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The Genealogical Society 

The Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints 

Ralph S. Roberts 





-M ON Ro: :_ 

CAf^y'EHA NO. 

The Bishop David Evans Family Association 

Lehi, Utah 





Pub 1 i s he d b y 

J. Grant Stevenson 

230 West 1230 North 

Provo, Utah 84601 


"It is required of a man that he 
should share the action and passion of 
his time at peril of being judged not to 
have lived, " . 

--Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes 



Bishop David Evans of Lehi- -spiritual leader, 
confidant and emissary of the Prophet Joseph Smith 
and Brigham Young, colonizer, legislator, military- 
commander, mayor --had a profound influence on 
events in the early history of the Mormon Church 
and the settlement of the West. 

The purpose of this book is to preserve for 
posterity some of the intimate details about the life, 
activities and accomplishments of this rugged 
pioneer leader and his family. 

The book is not a history. It is not a bio- 
graphy. Rather, it is a collection of available 
miscellaneous writings, photographs, and genea- 
logical information relating to David Evans, his 
wives and children, and approximately 5000 

The personal history summaries of David 
Evans' wives and children were written personally 
by them, or by members of their immediate 
families who were familiar with the facts and 
circumstances described. Space limitations pre- 
vented including similar summaries for descendants 
beyond the second generation, and beyond the third 
generation in the family of David's first wife, 
Mary Beck. 

Practical considerations also precluded the 
listing of complete genealogical information on all 
descendants whose names appear in this volume. 
However, for the researcher, sufficient data is 
given in the Genealogical Section to trace the lineage 
of each descendant, and to provide a lead into the 
more comprehensive connpilation contained in the 
official records of the David Evans Family Association, 

In scheduling the preparatory work on this 
project, it was necessary to establish February 1, 
1971 as the closing date for statistical data in both 
the personal histories and the Genealogical Section, 


Data on descendants who died in infancy is included 
only in the latter section. 

The Committee recognizes that no informa- 
tion is included for some descendants. It has worked 
diligently to avoid these gaps, but without success. 
All information submitted has been used. 

For accuracy of content in personal history 
summaries, and of names and dates in the Genealogi- 
cal Section, the Committee has relied primarily on 
the knowledge and careful work of family members 
who prepared and submitted the material. Submis- 
sions were then reviewed by the appropriate conni- 
mittee member representing the branch of the Evans 
family to which the information related. Efforts 
were made to avoid publishing any errors. But 
writers and editors are all human beings, and 
some mistakes may have slipped into the final 
printing. For any such the Committee extends 
its apology. 

Readers will observe that each personal photo, 
personal history, and name listed in the Genealogi- 
cal Section has a number assigned. This individual 
numbering system is the same as that used in the 
official records of the Bishop David Evans Family 
Association, The direct line of descent for each 
person is identified by adding his number to that of 
his parent -descendant. For exaraple: Rebecca 
Coleman, the sixth wife of David Evans, is assigned 
No. 6, The number assigned to each of her des- 
cendants begins with "6" to which a number is added 
for each generation of her posterity. Thus her 
oldest child, George Evans, has No, 61; his oldest 
child, Charlotte Rebecca Evans Lewis has No, 611; 
Charlotte's fifth child, Agnes Lewis Cundick, has 
No. 6115; and Agnes third child, Maria Kay, has 
No. 61153. Where there are more than nine child- 
ren in a given family, the alphabetical suffix, A, 
B, or C is assigned to the 10th, 11th or 12th child, 
e. g. : If George Evans had eleven children, the 10th 
child would have #61A, the 11th child #6 IB. 

This publication would not have been possible 
but for the sustained interest and long years of 
dedicated effort of many descendants of David Evans. 


For their assistance we are deeply grateful. The 
Family is especially indebted to Emma Jane Evans 
Roberts (a daughter), Christie Ellingson Peterson 
(a granddaughter), Lela W. Lott (a granddaughter), 
and Donnette P, Holmstead (a great, great grand- 
daughter) for many years of research, data collec- 
tion, and record-keeping; to David Heywood (a 
great grandson) whose leadership in the 1960's 
brought new vigor to the David Evans Family Asso- 
ciation; and to Benjamin J, Lott (a great, great 
grandson) who, as the Association's President, 
gave general direction to the final preparation 
of the manuscript and its publication. 

Publication Committee 
The Bishop David Evans Family Association 



Bishop David Evans -- 

From Cecil County, Maryland to 

Salt Lake Valley 1 

His Leadership in Utah 19 

The Wives -- 

Mary Beck 46 

Barbara Ann Ewell 49 

Sarah Thornton Coleraan 55 

Edna Hinchliff 63 

Clymenia Shaw , 61 

Rebecca Coleman 64 

Margaret Christine Holm ........ 68 

Personal History Sumraaries-- 

Children, grandchildren and great grand- 
children of Mary Beck 75-200 

Children and grandchildren of-- 

Barbara Ann Ewell 201-278 

Clymenia Shaw 279-296 

Rebecca Coleman 296-315 

Margaret Christine Holm 316-351 

Genealogical Section 352-567 

Addendum- - 

Facsimilies --Ecclesiastical, civic and 
military commissions given David 
Evans, and military orders directed 

to him 568a-568h 

Notes from diary of David's son, Israel . 569-575 
Facsimile --Deed from President of U.S. 
transferring title of land in Lehi 
through Israel Evans , 575a 


Bishop David Evans 





1804 - 1850 

David Evans, the second child of Israel Evans 
and Abigail Alexander, was born in Cecil Co. , Mary- 
land the 27th of October 1804. Of his father, Israel, 
we have but traditional information as to his parent- 
age --a Welsh father and a German mother --that he 
was born about 1770 on the ocean while coming to 
the American Colonies from Wales. Israel is said 
to have spoken on various occasions of his being the 
twenty-first child in his father's family. Nothing 
thereafter is known until the Cecil Co. marriage 
records list Israel Evans to Abby Alexander, 4 
October 1802. 

History of David's mother is somewhat more 
complete. She was the third child of Josiah Alex- 
ander and his wife, Elizabeth, Their children, 
seven in all, were James, Nancy, Abigail, Esther, 
Henry, Jane, and Margaret, The father, Josiah, 
was born 3 Oct 1752 in Cecil Co. , Md. , and died 
in 1818 in Centre Hall, Centre Co., Penn, Nothing 
is known of Elizabeth, his wife, except her death, 
1825, in Centre Hall, Centre Co., Penn. Josiah's 
father, James Alexander, was born abt 1690 again 
in the old home in Cecil Co, , Md, James was the 
father, by his first wife Margaret McKnitt, of sons 
who are associated with the drafting and signing of 
the Mecklinberg Declaration of Independence, 
Josiah was of his father's second family. His 
mother's name was Abigail. Students of the 
Alexander family claim Abigail to have been the 
sister of Margaret, James' first wife. 

James Alexander was the son of Joseph 
Alexander, born about 1660, possibly at Raphoe, 
Ulster, Ireland, and died 1730 in Cecil Co., Md. , 
and of Abigail, thought to have been a sister of 
John McKnitt Sr. Joseph, together with six brothers 


Cecil County, Md. 2 

and two sisters, appears to have been children of 
the Reverend James Alexander, of Raphoe, Ire- 
land--of the Laggan Presbytery. The Reverend 
James was born about 1625- -it is not known 
whether in Ireland or Scotland. However, it is 
known that he was of Scotch extraction. 

The property of Abby's father Josiah was the 
original "holdin's" of Grandfather Joseph, surveyed 
from the wilderness by George Talbot, Surveyor- 
General "for a certain Edwin O'Dwire and fifteen 
other Irishmen, " and later purchased by them from 
Thomas Stevenson. It was a tract of 128 acres on 
the east side of Big Elk River that overlapped into 
Pennsylvania along what later became the Mason 
and Dixon Line. 

The country through which this tract --known 
as the New Munster strip- -was surveyed is of 
rolling hills drained by the Big Elk, primarily a 
spring fresh. Through the years the areas that 
were formed not only gave their fertility to their 
crops but by the washing of the rains to the gullies 
and the streams. The thin mantle of soil overlay- 
ing a rocky foundation gradually gave way to this 
erosion sifting up the rocky subsoil and leaving a 
rocky scrabble over the surface. In the flatter 
areas back from the faster drainage, or where 
the ground has been protected by native growth as 
under the wooded thickets along the gully bottoms 
and sides, may be found myrtle and ivy in matted 
profusion. The soil here attests to the native 
fertility when surveyed by Talbot, 

With the depletion of the soil over a large 
portion of the farm- -and with distinct advantages 
in the water of the Big Elk, Josiah established a 
mill and by the building of a dam and millrace, 
and by the frugal use of the limited waters of the 
stream, he became a successful miller. 

It was into this setting that Israel moved upon 
his marriage to Abby. It was here that his first 
two children were born. The first a daughter, 
Eliza, 3 Aug 1803, followed by David, 27 Oct 1804. 
It is not known whether his name was suggested by 
King David, the sweet singer of Israel, whether it 
was because of its traditional Welsh flavor. Some 
wonder if it might be that David was his paternal 

3 Cecil County, Md. 

grandfather's name following an old Welsh custom. 
We are led to believe that it was here that Israel 
learned the miller's trade from his father-in-law. 

In 1795, prior to the marriage of Israel and 
Abby, the oldest brother James reviewed the 
advantages and disadvantages of the rocky Mary- 
land soil against the claims of available rich land 
in Central Pennsylvania. While he recognized the 
disadvantages of living in Indian country he moved 
to Mifflin Co., Penn. In 1800 that part of Mifflin 
Co., where James lived, together with portions of 
several other counties were organized into Centre 
Co, As the family of father Josiah married, the 
advantages of farms in Central Pennsylvania 
attracted them, and as James was settled and able 
to help in finding a new home and land it was only 
natural to choose Centre Co, as the place to settle. 

Sometime after David's birth, Israel and 
Abby decided to move westward. About thirty 
miles west and south of Centre Hall they found a 
place on Spruce Creek about a mile above its con- 
fluence with the Juniata River, This strip of Spruce 
Creek furnished a connecting valley for routes be- 
tween the east and the fertile soil of the Ohio and 
Michigan valleys. To take advantage of this move- 
ment Israel built a one -room log structure that he 
operated as a tavern. 

(Israel Evans--a son of David--recorded in 
his journal dated 16 November 1869: "I walked to 
the old tavern stand, one raile up Spruce Creek 
where grandfather once lived and kept tavern. 
Father - -David Evans --was reared there, ") 

It was in these surroundings that David grew 
to manhood. In such a background, the "homespun" 

was a way of life. It is to the credit of Israel and 
Abby that son David, together with the other child- 
ren, gained a readin' and writin' education that, 
together with his frontier practicality sustained 
him in his many and varied pursuits throughout a 
long and eventful life. 

It was at Spruce Creek that Jesse, a son, 
was born, 29 May 1811, followed by Nancy, a 
second daughter, 26 May 1814, It is at present 
believed that the last child, a son Israel, was 

Cecil County, Md. 4 

born in 1823. While this may have been at Centre 
Hall it is almost certain that it was not at Chatham, 
Ontario, Canada as previously recorded in some of 
the genealogical sheets. 

On the 23rd of March 1816, Josiah sold his 
land in Cecil Co. , Maryland, and he and his wife 
Elizabeth moved to Centre Hall, Centre Co. , Penn. , 
to be with their family. Father Josiah was in poor 
health and passed away in the early part of 1818. 
(His will dated 10 Feb 1818 was executed 14 July 
1818. ) Mother Elizabeth died in Centre Co. in 1825. 
(Her will is dated 4 June 1819 and executed 22 Nov 
1825. ) 

The death of the parents and the maturity of 
the first two of Israel's and Abby's children, together 
with a decline in the tavern business, triggered a 
family separation. Israel and Abby gave up their 
holdings on Spruce Creek and went to McGregors 
Mills. In 1830 they purchased land on the McGregor 
Stream and helped in establishing the town of 
Chatham, Ontario, Canada, Israel was very suc- 
cessful in Chatham as he there established the first 
carding and grist mills. They were powered by a 
team of horses on a treadmill. He established and 
operated the Cross Keys Tavern, hotel property, etc, 
A letter written by Abby to Eliza is here given- - 
which explains the establishment of the carding mill. 
It also reflects the great concern she had for her 
two children who had left the nest. It, too, tells us 
that though David had spent almost his entire pre- 
married life in the environs of Spruce Creek, yet 
he was acquainted with the entire area and had 
enjoyed close family relationships with his mother's 
people in Centre Co. , "over the mountain. " 

"Chatham 1830 October 29 
"Dear Children: 

"I now write to you again to let you know we 
received your letters one dated March 2 the other 
September 12th. We got the last in ten days after 
it was wrote Jess was in Detroit when the mail 
came in and just got it. The first we did not get 
until the last of June. We got one from David the 
same time that was wrote in June I then wrote to 
you both but it seems that you did not get it. I 
wrote to you about David when he was coming and 

5 Chatham, Ontario 

likewise to him about you for he wanted to know 
whether we had heard from you or not he then did 
not know where to direct a letter to you. We have 
not had any letter from him since perhaps he did 
not get it, I suppose you felt sorry for the loss of 
your baby but why should we mourn when your own 
life was spared it taken and you left to be a comfort 
to your husband. You say you have a comfortable 
home and like your situation. Well we feel happy 
to know that you have got a good companion and 
hope that you will live a peaceful and Godly life. 
Could I talk with you in place of writing it would 
be more satisfactory to me but must put up with 
writing a little longer. It is still a comfort to us 
when we can write and hear from one another. I 
got a letter from Nancy Boozer a few days ago 
which was wrote the 8th of August which informs 
us that your Uncle James Alexander is dead he 
died the 12th of January last and Francis and his 
step Mother lives together in the old place yet and 
doing very well. Her three children live with them 
and Amos Rachel and Jane she did not say a word 
about, Betsy what has become of her. They are 
still where we left them and have built a fine honne 
this summer and have all their crops in Eliza is 
not married yet. John and Frances is still at home 
with them, James is midling well and is living with 
young Andrew Gregg better than one year he is 
clerking for him he keeps store and has built a 
mill where Alexander Johnston lived above James, 
Sally Boozer has four children she had one last 
summer and has been in a poor state of health 
since not able to do anything all winter but has got 
able to go out a little again. Sister Peggy and Ann 
Pain and Frances all live at Henry Boozers, Henry 
Alexanders family were all well and your Aunt was 

just at the falling foot with the fourth child she has 
three sons, 

"I must leave them off and write about some 
of our own concerns, I wrote to you in the last 
letter that we had bought the house that Dr, 
McMillian owned where the creek comes into the 
river we have built a large frame building on it 
and have our carding machine in it and have had 
it running since the first of July, it does very 
good business they have carded five thousand 

Chatham, Ontario 6 

weight since that time and is still carding some 
every day. It goes by horses with a tread wheel 
it takes two horses to turn it. We left the Mill in 
July when the water failed this summer. We have 
a midling good house and one acre of ground to it. 
We have had a very throng summer in building and 
getting our mill to go. This county is imtproving 
very much since we came to it we have a handsome 
situation here and I am pleased with it. I am begin- 
ning to feel as if we lived at home and can sit down 
by my own fireside with pleasure in the evenings 
we often talk of you and feel thankful that we are 
still in the land of the living and not in the place 
of repentance and we hope that our lives may be 
all spared until we do meet again and hope that an 
opportunity may soon come that we may meet again 
if not we must try to prepare to meet in a better 
place we would like to see you both if you could 
make it suit you to come but must be contended till 
we can we would like to see David and Polly and 
the little children but I suppose it will be a while 
before I shall and must content myself with praying 
for you all. It has been very healthy here this sum- 
mer and we have had no sickness this two years we 
are all well at present thank God for his mercy to 
us. It has been very dry this summer crops is 
midling good and great crops of wheat and also of 
fruit Jess can still nuns yet but he has grown so 
very tall I suppose you would not know him he 
talks of coming to see you sonne time but I don't 
know when. Do not think we have forgotten you we 
have not I wrote as soon as I knew where to direct 
a letter. Your Father and the children joins me in 
love to you Remember us to your companion and 
tell him that we would like to see him. 

"Your loving Mother till death 

"Write again as soon as this comes to hand and let 
us know how you are coming on and write to David. " 

David married, 25 July 1826, Mary Beck, the 
daughter of Henry and Margaret Beighel Beck, of 
Pennsylvania. Shortly after his marriage he took 
up ground near Hanoverton, Columbiana Co, , Ohio 
where his first two children were born, Eliza Jane, 
16 April 1827, and Israel, 2 October 1828. Sometime 

7 Hanoverton, Ohio 

shortly after this they moved to a new farm near 
Worthington, Richland Co. , Ohio, where David 
broke prairie ground with its first plowing. It 
was here that Henry, 25 Oct 183 0, and Mary Ann, 
2 September 1832, were born. 

On the 6th of April 1833, David and his faraily 
joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day 
Saints, commonly called the Mormons, This was 
on the third anniversary of the organization of what 
will hereafter be spoken of as "the Church. " With 
David, this conversion became his way of life. 
Indeed, there are few people in the stream of 
humanity that can point to an event and associate 
it with such commitment or singleness of purpose. 
It may truly be said of David, and the Mormon 
religion, that the time, the place and the girl were 
well met. His lamp was trimmed and filled with 
oil and the new movement swept him into service, 
sacrifice, and a life of leadership and colonization. 

On the 11th of April 1833, just five days after 
baptism, he was ordained a Priest, Responding to 
the call of the Elders, he sold his farm and com- 
menced his missionary labors. On the 21st of July 
1833 he was ordained an Elder in the Church and 
continued his neighborhood missionary endeavors 
as well as provide for his family. 

At this time, members of the Church in Jack- 
son County, Missouri, were experiencing great 
trial as the result of expulsion frora their homes 
by mobs incited to violence by enemies of the 
Church. In the spring of 1834 the Prophet and 
President of the Church called for volunteers to go 
to Missouri in an effort to aid the "Saints" and to 
endeavor to relieve them of their sufferings, David 
joined in this movement which was called "Zions 
Camp, " and made the long march with wagons of 
clothing, food and relief materials. The route, 
about a thousand miles, required roughly thirty 
days for a team and light wagon. The roads were 
poor and through areas that were unfriendly to the 
Church. The men within the Camp were not all 
ready for the hardships and sickness they would 
have to endure, and the march became, truly, a 
test of faith. 

Zion's Camp 8 

While some relief was given to the "Saints" 
in Missouri, the movement failed to return them 
to their homes and Zion's Camp was considered a 
failure and disbanded 3 July 1834, The long trek ' 
back to their homes occupied an additional month 
leaving added feeling of disenchantment for those 
weak in the faith. So it was that the Zion's Camip 
movement justified itself in disclosing the willing- 
ness of the faithful to service. In November of 
1834, final preparations were made for a School 
of the Elders (invited from the ranks of the Zions 
Camp members) which continued through January 
of 1835. The "Lecture of Faith" given at this time 
were later compiled for inclusion in the Doctrine 
and Covenants of the Church. 

In fulfillment of a revelation of June 1829 the 
Prophet (on 8 Feb 1835) "expressed a desire to see 
those brethren together who went up to Zion in the 
camp the previous summer" for, he said, "I had a 
blessing for them. " A meeting was appointed for 
14 February 1835 at which the Twelve Apostles 
were chosen and instructed, and from this organiza- 
tion and revelations on the Priesthood the Seventies 
Quorum was organized 28 Feb 1835, There is every 
reason to believe that David Evans was in attendance 
at these events for he was ordained to the first 
Quorum of Seventy on the 29th of February 1835, 
Being fired with missionary zeal he went into his 
area of labor- -writing back to the Kirtland brethren 
the following: 

"Perry, April 19th, 1835. 
"Dear Brother: -- 

"As many reports have gone out about the 
downfall of this church, and that it is decreasing 
in place of increasing, I have thought it would be 

encouraging to our brethren to hear from us; 
therefore, I wrote to you these few lines: the 
church, where I reside, in the township of 
Perry, Richland co. numbers at this time 36 
members, in good standing; five of whom have 
been baptized within seven days, and 4 about 
two months before, and some others that appear 
to be believing, which we trust and pray raay 
come in. Pray for us, that the work of the Lord 
may continue to prosper with us, as well as all 
other places. --This from yours, &:c. David Evans. 

9 Richland Co. , Ohio 

On May 2, 1835 the Council of Twelve and 
Seventies, in nneeting assembled, were called to 
their various missionary endeavors. David Evans, 
in his calling as a Seventy, was there and in a letter 
dated 24 May 1835 reports the following to the 
brethren at Kirtland; 

"Columbiana Co, May 24, 1835. 

"Dear Brother:--! take this opportunity of 
writing to you to inform you where I am, and 
what I am pursuing, 

"I left Kirtland on the 3d of May, and came 
to Georgetown, Columbiana County, before I 
commenced to proclaim the gladsome news of 
the everlasting gospel, I endeavored to have 
a congregation convene to preach to, but could 
not get one in this place. I was sent by a land- 
lord to a Methodist Preacher, who, he said, 
managed the preaching in that place, I desired 
of him to let me preach. He replied, he would 
not, at the same time making many objections -- 
such as deceivers, false prophets, &:c. How- 
ever, he challenged me for a debate; and finding 
that I could not get any other way to preach to 
the people of that place--! thought proper to 
accept the challenge - -feeling confident that after 
the debate ! would get an invitation. 

"We met on the 11th inst. and held the debate 
upon the principles of religion. After the debate 
was over, I was invited to preach, and made an 
appointment the same evening --and compared 
the Methodist Episcopal discipline with the sacred 
scriptures. Since then I have been informed, 
that all the citizens of that place decided in my 
favor, with the exception of two individuals, 

"From this place I pursued my journey; came 
to Hanover, and preached several times. Here 
I found two that I had baptized last spring, who 
were strong in the faith. From thence 1 jour- 
neyed and came to Manervy, proclaimed on 
Sabbath on the Sandy planes and was opposed by 
some of the Campbellites, and was challenged 
for another debate, which I again accepted: which 
debate lasted one day. We had our Moderators 
chosen. The decision was in favor of the Latter 
Day Saints, A few days after, I preached again 
in the same place; and after I was through, a 

Richland Co. , Ohio 10 

Campbellite preacher stood up to oppose my 
sentiments. After he was through, another of 
his brother preachers arose and declared, that 
if there could be no better arguments raised 
against Mormonism, it would sweep the land. 
And spoke in favor of many points relative to 
the fair principles of Mr. Evans' arguments. 

"I then came to a three days' meeting in 
Hanover, held by the Campbellite s, and on 
Sabbath the 2 3d inst. desired the privilege of 
making a reply to Campbellisra, but was refused 
by the leaders. Notwithstanding this, some of 
the people requested me to go to the woods (a 
short distance from this place) which I accepted, 
and about two -thirds of the assembly followed. 
After the discourse was ended, I gave an invita- 
tion for baptism, and one came forward- -and 
many were affected, and the Spirit of the Lord 
fell upon the people, and some were convinced. 
We have a great range of country to preach in, 
and large congreations attend our meetings. 

To O. Cowdery, Esq. " 

During these busy missionary activities the 
birth of their daughter, Margaret, occurred 3 
January 1835 near Perry, Richland Co., Ohio, 

On the 24th Sept 1835 at Kirtland, a covenant 
to work for the redemption of Zion (the area around 
Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri being so 
named) was drawn up and subscribed to by the 
brethren. A prayer was also given for immigrants 
to go up to Zion the following spring, David 
responded to this call and with his family, he being 
called to serve as Captain of the Company, moved 
to Missouri where they established themselves 

along Shoal Creek in Caldwell Co. This group 
was made up largely of converts from David's 
missionary labors. 

The Missouri period was one of persecution 
and hardship for the settlers. Not only were they 
molested by ruthless mobsters but sorrowed at the 
death of their baby Margaret on the 27 August 1836 
near Shoal Creek. Harassment of members of the 
Church by their enemies did not deter David from 
his missionary labors and after preaching and 

11 Missouri Period 

teachingwe find him, on 10 June 1837, baptising 
members of the Pleasant Ewell family into the 
Church. This occurred in Ray Co,, Missouri, 
which was central to the various areas of greatest 
persecution at that time, namely, Jackson Co. , 
where extermination measures had already been 
practiced and sanctioned by the State Governor, 
and Clay and Caldwell Co. where feelings were 
running high. 

As a brief interlude of joy and sorrow prior 
to the tragedy to follow was the birth of Araminta, 
a daughter, 21 August 1838, She passed away 
1 October 1838. 

On 30 October 1838, the Hauns Mill massacre 
occurred. According to the account of Amanda 
Smith, "Bro. David Evans made a treaty with the 
mob that they would not molest us. He came just 
before the massacre and called the company 
together and we knelt in prayer. " 

From Joseph Young's narrative of the 

"It was about 4:00 o'clock, while sitting in 
my cabin, with my babe in my arms, and my 
wife standing by my side, the door being open, 
I cast my eyes on the opposite bank of Shoal 
Creek and saw a large company of armed men, 
on horses, directing their course towards the 
mill with all possible speed. As they advanced 
through the scattering trees that stood on the 
edge of the prairie they seemed to form them- 
selves into a three square position, forming a 
vanguard in front. 

"At this moment David Evans, who had com- 
mand of the few brethren who had organized for 
self defense, seeing the superiority of their 
numbers (there being 240 of them, according 
to their own account), swung his hat and ran 
out to meet them crying for peace. This not 
being heeded they continued to advance. , , no 
peace was granted, " 

During the ensuing scene of bloodshed, 
eighteen or nineteen lives were snuffed out. David, 
his wife and family hid in the wooded area next to 
the river where they were saved. 

Missouri Period 12 

Following the massacre, a few of the bereaved 
families gathered at the home of David Evans somie 
two miles from the scene of the tragedy. It was to 
his home at this time that Alma Smith was carried. 
It was also at this time that the extermination order 
from the Governor of the State of Missouri was 
issued. And David's family together with many 
others, left for Illinois, David finding a homie near 
Pay son, Adams Co. It was here that their seventh 
child, Emma, was born 12 Jan 1840. 

Early in 1841, David Evans was called on a 
mission to Iowa by the Council of the Twelve, A 
receipt dated 18 January 1841 at Nauvoo for six 
dollars twenty-five cents to apply against a hymn 
book, a book of covenants and two of the new trans- 
lation makes one wonder if he were not endeavoring 
to broaden his missionary talents. These mission- 
ary activities, however, appear to have been cut 
short with the death of his wife, Mary, on 2 June 
1841, leaving a family of five (two had predeceased): 

Eliza Jane 















Mary Ann 










Mary Beck Evans, by the remembrances of her 
children and pioneer associates, was a woman of 
courage, resourcefulness and power. She was true 
to her friends, and always trustworthy. 

On the 23 November 1841, David married 
Barbara Ann Ewell, the daughter of Pleasant and 
Barbara Fauber Ewell. She, being 20 years 6 
months, became the head of two households of 
children- -her father's and her new husband's. 
On the 20 August 1842, a Committee of the High 
Council recommended the division of Nauvoo into 
ten wards, with an Eleventh Ward to the south and 
east of the townsite. David was asked to accept the 
bishop's assignment. With this responsibility before 
him he gave up his place in Adams Co. and pur- 
chased, on the 8th of September 1842, some ten 
acres in Township 6, Range 8 North in Hancock 
Co., being about three miles south and east of 
Nauvoo. On 4 December 1842 he was ordained 
Bishop of the Eleventh Ward. 

13 Hancock Co, , Illinois 

At this time they were also to have joy in the 
birth of Barbara Ann's first child- -a daughter -- 
Martha 20 Oct 1842, A second daughter to Barbara 
Ann, Amanda, was born 21 April 1844. With all 
this, David was called by the High Council to serve 
a mission to Virginia, 15 May 1844. It is doubtful 
that he fulfilled any part of this mission as the 
Expositor Press affair flared into heat, and the 
mobs began to cry out for the life of the Prophet 
and to incite any who would join them against any 
member of the Church. 

On the 16th June 1844 a public meeting was 
held at Nauvoo where a resolution was formed to 
send delegates into the various precincts through- 
out the county to lay a true statement of the facts 
before the public. The Rocky Run precinct was 
assigned to Anson Call, E, Horner, Nicholas 
Bos cow and David Evans, After their efforts in 
Rocky Run had proved anything but satisfactory- - 
on the 19 June 1844, Call, Evans, and Horner 
submitted an Affidavit regarding treatment of the 
Nauvoo Committee by Levi Williams, to the 
effect that General Smith be taken on an Old Writ 
by the same person who had previously taken him, 
and that he be tried at the same place where the 
writ was originally issued, (This was apparently 
into Missouri as Joseph Smith, through his repre- 
sentation had expressed a willingness to appear in 
any court except in Missouri, ) Talk of tar and 
feathers and dipping in the Mississippi were also 
a part of the report. 

On 21 June 1844 the City Council met. The 
various affidavits already submitted were read, 
including the one of Call, Evans and Horner, and 
others were taken from attending delegates after 

which all were sent to Governor Thomas Ford at 
Carthage, 111, 

As early as the 15 June 1844 Anson Call and 
David Evans had been asked by the Prophet to 
determine the temper of the mob. After the 
Prophet was informed of their findings he requested 
that they make affidavit of their findings, and then 
to take it to Judge Thomas who was holding court 
in Knoxville about 80 miles away. After great 
effort. Call and Evans managed an audience with 

Hancock Co. , Illinois 14 

the judge who, after insistance for a letter from 
the judge to Joseph Smith, wrote the following- -as 
near as Anson Call could remember: 

"General Smith, Sir, In perusing your letter 
I find that you were mistaken in the instructions 
that I gave you while at Nauvoo, and I know of 
no course for you to pursue to answer the 
requirements of the law, but to suffer yourself 
to be taken by the officer holding the writ and 
go before the Justice of the Peace who issued 
the same and have an investigation of the matter. 
It is the officer's duty to protect you; this the 
law requires, and I cannot as an officer of the 
law give you any different instructions. 
Yours Respectfully, " 

"We (Call and Evans) told the judge that 
General Smith could not go in safety to Carthage 
for the trial with the officer who held the writ, 
for there were five hundred men there who were 

sworn to take his life The judge replied: 

'This is nothing but his and your imagination 
and that will be better understood when tried. '" 

On the afternoon of the 2 June, Anson Call 
and David Evans returned and went directly to the 
Mansion House. They were refused audience with 
the Prophet, or of any information of where he was 
to be found, (Actually he was on the Iowa side of 
the river. ) Emma, thereafter, talked with them, 
requested the letter from Judge Thomas and 
promised to give it to the Prophet as soon as she 
could. After some thoughtfulness they gave her 
the letter. She read it in their presence and in 
the presence of Messrs Cutler and Cahoon. Call 
and Evans told her what Judge Thomas had said 
and wished her to tell it to Joseph. Mrs, Smith 
again assured them that the Prophet would be 
informed of the conversation with Judge Thomas, 

Anson Call continues his recollections of 
their mission for the Prophet, with the statement: 
"I have since understood from Dr. Willard Richards 
that Messrs. Cahoon and Cutler went over the 
river the same afternoon, after they had heard the 
letter read, and persuaded Joseph to give himself 
up to his enemies. I never had the privilege of 
speaking to the Prophet again. " 

15 Hancock Co. , Illinois 

Anson records the closing event of their 
assignment: "Sunday morning, the 2 8th, I saw 
O, P. Rockwell come into the city at full speed, 
with the sweat dripping from his horse, shouting 
with his stentorian voice pitched in the highest 
notes of intensified sorrow and wrath, 'Joseph is 
killed, they have killed him, they have killed him. ' 
Yes, Joseph Smith the Prophet and his brother the 
Patriarch, Hyrumi, had been shot in Carthage jail 
about 5:00 p.m. on the 27th June 1844." Barbara 
Ann Ewell Evans writes in her life sketch the 

"I saw Joseph and Hyrum Smith after their 
martyrdom. It was a solemn day among the 
Saints. We felt like a flock of sheep without a 
shepherd, but the Lord had another shepherd 
to lead His Saints. It was Brigham Young, I 
was present the day he was set apart to lead 
the church. No Saint could dispute it, for it 
did seera when he spoke as though it was 
Joseph's own voice that was addressing us. 
I never shall forget that day nor how the Spirit 
of the Lord was poured out upon the people; it 
came so mild, yet so penetrating that every 
heart beat with joy to know we had a man of 
God to lead the Saints. Oh, what a consolation 
it was to know we were not forgotten. " 

At the October General Conference following 
the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph and his 
brother Hyrum, the many church officers then 
assembled received a sustaining vote from the 
membership. Bp David Evans was sustained in 
his calling in the Eleventh Ward, 

In 1845 Bp David was issued a Certificate to 
the Membership Abroad. We wonder if this was 
by way of a mission assignment in an attempt to 
raise funds for the completion of the temple. If 
so it is not known that he fulfilled such a mission. 

On the 27 January 1846 Amanda, David's #10 
child and Barbara Ann's #3, was born. 

Continued and increasing persecution from 
the unfriendly mobs caused the saints, who could 
get no legal redress from their enemies, to sell 
out as best they could and leave the State, So it 

Hancock Co. , Illinois 16 

was with Bishop David who 20 April 1846 sold his 
property just south and east of the City for $100. 00, 
and joined the Westward migration. Barbara Ann 
tells it as follows: 

"I remained in Illinois until the exodus from 
that state, which was in 1846. Some of the 
Saints had neither teams nor wagons. The 
brethren united together and made wagons for 
those that had none: by that means all had 
wagons, but not teams, and we were obliged to 
get away, as the mob was howling around, and 
Nauvoo was threatened. So my husband, being 
bishop of the Eleventh Ward, concluded to take 
the teams they had and move as many as they 
could. We made a start with what teams we had, 
crossed the Mississippi River, went a day's jour- 
ney, and set the families down on the prairie. 
The next day they took the teams and brought 
the rest. " 

With great hardship, because of insufficient 
teams for all their wagons, they raoved across Iowa 
and on the 21 July 1846 were among those who 
watched the mustering in of the raen of the Mormon 
Battalion at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Israel Evans, 
son of David, was signed up in Company "B" for 
what became a march unsurpassed by foot soldiers. 
Through the States of Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, 
New Mexico, Old Mexico, Arizona and Southern 
California, a distance of more than 2 000 miles, 
only to be mustered out 29 January 1847 in San 
Diego, Calif, , more than a thousand miles from 
their planned-for homes in the Utah Territory. 

With Israel "gone for a soldier, " the Evans 
Company, made up of 11th Ward members and 
David Evans' converts, began the preparation for 
their trek across to the Rocky Mountains. Barbara 
Ann tells it this way: 

"Soon after the men got employment breaking 
prairie and other work. We took oxen and milk 
cows, so in the fall all had teams and provisions 
for the winter. I did considerable spinning in 
the tent, also quilted several quilts. One great 
blessing, we were generally well. We did not 
have many luxuries, still we felt thankful for 
what we had. We then started for Council Bluffs, 

17 To the Salt Lake Valley 

but it was late in the fall, winter had set in, and 
we stopped on the headwaters of the Nodaway. 
The men cut hay and put up log huts. My hus- 
band made a sideloom, and I did considerable 
weaving that winter. The cattle could not live 
on the frost-bitten hay so they commenced to 
die; our provisions began to get short; and we 
were obliged to leave in the month of February, 
1847, We started for Missouri, lost our way, 
our teams that were left gave out, and we had 
to kill and eat them to save our lives. 

"My husband and two other men, Joseph 
Smith (Lehi) and Shaw, went down to Missouri 
to get fresh teams and provisions, while they 
left their families camped on a small stream 
which was called Starvation Creek. We suffered 
from hunger and cold, but we did not complain, 
for we were united; we truly lived the order; we 
all shared alike. My husband came with fresh 
teams and provisions. I tell you it was a day 
of rejoicing. We had not heard from them since 
they left. They had had hard work to get teams. 
The people were so prejudiced against the Mor- 
mons, they were almost to return without any- 
thing. My husband told the people he would 
return and die with the rest of the people. One 
gentleman spoke and said, 'Can't you do some- 
thing for these men; they seem to be honest? ' 
The men began to volunteer, and he soon had 
all the provisions and teams he wanted, 

"We then made another start for Missouri, 
The snow had fallen to a great depth, and we 
could not keep on the divide. After wallowing 
in the snow for four or five days, camping on 
the prairie without fire, we arrived in Nodaway 

County, Missouri, March 1, 1847. My son, 
Joseph, was born April 7th, in a house without 
doors, windows, chimneys or floors. My food 
was corn bread ground on a hand mill; we had 
bran for coffee. We stayed there three years, 
had plenty of work, made a good outfit and 
started for Utah, May 15th, 1850. My baby 
was ten days old when we started. After the 
company got together. Bishop Evans was 
appointed captain. They were organized, and 
on June 15 we made a start for Utah, " 

To the Salt Lake Valley 18 

To catch up on the statistics - -Biblically it 
would be said, "And So & So begat. " During their 
stay on Nodaway Ridge, Missouri, the oldest child 
of David's, Eliza Jane, married Ira Hinckley, 
August 1848. On the 7th April 1847, Joseph, 
Barbara Ann's #4 child was born on the Nodaway 
Ridge, Missouri. On the 27 April 1849, Sarah, 
the #5 child was born to Barbara Ann. 1 June 1849, 
Israel, son of David, married Matilda Thomas in 
Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. In October 
1849 Mary Ann, David's #4 child, married John 
Henry Glines. 6 May, Susannah, Barbara Ann's 
#6 child, was born. On the 15th of May they left 
their log shelter on the Nodaway Ridge and traveled 
to Kanesville where on 15 June, together with two 
other companies of Saints, they started for Utah. 
Bp David Evans was in charge of a company of 54 

Almost immediately after they left Kanesville, 
the cholera broke out. On the 27 June 185 0, Eliza 
Jane Evans Hinckley, #1 child of David Evans, 
passed away leaving a baby daughter. There were 
five deaths in the company. Barbara Ann gives the 
following in her life sketch: 

"The cholera soon broke out in camp. 
People were stricken down on every side. 
There were five deaths in our company, my 
husband's oldest daughter, Mrs, Ira Hinckley, 
was one among them. That was a trying time. 
I had six small children^ but none of them had 
the horrible disease. Had it not been for that 
we should have had a pleasant journey. After 
we arrived at Laramie, we all enjoyed good 

"In the year 1850, September 15th, we arrived 
at Salt Lake Valley, and lived there until Febru- 
ary 15, 1851. We then moved to what was then 
called Dry Creek. We have made our home in 
Lehi ever since, " 

The tender compassion of David Evans is 
reflected in an incident remembered by the family 
of Abigail who tells of falling from the wagon shortly 
after they left Kanesville. Her back was badly hurt 
and the pitch and roll of the wagon caused her pain. 
Bishop David wrapped her in his coat and, walking 

19 To the Salt Lake Valley 

beside the oxen, carried her in his arms a good 
part of the way. 

By Walton Evans Foulger 
(a great grandson of Bishop David Evans) 


* * * * i]i * * 


1851 - 1883 

(Explanatory Note: Information covering this 
period in the life of David Evans is not readily 
available in histories, newspapers or periodicals. 
The most comprehensive is that assembled by 
Hamilton Gardner, author of the "History of Lehi, " 
published in 1913 by the Lehi Pioneer Committee, 
Thus, the following material draws heavily on his 
research and writings. This has two distinct 
advantages. It relies on years of research, and 
discussions with people not now living, by a student 
of the history of the period. It also provides an 
unbiased, objective commentary on David Evans, 
his personal qualities that motivated others to 
unusual achievements, and significant events in 
which he had a primary responsibility as an 
organizer and leader. Except where indicated 
otherwise, material attributed by footnote to 
Gardner is in each instance verbatim, but the 
sequence has been modified to conform to the 
subject-matter format presented here. ) 


On February 15, 1851, there arrived on Dry 
Creek a man who was destined to play the leading 
part in the growth of the community for many years. 
This man was David Evans. He had previously 
been ordained a bishop in Nauvoo by Joseph Smith, 
and had now been sent by Brigham Young to preside 
over the Saints of Dry Creek, Bishop Evans was a 
typical pioneer. Possessing the same rugged 
qualities which distinguished his chief, President 
Young, he was eminently fitted to direct the work 
of founding a community. Devoted to his Church, 
honest, upright, but determined and aggressive. 

Evans ville ^0 

and withal characterized by that rare gift of leader- 
ship which, above everything else, was imperative 
for a pioneer commander, he knew how to direct 
the colonists to obtain the best results. In his 
dealings with his fellows he was plain and out- 
spoken, but always just and fair. Altogether, 
Bishop Evans was precisely the kind of man needed 
to meet the situation. 

With his family, Evans made his home on 
Dry Creek with some of the people who had moved 
up from Sulphur Springs. His land was a tract west 
of the creek and just north of the present City Park. 
This place was called Evansville in honor of the 
bishop, and being on higher ground, with good water 
available by digging wells, it soon became the 
favorite locality for the home -seeker. ^ 

Shortly after the arrival of Bishop Evans, 
Apostle George A. Smith visited the little colony 
and organized the Dry Creek Ward of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. David Evans 
was appointed bishop, with Charles Hopkins and 
David Savage as counselors and Jehial McConnell 
as ward clerk. This was the first organization of 
any kind to be effected, and with it a coherency 
and direction was given to the growth of the settle- 
ment impossible heretofore. 

As illustrative of the conditions existing at 
this time, it is related that no paper could be 
found in the settlement on which to keep records 
except a blank book owned by John Fotheringham. 
Fotheringham had been a master tailor in Europe, 
and this book had been used for entering orders for 
clothes. It was partly full of notations, but as 
occasion demanded, leaves were torn from it and 
supplied to the bishop, ^ 

Water Supply- -The American Fork Ditch 

As the water in Dry Creek could not be 
relied upon to mature the crops, it was imperative 
that late irrigation water be procured. As the only 
supply available was the stream in American Fork 
Canyon, the prodigious undertaking of digging a 
ditch seven miles long from the mouth of the canyon 
to Lehi was begun under the initiative and direction 
of Bishop Evans. 

21 Water Supply 

Early in May (1851) Charles Hopkins and 
Henry McConnell were sent to the mouth of the 
canyon to cut and haul logs for the purpose of 
constructing a dam which should divert part of 
the water into the proposed ditch. The main com- 
pany arrived the next day and work was immediately 
begun. The ditch was made about two feet wide in 
the bottom, and one rod was considered a good day's 
work for a man. Tools were scarce and of poor 
quality, while the sun-baked soil was full of cobble 
stones and otherwise hard to dig. 

Under such hardships, the men, poorly fed 
and scantily clothed, would undoubtedly have 
abandoned the enterprise, but for the influence of 
the bishop. His good humor and witticisms never 
failed, and with rare tact and diplomacy, he kept 
the men from brooding over their troubles, and 
inspired them with new hope and courage. 

By the latter part of August, the water 
reached the farms and helped to save part of the 
corn and potato crop. ^ 

Six months later, David Evans succeeded in 
getting the Territorial Legislature to pass the 
following act granting to the settlement on Dry 
Creek one -third of the waters of the American 
Fork Creek: 

"An act in relation to the waters of American 
Creek in Utah County. 

"Section 1. Be it enacted by the Governor 
and Legislative Assembly of the Territory of 
Utah: That the inhabitants of the settlement of 
Dry Creek in Utah County are hereby authorized 
and allowed to take out, at some convenient 
point, the waters of American Creek, and use 
the same for their benefit: Provided that no 
more than one -third part of said waters shall 
be so taken for the use of said settlement on 
Dry Creek, 

"Approved February 18, 1852. " 

Business Enterprises 22 

Early Business Enterprises 

The First Blacksmith Shop 

One of the greatest difficulties which beset 
the pioneers of Dry Creek was the lack of mechani- 
cal help, the nearest blacksmith being at Alpine, 
and that not until 185L However, in the autumn 
of that year, on the invitation of Bishop Evans, 
Joseph J. Smith, a skilled mechanic, came to Dry 
Creek and set up a blacksraith shop. It was first 
situated in Evansville, but after the city was laid 
out, it was moved and located on the present north- 
east corner of the intersection of Main and Fourth 
West streets. 4 

Sugar Beets 

John Taylor, in the spring of 1852, had 
imported from France and brought across the 
plains by ox team, a quantity of sugar beet seed, 
and Bishop Evans with others had been able to 
secure a small part of this. The beets they planted 
matured successfully, but were used for making 
molasses rather than sugar. In this was presaged 
an industry which was destined to become the most 
important factor of Lehi's commercial develop- 
ment- -the sugar industry,^ 

A Post Office 

Early in 185 3, Lehi was placed in communi- 
cation with the outside world by the establishment 
of a post office with David Evans as postmaster. 
He fitted up a small room in his house for an 
office, the sole equipraent being a green painted 
box divided into alphabetically arranged pigeon 

Before the trans -continental railroad reached 
Utah, the mail was handled by means of overland 
stage or the "Pony Express. " It often happened 
that months would elapse, especially during the 
winter season, between the arrivals of the mails. 
But the people were well satisfied even with this 
imperfect service. " 

23 Business Enterprises 

The First Threshing Machine and Fanning Mill 

The sunnimer of 1854 also witnessed the 
importation of the first agricultural machinery 
into Lehi - -a threshing machine. Compared to 
modern standards it was but a sorry affair, since 
it did not separate the chaff from the wheat. This 
operation was performed by hand, A tread mill, 
run by horses, furnished the motive power, A few 
years later, Bishop Evans secured a fanning mill 
and this proved of inestimable assistance. Both 
the threshing machine and the fanning mill were 
owned and operated by Bishop David Evans, 
Thomas Karren, and Daniel Collett, ^ 

The First Tannery 

Early in 1862, David Evans and Canute 
Peterson built a small tannery near the north-east 
corner of Third North and Second West. Jonas 
Holdsworth, a tanner who had learned his trade 
in England, was the first workman in the little 
establishment. He had brought some of his tools 
with him across the Atlantic and had others made 
here. By aid of tan bark from the surrounding 
mountains, Holdsworth succeeded in making a 
quality of upper, sole, and harness leather that 
was exceedingly useful to the people of the city. ° 

The First Telegraph Office 

The autumn of 187 Lehi began communica- 
tion with the outside world through one of the 
modern inventions - -the telegraph- -which was 
installed in the residence of Bishop Evans, 

The Lehi Union Exchange 

An early commercial enterprise was the 
Lehi Union Exchange, founded in 1868, as a result 
of agitation on the part of Israel Evans, vvho, while 
on a mission to England, had studied the Rochdale 
co-operative system, and now believed the same 
plan of cooperation could be utilized beneficially 
in his own city. In a meeting called by Bishop 
Evans, and attended by Israel Evans, William 
Wanlass, John Zimmerman, William Clark, 
Thomas R, Jones, Andrew A. Peterson, Joseph A. 

Business Enterprises 24 

Thomas, and James Q. Powell, the project was 
launched and definite plans made for its maintenance. 
David Evans was elected president of the company; 
William Wanlass, secretary; John Zimmerman, 
treasurer; Israel Evans, William Clark, and 
Thomas R. Jones, directors; and it was capitalized 
for $350. 00, in shares of $25. 00 each. Several of 
the incorporators volunteered to haul the first 
goods free of charge. Thus was organized the 
first co-operative store in Utah. 

On July 2 3 the new company opened its 
establishment for business. The enterprise met 
with immediate success. ^ 

Political Activities 

Lehi's First Legislator 

David Evans was elected from Utah County 
to serve in the Territory's first Legislative 
Assembly which convened September 22, 1851. 

The following article, of special interest to 
his descendants, appeared in the Deseret News 
January 10, 1852: 

"Capt. David Evans, Representative from 
Utah County, has made his appearance in the 
Representatives' Hall, clad in his own family 
manufactured habiliments, worthy of the imita- 
tion of a mabob. We understand his wife cut 
and made his garments as well as spun and 
wove the cloth. Mrs. Evans is worthy to stand 
by the side of the lady in the buckskin sack, 
whose name will be forthcoming by and by. 
Legislators, what say you for home produc- 
tions? "^^ 

Lehi Incorporated 

A body of such thorough Americans as com- 
posed the little settlement on Dry Creek could not 
long remain without some form of civil administra- 
tion. An innate love of law and order --the priceless 
heritage of their Pilgrim forefather s - -soon com- 
pelled them to take steps to form some kind of 
municipal government. 

25 Political Activities 

Accordingly, early in 1852, David Evans, 
on behalf of the people of Dry Creek, presented 
a petition to the Territorial Legislature, request- 
ing that body to incorporate the little community. 
This petition was granted, and the city incorporated 
under the name of Lehi, this Book of Mormon 
appellation being suggested because the people 
had moved so frequently. 

Lehi was the sixth city in the Territory of 
Utah to be incorporated, the Act being approved 
February 5, 1852. ^ 

Lehi's Second Mayor 

In the second municipal election, March 6, 
1854, David Evans, with no opposition, was 
elected Mayor of Lehi. He was re-elected in 1856. 
Due to the Echo Canyon War no election was held 
in 1858, and David Evans continued to serve until 
an election could be held on February 14, 1859. 
On that date he was again re-elected Mayor and 
served until February 11, 1861. 

(A facsimile of David Evans' commission as 
Mayor of Lehi City for his third term, signed by 
Governor Alfred Cumming, March 19, 1859, is 
included in the addendum of this publication. ) 

Early Cultural Activity 

The First School House 

In the fall of 1851, just one year after the 
arrival of the first settlers, the people of Evans - 
ville erected a school house. It was a little log 

structure, eighteen by twenty-four feet, The 

building was fitted up for school purposes in the 
best manner possible under the circumstances. 
A large fireplace in one end served to keep the 
interior warm. For desks, the children used 
rough slab benches without backs. Other furni- 
ture in the room consisted of a long table at which 
the pupils practiced writing. 

Nor was the school house limited to use as 
a temple of learning. Being the first public 
building, it served alike as school house, meeting 
house, city hall, ballroom, theatre, and the 

Cultural Activity 26 

gathering place for assemblies of all kinds. At its 
completion a rousing picnic was held in it, and who 
can doubt that the little place saw just as enjoyable 
a time as any of our pretentious modern structures? ^^ 

The First Meeting House 

Since, in the late fall and winter of 1855, the 
people had a great deal of spare time, it was pro- 
posed by Bishop Evans that work be commenced on 
a meeting house. The suggestion met with instant 
favor, and preparations were accordingly made for 
the construction of such a buildingo A committee 
was appointed to take charge of the matter - -Daniel 
S. Thomas, chairman, and James Harwood, 
assessor and collector, are the only ones of this 
committee now known- -and a tax of $1. 50 for every 
$100 valuation levied, $ 1 to be paid in labor and 
fifty cents to be paid in grain. 

Men were sent into West Canyon to obtain 
logs, and others busied themselves with hauling 
rocks and making adobes, and soon the masons 
were busy putting in the foundations and erecting 
the walls. The logs were hauled to Alpine and 
sawed into boards, except a few of the best which 
were reserved for shingles. The house was not 
completed the first season, but was used in an 
unfinished condition. 

The church is sixty feet long by forty feet 
wide, and sixteen feet high to the square, with a 
gable at each end. The main auditorium is forty - 
eight by thirty-six feet, and with the gallery which 
extends across one end has a capacity of about five 
hundred. In the attic are two rooms used as school 
rooms, and for quorum meetings, City Council 
meetings, and prayer raeetings. ^^ 

Troubles With The Indians 

A Fort and Fort Wall are Built 

Notwithstanding the extremely wise and 
humane policy of the pioneers of Utah in dealing 
with the Indians, it was inevitable that trouble 
should eventually arise. The situation was new 
for both; the white men, from their previous life 


The First Meeting House 

Israel Evans 
brother of 
David Evans 

Jane Evans 

wife of 
Israel Evans 

27 Indian Troubles 

in the East and Middle West, were comparatively- 
lacking in knowledge of the character and habits of 
the red men; while the savages were none too 
trustful of the intentions of the pale faces, and 
certain turbulent spirits among them openly- 
showed their hostility. It needed but an overt act, 
even though unintentional, to kindle the flame. 

The opportunity finally presented itself 
through the killing of an Indian in Springville in 
1853, One Chief Walkarah immediately incited 
the neighboring Indians into hostilities, and from 
these the warlike spirit spread generally among 
the Indians in the southern part of the Territory, 
Attacks were made on the settlers and numerous 
depredations were committed before the uprising 
was quelled. This trouble was called the Walker 
War, an incorrect English rendition of the name 
of the Indian leader. 

To protect the settlers, their militia was 
called to arms, and on July 25, Colonel George A. 
Smith was placed in command of that part operat- 
ing south of Salt Lake City. At once he directed 
the inhabitants of the settlements, as the first 
means of defense, to gather in forts and barricades. 

The question of the location of the proposed 
fort in Lehi immediately arose. At this time the 
people were scattered from the present State Road 
to the lake, although the majority lived in Evans - 
ville. Different localities were agitated as being 
the most desirable, but the choice finally dwindled 
to two sites --one the present New Survey, (the 
north-west part of modern Lehi), the other, the 
site upon which the city was eventually built. The 
latter was selected because no one had already 
constructed homes there, thus avoiding rivalry 
and unpleasantness, and also because the surface 
well water was considered more desirable. 

The plan of construction for the fort was not 
a complex one. It consisted merely of placing the 
log houses of the settlers end to end, thus forming 
a hollow square seventy rods long. Inside the 
enclosure were to be built the corrals, sto-ckyards 
and stables. As the crops were harvested this fall, 
they were brought to this place, and later the houses 

Indian Troubles 28 

were moved into line. This was not accomplished 
without reluctance, especially on the part of those 
who had most recently erected their homes. But 
the need of defense was so urgent and the labor of 
moving a log house so comparatively small that 
eventually everyone was found in the fort. This 
centralization with its resulting close associations 
did much to develop and cement the union of com- 
munity life, furnishing, through the stress of 
adverse circumstances, an excellent opportunity 
for the expression of that high regard of civic life 
which so miarkedly characterized the people of 

The log school house was torn down and 
rebuilt near the northeast corner of the fort. As 
an additional safeguard against the Indians, a 
parapet was erected a short distance north of the 
fort near the State Road. Bishop David Evans and 
Abel Evans directed the work. The parapet con- 
sisted of a trench eight feet wide and five feet deep, 
enclosing a piece of ground eleven rods square. 
The excavated earth formed a formidable breast- 
work. In especially dangerous times, a guard 
maintained a lookout on the parapet and warned 
the people in the fort of any approaches of the 
enemy. 14 

The settlers in Lehi exercised great care to 
protect themselves and their property. The men 
were armed whether within the fort or working in 
the fields. No one went alone any great distance. 
Armed herders were in charge of the cattle during 
the day, and drove them inside the stockade at 

The Fort Wall 

In May, 1854, Brigham Young concluded a 
treaty of peace with Chief Walker, and upon his 
return to Salt Lake City was caught in a blinding 
snow-storm on the west side of Utah Lake, Reach- 
ing Lehi on the fourth of June, he decided, because 
of the inclemency of the weather, and also because 
he desired to warn the people of possible future 
danger, to stop in the little settlement and hold a 
meeting. The advice he gave at this gathering was 
to proceed immediately with the erection of a strong 

29 Indian Troubles 

fort wall, an undertaking in Lehi which had been 
contemplated but as yet not begun. Governor 
Young, because of his recent experience with the 
red men, was deeply impressed with the necessity 
for caution, and so expressed himself. Heber C, 
Kimball, who accompanied the Governor, called 
attention to the fact that the recent snow fall might 
be used to some present advantage in dampening 
the earth to be used in the construction of the wall. 

Work was accordingly begun the next day. 
Bishop David Evans, who was also Mayor at this 
time, directed the surveying of the city, previous 
to the building of the wall. The result of this work, 
which was performed with a pocket compass and a 
carpenter's square, * was a plat containing sixteen 
square blocks twenty rods long, intersected with 
streets six rods in width. Just inside the wall, 
there was left an eight rod street on all sides 
except the south, where it narrowed to five rods. 
Thus the dimensions of the fort were 1 14 rods in 
length and 111 rods in width, the wall enclosing 
the whole. 

The wall itself was no small thing. Standing 
twelve feet in height, it sloped from a bottom six 
feet in thickness to a top of three feet. For the 
use of the defenders, portholes, eight feet from 
the ground and a rod apart, might be used. The 
bastions which projected out from the walls midway 
between the corners served as an additional protec- 
tion. Entrance to the fort could be made through 
gates on each side, which were well guarded 
through their closeness to the bastions. 

The construction of the wall proved to be an 
arduous and difficult task. First the earth had to 
be mixed to the proper consistency, this work 
often being performed with wooden spades made 
by Charles Barnes, the city's first cooper. Then 

* In a careful survey of city blocks made in 
1913, it was discovered that this original survey of 
the blocks in the fort was far more accurate than 
many subsequent surveys of other parts. Fewer 
property lines needed adjusting there than at any 
other place, when the sidewalks were paved. 

Indian Troubles 30 

it was necessary to tramp the mud into the wall, in 
itself an undertaking of no mean dimensions. Each 
layer must dry thoroughly before the next could be 
applied, and this delayed the work considerably. 
In view of the small number of people and their 
meager resources, it must be granted that they 
completed a colossal enterprise. 

Not the least interesting of the houses in the 
fort was the so-called Indian House. This was a 
four -roomed adobe structure built against the 
north wall. Its purpose seems to have been two - 
fold --a reward for a clan of Indians under a Chief 
Yan Tan who had aided Bishop Evans in capturing 
the Indian murderers of two white boys named • 
Weeks from Cedar Fort, and also a means of 
attempting to civilize these dusky friends. The 
first purpose failed in part, and the second 
entirely. Only in the day time would the red men 
occupy the house built by the pale faces --at night, 
no other shelter than their "wickiups" would 
suffice; and after an Indian child died in the house, 
they would never enter it again. Thereafter the 
house was used temporarily by new arrivals of 
settlers. ^^ 

Frontier Explorations 

In the first few years immediately following 
his migration to the Rocky Mountains, David Evans 
headed, or participated in, a number of exploration 
parties into the interior of the territory. 

In 1853 Brigham Young sent David to the 
Southwest in search of fertile country which Young 
felt would support a half million people. David 
failed to find any such country. Feeling that he 
had not penetrated the area far enough, Young in 
March, 1858, sent other parties in search of such 
a location. These parties also failed to find an 
area that would support so large a population. 
But they confirmed the accuracy of David's earlier 

In April, 1857, Bishop Evans, William 
Fotheringham and John Brown, upon the invitation 
of Brigham Young, joined a party which he and 
Heber C. Kimball were organizing to explore the 

31 Frontier Explorations 

country in the north. The company was made up 
of picked men from the various towns, together 
with a few women, Bishop Evans' wife, Ann, being 
one of the number. Leaving Salt Lake City April 
24, 1857, they traveled north into the trackless 
plains and mountain ranges of Idaho, until they 
arrived at Fort Limhi, a Mormon settlement on 
Salmon River. The company reached Utah again. 
May 26, 

Upon his return from Idaho, Bishop Evans 
was called to explore the White Mountains and 
Beaver Valley, With him went Richard Bee, 
William W, Taylor, John Norton, Williami Skeens, 
Dr. Williams, Thomas Randall, and James Har - 
wood. The latter gives an account of the trip: 

"With some of the men riding horseback and 
others taking their ox teams, and equipped with 
provisions to last several months, we started 
some time in June, going south to the present site 
of Beaver, thence west. Through groves of trees, 
many of which were cut down by the beavers for 
their dams, we followed down the river to a large 
spring, issuing from a black rock, which we 
named Black Rock Spring. Here we camped and 
plowed a ditch, taking the water from the spring 
for irrigation purposes, because we intended to 
locate a settlement, 

"A tribe of Indians camped with us, made 
themselves quite at home, and enjoyed our rations 
exceedingly. After a few days, the Bishop took a 
small party of men and explored the White Moun- 
tain country. After being at the spring about a 
month, we received orders from Church head- 
quarters to abandon the idea of making a settle- 
ment and to return home. The Indians were 
quite disappointed at our departure. "-^^ 

A Military Leader 

In February 1852, the Territory of Utah was 
divided into military districts for the security of 
the people, and for effective operations of the 
"Nauvoo Legion, " the title by which the Utah 
territorial militia was then known. 

A Military Leader 32 

David Evans had been comraissioned a Major 
in the Legion by Brigham Young, on March 11, 
1854. Accordingly, as intensive preparations were 
being made in the spring of 1857 to resist the 
possible intrusion of Federal troops into the Terri- 
tory, Lieutenant-General Daniel H. Wells issued 
a general order relating to the organization of the 
militia. Among other actions, the order desig- 
nated David Evans as the commanding officer of 
the "Lehi Military District, " The order established 
the boundaries of the District as "the northern por- 
tion of Utah County, extending south to the northern 
limits of the city of Provo. 

David Evans served in this capacity --first as 
Major, later as Colonel- -when the activities of the 
militia were at their height due to the Echo Canyon 
Campaign, the administration of martial law, and 
the so-called "move" south. All three of these 
actions were ordered by Brigham Young to protect 
the settlers should the Johnston Army enter the 
Territory and conduct a campaign of violence and 
destruction under the guise of "putting down" a 
reported rebellion. 

The Governor's initial reaction to this out- 
side interference was to resist at all costs, 
evacuate the people into the mountains, and 
devastate the valleys by destroying crops, vege- 
tation, homes and other facilities. This plan, 
however, was later modified to include only 
evacuation and movement south of all the people 
north of Utah County. The action became known, 
generally, as the "Move. " 

At the outset of the campaign of resistence, 
the Lehi Military District furnished one company 
of cavalry and one company of infantry for military 
service in Echo Canyon to block the entrance of 
the troops into the Salt Lake Valley, The cavalry 
unit from the Lehi District first engaged only in 
the construction of barricades in the mountain 
passes. Later they engaged in tactics of harass- 
ment to Johnston's troops. According to reports, 
they burned his supply trains, drove off his horses 
and mules, stampeded his cattle, and set fire to 
the dry grass around his carap-sites, "but they 
shed not a drop of blood, " 

33 A Military Leader 

The "Move" 

The winter of 1857-1858 passed very much 
as the preceding winters, but underneath the out- 
ward feeling of serenity there existed a vague 
wonder as to the future movements of the arnny 
quartered just outside the Territory. During all 
the months of inactivity, negotiations were carried 
on between Brigham Young on one hand and General 
Johnston and the newly -appointed Governor, Alfred 
Gumming, on the other. The upshot of these com- 
munications was hardly satisfactory to either party. 
At first fearful of allowing the soldiers to enter 
Salt Lake Valley, the Mormon leaders finally con- 
sented to permit them to come in without resistance, 
upon condition that their commanders pledge the 
security of the life and property of the people. 
This both Governor Gumming and General Johnston 
did. The outcome was unsatisfactory to Brigham 
Young and his colleagues, because in their minds 
no necessity existed for the presence of an armed 
force in Utah, while for the army the occupation 
meant a mere empty triumph of their policy. 

So strong was the distrust of the Utah leaders 
for the army that they resolved not to leave them 
any opportunity for depredation. Accordingly, 
Brigham Young directed all the people north of 
Utah Gounty to leave their homes and proceed 
southward. At the same time, he perfected mea- 
sures whereby sufficient men were left in Salt 
Lake to set fire to all the houses and chop down 
all the trees upon the first sign of disorder by the 
invaders. Thus began the famous "Move" in which 
Lehi was destined to play so prominent a part. 

The spring of 1858 found 30, 000 people mi- 
grating southward. Day after day the citizens of 
Lehi saw them pass through their borders, a con- 
tinuous stream along the State Road, from daylight 
till dark. A striking picture was this exodus, one 
long to be remembered- -covered wagons laden 
with all manner of household goods; hand carts; 
men and women mounted on horses or mules; far 
more of them walking, often barefoot; cattle, sheep 
and pigs, singly and in herds; all manner of freak 
conveyances; no end of confusion, and not a little 
suffering and sorrow, ^' 

A Military Leader 34 

The migration was so extensive, and the 
exodus of Salt Lake City so complete, that the 
area was left "alraost deserted; only a few men 
being left to guard the city and set fire to it if the 
troops attempted to occupy the town, molest any 
person or seize upon a piece of property. In the 
gardens were heaped bundles of straw and other 
combustible materials, and every preparation had 
been made for 'the burning. ' Mrs. Gumming, tHe 
wife of Governor Alfred Gumming, was so affected 
at the sight and by the tomb -like stillness every- 
where prevailing, that she burst into tears, express- 
ing her deep sympathy for the migrating saints. She 
entreated her husband not to allow the army to stay 
in the city and begged him to do something to 'bring 
the Mormons back, '"lo 

The people of Lehi responded nobly in assist- 
ing their unfortunate visitors. Men who could, 
furnished teams and wagons to help in the trans- 
porting of their neighbors fronn the north. Every 
homie in the little city was thrown open, and each 
room filled to its capacity; even the Meeting House 
was placed at the disposal of the refugees. When 
all available room had been occupied, the men 
built cabins against the fort wall, and even made 
dugouts on the vacant lots in the city. But the 
hardest problem was to provide food for this 
excessive number. 

After the people had migrated south, nego- 
tiations continued between Brigham Young and the 
Federal officials who had been sent out. At first 
they bore no fruit, but finally two additional com- 
missioners arrived from the East, met Brigham 
Young at Salt Lake City, and after holding a meet- 
ing in Provo, came to Lehi on June 17, These 
men were Governor L. W, Powell, of Kentucky, 
and Major Ben McGuUough of Texas, They called 
an open-air mass meeting near Bishop Evans' 
residence, and addressed the gathering in the 
hope of conciliating them. They promised that 
the people should not be molested by the army, in 
fact that it should be quartered a reasonable dis- 
tance from their homes; they affirmed that full 
amnesty had been granted by the President of the 
United States for whatever fancied wrongs the 
people of the Territory had committed; and finally 

35 A Military Leader 

they promised that all difficulties should be amic- 
ably settled. Their pleas were not in vain. Their 
auditors took them at their word and accepted the 
proposals of peace. The meeting was followed by 
great enthusiasm and no less intense gratitude that 
the affair should have so fortunate a termination. 
The next two months --July and August --saw all 
the people back in their homes, and the danger of 
any further conflict averted, ^^ 

The sacrifices of the Lehi settlers to aid, 
and relieve the hardships of others, and the 
prominent part the community played in the entire 
Territorial effort to protect lives and property, 
and ensure the liberty and freedoms for which they 
trudged westward, is a testimony to the genius of 
David Evans as an organizer and a leader. During 
this entire epochal period he was, simultaneously, 
the military commander, the mayor and the bishop 
of the area, 

(Facsimiles of David Evans' commission as 
a Major in the Legion and of originals of certain 
military orders issued to him by Brigham Young 
and Daniel Wells in August and September 1857 
are included in the addendum of this publication. ) 

Aid to Church Immigration 

The year I860 saw the arrival of the last 
hand cart companies in Utah, Henceforth immi- 
grants came in trains of "prairie schooners" 
drawn by oxen. To assist this trans -continental 
travel, Brigham Young began the practice of send- 
ing expeditions out from Utah, fully equipped, to 
transport numbers of the waiting immigrants from 
Florence, Nebraska, which was the starting point 
of Church migration, over the plains to the Rockies, 
It grew to be a common practice for men to be 
called from the different towns in Utah to accom- 
pany these trains; indeed, it was generally regarded 
as missionary work. During a period of eight or 
nine years, until 1868, Lehi furnished her share 
of men and equipment for the carrying out of this 
plan. Each summer a little company from the 
settlement, which itself had only been established 
ten years, set out for the Missouri to assist others 

Church Immigration 36 

in their journey west. Those who remained at 
home helped the expedition by furnishing provisions 
and adding to the equipment of the outfit. 1^ 

The following letter from the Presiding 
Bishop's Office to Bishop Evans reflects the spirit 
of the times, and is self-explanatory: 

Bishop David Evans, Lehi, Utah. 

Dear Brother: In view of the increasing 
anxiety of our leaders to assist the poor from 
the Old and New Worlds, coupled with the 
warmest desire to get them here, we are 
prompted to make an extra effort this year to 
bring them hither; and to carry out such design, 
we will be obliged to fit out and equip at least 
five hundred teams to bring them from Florence. 

In proportioning these teams among the 
Territorial wards, your ward will be expected 
to furnish eight ox or mule teams (four or six 
mules or four yoke of oxen to each team) an 
equal number of good and trusty teamsters, and 
one mounted guard, armed and equipped for a 
four or five months' journey, with clothing, 
provisions, ammunition, ferriage means, ox 
or mule shoes, spades, axes, picks, ropes, 
augers, saws, etc., for down and back trips, 
without the expectation of receiving any 
assistance from any other source. 

As sacks and sacking are scarce, you will 
have to make boxes to put the flour in, for the 
poor on the road. Each team will be expected 
to have sufficient boxes to carry at least one 
thousand pounds of flour for this purpose. 

The flour and grain must be brought to this 
city, and a full and detailed report made to us 
of the amount of flour for the poor, number of 

teams, etc. , so that a settlement can be made 
with you after their return in the fall. 

The teams are expected to leave this city 
about the 25th of April next, and will have to 
be such as will bear inspection before starting. 

The captain assigned to take charge of your 
teams is Peter Nebeker, of Mill Creek, this 
county, who will as soon as possible put himself 
in communication with you. 

Your Brethren in the Gospel, Edward Hunter, 
L. W. Hardy, J. C. Little. 

37 Personal Life 

Personal Life 

Very little is recorded regarding David 
Evans' family life in Utah. It is known that he 
loved the Gospel, and that he did not hesitate to 
make any sacrifice for it. Some of his children 
were heard to say that his religion, his commit- 
ments to it, and the covenants he had made with 
his God were paramount with him. They dominated 
his every action; with members of his family as 
well as with his fellowmen. 

He has been variously described by others 
as a man of great determination; strong in charac- 
ter, yet humble, kind and charitable; frank and 
outspoken, yet tactful and diplomatic; full of 
witticisms which he used wisely; "a pioneer in 
every respect. " 

Although church and public responsibilities 
throughout life demanded his time and energies, 
there is evidence in his correspondence that the 
maintenance of close family ties were important 
to him; that concern for their physical and spiritual 
welfare was ever with him. This was emphasized 
in the following letter to his wife, Barbara Ann, 
December 30, 1856 while he was in Salt Lake City 
serving in the Territorial legislature: 

"Great Salt Lake City 
December 30, 1856 
Dear Companion: 

I take this opportunity of writing to you to 
let you know that I am well, and enjoying myself 
every day as either Brother Brigham or Brother 
Heber and the twelve are with us almost every 
day- -preach to us the principles of the Reforma- 
tion and the unsearchable riches of Jesus, and 
the mysteries of the Kingdom. 

We feast here every day, and the fire of God 
is burning in our hearts, and we have good times 
here in the midst of blessings. 1 think of my 
family, and pray for you daily that the Reforma- 
tion may sink deep into each of your hearts, and 
the Lord bless you all with understanding hearts 
that you may understand some of the things that 
are coming upon the earth, and also upon the 
Saints if they repent not. 

Personal Life 38 

When I come home I shall endeavor to pro- 
ceed further in setting my family in order that 
the fire of the Lord may be kindled in every 
heart in my house and round about it, and that 
our habitation may be a habitation of health and 
peace, and wickedness and evil spirits have no 
place with us, and not only with us but in our 
City, that our City even the City of Lehi may 
be cleansed with the spirit of judgment and 
burning, and every soul therein that will not 
worship the Lord, our God, shall die. 

Dear wives and children, remember this, 
the admonition of your husband and father and 
act accordingly, and the Lord will bless you. 
Read this to Brother Able and Brother Thomas, 
and all my family, and all who may wish to hear 
from me, for the day to trifle with this people 
is gone by, and they must repent or be damned. 

Come down in about two weeks from New 
Year's Day, and stay until I return, 

I remain as ever your husband in the bonds 
of the new and everlasting covenant. 
(Signed) David Evans" 

Some indication of his home life, as viewed 
by a stranger, is found in correspondence of 
Captain Jesse A. Gove, a member of Johnston's 
Army, who visited the Evans family in June, 1858, 
and remained overnight. 

"Descending a gradual slope we soon arrived 
at Lehi, thirty-two miles south of Salt Lake City. 
As it was already night we laid over in that little 
town till the ensuing morning. 

"Lehi is a little town of about 1, 2 00 inhabitants, 
built of sun-dried bricks, and, like all the other 
towns in the valley, having its streets laid at 
right angles to each other. The buildings are 
small, sparsely located, having large gardens 
between them. The town is surrounded by a mud 
wall eight or ten feet high and four or five feet 
thick, so access to and exit from it can only be 
obtained through a gate on one principal street 
at each side of the wall. The wall was built to 
protect the inhabitants from Indian depredations. 

"Bishop Evans was our host; he is the highest 
church dignitary in the place and keeps a sort of 
hotel. The Bishop is a corpulant and quite 

39 Personal Life 

sociable old man. A multitude of children were 
running about the house; they were very well be- 
haved, made no noise, kept out of the way and 
bore a very retiring disposition; they took care 
of each other, the elder ones acting as matrons 
to their younger relatives, whose exact con- 
sanguinity it would doubtless have been very 
difficult for the little creatures or even elder 
ones to trace. We did not ask the corpulant 
bishop the number of his spirituals, nor did he 
instruct us upon that point, so we were left in 
unhappy ignorance. Several women were mov- 
ing round the house. It was very easy to 
distinguish the one old lady who claimed 
priority as mater familias . There were three 
quite young women who worked about the house 
more quiet than tongue-tied servant girls. 
Whether they were daughters of our pursy host, 
or whether they were sorae of his "better halves, " 
we were unable to decipher even after comparing 
notes. =---The children all looked well, fat a.nd 
hardy. " 

It is clear that David enjoyed socials and 
loved dancing. In the letter to his brother-in-law 
and sister, William and Nancy Do Is en, in Ontario, 
Canada, July 13, 1871 (infra), he said: 

"I should be mutch pleased if you were here 
to see one Mormon Frolich on a Grand Scale, 
when Israel was here he seen one on a small 
scale. Israel did not Participate in the Dance 
but Jane and me had a good one together. " 

According to some of his children, David 
always felt kindly toward the Indians. He viewed 
with sympathy their grievances and pleas for 
justice and assistance. He ate at the same table 
with them and permitted them to sleep in the 
tithing office building during stormy weather. 
They soon came to accept him as an unfailing 
friend on whom they could depend for counsel 
and material assistance. This endeared him to 
them; and some of the Indians called him "Bishop, " 
According to one account, the Indians after David's 
retirement still insisted he was Bishop and refused 
to accept his successor, calling him a "boy bishop. " 

It is said that the Indians visited rather 

Personal Life 40 

frequently the homes of David's wives. On such 
occasions they were always invited in as guests 
and offered refreshments. This continued for 
many years after David's death. 

In the letter to his brother, Israel, at 
Chatham, Ontario, Canada, May 5, 1859, David 
describes the ordeal of living in hiding in the moun- 
tains while avoiding arrest. The warrant had been 
issued because he refused to testify as a witness 
in Judge Cradlebaugh's court under procedures 
David felt were, to say the least, irregular and 
unfair. His very deep feelings about the injustice 
of his situation is best expressed in the opening 
sentence of one of the paragraphs: "O Liberty, 
O humanity, O Justice, where hast thou fled. ..." 

The letter, in full in his own handwriting, is 
reproduced, infra. In fairness to him, its publica- 
tion demands an elaboration of the circumstances 
in which he found himself. The explanation, as 
written by Orson F. Whitney, follows: 

"All Utah County was now aroused and 
petitions and protests, . .began pouring in from 
every side. Judge Cradlebaugh paid no attention 
to them whatever, but kept the courthouse sur- 
rounded by soldiers while he awaited the desired 
action of the grand jury, to wit: the indictment 
of the Mormon leaders for the crime referred 
to in his extraordinary address. More troops 
soon appeared upon the scene. , . 

"Public excitement and indignation increased 
correspondingly, and. . .the people of the Terri- 
tory at large now appealed to Governor Cumming 
against this flagrant infringement of their 
liberties. That appeal was not in vain. The 
Governor, not being in sympathy with the course 
pursued. , .and recognizing the rightfulness of 
the people's cause, promptly requested General 
Johnston to order the troops removed. The 
General, however, . , . refused to comply. , , 

"Judge Cradlebaugh, without waiting for the 
grand jury to present the indictments he 
desired., .began issuing bench warrants for the 
apprehension of certain persons suspected of 
complicity in the Springville murders. These 
warrants were served by the U. S, Marshall, 

41 Personal Life 

accompanied by a squad of soldiers. Several men 
were arrested, among them some Mormon wit- 
nesses supoenaed by the grand jury. . . 

"After waiting in vain two weeks for the 
grand jury to gratify him, Judge Cradlebaugh be- 
came angry, . . , discharged them, at the same 
time dismissing the prisoners then in custody 
and closing his court. . . 

"And so ended Judge Cradlebaugh 's vain 
attempt --could it be otherwise than vain? --to 
saddle upon the Mormon Church, upon an entire 
community, crimes committed by a few individuals, 
for whose conduct that church, that community, 
could not justly or reasonably be held responsible. " 

Facsimiles of original letters written by 
David to his brother, Israel, in 1859; to his sister, 
Nancy, in 1871; and to his sister, Eliza, 1874, 
follow in that sequence. -!' All three evidence his 
personal interest, his humor, and his qualities 
of character. 

Also included is a facsimile of personal 
notes, in David's handwriting, listing information 
relating to his wives and children. 

* Beginning at page 44a. 

Retirement and Death 

On his arrival in the Utah valley, February 
15, 1851, Bishop David Evans at once became the 
directing personality in the little settlement, and 
led the people in their struggle to obtain a foothold 
on Dry Creek. For this work he was eminently 
qualified, sturdy, determined, plain, outspoken, 
resourceful, a pioneer in every respect. Soon 
after his arrival, the Dry Creek Ward was organ- 
ized with David Evans as Bishop, Charles Hopkins 
and David Savage as Counselors, and Jehial 
McConnell as ward clerk. For twenty-eight years 
Bishop Evans held this position, during the whole 
time when the infant city was struggling against 
colossal hardships, when it gained its feet 
sufficiently to combat the Indians and grasshoppers, 
when it acquired stability enough to make the future 
look hopeful, and finally when it blossomed into a 
flourishing city- -a wonderful transformation from 
the Evansville of 1851 to the Lehi of 1879. 

By this time Bishop Evans had become an 
aged man, and with the addition of poor health to 
interfere with his duties, he concluded to resign. 
On September 21, 1879, after twenty -eight years 
of service such as few men have had the opportunity 
and ability to give, he was honorably released from 
his position. ^0 

On June 19, 1883, David suffered a serious 
stroke that left him speechless and partially para- 
lyzed. Death occurred June 2 3rd. Funeral 
services were held in the Lehi Tabernacle, 
June 24th, followed by burial in the Lehi cemetery. 

The following obituary appeared in the 
Deseret News: 


43 Retirement and Death 

"Sketch of the Life and Ministry of 
Bishop David Evans 

"David Evans the son of Israel and Abigail 
Evans, was born in Cecil County, Maryland, 
October 27th, 1804. When a small boy his parents 
moved to Pennsylvania, where he remained until 
1826, when he was married to Mary Beck and 
moved to Richland County, Ohio. Here he bought 
and opened up a new farm, where he lived until he 
was baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints, April 6th, 1833. On the 11th 
of the same month he was ordained a Priest and 
immediately commenced traveling and preaching, 
selling his farm to enable him to prosecute his 
missionary labors. He was ordained to the office 
of an Elder on the 21st of July the same year, 

"In 1834 he went in Zion's camp from Ohio to 
Missouri, with Joseph Smith the Prophet, for the 
redemption of Zion, and received his ordination 
to the First Quorum of Seventy, under the hands 
of Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon, April 29th, 
183 5, He attended the School of the Prophets in 
Kirtland, in the winter of 1835 and 1836, and on 
May 2 0th, 1836, left Ohio for Missouri, in charge 
of a company of Saints, most of whom he baptised 
himself. He settled on Shoal Creek, Caldwell 
County, buying some land and again making him, 
a home; was with the Saints through all their per- 
secutions in Missouri among which was the 
barbarous massacre at Haun's Mill, In December 
he was compelled to leave the State without his 
family, who shortly after followed, leaving all 
their property behind. Arriving at Payson, Adams 
County, 111,, in the spring of 1839, he commenced 
preaching and baptised many persons, some of 
whom are now prominent members in the Church, 
He lost his wife June 2 0th, 1841, after which he 
moved to Nauvoo and married Barbara Ann Ewell, 
November 2 3rd, 1841, she being a member of a 
family he had baptised in Missouri. In 1842, when 
Nauvoo was organized into wards, he was ordained 
a Bishop, August 21st, to preside over the 
Eleventh Ward. He remained here until the Saints 
were driven from Nauvoo, when he was appointed 
Captain of company, many of the members 

Retirement and Death 44 

remaining with the company until its arrival in the 
Valleys, September 15th, 1850. 

"Moved to Lehi February 15th, 1851, over 
which place he was appointed to preside as Bishop, 
the duties of which he faithfully performed for 28 
years, tendering his resignation, on account of 
old age and failing health, August 24th, 1879. He 
located the City of Lehi and laid it off into blocks 
and lots with a pocket compass tape line and square. 
Was elected to the first legislature in Utah and 
acted for many years in connection with that body. 
He was Colonel of Militia, served as Major of 
Lehi Military District several terms, and held 
other responsible positions. His death occurred 
June 23rd, 1883, at 12:30 p.m. For several days 
he was not well, and on Tuesday, June 19, at 
1 p. m, , he received a heavy paralytic stroke 
which completely paralyzed his whole right side 
rendering him helpless and speechless, in which 
condition he remained until his death. 

"The funeral services were held in the Lehi 
Tabernacle at 3 p.m., Sunday, June 24th, 1883. 
A special train was dispatched from Salt Lake 
City, for the benefit of his friends and acquaintances, 
among whom were President Woodruff, Bishop 
Hunter and others; also many came from Provo 
and adjacent settlements. The services were con- 
ducted by President Smoot and addresses were 
made by Bishop Hunter, President Woodruff, 
Bishops Hardy, Burten and others. After the 
services the remains were carried to the cemetery 
followed by a numerous procession, numbering 115 
vehicles containing the relatives and friends of the 
deceased, this being the largest funeral cortage 
ever formed in Lehi. " 


• < Ol-t/''-^ // C„ .^ ^ ' ' ^< I f . , t 

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e-^^ X^^x^ r77c^,^o< (%-^x>f y /%<-^/t j^a^- Un,^^ -t/ei-i^x /C /'^'^^^ oi^cx^-,^ 

Jyi..-x^^ .*^c^^ l^>xy^^ Ot- ■XZcM^-i^,^^ ^^f ■U^'&i. a//l«^ <a^^ ^^^^X ^^ <:^ C^^-.-,.,^^ 

//'ei^'C^ ^^"^h^ 12^^/ \X(^y v^ r^'^"^ w^^-j~€.^u 7^ 

OTI »^^^'~t^*^^.y^x^ ^ '/p^*.ajKJ,t^ ^^S^ /ftiy .-^ ^c/^-c- ^■^~f^<^ /!^C,^,.-<__ 

A*-^ ^^t,^ '^7%y^n)-^^.y^ c^ L^.^^ ex- -^^^l^^ 


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l-^--*^ c/t^. 

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7^'C<^ /7t€>-<^^f^ <9^-y^W^ CC<»t»^«-^ G^j' 1^!l,.__ ^--«_i; .„ — ^ 


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'^^^*»^«V^V^ /yfi-t^yy /> Aee*.^ ^/t^-t^ ^.^yot^i^ /-->»t^/rx^ ^ye^i^-^ -<i«^-r f^^df 

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/r'^ /t/^. 







/^</A u^.iYi <jr ( u~< .,, ., ,, ^' ^^ /^ /"[_ 



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1804 - 1841 

Mary Beck Evans was born on October 18, 
1804 in Huntington, Pennsylvania to Henry Beck 
and Margaret Beighel Beck. 

She met and married David Evans of Penn- 
sylvania^ whose parents had moved there from 
Cecil County, Maryland. They were married 
July 25, 1826. 

The couple bought a large farm in Columbus 
County, Ohio where two children were born: Eliza 
Jane and Israel, 

When they heard the missionaries of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints or 
the Mormons, they accepted their teachings and 
were both baptized the 6th of April, 1833. Selling 
the farm, they moved to Richland County, Ohio 
where David became a missionary. 

Mary toiled incessantly assisting her husband 
subdue the soil and making a home for her family. 
There were no conveniences of today. It was log 
huts, river water and a camp fire to furnish warmth 
and light. They were on the move, because of the 
treatment of non-Mormon people; many times being 
driven from their homes, sometimes without warn- 
ing, leaving to save themselves, sometimes to 
return later for some of their belongings they had 
left behind when they fled. 

In 1834 her husband, David, went on an 
assignment from Joseph Smith with a group of 
men known as Zions Camp, Their mission was to 
reinstate the Saints in Jackson County, Missouri, 
to their rightful lands which had been taken from 
them during the persecutions in that area. Her 
call was to care for her family alone until his 

David was ordained a Seventy in the First 
Quorum of Seventies by Joseph Smith and Sidney 



#12 Israel Evans 

#13 Henry Evans 

]6apfc&v-, ^Ji 

#14 Mary Ann Evans #17 Emma Evans Coleman 

47 Mary Beck Evans 

Rigdon on the 29th of April 1835. She no doubt 
was happy about this and gave him her f-.ll support. 

In May of 1836 they were called to leave Ohio 
with a company of Saints, most of whom David had 
baptized, David was in charge of the company. 
On the 27th of August of that year, her little 
daughter, Margaret, only a year and a half years 
old passed away. This brought great sorrow to 
her parents and family. 

While near Shoal Creek, Caldwell County, 
Missouri, their sixth child, Araminta, was born 
(August 21, 1838), Although she had brought 
happiness to this family, she did not remain long, 
dying when only a few weeks old. 

The Evans family were with the Saints at 
the time of persecutions in Missouri and were at 
the Haun's Mill Massacre, They were forced to 
leave Missouri and went to Adams County, Illinois, 
Here another baby girl was born to them. She was 
named Emma, 

Mary must have hoped they would remain in 
one place to build their home and rear the children 
she had given birth during those hard times. 

It was in Adams County, Illinois she died at 
the age of thirty-seven (37) years, leaving her 
husband and five living children. This happened 
on June 20, 1841, The many moves they made, 
plus the hardship, trial, threats, and exposure, 
seemed too much for her. There must have been, 
many times when the food supply wa.s very low, 
Grea^t courage it took to raeet the dawn of each 
day not knowing what the night would bring. She 
supported her husband a.nd no doubt had great 
faith in her religion. 

Grandmother Mary Beck Evans 

Dearest Grandmother of long ago. 
Seems as Mary many things you had to forego: 
To build our church, help others on their way. 
When many times it was hard to be happy or gay, 

Mary Beck Evans 48 

You shared your mate with others as he led 

them through trouble and woe, 
When you did not know where he'd be called to go. 
Your children you had to bury and leave behind. 
As you sought refuge with people of your kind. 

Yes, you gave your life, your all. 

In answer to the Church's call. 

Courage and faith God gave to you. 

As you met each day and lived it through. 

I'd loved to have known you, but I must say. 

As I search for your history each day, 

I'm glad to be one of your line. 

And who knows, I may find your history sometime. 

Or eat -great -great -granddaughter 


Born 18 Oct 1804 

Baptized 6 Apr 1833 

Married 25 July 1826 

Endowed 21 June 1852 

Height 5-1/2 ft. 

Weight 140 lbs. 

Color eyes Blue 

Color hair Brown 

Gen, health Good until the hardships 

Died 20 June 1841 

Cause Exposure 

jfe jg* jfe .jfe *•; 

Mary Beck, daughter of Henry Beck and 
Margaret Beighel, was born 18 Oct 1804 at 
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. On 2 5 July 1826 she 

married David Evans. She died 2 June 1841 in 
Adams County, 111. and was buried there. They 
are the parents of seven children as follows: 

1. ELIZA JANE EVANS, born 16 Apr 1827 at 

Hanover, Columbiana, Ohio; md. Aug 1848, 
Ira Hinckley. She died 27 June 1850. 

2. ISRAEL EVANS, born 2 Oct 1828 at Hanover, 

Columbiana, Ohio; md. 1 June 1849, Matilda 
Thomas. He died 31 May 1896. 


#2 Barbara Ann Ewell Evans 

49 Mary Beck Evans 

3. HENRY EVANS, born 25 Oct 1830 at Worthing- 

ton, Richland, Ohio; md. 26 Dec 1856, Anna 
C. M. Bruun. He died 3 Apr 1911. 

4. MARY ANN EVANS, born 2 Sep 1832 at Worth- 

ington, Richland, Ohio; md. 2 3 Oct 1849, 
John Henry Glines. She died 13 May 1884. 

5. MARGARET EVANS, born 3 Jan 1835 at Rich- 

land County, Ohio; died 27 Aug 1836. 

6. ARAMINTA EVANS, born 21 Aug 1838 near 

Shoal Creek, Caldwell, Missouri; died 1 
Oct 1838. 

7. EMMA EVANS, born 12 Jan 1840 at Payson, 

Adams, Illinois; md. 22 Nov 1856, Prime 
Coleman. She died 11 June 1913. 

1821 - 1898 

Barbara Ann Ewell Evans, the daughter of 
Pleasant and Barbara Ewell, was born the I6th 
day of May, 1821, in the state of Virginia, 
Albemarle County, 

The following sketch of her life was written 
by her two years before her death, 

"My father and mother left that state when I 
was nine years old, and moved to Bedford County, 
state of Tennessee, where we remained three 
years. In 1833 we moved to Ray County, Missouri, 
There I witnessed the falling of the stars, Novem- 
ber 13, 1833. 

"It was in my father's house that I first 
heard the sound of the everlasting gospel, preached 
by Brother Jacob Foutz. The next elder I heard 
was David Evans, My mother being first to 
believe, she was baptized by David Evans, and 
the family soon followed, 

"We remained in Missouri until the Saints 
were driven from that state. My mother and sister 
were very sick when we left, and they both died 
shortly after our arrival in Illinois, and in the 
course of a few months another of my sisters died, 
each leaving a small child which I had charge of 
in connection with my father's family. This 

Barbara Ann Evans 50 

consisted of two brothers, two sisters, my father, 
myself and the two small babies of my sisters, I 
had charge of all, I was only 18 years of age at 
that time. 

"I was baptized by Elder David Evans, and 
confirmed by him June 10, 1837, and I was mar- 
ried to him on the 23rd of Noveinber, 1841. 

"I saw Joseph and Hyrum Smith after their 
martyrdom. It was a solemn day among the Saints, 
We felt like a flock of sheep without a shepherd, 
but the Lord had another shepherd to lead his 
Saints. It was Brigham Young. I was present the 
day he was set apart to lead the church. No Saint 
could dispute it for it did seem when he spoke as 
though it was Joseph's own voice that was address- 
ing us. I never shall forget that day nor how the 
Spirit of the Lord was poured out upon the people; 
it came so mild, yet so penetrating that every 
heart beat with joy to know we had a man of God 
to lead the Saints, Oh, what a consolation it was 
to know we were not forgotten, 

"I remained in Illinois until the exodus from 
that state, which was in 1846. Some of the Saints 
had neither teams or wagons. The brethren united 
together and made wagons for those that had none; 
by that means all had wagons, but not teams, and 
we were obliged to get away, as the mob was howl- 
ing around, and Nauvoo was threatened. So my 
husband, being bishop of the Eleventh Ward, con- 
cluded to take the teams they had and move as 
many as they could. We made a start with what 
teams we had, crossed the Mississippi River, 
went a day's journey, and set the families down 
on the prairie. The next day they took the teams 
and brought the rest. 

"Soon after the men got employment breaking 
prairie and doing other work. We took oxen and 
milk cows so in the fall all had teams and pro- 
visions for winter. I did considerable spinning 
in the tent, also quilted several quilts. One great 
blessing, we were generally well. We did not have 
raany luxuries, still we felt thankful for what we 
had. We then started for Council Bluffs, but it 
was late in the fall, winter had set in, and we 
stopped on the headwaters of the Nodaway. The 

51 Barbara Ann Evans 

men cut hay and put up log huts. My husband made 
a sideloom, and I did considerable weaving that 
winter. The cattle could not live on the frost- 
bitten hay so they commenced to die; our provisions 
began to get short; and we were obliged to leave in 
the month of February, 1847. We started for 
Missouri and lost our way. Our teams that were 
left gave out, and we had to kill and eat them to 
save our lives, 

"My husband and two other men, Joseph 
Smith (of Lehi) and Shaw, went down to Missouri 
to get fresh teams and provisions, while they left 
their families camped on a small stream which 
was called Starvation Creek. We suffered from 
hunger and cold, but we did not complain, for we 
were united; we truly lived the order; we all shared 
alike. My husband came with fresh teams and pro- 
visions, I tell you it was a day of rejoicing. We 
had not heard from them since they left. They had 
had hard work to get teams. The people were so 
prejudiced against the Mormons, they were almost 
to return without anything. My husband told the 
people he would return and die with the rest of the 
people. One gentleman spoke and said, 'Can't you 
do something for these men; they seem to be 
honest? ' The men began to volunteer, and he soon 
had all the provisions and teams he wanted, 

"We then made another start for Missouri, 
The snow had fallen to a great depth, and we could 
not keep on the divide. After wallowing in the 
snow for four or five days, camping on the prairie 
without fire, we arrived in Nodaway County, 
Missouri, March 1, 1847. My son, Joseph, was 
born April 7th, in a house without doors, windows, 
chimneys or floor. My food was corn bread ground 
on a hand mill; we had bran for coffee. We stayed 
there three years, had plenty of work, made a good 
outfit and started for Utah, May 15th, 185 0. My 
baby was ten days old when we started. After the 
company got together. Bishop Evans was appointed 
captain. They were organized, and on June 15 we 
made a start for Utah. 

"The cholera soon broke out in camip. People 
were stricken down on every side. There were 
five deaths in our company, my husband's oldest 


Barbara Ann Evans 52 

daughter, Mrs. Ira Hinckley, was one among them. 
That was a trying time, I had six small children, 
but none of them had the dreaded disease. Had it 
not been for that we would have had a pleasant 
journey. After we arrived at Laramie, we all 
enjoyed good health, 

"In the year 1850, September 15th, we 
arrived at Salt Lake Valley, and lived there until 
February 15, 1851. We then moved to what was 
called Dry Creek, which was later called Lehi, 
and we have made our home in Lehi ever since. 

"My husband was appointed bishop of Lehi, 
also postmaster and served several terms in the 
Legislature. Our son Hyrum, was drowned at 
Pelican Point, in Utah Lake, July 29, 1862, age 9 
years, 21 days. He had been baptized. 

"I served as Second Counselor in the Relief 
Society for eleven years, I have done work in 
three temples, and had a little more to do, but my 
health would not permit. If I cannot do it, some of 
my family will attend to it. 

"My son, Eleazer Evans, was called on a 
mission to Germany. He left October 16, 1883, 
took a severe cold while in London; still he would 
not give up until he arrived in Berlin. He was sick 
all winter. The president released himi to return 
home. He lived just three weeks after his return, 
when his noble spirit took its flight to God who 
gave it. 

"I am the mother of fifteen children, seven 
boys, Joseph, Hiram, David, Eleazer, Mosiah, 
Ephraim, and Jacob, and eight girls, Martha, 
Amanda, Abigail, Sarah, Susan, Barbara, Rozilla, 
and Mary, ten of whom are living besides an adopted 
child, the daughter of Louise and John Beck; I have 
101 grand children, 86 living, 21 dead; 51 great - 
grand children, 43 living, 8 dead. I was 75 years 
old May 16, 1896. All my children living are mar- 
ried and have families, I have been a widow 13 
years. 1 was left with three children. I feel 
thankful that through all the shifting scenes of life, 
I have been preserved thus far in the faith of the 
gospel, and can testify that Joseph Smith was a 
prophet of God. " 

53 Barbara Ann Evans 

In addition to the foregoing her children 
recall some intimate incidents that may be of 
interest to those who read this sketch. 

At one time when food was so scarce she 
roasted and ate a pork rind that had been kept and 
used to grease the dripper that the bread was 
baked in. Her hunger for meat overcame every- 
thing, and the urge to satisfy that impelled her to 
sacrifice a family necessity. 

The fear of the Indians was ever prevelant. 
Often when they came to the home at meal time 
they were seated at the table, the best food was 
served to them while the children stood back in 
hungry expectancy hoping that all would not be 

One night when her husband was away the 
Indians came. Their countenances were savage, 
they were decked in feathers and war paint, with 
gestures and threatening voices they demanded 
an audience with the Big Chief as they called the 
husband. He was finally located and returned 
home. The mother with her children stood awe 
stricken in mute silence when he entered the house 
fearing that in their anger they would take his life. 
He seated himself in his accustomed place in an 
arm chair by the stair way and spoke calmly, 
kindly, persuasively to them. The infuriated 
savages in a short time were quieted. They did 
not get the scalp they had intended to take that 
night. Such scenes as this, however, only added 
to the fear already felt by the family. 

Barbara Ann Evans' children remember her 
as a kind, gentle, loving mother with a pleasing 
personality, a friend to all, her hands were ever 
extended to help those in need. 

»i> »u o> -I^ 

'I* 'f -(• '1- 

Barbara Ann Ewell, daughter of Pleasant 
Ewell and Barbara Fauber, was born 16 May 1821 
at Albermarle, Virginia. On 23 Nov 1841 she was 
married to David Evans. She died 2 8 June 1898 at 
Lehi, Utah, Utah and was buried there. They were 
parents of the following fifteen children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 54 

1. MARTHA EVANS, born 20 Oct 1842 at Nauvoo, 

Hancock, 111.; md. 20 Oct 1859, William 
Winn. She died 15 Nov 1926. 

2. AMANDA EVANS, born 21 Apr 1844 at Nauvoo, 

Hancock, 111.; md. 29 Apr 1859, Edward 
William Edwards. She died 25 Mar 1881, 

3. ABIGAIL EVANS, born 27 Jan 1846 at Nauvoo, 

Hancock, 111.; md. 1 Nov 1861, Ole Ellingson. 
She died 13 Sep 1932. 

4. JOSEPH EVANS, born 7 Apr 1847 at Nodeway 

Co., Mo.; md. 21 Apr 187 3, Sarah Jane 
Casto. He died 30 June 1899. 

5. SARAH EVANS, born 27 Apr 1849 at Nodeway 

Co. , Mo. ; md. 30 May 1867, Jacob Hodge. 
She died 20 Aug 1893. 

6. SUSANNAH EVANS, born 6 May 1850 at 

Nodeway Co., Mo.; md. 27 Dec 1869, 
Isaac Alldredge. She died 23 July 1932. 

7. DAVID EVANS, born 28 Jan 1852 at Lehi, Utah, 

Utah; md. 1 Dec 1881, Leah May Naegle. 
He died 5 Sep 1923. 

8. HYRUM EVANS, born 8 July 1853 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; died 29 July 1862, 

9. BARBARA EVANS, born 15 Mar 1855 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 9 Aug 187 5, John Pettit 
Bush, She died 22 July 1925. 

10. ROZILLA EVANS, born 4 May 1856 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 31 Mar 187 3, William Emil 
Racker, She died 15 Nov 1940. 

11. EPHRAIM EVANS, born 11 July 1858 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; died 5 May 1863. 

12. ELEAZER EVANS, born 24 Feb 1861 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; died 24 Mar 1884 unmarried. 

13. MOSIAH EVANS, born 22 Sep 1862 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 14 Dec 1882, Catherine 
Esther Carter. He died 15 Apr 1921. 

14. MARY EVANS, born 17 May 1864 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 24 Mar 1886, William P. 
Wanlass. She died 17 Jan 1931. 

15. JACOB EVANS, born 26 Apr 1867 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 27 Nov 1887, Ann Nelson. 
He died 22 Jan 1953. 

16. SOPHIA BECK EVANS (adopted) 

#3 Sarah Thornton Coleman Evans 



1806 - 1892 

Sarah Thornton Coleman, daughter of 
William Thornton and Elizabeth Christian, was 
born June 11, 1806 at Little Paxton, Huntington - 
shire, England, 

She and her older sister, June, were left 
motherless at the age of 10 and 11 years, as their 
mother died August 2 3, 1816. The father placed 
the two girls in a boarding school and afterward 
married again. 

Rules and regulations of the school were so 
strict that the students had no childhood or girl- 
hood pleasures. Whipping was not allowed, but 
some of the punishments were --going without food; 
undressing and going to bed in the day time; sepa- 
ration from playmates; etc. The most cruel 
punishment was that given the children when found 
sleeping with the knees drawn up. They were 
expected to recline in bed perfectly straight and 
should they draw their knees up in their sleep, the 
teachers and nurses roughly jerked the legs down, 
suddenly waking the child. 

Sarah Thornton decided, then and there, that 
should she ever have children, they should never 
acquire their education at a Boarding-school, 
However, she remained at this school about ten 
years when she met, and after a courtship of six 
weeks, married Prime Coleman, son of George 
Coleman and Elizabeth Prime, born in 1804 at 
Arlesey, Beds, England, 

The young man's father told him that he was 
making the mistake of his life by marrying a girl 
who had spent her life at school and could not be 
a helpmate to a cattle -man and farmer. But, as 
the old saying is "love goes where it is sent, " the 
young man decided he knew best, and so Prime 
Coleman and Sarah Thornton were married in 
August 1826, 

They owned and lived on a large, well- 
equipped farm at Thorncot, Beds, England. The 
house was a large two-story one, splendidly 

Sarah Thornton Evans 56 

furnished. Here seven children were born to 
them: George, Sarah, Prime Thornton, Ann, 
Elizabeth, William and Rebecca, and later one 
more in Nauvoo, Illinois, U.S.A. named 
Martha Jane. 

There was always plenty of hired help in 
the house and on the farm, so the mother's only 
work was to look after the children and manage 
the house -hold affairs. 

It took only a few years to convince the 
father-in-law that he was mistaken in his opinion 
as to what an educated girl could and could not do, 
for Mr. Coleman finally acknowledged to his son 
and daughter-in-law that she had made a wonderful 
wife and mother. 

There being no wash-boards nor washing- 
machines in those days, the family washing had to 
be done by rubbing the clothes between the hands. 
This family's washing was done every six weeks, 
and the task was not finished in less than three days. 

One day as Mrs. Coleman approached her 
home, she met a man with a beautiful feather bed. 
He asked her to buy it. She thought it looked very 
much like her bed, but paid the raan for it. On 
taking it up stairs to a bed room, she discovered 
that her feather bed was missing and upon examina- 
tion, found she had really bought her own feather 
bed from a "wouldbe robber, " 

One of the girls who lived for years with the 
Coleman family at Thorncot, was Lucy Brown 
whose father had died, her mother had married 
again and she had to go out to service. She also 
joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day 
Saints, and came to America with the Coleman 
family. After arriving in Nauvoo, Illinois, she 
went to live with the John Taylor family at $1. 00 
per week. There she met and married Elias 
Smith. They came to Utah September 1851. The 
Coleman and Smith families have been close 
friends ever since, "Aunt Lucy" as we have 
always called her, lived so long with the Prime 
and Sarah Coleman family at Thorncot. 

Mrs. Coleman was much more inclined 
toward religion than was her husband, and often 

57 Sarah Thornton Evans 

said that while she attended church, he enjoyed 
more to rest at home reading and smoking his 

When the Elders found them, the Coleman 
family was not long in making their decision to 
join the Church, and come to the new world. So 
with their four children who were over eight years 
of age, they were baptized in 1841 and 4Z; and on 
the first of January 1843 left their home at Thorn- 
cot in a large baggage wagon and began the journey 
to America, 

Christopher Layton (for whom the city of 
Layton, Davis Co. , Utah was afterward named) 
had been one of the hired men on the Coleman 
farm in England, was baptised and came with the 
family. He and the eldest son (George Coleman, 
about sixteen years of age) drove the baggage in a 
very cumbersome wagon with three strong horses 
tandem. "It was against the laws of England for 
teamsters to ride, and while both of us were rid- 
ing, a policeman saw us and gave chase. We 
whipped up the horses and after going about three 
mileSj, we out-ran him and slowed down again to 
a peaceable pace, " 

Leaving the wagon at Wolverhampton they 
went by train to Liverpool, where they joined 
other Saints, and were enrolled on the ship 
Swanton-( Captain Davenport) as the 19th company 
of Latter -Day Saints emigrants, with Lorenzo 
Snow as company's captain. 

They had to stay at Liverpool two weeks 
waiting for repairs on the ship, but made the 
vessel their home, doing the cooking and sleep- 
ing on board. 

Brother Layton acted as cook for the Cole- 
man family. One incident in their history: "one 
day Brother Coleman said to Layton, 'Chris, ain't 
you going to peel some potatoes and make us a 
pie? ' So Chris made the meat and potatoes into 
a pie, and when it was baked all the others wanted 
to share it, and asked for a receipt for 'Chris Pie, 
as they called it. " 

On January 16, 1843 they set sail from 

Sarah Thornton Evans 58 

Liverpool, the company numbering 212 souls. 
After sailing for seven weeks and three days, they 
arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana, and were 
transferred to the ship "Amaranth" in which they 
sailed up the Mississippi River to Saint Louis. 
There they were transferred from the steamer to 
a barge, and here they had to stay two weeks wait- 
ing for the ice in the river to break up. About the 
seventh or eighth of April a small steamer 
fastened a cable to the barge and tugged it up the 
river to Nauvoo, Illinois, where they landed on 
the 12th of April 1843, three months and twelve 
days after leaving their home in Thome ot, Eng- 
land, Choice feather-beds, and other valuable 
baggage had been left behind, or thrown over 
board, enroute, to decrease the weight of the 
.ships, as the journey was a long tedious one. 

When they arrived at Nauvoo, IllinoiSj the 
Coleman family went to live on the farm belonging 
to the Patriarch Hyrum Smith as Brother Prime 
Coleman had been an experienced farmer in his 
native country. Here they suffered privation and 
hardships not known before by this prosperous 
family, and the mother gave birth to her eighth 
child, Martha Jane, September 15, 1843, four 
months after their arrival in Nauvoo, Illinois, 

After a little over one year of this new life 
of sacrifice and hardship, typhoid fever broke out 
in Nauvoo, Some of the Coleman children were 
down with it. The father also was ill, A cat had 
broken the window. Rather than allow the mother 
to get out of bed. Brother Coleman insisted on 
fixing something to stop the wind from the sick 
room. While in the act of doing so, he took a 
chill and said, "I'm a dead man. " Typhoid fever 

developed and he lived only a short time. The 
father, and the eldest daughter, Sarah age 15 
years, died in June 1844 within a few days of 
each other, and were buried in an old dry well 
along with others. 

This left Sister Coleman with seven children 
to raise, lacking the comfort of "olden days in 
England, " and almost destitute of the necessities 
of life. 

The same month, June 1844, about two weeks 

59 Sarah Thornton Evans 

after these sad deaths in the Coieman family, ;:he 
Prophet and Patriarch were martyred, bringing 
the Saints an almost unbearable sorrow. One of 
Sister Coleman's daughters, Elizabeth about ten 
years old, was staying at the home of the Patriarch 
Hyrum Smith at the time. She often related the 
scene of grief and sorrow in the house when the 
bodies of the brethren were brought home to their 
wives and children. 

The widow, Sarah Thornton Coleman, with 
her family moved from the Smith farm into the 
Eleventh Ward of Nauvoo. Here she met David 
Evans, who was Bishop of that ward, and when 
the Saints were driven from one county or state 
to another, she with her children, shared the 
persecutions and trials of the exodus from Nauvoo 
and crossing the Plains, 

Being driven further west from State to 
State, they spent between four and five years on 
the journey to Utah, stopping at times for the men 
to work and purchase teams, wagons and provisions 
to continue the long trek over mountains and bridge - 
less streams. One stop lasted about three years 
in Nodaway County, Mo, , where they built log huts. 
Babies were born in these huts with no doors, 
windows, chimneys or floors. Food consisted 
mostly of corn bread and bran for coffee. The 
corn had to be ground on a hand mill. Here the 
men had plenty of work, and completed a good 
outfit for the trip across the Plains, 

Companies were organized for the move, 
and the Coleman family was placed in Bishop 
David Evans' company. They made the final 
start June 15th, 185 0; arrived in Salt Lake Valley 
the following September, spent the fall and most 
of the winter here, and in February 1851 President 
Brigham Young sent David Evans south to preside 
over the little colony already located on Dry Creek, 

Sarah Thornton Coleman and her seven 
children, three sons and four daughters, came 
with the Evans family and remained to help build 
up what is now Lehi City, Utah. Her sons built 
a two -room house for her, which was among the 
first adobe homes built here. It still stands (1934), 
one block west and half a block north of the Relief 

Sarah Thornton Evans 60 
Society Hall, 

Sister Coleman was chosen, and acted presi- 
dent of the first Relief Society organized in Lehi in 
the fall of 1868, and served in that position many 
years. She was blessed with the gift of tongues 
and used that gift many many times. 

The Coleman family were among the first 
to employ a genealogist in England to search out 
their ancestors, and have done temple work for 
hundreds by the surname of "Coleman, Thornton, 
Prime and Christian" from England, also the 
Colemans of America, Sister Coleman and her 
eldest son, George, with his wife, Jane Smith, 
began work in the St. George Temple soon after it 
was opened for ordinance work for the dead, and 
as soon as the Manti and Logan Temples were 
finished, all of her family joined in this work for 
the dead. When not able to do the work personally, 
they furnished the cash to hire it done. 

Sarah Thornton Coleman raised a highly 
respected, and very prosperous family; all of them 
became active in church work, in the cities where 
they have lived. She lived an examplary life, pass- 
ing on at the ripe age of 86 years and 9 months, 
with full faith in the Gospel for which she had 
sacrificed so much. 

In the personal records of Bishop David 
Evans, the date of his marriage to Sarah Thornton 
Coleman is not given, 

Sarah Thornton, daughter of William 
Thornton and Elizabeth Christian, was born 11 June 
1806 at Little Paxton, Huntingdon, Eng. She died 
1 Mar 1892 at Lehi, Utah, Utah and was buried 
there. On 26 Aug 1826 she married Prime Cole- 
man, son of George Coleman and Sarah Prime, He 
was born 2 June 1803 at Ausley, Hartford, Eng, 
and died 11 June 1844 at Nauvoo, Hancock, 111. 
They were the parents of the following eight children: 

1. GEORGE COLEMAN, born 5 May 1827 at Old 

Warden, Bedford, Eng.; md, 28 Jan 1857, 
Jane Smith. He died 22 Feb 1909. 

2. SARAH COLEMAN, born Aug 1829 at Old Warden, 

Bedford, Eng.; died May 1844 unmarried. 


61 Sarah Thornton Evans 


1831 at Thorncot, Bedford, Eng. ; md. 10 
Nov 1856, Emma Beck Evans. He died 
in 1905. 

4. ANN COLEMAN, born 2/20 Oct 1833 at Old 

Warden, Bedford, Eng. ; md. Joseph J. 
Smith. She died 2 Oct 1909. 

5. ELIZABETH COLEMAN, born 7 Dec 1835 at 

Old Warden, Bedford, Eng. ; md. John 
Jacobs. She died in 1926. 

6. WILLIAM COLEMAN, born 9 Dec 1836 at 

Thorncot, Bedford, Eng. ; md. Amy Gibson, 
He died 12 Feb 1910 or 1911. 

7. REBECCA COLEMAN, born 4 Oct 1838 at 

Thorncot, Bedford, Eng.; md. 1 8 Nov 1856, 
David Evans (1804). She died 7 May 192 3. 

8. MARTHA JANE COLEMAN, born 15 Sep 1843 

at Nauvoo, Hancock, 111. ; md, 20 Oct 1859, 
William Southwick. She died 13 Nov 1906. 

1834 - 1920 

Clymenia Shaw was born in Medina County, 
Ohio, February 2, 1834 to Benjamin Shaw and 
Phebe Whipple. The Whipple family heard the 
gospel in 1841 and from then on were associated 
with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day 
Saints. In January 1845 at the age of eleven years, 
Clymenia was baptized into the Church and in May 
of that year the family located in Nauvoo, However, 
it was not long before the Saints were driven from 
their beloved City of Nauvoo. Clymenia with her 
family was numbered among the David Evans Com- 
pany, which company did not reach Salt Lake Valley 
until 1850. 

At the age of twenty on March 16, 1854, she 
was married to Bishop David Evans and to this 
union were born three children: Phebe Jane born 
December 1, 1855 at Lehi, Utah, who lived only 
a short while as she died on the 18th of December 
1855, James was born August 16, 1857 and Edwin 
born February 2, 1860. 

During their youth, James and Edwin 
assisted their father in his farm work, tending 

Clymenia Shaw Evans 62 

the sheep, getting wood from the mountains, and 
assisting their mother about the home. 

Clymenia was a kind and gentle person. She 
was studious and enjoyed reading good books. She 
taught her sons to live and honor the teachings of 
the gospel. Her son, James, honorably filled a 
mission for the Church in England was stalwart 
and faithful throughout his life. Edwin became a 
prominent artist and did much of the decorating in 
the Salt Lake and Canadian Temples. 

Her son James and family moved to Canada 
in the spring of 1898. Clymenia lived there with 
them. They later returned to the states and 
located in Bountiful where Clymenia occupied a 
little house at the rear of their home. Her grand- 
children loved to visit with her. She would roast 
chestnuts for them and tell them pioneer stories 
as they gathered around her. She told of how 
when her shoes wore out during her long journey, 
her feet were wrapped in gunny sack to protect 
them. This story left a lasting impression on 
their minds. 

It is understood Clymenia is an Indian name. 
Clymenia 's granddaughter Eva Clymenia Evans 
Perry (#432) was named in honor of her grand- 
mothe r . 

Clymenia lived to be 86 years of age. Her 

diet did not include sweets of any kind which could 

have been a contributing factor to the fact that she 

had never had a cavity and had only lost one tooth 

when she died, August 10, 192 0. 

* ♦ * * 

Clymenia Shaw, daughter of Benjamin Shaw 
and Phebe Whipple, was born 2 Feb 1834 at 
Carlile, Lorine, Ohio and died 10 Aug 182 at 
Bountiful, Davis, Utah. On 16 Mar 1854 at Provo, 
Utah, Utah she married David Evans. They were 
parents of the following three children; 

1. PHEBE JANE EVANS, born 1 Dec 1855 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; died 18 Dec 1855. 

2. JAMES EVANS, born 16 Aug 1857 at Lehi, Utah, 

Utah; md. 20 Apr 1882, Sarah E. Wanlass, 
He died 16 Apr 1940. 

63 Clymenia Shaw Evans 

3. EDWIN EVANS, born 2 Feb 1860 at Lehi, Utah, 
Utah; md, 15 Jan 1880, Catherine Lewis. 
He died 7 Mar 1946. 

1828 - 1906 

Born in a small village near the border of 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Counties known as 
Calico Bridge, Lancashire, England, on 24 
March 182 8, Edna was the third child in the family 
of Elijah Hinchliff and Hannah Field. 

She was baptized a member of the LDS Church 
in 1844. It is presumed the entire Hinchliff family 
was baptized at the same time, though no records 
are known to exist. 

The family arrived in America in 184 5, and 
settled in the Boston, Massachusetts area, but 
later moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 

Edna married Edwin M. Woods, it is believed 
in Massachusetts, about 1849. Their first child, 
Adeline Matilda, was born 4 August 1850, in or 
near West Stockbridge, Cambridge County, Mass. 
Twin girls, Martha and Mary, were born 9 August 
1852 at Valatie, Columbia, New York. Both died 
within a few days. 

About this time Edwin Woods disappeared 
from Edna's life. He was a sea captain, and a 
story handed down through her family indicates 
that he went down with his ship which was lost 
in a storm, 

Edna and her daughter, Adeline, crossed 
the plains with an ox team in Captain James 
Brown's Company in 1854. She suffered trials 
and hardships as she walked most of the journey. 
She was kind and faithful in caring for others in 
the Company who were ill, and in preparing for 
burial those who died enroute. 

Her sister, Elizabeth and husband, Samuel 
Burton, and their six children, were also in the 
Captain James Brown Company, Elizabeth be- 
came ill enroute and died the day before arriving 

Edna Hinchliff 64 

in the Salt Lake Valley. Edna then took her 
sister's six children and reared thera as her own. 
The family settled in Riverdale, Weber, Utah. 

On 2 3 November, 1854, Edna married David 
Evans and moved to Lehi. To this marriage two 
children were born: Samuel, 3 November 1855 
(died the same day); and Hannah, 4 January 1857, 
who died 15 February 1857. 

Edna was a natural home maker. She was 
fastidious, hardworking, and did not tolerate idle- 
ness in herself or others. As a wife of David 
Evans she occupied the same household with other 
memibers of the Evans family. She was not fully 
accepted by some of his children who were openly 
critical of her and made life difficult. This led to 
friction which became unbearable and led her to 
divorce David and return to Riverdale, 

In May, 1859, Edna became the wife of 
William Stimpson, To this marriage six children 
were born, 

Edna was ever faithful to her testimony of 
the Gospel. She was active in church activities, 
lived a life of love and service to others, and left 
a rich heritage for her descendants to enjoy. 

She died 29 December 1906, and was buried 
in the Ogden City Cemetery, 

1838 - 1923 

Rebecca Coleman, fourth daughter of Prime 
Coleman and Sarah Thornton, was born October 4, 
1838 at Thorncot, Bedford, England, and as a 
child of four and a half years she came with her 
parents to America in the spring of 1843, so the 
history of her early life is included in that of her 

She remembered the trip across the ocean 
and, after landing in the states, of living on the 
farm of the Patriarch Hyrum Smith. As has been 
stated in her mother's history, her father and 
eldest sister died of typhoid fever at Nauvoo, 
Illinois June 1844, and were buried, with others, 

#6 Rebecca Coleman Evans 

65 Rebecca Coleman 

in an old dry well, 

Rebecca's childhood days were anything but 
pleasant because of the years of sacrifice, hard- 
ships and persecution of the Saints with whom her 
lot was cast. As her mother was left a widow with 
seven children, Rebecca had to share the responsi- 
bility and work, as this family was driven from 
state to state and finally across the Plains to Utah. 

The Coleman family was placed in a company 
with David Evans as Captain, and after a long 
journey arrived in Salt Lake City September 1850. 
The next February they came to help build a city 
near what was known as Dry Creek. Here Rebecca 
shared in the toils and hardships of a new and 
barren country living in huts with dirt roofs and 
dirt floors, with little to eat, and in constant fear 
of the Indians who roamed about. 

On the third of June 1856, as a girl of 
eighteen years, she nnarried and became the wife 
of Bishop David Evans. 

Rebecca Coleman Evans became the mother 
of eight children: George, Prime, Harriet, Sarah, 
Rebecca, Susanah (died an infant), Emma Jane, 
Martha Ann and Ellen (Ella). 

During the Indian trouble in this section of 
the country she, with her first two small children, 
lived at Pelican Point on the south shore of Utah 
Lake, For fear the Indians would be led to her 
lonely cabin at night, she did without fire or light, 
and was sick with fear the childrens' crying might 
attract some of the red men. 

While living there their food consisted mostly 
of fish with dandelions, alfalfa, and plantain (a wide 
leafed weed) for greens. She also salted fish down 
in barrels for winter use. This kind of food so 
sickened Rebecca on fish that she could scarcely 
stand the smell of fish being cooked; and she never 
ate fish during her whole life, when she could get 
anything else to eat. 

Later she was moved into the town of Lehi. 
In the early days when soap was made by burning 
grease wood to make the lye, she became an expert 
at the art of soap making. 

Rebecca Coleman 66 

She also washed wool, corded, spun, colored 
and wove it into cloth to clothe her family. She 
made her own dye to color the wool or yarn. The 
green was made by boiling peach leaves; red from 
a redish mineral found in the mountains, and blue 
from a mineral of a bluish color tied in a small 
sack and soaked in urine. The yarn was left in the 
dye from twelve to twenty -four hours, and even 
double that time, or until the desired shade was 
obtained. She, in connection with the other mem- 
bers of the David Evans family, made up into cloth 
five hundred pounds of wool each summer to fall, 
and this in turn was made into shirts, suits, 
dresses and blankets for the family, 

Rebecca also gleaned wheat in the fields and 
wove carpet for years to help support her family, 
as she was left a widow in 1883 when her husband 

She was counselor to Mrs. Mary Ann Davis 
in the first Primary Association organized in Lehi 
October 187 8, Was teacher in Sunday School many 
years, and was visiting teacher in Relief Society 
for twenty years. Her district covered all of the 
southwest quarter of the town. Donations were 
gathered in the form of soap, sugar, flour, wheat, 
eggs and most anything that could be used by 
families in need; quite a different method compared 
with later ones. 

She did a lot of temple work in connection with 
her mother's family and when she was unable to go, 
she sent money to hire temple work performed for 
the dead, 

Rebecca had four Patriarchal Blessings. The 
first on February fourth 1855, given by John R. 

Murdock; the second February 13, 1860; the third 
December 5, 1897 by Charles D. Evans; and the 
fourth April 24, 1908 by George Larkin. 

In 1919 she sold the old home where she had 
lived all her married life (except for the early 
period at Pelican Point), and where her children 
had been born, and moved up near two of her 
daughters Mrs, Sarah Taylor and Mrs. Ella 
Manning, and finally went to live with her daughter, 
Mrs. Taylor in 1921. 

67 Rebecca Coleman 

In January 1923 while standing near the 
dining room table in her daughter's home "her hip 
gave way" so the Doctor said, and she fell helpless 
to the floor. The result was that she was bedfast 
four months, suffering constantly from this broken 
hip and on May 7, 1923 Rebecca C. Evans passed 
from this stage of action to meet her loved one 
who had gone on before. 

* * * * 

Rebecca Coleman, daughter of Prime Cole- 
man and Sarah Thornton, was born 4 Oct 183 8 at 
Thorncot, Bedford, Eng. She died 7 May 1923 at 
Lehi, Utah, Utah and was buried there. On 3 
June 1856 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah she 
married David Evans. They were parents of the 
following eight children: 

1. GEORGE EVANS, born 18 May 1858 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 24 Dec 1888, Louisa Agnes 
Taylor. He died 26 Feb 1906. 

2. PRIME EVANS, born 10 May I860 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 27 Apr 1887, Sarah Taylor. 
He died 8 July 1901. 

3. HARRIET EVANS, born 11 June 1862 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. in 1882, John Wilson, 
She died 2 May 1941. 

4. SARAH EVANS, born 22 Sep 1864 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 24 July 1885, Samuel J. 
Taylor. She died 13 Aug 1946. 

5. REBECCA EVANS, born 5 July 1868 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; died 4 Jan 1869. 

6. EMMA JANE EVANS, born 11 Dec 1869 at 

Lehi, Utah, Utah; md. 14 Dec 1887, Isaac 
James Taylor.* She died 28 Feb 1942. 

7. MARTHA ANN EVANS, born 24 July 1873 at 

Lehi, Utah, Utah; md. Jerry Anson. She 
died abt 1943. 

8. ELLEN (ELLA) EVANS, born 23 May 1875 at 

Lehi, Utah, Utah; md. 3 Nov 1893, Leonard 
Fowler (div). She died 22 Apr 1962. 
She md (2) 12 Mar 1902, Archibald E. 

* #6 md (2) 18 June 1901, John Roberts. 



1843 - 1898 

Margaret Christine Holm Evans, daughter of 
Jens 'Nielson and Margaret Christine Ipson Holm, 
was born September 5, 1843 at Arnager, a small 
fishing village about five miles from the City of 
Ronne, on the Island of Bornholm, Denmark, 

During her early life at Arnager, she heard 
the waves of the Baltic Sea wash her native shores 
and eagerly watched hundreds of fishing vessels 
unload cargoes of fish taken from the northern 
waters. Sometimes she even went out with the 
fishermen in their boats, A ship sailing on the 
ocean was a beautiful sight to Margaret Christine, 
and it was her desire that some day her children 
could enjoy the seagoing vessels. 

Margaret Christine was her parents' only 
child. When she was five years of age, she had a 
New Testament placed in her hands to test her 
reading ability prior to entering the public school. 
She passed the test successfully. 

In 1851, the first L., D. S, missionaries 
arrived in Arnager, They taught the Gospel to 
Jens Nielsen, He became their first convert and 
was baptized on July 10th, Severe persecution 
raged against the missionaries and one evening 
while they were visiting Mr, Nielsen, a mob from 
nearby towns surrounded the house with the idea 
of whipping the two elders. The villagers came 
to the defense of the missionaries and drove the 
mob away saying, "The Mormons teach us correct 
doctrine, therefore, we will protect them!" 
Despite persecution, the elders continued to preach, 
convert and baptize, Christine and her parents 
were baptized, February 4, 1854, The water was 
frozen over. The ice had to be broken so baptisms 
could take place. 

The paramount problem from then on for the 
Holm family was to save their means in preparation 
for their long journey to the Salt Lake Valley in far 
off America, On Friday, April 18, 1857, a com- 
pany of saints numbering approximately 536, sailed 
from Copenhagen on the steamship "L, N. Hvidt" to 



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69 Margaret Christine Holm 

Britain. Elder Hecter Haight was in charge and 
accompanied them to Liverpool. On April 25, 
1857, they left Liverpool on the "Westmoreland. " 
Aboard were the Scandinavian converts and four 
returning missionaries. They were under the 
direction of Mathias Cowley. The saints were 
organized into four wards with a Bishop and two 
counselors over each ward. Strict regulations 
were observed. They retired at 9:00 p.m. and 
arose at 5:00 a.m. Morning and evening prayers 
were observed, also Sunday services. Schools 
were organized and English taught. Choirs and 
other musical groups were formed providing 
entertainment with their concerts, etc. The 
saints also enjoyed dancing. 

During their voyage, some died and were 
buried at sea. Babies were born and cared for. 
Five young Danish couples were married on the 
boat; the celebration lasted for several days. 

After five weeks, the ship landed at Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania, May 31, 1857. On June 
2nd, the company entrained for the west. There 
was much sickness. Three children and one man 
died on the crowded train. 

They arrived at Iowa City, Iowa, on June 9th. 
Here they were divided. About 330 were to go by 
handcart, the others in wagons. Christine and her 
parents were among those assigned to the Handcart 
company. Elder Christian Christiansen, who had 
planned to go by wagon, consented to serve as their 
Captain. As he was a native of Denmark, he spoke 
both Danish and English, which made it easy for 
him to converse with the group. He had migrated 
to Utah and then sent from there to fill a mission 
in the United States. Now he was returning honne. 
The company was equipped with 66 handcarts and 
4 mule -drawn wagons. 

Three days were allowed to prepare for the 
handcart trek. Christine's father purchased his 
handcart for $4. 00. When they reached their 
destination, he sold it for flour. It was their 
understanding before leaving Denmark, that fifteen 
pounds were allowed each person for clothing alone; 
but they now learned it was to cover everything. 

Margaret Christine Holm 7 

Feather beds, dishes, books, and some clothing 
had to be left behind. (Margaret Christine related 
to her children how badly she felt when she had to 
part with a very precious trinket box. It is not 
known at what point on the trek she had to discard it, ) 

The handcart company followed their regular 
routine of pitching their tents in a circle at night 
and arising at 5:00 a.m. After breakfast, everyone 
assembled for a song, prayer and instructions. One 
hour was allowed for the noon meal. 

As they neared Council Bluffs, they were met 
by officers who insisted they had smallpox in their 
company and were not allowed to enter the city. 
This was a false charge, however, they passed 
west and south of the city. 

When they arrived at Florence, Nebraska, 
July 3rd, a number among them were ill. They 
held a council to consider the condition of the party. 
It was unanimously decided they should continue on 
and those not able to walk should remain. 

On the 7th of July, the company numbering 
over 300 persons, left Florence. With them were 
ten mules and three wagons. 

They reached the Loup Fork on July l6th. 
Here they hired some Indians familiar with the 
river crossing to help them ford the stream. Pro- 
visions and goods were hauled in the wagons. The 
handcarts were emptied and taken across by the 
strongest men. Some women rode horseback, 
clinging to the almost naked Indians who guided 
the horses. 

As they reached the Black Hills, the first 
part of August, they found the terrain rougher, 
wood more abundant and the nights cool. Their 
food supply was low and now had to be rationed. 
About this time a detachment of Johnston's Army 
enroute to the Utah Territory on assignment was 
traveling near the Danish handcart train. Through 
an accident, one of the soldiers' oxen became 
disabled. The captain offered it to the emigrants 
for food. It was gratefully received and the fresh 
meat enjoyed. 

Later they met wagons loaded with flour and 

71 Margaret Christine Holm 

were able to purchase enough for their needs. 
When they reached Fort Bridger, more supplies 
were obtained. They traveled on through the heat 
and sand. Coming upon the last steep hills of the 
mountain sides was a severe test of endurance. 
Some were ill, all were footsore and weary, 
Christine's father had been ill three weeks during 
the journey. Her mother had found it difficult to 
keep up with the rest and twice came into camp 
hours later. Some miles out from their destina- 
tion, they were met by friends bringing food and 

Even with their hardships, the handcart com- 
pany reached the valley in better condition than did 
the mule teams. They had been able to make from 
twenty-five to thirty miles per day. The mule 
team had found little food along the way as they 
were following the route large cattle drives had 
taken on their way to California, also the freight 
trains of Johnston's Army had passed this way. 

Both the handcart company and the ox train 
arrived in the valley September 13, 1857. The 
Holms lived in Salt Lake City a short while, then 
went to Brigham City, Here they spent the first 
winter, Margaret Christine's father had lost so 
much weight from the short rations of food, his 
trousers literally could be wrapped around his 
frail body. That winter, squash was plentiful and 
made up a substantial part of the family's diet. 
He related to his grandchildren how good the 
squash tasted to him! He said he ate and ate to 
satisfy his hunger until, in his words, "1 got so 
fat, so fat ! " 

With the coming of Johnston's Army into 
Utah, the great move of 1858 took them as far 
south as Payson, On their return, they came to 
Lehi, July 4, 1858. Here they purchased ten 
acres of land from Bishop David Evans for $40. 00, 
Father Holm mended shoes to pay for the land. 
Later, he sold five acres for $20. 00. Margaret 
Christine was fourteen years and ten months of 
age when they settled in Lehi. 

At the age of seventeen, she was married to 
Bishop David Evans, May 4, 1861, in Salt Lake City. 

Margaret Christine Holm 72 

Even though her mother respected Bishop Evans 
and had a firm testimony of the religion she had 
accepted and was willing to live all of its principles, 
she said it was one of the hardest trials of her life 
to have her daughter go into the large polygamous 
family, Margaret remained with her parents until 
Bishop Evans provided her with a home of her own. 
She became the mother of six children: John Holm, 
Margaret Christine, Jane, Hannah, Rachel and Clara. 

Margaret Christine was dignified in appearance, 
womanly in her manners, and always cherished high 
ideals. These excellent qualities of character were 
passed on to her children. They were not allowed 
to use slang expressions; good manners were 
stressed. She was ready to assist those in need 
and sought opportunities to help the distressed in 
their troubles. Her home was literally a factory 
to support her family, the equipment being wool 
cards, a spinning wheel, knitting needles, and the 
loom. The wool, as it came from the sheep, was 
prepared and made into beautiful blankets and cloth 
from which were made warm and beautiful clothing 
and bedding for her own family, also others. 
Hundreds of yards of homemade carpet were 
woven for those who furnished the rags and warp. 
Her daughters were taught all of these skills as 
well as other homemaking arts. One of the most 
cherished memories her daughters had of their 
early homelife, were the pleasant evenings they 
enjoyed together busy at handwork while one of 
them read aloud to the others. 

Both Bishop Evans and Margaret Christine 
were interested in the proper training of their 
children. Though formal education was limited, 
their education was not neglected. They were 

encouraged and helped to learn. In fact, Rachel 
made the comment about her father, "He took 
more interest in helping us with our lessons than 
many fathers do today. " Both parents were kind 
and fair, but were firm in disciplining their 
children, Jane said, "Father had to speak only 
once !" If Margaret Christine said, "I'd rather 
you didn't, " it was the same to the children as if 
she had said, "No, " Jane also related, "When one 
of us got a hat, we all had a hat, " These pioneer 

73 Margaret Christine Holm 

parents had endured much and given their all for 
the Gospel of Jesus Christ- -they were staunch and 
devoted to their religious beliefs. It is only- 
natural these principles were instilled in the lives 
of their children. 

Bishop Evans often counselled with them. 
The following incident is an example: Hannah, 
about nine years of age had been injured and was 
at home when Israel, the eldest son of Bishop 
Evans and Mary Beck Evans, came to talk with 
his father regarding a serious problem. Hannah 
overheard her father advise Israel to do all he 
could to maintain his standing in the Church, 
during their father -son discussion. 

When their father passed away, June 2 3, 
1883, the daughters were still young ranging in 
age from eighteen years down to seven. 

At the funeral services for Hannah many 
years later, the following comments were made 
regarding the Evans Family by Bishop Andrew 
Fjeld: "Now I would like to tell a little about the 
Bishop's family that everyone does not know. It 
might help you to understand how they got along. 
Each wife had a home of her own. Finally, the 
old Bishop died. Now, here was a splendid chance 
for a family row. Five families all mixed up. 
What happened? David, Jr. , one of the older boys 
and a lawyer, spoke to the sons of the other women. 
He said, 'Now look here, let's get together and 
divide up this property between our mothers and 
fix it up. I will do the legal work. Let's do this 
before we go any further, ' He came to Hannah's 
mother, Margaret Christine, She didn't have a 
son. He told her to appoint someone to represent 
her and send him to the meeting. 'David, ' she 
said, 'the Lord hasn't blessed me with a son, so 
I am going to ask you to represent me in this 
council. ' He said he would and told her she would 
fare as well as his mother. These sons got to- 
gether and divided the property between their 
mothers, just as evenly and fairly as they could 
and asked their mothers if they were satisfied; 
they said they were. Then David Evans, Jr. , did 
the legal work and it went off like "a sound" and 
there wasn't a "hitch" anywhere. In this large 

Margaret Christine Holm 74 

family, I think it was very remarkable and very 
commendable. " 

Margaret Christine lived a good and whole - 
somie life. When she joined the church, she 
accepted all the doctrines and principles, even 
plural marriage. However, when the Manifesto 
was signed she said, "I am thankful my daughters 
will not be asked to enter into polygamy, " 

Margaret suffered a long, lingering illness 
which she bore patiently. Her two youngest 
daughters, Rachel and Clara, were yet at home. 
They cared for their mother with love and tender- 
ness. The married daughters also assisted in 
every way possible, Margaret Christine Holm 
Evans passed to a well-earned reward at Lrehi, 
Utah, June 17, 1898, at the age of fifty -four years, 
and was buried in the Lehi City Cemetery, 

♦ * * n« 

Margaret Christine (Kirstine) Holm, born 
5 Sep 1843 at Arnager, Nylrsk (Bornholm), Den- 
mark; died 17 June 1898 at Lehi, Utah, Utah; 
buried 18 June 1898 at Lehi, Utah, Utah. On 
4 May 1861 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah 
she married David Evans. They were parents of 
the following six children: 

1. JOHN HOLM EVANS, born 2 9 Nov 1863 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; died 3 Oct 1864, 


1865 at Lehi, Utah, Utah; md. 24 July 1885, 
James Joseph Turner. She died 5 Aug 1941. 

3. JANE EVANS, born 18 Dec 1867 at Lehi, Utah, 

Utah; md. Nov 1888, Richard W. Bradshaw. 
She died 27 Mar 1919, 

4. HANNAH EVANS, born 4 Feb 187 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md. 12 Sep 1888, Andrew B. 
Anderson. She died 15 Sep 1953, 

5. RACHEL EVANS, born 25 Apr 1874 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md, 7 Sep 1898, John William 
Wing, She died 7 Sep 1962. 

6. CLARA EVANS, born 21 Dec 1876 at Lehi, 

Utah, Utah; md, 31 Aug 1899, Joseph 
Goates, She died 30 Jan 1920, 


Home of David and Barbara Ann Evans 

Home of Clymenia Shaw Evans 


Home of Rebecca Coleman Evans 



Home of Margaret Christine Holm Evans 

1827 - 1850 

Eliza Jane, the first child of Mary Beck and 
David Evans, was born at Hanover, Columbiana 
County, Ohio, April 16, 1827. 

She moved with her parents to Richmond 
County, Ohio; Caldwell County, Missouri and on 
to Adams County, Illinois. It was here she was 
called to accept life without her mother, who died 
June 2 0, 1841, in Adams County, Illinois. 

She endured many hardships with her parents 
as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints, There were times when she 
was cold and hungry as they moved from place to 
place with the Saints, 

After her mother's death the Evans Family 
moved to Nauvoo. Eliza Ja,ne was 14 years of age, 
Israel 13, Henry 11, Mary Ann 9, and Emma 1 
year 9 months. Eliza Jane, the eldest child of 
this young family had many responsibilities placed 
upon her in caring for her father, brothers and 
sisterSo On November 23, 1841, her father mar- 
ried Barbara Ann Ewell from whom with her 
brothers and sisters received the love and help 
of a mother, 

Eliza Jane was married to Ira Nathaniel 
Hinckley in August of 1848. 

The Evans Family along with the Saints left 
Nodaway County, Missouri, May 15, 1850, They 
started westward on June 15, 1850, 

Eliza Jane and Ira had become the parents 
of a baby girl Eliza Jane, born July 16, 1849, who 
later became Mrs, Eugene L, Robertson Septem- 
ber 15, 1879. 

They had only gone a short distance on their 
westward journey when cholera broke out in the 
camp and Eliza Jane Evans Hinckley contracted 


Eliza Jane Hinckley 76 

the disease and died June 27, 1850, leaving her 
young husband and baby. She was buried near the 
Piatt River, It was in deep sorrow that her young 
husband, with his motherless babe, had to leave 
the lonely grave of his beloved wife and move on- 
ward with the Saints. 

Ira reached the Salt Lake Valley in Septem- 
ber 22, 1850, a week later than the Evans Company, 

On December 11, 1853, Ira N, Hinckley 
married Adelaide Cameron Noble giving little 
Eliza Jane a mother and a home where other later 
children joined the family circle. 

Years later (1869) her brother, Israel, 
visited her grave which he expresses in verse 
as follows: 

The Plains, the western plains hath one 
Who now lies buried deep. 
By many she was beloved, yet none 
O'r her low grave now weep. 

She sleeps where hostile tribes infest 
And scour the extended plain. 
Yes, calmly sleeps in quiet rest. 
Free from a world of pain. 

And as I passed her grave, I thought 
Some gentle spirit whispered low 
In heavenly tones, "For me weep not, 
But brother onward go. " 

My feeling then calm and mild 
Gave way in flowing tears. 
Remembering well, when but a child 
I loved my sister dear. 

