Charles S. Potter 

Mrs. Edward S Price 

Mrs Frederick Childs Pullman 

Mrs. Howard C Reeder 

Mrs. Robert W Reneker 

Mrs. Don H. Reuben 

Mrs. Joseph E Rich 

Mrs T Clifford Rodman 

Mrs. Frederick Roe 

Mrs Edward M Roob 

Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenthal 

Mrs. Johns Runnells 

Mrs George W Ryerson 

Dr Muriels. Savage 

Mrs. Arthur W.Schultz 

Mrs. William L. Searle 

Mrs. Noel Seeburg. Jr 

Donors to the 
Operating Funds 
of the Museum 

Total tor T 979-1980 

Mrs Joanne Nagel Shaw 

Mrs C. William Sidwell 

Mrs Richard W Simnnons 

Mrs John R Siragusa 

Mrs Gerald A Sivage 

Mrs. Edward Byron Smith 

Mrs Gordon H Smith 

Mrs Malcolm N Smith 

Mrs Lyie M Spencer 

Mrs Gatzert Spiegel 

Mrs JackC.Staehle 

Mrs E, Norman Staub 

Mrs. Gardner H Stern 

Mrs Adlai E Stevenson III 

Mrs. John W Stimpson 

Mrs Robert E Straus 

Mrs William S Street 

Mrs Robert H Strotz 

Mrs Walter A Stuhr. Jr 

Mrs Carroll H Sudler 

Mrs John W Sullivan 

Mrs Harry Blair Sutter 

Mrs. William P Sutter 

Mrs James Swartchild 

Mrs William G Swartchild. Jr 

Mrs Edward F. Swift 

Mrs Hampden M. Swift 

Mrs Phelps H. Swift 

Mrs John W Taylor. Jr 

Mrs. Samuel G Taylor III 

Mrs Edward R Telling 

Mrs, Richard L. Thomas 

Mrs Bruce Thorne 

Mrs Theodore D Tieken 

Mrs Howard J Trienens 

Mrs Chester D Tnpp 

Mrs C Perm Tyler 

Mrs Derrick Vail 

Mrs V L D von Schlegell 

Mrs Thomas M. Ware 

Mrs Hempstead Washburne. Jr. 

Mrs E Leiand Webber 

Mrs. John Paul Welling 

Mrs Frank O Wetmore II 

Mrs. Henry P Wheeler 

Mrs. Julian B. Wilkins 

Mrs Philip C Williams 

Mrs. Norman B. Williamson 

Mrs Peter Wolkonsky 

Mrs J Howard Wood 

Mrs William Wood-Pnnce 

Mrs Frank H. Woods 

Mrs. Blaine J. Yarnngton 

Mrs. George B Young 

tn addition to the many gener- 
ous donors listed here, in 1979. 
3.542 individuals and. in 1980. 
3,597 individuals made contri- 
butions of under $100. The 
Museum is deeply gratelul 
for this support 


Donations of $5,000 
or More 

Allen-Heatti Memonal 

Mr & Mrs Gordon Bent 
Buchanan Family Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs DeWitt Buchanan, Jr ) 
Alma B Campbell (bequest) 
Mr & Mrs Jerry G Chambers 
Mr & Mrs Walter L Cherry 
D& RFund 

(Mr & Mrs Samuel R 

James J Daly (bequest) 
The Dick Family Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs A B Dick) 
Mr & Mrs. William R 

Dickinson, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Gaylord Donnelley 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas E 

Donnelley II 
Mr. & Mrs Joseph N Field 
Mr & Mrs William M Freeman 
Paul J Gerstley 
The Grainger Foundation, Inc 

(Mr & Mrs David W Grainger) 
HBB Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Theodore Tieken. Sr ) 
Mrs Norman R Hanson 
Dr &Mrs William A. Hark 
Oscar Koltmann. Jr 
Charles Chacey Kuehn (bequest) 
Mr & Mrs John H Leslie 
John Woodworth Leslie (bequest) 
Mr & Mrs. Albert E. M. Louer 
J deNavarre Macomb, Jr 
The Martin Foundation, Inc 

(Mrs Jennifer Martin) 
Oscar G & Elsa S.Mayer 

Charitable Trust 

(Oscar G Mayer) 
Chauncey & Marion Deering 

McCormick Foundation 

(C D McCormick and 

Mr. & Mrs Brooks McCormick) 
Minnan, Inc Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Theodore Van Zelst) 
Mr & Mrs. William H, Mitchell 
Mr & Mrs. Charles F Murphy, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs. Charles S Potter 
Pntzker Foundation 

(Robert A Pntzker) 
Barbara Quigley (bequest) 
Mrs T Clifford Rodman 
Mr & Mrs. John S Runnells 
Mr & Mrs. William L Searle 
Ezra Sensibar 
Mr. & Mrs John M Simpson 
Mr & Mrs Jack C Staehle 
Mrs David W Stewart 
Mr &Mrs. Williams Street 
Harold L Stuan (bequest) 
Mr & Mrs John W Sullivan 
Mr & Mrs John W Taylor 
Ruth & Vernon Taylor Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Phelps H Swift) 
Chester D Tripp (bequest) 
Mr & Mrs E Leiand Webber 
Mr & Mrs Blame J. Yarnngton 

Donations of $1 ,000 
to $5,000 

Mr & Mrs Lee Wmfield Alberts 
Alsdorf Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs James W Alsdorf) 
Abra Prentice Anderson 

Charitable Trust 

(Mrs Abra Prentice 


Dr & Mrs Joseph S Angell 
Mr & Mr? A Watson Armour Ml 
Laurance H Armour, Jr , & 

Margot B Armour Family 


(Laurance H Armour, Jr) 
Mrs Lester Armour 
Mr & Mrs T Stanton Armour 
Mr & Mrs Vernon Armour 
Evan L Ausman 
Mr & Mrs Wallis Austin 
Mr & Mrs George R Baker 
Mr & Mrs Robert O Bass 
Mr & Mrs George R Beach, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Harry Bercher 
The B)orkman Foundation 

(Mr &Mrs Carl G Bprkman) 
Mr & Mrs Bowen Blair 
William McCormick Blair 
Mr & Mrs Leigh Block 
Philip D Block, Jr, Family 


(Mr & Mrs Philip D. 

Block, Jr.) 
Blum-Kovler Foundation 

(H Jonathon Kovler) 
Mrs A P Bowman 
Edwin J Brach Foundation 

(Mrs Bertram Z Brodie) 
The SvendS Elizabeth 

Bramsen Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Svend Bramsen) 
Mr & Mrs Cameron Brown 
Mr & Mrs Henry A Brown 
Mr & Mrs Roger O Brown 
Mr & Mrs DeWitt W. 

Buchanan, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs A. C. Buehler, Jr 
Mr & Mrs James E Burd 
Dr & Mrs Robert Wells Carton 
John L Cochran (bequest) 
The Collier-Swartchild 


(Mr, & Mrs James 

A G Cox Charity Trust 
Mr & Mrs Mark Crane 
The Crawford Foundation 

(Mr, & Mrs, William F 

Michael Cudahy 
William Darrow 
The Davee Foundation 

(Ken M Davee) 
Mr & Mrs O C Davis 
Paul Decker Memorial 


(Mrs Edwin N, Asmann) 
Mr, & Mrs Robert Delaney 
Mr & Mrs Thomas H Dittmer 
Mr & Mrs Arthur Dixon 
Elliott & Ann Donnelley 


(Mrs Elliott Donnelley) 
Mr & Mrs George H 

Roben T Drake 
Mrs Harry J Dunbaugh 
Mr & Mrs R Wmfield Ellis 
Mr & Mrs Gordon R Ewing 
Mr & Mrs Calvin Fentress 
Mr & Mrs Marshall Field 
The Forest Fund 

(Mrs Glen A Lloyd) 
Mr & Mrs Walter Frank 
George French 
Mr & Mrs Nicholas Galitzine 
Mrs Anne Rickords Gait 
Mrs Suzanne F Garvin 
Mr & Mrs Lawrence L German 
Mr & Mrs David Goldberg 
Mr & Mrs Paul W Goodnch 
Dr & Mrs Ralph C Greene 
Mrs Rose B Grosse 
Mr, & Mrs Alfred H 

Mr & Mrs Paul W Guenzel 
Mr & Mrs Robert P Gwinn 
John B Hadley 
Mrs John McV Haight, Jr 
Mrs Burton W Hales 
Mr & Mrs Corwith Hamill 
Mrs D Foster Harland 
Mr, & Mrs Robert S Hartman 
Mr & Mrs Ben W Heineman 

Mr & Mrs Michael Helberg 
Mrs Patricia W Hewitt 
Dr Helen Holt 
Holzheimer Fund 

(Carl Holzheimer) 
The H Earl Hoover Foundation 

(H Earl Hoover) 
Mr & Mrs William O Hunt 
The loka Fund 

(George W, Ashman) 
Mr & Mrs Riley W Jadwin 
Mr & Mrs Reinhardt Jahn 
Mr & Mrs Harold James 
Mrs Spencer R Keare 
Mr & Mrs W Keith Kellogg II 
Dr & Mrs R Emmet Kelly 
John S Knight 
Mrs. Louis B Kuppenheimer 
The Viola Aloe Laski Chanlable 


(Mrs Norman Laski) 
Mrs Richard W Leach 
OttoW Lehmann Foundation 

(Robert Lehmann) 
Mr & Mrs Edward H Levi 
Mrs Edward J Loewenlhal 
Renee Logan 

Mr & Mrs Franklin J Lunding 
Mr & Mrs Moses Malkin 
Minnie Malunat (bequest) 
McKim Marriott 
Mr & Mrs James G Maynard 
Dr & Mrs T M McCullough 
Foster G McGaw Foundation 

(Foster G McGaw) 
John E. McGovern, Jr 
Mrs Helen Mayer Medgyesy 
Mr & Mrs John C Meeker 
Mr & Mrs Hugo Melvoin 
Mr & Mrs Charles A Meyer 
Mr & Mrs Walter J Meyer 
Mr & Mrs Lee Miglin 
Mr & Mrs James T Mohan 
The Molner Chantable Trust 

(Mr. & Mrs Morton John 

Barnard and George Hugh 

Mr & Mrs Frank J Mooney 
Dr & Mrs Evan G Moore 
Mr. & Mrs Richard Morrow 
Mr & Mrs Richard Moser 
Mr & Mrs Arthur T Moulding 
Hisazo Nagatani 
Col & Mrs JohnB Naser 
Mrs Arthur C Nielsen, Sr 
Dorothy Wrigley Offield Chanty 


(Wrigley Offield) 
Dr & Mrs Eric Oldberg 
Mr & Mrs Charles Olson 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth O'Meara 
Mrs Richard C Oughton 
Mr & Mrs George Pagels 
Mr & Mrs Philip Pearlstem 
Peterborough Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Marshall Field) 
Frederic G Pick 
Mr & Mrs John T Pine, Jr, 
Mr, & Mrs George A, Poole 
Mr, & Mrs F Newell Pottorf 
Vera Pulnik 

Dr & Mrs Bruce L Ralston 
Mr & Mrs George A Ranney 
James H, Ransom 
Mr & Mrs John Shedd Reed 
David W Rewick 
Mrs David Rhodes 
Mr & Mrs Philip F Rider 
William R Rom 
Mr & Mrs Samuel Rome 
Mr & Mrs Henry N Rowley 
The Arthur Rubloff Fund 

(Arthur Rubloff) 
Mrs Dorothys Ruderman 
Mr & Mrs Frederick Sass 
Sax Family Foundation 
Mr & Mrs Roger Scholle 
Mr & Mrs Walter E Schuessler 
Mr & Mrs Arthur W Schultz 
The Seabury Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs John W Seabury) 
The Sedoh Foundation 

(Scott Hodes) 
Edwin A Seipp, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Emanuel Semerad 

The Philip A Shapiro 

Foundation, Inc. 

(Mrs Beverly Shapiro) 
Arch W Shaw Foundation 

(John I Shaw) 
Jeffrey Shedd 
Mr & Mrs John W Shields 
Bessie E Shields Foundation 

(Dr Thomas W Shields) 
Mrs Clyde E Shorey 
Mr & Mrs Edward Byron Smith 
Mr & Mrs Thomas J Smith 
Mr, & Mrs George T Spensley 
Mrs David B Stern, Jr 
Mariorie & Robert Straus 

Endowment Fund 

(Mrs Robert E Straus) 
The Bolton Sullivan Fund 

(Bolton Sullivan) 
Mr &Mrs William G 

Swartchild. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs James L Taylor 
Ruth & Vernon Taylor 


(Walter T Bartholomay 

and Mr & Mrs, Theodore 

Tieken, Jr) 
Mr & Mrs Edward R Telling 
Dean Terrill (bequest) 
Edmund B Thornton Family 


(Mrs George A Thornton) 
The Thorson Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Reuben Thorson) 
Mr & Mrs, Melvin Traylor, Jr 
Grace & Mildred Tress 
Mr & Mrs, Howard J Trienens 
Mrs Chester D Tripp 
Mr & Mrs Herbert Ullmann 
Glen Verber 

Mr, & Mrs Frank E Voysey 
Mr, & Mrs Louis A Wagner 
Lee F Wendell 
W P & H B White Foundation 

(John McCortney) 
Howard L Willett Foundation, 


(Mrs HowardL Willett, Jr) 
Louise M Williams Charitable 


(Mr & Mrs, Albert D, 

Williams, Jr) 
Dr &Mrs Philip C Williams 
Mr, & Mrs Leo Wilz 
Mr & Mrs E W, Worcester 
Theodore N, Yelich 
Mrs Claire B, Zeisler 

Donations of 
$100 to $1,000 


Mr & Mrs Charles Aaron 

Mr & Mrs Ely Aaron 

Alan L Acker 

Mr, & Mrs, Beniamin S 

Cyrus H AdSms III 
Mr & Mrs Leiand C, Adams 
Mr & Mrs Keane H Addington 
Dr Robert Adier 
Roberts AdIer Family Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Roberts AdIer) 
Mr & Mrs Thomas W Alder 
Mrs Edward K Aldworth 
Mr, & Mrs Walter Alexander 
Louis A Allen 
John Gregg Allerton 
Mr & Mrs Wayne Allsteadt 
John D, Ames 
Gretchen F Anderson 
Roger E Anderson 
Thomas W Andrews 
Edward F Anixter 
Joseph P Antonow 
Mr & Mrs Edward M Apke 
Arthur I Applelon Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Arthur I 

Dr Thomas R, Arau|o 
Mrs Julian Armstrong, Jr 
Mrs Leslie Arnelt 
Mr, & Mrs Theodore Ariz 
Robert L, Ashenhurst 

