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ftc/V JLY isM I 






Class ~r< 






Based upon material contained in the Wisconsin 
Historical Library 

Compiled by 



MAY, 1911 



Copyright, 1911 

(in behalf of the State of Wisconsin) 

Opinions or errors of fact on the part of the respective authors of the Commission s 
publications (whether Reprints or Original Narratives) have not been modified or 
corrected by the Commission. For all statements, of whatever|character, the Author 
alone is responsible 




I. State Publications: 

Adjutant General .... 1 

Governor s Message ... 2 

Quartermaster General ... 2 

Surgeon General .... 2 

Secretary of State .... 2 
Shiloh Monument Commission 
History Commission 

Soldiers Orphans Home . . 5 

Wisconsin Veterans Home . . 5 
II. Military Organizations: 

Grand Army of the Republic . 6 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion 8 

Soldiers Aid Society . . . 12 

III. General Histories . 13 




IV. Regimental Histories and Reunions: 

First Artillery .... 14 

First Cavalry . . . . 14 

First Infantry . . . . 14 

Second Infantry . . . . 14 

Third Artillery . . . . 15 

Third Infantry . . . . 15 

Fourth Cavalry . . . . 16 

Fifth Infantry . . . . 16 

Sixth Artillery . . . . 17 

Sixth Infantry . . . . 17 

Eighth Infantry . . . . 18 

Tenth Infantry . . . . 19 

Eleventh Infantry . . . . 19 

Twelfth Infantry . . . . 19 

Thirteenth Infantry ... 20 

Fourteenth Infantry . . . 21 

Fifteenth Infantry .... 22 

Sixteenth Infantry .... 22 

Twenty-first Infantry ... 23 

Twenty-second Infantry ... 23 

Twenty-third Infantry ... 24 

Twenty-fourth Infantry ... 24 




Twenty-fifth Infantry ... 24 

Twenty-eighth Infantry . . 25 

Twenty-ninth Infantry ... 25 

Thirtieth Infantry ... 26 

Thirty-second Infantry . . . 26 

Thirty-sixth Infantry . . . 27 

Thirty-seventy Infantry . . . 27 

Thirty-eighth Infantry . . . 27 

Fortieth Infantry . . . . 27 

Forty-third Infantry . . . 28 

V. iMiscellaneous 29 

Scrap-books . . . . . 32 


[ vii 


(Organized under the provisions of Chapter 298, 
Laws of 1905, as amended by Chapter 378, 
Laws of 1907 and Chapter 445, Laws of 


Governor of Wisconsin 


Representing Department of Wisconsin, Grand 
Army of the Republic 


Superintendent of the State Historical Society of 


Professor of American History in the University of 


Secretary of the Wisconsin Library Commission 

Secretary and Editor, COMMISSIONER THWAITES 
Committee on Publications, COMMISSIONERS THWAITES 


Bibliography of Wisconsin in the War of Secession 

I. State Publications 

Adjutant General 

Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of Wis 
consin, 1861-70. Madison, 1861-1870. 10 v. O. 

These contain rosters and historical sketches of the various Wisconsin 
regiments, lists of killed and wounded, rolls of honor, statistics 
of enrollment, etc. 

Annual report, Dec. 30, 1861. 63 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1862. 208 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1863: 337 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1864. 469 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 30, 1865. 1058 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 30, 1865. (2nd edition. ) 1268 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1866. 8 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1867. 147 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1868. 34 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1869. 124 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1870. 84 p. 

The military law of the State of Wisconsin. Passed at the ses 
sion of the legislature of 1863. Madison, 1863. 24 p. O. 

Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861- 
1865. Compiled by authority of the legislature under the 
direction of Jeremiah M. Rusk, Governor, and Chandler P. 
Chapman, Adjutant General. Madison, 1886. 2 v. O. 

Vol. 1. Cavalry and Artillery. 1st to 15th Regts. Infantry, vii, 

829 p. 
Vol. 2. 16th and 53d Regts. Infantry. Miscellaneous. 979 p. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Governor s Message 

Annual message of the Governor, 1860-1866. Madison, 1860-66. 
7 pm. O. 

Contains comments on the Civil War, slavery, organization of the 
militia, and other military matters. 

Annual message of Alexander W. Randall, Jan. 12, 1860. 27 p. 
Annual message of Alexander W. Randall, Jan. 10, 1861. 25 p. 
Annual message of Louis P. Harvey, Jan. 8, 1862. 23 p. 
Annual message of Edward Salomon, Jan. 15, 1863. 25 p. 
Annual message of James T. Lewis, Jan. 14, 1864. 13 p. 
Annual message of James T. Lewis, Jan. 12, 1865. 20 p. 
Annual message of Lucius Fairchild, Jan. 11, 1866. 34 p. 

Quartermaster General 

Report of the Quartermaster-General, 1862-1865. Madison. 1862- 
65. 4 pm. O. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1862. 7 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1863. 31 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1864. 37 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1865. 29 p. 

Surgeon General 

Annual report of the Surgeon-General of the State of Wisconsin, 
1862-1865. Madison, 1862-65. 4 pm. O. 

Annual report, Feb. 27, 1863 [for 1862]. 8 p. 
Annual report, Dec. 31, 1863. 14 p. 
Annual report, Dec. 31, 1864. 13 p. 
Annual report, Sept. 30, 1865. 26 p. 

In Governor s Message and Documents for 1862 to 1865, respectively. 
No more published. 

Secretary of State 

List of persons, residents of the State of Wisconsin, reported as 
deserters from the military or naval service of the United 
States. Madison, 1867. 214 p. O. 

Same (revised edition). Madison, 1868. 216 p. O. 

Published by the Secretary of State, in accordance with the provisions, 
of chapter 57, laws of 1867. 


War of Secession 

Alphabetical list of the soldiers and sailors of the late war resid 
ing in the State of Wisconsin, June 20, 1885. Reprinted 
from the census enumeration, compiled by the Secretary of 
State under chapter 161, laws of 1885. Madison, 1886. 
387 p. O. 

Wisconsin census enumeration, 1895. Names of ex-soldiers and 
sailors residing in Wisconsin, June 20, 1895. Compiled from 
the returns made by the county clerks to the Secretary of 
State, as provided for by chapter 161, laws of 1885. Alpha 
betically arranged. Madison, 1896. xii, 363 p. O. 

Wisconsin census enumeration, 1905. Names of ex-soldiers and 
sailors residing in Wisconsin, June 1, 1905. Compiled from 
the returns made by the county clerks to the Secretary of 
State, as provided by chapter 45, Revised Statutes, 1898. 
Alphabetically arranged. Madison, 1906. x,245p. O. 

Shiloh Monument Commission 

Wisconsin at Shiloh. Report of the Commission. Compiled by 
Capt. F. H. Magdeburg. Issued by Wisconsin Shiloh Monu 
ment Commission, 1909. [Milwaukee.] 255 p. O. 
With portraits, maps, and illustrations. 

History Commission 

Wisconsin in the Civil War. Report of the "Commission for the 
purpose of devising a plan to provide for the preparation of 
the history of the Wisconsin soldiers in the civil war," acting 
under the provisions of chapter 298, laws of 1905. Madison, 
1907. 9 p. O. 

Second biennial report. 1909. 5 p. O. 

Original papers 

1. A view of the Vicksburg campaign. A paper read before the 
Madison literary club, October 14, 1907. By William Free 
man Vilas, Lieutenant-Colonel of Twenty-third Wisconsin; 

Bibliography of Wisconsin 

-volunteer infantry. [Madison], Wisconsin History Commis 
sion, August, 1908. xii, 104 p. O. 

With map and portrait of the author, and "Selected bibliography of 
the Vicksburg campaign" by Minnie Myrtle Oakley. 

2. Capture and escape; a narrative of army and prison life. By 

John Azor Kellogg, Colonel of Sixth Wisconsin volunteer 
infantry and Brevet Brigadier-General. [Madison], Wiscon 
sin History Commission, November, 1908. xvi, 201 p. O. 
With portrait of author. 

3. Three Wisconsin Cushings. A sketch of the lives of Howard 

B., Alonzo H., and William B. Gushing, children of a pio 
neer family of Waukesha County. By Theron Wilber 
Haight, Private, Corporal, First Sergeant, Second and First 
Lieutenant, U. S. V., in the war between the states. [Madi 
son], Wisconsin History Commission, April, 1910. xiv, 
109 p. G. 
With portraits and illustrations. 

4. The Chattanooga campaign; with especial reference to Wiscon 

sin s participation therein. By Michael Hendrick Fitch, Lieu 
tenant-Colonel of Twenty-first Wisconsin infantry. [Madi 
son], Wisconsin History Commission, March, 1911. xiii, 
255 p. G. 
With six maps. 


1. The Battle of Gettysburg. By Frank Aretas Haskell, aide-de 
camp to General John Gibbon, and Colonel of Thirty-sixth 
Wisconsin infantry. [Madison], Wisconsin History Commis 
sion, November, 1908. xxiii, 185 p. G. 
With portrait of author and two maps. 

