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Russell Family 







The writer has lon^ felt the propriety of writing out 
a biojrraphical sketch of Andrew Russell, Sr., and his 
descendants ; depending on others to furnish such 
information as would make it more complete and val- 
uable, and to make a record of marriages, births and 

An effort has also been made to trace the history of 
the family back to the year 1732. Its preparation has 
been attended with considerable labor and expense in 
securing definite and reliable information of the facts 
therein contained. Thanks to all who have lent their 
aid in the work thus far. 

There will doubtless be some mistakes for want of 
information ; many interesting facts might have been 
added had they been known to the writer. He has 
done the best he could do with the information fur- 
nished, and this work is submitted to the charitable 
judgment of all concerned, in hopes that a more care- 
ful preservation of records may be kept in the future. 

Alex. Russell. 

Burgetlstown, Va., 1SS6. 




was born in Scotland in the year 1732, emigrated to 
this country in 1758. He became acquainted with 
Isabel Mays, a native of Ireland, whom he married 
afterwards and settled near Oxford, Chester County, 
Penna., where they lived until after the birth of their 
youngest child. 

They then moved to Washington County, Penna., 
four miles southeast of Canonsburg where they lived 
until 17S2, they then bought and moved to the farm 
now owned by his grandson, John Russell, Chartiers 
Township, Washington County, Penna.. where they 
lived the remainder of their days. Andrew Russell 
Sr., was a blacksmith by trade, and worked at his trade 
during his life. They had ten children, three sons 


and seven daughters. The sons' names were, Alexan- 
der, Robert and Andrew ; the names of the daughters 
were Polly, Jane, Peggy, Hannah, Ibby, Liddia and 
Betsy. \ 

In those days they had a great man\- difficulties to > 

encounter. They had to pack all their salt, iron and 
cooking utensils from the East on horses. They 
would start with provision for themselves and horses, 
leaving at their stopping places feed tor the horses, to '( 

be used on their return trip. The writer has often \ 

heard his father tell of going east of the mountains | 

with two horses for four bushels of salt, when fifteen | 

years of age. I would suppose that they would not % 

waste much of it, when they had to get it in this way 
those days. 

Their farm implements were all of a very rude sort. 
Their ploughs were made with wooden mould-boards 
and when they would strike anything hard they would 
kick, sometimes knocking the person holding them 
down. There were no steam ploughs, or railroads for 
traveling as we have now. 

They were very punctual in attending church, often 
walking eight or ten miles, and would sit all day while 
two sermons were being preached, without an>- fire. 
How different now do we appreciate these favors and 
blessings which we now enjoy. 

I proceed now to give a sketch of Andrew Russell 


and his wife Isabel. As before .stated they had ten 
children, three sons and seven daughters. The eldest 
son — 

: RoBKKT RussELH. Sr., was married to Nancy Wood- 
burn. He was a blacksmith by trade and after their 
marriage moved to Hea\er County, Pa. By this 
marriage they had nine, children, five sons and four 
daughters; their names were James,- Alexander, 
Robert, Andrew and Samuel, the daughters' names 
were Nancy, Martha. Isabel and Elizabeth. 

Robert Russell, Sr., died in 1820, and was buried 
in Sewickley, Beaver County, Pa. 

Nancy Russell, wife of Robert Russell, Sr., died in 
1840. of cancer on the face, and was buried at Scotts- 
ville, Beaver County, Pa. 

Robert RusseH, Sr., had three sons, viz: James, Wil- 
liam and John. 

James Russell, son of Robert Russeli, Sr., has four 
sons and two daughters living, viz: William I., Joseph, 
Philip and. Aloysus, Mary and Annie. He has one 
daughter dead, her name was Kate. 

William Russell, son of Robert Russell, Sr., has 
five children living, four girls and one boy, their names 
are Mary, Annie, Katie and Nettie, the son's name is 
Paul. He has thn-e sons dead, viz: James. William 
•and Jolm^-time of their death not known. 

John Russell, son of Robert RusscH, Sr., has one 


dautjhtcr, her name is Florence Eva. They reside at 
Shou.setown, lieaver Count)-, Pa. 

Alexander Russell. Sr., son of Andrew Russell. 
Sr., was a musician ; served as fife-major during the 
Revolutionary war. Died April 20, 1784, at the age 
of twenty-six years. 

Andrew Russell, Sr., died June 20, 1814, at the age 
of eighty-two years. Isabel Ru.ssell, his wife, died 
May 5, 1802, at the age c{ se\-enty-three years. 

Polly Russell, daughter of Andrew Russell, Sr., 
married James Miller, a farmer, in 1792. They lived 
in Mt. Pleasant Township, near Hickory, for a number 
of years. They then moved to Beaver County, Pa., in 
1798, where they lived the rest of their lives. They 
had ten children, four sons and six daughters, viz: 
Samuel, Andrew R., John and James, the daughters' 
names were, Isabel, P^lizabeth, Jane, Nancy Ann, Mary 
and Margaret. They were a very pious family, living 
exemplary lives. 

James Miller, Sr., died May 30, 1847, aged eighty- 
two years and five months. Polly xMillcr, his wife, 
died January 15, 1 841, aged seventy-four years. 

Samuel Miller, son of James Miller. Sr., married 
Elizabeth Morrison. They had three children. Par- 
ents and children all dead. 

Andrew R. Miller, son of James Miller, Sr., mar- 
ried Jane McCullough. They had ten children, five 


sons and five daughters; four of them died under five 
years of age. 

James Miller, son of A. R. Miller, died in the army 
in 1864. 

Geok(;e Miller, second son of A R. Miller, was 
married to Margaret Hunter. They liad five children. 
two of them are now dead. William and Elizabeth 
are unmarried and live with their father, who is in his 
eighty-ninth year. 

Jane Miller, daughter of A. R. iMiller, was married 
to William Green. They had one child who lived but 
a short time. 

Andrew R. Miller. Jr., son of A. R. Miller, Sr., 
was married to Isabel Craig. They had one son. 

Andrew R. Miller, Sr., was twice married. Hls 
second wife was Eliza Harper. Both wives are now 
dead. "^^ - ^ •>.•.. l 

John Miller, son of James Miller, Sr., was mar- 
ried to Amelia Ramsey. They had six children, five 
sons and one daughter — she married Dr. John Mc- 
Carrell, of Wellsville, Ohio. There are three sons 

John Miller was twice married. The name of his 
second wife was Mary Henderson, only daughter of 
Robert Henderson. They now live in Illinois. 

James Miller, Jr., was married to ICIlenor Criswell. 


j They had nine children. Parents and three children ' 

; are now dead. I, 

i \ 

: J. R. MiLLKR, son of James Miller, Jr., is a minister f. 

; in the Presbyterian denomination, but is now en"-afTed 

; as Editor of the Presbyterian ]kiard of Publication, and 

j resides in Philadelphia. Pa. | 

I R. J. Mii.LiiR. son of James Miller, Jr. is a minister \ 

! of the United Presbyterian denomination but is now | 

enraijed as P^ditor of the United Presbvterian Board \' 

of Publication and resided in Allegheny City, Pa. \. 