Donald L Asher 

Dr & Mrs Paul H Ashkenaz 

James W Ashley 

Mrs Julius Auerbach 

Mr & Mrs Edwin C Austin 

Richard F Babcock 

Mrs, William T Bacon 

Mrs Arthur A, Baer 

John W Baird 

Mr & Mrs Russell M Baird 

E M Bakwin 

Dr & Mrs George E Ball 

Judith Ballantyne 

Mr & Mrs James L, Ballard 

Dr & Mrs Sam W Banks 

Samuel V, P Banks 

Elwood Barce 

Mr & Mrs, ReidS, Barker 

Mr & Mrs, Steven J Barnes 

Mr & Mrs William A, Barnett 

F Rose Barr 

Knstina Barr & George Barr 


(Kristina & George Barr) 
Norman J, Barry 
Henry Bartholomay III 
Mrs, Robert Bartlett 
Mrs, George A Basta 
The Alben F Bates & Clara G, 

Bates Foundation 
Mr & Mrs Rex J, Bates 
Mr & Mrs Frank H Seberdick 
Robert C, Becherer 
Mrs James H, Becker 
Dr & Mrs, George Bedell 
Mr & Mrs John L Behr 
Chauncey M Bell 
C3lona Bender 

Mr & Mrs, Edward H, Bennett 
Keith W Bennett 
Mr & Mrs, Russell 0, Bennett 
Mrs B E Bensinger 
Mr & Mrs John P Bent 
Mr & Mrs, William J, Bentley 
Mr & Mrs, James F Bere 
Dr & Mrs Philip J, Berent 
Mr & Mrs, Eugene P Berg 
Edwin A, Bergman 
Roberts, Bergman 
Mr & Mrs, Richard C, Berliner 
Bernauer Family Charitable 


(John A, Bernauer) 
Mr & Mrs, Harry J, Bettendorf 
Mr & Mrs David H, Belts 
Andrew P Bieber 
Lee F Biedermann 
Mrs Joseph L Bigane, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Michael A, Bilandic 
Maurice Bilsky 
John N Bingham 
Mr & Mrs Einar Bjorklund 
Mary Black 

Mrs, Carolyn R Blackmon 
Mrs Edith B Blackwell 
Blake Blair 
Mr & Mrs, Edward McCormick 

H B Blanke Chantable 

Trust 'B" 

(Donald Blanke) 
John Bias 

Mr & Mrs, Edward F Blettner 
Mr 8.Mrs W R Blew 
Mr & Mrs Andrew K Block 
Mr & Mrs Joseph L, Block 
Mrs Samuel W Block 
Mr & Mrs, Edwin R Blomquist 
Mr & Mrs Stephen J Bloom 
Mr & Mrs, Walter Blum 
Harold R Blumberg 
Mr & Mrs Harold C Bodine 
W, S Bodman 
Mrs Gilbert P Bogert 
The Bohnen Family Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs R G Bohnen) 
Mr & Mrs William J Bold 
Mrs Daniel J Boone 
Mr & Mrs John Jay Borland 
The Bowes Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Arthurs, Bowes) 
John R, Bradley 
Robert Sayre Bradshaw 
Mrs Harolds Brady 
Mrs Patncia Reese Braker 
Dr Joseph T Branit 

Mr & Mrs Robert F Brantman 

Mr & Mrs Richard Brashler 

Mr & Mrs Morris Braun 

Mr & Mrs William E, Breitzke 

Mr & Mrs Gerhard Brezina 

Donald Bndgeforth 

Alice M, Bright 

Mrs, Lester Harns Brill 

Mrs, Irene CS Brittingham 

Charles A Brizzolara 

Mr & Mrs, John W Broad 

Mr & Mrs Warren Brockmeier 

Alan R Brodie 

Mrs VeraS Brodie 

Mr & Mrs Beckwith Bronson 

Mr & Mrs Herbert C Brook 

Mr & Mrs Robert Brooker 

William B Browder 

Mr & Mrs, Charles H Brown 

Mrs, Charles K, Brown 

Charles Lee Brown 

Mr & Mrs, Charles S, Brown 

H Templeton Brown 

Dr & Mrs James L Brown 

Dr & Mrs Murray C Brown 

Dr & Mrs, Herbert C, Bruehaus 

Mrs C, Lawrence Buchanan 

Donald P Buchanan 

Eugene D Buchanan 

Dr & Mrs John Robert 

Mrs Henry Buchbinder 
Herman G Buckley 
Robert Buehler 
Mr & Mrs, Theodore H, 

Mr & Mrs, Gunnar Burgeson 
Romona Burke 
Mrs, Thomas B Burke 
Homer A Burnell 
Mrs, Joseph A, Burnham 
Edward J, Burns 
Mr & Mrs, Roberts Burns 
Mr & Mrs, John S, Burrs 
Mrs Gerald M, Butler 
Robert Butz 

Mr & Mrs Morton D, Cahn 
Nick Caldrone 
Mrs, George G, Cameron 
Mr & Mrs, W, T Cameron 
Mr & Mrs Donald A 

Campbell. Jr 
Mr & Mrs, Hugh M Campbell 
Dr & Mrs, James A, Campbell 
Raymond Carlen 
Carlin Fund 

(Leo J, Carlin) 
Dr Margery C, Carlson 
Donald F Carne 
Peter Roy Carney 
William J Carney 
Mr & Mrs Robert A Carr 
Mr & Mrs Daniel T Carroll 
Mr & Mrs, Champ Carry 
Mr & Mrs, Vernon E, Carstens 
Mr & Mrs Philip V Carter 
Mr & Mrs, Bnan J Casey 
Silas Cathcart 
Mr & Mrs Victor Cavallari 
The Chaffetz Family 


(Mr & Mrs, Hammond E 

Chaffetz, Jr) 
Mr & Mrs Henry T, Chandler 
Mr & Mrs, George S, 

Chappell, Jr 
Mr & Mrs, Joseph A, Chenicek 
Mr & Mrs, Eugene J Chesrow 
Mr & Mrs, W, T Chester 
Chicago Shell Club 
Mr & Mrs, Charles Chomsky 
G, L Christopher D D S,. Trust 

(Dr G, L Chnstopher) 
Mr & Mrs Weston R 

Mrs, Freeman S Church 
ZetaE, Clark 
Clarke Foundation. Inc, 

(Mr & Mrs, John Walter 

Dolores Clavier 
Mr & Mrs, John Clemmer 
Mr & Mrs Harry B, Clow, Jr 
KentS Clow. Jr 
Manon Clow 
Mr & Mrs, Eric W Cochrane 

Louis N Cohen 

Saul Cohen 

Mr & Mrs, Charles W, Cole 

James E Colenso 

Mr & Mrs. Julien Collins 

Mr & Mrs Orell T Collins 

Mr & Mrs. John C, Colman 

Dr & Mrs, Gordon C, Colson 

Mr & Mrs Earle M, Combs III 

Philip Conley 

Mr & Mrs, James P Connelley 

Mr & Mrs, Donald Connor 

Mrs, Thomas A, Connors 

Mr & Mrs Louis J, Conti 

Mr & Mrs Stanton R Cook 

Mrs, Kenneth G, Cooley 

Mrs David R, Corbelt 

Mrs, David P Cordray 

Mr & Mrs, Donald C, Coltrell. Jr 

Mr & Mrs James R Coulter 

Mr & Mrs. William S. Covington 

Patricia Cowhey 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas R. Coyne 

Mrs Norman Lee Cram 

Mr & Mrs Arthur A. Cramer Jr 

Dr Ronald R. Cross 

Arie & Ida Crown Memorial 

(Henry Crown)' 
Mr & Mrs. Frank Cullota 
Edward M. Cummings 
Tilden Cummings 
Edward A. Cushman 
Paul William Cutler 
Mr & Mrs. John E Dabberl 
Mr & Mrs. Loren D. Daily 
Mr & Mrs. Bruce E. Dalton 
George Edson Danforlh 
Mr & Mrs Leonard S. Davidow 
Mr & Mrs. W. Allen Davies 
John P Davis 
Drs. Judith & John Davis 
Percy Davis 

Mr & Mrs. William R. Davis 
Dr & Mrs. Arthur DeBoer 
Mr & Mrs. Richard P 

de Camara 
Mr & Mrs. Edwin J DeCosta 
Mrs. Emmetl Dedmon 
Mr & Mrs. W S. Deeming 
Mr & Mrs. Frank A. DeFazio 
Mrs James A Delaney Jr 
Mrs Charles S. DeLong 
Mrs. R.J. DeMotle 
Elizabeth Denkoff 
Dr Stuart M. Denmark 
Mrs. Charles Dennehy, Jr 
Mr & Mrs, James R, DeSlefano 
Mr & Mrs Robert Diamant 
Mr & Mrs, David L, Diana 
Mrs, Edison Dick 
Mr & Mrs Martin Dickman 
Mr & Mrs, Duane A, Diehl 
Mr & Mrs, Donald B, Diggle 
Mr & Mrs, W, S Dillon 
Mr & Mrs, Stewart S Dixon 
Mrs, Wesley Dixon, Sr 
Mr & Mrs, Alan W, Donaldson 
James R Donnelley 


(James R, Donnelley) 
Thorne Donnelley, Jr 
Dr Robert D Dooley 
Charles H, Douglas 
Clara Douglas 
Mr & Mrs, James H, 

Douglas, Jr 
William C, Douglas 
Mr & Mrs, H, James Douglass 
Mrs, Beverly J Dowis 
Dr & Mrs. W. J. Downing 
Dimmick D. Drake 
Mrs. Lyman M. Drake, Jr 
Mr & Mrs. Robert M. Drevs 
Mr & Mrs Juergen 

Mr & Mrs. Lawrence A. DuBose 
Kent M Duncan 
Mr & Mrs. Paul R. Duncan 
Mr & Mrs. Edwin R. Dunn 
George W. Dunne 
Mrs. Percy P Eckhart 
Mr & Mrs Donald P Eckrich 
Alfred K. Eddy 
Robert Edelman 
Mr & Mrs. Sigmund E. 


Ross Edman 

Howard O. Edmunds 

John S. Edwards 

Mr & Mrs. Gerard J. Eger 

Caryl L Elsey 

Mrs. Mariorie H Elling 

M Caroline Emich 

Mr & Mrs. Richard Engler 

E. Stanley Enlund 

Mrs Kenton C Ensor 

Henry J Enswiler Jr 

The Epstein Foundation. Inc. 

(Sidney Epstein) 
Jacqueline Erbe 
Mr&Mrs. E J. Erick 
Mr & Mrs. Norman Erickson 
H. F Espenschied 
Dr Charles Esser 
Robert G Ettelson 
Mrs Bergen Evans 
Kenneth Evans 
Mr & Mrs. Crawford Failey 
Mrs. John J Faissler 
Mrs. Suzanne Clarke Falk 
Mr & Mrs. Milton Falkoff 
Dr Lawrences. Farer 
Mr & Mrs Richard J Farrell 
Mr & Mrs. William E Fay, Jr 
Bruce Featherstone 
Mrs. R W Ferguson 
Mrs. Frank Ferlic 
Mrs. AnnC. Field 
Patrick Filter 
Mr & Mrs Gerry K. Fink 
Arnold D. Finkel 
William FinkI 
Dr Mildred I. Finney 
Mr & Mrs. Russell W. Fisher 
Morgan L Fitch 
Dr C. Larkin Flanagan 
Mrs. Mildred C. Fletcher 
Mr & Mrs James G Flood 
Mr & Mrs. William C Flonan 
Mr & Mrs Harold M. Florsheim 
Eileen M. Foell 
Mr & Mrs. Emil L. Fogelin 
Mr & Mrs GiffordT Foley 
Mr & Mrs Dwighl W. Follett 
Edwin S Ford 
Mrs. Zachary D. Ford 
Gerald B. Frank 
The Marshall Frankel 


(Mr & Mrs. Marshall Frankel) 
Mr & Mrs George A. Franz 
Dr Christabel H. Frederick 
Norman & Edna Freehling 


(Mr & Mrs. Norman 

Mr & Mrs. Gaylord A. Freeman 
Mr & Mrs. Donald B. French 
Robert A Fried 

Mr & Mrs. Herbert A. Friedlich 
Mrs. Allan Friedman 
Mr&Mrs. R. NealFulk 
William W.Fullagar 
Mr & Mrs. Douglas R. Fuller 
Mr & Mrs. Herbert E Funk 
Joseph M. Gabriel 
Rudolph Gabnel 
Mr & Mrs. Charles B Gale 
Mr & Mrs. George H. Galloway 
The Gaiter Foundation 

(Jack Gaiter) 
Bruce M Ganek 
Mrs. Carin Garamoni 
F Sewall Gardner 
Henry K Gardner 
Mr & Mrs John S Gates 
Mr & Mrs. William P Gauthier 
Mr & Mrs. James J . Gavin, Jr 
Mr & Mrs. Richard I. Gavin 
Mr & Mrs Alfred Gawlhrop 
The Gaylord Foundation, Inc. 
Thomas A Geldermann 
Mr & Mrs. Charles B Genther 
Mr & Mrs George Georgiou 
Mrs. Maurice Palnck Geraghty 
Mr & Mrs George F Gerk 
Mr & Mrs Isak V Gerson 
Mrs William TGibbs 
Mr & Mrs. James R. 

