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D 11 25 IfllSSTE 7 



Schools included: Reynolds, Gray, and 
Hanes High Schools 








jDLack and 

Published by 
Volume XXXVI 


Frances Jane Blum, Editor-in-Chief 
Madeline Combs, Managing Editor 
June Carpenter, Business Manager 


Emma Jean Willard, Editor-in-Chief 
Lindsay Spry, Business Manager 
Sterlyn Hennis, Art Editor 


Pauline Chrysikos, Editor-in-Chief 
Janice Shelton, Managing Editor 


dVyiiilcaL d\l\ 


Music proves to be the background for all our high school 
memories as each of us looks Among Our Souvenirs. 

Settling down to the scholastic grind last fall while The 
Things We Did Last Summer were fresh memories . . . Seeing 
all the gang and realizing that It's Been a Long, Long Time 
since the last meetings . . . Soon the cool days came, an Autumn 
Serenade . . . The brotherly unity as we sang Onward, Christian 
Soldiers at weekly devotional programs . . . Fight, You Black 
Demons was always the theme of the pep rallies . . . Halloween 
Teen-Age dances, where everyone hummed, / Know those lei- 
surely summer days were years ago . . . Come Ye Thankful 
People, Come at Thanksgiving to present the turkeys and gifts 
. . . Winter Wonderland that came with sleet and snow, just 
before Yuletide holidays . . . The strains of Come, All Ye 
Faithful drawing us to Christian services . . . Looking forward 
to the dances All Through the Day . . . The nostalgia of New 
Year's Eve before we joined the gang for Auld Lang Syne . . . 
School again and Blue Skies weather for annual pictures ... 
Resolutions to study some, not say If I'm Lucky, I'll pass this 
term . . . Harmony Hangout and Junior Jive, where we got a 
scrap of decorations For Sentimental Reasons . . . Racing 
with the Moon after the numerous spring semi-formals . . . 
Easter week-end, with early morning services Sunday, when we 
walked in The Easter Parade . . . Spring, when each day 
seemed to be My Lazy Day . . . Class Day, as Uncle Remus 
Says seemed mild, compared with class prophecies . . . That 
relieved feeling of It's All Over Now after exams and term 
papers were Passe. 

Finally, the evening of June third, when the Seniors said, 
"This Is the Night," and suddenly knew they would remember 
high school Always. 



School Board 

Reynolds High Section 
Gray High Section 

Hanes High Section 

Feature Section 

..' 3 

. 5 





^anooL Jtjoaxd 


Salem Ward 


Superintendent of 

City Schools 

First Ward 



Third Ward 

First Ward 


Second Ward 

Second Ward 


it -> w 



i m i l ■ ■! ■ w wimm^iMiiwM—iB mHiiy i nn"in ; 


9ttu. «:&.«&.« <mt*h 

Our Faithful Teacher, 

Who Has Devoted Much Tim* 

As Senior Sponsor, 

We, the graduating class 

of '47 do proudly 

dedicate our 


4.9 > 



Claalz <^R. ^-OijfiLX 


COLLETTE, Science; D. W. CROWELL, Mathematics; MRS. KATH- 

LAWRENCE. Pxintina; ANN LONG. Eighth Grade; FAYE MARTIN. 
Language. ' 

4& 1 K 

J^zfiaxtmEnt c^T£ad± 

MOORE. Social Science; SARAH OLIVE SMITH, Mathematics- HAZEL STEPHENSON. Enclsh. 

RET McDERMOTT, Language; PEARL McHAN, Dietitian; CLAUDE 
MYERS, Social Science; KENNETH PETERS, Industrial Ants; 

SELF. Mathematics; MARY SNIPES. Eighth Grade; MRS. MARIORIE 
WATTS, Eighth Grade; jANIE WEAVER, Social Science; PAULINE 
WHITLEY, Language; MRS. ANNE PRICE. Mathematics; DONNYE 
WORLEY, Eighth Grade; LILLIE BOWLES, Secretary to Principal. 

M. 1 1 tee. 











Nancy Mayer 







v^ ve 

•., t>* 






CL±± ^baij 

Historians: Peggy Benbow and Frances Blum; Phophets: 
Sarah Carter and Ramona Powell; Testator: Polly Hartle. 



Sam Joyner 

Constant "Lee," I think o[ you 

Scientific Course: Kernersvillle H. S. 1, 2; Basketball 3. 4; Baseball 3, 4: V«r. 

Football 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4; Coun. 4; V. Pres.; Class Pres. 4; Nat'l H«a. 
Soc. 4. 


Joseph Conrad Avera 

Somewhere: sometime; someone 
Scientific Course: Midget Football 1; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Scrub Football 3; Frenck 
3. Pres. 3: Forum 3: Scrub B s' -tball 3: Trac' 3. 4- Natl Hon. Soc. 3, 4: 
\m. Football 4; Mu>. 4; Glee Club 4: CJ"« V.-Pres. 4. 


