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D 11 25 IfllSblfi D 

l.'.'.i ::■.■ |! 



North Carolina IRoorn 
Forsyth County Public Library 
660 West Fifth Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 




J.onn J.onns.on 


C.LLa ^Louii-s. Jn.xe.att 

£.ana ^(ixunt Julia <^toks.± 


( Winiton-^aUm ^School jDOaxd 

C. E. Elberson, Dr. W. H. Sprunt, J. W. xMoore, E. F. Tullock, J. H. Brunt. B. S. Womble. Mrs. W. L. Wharton, N. Mitchell 

From the students of the three Winston-Salem high schools comes a hearty thank- 
you to the School Board for the sincere, sympathetic direction and advice which they 
have given to the problems which confront the city schools. Eight well-known citi- 
zens compose the Winston-Salem School Board of which B. S. Womble is Chairman. 
Serving with him are Mrs. W. L. Wharton, N. Mitchell, E. F. Tullock, C. E. Elber- 
son, J. W. Moore, Superintendent of Winston-Salem Schools, J. H. Brunt Sr and 
Dr. W. H. Sprunt, Jr. 





Quite in keeping with the trends of the time, the Black and Gold staff of the 
three high schools decided to build this year's annual around one big word 
— "Americanism". Breaking this term down into its fundamentals, the staff 
found that they had three separate and distinct themes, yet all were one. 
Reynolds High, believing Freedom to be an integral part of American life, 
chose to form its section around the symbol of freedom, the Statue of Lib- 
erty with its burning torch. Since education is a form of aspiration, Hanes 
High selected the wings of the American eagle to symbolize strength and 
soaring into new heights. Prompted by the beauty of American tolerance and 
music, Gray High devoted its portion of the book to Harmony. 

In this, the thirtieth volume of the Black and Gold, we have attempted 
to tie our local activities into the higher meaning of Americanism. 




























£';&%■ *J$m*>&v^ : :- , 


Reynolds High School stands for enlightened free- 
dom ^r the people that comes through the torch of 
truth held aloft by the people for the benefit of the 
people. Through education liberty's torch is fash- 
ioned to shine with a light that is free from heat. 

Dedicated to 

Mrs. Mary Sterling Swain 

Without Mrs. Swain, who would guide, direct, and foster 
the high school publications? Who would do so much to 
bring about desired improvements in all phases of our 

She has added to our years at Reynolds through her undy- 
ing interest in our happiness and growth. Her earnestness of 
purpose and tireless work have set before us an example 
worthy of following. 

In partial expression of our gratitude, we, the senior 
class of 1941, dedicate our Black and Gold to Mrs. Mary 
Sterling Swain. 

— 11- 

Principal Reynolds High School 

Past president of Northwestern District 
Teachers . . former big leaguer . . genial . . 
A. B., University of N. C. . . the students' 
friend . . director of city school cafe- 
terias . . ardent Carolina fan . . chairman 
of constitution committee of N. C. Athle- 
tic Association . . interested in all sports, 
especially baseball . . excellent sense of 
humor . . head of Winston-Salem summer 
school . . mathematics wizard . . past var- 
sity coach . . favorite quotation, "All those 
who want to see me come on in here.'' 


^y\EijnoLd± c^-fiak ^J~acuLtu — zzrf-zadi or J^Ehazbnznti 

her homeroom the joy of every 
senior's heart . . classes never 
have a dull moment . . head of 
the English Department . . 
known for classroom dramati- 
zations . . daughter of the great 
educator, Calvin H. Wiley . . 
delightfully individual . . A, B, 
C, D, F, rows in English class- 
es .. A. B. degree from W. C. 
U. N. C 

competent sponsor of the Na- 
tional Honor Society . . head of 
the Social Science Department 
. . efficiency plus . . history and 
sociology teacher . . vocational 
guidance director . . likes 
orange juice . . A. B., Ed. M., 
University of Minnesota and 
Harvard University . . history 

SMITH . . mathematician . . 
amusing chuckle . . lover of 
three-page examples . . witty . . 
has had a wealth of interesting 
experiences . . traveler . . Vir- 
ginian . . member of chapel com- 
mittee . . head of the Mathe- 
matics Department . . B. S., Ed. 
M., Guilford and Duke. 

ornithologist . . keeps flowers 
and shrubbery pretty in court- 
yard . . colorful scarves . . 
deep-thinker . . her room is 
decorated with hornets' nests, 
stuffed owls, etc. . . Head of 
Science Department . . A. B., 
B. S., Salem, Columbia, Caro- 
lina, Alleghany School for Nat- 
ural History. 

SON . . director of Winston- 
Salem school libraries . . loves 
poetry . . in nice quiet voice 
she commands authority . . gets 
things done . . expert on where 
to find answers to all questions 
. . A. B., Guilford . . B. A. in L. 
S., University of N. C. . . in- 
terested in medicine . . knows 
students by names. 

SON . . dean of girls . . kind 
disposition . . magnetic and 
pleasant friend . . head of Com- 
mercial Department . . supply 
room manager . . sponsor Nee- 
dlepoint club . . cafeteria book- 
keeper . . B. C. S. Eastman 
College, Palmer School, Salem, 
and W. C. U. N. C. . . . wears 
supply room key around her 

holds informal classes . . Head 
of the Foreign Language De- 
partment . . takes time out to 
talk of courtesy, study habits, 
chapel programs . . classes ex- 
cel in French-products, maps, 
current events, scrapbooks . . 

A. B., M. A. degrees, W. C 
U. N. C. 

energetic woodworker . . knows 
his wood . . happy smile . . 
dislikes termites . , built his 
home himself . . adviser of 
future woodmasters . . Head of 
Industrial Arts Department . . 

B. E. from Eastern Illinois 
Teachers College. 

known for her colorful bulletin 
boards . . takes a personal in- 
terest in students . . supervises 
Reynolds contribution to Bri- 
tish . . hobby — playing the ac- 
cordion . . responsible for de- 
licious odors on first floor . . 
tasty teas . . B. S. Salem Col- 
lege . . graduate work at W. 

C. U. N. C, U. N. C. and Uni- 
versity of Colorado . . Head 
of Home Economics Depart- 

teria dietitian . . loves to give 
recipes . . likes things done 
right to the minute detail . . 
knows that the way to a stud- 
ent's heart is through his stom- 
ach . . B. S., Peabody Col- 
lege, Cornell, Harrisburg State 
Teachers College. 


jovial . . coach of state tennis 
winners . . a scholar of history 
and current affairs . . "Well, 
boys, don't quote me, but — — " 
member of Social Science De- 
partment . . A. B. and M. A. 
degrees from University of 
North Carolina. 

resourceful . . scientist . . ama- 
teur photographer . . liberal . . 
Jack-of-all trades . . fast walk- 
er . . born, reared, educated in 
Japan . . former volcano climb- 
er . . man of many experien- 
ces . . chemistry teacher . . B. 
S. degree . . studied at David- 
son, Duke, and Carolina. 

MR. L. W. CROWELL . . 
athletic . . left-handed tennis 
player . . capable business staff 
adviser . . teaches mathematics 
. . football time keeper . . looks 
after gymnasium . . referee . . 
even-tempered . . B. S., Spring- 
field, A. S. T. C, U. N. C. 

fun loving . . furnishes helpful 
suggestions for publications . . 
sponsors Printing Club . . 
known for his Printing Club 
feeds and trips . . director of 
Reynolds High Print Shop . . 
attended colleges in Wichita, 
Daytona Beach, Pittsburg, Kan- 
sas, and Pittsburgh, Penn. . . B. 
S. degree. 

. . red-headed, but no detectible 
temper . . linguist . . unsual abi- 
lity to portray satire . . conver- 
sationalist . . Stamp club spon- 
sor . . Latin instructor . . A. B. 
Duke, Salem, U. of Chicago, 
Columbia . . favorite pastime- 
bridge . . effervescent person- 

efficient, business-like teacher 
of business subjects . . distinct 
enunciator . . "R. A. F." . . 
former president of Winston- 
Salem Classroom Teachers . . 
well-informed on current af- 
fairs . . B. C. S., A. B., Salem, 
U. of Col., U. of Va., Bowling 
Green Business, Lousiana State 
U., U. of N. C. 



\ ! \ 

BROOKES . . sponsor of 
"House" . . understanding and 
considerate of students . . bus- 
iness-like . . A. B. t Salem, 
Duke . . attractive bulletin 
boards . . tells ghost stories of 
old Salem . . does not believe 
in week-end homework . . Eng- 
lish Department. 


sparkling personality . . lives 
the beauty in music . . has a 
way of getting her feeling to 
her pupils . . perfect posture . . 
has twin sister . . conducts glee 
club . . sponsors Thursday 
Morning Music Club . . A. B., 
U. N. C, Phi Beta Kappa, JuiL 
lard School of Music. 

exacting . . likes Shakespeare . . 
music lover . . quotes lines and 
lines of poetry . . member of 
English Department . . A. B. 
from Furman University, 
Greenville, S. C, . . lectures on 
etiquette . . plays piano well . . 
camera shy . . diminutive hand- 

an active interest in biology, 
chemistry, and photography . . 
devotes much time to outside 
school experiments . . always 
ready for a laugh . . member of 
Science Department . . holds 
A. B. and M. S. degrees . . at- 
tended Salem and Penn. State 

familiar figure around gym . . 
tennis whiz . . tall, slender, and 
vivacious . . cheerful smile . . 
sporty . . Salemite . . expert 
mathematician . . assistant coach 
of girls' sports . . A. B. degree. 

COCK . . has a slight Yankee 
accent . . smiling . . dislikes ice 
cream . . soft-voiced . . neat in 
appearance . . favorite color- 
red . . received A. B. degree 
from New Jersey State Teach- 
ers' College . . teaches English, 
succeeded Mr. West. 




MR. H. C. HAWN . . known 
as "Joby" . . teacher of World 
History . . professional referee 
during basketball, baseball, and 
football seasons . . A. B., Len- 
oir-Rhyne . . big teaser . . 
favorite topic — Saturday ex- 
tension course . . big-hearted. 

hails from the blue-grass state 
of Kentucky . . sponsor of 
travel club and enthusiastic 
globe-trotter . . precise . . un- 
surpassed cleverness in pres- 
enting reviews of trips she has 
taken . . member of Commer- 
cial Department . . B. S. S. 
degree . . studied at Bowling 
Green Business U., Peabody 
College, and University of 

dazzling smile . . witty . . likes 
minute details . . friendly . . 
authority on English . . plenty 
of peppy personality . . adores 
chocolate ice-cream cake . . 
A. B., Greensboro College . . 
also attended Salem and Col- 
umbia . . Artist . . amateur co- 
lor photographer. 

amiable . . Southern accent . . 
teacher of English . . reticent . . 
loves to sing Christmas Carols 
in Latin . . always smiling . . 
A. B. degree, Erskine . . grad- 
uate work at II. N. C. . . spon- 
sor Junior Class play . . pianist. 

yet industrious . . consider- 
ate and sympathetic . . expert 
instructor of library science . . 
cooperative with all students 
who need her help . . loves fine 
arts . . A. B., Salem . . A. B. in 
L. S., U. N. C. . . Assistant lib- 
rarian . . efficient Girl Reserves 

MARTIN . . has refreshing 
originality . . girls' tennis 
coach . . instructor of Latin . . 
has been so fortunate as to 
have seen Europe before pres- 
ent war . . long-time sponsor 
of Latin Club . . vivacious con- 
versationalist . . A. B., Duke 
U . . further study, U. of N. C. 

MmAA w 




member of commercial depart- 
ment . . slightly Southern in 
accent . . graceful . . fasti- 
dious in dress . . shy smile . . A. 
B„ B. S. S. A., W. C. U. N. C. 
George Washington, and Col- 
umbia . . loves jewelry . . un- 
derstanding . . "Now, folks." 

MISS BESS A. IVEY . . com- 
petent server as publication 
bookkeeper . . particular inter- 
est in Commercial Department 
. . encouraging to students . . 
bookkeeper for school activi- 
ties . . silent, fast worker . . A. 
B., Salem, Eastman College, U. 
N. C. . . excellent cook . . rad- 
iates dependability. 

class sponsor . . has a super 
vocabulary . . face radiates 
smile . . hidden desire — to own 
a little teenie desert isle . . 
teacher of English . . eats fros- 
ted malteds . . Bethaniaite . . 
A. B. from Salem . . graduate 
study at W. C. U. N. C. . . 
sews expertly. 

center of girls' athletics . . smile 
of a champion . . energetic . . 
sponsor of girls' Monogram 
Club . . keen sportswoman . . 
authority on government . . 
teacher of social science . . B. 
S. Fredericksburg State Teach- 
ers College. 

colorful "Sarapes" . . Mexican 
lore . . instructor of Spanish . . 
meditative . . traveler . . inter- 
esting speaker on Mexico . . 
A. B., W. C. U. N. C. . . spe- 
cializes in after-school classes 
. . always with Miss Edwards. . 
known for her chuckles. 

MOTT . . frank . . student on 
Caesar, Cicero, and Virgil . . 
an authority on mythology . . 
delightful wit and sarcasm . . 
remembers every face and cha- 
racteristic . .loves Rock Hill.S. 
C. . . A. B., Winthrop Col- 
lege . . favorite expression— 


teaches home economics and 
particularly sewing . . loves 
flowers and music . . has amaz- 
ingly quiet study halls . . pa- 
tient and conscientious instruc- 
tor . . A. B., B. S., Salem Col- 
lege and U. of N. C. . . pet 
hates are fussy clothes and loud 
smelling perfume. 

known for his gentlemanly 
courtesy . . wields the baton 
for the Reynolds band . . invi- 
gorating smile . . member of 
science department . . attended 
University of North Carolina, 
Salem, and Moravian College 
. . A. B. degree. 

MR. B. B. REDMOND . . 
quiet and dignified . . very neat 
looking . . calm . . poised . . 
has an air of authority . . takes 
things as they come . - instruc- 
tor of the higher mathematics. 
B. S. degree . . Presbyterian 
College and U. of N. C. 

MR. W. F. SHEALY . . re- 
served . . coach of boys bas- 
ketball . . friendly smile . . keen 
sense of humor . . A. B., New- 
bery College . . fourth period 
lunch stand supervisor . . very 
business-like . . has interest of 
students at heart . . Mathema- 
tics Department. 

SLOAN . . outstanding in mu- 
sic . . member Phi Kappa Lamb- 
da . . enjoys week-end trips 
and horseback riding . . anxious 
for more string music in schools 
. . pleasing personality . . B. S. 
in music W. C. U. N. C. . . ex- 
pert in art and musical current 

gesticulator . . wears saddle 
shoes . . has a sparkling smile . . 
teaches history and civics . . 
House faculty adviser . . avid 
reader . . A. B. from Salem 
College . . graduate work at 
University of N. C. 



. . believes in getting to the 
point . . supervisor of lock- 
ers . . likes jokes . . good pos- 
ture . . enjoys geometry . . 
A. B.. Emory and Henry Col- 
lege . . summer interests — farm- 
ing, carpentry . . students re- 
spect his confidence in them. 

her face an atmosphere of smile 
. . a thorough teacher . . junior 
"Y" Girl Reserves faculty ad- 
viser . . has a smooth South 
Carolina accent . . this year's 
addition to the mathematics de- 
partment . - A. B., Winthrop 
College . . friendly. 

ERS REICH . . diminutive . . 
inspiration to alergic math stu- 
dents . . bubbling with spirit 
of friendliness . . basketball 
background . . junior-senior 
adviser . . interested in Girl 
Reserves activities . . A. B., 
Winthrop College. 

quiet . . poised artist . . teaches 
art, woodwork, and mechani- 
cal drawing . . good sense of 
humor . . B. S., State . . favor- 
ite pastimes: tennis and sing- 

SMITH . . pastime is hunt- 
ing . . hearty laugh . . civics 
teacher . . happy look . . be- 
lieves in making things right . . 
budgets time . . football and 
baseball coach . . B. S., Appa- 
lachian . . always telling "tall 

SON . . abounds with school 
spirit . . gives mimeograph tests 
. . loves mathematics . . M. O. 
S. books . . cheerleaders' advi- 
ser . . thought questions . . 
member of English Department 
A. B. degree from Salem Col- 
lege . . M. A. degree from Co- 
lumbia University. 



STEPHENSON . . likes dra- 
matic work . . uses strict dis- 
cipline . . sponsor of Etiquette 
Club . . checks on absentees 
each day . . A. B., Salem, 
Graduate work U. N. C . . 
reads aloud well and enjoys 
doing it . . charming . . con- 
scientious . . English Depart- 

gentleman from Virginia . . 6 
feet 3 . . debating coach . . 
sincere courtesy . . winning 
smile . . master in art of public 
speaking . . patient . . A. B. 
Elon, Carolina . . loves to spin 
yarns about childhood days . . 
English teacher. 

MISS DORIS VOSS . . lends 
an ear to students' woeful tales 
. . Mr. Joyner's secretary . . 
sympathetic . . alumna of R. J. 
R . . business-like . . knows 
practically all students byname 
and face. 

casual . . witty . . interested in 
people . . teaches history 
spiced with life . . likes red . . 
holds open house after school 
. . always seen with Miss Eliza- 
beth Kapp . . an enthusiastic 
Andrew Jackson fan . . A. B. 
from G. C. . . graduate work at 

WHITLEY . . precise . . grac- 
ious in manner . . known for 
her quotations on blackboard . . 
studied at Touraine University, 
France . . sponsor of June 
senior class . . philosopher . . 
teaches French and Latin . . 
A. B. from Oxford College . . 
graduate work at University of 
N. C. 

WILLIAMS . . stately . . loves 
interior decorating courses . . 
teacher of commercial subjects 
. . light of her life: her little girl 
. . height of sincerity . . likes in- 
formal chats with students . . 
checks absentee list . . W. C. 
U. N. C, National Business 
College, Wake Forest, Salem. 



MR. E. H. STINSON . . under- 
standing instructor in mechani- 
cal drawing . . tireless worker . . 
known for his clever decora- 
tions for junior-senior dances . . 
spends every summer in New 
York . . N. C. State . . U. N. 
C. . . B. S. degree. 

dramatic coach . . wears un- 
usual rings . . member of Eng- 
lish department . . hails from 
Troutman, N. C. . . possess- 
es large vocabulary . . loves to 
read and quote poetry . . at- 
tended Lenoir-Rhyne, Appala- 
chian Teachers College, Salem, 
and Columbia University . . A. 
B. degree. 

has Southern drawl . . physics 
shark . . expert golf coach . . 
detests loafers . . teacher of 
science . . methodical — with 
wide-awake classes . . ingen- 
ious . . automobile fiend . . 
assistant basketball coach . . 
B. S. Appalachian . . M. A., U. 
of N. C. 

member of English department 
. . A. B. from Elon College . . 
athletic . . hearty laugh . . coach 
of scrub football team . . left 
during second semester to enter 
business world. 


lover of horses . . shows per- 
sonal interest in her students . . 
friendly . . notorious for "pop 
quizzes" . . conversationalist . . 
teacher of history and civics . . 
A. B., Berea College, Berea, 
Ky. . . interested in sports. 

sponsor of Boosters Club and 
cheerleaders . . plenty of vim, 
vigor, and vitality . . curva- 
tious, flowing handwriting . . 
encourages capability in stud- 
ents . . attended Peabody, 
Draughon's, Salem, Western 
Carolina Teachers, Asheville . . 
graduate of Palmer and Zaner 
Bloser Schools of Writing. 

— 17— 

Her pride and joy . . About "that" time . . Coach . . Gone but not forgotten . . On the 
dotted line . . Duplicates . . Resolved . . "Over there" . . Smile, senorita . . The end of 
the Perfect Day . . "Now is the time" . . The smile of beauty . . Libe stuff . . What 
goes on? . . Why? . . 'Tention, teachers. 


I All 

B. Haire 


E. Safrit 

cy\Eunoldi czrj-iah 

J-amiaxu (2La±± (Drficzxi 

Bob Haire 


Best Looking 

Jane Alspaugh 

Ethel Safrit 



Hugh Walton 

Mrs. Annie P. H. Fearringt 


Class Sponsor 

Most Intellectual 

Bill Hutchins 

Kay Sheppard 

Best All-Round 


May Southern 

Helen Sharpe 



Best Looking 

Sara Barnes 

Betty Sims 

Biggest Flirt 

Most Athletic 

Martha Sue Kelman 

Marian Everhart 



Best All-Round 

Most Intellectual 

Julian Pfaff 

Donald Page 

Biggest Flirt 

Most Athletic 

H. Walton 
Mrs. Fearrington 
K. Sheppard 
B. Hutchins 
M. Southern 
H. Sharpe 
S. Barnes 
B. Sims 
M. S. Kelman 
M. Everhart 
J. Pfaff 
D. Page 


R. blar 

cy\£.unoLd± cy-j-ian 
June (JLa±± iDfkcszi. 

Robert Haltiwangcr 

Roger Hendrix 

Vice President 

Most Glamorous 

Betty Simmons 
Introduction of Superlatives 

Carolyn Goodson 
Most Athletic 

Edna Sprunt 


Best All-Round 

Most Popular 

Ira Baity 

Most Intelligent 


Rives Pollard 

Introduction of Superlatives 

Most Glamorous 

Dot Shealy 



ine Whitley 























ss Whitley 





Secretary and Treasurer 

Roy Izlar 
Most Popular 

Doris Canady 

Julia Stokes 

Musa Queensbury 
Most Intelligent 

Joe Trollinger 
Best All-Round 

Mary Coons 

Vincent Cale 
Most Athletic 



Jane Alspaugh 

Light o' My Life—" Speedy" 
General Course; Etiquette Club 2: Latin Club I: Debating 
Club 3; Choral Reading Club 4; Booster 4; Class V.-Pres. 4; 
Girl Reserves 2. 

Alice Frances Atkins 

Light o' My Life — Singing 
General Course; O. Henry Club 4; V.-Pres. 4. 

Sara Elizabeth Barnes 

Light o' My Life — Black-headed Boys and '40 Plymouths 
General Course: Etiquette Club 1. 2; Girl Reserves 1, 2. 

Harry Boiling 

Light o' My Life — Motorcycles 
General Course; Aero. Club 1, 2; Etiquette Club 3, 4; O. 
Henry Club 5. 

Wanda Merle Brewer 

Light o' My Life — A Certain Blue-eyed Ex-football Player 
Genera] Course; Girls College Club 3. 

Scott Buzzard 

Light o' My Life — Jake Rupert 
Scientific Course; Toledo, Ohio, 1.2; Hi-Y 1,2. 

Katherine Odelia Chitty 

Light o' My Life— Graduating from High School 
General Course: Music Club 1. 

Wilbur Davis 

Light o' My Life— Myrtle Beach 
General Course; Aero. Club 1, 2; Etiquette Club 2. 3: Sec. 3; 
Metric Science Club 3; Band 2, 3. 4; State Band Contest 3; 
Booster 4; Treas. 4; Cheerleader 4; Forum Club 5. 

Marion Elizabeth Everhart 

Light o' My Life-To Be President of U. S. 
Commercial Course; Lib. Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; O. Henry Club 4: 
Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 

Wella Mae Gough 

Light o' My Life— "Being With You" 
General Course; Band 1, 2. 

Robert Thomas Haire 

Light o' My Life—Siete Club 
General Course: Football 3, 4, 5: Track 4; Monogram Club 3, 
4, 5; Class Pres. 2, 5; Dramatic Club 4. 5; Cast "The Bat" 4; 
"The Tantrum" 5; Declamation Contest Winner 4; Etiquette 
Club 1, 2. 

Billy Hutchins 

Light o' My Life — " Rub." 
Industrial Arts Course: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Monogram Club 
5, 6; Travel Club 4; Booster 3; Class Pres. 2, 3. 

Virginia Lee Johnston 

Light o' My Life— Ford V-o 
General Course; Glee Club 2, 3; College Club 1, 2, 3. 

Martha Sue Kelman 

Light o' My Life— Taking My Time 
Commercial Course; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Sec. 2; Home Ec. 
Club 2; Pres. 2; House of Rep. 3; Council 4; Music Club 3; 
Hall Monitor 4; Class Testator 4; Business Club 3; Needle- 
point Club 4. 

Beulah Macy 

Light o' My Life— Skating 
General Course; Hillsborough High 1,2,3: Red and Black 
Reporter 3; Annual Staff 3; D. C. T. Club 3; Homeroom 
Chairman 2, 3. 

Mary Frances Manuel 

Light o' My Life— Holidays 
Commercial Course: Stamp Club 3; Hanes High Girl Reserves 
1; O. Henry Club 4. 

Gladys Albert Myatt 

Light o' My Life— Music 
Modern Language Course. 

Donald William Page 

Light o' My Life — Eating 
General Course; Hanes High 1: Football 1, 2. 3, 4. 5; Co-Capt. 
5; Monogram Club 1, 4, 5; 1940 All-Star Game; 1940 All-State; 
All-City Team 3, 4, 5; All Conference 5; Track 3. 4; Baseball 
4; Class V.-Pres. 5. 

: : ■- '"■' 



I/£e*f ttoltls zMigH &cfoool 

jgjk _■ |^ 


oe#tior Cro^ss of 1941 

Julian Archer Pfaff 

Light o* My Life — Babes, Beaches, and Brew 
General Course; Boys Monogram Club 5, 6: Music Club 4. 5: 
Football 5. 6. 7; Scrubs 3. 4; Track 4. 5: State Music Band 
Contest 3, 4; State Music Choral Contest 6; Class Pres. I; 
House of Rep. 4, 7; Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 7; Cast "Two 
Crooks and A Lady" 2; Cast "Londonderry Air" 3; Dramatic 
Club 3, 4; Hi-Y l, 2; Harlequin Club 4; Etiquette Club 3; 
Boy Scout Jamboree 4; Occupations Club 5; Jr. Dramatic Club 
2: Band Mgr. 2; Boys Quartet 6. 

Mary Louise Parks 

Light o' My Life— Stenographic Work 
Commercial Course; Office Club 2; O. Henry Club 4. 

Doris Mae Pratt 

Light o' My Life — "The Man I Love" 
General Course; Music Club 4. 

Dorothy Evelyn Rumley 

Light o My Life— March 4, 1 938 
Commercial Course; Hanes High l, 2. 3; Booster 4. 

Ethel Irene Safrit 

Light o' My Life— 'Chocolate Milkshake 
General Course; Home Ec. Club 2; Music Club 3; Class Sec. 

Helen Harris Sharpe 

Light o' My Life — Getting out of High School 
Commercial Course; O. Henry Club 4; Sec. 4; Office Page 4; 
Class Historian 4. 

Betty S. Sims 

Light o' My Life— "Skunk Hollar News" 
General Course: Girls Athletic Assoc. I; Drum Majors Club 
2, 3; Booster 3; Most Athletic 4. 

Mary Katherine Southern 

Light o' My Life— Skating 
General Course; Class Poet 4; House of Rep. 2, 3. 

Evelyn Frances Sparks 

Light o' My Life — Graduating from High School 
Commercial Course. 

Talmage Stevens 

Light o' My Life— The Navy and Blondes 
General Course. 

Bobby Templeton 

Light o' My Life— Helen 
General Course; Children's Home Football l, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 
J. 2. 3, 4; Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. 

Ben E. Thompson, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Eating and Sleeping 
Scientific Course; Travel Club I: Nature Club I; Booster l, 3. 
4; Aero. Club l, 3, 4; O. Henry 4; Etiquette Club 2, 3; College 

Club 5. 

Hugh F. Walton 

Light o My Life—To Be Successful 
Scientific Course; Children's Home Football 1,2,3,4; Child- 
ren's Home Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treas. 4. 


Bruce H. Alderman 

Light o' My Life— Art 
General Course; Aero. Club 2; Etiquette Club 3; Voice Club 3. 
4; Basketball 1. 

Mary Louise Allison 

Light o' My Life — Nelson Eddy 
Latin Course; Jr. Dram. Club 1; Creative Writing Club 2: 
Girls College Club 3, 4; Girls Glee Club 2; Girl Reserves 3, 4; 
Travel Club 3. 

William Lee Anderson, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Wide Open Spaces 
General Course; Needham B. Broughton High. Raleigh, 1, 2; 
Civics Club 1; Sec. I; Jr. Audubon Bird Club 1: Natural 
History Club 4; Pres. 4; Boys College Club 5; Choral Reading 
Club 5; Spring Football 3; Tennis 4. 5; Pine Whispers Bus. 
Staff 5; Black and Gold Bus. Staff 4, 5; Scout Mayor 5. 

Scientific Course. 

Charles Armstrong 

Light o' My Life — Pepsi-Cola 

George Atkins 

Light o' My Life— John Barrymore 
General Course; Jr. Dramatic Club 2; Cast "Hold Every- 
thing" 2: "Evening Dress Indispensable" 2; Travel Club 3; 
Reynolds Hi Players 3, 4, 5; Sound Man "The Bat" 4; Stage 
Mgr. "The Tantrum" 5; Forum Club 5. 


Howard L. Austin 

Light o' My Life— Music 
Industrial Arts Course; Music Club 1,2,3,4; Booster 1,2. 

Catherine Wilmoth Bacon 

Light o' My Life — Virginia Beach 
Latin Course; Lib. Staff 1; Stamp Club 3: Etiquette Club 2; 
House ,of Rep. 1; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5; Pres. 4; Girl 
Reserves Conference 3: Tennis 3; Girls College Club 5; Class 
Sec. 2; Occupations Club 4; Hostess 5; Homeroom Pres. 5. 

Alex Bahnson 

Light o' My Life— "Horse Operas" 
Latin Course; Dram. Club 1; Latin Club 1; Midget Football 
1. 3; Reader's Digest Club 2; Metric Science Club 3; Reserve 
Football 4. 

Ira W. Baity, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Scouting 
Latin Course; Lib. Staff 1; Travel Club 1; Reader's Digest 
Club 4; Sec. 4; Boys Colleae Club 4; Photo. Club 5; Ushers 
Club 5; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4, 5; V.-Pres. 2; Pres. 3; Hi-Y Conference 
3. 4; Band 2, 3. 4; Baseball 3, 4; Football 4, 5; Scout Mayor 
4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 5; Pres. 5; Delegate to Hon. Soc. Con- 
vention 4; Tar Heel Boys State 5; Delegate to Rotary Club 4; 
Winner Freshman Current Events Contest 1; Hall Monitor 4, 5. 

Mary Ann Baker 

Club 2; 

Light o' My Life — Silver-Streak 
General Course; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; House of Rep. I; 
Club 1; Instrumental Music Club 2, 3; Debating 
Athletic Club 1; Etiquette Club 1. 

Martha Baldwin 

Light o' My Life —Glenn Miller 
General Course; Salem Academy 1. 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 
Tennis 1,2.3.4,5; Girl Reserves 3,4; Etiquette Club 3: 
Choral Reading Club 5. 

Billy W. Barber 

Light o' My Life — Hunting and Fishing 
Scientific Course; Etiquette Club 1; Lib. Staff 1; Drum Majors 
Club 2; Travel Club 3; Forum Club 4; Booster 2; House of 
Rep. 4; Track 2,3.4; Baseball 1; Football 4. 

Donald B. Barnes 

Light o' My Life— Bowling 
General Course; Photo. Club 1; Latin Club 1; Etiquette Club 
2; Boys College Club 5: Track 4. 

Gordon William Bedsaul 

Light o' My Life— To Get Out of School Three Years Earlier 
General Course; Etiquette Club 3; Forum Club 4; Tennis 4: 
Track 4. 

Jessie Lee Bennett 

Light o' My Life— Football Parades 
Commercial Course; Greensboro High 1; House of Rep. 2; 
Cast "Evening Dress Indispensable" 2; Reader's Digest Club 
3; Office Page 4; Lib. Staff 2. 3; Publications Typist 4; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc. 4, 5; Historian 4; Dram. Club 3; Business Club 3: 
Needle Point Club 4; Pres. 4; Band 2. 3; Supply Room 4. 5; 
American Penmanship Award 1; Hall Monitor 3. 4, 5: Hostess 
4; Drum Majors Club 2. 

Mary Sue Binkley 

Light o' My Life— Curly-headed Boys 
Commercial Course; Hanes High 1; Lit. Staff 1; Home Ec. 
Honor Club 2. 

Irene Blake 

Li-ght o' My Life— Horseback-riding 
Commercial Course; West End High 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3. 

Delmar E. Bland 

Light o' My Life— My Driver's License 
Scientific Course; Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Majors Club 1,2,3; 
Music Club 4; House of Rep. 1. 

Lillian Blizard 

Light o' My Life — Buttered Pecan Ice Cream 
General Course; Home Ec. Club 1; Etiquette Club 2; Glee 
Club 1, 2. 3. 4; State Glee Club Contest 3. 

Wilhelmina Boesser 

Light o' My Life— My Friends 
General Course; Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4,5; Etiquette Club 1, 
2: Choral Reading Club 3; Pres. 3; Girls College Club 4. 5- 
Sec. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 5; Winner of D. A. R. Americanism 
Contest 4. 

Marvin Arthur Bowers, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Esquire 
General Course; House of Rep. 1.2; Band 1.2,3; Drum 
Major 3; Travel Club 1; Latin Club 1. 2; Drum Majors Club 2; 
Pres. 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Hi-Y Conference 3,4; Track 3; Occu- 
pations Club 3, 4; Photo. Club 5; Staff Photographer Pine 
Whispers 5; Mgr. Football 5; Reynolds Hi Players 5; Stage 
Manager "Bread" 5. 

Virginia Brandon 

Light o' My Life— Dark Curly Hair 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1. 2; Music Club 2, 3. 4; 
Choral Reading Club 3; Booster 3; Girls College Club 4. 

Johnnie Brantley 

Light o' My Life— The Opposite Sex 
Scientific Course; French Club 3; Forum Club 4; Etiquette 
Club 1. 

Zftegn4>Hs zHigh, i$ch€>ol 


Philip S. Brewer 

oenior i^uvss of 1941 

Light o' My Life — Nothing in Particular 
General Course; Boys Monogram Club l. 2. 3. 4; Etiquette 
Club 2; Pres. 2; Football 1,2,3,4; All-State Football Player 
3; All-Southern Football Player 4; Basketball 4; Track 2. 3, 4: 
Music Club 3. 

Winifred June Brewer 

Light o' My Life — Musicians 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 1,4; Latin Club 2; State 
Music Contest 2, 4; Music Club 3. 4; Mineral Springs High 
3; Dram. 3; Senior Play 3. 

Margaret Ann Brown 

Light o' My Life-'" Out Love Affair" 
Latin Course; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Girls College Club 3, 4; 
Etiquette Club 1. 2; Creative Writing Club 2; Lib. Staff 2. 3, 
4; Basketball 1; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 

Nancy Sherman Brunt 

Light o' My Life— The Love of My Life 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1: Debaters Club 2; Creative 
Writing Club 3; College Club 3; Girl Reserves 3, 4; Lib. 
Staff 3; Office Page 4; Second Prize in Essay on Alcohol 3. 

Rebecca Bullard 

Light o' My Life— My Sunshine 
General Course; French Club 1; Music Club 2, 3; Girl Reser- 
ves 3; Etiquette Club 3; Occupations' Club 3; Girls College 
Club 4. 

Thurman E. Bullard 

Light o' My Life-Hillbilly 
Commercial Course; Hanes High 1; Scrub Football 3; Varsity 
Football 4; Amateur Club 1. 

E. Eugene Bumgardner 

Light o' My Life— "Grand Duke Ivan Grabbasanvitch" 
General Course; Latin Club 1.2: Photo. Club 3,4; Natural 
Science Club 5; College Club 6; Booster 6; Tennis 1; Golf 5. 

James Montgomery Burgess 

Light o' My Life— Tough Number 
Scientific Course; W. A. Bass High, Atlanta, Ga., 1; Home- 
room V.-Pres. 1; Booster 3; Homeroom Treas. 4; Forum Club 
4; Hi-Y 4. 

Mary Paulina Burke 


Light o' My Life— My Convertible 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1; Travel Club 2; Home Ec- 
Honor Club 3, 4, 5; Library Staff 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5: 
House of Rep. 4. 

Marie Caldwell 

Light o' My Life — Convertibles 
Commercial Course; Baseball 1; Girls Athletic Club 1; Stamp 
Club 2; Drum Majors Club 3, 4, 5; Band 2, 3, 4, 5; Hall Moni- 
tor 4, 5; Homeroom Treas. 5. 

Vincent O'Hagen Cale 

Light o' My Life-" Buff" 
General Course; Midget Football 1,2; Midget Basketball 1,2; 
Varsity Football 5, 6; All-Conference Football 6: Varsity Bas- 
ketball 4, 5, 6; Capt. 6; All-Conference Basketball Team; Track 
4, 5; Occupations Club 5; Vice-Pres. 5; Etiquette Club 3, 4: 
Booster 1,2; Sec. 2; Boys Monogram Club 6: Homeroom Pres'. 
6; Ushers Club 6; 1940 All-Star Football Game 6. 

Doris Leah Canady 

Light o' My Life — Sob Sisters 
General Course; New Hanover High 1,2,3; Latin Club 1: 
Tennis 1, 3, 4, 5; Glee Club 2, 3; Band and Orchestra Club 3; 
Band 3; Orchestra 3, 5; Secretary 5; German Club 3; Sec. 3; 
Reporter "Wildcat" 3; Pine Whispers Staff 4, 5; Exchange 
Ed. 4; Managing Ed. 5; S. I. P. A.. Del. 5; Quill and Scroll 
4, 5; Treas. 5; Library Staff 4, 5; Sec. 5; Hall Monitor 5; 
Second Place Graphic and Plastic Arts, State Centennial Con- 
test 1; Ensemble Club 5; Instrumental Music Club 3; Basket- 
ball 1; Del. State Music Contest 2. 

Ann Cardwell 

Light o My Life— "The Man Who Comes Around" 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Etiquette Club 1; Music Club 
2; French Club 3; Travel Club 4; Children's Home Jr. Bas- 
ketball 2, 3, 4; Children's Home Baseball 3, 4; Children's 
Home Glee Club 4. 

Evelyn B. Carter 

Light o' My Life—Krispy-Kreme Doughnuts 
General Course; Library Staff 1,2; Pine Whispers Reporter 
2,3; Travel Club 2; Etiquette Club 1,3; Treas. 3; Children's 
Home Basketball 1,2; Booster 1,3; House of Rep. 2. 

Gladys Carter 

Light o' My Life— An Army Boy 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 1,2,3. 

Hartsell Cash 

Light o' My Life — Just About Everything 'Cept Girls 
General Course; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4; Tennis 2, 3. 
4; Etiquette Club 3; Basketball 3, 4; Football 4. 

J. Hadley Cash 

Light o' My Life— Athletics and My Abhorrence of Dating 
General Course; Photo. Club 2, 3; Forum Club 5; Nat'l Hon. 
Soc. 4, 5; Hi-Y 5; Midget Football 3, 4: Midget Basketball 
3, 4. 5. 

Lucy Margaret Chappie 

Light o' My Life— Beauty Operators 
Commercial Course; Girls Reserves 3; Home Ec. Club 2; Music 
Club 1; Ass. House of Rep. 4. 


