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Class _C-ClTL 

Bonk ^Y<G2M 
Copyright N"_i^9_43„. 

copyRiGirr DEPosrr. 


3X 6"f 



[Copyright, 1903.] 

BY William Bird Wylie, 
St. LOUIS, m6! 

JUN 6 1903 

„ C>.p)< cull/ 

tuASS •X' XXc. No. 

v^ / / ? b 
COPY b. 




Adams, 3, 12, 13. 
Altord, 4. 
Allea, 1. 2, 13. 

Barrow , 5. 
Bayha, 10. 
Beaver, 5. 
Berd, 1. 
Blake, 5. 
Bliss, 12. 
Boweii, S. 
Bowler, 13. 
Bowling, 4. 
Brainerd, 12. 
Brainwood, 12. 
Brashears, 4. 
Briscoe, 4. 
Burnett, 9. 
Byrd, 1, 3, 10, 13. 

Campbell, 12. 
Capito, 10. 
Chapman, 10. 
Childs, 11. 
Clinton. 9. 
Cocke, 13. 
Collins, 2. 
Colman, 12. 
Conn, 2, 4. 
Cooper, 12. 
Craig, 12. 
Crawford, 5. 
Culbertson, 6. 

Davis, 11. 
De^n.. 5. 
Decnerd, 5. 
L-: '■> ^-"jntaine, 3. 
Devo, 10. 
Dinwiddle. 13. 
Downing, 6. 

Edioe, 13. 
Ediowe, 13. 
Edwards, 12. 
Ellis, 7. 
Evans, 13. 

Ferguson, 5. 
Fitzhugh, 9. 
Fornian, 2. 
Freshart, 12. 
Fonlame, 3. 
French, 6. 
Froman, 2, 12. 
Fry, 2,3,7,12,13. 
Frve, 2, 7, 13. 
Fuller, 12. 
Gash, 6. 
Giebar, 9. 
Gilbert, 9. 
Gilhouse, 9. 
Glasscock, 8. 
Glenn, 1. 
Gold, 12. 
Gordon, 3. 
Gould, 12. 
Graves, 12. 
Gray, 7, 12. 
Griswold, 12. 
Hall, 5. 
Harpham, 8. 
Harris, 3, 11,13. 
Harwood,7, 12. 
Hawkins, 2, 8. 
Heiskell,2, 13. 
Henderson, 5. 
Herriman, 9. 
Hill, 13. 
Hitchcock, 7. 
Hite, 3, 8. 
Hockaday, 7. 
Hogan, 2. 
Hollymar, 9. 
Hornback, 4. 
Howe, 1. 
Hunter, 12. 
Huston. 11. 
Ingram, 5. 
Jenkins, 8. 
Johnson, 4, 5. 
.Johnston, 1 
Jones, 5. 9. 
Joplin, 7. 

■»="■ Keeney, 12. 
Kellers, 7. 
Kendrick, 8- 
Kerr, 13. 
Kleiser, 5. 
KIckert, 8. 
Kirksey, 11. 

Lance, 10. 
Lee, 11. 
Leiter, 5. 
Lippincott, 9, 10. 
Logan, 12. 
Lovett, 7, 12. 
Lucas, 9. 

Macafee, 8. 
■ Maury, 1,3. 
McCammon, 11. 
McClevertv, 12. 
McClintic, 10. 
McFall, 7 
McKlnnev, 12. 
Megown, 4. 
Micou, 13. 
Miller, 12, 13. 
Mix, 9. 
Moore, 8. 
Murphy, 12. 

Nicholas, 13. 
Noel, 12. 

O'Neill, 9. 

Phelan, 11. 
Polkinhorn, 7. 
Pollard, 4. 
Porter, 5. 

iMchardson, 13. 
Richmond, 6. 
Ringer, 5. 
Robinett, 4. 
Rogers, 11. 
Russell, 5. 
Rutter, 4. 

Sawyer, 11. 
Scott, 10. 
Shacklett, 8. 
Sharp, 7. 
Shaul, 8. 
Shook, 10. 
Sigler, 2, 3. 
Slaughter, 13. 
Smith, 2, 10, 12. 
Speers, 2, 12, 13. 
Stevenson, 8. 
Stout, 6. 
Strattan, 7. 
Sutherland, 7. 
Swygart, 9. 

Tromly, 7. 
Tunstall, 3. 
Turner, 8. 

Van Voorhis, 2. 
Vivian, 4. 

Wanicott, 5. 
Wareing, 11. 
Washington, 13. 
Watson, 5. 
Webb, 12. 
West, 13 
Whaley, 5. 
White, 9. 
Williams, 8, 12. 
Willis, 4. 
Winn, 12, 13. 
Witt, 11. 
Woods, a2. 
Wright. 12. 
Wylie, 7, T? 

Yates, 5. 
Yeager, 5. 
Yirkle, 8. 

Ziegler, 2. 

EXPLANATORY.— The arrangement is by GENERATIONS, alphabetically indicated; each 
individual having also designating number. "A" represents the FIRST generation, "B" the SECOND, 
and so on. EXA.WPLE: •'C12, Rev. W- H. Bird," shows that he was of the third generation and the 
twelfth mentioned of that generation. 

THE NAME BIRD. EXAMPLE: "Cg" was born with the name Bird, and she and her children are 
shown, but her grand children— the children of D2(^, Catharine Elizabeth (Kleiser)— are omitted. 

4-This reference mark opposite a name indicates aXcontinuation of the record further on. 

The Bird Family. 

In issuing this compilation I respectfully request that any additional authentic information rela- 
ting to the Bird and aifiliated families shall be communicated to me. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

A-1 Colonel Abraham Bird. For a number of years, to as late as 1787, he 
was a member of the House of Delegates of Virginia, first from the then Dunmore 
County. He was in the Convention of Virginia, which met in Williamsburg in 1776, and 
instructed Virginia's delegates in Congress to propose Independence, and which, by an 
unanimous vote, made Virginia an independent State. In the Virginia Almanac of 1784 
his name is spelled B YRD — as it is also in the record, of 1787, of his declining to serve 
as delegate from Shenandoah County. 

The Records of Virginia show also that he held various offices of military com- 
mand in the years of the Revolutionary War. As "Coroner" he was commander-in- 
chief of the military forces of Shenandoah County, Virginia. He is also recorded as 
Colonel, etc. 