Frances Williamson 

/ dream of you 

General Course: C. H. Basketball I. 2. 3, 4; C. H. Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: 
C. H. Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. 4: Coun. 4; Class Treas. 5. 

Shirley Dianne Sharpe 

General-Math Course: Hall Mon. 1; Religious Drama 1: Y-Teen 1. 4: Lib. 
Coun. 2: Glee Club 2, 3. 4. Sec. -Reporter; Hi-Y Spon. 3: Class Sec. 3, 4; Red 
Cross Rep. 4, V.-Pres.; College 4 

^el 1 "2 b, 
6 T A -' P 

■icientiii^ Course: 
Sr. Hi-Y 4. 5. 

Drama 3; C. H. Football 3. 4 
4. Treas. 4; Lib. Staff 4. 5. 

Dick Adams 

/ Know 
Radio 1; Airplane 2; Photo. 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4, J. 

Burrel Dean Angell 

/ m always chasing rainbows 
General ^Math.^Course: C. H. Bseball 2. 3. 4. 5; Avation 2. 4; Rellgiou* 

C. H. Bnsketb.,1] 3. 4. 5; House of Rep. 

Dorothy Ar.glin 

Can't h^lp singing 
Instr. Mus. 1: Girl Reserve I: G'ee Club 1. 3. 4; Spanish 
5: trench 3. 4; State Mus. Contest 3. 4; Thurs. Morn Mm. 

Wayne N. Arton 

Deep purple 
G-neral Commercial Course: Photo. 1: Bind 1, 2. 3- Instr Mus 2 3- Var 
Football 3; Printing 3. 5: Printers Club 3. 5; Hrm. Sec. 2: U. S. Navy.' 

Barbara Ann Austin 

Do you love me? 
Commercial Course: Booster 1; Thurs. Mrrn. Mus 1. 3. 4; Dramatics 2; Pin, 
Whisper, 2 3 i. Exchange Ed. 3. Edito-in -Chief 4: Home-comirg Spon. 3 
Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Sr. Marshall 3: H.ust of Rp. 3. 

Francis Ballard 

You '.eep coming back like a song 
Commercial Course: Jr. Dramatics 2; Travel 3. 

Language Course: 
2; Hall Mon. 2. 
3: College 4. 

Kyle Barnes 

Got the sun in the morning and the moon at night 
Scientik Course: Class Treas. I: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4, 5. Pres. 4 : Ushers 3. 4. g; 
Asst. Chief 4; Inst. Mus. 1. 2; House of Rep. 4. Speaker 4; Var. Football 2 
3. 4^ 5: Midqet Basketball 1. 2; Hon. Sod. 4. 5. Pres. 5; Forum 3. 4. Pres. 4- 
Band 1, 2, 5; Boys Monogram 4. 5; Lib. Staff 5. 

Richard C. Bean 

Studying is such a dreary thing 
General Scientiuc Course: Hasbrouck Heights (N. I.) H. S. 1 2 3- Track 
4: Band 4: Instr. Mus. 4. ' ' 

Peggy Benbow 

little did I know 
Language Course: Dramatics 1; Reader's Digest 1. 2; Gil Reserve 1. 2 3 si- 
Religious Drama 2: Pine Whispers 2: Black and Gold 2; French 3 4 V -Prti' 
3 Pres. 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3 4. Treas. 4: Hall Mon. 4; Lib. Coun. 4- House 
of Rep. 4: Most Intellectual 4. 

Betty Bernard 

I m a big girl now 
Commercial Course: Reader's Digest 1: Reliqious Drama 3; Travel 4. 

Buddy Binkley 

My lazy day 
Commercial Course: Travel 3; Forum 4. 

Horace N. Black 

Doing what comes naturally 
Commercial Course: Gray H. S. I. 2; Travel 3; Forum 4. 

William R. Blackwell 

The young man with a horn 
Scientific Course: Aviation 2; Instr. Mus. 2; Band 2. 3, 5; Glee Club 4: 
Thurs. Morn. Mus. 5. 

Frances Jane Blum 

Remember me 
Language Course: Religious Drama 1: Girl R?serve 1. 2, 3; Read-r'j Digest 2- 
Pine Whispers 2. 3. 4. Ex. Ed. 3; Art 3: Black and Gold 3. 4} Editor-lo-' 
Chief 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4; Y-Teen 4: College 4- 
Home-coming Spon. 4: Historian 4. 

Ruth Bowen 

/ never had a dream come true 
Commercial Course: Health 1: Dramatics 2: Thurs. Mom. Mus. 3, 4. 

Jack Boyle 

Bad man Jackson 
General-Math. Course: Band 1; Instr. Mus. I; Tennis 1 
2, 3. 4; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Ushers 3. 4. 

2, 3. 4; Moaogram 

Cecil Brandon 

Doing what comes naturally 
General-Math. Course: Aviation 1; Midget Football 1. 2; Phot». 2- Scrub Bau- 
ball 2. 3: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4; Golf 4. 