Same, second edition. April, 1910. xxviii, 192 p. G. 


1. Get. 30, 1909. [Laws relating to, and the work of the com 

mission.] 8 p. T. 

2. March 16, 1910. Inquiry concerning the part taken by women. 

6 p. T. 


War of Secession 

Soldiers Orphans Home 

Annual report of the board of trustees of the Soldiers Orphans 
Home, 1865-66 to 1880-81, 1894. Madison, 1866-82, 1894. 
1 7 pm. O. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 18C6. 24 p. 

Annual report, Sept, 30, 1867. 32 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1868. 38 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1869. 31 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1870. 50 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1871. 35 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1872. 58 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1873. 38 p. 

Annual report, . Sept. 30, 1874. 21 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1875. 18 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1876. 10 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1877. 15 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1878. 18 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1879. 20 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1880. 20 p. 

Annual report, Sept. 30, 1881. 18 p. 

Final report, 1894. 25 p. 

Wisconsin Veterans Home 

Annual report of the board of trustees, Wisconsin Veterans Home, 
1895, 1897 to 1909. 14 pm. O. 

With portraits and illustrations of the Home. Reports prior to 1897 
are included in the Annual Proceedings of the Department of Wis 
consin, Grand Army of the Republic. 

Annual report, May 22-23, 1895. 30 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1897. 49 p. 

Annual report, Dec, 31, 1898. 62 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1899. 78 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1900. 32 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1901. 45 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1902. 39 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1903. 54 p. 

Annual report, Dec. 31, 1904. 40 p. 

18th annual report, Dec. 31, 1905. 47, 33 p. 

19th annual report, Dec. 31, 1906. 46 p. 

20th annual report, Dec. 31, 1907. 35 p. 

21st annual report, Dec. 31, 1908. 42 p. 

22nd annual report, Dec. 31, 1909. 47 p. 

Bibliography of Wisconsin -jg^g 

II. Military Organizations 

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Wisconsin 
Proceeding s of the annual encampments, Department of Wiscon 
sin, Grand Army of the Republic, 17th to 44th, 1883-1910. 
28 v. O. 

The proceedings of the 1st to 16th sessions (1867 to 1882) were not pub 
lished. Proceedings subsequent to 1893 contain portraits of the 
officers of the department. 

Seventeenth annual session, Portage, Jan. 23, 1883. 32 p. 
Eighteenth annual encampment, Janesville, Jan. 23-24, 1884. 36 p. 
Nineteenth annual encampment, Madison, Jan. 22-23, 1885. 48 p. 
Twentieth annual encampment, Milwaukee, Feb. 3-4, 1S86. 74 p. 
Twenty-first annual encampment, Milwaukee, Feb. 15-16, 1887. 112 p. 
Twenty-second annual encampment, Milwaukee, Feb. 15-16, 1888. 

171 p. 
Twenty-third annual encampment, Milwaukee, Feb. 20-21, 1889. 

147 p. 
Twenty-fourth annual encampment, Milwaukee, March 18-19, 1890. 

184 p. 
Twenty-fifth annual encampment, Oshkosh, March 10-11, 1891. 

162 p. 

Twenty-sixth annual encampment, Madison, March 9-10, 1892. 156 p. 
Twenty-seventh annual encampment, La Crosse, March 8-9, 1893. 

213 p. 
Twenty-eighth annual encampment, Janesville, April 25-26, 1894. 

256 p. 

Twenty-ninth annual encampment, Green Bay, May 22-23, 1895. 248 p. 
Thirtieth annual encampment, Racine, May 20-21, 1896. 211 p. 
Thirty-first annual encampment, Eau Claire, May 19-20, 1897. 204 p. 
Thirty-second annual encampment, Appleton, May 25-26, 1898. 169 p. 
Thirty-third annual encampment, Milwaukee, May 17-18, 1899. 127 p. 
Thirty-fourth annual encampment, West Superior, June 20-21, 1900. 

160, 78 p. 
Thirty-fifth annual encampment, Sheboygan, June 19-20, 1901. 122, 

32 p. 
Thirty-sixth annual encampment, Stevens Point, June 11-12, 1902. 

136 p. 
Thirty-seventh annual encampment, Chippewa Falls, June 9-10, 1903. 

163, 39 p. 
Thirty-eighth annual encampment, Madison, June 15-16, 1904. 192, 

54 p. 


War f Secession 

Thirty-ninth annual encampment, La Orosse, June 13-14, 1905. 176, 

40 p. 

Fortieth annual encampment, Marinette, June 12-13, 1900. 170 p. 
Forty-first annual encampment, Oshkosh, June 3-6, 1907. 174, 46 p. 
Forty-second annual encampment, Racine, June 16-17, 1908. 174, 39 p. 
Forty-third annual encampment, Eau Claire, June 15-16, 1909. 183, 

42 p. 
Forty-fourth annual encampment, Fond du Lac, June 7-8, 1910. 160, 

47 p. 

Roster, Department of Wisconsin, G. A. R., 1884-89. 6 pm. S. 

Roster, Department of Wisconsin, Grand Army of the Republic, 
March 1, 1907. Madison, [1907]. 36 p. ob. T l . 

Same, May 1, 1908. 36 p. ob. T l . 

School histories. Reports and resolutions adopted by the depart 
ment encampment of Wisconsin, G. A. R., at its twenty- 
second annual meeting in Milwaukee, February 15th and 16th, 
1888. Milwaukee, 1888. 10 p. O. 

History and roster E. B. Wolcott Post, No. 1, Department of 
Wisconsin, Grand Army of the Republic. June 1st, 1892. 
Portraits. 42, [2] p. S. 

Patriotic instruction in schools. Report of patriotic instructor. 
H. W. Rood, Department of Wisconsin, G. A. R. [Madi 
son, 1907.] lip. O. 

Same, 1908. 12 p. O. 
Same, 1909. 13 p. O. 
Same, 1910. 13 p. O. 

Woman s Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of 
the Republic, Department of Wisconsin 

Proceedings of the annual conventions, 2d, 4th to 27th, 1886 to 
1910. 25pm. O. 

Proceedings of the first convention were not published. 
Second annual convention, Milwaukee, Feb. 3-4, 1886. 30 p. 
Fourth annual convention, Milwaukee, Feb. 15-16, 1887. 78 p. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Fifth annual convention, Milwaukee, Feb. 15-16, 1888. 105 p. 
Sixth annual convention, Milwaukee, Feb. 20-21, 1889. 92 p. 
Seventh annual convention, Milwaukee, March 18-19, 1890. 131 p. 
Eighth annual convention, Oshkosh, March 11-12, 1891. 141 p. 
Ninth annual convention, Madison, March 9-10, 1892. 159 p. 
Tenth annual convention, La Orosse, March 8-9, 1893. 113 p. 
Eleventh annual convention, Janesville, April 25-26, 1894. 100 p. 
Twelfth annual convention, Green Bay, May 22-23, 1895. 108 p. 
Thirteenth annual convention, Racine, May 20-21, 1896. 86 p. 
Fourteenth annual convention, Eau Claire, May 19-20, 1897. 103 p. 
Fifteenth annual convention, Appleton, May 25-26, 1898. 172 p. 
Sixteenth annual convention, Milwaukee, May 17-18, 1899. 83 p. 
Seventeenth annual convention, West Superior, June 20-21, 1900. 179 p. 
Eighteenth annual convention, Sheboygan, June 19-20, 1901. 174 p. 
Nineteenth annual convention, Stevens Point. June 11-12, 1902. 168 p. 
Twentieth annual convention, Chippewa Falls, June 9-10, 1903. 127, 

(2) p. 

Twenty-first annual convention, Madison, June 15-16, 1904. 132 p. 
Twenty-second annual convention, La Crosse, June 13-14, 1905. 147 p. 
Twenty-third annual convention, Marinette, June 12-13, 1906. 132, 


Twenty-fourth annual convention, Oshkosh, June 3-6, 1907. 163 (1) p. 
Twenty-fifth annual convention, Racine, June 16-17, 1908. 122 p. 
Twenty-sixth annual convention, Eau Claire, June 15-16, 1909. 135 p. 
Twenty-seventh annual convention, Fond du Lac, June 7-8, 1910. 

127 p. 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Wisconsin 

War papers read before the Commandery of the State of Wiscon 
sin, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. 
Published under direction of the Commandery. Volume 1. 
Milwaukee, 1891. 466 p. O. 


The assault on Fort Wagner. By Garth W. James, pp. 9-30. 
Reminiscenses of the old army forty years ago. By C. S. Hamilton. 

pp. 31-46. 

The campaign of New Mexico, 1862. By Joseph McC. Bell. pp. 47-71. 
The volunteer soldier in relation to the progress of civilization. By 

Walter Kempster. pp. 72-84. 
Assaulton the lines of Petersburg, April 2, 1865. By Charles H. Anson. 

pp. 85-98. 