Elizabeth Miller, dauc^hter of James Miller, Sr., 
was married to Hu<jh Morrison. They had six chil- 
dren five sons and one daughter, she died quite young, 
parents both dead. 

Margaret Miller, daughter of James Miller, Sr., 
was married to Charles Dubbins. They had seven 
children si.x daughters and one son, all dead. 
Jane Miller, died when two years old. 
N.ANCY Ann. died when five years old. 
Mary was married to Samuel Allison, April 1825. 
They lived in Beaver County, Pa. a number of years, 
then moved to Hancock County. West Va., lived there 
a {q.\\ years, moved back to Beaver County, eight 
years and then moved to Mickory. where he died. May 
1878, aged eighty years. 

They had nine chddren three of them are now dead. 
Joseph Allison was married to Nancy Knowles 


they had seven children, three of whom are now dead. 

Mary Allison was married to Alexander McCal- 
mont near Hickory. A farmer wlio is also en£jay;cd in 
sheep husbandry. They have elexen children. 

James Alll^ox was married to Harriet Whitstone. 
They had five children, one of them is dead ; the rest 
are living in Washington Territory. 

Elizaheth Alll'^on married David F. Cummins a 
farmer near West Middletown, Pa. They have fiv^e 
children living. 

Amelia Allison was married to John Manson, a 
farmer near West Middletown, Pa. They had six chil- 
dren, all living. The father is now dead. 

MARCiARET Allison married Robert Cowden, a 
farmer. They had seven children. The mother and 
one child, dead. 

Samuel Allison, Jr., was married to Martha John- 
ston of Hickor)', Pa. They had five children, all living. 

Bell Allison was married to James Coulter. They 
had six children, fi\-e living and one dead. Was mar- 
ried second time to Dr. A. M. Ray of West Middle- 
town, by this marriage had three children. 

John Allison was in the War of the Rebellion and 
died in the eighteenth year of his age from disease con- 
tracted in the army. 

Jane Russell, daughter of y\ndrew Russell, Sr., was 


married to David Gault, a tanner by occupation. They 

lived near Canonsbur^ and had a lar<j[e family. 

Anhkew Gault, son of David Gault. Sr., died 
August 2nd, 1S79, and was interred in the cemetery at 
Lebanon Church, Mifflin Township, Allegheny Count\- 
Pa. Hi.s wife Mary Ann Mowny, was born in 1808. 
in Jefferson Township, Allegheny County, Pa. and is 
still living. 

Ale.v.andek Gault, brother of Andrew Gault, died 
near Courtney, May 10, 1S82, and was interred in Min- 
go Cemetery, Washington County, Pa. 

John Gault, brother of Andrew Gault was married 
■to Mary Thomas, of Armstrong County, Pa., \\\ 1867, 
died May 10, 1883. 

Mr.s. Marv T. Gault, wife of John Gault is still liv- 
ing and is practicing medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mary Gault, sister of Andrew Gault, died in Wood 
County, West Va. in the year 1850, aged seventy-four 

Ibbie, daughter of David Gault; Sr., married John 
Mcllhenny,and died in Jefferson Township, Allegheny 
County, Pa. 1851, aged thirty-eight yea:s. 

Margaret Gault, married a Mr. Ritchie, died in 
Wood County, West Va. in 1876, at the age of eighty 

WiLLLXM Gault, died on the Ohio river about 1821, 
aged 24, years. 


David Gault, Jr.. died in Wood County, West Va. 
in i860, a^ed thirty-five years. Gault. died in Wood County, West Va. time 

Sarah Gault was married to a Mr. Mc Roberts, died 
in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County, Pa., March 13 
1872, in the seventy-sixtli year of her a'je. 

Mrs. McIlhknnv was the mother of five children 
viz : William, Hetty, Thomas, Jennie and David. 
Hetty, Thomas and Jennie now dead. 

William McIlhfaxv. married Nancy Whittaker 
and is the father of four boys and one girl. He lives 
at Coal Valley, Allegheny County, Pa. 

David McIlhenny, married Sarah McGowan, and 
is the father of eight boys and two girls, all living. 
He resides in Mifflin Township, Allegheny Count}', Pa. 

Sarah Gault McRoberts was the mother of one 
boy and one girl. 

Jane McRoberts, married David Roads, and died 
about 1858 was the mother of two children, — Orlun- 
do, married Captain Cunningham, Evarella, married 
Nicholls, who resides in Lawrence County, Pa. 

Sarah McIlhennv, daughter of David McIlhenny, 
married William McKee and is the mother of four 
children two of which are dead. 

Marcaret Gault Ritchie, was the mother of one 


child, Mulinda, married to William Henry and is the 
mother of quite a lari^e famil)-. 

Andkf.w GAUr/r was the father of tour boys and two* 
girls, viz: Christiana J., John Alexander, William Stew- 
art, W^illiam Henry, Sarah IC, and Andrew, Jr. 

Cfiristiana, married Georqe A. Smith in 1869, and 
is the mother of six children, two of which are now 
dead. Mary V.. Roscoc H., Malcolm and Elmer, are 
hvin<^, she resides at present in Braddock, Allegheny 
County, Pa. 

John A. Gault, married Mary Jane Pease, Nov. 10, 
1875, and is the father of six children viz ; Mary I^lma, 
Donald L., p:mma C, Olive E.. Nora V., baby not 
named. Resides on the homestead farm near Court- 
ney Station, Union Township, Washington County, I'a. 

Sarah E., married J. F. Kennedy, May 10, 1872. 
Resides at Courtney Station, Washington County. Pa. 

Andrew Jr., married Mar\' Bently. July 1883, father 
of two children both dead, lives at present in Knoxville 
Bow, Allegheny County, Pa. Is shipping agent for 
Bovard, Rose & Company, carpet dealers, No. 39 
Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Peggv Russell, daughter of Andrew Russell Sr., 
was married to Robert Thompson, a farmer li\ ing on 
the head waters of Little Charticrs. Thi'\- had .six chil- 
dren five sons and one daughter, their names were Jos- 
eph, Alexander, Andrew. James, Robert and L\-ciia. 


Joseph Thompson, was married to Margaret Wilson. 
They had seven children five sons and two daughters. 
Three of the sons were in the ministry, viz; Alexander, 
James and Joseph; John was a farmer by occupation. 
Parents and four sons and Harriet all dead. 

Harriet was married to James McNary of Cross 
Creek, Washington County, Pa., they liad seven chil- 
dren, viz : Jaseph who died at the age of six years. 
Margaret who died when seventeen years old, John 
a lawyer by profession resides in Illinois, Angeline 
married Thompson Wachob of Wayne, Wayne Coun- 
ty, Nebraska, she is the mother of six children, viz : 
Maude, James, Paulin, Blanch, Jessie and Mira. 

Joseph is a lawyer, and resides in Logansport, Indi- 
ana, Lizzie died at the age of twenty-one years, Alex- 
ander, millwright, resides at Bloom field, Ohio, Eva un- 
married living at Bloomfield, Ohio, William lives in 
central Ohio, residence not known. 

Robert Tmomi'son was married to Dellie Cowden 
had five children, resides near Washington, Iowa. 