But parted we are now, who strayed 
Beneath the same shade tree. 
Whose voices mingled as we played 
Around one parent's knee. 

And I with joy will labor here 
And drive this grief away. 
For well I know, my sister dear 
Will greet me in a better way. 


#111 Eliza Jane 
Hinckley Robertson (Dodd) 

#111-1 Adrienne 
Robertson Robb 

#111-2 Grace 




#125 Matilda 
Evans Scalley 

#127 Rachel Evans 

#128 Eliza (Lyda) 
Evans Slade 

#125-1 Douglas #121-1 Lillian #124-1 Israel #128-2 Matilda 
Evans Scalley Lott Evans Ann Slade Clark 



1849 - 1890 

Eliza Jane Hinckley, only child of Eliza Jane 
Evans and Ira Nathaniel Hinckley, was born on 
July 16, 1849 in Estelle Mills -Platte County, 

Her parents had joined a wagon train to 
come west in Mid-April 1850, The company con- 
sisted of fifty -four wagons driven by L. D. S. 
church members with David Evans, her grand- 
father, in charge. They were bound for the Salt 
Lake Valley. 

They trailed up the Platte River to Sweet- 
water when cholera broke out in camp, Eliza 
Jane Hinckley was eleven months old when her 
mother and her uncle Joel died June 15, 1850, 
They were both buried on the south side of the 
Platte River, The wagon train then divided with 
both sections reaching Salt Lake Valley in Sep- 
tember 1850 within a week of each other. 

Eliza was ill during much of the trip but 
willing hands helped the young father to care for 
his daughter, 

Ira Hickley located in Coalville and when 
Eliza Jane was four years of age he married 
Adelle Cameron who loved Eliza Jane as if she 
were her own child, 

Ira was closely associated with the church 
authorities and was assigned to build a meeting- 
house at Coalville, He was later called to direct 
the construction of a stone fort on Cove Creek in 
Millard County for protection of travelers and 
stage coaches. 

The next move was to Fillmore where Ira 
was Stake President for twenty -five years. Here 
Eliza Jane grew to young womanhood. She endured 
hardships and many changes of home. She was 
taught the art of homemaking, received her school- 
ing and was active in the church there. 

In Fillmore she met Eugene Robertson. On 
September 15, 1879 they were married. Eugene 
Robertson was the son of Elizabeth and Dr, Wm, 

Eliza Jane Robertson 78 

Dodd. He was born on July 27, 1847 in Paducah, 
Kentucky. At this time the Civil War was on and 
feelings ran high about slavery. Eugene and his 
father had different ideas about this so at the age 
of fourteen he ran away and joined the Union Army, 
His father never forgave him and denied him the 
privilege of returning home and of seeing his 
mother or sister after the war was over. He left 
and came west dropping the name of Dodd and using 
his middle name as his surname which was his 
mother's maiden name. 

Eliza Jane and Eugene had five children. 
They were Adriene, Grace, Florence, William 
and Edward, Eugene worked in silver mines in 
Patterson, Nevada. Eliza Jane was very happy 
but lived a life of hardships as most people in 
mining towns. When her last child was born he 
died and a few days later Eliza died also. Her 
father Ira Hinckley drove his team and wagon to 
Patterson, Nevada and brought the two bodies back 
to Fillmore, Utah for burial. Life repeated itself, 
she leaving her children motherless as her mother 
had done. 

Eliza Jane never knew her married name 
should have been Dodd. No one knew of Eugene's 
correct surname, "Dodd, " until he sent for his 
sister Sarah Agnes Dodd Timble to come west to 
help him with the children after Eliza's death. 
They moved into town and Sarah took Grace back 
east with her. Adriene, the eldest, did not want 
to go. Grace was given a bracelet of her mother's 
and took it east with her crying herself to sleep 
many a night with it clasped in her hand. This 
bracelet is still in possession of a granddaughter, 
June Lee Herman Box, 



1880 - 1968 

Adriene (Addie) was born July 4, 1880, in 
Silver Reef, Washington County, Utah to Eugene 
and Eliza Jane Hinckley Robertson, 

When Addie was near ten years old, her 
mother gave birth to her fifth child Edward (Eddie), 

79 Adriene R. Strong 

October 21, 1890 who died three days later. 
Within three weeks, her mother died, November 
11, 1890. 

Addie's grandfather Hinckley of Fillnriore 
traveled to Patterson, Nevada, arriving before 
her mother died. He took the family and two 
bodies back to Fillmore where they were buried. 

The children remained at their grandfather's 
home, Addie's sister, Grace, was 7, Florence 3, 
and William 1 year of age, A year later, Florence 
died. Grace went east to live with an aunt, and her 
father took William to Nevada to live with him. 

Addie remained with her grandfather. When 
he was released as Stake President, they moved 
from Fillmore to Provo where she attended the 
Brigham Young Academy. 

She married Albertus Robb June 26, 1901 
and moved to Parowan. Theron and Lowell were 
born there. 

She divorced Robb and married Warren Wade 
Strong, April 27, 1906 at Provo, Utah. One son, 
Wayne Warren Strong, was born to this union. 

They made their home in Duchesne where 
they raised cattle and sheep. When Warren Strong 
died, Addie operated a hotel for two years. She 
then sold it and moved to Salt Lake City with her 
son, Wayne, who gave her the best of care. She 
broke her hip in her later years and spent some 
time in a rest home, only because Wayne could 
not provide the care she needed. Theron and family 
live at Duchesne. Lowell died from a gun shot 
wound, Wayne resides in Salt Lake City. 

Addie died December 8, 1968 and was 
buried at Provo, Utah, 

1883 - 1962 

Born Nov. 5, 1883 to Eliza Jane Hinckley 
and Eugene Robertson Dodd. Grace was 7 years 
old when Eliza Jane died, Nov. 11, 1890, Eugene's 
sister, Sarah Agnes, wife of Judge Trimble of 
Paducah, Ky, , took her East to live. For the next 

Grace Robertson 80 

ten years, Grace had a vastly different life as the 
adored niece, and granddaughter of the Robertson 
and Dr. William Dodd families. 

In 1900, Grace, 17, moved with the Trimble 
family to Albuquerque, and entered the University 
of New Mexico. She married Terry Fred Herman, 
Aug. 9, 1902, and they had a delightful 6 months 
honeymoon in Mexico City, before returning to 

In 1904, Grace's twin sons were stillborn. 
Always slender, she weighed under a hundred 
pounds, recovering slowly. Seven years later 
her daughter, June, was born. May 31, 1911; 
Nadia Florence was born four years later, June 17, 

In 1917, they moved to Springfield, Mo., 
where Terry was an Editor. Son, Hartley Robert- 
son, was a 19 18 Valentine. 

In 1922, Aunt Sarah Agnes came from 
Albuquerque, and they all journeyed to Southern 
California, Grace became active in the San Diego 
Chapter of the DAR. 

Family grown, in 1947 Grace moved to Ft, 
Worth, Tex, and devoted much time to genealogical 
work. She was founder of the Fort Worth-Dallas 
Chapter of Colonial Dames of the XVII Century 
which was named for her ancestor. Gov, Thomas 
Hinckley of Plymouth Colony, She was a member 
of the California Society of Mayflower Descendants, 
the Richard Henry Lee Chapter of the Daughters of 
the American Colonists, in Los Angeles, The 
Mary Isham Keith Chapter of the DAR, and the 
Gen. Edward Tarrant Chapter of the Daughters of 
the War of 1812 of Fort Worth, 

A truly great lady, she died in Ft, Worth, 
Oct, 9, 1962, at the age of 78, 


1889 - 1919 

William L. Robertson was born January 8, 
1889 in the mining town of Patterson, Nevada to 
Eugene L. and Eliza Jane Hinckley Robertson. 

81 William L. Robertson 

He was one and one half years old when his 
mother died and with his sisters was cared for in 
his Grandfather Hinckley's home in Fillmore, Utah. 
However, a year later, when his sister Florence 
died, his father took him back to Patterson to live 
with him. 

William rode horseback and went into the 
mines during the day with his father. At night 
they studied lessons. His father was a noted 
scholar and by the time William was four years 
old, he could read and write. His father taught 
him mining engineering, mathematics, English, 
French and Spanish, also art, 

William worked with his father. They mined 
silver in Ely, Nevada and had a mine on the edge 
of the Grand Canyon. They also operated a ranch 
at Corona, California. They spent their winters 
in Los Angeles. It was an ideal life for a boy. 

Quite unexpectedly, William's father passed 
away in 1915, William had much love and admira- 
tion for his father. 

A year later, a Mr. Thomson, who William 
had known in Nevada, offered William an opportunity 
to go down into Mexico to look over a large number 
of old mines, A Mr. Holland, an old gentleman, 
who William had known for several years was with 
him. Their expenses were paid by Mr. Thomson 
and capital to develop anything they could find 

In a letter William wrote to his sister Grace, 
he said, "I have found here what promises to be 
one of the biggest mines in Mexico, a vein nearly 
two hundred feet wide, averaging eight dollars in 
gold and some three hundred and fifty grams in 
silver (metric ton). It is beautifully located, 
crossing the Miravalles River from a high and 
very steep mountain. . , , I thought when I came 
down here that I could speak Spanish, but it took 
me three months to acquire even a fair under- 
standing. . , " 

On November 8, 1919, Grace received a 
telegram from J, D, Thomson. "Regret to inform 
you that William Robertson died at Magdelena, 
Senora, Mexico Thursday night of Thyphoid Pneumonia. " 

William L. Robertson 82 

Note: Explanation for genealogical purposes should 
be made regarding the direct family name which is 
Dodd not Robertson, Eugene L. Robertson was 
born in Kentucky. During the Civil War, feelings 
ran high. His father, Dr. William Dodd, had very 
violent opinions which caused Eugene to run away 
from home and join the Union Army. After the 
war, Dr. Dodd refused to forgive his son and for- 
bade him to "set foot" in the family home again or 
to see his mother, brothers and sisters. As a 
result, Eugene took his mother's maiden as his 

1828 - 1896 

Israel Evans, eldest son and second child of 
seven, was born to David Evans and Mary Beck Evans 
October 2nd, 1828 in Columbus County, Ohio, 
When four years old his parents were converted to 
a new church which had been organized in New York 
State just two years before. From this time until 
his death in 1896, Israel's life was inexorably con- 
nected with the rise and development of that other 
modern Israel, the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints, 

Soon after his parents had joined the new 
church, the family moved to Missouri where they 
bought farm land a few miles east of Far West in 
the expectation that this place would become their 
permanent inheritance for generations to come. 
Hostility soon arose from the older settlers who 
feared the influx of the Mormons, and while still 
a child Israel tasted the bitter fruits of prejudice 
and injustice. The rising mob violence against 

the Mormon settlers soon culminated in the Haun's 
Mill massacre at which many of the friends of the 
Evans family were killed or wounded. During the 
violence, Israel's mother concealed her baby in a 
shock of corn and then hurried Israel and the older 
children to a place of safety in the high brush. 
Within days, Israel's father was preparing to move 
the family out of Missouri, and soon afterwards 
the family migrated with the majority of the 
Missouri Saints into Illinois, where David Evans 
bought land in Adams County. 

83 Israel Evans 

Here it was that on June 20th 1841 Israel's 
mother, Mary Beck Evans, succumbed to the 
hardships of frontier life and died leaving Israel 
without maternal guidance at the young age of 

The migratory nature of his young life, and 
the difficulties involved in settling what was then 
the frontier of the United States had left little 
time for Israel to obtain a formal education. 
According to his own report, his greatest amount 
of schooling was gained in one winter when he was 
allowed to attend school one -half of each day when 
the cold and snow made his normal outdoor duties 
impossible to perform. He was industrious, how- 
ever, and on his own he purposefully sought out 
whatever books were available among his friends 
and relatives so that he might educate himself. 
He came to abhor the dirty language and slang 
which were so much a part of frontier life and 
when older often would he say, "Use good English, 
we have enough of such to express our views --but 
use it properly, " His poetry is proof enough that 
he learned to use the language well enough to 
"express his views. " The scope of his interests 
and imagination in later life is ample evidence 
that as a child he began the cultivation of a keen 
and analytical mind. 

The years between 1841 and 1846 were years 
of spiritual and physical growth for Israel during 
which he nurtured to maturity those qualities of 
manhood that were to be so sorely tested in the 
years after 1845. 

After the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, 
Israel, now a young man, helped his family pre- 
pare once again to migrate, this time across the 
plains; but events decreed another course. On 
the 13th of July 1846 Brigham Young called a 
general meeting at Mosquito Creek, Ohio, to 
address the people in regard to furnishing a 
batallion of men to serve as volunteers in the 
impending war with Mexico. Four companies 
were raised that first day in response to Brigham 
Young's request. 

Israel Evans' name was the first on the 
muster roll, but he was turned down by the 

Israel Evans 84 

recruiting officer as being undersized. Nothing 
daunted, he worked his way to the end of the line 
where he stood on a tree stump (some say a 
buffalo chip) behind a friend. This added enough 
height to his physical stature to be accepted by 
the officer. 

Despite his size, there was nothing small 
about his moral stature. When asked why he was 
so anxious to enlist, his answer was: "My enlist- 
ment will save some man with a family from going 
and if I don't go, my father might be compelled to 
go and that would be a tragedy. I have no responsi- 
bilities and no mother to worry about miy well being 
and God can and will take care of my going as well 
as my staying, " 

On the 20th of July 1846, Israel said goodbye 
to his father, brothers and sisters and started the 
march toward Fort Leavenworth where he was to 
be outfitted along with the 548 other members of 
the Mormon Batallion. In the middle of August the 
Batallion began its long march westward toward 
California, Almost from the beginning the men 
were plagued with short rations, exposure to desert 
heat, long forced marches and unsympathetic 
officers who were not of their faith. In early 
December the Battalion fought its only battle: they 
were attacked by wild bulls on the San Pedro River. 
By spring the Battalion was in California and on 
the 16th of July, 1847, the men were discharged 
from service after having completed the longest 
infantry march on record. 

Some of the men re -enlisted, others made 
immediate preparations to join the Saints who were 
nearing the Great Salt Lake Valley under the leader- 
ship of Brigham Young, and some few, Israel Evans 
included, decided to stay, find work, and earn 
money to help their families in the East cross the 

He obtained employment at Sutter's Mill, and 
it was he (according to family tradition) and the two 
Willis brothers who first discovered gold at the 
Mill and conveyed the news to General Marshall. 

Later that year, a number of men who had 
been in the Battalion became anxious to reach the 

85 Israel Evans 

Salt Lake Valley by the next spring. So a company 
of eight persons, Israel Evans included, started 
east over the mountains with David Browett as 
their captain. They were to pioneer a wagon road 
over the Sierra Nevada Mountains eastward, as 
the usual route, the Truckee, was impractical 
during most of the year. After three days travel 
to Iron Hill, the snow became so deep they could 
go no farther. Israel and Sidney Willis worked 
their way to a mountain summit but could see 
nothing but snow capped mountains ahead, so it 
was decided to return and postpone the enterprise 
until a little later. Browett and Allen however 
decided to do some exploring of their own in hopes 
of finding more gold. The others in the company 
feeling that there were things more precious than 
gold refused to follow, Daniel Tyler in his account 
of the journey quotes Israel Evans as saying: "We 
had an abiding faith in God, that inasmuch as He 
had opened unto us the treasures of the hills to 
help us as a means for our return. He would also 
show unto us the way by which we could return 
home. " When the party was once again on the way, 
they found the bodies of Browett and Allen who had 
been killed for the gold they carried. The company 
buried them and continued on their way toward a 
new home in the Rocky Mountains. 

Israel served as scout for the company and 
was sent on several exploring trips to determine 
the best route to follow. On September 28th, he 
found the raain road and from there they travelled 
along the Truckee, For the first time since they 
had left California they knew exactly where they 
were. Along the road they met a caravan on its 
way to California and were the first ones to spread 
the news of the discovery of gold. Following the 
road until they were in southern Idaho, they then 
cut off and found a new way into what is now 
northern Utah by crossing the Malad and Bear 
rivers a few miles from their junction. The com- 
pany of valiant men arrived in Salt Lake City on 
September 28th 1848 (October 1st in another account). 

Israel's first purchase in the valley with his 
California-earned money was a fine horse of 
Spanish descent which he named "Kit. " She 
became the royal ancestor of most of his horses, 

Israel Evans 86 

and every child of his learned to ride and drive her 
as she was so gentle and kind. Israel loved good 
animals and "Kit" remained with him until she died. 

Soon after his arrival in the valley he met a 
young girl of seventeen who had arrived the previous 
September in the second company of emiigrants to 
enter the Valley, Her name was Matilda Ann 
Thomas, She was to become the devoted wife of 
Israel Evans and the loving mother of his children. 

Her parents were Daniel Stilwell Thomas and 
Martha Pane Jones. They had been living in Calo - 
way County, Kentucky when Matilda was born on 
February 5th, 1830. Eight years later she was 
baptised a member of the Church and with her 
parents moved with the Saints into Missouri and 
then on to Nauvoo, from whence she and her family 
fled when the city was attacked by the mobs. In 
1847 she and her brother Isaac crossed the plains 
in a wagon which they drove for John Van Cott. 

On January 1st, 1849, Israel married Matilda 
Thomas in Salt Lake City. They had very little on 
that New Years Day, but each other; and the year 
before them stretched out in a long succession of 
days filled with hours of labor just to supply the 
barest necessities of life. Their first concern was 
to prepare a place for them and both their parents 
who were to emigrate during the coming summer. 
But that summer Matilda announced that they ought 
to prepare for another family member that would 
be coming the next winter. 

On February I5th, 1850, their first child, 
Mary Abigail Evans, was born in their wagon box. 

November of 1850 found Israel, Matilda and 
their nine -month old daughter camped at Sulphur 
Springs (later known as Snow Springs) near Utah 
Lake. Together with another dozen families who 
had been called by Brigham Young to settle Utah 
Valley, they had hastily built a small cabin on 
damp ground not far from the lake. Their cabin 
was near the northwest corner of what was planned 
to be a fort to protect the settlers from the Indians. 
The small family's second winter was spent in this 
cabin, cold and damp perhaps, but much more com- 
fortable than the wagon in which the previous winter 

87 Israel Evans 

had been spent. 

On little Mary's first birthday her grandfather, 
David Evans, moved onto land a little north of 
Sulphur Springs, Later, Israel moved his family 
to higher, drier ground, as did the other settlers. 
This new settlement became Evansville and later 

The next two years were spent in community 
building: constructing homes, laying out streets 
and roads, canal and ditch digging, and, of course, 
having children, Israel's second child, Elgiva, 
was born during this time. When the preliminary 
work of settling had been done and Israel was about 
to begin enjoying his new home and family, he 
received a call from Heber C, Kimball at the April 
1853 Conference of the Church to serve as a 
missionary in the British Isles. 

When the call came, his family was short of 
food and supplies after the long winter of 1852, 
Matilda's father had gone to the Platte River to 
pick up provisions but had not yet returned as the 
day drew near for Israel to leave. On the morning 
he left for England, the last dust of flour was 
scraped from the barrel and eaten for breakfast. 
How strong his faith must ha-ve been to leave at 
that time, and what faith and love his wife must 
have had to send him on his way, leaving her with 
two small children ! 

Israel spent three years in England and one 
in Wales spreading his belief in a restored gospel. 
During part of this time he served as companion to 
Israel Barlow whose diary favorably records the 
impression Israel's labors made upon the English 
people in Birminghann, On December 2nd, 1854, 
he was appointed Conference President, 

When he returned to the States in 1857 he was 
given the responsibility of guiding a company of 
recent converts across the plains. When he 
reached Iowa a hand-cart company was organized 
of which he was made captain. It consisted of 31 
hand carts and 134 souls. He was a kind, thought- 
ful leader, and they showed their love and respect 
for him in a song written for him by Arran Dariut. 
On September 12th, 1857 he led the tired but 

Israel Evans 88 

thankful group of Saints down the mountains into 
the Great Salt Lake Valley, 

On his return to what is now Lehi he found 
both his daughters growing strong, and a new little 
house which his wife had built for them. While he 
was away, Matilda had bought a city lot just north 
of the first meeting house in Lehi. In order to dig 
a storage cellar in the hard ground she had turned 
irrigation water on it at night and then dug out the 
softened earth during the day. She had done this 
until the cellar was deep enough to store her winter 
supplies. She then began to dig the foundation for 
their small house in the same way. 

In the spring of 1858 Isra.el joined an expedi- 
tionary force which had been called to help a colony 
of Saints living on the Salmon River in Idaho, The 
settlement' had been attacked by Indians and was 
desperately in need of assistance, A force of 2 00 
arrived on March 2 3rd and quickly settled the dis- 
pute which had arisen between the settlers and 
Indians through a misunderstanding. As Israel 
returned to his home he saw the houses and build- 
ings of Salt Lake City deserted and filled with straw- 
ready to be set to the torch, Johnston's Army was 
to enter the valley in another few days to put down 
the "Mormon Rebellion" and free the Saints from 
the "tyranny" of Brigham Young, 

Captain Gove, a member of the invading 
army, visited Lehi soon after and described it as 
", . o built like all the settlements in the country, of 
adobe and mud enclosures the entire distance 
round. . . it resembles a Mexican town very much, . , 
contrary to what we expected, the men seem as 
much attached to Brigham Young and the church as 
pretended from representatives made before we 
entered the valley. " 

In 1859 Israel began his service to the people 
of Lehi as an elected official. For the next eight 
years he served as alderman and councilor under 
several mayors (including his father) and in 1867 
he was elected mayor of the growing town. During 
his administration the Federal Land Office alloted 
two days in which the land owners in the city might 
file their claims officially. The filing time was 
later changed to two months giving everyone a fair 

89 Israel Evans 

chance to file. The deed to all the land was made 
out to Mayor Israel Evans and signed by the Presi- 
dent of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant. Mayor 
Evans then made out deeds in the name of the city 
to each of those who had filed a claim. 

It was during these years of the sixties while 
Israel and his father were serving in high political 
and ecclesiastical offices that the foundations of 
anger and resentment were laid among those who 
felt the Evans family had too tight a control on the 
lives of the citizens of Lehi. The sad culmination 
of the machinations of certain of these citizens was 
still several years in the future. In the meantime 
Israel continued his policies aimed at making Lehi 
a model city, and ideal place to live. 

In 1865, largely through his efforts, a stock 
company was organized for the purpose of operat- 
ing the first library in the city, and in Utah. 
Members of the company each subscribed $5. 00 
per share and on Dec. 27th 1865, by an enactment 
of the legislature of the Territory, the Governor 
gave Israel and William Winn the power to incor - 
porate a body to be known as the "Library Associa- 
tion" with the power to purchase, receive, and 
hold property. For this library Israel purchased 
Harper's Family Library, consisting of 150 
volumes, and a collection of histories, biographies, 
and scientific works. No novels were purchased 
as they were generally considered sinful. Israel's 
love of books was so well known among his neigh- 
bors that many of Matilda's friends who had sewing 
to do at night, would spend the evening at the Evans 
home because they knew Israel would be burning a 
candle since he never went to bed without reading. 

In 1868, through Israel's efforts, the Lehi 
Union Exchange was founded. While on his mis- 
sion to England he had studied the Rochdale co- 
operative system and he believed this plan of 
meeting the mercantile needs of the people could 
be used beneficially in Lehi. David Evans was 
elected president of the new venture and shares 
were sold at $25 per share. Thus was organized 
the first co-operative store in Utah. The enter- 
prise was so successful that other cities in Utah 
soon followed suit and organized their own 

Israel Evans 90 

co-operative mercantile institutions. 

Toward the end of his term as mayor, Israel 
was again called by the Church to serve as a mis- 
sionary- -this time as a representative of the 
Church in the Eastern States. 

While on this mission he visited with mem- 
bers of his parents' families who had not joined 
the Church. The diary he kept during this time 
accurately records these visits and vividly des- 
cribes the life of a Mormon missionary in the 
1860's when they still travelled without purse or 
scrip. Upon return from his mission he once 
again tried to resume his place as a leader in the 
business, political and religious life of the com- 
munity, but coming events were to completely 
change the course of his life. 

In 1872 the Church encouraged its members 
to practice an experimental form of the "Law of 
Consecration, " which was called the Order of 
Enoch. In the Order, various enterprises were 
divided among members of the Order, with profits 
to be divided among all the participants according 
to their needs, Israel Evans and his father-in-law, 
Daniel S. Thomas, were to be in charge of dairying. 
To this end, they, and several women who were to 
be in charge of making butter, took all the cows 
turned over to them to West Canyon for the summer. 
At the end of the summer the attempt at living the 
Order was declared a failure and the cows were 
returned to their owners. 

Israel had sold his home to buy some cows 
and was left with no place to keep them except the 
homestead by the river which he had bought for the 
Order in his own name. Everyone who had partici- 
pated in the Order suffered some financial loss, 
and when Israel kept this homestead several former 
members complained that he did not sell it and 
divide the proceeds among those who had lost money. 
Israel felt that since all had not contributed equally 
to the founding of the Order, the proceeds from the 
sale of Order property should not be distributed 
equally. Over the next few years, though, he paid 
all those who had helped with the dairying. 

Despite this, several people were very 

91 Israel Evans 

dissatisfied and felt that he had taken advantage of 
them. Feelings of animosity began to come to a 
head now between the various Lehi factions, some 
of whom thought the Evans' had run things in the 
city too long. What ordinarily would have been a 
minor incident involving neighbors was now to be- 
come a major clash between Israel Evans and 
those who wanted the family to have less control 
in the affairs of the city. This incident involved 
the use of a piece of land near the Jordan River. 

West of Lehi and bordering on the river was 
a large tract of land that had, by common consent, 
been used by all the citizens as a pastuarage after 
the crops were up in the fall. As the city grew, 
portions of this land, called the "Big Field" were 
homesteaded and fenced. Soon after the dissolu- 
tion of the Order, Israel bought a piece of ground 
between the river on the west and the waste ditch 
on the east. (It had formerly been used as a com- 
mon camp ground for people travelling through the 
city. ) This property bordered on the "Big Field. " 
Israel put his cows to pasture here and hired a 
boy to ride herd on them. 

The field committee (on which served some 
of the men who were dissatisfied over the dairying 
project) objected to this use of Israel's lands on 
the grounds that he was herding in the "Big Field" 
out of season. Israel maintained that a boy on a 
horse was equal to any fence, and that his cattle 
never got into the "Big Field. " 

The trouble came to a head, and since Israel 
had done nothing illegal, the dissidents took the 
matter before a Bishop's court, which, according 
to Church doctrine should handle non-civil disputes 
between members of the Church. Since Israel's 
father was Bishop at the time, the court was pre- 
sided over by the second councilor in the Bishopric, 
William Winn. The judgment was that Israel had 
harmed no one and therefore should not have to 
pay any daraages, but that he should at least make 
it right to the field committee by apologizing. 
Israel refused! (Some family members say 
Matilda wouldn't let him apologize, ) 

When the judgment was rendered against 
them, the dissidents appealed the decision of the 

Israel Evans 92 

Bishop's court to the Stake on the grounds that 
Bishop Evans had prejudiced the decision. The 
High Council of the Stake agreed to hear the case 
in Provo. The date for the hearing was set in the 
dead of winter, and while Israel's opponents had 
taken the train, Israel had planned on taking his 
witnesses to Provo in a wagon. They included 
David Thurman and one of the Thomas' who it was 
alleged had been guilty of the same "crime" but 
against whom no action had been taken. It was 
probably Israel's contention that this was evidence 
the case against Israel had been "drummed up" 
merely to discredit him and his father. 

While preparing to leave for Provo, a 
terrible storm came up which made it impossible 
for him to transport his witnesses in the wagon, 
so he went to Provo alone to ask that the hearing 
be postponed until his witnesses could come. The 
Council decided to hear his opponents that day and 
Israel's side at a later date. He returned home 
expecting to go to Provo again, but the judgment 
was rendered before he was given an opportunity 
to appear with his witnesses. 

Israel was not pronounced either innocent or 
guilty, but it was ordered that the people of the 
Ward should vote as to his innocence or guilt. One 
Sunday the vote was put to the Ward members --not 
as to whether Israel was guilty, but as to who would 
sustain the High Council. Israel's name was never 
mentioned but everyone understood that a vote for 
Israel would be a vote against the High Council, 
Naturally there were few who dared vote against 
the Stake authorities in a day when the Church was 
much more intimately connected with the daily 
lives of its members than it is today, 

Israel was not excommunicated as is often 
supposed. But after the vote he quietly withdrew 
from positions of leadership in the Church which 
he had served devotedly since its beginnings in Ohio, 

Over the next few years he slowly gave up his 
civic duties and began to spend more of his time 
with his family. The children were married now 
and there were grandchildren to play with. His 
physical condition began to deteriorate and a hip 
problem gradually worsened, first necessitating 

93 Israel Evans 

a cane, and then a carriage whenever he went out. 
Though few now living knew him, he is well 
remembered for his contributions as a business 
man, civic leader, churchman, and above all, as 
a father. 

As a business man he was both forward- 
looking and agressive. He expected the inter - 
mountain area to become an important industrial 
and farming center. When it was proposed that a 
sugar factory be built, he immediately set to work 
to see that it was built in Lehi. It was ! He pre- 
dicted that one day all the land west of Lehi to the 
mountains would be farmed with the additional 
needed water taken from Utah Lake. He did not 
live to see it happen but his predictions have been 
fulfilled. He was an ardent lobbyist for the estab- 
lishment of the Agricultural College in Logan (now 
Utah State University) and a staunch supporter of 
the Brigham Young Academy, now the B. Y, U, 

Until his death, he continued to serve the 
people of Lehi as a civic leader in both elected 
and appointed positions. As well as his elected 
offices, he supervised in 1872 the surveying of 
the Lehi City Cemetery located north of the State 
Road and just west of Dry Creek. He was inter- 
ested in the beauty of the city as well. The black 
willows of Lehi were brought by him as twigs in 
his shirt from Nauvoo. 

Israel was a dedicated churchman, never 
faltering or waive ring in his knowledge of the 
truthfulness of the Church he believed in. As 
well as serving two missions for the Church, he 
was one of Lehi's first Sunday School teachers, 
and a President of the 68th Quorum of Seventies. 
He had watched the Church grow from small and 
humble beginnings and he expected that it would 
continue to grow after his death until it filled the 
whole earth. He died in full fellowship May 31st 
1896. His beloved wife Matilda followed him on 
March 1 1th, 1905. 

Israel Evans is best remembered now as a 
loving father who, with his devoted wife Matilda, 
guided and directed the physical and spiritual 
growth of their nine children: Mary Abigail, 
Elgiva, Martha, Israel, Matilda, Morgan, Rachel, 

Israel Evans 94 

Lyda and Henry. Their home was a place of love 
and harmony where, in the evenings, he would 
gather his children and grandchildren around him 
to tell them stories of his life: of Haun's Mill: of 
what the Prophet Joseph was like and of his death: 
of the Mormon Battalion and the discovery of gold 
in California: of how he miet Matilda; stories of 
far-off England and of the homes of their relatives 
in the East. He told them of his hopes and dreams 
for them and the city where they lived. After the 
stories, the family would often sing their favorite 
songs: " Sweet Betsy from Pike" or a Mormon 
Battaliom song, or even perhaps, the song the 
members of his hand-cart company sang along 
their journey: 

All hail the day that Israel was appointed 

to preside 
To guide the Saints across the plains to 

Zion to reside 
He governs us in righteousness 
His ways are true and just. 

1830 - 1911 

Henry Beck Evans was born October 25, 
1830, at Hanover Township, Richland County, 
Ohio. He was the second son and third child of 
Mary Beck and David Evans. 

When he was but a very young child his 
parents became converted to the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints and were baptized into 
that church on April 6, 1833. His father was 
engaged in farming which he sold to secure means 
to pursue missionary labors. From then on the 
family was associated with the events of the Church 
and its growth. Henry went through all the hard- 
ships and trials and privations incident to pioneer 
and frontier life. He never possessed a hat until 
he was nine years old, at which time he braided 
one out of straw. 

Henry hunted wild turkeys and other game 
in Missouri and kept the family in meat with his 
flint-lock gun. He was not large of stature nor 

95 Henry Beck Evans 

apparently strong of constitution in youth, but be- 
came extremely rugged and vigorous as he reached 
manhood. He was past eighty and hardly knew what 
it was even to be indisposed. He most strongly 
resembled his mother, but possessed his father's 
plain honesty, even temper and frugal habits. His 
school education was meagre, having been obtained 
under great difficulties, but he read quite exten- 
sively, thus keeping up with current affairs. He 
never engaged in public speaking. His circle of 
acquaintances was very large, and during his more 
active years, was the confidential advisor of many 
people. His height was about five feet eight and 
one -half inches, his shoulders broad, muscles 
large and limbs round and heavy set. His move- 
ments were quick and athletic, and it was not 
uncommon for him to win the holiday prizes for 
foot-racing. His complexion was light, with brown 
curly hair. He had an abundance of hair and could 
read without glasses. His hearing was almost 
normal as long as he lived. He had an unusually 
happy disposition and was generally found to be 
the center of a crowd. He invariably entertained 
by his wit and stories. 

He was quietly devoted to the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints. When eight years old, 
he was baptized by Rosel Hyde, was ordained a 
deacon, then an elder, later a seventy, eventually 
a high -priest by W. W, Cluff and finally was 
ordained a patriarch. He served as Sunday School 
teacher. Ward teacher. Home Missionary, second 
counselor in Coalville Ward Bishopric, and as a 
member of the High Council of Summit Stake, In 
civil matters, he served as County Treasurer of 
Summit County for thirteen years. Assessor and 
Collector for two years, and later served as Road- 
supervisor for a number of years. In the earlier 
days, he was for many years a member of the Utah 
Territorial Militia. In 1854 and 1856, he served 
as a missionary among the Ute Indians and labored 
diligently in an effort to convert them to Christianity. 
During these years, he lived largely as they lived, 
winning his food in the chase and from the forest, 
and dressing as the redmen were accustomed to do. 
He bore all the trails of his mission with patience 
and did not return to civilization until he was 

Henry Beck Evans 96 

honorably released. 

On December 26, 1856, at Lehi, Utah, Henry 
Beck Evans married Anna Catherine Magdalene 
Bruun, who bore him eleven children. Six died 
in childhood. The following reached maturity: 
Emma Lenora (Mrs. John Leslie Boyson); Peter 
Carlos married Martha Jane Read; Israel Franklin 
married to Priscilla Livingston; Wilmar married 
to Vivian Marion Williams and Leo Melvyn married 
to Cora Bee Breeze. 

In 1858 he married in polygamy, Emily 
Lovett, who bore him a daughter, Sarah. 

When he first came to Utah, he settled in 
Salt Lake City, but later moved with his father's 
family to Lehi. He remained with his father's 
family until he was twenty-six years of age when 
he married. 

In 1865 he moved with his wife, Anna, and 
children to Coalville, at that time a small settle- 
ment located at the junction of the Chalk Creek and 
Weber Rivers, in Suramit County, Utah. Here he 
purchased a farm of forty acres for twelve hundred 
dollars which he paid in stock and horses and lived 
in a log cabin thereon for about fourteen years. 
He then built a two -roomed brick house to which 
he later added a frame "kitchen. " This structure 
was remodeled and enlarged into a somewhat pre- 
tentious dwelling in 1897. In this latter effort he 
received aid from two sons and a daughter, who 
had become school teachers. He and his wife, 
Anna, enjoyed this home for nearly half a century 
and they were loved by the entire population of the 
country around. Henry Beck Evans died 3 April 
1911 at Coalville, Utah, at the age of 80. 

1832 - 1884 

Mary Ann, the fourth child of David and Mary 
Beck Evans, was born September 2, 1832, about 
eight o'clock on Sunday evening in Worthington 
Township, Richland County, Ohio, as is recorded 
in her father's personal record. 

97 Mary Ann Evans Glines 

She was just six months old when her parents 
were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints April 6, 1833. Her father immed 
iately began his missionary service travelling about 
spreading the message they had accepted. 

Although very young, she must have remem- 
bered her little sister Margaret who was born in 
1835 and the sadness of her passing not quite two 
years later. Also, she would have been aware of 
their move to Missouri which was most difficult -- 
the cold weather and scant food. She was six years 
old when another sister named Araminta was born 
in 1838 near Shoal Creek, Caldwell, Missouri who 
lived just two months. She experienced the perse- 
cution at Haun's Mill and their forced move from 
Missouri to Adams County, Illinois, Soon after, 
her mother passed away, June 20, 1841, 

Her father was 37 years of age when he took 
his five motherless children and settled in Nauvoo. 
Eliza, the eldest, was past thirteen years, Israel 
about twelve, Henry around ten, Mary Ann not 
quite eight and Emma, the baby, seventeen months. 
Her father later married Barbara Ann Ewell. The 
children loved her dearly. She was good to them. 
Her family, the Ewells, had suffered the many 
trials with the Evans family so Barbara Ann was 
able to give the understanding love and comfort the 
children needed. 

The following five years were comparatively 
happy peaceful years in Nauvoo for Mary Ann. It 
was a new community with perhaps three or four 
thousand people settled there at the time the Evans 
family arrived. However, it grew to a population 
of over twenty thousand, the largest city in Illinois 
at that time. Then in 1846, the saints were once 
again forced by the mobs to leave their homes. 
The Evans family and others travelled down through 
Missouri. Finally they arrived at Nodaway County 
where they stayed for three years, Mary Ann was 
married to John Henry Glines, October 23, 1849 
at St. Joseph, Missouri. She was seventeen years 
and her husband a year older. He was born Febru- 
ary 16, 1831, in Churchville, Canada. 

On May 15, 1850, Mary Ann and John started 
for the Salt Lake Valley with the wagon train of 

Mary Ann Evans Glines 98 

which her father was in charge. Her elder sister, 
Eliza Jane, and husband Ira Hinckley from Johnston 
District, Canada, and their baby were also in the 
company. Eliza Jane died, June 27, 1950, just 
twelve days after they started their journey. How 
heartbreaking it must have been for Mary Ann and 
the other loved ones to have to leave her sister's 
grave on the prairie on the south side of the Platte 

The company arrived at their destination 
September 15, 1850. In the list of those who 
arrived, Mary Ann's name was included; however, 
there was no mention of John Henry. It is quite 
possible he could have gone on ahead as a driver 
or scout. Mary Ann was expecting her first child 
and it would have been natural for her father and 
Barbara Ann to have wanted her to be with them at 
this time while travelling through the rugged country. 

Her baby was born in Salt Lake City November 
5, 1850, and was named Cassius Henry. On Febru- 
ary 15, 1851, with her father's family and others, 
they moved to Utah Valley settling on Dry Creek 
which later became Lehi. It was here that her 
next four children were born: Mary Araminta, 
John Alermon who died a year later, Emma Jane 
who lived to be two years old, and David Feriden. 

It was around 1860 that Mary Ann and John 
Henry with their three remaining children journeyed 
on to California. They first settled in San Bernardino 
where Perry Leroy was born. Joseph was born in 
San Jose, California, a year and a half later. The 
next year Dow Eugene was born in Sacramento. 
Ellen Elizabeth and Olive May were born at Sutter. 
They were in Upper Lake, Lake County, when 
Aner Mathias was born. Their youngest child, 
Etta Marie, was born at Guadalupe, Santa Barbara 
County, California. 

After their many moves, they located in the 
Santa Ana area where John Henry engaged in 
raising celery. He was the first to plant the crop 
in that locality and was very successful. 

Mary Ann was a good homemaker and made 
the best of whatever she had. No doubt, there 
were times when she found herself in very meager 

99 Mary Ann Evans Glines 

circumstances. But, at Christmas time and on 
other festive occasions, if she could not provide 
other gifts, there were always special cookies 
prepared to please her children. Throughout their 
lives these memories were dear to them; they 
revered and cherished her for her concern, loving 
care and thoughtfulness. 

On May 13, 1884, Mary Ann Evans Glines 
passed away at Santa Ana, Orange, California at 
the age of fifty -two years. Besides her husband, 
she was survived by six sons and four daughters. 
They all grew to maturity becoming honorable men 
and women. Her influence and sterling qualities 
are reflected throughout her large posterity. 

1840 - 

I was born January 12, 184 0, Adams County, 
Illinois. Mother's name, Mary Beck Evans, 
Mother died when I was about eighteen months old. 
I was the seventh and last child of my mother's. 
I had two brothers and four sisters: Eliza Jane, 
Israel, Henry, Mary Ann, Margaret, and Araminta. 
Araminta died before I was born. 

My father, David Evans, married again a 
few months after my mother's death to a young 
lady of excellent character - -Barb ara Ann Ewell. 
She was very kind to me, and I always called her 
"mother. " 

One winter, when we were driven out of our 
homes and traveling down the dividing ridge between 
the Nodaway and the 102 we almost perished from 
cold and hunger. The snow was deep and the cattle 
gave out, having nothing to eat except the browse 
from the trees that the men cut for them at night. 
They commenced dying. Our provisions were 
almost gone. I have gone to bed at night with 
nothing to eat but a bit of frozen corn bread, which 
I would have to put under miy pillow to thaw out so 
I could bite it. We also dressed and ate any cattle 
that died during the night. 

There were two other little girls about my 
age, in the company whose mother died while we 

Emma Beck Coleman 100 

were traveling. They would sometimes come to 
our wagon and play with me. One morning when 
they came, mother said to one of them, "What did 
you have for breakfast this morning, dear?" The 
little girl with a sweet smile on her pretty face 
replied, "We had bread and brandy for our break- 
fast. " "Bread and brandy?" exclaimed mother. 
"Why, child, where in the world did you get brandy?" 
The little girl still smiling replied, "That was the 
name of one of our oxen that died last night and we 
had a piece for breakfast this morning, " 

We had to stop. Some of the men took a 
couple of yoke of the strongest cattle and went 
down into the settlements and got provisions, oxen 
and clothing from the farmers (all non-Mormons) 
and we finally reached our "for -the -time" 

We all worked during the summer and paid 
back what we had borrowed and made ourselves 
quite comfortable for the winter. We suffered 
many hardships when we crossed the plains and a 
number of our company died from exposure and 
cholera which was raging at that time. 

My father settled at Lehi. At this place I 
married Prime Thornton Coleman and we immed- 
iately moved down into the Muddy in response to 
a missionary call to help settle up that country 
and also to do missionary work among the Indians, 
Afterward we moved to Pinto, then out into Nevada 
on a cattle ranch in Spring Valley near Pioche, 
which was then a booming mining town. Then 
Upper Kanab in Utah, then to Arizona. 

We commenced the "trek" to Arizona Novem- 
ber 1880 and landed in Alpine in January 1881. It 
was a long, hard trip to make in the mid-winter 
snow, ice, sleet and mud and the very worst kind 
of roads, living and sleeping out of doors. 

We immediately moved on over into New 
Mexico and lived there a couple of years. The 
Indians were bad and with the exception of a few 
families that lived scattered up and down the 
Frisco for a distance of several miles, which gave 
plenty of room between places, the nearest settle- 
ment was sixty miles distant. Again we moved 


101 Emma Beck Coleman 

back to Alpine, then to Spr ingerville and in Febru- 
ary 1899 to Thatcher, in the Gila Valley. I have 
always been a pioneer and always interested in 
education, having taught school for a number of 

1850 - 1929 

Mary Abigail was born February 15, 1850, 
to Israel and Matilda Ann Thomas Evans in Salt 
Lake Valley, Utah, She was born in a covered 
wagon-box which was used as a bed room. The 
winter was extremely cold. Quilts were hung at 
the openings to keep the cold out. 

She came south with her parents in the fall 
of 1850, when her father was called to help settle 
land south of the Point of the Mountain. They lived 
at Snow Springs southwest of the City Lehi as it is 
today. They were called to move into the Fort 
because of Indian trouble. 

Abby and Elgiva were small girls when their 
father was called to go to England and Wales to 
serve as a missionary for the L. D, S. Church. 

While the father was gone, Matilda, the 
mother, with help built a small home just north 
of the Church. After his return a larger house 
was built and he used the small one for Saints 
coming into Lehi to live in until they could build 
or find a place of their own. 

She was reared in a religious home, where 
there were books and magazines to help educate 
their minds. Abby and sister wet the dirt floor 
down and dusted the benches off before meetings 
and Sunday School. 

She was active in church activities and 
July 4th and 24th celebrations, which carried 
over into her own home and children. 

Abby was taught the chores and duties of 
keeping a home and raiding a family, to wash and 
card wool to be spun ir^o yarn and thread to 
weave into cloth. She excelled in the arts of 
knitting, crochet, tatting, sewing, making quilts 

Mary Abigail Lott 102 

and sewing rags to make carpets for the home. 

She was a quiet willing person, ready and 
willing to help at all times, with the sick and 
laying out of the dead for burial. 

Abby married Benjamin Smith Lott Oct. 25, 
1869 in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, by 
Pres. Joseph F. Smith. Benjamin's parents were 
caretakers of the Prophet Joseph Smith farm out- 
side of Nauvoo, 111. He ate at their table and slept 
in their beds. His sister Melissa was a wife of 
the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

They lived the first winter with Ben's mother, 
where a baby girl was born. They owned two 
homes in town, then bought property south of town 
called "Lake Road. " Here they cleared the land 
and built a one room house that later became a 
large eight room house with a pantry and two 
porches. This was hard work, for barns and 
sheds had to be built to take care of the stock and 
equipment. A garden and orchard was located 
north of the house. A spacious lawn and flowers 
and beautiful shrubs welcomed those entering this 
home of hospitality. 

She was active in the Daughters of Utah 
Pioneers, Daughters of American Revolution, 
Church organizations and the Red Cross. 

Many times she had to manage the farm and 
rear the children while Ben worked shearing sheep 
and for the railroads to make ends meet. 

They were Uncle Ben and Aunt Abby to 
everyone who knew them. They were loved by all. 
They had three girls and five boys. All received 
college educations and were active in the L. D, S, 
Church. A son went on a mission to Australia, 
which he did humbly and honorably, 

Ben held the office of a High Priest, ordained 
by Heber J. Grant. He was a member of the City 
Council, served in the Indian War, held positions 
in the Irrigation Co. , hauled rock for the Taber- 
nacle and the Lehi sugar factory. 

He died Mar. 26, 19i^ and was buried in the 
Lehi Cemetery. 

103 Mary Abigail Lott 

Abby died Jan. 5, 1929 and was buried in 
the Lehi Cemetery. Children: Lillian died past 
19 years of age, Mary Matilda (May), Benjamin 
C. , LeRoy E. , Emma Abigail (Peterson), 
Bernard Darrow, Israel Lester, Morgan 
Stanley (Twins). 

1870 - 1889 

Lillian was born July 30, 187 0, Lehi, Utah, 
to Benjamin Smith and Mary Abigail Evans Lott. 
She was their first child and grew up in a home of 
love and hospitality. She helped in the home where 
there were seven other children, all helping on 
the farm. 

She received her schooling in Lehi at the 
Congregational school on Lehi's Main Street. She 
was born when her parents were living with her 
father's mother, a widow. They then moved into 
Lehi where they purchased some land and built a 
one or two room house that later became an eight 
room, two story home with two porches. There 
was a water box off the back porch where they 
obtained water for home use; it also flowed into 
a milkhouse where a long box was used to keep 
food cool during the hot months. Flat rocks were 
used to set the food on which couldn't be put in the 
water. The water flowed through and out into a 
water box where it was used for watering chickens, 
pigs, the garden, etc. 

There was also a root cellar to store 
potatoes, vegetables and canned fruit for winter. 
Lillian assisted in preparing these delicious foods, 
the apples lasting until late spring. 

There was an orchard north of her home 
where grapes and all kinds of fruit trees grew. 
Her mother planted sweet peas in the orchard 
because she loved them so much. There was lawn 
and shade trees around the home where flowers 
were always in bloom. Not much is known of 
Lillian's young life, but she undoubtedly attended 
church and did her part when asked to do so. 

Lillian Lott 104 

She died April 13, 1889 at the age of 18 years 
and 9 months of age. She was buried in the Lehi 


1872 - 1954 

Mary Matilda, known as May M. Lott, was 
born Oct. 16, 1872, Lehi, Utah, to Benjamin S. 
and Mary Abigail Evans Lott. She was blessed and 
baptised a member of the L. D. S, Church. 

She spent her childhood on the farm south of 
Lehi with two sisters and five brothers. When she 
was two years old she had an illness that left her 
a crippled body, but God gave her a brilliant mind 
which she used throughout her life to help others. 
She wore braces on her legs and walked with 
crutches and a cane. However, with her cheerful 
disposition, love and a desire to help mankind, she 
lived a long full life of service to her family, city 
and country. She never married and lived with her 
parents on the farm taking care of the house work 
and helping in brothers' and sisters' homes when 

She received her schooling at the Congrega- 
tional school in Lehi, and a year in college. She 
helped slow -learning children with their problems 
in reading during the summer months. All her 
nieces and nephews loved her because she always 
took time to help them. They loved to be with her 
while she worked in the flower beds, she and her 
mother planted many different flowers and enjoyed 
their beauty and sent many to make friends happy. 

She was an active member of different organi- 
zations such as Church, Red Cross, Daughters of 
the American Revolution, and Daughters of Utah 
Pioneers. She served as Registrar of the Republican 

She lived alone several years after her parents 
death. She never complained. Only after her death 
did anyone know how she felt about her condition. 
In one of her poems titled "My Cross" she told of 
her heartaches. She died Dec, 9, 1954 in Lehi, 
Utah, age 82 years. 


1874 - 1956 

Benjamin Cornelius Lott, a prosperous 
farmer and High Priest, is a son of Benjamin 
Smith and Abigail Evans Lott. He was born in 
Lehi, Utah on September 5, 1874. 

As a boy he experienced pioneering hard- 
ships and learned about responsibility and hard 
work. He attended grade school but the balance 
of his education he gained from personal endeavor 
and experience. 

On December 21, 1899 he married Geneva 
Rebecca Broadbent in the Salt Lake Temple. To 
this couple seven children were born. 

About a year after their marriage they emi- 
grated to Magrath, Alberta, Canada with several 
other young married couples from Lehi to home- 
stead and farm. 

This venture proved to be very difficult for 
them. During the three years they lived and 
labored in Canada, the elements were very severe. 
One year it rained so hard that the St, Mary's 
river overflowed taking with it livestock and 
buildings. This flood spared their home but the 
following two years frost and snow took their 
crops. This was almost more than a young 
couple could take but the most serious disaster 
was a heart attack suffered by Benjamin. So, 
discouraged and financially ruined, they returned 
to Lehi to make a fresh start, 

Benjamin obtained a job as school custodian 
while recovering his health. In a few years he 
purchased a team and did team work at the rock 
quarry at Toplift and other places. He then 
started to buy farm land and till the soil again. 
Farming became his occupation for the balance 
of his life. He produced some of the best crops 
and animals in the vicinity. 

He was always an active church menmber, 
a leader in farm organizations and a good neighbor. 

His life mission came to an end June 12, 1956 

Benjamin Cornelius Lott 106 

in a Provo hospital and on June 15 he was laid to 
rest in the Lehi cemetery. 

1877 - 1941 

LeRoy Evans Lott was born Aug, 6, 1877, at 
Lehi, Utah, and died Mar, 5, 1941, at the age of 
sixty -three, a respected citizen of the community 
which he helped to build. He was the son of Benja- 
min S, Lott and Abigail Evans Lott, both of pioneer 
heritage, and children of pioneer environment. He 
received his early education at the New West Mis- 
sion school of Lehi. He was early baptized into 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
the church which his immediate ancestors had 
helped to establish in this new and untried country. 

He married Agnes Adamson of American Fork 
and they had six children: Ora (Mrs, C. Irvin Fox), 
Vaness E. , Merrill A, , Peter H, , Evelyn (Mrs, 
Fay L. Evans), and Ruth (Mrs, O, Reed Kirkham), 

He chose farming as his life's work, and took 
pride in doing that work well. Careful policies and 
close application to the task in hand marked his 
efforts at all times, yet he did not hesitate to lend 
his support to new ideas which he thought would be 
beneficial to the common good. Although basically 
a farmer, his zeal for work carried him as a young 
man into Ruby Valley, Nevada and into Le Grande, 
Oregon (at the initiation of the sugar beet industry 
there). He worked for the telephone company in 
the construction of its lines, and for the Telluride 
Power Company and the Utah Idaho Sugar Company, 
He served Lehi as City Councilman for three terms, 
during one of which he was instrumental in estab- 
lishing the Municipal Power plant, acting as 

He was honored and respected, loyal and 
liberal as a citizen, and beloved as a husband 
and father. 



1880 - 1954 

Emma was born Oct. 17, 1880 at Lehi, Utah 
to Benjamin Smith and Mary Abigail Evans Lott, 
She was born on the farm north of Utah Lake, 
where she spent her childhood working in the 
home and fields of her parents. 

She was blessed and baptized a member of 
the L. D. S. Church and lived in the Lehi First 
Ward all of her life. She attended school at the 
Congregational School on Lehi's Main Street, 
two years at college. 

She met her sweetheart Ellis A. Peterson 
who worked on his father's farm across the road 
from her home. They were married Nov 12, 1902 
at her parents' home by Able John Evans. On Jan. 
7, 1903 they were sealed for time and eternity. 
They lived in Lehi and later bought some land and 
built a home on Lake Road. The following children 
were born to them; Chester, Clair, Ellis May, 
Emma Donnette, Dorothy, LyDale, Norval Evans, 
Norris Glen, Bert Elton, Ferris Earl and Berl. 

She fulfilled her mission here by giving 
birth to eleven children. When her tenth child 
was born her father said, "Emma this is your 
tithing baby. " The family are all nnembers of 
the L. D. S. Church. She taught Sunday School and 
was a Relief Society teacher and faithful tithepayer. 
Her husband was a Seventy, a Home Missionary, 
and the first Stake Chairman of the Old Folks 
Committee, As co-chairman, Emma loved to do 
her part. 

She was a wonderful mother with many hard- 
ships and sickness in the family. She was small 
but God gave her the power to keep faith and endure. 
She vyas always helping others. She was never idle. 
Her home was clean and surrounded with flowers 
and lawn. 

Her husband died leaving her three unmarried 
sons to rear who served our country in the Korean 
War; also, four grandsons served in the Korean 
War, Two grandsons fulfilled church missions. 

Emma Abigail Peterson 108 

She died Dec. 19, 1954 and was buried Dec. 
2 3, 1954 at Lehi, Utah. 

1883 - 1959 

Bernard Darrow Lott, son of Benjamin Smith 
and Mary Abigail Evans Lott, was born July 18, 
1883 at Lehi, Utah. He lived on his father's farm 
south of Lehi near Utah Lake. He helped with 
chores and farm work, along with his brothers 
and a sister, while his other sister helped in the 
home. He also helped his father run the farm 
when he became unable to do it himself, Darrow 
had several boys who also helped with the work. 

He attended school at the New West Congre- 
gational on Lehi's Main Street, Darrow was liked 
by all who knew him, young or old. 

He married Delia Jacobs, Nov, 18, 1903, in 
the Salt Lake Temple. To this union were born 
nine children: Blaine, Gayle Leroy, Helen, 
Margaret, Franklin J. , Mary Abigail, Leo Benja- 
min, Austin Lowell, and Heber Dick, 

After his marriage he continued to live in 
Lehi, where he farmed and worked for the Utah- 
Idaho Sugar Co. 

In 1925, he went to Chinook, Montana to 
work for the sugar company. His family joined 
him in July 1926. He worked for the company until 
he retired. After retirement he was custodian and 
gardener for the Chinook School District. 

Gardening was his hobby and he shared the 
fruits of his labors with many; his beautiful yard 
was his joy. 

Darrow was a cheerful person, willing to 
help anyone, no matter what the cause was for 
whether an individual or the community. He took 
part in many things in Lehi to raise money for 
worthy causes. He was devoted to his parents and 
to his sisters and brothers, helping his sister May 
who was crippled when a child. Darrow's children 
stayed with May and Darrow's mother while going 
to school here. 

109 B^fnardlrXartow Lott 

He died Oct. 9, 1959 in Chinook, Montana, 
and was buried in the Lehi cemetery. 

1886 - 1951 

Israel L. Lott, son of Benjamin S. and Mary- 
Abigail Evans Lott, was born July 30, 1886 in Lehi, 
Utah. He was the eldest of twins. The other tv/in 
was Morgen Stanley; they were the last children in 
the family of eight children. 

He was educated in the Lehi schools and 
attended Brigham Young University at Provo. As 
a youth he was a meraiber of the Lehi Silver Band, 
a Sunday School teacher and a member of the First 
Ward choir. 

In 1906, at age 18, he was called by the 
L. D. S. Church to a mission in Australia and was 
a dedicated Elder, doing this work with humility 
and great faith. 

He married Emma Brown June 2, 1909 in 
the Salt Lake Temple. She was the daughter of 
John and Julia Brown of Lehi, Utah. 

He studied and became a Plumber and a 
Heating Engineer and spent several years in Idaho 
Falls, Idaho. He worked in the Church M. I. A. , 
Choir and Scouting. 

The family moved to Lehi, Utah, in 1922 and 
lived there until 1946. Here the family was active 
in church and civic affairs. He was a member of 
the Lehi Lions Club and a member of the building 
committee for the Second Ward Chapel, 

His home was surrounded by lawn and 
flowers and was always clean and neat. He was 
always a good husband and father and an excellent 
provider for his family. During hard times he 
worked extra hours and at many jobs to keep his 
family fed and clothed. 

He and his wife took great pride in their 
children's achievements and made many sacrifices 
to insure their well being. 

He and his wife and family were loved 

Israel Lester Lott HO 

wherever they went or lived. They loved to visit 
grandfather Lott's farm where Israel grew up. 

His children are Wreal L, Lott, Juliet L. 
Black, Marjorie L, Tirapson, Marie L, Kleiman, 
and Lois Lott, 

1886 - 1967 

Morgan S. Lott was born July 30, 1886 in 
Lehi, Utah, to Benjamin Smith and Mary Abigail 
Evans Lott. He and his brother Israel were twins. 
He was the youngest child in the family. His 
parents were early settlers of Lehi and experienced 
hardships. Farm life was hard work; honesty and 
self-reliance were valued traits which made sur- 
vival possible. 

He was baptized by his father when eight 
years old and became a member of the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was ordained 
to the Priesthood step by step, and worked in the 
Sunday School as a teacher and later as a member 
of the Super intendency. 

He married his sweetheart June 10, 1908, in 
the L, D. S. Salt Lake Temple for time and eternity. 
They had the following children: Stanley, Barbara, 
Donald and Miriam. 

He received his schooling at the New West 
Congregational and Central Schools of Lehi, also 
at Brigham Young University at Provo, Utah, from 
1904-1907. At this time Morgan worked as a 
mechanic and engineer at the Lehi Sugar factory. 

In 1916 he went into the plumbing business 
for himself, and for over fifty years worked in 
Utah helping to build homes, schools and other 
public places. He was head plumber at Kearns 
Army Base during World War II. 

He was a member of the Lehi City Council 
for two terms, and was appointed to act as chair- 
man for the welcome home celebration for the 
return of World War I Veterans. He was instru- 
mental in the City Council's decision to erect the 
Lehi Memorial Building. He was also President 





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Ill Morgan Stanley Lott 

of Business Mens Club, nnember of the Garden 
Club, Sons of Utah Pioneers and the Lions Club. 

He was second counselor to Bishop Andrew 
Fjield, later serving as first counselor for a total 
of fifteen years in the Bishopric. He was Group 
Leader of the High Priests Quorum and served as 
a Home Teacher until the time of his death. He 
gave freely of his time and financial means for the 
upbuilding of the Kingdom of God and proved faith- 
ful to his Priesthood Covenants and responsibilities. 

He loved the finer things of life, his home 
was a place of beauty. He spent many hours mak- 
ing it so. It was one of the nicest homes in Lehi. 

His wife, Rose, died in 1956. In June 1959 
he married Cecile Pendlebury and for eight years 
they were devoted companions. He died Dec. 16, 
1967, in American Fork, and was buried in Lehi 
Dec. 19, 1967. 

1852 - 1931 

Elgiva was born February 14, 1852, in the 
town of Evansville (now known as Lehi), Utah, the 
second daughter of Israel and Matilda Ann Thomas 
Evans, She was the second girl born in the little 

As a child Elgiva learned to work hard, even 
working in the fields with her raother who was left 
to care for the family while Israel served the Church 
on a mission abroad. Such schooling as was avail- 
able in the little log schoolhouse provided Elgiva 
with a great desire for the joy she derived from 
reading. The hardships of her life were made 
lighter because of the experiences she could enjoy 
vicariously. Through her reading, she was 
intensely interested in history as well as political 
events current in her life. 

At the age of nineteen, Elgiva married David 
John Thurman. The young couple was married as 
they fled to Cedar Fort as her parents opposed the 
marriage. The Bishop of Cedar Fort performed 
the ceremony as his wagon met theirs in the desert. 

Elgiva Evans Thurman 112 

The marriage was later consecrated in the Salt 
Lake Endowment House, 

The home made by Elgiva and David was very- 
rich in spite of the lack of material wealth. D. J. 
Thurman worked as a pioneer school teacher in 
Spanish Fork, Cedar Fort and in Lehi. Elgiva 
worked at his side in each community as a part of 
his school life. 

Five years after their marriage the young 
couple took over a farm west of Lehi. As a result 
of hard work, they were successful in providing 
for a large family. Seven children were given, 
not only the meager comforts of life, but a rich 

Nineteen years were spent on the farm. 
Although they left it in 1895 it always remained 
"The Old Home Place" to the family, who found 
that in order to avail themselves of the cultural 
and educational advantages offered by the com- 
munity it was necessary to move into town. For 
many years the "Thurman home" served as a 
gathering place for friends of the children, grand- 
children and great grandchildren. It was always 
"grandma" who welcomed and with whom visits 
were most enjoyed. 

Besides their own children, Dave and Elgiva 
reared four grandchildren. 

The years following her husband's death were 
lonely ones for Elgiva, but her sweet patience and 
loving regards for all around made her final years 
exceedingly pleasant to remember. 

1872 - 1949 

Ida R. Thurman, the oldest child and daughter 
of David J, and Elgiva Evans Thurman, was born 
June 27, 1872 at Lehi. While she was a child, the 
small community of Lehi was still undergoing the 
rigors and hardships of pioneer existence. She 
shared in these experiences. Reared on a farm 
she shared many of the tasks and chores such a 
life demanded. She learned to milk cows, and 
drive a team of horses and in many other ways 

113 Ida Thurman 

helped around the farm. Many of these things she 
enjoyed. She was an expert horsewoman riding 
side saddle as was the custom, and she liked to 
brag a little about her prowess at milking time 
and the fact that she could out -milk her father and 
brothers. All this did not exclude her from her 
share of the housework. 

She received her early education at the New 
West school in Lehi. This was a small school 
financed by the Congregational Church at Boston, 
Mass. , and at this time included an Academy from 
which she graduated at the age of eighteen. The 
course of study included algebra, geometry, litera- 
ture and Latin, and would be the equivalent of a 
good high school education. 

Upon graduation, she started her teaching 
career in the Lehi public schools. This career 
covered a period of forty-five years. She attended 
the University of Utah for several semesters. All 
during her long career as a school teacher she 
was constantly striving to improve her skills and 
techniques. With this in mind, she attended sum- 
mer school at th e University and B.Y.U. She 
also enrolled in many extension and correspondence 
courses. She retired in 1937. She died December 
27, 1949 at Lehi. Because of her service to the 
community she was revered and respected by all. 
She was buried in the Lehi cemetery. 


1874 - 1939 

lone Rachel Thurman Gilchrist was born 
July 30, 1874, at Lehi, Utah, the daughter of 
David J, and Elgiva Evans Thurman. She obtained 
her early education at the New West School, Lehi, 
Utah, receiving a diploma upon graduation. 

At the age of eighteen she commenced a 
teaching career in the public schools of Utah. She 
taught at Eden and Huntsville, and for several years 
at the old Franklin school in Lehi. 

In 1898 she was married to Sydney Gilchrist 
and became the mother of six children. 

lone Rachel Gilchrist 114 

At the outbreak of World War I, she was 
called back to the school room, where she con- 
tinued to serve until ill health compelled her to 
resign. lone Thurman Gilchrist was a natural 
teacher. Teaching was not merely a job to her, 
it was a crusade. She sincerely loved children 
and working with them was literally a labor of love. 
She was especially interested in underprivileged 
or backward children. To help such students find 
hidden talent and ability, was a source of great 
pride to her. Her own children received her full 
measure of devotion, and they reached maturity 
knowing that "Mom" was the kindest, most under- 
standing mother a child could have. 

lone T. Gilchrist died January 25, 1939, 
having been a widow eight years. Her passing 
was mourned by her family and community alike. 

She was survived by her six children: 
Sydney Evans, who married Harriet Myers; Elvin 
W. , married Lois Cowley, Robert Thurman, mar- 
ried Loraine Ingersoll; lona Beth, wife of Lavon 
Young; Katherine Blair, who married Ray Carson; 
and Richard W. , who married Stella Julian. 

1876 - 1949 

David John Thurman was born May 3, 1876, 
to David John and Elgiva Evans Thurman at their 
farm west of Lehi, Utah. Here he spent his child- 
hood being happy and doing his part while on the 

Educated at the New West Congregational 
School, Brigham Young University and the Univer- 
sity of Utah, John always wanted to excel in his 
chosen profession, and thus assuring the best 
life for his family. 

As an educator, his accomplishments 
included: the establishment of a program at the 
State School for the Blind, which emphasized 
education to replace the previously stressed 
custodial care; Principalships in Granite District, 
where he gained recognition as a leader among the 
educators of the State, Well known for his success. 

115 David John Thurman 

D. J, was said to be "one of the most prominent 

Utah educators, noted for his progressive programs. " 

He began his career of teaching in Snowflake, 
Arizona. Here he met and married Zina Owens. 
They returned to Lehi, Ogden, and Salt L-ake, Utah. 

They had eight children, seven lived and were 
given the best education available. Four of the 
children became school teachers, one a dietician, 
one an M. D, specializing in psychiatry, and one a 
bank executive. These children enjoyed the loving 
care of their parents. 

John was a High Priest in the Mormon Church 
and served in many offices. He is remembered as 
a dynamic force, leading in all activities in which 
he was involved. He was most concerned for the 
success and well being of his family. 

John had hazel brown eyes and black hair. 
He weighed around 150-160 pounds and was five 
feet ten and one -half inches tall. 

He was a loving and devoted husband and 
father throughout his life. He also respected his 
parents, brothers and sisters. 

John died Jan. 1, 1949, leaving Zina to 
survive him for 22 years. 


1877 - 1957 

Elgiva Eliza Thurman was born in Lehi, 
December 31, 1877. She was the third daughter 
of David J. and Elgiva Evans Thurman. As a 
child she was called "Bay", for some reason long 
lost in family history. She received her education 
as did the rest of the family at New West Academy 
graduating from its academic course at the age of 
eighteen. Receiving an education was not an easy 
thing for this family at that time. They lived two 
miles from the school house and getting to school 
was sometimes difficult. On good days the child- 
ren walked. They enjoyed this, especially the trip 
home when they could dawdle and play a little, 
Elgiva' s early life came under pioneer conditions 
and creature comforts and luxuries were nonexistent. 

Elgiva Eliza Allen 1 16 

but a loving home life compensated for this. After 
supper and homework was over the family gathered 
together for gamies, spelling bees, and especially 
for reading. David Thurman was a gifted reader 
and lover of good books and he passed this gift on 
to his children. Shoes were scarce, but books, 
newspapers and periodicals were always plentiful. 

Upon graduating from school, Elgiva taught 
in the Lehi Schools for several years. Feeling the 
need for further education she attended the Univer- 
sity of Utah with her sister Margaret. After 
several quarters there she started teaching again, 
this time in the Salt Lake City schools where she 
remained for several years. 

While at the University she met Murray B. 
Allen- -handsome, brilliant, and through accident, 
blind. She and her sisters used to read his text 
books to him enabling him to graduate with honors 
from the University. Friendship with this gifted 
man turned to romance and they were married 
July 1917. Murray Allen was teaching at the Deaf 
and Blind school at Ogden, and here they made 
their first home, Elgiva began teaching in the 
Ogden schools. Later when Murray Allen was 
placed as head of the rehabilitation for the blind 
in the State they moved to Salt Lake City. She 
again taught in the Salt Lake schools. She also 
devoted herself to her husband's work, and helping 
the blind became her prime interest in life, 
Murray's work took him all over the United States 
and Elgiva went with him as his "eyes. " After his 
death she continued to take a great interest in 
aiding the blind. She died January 11, 1957 in 
Salt Lake City, and was buried beside her husband 
in Wasatch Cemetery. 

1879 - 1931 

Israel Thomas Thurman was born in Lehi, 
Utah, Nov. 10, 1879, the son of David John and 
Elgiva Evans Thurman. He was the fifth child 
and the second son of a family of seven children. 

He received his education in the early 
schools of Lehi and graduated from the New West 

117 Israel Thomas Thurman 

He had a great love for animals, especially 
horses. He had a dream of one day becoming a 
veterinarian but that dream was never realized. 
One by one, his brother and sisters left home to 
pursue their educational careers and Tom remained 
at home to help his father with the farm. 

He was baptized and confirmed into the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Sept. 20, 1893. 

He performed many community services but 
always in an unassuming way. When a canal was 
to be diverted, a grave to be dug, or a rescue 
team to be organized Thomas Thurman's name 
always headed the list. There wasn't a parade 
in Lehi that Thomas didn't come with his matched 
team of horses. 

He married Martha Eva Gray Oct. 7, 1901 
and they were sealed for time and eternity in the 
Salt Lake Temple, 

1884 - 1946 

Margaret M. Thurman was born in Lehi, 
January 16, 1884, to David J. and Elgiva Evans 
Thurman. She received her early education at 
the New West Academy in Lehi. At an early age 
her ability as a scholar was manifest. This was 
especially true in mathematics, and she was able 
to out "cipher" all the boys in the school which was 
considered quite an accomplishment in those days. 
Her real interests in education, however, were in 

history, literature and composition at which she 
really excelled. The course of study at the 
Academy included algebra, geometry, Latin, 
literature. On graduation a student would have 
an education comparable to a good high school 

Upon graduating from the New West, Margaret 
attended the University of Utah for two years grad- 
uating from the normal school. She began teaching 
in the Lehi elementary schools and continued for 

Margaret M. Thurman 118 

several years. Her great love of learning, however, 
caused her to return to school. She again attended 
the University and attained her Bachelor of Arts 
degree, graduating with honors. Her thesis for 
graduation was composed of stories of early Lehi 
history. In order to write it she visited with and 
obtained the stories of many of Lehi's early pioneers. 

After graduating from the University she be- 
gan teaching at North Sanpete High School in Mt 
Pleasant where she was the head of the English 
department. She taught there for several years 
where ill health forced her to resign and she 
returned to Lehi. Soon after this there was an 
opening in the Lehi High School and upon advice 
from several doctors there was no cure for her 
ailment (she suffered from severe migrain head- 
aches) she decided to return to teaching. Although 
at times she was in intense pain she was able to 
continue her beloved career. She was a true 
teacher, loving to impart knowledge and beauty 
into the lives of her students. Through this dedica- 
tion she was an inspiration to many of the children 
she taught. 

She was greatly loved by her brothers and 
sisters. To numerous nieces and nephews she was 
"Auntie" or "Tant. " To her grandnephews and 
nieces she was "Aunt Tant. " She died December 
26, 1946 at the family home and was mourned by 
family, friends and community and was buried in 
the Lehi cemetery. 


1889 - 1950 

Miriam was born Nov. 8, 1889 at Lehi, Utah 
to David John and Elgiva Evans Thurman. She 
received her education at the Congregational school 
in Lehi. She entered the Congregational U. at age 
of 15. Later she attended the University of Utah, 
graduating in 1911. She attended the University at 
Berkeley, Calif., and the B. Y.U. College at Provo, 
Utah during the summer months. 

She taught English, speech and foreign languages 
in Pleasant Grove, Utah. While at Pleasant Grove 

119 Miriam T. Neilson 

she organized the "Groverian" year book and was 
instrumental in having the large block G placed on 
the mountain east of Pleasant Grove. She also 
taught at the Price High School. She went to San 
Pete and became a faculty memiber of North San 
Pete High School where she taught English and 

She married Francis James Neilson Dec. 20, 
1921, He was a prominent wool grower in Mt. 
Pleasant. They were members of the L. D. S. 
Church. She taught Sunday School and prepared 
and presented pageants and programs for the 
Relief Society, the Lions Club, the Pioneer Asso- 
ciation, and the Red Cross, and in 1947 presented 
the City's Centennial Pageant. 

A member of Utah Educational Association 
San Pete Co. ; Chaplin and charter member of 
American Association of University Women; Past 
Pres. No, San Pete teachers Association; member 
of San Pete Library Board for 20 years; member 
American Legion Auxiliary 20 years; member of 
the Home Cultural Club; and past Pres. Women's 
Club. She was also a member of Pleasant Grove 
Historical Association. 

They had one son, Stephen, who served our 
country on the USS Perch, U. S. Navy, 

She died Jan. 8, 1950 leaving her husband 
and son, Stephen, and sister Elgiva E. Allen, and 
a host of relatives and friends. She was loved by 
people wherever she went. 

Her son, Stephen^, and family reside in Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

1860 - 1920 

Israel was born in Lehi, Utah, April 23, 
1860, the son of Israel and Matilda Ann Thomas 

Having gained what education was possible 
in the Lehi Schools, he attended the Brigham Young 
University for two years. 

Israel Evans 120 

Later he took up farming and stockraising in 
the area west of Lehi. He eventually acquired 
several hundred acres of farming, pasture and 
grazing land. He built a brick home on this land 
in 1880, using the brick from the first kiln in Lehi. 

In 1881 he married Anna Harwood, a daughter 
of James Harwood. To this union was born a son, 
Israel Evans. Anna passed away January 7, 1885, 
In 1897 Israel married Blanche Holmstead, a 
daughter of Olaf and Mary Holmstead. To this 
union were born: Morrill, Blanche, Matilda, 
Junior, David, and Daniel. 

Israel was justly accounted as one of Lehi's 
most substantial farmers, and representative 
cattlemen, and his business affairs were at all 
times most carefully conducted. Aside from his 
farming interests he was President of the Lehi 
Irrigation Company for a number of years. 
Fraternally, he was connected with the Masonic 
Lodge and the Modern Woodmen of America. 

He died June 19, 1920 and was buried in the 
Lehi Cemetery. 

1884 - (Death date uhknowh) 

Israel Evans was born Dec. 16, 1884, to 
Israel and Ann Harwood Evans in Lehi, Utah. 
When his mother died, he was taken care of by his 
grandmothers who were assisted by his, aunt Eliza 
(Lyda) Evans Slade. 

After his father married Blanche Holmstead 
in 1897, Israel lived with them on the ranch. He 
received his schooling along with others at the 
New West Congregational School. 

When a young man he decided to seek employ 
ment elsewhere and never returned to Lehi to live. 
Relatives say that he settled in California. 

We hope we may be able to find out uiiere 
Israel settled and something about his family if he 
married and had a family. 



1898 - 1939 

Morrill Evans, oldest son of Israel Evans 
and Blanche Holmstead, was born Oct. 3, 1898 at 
Lehi, Utah. He spent his childhood on his father's 
farm on the bridge road west of Lehi, There he 
learned to farm and raise cattle and did his share 
with the work to be done. He attended the New 
West Congregational School in Lehi which was 
located where the post office is now. 

He graduated from high school in Lehi and 
continued his education at the Agricultural College 
in Logan, Utah. He had a membership in the News 
Paper Institute of America, He was a member of 
the Shriners belonging to the El Kolah Temple of 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Morrill was a farmer and rancher; he was 
also interested in local politics. He married 
Beatrice Boydstun of Eureka, California at Provo, 
Utah, Nov, 23, 1931. They made their home in 
Lehi near Utah Lake on the Saratoga road. Here 
he raised hay for his pure -bred Hereford cattle. 
He also raised pigs for market. 

They had six children, the first were twins: 
Blanche, Charles, Mary Rose, Bert Earl, Ann, 
and Aubrey Morrill. Morrill died at American 
Fork Hospital 29 Feb. 1939 and was buried in the 
Lehi City cemetery at Lehi. After his death, 
Beatrice moved back to California to work and 
raise the children. They have all been college 
graduates and are a tribute to their mother and 

1900 - 

Blanche Evans, called Birdie from childhood, 
was born Sept. 19, 1900, to Israel and Blanche 
Holmstead Evans. 

While the others helped in the fields, Blanche 
helped with the household duties. She and Matilda 
loved to plan family parties on the merest excuse. 

Blanche E. Gessford 122 

She was admired by many friends; she was beauti- 
ful and lovable; her favorite color was blue and 
she loved violets. 

Her elementary education was at the New 
West School, graduated from the Lehi High School, 
and had one year at Utah State College at Logan, 
Utah. She finished with a bachelor degree in Home 
Economics at the University of Utah, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Birdie taught in the primary grades of Granite 
and Salt Lake City schools 1922-1930. She did sub- 
stitute teaching and finally full-time teaching in the 
first grades of Burbank, Calif. 1943-1944, in Santa 
Paula, Calif, from 1945-1965 retiring at this time. 

She met John B. Gessford one Sunday on the 
steps of the Christian Science Church in Provo, 
Utah and he states that as far as he was concerned 
it was love at first sight. They were married 
Aug. 3, 1930 in the Evans family home in Lehi. 
Four sons were born to them: John E,, Fred 
Chenoworth, David William, and Glen Norman. 

During her life they lived at Provo, Utah and 
Venice, Glendale, Burbank and Santa Paula, Cali- 
fornia, They loved Santa Paula and the home was 
a center of activity. 

Birdie has a life membership in the PTA, 
was a Scout Den mother. Her boys were Eagle 
Scouts and all received PhDs in education. Fred 
was killed at age 16 in an accidental fall in the 
canyon at Santa Paula. 


1904 - 

Matilda Ann Evans was born January 5, 1904 
at Lehi, Utah, to Israel and Blanche E. Holmstead 
Evans. She was the third child in a family of six 
and had a very happy childhood. 

She attended the New West Congregational 
school through the 10th grade. Graduated from 
Lehi High and continued on through the University 
of Utah, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree. 
Majored in Art and minored in Western History, 

12 3 Matilda Ann Thurman 

Further studies were continued at the College of 
Arts and Crafts at the University of California, 
Berkeley, California; at Chouinards in Los Angeles, 
California, She also studied in Paris, France. 

On returning home she taught in Salt Lake 
City public schools. 

She married Samuel Richard Thurman June 8, 
1933, in Reno, Nevada. Two children were born; 
Peter Evans and Patricia Ann. 

Matilda made her home in Salt Lake City, 
and continued to teach for thirty-six years. The 
last five were spent in special education at the 
Primary Children's Hospital and the Shriner's 
Hospital for crippled children. 

She conducted classes at the Art Barn, being 
affiliated with the Associated Utah Artists to help 
send traveling art shows throughout the state and 
prepare for local exhibits. 

She held one-man art shows, winning first 
prizes in the State and County Fairs on her water 
color paintings; also judged many exhibits, 

Matilda was a quiet, loving person. Her 
hobbies include reading, sewing, gardening and 
traveling. She enjoyed many happy hours with her 
grandchildren while on painting trips throughout 
the valley.. She always had her sketch pad and 
her easel with her. 

Her name was among the Deans of Painters 
in the History of Lehi, 

She is a memiber of the Christian Science 
Church of Boston. 

Retiring from teaching in 1967, she gave 
full time to her husband, family, home and 

1906 - 

Junior Evans was born June 4th 1906, at 
Lehi, Utah, to Israel and Blanche Holmstead. 

At 14 years of age his father died, leaving 

Junior Evans 124 

his mother a large ranch to operate and a family 
of six children. June, as he is known, accepted 
the responsibility of aiding his mother in main- 
taining and preserving the ranch. He loved his 
mother, and was always mindful and considerate 
of her needs. In her declining years June and his 
wife took her into their home and cared for her 
until her death. 

As a young boy he attended the New West 
School, founded and taught by a Congregational 
minister from South Africa. He graduated from 
the Lehi High School in 1924. After graduation he 
enrolled at the University of Utah with a major in 

In 1922 the first National Guard Unit was 
organized in Lehi. He volunteered for service in 
the 116th Cavalry with the rank of private. In 1925 
this unit was changed to the 222nd Field Artillery, 
and Junior was advanced to the rank of First 
Lieutenant. In March, 1941, the Lehi Guard Unit 
was mobilized and he was advanced to the rank of 

After his release from the guard he returned 
to Lehi to operate the ranch. He was also employed 
by the United States Army Remmington Arms plant. 

In 1928 he married Katie Wells, a daughter 
of Boise Wells and Emma Miller. To this union 
five children have been born: Boise Junior, Gayle 
Wells, Carol Emma Erickson, Martin Israel and 
Melodie June. 

In 1935 he built a home on the ranch. The 
doors of their home have always been open to every- 
one and the warm and friendly atmosphere immed- 
iately makes all who enter feel welcome. Kate 
insists on a snack or meal and refreshments are 
only minutes away. 

Junior believes in an honest day's work, 
respects the rights of others and is a good neighbor. 
He is reserved. Many seek advice from him. 

For the past 24 years he has been employed 
at the Desert Chemical and Tooele Army Depot. 
He still owns and operates his ranch and manages 
a herd of Hereford cattle. 



David Evans was born Feb. 22, 1911, Lehi, 
Utah, to Israel and Blanche Holmstead Evans. His 
mother instilled in David a love for the land and 
interest in cattle. He spent many happy hours 
with the family on the ranch. 

He attended school in Lehi, graduated from 
high school, and then attended college at Utah 
State, Logan, Utah. He studied Agriculture and 
Animal Husbandry, He was Pres, of the Agriculture 
Club two years and directed the horse show. 

He accepted a position with the Department 
of Agriculture in Manti, Utah in 1936. He was in 
charge of the Farmers Home Administration in 
San Juan, Grand, and Eraery Counties and was 
later transferred to the regional office in San 
Francisco, California. He was a dedicated worker 
supervising work in Utah, Nevada, California, and 
Hawaii. He never made snap decisions but used 
good judgment where people were involved. 

In May 1956 he received national recognition 
for his faithful stewardship and loyal service in the 
Department of Agriculture, a reward was presented 
to him for this achievement, and a monetary bonus 
for meritorious accomplishment. 

He was miarried to Helga Thorderson July 19, 
1938 in Cedar City, Utah. Two girls were born 
to them: Sunya and Suejuana. 

He was 5 ft. 11 inches tall, weighed 165 lbs. , 
had blue eyes and his hair was wavy brown. How- 
ever you had to know him to appreciate his fine 

His family relied on his judgment. He was 
a family peace maker, always had time to listen 
and they went away with burdens lifted. 

David's greatest quality was his constant 
search for self-perfection; yet he had great com- 
passion for others. 

David died Nov. 10, 1957 from fibrosis of the 
heart muscles, after putting up a courageous fight 

David Evans 126 

for six weeks. Death occurred in California and 
he was buried there. 

1917 - 1961 

Daniel Evans was born in Lehi, Utah, May 
15, 1917, the youngest of six children born to 
Israel and Blanche Holmstead Evans. He lived 
his life in Lehi on the family farm two miles 
west of town. When Dan was only three years 
old his father died leaving his mother to rear 
her six children. She had a great love of the land 
and livestock and felt the responsibility of preserv- 
ing the inheritance. Dan was reared under this 
influence and it became part of his philosophy of 
life. It directed his activities in his family 
relationships, his work and his community affilia- 
tions. Dan was a planner and organizer, but it 
did not rest there. He had the strong personal 
integrity to go ahead and complete his aims with 
great honesty and human consideration for others 

He graduated from Lehi High School in 1935 
and attended college at U. S. A, C. in Logan. 

On September 17, 1943 he married Donna 
Zimmerman of Lehi, To this union three children 
were born: Tony Dan, Barbara Dawn, and Robyn 

Dan loved cattle and horses and made ranch- 
ing his life's work. He was President of the Lehi 
Cattle Association and served on the Cattle Board 
for several years; he was also state brand inspector. 
He helped organize the first 4-H club for boys in 
Lehi. He loved these boys and took great pride 
in their development. 

Dan was a patient and loving father. He 
took great interest in his family and they gave him 
many hours of pleasure. 

He died on January 12, 1961 of a heart 
attack at his home. 



1861 - 1885 

Matilda Evans was born to Israel and Matilda 
Thomas Evans, December 1, 1861, in Lehi, Utah. 
Her parents were members of the Mormon Church 
and came west with the Saints to the Salt Lake 
Valley, and later to Lehi. 

Matilda was the fifth child in the family. She 
was a beautiful girl and was reared in a religious 
home where she was taught to have pride in the 
Saints who came west. As a child she heard many 
true stories of the hardships her parents and grand- 
parents were called to go through as they pushed 
West with the body of the Church. 

Matilda went to the Lehi schools. Her father's 
home was supplied with books, magazines and weekly 
papers to help the children become well educated. 

Little information can be found about her per - 
sonal life as a young lady. It is not known where 
or when she met the young man of her choice. He • 
was Thomas Scalley. They were married on Octo- 
ber 30, 1883. She gave birth to one child, Douglas 
Scalley, on January 24, 1885; however, she did not 
have the privilege to stay and raise him. She died 
March 5, 1885. 

1885 - 1967 

Douglas was born January 4, 1885, Lehi, 
Utah, to Thomas and Matilda Ann Evans Scalley. 
He was their only child and left an orphan at two 
months and eight days of age. 

He was reared by his grandparents, Israel 
and Matilda Ann Thomas Evans, and his Aunt Lyda 
Evans Slade. 

Douglas attended school in Lehi, Utah, and 
had two years at the University of Utah. His life's 
profession started when he went to Love land, 
Colorado with a group of boys to thin and hoe 
beets for the Sugar Company, 

Douglas E. Scalley 128 

He was blessed with a brilliant mind and faith 
in his ideas. It is said, "That when he had an idea, 
he also was able to know the outcome of his project. " 
And the Sugar Company relied on this many times. 

He married Ethel Taylor of Lehi, Utah. They 
left immediately for Sugar City, Idaho where he 
was employed. They had four children: Paul 
Douglas, Ethel Madge, Ford, and Robert. 

Douglas was a kind and loving husband and 
father. He was proud of his lovely wife and admired 
his children and was proud of their achievements. 
He loved sports and liked to play baseball. His 
boys have followed him in the Sugar business. 

He helped with Church and civic projects and 
was loved by all who worked with him. The Sugar 
Beet Industry was in his blood; he worked from the 
bottom to the top. He was known as a leader and 
all who followed his ideas profited by them. He had 
a great part in developing a single seed resistant to 
the Wi ite fly that was destroying the sugar beet crop. 
He held field and factory jobs, as foreman, general 
foreman. Superintendent and General Superintendent, 
He was known as a leader in the sugar industry and 
became Vice President and General Manager of the 
Utah -Idaho Sugar Company. He became Executive 
President in 1948, a post he retained until he 
retired. He also served as President of the United 
States Beet Sugar Association which placed him at 
the head of the sugar industry composed of 1 5 com- 
panies operating 62 factories, using beets grown 
from 100, 000 farmers in the 15 states. 

This is only a thumbnail sketch of a poor 
orphan who attained National prominence and Inter- 
national recognition. He had great strength of 

character, intelligence and leadership and a gift 
of compassion for the common worker. 












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Uh I 


1863 - 1912 

Morgan Evans was born Novennber 21, 1863, 
Lehi, Utah, to Israel and Matilda Ann Thomas 

Morgan was given every opportunity his 
parents could provide at that time, especially in 
education. He attended the Lehi schools and later 
the Brigham Young Academy, . 

He had a cheerful and happy disposition. He 
loved all out door sports and was a member of 
Lehi's first baseball team. 

Besides managing a successful farm, he 
found time for other important positions in civic 
life. He was an officer of Lehi's irrigation com- 
pany and was elected president in 1895, an office 
he held for several years, 

Morgan was one of the founders of the Com- 
mercial Club, and was one of its presidents. 

He was well liked as manager of the dance 
hall; was a member of the Lehi Education Board, 
serving four terms, and was Lehi's representative 
on the Alpine School Board; was deputy game com- 
missioner, serving under Warden Chambers; and 
was director of the State Bank of Lehi, 

He married Emma F. Southwick, a daughter 
of William and Savina Larson Southwick, January 
29, 1890, in Salt Lake City. Later they were mar- 
ried for time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. 
To them were born nine children: Guy, Aaron, 
Frederica, Ruel, Noble, Eula, Hortense, and 

He died April 26, 1912. The day of his 
funeral the school doors were closed and the flag 
hung at half mast in respect to his work and 
memory. He was buried in the Lehi City 


. * -^ 130 

#126-1 GUY EVANS 
1890 - 1936 

Guy Evans, the eldest son of Morgan and 
Emma Southwick Evans, was born October 20, 1890 
in Lehi, Utah. 

He lived with his family of three brothers 
and four sisters. He and his brothers helped on 
their father's cattle ranch. After their father's 
death, the brothers took care of the ranch for 
their mother. 

Guy attended school in Lehi, Utah, and later 
to the University of Utah for two years. He had to 
stop when his father died Apr. 26, 1912. Guy and 
his brothers were partners and made a living from 
the sale of cattle and alfalfa. 

He married Myrtle Willis September 17, 1913, 
and resided in Lehi, Utah, where two daughters 
were born, Bea and Lyle. 

In 1920 Guy was asked to open a bank in 
Wayne County and moved his family to Loa, Wayne 
Co., Utah. He worked there for four years. 

He went into partnership with Leo Brown on 
a sheep ranch in Garfield County, Utah. Myrtle 
and the children lived on the ranch during the sum- 
mer and spent their winters in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
He went into partnership in 1925 and moved to Salt 
Lake City in 1930 and worked for an investment 
company. Later he worked for First Security Bank 

He and Myrtle were divorced. He later 
inarried (September 24, 1933) Joan Parleylet and 
moved to Berkley, Idaho, where he lived until his 
death on March 30, 1936. 

1893 - 1943 

Aaron Evans, farmer and rancher, was born 
January 16, 1892, in Lehi, Utah, the second son of 
Morgan and Emma Southwick Evans. At the age of 
eight he was baptized a member of the L. D.S. 
Church. He was educated at the Lehi Grammar 

131 Aaron Evans 

and Lehi High Schools. 

His heritage and background were splendid. 
He descended from fine sturdy pioneer families. 

Aaron was a successful farmer and stockman, 
whose outstanding qualities were his honesty, 
understanding, and dependable good judgment. He 
thoroughly enjoyed the work of his choice; while 
instilling in his sons this same understanding and 
enjoyment of working with land and cattle. 

A kind and thoughtful husband and father, his 
time, judgment, and sympathy were always theirs 
when needed. His fairness and deep understanding 
resulted in all six of his sons staying with him and 
going into the farming and stock-raising business 
with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment. 

Five of his children have built homes and 
are still living on the land originally owned by 
their pioneer ancestors. 

Aaron was an intelligent man who considered 
it a duty and a privilege to keep abreast of political 
and civic affairs. He served as Fish and Game 
Commissioner, and was Water Master for Provo 
Reservoir Water Users until his death. 

He married Beulah Thomas, daughter of 
John Jones Thomas and Myra Amanda Clark, May 
15, 1913, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

To this union seven children were born: 
Thelda Evans Fox, and six sons. Dean, Glen 
Thomas, Grant Stillwell, Raymond Bruce, Ernest 
Paul, and Lawrence. 

Aaron died June 3, 1943. 

1893 - 1956 

Frederica Evans was born in Lehi, Utah, 
Oct. 26, 1893. She was the first daughter born to 
Morgan and Emma Southwick Evans. There were 
eight children and a stillborn child. 

Being the oldest girl in the family meant 
having a lot of responsibility when she was still 
very young, helping with the younger brothers and 

Frederica E. Pace 132 

sisters. She had to quit school after the eighth 
grade because she was needed at home due to her 
mother's illness. 

She loved to dance. She met William Grant 
Pace at a dance. They were married November 
15, 1911, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Of this mar- 
riage, there were four children: Adelbert Grant, 
L/ucile, Morgan and Alice Edna. There are nine 
grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. 

Frederica was always a very jolly person. 
She was nicknamed "Happy" by my father's rela- 
tives. Friends were always welcomed to the home 
and Frederica entered into the games and fun. 

She taught in Primary for several years and 
was loved by all who knew her. 

The family was always very close. She 
enjoyed her grandchildren a lot and travelled to 
California every year to visit with them for two 
or three months. 

She passed away September 22, 1956 from 
a heart attack. 

#126-4 RUEL EVANS 
1895 - 1967 

Ruel, the third son of Morgan and Emma 
Southwick Evans, was born December 3, 1895 at 
Lehi, Utah. He received his education at the pub- 
lic schools in Lehi and at the Utah State University, 
He loved athletics and played an active role in 
these activities, lettering in basketball. 

When World War I started, he answered the 
call and joined the army. Following his military 
service, he joined his brothers in the farming and 
cattle business. Ruel took great pride in his farm 
and availed himself of every opportunity to teach 
his children the true value of work. Throughout 
his life, he exemplified sincere dedication and a 
real sense of responsibility in all that he did. 

On November 4, 1925 he married Beulah May 
Bone. To this union were born six children: Ralph 
(who died at birth). Gene, Joan, Colleen, Morgan 
and Michael. Their marriage was later solemnized 

1 33 Ruel Evans 

in the Manti Temple. He was an active member in 
the Church. He served in the presidencies of the 
Elders and High Priests Quorums, taught Sunday- 
School, served on the Ward Finance and Welfare 
Committees, and was responsible for the ward 
grainery project. 

In i960 he sold his farm to the L. D. S. 
church and then continued to naanage it at their 
request. Most men would have retired but he had 
a desire to be of service and to continue active. 
His motto was "there is no key to success that 
will work unless you do. " His farm was an out- 
standing example of his untiring efforts, and it 
seems only fitting that he should be there when the 
Lord called him home on July 7, 1967. 

What greater gift can a man leave his loved 
ones than an opportunity for Eternal happiness and 
a good name. This he surely did, 

1897 - 1945 

Noble Evans, son of Morgan and Emma 
Frederica Southwick Evans, was born in Lehi, 
Utah, October 9j 1897, the fifth of nine children. 
He was baptized and confirmed a member of the 
LDS Church on his birthday, October 9, 1906. 
He received his education in the Lehi schools, 
graduating from high school in 1915. During his 
school years he was interested in sports and 
particularly enjoyed playing on the basketball team. 

He was highly respected in his profession of 
farming and through his industry and progressive 
farming techniques became one of the most suc- 
cessful farmers in the valley. He took great pride 
in developing horses and had an unusual ability in 
handling them. When the farm machine -age 
arrived, he and his brothers, Aaron and Ruel, 
were among the first in the West to mechanize 
their farm. 

He was active in the civic affairs of Lehi, 
having served most of his adult life on the volunteer 
fire department. He took a keen interest in politics 
and served for several years as chairman of the 

Noble Evans 134 

Republican Party. He enjoyed sporting events and 
outdoor activities with his family and assisted in 
the boy scout program in his Ward, 

He married Lela Varney, daughter of James 
and Rose Dorton Varney, September 15, 192 0, in 
Salt Lake City. He was devoted to his wife and 
children and was respected for his honesty and 
strength of character by all who knew him. At 
the time of his death, he and his wife were prepar- 
ing to have their marriage solemnized in the Salt 
Lake Temple, This was accomplished by proxy a 
few months later. 

To their union four children were born: 
Morgan Duane, Donald N. , LaRae, and James 
Merle. He died at the age of 47, September 8, 
1945, of a heart attack while at work on his farm, 

1904 - 1970 

Hortense was born in Lehi, Utah, February 
29, 1904, the daughter of Morgan and Emma South - 
wick Evans. 

She attended Lehi schools and the L. D. S, 
Business College. Later she graduated from the 
University of Utah as a business major. She 
taught at the L. D. S. Business College two years, 
then went to Ogden High School business department 
where she taught for 42 years, retiring in 1969. 

She was a member of the National Teachers 
Association and Ogden Teachers Association. 

She died April 11, 1970 of a sudden heart 
attack at her home in Ogden. 

At her request there was no funeral or 
viewing. Cremation was held in the Aulterrest 
Memorial Crematorium directed by the Chapel 
of the Flowers Mortuary, She was buried at the 
Valley of Flowers Cemetery in Ogden, 

135 Edith Evans Jensen 

1907 - 1959 

Edith was born in Lehi, Utah, Sep. 27, 1907, 
daughter of Morgan and Emma Southwick Evans. 

She attended the Lehi Elementary and High 
Schools, graduating in 1925. She then attended 
the University of Utah, Salt Lake City and the 
B. Y.U. at Provo, Utah. 

She could not finish her education because 
of her mother's illness. Her father died when she 
was four years old and during her mother's later 
years she was the only one to take care of her. 
After her mother's death, she moved to Ogden, 
Utah, where she lived with her sisters Eula and 

In 1931 she married James L, Jensen, and 
in the spring of 1932 moved to Sandy, Utah, where 
she spent the remainder of her life, 

Edith died suddenly and unexpectedly Jan. 1, 
1959, leaving as her survivors her husband, James 
L. Jensen; two children, Judith and James L. Jr. ; 
brother Ruel (now deceased) and her sisters Eula 
Childs and Hortense Evans. 

Edith was a wonderful person and was loved 
and respected by all who knew her, especially her 

1866 - 1920 

Rachel Evans, daughter of Israel and Matilda 
Ann Thomas Evans, was born January 19, 1866, 
in Lehi, Utah, She was the seventh child born in 
the family. She was a sweet and lovable child who 
grew into a quiet, lovely young lady with a wonderful 

Rachel grew up in a religious home where 
she was told of the hardships her ancestors had 
endured and of their great faith in making the trek 
West, While still a child she was taught to cook, 
sew, prepare food for winter storage, cord wool, 
make soap and keep a clean and hospitable home. 

Rachel E. Campbell 136 

She married Edward Campbell. They miade 
their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Two girls 
were born to the couple; they adopted a little girl. 
Three years later, Edward died leaving Rachel to 
rear her three daughters. In later life she resided 
with one of these daughters. Rachel loved to come 
to Lehi and visit with her sisters, Abigail Evans 
Lott, Elgiva Evans Thurman, Eliza Evans Slade 
and her brothers Israel and Morgan Evans. She 
would stay at Eliza (Lyda) Slade 's honae because 
it was large and she was always welcome there 
as she was in the homes of other members of the 

She was loved by all who knew her. A niece 
of hers said: "I thought she was such a lovely 
person, well dressed, very neat, such pretty 
curly hair, brown streaked with gray, her eyes 
were blue. She was always so pleasant, with a 
wonderful smile and seemed to be able to laugh 
a lot. She was tall, with broad features like my 
father Israel, her brother. " 

Rachel died November 18, 1920 and was 
buried beside her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


1889 - 1968 

Iris Campbell, daughter of James Edward 
and Rachel Evans Campbell, was born Mar, 26, 
1889, in Lehi, Utah, 

My parents lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, 
but mother must have wanted to be here in Lehi at 
the time of my birth. There were three children, 
all girls, myself, Erma and a sister who my 
parents adopted. 

We attended the public schools of Salt Lake 
City. After graduating from high school, Erma 
and I continued to study at the University of Utah, 
graduating at the same time in 1910. 

I married John Edward Hayes June 2, 1914; 
we made our home in Salt Lake City. One son was 
born to us, John E. Hayes. My husband died and 
I made my home with my mother who took care of 
John while I worked to support us. 

137 Iris C. Welch 

I married Joseph L. Welch in Salt Lake City 
and made our home there. A baby girl we namied 
Laurel was born Nov, 17, 1922. We enjoyed watch- 
ing her and John grow up. They brought many 
happy hours to their Grandmother Campbell. 

I spent my last days in Seattle with John. 

(Word was received of Iris' passing and of 
her burial in Washington from Laurel Haasl, her 
daughter. ) 


1891 - 

Erma was born Oct. 1, 1890, to Edward and 
Rachel Evans Campbell. She grew up and attended 
school in Salt Lake City. After grade school, she 
attended the University of Utah, graduating in 1910. 

Her father died leaving her mother to rear 
three daughters, two of their own and one they 
adopted a few years before he died. 

She and her sisters were loving and kind to 
their mother. 

She raet and married William Francis 
Gallagher Nov. 10, 1919. They made their home 
in Ogden, Utah. She never had any children, but 
loved her sister Iris's children, John Hayes and 
Laurel Welch. 

The family always enjoyed visiting Uncle Ben 
and Aunt Abby Lott on the farm south of Lehi. And 
with Uncle Israel and Morgan Evans's families. 

After her mother's death the visits became 
farther apart. Due to poor health it has been 
some time since she made these visits. However 
she remembers the flags flying and the parades in 
the town in which her great grandfather David 
Evans was Mayor and Bishop for so many years. 



1903 - 

Jane was born Mar. 31, 1903. Adopted by- 
Edward and Rachel Evans Campbell, she received 
her schooling in the Salt Lake Public schools. 

They loved to come to Lehi to visit relatives 
and stayed mostly at Aunt Lyda Evans Slade. Then 
they would spend some time with the rest of the 
aunts and uncles. 

Uncle Ben's and Aunt Abby's farm was a 
great wonderment to all city children, for there 
were so many things to see, eat, and enjoy. 

The time spent at Aunt Gibbs I'm sure were 
never forgotten with so many girls around, and 
with cousin lone and family close by. 

A trip to Uncle Israel Evans ranch, the 
horse rides and the freedom of God's world 
impressed them. 

Also Uncle Morgan Evans and family lived 
in town but had a farm west of Lehi. 

Jane's mother was a very sweet person 
leaving an impression on others lives wherever 
she went. And the families in Lehi looked forward 
to their visits, especially over the 4th of July. 

Jane lived home only a short while after the 
death of her mother. She now lives in Oregon. 

1868 - 1945 

Eliza Evans was born May 25, 1868, in Lehi, 
Utah, the eighth child of Israel and Matilda Ann 
Thomas Evans, 

Eliza enjoyed her childhood with the other 
children of Israel Evans. She was taught to be 
thrifty and to keep a clean, pleasant home and to 
support every worthy cause that would help anyone. 

Eliza attended the schools in Lehi and had 
the advantage of living in a home where her parents 
provided good books, magazines and newspapers to 
further the education of their children. 

139 Eliza E. Slade 

As a young lady she took a commercial 
course at the Brigham Young University, Later 
she met and married Oliver August Slade at Tre- 
monton, Utah. They were married July 9, 1903 
and spent most of their lives in Lehi. There were 
two children in their family, one son and one 
daughter. Their large home at 3 08 West Main 
was a place of many family gatherings and rela- 
tives and friends in Lehi. Those from out of town 
were always welcome. 

Eliza's mother, Matilda Ann Thomas Evans, 
made her home with them in her later years. After 
the death of her sister, Matilda Evans Scalley, 
Eliza helped rear her nephew, Douglas Evans 
Scalley. In his later life Douglas and his family 
made many trips to visit with his Aunt Lyda, 

Eliza was always ready to answer a call of 
help from her friends and neighbors. Her aunt, 
Abigail Evans EUingson, lived across the street 
south and her cousin Lenora Thomas Jones lived 
across the street east of her. On days that Lehi 
had celebrations their porch was trimmed with 
red, white and blue bunting and the American flag 
waved in the breeze from the Slade home, while 
relatives and people from out of town relaxed in 
the shade to watch the parades. 

Eliza died Feb. 25, 1945 and was buried 
next to her son and husband in the Lehi cemetery, 


1916 - 

Matilda Ann was born April 1, 1916 at Dee 
Memorial Hospital, Ogden, Utah, and became the 

lovely baby girl of Eliza (Lyda) Evans and Oliver 
August Slade of Lehi. 

She was a beautiful child and always seemed 
older than she was because she was an only child. 
She had a brother William who died July 4, 1915. 
Her parents were middle age and their home was 
a home of hospitality. There were many older 
people who visited her homie. She was made a 
fuss of by everyone. She had long curly hair that 
everyone admired. 

Matilda Ann S. Clark 140 

She attended the public schools of Lehi and 
attended Church in the First Ward most of her life 
or until it was divided. Then she and her family- 
belonged to the Lehi Sixth Ward. However, they 
came to the same building until a new Stake House 
was built. There is a new First Ward Church 
building about finished and again she and her 
husband will attend church in it. 

Matilda was loved by the girls of her age and 
has many friends in Lehi. She was baptized a 
member of the L. D. S. Church and married Morris 
Clark Jan. 14, 1937, in the Salt Lake Temple. 
They have given their support to ward activities 
willingly, working at the stands at the rodeo grounds 
to make money for the ward they lived in. 

She has supported her husband in the civic 
work he has done. He served on the City Council, 
and is Mayor of Lehi at this time and doing a good 
job (1971). 

He has worked for the Utah -Idaho Sugar 
factory for thirty-six years, starting at St. George, 
Utah, transferring to Idaho Falls, and moving back 
to Lehi where he is now Warehouse Supervisor. 

He has belonged to the Lehi Civic Improve- 
ment Association for thirty-one years, Matilda 
supporting him in all of his endeavors. 

She and Morris are blessed with a daughter, 
Julia Rochelle Clark, and a son, Gary Lee. Their 
children and grandchildren enrich their lives and 
bring much happiness to them. 

1872 - (Death date not known) 

Henry Evans was born Christmas Day, Dec. 
25, 1872, in Lehi, Utah, the youngest child of 
Israel and Matilda A. Thomas Evans. 

Little is known about his activities. He was 
reared in a fine family. No doubt he helped his 
father on the farm and with the cattle. 

Henry Evans left Lehi when he was a young 
man. No one knows where he went or what he did. 


#137 Peter Carlos Evans, #138 Israel Frank Evans, 
#135 Emma Lenora E. Boyden, #139 Wilmar Evans, 
#13BLeo Melvin Evans 

#1 3c Sarah 
Evans Clark 


#135-1 Maurice 
Evans Boyden 

#137-1 Martha 
Francell E. 

#137-4 Walter 
Grant Evans 

#139-3 Betty 
Evans Priest 

14 1 Henry Evans 

However the search will go on by descendants of 
the Evans family hoping someday to find his 
records and members of his family, if he married 
and had children. 

In the year 1902 he was in Clements, Michigan 
working for a sugar company. A young nephew was 
with him at this time studying the sugar business. 

Henry was loved and respected by this 
nephew, Douglas Scalley, and was like a brother 
as Henry's mother reared Douglas after the death 
of his mother. 

1861 - 1878 

Frederick Evans, second son of Henry Beck 
and Catherine Magdalene Bruun Evans, was born 
at Lehi, Utah, 2 June 1861. He moved with his 
parents to Coalville when about 4 years of age and 
lived there on the farm until his death on 8 March 

He attended the village school and made very 
rapid progress. He also attended night school and 
acted as tutor to his boy companions. In the way 
of talents, he was very much like Carl, and some 
beautiful evidences of his handiwork have been 

The men in Coalville who formed his circle 
of friends and playmates never cease to extol his 
virtues and whenever his name is mentioned 
amongst them you will hear them speak of some of 
the exceptional things that he could do. 

1867 - 1931 

Emma Lenore, daughter of Henry Beck 
Evans and Anna C. M. Bruun, was born in Coal- 
ville on 1 Sept. 1867, died of spinal meningitis in 
Coalville at the age of 63 on 15 January 1931. She 
married John Leslie Boyden on the 8th of August 
1898 and reared one child, Maurice Evans Boyden. 

She was a good homemaker, wife and mother. 

Emma Lenore Evans 142 

a hospitable neighbor, faithful worker in the 
Church. The whole community loved her. Her 
schooling was at Coalville and at Brigham Young 
Academy in Provo. Before her marriage she 
taught school. 

After her marriage she made her homie in 
Coalville near the drug store where her husband 
was a successful pharmacist and raerchant. She 
worked many years as president of the Young 
Ladies M. I. A. of Summit Stake. 

Lenore was a woman of large stature, strong 
and robust. She was sensitive to a high degree, 
but as the years went by tended toward greater 
composure. Her many friends and relatives 
enjoyed her generous hospitality and felt as much 
at home there as in their own homes. She delighted 
to get a good meal, and to see that her guests 
enjoyed a good night's rest. Two of her nieces 
enjoyed spending many a summer vacation at the 
Boyden home (one of them spending a school year 
with the Boydens also) and still have many fond 
memories of the days in Coalville. 

1899 - 

Maurice Evans Boyden was born in Coalville, 
Sept. 1, 1899, a son of John Leslie Boyden and 
Emma Lenore Evans. He attended school in Coal- 
ville graduating from North Summit High School 
in 1919. He graduated from the University of Utah 
College of Business and College of Pharmacy in 

He assisted his father in operating the John 

Boyden & Son Pharmacy until 1948 when his father 
died. Since then he has owned and operated the 
pharmacy in Coalville. 

He has been active in the Democratic Party 
since 1930. He was elected to the Utah State 
Legislature and served from 1931 - 1937. He 
was a Summit County Commissioner for sixteen 
years where he acted as Chairman for eight years. 
He has served on many State Democratic 

143 Maurice E. Boyden 

He is a member of the L. D. S. Church. 

He has a son, Dr. Franklin M. Boyden, and 
a daughter, Joan L. Boyden Blakemore, both of 
Sacramento. He has four grandchildren, Leslie 
Ann, Clara and Demick Boyden, and Bill Blake- 

He is married to the former Marjorie 
Wimmer Harbertson of Ogden, Utah. He lives 
with his wife in Coalville. 

1870 - 1941 

Peter Carlos (Carl) Evans, son of Henry 
Beck and Anna Catherine Magdalene Bruun Evans, 
was born 23 November 187 at Coalville, Summit 
Co. , Utah. 

As a boy Carl herded cows with Frank and 
neighbor boys during summer and attended school 
in winter. In 1886 he enrolled in Summit Stake 
Academy where he excelled as a student and in 
1889, with money from sale of the big bay mare, 
he entered the University of Deseret. From 1891 
to 1898 he spent some years teaching school to 
meet expenses of further education at Brigham 
Young Academy. He was admitted to the bar 
in 1895 and studied law in an office in Ogden while 
substitute teaching in that city. After six months 
in U. S. Voluntary Cavalry, he went to Ann Arbor, 
Mich, where he finished his law work in one 
strenuous year, graduating in 1900. With the 
exception of the years 1916 to 1920, and 1934 to 
1941 which time he spent as Judge of the Third 
District Court he pursued his profession of "civil" 

Carl was calm and steady in disposition, 
doing his work with comparative ease. One felt 
that he had never exhausted his last resource. 
He miade no special effort to form friendships 
but had many friends and few, if any, enemies. 
He never pretended anything he did not feel, 
possessing an honesty in this respect which is 
rare. He absorbed information and was an avid 
reader. In public speaking he apparently was 

Peter Carlos Evans 144 

unconcerned and never seemed to put forth special 
effort in preparation, but at the appointed time 
drew upon his general fund of knowledge and 
proved a very interesting speaker. His success 
as a public worker was very marked. Carl had 
a genius for anything that needed to be done. He 
had a keen appreciation for music, could play 
organ, piano or violin by ear, and could draw 
with skill. He experienced keen enjoyment in 
doing an appreciable piece of work of any kind, 
and did it with composure and apparent unconcern, 

Carl married Martha Jane Read in 1907, a 
woman of high accomplishment and exceptional 
character. He was a good father to their four 
children, enthusiastic about their accomplishments, 
and wise in his counsel. 

When death came on Dec, 19, 1941 in Salt 
Lake City his colleagues of the Third District 
Court issued a statement commending his fine 
qualities as presiding judge, 


1908 - 

Martha Francelle Evans, firstborn of Peter 
Carlos and Martha Jane Read Evans, arrived on 
26 July 1908 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Educated 
in the city schools, she received a Bachelor of 
Music degree, majoring in violin, from the McCune 
School of Music and Art in 1930. Francelle mar- 
ried Robert Gordon Larsen in the Salt Lake Temple, 
June 10, 1931. They have four sons, two born in 
Boston, Mass. while Bob was at Harvard earning 
his Ph. D, , and two born in California in the Bay 
Area. They are Robert Gordon, Jr., David Evans, 
Dennis Ralph, and Ronald Brent. 

Always active in the L. D. S. Church, Francelle 
served in various capacities, mostly musical. She 
has worked in Primary "Religion Class", M.I. A., 
Relief Society, and Sunday School. She has been 
four times a Stake Relief Society Chorister, con- 
ducting a number of Singing Mothers' Concerts. 
She was serving in Manchester, England at the 
time the International Singing Mothers toured the 
British Isles, and trained the singers from her 

145 Martha F. Evans 

stake. In 1953 she was honored to have her 
conniposition "Ode to Immortality" sung at General 
Relief Society Conference with Florence Jepperson 
Madsen conducting. 

At present the Larsens are residing in Salt 
Lake City after nearly forty years away, Robert, 
having retired from Shell Development Company 
and having accepted a position as Director of the 
Utah Engineering Experiment Station at the Univer- 
sity of Utah. 


1911 - 

Shirley June, the second daughter of Mattie 
and Carl Evans, was born 13 June 1911 in Salt 
Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Latter-day 
Saint High School in 1929, then attended college -- 
two years at Utah State University and two years 
at the University of Utah where she received a 
B, S, degree in Business in 1933. 

Two years later she married Dale Blomquist 
of Salt Lake. Due to his work they lived in many 
different places, including Salt Lake, Los Angeles, 
Billings and Butte, Montana, and Pocatello, Idaho. 
Their son, Roger, was born in Billings in 1938. 
This marriage was dissolved in 1945, and Shirley 
and her son returned to Los Angeles where she 
worked as a bookkeeper for several years. 

In 1951, Shirley married Charles A. Pittman, 
Jr. and for many years they lived in Gwynedd 
Valley, Pennsylvania, but finally moved to Sellers - 
ville to be nearer her husband's business because 
of his deteriorating health. Charles died there in 

Shirley inarried Edmond Kenyon, a widower, 
in 1968, and they are now residing in Glenside, 
Pennsylvania. She has had several hobbies such 
as sewing, knitting, playing the piano, boating, 
golfing and bridge, but her chief delight is being 
a good homemaker. 


1913 - 

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Septem- 
ber 9, 1913, son of Peter Carlos and Martha Jane 
Read Evans. Educated in the Salt Lake City Public 
Schools (Wasatch, Bryant Junior High, and LDS 
High), I entered the University of Utah September, 
1930 and graduated June, 1934 with a major in 
Botany. I continued graduate studies in Botany, 
corapleting the M. A, Degree June 1936. I served 
as a teaching assistant during these two years. 

I was awarded an assistantship at Stanford 
University, Palo Alto, California in Biology where 
I continued graduate studies leading to the Ph.D. 
Degree which was granted August, 1940, majoring 
in Protozoology. 

Just prior to leaving for Stanford University, 
I married Asenath Robison, daughter of Parker 
Pratt (a grandson of Parley P. Pratt) and Florence 
Johnson Robison, in the Salt Lake Temple, Septem- 
ber 14, 1936. 

From September, 1940, to July, 1945, I was 
employed as an Instructor of Biology at Stanford 
University. In the summer of 1945, we returned 
to Salt Lake City following my appointment as 
Assistant Professor of Biology at the University 
of Utah, Children born to us while living in Palo 
Alto were Stanford Read, Martha Jane, and John 
Robison. Soon after moving to Salt Lake, our 
last child, Frederick Parker, was born, February 
8, 1948. All three boys served missions (Stanford, 
Eastern States; John, South German; Frederick P., 

I have remained at the University of Utah 
ever since, achieving the rank of Professor of 
Biology in I960. Classes which I have instructed 
include General Biology, Protozoology, Histology, 
General Zoology, Comparative Anatomy, Embry- 
ology, and Micro -technique. My research program 
involves structure and development of Protozoa, 
the results of which have been published in numerous 
journals and presented personally at science meet- 
ings in the United States and abroad including 

147 Frederick Read Evans 
England, France, Germany, and Russia. 

Positions held in the LDS Church have been 
teacher in MIA and Sunday School, Scout Master 
(Eagle Award obtained at age 13), Sunday School 
Superintendency, Ward Clerk, and Counselor in 
Bishoprics of Palo Alto Ward and University Ward. 

Hobbies include History, the organ, and 

1915 - 

Walter Grant Evans, youngest son of Peter 
Carlos and Martha Jane Read Evans, was born in 
Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 23, 1915. He was 
married Mar, 26, 1942 to Helen Barker. Two 
children blessed this union--their daughter 
Kathleen, a talented musician, is married to 
Heinz Steinmann; their son Scott Carlos is now 
a C. P. A. 

Grant was educated in Utah schools, attended 
the LDS and South High Schools and the University 
of Utah. He was President of his Junior class at 
South High School. His interests in high school 
were mainly in sports, and records show he was 
the only sophomore in the history of the LDS High 
School ever to earn letters in 4 major sports in 
one year. At the University of Utah he was elected 
treasurer of the student body and appointed to the 
athletic, music and debating councils of the Univer- 
sity and was the Director and Editor of the football 
programs. He was also elected as Vice President 
of Signna Chi Fraternity. He earned his B. S. 
degree in history and political science at the Uni- 
versity of Utah in 1936 and his M. B. A. from the 
Stanford Graduate School of Business Administra- 
tion in 1938. 

Grant has always been an avid sports 
enthusiast having achieved national ranking in 
tennis. He recently (February 1972) won his way 
to the finals of the National Senior 55 year old 
singles and doubles division. He is currently 
recognized No, 1 in the Inter mountain 55 singles 
division. He has instructed young tennis players, 

Walter Grant Evans 148 

several of whom have achieved national prominence. 

In the business world he was elected as 
Secretary Treasurer of the large locally owned 
Lang Construction Equipment Company of Salt Lake 
City, Utah until 1961. At this time he was employed 
by the SBA (Small Business Administration) as a 
loan officer and later as Chief of the Procurement 
and Management Assistance Division, He is now 
Chief of the Financial Assistance Division of SBA, 

He also enjoys reading books of all kinds, his 
family and his church. He is currently a High 
Priest and Ward Clerk in the LDS Church. 

1873 - 1950 

Israel Franklin Evans, son of Henry Beck 
and Anna Catherine Magdalene Bruun Evans, was 
born at Coalville, Utah on 26 July 187 3. He was 
educated in the Coalville schools and at the Brig- 
ham Young Academy. As a youth he was ingenious 
at getting odd jobs or starting his own business to 
help the family and further his own schooling. He 
obtained a teacher's certificate and taught school, 
also served as principal and superintendent. Be- 
tween times he studied law and was admitted to 
the bar in October 1902. On Dec. 31, 1902 he 
married Priscilla Livingston of Salt Lake City. 
For five years she helped him get started in law 
in Coalville, In 1907 Frank and his brother Carl 
set up the law firm of Evans and Evans in Salt Lake 

During World War I Frank and Priscilla were 
called to Washington, D. C. to administrative posi- 
tions at the Walter Reed Hospital, In 1918 Frank 
was called overseas as a military officer and was 
in Paris the day the Armistice was signed. 

Returning to his law practice, Frank began 
a career in the Farm organizations, beginning with 
the UtcLh.Farm Bureau, then the American Farm 
Bureau at Chicago, finally serving on Pres, 
Hoover's Federal Farm Board. President Hoover 
said he thought of him "as a man of sterling quality 
and unusual ability and willing to give of himself 

149 Israel Franklin Evans 

and his talents for his fellowmen without self- 
agrandizement. " 

Frank Evans' book, "The Law of Agricultural 
Cooperative Marketing" met with general approval 
as supplying a great need, Priscilla was a great 
support in this as in most of Frank's accomplish- 
me nt s , 

In 1937 President Heber J. Grant called him 
to preside over the Eastern States Mission, and in 
1941 to serve as Secretary of Finances to the First 
Presidency of the Church, a position he filled with 
integrity and making use of his legal training and 
financial ability, he set up a budget system for the 
Church. He died August 21, 1950, 

1878 - 1970 

Wilmar Evans was born in Coalville, Sum- 
mit County, Utah, 12 Nov, 1878, a son of Henry 
Beck Evans and his wife Anna Catherine Magdalene 

Wilmar attended school in the old one -room 
rock building where they "sang" the multiplication 
tables and the capitols and rivers of states. Begin- 
ning about age twelve, he attended Summit Stake 
Academy for several winters, farming and ranch- 
ing in the summer. In 1895 he entered University 
of Utah and in 1896-7 was president of his class of 
1898. But financial problems caused him to go to 
work before he graduated. He did canvassing quite 
successfully, then taught school. He used his 
spare time to study shorthand and typing, which 
he used subsequently in the law office of Krebs and 
Hoppaugh, while studying law. Seeing an oppor- 
tunity for advancement, he accepted a stenographic 
position with the new, growing Portland Cement 
Company. From 1901 to 1908 he was in succession, 
bookkeeper, chief accountant, traveling salesman 
and sales manager, and built up an efficient and 
economical system. He was fair and just with 

In 1910, Wilmar began studying law in all 
his spare time and subsequently earned a degree 

Wilmar Evans 150 

in law from the University of Utah, 

About 1920 he moved to Beverly Hills and 
became sales manager of the Monolith Portland 
Cement Co. In 1929 as General Manager and Vice 
President, he retired and managed his own invest- 
ments . 

Wilmar was married on Jan. 18, 1908 to 
Vivian Marion Williams, a cultured, woman who 
became an exceptional wife and mother. Three 
daughters were born: Marion Lenore, Ruth, and 
Betty. Wilmar was well built, healthy, muscular, 
had good habits, was very interested in sports. 
He was direct and exact in manner, strictly honest, 
and possessed splendid courage, physical and 
mental. He died Dec. 5, 1970, age 92. His wife 
now resides in Newport Beach, California. 


1910 - 

Marion Lenore Evans, the oldest daughter of 
Wilmar and Vivian Marion Williams Evans, was 
born in Salt Lake City on July 11, 1910. She 
attended school in Los Angeles, graduated from 
U. S. C. with a B. A. in 1932 and an M. S. in 1965. 
At present she is teaching reading, world history, 
and journalism in the San Fernando Valley schools. 

On April 27, 1934 she married Frank Smith 
Brooks of Los Angeles. Frank, who attended the 
University of Nevada, recently retired after spend- 
ing 30 years in Manufacturing Engineering at Lock- 
heed Aircraft in Burbank. The Brooks reside in 
Studio City. 

From this marriage, two children were born, 
Frank Evans and Pamela Jayne. Frank Evans, who 
received his A. B. and M. S. in physiology from 
Cal Poly College in San Luis Obispo, is at present 
the swim and water polo coach at Santa Monica 
High School. He is also president of the Coaches 
Association in this area. He was awarded Ail- 
American for two years, when he was in college, 
for his swimming. In August, 1971 Frank married 
Ursula Richards of Los Angeles. Ursula is in her 
fifth year at San Fernando State College as a 

151 Marion Lenore Brooks 

physical education major. They reside in Malibu, 

Pamela Jayne who attended Los Angeles 
Valley College is a Medicare -Medical biller. At 
present she is preparing for her forthcoming mar- 
riage to Wayne A. Haas of Los Angeles on April 8, 
1972. They will live in Burbank, 

#139-2 RUTH EVANS 
1912 - 

Ruth, second daughter of Wilmar and Vivian 
Marion Williaras Evans, was born in Salt Lake on 
May 10, 1912. She attended school in Los Angeles 
and received a B. S. from U. S. C. in 1935 in Busi- 
ness Administration, In October, 1943 she mar- 
ried Ernest Good (Guth) from Lucerne, Switzerland. 
There are no children. After being in business, 
Ruth and Earnest have retired to San Clemente, 
California, where Ruth pursues her hobby- -paint- 
ing --for which she has received many awards and 
several commissions, 

1922 - 

Betty, the youngest daughter of Wilmer and 
Vivian Marion Williams Evans, was born in Los 
Angeles on April 22, 1922. She attended the 
Beverly Hills schools and University of Southern 
California, On March 10, 1943 she married Lieut. 
James V, Priest, Jr. U.S, N. R. in New Jersey. 
At present they reside in San Marino, California. 
Mr, Priest, who received his master's degree in 
Business Administration, from Stanford is in the 
brokerage business in Pasadena. Betty is an avid 
tennis player. Three daughters were born of this 
marriage: Susan in 1947, Diane in 1948, and 
Linda in 1955. 


1881 - 1938 

Leo Melvyn, son of Henry Beck Evans and 
Anna C. M. Bruun (known as "Skid" to all), was 
born at Coalville, March 8, 1881. Like his 
brothers, he worked on the farm and was a good 
farmer. He attended Coalville school from school 
age to 1895-6 when he spent the year in Salt Lake 
with his brothers Frank and Wilmar and their 
mother, when Leo, in 6th grade went to the Wash- 
ington school. He completed his early schooling 
in Coalville graduating from the 8th grade when 
his brother Frank was principal there. He then 
attended Summit Stake Academy. In 1901-2 he 
was a student at the University of Utah, but quit 
to take a position in the Salt Lake Hardware where 
he worked hard and long for poor pay. He decided 
to return to the farm with his parents. He pur- 
chased shorthand books, rented a typewriter, and 
spent the winter learning stenography, penmanship 
and bookkeeping. 

In 1902 he took a position with Sunshine Gold 
Mining Co. as bookkeeper and accountant at $60 a 
month. After six months he became an employee 
of the Salt Lake Engineering Works for $90 a 
month, which was subsequently increased to $125. 
He remained there about two years and then became 
a traveling salesman with Hendrie -Stephens Rubber 
Co, of Denver, He continued to go from job to job 
for short periods for the next several years, gain- 
ing experience in many different kinds of work, 
and it is said he excelled in all of them, from 
salesman and accountant to writing advertisements. 
For many years he was the proprietor of Skid Evans 
Tire Company. The last five years of his life he 
was an investment broker with the firm of Havenor 
Pett and Co. 

Leo held high rank in the Salt Lake Masonic 
Lodge and his funeral services were conducted at 
the Masonic Temple there. He died of a heart ail- 
ment 15 Sept. 1938. 

He was married to Cora Bee Breeze 10 July, 
1915, They reared three daughters. Nan Breeze, 
Jean Breeze, and Billie Catherine Evans. 


153 Nan Evans Tate 

1917 - 

Nan Evans, first-born of Cora Bee Breeze 
and Leo Melvyn Evans, was born May 22, 1917, 
in Los Angeles, California. She attended West- 
minster, and graduated from West High School in 
Salt Lake City, Utah. She continued at West High 
for post-graduate work in business. Then she 
worked for Mrs. Pauline McKinstry selling maga- 
zines by phone. Nan also worked with her father 
in the brokerage firm of Havenor and Pett. In 
1940 Nan left Salt Lake City to go to Los Angeles. 
On March 15, 1941, she married L. Bryant Tate 
in Las Vegas, Nevada, Three daughters were 
born to them: Claudia DeEtta, Anna Cathrine 
and Nancy Lee. 

The family settled in Merced, California, 
after World War II. Nan has worked for several 
years for the law firm of Preston, Braucht h King 
in Merced. Now that her family is grown. Nan is 
taking night classes at Merced Jr. College, She 
is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Merced. 
All of the family has been very active in church 

1919 - 

Jean Evans, second daughter of Cora Bee 
Breeze and Leo Melvyn Evans, was born Aug. 3, 
1919 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from 
East High School in 1936. Jean married Gus C. 
Johnson, Nov. 6, 1938 in Salt Lake City. They 
lived in Aberdeen, Washington from 1943 to 1954 
when Jean returned to Salt Lake City to miake her 
horae, and enter the University of Utah. She has 
worked since 1937 as a bookkeeper, and for the 
past fifteen years for Little America Refining Com 
pany. In 1957, Jean purchased the home in which 
she and her mother are now living. Her church 
affiliation is the First Congregational Church, Salt 
Lake City. She has been a member of Mizpah 
Chapter #5 - Order of Eastern Star, Salt Lake 
City, since 1943. 


1927 - 

Billie EvanSj third daughter of Leo Melvyn 
and Cora Bee Breeze Evans, was born Sept 23, 1927 
in Salt Lake City» Utah. She graduated from South 
High School, Salt Lake City. In 1947 she was 
honored as Queen of Jobs Daughters. On March 
12, 1947, Billie married Frank C. Nielson. She 
was employed 4 years at Mountain States Tel. & 
Tel. , until Linda was born. They have four child- 
ren: Linda Lee, William Frank, John Evans and 
Judy Lynn, 

Billie was President of the Cottonwood Club 
Ladies Ass'n for the year 1966-7, and from 1967-68 
was President of the Certified Public Accounts 
Auxiliary, Central Chapter, Salt Lake City. She 
was also President of the Certified Public Accountants, 
State of Utah, 1971-72, She has been active in this 
social and charitable organization for twenty years. 
She has been a volunteer, through this auxiliary, to 
the Detention Home, and for the last three years 
has volunteered once a week for the Salt Lake 
County Division of the American Cancer Society, 
Billie is a member of the First Congregational 
Church and her children have been brought up in 
the Protestant religion. 

Frank and Billie had a trip to Europe in 1967 
in conjunction with the International Accountants 
Congress which was held in Paris, France, They 
also visited England, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, 
Spain and Portugal. This year, October 1972, they 
hope to travel to Australia for the International 
Accountants Congress. 

1861 - 1938 

Sarah Evans, only child of Henry Beck and 
Emily Elizabeth Lovett Evans, was born in Lehi, 
Utah, the 22nd of February, 1861. Soon after 
Sarah's birth, her mother, who was the second 
wife of Henry Evans in a polygamous marriage, 
left her husband and moved to Salt Lake City, She 
married as his second wife, a man by the name of 

155 Sarah Evans Clark 

Andrew Sproul and had one child by him, a boy 
named George, half brother to Sarah. He was 
born November 11, 1863. 

Little is known of Sarah's early years. Her 
mother was divorced from Andrew Sproul and naar - 
ried Alexander Stalker on October 14, 1865 in Salt 
Lake City. She was his second wife also in poly- 
gamy. He was called by Brigham Young to go to 
Idaho to colonize. By 1867, he moved his families 
to what is now Franklin, Idaho. 

Sarah went only as far as the fourth grade in 
school, but she had a high intellect and later when 
her children went to school, she studied with them 
and became a self-educated woman. 

The Stalker families lived in separate houses 
in Franklin. From her mother's marriage to Mr. 
Stalker, Sarah had three half-brothers and three 
half-sisters. It was this family to which she was 
close throughout her life, although she visited her 
father's family who had moved to Coalville, Utah 
when she was a young girl. Later in her life, 
through the genealogical activitie s of her eldest 
grandchild, she became acquainted with her half- 
brothers, Frank and Carl, on the Evans side of 
her family. 

Sarah left home at sixteen and went to work 
in Salt Lake City. She was a waitress in a Chinese 
restaurant. Here she showed her wonderful sense 
of humor and compassion for others. The old 
Chinaman, who owned the restaurant, was very 
superstitious and the employees delighted in teasing 
him- -all but Sarah, She was kind to him and he 
called her "Little Liver and Hearts, " the most 
endearing phrase he knew. 

At eighteen, Sarah was married to Richard 
H. Wilson in Salt Lake City on June 25, 1879. He 
was a railroad man and they moved to Blackfoot, 
Idaho. Here two children were born to them: a 
girl on August 7, 1880 and a premature baby boy 
on April 29, 1881, both of whom died the same 
day they were born, 

Sarah's life had never been easy and now 
tragedy struck again. On December 7, 1883, her 
husband died of pneumonia. One month later. 

Sarah Evans Clark 156 

January 7, 1884, another son, John William, was 
born. Sarah, at twenty-two, had lost her husband 
and two children, and was left to care for two 
other babies. 

The wonderful character of this woman began 
to emerge. She worked at anything she could in 
her home to care for her little ones. Later she 
took a position with William Henry Clark, a widower 
with five children. After eighteen months, they 
were married September 24, 1885 in Ogden, Utah, 
Although there was a difference of seventeen years 
in their ages, it was a happy marriage and the 
children remeraber the times "on the hill" with 
pleasure and appreciation for their wonderful 
mother. At first the step-children resented her, 
but they grew to love, respect and admire her. 
Her grandchildren never considered who were 
"his", "hers", or "their" children. They grew up 
as one family. Many of the people of Ogden didn't 
know any difference. Williami and Sarah were the 
parents of ten children, all were born in Ogden, 

They purchased property at Five Points (5th 
and Lincoln) and built a home on the top of the 
small hill. 

During William Clark's lifetime, the family 
had not been active in the church because of an 
argument William had had with his Bishop over 
water rights. When he knew his death was evident, 
he begged his family to return to the church. The 
year after their father died, all of the children who 
were old enough were baptized or re -baptized, 
Sarah was re -baptized in 1909. 

Just four months after Charles was born, 
Sarah was widowed for the second time. William 
Clark died on June 17, 1905. 

In 1910, Mabel was married to Herman Peter 
Fails, They homesteaded on the Snake River in 
Idaho in what is now Acequia, Minidoka County. 
In 1914, Sarah sold her Ogden property and moved 
to Idaho, taking forty acres next to her daughter 
Mabel and family. Here she lived until her death 
on November 6, 1938, 

When the United States entered the First 
World War, Chester, or Bud, as he was called. 

157 Sarah Evans Clark 

served his country on the battlefields in France. 
When he returned, he continued to run the farm 
for his mother. He was the only one of her child- 
ren who never married but lived with her until 
her death. 

One by one, the children married. Pearl 
married Adrian Fails, Herman's brother. They 
lived near Sarah. Florence was married in 1919 
to Edward Packham. In December of 192 1, she 
died leaving a little daughter named Sara, whom 
Sarah raised. Although gradually the family 
scattered, Ethel marrying and moving to New 
Mexico; Mabel and her family moving to Boise, 
Idaho; Ruby and her husband, Emmett Blackinton, 
returning to Ogden to live at the foot of the hill, 
still Sarah's home was the gathering place for 
her family during her life time. 

If to others her home seemed humble, to 
her family it was a castle and she was the queen. 
Thanksgivings and Christmases were always spent 
there, each of the families bringing some of the 
food, but Bunny (Sarah) hustling about very much 
the head of her family. Tables were set for the 
youngsters in the big kitchen. The adults and 
older grandchildren ate in the dining room. It 
was a happy day when one "graduated" from the 
kitchen to the dining-room table. 

Quoting from granddaughter Katherine Rae 
Fails Luman, "After my family moved to Boise, 
I spent many summers with Bunny (Sarah) and her 
granddaughter Sara (Sally we called her), sewing 
Sally's school clothes and helping Bunny. But 
there were long lazy afternoons to lie under a 
tree and dream the dreams teenage girls dream. 
The wonderful thing was that Bunny could listen 
and not think us foolish. " 

Although the power plant which provided 
power for all the surrounding towns was located 
only about five miles from the farm and was 
visible from her back door, Sarah never had 
electricity. It was too expensive to run the line 
from the main wires the half mile to her farm. 
It was the dream of her granddaughter Katherine 
to someday make enough money to put electricity 
into her home. However, there was something 

Sarah Evans Clark 158 

special about lighting the coal oil lamps at dusk 
and gathering around the dining-room table with 
its oilcloth covering to read or work the crossword 
puzzle in the newspaper, Sarah enjoyed working 
these puzzles very much. 

Sarah was also a great fan of Will Rogers. 
Her sense of humor, which helped her over so 
many difficulties, and his country humor were 
much alike. He said, "I never met a mian I didn't 
like, " and Sarah seeraed to feel the same way 
about people. However, she could be very upset 
with those who were lazy or didn't do for their 
families as she felt they should. 

Truly she was a great woman and pioneer. 
In the words of her granddaughter, Katherine, 
"I have felt blessed all my life to have known and 
loved her. My dreams to help her were never 
realized. She died in November just after I got 
my first teaching job the previous September, " 
Her granddaughter Sally, she reared and who 
knew no other mother, lovingly states, "I guess 
if you had to describe Mom in one sentence, you 
could say she is surely one whose children would 
rise up and call her blessed, " 

1850 - 1928 

Cassius Henry Glines was born in Salt Lake 
City, Utah, November 5, 1850. He was the eldest 
child of John Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines. 

He moved to Lehi with his parents in Febru- 
ary of 1851 where he spent his early childhood. 
He remembered his Grandfather David Evans and 
other relatives well; often relating to his children 
some of his experiences while living near them. 
One of his favorite recollections was playing on 
the steps of Brigham Young's home in Salt Lake 

Cassius was about ten years of age when his 
parents, with their little family, moved on to 
California in I860. His daughter Sarah Lavina 
Glines Goodwin made the comment: "My father 
felt sad that his mother was not able to see her 



f- #141 Cassias, #146 
Perry, #145 David 
b- #14b Aner, #148 
Dow, #147 Joseph 

#142 Araminta G. 
Johnson, Charles 
Johnson, Frank 
Sylvia and Delia 

#149 Ellen 
Glines Boyd 

#14a Olive May 
Glines King 

#14c Etta Marie 
Glines Vegely 

159 Cassias Henry Glines 

people again after leaving Utah. " She no doubt had 
expressed feelings of loneliness for her loved ones 
so far away and it worried her son Cassias. 

The Glines family first settled in San Ber- 
nardino. In 1863 they moved to San Jose, then 
northward to Sacraraento, Sutter County and finally 
in 1871, to Stanislaus County and to Lake County. 

On September 21, 187Z, Cassius was married 
to Sarah Belle Martin, daughter of Thomas J, and 
Sarah Ann Goattey Martin, in Shasta, California. 
Their first two sons were born in Lake County; the 
other six children were born in Santa Maria where 
the family made their home. Together Cassius 
and Sarah Belle established a model home of "do 
unto others, " They were never too busy to lend 
a helping hand and their ranch home was the 
gathering place for the neighborhood. 

Cassius was a loving but strict father; 
rearing his children to become good citizens. 
He earned their love and respect. The people of 
the little town of Santa Maria affectionately called 
him "Dad Glines". He was a successful cattle 
rancher and was esteemed by his associates for 
his honesty and integrity. 

He became interested in art and did some 
beautiful pen and ink prints about the same time 
Van Gough was gaining stature for his work. The 
prints are among the most prized possessions of 
his grandchildren. 

On October 3, 1928 in Santa Maria, California, 
Cassius Henry Glines passed away. His wife Sarah 
Belle preceded him having died in Santa Maria on 
February 22, 1913. They were the parents of: 
Charles Henry, John Thomas, Robert Cassius, 
Anna Belle Glines MacDonald, Huldah Araminta 
Glines Purkiss, Eva May (unmarried), James 
Leroy and Sarah Lavina Glines Goodwin, 

1873 - 1949 

Charles Henry Glines, son of Cassius Henry 
and Sarah Belle Martin Glines, was born Decem- 
ber 21, 187 3 at Lower Lake County, California. 

Charles Henry Glines 160 

He was called "Charlie. " 

He worked very closely with his father who 
was a cattle rancher. As he was the eldest son, 
he felt a great deal of responsibility for his 
younger brothers and sisters, doing all he could 
to help the family. 