Rubye Branon 

Who'd thought it— Eddie? 
Commercial Course: Cilty View H. S. 1; Girl Reserve 2: Basketball 2; Soil- 

Marion Jo Brewer 

Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside 
Languaqe Course: Reader's Digest 1; Girl Reserve 1. 2. 4; Religious Drama 
2; Sr. Drama'ic 3; Lib. Coun. 3; Tennis 3, 4: Drum Majorette 4: College 4. 

Barbara Anne Brown 

/ dream of Brownie with the light-blue jeani 
Language Course: Reader's Digest 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Religious Drama 
2: Art 3. Spon.; Pin- Whispers 3. 4, Exch. Ed. 4; Black and Gold 3 4- Y- 
Teen 4: College 4; Tennis 4: Quill and Scroll 4. 

Elizabeth Brown 

/'// follow my secret heart 
Langtnge Course: Religious Drama 1; Orch. I. 4: Central H. S. CkarloM.. 
N. C I. 3; Y-Ieen 4; College 4. 

4 14 ^ 

mi ll ■ i n— 



Hilma Brown 

Dark eyes 
Coramercail Course: Hand Junior H. S., Columbia. S. C. 1; Dramatic! 2; 
Thurs. Morn. Mus 3; Debating Bus. Staff 3. 4; Instr. Mus. 4. 

Marie Brown 

St. Louis blues 
General-Math Course: Yadkinville H. S. 1. 2, 3; Band 3: College 4. 

Earlinc Bullard 

Sleepytime gal . 
Commercial Course: Glee Club I; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1. 2. 3: Instr 


David Burrington 

2; Gle 


General-Math Course: Belleville H. S. 1. 2. 3. 

Betty Burton 

Has anybody here seen Shorty? 
Commercial Course: New Hanover H. S.. Wilmington 1: 
Club 2: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4: Y-Teen 4 

Janet Elaine Butner 

. Blue-eyed Elaine 
Language Course: Reader's Digest i; o^cer 2; Lib. Coun. 2; Jr. Dramatics 2; 
Y-Teen 2. 3. 4; Forum 3: College 4; House of Rep. 4. 

Richard T. Bynum 

Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning 
Scientific Course: Midget football !: Scrub baseball 1; Basketball 1; Band I. 
2, 3; Instr. Mus. 1. 2. 4. Scrub football 2. 3; Ushers 3. 4; Teen-age Coun,. 3. 4; 
Var. Tenni. 3; Orch. 4; Sr. Hi-Y 4. 

Bill Calaway 

Rumors are flying 
Scientific Course: Old To w n I; Rndio 2; xjand 2, 3. 4.; Track 2, J. 4; Hi-Y 
2. 3, 4; All-State Band 3: Orel:, j, -I. „e^tjon Leader; Mus. 3. 4. Sec. 4; Youth 
oymphony 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 

Julia Carmichael 

Don't let Julia fool you 
Language Course: Fayetteville H. S. 1; Dramatics 2; Girl Reserve 1; Lib. 

Coun. 2, 3. 4. Thurs. Morrn. Mus. 3. College 4. Y-Teen 4. 

Sarah Holmes Carter 

Who's sorry now? 
Language Course: Soccer 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3. Mgr. 3; Softball 1, 2. 3. 
4; Ath. Ass'n I, 2. 3. 4, Sec. 3; Hall Mon. 1. 2. 3, 4; Girl Reserve 2. Treat. 
2; Spanish 2. 3. Sed 2. Pres. 3: House of Rep. 2, 4. Speaker Pro-ten 4; Ser- 
vice Award 3: Coun. 3. Nat 1 Hon. Soc. 3. 4. V-Pres. 4; College 4. Pree. 

Helen Chappie 

Because __-- 
Commercial Course: Var. Soccer 1. 2, 3; Var. Softball 1. 2, 3. 4: Ath. Ass'n 
2. 3, 4; Var. Bas etball 2. 3. 4; Monogram 2. 3, 4: House of Rep, 3; Hall Mon. 
3: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4: Office Page 4; Coun. 4. 

Bette Chatham 

Ofi, Johnnie how you can love! 
Commercial Course: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1. 2; Girl Reserve 1. 2; House of Rep 
2; Jr. Dramatics 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Jeanette Christensen 

From this day forward 

General Course. Health 1; C. H. Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Religijous Drama 3: 
Muaic 2. 4; Glee Club 3, 4. 

Fred Church, Jr. 

Six foot three, just came naturally 
Ins.r. Mus. 1: Band 1; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Scrub Basketball 3. 
Basketball 4; Baseball 4. 

Harris F. Clein 

Gife me Jive minutes more 
Photo. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2; Forum 4; 

Glenn Robert Clubb 

/ will see you in my dreams 
General Course: Photo* 1: Football 1, 2, 3. 4, 5; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4, }; 
Baseball 1. 2. 5; Instr. Mus. 2; Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. 5; Reynolds Hi Player. 3: Mono- 
ffant 3. 4. 5; Track 3, 4; Coun. 4. 5, V-Pres. 4; Usher's 4. 5. 