Jack M. Cobb 

Light o' My Life — Drum Majorettes 
Genera] Course; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Majors Club 1; Eti- 
quette Club 2: House of Rep. 2: Music Club 3; State Music 
Contest 4. 

Dorothy Cochrane 

Light o' My Life— Men from Mars 
Modern Language Course; Etiquette Club 1 , 3; Drum Majors 
Club 2; Booster 3; O. Henry Club 4. 

Emma Nell Coggins 

Light o' My Life— Peppermint Sticks 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1, 2; Home Ec. Honor Club 3; 
Music Club 1, 4. 

Thomas C. Cole 

Light o' My Life— Model "T's" 
General Course; O. Henry Club 1; Aero. Club 2; Etiquette 
Club 3; Choral Reading Club 4. 

Henry Joseph Conrad, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Dreamy Blue Eyes 
General Course; Band 2, 3. 4. 5; Music Club 3, 4, 5: State 
Music Contest 4. 5. 

Julia Leigh Conrad 

Light o' My Life — Rhett Butler 
Scientific Course; Etiquette Club 1; Music Club 2; Booster 1, 2. 

Bettie B. Cook 

Light o' My Life— Secretarial Work 
Commercial Course; Girl Reserves 1; Home Ec. Club 1: Eti- 
quette Club 2; Basketball 3; Band 3; Debating Club 4. 

Ruby Cook 

Light o' My Life — A Convertible of My Own 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 1. 2: Debating Club 3. 4; 
Drum Majors Club 3. 

Grady Carlyle Cooke, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Limousines 
General Course; Aero Club 1: V.-Pres. 1; Stamp Club 2; 
Pres. 2; Photo. Club 3, 4; Travel Club 3; Band 1. 2, 3. 4. 

Dorothy Juanita Cooley 

Light o' My Life— Sadie Hawkins' Day 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 1. 2; 
Club 3. 


Mary Ethel Coons 

Light o' My L-fe— Little Lambs 
Latin Course; Harlequin Club 1: Debaters Club 1.2: Travel 
Club 2; Music Club 3; Boosters Club 3, 4; Girls College Club 
4; Pres. 4; Pine Whispers Reporter 3, 4; Black and Gold 
Staff 3. 4; Assoc. Art Editor 3; Art Editor 4; Business Staff 
Pine Whispers 2, 3, 4; Business Mgr. 4; Cartoonist Pine Whis- 
pers 4; Senior Marshall 3; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Program 
Committee 4. 

Wilma Alice Corley 

Light o' My Life— To Finish School 
General Course; Girls Athletic Club 1: Etiquette Club 1, 2. 3: 
Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3. 4; French Club 2; Latin Club 3; College 
Club 4. 

Wilma Mae Cottrell 

Light o' My Life— "Skunk Hollow News" 
General Course; Stamp Club 2; French Club 3; Music Club 4: 
Band 3. 4. 

Mary Louise Covington 

Light o' My Life— Private Alba Vogler 
Commercial Course: Drum Majors Club 3, 4; Home Ec. Honor 
Club 2, 3; Basketball 4. 

Virginia Maxine Cox 

Light o'My Life — Bing Crosby 
Commercial Course; Music Club 1,2; Choral Reading Club 4: 
Office Page 4. 

Delmont Cranflll 

Light o' My Life — Sleeping 
General Course: Printers Club 1.2.3; V.-Pres. 3; O. Henry 
Club 4: Choral Reading Club 5; Baseball 3, 4, 5; I. P. I. 
Color Contest Medal 3; Class Treas. 5; Occupations Club 4. 

Opal Cranfill 

Light o' My Life— Drawing 
Commercial Course. 

Anna Augusta Craver 

Light o' My Life— Flag Bearer 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 1,2; Etiquette 
Club 3; Travel Club 4. 

Jtetprt&tels zHtgM aclioo/ 


H9& jm. i^Bm 

oc#fior Lsl&ss of 194$ 

Hughes Craver 

Light o' My Life— Chief Mechanical Draftsman 
General Course. 

Jack Crews 

Light o' My Life— Bowling 
General Course; Music Club 3, 4. 

Sara Frances Cruse 

Light o' My Life— Mr. Smith 
General Course; Girl Reserves 1.2,3,4; Etiquette Club 1.2 
Music Club 2, 3; Forum Club 4; Democratic Campaign Mgr. 4 
Lib. Staff 1,2; Junior Play 3; Tennis 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; 
State Music Contest 2, 3, 4; Nat'l Music Contest 3; Bird Club 
3; Debating Club 1. 

Leroy Curley 

Light o' My Life — Bowling 
Commercial Course; Library Staff 2. 

Clyde Dalton 

Light o' My Life— Pro Golfer 
General Course: Football 1. 2. 

Lillian Dalton 

Light o' My Life— Apple Pie 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1,2; Girl Reserves 2,3,4; 
Treas. 4: House of Rep. 3; Senior Marshall 3: French Club 3; 
Lib. Staff 3; College Club 3, 4. 

C. Talmage Davis 

Light o' My Life — Benny Goodman 
Industrial Arts Course; Printers Club 1, 2, 3; Pres 3; I. P. I. 
Color Essay Contest 3; Etiquette Club 4; Instrumental Music 
Club 5; Band 5. 

Edward Davis 

Light o' My Life— Brunettes 
Industrial Arts Course; Boys' Monogram Club 3, 4; Baseball 
3, 4; Booster 1, 3: Scrub Football 2; Class Officer 4. 

Rosalie Daye 

Light o' My Life— Music 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Etiquette Club 1, 3; Girl Re- 
serves 1,2,3,4; V.-Pres. 1; Rep. to Inter-Club Council 2; 
College Club 4; Glee Club 4. 

Charles Oliver DeLaney, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Always Hurrying to be Late 
General Course; Debating Club 1; Instrumental Music Club 2, 
3; Ensemble Music Club 4; Baseball Mgr. 2; All State Band 
2, 3: Piedmont Clinic Orchestra 3; State Contest 3; Band 1, 2, 
3; Orch. 4. 

Benny Doggett 

Light o' My Life— Playing Sports 

Scientific Course. 

Ed Doggett 

Light o' My Life — Unexpected Happenings 
Commercial Course. 

Carolyn Rose Dowling 

Light o' My Life — " The Messiah" — by Handel 
Latin Course; Latin Club 1; Music Club 2; Girl Reserves 2. 3; 
Thurs. Morn. Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4; 
Girls Trio 3; Glee Club Accompanist 2; State Music Contest 
2. 3, 4. 

Earleen Driggers 

Light o' My Life— The Fleet 
General Course; Etiquette Club 2, 3; Creative Writing 2; Li- 
brary Staff 3; College Club 4; Girl Reserves 4; French Club 3. 

Mary Virginia Early 

Light o' My Life— My Ability to Talk 
General Course; Glen Alpine High 1, 2. 3; History Club 3; 
Reader's Digest Club 2. 

Mildred Elizabeth East 

Light o' My Life — Son/a Henie 
Commercial Course; Debating Club 1; Creative Writing Club 
2; College Club 3; Etiquette Club 3; Choral Reading Club 4; 
Pine Whispers Reporter 2; Publications Typist 4; House of 
Rep. 3; Office Page 3; Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4. 

Aljah Mae Edgerton 

Light o' My Life — Skating and Dancing 
General Course. 

Margaret E. Edwards 

Light o' My Life — "That Moonlight Excursion on 
Chesapeake Bay" 
Commercial Course; Hanes High 1; Booster 2. 


Joseph Elford Ellerbe 

Light o' My Life— Books and Mr. Barnette 
Scientific Course; Forum Club 5; Debating Club 1, 2. 

Martha Elliott 

Light o' My Life— Tyrone Power 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 2,3; Music Club 1. 

Angelica E. Evans 

Light o~ My Life— Dancing 
General Course; Gray High 1, 2. 

Louise Estelle Evans 

Light o' My Life— Dill Pickles 
General Course: Etiquette Club 1, 2; Children's Home Base- 
ball 3, 4; Children's Home Jr. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Max Fulton Ferree 

Light o' My Life— Duke. Dames, Demons 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Reporter 1; Travel Club 2 
Dram. Club 2; Metric Science Club 3. 4; Sec. and Reporter 4 
Forum Club 5; Pres. 5; "Pine Whispers" Reporter 3; Boys 
Sports Ed. 4, 5; Scrub Football 2, 3. 4; Midget Football 1 
Varsity Football 5; Scrub Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4, 5 
Western Conference Champions 3; Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. 5; State 
Hi-Y Conference 4; Cast, "First Dress Suit" 3; House of Rep. 
5; Speaker 5; American Legion Baseball 2, 3. 

Katherine Harriett Fishel 

Light o' My Life— My Teachers 
General Course; Gray High 1; Tennis 1; House of Rep. I; 
Drum Majors Club 2; Soccer 2, 3. 4; Capt. 4; Class Basketball 
4; Baseball 2. 3, 4; Girls Monogram Club 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 

Thomas C. Fix 

Light o' My Life — Cold Pepsi-Cola 
Scientific Course; Forum Club 4, 5; Scrub Football 4. 

Bill Fletcher 

Light o' My Life— Gov't Service 
Commercial Course; Aviation Club 3. 

William Esmond Flynn, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Mother and Dad 
Latin Course; Band 1,2,3.4; Instrumental Music Club 1,2; 
Travel Club 3; Photo. Club 4; Band Manaqer and Librarian 
1. 2. 

Louise Fowler 

Light o' My Life— "Who's Yehudi?" 
General Course; Children's Home Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Child- 
ren's Home Baseball 3, 4, 5; Children's Home Cheerleader 4 
5; Music Club 2,3; Etiquette Club 1,4; Lib. Staff 2. 

Lucille Fowler 

Light o' My Life— A Certain Halfback on H.P. College Team 
General Course; Children's Home Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, 5; Base- 
ball 2, 3, 4, 5; Cheerleader 3, 4, 5; Book Club 2; Music Club 3; 
Senior Marshall 3; Lib. Staff 2. 

Hal Frazier 

Light o' My Life— Baseball 
Industrial Arts Course; Baseball 3, 4. 

Jane Evans Frazier 

Light o' My Life— Chocolate Milk Shakes 
General Course; Gray High' 1,2; Lost and Found 1,2; Glee 
Club 1, 2; Pres. Homeroom 2; V.-Pres. Homeroom 1; Board 
Member 2; Senior Marshal 3; Music Club 3; French Club 3; 
Girls College Club 4; Treas. 4; Booster 4; Girl Reserves 4. 

Frances Freeman 

Light o' My Life—Li'l Abner 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Glee Club 4; Travel Club 3; 
House of Rep. 2; Booster 2; Children's Home Glee Club 3, 4. 

Emily Frye 

Light o' My Life— Jackie Cooper 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1 ,2; O. Henry Club 3; Travel 
Club 3; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Robert L. Gilliam 

Light o' My Life— English 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1; Baseball 3; Football Man- 
ager 4; Forum Club 4. 

Carolyn Goodson 

Light o' My Life— Baseball Players 
Course; Debaters Club 1; Girls Monogram Club 2, 4; 
2,3,4; Manager 4; Basketball 1,2.3,4: Manaqer 4; 
I; Office Page 3; House of Rep. 1. 

Edwin Greble 

Light o' My Life-"T" Fords 
c Course: Greenville High, Greenville, S. C, 1- Scrub 
3; Track 3; Forum Club 4. 







«/tetf #m>uCs ^HigJh, o 


A. L. Green, Jr. 

Oenioe C-i«ss o£ ?94f 

Light o' My ZLffe — Sa/em College 
Scientific Course; Band 1,2,3.4; Instrumental Music Club 2, 
3, 4; Booster 2; Ushers Club 4; State Music Contest 2, 3, 4; 
House of Rep. 1; Trio State Music Contest 3; Drum Majors 
Club 2. 

Virginia Lee Greer 

Light o' My Life— Public Speaking II 
General Course; French Club 4; Girls College Club 
Staff 5. 

5; Lib. 

Hugh Bernard Hagaman 

Light o' My Life— Sitting in on Mr. Pfohis Jam Sessions 
Scientific Course; House of Rep. 1. 2. 3; Basketball 2; Band 4; 
Hi-Y Club 4; Forum Club 4; Decoration Committee, Jr.-Sr. 3. 

Robert Haltiwanger 

Light o' My Life— Ten Hours of Undisturbed Repose 
Latin Course; Ushers Club 2. 3. 4, 5, 6; Metric Science Club 
3, 4, 5. 6; Pres. 5; Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Band 2; House of Rep. 4; 
Speaker Pro. Tern. 4: Varsity Basketball 4, 5; Varsity Tennis 
2. 3. 4, 5. 6; State Doubles Title 3. 4; Southern Interscholastic 
Doubles Title 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 6; Class Pres. 6: Thomas 
Wilson Athletic Cup 4. 

Ben Harper 

Light o' My Life — To See the World 
Commercial Course. 

Dwight Harrell 

Light o' My Life—Dsisy Mae 
General Course; Aviation Club 1; Music Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1. 

2. 3. 4; Hi-Y 1. 2, 3. 4. 

Bill Harrison 

Light o' My Life-W. C. U- N. C. 
General Course; Griffith High 1.2. 3; Nature Club 1; Football 

3, 4. 

Zackary Taylor Harrison 

Light o' My Life — "T" Model Ford 
General Course; Lib. Staff 1, 2; Photo. Club 1; Latin Club 2. 
4; Etiquette 3. 

James Edward Hart 

Light o' My Life— Basketball 
Commercial Course; Children's Home Football 1,2.3.4; 
Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3. 4. 

Dewitt Clinton Hauser 

Light o' My Life — Riding in a '36 Chevrolet 
General Course; Baseball 4. 5. 

Eloise Anita Hege 

Light o' My Life— Orchestras 
General Course; Gray High 1, 2; Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 
Assoc. Ed. Black and Gold 2; Pine Whispers Reporter 2 
Orch. 2, 5; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 5; Lib. Stoff 4, 5; Glee Club 4, 5 
Instrumental Music Club 3: String Ensemble Club 5; Etiquette 
Club 3; Hall Monitor 5. 

Lucielle Helderman 

Light o' My Life — Florence Nightingale 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Girl Reserves 3; Glee Club 
2, 3, 4; Class Play 2, 3. 

Frances Kathryn Hendrix 

Light o' My Life— Graduation Night 
General Course; Old Town High 1.2,3; Girl Reserves 4,5; 
Bus. Club 4; Home Ec. Honor Club 4; Girls College Club 5. 

Roger B. Hendrix 

Light c' My Life— My Cussing Parrot 
Latin Course; House of Rep. 3. 5; Treas. 3; Rep. to Council 
5; Aero. Club 1; Class Pres. 3; Etiquette Club 2; Junior Dra- 
matic Club 2; Cast "Opening of a Door" 2; Metric Science 
Club 3, 4. 5; Pres. 5; Hi-Y Club 2. 3, 4, 5; Pres. 2; Ushers 
Club 3. 4, 5; Tennis 2, 3, 4. 5. 

Bruce Lawrence Hester 

Light o' My Life — My Parents 
General Course; Music Club 1; Travel Club 2; Forum Club 4; 
Baseball 4; Etiquette Club 4. 

Alma Marie Hicks 

Light o' My Life— Mystery Books 
General Course; Girls Athletic Club 1; Girl Reserves 1,2; 
Choral Reading Club 2; Etiquette Club 1, 2; Girls College 
Club 3; Latin Club 3, 4. 

Billie Hill 

Light o' My Life— Eating 
Latin Course; Glee Club 1; Personality Club 2; Sec. 2; Lib. 
Staff 1.2,3,4; Award 3; V.-Pres. 3; Office Page 4; Girls 
Monogram Club 3. 4; Program Chrm. 4; Girls College Club 3: 
Booster 4; Pres. 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3. 4; Circle Leader 
4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Basketball 2. 3; House of Rep. 
2, 3; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Chief Senior Marshal 3; Cheer- 
leader 4; D. A. R. Rep. 4. 

Laura E. Hine 

Light o' My Life — Happiness 
General Course; Athletic Club 1; Etiquette Club 2; Home Ec. 
Honor Club 3. 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3. 4, 5; College Club 5. 


Weldon E. Holcomb 

Light o' My Life — Judy Garland 
Commercial Course; Debating Club 1. 

J. William Holder 

Light o' My Life — Good-looking Girls 
General Course; Etiquette Club 3. 

Norma Mae Holder 

Light o' My Life— Flowers 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 1, 3; Etiquette Club 
2; Class Treas. 3. 

Virginia Angeline Hondros 

Light o' My Life— Fraternity At N. C. State College 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1,2,3; Stamp Club 3.4; 
Music Club 2; Booster 1, 4; Spring Sports 2; Girl Reserves 
1, 2, 3, 4; Office Page 4. 

Everett G. Home, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— The Lone Ranger 
Scientific Course; Etiquette Club 1; Booster 3; Aero. Club 2; 
Forum Club 4. 

Schallert Mymalee Howard 

Light o' My Life—" W abb it" Hunting and Strawberry 
General Course; Girl Reserves 1; Etiquette Club 1,2; Latin 
Club 3; Travel Club 3, 4; Music Club 2; Spring Sports 1. 

William R. Hudspeth, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Number Nine 
Scientific Course; Lewisville High 1; Booster 3.4: Basketball 
3, 4; Drum Majors Club 2; Forum Club 4. 

Lucille Elizabeth Hunt 

Light o' My Life — Skating and Dancing 
General Course; Drum Majors Club 2; Basketball 2; Music 
Club 4. 

Thomas Hutchens 

Light o' My Life— Airplane Mechanics 
General Course. 

Roy Izlar 

Light o' My Life— Red Chewy 
■ ^,oe; East Aurora, N. Y., 1; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Con- 
2, 3; Ushers Club 3, 4; Photo. Club 2; Occupations 
Club 3; House of Rep. 3: Scrub Football 3; Varsity 4; Boys 
College Club 4; Band 2, 3; Clarinet Quartet State Contest 2. 

Dorothy V. James 

Light o' My Life — Skating with "6 ft. 3 in." 
Commercial Course; Baseball 2; Booster 1, 3; Etiquette Club 2; 
Akita and Chipwa Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4. 

Dorothy Louise Johnson 

Light o' My Life — Eric Tipton 
General Course: House of Rep. 1; Tennis 2, 3: Drum Majors 
Club 2; Reader's Digest Club 3; Choral Reading Club 4; 
Etiquette Club I; Hostess 4; Homeroom Pres. 3; Sec. 3. 

Scientific Course 

John M. Johnson 

Light o' My Life — Mountains and Melody 
Latin Course; Greensboro High 1; Black and Gold Staff 3, 4, 5; 
Organization Ed. 3; Sr. Ed. 4; Ed.-in-Chief 5; Nat'l Hon. 
Soc. 3, 4, 5; V.-Pres. 5; Track 4; Quill and Scroll 4. 5; Pres. 
5; S. I. P. A. Delegate 5; 2nd Place Current Events Contest 
5; Pine Whispers Staff 3, 4. 5; Reporter 3; Assoc. Ed. 4. 5; 
Lib. Staff 1,2.3,4,5; V.-Pres. 5; Forum Club 5; Orch. 5; 
Ushers Club 5; Etiquette Club 3; Travel Club 4; Photo. Club 
4; Rotary Club Delegate 4. 

Wanda Johnson 

Light o' My Life— Gardenias 
Commercial Course; Boosters Club 1, 2. 4; Etiquette Club 2, 3; 
Pres. 2; Prog. Chrm. 3; Girl Reserves 1, 2; Occupations 3; 
Dram. Club 1, 2, 3; Cast "Skidding" 2; House of Rep. 1; Glee 
Club 4; Senior Invitation Committee 4. 

Bynum Gray Johnston 

Light o' My Life — Army Aviators 
General Course. 

Robert Franklin Johnston 

Light o' My Life— Flying 
General Course; Aviation Club 2, 3: Homeroom Pres. 1, 3; 
House of Rep. 1. 

Caroline Jones 

Light o' My Life— Talking 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1, 2; Occupations Club 3; 
Girl Reserves 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Jr. Dram. 
Club 1,2; Reynolds Hi Players 2,3; Choral Readinq Club 4; 
Baseball 1. 

Fred Jones 

Light o' My Life — Miss Moore 
Modern Language Course; Travel Club 1; Debating Club 2; 
Boys Monogram Club 4, 5; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Delegate to Hi-Y 
Convention 2, 3, 4; Football Mgr. 4, 5; Head Mgr. 5- Base- 
ball 4. 5; Midget Basketball 1. 

i/ieyitoUs zfitoh, &cH*»ol 



oenXor C£»ss of f941 

Joe Freeman Jones 

Light o' My Life— Toddle House Hamburgers 
Latin Course; House of Rep. I; Council 2; Stamp Club l; 
Hi-Y 2, 3. 4; College Club 4; Hi-Y Treas. 3: Debaters Club 2; 
Pine Whispers Reporter 3. 

Nelson Jones 

Light o' My Life— Donald Duck and Kay Kyser 
Scientific Course; Debating Club I; Etiquette Club 2; Forum 
Club 4. 

Sara Ellen Joyce 

Light o' My Life — Chicken 'n Dumplin's 
Latin Course; Latin Club l; Debating Club l; Etiquette Club 
2; Sec. 2; Reynolds Hi Players 2. 3. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4; 
Girls College Club 3, 4; Girl Reserves 3. 4; Sec. 4; House of 
Rep. 4; Publications. Bus. Staff 3, 4; Class V.-Pres. 3; Cast 
"Pink and Patches" 3; "Patchwork Quilt" 3. 

Bill Kallam 

Lip/ir o' My Life— Brunettes 
Scientific Course; Aero. Club l; Hi-Y 1,2; Photo. Club 3 4- 
Choral Club 5; Ushers Club 5. 

Eleanor Ora Katzin 

Light o' My Life— "Petty" Drawings and Movie Stars 
Commercial Course; French Club 3; Home Ec. Honor Club 4. 

Richard Paul Katzin 

Light o' My Life — Sunday Night Suppers at Goldbergs' 
General Course: Reader's Digest Club 2. 3: French Club 3, 4; 
Pres. 3, 4; Reynolds Hi Players 2, 3, 4: Cast, "The Patchwork 
Quilt"; "The Bat"; "The Tantrum"; Stamp Club 1; Creative 
Writing Club 4. 

Mildred Louise Kearns 

Light o' My Life— High Point 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1,2; Girl Reserves 1,2,3; 
Basketball 2. 3; Baseball 2; Music Club 3; Booster 3; Lib. 
Staff 1, 2; Nat'l Music Contest 3; House of Rep. 2. 

William R. Keeton, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Architecture 
Industrial Arts Course; Aero. Club 1; House of Rep. 2, 4. 

Josephine Morton Kelman 

Light o' My Life— Listening to the Radio 
General Course. 

William Henry Kern 

Light o' My Life— To Go to Africa and Hunt Lions 
Scientific Course; Band 1,2,3,4; Etiquette Club 3; Boys 
College Club 4. 

Harold Randolph Kimel, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Old Automobiles 

General Course; House of Rep. 
Pres. 2. 

1; French Club 3; Homeroom 

Mildred E. Kimel 

Light o' My Life— Big Brown Eyes 

Commercial Course; Home Ec. Club 1, 2; Etiquette Club 3; 
Travel Club 4. 

Mary Louise Kirby 

Light o' My Life—Mayodan 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 1; V.-Pres. 1; 
Lib. Staff 1, 2; Etiquette Club 2, 3; Cast "Patchwork Quilt" 3: 
"Land of Heart's Desire" 3; Reynolds Hi Players 2, 3; Office 
Page 4; Publications Typist 4; Business Club 4; Booster 2, 3; 
Girl Reserves 2; Music Club 3. 

James L. Kitchin 

Light o' My Life— Club Siete 

Etiquette Club 4. 5; Choral Reading Club 6; 

General Course; 
O. Henry Club 

5: Music Club 4. 

June Elizabeth Klapp 

Light o' My Life—Li'l Abner 
General Course; Girl Reserves 1,3; Library Staff 3; Pine 
Whispers Staff 3; Music Club 2, 3, 4, 5; French Club 2; Eti- 
quette Club 1; State Music Contest 3; Nat'l Music Contest 3. 

Bettie Ann Knight 

Light o' My Life — The Weatherman 
General Course; State Music Contest 2, 3; Music Club 1, 2, 3; 
4; Etiquette Club 1,2; Girl Reserves 1.2; Senior Marshal 3; 
Dramatics 1 , 2. 

George Alton Knight, Jr. 

Light o' My Life—Spach's House 
General Course; Aero. Club 2; Photo. Club 4, 5; V.-Pres 5. 

Mary Frances Lackey 

Light o' My Life — Football Games 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 1; Athletic Club 1; 
Band 2, 3, 4. 5; Drum Majors Club 2, 3, 4; Choral Reading 
Club 4; Drum Majorette 5; Pine Whispers Reporter 2. 


Joseph W. Lasley 

Light. o' My Lift — Seeing How Things Work 
Scientific Course; Aero. Club 1; Metric Science Club 3. 4. 

Bill Lawrence 

Light o' My Life— Gypsy Rose Lee 
Scientific Course; Aero. Club 1, 2, 3; Booster 3; Midget Foot- 
ball 2; Choral Reading- Club 5. 

David Wilson Lewis 

Light o' My Life — Outdoor Sports 
General Course; House of Rep. 4, 5; Baseball 3, 4. 5: Western 
Conference Champion 3: Football 1, 2. 3, 4, 5; Boys Monogram 
Club 4. 5; Class Sec. 3. 

Thomas Landon Lindsay 

Light o' My Life — Daisy 
Latin Course; Hi-Y 2, 3. 4; Latin Club 3; Boys College Club 
4; Baseball 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 3, 4; Football 1, 4. 

Doris Lee Lineback 

Light o' My Life—Charlotte, N. C. 
General Course; Latin Club 2; Etiquette Club 2, 3; Glee Club 
3: Music Club 3. 4; College Club 4; Office Page 4; Girl Re- 
serves 3. 

Eula Lois Lipe 

Light o' My Life — Imagination 
General Course; Soccer 1; Basketball 1, 2: Tennis 2, 3, 4: 
Etiquette Club 1,3; Forum Club 4; Music Club 2: Girl Re- 
serves 1, 2, 3. 4. 

Ann Sturgis Long 


Light o' My Life— Footlights 
Latin Course; Harlequin Club 1: Etiquette Club 2; Pres. 2; 
Girls College Club 3. 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4: Library Staff 
3. 4; Girl Reserves 4; Cast "Evening Dress Indispensable" 2; 
Council 3; Cast "Patchwork Quilt" 3; "Off Nag's Head" 4; 
Reynolds Hi Players 3. 4; Senior Marshal 3; Office Page 4. 

Ronald Macklin 

Light o' My Life — Statue in Carolina Theatre 
Scientific Course; Nature Club 1; Travel Club 1. 2; Pres. 2; 
Photo. Club 3. 4, 5; Sec. and Treas. 3. 5; Chrm. Photo. Club 
Contest 3; House of Rep. 1, 4; Booster 2. 3. 

Betty Lou Manuel 

Light o' My Life— A Blonde 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1,2; Choral Reading Club 3; 
Music Club 2, 3. 4; College Club 4. 

Joe M. Marriott 

Light o' My Life — Salem College 
Scientific Course; F. B. Willis High School, Delaware, Ohio. 
1. 2. 3; Scrub Football 1. 3; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Track 1,3; Pi Gam- 
ma Pi Frat. 1,2,3; Photo. Club 1.2; Motion Picture Club 
1. 2; Etiquette Club 3; Boys College Club 4. 

Julian S. Martin 

Light o' My Life — Being a Business Man 
Commercial Course. 

Sara Claire Martin 

Light o' My Life—N. C. State College 
General Course; Harlequin Club 1; Booster 1.2,3,4,5; Eti- 
quette Club 2. 3; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5; Tr.-Sr. Chairman 3; 
Senior Marshal 3; Occupations Club 4; Cheerleader 4; Office 
Page 3, 4, 5; Choral Reading Club 5. 

Watt Martin 

Light o' My Life— 206 
General Course; House of Rep. 2: Debating Club 1, 2, 4: Pres. 
4; Latin Club 3; Forum Club 5: Tennis 4, 5; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 
4.5; Reynolds Hi Players 2,4; Cast "The Bat" 4; Rotary 
Declamation 1,2.3.4; Winner City-County American Legion 
Oratory Contest 4; Ushers Club 5; Debating Team 1, 2, 3. 4, 5; 
Second-Place Debating, Ten Best Debaters in State, Wake 
Forest Tournament 3. 

Oscar Marvin 

Light o' My Life — Driving the Family Car. 
General Course: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4; Etiquette Club 3; College Club 
4; Football 3; Ushers Club 4. 

Jane Maynor 

Light o' My Life— Petty 

General Course; G. A. A. Club 1; Baseball 2; Girl Reserves 

1,2; Etiquette Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club Artist 4; Home 

Ec. Honor Club 4; Scrap Book Chrm 4; Lib. Staff Artist 3. 

Marian Blair McCuiston 

Light o' My Life— Room 208— L. B. B. S. C. 
Latin Course; Etiquette Club 1; Soccer 2,3.4; Basketball 
2,3; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3,4; Jr. Dram 1; 
Office Page 3, 4. 

Edgar La Verne McGee 

Light o' My Life— Football 
Commercial Course; House of Rep. 3. 

Sara Lou McNair 

Light o' My Life — Football Games 
General Course: House of Rep. 1. 2; Etiquette Club 1, 2; Latin 
Club 2; Treas. 2; College Club 3, 4; Reader's Digest Club 3; 
Lib. Staff 3; Latin Club 1; Dram. Club 4. 


oefiior t Ittss of i941 

Norma Messick 

Light o' My Life—To Talk to a Certain Teacher 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club l, 2, 3; Griffith School 3. 

Joseph H. Mickey 

Light o' My Life—Music. Football. Movies 
General Course; Hi-Y 1.2. 3. 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3.4; Band 

1, 2, 3: Student Council 4; Stamp Club 3; Metric Science Club 

Edward Buxton Mickle 

Light o' My Life— The Truth 
Scientific Course: Stamp Club 3; French Club 4; Forum Club 
5; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, 5. 

Marian June Miller 

Light o' My Life — Greensboro 
Commercial Course: Etiquette Club 1; Home Ec. Honor Club 

2, 4. 

Arch Edward Mondy 

Light o' My Life — Rabbit Hunting 
Industrial Arts Course: Boosters 2, 3, 4: Choral Reading Club 

Algie Moore 

Light o' My Life — Lunch 
Industrial Arts Course; Football 1,2,3.4. 

Phifer Erwin Moran 

Light o' My Life — Going to the Farm 
General Course: Latin Club 1,2; Travel Club 2; Photo. Club 
3; Etiquette Club 3; French Club 4. 

Mary Benson Morgan 

3; Girl Re- 

Light o' My Life— California 
General Course; French Club 1; Etiquette Club 
serves 1, 2, 4. 

Charles L. Morris 

Light o' My Life— Hi-Y Scavenger Hunts 
Scientific Course; Band 1,2,3,4; Music Club 1,2,3; State 
Contest Cornet Quartette 2, 3; Forum Club 4; House of Rep. 
1, 2; Reynolds Hi Players 2; Cast "The Victor Loses" 2; 
Hi-Y 4. 

Olga Virginia Morris 

Light o' My Life— Greensboro 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 1,4: Girl Reserves 
1; Etiquette Club 2: Music Club 2. 

Shirley Virginia Mull 

Light o' My Life— Blonde Headed Men 
General Course; Music Club 2; Children's Home Jr. Basketball 
2, 3; Children's Home Baseball 1. 2, 3; Etiquette Club 2. 

Robert L. Munt 

Light o' My Life— To Be an Explorer 
General Course; Stamp Club 1; Drum Major Club 1: Etiquette 
Club 2; Photo. Club 2. 3, 4. 

Howard L. Myers 

Light o' My Life — My Year and a Half in journalism 
General Course; Metric Science Club 3. 4; Pine Whispers 
Staff 3, 5; Band 4, 5, 6; Track 3, 6; Trombone, Quartette State 
Music Contest 6; French Club 5; V.-Pres. 5; Reynolds Hi 
Players 4; Backstage Technician "The Bat" 4; Music Club 4. 

Jimmy Nading 

Light o' My Life— Superman 
General Course; Forum Club 4; Scrub Football 4. 

Jimmy Nail 

Light o' My Life—Hedy Lamarr 
Scientific Course; Midget Football 2; Choral Reading Club 5. 

Algine Neely 

Light o' My Life— Virginia Beach 
Latin Course; Summit School 1; Riding Club 1; Glee Club 1: 
Latin Club 1. 2; Sec. 2: Sports Club 1; Council Rep'. 1; News- 
paper Staff 1; Cast "Holy Night" 1; Cast "Buildings Castles" 
1; Latin Club 2; Sec. 2: Girl Reserves 2,3,4; Etiquette Club 
3; Music Club 3; College Club 4; V.-Pres. 4; Basketball 2: 
Lib. Staff 4: House of Rep. 3; Senior Marshal 3; Forum Club 
5; Pine Whispers Staff 5; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 5; Office Page 5. 

Mary Alice Neilson 

Light o' My Life— Bagpipes 
Latin Course: Council 3; Black and Gold Staff 2, 3, 4; Assoc. 
Ed. 3; Sr. Ed. 4; Pine Whispers Staff 2. 3. 4; Assoc. Ed. 3; 
Girls Sports Ed. 4; Etiquette Club 1: Stamp Club 2; Travel 
Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Basketball 2,3.4; Tennis 1: Soccer 4; 
Baseball 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Alice Lucile Newman 

Light o' My Life — Tucker's Car 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Reader's Digest Club 2,3; 
College Club 4; Lib. Staff 4; Hall Monitor 3; Hostess 4: 
Girl Reserves 4. 


Hazel Elizabeth Newman 

Light o' My Life—" Blueberry Hill" 
Latin Course; Etiquette Club 2; College Club 3; Reader's Di- 
gest Club 2; Dramatic Club 4; Trio Ensemble Club 4; Lib. 
Staff 2, 3; Girl Reserves 4; Senior Marshall 3. 

Lucille Marjorie Newman 

Light o' My Life — Kickapoo joy Juice 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 1; Home Ec. Honor Club 
2, 3. 

N. Wilson Norwood 

Light o' My Life— China 
General Course; Shanghi American School 1,2.3; Shiam 
Staff 2. 3; Travel Club 3; Forum Club 4. 

Thelma M. Nugent 

Light o' My Life — " Snickers" 
Commercial Course; Gray High 1; Girl Reserves 1; V.-Pres. 
Homeroom 2; Etiquette Club 2,3: Basketball 1; Homeroom 
Sec. 3. 

Nancy Nunn 

Light o' My Life-The Dead End Kids 
Latin Course: Office Page 5: College Club 5; Girl Reserves 
2. 3. 4, 5; Lib. Staff 2, 3; Occupations Club 4; Etiquette Club 
3: Booster 3; Senior Marshal 3. 

Humphrey Padgett 

Light o' My Life — My Bulldog 
General Course; Forum Club 4. 

Ann Page 

Light o' My Life— Movies 
Latin Course; Summit School 1; Etiquette Club 2: Reader's 
Digest Club 2; College Club 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4; Lib. Staff 3. 

Charlie Pappas 

Light o My Life— Aviation 
General Course; Band 2, 3, 4; Music Club 3, 4. 

Robert Louis Parker 

Light o' My Life— You'd Be Surprised 
General Course; Harlequin Club 1, 2; Jr. Dram. 3; Booster 
3, 4; Business Staff 4. 

Dorothy Parlier 

Light o' My Life—Statesville 
Commercial Course; Statesville High 1,2,3; Lib. Staff 2,3; 
Basketball 1.2,3; Softball 2,3; Etiquette Club 4; Homeroom 
V.-Pres. 5. 

Claude Parton 

Light o' My Life — Blondes and Cigars 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1; Printers Club 3; Children's 
Home Football 1.2; Mgr. 3,4. 

Gus Patterson 

Light o' My Life— Slow Horses ' 
General Course; Greensboro High 1; Etiquette Club 2; Stamp 
Club 3; Track 2, 3; Band 2, 3. 4; House of Rep. 2; Glee Club 
3; Drum Majors Club 2; Instrumental Music Club 4. 

Edythe Virginia Payne 

Light o' My Life— "Joe" 
Commercial Course; Girl Reserves 1; Etiquette Club 1; Music 
Club 3; College Club 4: Homeroom Pres. 3; Homeroom Pro- 
gram Chairman 4. 

Ralph Harley Pegram 

Light o' My Life— That Remains To Be Seen 
General Course: Band 1, 2, 3: Book Club 1; Glee Club 1, 5; Lib. 
Staff I; Stamp Club 3,4; Pres. 4. 

John W. Petree 

Light o' My Life— Redheads 
Commercial Course. 

Jesse Z. Pfaff, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Blondes. Suckers 
Scientific Course; Metric Science Club 3. 4; Ushers Club 4. 

W. Bruce Pfohl 

Light o' My Life-The U. S. Navy 

General Course; Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Band Club 3; State Music 
Contest 2. 3. 

Evelyn D. Phelps 

Light o' My Life—"D" 
General Course: Girl Reserves 1, 2. 3, 4; Etiquette Club 1, 2, 3- 
College Club 3. 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Tennis 4. 

Jxey,to&bl& ZfttgH c)<dlaol 



oe#t*or Ctoss o/ f94# 

Yvonne Phelps 

£/#/if o' My Life— "Life with Father" 
General Course; Home Ec. Hon. Club 3. 4; V.-Pres. 3- Proq 
Ch. 4; French Club 1.2; Lib. Staff 3; Girl Reserves 3; Hali 

Monitor 4. 

Margaret Plonk 

Light o' My Life— Pointless Jokes 
Modern Language Course; Macon, Ga., High 1.2,3; Girl Re- 
serves 4; College Club 4. 

Elizabeth Rives Pollard 

Light o' My Life — Adam Lazonga 
Latin Course; Girl Reserves 3. 4; Booster 3; Reynolds Hi Play- 
ers 3. 4; Etiquette Club 2; College Club 3. 4; Dram. 2; De- 
baters Club 1; Creative Writing 3; Reader's Diqest 1- Tennis 
2; Lib. Staff 3; Class Treas. 4. 

John Pope 

Light o' My Life— To Laugh 
General Course; Football 2, 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Monoqram Club 
3, 4; Treas. 4; Glee Club 2. 

Charles Purcell, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Navy 
Commercial Course. 

Musa Queensbury 

Light o' My Life— The Eternal Circle— Margaret Ann, 
Sadie, Lillian, and Ann 
Latin Course; Etiquette Club 1,2; Dram. Club 1; Creative 
Writing Club 2; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3 4- 
Sec. 4; College Club 3. 4; Sec. 4; Winner W. T. C. U. 
Contest 2; Third Place Winner Life Insurance Contest 1; 
Basketball 2; Tennis 2; ,Pine Whispers Reporter 2; Exchange 
and Assoc. Editor 3; Ed. -in-chief 4; S. I. P. A. Rep. 4: 
N. C. S. P. I. Rep. 3; Girl Reserves 1, 2. 3, 4; V.-Pres. 2; 
Black and Gold Staff 2. 3, 4; Most Intelligent 4. 