Nothing to say. By Joseph W. Sanderson, pp. 99-105. 
Personal reminiscences of the war. By John W. Barlow, pp. 106-119 

War f Secession 

The Mine Run movement. By John L. Hathaway, pp. 120-124. 

The eagles and stars, Wisconsin. By ,1. A. Watrous. pp. 125-139. 

The National Home, By John L. Mitchell, pp. 140-148. 

Old memories. By Charles H. Ross. pp. 149-163. 

The Negro in the late war. By George E. Sutherland, pp. 164-188. 

Missionary Ridge. By E. B. Parsons, pp. 189-200. 

With Kilpatrick around Atlanta. By George I. Robinson, pp. 201-227. 

Battle of Franklin. By Fred W. Byers. pp. 228-240. 

General Robert E. Lee. By Charles H. Anson. pp. 241-250. 

George Crook. By Charles King. pp. 251-269. 

General Philip H. Sheridan; recollections of Sheridan as a cadet. By 

John L. Hathaway, pp. 270-274. 
Sheridan. By Edwin B. Parsons, pp. 275-284. 
Service with Sheridan. By Charles C. MacConnell. pp. 285-293. 
Major General Winfield S. Hancock. Memorial meeting, March 3, 1886. 

pp. 294-307. 

The Army of the Tennessee. By Georg-e H. Heafford. pp. 308-323. 
How I came to be in the army, and General E. A. Paine s plan of fed 
eral salvation. By Willis Danforth. pp. 324-339. 
The Union cavalry. By Moses Harris, pp. 340-373. 
The Second Wisconsin at the first battle of Bull Run. By Thomas S. 

Allen, pp. 374-393. 

Libby Prison the escape. By Harrison C. Hobart. pp. 394-409. 
Battle of the Wilderness, and death of General Wadsworth. By Robert 

Monteith. pp. 410-415. 
Among the pontoons at Fitzhugh Crossing. By Theron W. Haight. 

pp. 416-423. 
The Army of the Cumberland under Buell. By Edward Ferguson. 

pp. 424-432 

Our third-class companions. By Lucius Fairchild. pp. 433-443. 
Obituary tributes. Major General W. S. Hancock, Gen. Philip H. 

Sheridan, Gen. W. T. Sherman, pp. 445-453. 

War papers read before the commandery of the State of Wisconsin, 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. 
Published under direction of the Commandery. Volume II. 
Milwaukee, 1896. viii,455 p. O. 

Life and services of General William Tecumseh Sherman. By F. H. 
Magdeburg, pp. 1-51. 

The first Vicksburg expedition, and the battle of Baton Rouge, 1862. 
By G. Mott Williams, pp. 52-69. 

The development of our armies. By G. W. Burnell. pp. 70-80. 

The Loyal Legion. By A. Ross Houston, pp. 81-86. 

In the immediate rear; experiences and observations of a field sur 
geon. By Almon Clarke, pp. 87-101. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Experiences with the Ninth brigade, Rousseau s division, Army of 

Ohio. By Solon Marks, pp. 102-109. 
Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, as commanders-in-chief. By 

George E. Sutherland, pp. 110-136. 
A reminiscence. By H. B. Jackson, pp. 137-144. 
Early war days in Missouri. By Charles Morton, pp. 145-158. 
War questions in the supreme court of Wisconsin. ByF. C. Winkler. 

pp. 159-172. 

The Wisconsin cavalry regiments. By E. A. Calkins, pp. 173-193. 
The women of the North, 1861-1865. By P. H. Magdeburg, pp. 194- 


Boys of the Loyal Legion. By Charles King. pp. 201-206. 
Reminiscences of the battle of Gettysburg. By Cornelius Wheeler. 

pp. 207-220. 
The signal corps of the army during the Rebellion. By W. W. Row 

ley. pp. 221-229. 

The battle of Gettysburg. By Edwin E. Bryant, pp. 231-275. 
Some reminiscences of the First New York (Lincoln) cavalry. By W. 

H. Beach, pp. 276-302. 

Mosby and his men. By J. A. Watrous. pp. 303-307. 
In and out of the Wisconsin adjutant-general s office, 1862-66. By 

Augustus Gaylord. pp. 308-330. 
The old army. By Moses Harris, pp. 331-334. 
King s division: Fredericksburg to Manassas; an episode of Pope s 

Virginia campaign. By Theron W. Haight. pp. 345-356. 
Gainesville, Groveton, and Bull Run. By Theron W. Haight. pp. 357- 

Abraham Lincoln. Memorial meeting, Feb. 6, 1895. Addresses of 

Samuel Fallows and W. D. Hoard, pp. 373-384. 

Experiences at the battle of Stone River. Solon Marks, pp. 385-398. 
The armies of other countries. By Walter Kempster. pp. 399-429. 
Our soldiers as citizens. By William Ruger. pp. 430-437. 
Chickamauga. By E. B. Parsons, pp. 438-443. 

War papers read before the commandery of the State of Wiscon 
sin, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. 
Published under the direction of the Commandery. Volume 
III. Milwaukee, 1903. viii, 556 p. O. 
No more published. 


Abraham Lincoln. By Edwin E. Bryant, pp. 1-13. 

Reminiscences of the blockade off Charleston. By Robert Brand. 

pp. 14-32. 

The James River during the war. By Joseph W. Sanderson, pp. 33-40. 
The Black Hawk tragedy. By Edwin D. Coe. pp. 41-59. 
The early days of our cavalry in the army of the Potomac. By Wal 

ter Kempster. pp. 60-89. 


o^antauions! War of Secession 

1861 The First Wisconsin infantry its organization and move to the 

front. By D wight W. Keyes. pp. 90-101. 

The capture of Jefferson Davis. By Henry Harnden. pp. 102-121. 
Guarding Jefferson Davis at Fortress Monroe. By Joseph W. Sander 
son, pp. 122-124. 
A boy s recollection of our great generals. By Charles King. pp. 125- 

Abraham Lincoln his youth and early manhood. By Irving M. Bean. 

pp, 140-150. 
Abraham Lincoln as a politician and statesman. By Jerome A. Wat- 

rous. pp. 151-156. 

Lincoln s oratory. By T. W. Haight. pp 157-159. 
Lincoln, the Commander-in-chief. By Moses Harris, pp. 160-167. 
Lincoln, the man of the people. By George E. Sutherland, pp. 168- 

The Fourteenth Wisconsin infantry at the battle of Shiloh. By F. H. 

Magdeburg, pp. 176-187. 
The last week s campaign of the army of the Potomac. By Charles 

H. Anson. pp. 188-197. 
A small bo} 7 s recollection of the war time. By Horace M. Brown. 


After the first Bull Run. By Theron W. Haight. pp. 215-225. 
The Fourth Wisconsin infantry at Port Hudson. By George W. Car 
ter, pp. 226-240. 
The necessity of government control in organization of military forces 

of the states. By Moses Harris, pp. 241-248 
From the Missouri River to the Black Hills, in midwinter of 1874. 

By A. Ivins Comfort, pp. 249-258. 
Gainesville. 1862. By Charles King. pp. 259-283. 
The capture of Fort Donaldson. By F. H. Magdeburg, pp. 284-295. 
The civil and military career of General William Tecumseh Sher 
man. By John C. Freeman, pp. 296-316. 
A visit to the battlefields of Virginia. By William H. Beach, pp. 

The commandery of Wisconsin, Military Order of the Loyal Legion. 

By Irving M. Bean. pp. 335-342. 

History of the Loyal Legion. By E. A. Calkins, pp. 343-352. 
The army of 1898 and the army of 1861 a comparison. By Walter 

Kempster. pp. 353-371. 

Chaplains and chaplains. By Joseph W. Sanderson, pp. 372-376. 
Serving in the Philippines. By Lorenzo W. Cooke. pp. 377-380. 
Incidents of Sherman s march through the Carolinas. By Frank H. 

Putney, pp. 381-387. 
Our military strength a proposition. By Charles C. McClaughry. 

pp. 388-398. 
Scouting for bushwhackers in West Virginia, in 1861. By Charles H. 

Ross. pp. 399-412. 
The national guard. By Charles R. Boardman. pp. 413-422. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Lincoln the marvel. By George W. Burnell. pp. 423-435. 

A few months in a rebel prison. By Lucius I). Hinckley. pp. 436-452. 

Personal recollections of the cavalry at Chancellorsville. By Charles 

I. Wickersham. pp. 453-462. 
Reminiscences of service in the U. S. navy on the Potomac River. 

By Amos P. Poster, pp. 463-469. 

The battle hymns of nations. By Nicholas Smith, pp. 470-491. 
Proceedings at the reception and banquet tendered to Major General 

Arthur MacArthur, by the Commandery of Wisconsin, pp. 492- 

With the Fifth Wisconsin at Williamsburg. By Arthur Holbrook. 

pp. 525-545. 