Anne Coleman 

Love thy neighbor 
Language Course: Thurs. Morii. Mus. 1: Basketball 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2. J; 
Red Croas Rep. 3; Art 3. Spons.; Tennis 3; College 4; Y-Teen 4; Natl Ho». 
Soc. 4; Harmony Hang. 4. 

Scientific Course: 
Scrub Baseball 3; 

Scientific Course: 

Betty Jean Coleman 

My sugar is so refined 
General Course: Basketball 1; Girl Reserve 1; Regilious Drama 1; Soccer 1, 
3. 4. Var. 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 3, 4; Thurs. Morn Mui. 2. 3; Var. Tennis 2. J, 
4; Monogram 3, 4; Ath. Ass'n 3. 4; College 4. 

Norma Lee Coleman 

Strange love 
Language Course: Basketball 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1. 2; Girl Reserve I. %: 
3. 4; Monogram 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 1, 3, 4; Var. Soccer 1. 3. 4; Color GuW 
2; Ath. Ass'n 2, 3. 4; Red Cross Rep. 3; Var. Tennis 3. 4: College 4. 

Betty Comer 

Rumots are flying 

General Course: C. H. Var. Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; C. H. Var. Softball 1. 2 
3. 4; Music 3, 4: C. H. Cheerleader 3. 4. 

Tommy Connelly 

I've got plenty of nothing 

Latin Course: Forum 1; Mid. Football 1; Scrub 2; Var. 3. 4. 5; Hi-Y I, 2. 3 

4. 5. Sec. 4; Mid. Basketball 2; Var. 3. 4. 5; Ushers 3. 4. 5. A.»«. Cfcja! ij 
Var. Basketball 4. 5. 


Sarah Carolyn Cooke 

All the things you are 
General Commercial Course: Lib. Coun. I; Health 1, 2; Office Page 2; Offica 
Asst. 3. 4; Natl Hon. Soc. 3. 4, 5, Treas. 4; Religious Drama 3. 4: Sec. 3; 
Pres. 4; Hall Mon. 5; College 5. Seek 5. 

Anne Correll 

/ wish I knew 
Latin Course: Needle Work 1: Lib. Coun. 1: Readers Digest 2; Hall Mob. »: 
Y-Teen 3. 4; College 4. 

Onita Coston 

Our paths may sever, but I'll remember forever 
Commercial Course: Orch. 1; Baseball; Girl Reserve 1; Instr. Mua. 1. 4; 
Dramatics 2; Hall Mon. 2. 3; Office Page 2. 4; Nurse's Page 3; Religion* Draata 
3; Debating Bus. Staff 3. 

Richard G. Craft 

To each his own . 

Scientific Course: Airplane 1, 2; Photo. 3: Pres. 3: Hi-Y 3. 



You belong to my heart 
Commercial Course: South Fork 1, 2; Recp. 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4. 

Betty Sue Crotts 

I'm making believe 
Commercial Course: South Fork 1, 2; Recp. 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3. 4; Vai. 
Basketball 3, 4; Var. Softball 3. 4: Ath. Ass'n 3. 4; Monogram 3. 4; Office 
Page 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 

Lillian Fay Crouse 

Here comes heaven again 
Language Course: lnstr. Mus. 1; Orch. 1, 2, 4; Girl Reserve 2: College 4. 

Carlotta Crutchfield 

Lucky nine 
Language Course: Religious Drama 1; Softball 1, 2; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Sr. Dramatics 2. Pres.: Home-coming Spon. 2. 3: Forum 3, 
Sec. -Treas.: Spon. Sr. Hi-Y 3; Cheerleader 4; Lib. Coun. 4. Clerk; College 4, 
Prog. Chm.; Intr. Coun. 4. Sec. 

Chloris Davidson 

Along came Bill 
Language Course: Hall Mon. 1; Religious Drama 1. 4; Lib. Coun. 2; Soph. Hi- 
Y Spon. 2; House of Rep. 2; Girl Reserve 2. 3; Glee Club 2, 3. 4, Treas. 4; 
Jr. Hi-Y Spon. 3; Natl Hon. Soc. 4; Y-Teen 4. 

William Franklin Davis 

Honey dripper 
Language Course: Midget Football 1; Instr. Mus. 1: Scrub Football 2: Tbua*. 
Morn. Mus. 3, 4. 

Bill Davis 

Cry and you cry alone 
Scientific Course: Airplane 1; Midget Football 1; Scrub Baseball 2; Scrub 
Football 2. 3; Var. Basball 3. 4. 5; Monogram 3. 4. 5: Hi-Y 4, 5; Houat of 
Rep. 5. 

Marion Davis 

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? 
Scientific Course: Aviation 1, 2; Band 1. 2. 3. 4,-5; Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4. 5. Treaa. 
4; Instr. Mus. 2; Scrub Football 3: Forum 3. 4; Monogram 4, 5; Usher* 4, 5: 
Var. Football 4, 5; Track 5. 

Waveland Davis, Jr. 

Lost: a brain 
Scientific Course: Instr. Music 1, 2; Band 1. 2; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Scrub Foot- 
ball 3; Scrub Basketball 3. 