The Bird family were landholders, and at some time, possibly, residents of Au- 
gusta County, Virijlnia. March ist, 1773, ABRAHAM BIRD received a grant of land at 
Brock's Gap, Augusta County. On July 6, 1765, ANDREW BIRD was given a grant 
on the south side of Smith's Creek; and on February 10, 1748, WILLIAM Berd was 
given a grant of land in Augusta County. 

["Augusta County, Virginia, was formed from Orange County, in 1738. Previously, all that 
part of Virginia Iving west of the Blue Ridge was included in Orange County; but in the fall session 
of this year it was divided into the counties of Frederick .-jnd Augusta. Frederick County was 
bounded by the Potomac on the north, the Blue Ridge on the east, and a line to be run from the head- 
spring of Hedgman ajid headspring of the Potomac, on the south and west; the remainder of Virginia, 
west of the Blue Ridge, tn constitute Augusta County. This immense territory, at the present time, 
comprises four entire States, and nearly forty counties in Western Virginia."— Historical Collections 
of Virginia, by Henry Howe. 

[William BVRD, the First, of Westover, is mentioned on page 124, Virginia Magazine of His- 
tory and Biography, as the BIRD mentioned on page 122, vol. iv., and vol. v. mentions, page 356, 
• * * "a family of Bird, who lived for a number of generations in King and Queen." Page xvi., 
Hayden's Virginia Genealogies, describes the following coat-of-arms and crest, as used by the Bird 
and Byrd familv. Arms: 'Arg. a cross tlory between four martlets, gu. on a canton az. a crescent.' 
Crest, 'a martlet rising z^-' " As rtlevant to the various spellings of the name, is quoted: "Some- 
where about the year 1674 William Byrd, with his newly married wife, left his home in the little town 
of Broxton, in the County of Chester in England * * • * * he could trace his descent from 
one Hugo le Bird of Charleton." [Page 19, "Some Colonial Mansions," by Thomas Allen Glenn. 

[Members of the Bird family had settled in this country (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, 
etc.) considerablv prior to 1700. Isaac Bird, of Sussex, N. J., also a Lieutenant Bird, Andrew Bird, 
Thomas Bird, William Bird, and Benjamin Bird, of Pennsylvania, were Revolutionary soldiers. There 
was a Mark Bird in Pennsylvania, who was the owner of an iron plant near Birdsboroughj. In 1781 a 
Middlesex County (Va.) Commissioner and Collector of Taxes was George Bird. ^ 

Al Colonel Abraham Bird (an Episcopalian) and his wife, (Ziegier) Bird, 

(a Presbyterian, and said to have been of Swiss derivation), had four sons and four 

[The maiden name of Mrs. Abraham Bird is verballv given liy her grand daughter. Mrs. Lydia C. (Bird) Conn. C-6. now 
«8 years of age. as Ziegier. Whether ornot there was any relationship v/ith the ".Sigler" family. C-i and C-4 (a name not rad- 
ically unlike in pronunciation), is not known.] 

Bl George+ 

B2 Andrew, Csettled and died in Ohio'). 

B3 Abraham, born in Shenandoah County, Virginal, May 8, 1780. + 

B4 Mark, born in Shenrindoah County, V;i.+ 

B5 "Peggy" (married Hawkins; died in Palmyra, Mo.) 

B6 Magdalene, (married Allen; died in Ohio). 

B7 Catharine, (married :; died in Illinois). 

B8 Mary, (married ; died in Illinois). 

Bl GEORGE Bird married Hannah Allen. He died in 1826. She died about 1834. 

CI George. + 

C2 Abram. 

C3 Andrew. 

C4 Reuben A.+ 

C5 Mark. 4- 

C6 Lydia Catharine, born Sept. 15, 1814.+ 

B3 "CaRTAIN" ABRAHAM BIRD removed from Virginia in the autumn of 1803, and settled 
near Lexington, Ky., where he continued to reside until the fall of 1825, when he removed to Missouri 
and settled near Hannibal. He was a Presbyterian communicant, was also prominent as a citizen, 
and was frequently elected to responsible offices in Missouri in a legislative and judicial capacity, 
serving as State Senator during two terms, as well as occupying other positions of honor. Losing 
his fortune through the dishonesty of employes, his attempt to retrieve it by a trip to California in 
1849 resulted in death and his burial in the Pacific Ocean, on October 13, 1850. He married Cath- 
arine Fry, grand-daughter of Jacob Speers, daughter of William and Rachel (Speers) Fry. She was 
born May 3!, I787, and died Nov. 11, 1857. 

"The Speers and Frye names w«re introduced into the wilds of Pennsylvania about 1770. Henry 
Speers and Regina Froman, his wife, were born in ^Germany; came from Virginia and settled on the 
farm now known as the Gibsonton Mills, on the Monongahela River below Bellevernon. They had 
four sons and one daughter— Jacob, Solomon, Noah, Henry^nd Christena. (Abraham Frye andfamily 
located on the opposite side of the river.. There were also other Fryes— Samuel, Benjamin, etc.)" 
[See also page 7. -i-See Note, p. I3.] 

"Henry Speers, Sr., died in I773. His son Jacob emigrated to Kentucky in early days, where for 
many years he was a successful business man, and from whom the Kentucky Speers had their 
origin Jacob .Speers had sons, Solomon, Noah, Abram (boin i7yo in Kentucky), also daughters. 
His grand children, the children of William Fry were: Catharine (married Abraham Bird); Rachel 
(married Aaron, son of John and Mary (Hogan) Forman; Henry (married his cousin, Rachel Fry); 
Benja«iin, Joseph, Jacob; Elizabeth (married Heiskell, and Rebecca (married — Smith). He (in 
1790) built the first distillery in Bourbon County, Ky., whose product gave "Bourbon County" Its 
fame. [Collins' History of Kentucky uses the spelling "Spears."]' 

"Solomon Speers was killed by the Indians, on Salt River in Kentucky. Noah Speers, born March 
27, 1769, was founder of Bellevernon, Pa. Henrv Speers (2), born July 8, I756; married Rebecca 
Frye, a daughter of Henry Frye, Sept. 24, 1777- She died July 16, 1835- He was pastor of the Enon 
Baptist Church at the time of his death, Jan. 26, I840. Noah Speers, a son of Henry and Re- 
becca (Frye) Speers, married a daughter of Abraham Frye, Sr. Christena Speers, daughter of Henry 
and Regina Speers, married Samuel Frye." [The Old and New Monongahela, by John S. Van Voorhis 
A. M., M. D., Bellevernon, Pa.] 