Circulars. Xos. 121-476. Milwaukee, 1884-1910. O. 
Contains notices of meetings, and obituaries of members. 

Soldiers Aid Society 

Report of the Wisconsin Soldiers Aid Society, auxiliary to the 
U. S. Sanitary Commission, 1863-1865. Milwaukee, 1864- 
66. 4 pm. O. 

Annual report, Dec. 1, 1863. 20 p. 
Report for last six months, July 1, 1864. 16 p. 
Report from July 1 to Dec. 1, 1864. 28 p. 
Fifth and final report, Dec., 1865. lop. 

Report of W. Y. Selleck, militaiy state agent for Wisconsin, Jan 
uary 31, 1865, showing the operation of the Wisconsin Sol 
diers Aid Society of Washington, D. C., and the Wisconsin 
Military State Agency, since June 2, 1862, to January 31, 
1865. Washington, D. C., 1865. 16p. O. 


War t Secession 

III. General Histories 

Wisconsin in the War of the Rebellion; a history of all regiments 
and batteries the State has sent to the field, and deeds of her 
citizens, governors and other military officers, and State and 
National legislators to suppress the Rebellion. By William 
DeLoss Love. Chicago: Church and Goodman, publishers. 
Milwaukee: A. Whittemore. New York: Sheldon & Co. 
1866. Portraits, xxi, 1144 p. O. 

The military history of Wisconsin; a record of the civil and mili 
tary patriotism of the State, in the War for the Union, with 
a history of the campaigns in which Wisconsin soldiers have 
been conspicuous, regimental histories, sketches of distin 
guished officers, the roll of the illustrious dead, movements of 
the legislature and State officers, etc. By E. B. Quiner, 
Esq., of Madison, Wis. Illustrated with steel engravings of 
eminent men. Chicago: Clarke & Co., 1866. 1022 p. O. 

The Badgers in battle, from Falling Waters to Appomattox. By 
Col. Ed. E. Bryant. 

In Wisconsin Soldiers and Sailors Reunion Roster, 1880, pp. 247-258. 

Military Affairs in Wisconsin, 1861-65. By Jerome A. Watrous. 

In The Union Army (Madison, Wis., 1908), vol. 4, pp. 17-86. With 
portrait of author, and a short sketch of the services of each regi 

See also Tuttle s History of Wisconsin, 1875, pp. 375-603; Thwaites s Story 
of Wisconsin, 1890, pp. 270-329; Matteson s History of Wisconsin, 1893, 
pp. 311-415; Legler s Leading Events of Wisconsin History, 1898, pp. 244- 
279; Campbell s Wisconsin in Three Centuries, 1906, vol. 3, pp. 137-328; 
Thwaites s Wisconsin, 1908, pp. 326-370. 

For the official correspondence of the United States relating to Wiscon 
sin in the War of Secession, see General Index to Official Records of the 
Union and Confederate Armits, War of the Rebellion. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

IV. Regimental Histories and Reunions 

First Artillery 

History of the First Wisconsin Battery, Light Artillery. By Dan 
Webster and Don C. Cameron. [Washington, D. C., National 
Tribune Co.], 1907. 263,vi p. O. 
With numerous portraits. 

First Cavalry 

Cape Girardeau Eagle. Nos. 1-12, May 10-Aug. 16, 1862. Cape 
Girardeau, Mo., 1862. 12 nos. O. 

A newspaper published "under the auspices of the First Wisconsin 
Cavalry." Library lacks Nos 4-6. 

The capture of Jefferson Davis. A narrative of the part taken by 
Wisconsin troops [First Wisconsin Cavalry]. By Henry Harn- 
den, late commander of the First Wisconsin Cavalry. Madison, 

1898. 105 p. S. 
With two portraits of author. 

The First Wisconsin Cavalry at the capture of Jefferson Davis. By 
Gen. Henry Harnden. Madison, 1898. 18 p. O. 
From Wisconsin Historical Collections, vol. 14, pp. 516-532. 

First Infantry 

History of Milwaukee Light Guard. By Herbert C. Damon. Or 
ganized July 16, 1855. Milwaukee, 18*75. 319 p. O. 
Includes also the war record, the Light Guard having joined the First 
Wisconsin Regiment as Co. A., at the outbreak of the war. 

Second Infantry 

The Second Wisconsin Infantry at Gettysburg. 

In Southern Bivouac, N. S. vol. 2, 1886, p. 573. 

Echoes from the marches of the famous Iron Brigade, 1861-1865. 
Unwritten stories of that famous organization. [By Doc. 
Aubery. Milwaukee, 1900.] 67 p. D. 

With portraits and illustrations. The Iron Brigade was composed of 
the Second, Sixth, and Seventh Wisconsin Infantries, the Nine 
teenth Indiana Infantry, and the Twenty-fourth Michigan Infantry, 


Regimental! \/Vi3r OT 

Histories \ VV d.1 Ui 

Third Artillery 

Roster Third Wisconsin Battery, Light Artillery. Compiled from 
reunion at Milwaukee, August 28, 1889. 16 p. S. 

History of the services of the Third Battery, Wisconsin Light Ar 
tillery in the Civil War of the United States, 1861-1865. Com 
piled from all sources possible, but principally from members 
themselves. By H. H. G. Bradt. Berlin, [1902]. 104 p. T. 

Third Infantry 

History of the Third Regiment of Wisconsin veteran volunteer 
infantry, 1861-1865. By Edwin E. Bryant, late adjutant. 
With maps compiled by William F. Goodhue, veteran of Com 
pany C, and a complete roster of all who were members of the 
regiment. Madison: Published by the Veteran Association 
of the Regiment, 1891. Portraits. xvii,445p. O. 

An incident of the battle of Chancel lorsville. By Hon. W. C. 
Meffert, Arena, Wis. Janesville, 1908. 7 p. S. 

Story of the war-time experience of two members of the Third Wis 
consin Volunteers, Lieut. R. H. Williams and Lee McMurtrey, 
with portraits of each. 

Association of the Third Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry, veteran 
volunteers. Proceedings of annual reunions. First to 
twentieth, 1890 to 1910. 20 pm. O. 

First annual reunion, La Crosse, Oct. 16, 1890. 27 p. 

Second annual reunion, Madison, Sept. 16-17, 1891. 14 p. 

Third annual reunion, Madison, Sept. 14-15, 1892. 19 p. 

Fourth annual reunion, Milwaukee, Sept. 14, 1893. 32 p. 

Fifth annual reunion, Portage, Sept. 19-21, 1894. 53 p. 

Sixth annual reunion, Fond du Lac, Sept. 18-19, 1895. 40 p. 

Seventh annual reunion, Darlington, Sept. 2-3, 189G. 47 p. 

Eighth annual reunion, Madison, Oct. 13, 1898. 34 p. 

Ninth annual reunion, Janesville, Sept. 14-15, 1899. 18 p. 

Tenth annual reunion, Waupun, Sept. 17-18, 1900. 70 p. 

Eleventh annual reunion, Neenah, Sept. 1G, 1901. 23 p. 

Twelfth annual reunion, Fond du Lac, Sept. 16-17, 1902. 17 p. 

Thirteenth annual reunion, Janesville, Sept. 17-18, 1903. 24 p. 

Fourteenth annual reunion, Shullsburg, Sept. 15-16, 1904. 33 p. 9 

Fifteenth annual reunion, Beloit, Sept. 14-15, 1905. 25 p. 4 portraits. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Sixteenth annual reunion, Janesville, Sept. 19-20, 1906. 38 p. 8 

Seventeenth annual reunion, Waupun, Sept. 17-18, 1907. 28 p. 8 

Eighteenth annual reunion, Janesville, Sept. 16-17, 1908. 27 p. 6 

Nineteenth annual reunion, Janesville, Sept. 16-17, 1909. 16 p. 2 

Twentieth annual reunion, Lancaster, Sept. 20-21, 1910. 20 p. 1 


Some experiences of a veteran in the rear. By Captain J. W. 
Hinkley, Third Wisconsin Infantry. 

In Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Minnesota Commandery, Ser. 4, 
1898. pp. 112-123. 

Fourth Cavalry 

History and catalogue of the Fourth Regiment, Wisconsin [Cav 
alry] volunteers, from June 1861, -to March 1864. Baton 
Rouge, La. : Printed at the Gazette and Comet book and job 
office, 1864. 71 p. O. 

Fifth Infantry 

The Army of the Potomac. Behind the scenes. A diary of 
unwritten history, from the organization of the army, by 
General George B. McClellan, to the close of the campaign 
in Virginia, about the first day of January, 1863. By Alfred 
L. Castleman, surgeon of the Fifth Regiment of Wisconsin 
volunteers. Milwaukee: Published by Strickland & Co., 1863. 
288 p. D. 

Personal recollections of the American war. By Evan R. Jones, 
United States consul, Newcastle-on-Tyne (late Captain Fifth 
Regiment Wisconsin V. I., and Brevet Major). Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, 1872. 18 p. O. 