Ruth Disher 

Has anyone here seen Shortie? 
Commercial Course: Glee Club 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1. 3; Jr." Draatatlca J; 
Hall Mon. 3: Var. Tennis 3; Instr. Mus. 4. 

Sidney Disher 

Onesy. twosy. I love you$it 
Scientific Course: Radio 1. 2; Hi-Y 5. 4. 

Emily DuBose 

Ain't Misbehavin' 
Language Course: Debating 1; Hall Mon. 1; Girl Reserve 1, 3, 4; Draautica 
2, 3. 4; Glee Club 3: Spot Writing Contest, Honorary Mention 3; Reynold* 
Hi Players 3, 4. 

Frank Newton Early 

The intoxicated rat 
Scientific Course: Midget Football C H. 1; Scrub Basketball 1, 2; Var. Foot- 
ball 2. 3. 4; Scrub Baseball 2. 3. 4. 

Bettie Sue Edwards 

General Course: Health 1; Soccer 2; Yadkinville H,. S. 3; Sec. of Class 3, 

Joseph R. Edwards 

Just taking it easy 
General Course: Aviation 1; Travel 3, Pres.; Scrub Football 3; House of Rep. 
3; Debating Bus. Staff 3. 4; Scrub Baseball 4; Glee Club 4: Thurs. Morn. Mu*. 

Linden L. Edwards 

I'll get by 
General Course: Hanes H. S. 1. 2; Printing 3, 4. 5; Printing Club 3. i. 

S. E. Edwards 

Ego et tu 
Latin Course: Debating 1, 2; Dramatics 2. 3; Hi-Y 2, 3. 4; Reynold* Hi Play- 
ers 3; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Scrub Baseball 4; Debater 4. 

iSL 1 f, 19*. 

Harold Manning Evans 

Milkman, keep those bottles quiet 
Scientific Course: C. H. Football I. 2. 3. 4; C. H. Basketball 1. 3; C. H. 
Baseball I, 2. 4. 

Barbara Ferguson 

I'd be lost without you 
Commercial Course: Health I; J. Red Cross Rep. 2; Debating Bus. Staff 3, 4; 
Travel 4. 

Anne Louise Ferree 

I'm a big girl now 
General Course; House of Rep. I; Health 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Var. Soft- 
ball 1, 2, 3. 4; Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4; Var. Soccer 1, 3, 4; Jr. Dramafiic 2; Adi. 
AsVn 2. 3. 4. V-Pres. 4; Glee Club 3; Colleoe 4; Home-Coming Spon. 4. 

Irene Fine 

I'd be lost without you, Charlie 
Language Course: C. H. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Thurs> Morn. Mui. 3; C. H. 
Softball 3. 4; French 3. 4; C H Glee Club 3. 4; College 4. 

Reece Folb 

One love 
Scientific Course: Airplane 1, 2; Hi-Y 3, 4. 

Herbert Allen Foltz 

I'm always chasing rainbows 
General-Commerci»l Course: Photo. 1, 2; Forum 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Ottis Foster 

Seems like old times 
General Course: Mineral Springs 1; Band 2, 3. 4; Scrub Basketball 2, 3, 4; 
Scrub Baseball 3, 4; Music 3; Var. Football 4; Forum 4. 

Betty Fowler 

I'm always chasing rainbows 
f.anguage Course: Baltimore, Md., 1. 2; Forum 3: Girl Reserve 3. 4, Treas. 4; 
French 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Lib. Coun. 4; Basketball 4. 

Billy Fritz 

Doing what comes naturally 
Scientfiic Course: Var. Baseball 2, 3. 4; Hi-Y 3; House of Rep. 3; Monogram 

Carolyn Fulcher 

Can't you hear me calling A Caroline? 
General Course: Columbia (S. C.) High 1, 2, 3: Office Page 4; Nat'l Hon. 
Soc. 4; Y-Teen 4: College 4. 

Mary Evelyn Gaines 

/ wish I knew 
General Course: C. H. Glee Club 1: C. H. Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: C. H. Soft- 
ball 1, 2. 3. 4 ;Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3. 4. 

Joyce Lee Gibson 

Some day I'll meet you again 
Home Economics Course: C. H. Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. J. 4. 

Robert Flouronoy Goodwin, Jr. 

Love is better than fame 
Language Course: Declamation Winner 1; Debating 1. 2; Jr. Jive Joint Com. 
1: Class Pres. 2; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Sr. Dramatic 2. 3;' Reynolds Hi Players 2. 3; 
M. C. Jr.-Sr. 3; Teen-Age Coun. 4. 

Iva Jean Gordon 

Memories will linger 
Latin Course: Readers Digest 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3; Lib. Coun. 1. 2, 3. 4. 
V.-Pres. 4; Religious Drama 2; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4. Sec. 4; College 4: Y- 
Teen 4, State Con. Delegate 4. 