Margaret Thomp.son was married to William Rus- 
sell son of Andrew Russell, Jr. 

Jaj^ies Thompson, son of Robert Thompson, Sr., was 
married to Martha Hammond. They had six children 
two sons and four daughters, one son and one daugh- 
ter dead. The father died at tJie advanced age of 
eighty-nine years. 


Alexander Thompsox, son of Robert Thompson, 
Sr., was married to Mary Alexander. They had eif^ht 
children, five sons and three dauj^hters. Parents and 
children all dead. 

AxnREW TiioMi'soN, was married to Elizabeth Hell. 
They had four children, one son and three dauf^hters. 
Parents and one dau<^hter now dead, Elizabeth was 
J married to Jn.mes McJ-^urney^. Robert was married to 

Jane McBurnay, and Jane was married to Mak. Cow- 

Robert Thompson, Second Senior, was married to 
Nancy Guthrie, and they had nine cliildren, two sons 
and seven daui^^hters. The ])arents, sons and one 
daughter are dead. They lived in Muskingum County, 

Lydia Thompsox was married to Alexander McCall. 
He was a physician by profession. They had a large 
family. Parents both dead. 

Ibby Russell, daughter of Andrew Russell, Sr., was 
married to John Menderson. Sr., son of Rev. Matthew 
Henderson, was born Januar\' i, 1770, died December 
14, 1731. John Henderson, Sr., was born July 25. 
1769, died June 9, 1849. They were married October 
I, 1789, had nine children, seven sons and two daugh- 
ters, their Ucunes were : Poll)- Phares, Andrew. ICbe- 
nezer, Alexander, John, Robert, (w ho died w hen quite 
small, in 1812), I'Jizabeth, Robert, 2d, and Matthew. 


Polly Phakks Hi:x[")ers()N, was married to Jolm 
Buclianan, June 17, 1812. The}' had seven children, 
five sons, and two dauijjhters, \iz : ICh'zabeth Frame, 
John Jr., Isabel, (ieor^e, James and Joseph. There 
were two Joseph's in this famil\' but one died in in- 

Elizaueth Frame Buchanan, was married to Sam- 
uel Scott, both are now dead. 

John Buchanan, Jr., died June 17, 1832, in his six- 
teenth year. 

Isabel Russell Buchanan, was married to Thom- 
as Acheson, both are now dead. 

George Buchanan, was born Aug. 11, 18 19, was 
married to Mary Acheson Nov. 2, 1837, resides in 
Washington, Pa. They had five children, three sons, 
and two daughters, two sons and one daughter now- 

James Buchanan, was born April 24, 1824, was 
married to Mary Ann Forsythe, May 5, 1842, he is 
now dead. 

Rev. Joseph Buchanan, was born Sept. 29, 1833, 
and married to Sarah C. Paxton June 29, 1853, died 
Sep. 6, 1864. 

Andrew Henderson, was married to Hanah Dixon, 
they had six children four sons and two daughters, 
viz: Rev. G. D. Henderson. John, William, Dr. I^ben- 
czer, Rachel and l^lizabeth. 



Matthew Henderson, married Mary Smith, had 
one son, namt;d Preslcx' Henderson, all are now dead. 

Ebenezer Henderson, Dr., was born Sept. 6, 1798, 
married Sept. 6, 1S30. to Mars^aret L. Dunninj^. She 
died Ma}' 7, 1837. They had two children one son 
and one daughter, viz : J. D. Henderson and Bell M- 
Henderson. I'arents both dead. 

J. D. Henderson, born June 27, 1832, was married 
to Amelia Halstead in 1S58, married again to Amelia 
Ross in 1872. 

Isabella M. Henderson, born Sept. 13, 1S35, mar- 
ried to David C VanMeter Jan. 22, 1856. married 
"again to Samuel F. Tucker Nov. 19, 1867. 

WiLLiA.M Ru.ssELL Hender.son, died 1837. 

Children of J. D. Henderson. Russell Dale who 
died in i860. Chester Harding born in 1864. 

Isabella VanMeter had three sons by her first mar- 
riage, viz: Jessie H. VanMeter, born and died in Dec. 
1856 ; Orin P. VanMeter, born Dec. 14, 1857; David 
Lee VanMeter. born Sept. 26, 1862 ; Child of second 
husband, Mary Dale Tucker, born and died Oct. 1870. 

Alexander Russell Henderson, born June 17, 
1 80 1, died IMay i, 1808. 

John Henderson, Jr., born April 6, 1803, married 

Esther Smylie, had one child. Married the second 

^^ time to Mary McCalmont, by this marriage had one 

child. Parents and children all dead. Robert Hen- 


derson, the first, was born Aul^. 19, 1806, died Oct. 22, 
181^. P^lizabcth M. Henderson, was born May 23, 
181 1, died Oct. 2S. 1S12. 

Dr. RoiiERT A. Hendkksox, born Oct. 22, 1813, 
married Lucy A. Galbreath, born July 19, 18 18. They 
had six children fi\-e sons and one daui^hter, viz : Sar- 
ah Jane, Henry \V., Jolin W., Kdward A., Harris R., 
and Robert A. Ru-sskll, daughter of Andrew Russell Sr., 
was married to Robert Henderson, son of Rev. Mat- 
thew Henderson. They had seven children, six sons 
and one daughter, viz : Matthew, Andrew, Ebenezer, 
Alexander, John, Robert and Mary. 

Matiiew Henderson, was born Dec. ist, 1803. was 
married to Mary Hutchison, Feb. 11, 1829, who was 
born Nov. 12, 1808, died Jan. i. 1877. By this mar- 
riage had five children, viz: John H., Elizabeth Russell, 
Robert A.. Martha Jane, Francis Mary, and Harriet 
who is now dead. 

John H., born Jan. 17, 1830, was married twice first 
to Nancy Hammond, Oct. 10, 1855, married second 
time to Emma C. Robins, Oct. 28, 1886, by his first 
mairiage had four children, viz : John A., now mar- 
ried to Laura Winfield, Margaret Jane, Matthew A , 
who died May 4, 1880, and William IL, 

EliZ-Mjeth R., wais born May i^, 183^, married, 
Robert J. Harper, June 23, 185.2, by this marriage had 


five children, viz : Anna M.. Elizabeth H., Martha Jane. 

who died in Aug. 1 86 1, Ell E., and Eva O. G. 

ROHERT A., born Oct. i8, 1S34, married Alary Ellen 
Blair, July 23, 1861, by this marriage had three sons, 
viz : Frank Brittain, Audley Clifford and William Alli- 

Fr.wces Mary, born May 14, 1840, was married to 
Rev. John Weir, Feb. 2, 1869, who died May 28, 1873. 
By this marriage had two daughters, viz : Mary Hut- 
chinson and Margaret liapty. 

Martha Jane, born May 27, 1837. 

Andrew Henderson was first married to Margaret 
McCall, and by this marriage had two daughters, 
Mary and Margaret Mary married Rev. Keeling, 
who has since died. Margaret, was married to John 
McCall, who resides now in Iowa. 