Four years in the Army of the Potomac: a soldier s recollections. 
By Major Evan R. Jones. London: The Tyne Publishing 
Co., Limited, [1882]. Map, portrait. 246 p. O. 

With the Fifth Wisconsin at Williamsburg. By Arthur Hoi- 
brook. Read May 7th, 1902, before the Commandery of 


StaS tal f War of Secession 

the State of Wisconsin, Military Order of Loyal Legion of 
the United States. [Milwaukee, 1903.] 29 p. O. 

Report of the proceedings of the annual reunion of the Fifth Wis 
consin Volunteer Infantry. Eleventh to eighteenth, 1897 

1904. 7 pm. O. 
^Eleventh and twelfth annual reunions, Eau Claire and Appleton, 1897- 

98. 11 p. 

*Thirteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, 1899. 13 p. 
Fourteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, June 27-28, 1900. 32 p. 
Fifteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, July 23-24, 1901. 52 p. 
Sixteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee : May 27-28, 1902. 46 p. 
Seventeenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, June 23, 1903. 40 p. 
Eighteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, June 17, 1904. 18 p. 
With portraits and illustrations. Proceedings not published prior to 
1897 or after 1904. * indicates that the report is not in the Library. 

Sixth Artillery 

History of the 6th Wisconsin Battery, with roster of officers and 
members; also proceedings of battery reunions, speeches, <fcc. 
[By H. S. Keene.] Lancaster, Wis., 1879. 65 p. D. 

Sixth Infantry 

Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers. By Rufus R. 
Dawes, Brevet Brigadier General, U. S. volunteers 
1890. Marietta, O.: E. R. Alderman & Sons. Portraits. 
[4], 330 p. O. 

With the Sixth Wisconsin at Gettysburg. By Rufus R. Dawes. 

In Sketches of War History, 1861-1865, Papers of Ohio Oommandery, 
M, 0. L. L. U. S., vol. 3, 1890, pp. 364-388. 

^Sketch of Company K, 6th Wisconsin Infantry. By A. A. Davis, 
n. p.. n. d. 3 p. O. 

Echoes of the Civil War as I hear them. By Michael H. Fitch. 
New York, 1905. 368 p. D. 

Record of service in the Sixth and Twenty-first Wisconsin volunteer 

History of the Sauk County riflemen, known as Company "A," 
Sixth Wisconsin veteran volunteer infantry, 1861-1865. 
2 [17] 

Bibliography of Wisconsin !gfSf e n s tal 

Written and compiled by Philip Cheek [and] Mair Pointon. 
n. p., 1909. 220 p. O. 
With portraits and illustrations. 

Eighth Infantry 

Army life and stray shots; by a staff officer of the 8th regiment 
Wis. Vols., 15th army corps, third division. Memphis: Argus 
steam book and job printing establishment, 1863. Nos. 1 
and 2. 32 p. O. 

Opening of the Mississippi; or, two years campaigning in the South- 
West. A record of the campaigns, sieges, actions, and marches 
in which the 8th Wisconsin volunteers have participated, to 
gether with correspondence, by a non commissioned officer 
[George W. Driggs], Madison: William J. Park & Co., 
1864. 149 p. O. 

The soldier bird. History of "Old Abe," the live war eagle. By 
Joseph O. Barrett. Chicago: Alfred L. Se well, 1865. 71 p. O. 

The soldier bird. "Old Abe," the live war eagle of Wisconsin, 
that served a three years campaign in the Great Rebellion. 
By J. O. Barrett. Madison: Atwood & Culver, publishers, 
1876. Map. 128 p. D. 

Old Abe, the Eighth Wisconsin war eagle. A full account of his 
capture and enlistment, exploits in war, and honorable as well 
as useful career in peace. With an appendix. By F. A. F. 
[Frank A. Flower]. Madison: Curran and Bowen, 1885. 
173 p. D. 

Reminiscences of the war. Bivouacs, marches, skirmishes, and 
battles. Extracts from letters written home from 1861 to 1865. 
By J. H. Greene. Capt. of Co. F, 8th (Eagle) Wis. Reg. 
Inft. [Medina, Ohio], 1886. 87 p. O. 

"The Eagle regiment," 8th Wis. Inf ty Vols. A sketch of its 
marches, battles and campaigns, from 1861 to 1865. With 
a complete regimental and company roster, and a few portraits 
and sketches of its officers and commanders. By a Non- 
Vet" of Co. "H" [J. M. Williams]. Belleville, 1890. 166 p. O. 


2tSrS ta1 } War of Secession 

Old Abe, the war eagle of Wisconsin. By C. Alice Baker. Deer- 
field, Mass., 1904. vi,22p. O. 
With illustration of the eagle. 

Tenth. Infantry 

Tenth Wisconsin Infantry Association, Proceedings of the annual 
reunions. Fourth to fifteenth, 1898-1910. Waupun, 1898- 
1910. 12pm. D. 

Proceedings of the first three reunions were not separately published, 
but abstracts of each are included in the proceedings of the fifth 
reunion. No reunion was held in 1900. 

Fourth annual reunion, Tom ah, July 21-22, 1898. 53 p. 
Fifth annual reunion, Black River Falls, July 25-2G, 1899. 80 p. 
Sixth annual reunion, Sparta, July 24-25, 1901. lop. 
Seventh annual reunion, Kilbourn, June 4-6, 1902. 20 p. 
Eighth annual reunion, Waupun, Sept. 2-3, 1903. 48 p. 
Ninth annual reunion, Kilbourn, Sept. 5-7, 1904. 14p. 
Tenth annual reunion, New Lisbon, July 25-27, 1905. 28 p. 
Eleventh annual reunion, Toman. Oct. 8-10, 1906. 35 p. 
Twelfth annual reunion, Warrens, Sept. 19-21, 1907. 25 p. 
Thirteenth annual reunion, Kilbourn, Sept. 15-17, 1908. 18 p. 
Fourteenth annual reunion, Waupaca, Aug. 26-27, 1909. 18 p. 
Fifteenth annual reunion, Menasha, Aug. 24-25, 1910. 16 p. 

Eleventh Infantry 

History of the llth Wisconsin veteran vol. inf., giving a reliable 
account of its marches, hardships, and battles, from its organ 
ization to October, 1864. New Orleans: Compiled and pub 
lished by James J. McMyler, 1865. 32,61, [2] p. O. 

Reunion of the Eleventh and Twenty-third Regiments of Wiscon 
sin volunteer infantry, held at Madison, Wisconsin, Septem 
ber 15 and 16, 1886, with rosters of the veterans in attend 
ance. [1886.] 40 p. O. 

See also a short account of the operations of the Eleventh Regiment, 
in Andrews s Campaign of Mobile (N. Y., 1867). O. 

Twelfth Infantry 

Story of the service of Company E, and of the Twelfth Wiscon 
sin Regiment, veteran volunteer infantry, in the War of the 
Rebellion. Beginning with September 7th, 1861, and ending 
with July 21st, 1865. Written by one of the boys [Hosea 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

W. Rood]. Milwaukee: Swain & Tate Co., printers and 
publishers, 1893. Portraits. 547 p. O. 

Reunions of the Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry, 1895-97, 1902- 
1910. 12pm. O. 

Reunions and roster, Reedsburg, July 24-25, 1895. 49 p. 

Reunion at St. Paul, Sept. 1-5, 1896. 13 p. 

Reunion at Mauston, July 5-6, 1897. 7 p. 

(Not published for 1898 to 1901) 

Reunion at Grand Rapids, June 9-11, 1902. 45 p. 

Reunion at Madison, July 21-22, 1903. 60 p. 

Joint annual reunion, Twelfth and Sixteenth regiments, Madison, 

June 14, 1904. 59 p. 

Reunion story, Madison, July 25-26, 1905. 39 p. 

Reunion story, Madison, July 24-25; Minneapolis, Aug. 14, 1906. 49 p. 
Reunion story, Madison, July 25-26, 1907. 35 p. 
Reunion story, Green Bay, Aug. 14-20, 1908. 37 p. 
Reunion story, Reedsburg, Sept. 1-2, 1909. 54 p. 
Reunion story, Sturgeon Bay, Sept. 14-15, 1910. 40 p. 

Annual reunion of Company E Association, Twelfth Wisconsin 
Infantry, 1899 to 1910. 10pm. O. 

Reunion at Delton, June 20-22, 1899. 16 p. 
Reunion at Kilbourn City, June 26-29, 1900. 35 p. 
Reunion at Delton, June 18-20, 1901. 56 p. 
Reunion at Mauston, June 24-26, 1902. 48 p. 
(No meeting held in 1903) 
Reunion at Kilbourn, Sept. 20-21, 1904. 18 p. 
Reunion at Kilbourn, Oct. 17-18, 1905. 13 p. 
Reunion story, Kilbourn, Oct. 23-24, 1906. 30 p. 
Reunion story, Kilbourn, Oct. 8-9, 1907. 28 p. 
Reunion story, Reedsburg, Sept. 2-3, 1908. 16 p. 
(Reunion story for 1909, not separately printed.) 
Reunion story, Kilbourn, Sept. 7-8, 1910. 22 p. 