In the 1890s the Glines family purchased 
property twenty miles northeast of Santa Maria in 
the Alamo Canyon where the Cassius Henry Glines 
Family lived. It later became the home of Charlie 
and his family. Then Charlie's son, Charles 
Purvis and wife, Gladys Nadine Johnson Glines, 
reared their two children at the Glines' ranch 
which makes three generations who have occupied 
the property, Charlie and his father first raised 
shorthorn cattle then Herefords, but when Charlie 
and son, Purvis, ranched together, they went to 
Crossbred Brahmas. 

Charlie was married to Annie Purvis April 
9, 1913 at Santa Maria. They are the parents of 
Charles Purvis Glines and Dorothy Belle Glines 

The other ranch owned by the Glines family 
was situated in Orcutt, seven miles south of Santa 
Maria. It was sold several years ago and is now 
known as "Oak Knolls" where there is a large 
housing development. One of the streets is 
named "Glines Avenue". 

Charlie was a man of medium stature 
(5 ft. 8 inches tall), brown hair and blue eyes. 
His average weight was 135 lbs. He was very 
agile (enjoyed doing a jigg up a plank). He was 
gentle and tactful until one took advantage of him. 
He had little time for the finer things of life, 
spending his energies in providing for his family. 
Some years were good to them; others hard. 
There is no doubt he would have enjoyed more 

He was a member of the Knights of Pythias 
until a few years prior to his death on December 
3, 1949 at Santa Maria, California. 

161 John Thomas Glines 

1875 - 1949 

John Thomas Glines was born on Clear Lake, 
Lake County, California, March 27, 1875. 

He was very young when the family moved to 
the Santa Maria Valley. His father soon acquired 
a ranch in Pine Grove, southeast of the city of 
Santa Maria, He attended grammar school in 
Pine Grove. 

He was married to Dora Beatrice Holloway 
in Los Alamos on Deceraber 10, 1895, 

He had home steaded on the Alamo Creek in 
San Luis Obispo County, a branch of the Santa 
Maria River in about 1895, and bought up a number 
of other homesteads on that creek to give himself 
a cattle ranch. 

Soon after his first child was born, he moved 
to his cattle ranch in the Alamo region. He lived 
there until he had to move out to put his children 
in school. He operated this ranch for many years. 
Later he joined his brother James and they extended 
their ranch until it joined the south side of Cuyanna 
River which gave them access to the main road 
between Santa Maria and Bakersfield, He owned 
this ranch until his death. 

He made his home in Los Alamos, building 
a comfortable home there. He raised beans and 
grain in the Los Alamos Valley. Once he operated 
a livery stable, and a meat market but most of the 
time he farmed. 

He was a fast, quick worker. He enjoyed 
his home and family and was most pleased when 
everyone stayed home. He was a goodlooking, 
agreeable man, but rather shy. 

For a number of years, he served on the 
Board of Trustees for the Los Alamos school. He 
was made supervisor of roads --or Road Master -- 
for the Fifth Supervisory District of Santa Barbara 
before he left Los Alamos, 

Finally in 192 3, he moved to Santa Maria 
which was much closer to his work. In 1925 he 

John Thomas Glines 162 

built a new two story house at 22 3 E, Camino 
ColegiOj in Santa Maria, where he lived until his 
death on February 9, 1949, from emphysema and 
a bleeding ulcer. 


1878 - 1968 

Anna Belle Glines was the eldest of four 
daughters in the family of the Cassius Henry and 
Sarah Belle Martin Glines, She was born August 
2, 187 8 at the family ranch home in the Santa 
Maria Valley. 

She was very reliable and often was left in 
charge of the family while her mother cared for 
the neighbors during illnesses. 

After high school, Belle was sent to Los 
Angeles Normal School. She stayed with her Aunt 
Etta Glines Vegely. She returned to Santa Maria 
to make her home and became active in community 

On April 27, 1910, Belle was married to 
William Grant MacDonald at Santa Maria. They 
had no children. 

Belle followed in her mother's footsteps, 
making her home the gathering place for the family 
and giving of herself to anyone in need. 

She was a gifted poet, creating her own 
verse. She had an excellent memory and delighted 
her nieces and nephews with quotations from favor- 
ite works of well known authors as well as her own 

Anna Belle Glines MacDonald passed away 
February 19, 1968. 


1880 - 

Huldah Araminta Glines Pur kiss, born on 
September 1, 1880, is a native of Santa Maria, 
California. She is a daughter of Cassius Henry 
and Sarah Belle Martin Glines. 


#141-2 John 
Thomas Glines 

#141-3 Robert 
Cassius Glines 

#141-4 Anna Belle 
G. Mac Donald 

#141-5 Huldah 
G. Purkiss 

#141-7 James 
Leroy Glines 

#141-8 Sarah 
G, Goodwin 

#148-1 Maude 
G. Gomes 

#14a- 2 Bernice 
K. Grimes 

#14c-l Beatrice 
V. Carrillo 

#14c-3 Constance 
V. Kimble 

#14c-4 E. Bruce 

163 Hulda G. Purkiss 

With four brothers and three sisters she 
looks back with happiness on their full and happy 
homelife. Her mother was always ready to help 
any neighbor in need and her father was called 
upon to "witch" for water,, using a willow stick. 

Their home was the gathering spot for 
socials and for the Spencerian penmanship lessons 
given by her father. 

Huldah loved her school work and received 
her primary teaching certificate in her junior year 
in high school. When she graduated, she again 
traveled to the county seat in Santa Barbara for 
an examination. This time she received her 
gramimar grade certificate which included the 
ninth grade. She taught until she was nmarried, 
riding to her one-room schoolhouse on her "single - 
footed" mare. She taught all nine grades and one 
of her students was her youngest sister, Sarah 

On June 28, 1905, Huldah was married to 
Myrton Marcus Purkiss at Santa Barbara. They 
became the parents of Albert Cassius, Cassius 
Myrton and Huldah Constance "Connie", 

She has been active in community affairs; 
having served as PTA President, director of the 
Minerva Club and member of the Delphian Society 
which was a cultural study group. Her hobbies 
have included the study of wild life, astronomy, 
oil painting, swimraing and golf. 

At the age of eighty-five, Huldah moved to 
Fullerton, California to maker her home with 
her daughter, Connie Kelly, and family. She 
was feted on her 9 0th birthday at a festive family 

1883 - 1938 

Eva May Glines, the sixth child of Cassius 
Henry and Sarah Belle Martin Glines, was born 
on the family ranch July 2, 1883. 

Following high school, she became a secre- 
tary for the local telephone comipany. She was 

Eva May Glines 164 

never married and lived in the family home after 
her mother's death, caring for her father. Eva 
May was a devoted daughter and wonderful home- 
maker, delighting her nieces and nephews with 
treats from her kitchen. 

On July 7, 1938, Eva May Glines passed 
away and was buried in Santa Maria. 

1885 - 1933 

James Leroy Glines was born in the Santa 
Maria Valley on the family cattle ranch May 29, 

After graduation from high school, he 
attended business college in Santa Cruz. He then 
returned to Santa Maria and was employed by the 
Bank of Santa Maria. After several years he went 
to work for the First National Bank of Santa Maria, 
He was sent by them to San Francisco to negotiate 
the sale of that bank to the Bank of America. 
Upon his return home, he was made a vice presi- 
dent and manager of the new Bank of America in 
Santa Maria. During his career as manager, he 
was sent by Gianinni (founder of the Bank of Italy 
which later became the Bank of America) to Utah 
to collect on cattle loans. The people trusted him 
and he was able to consummate the deals because 
of his Mormon ancestry. 

On January 14, 1911 he was married in Los 
Angeles to Ethel Dream Dempster. To this union 
one son, Dempster Cassius, was born April 3, 1913, 

James Leroy Glines' life was cut short at the 
age of 49, December 19, 1933, in a fatal automobile 


1888 - 

Sarah Glines Goodwin, known affectionately 
by friends and family as "Granny" or "Sadie", was 
born to Sarah Belle and Cassius Glines in Santa 
Maria, April 16, 1888. 

165 Sarah Lavina Goodwin 

She attended valley schools and Santa Maria 
Union High School. During the oil rush in that 
area, she became a secretary to the Union Tool 
Company. Later, she was secretary for the Fair- 
banks-Morse Company, under the management of 
William Grant Macdonald, until her marriage to 
Guy Leonard Goodwin November 14, 1917. 

A daughter, Sarah Belle (Shelton) was born 
in Santa Maria, February 8, 192 0. In 1923, the 
Goodwin family moved to Los Angeles where two 
more daughters were born: Maryly Eva (Darsie), 
and Elizabeth Ann (Ditz). 

Sarah Lavina has been active with the Red 
Cross, the PTA and the Mother's Club of The 
Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority of which Sarah Belle 
was a member. 

Her daughter Anne attended Stanford Univer- 
sity and graduated in three years. Maryly attended 
"Cal" at Berkeley, her father's Alma Mater, and 
was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. 

Sarah's husband, Guy L. Goodwin, passed 
away in 1970. She continues to reside in Los 
Angeles, keeps active and receives much joy 
from her ten grandchildren. 


1854 - 1930 

Mary Araminta Glines Johnson, second child 
of John Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines, was 
born March 16, 1854 at Lehi, Utah. 

She was six years of age when her family 
moved to California. 

At the age of twenty years, she was married 
to Charles F. Johnson, September 13, 1874. They 
made their home in Covina on an orange farm. 
Charlie operated a blacksmith shop, the first in 
that locality. 

Four children were born to themi: Sylvia, 
Delia, Frank and Leroy Dow, The three eldest 
grew to maturity, but Leroy born January 10, 
1896, lived less than a year as he died November 
29, 1896. 

Mary Araminta Johnson 166 

The Johnson home was always open to family 
and friends, especially those in need. Mintie's 
brothers and sisters with their families enjoyed 
visiting with Aunt Mintie and Uncle Charlie 

Several years prior to her death, Mintie 
suffered a serious accident which left her para- 
lyzed from the waist down. She had been thrown 
from a buggy when the horse had become frightened 
and ran away. Even though confined to her bed, she 
was very alert and had firm control of her house- 
hold. It seemed she was the first to know the town 
news almost before anyone else ! Her husband, 
Charlie, also met with an accident when a horse- 
shoe nail struck his eye impairing his sight. 

Mary Araminta Glines Johnson passed away 
May 30, 1930 at her home in Covina, California. 
Both she and Charlie were loved and respected by 
all who knew them. Charlie continued visiting 
about the Glines family. They looked forward to 
his visits. 

The following sketchy information regarding 
the children and grandchildren of Mary Araminta 
has been contributed by members of the Glines 


Sylvia Johnson, daughter of Charles F. and 
Mary Araminta Glines Johnson, lived in Covina, 
California with her parents. The date of her birth 
is unknown. 

It is reported, Sylvia married a man by the 
name of Nash. They lived in Fullerton and were 
parents of several children among whom were: 
Leita, Gertrude, Edmund and another daughter. 

Leita had a singing career. She married 
and lived in Laguna Beach for a few years. Her 
married name is not known, 

Gertrude was on the legitimate stage at one 

Nothing is known of the whereabouts of 
either Edmund or Sylvia's younger daughter. 



Delia, daughter of Charles F. and Mary 
Araminta Glines Johnson, married a man by the 
name of Ross, They were parents of one son, 
Gordon, who was a cartoonist and lived in New 

Her last husband's name was Peck, For a 
number of years she was employed as a saleslady 
in a dress shop in Los Angeles, California. 


Very little is known of Frank Johnson, son 
of Charles F, and Mary Araminta Glines Johnson. 
It is thought he lived in Modesto, California at one 
time. His wife's maiden name is Peck. She was 
a sister to Delia Johnson's husband. 

1859 - 1913 

David Feriden Glines, son of John Henry and 
Mary Ann Evans Glines, was born August 22, 1859. 

He was around a year old when his family 
moved from the Utah Territory to California. 

David grew to manhood and was first married 
to Callie B. (maiden name unknown). She passed 
away March 15, 1893 and was buried in the Fair - 
haven Cemetery, Orange, California. 

Later David married Etta R. Pemberton. To 
this union two sons were born. The first son was 
named Feriden Pemberton who assumed the name 
of "David, " The second son was named "Derol D. 
Glines, " The boys were very young when their 
father passed away April 10, 1913 at Covina, 
California. David's death resulted from being 
kicked by a horse and complications causing 
nephritis. His wife Etta was a gracious lady and 
was much loved by his family. She made a wonder- 
ful home for her sons and reared them well. 

They lived in a small community just outside 
Los Angeles called Grahara. It later was taken 

David Feriden Glines 168 

into the city of Los Angeles. David served as Fire 
Chief for a number of years. 

1910 - 1966 

Derol D. Glines, son of David Feriden and 
Etta R. Pemberton Glines, was born December 3, 
1910 at Graham, California, which later became a 
part of the City of Los Angeles. He was first 
named Garel David, but his name was later changed 
to Derol David, 

He was two years of age when his father 
passed away. Derol had a normal childhood. He 
was president of his senior class at Fremont High 
School, in Los Angeles, He attended Frank Wiggins 
Trade School in Los Angeles. His talent was in 
mechanical drawing and sketching, which served 
him well later in his business connections. 

During his youth, he was seriously ill-- 
asthmatic. It was necessary for him to leave 
school for a period of one year. He spent this 
time in the northern part of Mexico and his letters 
to his mother during that time, included excellent 
vignettes of the country and the people there. Some 
have thought these letters should have been pub- 
lished. They are unavailable now. 

In 1933 Derol was married to Doris Scott 
Shuley. There were no children. The marriage 

Derol served in the Navy during World War II, 
spending eighteen months in the E. T. O. He attained 
the rank of Lt. Commander. 

He was married to Bobbie Grace Bullock 
April 21, 1946 at Berkeley, California. Their 
daughter Sheridan was born April 12, 1947. 

Derol enjoyed travel and sports of all kinds, 
both as participant and spectator. He was ill and 
physically disabled the last several years of his 
life. He died August 9, 1966. 


1861 - 1944 

Perry Laroy Glines was born September 4, 
1861, at San Bernardino, San Bernardino, Cali- 
fornia to John Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines, 

He was married to Clara I. Justice on July 
2, 1889. They lived on a farm two miles from 
Santa Ana, at a place called "the Peat Lands. " 
His niece, Beatrice Vegely Carrillo, writes, "As 
a child, I remember my miother and father hiring 
a horse and buggy to drive out to Uncle Perry's 
in the summer to pick fruits and berries for my 
mother to can for our winter meals, " 

Perry's wife was very ill for many years. 
He, therefore, had the responsibility of rearing 
his five children alone. Their names are: Eugene 
Perry who died an infant, Myrtle Ann, Roland 
Theodore, Violet Adline, Claude Laroy and Lila 
Clara, Claude was killed in a motorcycle accident 
in his youth. 

The daughters were noted for their beauty. 
Myrtle Ann and Lila Clara have married. Their 
husband's names are unknown. It is understood 
neither have offspring. 

Perry Laroy Glines passed away January 6, 
1944 at Alhambra, California. 

1863 - 1942 

Joseph Lorenzo Glines was born March 6, 
1863 at San Jose, Santa Clara, California, son of 
John Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines. 

On October 25, 1892 at Garden Grove, Orange, 
California, he was married to Rosa Jane Helms. 
To this union six children were born: Lester Leon, 
Lela Mildred, Lyda Evelyn, Gordon Lorenzo, 
Hazel Irene and Joseph M. 

He worked hard for his family. They lived 
on a beautiful, large ranch bordering the Stanislaus 
river between Modesto and Oakdale. Joseph ("Joe") 
was very proud of his home and family. He was a 

Joseph Lorenzo Glines 170 

tall handsome man with auburn hair. 

His brothers Aner, Dow and Perry often 
visited with Joe and family. 

Joseph Lorenzo Glines passed away March 3, 
1942 at Riverbank, California. He was buried 
March 7, 1942 at Modesto, California. 

1893 - 1950 

Lester Leon Glines was born to Joseph 
Lorenzo and Rosa Jane Helms Glines September 
22, 1893, at Garden Grove, Orange County, 

On May 5, 1916 he was married to Laura 
Hill. The first few years of their married life 
was spent in Southern California, living in the 
Garden Grove -Santa Ana area. During this time 
three children, Chauncey "Jack", Margaret and 
Mary, were born. His daughter Margaret recalls; 
"fun days living amid beautiful blossoming orange 
groveSj fishing at Laguna and Newport beaches, 
family celebrations with cousins and making old 
fashion ice cream, the children taking turns sitting 
on the freezer, " 

Leon moved his family to Riverbank. Again, 
daughter Margaret states: "It was a great privilege 
meeting Grandpa Joe and Grandma Rosa Jane 
Glines; also meeting my favorite Uncle Gordon 
and Aunts Lyda and Hazel, " At Riverbank, Leon 
built a house for his family near his parents. All 
seemed to be going well for them until "the cruel 
depression hit, which brought financial set backs. 
We lost our precious home, " Margaret states. 

In 1933 the decision was made to move up 
into the Oregon country in "the land of opportunity. 
The pioneer spirit and Glines characteristic of 
"never giving up" came through. Loading up his 
1927 Chev (made into a truck) with wife, children, 
a dog, cat and canary, Leon headed for Oregon. 
After days on the road, they reached Shady Cove, 
Oregon. "Good and busy days followed, clearing 
ground and once again from a forest another new 
home took shape. Hardships followed, yes, but 


171 Lester Leon Glines 

we had found a friendly community and church. 
We grew in Christ and into adulthood. Dad guiding 
and ever caring for us. How we loved Dad!" 

His daughter Mary writes, "My father was 
a carpenter by trade. I rennember how he loved 
to work with wood. His working hours were spent 
building houses, part of his leisure time spent 
making inlay wooden trays, beds, dressers, book- 
cases, etc. He had many hobbies„ He was a true 
sportsman. He made his hand -tied flies with 
which to fish, and bow and arrows for his hunting. 
He also played the violin. " Speaking of her father's 
music, Margaret states, "Dad's old violin he so 
lovingly played as we joined in with our voices in 
song, tied the family together and made lasting 
impressions. " 

"In my memories I see a wonderful man, a 
quiet man, respected by all who knew him. He 
never raised his voice to my sister nor me, but 
he commanded the greatest respect from us. (Not 
so, however, with my brother who did feel Dad's 
razor strap more than once. ) Dad didn't accumu- 
late a great deal in material wealth, but he was 
rich indeed, " said Mary Glines Planer, 

"Dad and Mother taught us to live honestly 
and to love God and Mankind. Dad left us a goodly 
heritage, " said Margaret Glines Johnson. 

From the tributes of their daughter s^ it is 
evident Leon and Laura Hill Glines created a whole- 
some and happy environment for their family, 

Leon Lester Glines passed away January 5, 
1950 in Hood River, Oregon at the age of 57 years. 
His wife lived until June 16, 1969. Both are 
buried in Hood River, 

1864 - 1939 

Dow Eugene Glines was born in Sacramento, 
Sutter County, California on November 10, 1864, 
His family moved to Stanislaus County in 1871. 
Then in 1872 to Lake County, California. 

Sometime later, they finally settled in 

Dow Eugene Glines 172 

Santa Ana, Orange County, California, on a small 
farm, a place called "the Peat Lands. " 

Dow was married to Lucinda Lacey October 
30, 1893, in Santa Ana, California. They became 
the parents of four children. Maude, Edith, 
Richard Albert were born in California and 
Clarence in Phoenix, Arizona. 

They moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1899 
where they lived for twenty-three years. After 
Maude married and moved to Glendale, California, 
Dow retired from farming and moved his family to 
Glendale in 1922, 

In and around Phoenix, Dow was a successful 
cotton farmer and dairyman. He was loved and 
respected by all who knew him. Throughout his 
life, Dow always tried to help his fellowman. 

On October 30, 1939, he passed away in 
Glendale, California. 

1894 - 

I was born August 4, 1894, the daughter of 
Dow Eugene and Lucinda Lacy Glines. 

My mother and father moved from West- 
minister, California to Phoenix, Arizona, when 
I was about four years of age where I lived for 
many years. 

During my grammar school days and youth 
I especially enjoyed playing tennis, roller skating, 
dancing and being with my family and friends. 

On graduating from the Phoenix Union High 

School, I attended Lamson Business College. 
After completing my course I secured a secre- 
tarial position with the Vass Brokerage Firm in 
Phoenix and remained with them until I married. 

My husband, Lloyd, was with the United 
States Post Office serving as Secretary on the 
Civil Service Board of Examiners, 

In 1922 he transferred to the Post Office in 
Glendale, California and remained with the 
Government until he retired. In 1942 our son, 

17 3 Maude Glines Gomes 

Edward, enlisted in the United States Navy and 
during the War served for three years and three 
months until the Armistice was signed. 

During these years I occupied myself with 
Red Cross work. Navy Mother's Club activities 
and assisted in selling War Bonds. 

In 1952 my dear Mother had a severe stroke 
and was an invalid for ten years, at which time I 
cared for her until she passed away, 

Edward is married and lives in Arcadia, 
California with his wife Jane. He is with the 
Allstate Insurance Company located in Pasadena. 

We celebrated our Golden Anniversary at 
the home of our son and daughter-in-law Novem- 
ber 14, 1966. It was a very memorable occasion 
for us . 

We now make our home in Bur bank, Cali- 
fornia and I am enjoying my leisure hours. How- 
ever, with my Church and Club activities; also 
my home and husband, I never lack for something 
to do. 


1866 - 1917 

Ellen Elizabeth Glines was born 22 Nov/Dec 
1866 at Sutter, Sutter, California. She was the 
daughter of John Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines, 

On January 5, 1896, she was married to 
Frank R, Boyd. Ellen was a good homemaker. 
She loved children but had none of her own. Her 
nieces and nephews were a joy to her and were 
always welcome in her home, 

Ellen Elizabeth passed away August 11, 1917 
at Taft, Kern, California at 51 years of age. 

1871 - 1905 

Olive May Glines King was born March 30, 
1871 at Stanislaus County, California, the daughter 
of John Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines. She 

Olive May Glines King 174 

was thirteen years of age when her mother passed 
away in 1884. 

On March 27, 1895, she was raarried to John 
Richard King, They made their home in Santa Ana. 
To this union three children were born: Earl ■ 

Richard, Etta Bernice and Leland, Etta Bernice ^ 
was named for her Aunt Etta Maria (Vegely), Olive's 
younger sister. The Vegelys purchased a baby 
buggy for the namesake. 

Olive and family visited with her sister Mary 
Araminta "Mintie" Johnson in Covina as often as 
possible. Mintie was much older than Olive and 
her children were married, with children of their 
own; so Olive's young children were playmates 
with Mintie 's grandchildren, and were instructed 
to address their Johnson cousins, "Aunt Sylvia", 
"Aunt Delia" or "Uncle Frank". They looked for- 
ward to these visits to Covina as they were always 
made to feel so welcome and comfortable. 

At the early age of thirty-four years on May 
20, 1905 in Santa Ana, California, Olive May 
Glines King passed away leaving her three young 
children and husband. 

1896 - 

Earl Richard King, son of John Richard and 
Olive May Glines King, was born Septenniber 14, 

He was first married to Lillian Josephine 
Thomason from whom he was divorced in 1940. 
To this union three children were born at Canoga 
Park, California: Earl Richard, Jr., Ward 
Eugene, and Virginia May. His second marriage 
was to Ellen M. Olson, May 8, 1943. A son 
Jerry D. was born to this union in Hollywood, 

Earl Richard, Jr. married Peggy Gray. 
They have two children, Richard and Michael. 

Ward Eugene married Virginia (last name 
unknown). They are the parents of Pete born in 
Bogalusa, Washington County, Louisiana. Their 

175 Earl Richard King 

second son. Jack, was born in Los Angeles and 
daughter Susan in Glendale, California. 

Virginia May King married Bruce Lemoine, 
March 27, 1956. They have five children: Mark, 
Renee, Eric, Dana and Annette. 

1899 - 

Etta Bernice King Grimes was born at Santa 
Ana September 10, 1899 to John Richard and Olive 
May Glines King. She was six years of age when 
her mother passed away. 

On November 6, 1920, she was married to 
Herbert William Grimes at Canoga Park, California, 
In 1970, Etta Bernice and Herbert celebrated their 
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, They are proud of 
their two sons, Robert William and John Herbert 

Robert William, born January 21^ 1922, is 
not married. He graduated from U. C. L. A. with 
a degree in Geology, and in Micropaleontology 
from Basil, Switzerland. He returned to Cali- 
fornia to join his father's construction company 
engaged in dry wall and painting and in building 
condominiums . 

John Herbert, the younger son, born Decem- 
ber 30, 1923, has been in construction with his 
father since World War II. He was married to 
Elizabeth Ann Daggett, June 22, 1946. They are 
the parents of Kathryn Leigh and Carolyn Analece, 
both born in Torrance, Los Angeles County, 
California, Kathryn married Robert Hills Guhl 
and has one child, Marie Elizabeth Guhl. Carolyn 
Analece married Christopher Denis Eddie. They 
are the parents of Carolyn Analece Eddie born 
April 15, 1968. 

Etta Bernice inherits her red hair from her 
mother whose hair was auburn. She is artistic, 
the characteristics of a "Virgo". Her husband 
has olive skin, brown hair and characteristics of 
a "Pisces". He loves the ocean and has a large 
boat he enjoys. Bernice is a good cook and home- 
maker. She states: "The highlight in our 

Etta Bernice Grimes 176 

marriage is the rearing of two fine sons. " 

Bernice and family live in San Pedro, 

1901 - 

Leland Glines King, son of John Richard and 
Olive May Glines King, was born March 2, 1901, 
at Santa Ana, California. 

On October 30, 1926 in Los Angeles, Cali- 
fornia, he was married to Eva A. Sheibe, They 
are the parents of two children, Doris A. and 
Leland Glines King, Jr. 

Doris first married Earl F. Hanks. They 
had a daughter named Earlene. 

Leland Glines King, Jr. married Frances 
Ferebee on the 20th of May 1953. There were 
two children born to this union, Joyce G. and 
David B. 

1874 - 1958 

Aner Mathias Glines, youngest son of John 
Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines, was born June 
2j 1874 at Upper Lake, Lake County, California, 

He was married to Dora Pankey, To this 
union a son, Aubrey, was born July 18, 1902, at 
Santa Ana, Orange, California. However, this 
marriage ended in divorce. For a long while 
afterward, he seemed lost and unhappy. He 
grieved for his son whom he dearly loved and 
apparently was unable to see. 

His brother, Joseph's daughter, Hazel 
writes: "Uncle Aner was a kind and gentle man. 
He was loved by his nieces and nephews, visiting 
them all frequently. He was an ambassador for 
the family. He and my father were very close, 
as were all of the Glines brothers. Uncle Aner 
went with us when we moved from Hollister to 
Colusa County, California. He was foreman of 
a large ranch there. During the period of the 

177 Aner Mathias Glines 

First World War, Uncle Aner lived with us and 
worked on my father's ranch at Riverbank. He 
was wonderful to my sister, Lyda, my brother, 
Gordon and me. He taught us many gannes and 
how to fish in the Stanislaus River which bordered 
our ranch. He had a great sense of humor and his 
eyes frequently sparkled with mischief. " 

After years of loneliness, Aner moved to 
Covina where his sister Araminta (Mintie) Johnson 
lived and began a new life. He started a real estate 
and insurance business in which he was very suc- 
cessful, and became one of Covina's outstanding 

Aner's second marriage was to Margaret 
Whitnick. They were the parents of Jean Ilene 
who was born at Modesto, California. Jean mar- 
ried Vincent Cancilla. They had two children, 
Mark and Susan. Jean passed away and the child- 
ren were cared for by their grandparents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Louis Cancilla. 

After Aner's retirement, he again visited 
about the family frequently. His wife Margaret 
had passed away April 9, 1942 and he was again 
alone. Hazel writes: "My husband, Frank, and 
I looked forward to Uncle Aner's visits and we 
have truly missed him since his death April 2, 
1958. " He was buried at Whittier, California 
in the Rose Hills Cemetery. 

1877 - 1912 

Etta Marie Glines Vegely, daughter of John 
Henry and Mary Ann Evans Glines, was born 

February 28, 1877, at Guadalupe, Santa Barbara, 
California. She was her parents youngest child. 

Much against her father's wishes she 
attended Normal School. After graduation, she 
taught in a small country school at Fairview, 
located on the outskirts of Santa Ana, California. 
Her group included all eight grades. 

On February 10, 1900, Etta Marie married 
Edward LaFayette Vegely at Santa Ana. To this 
union, four children were born: Beatrice Marie, 

Etta Marie Vegely 17 8 

Gladys (who died in infancy), Evelyn Constance and 
Edward Bruce, They were all born in Santa Ana. 

In 1906, her husband took a year's leave of 
absence from his office as City Assessor, rented 
their new house in Santa Ana and moved his family 
to El Centroj California where he hoped to make 
his "fortune" growing cantaloupes. El Centro at 
that time had only one general store and one church. 
After much hard work, he produced a beautiful crop 
of melons but couldn't give them away. The market 
was over -run. Everyone had a bumper crop that 

At El CentrOj their drinking water was sup- 
plied from a canal that ran into a "settler". 
Accidently one day, one of the neighboring farmers 
turned the wrong gate. The water ran through the 
pasture and became contaminated. Etta and the 
children contracted typhoid fever. Her husband 
took her and the children by train to Los Angeles 
to her sister Ella (Ellen Elizabeth), who took care 
of them for three or four months. Having had no 
children of her own, a disappointment to her, she 
always welcomed an opportunity to have her nieces 
and nephews spend some time with her, 

Etta never fully recovered from the effects 
of the fever. After the birth of her son Bruce in 
1910, her health continued to fail. On September 
20, 1912, she died of yellow jaundice. Her husband "I 
always felt her illness from typhoid fever had led J 
to her untimely death at the age of thirty -five years." 

After Etta's death, relatives from both the 
Glines and Vegeley families wanted to take one or 
the other of the children. However, it was her 
husband's desire to keep his young family with 

him even though it was extremely difficult for 
him. Housekeepers were hard to get and so very 
expensive. He was both mother and father to them 
but he kept them happy and contented. Three or 
four years later, he remarried. The children, 
however, felt their home was never quite the same. 

Through the years, Etta's husband, Edward 
LaFayette Vegely, took excellent care of the 
Glines family plot at the Fairhaven Cemetery, 
Orange, California, Each year he expected his 

179 Etta Marie Vegely 

family to join with him on Memorial Day and 
decorate the graves. He always purchased ten 
or twelve dozen gladiolas, all the same color, 
so there would be a large bouquet for each grave. 
The year prior to his death in 1943, he put the 
grounds under perpetual care so the burial plot 
would always be well cared for and beautiful. 


1901 - 

Beatrice Marie Vegely R. Corrillo was born 
August 18, 1901. She is the eldest child born to 
Edward LaFayette and Etta Marie Glines Vegely. 

"Bea" as she is known, married Dr. Neal 
Raney on September 4, 1924. They became the 
parents of one daughter, Diane, who married 
Glen Wigton, Jr. The Wigtons live in Chico, 
California and have five children. Bea's husband 
Neal suffered a lingering illness and died October 
20, 1948. Four years later, she married Michael 
Corrillo, an old school friend. He was a widower 
with three married children. Between them they 
have twelve lovely grandchildren from whom they 
receive much joy. They live at Laguna Beach. 


1906 - 

Evelyn Constance Vegely B. Kimble was the 
third child born to Edward L. and Etta Marie 
Glines Vegely. Her place of birth was at Santa 
Ana, Orange County, California on January 12, 

"Connie", as she was known, was first 
married to Kenneth Wilson Baird, June 14, 1924 
at Santa Ana. They became the parents of Anatalie 
Vegely Baird born in San Francisco, November 26, 
1925. Anatalie married David T. Armstrong. The 
Armstrongs live in Laguna Beach and are the 
parents of five children. The eldest child, Michael 
Thomas, died at the age of five years. 

Connie's husband, Kenneth, passed away at 
San Francisco in 1965. She later married Charles 

Evelyn Constance Kimble 180 

Kimble. Again a widow, Connie lives alone at 
Laguna Beach, California, where she has held the 
position of City Treasurer for over twenty-five 

Her family are a joy to her and at the age of 
sixty-five, she proudly became a great -grand- 
mother . 

1910 - 

Edward Bruce Vegely, son of Edward 
LaFayette and Etta Marie Glines Vegely, was 
born February 17, 1910, at Santa Ana, California, 

Bruce was married to Doris Mae Goff on 
October 21, 1933, They have two children, Edward 
Allen and Judy Ann, He lives in Merced, California 
and has been in the employ of the Standard Oil 
Company for many years. 

His son, Edward Allen, is married to 
Juanita Evelyn Luker. They were married at 
Laguna Beach, California, October 21, 1933, 


1860 - 1937 

Ideals, high standards, kindnesses, and 
accomplishments intermingled with pioneer hard- 
ships, movings, disappointments, sicknesses, and 
deaths of loved ones made up the life of Sarah 
Francelle Coleman Heywood. 

She was born March 22, I860 in Pinto, Utah, 
to Prime Thornton Coleman and Emma B. Evans 
Coleman. Early, she learned to cook, milk cows, 
churn, make cheese, ride horses (side-saddle 
when in the presence of people and straddle when 
out in the hills ). 

She married Joseph Neal Heywood, her 
"school master" before her sixteenth birthday. 
To them were born eleven children. 

In 1888, obedient to call, husband and then 
father of five children, traveled to far off New 
Zealand to fill a mission for the church. 



«»- -r- 


#171 Sarah Francelle 
Coleman Heywood 

#171-1 Joseph 
Neal Heywood 

#171-2 Spence 
Coleman Heywood 

#171-4 Ella 
Heywood Kvist 

#171-6 Leland 

#171-8 David 
Evans Heywood 

#171-9 Velma 
Heywood Molen 

#171-A Robert 
Tassie Heywood 

#171-B Irving 
Yeates Heywood 

181 Sarah Francelle Hey\vood 

Francelle taught school to meet mission expenses 
and to feed the little ones. 

At the death of her husband in 19 04, she set 
out to pay off the farm and to feed and school the 
five children who were still home. Heroically, 
she faced the impossible and conquered. But 
more important, she inspired her children to be 
their best. She would not re -marry because she 
would not risk the rearing of her children to a step- 
father. She would not sell the farm because she 
wanted a place for her children to work while she 
was away all week teaching school. 

When school teaching retirement was forced 
upon her, she spent her last glorious years in 
Los Angeles in the homes of Leland and Velma. 
She passed away in Los Angeles February 9, 1937 
and was buried beside her husband and her father 
and mother in the Thatcher, Arizona Cemetery, 

She was a great character; firm in the right, 
unyielding in the face of extreme difficulties, 
helpful to all, an indefatigable worker, a good 
organizer, a faithful member of the church, a 
great lady. 

1876 - 1968 

Joseph Neal Heywood, son of Joseph Neal 
and Sarah Francelle Coleman Heywood, was born 
October 2 3, 1876 in Springvalley, Lincoln County, 

He spent his early childhood and youth in 
Alpine, Arizona, where he enjoyed hunting, fishing, 
horseback riding, the mountains and all the beauties 
of nature. At the age of 15, he killed a bear with 
first shot. 

His education began in the Alpine schools. 
In 1895, he attended the Brigham Young Academy. 
He took educational subjects at the University of 
Missouri during the summer of 1910. In 1911 he 
entered L. A. College of Osteopathy; graduated 
from there in 1915. In 1918, he took a course at 
Post Graduate Medical School & Hospital, New 
York City, New York. He educated himself at 

Joseph Neal Heywood 182 

home by studying and reading. 

He taught elementary school for almost twenty 
years; was principal for 13 years. He was an 
exceptionally competent teacher. For 35 years, 
he was a practising physician and surgeon perform- 
ing hundreds of tonsilectomies and delivering about 
2000 babieso He was instrumental in establishing 
a maternity hospital in Snowflake and inaugurated 
the vaccination program in schools from Lakeside 
to Joseph City. He was Navajo County Health 
Officer for more than 25 years. He gave medical 
examinations to all missionaries free of charge. 
He was instrumental in installing Snowflake water 
system; started a beautiful park, assisted in build- 
ing the town swimming pool, served on Public 
Welfare Board for 13 years without compensation. 
He was a member of the Snowflake High School 
Board for several years. He was noted for his 
success as a horticulturist, furnishing flowers 
free of charge for church asserablages, marriages, 
parties, funerals, etc. 

His life's raotto, "Service above self. " He 
gave freely of himself. Great was his charity in 
the medical profession. He had great compassion 
and empathy. 

He was married to Alvenia Savage May 11, 
1906. They were the parents of Cleona, Joseph 
Leland and Mary. On January 30, 1916, he was 
married to Emma Frederickson, Their children 
were Bernard Sherrill, Max Winston, Charles 
Wallace, Junius Neal and Pearl. 

He held many important positions in the 
L/. D.S. Church and was an outstanding public 

Joseph Neal Heywood died February 26, 
1968 at Mesa, Arizona, 


1878 - 1969 

Spencer C. Heywood was born October 19, 
1878, to Sarah Francelle Coleman and Joseph Neal 
Heywood in Kanab, Utah. 

183 Spencer C. Heyrwood 

A few years later the family moved to 
Thatcher, Arizona, where he attended school. 
After graduating he attended the Brighann Young 
Academy at Provo, Utah. He became a teacher 
and also served as Graham County Superintendent 
from 1914 to 1922. 

He was raised in a religious family attending 
church and advancing in the Priesthood until he 
held the office of a High Priest, Along the years 
he was in the services of the church auxiliary 
organizations willing to do his best wherever he 
was called. He was Sunday School Superintendent 
and respected and loved by all, young and old alike. 

He married Nellie Bly Tate March 30, 1905 
and was sealed in the Endowment House April 5, 

He was the father of eleven children, five 
boys and six girls. All but one grew to adulthood. 
One girl, Helen, died as a child. 

They were Spencer Cecile, Wendell Tate, 
Newell Weldon, Kenneth Parker, Margaret, 
Geraldine, Francelle, Keith Vining, Helen, 
Ethel, and Nell. 

He had a big job to provide and educate such 
a large family, but with his wife's full support, and 
the children finding work during the summer months 
they were able to help each other. 

He also worked in the merchandising business, 
retiring from the Western Seed and Feed Company 
when he was 83 years of age. 

He and his wife had the love and respect of 
their family. They celebrated their 64th Wedding 
Anniversary Mar. 30, 1969. His death came 
May 1, 1969, Services were held in Meldrum 
Mortuary, 52 N Macdonald, Mesa, Ariz. He 
was buried in the Thatcher, Arizona Cemetery, 

1883 - 1893 

Martha Emma Heywood was born at Alpine, 
Arizona, February 21, 1883 to Joseph Neal and 
Sarah Francelle Heywood, 

Martha Emma Heywood 184 

She was blessed April 5, 1883, baptised by 
her father Joseph N. Heywood October 4, 1891 
and confirmed by Frederick Hamblin, October 
4, 1891. 

Martha died of pneumonia, December 24, 
1893, Alpine, Arizona. She was endowed August 
15, 1933 at Salt Lake L. D. S. Temple. 

In Memory of Her 

Her cloths, her books, her cherished toys, 

And an unfinished piece of lace, 

Are in that old family chest 

In the corner by the fire place. 

From dead rose petals scattered in 

The chest a faint perfume still lingers 

The bit of lace, yellow by time and 

The steel needles are waiting her girlish fingers. 

But the reaper came with his sickle. 

Ere the mofit was worked in the lace. 

With threads of gold and diamond needles 

She'll finish the pattern in the eons of space. 

Written by her mother S, F, C. Heywood 

1884 - 

I was born September 1, 1884 in Alpine, 
Arizona, the fourth child of Joseph Neal and 
Sarah Francelle Coleman Heywood. My family 
moved from Alpine to St, Johns later on to 
Thatcher, Arizona. 

There I received my education and became 
a teacher. I did teaching for a number of years. 

We moved to Mesa, Arizona where I worked 
in the Post Office, 

I then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. There 
I met Paul Pederson Kvist to whom I was married 
in the Salt Lake L. D. S, Temple. We moved to 
Etna, Siskiyou Co. , California, where I helped 
build a home and assist my husband in mining. 

I have moved from place to place, lived in 
many branches, wards and stakes, also did 
Temple work. 

185 Ella Heywood K\ ist 

In my declining years, nny brothers and my 
sister, Velma, have helped take care of me because 
of poor health. 

Her brother Yates recalls how kind and good 
she was to him as a child and in his teen-age years. 

During my lifetime I have tried to find the 
best in everyone, and in doing so enrich my own 
life and pass it on to also enrich the lives of 
family, friends and neighbors. 

1887 - 1889 

Ida Etta was born April 15, 1887, to Fran- 
celle Coleman and Joseph Neal Heywood. She was 
their fifth child. 

She lived to be about two years old. Her 
father was on a mission for the L. D. S. Church in 
New Zealand at the time of her death. It is believed 
that she drank some lye that caused her death. 

Information to this effect was taken from her 
father's Missionary Journal: "On Monday, June 
10th, 1889, I received three letters, one from 
Bishop Noble, one frora Prime and the other from 
my dear wife containing the news of the death of 
our baby, after an illness of one day and a night. 
Her departure taking place at 12 o'clock the 3rd 
of April. I find myself unable to complete the 
readings of the letters, though I have tried three 
times to read some verses containing a lock of 
her hair, but have failed each time. " 

Her death was a shock and sadness to the 
family, she being the baby when her father left 
for his mission, 

A copy of a poem written in 1889 by E. B. 
Coleman, Alpine, Arizona, containing words of 
consolation to Joseph Heywood is in the Evans 
Association files with other papers pertaining to 
the Emma B. Evans Coleman line. 

Leland Heywood 186 

1892 - 

Leland Heywood, the son of Joseph Neal 
Heywood and Sarah Francelle Coleman, was born 
at Alpine, Arizona, April 17, 1892, As a young 
man, after attending the University of Arizona, he 
taught school at Thatcher, Arizona where his 
family was then living. 

From I9I7-I92O he filled a mission to the 
Hawaiian Islands for the Latter-day Saints Church. 
Upon his return, he attended the University of 
Utah, majoring in pharmacy, which profession he 
followed for three years in Utah and Arizona before 
studying dentistry at the University of Southern 
California, where he was a member of the Phi 
Kappa Phi Fraternity. 

Doctor Heywood has won a reputation as a 
careful and "painstaking" dentist since his 
graduation in 1928. 

Over the years Dr. Heywood has taken a keen 
interest in civic affairs, having been active in boy 
scout work and in other youth organizations. He 
has maintained a constant and effective interest in 
the affairs of the comraunity, has stood consistently 
for those things which contribute to the well being 
of society, and has been influential in promoting 
public welfare. 

On November 18, 1921, Dr. Heywood mar- 
ried Margaret Eleanor Smurthwaite of Salt Lake 
City, Utah. They are the parents of five children: 
Josephine, Barbara, Alfred, Richard, and Carol, 
all of whom are creditable citizens. The example 
of their father, genial and affable in manner, and 
faithful in Church service, has influenced for good 
his family and all who came his way. In his 
Church he has held many executive positions and 
offices of trust. He has earned the esteem and 
confidence of all who know him. 

187 David E. Heywood 

1896 - 

Just before the turn of the century a frail 
little fellow was born into a pioneer home. He 
was named David Evans after his maternal great 
grandfather, a noble man who endured much and 
accomplished much. 

David Evans Heywood was blessed with a 
rich heritage which he has built upon. Always he 
has thirsted for knowledge and for growth. His 
devoted mother taught him early to read. He has 
read avidly always searching for good thoughts 
and enobling ideas. 

Rich experiences have blessed him, 

Scholastically, he earned his BS and MS 
from the Utah State University and was awarded 
Phi Beta Kappa for scholarship. 

He has been a part of, or owner, of several 
business enterprises: (1) Smith Heywood Company, 
involved with dairy, poultry and franchise trucking; 
(2) Western Farm Management Company, which 
operated in behalf of absentee owners, ranch and 
farm land; (3) Western Feed and Seed; (4) Dana- 
Heywood Farms, a farming venture; (5) Heywood 
Realty & Investment, Inc., serving Salt River 
Valley and Yuma; (6) Heywood Schools, a private 
school enterprise. The last three named are 
presently operating. 

He has been active in civic and connmunity 
affairs, serving as President of Maricopa Tax- 
payers Association. President of the Arizona 
Motor Transport Association. Served many years 
as a director of Samaritan Health Services and 
now is an honorary member. He served as 
director of Phoenix Real Estate Board. He is 
an active member of Phoenix 100 Rotary Club. 

Church-wise his blessings have been tre- 
mendous: 1938, Member of Phoenix Stake High 
Council; 1947, First Counselor to President 
Delbert L. Stapley; 1950, President of the Phoenix 
Stake; 1967, Regional Representative of the Twelve; 
presently a member of the Phoenix Stake High 

David E. Heywood 188 

Council and Stake Director of Teacher Development. 

The greatest blessings of all was first, to 
have the most wonderful and lovely of wives, Marie 
Smith, whose grandfather was first cousin of the 
Prophet Joseph Smith. Marie mothered three 
strong sons and one lovely daughter. The oldest 
son passed away in his 14th year. The other 
children have blessed their parents with sixteen 
wonderful grandchildren. 


1898 - 

I, Sarah Velma Heywood, was born August 
30, 1898 in St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona, 
the daughter of Joseph Neal and Sarah Franc elle 
Coleman Heywood. When I was still the baby of 
the family they moved to Thatcher, Arizona. For 
some time, in Thatcher we lived in a tent, until 
father was finally able to make a downpayment 
toward buying a twenty acre farm with a very 
small frame house. 

Not long after that my father was accidentally 
killed, which caused quite a change in our family 

In 1916 I went to Flagstaff, Arizona, to attend 
the Normal School there and train for teaching. I 
had to work for my board and room. We lived in 
dormitories but all ate in the same dining room. 
My job was to clear the silver from thirty-six 
tables after each meal. I had to wash, wipe and 
re -set the tables three times a day. 

In 1918 I began teaching in Thatcher, 
Arizona. Altogether, I taught school for forty- 
one years: three in Arizona, three years in Utah 
and thirty -five years in California. 

June 28, 1928, I married Rulon Francis 
Molen. We were all victims of the early 1930's 
depression. It was very difficult for men to get 
work. So I taught school to help support those 
less fortunate. 

Mother lived with us and took care of our 
baby, Roy Francis Molen, who had been born 

189 Sarah Velma Molen 

July 18, 1929. 

Much of my teaching was in music. I taught 
general music, trained orchestras and glee clubs 
and after school hours gave private violin and 
piano lessons. For ten years I sold Comptons 
Pictured Encyclopedias during the summer and 
on Saturdays to meet the expenses of buying a 
home and to send my son, Roy, to college and 
on a mission to Holland. 

In 1940 I organized the Los Angeles Ele- 
mentary Music Teacher's Association, and was 
elected first president. Its aims were to make 
it possible to give scholarships to pay for talented 
children to take private lessons; to furnish better 
means and equipment for developing the children's 
interest in good music; and to extend the music 
program in the Los Angeles schools. 

In May, 1967 I was invited to be the guest of 
honor at the annual tea and was presented with a 
life time certificate. 

From the time I was twelve years of age, I 
served in the Church as organist, in both Sunday 
School and Primary and also M. I. A, ; was secre- 
tary of both Primary and Relief Society; director 
of a ward choir; secretary of the Southern California 
Choir under Frederick Davis; played violin solos 
in the string ensemble with Marcellus Smith; and 
was ward librarian. All of these things have 
helped to strengthen my testimony and to build 
my faith in God, 

1900 - 

Robert Tassie Heywood was born at the 
beginning of the 20th century, November 17, 1900, 
in a tent on the outskirts of Thatcher, Arizona. 
He was the 10th of eleven children born to 
Francelle and Joseph N. Heywood, who raised 
cattle and a hearty family. 

He has three living brothers, Leland, David 
and Yates Heywood from Arizona, and two sisters 
Ella Kivist and Velma Molen of Los Angeles, 
California; four children, Robert N. of Anaheim, 

Robert T. Heywood 190 

Melvin L, of Laguna, Niguel, Carol Fuller, San 
Clemente, California and Doris Watkins, Hawaii, 
and eleven grandchildren. 

He married Sylvia Gregersen in Salt Lake 
City. They moved to Arizona where Bob worked 
on the White River Indian Reservation as an 
Agriculture teacher and disciplinarian. 

The Heywoods moved to San Clemente, 
California in 1929. He lived in San Clemente over 
thirty years where he worked as an independent 
distributor of Excelsior Creamery Products. 

Bob endeared himself to the mothers in San 
Clemente during the heavy rains in the late 1930's 
when the underpass north of town was flooded. 
Traffic could neither leave nor enter town. Bob 
carried milk through waist deep water for the 
children of San Clemente, 

In 1939 he and his wife opened a market that 
grew into a general store. Later he built and 
managed the first department store in San Clemente 
and then the first dime store. He also had a pet 
store and a florist shop. 

Bob retired from active business in I960, 
after his wife passed away. He then moved to 
Costa Mesa where he was active in Real Estate. 
He moved to Dana Point and for several years 
managed a cafe. He retired from active business 
several years ago and began researching the story 
which he wrote in the book "San Clemente - City 
of White Houses" which is a history of San Clemente 
and has been published and written in by Patricia 
Nixon and approved by Pres. Nixon. 

1902 - 

Irving Yates Heywood was born at Thatcher, 
Graham County, Arizona, the eleventh and last 
child of Joseph Neal and Sarah Francelle Coleman 
Heywood. Paradoxically, "eleven" is the pre- 
dominating number as: the eleventh child, born 
the eleventh day of the eleventh month and married 
a wife who is the eleventh child. 

191 Irving Yates Heywood 

He attended elementary school in Thatcher 
and part of High School, then two years high school 
at Brigham Young College in Logan, Utah, and one 
term of school at Utah Agricultural College in 
Logan. Further education obtained in corres- 
pondence courses and in avid reading. 

Married Florence May Ramsay June 25, 
1925, To this union seven children were born. 
On December 23, 1966 he miarried Pearle Mae 

Worked for Sego Milk Products Company as 
bookkeeper for several years and for Commercial 
Credit Company, both in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
During depression years of the late twenties and 
early thirties did anything he could find to provide 
for his family. These jobs included, but were not 
limited to: selling, house to house; bookkeeping 
and tax work; manual labor; collector; managing 
a store; mine clerk; hauling coal, and so forth. 

Moving back to Arizona in 1937, worked 
three years bookkeeping for A. & B. Schuster 
Company of Holbrook and then to Snowflake in 
capacity of Secretary and Manager of Power and 
Irrigation District for seven years. From 1947 
to present have been operating own Accounting 
business, but spending about one half time as 
office manager of Whiting Brothers in Holbrook. 

Church activities have been many and varied; 
Genealogical Chairman, both ward and stake; in 
MIA stake presidency; Sunday School Superintendent; 
several years in bishopric; teacher in various 
organizations and Priesthood quorums; member of 
High Council for several years; performed some 
350 temple endowment ordinances for the dead. 

Held varied civic positions such as School 
Board Member, Hospital Board Member, Super- 
visor in both County and State capacities of the Soil 
Conservation Program in Arizona. In politics, a 
republican and in political endeavors, a good loser. 
In basic first and fundamental principles of Mor- 
monism, very orthodox; but in a number of conjec- 
tural theories advanced and generally accepted as 
doctrine, very heterodox. 



1862 - 1946 

If variety is the spice of life, and spice gives 
zest to living, then Mary Annetta's rugged pioneer 
life was well flavored. Pioneer child, milk maid, 
cattle herder, migrating pioneer bride, mother, 
bishop's wife, plural wife, church-worker, home- 
maker, nurse, and widow; all these roles were 
lived in rugged frontier conditions. Through trials 
and sorrow, hard work and poor to fair health, she 
maintained a friendly manner, a cheerful attitude, 
a vivid sense of humor, and her faith in the gospel 
of Jesus Christ, Her faith never wavered, and her 
life has been an inspiration to all who knew her. 

She was born in Pinto Creek, Utah in 1862 
where her father and mother Prime T, and Emma 
Beck Evans Coleman had been called by Brigham 
Young to help settle St, George and the surrounding 
area. She was a beautiful brown-eyed, black curly-l 
headed baby who kept her beauty to the end. She is 
remembered for her winning smile, sparkling eyes, 
and consistently cheerful disposition. 

As a young girl of about nine she lived in 
Pioche, Nevada during the days of the Nevada gold 
strike; she was in the midst of the Wild West. While 
living near St. George, she and her brothers and 
sisters lived in town to go to school. 

One evening in October after the milking was 
done a heavy thunderstorm came up, Annetta was 
frightened. She told Lide (Elijah Pomeroy) one of 
her father's hired helpers, this and they went into 
the house. Lide told her, "We'll just stay behind 
the kitchen door until it stops, " Then he proposed 
to her. She was so thrilled that she could hardly 
say "yes". They were married in the St, George 
Temple October 16, 1879. 

In the fall of 1880 with their three month old 
baby Emma, they treked to Mesa, Arizona by 
covered wagon. Descending cliffs, fording rivers, 
and crossing desert they arrived in Mesa in 
February of 1881. 

Her husband was made bishop of the first 
L, D, S. ward organized in Mesa, where they lived 


#172 Mary Annette 
Coleman Pomeroy 

#172-4 Irene 
Ursula Pomeroy 

Children of Elijah and Mary Annetta Pomeroy #172 
Back-Sceva, Elijah Haskell, Thales Coleman, and 

Emma Charlotte 
Front-Ida lone, Jetta, Francelle AEolia, Minnie Linnfitt 

^ <:: 


^174 David Evans 

#174-2 David 
Envar Coleman 

#174-1 Eola #174-4 Abbott 

Coleman Lilly Arslom Coleman 

193 Mary Annetta Pomeroy 

until their deaths. Elijah died in 1919. Annette 
died about twenty-five years later. 


1867/8 - 1953 

Prime Thornton Coleman, oldest son of 
Prime Thornton Coleman and Emma (Beck) Evans, 
was born 22 Feb. 1868, in Pinto, Washington, Utah. 
He lived in Pinto, Pioche, Nevada and Upper Kanab, 
Kane, Utah. In November 1880, the family left 
Upper Kanab and started for Arizona. Prime was 
12 years old. They made their way across what 
was to become Lees Ferry, through Holbrook, 
Navajo, Arizona into the White Mountains to Bush 
Valley, later known as Alpine, Apache, Arizona. 

Prime went to school in Alpine and St Johns, 
Apache, Arizona. He served on a mission in Eng- 
land about 1890-92. He taught school for a short 
time but his life's work was with horses and cattle. 

Prime married first (Minnie) Anna Sarah 
Tenney 21 October 1893. They lived in Apache 
County where four children were born. On 29 Dec. 
1905 he married second, Laverna Sherwood. They 
had six children. 

An Indian Trading Post at Cibicue, Gila, 
Arizona, was the first home for Prime and his 
new bride. They ran the Trading Post and Prime 
had cattle also. When the oldest child was old 
enough to go to school they moved to Globe, Gila, 
Arizona and from there to Holbrook, Navajo, 
Arizona. Prime bought a ranch between Holbrook 
and Snowflake and a farm at Woodruff, about 12 
miles frora Holbrook. At the same timie he 
invested in cattle in Old Mexico and spent nmuch 
time in Mexico. It wasn't unusual for him to stay 
a year at a time. He prospered until the bottom 
fell out of the cattle business in 1919. Prime lost 
everything in Arizona. The Mexican government 
took all property and cattle belonging to Americans 
and that left Prime with only enough to pay off his 
debts. He never owned his own ranch or stock 
again, but he did work for other ranchers and did 
some farming. In later years he worked as a 
watchman for the Arizona Highway Department 

Prime Coleman, Jr, 194 

in Holbrook. In the early 1940s he retired in 
St Johns, Apache, Arizona, where he lived until 

6 July 1953, when he died of natural causes. 

Children of Prime Thornton Coleman and 
(Minnie) Anna Sarah Tenney: 

#173-1 Shelley Coleman was born 14 Aug. 
1894 in Apache County. He died about 1940. In 

1920 he married Pearl Young (Dustin) and they 
were the parents of Edna Pearl born and died in 

1921 and Shelley Charles born 26 Jan. 1922. 

#173-2 Benoni Coleman was born 4 Jan. 1896 
and died in Septeraber of 1930. He married Edith 
Habecker 5 April 1922. They were the parents of 
two children: Bruce born 2 3 March 1926 and 
Janice Lee born 24 Dec, 1927. 

#173-3 Prime Thornton Coleman was born 
4 Oct. 1899. He was married to Belva Foster in 
1926 and they became the parents of one girl, Kay 
born 1 Aug. 1938. In 1939 he married second 
Nellie Kemtpton (Lines). They live in San 
Bernardino, California. 

Children of Prime Thornton Coleman and 
Laverna Sherwood: 

#173-5 William Sherwood Coleman was born 

7 June 1907 in St Johns, Apache, Arizona. He 
was christened Theo Sherwood but had his name 
legally changed in about 1927, He was killed in 
a logging accident in Ukiah, California, 21 April 
1956. Burial was in Ukiah. He first married 
Phoebe Fuller 10 May 192 8 in Hurricane, Utah. 
They had two children: William Sherwood and 
Phoebe Dolores, He then married Jacqueline 

Florine, 10 October 1942, They lived in Ukiah, 
California and had one son, Phillip Dwight. 

#173-6 Norma Coleman was born in Cibicue, 
Gila, Arizona, 1 Jan. 1909. She married Ralph 
Gorman Barney 31 May 1930 in Flagstaff, Coconino, 
Arizona. They have one son Ralph Dale. Norma 
is a retired teacher and Ralph is a retired civil ■ 

engineer. They live in Flagstaff, Arizona, f 

#173-7 Geraldine Coleraan was born 13 August 
1910 in St Johns, Apache, Arizona. She married fl 

195 Prime Coleman, Jr. 

Byron Walker 27 Jan. 1936. They have two 
daughters Emily Jean and Verna Lynne. They 
have a motel and curio store in Gila Bend, 

#173-9 Barbara Coleman was born 12 July 
1914 in Hunt, Apache, Arizona. She married 
Pierre Haumont 12 April 1934. They had one 
son, Gerald Prime, who died 1 Jan, 1963. 

#173-A Patricia Lynne Coleman was born 
17 Sept. 1927 in Imperial, Imperial, California. 
She is in the Medical Corps of the US Army and 
is stationed in El Paso, Texas, She has never 

1874 - 1954 

David Evans Coleman was born Feb. 12, 
1874 in Spring Valley near Pioche, Nevada, to 
Prime and Emma B, Evans Coleman, He was 
baptised when 9 years old in Alpine, Ariz. 

When a small boy he made the trip from 
Luna Valley, Mexico to Alpine, Ariz. He was 
thrown from his horse and broke his arm, James 
Mortersen was there and set it perfectly giving 
him no trouble. 

He helped move a herd of cattle with Thomas 
Alger to Gila Valley from White Mts. in 1896. 
The trip was long and they ran out of supplies 
and survived on bread and "lick of flour and 
syrup. " When the owner of the herd came he 
forgot to bring supplies so he ate bread and 
lick also. 

He hired out with a corapany to drive a herd 
of cattle to Texas. He was only a hired hand at 
that time, but before he got back he could do all 
the jobs required on the trail and ended up as 
chief cook most of the way. He had always wanted 
to see the Peso River and City. However he never 
thought he would, but he was able to see both when 
he made a trip to Laurel, Miss, in 1939. 

David did farming and range work in Gila 
Valley, all of which is accounted for in many 

David Evans Coleman 196 

articles filed at Arizona Pioneer Historical 
Society in Tucson, Arizona. 

He was an active member of the L. D. S. 
Church. He went on a mission to the Southern 
States in April 1910. After fourteen months he 
was released because of ill health and arrived 
home June 1911. 

Positions held: Councilor in M.I. A. 
Member of St. Joseph Sunday School Board, 

Civic Positions: Town Constable and Truant 
Officer 1911-1915; Overseer of City district roads 
and streets 1906; City Marshal 1910; Deputy 
Sheriff 1912-1916; Cattle Inspector 1911-1914; 
Minute man with slides for picture shows 1914- 

He served on County Draft Board 1914-1918; 
head of Ward Dramatic Association and acted in 
many plays for the Church. 

He was sent up the Gila River to locate tail- 
ings Nov 1913; he found them at Clifton, Ariz, and 
Mogollon, New Mexico, so by Jan 1954 he was 
tailing inspector for the Morence district until his 
death Dec. 15, 1954, 

He had many experiences during those years 
riding horse back up the' Gila, Frisco rivers. 
Dealing with managers of Copper Co, and keeping 
peace between them and the committees for various 
Canal Cos. was a continuous job, with plenty of 

He had an active life and accomplished many 

. He married Eliza Emily Skinner July 13, 
1912, There were four children born to them: 
Eola "B", David Envar., George Phelps, and 
Abbott Arslom. 

1923 - 

Eola was born at Thatcher, Arizona on Feb- 
ruary 26, 1923, the daughter of David E. and Eliza 
Emily Skinner Coleman, | 

197 Eola C. Lilly 

Earliest recollection is riding the saddle 
pony in the fields following my father who was 
plowing, cultivating, mowing, etc. 

Shortly after beginning schooling, I was 
introduced to formal piano lessons. In later years 
the musical training enabled me to teach my own 
girls as well as many others in several phases 
within my fields. 

Church, schooling and music activities 
occupies very much of my time for many years. 
After marriage, I continued with education. 

I've been fortunate always to have the oppor- 
tunity and health to serve in many capacities in the 
church and to be active in community affairs wher- 
ever circumstance found me. Again, it is nny good 
fortune to travel in much of this country, Mexico 
and Canada. 

My blessings have been many, among which 
I count one son and two daughters, and I am called 
"Grand" by six handsome grandsons. 

My children are: Michael George Orach 
(deceased at 10|; years), Emily Ann Orach Pedro, 
and Eola Arlene Milne, 

I was the only girl in a family of boys and 
always wished for a sister. My daughter, Emily 
Ann, fulfilled that wish and need when she was 
born on my birthday, 

1925 - 

Born in Thatcher, Graham County, Arizona, 
August 25, 1925 to David Evans Coleman and Eliza 
Emily Skinner, 

Reared and educated through the 10th grade 
in Thatcher public schools. 

Entered United States Navy in 1943, served 
primarily in the Pacific Theater against the 
Japanese, Separated from service in December 
1945 due to illness and injuries resulting from 
military service. 

David E. Coleman 198 

Entered Gila Junior College (now Eastern 
Arizona Junior College) for one year. This was 
accomplished in spite of the requirement for High 
School credentials. 

Left College and entered Veterans Hospital 
where five years were required to treat the condi- 
tion which caused separation from the service. 

Entered Brigham Young University by 
transfer of credits from Junior College. 
Frustrated in career, through jealousy of certain 
ignorant persons, was forced to leave school and 
forfeit education. 

Entered various enterprises: farming, 
service stations, cooking, mechanics and outboard 
motor technician. 

Active in service organizations. Held every 
office at the Post level inthe American Legion and 
some in Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled 
American Veterans. Now serving as Adjutant in 
Post of American Legion, 

Active in the rehabilitation of disabled 
veterans and volunteer in the Alcoholic Rehabilita- 
tion programs, both public and private. 

Never raarried as I require that I must have 
a woman capable of supporting me in the manner 
which I feel I am entitled. I realize this is very 
little to offer but my life has very marked 

I may add, my hobbies range from wireless 
communication and designing, building and operation 
of model airplanes to collecting and writing poems 
and essays. Also 1 enjoy items of literary value, 

1930 - 

Abbott was born Dec. 8, 1930, Thatcher, 
Ariz, to David and Eliza Skinner Coleman. He 
was a lovable child and when a small child his 
father took him with him to check the main head- 
gate on the canal he was in charge of while I went 
to Relief Society. 1 warned him to tie Abbott up 
so he wouldn't fall in the canal. However, before 

199 Abbott Arslom Coleman 

meeting was out word was sent for me to come 
home. When I arrived there they sat before the 
stove, Abbott wrapped up to keep warm. Of 
course his father couldn't see there were dry- 
clothes on a line just above their heads. We 
were happy because the water in the canal was 
up to my husband's arm pits. We felt lucky he 
was alive. 

As a boy he loved to ride horses and a burro. 
Once after a storm when the roads were slick his 
pony slipped and hit a college teacher's car break- 
ing the pony's leg and throwing Abbott over its 
head. He was bruised and had an injured shoulder. 

Abbott was a member of the L.. D. S. Church. 
He loved to dress up in all white clothes to pass 
the Sacrament. He was advanced in the Priesthood 
and did his part. 

He loved Scouting and had a full Scout uni- 
form. He also achieved in Scout work. However, 
on one occasion after he, a friend, and the Scout 
Master's son completed a hike, the badge went to 
the Scout Master's son, but not to Abbott and his 
friend. They all knew that the boy who received 
the award could not have achieved it without them. 

He graduated from High School and went to 
Fort Ord, Calif, with the National Guard Unit, 

He married Angeline Para. They had one 
son, David Evans Coleman, and were then 
divorced, David E. was born Oct. 29, 1953. 

He married Helen Earlene Mcintosh June 9, 
1963. They had three sons Michael, Phillip David, 
and Timothy More. Abbott and Helen were 
divorced. He then married Sylvia Serna Sanchez, 
Apr. 18, 1969, and had a daughter Lolitta 

Abbott joined the Air Force after high school 
and served in the Korean War and in Vietnam, 
Received a medical discharge in 1970. 

He returned to Thatcher and worked for the 
State Industrial School for boys at Fort Grant as 
a correctional work foreman. 

He was a member of the American Legion 

Abbott Arslom Coleman 2 00 

(Swift -Murphy Post). They and Air Force Per- 
sonnel performed Military Ceremonies at his 


W ^^ ^if^^ 

#21 Martha 
Evans Winn 

#22 Amanda 
Evans Edwards 

#23 Abigail 
Evans Ellingson 

#27 David 
Evans, Jr. 

#2C Eleazer 

#25 Sarah Evans 

#29 Barbara 
Evans Bush 

#2E Mary Evans 

#26 Susannah 
Evans AUdredge 

#2A Rozilla 
Evans Racker 

#2F Jacob Evans 

1842 - 1926 

Martha Evans, born 20 October 1842, was 
the eldest of fifteen children born to David Evans 
and Barbara Ann Ewell. 

She was a strong healthy child and was able 
to withstand all the hardships imposed on the mem- 
bers of the church in its early days. She was told 
by her parents that she was held, as an infant, by 
the prophet Joseph Smith. 

The Evans family lived in Nauvoo until the 
Saints were driven out in 1846. At that time they 
began their Westward trek to Utah. After many 
stops and delays, they arrived in Salt Lake City 
on the 15th of September 185 0, and moved to Lehi 
the following February where they made their home. 

When Martha was eight years old she was 
baptized a member of the Church, 16 June 1851. 

Martha grew to young womanhood and took 
her place in community affairs. She had a nice 
voice and sang in the choir. She also taught a 
group of young children on week days, comparable 
to a kindergarten class. 

On October 20, 1859, the 17th birthday of 
Martha Evans, she became the bride of William 
Henry Winn. The marriage was a double ceremony 
performed at the home of David Evans. A large 
banquet followed the ceremony for the friends and 
relatives of both couples. 

On August 3, 1861, they journeyed to Salt 
Lake City where their marriage was sealed for 
eternity in the Endowment House. Fourteen 
children were born to this couple. Three of these 
children died in infancy, Barbara, George, and 
Mary Agusta. Sarah Ellen was taken early in her 
adult life at the age of 16 years. Grandma Winn 
also saw her two eldest children taken by death 
before she herself was called home. They were 


Martha Evans Winn 202 

William Henry, Jr. and Martha Ann Winn Davis, 

William Henry Winn was called twice to go 
into the mission field to preach the gospel. This 
meant he had to leave his wife to carry on as both 
father and mother and provider for their growing 
family. This challenge was met by these two 
courageous people who thought this sacrifice was 
not too much to ask of themi for the sake of their 
religion. Martha accepted her obligations with 
faith and hope, believing her husband was serving 
the Lord. 

It was the practice of pioneer people to 
always be self sustaining as far as they were able, 
raising their own food. Grandma kept a cow for 
milk. A pig was raised each year and butchered 
in the fall for winter meat. Chickens filled part 
of the barn. And a good garden was cultivated 
each summer. This way of life was practiced until 
Grandma was in her seventies. At this age she 
decided she could no longer do all these chores, 
so she sold her stock. 

Grandma was loved dearly by all her sisters 
and brothers. They often came to her home to visit. 
Her brother, David, would come to Utah from Cali- 
fornia once each year. He always spent a day with 
his beloved sister and always left a check for $100 
on the table to show his affection and realization of 
her meager finances. Grandma was loved greatly 
by her grandchildren. She was known as "Bannie" 
by those who were reared in her home, a loving 
pet name given by one small child who couldn't yet 
say Grandma, and it remained with her. 

The last ten years of Grandma's life were 
not especially enjoyable. She had endured a 
terrible naval hernia many years, which she 
always said would take her. 

She passed from this life three weeks after 
her 84th birthday, Nov, 15, 1926. She had faith 
in going to meet her beloved husband, parents, 
and children who had gone before. She had met 
life with courage and was being released to go to 
greater horizons. 


#211 Wm. Henry 
Winn, Jr. 

#214 David Winn 

#212 Martha Ann 
Winn Davis 

#215 Sarah Ellen 

#216 John Thomas 

f ^ 1^ 

#217 Christiana 
Winn Willes 

#21B Jesse 

#219 Susie Winn 

#21C Almeda 
Winn Hunsburger 

#21A Adelaide 
Winn Rodeback 

#21E Rose Evelyn 
Winn Peterson 

203 Wm. Henry Winn, Jr. 

1860 - 1898 

William Henry Winn Jr. was born 28 October 
I860, at Lehi, Utah. His parents were William 
Henry Winn Sr. and Martha Evans. He was the 
oldest child in a family of fourteen. His father 
was a pioneer sheep raiser and William worked 
with his father, learning at an early age to shear 
and care for sheep. 

When William was fourteen years old his 
father was called on a mission to New York. This 
left great responsibility for William. His father 
had only been home three years when he again 
returned to the mission field. However, he had 
to return home, because of failing health, before 
his second mission was finished. 

William attended elementary school in Lehi 
and attended Brigham Young Academy in Provo, 
where he majored in Education. He enjoyed 
athletics of all kinds, taking part in gymnastics 
and developing his skills. 

Mary Ann Bennett, a pretty young girl from 
Cedar Fort, became his wife after a year's court- 
ship. The ceremony was performed by Daniel H. 
Wells in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. 

William taught school in the winter months 
and farmed and sheared sheep during the summers. 

Church and civic affairs were a definite part 
of William's life. He taught Sunday School for 
several years. He was senior president of his 
Seventy's Quorumi, He learned shorthand at 
college and was called on frequently to record 
sermons. He was an enthusiastic public worker 
in the community and county, having served as 
chairman of the Democratic party, giving speeches 
during campaigns, etc. He was county commissioner, 
tax assessor, and tax collector. 

William lived his entire life in Lehi. He 
became the father of seven children. His full and 
productive life was cut short by a ruptured appendix 
which resulted in peritonitis, and death claimed 
him Aug. 1898 at age 37. He left a young widow 

Wm. Henry Winn Jr, 204 

with seven children, the youngest being just three 
months old. 

1862 - 1923 

Martha Ann Winn Davis was born in Lehi, 
Utah, March 21, 1862. She was the daughter of 
William Henry and Martha Evans Winn, and a 
granddaughter of Bishop David Evans, She was 
blessed Dec, 22, 1862, and baptized Sept, 5, 1870, 
by William Gurney, She was confirmed by William 
Yates. She received her endowments Nov. 18, 1880, 
when she was married to Alphonzo Mitchell Davis 
in the old Salt Lake City Endowment House, 

To this union were born eleven children, three 
of whom died in infancy. Those who reached maturity" 
were: Alphonzo Winn, Martha Ella, William Elisha, 
Ira Mitchell, Junius Ancil, Jerome J, Maurice, and 
Amy Leone, 

She was a faithful and consistent Latter-day 
Saint, and an active worker in the Church, having 
held responsible positions in the Relief Society and 
Sunday School. On March 6, 1920, she was sus- 
tained as a Relief Society visiting teacher. She 
acted in that capacity until Sept, 16, 1921, when 
she was released from that position and sustained 
as Theology Class Leader in Relief Society, She 
acted in that capacity for two years, and then asked 
to be released because of ill health. 

In her struggle with a chronic illness, which 
extended over a period of several years, she showed 
a heroic spirit and, although suffering severely at 
times, maintained hope up to the last. 

She passed away at her home on Nov. 28, 
1923, at the age of 61 years. She had 21 grand- 

1865 - 1934 

David Winn, son of William Henry and Martha 
Evans Winn, was born in Lehi, Utah, on May 27, 
1865, He died July 21, 1934 in Winslow, Arizona, 

205 David Winn 

As a young man he attended the Brigham 
Young Academy under Karl G. Maeser. 

On October 27, 1886, he married Rozetta 
Thomas, daughter of Daniel Wright and Mary Ann 
Ashton Thomas of Lehi, Utah. They had eleven 

In his early life he worked for the railroad 
as a telegraph operator in Lehi. In 1900, with his 
family, he joined Isaac Alldredge and William 
Wanlass and their families, and his brother Jesse 
Winn, in moving to old Mexico. (Jesse had been 
called to teach school in the Mormon Colony of 
Oxaca. ) 

David settled with his family in the Colony 
of Morelas, Sonora, Mexico, where he engaged in 
cattle raising. Due to poor range conditions and 
continuous warfare with cattle rustlers, he sold 
his cattle and operated a saw mill which furnished 
timber for the El Tigre Mining Co. They lived 
in Morelos until about 1908 when they moved to 
the Mormon Colony of Dublan in Chihuahua, 
Mexico, They lived in Dublan until the time of 
the exodus in 1912. 

On returning to the United States, they 
settled for a time in Tucson, Arizona. They then 
moved to Chandler, Arizona, where he opened a 
livery stable. He also sold real estate and 
developed what is still known as the "Winn Addi- 
tion, " homes for Spanish-speaking people. 

After he retired, they sold their home in 
Chandler and Rosetta returned to Lehi to care for 
her mother, who was ill. 

At the time of his death, David was in 
Wins low with his daughter, Sylva Winn Hall, 
His children are: Sylva Rozetta, Vangie May, 
David John, Evan, William Henry, Orphas 
LaVon, Belva, Howard Stillwell, Daniel Roscoe, 
Waldo, Ezra Thomas Winn. 

Sarah Ellen W. Davis 206 

1866 - 1882 

Sarah Ellen Winn was born to William Henry 
and Martha Evans Winn September 25, 1866 in 
Lehi, Utah, She was their fourth child, and the 
second girl, in a family of fourteen children. 

She was reared in a religious Mormon family, 
attending Sunday School and Sacrament meetings. 
She was educated in the Lehi Schools, She had 
responsibilities in the home helping to watch and 
care for brothers and sisters who were born later 
to her parents. 

She lived to the age of sixteen years and 14 
days, when she was called home to her heavenly 
father^ She died October 2, 1882, in Lehi, Utah, 

She was baptized October 31, 1872. Her 
temple work was done for her. Her endowment 
date was October 17, 1886. She was sealed to 
her brother-in-law, Alphonzo M. Davis. 

She was buried in Lehi City Cemetery. 

1869 - 1945 

John Thomas Winn was born in Lehi, Utah, 
February 8, 1869. He was the son of William 
Henry and Martha Evans Winn. 

He spent his life in Lehi and received early 
education in the Lehi Schools. Later he attended 
the Brigham Young Academy. 

He married Lillie May Harwood December 
22, 1891. 

He followed the trade of harness -making for 
several years. He was also in the floral and 
nursery business for some time. This was at his 
home and his wife enjoyed helping him. He was 
the Lehi city clerk for a number of years, 

Asa young man he was active in Church 
organizations. He was a regular attendant at 
Sunday School and Secretary of his Priest's 

207 John Thomas Winn 

quorum before the division of the Lehi Wards. 

His life was clean and upright. His mioral 
standards were exceptionally high. He was 
always a gentleman. Profane language or stories 
of a degrading nature were foreign to his mind. 
He was an absolute abstainer from tobacco and 
alcoholic drinks. He was kind and considerate of 
the feelings of his fellow man. 

He enjoyed reading the Bible and good litera- 
ture, and was well versed in subjects of public 
interest. He was a home man of retiring disposi- 
tion and always believed in the good rule: "Do 
unto others as you would have them do unto you. " 

He died 26th of February, 1945, following a 
heart attack, at the Lehi Hospital. 

He and his wife had no children of their own, 
but loved children and helped rear a niece of his 
wife, Edna Gibb. 

1871 - 1955 

Christiana Winn was born February 6, 1871, 
in Lehi, Utah. She was the seventh of fourteen 
children born to William Henry and Martha Evans 

Brown-eyed, dark-haired, small of stature, 
she was always quick, energetic and industrious. 

In her youth, Monday was wash day. Early 
Monday morning, Christie's mother would make 
the rounds of the neighborhood, visiting the sick 
and the elderly, bringing their laundry home for 
the girls to do. 

The sudden death of her father in 1884 was 
a great shock to the family. Hard work and 
cooperation was necessary to sustain the family. 
Many hours were spent in washing and carding 
wool, piecing quilts, and dyeing and sewing rags 
for home-made carpets. 

On October 15, 1890, Christie was married 
to John Smith Willes in the Manti Temple. To 
them were born six children: John Leland, Blanche 

Christiana W. Willes Z08 

Lavone, Clifford Winn, Sidney Bruce, Barbara 
and Martha Alzina. 

When Leland was seven years old, he was 
injured when a horse fell with him. Three of the 
vertebrae in his back were crushed. The incident 
had a great impact on the life of the couple. They 
did without many things they needed in an effort to 
find help for their son, but to no avail. 

On April 26, 1930, her husband passed away 
in his sleep, leaving her with the care of their 
invalid son. The lessons learned in her youth 
carried over into her adult life, a life of service 
to anyone in need as well as to her own family. 

She died of a stroke in Ely, Nevada, May 18, 
1955, while visiting with her oldest daughter, 
Blanche Tate. 

She was survived by her six children, nine- 
teen grandchildren and four great grandchildren, 

1874 - 1963 

Susie Winn Whipple, daughter of William 
Henry and Martha Evans Winn, was born Feb. 10, 
1874 in Lehi, Utah, She attended Lehi Schools and 
the Brigham Young Academy. She married Robert 
John Whipple, June 24, 1896 in the Salt Lake L, D, S, 
Temple, Five daughters and a son were born of 
this marriage: Or a, Winnie Leath, Essie June, 
Byron J. and twin girls, Mildred and Miriam, 

She raised silkworms for Brigham Young's 
project to produce silk in Utah, Church activity 
occupied her time throughout her life, being Relief 

Society President for a number of years. She 
supported her husband as bishop of the Lehi First 
Ward for ten years, and as bishop's councilor for 
fifteen years. Two of her children served as 
missionaries for the L, D. S. Church, 

The records of her family were of great 
interest to her. In the days when transportation 
was slow and inconvenient she spent many days of 
the year in the Salt Lake Genealogical Library 
seeking to further the research of her ancestors. 

209 Susie Winn Whipple 

She kept a book of family group sheets of the Winn 
Family. It becam.e a custom when the family 
needed informiation on both the living and those 
who had gone before to come to "Aunt Sue" for 
the carefully gathered family records. 

Susie was active in civic affairs, serving as 
delegate to the first Democratic State Convention. 
At the time of the Women's Suffrage miovement, 
she took an active part. While her children were 
in school, she was among those working with the 
parent -teacher organizations. 

The education of her children v/as very 
important to her. All six of her children attended 
the University of Utah, Four attained college 

Her home was enjoyed by many people; both 
civic and church visitors were her guests. Her 
children's friends had "honey pulls" in her home 

Those seeking help were never turned away 
from her door. The railroad was about one -half 
mile from her home and those "free guests of the 
rails" received many free meals. 

She lived to be 89 years of age and passed 
away Sept. 8, 1963. She is buried in the Lehi 
City Cemetery. 

1876 - 1955 

Adelaide Winn was born 10 January 1876, 
at Lehi, Utah. She was the daughter of William 
Henry and Martha Evans Winn. 

"Addie", as she was affectionately called, 
spent her early life in Lehi, taking part in Church 
and community affairs. She was baptized a mem- 
ber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints 15 June 1884, at Lehi, 

On 18 November 1909 she married James 
Allen Rodeback, Shortly thereafter, the entire 
Rodeback family moved from Cedar Fort, Utah 
to Canada, There they helped colonize the 

Adelaide Rodeback 210 

territory around Cardston with other members of 
the Church. They lived their entire married life 
in that area. In 1923 Allen's health began to fail 
and after his death 6 Sept. 1924, Addie returned 
to live her remaining years in Lehi with her son, 

Addie 's life was never easy and she worked 
hard to sustain life. She was a practical nurse 
many years in Canada and in Lehi, 

Harold developed rheumatic fever when just 
a young boy and was never well; so he never 
married. He preceeded his mother in death 
by four years. 

Through all her problems, Addie never lost 
her sense of humor and always had a twinkle in 
her eyes. She was a very unassuming and under- 
standing person and gave a sympathetic ear to 
others' problems. 

At one time Addie and Harold did a con- 
siderable amount of Temple work and research as 
tinn.e and finances permitted. She was an active 
member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and 
a Relief Society visiting teacher for many years. 

She departed this life 16 August 1955 at 
Lehi, Utah. 

1877 - 1954 

Jesse Winn, the eleventh child of William 
Henry and Martha Evans Winn, was born Decem- 
ber 19, 1877, in Lehi, Utah, His early education 
was in the Lehi City Schools. Later he attended 
the Brigham Young Academy, where he studied 
Law for a time. Due to poor health he withdrew 
from school. He was called to teach school in 
the Mormon Colony of Oxaca, Mexico in the town 
of Dublan, Upon his return from Mexico he was 
called to serve as a missionary for the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Southern 
States from 1905 to 1907, 

Jesse Winn and Mary Matney Sager were 
married on September 9, 1908 in the Salt Lake 

211 Jesse Winn 

Temple. The following children were born to 
them: Magda Jean, Jessie and Essie (twins), 
Udine, Vern and Ray, 

Moving to Elsinore, Utah, he operated a 
general store. Later he home steaded land in the 
dry farm area of John's Valley. In the small com- 
munity of Widtsoe he built a store and was ward 
clerk, justice of the peace and post-master. This 
community failed because the irrigation system, 
which was to provide water for their farms, did 
not function. With his wife and family he moved 
to the Moapa Valley in southern Nevada in 192 1. 
His first store in Nevada was in the "Gyp Camp" 
where plaster was manufactured. He made bags 
in which the gypsum plaster was shipped. He was 
the camp barber and his wife, Matney, was post- 
mistress. This camp lasted five years. In the 
ensuing years he built a home in Kaolin and bought 
a store in St Thomas, Due to the rising waters of 
Lake Mead the property in St Thomas had to be 
turned over to the U. S, Government, A store 
was built in Logandale and here Jesse developed 
a thriving business. 

Jesse was generous and public spirited. He 
served on many public committees in the area, 
including a committee of R. E, A, , which brought 
power from the Hoover Dami to the Moapa Valley, 

In 1945 he became ill and with both sons in 
the military service was unable to continue his 
business activities. Selling his store, he and 
his wife moved to Fallon, Nevada, and later to 
Idaho. He later purchased a home in Boulder 
City, Nevada, where he lived until Matney, his 
wife, died in April 1951. After living with his 
children for three years he died on January 5, 1954, 

1879 - 1940 

On 4 April 1879 a baby daughter was born to 
William Henry and Martha Evans Winn at Lehi, 
Utah. The father was laboring as a missionary 
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
at the time. He was at Alameda, California when 

Almeda Hunsberger 212 

the new baby arrived, and the name "Almeda" was 
given this talented child, 

"Meda", as she was called, was baptized a 
member of the Church, 13 August 1887, Her child- 
hood was spent in Lehi with her family and friends. 
She was blessed with a natural talent for music and 
played the piano by ear. She was also artistically 
inclined and produced many beautiful oil paintings. 

On 15 December 1904 she married Henry W, 
Sadler, This marriage was incompatable and 
ended in divorce 20 August 1906, 

Meda had a natural ability to care for the 
sick so she went to the L. D, S, Hospital and took 
training as a nurse. This training she practiced 
throughout her life. 

Meda went to Canada to visit her sister 
Addie, who resided there. While in Canada she 
became acquainted with Ephraim G. Hunsberger. 
The acquaintance developed into romance, and on 
18 April 1914, they were married at Tabor, Alberta, 
Canada. There were no children by this union. 
Ephriam had one son, Everett, by a former mar- 
riage, his wife having died sometime previously, 

Meda and Eph made their home in Canada for 
many years but later returned to the U, S. They 
settled in Port Huron, Michigan where Eph's 
family resided. 

Through her nursing, Meda was askedto 
care for a baby girl whose mother passed away at 
her birth. The father also died shortly thereafter. 
This infant, Maurene Blum, found a happy home 
with the Hunsberger s. They reared and loved her 
as their own. 

On 30 November 1940, Meda dropped dead 
of a heart attack at her home in Port Huron, Her 
remains were brought to Lehi for interment. She 
never forgot her L, D, S, teachings and enjoyed 
many visits to see her loved ones in Lehi, 

213 Rose Evelyn Peterson 


1884 - 194 3 

Rose Evelyn Winn was born 6 April 1884 at 
Lehi, Utah. She was the 14th child of William 
Henry and Martha Evans Winn. Her father died 
when she was three weeks old. When Evelyn was 
eight years old she was baptized a member of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4 
Sept. 1892 at Lehi. 

She graduated from the eighth grade at Lehi, 
that being the highest educational opportunity 
offered at that time; but her thirst for knowledge 
and learning continued throughout her life. 

She had a beautiful soprano voice and enjoyed 
singing in public. As a young girl she participated 
in all the musical entertainments. She was a menn- 
ber of the Relief Society Singing Mothers at the 
time of her death. 

On 27 December 1904 Evelyn was married 
to Peter N. Peterson, another of Lehi's talented 
young people, Peter was employed at Blackfoot, 
Idaho at the time of their marriage, so the next 
year was spent there. One year later, Evelyn 
returned home for the birth of her baby daughter, 
Martha, Complications followed the birth of this 
child and Evelyn hovered between life and death 
for a year. Poor health became her lot for the 
remainder of her life. She and her husband 
drifted apart and were finally divorced, 

Evelyn lived with her mother and worked to 
support herself and child. She was a beautiful 
seamstress and made dresses for the women of 
the community. She also worked in the sampling 
room at the sugar factory. 

Evelyn had a kinship with the soil and raised 
beautiful flowers and gardens. She had an eye for 
beauty and was always tastefully dressed and 
showed neatness and orderliness in all she did. 
She was reticent by nature, but was always seek- 
ing for good and worthwhile things of life. 

She endured much surgery in her life and an 
operation for intestinal thrombosis claimed her 
life 29 August 1943. 

Amanda E. Edwards 214 

1844 - 1881 

Amanda Evans, the second child of David 
Evans and Barbara Ann Ewell Evans, was born 
April 21, 1844, at Nauvoo, Hancock County, 
Illinois. She was two months old when the Prophet 
Joseph Smith was martyred. 

When she was two years old, the family was 
driven from their home in Nauvoo, by the mobs, 
which reigned unchecked in Illinois at the time. 
The next three and one half years the family lived 
in Nodaway County, Mo. Here the family raised 
crops and prepared for the day when they could 
move West to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. 

In June of 1850, they started Westward (she 
being six years old) on the 1000 mile journey with 
ox teams and wagons in which they lived while 
crossing the plains. They arrived at the Salt Lake 
Valley in September of that year. The following 
February, her father. Bishop David Evans, was 
called to preside over a community, in Utah 
County, which was later called Lehi. 

Here Amanda spent the remainder of her life. 
She was baptised a member of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1852. 

Schooling for the children was very limited. 
Her father, determined that his family should 
learn to read and write, wrote the alphabet and 
simple words, by hand, which they copied. As 
their abilities increased with practice they were 
given other things to learn. Many hardships 
accompanied pioneer life. Limited food, scarce 
clothing, and life in primitive houses were their 
lot when they first arrived in the valley of Utah 

On the 29th day of April, 1859, Amanda mar- 
ried Edward William Edwards, a convert to the 
church from Wales, They were later sealed in 
the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. 

She was the mother of eleven children. 
Sorrow came to her five times when she lost four 
babies and a son almost eight years of age. Upon 

215 Amanda E, Edwards 

her death she left a family of small children. The 
father did not remarry, and the family was left "on 
their own" a great deal of the time. Of the six 
children who grew to maturity only three married. 
This family was helped by their grandnmother and 
their "Aunt Martha" in meeting the problems of 
life. The children were: Barbara Ann, Mary 
Amanda, Edward William, William David, John 
Henry, Thales Haskell, Hyrum, Joseph, Walter, 
Charlie, and Martha, 

Amanda Evans Edwards passed away March 
25, 1881, age 37 years, in Lehi, Utah, She was 
buried in the Lehi City Cemetery. 

She was the grandmother of fourteen, great 
grandmother of thirty -five and great great grand- 
mother of one hundred one (1969). 

1865 - 1922 

Mary Amanda Edwards, second child of 
Amanda Evans and Edward Williams Edwards, 
was born 13 March 1862 in Lehi, Utah. She 
received her early education in Lehi. 

Mary Amanda had a beautiful voice and thus 
had many requests to sing at social gatherings 
and funerals, 

George David Robinson, commonly called 
"Jack", had met Mary Amianda some twenty years 
before in Lehi and knew her but it was while run- 
ning the flour mill in Taylor sville near Salt Lake 
City that they met again, and love bloomed. They 
became engaged and, after a long journey to Logan, 
they were married in the Logan Temple 29 April 

Sometime later they returned to American 
Fork to help his father run the American Fork 
flour mill. 

While living in American Fork they had two 
children: George David and Mary Amanda. 

Eleven years after their marriage in 1897 
her husband was called on a two-year mission to 

Mary Amanda Edwards 216 

the Southern States, leaving her alone to care for 
their two children. 

In 1902, she and her husband moved to Gar- 
land, Box Elder County, Utah, to work in the newly 
erected Utah-Idaho Sugar factory, where Thales H, 
Edwards, a brother to Mary Amanda, had just been 
chosen first Superintendent of the Garland factory. 
They stayed in Garland until 1921 when they returned 
to the old Robinson home in American Fork, Utah. 

After being ill for a short time, she underwent 
surgery for a tumor and died a few days later, 24 
Aug 1922. 

Funeral services were held Sunday, 27 Aug 
1922, in the Third Ward meeting house, and she 
was buried in the American Fork Cemetery, 

1866 - 1939 

William David Edwards, the fourth child of 
Edward William Edwards and Amanda Evans, was 
born at Lehi, Utah, April 15th, 1866. His child- 
hood was spent in Lehi where he attended school. 

When a young man he went to Park City, 
Utah, and worked in the mines. In the spring of 
1890 he met his brother Thales in Salt Lake and 
told him he was going to Australia. That was the 
last the family heard of him for twenty-one years. 
At that time his sister's daughter, Mary Amanda 
Robinson, saw in a Salt Lake paper that William 
Edwards had returned to Park City after being in 
Australia. His brothers, Thales and Charles, and 
sister, Mary Amanda Edwards Robinson, were 
living at Garland, Utah at that time. The two 
brothers went immediately to Park City and found 
him. The remainder of his life was spent closer 
to the family. He worked for the Utah -Idaho Sugar 
Company, where his brothers were employed, at 
Garland and Brigham City, Utah, and Yakima, 
Washington. The last several years of his life 
were spent in Salt Lake where he passed away 
December 10th, 1939. He was buried in the Lehi 

217 John Henry Edwards 

1868 - 1910 

John Henry Edwards, the fifth child of 
Edward William Edwards and Amanda Evans, 
was born at Lehi, Utah, April 9th, 1868. He was 
reared in Lehi and when a young nnan began to 
work at the mines in Mercur, Utah and that area. 
He didn't have much contact with his family as 
those who had married had moved to other places, 
being employed by the Utah -Idaho Sugar Company. 
In the spring of 1910 while working at Mercur, 
Utah, he contracted pneumonia. His brothers, 
Thales and Charles, went to Mercur on learning 
of his illness and he passed away April 4th, 1910. 
He was buried at Lehi, Utah. 

1874 - 1925 

Walter Edwards, the ninth child of Edward 
William Edwards and Amanda Evans, was born 
February 15th, 1874 at Lehi, Utah. His childhood 
was spent in Lehi and as a young man he worked 
for the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company when they were 
building a factory at Lincoln, Idaho. When he left 
there he didn't stay close to the family, but visited 
them occasionally. The last contact the family had 
with himi was in the late winter of 1925 when he was 
at San Leandro, California in a hospital. He passed 
away August 4th, 1925 and was buried at San 

1870 - 1921 

Thales Haskel Edwards, the sixth child of 
Amanda Evans and Edward William Edwards, was 
born March 21, 1870, in Lehi, Utah, His schooling 
was limited to a few years in which he attended 
school in the winter months. He helped his father 
farm in the summer raonths. He was active in 
theatre and home dramatics. He owned and oper- 
ated a Merry-Go-Round. 

Thales Haskel Edwards 218 

When Thales was eleven years of age his 
mother died, leaving a family of small children. 
At an early age, Thales became associated with 
the new sugar industry which started in Lehi in 

The following appeared in The Tribune at the 
time of his death: "He was one of the founders of 
the beet sugar industry in the state, having worked 
at the Lehi factory as a boy and through his energy 
and persistance rising into prominence in the oper- 
ative end of sugar making. He was appointed the 
first superintendent of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Com- 
pany's factory at Garland, Utah, in 1904, and held 
the position until transferred to Spanish Fork, Utah, 
in May 1918, During this time he had been operat- 
ing the Spanish Fork mill, the most modern Steffen 
factory in the state. He was a man of genial dis- 
position and made many friends. " 

He rra rried Annie Rebecca Wallis in March 
1890. Five children were born to this couple: 
Hazel Winnifredj, Vera Amanda, William Wallis, 
Thales Evans, and La Von, 

Thales died at an active age of 51 years, of 
a heart attack, in Spanish Fork, Utah, on the 21st 
of September 1921. 

His daughter LaVon writes the following: 
"My father died when I was 12 years old, but I 
remember him as a wonderful man, " 

1875 - 1927 

Charles Edwards, tenth child of Edward 
William and Amanda Evans Edwards, was born 
Nov. 25, 1875 at Lehi, Utah. His mother died 
when he was five years old, leaving the children 
to care for themselves, as his father never re- 
married. (He always remembered the kindness 
of a concerned grandma and aunt, Martha Winn, 
who helped the motherless children, ) 

He attended school for a few months several 
winters and helped his father on a small farm in 
the summer months. 


#222 Mary Amanda 
Edwards Robinson 

#226 Thales 
Haskell Edwards 

#225 John Henry 

#22A Charles 

#231 Abigail 
Ann EUingson 

#23A Berg 

#236 Sarah 
EUingson Preece 

#23B Christie E. 

#238 Canute 

#23C Lenora 
EUingson Hopkins 

219 Charles Edwards 

At the age of eleven years he was hired as 
a sheepherder. This employment lasted several 

In 1890, when a sugar factory was built at 
Lehi, he was hired to help with construction. In 
1898 he became permanently employed by Utah- 
Idaho Sugar Co. His services with this company 
lasted for thirty years. 

On Oct, 10, 1895 he married Elizabeth Dixon 
Bone, daughter of John and Hannah Slater Bone, 
and on Feb. 5, 1896, they were sealed in the Salt 
Lake Temple. To this union seven children were 
born: Verda Amanda, Bessie Dixon, Ursula Ewell, 
Charles J. , Edward William, and twin boys 
Clifton B. and Clifford E. 

In 1901 his employment took him to Waverly, 
Washington, He also worked in Lincoln, Idaho; 
Garland, Utah and back to Lehi by 1910. He also 
worked at Brigham City, Utah; Yakima, Washing- 
ton; Deltaj Utah and was finally sent to Shelley, 
Idaho, where he operated the factory until his 
health no longer permitted him to work. 

In spite of failing health he maintained a 
happy disposition and enjoyed life. He was firnn 
in his belief of the Gospel and was active in church 
work wherever he went. 

He was a friend to all and was respected and 
loved by those with whom he worked. He patiently 
taught the younger men when they were starting a 
career with the company. 

He departed this life Aug. 24, 1927 at 
Shelley, Idaho, 

1846 - 1932 

Abigail Evans Ellingson, born 27 January 
1846, was the third child in a family of fifteen. 
Her parents were David and Barbara Ann Ewell 
Evans. She crossed the plains with her family, 
arriving in Salt Lake Valley September 15, 1850, 
when she was four years and nine months old. 

Abigail Ellingson Z20 

Enroute she fell from the wagon and received 
a serious back injury. It was so painful that she 
could no longer ride in the wagon. Her father 
wrapped her in his coat, carried her in his arms 
as he walked beside the oxen and drove until they 
reached their destination. She bore the scar of 
that accident all her life. The family feared she 
would never walk again. Great was their joy when 
she began pulling herself up by different objects. 

The family was called by Brigham Young in 
February 1851 to make a settlement in what is now 
Lehi, Utah, where she spent the remaining years 
of her life. 

During her early girlhood she participated in 
all the activities of the mature women often wash- 
ing, carding, spinning, and weaving the wool which 
later was made into clothing. She developed into 
an expert seamstress. Until her children were 
nearly grown she made all of their clothing, includ- 
ing shirts and pants for her husband and the boys. 

As a little girl she had no shoes. In summer 
she went barefooted. In the winter she wore her 
mother's shoes when necessary to go out in the 
snow. This was a source of extreme embarrass- 
ment to her. 

Schooling for the children was very limited. 
Her father, determined that his family should learn 
to read and write, wrote the alphabet and simple 
words by hand which they copied. As their ability 
to write increased, longer copies were set by him. 
She vividly remembered one of them: 
"Many men of many minds. 

Many birds of many kinds. 

Many fishes in the sea. 

Many men that don't agree. " 

All the privations incident to pioneer life was 
her lot. Hunger, scanty clothing, and clod houses 
she could well remember. 

November 1, 1861, she married Ole Ellingson 
in the old Endowment House, He was a convert to 
the Latter -day Saint Church from Norway, a man 
worthy of the love and devotion she gave him 
throughout their married life. Her steadfast 

221 Abigail Ellingson 

loyalty to her church, her husband and her family 
were the crowning characteristics of her mortal 
career. Twelve children blessed their home. 
Under the tutelage of their parents these God -given 
souls were taught the principles of salvation and 
exaltation revealed in the divine plan of the Gospel. 
At the present writing (July 1961) just 100 years 
after the marriage date, I ara the only one of 
twelve children remaining. 

Aunt Abbie, as she wa,s lovingly called, in 
her earlier years was an active member of the 
Relief Society, In those days that organization 
meant personally caring for the sick, providing 
and cooking for stricken families, taking to their 
homes washing and ironing for distressed ones. 
And, as mortuaries were unknown in those days, 
the good sisters were called to "lay out" the dead, 
often remaining through the night to prepare burial 
clothing, Abbie went to Provo to learn how to 
freeze the bodies of the deceased in order to 
preserve them in good state for the funeral day. 

Her long life was spent in doing good to her 
fellowmen. She had the courage and the endurance 
of a Spartan, Nothing daunted her. Through all 
life's vicissitudes and the experiences that come 
from rearing a large family she never faltered. 
The memory of her God-fearing life is a torch 
that all her posterity can proudly carry. 

Written by Christie Ellingson Peterson (daughter). 

1863 - 1894 

Abigail Ann Ellingson was born 7 June 1863 
in Lehi, Utah. She was the first child of twelve, 
born to Ole Ellingson and Abigail Evans Elling- 
son, Ann never married. She spent the 31 years 
of her life helping her mother care for the other 
younger merabers of the family in their honne. She 
did go to school as a child and completed schooling 
through the 5th Reader, which was the accepted 
norm at that time. Her mother was very much at 
a loss when she passed away as she was a great 
help to her mother with such a large family. She 
was active in church work. She died 22 Dec 1894 
and was buried in the Lehi Cemetery. 

Ole Ellingson 222 

1864 - 1932 

Ole Ellingson was the oldest son and the 
second of twelve children. He was born in Lehi, 
Utah, 23 September 1864, the son of Ole Ellingson 
and Abigail Evans Ellingson. He completed 
schooling through the 5th Reader (comparable to 
the 8th Grade) and then attended Brigham Young 
University for a time. 

He worked for a number of years as cashier 
at the Beehive Bank in Lehi. He married Katherine 
Sweaney Friel in the Manti Temple 12 June 1889. 
They had nine children. His work in the bank was 
very confining and in the spring of 1901, on his 
doctor's recommendation to get out of the bank, he 
moved his family to Magrath, Alberta, Canada, 
where they remained until the spring of 1908. The 
winters in Canada were so severe they became dis- 
enchanted and in the fall of 1908 moved to Parker, 
Idaho, where they remained for six years. Then 
they farmed at Steel Bridge until 1929 when they 
moved to St. Anthony, Idaho. 

Ole served on the High Council of his Stake 
for sixteen years. He especially liked to teach 
Sunday School. He served two terms as Probate 
Judge in Idaho, took an active part in assisting to 
build canals, roads, schools and other enterprises. 
He was Secretary of the Last Chance Canal Company 
for a number of years, which position he held at the 
time of his death. 

A friend said, "He was faithful, true and 
loyal to the cause of truth which he embraced, and 
he was honest in his dealings with his fellowmen. "-^ 
That "he was a man who had a deep, profound faith, 
and his faith was based upon sound reasoning. His 
kindly sound disposition and his well balanced judg- 
ment was worth your time and mine to converse 
with him at any time. "^ 

1. Bishop A. E, Archibald, St. Anthony First Ward, 
Funeral Address for Ole Ellingson, 

2. J. C. Coffin, Funeral Address for Ole Ellingson. 

223 Ole Ellingson 

The following humerous incident is told by 
his sister, Christie: "Ole was quite a character. 
There was one smart-aleck boy that took exquisite 
delight in disturbing the assemblies and so Ole got 
vexed of that and next tinne they had an assembly 
he went and sat by that boy and he got himi down on 
the floor and held him there with his feet. The 
people couldn't imagine why this boy was so quiet 
until they looked around and saw what Ole was 
doing. That explains Ole about as good as anything 
I know. " 

Ole died 3 December 1932 after a lingering 
illness at the age of 68 years. He was buried near 
his parents in the cemetery in Lehi, Utah, on 6 
December 1932. 


1866 - 1890 

Amelia Ellingson, the third child of twelve, 
was born to Ole Ellingson and Abigail Evans 
Ellingson 23 March 1866, in Lehi, Utah. Her 
father was a successful farmer and she grew up 
in the environment of the farm and a house full of 
brothers and sisters. On 14 Dec. 1887 she mar- 
ried Albert Preece, Tragedy struck their home 
on 3 August 1890 when Amielia died in Vernal 
giving birth to her first child. The child was 
namied Albert like his father. He was taken to 
Lehi to be nourished by Amelia's mother who at 
that time had a baby ten months old whom she 
weened to sustain little Albert. Albert, however, 
lived for only about two and one -half years. 


1867 - 1897 

David Elling Ellingson was the fourth child 
and second son of twelve children born to Ole 
Ellingson and Abigail Evans Ellingson. He 
came into the world 12 Dec. 1867 at Lehi, Utah. 
He spent his early years helping on his father's 
farm, as well as attending school through the 5th 
Reader. Not content with the life of a farmer he 
studied on his own to become a pharmacist, and 

David E. Ellingson 224 

passed the State Examination. He had a doctor 
friend who was a big help to him. Later he owned 
and operated the drug store in Lehi until his death 
on 16 May 1897. David remained a bachelor during 
the 29 short years of his life. 

1869 - 1906 

Emma Ellingson was the fifth child and third 
daughter of Ole Ellingson and Abigail Evans 
Ellingson, born in Lehi, Utah, 3 Aug. 1869. She 
spent her childhood and youth on her father's farm. 
She completed school through the 5th Reader, which 
is comparable to an 8th grade education at present. 
She married Ce P. Vandruff and moved to Vernal, 
Utah. Later they returned to Lehi where her hus- 
band helped on the family farm. They were in Lehi 
for only a short time, and then moved to Pamona, 
California, Emma died 6 June 1906, after an 
attack of appendicitis, 


1871 - 1952 

Sarah Ellingson was born June 7, 1871, in 
Lehi, Utah, to Ole and Abigail Evans Ellingson, 
the 6th child in a family of 12 children. Her child- 
hood days were spent in Lehi, where she and her 
brothers and sisters were born. She participated 
in church activities, being especially fond of sing- 
ing alto in the choir. 

Sarah sang in the ward choir as a young girl. 
One night after practice, the choir went to a building 
where some men were playing cards and began to 
sing. The men ran out the back door. They must 
have thought the Millenium had come, Sarah could 
never tell this story without having a good laugh 
about how these men got away as fast as they could. 

When she grew to womanhood she married 
Nephi Preece, September 7, 1893, Nephi Preece 
was a brother to her sister Amelia's husband. 
They lived in Vernal and Nephi was a honey producer 
and somewhat of a farmer. He counted his crop of _ 
honey by the ton, not by the pound. M 

225 Sarah E. Preece 

There were six children born to this couple: 
Karl Banks, John Roland, Mable Larie, David Ivan, 
Abbie Lela, and Erland Nephi. 

She was an excellent cook; no one could excell 
her savory golden brown loaves of bread. She was 
a beautiful seamstress, often being called on to help 
make burial clothes for the dead. Her ability in 
the sick room made many seek her services in 
time of illness, and especially at the arrival of 
a new baby. 

During World War I, she knit many pairs of 
sox for the Red Cross, She loved to swim, having 
learned at about age 45, in a pond near her home. 
She invited many to come have "a dip in the pond" 
with her. 

Her 24 grandchildren were her pride and joy. 
She died August 23, 1952 --the day a great grand- 
daughter was born (Michel Batty) in the same 
hospital. She acknowledged the birth before 
slipping away. 

1875 - 1914 

Canute EUingson, the eighth child and fourth 
son in a family of twelve, was born to Ole EUing- 
son and Abigail Evans Ellingscn on 23 Feb 
1875, in Lehi, Utah. He spent his childhood and 
youth on his father's farm and attended school 
through the 8th grade. It was said of hina as a 
boy that he was "an awful sleepy head" in the 
morning; it was very difficult to get him up. He 
said it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to get 
up every morning. 

He married Wealthy Norton on 1 Oct 1899, 
and became a farmer in his own right. During 
sugar-beet season he would go with groups of men 
to Colorado and Nevada for thinning and then again 
for the beet harvest. On one such occasion while 
he was gone his wife ran off with another man. 
When he returned home he divorced her. One 
daughter was born to this union named Gladys. 

On 31 Oct 1907, he married Rosanna Doman. 
To this marriage two children were born: Rulon 

Canute Ellingson 226 

and Lenora, Lenora died in her late teens 
(approximately 18). Canute died of pneumonia 
13 June 1914, 

1877 - 1900 

George Alma was the ninth child and 5th son 
of Ole Ellingson and Abigail Evans Ellingson, 
He was born in Lehi, Utah, on 1 1 April 1877, He 
spent his early childhood on his father's farm, but 
while yet quite young worked with his brother Ole 
in the bank. While still very young (about 15) he 
went to work in the Utah and Idaho Sugar Company 
office in Lehi. He completed school through the 
5th Reader, but that was the extent of his schooling, 

George had a wonderful mind and did very 
well in the Sugar Company office; he becarae the 
head bookkeeper prior to his death at age 23, In 
his remarks at George's funeral, Thomas Cutler, 
Superintendent of the U & I Sugar Co. , said that of 
all the young men he had known there was none who 
had a higher sense of honor than did George. 
George died of a lung lesion 28 Feb 1900. 

1881 - 1954 

Berg Ellingson^ son of Ole and Abigail 
Evans Ellingson, was born May 3, 1881, Lehi, 
Utah, He was the tenth child of a family of twelve 
children and had all his schooling in Lehi, He and 
his brother Ole went to Alberta, Canada in the 
early 1900's, taking with themi a herd of cattle. 

He married Mary Elizabeth Hall May 19, 
1905. They had seven children: Malcom Berg, 
Ora Mary, David Elling, Sherwood Orson, 
Clarence Roland, Earl Hugh, and William, who 
died at birth. Mary also passed away at that time 
and Berg was left with six children to care for. 

On August 5, 1920 he married Eva Margaret 
Sorensen. They were also blessed with seven 
children: Eva May, Melvin Lee, Erma Dorene, 
Ronald Dee, Wayne LeRoy, Ralph Eugene, and 

227 Berg Ellingson 

John, who died at birth. 

Berg had a wonderful voice and took much 
pleasure in singing. But his greatest pleasure 
was when he could stand by the bedside of a sick 
person and cheer them with his singing. 

He was the first Bishop of the Calgary Ward. 
Berg was ordained Bishop by President Heber J. 
Grant August 26, 1923. When the news came out 
in the papers the next day, Berg was fired from 
his job. He was working at that time for the Heintz 
man Music Co. and his boss was a Catholic. He 
said he would not have a Mormon bishop working 
for him. 

While Berg was bishop (for six-and-a-half 
years) he had many wonderful, faith -promoting 

Because of ill health his doctor advised hinn 
to go to a warmer climate. After moving to Salt 
Lake City in 1927 he worked for the Consolidated 
Music Company. As his health began to fail him, 
he learned he had diabetes. He adjusted to living 
with this condition for a while, but he passed away 
April 3, 1954. 


1883 - 

Christie Ellingson, the eleventh child, of Ole 
and Abigail Evans Ellingson, was born in Lehi, 
Utah, on February 2, 1883. She attended the Lehi 
Public Schools and graduated from the eighth grade. 
Her high school diploma was achieved through a 
correspondence course. After graduating fronn 
the eighth grade she filled her first teaching posi- 
tion in Vernal, Utah, in about 1903. As time went 
on she continued her education by correspondence 
courses and summer school at the University of 
Utah, receiving a B. A. degree. She continued to 
teach and study until she had 7 hours of credit 
toward a Ph. D, degree. 

Her devotion to teaching the children took 
her first to Vernal, Utah, then to Lehi, Utah for 
about five or six years, then to the Salt Lake City 

Christie E. Peterson 228 

Schools where she finished her long career. She 
was the assistant psycho clinicist for 21 years and 
worked with the underprivileged pupils. 

She was sealed to Ross M. Bonny August 17, 
1921, and is known on the Temple records by this 
name. Years later she married Cornelius Peter- 
son who insisted that she discontinue seeking 
further degrees in education. 

Christie was an ordinance worker in the Salt 
Lake Temple for twelve years. She completed 2235 
endowments for the dead. 

She was very active in the field of Genealogi- 
cal Research, and made a very substantial contri- 
bution to the Evans Family records. To have her 
research, in Genealogy, continued she has willed 
her life savings to establish a fund at the Brigham 
Young University for this purpose. 

At the time this history is being written 
Christie is still alive and alert although confined 
to her bed. She remembers well many details 
which happened years ago and where her things 
are and who has charge of them. She is a very 
sweet person and a joy to know. Although she has 
no children of her own her nieces and nephews 
visit with her often. 


1889 - 1935 

Barbara Lenora Ellingson was the twelfth 
and last child of Ole Ellingson and Abigail 
Evans Ellingson, She was born 22 Jan 1889 in 
Lehij Utah. She graduated from high school and 
had some university work. "Nora, " as she was 
called, went to Vernal and taught school one year, 
but she didn't like it. She decided she didn't want 
to be a teacher and returned home. Soon afterward, 
Charles Hopkins came on the scene and "kind of 
swept her off her feet. " She married him 30 May 
1912. They had three children: Clifford D. , Weber 
E, , and Barbara Ruth. She died 6 February 1935, 
and is buried at the Memorial Gardens of the Valley 
in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

229 Joseph Evans, Sr. 

1847 - 1899 

Joseph Evans, son of David Evans and Bar- 
bara Ann Ewell Evans, was born April 7, 1847, in 
Nodaway County, Missouri. The home in which he 
was born was a log cabin without windows, doors 
and with dirt floors. Blankets were hung in the 

In the spring of 1851, with his parents he 
arrived in Salt Lake Valley at the age of four years. 
His father was called to Lehi by Brigham Young to 
preside over that colony as he had been captain of 
that company while on the trek to the valley. 

He was baptized when eight years old by 
Lorenzo H. Hatch in the summer of 1855 and 
rebaptized by his father, David Evans, in 1859. 
He was baptized into the United Order by Heleman 
Pratt and confirmed by A, K. Thurber for the 
ordinances of that order on July 7, 1876. 

In the year of 1865 there was a company of 
young people of Lehi called to receive their endow- 
ments in the Salt Lake Endowment House. He, with 
his two sisters, Sarah and Susannah, were among 
the group. It was at this time, October 15, 1865, 
that he was ordained an Elder. This was a high- 
light in his life, as he often spoke of it with nmuch 
joy and pleasure. 

He was called to go back to the Little Laramie 
River to assist a handcart company under the leader- 
ship of Captain Joseph Rollins. He was away ten 

In the year of 1871 (age 24 years) he took all 
his possessions and went to Richfield, Sevier County, 
to farm. During the summer he was called to serve 
as home missionary. While serving in this calling, 
he becanae acquainted with Sarah Jane Casto who 
became his wife. They were nmarried in the Salt 
Lake Endowment House 21 April 1873. Sarah Jane 
Casto was the daughter of Matthew Galland and 
Elizabeth Daniels Casto. 

Joseph and Sarah Jane made their home in 
Richfield. He was road supervisor of Sevier County, 

Joseph Evans, Sr. 230 

Stake M, I. A. President and then elected a Justice 
of the Peace in Richfield, 

Their eldest child, Elizabeth Ann, was born 
in Richfield and died in Manti, Sanpete County. 
The second child, Sarah Jane, was born in Rich- 

They lived four years in Richfield in the 
United Order. He then moved to Gooseberry 
Creek where his wife's brother held land about 
ten miles from Salina and there two sons, David 
Galland and Joseph, Jr. , were born. 

At Gooseberry Creek, he was superintendent 
of the Sunday School and was very active in church 
work. From Gooseberry Creek the family moved 
to what is now Emery, Utah, where he became 
active in civic offices as well as church positions. 
Here he was postmaster, constable, justice of the 
peace and counselor to Bishop George Petty. He 
was also one of three supervisors of commissioners 
over a large canal. 

At Emery, seven more children were born to 
them: Mary Ellen, Emma, Susannah, George, 
Pyreana, Virda and Azer, 

During these pioneer years, there were many 
trying and difficult circumstances. As the town was 
without sufficient trees, he contributed and planted 
trees of many varieties. At one time on Arbor Day, 
the people of Emery were asked to bring a nice tree 
for the Park and the nicest one was brought by 
Joseph Evans, for which he won First Prize. He 
was given the privilege of naming the tree which 
he named "Liberty. " It was a grey willow. His 
family was very proud and delighted over the 

He was a wonderful father never complaining, 
never tiring and ever faithful to the principles of 
the Church. 

Six years prior to his death, he became ill 
and never recovered. He died at the age of fifty - 
two years on June 30, 1899. 




1—1 ■' ^^ 


C n3 O 

^ w -^ w 




en 0) 

o h:; > o 

£^ a; a . 
r^ tn rt 

^^"^ s 

2 S tn 

o c o 

CQ t-^ Uh 

231 Sarah Jane E. Nielson 

1877 - 1949 

Sarah Jane Evans, second child of Joseph 
Evans and Sarah Jane Casto Evans, was born 14 
of January 1877 in Richfield, Sevier County, Utah, 
"Janey", as she was known, attended the schools 
of the time. 

In 1884 her family moved to Gooseberry 
Creek about 10 miles from Salina. There they 
remained until 1888, when the family moved to 
Emery, Utah, They were located on the Muddy 

Christian Nielson and Sarah Jane Evans 
were raarried in the Temple Jan 12, 1901, To 
this couple were born three children: Erma, 
Rose Berniece, and Willard. 

Janey was an active church worker, teaching 
Primary for a number of years. She became 
President of the Primary organization in the 
Bennett Ward, Later she served in the Relief 
Society as counselor and as President of the 
Bennett Ward. 

She and her husband lived for a time in 
Indian Canyon, Carbon County, Utah. Janey was 
a thrifty person and in spite of econoraic diffi- 
culties managed to make a good home and provide 
the necessities of life. She popped corn and used 
it as festoons on the Christmas tree. Rag dolls 
were also a specialty, which were always cherished 
possessions of the children and grandchildren. She 
was a good seamstress and made her clothes and 
those for her family, 

Sarah Jane and her husband moved to Salt 
Lake City in 1948. Her husband died a few years 
later and she went to live with her brothers 
Joseph, Dave, and Azer, who lived in Riverton, 

Her health became very poor and she went to 
live with her youngest daughter in Ogden, Utah. 
She passed away December 15, 1949 at the age 
of 72 years. She was buried in the Wasatch Lawn 
Cemetery beside her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah, 

David Galland Evans 2 32 

1880 - 1961 

David Galland Evans, the third child of 
Joseph and Sarah Jane Casto Evans, was born 
October 15, 1880 at Gooseberry Creek, in Sevier 
County, Utah. When he was four years old the 
family moved to Emery, Utah, 

At the age of nine years he was baptised by 
Frank Foot and confirmed later at Emery, June 4, 
1889. David became an active worker in the church. 
He was ordained to the various offices of the priest- 
hood and was a High Priest at the time of his death. 
He also was a Sunday School Superintendent of the 
Bennett Ward, 

The family moved from Emery to the Indian 
Reservation in 1906. 

On July 19s 1909, David Galland and Monte 
Anderson were married by Bishop John N, Davis 
of Vernal. This marriage was later sealed in the 
Temple. To this marriage was born one son, 
Charles Anderson Evans. His wife, Monte Ander- 
son Evans, died on June 25, 1910 and was buried 
in Mill Ward Cemetery. Charles Anderson Evans 
died September 13, 1910 and was buried beside his 
mo the r . 

David Galland Evans was called on a mission 
Sept 13, 1919, to the Central States with head- 
quarters in Independence, Missouri. He returned 
home to Bennett, Utah, Mar 2 9, 1921. 

He married Anna Bruse in Clay Center, 
June 23, 1921. This couple separated in July 1923, 
No children were born to this marriage. 

August 25, 1937 David moved to Salt Lake 
City to live with his brothers, Joseph and Azer 

David Evans Galland Evans died June 1, 1961 
at eighty years of age. 


233 Joseph Evans, Jr. 

1883 - I960 

Joseph Evans Jr. , the fourth child of Joseph 
Evans Sr, and Sara Jane Casto, was born at Goose- 
berry Creek, Sevier County, Utah, on the 4th day 
of October 1883. He moved with his parents, when 
he was one year old, to Emery, Utah. 

He was baptized a meinber of the L. D. S. 
Church, July 7, 1892, and continued to be active 
in the church all of his life. Joseph Jr. and his 
family moved to The Indian Reservation in May 
1906, in Uinta County, Utah. 

The first Scout Troop from the Uinta Basin 
was registered by Joseph Jr. He spent many years 
as Scout Master in the Bennett Ward. His exper- 
iences and activities in Scouting were many. 
Joseph Jr. and Lloyd Allen went with the Scouts 
up into the Uinta Mountains. Joseph Jr. and Lloyd 
decided to take a little hike before retiring. They 
told the rest to stay in camp until they returned. 
On their hike they ran into a cub bear, which they 
killed, and were returning to camp with the meat 
and the hide when they encountered the mother 
bear. They both jumped into the river and swam 
down stream leaving the hide behind. The mother 
bear was still after them when they set fire to a 
beaver dam to scare her back. It was hours 
before they reached the scouts who were still in 

His teaching in Sunday School covered four 

Joseph Jr. drove a freight wagon with horses 
from Price to Vernal and Roosevelt. He also was 
a farmer and ran a horsepower threshing machine. 

He moved to Riverton, Utah, to live with his 
brothers, David Galland, and Azer Evans in 
October, 1948. When his brother Azer Evans 
married, he and his brother David Galland moved 
to Val Verda, Davis County, in 1952. The brothers 
later moved to the Bennion Ward in Bennion, Salt 
Lake County, Utah. Here they lived until the time 
of their death. Joseph passed away November 29, 
I960. Joseph never married. 

Mary Ellen E. Allen 234 


1885 - 1916 

Mary Ellen Evans was the fifth child of 
Joseph Evans Sr. and Sarah Jane Casto. She was 
born on the Muddy River in Emery, Utah, Febru- 
ary 22, 1885. She was baptized August 3, 1893. 

She moved with her family to Bennett near 
Vernal, Utah, in 1906. On February 13, 1907 she 
was married to Isaac Lloyd Allen in Bennett, Uinta 
County, Utah. This marriage was sealed in the 
Salt Lake Temple, June 4, 1911, 

Two girls were born to Mary Ellen and Isaac 
Lloyd Allen: Mary Etta and Janie. Janie lived only 
one day and passed on. 

Mary Ellen was active in the church, teaching 
Sunday School. She had a strong testimony of the 
Gospel, and was faithful raember of the Ward. She 
was loved by everyone. 

At the early age of thirty -one years, Mary 
Ellen died leaving her husband and small daughter. 
She was buried in the Roosevelt Cemetery, Duchesne* 
County, Utah. She died February 28, 1916. 


1886 - 1964 

I, Emma Miller Peterson, was born Decem- 
ber 28, 1886, in Emery, Utah, to Joseph and Sarah 
Jane Casto Evans. I was the sixth child of eleven 
children and of Mormon pioneer heritage for which 
I am very proud. 

My father, Joseph, was three years old when 
his parents left on the trek westward, I really 
worshiped him who had to leave us early in life. 
I still remember how he rocked me to sleep when 
I was a good sized girl. He died when I was twelve 
years old. 

I became very close to my brother, George, 
just younger than myself. We herded cows and pigs 
together. While the cows and pigs were feeding in 
the fields we made mud people and animals. 

235 Emma E. Peterson 

I would miake clothes, he made houses and 
farms. We grew up together and went to school 
and church together. 

I married Henry Marion Miller January 5, 
1906. We had a family of six children: Vernal 
Henry, Evan David, Thelma Loandia, Vinton 
Joseph, Delbert George, and Virda Jane. 

My husband died November 14, 1937. On 
December 23, 1943 I married Peter Julius Peter- 
son in the Salt Lake Temple and was sealed to him. 
Since then I have been a temple worker. I have 
been a Relief Society Visiting Teacher for forty 
years. I have been a Sunday School teacher and 
Primary Secretary. 

I am now living in my own little home in the 
Wilson Ward, Wells Stake, where I am very com- 
fortable at the age of sixty eight. 

(Emma Evans Miller Peterson died the 22nd 
of December 1964 at the age of seventy-seven. ) 

1888 - 1933 

Susannah Evans, the seventh child of Joseph 
Evans Sr. and Sarah Jane Casto Evans, was born 
April 26, 1888, Emery, Utah. She was blessed 
by her father May 5, 1888. She was baptized on 
September 2, 1897 by Stevens Williams and con- 
firmed by James P. Olsen the same day. 

Susannah's church activities were very 
limiited due to poor health all her life. She never 
married. She died April 22, 1933 at the age of 
forty-five. She was buried in the Roosevelt 
Cemetery, Duchesne County, Utah. 

1890 - 

George Casto Evans Sr. , the eighth child of 
Joseph and Sarah Jane Casto Evans, was born the 
16th day of July 1890 in Emery, Utah. He was 
baptized September 18, 1898. 

George C. Evans, Sr, 236 

He was ordained to the offices of the Aaronic 
Priesthood and as an Elder just prior to going to 
the Eastern States Mission, February 1914, 

After he had been in the mission field about 
eight months he becarae Branch President. He and 
his companion walked about three hundred miles to 
the birth place of the Prophet Joseph Smith, doing 
missionary work as they went. When they arrived, 
there were about sixty elders, sixty saints and 
three non-members. This conference took place 
the 24th of July 1914. The Spirit of the Lord was 
there in rich abundance. The following summer 
they walked from Boston to the Hill Cumorah, a 
distance of about three hundred miles. While 
there, they visited all places in Church history. 
They spent the following winter in Lynn, Mass. , I 

at which time he was released and left for home. 1 

George was mustered into the Army July 6, 
19 18., He was sent to Camp Lewis, and from there 
to Camp Kearney for one week before being shipped 
to New York City. He served in the 39th Division 
until he was released from the Army. He served 
as a military scout until he was wounded on Nov. 
4, 1918. He was hospitalized and returned to New 
York City Jan. 1, 1919. He was mustered out of 
the Army in Salt Lake City, March 14, 1919. 

He held various positions in the Church, 
including teacher in the High Priests Quorum, 

He married Oral Susan Scogings in the Salt 
Lake Temple. To this marriage were born the 
following; Mary Jane, Joseph S. , George E. Jr., 
Orval D, , Lylia June, Donna Rose, and Laura 

1898 - 1966 

Azer Evans was born June 10, 1898 at 
Emery, Utah. He was the youngest of eleven 
children born to Joseph and Sarah Jane Casto Evans. 

He was baptized a member of the L. D, S. 
Church by Hyrum Beard. He held various offices 
of the priesthood and was ordained an Elder May 6, 
1933. Azer worked in the Sunday School for a 

237 Azer Evans 

number of years, being a counselor in the 
superintendency for ten years. 

When seven, his mother, three brothers and 
four sisters moved to Roosevelt, the father having 
died the previous year in Emery. The first school 
he attended (one year) was in a one room log house 
with a dirt floor. His teacher was John Lundberg. 
The school then moved to a sawn log house with a 
shingled roof. He completed nine years of school. 

After leaving school he helped his famiily on 
the farm and did odd jobs, working for a time in 
the Gilsonite mines. He also Vv'orked in the moun- 
tains getting out timber to build houses. 

They (David, Joseph, Sarah Jane and Azer) 
moved to South Jordan October 4, 1948, to operate 
a chicken ranch for four years, 

January 18, 1951, Azer Evans married 
Murial Groves, in the Salt Lake Temple, The 
marriage was performed by Charles R. Jannes. 

In the fall of 1952 he and his wife moved to 
Murray, Utah. They bought a home and landscaped 
it. He worked at Vitro Uranium Corporation after 
April 16, 1951. 

Azer died the 22nd of January, 1966 in Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

1849 - 1893 

My mother, Sarah Evans, was born 27 April 
1849 in St. Joseph, Missouri, then open plains of 
Nodaway County, at the time when the Mormons 
headed West. They arrived in Salt Lake City 15 
September 1850 and the following February, 1851, 
settled in Lehi. My father, Jacob Hodge, was 
born in Springfield, Illinois in the 1840's. His 
family was also bound for Utah where they settled. 
My mother and he were married in Utah March 30, 

The main anecdote I remember about my 
mother was told to me by my sisters. It had to do 
with her handling of hostile Indians. When it was 
known that Indians were in an ugly mood and 

Sarah Evans Hodge 238 

roaming around Utah nearby, she would send 
messengers to them telling them that she had pre- 
pared food for them and would provide lodging. 
They were fed at long tables, and given supplies. 
They were probably inclined to be friendly because 
they knew that her father was Bishop David Evans, 
who had always treated them fairly. They would 
point to her children with black eyes and call them 
"Evans papooses. " 

Eight of her children were born in Utah: 
Rebecca, Catherine, Susan, Eva Jane, Sarah, 
Jacob, and Wallace. 

Jacob Hodge took his family out of Utah with 
the help of a friend who was a railroad official. 
The family was put aboard a special car which was 
attached to a train headed for California, My father 
built a large house for his family in Santa Monica, 
California, and set up a wagon-repairing and horse- 
shoeing shop on 3rd street, which is now the Santa 
Monica Mall. 

Two children were born in Santa Monica: 
myself, christened Annie Laurie, and a baby girl 
christened Mary, who died shortly after she was 
born. My mother died in Santa Monica when I was 
still a little girl. She was invalided by TB. I can 
remember her wonderful kindness and sense of 
humor. She passed away 21 August 1893. An 
In Memoriam printed by The Outlook of Santa 
Monica, California, dated 26 August 1893, follows: 

"Mrs, Sarah Evans Hodge, wife of Jacob 
Hodge, died at her home in Santa Monica last 
Sunday, August 20, 1893, in the 44th year of her 
age. Having lived a near neighbor for years, the 
writer deems it a pleasant task to testify to her 
admirable character. While a woman of great 
strength of purpose, she was kind and gentle in 
her intercourse with all and displayed a devotion 
to her large family that was beautiful. She leaves 
a husband and eight children to mourn over their 
great loss. Her body was laid away in the ceme- 
tery at this place by the side of a lovely, promising 
daughter who preceded her only a few months. Mrs. 
Hodge and her daughter Eva will always be cherished i 
memories with a large circle of relatives and friends ( 
who survive them. " 


Children of Sarah Evans Hodge #25 
Front - Wallace, Jennie, Annie Laurie, Second ro 
Eva, Jacob Clus, Sarah Julia 
Back - Barbara Rebecca, Susan Helen, Catherine 


239 Sarah Evans Hodge 

After her death, the older sisters took care 
of the younger ones, and my father took the boys. 
He sold our house in Santa Monica, and bought a 
cattle ranch in Inyo County, California, located at 
the foot of Mt, Whitney. 

--Laurie Hodge Yost. 

1879 - 1964 

Jennie (Jane) Hodge was born 17 June 1879 
to Jacob and Sarah Evans Hodge in Annerican Fork, 
Utah County, Utah. 

When Jennie was about six years of age she 
moved with her family to Santa Monica, California 
where they resided until her mother passed away, 
August 21, 1893. Jennie was fourteen years of 
age at that tirae. Her father sold the family home 
in Santa Monica and bought a ranch in Inyo County, 
California, He took his two sons Jacob Clus and 
Wallace Irving with him. His eldest living daugh- 
ters, Barbara Rebecca, 25 years, and Catherine, 
22 years, took care of the youngest child, Annie 
Laurie, then seven years. 

Jennie married Edwin D. Klopp November 11, 
1897 in Buffalo, New York. They became the 
parents of three sons: Benjamin, David Evans, 
and Horace Frederick, 

Her son Benjamin gives the following descrip- 
tion of her: "She was an outstandingly handsome 
woman. Although basically an out -door type she 
was equally at home in a drawing room, and was 
an excellent cook and home maker. She was a 
terrific long distance swimmer, a fine horse- 
woman and a good shot. Always "full of beans". 
On her fiftieth birthday, she jumped into the 
Niagara River, right in front of her home and 
swam over to the Canadian side, a mile and a half 
distance and across currents. " 

Jennie Hodge Klopp passed away November 
12, 1964, at Sierra Madre, California. She was 
buried in the Forrest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, 
New York, 

Laurie Hodge Yost 240 

1886 - 

Laurie Hodge Yost was born April 23, 1886 
in Santa Monica, California, the youngest child of 
Sarah Evans Hodge. 

After her mother died, in 1893, she lived 
for a few years with Catherine Hodge Collette, one 
of her older sisters. At about the age of ten she 
went to Buffalo, New York, for a few years with 
Rebecca Hodge Rogers, another sister. When she 
was sixteen, Catherine Collette took her to Paris 
with her for a year. 

On her return to Los Angeles, Laurie mar- 
ried Julian Johnson. Her first child William died 
in infancy. A second child, a daughter named 
Tamson Barbara Johnson, was born in Glendale, 
California in 1908. 

In 1913 she divorced Julian Johnson, and on 
August 11, 1915 married Robert M, Yost. On 
February 2 5, 1920 she had a son, James Douglas 
Yost, She lived happily with Mr. Yost until his 
death in Santa Monica, April 10, 1967. 

She was a gracious hostess and a devoted 
wife and mother. The only sorrow during this 
long period was caused by the death of James in 
1935, who suffered from a congenital heart ailment. 

Laurie Yost has the distinctive dark eyes and 
hair (it is now white) of many earlier Evanses, She 
was, and at the present time still is, a person of 
great energy, having retained many interests and 
a general zest for life. She has always lived more 
by the heart than by the head, being kindly, outgoing, 
guileless, and trusting. Those who know her are 
not surprised that to this day she keeps her old 
friends and readily makes new ones. She is now 
living by herself in an apartment in Santa Monica, 
where she "looks after" the other tenants. 

241 Susannah E. AUdredge 

1850 - 1932 

Susannah Evans was born May 6, 1850, in 
Nodaway County, Missouri, to David Evans and 
Barbara Ann Ewell Evans. She was their sixth 
child. She was ten days old when the family started 
for Salt Lake City. (When Susannah becanne a grand 
mother, she would tell her grandchildren that she 
was the youngest pioneer. Once she was nearly lost 
when she rolled out of the wagon, ) 

The family settled in the section of Utah that 
was later named Lehi, where she grew to woman- 

Susannah often said to her children: "When 
I was a little girl there were so many children in 
the house that we had to be disciplined at times, " 
Her father's way was to take a little pinch of skin 
between his thumb and finger and twist it. If he 
was a little too rough, the little bruises on their 
arms reminded them to behave. 

On December 27, 1869, Susannah and Isaac 
AUdredge (son of Isaac and Mary Brown AUdredge) 
were married. They lived in Lehi until 1881. 

Isaac was a farmer in summer and teacher 
in winter. During this time they had six children: 
Isaac Jr. , John (died when l^ years), Susie, 
Emma, Mary (died in Deseret, Utah at 5 years) 
and Deseret. 

Soon after Deseret was born Isaac acquired 
a farm in Deseret and September 1881 moved his 
family there. 

Susannah's home was a small log house. A 
summer kitchen was built near the house. The 
children slept in trundle beds which were pushed 
under the big beds when not in use. Nettie and 
Virginia were born in this little house. Later 
the family moved to Hinckley where Leo and 
Jacosa were born. 

Susannah was a good mother and a good 
seamstress. Each girl had two new dresses a 
year --one in spring and one in the fall. They also 
had several aprons to protect their dresses. 

Susannah E. Alldredge 242 

All the girls had work to do. Housework, 
cooking, sewing and mending. After the noon meal 
was over, carpet rags torn and stitched, the child- 
ren could play until suppertime. 

On September 15, 1894, Virginia died of 
diphtheria. A funeral could not be held because 
people were so afraid of diphtheria. Grief 
enveloped Susannah for awhile. 

Isaac just had to keep moving to new places 
and Susannah was willing to go. Their next move 
was to Ferron for a few years and then to old 
Mexico. High waters destroyed their crops so 
Isaac "freighted" until 1905. They returned to 
Morales, Mexico, bought a farm, built a house 
and raised crops. Also bought a cane mill and 
made their cane into sorghum. A flood destroyed 
everything. Isaac "freighted" again until 1907, 
sold his teams and bought a home in Douglas, 
Arizona. They moved back to Sonora, Mexico 
in 1909. 

The year 1912 found them moving back to the 
states because it was unsafe to remain. The 
Mexican rebels took everything they owned. 
Susannah wept at leaving all her things. 

They lived in Hurley, New Mexico and Price, 
Utah, then in 1918 moved to Salt Lake City, Isaac 
had a part time job and worked in the temple. 

When Isaac was 77 years old and Susannah 70, 
they moved to Mesa, Arizona and built a little 
house next to their son Leo, Isaac operated a 
popcorn stand for a living, 

Susannah passed away July 23, 1932--she 
was buried in Mesa, Arizona, July 26, 1932, She 
was 82 years old, 

Susannah said in her later years: "I have 
lived more experiences than all my sisters put 
together. " Perhaps she was right. 


#261 Isaac 

#263 Susie 
Alldredge Theobald 

#264 Emma 
Alldredge Pratt 

#266 Deseret 

iJ. Goodwin 

#267 Nettie 





^. 3 

#291 Virginia 
Bush Stephens 

#269 Leo 

#26A Jacosa 

#292 John 
Paul Bush 

^293 Richard 
beroy Bush 

#294 Barbara 
Marie Bush 

#295 Leah 
B. Trenem 

#296 Elfie 
B. Daly 

243 Isaac Alldredge III 

1870 - 1964 

Isaac Alldredge, son of Susannah Evans and 
Isaac Alldredge II, was born in Lehi, Utah, Octo- 
ber 13, 1870. When he became old enough he 
attended a school that his grandmother had started 
for her grandchildren. 

He loved sports and music, learning to play 
the piccolo, flute, clarinet and drums. 

While in Deseret with his father's family he 
met and nmrried Sarah Annie Western, October 
28, 1888, Later this marriage was sealed in the 
Manti Temple by Anthony H, Lund, There were 
born to this couple nine children: Roy, who died 
as a baby; May; Don Franklin, who died at two and 
one half years; Eleazer; Marion; Levi; John, who 
died the day of his birth; Eldon and Myron. 

He moved from Deseret to Ferron and took 
up land there. He sold his farm to a neighbor and 
built a blacksmith shop and followed the life of 
farming and blacksmithing. He was active in 
music and dramatics. 

Isaac joined with others who were moving to 
Mexico, Difficulties attended every move they 
made to reach Morelos, However, they arrived 
there in January, 1901, 

On August 16, 1902 Isaac Alldredge and 
Maria Delila Van Leuven were married. To this 
union were born the following: Aritta, Irvin, Nora, 
Vangie, Lurie, Lelan Dee, & Verl I. 

Many difficulties accompanied the Alldredge 
family. They were driven out of Mexico with others 
in 1912. Their travels covered a wide area. They 
finally settled in St. George, Utah. There Isaac 
worked at blacksmithing. He worked in his shop 
and at times worked on construction sites. 

Isaac died June 13, 1964. He was buried in 
the cemetery in St, George, 

He lived a long and colorful life, enjoying his 
church assignments and helping build up nnany places 
where he lived. Though he had little of this world's 
"treasures" he considered himself spiritually rich. 

Susie A. Theobald 244 

1874 - 1946 

Susie AUdredge was the third child of ten 
children of Isaac and Susannah Evans AUdredge. 
She was born in Lehi, Utah, Nov. 7, 1874, 

The family lived in Lehi until Sept 1881. 
Moving to Deseret, they lived there until they 
moved to Hinkley, 

Educational opportunities were limited and 
the church was the center of community activities. 

In Hinckley, Susie was active in church work 
and there met and married Earnest B, Theobald, 
Nov. 23, 1892. 

Susie was the mother of seven children, three 
girls and four boys, all born in Hinkley and brought 
up under Church influence. 

She was called by the Relief Society of the 
Church to take a class in obstetrics and general 
nursing to help members of the Ward and others 
in that area. The years that followed were spent 
helping wherever she was needed. 

Her husband was County Surveyor with head- 
quarters in Fillmore, Utah. With the exception of 
a few years when they were in Nevada and Cali- 
fornia, they lived in Fillmore the remainder of 
their lives, where her health was much better. 