Gibson. Jr 
Mr Joseph L. Gidwitz 
Mr&Mrs. Harvey B.Gill 

Dr & Mrs John H Gilmore 
The J William Gimbel. Jr.. & 

Odell B Gimbel Foundation 
Mr & Mrs James J Glasser 
Glenview Library Association 
The Glore Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Roben Hixon 

Albert H Glos & lona D Glos 


(Mrs Albert H Glos) 
Mr, & Mrs David F Goldberg 
Mr & Mrs Jerome Golden 
Fred L Goldsby 
Mrs Howard Goodman 
C T Goodrich 
Kenneth Gosh 
Chester Gould 
Mr & Mrs John H Grace. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Bruce J Graham 
MaryE Graham 
Olive C Graham 
Dr Gerald W Grawey 
Mr & Mrs Eugene Gray 
Nina & Elisha Gray 
Mr & Mrs- Williams Gray 
Mr & Mrs Donald C Greaves 
The Green Pond Foundation 

(Paul R Judy) 
Arthur L Green 
Mr & Mrs Harold Gregg 
Mr. & Mrs Edward D Greiner 
Carroll L Griffith & Sylvia M 

Griffith Foundation 

(Mrs Carroll L Griffith) 
Fred H Groen. Jr 
Patnck R Grogan 
Mr & Mrs Harold F Grumhaus 
Mr & Mrs Rolf Gunnar 
Mr & Mrs Robert C Gunness 
Edward F Gurka. Jr 
Dr & Mrs Edwin L Gustus 
Mr & Mrs John L Gwynn 
Dr & Mrs Ralph F Haag 
Mr & Mrs Charles C Haffner 
Mrs. James J Haines 
Andrew W Haller 
Mr &Mrs ChalkleyJ 

Dr Ernestine Hambhck 
Mr & Mrs Andrew C Hamilton 
George Hand 
Dr & Mrs Chester S 

Martin Hanley 

Mr & Mrs Allan Hansberger 
George D Hardin Charitable 


(George D Hardin) 
Virginia Hardin 
Mr. & Mrs Harry G Hardt 
James Harper. Jr 
The Harris Foundation 

(Irving Hams) 
Mrs Marian S IHarns 
S H Harris 
Stanley G Harns. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs Augustin S. Hart. Jr 
Mr & Mrs. Chester C Hart 
Mrs William H Hartz.Jr 
Richard D Harza 
Jerome Hasterlik 
Cathenne Hauch 
Mr & Mrs. Walter Hawrysz 
Mr &Mrs Alfred H Hayes 
Jerome M Healy 
Grace C Hefner 
Wilfred H Heitmann 
Mr & Mrs Richard G. Held 
Mr & Mrs Burnell C Helmich 
Mr & Mrs Samuel L. Helms 
Mr & Mrs Richard F Helmus 
Mr & Mrs L Henninger 
Mr. & Mrs Harold H 

Hensold. Jr 
Mr & Mrs. James J 

Mrs John Heymann 
Thomas D Hicks 
Charles W Hines 
Mr & Mrs Harold H Hines, Jr 
Mr & Mrs. Donald M. Hintz 
Edwin W Hirsh 
Irwin Hirsch 
Mrs Robert Hixon 
Mrs. George Hoban 

Bert HoddinotI 
Mrs W Press Hodgkins 
Mrs William R Hodgson 
Mr & Mrs Ralph R Hogan 
The Dave Hokin Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Robert F 

Grace & Edwin E Hokin 


(Mr & Mrs Edwin E Hokin) 
B C Holland 

Mr &Mrs Gerald V Hollins 
Mrs William Hollweg 
Mr & Mrs Philip H Holm 
Mr & Mrs Stanley H Holmes 
Thomas K Holmquist 
Mr & Mrs George F Hook 
The Florence O Hopkins 

Charitable Fund. Inc 

(Mr &Mrs IsakV Gerson) 
Mr & Mrs William D Home 
The Leonard J Horwich Family 


(Leonard J Horwich) 
Mrs Irvin E Houck 
James D Houy 
Howell H Howard 
Mr & Mrs Paul E Howard 
Mr & Mrs Lincoln B Hubbard 
Mrs Otis L Hubbard 
KatherineJ Hudson 
Lyndall Hughs 
Mr & Mrs R B Hulsen 
Mr & Mrs James C Hunt 
Mrs Harvey Huston 
Mr & Mrs Chauncey K 

Mr & Mrs John 8 Hutchins 
John S Hutchins 
Mr & Mrs Howard H 

Mr & Mrs Robert C Hyndman 

(Mr & Mrs Isidore Brown) 
I Michael L Igoe, Jr 

Mr & Mrs Charles Iker 
Dr & Mrs George E 

lllingworth. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Robert S Ingersoll 
The Ireland Foundation 

(Mr. & Mrs. Melville H 

Mr & Mrs Spencer E Irons 
Hans D Isenberg 
The Isgo Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Milton D. 

Mr & Mrs George S Isham 

(Thomas Sheffield. Jr) 
Mr & Mrs Ron Jacobsen 
Mr. & Mrs Fredenck G Jaicks 
Mr & Mrs Charles C Jarchow 
Robert P Jarchow 
Mr & Mrs Downing P Jenks 
Mr & Mrs Albert E Jenner 
Arthur M Jens. Jr 
Mr & Mrs George A Jessen 
Jocarno Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Norman J. 

Alphonse I Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Carl A Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Donald B 

Johnson, Jr 
Dr Frank R Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Henry A Johnson 
Robert L Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Robert L Johnson 
Dr Walter L Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Harry A Jones 
Mrs Pierce Jones 
Mrs Robert V Jones 
W Ralph Jones Trust 

(Mr & Mrs Ronald Jones) 
Frank A Jost, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Samuel Joyner 
Mrs Robert D Judson 
Mrs C C Jung 
Joan Juozenas 
Charles F Kahn 
Louis & Ruth Kahnweiler 

Family Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Louis 

Mrs. Leslie Kammerer 

Dr Alan Kantor 
Professor Helene Kantor 
Mr & Mrs Morns A Kaplan 
Mr & Mrs Harvey E Kapnick 
Mr &Mrs William G Karnes 
Mr & Mrs Byron C Karzas 
Lawrence Kasakoff 
Mr & Mrs Francis E 

Meyer Katz Family Foundation. 


(Mr & Mrs Stanley M Katz) 
David Katzin 
Gabrielle Katzin 
Mrs Margaret Katzin 
Fred R Kaufmann 
Mr & Mrs Thomas E Keane 
Florence & Viola Keebler 
Mr & Mrs Nelson H Kehl 
Dr & Mrs Joseph Keifel 
Dr Algimantas Kelertas 
Mr & Mrs C J Kelleher 
Mr & Mrs John P Keller 
Mr & Mrs Thomas H 

Keller, Jr 
Donald P Kelly 
Mr &Mrs Frank J Kelly III 
George Gilman Kelly 
T Lloyd Kelly Foundation 

(Mrs Mildred W McDermott) 
Mr & Mrs Fredenck T Kelsey 
Mr & Mrs Donald G 

Kempt, Jr 
Mr & Mrs George P 

Kendall, Jr 
Philip L Kennedy 
Taylor L Kennedy 
Charles C Kerwm 
Mr & Mrs John Kethley 
Mrs E Ogden Kettmg 
Mr & Mrs Robert M 

Mrs Ansel M Kinney 
John J Kinsella 
Mr & Mrs Robert P Kircheimer 
Mrs Weymouth Kirkland 
Mr & Mrs Clayton Kirkpatrick 
Mr & Mrs John E Kirkpatrick 
Mrs Harold D Klatz 
Mr & Mrs Stephen Klemen 
Ethels Philip Klutznick 

Charitable Trusts 

(Philip M Klutznick) 
Arthur B Knight 
R G &E M Knight Fund 

(Mrs Robert G Knight) 
Leo P Knoerzer 
Lance L Knox 
Maurice G Knoy 
Raymond F Koch 
Mrs Yvonne Koester 
Mr & Mrs Gordon Kohler 
Dr John Anton Kollar. Jr 
C R Kopp 
Korhumel Foundation 

(N F Korhumel) 
Peter J J Kosiba 
The Ko-So Foundation 

(Mrs Kathryn B 

Igor A Kovac 

Dr & Mrs Bertram D Knbben 
Mr & Mrs Leonard S Knser 
Kroc Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Robert L Kroc) 
Mr & Mrs Carl A Kroch 
Mr & Mrs W A Kroeplm 
Mr & Mrs Walter T Kuhlmey 
Mr & Mrs Paul A Kuhn 
Mrs Louise H Kurfess 

(Mr &Mrs Walter Fisher) 
Clara R Lacey 
Mrs Judith LaCroix 
Mrs Louise E Laflin, Jr 
Melvin Landau 
Mr & Mrs Fredenc S Lane 
Mrs Gordon Lang 
Mr & Mrs Joseph 8 

Cynthia Lans 
Mrs Walter D Larkin 
Harry Larsch 
Earl D Larsen 
Mrs Jack Arlon Larsh 
LaSaile Adams Fund 

George P Latchfordlll 

Mr &Mrs William J Lauf 

Charles P Laurenson 

Mr & Mrs Russell M Lawall 

Mr John K Laws 

Mr & Mrs Gordon Leadbetter 

Mr & Mrs Philip C Lederer 

The Leffmann Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Paul H 

Philip C Leiby 
Edward L Lembitz 
Richard A Lenon 
David G Lester 
Mrs Elizabeth Lettsome 
Charles & Ruth Levy 


(Charles Levy) 
Dr & Mrs Robert M Lewert 
Mr & Mrs T M Lillard 
Mrs Charlotte T Lindar 
Mr & Mrs Donald C Lisle 
Mrs Chapin Litten 
Col J P Littleiohn 
Dr & Mrs W V Liu 
Mrs Homer J Livingston 
Mrs Joseph F Lizzardo 
L R Lock 

Dr & Mrs J C Lockhart 
Mr & Mrs John W Loeding 
Mrs William Edgar Long 
Mary Longbrake 
Philip W, Lotz 
Mr & Mrs H Norns Love 
Walter R Lovepy 
Mrs A L Lovell 
Max L Lowenberg 
M R Lowenstine 
Mr & Mrs Timothy W Lowry 
Mr & Mrs Donald C Lubin 
Mr & Mrs Ralph J Lueders 
Mr & Mrs Frank W Luerssen 
Louise Lutz 
Mrs Robert Lyon 
Mr & Mrs William B Mabie 
Russell MacFall 

(Mr &Mrs David O 

Dr & Mrs Wallace D 

Mr & Mrs John A 

MacLean. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Albert H MacLeod 
Mrs Roderick MacPherson 
Mr & Mrs J Michael Madda 
Mr & Mrs John W Madigan 
Mrs Albert F Madlener, Jr 
Madorin-Sirk Foundation 

(Bernard S Madorin) 
PhihpS Makin 
Mr & Mrs Sherwin J Malkin 
Mrs Edith Grimm Malone 
Mr & Mrs Robert H Malott 
Mr & Mrs Jerome W Mandell 
Mr & Mrs James E Mandler 
Harold & Edna Manhoff 


(Mr & Mrs Harold Manhoff) 
John F Mannion 
Melinda Manoni 
Mr & Mrs Charles F Mansfield 
Mr & Mrs George L Manta 
Mr & Mrs Steven C March 
Mr & Mrs Aldo Marchetti 
Dr & Mrs Lawrence N 

R Bailey Markham 
Dr Leo Markin 
Mrs Gilbert H Marquardt 
Mary K Marshall 
C V Martin f^oundation 

(Mr & Mrs C V Martin) 
Mrs Dorothy M Martin 
Adolph Emil Marx (bequest) 
Mrs Keith Masters 
Mr & Mrs Bruce D, Mateer 
Dr & Mrs Glenn Mather 
Mr & Mrs Thomas N Mathers 
Mr & Mrs Russell H Mathias 
Dr & Mrs Harold J Matthies 
Carolyn D Mauger 
Augustus Maxwell, Jr 
Robert E Maxwell 
Mrs David Mayer 
Dee Mayer 

Mr & Mrs Frank D Mayer, Jr 

Mrs Frank D Mayer, Sr 

Harold M Mayer 

Mrs Robert 8 Mayer 

Mr & Mrs George H Maze 

George A C McBride 

Mr & Mrs David C McClintock 

Mr & Mrs Archibald McClure 

Mrs Diane McClure 

Mr & Mrs Brooks McCormick 

Mrs George Barr 

McCutcheon II 
Mr & Mrs Robert 8 

Mrs Hugh McDonald 
Mr & Mrs C Bouton 

Mrs Edward D McDougal. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Robert 

McDougal. Jr 
Dr & Mrs Ernest G McEwen 
Mr & Mrs Risley 8 

McFeely Jr 
Mr &Mrs Charles S McGill 
Mr & Mrs William 8 Mcllvaine 
Mr & Mrs John Mclntyre 
Donald McKellar 
Wyatt McKelvey 
Mr &Mrs William W McKittnck 
Annie May McLucas 


(Mr & Mrs Don H McLucas) 
Dr & Mrs John P McMahon 
Mr & Mrs Andrew J McMillan 
Mr & Mrs James E 

McNulty Jr 
Dr L Steven Medgyesy 
Henry W Meers Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Henry W Meers) 
Mr & Mrs H W Meierdirks 
Mr &Mrs Joe A Meisellll 
Mr 8, Mrs Ronald McK Melvin 
Melvoin Foundation 

(Charles Melvoin) 
Mr & Mrs Alfred Menzer 
Dr & Mrs James W Merncks 
Mr & Mrs Glenn E Merntt 
Donald T Mesler 
Donald Metcoff 
Beverly M Meyer 
Dr & Mrs Richard S Meyer 
Mrs Vernon A Meyer 
Andrew Michyeta, Jr 
JohnO Middlebrook 

Charitable Trust 

(Mrs Gladys T 

Midwest Weavers 
Paul E Miessler 
Mr & Mrs Arnold Miller 
Dr & Mrs C Philip Miller 
Homer L Miller 
Mrs J Roscoe Miller 
Mr & Mrs Joseph R Miller 
Mrs Robert E Miller 
Mr & Mrs Robert L Milligan 
Mr SMrs Harold J Mills 
Frank R Milnor 
Newton & Josephine Minow 

Charitable Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Newton N 

Mr & Mrs Thomas M 

Mints. Jr 
Myron Minuskin 
Mrs Lawrence E Mitten 
Mr & Mrs 8 John Mix, Jr 
Mr & Mrs James T Mohan 
Mr & Mrs H G Mo|onnier 
Seigfred L Moinichen 
J D Mollendorf 
Marion Molyneaux 
Frank A Monhart 
Henry I Monheimer 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth 

Mr & Mrs John H Morava 
Mr & Mrs Graham J Morgan 
Mr & Mrs Donald Morns 
Jerrold Morris 

Mr & Mrs George L Morrow 
Mrs John Morrow, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Horace C 

Moses, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth L Moses 
Lester Mouscher 

Mr & Mrs Bruno Movrich 

Mr & Mrs Manly M Mumford 

Richard J Murphy 

W E Mussett 

Mr & Mrs Thomas R Wutz 

Mr & Mrs Arno R Myers 

Mrs Harold B Myers 

Dr & Mrs Charles F Nadler 

Roscoe Nash 

Mr & Mrs Arthur Nasheim 

Bernard Nath 

Mr & Mrs James C Nathan 

Loretta Nayder 

Dr Javed Nazir 

Mr & Mrs Walter A Netsch 

Mr & Mrs W F Neurel. Jr 

Mrs John C Nevins 

Mr & Mrs J Robert Newgard 

Mrs Karl H Newhouse 

Frank B Nichols 

George G Nichols. Jr 

Oliver Nickels 

Mr & Mrs Norman Nie 

Mr & Mrs Philip H Niederman 

Thomas M Niles 

The Murray & Grace Nissman 


(Mr & Mrs Murray Nissman) 
Mr & Mrs Ronald D Niven 
Mrs Lawrence E Norem 
Mrs Billie S Norman 
Harold W Norman 
Mr & Mrs Lester I Norton 
Mr & Mrs Herbert Nudelman 
Mrs John Nuveen 
Mr & Mrs Karl Nygren 
Chnstopher P Nystrom 
Mr & Mrs David T Oates 
Robert J O Connor 
William R Odell 
Francis X Donnell 
PaulE Ogle 

Mr & Mrs William P OKeefe 
Mr & Mrs Daniel J OLeary 
MiloE Oliphant 
Mr & Mrs Earl Oliver 
Rev & Mrs Alfred Raa Olson 
Mr & Mrs Carl B Olson 
Mr & Mrs Fred W Opilz 
The Oppenheimer Family 