Thirteenth Infantry 

From youth to age; adventures in a varied life. By D. B. Love- 
joy. Chicago: The American Authors Protective Publishing 
Company, [18.94]. Portrait. 2V2p. D. 

Includes history of the Thirteenth Wisconsin volunteer infantry, 
1861-1865, pp. 90-161. 

Reminiscences of the Civil War. Compiled from the war cor 
respondence of Colonel William P. Lyon, and from personal 


iguSS tal f War of Secession 

letters and diary, by Mrs. Adelia C. Lyon. Published by 
William P. Lyon, Jr., 1907. [6], 274 p. O. 

With four portraits of Judge and Mrs. Lyon. Judge Lyon was captain 
of Company K, Eighth Regiment of Wisconsin volunteers, from 
Oct. 1861 to Aug. 1862, and colonel of the Thirteenth Regiment 
of Wisconsin volunteers from the latter date to the close of the 
war. The reminiscences cover the experiences of these two regi 
ments while he was connected with them. 

Fourteenth Infantry 

War pictures. Experiences and observations of a chaplain in the 
U. S. Army, in the War of the Southern Rebellion. By Rev. 
J. B. Rogers, Chaplain of the Fourteenth Wisconsin Vols. 
Chicago: Church & Goodman, 1863. 258 p. D. 

Worden s battalion. Paper read by Capt. F. H. Magdeburg at 
the first annual reunion of the Fourteenth Wisconsin Veteran 
Vol. Infantry, held at Fond du Lac, June 16-17, 1886. 
Milwaukee. 12 p. O. 

The Fourteenth Wisconsin Vet. Vol. Infantry (General A. J. 
Smith s command), in the expedition and battle of Tupelo; 
also, Wanderings through the wilds of Missouri and Arkansas 
in pursuit of Price. By W. H. Tucker, Sergeant Company 
"D." Indianapolis, [1892]. Map. Illust. 30 p. O. 

The Fourteenth Wisconsin Vet. Vol. Infantry, October 1st, 2d, 
3d, and 4th, 1862, at the Battle of Corinth. By Sergeant 
W. H. Tucker, Company D. Read at regimental reunion, 
Fond duLac, June 13th, 14th, and 15th, 1893. [Indianapolis, 
1893.] 23 p. O. 

The Fourteenth Wisconsin, Corinth and Shiloh, 1862-1895. 
Paper on battle of Shiloh, by Colonel John Hancock. Pil 
grimage of Engle and Tucker to battle fields of Corinth and 
Shiloh, 1895. Indianapolis, 1895. Portraits an illustra 
tions. 40 p. O. 

Worden s Battalion and Company E of the Fourteenth Wisconsin 
Veteran Volunteer Infantry. Paper prepared for reunion of 
regiment, Fond du Lac, June 8, 9, and 10, 1904, by Lieuten 
ant Francis E. Engle. Indianapolis, [1904]. 68 p. O. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Fifteenth Infantry 

Det Skandinaviske regiments historia (l5de Wisconsin Regiment). 
En kortfattet historic om dets Organisation og de Feldt-Toge, 
hvori det tog Del, Samlet af J. A. Johnson. La Grosser 
Trykti "Foedrelandet og Emigrantens" Trykkeri, 1869. 134, 
27 p. O. 

Borgerkrigen i de forenede stater i Nord Amerika. Udarbeidet 
af Joh. A. Enander, "Gamla och Nva Hemlandets" Redaktor, 
med en kortfattet Beretning om det lode Wis. Regiments 
deltagelse i krigen og et Portraet af Oberst H. C. Hegg. La 
Grosser Trykt i "Foedrelandet og Emigrantens" Officin, 
1881. Portraits. 128 p. D. 

The Fifteenth Wisconsin regiment during the late war. By P. G. 

In Scandinavia, vol. 1, 1883-84, pp. 297-300. 

Same, in Nelson s Hist, of the Scandinavians, vol. 1, 1893, pp. 153-166. 

En kortfattet skildring af det femtende Wisconsin regiments his- 
torie og virksomhed under Borgerkrigen, samt nogle korte 
Traek af Fangemes ophold i Andersonville. Af P. G. Diet 
richson. Chicago: Trykt hos John Anderson & Co., 1884. 
Portrait. 32 p. T. 

Det femtende regiment Wisconsin frivillige. Samlet og bear- 
beidet af O. A. Buslett, som ved dette Arbeide harvillet soette 
et minde over de faldnes Grave og loegge Historiens Lysning 
oder de gjenlevendes graanende Isser. Tilegnet det norske 
Folk i Amerika. Paa Forfatterens Forlag. Decorah, Iowa: 
Trykt hos B. Anundsen, [1895]. Portraits. 696 p. D. 

/Sixteenth Infantry 

Sixth annual reunion of Company "F", 16th Wis. Vols., held near 
Evansville, Wis., June 18, 1890. Maryville, Mo.: Printed 
by H. E. Robinson, 1890. 9p. S. 

Story of the joint annual reunion of the Twelfth and Sixteenth 
regiments of Wisconsin Infantry at Madison, June 14, 1904. 
[Madison, 1904.] 59 p. Portraits. O. 


War of Secession 

Twenty -first Infantry 

A soldier of the Cumberland; memoir of Mead Holmes, Jr., Ser 
geant of Company K, Twenty-first regiment Wisconsin volun 
teers. By his father. With an introduction by John S. 
Hart, LL. D. Boston: Published by American Tract Soci 
ety, 1864. Portrait. 240 p. S. 

Proceedings of the Twenty-first Wisconsin regiment association. 
Fifth to twenty-third annual reunions, 1891 to 1910. 19 
pm. O. 

(First to fourth proceedings not printed.) 

Fifth annual reunion, Oshkosh, June 25-26, 1891. 52 p. 

Sixth annual reunion, Shawano, Sept. 7-8, 1892. 40 p. 

Seventh annual reunion, Fond du Lac, June 20-21, 1894. 19 p. 

Eighth annual reunion, Manitowoc, June 12-13, 1895. 33 p. 

Ninth annual reunion, Chilton, June 11-12, 1896. 37 p. 

Tenth annual reunion, Omro, July 15-16, 1897. 31 p. 

Eleventh annual reunion, Kaukauna, July 20-21, 1898. 29 p. 

Twelfth annual reunion, Green Bay, July 18-19, 1899. 43 p. 

Thirteenth annual reunion, Appleton, July 18-19, 1900. 59 p. 

Fourteenth annual reunion, Wis. Veterans Home, July 18-19, 1901. 

42 p. 

Fifteenth annual reunion, Winneconne, Sept. 5-6, 1902. 56 p. 
Sixteenth annual reunion, Tola, July 28-30, 1903. 45 p. 
Seventeenth annual reunion, Hortonville, July 14-15, 1904. 31 p. 
Eighteenth annual reunion, Manitowoc, Aug. 3-4, 1905. 41 p. 
Nineteenth annual reunion, Neenah, Aug. 2-3, 1906. 42 p. 
Twentieth annual reunion, Appleton, Sept. 19-20, 1907. 58 p. 
Twenty-first annual reunion, Stevens Point, Sept. 24-25, 1908, 75 p. 
Twenty-second annual reunion, Omro, Sept. 23-24, 1909. 71 p. 
Twenty third annual reunion, Oshkosh, Sept. 13-14, 1910. 70 p. 

Echoes of the Civil War as I hear them. By Michael H. Fitch. 
New York, 1905. 368 p D. 

Record of service in the Sixth and Twenty-first Wisconsin volunteer 

Twenty -second Infantry 

The Star Corps; or, Notes of an army chaplain during Sherman s 
famous "March to the Sea." [By] Rev. G. S. Bradley, Chap 
lain 22d Wisconsin. Milwaukee: Germain & Brightman, 
1865. Portrait. 304 p. D. 


Bibliograpny of Wisconsin jgs.f e n s tal 

Twenty -third Infantry 

Roster of the survivors of the Twenty-third Regiment, Wiscon 
sin Volunteer Infantry, 1889. Neenah, 1889. 33 p. S. 

Reunion of the Twenty-third Regiment Wisconsin Infantry Vol 
unteers at Madison, Wisconsin, July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 1907. 
With a roster of the surviving members of the regiment. 
[Madison, 1907.] 26 p. O. 
For Reunion Proceedings, 1886; see Eleventh Infantry, above. 

Twenty -fourth Infantry 

A sermon in memory of Captain F. A. Root and Lieutenant R. J. 
Chivas, of the Twenty-fourth Regiment Wisconsin Volun 
teer Infantry, by their pastor, the Revd. J. P. T. Ingraham, 
B.D., Rector of St. James s Church, Milwaukee, Wis. De 
livered December 20th, 1863. Milwaukee, 1864. 14p. O. 