They were in a car accident Jan. 9, 1946. 
She passed away at the scene of the accident. He 
survived but passed away Jan. 12, 1946. They 
were buried together Jan, 15, 1946, 

Susie resembled her mother in stature, short 
and heavy, light hair which was curie y. She had a 
happy disposition. She lived her life for others in 
service or making beautiful hand work. She was 
never idle, always tatting, crocheting or making 
quilts or rugs. She always had soraething in her 
hands to work on. Even after a severe operation 
she never gave up, but continued to improve 
conditions or help others. 

245 Emma A. Pratt 

1876 - 1907 

Emma Alldredge, the fourth child of Susannah 
Evans and Isaac Alldredge, was born in Lehi, Utah, 
August 31, 1876. She moved with her family to 
Deseret, Utah, September 8, 1881. Her family 
lived in a small log house on a farm. The children 
slept on trundle beds which could be pushed under 
the large beds when not in use. The Alldredge 
family moved to Hinckley, Utah. Her father made 
adobe bricks for a three room house. All of the 
family had to help with the chores, such as helping 
with the housework, cooking and sewing. After the 
noon meal was over, carpet rags were torn and 
stitched. The children could then play until time 
to fix supper. Emma was married to Jonathan 
Surges Pratt November 23, 1892. To this mar- 
riage was born the following: Nina, William 
Burgess, Zella, Elizabeth, Jonathan Isaac, 
Avelin, and Vaunda. 

Her daughter, Nina Jacobs, writes of her as 
follows: "Mother was a beautiful, happy and loving 
woman. She read, sang, played games and helped 
us with our homework, and she always had us say 
our prayers before going to bed. She was a very 
good cook and homemaker. The house was always 
clean and orderly. She made all our clothes which 
were very attractive. 

On Sundays and on Holidays she had a nice 
dinner and we could invite our friends, if we wished 
to do so. She worked in the church as Relief Society 
Teacher, sang in the choir and she and father took 
us to church every Sunday. She had many friends 
and would help anyone in need. She died in Provo 
March 22, 1907 in the hospital while giving birth 
to twins, who were stillborn. Father looked like 
he was in a trance. It was a sad day for all of us. 

She left six children, Vaunda the youngest, 
was only one and a half years old. Grandmother 
Pratt, father's mother, took the children and 
made a home for us until her health failed several 
years later. " 

Deseret A. Goodwin 246 


1881 - 

Deseret (called "Desy" by her family) was 
born May 29, 1881 to Isaac and Susannah Evans 
Alldredge in Lehi, Utah. 

As a young girl she gathered wood for winter, 
helped make bricks for their home, herded cows 
and harrowed the fields^ and drove the younger 
children to school in a buggy. She also became 
an accomplished seamstress. 

When the faraily moved to Ferron, Desy 
joined the Castle Valley Choir, She met Charles 
R. Johnson in Salt Lake during the choir contests. 

She attended BYU in Provo, When Charles 
returned from his mission they were married 
September 4, 1901 in the Manti Temple, Both 
taught school in Ferron, Their daughter Clover 
was born in 1903 in Price, Utah and two sons. 
Reed and Lund in 1905 and 1906 in Huntington. 

Desy was active in community dramatics in 
Huntington and Provo where they moved when 
Charles accepted a position at the BYU, 

After fifteen months of study in Chicago 
(Charles took the family) they again settled in 
Provo where Ruth was born in 1911. Charles 
taught music at the BYU until the spring of 1916. 

Dixie was born August 1916, and one month 
later Charles accepted a position with the Utah 
Agricultural College in Logan, Utah. 

During the first world war teachers were 
needed, so Desy taught school. She also demon- 
strated her teaching skills at the college, 

Charles's sudden death in 1925 was a great 
shock to his family. When she felt able, "Desy" 
opened a successful beauty shop in Logan, 

In 1937 she married Clifford Goodwin, They 
lived in Logan until his death in 1958, 

"Desy" joined the Bahai faith in 1950, 

She spent some time with her children then 

247 Deseret A. Goodwin 

decided to move to the Highland Manor Rest Home 
in Salt Lake where she still resides. She will be 
91 this year (1972). 

1884 - 1968 

Nettie, the seventh child of Susannah Evans 
and Isaac Alldredge, was born in Deseret, Utah, 
21 July 1884 in a small log cabin. The children 
slept in trundle beds which were pushed under the 
larger beds in the day time. They moved to Ferron 
for a few years. In 1901 her family moved to Old 
Mexico where she met and married John Woodruff 
Keat on June 20, 1904. To this couple were born 
three children: John Quinton Keat, in Old Mexico; 
Gweneth Susannah Keat, in Douglas, Arizona; and 
Crystal May Keat, at Hurly, New Mexico. Nettie 
lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. 

Nettie and Deseret visited their father some 
time after the funeral of their mother. As they 
started to leave, Isaac wrote, with his unsteady 
hand, in the dust on Nettie's car: "This is the last 
time I will see you. " He died not long after, 
Nettie's husband, John Woodruff Keat, was a 
mechanic on heavy machinery and moved from 
one location to another always making good money 
but always moving from one place to another. 

In the early years of their marriage Nettie 
went with her husband; however, in later years 
Nettie lived in the neighborhood of Los Angeles 
while John continued to travel. They lived in 
Miarai, Arizona; Hollywood, California and 
Van Nye s, California. 

Nettie Alldredge Keat died on September 9, 

1886 - 1894 

Virginia Alldredge, the eighth child born to 
Isaac and Susannah Evans Alldredge, was born on 
September 4, 1886. On September 15, 1894, 
Virginia died of diphtheria. Susannah was grief 

Virginia Alldredge 248 

stricken. Her children remember her throwing 
herself on the front porch sobbing and crying. 
They could not hold a funeral. The Relief Society 
women made clothes. Uncle Bill (Isaac's brother) 
bathed and dressed Virginia, made her casket which 
was placed on the front lawn. The family was 
allowed to walk by and look at her, but they had to 
walk on the windward side so that the germs would 
not blow on them. There was a very short service. 
When they started for the cemetery, Desy, who 
was then thirteen years old, began to sing a Sunday 
School song. Her mother asked her how she could 
sing when her little sister was dead, "Desy" said 
she thought Virginia should have some music for 
her funeral. 

1889 - 1949 

Leo Alldredge, the son of Isaac Alldredge 
and Susannah Evans Alldredge, was born in 
Hinkley, Utah, Jan. 12, 1889. He was the ninth 
child and one of only two boys in a family of ten. 
At the age of 12, he, with the rest of his father's 
family, moved to Mexico. 

He entered the Juarez Academy in 1908 where 
he first met his future wife, Ida Romney, On 
August 26, 1911, at the age of 22, he and Ida were 
married by Ida's brother. President Junius Romney, 
After a short honeymoon they moved to San Jose, 
Sonora, Mexico, where they lived for one year. 
In October 1911, they traveled to Salt Lake City, 
Utah, where they were sealed in the Temple. 

Leo and his family, like many of the saints, 
were driven out of Mexico in August 1912 by the 
armed force of Pancho Villa. He, his wife and 
baby, Vonda, only five weeks old, fled to Douglas, 
Arizona, where he obtained work in a meat shop. 
Later they moved to Mesa, Arizona, where Leo 
found employment. After two years of diligent 
study he was able to pass the "State Bar" and 
practice law, 

Leo was active in the Church, being in the 
Bishopric of the Mesa Third Ward. He was active 

249 Leo Alldredge 

in Scouting, holding various positions. He loved 
hunting and fishing. His children have happy 
recollections of Saturday afternoons spent learning 
to fish and shoot a gun. 

Leo and Ida were the parents of nine children: 
Vonda, Leona, Leroy, Miles, Nelda, Junius, 
Gerald, Ida Mae, and David. Gerald died at birth. 

Leo's wife, Ida, died June 14, 1943. He 
followed her in death April 24, 1949, at the age 
of 60, He was buried in Mesa, Arizona. 


1893 - 

I was born 16 August 1893, the tenth child of 
Isaac and Susannah Evans Alldredge, in Hinkley, 
Millard County, Utah. 

When I was six weeks old the family was 
stricken with diphtheria. My eight-year-old sister 
died and my own life was despaired of, due to this 
terrible disease. 

When I was two, the family moved to Ferron, 
Emery Co. , Utah. There I started school. My 
sister "Desy" was my teacher the first three years, 

Our family moved to Colonia Morelos, 
Mexico when I was nine. Life was quite hard, with 
not much to eat, but we were all united and helped 
one another. There we lived until 1904, when 
father moved to Nacariza, a mining town, where 
he worked hauling freight. Although only eleven 
years old, I helped father drive a team, as he 
could not get another man to help him. My father 
liked to explore new places and there were several 
more moves for the family. 

When I was sixteen, we moved to San Jose. 
We spent three years there and it was here I met 
my husband, Alva Langford. We were married 
Mar. 22, 1912 there by Bishop George Albert 
Martineau. Two weeks later we went to Salt Lake 
City to be sealed in the Temple by Anthony Lund. 
We became the parents of ten children. 

After our marriage we were doing well on a 
farm when the war in Mexico broke out and we had 

Jacosa A. Langford 250 

to leave. We lived in many places in New Mexico, 
Arizona, and Utah, finally settling in Mesa, 

I have held many church positions in Primary, 
Sunday School and Relief Society, enjoying the work 
of the Lord in all capacities. 

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for the 
wonderful spirits he gave us to care for on the earth. 

My husband passed away in 1962. I am now 
seventy-seven years old (1970) and hope to be of 
some help to someone as long as I live. 

1852 - 1923 

David Evans, Jr. , lawyer and mining oper- 
ator, was born at Lehi, Utah, January 28, 1852, 
son of David and Barbara Ann Ewell. 

David received his early education in the 
Lehi public schools and at Brigham Young Academy, 
Provo, Utah. He then studied law under Judge Enos 
A. Hoge, being admitted to the bar in 187 0. He 
continued his law studies at the University of 
Michigan in 1882-83. During 1883-86 at Provo he 
was a partner of Samuel R, Thurman, 

In 1889 he moved to Ogden, Utah, where he 
formed a partnership with Lindsey R. Rogers. He 
represented Weber County in the Utah Territorial 
senate in 1892-93 and was chairman of the standing 
committees on elections, judiciary, penitentiary 
and reform school, municipal corporations, and 
the joint committee on memorials to Congress. 
He was a prominent member of the Utah Constitu- 
tional Convention in 1895, and during 1896-98 he 
was president of the School for the Deaf and Blind 
at Ogden. After practicing law for twenty years 
without losing a case, he retired in 1899 to engage 
actively in mining enterprises, and for several 
years he was a doininent factor in the King David 
Mining Company and various other mining 

In 1905, David moved to California and was 
instrumental in developing the beach city of Venice, 

251 David Evans Jr. 

along the lines of the Italian sea port of that name, 
with many picturesque canals and places of amuse- 
ment. He also established the First National Bank 
of Venice, of which he was president. He settled 
at Los Angeles, California, in 1912, where he be- 
came a member of the Board of Freeholders, and 
it was largely through his efforts that Los Angeles 
County adopted a new charter which established 
the office of Public Defender, the first position of 
its kind in the United States. He was elected first 
president of the county civil service commission 
when it was organized in 1913 and served until 
August 1915, when he resigned. 

Dave possessed a keen judicial mind, a gift 
of oratory and broad views concerning public ques- 
tions. He championed every cause which in his 
opinion made for progress and enlightenment. He 
was a man of many charities, among which was 
the establishment of a perpetual fund providing for 
four scholarships a year at the Brigham Young 
University. In politics, he was a Democrat. He 
was a delegate to many of the national conventions 
of that party. He was fond of reading and possessed 
a large library, his favorite subjects being history, 
philosophy and sociology. 

He was married at Lehi, Utah, December 1, 
1881, to Leahj daughter of John Conrad Naegle, a 
Utah ranchman and pioneer. They had three 
daughters: Lucile (wife of Paul Clendenning 
Ferrell of Los Angeles), Gwendolyn Leah, and 
Irma Louise (wife of John Osgood Wiley of Beverly 
Hills, California), 

Dave died in Los Angeles, September 5, 1923. 

(The above biography was prepared upon 
request from the National Encyclopedia of American 
Biography by Leah Naegle Evans and daughter Lucile 
Evans Ferrell. Lucile adds: "My father was to us 
a most loving, thoughtful and inspiring man. He 
was deeply interested in all problems. I loved to 
walk with him in the evening after dinner and dis- 
cuss all sorts of things: astronomy, history, art 
and architecture, meterology, politics, philosophy, 
religion- -everything. He loved music, had records 
of Caruso and other opera singers of that time. ") 

David Evans Jr. 252 

He provided the best teachers for his daughters 
musical education. Lucile studied voice with her 
cousin Kate Hodge CoUete, daughter of Sarah Hodge, 
Lucile also studied the piano while sister Irma 
learned to play the violin. Their father appreciated 
their efforts and enjoyed hearing them perform, 

1894 - 

Lucile Evans, the oldest child of David 
Evans Jr. and Leah May Naegle Evans, was born 
October 28, 1894 in Ogden, Utah. When she was 
eight years of age her father and mother moved to 
Los Angeles, California, She studied art at the 
Otis Art Institute, and Chouinard, Los Angeles, 
California, She taught under the auspices of the 
Pasadena Museum and was a member of the faculty 
of the Washington Workshop. She was also a guest 
instructor in art at the Madeira School, Greenway, 

She married Paul Clendenning Ferrel in 1922,] 
Barbara Ann Ferrell was the only child born to 
this couple. 

Lucile writes of herself as follows: "I am 
five feet six inches, have blue eyes, hair was 
medium brown before turning white --for more than 
twenty -five years I have been a professional artist, 
painting and teaching under my maiden name-- 
Lucile Evans. " 

In one of its "Contemporary American Artists 
series, " the Corcoron Gallery of Art, Washington, 
D, C, describes Lucile 's work as follows: "Miss 
Evans first established her reputation in Los 
Angeles, exhibiting with a small group at the Los 
Angeles County Museum and later alone at Vincent 
Price's gallery in Beverly Hills, In 1945 she had 
her first one-man exhibition in New York at the 
Bonestell Gallery, , . , In looking at Miss Evans' 
work one begins to grasp the significance for her, 
of poetic qualities inherent in her subject. To 
express them she constantly seeks precision in 
color, shape, or in the quality of a surface, , , , 
at present she teaches at the Washington Workshop," 

253 Lucile E. Ferrell 

Lucile Evans Ferrell and her daughter 
Barbara Ferrell Hero have held exhibits of art in 
galleries throughout the entire United States. 

1853 - 1862 

Hyrum Evans was born July 8, 1853, at Lehi, 
Utah County, Utah, the eighth child of Barbara Ann 
Ewell and Bishop David Evans. 

On the 29th of July 1862 while helping wash 
the sheep in Utah Lake at Pelican Point, on the 
west side of the lake, he was drowned. This 
brought great tragedy and sorrow to his parents, 
family and friends. 

Hyrum was nine years and twenty -one days 

1855 - 1925 

Barbara Ann Evans was born March 15, 1855 
in Lehi, Utah, the ninth child of David Evans and 
Barbara Ann Ewell Evans, 

When she was fifteen years old (187 0), a 
representative of the Desert Telegraph Line was 
sent to Lehi to install the system. The office was 
set up in Barbara's father's home with Miss Ina 
Johnson of Springville in charge. The Company 
offered to teach telegraphy to any of the local 
women, and promised to place the office in their 
charge when they had reached a stage of sufficient 
proficiency. Barbara was among three young 
ladies who undertook to solve the mysteries of 
"dots and dashes" under the tutorship of Miss 
Johnson at the rate of $5. 00 per month. Since 
the office was in her home, Barbara rapidly out- 
stripped her rivals and obtained the position. The 
telegraph continued in operation until May of 1872 
when on account of insufficient receipts, it was 
abandoned. She accepted a similar position in 
Farmington, Utah, where she worked until she 
returned to Lehi to take charge of the telegraph 
system in the Utah Southern station, the first 

Barbara Ann E. Bush 254 

train having arrived in Lehi on September 23, 1872. 

On August 9, 1875 Barbara was married to 
John Pettit Bush, both of whom began their adult 
lives as telegraph operators which was the principal 
raeans of communication in those days. With this 
mutual interest, and the ever present attraction of 
the opposite sex, they fell in love, married and, 
eventually inoved to Rush Valley, where they 
engaged in farming and ranching, growing among 
other things, corn, potatoes, timothy, alfalfa, 
apples, pears and other fruits typical of the region. 
She was widowed on September 5, 1893. 

To this couple were born six children: 
Virginia Adelle, John Paul, Richard Leroy, 
Barbara Marie, Leah Vivian and Elfie Lenore, 

While on the ranch on Clover Creek in Rush 
Valley, the boys worked the farra with the aid of 
their sister s„ When Virginia was 18 years of age 
she left the family on the farm to attend the Univer 
sity of Utah. Then Barbara Ann took a position as 
matron at a residence hall at the Agricultural 
College (Utah State University) and she took the 
three younger girls to Logan with her. 

At the beginning of the Spanish -American 
War, her second son, Richard, enlisted and 
Barbara Ann took the rest of the family and 
moved to Lehi„ 

The Bush family made their home at various 
locations in Utah during the early period: Millard 
County, Beaver County, Rush Valley as well as 
Lehi. They experienced the privations, hardships 
and pleasures of pioneer life. The children learned 
to plow the soil, milk cows, care for horses, pick 
fruit, and do other things necessary for preserva- 
tion of life, thus developing the traits of self- 
reliance and independence. Along with the neces- 
sary skills of furnishing the necessities of life this 
fanaily learned the cultural arts as well. Their 
musical ability learned here shown up later in 
their lives. The great desire to achieve in the 
world of their day also came from their family life. 
Generally speaking, the members of this family 
excelled in the fields in which they chose. This 
trait so common in this family was learned from 
the family circle. 

255 Barbara Ann E, Bush 

Barbara Ann Bush lived to become seventy- 
years of age, and died on July 22, 1925, at Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

1876 - 1966 

Virginia Adelle Bush was born in Lehi, Utah, 
on May 8, 1876. Born of Mormon pioneer parents, 
Virginia experienced and enjoyed the privations, 
hardships and pleasures of pioneer life. About the 
year 1882 the family moved to Clover Creek, Rush 
Valley, The oldest child in the family, she learned 
to plow the soil, milk cows, harness the horses, 
pick fruit and do the other things necessary for the 
preservation of life. For recreation she danced in 
the hay-loft of a neighbor's barn (a brother Stucki) 
with two fiddlers to play the music so common to 
Western life. 

In this rugged community, she found time to 
take music lessons as a young girl, and to acquire 
an interest in the arts. It was in this community 
where, as a young girl, she was baptized into the 
Mormon Church in a creek of cold water. These 
experiences were part of her life and she never 
wanted to forget them. 

At the age of 18 she moved to Salt Lake City 
to attend the University of Utah. After graduation, 
she taught in high schools in Salt Lake City, the 
Brigham Young College in Logan, and later was 
appointed a member of the faculty of the University 
of Utah. In all, she taught for a period of about 15 

She married Harold M. Stevens, September 
6, 1913. 

While her husband attended and graduated 
fromi Harvard Law School, she attended Radcliff 
College, They resided in Salt Lake City, Los 
Angeles, and Washington, D, C, Harold became 
the Chief Judge of the United States Court of 
Appeals of the District of Columbia during the 
administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 

Her husband preceded her in death by ten 
years. After Harold's death, she pursued her 

Virginia Bush Stevens 256 

interest in the Bible. Although nearly eighty years 
old, she enrolled in a number of classes at George 
Washington University. 

At her funeral, in Salt Lake City, Ernest L, 
Wilkinson said: "The little girl from Rush Valley 
has returned home, home to these valleys of the 
mountains, home to her Creator. " She died 
February 2, 1966. 

1881 - 1970 

Barbara Marie Bush, fourth child of Barbara 
Ann Evans and John Pettit Bush, was born at Mil- 
ford, Utah, September 23, 1881. Her early child- 
hood years were spent in Clover Creek, Rush 
Valley, Utah on a farm. Her father died in 1893 
in Clover Creek, Tooele County, Utah. The family 
remained in Clover Creek until her brother Richard 
enlisted in the Spanish -American War, at which 
time the family moved to Lehi. Barbara Marie's 
older sister was in Logan at the Brigham Young 
College, She spent some time with this older sister, 
Virginia, in Logan, During their growing years 
these girls found time to study music and become 
interested in other cultural arts. The talents 
developed during this time came forward in later 
years when she joined choral groups and later the 
Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir, 

She enjoyed the life on the farm and loved to 
roam over the farm and to ride horseback whenever 
she was permitted to do so. 

On Septeraber 10, 1904 she married Sannuel 
Joseph Wing. To this marriage three children 

were born: Marion Virginia Wing, Martha Wing, 
Dorothy Wing, 

After 16 years this marriage ended in 
divorce in 1920. The family was living in Brigham 
City at the time, but moved to Salt Lake City where 
Barbara Marie worked and reared her daughters. 

Her hobbies included, in addition to music, 
sewing, crocheting, knitting, and needle work. 
This latter hobby kept her busy and interested in 
her "sunset years". Being an avid reader, she 

257 Barbara Marie Wing 

kept her mind alert and at 88 years of age she 
was young in thought and spirit. 

Summing up her personality: --a vivacious, 
bright, optimistic, warm, friendly person with an 
interest in life and worldly happenings, 

Barbara Marie Bush Wing died Mar. 23, 1970, 

1856 - 1940 

Rozilla was the tenth child born to David and 
Barbara Ann Ewell Evans on May 4, 1856, Lehi, 

She spent her childhood in a well organized 
pioneer home where she learned many of the skills 
of the day, also to share in the obligations and 
duties present in a Bishop's household; for her 
father held this position for twenty-eight years. 

Rozilla was a lover of flowers and enjoyed 
planting and nurturing flower beds about her home. 
She told her children how she loved the waxy 
buttercups her mother had around the well and 
was anxious to pick them, but her mother often 
reminded her they must be saved until Brigham 
Young stopped for dinner when they could be picked 
and made into lovely table arrangements. Rozilla 
was not sure she liked Brigham Young for this. 

On the 31st of March 1873 she was married 
to William E. Racker, who at the age of fifteen 
years emigrated to America from Demnark. To 
this union were born twelve children: William 
Emil (died in infancy), Ruth (stillborn), Eugene 
Fredrick, Rosa May, Leonard David, Jacob 
Eliazer, Maude Lillian, Francella Emelia, Ira 
Adami, Irene Eve, Barbara LaRetta, and Jenny 

Her daughter, Francella, recalls her mother's 
generosity when the Indians would stop to the 
pioneer homes asking for sugar, etc. Rozilla 
always would dip her tin quart cup into her sugar 
supply and pour it into the outheld sack when they 
stopped at her door. She would then add a loaf of 
her delicious bread while her children, frightened 

259 Eugene F. Racker 

hospital at the Presidio in San Francisco before 
he was released to return home. 

On July 31, 1900, Eugene Frederick Racker 
and Orpha Adams of American Fork were married 
in American Fork, Utah. After they were married 
he worked as a clerk and as a nniner until 1904. 
He enlisted in the army for the third time and 
was assigned to the 29th Infantry, Company G, 
Here he served as company clerk, post printer^ 
and school teacher. He gained the respect and 
love of the men and officers of G company. 

He died, in the post hospital, of dysentery 
on Sunday, April 23, 1905. Following his death, 
a funeral with a military band preceding, Capt. 
Wells, Adjutant General, and Company officers 
formed the escort of the body. 



1879 - 1966 

Rosa May Racker was born May 4, 1879, at 
Lehi, Utah. She was the fourth child of Rozilla 
Evans and William Emil Racker. She married 
William Crabb, son of Charles Crabb and Ann 
Hickman Scrowther, She was the mother of four 
children: William Arnold Crabb, Charles Homer 
Crabb, Franklin Morris Crabb, and Rozilla 
La Priel Crabb Coffman. 

She then married John Henry Carson of 
Nevada, at Jackson County, Missouri. They 
remained there for about a year. They then 
moved to Texas where they remained for about 
five years. Later they moved to San Diego, 
California, where they purchased a home at 
Lewis and Clark Street. They remained there 
for about two years. While at San Diego she met 
and was given her only airplane ride by Charles 
A. Lindberg. She also met William Jennings 
Bryan. They moved to the Glendale Hotel in 
Glendale, California, ^^here she remained until 
her husband died. 

She then married Carl Anton Stiller of 
Budapest, Hungary. They resided in Norwalk, 

Rosa May Stiller 260 

California, and later in Los Nietos, California, 
Her third husband died in Los Nietos, She still 
resided there in January 1961, being close to 82 
years of age. 

She sang as a member of the Mormon Taber- 
nacle Choir before her first marriage. Her eye 
sight and hearing were in perfect order up until 
the time she died. And she was very kind and fond 
of children, 

Rosa May Racker Crabb Carson Stiller died 
December 25, 1966, at the age of 87 in El Paso, 
Texas, and was buried there on December 27, 1966. 

During the final period of her life she was 
cared for by her grandson Morris H. Crabb. 


1881 - 1954 

Leonard David Racker Sr, , the fifth child of 
Rozilla Evans Racker and William Emil Racker, 
was born Aug. 26, 1881 in Lehi, Utah. He was 
one of a family of twelve children. 

He received his education in the Lehi schools 
and at an early age he worked for his father hauling 
merchandise from Salt Lake City to Lehi, His 
father was the owner and the manager of the Racker 
Mercantile Company. 

He married Inger (Dot) Adams November 5th, 
1902 in Amierican Fork, Utah. He was the father 
of eight children: Lela Delvore, Vivian Orpha, 
Leonard David Jr. , Jennie Anita, Ruth lola, William 
Emil, Carl, and Rose Marie. Leonard reared a 
good family which is the true measure of a man's 
real character. He had good desires and wanted 
his family to have good things. He was in deed an 
honest and honorable man. It should be mentioned 
that two of his sons became Bishops in the L, D, S, 
Church, Leonard David Racker Jr. was a bishop 
in Salt Lake City and Carl Racker was a bishop in 
Layton, Utah. 

For several years, Leonard was the manager 
of the hardware department in his father's store. 
He later became owner -manager of this department 


#2A3 Eugene 
Fredrick Racker 

#2A4 Rose May 
Racker Stellar 

#2A5 Leonard 
D. Racker 

#2A8 Francella 
Racker Chipman 

#2A9 Ira Adam 

#2AB Barbara 

La Retta R. Adamson 

261 Leonard Racker Sr. 
after his father's retirement. 

In 1930 he moved his family to Salt Lake City 
where he managed the hardware department for 
Sears Roebuck & Company. He also worked at 
the Utah Oil Refinery in North Salt Lake City. He 
later moved back to Lehi where he was living at 
the time of his death. He died July 31, 1954, after 
a six weeks illness. He was buried in the Lehi 
City Cemetery, 

1890 - 1965 

Ira Adam Racker, the ninth child of William 
Emil and Rozilla Evans Racker, was the eldest of 
twins born May 8, 1890 in Lehi, Utah. 

As a child he attended and was instructed in 
the L. D, S. Church. He was baptized a member 
of the church on Aug. 29, 1899 and later held the 
office of a priest. 

He received his schooling in Lehi, He 
learned to play the drums and played with the Lehi 
Silver Band, Carters' Orchestra, the Provo Band 
and other orchestras. He was employed by his 
father at the Racker Mercantile until he volunteered 
to join the army on May 15, 1918. He was assigned 
to the 337 Field Artillery, Battery F, which saw 
action in France, 

Previous to his enlistment in the army, he 
married Marvel Rhodes of Lehi on May 10, 1918. 
After he returned home he and his wife lived in 
Lehi, where he sold automobiles and was employed 
at other gainful employment. He was active in the 
American Legion and joined the Utah National 
Guard. Under Sheriff J. D. Boyd he was a Deputy 
sheriff and also a night watchman for Lehi City. 

He used his team to pull the first horse- 
drawn fire engine in Lehi and was always ready 
to help whenever there was a fire to fight. Ira 
and his team of horses became a part of the Lehi 
Fire Department. 

In later years he lived in the home of his 
father. He planted many flowers about his home 

Ira Adam Racker 262 

and he loved to take care of them. Many people 
were given starts from his prize flowers. 

He died September 6, 1965 in the American 
Fork Hospital, He was buried in the Lehi City- 


1890 - 

Irene Eve, a twin to Ira Adam Racker, was 
born May 8, 1890 at Lehi, Utah to Williami Emil 
and Rozilla Evans Racker. 

She was their tenth child. The twins were 
extra special to this family. It was a large family 
of twelve children, 

Irene received her education at the schools 
of Lehi. She also attended church in Lehi. 

She was of dark complexion with dark eyes 
and was a lovely person. Both she and her twin 
brother, Ira, had a good sense of humor. 

When about eighteen years of age, she met 
Alonzo (Loney) Raymond, a returned missionary 
who was from Idaho Falls, Idaho. They were 
married and had five lovely children, three boys 
and two girls: Willard J. Raymond, Ira Leon 
Raymond, Clifford Dean Raymond, Marjorie Ray- 
mond, and Donna Raymond. They made their 
horae in Ogden, Utah. 

She was active in the L. D. S. Ward and sang 
in the Mother's Choir, 

Irene loved to serve others, was a good 
mother, and neighbor. She was ready to help 
whenever there was illness in the homes of rela- 
tives and friends. She was always there to assist 
in time of death in a family. Wherever help was 
needed, she was there to assist. 

After the death of her husband, she remarried. 
Her name is now Irene Rose, and is again a widow, 
her husband having passed away. 

It is now 1970 and she has lived at Weber 
Memorial Hospital at Ogden, Utah, for the past 

263 Irene Eve Raymond 

three -and a half years. Her son and his wife and 
family are very thoughtful of her. They visit her 


1895 - 

Barbara La Retta Racker was born March 
31, 1895 at Lehi, Utah to William Emil and Rozilla 
Evans Racker, She attended school in Lehi and was 
a member of the Lehi Second Ward, where she was 
active as a child. 

Her father organized the Racker Mercantile 
Company, and La Retta and members of her family 
became efficient clerks in serving the people of 
Lehi and neighboring towns. They sold hardware, 
food, clothing, yardage, needles, thread, shoes, 
mens' suits and coats, etc. La Retta had a charm- 
ing personality and enjoyed her work, endearing 
herself to those whom she served. 

La Retta loved school and was a happy and 
active child, becoming skilled at ice skating, 
roller skating, horseback riding, and dancing. 
She was well liked by her many friends. 

On February 16, 1912 she married Sherwood 
Adamson of American Fork. They lived in Ameri- 
can Fork and Lehi. Their children, Howard and 
Beth La Rue, grew to maturity in Lehi and later 
moved to California. Sherwood was a sheepman 
for many years and then worked as a fireman for 
the governraent at Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah. 
He was a member of the L. D, S. Church. 

The Adamson home was one of cleanliness 
and beauty. La Retta had a talent to keep herself 
and her surroundings very attractive. She was a 
beautiful mother and her children were beautiful 
and loved. Much of La Retta' s time was devoted 
to her yard and flowers and she shared her flowers 
and time with her many friends and neighbors. 

After the death of her husband, January 21, 
1954, she moved to California to be near her 
children, living at West Los Angeles, where she 
worked. Later she lived at Rossmore, California, 

LaRetta R. Adamson 264 

where she cared for children. Then she lived at 
the home of her daughter, becoming an important 
member of this family, being loved by her grand- 

She now resides at Palm Desert, California, 
where her children visit her often. (1970) 


1861 - 1884 

Eleazer Evans, son of Bishop David Evans 
and Barbara Ann Ewell, was born February 23, 
1861, in Lehi, Utah County, Utah. He was called 
to fill a mission in the European mission and left 
Lehi October 16, 1883, arriving in Liverpool 
November 2, 1883. He was assigned to labor in 
the Swiss and German Mission--going first to 
Switzerland and then to his field of labor in Berlin, 
Germany, at which place he remained until the 
latter part of January following. 

On account of failing health, he was recalled 
to England, While in London, he contracted a 
severe cold. He was released to return home 
accompanied by Elder Joseph Wild of American 
Fork, Utah, leaving Liverpool on the l6th of 
February and arriving in New York February 25/ 
26, 1884. He arrived in Salt Lake City March 2. 
1884 and received his release'the same day, 

Eleazer died at his mother's home in Lehi on 
March 24, 1884, He lived a worthy life and made 
his calling and election sure, 


1862 - 1921 

Mosiah Evans, son of David and Barbara Ann 
(Ewell) Evans, was born the early evening of 22 
September 1862 in the two story adobe family home 
facing South on Main Street in the little community 
on Dry Creek known at that time as Lehi, Utah 

As prelude, it was but twelve years prior to 
the birth of Mosiah that this northern most com- 
munity in the Utah Valley had received its first 

265 Mosiah Evans 

settlers, among them being his oldest half brother 
Israel Evans, Israel's wife Matilda Thomas and 
their infant daughter Abigail. Shortly after the 
turn of that year, on the 15th of February 1851 
Mosiah's father Bishop David Evans and family 
were sent to Dry Creek, he to become one of the 
able leaders in the colonization of the valleys of 
the mountains. During these twelve years prior 
to Mosiah's birth the settlement on Dry Creek 
changed not only its name --first to Evansville and 
then to Lehi--but it also changed from a loosely 
regulated rural community fraught with the hard- 
ships of sustaining life in a somewhat hostile 
environment to that of an organized civic center. 
(One of the major criticisms then and now is its 
two centers --"Upper " and "Lower" Lehi. ) 

Young Mosiah's twinkling dark brown eyes, 
a characteristic of the majority of his father's 
children, marked him as one of those "Evans 
papooses" as the Indians designated them. His 
hair was also brown and from wavy to curly depend- 
ing on the weather. His complexion was fair. His 
body was well proportioned and responsive. His 
native ability and good common sense coupled with 
an enthusiastic interest in everything about him 
frustrated what might otherwise have been the 
result of a totally limiting formal education. 

His three "R"s consisted of three or four 
grades in a one -room school situation plus tutoring 
by members of his family. He later was taught 
telegraphy by his older sister, Barbara, who in 
1870 had become the first telegrapher in Lehi for 
the Deseret Telegraphy Lines. Through her 
encouragement and recommendations young 
Mosiah applied himself to the mysteries of the 
strangely spaced clicks and himself became a 
capable and respected telegrapher for the railroad. 
Years after leaving telegraphy, as a profession, he 
would stop by a dispatcher's office to hear the click 
of the key. It, too, was not an uncommon occurance 
for him to recognize the individual who from a far 
away place was keying a rhythm that Mosiah's 
sensitive ear could recognize as a friend he had 
known years before. 

On the 14th of December 1882 Mosiah married 

Mosiah Evans 266 

Catherine Esther Carter in the Endowment House 
in Salt Lake City. Esther, as she was known, was 
the third child of James Perry and Harriet (Wood) 

Mosiah continued his work with the railroad 
for some ten years following his marriage during 
which time their family increased by four, namiely, 
Mosiah David James or Mosie, Esther Maud also 
known as Essie or Dot, Howard and Hazel May. 
Upon separation from the railroad he associated 
with the Lehi Co-op as bookkeeper and accountant. 
This second period marked an increase in their 
family of three --Eleazar Carter or Azer, John 
Rosco or Ross, and Glen Merrill or Pat. Sometime 
during the Co-op, he started buying into a Bear 
River land and water development venture together 
with T. R. Cutler, George Austin and others. 

During this same Co-op period he entered the 
political arena to become City Recorder in 1893, 
The November election of 1895 brought him the 
honor and responsibilities of Mayor. In 1897 the 
prohibition issue of the Democrats edged Mosiah 
out of office but in November of 1899 Mosiah was 
returned to office with a mandate to return the 
community to his former policy of high license 
and strict regulation. In November of 1900 Mayor 
Evans was elected to the state legislature and so 
resigned his position as chief executive of Lehi. 
George Austin was appointed to succeed him. Two 
years later this was reversed when Mayor Austin 
was elected to the State Legislature and Mosiah 
was appointed to complete Mr, Austin's term as 
Mayor --November 1901 to November 1902, 

Early in his political activities Mosiah left 
the Co-op to become bookkeeper and accountant 
for the Lehi Bank. During the bank period two 
additional children Earl William and Jesse Vir- 
ginia joined the family. It was not until the 
Garland period that the last child Lyra Alice was 
stillborn. This Bank period and his Lehi political 
life were brought to a close when Mosiah accepted 
a bid to serve the Utah -Idaho Sugar Co. as Resident 
Manager in the building of a new factory at Garland, 
Box Elder Co. , Utah, 

267 Mosiah Evans 

The Garland period was preceded by a season 
of week ending with the family in Lehi and working 
through the week at Corinne, Utah, \\here pre- 
liminary planning was carried on and from where 
the building of the factory and various town 
facilities was directed. In the fall of 1904 the 
family moved to Garland. In 1905 Mosiah was 
elected first president of the Garland town board. 
He helped to organize the Garland Commercial 
Club and served as its president in 1907 and again 
in 1912, He served extended terms as President 
of the Bank of Garland and the Garland Athletic 
Association, He attracted a doctor to the Garland 
area by establishing a drug store, offered switch 
board space in this same drug store and so attracted 
the telephone. His daughter, Essie, became the 
first "Central" as well as drug store clerk. 

It was during the Garland period that the 
family started their dispersion into homes of their 
own. Young Mosiah, "Mosie, " married Bessie 
Preston in 1906, He remained in Garland, first 
working for the Sugar factory and then as cashier 
of the bank for about ten years when he moved to 
Alameda, California, At the time he moved to 
California he requested that the family discontinue 
calling him Mosie and he became known as M, D. 
All of his children (3) were born in Garland. 
Esther or Essie married David B, Foulger the 
spring of the following year. David and his 
brother Herbert were in the mercantile business 
with Herbert doing portrait photography as an 
additional service. Two of the children of Essie 
and Dave were born in Garland after which they 
moved to Ogden, David's home town, where the 
other two children were born. Howard married 
Grace Elva Harding and after the birth of their 
first three children they moved to Payson, Utah 
County, where the fourth member of their family 
was born. Hazel May married a Salt Lake man 
David Charles Chapman. Their first child was a 
Garland daughter while the other four were born 
in Salt Lake City. Eleazar or Azar married Annie 
Garfield in 1915. They adopted a daughter in 
Garland and later a son in Carlin, Nevada. Glen 
Merrill, "Pat, " married Pearl Pansy Phelps. 
Their first, a Garland son, was born shortly 

Mosiah Evans 268 

before they moved to Los Angeles, California, 
where their other child, a daughter, was born. 
The three remaining childrenof Mosiah and Esther 
married somewhat after the Garland period as 
follows: John Rosco "Ross" married Bertha Grace 
Backalan following his release from the Army, 
having served in France during the war that was 
to make the world safe for democracy. Their 
three children were born and raised in California, 
Earl William married Marie Huggard in the North- 
west. Marie passed away and following her (2) 
Helene suffering from the same infection also 
passed away. Earl has since married (3) Mary 
Seyffert. They live in North Hollywood, California, 
Jessie Virginia married Raymon Clarke Dickinson 
in Seattle, Washington. They had a daughter and 
three sons. 

The foregoing has reviewed that which 
Mosiah Evans did in a business and civic way, 
refusing to accept the limitations that an inadequate 
formal education might otherwise have occasioned. 
His climb to a respected position in both business 
and political levels as deliniated does not tell 
sufficiently of his true character ! Mention must 
be made of the warm, gentle love that existed 
between him and his wife and as they came to 
them, to each child member of the family. It 
stands as a testimonial of his deep inner kindness 
and gracious respect for others. A like feeling 
for him was returned by all who enjoyed his 
friendship. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, 
cousins have left expressions of the good will and 
fellowship existing between Mosiah and his many 
relations. Throughout his life he had a youthful, 
vital, involved interest in the wonders of nature 
and science and in the ever changing social scene. 
Not satisfied to enjoy alone he invited others to 
share in the enjoyment of each passing event. He, 
with all his other interest and responsibilities, was 
still ready to patiently show and explain the inner 
workings of some current advancement in science 
or community improvement. His children were 
taken to state or local celebrations, the fair, 
resorts. He and his wife visited Yellowstone Park 
when the National Parks Service and western 
tourism were still in their infancy. His grandchildren 

269 Mosiah Evans 

who knew them remember the almost hedonistic 
enjoyment of a visit to the home of Grandpa and 
Grandma Evans. 

In the summer of 1916, Mosiah, Esther and 
Jessie, their youngest, moved to Spanish Fork 
Utah, where he continued his work with the Sugar 
Company. He remained there for just short of 
three years and then moved to Salt Lake City 
where he passed away the 15th of April 1921 His 
wife sold the home and moved to California where 
she established residence in an apartment adjoin- 
ing the apartments of Wallace Hodge and of his 
sister Catherine Hodge Collette. The Hodge 
people were children of Mosiah's sister. After 
a time she gave up her apartment and commenced 
"visiting" her children. It was during one such 
visit to her daughter Essie in Ogden, Utah, on 27 
December 1941 that she was "called home. " 
Mosiah and Esther are buried in the Lehi Cemetery. 


1864 - 1931 

Mary Evans was the fourteenth child of David 
Evans and Barbara Ann Ewell Evans. She was 
born in Lehi, Utah, May 17, 1864. She was bap- 
tized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints by William Winn when eight years of age. 

She became active in music and in church 
music at an early age. She joined the choir at the 
age of eleven and the Relief Society at twenty -one 
and became the chorister at that time. 

On March 24, 1886 Mary and William Preston 
Wanlass were married in the Logan Temple. Five 

children were born to this union in Lehi, Utah: 
Zella Mary, Barbara Annie, Jennie, William Ewell, 
and Frank Evans. 

In 1902 they moved to Mexico with their 
family. They went to Morelos, in the State of 
Sonora, Here she joined the church choir and 
was also Relief Society chorister. 

Leaving Mexico in 1904 they then settled in 
Douglas, Arizona. Zella Mary, their first 
daughter, was married here to Edmond Sylvester 

Mary E. McAffee 270 

Van Leuven on August 5, 1905. They returned to 
Utah in 1906 and settled in Garland. Here their 
second daughter, Barbara Annie, was married to 
Edward Nathaniel Rogers on July 8, 1908. 

In 1909 they had the opportunity to run a 
boarding house at the Indian Queen Mine which was 
located three miles north of Newhouse, Utah. 
Ewell and Frank walked three miles to attend 
school at Newhouse and still helped her after 
school. They cooked for about thirty boarders. 
After the mine closed down they returned to Gar- 
land where she went back to her choirs and Relief 

Eureka was the next stop of the family. 
Jennie, their daughter, was married to Leslie 
Walton Clement, February 3, 1912. Ewell, their 
son, was married to Verda Fullmer July 8, 1918, 

On October 5$ 1932, they moved to Bonneville 
Ward, Provo. William Preston Wanlass, having 
been very ill, died Mar. 17, 1924. The winter was 
spent in Los Angeles with the two children, Jennie 
Clement and Ewell Wanlass. She returned to Provo 
in May 1925. August found Frank and his mother 
in Old Mexico where he taught school. Frank 
Wanlass married Josephine Robison May 20, 1926, 
in Dublan, Mexico. 

Mary lived in Provo for the next two years 
where she was Relief Society president of the Bonne- 
ville Ward, She married M. S, McAffee on March 
1, 1928. 

The activity in music was an outstanding fea- 
ture in the life of this woman. She was very active 
in ward and stake choirs. The position of chorister 
was hers wherever she went. She also sang at the 
dedication of the Salt Lake Temple, She was pre- 
sent in the afternoon session when those present 
heard a heavenly choir singing praises. She said 
that she never heard a choir plainer in her life. 
She was known as "Aunt May Wanlass" to her 
family and friends, 

Mary Evans Wanlass McAffee died January 
17, 1931 in the Provo City Hospital, At her request 
she was buried in Provo City Cemetery beside her 
first husband, William Preston Wanlass, 


#2E1 Zella Mary 
Wanlass Van Leuven 

#2E2 Barbara Annie 
Wanlass Rogers 

#2E3 Jennie 
Wanlass Clement 

#2E4 William 
Ewell Wanlass 

#2E5 Frank 
Evans Wanlass 

271 Zella Mary VanLeuven 


1886 - 

Zella Mary Wanlass VanLeuven was born in 
Lehi, Utah, December 11, 1886 in the big old home 
of Bishop David Evans and Barbara Ann Ewell Evans, 
They were her grandparents. Her parents were 
William Preston and Mary Evans Wanlass. She 
was the eldest child in a family of five. She 
attended the Lehi schools until she was fourteen 
years of age. 

Her mother was a very religious person and 
always saw that they were in church. 

In November, 1901 her family moved to 
Mexico. The first Thanksgiving dinner in Mexico 
was served in a huge tent. This tent served as a 
place to live until they were able to build a house. 
Most of her teenage years were spent in old Mexico, 
She played the organ for many dances in Mexico. 
Her husband -to -be played the violin for the dances. 
All they had was square dances as they did not 
approve of round dances. 

In the year of 1904 her family moved to 
Douglas, Arizona. She and Edmond Sylvester 
VanLeuven were married August 5, 1905. This 
marriage was later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, 
August 1915. To this marriage was born the 
following: Erma, Lucile, Leah Mary, Edward 
Wayne, Dona Louise and Ray Sylvester, 

Zella Mary and her husband and small family 
moved to Garland in April 1906. The family lived 
there until June, 1911 when they moved to Eureka, 

Most of her musical instruction was given her 
under the direction of her mother. She was ward 
and stake Relief Society organist for many years. 

Her later years have been spent in Payson, 
Utah. She lives next to her daughter Leah and 
her husband. 

Her hobbies are reading, quilting, fancy work, 
and writing letters. She has kept in touch with her 
family and friends through this correspondence. 

Barbara Annie Rogers 272 


1888 - 

Barbara Annie Wanlass, the second child of 
Mary Evans and William Preston Wanlass, was 
born in Lehi, Utah, September 24, 1888. 

She lived in Lehi until she was 13 years old, 
attending grade school, Sunday School and primary, 
"Aunt May" Wanlass, her mother, was a very 
religious person and always saw to it that her 
children were in church. Her mother and father 
first lived in the big house of her grandmother. 
However, they were able to buy some ground and 
he had a two room house on the lot. Later the 
house was added on to. 

Here they lived until they moved to Mexico 
in 1902, They celebrated the first Thanksgiving 
in a large tent, which served as a place to live 
until they could build a house. She spent most of 
her teen age years in Colonia Morelos, Sonora, 
Mexico. While in Mexico she attended the church 
school in Colonia Morelos. Like the other children 
of Mary Wanlass she received musical instruction 
from her mother. 

In 1904 the family left Mexico and moved to 
Douglas, Arizona. Later the family moved to 
Garland, Utah, where Barbara Annie met and 
married Edward Nathaniel Rogers July 8, 1908, 
in Ogden, Utah. 

Four children were born to this couple: 
Edna Berniece, Mary, Paul, and Barbara Ruth. 

She has been an active church worker, having 
taught Sunday School and Primary. She was a 

counselor in the Primary presidency. In Relief 
Society she was a secretary and counselor. Like 
her mother she was active in musical organizations, 
belonging to the choir and also the ladies chorus. 

At present she lives in Billings, Montana. 

273 Jennie W. Clement 

1891 - 1965 

Jennie Wanlass was born at Lehi, Utah, 25 
October 1891. She was the third child of William 
Preston and Mary Evans Wanlass. She was special 
child with curly brown hair, flashing black eyes, 
and a lovely singing voice. 

The family moved to Mexico in 19 01 when 
Jennie was ten years old. She learned to sing 
the Mexican National Anthem and later sang it at 
a reception for a Mexican general at Douglas, 
Arizona, in 1904. 

The church, recognizing Jennie's vocal 
talents, offered to send her to school for voice 
training, but she declined. 

In 1906 the family moved to Garland, Utah, 
then spent 17 months working at the Indian Queen 
Mine near Milford, returning again to Garland. 

Jennie was asked to sing in a picture theater 
on a popular song program. Leslie Walton Clement 
was theater manager. Here they met and a friend- 
ship materialized into a life time partnership. 
They were married 3 Feb. 1912. They began 
working together in all business endeavors. They 
became film developers in 1918 and moved to 
Los Angeles and became one of the first motion 
picture title companies there. In 1920 they moved 
to Hollywood and built their own laboratory. In 
1925 they sold their laboratory and moved to Lake 
County in northern California, Here they built and 
operated the first broadcasting station in Lake 
County. They were natural pioneers and built a 
lovely motel resort on Clear Lake. They remained 
there the rest of their lives. 

Although Jennie had no children, she made 
many friends and was a kind, sincere loyal person 
who loved her husband and family dearly. 

Following her husband's death, Jennie lived 
alone until she had a stroke. She was then taken 
care of by her family until she died Mar. 3, 196 5. 

William E. Wanlass 274 

1895 - 


I was born in Lehi, Utah, in the home of my 
parents, William Preston and Mary Evans Wanlass, 
26 July 1895, their fourth child. In 1901 my parents 
took their family to live in old Mexico, where father 
was a farmer. In 1904 we moved to Douglas, 
Arizona. We left Arizona in 1906 and moved to 
Garland, Utah. We spent 17 months in a mining 
camp near Beaver, Utah, then returned to Garland. 
Here I graduated from the eighth grade in 1911. At 
this time I went to Eureka and completed three years of 
high school, then went on to attend the B. Y.U. at 
ProvOj majoring in commercial subjects and 
minoring in music. 

I met Verda Fullmer in Eureka. Our court- 
ship lasted almost five years, being interrupted by 
schooling and military enlistment. I joined the 
army in July 1917, I was a clerk for a short time, 
then joined a military band and orchestra. I was 
discharged in Feb. 1919. I had returned to Utah 
and married Verda, July 8, 1918, while on furlough. 

At the conclusion of my military obligation, 
we moved to Los Angeles, California, where I 
worked for my brother -in-law, Leslie W. Clement 
in a motion picture laboratory. The ownership 
changed four times, but I remained employed there 
45 years, retiring in 1963. 

Verda and I became the parents of five child- 
ren. Our family was sealed for eternity August 7, 
1936, in the Salt Lake Temple. Our fainily is as 
follows: William Ewell, Beth, Verula, Mary 
Althea, and Juariit?.. 

My time has been taken up by my family, my 
work, my church, and my music. I have been 
chorister in many wards and stakes, I was sus- 
tained bishop of the Hollywood Ward in 1949, and 
later became a High Councilman in Burbank. I 
sang for 25 years with the "Ellis Club", a large 
male chorus in Los Angeles, and later other 
singing choruses. 

Verda and I have had many happy years 
together, enjoying our children and grandchildren. 

275 Frank Evans Wanlass 

1900 - 1962 

I was born at Lehi, Utah on 19 January 1900, 
the fifth child of William Preston and Mary Evans 

In 1902 my parents moved to old Mexico 
where we lived until we returned to Utah, settling 
at Garland in 1906. We then went to a small place 
near Milford, and then on to Eureka, Utah, where 
I graduated from Junior High School. At school I 
was active in music, playing the piano for the 
choruses. I then attended Brigham Young High 
School at Provo from which I graduated in 1919. 
Following high school, I attended the Brigham 
Young University where I graduated with a B.S. 
degree in 192 5. I could have graduated sooner, 
but due to my father's illness, I had to go to work 
in the mine on his leasehold, 

I returned to Old Mexico to teach at Colonia 
Juarez where I remained three years. 

On May 20, 1926, I married Josephine 
Robinson, We became the parents of six children, 
one daughter and five boys: Frank Maion, Joyce, 
John Wesley, David Robinson, William Paul, and 
Mark Evans. 

Following my marriage I went to Thatcher, 
Arizona where I taught three years. We moved 
to Nephi, Utah where three children were born. 
I also taught in Pleasant Grove, Utah and Mesa, 
Arizona, Our last move was to Ogden, Utah. I 
have taught many years in Ogden and the sur- 
rounding area. 

I became ill with tuberculosis and was 
admitted to the Hospital in Ogden in April 1955. 
I was released to go home four or five times but 
always had to return. 

My illness forced me to take an early 

(He wrote this personal history April 2, 1961 
He died Mar. 11, 1962. ) 

Jacob Evans 276 

1867 ' 1953 

Jacob Evans was the youngest child of Barbara 
Ann Ewell and Bishop David Evans. He was born in 
Lehi, Utah, April 26, 1867. 

Asa boy he learned to become a telegraph 
operator and was employed by the old Utah Central 
Railroad and later by the Denver and Rio Grande 
Western Railroad Company. He was the first 
express agent in Provo, Utah, 

Jacob began practicing law in Utah February 
23, 1895, and on October 7, 1897, was admitted to 
practice before the United States Supreme Court. 
During 1896-97 he served as County Attorney at 
Vernal, Utah, and was County Attorney at Provo, 
Utah, from 1899 to 1900 and again from 1908 to 
1912. He also served as City Attorney at Provo, 
and at one time was a member of the Provo City 

He was president of the old Commercial 
Club now known as the Provo Chamber of Commerce. 

He opened a law office in Salt Lake City where 
he became very prominent. His keen intellect and 
honest dealings with his fellowmen won for him the 
profound respect and love of all who knew him. 

He married Ann Nelson, November 27, 1887, 
in Provo, Utah. They were the parents of four 
children: Irene Evans Sharp, Effie Evans Beesley, 
J, Sterling Evans and Virginia (Dolly) Evans. 

Jacob died in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 
22, 1953, at the age of 85 years, nine months and 
four days. He was buried in Salt Lake City, Utah, 


1889 - I9I8 

Barbara Irene Evans Sharp was born April 15, 
1889, in Provo, Utah, to Jacob and Anna R. Nelson 
Evans. She was educated in the Provo schools and 
remained in her parents home assisting with the 
domestic tasks until her marriage to Frank Sharp 

277 Barbara Irene Sharp 

of Provo, when she was about twenty years of age. 
At the time, Frank was engaged with his father in 
the livery stable business. 

The young couple made their home in Helena, 
Montana, where Frank became an executive in a 
prominent abstract company. 

Irene had a very friendly disposition and 
enjoyed her associations. However, her life was 
cut short very suddenly when she contracted the 
"flu" which developed into double pneumonia. 
She passed away October 20, 1918. She was 
buried in Salt Lake City, Utah, 

1891 - 

Effie June Evans Beesley was born July 29, 
1891, in Provo, Utah, to Jacob and Anna R, Nelson 
Evans, She was educated in Provo, and for two 
years served as Deputy County Clerk for Utah 
County. She was employed in her father's law 
office where he taught her to become a legal 
secretary. Later she left her father's employ 
and went to Chicago, Illinois, where she was 
employed. She then moved to San Francisco, 
California, where she was employed in the legal 
and trust department of the Bank of Italy, now the 
Bank of America, 

On May 29, 1926, Effie married John Beesley 
of Provo. They have made their home in Provo 
where John owned and managed the Mutual Coal 
and Lumber Company. 

Effie has taken pride in her home and yard 
and has enjoyed giving public service as a member 
of the Girl Scout Council, the American Legion 
and other civic organizations. 

Jacob Sterling Evans 27 8 

1895 - 1958 

Jacob Sterling Evans was born in Provo, 
Utah, May 11, 1895, to Jacob and Anna R, Nelson 
Evans, He received his early education in the 
Provo schools, and attended the Utah State Agri- 
culture College in Logan, 

On May 29, 1926, Sterling was married to 
Ann Spafford and to this union two children were 
born: Doris Ann and Robert Sterling, 

During World War II he was in charge of a 
commissary in California for trainees of the 
Air Force. 

On December 17, 1958, Sterling passed 
away at the age of sixty -three years. 

1857 - 1940 

James Evans, the son of Bishop David and 
Clymenia Shaw Evans, was born in Lehi, Utah 
County, Utah on the 25th day of August 1857. 

As a boy he worked on his father's farm, 
helped bring the timber from the mountains, built 
fences, worked on ditches and other labors incident 
to pioneering. In his early life he made a trip to 
Arizona by teara and wagon, also a trip to eastern 
Utah and western Colorado with an old trapper by 
the name of Johnson. They spent the winter trap- 
ping for furs on the White River. He experienced 
many hardships common to those early times in 
the West. 

He learned the carpenter trade under the 
direction of Peter Lottensock, a skilled workman. 

In April 1882, he married Sarah Elian Wan- 
lass in the Salt Lake Endowment House. She is 
the daughter of William and Mary Odell Wanlass 
and was born near Richmond, Missouri, February 
26th 1860. 

He worked for Archie and Robert Gardner 
who were among the first to build and operate saw 
mills in Utah. He followed the carpenter trade and 
construction work most of his life, taking an active 
part as carpenter in building the first sugar factory 
in the intermountain area at Lehi, Utah. He 
assisted in the erection of some of the first cyanide 
plants in the United States at Murcer, Utah. 

In the fall of 1889, he responded to the call 
by the First Presidency of the L. D. S. Church to 
fill a mission in England. During this two-year 
period, he enjoyed good health and had many rich 
experiences teaching the Gospel. He was an honest, 
sincere and courageous man and free from hypocrisy, 

Learning of opportunities to acquire land in 
Alberta, Canada, he moved his family to Canada in 


James Evans 280 

the early spring of 1898. They traveled by team 
and wagon, leaving Lehi and arriving in Cardston, 
Alberta, May 7, 1898. It took six weeks to make 
the trip. This was eleven years after Cardston 
was first settled. Here he built his first home in 
Canada hauling the lumber by team from McLeod, 
Alberta, the nearest saw mill. 

In association with J. C, Cahoon, contractor 
and builder, he started the first lumber yard in 
Cardston. They freighted their materials from 
McLeod a distance of 40 miles. 

He was called by the Church to join with 
other families to make new homes under the Canal 
area. He was also engaged by the Church to build 
the first houses on the town sites of Magrath and 
Sterling, six houses in each location. These were 
available to the settlers. This war k was started 
in the early spring of 1899 and finished in the late 
summer of the same year. The remuneration for 
his labor was 50% cash and 50% in land credit. 
This enabled him to get his land and start a new 
home in Ma^grath, where he farmed and lived for 
several years taking a prominent part in civic and 
church activities. 

Because of climatic conditions, his doctor 
advised him to move to a warmer climate. With 
his family he moved to Bur ley, Idaho. Three 
years later they moved to Bountiful, Utah, where 
he built a home. He was employed in the construc- 
tion department of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, 
working in various states where they operated 
factories. He remained with them until his old 
age retirement. 

He was a natural pioneer, freely contributing 
of his labor and means to construct new churches, etcT 

He died on April 15, 1940 at the age of 83. in 
his home at Bountiful, Utah, Many relatives and 
friends were in attendance at his funeral. 

281 James William Evans 

1883 - 

My parents were James and Sarah Ellen 
Wanlass Evans. I was their first child and born 
March 3, 1883, in Lehi, Utah. 

In the fall of 1889, my father was called to 
fill a mission in Great Britain. My mother had 
three children and another was born at Christmas 
time. The following spring, my three year old 
sister, Lila Clymenia, died May 19, 1890. I 
helped my mother by thinning sugar beets and in 
other ways. 

When the capstone on the Salt Lake Temple 
was laid, April 6, 1892, nny mother took me to 
witness the occasion, I was nine years old. 

In the spring of 1898, our family joined other 
Utah families and moved to Canada. Father was a 
carpenter by trade and while he was building houses, 
I worked the horses freighting between Macleod, 
Lethbridge and Cardston; also the family farm and 
doing other work where there was a chance to earn 

I attended school and in the winter of 1901- 
1902 was enrolled at the L. D. S. Business College 
in Salt Lake City. 

In 1903 I received a call to fill a mission in 
the Netherlands. When I arrived in Rotterdam, I 
was assigned to the French part of the Belgium 
Mission and acquired a fair knowledge of the 
language. On occasions I was asked to interpret 
for many of the visiting brethren. During nny 
three year mission, I was blessed with wonderful 
companions and had many spiritual experiences. 

On March 31, 1901, I was married to Mary 
Forsyth in the Salt Lake Temple. The following 
twelve years we made our home in Canada where 
I engaged in farming, mining, grain buying and 
in the employ of the John Deere Plow Company. 

In 1923, I moved the family to Long Beach, 
California, where I had found employment with the 
Shell Oil Company. Later I took a position in 
Missouri making metallurgical tests in the Joplin 

James William Evans 282 

district for two different laboratories. We were 
there about seven years. 

We left Missouri and moved to Bountiful, 
Utah to care for my aging mother. Following her 
death we returned to California in 1953, retiring 
in Yucaipa. 

I have enjoyed my civic and church activities, 
having served in responsible positions. 

Our children Sara, Elaine, Mary Margaret 
and William David are a joy and blessing to us, 
(Two sons Forsyth and James William died in 
infancy. ) 


1884 - 

Mary Louella Evans, second child of James 
and Sarah Ellen Wanlass Evans, was born at Lehi, 
Utah, December 25, 1884. 

Her childhood was a happy time shared with 
her brothers, sisters and the many cousins, aunts 
and uncles of the David Evans and William Wanlass 
families. She attended Sunday School and Primary 
receiving a firm foundation in the gospel. 

She was thirteen years of age when her family 
moved to Canada. During the winter months she 
was sixteen, she spent in Salt Lake City where she 
studied music and lived with her Uncle Edwin Evans 
and family. The following spring, she returned 
home to Magrath and her job at Jensen's store. 
She was called upon to serve as organist for many 
church activities. 

Among the handsome young men in the Alberta 
area at this time was Hugh B, Brown, who became 
an Apostle of the Church. 

Lou met James Anthony Rasmus sen of Red- 
mond, Utah, a returned missionary and former 
student of the B. Y. U. Academy, He came to 
Magrath to work for his Uncle at Jensen's store. 

They were married in the Salt Lake Temple, 
April 3, 1907. Their only child Nonavie, was born 
in Magrath, February 1, 1908. 

283 Mary Louella Rasmussen 

In 19 IZ, they moved to Salt Lake City. Lou 
suffered poor health so, in 192 1, they moved to 
Los Angeles to a milder climate. 

Both Louella and Anthony served in the 
Mutual Improvement Association of the church. 
As a counselor in the Stake Young Women's M. I. A. , 
Lou visited through Southern California making many 
life long friends. She joined the Daughters of the 
Utah Pioneers. At age eighty-seven, she still 
attends their meetings. 

Her husband, James Anthony Rasmussen, 
passed away suddenly in Los Angeles, California, 
October 3, 1947. Just prior to his passing he be- 
came the owner of a large farm in Woodland, Cali- 
fornia. From the income of this property she has 
been well provided. She has enjoyed two trips to 
Europe. Her closeness to her husband "Anth" is 
best expressed, "I pray often that the Lord will 
take me that I might once again be with my 
husband Anth. " 


1889 - 1919 

Sarah Myrtle Evans Johnson, fourth child of 
James and Sarah Ellen Evans, was born in Lehi, 
Utah, December 29, 1889. 

She spent her early childhood in Lehi. Her 
family moved to Alberta, Canada where she 
attended school and church activities. 

On October 6, 1917, she was married to 
Frank Johnson. Less than two years later. Myrtle 
passed away, June 30, 1919. She was survived by 
her husband. 

1892 - 1971 

Edwin Francis (Frank) Evans, son of James 
and Sarah E. Wanlass Evans, was born September 
2, 1892 at Lehi, Utah and died May 17, 1971, at 
his ranch home west of Belle Fourche, S. D, 

With his father he farmed near Magrath, 

Edwin Francis Evans 284 

Alberta, Canada and later engaged in mining opera- 
tions in British Columbia in the early 1900's. He 
served in the U. S, Army during the First World 

He was employed by the Utah & Idaho Sugar 
Company at Raymond and Magrath (1924-25) at 
Garland, Utah (1925-26) and Sunnyside, Wash, 
(1925). He moved to Belle Fourche in 1927 and 
with his brother, David Robert, laid out and started 
construction on the U & I sugar factory there. He 
was employed by the U &; I company until about 1941 
when he started ranching operations. He had exten- 
sive interests in farming, stock feeding and ranch- 
ing in South Dakota and Colorado, He made his 
home in Belle Fourche until about 1951 when with 
his family, he moved to a ranch west of town. 

He married Mena Jean Craig of Belle Fourche 
May 28, 1933, at Sandstone Ranch near Longmont, 

Active in civic affairs, he helped organize 
and was first president of the famous Belle Fourche 
Bit and Spur Club. The club's mounted quadrille 
team performed on horseback to a call he wrote. 
For many years he served as official caller. 

He was active for 27 years in the Black Hills 
Roundup and Tri -State Fair and Sales Association 
of Belle Fourche. In 1964 he was honored with a 
special award for over 25 years of service by the 
association. He served as roundup chairman in 
1944, 1945 and 1946. He designed and helped build 
the cutting corrals at the Belle Fourche roundup 
grounds -- corrals that have been studied and copied 
throughout the country. He gave his time, services 
and financial support to the church. 

He is survived by his wife and a son, Steven, 
living on the ranch, a daughter, Mrs, Lawrence 
(Edwina Jean) Stoddard of Baker, Montana, and 
four grandchildren. 

285 Fern Merett Evans 

1896 - 1947 

Fern Merett Evans, daughter of James and 
Sarah Ellen Evans, was born at Lehi, Utah, 
April 4, 1896. 

She was just three years old when her family 
moved to Alberta, Canada, so her childhood mem- 
ories were of school days and church activities 
enjoyed in Magrath, Alberta, Canada. 

Fern was nineteen years of age when the 
family moved back to Utah. They first lived in 
Bur ley, Idaho and then moved to Bountiful, Utah. 

On March 18, 1918, Fern was miarried to 
Robert Franklin Smith. Her life was cut short at 
the age of fifty -one years when she passed away 
November 26, 1947. She was survived by her 

1899 - 

David Robert Evans, son of James and Sarah 
E. Wanlass Evans, is living in retirement at Silver 
City, S. D. , where he still enjoys fishing and main- 
taining his home in the Black Hills, 

He retired in 1965 from U. S. government 
service at the Black Hills Army Depot at Igloo, S. D. 

He was born October 12, 1899, at Cardston, 
Alberta, Canada, As a young man he was employed 
by the Mountain States Telephone Company at Salt 
Lake City, Utah, and the Utah & Idaho Sugar Com- 
pany at Elsinore and Garland, Utah; Belle Fourche, 
S. D. , and other cities. With his brother, Edwin 
Francis (Frank), he laid out and started construc- 
tion on the U & I factory at Belle Fourche. He was 
married to Ila Janice Rasmusen, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Orson Rasmiusen, Dec. 24, 1928 at 
Long Beach, California. 

After his marriage he worked for the U & I 
company, moving to Toppenish, Wash. , in May, 
1936. In January, 194 0, they moved to a ranch 
north of Belle Fourche. He rejoined the U & I 

David Robert Evans 2 86 

company at Belle Fourche as construction foreman 
in 1942. He resigned in 1951 and moved to Igloo 
to work at the Black Hills Army Depot (post 
engineers) until his retirement in 1965. 

He was the first president of the Black Hills 
Riding Clubs Assoc, and past president and drill 
leader of the Belle Fourche Bit and Spur Club. He 
was also a member of the American Legion, Lions 
Club and S, D. Horsemen's Association, and pre- 
sently a member of the Silver City Fire Department. 

He enlisted in the U. S. Army in June, 1917, 
at Salt Lake City. With the American Expeditionary 
Force during World War I, he took part in actions 
including the Second Army Offensive and First 
Army Meuse -Argonne Offensive, He served in the 
occupation and was honorably discharged July 10, 

Active in sports as a young man, he still has 
great interest in athletics and fishing. His wife 
died June 14, 1964, at Igloo, His son, David 
Richard, lives in Des Moines, Iowa. 

1902 - 

Ernest Evans was born at Magrath, Alberta, 
Canada, July 13, 1902, the eighth child of James 
and Sarah Ellen Wanlass Evans, 

July 1912, his parents moved to Burley, 
Idaho. Since leaving Utah in 1898, his mother's 
wish was to return and make a permanent home. 
Her wish was fulfilled when the family moved back 
to Utah in 1915. The family located in Bountiful, 
Davis County. Ernest attended schools there and 
later the LDS College in Salt Lake City. While 
living in Bountiful, Ernest met and married Ethel 
Mann, daughter of Frank and Harriet Hogan, He 
states "This was the best of many good things that 
happened to me during my lifetime. 

After finishing school, Ernest's first job was 
with the Federal Reserve Bank in Salt Lake City, 
Utah. After spending three years there he took a 
position with a new bank in San Francisco, He 
and his wife made their home in Alameda where 

287 Ernest Evans 

their daughter, Lila Mae, was born. Later he 
moved to Berkeley, commuting to work in San 
Francisco, While in Berkeley, a ward of the 
church was formed and he was appointed a mem- 
ber of the first Sunday School Super intendency. 

Because of climatic conditions in the Bay 
area which were not beneficial to Ernest's health, 
the family moved in 1928 to Los Angeles, where 
their son, James Ernest, was born and in 1963 to 
Tustin where Ernest and his wife now reside. 
While in Southern California, Ernest worked 
approximately twenty years for a major Oil 
Company. The balance of the time in Real Estate 
and property management. 

In his own words, Ernest writes: "I am 
fortunate in having a good and loving wife, two 
fine children, seven grandchildren, and two 
great grandchildren, "I was blessed with good 
and kind parents whom everyone held in high 
esteem, and brothers and sisters I love and 
respect, " 

1860 - 1946 

Edwin Evans, educator and artist, was born 
in Lehi, Utah, February 2, I860 of Welsh, Scotch 
and Dutch descent. He was the son of Bishop David 
and Clymenia Shaw Evans. 

In his early boyhood, he drew sketches of the 
beautiful things about him: trees, mountains, 
wheat fields, etc. At the age of eighteen, working 
as a telegraph operator for the railroad in Lehi, 
he made sketches during slow periods. He des- 
cribes the turning point in his life: "A. E, Hyde 
became interested in me. One evening when the 
trains were late, he came in from Eureka. He 
walked up to me and looked over my shoulder 
and said, 'Young man, I would like to speak to 
you. I do not know what you are doing here. 
Why, as I observe your work, I think you should 
be studying art, ' He , , , , made me a proposi- 
tion to take up the study of art. " 

So it was that Alonzo E, Hyde induced Edwin 

Edwin Evans 288 

Evans to leave his job for study in Salt Lake City 
with Weggeland and Ottinger, Later Hyde and his 
partner, John Beck, advanced Edwin the money to 
study in Paris, 

He married Catherine Lewis, January 15, 
1880, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a convert 
to the church from Wales. They reared five 
daughters and two sons: Bertha, Eva, Catherine, 
Edwin James, Clifford, Winnie and Elva. 

Always meticulous in dress and person, he 
stood 5'8" tall and weighed 170 lbs. He had black 
hair and piercing brown eyes. He was articulate 
and possessed a rare sense of humor. He found 
beauty and pleasure in simple things, nature and 
human relationships. He loved life and had a never 
ceasing thirst for knowledge, 

Edwin said that when he and Azer were boys 
their father assigned them work to do for which 
they were to be paid. When the task was completed, 
their father gave each of them the same amount of 
money, Edwin thought that he had done more work 
than his brother and should have had more money. 
In quick retaliation, he handed the money back to 
his father. Without comment, his father handed 
Edwin's share also to Azer. Edwin said he gained 
a lesson that stood him in good stead the rest of 

At 83 years, without the knowledge of his 
family, he took a train to Los Angeles, had his 
teeth extracted and a new set put in. That evening 
at dinner, he simply said, "I would like to have 
porridge for dinner tonight as my mouth is a little 

sore, " 

Frequently he would take his car, packed 
with camping and artist's equipment, and go into 
the canyons to paint, at times staying as long as 
a month. 

He loved his children and was never too busy 
or too occupied to give them guidance, philosophy 
and love. When they exaggerated, his eyes would 
twinkle and he would reply, "how many?" or "don't 
try to live your whole life at once. Do your very 
best every day and the future will take care of itself. 
One of his greatest pleasures was having his great- 


#431 Bertha 
Evans Stark 

#433 Cathrine 
Evans Fox 

#43 Edwin Evans 
Prominent Artist 

#434 Edwin 
James Evans 

#432 Eva 
Evans Perry 

#437 Elva 
Ruth Evans 


H21 James 

#422 Mary 

#423 Lila 

#425 Edwin 









289 Edwin Evans 

grandchildren visit hinn. They loved him and spent 
hours watching him paint. 

Quoting Leona Eitel from the Utah Arts 
Magazine: "Eighty year old Edwin Evans is still 
one of the youngest and most progressive painters 
in Utah. He is an aggressive thinker and antagonist 
on provocation. To a strong individualist, provoca- 
tion comes frequently. He believes it to be not only 
the right, but the duty of a man to be an individual. 
Edwin Evans is the sort of man Americans like to 
think are representative of America ... a clear 
thinker, a strong individualist, a fighter, eternally 
young. " 

French art critic, Comte Chabrier, said in 
the Revue Duvrai Et Du Beau, July 16, 1925: "A 
landscape painter of great talent, Edwin Evans 
paints his subject rendering the effect of the whole 
harmoniously and pleasing to the eye and inter- 
preting with the greatest liberty, unhampered by 
details; his painting is distinguished by a very 
personal character, which is readily observed in 
all his canvases, " 

He spent his last years placing his pictures 
where he wished them to stay, A large collection 
was placed with the Brigham Young University. 
In 1943, he gave 25 of his paintings and a lecture 
on art to the Lehi High School. 

The Salt Lake Tribune in the April 24, 1943 
edition printed .... "Now 84 years, Mr. Evans 
belies his age with a virility of body and clearness 
of mind that astounds one. " 

Edwin Evans at the age of eighty -six years, 
passed away March 3, 1946, at Los Angeles. He 
was buried in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

1881 - 1942 

Bertha Marie Evans Stark was born June 7, 
1881 at Lehi, Utah County, Utah. She was the 
first child of Edwin and Catherine Lewis Evans. 

Her early life was spent in Lehi. When she 
was about fourteen years of age, the family moved 

Bertha Marie Stark 290 

to Salt Lake City. She continued her education and 
became a teacher. She taught in the Salt Lake City- 
schools a year prior to her marriage to James Lee 
Stark, a native of Payson, Utah, on March 11, 1903, 
To this union thirteen children were born. 

In 1909, her husband signed a contract as 
Principal of the Silver City school. Bertha served 
as substitute teacher during the time they lived in 
Silver City. After eleven years, they returned to 
Salt Lake City, 

Bertha was devoted to her home and family. 
She served in various organizations of the L. D. S. 
Church and at one time was Relief Society President. 
She was also active in civic organizations. She 
enjoyed handwork, knitting and crocheting many 
beautiful articles. 

Bertha and family moved to Los Angeles, 
California, where she taught classes and was 
active in the Cub Scout program. 

Bertha's children are Fay, Eva, Evans 
James, Wayne Francis, Kathryn, LaVern, Myrl, 
Carol, Bertha, Rex, Lynn, Noel and Bethlyn. All 
grew to maturity excepting Lynn who preceded her 
in death at the age of four years. 

On April 1, 1942 in Los Angeles, California, 
Bertha passed away. She was buried in Salt Lake 
City, Utah, April 6, 1942. 

1883 - 1956 

Eva Clymenia Evans was born March 15, 
1883 in Lehi, Utah, the daughter of Edwin and 
Catherine Lewis Evans. 

She lived in Lehi until she was about twelve 
years old when the family moved to Salt Lake City, 

On finishing high school, she became a 
millinery apprentice and worked her way up to the 
position of principal supervisor. 

On August 29, 1906 Eva and Charles W. 
Perry, a native of Ogden, were married in the 
Salt Lake Temple. They became the parents of 

291 Eva Clymenia Perry 
a daughter Phyllis, November 21, 1909. 

In 1939 they moved to California. Charles 
passed away in 1946 and the last ten years of her 
life she lived with her daughter and family, who 
loved and enjoyed her. She was interested in the 
good things in life and inspired others. Her 
activities in the church were many, serving in the 
auxiliary organizations. She was a member of the 
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. 

She was proud of her father's fame as an 
artist, and of the paintings he did in the Salt Lake 
and Canadian Temples, and his exhibits in New 
York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other large cities 
in the United States, 

Eva also had great love and appreciation for 
her mother who had much of the responsibility of 
rearing the children to becorae honorable individuals, 

A few years before Eva's passing on June 23, 
1956, she wrote the two following lovely poems: 

Oh, weary ones lift up your head. 
Forget the tears and smile instead, 
A smile will catch a sunlit ray 
To light you thru a cloudy day. 

Lift up your voice in joyous song, 
A song will drive away all fears. 
No matter what the task at hand 
Be still and know that God is near. 

Lift up your heart in gratitude 
And magnify the good you see; 
Yearn not for perfumed flowers rare 
While you must work among the weeds. 

Be lifted up in all you do; 
Your thots should be your constant guide. 
Let peace and love and gentleness 
Within your heart abide. 

Until all Weariness is gone. 
With faith and courage onward press. 
Then with the breaking of the dawn. 
You'll find true happiness. 

Eva Clymenia Perry 292 

I stood beside a rippling stream, 
One morning in the early spring. 

'Twas in a quiet peaceful glen. 
All undisturbed by skill of man. 

There thru tall majestic trees. 
The sunbeams danced thru quivering leaves 

And caught the dewdrops unaware 
And changed them into jewels rare. 

Glancing out towards the east, 
A snowcapped mountains rouged peak 

In all its splendor towered high 
Against a cloudless azure sky. 

A mighty presence lingered there. 
My heart was filled with gratitude; 

And I felt my soul respond, 
I knew that God was there. 


1884 - 1967 

Catherine Irene Evans Fox was born at Lehi, 
Utah, August 19, 1884, the third child of Edwin 
and Catherine Lewis Evans. 

When Cathie was about eleven years of age, 
her family moved to Salt Lake City where she 
attended school and through the years was active 
in the L. D, S. Church, serving in the Sunday School, 
Primary and as M. I. A. President. 

In her late teens she met Hyrum Lester Fox. 
He was called to fill a mission for the Church in 
Georgia. Cathie waited faithfully for his return. 
On February 28, 1907, they were married in the 
Salt Lake Temple, To this union two daughters, 
Kathryn and Blanche, were born. 

They made their home in Salt Lake City, 
Lester was engaged in the plumbing -contracting 
business. His work took him away from home 
much of the time. Hoping to improve this situation, 
they moved to Parawan, Utah in 1918 and Cathie 
ran a hotel to supplement the family income. After 
two years there, they returned to Salt Lake City 
spending a year in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They moved 

293 Catherine Irene Fox 
to Los Angeles in 1921. 

Cathie found interest in the Christian Science 
faith. She devoted many hours to meditation, 
studied the scriptures, and read other religious 

She became a chiropractor, practising in 
Los Angeles for many years and helping many 
resume normal healthy lives after suffering 
crippling diseases, 

Cathie was talented and gifted in many ways. 
In 1949 she and Lester moved to Mar Vista, Cali- 
fornia. In the backyard of their residence was an 
apple tree she had planted and nurtured fronn seed. 
She referred to it as a miracle tree for it bore 
fruit abundantly. She also enjoyed the birds and 
would leave crusts of bread for them. 

Of her grandmother, Sharon Healy Pew 
reminisces, "Much in my life that is good, I owe 
to the tremendous influence of my grandmother, 
she was constantly teaching me of life. " 

Cathie enjoyed having her family home for 
Christmas dinners as well as on other occasions. 

She loved her parents dearly, and proudly 
displayed several of her father's paintings in her 

At the age of 83 years, Cathie passed away 
November 1 1, 1967. 

1886 - 1956 

Edwin James Evans, born in Lehi, Utah, 
August 24, 1886, the first boy and fourth child of 
seven children, was named after his father Edwin 
and his Uncle James, His mother was Catherine 
Lewis Evans. He inherited his father's qualities 
and attitudes toward life, as well as his black hair 
and sharp brown eyes. However, he was six feet 
tall and weighed one -hundred and eighty pounds. 
There was a strong bond of love between E. J. and 
his parents who in their elder years shared the 
same home. 

Edwin James Evans 


After college he served a mission in Belgium 
and France. Soon after he returned, he married 
Erma Bitner July 18, 1912. He was a devoted hus- 
band and father of three boys and one girl. His 
love of children was boundless. His guidance to 
his family was strict yet self reliant and usually 
associated with a sense of humor. He had a keen 
mind and an intense love of art, music and nature. 
The family lived in Salt Lake City until 1925, then 
moved to Los Angeles, California, 

Working as a stock broker, he and his partner 
held a seat on the Salt Lake Stock Exchange, He 
was interested in mining and mine development. 
Inventive and orderly by nature, he could do any- 
thing he set his mind to do without training. He 
patented eight products and manufactured some of 
them. In the early 1940's he bought a home on an 
acre of land with rentals, one of which became his 
father's art studio. As a hobby and due to the 
shortage of food in war times, he grew vegetables 
and fruit. He raised chickens and rabbits. It 
turned out to be a profitable, small business. 

Even though he spent the majority of his adult 
life in California, he always considered Utah his 
home. He loved the beautiful Wasatch mountains, 
canyons and streams. As many times a year as 
he could, he returned on business and pleasure. 
When he passed away at sixty-nine years of age 
in 19565 his family took him back to his beloved 
Zion for burial. 

1887 - 1958 

Clifford Lewis Evans was born October 24, 
1887 to Edwin and Catherine Lewis Evans at Lehi, 
Utah County, Utah. 

He was educated in the Salt Lake City schools, 
While a young man he spent some time in Alberta, 
Canada over -seeing his father's property there. 

On October 3, 1917, he was married to 
Florence Pratt, They made their home in Salt 
Lake City. 

295 Clifford Lewis Evans 

Clifford was a travelling salesman for the 
Salt Lake Hardware for many years. His wife 
Florence, was an instructor at the L. D. S. 
Business College. 

On March 26, 1958, Clifford passed away. 
His wife survives him. 


1889 - 

Winnie Jane Evans Whittaker was born to 
Edwin and Catherine Lewis Evans, May 2 5, 1889, 
at Lehi, Utah, 

She attended the Salt Lake City school and 
became a teacher. She taught in Circleville, 
Junction and Pays on, Utah, While teaching in 
Circleville, she met James Christopher Whittaker, 
Jr. and later married him on June 3, 1920. To 
this union three children were born: Marjorie 
(Mrs, Woodrow H, Sylvester), Richard Evans 
and Ronald. 

Winnie was gifted with a beautiful soprano 
voice and participated in various choruses. 

She is very retiring by nature, refined and 
cultured. Her career as a wife, homemaker and 
mother has been of most importance to her. She 
was active and enjoyed her social club for many 

She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

1894 - 1951 

Elva Ruth Evans was born in Lehi, Utah, 
Utah, December 1894 to Edwin and Catherine 
Lewis Evans. 

She was a very small child when her family 
moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. She became a 
teacher and taught in the Salt Lake City schools 
for many years. She was blessed with a lovely 
voice which brought much enjoyment to family 
and friends. She studied voice at the Boston 

Elva Ruth Evans 296 

Conservatory of Music as well as in Paris, France. 
She sang with the New York Civic Opera Company. 

Elva opened a voice studio in Salt Lake City 
teaching for a number of years. 

At the age of fifty -five, she passed away 
September 14, 1951 in New York City, New York. 
She was never married. 

1858 - 1906 

George Coleman Evans was born in Lehi, 
Utah, May 18, 1858, the eldest son of Bishop 
David and Rebecca Coleman Evans. 

He was baptized on the 1st of July 1866, He 
attended school at Lehi and at the Brigham Young 
University, Provo, Utah. 

George helped build the Denver and Rio 
Grand Railroad through Utah and Colorado, 

He was raarried to Louisa Agnes Taylor on 
the 24th of December 1888 at Provo, Utah in a 
double wedding ceremony with his brother David 
Evans, Jr. and Leah Nagle, a girlhood chum of 

For a short time during his early married 
life, he and his wife lived at Eureka, Utah, being 
employed at the Bullion Beck Mines, Later they 
moved to Lehi where he spent most of his life. 
However, he and his family spent a few years at 
Mammoth, He was superintendent of the Black 
Jack Mine there. 

At the tirae of his death, George was Lehi 
City Marshal and was respected by all who knew 
him for his honesty and sterling qualities. 

He was a devoted husband and father. The 
death of his wife on March 9, 1905, left him so 
heartsick and despondent that it helped to bring 
on an illness which caused his death eleven months 

He died the 26th of February 1906 leaving a 
family of six children. Charlotte, the eldest, was 




#61 George 
Coleman Evans 

#62 Prime 
C. Evans 


#63 Harriet 
Evans Marvin 

#64 Sarah Evans 

#66 Emma Jane 
Evans Roberts 

#67 Martha Ann 
Evans Anson 

#68 Ellen (Ella) 
Evans Manning 

297 George Coleman Evans 

sixteen years of age. The responsibility of these 
children became hers and she reared them with 
love and understanding as though they were her 
own children. 


1890 - 1970 

Charlotte R, Evans Lewis was the eldest 
daughter of George Coleman and Louisa Agnes 
Taylor Evans. She was born February 2, 1890, 
at Lehi, Utah, and was baptized September 10, 

She attended public school at Lehi, and also 
at Mammoth, Utah, where the family lived for a 
short time, while her father was Superintendent of 
the Black Jack Mine. In 1902, the family returned 
to Lehi. 

Her mother died March 9, 1905, and her 
father passed away eleven months later, February 
26, 1906, leaving a family of six children. It was 
her father's wish, that the family be kept together. 
Charlotte felt it her duty to discontinue school at 
the age of sixteen, and with the help of her sister, 
Florilla, they cared for their brothers and sister 
until they were old enough to make their own living, 

Charlotte was married June 30, 1909 to 
Henry Lewis Jr., who died February 1, 1920 with 
influenza, leaving her, at thirty years of age, with 
a family of five daughters to rear. 

She taught Primary, M. I. A. , and was a 
Relief Society visiting teacher for years. She 
belonged to the Fort Wall Camp of the Daughters 
of Utah Pioneers and served as captain and regis- 
trar; also a member of the Ladies Farm Bureau. 

Always an energetic, wise and capable 
manager, conscientious in all her responsibilities 
and undertakings, her life had been one of devotion 
and sacrifice. 

She passed away February 23, 1970, follow- 
ing a stroke three weeks after an open house was 
held for her on her 80th birthday. 


1892 - 

Florilla Evans Robinson was born in Lehi, 
January 6, 1892, the second child of George 
Coleman and Louise Agnes Taylor, 

Her mother died when she was thirteen years 
of age and her father passed away one year later, 
leaving Florilla and an older sister Charlotte to 
care for three younger brothers, Lionel, George, 
and Bill, The youngest sister Elsie, age 2, was 
taken by her mother's sister, Sarah Taylor Evans, 
until her death two years later. 

All members of the family worked; their 
Grandfather Taylor and other relatives also helped. 

After Florilla married Charles E. Robinson 
she took Bill and George to live with them. 

Her husband was employed at Lehi Roller 
Mills. In 1918 they left Lehi to take employment 
with a mill in Hobson, Montana. A year and a 
half later they moved to Lind, Washington to work 
for Olympic Flour Mills, 

They were transferred in 1921 to Portland 
and moved two years later to Ogden, Utah e mployed 
by Sperry Flour Mill, which company had bought 
Olympic Mills, 

General Mills (Sperry) offered her husband a 
promotion in 1935 in Kansas City, Missouri. They 
lived there a year when Mr, Robinson accepted a 
promotion as Director of Manufacturing at Chicago, 
Illinois. In 1940 they transferred for a similar 
position at Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Four years later her husband was appointed 
to direct the Western Division at Sam Francisco, 
California. He retired in 1950 and they made a 
decision to build a home in Ogden, Utah, 

She is the mother of three children: Russell 
C. , Wichita Falls, Texas; Lois (Mrs. Thomas 
Paoletti), Logan^ Utah; and Fay (Mrs. Melvin 
Foulger), Coal Valley, Illinois. She had six 
grandchildren^ five of whom are living, and three 
great grandchildren. 


1893 - 1966 

George Taylor Evans was the third child of 
George Coleman Evans and Louise Agnes Taylor 
born July 28, 1893 at Lehi, Utah. He was twelve 
years of age when his mother passed away and 
thirteen at his father's death. The family of six 
lived together until the sisters. Charlotte and Rilla, 
married, when he went to live with Charlotte and 

When the family were at home alone, each 
one had to find work in the summer to buy clothes 
for school, George was a delivery boy for Cotter's 
StorCy worked at the Lehi Sugar Factory, and spent 
several summers in Ruby Valley, Nevada working 
on the J„ W, Smith Ranch. 

His first job was on the Hyrum Smith farm 
in Lehi,, He was dependable and a good worker 
enabling him to purchase all his own clothes from 
thirteen on. He was educated in the Lehi schools 
and the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, 
also Henager's Business College in Salt Lake City, 

He served a mission in the middle Eastern 
States for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 

On June 1, 1919 he married Ottie Zeola 
Brown, To this union twin boys were born: George 
Duane and Robert Darrell on March 31^ 1920. His 
second marriage wa.s to Marion Berry. 

For a short time he worked for Sperry Flour 
Mills in Portland, Oregon. He left them and 
worked for a lumber company for a while and then 
the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in Port- 
land before going to Vallejo. California where he 
worked for Sperry Flour Mills This later became 
a division of today's General Mills. Inc He 
worked in Vallejo from September 12, 1927 until 
August 1, 1958 with almost thirty-one years of 
service. He was Superintendent of the Flour 
Milling Department from October 1947 until his 
retirement in 1958, George died April 14, 1966 
and was buried in Lafayette, California. 


1895 - 1967 

Dr. David Lionel Evans^ fourth child of 
George Coleman Evans and Louise Agnes Taylor, 
was born July 14, 1895 at Lehi, Utah. 

Lionel was orphaned at the age of ten. He 
lived with his sister Charlotte Lewis and worked 
several summers on the J. W. Smith ranch in 
Nevada to help with his support and schooling. 
Later he had a confectionary store in Lehi. 

He served with the famed 91st Infantry 
Division in World War One, Was wounded in 
action in the Argonne Forest in France. 

He graduated from the University of 
Southern California in 1926 and build his own office 
building in Beverly Hills, California. In 1955 he 
moved his practice to Northridge, California and 
was also with Student Health Education at U, C. L, A, 
for 13 years. 

He was first married to Verna Comer, They 
had one daughter, Mary Agnes^ who as a child 
played with "Our Gang Comedy". 

He later married Afton Naylor, To this 
union was born a daughter. Francis Joyce, and 
a son^ Duff Lionel, 

He was a wonderful husband and father^ He 
helped his son-in-law, Dr, George Doyle^ through 
dental college. 

Dr, Evans was president of the Boseworth 
Study Club of Los Angeles, a member of Kiwanis 
Club in Hollywood, 

Lionel passed away December 14, 1967, and 
is buried at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, 

1900 - 

William Edson Evans was born June 24, 1900 
at Mammoth, Utah, the fifth child of George Cole- 
man Evans and Louise Agnes Taylor. He was left 
an orphan at five years of age. 

301 William Edson Evans 
He finished high school in Hobson, Montana 
where he met and married Alice Lamb, March 20 

The young couple moved to Garfield, Utah. 
Bill worked in the copper mill until it closed in 192 1, 

Bill's career with General Mills began Sep- 
tember 1, 1921 when he was hired as a grain 
unloader at the Sperry Elevator in Portland, Oregon. 

As a result of his determiination to succeed 
he received many promotions, beconming Plant 
Superintendent of the Los Angeles Mill in 1929. 
After 13 years with General Mills, he was assigned 
to the Spokane Mill as Plant Superintendent. This 
concluded in 1942 with Bill's promotion to Assistant 
Divisional Superintendent of the Sperry Operation. 

In 1945 he was assigned to the General Mills 
South Chicago properties, which included their 
largest cereal plant, flour mill and grain elevator. 

Bill has always taken an active part in civic 
affairs. He was a Trustee of the Chamber of 
Commerce, General Chairman of the Red Cross 
Disaster Preparedness Committee, in charge of 
Community Chest campaigns, also General Chair- 
man of the 1939 United Fund Drive. 

At the successful conclusion of the Com- 
munity Chest Drive, he along with four other 
citizens, were presented with citations for their 
contribution to the welfare of the City of Spokane. 

Bill was twice Chairman of the Board of 
Directors of the Y. M. C. A. and was a member of 
the Board of Directors of the Community Hospital. 

His retirement in 1962 has found him very 
active in leadership of civic affairs in Sun City, 


1903 - 1959 

Elsie Louise Evans Shelton was born January 
18, 1903 in Lehi, Utah, a daughter of George Cole- 
man and Agnes Taylor Evans. She was the youngest 
of six children, three brothers and two sisters. 

Elsie Evans Shelton 302 

Her mother passed away when she was two years 
old and her father passed away the following year, 

Elsie went to live with her mother's sister, 
Sarah Evans, until her death two years later, and 
then went to live with her eldest sister, Charlotte, 
She was educated in the Lehi schools and remained 
with her sister and family until she was seventeen 
years of age. At this time she moved to the Bee- 
hive House in Salt Lake City to attend the L. D, S. 
Business College. While living there she met her 
husband to be, Edgar George Shelton. They were 
married April 12, 1922 in the Salt Lake Temple. 

She was very active all her life in the church, 
serving in the Primary, the Mutual Improvement 
Association, the Junior Sunday School and the 
Relief Society, She loved music and sang in 
various ward choirs. She was very active in 
drama, working with Sister LaRue Longden in 
ward plays and road shows and held the lead in 
a play which won first place in the All-Church 

Elsie had a great heritage having been born 
of pioneer stock and emulated their faith, courage, 
fortitude and strength. She was admired by those 
who knew for extraordinary physical beauty which 
was matched by her lovingness, goodness and 
charm. She was a lady of culture and refinement. 
She was a perfectionist, whether it was sewing, 
cooking or housekeeping, it was the very best. 

She was interested only in the good things. 
Elsie had a happy life with her companion, Ed. , 
because they both cultivated throughout their lives 
together characteristics which wore well and kept 
well. No more devoted couple could ever be found 

Elsie was blessed with a daughter, Maxine, 
who became Mrs. David Smith, and who was a 
source of strength and comfort to her in her 
lingering illness. She passed away at her home 
in Salt Lake City, March 16, 1959. 


1860 - 1901 

Prime Evans, son of David and Rebecca 
Coleman Evans, born in Lehi, Utah, on May 10. 
1860, was the second child of eight children. He 
spent his childhood in Lehi and there received his 
schooling. Being a son of David Evans, he had 
his homie tasks to do and learned to work. He was 
a handsome man, had a brilliant mind and put it to 
good use. 

He attended law school at Ann Arbor, Michi- 
gan. After returning to Lehi, he was Postmaster 
and also had his law office in the same building. 

As other sons of David, Prime held several 
civic and community offices. In 1891 he was 
appointed City Attorney by Mayor Able John Evans 
and council, and in 1892 he was elected Treasurer. 
He later served as City Attorney when John S. 
Willes was May or » 

He was actively engaged in the church. 

His home, which he built, was located at 
3rd West and 1st South,, Though many years have 
passed, the house still stands and is presently 
occupied ( I968), 

On April 27, 1887, he was married to Sarah 
Taylor at Logan, Utah. She was the daughter of 
Williami Whitehead Taylor and Annie Standring. 
They were never blessed with children of their 
own, but raade a home and reared Annie's half 
brother's daughter, Florilla Burgess now Baxter. 
Today in 1968, she states he was a loving and 
wonderful father. She lives at 333 Ogden Avenue, 
Ogden^ Utah. He was proud of his wife and 

His death was a shock to Lehi, He was 
waiting for the 4th of July parade to start when 
suddenly he became ill and had to be taken home, 
A few days before he had stepped on a nail and the 
infection had spread. Dr. Steele of Lehi advised 
them to take him to a Salt Lake Hospital where he 
died four days later of Lock Jaw on July 8, 1901. 
His funeral was held in Lehi where he was buried. 

Prime C. Evans 304 

Prime's wife was City Recorder at the time 
of his deathc She later went to Ogden to make her 
home. When her sister, Louise Agnes, passed 
away she took her three -year -old niece, Elsie 
Louise, into her home and cared for her many 


1862 - 1941 

Harriett, daughter of David and Rebecca 
Coleman Evans, was born June 11, 1862, She 
was the third child born to this union and one 
among the large family of Bishop David Evans, 

She received her schooling in Lehi and was 
taught the arts of homemaking. She had two 
brothers, George and Prime, and four sisters, 
Sarah Evans Taylor, Emma Jane Evans Taylor 
Roberts, Ella Evans Fowler Manning, and Martha 
Ann Evans. Harriett was the eldest of the six 
daughters born to Rebecca (one little daughter and 
sister to Harriett, Rebecca, died in infancy Janu- 
ary 4, 1869). As she was the eldest daughter she 
had to assume responsibility and help in the home 
as did all children in those times. She was a 
nurse and served mankind. 

In 1882 she was married to John Wilson at 
Salt Lake City, Utah, in the Endowment House. 
They made their home in Lehi and were the 
parents of two sons, Don Wilson, who died as a 
child and their eldest son, Leo Earl born Septem- 
ber 21, 1886, at Lehi, Utah. Earl married Ivah 
Jane Vaughn on January 30, 1910, of Lehi, Utah. 

Harriett was later married to a Mr. Marvin 
of California, At the age of 79 she died in San 
Diego, California, May 2, 1942, following a stroke. 
Funeral services and burial were held in San 
Diego, California, 


1864 - 1946 

I was born September 22, 1864, at Lehi, 
Utah, to Rebecca Coleman Evans and Bishop 
David Evans, 

My father was second Mayor of Lehi and 
first Bishop of Lehi. He was born in Cecil County, 
Maryland, October 27, 1804, to Israel Evans and 
Abigail Evans. My mother, Rebecca Coleman 
Evans, was the sixth wife of Bishop David Evans. 
She was born in Bedfordshire, England, October 
4, 1838, to Prime Coleman and Sarah Thornton 

I had very little formal education. I started 
school at the age of six years and went until I was 
thirteen years old. The first school I remember 
going to was in a one room in my father's home. 
His wife Ann was the teacher. We had two or 
three books for the class so we could not do very 
much studying. After a few years we had a book 
and slate and pencil with which to write. The 
next school was at Sarah Smith's home in one 
room. Our benches were rough planks on some 
big flat rocks to hold them up off the floor. They 
were not very comfortable to sit on. The next 
school I remember was in the Thurman building. 
This was an improvement. Then I went up to the 
Franklin School in the Third Ward, We went up 
there because our half brother^ David Evans, Jr. , 
taught in that building. Father had such a large 
family to go to school and money was scarce, so 
our brother taught us for nothing. There were 
about twelve children from our family going to 
school at one time. Our parents had to pay for 
our schooling in those days. 

Our shoes were made of heavy leather. We 
had no rubbers or overshoes, so we had a can of 
mutton tallow that we put on the stove to get warm 
and then every night before we went to bed, we 
would grease our shoes so we could put them on 
in the morning to go to school. It would help to 
keep our feet dry when walking through the snow 
and rain. 

Sarah Evans Taylor 306 

I helped my mother wash wool down at Utah 
Lake and at the Race Millo We had bushel baskets 
with handles on each side, then we would put a 
long stick through the handle s„ Putting the wool in 
the basket, we would wash it with our hands while 
the water was running through the baskets When it 
was clean we put it out to dry« When it was dry we 
had to pick out all the little sticks that we did not 
get out when washing it, then it had to be carded. 
After that mother spun it into yarn, then it had to 
be washed again, colored and washed again, then 
it was ready to weave into cloth. Mother spun and 
wove cloth and carpet rugs for years. The family 
of Bishop David Evans made up into cloth 500 pounds 
of wool each summer for the winter clothing. 

We went into the fields in the fall to help with 
the harvest, picking up potatoes and gathering ground 
cherries to make preserves. We made our soap by 
burning grease wood to make the lye„ Fruit was 
very scarce at that time, also sugar. I helped my 
mother make applebutter with cider and apples, no 
sugar, I had to stir it for hours to keep it from 
burning. I began making some of my own clothes 
when I was eleven years old and have been sewing 
ever since; even making a living doing so. I took 
sewing lessons from Hannah Jones so I could make 
a living sewing for other peoplCo 

I taught Primary for years^ teaching the 
children needle work, then was chosen First 
Counselor to Polly Los see March 9., 1903. Was 
on the Stake Board for a number of years. I was 
in the Primary for sixteen years. 

I worked on the Old Folks Committee at one 
time for ten years and was released and now I have 
been working again on the committee for eleven 
years, making altogether twenty-one years which 
I enjoyed very muchj, but had to quit on account of 
my age, 

I worked in the Red Cross during World War I, 
knitting and making surgical bandages that were 
sent to the service mene 

I was in the first choir under the direction of 
John L, Gibbs, 


307 Sarah Evans Taylor 

I have written a number of poems to my 
family and friends on different occasions. 

My husband, Sam, was sick for thirteen 
years and in that time, I have sewed for people, 
stretched curtains, gleaned wheat, milked cows, 
and churned butter, I kept the Lehi Hospital in 
butter when Dr, Fred Worlton was there. 

I was a member of the Ladies Farm Bureau, 
going to Logan for a summer extension course at 
the "A. C, " 

I was elected custodian of the relics of the 
Daughters of Pioneers and the penny jar. 

I married Samuel Joseph Taylor, son of 
Samuel Roger and Martha Ann Fox Taylor, July 
24, 1885, in Lehi, Utah. He died in Lehi, Utah, 
November G, 1921. 

I have two daughters, Verlillian (Verlie) 
and Marvel. 


1887 - 

Born 29 April 1887 at Lehi, Utah, daughter 
of Samuel J, Taylor and Sarah Coleman Evans, the 
daughter of David Evans and Rebecca Coleman, 

Attended Lehi Public Schools. She loved 
sports of all kinds. While still a child she joined 
with her mother and father in roller skating 
competition and won many prizes. 

She married Heber C. Hart in Ogden, Utah. 
As he was an official of the Utah -Idaho Sugar Co, , 
they travelled a great deal. Her husband was also 
an avid follower of sports and a lover of the out- 
doors. Together they spent many vacation periods 
camping and fishing in the mountain lakes and 
streams in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific 

While living in Brigham City, Utah, Verlie 
served as organist in the Primary; in Yakima, 
Washington^ she was a member of the Relief 
Society presidency^ 

Verlie Taylor Hart 308 

At present she is living near her daughter^ 
Lillian Hart Nelson, in Midvale, Utaho 


1902 - 

Born 29 March 1902, daughter of Samuel J. 
Taylor and Sarah Coleman Evans ^ the daughter of 
David Evans and Rebecca Coleman, 

Attended Lehi public schools. Upon gradua- 
tion from high school, she pursued business studies 
at the L., D^ S^ Business School^ Salt Lake City. 

Prior to her marriage she was employed by 
the State Bank of Lehi, 

Marvel married Afton Jens Peter son, and 
from this union three children were born: Kay 
Afton<, Connie Rae^ and Harold J. 

She has been active in church and civic work. 
Served as a teacher and counselor in the Primary: 
as a visiting teacher in the Relief Society; as 
Treasurer for the American Red Cross Chapter; 
as a "Pink Lady" at the American Fork Hospital; 
and as a member of the "Daughters of the Utah 
Pioneers, " 

Marvel has always been most generous in 
devoting her time and talents to the service of 
others. Whether for friend or relative^ she has 
been ever ready to help others in need, and to 
make life more pleasant for those with whom she 
is associated, 


1869 - 1942 

Born 11 December 1869, at Lehi, Utah, the 
daughter of Bishop David Evans and Rebecca Cole- 
man Evans. 

Her early life was spent helping in the fields, 
gathering ground cherries, and washing wool for 
her mother to spin^ color and weave into cloth. 




#611 Charlotte 
Evans Lewis 

^ '^ 

#613 George 

#614 Dr. 
Lionel Evans 

#612 FloriUa 
Evans Robinson 

#615 Wm. 

#6l 6 Elsie 



#661 L Ford 

#662 Morris C. 

#663 Ralph S. 

T. Hart 

#642 Marvel 
T. Peterson 

#681 Clemon 
L. Fowler 

#682 Hershell 
T. Manning 

309 Emma Jane E. Roberts 

She also herded chickens in the fields as a partial 
control measure during grasshopper outbreaks 
which were destroying the crops. 

She was baptized 9 June 1878, in the Mill 
Pond southeast of Lehi, 

Early schooling was in the homes of some 
of the pioneer mothers where she churned, cleaned 
dooryards, and did other odd jobs during recess 
and between classes. 

Her early schooling terminated at age thirteen 
when her father's death required that she work 
fulltime to pay for clothing and other necessities. 

She married Isaac James Taylor, 14 December 
1887, in the Logan Temiple, but her married days 
were short as her husband died 17 May 1891. 

A short time thereafter she was called to the 
Brigham Young University, Provo, to take a train- 
ing course in Sunday School Teaching, She 
remained at the BYU and qualified as a public 
school teacher, passed the county examination in 
August, 1894, and began teaching in the old school 
house west of the Lehi First Ward Church building. 

She taught school for seven years in Lehi and 
in Ruby Valley, Nevada, In Ruby Valley she drove 
a team of spirited carriage horses daily between 
the "Joe Bill" Smith ranch where she lived and the 
country school house. 

In 1898 she travelled to Washington, D. C. 
to attend the Convention of the National Education 
Association, and while there "toured" Washington 
on an old-fashioned large wheel bicycle. 

June 18, 1901, she married John Roberts of 
Lehi in the Logan Temple. From this marriage 
three sons were born: Isaac Ford, Morris Cole- 
man, and Ralph Standi sh. 

Emma Jane served as counselor in the Alpine 
Stake Mutual Improvement Association from 1899 
to 1912; as secretary and treasurer of the Alpine 
Stake Relief Society from 1901 to 1914; as counselor 
in the Relief Society presidency from 1914 to 1924; 
and as Stake Chairman, Genealogical Division of 
the Stake Relief Society from 1913 to 1924. 

Emma Jane E, Roberts 310 

She was Genealogist of the Bishop David Evans 
Family Association for many years. She gathered 
family records in Cecil County, Maryland, and in 
Pennsylvania, during a stay in those areas, and did 
genealogical research at the Library of Congress, 
Washington, D. C. , in 1932-1933. Her records 
regarding Israel and Abigail Alexander Evans and 
family locating in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, led 
in February, 1969, in identifying other information 
on Alexander lines that carries Abigail's ancestry 
back to 1625 in Ireland. 

Emma Jaaie's industry, intense desire and 
efforts for self -improvement, pleasant personality, 
and love for and willingness to assist others, 
inspired her family and endeared her to all with 
whom she came in contact. 

She died 28 February 1942 in Lehi, Utah. 

1902 - 

Born 2 June 1902, at Lehi, Utah, son of 
John Roberts and Emma Jane Evans (Taylor) 

Attended Lehi public schools. Elected 
student -body president of Lehi High School in 1921. 
Student, Brigham Young University, 1925, 

Manager, Warren Motor Company, Elko, 
Nevada, 1927-1938; owner and operator. Ford 
Motor Co, agency and Sinclair Service Station, 
American Falls, Idaho, 1938 to date. 

Civic and political activities: 

Member, American Falls City Council (14 
years); Power County Republic Chairman (15 years); 
American Falls Public Library Board (12 years); 
Power County Hospital Board (1 year); Chapter 
Chairman, American Red Cross (4 years); Pocatello 
Community Concert Board (4 years); President, 
American Falls Rotary Club, 1944. 

LDS Church services include: 
Missionary, LDS Hawaiian Mission, 1922-25; 
member, ward bishoprics in Elko, Nevada and 

311 Isaac Ford Roberts 

American Falls, Idaho (20 years); member, Ameri- 
can Falls Stake Presidency (5 years) and Stake High 
Council (10 years); and various capacities in Boy 
Scout movement. 

Ford married Vernice Francis Boardman of 
Provo, Utah, August 25, 1926 in the Salt Lake 
Temple. They had two children: Richard Ford 
and Patricia Ann, 

Ford and Vernice now live in American 
Falls, Idaho, 

1904 - 1966 

Born 2 September 1904, at Lehi, Utah, the 
son of John Roberts and Emma Jane Evans (Taylor) 

Attended Lehi public schools from which he 
graduated with honors in 1923. Attended the Uni- 
versity of Utah, 1925, 

Morris was an outstanding athlete, excelling 
in basketball, football and baseball. In 1922 he 
was a member of the basketball team that won the 
State High School Championship and was selected 
for "All State" honors. He was also president of 
the Lehi High School student -body in his senior year, 

After leaving school, he was associated with 
the M. S. Lott Plumbing Co. , the Utah Copper Co. , 
and the Union Pacific Railroad Co. In 1934, he 
opened his own plumbing and furniture business in 
Cedar City, Utah, which he operated successfully 
for many years. On selling his business, he joined 
the Huish Distributing Co. , and at the time of his 
death was part-owner of the Lotus Motor Inn, 
Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Civic and political activities: 
President of the Cedar City Lions Club; 
Deputy District Governor of Lions; Iron County 
Republican Chairman (2 years); Councilman, 
Cedar City Council (6 years); and Vice-President 
of the Municipal League of Utah. 

Morris Coleman Roberts 312 

Church work included various offices in the 
Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association, 
Boy Scouts Ward Sunday Schools,-, and the building 
committee in two wards., 

Morris married Vee Aydelotte^ April 5.. 
1926. Three children: Eugene A., (deceased), 
Morris Paul and Allen John, 

Morris was a devoted husband and father. 
He always took an interest in what the family did 
and was proud of their accomplishments. Due to 
his warm and congenial personality, and his 
interest in and fairness to people, he had many 
friends. He never said an unkind word about 

Death came suddenly, March 7, 1966. at his 
home in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was buried in 
American Fork (Utah) Cemetery. 

1905 - 

Born 30 November 1905, at Lehi^ Utah, the 
son of John Roberts and Emma Jane Evans 
(Taylor) Roberts^ 

Education: Lehi Public Schools; University 
of Utah; George Washington University; George 
Washington University Law School, Degree s» 
LLB. LLM^ Admitted to the Bar of the District 
of Colurabia^, 1933„ 

Service as an official of the Government of 
United States included appointment to positions at 
highest career level: Director of Finance and 
Budget Officer, Uo S, Department of Agriculture 
(1949-53); Assistant Secretary of Agriculture 
( 1953 - 196 1); Deputy Assistant Secretary of State 

Recipient of the U, S, Department of Agricul 

ture Distinguished Service Awards 1952, and of the 

U. S, Department of State Distinguished Honor 

Award., 1969. 

Special International Assignments: Chairman. 

Finance Committee^ International Food and Agri- 

313 Ralph Standish Roberts 
culture Organization (FAO) (1949-53); Member, 
United States' Delegation to FAO Council and 
Conference Sessions (1949-57); Chairman, Com- 
mission III, FAO Seventh Conference (19 53); 
Chairman, United States ' Delegation to FAO Con- 
ference (1957); Special Consultant to Director - 
General, FAO, Rome, Italy (1971). 

In a continuing interest in educational 
activities, served on faculty and later as a member 
of Board of Trustees, U.S. D. A. Graduate School, 
Washington, D. C. ; and as a guest lecturer at 
American University, University of Chicago, 
University of Wisconsin, North Carolina State 
University, and the National School of Administra- 
tion, Algiers, Algeria. Member, National Advisory 
Committee, Center for Advanced Study, University 
of Wisconsin, 

Church service included LDS Mission (Hawaii); 
member of Bishopric, Chevy Chase Ward, Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; President and member of Board, 
Lafayette Home and School Association (D, C. ); 
Member, Board of Directors, D, C. Chapter, 
American Red Cross. 

Married Freda Linnebach, 30 August 1928. 
Three children: Anita R. Good (deceased); 
Marilyn R. Jerding; Ralph S. Jr. 

Resided in Washington, D. C. , from 1928 to 
1969. On retirement in October, 1969, returned 
to Utah, and is residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

1873 - 1943 (about) 

Martha Ann Evans, the seventh child of 
David and Rebecca Coleman Evans, was born in 
Lehi, Utah, July 24, 1873, where she was edu- 
cated and grew to womanhood. 

When a young woman, she went east and 
followed the career of sales lady for the Richard - 
Hudnut Beauty Solon in Chicago, Illinois, for many 
years. She was a beautiful woman with a clear 
complexion which was an asset to her profession. 

Martha Ann lived to be approximately seventy 
years old and died in Chicago where she was buried. 



1875 - 1962 

Ellen (Ella) Evans Fowler Manning was the 
daughter of Bishop David and Rebecca Coleman 
Evans. She was born May 23, 1875, in Lehi, Utah. 

She was baptized by Edward Edwards, June 
10, 1883, and confirmed by William Clark on the 
same date. At the age of six years, she com- 
menced school and graduated at the age of 

On November 3, 1893, she was married to 
Leonard Fowler in the Manti Temple, To this 
union one son was born on October 28, 1894, 
who was named demon. She was later divorced. 

She married Archibald Manning, father of 
four motherless children, on March 12, 1902. 
She helped rear the children to manhood and 
womanhood. Their names are Clara, May, 
Archibald and George. To this union was born a 
son February 10, 1910, He was named Hershel. 

She served as class leader of the Third Ward 
Relief Society and was appointed to this position on 
February 1, 1915, and on November 1, 1923, was 
appointed treasurer for the Third Ward Building 

Ellen was a civic leader and served in the 
following organizations: Chairman of Home Service 
Section during World War I, Chairman of Minute 
Women in World War II (1942-45), Chairman for 
Conservation and Salvage Division for which she 
received a Gold Medal Award for Distinguished 
service and on November 13, 1941, was appointed 
secretary and treasurer for the Camp Evansville 
Daughters of Utah Pioneers. 

Her husband, Archibald Manning, died 
March 29, 1939. She passed away April 22, 1962, 
leaving a posterity of two sons, nineteen grand- 
children and twelve great-grandchildren. 

1894 - 1918 

Born 28 October 1894, son of Leonard 

315 Clemon Leonard Fowler 

Fowler and Ellen (Ella) Evans, a daughter of 
David Evans and Rebecca Coleman Evans. 

He married Glenna Wilson 1 June 19 10, and 
became a resident of Wilson Lane, Weber County, 
Utah. To this marriage three children were born: 
Gerald Clemon Fowler, born at Ogden, Utah, 1 
April 1912 (died 31 March 197 1), John Finley 
Fowler, born Ogden, Utah, 31 March 1918; and 
Jean Ellen Fowler, born Ogden, Utah, 16 Decem- 
ber 1916. 

Very little is known about Clemon after he 
moved to Ogden, While still a teen-ager he worked 
as a "red-cap" at the Ogden railway station. Later, 
he became a brakeman for the Union Pacific Rail- 
road, He was a friend to everyone, always looked 
on the bright side of life, and enjoyed making 
people laugh with jokes and comical stories. He 
was loved and respected by all who knew him. 

In October, 1918^ while living in Salt Lake 
City,, Clemon contracted the dreaded influenza of 
that year^ He was taken to St, Mark's Hospital 
where he passed away 22 October 1918, 

1910 - 

Born to Ellen (Ella) Evans and Archibald E. 
Manning 10 February 1910. 

Attended Lehi public schools,, While in high 
school he enjoyed music and had lead parts in 
operas presented by the school. He was also an 
accomplished accordionist. 

He married Faye Anderson, a daughter of 
Hyrum Anderson of Lehi„ To this union two child- 
ren were born: Sheila and Karen. Faye and 
Hershel were later divorced. 

Hershel was employed at the Small Arms 
Plant during World War 11. He was later employed 
as a carrier by the United States Postal Department. 

He then moved to Miami, Florida, where he 
operates a health foods store. 



1865 - 1941 

Margaret Christine Evans Turner was born 
at Lehi^ Utahj August 29^ 1865^ a daughter of 
Bishop David and Margaret Christine Holm Evans. 
She was reared in a devout "Mormon" home. 

Her early life was spent much as that of 
other early settlers. Supplying food and clothing 
took the cooperative effort of the entire family. 
Among many other things^ there was wool to card, 
spin, knit and weave. Amusement and recreation 
were found and enjoyed in simple ways with family 
and friends. Some of the happiest hours of her life 
were spent in the evenings with her mother and 

When she^ the eldest daughter, was eighteen 
years of age her father passed away. It made it 
necessary for her mother to weave to support the 
family. While they never suffered for the neces- 
sities of life, they were deprived of the luxuries, 

Margaret (Maggie) was educated in the Lehi 
schools and throughout her life was interested in 
the better things in culture and refinement. 

On July 24j 1885, she was married to James 
Joseph Keep Turner. They were the parents of six 
children: Margaret Christina, Gwendolyn Mary^ 
Clarene (Mrs, John H, Quinn)_ Thelma Rae, James 
Keep and Samuel Lionel, Three of her four daugh- 
ters died in their childhood^ which was a great 
sorrow to Maggie,. 

Her husband worked for the Utah -Idaho Sugar 
Company.. He was called to teach sugar beet rais- 
ing and irrigation in Colorado,. Later the family 
moved to Garden City, Kansasr then to Kansas 
City, Missouri^ before settling in Independence;^ 
Missouri,, where her husband held a responsible 
position with the Zions Printing and Publishing 
Company for over twenty years. On December 23. 
1940. Jim„ her husband^ passed away and was 
brought to Lehi, Utah,, for burial. 

317 Margaret Turner 

Wherever Maggie lived, she made numerous 
friends and endeared herself to them by her kind- 
ness and concern for their needs. She often said 
she was never worried about her neighbor's pleas- 
ing her, but rather, would they accept her. 

She was a loyal and active member of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints, She 
served as President of the Branch Relief Society in 
Independence, She enjoyed entertaining in her home 
Hundreds of missionaries of the Central States 
Mission will never forget her hospitality and 
motherly love. They have remained close to 
members of her family through the years. 

Throughout her life, there was a deep bond 
between her and her sisters. Whenever possible, 
she visited with them. It was a special occasion 
when Aunt Maggie came fronn so far off! Everyone 
was anxious to hear about her family and the 
activities of each member. 

She was ever mindful of the needs of widows, 
orphans and missionary families. She never 
missed an opportunity to give them assistance. 
She was very gifted in hand-crafts and enjoyed 
making special gifts to please those she loved. 

While enroute to Salt Lake City, Utah, to 
attend the wedding of her grandson, Dr. James H. 
Quinn, she took ill. On August 5, 1941, in a Salt 
Lake Hospital, she passed away and was buried 
in the Lehi Cemetery, August 7, 1941. 

1892 - I960 

Clarene Turner Quinn, daughter of James 
Joseph Keep and Margaret Christina Evans Turner, 
was born May 21, 1892 at Lehi, Utah. 

At the age of eight, childhood days in Utah 
came to an end for Clarene, With her family, she 
moved to Colorado where her father was employed 
in the sugar industry. She and her brother Jay 
were the only American children on the Aukland 
Ranch where they lived. After school, she would 
jump on her pony and go from camp to camp visit- 
ing her Mexican, Japanese, Russian and German 

Clarene T. Quinn 318 

Five years at various localities in Colorado 
were spent before the family settled in Garden 
City, Kansas, It was in Kansas, Clarene enjoyed 
youthful, carefree, happy days. The year of her 
graduation, she was president of her class; and 
upon graduation, was engaged to be married to 
John H, Quinn, the idol of her parents. 

In September of that year, her father moved 
the family to Kansas City, Missouri. Clarence and 
John were married January 22, 1912, To this 
union two children were born: Margaret Belle and 
James Henry. 

On March 6, 1917, John left Clarene and the 
children, Clarene was employed in the office of 
Z ion's Printing & Publishing Company. She and 
her children made their home with her parents and 
brothers. Love, understanding and devotion was 
shared in this household; a most important ingredient 
to health and happiness, 

Clarene had many talents and an appreciation 
for the lovely things in life. She served in many 
church capacities: teaching classes, supervising 
the Y. L. M. I. A, program in the Central States 
Mission, Branch organist and other assignments. 

Her children were her pride and joy. She 
devoted her energies for their happiness and to 
prepare them for a full and abundant life, Margaret 
and Jay both filled missions in the Northwestern 
States Mission, Margaret married Seymour Still- 
man Taylor of Salt Lake City, August 23, 1934. 
Jay became a prominent eye specialist and married 
Denise Callister also of Salt Lake City, August 5, 
1941, who is a child psychiatrist at the University 
of Utah Medical Center, 

Clarene and John were remarried in June of 
1954. They resided in Salt Lake City until her 
death on August 4, I960, Buried in the Lehi City 

319 James Keep Turner 

1899 - 1966 

James Keep Turner was born at Lehi, Utah, 
August 24, 1899, the fifth child and first son of 
James Joseph Keep and Margaret Christine Evans 

When a very young child his father was 
employed in the sugar industry which took the 
family to the State of Colorado for a time. Jay 
was about ten years old when they moved to 
Garden City, Kansas, where they lived in a 
spacious house called "Wildwood". The children 
enjoyed their team of Shetland ponies with the little 
fringed surrey. They were the envy of their friends. 
However, all participated in the fun times at the 

Because of business reverses, the family 
moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in September of 
1911. Then shortly afterward settled in Independence, 
Mission Headquarters for the Central States Mission, 
Here Jay's father was employed at the Zions Print- 
ing & Publishing Company. 

Jay was deprived of higher education as it 
was necessary for him to find employment at an 
e3,rly age. However, through his ability and 
ambition he raoved up to responsible positions in 
the Standard Oil Company, 

On March 19, 1927, Jay was married to 
Isabella Kathleen Ireland in Independence, Missouri. 
Four days later their marriage was solemnized in 
the Salt Lake Temple on March 24, 1927. To this 
union two children were born, a daughter, Kathleen 
(Mrs. William V, Denning, Jr. ), and son, James 
Turner. Kathleen is the mother of Kathleen 
Annette, Barbara Lynne, Karen Sue, Debra Jo, 
William Keith, Keven Bruce. The family resides 
in Salt Lake City. Son Jay resides in Independence, 
Missouri, where he serves as church organist. 

Both Jay and Kaye were active in the church, 
serving in various capacities. They were gifted 
with beautiful voices and participated in choral 
groups as well as performing as soloists. 

James Keep Turner 320 

After Jay's retirement, they moved to Salt 
Lake City to be near their daughter and family as 
well as other loved ones and friends. Dr. Jay 
Quinn expressed his appreciation by saying, "Uncle 
Jay was always wonderful to the family and helped 
in so many ways, " 

On January 13, 1966, Jay passed away in Salt 
Lake City and was buried in Lehi, Utah, 

1902 - 1956 

Samuel Lionel Turner, son of James Joseph 
Keep and Margaret Christine Evans Turner, was 
born at Ordway, Colorado, October 5, 1902, 

His early childhood was spent in Garden City, 
Kansas, where he enjoyed the excitement of their 
large three -story house "Wildwood", their Shetland 
ponies and many friends. 

When the family moved to Kansas City, 
Missouri, Lionel was nine years of age. Soon 
afterward, they located in Independence, Missouri. 
Lionel was a very industrious boy and found employ-^ 
ment at the Boston Confectionery Store in Inde- 

He was thoughtful and helpful to his mother 
which she appreciated and so expressed often. 

Even though Lionel was unable to continue his 
education; through his ambition, personality and 
ability he became very successful in his business 
career. He worked for the Standard Oil Company 
and became an excellent salesman. For a number 
of years he was in the employ of one of the large 
baking companies and became sales manager over 
200 or 300 people. When the company was sold, 
Lionel was hired by the Osgood Coffee Company 
as their Sales Manager, He had a naturally happy, 
likeable disposition and drew people to him. He 
was loved dearly by his family. Of him his nephew, 
Dr, Jay Quinn reminisced, "He was unselfish, 
thoughtful, generous and good to everyone. " 

Lionel had a good singing voice and enjoyed 
singing duets with his elder brother, Jay, on 


#7 22 Gwendolen 
M. Turner 

#723 Clarene 
Turner Quinn 

#724 Thelma 
Rae Turner 

#725 James 
K. Turner 

#726 Samuel 
Lionel Turner 

#741 Vernon 
A. Anderson 

#742 Leland 
D. Anderson 

#743 Maesa 
Anderson Goates 

#744 Evans L. 

#745 Mary 
Anderson Johnson 

321 Samuel Lionel Turner 

special programs as well as at home gatherings. 
He participated with the Chamber of Commerce' 
Male Choir, 

On March 19, 1924, Lionel was married to 
Marguerite Susan Gray, daughter of Alexander and 
Edith May Woods Gray. They were married in 
Independence, Missouri, To this union one son 
was born, Lionel Gray Turner. Son, Lionel mar- 
ried Helen Gene Ford and they are the parents of 
Lionel Gray, Jr. , John Christopher and Jean Ann. 

Samuel Lionel Turner passed away July 18, 
1956 of a heart attack. He was fifty -three years 
of age, 

1870 - 1953 

Hannah Evans Anderson was the fourth child 
of David Evans and Margaret Christine Holm, born 
Feb, 4, 187 0, at Lehi, Utah. Her father was 
bishop of Lehi at the time. Her mother joined 
the church in Denmark and came with her parents 
Jens Nelson and Margaret Christina Epson Holm 
to Utah when she was 14 years old, helping to pull 
the handcart across the plains. They arrived in 
Utah Sept. 13, 1857 and on July 4, 1858 the family 
moved to Lehi, 

At the age of four she went to live with her 
grandparents, living with them for the next several 
years. Her parents and grandparents taught her to 
love the gospel and also to speak the Danish lang- 
uage. She attended school in the Ross building 
with Edgar Ross as teacher and in the Thurman 
building with James M, Anderson as teacher. 

When Hannah was nine years old she was 
run over by a horse and was crippled for several 
years. No doctor attended her but with her 
mother's nursing and the Lord's blessing she 
learned to walk again. She enjoyed singing and 
as a girl sang in the John Gibbs choir. 

On Sept. 12, 1888, she was married to 
Andrew B. Anderson in the Manti Temple by 
Anton H. Lund. They built their first new home 
at 396 North 5th West in Lehi. After three years 

Hannah E. Anderson 322 

they moved to Provo where her husband attended 
Brighara Young University and she kept boarders 
for $2. 50 a week. May 24, 1895, her husband 
received his diploma and Dr. Maeser asked them 
to go to Vernal where he was appointed principal 
of the Uintah Stake Academy. They lived there for 
six years and built their second home. In 1901 
Pres. Snow called her husband to take charge of 
the Beaver Brigham Young Academy where they 
lived another six years. 

In 1907 they purchased the farm of Andrew 
R. Anderson in Lehi and moved to this farm on the 
lake shore. Farming and dairying was their occu- 
pation and she helped milk cows and churned 
hundreds of pounds of butter, selling it to merchants 
in Lehi. In 1920 they sold the farm on the lake 
shore and moved into town. In 1926 they built a 
new home at 416 North 1st East. 

Wherever she lived she endeared herself to 
many students and friends. One young man, Fred 
Gardner, lived in the home at Vernal and Beaver 
while gaining his education and called her mother. 

She had a deep love for the gospel and served 
in the YWMIA as president and counselor; in the 
Relief Society as a counselor, theology teacher 
and visiting teacher. She also served on the Stake 
Sunshine committee with sister Julia Brown for ten 
years. She performed many endowments in the 
Salt Lake Temple, During World War I she did 
volunteer work with the Red Cross. 

She was the first captain in Lehi of the 
Daughters of Utah Pioneers. In 1950 in recogni- 
tion of this appointment, she unveiled the marker 
on the site of the first cemetery in Lehi, In con- 
nection with the Centennial celebration in 1950 as 
the oldest living descendant of Bishop David Evans 
she unveiled the monument commemorating the 
settlement at Snow Springs in 1850. 

With her husband she took a trip of over 
6, 000 miles visiting places important in church 
history. They then served a short-term mission 
in the California Mission. 

Her hobbies were doing beautiful crochet 
work and piece quilts which were given to 

323 Hannah E. Anderson 
members of her family and friends. 

She was the mother of five children- -Vernon 
Andrew, Leland David, Maesa LaRee (Mrs. Her- 
man C. Goates), Evans LaVere, and Mary Mar- 
garet (Mrs. Harold W. Johnson). 

In December of 1950 she fell breaking a bone 
in her foot. From this time on her health failed 
and on Sept. 2, 1953 she was taken to the Lehi 
Hospital where she passed away Sept. 15, 1953 
at the age of 83, She was buried in the Lehi 
City cemetery. 

1889 - 

Vernon Andrew Anderson was born July 30, 
1889, to Andrew B. and Hannah Evans Anderson, 
the first of five children. When he was four years 
old, the family moved to Provo, Utah, where his 
father attended the B, Y. A, for two years. 

In 1895, the family moved to Vernal, Utah, 
where they spent the next six years. While there, 
Vernon began his education in the grade school. 

In 1901, the next move was to Beaver, Utah, 
where Vernon finished grade school and attended 
the first two years of high school. 

The family moved back to Lehi in June, 1907, 
where Vernon's father had bought his Grandfather 
Anderson's farm. Here Vernon helped with the 
farm work and completed high school. He was 
active on the school track team and also the 
dramatic club, being manager of the club for 
two years. He was also a member of the Lehi 
Silver Band. 

Vernon graduated from the Lehi High School 
June 1, 1909, and left for a mission June 3, 1909. 
He spent three years in the mission field working 
in some of the largest cities in Germany and Switzer 
land. It was his privilege to baptize 52 persons 
during his mission. He was released May 2, 1912, 
and proceeded to tour Europe on his way home. He 
sailed from Liverpool May 6, 1912, During their 
voyage, they struck an ice berg and were delayed 

Vernon A, Anderson 324 

for two days floating in an ice jam while repairs 
were made. During this delay, an S, O. S, was 
received from the Titantic stating she was sinking. 

Vernon arrived home about May 20, 1912, 
and during the summer, Vernon met Lillian 
Roberts. They became engaged at Christmas time 
and were married a year later, November 5, 1913, 
by Alvin Smith in the Salt Lake Temple. To this 
union two sons and two daughters were born: Max 
Vernon, Jean Irene, Betty Marie and Kenneth 

In the fall of 1920, Vernon enrolled at the 
University of Utah in the Department of Pharmacy. 1 
In his senior year, he was elected President of the 
Pharmaceutical Assoc, of the University. He 
graduated from the University June 5, 1923, After 
40 years of employment at different drug firms 
including eight years as Pharmacist at the L, D, S, 
Hospital and fifteen years with the Medical Depart-j 
ment of the Union Pacific, Vernon retired in 1963 
and has spent the past seven years enjoying life, 
Vernon and Lillian have travelled extensively. 
During their spare time they relax at their cabin 
in Big Cottonwood Canyon, 

1892 - 

I am a son of Andrew Bjrring and Hannah 
Evans Anderson, born March 25, 1892, at Lehi, 
Utah. When I was two years of age, the family 
moved to Provo, Utah, where father attended the 
Brigham Young University. Upon his graduation, 
we moved to Vernal, Utah, where father accepted 
the position of Principal of the Uintah Academy. 
After spending the following six years in Vernal, 
we moved to Beaver, Utah, where father became 
head of Beaver Branch of the B. Y. A. and another 
six years was spent here. 

The family moved to Lehi in 1907, father 
having purchased the farm on Utah Lake shore 
from Grandfather Anderson. 

I attended grade school in Beaver and Lehi, 
graduating from Lehi High School in 1910. While 

325 Leland David Anderson 

working on the farm, I injured my back which 
affected my head and eyes also. I was sent to an 
osteopath for treatraent. In August of 1913, I be - 
came a student at the College of Osteopathic 
Physicians and Surgeons at Los Angeles, Cali- 
fornia, graduating in May of 1918. 

June 1918, during World War 1, 1 was drafted 
into the army, receiving my training at Camp Fre- 
mont, California and Mills, New York, 1 served 
with the 24th Machine Gun Battalion. We left for 
France, October 19 18, aboard the ship Siboney. The 
Armistice was declared November 11, 1918. Our 
ship returned to the United States and I received 
an honorable discharge at Fort Logan, Colorado, 
March 1919. 

On July 2, 1919, I married Mary Powell and 
was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple June 1, I960. 
Mary and I were blessed with three wonderful 
children: Kirk J. , Leland Junior, and Mary Ruth. 

We moved to Boise, Idaho, where I pur- 
chased the practice of Dr. Walter Kingsbury in 
1921. At the Denver Poly-Clinic I taught Osteo- 
pathic principles and techniques, I was presented 
with a Dr. of Science degree from this college in 
July, 1939. I taught 57 Post Graduate courses for 
the M. G, Farnsworth Company of Chicago, Illinois, 
I enjoyed this work which took me to many of the 
larger cities in the United States, 

In January 1964, my wife, Mary, became ill. 
She died July 17, 1966. After her death, I traveled 
to the Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and 
Europe. While on a trip to the South Pacific, 
January 1967, I became acquainted with Florence 
Z. Robison. We were married April 4, 1968. 1 
appreciate my membership and activity in the 
Boise Stake. 


1895 - 

Maesa LaRee Anderson Goates, daughter of 
Andrew B. and Hannah Evans Anderson, was born 
at Provo, Utah, May 24, 1895, the day her father 
graduated from the Brigham Young Academy. She 

Maesa A. Goates 326 

was blessed by her father July 3, 1895, at Lehi, 

At her father's graduation he accepted the 
position of Principal at the Uintah Academy in 
Vernal, Utah, The first six years of her life 
were spent here. 

President Snow called Maesa's father to be 
Principal of the Brigham Young Academy at Fort 
Cameron, east of Beaver, Utah, a branch of the 
Brigham Young Academy at Provo, The next six 
years Maesa spent here with her family. 

Maesa moved to Lehi, Utah, with her family 
in the spring of 1907, The farm her father pur- 
chased from her Grandfather Anderson was on the 
shore of Utah Lake, 

She graduated from Eighth Grade, Lehi High 
School and attended the Brigham Young University, 

On the 7th of November 1903, Maesa was bap- 
tized by her father, Andrew B, Anderson, in the 
Beaver River, She was confirmed November 8, 
1903, by Rinhard Maeser. She has taught in Sunday 
School and Primary, was Secretary of the First 
Ward Relief Society and belonged to the First Wardi 
Choir and mixed quartet. She is a member of the 
Fort Wall Camp of Daughters of Utah Pioneers of 
which she has served as secretary. She served on 
the committee that erected a monument on the site 
of the first cemetery in Lehi, During World War I, 
she worked in the Red Cross, 

Maesa married Herman Calvin Goates June 
14, 1923, in the Salt Lake Temple, She is the 
mother of four children: Calvin A., LaRee (Mrs. 
Frank C, Okleberry), Wayne A, , Morris A, Son 

Calvin died at the age of seventeen years August 
24, 1941, She has ten grandchildren. 

Maesa and Herman made their home in Lehi, 
Utah, engaging in farming and poultry raising. 
There was plenty of work to keep them busy. Her 
husband served as Ward Clerk and then Stake Clerk 
for eighteen and one -half years. He served two and 
one -half months as Bishop before he was called to 
the position of the Lehi Stake President. He served 
in this capacity twenty -two years. It was a privilege 

327 Maesa A. Goates 

and blessing to the family, entertaining the General 
Authorities in their home. Now that Herman is 
retired, Maesa and her husband enjoy spending 
time with their children and families as well as 
regular visits to the Salt Lake Temple. 

1897 - 

I was born in Vernal, Utah, Sept. 17, 1897, 
the fourth child of Andrew B. and Hannah Evans 
Anderson. We lived in Vernal three years and 
moved to Beaver for six years when we moved to 
Lehi on the farm purchased from A. R. Anderson. 

I was educated in the Lehi City schools, 
learning to farra and milk cows on the side. 1 have 
followed this occupation ever since --farming, 
dairying and poultry raising. 

I served a Central States mission for the 
LDS church from Nov. 4, 1919, to April 1, 1922. 
When I returned, father had sold the old homestead 
but owned 70 acres to the southwest of Lehi which 
I started to farm, I later acquired it and am farm- 
ing it to this day (1971). 

On June 11, 1925 I married Liliane Pernoux. 
We purchased and remodeled a house at 310 South 
1st West in Lehi and have made this our permanent 
home. We have four children, Ralph Evans, Blaine 
Pernoux, Melvin P. and Marilyn (Mrs. Donald V, 

I have worked in the church as YMMIA 
superintendent, Sunday School teacher, counselor 
in the Sunday School, Stake Sunday School superin- 
tendent, bishop's counselor, bishop, home teacher, 
and with the Senior Aaronic Priesthood many years, 

I have been in the Farm Bureau since its 
organization and served as local and county presi- 
dent. 1 have also been a member of the Inter - 
Mountain Farmers (formally Utah Poultry Assn. ) 
most of its life. My farm is under the supervision 
of the S, C. D. and I have followed their direction 
for many years. I have drained the land, leveled 
all of it, pulled trees and willows and changed 
irrigation ditches. Through the years 1 built a 

Evans L. Anderson 328 

herd of 16 pure bred cows and 3, 000 laying hens. 
We have changed from horses to tractor, thrashing 
to combining, and made many other improvements, 

I have now sold the cows and chickens but 
still farm the land and enjoy it immensely, 

1902 - 

I am the daughter of Hannah Evans and 
Andrew Bjrring Anderson. I was born the 25th of 
November, 1902, at Beaver, Utah, My family 
moved to Lehi in 1907, where I attended grade and 
high school. After two years at Brigham Young 
University, I served a mission in California for 
twenty -seven months. 

I married Harold Williams Johnson, the 1 1th 
of June 1925 in the Salt Lake Temple. We have 
four children; Shirley Mae, Ray Harold, Donna 
Bernice, and Marcia Mary. 

After my marriage we lived a short time in 
Lehi, then raoved to Salt Lake. In 1950 we moved 
to Murray, Utah, to our present home at 400 E. 
6400 S. 

My church service has been varied. Three 
stake missions; guide work on Temple Square; stake 
boards of Y, W, M, I, A. ; Sunday School and Primary 
as a teacher or chorister, I served as chairman of 
the ward building program in McKay and Murray 
14th Ward, I have taught the Theology and Spiritual 
Living lessons in Relief Society for years in five 
wards, as well as the Gospel Doctrine Class in 
Sunday School at the same time, 

I was active in P. T. A, and served one year 
as a member of the Salt Lake Council P, T, A, 

In 1944, the L, D, S. Department of Education 
asked me to teach Seminary, which I did for twenty - 
one years. In 1959 I took sabbatical leave and 
finished my degree and certification. In 1964 I 
was ill with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which made it 
necessary to teach for a short while in a wheel 
chair. At the close of 1966 I retired, not signing 
an offered contract. 

329 Mary A. Johnson 

I am Captain of Pony Express D. U. P. and 
with substituting in different Seminaries, 1 am 
kept busy. 

1867 - 1919 

Jane Evans Bradshaw was born at Lehi, Utah 
County, Utah, on December 18, 1867. She was the 
second daughter of Bishop David and Margaret 
Christine Holm Evans, 

She lived in a pioneer home where it was 
necessary to learn to card the wool, spin, knit 
and weave. Amusement and recreation were found 
in the small community with family and friends. 
She enjoyed ballroom dancing and with her partner 
pleased the spectators with grace and rhythm. 