Nancy Lewis Rawlings 

Light o' My Life— That Certain Gleam 
General Course; Latin Club 1. 2; Etiquette Club 1. 2; Girl 
Reserves 1,3,4; Basketball 1; French Club 3; Lib. Staff 3,4; 
Reader's Digest Club 3; College Club 4; Dram. Club 4. 

Maxine Ray 

Light o' My Life — The Sun 
General Course; Etiquette Club 3; French Club 4; College 
Club 5; Gir! Reserves 5: Band 4; Instrumental Music Club 4; 
Basketball 4. 5. 

Ernest Ira Reece 

Light o' My Life — To Ride a Bicycle Backwards 
General Course; Travel Club 2; Booster 4; Football 1,2; Eti- 
quette Club 3; Baseball I. 

J. Robert Reece 

Light o' My Life— To Be Another Paul Bunyan 
General Course; Stamp Club 1; Etiquette Club 2,3; Hi-Y 2, 
3. 4; Photo. Club 3. 5; Football 2, 5; Track 5; Harlequin Club 
2; Hi-Y Delegate 2, 3, 4. 

David W. Reid 

Light o' My Life— Lafayette 
General Course; Woodrow Wilson High, Washington, D. C, 
1, 2; Swimming Team 2; Metric Science Club 3; Natural His- 
tory Club 3. 

Kathryn Reinhardt 

Light o' My Life— Talking Too Much at the Wrong Time 
General Course; Soccer 1, 2; Girls Athletic Club 1,2. 

Vivian Reynolds 

Light o' My Life — Sigma Chi Fraternity 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1; Occupations Club 2,3. 

Cynthia Christine Rhoades 

Light o' My Life— Haven't Turned It On Yet 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Etiquette Club 2; Lib. Staff 
1,2; Girls Glee Club 2,3,4,5; Girl Reserves 2.3,4; Mixed 
Chorus 3, 4, 5; State Music Contest 3, 4, 5; Federation Music 
Contest 4, 5: Nat'l Music Contest 4; Basketball 1,2. 

Norma Marie Rhoades 

Light o' My Life — The Sun 
General Course: Harlequin Club 1; Lib. Staff 1; 
Club 1; Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4; Etiquette Club 
2, 3; Music Club 2; Senior Marshal 3; Latin Club 3; Reynolds 
Hi Players 2, 3, 4; Choral Reading Club 4; Hall Monitor 4. 

Jr. Dramatic 
2, 3; Booster 

Billy Rhodes 

Light \o' My Life— State of Virginia 
Latin Course; Lib. Page 1; Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, 5; Instrumental Mu- 
sic Club 3; Metric Science Club 3. 4, 5; Treas. 5; Hi-Y Con- 
vention 4; Band 1,2,3,4,5; Hall Monitor 4,5; Nat'l Hon. 
Soc. 3, 4, 5; Delegate to Rotary Club 4; State Music Contest 
4, 5. 

Aaron Richardson 

Light o' My Life— Sadie Hawkins Day 
Commercial Course; Pine Whispers Staff 2; Dran 
Creative Writing Club 4. 

Lathan Richardson 

Light o' My Life— Waiting for the Bell at 3:00 
General Course; Music Club 2; Basketball 1. 2, 3; Baseball 
2, 3, 4. 

Club 3; 


Bettic Roberts 

Light o My Life— I'm Still in the Dark 
Commercial Course; Girls Athletic Club 1; Girl Reserves 1,2; 
Etiquette Club 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Pres. 1, 5; House of Rep. 
3; Lib. Staff 1, 2, 3. 4. 

Alice Martinleer Rodgers 

Light o' My Life— Sweet Sixteen 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1; Home Ec. Honor Club 2,4; 
Thursday Morn. Music Club 3; State Music Contest 2; Nat'l 
Music Contest 2; Basketball 3; Publicity Chairman 4. 

Marceline Ruff 

Light o' My Life—Radio 
Home Economics Course; Children's Home Glee Club 1. 

Mildred G. Salley 

Light o' My Life— Julius Caesar 
General Course; Etiquette Club 2; Choral Reading Club 2; 
Sec. and Treas. 2; College Club 3; Latin Club 3, 4; Reader's 
Digest Club 4. 

Emma Jean Sandefur 

Light o' My Life — Soda Jerkers 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 1,2; Class 

Treas. 3; House of Rep. 
2; Debaters Club 3. 

Pres. 1. 2; 
3; Reader's Digest Club 3; Booster 

Ann Sauls 

Light o' My' Life—Manning, S. C- 
General Course; Etiquette Club 1,2; College Club 3,4; Girl 
Reserves 2,3,4; House of Rep. 4; Debating Club 1; Dram. 
Club 4; Cast, "Evening Dress Indispensable" 2; "Tantrum" 4. 

Johnnie Elizabeth Saylor 

Light o' My Life—Making Wise Cracks 
Latin Course; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Jr. Dram. 1, 2; Music 
Club 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Etiquette Club 2: Mixed Chorus 
3, 4; State Music Contest 3; Nat'l Music Contest 3; Baseball 
4; First Place Federation Music Contest 1. 

Evelyn Frances Scholtes 

Light o' My Life— Cherry Pie 
Latin Course; Etiquette Club 1, 3; Dram. Club 2; College Club 
4; V.-Pres. 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, 5; V.-Pres. 5; Office 
Page 4, 5; Basketball 3; Lib. Staff 1; Music Club 5; Nat'l Hon. 
Soc. 4, 5. 

Robert Edward Scott 

Light o' My Life — A Certain Blonde 
Commercial Course; Etiquette Club 1, 3. 

Violet Irene Scott 

Light o' My Life— Park Benches 
General Course; Salem Academy 1, 2; Nature Club 1, 2; Soccer 
1,2; Speedball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Latin Club 2; Switchboard 
Staff 2; Lib. Staff 2, 4; Stamp Club 3. 

David Louis Seitz 

Light o' My Life— jean Walker 

Scientific Course; Forum Club 4; Etiquette Club 1: French 
Club 3. 

George Edward Shaffer, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Sports 

General Course; Bo>s Monogram Club 5; Football 2 
Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. 

4, 5; 

Dorothy Jacobs Shealy 

Light o' My Life— Music 
General Course; House of Rep. 1; Lib. Staff 1, 2, 3; Book Club 
1; Reader's Digest Club 2; Boosters Club 2; Girl Reserves 
2, 3. 4; Band 3, 4, 5; State Music Contest 3, 4, 5: Nat'l Music 
Contest 3; Instrumental Music Club 3. 4, 5; Pres. 5; Tennis 
4, 5; Nat't Hon. Soc. 4, 5; Homeroom Pres. 5; Class Sec. 5; 
Orchestra 5; Office Page 5; Hall Monitor 5; Chief Accom- 
panist of High School 3. 

Willie Jeanette Shelton 

Light o' My Life— Making Fudge Candy 
Household Art Course; Etiquette Club 1; Booster 2; Girl Re- 
serves 1, 2; Home Ec. Honor Club 4. 

Doris Sherrill 

Light o' My Life— That Certain End at the Univ. of Delaware 
General Course; House of Rep. 2, 3; Children's Home Jr. 
Basketball 3; Children's Home Baseball 3; Etiquette Club 3. 

Henry Sherrill 

Light o' My Life— Science 
Scientific Course; Aero. Club 1, 2. 3; Pres. 3; House of Rep. 
3; Sec. 3; Booster 2. 

Sylvia Shoemaker 

Light o' My Life— Norfolk Naval Base 
Latin Course; Reader's Digest Club 1.2.3; Etiquette Club 2- 
Latin Club 4; Sec. 4; Baseball 2. 

Ruth Shore 

Light o' My Life— Fried Oysters 
Latin Course; Latin Club 1; Debaters Club 1; Etiquette Club 
2 3; College Club 3.4; Dram. 4; Girl Reserves 3.4; House 
of Rep. 3; Nat 1 Hon. Soc. 4; Library Page 1 

Jtey,n*>ul& zHigil Sefcoal 


Senior CUss of 1941 

Doris Adyleene Shreve 

Light o' My Life—Children's Home Football Games 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. Honor Club I; Etiquette Club 

2, 3, 4; Travel Club 2: Choral Reading Club 4; Baseball 2, 3; 
Soccer 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4. 

Jack Sigman 

Light o' My Life— Band Leaders and Basketball Coaches 
General Course; Instrumental Music Club 1.2. 3. 4; Band 1,2, 

3. 4; Basketball Manager 3, 4; State Contest 3, 4. 

George K. Sills 

Light o' My Life— Salem Academy 
General Course; Travel Club 1; Latin Club 2; Occupations 
Club 3, 4; Track 3. 4; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Ushers Club 5; Dram. 
Club 4, 5; Cast "The Tantrum" 5; Boys College Club 5; 
House of Rep. 5. 

Virginia Betty Simmons 

Light o' My Life— Loquacity with Gesticulations 
General Course; Spring Sports 1.2,3.4; Soccer 2.3; Hostess 
4; Debaters Club 1; Etiquette Club 2; Boosters Club 3; College 
Club 4; Office Page 3; Reynolds Hi Players 4; Cast "The Tan- 
trum" 4; Basketball 2. 

Pearl Sloan 

Light o' My Life— To Win the Journal and Sentinel 
General Course; Children's Home Basketball 1.2.3,4; Child- 
ren's Home Baseball 3, 4; Music Club 1, 2. 

Doris "Rusty" Smith 

Light o' My Life— Talking too Much When Not 

Supposed to 

General Course; Girls Athletic Club 1; Baseball 2, 3, 5; Soccer 

2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball 3, 4, 5; Booster 3; Girls Monogram Club 

3, 4, 5. 

Iva Lee Smith 

Light o' My Life— My Pets 
General Course; Girl Reserves 1. 2; V.-Pres. 1; Pres. 2; 
Glee Club 3, 4. 5. 

Kenneth Smith 

Light o' My Life—Fiddlin. Football, and the Funny Paper 
General Course: Lib. Staff 1; Debaters Club 1.2; House of 
Rep. 2; Pine Whispers Business Staff 5; Ensemble Music Club 
5; First Place State Music Contest 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, 5: 
Glee Glub 3. 

John Glen Smithdeal 

Light o My Life — Carolina Beach 
General Course; Hall Monitor 1,2,3,4.5; Photo. Club 3; 
Choral Reading Club 5; Glee Club 5; Cheerleader 5; Cast 
"Little Women" 2; "The Bat" 4; "His First Dress Suit" 4; 
Ushers Club 5. 

Harry Snavely 

Light o' My Life— Airplanes and Chemistry 
Scientific Course; Aero. Club 2, 3; Baseball 2; Hi-Y 3. 

Madge Snow 

Light o' My Life — Going up Mt. Whitney on a Democrat 
General Course; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3. 4; Latin 
Club 1, 2; Etiquette Club 2; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. 

Mary Evelyn Spach 

Light o' My Life — Red 
Latin Course; Lib'. Staff 1,2,3,4; Debaters Club 2; Girl Re- 
serves 2, 3; Etiquette Club 2, 3, 4; Choral Reading Club 4; 
Latin Club 3; Dram. Club 1. 

Jule Spach 

Light o My Life— Red Car 
General Course; Etiquette Club 2. 3: College Club 4; Midget 
Football 3; Scrubs 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2. 3, 4; Track 

3, 4. 

Martha Jacqueline Spainhour 

Light o' My Life— A Chocolate Shake and a Package of Nabs 
Latin Course; Booster 2. 3. 4; Pres. 4; Harlequin Club 1; 
College Club 5; Girl Reserves Baseball 1.2.3: 
Basketball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3; Tennis 4. 5; Cheerleader 5. 

Doris Sparks 

Light o' My Life— Chewing Gum 
General Course; Basketball 1,2; Soccer 2; Dram. Club 1: 
Reynolds Hi Players 3: Girl Reserves 3.4; Etiquette Club 1,2; 
Occupations Club 3: Choral Reading Club 4; Lib. Staff 3. 4. 

Suzanne Spradlin 

Light o' My Life— My Brother Bill 
General Course; Home Ec. Honor Club 3; Choral Reading Club 
4; Soccer 1; Basketball 1; Dram. 1.2,3. 

Edna Magnus Sprunt 

Light o' My Life — Juke 
Latin Course; Lib. Staff 1. 2; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 
2, 3. 4; College Club 4; Latin Club 3; Etiquette Club 2, 3; 
Tennis Team 2, 3. 4; Harlequin Club 1; Sec. 1; Dram. Club 1; 
Class Pres. 1; Business Staff 2,3,4; Black and Gold Business 
Mgr. 4; Senior Marshall 3. 

Julia Turpin Stokes 

Light o' My Life— Ed 
Latin Course; Council 1; Lib. Staff 2.4; Sec. 2: Girl Reserves 
2. 3, 4: V.-Pres. .3; Council Rep. 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Mgr. 3: 
House of Ren. 1,4; Speaker Pro Tein. 4; Harlequin Club 1: 
Etiquette Club 2, 3; College Club 4: Black and Gold Business 
Staff 2, 3. 4; Business Mgr. 4: Soccer 2. 


Marie Stone 

Light o' My Life— The Moon 
Commercial Course: Household Roundabout Club I; Sec. and 
Treas. 1; Etiquette Club 2, 3: V.-Pres. 3: Home Ec. Honor 
Club 2; Lib. Staff 3: Choral Reading Club 4. 

Henry C. Strauss 

Light o' My Life— "2034" 
Scientific Course; Football Mgr. 1, 2. 4; Track Mgr. 1, 2; 
Baseball Mgr. 3; Stamp Club 2: Hi-Y 4; Boys Monogram Club 

2, 3. 4. 

Margarite Frances Strauss 

Light o' My Life — Singing 
General Course; Voice Club 2. 3, 4. 

Thad W. Tate, Jr. 

Light o' My Life — Conventions 
Latin Course; Travel Club 1; Boys College Club 4; Reader's 
Digest Club 3, 4: Forum Club 5; Student Council 2. 4; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc. 3. 4, 5; Quill and Scroll 5; Reporter Pine Whispers 

3, 4, 5; Black and Gold Staff 4, 5; Sr. Ed. 4; Mgr. Editor 5; 
Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 5; S. I. P. A. Delegate 5; First Place, Current 
Events Contest 5; Hi-Y Conference 4; N. C. Student Council 
Congress 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. Convention 4; School Winner. 
Safety Essay Contest 3. 

Peggy Alieen Taylor 

Light o' My Life—" The Man That Comes Around" 
General Course; South High 1, 2; Class Pres 1; Member of 
Board 2; Chairman Lost and Found 2; I. B. S. Club 1,2; 
French Club 3. 4; Girl Reserves 3; Girls College Club 4; Girl 
Reserves 4. 

Ray Taylor 

Light o' My Life—Reznick's Music Store 
Scientific Course; Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Majors Club 2,3; 
Music Club 3, 4; State Music Contest 2, 3, 4; Solo State Music 
Contest 3; Forum Club 4. 

Rheumelle Thacker 

Light o' My Life — A Certain Teacher's Pet 
General Course; Travel Club 1,2; Booster 2; Reader's Digest 
Club 3; Children's Home Basketball 2. 3, 4; Children's Home 
Softball 2, 3, 4; Music Club 2. 3. 

Rosamond Willette Thompson 

Light o' My Life — Nelson Eddy 
Modern Language Course; French Club 2; College Club 3; 
Reynolds Hi Players 3. 

Gene Tierney 

Light o' My Life — Gene Tunney 
Scientific Course; Aero. Club 1,2,3; Photo. Club 4. 

Elizabeth "Buff" Tilley 

— ■ " Light o My Life — "Only Forever" 
General Course; Girls Athletic Club 1; Soccer 2; Tennis 2, 3; 
Drum Majors Club 2. 3; Choral Reading Club 4; House of 
Rep 2, 3; Pine Whispers Reporter 2; Etiquette Club 3; V.- 
Pres. Homeroom 3. 

Hugh Townsend 

Light o' My Life— Roy Acuff's Boys 
Industrial Arts Course; Children's Home Football 3, 4; Child- 
ren's Home Glee Club 4; Debating Club 2; Etiquette Club 1, 3. 

Joe Trollinger 

Light o' My Life— My Height 
General Course; Student Council 3, 5; Pres. 5; Etiquette Club 
2. 3; Metric Science Club 3, 4; Midget Football 2. 3; Varsity 
Football 4. 5; Monogram Club 4. 5; Ushers Club 5. 

Margaret Rose Tucker 

Light o' My Life— My '33 Plymouth 
General Course; Latin Club 1; Monogram Club 2, 3. 4; V.- 
Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Soccer 2. 3, 4; Co-Cap. 4; Basketball 2. 

Mary Louise Tuttle 

Light o' My Life— January to June, 1940 
General Course; Lib. Staff Asst. 2.3.4,5; Book Club 1; Eti- 
quette Club 2; Latin Club 3; Glee Club 4, 5; State Music Con- 
test 4; Reader's Digest Club 3. 

Bob Vaughn 

Light o' My Life—Shootin' Pool 
Commercial Course; Walnut Cove High 1; Booster 3. 

Francis Rhodes Vickers 

Light o' My Life— Baseball 
General Course; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 

Rachel Vickers 

Light o' My Life— Myrtle Beach 
General Course; Booster 3; Choral Reading Club 4; Occupa- 
tions Club 3; Music Club 2; Gray High 1,2; Girl Reserves 2- 
Traffic Dept. 2; Class Pres. 1; Glee Club 2; Dram. Club 1. 

Lydia Louise Wallace 

Light o' My Life— Singing 
Commercial Course; Music Club 1,2,3. 

Jte^»%alds zMtgM Oc^o€>l 



oeiiior C/o-ss of 1941 

Jack Lee Watson 

ligftr o' My Life— My Wife 
Commercial Course: Aero. Club l; Instrumental Club 2; Drum 
Major 3. 4; Band l. 2. 3. 4; House of Rep. 4. 

Margie Weatherman 

Light o' My Life — Skating 
General Course; Booster 1,2; Girl Reserves 1.2: Baseball 1, 
2; Basketball 1; Jr. Excelsior Club 3; Drum Majors Club 4. 

Lindsay Weaver 

tiff/if o' My Life — " Apple" 
Scientific Course: Children's Home Football 2, 3, 4. 5: Child- 
ren's Home Basketball 2, 3. 4, 5: Children's Home Baseball 2, 
3. 4, 5. 

Don Welborn 

Light o' My Life— Watching a Prize Fight 
General Course: Council 3: Forum Club 4: Children's Home 
Football; Y. M. C. A. Boxing 1.4; Children's Home 
Basketball 1, 4; Pres. Homeroom 4. 

Robert McFarland Wheeler 

Light o' My Life—To Graduate 
General Course; Band 1.2,3,4: Hanes High 1.2; Alderman 
1, 2; Music Club 3, 4; Fireman 2; State Music Contest 1. 2. 3, 
4; Tennis 4; Drum Major 4. 

Virginia Whitaker 

Light o' My Life— Laughter, Music, and "Watt" not 
Latin Course; Drum Majors Club 2; Debating Club 1; Eti- 
quette Club 3: Creative Writing Club 3; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; 
Forum Club 4: Booster 3; House of Rep. 3; Office Page 4; 
Lib. Staff 3, 4; Business Staff 3. 4; College Club 3; Nat'l 
Hon 1 . Soc. 3, 4; Pine Whispers Staff 3. 

Bill Whiteheart 

Light o My Life-W. C. U. N. C. 
Scientific Course; Football 2, 3. 4; Boys Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; 
Ushers Club 4; V.-Pres. of student Body 4; Class Treas. 
4; House of Rep. 3. 

Doris Whitley 

£igftr o' My Life— Those Blue Eyes and the Moon 
General Course: Music Club 1; Homemakers Club 1; Glee 
Club 1, 2; Etiquette Club 1. 

Violet Wikle 

Light o' My Life— Chicken Livers 
General Course; Girl Reserves 1,2; Debating Club 1; Eti- 
quette Club 2: College Club 3; Office Page 3; House of Rep. 
3; Choral Reading Club 4; Pine Whispers Staff 2. 3, 4; Assoc. 
Ed. 4: Black -and Gold Staff 3. 4: Sr. Ed. 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 
4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Dewey Wilkerson, Jr. 

Light o' My Life— Tumbling 
General Course; Basketball 3; Golf 3, 4: Photo. Club 3. 4. 

Rebecca Wilkerson 

Light o' My Life — Having Fun 
General Course; Gray High 1; Girl Reserves 1; Sec. 1; Travel 
Club 2; Girl Reserves 2. 5; French Club 3; Etiquette Club 3; 
Tennis 3; Home Ec. Honor Club 4. 

Mary Alice Williamson 

Light o' My Life— Radio 
Commercial Course; Music Club 1,2. 

Betty Withers 

Light o' My Life— The Duke Power Company 
Latin Course; Debating Club 1: Music Club 1; Dram. Club 
2; Etiquette Club 2, 3; Girls College Club 4: Cast "Patch- 
work Quilt" 3; "Tantrum" 4: Reynolds Hi Players 3,4; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc. 3, 4. 

Eugene Z. Yates 

Light o' My Life-Balls 
Latin Course; Latin Club 3, 4; Boys College Club 4, 5; Foot- 
ball 2, 3. 



Bernice Beaman 

Helen Lea Karriker 

Eva June Parker 

Gilbert Spaugh 

Billy Tate 

Dalton Clower 

Barbara Jones 

Bobby N. Mahood 


Jay B. Owens 
Fred Pearce 
Madlon Hawley Phillips. 
Amos Spease 


The Thinkers . . Alma Mater . . 3 o'clock whistle . . Cuties . . Silent spectators . . 
Grin, girls . . Profile Guiding light . . On the wings of song . . Jam Session . . W-S sky- 
line . . Hall monitors' conference . . "The Road Back" . . My dears, how you have 
changed! . . Lexington, Va. . . Music maestro . . Spring parade . . Future president . . 
Sweet smile . .On the job. 


1 1 

" '" "■ - -.' ,; ; 

Windows of learning 

Second floor landing 

Sweet music 


Helen Sharpe, Historian 

In January of 1937 a group of bewildered boys and 
girls arrived at the doors of R. J. Reynolds High 
School, the majority coming from Wiley and Ardmore. 
In our seventh year grammar school we thought we 
had enough knowledge so that we could feel superior 
to the other students, but when we became members 
of Reynolds we found that we didn't know quite so 
much and that the other students looked down on us 
and delighted in calling us "freshie." Julian Pfaff was 
president of the freshman class. The last half of our 
freshman year we took over our first school position 
as a member of the Student Council. This honor went 
to Julia Stokes. 

In our sophomore year we felt better because we 
could treat the freshmen as we had been treated. Still 
we had three more years of hard work before we 
could really feel superior. We were represented on the 
Council this year by Joe Jones. 

During our junior year we felt splendid. We spon- 
sored the Junior-Senior dance which was held in the 
High School gym. It was a big success. The gym was 
decorated in the Senior class colors, red and white. 
Shirley Smith and his orchestra furnished the music. 
Our officers for this year were the following: presid- 
ent, Buff Tilley; vice-president, Helen Sharpe; sec- 
retary and treasurer, Dorothy Johnson. Our booster 
and House members were Betty Sims, Martha Sue 
Kelman, and Mary Southern. We were represented on 
the Council by Ann Long. Another laurel was added 
to our honor when Bob Haire won the declamation 

By the time we were seniors the majority of the 
class had decided to stay over at least another semes- 
ter. This brought the number to twenty-eight who 
made up our senior home room. Even though this 
group is small compared to other years, we have taken 
our place as leaders in various school activities. 

During the first semester of our senior year Wilbur 
Davis was cheerleader. The second semester we fur- 
nished the co-captains of the football team, John Pope 
and Donald Page, and three other members of the 
team, Julian Pfaff, Bob Haire, and Bill Hutchins. Hugh 
Walton was selected as the most valuable member of 
the Children's Home football team. Bobby Templeton 
has taken part in the Children's Home football, basket- 
ball, and baseball activities. This year Bob Haire is 
vice-president of the Boys' Monogram club. 

Marion Everhart has led our class in scholastic hon- 
ors. She was admitted into the Honor Society this 
year and was our "A" average student. 

Our class didn't participate in numbers in dramatics 
but in spite of this we were ably represented by Bob 

Our House of Representatives member was Julian 
Pfaff, who has been a member of the House for three 
years. Martha Sue Kelman represented us on the 
Council. Jane Alspaugh was our most inspiring boos- 

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Marian Everhcart, Prophet 

The year is 1945. The place is a radio broadcasting 
station in which we see Scott Buzzard, noted news 
commentator and man-about-town, waiting for the "on 
the air" signal. When the control man gives him the 
signal, we hear him say: 

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is your 
man-about-town, Scott Buzzard, with interesting infor- 
mation about important people. 

"Flash!" "Broadway Melody of 1945" has just been 
released. The romance is furnished by Bob Haire and 
Dorothy Rumley, while new song hits, written by 
Jane Alspaugh and Ben Thompson, are introduced by 
Julian Pfaff and Wella Mae Gough. 

"Bill Hutchins, Donald Page, and Bobby Temple- 
ton, members of the 1945 Ail-American football team, 
attended a banquet held in their honor on the Marine 
Roof of the Robert E. Lee Hotel last night. Bill Hut- 
chins was accompanied by Sara Barnes, that viva- 
cious blond (no fooling!) we've heard so much about. 
The others were accompanied by lovely brunettes, 
namely, Helen Karriker and Bernice Beaman. 

"Flash! Miss North Carolina of 1945 has just been 
selected. The lovely little mannequin is Mary South- 
ern, a native of Winston-Salem and a graduate of the 
Richard J. Reynolds High School. Among the judges 
were Talmadge Stevens, Billy Tate, and Hugh Wal- 
ton, all of Winston-Salem and the same high school. 
Can you wonder why she was chosen? Runner-up to 
Miss Southern was Virginia Johnston. Miss Johnston 
is also a resident of Winston-Salem, and formerly with 
a public typing company. 

"Wilbur Davis, one-time usher at the Colonial 
Theatre, is now the manager. Mr. Davis states that he 
intends to remodel and make other badly needed alter- 
ations. He is now planning a contest to give the 
theatre a new name. Assisting him in this contest is 
Miss Helen Sharpe, his personal secretary and book- 
keeper of the theatre, 

"Among those graduating nurses of the City Memo- 
rial Hospital, we find the distinguished names of two 
girls who were graduated from the Richard J. Rey- 
nolds High School five years ago: Ethel Safrit and 
Katherine Chitty. They were graduated from high 
school with high honors and now they have been 
graduated from another institute of learning with just 
as good a record. 

"My last bit of news is the outcome of the Indian- 
apolis Speedway Race. The winner for 1945 is Harry 
Boiling, the youngest person ever to receive this hon- 
or. Mr. Boiling was confident of winning, but carried 
his lucky coin as usual. 

"And so, until the next time, this is Scott Buzzard, 
bidding you good-night." 


After the announcer gives the station break, he be- 
gins his commercial announcements: 

"For your legal work and advice, see Spaugh, 
Stevens, and Tate before you act. Their legal know- 
ledge is widely known throughout the country. 
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" : : 

Snow sprinkling 

Between classes ♦ . 

Landmark, Tom Foote 


Look good — it came but twice 

"Once upon a time .♦-.♦" 

Did you get your vitamins? 


Edna Sprunt, Historian 

It was during the fall— September, 1937, to be ex- 
act — that we, the graduating class of 1941, first en- 
tered the unknown territory of High School. Although 
we were duly awed and impressed by the dark halls 
with the animal heads looming above us, we rallied 
round to select Charlie Frank Benbow to represent 
us on the Student Council. 

The next year, 1938, we felt we had attained great 
dignity because we had advanced to the rank of soph- 
omore — which being transalated means "wise fool". 
Our superiority was shown in our ability to make 
raucous noises and in being the terror of all teachers. 
Jack Clifford represented us on the Council while the 
Treasurer of the Student Body was Bob Warren. 

It was during our junior year that we first showed 
interest in the more important activities which the 
school offered. For our class officers we elected Betty 
Lou Patterson, president; David Carroll, vice presi- 
dent; Joe Mickey, secretary; and Billie Luck, treasurer. 
Being juniors, we were allowed to have two repre- 
sentatives on the Council: Mary Alice Neilson and 
Don Welborn. This year we struggled long and hard 
to make the Junior-Senior Dance, our one big event, 
a success. Soon after this, eight of the class's most 
promising girls served as Senior Marshals for the 
graduating class: Peggy Pollard, chief; Jane Frazier, 
Rachel Vickers, Marjorie Strauss, Lillian Dalton, 
Hazel Newman, Billie Luck, and Mary Miller Mc- 

When we glance back over this, our last lap, there 
seem to be many honors in the ranks of the high and 
mighty seniors. Joe Trollinger and Bill Whiteheart 
were President and Vice-President, respectively, of 
the Student Body, while Fulton Ferree and Dalton 
Clower were Speakers of the House of Representa- 
tives. Those outstanding in Journalism were Mary 
Alice Neilson, Musa Queensbury, Doris Canady, 
Mary Coons, Thad Tate and John Johnson; in ath- 
letics were Phil Brewer, Bill Whiteheart, Vincent 
Cale, Dalton Clower, Eddie Watson, and Wilson 
Vaughn for the boys and Carolyn Goodson, Kather- 
ine Fishel, Betty Simmons, and Doris (Rusty) Smith 
for the girls. Several of our members excelled in dra- 
matics: Ann Long, Billie Luck, Sara Ellen Joyce, and 
Richard Katzin. 

We gathered knowledge and prestige during the 
year and for our final officers elected Robert Halti- 
wanger, president; Roger Hendrix, vice president; 
Dot Shealy, secretary; and Bill Whiteheart, treasurer, 
while David Clay, Joe Mickey, and William Shore 
represented us on the Council. 

But the time has come when our fond farewell to 
dear old R. J. R. must be made. We are leaving with 
mingled regrets of happiness and sorrow for we will 
always hold pleasant memories of those past four 
years in our hearts. In a few days the reality of grad- 
uation will descend on us and we will no longer be 
students of Reynolds High School. 



Mary Coons and Ira Baity, Prophets 

Scene: The largest advertising agency in New York 
City in a spacious office building. 

Time: 1950 

Characters: Ira Baity, Jr.-President of the agency, 
Mary Coons — Artist of the day 

Ira B: Well of all things! Look what's in this month s 
issue of "Highlights in the News." 

Mary C: I can't imagine. What? 

Ira: A picture of Phil Brewer. He's a star halfback 
with the Chicago Bears now, you know. 

Mary: Look at this picture of George Sills and Ann 
Long receiving the Academy Award for their per- 
formances in last year's motion picture, "Toujours 
L'amour," written and directed by Richard Katzin. 

Ira: My goodness! Look at this! A picture of Billy 
Rhodes, the successor to Billy Rose, photographed 
with some of the beauties of his Glamor-cade: Dot 
Johnson, Vivian Reynolds, Rives Pollard, and Mary 

Mary: Look! There are Claire Martin, Catherine Ba- 
con, Nancy Nunn, and Nancy Rawlings, all models 
in Oscar Marvin's exclusive Fifth Avenue dress 

Ira: Did you know that Watt Martin is the Republi- 
can candidate for the presidency of the United 
States, and that Joe Ellerbe and Buxton Mickle are 
running for the office of president and vice-presi- 
dent respectively on the Communists' ticket? All of 
their pictures are on this page, and Joe Trollinger, 
president of the Six Foot Six Club, has his picture 
on the next page. Oh, but doesn't Sara Ellen Joyce 
make a very gracious first lady? 

Mary: We don't have much work to do this morning. 
Let's see how much we know about our Reynolds 
High classmates. Here's this lipstick. Bill Kallam of 
the Mickey Cosmetic Company invented it. It 
really won't come off. 

Ira: And in this year's edition of "Who's Who" there 
are several of our former classmates listed. Robert 
Haltiwanger is a professor of law at Yale Univer- 
sity, Harry Snavely is the foremost airplane design- 
er in the country, and Jane Maynor and Wilma 
Corley are listed among the tip-top artists of today. 

Mary: Do you realize that Jane Frazier, Norma 
Rhoades, Caroline Dowling, Betty Lou Manuel, and 
Virginia Brandon are all members of the Metropoli- 
tan Opera Company? Kenneth Smith wrote the 
opera in which they are appearing this season. 

Ira: I saw one of the Winston-Salem papers the other 
day. Bill Anderson had just been elected mayor, and 
there was an article about Vincent Cale on the 
sports page. After being an Ail-American basketball 
center at Elon, he became a coach there and is quite 
a good one, they say. There was also an article 
about Roger Hendrix competing in the U. S. Tenn- 
is Singles Tournament. 

Mary: I found a note about several members of the '41 
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32 words — 8 errors 
Learning how it's done 
Waiting for someone? 


■;'-^m-:' : '*:?£ &%■-,:■ 



Don Hines — President Bobby Vaughn — Secretary 

Dave Oden — Vice-President Ed Walker — Treasurer 


: m^mm?' 




Betty Canady — President Doris Smith — Vice-President 

Robert Means — Secretary Tommy Speas — Treasurer 


I I 

f >S* 


This class, composed of 132 students, are eagerly looking forward to becoming 
lOA's to give the Junior Senior. Mary Louise Smith was elected president at the 
beginning of the fall term. Other officers are Charles Blackburn, vice-president; 
Cecilia Goodson, secretary; and John Hoots, treasurer. Bunny Sprunt represents 
the class in the Council, and Miss Mary Howell is the class sponsor. 

This class has proved to be outstanding in various ways throughout the school. 
In regard to scholarship Mark Allen Boesser has led both school and class. Mark 
was also elected secretary of the House of Representatives. Alice Goldberg has 
proved to be very outstanding in debating, representing Reynolds High School at High 
Point in the triangular debate. She is also secretary of the Boosters Club and serves 
on the Pine Whispers staff along with a fellow classmate, Jerry Simpson. Other 
outstanding students are Ann Cobb, serving as president of the Junior Girl Reserves, 
and Jane McNair, as secretary. 

Last fall, although 9A's, they were permitted to attend the Junior-Senior dance. 
This was a special treat which is rarely given to anyone but juniors and seniors. 
Several of the girls became the "belles of the ball." 

Not only are scholarship and leadership possessed by these 10B students, but they 
take part and excel in sports. Many members have already made the varsity in some 




Maureen Black— President Tom Joyce— Secretary- 

Jack Grishaw — Treasurer 

William Donahoo — Vice-President 




Richard Plaster— Council Ralph Simpson— President 






The Reynolds High School Student Council is the main voice in the student govern- 
ment organization. Sponsoring the Lost and Found, promoting school activities, 
and maintaining discipline and orderly school grounds make the Council one of the 
most active student groups. Miss Mary Martin was appointed by the principal at 
the beginning of the second semester to succeed Miss Elizabeth Kapp at the end 
of her two-year term as faculty adviser. Marvin Ward, chosen by the Council, is 
the other sponsor. 












Miss Kapp 

Mi. Ward 

Miss Martin 


F. Ferree 

J. Stokes 

B. Patterson M. Boesser 


Miss Brookes, Sponsor 

Order in the Court— The House Court, made up of the officers of the lower branch 
government, is composed of Fulton Ferree, speaker; Julia Stokes, speaker pro tem; 
Bet Patterson, secretary; Mark Boesser, treasurer; and David Lewis, executive mem- 
ber. This body tries the minor cases of Student Government, such as misconduct in 
halls, around building, in both tunnels, and on second floor landing. 

First row — W. Stanfield, B. Chambers, D. Hancock, S. Joyce, J. Thomasson. B. Canady, E. Trivette. Second row— 
E. Dent. M. E. Reavis, C. Ziglar, M. Halin, D. Hogan, F. Blevins, N. Craver. B. Holton. Third row— B. Wood, 
K. Taylor, H. Gordon, M. Estep, A'. Sauls, J. Stokes. Fourth row — R. Steljes, R. Covington, J. Rhodes, W. Benbow, 
W. Reid. Fifth row — R. Vickers, Miss E. Brookes, Miss M. Snipes, B. Forrest, T. Minnis, N. Stallings, M. Boesser. 


This is the lower branch of the Student Co-operative Government which makes 
and enforces minor school rules, placing hall monitors about the building to aid in en- 
forcement. The body is made up of one representative elected from each homeroom. 


H. Weber 

Patterson B. McGill 


A. Goldberg 

W. Martin 

P. Alspaugh 

"Resolved: That the United States Should Adopt a Policy of Requiring One Year 
of Military Training of All Able-bodied Men Before They Reach the Age of 23" was 
the question for the triangular debate this year. The victorious affirmative was upheld 
by Watt Martin and Bill McGill, while Bet Patterson and Alice Goldberg upheld 
the negative. Paula Alspaugh and Herbert Weber were the two alternates, and 
Hatcher P. Story was the coach. 

J. Johnson. Pres: T. Tate, V.-Pres; B. Patterson. Sec; D. Canady. Treas.; M. Queensbury, V. Wikle. F. Ferree, 
M. Coons, M. A. Neilson, B. Canady, J. Thomasson, B. Luck, L. Casperian. 

QUILL AND SCROLL — Membership into this international honor society for high 
school journalists, is the highest tribute that may be awarded to the thirteen jour- 
nalism students who compose the Odd Number Chapter. To be accepted into this 
organization, a student must be passed on scholarship, character, and service by the 
members of the group and the faculty adviser, Mrs. H. E. Swain; must have his 
work passed by the national secretary; and must be a junior or senior. 



First row — I). Clay, Pres.: J. Spach, V. Pres.; M. Cuningham. Sec; W. Shore, Treas.: R. Izlar; and C. Benbow. 
Second row — B. Ingram, E. Sprunt, Sponsor; M. Davis, Sponsor; V. Marriott, Sponsor; and Hart. Cash. Third row- 
F. Fansler; F. Ferree; I. Baity; D. Harrel, R. Hendrix. and J. Fishel. Fourth row— J. Spinks, J. Jones, T. Lauten. 
L. Lindsay, O. Marvin, and J. Mickey. Fifth row — B. Rhodes. T. Tate. W. Vaughn, H. Hagaman, C. Morris, and 
H. Strauss. Sixth row— F. Hill, J. Trollinger. W. Anderson, V. Cale. Had. Cash, and B. Whiteheart. 



First row — Miss Moore, sponsor, I. Baity. J. Johnson, M. Queensbury, C. F. Benbow. A. Long. Second row — E, 
Benfleld, J. L. Bennett, W. Boesser, M. A. Brown. Hadley Cash. Hartsell Cash. Third row-B. Cahill. T. Cahill P. 
Davis. B. Hill, R. Haltiwanger. E. Hege, M. Everheart. Fourth row — D. Hines, J. Jones, S. Joyce. W. Martin, M, 
McCuiston. J. Mickey, B. Mickle. Fifth row — F. Morgenroth, W. Moser, A. Neely, M. A. Neilson, B. Patterson, D. 
Perry. Sixth row— B. Rhodes. E. Scholtes. D. Shealy, R. Shore, K. Smith, J. Thomasson. Seventh row — T. Tate, E. 
Walker. V. Whitaker. V. Wikle, B. Withers. B. Witter. 