Andrew Henderson, was married the second time 
to Hanah Speer, by whom they had eight children, 
three sons, and five daughters, viz : John, who was 
born Jan. 2, 1832. Elnor. born Feb. 8, 1834. Eliza- 
beth Jane, born March 2?^, 1836. Nancy, born Jan. 27, 
1839. Mariah. born March 30, 1841. Robert, born 
Oct. 8, 1843. Andrew, born May 10, 1846. 

Andrew Henderson, Sr., died April 6, 1879. aged 
seventy-five years. Hannah, wife of Andrew Hender- 
son, Sr.. died Jan. 26, 1880. aged seventy-one years. 

Jane Henderson, daughter of Andrew and Hannah 


V Henderson, was married to John Boon. She died in 

f- Ei{ENp:zer Henderson, was married to Jane Lee; 

|; had a large familj', moved west, residence not known. 
I Parents both dead. 

I'i AlE-XANDer Hender.son, was married to Nancy 

I Watson, they had si.x children, one son, and five 
I daughters, \iz : Mary, Lizzie, Minnie, Robert, Rebecca 
i and Aggie. 

Makv was married to James Cummins, (the mother 
and one daughter, Aggie, dead.) 

John Henderson, was married to Julia Anderson, 
by this marriage had three children, two children and 
mother dead. 

Married second time to Mariah Murry, daughter of 
George and Mary Murry, by this marriage had seven 
children, three sons, and four daughters, viz: Julia, 
Clark, Eliza, Amanda, Mary, James and George. 

Robert Henderson, was married to Margaret Reed, 
daughter of Joseph Reed. They had four children, 
one son, and three daughters, viz : Annie, Mary I\L. 
Jemima and Joseph R. Parents and one daughter dead. 
Joseph, married to PLlizabeth Martin, in 1S84. Mary 
M., married to William Grounds. 

Hannah Russell, daughter of Andrew Russell, Sr.. 
was married to Wallace McCluskey, a farmer who 


lived in Lawrence County, Pa. They had a large 

Lyi)I.\ Rl'sskll, daughter of Andrew Ru.sseil, Sr., 
died Oct. 5, 1796, aged sixteen years. 

i Andrew Russki.l, Jr., youngest son of Andrew 

I Russell Sr., was born Jan. 30, 1777, died March 2, 

I 1 86 1, aged eighty-four years. 

j Ann Rus.sell, his wife, died Feb. 17, 1868; in the 

' eighty-seventh )'ear of her age. Her maiden name 

i was Ann McClelland, daughter of James and Jane 

j McClelland, by this marriage they had thirteen chil- 

' dren. 

i He was a man highly respected by all who knew 

1 him, strictly honest in his dealings with his fellow men 

and was a ruling elder in the church from 1832, un- 
til his death which occurred, as we said before, March 
2, 1861. 

The names of their children were : infant daughter, 
dead, Andrew, first, died at the age of five years, Jane, 
James, I.sabel, Ann, Elizabeth, Andrew, second, Alex- 
ander, Robert H., John, Nancy and William. 
Nancy died March 17, 1852, aged 28 years. 
Jane Rus.sKi.L. daughter of Andrew Russell, Jr., was 
married to Samuel Lee, son of James and h'lizabeth 
Lee. They were married December, 1829, she died 
January 24. 1880. They had six children, five daugh- 


ters, and one son, viz : Ann Isabel, I^lizabeth, Mary 
Jane, Caroline, Russell and ICninia. 

Elizabeth, was born Oct. 9, 1S32, married Dec. 24, 
1853, to Dr. A. B. McCandless, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
and was the mother of thirteen children, viz : Samuel 
Lee, born Jan. 12, i<S55, now dead; Archibald Wilson, 
a dentist, was born June 10, 1856; John Russell, now- 
dead, was born Oct. 7, 1857; Albert Howard, a den- 
tist, was born Jan. 21, 1S59; Hervey Thomas, born 
Dec. 8, i860; Alexander; Charles Russell, a druggist, 
born Oct. 12, 1862; Robert, born June 19, 1871; 
George J., born Oct. 12, 1874; Anna M.,born Feb. 29, 
1868; Carrie Olive, born Dec. 19, 1869; Joseph Allen, 
now dead, born Jan. 25, 1866. The mother died July 
17, 1878 

Caroline was born June 10, 1835, was married to 
Alexander Mehaffey, a farmer, Nov. 7, 1861, and is the 
mother of six children, viz: Jennie Lee, born Oct. 4, 
1862; John Russell, born July 8, 1864; Clara Bell, 
born April 13, 1866; Lizzie M., born July 7, 1868; 
Anna Mary, born Feb. 13, 1872 ; Samuel L.,born Dec. 

Mary Jane was born March 2, 1837, was mariied to 
William Thompson, a farmer, and by this marriage 
had six children, viz: Frank Lee, born July 13, 1868; 
Samuel H., Nov. 27, 1870; William Oscar, born June 
10, 1872; Albert Russell, born Dec. 17, 1873; An- 


drew A., born June ii, 1875; Robert Henderson, 
born Aug. 31, 1876. Tlic mother is now dead — died 
July 7, 1878. 

Andrew Russell Lee was born Jan. 8, 1839, was 
I married to Emma Johnson. They have no family 

I and live in Kansas. 

i Emma Lee was born Aug. 6, 1846, was married 

I to Walker Thompson, a farmer, and is the mother of 

! eight children, viz: Harry Lee, born July 11, 1872; 

Wm. Parker, born Oct. 31, 1873; Jennie E., born Oct. 
6, 1875 ; Anna AL, born April 4, 1877; Carrie Olive, 
born July 30, 1879; Samuel G., born Feb. 28, 1881; 
John Walker, born March 10, 1884 ; Emma Leta, born 
June 25, 1S86. 

Anna Bell Lee was born Aug. 15, 183 1, is unmar- 
ried and is living with her father in New Concord, O. 
James Russell was married to Elizabeth McElroy, 
daughter of James and Mary McElroy, of Jefferson 
County, Ohio. They have four children — two sons 
and two daughters — viz : James M.. Ross A., Mary L., 
and Anna A. 

Ross A. was married to Laura Zimmerman. 
The daughters are unmarried and live with their 
parents near Barnesville, O. 

Lsaijel Russell was married to William McCall. 
■ They had three children — one son and two daughters. 
Parents and children all dead. 


Ann Russell is untnanicd, and lives in New Con- 
cord, Muskinfjum Co., O. 

Elizabeth Russell was married to Robert Jeffrey, 
a farmer, engaged also in sheep husbandry. She died 
Jan. 10, 1878, in the sixty-fifth year of her age. Rob- 
ert Jeffrey died Nov. .29, 1884, agefl seventy years. 
They had six children — two sons and four daughters 
— viz: Ann Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha. Andrew 
R., and Robert. 

Ann Jane Jeffrey was married to William Glass in 
June, 1864. He is a carpenter by trade, but is en- 
gaged of late in farming. They have nine children, 
viz: Russell, born May 29, 1866; Frances, born Nov. 
3,1867; Mattie, born Aug. 15, 1869; Lizzie, born 
Jan. 8, 1872 ; Howard, born Aug. 4, 1873 ; Mary, born 
July 17, 1876; Clara, born Sept. 10, 1S78; Lee, born 
April 25, 1881 ; Lillie, born Feb. 29, 1884. 