Mrs Edward H Oppenheimer 
Mr & Mrs W Irving 

Osborne. Jr 
Mrs Gilbert H Osgood 
Mrs John J OShaughnessy 
John Ekern Ott 
Mr & Mrs Ray E Over 
David B Owen 
Llewellyn G Owens 
Mrs Sarah R Packard 
Mr & Mrs Bob Paddock 
Mr & Mrs Fred P Page. Jr 
Mrs Dxie Paine 
Karl R Palmer 
Potter Palmer 
Dr Frank P Paperniak 
Dr Linda Parenti 
Mr & Mrs Ben S Parker 
George Parker 
Mr & Mrs Norman S Parker 
Mr & Mrs Robert C Parker 
Dr & Mrs Francis M Parks 
Mr & Mrs Lloyd C Panndge 
Dr & Mrs Luke R Pascale 
Mr. & Mrs O M Patterson 
Mr & Mrs John M Patton 
William J Pavey 
Mr & Mrs Philip W Peck 
Mr & Mrs J O Peckham. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Dana Peckworth 
Dr & Mrs Manano 

John H Perkins 
Mrs Anthony L Perrin 
Mr & Mrs J Scott Perry 
Mrs Barbara B Pesch 
Edward Pelerlee 
Richard J Peterson 
Mrs Margaret C Peyton 
Me'vin A Pfaeizer 
Mrs Dean B Phemisler 
Mr & Mrs Robert F Picken 
Mr & Mrs Allan Pickus 
Mr & Mrs Frank E Pielsticer 
Mr & Mrs Robert R Pierson 

Mr & Mrs Roy J Pierson 

Mrs Gordon L Pine 

Sherwood K Piatt 

George B Pletsch 

Mr & Mrs Irving B Polhemus 

Mr & Mrs James D Polis 

Mrs Evelyn Pollack-Schrek 

Mrs Mignon P Pollock 

Mr & Mrs. Oren T Pollock 

Mrs Harold M Pond 

Mrs Henry Pope. Jr 

Edward C Porter 

Mr & Mrs John J Portman 

Mr & Mrs John W. Post 

Mr & Mrs Eugene L Powell 

Mr & Mrs Robert T Powers 

Mr & Mrs Peler B Powles 

Robert C Preble 

Mrs Charles D. Preston 

Mr & Mrs Edward S Price 

Louise K Prins 

Ralph E Proiahn 

Joseph Prokop 

Mr & Mrs John A Prosser 

Mr & Mrs Russell V Puzey 

Jack A Quigley 

R I S Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Irving G Strauss) 
Mr & Mrs George B Rabb 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Rada. Jr 
Richard J Radebaugh 
Audree M Ragan 
Bettye Raglin 
Mr & Mrs L S Raisch 
Mary E Rail 
Mr & Mrs F R Rapids 
Mr & Mrs Frank S Read 
William M. Redfield 
Gertrude E Reeb 
Mr & Mrs. Charles A. Reed 
Dr Clifton L Reeder 
Mr & Mrs Howard C Reeder 
Walter L Rees 
Mrs Clement Reese 
Mrs Robert G Regan 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas J. Regan 
Joseph Regenstein. Jr 
Ruth Regenstein 
Robert H. Reid 
Mane K Remien 
Deborah W Remington 
Mr & Mrs. Don H Reuben 
Peter F Reusche 
Mr & Mrs Richard W Reuter 
AdaK Rew 
Paul G Reynolds 
Arthur L Rice. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Joseph E Rich 
James P Richter 
Mr. & Mrs. L M Rieckhoff 
William C Riker 
Patncia Rink 
Russell R Risdon 
Dr William R Risk 
Mr & Mrs Charles L Ritten 
Dr & Mrs Jack L Robbins 
Mrs Ruth A Roberg 
Mr & Mrs Charles C Roberts 
Mr & Mrs. Charles S Roberts 
Mr & Mrs H Wallace Roberts 
Mr & Mrs. Harry V Roberts 
Mrs Helens Roberts 
Mr & Mrs John V Roberts 
Dr & Mrs Raymond E. 

Mr & Mrs Elmer D Robinson 
Mr & Mrs Milton D. Robinson 
Sanger P & Martha F Robinson 


(Mrs Sanger P Robinson) 
Theodore W & Annabel A 

Robinson Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Theodore W 

The Milius Roe Foundation 

(Mrs FredenckRoe) 
Mr & Mrs Ottomar D Roeder 
The Rohlen Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Karl V Rohlen) 
Harry A Root. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Philip Rootberg 
Mrs Marion E Rosenbluth 
Mr & Mrs Harold Rosenson 
Mr & Mrs Gerson M 

Rosenthal. Jr 

Daniel Roslenkowski 
Dr & Mrs Wilbur Rowley 
Dr & Mrs M E Rubnitz 
Dr & Mrs Frank E Rubovilz 
Mr & Mrs Gilbert Ruderman 


(Mrs Dorothys Ruderman) 
Mr & Mrs D G Ruegg 
John W Ruettinger 
Mrs Paul Russell 
Donald R Ryan 
Mr & Mrs J Coert Rylaarsdam 
Mr & Mrs Robert G Sachs 
Mr & Mrs Henry T Sanders 
Mr & Mrs Thomas R Sanders 
Margaret H Sanderson 
Mrs Gene Saper 
Antonio R Sarabia 
Sasser Foundation 

(Mrs Fred H Sasser) 
Dr Munel S Savage 
Mr & Mrs Calvin P Sawyier 
Philip H Schaff.Jr 
Mrs. L L Schaffner 
Mr & Mrs Francis R Schanck 
Marion E Schenk 
Mrs. Gerhart Schild 
Mrs Franklin 8 Schmick 
Mrs. Edward Schmidt 
Mr & Mrs Rudolph Schmidt 
Marvin H Schmitt 
Mr & Mrs Melvin Schneider 
Dr B Schreider 
W. F Schroeder 
Dr Milfred F Schwartz. Jr 
Dr & Mrs Steven Schwartz 
Dr & Mrs John S Schweppe 
Kathleen O'Boyle Scutchfield 
Mr & Mrs. John W Seabury 
Mr & Mrs. Fred Seaholm 
Mr & Mrs D. Gideon Searle 
Mr & Mrs. Frank T Sedlacek 
Mr & Mrs Noel Seeburg. Jr 
Mr & Mrs. William S Seeley 
Mrs M H Seevers 
Denise Selz 

Mr & Mrs Charles W Sena 
Mr & Mrs C Olin Sethness 
Mrs Eileen G. Sexton 
Mr & Mrs Robert M Shannon 
Mrs. Joanne Nagel Shaw 
Mr & Mrs. John I Shaw 
Mrs. Charles C Shedd 
Chester Shell 
James G Shennan 
Mr & Mrs Saul Sherman 
Mr & Mrs John W Shields 
Mr & Mrs. Donald G Shipper 
Mrs MaryShnmplin 
Mr & Mrs. C William Sidwell 
Mr & Mrs Richard W Simmons 
Mr & Mrs John R Siragusa 
Ross D Siragusa Jr 
Mrs Gerald A Sivage 
Mr & Mrs Ira R Slagter 
Mrs Walter F Slocum 
Mr & Mrs Bedford A Small 
Mr & Mrs. Robert W Smick 
George D Smith II 
Gotf Smith 

Mr & Mrs Gordon H Smith 
Grace Frances Smith 
Harold Byron Smith, Jr 
Matthew D Smith 
Mrs Raymond F Smith 
Solomon Byron Smith 
Winfield S. Smith 
Dr & Mrs Daniel Snydacker 
James E Snyder 
Mrs JeanC Snyder 
Melania & Helen J Sokolowski 
Dr G Alan Solem 
Hugo & Virginia B Sonnen- 

schien Chantable Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Hugo 

Sonnenschien. Jr) 
Mr & Mrs Alan H Sons 
Mr & Mrs Robert A Southern 
Mr & Mrs Jack D Sparks 
Mr & Mrs Harold E Spencer 
Mrs Lyie M Spencer 
Mr & Mrs Robert E Spiel 
Joel & Maxine Spitz 

Foundation. Inc 

(Mr & Mrs Kenneth 


Beverly Jo Splane 
Kate Staley 
Stanmart Fund. Inc. 

(Dr & Mrs Stanton 

Mrs Pencles P Stathas 
Mr & Mrs E Norman Slaub 
Clarke C Stayman 
Mrs Henry L Stem 
Grundy Steiner 
The Steinfeld Foundation 

(Manfred Steinfeld) 
Mrs W H Stellner 
Mrs John Stephens 
Mr & Mrs John L Stephens 
Russell T Stern Sr 
Mr & Mrs W R Steur 
John A. Stevenson 
Mr & Mrs. Richard D 

HalS R Stewart 
Mr & Mrs Robert C Stewart 
Mr & Mrs John W. Stimpson 
Ernted Stone Fund 

(Mrs Theodore Stone) 
Lloyd Stone 
Marvin & Anita Stone Family 


(Marvin N Stone) 
Mr & Mrs Ernest A Stranglen 
Sarah Stranglen 
Mrs. Harold E Strauss 
Mr & Mrs Charles L Strobeck 
Mr &Mrs Robert H Strotz 
Mr & Mrs Robert D. Stuart. Jr 
Mr & Mrs Erwin A. Stuebner 
Mr & Mrs. Philip J. Stuttman 
Mrs. Carroll H Sudler 
Mr & Mrs Harold J Sugarman 
Frank L Sulzberger 
Mr & Mrs James L Surpless 
Mrs Harry B Sutter 
Livio Svaldi 
David F Swain. Jr 
Philip W K Sweet 
A Dean Swift 
Mr & Mrs Edward F Swift 
George H Swift. Jr 
Mrs Gustavus F Swift 
Mr & Mrs J Roger Swihart 
Mr & Mrs. Robert S Szesko 
Mr & Mrs James M Tait 
Mary Tamarri 

Dr & Mrs Lewis L. Tanenbaum 
Mr & Mrs S I Tannenbaum 
Rodger M Tauman 
Mrs A. Thomas Taylor 
Mrs. Samuel G. Taylor III 
Mr & Mrs William L Taylor. Jr 
Dr & Mrs Michael Tenenbaum 
Dr David M Terman 
Mr & Mrs D Robert Thomas 
Judge Lucia T Thomas 
Mr & Mrs Richard L Thomas 
Mrs Thomas M Thomas 
Mr & Mrs Raymond E 

Mr & Mrs William E. Thoresen 
Mr & Mrs Bruce Thorne 
S N Tideman 
Mr & Mrs. James C. Tobin 
Mr & Mrs Philip R Toomin 
Gilbert D Totten 
Mrs Carol W Traugott 
George S Trees. Jr 
Dr & Mrs Michael R. Triester 
Mr & Mrs Lee Tnllich 
Mr & Mrs Norman Tucker 
Robert Wood Tullis 
Dr & Mrs William D Turnbull 
Mr & Mrs Herben G Twaddle 
Mrs Carnealia P Tyler 
Mr & Mrs Robert D Tyler 
Mr & Mrs Francis C Uhde 
Edgar J Uihlein 
Mr & Mrs Nelson Urban 
Mr & Mrs Glen S Utt. Jr 
Mrs Mary Brown Vacin 
Mrs Dernck Vail 
Mr & Mrs Herbert A Vance 
Frank Peter VanderPloeg 
Dr Donald W Vangor 
Mrs R D Van Kirk 
Mrs Errett Van Nice 
Mr & Mrs Blair Vedder Jr 
Mrs William E Veerhusen 

Dr Arthur Veis 

Herbert P Veldenz 

Mr & Mrs M P Venema 

Charles H. Via! 

Dr Charles S Vil 

Mr & Mrs Robert J Vinopal 

VogI Family Foundation 

(Mr & Mrs Sol Weiner) 
Dr & Mrs. Ernest H. Volwiler 
Mr & Mrs. Melvin E. Volz 
Dr & Mrs Harold C Voris 
O G Voss 

Mrs. Frederick G Wacker 
Dr Harry K. Waddington 
Mr & Mrs Ralph C Wagner 
Richard Wagner 
Richard A Waichler 
Mr & Mrs. Edwin A 

Walcher Jr 
Mr & Mrs John J Waldron 
Mary Ann & Charles R 

Walgreen Fund 

(Charles R Walgreen. Jr) 
Mrs Samuel J Walker 
Mrs. Robert P Wallace 
Mr & Mrs Daniel J Walsh 
Mr & Mrs John P Walsh 
Mrs Mrs William J Walton 
Mr & Mrs Milton H Wandry 
S. Y Wang 
Mrs Emily G.Ward 
Mrs. J Armour Ward 
Howard C Warren 
Mr & Mrs. Hempstead 

Washburn. Jr 
Mr & Mrs John W Wastcoat 
Mr & Mrs. Russell H Watt 
Mrs George W Watts 
Mr & Mrs Morrison Waud 
Mr & Mrs William D Weaver 
Mrs Mary E. Weber 
Mr & Mrs. David Webster 
Mr & Mrs Carl R Wedel 
Morns S Weeden 
Mr & Mrs Charles W Wegener 
Richard K. Weil 
Mrs. Richard Weinberg 
Mr & Mrs William B Weiss 
CarlJ. Weitzel 
Mr & Mrs Paul A. Welbon 
Mrs Edwin C.Welch 
Medrard W Welch 
Mrs Donald P Welles 
Mrs Edward K Welles 
Mrs. John Paul Welling 
Mr & Mrs Rupert Wenzel 
Mr & Mrs Louis Werner 
Richard Wessling 
Mr & Mrs B Kenneth West 
Mr & Mrs M H Westrich 
Mr & Mrs Frank O Welmore II 
Mr & Mrs Henry P Wheeler 
Mr & Mrs Robert P Whitaker 
Mr & Mrs. Lee E Whitcomb 
Mrs Dorothy L White 
A. D Whitney 
Mr & Mrs Harry W Whyte 
Russell M. Wicks 
Dr & Mrs George D Wilbanks 
Mr & Mrs. Lawrence G. Wilcox 
Lyndon Wild 
Wilemal Fund 

(Mr & Mrs Gardner Brown) 
Mr & Mrs. George F Wilhelm 
Wendy T Wilkins 
J. Humphrey Wilkinson 
Joseph R. Willens 
George P Williams 
Mrs Kenneth Williams 
Melville C Williams 
Orren R. Williams 
Mrs Burke Williamson 
Mr & Mrs Norman B 

Mr & Mrs A G Willis 
Christopher W Wilson 
Mr & Mrs Robert M. Wilson 
Mr & Mrs William R Wilson 
James R Wimmer 
Mr & Mrs Herbert J Winter 
Mrs Mildred Core Wisner 
Mrs Arthur Winhans 
Mr & Mrs William W Wittie 
Harry H Wolf. Jr. Foundation 

(HarryH Wolf Jr) 