The children of Captain Abraham and Catharine (Fry) Bird were : 

C7 George W., born Feb. i6, 1804. -|- 

CS Elizabeth, born in Lafayette County, Ky., June 19, 1806. + 

"' C9 Matilda, born in Bourbon County, Ky., Marcli 5, 180S.+ 

ClO Ktttie, born ; died in infancy. 

Oil Mary Forman, born April 5, 1812, near Lexington, Ky.-^ 

C12 William Henry Harrison, born May 31, 1814, near Lexington, Ky.+ 

C13 Catharine, born Jan. 3, 1817.+ 

C14 Abram Preston, born Aug. 23, 1818. + 

C15 Emily Ann, born Sept. 9, 1820. + 

C16 Mark H., born Aug. 4, 1822, near Lexington, Ky.+ 

CI 7 Rachel F., born Aug. 8, 1825. + 

C18 Amanda Melvira, born Aug. 26, 1828. + * 

B4 MARK BIRD, married Sarah Gordon, of Leesburg, \'a. 

Cll> George, married . 

C20 Preston, died in 1877, unmarried. 
C21 William, born April 4, 1814 -^ 
C22 Harrison, died 1899, unmarried. 

CI George bird married (first) Battle Sigler, (they had one son, who died when a young 
man). The second wife was Hannah Byrd: she died in Shenandoah County, Va. 
1>1 Fayette, born ; died . 

C4 Reuben a. bird married Hester Sigler. 

D2 Malvjna V., born ; died . 

D3 Mary E., born .+ 

D4 Henry Clay, born ; died . 

D5 William Wirt, born ; died . 

D6 Preston M. S., born .+ 

D7 Emma, born : died . 

D8 Carrie Rose, born .+ 

C5 Mark Bird (resides at Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Va.); married Sarah Madison 
Hite, "daughter of Isaac and Ann Tunstall (Maury) Hite, a descendant of John de 
la Fontaine." [Virginia Historical Collection, vol. 5, p. 125.] Hayden's Virginia Gen- 
ealogies (page 729) mentions: "John de la Fontaine, martyred in France, 1563." 

D9 Mark. 

1)10 Betie.+ 

Dl 1 Nannie- 

D12 Mary.+ 

D13 Isaac Hite.+ 

D14 William Maury. 

D15 Elton Fontaine. 

DIO Sallie Madison. + 

D17 Walker, born : died • 

— 3 — 

C6 LYDIA CATHARINE BIRD, on May 19, 1834, married JAMES WELLS CONN. She is living 

(1903) near New London, Mo. He died in 1879. 
D18 Mary Ellen, born May 3, 1836; married John Megown, April 8, 1856. He died March 

7, 1902. 
D19 Richard Benton, Jan. 4, 1838; married Jane Ann Briscoe, Oct. 30, 1868. 
D20 William Preston, born March 17, "840; married Fannie Bowling, April 29, 1878. 
D21 Raphael Barnes, born Nov. 2, 1842; married (first) Annie Alford, March 29, 1868; she 

died May 15, 1872. He married (second) Amanda Brashears, Nov. 25, 1880. He 

died Nov. 24, 189S. 
D22 Amanda Elizabeth, born Nov. 2, 1845; married John L. Hornback, Nov. 24, 1873. He 

died July 22, 1892. 
D23 Sarah Catharine, born Nov. 2, 1847; married William H. Johnson, December, 1870. 

C7 GEORGE W. BIRD, born Feb. 16, 1804; died Oct. 28, 1857. He married (first) Emmaline 
Putter, April 8, 1830; she died Dec. 30, 1830. He married (second) her sister Martha 
A. Putter, Nov. 24, 1831; she died March 2, 1875. 
D24 George W-, born Dec. 30, 1830; died March 6, 1884. 

D35 Marion F., born Nov. 16, 1833. 

D26 Abram P., born Nov. 16, 1855; died Jan. 22, 1836. 

D27 Edmund R., born Sept. 28, 1837. + 

I>28 Emmaline, born Jan. 1840.+ 

D29 Preston A., born Dec 25, 1842; died Oct. 3, 1862. 

I>30 Harrison R., born Aug. 15, 1845. + 

D31 William, born May 6, 1848; died Jan. 28, 1849. 

D32 Mark, born April 11, 1850; died April 19, 1850. 

I>33 Araminta, born April 11, 1850; died April 23, 1850. 

D34 Laura, born June 7, 1851; died July 20, 1880. 

C8 ELIZABETH BIRD, born in Lafayette County, Ky., June 19, 1806: married MOSES F. 
ROBINETT, July 21, 1825. He died June2, I875. She died Jan. 24, 1876. 

D35 Mary Bird, born Nov. 21, 1827; died Oct. 8, 1867- 

1>36 Sarah C, born July 21, 1829; died July 23, 1862. 

D37 William H., born July 25, 1832; married Catharine L. Vivian, Nov. 15, 1864. 

D38 John Preston, born May 30, 1834; married Sarah E. Willis, Oct. 19, 1859. He died 

March 12, 1863. 
D39 James G., barn Nov. 25, 1836; married Mrs. Sarah E. Robinett (nee Willis). He 

died May 18, 1880. 
r>40 Abraham B., born Nov. 16, 1838: died Sept. 16, 1845. 
D41 Francis Marion, born Feb. 28, 1841; died July 11, 1841. 
D4-2 Benjamin F., born June 15, 1842; died Sept. 25, 1863. 
D43 David D., born Dec. 5, 1843; died Oct. 27, 1844. 
D44 Annie E., born Nov. 20, 1846; married William T. Pollard, Nov. 8, 1864. 

— 4 — 

C9 Matilda Bird, born in Bourbon County, Ky., March 5, 1808; married JOHN KLEISER, May 
8, 1826. She died May 8, 1887. John Kleiser's father, Joseph Kleiser, was born in Swit- 
zerland, Dec. 24, 1763; died July ?o, 1846. In youth he served an apprenticeship at clock- 
making, in London, England. He came to New York, and after a brief period went to 
Maryland; thence he proceeded to Virginia, wtrere he married Miss Elizabeth Leiter, and 
in 1785 emigrated to Kentucky from Albemarle County, Va., and settled in Bourbon 

County, Ky, six miles from Lexington. Elizabeth Leiter (born Aug. 6, , died June 

30, 1833), was one of the seven daughters of Henry Leiter (born Oct. 23, 1768, died 
Aug. 5, 1843) and Catharine Beaver, his wife. Her grandfather, Henry Leiter (born in 
Germany, March 13, 1740, died Oct. 28, 1807), came to this country about 1750, with his 
Holland-born father and Swiss mother, and settled in Maryland on a branch of the Po- 
tomac, where he married. 