With the rank and file. Incidents and anecdotes during the War 
of the Rebellion, as remembered by one of the non-com 
missioned officers. By Thomas J. Ford, Sergeant Company 
H, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry. Milwaukee, 1898. 
95 p. T. 
With portrait of the author. 

Twenty -fifth Infantry 

First reunion of the Twenty-fifth Regiment of Wisconsin Volun 
teers, held at Camp Logan, Sparta, Wis., June 8 and 9, 1887. 
36 p. O. 
No more published. 

Address of J. M. Rusk to the survivors of the Twenty-fifth Reg 
iment of Wisconsin Volunteers [at Sparta, Wis., June 9, 
1887]. lip. O. 

History of the Twenty-fifth Infantry. 

In Milwaukee Sunday Telegraph, May 8, 1887. 


Regimental I \\7ir Oi 

Histories f Well <J1 

Twenty -eighth Infantry 

Society of the Twenty-eighth regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer 
Infantry. Proceedings of the first to twenty-eighth annual 
reunions, 1882-1910. Milwaukee, 1887-1910. 26pm. D. 

First, second, and third reunions, held at Waukesha, Oct. 5, 1882; 

Elkhorn, Aug. 31, 1883; Waukesha, Aug. 27, 1885. Milwaukee, 

1904. 31 p. 

Fourth annual reunion, Milwaukee, Sept. 23-24, 1886. 47 p. 
Fifth annual meeting, Whitewater, Sept. 7-8, 1887. 50p. 
Sixth annual meeting, Milwaukee, Sept. 19-20, 1888. 43 p. 
Seventh annual meeting, Milwaukee, Aug. 26-30, 1889. 16 p. 
Eighth annual meeting, Milwaukee, Sept. 17, 1890. 58 p. 
Ninth annnal meeting, Palmyra, Sept. 10, 1891. 65 p. 
Tenth annual meeting, Waukesha, Sept. 13,1892. 83 p. 
Eleventh annual meeting, Mukwonago, June 21-22, 1893. 92 p. 
Twelfth annual meeting, Milwaukee, June 13, 1894. 79 p. 
Thirteenth annual meeting, Oconomowoc, June 13, 1895. 65 p. 
Fourteenth annual meeting, Milwaukee and St. Paul, Aug. 27 and 

Sept, 2, 1896. 94 p. 

Fifteenth annual reunion, Elkhorn, June 24, 1897. 75 p. 
Sixteenth annual reunion, Whitewater, June 24, 1898. 53 p. 
Seventeenth annual reunion, Waukesha, June 27, 1899. 106 p. 
Eighteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, June 27, 1900. 144 p. 
Nineteenth annual reunion, Milwaukee, June 27, 1901. 72 p. 
Twentieth annual reunion, Elkhorn, June 26, 1902. 93,vp. 
Twenty-first annual reunion, Brookneld, June 30, 1903. 112, vi p. 
Twenty-second annual reunion, Pewaukee, June 30, 1904. 75,vip. 
Twenty-third annual reunion, Waukesha, July 13, 1905. 86,vip. 
Twenty-fourth annual reunion, Waukesha, June 28, 1906. 96,vip. 
Twenty-fifth annual reunion, Delavan, June 27, 1907, 92 p. 
Twenty-sixth annual reunion, Waukesha, June 19, 1908. 84 p. 
Twenty-seventh annual reunion, Waukesha, July 1, 1909. 92 p. 
Twenty-eighth annual reunion, Waukesha, June 28, 1910. 93,ivp. 

Twenty-ninth Infantry 

In memoriam: Col. Bradford Hancock. Born January 18, 1831, 
at Sackett s Harbor, N. Y. Died May 15, 1887, at Chicago, 
111. Laid to rest in Graceland Cemetery, May 17, 1887. lip. 
Hancock was colonel of the Twenty-ninth Infantry. 

The lost detachment. Perilous situation of Union soldiers in the 
enemy s country. By F. F. French, 29th Wisconsin, n. p., 
n. d. 24 p. D. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

The diary of a private soldier. The exact copy of a. record kept 
day by day during the Civil War by Henry P. Whipple, late 
a private in the Twenty-ninth Wisconsin volunteer infantry. 
Transcribed in 1906. Waterloo, [l 906]. (4), 80 p. O. 
With portrait of the author. 

Thirtieth Infantry 

Address by Samuel D. Hastings, state treasurer, before the Hast 
ings Invincibles, Co. "C", 30th Reg. Wis. Volunteers, No 
vember 9th, 1862, in the Congregational Chapel, Madison, 
Wis. Madison, 1862. 22 p. O. 

A diary of the 30th regiment, Wisconsin volunteers. A history 
of the regiment since its organization. Compiled from reli 
able sources and statistics. Madison: Martin & Judson, 1864. 
110 p. S. 

Roster of the Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers; mustered 
in, October 18, 1862, Madison, Wis.; mustered out, Sept. 
20, 1865, Louisville, Ky. Madison: Printed for the Associ 
ation, 1896. 72 p. D. 

TJdrty-second Infantry 

Thirty-second Wisconsin Regiment Survivors Association. 
Proceedings, I7th-19th, 22d-33rd reunions, 1894--96, 
1899-1910. 15 pni. D. 
(Not published prior to 1894, or for 1897-98.) 

Seventeenth annual reunion, New London, June 27-28, 1894. 18 p. 
Eighteenth annual reunion, Portage, June 4-6, 1895. 16 p. 
Nineteenth annual reunion, Berlin, June 3-4, 1896. 36 p. 
Twenty-second annual reunion, Steven- Point, June 13-14, 1899. 20 p. 
Twenty-third annual reunion, Shawano, June 12-14, 1900. 22 p. 
Twenty-fourth annual reunion, Birnamwood, June 18-19, 1901. 28 p. 
Twenty-fifth annual reunion, Rhinelander, June 4-6, 1902. 21 p. 
Twenty-sixth annual reunion, Harinette, June 25-26, 1903. 20 p. 
Twenty-seventh annual reunion, Fond du Lac, June 22-23, 1904. 16 p. 
Twenty-eighth annual reunion, Neenah, June 7-8, 1905. 18, [4] p. 
Twenty-ninth annual reunion, Marinette, June 12-13, 1906. 14 p. 
Thirtieth annual reunion, Oshkosh, June 4-5, 1907. 20 p. 
Thirty-first annual reunion, Berlin, July 15-16, 1908. 24 p. 
Thirty-second annual reunion, Fond du Lac, June 24, 1909. 20 p. 
Thirty-third annual reunion, Fond du Lac, June 8, 1910. 24 p. 


Regimental! W?3 T Ol 

Histories f VV <LL U1 

Thirty-sixth Infantry 

The Thirty-sixth Wisconsin Volunteer infantry, 1st Brigade, 
2nd Division, 2d Army Corps, Army of the Potomac. An 
authentic record of the regiment from its organization to its 
muster out. A complete roster of its officers and men with 
their record. A full list of casualties in detail, dates, and 
places. Its itinerary from place of muster to muster out. 
Maps showing its movements; a copy of every official paper 
in the War Department pertaining to the regiment, and others 
pertaining indirectly to the command. Illustrations of 
events, biography, etc. Statistics. With reminiscences 
from the author s private journal. [By] James M. Aubery, 
Lt. Co. G., 36th Wis. Vol. Inf. [Milwaukee: Evening 
Wisconsin Co., 1900.] 430 p. Portraits. O. 

Thirty -seventh Infantry 

The sword and gun; a history of the 37th Wis. volunteer infantry, 
from its first organization to its final muster out. By Major 
R. C. Eden. Madison: Atwood & Rublee, printers, 1866. 
120 p. S. 

Thirty -eighth Infantry 

Battle fields and camp fires of the Thirty -eighth [Wisconsin volun 
teers]. An authentic narrative and record of the organization 
of the Thirty-eighth regiment of Wis. vol. inf y, and the 
part taken by it in the late war, a short biographical sketch 
of each commissioned officer, and the name, age at time 
of enlistment, nativity, residence, and occupation of every en 
listed man, with notes of incidents relating to them. By Lieut. 
S. W. Pierce. Milwaukee: Daily Wisconsin Printing House, 
1866. 254 p. D. 

Fortieth Infantry 

Annals of the Fortieth. Sundry proceedings, sayings, and doings 
and "undoings" of the 40th Reg. Wis. Vol. Inf. [By Julius 
Converse Chandler, familiarly known as "Shanghai Chand 
ler."] n. p., n. d. 4 p. 

Newspaper form, 15 x 21 ins. Contains roster of the regiment. Re 
printed in same form by C. A. Libby of Evansville Enterprise, 
about 1890. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Forty -third Infantry 

Johnson ville. An address read at a reunion of the 43rd Wisconsin 
vol. inf., at the encampment of the G. A. R., at Chicago, 
August 29, 1900. By Gen. Amasa Cobb, Brevet Brigadier 
General U. S. V. n. p., [1900.] 26 p. O. 