Allen Spach Goslen 

Scientific Course: Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Instr. Mus. 1. 2. 4. V.-Pres. 4: Hi-Y J. 
3. 4. V.-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 4: Tennis 2. 3. 4 : Coun. 2. 4: Class Pres. 3; Scrub 
Football 3: Orchestra 3. 4: Ushers 3 4; Var. Football 4: All-City BanU 4. 

Emily Uzzelle Green 

/ couldn f t drum up a phrase that would sum up me 

Latin Course: Dramatic 1; Basletball 1. 2: Softball 1, 2; Hall M»n. I. J; 

Thurs. Morn. Mus. I, 2. 3; Girl Reserve 1. 2, 4: Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4> AlK. 

Assn 1. 2, 3, 4; Lib. Coun. 3; Sr. Marshall 3; College 4. 

Mitzi Gregory 

Why does it get so late so early? 
General Course: Firmrngron 1, 2: Art 3: Bas' etball 3. 4; Ath. Asa'a 3. 4; 
Monogram 4;. College 4; Soccer 4: Softball 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 

Betty Ann Hall 

To each his own 
Language Course: Reader's Digest 1; Lib. Coun. 1; Boosters 1: Girl Reserve 
1. 2. 3. 4; Pine Whispers 3, 4. Ex. Ed. 4; Black and Gold 3. 4; College 4 
Nat'l Hon. SocA 4; Nat'l Quill and Scroll 4. 

Jimmie M. Hall 

/'// be lost without you 
Commercial Course: Aviation 1: Football I, 2; Dramatic 2: Thurs. Morn. Mim. 
3. 4. 

Diana Jean Harris 

Diana the huntress 
Latin- Course: Needlework 1: Reader's Digest 1; Girl Reserve 1. 2 3 4- Span- 
ish 3; College 4: Office Page 4. 

Athalene Hartman 

A little love, a little kiss 

Commercial Course: Dramatic 2; Travel 3, 4. Sec.-Treas.: Debajtino Bua 
Staff 3. 4 ^ 

■sRl" 1 7 K 

Polly Hartle 

t . Tell me why 

Language Course: Girl Reserve 1; Debating 2: 
Coun. 3; Office Page 4. 

Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Teen-Af« 

Phillip Wyatt Harwood 

There s going to be a great day 
Scientific Course: Brogden Hie,.] i, 2: Scrub Bas' etball 3. 4; Track 3. 4- Uou 
gram 4; Hi-Y 4. 

Annie Kate (Katie) Hauser 

I've never forgotten 
Commercial Course: Old Town H. S. 1. 2; Office Page 3; Thurs. Morn Mw. 
3 4, Sec.-Treas. 3; Var. Basketball 3. 4: Ath. Ass'n 3, 4: Monogram 3, 4, 
Chairman 4: Soccer 4; Y-Teen 4; Home-coming Spon. 4. 

B. T. Henderson II 

Racing with the moon 
Latin Course: Forum 1; House of Rep. 1. 5; Midget Football I; Scrub 2, Vk 
3, 4, 5, Co-Captain 5; Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, 5: Var. Baseball 3, 4. 5: Monogram 3' 4 5- 
Pres. 5; Ushers 3. 4. 5. Chief 5; Boys' Glee Club 5. Sec.-Treas.; Life. Coua. 5* 
Scrub Basketball 1, 2; Var. 3, 4. 5. Co-Captain 4. 

David Herring 

Pre«. 2. 3; 

One alone 
Language Course: Lib. Coun. 1. Se^.: Ridio 1. 2. 3. V.-Pres. 1. 
Hi-Y 2. 3, 4; Forum 4; Pub. Bus. Staff 4; Football Mgr. 4. 

Frank Hill 

/ know 
General-Scientific Course: Baltimore, Md., 1; Radio 2; Var. Baseball 2, 3 4- 

Monogram 2, 3, 4 ;Music 3. 

Ru'h Fave Hine 

Livin' . lovin , laughin' 
Languaqe Course: Thurs. Morn Mus. 1; G -1 Reserve 1, 4: Religious Draaa 
2. 3. Treas. 3; Hi-Y Spons. 2; HA\ Mon. 3; G'ee Club 3. 4; French 3, 4 Treas. 
4; Jr. Red Cross Rep. 4 : Office Page 4; College 4. 

David R. Hinkle 

Scientific Course: Class Treas. 1; Midget Football 1; House of Rep. 1, 2: 
Track 1, 2, 4; Coun. 2; Christ School. Arden, N. C, 3; Forum 4; Hi-Yl. 2, 4; 
Treas. 1 , 4. 

Mary Carolyn Hodges 

And there you are 

Language Course: Central H. S., Knoxville, Tenn., I, 2: Decatur (Ga.) Girli' 
High 3: College 4, Treas.; House of Rep. 4; Lib. Coun. 4; Y-Teen 4, Sec; Nat'l 
Hon. Soc. 4. 

Jacqueline Holder 

Dark eyes 
Commercial Course: South For'- H S. ''. 2: GM Reserve 3: Glee Club 3- Ath 
Ass'n 3, 4, Point Sec. 4; Var. Basketball 3. 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4; Mono- 
gram 3. 4; Softball 4; House of Rep. 4. 