Lizzie Jeffrey was married to Marshal McKittrick, 
of Cambridge, O., who was elected sheriff of Guern.sey 
County and served two terms, but who is now engaged 
in the manufacture of furniture. By this marriage 
they had four childrer^ — three sons and one daughter. 
Two of them died in infancy; the names of the two 
living are Mary Bell and Qiarles Jeffrey. 

Mary Jeffrey was married to Matthew Achesun, 
a farmer. They live near Burgettstown, in Smith 
TouTiship, Washington Co., Pa. 


; Martha Jeffrey was married to Samuel McCal- 

j mont, son of John and Mary McCalmont, near Hick- 

; ory, Washinc^ton Co.. Pa. She died November, 1.S77. 

\ Andrew R. Jefirev is engac^ed in farming and 

I sheep husbandry, nnd was married to Carrie K. Hutch- 


I ison, daughter of Joseph and Mary Hutchison, near 

1 Taylorstown, Washington Co., Pa. They have three 

I daughters, viz : Louethel Anna, Haley Mable, and 

> Berthel Gertrude. 

j Robert G. Jeffrey is a farmer, engaged in sheep 

; husbandry, and lives in Cross Creek Township, Wash- 

ington Co., Pa. Was married to Jennie E. McCalmont, 
daughter of John and Mary McCalmont. They have 
two children, Bessie D. and John Ralph. 

Andrew Russell, son of Andrew Russell, Jr., was 
married, April 18, 1839, to Jane Miller, daughter of 
Andrew and Sarah Miller, natix'es of Ireland, who em- 
igrated to this country in 18 1 2. They had ten chil- 
dren — five sons and five daughters — viz: Sarah Jane, 
Andrew J., James H., Thomas A., Letitia Ann, Wil- 
liam M., Isabel M., infant deceased, Robert A., and 
Do ret M. 

Sarah Jane, born I-\"b. 26, 1S40, married S. J. Smith 
Aug. 3, 1858. By this marriage had six children, viz : 
Jennie, Anna and Clara now living, and three died in 

Andrew J. Rissell, born Oct 6. 1 841, was married 


^ to Maggie \\. McBurncy, of Carrolltoii, O. By this • I 

I marriage had one son, A. L. Russell. On Oct. 28, i 

1 1884, his wife was called from earth to her quiet rest, ) 

I and on August 4, 1886, he was married to Alice M. i 

Smith, daughter of Robert Smith, deceased, of Mt. 

Pleasant Township. Washington Co., Pa. - j 

James H. Rus.sell was born P'eb. 19, 1843. died j 

F'eb. 16, 1864, in the twenty-'first year, of his age. 1 

Tno.M.\s A. Rus.sKi.L, born July 28, 1844, died Sept. : 

19, 1845. j 

Letiti.\ Ann Rus.>^ell was born Dec. 24, 1846, and i 

was married, April i8, 1872, to Ezra McBurney, son \ 

of John and Jane McBurney, of Hickory, Washington •' 1 

Co., Pa. By this marriage had five children, viz: ; 

Doret J., born August 14, 1874; Mary L., born Jan. I 

II, 1876; infant son, born Sept. 20, 1877, died at the I 

age of eight days; Mattie Letitia, born May 3, 1879; I 

Maggie Bell, born May 29, 1 881, died aged sixteen 


William M. Russell, born May i, 1851, is engaged 

in farming. 

Isabel M. Russell, born Dec. 6. 1852, was married 

to Matthew lirown, a farmer, June 25, 1874. By this 

marriage had six children, viz: David Andrew, born 

Jan. 19, 1875 ; John J'xlmond, born August 17, 1876; 

Annie Doret, born July 12, 1878; William Ralph, 


born Jan. 34, 1881 ; Joseph McKIroy, born, Aug^ust 
II, 1883; Walter Earl, born July 7. 1885. 

Robert Russell was born July 20, 1835, and is a 
farmer living in Mt. Pleasant Township, Washington 
Co.. Pa. 

DoKET M. l-iussELL was born April 30, 1857, and 
married to Homer I. Willison, a farmer living near 
Houstonville, Jan 4, 18S3. By this marriage have 
two children, Howard Wilford,born Nov. 4, 1884, and 
Knowles Clark, born Oct. 5, 1885. 

Ale.kander Russell was first married to Margaret 
Ann Acheson. By this marriage had nine children — 
four sons and five daughters. The eldest died in infan- 
cy. Their names were : Martha Ann, Mary Jane, 
Andrew M.. Margaret E , Robert A., John A., Isabel 
Caroline, and Amanda. Margaret Ann, wife of Alex- 
ander Russell, died August 23, 1862. Amanda died 
August 31, 1867, at the age of seven years. Margaret 
E. died Dec. 5, 1875, in the twenty-fourth year of her 
age. He was again married to Lavinia Cockins, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth Cockins. By this 
marriage 'had one daughter who died in infancy. La- 
vinia Russell died May 19, 1877, in the forty-ninth 
year of her age. Ale.xander Russell was again mar- 
ried to Martha E. Wilson, daughter of William and 
Margaret Wilson, near l^urgcttstown. Pa. 

Marth.\ Anx Russell, born June 9, 1845, was 


married, June 23, 1864, to William M. Thomas, of 
Sago, Muskingum Co., O., who is engaged in farming. 
By this marriage had five children, viz: John Ale.\an- 
der, born May 10, 1865; Sarah A., born Nov. 14, 
1866; Daniel Newton, born August 13, 1874, died 
March 6, 1875 ; Mary I^lanche, born March 4, 1877 ; 
William Russell Thomas, born Sept. 22, 1881. 

Mary Jane Russell, born Jan. 14, 1847, was mar- 
ried to John N. Cook, and by this marriage had one 
daughter and one son — Clark R., born April 10, 1874. 
The mother died August 13, 1880. The daughter 
died Sept. 29 of the same year. 

Andrew M. Russell, son of Alexander Russell, 
was born Nov. 7, 1848, and married Gret M. Smith, 
daughter of Ebenezer and Margaret Smith. They 
have three children — two daughters and one son. 
Their names are : Margaret Romaine, born July 9, 
1876; Linnie Alta, born Nov. 23, 1879, and Dwight 
A., born Dec. 8, 1883. Andrew M. is a farmer and is 
also the proprietor of a dairy. He was elected a 
ruling elder in Hickory congregation. 

Maggie E. Russell was born Sept. 6, 1851, died 
Dec. 5, 1875. 

Roijert Alexander, son of Alexander Ru.ssell, 
born Oct. 22, 1853, is engaged in the hardware busi- 
ness in Burgettstown, Pa. 

John A. Russefx, born Feb. 11. 1856. was married 



? to Aggie Scott. Tliey have one son, Frank M. Rus- 

\ sell, who was born July 10, 18.S5. Is engaged in the 

butchering busine^ss in Burgettstown, Pa. 

Am.and.-v was born July 13, 1S60. died August 31, 
I 1867. 