Pine Whispers 

Musa Queensbury 

Doris Canady 
Managing Editor 

I iiiAnHBH 

Mary Coons 
Business Manager 

Mrs. Mary S. Swain 
Literary Adviser 

In the fall "Pine Whispers" set as its goal the fol- 
lowing standards which represent the letters in its 
name: Promotion of school and club social activities, 
Improvement of chapel conduct, New uniforms for 
band, Encouragement of girls' intramural and varsity 
sports, Wholehearted support of the student govern- 
ment, High school swimming team, Increasing of school 
spirit, Separate graduation, Promotion of student 
chapel programs throughout the year, Enlargement of 
physical education courses, Red Cross membership, 
Sound equipment for motion pictures in auditorium. 
Although some of these were not realized to any great 
extent and a few not at all, the staff feels that it has 
aided the school by its new six-column, eight page 

At the annual S. I. P. A. convention last fall, "Pine 
Whispers" was commended for the fact that the three 
city high schools combined in its joint publication. An- 
other honor was given to the staff when Thad Tate 
won first place in the current events contest and John 
Johnson, second place. 

Mary Alice Neilson 
Girls' Sports Editor 

Betty Canady 
Associate Editor 

Fulton Ferree 
Boys' Sports Editor 

Donald Hartzog 
Staff Photographer 

Billie Luck 
Exchange Editor 

Jean Joyner 
Associate Editor 

Betty Lou Patterson 
Feature Editor 

Jessie Lee Bennett 


Black And Gold 

From May to May. That is the story of the year- 
book. Just after the publications election last spring, 
the new editors began formulating impressive ideas 
with which to improve the 1941 Black and Gold. 
Summer gave three months for the ideas to crystal- 
lize and come down to earth. In the fall the first steps 
toward production were taken as the senior writeups 
were checked in and approved. 

Then came the all-important selection of a theme. 
Soon after Christmas holidays, work began in ear- 
nest, and with the deadline, April 4, in view the journa- 
lism room fairly bristled with rubber cement, glossy 
prints, layout sheets, and students frantically hunt- 
ing for patches. The staff worked with enthusiasm, 
for several big improvements long wished for had be- 
come a reality. There were to be three colors on the 
cover, two inside the book, more snapshots, uniform 
light background, formal pictures of the faculty, and 
altogether more pages. 

Much of the credit for the art work in the annual 
goes to Mary Coons, Art Editor, Doris Canady, Rich- 
ard Katzin, and Peggy Pollard. A freshman, Russell 
Shouse, was the faithful Snapshot Editor. 

Indeed, the whole staff cooperated to make this 
Black and Gold even surpass last year's, which won 
an Honor Award at the S. I. P. A. at Washington and 

John Johnson 

Edna Sprunt 
Business Mgr. 

Thad Tate 
Managing Ed. 

Julia Stokes 
Business Mgr. 

Elizabeth East 

Mary Louise Kirby 

Rosalyn Nicolas 
Associate Ed. 

June Thomasson 
Associate Ed. 

Alice Goldberg 
Organization Ed. 

Louise Casperian 
Associate Ed. 

Violet Wikle 
Senior Ed. 

Russell Shouse 
Snapshot Ed. 


First row— K. Smith, F. Hendrix, V. Whicaker, E. Sprunt, B. Luck, M. M. McLean, E. Walker. Second row— J. 
Totherow, M. Coons, S. E. Joyce, R. Anderson. J. Stokes, W. Anderson, R. Parker. Third row— L. W. Crowell, spon- 
sor, D. Hines, M. Parrish. 

Publications Staff 

Business Staff— always on the job supporting the publications. Its duties are 
varied and include all business transactions of both Pine Whispers and the Black and 
Gold. L. W. Crowell is the faculty adviser of this organization which consists of 
fourteen students. 

Under the Pine Whispers division of the group, Mary Coons is business manager 
with assistants as follows: Sara Ellen Joyce, Virginia Whitaker, Billie Luck, Bill 
Anderson, Robert Parker, Ed Walker, and Kenneth Smith. Its duties include solicit- 
ing advertisements, collecting bills, securing ad copy, and distributing the paper to 
the advertisers. 

For the first time in its history, the Black and Gold business staff claims two man- 
agers: Edna Sprunt and Julia Stokes. They are assisted by Don Hines, Mary McLean, 
Ruth Anderson, and Frances Hendrix. This group's work is similiar to that of the 
paper including negotiating contracts and furnishing ideas for advertisements if the 
concern does not do so for itself. 

All members of the staff have to be good salesmen in order to interest prospective 
advertisers, and have to be good students in order to sacrifice a few classes to go 
on business trips to get the advertisements. 


First row — E. Trivette. V. Greer. C. Jones, E. Hege, E. Ziglar, M. Sherrod, R. Teichman, N. Johnson, W. Barnett. 
E. Clinard, J. McLean, R. Stockton. Second row— M. Tuttle, S. Haltiwanger, J. McNair, J. Thomas, M. A. Cromer, 
D. Sparks, C. Bauserman, K. Taylor, P. Smith, P. Wilmoth. Third row— R. Means, A. Rodgers, C. Ziglar, R. Rod- 
gers, S. Bowen, J. M. McNair, A. Ezzell, S. J. White. E. Budlong, B. Newman, J. Thomasson. Fourth row— 
M. Spach, B. Canady, F. Taylor, B. Nissen, D, Nicholson, W. Roper, H. Folger, H. Hinshaw, D, Canady. Fifth row— 
J. Stokes, R. Steljes, E. Hardwicke. B. Alspaugh, P. Blum, E. Dorton, M. Walker, J. A. McCollum. M. Prongay, L. 
Newman. Sixth row — D. Fulton, J. Johnson, A. Davis. M. Poole, P. Thomas, K. Goldberg, Miss Nicholson, H. Nunn, 
Miss Kreeger, F. Dunning. 


The library staff offers one of the most valuable services of the school. To become 
a member, one must have an "A" on deportment; make at least a "B" average, but 
in some cases there are exceptions when the student cannot make a high scholastic 
average but yet expects to follow library work as a career or when the student has 
some special talent; be recommended by home room teacher. The selection of the 
staff is made on the following points: reliability, promptness, efficiency, resourceful- 
ness, enthusiastic attitude toward work, patience, tolerance, accuracy, pleasant per- 

Awards are given to the outstanding assistants. To be eligible for the best-all-round 
award the student must have served on the staff for two consecutive years. For the 
past year the following received awards: Doris Canady and Mary Spach, best-all- 
round; Betty Canady, second best-all-round; Mary Louise Tuttle, nearest perfect in 
conduct; Ramona Rodgers and Carolyn Ziglar, most improvement. Students receiving 
awards for most outstanding service, such as cutting stencils, making catalog cards, 
and mechanical duties, were John Johnson and David Fulton. The following staff 
assistants received honorable mention for very outstanding service: Sarah Jane White, 
Doris Sparks, Frances Dunning, Sophia Bowen, Hilda Folger, Beverly Newman, 
Elizabeth Ann Clinard, Patsy Smith, Evelyn Ziglar, Eloise Hege, Martha Sherrod, 
Betty Alspaugh, Mary Ann Cromer, Anne Davis, Martha Ann Poole, Dorothy Nich- 
olson, Wilma Barnett, Nancy Johnson, Katherine Jones, Mary Claire Walker, Vir- 
ginia Greer, Robert Means, Ernest Hardwicke, Hilda Nunn, June Thomasson. 

In addition to regular duties and completion of course in library work, the staff 
served at three P. T. A. meetings, served at librarians' and teachers' meet of North- 
western District Teachers, made posters for Vocational Guidance Week, and pre- 
pared the library for College Day. 

Officers are as follows: president, June Thomasson; vice-president, John Johnson; 
secretary, Doris Canady; treasurer, Peggy Jane Blum. Miss Ola Maye Nicholson 
and Miss Mae Kreeger are librarians. 



First row— B. R. Brimhall. J. Spainhour, R. Pollard, N. Rawlings, N. Hyatt, B. Sink. J. Burwell, J. Frazier, 
M. M. McLean. Second row— N. Webber. B. J. Bagby, M. E. Reavis. B'. Glenn, A. Alexander, R. Page. M. Sherrod, 
M. J. Yokely. Third row— S. L. Brandon. B. Hedrick. E. East M. Ray, A. Marshall. B. Mitchell, J. Reid, 
Doris Smith. Fourth row— C. Roesel, E. Trivette, C. Barbee. E. Benfield, M. Muse, C. Bennett, A. Wood. L. 
Casperian, R. Miller, R. Anderson, E. M. Dorton, S. Wood. J. Rierson. Fifth row — J 1 . Hanks, N. Vaughn, C. Martin. 
E. Crutchfield, S. Shipp, E. Scholtes, M. L. Allison, C. Bacon, R. Wagner, S. Haltiwanger, J. McNair, A. 
Smither, A. Sauls. Sixth iow— D. Sparks. N'. Rhoades, C. Jones, N. Brunt, J. Bowers, J. Adams. J. Lindley. M. 
Plonk. Seventh row— N. Smitherman, B. Avery, D. Swain. V. Whitaker, S. Joyce. J. L. Kimcl. M. Coons, B. Long. 
Eighth row — M. L. Smith, M. J. Chambers. N. Nading. R. Shore, H. Newman, M. Queensbury. E. Sprunt, F. J. Tay- 
lor. H. Caplan. Ninth row— A. Page, G. Trent, P. Williamson. N. Nunn, S. L. McNair, C. Bell, P. Pollard, 
J. Hoffman. F. Cruse, N. Yates, R. Ferrell. Tenth row— L. Newman, M. Prongay. M. A. Brown. H. Nunn, 
L. Dalton, J.Willis J. Shoemaker, B.Hill, K.Roddick, J. Pollard. J.Stokes, C. Street. M.C.Walker, A.Long. 



First row — B. Conrad, B. Long, B. Myers, R. Stockton, B. Shore, J. Mackie, E. Baity. D. Johnson, T. Moore. 
Second row — C. Bausseman, E. Bories, N. Walker, H. Gordon, M. A. Poole, J. M. McNair. M. A. Cromer, S. 
Smitherman, M. R. Thomassoh. Third row — N. Linville, H. Folger, B. Haislip, M. Payne, C. Ferree, R. Simms, 
P. Wilmoth. J. Hudspeth. Fourth row — D. Hahn. B. J. Holeman. A. Ezzell, C. Conally, R. Myatt. A. Davis. P. 
Kelly, J. McLean, B. Newman'. Fifth row — J. Parker, J Daniel, S. I. White. E. Page, M. L. Allison, E. Budlong. 
C. Whitley. C. Crutchfleld. Sixth row— R. Nicolas. S. Holton. L. Phelps, M. Solomon. R. Teichman. B. L. Sharpe. 
B. Pollock. M. Booth, L. Smith. Seventh row— R. Salley. M. C. Walker, P. Donaher, A. Dabbs. I. Stonestreet, C. 
Gibson. Eighth row— J. Joyner, K. Roddick, N. Blackburn. M. A. Tickle. N. Middleton. D. Angelo, H. Hinshaw. 
Ninth row-R. Thorpe. ]. Davis. C.Gray, P.Paris. N.Williams, E. Cash. P. Pfaff. 



First row — B. J. Mundy, J. Walker, E. Hundley, M. Strauss, P. Heath, M. Roberts. M. L. Westmoreland, M. 

J. Frazier, B. A. Knight, M. 

M. Sprinkle, E. Alspaugh, L. 

F. M. Rothrock, M. Snow. L. 

Fifth row — M. Styers, N. A. 

Rierson. Sixth row— E. Hege. 

Tison. L. Kirk. F. Crews, F. 

Blizzard. Second row— B. Burge. G. Purcell, E. Nail, N. R. Foster, E. Forbis. 

Livengood. Third row — C. Dowling, Miss Buckles, L. Hunt. E. Bolden, K. Green. 

Hoots. M. E. Reavis. M. E. Thompson, M. A. Angell, Fourth row — J. Spainhour. 

Helderman. R. M. Bodford, D. Cody, L. Kesler, F. Freeman. J. West, B. Willard. 

Smith. E. Creson. R. Reece. E. Hine, C. Edwards. M. Darr, S. L. Brandon. J 

A. Hall. M. Austin, E. Scholtes, A. Pardington, S. A. Driscoll. J. Bennett, K. 

Sowers. i'J. Davis, I. L. Smith. P. A. Ferrell, C. Hildreth, E. N. Coggins. W. Couch. Seventh row— B'. Grooms. 

L. Bhzzard, M. Angclo, R. Safrit, K. Rothrock, G. Bollus. J. L. Kimel. M. J. Adams, L. Sprinkle. K. Butler. 

P. Montgomery, M. Going, P. A. Pfaff, J. Parlier. V. Hondros. R. Ragland. M. L. Tuttle, M. S. Binkley. 

V. Clubb. Top row — N. Rhoades. B. L. Manuel. V. Brandon, W. Brewer. J'. Saylor, C. Rhodes, P. Taylor, W. Tea- 

gue, N. S. Shelton, R. Wentz, N. Cranford. 


• iwiWiH 

..-=.__.: :;::i - . "• ,. ■ ,, ■- 


First row— W. Coggins. H. Cravcr, B. Alspaugh. M. A. Baker. A. Holder. W. Cottrell, M. Earnest, H. King. B. 
Mullen. Second row— D. Willard. J. Cobb, L. M. Adams. R. Peace, J. Sigmon. C. Cook. C. Young, L. Lineback. 

A. Kurt;, A. Holland. D. Shealy. D. Oden. B. Oden. R. Goodrich. Third row— J. Cottrell. G. Woodruff, E. Flynn, 
J. L. Fishel, C. Morris, J. Clifford, D. Plaster, B. Rhodes, B. Cranford. I. Hanes, B. Mitchell, K. Black. M. Crater, 
H. Myers. B. Cahill, C. Pappas. J. M. Kearn, T. Joyce. Fourth row— J. A. Ayres, S. May. D. Bland, J. Miller. 

B. A. Nading. D. Harrell. A. Spease. H. Wyatt, H. E. Brewer. J. Clinard. H. Vogler. M. Hagaman, J. Hoots. J. Dyer, 
Fifth row— Mr. Pfohl, M.Caldwell. W. Surratt, R.Taylor, H. Coston, C. Wyatt, H. Hagaman, B. Wheeler. G. 
Moore, M. F. Lackey, H. Cooper. M. Black, B. Dalton, P. Gravely. J. Conrad. 


The band of Reynolds High School, under the direction of Joseph T. Pfohl, is one 
of the school's most important activities. During the past year Maureen Black, Betsy 
Dalton, Mary Frances Lackey, and Geneva Moore were an added attraction of the 
band. The band is made up of 60 pieces, three standard bearers, three drum majors, 
and four majorettes. 

The band plays regularly throughout the year for chapel programs. In addition it 
parades, exhibits letter formations at football games, and renders civic service. During 
the past year it played for the Armistice Day Program, at the Halloween Celebration. 
The band was invited to be guest at several college games. 

This year it entered the District Music Contest held at the Reynolds Auditorium. 
The band received an honor rating of II. The following members of the band received 
ratings: Charles Delany, flute soloist I; Ray Taylor, drum soloist II; B. A. Nading, 
cornet soloist I; John Lewis Fishel, baritone soloist I; Joe Conrad, trombone soloist 
I; Harold Craver, clarinet soloist I; Richard Plaster, bassoon soloist III; trombone 
quartet III; cornet trio I. Those who received an honor rating of I went to Greens- 
boro to compete in the annual State Music Contest. 


First row-N. Frye, V. Fulp, B. Hinson. B. A. Spaugh, A.Goldberg. H. Caplan, M.L.Smith, N. Rhoades, 
U. Bazemore, M. Smith. Second row— O. Johnson, V. Marriott. D. Darr. B. Alspaugh, P. Shooke, N. Hyatt, 
H. Wright. H. Hardee. Third row-K. Dease, C. Martin. E. L. James, M Davis. E. Brinegar. G. Knight, H. 
Weber, B. Kallam. Fourth row-N. Bowles. P. Alspaugh, R. Ferrell, P. Williamson, N. Yates, M. Ferrell. Fifth 
row— G. Trent, D. Williamson, F. Sohmer, R. Sartin, G. Sills, Hatcher P. Story, Sponsor. 


First row-M. L. Croker, A. Pf.-;ff. J. Burwell, B. Sink, R. Griffiin, B. Estep, N. G. Adorns, B. Hedrick, L. Coving- 
ton. M. A Williamson, N. Sandefur. Second row — N. Webber, M. Macklin, J. Rierson, D. Smith. J. Apperson, 
R. Jackson, R. Freedle. R. Miller, M. Abbe, T. Nugent, V. Marshall. Third row— B. Sprunt, J. A 1 . McColIum, N. 
McManus. C Barbee. A. Alexander. B. J. Gassaway, L. Montgomery. M. L. Kirby. M Cox. Fourth row— N. Smither- 
man, D. Swain. V. Wikle. J. Craver, R. Anderson, E. M. Danton. E. Trivette, R. Reece. J. L. Bennett. B. Glenn. 
Fifth row— Mrs. Stephenson, B. Avery. M. Cranfill. R. Jordon, B Bason, F. Furgess, K. Transou, M. Nicholson. M. 
Cunningham, L. Kessler, M. Estep, M. Childress, H. Hire, M'. Ernst. Sixth row— M. E. Reavis. L. Hoots. B. J. Bagby. 
Ray, E. East. J. Miller, B. S. Sink, H. Scott, L. Blackwelder. Seventh row-N. Saylor, S. May. J. Reid, B. Stin- 
son, D. Hogan. 



First row — H. Bennett, R. Sullivan, C. Thrift, J. Burton, J. Crews, H. Pope, R. Pegram. Second row — G. Gallins, 
C. L. Craver, H. Sherrill. T. Neal. W. Hauser, R. Barbour. Third row— G. Patterson, R. Thompson, W. Revels, W. 
Hall, J. Smithdeal. 


First row— G. A. Patterson, A. Neely, A. Rodgers. C. Ziglar, V. Hondros, B. Luck. Second row — D. Shealy, 
B. M. Cottingham, E. Scholtes, E. Benfleld. Third row — B. Hill, D.Swain, L. Casperian, V. Whitaker, J. Hoffman. 
5. Shipp. C. Martin. N. Nunn, M. McCuiston, W. Boesser, Y. Phelps. Fourth row— N. Smitherman, M. A. Brown, 
A. Page, £'. Stockton. 


•j>-r m ;» 


First row— Mr. Barnette, J. Johnson, H. Eeeaon, C. Jones. B. Luck, 
Shipp. Second row — N. Jones. R. C. Miller. D. Sparks, B. Barber, J. 
C. Morris. Third row— D. Seitz, B. Anderson, G. Atkins. W. Martin, 
Fourth row — J. Jones, C. Holbrook, D. English. J. Spinks, O. Marvin, 


Gilliam, C. Webber, J. Sigman, T. Loman, J. Parker, B. Fletcher, B. Kinney 

H. Dunnagan. P. Neal, J. Willis, C. Bell. S. 
Hanks, N. Vaughn, W. Norwood, H. Vogler, 
F. Ferree, H. Hagaman, G. Webb, J. Rawls. 
F. Fansler, E. Home. J. Nading. Fifth row — 
Sixth row-H. Cash, T. Tate. W. 


First row— V. Cale, T. Smith, I. Baity. W. Petree. D. Martin, B. Bowles. H. Cash, V. Bodenheimer, Bill Haire. 
Second row — R. Means, R. Izlar, D. Clay, L. Safrit. J. Alspaugh, J. Trnllinger, E. Lyons. E. Davis, F. Trivette, 
F. Jones, M. Cuningham, D. Lewis, R. Alspaugh. Third row— R. Young, B. Ingram, C. F. Benbow, B. Forrest, J. 
Pope, B. Whiteheart, D. Clowers, D. Hines, J. Shaffer. Fourth row — M. Crater, B. Morton. 


Pianist: D. Shealy; First Violin: K. Smith, E. Hege, W. McCall. D. Hahn; Second Violin: C. Holbrook, V. Vines, 
L. A. Graham, S. Woodruff, T. Myers; Cello: D. Canady; Bass Violin: L. Crousc, W. Mclver; Bassoon: T. Cahill; 
Flute: C. Delanev; Woodwind: H. Craver, O. G, Allen; Bass: A. Spease, J. Conrad, H. Myers; Drums: A. O'Neal; 
Miss Fr.ances Sloan, Conductor. 


First row— C. Rights, B. Robinson, N. Hendrix, G. Norwood, L. Leinbach, J. Jeffries. Second row — B. Kinney, M. 
Hagaman, B. Johnson, E. Skinner, W. Moser, P. Davis, H. Gray. Third row — C. Holbrook, D. Smith, W. Spach, 
"C. Soyars, T. Carperenter, D. Shultz, J. Welfare, T. Speas, B. Huntly, B. Durham. 


sor, R. 

Miss Donnye Worley, sponsor. 


row — W. Corley, L. Caspcrian, N. Rawlings, H. Newman, P. Pollard, E. Payne, E. Phelps, F. Solomon, H. 

E. Martin. Second row— B. M. Cottingham, E. Stafford, J. Shoemaker. S. Hege, V. Whitaker, A. Long, A. 

M. A. Brown, M. A. Baker. Third row— S. Shoemaker, S. E. Joyce, A. Wood, J. Hoffman, B. Withers, M. 

bury, L. Newman, M. Prongay, B. Witter. Fourth row— M. Matthews, K. Shore, M. Salley, L. Hine, M. 
R. Pollard, J. Stokes. E. Sprunt. E. Driggers. Fifth row — S. L. McNair. L. Dalton. Miss Janie Weaver, spon- 

Bullard. A. Sauls, M. Coons, B. Hill, N. Brunt, A. Neely, K. Jones. 



First row— R. Haltiwanger, J. Mclvcr, J. Googe, J. Simpson, P. Bambolis, C. Clabern, P. Davis. Second row- 
Cheek, J. Welfare, D. Shultz, T. Carpenter, C. Soyars. T. Rose, W. Moscr, M. Boesser. L. Linebach, B. Cahill. T. 
tauten. Third row — B. C. Gray, N. Hondros, B. Rhodes, G. Norwood, N. Hendrix, F. Morgenroth. W. S. Buchanan, 
sponsor, J.'L. Fishel, J. Lasley. R. Cates. Fourth row— D. Oden, G. Johnson, B. Huntley, B. Oden, R. Hendrix, A. 
Porter, G. McNair. E. Walker. E. Hardwicke. B. Eaton, H. Gray, E. Moore. D. Mclver, T. Speas. J. Pfaff, ]. 
Haltiwanger, H. Lewis. 


First row— N. Linville, A. Long, A. Marshall, D. Lineback, B. Luck, M. McLean. H. Dunnagan, B. Brimhall. Second 
row — W. Brewer, S. Joyce, J. Burwell, M. Sheriod. B. Simmons, B. Nissen. H. Cohen. Third row— J. Hutson, A. 
Pardington. J'. McLean. R. Shore, B. Withers. M. Muse, R. Pollard, M. Yokely, M. Macklin. Fourth row— G. At- 
kins. B. Yarborough, A. Peltier, C. Bennett, S. Sift, E. Bumgardner. Fifth row — J. W. Hardwicke, D. Reid, G. Sills, 
J. Miller. P. Kelly, D. Witter, W. Hall, E. Walker. Sixth row — D. Johnson, J. Boyles, A. Silverstein, C. Blackburn, 
M. Brunt. 

—71 — 




F. Barge, B 



L. Hoots. M 


een, V 

Hondros, D 

>• J 


M. Childress 


, W. H 

all, Caldwell 




First row — M. Sprinkle, B. Hill, M. Muse, A. Goldberg, B. Luck, C. Cooke, P. Pegram. 
Griffith. R. Davis. Second row — S. Haltiwa.nger, J. Craver, M. Abee, J. Frar.ier, C. Martin 
Darr, D. Alspaugh, A. Felts. E. Nail. B. McCall, E. Smoak, D. Sparks. Third row— K. 
Cochrane, M. Payne. R. Bowers, M. Brunt, W. M. Gentry, M. Spach, E. Bodenheimer, B 
J. Moore, C. Duke. Fourth raw— R. Tucker. W. Petree. B. Cottingham, R. Hall, G. Sou'h 
W. Keaton, Z. Gibson, R. Parker. Miss Worley, Sponsor. Fifth row— P. Jenkins, Stalling. 


First row— R. Cates, B. McGill, F. Ferree, H. Cash. J. Jones. N. Hendriw B.Barber. C. Jovner, M. Brunt. M. 
Doub. A. O'Brien. J. Sharpe. Second row-B. Canady, V. Brandon. B. L. Manuel, J. Lindlev, M. Caldwell. D. 
Shealy, A. Silverstein, J. Lasley. J. Reid, E. Trivette, D. Smith, M. M. McLean, W. Barber. Third row— B. Patter- 
son, D. Mclver, N. Hondros, C. Bacon. T. Cahill. H. Gray, F. Solomon. N. Griffin, B. Tilley, J. Mickey. C. F. Ben- 
bow, W. Douglas. Fourth row — B. Anderson, J. Clifford, M'. Bowers, B. Durham. B. Reece, H. King. B. Rhodes, J. 
Haltiwanger, T. Lautcn. M. Black. T. Speas, M. A'. Boesser, B. Ayers, H. Ray, T. Tate, M. Smith, E. Pavlou. 



First row — T. Martin, B. Shore. J. Hoots, K. Black, B. Nading, D. Shealy, A. Spease, B. Cranford, M. Minter, 
T. Tilley, W. Cottrell, A. Holton, T. Dyer. Second row— H. Myers. C. Young. B. Clifford. H. Hayes. I. Clifford, 

D. Harrel, B. Ball. H. Wyatt, J. Conrad, H Coston, A. Kurt;, D. Plaster, Joseph Pfohl. Sponsor. Third row— I. 
Hanes, J. Sparks. W. Coggins, M. Hagaman. G. Ashby. P. Transou, J. Sigmon. B. Mitchell, J. Williams. H. King, 
E.Hall, B. Weatherman, R.Taylor, V. Apperson, W. Wickers, J. Cottrell, O.Lewis, N. Hondros, M.Dobbins. 


First row— K. Fishel, Y. Phelps. P. Smith, E. Clinard, K. Taylor, A. Craver, E. Cranford. A. George, T. Soringson. 
M. McCuiston. M. A. Neilson, D. Welborn. Second row— J. L. Steelman. M. Scholtes. M. Garner. M. F. Lackey. 
N. Craver. M. Kimel, W. L. Taylor, E. Sparks, W. Roper, Miss Huggins, Sponsor. P. J. Blum, D. Cochrane. Third 
row— W. Northrup. }. Grishaw, I. Moran, C. Angland, f. Cobb, W. Keaton, R. Nifong. A. Pavlou. B. Harper, W. 
Holcornb, G.Morris, B.Marshall. J. B. Wall, T. Puryear, H. Petree, J. Binkley, B.Johnston. 


First row — J. Sharpe. T. Messick, M. Muse, J. McFarlin, R. Flynn, E. Sellers, D. Alspaugh, E. Dent, B. Knight, 

E. Waggoner, D. Witter. S. Wood. J. Lindley. Second row— B. McMillian. J'. Smithdeal, B. R. Brimhall, Miss 
Elizabeth Brookes, Sponsor, S. Driscoll, B. Johnson. R. Ford, M. Gray, I. Johnson. J. Adams. W. McCall, C. 
Jovner, C. Blackburn'. Third row— K. Jenkins, P. Jenkins. J. Raglan.l, Miss Mary Howell. Sponsor, M. Yokely, J. 
McNair, A. Dalton. J. P. Bowers, L. Scott, A. Silverstein, B. D. Shugart, R. Cooke. M. Brunt, B. Cooke. 



First row — D. Wilkerson, J. Jeffries, C. Rights, J. Miller, P. Pegram, R. Covington, V. Vines, D. Smithdeal, R. 
Freeman. Second row — J. Sharpe, O. G. Allen, P. Walker. R. Herring, R. Shouse, G. Bowers, E. Solomon, E. G. 
Stevens. Mies Emmart. sponsor. V. Hawks. Third row— R. Flynn, T. Barron, D. Hartzog, J. Russell, R. Howie, R. 
Macklin G. Kempton, J. Rhodes, B. Fisher, E. Midyette. Fourth row— M. Bowers, E. Flynn, B. Munt, C. Cooke, B. 
Reece, R. Goodrich, R. Stallings, R. McKenzie. R. Moore. 


First row— D. Clay, O. Marvin. F. Sohmers, D. Wilkerson, B. Kallam. W. Shore, G. Sills, M. Ferrell. Second 

row-V. Cale, R. Hendrix, N. Hendrix. I. Baity, E. Brinegar, D. Carroll, J. Pfaff. Third row-C. F. Benhow. E. 

Watson, J. Smithdeal. F. Cheek. W. Martin, ). Spach. Fourth row— W. S. Buchanan, sponso-, B. Ingram. R. Izlar, 
A. Speas, M. Cuningham, J. Jones. B. Whiteheart. 

First row — C. Joyner, R. Pegram, J. Rhodes, H. Wyatt, C. Wyatt, W. McCall. Second row— M. Brunt, C. Flack- 
burn, A. Hayes, B. S. Ball, B. Ayers, M. Boesser, J. Mclver, T. Minnis, T. Joyce. 


First row — A. Pierce, P. Nichols, W. J. Shelton, H. Nunn. M. Sherrod, M. M. McLean, G. Poteat. Second row— 
N. Nading, P. J. Watson. C. Roesel, R. Pegram, M. J. Chambers, C. Bacon, B. J. Voss, B. Mitchell. F. Hendrix, 
A. Rodgers, P. Templeton. Third row— F. Kiger, J. Pollard. C. Street, M. Burke, D. Dillon, V. Martin, M. 
Sweatman, L. Dillon, F. Blivins. Fourth row — Miss Morgan, E. Benfield, N. Nunn, W. Boesser, V. Branscomb, 
M. Ruff, R. Thacker, Y. Phelps. Miss Helmich. 


\j\int Jbliofi 

First column, top to bottom — Norman Reavis, Jack Grishaw, Frank Griffin, Bill Brad- 
ford, Frederick EIrick, Instructor. Second column — Marvin Ellis, Ben Hunter, Ger- 
vice Fouts. Luther Adams. 

ON OPPOSITE PAGE, first column — Bill Brendle. Richard Paynter, Bobby Thrift, 
Marshall Timmons. Glenn Wilson, Burnie Taylor, Jimmy Flynn. Floyd Parker, Reid 
Brown, Glenn Collins, Richard Johnston, W. G. Pipkin, Pressman. Second column—' 
Raymond Spaugh, John Holton, Francis Womble. Lawrence Minor, Max Brown, 
Robie Ferguson. James Hunt was absent when the pictures were taken. 

Vocational training is offered in the Print 
Shop of Reynolds High School in six branch- 
es of the printing trades. This is the only 
trade course offered at present in this school. 
With the exception of the instructional exer- 
cises the first semester, practically all the 
training is done in connection with actual jobs 
produced for the Winston-Salem Schools and 
other city departments. 

All competent students readily find em- 
ployment upon graduation. Eugene Blue, 
1940 graduate, is with the Sun Printing Co. 
Harry Whitaker, student last year, is now 
employed by the Penry-Aitchison Printing 
Co. Talmage Davis, who graduates in June, 
is already working at the Winston Printing 
Co. Nearly every shop in town has one or 
more employees who received some of their 
training in this shop. 

The new six column size "Pine Whispers" 
printed for the three high schools was just 
one of many jobs produced in the shop. The 
twenty-one hundred copies of this "Black and 
Gold" was the largest job printed during the 
year. With the exception of only the cylinder 
press makeready, all hand and machine com- 
position, presswork, folding, and other bind- 
ery work was done by the printing students 
and instructor. 

This job, even larger than the book last 
year, is one of the largest and most difficult 
projects ever to be undertaken by a regular 
school class in this community. Only a very 
few high school print shops throughout the 
entire country attempt to print their own 
school yearbook. 

Every student enrolled in the printing 
course worked on not one but several differ- 
ent printing operations necessary to the com- 
pletion of the book. Several students were 
employed after school on particular phases of 
the work that could not be completed during 
class time. 

Richard Johnston, Ben Hunter, and Gervice 
Fouts in particular should receive special 
mention for their long hours of faithful work 
on both "Pine Whispers" and this "Black 
and Gold." 

Pictures on these pages are all of students 
at work in the Print Shop. The photographs 
were taken by Robert Bradford. 


m ■:■■ 






t- /'-'■', ' .v!* 

^:w f ^w^.^Wi'W\-.^W:^:^S^'M¥:.:M. \f^-;:^M^X..^ ...',■: 


"Her portals tall and wide" . . Session . . S. I. P. A.-ers . . Preserves . . Council 
councilor . . Seven o'clock and four-thirty . . They rule the school . . We'll usher 
you in . . Kickero . . From the distance . . "Light o'my life" . . Squeal and Squawl . . 
High Steppers . . Harbingers of doom. 



-81 — 

■SHr 1 

First row— B. Canady, J. Spainhour. E. Spnint. Second row — N. Brunt, E. Cates, S. Haltiwanger. D. Canady, J. 


First raw — B. Ferguson, D. Perry, D. Smith. Second row — C. Bennett, Carolyn Goodson. J. Stockton, E. Godfrey, 
Cecilia Goodson. M. Sparks, D. Weisner. Center— E. Cates. 


First row — M. Sparks, K. Fishel, Carolyn. Goodson, D. Perry, J. Stockton, B. Ferguson, R. Pegram. Second row— 
D. Smith. Third row— E. Cates, C. Bennett, B. Hill. Fourth rev- A. Cobb, Miss Dorothy Knott, Coach, Cecilia 



First row — B. Underwood, J. Alspaugh. B. Brendle. T. Carpenter, D. Hines, N. Hondros, J. Spach, B. Barber, D. 
Clower, C. Benbow. W. Shore, V. Bodenheimer. B. Blackwelder, R. Izlar. Second row— L. Baldwin, E. Walker, J. 
Barber, W, Barber. M. Boesser, Richard Means, Robert Means, N. Stallings. L. Safrit. D. Williamson. K. Smith, 
B. Kinney. Third row— H. Watson. A. Thomas, W. Norwood, T. Smith, R. Goodrich, W. Richardson, G. C. Bur- 
chette, J. Flynt, J. Sherrill, J. Sparks, C. Soyars, W. Spach, N. Crater. Fourth row— D. Prongay, W. Benbow, D. 
English, T. Lysette, I. Baity, M. Ferrell, B. Ball. E. Brinegar, E. Midyette. 


First row— Cecilia Goodson, A. Dalton, D. Smith, K. Fishel, Carolyn Goodson. Second row— A. Cobb, M. Sparks, 
E. Godfrey, Miss Knott, coach, D. Perry, J. P. Bowers, J. Stockton. 



Top row — ). Sigmon, Manager, W. Vaughn, M. Cuningham, V. Calc, S. Martin, and Coach F. L. Shealy. 
Lower row — Hadley Cash, Hartsell Cash, F. Trivette, E. Watson, J. Spach, and D. Martin. 


First row — W. Martin, J. Haltiwanger, P. Brewer, R. Haltiwanger, H. Cash, B. Ingram, R. Hendrix. Second row— 
G. Southern, T. Speas. manager, M. Smith, P. Davis. E. Baity, M. Spach, P. Pegram, Walker Barnette, Coach 
Third row-— C. Blackburn, B. Wheeler, B. Huntley, A. Spease, W. Anderson. 






®m i 

5 ^"fl^ 

* C A.f-'f* kit 


First row— D. Lewis. B. Forrest, G. Shaffer. M. Crater, and D. Cranfill. Second row — E. Watson, W. Donahoo. 
Coach C. D. Smith, F. Trivette, and L. Stancil. Third row— J. Young, W. Vaughn, E. Lyons, E. Davis, and M. 


C. Dalton, J. Hamer, G. McNair, A. O'Brien. L. Groce, R. Alspaugh, C. Landreth, P. Calhoun, H. Gray. Marvin 
Ward, Coach. 


And they call it baseball . . All together sing . . Head gears . . Ready and aimed . 
Kick-off time . . Spring brought them out . . Wonder who'll win . . Racket swingers 
Four out of nine . . "Oh look at me now" . . Fleet footers . . Then we beat Hanes 
99 subject average . . Hurdle hurdlers. 


Lin c^rtihiXEaiation 


Mr. Ray Weathers 

who has guided our aspirations not only into the realm 
of higher mathematics but into higher ideals of char- 
acter as well, we, the 1941 graduates of John W. 
Hanes High dedicate our section of the 
Black and Gold 



Our minds have been centered around defense during the 
past year, and this has been correct, especially right now in 
one of the most crucial periods of our history. Therefore, 
we, the faculty of the John W. Hanes High School have 
done, and will do, all we can to prepare the minds of our 
boys and girls for specific work that is needed by our nat- 
ion, to develop their bodies and health so that they will be 
able to stand the strain that may be placed upon them, and 
to inculcate in them the spirit of true democracy so strong 
that they too will be able to carry on along with all of us 
in the days that are to come. 

/ a^^4 / ^ / 


<^Ta/2£i czTTian ^jaauLtu 

Robert S. Haltiwanger, B. S., M. A. 


University of North Carolina 

Davidson College 

Duke University 

Eloise Baynes, A. B., M. A. 

Language Department 
Salem College 

University of North Carolina 

Louise Bethea, B. A., B. S. in L. S. 

Converse College 
Emory University 

Maude Hale, A. B. 

Commercial Department 
Bowling Green College of Commerce 

Dora Kinlaw, B. S. in H. Ec. 


Woman's College of the University of North 


Flavella Louise Stockton, A. B., 
Organ Diploma, A. A. G. O. 

Music Department 
Salem College 

Ray Weathers, A. B. 

Mathematics Department 

University of North Carolina 

Duke University 

Alma Dee Woodmore, A. B. 

Commercial Department 
Bowling Green College of Commerce 

Anna Louise Mock, A. B. 

English Department 

Salem College 
Columbia University 

A. S. Johnson, B. S. 

Industrial Arts Department 
N. C. State College 


c^-fanzi c^fiah ^jaauLtu 

R. F. Johnston, A. B., M. A. 

Social Science Department 

Davidson College 

University of North Carolina 

Mary Nicholson, A. B. 

Commercial Department 
Bowling Green College of Commerce 

Nettie Boggs Chappell 

English Department 

State Teachers' College, Farmville, Va. 

Teachers' College. New York City 

Palmer Writing School (Graduate) 

Carrie Meek Dungan, B. S. 

English Department 

State Teachers' College, Farmville, Va. 

Columbia University 

Douglas MacDonald, B. S. Graduate Work. Peabody College, Nashv.lle. Tenn 

Lelah Nell Masters, A. B. 

English Department 
Woman's College, University of North Carolina 

Roy Archibald Swaringen, 
A. B., M. Ed. 

Mathematics Department 
Duke University 

Annie Lee Singletary, A. B. 

English Department 

Woman's College of the University of North 


Columbia University 

Francis Marion Pratt, A. B., M. Ed. 