Mr & Mrs Arnold R Wolff 
Mr & Mrs Robert E Wolff 
Dr & Mrs Peter Wolkonsky 
Artfiur M Wood 
Mr & Mrs J Howard Wood 
Woodruff & Edwards 


(Mr & Mrs Robert C 

Mrs Frank H Woods 
Mr & Mrs Roben A Woods 
Mr & Mrs Herbert N 

Tfieodore N Yelicfi 
Mrs George B Young 
Mr & Mrs Hobart P Young 
Dr & Mrs Canaan Yunez 
Mr & Mrs Carl M Zapffe 
Mr & Mrs Max Zar 
Mr & Mrs Kennetti V Zweiner 

and Philanthropic 

Donations of 
55,000 or More 

Abbott Laboratories 
Tfie Allstate Foundation 
Amencan National Bank & Trust 

Company of Cfiicago 
Amoco Foundation 
Amsted Industries Foundation 
Artfiur Andersen & Company 
Beatnce Foods Company 
Borg-Warner Foundation. Inc 
Bunker-Ramo Foundation, Inc 
Burlington Northern 

Cfiicago Community Trust 
Cfiicago Tribune Foundation 
Commonwealtfi Edison 

Consolidated Foods 

Continental Bank Foundation 
Crane Packing Company 
Tfie DeSoto Foundation 
R R Donnelley & Sons 

Esmark. Inc Foundation 
FMC Foundation 
Field Enterprises Ctiaritable 

Marshall Field & Company 

First National Bank of Chicago 

Ford Motor Company Fund 
General Electnc Fund 
General Mills Foundation 
Gould Foundation 
Harris Bank Foundation 
Household Finance Foundation 
IMC Foundation 
Illinois Bell Telephone 

Illinois Tool Works Foundation 
Inland Steel-Ryerson 

International Business 

Machines Corporation 
International Harvester 

Jewel Foundation 
The Joyce Foundation 
Kemper Educational & 

Chantable Foundation 
Kraft. Inc 
John D & Cathenne T 

MacArthur Foundation 
Oscar Mayer Foundation 
l^obert R McCormick 

Charitable Trust 
McGraw-Edison Company 
McMaster-Carr Supply 

Naico Foundation 
Northern Illinois Gas Company 
The Northern Trust Company 
Northwest Industnes 


Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & 

Peoples Energy Company 
The Albert Pick, Jr Fund 
Fredenck Henry Prince Trust 
The Procter & Gamble Fund 
Quaker Oats Foundation 
S & C Electnc Company 
Sahara Coal Company 
Sargent & Lundy 
Dr Scholl Foundation 
Sears, Roebuck and Co 
Signode Foundation, Inc 
Sterling-Morton Chantable 

UOP Foundation 
United Airlines Foundation 
United States Steel Foundation, 

Walgreen Benefit Fund 
Montgomery Ward^Foundation 
The A Montgomery Ward 

Western Electnc Fund 
Westinghouse Electric 

Whirlpool Foundation 
Arthur Young & Company 

Donations of 
$1,000 to $5,000 

AT&T Long Lines 
Aetna Life and Casualty 

Companies of Illinois 
Alcoa Foundation 
American Hospital Supply 

Anixter Bros , Inc 
Armak Company 
Bank Amenca Foundation 
Baxter Travenol Laboratories. 

Bliss & Laughlin Industries 
Brown & Root, Inc 
The Brunswick Foundation 
Leo Burnett Company 
CR Industnes, Inc 
Carson Pine Scott Foundation 
Central Steel & Wire 

Chamberlain Manufactunng 

Cherry Electrical Products 

Chicago Bears Football Club 
Chicago & Northwestern 

Transportation Co 
Chicago Title & Trust Co, 

Chicago White Metal 

Chantable Foundation 
Clark Equipment Company 
Clark Foundation 
Clow Foundation 
Combustion Engineering 

Power Systems, Inc, 
Crum & Forster Foundation 
Dana Corporation Foundation 
DesPlaines Valley Geological 

Ernst & Whinney 
FRC Investment Corporation 
FaVille-Le Vally Corporation 
Federal Signal Corporation 
First Federal Savings & Loan 

Association of Chicago 

Foote, ConeS Belding 
General American Trans- 
portation Corporation 
General Binding Corporation 
General Motors Corporation 

(Fisher Body Division) 
General Tire Foundation, Inc 
Geraldi-Norton Memorial 

Max Goldenberg Foundation 
Gooder-Hennchsen Co , Inc 
Alexander Grant & Company 
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock 

Hart, Schaffner & Marx 

Charitable Foundation 

Walter E Heller & Company 
Edward Hines Lumber 


(Ehico Foundation) 
IC Industnes 
Interlake Foundation 
Intermatic, Incorporated 
Fred S James & Company 
Johnson & Higgins of Illinois, 

Kelso-Burnett Electnc Co 
Kirkland & Ellis 
Lloyds Bank International 
MacLean-Fogg Company 
Maremont Corporation 

Marsteller, Inc 
Masonite Corporation 
McKinsey & Company 
William E Mercer, Inc 
John Mohr & Sons 
Morton Norwich Products 
Motorola Foundation 
Murrays(Mr & Mrs Murray 

The L E, Myers Company 
National Boulevard Foundation 
National Can 
Needham, Harper & Steers 

Advertising, Inc 
Gust K Newberg Construction 

New York Life Foundation 
North American Car 

J C Penney, Inc 
George Pick Co 
Pittway Corporation 
Power Systems, Inc 
Prudential Foundation 
Pullman, Inc Foundation 
Rockwell International 
Rollins Burdick Hunter 

SRA Foundation 
Santa Fe Railway Foundation 
The Schwarten Corporation 
Sears Bank and Trust Company 
Secunty Pacific Chantable 

Shell Companies Foundation 
Shure Brothers, Incorporated 
Stewart-Warner Foundation 
Sunbeam Corporation 
Johns Swift Co, Inc 

Charitable Trust 
Szabo Food Service, Inc 
Talman Federal Savings & Loan 

Association of Chicago 
Texaco, Inc 

Oakleigh L Thorne Foundation 
Trans Union Corporation 
Turner Construction Company 
Uarco, Incorporated 
Union Oil Co of California 
United Conveyor Foundation 
Urban Investment & 

Development Co 
BenO Warren Foundation, Inc 
Harry Weese & Associates 
E W Zimmerman, Inc 

Donations of $100 to 

A & M Insulation Co 
Alexander Building Company 
All-Types Office Supply Co , 

AInor Instrument Company 
Amalgamated Insurance 

Agency Service, Inc 
American Technical Society 
Anderson Secretanal Service, 

Avon Products Foundation. Inc 
Babcock & Wilcox Company 
Bally Manufacturing Company 
Beslow Associates. Inc 
Bilandic. Neistein. Richman. 

Hauslinger & Young. Ltd 
Blunt. Ellis & Loewi. Inc 

Booz. Allen & Hamilton Inc 
H R Braner Engineenng. Inc 
Bronson & Bratlon, Inc 
Bronson Construction Co , Inc 
Callaghan & Company 

(E I Cudahy Foundation) 

Campbell-Mithun, Inc 
Central Can Company 
Central National Bank m 

Central Railway Supply 

Cetron Electronic Corporation 
Channer Newman Securities 

The Chicago Corporation 
Chicago Metallic Corporation 
Chicago Mountaineenng Club 
The Chicago Ornithological 

Chicago Paper Company 
R W, Coburn & Company 
Contract Cleaning 

Maintenance, Inc. 
Cook Electric Company 
Corey Chantable Foundation, 

Crain Communications, Inc 
Culligan, USA 
Helene Curtis Industries, Inc 
DLM, Inc 

Dana Molded Products. Inc, 
D'Arcy MacManus & Masius, 

Deloitte Haskins & Sells 
Reuben H Donnelley 

Daniel J, Edelman, Inc, 
Electro-Kinetics, Inc, 
Elkay Manufacturing Company 
Enameled Steel and Sign 

Ethyl Products Company 
Evans Transportation 

Ferrara Pan Candy Co 
The Florsheim Foundation 
Fluor Foundation 
Franklin Boulevard Community 

Franklin Picture Company 
Fruehaut Foundation 
General Meters & Controls Co 
General Service Foundation 
Marvin Glass & Associates 
Richard Goldstone 

Edward Gray Corporation 
Harns-Hub Company Inc 
The Hartford Insurance Group 

Foundation, Inc 
Health Plan Consultants 

Service, Inc, 
Heco Envelope Company 
Heidrick & Struggles, Inc 
Heinhold Hog filarket. Inc. 
Heller & Morris 
Helpmate. Inc 
Home Federal Savings 
Houston Natural Gas 

Humboldt Manufactunng 

Hyre Electnc Company 
Interpoint Corporation 
Jays Foods. Inc 
Jobbers Supply Co.. Inc. 
George E Johnson 

Foundation. Inc 
Ketone Automotive. Inc 
King Arthurs Pub. Inc 
A M Kinney Associates. Inc 
Koppers Company Inc 
Krahl Construction Company 
Hugo J Kravolec & Co 
LaSalle National Bank 
Leoni Motor Express, Inc 
Libby McNeil & Libby Inc 
Lindberg Corporation 
Manpower Temporary Services 
George F Marchant Company 
Marquette National Bank 
George S May International 

Mayflower Motel 

McGraw-Edison Company 

(Halo Lighting Division) 
Menzel, Robinson, Baldwin, 

Merchants Cash Register 

Mertz Engineering Company 
Mid-City National Bank of 

Mid-Continent Products 

Midwest Federation of 

Mineralogical and 

Geological Societies 
Modern iCianagement 

Methods, Inc 
Moore Business Forms. Inc 
Murphy Hauser O'Connor & 

The Naperville Sun. Inc. 
Nature Camera Club of 

Ohmite iSanufactunng 

P-KTool&Mfg Co 
PPG Industnes Foundation 
Pepper Construction Company 
H F Philipsborn & Company 
Precision Steel Warehouse. 

Process Gear Company. Inc 
Productigear. Inc 
Quality Products Company 
Radio Steel & Mfg Company 
Regensteiner Publishing 

Enterpnses. Inc 
Charles L Ritten & Company 
R W Robinson & Associates 

Rosos Chemical Co. 
The Russell-Hampton 

Sander Allen Advertising. Inc 
J. Schonthal & Associates. Inc 
Schuessler Knitting Foundation 
Scott. Foresman & Company 
Scnbner & Co 
Sealy Mattress Company 
Sethness Products Company 
Seyfarth. Shaw. Fairweather & 

Silvestri Paving Co 
Son and Pnns Company 
Standard Car Truck Company 
Edward Stauber Wholesale 

Hardware, inc. 
Stephens Chemical Company 
Stern Walters/Earle Ludgin. 

Slivers Temporary Personnel. 

Stocker Hinge 
The Stone Foundation. Inc 

(Stone Container 

Stouffer Foods Corporation 
David F Swam & Company 
Sweetheart Cup Corporation 
Target Corporation 
Tee-Pak. Incorporated 
J Walter Thompson Company 

Fund, Incorporated 
Time. Inc, 

Trainor Glass Company 
Turtle Wax, Inc 
Universal Metal Hose 

Vance Publishing Company 
Ventfabncs, Inc 
Wallace Business Forms, Inc 

Wilkens-Anderson Company 
Wisconsin Tool and Stamping 


Donors to 
the Collections 
of the Museum 


Department of 

Archaeology Survey of Canada 

Mrs, Caroline F Bieber 

Mrs Carmen Bigler 

Mrs, Ins Blanco 

Leigh Block 

Harold R & Elliot Blunnberg 

Mrs, Mariorie P. Bohrer 

Mason L Bohrer 

Commander & Mrs G. E, 

Bennet Bronson 
Julie Campbell 
University of Chicago 
Glen Cole 
Mary E, Cook 
Mr & Mrs, Herschel Cudd 
Mrs Harry Joy Dunbaugh 
Mrs Peter Erve 
Mrs A W F Fuller 
Harold W Geisel 
Solomon Gurewitz 
Mr & Mrs, Allen Guttenberg 
John Hobgood 
John J Hoellen 
Oscar Hoff & Jim White 
F Clark Howell 
Illinois State Museum 
Dr & Mrs Joel D, John 
Rev, Augustine Jones 
John & Helen Kellogg 

Kay Kimberly 
Oscar Kottman, Jr 
ChnstopherC, Legge 
John Woodworth Leslie 
Dean R Love 

Henry C Lytton and Company 
Mrs Martha Macieiewski 
John T McCutcheon 
Mrs John Meeker 
Dr & Mrs, Karl Menninger 
Mr & Mrs John M, Mitchell 
Hisazo Nagatani 
Mary Ng 

Mr & Mrs, Peter Notier 
Wrigley Offield 
Mrs B K, Reist 
C Myrtle Schlunz 
Anne Siegler 
Irwin H Small 
Mrs William H, Snyder 
Mr, & Mrs, Theodore W, 

Van Zelst 
Wade H Weisman 
David Weiss 
Charles L, Wilcutt 
Mrs, Marylou Williams 
Loren P Woods 
Henry T, Wright, III 
Tadanao Yamamoto 

Department of Botany 

Asociaci6n Mexicana de 

Botanical Museum of Harvard 

Bolanisk Institut 
Gary Brecken 
Mary Jane Bumby 
California Academy of 

University of California, 

Los Angeles 
Pedro Carauta 
Steve Carvile 
Universidad Central de 

Chapingo Herbano-Horlono 
P S Chikkannaiah 
John Child 
Chinese University of Hong 

Michael Dillon 
Valene Dryer 
East African Herbanum 
Empresa Pernambucana de 

John Engel 

Linda Albert de EscobSn 
Escuela Nacional de 

Robert Faden 
Fairchild Tropical Garden 
Flora of Peru Project 
Gary R, Florence 
Flonda Atlantic University 
University of Florida, 

Robin Foster 
Jorge G6mez-Laurito 
GSteborg Universitet Museet 
College of Great Falls 
William E Grimfe 
Eric G, Hagsater 
Vicki Halper 
Phil Hansen 

Harvard University Herbaria 
Donald L, Hazletl 
Herbarium Bradeanum 
Herbierdu Frere Maurice 

University of Illinois at the 

Medical Center, Chicago 
Instituo Agron6mico do Parana. 

Institute Bot^nico, Venezuela 
Institute de Investigaciones 

Sobre Recursos Economicos 
Inslitutode Pesquisas 

Institute Politecnico Nacional, 

Iowa State University 
Jardin Botcinico do Rio de 

Jardin Botanique National de 

Lancetilla Botanical Garden 
Thomas O, Lemke 
Los Angeles County Natural 

History Museum 
University of Massachusetts, 

University of Michigan 
Milwaukee Public Museum 
University of Minnesota 
Mississippi Institute for 
Botanical Research 
Missoun Botanical Garden 
Scott Mori 
Museo de Historia Natural. 