I Is.\i5EL C.\KOLiNK RussELi., born April 25, 185S. was 

\ married to John P. Proudfit, a farmer living in Smith 

i Township. They have three children — one son and 

! two daughters — viz: Sarah Iv, born August 20, 18S0; 

Alexander R.. born May 3, 1883, and Martha Ann, 
born Feb. 24, 1886. 

R. H. Russell, son of Andrew Russell, Jr., grand- 
son of Andrew Russell, Sr., lives near McConnell's 
Mills, Pa., and is engaged in farming and sheep hus- 
bandry. He was twice married ; first to F^lizabeth 
McConaughey, daughter of Mugh and Isabel McCon- 
aughey, Dec. 26, 1849, who died May 30, 1857, and 
on May 17, 1859, was married to Martha J. McXary, 
daughter of \V. H. and Margaret McNary, of Canons- 
burg, Pa. On April 17, 1864, he was chosen to the 
office of ruling elder in the congregation of Chartiers, 
and ordained Ma}' 12, 1864, under the ministry of 
Rev. D. H. French. Was elected Director of the Poor 
in the fall of 1875, and served for the term of three 

John Russell, the eleventh child of the venerable 
Andrew and Ann Russell, resides on the old home- 


stead, in Chartiers Township. In the summer of 1865 
he was married to Ehzabeth G. Morrison, daughter of 
the late William and Sarah Quail Morrison. They 
have three children living, viz: Anna M., Lulu E., and 
J. Mack. One died in infancy. In the year 1867 he 
was ordained as ruling elder in Chartiers Cross Roads 
congregation, where he served until the year 1873, 
when he moved to Canonsburg. After living two 
years in that place, he returned to the farm where he 
is engaged in farming and sheep husbandr\-. 

WiLLiA.M M. Russell, the thirteenth child of the 
venerable Andrew and Ann Russell, was elected rul- 
ing elder in Hickory congregation, 1865, where he 
served until he moved out of the bounds of the con- 
gregation. He is now engaged in farming. In 1855 
he married Margaret Jane Thompson, daughter of 
Joseph and Margaret Thompson. By this marriage 
had ten children, viz: Joseph A., born August 8, 
1856, died in infancy; Annie K., born April 19. 1858, 
died March 4, 1880; Joseph T., born Sept. 19, 1857, 
died October 12, 1872; Maggie \V., born June 25, 

1862, died Nov. 8, 1880; L. A. Russell, born June 15, 

1863. now engaged in sheep husbandry; Harriet J., 
born May 14, 1865, died in infancy; \V. Frank, born 
May 5, 1866, married Nov. 3, 1885, to Jennie Galbraith. 
of Burgettstown, Pa., having by this marriage one son, 

;o. 1S86; W. F. Russell, 


a telegraph operator, working for the Western Union 
Company, at Walker's Mills, Allegheny Co., Pa.; 
James Nevin, born Nov. 23, 1869, died in infancy; 
Mary Bell, born Nov. 23, 1869; Robert Lee. born 
Dec. II, 1872. 

I now proceed to give a history of the McClelland 

James McCfell-And, Sr., was married to Jane Guth- 
rie, a native of Scotland, in 1776, and came to America 
in 1779. James McClelland, Sr., died May i, 1829, 
aged eighty-one years. Jane, his wife, died Feb. 15, 
1824, aged seventy-five years. 

James McClelland, son of Jas. McClelland, Sr., and 
Jane, his wife, had si.K children, three sons and three 
daughters, viz : Robert, William, James, Nancy. Jane 
and Ann. 

Nancy McClelland was married to Robert Officer. 
By this marriage they had two sons and four daugh- 
ters. They lived in Ohio. They are all dead. 

Jane McClelland was married to Jas. Keys. They 
had seven clildren — five sons and two daughters; their 
names were, Martha, Jane, John, James, William, Jos- 
eph and Ezra^ 

Martha married William McBride, and by this mar- 
riage had four children — three sons and one daughter. 
Parents both dead. 


Jane Keys was married to John McRurncy ; they '^ 
had nine children — six sons and three dauglitcrs, two 
of whom died in tlie year 1.S45. Parents both dead. 

John Keys was married to Ann May, daughter of 
John and Pheby May. The\' liad by this marriage 
four children — three daughters and one son. Parents 
and two daughters now dead. 

He was married the second time to Mar\- Shelits ; 
by this marriage liad five children — two sons and three 
daughters. One son is now dead. 

James Keys, son of James Keys, Sr., was married to 
Miss Nevil. They had six children — four sons and 

two daughters. Two sons and are now dead. 


William Keys was married to Elizabeth McCombs, 
and had b>' this marriage one son. Lived in Lawrence, 
Kansas. The mother is now dead. 

Joseph Keys was married to Ellen Smith ; by this 
marriage had six children — three sons and three 
daughters. One daughter and mother dead. 

Ezra Keys was married to Mrs. Elliott, of Lawrence, 
Kansas, and by this marriage had two children. 

Roijekt McClelland, ex -Sheriff of Washington 
County, Pa., son of Jas., Sr., and Jane McClelland, was 
married to Ann Officer; were the parents of six chil- 
dren, viz: Mary C, Jane, Ann. Manilla, Sarah and 


Marv was married twice, first to Mr. Patterson ; sec- 

\ end time to Dr. Adams ; by the later marriage had 

one son and one daughter. The mother died March 

24, 1834, leaving her children to be raised by her 

i father, Robert McClelland. 

I Jam-: McClkli.and died Nov. 30, 1824. 

i Sarah McClelland died May 24, 1831, aged twen- 

ty-four years. 

Ann McClkllam) was married to John Johnston ; 
died Sept. 30, 1840, in the thirty-fifth \-ear of her age. 
She was the mother of three children — two daughters 
and one son. 

Manilla McClI'XLAND was married to Samuel 
Hughes. She died July 5, 1863, aged fifty-three years. 

Elizabeth McClelland was born March 14, 18 16; 
was married to Rev. J. P. Smart in 1839, who was 
pastor of Massies Creek U. P. congregation, Greene 
County, Ohio, during his ministry of twenty-one \ears. 
He died of consumption, Feb. 29, 1861. They had six 

Maky Ann Smart, the oldest daughter, was married 
to Rev D. W. Cason, now pastor of the Burgettstown 
U. P. congregation, Oct. 6, 1870. By this marriage 
they had one daughter — P>lla J. 

R. M. Snlxrt, son of Rev. J. P. Smart, was married 



to Miss Wilson, of Xenia, July 1.S69, and by this 
marriage has two daughters. 

Fanny Clark Smart, daughter of Rev. J. P. Smart, 
was married to J. A. McClosky, Oct. 12, 1871. and re- 
sides in Cincinnati, O. 

John G. Smart, is living in the West and is engaged 
in the coal business with William and Samuel. 

William M. Smart was married Nov. 3, i<SS2, to 
Miss Lydia Anderson, and by this marriage has two 

John G. and Roijkrt M. Smart served in the south- 
western division of the armv^ during the rebellion. 

James McCl?:llani), Jr., son of James, Sr., and 

lane McClelland, was married to Nancv McDonald, ! 