Pearle N. Foster, B. J., M, S. English Department 

Distributive Education Duke University 

University of Missouri 
University of Tennessee Lucille Morgan 

Office Secretary 

Science Department 
Madison College, Harrisburg, Va. 

H. M. Jernigan, B. S. 

Industrial Arts Department 
N. C. State College 





President — Evelyn Hege 

Vice-President — Dwight Kirby 

Secretary — Louise Shoaf 

Treasurer — Bruce Campbell 

Prophet — Waldo Oehman 

Historian — Dwight Kirby 

Mascot — Barbara Sue Bennett 


President— Dick Helsabeck 
Vice-president — Zeno Groce 

Secretary — Arline Miller 
Treasurer — Peggy Lancaster 

Prophet — Betty Penry 
Historian — Horace Barrett 
Mascot— Betty Alice Hardy 

.< : -'" ; g' 



C-Ltss of 1941 

&iU0V W£€£$S O 

Francis O. Byrd 

Aspiration— T o marry 
General Course: Reynolds High 5, 6: Football I, 2; Stamp Club 
2, 3; Hi-Y 4; Chorus 4, 5; Drum Majors' Club 5: Ushers' Club 
7; "Bishop's Candlesticks"; "Julius Caesar". 

S. Bruce Campbell, Jr. 

Aspiration— To Run a Filling Station on 
Asheboro Highway 
General Course; Pres. of D. E. 4; Class Treas. 4; Archery 
Club 3. 

William Edwards, Jr. 

Aspiration— To Sleep as Long as I Can 
General Course; Football I, ?'. 

Evelyn Frances Hege 

Aspiration— To be a House-wife 
General Course; Pres. of January Graduating Class; Home Ec. 
Club I, 3. 4; Chorus l. 2, 3. 4. 

Julius Dwight Kirby 

Aspiration— To be a Rear Admiral in the Navy 
General Course; Alderman l; Vice-Pres. Class 4; Band 3. 4; 
"Bishop's Candlesticks"; Pine Whispers 3, 4; Black and Gold 
4; Sec. of Class 2; Contest in Greensboro 2, 3; Chorus 4. 

Waldo Oehman 

Aspiration— To be a W. P. A. Worker 
College Course: Alderman l; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3,4; Hi-Y 3, 4; 
Ushers' Club 4: Class Prophet 4. 

Ruth Louise Shoaf 

Aspiration— To be an Old Maid Missionary 
Commercial Course: Lib. Stenographer 2, 3. 4; Chorus l, 4; 
Court Stenographer 3; Class Sec'y 4. 

Helen Mae Stewart 

Aspiration — To be an Electric Fan Dancer 
General Course; Chorus 1,2. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 1,2.3,4: 
Baseball 1,2.3; Student Nurse 4; Home Ec. 1,2,3. 

Horace Milton Adams 

Aspiration — To Drive a Greyhound Bus 
College Course; Quill and Scroll 4. 5; Booster 1, 2; Asso. Edi- 
tor Black and Gold 5: Pine Whispers 4, 5; Policeman 4. 5 
Band 2, 3. 4; Rifle Club 5; Stamp Club 1, 3; Etiquette Club 3 
Archery Club 4: Student Council Congress 5; Science Club 3 
Lit. Soc. 5; Camera Club 3; College Club 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3 
Police Chief 5. 

Hilda Marie Austin 

Aspiration— To be of Some Good to Sombody Some Time 
Commercial Course; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4. 5; Vice-Pres'. 5; 
Girl Reserves 1,2,5; Policeman 3; Clerk of Court 4; Debat- 
ing Team 3.4; Chorus 1,5; Band 3,4,5; Lib. Page 1; Office 
Page. 4; Reporter 2, 3, 4; Editor Pine Whispers 4; Lit. Soc. 
3, 4; Execelsior 3. 4, 5; D. A. R. Representative 4. 

Nancy Ruth Barnes 

Aspiration— To Sleep /or 40 Years.. 
General Course; Nurse's Room 2; Lib. Page 2. 3; Girl Reser- 
ves 3. 4; Policeman 3. 4; Office Page 4; Home Ec. 2, 3; Boos- 
ter 3. 4. 

Walter Horace Barrett 

Aspiration— To be a W. P. A. Worker 
General Course; Fire Chief 3.4; Midget Football 1,2; Reser- 
ve Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Ushers' Club 2: Fireman 
1, Pine Whispers 4; Pres. 1; Historian 4: Boosters Club 1,2, 
3. 4; Vice-Pres. 2; Office Duty 3; Monogram Club 4; Class 
Baseball 1, 2; Hi-Y 4. 5. 

Helen Virginia Boles 

Aspiration— To bring Teachers Apples 
General Course; Home Ec. 2,3,4; Chorus 1; Booster 3,4: 
Alderman 1. 

Roy Lee Boyles, Jr. 

Aspiration — To be Captain in the U. S. Army Corps 
General Course; Baseball 2, 3, 5, 6; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, 5, 
6; Ushers' Club 3, 4, 5; Lit. Soc. 4, 5; Booster 4, 5, 6; Treas. 
5; Sec'y. 3; Rifle Club 6 

M. D. Braswell 

Aspiration — To Enjoy Life 
General Course; Art Editor, Black and Gold. 

Arlene Brown 

Aspiration — To join The National Guard 
Commercial Course: Girl Reserves 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; Police- 
man 1.2,3; Office Page 3,4; Court Stenographer 4,5; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc 1 . 3, 4, 5; Execelsior Club 4, 5; Lit. Soc. 4; Debating 
Club 4; Basketball 3. 

Betty Jeanne Campbell 

Aspiration— I Don't Have Any 
General Course; Girl Reserves 3,4; Chorus 1: Booster 3,4: 
Class Basketball 3; Sanitary Board 3, 4; General Chairman 
3. 4; Basketball 4. 

Alberta Louise Childress 

Aspiration — To Be A Hula Dancer 
General Course; Home Ec'. 3, 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 4, 5; Band Libra- 
rian 5; Cafeteria 5; Girl Reserves; Class Basketball. 


Dorothy E. Clinard 

Aspiration — To Be A Nurse At Fort /ackson 
College Course: Cafeteria 2,3: Home Ec. 1,2.3: Girl 
serves 3, 4; Chorus 
Dramatics 1, 2. 

4; Sanitation Board 3, 4: 

Ruth Kathryn Cook 

Alderman 1; 

Aspiration — To Be a Stenographer 
General Course: Girl Reserves 1.2,3.4; Band 3; Chorus 4; 
•Office Page 3, 4; Booster 3, 4; 

Dorothy Crater 

Aspiration — To Be A Secretary 
General Course; High Point Jr. High 1; Reynolds High 2; 
Creative Writing Club 2; Girl Reserves 3; Alderman 3; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc. 3, 4. 

Frances Danner 

Aspiration — To Be A Broker's Wife 
Commercial Course; Booster 2. 3, 4; "Bishop's Candlesticks" 
4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 4: Etiquette Club 3; Lib. Page 4. 

Edythe Foster 

Aspiration— To Be A Stenographer 
Commercial Course; Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3, 
4, 5; Mixed Octet 3. 4; Girls' Trio 3; Mixed Quartet 4; Clinic 
Chorus, Greensboro 3. 4; Sr. Marshal 3; Office Page 3, 4: 
Dramatics 5: "Congratulations" 5; Tennis 3. 

Mabel Elledge 

Aspiration — To Be A Night Club Hostess 
General Course; Policeman 2, 3, 4; Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 4; Girl 
Reserves 3, 4; Sanitation Board 2, 3. 

Martha Frances Futrelle 

Aspiration- - To Be A General In An All-Girl Army 
General Course; Cheerleader 3. 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Sec'y. 4; 
Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4; Booster 2,3,4; Policeman 1; Class 
Basketball 4; Dram. Club 1, 2. 3; Etiquette Club 2; Winner De- 
clamation Contest 2; Hi-Y Sponsor 4; Sr. Marshal 3; "Old 
Fashioned Girl", "Elmer", "Midnight Ghost". "O. Professor! 
Pine Whispers 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Keeping Christmas". 

Ruth Lee Greene 

Aspiration— To Be A Dress Designer 
General Course; Home Ec. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3: Vice-Pres. 4; 
Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 2, 3 Treas. 4; Inter-Club Coun- 
cil; Excelsior Club 3, 4; Alderman 1, 4; Lib. Page 3; Dramatics 

2, 3; "Old Fashioned Girl", "Who Gets the Car Tonight?" 
"Love in Bloom". Chief Sr. Marshal 3; Police Commissioner 
3; Cafeteria 3. 4; Booster 3, 4; Clean-up Campaign 3; Chorus 

3. 4; Treas. 4; Conference Delegate 2; Etiquette Club 2; Dress 
Designing Contest In N. Y. 3; Class Basketball 3. 

Robert Zeno Groce 

Aspiration — To Be A Hobo 
General Course; Midget Football 1.2; Reserves 3; Varsity 4; 
Alderman 1.3; Monogram Club 4; Police Commissioner 3; 
V.-Pres. Class 4; Fireman 2,4; Booster 1,2,3,4; V.-Pres. 
Class 1; Office Duty 3; Store-keeper 4; Class Baseball 1, 2. 

Ernest S. Hall, Jr. 

Aspiration-— To Lead A Girls' Swing Band 
Commercial Course; Alderman 1; Hi-Y 3,4,5; Pres. 4; Vice- 
Pres. 5; Ushers' Club 4, 5; Excelsior Club 4, 5; Pres. 5; Tennis 
2, 3, 5; Midget Football 1; Midget Basketball 1. 2; Scrub Base- 
ball 4; Lit. Soc. 5; Judge 4; Mayor 5; Monogram Club 4, 5. 



Aspiration' — To Meet "Yehucii" 
General Course; Football 4. 5, 6; Basketball 4, 5, 6; Tennis 
3. 4, 5, 6; Hi-L 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club 3, 4, 5, 6; Boosters' 
Club 3. 4; Ass't Editor of Black and Gold 5. 

Charles C. Haney 

Aspiration — To Go Down Argentine Way 
General Course; Stamp Club 2; Hi-Y 3. 4; Belmont High 
School, Los Angeles, Calif. 4. 

Nellie Gray Hardister 

Aspiration — To Own A Panda And Grow Orchids 
General Course; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Etiquette Club 2, 3; 
Pine Whispers 3. 4; Lit. Soc. 1; Booster 2, 3. 4. 

Richard E. Helsabeck 

Aspiration — To Be A Big Business Man 
College Course; Alderman 2, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Band 1. 2, 3, 4; 
Booster 2; Court Solicitor 4; Dramatics 3; Fireman 3; Class 
Pres. 4. 

Pearl Elizabeth Hendrix 

Aspiration'— To Be A Mechanic' s Wife 
General Course; Home Ec. 2, 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Booster 2, 3; 
"Bishop's Candlesticks" 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Etiquette Club 
2; Student Nurse 4. 

Faith Eleanor Hudspeth 

Aspiration' — To Be A Good Seamstress 
General Course; Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,4; Office Page 4. 

Lillian Hope Hudspeth 

Aspiration— To Travel 
General Course; Home Ec. 1,2,3,4; Office Page 4. 

Dorothy Marie Johnson 

Aspiration — To Be Guest o[ the Windsors 
Commercial Course; Baseball 1,2; Soccer 1; Class Basketball 
3, 4; Booster 2. 3, 4; Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Social 
Chairman 3; Band 4; Student Nurse 1,2; Conference Delegate 
4; Bulletin Board Chairman 4; Pine W/iispers 3, 4; Office 
Page 3, 4; Class Pres. 3; Etiquette Club 2; Vice-Pres. Inter- 
Club Council. 


zJto^ite-s zfiigJi &cha€?l 


oe#ti«?r L/l£i,$$ of 1941 

Wk ML ■HHHHli _ J* 

William B. Johnson 

Aspiration — To Find Oat Who's Yehudi 
General Course; Football 3,4: Baseball 4: Chorus 1.2,3,4: 
Vice — Pres. 4. 

Jack Lunn Kates 

-To Go Ptac 

Commercial Course. 

Walter Knight 

Aspiration — To Be A Grandpappy 
General Course: Mineral Springs High 1.2,3. 

Frank Newton Lancaster 

Aspiration—To See the World 
Football 3, 4, 5; Boosters Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 

Peggy Lancaster 

Aspiration— To Be "Usherette" In A Certain Theatre 
General Course; Sr. Marshal; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Etiquette 
Club 3; Booster 2.3,4; Home Ec.; Rifle Club 4; 
Policeman 1; Dramatics 1,2,3; Lib. Page 1; Pine Whispers 
4; Chorus 4: "Old Fashioned Girl". "Midnight Ghost". 
"Early to Bed and Early to Rise". "Keeping Christmas", 
"Wings of Darkness". "Dickens' Christmas Carol"; Class 
Treas 4. 

Iris Gray Lewis 

Aspiration— To Lead A Band 
Commercial Course; Girl Reserves 1,2,4; Baseball 2,3; 
Basketball 3. 4; Girls' Glee Club 2; Monogram Club 4; Home 
Ec. Club 2, 4; Class Basketball 3, 4; Chorus 2; Etiquette 
Club 2; Boosters' Club 3, 4; Clean-up Committee 3. 

Jewell Lee Linville 

Aspiration — To Rock 
Commercial Course; Glade Valley High 1; Vashti School. 
Thomasville, Ga., 2,3; Glee Club 1; Dramatics 1,2; Home 
Ec. 1: Baseball 1: Volleyball 2; Class Pres. 3; Reporter 2. 

Ruth Leona Little 

Aspiration — To Keep House 
General Course; Policeman 2, 3. 4; Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 
4; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4; Clean-up Campaign 2, 3. 

James E. Long 

Aspiration— To Be A Soda-jerker 
General Course; Football 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Monogram 
Club 3, 4; Ushers' Club 3. 

Irma Catherine Lyerly 

Aspiration — To find my Ambition 
General Course: Home Ec. 1,2; Chorus 4; Office Page 4; 
Booster 2, 3; Etiquette Club 3: "Capers of 1940." 

Geraldine Elizabeth Matthews 

Aspiration— To be the wife of a Broker 
Commercial Course; Home Ec. 2, 3, 4; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Office Page 3. 4; Basketball 2: Etiquette Club 2. 

Eugene B. McBride, Jr. 

Aspiration— To enter Presbyterian Theological Seminary 
General Course;. Hi-Y 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2, Basketball 2; Fire- 
man 2; Etiquette Club 2; Booster 2, 3: Cheerleader 4; Rifle 
Club 4; Rotary Cup Winner 2; Debating 2; Stamp Club 1; 
Dramatics 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club 4; Alderman 4. 

Arline Miller 

Aspiration— To marry the "Man who comes around" 
Commercial Course; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Class Sec'y 4: 
Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4; Social Service Chairman 3; Policeman 
2, 3; Sanitary Program 2, 3; Hall Monitor 3; Excelsior Club 4; 
Office Page 4. 

Faith Irena Miller 

Aspiration — To be a Beautician 
General Course; Policeman 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,4; 
Pres. 4; Sanitation Board 2, 3. 

Arnold Lee Myers 

Aspiration — To Compete With "The Angel" in a 
Beauty Contest 
General Course; Mineral Springs High 1.2; Monogram Club 
3; Football 3, 4. 

L. B. Myers 

Aspiration— To get Out of School 
General Course; Mineral Springs High 1, 2; Alderman 3. 

William Meredith Nicholson 

Aspiration — To be Understood 
College Course; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4, 5; Excelsior Club 3, 4, 
5; Policeman 1, 2, 3. 4, 5; Police Chief 4; Science Club 3; Col- 
lege Club 3; Band 3, 4, 5; Chorus 2, 5; Debating 2, 4, 5 Arcn- 
ery Club 4; Booster 4; Quill and Scroll 4, 5; Lit. Sod. 1. 3, 4; 
Photography Club 4; Lib. Page 2, 3; Etiquette Club 3: Pine 
Whispers 4. 5; State Safety Medal; Fire Prevention Cup 4; 
Nat'l Hon Soc. Medal 2, 3; Service Monogram 3; W. C. T. U. 
Award 3; Sec. 4. 

William H. Nifong 

Aspiration^To Tie a Perfect Bow Tie 
College Course; Booster 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y 5; Chorus 4, 5; Fireman 
1,2; Football 3,4; Baseball 3; Rifle Club 5. 


Mildred Louise O'Neal 

Aspiration — To Take Six lessons from Madam Lazonga 
General Course; Booster 2, 3, 4; Girl Reserves 4; Vice-Pres. 2; 
Lit. Soc. 1,4; Sec. 4: Home Ec. Club 3.4; Rifle Club 4. 


Jack T. Owen 


Aspiration — To be a Millionaire 
General Course. 

. _ . 

Marvin R. Parrish 

Aspiration— To Lead an Expedition to the South Pole 
General Course; Lib. Page 2; Policeman 2; Alderman 1: Boos- 
ter 2. 3. 4; Ushers' Club 3, 4; Pins Whispers 3, 4; Sports' 
Editor 3, 4; Managing Editor 4; "The Bishop's Candlesticks" 
4; Baseball 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Lit. Soc. 4; Vice-Pres. 4; 
Debating Club 3, 4; Debating 4; Chorus 4; Sport Officials' 
Club 4; Service Monogram 4; "Some People Have All The 
Luck" 4; Fireman 3, 4. 

Vivian Nell Parrish 

Aspiration— To Sing with Mickey Rooney's Band 
Commercial Course; Office Page 3, 4; Girl Reserves 3, 4; Home 
Ec. 2. 

Jackson C. Phillips 

Aspiration — To be Admiral in Uncle Sam's Navy 
General Course; Basketball 3, 4. 5; Football 4; Monogram Club 
4, 5; Booster 2; Midget Football 1. 

Helen Lucille Scott 

Aspiration— To be Mascot o[ the Marines 
Commercial Course; Girl Reserves 1,2,3; Glee Club Treas. 4; 
Sec'y. Lit. Soc. 4; Booster 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club; "Oh Pro- 
fessor"; Lost and Found 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Etiquette Club 

James Ferguson Shelton 

Aspiration — To be Reporter [or the "New York Times" 
College Course; Booster 2, 3; Pine Wliispers 3, 4; Quill and 
Scroll 3, 4; Midget Football 2; "Bishop's Candlesticks" 4. 

Margaret Louise Shelton 

Aspiration— To find the "Man VV"/io Comes Around" 
College Course; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4; Lib. 
Page 3; Lib. Tjpist 3; Booster 3, 4 Court Stenographer 4; 
Class Basketball 3; Etiquette Club 2; Tennis 1, 2; Nat. Hon 
Soc. 4; Office Page 4. 

Willie Curtiss Shuler 

Aspiration —To have more than my share of knowledge 
College Course; Policeman 4; D. E. Club; Sec'y-Treas. 4; 
Archery Club 3. 

Hilda L. Simmons 

Aspiration — To Marry "Yehudi" 
Commercial Course; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girl Reserves 1,2; Sr. 
Marshall 3; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4; Policeman 1; Drum Majorette 
3, 4; Alderman 1, 2; Dramatics 4; Tennis 1, 2. 

Gilbert F. Snipes 

Aspiration — To be janitor at "Greasy" 
General Course; Band 3, 4; Rifle Club 5; Dramatics 1, 2. 

John Burton Snyder, Jr. 

Aspiration— Tc be Football Coach at Carolina 
General Course; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Monogram Club 
2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Library Page 1,2,3; Dramatics 2,3: 
Sports Officials' Club 4. 

Paul Vester Stewart, Jr. 

Aspiration — To take lessons from Adam Lazonga 
Commercial Course; Mgr. Baseball 2; Midget Football 2; 
Monogram 2, 3, 4. 

Margie Evelyn Taylor 

Aspiration' — To be a dicss designer 
General Course; Girl Reser-cs 1, 2, 4; Chorus 2; Home 
2, 3, 4; Sanitation Board 4; Cafeteria 2, 3. 


Margie Kathaleen Timmons 

Aspiration — To Crow Up 
Commercial Course; Reynolds High 1,2,3; House of Rep. 1, 

2, 3; Etiquette Club Treas. 3; Girl Reserves 2, 4; Music Club 
3; Booster 4; Pres. Home Ec. 1, 2; Homeroom Sec'y 3. 

Joseph Lee Turner 

Aspiration— To have just one date with Judy Garland 
Commercial Course; Band 1,2,3,4; Tennis 3; Dramatics 1,2, 
3; Hi-Y 4; Debating 4. 

William Jones Wagoner 

Aspiration — To become a "Sir" 
General Course; Lib. Page 1, 2; Policeman 2, 3; Booster 2, 3, 4; 
Lit. Soc. 2, 3; Debating Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3. 

Dorothy Edna Walker 

Aspiration — To be a real 
General Course Mineral Springs 
High 1, 2; Home Ec. 1, 2, 3,4; 
Girl Reserves 3, 4; Booster 3, 4; 
Chorus 1,2.4; Class Basket- 
ball 3, 4. 

Hilda Baynes White 

Aspiration — To swim in the 


Commercial Course; Chorus 1, 

3, 4; Girl Reserves 1. 3. 4; 
Hall Monitor 4; Booster 3, 4. 

Zft&n&s zHigh, amoot 

Other Seniors: MackBrowder, Charles Carper, Helen Cooke, Lonnie McCulloh, David Reich, Hugh Tomlinson. 

: - 


Rah! Rah! Rah! Hanes High's cheerleaders are always on hand to help us win. 
Reading from left to right in the picture, they are Edith Timmons, Eugene Disher, 
Martha Futrelle, E. B. McBride, and Amele Holder. 


— 100- 

Wounded in Action^Some of us — Domestic Damsels 


Dwight Kirby, Historian 

"Yes, and down there you see John W. Hanes High 
School." The pilot was talking and showing his pass- 
engers the place of the 1941 graduation. They were 
getting a bird's-eye view of what Hanes High is and of 

the work of the graduates that went there four years 

These cadets started on their flying course of learn- 
ing that they migh achieve someday their pilots li- 
cense. In their first, year cadets Bruce Campbell, 
Helen Stewart, Evelyn Hege, Louise Shoaf, Junior 
Edwards, Dwight Kirby, Francis Byrd, and Waldo 
Oehman, applied for learners, permit and registered 
for their courses. They stated on the funda 
mentals of learning and gradually they progressed; 
most of them on their ground course stuck to mechanics 
and others to navigation but all were destined to be- 
come pilots whether they were to be good ones or not. 
Their instruction was not so hard at first because 
their teachers knew they were green and inexperienced 
at the flying course of high school. The ground in- 
structors were Captains Flavella Stockton, Maude 
Hale, Roy Swaringen and many others. These instruc- 
tors were very lenient on them, but the students 
caught on fast to regulations. Everything progressed 
rather smoothly for them during those first two years 
with the exception of an occasional nosedive around 
exam time. 

About this time a new cadet joined the training 
corps to get his license along with the rest. It was Hugh 
Tomlinson, whose preliminary training had been re- 
ceived at Mineral Springs. Certain achievements by 

individual flyers also became noticeable about this 
time. In the field of athletics, Helen Stewart and Hugh 
Tomlinson soared above the rest when Hugh became 
football captain and Helen made the baseball and 
soccer teams. In other student pursuits, Dwight serv- 
ed as alderman during his second year and later claim- 
ed the honor of designing a flight emblem for the 
school flag. Bruce Campbell and Evelyn Hege were up 
in the East detail, ready at all times for trial flights, 
and most of the class were now ranked as first lieu- 
tenants. Before long they were trying out planes in 
tests and even doing some parachuting. A safe land- 
ing in the senior class in September, 19^0 put them in 
line for final honors in January. Officers elected at this 
time were: Evelyn Hege, president; Dwight Kirby, vice- 
president; Louise Shoaf, secretary, and Bruce Camp- 
bell, treasurer. The class "hopped off" in a body to the 
annual Junior-Senior reception given for them around 

After all this ground-training in fundamentals and 
details, the cadets were now ready to become senior 
flying officers. They had encountered many spins, 
loops, down-drafts, and air-pockets but were now rea- 
dy for their solo flight away from Hanes High and for 
full pilot's licenses. In short, it was graduation time 
at the training school. So after four years of appren- 
ticeship, they passed with propeller spinning and made 
a perfect three-point landing into new fields of en- 
deavor. Attention! Line up for graduation. Senior 
Pilots, Evelyn Hege, Dwight Kirby, Louise Shoaf, 
Bruce Campbell, Junior Edwards, Hugh Tomlinson, 
Waldo Oehman, Helen Stewart, and Francis Byrd. 

— 101 — 

The Bishop's Candlesticks-~"Tootsie"~ Sock it! 


Waldo Oehman, Prophet 

i 1 . 

I am cruising high above the earth in my new air- 
plane, and it is now January 1946 — exactly five years 
after my graduation from John W. Hanes High School. 
I think of my classmates and begin to wonder where 
they are and what they are doing. As I circle the 
outskirts of the city, I see an architectural studio, and 
a recently-perfected electric beam enables me to see 
inside as well as outside. Who should be there, busily 
working away, but Dwight Kirby, whose name has 
already become famous as a leader in his profession. 

Happy at having seen Dwight, I fly on till I next 
find myself peering into the office of an automobile 
factory where Louise Shoaf, another classmate, is 
working as a private secretary. And I know that luck 
alone did not get her this position, because I remember 
how well she always did her work in school. 

As I fly over the city, I next see a hospital, where 
much to my surprise, I discover Helen Stewart wait- 
ing on the patients. She also has made a success of 
her chosen profession. Bravo, Helen! 

But what do I see below me now? A small, neat 
house with a beautiful lawn encircling it and a flower 
garden in the rear. I drop a little lower and recognize 
Evelyn Hege busily at work among her flowers, but I 
don't recognize the tall man coming down the path to- 
ward her. He must be the man to whom she is happily 
married now. 

Further out in the country, I fly over a well-kept 
farm and Junior Edwards, who is diligently plowing 
away in his cornfield, stops long enough to wave his 
hat at me. I never expected Junior to become a farmer, 
but he is evidently making a go of it. 

And, right next to his farm lies another large tract 
of ground which has a sign on the gate reading 
"Campbell's Poultry Farm ". This is not surprising 
when I remember that even in high school, Bruce 
Campbell was interested in chicken-raising. 

Visibility becomes poor as it gets later, and, not 
being able to see much that is below me, I turn on the 
radio and recognize the first voice I hear as that be- 
longing to Francis Byrd. Sweet Pea Soap is sponsor- 
ing the great comedian on their daily broadcast since 
his clever jokes and skits made him rated among the 
number one comedians of stage, screen, and radio. 
I hear the program through, and it is followed im- 
mediately by a nation-wide football broadcast. The 
announcement of the line-ups reveals the fact that the 
all-American quarterback, Hugh Tomlinson, is a 
member of one of the teams, and he distinguishes him- 
self throughout the game. 

And that, I realize, completes the roll-call of my 
former classmates. Slowly I drop to the ground and 
make a three point landing. I am happy because I have 
seen them and am even happier still because I know 
that each is successful in his life work. 


Posture Plus— So What?— Just A Few Boosters 


Horace Barrett, Historian 

Since the idea of National Defense has been the 
paramount one which has been stressed during our 
senior year, we, the members of the class of 1941 rea- 
lize that when we entered high school in the year of 
1937 we were taking a definite step in that direction 
by training our individual minds and bodies to con- 
tribute to the future strength of our country. 

In 1937 we came from both North Elementary and 
Fairview schools into the seventh grade of what is 
now John W. Hanes High School, and the following 
year we started in on our freshman year. We can 
look back now and realize how much the faculty and 
student body have changed since we first came. We 
soon caught on to the plan of how our school was 
run — like that of a city government — and learned we 
had better walk the straight and narrow path if we 
wanted to stay out of "jail." Under the careful di- 
rection of Miss Dungan and Mr. Haltiwanger we 
went through sophomore year and became juniors. 

During this year we first began to see what our 
classmates really had in them, so to speak. Bill Nichol- 
son and Hilda Austin made the debating team. Martha 
Futrell and Peggy Lancaster became stars in the field 
of dramatics. E. S. Hall was elected mayor at the 
close of that year, and Hilda Austin received a Ser- 
vice Monogram. Marvin Parrish was awarded a simi- 
lar monogram this year for service to the school. We 
saw many of our classmates in the band and chorus, 
and they helped us to come out with flying colors in 
the state-wide music contests at Greensboro in '39 and 
'40. Both boys and girls showed up well in athletics, 

publications work, and various other activities. We 
also became the proud possessors of our class rings 
during this junior year 

When we returned in the fall of 1940 we saw a good 
football team perform for us in spite of the handicap 
of losing a number of players to the National Guard. 
The first break in school activities came when we got 
out a day for the County Fair which opened up within 
sight of the school in October. Then came the Junior- 
Senior dance held in the school gym just before Christ- 
mas where the decorations carried out the patriotic 
idea. We also began to see new faces in the faculty 
as Miss Baynes and Miss Kinlaw came to take the 
vacancies left by the marriage of Miss Smeltzer and 
Miss Spinks. 

Then came a period of studying for mid-term exams 
which came in spite of the valiant efforts of the 'flu to 
keep us all at home. Many seniors also decided to 
stay over for another year about this time, but those 
of us who were still firm in our intentions to graduate 
in June got to-gether and elected class officers as 
follows: President, Dick Helsabeck; Vice-pres. Zeno 
Groce; Secretary, Arline Miller, and Treasurer, Peggy 

This brings our school career up to its climax — the 
graduating exercises — and we turn our faces now in 
the direction of new success in new fields. With the 
hope, then, that we will be of great service as citizens 
of the community in which we live and the country in 
which we believe, we now leave the future of the class 
of 1941 in the hands of our class prophet. 

— 103— 



Working Hard— and— Playing Hard 


Betty Penry, Prophet 

- '■ 1 


lt was a dark, cold morning as we left the house 
to report to the draft board to register for national 
defense. As all the young men and women of the June, 
1941, graduating class of Hanes High had become of 
age, they came today, Monday, Jan 21, 1946 to register 
for their service in the National Defense more as a 
patriotic duty than a necessity. 

A glittering, uniformed officer said, "As I call your 
name, step forward and report your occupation." 

The first one to step from the line was Horace Adams 
Who said he was a dispenser of gas in a filling station 
near Walkertown, N. C. Next was Hilda Austin, 
secretary to Miss Nancy Barnes, who is now Presi- 
dent of Vassar College. A man with a curled-up 
mustache reported that his name was Horace Barrett 
and that he was a millionaire banker and sportsman. 
Helen Bowles gave her occupation as a Salvation 
Army captain. Next was Roy Lee Boyles who was 
an inspector of beans in a bean factory. M. D. Bras- 
well reported that he was now a Baptist minister. 
Then came Arlene Brown who was dietition for the 
county prison, and Betty Jean Campbell, now coach 
of basketball at Ogburn Station High School. Charles 
Carper gave his occupation as assistant chief-of-police 
in N. Y. City. Next to report was the widow of a rich 
banker who had assumed her old name as Alberta 
Childress. Dorothy Clinard said that she was a wait- 
ress in a restaurant at Coney Island. We found that 
Miss Helen Cooke had just arrived from a trip abroad. 
Ruth Cook is hostess at the Waldorf-Astoria in New 
York and Dorothy Crater is a Spanish dancer. Fran- 

ces Danner was a model in Wannamakers' and Mabel 
Elledge gave her occupation as a seamstress. Just then 
Edythe Foster stepped forward and reported that she 
was a floorwalker for Kress 5 6 10 cent store. Martha 
Futrell has now reached her ambition as dean of a 
"Military School for Girls". Ruth Lee Greene is hair- 
dresser and manicurist at the "Youthful Beauty Salon". 
Answering to their names, Zeno Groce, E. S. Hall, 
and John Hall, who are now financiers of a "Club of 
Sports" for underprivileged boys, stepped from the 
line We next saw Nellie Hardister who now sells 
tickets for a local theater. Dick Helsabeck is now the 
tailor for Frank A. Stith's. Pearl Hendrix said that 
she now has a kindergarten class at home. Faith and 
Hope Hudspeth are running a bakery, and Dot John- 
son reported that she was competing in the finals of the 
Women's Hurdle-Jumping Tournament. Bill Johnson 
is now holding the lightweight boxers' championship 
title for N. C. Jack Kates announced that he was a 
book binder and Walter Knight that he was an elec- 
trician. Peggy Lancaster is hostess on an airplane that 
Frank Lancaster pilots. Iris Lewis is now starring in 
a cowgirl rodeo show. Jewell Linville reported that 
she was keyboard operator and Ruth Little is a lib- 
rarian. Who should step up next but James Long who 
is an Adviser to Lovelorn and Irma Lyerly who is a 
snake charmer. E. B. McBride answered to his name 
as a Philanthropist. To our surprise, we saw Lonnie 
McCulloh step out with a funny looking cap on which 
he said was his coal miners' cap and with still more 
(Continued to page 161) 

— 104— 


JLra:^M.:£i£:y,,:.y «i£JH™ :S..3C»«aiJj?T£lSiySiS^,i^*1~»^f ?£^ZS^i:MfJ¥S?i 

Mi^-^M' 4 



Most Intellectual: Louise Shoaf and Bruce Campbell; Best All 'Round: Louise Shoaf 
and Dwight Kirby; Best Looking: Evelyn Hege and Hugh Tomlinson; Wittest: Evelyn 
Hege and Hugh Tomlinson; Most Athletic: Helen Stewart and Hugh Tomlinson. 


Best All Round: E. S. Hall and Peggy Lancaster; Best Looking: Horace Barrett and 
Ruth Lee Greene; Most Athletic: Jack Phillips and Betty Penry; Most Intellectual: Bill 
Nicholson and Arlene Brown; Wittiest: E. B. McBride and Dorothy Walker. 

— 105- 







Hard at work on Pine Whispers and the Black and Gold, we find members of 
Hanes High's Fourth Estate. Seated — Lancaster, Shelton, Penry, Newsome, Saunders, 
Harrington, Futrell, Parrish. Standing — Nicholson, Barrett, Cheek, M. Futrelle, 
Adams, Paris, Gordon, Randleman, Disher. Not in the picture are Hilda Austin, 
Dwight Kirby, Dot Johnson, M. D. Braswell. 


One of two honorary societies at Hanes High is the Quill and Scroll which recog- 
nizes student achievement in the field of journalism. The eleven members are pictured 
above in the following order: First row — M. A. Paris, A. L. Newsom, B. Penry, V. 
Randleman, E. Disher, M. Futrell, J. Shelton, B. Nicholson, H Adams, M. Parrish, D 



Mayor E. S. Hall 

Solicitor Dick Helsabeck 

Judge Billy Hamilton 

Police Chief Horace Adams 

Fire Chief Horace Barrett 

Clerk of Court Molly Widdifield 

Marjorie Ann Paris 

Stenographers Arline Brown, Margaret 

Shelton, Rachel Berry, Arline Miller 


Kirby, Buchanan, Little, Phillips, White, Hanes, Bodenheimer, Campbell, Southern, C. Lineback, M. Lineback, 
Miller, Elledge. Banner, Terrell, Stultz, Southern, Clinard, Knight, Walker, Welch, Barnes, Carter, Self, Dickey, 
Joyce, Wright, Chilton, Bern ett, Spainhour, Byrd,, A. Barnes, N. Barnes, Nicholson, B. Bennett, Shields, 
Garner. Whitlow, Fansler, Styers, Parrish, Easter, Sain, Hale, Browder, W. Bennett, Shuler, McBride, Alley. 

— 110- 


DEBATERS— Four students blessed with the gift of gab composed Hanes High's 
debating team for 1941. Doris West and Hilda Austin made up the affirmative team 
and Bill Hamilton and Roy Braswell, the negative. Miss Lelah Nell Masters acted as 


High scholastic standing and general ability won for twenty-six Hanes High stu- 
dents a place in the National Honor Society. This includes both last year's members 
and new members tapped in two impressive ceremonies held during 1940-41. Mr. 
Ray Weathers is sponsor. 

First row— Mr. Weathers, Stewart, Austin, Newsome, Miller, Hinshaw. Second 
row— Barnes, Nicholson, Bowman, Hege, Dixon, Sain, Simmons. Third row— Thomp- 
son, Hicks, Linville, Berry, Bennet, Lineback, Crater. Fourth row— Hanks, Shelton, 
Futrell, Oehman, Paris, West, Brown. 

-Ill — 





•i irv 

*""' : H .;■ 5v"-va- 


Poplin, Hamilton, Groce, Barrett. Carper, Adams, Bennett, Ball, Duncan, Hutchins, Turner, Nifong. Hayes, Bras- 
well, Totherow. Sain, Moser, Heath, Newsome, Berger, Sprinkle, Hall, Disher, Foy, Hall, Moore, Shields, McBride, 
Sponsors: Greene, Futrell, Duncan, Sealy. 


Coleman, Reich, Timmons, Hanes, Hall, Phillips, Fisher, Buchanan, Kimel, Holder, White, Holcomb, Archer, 
Matthews, Cromer, Payne, Sprinkle, Walker, Weatherman, McAbee, Widdifield, Berry, Greene, Clinard, Harreison, 
Johnson. Futrel, Knight, Gordon, Timmons, Blevins, Haskins, Miller, Campbell, Miller, Shelton, Sealey, Hauser, 
Tuttle, O'Neil, Lewis, Austin, Hege, Cook. Hanks, Randleman, Paris, Reid, Barnes, Duncan, Adams, Combs, 
Alexander, Elledge, Little, Barnes, Speas, Carter, West, Hartness, Highfill, Sigman, Clarke, Shermer,, Payne, Bow- 
man. West, Anderson, Mays. Anderson, A. Barnes. Lineback, Hardister, Greene. Sellers, Page, Penry, Southern, 
White, Rierson, Wooten. Harvey, Marsh, Morgan, Stewart, Payne, Dority, Landingham, Middleton, Futrell, Rikard, 
Brewer, Weatherman. 



First row— N. Barnes, Widdifield. Reich, Kimel, White, Hanes, Page, Hanks, Cooke, Naylor, Buchanan. Second 
row— Shelton, Greene, Brantley, A. Barnes, F. Hudspeth, H. Hudspeth, Highfill Third row— Timmrons, Stewart, 
Higgins. Fourth row — Matthews, Shermer, Johnson, Harrelson, Penry, Shaw, Higgins. Fifth row — Payne, Miss 
Bethea, Parrish, Lyerly, Mrs. Morgan. 


First row — Naylor, Tatum, Matthews, C. Greene, Comer, Buchanan, Reich, Hanes, Knight. Archer, Knight, 
Criner, Bodenheimer. Second row — Kirby, Brantley, White, Little, Walker, Lewis, R. Greene, Alexander, Campbell, 
Harrelson, Hendrix, Lewis, Owen, Haskins. Third row— Murphy, Tilley, B- Murphv, Mounce, F Hudspeth, H. 
Hudspeth, Miller, Elledge. Boles, Watkins, Smith, Ledbetter, Ford, Dixon, Marsh, Adams, Middleton, Miss Kin- 
law. Fourth row— Rierson, WorOten, Harvey, Ross, Watkins, Harris, Creed, Payne, Duncan, Clarke, Sigman, Whit- 
ley, McBride, Chilton. J. Cheek, Blevins, McAbee, Welborn, Langford. Fifth row — B. Hudspeth, Cheek, Reid, 
Lineback, Banner. Jarrett, Goforth, Speaks, Stutts, Whiteheart, Phillips, O'Neal, Perry 1 . 