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica 
Museu Botanico Herbario. 

Museu Botanico Municipal. 

Universidad Nacional del 

National Herbarium of South 

Naturhistorisches Museum. 

New York Botanical Garden 
University of Oklahoma 
Maurice Onraedt 
Emma Pitcher 
Timothy Plowman 
David Ratkowski 
Alfreida Rehling 
Royal Botanic Garden. 

Secci6n Fomento Ouino. 
Ministerio de Agncultura. 
Quetzaltenango. Guatemala 
Ralph Seller 

Mane Selby Botanical Garden 
Melvin Shemluck 
Rolf Singer 
D D Soejarto 
State University. Utrecht. 

Julian Steyermark 
Robert Stoize 
University of Tennessee 
Texas A, & M University 
University of Texas at Austin 
Tulane University 
John Wagner 
Marlene Hill Werner 
Donald Whitcomb 
George Wilder 
University of Wisconsin. 

University of Wisconsin. 

D, Witsberger 
J R, I Wood 
Woods Hole Oceanographic 

Yale University 

Department of Geology 

Mr, & Mrs, George Agazzi 

S Agrell 

American Museum of Natural 

Edward Anders 
Gordon Baird 
Richard K, Bambach 
Ray Barnes 
Brian Bestand 
James Bianchetta 
Harvey S, Biddle 
Vilas Booth 
Margaret Carlson 
Glen Cole 
Glen Commons 
Earl & Mary Cornwell 
Eliza Davey 
F, Debrenne, Museum National 

d'Histoire Naturelle. Pans 
Eugene L, Dellinger 
Patrick Donnelly 
R Drafts 
Paul DuBois 
James DuPont 
Henry English 
John Fagan 
Richard Fisher 
Vaughn Fitzgerald 
Bengt A, Flood 
Terry Frest 
Geological Enterprises. 

Ardmore. Oklahoma 
Arthur J, Gerk 
F Goynshor 
Frank A, Greene, Jr 
Cecily Taylor Gregory 
W Griffin 
Roy Gromme 
F E Hadley 
Michael Hansen 
Bruce Heimgaertner 
Mary Helmus 
J Christopher Hepburn 
Jerry Herdina 
Philip Hershkovitz 
Peggy Hopkins 
Hubbard Scientific Co.. 

Arlington Heights. Illinois 
J. G Johnson 
Markes E Johnson 
Edward Kalina 
John Kiser 
Roger Klocek 
Robert Kott 
Calvin Levorson 
Walter Lietz 
Richard Lund 
Royal Mapes 
Larry G Marshall 
Margaret Martling 
Frank McKinney 
Jodi McNeel 
E I, Miagkova. Akademiya 

NaukSSSR. Novosibirsk 
Don Mikulic 
Matthew H Nitecki 
Ragnar Nordlof 
Larry Osterberger 
Eugene C. Perry 
Joe Pohl 

Stephen Ramsdell 
Clayton Ray National Museum 

of Natural History 
Jerry-Julius Rice 
Barry Richards 
Peter Richardson 
J Keith Rigby 
Robert Rinie 
Robert L Rowley Jr. 
St Louis Museum of Science 

and Natural History 
Laurence Schmidt 
Hans-Peter Schultze 
Enc Slusser 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Snyder 
Society of the Divine Word 
Steven D. Sroka 
Donald Sloxen 
University of Tasmania 
John Tenery 
E.T Tonry 
Glenn A, Ulnch 
Edward Valauskas 
Sanday Wallock 
J, Wasson 
Alan Woodland 
Michael Zvara 

Department of Zoology 

Randy L, Acker 

Peter L. Ames 

Jane Anderson 

S, Arnold 

Gordon C Baird 

O, P Beaver 

P F Bellinger 

James F Berry 

R, Bieregard 

Emmet R Blake 

James E, Bohike 

R, W, Brooks 

Mrs Barbara Brown 

Lauren E, Brown 

John Clay Bruner 

O, L, Cartwright 

Mont A, Cazier 

Donald S Chandler 

Philip Chapman 

Chicago Zoological Society 

Rosemary Clarke 

Doyle Damman 

James Davis 

Betty Deis 

Dean Dessem 

Stanley J, Dvorak. Jr. 

Henry S. Dybas 

L. Dybas 

Dr. K. C Emerson 

William Eschmeyer 

Richard Etheridge 

Georgine Ezzre 

Robert Faden 

John W. Fitzpatrick 

J. H Frank 

R. Gibbs&S- Weitzman 

Elizabeth-Louise Girardi 

Garrett Glodek 

Daniel Golani 

Richard Goldberg 

David Gordon 

Larry Gordon 

David W. Greenfield 

T Sen Gupta 

Mrs Francis E. Harrold 

E. J. Hellmann 

Craig Hendee 

W, L Hilsenhoff 

Allan Hinton 

Peter Hocking 

Harry Hoogstraal 

Henry Howden 

Royce E. Hubert 

Leslie Hubricht 

P Wagenaar Hummelinck 

Department of Biological 

Sciences. Illinois State 

International Crane Foundation 
International Indian Ocean 

Expedition & Smithsonian 

Oceanographic Sorting 

U, Irmler 
R, Izor 
Bruce Jayne 
C D. Johnson 
P Kanaar 

Mr & Mrs A L Karpinski 
Jeff Kaufmann 
Donna Kelley 
D Kistner 
L. Knapp 
Joseph Kovacs 
N L H Krauss 
Ed Lace 
Russell Lande 
Rene Laubach 


December 31. 1980 

Harry G Lee 
Boonsong Lekagul 
Thomas Lemke 
L Lichtenberger 
Lincoln Park Zoological 

D C Lowrle 
Larry G Marshall 
D Matusik 
Pauline McCann 
Timothy J McCarthy 
W Medina 
Metropolitan Sanitary District of 

Greater Chicago (Cecil 

Michael Miller 
Walter B Miller 
Milwaukee Public Museum 
Mr & Mrs B J Mix.Jr 
P Mohanty-Hejmadi 
Debra Moskovits 
Wanda Murphy 
G C Nelson 
GarethJ, Nelson 
C O'Brien 
Mike Oliver 
Gustavo Orc6s 
D J Osborn 
R Pace 

Bnan J Parkinson 
Ray Pawley 
Stewart Peck 
Jerry Perkins 
Ronald H, Pine 
William Pitt 
W F Rapp 
Steve Reilly 
Alan Resetar 
Robin Restall 
E G Riley 
R Rosenblatt 
A W, Roumillat 
Milton W, Sanderson 
San Diego Zoological Garden 
Sally Satel 
R Schuster 
Mohd Shafique 
Robert L Shipp 
Mr & Mrs Burke Smith, Jr 
Pekka Soini 
Mrs Lorain Stephens 
Donald J Stewart & Tyson 

Julian Steyermark 
M Stromberg 
Mrs N Sugiri 
Daniel Summers 
W Suter 
Tall Timbers Research Station, 

Tallahassee, Florida 
Donald C Taphorn 
T W Taylor 
J Thomerson 
Gordon Thurow 
R Timm 
Transvaal Museum, Pretoria, 

Transvaal, Republic of 

South Africa 
W Turnbull 
US Department of 

Intenor/Fish & Wildlife 

Amy Shrader Van Devender 
Bernard Verdcourt 
V Verity 
J Wagner 
Sandra Walchuk 
Larry Watrous 
Marlene Hill Werner 
Richard H Wethenll 
David E, Willard 
F N Young 
Ken Young 
Rainer Zangerl 


The Art Institute of Chicago 
Gordon C. Baird 
John R, Bolt 
Commander & Mrs G E 

Bennet Bronson 
William C Burger 

Michele Calhoun 
Anthony R DeBlase 
Department of Cultural 

Anthropology, Tokyo 
Sue Carole DeVale 
Henry S Dybas 
W, Peyton Fawcett 
Robert A Feldman 
Henry Field 
Vaughn Fitzgerald 
John W Fitzpatnck 
Louis Fuchs 
Mrs A, W F Fuller 
Elizabeth-Louise Girardi 
William E, Grim6 
Paul Gntis 
Philip Hershkovitz 
Hirohito, Emperor of Japan 
Department of Botany, 

University of Illinois, Urbana 
Robert F Inger 
Mabel Johnson 
Manorie King 
Ron Knapp 
Phillip H Lewis 
Ernest A Liner 
Larry G Marshall 
Karl Herbert Mayer 
Museo delle Arti Pnmitive, 

Lonn I Nevling, Jr 
Matthew HNitecki 
Edward J Olsen 
Nataly Ostashko 
Douglas R Parks 
Timothy Plowman 
Lori Recchia 
Eugenes Richardson 
EC Rios 
Tony Silva 
Raymond Stuit 
Mr, & Mrs William G 

Swartchild, Jr 
Melvin A Traylor, Jr 
Edward Valauskas 
James W VanStone 
Harold K Voris 
Hartmut Walravens 
E. Leiand Webber 
David Weiss 
Rupert L, Wenzel 
Mr, & Mrs, Vern Wesby 
Donald S Whitcomb 
Winnipeg Art Gallery 

Department of 

Mrs Ronald Arbanas 

James Bell, Sr 

Mrs, Warren Buchanan 

Mr &Mrs Robert C Eichin 

Max Goldenberg Trust 

Mrs H C Gornstein 

Mrs Ronald Horn 

Mr & Mrs Robert Hunter 

Malcolm Jones 

Mrs Ernst Landow 

Mrs, Charles Lee 

Mrs, Margaret Martling 

Mrs Dorothea McGivney 

Colonel M E Rada 

David Reid 

John Runnells 

Mr, & Mrs Alfred Salinger 

Mrs Ben Schenker 

Mrs, Richard Scholl 

Shell Oil Company 

Frances Stromquist 

Bruce Thorne 

US, Department of 

Interior/Fishg, Wildlife 

Mr & Mrs Robert Vezetti 

Donors of Materials to 
the Museum 

Ron Iverson 
James H Ransom 
Harold E, Waller 
Vern Williams 

E Leiand Webber, B B Ad , 
C PA , LH D President 

Lonn I Nevling, Jr, Ph D , 

Office of the President 

SusanmaryC Young, B A 
Secretary to ttte President 

Office of the Director 
Alice L Lewis, Secretary to the 

Office of the Dean 
of Science 

David M Raup, PhD , Dean 0/ 

Elizabeth Moore, B S N , 

Secretary to the Dean of 


Department of 

Phillip H, Lewis, PhD , 

Co-Chairman. Departnnent ot 

Anthropology, and Curator. 

Primitive Art and Melanesian 

Bennet Bronson, PhD , 

Co-Chairman. Department ol 

Anthropology, and Associate 

Curator Asian Archaeology 

and Ethnology 
Donald Collier, Ph D,. Curator 

Emeritus. Middle and South 

American Archaeology and 

GlenHCole, Ph D . Curator ol 

James VanStone, Ph D , 

Curator North American 

Archaeology and Ethnology 
Michael E Moseley Ph D,, 

Associate Curator Middle 

and South American 

Archaeology and Ethnology 
John E Terrell, Ph D,, 

,4ssoc/ate Curator. Oceanic 

Archaeology and Ethnology 
Donald Whitcomb, PhD,, 

Assistant Curator. Middle 

Eastern Archaeology 
Robert A Feldman, PhD,, 

Visiting Assistant Curator 

Andean Archaeology 
Alan Kolata, Ph D , Visiting 

Assistant Curator Andean 

Ronald Weber, Ph D . Visiting 

Assistant Curator North 

Ruth I, Andris, Restorer 
Christines Danziger, MS. 

Jacqueline Diggs, A A,. 

Receptionist- Typist 
Sheryl L, Heidenreich, B,S,, 

Administrative Assistant 
Joyce A Korbecki, B A , 

Scientific Assistant 
Lillian Novak, B A, 

Departmental Registrar 
Phyllis Rabineau, M A , 

Custodian of Collections 
Sylvia P Schueppert, 

Assistants: Anna P Campoli. 

B FA : Jan DiGirolamo, 

B FA; Karen McNeil, B A 
Collection Re-organization: 

Kathleen Christon, B S ; 

Theresa J Gross-Diaz, MA. 

Elizabeth Koenen, B S . Col 

MillardE Rada.EE: 

Marianne Schoch. B S 

Roben J Braidwood. Ph D . 

Research Associate: Old 

World Prehistory 
James A Brown, Ph D , 

Research Associate. North 

American Archaeology 

JaneE Buikstra, Ph D . 

Research Associate, 

Physical Anthropology 
William Conklin. M A , 

Research Associate. 

Peruvian Architecture and 

Philip J C Dark. Ph D. 

Research Associate. African 

Fred Eggan. Ph D . Research 

Associate. Ethnology 
Patricia Essenpreis. MA,. 

Research Associate. North 

American Archaeology 
Bill Holm, MFA , Research 

Associate. North American 

Native Art 
F Clark Howell, Ph D,. 

Research Associate. Old 

World Prehistory 
Janet Johnson, PhD,, 

Research Associate. Middle 

Eastern Archaeology 
Maxine R Kleindienst, Ph D,, 

Research Associate. Old 

World Prehistory 
Donald W, Lathrap. PhD , 

Research Associate. South 

American Archaeology and 

Jorge Marcos, Ph, D , Research 

Associate. South American 

Fred L, Nials. Ph D. flesearch 

Associate. Archaeological 

Charles Ortlotf. MAeE , 

Research Associate 
George I Quimby, MS,, 

Research Associate. North 

American Archaeology and 

Kenneth Starr, PhD , Research 

Associate. East Asian 

Archaeology and Ethnology 
Louva Calhoun. Associate 
Solomon Gurewitz. Associate. 

Asian Ethnology 
Alice Schneider. BA,. 

/Associate. Chinese 

James H Swartchild. 

Associate. Photographer 
James R Getz. B A .Field 

Associate. North American 

EvettD Hester. MS .Field 

Associate. Philippine 

Sheila Pozorski. PhD, FieW 

Associate. Andean 

Thomas G Pozorski, Ph D , 

Field Associate. Andean 

Jeffrey Quilter. Ph D . FieW 

Associate. South American 


Department of Botany 

William C Burger, Ph D , 

Chairman. Department of 

Botany, and Curator, 

Vascular Plants 
Louis Williams, Ph D . 

Curator Emeritus. Vascular 

John J Engel, Ph D , Richards 

Associate Curator. Bryology 
Patricio Ponce de Leon, Ph D,, 

Associate Curator. 

Timothy C Plowman, Ph D , 

Assistant Curator Vascular 

Michael O Dillon, Ph D,, 

Visiting Assistant Curator 

Vascular Plants 
Sylvia M Feuer-Forster, Ph D , 

Visiting Assistant Curator 

and Research Associate 
Michael Nee. Ph D , Visiting 

Assistant Curator 

Roberta C Becker, B.A., 

Departmental Secretary 
William E Grim^, B,A., 

Manager of Systematic 

Botanical Collections 
Robert GStolze.BS,. 