On November 23, 1888, she married Richard 
William Bradshaw, a son of Richard Travis and 
Mary Ann Bone Bradshaw, 

They spent the first thirteen years of their 
nnarried life in Lehi. However, her husband, who 
was in the cattle business, made a trip to Canada 
to look over the unsettled country during the winter 
of 1900. He was impressed with the unlimited oppor- 
tunities to be found there; and in the spring of 1901, 
moved his young family to the grass lands of Alberta, 
Canada, Son Richard was 12 years, June Adell 9, 
Ina Leone 7, Margaret Mary 3, and Maxwell less 
than a year old. 

While there was plenty of fertile land, it took 
hard work to build a new home so far frona loved 
ones and friends. Much hired help was needed to 
care for the vast area of grain fields, cattle and 
other animals on the large ranch. There were no 
conveniences and neighbors were miles from them. 
It was a never-ending task for Jane to keep the 
family and ranch hands well fed. It took planning 
and much effort on her part to prepare for the cold 
blizzard winters. 

The children's education presented a problem. 
The seven mile ride to Magrath for school was 
difficult. The children were glad for the warm 
clothing Jane provided them but during the bitter 

Jane E. Bradshaw 330 l| 

freezing weather they still suffered from the cold. 
It was a strain on the parents as well. Finally Jane | 
and her husband decided to hire a teacher to stay at 
the ranch to tutor the children. Classes were held , 
in one of the rooms of their new farm house. ; 

Jane had a kindly disposition and was devoted 
to her husband and children. Whenever they were 
in need of understanding and compassion she was 
always there to help them. This great love was not 
confined to her own alone, but she extended the 
hand of charity to others in need. She was a woman 
of few words. Her deeds bespoke her true character. 

Both Jane and her husband participated in many 
patriotic projects. During World War I, she faith- 
fully worked on the Red Cross general sewing com- 
mittee, also the committee to prepare and send boxes 
of supplies to the soldiers overseas. Nothing in the 
way of comfort for the boys "over there" was miss- 
ing if it was at all possible for her to provide. 

She enjoyed her activities in the Relief Society 
Association of the L. D. S. Church, spending many 
hours on sewing projects and other assignments. 

The relationship between Jane and her sisters 
was very close. She looked forward to their visits. 
The winter before her passing, her husband took 
her to Independence, Missouri, to visit with her 
elder sister, Maggie, and then on to Utah to be 
with Hannah, Rachel and Clara. It was a happy time.! 

Four children were born to Jane and "Dick" 
after they moved to Canada: Evans, Carlyle, twin 
boys who died in infancy, and Gladys Jane, A twin 
to June Adell died at birth, making it a total of ten 
children born to them. 

On March 27, 1919, Jane passed away, a 
victim of the "flu". She was fifty -two years of 
age. Needless to say, she was greatly missed 
by her loved ones and friends. 


331 Richard D. Bradshaw 

1889 - 

Richard David Bradshaw, the eldest child of 
Richard William and Jane Evans Bradshaw, was 
born in Lehi, Utah, October 15, 1889, 

Richard's childhood was spent like most 
growing active boys. He was taught to work and 
help with the younger children. He loved his 
mother dearly, who always gave him her love 
and understanding. 

When he was about twelve years of age, the 
family left Lehi, Utah, and took up land in Alberta, 
Canada. From then on he was assigned a man's 
work and helped establish his father's Rosedale 

On November 11, 1911, Richard was called 
to fill a mission in the British Isles. He gained a 
love for the gospel and the Saints in England. He 
is exceptionally well versed. 

Richard married Harriet Olive Ririe, daugh- 
ter of James Boyack and Elizabeth Ann Morgan 
Ririe, June 11, 1914, in the Salt Lake Temple. To 
this union was born one child, daughter Jane (Mrs. 
James Waldo Smith). 

Their first home was on the Rosedale Ranch 
where their life of hard work began. Later they 
moved to Beazer. Here they worked in various 
church positions. Richard especially enjoyed the 
drama department in the M, I. A. and working with 
the young people. 

He played a big part in starting and develop- 
ing the Caldwell -Mountain View Irrigation Company, 

Through the years Richard and Olive have had 
many experiences. They have enjoyed success and 
happiness along with disappointments and trial. 

Richard has always been interested in Civic 
and world affairs. He and Olive have travelled 
extensively in both the United States and Canada. 
For a number of years they spent their winters in 
Arizona, In 1969 he with his wife, Olive, made a 
world tour celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary. 

Richard D, Bradshaw 332 

Both Richard and Olive are very dear to their 
loved ones and many friends. 


1892 - 1964 

On June 13, 1892, .. twin girls were born to 
Richard Wm, and Jane Evans Bradshaw in Lehi, 
Utah, One twin died at birth; the other lived and 
was named June Adell, 

June was a beautiful little girl with curly 
blond hair and blue eyes. She was about nine 
years of age when her father moved the family to 
Alberta, Canada, 

She was taught the value of work and had 
many household duties on the "Rosedale" ranch 
with her parents. 

It was Bishop Marker's son, Joseph Charles 
(Charl), who made regular trips from Magrath in 
his buggy with dashing team of horses to court June, 
They were married May 31, 1911, in the Salt Lake 
Temple, They moved into a new red brick home 
provided by their parents. 

They became the parents of three sons: 
Charles Duane, Glen living less than two months, 
and Max Carlyle, Duane married Avilda Bridge 
and Max married Gwendolyn Ethel Stern. Her 
eight grandchildren were a joy to her, wanting 
only the best in life for them. 

June and Charl were happy together. Their 
living was provided by their good vegetable garden, 
the chickens they raised, cows they milked, the 
strawberry patch and of course, the farm that 
produced grain. They lived comfortably and always 
owned a car. June was a good manager, no matter 
how hard times were, she always had a little money 
tucked away. 

June took great pride in her cozy home and 
enjoyed fine china, good linen and her handmade 
articles about her home. She enjoyed cooking and 
was most generous with her good food. She made 
lemon chiffon pie to perfection and her chocolate 
fudge and Christmas chocolates were a specialty. 

333 June Adell Marker 

Her brothers, sisters, and their families 
were very dear to her. Whenever any of them 
visited with her, she considered it a very special 

She was proud of her sons, Duane and Max, 
and their accomplishments. When Duane became 
ill and passed away in 1962 it was difficult for 
June to accept. 

Following a stroke, June passed away March 
12, 1964, and is buried in Magrath, Alberta, 


1894 - 1965 

Ina Leone Bradshaw Blaxall was born June 
17, 1894 in Lehi, Utah County, Utah to Richard 
William and Jane Evans Bradshaw, 

She was a small girl when her family moved 
to Alberta, Canada to make a new home. It was 
necessary for her to learn to work and assume 
household responsibilities. The boys in the family 
worked with their father and the girls with their 
mother; all working unitedly and hard which 
assisted their father to become a very successful 

Ina married Norris James Edward Blaxall 
May 25, 1912 at Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 
He was the son of Norris Edward and Annie Maria Blaxall. To this union three children were 
born: Richard Firmin, Marjorie June and Norris 

She was devoted to her home and family. 
She loved people and made it a point to call on 
newcomers to the town to help make them feel 
welcome. Her husband's garden produced beautiful 
flowers and an abundance of fruits and vegetables, 
which Ina enjoyed sharing with the sick, homebound, 
friends and neighbors. She was never too busy to 
stop her work to visit with or help another. 

In 1929 rheumatism settled in her leg leaving 
her with a decided limp and curtailing her activities 
from then on, Norris enjoyed golfing and curling. 


Ina Leone Blaxall 334 

Ina was unable to play but went along with him and 
spent her time at the club houses visiting, making 
new friends and keeping her hands busy knitting and 
crocheting beautiful articles while she waited, 

Norris passed away in Magrath on March 25, 

Later Ina became afflicted with cancer which 
added to her suffering and burden. Nevertheless 
she always wore a cheerful smile as she had always 
done under any circumstance. Throughout her life 
she displayed outstanding patience and tolerance. 
She was a beautiful and lovely woman, * 

Her three children were very kind and helpful 
to her for which she was most grateful. Her grand- 
children, too, were a great source of comfort to her. 

On May 30, 1965, Ina passed away at Leth- 
bridge, and was buried in Magrath, Alberta, 
Canada, June 2, 1965, ■ 


1898 - 

Margaret Mary Bradshaw Smith was born in 
Lehi, Utah County, Utah, May 21, 1898, to Richard 
William and Jane Evans Bradshaw, 

When Margaret was three years of age she 
moved to Alberta, Canada, with her family. Her 
elder brother Richard was 12 years, sister June 9, 
Ina 7 and baby brother Maxwell about 10 mionths. 
They were sweet children and much loved by rela- 
tives and friends who were saddened when this young 
family left to make their home so far away. hI 

Margaret grew up on the "Rosedale" ranch 
with her brothers and sisters learning to do house- 
hold tasks and helping her father in various ways. 
She enjoyed horseback riding over the vast range 
and swimming in the nearby "Pothole", She had a 
good personality with a great sense of humor, often 
teasing the hired help with her pranks, Margaret 
could stand up to her father and had a way of getting 
around him to get the little things she wanted when 
the other children hesitated. 

She took piano lessons and her father sent her 

335 Margaret B. Smith 

to Medicine Hat to continue her studies. She was 
a beautiful girl with lovely brown wavy hair and a 
pride and joy to him. 

On May 22, 1917 Margaret married Allan 
Noble Steele Smith at Red Cliff, Alberta, Canada. 
To this union the following children were born: 
Richard, Dorothy, Allan Ford, Hazel Ruth, twins 
William Neil and Emma Joanne, and Margaret 

For a time Margaret, Allan and family lived 
in Lethbridge where Allan (Pete) was in the garage 
business. Later they moved to Calgary where their 
last three children were born. They moved to 
Vancouver, B, C. In 1953 her mother's sister. 
Aunt Rachel Wing with Cousin Clarene Turner Quinn 
and Cousin Lela Wing Lott made a trip to Vancouver 
to visit with Margaret, Gladys and families. 
Margaret and Gladys were most gracious, showing 
them about the city and doing their best to inake 
their stay pleasant, Margaret's delicious roast 
beef dinner was enjoyed and long remembered by 
Aunt Rachel and cousins. 

Allan passed away a few years ago, Mar- 
garet's children are very considerate and a great 
source of comfort to her, 


1900 - 

Maxwell William Bradshaw was born in Lehi, 
Utah, to Richard William and Jane Evans Bradshaw 
July 31, 1900. He was less than a year old when 
the family moved to Canada, 

His early childhood was spent on the family 
ranch. He spent much of his youth herding sheep 
in the shadow of Birdseye Hill. The summers 
were long and lonely. 

He worked on his father's seven year irriga- 
tion project which brought water from Crooked 
Creek (rises in Waterton Lakes National Park) 
to a reservoir used to irrigate hay meadows lying 
west of the Belly River. Experts from the east 
said it couldn't be done. At noon on the day the 
project was completed June 30, 1926, Max threw 

Maxwell W. Bradshaw 336 

his hammer down and told the crew he was off to 
get married. His bride was Pearl Duce, daughter 
of George A, and Viola Beazer Duce of Cardston 
and a school teacher at Stirling, The wedding 
took place that day in Lethbridge. 

In time. Max acquired the ownership of 
Birdseye Ranch from his father where he engaged 
in raising and breeding purebred cattle. He was 
elected first president of the Southern Alberta 
Cattle Breeding Association, He received 
premiums on his commercial calves for years 
and topped the Canadian market in 1951 with steer 
and heifer calves. 

Always of an inventive mind, Max originated 
and used one of the first calf squeezes in the 
country. In 1948 he saw a hay bale loading machine 
in operation on his brother's ranch (Evans Bradshaw) 
and said, "I'll build one of those to fit on top of a 
tractor. " Max owns the Canadian and U. S. patents 
on the Bradshaw Bale Booster. The machine picks 
up bales in the field which are carried over the 
tractor by conveyor and loaded on the wagon. At 
the stack or barn the machine can be raised and 
reversed for easy unloading. He also invented a 
fun game "Rollo-Max" which is patented. 

Max and Pearl are the parents of two daugh- 
ters: Maxine and Rae Marie. For several years 
Pearl held school for her daughters at the ranch, 

Maxine married James Donald Hanson 
December 31, 1948, They now run the Birdseye 
Ranch having bought most of their purebred heifer 
calves from Maxwell. Maxine and Don are the 
parents of Kim, Ross, Max, Margo and Tannis. 

Second daughter Rae Marie married Gordon 
Kent Nelson 9 September 1950, Their children 
are Ford Maxwell, Shannon Rae, Gordon Kash 
and Bart Bradshaw. 

Max and Pearl now reside in Lethbridge, 

337 Evans C. Bradshaw 

1902 - 

Evans Carlyle Bradshaw, 7th child of Richard 
Wm. and Jane Evans Bradshaw, was born in Magrath, 
Alberta, Canada, September 14, 1902. He was a 
toddler when the family moved to the "Rosedale" 
farm, named for the wild roses growing there. 
Evans with his brother Max, two years older, 
spent many happy hours playing and exploring 
the farmlands by horseback, riding double. 

The last year the Bradshaw children were 
privately tutored, Evans was in Grade 1, The 
next two years he rode horseback to school at 
Magrath. Then the family moved to Magrath 
where Evans continued his education. He attended 
a winter course at the Agricultural School in Ray- 
mond, Canada, 

During 1919-1920, the family experienced 
great financial loss. However, their greatest loss 
came with the death of their mother on March 27, 
1919, 1 a victim of the "flu" epidemic, Evans was 
16 years at the time. 

Evans learned to work at an early age. When 
around twelve, he was responsible to set up and 
care for a sheep camp. They trailed the sheep 
from Rosedale to Bridseye. Most treks took ten 
or twelve days. 

Evans worked hard and purchased three 
quarter sections of land from his father at Caldwell. 
He dismantled a log cabin his father owned at 
Beazer and reassembled it at Caldwell in the 
Belly River Valley. 

On July 28, 1931, Evans married Alberta 
Henderson, a district school teacher and native 
of Mountain View. The shingle -sided log cabin 
served as a home for the couple and their children: 
Richard Carlyle, Albert Dean, Lee H. and Janet 
until 1951 when they moved into a big modern house 
on top of the hill. All the finish work on the house 
was beautifully done by Evans with the help of his 

Evans, always an early riser and firm 

Evans C. Bradshaw 338 

believer in organized work, started early and had 
a reasonable quitting time. In the sumraer months 
he often allowed time for a dip in the river with 
his children. 

He has served on the irrigation, telephone 
and school boards, road committee, helped organize 
and served as director of the Sheep Men's Association 

Evans is of blonde complexion with thick curly- 
hair (still natural color 197 0). He is 5 ft. 8 inches 
tall; weight approximately 165 lbs. 


1907 - 

Gladys Jane Bradshaw Rickard was born 
January 28, 1907, at Magrath, Alberta, Canada, 
the youngest child of Richard William and Jane 
Evans Bradshaw. 

When Gladys was five years of age, her 
eldest sister June was married. The same year 
her brother Richard left to serve a two year mis- 
sion in England and the following year Ina raarried 
Norris, It was not too long afterward that a new 
house was built for the family in Magrath so 
Gladys' environment was not the same as it had 
been for the older children. She was able to attend 
school regularly and participate in church and 
school activities. She had long beautiful golden 
curls which Dr. E. R. Poulsen of Lethbridge when 
a boy sitting behind her in school, enjoyed dipping 
them in the inkwell on more than one occasion. 

Carefree happy days for Gladys came to a 
close on March 27, 1919, when her mother passed 
away during the "Flu" epidemic which was raging 
throughout the land. Other members of the family 
were also afflicted with the disease, Gladys was 
twelve years old at the time. 

With her mother gone, Gladys spent much 
time in the homes of Richard and her sisters. 
However, she made her home in Lethbridge with 
Margaret and Allan, helping with the children. 

Her father owned a summer cottage at 
Waterton Lakes National Park where she spent 

339 Gladys Jane Rickard 

many happy summers during her teenage years. 
It was here that she met Cedric Fiddis Flack 
Rickard from England. He worked in a bank in 
the town of Taber, east of Lethbridge. Their 
friendship grew and on March 14, 1928, Gladys 
and Cedric were married in Calgary, Alberta, 

Two sons were born to them while they made 
their home in Calgary: D'Arcy Clive Bradshaw 
Rickard and Rolan Brian Rickard. Gladys and 
Cedric (Tex) suffered through the depression. 
These were sad and happy years. In the early 
1940s they moved to West Vancouver. 

Through life, Gladys has experienced "hard 
knocks" with unfailing courage and devotion to her 
ideals, implanted undoubtedly in her early years. 
She had always wanted to learn to play the piano. 
Later in life her husband purchased a piano which 
she has taught herself to play. Her sons are both 
married with families of their own. 

1874 - 1962 

Rachel Evans Wing, daughter of David and 
Margaret Christine Holm Evans, was born April 
25, 1874, at Lehi, Utah. She was her mother's 
fifth child and the thirty-ninth of her father's forty- 
one children. She was of brunette complexion with 
expressive "Evans" eyes. Her father affectionately 
called her his little black-eyed Welsh girl. The 
pride she took in her books and her eagerness to 
learn pleased him. He encouraged her to do her 
best. She was only nine years of age when he 
passed away, but she always remembered his 
loving kindness and honored his memory. She 
became an excellent student, completing grammar 
school at the head of her class. Her graduation 
papers are a work of art which are preserved in 
her Book of Remembrance. Although she was 
unable to continue her education, she never missed 
an opportunity for self-improvement. 

While employed at the Branch Co-op, Rachel 
met John William Wing, Jr. (Will). Because of 

Rachel Evans Wing 340 

her mother's illness, their social life was limited. 
Will, however, was very understanding and thoughtful. 
Each morning and evening many months prior to her 
mother's death, Will stopped at the Evans home to 
life Rachel's mother from and to her bed. Her 
mother passed away in June and Rachel and Will 
were married in the Salt Lake Temple the following 
September 7, 1898. 

The next spring they moved into their home 
constructed at 165 East 2nd North, Lehi, Utah. 
Their first child, a son named Eldon William, only 
lived to be two and a half years old. He passed 
away suddenly just six days after the birth of a 
daughter, Velma, 

During 1903, Rachel and small daughter made 
a trip to Magrath, Alberta, Canada to visit her 
sisters, Jane Bradshaw and Clara Goates and 
families. When she returned home. Grandfather 
Holm accompanied her. She was surprised and 
happy to find her husband had added a room to their 
house in readiness for her grandfather who became 
a loved and cherished member of their household. 

Will was called to serve a mission in England 
from 1905-1907. Rachel taught needlecraft in the 
Lehi City Schools and with careful planning was 
able to maintain her household as well as assist 
her husband. 

At the time a second daughter, Lela Rae, was 
born, Grandfather Holm had gone to stay with 
Rachel's sister Hannah Anderson and family, where 
he passed away in his 91st year. 

In the summer of 1910, the addition to their 
honae was completed providing adequate accommoda- 
tions to entertain relatives and friends. The door 
was always open to those in need, Rachel was an 
excellent home maker. She and her husband shared 
the attitude expressed by George Eliot, "What do 
we live for, if not to make life less difficult for 

Their third daughter and last child was 
named Arva Deborah. The three daughters were 
reared in a happy wholesome home and their parents 
gave them every advantage within their power. 

341 Rachel Evans Wing 

During World War I, Rachel was in charge 
of surgical dressings in the gauze department at 
the Lehi Red Cross. She received certificates for 
personal service during both World War I and II. 

Early in her youth, and throughout her life, 
Rachel had a strong testimony in the Savior, Jesus 
Christ; serving in various church auxiliaries through 
the years. In 1920, when the Lehi Fifth Ward was 
organized, she was called to serve as President 
of the Relief Society. 

On September 5, 1948, Rachel and Will 
celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, 
The following September 1st, Will passed away 
leaving Rachel a widow at the age of seventy -five 
years. She was able to remain in her home until 
July of 1958 when she fell and broke her hip. She 
was confined to her wheel chair, however, she 
accepted this trial with patience and courage, 
always looking on the bright side of life. She 
kept busy with her hands; knitting and crocheting 
dozens of afghans, slippers, scarves, handker- 
chiefs, etc. , all gifts for family and friends. 

She had a good memory for facts and from 
her Book of Remembrance was able to furnish dates 
and family stories to many of her father's large 
family as well as to those who canne to her for 
information on her husband's genealogical lines. 

On September 7, 1962, her sixty -fourth 
wedding anniversary, Rachel passed away and 
was buried September 10, 1962 in the Lehi City 

1901 - 

Velma Wing Jerling was born December 5, 
1901 to John William and Rachel Evans Wing. 
During her childhood and youth she had wonderful 
girl and boy friends. Their parents had strict 
rules, but their homes were always open for 
parties and gatherings with them on hand to 
supervise and provide good refreshments. 

Her church service began as Primary 

Velma Wing Jerling 342 

organist, age twelve years. At fifteen she was 
Sunday School Secretary and Primary teacher. 
In 1920 she became organist to the New Ward and 
Sunday School, 

In 1921 Velma received her diploma from the 
Lehi High School as well as a Normal Certificate 
from the B. Y. U, The following two years she 
taught in the Lehi Primary School. 

On May 19, 192 3, Velma left for the Hawaiian 
Mission, spending the entire two years at Mission 
Headquarters in Honolulu. She was organist to the 
Honolulu Choir and gave private lessons along with 
other missionary assignments. 

Upon her return, Velma taught school one 
year before her marriage to Carl Emil Harry 
Jerling September 22, 1926, To this union two 
children were born: Rae Marie and Carl Wing 

They made their home on Highland, a farming 
community where Harry was engaged in poultry 
raising. On September 7, 1930 Harry was set 
apart as Bishop of the Highland Ward by President 
Heber J. Grant, 

Tragedy came September 22, 1940 when their 
son, Carl, died as a result of an accident, Harry 
passed away in the Salt Lake L, D, S, Hospital 
November 10, 1947. 

The following year, Velma commenced teach- 
ing at the Utah State Training School at American 
Fork, Utah. In 1964, she was given the Employee 
of the Year Award (a beautiful gold watch) also the 
Distinguished Service award, a lovely plaque and 
a $100. 00 Savings Bond given to the outstanding 
female Utah State Employee of the year. 

Her daughter, Rae Marie, married Donald R, 
LeBaron September 29, 1949 who are the parents 
of six children. Velma is very devoted to her 
grandchildren and has endeared herself to them. 

In 1963, Velma completed her college credits 
and received her Bachelor's degree from the 
Brigham Young University. 

34 3 Lela Rae Wing Lott 

1908 - 

Lela Rae Wing Lott, daughter of John William 
and Rachel Evans Wing, was born January 22, 1908 
at Lehi, Utah. Her parents provided a religious 
and wholesome environment for their children. 

She attended the Lehi City Schools, graduating 
from high school in 1926. In the fall of that year 
she entered the L. D. S. Business College in Salt ' 
Lake City. Following her training, she was 
employed in the law office of George M. Cannon, Jr. 
in Salt Lake City, also at Lehi, Utah, in the office 
of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company. 

On the 10th of September 1930, Lela was 
married to Wallace Stanley Lott in the Salt Lake 
Temple by Pres. Heber J. Grant. To this union 
three children were born: Rose La Rae, Stania 
Clarene (Mrs. Clifford A. Brennan) and Wallace 
Stanley, Jr. 

Lela and Stanley with their two little girls 
moved to Walla Walla, Washington in March of 
1938 where Stanley was employed as journeyman 
plumber. Later Stanley operated his own Plbg. & 
Htg. Contracting business. In 1944, he purchased 
the Plbg. & Htg. Wholesale Co. in Walla Walla, 
which became the Lott Supply Company. Lela 
assisted in the office. 

On December 19, 1951, tragedy struck! 
Stanley, with daughter Rose La Rae (20), a sopho- 
more at the B. Y. U. and son Wallace (10), met 
with a fatal airplane accident in the Blue Mountains 
near Pendleton, Oregon, enroute home from Utah 
in their private plane. Lela and Stania (16) were 
at home awaiting their return. 

Through the years Lela has served in various 
church and civic organizations beginning at the age 
of twelve. She has held the following positions; 
Primary- -organist, teacher, counselor; Sunday 
School--organist, teacher; M. I. A, --Stake Secre- 
tary, Ward President, organist, teacher; Ward-- 
organist, choir director, building committee. 
Seminary Teacher; Stake Mission. Service 

Lela Rae Wing Lott 344 

Organizations - -Y. W, C. A, Board, Camp Fire Girls, 
B. P. W. and Zonta International, service clubs. 

In 1963, Lela sold the Lott Supply Company, 
Two years later she returned home to Lehi where 
she lives among loved ones and friends in beautiful 
Utah Valley. 

She keeps busy in her many interests and 
enjoys much comfort and satisfaction from her 
daughter, Stania, and family. 

1912 - 

Arva Deborah Wing was born November 10, 
1912, at Lehi, Utah, She was the fourth child and 
the third daughter of John William Wing, Jr. and 
Rachel Evans. 

Arva received her early education in the 
schools at Lehi. These were happy years for her; 
she always liked school and enjoyed participating in 
school parties, dances, programs, operas, orchestra 
and chorus concerts, and enjoyed serving as Year- 
book Editor. In 1930, she graduated from the Lehi 
High School as the Valedictorian of her class. 
Following her graduation, she attended one year 
at the L. D. S. Business College. The next two 
years, Arva was enrolled at the Brigham Young 
University where she received a Normal Degree 
in 1933. Prior to her marriage, Arva taught school 
for three years, 

June 4, 1936, Arva was married to George 
Isaac Bone in the Salt Lake Temple, To this union 
were born three children: George Brian, John 
William, and Margaret Ann, 

During World War II, there was a shortage of 
teachers, Arva was asked to return to the class- 
room to help out in the eraergency. Since that time, 
she has continued to teach at the Lehi Elementary 
School. In addition, Arva continued her college 
education and graduated "with honors" from Brig- 
hann Young University (August 17, 1957) with a B. S, 

Arva was reared in a happy, congenial. 


#751 Eldon 
William Wing 

#752 Velma 
Wing Jerling 

y ^. 


#753 Lela Wing 

#754 Arva 
Wing Bone 

#761 Melba 
Goates Clark 

#762 Lorin W. 

#763 Warren L. 

#764 LuRriel 
Goates Brown 


'of the church of JESUS CHRIST 

345 Arva Wing Bone 

religious family. At the age of eight, she was 
baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints. Since she was twelve years 
of age, Arva has served in many and varied Church 
positions, among them are the following: Primary-- 
Organist, Teacher; Sunday School- -Or gani"sr] 
Teacher, Chorister; M. 1. A , --Music and Dance 
Director, Ward President, Stake Secretary, Teacher; 
Relief Society - -Visiting Teacher; Ward- -Organist, 
Choir Director, Editor of Ward Newspaper. 

All three of the children of Arva and George 
have graduated from B. Y.U. and have nnarried in 
the Salt Lake Temple. George Brian married 
Maralyn Thorne and they are the parents of three 
daughters: Michelle Pauline, Stephanie, and Leisl 
Anne, John William married JoAnn Penovich and 
they are the parents of two sons: Jeffrey John and 
Bradley George, Margaret Ann married Gordon 
George Nebeker, 

* Arva Deborah Wing Bone is the youngest 
grandchild of Bishop David Evans. 

1876 - 1920 

Clara Evans Goates was born on December 
21, 1876 at Lehi, Utah. She was the daughter of 
Bishop David Evans and Margaret Christina Holm 
. Evans. She was the youngest child inthe poly- 
I gamous family of forty-one children. Clara was 
but a sraall child of seven years when her father 
passed away. She attended school in the Thurnnan 
building and was an ardent church worker, teaching 
Sunday School and Primary. 

During her mother's long illness she and her 
sisters lovingly cared for their mother until she 
passed away on June 17, 1898 at Lehi, Utah. 

Clara was married to Joseph Goates, son of 
Joseph W. Goates and Malissa Losee Goates on 
August 31, 1899 in the Salt Lake Temple. He had 
just returned home from the California Mission in 
June of the same year. Their first child Melba 
Clara was born September 30, 1900, at Lehi, Utah. 

Clara E, Goates 346 

In 1902 the family moved to Canada to take up farm- 
ing and went through hardships to develop the land. 
While residing at Magrath, Alberta, Canada, twin 
sons were born to them on August 1, 1903, These 
boys were named Lorin Wayne and Warren LaMar. 
They had the distinction of being the first twins 
born in that relatively new community. 

After spending four years in Canada the 
family returned to Lehi, Utah, where their last 
child and daughter, LuPriel was born. Later in 
the spring of that same year the family left for 
Blackfoot, Idaho, where Joseph was employed by 
the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, He was stricken 
with Typhoid Fever and met an untimely death on 
November 9, 1906 at Riverside near Blackfoot, 
Idaho, at the age of thirty-two years. He was 
brought to Lehi, Utah, for burial, 

Clara was left with the responsibility of 
rearing four small children. She chose to return 
to Lehi where she was successful in providing a 
comfortable home for them. Because of her ability 
and love of fine arts she was able to teach needle - 
craft in the public schools. She later obtained 
employment at the People's Co-op store, where 
she was very diligent and trustworthy at all times. 
In the fall of 1919 she began teaching sewing at 
Lehi High School. 

Through the years she worked in the Primary 
and M, I, A. organizations. She instilled in her 
family the necessity of living righteous lives, and 
to adhere to the gospel standards. Her sons were 
admonished to live to be worthy to fulfill the promise 
in their Patriarchal Blessings - -that they would 
serve missions for the Church, Her hope was that 
she would be able to rear her children. She was 
gentle, loving and devoted and her desire was that 
her sons and daughters would have the best in 

During the second year of the influenza epi- 
demic, she came down with the dreaded disease, 
her heart being weak she was unable to overcome 
her affliction and passed on to her reward on 
January 3 0, 192 at Lehi, Utah at the age of forty- 
three years. 

347 Melba Clara G. Clark 

1900 - 

Melba Clara Goates Clark was born Sept. 
30, 1900 at Lehi, Utah. She is the oldest child of 
Clara Evans and Joseph Goates. When she was a 
year old the family moved to Canada. Here her 
twin brothers, Lorin Wayne and Warren LaMar, 
were born. After four years they returned to 
Lehi, where her sister LuPriel was born. Later 
in the spring they moved to Blackfoot, Idaho, her 
father being employed by Utah-Idaho Sugar Com- 
pany. He was stricken with Typhoid Fever and 
passed away Nov. 9, 1906, at age 32. Her mother 
was left with the responsibility of rearing four 
small children, the youngest being eight months. 
They returned to Lehi, where her mother secured 
employment. She was a loving and devoted mother 
and instilled in her children the desire to live 
righteous lives and to obey the teachings of the 

Melba was baptized Dec. 19, 1908. Her 
education commenced in the fall of 1907. During 
her Junior and Senior years she worked in the 
evenings at the Royal Theatre. When a senior, 
she worked for THE UTAH FARMER and attended 
an English Class, graduating from High School 
in 1919. 

She enrolled at L, D. S, Business College in 
Salt Lake City Aug. 1, 1919, While attending school 
her mother passed away Jan, 30, 1920 with 
influenza at age 43, Graduating from Business 
College she secured a position at Lehi Sugar Office 
and with her brothers and sister, returned to the 
family home. Later she was employed by the State 
Bank of Lehi, 

Melba was married to Earl Glen Clark June 
11, 1925, in the Salt Lake Temple. To them was 
born a daughter, Margaret Jean. Her husband 
met an accidental death May 14, 1928 at age 30. 
A son, Earl Glen, was born seven months later. 
To support her family, she returned to the bank 
and retired after 30 years employment. 

She has been active in the Church, teaching 

Melba Clara G. Clark 348 

in the different organizations, and has been a 
counselor in the ward M. I. A. , Primary, and 
Relief Society, has served on the Sunday School 
Stake board, and at present is Secretary-Treasurer 
of Lehi Ninth Ward Relief Society. 

Her children are married and she has twelve 
lovely grandchildren. 

1903 - 

Liorin Wayne and twin brother, Warren 
LaMar, were born Aug, 1, 1903, at Magrath, 
Alberta, Canada to Joseph and Clara Evans Goates. 

When he was two the family moved to Black- 
foot, Idaho, One year later his father died of 
Typhoid Fever, leaving the mother with four young 
children, Melba, an older sister, and LuPriel, 
younger. The twins were baptized on their eighth 
birthday by their Grandfather Goates, 

He attended school at Lehi, spending sum- 
mers in Canada working for relatives. When he 
was sixteen their mother passed away. With the 
help of kind relatives they were able to maintain 
their home. 

Following high school he worked at McGill, 
Nevada smelter; later attending B, Y, U, For 
several years he was sergeant in the Utah National 
Guard, making the rifle team that trained intensively 
at Camp Perry, Ohio, The twins operated the con- 
cessions at Saratoga resort, near Lehi, saving to 
pay for their missions to Hawaii, Following their 
missions they were partners in the poultry business 
at Lehi. Later he worked for the Utah -Idaho Sugar 
Company in Eastern Idaho. 

August 24, 1934 he married Lucile McAllister 
in the Salt Lake Temple. In 1938 he started work- 
ing for the Amalgamated Sugar Company, Nyssa, 
Oregon (active in labor negotiations until he became 
ineligible through company advancement) staying 
with this company for over thirty years, until 

With many other Priesthood and auxiliary 

349 Lorin Wayne Goates 

assignments, he was the first Superintendent of 
the Weiser Stake Y. M. M. I. A. ; a counselor to two 
Bishops; served two Stake Missions; Bishop of 
Parma Ward and is now serving a second call to 
Nyssa Stake High Council. He is the father of 
three daughters, Irene, Clara, Norma, and a son, 
Arthur Wayne. 

"I'm grateful for the bit of heaven that is 
mine through my family. I love the Church and 
her people and my testimony becomes stronger 
through the years. " 

1903 - 

Warren L, Goates, son of Joseph and Clara 
Evans Goates, was born in Magrath, Alberta, 
Canada, August 1, 1903. He and his twin brother, 
Lorin W, , were the first twins born in that com- 
munity. Shortly after, the family moved to Black- 
foot, Idaho, where his father contracted typhoid 
fever and passed away. His mother then returned 
to Lehi with the children. 

His early life was spent in working on his 
uncle's farm in the summer and attending school 
in the winter months. When he was thirteen years 
old, he and his brother spent three summers in 
Canada working on cattle and sheep ranches for 

In January, 1921, his mother passed away 
thus leaving four children, the two boys and two 
girls, Melba and LuPriel. Melba, the eldest, was 
left with the responsibility of keeping the family 
together. This task she assumed in a most noble 
and unselfish manner. 

After graduating from high school, he spent 
a year in Nevada working in the smelters at McGill. 
He was a member of the Utah National Guard for 
five years. He attended the Brigham Young Univer- 
sity for a year, after which he and his brother 
accepted a mission call to Hawaii. They left in 
November, 1925, and returned in April, 1928. 

After returning home he continued his Church 

Warren L, Goates 350 

activities, serving as Sunday School teacher and 
counselor in the Fifth Ward Mutual Improvement 
Association, Stake M-Men Supervisor, and Stake 
Sunday School Secretary, He was ordained a 
Seventy by President Rulon S. Wells, ordained a 
High Priest by President George Albert Smith and 
served on the Stake High Council for 20 years. In 
November, 1946, he was ordained Bishop of the 
Lehi Fifth Ward by Elder Mark E. Peterson. At 
the present he is the High Priest Group Leader in 
the Lehi Tenth Ward. 

He was a member of the Lehi Lions Club 
and has been engaged in poultry and turkey farming 
throughout most of his life. 

He married Marie Phillips in the Salt Lake 
Temple June 1, 1932. She is the daughter of 
George C, and Alice L, Pernoux Phillips. 

Warren and Marie Goates had four children, 
two boys and two girls: LaMar P. , Kenneth J, , 
Alice Anita (Mrs. Bruce Watts), and Ilene Marie, 

1906 - 

LuPriel Goates Brown was born the fourth 
child of Joseph and Clara Evans Goates, March 5, 
1906 in Lehi, Utah. A short time later her family 
moved to Blackfoot, Idaho, where her father was 
employed by the Utah Idaho Sugar Company. While 
there he was stricken with Typhoid Fever, and on 
November 9, 1906, died, at the age of 32. Her 
sister, Melba Clara, was six years, her twin 
brothers, Lorin Wayne and Warren LaMar, were 
three and she was eight months. They returned 
to Lehi. 

She was baptized on March 7, 1914. Her 
mother died with the "Flu" January 30, 192 at the 
age of 43. The Twins lived with Aunt Hannah 
Anderson and LuPriel, with Aunt Rachel Wing, 
until Melba finished her Business Course and 
found employment, when they returned to their 
own home. 

LuPriel attended school in Lehi, graduating 

351 LuPriel G. Brown 

from the Lehi High School in 1924, and from a Two 
Year Normal Course with her teaching degree from 
the B. Y. U. in 1926. In 1926-27 she taught at Mil- 
ford, Utah, and on September 7, 1927 she and 
Norvin Wilkin Brown were married in the Salt 
Lake Temple. They made their home in American 
Fork, Utah. 

They have three children--Barbara Clara 
born July 5, 1928; Joseph Wilkin, November 5, 
1931 and Loraine, July 15, 1933. Barbara Clara 
married Keith LaNoal Carrell on April 22, 1949; 
they have six children, 4 girls and 2 boys. 
Joseph Wilkin married Joyce Bradshaw December 
26, 1958 and have two sons, Loraine married 
Robert William Peterson February 18, 1956 and 
have two children, a girl and a boy. 

LuPriel has always been busy with church 
work. She has taught in almost every capacity in 
the organizations. She worked as a Counselor in 
Primary and Relief Society and also worked as a 
Relief Society Secretary for nine years. 


This section contains the names, dates of 
birth, death and marriage of all descendants of 
Bishop David Evans for whom records were sub- 
mitted prior to February 1, 1971. The data has 
been assembled as part of a comprehensive survey. 
It is believed to be substantially complete. 

The material is arranged by grouping the 
descendants of each of David's wives to indicate 
the lineal descent through each succeeding genera- 
tion. Each major group begins with the nanae of 
the appropriate wife. The groups follow in sequence 
in the order of each wife's marriage to David. 

The numbering system is the same as that 
used in the official records of the David Evans 
Family Association, and is explained in the 
Foreword, supra. 


353 Mary Beck Evans 


#11 EVANS, Eliza Jane, b. 16 Apr 1827, 

d. 27 June 1850 
#12 EVANS, Israel, b. 2 Oct 1828, d, 31 May 1896 
#13 EVANS, Henry, b. 25 Oct 1830, d. 3 Apr 1911 
#14 EVANS, Mary Ann, b. 2 Sep 1832, 

d. 13 May 1884 
#15 EVANS, Margaret, b. 3 Jan 1835, 

d. 27 Aug 1836 
#16 EVANS, Araminta, b. 21 Aug 1838, 

d. 1 Oct 1838 
#17 EVANS, Emma, b, 12 Jan 1840, d. 11 June 1913 

#11 Eliza Evans m Ira Nathaniel Hinckley 
17 Aug 1848 - Child: 

#111 HINCKLEY, Eliza Jane, b. 16 July 1849, 
d. l6_Nov 1890 

Fill Eliza Jane Hinckley md Eugene L, 
Robertson (Dodd) 15 Sep 1879 - Children: 
#111-1 ROBERTSON-DODD, Sarah Agnes (Adriene), 

b. 4 July 1880, d. 8 Dec 1968 
#111-2 ROBERTSON-DODD, Grace, b. 5 Nov 1883, 

d. 9 Oct 1962 
#111-3 ROBERTSON-DODD, Florence, b. 3 July 

1887, d. 8 Nov 1891 
#111-4 ROBERTSON-DODD, William, b. 27 Jan 

1889, d. 8 Nov 1919 
#111-5 ROBERTSON-DODD, Edward, b. 21 Oct 

1890_^ d. 24 Oct 1890 

#1111 Addie md Albertus Robb 26 June 1901 
(Div) - Children: 

#111-11 ROBB, Theron, b. 15 Dec 1904 
#111-12 ROBB, Lowell, b. 30 July 1906, 

d. 19 Mar 1954 

#1111 Addie md Warren Wade Strong 

1909 - Child: 

#111-13 STRONG. Wayne, b, 28 Jan 1910 

#111-11 Theron Hinckley Robb md Norma 
Smith 4 Sep 1924 - Children: 

#111-111 ROBB, Helen Smith, b. 27 Mar 1925 
#111-112 ROBB, Lois Smith, b. 9 Feb 1927 
#111-113 ROBB, Lyle Theron, b. 30 Sep 1928, 

d. 5 Mar 1929 
#111-114 ROBB, Carl, b. 15 May 1936, 

d. 15 May 1936 

Mary Beck Evans 354 

#111-115 ROBB, Gary Lowell, b, 25 Aug 1937 
#111-116 ROBB, Carolyn, b. 16 Apr 1942 
#111-117 ROBBj Byron Jay, b. 4 Dec 1944 
#1 1_1^1_1 8 RQBB, Wa yne Bert, b. 20 Feb 1953 

#111-111 Helen S. Robb md Thomas J. 
Abplanalp 14 May 1945 - Children^ 
#111-111-1 ABPLANALP, Sandra Kay, b. 15 

June 1946 
#111-111-2 ABPLANALP, Thomas Jay, b. 22 Feb 

1951, d. 30 Sep 1962 
#111-111-3 ABPLANALP, Jeffery Alan, b, 13 

Apr 1964 
#111-111-4 ABPLANALP, Kevin Dee, b, 29 Oct 
1 965 

#111-111-1 Sandra Kay Abplanalp md. Jack 
A. Lang 4 June 1966 - Children: 
#111-111-11 LANG, Joe Max, b, 17 Nov 1969 

#111-112 Lois S, Robb md Russell Lynn Smith 
28 Sep 1946 - Children: 

#111-112-1 SMITH, Russel Howard, b. 19 Apr 1947 
#111-112-2 SMITH, Debra Jean, b. 5 July 1951 
#111-112-3 SMITH, Gary Anthony, b. 9 Oct 1954 
#111-112 -4 SMITH, Terry Lynn, b. 18 Sep 1955 

#1 1 1 -1 12-1 Russel He Smith md Karen Conder | 
7 Mar 1969 - Child: 
#111-11 2-11 SM ITH, Mathew Russel, b. 27 Sep 1969 

#111-115 Gary Lowell Robb md Margaret 
McDonald 18 July 1956 - Children: 
#111-115-1 ROBB, Karen Kay, b, 7 Sep 1961 
#111-115-2 ROBB , Peggy Sue, b. 12 Feb 1970 

#111-116 Carolyn Robb md Mont Leroy 
Crosland 4 Aug 1961 - Children: 

#111-116-1 CROSLAND, Michelle, b. 20 June 1965 
#111-116-2 CROSLAND, Micheal Mont, b. 15 May 


#111-117 Byron Jay Robb md Barbara Annette 
Weigel 10 Oct 1964 - Children: 
#111-117-1 ROBB, John Jay, b. 2 May 1965 
#111-117-2 ROBB, Shanna Lynne, b. 11 Apr 1966 

#1112 Grace Robertson md T. Frederic 
Herman 9 Aug 1902 - Children: 

#111-21 HERMAN, Junia (June) Lee, b, 30 May 1911 
#111-22 HERMAN, Nadia Florence, b. 17 June 1915 
#111-23 HERMAN, Hartley Robertson, b. 14 Feb 


355 Mary Beck Evans 

#111-21 Junia Lee Herman md George S. 
Smith 30 May 1933 - (Div) 

#111-21 Junia Lee Herman md Robert Box 
15 May 1948 - Child: 

#111-211 BOX, Dennis, b. 2 Mar 1949, d. 8 June 

#11122 Nadia Florence Herman md Albert 
Orville Watson 18 Aug 1931 - Children: 
#111-221 WATSON, Robert Allen, b. 30 Dec 1933 
#111-222 WATSON, Ann Elizabeth, b. 12 Nov 1941 
#111-223 WATSON, William Ray, b. 3 Oct 1947 

#111221 Robert Allen Watson md Elizabeth 
Ellen Payne 7 Apr 1956 - Children: 
#111-221-1 WATSON, Terri Elizabeth, b. 7 Dec 

#111-221-2 WATSON, Robert Allen, Jr., b. 8 Feb 

#111-221-3 WATSON, Leslie Margaret, b. 30 Nov 

#111-221-4 WATSON, Richard Payne, b. 13 Dec 


#111223 William Ray Watson md Claudette 
Irene Hendon 2 Sep 1966 - Child: 
#111-223-1 WATSON, Laura Ann, b 15 Mar 1967 

#11123 Hartley R. Hernnan md Madalin 
McLellan 16 Sep 1962 - Child: 
#111-231 HERMAN, Robert Michael, b. 19 Dec 1963 

#12 Israel Evans md Matilda Ann Thomas 
1 Jan 1949 - Children: 
#12 1 EVANS, Mary Abigail, b. 15 Feb 1850, 

d. 5 Jan 1929 
#122 EVANS, Elgiva, b. 14 Feb 1852, d. 31 Oct 1933 
#123 EVANS, Martha, b. 27 Aug 1858, d. 17 July 

#124 EVANS, Israel, b. 23 Apr I860, d. 19 June 

#125 EVANS, Matilda, b. 1 Dec 1861, d. 5 Mar 

#126 EVANS, Morgan, b. 21 Nov 1863, d. 26 Apr 

#127 EVANS, Rachel, b. 19 Jan 1866, d. 18 Nov 

#128 EVANS, Eliza (Lyda), b. 25 May 1868, 

d, 25 Feb 1945 
#129 EVANS, Henry, b. 25 Dec 1872 

Mary Beck Evans 356 

#121 Mary Abigail Evans md Benjamin Smith 
Lott 25 Oct 1869 - Children: 
#121-1 LOTT, Lillian, b. 30 July 1870, d. 13 Apr 

#121-2 LOTT, Mary Matilda (May), b. 16 Oct 1872, 

d. 9 Dec 1954 
#121-3 LOTT, Benjamin Cornelius, b. 5 Sep 1874, 

d. 12 June 1956 
#121-4 LOTT, LeRoy Evans, b. 6 Aug 1877, 

d. 5 Mar 1941 
#121-5 LOTT, Emma Abigail, b, 17 Oct 1880, 

d. 19 Dec 1954 
#121-6 LOTT, Bernard Darrow, b. 18 July 1883, 

d. 9 Oct 1959 
#121-7 LOTT, Israel Lester (twin), b. 30 July 1886, 

d. 19 Mar 1951 
#121-8 LOTT, Morgan Stanley (twin), b. 30 July 
1886, d, 16 Dec 1967 

#1213 Benjamin Cornelius Lott md Geneva R, 
Broadbent 21 Dec 1899 - Children: 
#121-31 LOTT, Freda, b. 13 Sep 1900 
#121-32 LOTT, Benjamin Joseph, b. 20 Oct 1902 
#121-33 LOTT, Lillian Geneva, b. 2 July 1905 
#121-34 LOTT, Elba Edward, b. 16 Oct 1906, 

d. 18 May 1948 
#121-35 LOTT, Byrl Evans, b. 10 Jan 1911, 

d. 31 May 1913 
#121-36 LOTT, Keith Dixon, b. 15 Aug 1914, 

d. 18 Dec 1948 
#121-37 LOTT, Barth Revard, b. 28 Sep 1915, 

d. 3 Nov 1929 

#12131 Freda Lott md Grant Jay Carter 
27 May 1924 - Child: 
#121-311 CARTER, Marcia Claire, b. 5 May 1932 

#121311 Marcia Claire Carter md Richard 
Irvin Tumin 10 July 1954 - Child: (div) 
#121-311-1 TUMIN, Richard Thomas, b. 19 Aug 


#121311 Marcia Claire Carter md Robert 
LeRoy Christensen 18 July 1970 

#12132 Benjamin Joseph Lott md Violet 
Adamson 4 Jan 1932 - Children: 
#121-321 LOTT, Kenneth Jay, b. 13 Nov 1932, 

d. 19 June 1940 
#121-322 LOTT, Robert Max, b. 2 8 Aug 1934 
#121-323 LOTT, Lowell Dean, b. 24 Apr 1936 

357 Mary Beck Evans 

#121-324 LOTT, Jane Agaya, b. 19 Jan 1940 
#121-325 LOTT Elaine, b 14 Dec 1946 

#121322 Robert Max Lott md Kathleen Evans 
29 Apr 1955 - Children: 

#121-322-1 LOTT, Patti, b. 23 Feb 1956 
#121-322-2 LOTT, Susan, b. 24 Mar 1957 
#121-322-3 LOTT, Lynda, b. 11 Jan 1963 
#121-322-4 LOTT, Tony Jay, b. 3 Feb 1966 

#12132 3 Lowell Dean Lott nnd. Donna Fox 
15 May 1957 - Children: 

#121-323-1 LOTT, Becky Jean, b. 28 Dec 1962 
#121-323-2 LOTT, Wade Dean, b. Feb 1967 

#121-325 Elaine Lott md Lynn Dubois 
21 May 1966 - Children: 

#121-325-1 DUBOIS, Kelly Lynn, b. 20 Dec 1966 
#121-325-2 DUBOIS, Scott Alen, b 19 May 1969 

#12133 Lillian Lott md David Wheeler 
Timothy 24 Dec 1929 - No issue 

#12134 Elba Edward Lott md Oliana Lewis 
3 Oct 1930 - Children: 

#121-341 LOTT, Gordon Lewis, b. 20 July 1931 
#121-342 LOTT, Edward Bruce, b. 6 June 1933 

#121341 Gordon L. Lott md Charlotte Prince 
19 Jan 1951 - Children: 

#121-341-1 LOTT, Debra Lewis, b. 5 Nov 1951 
#121-341-2 LOTT, David Lewis, b. 12 Aug 1953 
#121-341-3 LOTT, Cathrine Lewis, b 25 Oct 1954 

#121-342 Edward Bruce Lott md Barbara 

Bentley - Child: 

#121-342^rT:nTT7~^egina Ann, b. 26 May 1968 

#12136 Keith Dixon Lott md Mary Kloudivich 
11 Nov 1934 - No issue 

#12 14 Leroy Evans Lott md Agnes Adamson 
3 Dec 1900 - Children: 
#121-41 LOTT, Ora, b. 29 Nov 1901 
#121-42 LOTT, Vaness Evans, b. 16 Aug 1903 
#121-43 LOTT, Merrill, b. 16 July 1907 
#121-44 LOTT, Peter Howard, b. 13 Oct 1909 
#121-45 LOTT, Evelyn, b. 16 Aug 1911, 

d, 2 Nov 1965 
#121-46 LOTT, Agnes Ruth, b. 17 Oct 1913 

#12141 Ora Lott md Charles Irvin Fox 2 
June 1920 - Children: 

#121-411 FOX, Donald Lott, b. 26 Jan 1922 
#121-412 FOX, Laurel, b. 27 July 192 3 
#121-413 FOX, Patricia, b. 5 Dec 1930 

Mary Beck Evans 358 

#121411 Donald Lott Fox md Fern Clark 
9 Oct 1944 - Children: 
#121-411-1 FOX, Jaraes Edward, b. 22 Nov 1947 
#121-411-2 FOX, Ann, b. 13 Feb 1949 
#121-411-3 FOX, Donald Clark, b. 4 Oct 1951 
#121-411-4 FOX, Robert Clark, b. 8 Apr 1953 

#1214111 Jaraes Edward Fox rad Sue Zann 
Wing 25 July 1969 

#121412 Laurel Fox md Norman Jay Hughes 
17 Aug 1949 - Children: 
#121-412-1 HUGHES, Christopher Lane, b, 22 

July 1951 
#121-412-2 HUGHES, Heidi, b. 25 Oct 1952 
#121-412-3 HUGHES, Jill, b. 1 Apr 1954 
#121-412-4 HUGHES, Michael Scott, b. 10 Nov 1956 
#121-412-5 HUGHES, Kathrine, b. 29 Nov 1962 

#121413 Patricia Fox md Richard Wm. 
Dubois 22 Nov 1950 - Children: 
#121-413-1 DUBOIS, Deborah, b. 30 May 1952 
#121-413-2 DUBOIS, Diane, b. 7 Aug 1953 
#121-413-3 DUBOIS, Richard Wm. , Jr., b. 21 

Mar 1955 
#121-413-4 DUBOIS, Tracy, b. 14 Oct 1956 
#121-413-5 DUBOIS, Charles Frank, b. 14 Aug 1962 
#121-413-6 DUBOIS, Leslie Sue, b. 19 Oct 1967 
#121-413-7 DUBOIS, Helen Michelle, b, 21 Sep 1969 

#12142 Vaness Evans Lott md Phyllis 
Whitman 4 May 1929 - Children: 
#121-421 LOTT, Paul Blake, b. 4 Mar 1930 
#121-422 LOTT, Merril Kent, b. 6 Sep 1931 
#121-423 LOTT, Phillip Vaness, b. 11 Sep 1935 

#121421 Paul Blake md Lily Jean Christiansen 
28 Dec 1954 - Children: 

#121-421-1 LOTT, Paula Jean, b. 23 Oct 1956 
#121-421-2 LOTT, Philip Steven, b. 26 Nov 1957 
#121-421-3 LOTT, Lisa Ann, b. 27 Aug 1959 
#121-421-4 LOTT, Lucy Michelle, b. 11 Jan 1961 
#121-421-5 LOTT, Marcia Kay, b. 2 Feb 1963 

#121422 Merril Kent Lott md Ranee Childs 
25 Sep 1953 - Children: 

#121-422-1 LOTT, Stuart Kent, b. 25 Nov 1955 
#121-422-2 LOTT, Douglas Charles, b. 12 Dec 1956 
#121-422-3 LOTT, Brent Van, b. 6 Jan 1958 
#121-422-4 LOTT, Lori Kay, b. 25 Jan 1959 
#121-422-5 LOTT, Linda Lee, b. 6 June I960 
#121-422-6 LOTT, Gregg Merril, b. 8 May 1962 

359 Mary Beck Evans 

#121-422-7 LOTT, Dean Whitman, b. 19 Sep 1963 
#121-422-8 LOTT, Kirk Evans, b. 8 Jan 1967 
#121-422-9 LOTT, Mark Alan, b. 15 Feb 1968 

#121423 Philip Vaness Lott md Elena Marie 
O'Keef 6 June 1959 - Children: 
#121-423-1 LOTT, Scott Van, b. 7 June 1962 
#121-423-2 LOTT, Julie Mane, b, 29 June 1964 

#12 143 Merrill Adamson Lott md Loraine 
Elizabeth Stewart 5 Sep 1933 - Children: 
#121-431 LOTT, Ralph Merrill, b. 5 Apr 1935 
#121-432 LOTT, Alan William, b. 17 Nov 1936 
#121-433 LOTT, Richard Gary, b. 25 Sep 1941 

#121431 Ralph Merril Lott md Judith Ellis 
28 Mar 1957 - Children: 

#12 1-431-1 LOTT, Katherine Isabel, b. 24 Nov 1958 
#121-431-2 LOTT, John Thomas, b. 15 Sep I960 
#121-431-3 LOTT, Lawrence Micheal, b. 5 Sep 1961 

#121432 Alan William Lott md Margory Ann 
McGlynn 10 June 1961 - Children: 
#121-432-1 LOTT, Mary Jo, b. 22 July 1962 
#121-432-2 LOTT, Keith William, b. 10 May 1963 

#121433 Richard Gary Lott md Marilyn 
Orme 27 June 1964 

#12144 Peter Howard Lott md Lela Jones 
6 June 1933 - Children: 

#121-441 LOTT, Lee Roy, b. 29 Apr 1939 
#121-442 LOTT, Mary Colleen, b. 1 Mar 1942 
#121-443 LOTT, Nancy Ann, b, 30 Nov 1946 

#121441 Lee Roy Lott md Myrtle Juanita 
Evans 6 Feb 1959 - Children: (Div) 
#121-441-1 LOTT, Evan Howard, b. 31 Jan 1960 
#121-441-2 LOTT, Louise, b. 25 Oct 1961, 

d. 27 Oct 1961 
#121-441-3 LOTT, Susan Krista, b. 12 Oct 1962 

#121442 Mary Colleen Lott md Phillip Kent 
Moore 23 July 1959 - Children: 
#121-442-1 MOORE, Judi Lee, b. 9 Sep I960 
#121-442-2 MOORE, Maurice Howard, b. 12 Nov 


#12 1442 Mary Colleen Lott md Herbert Leo 
Price 28 May 1966 - 

#121443 Nancy Ann Lott md David Douglas 

Kimball 14 Oct 1966 - Children: 

#121-443-1 KIMBALL, Jennifer Ann, b. 18 Feb 

#121-443-2 KIMBALL, Melissa Lee, b. 26 May 1969 

Mary Beck Evans 360 

#12145 Evelyn Lott md Fay Leon Evans 
5 Dec 1935 - Children: 

#121-451 EVANS, Daniel Craig, b. 9 Jan 193_ 
#121-452 EVANS, Kay, b. 11 Aug 1939 
#121-453 EVANS, Nancy, b. 14 Oct 1944, 

d. 21 Oct 1944 
#121-454 EVANS, Jane, b. 17 Apr 1946 
#121-455 EVANS, Peter Lott (twin), b. 5 June 

1948, d. 6 June 1948 
#121-456 EVANS, Ned Lott (twin), b. 5 June 1948, 

d. 5 June 1948 
#121-457 EVANS, Jeffery Scott, b. 13 Feb 1954 

#121451 Daniel Craig Evans md Camilla 
Augustine Jackie 20 Nov I960 - Children: 
#121-451-1 EVANS, Dee C. , b. 22 July 1961 
#121-451-2 EVANS, Craig F. , b, 12 July 1962 
#121-451-3 EVANS, James Wesely, b. 2 Jan 1964 
#121-451-4 EVANS, Zachray Fay, b. 16 Apr 1967 
#121-451-5 EVANS, Kelly Evelyn, b. 15 May 1969 

#121452 Kay Evans rad Larry Gene Sorenson 
3 Sep 1957 - Children: 

#121-452-1 SORENSON, Daniel Gene, b. 3 Jan 1959 
#121-452-2 SORENSON, Debra, b. 7 June 1961 
#121-452-3 SORENSON, Diane, b. 1 Dec 1963 
#121-452-4 SORENSON, Dean Larry, b. 19 Mar 1966 

#121454 Jane Evans rad John Leo Hadfield 
12 Aug 1965 - Children: 

#121-454-1 HADFIELD, John David, b. 2 8 Mar 1968 
#121-454-2 HADFIELD, Julie, b 15 Sep 1969 

#12146 Agnes Ruth Lott md Oliver Reed 
Kirkham 26 Mar 1936 - Children: 

#121-461 KIRKHAM, Michael Reed, b, 29 Nov 1937 
#121-462 KIRKHAM, James Lott, b. 4 Dec 1941 
#121-463 KIRKHAM, Lynda, b. 9 Dec 1949 

#121461 Michael Reed Kirkham md Judy 
Lynn Peterson 4 Aug 1962 - Children: 

#121-461-1 KIRKHAM, Michael Scott, b. 14 Aug 1964 
#121-461-2 KIRKHAM, David Casey, b. 28 Oct 1967 

#1215 Emma Abigail Lott md Ellis Alonzo 
Peterson 12 Nov 1902 - Children: 
#121-51 PETERSON, Chester "MB", b. 8 Sep 1903, 

d, 16 Jan 1948 
#121-52 PETERSON, Clair Ever sleigh, b. 26 Dec 

#121-53 PETERSON, Ellis May, b. 23 Apr 1906, 

d. 29 June 1935 

361 Mary Beck Evans 

#121-54 PETERSON, Emma Donnette, b 30 Nov 

#121-55 PETERSON, Dorothy, b. 20 Sep 1910 
#121-56 PETERSON, Darrow Lydale, b. 30 Jan 

#121-57 PETERSON, Nerval Evans, b. 24 Dec 1915 
#121-58 PETERSON, Norris Glen, b. 23 May 1917 
#12 1-59 PETERSON, Bert Elton, b. 10 Aug 1918 
#12 1-5A PETERSON, Ferris Earl, b. 10 June 

1920, d. 28 Jan 1921 
#121-5B PETERSON, Berl, b. 1 July 1926 

#12151 Chester "MB" Peterson md. Georgia 
Catherine Whitman 26 Sep 1923 - Children: 
#121-511 PETERSON, Valno Whitman, b. 31 Dec 

#121-512 PETERSON, Ronald Clair, b. 29 Dec 1925 
#121-513 PETERSON, Emma Lou Gene, b. 31 Dec 

#121-514 PETERSON, Laurel, b. 2 Sep 1931 
#121-515 PETERSON, George Arthur, b. 28 Sep 

#121511 Valno Whitman Peterson md Ada 
Dransfield 4 June 1946 - Children; 

#121-511-1 PETERSON, Susan Vee, b. 5 June 1947 
#121-511-2 PETERSON, Stephen Chester, b. 2 May 

#121-511-3 PETERSON, Mark Dransfield, b. 8 

Dec 1950 
#121-511-4 PETERSON, Phillip Haslam, b. 19 

Aug 1954 
#121-511-5 PETERSON, Douglas Clark, b. 27 July 

#121-511-6 PETERSON, Valerie, b. 27 May 1958 
#121-511-7 PETERSON, Catherine Adele, b. 8 Sep 


#12152 Ronald Clair Peterson md Lena 
Ludene Bushman 10 June 1946 - Children: 
#12 1-521 PETERSON, Ronald Keith, b. 15 Aug 1947 
#12 1-522 PETERSON, Kathleen, b. 1 Aug 1950 
#121-523 PETERSON, Kevin Dean, b. 13 Feb 1954 
#121-524 PETERSON, Jeffrey Lynn, b 2 Feb 1956 

#1215121 Ronald K. Peterson md Katherine 
Margaret K. Fulbrook 23 July 1970 

#121515 Emma Lou Gene Peterson md Gene 
"W" Kirkham 6 Nov 1946 - Children: 
#12 1-513-1 KIRKHAM, Peggy Lou, b. 21 Nov 1948 

Mary Beck Evans 362 

#121-513-2 KIRKHAM, Danny Gene, b. 1 Mar 1951 
#121-513-3 KIRKHAM, Laurelee, b. 1 June 1952 
#121-513-4 KIRKHAM, Glade "W", b. 2 3 Aug 1961 

#1215131 Peggy Lou Kirkham md. Howard L, 
Adams 27 Sep 1968 - Child: 
#121-513-11 ADAMS, Matt Harley, b, 29 Aug 1970 

#121514 Laurel Peterson md Rial Vern Berry 
3 May 1950 - Children: 

#121-514-1 BERRY, Leslie, b. 30 Oct 1951 
#121-514-2 BERRY, Collette, b, 2 Feb 1955 
#121-514-3 BERRY, Rial Kent, b. 24 Jan 1959, 

d. 7 June I960 
#121-514-4 BERRY, Rialeen, b, 18 May 1962 
#121-514-5 BERRY, Todd Peterson, b. 20 Nov 1964 

#121515 George Arthur Peterson md Ida 
Georgia Nelson 20 May 1955 - Children: 
#121-515-1 PETERSON, Chet Justin, b. 16 Jan 1963 
#121-515-2 PETERSON, Dale Arthur, b. 7 Mar 1965 
#121-515-3 PETERSON, Linda Sue, b. 1 Aug 1967 

#12152 Clair Ever sleigh Peterson md Nora 
Jane Howarth 9 Nov 192 9 - Children: 
#121-521 PETERSON, Elizabeth Lanor, b, 15 Nov 

1927 (Adp) 
#121-522 PETERSON, Thomas Howard, b. 19 Jan 

1929 (Adp) 
#12 1-523 PETERSON, Claire Irene, b. 3 June 

1930, d. 21 1945 

#121-524 PETERSUN7 Muriel Collett, b. 6 Nov 1931 
#121-525 PETERSON, Joyce A. (Twin), b. 4 Sep 

#121-526 PETERSON, Joan (Twin), b. 4 Sep 1934 
#121-527 PETERSON, Jeanette, b. 7 Apr 1936, 

d. 7 Apr 1936 
#121-528 PETERSON, Ellis Joe, b. 7 Aug 1937 

#121521 Elizabeth Lanor Peterson n:id Royal 
Parker 29 Mar 1946 - Children: 

#121-521-1 PARKER, Royle Lowain, b. 22 Dec 1948 
#121-521-2 PARKER, Mickey Clair, b. 28 May 1950 

#121521 Thomas H, Peterson md. LaRue 
Tilby 3 June 1950 (Div) 

#121524 Muriel Collett Peterson md Julian 
A, Ordoqui 10 June 1949 - Children: 
#121-524-1 ORDOQUI, Robert Mitchell, b. 13 Apr 

#121-524-2 ORDOQUI, Vickie Irene, b. 6 Mar 1951 
#121-524-3 ORDOQUI, Becky Roe, b. 3 Nov 1952 

363 Mary Beck Evans 

#1215241 ORDOQUI, Robert Mitchell md 
Merry Kathy Harrison _ Children- 
#121-524-11 ORDOQUirTlH^y~T4i^hael 
#121-524-12 ORDOQUI, Toni Merrie 

#1215243 Becky Roe Ordoqui md " 

#121-524-31 ORDOQUI, Shanann Nicole 

#121525 Joyce A, Peterson md Royce " 

Jorgensen 7 Aug 1955 - Children: 
#121-525-1 JORGENSEN, Shelia Joan, b. 16 Apr 

#121-525-2 JORGENSEN, Cindy Lynne, b. 13 Apr 

#121526 Joan Peterson md John L. Wood 
12 July 1953 

#121-528 Ellis Joe Peterson nnd Jo Ann 
Stevenson 19 Oct 1958 - Children: 

#121-528-1 PETERSON, Michael Ellis, b. 2 Oct 1959 
#121-528-2 PETERSON, Debra Kay, b. 3 Sep I960 

#12153 Ellis May Peterson md Frank Allen 
Hoggan 27 Nov 1927 - Children: 
#121-531 HOGGAN, LaRae, b. 5 Mar 1928 
#121-532 HOGGAN, Robert Frank, b. 14 Feb 1929, 

d, 14 Sep 1936 
#121-533 HOGGAN, Glen Allen, b. 20 May 1931 
#121-534 HOGGAN, Marlyn, b 18 Dec 1932 

#12 1531 LaRae Hoggan md Alma Kay Cand- 
land 5 Aug 1949 - Children: 

#121-531-1 CANDLAND, Linda, b. 20 May 1950 
#121-531-2 CANDLAND, Tanya, b. 23 May 195 1 
#121-531-3 CANDLAND, Eileen, b. 22 May 1952 
#121-531-4 CANDLAND, Douglas Kay, b. 23 Aug 

#121-531-5 CANDLAND, Mary, b. 6 June 1954, 

#121-531-6 CANDLAND, Timothy Laird, b. 21 Mar 

#121-531-7 CANDLAND, Colleen, b. 29 Dec 1957 
#121-531-8 CANDLAND, Annette, b. 24 Dec 1958 

#121533 Glen Allen Hoggan md LeRae 
Christensen 4 Sep 1952 - Children: 
#121-533-1 HOGGAN, LaRae, b. 6 May 1953 
#121-533-2 HOGGAN, Jill, b. 8 Jan 1955 
#121-533-3 HOGGAN, Lyn, b. 19 May 1956 
#121-533-4 HOGGAN, Sterling Frank, b. 21 June 


Mary Beck Evans 364 

#121-533-5 HOGGAN, David Martin, b. 13 Dec 1962 
#121-533-6 HOGGAN, Ann, b. 22 Nov 1965 

#121534 Merlyn Hoggan md Jerald Christian 
Jackman 2 Nov 1952 - Children: 

#121-534-1 JACKMAN, Reid Allen, b. 19 Jan 1954 
#121-534-2 JACKMAN, Terie, b. 28 Dec 1954 
#121-534-3 JACKMAN, Guy Christian, b. 2 8 Aug 1956 
#121-534-4 JACKMAN, Scott Ardo, b. 20 May 1958 
#121-534-5 JACKMAN, Lance Ross, b. 11 Aug 1959 

#12154 Emma Donnette Peterson md Clarence 
Oscar Holmstead 23 Nov 1925 - Children: 
#121-541 HOLMSTEAD, daughter, b. 8 Oct 1927, 

#121-542 HOLMSTEAD, Don "C", b. 17 Sep 1928 
#121-543 HOLMSTEAD, Sharlene, b. 15 July 1934 
#121-544 HOLMSTEAD, Randy "B", b. 2 Dec 1944 

#121542 Don "C" Holmstead md Colleen 
Ingram 12 Apr 1950 - Children: 

#121-542-1 HOLMSTEAD, Debra, b. 12 Apr 1951 
#121-542-2 HOLMSTEAD, Tony, b. 4 Apr 1952 

#121542 Don "C" Holmstead md Myrna 
Lawanna Ingram 14 Jan 1956 - Children: 
#121-542-3 HOLMSTEAD, Chris, b, 8 Jan 1957 
#121-542-4 HOLMSTEAD, Stacy, b. 12 Apr 1961 

#1215422 Debra Holrastead md Roger Wray 
20 Oct 1969 - Child: 
#121 -542"nT WRAY, Jacon Roger, b. 17 Feb 1970 

#121543 Sharlene Holmstead md Thomas 
Alan Walker 20 Aug 195 2 - Children: 
#121-543-1 WALKER, Allyn, b. 10 Feb 1954 
#121-543-2 WALKER, Kerry Dawn, b. 14 Dec 1956 
#121-543-3 WALKER, Scott Alan, b. 29 Sep 1958 
#121-543-4 WALKER, Stuart James, b. 25 Feb I960 
#121-543-5 WALKER, Marion Lucile, b. 9 Oct 1963 

#121544 Randy "B" Holmstead md Janene 
Barker 20 Jan 1968 - Child: 

#121-544-1 HOLMSTEAD, Robb Larence, b. 16 

July 1969 

#12155 Dorothy Peterson md Reginald 
Roberts Nelson 6 July 1929 - Children: 
#121-551 NELSON, Ann Elise, b. 13 Jan 1932, 

d. 1 Nov 1932 
#121-552 NELSON, Reginald Dee, b. 28 Feb 1945 
#121-553 NELSON, Emma Francine, b. 16 Nov 1949 
#121-554 NELSON, Leo Ellis, b. 14 June 1951 
#121552 Reginald Dee Nelson md Laurel 
Batty 23 Aug 1968 (Div) - No issue 

365 Mary Beck Evans 

#121553 Emma Francine Nelson md Gary 
Cyrl Foote 21 July 1967 - Child: 
#121-553-1 FOOTE, Robert Cyril, b. 7 Oct 1969 

#12156 Darrow Lydale Peterson md Estella 
Marie Durrant 17 Oct 1933 - Children: 
#121-561 PETERSON, Dalene Marie, b. 15 Sep 1934 
#121-562 PETERSON, Bruce Lydale, b. 10 July 1937 
#121-563 PETERSON, Reed Darrow, b. 14 Feb 1944 

#121-564 PETERSON, Patsy E. , b. 7 June 1945 
#121-565 PETERSON, Dale Ellis, b. 23 Aug 1948 

#121561 Dalene Marie Peterson md Donald 
Melvin Jones 26 Dec 1950 - Children: 
#121-561-1 JONES, Donalee M, b. 18 Sep 1953 
#121-561-2 JONES, Cindy K, b. 14 Feb 1955 
#121-561-3 JONES, Kalene, b. 6 July 1956 
#12 1-561-4 JONES, Natalee, b. 24 Mar 1958 

#12 1-562 Bruce Lydale Peterson md CoUeene 
Marie Peterson 1 July 1957 - Children: 
#121-562-1 PETERSON, Lori Gene, b. 11 Apr 1958 
#121-562-2 PETERSON, Susan Annette, b. 15 July 

#121-562-3 PETERSON, Collette, b. 15 July 1964 
#121-562-4 PETERSON, Gregory Bruce, b. 8 Jan 

#121564 Patsy Peterson md Willis Gail Bates 
15 June 1967 - Child: 
#121-564-1 BATES, Shawn, b. 10 June 1968 

#121565 Dale Ellis Peterson md Lynda Ann 
Haws 7 Apr 1969 - Child: 
#121-565-1 PETERSON, Troy Dale, b. 29 Oct 1969 

#12157 Nerval Evans Peterson md Boyd Edwin 
Holmstead 31 May 1932 - Children: 
#121-571 HOLMSTEAD, Elaine, b. 2 May 1933 
#121-572 HOLMSTEAD, Dean Bruce, b. 2 Oct 

1934, d. 2 Oct 1934 

#121-573 HOLMSTEAD, Marylin, b. 14 July 1936 
#121-574 HOLMSTEAD, Janet, b. 24 July 1939 
#121-57 5 HOLMSTEAD, Kenneth Boyd, b. 3 Mar 

#121-576 HOLMSTEAD, Tana Lee, b. 10 Aug 1953 
#121-577 HOLMSTEAD, Sheena b 17 Oct 1958 

#121571 Elaine Holmstead md Lee Jay Hard- 
man 15 Aug 1949 - Children: 

#121-571-1 HARDMAN, Jay Lee, b. 10 Nov 1950 
#121-571-2 HARDMAN, JaLaine, b. 5 Jan 1954 

Mary Beck Evans 366 

#121-571-3 HARDMAN, Bart LeRoy, b. 12 July 1956 

#121571 Elaine Holmstead md Paul Crandall 
3 Mar 1962 - Child: 
#121-571-4 CRANDALL, Tamray Joy, b. 8 Dec 1962 

#121573 Marylin Holmstead md Arnel Ray- 
mond Green, Jr. 11 Sep 1953 - Children: 
#121-573-1 GREEN, Brad "H", b. 4 July 1954 
#121-573-2 GREEN, Cindy Lee, b. 25 Nov 1955 
#121-573-3 GREEN, Kevin Ray, b, 1 1 Jan 1957 
#121-573-4 GREEN, Michael "E", b. 23 Feb 1959 
#121-573-5 GREEN, Kendall Todd, b, 3 Dec 1961 
#121°573-6 GREEN, Lynn "R", b, 7 Dec 1970 

#121574 Janet Holmstead md Chris Arnell 
Peterson 13 Mar 1959 - Children: 
#121-574-1 PETERSON, Clinton Blaine, b. 2 May 

#121-574-2 PETERSON, Shawn Lynn, b. 10 Aug 

#121-574-3 PETERSON, Jed A. , b. 13 Feb 1968 
#121-574-4 PETERSON, Justin Boyd, b, 13 Dec 


#121575 Kenneth Boyd Holmstead md Ilean 
Penrod 8 Nov 1963 - Children: 

#121-575-1 HOLMSTEAD, Wade, b. 11 Oct 1964 
#121-575-2 HOLMSTEAD, Sharell, b. 30 Sep 1965 
#121-575-3 HOLMSTEAD, Gregory Lynn, b. 19 

Apr 1968 
#121-575-4 HOLMSTEAD, Kendra, b. 29 Sep 1970 

#12158 Norris Glen Peterson md Naomi 
Ferguson 26 Feb 1941 - Child: (Div) 
#121-581 PETERSON, James Michael, b. 3 Dec 


#12158 Norris Glen Peterson md Ila Beryl 
Rindlisbacher - No issue 

#121581 James Michael Peterson md LaReta 
Lewis 17 Mar 1966 - Children: 

#121-581-1 PETERSON, Tylin, b, 22 Sep 1966 
#121-581-2 PETERSON, Paul Lewis, b. 2 9 Aug 1970 

#12159 Bert Elton Peterson md Clara B. 
Orton 29 June 1942 - Children: 

#121-591 PETERSON, Judy Ann, b. 4 Apr 1943 
#121-592 PETERSON, Lana Lee, b, 16 Nov 1946 
#121-593 PETERSON, Robert Elton, b. 22 June 1949 
#121-594 PETERSON, Barry Orton, b. 18 Jan 1952 

#121591 Judy Peterson md Eldon H, Armistead 
31 Mar 1961 - Children: 
#121-591-1 ARMISTEAD, Troy, b. 12 June 1962 _ 

367 Mary Beck Evans 

#121-591-2 ARMISTEAD, Trent, b. 19 June 1967 

#121-591 i^ana Lee Peterson md Don Edward 
Harris 12 July 1963 - Children: 
#12 1-592-1 HARRIS, Jodie Lyn, b. 12 Aug 1963 
#121-592-2 HARRIS,, b. 27 June 1965 
#121-592-3 HARRIS, Staci Dawn , b. 26 Aug 1968 

#121593 Robert Liton Peterson md Opal 

College 10 Apr 1969 

#12 15B Berl Peterson nnd Norm-i Tew 19 

Mar 1947 - Children: 

#1Z1-5B1 PETERSON, Connie Lynn, b. 22 Jan 194 8 
#12I-5B2 PETERSON, David Brer-t, b. 4 Oct 1950 
#i21-5B3 PETERSON, Sherolyn, b. 25 Feb 1953 
#121-5B4 PETERSON, Janine, b. 4 Dec 1955 
#121-5B5 PETERSON, Lorie Kay, b. 6 Mar 1958 
#121-5B6 PETERSON, Lynnette, b. 27 July I960 
#121-5B7 PETERSON, Marilee, b. 25 Oct 1963 

#1215B1 Connie Lynn Peterson md Russell 
Cluff 2 Apr 1969 - Child: 

#121-5B1-1 CLUFF, Russell Marlin, b. 24 June 

#1215B2 David Brent Peterson md Susan Ann 
Johnson 2 May 1969 - Child: 
#121-5B2-1 PETERSON, Jennie Sue, b, 23 Oct 1969 

#1216 Bernard Darrow Lott md Delia Jacobs 
18 Nov 1903 - Children: 

#121-61 LOTT, Darrow Blaine, b. 18 Sep 1904 
#121-62 LOTT, Gayle LeRoy, b. 6 Aug 1906, 

d. 14 Nov 1965 
#121-63 LOTT, Helen, b, 16 Mar 1909 
#121-64 LOTT, Margaret, b. 11 Jan 1911 
#121-65 LOTT, Franklin Jacobs, b. 26 Feb 1914, 

d. 18 Feb 1970 
#121-66 LOTT, Mary Abigail, b. 14 June 1916 
#121-67 LOTT, Leo Benjamin, b. 5 Mar 1919 
#121-68 LOTT, Austin Lowell, b. 2 3 Mar 1921 
#121-69 LOTT, Heber Dick, b. 29 Aug 1928 

#12 161 Darrow Blaine Lott md Margaret 
Eliza Wagstaff 8 Dec 1926 - No issue 

#12162 Gayle LeRoy Lott md Rosa Wagstall 
12 Sep 1929 - Children: 

#121-621 LOTT, Julaine May, b. 2 May 1931 
#121-622 LOTT, Doris Esther, b. 24 Dec 1933 
#121-623 LOTT, Rosemary, b. 30 Aug 1945 

#121-621 Julaine May Lott md John Glenn 
Holmes, Jr. 1 May 1955 

Mary Beck Evans 368 

#121622 Doris Esther Lott md Jon Cleon Fitt 
30 Aug 1956 - Children: 

#121-622-1 FITT, Jon Michael, b. 23 Oct 1957 
#121-622-2 FITT, Diane Kathleen, b. 19 Sep 1959 
#121-622-3 FITT, Douglas Alan, b. 4 May 1962 
#121-622-4 FITT, Ronald Dean, b. 2 Aug 1966 

#121623 Rosemary Lott md Craig Mitchel 
Huntsman 10 Aug 1966 - Child: 
#121-623-1 HUNTSMAN, Jay Mitchell, b. 19 Jan 

1969, d. 21 Jan 1969 

#12163 Helen Lott md John Henry Richmond 
18 June 1927 - Child: 
#121-631 RICHMOND, Shirley, b. 29 Dec 1927 

#12163 Helen Lott md Wm. Henry Meloy 
21 Feb 1953 - No issue 

#121631 Shirley Richmond md John H. 
Wieneke 7 Feb 1948 - Children: 

#121-631-1 WIENEKE, Gayle Anette, b. 6 Dec 1948 
#121-631-2 WIENEKE, Paul John, b. 11 Dec 1951 
#121-631-3 WIENEKE, William Rae, b 7 Feb 1962 

#12164 Margaret Lott md Leonard Culbertson 
Harlem 18 May 1930 - Child: (Div) 
#121-641 HARLEM, Leonard Clive 

#12165 Franklin "J" Lott md Helen Alberta 
Berkebile 6 May 1939 - Children: 
#121-651 LOTT, Susan Madge, b. 15 Mar 1942 
#121-652 LOTT, Franklin Darrow, b. 23 Sep 1943 
#121-653 LOTT, Robert John, b. 17 Oct 1946 

#121651 Susan Madge Lott md Ronald 
Krikorian 21 June 1963 

#12166 Mary Abigail Lott md John Reu Leak 
2 July 1938 - Children: 

#121-661 LEAK, Sandra Gail, b. 3 Oct 1939 
#121-662 LEAK, Margaret Jean, b. 6 May 1942 
#121-663 LEAK, William John, b. 27 Oct 1950 

#131661 Sandra Gail Leak md Jack Lee Bond 
22 Oct 1959 - Children: 

#121-661-1 BOND, Bradley Kent, b. 8 Aug I960 
#121-661-2 BOND, Julie Gayle, b. 3 Apr 1962 
#121-661-3 BOND, Steven Scott, b. 3 Oct 1963 

#12167 Leo Benjamin Lott md Kathrine 
L'Engle 4 July 1953 - Child: 
#121-671 LOTT, Christopher, b. 7 Jan 1955 

#12168 Austin Lowell Lott md Eunice 
Ehland 16 Feb 1946 - Children: 
#121-681 LOTT, Douglas Lee, b. 15 Oct 1947 

369 Mary Beck Evans 

#121-682 LOTT, Peggy Loraine, b. 28 June 1950 
#121-683 LOTT, Dennis Blaine, b. 14 July 1955 

#12 169 Heber Uick md Margaret 

Ramberg 20 Sep 1951 - Children- 
#121-691 LOTT, Michael Dick, b. 23 July 1953 
#121-692 LOTT, Nancy Lynne, b. 3 1 Aug 1954 
#121-693 LOTT, Brian David, b, 20 Mar 1956 

d. 21 Mar 1956 
#121-694 LOTT, Jeffrey Alan, b. 2 July 1958 
#121-695 LOTT, Lori Ann, b. 20 Sep 1964 

#1217 Israel Lester Lott md Emma Brown 
2 June 1909 - Children: 

#121-71 LOTT, Wreal Lester, b. 13 May 1910 
#121-72 LOTT, Juliet, b. 29 Sep 1913 
#121-73 LOTT, Marjorie, b. 24 Apr 1916 
#121-74 LOTT, Emma Marie, b. 10 Nov 1918 
#121-75 LOTT, Lois Grace, b. 18 June 1923 

#12171 Wreal Lester Lott md Ethel Hammond 
10 Sep 1936 - No issue 

#12 172 Juliet Lott md Thayer Otis Black 
31 Aug 1936 - Children: 

#121-721 BLACK, Juliet Carol, b. 18 Dec 1939 
#121-722 BLACK, Steven Otis, b. 22 Dec 1946 
#121-723 BLACK, Donald R, b. 5 Aug 1949 

#12 1721 Juliet Carol Black md Wm. C. 
Douglas 31 Aug 1962 

#12173 Marjorie Lott md Howard L. 
Timpson 30 Apr 1934 - Children: 
#121-731 TIMPSON, Marsha Joye, b. 6 Oct 1935 
#121-732 TIMPSON, Russell Howard, b. 13 Aug 

#121731 Marsha Joye Timpson md Gary Lynn 
Mann 26 July 1956 - Children: 
#121-731-2 MANN, Lori, b. 3 July 1957 
#12 1-731-2 MANN, Barbara, b. 17 Dec 1961 

#12174 Emma Marie Lott md Daniel Orson 

Kleinman 11 Feb 1943 - No Issue 

#1218 Morgan Stanley Lott md Jiaroara 
Rosebelle Peterson 10 June 1908 - Children: 
#121-81 LOTT, Wallace Stanley, b. 10 June 1909. 

d. 19 Dec 1951 
#121-82 LOTT, Barbara "A", b. 8 Mar 1911 
#121-83 LOTT, Donald (Donn), b. 20 Sep 1916 

#121-84 LOTT, Miriam, b. 8 Mar 1922 

#12181 Wallace Stanley Lott md Lela Rae 
Wing 10 Sep 1930 - Children: 

Mary Beck Evans 37 

#121-811 LOTT, Rose LaRae, b. 6 Dec 1931, 

d. 19 Dec 1951 
#121-812 LOTT, Stania Clarene, b. 19 May 1935 
#121-813 LOTT, Wallace Stanley, b. 31 Jan 1942, 

d. 19 Dec 1951 ^__,_^_,___ 

#121812 Stania Clarene Lott md Clifford 
Arthur Brennan 3 Sep 1954 - Children: 
#121-812-1 BRENNAN, Diena Lee, b. 23 June 1957 
#121-812-2 BRENNAN, Sterling Arthur, b. 26 July 

#121-812-3 BRENNAN, Elnora Marie, b. 28 June 

#121-812-4 BRENNAN, Emerson Arthur, b. 16 

Nov 1967, Stillborn 
#121-812-5 BRENNAN, Stewart Arthur, b. 6 Nov 

#12182 Barbara "A" Lott md Samuel Morris 
Trane 22 June 1934 - Child: 
#121-821 TRANE, Paul Morris, b. 6 May 1937 

#12182 Barbara "A" Lott md George Merwin 
Lewis 16 July 1949 - Child: 
#121-822 LEWIS, Stanley George, b. 7 Mar 1950 

#121821 Paul Morris Trane md Margaret 
Lois Lindsey 22 June I960 - Children: 
#121-821-1 TRANE, Michael Paul, b, 26 July 1964 
#121-821-2 TRANE, Morris Dan, b. 11 July 1966 
#121-821-3 TRANE, Ann Marie, b. 22 Feb 1969 
#121-821-4 TRANE, Barbara Lois, b. 31 Oct 1970 

#12183 Donald (Donn) Lott md Norma Mathis 
4 Apr 1939 - Children: 

#121-831 LOTT, Donald Dennis, b, 2 Feb 1942 
#121-832 LOTT, Barbara Sue, b. 25 Apr 1950 

#121831 Donald Dennis md Pamela Jane 
Hart 30 July 197 

#121832 Barbara Sue Lott md Micha,el 
Guisinger 13 Jan 1968 - Child: 

#121-832-1 GUISINGER, Chad Michael, b, 16 Aug 
1968 ,__ 

#12184 Miriam Lott md Howard George 
Jasperson 24 July 1948 - Child: 
#121-841 JASPERSON, Jeffrey Howard, b. 24 Aug 


371 Mary Beck Evans 

#122 Elgiva Evans md David John Thurman 
17 July 1871 - Children: 
#122-1 THURMAN, Ida Richard, b. 27 June 1872 

d. 26 Dec 1949 (Unmarried) 
#122-2 THURMAN, lone Rachel, b. 30 July 1874 

d. 25 Jan 1939 
#122-3 THURMAN, David John, b. 3 May 1876, 

d. 1 Jan 1949 
#122-4 THURMAN, Elgiva Eliza, b. 30 Dec 1877, 

d. 21 Jan 1957 
#122-5 THURMAN, Israel Thomas, b. 10 Nov 

1879, d. 6 Feb 1931 
#122-6 THURMAN, Margaret Matilda, b. 16 Jan 

1884, d. 26 Dec 1946 (Unmarried) 
#122-7 THURMAN, Miriam Brown, b. 8 Nov 1889, 

d. 7 June 1950 

~ #1222 lone Rachel Thurman md Sydney 

Gilchrist 19 May 1898 - Children: 

#122-21 GILCHRIST, Sydney Evans, b. 25 Mar 

1900, d. July 1955 

#122-22 GILCHRIST, Elvin Willes, b. 24 Oct 

1902, d. 29 Jan 1966 
#122-23 GILCHRIST, Robert Thurman, b. 5 Aug 

#122-24 GILCHRIST, lone Beth, b. 23 Dec 1906 
#122-25 GILCHRIST, Katherine Blair, b. 28 Oct 

#122-26 GILCHRIST, Richard Winston, b. 29 July 


#12221 Sydney Evans Gilchrist md Harriet 
Myers - Children: 
#122-211 GILCHRIST, Sydney 
#122-212 GILCHRIST, Jo Ann 
#122-213 GILCHRIST, Paul 

#12222 Elvin Willes Gilchrist md Lois 
Cowley - Children: 
#122-22rGTLnH^lST, Miriam 
#122-222 GILCHRIST, Claire 

#12223 Robert Thurman Gilchrist md 
Loraine Ingersol 23 Jan 1932 - Children: 
#122-231 GILCHRIST, Marilyn 
#122-232 GILCHRIST, Robert 

#12224"Ione Beth Gilchrist md La Von Young 
27 Apr 1929 - Children: 

#122-241 YOUNG, William Lorenzo, b. 13 Apr 1930 
#122-242 YOUNG, Mark Francis, b, 23 Aug 1933 

Mary Beck Evans 372 

#122-243 YOUNG, Sydney Gilchrist, b. 9 Dec 1934 
#122-244 YOUNG, Neil Thurman, b. 1 Dec 1938 
#122-245 YOUNG, Zona Beth, b. 4 Mar 1946 

#122241 Wm. Lorenzo Young rad Joan Alta 
Keller 28 Dec 1953 - Children: || 

#122-241-1 YOUNG, Von James, b. 4 May 1958 | 

#122-241-2 YOUNG, Joyce Ann, b. 21 Oct 1966 
" #122242 Mark Francis Young md Claudia 
Layton 8 Sep 1955 

#122243 Sydney Gilchrist Young md Annette 
Ahlstrom 7 Oct 1955 - Children: 

#122-243-1 YOUNG, John Michael, b. 2 Nov 1956 
#122-243-2 YOUNG, David Lavar, b. 5 June 1959 
#122-243-3 YOUNG, Edmund, b. 25 July I960 
#122-243-4 YOUNG, Karl Ahlstrom, b 8 Sep 1963 

#122244 Neil Thurman Young md Sonja 
Stapley 6 Dec 1961 - Children: 

#122-244-1 YOUNG, Kyle Stapley, b. 24 July 1963 
#122-244-2 YOUNG, Camille, b, 13 Apr 1966 

#122245 lona Beth Young md Reid Mads en 
2 July 1965 - Children: 

#122-245-1 MADSEN, Rebecca Lyn, b. 25 Apr 1966 
#122-245-2 MADSEN, Kelly Reid b. 2 June 1967 

#12225 Katherine Blair Gilchrist md Rayraond 
Crabtree Carson 20 Dec 1930 - Children: 
#122-251 CARSON, Barbara Rae, b. 12 July 1931 
#122-252 CARSON, John Raymond, b. 1 Jan 1936 
#122-253 CARSON, Lynn Richard, b. 29 Oct 1942 
#122-254 CARSON, Kathryn Blair, b. 7 July 1945 
#122-255 CARSON, Margaret Matilda, b. 7 July 1945 

#122251 Barbara Rae Carson md Robert 
Lorraine Barnhurst 1 Dec 1950 - Children: 
#122-251-1 BARNHURST, Steven Craig, b. 15 Apr 

#122-251-2 BARNHURST, Robyn Lorraine, b. 5 

Nov 1953 
#122-251-3 BARNHURST, Carma Lynn, b. 4 Mar 

#122-251-4 BARNHURST, Blair David, b. 11 June 


#122253 Lynn Richard Carson md Pamela Lee 
Gillie 3 Oct 1968 - Child: 
#122-253-1 CARSON, William Nathaniel, b. 17 July 


#122254 Kathryn Blair Carson md Melvin Jay 

Haman 14 Sep 1968 

373 Mary Beck Evans 

#122255 Margaret Matilda Carson md Leo 
Grant Buttars 28 Oct 1968 - Children- 
#122-255-1 BUTTARS, Bryan Shaffer, b. 30 July 


#12226 Richard W. Gilchrist md Stella May 
Julian 21 Dec 1931 - Children: 
#122-261 GILCHRIST, Richard Bruce, b 10 Oct 

#122-262 GILCHRIST, Dianne Sydna. b. 10 June 

#122-263 GILCHRIST, Arnold Julian, b. 13 Oct 

1947 ^____ 

#122-261 Richard Bruce Gilchrist md Janice 
Merle Chipman 20 Dec 1955 - Children: 
#122-261-1 GILCHRIST, Karen Lenore, b. 30 Sep 

#122-261-2 GILCHRIST, Kathryn Anne, b. 16 

June 1958 
#122-261-3 GILCHRIST, Richard Vincent, b. 29 

Dec I960 
#122-261-4 GILCHRIST, Geaniel Sidney, b. 13 

Feb 1962 
#122-261-5 GILCHRIST, Laura Ellen, b. 2 Sep 


#122262 Dianne Sydna Gilchrist md Ernest 
Lee Johnson 28 Dec 1957 - Children: 
#122-262-1 JOHNSON, Lane Emory, b. 27 Oct 1958 
#122-262-2 JOHNSON, Laurel Kay, b. 6 May I960 
#122-262-3 JOHNSON, Keith Owen, b. 14 Oct 1962 
#122-262-4 JOHNSON, Neil Bruce, b. 12 May 1966 

#122263 Arnold Julian Gilchrist md Kathleen 
Davis 2 8 Jan 1971 ^ 

#1223 David John Thurman md Zina Owen 
31 Aug 1899 - Children: 
#122-31 THURMAN, Zina Merle, b. 26 July 1900, 

d. 3 Oct 1948 
#122-32 THURMAN, Elgiva Lucretia, b. 18 Dec 

#122-33 THURMAN, Coralyn, b. 25 Apr 1903, 

d. 30 Mar 1910 
#122-34 THURMAN, David Owens, b. 24 Dec 1904, 

d. 2 Dec 1959 
#122-35 THURMAN, Ena Josephine, b. 16 Aug 


#122-36 THURMAN, Allen Curtis, b. 26 Aug 1909 

#122-37 THURMAN, Lillian Pearl, b. 26 Mar 1914 

#122-38 THURMAN, Beverley Jean, b. 11 Aug 1922 

Mary Beck Evans 374 

#12231 Zina Merle Thurman md Harry Miller 
Christensen 28 May 1924 - Children: 
#122-311 CHRISTENSEN, Helen Merle, b. 30 June 

#122-312 CHRISTENSEN, Harry Miller, b. 14 Apr 


#122311 Helen Merle Christensen md Peter 
Ho Sweeney May 1954 - No Issue 

#122312 Harry Miller Christensen md Caryl 
Louise Schrunk 1 Aug 1950 - Child: 
#122-312-1 CHRISTENSEN, Diane Gay, b. 2 Oct 

1957 r— 

#122 34 David Owens Thurman md Ida Schon 
4 May 1926 

#122 34 David Owens Thurraan rad Magdalene 
Woolf June 1928 

#T2234 David Owens Thurman md Thelma 
T. C. Elder 18 July 1936 - No Issue __ 

#12235 Ena Josephine Thurman md Vernal 
R. Steffensen 13 June 192 8 - Child: 
#122-351 STEFFENSEN, David Vernal, b. 12 Feb 

#122351 David Vernal Steffensen md Joan 
Mary Harvey 21 Nov 1951 - Children: 
#122-351-1 STEFFENSEN, Jody Lynne, b, 26 Sep 

#122-351-2 STEFFENSEN, Scott David, b. 18 May 

#122-351-3 STEFFENSEN, Mark Harvey, b. 20 Sep 

#122-351-4 STEFFENSEN, Carol Lee, b. 22 May 

#122-351-5 STEFFENSEN, Paul Curtis, b. 12 Sep 

#12236 Allen Curtis Thurman md Claudia | 

Elaine Stokes 3 June 1938 - Children: 
#122-361 THURMAN, Allen Robert, b. 20 Feb 1939 
#122-362 THURMAN, Susan Elaine, b. 14 Feb 1942 j 
#122-363 THURMAN, Carolynne, b. 29 Apr 1946 ' 
#122-364 THURMAN, David Jeremy, b. 14 July 1950_ 

#122361 Allen Robert Thurman md Lynda 
Ann Webb 16 Aug 1969 1 

#12237 Lillian Pearl Thurman md Arthur 
Lee Cornish 26 May 1956 - No Issue 

#12238 Beverly Jean Thurman md Edwin 
Frank Solomon 24 April 1943 - Children: 


375 Mary Beck Evans 

#122-381 SOLOMON, Edwin Frank, b. 24 Apr 1947 

#122-382 SOLOMON, Phillip Thur man, b 21 Mar 
1958 » J. '^i mar 

~ #122381 Edwin i^rank Solomon, Jr. md Laura 

Jean Trujillo 15 Mar 1968 - Children- 
#122-381-1 SOLOMON, Jon David, b.' 30 Aug 1968 
#122-381-2 SOLOMON, Paul Erin, h, ?n k J. 1971 

#12^4 iijigiva Eliza Thurman md Murray B 

Allen 9 June 1917 - No Issue 

#l^^5 Israel Thomas Thurman md Martha 

Eva Gray 7 Oct 1901 - Children- 

#122-51 THURMAN, Douglas Livingston, b 13 

July 1903 

#122-52 THURMAN, Blanche, b. 24 June 1905 

d. 2 3 July 1957 
#122-53 THURMAN, Margaret, b. 20 Dec 1906 
#122-54 THURMAN, Dorothy Jane, b. 13 Nov 1908 

d, 30 Apr 1969 

#12251 Douglas Livingston 'ihurman md Pearl 
JoHanna Jones 10 Nov 1921 - Children: 
#122-511 THURMAN, Ruth Elaine, b. '18 Mar 1923 
#122-512 THURMAN, Lois Marie, b. 19 Nov 1924 
#122-513 THURMAN, Douglas J., b. 13 July 1930 
#122-514 THURMAN, Patricia Ann, b. 10 Dec 1934 

d. 28 Apr 1942 
#122-515 THURMAN, Ronald Keith, b 19 Apr 1936 

#122511 Ruth Elaine Thurman md Denzil 
Curtis Wright 11 Oct 1947 - Children: 
#122-511-1 WRIGHT, Glenn Thurman, b. 25 Oct 

#122-511-2 WRIGHT, Keith Denzel, b. 24 Nov 1952 
#122-511-3 WRIGHT, Kent Curtis, b. 24 Nov 1952 

#122512 Lois Marie Thurman md Lewis 
Florian Welcker, Jr. 27 Aug 1948 - Children: 
#122-512-1 WELCKER, Karen Lou, b. 27 May 1949 
#122-512-2 WELCKER, Kristine, b. 9 Feb 1952 
#122-512-3 WELCKER, Michael Scott, b. 20 June 


#1225121 Karen Lou Welcker md Brent 
Dansie Siraper 5 June 1968 

#122513 Douglas J, Thurman md Carol Gwen 
Rushton 24 Oct 1950 - Child; 
#122-513-1 THURMAN, Debra Jean, b. 2 June 1951 

#122513 Douglas J. Thurman md Nelda 
Verleene Schugaard 8 Feb 1957 - Children: 
#122-513-2 THURMAN, Steven Douglas, b. 23 Oct 

Mary Beck Evans 376 

#122-513-3 THURMAN, Janet, b. 1 Aug I960 
#122-513-4 THURMAN, Vicki, b. 3 Aug 1961 
#122-513-5 THURMAN, Kori Ann, b. 13 Nov 1968 

#122515 Ronald Keith Thurman md Rhea 
Smith 22 July 1954 - Children: 

#122-515-1 THURMAN, Terrie Lynn, b. 5 Mar 1955 
#122-515-2 THURMAN, Rhonda Sue, b. 14 Aug 1957 
#122-515-3 THURMAN, Jeffery Ronald, b. 23 Apr 

#122-515-4 THURMAN, Rick Douglas, b. 21 Jan 


#12252 Leola Blanche Thurman md Ernest R. 
Woolard abt 1926 - Child: 
#122-521 WOOLARD, Robert Thurman, b. 13 Jan 


#12252 Leola Blanche Thurman md Albert 
Lee Woolard 18 Aug 1933 - Children: 
#122-522 WOOLARD, Patricia Lee, b. 13 May 1934, 

d. 7 Apr 1938 
#122-523 WOOLARD, Shirley JoAnne, b. 4 Dec 1935 
#122-524 WOOLARD, Dorothy Faye, b. 9 July 1937 

#122521 Robert T, Woolard md Jean Catherine 
Ball abt 1951 - Children: (w-died) 
#122-521-1 WOOLARD, Catherine Jean, b. 1 Dec 

#122-521-2 WOOLARD, Ernest Lee, b. 21 May 

1954, d. 26 Feb 1958 
#122-521-3 WOOLARD, Robert Scott, b. 5 Feb 1956 

#122521 Robert T. Woolard md Myrle 
Campbell 30 Oct I960 

#122523 Shirley JoAnne Woolard md Larry 
Dean Graves (Div) abt 1952 - Children: 
#122-523-1 GRAVES, Rhonda Leigh, b. 7 Apr 1954 
#122-523-2 GRAVES, Larry Van, b. 26 Nov 1956 
#122-523-3 GRAVES, Daniel Carl, b. 2 Apr 1958 

#122523 Shirley JoAnne Woolard md Paul 
MacKagne 19 Oct 197 

#122524 Dorothy Faye WooTard md Ernest 
Robert Breshears 5 Aug 1955 - Children: 
#122-524-1 BRESHEARS, William Michael, b. 5 

Jan 1957 
#122-524-2 BRESHEARS, James Lynn, b. 18 Aug 

#122-524-3 BRESHEARS, Tina JoAnne, b. 1 1 Mar 

#122-524-4 BRESHEARS, Roberta Gail, b. 31 Oct 


377 Mary Beck Evans 

#122-524-5 BRESHEARS, Ernest Lee, b. 1 Jan 

#12253 Margaret Fay Thurman md Albert 
Ramsey Brown 3 May 1930 - Children: 
#122-531 BROWN, Donna Jean, b. 27 June 1931 
#122-532 BROWN, Glen Alan, b, 5 Dec 1937 

#122531 Donna Jean Brown md Karl Raymond 
Peterson 17 Mar 1956 - Children: 

#122-531-1 PETERSON, Kirk Karl, b. 18 Jan 1957 
#122-531-2 PETERSON, Linda Jean, b. 8 Dec 1958 
#122-531-3 PETERSON, Eric Brent, b. 6 June I960 
#122-531-4 PETERSON, Blake Scott, b. 5 July 1961 
#122-531-5 PETERSON, Debra, b. 25 Nov 1963 
#122-531-6 PETERSON, Chad Michael, b. 16 Aug 


#122532 Glen Alan Brown md Carol Jean 
Tuttle 22 Mar 1958 - Children: 
#122-532-1 BROWN, Tonya, b. 16 Feb 1962 
#122-532-2 BROWN, Jacquelyn, b. 5 Aug 1964 
#122-532-3 BROWN, Kimberly Ann, b. 12 Oct 1968 

#12254 Dorothy Jane Thurnaan md Boyd A. 
Gilbert 23 Mar 1929 - Child: 
#122-541 GILBERT, Richard Thurman, b. 8 Nov 


#12254 Dorothy Jane Thurman md (2) George 
Jensen 7 Jan 1942 - Deceased 

#12254 Dorothy Jane Thurman md (3) James 

#122541 Richard T. Gilbert md Eva Buchallik 
13 Mar 1969 - Adp, wife's children: 
#122-541-1 GILBERT, Robert Andrew, b. 6 Jan 

#122-541-2 GILBERT, Judy Kathleen, b. 31 Aug 

#122-541-3 GILBERT, Kenneth John, b. 22 July 


#1227 Miriam Brown Thurman md Francis 

J, Nielson 20 Dec 1920 - Child: 

#122-71 NIELSON, Stephen Francis, b. ^ Dec 1929 
#12271 Stephen Francis Nielson md Mary 

Ilene Wright 5 July 1959 - Child: 

#122-711 NIELSON, Francis Craig, b. 18 Mar 


Mary Beck Evans 378 

#124 Israel Evans, Jr. md Ann Harwood 
1 Jan 1884 - Child: 
#124-1 EVANS, Israel, b. 16 Dec 1884 

#124 Israel Evans md Blanche E. Holmstead 
15 Dec 1897 - Children: 
#124-2 EVANS, Morrill, b. 3 Oct 1898, d. 26 Feb 

#124-3 EVANS, Blanche, b. 19 Sep 1900 
#124-4 EVANS, Matilda Ann, b. 5 Jan 1904 
#124-5 EVANS, Junior, b. 4 June 1906 
#124-6 EVANS, David, b. 22 Feb 1911, 

d. 10 Nov 1957 
#124-7 EVANS, Daniel, b. 15 May 1917, 

d. 12 Jan 1961 

#1242 Morrill Evans md Beatrice Boydstun 
23 Nov 1931 - Children: 
#124-21 EVANS, Charles Israel (twin), b. J^ Jan 

#124-22 EVANS, Blanche Edith (twin), b, 17 Jan 

#124-23 EVANS, Mary Rose, b. 25 June 1934 
#124-24 EVANS, Bert Earl, b, 20 Nov 1935 
#124-25 EVANS, Matilda Ann, b. 9 Mar 1937 
#124-26 EVANS, Aubray Morrill, b 1 Sep 1938 

#12422 Blanche Edith Evans md Murl Eugene 
Harpham 24 Sep 1954 - Children: 

#124-221 HARPHAM, Murl Richard, b. 16 Nov 1955 
#124-222 HARPHAM, Ronald Brett, b. 24 Sep 1956 
#124-223 HARPHAM, Kelly Sue, b, 24 Sep 1959 

#1243 Blanche Evans md John B. GessfofH 
3 Aug 1930 - Children: 

#124-31 GESSFORD, John Evans, b. 29 Apr 1931 
#124-32 GESSFORD, Fred Chenilivoch, b. 4 Jan 

1933, d. 12 Apr 1948 
#124-33 GESSFORD, David William, b. 28 May 1935 
#124-34 GESSFORD, Glen Norman, b 10 Mar 1937 

#12431 John Evans Gessford mid Susan'Malkas 
30 June 1959 - Children: 
#124-311 GESSFORD, Elizabeth Susan, b. 27 Nov 

#124-312 GESSFORD, Louise Blanche, b. 19 Apr 

#124-313 GESSFORD, John Fredric, b. 4 Jan 1966 

#12433 David William Gessford md Sandra 
Marit Bale 22 Aug 1959 - Children: 
#124-331 GESSFORD, Michal Bale, b. 17 Mar 1961 
#124-332 GESSFORD, Jean Marie, b. 22 Sep 1963 

379 Mary Beck Evans 

#12434 Glen Norman Gessford md Sally Ann 
Ellis 12 Aug 1962 - Children: 

#124-341 GESSFORD, Rose Mary, b. 3 June 1965 
#124-342 GESSFORD Sara Ellis, b. 31 Dec 1 966 

#1244 Matilda Ann Evans md Richard thur- 
man 8 June 1933 - Children: 

#124-41 THURMAN, Peter Evans, b. 1 May 1940 
#124-42 THURMAN, Patricia Ann, b. 14 Apr 1942 

#12441 Peter Evans md Katherine Ellen 
Westerbery - (Div) - No Issue 

#12442 Patricia Ann Thurman md Steven 
Frank Capener 2 July I960 - Children: 
#124-421 CAPENER, Guy Thomas, b. 13 Apr 1961 
#124-422 CAPENER, Tricia A, , b. 2 Feb 1964 

#1245 Junior Evans md Katie Wells 23 P^eb 
1928 - Children: 

#124-51 EVANS, Boice Junior, b. 3 Sep 1929 
#124-52 EVANS, Gayle, b. 25 May 1932 
#124-53 EVANS, Carol Emma, b. 20 May 1935 
#124-54 EVANS, Martin Israel, b. 28 Jan 1945 
#124-55 EVANS, Me lodie June, b. 17 Apr 1953 

#12451 BoTce Junior Evans md Carole Nelson 
11 Aug 1948 - Children: 

#124-511 EVANS, David Clark, b. 9 Aug 1949 
#124-512 EVANS, Kimble Boice, b. 29 July 1952 
#124-513 EVANS, Samuel B, b. 8 Apr 1959 
#124-514 EVANS, Mars ia Elizabeth b. 16 Feb 1965 

#124511 David Clark Evans md Gaylene 
Bradley 6 June 1970 _,„ ._ 

#12452 Gayle Evans md Lola Jean Wagstalt 
27 Dec 1951 - Children: 
#124-521 EVANS, Susan, b. 4 June 1953 
#124-522 EVANS, Donald Ross, b. 18 Dec 1954 
#124-523 EVANS, Mark Gayle, b. 9 Dec 1956 
#124-524 EVANS, Christine, b. 19 May I960 
#124-525 EVANS, Scott Glen, b. 26 May 1962 
#124-526 EVANS, Margie, b. 4 Jane 1965 

#12453 Carol Emma Evans md Lee Scheib 
Erickson 10 Sep 1954 - Children: 

#124-531 ERICKSON, Robert Kim, b. 2 1 Aug 1955 
#124-532 ERICKSON, Lauri Lee, b. 17 Mar 1958 
#124-533 ERICKSON, Tamera Lyn, b. 5 June 1963 

#12454 Martin Israel Evans md Pauiette 
DuBois 3 Nov 1963 - Children: 
#124-541 EVANS, Kelly, b. 29 Dec 1965 
#124-542 EVANS, Billie Martin, b. 21 Feb 1966 

Mary Beck Evans 380 

#1246 David Evans md Helga Thorderson 
19 July 1938 - Children: 

#124-61 EVANS, Sunya D, b. 14 Aug 1939 
#124-62 EVANS, SueJuana, b. 25 Dec 1941 

#12461 Sunya Evans md Robert Frank 
Grossman 15 Sep 1962 - Children: 

#124-611 GROSSMAN, John Robert, b. 2 Mar 1964 
#124-612 GROSSMAN, Lisa Diane, b, 7 Aug 1965 
#124-613 GROSSMAN, David Evans, b 10 Mar 197 

#12462 SueJuana Evans md Dr. Elmer Arnold 
Spencer 21 Aug 1962 - Children: 
#124-621 SPENCER, Shannon Lauraine, b. 25 May 

#124-622 SPENCER, Stephen John, b. 10 Jan 1965 
#124-623 SPENCER, Susan Janelle, b. 20 Feb 1967 
#124-624 SPENCER, Cathryn Lynne, b, 5 Jan 1970 

#1247 Daniel Evans md Donna LaRae Zimmer - 
man 17 Sep 1943 - Children: 
#124-71 EVANS, Tony Dan, b. 26 Dec 1944 
#124-72 EVANS, Barbara Dawn, b. 7 Oct 1946 
#124-73 EVANS, Robyn Adell, b. 14 July 1954 

#12471 Tony Dan Evans md Jeanne Chipman 
8 Aug 1964 - Children: 

#124-711 EVANS, Dani Jean, b. 21 Feb 1965 
#124-712 EVANS, Ricky Harris, b. 27 May 1966 
#124-713 EVANS, Kami Lyn, b. 8 Sep 1970 

#12472 Barbara Dawn Evans md Steven Jay 
Hunter 8 Feb 1965 - Children: (Div) 
#124-721 HUNTER, Wade Dee, b. 21 Mar 1966 
#124-722 HUNTER, Clay Steven, b. 22 Jan 1969 

#125 Matilda Ann Evans md Thomas Scalley 
30 Oct 1883 - Child: 
#125-1 SCALLEY, Douglas E. , b. 24 Jan 1885, 

d, 20 Oct 1967 _^ 

#1251 Douglas E. Scalley md Ethel Taylor 
10 June 1907 - Children: 

#125-11 SCALLEY, Paul Douglas, b. 2 1 May 1908, 

d. 11 Mar 1969 
#125-12 SCALLEY, Ethel Madge, b. 28 Feb 1912 
#125-13 SCALLEY, Ford Taylor, b. 24 Jan 1914 
#125-14 SCALLEY, Robert Saniuel, b 27 Jan 1917 

#12511 Paul Douglas Scalley md Marjorie 
Atwater 22 Aug 1932 - Children: 
#125-111 SCALLEY, Paul Douglas Jr. , b. 5 Dec 

#125-112 SCALLEY, Judith Louise, b. 7 Jan 1937 
#125-113 SCALLEY, Michael Bert, b. 12 Feb 1939 

381 Mary Beck Evans 

#125111 Paul Douglas Scalley, Jr. md Lola 
June Riley 28 Feb 1954 - Children: 
#125-111-1 SCALLEY, Sheri Lee, b. 13 May 1955 
#125-111-2 SCALLEY, Karen Louise, b 23 Apr 


#125-1 11-3 SCALLEY, Margie Ann, b. 7 Apr I960 
#125-111-4 SCALLEY, Laurie Jo, b. 22 Apr 1962 
#125-111-5 SCALLEY, Douglas Paul, b. 27 Oct 1964 
#125-111-6 SCALLEY, Patricia Jo, b. 17 Mar 1967 
#125-111-7 SCALLEY, David Riley, b. 1 3 May 1970 

#125112 Judith Louise Scalley nnd Robert 
Edward Gropp 16 Sep 1967 

#125113 Michael Bert Scalley md Gail Dargan 
22 May 1966 - Child: 
#125-113-1 SCALLEY, Nicole Judith, b. 8 May 1970 

#12512 Ethel Madge Scalley md John Daniel 
Caulfield 18 Apr 1938 - Child: (Div) 
#125-121 CAULFIELD, Carolyn Ann, b. 6 May 1940 

Ethel Madge Scalley md Robert Fennell 
McKenna 11 Mar 195 - Child: 
#125-122 MC KENNA, Robert Scalley, b. 26 Jan 


#125121 Carolyn Ann Caulfield md Lawrence 
Mariano 30 Aug I960 (Div) - Child: 
#125-121-1 MARIANO David b. 14 June 1961 

#12513 Ford Taylor Scalley md Lillian Hanson 
18 May 1936 - Children: 

#125-131 SCALLEY, Suzan Jane, b. 31 Jan 1938 
#125-132 SCALLEY, Ford Gordon, b. 10 Jan 1941 
#125-133 SCALLEY, Murial, b. 23 Aug 1945 
#125-134 SCALLEY, Diann Margaret, b. 6 Mar 

#125133 Murial Scalley md Jeffrey Derr 
20 July 1967 - Child: 
#125-133-1 DERR, Roger Douglas, b. 20 Feb 1969 

#125134 Diann Margaret Scalley md Nolan 
Bourne 29 Dec 1967 - Child: 
#125-134-1 BOURNE, John Nolan, b. 2 July 1968 

#12514 Robert Samuel Scalley md Miriam 
19 Dec 1942 - Children: 
#125-141 SCALLEY, Robert Douglas, b. 3 Feb 1944 
#125-142 SCALLEY, Christopher Shaw, b. 26 Mar 

#125-143 SCALLEY, David Paul, b. 23 Apr 1949 
#125-144 SCALLEY, Catherine Barbara, b. 9 Dec 

#125-145 SCALLEY, Stephen Taylor, b. 23 July 1952 

Mary Beck Evans 382 

#126 Morgan Evans md Emma Fredrica 
Southwick 29 Jan 1890 - Children: 
#126-1 EVANS, Guy, b. 20 Oct 1890, d. 30 Mar 

#126-2 EVANS, Aaron, b. 16 Jan 1892, d. 3 

June 1943 
#126-3 EVANS, Fredrica, b. 26 Oct 1893, 

d. 22 Sep 1956 
#126-4 EVANS, Ruel, b. 3 Dec 1895, 

d. 7 June 1967 
#126-5 EVANS, Noble, b. 9 Oct 1897, 

d, 8 Sep 1945 
#126-6 EVANS, Stillborn 
#126-7 EVANS, Eula, b. 18 Oct 1901 
#126-8 EVANS, Hortense, b, 24 Feb 1904, 

d. 11 Apr 1970 
#126-9 EVANS, Edith, b. 27 Sep 1907, 

d. 1 Jan 1959 

#1261 Guy Evans md Myrtle Jane Willes ~ 

14 Sep 1913 - Children: 
#126-11 EVANS, Bea, b. 14 Aug 1914 
#126-12 EVANS, Lyle, b. 26 Jan 1917 

#1261 Guy Evans md Joan Parleylet 
24 Sep 1933 ' 

#12611 Bea Evans md Samuel Earl Bate 
18 Apr 1936 - Children: 

#126-111 BATE, Barbara Joan, b. 25 Dec 1941 
#126-112 BATE, Kenneth Earl, b. 31 May 1943, 

d. 12 Aug 1943 
#126-113 BATE, Stephen Edward, b. 9 Nov 1944 
#126-114 BATE, Linda Elaine, b. 8 May 1948 

#126111 Barbara Joan Bate md Robert Louis 
Jacobson 22 July 1961 - Children: 
#126-111-1 JACOBSON, William Dean, b. 24 Mar 

#126-111-2 JACOBSON, Bruce, b. 16 May 1968 

#126113 Stephen Edward Bate md July An 
Thomas 29 Jan 1969 - Child: 
#126-113-1 BATE, Kathy Lynn, b. 28 Nov 1970 

#126114 Linda Elaine Bate md Gary Wayne 
Boyles 30 Nov 1968 

#12612 Lyle Ev3,ns md Dean Andrew Peterson 
28 Aug 1939 - Children: 

#126-121 PETERSON, Erlend Dean, b. 24 Nov 1940 
#126-122 PETERSON, Karen Deanne, b. 27 Dec 

1943, d. 1 Jan 1944 
#126-123 PETERSON, Janet Lynne, b. 26 Apr 1945 


383 Mary Beck Evans 

#126-124 PETERSON, Susan Kay, b. 19 Apr 1947 
#126-125 PETERSON, Dolores Ann, b. 29 July 1949 
#126-126 PETERSON, Colleen Diane, b. 23 Feb 

#126-127 PETERSON. Sonja Yvonne, b. 2 Dec 1959 

#12612 1 Erlend Dean Peterson md Colleen 
Dawn Keith 5 Dec 1968 - Child: 

#126-121-1 PETERSON, Kristin Dawn, b. 23 Oct 
1 97 

#126123 Janet Lynne Peterson md Philip G. 
Brown 9 June 1967 - Children: 

#126-123-1 BROWN, Neena Lynne, b. 22 Nov 1968 
#126-123-2 BROWN, Kari Darlene, b 18 Feb 1970 

#126124 Susan Kay Peterson md Mark F, 
Breinholt 2 June 1967 - Child: 

#126-124-1 BREINHOLT, Mark Bradley, b. 21 
June 1969 

#1262 Aaron Evans md Beulah Thomas 15 
May 1913 - Children: 

#126-21 EVANS, Thelda, b. 3 Dec 1913 
#126-22 EVANS, Dean, b. 6 Apr 1915 
#126-23 EVANS, Glen Thomas, b. 17 Jan 1917 
#126-24 EVANS, Grant Stillwell, b. 25 Mar 1919 
#126-25 EVANS, Raymond Bruce, b. 9 Feb 1921 
#126-26 EVANS, Ernest Paul, b. 25 Jan 1927 
#126-27 EVANS, Lawrence, b 2 May 1930 

#12621 Thelda Evans md Robert Gordon 
Hanson 7 July 1933 - Child: 
#126-211 HANSON, Laurel Kay, b. 26 Feb 1934 

#12621 Thelda Evans md Don C. Fox 5 July 
1944 - Children: 

#126-212 FOX, Sharon Marie, b. 9 Nov 1945 
#126-213 FOX, Rosalie, b. 15 June 1947 
#126-214 FOX, Brenda, b. 22 Sep 1948, 

d. 23 Sep 1948 

#12621 1 Laurel Kay Hanson md Nyle Malin 
Cox 18 Sep 1952 - Children: 

#126-211-1 COX, David Nyle, b. 6 Feb 1954 
#126-211-2 COX, Kalin, b. 19 Oct 1955 
#126-211-3 COX, Jordan Jay, b. 26 Jan 1958 
#126-211-4 COX, Carolyn, b. 20 May 1961 
#126-211-5 COX, Nathan Brent, b. 2 May 1965 
#126-211-6 COX, Kristi Lyn, b. 16 Dec 1968 

#126212 Sharon Marie Fox md George Wilford 
Hollam 7 June 1965 - Children: 
#126-212-1 HOLLAM, Michael George, b. 19 Mar 


Mary Beck Evans 384 

#126-212-2 HOLLAM, Anissa, b. 22 Mar 1968 
#126-212-3 HOLLAM, Peggy, b. 5 Aug 1969 

#126213 Rosalie Fox md Jay Eldon Yates 
24 Sep 1965 - Children: 

#126-213-1 YATES, Kristin, b. 16 Mar 1967 
#126-213-2 YATES, Jayson Todd, b. 12 Nov 1969 

#12622 Dean Evans md Irene Binns 15 May 
1940 - Children: 

#126-221 EVANS, Loraine, b. 12 June 1941 
#126-222 EVANS, Aaron Dean, b. 2 May 1943 
#126-223 EVANS, Neal Binns, b. 23 Aug 1947 
#126-224 EVANS, John Blake, b, 14 May 1951 

#126221 Loraine Evans md Wayne Carlton 
14 Apr 1961 - Children: 

#126-221-1 CARLTON, Troy Wayne, b. 22 Jan 1962 
#126-221-2 CARLTON, Ann, b. 3 Apr 1965 
#126-221-3 CARLTON, Sharee, b. 10 Feb 197 

#126222 Aaron Dean Evans md Mary Ellen 
Cropper 27 Aug 1965 - Children: 
#126-222-1 EVANS, Amy Irene, b. 8 July 1966 
#126-222-2 EVANS, Aaron Dean, b. 1 Jan 1968 
#126-222-3 EVANS, Theressa Rae, b 15 June 1970 

#12623 Glen Thomas Evans md Edna Bowen 
10 Jan 1942 - Children: 
#126-231 EVANS, Glen Thomas, Jr., b, 8 Mar 

1943, d. 8 Apr 1954 
#126-232 EVANS, Vicki, b. 10 June 1946 
#126-233 EVANS, Judith, b. 5 Aug 1948 
#126-234 EVANS, Esther Catherine, b. 15 Mar 1951 
#126-235 EVANS, Walter Kirk, b. 19 Mar 1953 
#126-236 EVANS, Patricia, b. 16 May 1954 
#126-237 EVANS, Calvin Aaron, b. 3 Aug 1956 
#126-237 EVANS, Kenneth Bart, b. 6 July 1958 

#126232 Vicki Evans md Jerry Newell 
Rassmussen 16 Dec 1966 - Children: 
#126-232-1 RASSMUSSEN, Pamela, b. 26 Mar 1968 
#126232-2 RASSMUSSEN, Marci, b. 15 Aug 1969 

#126233 Judith Evans md Larry Paul Larsen 
12 Aug 1966 - Children: 

#126-233-1 LARSEN, Paul Shane, b. 21 Feb 1967 
#126-233-2 LARSEN, Jeana, b. 19 Dec 1968 

#126233 Judith Evans md David Rassmussen 
9 Oct 1970 

#126234 Esther Catherine Evans Md Michael 
Galloway 19 June 197 

#12624 Grant Stillwell Evans md Lois Mae 
Robinson 14 Sep 1943 - Children: 


385 Mary Beck Evans 

#126-241 EVANS, Lance R, (Adp. ), b. 3 May 1943 
#126-242 EVANS, Ronald Cole, b. 7 Nov 1946 
#126-243 EVANS, Eleni, b. 22 July 1948 
#126-244 EVANS, Reed Todd, b. 21 May I960 

#126241 Lance R. Evans md Jill Healy 
1 May 1964 - Children: (Div) 

#126-241-1 EVANS, Robert Shawn, b. 29 Mar 1965 
#126-241-2 EVANS, Darcy, b. 9 May 1967 

#126242 Ronald Cole Evans md Kristine 
Linda Udell 2 May 197 

#12625 Raymond Bruce Evans md Vivian 
Mildred Seastrand 25 Dec 1941 - Children: 
#126-251 EVANS, Brian, b. 9 May 1944 
#126-252 EVANS, Kent S. , b. 6 June 1946 
#126-253 EVANS, Loree Jane, b. 17 Nov 1951 
#126-254 EVANS, Kathleen, b. 18 Nov 1958 

#126251 Brian Evans md Elizabeth Dahl 
1 June 1965 - Children: 

#126-251-1 EVANS, Brett Morgan, b. 13 Aug 1969 
#126-251-2 EVANS, Stephanie Luis e, b. 16 Nov 1970 

#126252 Kent Evans md Charlotte Lynn Hunt 
22 July 1967 - Children: 

#126-252-1 EVANS, John Rhett, b. 29 Sep 1968 
#126-252-2 EVANS, Kellie Lynn, b. 21 Aug 1969 

#12626 Ernest Paul Evans md Luc ile Okey 
1 Oct 1948 - Children: 

#126-261 EVANS, Randy L. , b. 29 June 1949 
#126-262 EVANS, Dale Alan, b, 27 Feb 1951 
#126-263 EVANS, Linda, b. 27 Mar 1953 
#126-264 EVANS, Susan, b. 1 1 Nov 1954 
#126-265 EVANS, Jill, b. 23 July 1957 
#126-266 EVANS, Diane, b. 6 Oct I960 
#126-267 EVANS, Aaron Guy, b 2 Dec 196 3 

#12627 Lawrence Evans nnd Connie Rae 
Peterson 22 July 1949 - Children: 
#126-271 EVANS, Robert Larry, b. 4 Oct 1951 
#126-272 EVANS, Steven A, b. 5 Apr 1955 
#126-273 EVANS, Lesa, b. 4 Feb 1966 

#1263 Fredrica Evans md William Grant 
Pace 15 Nov 1911 - Children: 

#126-31 PACE, Adelbert Grant, b. 20 May 1912 
#126-32 PACE, Lucile, b. 18 June 1914 
#126-33 PACE, Morgan Elwood, b. 8 May 1918 
#126-34 PACE, Alice Edna, b. 25 June 1920, 

d. 24 Feb 1966 

#12631 Adelbert Grant Pace md Margaret 
Farrell 12 Aug 1945 - Children: 

Mary Beck Evans 386 1 

#126-311 PACE, Fred Grant, b. 19 July 1947 

#126-312 PACE, Nancy Kathle e n, b. 23 Jan 195 

#126311 Fred Grant Pace md Barbara Dalton 

26 June 1969 

#12632 Lucile Pace md John Gall Douglas 
8 Aug 1936 - Children: 

#126-321 DOUGLAS, John Paul, b. 21 Mar 1938 
#126-322 DOUGLAS, David Daniel, b. 20 Sep 1940 

#126321 John Paul Douglas nnd Margaret 
Cavalier 23 Dec 1955 - Children: 

#126-321-1 DOUGLAS, Cathy Marie, b„ 12 Mar 1960 1 
#126 -32 1t2 DOUGLAS, John Paul, Jr., b. 6 Mar 

#126-321-3 DOUGLAS, Michael James, b.. 28 June 

#126-321-4 DOUGLAS, Steven Kevin, b 27 Nov 


#126322 David Daniel Douglas md Alice , 

Louise Baker 18 Feb 1961 - Children. 
#126-322-1 DOUGLAS Dennis David, b. 28 Feb 

#126-322-2 DOUGLAS, Diane Denise, b. 23 June 

#126 33 Morgan Elwood Pace md Thelma Jean 
Sangwin 26 Apr 1942 - Children: 
#126-331 PACE, Sherron Lee, b. 2 Feb 1947 
#126-332 PACE, Clarke Dean, b.. 29 Sep 1949 

#126-333 PACE, Scott Lynn, b. 12 Nov 1957 

#126 34 Alice Edna Pace md Clarence 
Hyrum Covert 23 June 1941 - Child: 
#126-341 COVERT, Clarence Hyrum, Jr„ , b„ 4 
July 1948 

#126341 Clarence Hyrum Covert, Jr.. rad 
Ruth Ann Weaver 

#1264 Ruel Evans md Buelah May Bone 
4 Nov 1925 - Children: 

#126-41 EVANS, Ralph, b. 10 Aug 19Z6 Stillborn 
#126-42 EVANS, Eugene Ruel, b„ 26 July 1927 
#126-43 EVANS, Joan, b. 28 Sep 1930 
#126-44 EVANS, Colleen, b, 7 Oct 1932 
#126-45 EVANS, Morgan John, b. 12 Sep 1937 
#126-46 EVANS, Michael Rand, b. 5 Mar 1945 

#12642 Eugene Ruel Evans md Marilyn Kirk 
29 Jan 1959 - Children: 

#126-421 EVANS, Fredrick Ruel, b, 7 Dec I960 
#126-422 EVANS. Terry Ann, b. 20 July 1963 

387 Mary Beck Evans 

#12643 Joan Evans nnd Raynnond Dean Welch 
18 Aug 1950 - Children- 

#126-431 WELCH, Kerry Dean, b. 4 Dec 1951 
#126-432 WELCH, Mart Ruel, b. 31 Jan 1953 
#126-433 WELCH, Morgan Tim, b. 17 Nov 1954 
#126-434 WELCH, John Merle, b. 13 June 1958 
#126-435 WELCH, Robert Billy, b. 9 Aug I960 
#126-436 WELCH, Dan Evans, b. 22Febl9 b3 

#12644 Colleen Evans md Bernard Val Storrs 

13 Sep 1951 - Children^ 

#126-441 STORRS. Susan b. 28 Mar 1954 
#126-442 STORRS. Jeffery Val, b. 1 Mar 1956 

#12644 Colleen Evans md James J. Abate 
24 Dec 1959 - Child: 

# 126-443 ABATE. Kathleen, b. 14 Sep 1964 

"*" #1265 Noble Evans mid Lela Varney 15 Sep 
192 - Children; 

#126-51 EVANS, Morgan Duane, b. 5 Aug 1921 
#126-52 EVANS, Donald N . b, 28 Mar 1923 
#126-53 EVANS., LaRae,, b. 16 Aug 1926 
#126-54 EVANS, James Merle, b. 11 Aug 1930 

#12651 Morgan Duane Evans md Alva Fenn 

14 Dec 1946 - Children: 

#126-511 EVANS,, Lonnie Neal, b. 14 Nov 1947 
#126-512 EVANS, Kerry Morgan, b. 2 Oct 1950 
#126-513 EVANS, Alyson, b. 29 Apr 1953 
#126-514 EVANS, Mitchel Duane, b„ 5 Mar 1957 

#126512 Kerry Morgan Evans md Janice 
Shoonover 28 Feb 197 

#12652 Donald N„ Evans md Laura Jean 
Brown 13 Oct 1943 - Children: 

#126-521 EVANS, Kenneth Donald, b. 4 Jan 1948 
#126-522 EVANS, Michael J., b. 29 May 1954 
#126-523 EVANS, Susan, b, 7 Dec 1955 
#126-524 EVANS, Jeanette, b, 25 Sep 1964 

#12653 LaRae Evans md Stephen Paul 
Shelley 15 Mar 1948 - Children: 

#126-531 SHELLEY, Stephen Evans, b. 22 Sep 1950 
#126-532 SHELLEY, Paul Evans, b, U Jan 1952 
#126-533 SHELLEY, Diane, b. 18 Apr 1955 
#126-534 i^HELLEY, Patricia Amy, b. 12 July 1956 
#126-535 SHELLgY, Karen, b. 18 Aug 1964 

#12654 James Merle Evans md Bonnie 
LuDean Flinders 19 Dec 1949 - Children: 
#126-541 EVANS, James Merle, Jr., b, 22 Feb 


Mary Beck Evans 388 

#126-542 EVANS, Mark J. , b. 22 Sep 1952 
#126-543 EVANS, Janice, b. 8 Mar 1954 
#126-544 EVANS, Jeffery Lynn, b, 26 Sep 1957 
#126-545 EVANS, James Lewis, b. 11 Jan 1959 
#126-546 EVANS, David Park, b. 11 June I960 

#12654 James Merle Evans md Helene 
Pappas Fox 1 July 1967 

#1267 Eula Evans md Marcus Carterite 
Childs 22 Nov 1941 - No issue 

#1269 Edith Evans md James LeRoy Jensen 

1 Sept 1931 - Children: 

#126-91 JENSEN, Judith, b. 15 Aug 1933 
#126-92 JENSEN, James LeRoy, Jr., b. 20 Oct 


#12691 Judith Jensen md Harold "N" 
Thompson 17 Mar 1953 - Children: 
#126-911 THOMPSON, Robert J., b. 23 Dec 1953 
#126-912 THOMPSON, Peter W. , b. 3 Dec 1955 
#126-913 THOMPSON, Jerry L. , b. 9 Oct 1959 

#12692 James LeRoy Jensen, Jr. md 
Patricia Reed 21 Aug I960 - Children: 
#126-921 JENSEN, Brad, b. 21 July 1962 
#126-922 JENSEN, Jeff, b, 29 JuJie 1965 

#127 Rachel Evans md James Edward Camp- 
bell 1 May 1888 - Children: 
#127-1 CAMPBELL, Iris, b. 27 Mar 1889, 

d. 29 May 1968 
#127-2 CAMPBELL, Erma, b. 1 Oct 1891 
#127-3 CAMPBELL, Jane (Adp), b. 31 Mar 1903 

#1271 Iris Campbell md Hayes 

2 June 1914 - Child: 

#127-11 HAYES, John Edward, b. 27 May 1915 

#1271 Iris Campbell md Joseph L. Welch 

1948 - Child: 

WTZTn2 WELCH, Laurel, b. 17 Nov 1922 

#12712 Laurel Welch md Vincent Beck Call 
9 Nov 1940 - No Issue 

#12712 Laurel Welch md Harry Francis Hurt 
30 July 1943 - Children: 

#127-121 HURT, Stephanie, b. 14 June 1944 
#127-122 HURT, Sandra, b. 22 Oct 1947 

#12712 Laurel Welch md George Aloysius 
Haasl 27 Dec 1958 - Children: 
#127-123 HAASL, Peter, b. 27 July 1959 
#127-124 HAASL, Jennifer, b. 26 Feb 1962 
#127-125 HAASL, Gretchen, b. 24 Jan 1964 

389 Mary Beck Evans 

#127121 Stephanie Hurt md Michael J Davis 
1 Mar 1963 - Child: . (Div) 
#127-121-1 DAVIS, Lisa, b. 19 Oct 1964 

#127121 Stephanie Hurt md (2) Desmond 

#1272 Erma Campbell md Frances Gallagher 
10 Nov 1919 - No issue 

#128 Lyda Evans md Oliver Agustus Slade 
9 July 1903 - Children: 
#128-1 SLADE, William, b. 27 May 1915, 

d. 4 July 1915 
#128-2 SLADE, Matilda Ann, b. 1 April 1916 

#12 82 Matilda Ann Siade md Morris Clark 
14 Jan 1937 - Children: 

#128-2 1 CLARK, Julia Rochelle, b. 11 May 1939 
#12 8-22 CLARK, Gary Lee , b. 22 Apr 1945 

#12821 Julia Rochelle Clark md Carl Page 
Neil 22 Nov 1957 - Children: 
#128-211 NEIL, Brent, b, 24 Aug 1959 
#128-212 NEIL, Carrie Lynn, b. 13 Sep 1961 
#128-213 NEIL, Brenda, b. 5 Jan 1962 
#128-214 NEIL, Todd, b. 27 Feb 1965 

#12822 Gar 

y Lee 

Clark md 




Wanlass 20 June 


" Child: 




-221 CLARK 

, Gar 

y Darin, 





#13 Henry Evans rad Anna Catherine 
Magdalene Bruun 25 Dec 1856 - Children: 
#131 EVANS, Henry Beck, b. 13 Sep 1859, 

d, Oct 1860 

#132 EVANS, Frederick, b. 2 June 1861, 

d, 8 Mar 1878 
#133 EVANS, Eliza Jane, b, 19 Mar 1863, 

d. Nov 1864 

#134 EVANS, Mary Olivia, b. 3 Sep 1865, 

d. 2 Mar 1866 
#135 EVANS, Emma Lenora, b. 1 Sep 1867, 

d. 15 Jan 1931 
#136 EVANS, David E., b. 5 Mar 1869, 

d. 23 July 1869 
#137 EVANS, Peter Carlos, b. 23 Nov 1870, 

d. 19 Dec 1941 
#138 EVANS, Israel Franklin, b. 26 July 1873, 

d. 21 Aug 1950 

Mary Beck Evans 390 

#139 EVANS, Wilmar, b. 12 Nov 1878, d. 5 Dec 1970 
#13A EVANS, Clara Magdalene, b. 25 Nov 1879, 

d. 23 June 1881 
#13B EVANS, Leo Melvyn, b. 8 Mar 1882, 

d. 15 Sep 1938 

#13 Henry Evans md Emily Elizabeth 

Lovett 1858 - Div - Child: 

#13C EVANS, Sarah, b. 22 Feb 1861, d. 6 Nov 1938 

#1 35 Emma Lenora Evans md John Leslie ^ 

Boyden 8 Aug 1898 - Child: 
#135-1 BQYDEN, Maurice Evans, b. 1 Sep 1899 

#1351 Maurice Evans Boyden md Zina Grace 
Carlston 24 June 1931 - Children: (Div) 
#135-11 BOYDEN, Franklin Maurice, b. 9 Sep 1934 
#135-12 BOYDEN, Joan Lenore, b, 17 July 1938 

#1351 Maurice Evans Boyden md (2) Marjorie 

Benson Wimmer 7 Sep 1962 

" #13511 Franklin Maurice Boyden rad Ursula 

Doris Waibel 21 Nov 1964 - Children: 
#125-111 BOYDEN, Lesley Anne, b. 1 June 1965 
#135-112 BOYDEN, Clara Grace, b, 2 July 1968 
#135-113 BOYDEN, Demick Frank, b. 22 Aug 1969 

#13512 Joan Lenore Boyden md Bruce Alt ~~ 
Blake more 20 Nov 1962 - (Div) - Child: 
#135-121 BLAKEMORE, William Huntington, 

b, 3 Dec 19 63 

#137 Peter Carlos Evans md Martha Jane 
Read 27 July 1907 - Children: 

#137-1 EVANS, Martha Francelle, b. 26 July 1908 
#137-2 EVANS, Shirley June, b. 13 June 1911 
#137-3 EVANS, Frederick Read, b. 9 Sep 1913 
#137-4 EVANS, Walter Grant, b. 23 Feb 1915 

#1371 Martha Francelle Evans rad Robert 
Gordon Larsen 10 June 1931 - Children: 
#137-11 LARSEN, Robert Gordon II, b. 4 Aug 1933 
#137-12 LARSEN, David Evans, b. 30 Aug 1936 
#137-13 LARSEN, Dennis Ralph (Adp), b. 7 Mar 1945 
#137-14 LARSEN, Ronald Brent (Adp), b. 28 Oct 1947 

#13711 Robert Gordon Larson II md Sharyn 
Higham 18 Dec 1953 - Children: 

#137-111 LARSEN, Robert Gordon III, b, 14 Nov 1954 
#137-112 LARSEN, Kelly Ann, b. 30 Oct 1955 
#137-113 LARSEN, Holly, b. 20 Dec 1956 
#137-114 LARSEN, Jonathan Stewart, b„ 11 Sep 1959 
#137-115 LARSEN, Kristine Karin, b. 24 Sep 1962 