First row — Reich, Highfill, Phillips, Cooke, Walker, Speas, West, Widdifield. Fishel, Hali, Coleman. Second row — 
Danner, Hendrix, Clinard. Flynt, Barnes, Austin, Greene, Bavinder. Lineback. J. Clinard. Third row — Lyerly, 
Hauser. Sealey. Brantley, Foster, Shermer, Whitley. Smith, Payne, Weatherman. Fourth row — Scott, Byrd, Spain- 
hour. Dunnagan. Taylor, VanHoy. Welborn, Holcomb, Futrell, Paris, Randleman. Fifth row — Day, Stack, Heath, 
Newsome. Holder. Barron, Hinshaw, Parrish, Johnson, Disher, Clarke. Sixth row — Clodfelter, Foy, Helsabeck, 
McBride. Nifong. Nicholson, Welch, Duncan, Ball, Turner, Meadows, Harris. Harrington, VanHoy. 




First row— Posey, F. Payne, Weatherman, Archer, Adderton, Watkins, Phillips, Second row— N. Payne, Daniels, 
Newsome. Brantley, Norris, Clinard, Tatum. Third row— Ford, Hartness, Clary, Flynt, Hamby, Wall. Coach Mac- 


First row— Chilton, Smith. Wooten, Sprinkle, B. McKenzie, Barrett, Myers Boyles. Clark. Second row— Heath, 
Leach, Meadows, Wall, Johnson, Daniels, Bishop, Naylor, Burke. Third row — J. McKenzie, Clary, Moore, Snyder. 
Berger, Groce, Long, Cook, Morgan, Tomlinson, Styers. Hall, Landingham. 


First row— Penry, Knight, Hege, Kirby, Campbell, F. Payne, Dinner, Lewis, Archer, Sigman, Combs, Brantley. 
Second row — Alexander, Gordon, Chapman, Hartness, Stultz, Lineback, Morris, Harrelson, Byrd, Posey, Holder, 
Whitlow, Middle ton. Porter, Southern. Third row — Manager Ford. 



Top row— Sheets, Bennett, R. Hall, Self, Whicker. Second row — Boyles, Wade, Landingham, Stevenson. Burke. 
Third row — Walker, Ball, Parrish, Smith, Knight, Harris. 


First row— Naylor, Hamby, Brantley, M. NayLor, Hartness, Payne, Sigman, Kirby, Coach Baynes, Lewis, Holder, 
Adderton, Ford. Daniels, Middleton, Flynt, Harrelson. Second row— McBride, Lyerly, Matthew, Johnson, Tatum, 
Watkins, Spencer, Sheets, Phillips, Haskins, Knight, Lineback, Weldy, Phillips, Cline, Goings, Harris, Bouldin, 
Collins, Moore. 



Hall, Berger, Heath, Disher, Duncan, E. Hall, Moore, Cartner, Coach Weathers, Hinshaw, Poplin. 


Kneeling — Chilton, Weathers. Allridge. Standing — Stevenson, Smith, Burke, Linville, Sheets, Long, Phillips, 
Wade, Harris, Garner, Styers, Tatum, Landingham. 


Matthews, Harrelson, B. Archer. K. Archer, Hall. Shermer, Saunders, Self, Moser, Snyder, Cartner, Thomasson. 
VanHoy, W. Moser, Harrington. Hayes, Bennett, Kirby, Williams, Childress, Davis, Ball. Carper. Duncan, Austin, 
Lineback, Fansler, Harrington. Braswell, Hutchinson, Tucker, Penry, Kane. 


s^r 4$r y° <<> v^ «<& 

^ vefc <^ Jy» \ # . ^ * 

^ j& :&b *»° \a yr \<<? „<\ 

<> >>< <<* :V* 





* ******* 

c^t Jnouant foz tns \jutuxz 

At a time when individual freedom is disappearing in many nations 
we should realize the obligation which is ours to maintain this privi- 
lege. Failure to appreciate our good fortune endangers this security. 
In order to deserve the heritage which is ours, we must show our 
appreciation by working for it rather than taking it for granted. 

— 119 — 

For her faithfulness, sincerity, willingness, and friendli- 
ness toward all, and her sympathetic nature in helping with 
our problems, we, the senior class of James A. Gray High, 
proudly dedicate our section of the BLACK AND GOLD 
to Miss Moselle Stephenson. 

— 120- 

Virginia Louise Allen 

Head of Language Department 
B. S., Salem College 

Sarah Anderson 

Mathematics Department 

Salem College - 

W. C. U. N. C. 


James L. Barnhardt 

Mathematics Department 
A. B., University of North Carolina 

Eleanor Cain Blackmore 

Head of Mathematics Department 
A. B., Salem College 

Jeanne Bunch 

English and Music Department 

Mitchell College 

Duke University 

George Peabody College 

James Allen Bunn 

Science Department 
B. S.. Guilford College 

Mr. Barnhardt 

Mr. Fox 

Miss Hall 

Miss Kallam 

Caroline Diehl 

Language Department 

A. B., Salem College 

M. A., University of North Carolina 

Lawrence A. Fox 

Industrial Arts Department 
Iowa State Teachers College of Manual Arts 

Virginia Garner 

Mathematics Department 
A. B.. Salem College 

Daisy Lee Glasgow 

Head of Social Science Department 

A. B.. M. A., Salem College 

Columbia University 

Mrs. Blackmore 
Miss Garner 
Miss Hyatt 


Hattie Googe 

Mathematics Department 
A. B., Salem College 

Theodore E. Griffin 

Social Science Department 
A. B.. Guilford College 

Kathleen Hall 

Social Science Department 
A. B.. University of North Carolina 

Rheta B. Hyatt 

Head of Home Economics Department 

A. B., Asheville Teachers College 

East Carolina Teachers College 

University of Chicago 

Virginia Batte Johnson 

Social Science Department 

University of North Carolina 

Minnie Spencer Kallam 


A. B-, Woman's College ,of the University 

of North Carolina 

A. B., in L. S., University of North Carolina 

— 121 — 

Miss Knox 

Miss Odom 

Mrs. Robinson 

r Ta 

Annie Lee Knox 

Home Economics Department 

Woman's College of the University of 

North Carolina 

Fannie Love Mecum 

English Department 

Greensboro Woman's College 

Duke University 

Ruth Frances Meinung 

Head of Science Department 

A. B., Salem College 

University of North Carolina 

Columbia University 

Shore Neal 

Commercial Department 
Lenoir Rhyne College 

Mildred Newsom 

Secretary to Principal 

Tiny M. Odom 

Commercial Department 

A. B., Columbia University 

Columbia College, S. C. 

Miss Meinung 

Mr. Racster 

Mr. Smith 

Miss Tiller 

Artelee Puett 

Head of Commercial Department 

, E-, B. A., Woman's College of University 

of North Carolina 

Barrett Racster 

Industrial Arts Department 

Mechanical Drawing and Metalwork 

Eastern Illinois State Teachers College 

Preston Bruce Raiford 

Coordinator of Diversified Occupations 
B. S., N. C. State College 

Nancy Louise Raper 

English Department 
Duke University 

Lavenia Fuller Robinson 

English Department 

B. S. r Meredith College 

North Carolina State College 

Mary Pegram Scott 

English Department 
A. B.. Greensboro College 

Ned Raeford Smith 

Social Science Department 

B. S., Meredith College 

Salem College 

Arthur Steere 

Music Department 
A. B., Elon College 

Moselle Stephenson 

Head of English Department 

A. B., Winthrop College 

Clara Evelyn Tiller 

English Department 

B. S., Harrisburg College 
William and Mary College 

Peabody College 



(fyxciu c^-fian danuaxu (LLcta il)frLC£X± 

Jack Saylor Christine Elledge 

Mickey Davis 


Mickey Davis 


Jack Saylor 

Carrie Lee Snider 


Christine Elledge 


Carrie Lee Snider 


Barbara Ann Campbell 

January Class Superlatives 

Maxine Harvel and Alex Collins, friendliest; Mickey Davis and George Peebles, 
best-all-round; Margaret Andrews and George Peebles, most athletic; Mickey Davis 
and Jack Saylor, most popular; Christine Elledge and Alex Collins, best looking; and 
Mae Jarvis and Donald Cook, most intellectual. 


Oe#iior Cuiss af 1941 

3. 4 

R. 4; 

Board 2. 

Holland Russell Anderson 

"Rise Once More" 
General Course; Gym. Dept. 4; Better known as "Doc". 

Margaret Roland Andrews 

"Old Times Dar Am Not Forgotten" 
General Course; G. R. I, 2; Honor S. H. 4. 

James N. Ball 

"Let Us All Be Grateful" 
Commercial Course; H R. Per. Rel. Dept. 3; Recording Dept. 
4; Checking Dept. 3; Schol. Dept. 4; Better known as "Bud''. 

Margaret Elizabeth Baynes 

"With A Silent Tear" 
General Course; S. H. Council 3; Lib. Council 3 4- G 
Interior Dept. 4; Better known as "Meg". 

Helen Louise Beasley 

The Tear That Said Goodbye" 
General Course; H. R. B. B. Reader I; Sec. 3- 
Schol. Dept. 2; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; Lib. Council ' 
Dept. 3. 4; G. R. 3. 4; Better known as "Heidi". 

Alexander G. Collins 

"Brings Them Safe Home Again" 
General Course; I. B. S. I, 2; H. R. Pres. 3; Hi-Y 4; Traffic 
Dep. I; Football 12 3; Per. Rel. Dept. 2,3.4; Record!;., 
Dept. 3; Monogram Club 3; V.-Pres. 3; Aud. Dept 12 3 4- 
Supt. 4; Better known as "Rip". ' ' 

Donald Cook 

"Oh, Thus Be Ever" 
Commercial Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 1; Supt. Checking Dept. 
3; Schol. Dept. 3: Lib. Council 4; Traffic Dept. 4: Record- 
ing Dept. 4; Better known as "Don". 

Chester Gray Copple 

'How He Strove To Beat Our Banner" 
General Course; Band 2, 3, 4; Better known as "Check". 

Mickey Elizabeth Davis 

"Pride of Our Country, Honored Afar" 
General Course; Class V.-Pres. 1: Pres. 2,4- Treas 3- G 

?• '■V' 4: , P f %'■ De P f - 2 ' 3 ' 4 : Tra( ^' Dept. 2.3,4 
S. H. Council 3, 4: Sponsor Sr. Hi-Y 4; Debating Team 3 
Pres. Pub. Spkg. Class 4; Sr. Marshall 3; Dramateers 3, 4 
better known as Mickey Mouse". 

Billie Christine Elledge 

"Symbol of Right Thro' the Years Passing o'er" 
General Course; Class Sec. 2, 4; Lib. Council 4; Board 4- G 
K. 4; Recording Dept. 3. 4; Supt. Interior Dept. 4; Traffic 
Dept. 2, 4; Better known as "Chris". 

Iris Kathleen Elson 

Oh, Say Can You See" 
General Course; Better known as "Kat". 

Johnny Elmore Glasscoe 

"We Rush to Arms When Aroused by Its Calls" 
General Course; Traffic Dept. 2; Checking Dept. 1,2,3. 

Maxine Rebecca Harvel 

"Sweeping o'er Our Heart Strings Now" 
General Course; Traffic Dept. 1,2.3,4; Class Pres. 3; Board 
2; Recording Dept. 3; Lib. Council 3; S. H. Council 4; Bet- 
ter known as "Mae". 

Erma Mae Jarvis 

"Lead Us in Pathways of Justice and Right" 
Diversified Occupation Course; Class Pres. 2, 3- Sec. 1- V.- 
Pres. 2; Pres. D. O. Class 4; Board 2, 3, 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 
3; Supt. 4 School Sec. 3; Traffic Dept. *, 4; Chief Sr. Mar- 
shall 3; Recreation Dept. 2; G. R. 2, 3, 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 
4; Schol. Dept. 2; Lib. Council !: Offiice Page 3,4; S. H. 
Council 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Black and Gold Staff 4; Bet- 
ter known as "Mazie". 

George Bitting Jarvis, Jr. 

Guides with Ease the Happier Times" 
General Course; Mgr. Football Team 2, 3. 4, 5- Mgr. 
ball Team 1,2,3,4; Gen. Untility 2,3,4.5; Supt. 4 
Dept. 4. 5; Hi-Y 4, 5; Traffic Dept. 3. 5; Lib. Pag 
Basketball 1; Per. Rel. Dept. 3; Monogram Club 3; Lib 
Council 2. 3: San. Dept. 1; Better known as "Doctor". 



1. 2: 

Mary Lois Jones 

"Honest Peace" 

Commercial Course; G. R. 1,2,3; Interior Dept. 4; Better 
known as "Duck". 

Janedia Mae Leonard 

"True, They Tell Us Wreaths of Glory" 
General Course; Class Pres. 3; Board 2; Per. Rel. Dept 2. } 
4; G. R. 3, 4; Traffic Dept. 2, 4; Lib. Council 4; Glee Club 1. 
3. 4: Monogram Club Sponsor 3; Better known as "Jan". 

Virginia Lee Mabe 

"Mingle with the Tears We Shed" 
General Course; Lib. Page 1,2; G. R. 1,2; Interior Dept. 4: 
Better known as "Chick". 

— 126— 

Caruso Advis Miller 

"He Shall Come To Open Wide the Iron Door" 
General Course; Football 2; Supt. Checking Dept. 3; Better 
known as "Crusoe". 

George Clenton Peebles, Jr. 

The Army and Navy Forever" 
General Course; Supt. Checking Dept. 1,2; Amos and Andy 
2. 3: Recording Dept. 3; Traffic Dept. 3, 4; Board 2, 3 4- 

Foo . t .^ a ," .?■ 3 - 4 - Aud - °ept- 4; Gym. Dept. 4; Better known 
as Clip 

Jack Edward Saylor 

"Mind the Music and the Step 
General Course; San. Dept. 1; I. B. S. 1; Pres. Monogram 
Club 3; Supt. And. Dept. 2. 4: Hi-Y 4; Football 2 3 4- Per 
Re). Dept. 3, 4; Traffic Dept. 2, 3, 4- Lib. 
tion Dept. 3; Class V.-Pres. 4; S. H. 
known as "Chick". 

Council 4; Recrea- 
Council 3; Better 

Claudia Bunn Simpson 

"We'll Give Him a Hearty Welcome" 
General Course; B. B. Reader 2. 4; Orchestra 3; G. R. 3- 
Lib. Council 4; Traffic Dept. 4; H. R. P. T. A. Rep. 4- Bet- 
ter known as "Trick". 

Carrie Lee Snider 

"And a Noble Heart Must Answer" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; Lib. Council 3. 4; Traffic 
Dept. 4; Class Treas. 4; Better known as "Toby". 

John Earl Stonestreet 

"/ Am Thinking Most of Fou 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 1; Traffic Dept. 2; Band 2- 
Office Page 3; Better known as "Fat". 

Lawrence Gibson Taylor 

"Honor Bade Us Do No Less" 
General Course; Band 2. 3. 4; H. R. V.-Pres. 2- H R Per 
Rel. Dept. 2. 

Era Lee Teague 

There's a Silver Lining" 
Commercial Course; Traffic Dept. 4; G. R. 2, 3; Class Sec. 
3. L,b. Council 2. 3, 4; Schol. Dept. 4; B. B. Reader 4; Supt. 
Office Asst. 3; Supt. Honor S. H. 4. 

Edna Raye Troutman 

"vW Although Your Heart Is Bre 
Commercial Course; Class V.-Pres. 1; Sec 
Lib. Council 3, 4; Traffic Dept. 3, 4 
H. Council 3. 4; Sr. Poet 4; Better k 

1 ; Dramateer 1 ; 
Recording Dept. 4; S. 
nown as "Baby Raye". 

Wanda Jean Welborn 

_ "Or Well Perish Nobly There" 

General Course; Board 2. 3; Class Sec. 2-' V.-Pres 3- I B S 
2; Per. Rel. Dept 3; Lib. Page 2.3,4; Asst. Supt. '4; Bet- 
ter known as "Sis". 

Rhober Monroe Wooten 

'SMe Smiled as Fierce as a Forty Pounder" 
General Course; Better known as "Fist". 

Martha Charlotte Leigh Arnold 

"To Welcome Home My Darling Boy" 
General Course; Lib. Council 2, 4; Traffic Dept. 2, 3; Rec- 
r c eat j? n Dept 3, 4; G - R - 1-2.3,4; Recording Dept. 2,3,4; 
^. H. Council 3, 4; Soccer 2; Basketball 2; H. R. Per 1 Rel 
Dept. 2; Publicity Dept. 4; Better known as "Got". 

Hazel Virginia Baity 

-"And We'll All Feel Good" 

General Course; Lib. Council 4; Recording Dept. 4; Class 

V-Pres 2, Sec 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4; Schol. Dept. 1,2,3; 

Honor S. H. Worker 3, 4; Traffic Dept. 4; Better known as 

onorty . 

Cleo Esther Binkley 

"Spite of All That I Can Do" 
Commercial Course; Class Sec. 1; Pres. 2; Schol. Dept 1- 
Lib_ Council 2; Traffic Dept. 4; S. H. Council 4; Flag Waver 
4; n. K. Housekeeping Chairman 2, 3; Better known as "Shor- 
ty • 

Talmadge Thomas Bodenheimer 

"With a Heart Too Full for Utterance" 
General Course; Schol. 3; Traffic Dept. 4; Recording Dept. 
3; Class V.-Pres. 1; B. B. Reader 1; Better known as "Tarn". 

Frances Miriam Bostick 

"In Heaven We Place a Manly Trust" 

General Course; Albermarle High 1; Basketball 2,3,4- Shol. 

?Tt ' J' ?• Council 2 ' 4: Check i"9 Dept. 3; Lib. Council 
i. 4; Irarhc Supt. 4; Better known as "Franky". 

Lena Trelvan Bostick 

"May the Service United Never Sever" 
General Course; Albermarle High 1; G. R. 2 3 4- Traffic 
Dep }.' c }■ 4; ?,■ H - S "Pt- 2; Per. Rel. Dept. 2, 3; Better known 
■as bkipper . 

Ruth Williams Bowman 

"Ruler o[ Wind and Wave" 
General Course; Cheerleader 3. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc 3 4- Pres 
4; Board 1; H. R. Pres. 2; Recording Dept. 3- G. R 4-' S H 
Council 3; Per. Rel. Dept. 3.4; Traffic Dept. 4; Lost and 
Jround 2; Recreation Dept. 3; Basketball 3. 4; I B S 1- 
Sec. Pres. Club 2. 

JiUjii hcft&ol 

*»es ' 



^aaHi 9Bk 

c)e#tior C/ctss of 1941 

Myrtle Nola Braddock 

"Fling from Thy Beak — Our Dear Banner of Old'' __ 
General Course; G. R. 1.2,3.4: V.-Pres. 1; Inter-Club 
Council 1; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Per. Rel. Dept. 1: Lib. Council 
1; Cheerleader 1; Board 1,2; Hi-Y Sponsor 1.2: Recreation 
Dept. 1, 2: Better known as "Mutt". 

Haywood Cumbie Brinegar 

Thy Banners Make Tyranny Tremble'' 
General Course; Football 1.2,3.4; Basketball 1,2,3.4; S. 
H. Council 4. 5; Supt. 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 3. 4; Supt. 5: Hi-Y 
4, 5; Class Pres. 4; Interior Dept. 5; H. R. Treas. 3; Traffic 
Dept 5; Instrumental Music 1; Student Pres. 5. 

Charles Murphy Brock 

"Girdle with Virtue the Armor of Might" 
General Course; Band 2, 3, 4; Schol. Dept. 2. 

Ethel Mae Burton 

"Thinking. Dear, of You" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; H. R. Housekeeping 2; 
Honor S. H. 3, 4; Better known as "Porky". 

Harold Odell Cardwell 

"O, May the Future Be as Bright" 
General Course; Board 1; Baseball 3; Better known as "Goo- 

Amy June Carter 

"Ever Grateful for the Prize" 
General Course; Soccer 1. 2, 3, 4; Lost and Found 1, 2; Gym. 
Dept. 3: V.-Pres. Monogram Club 4; baseball 3; Manager 3, 4. 

Bernice Nora Chamberlain 

"And There She Saw a Thousand Men" 
General Course: Recording Dept. 1; G. R. 1; Supt. Home 
Ec. Dept. 4; Honor S. H. 3. 4: Better known as "Burni". 

Margaret Katherine Clodfelter 

"Pack Up Your Troubles" 
General Course; Recording Dept. 3; Supt. S. H. 3. 

Vance York Clodfelter 

"Behold the Chief Who Now Commands" 
Commercial Course: R. J. Reynolds High 1; Band 2,3,4; 
Board 3, 4; Schol. Dept. 3. 4; Supt. 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 3, 4: 
Hi-Y 3, 4 ;_ Class Treas. 3: V-Pres. 4; Traffic Dept. 4; Better 
known as "Gussy"'. 

Carolyn Murphy Clowers 

" Undimmed by Human Tears" 
Commercial Course. 

Carroll LaVarne Cole 

"We Shall Meet, but We Shall Miss Him" 
General Course; Class Pres. 1: San. Dept, 1; Hi-Y 2,3,4.5: 
Traffic Dept. 3. 4; Supt. Gen. Utility 2. 3; Football 2. 3; Mgr. 
Baseball 4; Board 1. 2. 4; Schol. Dept. 2; Lib. Council 3; Bet- 
ter known as "Spark". 

Eleanor L. Colvert 

"Give Us a Song To Cheer" 
General Course; Glee Club 1, 2. 3; Asst. Sec. G. R. 3; Per. 
Rel. Dept. 3; Dramateer 1. 2, 3, 4; Supt. Recreation Dept. 4; 
Ed. -in-chief Pine Whispers 4; H. R. Pres. 3; Sec. 2; 
Debating Team 3; "Good Vintage" Play Contest 3; Better 
known as "L". 

Anne Ziglar Conrad 

" With Roses They Will Strew the Way" 
General Course; Baseball 2; G. R. 1, 2. 3; Asst. Sec. 4; H. R. 
V.-Pres. 1; Per. Rel. Dept. 2.3,; B. B. Reader 3. 

Charlotte Carroll Conrad 

"Let Independence Be Our Boast" 
General Course; Band 1; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; G. R. 1. 2, 3. 4: 
Dramateer 4; Better known as "Hop". 

Clois Bernita Couch 

"Joy Was in Her Mild Blue Eyes" 
General Course; Lib'. Council 4; Traffic Dept. 4; Class Sec. 2: 

H. Council 4; Honor S. 
known as "Beater" 

H. 3, 4; 

B. Reader 2; Better 

Jacob Junior Cranford 

"77ierc Conquer We Must. When Our Cause It Is Just" 
General Course. 

Mickey Carrol Craver 

"Hark, 1 Hear the Bugles Sounding" 
General Course; San. Dept. 1, 2; Hi-Y 4. 5; Band 1. 2. 3. 4, 5: 
Traffic Dept. 3. 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 2, 3; Class Treas. 2; I. 
B. S. 3; Chr. Honor S H. 5; Aud Dept. 5; Schol. Dept. 1, 2; 
Better known as "Mick". 

Frank W. Crouch 

"What Machine Boys Can Do" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 1,2: S'. H. Council 3.4; Ho- 
nor S. H. 3, 4; Board 4: Schol. Dept. 2, 3. 


Dorothy Grey Darnelle 

"Though I Try to Cheer My Comrades and Be Cay" 
General Course: School V.-Pres. 3; Per. Rel. Dept. 2, 3: Supt. 
4; S. H. Council 3, Supt. 4: Hi-Y Sponsor 2, 3, 4; Dramateer 
1: Soccer 1; Baseball 1: Pine Whispers Staff 3; G. R. 2, 3: 
Reporter 3; Glee Club 4; Home Ec. 1, 2; Sr. Marshall 3; Traf- 
fic 1. 2. 3, 4; Better known as "Dot". 

Alvin Clinton Davis 

"Now Here's a Health to the Next Old Missus" 
General Course. 

Mildred Amelia Theresa Durie 

" We Are Waiting [or the Day" 
Commercial Course; Griffith School I; Sec. Dept. 4: Basketball 

2. 4. 

Rachel Adelaide Eddinger 

"Old Missus. Mary Will" 
General Course; Glee Club 1; Lib. Page 4; Honor S. H. 3. 4; 
Better known as "Smilie". 

Ira James Ervin 

"On Him We Wait" 
General Course; Sedge Garden High 1, 2; Better known as 

Richard Roscoe Foster 

"O Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet" 
General Course; Reynolds High, 1, 2. 3. 4; Asst. Cheerleader 5; 
Pub. Dept. 5; Better known as "Coty". 

Rudie Bell Foster 

"So We're Springing To The Call" 
General Course; Tiffin High. Tiffin. Ohio, 1, 2, 3; Lib. Council 
4; H. R. Housekeeper 4; Better known as "Diane". 

Felecia Amelia Gatewood 

"Early on One Frosty Morning" 
General Course; Baseball 1, 2. 3; Dramateer 1, 2; B. B. Reader 
1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Recreation Dept. 1,2; Lib. Council 1,2, 

3, 4; Office Page 4; Better known as "Bill"'. 

Barbara Jane Gilbert 

'Not a Man Shall Be a Slave" 
General Course; Amos and Andy 1, 2, 3; Lib, Council Supt. 
4; Basketball 2; Class Pres. 2, 3, 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 4; Board 
1. 3, 4; Traffic Dept. 2, 3; Better known as "Bobbie". 

Dwight Gordon 

"Peace and Safety We Shall Find" 
General Course; Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Better known as "Slick". 

General Course. 

Cleo Belle Gough 

"Let Mortal Tongues Awake" 

Hazel Marie Hall 

"The Laurel Wreath Is Ready Now" 
Commercial-Course; Board 2. 3, 4: Supt. Sec. Dept. 4; Class 
Sec. 4; Pres. 2, 3; Traffic Dept. 3, 4; Recreation Dept. 4; 
Schol. Dept. 4; Lost and Found 1; Office Page 3, 4; Glee Club 
2: G. R. <2. 3, 4; Inter-Club Council 2; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4; 
V.-Pres. 3; Dramateers 1; Lib. Page 1; Per. Rel. Dept. 2. 

Mary Lois Hamlin 

"It Made a Noise Like Father's Gun" 
General Course; Baseball 1,2; Tennis 3; Dramateer 4; Glee 
Club 4; Recreation Dept. 3; Class V.-Pres. 2; Lib. Council 
4; Debating 4; Better'known as "Shorty". 

David Wade Hancock 

"Make Your Daddy Glad To Have Such a Lad" 
General Course; Traffic Dept. .1,2,3,4; Band 3.4; Class 
Pres. 1, 2; V.-Pres. 2; Tennis 3. 4; Lib. Council 4; Honor S. 
H. 3, 4; Recording Dept. 2, 3, 4. 

Winona Mae Hauser 

"And It Scared Me Almost Half to Death" 
General Course; Class Sec. 1; Pres. 3; G. R. 1, 2- Per Rel 
Dept. 1; Traffic Dept. 3; Board 2. 3. 4; Nat'l Hon.' Soc. 3, 4; 
Sec. 4; Supt. Schol. Dept. 4; Pine Whispers Staff 4; Supt. 
Honor S. H. 3; Better known as "Weiney". 

John Vernon Hayes 

"By the Dawn's tarly Light" 
Diversified Occupations Course; Board 2, 3, 4; Supt. Lost and 
Found 1; Checking Dept, 2; Supt. 3; Lib. Council 4; Traffic 
Dept. 1; Class V.-Pres. 3; Recreation Dept. 3; Better known 
as "Johnny"'. 

Margaret Elizabeth Hege 

With Her Garlands of Victory around Her'' 
General Course; Lost and Found 1; G. R. 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; 
Pres. 3, 4; Class Sec. 3. 4; School Sec. 4; Orchestra 2, 3; 
6r. Marshall Chief 3; Schol. Dept. 2 3; Supt. 3; Lib. Council 
4; Senior Hi-Y Sponsor 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 3. 4; Recording 
Dept. 3; Publicity Dept. 3; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4: Quill and 
Scroll 3, 4; Pine W/iispers Staff 3; Board 2. 3, 4; D. A. R. 
Rep. 4. 

Ruth Marion Hester 

Come and Hear Her Song Tommorrow" 
General Course; Lib. Council 4; Giee Club 1, 2. 3, 4- Schol. 
Dept- ?■ H. R. V.-Pres. 3; Chr. B. B. Committee 3; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc. 4, Better known as "Dopey". 

§t*w* Zrlig& ScLgoI 


Oe#tior C-mi-ss of 1941. 

Robert Fairfax Highsmith 

"And Band's Brave Music Pour" 
General Course; Glee Club 1,2,3.4; Band 1,2,3,4; Football 
3, 4; Lost and Found 3; Traffic Dept. 2, 3. 4; Hi-Y 4. 

Sybil Carolyn Hutchins 

"And the Tears They Fill My Eyes" 
General Course; Schol. Dept. 3; Recreation Dept. 4; G R. 
1,2,3,4; Lib. Page 4; Honor 3. H. 1,4. 

Charles R. Jones, Jr. 

"But Hold to Thine Colors So True" 
General Course; B.and 2; 3, 4. 

Dorthea Jean Kellette 

"Many Are in Tears" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 3; Schol. Dept. 2- G. R 
1,2,3,4; bee. 1: Asst. Frog. Chr. 3; Prog. Chr. 4; H. R. 
V.-Pres. 2; Recording Dept. 3; Pub. Dept. 4; Orchestra 1.2; 
S. H. Supt. 3. 4; Dramateer 1. 4; Recreation Dept. 2. 

Sara Erleen Knauff 

"/ Take My Stand" 
Commercial Course; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,4- Basket- 
ball 1,2,3,4; G. R. 1.2; Sec. Dept. 4; Better known as 

Douglas Gray Knouse 

"Wor Its Stars Cease to Shine on the Brave" 
General Course; Schol. Dept. 3; Better known as "Doug". 

Chloe Sherwood Leazer, Jr. 

"We Dare Not Look Behind Us" 
Diversified Occupations Course; Sedge Garden High I; Schol. 
Dept. 2; Traffic Dept. 2, 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; Treas. 3; V.-Pres. 4: 
Basketball 2, 3, 4; Per Rel. Dept. 4; Band 2; Amos and Andy 
3; Supt. 4; Recreation Dept. 4; Recordinq Dept. 4- H. R. V.- 
Pres. 4; S. H. Supt. 3. 

Mildred Eloise Luck 

'"Tis the Glad Day" 
General Course; Lib. Council 1. 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Better 
known as "Mickey". 

Edgar Homer Lynch 

"I Wish It Could Be Saved" 

H. R. Per. Rel. Dept. 2; Better known as 

General Course 

Evelyn Beatrice Lyon 

"Only a Nation Louder" 
General Course; S. H. Council 1,2; Basketball 1; Interior 
Dept. 4; Better known as "Red". 

Silas Sherman Macey 

"God Bless America" 
General Course; Checking Dept. 5. 

Rachel Winifred March 

"Now It Catches the Gleam" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 2: Dramateer 1,2,3: Interior 
Dept'. 4; Lib. Page 4; Home Ec. Dept. 4; Board 1; G. R. 3: 
Better known as "Ickie". 

Clyde Broadus Martin, Jr. 

■'Say, Brother, Will You Meet Us?" 
General Course; Glee Club 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4: Traffic Dept. 
1,4; Per. Rel. Dept. 1,4; Hi-Y 1,4: H. R. Pres. 3; Better 
known as "Buck". 

Norma Rose Martin 

"In Time o/ Old" 
General Course; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Captain 5: Tennis 4. 5; 
Supt. Pub. Dept. 4; Treas. Monogram Club 4; Asst. Editor 
Pine Whispers 4; Board 4; Schol. Dept. 2; Better known as 

Bill Money 

"The Shrine of Each Patriot's Devotion" 
General Course; Class Pres. 1; V-Pres. 2; Per. Rel. Dept. 

4, 5; Aud. Dept. 3, 4, 5; Supt. 5; Checking Dept. 3; S. H. 
Council 3; Board 3; Monogram Club 3, 4, 5; Basketball 4; 
Baseball 3; Football 2, 3, 4, 5; Lib. Council 5; Supt. Re- 
creation Dept. 5; Gym. Dept. 3, 4; Traffic Dept. 2, 4. 5; I. 
B. S. I; Better known as "William Larry" 1 . 

Mildred Louise Moorefleld 

"Whit's the Use of Worrying" 
General Course; Basketball 1; G. R. 3; H. R. Sec. 2; Record- 
ing Dept. 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Honor S. H. 3. 

Charles Anderson Noell 

"Sound, Sound, the Trumpet of Fame" 
General Course; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; H. R. Pres. 2; Treas. 3; Per. 
Rel. Dept. 3, 4; San. Dept. 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Greensboro 
Music Contest 3, 4; Board 2; Traffic Dept. 3, 4; Orchestra 
2, 3, 4; Better known as "Wing". 

Louie Clifton Pack, Jr. 

"What They Wasted Every Day" 
General Course; Class Sec'. 3; Pres. 4; Recording Dept. 4; 

5. H. Council 4;_ Checking Dept. 3; Asst. Sec. Hi-Y 5; 
Better known as "Pack". 


Elias Jackson Parrish 

" We're Coming Home" 
Commercial Course; Lost and Found 1; Class Sec. 1; Pres. 2: 
I. B. S. 1; Schol. Dept. 2; Band 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Better 
known as "Snag". 

Hazel Ogburn Peddycord 

"The Loyal, Brave and True" 
Genneral Course: Traffic Dept. 3; Lib. Council 4; Board 2, 3; 
Class Sec. 2; G. R. 2; S. H. Supt. 4; Sr. Marshall 3; Hi-Y 
Sponsor 3: Lost and Found 2; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; Recreation 
Dept. 2. 

Raymond Lindsay Pctree 

"Stand Beside Her and Guide Her" 
General Course; Honor S. H. 4; Better known as "Red". 

Arlene Pilcher 

"A World Offers Homage to Thee" 
General Course; Board 2; Class Sec. 2; Recording Dept. 3; 
Traffic Dept. 4;Lib. Council 4; Supt. Honor S. H. 3; Better 
known as "Rena". 

Noah Edward Potts 

"As He Ever Does the Right" 
General Course; Gym. Dept- 3; Traffic Dept. 1. 

Lorraine Gray Price 

"So Call the Folk Together" 
General Course; Dramateer 1; Per. Rel. Dept. 1; Schol. Dept. 
1; Recording Dept. 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Recreation Dept. 
4; S. H. Council 4. 

William Franklin Pulliam 

"And with the Girls Be Handy" 
General Course; School Asst. Sec. 2: V.-Pres. 3: Supt. San. 
Dept. 1; Supt. Lost and Found 2; Traffic Dept. 3. 4, 5; Recrea- 
tion Dept. 4. 5; Cheerleader 4, 5; H. R. Pres. 1, 2; V.-Pres. 
3: Supt. Honor S. H. 5; Per. Rel. Dept. 2. 3; Dramateer 1, 2. 
4, 5; Hi-Y 5; Aud. Dept. 3; Better known as "Stormy". 

Johnny Arthur Rayfield 

"And Friends We Loved So Dear" 
General Course; Lib. Council 2, 4; Supt. 4: Checking Dept. 3; 
Better known as "Sadie". 

Mary Juanita Rule 

They Dream of Home' 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; G. R. 1, 2, 3; H. R. Sec. 
2; Honor S. H. 3. 4; Better known as "Trick". 

Donna Lee Sapp 

"While the Storm Clouds Gather" 
Commercial Course; Board 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; Schol. Dept. 
1; Interior Dept. 3: Better known as "Dannie". 

Lucy Caroline Seagraves 

In Dread Silence Reposes" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 3. 

Willie Frances Seal 

"Firm May She Ever Stand" 
General Course: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Supt. Lib. Page 4; 


4; Board 2; Lib. Council 3; 

cording Dept. 4; Schol. Dept. 
Better known as "Franky". 

Thelma Louise Seay 

"My Heart with Rapture Thrills" 
General Course: Traffic Dept. 1,2,3. 4; Lib. Council 4; Board 
2; Glee Club 4; Class Sec. 1; S. H. Council 3; Worker 4; 
Dramateer!; G. R. 3; Tennis 2.3; Class V.-Pres. 3; Better 
known as "Tern". 

Margaret Mae Sharp 

"/ Wish I Was in de Land of Cotton" 
General Course; Board 1,3; Class V.-Pres. 2; Lib. Page 4; 
Lib. Council 4. 

Valeria Alice Shelton 

"And Then the Feathers on Her Hat" 
General Course; Glee Club 4: Traffic Dept. 3. 4: Supt. S. H. 
4; Lib. Council 3; H. R. Pub. 2; Better known as "Sis". 

Gladys Miller Sink 

"Guarding with Watchful Eyes" 
General Course; Interior Dept. 4; Woman of Week 4; G. R 
1,2,3,4, ; Glee Club 2; Asst. Supt. S. H. 4; H. R. Worker 
1. 2, 3.4. 

Grady Calvin Sink 

"Down with the Traitor; Up with the Stars" 
General Course; H. R. Sec. 2; Pres. 3; Grounds Dept. 3; 
Band 3; Lib. Council 4. 

Archel Neal Smith 

"You May See Our Sturdy Farmer Boys" 
General Course; Band 1, 2. 3. 4. 

(^•ra-ci t -r>o/ 

Oetiior C/**ss of 1941 


Barbara Lee Smith 

"Blest with Victory and Peace" 
Commercial Course: G. R. I; Schol. Dept. I; Sec. Dept. 4: 
Traffic Dept. I; Lib. Page l; Lib. Council I; Better known as 

Zelma Inez Smith 

"Ever Mindful What It Cost" 
General Course; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4: Lib. Council 4; Dramateer 
l: Better known as "Tick". 

General Course 

Hazel Marie Southern 

"Let Us Raise Our Voices" 

Griffith High l; G. R. 2; Better known 

Alex A. Spach 

"We'll Give Him a Hearty Welcome" 
General Course; I. B. S. I; Hi-Y 3.4; Board l; San. 
!. 2; Honor S. H. 3; Better known as "Eck". 


Odell Vernon Sprinkle 

"You Have Called Us andWe're Coming" 
General Course; Class Pres. 2; S. H. Council 3. 4; Chorus 4; 
Better known as "De". 

Walter Mahlon Stamper 

"With Little Sticks They Knock Upon It" 

General Course; Band 2. 3. 4; Schol. Dept. 3; Better known as 
"John D". 