Custodian, Ptendoptiyte 

Assistants: Birthel Atkinson: R. 

Martin Emanuele. B.S ; 

Dorothy Lyon, B S.: Penny 

Matekaitis, B.S ; Christine 

Niezgoda, M.S : Alfreda 

Rehling; Freddie Robinson 
Robert F. Betz, Ph.D., Research 

Margery C Carlson, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, 

Phanerogamic Botany 
Robert B. Faden, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. 

Vascular Plants 
Robin Foster, Ph.D., Research 

Associate , 

Sidney F Glassman, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate, Palms 
Arluro Gonnez-Pompa, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate 
Rogers McVaugh, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, 

Vascular Plants 
RichardW Pohl, Ph.D., 

Research Associate 
Rolf Singer, Ph.D., Research 

D. DoelSoeiarto, Ph.D., 

Research Associate 
Tod F Stuessy, Ph. D. , Research 

Marko Lewis, Field Associate 
Ing. Agr. Antonio Molina R., 

Field Associate 

Department of Geology 

Bertram G. Woodland, Ph D., 

Acting Chairman, 

Department of Geology, and 

Curator. Petrology 
RainerZangerl. Ph.D., Curator 

Emeritus, Fossil Fishes 
Matthew H. Nitecki. Ph.D.. 

Curator Fossil Invertebrates 
Edward J. Olsen, Ph.D.. 

Curator Mineralogy 
Eugene S. Richardson, Jr., 

Ph.D., Curator Fossil 

William D.Turnbull, Ph.D.. 

Curator Fossil Mammals 
John R. Bolt, Ph.D.. ^ssoc/a(e 

Curator Fossil Reptiles and 

Gordon C Baird.Ph.D., 

Assistant Curator Fossil 

Larry G. Marshall, Ph.D., 

Assistant Curator Fossil 

KristineBradof, BS.. Collection 

Manager, Fossil 

John Clay Bruner, M.S., 

Collection Manager Fossil 

John P Harhs. Preparator, 

Maria A. Kovarek. 

Departmental Secretary 
William Simpson, B.S.. 

Preparator, Fossil 

Assistants: John Damuth, M.S.: 

Dorothy Eatough, M.A.:Peter 

Mundel, M.S.: Michael 

Parrish. B.A. 

Edgar F Allin. M D., Research 

Associate. Fossil Vertebrates 
Edward Anders. Ph.D. 

Research Associate. 

David Bardack. PhD . 

Research Associate. Fossil 


Herbert R Barghusen, PhD , 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Werner Baur, Ph.D., Research 

Associate. Mineralogy 
Frank M. Carpenter. Sc.D.. 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Albert Dahlberg, D.D.S.. 

Research Associate. Fossil 

Robert DeMar. Ph.D. 

Research Associate. 

Fossil Vertebrates 
Robert Denison, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Daniel Fisher, Ph.D.. Research 

Associate, Fossil 

Arnold Friedman, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. 

Louis H, Fuchs. B.S.. Research 

Associate. Meteoritics 
Lawrence Grossman, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. 

James A. Hopson, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. Fossil 

Riccardo Levi-Setti, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Fossil 

KubetLuchterhand. Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Ernest L Lundelius, Jr., Ph.D.. 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Robert F Marschner, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate, 

Frank K. McKinney. Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Fossil 

PaulB Moore. Ph.D.. Research 

Associate, Mineralogy 
Everett C.Olson, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Leonard B. Radinsky Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Thomas J. M. Schopf, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. Fossil 

Frederick R. Schram. Ph.D.. 

Research Associate. Fossil 

J. JohnSepkoski, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. Fossil 

Joseph V.Smith, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. 

PriscillaTurnbull. M.S., 

Research Associate, Fossil 

Leigh Van Valen, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate, Fossil 


Department of Zoology 

Melvin A. Traylor. Jr . A.B., 

Chairman, Department 

of Zoology, and Curator 

Emmet R. Blake, D.Sc. Curator 

Emeritus, Birds 
Henry S. Dybas. D.Sc. Curator 

Emeritus, Insects 
Philip Hershkovitz, MS , 

Curator Emeritus, Mammals 
Rupert L.Wenzel. Ph.D.. 

Curator Emeritus, Insects 
Robert F Inger. Ph D , Curator 

Amphibians and Reptiles 
Hymen S Marx, B.S . Curator 

Amphibians and Reptiles 
Man Solem. Ph.D., Curator 

John W. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., 

dissociate Curator Birds 

Robert K. Johnson, Ph.D., 

Associate Curator Fishes 
John B. Kethley. Ph.D.. 

Associate Curator Insects 
Harold K. Vons. PhD. 

Associate Curator 

Amphibians and Reptiles 
Patricia W. Freeman, Ph.D.. 

Assistant Curator Mammals 
Donald J Stewart. Ph.D., 

Assistant Curator Fishes 
Robert M. Timm, Ph.D., 

Assistant Curator Mammals 
Larry E. Watrous Ph.D.. 

Assistant Curator Insects 
Robert J Izor B S . Custodian 

of Collections, Mammals 
Patricia H. Johnson, 

Departmental Secretary 
Linnea Lahlum, B.A .Scientific 

Illustrator, Invertebrates 
Alan Resetar, B S., Custodian 

of Collections, Amphibians 

and Reptiles 
David E Willard. PhD.. 

Custodian of Collections, Birds 
Assistants: Sophie Andris, 

Mammals: Margaret L. 

Baker, B.S., Invertebrates: 

Barbara A Becker, B.A., 

Mammals; Laurel A 

Johnson, Insects: M Dianne 

Maurer, B A , Birds: Betty J. 

Peyton, Fishes: Michael L. 

Reed, B.S., Mammals: Jean 

A. Sellar. M.A., Mammals: 

Daniel Summers, M.S., 

Secretaries: Sarah Derr Bruner, 

B.A.. Mammals: Valerie 


Invertebrates: Roseanne 

Nolan. M.A.. Insects: Molly 

M. Ozaki. Amphibians and 


Arthur C. Allyn. B.S., Research 

Associate, Insects 
Rudyerd Boulton, B.S., 

Honorary Research 

Associate, Birds 
David R.Cook, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. Insects 
Joel Cracraft, Ph D., Research 

Associate, Birds 
Anthony F DeBlase, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Mammals 
Luisde la Torre, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. Mammals 
Jack Fooden, Ph.D., Research 

Associate, Mammals 
Karl J. Frogner, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate. 

Amphibians and Reptiles 
Elizabeth-Louise Girardi, 

Ph.D.. Research Associate. 

David W. Greenfield, Ph.D., 

Research Associate. Fishes 
Harry Hoogstraal, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Insects 
WilliamB. Jeffries. Ph.D., 

Research Associate, 

Amphibians and Reptiles 
David Kistner, Ph.D.. /Research 

Associate, Insects 
Cliff A. Lemen, Ph.D., Research 

Associate, Zoology 
Fritz S Lukoschus, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Insects 
Robert E Martin, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Mammals 
Lee D. Miller, Ph.D.. Research 

Associate, Insects 
Charles F Nadler M D.. 

Research Associate. Mammals 
Charles E. Oxnard, Ph.D.. 

Research Associate. 

Ronald H. Pine. Ph D.. 

Research Associate. 

John J Pizzimenti, Ph.D., 

Research Associate, 


George R. Rabb, PhD,, 

Research Associate, 

Amphibians and Reptiles 
Austin L. Rand, Ph D., 

Honorary Research 

Associate, Birds 
Charles A. Reed.Ph D.. 

Research Associate, 

Ronald Singer, Ph.D., Research 

Associate, Mammals 
Jamie E. Thomerson. Ph.D., 

Research Associate, Fishes 
Robert Traub, PhD, Research 

Associate, Insects 
John A Wagner, Ph D., 

Research Associate, Insects 
Teresa A. Greenfield, MA , 

/Associate, Fishes 
Dorothy T Karall, B.A., 

Associate, Invertebrates 
Edward M. Nelson. Associate, 

Harry G. Nelson, B,S,, 

Associate, Insects 
Dale J.Osborn, Ph.D., 

Associate. Mammals 
Dioscoro S, Rabor, M,S.. 

Associate. Birds 
Lorain Stephens, B.A., 

Associate. Birds 
James P Bacon, Ph.D., Field 

Associate, Amphibians and 

Robert L. Fleming, Ph.D., Field 

Associate, Birds 
George Haas. Ph.D., Field 

Associate, Amphibians and 

Kiew Bong Heang, Ph.D, Field 

Associate, Amphibians and 

Thomas 0. Lemke, M.S., Field 

Associate, Mammals 
Frederico J. Medem. Sc D . 

Field Associate, Amphibians 

and Reptiles 
Laurie Price, Field Associate, 

Janice K, Street, Field 

Associate, Mammals 
William S. Street, Fie/d 

/Associate, Mammals 
WalterR. Suter, Ph.D.FieW 

/Associate, Insects 
Donald C. Taphorn. BS. Field 

Associate, Fishes 




John W. Fitzpatnck. Ph.D., 

TheLibrary of the 

W. Peyton Fawcett, B.A.. 

Michele Calhoun, M.S.L.S.. 
Reference Librarian 

Eugenia J. Jang, A. A., Serials 

Chih-Wei Pan, M.S., Cataloger 

Alfreda C. Rogowski, 

Library Assistants: 

Kenneth J Grabowski, MS: 
Patricia Piasecki, B.A.: 
Melissa H. Slater. B.L.S.: 
Benjamin W. Williams, B.A. 

Franklin O. Loveland. Ph.D.. 
Research Associate 

Field Museum Press 
Editorial Staff 

John R. Bolt, Ph.D.. ScienWic 

Tanisse R. Bushman, 

Managing Editor 

Department of 

Including personnel of the N. W. 
Harris Public School 
Extension, the Ray A. Kroc 
Environmental Program, and 
the James Nelson and Anna 
Louise Raymond Foundation 
for Public School and 
Children's Lectures 

Carolyn P Blackmon, B.S., 

Chairman, Department of 

Delores L. Dobberstein, B.A., 

Departmental Secretary 
Special Programs: Maija 

Sedzielarz, B A.: Beverly 

Serrell, M.S., Harnet M, 

Smith, M.A 
Philip C. Hanson, M.S., Head, 

Group Programs Division 
Instructors: Elizabeth B. Deis, 

M.S.: MaheS. Feltus, M.A.: 

Edith Fleming, M.A.: Bonnie 

K. N.Shain, MAT 
Resource Coordinator: Sue G. 

Resource Assistants: Marilyn L. 

Banayan, M.AL.S : Robert 

Cantu, A.A. 
Divisional Assistants: Hay 

Bernard: John Dykstra: 

Ronald J. Lambert 
Susan E.Stob, B A, Head, 

Public Programs Division 
Program Developers: Lynne D 

Arnold, Ph.D.: Victoria 

Grigelaitis, B.A.: Man Mullen, 

B.S : Anthony J. Pfeiffer. 

Ph D. 
Resource Coordinator: Sue 

Ann Slot. B A. 
Secretary: Susan Matthys. B.S. 
Associates. Grace Fuller 

Greaves. B.S.: Julie Hurvis, 

B.A.: Ellen Hyndman, B.A.: 

John C. O'Brien (Harns 

Extension): Anne Ross. B.A. 

(Group Programs) 

Department of 

Donald R. Skinner. M.FA., 

Acting Chairman 
Ruth A. Blazina. B.S., 

Secretary, Hall 10 Project 
Harvey M. Matthew, B.S.E E., 

MBA, Head, Controls 

Jessica Newman, Secretary 
Richard T Pearson, B.A., Head, 

Production Division 
Beverly C.Scott, B.S.C., 

Departmental Secretary 
Kristine B. Westerberg. B A., 

Coordinator, Hall 10 Project 
Designers: Clifford Abrams,B.FA.; 

Louise M. Belmont, B.A.: 

David W. Edquist, M.FA.: 

Donald P Emery. B.FA.: 

Barbaras. Mitter B.FA.: 

Marcia A. Rasmussen, B.A.; 

Richard L. Shannon, BSD. 

Preparators: Howard J. Bezin, 
B.FA.: Carol Brunk-Harnish, 
B.A.: John K. Cannon, M.FA.: 
KathrynE. Field, M.FA.: 
Geoffrey A Grove, B.S.; 
Margaret B. Hopkins. B FA.: 
ChnstineF Ingraham, M.FA.: 
Robert A. Johnson: Daniel J. 
Joyce, B.A : Edwin M. 
Kestler, B.A.: Gregory C 
Spiggle, B.FA.: Daniel L 
Weinstock. B.FA. 

Scientific Illustrators: Zorica 
Dabich. B FA.: Zbigniew 
Jastrzebski. M.FA.: Marlene 
Hill Werner, B.S. 


Office of the Controller 

William J Lauf, M B A , 

Patricia N Phillips. Secrefary to 

the Controller 


Joseph R Suiek, B A . C PA 
Accounting Manager 

Accounting Clerks: Chris Berg, 
Gregory J. KotulskI, Kathryn 
F Laughlin, B A . Lynn Terpin 

General Services 

Gustav A, Noren, General 

Services Administrator 
Thomas W Geary B S , 

Purchasing Agent 
Florence W Hales, B.A.. 


Clerk-Typist. Purchasing 
Martha J Pouller, MA Printing 

Production Coordinator 
Loran S. Rechhia, Assistant, 

Ronald A Testa. M.FA.. Head 

ol Photography 
Nancy K. Thompson. B.A.. 

Departmental Secretary 

Division of Printing 
and Publications 

Roger L. Buelow. Headol 

Edward D Czerwin. Printer 
Vincent T Davis, Assistant. 

Jeannette Forster. Clerk. 

Lorraine H, Hobe. Clerk, 

Atwood C. Johnson. Clerk. 