Betty Home 

Five minutes more 
Language Course: Farmington H. S. 1; Girl Reserve 2; Spanish 3; French 3, 4, 
V-Pres.; College 4; Basketball 4; Softball 4. 

Ann O'Neil Hughes 

You keep coming back like a song 
Language Course: Girl Reserve 1; Jr. Red Cross Rep. 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 
1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Dramatics .2. 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4; 
Color Guard 4; Receptionist 4. 

Betty Inabinet 

I'm a big girl now 
Scientific Course: Hanes H. S. I, 2, J; Girl Reserve 1. 2, 3; Band 4. 

Nancy Elizabeth Ingle 

Some day I'll wish upon a star 
Language Course: Girl Reserve I; Jr. R»d Cross Rep. I; Thurs. Morn. Mnt. 
2; French 3. 4; Religious Drama 4. V>.-Pres. 4. 

J. W. James, Jr. 

He leadeth me 
Language Course: Old Town ); Religious Drama 2, 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4; 

Jerry Jarvis 

Girf of my dreams 
General -Math Course: Mineral Springs 1; Hi-y 2: Radio 3; Forum 4. 

Alva Johnson 

General Math Course: House of Rep. 1: Hi-Y 1; Scrub Baseball 1, 2; Band 
I, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4; State Mus. Contest 3, 4; Instr. Mus. 1, 2„ 3, 4, Pres. 4i 

Carolyn Spaugh Johnson 

Star dust 

Language Course: Religious Drama 1, 2; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4, V.-Pres. 3 
4; State Con. Rep. 3; College 4. 

Frances Margaret Johnson 

You'll never know if you don't know now 

Language Course: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1. 2, 3; C. H. Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4: 

Glee Club 1. 4; French 3, 4, Ass't Prog. Chm.; Religious Drama 4. Prog. Chm. 

Donavan Leach Jones 

Atomic power 

Scientific Course: C. H. Midget Football 1, Var. 2. 4; C. H. Baseball Scribe 
1. 2, Var. 3. 4; C. H. Basketball, Scrubs 1, 2, Var. 3, 4. 

Durwood (Nose) Jones 

/ dream of Rachel with the light red hair 
Language Course: Band 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1, 2, 4, Pres 4.; Jr. Dramatic 2. 
Trea«. 2; Cheerleader 2, 4, Chief 4; Forum 3; Tennis 4. 



Bill Julian 

Day by day 
Language Course: Hall Mon. 1; Midget Football; Reader's Digest 1; Band 1; 
Scrub Baseball 2; Scrub Basketball 2; i^ib. Loun. 2 ;Instr. Mus. 2; Var. Football 
2, 3; Track 3; Forum 3; Religious Drama 4. 

Charles F. Keiger 

Ugly child 
General Course: Old Town H. S. I; Fork Union Military Academy 2, 3; 
Music 4; Hi-Y 4. 

Robert Wayne Kelly 

Scientific Course: Hi-Y 2; Forum 3. 

Helen King 

You'll never know 
General Commercial Course: House of Rep. 1; Health 1; C. H. Basketball 1, 
2, 3, 4; Var. 3, 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4. 

Johnny M. Kingry 

Any place I hang my hat is home 
Scientific Course: Instr. Mus. 1: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 1; Dramatic 2; Scrub 
Football 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3. 4. 

Joan Klein 

Jersey bounce 
Language Course: Union N. J. H. S.l, 2. 3; College 4. 

Jane Everitt Krauss 

Beyond the blue horizon 
General Math Course: Fayetteville Sr. H. S. i. 2. 3; Y-Teen 4: College 4; 
V. Pres. 4; House of Rep Pine Whispers 4; typist. 

William Robert Latham 

Day dreaming 
Scientific Course: Aviation 1; Radio 2; Tenn.s 2; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 

Ann Jacquelyn Langston 

LiV Abner, don't marry that gal 
General Course: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1; Girl Reserves 1. 2; Religious Drama 2; 
Soccer 3; Dramatic 3, 4; Red Cross Rep. 4; Y-Teen 4. 

Gerry Law 

I'll get by 

Language Course. Aviation 1; Jr. Jive 2; Hi-Y 2, 3,^4; Treas., 3; Forum 4. 

James S. Lawrence 

/ can f begin to tell you 
Social Science Course: John Brown University Academy 1, 2. 3; Band 4. 

Van Buren Lawson 

Doing what comes natcherly 
General-Math Course: Springfield (Mass.) H. S. 1; French 2, 3. 

Diane Lee 

The "Sam" old story 
Latin Course: Glee Club 1, 2; Sec. I; Lib. Coun. 1, 2, 3: V.-Pres. 3; Girl! 
Reserves 1, 2. 3, 4, Pres. 2; Coun. 2, 3. 4, Treas. 2, Sec. 3. Pres. 4; Girlsl 
State Rep. 3; Sr. Marshall 3; Tecn-Age Coun. 3, 4; Treas. 4; Servile? Award 3: 
Natl Hon. Soc. 3, 4; City Pres. 4; Cheerleader 3. 4; D.A.R. Rep 4; Cent. 
Dist S.S.C.C. 4, V.-Pres. 