Miscellaneous j- War of Secession 

V. Miscellaneous 

Camp Rindall and environs. By S. D. Forbes. Madison, 1862, 
6 p. D. 

Minority report of the joint select committee appointed to inves 
tigate affairs pertaining to the raising and equipping of 
troops, and the disposition of war bonds. Madison, 1862. 
25 p. O. 

Address by Hon. Samuel D. Hastings, delivered at Sparta, Wis 
consin, July 4th, 1863. Madison, 1863. 37 p. O. 
On slavery and the war. 

Logic of history. Five hundred political texts; being concen 
trated extracts of abolitionism; also, results of slavery agita 
tion and emancipation; together with sundry chapters on des 
potism, usurpations, and frauds. By S. D. Carpenter, editor 
of the "Wisconsin Patriot." Second edition. Madison: S. 

D. Carpenter, 1864. 351 p. O. 

Chapter xv is entitled, "Wisconsin Nullification and Secession." 

Pledge and signatures of the Temperance Army Corps, by Ella 

E. G. Hobart. Obtained at Camp Randall and Harvey Hos 
pital, February 21st-March 2nd, 1864. Madison, 1864. 
24 p. T. 

Oration delivered by Hon. S. D. Hastings of Trempealeau, at 
Beaver Dam, July 4, 1865. n. p., n. d. 24 p. O. 
On the war. 

List of drafted men [of Milwaukee and vicinity] who have failed 
to report. Milwaukee, Oct. 26, 1864. 31 p. T. 

List of drafted men who have failed to report. Supplement 
draft, 1864. Milwaukee, 1865. 17 p. T. 

List of men drafted in Third Congressional district, Wisconsin 
in 1864, who have failed to report. Lancaster, 1865. 20 p. T. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 

Programme and plan of organization of the Wisconsin soldiers and 
sailors reunion, and reception of General U. S. Grant, and 
other distinguished Union generals, June 7th to 12th, 1880. 
* [Milwaukee, 1880.] 8 p. O. 

"Wisconsin soldiers and sailors reunion roster, containing the post 
office address, occupation and name of every Wisconsin sol 
dier and sailor, now living in any part of the world, and 
every other soldier now in the state, who responded to the 
reunion call. Also the name of every Wisconsin soldier who 
perished in the war, giving the battle in which he was killed, 
or place where he died, with date; each class arranged by 
companies and regiments. Also a complete roster of Wiscon 
sin s armed military organizations, the State National Guard 
taking part in the grand inter-state military display and 
contest, during reunion week, with the only complete pro 
gramme of the reunion exercises; together with a vast col 
lection of instructive, entertaining, and amusing historical 
sketches, personal reminiscenses, and anecdotes of Wisconsin 
men in the war Compiled under the supervision of the 

president [C. K. Pier], of the Wisconsin Soldiers Reunion 
Association. Fond du Lac, 1880. 309 p. Q. 

Contains the following articles: "The Original Call" (pp. 233-239), 
being the official calls and circulars to the several veteran com 
mands, to attend the reunion; "The Effect of the Calls" (pp. 239- 
241), being brief reports of meetings held throughout the State, 
to arouse interest in the reunion; "Milwaukee and the Reunion" 
(pp. 241-247), detailed report of public meetings, etc., held in Mil 
waukee in preparation for the reunion; "The Badgers in Battle, 
from Falling Waters to Appomattox" (pp. 247-258), sketches by 
Gen. Edwin E. Bryant, of the personal side of Wisconsin s par 
ticipation in the war, with especial reference to feats of valor by 
Wisconsin men and commands, and comments thereon by Fed 
eral officers; "The Fourth Wisconsin captures a Railway Train" 
(p. 258), by Gen. Harrison C. Hobart; "Dan the Cook" (p. 258) 
and "Our Little Matron" (p. 260), by Addie L. Ballou: "Gen. John 
Gibbon" (p. 259) and "Griff J. Thomas" (p. 259), by Col. J. A. 
Watrous; "Rally Again, Boys!" (p. 260), a poem by S. W. P.; 
"The Record of Company B" (p. 260), a poem by Sarah D. Ho 
bart; "Maj. Phil Piummer s Death" (p. 261), by Gen. E. S. Bragg; 
"Where is Shocks?" (p. 261) and "How Misery left us" (p. 264), 
by H. B. Eastman; "An Army Yarn" (p. 263), by Gen. John A. 
Kellogg; "Ed. McCook s Luck" (p. 265), by Maj. Lu Drury; "The 



War of Secession 

Future of the Association" (p. 265), by Lieut. Darwin C. Pavey; 
"Oshkosh Volunteers" (pp. 267-269), by Col. John Hancock; "A 
brave Captain [J. IT. Marston, Co. E, Sixth Wisconsin] off his 
feet" (p. 266); "Old Pomposity (p. 206): "Our Future" (p. 267), 
asking for individual records for rosters of future reunions. 

A soldiers memorial hall in Wisconsin. Speech made in the Wis 
consin Senate, April 10, 1889. By Levi E. Pond. 14 p. O. 

Wisconsin veterans in Nebraska registered at the tenth annual 
reunion held at Norfolk, Neb., Sept., 1888, and at all preced 
ing reunions. Fremont, Neb., 1889. 32 p. D. 

The official reports of building the Red River Dam" at Alexan 
dria, La., May, 1864, which saved the Mississippi Flotilla, 
under Admiral Porter, from destruction. Compiled by IT. B. 
Pearsall, late Col. 48th Wis. Infty. and Brevet Brig. G-en l 
U. S. Vols. From Volume 34, Series 61, of the "History 
of the Union and Confederate armies", published by the War 
Department. [Lansing, Kans., 1896.] 15 p. O. 
The dam was built under the direction of Lieut. -Col. Joseph Bailey 
of the fourth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, and detachments 
from the Twenty-third and Twenty-ninth Wisconsin were en 
gaged in its construction. 

Troops furnished by Wisconsin during Civil War, 1861-65. List 
of Wisconsin regiments organized during the Civil War, their 
total strength and loss during entire term of service, date of 
organization and muster out of LTnited States service. By 
Robert Hastreiter. 1898. 7 p. O. 
Reprinted from Madison Directory, 1898-99. 

War questions in Wisconsin. By F. C. Winkler. 

In American Historical Magazine, vol. 3, 1908, pp. 98-106, 186-204. 

Address of welcome delivered at the Twentieth annual reunion of 
the Soldiers and Sailors Association of Walworth County, at 
Lake Geneva, Wis., Aug. 26, 1908. By John E. Burton. 
Milwaukee, 1908. 12 p. O. 


Bibliography of Wisconsin 


The Wisconsin State Historical Library also contains a consid 
erable mass of material in the form of newspaper clippings, all of 
it permanently mounted, and much of it admirably classified and 
indexed. The principal items of this character are: 

Ten large folio volumes, arranged by regiments, with a manu 
script index to each volume, containing the contemporary corre 
spondence (1861-65) of Wisconsin soldiers at the front, chiefly 
published in their home papers. This collection was made while 
the war was in progress, by E. B. Quiner, as source material for 
his Military History of Wisconsin (Chicago, 1866). 

Several similar volumes of contemporary Wisconsin war clip 
pings, collected by other persons, and not classified one of these 
is devoted to the Iron Brigade. 

Several volumes of newspaper clippings of later date, consisting 
chiefly of reminiscences by participants, relative to Wisconsin 
men and their achievements in the war. 

Three folio volumes containing a supposedly complete collection 
of contemporary rosters of Wisconsin volunteers (1861-65), clas 
sified by the different arms of the service. 

In addition to the foregoing printed sources, bearing specifically on Wis 
consin s record, the Library possesses one of the largest and best selected 
collections in the United States of the general literature of the War of 
Secession, including State and Federal publications, much of it contain 
ing at least incidental references to the services rendered by Wisconsin 

The Library contains, as well, considerable manuscript material of 
service to Wisconsin historians of the war, such as enlistment rolls, copies 
of military orders, muster-rolls, reports, commissions, diaries, etc., besides 
narratives of specific events and of regiments. Without attempting a 
formal list, the following may especially be mentioned: two diaries and 
other material from Gov. C. C. Washburn; the papers of Brigade-Surgeon 
C. B. Chapman of Madison; letters and other documents obtained by W. De 
Loss Love while writing his Wisconsin in the Rebellion (Chicago. 1866); dia 
ries of George Fairn eld, J. W. Hinkley, and others; home letters written 
by Dr. H. P. Strong; six large volumes containing the records of persons 
liable for military duty in nearly all the counties of Wisconsin; and witb 
these, papers dealing with the draft. The Library is also the repository 
of the manuscript material collected by the Wisconsin History Commis 



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3 [33] 


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