D45 Catharine Elizabeth, born Feb.' 15, 1827, in Bourbon County, Ky., married GEORGE 
CRAWFORD, Jan. 16, 1845. He died Sept. 8, 1848. She married JOHN, HALL, in 
Shelby County, Ky., Nov. 19, 1850. He died June 11, 1881. John Hall was son of 
Moses and Betsy P. (Crawford) Hall; grandson of Moses and Isabel Hall dnd of William 
and Margaret (Dean) Crawford, also great-grandson of William Crawford. Betsy 
P. Crawford was born May 20, 1792. Margaret Dean was born June 2, 1766. 
William Crawford (second) was born in Culpepper County, Va., Feb. 22, 1762, fought 
in the Revolutionary War, and in 1806 emigrated to Shelby County, Ky. His father, 
William Crawford, was In the Revolutionary army. (A certificate signed Dec. 4, 1901, 
by "William W. Barrow, Captain and Acting Assistant Adjutant General Virginia," 
recites his record as follows: "Lieutenant Colonel Fifth Virginia, 13th February, 1776, 
Colonel Seventh Virginia, 14'h August, 1776; resigned 22a March, 1777; served later on 
the western frontier of Virginia: commanded an expedition against the Indians, was 
captured, tortured and burnt at the stake in Wyandotte County, Ohio, on the nth of 
June, 1782." 

D46 Robert Henry, born Feb. 12, 1829, In Fayette County, Ky.; married Susan Yates, Nov. 
3, 1852. He died Sept. 6, 1868. 

Cll MARY FORMAN BIRD, born April 5, 1812: married ALBERT WHALEY, in 1826. He was 
born March 25, I800, and died in i885. She died in i888. 

D47 Edward, born March 27, 1828, near Palmyra, Mo.; married Susan C. Yeager, March 
16, 1871. 

D48 George W., born in 1830; died about 1841. 

D49 Catharine F., born ; married Francis Blake. 

D50 Marion, born ; married Laura Ringer. Died in New Mexico in 1867. 

D51 Abraham Bird, born ; married Louisa Henderson. Died June — , 1898. 

D53 Emily Ann, born Dec- 19, 1836. married Samuel M. Porter. Died April, 1900, in Texj. 

D53 (Dr.) John Calvin, born Dec. i6, 1838, near Palmyra, Mo.; married Mrs. Fannie Decher^ 
Sept. 25, 1867. (Res. I902, Osceola, Mo.; member Missouri Senate.) Died Feb. 3, 1903. 

D54 William Harrison, born Dec. 18, 1840; married Martha Ferguson, in Kentucky, in 1875. 

D55 Nancy Haney, born Nov. 24, 1842, in Palmyra, Ml; married Ransom B. Russell, Feb. 
28, 1867, in Texas. 

D56 Sarah Matilda, born Jan. —, 1844; died , 1887; married (first) William Jones, 

fsecond) Mr. Wanicott. 

L>57 Albert Gallatin, born Aug. — , 1846; never married. 

D58 Mary F., born , 1848; married Robert Ingram. 

D59 Martha Russell, born , 1850; married three times, (first) Johnson, (second) Wat- 
son, (third) Stout. 

C12 (Rev.) William Harrison Bird, born May 31, 1S14, near Lexington, Ky.; married 
Jan. 8, 1834, in Palmyra, Mo., Eliza E. Gash (born Dec ly, 1815), daughter of John 
and Leah (Culbertson) Gash, of Charleston, S.C). He married Susan Bowen, April 
16, 1856. She was born in Fitchville, Vt., Jan. 14, 1829. He was a Presbyterian 
minister, and died at Woodburn, III., April 15, 1877. 

DOO Mary Jane, born Sept. 14, 1835, in Frytown, Mo.+ 

D61 Martha Ann, born May 17, 1838, in Frytown, Mo.+ 

D62 Samuel Wylie, born Oct. 2, 1840, in Palmyra, Mo.+ 

I>G3 Abraham Calvin, born March 4, 1843, in Pike County, II1.+ 

r>G4 Martin Luther, born Jan. 15, 1847, in Vergennes, 111.+ 

D65 Eliza Evaline, born April 11, 1849.+ 

D66 Daughter, born March 8, 1858: died same day. 

D67 William Silas, born Sept. i, 1859: died March 13, 1863. 

1)68 Ossian Fremont, burn Jan. 22, 1862, in Bethel, 111.+ 

DBJ) Son, born June 25; 1864; died same day. 

D70 Susan Rowena; born July 31, 1865. (She had been a missionary for a number of years 
and after a visit to the United States to regain health she returned to China shortly 
before the "Boxer" uprising, and was beheaded July 31, 1900.) 

D71 Frederick Bowen, born Jan. 31, 1868, in Bethel, 111.; died . 

C13 Catharine Bird, born Jan. 3, 1817: married David Rice Downing, March 14, 1833. 

She died Feb. 17, 1853, in Virginia, 111. He was born July 24, 1807; died Dec 4, 1896. 

D72 (Rev.) Nathan Hall, born March 25, 1855; married Sarah C French, April 22, 1868; 

died Aug. 17, 1902. 
D73 David Nelson, born June 28, 1837; died May 23, 1863. 
I>74 Abraham Bird, born May 19, 1839; died May 20, 1839. 
I>75 William Henry Harrison, born April 10, 1841; died Dec 30, 1863. 
D76 Mary Whaley, born July 241 184J, died April 9, 1855. 

C] 4 ABRAM Preston bird, born Aug. 23, 1818; married Elizabeth Richmond, April 11, 1839. 
He died Oct. 16, 18&3. She was born Nov. 10, 1819, and died Oct. 16, 1886. 

D77 Francis R., born April 19, 1840, in Hannibal, Mo.+ 
D78 Abram, born Aug. 22, 1842. in Hannibal, Mo.+ 
D79 Susan Stottlemire, born Jan. 22, 1846. + 
D80 Catharine, born Jan. 2=;, 1848, in Hannibal, Mo.+ 

— 6 — 

C15 Emily ANN Bird, born Sept. 9,1820, near Lexington, Ky.; married (first) in Hannibal, 
Mo., May 2, 1839, Samuel Robert HARWOOD WYLIE.son of William and Anna (Wil- 
liams) Wylie, grandson of William and Mary (Harvvood) Wylie, great grandson of 
Samuel and Mary Wylie. Samuel Wylie and his son William Wylie ser\'ed in the 
Revolutionary War. William Wylie, Jr., was a soldier in the war of 1812. 
(Rev.) S. R. H. Wylie was a Presbyterian minister, at the time of his death, in Mount Ver- 
non, 111., Aug. II,' 1854. He was born in Logan County, Ky., Nov. 28, I81I. 
D81 William Bird, born in Hannibal, Mo., Aug. 18, 1840; married Chlorine Gray, daughter 
of Dr. John C and Juliana (Lovett) Gray, Nov. 7, 1861, in Mount Vernon, 111. See 
Ohart on page 12. 
D82)t- j ^Mary Elizabeth and Ann Eliza, born Feb. 17, 1845, in Hannibal, Mo. 
T>S3) ' ( Both died March 3, 1843, in Hannibal, Mo. 