Dec 24, 1 807, and by this marriage had eitjht children i 

•^ '^ ^ j 

— seven daughters and one son. He died April 29, 

1875, at the advanced age of ninety years. Nancy, j 

wife of James McClelland, Jr., died June 12, 1857, in 1 

the sixty-se\'enth j'car of her age. The names of their { 

children are as follows: Margaret, born April 28, I 

1809, married to Levi Griffith, deceased, of Canons- I 

burg. Pa. : Juliet, born August 30, 18 14, married to I 

Robt. McCloy ; Sarah, born Oct. 6, 1817, married to I 

Samuel McClo\-, (both now di;ad); Jane, born Sept. j 

20, 1012, married Thos. Jackson (both now dead); j 

James, born Jan. 20, 1820, married first to l^Iiza John- | 

son, then to Miss Wort, near Hickorv ; Nancv Ann, 


born Nov. 28, 1S24, married to John Simpson, of 
Hickory, but now dead; I-:iizabeth H., born Oct. 14, 
1827, married to Jas. Smith, of Hickory, \VashinL,non 
Co., Pa., by which marriay,e had three children — Ag- 
gie. Hattie, and Robert, (Aggie married Ja.s. Miller, of 
Allegheny City, Pa., Hattie li\e.s with her parents 
near Hickory, Pa., Robert married Mis.s Kmma Cow- 
den); Amelia, born Aug. 30, 1829, married John 
McNary, near Canonsburg. Pa., having by this mar- 
riage four children, viz : P^merson, li^lmer, and Aggie 
living, and Samuel who, with the mother is now dead. 
William McCllll.and, son of James McClelland. 
Sr., was married to Elizabeth Valandinghatii, a daugh- 
ter of George and Elizabeth Valandingham, and a 
native of Maryland. She died May 24, 1850, in the 
sixty-eighth year of her age. He was a soldier in the 
war of 18 1 2, and died in 18 14. By this marriage had 
six children, as follows: Jane, Ann and Robert, de- 
ceased. James left home at the age of sixteen years, 
and it is not known whether he is now living. P'liza- 
beth was married to John Dayton and afterwards 
moved to Kentucky. Clement V. was born in 1810 
and was married to Lydia Ann Jordan. He died Sept. 
16, 187 1. They had four children — three daughters 
and one son. Their names are: Ann P^., Maretta, 
Mattie, and Crant. They are li\ing in Noblestown, 
Allegheny Co., Pa. Ann McClelland was married to 


Andrew Russell, Jr., son of Andrew Russell, Sr. A 
full account of this marriage can be found in the first 
part of this record. 

Isabel Mayes, wife of Andrew Russell, Sr., had a 
.sister called 

Marg.xrkt M.wes, who married Jas. McKlroy, Sr. 
They were natives of Ireland and came to the United 
States when he was twenty-one years old By this 
marriage had three son.s — John, Alexander, and James. 

John McEi.rov was born in 1770 and was married 
to Mary Duncaii, b\' whom he had eleven children. 
Their names were: Margaret. James, Susannah, Alex- 
ander, Ellen, Mary. John, Eliza, Ebenezer, Tabitha, 
and Jane. 

Marg.-\ret McElrov, the eldest, was married to 
John Smith. Died June 6, 1840, at the age of forty- 
eight years. 

James McElrov was married to Mary Smith, sister 
of Margaret's husband, by whom he had twelve chil- 
dren, viz : John, Mary, Margaret, Harriet, Lucinda, 
James, Alexander, Smith. Rebecca, Selena, Lavinia, 
and Ebenezer. 

Mary McEi.roy, daughter of James McElioy. Jr., 
married William McKever, by whom she had five 
children, viz : Thomas, James, Birney, Alexander, and 




\ John McKi.rov, the eldest son of James McKIroy. 

\ married Margaret Steel, by whom lie had four chil- 

■ dren, viz : Jennie, James, Charles, and l^li/.abcth. 

( Mak(;aket McKi.kov was married to David McClay, 

\ by whom she had five children, 

i ^ 

I Hakkiet jMcKi.kov was married to A. \V. Allison. 

I by whom she had six children. 

; I.uciXDA McI'Lt.kov married John Christy and was 

j the mother of six children. 

i James McIu.rov was married to Jane Dau^herty, 

by which marriage he had four children. 

Alexander McKi.rov was married to Melisse Vas- 
binder, and by this marriage had eight children. 

Smith McKlruv was married to Kmma Critchfield. 
Rebecca McElrov was married to Thomas Lane 
and had ten children. 

Selina McElrov, married to William Dodds, was 
the mother of five children. 

Lavinia McElrov was married to Basil Williams 
and by this marriage had four children. 

Ebenezer Mc1u.rov was married to Agnes Camp- 
bell, granddaughter of Alexander Campbell, the 
founder of the Campbellite Church. 

Susannah McIu.kov, third child of John McT^lroy, 
Sr. (son of James Mcl^lro}-, Sr.), was born Nov. 15, 
1796, and was married to Jacob Osborne. H\- this 


marriage had four children, viz: Alexander, Mary, 
James, and Jacob. Alex, and James died when young. 

Marv Osi-.oknk was married to Joseph Dawson, by 
whom she had six children, viz: George, Ciarinda, 
Lewis, Ella, John, and Charles. Lewis and John are 

Jacob O-^hokne was married to Jane Critchfield and 
by this marriage liad two children. Was married a 
second time by which he had two children. 

Alexander McElkov, fourth son of the subject of 
this memoir, was married to Jane McDowell, and by 
this marriage had six children, namely : Joannes, John, 
Alexander, William, Joseph, and Mary. Alex, and 
Mary died when young. James was married to Mary 
Cundall. John married Lizzie Farrer (both are now 
dead). William was married to Nancy Buchanan. 
Dr. Joseph was married to Maggie Brown, near 

Ellen McElkov was married to James Canon, 
nephew of the founder of Canonsburg; by this mar- 
riage had two children, namely : John and Mary. John 
died when young. 

Marv McElrov, daughter of John McElroy, mar- 
ried George Drake, of Knox County, Ohio, and by 
this marriage had two children ; Sarah, (-who is now 
dead), and Lizzie. 


John McKlrov was married to Mary Cassel. oldest 
daughter of John Cassel, Sr., of Knox County, Ohio. 
They had nine children, namely : Tabitha, John, first, 
(deceased), Nancy Jane, John, second, Mary, James, 
Margaret Ellen, Lucinda and Juliette. 

Tabitha was married to P. Critchfield. had two 
children, viz; John M., and Mary I. 

Nancy Jank was married to M. Critchfield by whom 
she had three children, viz ; l^tta, Dora and IClmer. 

John was married to Mary Ann Dagmire, and had 
two children, Rurges and Jennie. 

Mary was niarried to George Critchfield, they had 
two sons, namely, Barton M., and James R. 

James was married to Frances Mast, had one son. 
William Lincoln. 

MAKCiARET E., was married to R. Critchfield ; they 
had two children. 

Lucinda died when young. 

Juliette was married to Hiram Magers ; by this 
marriage had four children — namely : Dell Ra}', Polly, 
Bessie and Dorsee. 

Eliza, the eighth child of John McElroy, son of Jas. 
McElroy, Sr., was manied to Alexander Vincent, and 
was the mother of six children, viz: Alexander, ALiry 
Jane, Martha, Selena, Amanda and Jay. 