A. D. Stewart, Jr. 

"Let Music Swell the Breeze" 
Commercial Course; Lost and Found l ; Band 2. 3, 4. 5; Or- 
chestra 2, 3. 5; Class V.-Pres. 2; Traffic Dept. 3; I. B. S. 3; 
Gen. Utility 3, 4. 5; Supt. 5; Hi-Y 4, 5; Better known as 

Dewey Harding Stonestreet 

"Nor Turned About Till I Got Home" 
General Course; Lost and Found l; I. B. S. 3; Traffic Dept. 
2. 3; Per. Rel. Dept. 3; Hi-Y 2, 3. 4; Class V.-Pres. 2; Bet- 
ter known as "De". 

Henrietta Stout 

"Fairest To See" 
Commercial Course; Board 2, 3. 4; Supt. Recording Dept. 4; 
Lib. Council 4; Lib. Page 4: H. R. P. T. A. Rep. 4; Schol. 
Dept. 1,2.3,4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3,4; Per. Rel. Dept. 2: 
Dramateer 1,2; Better known as "Henry". 

Edith Mae Stovall 

"And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood" 
General Course; Traffic Dept. 3: Monogram Club 4: Baseball 
4; Per. Rel. Dept 1 . 1, 2: Lib. Council 3. 4; Glee Club 4; Black 
and Gold Staff 4; Basketball 1,4; Better known as "Feet". 

Kemp Lee Swaim 

"Be Jubilant, My Feet" 

General Course; Band 3; Dramateer 2; Orchestra 2; Glee Club 

1; Recreation Dept. 2; Traffic Dept. 3: Per. Rel. Dept. 2; 


Lost and Found 1; Better known as "Win 

James Teague, Jr. 

"Our Accents Shall the Notes Prolong" 
General Course; Sedge Garden High 1; Reynolds High 2,3; 
Band 4; Better known as "Jimmy". 

Norma Mae Teague 

"With Roses They Will Strew the Way" 
General Course; Recreation Dept. 4; Per. Rel. Dept. 2; Lost 
and Found 2: Recording Dept. 3; Traffic Dept. 3; H. R. V.- 
Pres. 2; Sec. 3; Lib. Council 3. 

Theda Rae Thornton 

"We Conquer or Fall" 
General Course; Traffic Dept. 1, 2, 3; Lib'. Council 1; S. H. 
Council 1, 2, 3; Better known as "Tiny". 

Ella Louise Threatt 

"And Died for a Man Dat Broke Her Heart" 
Commercial Course; G. R. 1 . 2, 3; Baseball 2; Recording Dept. 
3; PineWhispers Staff 4; Typist 4; S. H. Council 3; Editor- 
in-Chief Black and Gold 4; Schol. Dept. 2; H. R. V.-Pres. 
3: Sec. 2. 3;^Honor S. H. 3, 4; Etiquette Club 2; Better known 
as "Weasie". 

Juanita Lucile Varner 

"We Will We/come fo Our Numbers the Loyal, True 
and Brave" 
General Course; Lib. Council 4; Housekeeping 1,2,3,4; Bet- 
ter known as "Leni". 

Donald Grey Vaughn 

"His Steady Mind from Changes Flee" 
Commercial Course; Sec. and Treas. Jr. Hi-Y 2; Schol. Dept. 
2, 3. 4; Supt. 3; Lib. Council 2, 4; Recording Dept, 4; H'. R. 
V.-Pres. 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Ass't Sec. 4; Supt. Sec. 
Dept. 4; Board 3. 4. 

Opal Margaret Walsh 

'And Giving Orders to His Men" 
General Course; Per. Rel. Dept. 2,4; G. R. 1,2,3,4; Pres. 
1; Class Sec. 2; Recording Dept. 3; Orchestra 1,4; Dramateer 
1 . 3; Recreation Dept. 2. , 

— 132- 

Hoyt Snider Whitney 

Large as a Log of Maple" 
General Course; Football 3. 4, 5; Capt. 4; Co-Capt. 5; Per. 
Rel. Dept. 3, 4, 5; Traffic Dept. 4, 5; Supt. 5; Monogram 
Club 3,4, 5; S. H. Council 5; S. H. Supt. 5; Lib. Council 4; 
Better known as "Whit". 


fuanita Gray Williams 

"I Am, Every Part of Me" 
General Course; H. R. Worker 1; Glee Club 4: Better known 
as "Cuzz". 

David Louis Wilson 

"There Will Be One Vacant Chair" 
Diversified Occupations Course: Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4; Treas. 2. 4: 
Schol. Dept. 4; Traffic Dept. 2, 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; I. B. S. 
1; Per. Rel. Dept. 2. 

Garland Wood 

"Eich of His Days" 
General Course; Baseball 2, 3. 4. 

Hazel Vera Wood 

"Tell Your Sweetheart Not To Pine" 
General Course; Lib. Council 1; Better known as "Butch". 

Alice Mae Wooten 

"In Dixie Land Where I Was Born" 
General Course; Dramateer 1, 2, 3, 4; Lib. Council 4; Cafeteria 
Worker 3, 4; Schol. Dept. 3, 4; B. B. Reader 3, 4; Pub. Spkg. 
4; Home Ec. Dept. 1.2,3,4; Recreation Dept. 4: Better 
known as "Al". 

Guinevere Avon Worrell 

" Thy Name I Love" 
Commercial Course; Dramateer 1; Baseball 2. 3; Lib. Page 3, 4; 
Honor S, H. 3. 4. 

Billy Yokley 

"He Groans in the Fearful Hour" 
General Course; Board 1,2; H. R. V.-Pres. 1; Band 1. 2. 3, 4; 
Baseball 1,2; Checking Dept. 1; Schol. Dept. 1,2, Better 
known as "Bill". 

C^rajj, zHtgM Oeit 


Others Seniors 

Robert Lee Seagraves 

Jim Barbee 

Edwin Dixon 

Grady Jasper Dorse 

Marshall Gray Fesperman 


Richard Franklin Hege 

Charlie Hutchins 

W. K. Leonard 

William James Livengood 

Pearle Jean Medlin 

Sylvia Hope Morris 
Ralph Henry Reich 
Henry Hanes Thornton 
Francis Lee Vogler 


Mae Jarvis 

January Historian 

Helen Beasley 

January Prophet 

Ruth Bowman 

June Historian 

Dorothy Darnelle 

June Prophet 

— 133— 

<f^oi/ <Jii^k Qunz GHa&A. Officer 

Haywood Brinegar 

\ :r -: 

Bobbie Gilbert 

Vance Clodfelter 


Haywood Brinegar 


Vance Clodfelter 

Mascot — Joan Hege 


Bobbie Gilbert 


Henry Thornton 

June Class Superlatives 

Haywood Brinegar and Dorothy Darnelle, best-all-round; Hoyt Whitney and 
June Carter, most athletic; Margaret Hege and Haywood Brinegar, most popular; 
Margaret Hege and Donald Vaughn, best students; Bill Pulliam and Bobbie Gilbert, 
friendliest; and Margaret Hege and Jim Barbee, best looking. 

— 134— 

Flagwavers Wave Out Thrills at Reynolds and Gray Football Game 


Mae Jarvis 

Only a very few short years ago we entered South 
High School, as a group of forlorn and bedazzled 
freshmen. During this year we were scattered around 
in several different home rooms. Few of us had or- 
ganization jobs but we spent our time getting used to 
our new school. 

Our sophomore year was quite different. We were 
by then—very much at home in our school and some 
of us were even home room presidents, board mem- 
bers, and secretaries. Some were more fortunate and 
held organization jobs. 

After our freshman and sophomore years were left 
behind, we were gathered from the different rooms, in 
which we had been placed when we entered high 
school two years before, and were placed in an' or- 
ganized junior class with Mrs. Sam Robinson as our 
sponsor. As our leaders, we elected Mae Jarvis, presi- 
dent; John Hayes, vice president; Era Lee Teague, 
secretary; and Mickey Davis, treasurer. During this 
year, too, many of the members of our class became 
leaders in departments in the student organization. 

Then after collecting dues, advertising "Charlie's 
Aunt," which was the play we sponsored, and planning 
games and favors, we were hosts at the Junior-Senior 
at the Country Club. Another important happening 

this year was the changing of our school name from 
South High to James A. Gray High. 

At long last we became seniors. We had at last 
reached one of the goals toward which we had been 
working for ten years. This year our leaders were: 
Dot Darnelle, president; Campbell Hunter, vice-presi- 
dent; Ida Mae Haneline, secretary; and Mickey Davis, 
treasurer. Also that semester Donald Cook was head 
of the checking department and Mae Jarvis was 
secretary of the school. Most of the other members 
of our class held jobs on the various departments. The 
main social event of the year was the weiner roast 
held at Elledge's cabin just before the close of school. 

When we at last became llA's, we elected Mickey 
Davis, president; Jack Saylor, vice-president; Chris- 
tine Elledge, secretary; and Carrie Lee Snider, trea- 
surer. Two of our members, Jack Saylor and Alex 
Collins, were head of the Auditorium Department this 
year. Our two big social events were the Junior and 
Senior Party at the Reynolds Grill and our class party 
in the school cafeteria. 

And now that we have at last reached our goal, 
graduation, we are both glad and sorry— glad because 
we have obtained our goal and sorry because we are 
leaving the school where we have spent four happy 




' ty 



'Don't Take My Penny" 


Helen Beasley 

On a cold January day in 1950 I hurried into the 
home of Maxine Harvel. 

"Come right in, Helen," Maxine exclaimed. "You 
can never guess what I'm doing. I'm addressing cards 
to all the members of the '41 graduating class inform- 
ing them of the alumni meeting to be held next week." 

"How in the world do you find time for so many 
things?" I questioned. " I keep so busy practicing 
numbers for rehearsals with Lawrence Taylor's orch- 
estra that I don't have time for anything. It seems to 
me that you should be busy toasting hot dogs for Earl 
Stonestreet's "Get'em While They're Hot" hot dog 

"Well, you see, I promised Christine Elledge, secre- 
tary of the class, that I would address the cards for 
her.. She is posing for toothpaste ads and didn't have 
the time," explained Maxine. 

We settled down to addressing cards, and who 
should be first but the class sponsor, Mrs. Robinson. 
She still is teaching at Gray and wishing for another 
"gem" (?) like the January Class of '41. 

Our next card went to New York to Mickey Davis, 
the great air hostess, who is stationed there at the 
present time. 

To New York, also, went another card to James 
Ball, who is one of the greatest singers of the Metro- 
politan Opera Company 

"I bet James will be unable to attend, since he is 
such a great singer. I never thought he would be such a 
success, did you?" questioned Maxine. 

"No, I didn't," I answered. "We can send Carrie 
Lee Snyder's and Margaret Baynes' cards to the 
"Come, Let Us Make You Beautiful" beauty shop." 

"Yes, I know," said Maxine. "I went in there the 
other day and who did I meet but Mae Jarvis. She is 
now secretary for Donald Cook. Donald, you know, 
is a very prominent lawyer." 

"Caruso Miller is sole owner of the Miller 
Undertakers. We can send his card there," I said. 

To the Public Works went a card for Holland 
Anderson who is one of the city's leading garbage 

Era Lee Teague is now the best floor lady that S. H. 
Kress has ever had. 

Addressed to the Winston-Salem Day Nursery went 
one card to Claudia Simpson, the friend of the child- 

The city library received one card for Wanda Wel- 
born. Miss Kallam had trained her so well that she has 
received the title of the best librarian in the state. 

One card went to a young girl who has a perfect 
right to hold men's hands. At the Baptist Hospital I 
found Virginia Mabe, performing her duties. 

In the society page of the "Daily Inquirer," edited 
by Chester Copple, appeared the name of Edna Trout- 
man, who is to be married sometime in the near future. 

Johnny Glasgow, Noah Potts, and Robert Seagraves 
all have one-third interest in a poultry farm. 

To Chicago went cards to Jack Saylor and 
Alex Collins. Jack is now a great professor of danc- 
ing, and Alex is one of his most popular pupils. 

George Jarvis and George Peebles are now both 
trying to win the middle-weight title. 

Janedia Jeonard has found a way to use her grace- 
ful walk by modeling women's clothes in Wooten's 
(Rhober to us) Department Store- 
Margaret Andrews is one of the best performers in 
Billy Rose's show at the World's Fair. 

In our own home town we find Kathleen Elson and 
Lois Jones teaching young citizens that two and two 
equals eight. 

My, what an interesting evening we did have. It 
seemed as if we were already at the alumni meeting. 


: *Si •■>•-'* * 

'^> 4 1 

We all remember the changing of officers at Installation Services. 


Ruth Bowman 

We, the June graduating class of nineteen hundred 
and forty-one, entered South High School as insigni- 
ficant freshmen in the fall of 1937. 

As we look back over the short four years we have 
spent here, we realized that the many pleasant memo- 
ries of fun we've had will remain with us always. 

The day of registration we felt very proud and 
important. No longer were we to be led up and down 
the halls by a teacher who kept reminding us to tip- 
toe and keep our lips closed. But the very next morn- 
ing when we were looking for our various home rooms, 
most of us would have gladly given it all up to be 
back in knickers and long curls and to be led to the 
right place; because all the other students seemed to 
be so big. Later when we were settled and knew which 
steps we were to go up and which down, we weren't 
caught doing the wrong thing many times a day. Our 
most brilliant speller misspelled "nickle" in the Journal- 
Sentinel Spelling Match. Bill Pulliam was the assis- 
tant secretary of the school for the first semester. 

The next fall we entered school as sophomores 
with a very confident and superior feeling over the 
little tots we were just a year before. Three electives 
gave us a chance to study in the field that interested 
us. We struggled through ancient history, typing, and 
algebra with very little time for anything else. 

As juniors we were registered and went to our 
different home rooms in the fall of 1939. In this se- 
mester we changed the name of our school from South 
High School to James A. Gray High School. Many 
of us were now very active in the student organization, 
with a large number of us serving on the Board. 

Our faculty advisors were Miss Daisy Lee Glasgow 
and Mr. Ted Griffin. We elected as our class officers 
the following: president, G. B. Smith; vice-president, 
Hall Crews Miller; secretary, Margaret Hege; and 

treasurer, Vance Clodfelter. Bill Pulliam was vice- 
president of the school. We sponsored the play, "One 
Mad Night ", presented by the Dramateers, in order to 
help finance the Junior and Senior. 

The girls in their "formals" and the boys in their 
"Sunday best" entertained the seniors at a dance on 
May 4th in the school gymnasium. This was the first 
Junior and Senior held in the gym. We had an orch- 
estra, which also added to the feeling of festivity. 

When we registered in the fall of 1940 as HB's, 
we had grown so large that no room in the school 
was large enough for us; so we had to be divided into 
three different home rooms, with Miss Jeanne Bunch, 
Miss Virginia Garner, and Miss Daisy Lee Glasgow, 
our faculty advisors. We elected our senior officers 
for the entire year as follows; president, Hay- 
wood Brinegar; vice president, Vance Coldfelter; sec- 
retary, Bobbie Gilbert; and treasurer, Henry Thornton. 
We chose Margaret Hege as our D. A. R. Represent- 
ative. She was also secretary of the school for this 
semester. We really felt like full-fledged seniors when 
the January Class turned over the senior's seats in the 
auditorium and senior privileges to us. 

By January so many of us had fallen by the wayside 
that there were only 117 of us left to call ourselves 
seniors; therefore we were again put in one class. Our 
faculty advisors were now Miss Daisy Lee Glasgow, 
Mr. Ted Griffin, and Mr. Jimmy Bunn. We were very 
proud of Haywood Brinegar, who was president of 
the Hi-Y, and also president of the school. 

The junior class sponsored the play, "Don't Take 

My Penny", presented by the Dramateers, in order to 

finance the Junior-Senior Dance. They entertained us 

at a formal dance held at the Reynolds Grill May 9th. 

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Youth secures experience in preparation for the future 


Dorothy Darnelle 

Time: 1960 

"Say, Hazel, wouldn't you like to stop by my apart- 
ment with me and see the scrapbook I am going to 
present Gray from the Alumni Association?" 

"Thanks, Dot, but we will have to hurry— -my job 
as head nurse at Whitney Hospital keeps me pretty 
busy, you know." 

Misses Peddycord and Darnelle continue down the 
street. A parade is coming, so they pause to watch. 
"Isn't that Fairfax Highsmith and Vance Clodfelter 
in the band?" Hazel cries, "It is! They were in our 
graduating class of '41." Dot whips out her camera 
and after taking a few shots for her magazine they 
journey onward to the apartment where they seat 
themselves with the scrapbook entitled "Gray High 
Scrapbook of 1941" before them. They begin turning 
the pages: 

"Margaret Hege chosen for new star." The clip- 
ping states at length about the contest she won, en- 
titling her to a contract with the "Kemp Swaim 
Cuties," a part of the Eleanor Colvert Movie Com- 

"At the Martin (Broadus) Theatre, on Kellette 
Avenue (because of the famous author) where Norma 
Teague sells tickets and Doug Knouse is head usher, 
the broadway show "Hell-za-poppin" starring Thelma 
Seay and Jim Barbee surrounded by a cast including: 
Alice Mae Wooten, Ethel Burton, Odell Cardwell, 
Carolyn Clowers, Ed Dixon, Chloe Leazer, and 
Rachel March seems to have been quite a success. 
Others mentioned in the drama field of W. S. are: 
Henrietta Stout, Opal Walsh, Juanita Rule, Evelyn 
Lyon, and Mildred Moorefield. 

There is a clipping from the Social Page of the 
paper owned by Johnny Rayfield and David Han- 
cock giving an account of the huge ball held by 

Myrtle Braddock, fashion designer at the Money Ho- 
tel. Arrangements were handled by the famous society 
hostess, Bobbie Gilbert. Music was furnished by 
Henry Thornton and his Wildcats, including: Jimmy 
Teague, Carrol Craver, James Ervin, Charlie Hutch- 
ins, Homer Lynch, and Archel Smith featuring Charlie 
Noell and his trumpet. Vocalists were the Tonsil 
Twisters: Mildred Durie, Frances Bostick, Zelma 
Smith, and Amelia Gatewood. 

Upon looking at the guest list, they find many fa- 
miliar names: Ruth Bowman, of Bowman's Sub-Deb 
School; Judge John Hayes and Mrs. Hayes, the former 
Margaret Sharp; Lucy Seagraves, head of the Wins- 
ton-Salem Red Cross; Lawyer Alvin Davis; Dr. 
Vaughn, and his fiancee, Barbara Smith; Alec Spach, 
A. D. Stewart, Louis Wilson, all connected with Leo- 
ard-Crouch Tobacco Co. 

In another clipping they read the campaign speech 
of Haywood Brinegar which resulted in his becoming 
Mayor of Winston-Salem. Chief-of-police Bill Pulliam 
also had a speech on safety. 

Among the sports clippings they find a story about 
the state swimming champion, Mary Lois Hamlin; an 
article concerning the famous tennis stars: Richard 
Hege, William Livengood, Norma Martin, Donna 
Lee Sapp; and a story about the famous Fesperman- 
Reich Baseball Club managed by Grady Sink whose 
star players are Garland Wood and Bill Yokely. 

There is a group of comics drawn by Petree-Pack; 
a bed time story by Arlene Pilcher, novelist; a group 
of fashions by Conrad (Ann). 

On the next page is a group of models, photographed 
by Macy, Stamper and Foster (Gowns by Cham- 
berlin and Arnold). Among the models are: Trelvan 
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— 140— 


Studznt Offi 

IC£%± O) 

iu czT-fiak 

President '40 

Charlie Hutchins 

Hauser '40 
Crews '41 

Hege '40 

Adams '41 

Jones '40 
Snider '41 


The Board of Directors is the steering group for the student organization, and its 
meetings serve as a clearing house for all home room-student body activities. It is 
made up of the four school officers, forty department superintendents, twenty-one 
home room representatives, and one representative from each organized group such 
as Hi-Y club, Public Speaking club, etc. The president of the student body presides at 
all meetings, and any group or individual member of Gray High may bring suggestions 
or problems before this group for discussion. 

President '41 

Haywood Brinegar 


First row — Ayers, Baity, Bobbitt. Boger, president Bowman. Cude, Everhart. Second row— Gough, Hall, Hauser. 
Hege, Hester, Holleman. Hutchens. Third row — Leach, Marsh, Medlin, Reich, Rogers, Seal. Fourth row— B Smith, 
Z. Smith. Stout, Vaughn, Miss Glasgow, sponsor. 

— 143- 


Hall C. Miller 


Edward Reich 

Ella Louise Threatt 

<Pim <WHi±f^x± and BLcH and <^old 


Colvert, Editor-in-chief of Pine Whispers, 1940; Hutchins, Editor-in-chief of Pine Whispers. 1941; Threatt. 
Editor-in-chief of Black and Gold; Cain. Art Editor of Black and Gold; Conrad, Associate Editor of Pine Whispers. 
1941; Darnelle, Associate Editor of Pine Whispers, 1941; Gibson. Boys' Sports Editor; Gray Girls' Sports Editor- 
Johnson. Associate Editor and Staff Photographer of Pine Whispers, 1940; Martin, Associate Editor of Pine Whis- 
pers. 1940; Miller, Managing Editor of Pine Whispers, 1940; Perryman, Senior Editor of Black and Gold; Reich, 
Manaqing Editor of Pine Whispers, 1941; and Senior Editor of Black and Gold: Spry, Associate Editor of Black 
and Gold; Stovall, Managing Editor of Black and Gold; Walker. Business Manager of Pine Whispers, 1941. 

— 144- 


First row— Spry, Williard, Stone, Truell, Sapp, Cole, Seal, Rogers, Sharp, Gilbert, and Bennett. Second row— 
Jones, H Foster, R. Foster, Seay, Hutchins, Hege, Braddock, Reavis, Pendergrass, Klutz, and Brannon. Third row— 
M. James, Hendricks. Worrell, Smith, Yontz, Rddinger, March, Barrington, Leach, and Myers. Fourth row— Miss 
Kallam, Sink, Stout, Hinshaw, L. James, Hancock, Manning, Baker, Rayfield, and Kelly. 


Conrad, Miss Tiller, Wall. Brinegar, McGee, Barrington, Snider, Bates, Kellette, Mrs. Johnson, and Merritt. 


First row— McGee, Snider, Conrad, Southern, Swaim, and Merritt. Second row — Jones, Hamlin, Marsh, Trout- 
man, Holleman, Sink, Taylor, Kreeger, Burton. Fishel, Stout, McDaniel. and Bates. Third row— Kellette, Marshall, 
Redman, Braddock, Pruett. Lawrence. Perry man, Woo ten. Scalf , and Manning. Fourth row — Brinegar, Harrington, 
Mrs. Johnson, Miss Tiller, Myers, Baker, and Majeski. Fifth row— Wall, Adams, Conard, Hamm, Prestwood, and 


First row — B. Albea, A. Jones, Styron, Brock, T. Jones Braddock, Moselev. Roberts, and Pric». Second row- 
Stewart, Brannon, Hedgecock, Blair, Kimel, Hunter, B. Perryman, Linville, and Johnson. Third row— Reeves. Cook. 
Jarvis, K. Swaim, Bell. Self, Boggs. Hancock. Parrish, C. Jones, Vogler, Ernst, F. Perryman, Voss, C. Noell, Mann, 
Miller, Hutchins, J. Noell, and Clodfelter. Fourth row— James, B. Swaim, J. Albea, Thornton, Stamper. Hauser, 
Crews, Long, Smith, and Mr. Steere. director. 


First row— Vestal. B. Flowers, White, Adams, Hayes, Holleman, Little, Yontz, Money, Fussel. Hinshaw, R. Mc- 
Daniel. and Hege. Second row— Snider. Merritt, Hutchins, Eagleson, Teague. Sprinkle. Kimel. F. Long, P. Flowers, 
Highsmith, D. McDaniel. Denny, and D. Long. Third row — Mr. Steere, director, Blair, H. S. Baker. Williams, Ray- 
field, Parrish, Mann, Day, Stanford, Helms, Bagwell, and H. Baker. 


First row— Conrad, Kreeger. Lawrence. D. Smith. Watkins. Thornton. K. Waggoner. Pappas, Harris. Burchett. 
Sapp, Sells, Cline, and Pinkston. Second row— Tesh. Morris, N. Waggoner, Gough, Jones. Grubbs, Leonard. 
Moore, Ervin, Knauff, Carter, Brown, U. Willard. F. Willard, Martin, Hicks, and Holton. Third row — Fitts, Drum. 
Turner, Parker. Whitlow, Transou, Seay, Phillips, Wooten, Jarvis, Anderson. Hester, Colvert. Mills. Marshall, J. 
Smith, Spry. Svink, and Gray. Fourth row— Williams. Shelton. Ferguson, D. Darnelle, Potter, Linville, Brooks, 
Scott, Adams. Masten, Price, Hartman, Baity, Hughes. Stewart, Cox, Luck, and Shouse. Fifth row— Miss Bunch, 
director, Vogler, Hamlin. Reavis, Baker. Stovall, Hutchins, Fishel, Walker, Mays, Alspaugh, Payne, and Collins. 

— 146— 


Hutch ins, James, Gray, Miss Stephenson, coach. Hunter, Martin, and Gibson. 


Stones tree t, T. Sprinkle, Eidson, Whitney, Lawrence, A. Sprinkle, Cook, and Mr. Dunham, coach. 


First row — Swink. Knauff, Bowman, and Cole. Second row— Dunnagan, Stovall, Long, Hutchins, Gray, Potter, and 
Brooks. Third row— Spach, Miss Raper, coach, and Carter, manager. 



First row— N. Martin, Gray, Swink. Hayes, and Knauff. Second row — M. Martin, Dunnagan, Deviney. Potter. 
Third row — Ruark, and Miss Raper, coach. 


Stone. Pulliam, Darnelle, Wall, Baker, and Bowman. 


First row — Lewis, Ott, Reich, Lawrence, Saylor, Money, and Williamson. Second row— Fisher. Denny, Hauser, 
Hege, Blair, Newsom, and Carter. Third row — McNeil, Taylor, Lester, Waggoner, Pierce, Noell, and Mathis. 
Fourth row— Highsmith. Gilbert, Merritt, Childress, Turner, C. Doub, and Little. Fifth row— H. Doub, McGee, 
Dyson, Livengood, Brinegar, Peebles, and Speaks. Sixth row— Jarvis, manager. Sprinkle. Bovender. manager. Man- 
ning, manager, Hinshaw, manager, and Gordon. Seventh row— Coaches, Neal, Griffin, Dunham, and Bunn. 

— 148— 


First row— Ruark, Baity. M. Long, Prestwood, Beck, Peebles, Scott, Sweet, G. Hayes, and Poindexter. Seocnd 
row— Medlin, Durie. M. Smith, Martin, Brown, Worrell, J. Long, Dooley, B. Smith, and Dunnagan. Third row— R. 
Mills, Cardwell. Whitlow, K. Mills. S. Smith, Deviney, and Carter, manager. Fourth row— R. Hayes, Miss Rapcr. 
coach, and Hedgecock. 



row — O. Hege, Livengood, Pierce, Brinegar, Gilbert, 
Ernst. Hunter, C. Hege, and Mr. Neal, coach. 

and Merritt. Second row — Scales, Crocker, Blair, 


First row— Childress, Waggoner, Fesperman, Mathis, Pinkston, Wood, Hinshaw, Carter, and C. Doub. Second 
row— Little, manager. Vestal, Baker. Cardwell, C. Hege, Newsome, and O. Hege. Third row — Shaw, manager. 
Fisher, Sprinkle, H. Doub, Williams, Blair, Speaks, and Bovender, manager. Fourth row— Mr. Griffin, coach, and 
Manning, manager. 

— 149- 

Announcements— discussion leaders for Social Standards Conference put heads to- 
gether—new Amos and Andy— alumnae returns with Coker Glee Club— home ec. 
fashion show model— debaters prepare for Chapel Hill— more fashion show— best 
speller— first aid is taught— gym class— football parade— cheerleaders pose— our 







■ j 





Edna Sprunt 

Second Prettiest in City 

Opal Walsh 


Rives Pollard 


Margaret Hege 

Peggy Lancaster 

Frances Danner 




Norma Teaque 

Prettiest from Gray 

Ruth Lee Greene 

Prettiest from Hanes 

Mary Coons 


Prettiest in City 





* — 




A Liberal Arts College Whose Students Become 



(Cont. from 138) 
Bostick, Margaret Clodfelter, Hazel 
Hall, Ruth Hester, Mildred Luck, 
and Juanita Williams. 

The next page has a series of ad- 
vertisements, and upon looking them 
over, many familiar names are found: 
Binkley & Couch Hat Shop; Cran- 
ford & Brock, attorneys at law; Baity 
& Worrell College of Commerce; 
Medlin & Morris Ice Cream Parlor; 
Price & Parrish, Interior Decoration; 
Seal 6 Stovall, Dress Shop; Sprinkle 
& Vogler Bakery; Gordon & Dorse 
Department Store; and Eddinger & 
Potts Shoe Company. 

There are several pages of brides, 
the pictures made, of course, at dif- 
ferent times. Some are: Valeria Shel- 
ton, Gladys Sink, Theda Rae Thorn- 
ton, Juanita Varner, Rudie Foster, 
Winona Hauser, and Charlotte Con- 

However, on another page is list- 
ed the "bachelor girls" who are pur- 
suing successful careers: Sybil Hutch- 
ins, Erlene Knauff, Amy June Carter, 
and Cleo Gough. 

Hazel and Dot wistfully turn the 
last page of the book, and shutting 
it with a sigh, live again for a short 
time in the past with their school 
friends of yesterday. 

HANES HIGHS State Champion- 
ship Winners Hang Up Record in 

Hanes' Score Opponent Score 

42 Mocksville 18 

Alumni 17 

High P. Col. Res. 28 
Draper "Y" 21 

High P. Col. Res. 21 



Reynolds 31 

*King 20 

*Mt. Airy 27 

Old Town 17 

*Walnut Cove 27 

*King 28 

Gray 20 

Harding (Char.) 26 

Mocksville 23 

*Burlington 22 

Tech (Char.) 18 

*Cooleemee 23 

*Paw Creek 27 

*Cary 24 

Reynolds 38 

Gray 25 

Reynolds 37 

Hanes Total-764 opp. Total-566 

*Western Conference Class "B" 




(Cont. from 137) 

We were the first senior class in 
the history of Gray High to have our 
graduation exercises in our own 

Now as we are leaving we feel 
much the same as Edgar A. Guest 
must have felt when he wrote the 
"Out of my troubles I have had 

here have come my richest friend- 
Kind hands have helped to bear my 

care, kind words have fallen on 

my ear; 
An' so I say when trouble comes, I 

know before the storm shall end, 
That I shall find my bit of care, has 

also brought to me a friend. " 



Mary Southern, poet 
Now we stand at life's fateful cross- 
That starts us on our unknown way, 
With eager hearts and untold future, 
We face the dawn of another day. 

We turn once more to look behind 

For the tall portals do we yearn. 
Tis time to say "Farewell dear 

For fate will grant us no return. 

Hark! We hear the future beckon, 
Our grade will be both long and 

But for thee, Oh Alma Mater, 
We shall strive 'til our work's com- 

Along life's highway we must travel. 
Each one in a different field, 
Still the words ring clear about us, 
"Strive — seek — find — but never 

Piedmont Federal Savings 
And Loan Assn. 

"Carolinas Largest Federal" 

16 W. 3rd St. Winston-Salem, N. C. 


If clothes make the man, as the old saying goes, 
And the boys want to be popular, as everyone knows 
Then go to Norman-Stockton the next time you can, 
For as the old saying goes, "Clothes make the man." 

Norman Stockton, Inc. 

418 Trade St. 

Dial 2-1942 




The gates of life are opening, 
Our high school days are o'er, 
Graduation soon will part us 
Our friends we'll see no more. 

With quickened pace and eager 

With words of courage and quick 

With heads held high we'll never 

But forward march with firm ambi- 

How many of us will reach our goal 
How many, too, reach endless fame 
Only Providence can tell the an- 
Only time reveals the name. 

Throughout this entire life's existence 
Many times our thoughts returning 
To these our most precious moments, 
'Neath Grays roof of valued learn- 

So be life long or be it short 
Forever may we always try 
To uphold high ideals and standards 
Taught to us in Gray High. 

Then when our steps are slow and 

Our heart beats near its destination 

With fondest dreams and recollect- 

Be this day of days, our graduation. 
Erlene Knauff 

'There is a difference" 


Happy School Days 

By Edna Raye Troutman 

Now our school days are through 

We have reached our journey's end. 

But we want each and everyone of 

To remember us as true friends. 
As time rushes on and years go by, 
We shall often think of the past 
Of memories of school that can 

never die, 
The happiest years that went too 

There are no words that can ever 

make clear, 
What we would like to say, 
About the past of each school year, 
That has so swiftly flown away. 
As we begin to travel life's highway, 
And start out all on our own 
We shall think of school days this 

way — 
The happiest we have ever known. 





Has Clothes in 

"the know" 

for &irls college or 







Remembered Long After 

Price Is Forgotten 

Dial 8124 

Winston-Salem North Carolina 

We Sell The Best For Less 


Mr. and Mrs. America 

If you spent $1,000,000 you 
couldn't buy more economi- 
cal heat. 
$1 .00 pays for more heat from 
coal than any other fuel. 

Minnis Coal Co. 

Phone 5149 






PHONE 4426-4408 




Colfax 19 

Allen Jay 16 

Griffith 12 

Asheboro 13 

Sedge Garden 29 

Griffith 17 

Reynolds 23 

Tech Hi 18 

Harding 33 

Sedge Garden 33 



Mount Airy 

Tech Hi 





























Chapel Hill 






Mineral Sprinc 

js 6 














Allen Jay 




















Sedge Garden 












Sedge Garden 












Mount Airy 




Allen Jay 





















Reynolds 1 Gray 

Hanes Gray 

Reynolds Gray 

Hanes Gray 


West Fourth Street 


The best place to shop 
after all 


Krispq Kreme 
Doughnut Co. 


— Satisfying 

534 S. Main 
Phone 9426 


Candy Co., Inc. 

'Sweeten the Day the 
R. D. Way" 



Dial 7121 
Responsible White Drivers 

Blue Bird Cab Co., Inc. 


— 160- 

►— * 

Dry Cleaning Co. JL 


Dry cleaning is not a side line 
with us. 

City's most modern cleaning 

612 West Fourth Street Tel. 7Io6 

* * 

4 m — — . — — . — . — — — — . — N-.4. 




We outfit you from 
"head to foot" 


4.1- - - -1 1-1 ... .-. .-. 1-, 1- ■ ■ ! , 




441-443 N. Liberty 

Phone 5635 


(Continued from page 104) 

surprise we saw Garaldine Matthews 
who was an aviatrix. Next was Ar- 
line Miller who is heard over the ra- 
dio every day on the "Children's 
Hour" as a bedtime storyteller. Then 
Faith Miller reported that she was 
writing a comic strip that appeared 
in the evening paper. Arnold Myers 
and L. B. Myers are now operating 
a modern dairy-farm. Bill Nicholson 
and his associates. Bill Nifong and 
Mildred O'Neal, reported that they 
are having great success with their 
dancing studio; and Jack Owen said 
he was now assistant manager of the 
"Record", a weekly newspaper. Next 
was Marvin Parrish who said he 
owned a six-ring circus, and preform- 
ing with it is Charles Haney doing 
an acrobatic stunt. 

To my surprise, I heard Vivian 
Parrish telling the officer that she was 
leaving for Miami, Florida, in a week 
to compete in the National Amateur 
Golf Matches. Next was Jack Phil- 
lips and David Reich who are work- 
ing together successfully as clowns 
in Marvin's circus. Helen Scott is 
now a mole-remover and her office 
is next to Jimmy Shelton who is head 
of a company making syrup-of-figs. 
He has working for him as taster, 
Margaret Shelton. Stepping out from 
the line we saw Willie Shuler, whose 
face we at once recognized as the 
animal trainer for Marvin's circus. 
Hilda Simmons is vocalist with "Slick' ' 
Snipes and his orchestra. Next Bur- 
ton Snyder reported that he was a 
speedway driver and who should be 
his mechanic but Paul Stewart. We 
then saw Margie Taylor who had in- 
herited a match-factory from her 
uncle and had hired Joe Turner as 
manager. Margie Timmons is owner 
of a frog farm. Getting almost to the 
end of the line we saw Bill Wagoner 
who told the officer that he was a 
Justice of the Peace. Last but not 
least, came Dot Walker and Hilda 
White. They are now preforming in 
an aquacade at Miami. 

And so, one by one, the students 
of Hanes High's 1941 Graduating 
Class answered to their name on the 
roll call. Then we heard a sharp 
order. "Attention! Company dismiss- 

Rag W. Goodrich 


I 317 W. 4th Street 


Winston-Salem, N. C. 





Real Estate and 







The Anchor Studio I 


«—«_*— — — — — — * 

— 161. 




PHONE 6637 

| Central Carolina Motors, Inc. 

226 N. Marshall Street 

Cadillac — Oldsmobile 


Sales and Service 

Phone 4174 

Headquarters for Sporting Goods 

Anything You Want in 





S. & M, Clothiers 




^c 9it 9 k Spat of tke ^oiVir 

Visit Our 


W. G. Tennille — Manager 


KDHciiili ytou,} &&ni 


For the privilege of serving you in the capacity of 


Your future patronage is earnestly solicited 

9i+ ^6 + ^cam S, 

Phone 2-1303 


632 West 4th St. 


Trade and Liberty Streets 

We Appreciate Your Patronage 

WON'T you 





— 163- 


Sears, Roebuck & Co, 

420 Trade Street 







MILK— ICE CREAM Phones: 4161, 4162, 4163 | 

<^oiitnE%n J^> 

r f 


Visit our plant and Sally Sothern Room 1 11-115 W. Second St. 



Everything to look forward to and nothing to 
regret. Mind trained to solve the problems ahead, 
Character strengthened by splendid associations, 
Eyesight as good as ever because of Foresight in 
providing proper lighting through four long years 
of study in dormitory, class room, and labora- 

See that the youngsters following you are 
properly equipped to protect their eyes, do better 
work, and keep their good dispositions with the 
aid of scientifically accredited lamps and lights. 













Mills Home 
Mount Airy 
High Point 
Gray high 





Indicates Games Won By Rey- 



Reynolds 33 

Walnut Cove 38 










High Point 













Walnut Cove 












Mineral Springs 




























Reynolds Hi 


2 1 



— 164- 


(Continued from page 43) 

"Do you have too much typing 
for your secretary? Do you have e- 
nough to employ a permanent typist? 
If these problems apply to you, dial 
2244 and ask Martha Sue Kelman, 
public stenographer, to help you 
with your typing. Her typing work 
is excellent and her prices are rea- 

"Are your dinners and parties 
failures? Let the Happy Helpers aid 
you in planning a successful dinner 
or party. The helpers are Misses 
Doris Pratt, Gladys Myatt, and 
Mary Frances Manuel." 


"The time is 8:15 P. M. Eastern 
Standard Time. This is your announ- 
cer, Marion Everhart, saying good- 
night for the Senior Class until the 
voice of Betty Sims greets you in 
the morning at 7:00." 


(Continued from page 42) 

It seems that our class was well 
represented in the O. Henry Club as 
officers came from our senior home 
room, these being president, Marion 
Everhart; vice-president, Frances At- 
kins; secretary, Helen Sharpe; trea- 
surer, Bernice Beaman; and program 
chairman, Mary Parks. 