391 Mary Beck Evans 

#137 14 Ronald Brent Larsen md Nancy Susan 
Oram 29 May 1969 - Child: 
#137-141 LARSEN, Matthew David, b. 22 Feb 19 70 

#1372 Shirley June Evans md Dale Elgin ' 

Blomquist 2 July 1935 - Child: (Div) 
#137-21 BLOMQUIST, Dale Roger (Dr ) b 29 

July 1938 

#1372 Shirley June Evans md Charles 
Alfred Pittman (d. 6 Apr 1966) - no issue 

#1372 Shirley June Evans md Edmond 
Kenyon 16 Nov 1968 - no issue 

#13721 Dr, Dale Roger Blomquist md 
Carolyn For bush 9 Sep 1961 - Children: 
#137-211 BLOMQUIST, Roger Cary, b. 25 Nov 1962 
#137-212 BLOMQUIST, Pamela Carol, b. 7 Apr 1966 
#137-213 BLOMQUIST, Craig Dale, b. 30 Nov 1968 

#1373 Frederick Read Evans md Asenath 
Robison 14 Sep 1936 - Children: 
#137-31 EVANS, Stanford Read, b. 14 Jan 1938 
#137-32 EVANS, Martha Jane, b. 11 Feb 1940 
#137-33 EVANS, John Robison, b. 12 Jan 1945 
#137-34 EVANS, Frederick Parker, b. 8 Feb 1948 

#137 32 Martha Jane Evans nnd George 
Michael Mechara 20 Aug 1963 

#13733 John Robison Evans md Ruth Ann 
Forslund 15 Dec 1967 - Children: 
#137-331 EVANS, Trent Carlos, b. 4 Mar 1969 
#137-332 EVANS, Daniel Robison, b. 30 May 1970 

#1374 Walter Grant Evans md Helen Barker 
26 Mar 1942 - Children: 

#137-41 EVANS, Kathleen, b. 26 Nov 1943 
#137-42 EVANS, Scott Carlos, b. 9 Sep 1945 

#13741 Kathleen Evans md Heinz Steinmann 
6 Nov 197 

#138 Israel Franklin Evans md Priscilla 
Livingston 31 Dec 1902 - No issue 

#139 Wilmar Evans md Vivian Marion 
Williams 18 Jan 1908 - Children: 
#139-1 EVANS, Marion Lenore, b. U July 1910 
#139-2 EVANS, Ruth, b. 10 May 1912 
#139-3 EVANS, Betty, b. 22 Apr 1922 

#1391 Marion Lenore Evans md Frank Smith 
Brooks 27 Apr 1934 - Children: 
#139-11 BROOKS, FrankEvans, b. 22 Sep 1940 
#139-12 BROOKS, Pamela Jayne, b. 10 Aug 1943 

#13911 Frank Evans Brooks md Kathy 
LaBerthon 14 Sep 1964 

Mary Beck Evans 392 

#13912 Pamela Jayne Brooks md Edward 
Cech 22 Mar 1964 

#1392 Ruth Evans md Ernest Good 20 Oct 
1943 - No issue 

#1393 Betty Evans md James V. Priest 
10 Mar 1943 - Children: 

#139-31 PRIEST, Susan, b. 14 Mar 1947 
#139-32 PRIEST, Diana, b. 31 Dec 1948 
#139-33 PRIEST, Linda, b. 6 Aug 1955 

#13B Leo Melvyn Evans md Cora Bee 
Breeze 10 July 1915 - Children: 
#13B-1 EVANS, Nan Breeze, b. 22 May 1917 
#13B-2 EVANS, Jean Breeze, b. 3 Aug 1919 
#13B-3 EVANS, Billie Catherine, b. 23 Sep 1927 

#13B1 Nan Breeze Evans md Luther Bryant 
Tate 15 Mar 1941 - Children: 

#13B-11 TATE, Claudia DeEtta, b. 16 Feb 1943 
#13B-12 TATE, Anna Cathrine, b. 6 July 1952 
#13B-13 TATE, Nancy Lee, b, 12 Mar 1955 

#13B12 Anna Catherine Tate md Donald 
Eugene Duncan 26 Apr 1969 - Child: 
#13B-121 DUNCAN, Raymond Eugene, b. Nov 


#13B2 Jean Breeze Evans md Gus Carl 
Johnson 12 June 1947 

#13B3 Billie Catherine Evans md Frank 
Cyril Nielson 12 June 1947 - Children: 
#13B-31 NIELSON, Linda Lee, b. 11 Sep 1948 
#13B-32 NIELSON, William Frank, b. 5 July 1950 
#13B-33 NIELSON, John Evans, b. 19 Jan 1954 
#13B- 34 NIELSON, Judy Lynn, b. 1 1 Apr 1957 

#13C Sarah Evans md Richard H. Wilson 
25 June 1879 - Children: 
#13C-1 WILSON, daughter, b. 7 Aug 1880, 

d. 7 Aug 1880 
#13C-2 WILSON, son, b. 29 Apr 1881, d. 29 Apr 

#13C-3 WILSON, James Richard, b, 18 Apr 1882, 

d. 11 Nov 1947 
#13C-4 WILSON, John William, b. 7 Jan 1884, 

d. 26 Mar 1945 

#13C Sarah Evans md William Henry Clark 
24 Sep 1885 - Children: 
#13C-5 CLARK, Pearl, b. 17 Dec 1886 
#13C-6 CLARK, Sarah, b. 29 Aug 1888, 

d. 31 Aug 1888 

393 Mary Beck Evans 

#13C-7 CLARK, Mabel, b. 9 Jan 1890 
#13C-8 CLARK, Florence, b. 4 Feb 189Z 

d. 8 Dec 1921 
#13C-9 CLARK, Ruby, b. 21 Mar 1894 
#13C-A CLARK, Chester Arthur, b. 24 Feb 1896 

d. 3 Sep 1957 
#13C-B CLARK, Mary Lucile, b. 27 Feb 1898 
#13C-C CLARK, Katherine, b. 1 3 Jan 1900 
#13C-D CLARK, Ethel Elizabeth, b. 27 Mar 1903 

d. 31 July 1957 
#13C-E CLARK, Charles Curtis, b. 19 Feb 1905 

#13C3 James Richard Wilson md Alice 
Briggs 22 June 1910 - No issue 

#13C5 Pearl Clark md Adrian David Fails 
14 Dec 1916 - Children: 

#13C-51 FAILS, Wesley Alfred, b. 1 Oct 1917 
#13C-52 FAILS, Adrian Keith, b. 19 Nov 1918, 

d. 22 Aug 1920 
#13C-53 FAILS, Reed (Twin), b. 29 May 192 1 
#13C-54 FAILS, Reese (Twin), b, 29 May 1921, 

d. 31 May 1921 
#13C-55 FAILS, Robert Clark, b. 26 Jan 1930 

#13C51 Wesley Alfred Fails md Jean Perry 
5 June 1942 - Children: 

#13C-511 FAILS, Kathleen Ann, b. 26 June 1948 
#13C-512 FAILS, Janice Lynne b. 21 Oct 1954 

#130511 Kathleen Ann Fails md Gerard 
William Goeckeritz 6 June 1970 

#13053 Reed Fails md Nellie Bevins Cahoon 
14 May 1942 - Children; 

#130-531 FAILS, Gary Reed, b. 4 May 1944 
#130-532 FAILS, Michael Allen, b. 8 Feb 1952 
#130-533 FAILS, Darrell Lynn, b 5 May 1954 

#130531 Gary Reed Fails md Karen Patricia 
Jensen 26 May 1965 - Children: 
#130-531-1 FAlL^ Tony Paul, b. 29 July 1965 
#130-531-2 FAILS, Tina Anne, b. 15 June 1966, 

d. 3 Aug 1966 ^__^ 

#13055 Robert Clark Fails md Lois Johnson 
25 Sep 1959 - Children: 

#130-551 FAILS, Diane, b. 18 July I960 
#130-552 FAILS, Debra, b. 30 Apr 1963 
#130-553 FAILS, Brenda, b. 7 Nov 1965 
#130-554 FAILS, Shauna, b. 23 Dec 1969 

#1307 Mabel Clark md Herman Peter Fails 
5 Jan 1910 - Children: 

Mary Beck Evans 394 

#13C-71 FAILS, Herman Clark, b, 24 July 1914 
#13C-72 FAILS, Katherine Rae, b. 9 Jan 1918 
#13C-73 FAILS, Grant Clark, b, 26 Aug 1920, 

d, 30 Aug 1920 
#13C-74 FAILS, Beth, b, 28 June 1922 
#13C -75 FAILS, Frank Clark, b. 8 Jan 1927, 

d, 8 Jan 1927 ' 
#13C-76 FAILS, Lynn Clark, b, 5 Jan 1929, 
;. d. 5 Jan 1929 ^ 

#13C71 Herman Clark Fails rad Adrienne 
Elizabeth Willis 1 July 1942 - Children: 
#13C-711 FAILS, Anita Rae, b. 1 Oct 1948, 

d. 1 Oct 1948 
#13C-712 FAILS, Willis Clark, b„ 29 July 1951 
#13C-713 FAILS, Elena Beth, b. 2 Apr 1954 
#13C-714 FAILS, Sally LaRue, b. 16 Aug 1955 

#1307 2 Katherine Rae Fails md Morton ' 

Luman 12 Aug 1942 - Children: 
#130-721 LUMAN, Judith Anne, b. 9 Aug 1944 
#13C-722 LUMAN, David Samuel, b. 9 Jan 1949 
#13C-723 LUMAN, Joseph Morton, b. 9 Oct 1952 

#130721 Judith Anne Luman md Jack 
Christen Hoagland 14 Aug 1964 - Children: 
#130-721-1 HOAGLAND, Jeffrey David, b„ 18 

Mar 1967 
#130-721-2 HOAGLAND, Julie Ann, b. 26 Aug 1969 

' #13074 Beth Fails md Walter Randall m 

Tucker 24 May 1943 - Children: \ 

#130-741 TUCKER, Walter Randall, b„ 27 Apr 1944 
#130-742 TUCKER, Linda Beth, b. 10 Mar 1949 
#130-743 TUCKER, Tanya Nanette, b. 4 Apr 1950 
#130-744 TUCKER, Peter Wayland, b. 23 Apr 1957 
#130-745 TUCKER, Rae-Marie, b. 9 Nov I960 

#130742 Linda Beth Tucker md William 
Thomas Beatty 29 Mar 1968 - Child: 
#130-7421 BEATTY, William James, b 23 July 19 69 

#130743 Tanya Nanette Tucker md Jose 
Rafael Oastello Orta 30 Sep 1969 

^'1^1308 Florence Clark md Edward Francis 
Packham 31 May 1919 - Child: 
#130-81 PAOKHAM, Sar^ Frances, b. 23 Apr 1920 

#13081 Sara Franc"es Packham md Patrick 
Leo Murphy 5 Sep 1942 - Children: 
#130-811 MURPHY, Robert Lawrence, b. 5 Nov 

#130-812 MURPHY, Michael James, b. 20 Mar 

1948, d.. 7 Jan 1955 

395 Mary Beck Evans 

#13C-813 MURPHY. Patricia Anne, b 19 May I949 
#13C-814 MURPHY, Charles Allen, b 3 Mar 1951 
#13C-815 MURPHY, Daniel Edward, b 8 May 1952 
#13C-816 MURPHY, Susan Marie, b. 11 June 1954 
#13C-817 MURPHY, John William, b. 17 Feb 1956 
#13C-818 MURPHY, Kathleen Rae. b 14 Aug 1957 
#13C-819 MURPHY, Terry Frances, b. 2 July 1959 
#13C-81A MURPHY, Dolores Elaine, b. 12 Jan 1962 
#13C-8aB MURPHY, Kenneth Eugene, b. 5 July 1964 
#13C-81C xMURPHY Elizabeth Jane, b. 12 Feb 1966 

#l3C9 Ruby tlark md Emnaett Reynolds 
Blackinton 6 May I9I6 - Children: 
#13C-91 BLACKINTON. Eva Bea. b. 17 Dec 1917 

d. 29 Dec 1917 
#13C-92 BLACKINTON, Helen Gene. b. 13 Apr I9I9 
#13C-93 BLACKINTON. Betty Lou, b. 20 Aug 1920 
#13C-94 BLACKINTON, William Foster, b. 25 

May 1922, d. 26 Apr 1945 
#13C-95 BLACKINTON, Marion, b. 26 Apr 1928 

#13C92 Helen Gene Blackinton md Joseph 
James Clausse, Jr. 28 Sep 1940 Children; 
#13C-921 CLAUSSE, Michael Joe, b. 15 Sep 1941. 

d. 5 Oct 1966 
#13C-922 CLAUSSE, Sheron J^an. b. 10 Nov 1944 
#13C-923 CLAUSSE, Gayle Bea, b. •2-2 June 1947 
#130-924 CLAUSSE, Susan, b. 4 Oct 1948 
#13C-925 CLAUSSE, Jill, b. 17 Sep 1956 

#130922 Sharon Jean Clausse md William 
Earl Noice 21 Sep 1965 - Child:_ 
#13C-922-l NOICE, William Michael, b. 5 Mar 

1970 ^___ 

#13093 Betty Lou Blackinton md George 

Stanley Fridbefg 19 Nov 1944 - Children: 

#130-931 FRIDBERG, William Stanley, b. 8 Aug 

#13C-932 FRIDBERG, Stephen Scott, b. 24 Oct 

#130-933 FRIDBERG, Frank, b. Oct 1952. Stillborn 
#130-934 FRIDBERG. Ka^l Trae. b. 16 Nov 1953 

#13094 William Foster Blackinton md Phyllis 
l^ickerson 8 Oct ^940 - Nd issue ^_^_ 

#13CB Mary Lucile tlark md Liibert Lloyd 
Fisk 5 Jan 1920 - Children: 

#13C-B1 FISK, Richard Lloyd, b. 25 Dec 1920 
#13C-B2 FISK, Maurine, b. 9 Feb 1922 
#13C-B3 FISK, James Theodore, b. 24 May 1923 

Mary Beck Evans 396 

#13C-B4 FISK, Margery Mae, b. 13 Oct 1926, 

d. 28 May 1927 
#13C-B5 FISK, Mary Lee, b. 18 July 1932 

#13CB1 Richard Lloyd Fisk md Opal May 
Saxton 15 Feb 1943 - Children: 

#13C-B11 FISK, Kathleen Marie, b. 11 Jan 1945 
#13C-B12 FISK, Linda Lou, b. 23 Apr 1950 

#13CB11 Kathleen Marie Fisk nnd Richard 
Lee Baker 22 Aug 1964 - Children: 

#13C-B11-1 BAKER, Colleen Marie, b. 29 Dec 1965 
#13C-Bll-2 BAKER, Marreen Ann, b. 22 Aug 1967 

#13CB12 Linda Lou Fisk md Gary Hite 
21 Feb 197 

#13CB2 Maurine Fisk md Edward Stefan 
10 Oct 1942 - Children: 

#13C-B21 STEFAN, Barbara Susan, b. 30 Dec 1953 
#13C-B22 STEFAN, Katherine Joan, b. 8 Mar 1955 
#13C-B23 STEFAN, Anna Marie, b. 7 Jan I960 

#13CB3 James Theodore Fisk md Beatrice 
Ellen Savell 5 June 1945 - Children: 
#13C-B31 FISK, Gail, b. 29 Aug 1948 
#13C-B32 FISK, James Montgomery, b. 30 Mar 1953 
#13C-B33 FISK, Mary Ann, b. 31 Dec 1954 

#13CB5 Mary Lee (Susie) Fisk md Raymond 
Bruce Chase 11 Feb 1955 - Children: 
#13C-B51 CHASE, Mary Margaret, b. 18 June 1956, 

d. 18 June 1956 
#13C-B52 CHASE, Teresa Louise, b. 14 July 1957 

#13CC Katherine Clark md Herschel Cable ~ 
Barnes 19 May 1926 - Children: 

#13C-C1 BARNES, Herschel Blaine, b. 4 July 1927 
#13C-C2 BARNES, Marjorie Louise, b. 6 Aug 1929 
#13C-C3 BARNES, Katherine, b. 21 Feb 1933 

#13CC1 Herschel Blaine Barnes md Margaret 
Syczek Smith 24 Mar 1963 - Children: 
#13C-C11 BARNES, Stephen Grant (Adp), b. 8 Feb 

#13C-C12 BARNES, Robert Allen (Adp), b. 16 Mar 


#13CC2 Marjorie Louise Barnes md Ray 
Livingston Carter 25 July 1951 - Children: 
#13C-C21 CARTER, Steven Ray, b. 2 Aug 1954 
#13C-C22 CARTER, Linda Lee, b. 12 Aug 1955 
#13C-C23 CARTER, Mark Reed, b. 1 Jan 1957 
#13C-C24 CARTER, Susan, b. 11 Apr 1958 
#13C-C25 CARTER, Virginia, b. 12 Mar 1961, 

d. 12 Mar 1961 

397 Mary Beck Evans 

#13C-C26 CARTER, Gaylynn, b. 8 Dec 19 64 

#13CC3 Katherine Barnes md Alan Munn 
Cannon, Jr. 12 Apr 1963 - Children: 
#13C-C31 CANNON, Anne, b. 16 Apr 1964 
#13C-C32 CANNON, Sara Lynn (Twin), b. 11 Mar 

#13C-C33 CANNON, Nancy Lee (Twin), b. 11 Mar 

#13C-C34 CANNON, Karen, b. 13 July 1966 
#13C-C35 CANNON, Seth Alan, b. 19 Aug 1969 

#13CD Ethel Elizabeth Clark md Edwin Roe 
Seward 17 Apr 1925 - Children; 

#13C-D1 SEWARD, Dorothy Lucille, b. 24 Feb 1926 
#13C-D2 SEWARD, Kenneth Roe, b. 15 July 1927 
#13C-D3 SEWARD, Phyllis, b. 20 July 1928, 

d. 21 July 1928 
#13C-p4 SEWARD, Gerald Keith, b 22 May 1931 

#13CD1 Dorothy Lucille Seward md Eugene 
Milton Zwoyer 23 Feb 1946 - Children: 
#13C-D11 ZWOYER, Gregory Elsworth, b. 5 Mar 

#13C-D12 ZWOYER, Jeffrey Roe, b. 13 Feb 1951 
#13C-D13 ZWOYER, Douglas Keith, b. 23 Mar 1954 

#13CD2 Kenneth Roe Seward md Vonna 
Eileen McCaman 24 July 1954 - Children: 
#13C-D21 SEWARD, Curtis Edwin, b. 7 May 1955 
#13C-D22 SEWARD, Jill Irene, b. 28 Feb 1957 
#13C-D23 SEWARD, Brett William, b. 25 Nov I960 

#13CD4 Gerald Keith Seward md Patricia 
Ann Rhoton 2 3 Apr 1955 - Children: 
#13C-D41 SEWARD, Michael Keith, b. 30 Dec 1956 
#13C-D42 SEWARD, Robin Lee, b. 23 July 1959 

#13CE Charles Curtis Clark md Hallee 
Irene Towns end 18 Apr 1934 - No issue 

#14 Mary Ann Evans md John Henry Glines 
2 3 Oct 1849 - Children: 
#141 GLINES, Cassius Henry, b. 5 Nov 1850, 

d. 3 Oct 1928 
#142 GLINES, Mary Araminta, b. 16 Mar 1854, 

d. 30 May 1930 
#143 GLINES, John Almeron, b. 2 July 1855, 

d. 5 Oct 1856 
#144 GLINES, Emma Jane, b. 30 July 1857 

d. 11 Sep 1859 

Mary Beck Evans 398 

#145 GLINES, David Feriden, b. 22 Aug 1859, 

d. 10 Apr 1913 
#146 GLINES, Perry Laroy, b. 4 Sep 1861, 

d. 6 Jan 1944 
#147 GLINES, Joseph Lorenzo, b. 6 Mar 1863, 

d. 3 Mar 1942 
#148 GLINES, Dow Eugene, b. 10 Nov 1864, 

d. 16 Oct 1939 
#149 GLINES, Ellen Elizabeth, b, 22 Dec 1866, 

d. 11 Aug 1917 
#14A GLINES, Olive May, b. 30 Mar 1871, 

d. 20 May 1905 
#14B GLINES, Aner Mathias, b. 2 JijLne 1874, 

d. 2 Apr 1958 
#140 GLINES, Etta Maria, b. 28 Feb 1877, 

d 20 Sep 1912 

"~~ #141 Cassius Henry Glines md Sarah Belle 

Martin 21 Sep 1872 - Children: 

#141-1 GLINES, Charles Henry, b. 21 Dec 187 3, 

d. 7 Dec 1949 
#141-2 GLINES, John Thomas, b, 27 Mar 1875, 

d. 9 Feb 1949 
#141-3 GLINES, Robert Cassius, b. 1 Feb 1877, 

d. 3 June 1933 
#141-4 GLINES, Anna Belle, b. 2 Aug 1878, 

d. 19 Feb 1968 
#141-5 GLINES, Huldah Araminta, b. 1 Sep 1880 
#141-6 GLINES, Eva May, b. 2 July 1883, 

d. 20 July 1938 
#141-7 GLINES, James Leroy, b. 29 May 1885, 

d. 19 Dec 1933 
#141-8 GLINES, Sarah Lavina, b. 16 Apr 1888 
~ #1411 Charles Henry Glines md Annie 

Purvis 9 Apr 1913 - Children: 

#141-11 GLINES, Charles Purvis, b. 12 Jan 1915 
#141-12 GLINES, Dorothy Bell, b. 21 June 1917, 
d. 10 Mar 1969 

#14111 Charles Purvis Glines md Gladys 
Nadine Johnston 31 May 1951 - Children: 
#141-111 GLINES, Charles Herbert, b. 29 June 1952 
#141-112 GLINES, Charlene, b. 10 Sep 1953 

#14112 Dorothy Bell Glines md Kenneth 
O'Conor Young 30 May 1941 - Children: 
#141-121 YOUNG, David Kenneth, b. 1 Feb 1943 
#141-122 YOUNG, Elizabeth Ann, b. 14 Aug 1956 


399 Mary Beck Evans 

#141121 David Kenneth Young md Diane 
Carol Haas 20 Apr 1968 - Child: 
#141-121-1 YOUNG, Dawnell Lois, b. 11 Feb 196 9 

#1412 John Thomas ulines nnd Dora Beatrice' 
Holloway 10 Dec 1895 - Children: 
#141-21 GLINES, Vera Lucille, h, 6 Sep 1896 
#141-22 GLINES, Melba Violette, b. 2 Feb 1898 
#141-23 GLINES, Rebecca Belle, b. 7 Mar 1903 
#141-24 GLINES, Denzil Cassius, b. 20 Oct 1904 
#141-25 GLINES, Jack Holloway, b. 22 Aug 1911 

#14121 Vera Lucille Glines md Frank Audel 
Davis 20 July 1932 - Child: 
#141-211 DAVIS, Audel Glines, b. 11 Feb 1934 

#141211 Audel Glines Dav i s md Virginia 

Lynne Showers 1958 - Children: 

#141-211-1 DAVIS, Rebecca Barton, b. 12 May 1959 
#141-211-2 DAVIS, Stephanie Lucile, b. 13 Sep I960 
#141-211-3 DAVIS, Trevor Glines, b. 18 Oct 1962 
#141-211-4 DAVIS, Jane Showers, b. 16 Oct 1964 

#14122 Melba Violette Glines md William 
Hobson Hughes 20 Dec 1925 - Children: 
#141-221 HUGHES, Anabel Tress, b. 5 Jan 1931 
#141-222 HUGHES, William Glines, b 24 June 193 6 

#141221 Anabel Tress Hughes md Theodore 
Thorson 1 Jan 1952 - Children: 
#141-221-1 THORSON, Gregory Hughes, b. 28 Sep 

#141-221-2 THORSON, Sherylan Gay, b. 27 Aug 

#141-221-3 THORSON, Maryly Kay, b. ^ Jeb 1958 

#141222 William Glines Hughes md Laverne 
Bransteller 21 Aug 1964 - Children: 
#141-222-1 HUGHES, William Glines, b. 23 July 

#141-222-2 HUGHES, John Thomas, b. 29 Aug 

1967 ^_^____^ 

#14124 Denzil Cassius Glines md (l) iJllen 

Lanza 9 Feb 1929 - Child: 

#141-241 GLINES, John H. , b. 11 Oct 1933 

#14124 Denzil Cassius Glines md (2) Mar- 
garet Loretto Shields 3 Aug 1940 - Children: 
#141-242 GLINES, James Denny, b. 31 Oct 1942 
#141-243 GLINES, Margaret Anne, b 6 Sep 1944 

#141242 James Denny Glines md Mary 
Annette Beaver 10 Sep 1966 - Children: 
#141-242-1 GLINES, John Thomas, b. 13 Mar 1968 

Mary Beck Evans 400 

#14 1-242-2 GLINES, Patrick James, b. 13 Nov 197 

#14125 Jack HoUoway Glines rad Frances 
Baril 24 July 1938 - Children: 

#141-251 GLINES, Pamela Gayle, b. 8 Jan 1943 
#141-252 GLINES, Patricia Belle, b. 28 Aug 1945 

#141251 Pamela Gayle Glines md Gerard 
Francis Jordan 15 June 1968 

#141252 Patricia Belle Glines md David 
Leonard Rees 2 8 Nov 197 

#1413 Robert Cassius Glines md Cora ^ '"" 
Victoria McCroskey 3 Mar 1899 - Children: 
#141-31 GLINES, Neal Cassius, b. 5 July 1900 
#141-32 GLINES, Lemuel Elza, b. 23 Nov 1902 
#141-33 GLINES, Ariel Roberta, b. 22 Mar 1905 
#141-34 GLINES, Robert Cassius, b. 13 Apr 1915 

#14131 Neal Cassius Glines md Ruby Barr 
7 Feb 1925 - Children: 

#141-311 GLINES, Henry Cassius, b. 15 June 1926 
#141-312 GLINES, Jacqueline, b, 20 May 1930 

#141311 Henry Cassius Glines md Lois 
Lloydene Swattord 20 Dec 1949 - Children: 
#141-311-1 GLINES, Cindy Leigh, b. 21 Oct 1954 
#141-311-2 GLINES, Michael, b, 21 Mar 1970 

#141312 Jacqueline Glines md Aud Clarris 
Welch 17 Feb 1955 - Children: 

#141-312-1 WELCH, Gregory C. , b. 21 Nov 1955 
#141-312-2 WELCH, Neal C. , b. 5 July 1958 

#14132 Lemuel Elza Glines md Dorothy 
Nicholson 30 Aug 1929 - Children: 

#141-321 GLINES, Margie Coreen, b. 14 July 1930 
#141-322 GLINES, Robert Rolland, b. 22 Dec 1931 

#141321 Margie Coreen Glines md (1) Lee 
Roy Eldred 30 Dec 1947 - Child: 
#141-321-1 ELDRED, Pemela Lee SMITH, b. 30 

Oct 1948 (Adp - C. E. Smith) 

#141321 Margie Coreen Glines md (2) 
Charles E. Smith 24 July 1956 - Children: 
#141-321-2 SMITH, John Robert, b. 2 July 1961 
#141-321-3 SMITH, Polly, b. 9 Aug 1964 
#141-321-4 SMITH, Maryann, b 19 Apr 1967 

#141322 Robert Rolland Glines md Betty 
Williams 30 June 1966 ^ 

#14133 Ariel Roberta Glines md James 
Rolland Nicholson 9 Sep 1924 - No issue 

#1414 Anna Belle Glines md William Grant 
Mac Donald 27 Apr 1910 - No issue 

401 Mary Beck Evans 

#1415 Huldah Araminta Glines md Myrton 
Marcus Purkiss 28 June 1905 - Children- 
#141-51 PURKISS, Albert Cassius, b. 16 Oct 1907 

d. 30 June 1967 ' 

#141-52 PURKISS, Cassius Myrton, b. 5 Dec 1913 
#141-53 PURKISS, Huldah Constance, b. 6 Sep 1920 

#14151 Albert Cassius Purkiss md Helen 
Dorothy Fitch 15 Dec 1933 - Children: 
#141-511 PURKISS, Durinda Lee, b. 22 Mar 1933 
#141-512 PURKISS, Marily Ann, b. 12 Oct 1935 
#141-513 PURKISS, Richard Allen, b 19 Mar 194 1 

#141511 Durinda Lee Purkiss md Leslie 
Geo, Brownlee, Jr. 25 Sep 1954 - Children: 
#141-511-1 BROWNLEE, Malinda Jean, b. 3 Oct 

#141-511-2 BROWNLEE, David Alan, b. 22 Sep 

#141-511-3 BROWNLEE, Laura Lewis, b. 7 Mar 

#141-511-4 BROWNLEE, Lisa Anne, b. 22 Dec 

1963 ^ 

#141512 Marily Ann Purkiss md John Murray 
Wilson 14 July 1955 - Children: 
#141-512-1 WILSON, John Murray III, b, 10 Feb 

#141-512-2 WILSON, Craig Albert, b. 1 May 1959 
#141-512-3 WILSON, Kimberley Reese, b. 17 July 

#141-512-4 WILSON, Durinda Claire, b. 12 June 


#141513 Richard Allen Purkiss md Diana 
Gail Simpson 19 Nov I960 - Children: 
#141-513-1 PURKISS, Richard Allen, Jr., b. 3 

July 1961 
#141-513-2 PURKISS, Christopher Shailer, b. 7 

Apr 1963 
#141-513-3 PURKISS, Cynthia Helen, b. 30 May 


#14152 Cassius Myrton Purkiss md Josephine 
Valeria Constantino 27 Nov 1943 - Children: 
#141-521 PURKISS, Kathleen Marie, b. 5 Feb 1945 
#141-522 PURKISS, Mary Ann, b. 20 Nov 1946, 

d. 20 Nov 1946 
#141-523 PURKISS, James Myrton, b. 27 Oct 1948 
#141-524 PURKISS, Robert Cassius, b. 7 Mar 1951 

Mary Beck Evans 402 

#141521 Kathleen Marie Pur kiss md John 
Sanborn Knapp 30 Sep 1967 - Child: 
#141-521-1 KNAPP, Denise Marie, b. 15 Feb 1970 

#14153 Huldah Constance Purkiss rad Peter 
Dillon Kelly, Jr, 28 June 1947 - Children: 
#141-531 KELLY, Peter Dillon III, b. 30 July 1948 
#141-532 KELLY, Thomas Myrton, b. 12 Oct 1950 
#141-533 KELLY, Craig Allen, b. 28 Dec 1953 

#1417 James Leroy Glines md Ethel Dream. 
Dempster 14 Jan 1911 - Child: 
#141-71 GLINES, Dempster Cassius, b. 3 Apr 1913 

#1418 Sarah Lavina Glines mid Guy Leonard 
Goodwin 14 Nov 1917 - Children: 
#141-81 GOODWINj Sarah Belle, b. 8 Feb 1920 
#141-82 GOODWIN, Eva Maryly, b. 17 Apr 1923 
#141-83 GOODWIN, Elizabeth Ann, b. 24 Sep 1924 

#14181 Sarah Belle Goodwin md John Fischer 
Elliott 13 Aug 1943 - Child: 
#141-811 ELLIOTT, Sarah Belle, b. 7 Sep 1944 

#14181 Sarah Belle Goodwin md (2) James 
Joseph Shelton 27 Mar 1953 - Child: 
#141812 SHELTON, James Joseph, Jr., b, 1 5 Jan 

#14182 Eva Maryly Goodwin md Sam Powell 
Wagner 19 Sep 1942 - Child: 
#141-821 WAGNER, Sam (DARSIE), b. 3 June 1944 

#14182 Eva Maryly Goodwin md William 
Robert Darsie 14 Nov 1947 - Children: 
#141-822 DARSIE, Caroline, b. 30 Sep 1948 
#141-823 DARSIE, Jennie, b, 25 Dec 1949 
#141-824 DARSIE, William, b. 2 Jan 1955 

#141821 Sam Wagner Darsie md Tada Alice 
Lyons 30 Aug 1969 ^__ 

#14183 Elizabeth Ann Goodwin md John Adams 
Ditz 14 June 1947 - Children: 
#141-831 DITZ, Susan Mary, b. 2 Sep 1949 
#141-832 DITZ, Elizabeth Ann, b, 7 Nov 1951 
#141-833 DITZ, Nancy Jane, b, 25 June 1954 
#141-834 DITZ, Janet Sarah, b. 6 May 1958 

#142 Mary Araminta Glines md Charles F. 
Johnson 13 Sep 1874 - Children: 
#142-1 JOHNSON, Sylvia 
#142-2 JOHNSON, Delia 
#142-3 JOHNSON, Frank 
#142-4 JOHNSON, Leroy Dow, b. 10 Jan 1896 

d. 10 Jan 1896 

403 Mary Beck Evans 

#142-1 Sylvia Johnson md Nash 

- Children: ' 

?T47:msr^H, Leita 
#142-12 NASH, Gertrude 

(Other children's nannes u nknown) 

#1422 Delia Johnson md ' Ross 

- Child: 

Fr4X^irDS'S, Gordon 

#1423 Frank Johnson md Peck 

#145 David Feriden Glines md Etta R. 
Pemberton abt 1898 - Children: 
#145-1 GLINES, "David" Feriden Pemberton, 

b. 1900 

#145-2 GLINE^ Derol David, b. 3 Dec 1910, 

d. 9 Aug 1966 

#1451 "David" Feriden P. Glines md 

#1451 "David" Feriden P. Glines md Bettye 
Faye Neely - no issue 

#1452 Derol David Glines md Doris (Scott) 
Shuley in 1933 - No issue 

#1452 Derol David Glines md Bobbie Grace 
Bullock 21 Apr 1946 - Child: 
#145-21 GLINES, Sheridan, b, 12 Apr 1947 

#146 Perry Laroy Glines md Clara I, Justice 
2 July 1889 - Children: 
#146-1 GLINES, Eugene Perry, b. June , 

d. June 
#146-2 GLINES, Myrtle Ann 
#146-3 GLINES, Roland Theodore, b. Dec 1893, 

d. 1950 

#146-4 CriNE^ Violet Adline, b. 1 Feb 1897 
#146-5 GLINES, Claude Laroy, b. 10 Feb 1899, 

d. 5 Apr 1917 
#146-6 GLINES, Lila Clara, b. 10 Aug 1900 

#147 Joseph Lorenzo Glines md Rosa Jane 
Helms 25 Oct 1892 - Children: 
#147-1 GLINES, Leon Lester, b. 22 Sep 1893 
#147-2 GLINES, Lela Mildred, b. 28 Jan 1902, 

d. (child) 

#147-3 GLINES, Lyda Evelyn, b. 11 Sep 1903, 

d. 14 June 1967 

Mary Beck Evans 404 

#147-4 GLINES, Gordon Lorenzo, b. 30 July 1905 
#147-5 GLINES, Hazel Irene, b. 8 Jan 1908 
#147-6 GLINES, Joseph M. , b, 2 Mar 1909, 

d. 16 July 1910 

#1471 Lester Leon Glines md Laura Hill 
5 May 1916 - Children: 
#147-11 GLINES, Chauncey "Jack" O. , b. 18 Feb 

#147-12 GLINES, Margaret, b. 7 Dec 1918 
#147-13 GLINES, Mary, b. 3 May 1923 

#14711 Chauncey "Jack" O. Giines md Inez I. 
Graham 18 Nov 1941 - Children: 
#147-111 GLINES, Michael D., b. 10 Jan 1945 
#147-112 GLINES, Jacquelynn I. , b. 26 Apr 1946 
#147-113 GLINES, Rebecca J. , b. 15 Mar 1948 
#147-114 GLINES, Jill L, , b. 15 Jan 1951 
#147-115 GLINES, Judy Ann, b. 19 Oct 1953 
#147-116 GLINES, Timothy O. , b, 1 June 1956 
#147-117 GLINES, Kelly E. , b. 17 Dec 1958 

#147111 Michael D, Glines md Mary " 
Aquiar 7 Apr 1967 

#147112 Jacquelynne Glines md Timothy E, 
White 4 Dec 1965 - Children: 
#147-112-1 WHITE, Dawn K. , b. 6 Aug 1967 
#147-112-2 WHITE, Timothy O., b 12 Aug 1969 

#147113 Rebecca J. Glines md Dana R. 
Thurman 18 Nov 1966 - Children: 
#147-113-1 THURMAN, Bret R. , b. 4 May 1967 
#147-113-2 THURMAN, Michael T, , b. 16 May 197 

#147114 Jill L. Glines md John A, Wiege 
11 Apr 197 

#14712 Margaret Glines md Lloyd Herman 
Johnson 10 June 1940 - Children: 
#147-121 JOHNSON, Gordon Paul, b. 6 Aug 1941, 

d. 22 Mar 1945 
#147-122 JOHNSON, Debra Ann, b. 28 Mar 1951 
#147-123 JOHNSON, Melodie Kay, b. 5 Oct 1955 

#147122 Debra Ann Johnson md Calvin Lee 
Bamford 15 Mar 197 - Child: 
#147-122-1 BAMFORD, Nicole Lea, b. 6 Dec 1970 

#14713 Mary Glines md Dale Norman Planer 
23 Aug 1943 - Children: 

#147-131 PLANER, Terry Lynn, b. 6 Mar 1947 
#147-132 PLANER, Kenneth Dale, b. 30 June 1948 

#147131 Terry Lynn Planer md Peggy Roach 
13 Aug 1966 - Child: 

405 Mary Beck Evans 

#147-131-1 PLANER, Tammera Danyele b 18 
Feb 1968 

#1474 Gordon Lorenzo Glines md Madeline 
Smith 18 Jan 1943 - No i s s ue 

#1475 Hazel Irene Glines md Frank L 

Riker 21 Sep 1947 - No issue 

#148 Dow Eugene Glines md Lucinda Lacey 
30 Oct 1893 - Children: 
#148-1 GLINES, Maude, b. 4 Aug 1894 
#148-2 GLINES, Edith, b. 20 May 1896, 

d. 6 Mar 1900 
#148-3 GLINES, Richard Albert, b. 23 Feb 1898, 

d. 2 5 June 1951 
#148-4 GLINES, Clarence, b. 14 Feb 1907 

#1481 Maude Glines md Lloyd Gomes 14 Nov 
1916 - Child: 
#148-11 GOMES, Edward Dow, b. 7 Jan 1920 

#14811 Edward Dow Gonnes nnd Jane 
Anderson 1 Aug 1954 - No issue 

#1483 Richard Albert Glines md Helen M. 
Rood 9 Oct 1922 - No issue 

#1483 Richard Albert Glines md Angie Aver 
9 June 1928 - Child: 
#148-31 GLINES, Richard (JENKINS) 

#1484 Clarence Eugene Glines md Helen 
Jacobson 28 Nov 1929 - Child: 
#148-41 GLINES, Don E. , b. 25 Nov 1930 

#1484 Clarence Eugene Glines md (2) Helen 
Janet Kregoski 4 Feb 1937 - Child: 
#148-42 GLINES, Donna Dianne, b. 20 May 1942 

#14841 Don E, Glines (Dr. ) md Ruth 
Virginia Begneaud Dec 22, 1957 - Children: 
#148-411 GLINES, Laurie Dawn, b. 31 Dec 1958 
#148-412 GLINES, Harlan Seth, b. 22 Nov 1961 

#149 Ellen Edlizabeth Glines md Frank R. 
Boyd 5 Jan 1896 - No issue 

#14A Olive May Glines md John Richard 
King 27 Mar 1895 - Children: 
#14A-1 KING, Earl Richard, b. 14 Sep 1896 
#14A-2 KING, Etta Bernice, b. 10 Sep 1899 
#14A-3 KING, Leland Glines, b. 2 Mar 1901 

#14A1 Earl Richard King md Lillian 
Josephine Thomason (Div 1940) - Children: 

Mary Beck Evans 406 

#14A-11 KING, Earl Richard, Jr., b. 11 Aug 1921, 

d. 28 Nov 1968 
#14A-12 KING, Ward Eugene, b. 30 Sep 1923 
#14A-13 KING, Virginia May, b. 12 Aug 1925 

#14A1 Earl Richard King md f2) Ellen M. 
Olson 8 May 1943 - Child: 
#14A-14 KING, Jerry P., b. 14 May 1949 

#14A11 Earl Richard King, Jr, md Peggy 
Gray - Children: 
#14A-lirTaNGrRichard, b. 5 Oct 1942 
#14A-112 KING, Michael, b. 7 July 1947 

#14A12 Ward Eugene King md Virginia 

- Children: 
#14A-121 KING, "Pet eTTT 2 3 May 1942 
#14A-122 KING, Jack, b, 14 July 1946 
#14A-123 KING, Susan, b. 4 June 1948 

#14A13 Virginia May King md Bruce 
Lemoine 27 Mar 1956 - Children: 
#14A-131 LEMOINE, Mark, b, 10 Nov 1956 
#14A-132 LEMOINE, Renee, b. 23 Sep 1958 
#14A-133 LEMOINE, Eric, b. 19 Feb I960 
#14A-134 LEMOINE, Dana, b, 25 July 1961 
#14A-135 LEMOINE, Annette, b. 10 Sep 1964 

#14A2 Etta Bernice King md Herbert 
William Grimes 6 Nov 1920 - Children: 
#14A-21 GRIMES, Robert William, b, 21 Jan 1922 
#14A-22 GRIMES, John Herbert, b. 30 Dec 1923 

#14A22 John Herbert Grimes md Elizabeth 
Ann Dagget 22 June 1946 - Children: 
#14A-221 GRIMES, Kathryn Leigh, b. 5 July 1947 
#14A-222 GRIMES, Carolyn Analece, b. 24 Apr 195 1 

#14A22l Kathryn Leigh Grimes md Robert 
Hills Guhl II 28 Oct 1967 - Child: 
#14A-222-l GUHL, Marie Elizabeth, b. 17 Dec 196 9 

#14A222 Carolyn Analece Grimies md 
Christopher D. Eddie 28 Jan 1968 - Child: 
#14A-222-l EDDIE, Cynthia Analece, b. 15 Apr 19 68; 

#14A3 Leland Glines King md Eva A. Sheibe 
30 Oct 1926 - Children: 

#14A-31 KING, Doris A. , b. 4 Sep 1927 
#14A-32 KING, Leland Glines, Jr., b. 2 Aug 1929 

#14A31 Doris A. King md Earl F. Hanks 
19 June 1949 - Child: 
#14A-311 HANKS, Earlene F. , b. 2 Apr 1950 

#14A31 Doris A. King md (2) John D. 
Parker - No issue 


407 Mary Beck Evans 

#14A31 Doris A. King md (3) Albert 
DeGeyter _ No issue 

#14A32 Leland Glines King, Jr. md Frances 
Ferebee 20 May 1953 - Children: 
#14A-321 KING, Joyce G. , b. 28 Dec 1956 
#14A-322 KING, David B. , b. 20 Nov 1959 

#14A32 Leland Glines King, Jr. md (2) 
Sharon Hisken - No issue 

#14B Aner Mathias Glines md (I) Dora 

Pankey - Child: 

#14B-1 GLINES, Aubrey L. , b. 18 July 1902 

#14B Aner Mathias Glines md (2) Margaret 

Whitnick - Child: 

#14B-2 GLINES7 J^i^ Ilene 

#14B1 Aubrey L. Glines md ( 1 ) Josephine 
Gentry 10 Sep 1930 - Child: 
#14B-11 GLINES, Jo Ann, b. 21 May 1934 

#14B1 Aubrey L. Glines md (2) Leona A. 
Wasser 2 July 1958 - No issue 

#14B1 Aubrey L. Glines md (3) Sara J. 
Lund 11 Oct 1969 - No issue 

#14B11 Jo Ann Glines md Harold M. Grimes, 
Jr. 30 May 195 8 ~ Children: 

#14B-111 GRIMES, Bradford (Adp), b. 4 Sep 1963 
#14B-112 GRIMES Elizabeth Lee, b. 14 Sep 1964 

#14B2 Jean Ilene Glines md Vincent 
Cane ilia - Children: 

#14B-21 CANCILLAT Mark Vincent, b. 6 Apr 1952 
#14B-22 CANCILLA, Susan Deborah, b. 25 Aug 195 3 

#14C Etta Marie Glines nnd Edward LaFayette 
Vegely 10 Feb 1900 - Children: 

#14C-1 VEGELY, Beatrice Marie, b. 18 Aug 1901 
#14C-2 VEGELY, Gladys Glines, b. 21 July 1904 
#14C-3 VEGELY, Evelyn Constance, b. 12 Jan 1906 
#14C-4 VEGELY, Edward Bruce, b. 17 Feb 1910 

#14C1 Beatrice Marie Vegely md Dr. Neal 
Raney 4 Sep 1924 - Child: 
#14C-11 RANEY, Diane Vegely, b. 24 Apr 1929 

#14C1 Beatrice Marie Vegely md Michael 
M. Carrillo 19 Dec 1952 - No issue 

#14C11 Diane Vegely Raney md Glen Wigton, 
Jr., 11 June 1949 - Children: 
#14C-111 WIGTON, Thomas, b. 3 June 1950 
#14C-112 WIGTON, Joseph, b. 22 Aug 1954 
#140-113 WIGTON, John, b. 30 Dec 1957 
#140-114 WIGTON, Hope, b. 25 Aug 1964 

Mary Beck Evans 408 

#14C-115 WIGTON, Constance, b. 4 Apr 1967 

#14C3 Evelyn Constance Vegely md Kenneth 
Wilson Baird 14 Jxme 1924 - Child: 
#14C-31 BAIRD, Anatalie Vegely, b. 26 Nov 1925 

#14C3 Evelyn Constance Vegely md (2) 
Charles Kimble 

#14C31 Anatalie Vegely Baird md David 
Thomas Armstrong 4 Sep 1943 - Children: 
#14C-311 ARMSTRONG, Michael Thomas, b. 

1 June 1944, d. 17 June 1949 
#14C-312 ARMSTRONG, Janice Rae, b. 19 Mar 1946 
#14C-313 ARMSTRONG, Nancy Dinne, b. 10 Jan 1948 
#14C-314 ARMSTRONG, Gary Stevan, b. 17 Aug 1950 
#140-315 ARMSTRONG, Dennis John, b. 13 Sep 19 55 

#14C312 Janice Rae Armstrong md Ronald D. 
Rhoads 20 June 1966 - Children: 

#140-312-1 RHOADS, Ronald Dale, b. 16 Dec 1967 
#I4C-312-2 RHOADS, Kevn Scott, b. 26 Jan 1971 
"" #140313 Nancy Dinne Armstrong md John M. 
Sickler 20 Apr 19 6 8 

#1404 Edwa"rd Bruce Vegely md Doris Mae 
Goff 21 Oct 1933 - Children: 

#140-41 VEGELY, Edward Allen, b. 28 Dec 1936 
#14C-42 VEGELY, Judy Ann, b. 28 Apr 1941 

#14041 Edward Allen Vegely md Juanita 
Evalyn Luker 21 Dec 1959 - Children: 
#140-411 VEGELY, Diana Lee, b. 29 May I96I 
#140-412 VEGELY, Bruce Allen, b. 12 Oct 1963 
#140-413 VEGELY, Debra Lynn, b. 13 Jan 1967 

#17 Emma Beck Evans md Prime Thornton 
Coleman 18 Nov 1856 - Children: 
#171 COLEMAN, Sarah Francelle, b. 22 Mar I860, 

d. 9 Feb 1937 
#172 COLEMAN, Mary Annetta, b. 21 Nov 1862, 

d. 13 Feb 1946 
#17 3 COLEMAN, Prime Thornton, b. 22 Feb 

1867/8, d. 6 July 1953 
#174 COLEMAN, David Evans, b. 12 Feb 1874, 

d. 15 Dec 1954 

#171 Sarah Francelle Coleman md Joseph 
Neal Heywood 12 Jan 1876 - Children: 
#171-1 HEYWOOD, Joseph Neal, b. 23 Oct 1876, 

d. 20 Feb 1968 
#171-2 HEYWOOD, Spence Coleman, b. 19 Oct 

1878, d. 1 May I969 

409 Mary Beck Evans 

#171-3 HEYWOOD, Martha Emma, b. 21 Feb 1883 

d. 24 Dec 1893 * 

#171-4 HEY WOOD, Ella, b. 1 Sep 1884 
#171-5 HEYWOOD, Ida Etta, b. 15 Apr 1887, 

d. 3 Apr 1889 
#171-6 HEYWOOD, Leland, b. 17 Apr 1892 
#171-7 HEYWOOD, Sarepta Francelle, b. 3 Apr 

1894, d. 12 Aug 1895 
#171-8 HEYWOOD, David Evans, b. 11 Aug 1896 
#171-9 HEYWOOD, Sarah Velma, b. 30 Aug 1898 
#171-A HEYWOOD, Robert Tassie, b. 17 Nov 1900 
#171-B HEYWOOD, Irving Yeates, b 11 Nov 1902 

#1711 Joseph Neal Heywood n:id Alvenia 
Savage 11 May 1906 - Children: 
#171-11 HEYWOOD, Cleona Alvenia, b. 26 May 

#171-12 HEYWOOD, Joseph Le land, b. 29 Apr 

1909, d. 21 Sep 1910 
#171-13 HEYWOOD, Mary, b. 27 June 1911 

#17 1 1 Joseph Neal Heywood md Emma 
Christine Frederickson 30 Jan 1916 - Children: 
#171-14 HEYWOOD, Bernard Sherrill, b. 26 Oct 

1917, d. 18 Dec 1967 
#171-15 HEYWOOD, Max Winston, b. 13 June 1919 
#171-16 HEYWOOD, Charles Wallace, b. 14 Nov 

#171-17 HEYWOOD, Junius Neal, b. 1 8 May 1924, 

d. 23 July 1950 
#171-18 HEYWOOD, Pearl, b. 10 June 1930 

#17111 Cleona Alvenia Heywood md Paul 
R. T. B. de Gaston 1 June 1935 - Children: 
#171-111 de GASTON, Alexis Neal, b. 27 May 1937 
#171-112 de GASTON, Theodora C. Cleona, 

b. 1 Oct 1939 
#171-113 de GASTON, Gloria Fie uraine, b. 22 

May 1942 
#171-114 de GASTON, Raymond Rolph Evans, 

b. 27 July 1946 

#171111 Alexis Neal de Gaston md Jacqueline 
Frances Richardson 20 Feb 1965 - Children: 
#171-111-1 de GASTON, Jeannette Cleona, 

b. 25 June 1967 
#171-111-2 de GASTON, Jeannine Cherilyn, 

b. 26 Sep 19 69 

#171112 Theodora C. C. de Gaston md Wm. 

Geary Melbourne 10 Oct 1962 - Children: 

Mary Beck Evans 410 

#171-112-1 MELBOURNE, Ruthann Kimberly, 
b. 26 Jan 1966 

#171-112-2 MELBOURNE, Timothy Ian, 

b. 20 May 1968 r—— 

#171113 Gloria Fleuraine de Gaston md Linn 

McLain Hough 3 Sep 1965 - Child: 

#171-113-1 HOUGH, Geoffery McLain, b. 5 May 


#17113 Mary Heywood md Chester Evertt 
Lewis 5 Dec 1933 - Children: 

#171-131 LEWIS, Byron Columbus, b. 12 Nov 1934 I 
#171-132 LEWIS, Elinor, b. 12 Sep 1936 1 

#171-133 LEWIS, Clifton McDonald, b. 12 May 1938 
#171-134 LEWIS, Chester Evertt, b. 12 Oct 1940 
#171-135 LEWIS, Robert Higgins, b. 1 1 Sep 1942 
#171-136 LEWIS, Pauline, b. 30 Apr 1944 
#171-137 LEWIS, Paul Heywood, b, 25 Apr 1946 
#171-138 LEWIS, John Dolman, b. 2 Mar 1948 

#171131 Byron Columbus Lewis md Irene 
Bates 26 June 1959 - Children: 
#171-131-1 LEWIS, Byron Columbus II, b, I July 

#171-131-2 LEWIS, Mary Sabrina, b. 9 Aug 1961 
#171-131-3 LEWIS, Melanie, b. 1 Apr 1963 
#171-131-4 LEWIS, Barney Cornel, b. 9 Nov 1965 
#171-131-5 LEWIS, Desiree, b. 23 Sep 1967 
#171-131-6 LEWIS, Ashley Tyrone b. 26 Sep 1968 

#171132 Elinor Lewis md William Joseph 
Bacon 18 June 1958 - Children: 

#171-132-1 BACON, Carol Jane, b. 7 May 1959 
#171-132-2 BACON, William Hyatt, b. 1 June 1961 
#171-132-3 BACON, Karen Lynn, b. 16 Apr 1963, 

d. 16 Apr 1963 
#171-132-4 BACON, David Joseph, b. 8 Nov 1965 

#171132 Elinor Lewis md Theodore John 
Julien 19 July 1969 - Children: 
#171-132-5 JULIEN, Victoria Carmen, b. 29 Apr 

1970 (Bacon children taken Julien name) 

#171133 Clifton McDonald Lewis md Idalia 
D. A. Mojica 26 Aug 1962 - Children: 
#171-133-1 LEWIS, Kerry, b. 12 Aug 1963 
#171-133-2 LEWIS, Ingrid, b. 19 Feb 1966 
#171-133-3 LEWIS, Clifton Anthony, b. 2 8 Apr 196 9 

#171134 Chester Evertt Lewis md Sharron 
Lee Bowling 1 Feb 1963 - Children: 
#171-134-1 LEWIS, Chester Evertt III, b. 17 Oct _ 

1963 I 


411 Mary Beck Evans 

#171-134-2 LEWIS, Shanda, b. 23 Apr 1966 
#171-134-3 LEWIS, Shannon Lee, b. 1 Aug 1967 

#171135 Robert Higgins Lewis md Jean 
Alison Davis 21 Dec 1967 - Children- 
#171-135-1 LEWIS, Rhett Alan, b. 1*9 Feb 1969 
#171-135-2 LEWIS, Darick Everett, b. 26 July 

#171136 Pauline Lewis nnd Donald Lewis 
Porter - 18 Feb 1967 

#17114 Bernard Sherrill Heywood md ~~ 

Frances M. Gowan 10 July 1942 - Children: 
#171-141 HEYWOOD, Frederick William, 

b. 25 Feb 1944 
#171-142 HEYWOOD, Karen Frances, 

b. 20 June 1945 
#171-143 HEYWOOD, Bernard Sherrill, 

b. 14 Jan 1948 

#17115 Max Winston Heywood md Mae 
Geraldine Adams 1 Jan 1954 - Child: 
#171-151 HEYWOOD, Gerald Winston 

#17116 Charles Wallace Heywood nad Alyce 
Lorraine Gray 6 Mar 1946 - Child: 
#171-161 HEYWOOD, Kimberlee Susanne, 

b. 16 July 1952 

#17118 Pearl Heywood md Robert Charles 
Jones 25 July 1953 - Children: 
#171-181 JONES, Susan, b. 4 Mar 1954 
#171^182 JONES, Kathryn, b. 30 Dec 1956 
#171-183 JONES, Robert Charles, b. 10 July 1958 
#171-184 JONES, Richard Carl, b. 29 July 1961 

#1712 Spence Coleman Heywood md Nellie 
Bly Tate 30 Mar 1905 - Children: 
#171-21 HEYWOOD, Spence Cecil, b. 6 Jan 1906 
#171-22 HEYWOOD, Wendell Tate, b. 7 Sep 1907 
#171-23 HEYWOOD, Newell Weldon, b. 14 Dec 

1909, d. 1 Mar 1968 
#171-24 HEYWOOD, Kenneth Parker, b. 26 Apr 

#171-25 HEYWOOD, Margaret, b. 23 Dec 1914 
#171-26 HEYWOOD, Geraldine, b. 30 Dec 1916 
#171-27 HEYWOOD, Francelle, b. 5 Nov 1918 
#171-28 HEYWOOD, Keith Vining, b. 5 Feb 1921 
#171-29 HEYWOOD, Helen, b. 30 Jan 1923 
#171-2A HEYWOOD, Ethel, b. 27 Aug 1928 
#171r2B HEYWOOD, Nell, b. 21 Sep 1931 

Mary Beck Evans 412 

#17121 Spence Cecil Heywood md Emma 
Isabelle Chlarson 5 Feb 1930 - Children: 
#171-211 HEYWOOD, Vivian Sherliene, b, 27 Jan 

#171-212 HEYWOOD, Spence Cecil, Jr., 

b 26 July 1933 

#171211 Vivian Sherliene Heywood nnd 
Leonard Gene Adair 20 Dec 1950 - Children: 
#171-211-1 ADAIR, Darnell Gene, b. 15 Sep 1951 
#171-211-2 ADAIR, Gordon Wayne, b. 28 July 1956 

#171212 Spence Cecil Heywood, Jr. md 
Barbara Ann Dugger 7 July 1952 - Children: 
#171-212-1 HEYWOOD, Spence Coleman, 

b. 21 July 1954 
#171-212-2 HEYWOOD, Stephen Christopher, 

' b. 2 Oct 1955 
#171-212-3 HEYWOOD, Cindy Lou, b, 7 Nov 1956 
#171-212-4 HEYWOOD, Stanley Carlton, 

b. 21 Feb 1958 
#171-212-5 HEYWOOD, Jackie Lynn, b, 2 5 July 

#171-212-6 HEYWOOD, Penney Susan, b, 2 Jan 

1962 ^ 

#17122 Wendell Tate Heywood md Evelyn 
Haines Jolly 18 Mar 1929 - No issue 

#17122 Wendell Tate Heywood md Margaret 
Jo Ann Keys 18 Mar 1938 - Child: 
#171-221 HEYWOOD, Wendell Hugh, b. 28 Feb 1942 

#17122 Wendell Tate Heywood md Mary 
Montgomery 26 May 1946 - No issue 

#17122 Wendell Tate Heywood md Mildred 

Bellefountaine Johnson - Children: 

#171-222 HEYWOOD, R"obert Eugene, b. 20 Apr 

#171-223 HEYWOOD, Wendellyn, b. 13 Mar 1951 

d. 13 Mar 1951 

#17122 Wendell Tate Heywood md Ruth 
Isabelle Powers 11 July 1952 - Child: 
#171-224 HEYWOOD, Wendell Kenneth, b. 2 3 Nov 

1953 ^__,__,_____ 

#17123 Newell Weldon Heywood md Veda 
Faye Williams 18 Mar 1930 - Children: 
#171-231 HEYWOOD, Newell Weldon, b. 26 Mar 

#171-232 HEYWOOD, Gene William, b. 4 Oct 1935 
#171-233 HEYWOOD, Van Ferrell, b. 3 Dec 1936 
#171-234 HEYWOOD, Rose Marie, b. 1 Mar 1942 

413 Mary Beck Evans 

#171232 Gene William Heywood md Jean 
Todd 5 May 1962 

#171233 Van Ferrell Heywood md Corinne 
Carbajal 6 June 1958 - Children: 
#171-233-1 HEYWOOD, Annette, b. 8 Dec 1959 
#171-233-2 HEYWOOD, Richard Van, b. 24 Oct 

#171234 Rose Marie Heywood md Douglas 
Wayne Knight 8 June 1961 

#17124 Kenneth Parker Heywood md 
Beatrice Winona Brookbank 12 June 1940 - Ch: 
#171-241 HEYWOOD, Susan, b. 28 Aug 1945, ' 

d, 8 Jan 1946 
#171-242 HEYWOOD, Christine, b. 10 Mar 1947 
#171-243 HEYWOOD, James Kenneth (Twin), 

b, 29 Dec 1949 
#171-244 HEYWOOD, Jack Thomas (Twin), 

b. 29 Dec 1949 

#171242 Christine Heywood md Raymond 
Wolsieffer 3 June 1967 - " 

#17125 Margaret Heywood mdTIerbert 
Lawrence Freestone 19 June 1934 - Children: 
#171-251 FREESTONE, Kathleen, b. 31 July 1936 
#171-252 FREESTONE, Thomas Lawrence, 

b, 15 July 1938 
#171-253 FREESTONE, Paula, b. 16 Mar 1943 
#171=^254 FREESTONE, Jane, b, 9 May 1947 
#171-255 FREESTONE, Berta Julie, b 5 July 1955 

#171251 Kathleen Freestone md Peter Paul 
Mykytyn II 26 Oct 1965 - Children: 
#171-251-1 MYKYTYN, Peter Paul III, b. 6 Oct 

#171-251-2 MYKYTYN, Lee Ann, b, 28 Sep 1967 
#171-251-3 MYKYTYN, Gregory Lawrence, 

b. 23 Apr 1970 ^___ 

#171252 Thomas Lawrence Freestone md 
Phyllis Marie Rogers 14 Jan 1961 - Children: 
#171-252-1 FREESTONE, Jeanne Marie, 

b. 4 Sep 1961 
#171-252-2 FREESTONE, Crystal, b. 25 Sep 1964 
#171-252-3 FREESTONE, Thomas Michael, 

b. 20 Nov 1968 

#171253 Paula Freestone md Farrel Dennis 
Layton 20 Dec 1962 - Children: 
#171-253-1 LAYTON, Jodi, b. 30 Aug 1963 
#171-253-2 LAYTON, Elise, b. 24 June 1966 
#171-253-3 LAYTON, Stephanie, b. 6 June 1969 

Mary Beck Evans 414 

#17126 Geraldine Heywood md Leonard Blain 
Cumraard 14 May 1941 - Children: 
#171-261 CUMMARD, Alan Brent, b. 1 Jan 1946 
#171-262 CUMMARD, David Blain, b, 7 Nov 1946 
#171-263 CUMMARD, Richard Glenn, b. 19 Aug 

#171262 David Blain Cummard md Cheryl 
Ann LeBaron 7 Sep 1968 

#17127 Francelle Heywood md Robert Lyman 
Johnson 2 8 Nov 1941 - Children: 

#171-271 JOHNSON, Donna Clare, b. 24 Mar 1943 
#171-272 JOHNSON, Mary Colleen, b, 2 Jan 1947 
#171-273 JOHNSON, Alice, b„ 18 May 1951 
#171-274 JOHNSON, Betty, b. 22 May 1952 
#171-275 JOHNSON, Carol, b. 18 Feb 1956 
#171-276 JOHNSON, Robert Heywood, b, 20 May 

1958 __________________ 

~~ " #171271 Donna Claire Johnson md Frank 

Robert Gonzales 15 Jan 1965 

#17128 Keith Vining Heywood md Marjorie 
Jeanne Mikkelson 16 Aug 1942 - Children: 
#171-281 HEYWOOD, Keith Michael, b. 9 Jan 1946 
#171-282 HEYWOOD, Clayton Alan, b. 28 Sep 1952 
#171-283 HEYWOOD, Richard Gene, b. 12 Sep 1956 
#171-284 HEYWOOD, Marilyn Jeanne, b, 20 Feb 1959 
#171-285 HEYWOOD, Linda Joyce, b. 20 Mar 1963 

#1712A Ethel Heywood md John Calvin Suter 
22 Sep 1946 - Children: 

#171-2A1 SUTER, John Stephen, b. 23 Sep 1947 
#171-2A2 SUTER, Leslie Jo, b. 2 Nov 1950 
#171-2A3 SUTER, Tracey Lynn, b. 14 July 1955, 

d. 15 July 1955 
#171-2A4 SUTER, Douglas Calvin, b. 12 May 1957 
#171-2A5 SUTER, Phillip Wayne, b. 17 Jan 1959 

#1712B Nell Heywood md John Richard Swan 
4 Sep 1954 - Children: 

#171-2B1 SWAN, Mark Heywood, b. 5 Oct 1955 
#171-2B2 SWAN, Matthew Heywood, b. 1 1 Mar 1959 
#171-2B3 SWAN, Richard Heywood, b. 21 June 1961 
#171-2B4 SWAN, Mary Ann, b. 2 Jan 1964 

#1714 Ella Heywood rad Paul Pederson Kvist 
28 Sep 1923 - No issue ^____ 

#1716 Dr. Leland Heywood m.d Margaret 
Eleanor Smurthwaite 18 Aug 1921 - Children: 
#171-61 HEYWOOD, Margaret Josephine, 

b. 18 Nov 1922 

415 Mary Beck Evans 

#171-62 HEYWOOD, Barbara Lea. b. 2 Oct 1928 
#171-63 HEYWOOD, Alfred Lei and, b. 17 June 1930 
#171-64 HEYWOOD, Richard Neal (Dr. ), 

b. 10 Apr 1933 
#171-65 HEYWOOD, CarolJayne, b. 3 July 1940 

#17161 Margaret Josephine Heywood md 
James Albin Pitton 17 Oct 1942 - Children: 
#171-611 PITTON, Margaret Ellen, b. 15 Nov 1947 
#171-612 PITTON, Hazel Loraine, b. 5 July 1949 
#171-613 PITTON, James Murray, b. 22 Jan 1951 
#171-614 PITTON, Barbara Suanne, b 14 July 1954 

#171612 Hazel Loraine" Pitton md Clarence 
Joe Potter 17 Feb 1968 - Child: 
#171-612-1 POTTER, Franz Joseph, b. 17 June 


#17162 Barbara Lea Heywood md George 
Finity Price 9 July 1948 - Children: 
#171-621 PRICE, George Heywood, b. 21 Apr 1949 
#171-622 PRICE, John Lee, b. 19 Mar 1951 
#171-623 PRICE, Margaret Josephine, 

b. 14 Apr 1952 
#171-624 PRICE, William Heywood, b. 25 Sep 1953 
#171-625 PRICE, Fredrick Heywood, b. 16 July 1955 
#171-626 PRICE, Thomas Heywood, b. 26 July 1959 

#17162 Barbara Lea Heywood md Arly 
Moody 22 Dec 197 r_____ 

#171621 George Heywood Price md Cathleen 
Nell Schaefer 23 Aug 1969 

#171623 Margaret Josephine Price md Frank 
J. Stopkoski 27 June 1970 ,_^^_^„.___ 

F17163 Alfred Leland Hey^vood md Phillis 
Stokes 9 June 1955 - Children: 

#171-631 HEYWOOD, Roger Leland, b. 18 May 1956 
#171-632 HEYWOOD, Mark Stokes, b, 4 June 1957 
#171-633 HEYWOOD, Alfred Bruce, b. 20 Nov 1959 
#171-634 HEYWOOD, Beverly Sue, b. 29 July 1963 
#171-635 HEYWOOD, Mary Frances, b. 16 Aug 1965 
#171-636 HEYWOOD, Johnathan Earl, b. 2 Jan 1967 
~ #17164 Dr. Richard Neal Heywood md Carma 

Smith 17 Sep 1959 - Children: 
#171-641 HEYWOOD, Karen, b. 7 May 1963 
#171-642 HEYWOOD, Leland Smith (Twin), 

b. 13 Aug 1965 
#171-643 HEYWOOD, Lawrence Smith (Twin), 

b. 13 Aug 1965 

Mary Beck Evans 416 

#17165 Carol Jayne Heywood md William 
Charles French 3 Aug 1958 - Children: 
#171-651 FRENCH, Brent Heywood, b. 23 Mar 1959 
#171-652 FRENCH, David Charles, b. 13 Oct I960 

#1718 David Evans Heywood md Marie Smith 
21 Aug 192 3 - Children: 
#171-81 HEYWOOD, Paul Leslie, b. 5 J^one 1924, 

d. 22 Aug 1937 
#171-82 HEYWOOD, Ben Ross, b. 28 June 1928 
#171-83 HEYWOOD, Leona, b. 14 Oct 1929 
#171-84 HEYWOOD, David Evans, b. 28 May 1933 

#17182 Ben Ross Heywood xad Lucille Morris 
20 Dec 1951 - Children: -^^-v 

#171-821 HEYWOOD, Linda, b. 4 Oct 1952 
#171-822 HEYWOOD, Ben Ross, b. 15 Apr 1954 
#171-823 HEYWOOD, Robert Morris, b. 30 Apr 1956 
#171-824 HEYWOOD, Paul Leslie, b. 22 Oct 1958 
#171-825 HEYWOOD, Michael Hamblin, b. 16 Aug 

#171-826 HEYWOOD, John William, b. 7 Oct 1963 

#17183 Leona Heywood md Ralph Burton 30 
June 1950 - Children: 

#171-831 BURTON, Cynthia Lynn, b. 12 Nov 1959 
#171-832 BURTON, James Anthony, b 13 Nov 1961 

#17184 David Evans Heywood md Sylvia Lunt 
4 May 1957 - Children: 
#171-841 HEYWOOD, Clarence Leslie, b. 1 1 Nov 

1958, Stillborn 
#171-842 HEYWOOD, Jolene, b. 25 Mar I960 
#171-843 HEYWOOD, David Loren, b. 18 Mar 1962 
#171-844 HEYWOOD, Anthony Bruce, b. 17 Aug 1963 
#171-845 HEYWOOD, Larry N^al b. 8 Feb 1965 

#1719 Sarah Velma Heywood nnd Rulon 
Frances Molen 2 8 June 1928 - Child: 
#171-91 MOLEN, Roy Francis, b. 18 July 1929 

#17191 Roy Francis Molen md Julie Ann 
Thoren 19 Sep 1958 - Child: . : (Div) 
#171-911 MOLEN, Richard Van, b. 10 Apr 1959 

#17191 Roy Francis Molen md Glenna Marie 
Wagstaff 26 Sep 1964 - Children: 
#171-912 MOLEN, Jayme Bryn, b. 1 Apr 1967 
#171-913 MOLEN, Rebecca, b. 23 Apr 1969 

#171 A Robert Tassie Heywood md Sylvia 
Gregersen 20 Mar 1926 - Children: 
#171-A1 HEYWOOD, Carol Jean, b. 9 Dec 1926 
#17 1-A2 HEYWOOD, Robert Nolan, b. 14 Dec 1928 

#171 -A3 HEYWOOD, Doris Jeanine, b. 26 Aug 1930 

417 Mary Beck Evans 

#171-A4 HEYWOOD, Melvin LeRoy, b. 17 Apr 1937 

^niAl Carol Jean Heywood rnd Eilvin Clyde 
Fuller 5 Apr 1947 -• Children: 

#171-A11 FULLER, Gary Clyde, b. 8 Nov 1947 
#171-A12 FULLER, Brenda Lyn, b. 19 Apr 1951 
#171-A13 FULLER, Maren Jean, b. 31 Aug 1956 
#171-A14 FULLER, Melody Starr, b. 25 Jan 1958 

#171A2 Robert Nolan Heywood md Shirley 
Mae McKay 10 Oct 1953 - (Div) - Children- 
#171-A21 HEYWOOD, Tresa Lee, b, 18 Oct 1955 
#171-A22 HEYWOOD, Cheryl Anne, b, 16 June 1958 
#171-A23 HEYWOOD, Steven McKay, b, 1 5 May I960 

#171A2 Robert Nolan Heywood md Doranne 

Woods - Children: 

#17 I-AZ? HEYWOOD, Richard Eugene 

#171°A25 HEYWOOD, David R ob ert, b 4 Apr 1970 

#171A3 Doris Jeanine Heywood md Clarence 
Eugene Taylor 26 Nov 1950 - Children: 
#171-A31 TAYLOR, Susan Gail, b. 19 Sep 1952 
#171-A32 TAYLOR, Donna Lynn, b. 6 June 1955 

#171A3 Doris Jeanine Heywood md Robert 
Alan Watkins 7 Apr 1967 

#r71A4 Melvin LeRoy Heywood md Betsy Ann 
Blackmar 22 Mar 1963 - No issue 

#I71A4 Melvin LeRoy Heywood md Deborran 
Ann Martin 13 July 1968 

#17 IB Irving Yeates Heywood md Florence 
May Ramsay 25 June 1925 - Children: 
#171-B1 HEYWOOD, Janet Francelle, b. 7 Aug 1926 
#171 -B2 HEYWOOD, Shirley, b. 12 Mar 1928 
#171-B3 HEYWOOD, Jared Yeates, b. 11 June 1929 
#171-B4 HEYWOOD, Florence Velma, b. 29 Sep 1931 
#171-B5 HEYWOOD, Evelyn, b. 2 Sep 1938 
#171-B6 HEYWOOD, Elizabeth May, b. 28 Nov 194 1 
#171-B7 HEYWOOD, Kumen Leland, b. 8 Dec 1942 

#17 IB Irving Yeates Heywood md Pearle Mae 
Strickland 23 Dec 1966 - No issue 

#171B1 Janet Francelle Heywood md Lewis 
Dale Rogers 7 Oct 1946 - Children: 
#171-B11 ROGERS, Dan Lewis, b. 30 Oct 1947 
#171-B12 ROGERS, Stephen Andrew, b. 1 Oct 1952 
#171-B.13 ROGERS, Diane, b. 8 Jan 1958 
#171-B14 ROGERS, Dale Irving, b. 15 Sep 1963 _ 

#17 IB 11 Dan Lewis Rogers md Becky 
(Rebecca Ann) Larson 12 Sep 1969 - Children: 
#171 -B 11-1 ROGERS, Dawn, b. 24 July 1970 

Mary Beck Evans 418 

#171B2 Shirley Heywood md Van Clark 

Baldwin 26 July 1946 - Children: 

#171-B21 BALDWIN, Ellis Clark, b. 13 Nov 1948 

#17 1-B22 BALDWIN, Ronald Irving, b. 21 Dec 1951 

#171-B23 BALDWIN, Jacqueline Lynnette, 

b. 13 Sep 1955 

#171B3 Jared Yeates Heywood md Gloria 
Jacobs 4 Feb 1955 - Children: 
#-171-B31 HEYWOOD, Ann, b. 27 Apr 1959 
--#-17 1-B 32 HEYWOOD, Thomas Jared, b. 10 May 

#171 -B33 HEYWOOD, Lisa, b. 21 Oct 1964 
#171 -B34 HEYWOOD, Mark Eugene, b. 10 Nov 196 7 

#171B4 Florence Velma Heywood md Glenn 
Maurice Stratton 2 5 June 1952 - Children: 
#171-B41 STRATTON, Carolyn, b. 25 July 1954 
#171-B42 STRATTON, Milo Kent, b. 10 June 1956 
#171-B43 STRATTON, Norma, b. 17 Oct 1959 
#17 1-B44 STRATTON, Glen Michael, b. 3 Mar 1961 
#171 -B45 STRATTON, Julie, b. 29 Aug 1962 
#171-B46 STRATTON, Phillip Raymond, 

b. 10 Jan 1964 
#171-B47 STRATTON, Margie, b. 28 Jan 1967 
#171-B48 STRATTON, Terry Leo, b. 15 Jan 1968 
#171-B49 STRATTON Janet b. 28 Dec 1970 

#171B5 Evelyn Heywood md Harold Earl 
Bushman 5 June 1964 - Children: 
#171-B51 BUSHMAN, Alyse, b. 29 Mar 1965 
#171-B52 BUSHMAN, Rebecca Renae, b 4 Apr 196 8 

#171B6 Elizabeth May Heywood rad Ronald 
Hugh Middlebrook 26 July 1963 - Children: 
#171-B61 MIDDLEBROOK, Ronald Hugh III, 

b. 16 Apr 1964 
#17 1-B62 MIDDLEBROOK, Shelby Lynn, 

b. 22 Sep 1967 
#171-B63 MIDDLEBROOK, Wesley Yates, 

b. 22 May 1969 ,,__^_______ 

#171B7 Kumen Leland Heywood md Sandra 
Rene' Conant 3 Sep 1965 - Children: 
#171-B71 HEYWOOD, Brian Kumen, b, 9 Jan 1967 
#171-B72 HEYWOOD, Tori, b. 20 Apr 1968 
#171-B73 HEYWOOD, Celia, b. 9 Aug 1970 

#172 Mary Annetta Coleman md Elijah 
Pomeroy 16 Oct 1879 - Children: 
#172-1 POMEROY, Emma Charlotte, b. 4 July 

1880, d. 13 Mar 1966 

419 Mary Beck Evans 

#172-2 POMEROY, Thales Coleman b 1 1 Oct 

1882, d. 24 Mar 1945 
#172-3 ^OMEROY, Elijah Haskell, b. 1 Jan 1885 
#172-4 POMEROY, Irene Urstda, b. 2 Nov 1886 

d. 26 Apr 1900 
#172-5 POMEROY, Francella Aeolia, b 13 Dec 

#172-6 POMEROY, Minnie Lynfitt, b. 25 Dec 1890 
#172-7 POMEROY, Sceva, b. 15 May 1893 
#172-8 POMEROY, Jetta, b. 21 Mar 1895 
#172-9 POMEROY, Ida lone, b. 20 Dec 1896 
' #1721 Emma Charlotte Pomeroy nnd Collins 

Riley Hakes 8 Sep 1899 - Children: 
#172-11 HAKES, Collins Rowe, b. 2 June 1900, 

d. 10 Aug 1957 
#172-12 HAKES, Clayton Haskel, b. 7 Sep 1901, 

d. 8 Jan 1958 
#172-13 HAKES, Irene, b. 12 June 1903 
#172-14 HAKES, Elwell, b. 1 Mar 1905 
#172-15 HAKES, Justice Vander, b. 5 May 1907 
#172-16 HAKES, Annette, b. 23 Jan 1909 
#172-17 HAKES, Lynne Aeolia, b, 26 Dec 1910 
#172-18 HAKES, Francis Russell, b. 14 Mar 1913 
#172-19 HAKES, Ruth Pauline, b. 17 Apr 1916 
#172-1A HAKES, Joan, b. 12 July 1918 
#172-1B HAKES, Nan, b. 9 Aug 1920 
#172-1C HAKES, Daniel Hal, b. 26 Dec 1921, 
d 11 Mar 1924 

#17211 Coliin Howe HaVes md Leona Ells- 
worth 21 Mar 1925 - Children: 

#172-111 HAKES, Charles Rowe, b. 19 Feb 1926 
#172-112 HAKES, Donald Dean , b. 14 May 1927 

#172111 Charles Rowe Hakes md Frances 
Rae Hamblin 31 May 1946 - Children: 
#172-111-1 HAKES, Gary Lynn, b. 1 Oct 1945 
#172-111-2 HAKES, Donald Eugene, b. 24 Apr 1947 
#172-111-3 HAKES, Charlee, b. 8 Jan 1950 
#172-111-4 HAKES, Stephen Rowe, b, 21 July 1958 

#172-111-1 Gary Lynn Hakes rnd Deborah 
Day Garcia 10 Apr 1969 

#172-111-3 Charlee Hakes md Bill Keith 
Burns 18 Dec 1967 - Child: (Div) 
#172-111-32 BURNS, Eric Brandon, b. 9 Aug 1968 

#172-111-3 Charlee Hakes md (2) Walter 
Gene Hamilton 12 Apr 1970 

#172112 Donald Dean Hakes md Betty Jo 
Bamburg 24 Oct 1949 - Child (div) 

Mary Beck Evans 420 

#172-112-1 HAKES, Christopher Rowe, b. 1 Sep 


#172112 Donald Dean Hakes md (2) Patricia 
Sue Kerby 1 Oct 1961 - Children: 
#172-112-2 HAKES, Dawna Charmaine, b. 6 Dec 

#172-112-3 HAKES, Amber Dee, b, 26 Aug 1964 
#172-112-4 HAKES, Donald Dean, Jr., b, 16 July 

1965 _______„ 

#17212 Clayton Haskell Hakes md Zelda 

LaRue Stapley 1 Aug 192 3 - Children: 

#172-121 HAKES, Clayton "H", b. 21 Mar 1924 

#172-122 HAKES, Gail Stapley, b, 3 May 1928 

#172121 Clayton "H" Hakes md Kathleen 
Turley 20 Mar 1948 - Children: 
#172-121-1 HAKES, Kimberly Clayton, b. 31 Dec 

#172-121-2 HAKES^ Debra Susan, b. 29 Sep 1950 
#172-121-3 HAKES, Judith Ann, b. 26 Apr 1952 
#172-121-4 HAKES, Cathy Diane, b. 16 Dec 1953 
#172-121-5 HAKES, Pamela, b. 2 3 Aug 1957 

#1721212 Debra Susan Hakes md Franklin 
Lewis Breinholt 1 Apr 1969 - Child: 
#172-121-21 BREINHOLT, Stacey Lyn, 

b. 14 Jan 1971 

#172122 Gail Stapley Hakes md Dorothy Dee 
Jones 10 May 1947 - Children: 

#172-122-1 HAKES, Sharon Lynn, b. 13 Feb 1949 
#172-122-2 HAKES, Daren Gail, b. 9 Sep 1950 
#172-122-3 HAKES, Granville Lee, b. 19 May 1952 
#172-122-4 HAKES, T. Michael, b. 23 Nov 1955 
#172-122-5 HAKES, Robert Clayton, b. 3 Oct 1958 
#172-122-6 HAKES, Viki Ann, b. 10 Oct I960 
#172-122-7 HAKES, Steven Rick, b. 10 Oct 1965 

#1721221 Sharon Lynn Hakes md Thomas 
Wayne Tipton 31 Aug 1969 - Child: 
#172-122-11 TIPTON, Thomas Wayne, b. 27 Mar 


#17213 Irene Hakes md Parley Clarence 
Willis 5 July 1927 - Children: 

#172-131 WILLIS, Shirley Ann, b. 26 Aug 1928 
#172-132 WILLIS, Ted Mack, B. 17 Apr 1930 
#172-133 WILLIS, Parley Gail, b. 9 Sep 1931 
#172-134 WILLIS, Charlotte Patricia, b. 20 May 

#172-135 WILLIS, Chad Riley, b. 22 Oct 1939 

421 Mary Beck Evans 

#172131 Shirley Ann Willis md Wilbur 
George Bushong 10 Jan 1947 - Children- 
#172-131-1 BUSHONG, Semla Marie, b". 12 Oct 1947 
#172-131-2 BUSHONG, Darwin George, b. 29 July 

#172-131-3 BUSHONG, David Roy, b. 7 Nov 1951 
#172-131-4 BUSHONG, Dennis Dean, b. 5 Nov 1959 

#1721311 Selma Marie Bushong md Robert 
James Ellison 2 Sep 1967 - Children: 
#172-131-11 ELLISON, Tammy Marie, b. 16 Mar 

#172-131-12 ELLISON, Robert James, b. 29 Mar 

#172132 Ted Mack Willis md Wilma Faye 
Tuttle 17 Feb 1956 - Children; 

#172-132-1 WILLIS, Ted Mack, b. 25 Mar 1957 
#172-132-2 WILLIS, Scott Allen, b. 29 Jan 1959 
#172-132-3 WILLIS, Cheryl Ann, b. 1 June I960 
#172-132-4 WILLIS, Cynthia Diane b. 3 June 1969 

#172133 Parley Gail Willis md Karen Lu 
Campbell 28 May 1958 - Children; 
#172-133-1 WILLIS, Karie Genih, b. 25 Oct 1959 
#172-133-2 WILLIS, Kathleen Rochelle, b. 5 Apr 

#172-133-3 WILLIS Gregory Gail b 22 Nov 1966 

#172134 Charlotte Patricia Willis md Jerry 
Holloway Tyrrel 8 Oct 1952 - Children: 
#172-134-1 TYRREL, Daniel Richard, b. 12 Dec 

#172-134-2 TYRREL, Jerilyne, b. 2 June 1956 
#172-134-3 TYRREL, Jaelene, b. 22 Nov 1957 
#172-134-4 TYRREL, Debbie, b. 1 Sep 1959 
#172-134-5 TYRREL, Benjamin Lee, b. 4 Jan 1965, 

d. 20 Feb 1965 

#172135 Chad Riley Willis md Katrina Pearl 
Goodman 22 Dec 1961 - Children: 

#172-135-1 WILLIS, Christina Pearl, b. 15 Jan 1963 
#172-135-2 WILLIS, Chad Riley, Jr.,b. 29 Mar 1965 
#172-135-3 WILLIS, Kimberly Dianne,b. 8 July 1966 
#173-135-4 WILLIS, Craig Goodman, b. 27 Jan 1970 

#17214 Elwell Hakes md Blanche George 
1 June 1931 - Children: 

#172-141 HAKES, Dave Elwell, b. 1 1 June 1932 
#172-142 HAKES, Dan Richard, b. 5 Jan 1935 
#172-143 HAKES, Emma Lynne, b. 4 July 1940 
#172-144 HAKES, Lydia Ann, b. II Mar 1950 

Mary Beck Evans 422 

#172141 Dave Elwell Hakes md Ruthie Mae 
Whetton June 1951 - Child: (Div) 
#172- 14 n HAKES, Claud David, b. 8 Feb 1952 

#172141 Dave Elwell Hakes md Eva Nerman 
7 Apr 1955 - Child: (Div) 
#172-141-2 HAKES, Kathleen, b, 7 July 1957 

#172141 Dave Elwell Hakes md Janice 
Kathleen Mellgren (Div) 8 Feb 1958 - Child: 
#172-141-3 HAKES, Linda 

#172141 Dave Elwell Hakes md Ro-Dean Rose 
Sauerwein 30 May 1963 - Children: 
#172-141-4 HAKES, Todd Chris Elwell, b. 12 Feb 

#172-141-5 HAKES, Darin Tryphon (Adp), 

b. 28 Oct 1968 
(First three children were adopted by mother's 
second husband) 

#172142 Dan Richard md Daisy Mattie Lou 
Attaway 3 Mar 195 3 - Children: 

#172-142-1 HAKES, Danny Elwell, b. 9 Dec 1953 
#172-142-2 HAKES, Rowe, b. 18 Oct 1955 
#172-142-3 HAKES, Blanche Arlene, b. 3 Feb 1957 
#172-142-4 HAKES, Armanda Jane, b. 16 Mar 1959 
#172-142-5 HAKES, Rodney Gene, b. 28 Sep I960 

#172143 Emma Lynne Hakes md Robert 
Mitchell Crawford 20 Dec 1963 - Children: 
#172-143-1 CRAWFORD, Lisa Lynne, b. 26 Aug 

#172-143-2 CRAWFORD, Merritt Lee, b. 31 May 


#17215 Justus Vander Hakes md Thora R. 
Jones 17 Apr 1929 - Children: (Div) 
#172-151 HAKES, Valdeen, b. 25 June 1930 
#172-152 HAKES, Vander Duane, b. 29 Mar 1932 

#17215 Justus Vander Hakes md (2) Burneta 
Law son - (died) 

#17215 Justus Vander Hakes md (3) Louise 
Isabell McRoberts 11 Jan 1956 

#172151 Valdeen Hakes md Robert Le e 
Parsons 22 July 1948 - Children (Div) 
#172-151-1 PARSONS, William Evert, b. 15 July 

#172-151-2 PARSONS, Gale Alan, b. 1 July 1950 

#172-151 Valdeen Hakes md (2) Lester Autrey 
Ormond 17 Nov 1961 - Children: 
#172-151-3 ORMOND, Sheri Lynn, b. 26 June 1967 

423 Mary Beck Evans 

#172-151-4 ORMOND, Tracy Louise, b. 14 Sep 

1968, d. 14 Sep 1968 

#172152 Vander Duane Hakes md Veralee 
Seltenreich 1 Oct 1955 - Children: 
#172-152-1 HAKES, David Vander, b. 13 Sep 1956 
#172-152-2 HAKES, Allen Joseph, b. 5 Apr 1958 
#172-152-3 HAKES, LeeAnn, b. 20 May I960 

#17216 Annette Hakes md Loruni Ellis 
Stratton 10 Apr 1936 - Children: 
#172-161 STRATTON, Lorum H. , b. 3 Sep 1938 
#172-162 STRATTON, Lynnette, b. 14 Oct 1940 
#172-163 STRATTON, Trudy, b. 16 July 1942 
#172-164 STRATTON, Blaine K, b. 14 July 1945 
#172-165 STRATTON, Jilene, 1>. 2 Oct 1949 

#172161 Lorum H. Stxatton md Karen LaRee 
Scott 13 Mar 1964 - Children: 
#172-161-1 STRATTON, Scott Weldon, b. 7 June 

#172-161-2 STRATTON, Lance L,, b. 13 June 1968 
#172164 Blaine K Stratton md January Michele 
Smith 16 Dec 1967 - Child: 
#172-164-1 STRATTON, Christen January, 

b. 4 Feb 1969 ^___ 

#172165 Jilene Stratton md Gary Reed Hatch 

23 Jan 1971 ^__^__^ 

#17217 Lynne Aeolia Hakes md John Edward 
Powell 14 Mar 1936 - Child: 
#172-171 POWELL, Alice Lynne b. 22 July 1937 

#172171 Alice Lynne Powell md Brian Todd 

#172171 Alice Lynne Powell md John Dell 
Boydstun 19 July 1963 - Children: 
#172-171-1 BOYDSTUN, John Leslie, b. 16 May 

#172-171-2 BOYDSTUN, Calvin Edward, 

b. 27 Feb 1966 ^__ 

#17218 Francis Russell Hakes md Hazel 
Lorene Spencer 7 June 1943 - Children: 
#172-181 HAKES, Lorene Kay, b. 4 July 1944 
#172-182 HAKES, Russell Alan, b. 1 Nov 1947 
#172-183 HAKES, Kenneth Leigh, b. 6 Aug 1951 
#172-184 HAKES, Joseph L. , b. 30 Sep 1953, 

d 5 Oct 1953 , ^- .^T- k I 

#172181 Lorene Kay Hakes md bav^id Timbrel 

Worlton 12 June 197 

Mary Beck Evans 424 

#17219 Ruth Pauline Hakes md John Harold 
Freerayer 4 Nov 1944 - Children; 

#172-191 FREEMYER, Nan Cathryn, b. 20 Oct 1945 
#172-192 FREEMYER, John Anthony, b. 1 Jan 1952 

#172191 Nan Cathryn Freemyer md Ronald 
Gene Van Cleave 10 May 1967 

#172 lA Joan Hakes md Melvin Frederick 
Stewart 13 Feb 1939 - Children; 
#172-1A1 STEWART, James Frederick, 

b. 18 Sep 1939 
#172- 1A2 STEWART, Karen Jacquita, b. 31 Oct 

#172-1A3 STEWART, John Brewster, b. 2 5 May 

#172-1A4 STEWART, Walter Hill, b. 22 May 1944 

#1721A1 James Frederick Stewart md Sheila 
McCleve 23 Aug 1962 - Children: 
#172-1A1-1 STEWART, Valerie, b. 5 Sep 1963 
#172-lAl-2 STEWART, Collins Russel, b. 16 Dec 

#l72-lAl-3 STEWART, Keith Eugene, b, 14 June 

#172-lAl-4 STEWART, Jerry Wayne, b. 31 Jan 


"~ #172 1A2 Karen Jacquita Stewart md David 

Leslie Barnes 20 Dec 1957 - Children; 
#172-1A2-1 BARNES, Deborah, b, 7 Mar 1958 
#l72-lA2-2 BARNES, Douglas Kendrick, b. 18 

Feb 1959 
#172-lA2-3 BARNES, Linda, b. 25 Nov 1962 
#l72-lA2-4 BARNES, Jill, b 1 Sep 1967 

#1721A3 John Brewster Stewart md Margaret 
LaRee Solomon 4 Aug 1967 - Children; 
#172-1A3-1 STEWART, Wyndie Nanette, 

b. 24 Apr 1969 
#172-lA3-2 STEWART, Lyman Edward, 

b. 12 Sep 1970 

#1721B Nan Hakes md Monte James Jones 
15 Apr 1942 - Children; 

#172-1B1 JONES, Monte James, b. 25 Feb 1944 
#172-1B2 JONES, William Rowe, b. 1 Dec 1946 
#172-1B3 JONES, Bryant Worrell, b. 16 Oct 1948 

#1722 Thales Coleman Pomeroy md Mettie 
Mortensen 28 Oct 1909 - no issue 

#172 3 Elijah Haskett Pomeroy md Jennie May 
Hawkins 2 Jan 1909 - Children; 

425 Mary Beck Evans 

#172-31 POMEROY, Leon Haskell, b. 19 Jan 1911 
#172-32 POMEROY, Betty Bernice. b. 2 June 192 1 

#17231 Leon Haskell Poirieroy md Rose 
Gillman 25 Sep 1930 - Children: 
#172-311 POMEROY, Gaylia, b. 9 Mar 1934 
#172-312 POMEROY Claudia, b. 15 Dec 194 3 

#17232 Betty Bernice Pomeroy nid Morrel 
Gillman 5 Sep 1939 - Children: 

#172-321 GILLMAN, Barrel Lee, b. 9 Mar 1942 
#172-322 GILLMAN, LeRoy Brent, b. 12 Jan 1945 
#172-323 GILLMAN, Marlene, b. 12 Apr 1947 
#172-324 GILLMAN Ron Grain, b. 16 July I960 

#172 321 Darrel Lee Gillman n:id Kathleen 
Lois Kientz 14 Apr 1962 - Children: 
#172-321-1 GILLMAN, Debra Linn, b. 11 May 1963 
#172-321-2 GILLMAN, Brian David, b. 19 Feb 1965 
#172-321-3 GILLMAN, Melissa Ann, b 14 Oct 196 8 

#172322 LeRoy Brent Gillman md Judy 
Lisonbee 13 Sep 1968 - Child: 
#172-322-1 GILLMAN, Kristy Ann, b. 11 Dec 1969 

#17232 3 Marlene Gillman md Roy Lee Bain 
23 Oct 1965 - Child: 
#172-323-1 BAIN, Dion Allen, b. 19 Aug 1969 

#1725 Francelle Aeolia Pomeroy md Roy 
Robert Robinson 22 Sep 1913 - Child: 
#172-51 ROBINSON, Mary Susan, b. 15 Feb 1918 

#17251 Mary Susan Robinson nnd (1) Jack 
Stephenson 15 July 1937 - Child: (Div) 
#172-511 STEPHENSON, Jacqueline, b. 16 June 


#17251 Mary Susan Robinson md (2) Ross 
Gidley 6 Sep 1942 - Children: 
#172-512 GIDLEY, Stewart, b. 14 July 1943 
#172-513 GIDLEY, Donald, b. 27 Dec 1946 
#172-514 GIDLEY, Robert, b. 6 May 1955 
#172-515 GIDLEY, Mary Ann, b. 30 Sep 1956 
#172-516 GIDLEY, Jane, b. 4 Jan I960 

#172511 Jacqueline Steffenson md philllp 
Cox 16 June 1954 - Children: (Div) 
#172-511-1 COX, Carla, b. U Oct 1957 
#172-511-2 COX, Dennis, b. 23 May I960 
#172-511-3 COX, Edwin, b. 19 July 1961 

#172511 Jacqueline Steffenson md (2) 
Ray Faiure 

#1726 Minnie Lynnfitt Pomeroy md Israel 
Jeppi Salisbury 2 June 1933 - No issue 

Mary Beck Evans 426 

#17Z7 Sceva Pomeroy md Roy Spur ling 
- No issue 

Wn 27 Sceva Pomeroy md (2). Clifford 
Williams - No issue 

#1728 Jetta Pomeroy md Claude Aionzo 
Tyrrel 1 Oct 1927 - Children: 
#172-81 TYRREL, Jay W. (Adp) (Twin), 

b. 26 Sep 1929 
#172-82 TYRREL, Jerry Holloway (Twin), 

b. 26 Sep 1929 
#172-83 TYRREL, Samuel (Adp), b. 14 Aug 1938, 

d. 24 Jan I960 
#172-84 TYRREL, Suzanne Claudia (Adp), 

b. 12 Oct 1938 ,^____^ 

#17281 Jay Walter Tyrrel md Eva Ruth Burns 
8 Aug 1947 - Children: 

#172-811 TYRREL, Michael Walter, b, 13 Jan 1948 
#172-812 TYRREL, Steven Jerome, b. 6 Oct 1949 
#172-813 TYRREL, Bonnie Elizabeth, b. 16 Nov 1951 
#172-814 TYRREL, Lydia Claudette, b. 17 Mar 1953 

#172-815 TYRREL, Jaynee Ella, b. 6 Aug 1955 

#172811 Michael Walter Tyrrel md Dorothy 
Fordham 4 May 1965 - Children: 

#172-811-1 TYRREL, Melina Danniel, b. 4 Dec 1965 
#172-811-2 TYRREL, Michael Dwane, b. 14 Nov 

1966 ^—^ 

#172812 Steven Jerome Tyrrel md Karen 

Diane Espy 1 Sep 1968 

#17282 Jerry Holloway Tyrrel rad^T^arlotte 
Patricia Willis 8 Oct 1952 - Children: 
#172-821 TYRREL, Daniel Richard, b. 12 Dec 1954 
#172-822 TYRREL, Jerilyne, b. 6 June 1956 
#172-823 TYRREL, Jaelene, b. 22 Nov 1957 
#172-824 TYRREL, Debbie, b. 1 Sep 1959 
#172-825 TYRREL, Benjamin Lee, b. 4 Jan 1965 

#17284 Suzanne Claudia Tyrrel md Robert 
Frederick Miles 30 June 1957 - Children: 
#172-841 MILES, Kathleen Louise, b, 1 May 1958 
#172-842 MILES, Robert Frederick, Jr., 

b. 18 Aug 1960 

#1729 Ida lone Pomeroy md Jennings 
Augustus Johnson 12 Feb 1918 - Children: 
#172-91 JOHNSON, Jennings Augustus II, 

b. 28 Mar 1920 
#17 2-92 JOHNSON, Maude Jodeane, , b. 11 May 192 3 
#172-93 JOHNSON, Dale Elijah, b. 8 May 1925 
#172-94 JOHNSON, Don Carlos, b. 5 June 1928 

427 M^ry Beck Evans 

#17291 Jennings Augustus Johnson III md 
Veda Mechara 20 Mar 1942 - Children- 
#172-911 JOHNSON, Jennings Augustus 

b. 8 Nov 1942 
#172-912 JOHNSON, Jan, b. 25 Oct 1946 
#172-913 JOHNSON, Michael Galen, b. 29 Mar 

1948, d. 1 Sep 1963 
#172-914 JOHNSON, Judith, b. 1 Jan 1950 
#172-915 JOHNSON, Robert Wayne, b. 20 Oct 1952 
#172-916 JOHNSON, Katherine, b 18 June 1959 

#172912 Jan Johnson md Keith Arthur Parke 
2 Jan 1967 - Children: 

#172-912-1 PARKE, Michael Keith, b. 1 3 Jan 1969 
#172-912-2 PARKE, David Hatch, b. 5 May 1970 
~ #17292 Maude Jodeane Johnson nnd Arthur 

LaVon Lee 2 June 1941 - Child: 
#172-921 LEE, Ronald LaVon, b. 6 Jan 1944 

#17292 Maude Jodeane Johnson md William 
Edward Black 30 Oct 1948 - Children: 
#172-922 BLACK, Kimberlee, b. 13 Mar 1953 
#172-923 BLACK, Aimee Jodeane, b. 27 June 1954 
#172-924 BLACK, Christopher Randolph, 

b 20 July 1956 ,_,___, 

~ #172921 Ronald LaVon Lee md Nancy Ann 

Johnson 2 Aug 1969 - Child: 

#172-921-1 LEE Tracey Ann, b. 6 Feb 1970 

~ #17293 Dale Elijah Johnson md Phylis 

Nadine Cooper 3 June 1946 - Children: 
#172-931 JOHNSON, Dale Elijah, b. 26 Jan 1947 
#172-932 JOHNSON, Candice Machere, b. 19 Apr 1949 
#172-933 JOHNSON, Cynthia Michele, b. 3 Dec 1955 

#17294 Don Carlos Johnson md Patricia Ann 
Fuller 2 Jan 1948 - Children: 

#172-941 JOHNSON, Don Carlos, Jr.,b. 30Dec 1948 
#172-942 JOHNSON, Stacey, b. 24 Aug 1954 
#172-943 JOHNSON, Nancy Kay (twin), 

b. 13 Sep 1955 
#172-944 JOHNSON, Shelby Lyn (twin), 

b. 13 Sep 1955 
#172-945 JOHNSON, Daidra, b. 2 Oct 1957 

#173 Prime Thornton Coleman md Anna 
Sariah (Minnie) Tenney 21 Oct 1893 - Children: 
#173-1 COLEMAN, Shelley, b. 14 Aug 1894, 

d. 6 Jan 1943 
#173-2 COLEMAN, Benoni (Ben), b, 4 Jan 1896, 

d, 1 Sep 1930 

Mary Beck Evans 428 

#173-3 COLEMAN, Prime Thornton, b. 4 Oct 1899 
#173-4 COLEMAN, Infant, b. 1901, d. 1901 

#17 3 Prime Thornton Coleman md Laverna 
Sherwood 29 Dec 1905 - Children: 
#173-5 COLEMAN, William Sherwood, 

b. 7 June 1907 
#173-6 COLEMAN, Norma, b. 1 Jan 1909 
#173-7 COLEMAN, Geraldine (Jerry), 

b. 13 Aug 1910 
#173-8 COLEMAN, Phillip, b. 9 June 1912 

d. (Child) 
#173-9 COLEMAN, Barbara, b. 12 July 1914 
#173 -A COLEMAN, Patricia Lynn,b. 17 Sep 1927 
~ #17 31 Shelley Coleman md Pearl Young 

abt 1920 - Children: (Div) 
#173-11 COLEMAN, Edna Pearl, b. abt 1921, 

d. 1921 (Child) 
#173-12 COLEMAN, Shelley, b. 26 Jan 1922 

#17 31 Shelley Coleman md Illeen Clifford 
abt 1950 - Children: 

#173-13 COLEMAN, , b, abt 1951 

#173-14 COLEMAN, , b. abt 1953 

#1732 Benoni (Ben) Coleman md Veoma 
Edith Habecker 5 Apr 1922 - Children: 
#173-21 COLEMAN, Benoni, b. 26 Jan 1925, 

d. 26 Jan 1925 
#173-22 COLEMAN, Bruce, b. 23 Mar 1926 
#17 3-23 COLEMAN, Janice Lea b. 24 Dec 1927 

#17 322 Bruce Coleman md Dorothy Dugan 

#17 323 Janice Lea Coleman~~md James 
Donald Bratt - Children: 

#173-231 BRATT7~VeLinaa Ann, b. 9 Sep 1954 
#173-232 BRATT, Benoni C. (Lee), b. 23 Apr 1956 
#173-233 BRATT, Barbara Ellen, b. 1 Sep 1961 

#17 33 Prirae Thornton Coleman md Belva 
Foster (div) - Child: 

#17 3-31~C01IEMAN7 Kay, b. 1 Aug 1938 

#17 33 Prime Thornton Coleman md Nellie 

#17 35 William Sherwood Coleman md Phoebe 
Fuller 7 Mar 1928 - Children: 
#173-51 COLEMAN, William Sherwood, 

b. 21 Dec 1928 
#173-52 COLEMAN, Phoebe Dolores, b. 1 Aug 1932 

#1735 William Sherwood Coleman md 

429 Mary Beck Evans 

Jacqueline Florine DeWeese - Child: 
#173-53 COLEMAN, Phillip Dwight,' 
b. 18 Nov 1951 

#17351 William Sherwood Coleman md Lola 
Elizabeth Workman - Children- 

#173-511 COLEMAN";~Wa7?eirSKerwood, 

b. 10 Oct 1951 
#173-512 COLEMAN, Barry Wayne, b. 25 Nov 1954 
#173-513 COLEMAN, Donald Eugene, b. 16 May 1957 
#173-514 COLEMAN, Debra Ann, b. 24 Mar 1959 
#173-515 COLEMAN, Toni Elizabeth, b. 19 Oct 1961 

#17352 Phoebe DoloFes Uoieman md William 
Reed Bluemel 15 Jan 1950 - Children: 
#173-521 BLUEMEL, Shelley Diane, b. 14 Aug 1950 
#173-522 BLUEMEL, Susan Angell, b. 8 Apr 1953 
#173-523 BLUEMEL, Nancy Marie, b. 26 Apr 1956 
#173-524 BLUEMEL, Rex Albert, b. 19 Dec 1957 
#173-525 BLUEMEL, Ruth Ly nne , b 21 Oct I960 

#1736 Norma Coleman md Ralph Gorman 
Barney 31 May 1930 - Child: 
#173-61 BARNEY Ralph Dale, b. 10 Sep 1 931 

#17 361 Ralph Dale Barney md MyrtTe Linnea 
Smith 22 Sep 1958 - Children: 

#173-611 BARNEY, Randall Geof fry, b. 15 July 1959 
#173-612 BARNEY, Coleman Foss, b. 2 5 Nov I960 
#173-613 BARNEY, Kevan Kawika, b. 23 Aug 1963 
#173-614 BARNEY, Dalin Pania Imaikalani, 

b. 21 July 1967 ^___ 

#1737 Geraldine Coleman md Byron Walker 
27 Jan 1936 - Children: 

#173-71 WALKER, Emily Jean, b. 13 June 1937 
#173-72 WALKER, Verna Lynne, b. 3 June 1939 

#17 371 Emily Jean Walker md Wm. Temple - 
ton Cluff 15 Apr 1958 - Children: 

#173-711 CLUFF, Tonie Jeanne (Adp), b. 8 Feb 1955 
#173-712 CLUFF, Wayne Walker, b. 20 Nov I960 

#17 371 Emily Jean Walker md (2) Aud 
Clarris Welch 30 Nov 1968 - No issue 

#17 372 Verna Lynne~Walker md Ivan Morse 
Dryer 19 July I960 - Child: 
#173-721 DRYER, Diana Perry, b. 28 Nov 1961 

#17372 Verna Lynne Walker md (2) George 
Hearne Wood 28 May 1966 - (Diana Perry DRYER 
WOOD adopted by George Hearne Wood) 

#1739 Barbara Coleman md Pierre Hau mo nt 
12 Apr 1934 - Child: 

Mary Beck Evans 430 

#173-91 HAUMONT, Ceroid Prime, b. 4 June 
1936, d. 1 Jan 1963 

#174 David Evans Coleman md Eliza Emily- 
Skinner 13 July 1912 - Children: 
#174-1 COLEMAN, Eola "B", b. 26 Feb 1923 
#174-2 COLEMAN, David Envar, b. 25 Aug 1925 
#174-3 COLEMAN, George Phelps, b. 1 Mar 1927, 

d. 7 Apr 1928 
^174 ,4 COLEMAN, Abbott Arslom, b. 8 Dec 1930 

#1741 Eola "B" Coleman md William G. 
Orach 24 Dec 1939 - Children: 
#174-11 ORACH, Michael George, b, 18 May 1941, 

d. 16 Sep 1951 
#174-12 ORACH, Emily Ann, b. 26 Feb 1943 
#174-13 ORACH, Eola Arlene, b, 6 Aug 1944 

#1741 Eola "B" Coleman md Alvin William 
Parrish Feb 1953 - deceased 1965 

#1741 Eola "B" Coleman md William Edward 
Lilly 27 Mar 1967 

#17412 Emily Ann Orach md James John 
Pedro 3 June I960 - Children: 

#174-121 PEDRO, James Marcus, b, 1 June 1962 
#174-122 PEDRO, Richard Dean, b. 6 Aug 1963 
#174-123 PEDRO, David John, b. 25 Oct 1969 

#17413 Eola Arlene Orach md William Allen 
Milne 18 Dec 1962 - Children: 

#174-131 MILNE, Duane Chad, b. 26 Feb 1966 
#174-132 MILNE, Travis Allen, b. 31 Jan 1967 

#1744 Abbott Arslom Coleman md Angeline 
Para 2 Dec 1952 - Div - Child: 
#174-41 COLEMAN, David Evans, b. 29 Oct 1953 

#1744 Abbott Arslom Coleman md Helen 
Earlene Mcintosh 29 July 1954 - Div - Children: 
#174-42 COLEMAN, Michael Abbott, b. 3 June 1955 
#174-43 COLEMAN, Phillip David, b. 12 Sep 1956 
#174-44 COLEMAN, Timothy Moore, b. 5 Oct 1957 

#1744 Abbott Arslomi Coleman md Arlene 
Hart 1 Mar 1964 

#1744 Abbott Arslom Coleman md Sylvia 
Serna Sanchez 18 Apr 1969 - Child: 
#174-45 COLEMAN, Lolita Richelle, b. 18 Apr 



#21 EVANS, Martha, b. 20 Oct 1842, d. 15 Nov 1926 
#22 EVANS, Amanda, b. 21 Apr 1844, d. 2 5 Mar 1881 
#23 EVANS, Abigail, b. 27 Jan 1846, d. 13 Sep 1932 
#24 EVANS, Joseph, b. 7 Apr 1847, d. 30 June 1899 
#25 EVANS, Sarah, b. 27 Apr 1849, d. 20 Aug 1893 
#26 EVANS, Susannah, b. 6 May 1850, d. 23 July 1932 
#27 EVANS, David, b. 28 Jan 1852, d. 5 Sep 1923 
#28 EVANS, Hycrum, b. 8 July 1853, d. 29 July 1862 
#29 EVANS, Barbara, b. 15 Mar 1855, d. 22 July 1925 
#2A EVANS, Rozilla, b. 4 May 1856, d. 15 Nov 1940 
#2B EVANS, Ephraim, b. 11 July 1858, 

d, 5 May 1863 Child 
#2C EVANS, Eleazer, b. 24 Feb 1861, d. 24 Mar 1884 
#2D EVANS, Mosiah, b. 22 Sep 1862, d. 15 Apr 1921 
#2E EVANS, Mary, b. 17 May 1864, d. 17 Jan 1931 
#2F EVANS, Jacob, b. 26 Apr 1867, d. 22 Jan 1953 

#21 Martha Evans md William Henry Winn 
20 Oct 1859 - Children: 
#211 WINN, William Henry, b. 28 Oct 1860, 

d. 23 Aug 1898 
#212 WINN, Martha Ann, b. 21 Mar 1862, 

d. 28 Nov 1923 
#213 WINN, George, b. 13 Nov 1863, d. 25 Sep 1864 
#214 WINN, David, b. 27 May 1865, d. 21 July 1934 
#215 WINN, Sarah Ellen, b. 25 Sep 1866, 

d, 11 Oct 1882 
#216 WINN, John Thomas, b. 8 Feb 1869, 

d, 26 Feb 1945 
#217 WINN, Christiana, b. 6 Feb 1871, 

d. 18 May 195 5 
#218 WINN, Barbara, b. 30 May 1872, d. 4 May 1874 
#219 WINN, Susie, b. 10 Feb 1874, d. 8 Sep 1963 
#21A WINN, Adelaide, b. 10 Jan 1876, d. 16 Aug 1955 
#21B WINN, Jesse, b. 19 Dec 1877, d. 5 Jan 1954 
#21C WINN, Almeda, b. 4 Apr 1879, d. 30 Nov 1940 
#21D WINN, Mary Agusta, b. 17 Aug 1881, 

d. 1 Sep 1881 
#2 IE WINN, Rose Evelyn, b. 6 Apr 1884, 

d. 29 Aug 1943 


Barbara Ann Evans 432 

#211 William Henry Winn md Mary Ann 
Bennett 7 Apr 1884 - Children: 
#211-1 WINN, William Eleazer, b. 9 Apr 1885, 

d. 8 Dec 1946 
#211-2 WINN, Grantly Eli, b. 14 July 1887 
#211-3 WINN, Stanley, b. 17 Sep 1889, 

d. 3 Apr 1965 
#211-4 WINN, Selena, b. 24 Dec 1891, 

d. 17 Mar 1920 
#211-5 WINN, Verney Ray (Twin), b. 27 Mar 1894, 

d. 28 Dec 1897 
#211-6 WINN, Virgie May (Twin), b. 27 Mar 1894 
#211-7 WINN, Sybil, b. 27 Jan 1896, 

d. 16 Aug 1960 
#211-8 WINN, Carl Dewey, b. 16 May 1898, 

d. 3 July 1965 

#2111 William. Eleazer Winn md Essie Comer 
6 June 1905 - Children: 
#211-11 WINN, Dora, b. 30 Jan 1906 
#211-12 WINN, Leo William, b. 10 Feb 1908 
#211-13 WINN, Carol Alma, b. 25 Dec 1910 

#211-11 Dora Winn md Stanley Walker 
- Children: 
fZrmrWALKER, Robert Stanley, b. 20 Jan 1929 
#211-112 WALKER, Karen Lynn, b. 1 Sep 1944 

#211-111 Robert Stanley Walker md Billie 
Mae Larsen - Children: 

#211-111-1 WALKERTlCevin Winn (Twin), 

b. 7 Oct 1961 
#211-111-2 WALKER, Karen Lynn (Twin), 
b. 7 Oct 1961 

#21112 Leo William Winn md Wanda 

- Children: 
?2nn2riVTNN, Deborah 

#21113 Carol Alma Winn md Ann Neimezya 

- Child: 

f2 1"LT1 rwTNN, Kathryn Ann, b 15 Dec 1950 

#2112 Grantly Eli Winn md Maude Elizabeth 
Neibaur 9 May 1910 - Children: 
#211-21 WINN, William Le land, b. 9 Mar 1911 
#211-22 WINN, Joseph Paul, b. 10 July 1917, 

d. 19 Oct 1943 
#211-23 WINN, Earl, b. 10 Dec 1920 

#21 121 Williami Leland md Bessie Viola 
Flick 10 Sep 1930 - Children: 
#211-211 WINN, Truman Lee, b. 8 June 1931 
#211-212 WINN, Edna Colleen, b. 8 Feb 1937 

433 Barbara Ann Evans 

#211211 Truman Lee Winn md Virginia 
Murray 9 May 1954 - Children: 
#211-211-1 WINN, Joseph Paul, b. 10 Apr 1955 
#211-211-2 WINN, Teena Lee, b. 14 Nov 1956 
#211-211-3 WINN, Reena Marie, b. 2 Nov 1958 

#211212 Edna Coileen Winn m.d Ignacio 
Dominago Lizaso 11 July 1954 - Children: 
#211-212-1 LIZASO, Vincent Lee, b. 20 Jan 1955 
#211-212-2 LIZASO, Cecil Domingo, b. 9 Aug 1956 
#211-212-3 LIZASO, Benita Marie, b. 25 Mar 1963 

#21122 Joseph Paul Winn md Helen Lucel 
Jorgensen 18 Aug 1939 - Child: 
#211-221 WINN, Michael Grant, b. 19 Apr 1942 

#2 1 123 Earl Winn md Mariam Gail Hoover 
14 Feb 1942 - Children: 

#211-231 WINN, Bruce Paul, b. 16 Sep 1947 
#211-2 32 WINN, Tami Kathleen, b. 28 Aug 1949 
#211-233 WINN, Lisa Nicole, b. 18 May 1951 
#211-2 34 WINN, Duncan Hoover, b. 5 June 1954 
#211-235 WINN, Tenley Ann, b. 11 July 1956 

#211231 Bruce Paul Winn md Judy Arlene 
Barker - Child: 

#211-23TTriVlRN7~Tennifer Joel, b. 17 Mar 1969 

#211232 Tami Kathleen Winn md Bartlett 
Norman Turnipseed - Child: 

#211-232-1 TURNIPgEgD7~Corey Jay, b. 1 Jan 1969 

#2113 Stanley Winn md Charlotte Temple 
Long 17 Nov 1909 - Children: 
#211-31 WINN, Fern, b. 4 Sep 1910 
#211-32 WINN, Ada, b. 13 Oct 1911 
#211-33 WINN, Maxine, b. 17 Sep 1914 

#21131 Fern Winn md LaMar Albert 
Christensen 23 July 1929 - Children: 
#211-311 CHRISTENSEN, Winn LaMar, 

b. 19 Feb 1930 
#211-312 CHRISTENSEN, Barbara Jean, 

b, 16 July 1932 

#211311 Winn LaMar Christensen md Ina 
Claire Theobold 13 Jan 1950 - Children: 
#211-311-1 CHRISTENSEN, Rhonda Gaye, 

b. 31 Aug 1950 
#211-311-2 CHRISTENSEN, Larry Winn, 

b. 19 Nov 1951 
#211-311-3 CHRISTENSEN, Cherie Ann, 

b. 20 July 1954 
#211-311-4 CHRISTENSEN, Linda, b. 5 Sep 1956 

Barbara Ann Evans 434 

#211-311-5 CHRISTENSEN, Kathryn, b. 2 June 1961 
#211-311-6 CHRISTENSEN, Todd, b. 19 June 1964 

#211312 Barbara Jean Christensen nnd Darrell 
Ray Peterson 21 Sep 1950 - Children: 
#211-312-1 PETERSON, Richard Darrel, 

b. 10 July 1951 
#211-312-2 PETERSON, Susan Marie, b. 12 Oct 1953 
#211-312-3 PETERSON, Janet, b. 3 Aug 1958 

#21132 Ada Winn md Charlie "J" Edwards 
25 July 1930 - Children: 

#211-321 EDWARDS, Louise, b. 8 Feb 1932 
#211-322 EDWARDS, Elaine, b. 3 May 1937 
#211-323 EDWARDS, Joan, b. 6 Nov 1939 
#211-324 EDWARDS, Sharlene, b, 2 Nov 1945 

#211321 Louise Edwards md Marlow Keith 
Ellis 20 Jan 1951 - Children: 

#211-321-1 ELLIS, Michael Keith, b. 19 Nov 1956 
#211-321-2 ELLIS, Jennifer, b. 24 Jan 1963 
#211-321-3 ELLIS, Mark Edwards, b. 23 May 1964 

#211322 Elaine Edwards md Ross Erdley 
Woodward 4 June 1959 - Children: 
#211-322-1 WOODWARD, Rhonda, b. 11 Feb 1961 
#211-322-2 WOODWARD, Kevin Ross, 

b. 25 Aug 1962 
#211-322-3 WOODWARD, Randall, b. 6 June 1966 
#211-322-4 WOODWARD, Linda, b. 5 Oct 1967 
#211-322-5 WOODWARD, Scott "C", b. 16 June 1969 

#211323 Joan Edwards md Arnie Richard 
Daniels Brown 3 June I960 - Children: 
#211-323-1 BROWN, Stephen Richard Daniels, 

b. 7 Mar 1961 
#211-323-2 BROWN, Glade Alan Daniels, 

b. 11 Aug 1963 
#211-323-3 BROWN, Talana Daniels, b. 16 May 1966 
#211-323-4 BROWN, Dallerie Daniels, b. 1 June 1969 

#211324 Sharlene Edwards md Delbert 
Mathews Nebeker 25 May 1966 - Children: 
#211-324-1 NEBEKER, Darin, b. 15 July 1967 
#211-324-2 NEBEKER, Kim, b. 18 Sep 1969 

#21133 Maxine Winn md William Alfred 
Cordon 26 Dec 1935 - Children: 
#211-331 CORDON, Ronald William, b. 3 Jan 1937, 

d. 1 Oct 1967 
#211-332 CORDON, Carolyn, b. 24 Mar 1940 
#211-333 CORDON, Patricia, b. 13 Feb 1942 
#211-334 CORDON, Cheryl Ann, b. 3 Nov 1945 

435 Barbara Ann Evans 

#211331 Ronald William Cordon md Sandra 
Annette Hoist 6 Aug 1962 - Child: 
#211-331-1 CORDON, Paul William, 
b. 22 Oct 1964 

#211332 Carolyn Cordon md Don Harold Lee 
14 June 1962 - Children: 

#211-332-1 LEE, Kristine, b. 3 Sep 1965 
#211-332-2 LEE, Robert William, b. 6 July 1968 

#211333 Patricia Cordon md Robin Samuel 
Hales 6 July 1962 - Children: 

#211-333-1 HALES, Gary Russell, b. 16 Dec 1962 
#211-333-2 HALES, Vicky Lynn, b. 22 June 1964 
#211-333-3 HALES, Stephen Samuel, b. 30 Sep 1968 

#211334 Cheryl Ann Cordon md Terry 
Marvin Blodgett 12 Sep 1967 - Child: 
#211-334-1 BLODGETT, David William, 

b, 6 July 1969 

#2114 Selena Winn md Wallace Benjamin 
Peterson 18 June 1913 - Children: 
#211-41 PETERSON, Wallace Winn, b. 11 Apr 1914 
#211-42 PETERSON, Cecil Dean, b. 30 Dec 1916, 

d. 25 Nov 1944 
#211-43 PETERSON, Selena "V", b. 7 Mar 1920 

#21141 Wallace Winn Peterson md Jacqualine 
(Lena) Meissner - No Issue 

#21 142 Cecil Dean Peterson md Nila Alberta 

Watkins 1936 - Children: 

#211-42rpETE~RSON, Michael, b. 29 Apr 1940 

#211-422 PETERSON, Pattie, b. Feb 1943 

~ #211421 Michael Peterson md 

#211422 Pattie Peterson md Terry Hite 

#21143 Selena Peterson md Leo Henry 
Sudweeks 13 Jan 1940 - Child: 
#211-431 SUDWEEKS, Leo Grant, b. 1 Sep 1942 

#211431 Leo Grant Sudweeks md Coleen 
Howell 3 Mar 1961 - Children: 
#211-431-1 SUDWEEKS, Jeffrey Grant, 

b. 17 Apr 1962 
#211-431-2 SUDWEEKS, Michelle, b. 16 Nov 1965 

#2116 Virgie May Winn md Albert Delorma 
Clark 16 May 1917 - Children: 

#211-61 CLARK, Mary, b. 24 Feb 1918,d. 8Dec 1959 
#211-62 CLARK, Paul "D", b. 10 Dec 1922 

Barbara Ann Evans 436 

#21161 Mary Clark md Karl Emil Terry 
21 Sep 1937 - Children: 

#211-611 TERRY, Mary Marie, b. 18 Apr 1941 
#211-612 TERRY, Linda Lee, b. 2 Dec 1942 
#211-613 TERRY, Thomas "D", b. 24 Mar 1948 
#211-614 TERRY, Karleen, b. 27 Aug 1952 

#211611 Mary Marie Terry md Eddie Frank 
Cox 14 Aug 1959 - Children: 

#211-611-1 COX, Linda Marie, b. 13 May I960 
#211-611-2 COX, Eddie Brendell, b. 28 July 1965 
#211-611-3 COX, Selena Dawn, b 12 Dec 1967 

#211612 Linda Lee Terry md Jack Maurice 
Tyler 31 May 1962 - Children: 

#211-612-1 TYLER, Terre Lynn, b. 19 June 1963 
#211-612-2 TYLER, Aaron David, b. 25 Mar 1965 '. 
#211-612-3 TYLER, Brenda Lee, b. 10 Dec 1966 
#211-612-4 TYLER, Laura Marie, b. 3 Feb 1968 
#211-612-5 TYLER, Marti Keryl, b. 14 May 1969 

#211614 Karleen Terry md Thomas Fredrick 
Parker 23 Jan 1971 

#21162 Paul "D" Clark md Elizabeth Sutton 
28 Jan 1946 - Children: 

#211-621 CLARK, Sally Lynne, b. 13 Mar 1948 
#211-622 CLARK, Kerry, b. 5 Oct 1952 
#211-623 CLARK, Paul Jeffrey, b. 30 Dec 1955 

#21162 Paul "D" Clark md Tana Ray Wood 
- Children: 
f211TF24"CLARK, Wade, b. 4 Jan 1962 
#211-625 CLARK, Rodney Paul, b. 14 Sep 1967 

#2117 Sybil Winn md Wilbur LaFayette 
Rasmus sen 6 June 1923 - Children: 
#211-71 RASMUSSEN, Donna, b. 27 Apr 1925 
#211-72 RASMUSSEN, Wilbur Blaine, b. 18 Mar 1929 

#21171 Donna Rasmussen md George Mayson 
Glende 10 Feb 1943 - Children: 

#211-711 GLENDE, Steven George, b. 5 Aug 1945 
#211-712 GLENDE, Winn Carlton, b. 1 Jan 1962 
#211-713 GLENDE, Gray Lee, b. 7 Dec 1965 

#211711 Steven George Glende md Stephanie 
Hilton 22 Aug 1969 - Child: 
#211-711-1 GLENDE, Gina, b. 20 Aug 1970 

#21172 Wilbur Blaine Rasmussen md Marilyn 
Parry 20 Jan 1950 - Children: 

#211-721 RASMUSSEN, Jeffrey Blaine, b. 18 Mar 1951 
#211-722 RASMUSSEN, Julie Ann, b. 17 Feb 1953 
#211-723 RASMUSSEN, Merry Jane, b. 20 Dec 1955 

437 Barbara Ann Evans 

#211-724 RASMUSSEN, David Mark, b. 19 Feb I960 
#211-725 RASMUSSEN, John Parry, b. 20 June 196 5 

#2118 Carl Dewey Winn md Elizabeth 
Archibald Wyatt 22 Dec 1921 - Children- 
#211-81 WINN, Dean Clive, b. 15 Feb 1926 
#211-82 WINN, Loreli, b. 16 Aug 1928 
#211-83 WINN, Carl Richard, b. 4 Nov 1938 

#21181 Dean Clive Winn md Ruby Grace 
Buck 12 Mar 1949 - Children: 
#211-811 WINN, Dean Clive, b. 7 Aug 1951 
#211-812 WINN, John Stewart, b. 29 Jan 1953 
#211-813 WINN, Jeffrey George, b. 30 Sep 1955 
#211-814 WINN, Stephen Bruce, b. 30 May 1958 

#21182 Loreli Winn iiid Adrian Judd Ryan 
22 Dec 1950 - Children: 

#211-821 RYAN, Carl Vincent, b. 1 Mar 1953 
#211-822 RYAN, Edmund Judd, b. 30 Nov 1955 
#211-823 RYAN, Mark Spencer, b 28 May I960 

#21183 Carl Richard Winn md Nancy Lee 
Herring 3 Feb 1963 - Child: 
#211-831 WINN, Blair Richard, b. 28 May 1964 

#212 Martha Ann Winn mid Alphonzo Mitchell 
Davis 18 Nov 1880 - Children: 
#212-1 DAVIS, Alphonzo Winn, b. 6 Feb 1882, 

d, 14 July 1955 
#212-2 DAVIS, Martha Ella, b. 26 Sep 1883, 

d, Nov 197 

#212-3 DAVIS, William Elisha, b. 18 Dec 1885 

d. 18 Sep 1953 
#212-4 DAVIS, Ira Mitchell, b. 4 Dec 1887, 

d. 9 Apr 1969 
#212-5 DAVIS, Jesse, b. 19 Jan 1890, d. 19 Jan 1890 
#212-6 DAVIS, Junius Ancil, b. 28 June 1891, 

d, 26 Sep 1963 
#212-7 DAVIS, Jerome J., b. 18 Aug 1893, 

d. 10 July 1952 
#212-8 DAVIS, Isaac - Twin, b. 1 July 1895, 

d. 1 July 1895 
#212-9 DAVIS, Ivy - Twin, b. 1 July 1895, 

d. 7 July 1895 
#2 12 -A DAVIS, Maurice, b. 21 Aug 1897,d. 13Nov 1969 
#212-B DAVIS, Amy, b. 30 Oct 1900, d. 12 Apr 1968 

#2121 Alphonzo Winn Davis md Delia Giles 
26 June 1907 - Children: 
#212-11 DAVIS, Donna, b. 20 Mar 1908, 

d. 16 June 1965 

Barbara Ann Evans 438 

#212-12 DAVIS, Ralph Winn, b. 24 Nov 1909 
#212-13 DAVIS, Roberta, b. 17 Nov 1912 
#212-14 DAVIS, Keith Giles, b, 17 Jan 1917, 

d, 13 Sep 1944 

#21211 Donna Davis md William B, Hayward 
26 June 1930 - Children: 

#212-111 HAYWARD, Sandra Donna, b. 16 June 1936 
#212-112 HAYWARD, Robert William, b. 10 Feb 1939 

#212111 Sandra Donna Hayward md Robert 
Clive Debenham 26 Mar 1957 - Children: 
#212-111-1 DEBENHAM, Scott Robert, b. 22 July 

#212-111-2 DEBENHAM, Steven William, b. 24 

Dec I960 

#212112 Robert William Hayward md Lana 
Caffey, 11 Aug 1963 - Child: 
#212-112-1 HAYWARD, Wendy, b. 6 Sep 1969 

#21212 Ralph Winn Davis md Connie Moselle 
Cunningham 21 Feb 1931 - Children: 
#212-121 DAVIS, Marylin Jane, b. 6 July 1933 
#212-122 DAVIS, Don Ralph, b. 11 Apr 1943 
#212-123 DAVIS, Katheryn, b. 15 Feb 1946 

#212121 Marylin Jane Davis md E, T, C» 
Kerlin Chilton 6 Oct 1951 - Children: 
#212-121-1 CHILTON, MerriLynn, b. 28 Mar 1952 
#212-121-2 CHILTON, Peggy June, b. 22 Dec 1953 
#212-121-3 CHILTON, Laurence Kerlin, 
b. 20 Mar 1955 

#212122 Don Ralph Davis md Mary Sue 
Kells 23 Mar 1966 - Children: 

#212-122-1 DAVIS, Krista Lynn, b. 18 Mar 1967 
#212-122-2 DAVIS, Douglas Kells, b. 31 Oct 1968 

#212123 Katheryn Davis md Kenneth D, Fox 
2 Sep 1966 - No issue 

#21213 Roberta Davis md J, Harold Firmage 
5 Jan 1931 - Children: 

#212-131 FIRMAGE, John Harold, b. 4 Feb 1933 
#212-132 FIRMAGE, Dan Davis, b. 1 May 1937 
#212-133 FIRMAGE, James Winn, b. 3 Mar 1942 

#212131 John Harold Firmage md Joan 
Bennett 12 Apr 1955 - Children: 

#212-131-1 FIRMAGE, Victoria Faye, b. 27 Jan 1957 
#212-131-2 FIRMAGE, John Harold III, b, 2 Mar I96 

#212132 Dan Davis Firmage md Carolyn" 
Maurine Cheney 28 Dec 1957 - Children: 
#212-132-1 FIRMAGE, Elizabeth Maurine, 

b. 2 Dec 1958 

439 Barbara Ann Evans 

#212-132-2 FIRMAGE, Suzette Roberta 

b. 13 Oct 1961 
#212-132-3 FIRMAGE, Dee Ann, b. 24 Sep 1964 

#212133 James Winn Firmage md Jean Lund 
5 Sep 1963 - Children: 

#212-133-1 FIRMAGE, James Michael, b. 14 Jan 1965 
#212-133-2 FIRMAGE Peter Lund, b. 18 Mar 1968 

#21214 Keith Giles Davis md Donnavieve 
Anderson 6 Sep 1941 - Child: 
#212-141 DAVIS, Dianna,b. 24 June 194 3 

#2122 Martha Ella Davis md William Howard" 
West 10 Dec 1913 - Children: 
#212-21 WEST, Lucille, b. 4 Nov 1914 
#212-22 WEST, Virginia, b. 21 June 1916 
#212-23 WEST, Maurine - Twin, b. 13 May 1918 
#212-24 WEST, Maxine - Twin, b. 13 May 1918 
#212-25 WEST, Harold Howard, b. 12 Sep 1921 
#212-26 WEST, Martha Ann, b. 25 Mar 1925 

#21221 Lucille West md Irwin Harold 
Johnson 29 Oct 1937 - Children: 

#212-211 JOHNSON, Phillip Brian, b. 20 Nov 1938 
#212-212 JOHNSON, Donna Jean, b. 22 Jan 1943 
#212-213 JOHNSON, Bruce Allen, b. 21 July 1947 
#212-214 JOHNSON, Bradley Dale, b. 19 Dec 1954 

#212211 Phillip Brian Johnson md Joan 
Tingey 12 Sep 1963 - Child: 
#212-211-1 JOHNSON, Kari Ann, b. 21 Dec 1965 

#212212 Donna Jean Johnson nad Steven Ray 
Mecham 15 Dec 1961 - Child: 
#212-212-1 MECHAM, Brian Paul, b. Sep 1966 

#21222 Virginia West md Burt Raymond Olsen 
16 June 1939 - Child: 
#212-221 OLSEN, Carol Renee, b. 17 Apr 1949 

#21223 Maurine West md Max Gardner Jensen 
7 May 1948 - Children: 

#212-231 JENSEN, Joan, b. 26 Feb 1950 
#212-232 JENSEN, Judith, b 1 July 1953 

#21224 Maxine West md Sterling Ralph Ryser 
4 Mar 1942 - Children: 

#212-241 RYSER, Ralph West, b, 31 May 1947 
#212-242 RYSER, Annette, b. 3 July 1951, 

d. 3 July 1951 
#212-243 RYSER, Karen, b. 19 Oct 1952 

#21225 Harold Howard West md Maxine Hale 

24 June 1943 - Children: 

#212-251 WEST, Sandra Ann, b. 6 June 1944 

#212-252 WEST, Susan Lynette, b. 15 Dec 1948 

Barbara Ann Evans 440 

#212-253 WEST, Marilyn, b. 13 July 1952 
#212-254 WEST, Stephen Harold, b. 21 Jan 1956 
#212-255 WEST, Roger Williana, b. 19 July 1962 

#212251 Sandra Ann West md Milton H. 
Thackeray 29 Dec 1966 

#21226 Martha Ann West md Fenton Heap 
Pulsipher 6 Sep 1949 - Children: 
#212-261 PULSIPHER, David Fenton, 

b. 17 May 1951 
#212-262 PULSIPHER, Annette, b. 24 May 1955 
#212-263 PULSIPHER, Douglas Allen, 

b. 1 Aug 1957 
#212-264 PULSIPHER, Gary West, b. 15 Jan I960 

#2123 William Elisha Davis md Christena 
Stewart 11 May 1909 - Children: 
#212-31 DAVIS, Karl 

#212-32 DAVIS, Vernon Jay, b. 24 May 1913 
#212-33 DAVIS, June, b. 23 June 1916 

#21231 Karl Davis md Effie Huggard 

- Children: 
f2T2-311 DAVIS, Larry 
#212-312 DAVIS, Michael L. 