D84 Matilda Catharine born June 26, 1844, in Hannibal, Mo.; married Rynd L. Strattan, 
May 4, 1864: died Aug. 18, 1865, in Mount Vernon, 111. 

D85 Sarah Amanda, born in Monroe County, Mo., July 13, 1846; died April 4, 1848, in 
Adams County, III. 

D86 Mary Eliza, born in Adams Countv, 111., Feb. 21, 1848; died in Washington, D. C, 
Aug. 18, 1868. 

I>87 Abram Nelson, born in Virginia, Cass County, 111., May 14, 1850: married Clara E. 
Polklnhorn, Jan. 27, 1S74, in Washington, D. C. 

D88 Harriet Elizabeth, horn in Virginia. Cass County, 111., April i, 1852: married William 
J. Ellis, Oct. 4, 1871, in Mount Vernon, 111. 

I)8t> Anna Harwood, born in Mount Vernon, Jefferson County, 111., Aug- 2, 1854; married 
Henry Hitchcock, Nov. 5, 1890, in St. Louis, Mo. 

Mrs. Emily Ann (Bird) Wylie married (second) MICHAEL TROMLY, May 26, 1856. She 
died Sept. 12, 1898, in St. Louis, Mo., and was buried at Mount Vernon, 111. 

D90 Julia Augusta, born Dec. 3, 1859, in Mount Vernon, 111.; married Clarence E. Kelso, 
Nov. 22, 18S3. She died March- 12, 1S87, in St. Louis, Mo. 

C16 Mark H- bird, born Aug. 4, 1822, near Lexington, Ky.; married Araminta Fry, in Pal- 
myra. Mo., May 18, 1848. She was born Jan. 6, 1829, and was daughter of Abram 
Kellers and Sarah (McFall) Fry, grand daughter of Benjamin and Nancv (Kellers) Fry 
and great grand-daughter of Abram Fry. Sarah (McFallj Fry died in Texas in 1901. 
She was born Feb. 18. 1804. Abram K. Fry was born Dec 10, 1796. Mark H. Bird 
died July 3, 1862, in Corsicana, Texas. His wife, Araminta, died in Corsicana, Texas, 
April 19, 1902. This Abram, or Abraham, Fry's wife's name is said to have been Agnes, 

and he is said to have been son of Benjamin (born , died I753) and Christena Frye, 

who about I744 mo\-ed to Frederick Countv, Virginia, their children being Joseph, Henry, 
Jacob, Benjamin, Christena, William, Elizabeth, Abraham. 

D91 Missouri Ann, born Oct. 23, 1853, near Corsicana. Texas; married T. H. B. Hockaday, 

of Laddonia, Texas, Dec 22, 1893. 
D92 Edward O., born April i, 1855, near Corsicana, Tex.+ 
D93 Sallie C, born Jan. 28, 1857, near Corsicana, lex.+ 
D9-I: Isabella A., born Feb- 8, 1859, near Corsicana, Tex.; married Christopher Barrington 

Sutherland, in Corsicana, Tex., April 8, 1885. 
D95 Mary Elizabeth, born June 18, 1861, near Corsicana, Tex.+ 
D90 Roberta, born Mav 5, 1863, in Corsicana, Tex.; married J. E. Sharp, of Cleburne, 

Tex., July 26, 7189 

^^I 1^,?"''^'^ Twins J Born Julv 16, 1867; died July and August, 1867. 
D98 Ellen ( ) 

D99 Robert Lee, born Jan. 29, 1870, in Corsicana, Tex. 

, —7 — 

C17 Rachel F. Bird, born Aug. 8, 1825; married RICHARD BRIDGEFORD, May 17, 1846, in 
Hannibal, Mo. She died April 15, 1885, in Chicago, 111. 

DlOO John H., born April 17, 1847; married . 

DlOl Abram P., born Dec. 1849; married Maria Catharine Jenkins, Nov. 5, 1868. 

D102 Mary C, born Sept. 13, 1852; died May 22, 1882. 

D103 Annie E., born April 20, 1854; married F. Joplin 

D104 Emma L., born Feb. 23, 1856; married George F. Williams, Dec 23, 1890. 

D105 Oscar, born Dec. 24, 1857; died April 19, 1862. 

D106 Laura, born Dec 29, 1859; married Charles Kickert, Nov. 16, 1882. 

D107 Joseph P., born July 11, 1862; died May 7, 1863. 

DIOS Thomas J., born Feb. 23, 1864; married Rebecca Belle Shaul, Feb. 7, 1888. 

DlOO Robert L., born June 10, 1868; died Sept. 13, 1869. 

C18 AMANDA MELVIRA BIRD, born Aug. 26, 1828; married HENRY MARTYN WILLIAMS in 
1846. She died March 7, 1873. 
DUO (Rev.) Henry Francis, born Nov. 4, 1847, in Hannibal, Mc; married Mary Eliza 

Harpham, Nov. 26, 1868. 
Dill Alfred T., born June 12, 1852, in Marion County, Mo.; married (first) Matilda Shack- 
lett, Dec. 20, 1874. She died Jan. 20, 1886. He married (second) Mrs. Nora B. 
Macafee, Aug. 25, 1897. 

C21 William Bird (moved to Marion County, Mo., in 1830), married (first) Miss Martha 

Williams, , 1839. No children by first wife; she died in 1841. He married (second) 

Mrs. Mary (Glasscock) Hawkins, in 1856; she died Jan. 14, 1891. He died Feb. 20, 

D112 Mark Gordon. + 

Dl 13 Sallie Ann, born- ; died . 

Dl 14 William, born Dec. 24, 1867; lives in Valley Junction, Iowa. 

D115 Nellie, born Feb. 26, 1869.+ 

D3 Mary E. Bird, married WILLIAM KENDRICK. 

D6 PRESTON M. S. Bird, married Miss Carrie Moore. They lave eight children. 