Our class officers for this year are 
Bob Haire, president; Jane Alspaugh, 
vice-president; Ethel Safrit, secre- 
tary; Hugh Walton, treasurer. 

As our last social event we had 
our banquet at the Grill on the night 
before graduation. We took our final 
departure January 24 from Reynolds 
High School, when in maroon caps 
and gowns, we received our diplo- 

On looking back over these event- 
ful years we hope we haven't caused 
too much trouble for our patient 
teachers. And we feel we should 
thank them for four of the most en- 
joyable years of our life, even though 
we didn't think so at the time- 





Noland Company, Inc. 


Visit Our Show Room 


B. F. Huntley Furniture Co. 

Specializing in Quality 

Bed Room and Dining Room 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

The Anchor Company 


Congratulates the '41 Classes 

Begin the business life 

with just the right style from head to foot — Always 
the latest are found at the greater Anchor Company. 





'Dependable for more than 83 years' 

Funeral Directors 

Dial 6101 


■^^r W I NSTON-SALE M. N.C. 



"The Store of Quality and 

48 Years In Winston-Salem 

-— * 



Corner 4th &■ Liberty Streets 

Home Furnishers 

Forty-one years of service 
to the homemakers of 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 



5c, 10c, and 25c 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 



*■— - — ■ • 


(Continued from page 45) 
class from a letter I received from 
Betty Withers the other day. She 
is giving an organ recital in the 
Reynolds Auditorium next week, 
a new organ being donated by 
Martha Elliott and Marie Stone. 
Margaret Plonk and Ann Sauls are 
missionaries in the heart of deepest 
Africa, and Joe Jones is president 
of the Retail Merchants Associa- 
tion. Dr. James Nading is an in- 
structor at the Wake Forest Med- 
ical School. Julia Stokes gave a 
luncheon for Edna Sprunt, bride- 
elect, at the Robert E Lee Hotel, 
now operated by the Cash bro- 
thers. It seems that Evelyn Carter, 
Elizabeth East, and Wilhelmina 
Boesser have become secretaries, 
and all of them have splendid pos- 

Ira: Oh, yes. I have a letter here from 
Thad Tate, editor of Esquire. He 
told me about some of his fellow 
journalists. John Johnson is foreign 
correspondent for the New York 
Times. Musa Queensbury and 
Doris Canady are co-editors of a 
new cooking journal, sponsored 
by "Bahnson's Baking Powder." 
Jessie Lee Bennett's latest book, 
which has broken all sales records, 
is called "Hermit Izlar Steps Out." 

Mary: I heard about that, too. Did 
you know that Fulton Ferree is 
sports writer for "Thursday"? 

Ira: Yes, and Algine Neely is society 
editor for the "New York Times." 

Mary: Last night I was in Smith- 
deal's Night Club where Bruce 
Pfohl's orchestra is playing. Dot 
Shealy played the piano; Amos 
Speas, the trumpet; and Charles 
Delaney, the piccolo. Bettie Ann 
Knight received splendid applause 
when she sang "Gas Buggy Days" 
composed by Buff Tilley. 

Ira: Of course, you know that Billie 
Hill is the Head Nurse at DuKe 
Hospital and that Ruth Shore is 
laboratory technician there. Mar- 
vin Bowers recently broke the 
world's speed record at Dayton-i 
Beach and is now known as the 
"great speed demon." 

Mary: Oh, it's my lunch hour, I real- 
ly must run so I won't be late. So 

Ira: Bye, till this afternoon. 


853 Reynolda Rd. 

"The Kitchen of Tomorrow" 

Western Steaks Toasted Sandwiches 
Soda Fountain Curb Service 


"Foot Summit— Overlooking Hancs 

A nice place to meet your 
friends — and the home of 
Complete Drug Store Ser- 

Dial 2-1144 

„— — * 



. . . many other exclusive 
Royal MAGIC features. 

*Tnde-mark, Reg. U. S. Pat. OS- 

W. S. Davis 

Typewriter Co. 

Dial 2-2583 




Bottling Co. 


Styled exclusively for the High School and college student. Featuring 
"Campus Togs"— those up to the minute fashions from the West 

The Youth Center's Young Mens Shop 


September and school gets under 
way the day after Labor Day . . 
staff elects editors for the coming 
year . . D. E. Course is latest inno- 
vation; Mrs. Pearle Foster helps stu- 
dents combine work and school . . 
new Board of Aldermen chosen by 
regular election . . football begins in 
spite of loss of several players to 
the National Guard . . seniors jour- 
ney to Chapel Hill for annual High 
School Day . . soccer practice begins 
on the sixteenth . . new group known 
as Sanitary Board is organized with 
members from each home room . . 
special study group on student gov- 
ernment also formed . . Roy Bras- 
well heads Hi-Y . . Marjorie Ann 
Paris gets calls from Gray fan. 

October rolls around, and the foot- 
ball teams meets Gray, Thomasville, 
and Leaksville, losing one, tying one, 
and winning one . . sixty-two stu- 
dents make the honor roll with Ar- 
line Brown, Nell Hicks, and Hilda 
Austin leading . . library observes 
National Book Week . . six new 
members are tapped by National 
Honor Society . . Teddy, the tad- 
pole, dies in Science Lab . . Betty 
Penry heads Monogram Club and E. 
S. Hall, the Ushers' Club . . Pitch the 
Pop-corn, with apologies to Pass the 
Peanuts, becomes chief gossip-mon- 
ger . . C. H. Duncan is president of 

November finds dramatics coming 
to the fore when Miss Dungan's 
class presents "The Bishop's Candle- 
sticks" . . four students attend the 
N. C. State Council Congress in 
Greenville . . Dick Helsabeck is chos- 
en senior president . . Supt. Moore 
tells students how to study . . High 
Point Reserves down Hanes High 
eleven an second-string team loses to 
Grayhounds . . new rifle club organ- 
ized . . poll reveals Mission Orange 
and goobers to be favorite foods at 
Hanes High . . band plays for annual 
homecoming game with Georgia 
Tech in Duke Stadium . . cat who 
seeks education at Hanes High re- 
ceives cold welcome . . seniors ded- 
icate annual to Mr. Weathers . . 
Miss Stockton presents one-act com- 
edy entitled "Congratulations" . . 
Girl Reserves hold recognition ser- 
vice . . Miss Smeltzer becomes Mrs. 
Boucher . . Hilda Austin is chosen 
D. A. R. representative . 


December brings two weeks of va- 
cation at Christmas time . . and a 
patriotic Junior-Senior Reception in 
the gym . . and seven new members 
into the Quill and Scroll . . and a 
gala edition of Pine Whispers . . and 
an honor roll with 102 names . . and 
the beginning of basketball . . and a 
debate tournament at Greensboro 
with Hanes High participating . . and 
a football banquet where monograms 
were awarded and James Long and 
Ed Wooten received trophies for 
excellent playing . . and the Alumni 
split a double-header with the var- 
sity basketball teams . . and the mu 
sic classes gave a vaudeville show . . 
and Zeno Groce excelled in the pos- 
ture contest . . and Bob Hutchins 
played a cornet solo at the Older 
Boys' Conference in Charlotte . . and 
Miss Mock and Miss Singletary final- 
ly got some new shades from Santa 

January ushers in graduation and 
exams . . nine seniors, headed by 
President Evelyn Hege, say farewell 
to school days . . band closes the 
month with its annual concert . . three 
new students enroll . . June class 
elects superlatives . . inquiring report- 
er interviews basketball star . . Miss 
Kinlaw takes over in the cafeteria . . 
New Year's resolutions are made . . 
and broken . . Pitch the Pop-corn 
writes best editorial to appear this 
year in competition with Pete Ivey 
Dwight Kirby unofficially swings 
Quill and Scroll election . . Miss 
Baynes replaces Miss Spinks in lan- 
guage department . .. 

February finds Horace Adams re- 
placing Melvin Hutchins as Chief- 
of-Police . . homerooms elect new 
Aldermen . . thirty-one boys report 
for spring football practice . . Roy 
Braswell represents school in Amer- 
icanism Contest . . honesty becomes 
topic for discussion at assembly . . 
National Honor Society students be- 
gin coaching . . Ernest Hamby ex- 
presses views on professional box- 
ing . . girls win first basketball game 
of the season over Gray . . Sports' 
Officials Club is organized to assist 
with sports . . Marvin Parrish re- 
ceives Service Monogram . . four 
students celebrate their birthdays on 
Valentine's . . HANES HIGH DRA- 
Hall receives Service Monogram . . 
members of staff are initiated into 
(Continued to 172) 

■WE 1/CKW = 




D. G. Craven Co. 





Margaret Marie Shop 

223 West Fourth Street 
Next to North Cherry St. 



Noted for Beauty 
and Tone 


1889 52nd Year 1941 


Building & Loan Assn. 

Savings and 


Morrisett Co. 


Dealer in 

Dry Goods, Ready-to-wear, 

Millinery, Notions, Curtains 

Draperies, Underwear, 


Our Shoe Department for 

Men and Ladies 

"Health Spot" Save Your Feet 



School starts with the largest fresh- 
man class in history. 


Dalton Clower chosen Speaker of 

Robert Haltiwanger, Roger Hendrix, 
Dot Shealy, and Bill Whiteheart 
elected president, vice president, 
secretary, and treasurer of June 
graduating class. 

Ann Long selected president of Rey- 
nolds Hi Players. 

Jean Stockton makes highest aver- 
age in history of school with 99. 

Northwest District Teachers Meet- 
ing held in Winston-Salem. Mr. 
Joyner presides. 

Bob Haire elected president of Jan- 
uary class. 

Mary Davis, Edna Sprunt, and Vir- 
ginia Marriott chosen sponsors of 
Senior Hi-Y Club. 


Thad Tate and John Johnson win 
first and second place, respectively, 
in Current Events Contest of an- 
nual S. I. P. A. Convention held at 
Lexington, Virginia. 

Betsy Dalton, Maureen Black, and 
Mary Frances Lackey made first 
drum-majorettes in history of 

Ninteen students inducted into the 
National Honor Society. 

Girl Reserves hold annual recogni- 
tion service. 

Twenty-five new members initiated 
into Ushers Club. 

Six Publication Staff Members in- 
ducted into Quill and Scroll. 

Annual Thanksgiving Program held 
with Robert Haltiwanger presid- 

Seniors dedicate annual to Mrs. H. 
E. Swain. 

Billie Hill chosen to represent Rey- 
nolds High as D. A. R. candidate. 

Donnie Hines elected president of 
10A class for year of 1940-41. 


Billie Mae Cottingham is selected 
Chief Marshal of January class. 

Bill McGill and Watt Martin go un- 
defeated in debating tournament at 

June Thomasson elected president of 
Library staff. 

Dr. Samuel Grafflin speaks to stu- 
dent body of Reynolds. 

133 N. MAIN ST. 



Drug Store 

For forty-one years 

North Carolina's leading 

drug store. 





Battery Mfg. Co. 

Phone 4107 


Photo Supply Co. 

Commercial Photographers 



106 W. Fifth, Opp. Post Office 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

— 170— 

Walker's — Florist 

for all occasions" 

Corsages a specialty 

115 North Poplar Street 
Phone 7422 

All Kinds of Insurance 

Pilot Insurance 
Agency, Inc. 

Corner Fourth and Spruce St. 

Phone 6123 

Forrest J. Wright E. T. Puller. 

Joe W. Kenner 



Fresh Meats and Fancy 

Dial 8164 
Hawthorne and W. First St. 



Brown-Ruffin Co. 

433 Wachovia Bank Bldg. 

Telephone 6070 


Miss Mary Martin and Miss Eliza- 
beth Brookes made new advisers 
of Council and House. 

John Johnson, Thad Tate, Bet Pat- 
terson, and Doris Canady are e- 
lected president, vice-president, 
secretary, and treasurer, respec- 
tively, of Quill and Scroll. 


147 students make 97 or above on 
one examination. 

Bill Anderson acts as Scout Mayor 
during Scout week. 

Watt Martin wins annual Ameri- 
canism contest. 

Fulton Ferree elected Speaker of 
House of Representatives. 

Junior-Senior held in gymnasium. 

Mary Coons, Edna Sprunt, and Rives 
Pollard chosen as prettiest senior 
Quiz Program held in chapel. Mr. 
Joyner presides. 

Maureen Black elected 9A president. 

Dick Plaster elected Council repre- 
sentative from 8A Class. 

Floyd E. West resigns as a member 
of school faculty. 

Miss Elizabeth Hancock takes his 

Don Hartzog and Russell Shouse 
made publication photographers. 


Reynolds High Honor Society mem- 
bers attend annual state meeting at 

Nelson Eddy gives concert in Win- 

Tallulah Bankhead refuses inteview 
with Pine Whispers reporter. 

Bet Patterson, Alice Goldberg, Bill 
McGill, Watt Martin make de- 
bating team. 

District Music Contest held in Rey- 
nolds Auditorium. 


Affirmative debating team defeats 
Greensboro in annual Triangular 
debate; Negative team downed by 
High Point. 

Dr. Samuel Grafflin, speaker for 
several years at Reynolds, passes 
away on tour. 

Separate graduation plans approved. 

Reynolds students enter scholastic 
and journalism contests. 

David Fulton wins first place in 
State Spanish contest. 

Marian McCuiston and Watt Martin 
win first and second places, respec- 
tively, in the Elks Contest. 


>.., — , ,., ,,, ,,, ,., ,., ,,, ... ._..|, 

'The House of Friendliness" f 






The Follin Co. 

All Kinds of Insurance 
Except Life 

249 N. Main St. 
7140— Phones— 7149 

Furniture Company 

521 N. Liberty St. 

Home Furnishings 

A store faithfully 

serving the homelovers 

of Winston-Salem! 

White Shoes For 

White— Brown and White 

See these beautiful shoes 

before buying 

$3.95 to $6.95 



444 Trade Street 



Laundry and Dry Cleaning — Phone 5178 

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of Winston-Salem, Inc. 

121 S. MAIN ST. DIAL 2-3402 


(Continued from p. 168) 

South American Way by visiting 
senores and senoritas . . Miss Mock 
presents "So Early In the Morn- 
ing" . . Girl Reserves open drive for 
new members . . golf is inaugurated 
as a new sport . . Doris Newsome 
heads College Club . . Charlie Haney 
returns from a tour of the West. 

March sees the election of Peggy 
Lancaster as beauty queen with 
Frances Dannerand Ruth Lee Greene 
as runners-up . . carnival draws big 
crowd and raises school funds . . de- 
bating team wins negative and loses 
affirmative in triangle . .series of vo- 
cational talks begins . . cheerleaders 
receive monograms . . English class 
chooses movie cast for "Macbeth" . . 
varsity squad coaches girls' intramu- 
ral basketball games . . Gene Disher 
wins city-wide contest on "National 

April 1 astounds students with 
news of new gymnasium with 
swimming pool 'n everything . . cho- 
rus presents program of festival 
numbers and journeys to Greensboro 
for two days . . Louise Weatherman 
gets "A" rating for soprano solo . . 
Catherine Lineback wins Service 
Monogram . . Coker College girls 
present concert . . Girl Reserves hold 
fashion show . . College Day is in- 
augurated . . monograms are award- 
ed in basketball and soccer at big 
banquet in cafeteria . . Doris New- 
some wins prize in Elks' Contest . . 
interested souls try to "perkup" the 
journalism room . . tennis courts be- 
come crowded . . horseshoes begin to 
hit the spike . . last of annual ma- 
terial goes to press . . Etha Brantley 
and Ben Bennett win in birdhouse- 
building contest. 

May and June . . students begin to 
awake the approach of final exams . . 
press convention at Chapel Hill . . 
spring fever claims many victims . . 
Miss Stockton presents play, "Jewel 
Hand" . . new mayor is elected . . 
patriotic Black and Gold appears . . 
everyone tries to finish up his parallel 
reading . . athletic picnic is held . . 
baseball winds up . . classes wind 
up . . and the school year winds up 
with Hanes High holding its first 
commencement exercises in its own 


ff/S W/FE WW #/M //E 

Ohe said that Hanes 
Crotch-Guard Sports 
took ten years off his 
figure. Perhaps she 

But it's a fact, gen- 
tlemen, that Hanes 
Crotch-Guard Sports 
are as trim as they 
are comfortable. The 
gentle, athletic sup- 
port of the Hanesknit Crotch- 
Guard helps you keep spruce 
and alert at work . . . gives you 
protection when you exercise. 
All-round Lastex waistband. 
Easy to put on and take off. No 
buttons to bother you. You're 

Look for the HANES Label when 
you buy underwear. It is your 
assurance of quality garments 
at moderate prices. 

really unaware of underwear. 
Team them up with a Hanes 
Undershirt . . . worn outside 
for extra comfort. Try this new 
idea. Crotch- 
Guard Sports 7IT$ CA$ 
are priced at J J & JvH 


The Undershirts are made of fine, 
combed HANESPUN cotton-knit for 
comfort and long wear. HANES 
broadcloth Shorts are always accu- 
rate sizes. Smart new patterns. 

35J3'°" $ 1 

Extra qualit/, 50c each. HANES Blue 
Label Shirts and broadcloth Shorts 
as low as 27c, 4 for $1. 

Belk-Stevens Company 


Corner Trade and Fifth 

Quality Merchandise At Economy Prices For 
The School Boy And Girl 

Greetings From 

Montgomery Ward & Co 

Liberty St., opposite post office 

Clothing for All the Family 
Complete Sporting Goods Department 

310 N. Liberty St. 


'On the Square" 




Formal and Street Dresses Coats Suits 

Sportswear Accessories Millinery Shoes 

Modestly Priced 


Fort Defiance, Augusta County, Virginia 

A university preparatory school, offering four year course. 
Additional advanced subjects for high school graduates which 
will give a boy 5 or 6 more units than any high school. War 
Department R. O. T. C. Course in Military Science, leading 
to a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the U. S. Army Reserves. 

Modern barracks. All Athletics. Largest preparatory school gymnasium in America, 
with glass enclosed swimming pool. 600 acres of meadowland give facilities for Rid- 
ing, Hunting, and all forms of outdoor exercise, throughout the entire school year. 
Our graduates are now in West Point, Annapolis, and many of the leading 
universities. Aviation — Infantry — Cavalry — Artillery. 

Write Major C. S. Roller, Jr., AMA, Fort Defiance, Va. for 
particulars and catalogue. 

Some of our former patrons are: Mr. Edward A. Darr: Mr. C. L. Glenn; Mrs. P. A. 
Gorrell; Mr. J. L. Graham; Mr. Alex. Hanes; Mrs. J. W. McAllister. 



Flowers for All Occasions 
M. McNulty, Florist 

Phone 7621 

Modern Chevrolet Co. 

148 N. Main St. 

Chevrolet Sales and Service 

24 Hour Service 

Phone 2-2551 

Chatham Products 


The Name CHATHAM Is A Guarantee Of Quality 



— 175- 


Established 1900 



C. D. Rominger 
J. W. Cuningham 

*—. . 

You Helped 

Me Get My 



►— -* 

Won't You 

Help Me 

Cut My Cake 


We'll get it at 





All made from pure ingredients 
114 W. 4th St. City Market 

Farewell to exams that you stayed 

up to cram for; 
Farewell to the pranks that you got 

in a jam for; 
Farewell to the quizzes you didn't 

prepare for; 
Farewell to the teachers you didn't 

much care for; 
Farewell to the classes that you used 

to nap in; 
Farewell to the subject that you 

faked a snap in; 
Good-bye to them all — shed a tear 

as you're parting; 
And good luck to you now in the 

life that you're starting. 

School days, school days, 

Study and exam days, 

English and Latin — they are a pill, 

Of hist'ry and geom'try you get your 

Then comes the week-end when you 

'Tis what you long for— that's what 

you say, 
But the fun that you've had "ain't 

worth a dime," 
For Monday will come every time. 
Mary Alice Neilson 

An Athlete's Farewell 

Farewell to the coach who has work- 
ed hard to train me, 

Farewell to the losses which tried 
hard to pain me. 

Farewell to my sportsmates who 
gave me such pleasures; 

Farewell to the games which have 
brought me such treasures; 

Goodbye to it all — I shall never for- 
get it, 

But as for leaving ■ — I fail to regret it. 
Mary Alice Neilson 

A crooked piece of wire 
But what would I do 
Without a coat hanger 
To hang my clothes on to? 


The clouds are the clothes; 
The horizon, the line; 
But why do they hang 
Upside down all the time? 

Billie Luck 

— 176- 















Nationally Prominent 

Training center of 
successful careers 


School of 


Winston-Salem, N. C. 


i "A Bundle Of Satisfaction" 

, Certified Dry Cleaning 

"Puts Your Clothes 
In Tune" 


| Dial 




My Home 
A house where comfort reigns in 

queenly state, 
A yard of tall green trees and cool- 
ing shade 
With fragrant flowers adding love- 
liness — 
Such is the place I call my own. 

Virginia Whitaker 
The Cherry Tree 
The cherry tree, all winter stands 

Making a black silhouette against the 

dark-cast sky 
As a stiff, stark sentinel guarding his 

From any foreign and invading spy. 
But when the spring comes in with 

all its glory 
And all the trees don their very best 
The cherry tree, too, puts on her 

snow-white blossoms 
And adds new color to her winter 


Wilhelmina Boesser 
A Garden 
And here the garden lies in silent 

The walls of stone have tumbled into 

The lizard, green and slick, doth 

slowly creep 
Among the thick growth of the ivy 
Tall weeds have taken all the flowers' 

The rose and lily gone to come no 

The lonely shadow of the night em- 
This lovely garden of the days gone 


Evelyn Scholtes 
And here my row of pansies lifted 

Their tiny elfin faces washed with 

To view with timid peeps across the 

The frightened roar of Tiger-Lily 

Who started the day all wrong when 

Bumble Bee 
Crawled right into his gaping yawn. 
Ann Long 
Old Salem Home 
An old, old house, a rocky garden 

And cobble stones, an iron-wrought- 

ed gate, 
Stone animals and sidewalks paved 

with bricks 
Still live to recollect their fate. 

Mary Alice Neilson 

The Prestige of a 

Senior is Assured 

When Wearing 

Hine's Shoes' 


West Fourth Street 
~ 1 


To Suit Your Price — 
$42.50 $54.50 $59.50 

Elliott Fisher Co. 

503 Reynolds Bldg. 
Phone 7013 





Phone 6155 

— 177— 

Long Years 



and Connections with the 
best Sources of Supply — 
many of them exclusive 
with us in Winston-Salem — 
makes this truly the Style 
headquarters for Young 
Men, Students, Boys, and 
Little Fellows — 



"The School Girls' Store" 

For — 






We extend a cordial invi- 
tation to you and your 
friends — 

Visit With Us 
Whenever You Can 


My heart is such a funny thing! 

It makes me laugh and cry, 

It makes me sigh and makes me sing, 

And how I wonder why! 

It skips along a sunny path, 

Then trips through dungeons dark 

It bears the brunt of pain and wrath, 

Oh, pity you, dear heart! 

It cannot last much longer though 

At such a rapid rate, 

Won't someone pick the pieces up 

And save it from its fate? 

Bertha Ferguson 


You pass my house each day I know, 
But still I cannot see, 
For I'm behind barred doors, and so 
Barred doors keep you from me. 
I cannot push the shutter back, 
Or call a gay hello, 
I only keep my love intact, 
And keep my heart aglow. 
I cannot lift the heavy latch, 
Nor find the precious key, 
I can't revive a burned out match — 
You've barred your heart from me. 
Bertha Ferguson 


I hid my love from you, 

That day you went away, 

I tucked it safe from view, 

And vowed I'd let it stay, 

I turned a little key. 

And locked a little door, 

I hid a "you" from me, 

And what an awful chore! 

Then just the other day 

I saw you pass along, 

I wanted to be gay; 

I wanted to be strong, 

I couldn't hide this tear; 

It trickled down my cheek, 

I think you saw it here, 

And that's what made you speak, 

Then quickly I ran up, 

And softly closed the door, 

And now it must stay shut 

A million years or more. 

Bertha Ferguson 


Distributors of 

Fairfax Hall 

Food Products 



Forrest-Rhodes Co. 

1030 N. Chestnut 
Phone 2-1129 

R. B. Crawford & Co. 

858 West Fourth Street 

Fine Foods 
Reasonably Priced 

We are happy to serve you. 
Dial 7116 

Our respects to the 



N. P. Stone & Co. 

Wholesale Groceries 

207 E. 3rd St. 

Save on 
"Stop and Go" 


New Supershcll Gasoline 
Kelly Springfield Tires 

For quality and economy 





Public address system installed . . 
Diversified occupations work begins 
Five delegates attend S. I. P. A. ann- 
ual convention . . Five new depart- 
ments added to student organization: 
Publicity, Interior, Secretarial, Home 
Ec, Office pages . . Gray observes 
Education Week . . Eight new mem- 
bers inducted into National Honor 
Society for the fall term . . P. T. A. 
Harvest Festival . . Martha James 
chosen as most popular . . Drama- 
teers give Library Pageant during 
book week . . Elkin High sends Prin- 
cipal, 3 students to see Gray's 
Board . . Students add new library 
slip plan by which home rooms dis- 
tribute passes . . Seniors dedicate 
"Black and Gold" to Miss Stephen- 
son . . Girl Flag Wavers follow 
school band in new flag drill at stad- 
ium . . Haywood Brinegar elected 
president of the student body by 
popular vote of students . . Elinor 
Crews, V. P.; Nell Adams, Sec; 
Paul Snider, asst. sec. . . Auc- 
tion Sale of lost articles results in 
addition to treasury . . Band students' 
parents organize advisor club . . Gray 
has championship soccer team . . 
I. J. Merritt represents Gray in 
Americanism contest sponsored by 
Junior Chamber of Commerce . . 
Rev. Douglas Rights talks at first 
assembly . . Traffic dept. adds 40 
workers with introduction of new 
semester . . better known as "floor 
walkers" . . June graduates select 
mascot, superlatives, and class day 
officers . . I. J. Merritt wins oratori- 
cal contest sponsored by Jaycees . . 
Lois Taylor wins prize for her sent- 
ence on "What it Means to Be an 
American." . . Mrs. Clyde Milner to 
be main speaker at "Social Stand- 
ards Conference" . . Five delegates 
attend Conference for music stud- 
ents . . Eight boys qualify for posi- 
tions on golf team . . Thurmond Ed- 
wards to coach them . . Woodwork 
classes build new home for "Amos 
and Andy" to replace old one . . 18 
students take part in first aid course 
taught by Mr. Griffin . . Honor 
Society taps 10 new members March 
1941 . . Dramatic Class enters one- 
act play in annual contest . . 3 pret- 
tiest girls in senior class chosen . . 
Margaret Hege, first place; Norma 
Teague, second; and Opal Walsh, 
(Continued next page) 

Brothers Co., Inc. 

Wholesale Grocers 

Operators of 

Pay Cash Grocery 



Insurance Service 

(Formerly Davis and Cody, Inc.) 

Nissen Bldg. Telephone 6421 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 


Bread and Cakes 

Served in the City 
School Cafeterias 

American Bakeries 

Reynolds High 



FALL 1941 

Sept. 20 — Lexington 

Sept. 25 — Burlington 

Oct. 3 — Danville 

Oct. 10— Charlotte 

Oct. 24 — Greensboro 

Nov. 14— Gray 



Here you see a group of students inspecting a part of the modern plant 
of Farmers Dairy at 1012 S. Marshall St. 

We invite your inspection at any time. 
Call us for a complete line of dairy products that excel in quality, 

flavor, and safety. 


Hear Your Favorite Bands 

on Victor, Bluebird, Columbia, and Decca Records 


Bocock'Stroud Co. 



FOR 1940-41 

third . . Gray's basketball sextet wins 
city championship . . Brinegar sets 
up Dictatorship . . Democratic gov- 
ernment weakens program of Gray 
High (April fool) . . Debating squad 
compete at U. N. C. for Aycock cup . . 
Dramateers win contest; plaques won 
by Carolyn Holleman, and Miss 
Clara Tiller . . Affirmative debaters 
place second at Chapel Hill . . Band 
is judged one of five best in state at 
Music Festival in Greensboro . . Base- 
ball nine plays Mt. Airy for B Con- 
ference title . . . 


"My Own" "Amapola," 

As I sit in this "Blue Evening" 
"High on a Windy Hill," I am 
"Thinking of You." Oh, how I'd 
love to get "One Sweet Letter from 
You." "These Things You Left Me" 
aren't even half enough to remember 
you by. "It All Comes Back to Me 
Now," that day in May when I saw 
"You Walk by." "I Give You My 
Word" that "You Are My Sun- 
shine". I want "You" to be "No- 
body's Baby" but mine. "Don't 
Worry About Me" though, "There'll 
be Some Changes Made," because 
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You." 
"Oh, Look at Me Now," I've got- 
ten along so far. "If I Didn't Care," 
I wouldn't feel as I do; but the way 
it is now, "I'll Never Smile Again." 
Oh, well, "Everything Happens to 
Me." I'm sure "You Forgot About 
Me," but I know "I Could Make 
You Care." "You'd be Surprised!" 

"Until Tomorrow" I'll be seeing 
you and if you ever should come to 
town, come to see me at "Number 
Ten Lullaby Lane" or else give me a 
ring at "Pennsylvania 6-5000." I hope 
that "I'll See You Again" so till 
then, "May I Never Love Again" 
"Because" "You Might Have Be- 
longed to Another." 

Anyway "Thanks for Everything" 

"Charlie" the Sailor 
P. S. Remember, "Because of You" 
I've traveled a "Lonesome Road." 

— 180— 


One of the most interesting pro- 
jects undertaken during the school 
year was the experiment carried on 
in the science department under 
Miss Kathryn Emmart and Miss 
Flossie Martin, biology teachers. 

During January of this year a 
movie on nutrition was presented to 
the biology classes by the Winston- 
Salem Dairy Council. At the con- 
clusion of the movie, the represen- 
tatives of the council offered to do- 
nate four white rats for the experi- 
ments in nutrition. The offer was 
accepted and the rats were imme- 
diately sent over. 

The first thing to be done was the 
construction of cages for the rats. 
The rats were labeled A, B, C, and D, 
and an individual diet was selected 
for each. The purpose of the ex- 
periment was to determine the factor 
that milk plays in the growth of 

Rat A was selected for a diet of 
whole wheat bread and milk. Rat B 
was designated to receive a diet of 
whole wheat bread and water. An 
excellent diet of bread, fruit, vege- 
tables, meat, and milk was selected 
for Rat C. Rat D was given the 
poorest diet of all, consisting of 
bread, potatoes, and water, which 
is an example of the poor diet which 
many people have. 

Records have been kept all through 
the semester of the progress and 
growth of the rats. Rat A, with a 
good diet, grew rapidly, his weight 
increased, and his general condition 
became better. Rat B, in contrast, 
gained so little weight and became 
in such a poor condition that at the 
end of six weeks his diet was changed 
from water to milk. His condition 
improved rapidly until now he is 
about the same state as Rat A. 

Rats C and D were contrasted. 
Rat C weighed about 30 grams more 
than any other rat. Rat D has be- 
come so irritable now that it is prac- 
tically impossible to weigh him. 

As a result of the experiment, 
many students have been impressed 
by the need of a better diet and a 
greater interest in nutrition and pro- 
per eating. 

In our Varsity Shop we have opened a modern Shoe Department. In 
charge of the department you will find competent men of years' ex- 
perience. Mr. Clarence P. Hepler, with his associate, Mr. Harvey 
Mickey, are young men who enjoy serving college students. 

Also, in our Varsity Shop, which is on the second floor, you will 
find a nice assortment of Sport Coats, Sport Shirts, Slacks, and a multi- 
tude of things which will appeal to the young man. 


Ann Long, Robert Haltiwanger, Haywood Brinegar, Dick Helsabeck, Arline Miller, 

Dorothy Darnell 

R is for Royal, it would suit a king 
O is for oomph that has plenty of swing 
Y is for youth — it will always be near 
A is for annually — year after year. 
L makes it luscious, one taste will tell 

C is for calling it — or maybe you'll yell 
R is for Reynolds, Hanes and Gray too 
O is for others who are Royal Crown true 
W is for wow! what! only five cents? 
N is for now — keep yourself from suspense. 
Billie Luck, 1942 



You will take increasing pride 

and joy with your Balfour ring over the years 




L. G. Balfour Company 

Jeweler to the Senior and Junior Classes of Richard J. Reynolds High School 
Attleboro Massachusetts 

— * 


Animal Hospital 

Dr. Charles L. Cruse 

930 Northwest Boulevard 
Phone 4710 




Stall I Phone 7943 
Stall G Phone 7028 




aftar ordinary cleaning? 

How SANITONE keeps 
knits soft and bright 

Knits especially need the 
extra advantages of Sam- 
tone cleaning: the thorough, 
penetrating cleaning action, the 
natural oils that restore lustre, 
the extra care in blocking that 
assures perfect fit and the skill- 
ed finishing that preserves the 
drape and softness of the wool. 
Call us to Sanitone clean 
your favorite knit dresses, you'll 
get a thrill when you see their 
renewed color and softness. 



Dial 7IOI 


Highest Averages 

First six weeks — Jean Stockton, 
99; Mark Boesser, 97.25; Howard 
Gray, 97. 

Second six weeks — Jean Stockton, 
98.5; Ralph Simpson; Mark Boesser; 
Marilyn Booth. 

Third six weeks — Jean Stockton, 
97.75; Marilyn Booth, 97.62; Ira 
Baity and Ralph Simpson, 97.5. 

Fourth six weeks — Mark Boesser, 
98.75; Ernest Hardwicke, 97.75; Jean 
Stockton and Marilyn Booth, 97.5. 

Fifth six weeks — Jean Stockton, 
98.5; Mark Boesser and Ralph Simp- 
son, 97.75; Doris Hancock 97.5. 


S. I. P. A. Current Events Con- 
test— Thad Tate, first; John John- 
son, second. 

Quill and Scroll Contests- 
Headline— Fourth Place Southeast- 
ern States— Thad Tate 

Copyreading— Honorable Mention 
Southeastern States— Musa Queens- 

Current Events— Honorable Men- 
tion Southeastern States— Bet Patter- 

Scholastic Magazine Contests — 
North Carolina Winners — 

Features and News— Bet Patter- 

Interview — Louise Casperian 

Column — Thad Tate 

Sports — Fulton Ferree 


Boy Scout Mayor— William And- 

Commissioner of Public Works — 
Ralph Pegram 

Commissioner of Public Accounts 
and Finances — Ira Baity 

D. A. R. Representative — Billie 

Beauty Contest Winners — Mary 
Coons, Edna Sprunt, Rives Pollard 

Science and Mathematics 

State Mathematics Contest- 
Tommy Speas, school winner 

Second Place State Science Fair— 
Paxton Davis 


Basketeria Store 

'Food Service Stipreme" 


851 Reynolda Road 
Phone 4123 We Deliver 

Pfaff's, Inc. 

26 years of faithful service to Winston- 
Salem and vicinity 



We offer you paints, glass 

and wall papers from 

nationally known houses 


Auto Supply Company 

for the Automobile' 


Ask For 

Double wrapped 


From your Independent 

— 183— 

Reynolds High Awards 


American Legion — Watt Martin, 
City-County winner 

Jaycee— Watt Martin 

Wake Forest Tournament — Watt 
Martin, Bill McGill, and Bet Patter- 
son listed among the ten best de- 
baters in State 

Greensboro Debate Clinic — Watt 
Martin and Bill McGill, certificates 
of honor 

Kiwanis Cup— Ann Pardington 
Rotary Cup — Eddie Watson 


Spanish— David Fulton, State win- 

Alliance Francaise — Buxton Mic- 
kle, fifth place, and Sara Ellen Joyce, 
honorable mention 


_ ^ Designed by Lang of Salsburg Elks' -Marian McCuiStOn, SeCOnd 

Susan, Be Smooth! By Day and Night in State 

From Montaldo's collection of cool and collected frocks for summer— IPI — Bet Patterson and Richard 

MONTALDO'S, INC. Johnston, school winners 


Draughon College is proud of you and your achievements. If you wish 

to further your education, don't forget that we have one of the most 

modern schools in the South. We teach modern electric office machines 

as well as all standard business courses. 

Draiighon Business College 

This college is accredited by the N. A. A. C. S. and is a Winston-Salem institution. 

Journal-Sentinel Spelling Bee 

Audrey Ezzelle, Reynolds High 


State Music Contest — 

Charles DeLaney — Flute first rat- 

Kenneth Smith — first rating violin, 
class A 

Annie Lee Sprinkle — second rating 
piano, class C 

B. A. Nading — second rating cor- 
net, class A 

Joe Conrad — first rating trombone, 
class A 

Harold Craver — first rating clarinet, 
class A 

Horace Cooper — first rating, drum 

John L. Fishel — second rating bari- 
tone horn, class A 

Eighth Regional Music Contest, 
Richmond, Va. — 

Charles DeLaney — first rating flute 
and first rating piccolo 

John L. Fishel — first rating bari- 
tone horn 

B. A. Nading — second rating cor- 

Ray Taylor — third rating drums 

— 184- 

Reynolds Headlines 
Four Years Ago 

September — Miss Mary Snipes 
Miss Mary Howell, Miss Elizabeth 
Brookes, Mr. Marvin Ward, and 
Miss Rebecca Kerr join faculty of 

October — Northwestern District 
Teachers Meeting held at Reynolds . . 
Black and Gold Conquers High Point 
in first conference skirmish 20-0. 

November — Seniors dedicate an- 
nual to Mr. Redmond . . Arch Taylor 
wins current events contest at S. I. 
P. A. . . Eleanor Katzin tells of her 
school life of past six years in Pa- 
lestine . . Demonettes are city soccer 

December — Reynolds Hi Players 
give production of "Little Women" . . 
Mr. Burton Craige presents facsimile 
of Declaration of Independence and 
the Constitution . . Phil Brewer leads 
Black Demons to an overwhelming 
victory over South High. 

January— Library adds thirty new 

February— Mr. J. Hall Paxton, 
survivor of the Panay, speaks to stu- 
dent body. 

March — Eugenia Baynes wins hon- 
orable mention in D. A. R. contest . . 
Black and Gold increases page size . . 
Demons defeat Davidson in track 
meet . . Eddie Cantor visits school. 

May — Dr. Ralph Herring delivers 
commencement address to 265 sen- 

The Avenue 

In perfect rows on each side of th« c 


Stately sentries watch the dawn's 

first light. 
Beneath their overhanging boughs 
Runs a small straight path, shaded 
By their outstretched arms from the 

fiery sun. 

Joe Mickey 

Hats Rugs Draperies 

Cold Storage 



— - **, 


ee the smile on the faces of Laura Hines, Hilda Simmons, and Thelma 
Seay as they shop at Charles Store. 

Be glamorous and save the difference by shopping at 



Millinery— Dresses— Coats— Lingerie— Hosiery— Shoes— Men and Boys Wear 
and Fashion Accessories 


Composition, Presswork, and Binding 

by the 


R. J. Reynolds High School 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 









;?■ i -