#21232 Vernon Jay Davis md Grace Virginia 
Barrus 1 Apr 1938 - Children: 
#212-321 DAVIS, Linda Lee, b. 18 Aug 1942 
#212-322 DAVIS, Richard Dean, b. 3 June 1946 

#212 32 Vernon Jay Davis md Shirley Nelson 
6 June 1955 - Children: 
#212-323 PETERSON, Roger Clairon, b. 19 Nov 

#212-324 PETERSON, Bradley Kay, b. 28 Jan 1953 
#212-325 DAVIS, Sherie, b. 22 Oct 1956 

(Roger and Bradley Peterson are sons of 
Shirley Nelso n Davis ) 

#212321 Linda Lee Davis md Keith Douglas 
Morgon 23 June 1969 

#212323 Roger Clairon Peterson md Marie 
Kofford 24 Apr 197 

#21233 June Davis md Eva Orlynn Jensen 
14 Jan 1937 - Child: 
#212-331 DAVIS, Deanna, b. 6 Apr 1939 

#212331 Deanna Davis md Raymond Thomas 
Lloyd 27 July 1956 - Children: 

#212-331-1 LLOYD, Kathy Lynn, b. 20 Mar 1958 
#212-331-2 LLOYD, Kellie Rae, b. 11 Jan I960 
#212-331-3 LLOYD, Kim, b. 26 Nov 1962 


441 Barbara Ann Evans 

#212-331-4 LLOYD, Thomas June, b. 1 Oct 1970 


#2124 Ira Mitchell Davis md Laura King 

4 Sep 1912 - Children: 
#212-41 DAVIS, Helen, b. 9 June 1913 
#212-42 DAVIS, Mack King, b. 2 Apr 1916 
#212-43 DAVIS, Betty Elaine, b. 17 Nov 1922 
#212-44 DAVIS, Shirley Laurel, b. 1 Mar 1927 
#212-45 DAVIS, Ronald Mitchell, b. 22 Aug 1937 

#21241 Helen Davis md Carl Roberts 
1930 - No issue 

#21242 Mack King Davis md Jean Larsen 
Oct 1941 - No i ssue 

#21243 Betty Elaine Davis md Edward G. 
Thomas July 1947 - Child: 
#212-43rTHOMAS, Davis, b. 30 Apr 1954 

#21244 Shirley Davis md Richard W. 
Oestrike 21 Mar 1958 - Children: 
#212-441 OESTRIKE, Steven, b, 28 May 1955 
#212-442 OESTRIKE, Donald, b. 30 Sep 1958 
#212-443 OESTRIKE, Robert, b. 21 Sep 1961 

#21245 Ronald Mitchell Davis md LaRae 
Viertel 26 July 1956 - Children: 
#212-451 DAVIS, Linda Rae, b. 12 Feb 1963 
#212-452 DAVIS, Bradley Ronald, b. 7 June 1965 

#2126 Junius Ancil Davis md Lueretia 
Knudsen 20 Mar 1918 - Child: 
#212-61 DAVIS, Catherine, b. 1 Nov 1922 

#21261 Catherine Davis md Chester Hollings - 
worth 15 May 1943 - Children: 

#212-611 HOLLINGSWORTH, Craig, b, 3 July 1954 
#212-612 HOLLINGSWORTH, Chris, b. 18 Feb 1956 
#212-613 HOLLINGSWORTH, Collin, b. 6 Feb I960 
#212-614 HOLLINGSWORTH, Caren, b. 1 1 Aug 1962 

#2127 Jerome J. Davis md Thelma Gertrude 
Roberts 30 Sep 1913 - Children: 
#212-71 DAVIS, Dale R. , b. 21 Aug 1914 
#212-72 DAVIS Gertrude, b. 4 Apr 1917 

#2127 1 Dale R. Davis md Margie Warden 
18 Aug 1939 - Child: 

#212-711 DAVIS, Daughter - (Further information 
unavailable) ^__ 

#21272 Gertrude Davis md Bert Moore 
17 Apr 1938 - Children: 
#212-721 MOORE, Bonnie 
#212-722 MOORE, Marilyn 

Barbara Ann Evans 


#212-723 MOORE, Cheryl ^___ 

#212721 Bonnie Moore md Jaraes Auldridge 
(Further information unavailable) 

#212722 Marilyn Moore md Martin Smith 
{ Furth er information unavailable) 

#212723 Cheryl Moore md Patrick White 
(Further information unavailable) 

#212A Maurice Davis md Gladys Hansen 
Needham 21 Jan 1920 - Children: 

#212-A1 DAVIS, Wallace Needham, b. 17 Feb 1921 
#212-A2 DAVIS, Paul Maurice, b. 1 1 Mar 1926, 

d. 16 Feb 1948 

#212A1 Wallace Needham Davis mid Dorothy 
Rawson 18 July 1944 - Children: 

#2 12 -A 11 DAVIS, Wallace James, b. 12 Oct 1945 
#212-A12 DAVIS, Gaylene, b. 24 May 1949 

#212A11 Wallace Jannes Davis md Mary 
Sherwood 7 Nov 1966 

#212A12 Gaylene Davis md Dean Mitchell 
21 Aug 1970 

#212B Amy Leone Davis md Hyrum M. 
Blackhurst 1 Sep 1920 - Children: 
#212-B1 BLACKHURST, Hyrum Richard, 

b. 2 Oct 1921 
#212-B2 BLACKHURST, Burton Davis, 

b. 7 Jan 1923 
#212 -B3 BLACKHURST, Stanley Davis, 

b. 28 Oct 1924 
#2 12 -B4 BLACKHURST, Janet Louise, 

b. 24 Oct 1931 
#212-B5 BLACKHURST, Jonathon Douglas Davis, 

b. 21 Jan 1936 
#212-B6 BLACKHURST, Stephen Jeffrey, 
b. 3 Aug 1942 

#212B1 Hyrum Richard Blackhurst md 
Amanda Renshaw 7 Jan 1944 - Children: 
#212-B11 BLACKHURST, Frances Amy, 

b. 19 May 1945 
#212-B12 BLACKHURST, Richard Alexander, 

b. 10 July 1948 
#212-B13 BLACKHURST, Nancy Ann, 

b. 17 Mar 1953 
#212-B14 BLACKHURST, Honey 
#212-B15 BLACKHURST, Elizabeth 
#212-B16 BLACKHURST, Francesca 

#212B11 Frances Aray Blackhurst md 
William Toon 

443 Barbara Ann Evans 

#212B2 Burton Davis Blackhurst md Gloria 
Glauser 25 Oct 1944 - Children: 
#212-B21 BLACKHURST, Ronald Jame s, 

b. 17 Oct 1945 
#212-B22 BLACKHURST, Sharon, b. 1 June 1949 
#212-B23 BLACKHURST, Becky, b. 31 Mar 1953 
#212-B24 BLACKHURST, Jeffrey, b. 21 July 1954 

#212B2 Burton Davis Blackhurst md Virginia 

Norton - Children: 

#212-B25 BLACKHURST, Charles Arthur, 

b. 3 Jan 1963 
#212-B26 BLACKHURST, Scott Mitchell, 

b. 19 Nov 1961 

#212B2 Burton Davis Blackhurst md Viva 
Esther Johnson 

#212B3 Stanley Davis Blackhurst md Donna 
Mae Hirsch 13 Jan 1946 - Children: 
#212-B31 BLACKHURST, Craig Davis, 

b. 14 Oct 1947 
#212-B32 BLACKHURST, Pamela, b. 16 May 1949 
#212-B33 BLACKHURST, Donnette Louise, 

b. 6 Apr 1951 

#212B3 Stanley Davis Blackhurst md Mary 

Kelly ,___.,,___ 

#212B4 Janet Louise Blackhurst md Keith B. 
Romney 28 Dec 1953 - Children: 

#212-B41 ROMNEY, Victoria Louise, b. 12 Jan 1955 
#212-B42 ROMNEY, Keith Bradford II, b. 22 Dec 1955 
#212-B43 ROMNEY, Lois Blackhurst, b. 5 May 1957 
#212-B44 ROMNEY, Jenifer, b. 30 Sep 1958 
#212-B45 ROMNEY, Amy Jeanette, b, 28 Mar I960 
#212-B46 ROMNEY, John Mitchell, b. 26 July 1961 
#212-B47 ROMNEY, Richard Brent, b. 14 Nov 1963, 

d, 3 Mar 1970 ^ 

#212B5 Jonathon Douglas Davis Blackhurst 
md Colleen Ida Murphy 5 Aug 1955 - Children: 
#212-B51 BLACKHURST, Laurie, b. 9 Mar 1956 
#212-B52 BLACKHURST, Michelle, b. 18 May 1958 
#212-B53 BLACKHURST, Douglas, b. 24 July 1959 
#212B6 Stephen Jeffrey Blackhurst md Karen 

McNeeley ^-Children: 

#212-B6l BLACKHTJR^T, Tracy Lee, b. 22 Sep 1962 
#212-B62 BLACKHURST, Ty Ann, b. 2 Apr 1964 
#212-B63 BLACKHURST, Jeffrey, b. Dec 1965 

Barbara Ann Evans 444 

#214 David Winn md Rozetta Thomas 
27 Oct 1886 - Children: 

#214-1 WINN, Sylva Rozetta, b. 18 Aug 1887 
#214-2 WINN, Vangie May, b. 24 May 1889, 

d. 15 July 1956 
#214-3 WINN, David John, b. 22 Mar 1891, 

d. 2 Nov 1949 
#214-4 WINN, Evan, b. 31 Jan 1893, d. 6 Apr 1949 
#214-5 WINN, William Henry, b. 27 July 1894, 

d. 21 Dec 1902 
#214-6 WINN, Orphas LaVone, b. 10 Aug 1896, 

d, 21 Dec 1896 
#214-7 WINN, Belva, b. 11 Nov 1897 
#214-8 WINN, Howard Stillwell, b. 7 Sep 1899, 

d. 6 Apr I960 
#214-9 WINN, Daniel Roscoe, b. 2 Mar 1904, 

d. 5 Feb 1968 
#214-A WINN, Waldo, b. 24 Sep 1906, d. 9 Apr 1965 
#214-B WINN, Ezra Thomas, b. 3 Nov 1908 

#2141 Sylva Rozetta Winn md James 
Lafayette Hall 12 Apr 1908 - Children: 
#214-11 HALL, Sylva Venone, b. 17 Jan 1909 
#214-12 HALL, Lavone, b. 14 Aug 1910, 

d. Mar 1911 
#214-13 HALL, James LaMont, b. 4 Oct 1911 
#214-14 HALL, Melva, b. 8 Nov 1913 
#214-15 HALL, Mason Winn, b. 10 Mar 1915 
#214-16 HALL, Lane Pearce, b. 20 Jan 1918 
#214-17 HALL, Virgil - Twin, b. 16 Aug 1920 
#214-18 HALL, Virgie - Twin, b. 16 Aug 1920 
#214-19 HALL, Marvin, b. 14 Feb 1923 

#21411 Sylva Venone md Lewis Charles 
Ray - Children: 

#214-111 RAY, Maxine - Twin, b. 18 June 1927 
#214-112 RAY, Max - Twin, b. 18 June 1927 

#21411 Sylva Venone Hall md James 
Russell Marks - Child: 

#214-113 MARKS", "^^Ichar^ b, r9 Sep 1929 

#21411 Sylva Venone Hall md Charles 

Clifford Cegler - Child: 

#214-114 CEGL£R,~a^a Venone, b. 29 Feb 1940 

#214111 Maxine Ray md Don L. Hamilton 
8 Aug 1949 - No issue 

#214111 Maxine Ray md Barton Baker 
3 Aug 1966 - No issue 

445 Barbara Ann Evans 

#214112 Max Ray md Ruby Bone 25 June 
1948 - Children: 

#214-112-1 RAY, Steven, b. 29 May 1949 
#214-112-2 RAY, Rosely, b. 17 Sep 1950 
#214-112-3 RAY, Sandra, b. 31 Dec 1951 
#214-112-4 RAY, Nancy, b. 16 Nov 1954 
#214-112-5 RAY, David (stillborn), b. 22 Sep 1956 
#214-112-6 RAY, Larry Eldon - Twin, b. 27 Apr 

#214-112-7 RAY, Gary Lynn, Twin, b. 27 Apr 

1958, d. 29 Apr 1958 
#214-112-8 RAY, Gordon Douglas, b. 21 Aug I960 
#214-112-9 RAY, Maxine, b. 10 Feb 1962 
#2 14- 112 -A RAY, Suzanne, b 26 Sep 1964 

#2141122 Rosely Ray md William Eugene 
Graff 20 June 1969 - Child: 
#214-112-21 GRAFF, Corey William, b. 15 Apr 1970 

#2141123 Sandra Ray md Randy Gene 
Phillips 10 Jan 1969 - Child: 
#214-1 12-31 PHILLIPS, Casey Gene, b. 28 Sep 1969 

#214113 Richard Marks md Margie Lee 
Stauffer 12 May 1951 ( Div) - Children: 
#214-113-1 MARKS, John "R", b, 8 Feb 1952 
#214-113-2 MARKS, Mary Lynn, b. 31 Dec 1954 
#214-113-3 MARKS, Lois Ann, b. 10 Aug 1964 
#214-113-4 MARKS, Patricia Lynn, b. 11 Jan 1966 

#214113 Richard Marks md (2) Mary Alice 
Peck 22 Feb 1969 - No issue 

#214114 Anna Venone Cegler md Fearn Vest 

#214-114-1 VEST, Kerry Lynn, b. 9 Mar I960 

#214-114-2 VEST, Noreen, b. 17 May 1961 

#214-114-3 VEST, Mark Eldon, b. 26 Dec 1962 

#214-114-4 VEST, Jo Anna, b. 12 May 1965 

#214-114-5 VEST, Michael Owen, b. 18 Nov 1966 

#214-114-6 VEST, Michelle, b. 14 Feb 1968, 


#214-114-7 VEST, George, b. 7 Feb 1970 

#21413 James LaMont Hall md June Rucker 
24 Dec 1941 - Child: 
#214-131 HALL, Stephen Thomas , b. 12 Feb 1944 

#214131 Stephen Thomas Hail md Valerie 

Jane Stearns 20 Sep 1969 

#21414 Melva Hali md James David Beard 

24 Jan 1938 - No issue 

Barbara Ann Evans 446 

#21415 Mason Winn Hall md Inez Ball 
6 June 1936 - Div - No issue 

#21415 Mason Winn Hall md Eva Margaret 
Qakey 7 May 1949 - No issue 

#21416 Lane Pearce Hall md Betty Irene 
Wilson 27 Feb 1942 - Children: 
#214-161 HALL, Patsy Lane, b. 19 Mar 1944 
#214-162 HALL, Richard Winn, b. 22 Nov 1947 
#214-163 HALL, Keith N. , b. 1 3 Mar 1950 
#214-164 HALL, Kathleen, b. 9 Nov 1951 

#214161 Patsy Lane Hall md Homer Gill 
Nielson 28 Aug 1966 - Children: 

#214-161-1 NIELSON, Shelly Alane, b. 7 May 1967 
#214-161-2 NIELSON, Gregory Ernest, b. 23 Dec 1968 
#214-161-3 NIELSON, Barry Gill, b. 24 Oct 1970 

#214163 Keith N Hall md Dona Maria 
Nocita 12 July 1969 - Child: 
#214-163-1 HALL, Tina Rolyne, b. 17 June 1970 

#214164 Kathleen Hall md William Frederick 
Handley 2 Feb 197 - Child: 
#214-164-1 HANDLEY, Renee Kristine, b. 14 Jan 19 71 

#21417 Virgil Hall md Lillian Hickey 
6 Oct 1944 - Children: 

#214-171 HALL, John LaMont, b, 12 Aug 1945 
#214-172 HALL, Rayma Elizabeth, b. 7 Sep 1948 
#214-173 HALL, Anthony Winn, b. 5 Dec 1949 
#214-174 HALL, James Wade, b 6 Dec 1951 

#21418 Virgie Hall md Earl Wayne Gurney 
19 June 1940 - Children: 

#214-181 GURNEY, Kenneth Earl, b. 14 Mar 1941 
#214-182 GURNEY, Virgil Wayne, b. 15 Feb 1943 
#214-183 GURNEY, Allen H. , b. 21 Aug 1946 
#214-184 GURNEY, Vicki Lynn, b. 15 May 1948 
#214-185 GURNEY, Melvyn Frank, b. 30 Sep 1951 
#214-186 GURNEY, Brent Kinder, b. 18 June 1954 
#214-187 GURNEY, Marvin Scott, b. 20 Nov 1958 

#214181 Kenneth Earl Gurney md Linda 
Maynard 16 May I960 - Children: 

#214-181-1 GURNEY, Kenneth Jared, b. 22 June 1961 
#214-181-2 GURNEY, Lynnette, b. 3 Feb 1963 
#214-181-3 GURNEY, Sherrie Lynn, b. 9 May 1964 
#214-181-4 GURNEY, Shawn Earl, b. 8 Oct 1966 
#214-181-5 GURNEY, Wendy Kay, b. 26 Aug 1969 

#214182 Virgil Wayne Gurney md Marilyn 
Rawlings 7 June 1968 - Children: 
#214-182-1 GURNEY, Robert Wayne, b. 20 Apr 1969, 

d. 20 Apr 1969 

447 Barbara Ann Evans 

#214-182-2 GURNEY, Lisa, b. 13 May 1970 

^'i 14 183 Allen H. Gurney md i^andra Sue 

Snyder 27 Aug 1965 - Children- 

#214-183-1 GURNEY, Greg Allen, b. 8 Jan 1967 

#214-183-2 GURNEY, Kirt David, b. 26 Aug 1970 

f21419 Marvin Hall md Greta Churchill 

31 Oct 1942 - No issue 

#21419 Marvin Hall md Donna Alene 
Degelbeck 6 Feb 1948 - Children; 
#214-191 HALL, Brenda, b. 24 May 1951 
#214-192 HALL, Gary M. , b. 11 May 1955 

#2142 Vangie May Winn md Albert Dor us 
Webb 24 May 1907 - Children: 

#214-21 WEBB, Donald Dorus, b. 12 May 1908 
#214-22 WEBB, Mabel, b. 23 Nov 1909 
#214-23 WEBB, Wendell, b. 7 Nov 1911 
#214-24 WEBB, Miles, b. 17 Oct 1913, 

d. 31 Oct 1915 
#214-25 WEBB, Eva, b. 6 Sep 1915 
#214-26 WEBB, Orville, b. 28 June 1917 
#214-27 WEBB, Leslie, b. 9 Nov 1919 
#214-28 WEBB, Fern, b. 23 July 1921 
#214-29 WEBB, Glenn, b. 30 Dec 1923 
#214-2A WEBB, Leona, b. 6 Nov 1926 
#214-2B WEBB, Margie, b. 31 Oct 1928 

#21421 Donald Dorus Webb md Leona 
Stratton 30 May 19 31 - Children: 
#214-211 WEBB, Lawana, b. 15 Jan 1932 
#214-212 WEBB, Newel Stratton, b. 13 Oct 1933 
#214-213 WEBB, Max Darwin, b. 1 1 Oct 1935 
#214-214 WEBB, Dorus Kay, b. 12 Sep 1938 

#21421 Donald Dorus Webb md (2) Margaret 
Pohl MuUican 

#214211 Lawana Webb md John Charles 
Whitson 27 Jan 1951 - Children: 

#214-211-1 WHITSON, Steven Dow, b. 24 Apr 1953 
#214-211-2 WHITSON, James Colin, b 26 Feb 195 5 

#214212 Newell Stratton Webb md Alice Lee 
Andrews 17 Jan 1954 - Children: 

#214-212-1 WEBB, William Larry, b. 16 June 1954 
#214-212-2 WEBB, Michael David, b. 15 Aug 1956 
#214-212-3 WEBB, Susan Kathleen, b. 28 Sep 1957 

#214212 Newell Stratton Webb md (2) Carolyn 
Marie Shafer 13 Dec 1968 

#214213 Max Darwin Webb md Rose Marie 
Irvin 23 Apr 1954 - Children: 
#214-213-1 WEBB, Beverly Jo, b. 2 July 1955 

Barbara Ann Evans 448 

#214-213-2 WEBB, Charles Raymond, b. 11 Oct 1957 
#214-213-3 WEBB, Tommy Donald, b. 2 May 1962 

#214214 Dorus Kay Webb md Darlene Craig 

#214214 Dorus Kay Webb md Diane 

#21422 Mabel Webb md Kenneth Croff Avery 
25 Dec 1929 Piv) - Children: 

#214-221 AVERY, Wanda Mae, b. 24 Jan 1931 
#214-222 AVERY, Kenneth Dwaine, b. 30 Mar 1934 
#214-223 AVERY, Kathleen, b. 9 Dec 1938 
#214-224 AVERY, Douglas Webb, b. 24 Apr 1942 
#214-225 AVERY, Ronald Daniel, b. 10 Feb 1944 
#214-226 AVERY, Elaine Winnefred, b. 22 Sep 1945 
#214-227 AVERY, Diane, b. 23 Nov 1947 
#21422 Mabel Webb md (2) Arch Mortensen 

#214221 Wanda Mae Avery md Cal Woodruff 
Foutz 22 Nov 1949 - Children: 
#214-221-1 FOUTZ, Callie Jo, b. 16 Dec 1951 
#214-221-2 FOUTZ, Suzan, b. 8 Mar 1955 
#214-221-3 FOUTZ, Julie, b. 8 July 1956 
#214-221-4 FOUTZ, Cal Woodruff, b. 28 June 1959, 

d. 17 Oct 1959 
#214-221-5 FOUTZ, Jonathan Cal, b. 13 Jan 1961 

#214222 Kenneth Dwaine Avery md Patricia 
Ann Foutz 29 Sep 1955 - Children: 
#214-222-1 AVERY, DeLayne, b, 22 May 1957 
#214-222-2 AVERY, Shanette, b. 3 Nov 1959 
#214-222-3 AVERY, Louis Dwaine, b. 22 Mar 1961 

#214223 Kathleen Avery md Melvin Bryson - Div 

#214223 Kathleen Avery md Boston Eugene 
Witt 30 Dec 1959 - Children: 

#214-223-1 WITT, Boston Randall, b. 8 Dec I960 
#214-223-2 WITT, Roger Gilreath, b. 10 Aug 1962 

#214224 Douglas Webb Avery md Deanna 
Taylor 17 June 1961 - Child: 
#214-224-1 AVERY, Jay Douglas, b. 26 May 1962 

#214225 Ronald Daniel Avery md Lynn Dee 
Lindberg 18 Aug 1962 - Children: 
#214-225-1 AVERY, Ronald Drew, b. 6 Jan 1963 
#214-225-2 AVERY, Charles Bodee, b. 23 Apr 197 

#214226 Elaine Winnefred Avery md Milton 
Byron Walke 22 Sep 1965 - Children: 
#214-226-1 WALKE, Daniel Wade, b. 27 Apr 1966 
#214-226-2 WALKE, Blaine Byron, b. 29 Sep 1970 

#214227 Diane Avery md Roger Wynn Walker 
3 Sep 1966 - Child: 
#214-227-1 WALKER, Corey Wynn, b. 30 Aug 1969 

449 Barbara Ann Evans 

#21423 Wendell Webb md Helen Tenney 
6 June 1945 - Children: 
#214-231 WEBB, Linda, b. 9 Mar 1946 
#214-232 WEBB, Myrna, b. 22 Nov 1947 
#214-233 WEBB, Me Ivin Wendell, b. 7 Mar 194 9 

#214231 Linda Webb nad Aiian Maschger 
13 Sep 1969 - Child: 

#214-231-1 MASCHGER, Martha, b. June 1970, 
d. June 197 

#214232 Myrna Webb md Mariano Orozco 
15 May 1969 - Child: 
#214-232-1 OROZCO, Erico Ricorodo, b. 1 Aug 197 

#21425 Eva Webb md Russell Hoops Allen 
4 June 1938 - Children: 

#214-251 ALLEN, Vangie Mae, b. 18 Nov 1939 
#214-252 ALLEN, Loa, b. 13 Apr 1943 
#214-253 ALLEN, Rozetta, b. 6 Aug 1946, 

d. 6 Aug 1946 
#214-254 ALLEN, Sandra, b. 31 May 1951 
#214-255 ALLEN, Betty Jean, b. 12 June 1954 

#214251 Vangie Mae Allen md Vardell R. 
Blau 27 Nov 1959 - Children: 
#214-251-1 BLAU, Carolyn, b. 2 Nov I960 
#214-251-2 BLAU, Vardell Kent, b. 14 Nov 1961 
#214-251-3 BLAU, Diana 
#214-251-4 BLAU, Russell Webb, b. 4 Nov 1968 

#214252 Loa Allen md Carl Whipple Skouson 
17 Dec 1966 - Child: 
#214-252-1 SKOUSON, Russell Evan, b, 19 Apr 1970 

#21426 Orville Webb md Lurena Merrell 
17 Feb 1942 - Children: 

#214-261 WEBB, Farren Orville, b. 30 Mar 1943 
#214-262 WEBB, Joyce, b. 17 Dec 1944 
#214-263 WEBB, Stanley Jay, b. 23 Nov 1946 
#214-264 WEBB, Calvin Charles, b. 10 May 1949 
#214-265 WEBB, Franceen, b. 28 Feb 1952 
#214-266 WEBB, Alice Marie, b. 7 Mar 1954 
#214-267 WEBB, Ruth Ellen, b. 14 Dec 1956 
#214-268 WEBB, Edward Lavar, b. 26 Feb 1959 
#214-269 WEBB, Glenn Alan, b 6 Nov 1962 

#214261 Farren Orville Webb md Ketta 
Louise Weipert 3 July 1965 - Child: 
#214-261-1 WEBB, Troy Hooker (Adp),b. 24 Oct 19 69 

#214262 Joyce Webb md Dale Harry Kohler 

13 Feb 1965 - Child: 

#214-262-1 KOHLER, Monica, b. 19 June 1965 

Barbara Ann Evans 450 

#214265 Franceen Webb md Gary Glade 
Nielson 19 Aug 1970 

#21427 Leslie Webb md Adelma Payne 
19 Mar 1946 - Children: 

#214-271 WEBB, Olive Albert, b. 13 May 1947 
#214-272 WEBB, Van Allen, b. 21 Nov 1949 
#214-273 WEBB, Lynn, b. 2 Nov 1951 
#214-274 WEBB, Bill Irvin, b. 1 Jan 1953 
#214-275 WEBB, Karen, b. 1 Oct 1956 
#214-276 WEBB, Vearle Dean, b. 26 May 1957 
#214-277 WEBB, Shawn, b. 23 Mar 1959 

#21428 Fern Webb md Olifton Payne Tenney 
1 Feb 1941 - Ohildren: 

#214-281 TENNEY, Gerald Webb, b. 30 June 1942 
#214-282 TENNEY, Sandra Fern, b. 11 Oct 1945 
#214-283 TENNEY, Claudia, b, 9 June 1947 
#214-284 TENNEY, Belva, b. 13 Aug 1953, 

d. 14 Aug 19 53 
#214-285 TENNEY, Holly, b. 8 Mar 1957 
#214-286 TENNEY Jeannie, b. 18 July 1958 

#214281 Gerald Webb Tenney md Ila Rae 
Kartchner 15 Sep 1967 - Child: 
#214-281-1 TENNEY, Desiree, b. 4 Nov 1968 

#214282 Sandra Fern Tenney md Brent 
Russell Boehme 3 Apr 1969 

#214283 Claudia Tenney rad Douglas Duane 
Schafer 24 Jan 197 - Child: 
#214-283-1 SCHAFER, Craig Douglas, b. 29 Dec 197 

#21429 Glerm Webb md Margaret Mary 
Fitzsimons 19 Apr 1945 

#21429 Glenn Webb md Avilda Williams 

#21429 Glenn Webb md Margaret Crane 
Woolfolk 25 July 1959 - Children: 
#214-291 WEBB, Charles Glenn, b. 24 May I960 
#214-292 WEBB, Edward Kent, b. 6 Dec 1966 

#2142A Leona Webb md Elmer LaMarr 
Cardon 19 July 1947 - Children: 
#214-2A1 CARDON, Kristine, b. 5 June 1948 
#214-2A2 CARDON, Dennis LaMarr, b. 11 May 1950 
#214-2A3 CARDON, Jeanine, b. 14 Nov 1951 
#214-2A4 CARDON, Renee', b. 15 Aug 1953 
#214-2A5 CARDON, Wayne Milo, b. 6 Oct 1956 

#2142A1 Kristine Cardon mid James Larry 
Pomeroy 25 Aug 1967 - Child: 
#214-2A1-1 POMEROY,Anna Christine, b. 14 Feb 196j 

451 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2142A3 Jeanine Car don md Steven Clark 
Johnson 31 July 197 

#2142B Margie Webb md Joseph Cisco 

Haynes, Jr. 17 Oct 1948 - Children: 
#214-2B1 HAYNES, La Monte, b. 26 Aug 1949 
#214-2B2 HAYNES, Steven, b. 19 Aug 1950 
#2I4-2B3 HAYNES, Yvonne, b. 7 Dec 1951 
#2 14-2B4 HAYNES, Teresa, b. 2 Dec 1952 
#2142B Margie Webb md (2) Gene Chacon 

#2142B1 LaMonte Haynes md Brenda Ladeen 
Cronan 22 Mar 1969 - Children: 
#214-2B1-1 HAYNES, Daniel LaMonte, b. 9 Oct 1969 

#214-2Bl-2 HAYNES, Kimberly 

~ #2143 David John Winn md Henrietta Amelia 

Steers Hall 11 Aug 1915 - Children: 

#214-31 WINN, David Jay, b. 1 May 1916 

#214-32 WINN, Lillian, b. 2 Mar 1918 

#214-33 WINN, Kent, b. 13 Jan 1920 

#214-34 WINN, Edna Marvell, b. 13 Dec 192 1, 

d. 1 Feb 1923 
#214-35 WINN, Wanda, b. 2 Oct 1925 
#214-36 WINN, Elaine, b. 23 Jan 1932 

#21431 David Jay Winn md Jean Bryant 
9 Aug 1942 - Children: 

#214-311 WINN, David John, b. 2 Sep 1946 
#214-312 WINN, Robert Bryant, b. 14 Aug 1947 
#214-313 WINN, Leslie Rand, b. 17 July 1950 
#214-314 WINN, Glenda, b. 15 Oct 1951 
#214-315 WINN, Naomi, b. 26 Feb 1954 
#214-316 WINN, Clifton Paul, b 26 June 1956 

#21432 Lillian Winn md Glenn C. Walker 
26 Sep 1942 - Child: 
#214-321 WALKER, Glenn Chad, b. 2 Nov 1944 

#21433 Kent H. Winn md Ruth Ann Evans 
24 Mar 1947 - Children: 

#214-331 WINN, Robert Evans (Adp), b. 19 Feb 1946 
#214-332 WINN, William Thomas, b. 18 Oct 1947 
#214-333 WINN, Wayne Howard, b. 5 Dec 1948 
#214-334 WINN, Janice Ruth, b. 18 Aug 1950 
#214-335 WINN, Evelyn, b. 24 Nov 1951 

#21435 Wanda Winn md Vancil Wayne Webb 

- Child: 

?214-351 WEBB, Vancilynn, b. 30 Jan 1944 

#21435 Wanda Winn md Jay Douglas 
McClanahan 19 Feb 1947 - Children: 
#214-352 MC CLANAHAN, Jay Douglas, b. 8 Dec 1948 

Barbara Ann Evans 452 ^i 

#214-353 MC CLANAHAN, Karen, b. 17 May 1950 
#214-354 MC CLANAHAN, Gail, b. 25 June 1951 *! 

#214-355 MC CLANAHAN, David Lee, b 28 Sep 1954 
#214351 Vancilynn Webb md Charles Freed 

20 Nov 1959 

#21436 Elaine Winn md Harry Charles 
Brehern 1 Mar 1958 ___„ 

#2144 Evan Winn md Mable Car don 31 Oct 
1913 - Children: 

#214-41 WINN, Thelma, b. 22 Feb 1915 
#214-42 WINN, Evan LaMar, b. 17 Jan 1918 
#214-43 WINN, Ethel, b. 2 July 1920 
#214-44 WINN, William Elden, b. 16 Sep 1921 
#214-45 WINN, Leon Preston, b 31 Jan 1923 

#214-441 Thelma Winn md (1) True Barnhart 
Harman - No issue 

#214-441 Thelma Winn md (2) Marvin Lowell 
Patterson 7 Sep 1937 - Children: 
#214-411 PATTERSON, Patricia, b. 1 Oct 1941 
#214-412 PATTERSON, Kathryn, b. 1 Dec 1942 
#214-413 PATTERSON, Robert Lowell, b. 20 Apr 19 55 

#21412 Evan LaMar Winn md Helen Sara 
Parmenter 8 Nov 1945 - Child: 
#214-121 WINN, David Evan, b. 1946 

#21443 Ethel Winn md Cletus Earl Ball 
10 July 1939 - Children: 

#214-431 BALL, Jerrod Eldon, b. 9 Apr 1941 
#214-432 BALL, Johnnie Theresa, b. 24 June 1942 

#21444 William Elden Winn md Edna Piatt 

15 Sep 1945 - Children: 

#214-441 WINN, Edward Allen, b. 11 Apr 1947 
#214-442 WINN, Eric Brian, b. 16 Apr 1949 
#214-443 WINN, Geoffrey Paul, b. 21 Sep 1950 
#214-444 WINN, William Leslie, b. 24 June 1955 
#214-445 WINN, Elizabeth Ruth, b 7 July 1957 

#21445 Leon Preston Winn md Harriet Mae 
Hope 30 Sep 1944 - Children: 
#214-451 WINN, Joann, b. 4 Oct 1946 
#214-452 WINN, Sandra Lee, b, 5 Sep 1949 

#2147 Belva Winn md Charles Ervin Jensen 

16 Aug 1922 - Children: 
#214-71 JENSEN, Charles Winn, b. 4 June 1923, 

d. 27 Jan 1945 
#214-72 JENSEN, Owen Keith, b. 2 Nov 1925 
#214-73 JENSEN, Dean Hugh, b. 21 Dec 1928 

453 Barbara Ann Evans 

#21472 Owen Keith Jensen md Lois Dalbv 
16 Aug 1949 - Child-en: 

#214-721 JENSEN, Mark Winn, b. 18 July 1951 
#214-722 JENSEN, Bruce Keith, b. 2 Mar 1954 
#214-723 JENSEN, Scott David, b. 4 May 1956 
#214-724 JENSEN, Janet, b. 1 3 Oct 1958 

#21473 Dean Hugh Jensen md Virginia Gordon 
21 Mar 1958 - Children: 

#214-731 JENSEN, Gordon Charles, b. 15 Oct 1959 
#214-732 JENSEN, Joseph Dean, b. 21 Dec 1962 

#2148 Howard Stillwell Winn md Elsie Louise 
Ellsworth 3 Jan 1923 - Children: 
#214-81 WINN, Howard Robert, b. 2 Oct 1924 
#214-82 WINN, Lois Elsie, b, 18 July 1926 
#214-83 WINN, Leota, b. 24 Aug 1933 
#214-84 WINN, Jo Ann, b. 23 Jan 1940 

#21481 Howard Robert Winn md Cynthia 
Fowler Buss 21 Jan 1951 - Child: 
#214-811 WINN, Michael Thomas, b 3 July 195 5 

#21482 Lois Elsie Winn md Alien Kurt Webb 
28 May 1947 - Children: 
#214-821 WEBB, Allen Thomas, b. 30 May 1948, 

d. 30 May 1948 
#214-822 WEBB, Anthony Kurt, b. 21 May 1949 
#2 14-823 WEBB, Kristine Kay, b. 8 Feb 1952 
#2 14-824 WEBB, William David, b. 29 Dec 1955 
#21482 Lois Elsie Winn md (2) ^_^ 

#21483 Leota Winn md Francis Raymond 
Shuss 9 Feb 1952 - Children: 

#214-831 SHUSS, Marilyn Shelia, b. 14 Aug 1953 
#214-832 SHUSS, Peter Raymond, b. 25 Nov 19 54 
#214-833 SHUSS, Daniel Gordon, b. 11 Oct 1957 
#214-834 SHUSS, Larry David, b. 1 1 Nov 1959 

#21484 Jo Ann Winn md "J" Barry Lindblom 
25 Oct 1958 - Children: 

#214-841 LINDBLOM, Joseph Barry, b. 28 Nov 1959 
#214-842 LINDBLOM, Howard Brent, b. U Oct 1961 
#214-843 LINDBLOM, Jeffery, b. 13 Mar 1963 
#214-844 LINDBLOM, Bryan, b. 18 Apr 1966 

#2149 Daniel Roscoe Winn md Neta Knight 
16 Apr 1928 - Children: 

#214-91 WINN, Infant, b. 3 Jan 1929, Stillborn 
#214-92 WINN, William Duane, b. 13 July 1933 
#214-93 WINN, Roscoe Lyle, b. 14 Aug 1936, 

d. 25 Aug 1936 
#214-94 WINN, Lowell Dean, b. 22 Feb 1938 
#214-95 WINN, Martha Sharon, b. 16 Oct 1939 

Barbara Ann Evans 454 

#21492 William Duane Winn rad Emily 
Cleona Jones 25 Jan 1957 - Children: 
#214-921 WINN, Margo Jean, b. 15 July 1958 
#214-922 WINN, Ross Duane, b, 24 Nov I960 
#214-923 WINN, Connie Gail, b. 31 Oct 1962 

#21494 Lowell Dean Winn md Cleon Joy 
Biggs 24 Aug 1957 - Children: 

#214-941 WINN, Cleona Joliene, b. 16 Mar 1958 
#214-942 WINN, Liddia Sue, b. 27 Oct 1959 
#214-943 WINN, Jerry Dean, b. 16 Feb 1962 
#214-944 WINN, Brian Kleo, b. 2 Sep 1964 

#21495 Martha Sharon Winn md John Rieffer 

9 May 1959 

#214A Waldo Winn md Dorothy C. Stephens 

3 Aug 1933 - Children: 

#214-A1 WINN, David Earl, b. 13 Apr 1939 

#214-A2 WINN, Lloyd Stephen, b. 14 Oct 1942 

WILKEY, Beverly 

WILKEY, Robert 

(The Wilkey children are step children) 

#214A1 David Earl Winn md Melody Elaine 
King 10 June 1961 - Children: 

#214-A11 WINN, David Robert, b. 4 Mar 1964 
#214-A12 WINN, Susan Elaine, b. 26 May 1966 

#214B Ezra Thomas Winn md Margaret 
Cooney 9 Oct 1945 - No issue 

#216 John Thomas Winn md Lilly May 
Harwood 22 Dec 1891 - No issue 

#217 Christiana Winn md John Smith Willes 
15 Oct 1890 - Children: 
#217-1 WILLES, John Leland, b. 28 Jan 1892, 

d. 3 Mar 1957 
#217-2 WILLES, Blanche Lavone, b, 29 Oct 1893 
#217-3 WILLES, Clifford Winn, b. 2 Feb 1896 
#217-4 WILLES, Sidney Bruce, b. 23 June 1899, 

d. 27 Nov 1957 
#217-5 WILLES, Barbara, b, 26 Mar 1903 
#217-6 WILLES, Martha Alzina b. 28 Oct 1906 

#2172 Blanche Lavone Willes md George 
Manuel Tate 28 Oct 1914 - Children: 
#217-21 TATE, Jean LeNore, b. 3 Oct 1915 
#217-22 TATE, Donald Blaine, b. 14 Sep 1919 ^ 

#217-23 TATE, Georgia LaVon, b. 22 Sep 1927 
#217-24 TATE, George Gerald, b. 5 Nov 1931 

#21721 Jeane LeNore Tate md Christie 
Delno Syme 14 Feb 1936 - No Issu e 

455 Barbara Ann Evans 

#21722 Donald Blaine Tate md Margery Estell 
Munson 19 Aug 1940 - Children: 

#217-221 TATE, Donald Munson - Twin, b. 4 Oct 1942 
#217-222 TATE, Ronald Blaine -Twin, b. 4* Oct 1942 

#217221 Donald Munson Tate md Mary Ann 

Melton 2 Oct 1965 - Children: 

#217-221-1 TATE, Joelle Elizabeth, b. 28 Mar 1967 

#217-221-2 TATE, Jonathon Melton, b. 20 Nov 1968 

#217222 Ronald Blaine Tate md CheTyl 

Lorraine Moody 3 June 1966 - Children: 
#217-222-1 TATE, Ronda Lee, b. 26 June 1967 
#217-222-2 TATE, David Blaine, b. 24 May 1969 
#217-222-3 TATE, Cheralyn, b. 17 Dec 1970 

#21723 Georgia Lavon Tate md Stephen 
Bakaric 24 July 1950 - Children: 
#217-231 BAKARIC, Jean Elaine, b. 11 Feb 1951 
#217-232 BAKARIC, Jerri Lynn, b. 2 Jan 1954 
#217-233 BAKARIC, John Stephen, b. 4 Apr 1962 
#217-234 BAKARIC, Paul James, b. 28 May 1963 
~ #21724 George Gerald Tate md Verena Lue 

Erickson 9 Sep 1952 - Children: 
#217-241 TATE, Mark Wayne (Adp), b. 7 June I960, 

d, 25 Oct I960 
#217-242 TATE, Marcel (Adp), b. 14 Oct 1961 
#217-243 TATE, Jason Spencer (Adp), b. 21 Feb 1963 

#2173 Clifford Winn Willes md Edna 
Broomhead 17 Dec 1919 - Children: 
#217-31 WILLES, Kenneth Winn, b. 2 Sep 1921 
#217-32 WILLES, Edna Patricia, b. 13 Mar 1927 
#217-33 WILLES, Leon John, b. 27 July 1931 

"121731 Kenneth Winn Willes md NaDene 
Passey 22 May 1942 - Children: 
#217-311 WILLES, Sherryl P. , b. 2 Nov 1943 
#217-312 WILLES, Larry Winn, b. 9 Nov 1954 
#217-313 WILLES, Terry Ray, b. 2 3 July 1958 
#217-314 WILLES, Kent Clair b. 5 Feb 1961 

#21732 Edna Patricia Willes md Max Keed 
McPhie 23 June 1 952 - Children: 
#217-321 MC PHiJi:, Craig Willes, b. 15 Jan 1955 
#217-322 MC PHTE, Douglas Reed, b. 14 Nov 1957 
#217-323 MC PHIE, Clifford Hyrum, b. 10 Mar 1962 

#n733 Leon John Wiiies md Lazora Jean 

Baum 30 Apr 1951 - Children: 

#217-331 WILLES, Steven Leon, b. 15 Apr 1957 
#217-332 WILLES, Dehor a Jean, b. 20 Apr 1959 
#217-333 WILLES. Heidi Jane, b. 21 Feb 1964 

Barbara Ann Evans 456 

#2174 Sidney Bruce Willes md Elma Hansen 
15 June 1931 - Children: 
#217-41 WILLES, Eldon Ray 
#217-42 WILLES, Sidney Blaine 
#217-43 WILLES, Jeanette 

#21741 Eldon Ray Willes md Sharon Huff 
10 Jan 1958 - Children: 

#217-411 WILLES, Steven H. , b. 14 May 1959 
#217-412 WILLES, Teresa, b. 1 1 Nov I960 
#217-413 WILLES, Jeffrey Bruce, b. 26 May 1962 
#217-414 WILLES, David Matthew, b. 5 Nov 1965 
#217-415 WILLES, Sidney Mark, b. 6 Oct 1966 
#217-416 WILLES, Donald Eldon, b. 16 July 1970 

#21742 Sidney Blaine Willes md Marlene 
Lundell 31 May 1957 - Children: 
#217-421 WILLES, Wendy (Adp), b. 11 Jan 1963 
#217-422 WILLES, Laurel, b. 20 Aug 1963 
#217-423 WILLES, Gregson (Adp) , b. 29 Mar 1969 
#217-424 WILLES, Kendall, b. 13 Oct 1969 

#21743 Jeanette Willes md Stanley D. Ford 
10 Mar 1961 - Children: 
#217-431 FORD, Suzanne, b. 2 Oct 1961 
#217-432 FORD, Cindy, b. 10 Mar 1963 
#217-433 FORD, Allen Willes, b. 29 Sep 1965 
#217-434 FORD, Melinda, b. 23 Sep 1967 

#2175 Barbara Willes md Paul Hugh Otterson 
15 May 1924 - Children: 

#217-51 OTTERSON, Paul Wayne, b. 6 Feb 1925 
#217-52 OTTERSON, Glenn Alan, b, 18 Mar 1926 
#217-53 OTTERSON, J. Winston, b. 29 June 1930 
#217-54 OTTERSON, Arnold Willes, b, 23 Aug 1932 

#21751 Paul Wayne Otterson md Vivian 
Throckmorton 16 Aug 1946 - Children: 
#217-511 OTTERSON, Karen Joyce, b. 22 June 1949 
#217-512 OTTERSON, Barbara Carol, b. 19 May 1951 

#21751 Paul Wayne Otterson md (2) Janice Lee 
Hill 4 Nov 1955 - Children: 

#217-513 OTTERSON, Paul Brian, b. 21 Nov 1956 
#217-514 OTTERSON, Bruce Leland, b. 1 Aug 1959 
#217-515 OTTERSON, Jon Carroll, b. 16 July 1961 
#217-516 OTTERSON, Eric Hugh, b. 31 Dec 1965 
#217-517 OTTERSON, Christopher Hill, b. 26 Apr 1968 

#21752 Glenn Alan Otterson md Mary Eva 
Zignego 1 June 1947 - Children: 

#217-521 OTTERSON, Mary Frances, b, 6 Nov 1956 
#217-522 OTTERSON, Gregory Alan, b. 8 Feb 1959 
#217-523 OTTERSON, Mary Coline, b. 13 Jan 1968 

457 Barbara Ann Evans 

#21753 J. Winston Otterson md Jean Daniels 
28 Sep 1955 - Children: 

#217-531 OTTERSON, Jay Stefan, b. 23 May 1958 
#217-532 OTTERSON, Blaine Lyle, b. 14 May 1961 

#21753 J. Winston Otterson md (2) 

#21753 J. Winston Otterson md (3) Rhea 
(Robin) Gustaveson 7 Aug 1970 

#217 54 Arnold Wiiles Otterson md Margaret 
Perrett 17 Sep 1952 - Children: 

#217-541 OTTERSON, David Anthony, b. 16 Jan 1954 
#217-542 OTTERSON, Corrine, b. 5 Jan 1956 
#217-543 OTTERSON, Kevin James, b. 24 Jan 1959 
#217-544 OTTERSON, Daryl Kirk, b. 29 Aug 1961 
#217-545 OTTERSON, Curtis Bradford, b. 12 Nov 1963 
#217-546 OTTERSON, Karl Perrett, b. 10 July 1965 
#217-547 OTTERSON, Deanna, b. 26 Sep 1967 

#2176 Martha Alzina Wiiles md Lii-iford 
Behrman Werner 11 Aug 1926 - Children: 
#217-61 WERNER, Wiiles Linford, b. 3 Jan 1928 
#217-62 WERNER, Elaine, b. 6 Oct 1931 
#217-63 WERNER, LaRae, b. 8 J^oly 1934 
#217-64 WERNER, Dean J. , b. 11 Apr 1937 
#217-65 WERNER, Robert Dale, b. 15 June 1949 

#21761 Wiiles Linford Werner md Saara 
Judith Helena Patjas 7 July 1955 - Children: 
#217-611 WERNER, Mark Tapio, b. 21 Apr 1956 
#217-612 WERNER, Diana Miriam, b. 17 Dec 1957 
#217-613 WERNER, Bruce Kaleva, b. 18 Sep 1959 
#217-614 WERNER, Christiana, b. 7 June 1962 
#217-615 WERNER, Thomas Martti, b. 19 June 1964 
#217-616 WERNER, Heidi Maria, b 9 Apr 1966 

#21762 Elaine Werner md Jack Duncan 
Strong 22 Apr 1952 - Children: 

#217-621 STRONG, David Wayne, b. 27 Feb 1953 
#2 17-622 STRONG, Blaine Werner, b. U May 1955 
#2 17-623 STRONG, Craig Duncan, b. 1 Nov I960 

#21763 LaRae Werner md LeRoy Franklin 
Peel 22 Apr 1955 - Children: 
#217-631 PEEL, Laurie, b. 9 July 1956 
#217-632 PEEL, Stephen LeRoy, b. 28 Oct 1957 
#217-633 PEEL, Marilyn Elaine, b. 5 Feb 1959 
#217-634 PEEL, Michael Benjamin, b. 16 May 1961 
#217-635 PEEL, Barbara Ann, b. 15 May 1966 

#21764 Dean J. Werner md buzann Dee 
Upstill 12 Apr 1962 - Children: 
#217-641 WERNER, Rebecca Kay, b. 4 Sep 1963 


Barbara Ann Evans 458 

#217-642 WERNER, Karen Deane, b, 23 Jan 1966 
#21 7-643 WERNER, Evan Matthew (Adp), b. 21 Nov 1970 

#219 Susie Winn md Robert John Whipple 
24 June 1896 - Children: 

#219-1 WHIPPLE, Ora, b, 6 May 1897, d, 28 Apr 1956 
#219-2 WHIPPLE, Winnie Leath, b. 27 Sep 1899 
#219-3 WHIPPLE, Essie June, b, 27 June 1902 
#219-4 WHIPPLE, Byron John, b. 15 Mar 1905 
#219-5 WHIPPLE^ Miriam - Twin, b. 16 Nov 1907 
#219-6 WHIPPLE, Mildred - Twin, b, 16 Nov 1907 

#2191 Or a Whipple md Davis Houston Chipman 
17 June 1925 - Child: 
#219-11 CHIPMAN, Robert Davis, b, 19 Mar 1926 

#21911 Robert Davis Chipman md Victoria 
Louise Smith 24 June 1955 - Children: ^ 

#219-111 CHIPMAN, Susan Gay, b. 18 Aug 1956 
,;2 19-1 12 CHIPMAN, Kathryn Louise, b. 2 Apr 1958 
#2 19-113 CHIP.\LAN, Stephen Ralph, b, 1 May i960 
#219-114 CHIPMAN, David Smith, b. 28 Feb K.r4 ^ 

#219-115 CHIPMAN, Christine Ora, b. 27 Au g 1965 

#2192 Winnie Leath Whipple md Daniel Ray 
Kleinman 29 July 1925 - Children: 2 

#219-21 KLEINMAN, Leath Gay, b. 11 July 1926 
#219-22 KLEINMAN, Barbara Dene, b. 16 Sep 1928 
#219-23 KLEINMAN, Lynn Whipple, b. 6 May 1932 

#2192 Winnie Leath Whipple md Willard ,, 

Glenn Waddoups 2 July 1942 - No issue 

#21921 Leath Gay Kleinman md Cleveland 
Max Killian 12 Apr 1949 - Children: 5 

#219-211 KILLIAN, Mark Wanslee, b, 30 July 1955 
#219-212 KILLIAN, David Ray, b, 19 Feb I960 

#21922 Barbara Dene Kleinman md. Dr , Wm. 
Alfred Pettit, Jr. 5 July 1950 - Children: 
#219-221 PETTIT, William Alfred III, b. 17 Jan 1955 
#219-222 PETTIT, Robert John, b. 15 Dec 1958 
#219-223 PETTIT, Richard Glen, b. 15 Sep I960 
#219-224 PETTIT, David Allen, b, 10 Jan 1966 

#21923 Lynn Whipple Kleinman md Josie 
^nne Rich 1 Nov 1958 - Children: 

#219-231 KLEINMAN, Catherine Anne, b. 5 Apr I960 
#219-232 KLEINMAN, Charles Brent, b. 18 Nov 1962 
#219-233 KLEINMAN, Leslie Lyn, b. 19 Apr 1965 
#219-234 KLEINMAN, Craig Rich, b. 7 Nov 1967 

#2193 Essie June Whipple md Emil Claron 
Jorgensen 18 Jan 1925 - Children: 
#219-31 JORGENSEN, Phyllis Jean, b. 9 Jan 1926 

459 Barbara Ann Evnns 

#219-32 JORGENSEN, Claron Whipple, b 12 Apr 1931 
#219-33 JQRGENSEN, John Kay, b. 29 Nov 1935 

#21931 Phyllis Jean Jorgensen md Clifford 

Bernard Hord 28 Mar 1948 - Children- 
#219-311 HORD, Peter Bernard - Twin, 

b. 12 Aug 1965 
#219-312 HORD, Nicholas Eric - Twin, 
b. 12 Aug 1965 

#21932 Claron Whipple" Jorgensen md 
Angelica Joan Boyle 22 Dec 1953 - Children- 
#219-321 JORGENSEN, Cynthia Lynne, b. 2 Nov 1954 
#219-322 JORGENSEN, Claron Mark, b. 26 Apr 1956 
#219-323 JORGENSEN, Laurence Paul, b. 24 Sep 1957 
#219-324 JORGENSEN, Christiane, b. 27 Oct 1962 

#21933 John Kay Jorgensen md Roxanna 
Brown (Braun) 4 July 1964 (Div) - Child: 
#219-331 JORGENSEN, Jon Kristian (Male), 
b. 8 Apr 1965 

#2194 Byron John Whipple md Ada Fox 
20 June 1932 - Children: 

#2 19-41 WHIPPLE, Carolyn, b. 7 Aug 1934 
#219-42 WHIPPLE, Byron Mark, b. 20 Nov 1936 
#219-43 WHIPPLE, Gloria, b. 14 Feb 1943 
#2 19-44 WHIPPLE, Janet, b. 1 Mar 1948 

#219-41 Carolyn Whipple md G. Noel Marble 
10 Sep 1954 - Children: Div 
#219-411 MARBLE, Leeann, b, 3 Apr 1956 
#219-412 MARBLE, Julene, b. 17 Apr 1957 
#219-413 MARBLE, Brian Glen, b. 17 June 1958 
#219-414 MARBLE, Gordon Noell, b. 20 Feb I960 
#219-415 MARBLE, Jeffery Robert, b. U Feb 1962 
#219-416 MARBLE, Keith Andrew,, b, 10 Sep 1966 

#21942 Byron Mark Whipple md Dixie 
Murdock 16 Sep 1965 - Children: 

#219-421 WHIPPLE, Nelson Wheeler, b, 13 Jan 1968 
#219-422 WHIPPLE, Sarah Ann, b. 25 Nov 1969 

#21943 Gloria Whipple md Ronald J. Bateman 
12 July 1963 - Children: 

#219-431 BATEMAN, Ronald Jeffery, b. 6 Sep 1965 
#219-432 BATEMAN, Ronda, b 1 Mar 1968 

#21944 Janet Whipple md Randall Neil 
Murdock 7 May 1970 

#2195 Miriam Whipple md Ralph Andrew 
Goodwin 30 June 1932 - Child (div) 
#219-51 GOODWIN, Marilyn, b H May 1933. 

d,. 11 May 1933 

Barbara Ann Evans 460 

#2195 Miriam Whipple md Emery Leon 
Bin gley 14 Mar 1945 - No issue 

#2196 Mildred Whipple md Ralph Smith Webb 
30 June 1932 - Children: 

#219-61 WEBB, Ralph Dan, b. 22 Oct 1936 
#219-62 WEBB, Suzanne, b. 20 Jan 1940 
#219-63 WEBB, Miriam, b. 22 Apr 1943 
#219-64 WEBB, William Henry, b 24 Aug 1944 

#21961 Ralph Dan Webb md Glenna Mae Lant 
19 Aug 1955 - Children: 

#219-611 WEBB, Corrine, b. 2 Sep 1957 
#219-612 WEBB, Cynthia, b. 23 June 1959 
#219-613 WEBB, Christopher Dan, b. 6 July 1961 
#219-614 WEBB, Kevin Glen, b. 10 May 1963 
#219-615 WEBB, Valynne, b. 30 Dec 1965 
#219-616 WEBB, Roxanne, b. 1 July 1966 
#219-617 WEBB, Brett Ralph, b. 18 Aug 1968 
#219-618 WEBB, Patrick Daniel, b. 15 July 1970 

#21962 Suzanne Webb md Ewles Marshall 
McCoy 25 July 1957 - Children: 

#219-621 MC COY, Robert Lynn, b. 17 Oct 1958 
#219-622 MC COY, Dennis Milton - Twin, 

b. 26 Oct 1959 
#219-623 MC COY, Denise - Twin, b. 26 Oct 1959 
#219-624 MC COY, John Ralph, b. 8 Aug 1961 
#219-625 MC COY, Patrick Daniel, b. 29 Dec 1965 

#21963 Miriam Webb md Joseph Holvor Clegg 
13 June 1962 - Children: 
#219-63 CLEGG, Ruth, b. 1 June 1966 
#219-64 CLEGG, Maren, b, 17 Jan 1969 

#21964 William Henry Webb md Gwenn Ann 
Killpack 19 Dec 1966 r— — 

#21A Adelaide Winn md James Allen Rodeback 
18 Nov 1908 - Child: 

#21A-1 RODEBACK, Harold Winn, b. 10 May 1902, 
d. 15 May 1951 - Unmarried 

#2 IB Jesse Winn md Mary Matney Sager 
9 Sep 1908 - Children: 

#21B1 WINN, Magda Jean, b. 23 June 1909 
#21B2 WINN, Jessie - Twin, b. 17 Oct 1912 
#21B3 WINN, Essie - Twin, b. 17 Oct 1912, 

d. 18 Jan 1914 
#21B4 WINN, Udine, b. 17 Mar 1917 
#21B5 WINN, Verne, b. 14 Nov 1918 
#21B6 WINN, Ray, b. 16 May 1925 

461 Barbara Ann Evans 

#21B1 Magda Jean Winn md Arthur Laurence 
Seifang 24 June 1926 - Child: 
#21B-11 SEIFANG, Patsy Lou, b. 1 Jane 1927 

#21B1 Magda Jean Winn md Dellon Gardner 
Potter 26 Apr 1932 - Children: 
#2 IB- 12 POTTER, James Dell, b. 14 Jan 1933 
#21B-13 POTTER, Jesse Leon, b. 19 Dec 1934 
#21B-14 POTTER, Delwin Carl, b. 15 June 1942 
#21B-15 POTTER, Mary Jean, b. 25 Apr 1944 
#2 IB- 16 POTTER, LaVern, b. 6 May 1948 
#21B-17 POTTER, Alan Winn, b. 5 Jan 1951 

#21B11 Patsy Lou Seifang md R, L. Scow 
6 Dec 1947 - Children: 
#21B-111 SCOW, Nancy Gaye, b. 26 Dec 1948, 

d, 30 Nov 1949 
#2 IB- 112 SCOW, Kristina, b. 23 May 1954 
#21B-113 SCOW, Lisa Kay, b. 23 Sep 1957 
#21B-114 SCOW, Eric Lincoln, b. 7 Feb 1959 
#21B-115 SCOW, Kurt Niels, b. 30 Nov 1965 
#21B-116 SCOW, Gail Jean - Twin, b. 21 Oct 1967 
#2 IB- 117 SCOW, Howard Laurence - Twin, 

b. 21 Oct 1967 ^__ 

#2 IB 12 James Dell Potter md Joyce Wanlass 
(1) 25 Aug 1956 - Children: 
#21B-121 POTTER, Debra, b. 8 Aug 1958 
#21B-122 POTTER, Daniel James, b. 17 Oct 1959 
#2 IB- 123 POTTER, Daryl, b. 28 Oct I960 
#2 IB- 124 POTTER, Damon, b. 17 Mar 1963, 

d. 17 Mar 1963 

#2 IB 12 James Dell Potter md (2) Mildred 
Blaine Downing 21 Feb 1964 - Child: 
#21B-125 POTTER, Casey, b. 26 Nov 1964 

#21B13 Jesse Leon md Carolyn Har grave 
12 Feb 1955 - Children: 

#21B-131 POTTER, Dean Leslie, b. 16 June 1956 
#21B-132 POTTER, Kim Loraine, b. 19 Sep 1957 
#21B-133 POTTER, Tracy Louise, b. 4 Oct I960 

#21B14 Delwin Carl Potter md Linda Kay 
Glimp 12 Nov 1965 - Child: 
#21B-141 POTTER, William Stanley, b. 22 Oct 1968 

#21B15 Mary Jean Potter md Douglas b'. 
Reber 12 Nov 1961 - Children: 

#2 IB -151 REBER, Laurie Jean, b. 31 July 1962 
#21B-152 REBER, Michael, b. 16 Dec 1964 

#21B15 Mary Jean Potter md William Brent 
Mathewson 12 Oct 1967 (2nd) - Child: 
#21B-153 MATHEWSON, Michelle, b, 20 Aug 1968 

Barbara Ann Evans 462 

#21B2 Jessie Winn md Emery Leonard Lewis 
15 June 1935 - Children: 

#2 IB -21 LEWIS, Stewart Winn, b. 12 March 19 36 
#21B-22 LEWIS, Essie Linda, b. 30 Dec 1940 
#21B-23 LEWIS, Ray Emery, b. 18 Dec 1947 

#21B21 Stewart Winn Lewis md Emma Lou 

#21B4 Udine Winn md Thomas Knox Copper 
1 June 1934 - Children: 

#21B-41 COOPER, Myrna Rae, b. 30 Dec 1934 
#2lB-42 COOPER, Marilyn LaVerne, b. 12 Feb 1936 
#2lB-43 COOPER, Thomas Winn, b. 16 Dec 1937 
#2lB-44 COOPER, Jerry Winn, b. 2 Sep 1940 
#2lB-45 COOPER, Mary Ann, b. 9 May 1952, 
d. 9 May 19 52 

#21B5 Verne Winn md Ruth Prince 14 Sep 
1937 - Children: 

#21B-51 WINN, Ted Avon, b. 7 Dec 1938 
#21B-52 WINN, Donald Ray, b. 23 June 1943 
#21B-53 WINN, Verna Kay, b. 13 Sep 1950 
#21B-54 WINN, Evan Jesse, b. 23 Mar 1952 
#21B-55 WINN, George Earl, b. 6 Apr 1953 

#21B51 Ted Avon Winn md Leona Lucille 
Stranger 12 Sep 1957 

#21B6 Ray Winn md Ida Mae Hall 6 June 
1951 - Children: 

#21B-6l WINN, Darcy Ray, b. 30 Mar 1952 
#21B-62 WINN, Claudia, b. 11 Jan 1954 
#21B-63 WINN, Teresa, b. Mar 1955 
#21B-64 WINN, Bradley Hall, b. 27 Oct 1959 
#2 IB -65 WINN, Deanna, b. 2 2 J une 1963 

#2IC Alraeda Winn md Henry W. Sadler 
15 Dec 1904 - Div 20 Aug 1906 

#21C Almeda Winn md Ephraim J, G. 
Hunsberger 18 Apr 1914 - No issue 

#21E Rose Evelyn md Peter N. Peterson 
27 Dec 1904 - Child: 
#21E-1 PETERSON, Martha Louise, b. 18 Jan 1906 

#21E1 Martha Louise Peterson md Arthur 
Robey Forbes 29 June 1928 - Children: 
#21E-11 FORBES, David Barlow, b. 28 Feb 1930 
#2 IE -12 FORBES, Allen Robey, b. 13 July 1934 
#2 IE -13 FORBES, Meda Carol, b. 4 Apr 1937 

#21E11 David Barlow Forbes md Janis 
Lorraine Jepson 26 June 1952 - Children: 
#21E-111 FORBES, JoAnn, b. 25 Aug 1953 

463 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2 IE- 112 FORBES, Cynthia, b. 29 Jan 1955 

#2 IE -113 FORBES, David Aaron, b. 15 Nov 1957 

#21E-114 FORBES, Melissa, b. 8 Aug 1959 

d. 7 Oct 1959 
#21E-115 FORBES, Thayne Robey, b. 25 June 1961 
#2 IE- 116 FORBES, Eric Lance, b. 27 Jan 1964 

#2 IE 12 Alien Roby Forbes md LaRae King 
15 Feb 1957 - Children: 

#21E-121 FORBES, Scott Alan, b. 10 Dec 1957 
#21E-122 FORBES, Connie, b. 26 May 1959 
#2iE-123 FORBES, Mark Winn, b. 2 Mar 1961 
#2 IE- 124 FORBES, Janis, b. 25 Jan 1963 
#21E-125 FORBES, Barbara Ann - Twin, 

b. 23 Feb 1967 
#21E-126 FORBES, Bruce David - Twin, 

b. 23 Feb 1967 

#2 IE -13 Meda Carol Forbes md Keith Ted 
Alldredge 15 Mar 1957 - Child: 
#21E-131 ALLDREDGE, Pamela, b. 22 Mar 1958 

#21E13 Meda Carol Forbes md Robert E. 
Drew 16 Oct I960 - Children: 

#21E-132 DREW, Delbert Forbes, b. 2 Oct 1961 
#21E-133 DREW, Steven Robert, b. 14 Dec 1962 
#2 IE- 134 DREW, Denise, b. 19 June 1965 
#21E-135 DREW, Kenneth Lee, b. 17 Sep 1966 

#22 Amanda Evans md Edward William 
Edwards 29 Apr 1859 - Children: 
#221 EDWARDS, Barbara Ann, b. 6 Nov 186 

d. 2 Jan 1861 (Child) 
#222 EDWARDS, Mary Amanda, b. 13 Mar 1862, 

d. 24 Aug 1922 
#223 EDWARDS, Edward William, b. 29 Aug 1864, 

d. 11 June 1865 (Child) 
#224 EDWARDS, William David, b. 15 Apr 1866, 

d. 10 Dec 1939 (Unmarried) 
#225 EDWARDS, John Henry, b. 9 Apr 1868, 

d. 4 Apr 1910 (Unmarried) 
#226 EDWARDS, Thales Haskell, b. 21 Mar 1870, 

d. 21 June 1921 
#227 EDWARDS, Hyrum, b. 10 July 1871, 

d. 26 Aug 1871 (Child) 
#228 EDWARDS, Joseph, b. 9 July 1872, 

d. May 1880 (Child) 

#229 EDWARDS, Walter, b. 15 Feb 1874, 

d. 4 Aug 1925 (Unmarried) 

Barbara Ann Evans 


b. 25 Nov 1875, 
13 Dec 1876, 

#22A EDWARDS, Charles, 

d. 24 Aug 1927 
#22B EDWARDS, Martha, b. 

d. 22 Feb 1877 (Child) 

#222 Mary Amanda Edwards md George 
David Robinson 29 Apr 1885 - Children: 
#222-1 ROBINSON, George David, b. 27 Feb 1886 
#222-2 ROBINSON, Mary Amanda, b. 8 Nov 1891 

#2221 George David Robinson md Marie 
Miller 21 Aug 1916 (Div) - No Issue 

#2222 Mary Amanda Robinson md Charles 
Edward Wilson 7 Nov 1912 - Children: 
#222-21 WILSON, Charles Edward, Jr., 

b. 10 Feb 1915 
#222-22 WILSON, Jack Robinson, b. 22 June 1920 
#222-23 WILSON, Mary Dorothy, b. 6 Dec 1923 

#22221 Charles Edward Wilson, Jr. md 
Wilma La Von Ellis 5 Sep 1945 - Children: 
#222-211 WILSON, Charles Edward III, b. 8 Mar 1947 
#222-212 WILSON, Mary Kathryn, b. 1 Nov 1948 
#222-213 WILSON, Samuel Ellis, b. 14 May 1952 
#222-214 WILSON, George Robinson, b. 9 Nov 1953, 

d. 5 Sep 1955 (Child) 
#222-215 WILSON, Ruth LaVon b. 14 Sep 1956 

#222212 Mary Kathryn Wilson md Kenneth 
Leo Lillywhite 12 Sep 1969 - Child: 
#222-212-1 LILLYWHITE, Roy Jonathan, 

b. 8 July 1970 

#222-22 Jack Robinson Wilson md Wanda 
Stevens (Div) 

#222-22 Jack Robinson Wilson md Violet 
Bronson 2 Mar 1958 - No Children 

#22223 Mary Dorothy Wilson md Paul Albert 
Otvos 6 June 1947 - Child: 
#222-231 OTVOS, Richard Dee, b. 3 Dec 1957 

#226 Thales Haskell Edwards md Annie 
Rebecca Wallis Mar 1890 - Children: 

#226-1 EDWARD^, Hazel Winnifred, b. 21 May 

1894, d. 1 Dec 1961 
#226-2 EDWARDS, Vera Amanda, b. 24 Nov 1895 
#226-3 EDWARDS, William Wallis, b. 30 Aug 1898 
#226-4 EDWARDS, Thales Evans, b. 23 Dec 1904, 

d. (Child) 
#226-5 EDWARDS, La Von, b 26 June 1908 

#2261 Hazel Winifred Edwards md Herbert 
A. Corser 12 Jan 1934 - Child: 

465 Barbara Ann Evans 

#226-11 CORSER, George LaMar LEONIS 

b. 5 July 1924 ' 

#2262 Vera Amanda Edwards md Edgar 
William Swinyard 11 Dec 1917 - Children- 
#226-21 SWINYARD, Edgar Eugene, 

b. 18 Sep 1918 
#226-22 SWINYARD, William Lynn, 

b. 11 July 1941 

#22621 Edgar Eugene Swinyard md Fern 
Furness 10 Sep 1942 - Children: 
#226-211 SWINYARD, Karen, b. 29 July 1943 
#226-212 SWINYARD, Kathy, b. 10 Jan 1945 

#2263 William Wallis Edwards md Melba 
Coombs 5 June 1918 - Children: 
#226-31 EDWARDS, Wallis Gordon, b. 2 Apr 1919, 

d. 2 Nov 1950 
#226-32 EDWARDS, William Ferrel, b. 25 Nov 1920 
#226-33 EDWARDS, Melba Gene, b, 18 Jan 1922 

#22632 William Ferrel Edwards md Valda 
LaRue Larsen 9 Jan 1942 - Children: 
#226-321 EDWARDS, Ferrell Kay, b. 25 Mar 1943 
#226-322 EDWARDS, Vernon Lyn, b. 24 Oct 1946 
#226-323 EDWARDS, Karen Jean, b. 26 Nov 1947 
#226-324 EDWARDS, Gary Brent, b. 4 Dec 1948 
#226-325 EDWARDS, Janet Doone, b. 17 Jan 1950 
#226-326 EDWARDS, Robert Dean, b. 5 July 1958 
#226-327 EDWARDS, Mark b. 5 Nov 1961 

#22633 Melba Gene Edwards md Paul 
Dusenberry 2 Aug 1941 - Children: 
#226-331 DUSENBERRY, Paul William, 

b. 8 May 1943 
#226-332 DUSENBERRY, Richard Lee, 

b. 15 Aug 1944 
#226-333 DUSENBERRY, Wallis Edward, 

b. 6 Oct 1946 

#22633 Melba Gene Edwards md Geroid Jay 

Snell 5 Aug 1959 - Child: 

#226-334 SNELL, Steven Jay, b. 15 Jan 1961 

#2265 LaVon Edwards md Paul Douglas 
Lawson 22 Apr 1939 - Child: 
#226-51 LAWSON, Sharlene. b. 14 Nov 1940 

#22A Charles Edwards md Elizabeth JJixon 
Bone 10 Oct 1895 - Children: 
#22A-1 EDWARDS, Verda Amanda, b. 27 June 

1896, d. 20 Dec I960 
#22A-2 EDWARDS, Bessie Dixon, b. 22 Sep 1898 

Barbara Ann Evans 466 

#22A-3 EDWARDS, Ursula Ewell, b. 27 Sep 1901 
#22A-4 EDWARDS, Charlie "J", b. 30 July 1905 
#22A-5 EDWARDS, Edward William, b. 28 June 1910 
#22A-6 EDWARDS, Clifton "B" - Twin, 

b. 29 Sep 1917 
#22A-7 EDWARDS, Clifford "E" - Twin, 

b. 29 Sep 1917 ^ 

#22A1 Verda Amanda Edwards md Walter 
Robert Michaelis 8 Apr 1915 - Children: 
#22A-11 MICHAELIS, Venna Lavoy, b. 5 Nov 1922 
#22A-12 MICHAELIS, Robert Clair, b, 24 June 1931 
#22A- 13 MICHAELIS, Elsie, b. 25 June 1936 

#22A11 Venna Lavoy Michaelis md Carlos 
Alma Yeates 7 Sep 1943 - Children: 
#22A-111 YEATES, Ballard King, b. 3 July 1944 
#22A-112 YEATES, Ann Louise, b. 15 Feb 1948 
#22A-113 YEATES, Richard Alan, b. 7 Mar 1950 
#22A-114 YEATES, Janet Kaye, b. 26 Mar 1953 

#22A112 Ann Louise Yeates md Alan Francis 
Cassidy 28 Aug 1970 

#22A12 Robert Clair Michaelis rad Bernice 
Richards - Child: 

#22A-1211^ICHAELlS", Walter Robert, b. Sep I960 

#22A13 Elsie Michaelis md Delwayne England 
14 June 1956 - Children: 

#22A-131 ENGLAND, Laura Kaye, b. 3 Mar 1959 
#22A-132 ENGLAND, Jeffery Packer, b. 26 Oct 1961 

#22A2 Bessie Dixon Edwards md John Elijah 
Kelley 1 Mar 1927 - Children: 

#22A-21 KELLEY, John Edwards, b. 22 Dec 1927 
#22A-22 KELLEY, Gene Edwards, b. 20 Dec 1931 

#22A21 John Edwards Kelley md Alta 
Vernetta Ellis 4 June 1947 - No issue 

#22A21 John Edwards Kelley md Shirley 
Hampton 10 Jan 1950 - Children: 
#22A-211 KELLEY, Kenneth John, b„ 8 Oct 1950 
#22A-212 KELLEY, Richard "H", b. 5 Oct 1951 
#22A-213 KELLEY, Jane, b. 24 Feb 1954 
#22A-214 KELLEY, Joan, b. 29 Mar 1957 
#22A-215 KELLEY, Jack "H", b. 14 Mar 1959 

#22A22 Gene Edwards Kelley md Bonita Nell 
Hampton 1 June 1950 - Children: 
#22A-221 KELLEY, Ann, b. 26 Feb 1951 
#22A-222 KELLEY, Gregory Gene, b. 14 Apr 1952 
#22A-223 KELLEY, Kristine, b. 20 Dec 1955 
#22A-224 KELLEY, Paul Douglas, b. 10 Sep 1958 
#22A-225 KELLEY, Jeffrey Lynn, b, 12 Feb 1963 

467 Barbara Ann Evans 

#ZZA3 Ursula Ewell Edwards md George "Q" 
Nibley Maughan 31 Mar 1920 - Children: 
#22A-31 MAUGHAN, George Edwards, b. 28 Mar 1921 
#22A-32 MAUGHAN, Charles Edwards, b. 16 Dec 1922 
#22A-33 MAUGHAN, Marvin Edwards, b. 26 Sep 1924 
#22A-34 MAUGHAN, Elizabeth Edwards, b. 7 May 1926 
#22A-35 MAUGHAN, Eugene Edwards, b. 13 Apr 1932 
#22A-36 MAUGHAN, Newell Edwards, b. 18 May 1934 
#22A-37 MAUGHAN, Ursula Arlene, b. 13 Feb 1936 

#22A31 George Edwards Maughan md Rosella 
Eliza McBride 2 July 1942 - Children: 
#22A-311 MAUGHAN, George Richard, b. 28 Feb 1944 
#22A-312 MAUGHAN, Sharon Rosella, b. 29 Feb 1948 
#22A-313 MAUGHAN, Kevin Ray, b. 1 Nov 1955 
#22A -3 14 MAUGHAN, Barbara Ann, b. 28 Oct 1958 

#22A311 George Richard Maughan nid Joyce 
Cleone Jorgensen 24 Apr 1964 

#22A3r2 Sharon Rosella md JohnT^verton 
20 Apr 1970 

#22A32 Charles Edwards Maughan md~Jean 
Coulson 5 Sep 1947 - Children: 
#22A-321 MAUGHAN, Maureen Coulson, 

b. 25 June 1949 
#22A-322 MAUGHAN, Cathy Jean Coulson, 

b. 12 Mar 1952 

#22A-321 Maureen Coulson md Robert W. 
Burdge 2 Sep 197 

#22A322 Cathy Jean Clouson Maughan md 
Robert Donald Sharp, Jr. 31 July 1969 - Child: 
#22A-321 SHARP, April Jeanne, b. 7 Apr 1970 

#22A33 Marvin Edwards Maughan md Gene 
LaVon Walker 9 Nov 1948 - Children: 
#22A-331 MAUGHAN, Jerry Wayne, b. 11 Nov 1949 
#22A-332 MAUGHAN, Marva Gene, b. 29 Nov 1951 
#22A-333 MAUGHAN, Darla Kay, b. 6 July 1955 
#22A-334 MAUGHAN, Wendy Sue, b. 31 Dec 1957 
#22A-335 MAUGHAN, Sheila Ann, b. 27 Apr I960 
#2 2A-336 MAUGHAN, Kelly Marvin, b. 12 June 196 5 

#22A331 Jerry Wayne Maughan md Sharlene 
H. Schenk 3 July 1970 

f22A34 Elizabeth Edwards Maughan md Keith 
Arthur Smith 23 Apr 1945 - Children: 
#22A-341 SMITH, Linda "M", b. 3 Mar 1946 
#22A-342 SMITH, Joan Louise, b. 19 Feb 1947 
#22A-343 SMITH, Dale Keith, b. 4 Jan 1950 
#22A-344 SMITH, Robert Louis, b. 17 Jan 1956 
#22A-345 SMITH, Gary Arthur, b. 14 Jan 1^58 

Barbara Ann Evans 468 

#22A341 Linda "M" Smith md Craig Robert 
Widdison 20 Sep 1963 - Div ^_ 

#22A342 Joan Louise Smith md Thomas Claude 
"Waggoner 7 Jan 1966 

#22A35 Eugene Edwards Maughan md Althea 
Erva Garner 8 Oct 1951 - Children: 
#22A-351 MAUGHAN, Karen Yvonne, b. 26 Nov 1952 
#22A-352 MAUGHAN, Carol JoAnn, b. 27 Dec 1954 
#22A-353 MAUGHAN, Keith Eugene, b. 15 Feb 1956 
#22A-354 MAUGHAN, Kathryn Althea, b. 7 May 1958 
#22A-355 MAUGHAN, Reed Garner, b. 26 Dec 1961 
#22A-356 MAUGHAN, Mark Evan, b. 20 June 1965 
#22A-357 MAUGHAN, Eric Garner, b. 27 Aug 1968 
#22A-358 MAUGHAN, Lisa Marie, b. 1 Mar 1970 

#22A36 Newell Edwards Maughan md Ruth 
Estell Clark 12 Nov 1954 - Children: 
#22A-361 MAUGHAN, Danny Newell, b. 21 Oct 1955 
#22A-362 MAUGHAN, Lorrie Ruth, b. 12 Jan 1957 
#22A-363 MAUGHAN, Thomas William, b. 3 Feb 1958 

#22A37 Ursula Arlene Edwards Maughan md 
Frank Strauser Stott 4 June 1956 - Children: 
#22A-371 STOTT, Edward Frank, b. 24 May 1957 
#22A-372 STOTT, David Charles, b. 9 Sep 1959 
#22A-373 STOTT, Sue Ellen, b, 25 Apr 1964 

#22A4 Charlie "J" Edwards md Ada Winn 
25 July 1930 - Children: 

#22A-41 EDWARDS, Louise, b. 8 Feb 1932 
#22A-42 EDWARDS, Elaine, b. 3 May 1937 
#22A-43 EDWARDS, Joan, b. 6 Nov 1939 
#22A -44 EDWARDS, Sharlene, b 2 Nov 1945 

#22A41 Louise Edwards md Mar low Keith 
Ellis 20 Jan 1951 - Children: 

#22A-411 ELLIS, Michael Keith, b. 19 Nov 1956 
#22A-412 ELLIS, Jennifer, b. 24 Jan 1963 
#22A-413 ELLIS, Mark Edwards b. 23 May 1964 

#22A42 Elaine Edwards md Ross Eardly 
Woodward, Jr. 4 June 1959 - Children: 
#22A-421 WOODWARD, Rhonda, b. 11 Nov 1961 
#22A-422 WOODWARD, Kevin Ross, b. 25 Aug 1962 
#22A -423 WOODWARD, Randall Edward, 

b. 6 June 1966 
#22A-424 WOODWARD, Linda, b. 5 Oct 1967 
#22A-425 WOODWARD, Scott "C",b. 16 June 1969 

#22A43 Joan Edwards md Arnie Richard 
Daniels Brown 3 June I960 - Children: 
#22A-431 BROWN, Stephen Richard Daniels, 

b. 7 Mar 1961 

469 Barbara Ann Evans 

#22A-432 BROWN, Glade Alan Daniels, b 11 Aug 1963 
#22A-433 BROWN, Talana Daniels, b. 16 May 1966 
#22A-434 BROWN, Dallerie Daniels, b. 1 June 1969 

#22A44 Sharlene Edwards md Delbert 
Mathews Nebeker 25 May 1966 - Children- 
#22A-441 NEBEKER, Darin, b. 15 July 1967 
#22A-442 NEBEKER, Kim, b. 18 Sep 1969 

#22A5 Edward William Edwards md Maud" 
Estella Munsee 16 Dec 1929 - Children: 
#22A-51 EDWARDS, Ralph "M", b. 17 Apr 1933 
#22A-52 EDWARDS, Echo "M", b. 2 Jan 1938 
#22A-53 EDWARDS, Carole "V", b. 14 Feb 1944 
#22A-54 EDWARDS, Dale "W" - Twin, b. 7 Sep 1947 
#22A-55 EDWARDS, Dean ''C" -Twin, b. 7 Se p 1947 

#22A51 Ralph "M" Edwards md Winifred 
Wylie 25 Dec 1969 - Child: 
#22A-512 EDWARDS, Dylan Wylie, b. 18 Nov 1970 

#22A52 Echo "M" Edwards md Larry Kent 
Nielson 1 June 1957 - Children: 
#22A-521 NIEl^ON, Mark "L", b, 3 Jan I960 
#22A-522 NIELSON, Jill, b. 30 Aug 1965 

#22A54 Dale "W " Edwards md Linda Kidman 
28 Aug 1969 - Child: 
#22A-541 EDWARDS, Echo "L", b. 13 Oct 1970 

#22A6 Clifton "B" Edwards md Inez Myrtle 
John 21 July 1937 - Children: 

#22A-61 EDWARDS, Clifton "B" II, b. 28 Feb 1945 
#22A-62 EDWARDS, Douglas "J", b. 12 July 1948 
#22A -63 EDWARDS, Gene "J", b. 28 Nov 1949, 

d. 29 Nov 1949 
#22A-64 EDWARDS, Cheryl Joy (Adp), b. 31 Jan 1949 
#22A-65 EDWARDS, Vicki Ruth (Adp), b. 22 Oct 1950 

#22A61 Clifton "B" Edwards md Cheryl Ann 
Llewellyn 8 Feb 1964 - Children: 

#22A-6ll EDWARDS, Christine Leigh, b. 6 Mar 1965 
#22A-612 EDWARDS, Lori Lynn, b. 15 Jan 1967 
#22A-613 EDWARDS, Stephen Boyd, b 26 Apr 1970 

#22A7 Clifford "E" Edwards md Mary Jane 
Briggs 9 Dec 1942 - Children: 

#22A-71 EDWARDS, Michael "C",b. 17 Feb 1948 
#22A-72 EDWARDS, Kathleen Ann, b, 4 Apr 1955 
#22A62 Douglas "J" Edwards md Sharon Ann 

Est es 21 Aug 19 70 

#22A64 Cheryl Joy Edwards md ii^ilison 

Cobia Rudd - Child: 

#22A-641 RtjDD, Elisa Amuia — 

Barbara Ann Evans 470 

#22A65 Vicki Ruth Edwards md Ashley 
Legler Plumb 14 June 1969 

#23 Abigail Evans md Ole EUingson 1 Nov 
1861 - Children: 
#231 ELLINGSON, Abigail Ann, b. 7 June 1863, 

d. 22 Dec 1894 Unmarried 
#232 ELLINGSON, Ole, b. 23 Sep 1864, 

d. 3 Dec 1932 
#233 ELLINGSON, Amelia, b. 3 Mar 1866, 

d. 13 Aug 1890 
#234 ELLINGSON, David Elling, b. 12 Dec 1867, 

d. 16 May 1897 
#235 ELLINGSON, Emma, b. 3 Aug 1869, 

d. 6 June 1906 
#2 36 ELLINGSON, Sarah, b. 7 June 1871, 

d. 23 Aug 19 52 
#237 ELLINGSON, Abraham, b. 22 Sep 1873, 

d. 22 Sep 1873 
#238 ELLINGSON, Canute, b. 23 Feb 1875, 

d. 13 June 1914 
#239 ELLINGSON, George Alma, b. 11 Apr 1877, 

d. 28 Feb 1900 (Unmarried) 
#23A ELLINGSON, Berg, b. 3 May 1881, 

d. 3 Apr 1954 
#23B ELLINGSON, Christie, b. 2 Feb 1883 
#23C ELLINGSON, Barbara Lenora, b. 22 Jan 

1889, d, 6 Feb 1935 

#232 Ole EUingson md Katherine Sweeney 
Friel 12 June 1889 - Children: 
#232-1 ELLINGSON, Marie, b. 1 Aug 1891, 

d. 20 Apr 1915 
#232-2 ELLINGSON, Ole Wayne, b. 11 July 1893, 

d. 12 Dec 1958 
#232-3 ELLINGSON, Ernest Wynford, b. 21 Apr 1895, 

d. 23 June 197 
#232-4 ELLINGSON, Edward Francis, b. 31 July 

1897, d. 2 Feb 1958 
#232-5 ELLINGSON, Reed, b, 15 July 1899, 

d. 18 Dec 1900 
#232-6 ELLINGSON, Erma Katherine, b. 28 Oct 

#232-7 ELLINGSON, Mark, b. 5 June 1904 
#232-8 ELLINGSON, Sherwin, b. 13 July 1906, 

d. 10 Aug 1970 
#232-9 ELLINGSON, Harold Victor, b. 26 Feb 1913 

471 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2321 Marie Ellingson md Napoleon Grover 
9 July 1913 - Child: 
#232-11 GROVER, Bernice Marie, b. 18 Apr 1915 

d 21 Apr 1915 (Ch ildj 

#^32Z Die Wayne Ellingson md Dorothea 
Mabel Bush 16 Aug 1949 - No issue 

#2323 Ernest Wyniord Ellingson md Esther 
Pauline Groenig 2 July 1918 - Children: 
#232-31 ELLINGSON, Robert Donal, b. 21 June 1921 
#232-32 ELLINGSO N, Caro lyn Ruth,b. 25 Apr 1940 

#23231 Robert Donal Ellingson md Evelyn E. 
Martin 27 Oct 1945 - Children: 
#232-311 ELLINGSON, Donna Evelyn, 

b. 29 Apr 1948 
#232-312 ELLINGSON, Ma ry Claire, b. 6 Mar 1951 

#2324 Edward Fran"cis Ellingson md Angela 
Elizabeth Cole 11 Jan 19 32 - Children: 
#232-41 ELLINGSON, Frances Angela, 

b. 30 Sep 1934 
#232-42 ELLINGSON, Linda Jean e , b. 18 Feb 1943 

#23241 Frances Angela Ellingson md George 
H. Cilley 4 Dec 1955 - Child: 
#232-411 CILLEY, Kathryn Louise, b. 30 Mar 1963 

#23242 Linda Jeane Ellingson md James P. 
Nester 2 June 1962 - Child: 
#232-421 NESTER, Patrick Edwards, b. 18 Sep 1964 

#2326 Erma Katherine Ellingson md Myles 
H, Sinnott 26 Dec 1934 - No issue 

#2327 Mark Ellingson md Marcia Cooke 
Randall 12 July 19 34 - Children: 
#232-71 ELLINGSON, Laura Kathryn (Adp Twin), 

b. 21 Mar 1942 
#232-72 ELLINGSON, Louise Alice (Adp Twin), 

b. 21 Mar 1942 
#232-73 ELLINGSON, Karen Marie, b. 10 Mar 1945 
#232-74 ELLINGSON, Jon Eric b. 21 Aug 1948 

#23271 Laura Kathryn Ellingson md Leslie 
Vernon Chapman 16 June 1963 - Children: 
#232-711 CHAPMAN, Jacquiline Louise, 

b. 20 Apr 1966 
#232-712 CHAPMAN, Douglas Vernon, 

b. 10 July 1967 

#23272 Louise Alice Ellingson md Roger H. 
Kuite 25 Aug 1963 - Children: 
#232-721 KUITE, David Mark, b. 16 Nov 1965 
#2 32-722 KUITE, Darin Michael, b. 6 Apr 1970 

Barbara Ann Evans 472 

#23273 Karen Marie Ellingson md Harry- 
Parker Trueheart 26 June 1965 - Child; 
#232731 TRUEHEAR T , Eric Parker, b. 28 Apr 1969 

#2328 Sherwin^Uingson md Ethel Hazel 
Clayton 9 Oct 1926 - Child: 
#232-81 ELLINGSON, Janet, b. 15 Apr 1932 

#23281 Janet Ellingson nnd George N. Croft 
29 July 1955 - Children; 

#232-811 CROFT, Cheryl Ann, b. 3 Oct 1958 
#232-812 CROFT, Susan Elaine, b. 31 July I960 

#2329 Harold Victor Ellingson md Frances 
Josephone Kadulski 18 Nov 1944 - No issue 

#233 Amelia Ellingson md Albert Preece 
14 Dec 1887 - Child: 
#233-1 PREECE, Albert Ole, b. 3 Aug 1890, 

d. 17 Jan 1893 (Child) 

#235 Emma Ellingson md C. P. Vandruff 
- Children: 

i235-l VANDRUFF, Dolly Edith, b. 25 Dec 1892 

#235-2 VANDRUFF, Clara 

#235-3 VANDRUFF, Edna 

#235-1 Dolly Edith Vandruff md Ira Wilson 
Baldwin 24 Dec 1909 - Children: 
#235-11 BALDWIN, Dean Edgar, b, 9 Dec 1910 
#235-12 BALDWIN, Clayton E. , b. 27 Feb 1913, 

d. 14 June 1965 
#235-13 BALDWIN, John Randolph, b. 17 Mar 1914 
#235-14 BALDWIN, Ira Wilson, b, 22 Mar 1915 
#235-15 BALDWIN, James Ivan, b. 23 Nov 1917 
#235-16 BALDWIN, Esther Viola, b. 15 Nov 1920 
#235-17 BALDWIN, Juanita, b. 29 Aug 1923 
#235-18 BALDWIN, Robert Noville, b. 24 Nov 1925 

#23511 Dean Edgar Baldwin md 

#23512 Clayton E. Baldwin md Edith Eileen 
McAllister - Child: 
#235-121 BALDWIN, Kathleen Ann, b. 12 Dec 1942 

#235121 Kathleen Ann Baldwin md Robert 
Harvey Sulzen 30 July 1961 - Children: 
#235-121-1 SULZEN, Mark Allen, b. 6 Mar 1964 
#235-121-2 SULZEN, Daniel Clayton, b. 1 1 Nov 1965 
#235-121-3 SULZEN, Ann Marie, b. 10 July 1970 

#236 Sarah Ellingson md Nephi Preece 
7 Sep 1893 - Children: 
#236-1 PREECE, Karl Banks, b. 24 Apr 1892, 

d. 24 Apr 1969 

473 Barbara Ann Evans 

#236-2 PREECE, John Ronald, b. 14 Jane 1894 
#236-3 PREECE, Mabel Larie, b. 11 Sep 1896 
#236-4 PREECE, David Ivan, b. 6 Mar 1898 
#236-5 PREECE, Abbie Lela, b. 20 Feb 1903 
#236-6 PREECE, Erland Nephi, b. 4 Apr 1911 

#2361 Karl Banks Preece md i.ella Osea 

McCoy 6 July 1920 - Children: 
#236-11 PREECE, Karl Reed, b. 11 Apr 192 1 
#236-12 PREECE, Karma, b. 25 June 1922 
#236-13 PREECE, Grant McCoy, b. 12 Mar 1925, 

d. 1 Aug 1948 (Unmarried) 
#236-14 PREECE, Leila Ruth, b, 14 Jan 1928 
#236-15 PREECE, Charles Merlin, b. 20 Aug 1929 
#236-16 PREECE, Eldred Bruce, b. 24 Apr 1932 

#23611 Karl Reed Preece md Peari Jarvie 
McMechan 28 Jan 1950 - Children: 
#236-111 PREECE, Donald Mack - Twin, 

b. 20 Nov 1950 
#236-112 PREECE, Diane - Twin, b. 20 Nov 1950 
#236-113 PREECE, Bruce Reed, b. 8 May 1952 
#236-114 PREECE, Gary Mark, b. 1 Feb 1954 

#23612 Karma Preece md Gerald Penrose 
Langton 26 Nov 1947 - Children: 

#236-121 LANGTON, Penny Kay e, b. 26 Oct 1948 
#236-122 LANGTON, Gerald Kimball, b. 20 Apr 1951 
#236-123 LANGTON, Roger Paul, b. 30 Oct 1952 
#236-124 LANGTON, Bradley Scott, b. 7 Feb 1954 
#2 36-125 LANGTON, Gary Douglas, b. 8 June 1955 
#236-126 LANGTON, Todd Penrose, b. 31 May 1958 
#236-127 LANGTON, Barbara Ann, b. 6 Feb 1961 
#236-128 LANGTON, Pamela Sue, b 2 Aug 1964 

#23614 Leila Ruth Preece md Donald Glenn 
Willardson 30 Aug 1952 - Children: 
#236-141 WILLARDSON, Craig A. , b. 10 Oct 1953 
#236-142 WILLARDSON, Linda, b. 18 Feb 1955 
#236-143 WILLARDSON, Lisa Ann (Adp), 
b, 17 Feb 1964 __^^ 

#23615 Charles Merlin Preece md Jacquelyne 
Swain 6 June 1953 - Children: 

#236-151 PREECE, McCoy D. , b. 5 May 1954 
#236-152 PREECE, Marilyn, b. 7 Dec 1956 
#236-153 PREECE, Kelley, b. 31 May 1958 
#236-154 PREECE, Robyn, b. 23 Mar 1962 

#23616 Eldred Bruce Preece md Nancy Glee 
Brighton 11 Oct 1957 - Children: 
#236-161 PREECE, David Brighton, b. 20 July 1958 

Barbara Ann Evans 474 

#236-162 PREECE, Catherine, b. 18 May I960 
#236-163 PREECE, Stephen Bruce, b. 30 Aug 1962 

#2362 John Ronald Preece nnd Clara Noel 
11 June 1924 - Children: 
#236-21 PREECE, John Ronald, b. 31 Aug 1925, 

d. 25 Sep 1925 
#236-22 PREECE, Clara Val Lerie, b. 26 Sep 1928 
#236-23 PREECE, Barbara, b. 5 July 1931 
#236-24 PREECE, Leland Nephi, b. 22 Jan 1934 
#236-25 PREECE, Adoree, b. 6 May 1937 
#236-26 PREECE, Stuart R. , b. 15 Dec 1939 

#23622 Clara Val Lerie Preece md Steven 
Alan Beal 9 June 1952 - Children: 
#236-221 BEAL, Vicki Lynne, b. 31 Mar 1954 
#236-222 BEAL, Vaun Steven, b. 30 Aug 1957 
#236-223 BEAL, Robin, b. 7 July 1959 
#236-224 BEAL, Evan Clair, b 11 Sep 1962 

#23623 Barbara Preece rad Charles R, Barr us 
25 Sep 1950 - Children: 

#236-231 BARRUS, Daniel Scott, b. 3 Nov 1951 
#236-232 BARRUS, Tar alyn Jean, b. 19 Oct 1952 
#236-233 BARRUS, John Charles, b. 3 Jan 1954 
#236-234 BARRUS, Julie Lynn, b. 22 June 1956 
#236-235 BARRUS, Frank Leland, b. 31 Oct 1957 
#236-236 BARRUS, Stuart Gene, b. 4 Mar 1962 

#236-237 BARRUS, Ronald Reece, b. Aug 1963 

#236-238 BARRUS, Richard Dale, b. 22 Mar 1965 
#236-239 BARRUS, Becky Jillene, b. 26 Oct 1968 
#236-23A BARRUS, Patricia Jo, b. 16 Feb 1969 

#23624 Leland Nephi Preece md Kathleen 
Ellis 23 Aug 1963 - Children: 

#236-241 PREECE, David Leland, b. 19 July 1964 
#236-242 PREECE, Diane, b. 27 Sep 1965 
#236-243 PREECE, John Cameron, b. 8 Apr 1967 
#236-244 PREECE, Trulan Nephi, b. 21 Jan 1969 
#236-245 PREECE, Kayloni, b. 16 Aug 1970 

#23625 Adoree Preece md Korth Elwood 
Bingham 15 June 1956 - Children: 
#236-251 BINGHAM, Allison, b. 16 Sep 1959 
#236-252 BINGHAM, Pauline C. , b. 17 July 1961 
#236-253 BINGHAM, Scott Elwood, b. 3 July 1963 
#236-254 BINGHAM, Jenefer Lyne, b. 29 Nov 1968 

#23626 Stuart R, Preece md Vicki Marie 
Williams 21 Dec 1966 - Children: 

#236-261 PREECE, Debra Marie, b. 29 July 1968 
#236-262 PREECE, Wendi Ann, b. 9 Aug 1969 

475 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2363 Mabel Larie Preece md John Staeg 
23 May 1917 - Children: 

#236-31 STAGG, John Derrell, b. 25 Feb 1920 
#236-32 STAGG, Gordon N. , b. 15 Dec 1921 
#236-33 STAGG, Bonna Mae - Twin, b, 19 Mar 1925 
#236-34 STAGG, Sally Mae - Twin, b. 19 Mar 1925 
#236-35 STAGG, David Deone, b. 2 July 1927 
#236-36 STAGG, Marland Ned, b. 11 Feb 1933 

#23631 John Derrell Stagg md Edith Oviatt 
9 Oct 1942 - Children: 

#236-311 STAGG, Terry C. , b. 11 July 1945 
#236-312 STAGG, Shelley Neil, b. 18 Feb 1948 
#236-313 STAGG. Derrell, b. 18 Dec 1951 
#236-314 STAGG, Bert, b. 22 July 1955 

#23532 Gordon N. Stagg md Hope Morsfal 
28 Aug 1954 - Children: 

#236-321 STAGG, Owen Horsfal, b. 26 June 1955 
#236-322 STAGG, Patricia Ann, b. 24 Jan 1957 
#236-323 STAGG, Niel Horsfal, b. 22 Feb 1959 
#236-324 STAGG, Craig Horsfal, b. 1 1 July I960 
#236-325 STAGG, Robyn b. 3 Jan 1962 

#2 3633 Bonna Mae Stagg md Robert W. 
Osterstock 6 Sep 1952 - Children: 
#236-331 OSTERSTOCK, Jan, b. 8 Jan 1954 
#236-332 OSTERSTOCK, Tim, b. 28 Dec 1955 
#236-333 OSTERSTOCK, Lisa, b. 28 May 1959 

#23634 Sally Mae Stagg md Ben Durrant 
Simmons 18 Dec 1958 - Children: 
#236-341 SIMMONS, Susan, b. 30 July I960 
#236-342 SIMMONS, John Stagg, b. 23 Nov 1962 
#236-343 SIMMONS, Scott Benjamin, b. 11 Jan 1965 

#23635 David Deone Stagg md ~ 

#236 36 Marland Ned Stagg md Betty Joan 
Wilson 18 Sep 1958 - Children: 
#236-361 STAGG, Marilyn, b. 8 July 1959 
#236-362 STAGG, Brent Wilson, b. 2 Nov I960 
#236-363 STAGG, Ronald, b. 30 May 1962 
#236-364 STAGG, Sherrie Lynne, b. 9 July 1970 

#2365 Abbie Tela Preece md Albert Don 
Batty 27 Dec 1926 - Children: 

#236-51 BATTY, Garth Preece, b. 4 Mar 1928 
#236-52 BATTY, Wayne D. , b. 9 Mar 1931 
#236-53 BATTY, Don Linford, b. 22 May 1935 
#236-54 BATTY, Mark Lee, b. 24 June 1940 

Barbara Ann Evans 476 

#23651 Garth Preece Batty md Marita 
Pauline Williams 31 Mar 1948 - Children: 
#236-511 BATTY, DeArmon, b. 9 July 1949 
#236-512 BATTY, Mischel, b. 2 3 Aug 1952 
#236-513 BATTY, Terance Dale, b. 2 Jan 1956 
#236-514 BATTY, Garth Kyle, b. 5 Dec 1958 
#236-515 BATTY, Alisha Burdette, b. 4 July 1965 

#2 36511 DeArmon Batty md 

#23652 Wayne D. Batty md Karen Elizabeth 
Kaiser 19 Apr 1954 - Children: 

#236-521 BATTY, Richard Wayne, b. 31 July 1955 
#236-522 BATTY, Diane Elizabeth, b. 2 1 May 1957 
#236-523 BATTY, David Roland, b. 18 Sep 1958 
#236-524 BATTY, Jeaniel, b. 16 June I960, 

d. 18 June I960 
#236-525 BATTY, Sherry Jean, b. 27 Oct 1961 
#236-526 BATTY, Kevin Kay, b. 7 May 1964 

#23653 Don Linford Batty md Norlene Clark 
8 Jan 1954 - Children: 

#236-531 BATTY, Lela Don, b. 5 Mar 1955 
#236-532 BATTY, Clark L. , b. 28 Jan 1958 
#236-533 BATTY, Bart Curruth, b. 5 Mar 1959 
#236-534 BATTY, Kenneth Joe, b. 18 Aug I960 
#236-535 BATTY, Morgan Wade, b. 13 Aug 1962 
#236-536 BATTY, Marguita Lynn b. 5 Mar 1966 

#2 3654 Mark Lee Batty md Shara Dawn 
Merrell 14 Apr 1961 - Children: 
#236-541 BATTY, Shane M. , b. 2 Jan 1962 
#236-542 BATTY, Quinten Lee, b. 5 Nov 1964 
~ #2366 Erland Nephi Preece md Thelma 

Seeley 24 Oct 1935 - Children: 
#236-61 PREECE, Sharon, b. 29 Mar 1940, 

d. 10 Aug 1962 
#236-62 PREECE, Nolan Erland, b. 26 Mar 1947 
#236-63 PREECE, Dale Seeley, b. 27 Feb 1953 

#23661 Sharon Preece nnd Craig Winterton 
Colton 10 Aug 1962 - No issue 

#238 Canute Ellingson md Wealthy Norton 
1 Oct 1899 - Child: 
#238-1 ELLINGSON, Gladys, b. 10 Dec 1900 

#238 Canute Ellingson md Rosanna Doman 
17 Sep 1906 - Children: 
#238-2 ELLINGSON, Katie Lenora WALKER, 

b. 27 Jan 1908, d. 19 Apr 1927 Unmarried 
#238-3 ELLINGSON, George Rulon WALKER, 

b. 19 Apr 1912 

477 Barbara Ann Evans 

(Katie and George were called Walker after 
mother's second husband) 

#2381 Gladys Ellingson md ' " 

Waters (Unable to locate) 

#2383 George Rulon (ELLINGi^ON) Walker 

md Edna Lorraine Young 9 Sep 1935 - Children- 
#238-31 WALKER, Viola Joyce, b. 26 July 1936 
#238-32 WALKER, Beverly Jean, b. 28 Oct 1939 
#238-33 WALKER, Mark Ellingson, b. 6 Nov 1947 

#23831 Viola Joyce Walker md Sheldon Ezra ' 
Phelps 1 Aug 1959 - Children: 
#238-311 PEHLPS, Helen, b. 21 June I960 
#238-312 PHELPS, Lyle Sheldon, b. 4 June 1965 

#23832 Beverly Jean Walker md Alvin Kirk 
Bray 18 Sep 1959 - Children: 

#238-321 BRAY, Kevin LaVar, b. 8 June I960 
#238-322 BRAY, Robert L, b. 6 June 1961 
#238-323 BRAY, Karyn, b. 4 Apr 1966 
#238-324 BRAY, Steven Kirk, b. 23 Nov 1967 

#23833 Mark Ellingson md Cheryl Mae 

Ilium 8 Jan 197 ______^_ 

#23A Berg Ellingson md Mary Hall 19 Apr 
1905 - Children: 

#23A-1 ELLINGSON, Malcolm Berg, b. 12 Dec 1905 
#23A -2 ELLINGSON, Ora Mary, b. 18 Nov 1907 
#23A-3 ELLINGSON, David Elling.b. 22 Feb 1909 
#23A-4 ELLINGSON, Sherwood Orson, b. 13 Oct 1910 
#23A-5 ELLINGSON, Clarence Roland, b. 23 July 1912 
#23A -6 ELLINGSON, Earl Hugh, b. 30 Mar 1915 
#23A-7 ELLINGSON, William, b. 14 May 1919, 

d, 14 May 1919 

#23A Berg Ellingson md Eva Margaret 
Sorensen 5 Aug 1920 - Children: 
#2 3A -8 ELLINGSON, Eva May, b. 1 May 1921 
#2 3A-9 ELLINGSON, Melvin Lee, b. 1 Apr 1922 
#23A-A ELLINGSON, Erma Doreen, b. 5 Sep 1924 
#23A-B ELLINGSON, Ronald Dee, b. 17 May 1926 
#23A-C ELLINGSON, Wayne LeRoy,b. 7 Oct 1927 
#23A-D ELLINGSON, Ralph Eugene, b. 6 Aug 1930 
#23A-E ELLINGSON, John, b. 26 Aug 1935, 

d, 27 Aug 1935 

#23Al Malcolm Berg Ellingson md Louise 

Boston Miles 14 Jan 1930 - Child: 

#2 3A-11 ELLIN GSON, John Gibbs, b. 10 Aug 1931 

#23A11 John Gibbs Ellingson md Arlene btout 

25 Mar 1955 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 478 

#23A-111 ELLINGSON, John Gregory, 

b. 18 Dec 1955 
#23A- 112 ELLINGSON, Steven Garth, 

b. 28 July 1959 
#2 3A-113 ELLINGSON, Susan, b. 3 Mar 1961 
#23A-114 ELLINGSON, Leslie Louise, 

b. 23 Jan 1964 
#23A-115 ELLINGSON, Pa^al David, 

b. 12 Apr 1967 
#23A-116 ELLINGSON, Kathleen Elizabeth, 

b. 23 July 197 

#23A2 Or a Mary Ellingson md Abiah James 
Clark - 4 June 1929 - Children: 
#23A-21 CLARK, Ronald Abiah, b. 2 Apr 1930 
#23A-22 CLARK, Mary Loretta, b. 6 Mar 1933 
#23A-23 CLARK, Ross Ellingson, b. 15 June 1935 
#23A-24 CLARK, Frederick Brent, b. 16 Aug 1940 
#23A-25 CLARK, Kay Louise, b. 21 Dec 1944 
#2 3A-26 CLARK, Paul Sherwood, b. 27 June 1946 
#23A-27 CLARK, Garnet Lynn, b. 16 Aug 1948 

#23A21 Ronald Abiah Clark md Yvonne 
Irene Louisa Matthew 1 Oct 1953 - Children: 
#23A-211 CLARK, Kim, b. 16 Aug 1954 
#23A-212 CLARK, Karen Lee, b. 12 Nov 1955 
#23A-213 CLARK, Gloria Dawn, b. 5 Nov 1957 
#23A-214 CLARK, Rhoda Kay, b. 28 Sep I960 

#23A22 Mary Loretta Clark md Gary 
Valgardson 6 Aug 1953 (Div) - Children: 
#23A-221 VALGARDSON, Debbie 
#23A-222 VALGARDSON, Kevin 

#23A23 Ross Ellingson Clark md Myrna 
Beth Hancock 30 Aug 1958 - Children: 
#23A-231 CLARK, Beth DeNiese, b. 28 May 1959 
#23A-232 CLARK, Kathy Lynn, b. 15 Aug I960 
#23A -233 CLARK Cindy Marie, b. 20 Nov 1963 

#23A24 Frederick Brent Clark md Judith 
Anne Collins 19 Aug 1964 - Children: 
#23A-241 CLARK, Michael Collins, b. 8 Feb 1966 
#23A-242 CLARK, Janet Ora, b. 9 July 1967 

#23A25 Kay Louise Clark md Robert Karl 
Johnson 29 June 1967 - Children: 
#23A-251 JOHNSON, Jody Lareen, b. 9 Apr 1968 
#23A-252 JOHNSON, Loretta Kay, b. 15 Feb 1971 

#23A26 Paul Sherwood Clark md Janice 
Leavitt 22 Feb 1969 - Child: 
#23A-26l CLARK, Cameron Paul, b. 1 Dec 1969 

479 Barbara Ann Evans 

#23A3 David Elling Ellingson md Edith Irella 
Ledgerwood 3 July 1934 - Children- 
#23A-31 ELLINGSON, William Ledgerwood 

b. 14 July 1935, d. 14 July 1935 
#23A-32 ELLINGSON, Harvey David, b. 22 Mar 1937 
#2 3A-33 ELLINGSON, Donald Berg, b. 7 Jan 1941 
#23A-34 ELLINGSON, Marilee, b. 5 Nov 1943 
#23A-35 ELLINGSON, Roger Garth, b. 26 Oct 1947 

#23A32 Harvey David Ellingson md Gladys 
Jo Ann Eddington 10 Apr 1958 - Child: 
#2 3A-321 ELLINGSON, David Scot t , b. 6 July 1961 

#23A33 Donald Berg Ellingson md Beverly 
Jane Peterson 30 Apr 1959 - Children: 
#23A-331 ELLINGSON, Kristene Ann 
#23A-332 ELLINGSON, Jerrold Leo 

#23A34 Marilee Ellingson mid John Enns 
3 Aug 1961 (div) - Child: 
#23A-341 NEILSON, Derek Ellingson ENNS, 

b. 28 Sep 1962 

#2 3A34 Marilee Ellingson md Wayne Ivan 
Neilson 27 Nov 1964 - Children: 

#23A-342 NEILSON, Andrew Roger, b. 19 Dec 1965 
#23A-343 NEILSON, Paige Adair, b. 20 June 1967 
#23A-344 NEILSON, Erin Suzanne, b. 26 May 1969 
#23A- 345 NEILSON, Nancy Rae, b. 18 Jan 1971 

#2 3A35 Roger Garth Ellingson md Cheryl 
Ann Donick 27 Jan 1968 - Child: 
#23A-351 ELLINGSON, Carlie Michele Donick, 
b. 30 Aug 1965 

#23A4 Sherwood Orson Ellingson md Etta 
Louise Conlon 8 Oct 1932 - Children: 
#23A-41 ELLINGSON, Clare Sherry, b. 11 June 1935 
#23A-42 ELLINGSON, Mary Esther (Adp), 
b. 3 June 1945 

#23A41 Clare Sherry Ellingson md June 
Dudley 11 July 1948 - Children: 

#23A-411 ELLINGSON, Craig Michael, b. 8 Feb I960 
#23A-412 ELLINGSON, Tracy Clare, b. 18 Oct 1963 
#23A-413 ELLINGSON, Kirsten, b. 8 Jan 1968 
#23A-414 ELLINGSON, Kari June (Adp), 

b. 11 Sep 1968 

#23A42 Mary Esther Ellingson md Donaid 
John Stevenson 20 May 1967 - Child: 
#23A-421 STEVENSON, Tyler Don, b. 27 Oct 1969 

#23A5 Clarence Roland Ellingson md Bernice 
Syrett 11 Aug 1936 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 480 

#23A-51 ELLINGSON, Jesse R. , b. 6 Aug 1937 
#23A-52 ELLINGSON, Hugh Berg, b. 17 Dec 1939 
#23A-53 ELLINGSON, Mary Ellen, b, 27 Dec 1941 

#23A51 Jesse R, Ellingson md Sharon 
Bishop 3 Sep 1954 - Children: 

#23A-511 ELLINGSON, Mark Steven, b. 15 Mar 1955 
#23A-512 ELLINGSON, James Roland, b. 3 Feb 1956 
#23A-513 ELLINGSON, Cheryl Anne, b. 25 Oct 1957 
#23A-514 ELLINGSON, Dayna Glen, b. 23 Mar 1959 

#23A53 Mary Ellen Ellingson md Joe N. 
Jackson 12 Nov I960 - 

#23A6 Earl Hugh Ellingson md Nellie Parry 
24 Oct 1939 - Children: 
#23A -61 ELLINGSON, Elizabeth Anne, 

b. 2 July 1941 
#23A-62 ELLINGSON, Parry Hugh, b. 25 Mar 1943 
#23A-63 ELLINGSON, Richard Berg, b. 22 July 1946 
#23A-64 ELLINGSON, Mark David, b. 12 Dec 1948 
#23A -65 ELLINGSON, John Earl, b. 20 Nov 1950 
#23A-66 ELLINGSON, Bronwyn, b. 29 Apr 1954 
#23A-67 ELLINGSON, Robert Orson, b. 19 Nov 1957 

#2 3A61 Elizabeth Anne Ellingson md Louis 
Anthony Turcato 14 Feb 1959 - Children: 
#23A-611 TURCATO, John Earl, b. 23 May I960 
#23A-612 TURCATO, Lynn Anthony, b. 17 Nov 1961 
#23A-613 TURCATO, Paul Andrew, b. 30 June 1966 
#23A-614 TURCATO, Phillip Michael, b. 13 Sep 1968 

#23A62 Parry Hugh Ellingson md Kathryn Ann 
Gray 16 Aug 1962 - Child: 
#23A-621 ELLINGSON, Rodney Hugh, b. 31 Mar 1963 

#23A62 Parry Hugh Ellingson md Marion Rose 
Leverick 30 Oct 1964 - Children: 
#23A -622 ELLINGSON, Debbie, b. 18 Nov 1964 
#23A-623 ELLINGSON, Randy, b. 15 Nov 1967 

#23A62 Parry Hugh Ellingson md (3) Krystine 
Garlinski Oct 1970 

#23A64 Mark David Ellingson md Marilyn 
Baker 29 July 1970 

#23A8 Eva May Ellingson md Earl Evans 
Bennett 2 July 1941 - Children: 

#23A-81 BENNETT, Nancy Kathleen, b. 15 Jan 1944 
#23A-82 BENNETT, Karen Jeanne, b. 12 Feb 1947 

#2 3A81 Nancy Kathleen Bennett md James 
Raymond Hampton 27 May 1966 - Child: 
#23A-811 HAMPTON, Holly Melinda, b. 1 1 Sep 1969 

481 Barbara Ann Evans 

#23A82 Karen Jeanne Bennett md James 
Brent Parrish 

#23A9 Meivin Lee Kiiingson md Audrey Jones 
23 Dec 1941 - Children: 

#23A-91 ELLINGSON, Beverly Ann. b. 2 June 1944 
#23A-92 ELLINGSON, Richard Lee, b. 25 Mar 1947 
#23A-93 ELLINGSON, Dwain M. , b. 22 Apr 1949 
#23A-94 ELLINGSON, Janet, b. 27 July 1950 
#23A -95 ELLINGSON, Darren J. , b. 28 Mar 1952 
#23A-96 ELLINGSON, Linda, b. 26 Apr 1955 
#23A-97 ELLINGSON, Lamount, b. 3 Oct 1956 
#23A-93 ELLINGSON, Barbara, b. 6 Feb 1958 
#23A-99 ELLINGSON, Ruth, b, 19 June 1959 

#23A91 Beverly Ann Ellingson md Kenward 
Dean Seegmiiller 4 June 1964 - Children: 
#23A-911 SEEGMILLER, David, b. 20 July 1965 
#23A-912 SEEGMILLER, Jeffery Gordon, b. 3 Apr 1967 
#23A-913 SEEGMILLER, Janice, b. 1 Feb 1969 
#23A -914 SEEGMILLER, Diane, b. 10 July 1970 

#23A92 Richard Lee Ellingson mid Connie M 
Barker 19 July 1968 - Child: 
#23A-921 ELLINGSON, Craig Steven, b. 1 Apr 196 9 

#23AA Erraa Dorren Ellingson md Heber 
Nichols Teerlink 19 July 1946 - Children: 
#23A-A1 TEERLINK, Dorene, b. 8 Nov 1949 
#23A-A2 TEERLINK, Heber J. , b. 1 1 July 1954 

#2 3AB Ronald Dee Ellingson md Dawn Glade 
15 Nov 1948 - Children: 

#23A-B1 ELLINGSON, Gary, b. 27 Sep 1950 
#23A-B2 ELLINGSON, Judy, b. 16 Apr 1952 
#23A-B3 ELLINGSON, Joan, b. 8 Feb 1954 
#23A-B4 ELLINGSON, Jeanne, b. 26 Apr 1955 
#2 3A-B5 ELLINGSON, Alan Glade, b. 20 May 1959 
#2 3A-B6 ELLINGSON, Jeri Lyn, b. 10 Mar 1964 

#23A-C Wayne LeRoy Ellingson md Gloria 
Steenblik 18 Aug 1952 - Children: 

#23A-C1 ELLINGSON, Mark Wayne, b. 14 June 1953 
#23A-C2 ELLINGSON, Grant Berg, b. 20 Sep 1954 
#23A-C3 ELLINGSON, Brent David, b. 23 Jan 1956 
#23A-C4 ELLINGSON, Dean Robert, b. 17 Dec 1956 
#23A-C5 ELLINGSON, Diane, b. 27 May 1959 
#23A-C6 ELLINGSON, Marie, b. 24 Apr 1962 
#23A-C7 ELLINGSON, Louise, b. 15 May 1963 
#23A-C8 ELLINGSON, Laura, b. 2 Dec 1967 

#23AD Ralph Eugene Ellingson md Elizabeth 
Frances Mills 6 Nov 1953 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 482 

#Z3A-D1 ELLINGSON, Cheri, b. July 1956 

#23A-D2 ELLINGSON, Steven Harold, 

b. 6 Dec 1957 
#23A-D3 ELLINGSON, Julie, b. 2 Jan 1962 
#23A-D4 ELLINGSON, Daniel, b. 15 Mar 1963 
#23A-D5 ELLINGSON, Jana, b. 16 July 1965 
#23A-D6 ELLINGSON, Amy, b. 12 Feb 1969 

#23B Christie Ellingson md Ross M. Bonny 
17 Aug 1921 - No issue 

#23B Christie Ellingson md Cornelius 

#23C Barbara Lenora Ellingson md Charles 
Hopkins 30 May 1912 - Children: 

#23C-1 HOPKINS, Clifford Daniel, b. 26 Apr 1913 
#23C -2 HOPKINS, Weber Elling, b. 21 Mar 1915 
#2 3C -3 HOPKINS, Barbara Ruth, b. 21 Oct 1924 

#2 3C1 Clifford Daniel Hopkins md Emma 
Drucilla Nelson 25 May 1947 - Child: 
#23C-11 HOPKINS, Daniel Nelson, b 15 Dec 1948 

#23C2 Weber Elling Hopkins md Berniece 
Branch 21 June 1948 - Children: 
#2 3C -21 HOPKINS, Catherine, b. 24 Sep 1955 
#23C-22 HOPKINS, b. 21 Mar 1959 

#2 3C3 Barbara Ruth Hopkins md Wayne 
Carlton Hoobler 29 July 1942 - Children: 
#23C-31 HOOBLER, Larry Wayne, b. 21 Dec 1943 m 
#23C-32 HOOBLER, Barbara Patricia, b. 28 Feb 1945 ' 
#23C-33 HOOBLER, Archeva Lenore, b. 10 Dec 1948 

#23C32 Barbara Patricia Hoobler md Scott J. 
Simonsen 1 Mar 1963 - Children: 

#230-321 SIMONSEN, Jeffery Scott, b. 8 Sep 1953 
#23C-322 SIMONSEN, Spencer Wayne, b. 28 Dec 1964 

#24 Joseph Evans md Sarah Jane Casto 
21 Apr 187 3 - Children: 
#241 EVANS, Elizabeth Ann, b. 13 Sep 1874, 

d. 20 Dec 1874 
#242 EVANS, Sarah Jane, b. 14 Jan 1877, 

d. 15 Dec 1949 
#243 EVANS, David Galland, b. 15 Oct 1880, 

d. 1 June 1961 
#244 EVANS, Joseph, Jr., b. 4 Oct 1883, 

d. 29 Nov I960 
#245 EVANS, Mary Ellen, b. 22 Feb 1885, 

d, 28 Feb 1916 
#246 EVANS, Emma, b, 28 Dec 1886, d. 22 Oct 1964 
#247 EVANS, Susannah, b. 26 Apr 1888, d. 22 Apr 1933 

483 Barbara Ann Evans 

#248 EVANS, George Casto, b. 16 July 1890 

d. 2 Feb 1971 
#249 EVANS, Pireny,b. 4 Oct 1891, d. 5 Oct 1891 
#24A EVANS, Verda, b. 3 Dec 1896, d. 3 Dec 1896 
#24B EVANS, Azer,b. 10 June 1898, d, 21 Jan 1966 

#242 Sarah Jane iUvans md Christian W 
Nielsen 12 Jan 1901 - Children: 
#242-1 NIELSON, Erma, b. 9 Mar 1903 
#242-2 NIELSON, Rose Berniece, b. 26 Apr 1905 
#242-3 NIELSON, Willard Evans, b. 2 June 1907 
d, 11 July 1957 _^ 

#2421 Erma Nieison md Orson Ungricht 
30 July 1921 - Children: 

#242-11 UNGRICHT, Annabelle, b. 2 July 1922 
#242-12 UNGRICHT, Orson, b. 20 Apr 1924 

#2421 Erma Nieison md (2) Leonard Harris 
17 Oct 1928 - Children: 

#242-13 HARRIS, Donald Lloyd, b. 12 Dec 1929 
#242-14 HARRIS, Vaughn, b, 5 Mar 1931 
#242-15 HARRIS, Jeniene, b. 26 May 1935 

#24211 Annabelle Ungricht md Sheldon 

~ #24212 Orson Ungricht md Georgia Skodos 
21 Feb 1948 

#24213 Donald Lloyd Harris md Beulah 
Mayhew 13 Mar 1953 

#24214 Vaughn Harris md Lenor Crapo 

27 May 1950 

#24215 Jeniene Harris md Max Peatross 

28 Aug 1953 

#2422 Rose Berniece Nieison md Curtis 
Horrocks 29 Mar 1923 - Children: 
#242-21 HORROCKS, Thora May, b. 13 Jan 1927 
#242-22 HORROCKS, Merlin Curtis, b. 11 Oct 1928 
#242-23 HORROCKS, Velma Bernice, b. 8 Dec 

1929, d. 8 Dec 1929 
#242-24 HORROCKS, Rose LaRee, b. 19 Oct 1931 
#242-25 HORROCKS, Reva Jane, b. 1 July 1941 
#242-26 HORROCKS, Arlene, b. 8 Aug 1943 

#24221 Thora May Horrocks md Paul LeRoy 
Allred 19 Oct 1946 - Children: 
#242-211 ALLRED, Susanne, b. 20 Sep 1948 
#242-212 ALLRED, David Lee, b. 8 Jan 1951 
#242-213 ALLRED, Christie, b. 15 Sep 1956 
#242-214 ALLRED, Kathy, b. 25 Sep 1962 

Barbara Ann Evans 484 

#24222 Merlin Horrocks md Joyce Vivian 
James 28 May 1949 - Children: 

#242-221 HORROCKS, Lex Curtis, b. 28 Dec 1948 
#242-222 HORROCKS, Brent James, b. 29 Sep 1951 
#242-223 HORROCKS, Kevin Blain, b. 18 Oct 1952 
#242-224 HORROCKS, Kirk Von, b, 10 June 1955 

#242-221 Lex Curtis Horrocks md Sherilyn 

#24224 Rose La Ree Horrocks md Harold 
Lyle Hardy 14 Oct 1949 - Children: 
#242-241 HARDY, Thomas Lyle, b. 24 Oct 1950 
#242-242 HARDY, John Robert, b. 3 June 1952 
#242-243 HARDY, Connie Jean, b. 18 Dec 1956 
#242-244 HARDY, Sam William, b. 12 Feb 1961 

#24225 Reva Jane Horrocks md Clane Otto 
Pearson 19 May 1958 - Children: 

#242-251 PEARSON, Rickey Clane, b. 15 May I960 
#242-252 PEARSON, Gregory R. , b, 16 July 1961 
#242-253 PEARSON, Angela Kay, b. 21 Mar 1963 
#242-254 PEARSON, Lisa Ann, b. 14 Oct 1964 
#242-255 PEARSON, Brett Allen b. 2 1 Jan 1968 

#24226 Arlene Horrocks md William Leland 
Clark 25 Feb 1964 - Child: 
#242-261 CLARK, Curtis Leland, b, 7 Aug 1964 

#2423 Willard Evans Nielsen md Genevieve 
Rasmusen 25 Aug 1931 - Children: 
#242-31 NIELSEN, Glade Willard, b. 18 Mar 1932 
#242-32 NIELSEN, Leah Ive, b. 18 Apr 1933 
#242-33 NIELSEN, Carma, b. 26 Oct 1934 
#242-34 NIELSEN, Verlan R. , b. 17 Feb 1936 
#242-35 NIELSEN, Keith R. b 12 June 1937 

#24231 Glade Willard Nielsen md Annette 
Cockran 24 June 1955 - Children: 

#242-311 NIELSEN, Craig Willard, b. 16 May 1956 
#242-312 NIELSEN, Brian Charles, b. 30 Apr 1957 
#242-313 NIELSEN, Laurie Ann, b. 29 Sep 1967 

#24232 Leah Nielsen md Grant Lloyd Ivie 
24 May 1951 - Children: 

#242-321 IVIE, David Grant, b. 4 Aug 1953 
#242-322 IVIE, Steven Keith, b. 8 May 1955 
#242-323 IVIE, Connie Lyn, b. 11 Nov 1959 
#242-324 IVIE, Leah Jeanene, b. 25 Jan 1961 

#24233 Carma Nielsen md Norman Pobanz 
11 June 1954 - Children: 

#242-331 POBANZ, Melinda, b, 9 July 1955 
#242-332 POBANZ, Robin Lee, b. 27 Apr 1957 
#242-333 POBANZ, Shelly, b. 31 Mar 1961 

485 Barbara Ann Evans 

#24234 Verlan R. Nielsen md Barbara 
Bassett 23 Nov 1956 - Children- 
#242-341 NIELSEN, Kerry, b. 23 Aug 1957 
#242-342 NIELSEN, Kim, b. 2 Mar 1962 
#242-343 NIELSEN, Andrew Kory, b. 8 May 1970 

#24235 Keith R. Nielsen md Robin Gardner" 
22 Nov 1968 

#243 David Galland Evans md Monte Anderson 
19 July 1909 - Child: 
#243-1 EVANS, Charles Anderson, b. 18 May 1910, 

d. 13 Sep 1910 

#243 David Galland Evans md Anna Bruse 
11 Aug 1921 - No issue 

#245 Mary Ellen Evans md Isaac Lloyd Allen 
13 Feb 1907 - Children: 

#245-1 ALLEN, Mary Etta, b. Apr 1909 
#245-2 ALLEN, Janie, b. 6 Jan 1912, d. 7 Jan 
1912 (Child) 

#2451 Mary Etta Allen md Gideon Ernest 
H. F. Marquardt 26 Oct 1932 - Children: 
#245-11 MARQUARDT, Dresden Gideon, 

b. 8 Oct 1933 
#245-12 MARQUARDT, Barbara Ann, b. 1 Jan 1935 
#245-13 MARQUARDT, Franz Lloyd, b. 16 Apr 1939 
#245-14 MARQUARDT, Marietta Olivia, b. 28 Sep 1942 
#245-15 MARQUARDT, Ruth Lillian, b. 11 Apr 1946 

#2451 Mary Etta Allen md Daniel Ferdenand 
Ignatius Johnson 5 Dec 1970 ,_____^, 

#24511 Dresden Gideon Marquardt md Mary 
Ann Hunt 13 Sep 1956 - Children: 
#245-111 MARQUARDT, Sherree, b. 7 May 1957 
#245-112 MARQUARDT, Harlen Lloyd, b. 31 May 1958 
#245-113 MARQUARDT, Bruce Allen, b. 3 Jan 1962 
#245-114 MARQUARDT, Pamalia Denice, 

b. 28 Jan 1965 
#245-115 MARQUARDT, Suzanna Marie, b. 5 Mar 1966 

#24512 Barbara Ann Marquardt md Herman 
Brooks Cope 29 June 1955 - Children: 
#245-121 COPE, Dennis Brooks, b. 16 June 1957 
#245-122 COPE, Jody Ellen, b. 20 Aug 1958 
#245-123 COPE, Brent Allen, b. 10 Feb I960 
#245-124 COPE, Karie Lynn, b. 2 May 1961 
#245-125 COPE, Michael Glen, b. 30 Dec^l963 
#245-126 COPE, Stacie Ann, b. 23 Sep 1970 

#24513 Franz Lloyd Marquardt md Gail 
Susan Moresco 4 Oct 1964 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 486 

#245-131 MARQUARDT, Renee Pamalia, 

b. 1 July 1965 
#245-132 MARQUARDT, Darin Mathew, 

b. 28 Sep 1967 

#24514 Marietta Olivia Marquardt md George 
Thomas Preisler 24 Apr 1965 - Children: 
#245-141 PREISLER, Jared Leland, b. 20 Aug 1966 
#245-142 PREISLER, Camella Ann, b, 8 Mar 1968 
#245-143 PREISLER, Samuel Solomon, b. 4 Oct 1969 

#24515 Ruth Lillian Marquardt md Dennis 
Stanley Brown 17 Sep 1964 - Children: 
#245-151 BROWN, Parni Lia, b. 2 Sep 1965 
#245-152 BROWN, Jasen Cliff, b. 2 Dec 1968 

#246 Emma Evans md Henry Marion Miller 
5 Jan 1906 - Children: 

#246-1 MILLER, Vernal Henry, b. 1 Nov 1906 
#246-2 MILLER, Evan Daniel, b. 28 Jan 1908 
#246-3 MILLER, Thelma Loandia, b. 23 Dec 1909 
#246-4 MILLER, Vinton Joseph, b. 10 Apr 1912, 

d. 1 May 1912 
#246-5 MILLER, Delbert George, b, 16 June 1914 
#246-6 MILLER, Virda Jane, b. 8 Sep 1918 

#2461 Vernal Henry Miller md YEva LaVern 
Turner 31 1927 - Children: 

#246-11 MILLER, Gary Turner, b. 20 Sep 1928 
#246-12 MILLER, Robert Vernal, b, 2 June 1931 
#246-13 MILLER, Wallace Marion, b. 18 Nov 1933 
#246-14 MILLER, K Sugden, b. 3 Apr 1938 
#246-15 MILLER, Byron Claire, b. 1 Feb 1944 

#2461 Vernal Henry Miller md Doris L, 
Leonard Jan 1956 - Child: 
#246-16 MiLLER, George Leonard, b. 30 Sep 1957 

#24611 Gary Turner Miller md Ruth Jane 
Flower 4 Aug 1957 - Children: 

#246-111 MILLER, Vernal Gary, b. 14 Dec 1958 
#246-112 MILLER, Chester Marion, b, 1 Feb I960 
#246-113 MILLER, Gary Turner, b„ 18 Mar 1961 

#24612 Robert Vernal Miller md Sandra Lee 
Hillbish 30 June 1956 - Child: 
#246-121 MILLER, Terry LaVern, b. 9 Mar 1957 

#24613 Wallace Marion Miller md Maida 
Joanne Reece 1 Aug 1951 - Child: 
#246-131 MILLER, Wallace Marion, Jr., 

b. 25 Oct 1952 

#24613 Wallace Marion Miller md Lois 
Claire Bell 6 Sep 1955 - Div 

487 Barbara Ann Evans 

#24614 K Sugden Miller md Evelyn Lenora 
Dilley 16 June 1956 - Children: 
#246-141 MILLER, Russell K, b. 14 Oct 1956 
#246-142 MILLER, Steven Scott, b. 25 July 1958 
#246-143 MILLER, Trudy, b. 16 Apr I960 
#246-144 MILLER, Matthew Quinn, b. 9 Mar 1961 

#24615 Byron Claire Miller md Davelene 
Norton 2 June 1963 - No issue 

#2462 Evan Daniel Miller md Hazel Irene 
Bassett 25 June 1927 - Children: 
#246-21 MILLER, Infant, b. 1928, 

d. 1928 

#24*^2 Evan Daniel Miller md Margaret 
Catherine Brown 31 Oct 1936 - Children: 
#246-22 MILLER, Dale Arden, b. 15 Aug 1936 
#246-23 MILLER, Wayne Elwood, b. 26 Jan 19 38 
#246-24 MILLER, Ceroid William, b. 16 Aug 1940 
#246-25 MILLER, Dwight Erroli, b. 1 July 1942 

#2462 Evan Daniel Miller md (3) Pauline 
Mildred Crain 6 Mar 1965 

#24622 Dale Arden Miller md Margaret 
Dianne Luithly 5 Sep 197 - Children: 
#246-221 MILLER, Mary Margaret (adp), 

b. 30 Sep 1964 
#246-222 MILLER, Jennifer Jeanne (Adp), 
b, 19 May 1966 

#24624 Gerald William Miller md Linda Lee 
Jones 22 Oct I960 - Children: 

#246-241 MILLER, Kathleen Marie, b. 29 Aug 1961 
#246-242 MILLER, David William, b. 1 Nov 1963 
#246-243 MILLER, Scott Alan, b. 12 Jan 1966 

#2463 Thelma Loandia Miller md Walter M. 
Parker 23 Jan 193 - Children: 
#246-31 PARKER, Clara Joy, b. 1 Oct 1930 
#246-32 PARKER, Vinton Walter, b. 11 Mar 1935 
#246-33 PARKER, Rosalie, b. 2 Apr 1941 

#24631 Clara Joy Parker md Jack John 
DeHon 26 Nov 195 3 - No Issue 

#24632 Vinton Waiter Parker md Mary Lynne 
Robertson 4 Apr 1958 - Children: 

#246-321 PARKER, Bonnie Ann (Adp), b. 14 Sep 1954 
#246-322 PARKER, Kevin William (Adp), 

b. 29 Oct 1955 
#246-323 PARKER, Tara Lynn, b. 25 June 1959 
#246-324 PARKER, Danial Vinton, b. 19 Sep 1961 
#246-325 PARKER, Kathlene Marie, b. 16 July 19b7 

Barbara Ann Evans 488 

#24633 Rosalie Parker md Michael Dale 
Mills 24 July 1957 - Children: 

#246-331 MILLS, Michael Dale, Jr. , b. 5 Mar 1958 
#246-332 MILLS, Toni Cerese, b. 12 Nov 1962 

#2465 Delbert George Miller md Dorothy 
Mable Carpenter 15 July 1932 - Children: 
#246-51 MILLER, Dorothy Joanne, b. 25 Apr 1933 
#246-52 MILLER, Marilyn Mae, b. 28 Sep 1935 
#246-53 MILLER, Delbert George, Jr. , b. 17 Aug 1937 

#24651 Dorothy Joanne Miller md Glen 
Martinson 1 Dec 1950 - Children: 
#246-511 MARTINSON, Glenn M. , Jr., b. 30 May 

1951, d. 30 May 1951 
#246-512 MARTINSON, Ronald, b. 17 Dec 1952 
#246-513 MARTINSON, Connie, b. 8 July 1955 
#246-514 MARTINSON, Robert, b. 29 Apr 1957 

#24652 Marilyn Mae Miller md William E. 
Chaney 20 June 1953 - Children: 
#246-521 CHANEY, Phillip, b. 13 Nov 1956 
#246-522 CHANEY, Michael, b. 8 June 1958 
#246-523 CHANEY, Maria, b. 22 July 1963 

#24653 Delbert George Miller, Jr. md Leitha 
Aherin 17 Dec I960 - Children: 
#246-531 MILLER, Bradley, b. 24 Oct 1961 
#246-532 MILLER, Alisa, b. 2 Feb 1964 
#246-533 MILLER, Aaron, b. 29 Dec 1967 

#2466 Virda Jane Miller md Henry Clifton 
Fisher 23 July 1937 - Children: 

#246-61 FISHER, De ana Shirley, b. 22 Apr 1938 
#246-62 FISHER, Guy Virgil, b. 16 Oct 1939 

#2466 Virda Jane Miller md James Woodrow 
Deans 27 Aug 1941 - Children: 

#246-63 DEANS, DarroU James, b. 16 May 1942 
#246-64 DEANS, Eddie Ray, b. 28 Oct 1943 
#246-65 DEANS, Lonie Joe, b. 30 May 1945 
#246-66 DEANS, Nola Kay, b. 22 Feb 1948 
#246-67 DEANS, Danny Lew, b. 15 Mar 1950 
#246-68 DEANS, Jerry Acel, b. 23 Feb 1951 

#2466 Virda Jane Miller md LeRoy 
Anderson - No Issue 

#24661 Deana Shirley Fisher md Pioci 
Ornelas 26 Oct 1956 - Child: 
#246-611 , Guy Henry Fisher, b. 1 Oct 1958 

#24661 Deana Shirley Fisher md Steven 
Chafatinos 22 Aug I960 - Children: 
#246-612 CHAFATINOS, Andrew, b. 3 July 1961 
#246-613 CHAFATINOS, Angela, b. 6 June 1965 


489 Barbara Ann Evans 

#24662 Guy Virgil Fisher md Chloie Marie 
Woodruff 14 Apr 1961 - Children: 
#246-621 FISHER, Malanie Ann, b. 29 Aug 1963 
#246-622 FISHER, Lauri Denise, b. 11 June 1965 
#246-623 FISHER, Stefani Dawn, b. 1 Apr 1968 

#24663 Darroii James Deans md (1) Irene 

Marion Beehakis 21 Aug 1964 

#24663 Darroll James Deans md Brenda 
Maude Estes 18 Mar 1966 - Children: 
#246-631 DEANS, Debra Jean, b. 13*July 1964 
#246-632 DEANS, Tabetha Lynn, b. 24 Apr 1968 

#24664 Eddie Ray Deans md Dixie Lynn 

Streeter - Children: 

#246-641 DEANS, Eddie Ray, Jr., b. 27 June 1965 
#2 46-642 DEANS, Leeman Roy, b. 2 Sep 1967 

#24665 Lonnie Joe Deans nnd Rachel Medina 
29 Nov 1963 - Children: 

#246-651 DEANS, Lonnie Joe, Jr., b. June 1964 

#246-652 DEANS, Aaron Francis WesleTT 

b, 4 Mar 1966 
#246-653 DEANS, Camillia Marie Ann, b. 12 Oct 1967 
#246-654 DEANS, Jeniffer Ann Marie, b. 30 Oct 1968 
#246-655 DEANS, Billy 

#24666 Nola Kay Deans md Wallace Franklin 
Stone 8 Jan 1963 - Children: 

#246-661 STONE, Ronald Franklin, b. 11 Feb 1963 
#246-662 STONE, George Blain, b. 31 May 1965 
#246-663 STONE, Douglas James, b. 22 Jan 1969 

#24667 Dannie Lew Deans md Janet Elizabeth 
Ross 19 Aug 197 

#248 George Casto Evans, Sr. md Oral Susan 
Scogings 29 Mar 1922 - Children: 
#248-1 EVANS, Mary Jane, b. 5 Mar 1923 
#248-2 EVANS, Joseph S. , b. 18 Nov 1924 
#248-3 EVANS, George Casto, Jr. , b. 5 Nov 1926 
#248-4 EVANS, Orval D. , b. 20 Jan 1929 
#248-5 EVANS, Lylia June, b, 13 June 1930 
#248-6 EVANS, Donna Rose, b. 5 Feb 1934 
#248-7 EVANS, Laura Louise, b 8 Dec 1936 

#2481 Mary Jane Evans md William Hardman 
Aug 1970 - Children: 
iZ'48-11 HARDMAN, Martha, b. 14 Jan 1945 
#248-12 HARDMAN, Esther, b. 10 May 1947 

#24812 Esther Hardman md Herman Koper 
6 July 1964 - Children: 
#248-121 ROPER, George, b. 14 Sep 1965 

Barbara Ann Evans 490 

#248-122 ROPER, Leah May, b. 23 Mar 1967 
#248-123 ROPER, Marian, b. 13 Sep 1968 
#248-124 ROPER, Bonnie Elizabeth, b. 28 Aug 1969 

#2482 Joseph S. Evans md (1) Dorothy 
Siders, (2) Doris Murray, (3) Marie Dodge, 
(4) Marvel Fawn Durfee 29 Sep 1966 

#2483 George Casto Evans, Jr, md Peggy 
Anderson 21 Oct 1950 - Children: (Div) 
#248-31 EVANS, Dean Robert, b. 14 Oct 1952 
#248-32 EVANS, David Wayne, b. 1 Jan 1954 
#248-33 EVANS, Doreen Louise, b. 31 Aug 1956 

#2483 George Casto Evans, Jr. md Helen 
Elliot 7 Nov 1965 

#2484 Orval D, Evans md Eunice Jannetta 

Andrews - Children: 

#248-41 EVANS7Cary Lee, b. 14 July 1959 
#248-42 EVANS, Steven Dee, b. 10 Jan 1961 
#248-43 EVANS, Pamela Kay, b. 9 Oct 1968 

#2485 Lylia June Evans md 

- Child: 

#248-51 , Junnette Marie, b. 11 June 1950 

#2485 Lylia June Evans md Mickey Coleman 

#2486 Donna Rose Evans md Fredrick 
Kunchick 20 Sep 1952 - No issue 

#2486 Donna Rose Evans md Dale Roberts 

2 Mar 1959 - Child: 

#248-61 ROBERTS, Dawn Carmella, b. 14 May I960 
#2486 Donna Rose Evans md Ceroid Quast 

3 Sep 1962 - Children: 

#248-62 QUAST, Brent Allen, b. 9 Feb 1963 
#248-63 QUAST, Jeffery Lynn, b. 23 June 1964 
#248-64 QUAST, Jerry Marshal, b. 2 Sep 1968 

#2487 Laura Louise Evans md Jasper 
Childers 8 Oct I960 - Children: 

#248-71 CHILDERS, Becky Sue, b. 29 May I96I 
#248-72 CHILDERS, Ronald Eugene, b. 14 Jan 1965 

#2487 Laura Louise Evans md Max Wilson 

2 June 1969 

#24B Azer Evans md Muriel Grove 18 Jan 
1951 - No issue 

#25 Sarah Evans md Jacob Hodge 30 May 1867 
#251 HODGE, Barbara Rebecca, b. 14 Apr 1868, 

d. abt. 1943 
#252 HODGE, Susan Helen, b. 19 Nov 1869, 

d. 12 Aug 1894 

491 Barbara Ann Evans 

#253 HODGE, Catherine, b. 5 Sep 1871, d abt 1942 
#254 HODGE, Eva,b. 13 July 187 3,d. 28 Apr 1893 
#255 HODGE, Jacob Clus, b. 13 Mar 1875 

d. 1950 

#256 HODGE7~^rah Julia, b. 15 Jan 1877. 

d. 3 Nov 1959 
#257 HODGE, Jennie (Jane), b. 17 June 1879, 

d. 12 Nov 1964 
#258 HODGE, Wallace Irving, b. 30 Nov 1881 

d. 1948 

#259 HODGE, Annie Laurie, b. 2 3 Apr 1886, 


#2 5A HODGE, Mary, b. 8 Oct 1890, d 8 Oct 1890 

#251 Barbara Rebecca Hodge md Harry E. 
Rogers - No issue 

#252 Susan Helen Hodge md Henry M. 
Boehme 7 Feb 1890 - Children: 
#252-1 BOEHME, Frank, b. abt 1891, d. abt 7 yrs 

or age 
#252-2 BOEHME, Harry, b. abt 1892, d. abt 1969 
#252-3 BOEHME, Mary Eva, b. 23 Aug 1893 

#2522 Harry Boehme md Doty 
- No issue 
(Hived in Santa Monica and worked for the Outlet 

#2523 Mary Boehme md Harry G. Wootton 
26 May 1915 - Children: 

#252-31 WOOTTON, Robert D. (Dr. ), b. 4 June 1916 
#252-32 WOOTTON, Mary Louise - twin, 

b. 25 Mar 1920 
#252-33 WOOTTON, Suzanne - twin, b. 25 Mar 
1920, d. 26 Nov 1963 

#25231 Dr. R. D. Wootton md (2) Elizabeth 
Nash - No issue; (1) Corine Larsen 
No issue ^_ 

#25232 Susan Wootton md Dr. John R. Philp 
June 1943 - Children: 
1252-321 PHILP, Mary Sue, b. 31 Mar 1946 
#252-322 PHILP, Victoria Ann, b. 10 May 1949 
#252-323 PHILP, Margaret Jane, b. 23 Aug 1951 

#25232 Suzanne Wootton md Raymond 
Kemper - No issue 

#25233 Mary Louise Wootton md Raymond 

Kemper - No issue 

#253 Catherine Hodge md l.ouis Coiiette 

(Div) - No issue 

Barbara Ann Evans 492 

#255 Jacob Clus Hodge md Alice Rose 

Morton 1910 - Child: 

#255-1 HODGE", Donald J b. 16 Sep 1912 

#2551 Donald J. Hodge (D. D. S. ) md Grietje 
Christian 14 June 1935 - Children: 
#255-11 HODGE, Donald Christian, b. 14 Nov 1939 
#255-12 HODGE, Jarnes Walter, b. 23 Mar 1942 

#25511 Donald Christian Hodge md Melanie 
Banach 26 Dec 1964 - Children: 
#255-111 HODGE, Noelle, b. 6 Dec 1966 
#255-112 HODGE, Ren'ee, b. 18 Feb 1968 
#255-113 HODGE, Donald, b. 11 Nov 1970 

#25512 James Walter Hodge md Sheri 
McElhany - Children: 
#255-121 HUDGE7 "Melanie, b. 28 Feb 1968 
#255-122 HODGE, Shannon, b. 7 Apr 1969 
#255-123 HODGE, Allison, b. 9 Feb 1970 

#256 Sarah Julia Hodge md Bert S. Ledbetter 

- Child (Div) 

#25"^^nrLEDBETTER, Daniel Roger, b. 13 July 1902 

#2561 Daniel Roger Ledbetter md Lydia 
Bessie Nixon 5 June 1926 - Children: 
#256-11 LEDBETTER, Charles Roger, b. 2 July 1928 
#256-12 LEDBETTER, Sally Jean, b. 1 Apr 1931 
#256-13 LEDBETTER, Lydia, b. 24 Sep 1936 
#256-14 LEDBETTER, Bessie Ann, b. 17 Oct 1942 

#25611 Charles Roger Ledbetter md Betty 
Lee Cook 2 Dec 1953 - Children: 

#245-111 LEDBETTER, Linda Marie, b. 23 Sep 1954 
#245-112 LEDBETTER, Diana Lynn, b. 29 Sep 1955 
#245-113 LEDBETTER, David Robert, b. 2 8 May 1957 

#25612 Sally Jean Ledbetter md Byron Clark 
Thatcher 12 June 1950 - Children: 

#256-121 THATCHER, Roger Clark, b. 3 Nov 1951 
#256-122 THATCHER, Robert Charles, b. 14 Nov 1953 
#256-123 THATCHER, Rhonda Jean, b. 25 Nov 1954 
#256-124 THATCHER, Sallie Renee, b. 11 July 1956 

#25613 Lydia Ledbetter md William H. Cozby 
19 Feb 1955 - Children: 

#256-131 COZBY, Puanani Lydia, b. 29 Nov 1955 
#256-132 COZBY, Bruce David, b. 23 July 1959 
#256-133 COZBY, Ku'ulei Sue, b. 16 Oct 1962 
#256-134 COZBY, Kalani Frances b 23 Oct 1963 

#257 Jennie (Jane) Hodge md Edwin D, Klopp 
11 Nov 1897 - Children: 
#257-1 KLOPP, Benjamin, b. 5 Nov 1898 

493 Barbara Ann Evans 

#257-2 KLOPP, David Evans, b. 29 May 1901 

d. 1958 

#257-3 KLOPP, Horace Frederick, b. 9 Apr 1904 

d. abt 1916 

#2571 Benjamin Kiopp md Else Schmidt 
18 June 1924 - Children: 

#257-11 KLOPP, Helen Schoellkopf, b. 31 Oct 1926 
#257-12 KLOPP, Virginia Ewell, b. 15 July 1928 

#25711 Helen Schoellkopf Klopp md David B. 
Voorhees 27 Aug 1964 - Children: 

#257-111 VOORHEES, Steven Coert,b. 27 Aug 1966 
#257-112 VOORHEES, Else Klopp, b 8 Dec 1967 

#25712 Virginia Ewell Klopp md Hazard K. 
Campbell, 26 Apr 1952 - Children: 

#257-121 CAMPBELL, Melissa Klopp, b. 13 Apr 1954 
#257-122 CAMPBELL, Hazard Knox, b. 22 May 1956 
#257-123 CAMPBELL, Benjamin Klopp, b. 18 May 

#2572 David Evans Klopp md three times - 
wives names unavailable - No issue 

#258 Wallace Irving Hodge md Dorothea 
Cassel 21 Apr 1902 - Children: 
#258-1 HODGE, Reba, b. 18 Dec 1905 
#258-2 HODGE, Wallace Irving, b. 9 June 1913 
#258-3 HODGE, Catherine Cassel, b. 28 July 1918 
#258-4 HODG E, Dorothea, b. 26 Dec 1919 

#2581 Reba Hodge md Jack Thayer 20 Apr 
1924 - Children: (Div) 
#258-11 THAYER, John Howard, b. 9 Nov 1927, 

d. 7 Jan 196 1 
#258-12 THAYER, Ann Rebecca, b. 6 May 1942 

#2581 Reba Hodge md (2) Max Fennell 
20 Jan 1951 

#25811 John Howard Thayer md Shirley 

Major 1955 - Children: 

#258-lTT THAYER, Kate, b. 12 Feb 1957 
#258-112 THAYER, Robert, b. 20 Nov 1958 
#258-113 THAYER, William, b. 21 July I960 

#25812 Ann Rebecca Thayer md Henry 
Frohlich 31 May 1964 - Children: 

#258-121 FROHLICH, Kurt Howard, b. 4 June 1966 
#258-122 FROHLICH, Deborah, b. 14 Apr 1967 

#2582 Wallace Irving Hodge md Elva Mar - 
garet Eves 21 July 1933 - Children: 
#258-21 HODGE, John Wallace, b. 26 Jan 1935 
#258-22 HODGE, Steven Eves, b. 14 July 1937 
#258-23 HODGE, Laurie, b. 10 Aug 1945 

Barbara Ann Evans 494 

#25821 John Wallace Hodge md Annette Marie 
Nobriga 11 Aug 1956 - Children: 

#258-211 HODGE, John Wallace, b. 22 May 1957 
#258-212 HODGE, David Jay, b. 11 Aug 1959 
#258-213 HODGE, Mark Allen, b. 27 Oct I960, 

d. 9 Dec I960 
#258-214 HODGE, Michael, b, 17 Feb 1963 

#25822 Steven Eves Hodge md Martha Ruth 
Miller 11 May 1963 - Children: 

#258-221 HODGE, Kimberly Robin, b. 20 Nov 1965 
#258-222 HODGE, Teri Lynn, b. 12 Nov 1968 

#25823 Laurie Hodge md Nicholes Dewey 
Hoogendoorn 26 June 1964 - Children: 
#258-231 HOOGENDOORN, Nocholes Dewey, 

b. 17 Apr 1966 
#258-232 HOOGENDOORN, Wayne Lee, 
b. 20 June 1969 

#2583 Catherine Cassel Hodge - unmarried 

#2584 Dorothea Hodge md Robert George 
Gisser 21 Apr 1949 - Children: 
#258-41 GISSER, Robert (adp), b. 11 Dec 1950 
#258-42 GISSER, Catherine, b. 11 Oct 1956 
#258-43 GISSER, Susan Kay, b. 1 Jan 1958 

#259 Annie Laurie Hodge md Julian Johnson 

(Div) - Child: 

f259-l JOHNSON, Tamson Cotter Trail, b. 1 May 1907 

#259 Annie Laurie Hodge md Robert M. Yost 
- Children: 
fZST^YUST, Robert M. , b. 25 Feb 1917 
#259-3 YOST, James Douglas, b. 27 Oct 1920, 

d. 1935 

#2591 Tamson Johnson md (1) Vernon Cotter 
(late twenties) no issue Div. 