D8 Carrie Rose bird, married HENRY W- HiTE, in 1870. They have four children, and 
reside at Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah County, Va. 


D12 Mary bird, married smith turner. 

D13 ISAAC HITE bird, married LELIA YlRKLE. 

Die SALLIE Madison Bird, married William Williams. 

D27 Edmund R. Bird, married JENNIE Turner. 
El May. 
E2 Lora. 

D28 EMMALINE BIRD, married JOHN HOLLYMAN, Api"!! 2S, 1859. He was born July 14, 
1834. She died March — , igoo. 
E3 Martha J., born Feb. 19, i860; married John A. Swygart, Dec. 21, 1887. 
K4 William E., born Dec. 26, i86i. 

E5 Minnie C, born Nov. 27, 1863; married William E. Gilhouse, July i, 1891. 
E6 James C, born Aug. 22, 1865; died Oct. 23, 1881. 

E7 Emmaline E., born Oct. 12, 1867; married Edward B. Lucas, Dec. 28, 1898. 
E8 Laura B., born Sept. 21, 1869; married Thomas Jones, May 19, 1891. 

D30 Harrison R. bird, married Miss Lydia Herriman. They have one son and fivt 

D60 MARY JANE BIRD, married in Vandalia, 111., Sept". 17, 1857, WILLIAM B. WHITE, of 
Mount Vernon, 111., who was born in Aberdeen, Ohio, July 25, 1833, and was son of 
Warren White. 
E15 Mary Elnora, born in Mount Vernon, 111., May 28, 1859; married A. F. O'Neil, in St. 

Louis, Mo., Oct. 13, 1881. 
E16 William Milton, born in Mount Vernon, 111., Nov. 11, i860; married Julia Giebar, 

in Alton, 111., Nov. —,1888. 
E17 Henry A., born in Mount Vernon, 111., Aug. 5, 1865; married Ida Mix, in Howard, 

Kas., July 15, 1892. 
E18 Robert Oran, born Rome, 111., June 28, 1867; married Belle Burnett, in Mount Ver- 
non, 111., July, 1892. 
E19 Charles Chester, born Mount Vernon. Oct. 19, 1870. 
E20 Lucia Emily, born Mount Vernon, 111., Aug. ii, 1873. 
EiSl Warner Samuel, born Mount Vernon, 111., Nov. ;6, 187';. 

nei MARTHA ANN BIRD, married THOMAS W. LlPPINCOTT, In Mount Vernon, 111., Oct 
31, i860. He was born in Alton, ill., Dec. 24, I837. 
E23 Catharine Lydia, born Sept- 9, 1861; married John C. Clinton, July 10, 1888; died 

Dec. 15, 1892. 
E23 Warren Bird, born Jan. 13, 1865; married Kathryn M. Olmstead, Jan. 8, 1897. 
E24 George Hawley, born March 28, 1869. 
E25 Emma Leone, born June 8, 1871; married Alex. Fitzhugh. 
E26 Elizabeth, born Oct. 3, 1873. 
E27 Mabel Emily, born Sept. 25, 1875. 
E28 Ida Farnan, born May 14, 1880; died June 5, 1880, in Macon, Mo. 

D63 Samuel WYLIE Bird, married (first) Bessie H. Gilbert, in Pana, 111., Oct. 9, 1870. 
She died in Englewood, 111., Oct. 29, 1881. He married (second) her sister, Georgiana 
M. Gilbert, in Jacksonville, 111., Oct. 10, 1883. 

E29 Fredrique Putnam, born Nov. 13, i87i,in Pana, 111. + 

E30 Abraham Calvin, born Feb. 4, 1877, in St. Louis, Mo. 

E31 Georgiana May, born'Aug. 18, 1878, at Speareville, Kas. 

E32 Benjamin Gilbert, born Sept. 25, 1881, in Englewood, III. 

E33 Bessie, born Dec. 31, 1888, in Oconto, Wis., died April 11, 1889. 

-9 — 

D63 ABRAHAM CALVIN BIRD, married Sarah Elizabeth Lippincott (daughter of Rev. Thomas 
Lippincott), in Pana, HI., Oct. 24,1867. 
E34: Thomas Lippincott, born May 6, 1869, in Pana, III.; died Aug. 10, 1869. 
E35 Alberta, born Aug. 6, 1871, in Pana, 1II.+ 
E36 Martha Harriet, born Nov. 16, 1873, in St. Louis, Mo.^ 
E37 Calvin Reynolds, born Nov. 21, 1880: died June 18, 1882. 
E38 Evalyne, born Oct. 20, 1875, in St. Louis, Mo.^ 
E39 Catharine, born in St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 28, 1882. 
E40 William Harrison, born Jan. 12, 1887, in Milwaul%ee, Wis. 

D6-* Martin Luther Bird, married Flora J. Deyo, in Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 24, 1894. 
Ell Elizabeth Evaline, born in Fort Worth, Texas, Aug. 10, 1895. 

D65 ELIZA EVALINE BIRD, married NELSON LANCE, May 7, 1873. 
E4:2 Edna Irene, burn March 16, 1874, in Pana, 111. 
E43 Ernest, ^ 
E-** Arthur B., I Died in infancy. 
E45 Walter, J 

D6S OSSIAN Fremont bird, married Emma B- Bayha, Jan. 1, 1884, in St. Louis, Mo. 
E46 Eugene Calvin, born Sept. 7. 1886, in Milwaukee, Wis. 
E47 Ossian Clinton, born July 15, 1888, in Milwaukee, Wis. 
E48 Walter Bayha, born Oct. 27, 1S90, in North Greent'ield, Wis. 
E49 Carol, born Aug. 30, 1895, in North Greenfield, Wis. 

D77 FRANCIS R. Bird, married Melissa Shook, Dec. 18, 1866. 
E50 Lizzie Pearl, born in Waco, Tex., Dec. 24, 1869. + 
E51 Nautie Lee, born in Waco, Texas, Oct. 28, 1872. + 

D78 ABR*\M BIRD, married Alice Cavendish Byrd, June 16, iSSo. She was born Aug. 22, 1849; 
is still living. 
E53 William Hamilton, born April 27, 1881, in Hannibal, Mo. 
E53 Francis Edward, born Feb. 4, 1884, in Hannibal, Mo. 

I, Andrew UatuUton Byrd, Born Feb. 19. 1790. Have no date of his death. Married Elizabeth Capito. in 1817: born 

Jan. II, I7Q7- 

Note. — The parents of Andrew Hamilton Byrd were murdered by the Indians, and with them all of the family with the ex- 
ception of two girls and one boy. This happened when Andrew was eight years of a^e. The girls were never heard from again, 
but the boy (Andrew) was exchanged with a lot of prisoners. He was then eighteen years of age. 
The children are as follows; 

Mary Ann Byrd. born Oct. 28, 1818. 