George C. Sebela. Headol 


Building Operations 

Norman P Radtke. Manager 

Physical Plant 
Patricia Johnson. Secretary 
Andns Pavasars. M.S , 

Departmental Clerk 
GeraldJ,Struck. BS, 

Architectural Construction 

Joseph D Taylor, Construction 


Engineering Division 

Leonard Carrion, Chief 

Rudolph Dentino, Assistant 

Chief Engineer 
Wesley Gray, Audio-Visual 

Gerald Keene. Audio-Visual 

Assistant Technician 
Edward D Rick, f/ecfr/c/an 
Stationary Engineers: Robert J 

Battaglia, Nicholas Lack, 

Joseph Nejasnic, Anthony 

Polito, Harry Rayborn, Jr, 

Walter Walenan 
Engineenng Assistants: Floyd 

Bluntson, Leonard Rick, 

Donald Ross, Timothy Tryba 

Housekeeping Division 

George A Stiaske, BA.. 
Executive Housekeeper 

Shift Supervisors: Gwendolyn 
V Anderson, Joseph J Gue 

Group Leaders: Bernard 
Douglas. Lee Mister 

Housekeepers: Harold A 
Anderson. Kenneth V 
Anderson, Jacqueline 
Baguidy Alfredo R 
Camacho, Robert E Clinton, 
Reginald Crawford, 
Guadalupe Cuellar, Cleola 
Davis, Lamonte I Dixon, 
Frantz Eliacin, Claudia Felix, 
Aaron Holmes, Ezell Holmes, 
Edward J Jurzak, Gerard 
Kernizan, Ghislaine Lubin, 
Lionel K McGraw, Jose Z 
Mendez, Cozzetta Morns, 
Ermite Nazaire, Lucinda 
Pierre-Louis, Susie Rhodes, 
Kettly Rodnque, Dernck 
Shed, Juan Tenorio. Ernst P 
Toussaint, Anthony D 
Valentino, Dieudaide M 
Victor, Dabie S Wiles 

Maintenance Division 

Jacques L, Pulizzi, Building 
Maintenance Supervisor 

Craftsmen: Carpenters — Dale 
S Akin, James C Flegel, 
Stanley B, Konopka, George 
C, Petrik, Angelo T Tallanco 
Painters — Steven J, Meitz, 
George Schneider, Jr, Henry 
J Tucker, Thomas Williams 
P/as(erer— Louis M Hobe 

Public Merchandising 

Philip G Dibble, B A,,Maf7ager 

James V Blakemore, B A , 
Administrative Assistant 

Betty J, Green, Senior Sales 

Clerks: Carmela Bonnan, 
Fredenck L Bracket!, Emily 
M Brandle, Glona Clayton, 
Helen Cooper, Mazier E, 
Dale, Kathleen M, Gyrion, 
Sandra L Jaffe, Georgiana 
Kolasinki. BFA,, Fern E 
Konyar, Delores E, Marler, 
Wayne M, Metzger, Mary R, 
O'Brien, Betty E Sertich, 
Cathleen L Talkowski 


Hubert A, Homan, Jr , A B , 
Personnel Manager 

Susan M Olson, Personnel 


Mary A, Hagberg, L LB., 

Sandra Bardwell, B.A., 


Security and Visitor 

Donald R Fischer, Chief of 
Security and Visitor Services 

Sergeants: Willie Franklin, 
Sherry Johnson. Kathleen M. 
Larkin. BA . Richard H 
Leigh, Michael Meza. BS 

Security Officers: Alix M, 
Alexandre, Annette 
Anderson, Louis Andrade, 
Andrew J, Bluntson. Craig 
Bolton. Clarence Brewster. 
Willie J Brimage. Mark S 
Bntton, Darlene Brox, 
Elizabeth White Castro, BA . 
Sik K. Chin. Thomas G. Chin. 

MS Chirkinal Chirkina. 
Charles A Cooper. Arthur J 
Daniels. Paul R Dourlet 
B A . Lionel O Dunn. Walter 
A Glennon, Nerval A Glover, 
Steven A Grissom 
Geraldine Havranek, Stanley 
Haynes, Charles M 
Johnson, Michael A Jones, 
Paula Butler Jones, Mireille 
M Joseph, Irene Kelly, 
Elizabeth M Lane, Howard 
Langford, Jr, Kenold Linder, 
Charles Lozano, Jack A 
MacRae, Danute N, Mataitis, 
George F McGilfin, Phoebe 
A Moore, Karlyn Morris, 
Donna C Mornssey 
Charlene Newsome, 
Lorraine A Petkus, Henry 
Raaties, Rosemarie Rhyne, 
David E Sadowski, Earl M 
Singleton III, Raymond A, 
Stripling. John T Suffredin 
William F Thompson. Dale D 
Vermillion. Dennis Warren. 
James A. Weingartner. B A.. 
Loyal G. Williams. Jr.. 
Gwendolyn F World 

Planning and 

Thomas R Sanders. B S . Vice 
President. Development 

K. Darlene Chay. Secretary 

Clifford Buzard. M.S.. M Div.. 

Associate Development 

Gerald R Jindra, BA . 

Assistant Development 

Carleen Konopka. Records 

Larry Phillips, B A , Research 

Barbara Shuman, Secretary 
Veitrice Thompson, Secretary 
Susan E VandenBosch, BA., 

Women's Board Coordinator 


CarynB Goode. B.S.. 
Marketing Manager 


Jacqueline M Felicetti. BA,. 
Membership Manager 

Joseph R Fernandez, Clerk. 
Membership Applications 

Sophia luanow-Lemonides. 
B A , Membership Fees 

Mary H Millsap, Receptionist 

Jeanmarie Rom, Corre- 
spondence Secretary 

Public Relations 

Mary A Cassai, PhD, PuW/c 

Relations Manager 
Barbara Lanctot, MA , 

Publicity-Exhibit Coordinator 
Shirlana Neander, Secretary 
David M Walsten. B S , Editor. 

Field Museum of Natural 

History Bulletin 


Dorothy S. Roder. Tour 

Toby Raiput, B A . Tour 


The following volunteers have 
each given over 50 hours in a 
period ol one year: 

Laura Abou-Shaaban 
Julie Ahern 
Bruce Ahlborn 
John Ahrens 
Victor Algmin 
Mary Allan 
Carrie Anderson 
Cleo Anderson 
Robert Anderson 
Dolores Arbanas 
Judy Armstrong 
Harry Ault 
Beverly Baker 
Dennis Bara 
Lucia Barba 
Gwen Barnetl 
Mary Barrett 
Sanda Bauer 
Dodie Baumgarten 
John Bayalis 
Martha Bays 
Curtis Bean 
Virginia Bealty 
Marvin Benjamin 
Frances Benlley 
Phoebe Benlley 
William Bentley 
Patricia Bercher 
Robin Berkson 
Ruth Blazina 
Riva Blechman 
Sharon Boemmel 
Dons Bohl 
Mariorie Bohn 
Idessie Bowens 
Hermann Bowersox 
Susan Boynton 
Kathryn Briggs 
Carol Briscoe 
Jonathan Brookner 
Louise Brown 
Jean Brunder 
John Clay Bruner 
Carol Brunk-Harnish 
Sophie Brunner 
John Brzuskiewich 
Rose Buchanan 
Gwen Buckun 
Teddy Buddington 
Mary Ann Bulanda 
James Burd 
Barbara BurkhardI 
Ann Bulterfield 
Louva Calhoun 
Robert Cantu 
Jean Carton 
Cathe Casperson 
Gilda Castro 
Sol Century 
June Chomsky 
Linden Chubin 
Margaret Chung 
llona Cinis 
Susan Cohen 
Jane Collins 
Lillian Comstock 
Judith Cottle 
Mary Ann Cramer 
Connie Crane 
William Crowe 
Velta Cukers 
Susan Deguide 
Eleanor DeKoven 
Sara Delahanly 
Carol Deutsch 
Anne DeVere 
Miya Esperanza Diablo 
Mananne Diekman 
Jennifer Dillon 
Delores Dobberstein 
Lisa Dorn 

Margaret Dreessen 
Monica Dubina 
Alison Duff 
Robert Dunlavey 
Stanley Dvorak 
Settle Dwinell 
Milada Dybas 
Lynn Dyer 

Kathleen Early 

Alice Eckley 

Anne Ekman 

Agatha Elmes 

Adrian Esselstrom 

Nancy Evans 

Audrey Faden 

Martha Farwell 

Dervila Fennel 

Vaughn Fitzgerald 

Norma Fitzwater 

Gerry Fogarty 

Ginny Foreman 

Gerda Frank 

Patncia Franks 

Arden Fredenck 

Nancy Fredenck 

Peter Gayford 

Helen Gayner 

Anne Gelman 

Patricia Georgouses 

Nancy Gerson 

Jim Gibbons 

Irving Gilman 

Dr Elizabeth-Louise Girardi 

Pamela Gold 

Halina Goldsmith 

Lorna Gonzales 

Steven Gonzales 

David Gordon 

Judy Gordon 

Helen Gornslein 

Evelyn Gottlieb 

Ophilia Gratz 

Carol Graczyk 

Joanne Gray 

Frank Green, Jr 

Loretta Green 

Cecily Gregory 

Ann Grimes 

Paul Gntis 

Kathy Gunnell 

Sol Gurewitz 

Diane Gutenkauf 

Bernadette Guzzy 

Sylvia Haag 

Dorothy Haber 

Charles Hadala 

Michael Hall 

Elizabeth Hamilton 

Marprie Hammerstrom 

Jim Hanson 

John Harding 

Calvin Harris 

Susan Hasse 

Wally Hastings 

Shirley Hattis 

Jane Healy 

Richard Heaps 

Mary Pat Helmus 

Joseph Hennessey 

Patricia Heyman 

Carol Hill 

Audrey Hiller 

Vicki HIavacek 

April Hohol 

Izabella Horvath 

Claxton Howard 

Ruth Howard 

Adrienne Hurwitz 

Diane Hutchinson 

Lucinda Hutchison 

Janet Hyde 

Ellen Hyndman 

Darryl Isaacson 

Tom Israel 

Penny Jacobs 

Judith Johnson 

Mabel Johnson 

Paul Johnson 

Malcolm Jones 

Julia Jordon 

Dan Joyce 

Carol Kacin 

Carole Kamber 

Elizabeth Kaplan 

Dorothy Karall 

Dorothy Kathan 

Myrette Katz 

Ruth Keller-Petitti 

Shirley Kennedy 

Barbara Keune 

Marjone King 

Dennis Kinzig 

Judy Kirby 

Alida Klaud 

Rosemary Knapp 
Carol Kopeck 
Judy Kurtz 
John Kusmirek 
Peter Lacovara 
Anita Landess 
Carol Landow 
Barbara Larson 
John Larson 
Roger Larson 
Viola Laski 
Joan Lauf 
Kathanne Lee 
Siu Mm Lee 
June LeFor 
Marion Lehuta 
Steve LeMay 
Anne Leonard 
Virginia Leslie 
Michelle Levin 
Elizabeth Linden 
Margaret Litten 
Elizabeth Lizzio 
Ralph Lowell 
Edna MacQuilkin 
Margaret Madel 
Jean Malamud 
Elizabeth Malott 
Kay-Karol Mapp 
Gabby Margo 
Gretchen Martin 
Margaret Martling 
Robert Mastei 
Joel Matek 
Joyce Matuszewich 
Joan Maynard 
Melba Mayo 
Mark McCollam 
Patsy McCoy 
Dorothea McGivney 
Ann Meeker 
Withrow Meeker 
Sister Giles Mehren 
Beverly Meyer 
Laura Michalik 
Judy Minter 
Carolyn Moore 
Sharon Morgan 
Patricia Monn 
Dorothy Mornson 
Debra Moskovits 
LeMoyne Mueller 
Anne Murphy 
Marlene Mussell 
Charlita Nachtrab 
Mary Naunton 
Isobel Neal 
Lee Neary 
David Neisser 
John Ben Nelson 
Mary Nelson 
Norman Nelson 
Louise Neuert 
Janet Nevling 
Ernest Newton 
Herta Newton 
Suzanne Niven 
Georgia Nixon 
Bernice Nordenberg 
Gretchen Norton 
Barbara Novak 
Ma Nuccio 
Janis O'Boye 
John O'Brien 
Gary Ossewaarde 
Christine Oswald 
Anita Padnos 
Raymond Parker 
Peter Paterson 
Cynthia Patterson 
Deletes Patton 
Frank Paulo 
Chnstine Pavel 
Mary Ann Peruchini 
Barbara Prescott 
Barbara Preston 
Sue Prybylowski 
Dorothy Pryor 
Nancy Puckner 
Elizabeth Rada 
Cindy Radtke 
Karlene Ramsdell 
Lee Rapp 

Lori Recchia 
Ernest Reed 
Margaret Reidy 
Sheila Reynolds 
Addie Roach 
Mary Robertson 
Stephen Robinet 
William Roder 
Barbara Roob 
Robert Rosberg 
Susan Rosenberg 
Sarah Rosenbloom 
Mane Rosenthal 
Anne Ross 
Ann Rubeck 
Helen Ruch 
Lenore Ruehr 
Faye Ryan 
Mary Kay Sabino 
Tom Salutz 
Linda Sandberg 
Theresa Schaefer 
Everett Schellpfeffer 
Marianne Schenker 
Marc Schlossman 
Alice Schneider 
Jackie Schneider 
Sylvia Schueppert 
Carole Schumacher 
Thelma Schwartz 
Beverly Scott 
Cynthia Segal 
Jean Sellar 
Beverly Serrell 
Ann Shanower 
Albert Shatzel 
Louise Sherman 
Jessie Sherrod 
Judy Sherry 
Thomas Silvestn 
Abe Simon 
James Skorcz 
Eleanor Skydell 
Eric Slusser 
Burke Smith. Jr 
Beth Spencer 
Irene Spensley 
Julie Spiegel 
Steve Sroka 
Monica Steckinrider 
Llois Stein 
Lorain Stephens 
Susan Streich 
Frances Stromquist 
Tom Dean Stuart 
Chen Sukowski 
Mariorie Sutton 
Sarah Sutton 
Beatrice Swartchild 
James Swartchild 
Dean Swedlund 
Melva Sykes 
Patricia Talbot 
Benjamin Taylor 
Jane Thain 
Lorraine Thauland 
Gerda Thompson 
Barbara Tiao 
Clare Tomaschoff 
Adnenne Travis 
Dana Treister 
Nora Tweetie 
Joan Ulnch 
Karen Urnezis 
Lillian Vanek 

Barbara Vear 
Harold Vons 
David Walker 
Ted Wallace 
Sheila Walters 
Joyce Wash 
Harold Waterman 
Ellen Webber 
Alice Wei 
David Weiss 
Peyton Wells 
Penny Wheeler 
Bradley Wieland 
Carol Williams 
Ron Winslow 
Kurt Wise 

Manlyn Wodka 
Gerda Wohl 
Reeva Woltson 
Sarah Woodward 
Zinette Yacker 
Lynn Zeger 
Joseph Zeller 
Faith Zieske 

"All the things in this enormous building 
— and all the people studying them — 
tell us much about life's past and present. 
But many scientists think that the real im- 
portance of a museum lies in giving us 
some hint of the future. 

"They believe that museums provide bed- 
rock research for other scientific fields — in 
medical research, for example, where an 
exact identification of an insect parasite 
may be essential in learning how a dis- 
ease spreads. The thousands of plants 
and animals not yet discovered, de- 
scribed, or studied may hold the key to 
many biological puzzles and provide un- 
expected economic and social benefits. 

"The evolution of our own society may be 
illuminated by information on the behav- 
ior of more primitive societies. The long 
course of life itself may hold clues to the 
direction future life may take." 

Science Year 1981 

c J Museum of Natural History 
^ joseveit Road at Lake Shore Drive 
"'iicago, Illinois 60605 





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