#2591 Tamson Johnson md (2) Herman W. 
Trail 1 June 1945 - Child: 
#259-11 TRAIL, Laurie, b. 2 1 Mar 1946 

#2592 Robert M. Yost md Edythe Inwood 
17 Sep 1941 - Children: 

#259-21 YOST, James Inwood, b. 24 Apr 1948 
#259-22 YOST, Victoria Ann, b. 3 Dec 1949 

#26 Susannah Evans md Isaac Alldredge 
27 Dec 1869 - Children: 
#261 ALLDREDGE, Isaac, b. 13 Oct 1870, 

d. 10 June 1964 
#262 ALLDREDGE, John, b. 2 Mar 1872, 

d. 17 Oct 1873 (Child) 

495 Barbara Ann Evans 

#263 ALLDREDGE, Susie, b. 7 Nov 1874 

d. 9 Jan 1946 
#264 ALLDREDGE, Emma, b. 31 Aug 1876 

d. 22 Mar 1907 
#265 ALLDREDGE, Mary, b. 5 Feb 1879 

d. 11 Feb 1884 (Child) 
#266 ALLDREDGE, Deseret, b. 29 May 1881 
#267 ALLDREDGE, Nettie, b. 21 July 1884 

d. 8 Sep 1969 
#268 ALLDREDGE, Virginia, b. 4 Sep 1886, 

d. 15 Sep 1894 (Child) 
#269 ALLDREDGE, Leo, b. 22 Jan 1889 
#26A ALLDREDGE, Jocosa, b. 16 Aug 1893 

#2^ Isaac Alldredge md Sarah Ann Western 
24 Oct 1888 - Children: 
#261-1 ALLDREDGE, Roy, b. 21 Oct 1889, 

d. 2 Nov 1889 (Child) 
#261-2 ALLDREDGE, May, b. 7 Oct 1890, 

d. 3 Dec 1957 
#261-3 ALLDREDGE, Don Franklin, b. 22 July 

1892, d. 17 Jan 1895 (Child) 
#261-4 ALLDREDGE, Eleazer (Aze-Azer), 

b. 23 June 1894 
#261-5 ALLDREDGE, Marion, b. 27 Aug 1897 
#261-6 ALLDREDGE, Levi, b. 3 July 1901 
#261-7 ALLDREDGE, John, b. & d. Sep 1904 
#261-8 ALLDREDGE, Eldon,b 11 Jan 1906, d 17 Dec 1938 
#261-9 ALLDREDGE, Myron, b. 20 Sep 1909, 

d. 26 July 1931 

#261 Isaac Alldredge md Maria Delila 
Van Leuven 16 Aug 1902 - Children: 
#261 -A ALLDREDGE, Aritta, b. 28 Sep 1903, 

d. 28 Sep 1903 
#261-B ALLDREDGE, Irvin, b. 25 Aug 1905 
#261-C ALLDREDGE, Nora, b. 22 Aug 1907 
#26 1-D ALLDREDGE, Vangie Lurie, b. 18 Aug 1911 
#26 1-E ALLDREDGE, Le land Dee, b. 11 May 1913 
# 261-F AL LDREDGE, Verl "I", b. 6 Sep 1918 

#26 r^ May Alldredge md Ozias Haynie 
Mar 1910 ^____ 

#2614 Eleazer Alidredge md Alice Barlow 
24 June 1924 - Children: 
#261-41 ALLDREDGE, Arthur, b. 25 July 1925, 

d. 25 July 1925 (Child) 
#261-42 ALLDREDGE, Claire Azar, b. 22 Dec 

1926, d. 22 Dec 1926 (Child) 

Barbara Ann Evans 496 

#261-43 ALLDREDGE, Melvin Barlow, b. 19 Aug 

1935, d. 19 Aug 1935 (Child) 
#261-44 ALLDREDGE, Elaine (Adpt), 

b. 19 June 1929 
#261-45 ALLDREDGE, Richard Dean (Adpt), 
b. 26 Oct 1935 

#26144 Elaine AUdredge md Alvin Ernest 
Weeks 4 Nov 1952 - Children: 
#261-441 WEEKS, Joel Ace, b. 10 Nov 1953 
#261-442 WEEKS, Jo Alice, b. 18 Feb 1956 

#26145 Richard Dean AUdredge md Patricia 
Larkin 20 Apr 1956 - Children: 
#261-451 ALLDREDGE, Stephen Richard, 

b. 23 Jan 1957 
#261-452 ALLDREDGE, Maria Jean, b. 23 Jan 1958 
#261-453 ALLDREDGE, Peggy Kay - Twin, 

b. 16 Dec I960 
#261-454 ALLDREDGE, Penny Gay - Twin, 
b. 16 Dec I960 

#2615 Marion AUdredge rad Ola Dalle y 
20 Apr 1920 

#2616 Levi AUdredge md Ermine Dalley 

16 Sep 1919 

#26 IB Irvin AUdredge md Dorothy Lillian 
Young 24 Dec 1926 - Children: 

#261-B1 ALLDREDGE, son. Stillborn 1 Oct 1927 
#261-B2 ALLDREDGE, Clifford Irvin, b. 16 Apr 1930 
#261 -B3 ALLDREDGE, Ruth Cleora, b. 3 Apr 1932 
#261-B4 ALLDREDGE, Donna Lou, b. 9 Aug 1934 
#261 -B5 ALLDREDGE, LaVerna, b. 17 July 1936 
#26 1-B6 ALLDREDGE, Betty Jo, b. 21 May 1938 
#261-B7 ALLDREDGE, Marie, b. 27 Nov 1939 
#261-B8 ALLDREDGE, Lillian Fae, b. 17 Aug 1941 
#26l-B9 ALLDREDGE, Marietta, b. 15 July 1945, 

d. 15 June 1949 (Child) 

#261-B2 Clifford Irvin AUdredge md Marilyn 
Daniels 19 Dec 1955 - Children: , 

#26 1-B21 ALLDREDGE, David Alan, b. 19 Sep I 

1956, Stillborn 
#261-B22 ALLDREDGE, Son, b. 11 June 1957, 

#261 -B23 ALLDREDGE, Son, b. 21 Nov 1958, 

#261 -B24 ALLDREDGE, Clifford Wayne, b. 22 Sep 

1958, d. 22 Sep 1958 
#26 1-B25 ALLDREDGE, Brian Lee, b. 5 June I960 

497 Barbara Ann Evans 

#261-B26 ALLDREDGE, Emily Lenore 
b. 24 Nov 1961 

#261-B27 ALLDREDGE. Jeffrey Duane 

b. 7 May 1963 
#26I-B28 ALLDREDGE. Teresa Jill, b. 5 May 1965 
#261-B29 ALLDREDGE, Kale Irvin, b. 21 May 1967 
#261-B2A ALLDREDGE, Kenneth - Twin (adp) 

b. 30 July 1968 
#261-B2B ALLDREDGE, Kevin - Twin (adp) 

b, 30 July 1968 
#261-B2C ALLDREDGE, Iric Daniels, b. 3 Mar 1969 

#261B3 Ruth Cleora Alldredge md Ralph 
Lemuel Webb 30 Sep 1953 - Children: 
#261-B31 WEBB, Ruth, b. 4 Sep 1954 
#261-B32 WEBB, Miriam, b. 17 Jan 1956 
#261-B33 WEBB, Nancy, b. 16 Sep 1957 
#261-B34 WEBB, Shirley, b. 26 Aug I960 
#26l-B35 WEBB, Joseph Arvil, b. 20 Oct 1967 
#261-B36 WEBB, Walter Ralph, b. 1 Apr 1969 

#261B4 Donna Lou Alldredge md Edwin 
Iverson Jones 3 July 1954 - Children: 
#26l-B41 JONES, Lou Ella, b. 5 Sep 1955 
#26l-B42 JONES, Anona Marie, b. 11 Sep 1956 
#26l-B43 JONES, Diane, b. 29 Sep 1957 
#261-B44 JONES, Evan Duane, b. 8 Mar 1959 
#261-B45 JONES, Coleen, b. 12 May 1962 
#261-B46 JONES, Elwa Dawn, b. 20 July 1964 
#261-B47 JONES, Philip Ray, b. 23 Sep 1965 
#261-B48 JONES, Paul Elwin, b. 28 Feb 1969 
#261 -B49 JONES, Matthew Shane, b 15 Aug 1970 

#261B5 LaVerna Alldredge md Dahl Lemmon 
Zohner 7 Sep 1956 - Children: 
#261-B51 ZOHNER, Raguel, b. 14 Aug 1957 
#261-B52 ZOHNER, Stanley, b. 8 Feb 1959 
#261-B53 ZOHNER, Ninarose, b. 20 July I960 
#261-B54 ZOHNER, Dalene, b. 6 Nov 1961 
#261-B55 ZOHNER, Michael Wayne, b. 9 Feb 1963 
#261-B56 ZOHNER, Dorothy, b. 17 June 1965 
#261-B57 ZOHNER, Wyatt Irvin, b. 30 Aug 1967 
#261-B58 ZOHNER, Rodney Alden, b. 2 Nov 1969 

#261B6 Betty Jo Alldredge md Mars Kenneth 
Booth 13 Sep 1968 - Children: 

#261 -B61 BOOTH, David Kenneth, b. 18Sepl969 
#261-B62 BOOTH, Marietta Dawn, b. 16 Feb 1971 

#261B7 Marie Alldredge md Ernest Niel 
Biggs 8 Sep 1961 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 498 

#261-B71 BIGGS, Lisa Marie, b. 17 June 1962 
#261 -B72 BIGGS, Lorelie, b. 10 June 1963 
#261-B73 BIGGS, Leslie, b. 3 Aug 1964 
#26 1-B74 BIGGS, LeAnn, b. 27 Mar 1969 

#261B8 Lillian Fae Alldredge md Clyde 
Anthony Roberts 14 Dec 1968 - Child: 
#261-B81 ROBERTS, Carl Snoden, b, 22 Sep 1969 

#26 IC Nora Alldredge md Vernon Martin 
Iverson 31 Mar 1925 - Children: 
#261 -CI IVERSON, Martin Shyrl, b. 6 Apr 1926 
#261 -C2 IVERSON, Lloyd Rey, b. 25 Jan 1928 
#261-C3 IVERSON, Rose Vernell, b. 11 Jan 1930 
#261 -C4 IVERSON, Loyal Dee, b. 21 Dec 1931 
#261-C5 IVERSON, Joseph Devon, b. 23 Dec 1933 
#261-C6 IVERSON, Orlin Kay, b. 6 Aug 1935 
#26 1-C7 IVERSON, Mitchel Duane, b. 4 Sep 1937 

#26101 Martin Shyrl Iverson md Mary Lou 
McKee 18 Jan 1947 - Children: 

#261-011 IVERSON, Deborah Joe, b. 18 Nov 1951 
#261-012 IVERSON, Edward Vernon, b. 13 Jan 1955 

#26102 Lloyd Rey Iverson md Marian Joy 
Humphries 27 Dec 1950 - Children: 
#261-021 IVERSON, Shelley, b. 24 Sep 1951 
#261-022 IVERSON, Roger Lloyd, b. 11 Nov 1955 
#26 1-C23 IVERSON, Kristine, b. 19 Nov 1958 
#261-024 IVERSON, Steven Humphry, b. 2 Nov I960 
#261-025 IVERSON, Mary Sue, b. 18 Jan 1964 

#261C3 Rose Vernell Iverson md Ray Eugene 
Rich 17 Nov 1956 - Children: 
#261-031 RICH, Judy Rae, b. 20 Aug 1957 
#261-C32 RICH, David Franklin, b. 20 Oct 1958 
#261-033 RICH, Nancy, b. 29 Dec 1959 
#261-034 RICH, Scott Vernon, b. 27 Aug 1962 
#261-C35 RICH, Susan Marie, b. 30 Dec 1963 

#26104 Loyal Dee Iverson md Ivy Joan Smith 
6 Jan 1951 - Children: (wife -died) 
#261-C41 IVERSON, Randy Vern, b. 22 July 1951 
#261-042 IVERSON, Terrie Ann, b. 2 Aug 1952 

#26lC4 Loyal Dee Iverson md (2) Judy Lee 

Holman - Child: 

#26 l-C4T"IVER5nNr Craig, b. 12 Nov 1964 

#26105 Joseph Devon Iverson md Ingrid 
Hedwig Athen 23 Aug 1958 - Children: 
#261-051 IVERSON, Heide, b. 9 Aug 1959 
#261-052 IVERSON, Issing Deetric k, b. 9 Mar 1962 

499 Barbara Ann Evans 

#Z61C6 Orlin Kay Iverson md Ila Saxton 
9 Oct 1958 - Children: 

#261-C61 IVERSON, Arlene, b. 30 Jan 1955 
#261-062 IVERSON, Kathleen, b. 6 June 1956 
#26l-C63 IVERSON, Martin Kay, b. 13 Feb 1959 
#261-064 IVERSON, Kent John, b. 5 July 1962 

#26107 Mitchei Duane Iverson md Lois t'aye 
Behunin 23 Aug 1963 - Children: 

#261-C71 IVERSON, Dean Mitchei, b. 11 July 1966 
#261-072 IVERSON, Kevin Duane, b. 18 July 1968 
#261-073 IVERSON, Brenda Faye, b. 31 Aug 1970 

#26 ID Vangie Lurie Alldredge md Arthur 
Robert McCuistion 11 Nov 1932 - Children: 
#261-D1 MO CUISTION, Edith, b. 31 Oct 1933 
#261-D2 MC CUISTION, Elaine, b. 25 Apr 1935 
#261-D3 MC CUISTION, Arthur Lloyd, b. 12 Sep 1936 
#261-D4 MC CUISTION, Dallace Albert, 

b, 15 Mar 1939 
#261-D5 MC CUISTION, Howard Alvin,b. 31 Jan 1947 
#261-D6MC CUISTION, Karen Ethel, b. 21 May 1952 

#261D1 Edith McCuistion md Ammon Alonzo 
Ray 21 Mar 1953 - Children: 
#261 -DU RAY, Sharalee, b. 27 Dec 1953 
#261-D12 RAY, Peggy, b. 7 May 1956 
#261-D13 RAY, Bruce Robert, b. 10 July 1957 
#261-D14 RAY, Laree, b. 11 Sep 1958 
#261-D15 RAY, Brent, b. 27 Nov 1962 

#261D2 Elaine McCuistion md Dennis Hyrum 
Ferbrache 10 Feb 1956 - Children: 
#261-D21 FERBRACHE, Arthur Dennis, 

b. 19 July 1956 
#261 -D22 FERBRACHE, Calvin Karl, b. 12 Nov 1957 
#261-D23 FERBRACHE, Denice, b. 14 July 1959 
#261-D24 FERBRACHE, Steven Kenneth, 

b. 1 Apr 1961 
#261-D25 FERBRACHE, Darel Walter, b. 4 Feb 

1963, d. 26 Mar 1963 
#261-D26 FERBRACHE, Bryce Craig, 

b. 25 Sep 1964 

#261£)3 Arthur Lloyd McCuistion md betty 
Kay Hamblen 20 Sep 1956 - Children: 
#261-D31 MC CUISTION, Debra, b. 31 July 1957 
#261-D32 MC CUISTION, Arthur Craig, 

b. 3 Apr 1959 ,^,^ 

#261-D33 MC CUISTION, Lori, b. 6 Aug I960 
#261-D34 MC CUISTION, Lisa, b. 25 Dec 1963 
#261-D35 MC CUISTION, Machelle. b. 6 Feb 19bb 

Barbara Ann Evans 500 

#261D4 Dallace Albert McCuistion md Jane 
Ann Coltrin 2 June 1961 - Children: 
#261-D41 MC CUISTION, Scott Allen, 

b. 27 Mar 1962 
#261-D42 MC CUISTION, Janice, b. 10 June 1964 
#261-D43 MC CUISTION, Tracy Arthur, 

b. 23 Aug 1965 
#261-D44 MC CUISTION, Penny, b. 20 Feb 1971 

#261D5 Howard Alvin McCuistion md Ilene 
Beck 15 Mar 1968 

#26 IE Lelan Dee AUdredge rad Tiny Myrtle 
Nelson 18 Dec 1936 - Children: 

#261-E1 ALLDREDGE, Daniel Dee,b. 2 Jan 1938 
#26l-E2 ALLDREDGE, Nelson Edward, b. 9 Sep 1939 
#261-E3 ALLDREDGE, Merlin Kay, b. 8 Jan 1941 
#261-E4 ALLDREDGE, Leila, b. 11 Mar 1943 
#261 -E5 ALLDREDGE, Leona, b. 27 Dec 1945 
#261-E6 ALLDREDGE, Glenn Ray - Twin, 

b. 25 May 1948 
#261-E7 ALLDREDGE, Glenna May - Twin, 

b. 25 May 1948 
#261 -E8 ALLDREDGE, Susan, b. 14 Dec 1949 
#261 -E9 ALLDREDGE, James Isaac, b. 20 May 1952 
#261 -EA ALLDREDGE, Renae,b. 24 June 1954 
#261-EB ALLDREDGE, Mary Ann,b.27 Aug 1957 
#261 -EC ALLDREDGE, Donald Kevin, b, 27 Mar 1959 

#261E1 Daniel Dee Alldredge md Mona 
Woodbury 26 June 1959 - Children: 
#261 -Ell ALLDREDGE, David Dee, b. 6 Jan 1961 
#261-E12 ALLDREDGE, Douglas Scott, b. 19 Aug 1962 
#261-E13 ALLDREDGE, Bruce Edward, b. 4 Aug 1964 
#26 1-E 14 ALLDREDGE Danette, b 22 Sep 1967 

#261E2 Nelson Edward Alldredge md DeOnn 
Noel 1 Apr 1966 - Children: 

#261-E21 ALLDREDGE, Jeanette, b. 4 Jan 1967 
#26 1-E22 ALLDREDGE, Karon, b. 30 June 1968 

#26 IE 3 Merlin Kay Alldredge md Claudia 
Weekly 10 Oct ^97 

#261E4 Leila Alldredge md Melvin Keith 
Laws June 1962 - Children: 

#261-E41 LAWS, Brian Kent, b. 29 May 1963 
#261-E42 LAWS, Linda Kae, b. 2 Jan 1965 
#261-E43 LAWS, Tera Leigh, b. 28 Dec 1970 

#261E5 Leona Alldredge md Robert Charles 
Schexnayder 11 Aug 1967 - Children: 
#261-E51 SCHEXNAYDER, Eshelle, b. 19 Dec 1966 

501 Barbara Ann Evans 

#261-E52 SCHEXNAYDER, Robert Dee 

b. 8 Mar I968 
#261 -E53 SCHEXNAYDER. Sean Charles 
b. 4 Feb 1971 

#261E6 Glenn Ray Alldredge md Barbara 
Jean Jergins 6 Dec 1969 - Child: 
#261-E61 ALLDREDGE, Glen Ray, b. 2 Oct 1970 

#261E7 Glenna May Alldredge md Douglas 
Clifton Wilson 29 Dec 1967 

#261E8 Susan Alldredge nnd Randy Gunnell 
13 Sep 1969 

#26 IF Verl "I" Alldredge md Ada Helen 

Nelson - Children: 

#261-F1 ALLDREDGE, Ada Darlene, b. 2 1 Apr 1940 
#26 1-F2 ALLDREDGE, Elma Jean, b. 22 Mar 194 3 
#261-F3 ALLDREDGE, Jerry Verl, b. 10 June 1945 
#261-F4 ALLDREDGE, Ruth Evonne,b. 11 Jan 1948 
#261-F5 ALLDREDGE, Michael Kay, b. 10 Apr 1949 
#26 1-F6 ALLDREDGE, Nancy Rae, b. 16 May 1953 
#261-F7 ALLDREDGE, Dennis William, b. 16 Nov 1955 
#26 1-F8 ALLDREDGE Alan James, b. 27 Aug 1962 

#261F1 Ada Darlene Alldredge md Milton 
Gale Larsen 6 May I960 - Children: 
#261-F11 LARSEN, Milton Verl, b. 10 Aug 1961 
#261-F12 LARSEN, Tammy Darlene, b. 2 Oct 1962 
#261-F13 LARSEN, Terol Lee, b. 26 Dec 1964 
#261-F14 LARSEN, Curtis Gale, b. 9 Mar 1967 

#261F2 Elma Jean Alldredge md Jay Allen 
May 19 Dec 1964 - Children: 
#261-F21 MAY, Todd Jay, b. 29 Oct 1965 
#26l-F22 MAY, Tony Morgan, b. 5 Dec 1966 
#261-F23 MAY, Jennifer, b. 29 Dec 1967 
#261-F24 MAY, Brent Verl, b 22 Jan 197 1 

#261F4 Ruth Evonne Alldredge md Eddie 
Burton Johnson 9 Nov 1968 - Children: 
#261-F41 JOHNSON, Jed Thayne, b. 28 Aug 1969 
#26 1-F42 JOHNSON, Angela Lynn, b. 10 Aug 1970 

#263 Susie Alldredge md Ernest Burgess 
Theobald 23 Nov 1892 - Children: 
#263-1 THEOBALD, Inez, b. 6 Oct 1893, 

d. 1 July 1913 
#263-2 THEOBALD, Evan Burgess, b. 22 Aug 1896 
#263-3 THEOBALD, Arthur Isaac, b. 29 Mar 1900, 

d. 25 Apr 1957 
#263-4 THEOBALD, Elwin, b. 1 Feb 1902 
#263-5 THEOBALD, Susie, b. 22 Aug 1903, 

d. 22 Aug 1903 

Barbara Ann Evans 502 

#263-6 THEOBALD, Desa Jane, b. 11 Dec 1905 
#263-7 THEOBALD, Leo Lane, b. 13 Nov 1907 

#2632 Evan Burgess Theobald md Estella 
Wright 17 May 1922 - Children: 

#263-21 THEOBALD, Evan "J", b. 24 Mar 1923 
#263-22 THEOBALD, Denese, b. 10 Aug 1924 
#263-23 THEOBALD, Bonnie Jean, b. 13 Mar 1927 
#263-24 THEOBALD, Inez, b. 22 July 1928 
#263-25 THEOBALD, Roe Mae, b. 27 Oct 1934 

#26321 Evan "J" Theobald md Miriam 
Dixon 15 May 1946 - Children: 

#263-211 THEOBALD, Evan Dale, b. 25 Mar 1949 
#263-212 THEOBALD, DeAnn, b, 3 Jan 1951 
#263-213 THEOBALD, Roger Dean, b, 9 Feb 1954 
#263-214 THEOBALD, Allen Dixon, bo 2 June 1955 
#263-215 THEOBALD, "J" Dee, b. 14 Nov I960 

#26322 Denese Theobald md Robert Linford 
Heyborne 21 Aug 1942 - Children: 
#263-221 HEYBORNE, Linford T. , b. 7 Sep 1950 
#263-222 HEYBORNE, Brenda Kay, b. 20 Mar 1955 

#26323 Bonnie Jean Theobald md Don Leslie 
Scarlet 18 Dec 1953 - Children: 

#263-231 SCARLET, Leslie Jean, b. 27 Nov 1954 
#263-232 SCARLET, Lois Evon, b. 7 Mar 1956 
#263-233 SCARLET, Leanne, b. 3 Feb 1961 
#263-234 SCARLET, Lizabeth b 15 July 1964 

#26324 Inez Theobald md Ralph Vernald 
Fredrickson 9 Sep 1955 - Children: 
#263-241 FREDRICKSON, Maren, b. 20 June 1956 
#263-242 FREDRICKSON, Ralph Leon, 

b. 15 Aug 1957 
#263-243 FREDRICKSON, Terryl Wayne, 

b. 5 Feb 1959 
#263-244 FREDRICKSON, Annette, b, 12 June I960 
#263-245 FREDRICKSON, Carol Lynn, 

b, 28 July 1963 
#263-246 FREDRICKSON, Marc Evan, b 3 May 1965 

#26325 Roe Mae Theobald md Ronald Virgil 
Canfield 4 June 1956 - Children: 
#263-251 CANFIELD, Ronald Virgil, b. 19 July 1957, 

d. 19 July 1957 
#263-252 CANFIELD, Lisa, b. 3 Sep 1959 
#263-253 CANFIELD, Kenneth Brent, b. 22 June 1961 
#263-254 CANFIELD, Ann Marie, b. 22 June 1963 

#2633 Arthur Isaac Theobald md Ethel Marie 

Vance June 1920 - Child: 

#263-31 THEOBALD, Gayle, b. 23 Jan 19 30 

503 Barbara Ann Evans 

WT.-.1 ^^^^^T ^^7^^ Theobald md Dwight Milton 
Whitley 16 Nov 1943 - Children- 

#263-311 WHITLEY, Dwight Milton, b. 22 June 1948 
#263-312 WHITLEY, Christine Marie b hTovIQSI 
#263-313 WHITLEY, Steven Arthur, b. 17 Au. I954 

#2634 Elwm Theobald md Maude Marian 

Mathews 29 Aug 1928 - Children- 

#263-41 THEOBALD, Handle Ernest, b. 1 June 1929 
#263-42 THEOBALD, Layton Ray, b. 25 May 1931 
#263-43 THEOBALD, Elwin Glen, b. 26 Nov 1936 
#263-44 THEOBALD, Allen Dean - Twin, 

b. 17 June 1944 
#263-45 THEOBALD, Alice Jean - Twin, 
b. 17 June 1944 

#26341 Handle Ernest Theobald md Dora 
Jane Siramons 25 June 1948 - Children: 
#263-411 THEOBALD, Catherine, b. 19 June 1950 
#263-412 THEOBALD, Laura Jeanne, b. 16 Nov 1951 
#263-413 THEOBALD, Marion, b. 13 Mar 1953 
#263-414 THEOBALD, Handle Lunt, b. 3 Mar 1956 
#263-415 THEOBALD, Kent Ernest, b. 16 May I960 
#263-416 THEOBALD, Shawn, b 18 Mar 1962 

#26342 Layton Ray Theobald md Glenita Rae 
Luekena 25 Sep 1959 - Children: 

#263-421 THEOBALD, Layton Mark, b. 21 Sep i960 
#263-422 THEOBALD, Gregory Todd, b. 14 Aug 1962 

#26342 Layton Ray Theobald md Jane 
Christensen 25 Mar I966 - Children: 
#263-423 THEOBALD, Linda Jane, b. 20 June 1967 
#263-424 THEOBALD, David James, b. 23 Oct 1968 
#263-425 THEOBALD, Robert Ray b 13 Oct 1970 

#26343 Elwin Glenn Theobald md Shirlie 
Lee Hagy 14 Sep 1957 - Children: 

#263-431 THEOBALD, Arthur Elwin, b. 4 Nov 1958 
#263-432 THEOBALD, Andrew Glen b 16 Nov 1961 

#26345 Alice Jean Theobald md John Allen 
Montierth 19 Mar 1964 - Children: 
#263-451 MONTIERTH, Shannon, b. 19 Aug 1966 
#263-452 MONTIERTH, Wendy Jean, b 3 Oct 1968 

#2636 Desa Jane Theobald md Rulon Francis 
Camraack 17 Aug 1925 - Children: 
#263-61 CAMMACK, Elwin Francis, b. 8 June 1926 
#263-62 CAMMACK, Edwin Rulon, b. 26 Aug 1927 
#263-63 CAMMACK, Stanley Blair, b. 15 Dec 1928 
#263-64 CAMMACK, Rulon - Twin, b. 15 Nov 1931, 

d, 16 Nov 1931 (Child) 

Barbara Ann Evans 504 

#263-65 CAMMACK, Barbara Desa - Twin, 

b. 15 Nov 1931 
#263-66 CAMMACK, Grant Ernest, b. 17 Sep 1938 
#263-67 CAMMACK, Ray Fenton, b. 25 Sep 1944 

#26361 Elwin Francis Cammack md Jessie 
Claire Morrell 3 July 1951 - Children: 
#263-611 CAMMACK, Francis Phyl, b. 10 Feb 1953 
#263-612 CAMMACK, Mark Elwin, b. 2 1 June 1955 
#263-613 CAMMACK, Jessie CamiUe, b. 10 Aug 1956 
#263-614 CAMMACK, Karen, b. 9 Feb 1961 
#263-615 CAMMACK, Paul Marriner,b. 1 Jan 1970 

#26362 Edwin Rulon Cammack md Dixie 
Maurine Goodwin 23 Dec 1950 - Children: 
#263-621 CAMMACK, Rulon Everett, b. 19 Feb 1952 
#263-622 CAMMACK, Kent Edwin, b. 11 Aug 1953 
#263-623 CAMMACK, Lee Ernest, b. 2 Nov 1954 
#263-624 CAMMACK, Susan Diane, b. 13 July 1956 
#263-625 CAMMACK, Janice, b. 28 Dec 1962 

#26363 Stanley Blair Cammack md Beulah 
Rosaleen Casey 21 Dec 1951 - Children: 
#263-631 CAMMACK, Ava Jane, b. 28 Nov 1955 
#263-632 CAMMACK, Connie Ann, b. 15 Dec 1957 
#263-633 CAMMACK, Blair Ray, b. 7 May 1959 
#263-634 CAMMACK, Tanya Rose, b. 17 Aug 1968 

#26365 Barbara Desa Cammack md Heber 
Homer Anderson 3 June 1954 - Children: 
#263-651 ANDERSON, Cynthia, b. 24 Apr 1956 
#263-652 ANDERSON, Dean Homer, b. 18 Aug 1958 
#263-653 ANDERSON, Deanne, b. 18 July I960 
#263-654 ANDERSON, Pauline, b. 27 Nov 1964 

#26366 Grant Ernest Cammack md Kay Lynn 
Cahoon 27 Sep 1963 - Children: 

#263-661 CAMMACK, Stephanie Kay,b.9 Nov 1965 
#263-662 CAMMACK, Lynette, b. 2 Feb 1968 

#26367 Ray Fenton Cammack md Juliet 
Wheeler 9 Oct 1965 

#26367 Ray Fenton Cammack md Sheryl Jane 
Baker 16 Dec 1967 - Children: 

#263-671 CAMMACK, Justin Ray, b. 11 Aug 1969 
#263-672 CAMMACK, Jason Robert, b. 8 July 1970 

#2637 Leo Lane Theobald md Gladys Lena 
Brown 21 Dec 1930 - Children: 

#263-71 THEOBALD, Wanda Lee, b. 29 Sep 1931 
#263-72 THEOBALD, Marlene, b. 3 Oct 1935 
#263-73 THEOBALD, Karen, b. 18 Nov 1941 
#263-74 THEOBALD, Frank Ernest, b. 7 July 1949 

505 Barbara Ann Evans 

r Jo^^I^ ^o?"^^ ^^^ Theobald md Alvin Lloyd 
Couch 22 Apr 1950 - Children- 

#263-711 COUCH, Christine Sue, b. 26 June 1951 
#263-712 COUCH, Scott Alvin, b. 12 Julv 1953 

d. 12 July 1953 ^ ' 

#263-713 COUCH, Ranae Denise. b. 22 Feb 1956 
#263-714 COUCH, Alan Lane, b. 13 Feb 1957 
#263-715 COUCH, Theresa Lynne. b. 12 Oct I9 60 

#263711 Christine Sue Couch md George 

Xavier Gonzales 11 July 1970 

#26372 Marlene Theobald md Stephen Allen 
Kneeland 4 Sep 1953 - Children: 

#263-721 KNEELAND, Stephen Allen, b. 2 Mar 1966 
#263-722 KNEELAND, Melinda Ann, b. 30 Mar 1968 

#264 Emma Alldredge md Jonathan Burgess 
Pratt 23 Nov 1892 - Children: 
#264-1 PRATT, Nina, b. 31 Oct 1893 
#264-2 PRATT, William Burgess, b. 13 June 1895 
#264-3 PRATT, Zella, b. 31 Dec 1897, d. 5 Mar 1926 
#264-4 PRATT, Elizabeth, b. 20 June 1899, 

d. 21 June 1899 
#264-5 PRATT, Jonathan Isaac, b. 29 Apr 1900 
#264-6 PRATT, Avelin, b. 4 Dec 1901 
#264-7 PRATT, Vaunda, b. 23 July 1905 

#2641 Nina Pratt md Vern Jacobs 21 July 
1920 - Children: 

#264-11 JACOBS, Robert, b. 23 Aug 1921 
#264-12 JACOBS, Verna Ann, b, 26 June 1927 
#264-13 JACOBS, Vern Pratt, b 26 June 1927 

#26411 Robert Jacobs md Shone Lobato 
1 Jan 1943 - Children: 

#264-111 JACOBS, Mary Kay, b. 25 Sep 1943 
#264-112 JACOBS, Mike, b. 3 Feb 1949 

#264111 Mary Kay Jacobs md Ronald 
De Lome 9 Jan 1968 

#26412 Verna Ann Jacobs md Einor C. 
Westly 15 Sep 1950 - Child: 
#264-121 WESTLY, Mark, b. 31 July 1949 

#26413 Vern Pratt Jacobs md Dona Bennett 
16 Nov 1945 - Child: (div) 
#264-131 JACOBS, Jimmy Mikel, b. 5 Aug 1946 

#26413 Vern Pratt Jacobs md Virginia Ann 

Barnes - Child (div) 

#264-132 JACCJB^T^eannie Ann, b. 27 Aug 1964 

#2642 William Burgess Pratt md Mary 
Cropper - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 5&6 

#264-21 PRATT, William Marion, b. 12 July 1918 
#264-22 PRATT, Dana Richmond, b. 6 Dec 1919 
#264-23 PRATT, Jonathan Grant, b. 2 3 June 1922 
#264-24 PRATT, Leigh Burgess, b. 10 Aug 1924 
#264-25 PRATT, Patricia, b. 9 Apr 1932 

#264 3 Zella Pratt md Walter Daw 17 Mar 
1921 - Child: 
#264-31 DAW, Ruth, b. 20 Aug 1924 

#264 31 Ruth Daw md Frank Smith 

#2645 Jonathan Isaac Pratt md Josephine 
Warnick 19 Feb 1924 - Children: 
#264-51 PRATT, Annabell, b. 16 Nov 1924, 

d. 16 Nov 1924 
#264-52 PRATT, Donald Joe, b. 21 Jan 1929 
#264-53 PRATT, Helen Ruth, b. 24 Aug 1930 
#264-54 PRATT, Emma Jean, b. 9 Nov 1931 

#26452 Donald Joe Pratt md Carol Mae 
Christensen 25 Aug 1955 - Children: 
#264-521 PRATT, Michelle, b. 15 Aug 1956 
#264-522 PRATT, Spencer Christensen, 

b. 4 July 1958 
#264-523 PRATT, Melissa, b. 9 Oct 1963 
#264-524 PRATT, Kristine, b. 21 Nov 1967 

#26453 Helen Ruth Pratt md Glen Wilford 
Swalberg 29 Aug 1947 - Children: 

#264-531 SWALBERG, Paul Wilford, b, 16 Feb 1948 
#264-532 SWALBERG, Dean Jonathan, b. 17 June 1951 
#264-533 SWALBERG, Todd G. , b. 3 Dec 1957 

#264531 Paul Wilford Sv/alberg md Jeraldine 
Jensen 27 Feb 1970 - Children: 
#264-531-1 SWALBERG, Kris Marie, b. 24 Dec 197 

#26454 Emma Jean Pratt md Neil Erin 
Howard 26 Aug 1955 - Children; 

#264-541-1 HOWARD, David Erin, b. 13 Sep 1956 
#264-541-2 HOWARD, Lance Neil, b. 16 Oct 1961 
#264-541-3 HOWARD, Deslynn Jean, b, 1 1 July 1965 
#264-541-4 HOWARD, Corrie Dawn, b 29 July 1968 

#2646 Ann Aveline Pratt md Fred Valentine 
31 Dec 1926 - Children: 
#264-61 VALENTINE, Marcella, b. 23 Nov 1927, 

d. 3 July 1970 
#264-62 VALENTINE, Billy Fred, b. 27 Jan 1929 
#264-63 VALENTINE, Lue Ann, b. 27 Aug 1932 

#2647 Vaunda Pratt md Harold William Knight 
31 July 1926 - Child: 
#264-71 KNIGHT, Bonnie Carol, b. 27 May 1932 

#26471 Bonnie Carol Knight mid Joseph Owens 
1 Aug 1953 

507 Barbara Ann Evans 

#266 Deseret Alldredge md Charles Robert 
Johnson 4 Sep 1901 - Children: 

#266-1 JOHNSON, Clover Vivian, b 2 Nov 1903 
#266-2 JOHNSON, Charles Reed, b. 20 Oct 1905 
#266-3 JOHNSON, Lund Alldredge, b 21 Dec 1906 
#266-4 JOHNSON, Ruth, b. 12 Oct 1911 
#266-5 JOHNSON, Dixie, b. 18 Aug 1916 

#266 Deseret Alldredge md Clifford C. 
Goodwin 7 Dec 1937 

#2661 Clover Vivian Johnson md Newell V. 
Sanders 29 May 1928 - Children: 

#266-11 SANDERS, Robert Van Fleet, b. 8 July 1931 
#266-12 SANDERS, Barr Johnson, b. 28 Mar 1940, 

d. 9 Jan 1948 ( Child) 
#266-13 SANDERS, John Newell, b. 1 3 Mar 1950 

#26611 Robert Van Fleet Sanders md Nancy Ritler 
29 Sep 1950 - Children: 

#266-111 SANDERS, Samuel Robert, b. 20 July 1952 
#266-112 SANDERS, Todd Rus sell, b. 18 May 1954 
#266-113 SANDERS, Joy Lynn, b. 23 Aug 1955 

#2662 Charles Reed Johnson md Eleanor 
Roberts 24 Nov 1938 - Child: 
#266-21 JOHNSON, Van Robert, b. 28 Oct 1944, 

d. 29 May 1965 

#2662 Charles Reed Johnson md Pat 
McLennan 18 June 1966 

#2663 Lund Alldredge Johnson md Laura 
Crawford Snow 25 June 1936 - Children: 
#266-31 JOHNSON, Judith Catherine, b. 3 1 Dec 1939 
#266-32 JOHNSON, Laura Jill, b. 20 Sep 1941 
#26 6-33 JOHNSON, Lund Morgan, b. 7 Apr 1945 

#26631 Judith Catherine Johnson md Samuel 
T. Jack Brigham III 3 Sep I960 - Children: 
#266-311 BRIGHAM, Robert Jack, b. 27 July 1961 
#266-312 BRIGHAM, Bradley Lund, b. 10 May 1963 
#266-313 BRIGHAM, Lori Ann, b. 15 Nov 1966 
#266-314 BRIGHAM, Lisa Katherine, b. 26 June 1968 

#26632 Laura Jill Johnson md Boyd Charles 
Smith 7 Sep 1961 - Children: 
#266-321 SMITH, Katherine, b. 27 Jan 1964 
#266-322 SMITH, Christena Lloyd, b. 14 Sep ^965 
#2 66-323 SMITH, Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 2 2 Oct 1969 

^26633 Lund Morgan Johnson md Karen Ruth 
Frazier 27 Dec 1968 - Children: 
#266-331 JOHNSON, Alicia Marie, b. 22 Nov 19bV 
#266-332 JOHNSON, Emily Lau ra, b. 9 Feb 197 1 

^2664 Ruth Johnson md J, Arthur Bailey 

8 Dec 1933 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 508 

#266-41 BAILEY, Mary Dawn, b. 30 Nov 1936 
#266-42 BAILEY, John Arthur, b. 6 Jan 1940, 

d. 29 Sep 1966 
#266-43 BAILEY, Lynn Reed, b. 8 Mar 1942 
#266-44 BAILEY, Penny, b 1 1 Oct 1948 

#26641 Mary Dawn Bailey md Paul Floyd 
Liston 29 Dec 1959 ^ 

#26642 John Arthur Bailey md Camille 
Robertson 21 Dec 1962 

#26643 Lynn Reed Bailey md Jean Joice 
Bell 12 Aug 1963 

#2665 Dixie Johnson md Forrest Lamar 
Yotter 28 June 1941 - Children: 
#266-51 YOTTER, Kim, b. 9 Jan 1947 
#266-52 YOTTER, Kip, b. 22 Oct 1948 

#26651 Kim Yotter md Claudia Diane Drake 
20 Dec 1967 

#267 Nettie AUdredge md John Woodruff 
Keate 26 June 1904 - Children: 
#267-1 KEATE, John Quentin, b. 9 Aug 1905, 

d. Nov 1943 

#267-2 KEATE, Gwenneth Susannah, b. 6 Nov 1910 
#267-3 KEATE, Crystal May, b. 23 May 1915 

#2671 John Quentin Keate md Eleanor O^Brien 

#2672 Gwenneth Susannah Keate rad Eugene 
Max Worley - Children: 

#267-21 WORLEY, Max Keate, b. 12 Dec 1933 
#267-22 WORLEY, Jan Eugene, b. 24 Mar 1938 
#267-23 WORLEY, Susan, b. 13 Feb 1948 
#267-24 WORLEY, John Douglas, b. 25 Sep 1951 

#26721 Max Keate Worley md Marilyn B. 
Olsen 18 Nov 1955 

#26722 Jan Eugene Worley md Georgia Lee 
Blackburn 23 Aug 1958 

#267 3 Crystal May Keate md Wilmot Francis 

Robinson 17 May - Children: 

#267-31 ROBINSONT^arren Kent, b. 10 May 1942 
#267-32 ROBINSON, Russell Keate, b. 15 Aug 1944 

#269 Leo AUdredge md Ida Romney 26 Aug 
1911 - Children: 

#269-1 ALLDREDGE, Vonda Olive, b. 9 July 1912 
#269-2 ALLDREDGE, Leona Ethel, b. 17 Sep 1914 
#269-3 ALLDREDGE, Le Roy Romney, b. 6 Feb 1917 
#269-4 ALLDREDGE, Miles Isaac, b. 18 Aug 1918 
#269-5 ALLDREDGE, Nelda, b. 22 June 1920 
#269-6 ALLDREDGE, Junius Leo, b. 19 Feb 1923, 

d. 9 Feb 1953 

509 Barbara Ann Evans 

#269-7 ALLDREDGE, Gerald, b. 17 June 19Z5 

d. 17 June 1925 (Child) 
#269-8 ALLDREDGE, Ida Mae, b. 5 Dec 1926 
#269-9 ALLDREDGE, David Evans, b. 22 Nov 19 28 

#2691 Vonda Olive Alldredge md Herman 

Eugene Crismon 15 Apr 1931 - Children: 
#269-11 CRISMON, Betty Juliene, b. 13 Mar 1932 
#269-12 CRISMON, Leo Eugene, b. 31 Aug 1933 
#269-13 CRISMON, Wayne D, b. 29 Jan 1935 
#269-14 CRISMON, Gerald, b. 30 Dec 1941 
#269-15 CRISMON, Larry Herman, b. 26 Dec 1942 
#269-16 CRISMON, James Everett, b. 28 Sep 1946 

#26911 Betty Juliene Crismon md James 
Rae McGee 1 Aug 1948 - Children: 
#269-111 MC GEE, John Eugene, b. 5 Feb 1950 
#269-112 MC GEE, James Albert, b. 11 July 1953 
#269-113 MC GEE, Kelly Lynn, b 12 Dec I960 

#26913 Wayne D Crismon md Martha Mary 
Berling 19 Aug I960 - Children: 

#269-131 CRISMON, Michelle Ann, b. 25 Apr 1964 
#269-132 CRISMON, Michael David, b. 22 Feb 1966 
#269-133 CRISMON Shawna Kay b 3 May 1967 

#269 14~Gerald Crismon md Elaine Haws 
5 June 1964 - Children: 

#269-141 CRISMON, Cynthia, b. 29 Feb 1968 
#269-142 CRISMON, David Lance, b. 23 June 1969 

#26915 Larry Hermon Crismon md Dee Ann 
Williams 19 Aug 1966 - Children: 
#269-151 CRISMON, Oris Jon, b. 18 May 1967 
#269-152 CRISMON, Connie Jean, b. 6 Nov 1968 

#26916 James Everett Crismon md Joy Ann 
Watterson 1 June 1970 ^____ 

#2692 Leona Ethel Alldredge md Roswell 
Bellfield Willard 24 May 1939 - Children: 
#269-21 WILLARD, John Ross, b. 15 Nov 1944 
#269-22 WILLARD, Clary Thomas, b. 21 Sep 1947 
#269-23 WILLARD, Kent Owen, b. 26 Aug 1950 
#269-2 4 WILLARD, Katherine Susan, b. 7 Dec 1953 

#26921 John Ross Willard md Sharon Pehrsson 
17 June 1967 - Child: 
#269-211 WILLARD, Kimberly Dawn, b. 24 Sep 1968 

#2693 LeRoy Romney Alldredge md Larita 
Williams 27 Dec 1940 - Children: 
#269-31 ALLDREDGE, Carol, b. 16 Dec 1941 
#269-32 ALLDREDGE, David Leroy, b. 8 May 1943 
#269-33 ALLDREDGE, Joseph Leo, b. 22 July 1945 

Barbara Ann Evans 510 

#269-34 ALLDREDGE, Gary Dean, b. 18 July 1948 
#269-35 ALLDREDGE, Mark Evans, b. 17 May 1950 
#269-36 ALLDREDGE, Janice, b. 17 Mar 1952 
#269-37 ALLDREDGE Luann, b. 14 Jan 1954 

#26931 Carol Alldredge md Walter William 
Beebe 13 Apr 1965 - Children: 

#269-311 BEEBE, Shane Alden, b. 27 Oct 1966 
#269-312 BEEBE, Jason Scott, b, 21 Sep 1968 
#269-313 BEEBE, Suzzette, b 2 Apr 197 

#26932 David Leroy Alldredge md Dyanne 
Simmons 3 Nov 1966 - Children; 

#269-321 ALLDREDGE, Steven David, b. 23 Jan 1968 
#269-322 ALLDREDGE, Bryan Kenneth, b. 31 July 1 970 

#26933 Joseph Leo Alldredge md Sheryl Lynn 
Jurinjak 7 Apr 1969 

#2694 Miles Isaac Alldredge md June Kimball 
24 Dec 1941 - Children: 

#269-41 ALLDREDGE, Antoine Don, b, 21 May 1943 
#269-42 ALLDREDGE, Fay, b, 17 Aug 1945 
#269-43 ALLDREDGE, Diana, b. 18 June 1948 
#269-44 ALLDREDGE, Jean, b. 1 May 1952 

#26941 Antoine Alldredge md Lorraine John- 
son 11 Aug 1967 - Child: 
#269-411 ALLDREDGE, Kristin, b. 16 Aug 1963 

#26942 Fay Alldredge md Phillip Kal Daley 
3 Sep 1965 - Child:- 
#269-421 DALEY, Therese Fay, b. 15 Jan 1968 

#2695 Nelda Alldredge md James Everett 
Crockett 22 Feb 1940 - Children: 
#269-51 CROCKETT, James Dennis, b. 21 Sep 1941, 

d. 28 Sep 1946 
#269-52 CROCKETT, Barbara Ann, b. 15 Feb 1943, 

d. 27 July 1964 
#269-53 CROCKETT, James Everett, Jr., 

b. 7 Jan 1948 
#269-54 CROCKETT, Thomas Allen, b. 20 Oct 1953 

#2696 Junius Leo Alldredge md Velma Bates 
20 May 1949 - Children: 
#269-61 ALLDREDGE Steven Leo, b. 20 Aug 1951 

#2698 Ida Mae Alldredge md Duane Reed 
Schuenke 1 Jan 1948 - Children: 

#269-81 SCHUENKE, Duane William, b. 5 Apr 1949 
#269-82 SCHUENKE, Debra Lyim, b. 26 Apr 1950 

#2699 David Evans Alldredge md Marlene 
Hamblin 19 Jan 1952 - Children: 
#269-91 ALLDREDGE, Michael D, b, 2 Nov 1952 

51 1 Barbara Ann Evans 

#269-92 ALLDREDGE, Leigh Ann. b. 26 Mar 1955 
#269-9 3 ALLDREDGE. Dennis Wayne, b. 2 May 1957 
#269-94 ALLDREDGE, Leslie Sue, b. 6 Sep 1958 

#2699 David Evans Alldredge md Nancy Lee 
Merrell 18 June 1965 

#26A Jacosa Alldredge md Alva Bedford 

Langford 22 Mar 1912 - Children: 
#26A-1 LANGFORD, Carl Alva, b. 22 Sep 1913 
#26A-2 LANGFORD, Velma, b. 12 Aug 1916 
#26A-3 LANGFORD, George Byron, b. 29 Sep 1918 
#26A-4 LANGFORD, Maurice Evans, b. 25 Sep 1920 
#26A-5 LANGFORD, Leah, b. 5 May 1923 
#26A-6 LANGFORD, Treva, b. 5 Nov 1926 
#26A-7 LANGFORD, Ivins Alldredge, b. 26 Nov 19 
#26A-8 LANGFORD, Verda, b. 3 June 1929 — 

#26A-9 LANGFORD, James Isaac, b. 10 July 1934 
#26A-A LANGFORD, Jacosa (Peggy), b. 27 Mar 1936 

#26A1 Carl Alva Langford md Wanda Marie 
Murry 11 Feb 1937 - Child: 
#26A11 LANGFORD, Alva Wayne, b. 14 Dec 1938 

#26A2 Velma Langford md Homer "G" 
Roberts 7 May 1936 - Child: 
#26A-21 ROBERTS, Glenda, b. 16 Aug 1937 
#26A-22 ROBERTS, Homer Gail, b. 17 Sep 1939 
#26A-23 ROBERTS, Marilyn, b. 15 Oct 1942 
#26A-24 ROBERTS Richard Harold, b. 19 Oct 1946 

#26A21 Glenda Roberts md Glen Everett 
Horning 17 June 1957 - Children: 
#26A-211 HORNING, Gari Ann, b. 3 Aug 1958 
#26A-2 12 HORNING, Janet Lynn, b. 7 Oct 1959 
#26A-213 HORNING, Debra Kay, b. 13 Mar 1961 
#26A-214 HORNING, Pamela Sue, b. 5 Jan 1963 
#26A-2 15 HORNING, Steven Fred, b 31 July 1964 

#26A22 Homer Gail Roberts md Anna Marie 
Cox 7 Sep 1963 - Children: 

#26A-221 ROBERTS, Renae, b. 13 Oct 1964 
#26A-222 ROBERTS, Gaylene, b. 2 Mar 1966 
#26A-223 ROBERTS, Sheryl Ann, b. 2 Aug 1967 
#26A-224 ROBERTS, Anna Michele b 24 Aug 1969 

#26A2 3 Marilyn Roberts md Don William 
Mitchell 8 Sep 1961 - Children: (Div) 
#26A-231 MITCHELL, Susan LaVon, b. 16 Jan 1963 
#26A-232 MITCHELL, Joanne Elaine, b. 12 Oct 1964 
#26A-233 MITCHELL, Nancy Joyce, b. 16 Mar 1968 

#26A2 3 Marilyn Roberts md James David 
Andersen 5 Dec 197 

Barbara Ann Evans 512 

#26A3 George Byron Langford md Bernadean 
Lamar ille 19 Dec 1945 - Children: 

#26A-31 LANGFORD, Marcia Laurel, b. 11 July 1947 
#26A-32 LANGFORD, Gordon Bedford, b. 14 July 1948 
#26A-33 LANGFORD, Stephen George, b. 19 Sep 1950 
#26A-34 LANGFORD, Julie Marie, b. 24 July 1954 
#26A-35 LANGFORD, Karen Jean, b. 30 Apr 1956 

#26A4 Maurice Evans Langford md Mary 
Idell Savage 8 Sep 1945 - Children: 

#26A-41 LANGFORD, Charles Kenneth, b. 22 Aug 1954 
#26A-42LANGFORD, Susan Elizabeth, b. 9 Apr 1957 

#26A5 Leah Langford md Alfred Joseph 
Sommers 1 Nov 1942 

#26A6 Treva Langford md Clayton Robert 
Hills 15 Jan 1942 - Children: 

#26A-61 HILLS, Clayton Byron, b. 27 July 1943 
#26A-62 HILLS, Lue Dean, b. 10 Oct 1944 
#26A-63 HILLS, Jeanene Kay, b. 7 Jan 1949 
#26A-64 HILLS, Vernon Robert, b. 6 May 1950 
#26A-65 HILLS, Susan Joan, b. 9 Aug 1951 
#26A-66 HILLS, David Alan, b. 22 Sep 1955 
#26A-67 HILLS, Carol Lynn, b. 5 June 1958 
#26A-68 HILLS, Lor en Dale, b 21 Jan 1961 

#26A62 Lue Dean Hills md Joe Vance 
Andersen 4 Sep 1964 - Children: 
#26A-621 ANDERSEN, Joe Vance, Jr., b. 2 June 

#26A-622 ANDERSEN, Marva Lynn, b. 13 June 1967 
#26A-623 ANDERSEN Robert Clayton, b 20 May 196 9 

#26A7 Ivins Alldredge Langford md Maxine 
lola Sanders 10 Nov 1947 - Children: 
#26A-71 LANGFORD, Dan Ivins, b. 22 Jan 1952 
#26A-72 LANGFORD, Janet, b. 4 Mar 1954 
#26A-73 LANGFORD, Glen Charles, b. 30 Jan 1957 
#26A-74 LANGFORD, Jayme Kathleen, b. 5 May 1959 
#26A-75 LANGFORD, Diann lola, b. 26 Oct 1965 
#26A-76 LANGFORD, Greg Alan, b. 6 Dec 1966 

#26A71 Dan Ivins Langford md Kathleen 
Louise Hulse 15 May 1969 - Child: 
#26A-711 LANGFORD, Jennifer Kathleen, 

b. 16 Dec 1969 

#26A8 Verda Langford md William Oction 
Mitchell 28 June 1947 - Children: 

#26A-81 MITCHELL, William Henry, b. 2 Oct 1948 
#26A-82 MITCHELL, Jody Ann, b. 9 June 1952 

513 Barbara Ann Evans 

#26A9 James Isaac Langford md Eula Mae 
Box 22 May 1954 - Children: 

#26A-91 LANGFORD, Cynthia Carol, b. 10 Sep 1955 
#26A-92 LANGFORD, Michael James, b. 27 Nov 1956 
#26A -93 LANGFORD David Isaac, b. 9 Mar I960 

#26AA Jacosa (Peggy) Langiord md Alfred 

Joseph Delia Rocco 11 Oct 1955 - Children- 
#26A-A1 ROCCO, Alfred Joseph, b. 15 July 1956 
#26A-A2 ROCCO, Thomas Stephen, b. 20 Aug 1957 

#27 David Evans, Jr. md Leah May Naegle 
24 Dec 1888 - Children: 
#271 EVANS, Lucile, b. 28 Oct 1894 
#272 EVANS, Gwendolyn, b. 1896 

d. six months 
#273 EVANS, Irma Louise b. 31 Oct 1898 

#271 Lucile Evans md Paul Ferrell 
1922 - Child: 
l27TnrFERRELL, Barbara Ann, b. 3 Jan 1925 

#2711 Barbara Ann Ferrell md Alfred 

Hero II May 1954 - Children: 

#271-11 HERO, Alfred Olivier, b. 5 Dec 1955 
#271-12 HERO, Barbara Ann, b. 3 June 1958 
#271-13 HERO, Michelle Claire, b. 17 Apr 1961 
#271-14 HERO, David Evans, b. 2 Oct 1963 

#273 Irma Louise md John Osgood Wiley 
26 July 1921 - Children: 

#273-1 WILEY, Gwendlyn Louise, b. 7 Oct 1923 
#273-2 WILEY, William Evans, b. 30 June 

#2731 Gwendlyn Louise Wiley md Roger 
Siramons 1963 - No issue 

#2732 William Evans Wiley md Mary Jane 
Pelloni 7 Sep 1962 - Child: 
#273-21 WILEY, Bridget Marion, b. 21 Sep 1963 

#29 Barbara Ann Evans md John Pettit Bush 
9 Aug 187 5 - Children: 
#291 BUSH, Virginia Adelle, b. 8 May 1876, 

d. 2 Feb 1966 
#292 BUSH, John Paul, b. 5 Sep 1878, 

d. 9 Mar 1954 
#293 BUSH, Richard LeRoy, b. 10 Feb 1880 
#294 BUSH, Barbara Marie, b. 23 Sep 1881, 

d. 23 Mar 1970 
#295 BUSH, Leah Vivian, b. 3 Dec 1885 
#296 BUSH, Elfie Lenore, b. 10 Mar 1890, 

d. 8 Jan 1918 . 

Barbara Ann Evans 514 

#291 Virginia Adelle Bush md Harold Mentel 
Stephens 6 Sep 1913 - No issue 

#292 John Paul Bush md Phoebe Delilah 
Shields 24 Aug 1900 - Children: 
#292-1 BUSH, John Paul 
#292-2 BUSH, William Don, d. Infant 
#292-3 BUSH, Martha Ruth, b. 5 Nov 1907 
#292-4 BUSH, Barbara Lyle, b. 13 Apr 1909 
#292-5 BUSH, Naomi Bernice, b. 19 Dec I9II 
#292-6 BUSH, Richard James, b. 21 Mar 1913 
#292-7 BUSH, Mildred Alice, b. 6 Jan 19 16 

#2921 John Paul Bush, Jr. md Veda M. 
Holdaway 20 July 1927 - No issue 

#2921 John Paul Bush, Jr. md (2) Mary Ann 
Mott - No Issue 

#2921 John Paul Bush, Jr. md (3) Elizabeth 
Smith 19 June 1964 - No Issue 

#2923 Martha Ruth Bush md Lewis B. 
Groper 8 Nov 1943 - Children: 

#292-31 GROPER, John Dennis, b. 23 Jan 1945 
#292-32 GROPER, Leslie Beth, b 5 Feb 1947 

#2924 Barbara Lyle Bush md Lewis Gordon 
Hooper 18 June 19 32 ~ Children: 

#292-41 HOOPER, Lewis Gordon II, b. 30 July 1933 
#292-42 HOOPER, Robin Elaine, b. 23 Jan 1935 

#29241 Lewis Gordon Hooper II md Rita 
Tamsen Wood 29 Mar 1958 - Children: 
#292-411 HOOPER, Lewis Gordon III, b. 16 May 1963 
#292-412 HOOPER, Kendrick Elton, b. 24 Sep I966 

#29242 Robin Elaine Hooper md George 
Phillips 4 July 1954 - Children: 

#292-421 PHILLIPS, Shannon Barbara, b. 3 Mar 1955 
#292-422 PHILLIPS, Cynthia Robin, b. 3 Nov 1956 
#292-423 PHILLIPS, Colleen, b. 1 Sep I960 

#2925 Naomi Bernice Bush md Ira Gourley 
21 Jan 1928 - Children: 

#292-51 GOURLEY, Gary, b. 26 Oct 1928 
#292-52 GOURLEY, Patricia, b. 15 May 1930 

#29251 Gary Gourley md Iris Strandberg 
9 July 1952 - Children: 

#292-511 GOURLEY, Stephanie Ann, b. 26 Dec 1964 
#292-512 GOURLEY, Candice Lee, b, 22 Aug 1965 
#292-513 GOURLEY, Gary Michael, b. 16 Sep 1966 

#2926 Richard James Bush md Clara Cole 
30 Aug 1940 - Children: 
#292-61 BUSH, Richard, b. 23 Oct 1943 

515 Barbara Ann Evans 

#292-62 BUSH, Paul, b. 5 Nov 1946 
#292-63 BUSH, Brian, b. 24 Apr 1950 

#29262 Paul Bush md Carol Jean Szabo 

18 June 1965 - Child: 

#292-621 BUSH, Patrick, b. 3 Nov 1969 

#2927 Mildred Alice Bush md Albert Rasband 
Martin 21 Dec 1935 - Children: 

#292-71 MARTIN, Albert Richard, b. 30 Apr 1939 
#292-72 MARTIN, John Paul, b. 15 May 194 1 
~ #29271 Albert Richard Martin md Karen Ann 

Hein 11 June 1961 - Children: 

#292-711 MARTIN, Wendy Karol, b. 24 Nov 1965 
#292-712 MARTIN, Cynthia Lynne, b. 2 June 1966 

#29272 John Paul Martin md Becky Rose 
Printz 11 Dec 1961 - Children: 
#292-721 MARTIN, John Paul, b. 28 July 1962 
#292-722 MARTIN, Lisa Rose, b. 17 Feb 1964 

#293 Richard LeRoy Bush md Rozella May 
Shields 16 June 1901 - Children: 
#293-1 BUSH, Leon, b. 2 Feb 1902 
#293-2 BUSH, Eunice, b. 26 July 1903, 

d. 26 July 1903 
#293-3 BUSH, Marjorie, b. 29 May 1905 
#293-4 BUSH, Zoe, b. 9 Jan 1908 
#293-5 BUSH, Ralph, b. 4 Nov 1910 
#293-6 BUSH, Frank, b. 3 Oct 1912 r^^— 

#2931 Leon Bush md Weaitha Bramweli 
10 Oct 1925 ~ Child: {Div 1934) 
#293-11 BUSH, Betty LaDee, b. 21 Dec 1926, 

d. 21 Dec 1926 

#2931 Leon Bush md (2) Margaret Wall 
1 June 1937 - No issue 

#2933 Marjorie Bush md Charlie Leslie 
Clements 14 Nov 1925 - Children: 
#293-31 CLEMENTS, David Richard, b. 9 Feb 1929, 

d. 10 Feb 1929 
#293-32 CLEMENTS, Charles Roland, b. 23 June 1934 
#293-33 CLEMENTS, Carolyn, b. 20 June 1937 
- #29322 Charles Roland Clements md Marilyn 

Morrison 29 Dec 1958 - Children: 
#293-321 CLEMENTS, Leslie, b. 18 July 1962 
#293-322 CLEMENTS, Carrie, b. 30 Sep 1963 
#293-323 CLEMENTS, Stanford Roland, b. 19 Jan 1965 
#293-324 CLEMENTS, Charles David, b. U May 1967 
#293-325 CLEMENTS, Douglas Robert, 

b. 23 Jan 1969 ^ 

Barbara Ann Evans 516 

#29333 Carolyn Clements md Rodney Earl 
Maxfield 11 Sep 1958 - Children (Div) 
#293-331 MAXFIELD, Todd Clements, b. 2 1 Jan 1962 
#293-332 MAXFIELD, Michelle, b. 10 Oct 1963 
#293-333 MAXFIELD, Deborah, b. 23 Feb 1967 

#29333 Carolyn Cleinents md Larry Dee 
Griffiths 8 Aug 1969 

#2934 Zoe Bush md Aimon Jardine 20 Aug 
1932 - No issue 

#2935 Ralph Bush md Leta Marie Wiley 
2 May 1937 - Child: 
#293-51 BUSH, Waunita Marie (Adp),b. 9 May 1932 

#29351 Waunita Marie Bush md Albert 
Lemiuel Henson 16 Dec 1948 

#2936 Frank Shields Bush md Mildred Sophia 
Willis 3 Sep 1935 (Div) - Children: 
#293-61 BUSH, Jack Kohr (Adp), b. 23 Sep 1929 
#293-62 BUSH, Lucille Zoe, b. 24 June 1937 
#293-63 BUSH, Ralph Leon, b. 21 Sep 1939 

#2936 Frank Shields Bush md Lizetta Seely 
14 Feb 1956 - No issue 

#294 Barbara Marie Bush md Samuel Joseph 
Wing 10 Sep 1904 - Children: 

#294-1 WING, Marion Virginia - Twin, b. 4 July 1905 
#294-2 WING, Helen - Twin, b. 4 July 1905, d. Infant 
#294-3 WING, Martha, b. 28 Nov 1908 
#294-4 WING, Dorothy, b. 19 Feb 1911 

#2941 Marion Virginia Wing md Emery 
Carroll Brady 1 Oct 1943 - No issue 

#2943 Martha Wing md David Spencer 
Woodward 26 Sep 1931 - Children: 

#294-31 WOODWARD, Richard Spencer, b. 2 Jan 1934 
#294-32 WOODWARD, Rodger, b. 20 Sep 1939 

#29431 Richard Spencer Woodward mid Andrea 
Elizabeth Ball 30 Aug 19 59 - Children: 
#294-311 WOODWARD, Colleen Suzanne, 

b. 2 5 Apr 1964 
#294-312 WOODWARD, Shelley Erin, b. 7 Aug 1966 

#2944 Dorothy Wing md Cecil Ray Manweli 
31 Dec 1939 - Children: 

#294-41 MANWELL, Josephine, b. 16 Aug 1946 
#294-42 MANWELL, William Arthur II, b. 4 Jan 1951 
#294-43 MANWELL, James, b. 11 Apr 1953 

#295 Leah V 

ivian Bush md Ei 

rwin Wayne 

Trenem 31 May 1911 - Children: 



John James, b. 

13 July 1912 



Barbara Anne, b, 

. 13 July 1921 

517 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2951 John James Trenam md Eloise Smith 
31 Oct 1935 - Children: 

#295-1 TRENAM, John James, Jr. , b. 4 June 1940 
#295-2 TRENAM, Patricia, b. 9 Mar 1946 

#29511 John James Trenam, Jr. md Valerie 
Jean Schaefer 9 July 1966 

#29512 Patricia Trenam md Donald L>awrence 
Kroeger 3 Dec 1968 

#2952 Barbara Anne Trenam md Kenneth S. 
Mackenzie 7 June 1942 - Children: 
#295-21 MACKENZIE, Annie Laurie, b. 7 May 1952 
#295-22 MACKENZIE, Virginia Sue b. 4 Mar 1956 

#296 Elfie Lenore Bush md Albert Moxum 
Daly 15 Apr 1912 - Child: 
#296-1 DALY, Robert Maxum Jr., b. 23 Jan 1913 

#2961 Robert Moxum Daly md Mabel Rough 
7 July 1944 - No issue 

#2A Rozilla Evans md William Emil Racker 
31 Mar 187 3 - Children: 
#2A1 RACKER, William Emil, b. 1 Sep 1874, 

d. 1 Sep 1874 (Child) 
#2A2 RACKER, Ruth (Stillborn), b. 9 June 1876 
#2A3 RACKER, Eugene Fredrick, b. 4 Aug 1877, 

d. 23 Apr 1905 
#2A4 RACKER, Rosa May, b. 4 May 1879, 

d. 25 Dec 1966 
#2A5 RACKER, Leonard David, b. 26 Aug 1881, 

d. 31 July 1954 
#2A6 RACKER, Jacob Eliazer, b. 12 Sep 1883, 

d. 5 Dec 1967 
#2A7 RACKER, Maude Lillian, b. 21 Mar 1885, 

d. 23 Nov 1936 
#2A8 RACKER, Francella Emelia, b. 11 Jan 1887, 

d. 16 Jan 1970 
#2A9 RACKER, Ira Adam - Twin, b. 8 May 1890, 

d. 26 Sep 1965 
#2AA RACKER, Irene Eve - Twin, b. 8 May 1890 
#2AB RACKER, Barbara LaRetta, b. 31 Mar 1895 
#2AC RACKER, Jenny LaRue, b. 16 Jan 1 898 

#2A3 Eugene Fredrick Racker md Orpha 

Adams 31 July 1900 ^ ^—yr- 

^2A4 Rosa May Racker md wiiiiam Marshall 

Crabb 10 Oct 1897 - Children: 

#2A4-1 CRABB, William Arnold, b. 15 July laVV 
#2A4-2 CRABB, Charles Homer, b. 3 July 1904, 
d. 3 Mar 1915 

Barbara Ann Evans 


#2A4-3 CRABB, Franklin Morris, b. 22 June 1906 
#2A4-4 CRABB, Rozilla LaPriel, b. 7 Feb 1908 

#2A41 William Arnold Crabb md Gertrude 
Hawley 15 Nov 1920 - Children: 
#2A4-11 CRABB, Clyde Jack, b. 30 May 1922 
#2A4-12 CRABB, Mary Ruth, b. 12 Dec 1925 
#2A4-13 CRABB, Marjorie Mae, b. 28 July 1927 

#2A411 Clyde Jack Crabb md Claire Lucille 
Allard 4 Jan 1947 - Children: 

#2A4-111 CRABB, Mary Yvonne, b. 15 Aug 1947 
#2A4-112 CRABB, Norman Francis, b. 22 July 1949 
#2A4-113 CRABB, Cynthia Neille, b. 31 Oct 1950 
#2A4-114 CRABB, Jacqueline, b. 23 Jan 1953 
#2A4-115 CRABB, Joseph Arthur, b. 4 Apr 1957 

#2A4111 Mary Yvonne Crabb md Jim North 
4 Dec 1966 - Children: 

#2A4- 111-1 NORTH, Mike, b. 7 July 1966 
#2A4-lll-2 NORTH, James Jack, b. 3 May 1969 

#2A412 Mary Ruth Crabb md William R. Dias 
8 Oct 1946 - Children: 

#2A4-121 DIAS, Doris Ruth, b. 14 June 1948 
#2A4-122 DIAS, Suzanne Jean, b. 25 July 1951 

#2A4121 Doris Ruth Dias md Larry Blake 
22 Sep 1967 - Child: 
#2A4-121-1 BLAKE, Crystle Dawn, b. 13 Feb 1970 

#2A413 Marjorie Mae Crabb md Bernard 
Clinton Quinn 17 Feb 1948 - Children: 
#2A4-131 QUINN, Micheal, b. 18 Nov 1949 
#2A4- 132 QUINN, Robert Arnold, b. 9 Dec 1951 
#2A4-133 QUINN, Judie Marie, b. 4 Mar I960 

#2A43 Franklin Morris Crabb md Hilda 
Christiansen 9 July 1927 - Child: 
#2A4-31 CRABB, Morris Homer, b. 10 July 1928 

#2A43 Franklin Morris Crabb md Irene 
Delos Dickerson 25 Aug 1937 - Children: 
#2A4-32 CRABB, Hope La Verne, b. 5 Nov 1939 
#2A4-33 CRABB, Leta Joyce, b. 7 Oct 1944 

#2A431 Morris Homer Crabb md Norma Lee 
Hutton 14 Aug 1949 - Children: 

#2A4-311 CRABB, Bonnie Morreen, b. 9 Dec 1950 
#2A4-312 CRABB, Barbara Ann, b. 27 Nov 1954 

#2A431 Morris Homer Crabb md Maria 
Delores Herrera 2 Nov 1963 - Children: 
#2A4-313 CRABB, Hilda Ann, b. 11 Nov 1964 
#2A4-314 CRABB, Laura Christine, b. 28 Oct 1965 

#2A433 Leta Joyce Crabb md Tjebbo Everard 
Boonstra 23 June 1962 

519 Barbara Ann Evanb 

#2A44 Rozilla LaPriel Crabb md Elmo W 
Coffman 7 June 1 9 33 

#^A!3 I^eonard David R acker md Inger Adams ' 
5 Nov 1902 - Children: ^ ^^aams 

#2A5-1 RACKER, Lela Delvore. b. 10 June 1^03 
d. 15 Apr 1962 

#2A5-2 RACKER, Vivian Orpha, b. 21 Apr 1905 

d. 18 May 1905 
#2A5-3 RACKER, Leonard David, Jr. b 28 May 

1906, d. 26 June 1964 
#2A5-4 RACKER^ Jennie Anita, b. 28 Dec 1908 
#2A5-5 RACKER, Ruth lola, b. 9 Jan 1911 
#2A5-6 RACKER, William Emil, b. 15 Mar 1913 
#2A5-7 RACKER, Carl, b. 5 Oct 1915 
#2A5-8 RACKER, Rose Marie, b. 1 May 1926, 

d. 13 Apr 1938 

#2A51 Lela Delvore Racker md Edward Earl 
Lunt 16 June 1923 - Children: 
#2A5-11 LUNT, Kenneth Earl, b. 3 Mar 1924 
#2A5-12 LUNT, Joseph M, b. 16 May 1926, 

d. 27 Apr 1927 
#2A5-13 LUNT, Arnold Keith, b. 16 July 1928, 

#2A5-14 LUNT, James Leonard, b. 16 Nov 1929 
#2A5-15 LUNT, Steele Ray, b. 5 Jan 1935 

#2A511 Kenneth Earl Lunt md Berniece 
Jameson 26 Aug 1944 

#2A5-14 James Leonard Lunt md Margaret 
Elaine Erickson 30 Mar 1953 - Children: 
#2A5-141 LUNT, David Leonard, b. 7 Aug 1956, 

d. 7 Aug 1956 (Stillborn) 
#2A5-142 LUNT, Steven James, b. 31 Dec 1957 
#2A5-143 LUNT, John Michael, b. 27 July 1959 
#2A5-144 LUNT, Ramona - Twin, b. 3 Oct I960 
#2A5-145 LUNT, Renae - Twin, b. 3 Oct 1960 

#2A515 Steele Ray Lunt md Patricia Bills 

16 June 19 59 

#2A53 Leonard David Racker, Jr. md Fern 
Stevens 23 June 1930 - Children: 
#2A5-31 RACKER, Nancy, b. 7 July 1937 
#2A5-32 RACKER, Lorraine, b. 10 June 1944 

#2A531 Nancy Racker md Clyde LaKay 
Neilson 15 Dec 1955 - Children: 

#2A5-311 NEILSON, Jeffery Ray, b. 27 Sep 1956 
#2A5-312 NEILSON, Steven David, b. 16 Dec 1958 
#2A5-313 NEILSON, Heidi Lee, b. 16 Oct 1961 
#2A5-314 NEILSON, Kristen Dee, b. 9 June 1964 

Barbara Ann Evans 520 

#2A532 Lorraine Racker md Gerald LeRoy 
Timmerraan 21 Feb 1964 - Child: 

#2A5-32l TIMMERMAN, Sharlene,b. 15 June 1969 
#2A54 Jennie Anita Racker md Oscar Malon 
Cragun 1 Feb 1928 - Children: 
#2A5-41 CRAGUN, Patsy, b. 20 Nov 1930 
#2A5-42 CRAGUN, Connie, b. 12 Sep 1933 
#2A5-43 CRAGUN, Roselie (Rosa Lee), 
b. 17 Apr 1938 
#2A54 Jennie Anita Racker md (2) Robert 

No rton Daly 1 Jan 19 55 

#2A541 Patsy Cragun md Pat Emery 
#2A542 Connie Cragun md Al Adams (div) 
#2A542 Connie Cragun md Glen Massey 
#2A543 Rosa Lee Cragun md Dick Lauffer 
#2A55 Ruth lola Racker md Rodney Rae 
McKenzie 17 June 1932 - Children: 
#2A5-51 MC KENZIE, Gean Ruth - Twin, 

b. 28 Oct 1940 
#2A5-52 MC KENZIE, Joan Melba - Twin, 

b. 28 Oct 1940 

#2A551 Gean Ruth McKenzie md Jack 
LeRoy Harsh 8 Nov 1957 - Children: 
#2A5-511 HARSH, Debra Jean, b. 25 June 1958 
#2A5-512 HARSH, Kolby Shane, b. 18 Apr I960 
#2A5-513 HARSH, Heidi Jill, b. 25 Jan 1964 
#2A5-514 HARSH, Keven Rodney, b. 11 May 1966 

#2A552 Joan Melba McKenzie md Dell Roy 
Mulliner 28 Aug 1959 - Children: 
#2A5-521 MULLINER, Julie Rae, b. 20 Nov I960 
#2A5-522 MULLINER, Kathi Lynn, b. 8 May 1962 
#2A5-523 MULLINER, Joni Michelle, b. 30 Sep 1966 
#2A56 William Emil Racker md Neola Estella 
Madsen 20 Nov 1939 - Children: 
#2A5-61 RACKER, Shirley 
#2A5-62 RACKER, Jean 

#2A5-63 RACKER, Helen Kay 

#2A57 Carl Racker md Ramona Mc Kean 
30 June 1943 - Children: 

#2A5-71 RACKER, David Carl, b. 2 Aug 1944 
#2A5-72 RACKER, Evan James, b. 19 Nov 1945 
#2A5-73 RACKER, Beverly Ruth, b. 5 June 1948 
#2A5-74 RACKER, Stanley John, b. 30 May 1950 
#2A5-75 RACKER, Diane, b. 10 Apr 1952 
#2A5-76 RACKER, Robert Leonard, b. 10 July 1954 
#2A5-77 RACKER, Annette, b. 22 July 1956 

521 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2A5-78 RACKER, Steven McKean.b. 1 Sep 1958 
#2A5-79 RACKER, Joel, b, 14 June 1961 
#2A5-7A RACKER, Brent, b. 9 July 1963 

#2A57 2 Evan James R acker md Uhea A say 

27 Dec 1968 - Child: 

#2A5-721 RACKER, Theodore Scott, b. 4 Jan 1970 

#2A5-73 Beverly Ruth md Gregory Alexander 
Kemp 9 Sep 1969 - Child: 
#2A5-7 31 KEMP, Steven Dale, b. 29 June 1970 

#2A6 Jacob Eliazer Racker md Ida Marie 
Wagstaff 3 Nov 1902 - Children: 
#2A6-1 RACKER, Ida Valeta, b. 3 Sep 1903 
#2A6-2 RACKER, Melba May, b. 1 May 1905 
#2A6-3 RACKER, Fredrick, b. 

d. 12 Sep 1908 

#2A6-4 RACKER, Jack Deland, b. 9 Jan 

#2A6-5 RACKER, Effie "M", b. 3 Sep 19TZ 
#2A6-6 RACKER, Frank, b. 6 June , 

d. 25 May 1926 

#2A61 Valeta Racker md Alton "I" Spencer 
4 June 1924 - Children: 

#2A6-11 SPENCER, Bettie Marie, b. 8 Jan 1925 
#2A6- 12 SPENCER, Jack Earl, b. 16 Jan 1926 
#2A6-13 SPENCER, Alice Dawn, b. 16 May 1935 

#2A62 Melba Racker md Roy Stanley Larson 

#2A7 Maude Lillian Racker md William E. 
Whipple 13 Sep 1905 - Children: 
#2A7-1 WHIPPLE, Cleon, b. 31 May 1906 
#2A7-2 WHIPPLE, Lillian b. 1909, d. 1931 

#2 All William Cleon Whipple md Fontelle 
Hicklyn 7 Mar 1928 - Children: 
#2A7-11 WHIPPLE, Harold W., b. 16 Feb 1929 
#2A7-12 WHIPPLE, Wallace Scott, b. 31 Dec 1933 
#2A7- 13 WHIPPLE, Rae Ann, b. 1 ^ Qct 1941 

#2A7ll Harold W. Whipple md Dorothy 
Rooney 4 Sep 1954 ^ 

#2A712 Wallace Scott Whipple md Anne 
Bjorklund 27 June 1954 

#2A713 Rae Ann Whipple md V. James 

Bergman 3 Sep I960 

#2A72 Lillian Whipple md Ruben unristensen 

1930 - No Issue 

#2A8 Francella Emelia Racker md Francis 
A. O'Brien 13 Jan 1906 - Child: 
#2A8-1 O'BRIEN, Frank Evans, b. 4 May 1907 

#2A8 Francella Emelia Racker md Leonard 
Chipman 25 July 1922 - No issue . 

Barbara Ann Evans 522 

#2A81 Frank Evans O'Brien md Freda 
Roberta Lauman 24 Jan 1941 - Children: 
#2A8-11 O'BRIEN, Keith Timothy, b. 7 Dec 1946 
#2A8-12 O'BRIEN, Mary Cathleen, b. 15 Aug 1948 

#2A811 Keith Tiraothy O'Brien md Sue Ann 
Haskins 24 Aug 1968 

#2A9 Ira Adam Racker md Marvel Rhodes 
10 May 1918 - No issue 

#2AA Irene Eve Racker md Alonzo (Loney) 

Raymond - Children: 

#2A9-1 RAYMOND, Willard J. , b. 1913 

#2A9-2 RAYMOND, Ira Leon 

#2A9 -3 RAYMOND, Clifford Dean 

#2A9-4 RAYMOND, Marjorie 

#2A9-5 RAYMOND, Donna, b. 23 Feb 1932 

#2AA Irene Eve Racker md Rose 

- No issue 

#2AA5 Donna Raymond md Horace George 
Newell 20 Feb 1953 - Children: 

#2AA-51 NEWELL, Steven George, b. 20 Dec 1953 
#2AA -52 NEWELL, Philip Allen, b. 14 July I960 
^2AA-53 NEWELL, Cynthia LaRue, b. 7 Apr 1963 

#2AB Barbara LaRetta Racker md Sherwood 
A dams on 6 Feb 1912 

#2 AC Jenny LaRue Racker md Harold M. 
Gates - No issue 

f2AC Jenny LaRue Racker md Wallace 
Wright - No issue 

#2D Mosiah Evans md Catherine Esther 
Carter 14 Dec 1882 - Children: 
#2D1 EVANS, Mosiah David James, b, 23 Sep 1883, 

d. 31 Dec 1964 
#2D2 EVANS, Esther Maud, b. 28 Mar 1885 
#2D3 EVANS, Howard, b. 20 Feb 1887, d. 25 June 1954 
#2D4 EVANS, Hazel Mae, b. 8 Jan 1889, 

d. 30 May 1966 
#2D5 EVANS, Eleazer Carter, b. 16 Jan 1892, 

d. Jan 1951 

#2D6 EVANS, John Roscoe, b. 14 July 1893 
#2D7 EVANS, Glen Merrill, b. 15 Aug 1895 
#2D8 EVANS, Earl William, b. 9 Mar 1898 
#2D9 EVANS, Jessie Virginia, b. 30 Mar 1902 
#2DA EVANS, Lyna Alice, b. 7 Oct 1904, 

d. 7 Oct 1904 (Child) 

#2D1 Mosiah David James Evans md Bessie 
Preston 28 Aug 1906 - Children: 

523 Barbara Ann Evana 

#2D1-1 EVANS, Esther Enid, b. 29 Apr 1907 

d. 26 Sep 1966 
#2Dl-2 EVANS, Bessie (Betty), b. 21 Oct 1908 
#2Dl-3 EVANS, David Preston, b. 14 Apr 191 4 

#2D11 Esther Enid Evans md Ian Sutherland" 
Mark 17 Sep 1938 - Children: 
#2D1-11 MARK, Cynthia Gail, b. 1 May 1946 
#2D1-12 MARK, Steven Anthony, b. 18 Apr 1948 

#2D12 Bessie Evans md Clark Roberts 
Spence 17 Sep 1927 - Child: 
#2D1-21 SPENCE, Marilyn, b. 14 Sep 1928 

#2D12 1 Marilyn Spence md Andrew McCauley 
5 Feb 1948 - Children: 

#2D1-211 MC CAULEY, Linda Ann, b. 21 Nov 1948 
#2pi-2l2 MC CAULEY, Joyce Lee, b 27 Aug 1952 

#2D13 David Preston Evans md Catherine 
Carragher 1 June 1940 - Children: 

#2D1-31 EVANS, Michael Carragher, b, 2 1 Aug 1942 
#2Dl-32 EVANS, Mark David, b. 28 May 1945 

#2D2 tsther Maud Evans md David Burton 
Foulger 1 May 1907 - Children: 
#2D2-1 FOULGER, Rachel, b. 19 Mar 1908, 

d. 17 June 1970 
#2D2-2 FOULGER, Walton Evans, b. 22 Oct 1910 
#2D2-3 FOULGER, Barbara, b. 17 Nov 1916 
#2D2-4 FOULGER, Kenneth David, b 20 Feb 1923 

#2D21 Rachel Foulger md Welden Wallace 
Taggart 19 Oct 1928 (div) - Child: 
#2D2-11 TAGGART, Jeanne, b. U Dec 1929 

#2D21 Rachel Foulger md Murray Magdol 
23 Oct 1942 - No issue 

#2D211 Jeanne Taggart md Jalal Teherzadeh 

28 Jan 1948 (div) 

#2D211 Jeanne Taggart md (2) Arthur Bennett 

Nathan 25 June 19 50 - No issue 

#2D211 Jeanne Taggart md (3) Richard 
Malcolm Orlikoff 20 July 1952 - Children: 
#2D2-111 ORLIKOFF, James, b. 5 Mar 1955 

#2D2-112 ORLIKOFF, Michael, b. 18 June 

#2D2- 113 ORLIKOFF, Daniel Ethan, b July 1965 

— #2D22 Walton Evans Foulger md Lucy Joanna 

Cragun 29 May 1936 - Children: 

#2D2-21 FOULGER, David Cragun, b, 29 Mar 1V:JV 
#2D2-22 FOULGER, John Cragun, b. '^ ^°\^^'^f ^ 
#2D2-23 FOULGER, Michael Cragun, b. 28 Apr 194^ 
#2D2-24 FOULGER, Alice, b. 5 Dec 1947 
#2D2-25 FOTTLGER. Kathryn Ann, b. 16 Jan iV^u 

Barbara Ann Evans 524 

#2D221 David Cragun md Deanna Harding 
22 Apr 1961 - Children: 
#2D2-211 FOULGER, Jonathan Harding, 

b. 23 Sep 1966 
#2D2-212 FOULGER, Joanna, b. 20 Nov 1967 

#2D222 John Cragun Foulger md He ide marie 
Elizabeth Golchert 4 Nov 1966 - Children: 
#2D2-221 FOULGER, Cragun Golchert, b. 25 Feb 1969 
#2D2-222 FOULGER, Natasha, b. 27 Jan 197 0, 

d, 28 Jan 1970 
#2D2-223 FOULGER, Alexander Golchert, 

b. 4 Feb 1971 

#2D223 Michael Cragun Foulger md Ruth 
Bateman 1 July 1963 - No issue - Div 

#2D223 Michael Cragun Foulger md Becky Jo 
Mathiott 12 Jan 1968 - Children: 
#2D2-231 FOULGER, Michael Mathiott 
#2D2-232 FOULGER, Thomas Mathiott, b. 23 Sep 
1970, d. 25 Sep 1970 

#2D224 Alice Foulger md Albert Eric 
Anderson Sep 1968 - Child: 
#2D2-241 ANDERSON, Jason Foulger b. 27 Mar 197 

#2D225 Kathryn Ann Foulger md James D, 
Lawrence 20 Dec 1968 

#2D23 Barbara Foulger md Von "R" Curtis 
22 Aug 1939 - Children: 

#2D2-31 CURTIS, Von Alan, b. 2 June 1941 
#2D2-32 CURTIS, Stuart Evans, b. 3 Nov 1943 
#2D2-33 CURTIS, Glen Russell, b. 17 Oct 1947 
#2D2-34 CURTIS, Diane, b. 15 Feb 1951 
#2D2-35 CURTIS, Janet, b. 3 Dec 1952 
#2D2-36 CURTIS, Richard Craig b. 10 June 1956 

#2D231 Von Alan Curtis md Carolyn Cutler 
20 Aug 1964 - Children: 

#2D2-311 CURTIS, Shauna, b. 26 Sep 1965 
#2D2-312 CURTIS, Bradley Alan, b. 22 Dec 1966 
#2D2-313 CURTIS, Scott Cutler, b. 8 Feb 1968 

#2D24 Kenneth David Foulger md Marvel 
Elaine Hansen 19 Sep 1949 - Children: 
#2D2-41 FOULGER, Susan Elaine, b. 24 Oct 1950 
#2D2-42 FOULGER, Mark Robert, b. 1 Nov 1951 
#2D2-43 FOULGER, Sharon Lynne, b. 4 Nov 1961 
' #2D3 Howard Evans md Grace Elva Harding 

10 Feb 1908 - Children: 

#2D3-1 EVANS, Iris Ann, b. 2 Aug 1908 
#2D3-2 EVANS, Maurice Howard, b. 29 Aug 1910 
#2D3-3 EVANS, Max Ray, b. 2 Oct 1911 

525 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2D3-4 EV ANS, Elva Grace (P eg^ie^. b. 7.Q O.t .o.. 

ff2D31 Ins Ann Evans md Daniai MelviW 

Williams 6 Jan 19 30 - Children- 

#2D3-11 WILLIAMS, Mary Lenore, b. 27 Jan 1931 
#2D3-12 WILLIAMS, Grace Irene, b. 7 Aug 1932 
#2D3-13 WILLIAMS, David John, b. 16 Dec 1933 
#2D3-14 WILLIAMS, Barbara Ann, b. 29 July 1936 
#2D3-15 WILLIAMS, Howard Evans, b. 2 Aug 1938 

d. 2 Aug 1938 (Stillborn) 
#2D3-16 WILLIAMS, Martha Karen, b. 12 Aug 1944 
#2D3-17 WILLIAMS, Kathleen Marjorie, 
b 16 Jan 1946 ' 

#2D311 Mary Lenore Williams md Norman 
Kent Storms 21 June 1957 - Children: 
#2D3-111 STORMS, Dana Lyn, b. 24 May 1958 
#2D3-112 STORMS, Laurel Denise, b. 21 Apr 1959 
#2D3-113 STORMS, Drew Kent, b. 6 Mar 1961 

#2D312 Grace Irene Williams md Robert 
Earl Stefan 10 June 1953 - Children: 
#2D3-121 STEFAN, Juliann Esther, b. 11 July 1954 
#2D3-122 STEFAN, Dawn Gary (Twin), b. 1 Feb 1956 
#2D3-123 STEFAN, Yvonne Iris (Twin), 

b. 1 Feb 1956 
#2D3- 124 STEFAN, Daniel Robert, b. 1 June 1958 
#2D3- 125 STEFAN, William Gary, b. 14 Jan 1961 
#2D3- 126 STEFAN, Kenneth Alan, b. 23 Jan 1968 

#2D313 David John Williams md Carolyn 
Rene' Steed 18 May 1956 - Children: 
#2D3-131 WILLIAMS, Diana Elaine, b. 21 Feb 1957 
#2D3-132 WILLIAMS, Steven Michael, b. 15 Feb I960 
#2D3-133 WILLIAMS, Linda Karen, b. 5 July 1961 
#2D3-134 WILLIAMS, Jeanette Renee, b. 23 Jan 1963 
#2D3-135 WILLIAMS, Cindy Eileen, b. 18 Aug 1964 
#2D3-136 WILLIAMS, Gary Richard, b 26 Apr 1966 

#2D314 Barbara Ann Williams md John David 
Frazer 14 Sep 1957 - Children: 

#2D3-141 ERASER, Karen Elaine, b. 9 July 1959 
#2D3-142 ERASER, Lisa Marie, b. 21 Sep 1961 
#2D3- 143 ERASER, Robert John, b. 2 June 1965 

i2D3l6 Martha Karen Williams md Michael 

Morrison Hammond 3 June 1968 - Child: 

#2D3- 161 HAMMOND, Paul W i lliams, b 23 July 1969 

#2D32 Maurice Howard Evans md Delma 
Marie Richardson _ Aug 1940 - Children: 
#2D3-21 EVANS, Maurice Howard, b. 15 Oct 194 1 
#2D3-22 EVANS. Jo Ellen, b. 27 Apr 1944 __ 

Barbara Ann Evans 526 

#2D33 Max Ray Evans md Helen Ogden 
2 Oct 1933 - Children: 

#2D3-31 EVANS, McRay, b. 10 June 1934 
#2D3-32 EVANS, Dale J, - Twin, b. 16 July 1936 
#2D3-33 EVANS, Gale H. - Twin, b. 16 July 1936 
#2D3-34 EVANS, Marjorie Ann, b. 5 July 1944 
#2D3-35 EVANS, Charles Howard, b. 22 Jan 1946 
#2D3-36 EVANS, Ruth Helen, b. 22 Sep 1948 
#2D3-37 EVANS, John Thomas, b. 28 July 1954 

#2D331 McRay Evans rad Delone Nielson 

9 Jan 19 56 - Children: 

#2D3-311 EVANS, De Rae, b. 26 July 1957 
#2D3-312 EVANS, Max N. , b, 25 July 1959 
#2D3-313 EVANS, Bud M. , b. 26 Nov 1962 

#2D332 Dale J. Evans md Carma Hales 
18 Feb 19 55 - Children: 

#2D3-32l EVANS, Robert Ray, b. 5 Feb 1956 
#2D3-322 EVANS, Donald Dale, b. 13 Aug 1957 
#2D3-323 EVANS, Ricky Owen, b. 4 Nov 1959 
#2D3-324 EVANS, Kellie, b. 12 Oct 1962 
#2D3-325 EVANS, Kathy, b. 15 May 1964 
#2D3-326 EVANS, Derk Max, b. 4 June 1970 

#2D333 Gale H. Evans md Lee Verl Conder 

10 June 1954 - Children: 

#2D3-331 CONDER, Tammy Marie, b. 26 July 1958 
#2D3-332 CONDER, Richard Verl, b, 17 Sep 1959 
#2D3-333 CONDER, Cindie Deniece, b. 17 Sep 1961 
#2D3-334 CONDER, Jeanalee, b. 22 Apr 1963 
#2D3-335 CONDER, Michael V. , b, 3 Dec 1965 
#2D3-336 CONDER, Roger Evan, b, 13 Sep 1968 

#2D334 Marjorie Ann Evans md Val Ricks 
Jensen 4 July 1964 - Children: 
#2D3-341 JENSEN, Terry Val, b, 12 Feb 1965 
#2D3-342 JENSEN, Tonya Ann, b. 31 Mar 1966 
#2D3-343 JENSEN, Kim Louise, b. 11 Aug 1967 
#2D3-344 JENSEN, John Val, b. 7 Apr 1969 
#2D3-345 JENSEN, Troy Ray, b. 19 Dec I97O 

#2D335 Charles Howard Evans md Margo 
June Christensen 2 Sep 1964 - Children: 
#2D3-351 EVANS, Nancy Lynne, b. 2 Jan 1965 
#2D3-352 EVANS, Connie June, b. 3 Jan 1967 

#2D336 Ruth Helen Evans md John Morgan 
Busk 14 Jan 1967 - Child: 
#2D3-36l BUSK, Raymond Morgan, b. 16 Aug 1967 

#2D34 Elva Grace (Peggy) Evans md Kenneth 
Wilson Howard 31 Dec 1938 - Children: 
#2D3-41 HOWARD, Gloria Ann, b, 25 Dec 1948 

527 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2D3-42 HOWARD, Thomas Milton, b. 5 July 1949 
#2D3-43 HOWARD, Michael Richard, b 6 July 1951 
#2D3-44 HOWARD, James Ray, b. 31 M ay 1953 

#ZD4 Hazei Mae Evans md David Charles 

Chapman 1 Sep 1909 - Children- 

#2D4-1 CHAPMAN, Esther, b.*28 June 19 10 

#2D4-2 CHAPMAN, Virginia, b. 12 Apr 191^ 

d. 4 Dec 1938 
#2D4-3 CHAPMAN, Carolin, b. 7 Feb 1914 
#2D4-4 CHAPMAN, David Marden, b. 5 Sep 1915 
#2D4-5 CHAPMAN, Eugene Henry (Dr. ), 
b. 29 Oct 1922 

#2D41 Esther Chapman md Vernon Hortin 
Jensen 3 June 1933 - Children: 
#2D4-11 JENSEN, Karen 
#2D4-12 JENSEN, 
#2D4-13 JENSEN, 
#2D4-14 JENSEN, 

#2D411 Karen md Melvin George Harvey 
- Children: 
#2D4-112 HARVEY, Lars 

#2D43 Carolin Chapman md Alvin J. 
Schoenhals 24 June 1940 - Children: 
#2D4-31 SCHOENHALS, Carolyn, b. 2 3 Apr 1942 
#2D4-32 SCHOENHALS, Kristin, b. 18 Feb 1947 
#2D4- 33 SCHOENHALS Kathryn, b 2 5 Apr 1948 

#2D431 Carolyn Schoenhals md Robert Lee 
Doty 29 Dec 1966 

#2D44 David Marden Chapman md Fern 
Lillian Moulton 24 Oct 1940 - Children: 
#2D4-41 CHAPMAN, Douglas Marden, b. 16 Aug 1941 
#2D4-42 CHAPMAN, LaRue, b. 5 Nov 1943 
#2D4-43 CHAPMAN, Jeanette, b. 4 July 1947 
#2D4-44 CHAPMAN, Elaine, b. 16 Apr 1949 
#2D4-45 CHAPMAN, Arlene, b. 9 July 1954 

#2D44 David Marden Chapman md June 
Pehrson 29 June 1964 - Children: 
#2D4-46 CHAPMAN, Mark Pehrson, b, 13 Apr 1965 

#2D441 Douglas Marden Chapman md Vicki 
Warburton 17 Feb I960 - Children: 
#2D4-411 CHAPMAN, Kaelyn, b. 14 Sep I960 
#2D4-412 CHAPMAN, Jeffrey Ira, b. 19 June 1962 
#2D4-413 CHAPMAN, Russell Allen, b. 1 Nov 1963 
#2D4-414 CHAPMAN, Karen, b. 31 Mar 1966 

#2D442 LaRue Chapman md David joel 
Hov^^ells 10 Apr 1963 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 528 

#2D4-421 HOWELLS, Roger David, b. 15 May 1964 
#2D4-422 HOWELLS, Michelle, b. 14 May 1966 

#2D45 Dr. Eugene Henry Chapman md Marilyn 
Openshaw 19 Aug 1949 - Children: 
#2D4-51 CHAPMAN, Cheryl, b. 11 Sep 1950 
#2D4-52 CHAPMAN, Bruce Evans, b. 1 Apr 1953 
#2D4-53 CHAPMAN, Bradley Dean, b. 30 Jan 1956 
#2D4-54 CHAPMAN, Bryan Lee, b. 2 Mar 1961 

#2D5 Eleazer Carter Evans md Annie 
Garfield 3 Mar 1915 - Children: 
#2D5-1 EVANS, Lorna Annie, b. 10 Aug 1919 
#2D5-2 EVANS, Arthur Carter, b. 27 June 1923 

#2D6 John Roscoe Evans md Grace Bertha 
Backalan 9 Nov 1920 - Children: 
#2D6-1 EVANS, Ruth Joan, b. 20 Oct 1921 
#2D6-2 EVANS, Wade William, b. 15 Dec 1925 
#2D6-3 EVANS, Earl Walter, b 6 Apr 1931 

#2D61 Ruth Joan Evans md Alfred Lawton 
Smith 18 Oct 1941 - Children: 

#2D6-11 SMITH, Tracy Evans, b. 15 Mar 1945 
#2D6-12 SMITH, David Lawton, b. 11 Nov 1949 

#2D62 Wade William Evans md Nancy Maston 
9 Sep 1949 - Children: 

#2D6-21 EVANS, Michael, b. 1953 

#2D6-22 EVANS, Annabell, b. 1955 

#2D63 Earl Walter Evans md Barbara 
Wogberg 7 Sep 1947 - Child: 
#2D6-31 EVANS, Dale, b. 1955 

#2D63 Earl Walter Evans md Barbara 
Wilmsen 18 Oct 1953 

#2D7 Glen Merrill Evans md Pearl Pansy 
Phelps 21 May 1917 - Children: 
#2D7-1 EVANS, Guy Merrill, b. 6 Mar 1918 
#2D7-2 EVANS, Barbara Ann, b. 12 Aug 1929 

#2D71 Guy Merrill Evans md Virginia 
Follette 22 Oct 1942 ' 

#2D72 Barbara Ann Evans md Richard 
Gilmore 4 Apr 1952 - Children: 

#2D7-21 GILMORE, Nanette, b. 1953 

#2D7-22 GILMORE, 

#2D7 -23 GILMORE, Janette, b. 1956 

#2D7 -24 GILMORE, Denise, b. 1959 

#2D8 Earl William Evans md Marie Huggard 
#2D8 Earl William Evans md Helena ^^____ 
#2D8 Earl William Evans md Mary Seyffert 
25 Oct 1940 - (wife's son): 

#2D8-1 EVANS, 

529 Barbara Ann Evans 
^. , #2D9 Jessie Virginia Evans md Raymon 
Clarke Dickinson 3 Jan 19Z4 - Children- 
#2D9-1 DICKINSON, Nana, b. Z8 Dec 1924 
#2D9-2 DICKINSON, Don Evans, b. 19 Feb 1930 
#2D9-3 DICKINSON, Paul Kimble, b 3 Oct 1935 
#2D9-4 DICKINSON, John Raymon, b. 17 Sep 1 94Z 

#2D91 Nana Dickinson md Donald Ernest 

Garrard 28 Dec 1950 - Child: 

#2D9-11 GARRARD, Virginia Ann, b. 24 Jan 1952 

#2D93 Paul Kimble Dickinson md Ann Allan 
13 Jan I960 - Child: 
#2D9-31 DICKINSON, Mark 

#2E Mary Evans md William Preston Wanlass 
24 Mar 1886 - Children: 

#2E1 WANLASS, Zella Mary, b. 11 Dec 1886 
#2E2 WANLASS, Barbara Annie, b. 24 Sep 1888 
#2E3 WANLASS, Jennie, b. 25 Oct 1891, 

d. 3 Mar 1965 
#2E4 WANLASS, William Ewell, b. 26 July 1895 
#2E 5 WANLASS, Frank Evans, b. 19 Jan 1900, 

d. 11 Mar 1962 

#2E Mary Evans md (2) M. S. MacAfee 
1 Mar 1928 - No issue ^__^ 

#2E1 Zella"lv[ary Wanlass md Edmond 
Sylvester Van Leuven 5 Aug 1905 - Children: 
#2E1-1 VAN LEUVEN, Erma Lucille, b. 22 July 

1906, d. 28 Feb 1907 
#2El-2 VAN LEUVEN, Leah Mary, b. 23 July 1907 
#2El-3 VAN LEUVEN, Edward Wayne, b. 11 Feb 

1909, d. 12 Feb 1909 
#2El-4 VAN LEUVEN, Dona Louise, b. 2 Jan 1912 
#2El-5 VAN LEUVEN, Ray Sylvester, b 23 July 1918 

#2E12 Leah Mary Van Leuven md Karl 

Sylvester (Div) - Child: 

#2E1-21 SYLVEST'^RT Kay "V" BRAY, b. 24 Oct 

1926, d. 1 Apr 1928 

#2E12 Leah Mary Van Leuven md John Ross 
Bray hus died - Child: 

^ZEl-ll^RAYTTohn Ross, Jr. FRANCOM, 

b. 15 June 1928 

#2E12 Leah Mary Van Leuven md George 
Houser Francom 10 Dec 1930 - no issue 
(The above two children were adopted by George 
H. Francom and were known by his name. ) 

#2E122 John Ross Bray Francom md Alma 
Lynn Hardy 17 Oct 1949 - Children: 

Barbara Ann Evans 530 

#2E 1-221 FRANCOM, Ross Burke, b. 9 June 1951 
#2El-222 FRANCOM, Lyndy Joell, b. 16 May 1952 
#2El-223 FRANCOM, Leslie Ann, b. 25 Dec 1955 
#2E 1-224 FRANCOM, Lonnie Rae, b. 20 July 1957 

#2E122l Ross Burke Francom md Debra 
Hose 10 Oct 1969 

#2E 14 Dona Louise md John William Osborn 
13 Sep 1930 - Children: 

#2E1-41 OSBORN, William Dale, b. 24 July 1931 
#2E 1-42 OSBORN, Carol, b. 14 Aug 1932 
#2E 1-43 OSBORN, Ranae, b. 14 Nov 1947 

#2E141 William Dale Osborn md Glenda 
Darling 20 Aug 1959 - Children: 
#2E1-411 OSBORN, Nedra, b. 8 Oct 1963 
#2E1-412 OSBORN, Nancy, b. 29 Aug 1965 
#2E1-413 OSBORN, Todd William, b. 28 July 1969 

#2E142 Carol Osborn md Daniel Lewii 
Nelson 14 Feb 1959 - Children: 

#2E1 -421 NELSON, Darrell Edward, b. 2 June 1962 
#2E 1-422 NELSON, Dana Louise, b. 29 Dec 1963 
#2E 1-423 NELSON, Bart Daniel, b, 26 Sep 1969 

#2E143 Ranae Osborn md Mickle Brox 
Ogden 7 Nov 1968 - Child: 
#2E 1-431 OGDEN, Troy Mickle, b. 10 July 197 

#2E15 Ray Sylvester Van Leuven md Dorothy 
Winona Guy 26 Oct 1942 - Children: 

#2E1-51 VAN LEUVEN, Ronald Ray, b. 19 Sep 1943 
#2El-52 VAN LEUVEN, Edmond Wayne, b. 11 July 

#2El-53 VAN LEUVEN, Joan, b. 13 Feb 1953 
#2El-54 VAN LEUVEN, Alan Guy, b. 17 May 1957 

#2E151 Ronald Ray Van Leuven md Trudy 
Ann Sager 25 July 1964 - Children: 

#2E1-511 VAN LEUVEN, Cheryl Lyn, b. 27 Feb 1965 
#2E 1-512 VAN LEUVEN, Mark Rus sell, b. 2 Oct 1967 

#2E152 Edmond Wayne Van Leuven md 
Lucrecia Clara Rubal 12 Dec 1969 - Child: 
#2E1-521 VAN LEUVEN, Jared Wayne, b 2 Oct 1970 

#2E2 Barbara Annie Wanlass md Edward 
Nathaniel Rogers 8 July 1908 - Children: 
#2E2-1 ROGERS, Edna Bernice, b. 26 Feb 1909 
#2E2-2 ROGERS, Erma Mary, b. 14 Jan 1911 
#2E2-3 ROGERS, Edward Paul, b. 21 May 19 16 
#2E2-4 ROGERS, Barbara Ruth, b. 19 Apr 1918, 

d. 10 Oct 1953 

531 Barbara Ann Evans 

#2E21 Edna Bernice Rogers md Kenneth 
Lynn Holritz 18 June 19 32 - No Issue 

#^E22 Erma Mary Rogers md Lewis John 

Schroeder 17 Feb 1946 - No issue 

#2E23 Edward Paul Rogers md Doris ~~" 

Kathryn Meyer 24 Aug 195 3 

#2E24 Barbara Ruth Rogers md Carrol 

Baldwin Foster II 31 July 1940 - Child- 

#2E2-41 FOSTER, Carroll Baldwin III', b. 19 Feb 19 43 

#2E241 Carroll Baldwin Foster III md 
Cynthia Rae Grace 31 Oct 197 

#2E3 Jennie Waniass md Leslie Walton 
Clement 3 Feb 1912 - No issue 

#2E4 William Eweii Waniass md Verda 
Fullmer 8 July 1918 - Children: 
#2E4-1 WANLASS, William Ewell, b. 7 Jan 1920, 

d. 11 Jan 1920 (Child) 
#2E4-2 WANLASS, Beth, b. 10 May 1922 
#2E4-3 WANLASS, Verula, b. 12 Nov 1924 
#2E4-4 WANLASS, Mary Althea, b. 15 July 1926 
#2E4-5 WANLASS, Juanita, b. 17 Oct 1929, 
d. 25 Oct 1935 

#2E42 Beth Waniass md Malcolm Alan 
Peirson 11 June 1945 - Children: 

#2E4-2i PEIRSON, Malcolm Alan, b. 20 Dec 1948 
#2E4-22 PEIRSON, Victoria Beth, b. 8 Nov 1954 
#2E4-23 PEIRSON, George Ewell, b. 16 May 1957 
#2E4-24 PEIRSON, Patricia Verda, b. 24 Nov 1958 

#2E421 Malcolm Alan Peirson md Linda 
Jill Thomsen 19 July 1969 

#2E43 Verula Waniass md Robert Lee 
Mummert 23 July 1946 - Children: 
#2E4-31 MUMMERT, Robbie Lee, b. 30 Oct 1947 
#2E4-32 MUMMERT, Michael Alan, b. 20 May 1950 
#2E4-33 MUMMERT, Roderick Dana, b. 18 Apr 1953 
#2E4-34 MUMMERT, John Ewell, b. 7 Jan 1955 
#2 E4-35 MUMMERT, Carol Ann, b. 19 June 19 58 

#2E43l Robbie Lee Mummert md Howard 
Louis Bias 23 Oct 1965 - Child: 
#2E4-311 BLAS, Joseph LQ^is> ^- \^ ^^P ^^^^ 

#2E5 Frank Evans Waniass md Josephine 

Robinson 20 May 1926 - Children: 
#2E5-1 WANLASS, Frank Marion, b. 17 May 1933 
#2E5-2 WANLASS, Joyce, b. 9 Sep 1935 
#2E5-3 WANLASS, John Wesley, b. "^ ^^^ ^^^^ , 
#2E5-4 WANLASS, David Robinson, b. 6 July 194 1 

Barbara Ann Evans 532 

#2E5-5 WANLASS, William Paul, b. 17 Mar 1946 
#2E5-6 WANLASS, Mark Evans, b. 8 June 1950 

#2E51 Frank Marion Wanlass md Carolyn 
Joy Clark 11 Sep 1957 - Children: (Div) 
#2E5-11 WANLASS, Wesley Tane, b. 17 Apr I960 
#2E5-12 WANLASS, Winston Bryn, b. 21 Feb 1962 
#2E5-13 WANLASS, Wendy Jill, b. 22 May 1965 
#2E5-14 WANLASS, Bonnie Jane, b. 12 May 1969 

#2E52 Joyce Wanlass rad James Dell Potter 
25 Aug 1956 - Children: 

#2E5-21 POTTER, Debra, b. 8 Aug 1958 
#2E5-22 POTTER, Daniel James, b. 17 Oct 1959 
#2E5-23 POTTER, Daryl, b. 28 Oct I960 

#2E53 John Wesley Wanlass md Diane Marie 
McMurrin 26 June 1965 - Child: 
#2E5-31 WANLASS, James John, b. 15 Mar 1970 

#2E54 David Robinson Wanlass md Marye 
Louise Rowley 11 Sep 1965 

#2E55 William Paul Wanlass md Helene Sue 
Warden 31 July 1966 - Child: (Div) 
#2E5-51 WANLASS, Paul William, b. 18 Feb 1967 

#2F Jacob Evans md Anna R. Nelson 17 Nov 
1887 - Children: 
#2F1 EVANS, Barbara Irene, b. 15 Apr 1889, 

d. 20 Oct 1918 
#2F2 EVANS, Effie June, b. 29 July 1891 
#2F3 EVANS, Jacob Sterling, b. 11 May 1895, 

d. 20 Dec 1958 
#2F4 EVANS, Virginia Lucile (Dolly), b, 11 Mar 

1906, d. May 1970 

#2F1 Barbara Irene Evans md Frank Sharp - 
No issue 

#2F2 Effie June Evans md John Beesley 
29 May 1926 - No issue 

#2F3 Jacob Sterling Evans md Ann Spafford 

- Children: 
#2F3-2 EVANS, Robert Sterling, b. 25 July 1920 

#2F32 Robert Sterling Evans md Geraldine 
Green - Children: 

#2F3-2T"EVANS7~Robert Sterling, b. 3 June 1948 
#2F3-22 EVANS, Barbara Ann, b. 4 Oct 1950 

#2F322 Barbara Ann Evans md Phillip 
Houck 19 Aug 1968 - Child: 
#2F3-221 HOUCK, Phillip Raymond, b. 14 July 1970 


#41 EVANS, Phebe Jane, b. 1 Dec 1855 

d. 18 Dec 1855 
#42 EVANS, James, b. 16 Aug 1857, d. 16 Apr 1940 
#43 EVANS, Edwin, b. 2 Feb I860, d. 7 Mar 1946 

#42 James Evans md Sarah Ellen Wanless 
20 Apr 1882 - Children: 

#421 EVANS, James William, b. 3 Mar 1883 
#422 EVANS, Mary Louella, b. 25 Dec 1884 
#423 EVANS, Lila Clymenia, b. 26 Jan 1887, 

d. 19 May 1890 
#424 EVANS, Sarah Myrtle, b. 29 Dec 1889, 

d. 30 June 1919 
#425 EVANS, Edwin Francis, b. 2 Sep 1892 
#426 EVANS, Fern Merett, b. 4 Apr 1896, 

d. 26 Nov 1947 
#427 EVANS, David Robert, b. 12 Oct 1899 
#428 EVANS, Ernest, b. 1 3 July 1902 

#421 James William Evans md Mary Emma 
Forsyth 31 Mar 1909 - Children: 
#421-1 EVANS, Sara, b. 9 July 1910 
#421-2 EVANS, Forsyth, b. 4 Oct 1912, 

d. 4 Oct 1912 
#421-3 EVANS, Elaine, b. 27 May 1916 
#421-4 EVANS, James William, b, 25 June 1917, 

d. 25 June 1917 
#421-5 EVANS, Mary Margaret, b. 23 Nov 1918 
#421-6 EVANS, William David, b. 17 Apr 1922 

#4211 Sara Evans md Abel C. Samuelson 
6 June 1932 - Children: 

#421-11 SAMUELSON, Conrad Wayne, b. 10 Jan 1934 
#421-12 SAMUELSON, Joan Marlene,b. 31 July 1945 

#42111 Conrad Wayne Samuelson md Marilyn 
Tipton 20 June 1958 - Children: 

#421-111 SAMUELSON, David Wayne, b. 26 July I960 
#421-112 SAMUELSON, Lori, b. 30 Dec 1962 
#421-113 SAMUELSON, Cheryl Lynn, b. 5 Oct 1964 
#42 1 - 1 14 SAMUELSON, David Glenn, b. 26 Apr 1967 


Clymenia Shaw Evans 534 

#42112 Joan Marlene Samuelson md Dwight 
Perry Schwendiman 2 June 1970 

#4213 Elaine Evans md Cyril C. Williams 
18 June 1934 - Child: 

#421-31 WILLIAMS, Marilyn Elaine, b. 1 Oct 1936 
"" #42131 Marilyn Elaine Williams md Howard 

Reed Ellison 16 Mar 1956 - Children: 
#421-311 ELLISON, Kurt Reed, b, 26 Feb 1957 
#421-312 ELLISON, Kim Renae, b. 2 Aug 1958 
#421-313 ELLISON, Kyle Richard, b. 17 June 1963 
#421-314 ELLISON, Kent Ryan, b. 22 Feb 1968 

#4215 Mary Margaret Evans md Evan Folk- 
man Skeen 22 Mar 1946 - Children: 
#421-51 SKEEN, Ruth, b. 3 Apr 1947 
#421-52 SKEEN, James Evan, b. 7 Mar 1951 
#421-53 SKEEN, Ey^/on, b. 11 Mar 1953 
#421-54 SKEEN, Joseph Evans, b. 10 July 1957 

#42151 Ruth Skeen md William Floyd Bonner 
7 Sep 1967 - Children: 

#421-511 BONNER, Gail, b. 17 Aug 1968 
#421-512 BONNER, Janel, b. 7 Oct 1969 

#4216 William David Evans mid Viola Lebeda 

27 May 1943 - Children: 

#421-61 EVANS, Patricia Gail, b. 1 3 Nov 1944 
#421-62 EVANS, James William, b. 19 Nov 1947 
#421-63 EVANS, Joseph David, b. 30 Sep 1957 

#42161 Gail Patricia Evans md Thomas Grant 
Madsen 2 Jan 1969 - Child: 
#421-611 MADSEN, Shir ah Lynn, b. 9 Mar 1970 

#42162 James William Evans md Jane 
Gundersen 7 Aug 197 

#422 Mary Louella Evans md James Anthony 
Rasmussen 3 Apr 1907 - Child: 
#422-1 RASMUSSEN, Nonavie, b. 1 Feb 1908 

#4221 Nonavie Rasmussen md Frank Willsey 
Allen 3 Nov 1931 - Children: 
#422-11 ALLEN, Diana Lou, b. 19 Dec 1932 
#422-12 ALLEN, Frank Anthony b 14 Sep 1940 

#42211 Diana Lou Allen md John Gordon 
Avery 5 Aug 1953 (Div) - Children: 
#422-111 AVERY, John Anthony, b, 3 May 1954 
#422-112 AVERY, Michael Allen (Adp),b. 7 Oct 1958 

#42211 Diana Lou Allen md Winston G. Sant 

12 Apr I960 ^^^^ 

#42212 Frank Anthony Allen md Sharon Allred 

28 May 1964 - Children: 

535 Clymenia Shaw Evans 
#422-121 ALLEN, Infant (Twin), b. 16 May 1966 

d. 16 May I966 (Stillborn) 
#422-122 ALLEN, Infant (Twin), b. 16 May I966 

d. 16 May 1966 (Stillborn) 
#422-123 ALLEN, Aimee Marie, b. 27 June 1967 
#422-124 ALLEN, Mario Ann, b. 15 Feb 1 969 

#424 Sarah Myrtle E^vans md F rank Joy^nson " 
6 Oct 1917 - No issue 

#425 Edwin Francis Evans md Neva Jeane 

Craig 18 Mar 19 18 - Children: 

#425-1 EVANS, Edwina Jean, b. 11 Aug 1935 

#425-2 EVANS, Richard Steven, b. 1 Jan 1948 

#4251 Edwina Jean Evans md J. Lawrence 
Stoddard 7 June 1959 - Children: 
#425-11 STODDARD, Russel J, b. 9 Aug I960 
#425-12 STODDARD, J. Law Fence III, 

b. 22 May 1962 
#425-13 STODDARD, Diana Lynn, b. 15 June 196 3 
#425-14 STODDARD, Janice Kay, b. 22 June 1965 

#426 Fern Merett Evans md Robert Franklin 
Smith 18 Mar 1918 - No issue 

#427 David Robert Evans md Ila Rasmussen 
24 Dec 1929 - Child: 
#427-1 EVANS, David Richard, b. 11 Oct 1930 

(u nmarried) _^_ 

#428 Ernest Evans md Ethel Mann 9 Feb 
1923 - Children: 

#428-1 EVANS, Lila Mae, b. 31 Aug 1924 
#428-2 EVANS Jame s Ernest, b. 17 Apr 1933 

#4281 Lila Mae Evans md Robert T. 
Hamren 9 Sep 1944 - Children: 

#428-11 HAMREN, Marilyn Jean, b. 29 Apr 1947 
#428-12 HAMREN, William Robert, b. 16 July 1949 
#428-13 HAMREN, James Robert, b. 18 Dec 1953 
#428-14 HAMREN, Michael Robert, b. 29 Jan 1957 
#428-15 HAMREN, John Robert, b. 23 June 1959 

#42811 Marilyn Jean Hamren md Lyle Corry 
Jones 9 Mar 1968 - Children: 

#428-111 JONES, Thomas Kay, b. 10 Dec 1968 
#428-112 JONES, David Corry, b. 16 J^n 1971 

#4282 James Ernest Evans md Nancy Lynn 

Hoffman 19 Aug 1955 - Children: 

#428-21 EVANS, David Ernest, b. 6 Sep 1957 

#428-2 2 EVANS, Katherine Lynn, b. 18 June 1959 

#43 Edwin Evans md Catherine Lewis 

15 Jan 1880 - Children: 

Clymenia Shaw Evans 536 

#431 EVANS, Bertha Marie, b. 7 June 1881, 

d. 1 Apr 1942 
#432 EVANS, Eva Clymenia, b. 15 Mar 1883, 

d. 7 June 1956 
#433 EVANS, Catherine Irene, b. 19 Aug 1884, 

d. 11 Nov 1967 
#434 EVANS, Edwin Jannes (E. J. ), b. 24 Aug 

1886, d. 26 Jan 1957 
#435 EVANS, Clifford Lewis, b. 24 Oct 1887, 

d. 26 Mar 1958 
#436 EVANS, Winnie Jane, b. 25 May 1889 
#437 EVANS, Elva Ruth, b. 14 Dec 1894, 

d. 14 Sep 1951 (Unnnarried) 
#438 EVANS, Infant, b. Jan 1898, d. at birth 

#431 Bertha Marie md James Lee Stark 
11 Mar 1903 - Children: 
#431-1 STARK, Fay, b. 29 Jan 1904 
#431-2 STARK, Eva, b. 8 Apr 1905 
#431-3 STARK, Evans James, b. 12 June 1906 
#431-4 STARK, Wayne Francis, b. 13 July 1907 
#431-5 STARK, Kathryn, b. 14 Nov 1908 
#431-6 STARK, LaVern, b. 21 Nov 1909 
#431-7 STARK, Myrl, b. 1 Apr 1911 
#431-8 STARK, Carol, b. 26 July 1912 
#431-9 STARK, Bertha, b. 16 Dec 1913, 

d. 12 Sep 1970 
#431-A STARK, Rex, b. 9 June 1916 
#431 -B STARK, Lynn, b. 21 Aug 1917, d. Aug 1921 
#431-C STARK, Noel, b. 2 Oct 1918 
#431 -D STARK, Bethlyn, b. 1 Dec 1922 

#4311 Fay Stark md Nicholas J. Cotro-Manes 
25 Apr 1925 - Children: 
#431-11 COTRO-MANES, Phyllis Fay, 

b. 12 Mar 1926 
#431-12 COTRO-MANES, Paul N. , b. 7 May 1928 
#431-13 COTRO-MANES, Patricia, b. 17 Aug 1944 

#43111 Phyllis Fay Cotro-Manes md Bert E. 
Hafen 17 July 1949 - Children: 

#431-111 HAFEN, Nicholas Bert, b. 29 Apr 1951 
#431-112 HAFEN Caralyn Fay, b. 11 May 1954 

#43112 Paul Nicholas Cotro-Manes md 
Eileen Winther 21 May 1955 - Children: 
#431-121 COTRO-MANES, Kathryn, b. 8 Feb 1957 
#431-122 COTRO-MANES, Theodore James, 

b. 20 Jan 1959 
#431-123 COTRO-MANES, Paula, b. 2 July 1961 
#431-124 COTRO-MANES, Margaret, b. 2 July 1961 

537 Clymenia Shaw Evans 

#4312 Eva Stark md Jesse DeLora Havs 
5 Sep 1923 - Child: ^ 

#431-21 HAYS, Jesse Paul, b. 26 Sep 1924 

#4312 Eva Stark md Rowland Varley Walker 
29 Sep 1927 - Children: 

#431-22 WALKER, Rowland Wayne, b. 27 Mar 1932 
#431-23 WALKER, Eva Lyn, b. 4 Nov I9 39 

#43121 Jesse Paul Hays md Elizabeth Ann 
Gereghty 20 Dec 1945 - Children: 
#431-211 HAYS, Michael Paul, b. 23 Dec 1946 
#431-212 HAYS, Malinda Sue, b. 3 May I949 
#431-213 HAYS, Mona Lee, b. 8 Nov 1950 
#431-214 HAYS, Merrilan, b. 5 Feb 1958 

#43122 Rowland Wayne Walker md Dorothy 
Ruth Huffman 6 June 1953 - Children: 
#431-221 WALKER, Bryan Andrew, b. 25 Feb 1961 
#431-222 WALKER, Gordon James, b. 17 Jan 1964 

#43123 Eva Lyn Walker md Ronald Oscar 
Perez 16 Nov 1956 - Children: 

#431-231 PEREZ, David Anthony, b. 18 Aug 1957 
#431-232 PEREZ, Jame s Nicholas, b. 20 Dec 1958 
#431-233 PEREZ, John Robert, b 15 Mar 1961 

#4313 Evans James Stark md Ruth Cocking 
Parramore 23 Oct 1926 - Children: 
#431-31 STARK, Norman James, b. 5 Sep 1928 
#431-32 STARK, Doris Ruth, b. 14 Sep 1934, 

d. 27 Jan 1935 
#431-33 STARK, Leon Ronald, b, 26 Mar 1941 

#43131 Norman James Stark md Catherine 
Vivian Rice 19 Aug 1949 - Children: 
#431-311 STARK, Pamela, b. 19 Nov 1950 
#431-312 STARK, Alan James, b. 9 Nov 1952 
#431-313 STARK, Kevin Gene, b. 8 June 1958 
#431-314 STARK, Brent Steven, b. 28 Nov 1962, 

d. 17 Feb 1963 

#43133 Leon Ronald Stark md Sharion Louise 
Pierce 25 Jan 1963 - Children: 
#431-331 STARK, Stacee Jane, b. 5 July 1964 
#431-332 STARK, Meshelle Renee, b. 20 Feb 1966 

#4314 Wayne Francis Stark md Arlene 
Francher 15 Nov 1930 - Children: 
#431-41 STARK, Darrell Lindsay, b. H Feb 1933 
#431-42 STARK, Layne Francis, b. 21 Mar 1940 
#431-43 STAR K. Robin Llewellyn, b. 7 Nov 194 3 

^43141 Darrell Lindsay Stark md ise Masako 

17 Mar 1955 - Children: 

Clymenia Shaw Evans 538 

#431-411 STARK, Carrie Lynn, b. 11 Aug 1955 
#431-412 STARK, Ann Renee, b. 13 Aug 1957 
#431-413 STARK, Lindsay Wayne, b. 19 July 1958 
#431-414 STARK, Kaye Frances, b. 25 July I960 
#431-415 STARK, Jan Diane, b. 29 Sep 1961 
#431-416 STARK, Leigh Francer, b. 9 Sep 1965 

#43143 Robin Llewellyn Stark md Jill Forsyth 
6 June 1967 - Child: 
#431-431 STARK, Wendi Jill, b. 27 Mar 1969 

#4315 Kathryn Stark rad Layton George 
Hamilton 2 May 1926 - Child: 
#431-51 HAMILTON, LaDene, b. 10 Apr 1927 

#4315 Kathryn Stark md Herman Jaraes 
Theroff 20 Aug 1932 - Child: 
#431-52 THEROFF, Douglas Stark, b. 8 Aug 1934 

#43151 LaDene Hamilton md Charles Goodwin 
26 Dec 1942 - Children: 

#431-511 GOODWIN, Ronald, b. 2 Feb 1945 
#431-512 GOODWIN, Kathryn, b. 20 Oct 1946 

#431512 Kathryn Goodwin md Wally Allen 
20 Feb 1968 

#43152 Douglas Stark Theroff md Lorraine 
Rettinger 8 June 1953 - Children: 

#431-521 THEROFF, David Shane, b. 25 Apr 1954 
#431-522 THEROFF, Linda Lee, b. 13 Sep 1956 
#431-523 THEROFF, Laura Lyn, b 4 Jan 1958 

#4316 LaVern Stark md Lloyd Kone 5 July 
1927 - Children: 

#431-61 KONE, Richard Lloyd, b. 17 Jan 1929 
#431-62 KONE, LuAnn, b. 25 Aug 1934 

#4316 LaVern Stark md Earl Beaver 26 Mar 
1955 - No issue ^___ 

#4 3161 Richard Lloyd Kone md Jean Buckman 
15 Aug 1952 - Child: 
#431-611 KONE, Ricky, b. 2 June 1953 

#43162 LuAnn Kone md George Chronis 
2 May 1961 - Children: 

#431-621 CHRONIS, Tracey Lyn, b. 10 Oct 1962 
#431-622 CHRONIS, Thomas George, b. 30 Jan 1964 
#431-623 CHRONIS, Lori Christine, b. 16 Aug 1965 

#4317 Myrl Stark md James Harold Day 
10 Sep 1930 - Children: 

#431-71 DAY, Dwane Evans, b. 27 Oct 1932 
#431-72 DAY, JeNel Myrl, b. 19 July 1936 

#4317 Myrl Stark md Kelita Jesse (Kelly) 
Sugart 21 Aug 1948 - No issue 

539 Clymenia Shaw Evans 

#43171 Dwane Evans Day md Ingeborg Duda 
- Child: 
??31-71i DAY, Fiona Maureen, b. 17 Feb 1967 

#4il7Z JeNei Myrl Day md Earl LeRoy 

Graham 28 Jan 1958 - Children- 

#431-721 GRAHAM, Theresa Lynn, b. 16 Sep 1955 

#431-722 GRAHAM, Mark Forward, b. 21 Jan 1957 

#43172 JeNel Myrl Day md Freeman Young 
Percival, Jr. 31 Dec 1958 - Child- 
#431-723 PERCIVAL, Freeman Young III, 
b. 17 Oct 1959 

#4318 Carol Stark md Wm. Dale Gottfredson 

29 Apr 1935 - Child: 

#431-81 GOTTFREDSON, Nancy, b. 28 Feb 194 1 
#43181 Nancy Gottfredson md Jack Lee 

MacPhetridge 1 Sep 1961 - Child: 

#431-811 MAC PHETRIDGE, Darren, b. 23 Sep 196 4 
#4319 Bertha (Bee) Stark md Clarence 

Matson Dec 1934 - No issue 

#4'319 Bertha (Bee) Stark md Lionel 

Hammerson 26 Aug 1952 - No issue 

#431A Rex Stark md Caroline Allison Clift 

30 July 1938 - Children: 

#431-A1 STARK, Kenneth Allison, b. 4 Sep 1933 
#431-A2 STARK, Clifford Rex b 3 May 19 39 

#431A1 Kenneth Allison Stark md Dona 
Hollaway 28 Dec 1955 - Children: 
#431-A11 STARK, Sherrie Kay, b. 17 Oct 1956 
#431 -A 12 STARK, Lynda Allison, b. 26 July 1961 
#431-A 13 STARK, Tracy Marie, b. 27 Nov 1967 

#431C Noel Stark md Margaret Parit 

1945 - Child: 

M3T^n STARK, Thomas 

#43 ID Bethlyn Stark md Wilbur Bur bank 
Seigler 19 July 1941 - Children: 
#431-D1 SEIGLER, William Vaun, b. 2 May 1943 
#43 1-D2 SEIGLER, John 

#432 Eva Clymenia Evans md Charles \V . 
Perry 29 Aug 1906 - Child: 

#432-1 PER RY. Phyllis, b. 21 Nov 1909 ^ 

^4321 Phyllis Perry md John U. i^inschoten 

27 Apr 19 31 - Child: 

#432-11 LINSCHOTEN, Karen, b, 3 Mar 194b 

#43211 Karen Linschoten md Uiibert Beyer 
1969 - Child: 
i43"2:Til BEYER, Cindy, b. 23 July 1966 
(Cindy by mother's first husband) 

Clymenia Shaw Evans 540 

#433 Catherine Irene Evans md Hyrum 
Lester Fox 28 Feb 1907 - Children: 
#433-1 FOX, Kathryn, b. 30 Oct 1909 
#433-2 FOX, Blanche, b, 13 Nov 1910 ^_ 

#4331 Kathryn Fox md Evan Van Noy Healy 
30 Mar 1930 - Children: 

#433-11 HEALY, Douglas Evan, b. 20 Jan 1931 
#433-12 HEALY, Shirley Ann, b. 10 Sep 1933 
#433-13 HEALY, Sharon Lynn, b. 8 Sep 1940 

#4331 Kathryn Fox md Harry Chapman - 
No issue 

#43311 Douglas Evan Healy md Lorraine 
Johnson 9 Apr 1950 - Children: 

#433-111 HEALY, Mark Douglas, b. 9 Nov 1951 
#433-112 HEALY, Chris Dwayne, b. 27 July 1955 
#433-113 HEALY, Terrianne b. 7 May 1966 

#43312 Shirley Ann Healy md Jac