William Hamilton Byrd, born June 29, 1820. (Living in 1902.) 

Nancy Hurdebur Byrd. born March 18. 1822. 

Daniel Capito Byrd. born Dec. 18, 1823. 

Jacob Warrick Byrd. born Nov. 12. 1825. 

John Thomas Byrd, born May 22. 1828. (Living in 1902.) 

II, William Uauiiltoii Byrd. married Susan McClintic. Sept. 25, 1842. She was born Sept. 25, 1823; died Feb, 5. 1880. 
The children are as follows: 

William Andrew Byrd. born Oct. j. 1843; died Aug. 20. 1900; married Isabella Smith, In 1870. She survives him. They 
had three children, two of whom are alive at present. 
Alice Cavendish Byrd, born Aug. 20. 1849- 
John Alexander Byrd, born June 12, 1852, Still living. 
Elizabeth Virginia Byrd. born May i, 1855, Still living. 
James McClintic Byrd. born June 14. 1857. Still living. 
Edward Bailey Byrd, born April 4, 1S59: died April 24. 1882. 
Susan Hamilton Byrd. born July 26. i86i. Still living. 
Eugene Peyton Byrd. born June 11. 1865; died in infancy. 

— 10 — 


E54: Elizabeth Lee, married Lee. 

E55 George Abram. 

D80 Catharine bird, married William Phelan, May 20, 1872. 

E56 William J., born May 4, 1875. 
E57 Susan Elizabeth, born April 26,1877. 
E58 Francis A., born Jan. 3, 1879. 

■D92 EDWARD O. BIRD, married Catharine N. Witt, in Commerce, Tex., Ftb. 14, 1881 
E59 Harry W., born July 27, 1882. 
E60 Ottsie M., born April 6, 1884. 
E61 Araminta, born Feb. 18, 1886. 
E62 Mark Edward, born Nov. 11, 1888. 

D93 SALLIE C. BIRD, married HUGH L. McCammon, in Corsicana, Texas, April 16, 1876. He 
died Oct. 5, 1881. 

E63 Hattie Bird, born June 2, 1877, married Edgar Thomas Wareing, Oct. 12, 1808. 
E64 Araminta Pearl, born Dec. 2, 1878. 

D95 M^R^^^EL'f ABETH BIRD, ma-^ied BENJAMiTg. HARRIS, Dec. .5, 1885. They live in 

E65 Mark Bird, born Sept. 20, 1866; died same day. 

^^^ '^Texas.'"'' ^°''" ^'"'" ^°' '^^^' '" '"'"'P''' '^"''^'' ^'^'^ ' ^^oi, in Corsicana, 

E67 Anna Lizzie, born June 10, 1889, died June 10, 1890. 

E68 Robert Barrington, born Nov. i, 1890. died April 26, 1891. 

E69 Benjamin E., born June 13, 1892. 

E70 Wilbur M., born Aug. 15, 1894. 

E7 1 Lilian Roberta, born May 20, 1896; died July 9, 1807. 

E72 Ella Bird, born -^ — ,1898. ^ v, "y/ 

DH2 MARK GORDON BIRD, married ; lives in Paola, Kan. 

^^i^T^^'',"^ ^'^\"''"X"^ JA«ES A. ROGERS, Oct. 18, 1893; lives in St. Louis, Mo. 
HmTS James a., born Oct. II, 1895. 

E29 FREDRIQUE PUTNAM BIRD, mar'ried MarieTtheTda Sawyer, in Horicon.Wis., June^g, 1896. 
Fl Fredrique Edgar, born Sept. 3, 1897. y. "oyu- 

F2 Sawyer Wylie, born April 21, 1900. 

'^^t4''^P,^^K f^ w'T''"u'^ EDWARD WRIGHT CHILDS, Oct. 24, .896, in Evanston, III. 
ta Elizabeth Wnght, born Sept. 20, 1897. 
F4 Alberta, born June 26, 1900. 
F5 S. Davis, born Feb. i, 1902. 

^^^ ^\''n™,6, ^895.""'' "'"''' "'^^^'^^'c^^A^LErHAMMER OLMSTEAD, in Evanston, 111., 

^^^I^^^m''""" ,^"^D "larried PHILIP W. HUSTON,Tn Evanston, lll.,April 21, ,898. 
te Mary, born Nov. 7, I902. 

^^^t'^m^ r^T.^!,"" ""'"'"'^ J^. KIRKSEY, in Hillsboro, Texas, Dec. 23, 1886. 
P7 Nautie Bird, horn Nov. 15, i88q. 

E51 NAUTIE LhE BIRD, married Stuart Scott, 0^29, .895, in Corsicana, Tex. 

— 11 — 


ii = 































If) ^ 

a. a: 

5 > 




I > 

52 = 



1 — 1 

" ? 
o J 

= X 



Uj — 


F e 




-=g<0,Ernest Gray Wylle 
bom Dec. 21. 1862. 
married Nov. 25. 1886, 
Susan Elizabeth Logan 

=^S9 Walter Harwood Wylie. | ^ ^ 

born April 10, 1865. J "^ p 

married Nov. 2. 1896, Mar- j ^^ o • 

tha Gertrude Colmanp^^y^" -o '^ 1 

-^aj. William Winn Wylie. 
born Nov. 1. 1867. 
died March 16, 1868. 


-=^Lena Bird Wylie. 
born Nov. 30. i86q. 
married June 13. 1890. | 
Henry Graves Noel. .93^' 

i: ^ * 

« aj ^ 
» =-5 



5 ■ « 


< W 4) S 

\S C "^ -^ 

■ < > 4- 

£ ^ nj-v 


O V 
-~t zZ 


o rt 
w E 

-: o 

i; o d 
— tfi ■* 

£ c 

= i~ 

Ec/) = 

■=S5ft Arthur Lovett Wylie, 
born Sept. 15. 1872. 

"®» Alice Rose Wylle, 
born March zj. 1876. 
died May 7, 1879. 

-(-This East Haddam. Conn , Beebe line of descent Is said to have been from (i) Alexander (w. Elizabeth) 
Beebe. of Great Addinfton. Northamptonshire. England; (2) John (w. Alice) Beebe; (3) Jonn iw. Rebecca) 
Beebe, of Broughton. England, and New London, Conn.; (4) Samuel Beebe (w, Mary, dtr. of William Keeney); 
(5) Jonathan Beebe, etc. [Vol. 8, Am. Ancestry, etc.] 

t Where this mark is prefixed to a name, the individual thus indicated is shown as having rendered service 
during the Revolutionary War. 