Alexander Vincent, Jr., married IVLary Jane Bu- 


chanan ; by this marriage had six cliildren — namely : 
Jennie, Alice, Elizabeth, Amanda, Judson and Mark. 

Mary Jam: Vinxent was married to Alex. Cassel ; 
they had two children, viz : Austin A. and William R. 

Martha Vincent was married to Wil.son Critch- 

field, by whom she had four children — namely : Fre- j 

mont, Flora, Lorine and Alice. 

Selina Vincent was married to Elias Pealer ; by i 

this marriage had five children — viz: Vincent, hVank. ; 

who is dead ; Walter, Barker, and I^lia, who is also j 

dead. j 

Amanda Vincent was married to C. E. Critchfield ; ; 

they had by this marriage two children — namely : j 
Charles and Nelly. 

Jay Vincent is married and has two children. • 



Ebenezer McElroy was married and is the father 
of five children — viz: Mary Ann, Thomas, Harriet, 
John and Sarah Jane. 

Mary Ann' McElroy, married James Buchanan and 
is the mother of three children, viz : James, Selina, and 

Harriet McElroy was married to David McGugan, 
and is the mother of six children, viz: William, George, 
Lizzie, Mary, hVank and Walter. 

Thomas McI'^lkoy was married to Elmira Schremp- 


lin ; by this niarria<^c had two daughters, viz: Cora 

and Eva. 

Sarah Jane AIcKi.kov was married to Smith Bu- 
chanan, who died during the late war. She was mar- 
ried the second time to George Burris. 

Tabitha McKi-Roy, the tenth child of John McKl- 
roy, was married to James Graham ; by this marriage 
had four children, viz : John, Alexander, James B., and 

John Graham was married to Louisa Shrimplin; 
they had two children, viz: Pardee and John. 

Alexander Graham was married to Anna Cake; 
had one child, Laura. 

James B. Graham was married to Jennie Taylor ; 
by this marriage had one child, George. 

Jane Graham was married to Lyman Ellis : they 
had one child, Edna. 

Jane McElrov, the eleventh child of John McElroy, 
was married to Abram Drake ; by this -marriage had 
one son, Alexander. 

Alexander Drake was married to Elizabeth 
Shrimplin; by this marriage had four children. 

The foregoing is a biographical sketch of James Mc- 
Elroy, Sr., and ^hirgaret, his wife, and his oldest son, 


Alexander McIu.kov, second son of James McEl- 
roy, Sr., was twice married. By his first marriac^e liad 
one daughter, Mart^aret. Married second time to Nan- 
cy White, and by this marriage had three children — 
one son and two daughters — viz : EHza Ann, Nancy 
Jane and James. 

Eliza Ann McElkov was married to Joseph Ray, 
and by this marriage had three children — two sons and 
one daughter. 

Nancy Jane McElrov was married to James Cotton, 
(who is now dead), and by this marriage had a large 

James McElrov was married to Elizabeth Campbell, 
and by this marriage had seven children — six daughters 
and one son. 

James McElrov, Jr., third son of Jc^mes McTLlroy, 
received a collcgeiate education at Baltimore, Md., 
where he attended. Ale.\. May, cousin of James 
McElroy, was president of the institution. He was 
married to Mary Mitchell, and by this marriage had 
six children, viz: James, Joseph, John, Martha, Jane, 
and Elizabeth. 

James McElrov, son of James McPLlroy, Jr., was 
married to Sarah McCauslin, and by this marriage 
had five children — two sons and three daughters. 

Joseph McE.lkc^v was married to Maria Lee, daugh- 


ter of James and Ruth Lee. By this marriage had 
five children — two sons and tliree daughters. 

John McMlkov was married to Keziah Lawes, by 
whom he had three sons. 

Martha McElrov, eldest daughter of James and 
Mary MclCh-o)-, was married to Madison Gladden, by 
whom she had si.x children — three sons and three 

Jane McElroy, second daughter of James and 
Mary, was married to Cntus Cunningiiam, by whom 
she had eight children — two sons and six daughters. 

Elizabeth McElrov, youngest daughter of James 
and Mary, was married to James Russell, grandson of 
Andrew Russell. Sr. By this marriage, as before stat- 
ed, had four children — two sons and two daughters. 


Children of Andrew Russell, Sr.. - - - lo 
Grandchildren, ------ 73 

Great-grandchildren, ----- 222 

Andrew Russell, Sr.'s wife, Isabel Mayes, had one 
sister, Margaret Mayes. They had several brothers 
who at one time lived near Venice, Washington Co., 
Pa. A daughter of one of the brothers married a 
David Reed and had several children, namely : John 
Reed, l''.sq., Alexander, James (jeweler, Pittsburg, Pa.), 


and Joseph. One sister of tlie above married George 
Murray, who was elected a ruling elder in Chartiers 
U. P. Church, in Dr. Ramsey's time. They had four 
sons and four daughters. The youngest son of George 
Murray, Sr., married a Miss I'Llizabeth Calahan. They ; 

had two children — a son, the Rev. G. R. Murray, and a ' 

daughter who married Dr. Hodgcns who served a time ! 

in the late war and was wounded, the ball remaining j 

in the body until death. His widow married J. M. \ 

Thomas, of Thomas' Station, B. & O. R. R. 

The following is a brief sketch of Ann McClelland- { 

who married Andrew Russell, Jr., and her relatives. j 

Her mother's maiden name was Guthrie. Ann was j 

born in the year 17S1. She was married in 1801, and | 

was the mother of thirteen children. Her father's and j 

mother's names were James and Jane McClelland. 
Their descendants were very numerous, Ann ha\ing i 

two sisters, (Ann, Nancy Patty), and three brothers, | 

(Robert who served one term as sheriff of Washing- 
ton County, William, and James). Jane McClelland | 
Sr., lived near Hickor\'. The husband was a farmer | 
by trade. The said Jane Guthrie McClelland had five j 
sons, and seven daughters. Their names were : Jos- j 
eph Guthrie, Robert, William, John, and James (emi- ' | 
grated from Scotland in the year 1779, all dead); | 
Jane, married James McClelland, Sr. ; Isabel, married 


Thomas McCall, a school teacher; Martha, married 
John Lindsey, and two i^irls married members of the 
McCagc family. 

The foregoing record illustrates the providence of 
God, who "setteth the solitary in families. " If the his- 
tory of each family was fully traced out, it would 
doubtless illustrate also the truth that the God of prov- 
idence is the covenant God of believers in Jesus Christ, 
and that " His mercy which is from everlasting to ever- 
lasting, is upon them that fear him, and his righteous- 
ness unto children's children to such as keep his cov- 
enant, and to those that remember his commandments 
to do them." 

May those into whose hands it comes have grace 
given them to be thankful for their present privileges 
and to account it their wisdom and dut\- to be faithful 
to the obligations that rest on them as the descendants 
of Godly ancestors. 

Alexander Russell, the writer of the foregoing rec- 
ord, died at Magnetic Springs, Union County, Ohio, 
Sept. 29, 1886, in the seventieth year of his age. 

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