Letters from Danville, Ky-, advise:~*'Catharine (Fry) Bird, we spelled it Byrd, was sister to my 
greatgrandfather, Henry Fry (who married his own cousin, Rachel Fry, from near Richmond, Va.)- 
Both lived in Fayette County, Ky. His father, William Frye, served in the Revolution, was very 
wealthy, had very extensive land grants here, fhe late General Speed S Fry, of this place (son of 
Thomas Walker and Betsey ;Smith) Fry — grandson of Joshua Fry, great grandson of (lolonel John 
Fry, and great great-grandson of (iolonel Joshua Fry), thought he was about third or fourth cousin 
of my grandmother, Rachel (Fry) Kerr. The family tradition is that the Fry family included French 
and Holland ancestry." [What bearing this has on the "German" Speers family mentioned on page 2, 
growing out of the common misuse of the word "Dutch," has not been ascertained. The wite of 
Colonel Joshua Fry, as shown below, was French, a daughter of Dr. Paul Micou. 

[William Fry, later of Jessamine County, Ky., was born Oct- 17, 1761, in Albemarle County, 
Virginia, according to a certificate dated December 10 1901, by H. Clay Evans, United States Pen- 
sion Commissioner, and was granted a pension for services as a soldier during the Revolutionary 
War, his last mentioned enlistment having been in 1781, under Caotaln Benj. Harris (Colonel Rich- 
■ardson), under whom his broth-r Joshua Fry (a resident, in I833, of Garrard County, Ky.), also 
served as a soldier. He enlisted in the Revolutionary Army from Albemarle County, Va., which 
county is nut far from and is due south of both Shenandoah County, Va., (for years the home of 
Colonel Abraham Bird, father-in-law of Catharine (Fry) Bird) and of Frederick County, Va., which 
last named county became, in I744, the home of Benjamin Frye, etc. See p. 7. J 


[Page 164. etc.. vol. v.. William and Mar\- Colleg^e Quarterly.] 

[Page 449. Virfi:inia Magazine of History and Biography.] 

[Page 449. Virginia Magazine of Histop.- and Biography.] 

Anne Bowler, born 1675. died 1705. 

[Page 91, vol. iv.. Virginia Magazine 

of History and Biography.] 

Edloe (per 

page 96, vol. v., 
"Virginia Magazine 
of History and Bi- 
ography." She was 
half sister and HEIR 
of John Edloe. 

Lieut. Col. Matthew 
(2) Edloe. who died 
in 1668-70. settled in 
James City County; 
was a Burgess (as 
"Captain" Matthew 
Edloe) for that 
county in 1658-59. 

Matthew (i) Edloe 
came to Virginia in 
1618. and was Bur- 
gess for the College 
Plantation in 1629. 
Mrs. Alice Edlowe.or 
Edloe, appears to 
have been his widow. 

Thomas Bow 
LER. member of 
the Governor's 
Council in 1670, 
per page 91. vol. 
iv. .Virginia M^g 
azine of History 
and Biography. 

Richard (3) Cocke, born 
1672, died 1720. 


Dec, i6}q; died Nov. 20. , 

per p. 91, vol. iv..Va. Mag. 
of History and Biography. 

Lleut.Col. Richard(i)Cocke 
was in the House of Bur- 
gesses in i6j2 from Wey- 
anoke; again, In 1654. from, 
Henrico, per page 292, voL 
ill.. Va. Mag. of History and j 
Biography. He came over 
from England in 1627. when! 
Captain Francis West, bro- 
ther of Lord De La Warr 
(first Governor) was In 
charge of the colony, per 
pages 71 and 72. vol v.. Va. 
Mng. of History and Biogra- 

Ebenezar Adams, 
[Came from England 
to Virginia before 
1714; married about 
1718: died I7J5 ] 

[Of Albemarle County, Virginia.] 



'—, 1 Adams, 

of Abridge, County 
Essex. England. (P. 
159. 160. 161. vol. v.. 
William and Mary 
College Quarterly. 

Mary, daughter of 
Dr. Paul Micou, 
who came (a Hugue- 
not refugee) from 
Nantes, France, per 
page xvii.. Vir- 
ginia Historical Col- 
lection, vol. v., Hu- 
guenot Emigration 
to Virginia: "Hehad 
been educated for 
the bar. and was a 
man of great and ac- 
knowledged worth. 
He served as Ju >tice 
of the Peace ^rom 
1700 to 1720." ''He 
died May 33, 1736, 
aged 78 years." 

Col. Joshua 
Fry is first men- 
tioned in Vir- 
ginia as Parish 
Vestr>'man and 
Magistrate of Es 
sex County, be- 
tween 1710-20. 
Hedied in i754«J* 

(Gov. Dinwid- 
dle's commission 
to Col. Joshua 
Fry spells the 
name Frye.) 

[See note,] 

•J- The following clipping from "Memoir of Colonel Joshua Fry. some time Professor in William and Mary College, Williams- 
burg. Virginia, and Washington's senior in command of the Virginia forces. 1754. etc., by Rev. P. Slaughter. D. D." shows that 
the Fry f.iinily has had representatives in this country for almost three complete centuries. (The book quoted also mentions 
names shown herein: Byrd. Heiskell, Winn. etc. The Philip Bird Winn, p. 78 thereof, who married Martha Fry Nicholas, daugh- 
ter of Joshua Fry Nicholas and grand daughter of Colonel Joshua Fry. was son of Jesse D. Winn , p. 12 hereof. ) 

"The name Fry is coeval with the Colony. As early 351623. as appears in a census of that date, John Fry died in James 
City and Henry Fry at Flower de Hundred. In 1686 there was a John Fry. of St. John's Parish. New Kent, who had large landed 
estates in old Rappahannock County {now Essex) . the very county where our Joshua Fry • • • * married the widow of 
Colonel Hill, daughter of Dr. Paul Micou." According to tradition, the Fry families herein represented by Catharine Fry. who 
married (Bj) Captain Abraham Bird, and by Araminta Fry, who married (Ci6| Mark Bird, were related. 

On page 461. vol. v.. Virginia Historical Magazine, is copied from Colonel George Washington's ledger a list of the officers 
entitled to land • * • • under the Proclamation of 1754," beginning with "The Estate of Colo. Joseph Fry." 

— 13 —