Charles Lineback 

Has anybody here seen Shorty? 
Scientific Course: Dramatics 1; Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4: Scrub Football 2; Instr. 
Mus. 2, 3; Monogram 3,' 4; Var. Footballl 4. 

Jo-Anne Lineback 

I'm biding my time 
General Course: Glee Club I; Girl Reserves 1 ,4; Ath. Ass'n 3; College 4. 

Thurmond J. Livengood 

Doing what comes naturally 
Scientific Course: Scrub Baseball 3. 

Bob Lyons 

There's no one but you, Betty 
Commercial Course: Midget Football 1; Scrub Basketball 1, 2; Mgr. Foot- 
ball 2; Airplane 2;Var. Baseball 2, 3. 4, 5; Monogram 2, 3, 4. 5; Var. Basket- 
ball 3, 4, 5; Tnurs. Morn Mus. 5. 

Margaret Elizabeth Mackie 

/ can't helping singing 
Math Course: Yadkinville H. S. 1, 2, 3; College 4. 

Jim Makis 

In love in vain, Betty 
Genera Course: Aviation 1, 2. 

Elnora (Pat) Marshall 

/ don't worry 'cause it makes no di[[erence now 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Jr. Dramatics 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3. 4. 

Faye Marshall 

/ wanta' be treated like a big girl now 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Hall Men. 1; C. H. Basketb/all 1, 2, 3, 4- 
C. H. Softball 1, 2. 3. 4; Class Treas. 2; All-State Basketball Team 2; Journal- 
Sentinel Team 2; Debating 3; Jaycee All-Star Team 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 
Sec. -Treas. 

<M 1 Q K 

Gladys Evelyn Martin 

This is my lazy day 
Commerci|al Course: Jr. Dramatics 2; Travel 3, 4; Prog. Chm. 3. Pre*. 4- 
House oi Rep. 4; Office Page 4: Natl Hon. Soc. 4. 

June Catherine Martin 

/ // walk alone 
Commercial Course: Travel 3; Hall Mon. 3. 4; Thurs.. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Nina Glen Michael 

A gal in calico 
Latin Course: Girl Reserve 1; Travel 3; Hall Mon. 3; Sr. Scout 3; De»atin» 
Bus. Staff 3. w 

Jo Miller 

I m in the mood for love 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 2; Instr. Mus. 4. 

Robert Clyde Minish 

Night and day 

ScientiBc Course: Aviation 1: Scrub Football 1; Radio 2- Thurs. Morn 
Mus. 4. 

Jewel Carolyn Mitchell 

Carry me back to old Virginia 
General-Math Course: Mineral Springs H. S. 1. 2: Thurs. Morn Mus. 3 
i -Teen 4; College 4. 

Dorothy Moore 

My sugar is so refined 
General Course: Health 1; Boosters 1: C. H. Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; V«. 
2, 3. 4; C. H. Softball 1, 2. 3, 4; Etiquette 2; Travel 3; Thurs. Morn.'Mua.. 
4; riall Mon. 4. 

Julian C. Morton, Jr. 

Salem College keeps me day dreaming 
General-Social Studies Course: Glee Club 2; Baseball 2; Religious Drama 3- 
Forum 4; Var. Football 4; Track 4. 

Jacqueline Moser 

I've got a right to cry 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Dramatics 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus 3, 4; 

Joe McAllister 

Racing with the moon 
General-Math Course: Midget Football 1; Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4; Instr. Mus. 2; 
Scrub Football 2: Forum 3; Monogram 4. 

Jackie Faye McBride 

You keep coming back like a song 
General-Math Course: Glynn Academy 1; Mt. Airy 2. 3; Dramatics 4: De- 
ating 4; Lib. Coun. 4, Sec; Y-Teen 4. 

Doris Nance 

It all comes back to me now 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Dramatics 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4. 

William Edward Nicholson 

I'll never smile aagin 
Language Course: Hargrave Military Acadmey 1, 2; Photo. 3; Thurs. Morn. 
Mus. 4; Forum 4. 

Johnny V. Pappas 

Show me the way to go home 
General-Scientific Course: Band 1; Instr. Mus. 1; Dramatics 2; Thur. Morn. 
Mus. 3; Var. Football 3; Red Cross 4; Forum 4. 

Sam Pappas 

/ dream of P. ]. with the light blonde hair 
Scientific Course: Photo. 1, 2, V-Pres. 2; Scrub Football 1, 2; Religious 
Drama 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4; BasebaJl 4; BasKetball 4. 

Carol Parker 

"Red" sails in the sunset 

Language Course: Reader's Digest 1: Lib.. Coun. 1. 2. Pres.: Girl Reserves 1. 

2. 3; Dramatics 2; Jr. Jive Joint 2; Tennis 3; College 4; Home-coming Spon. 4; 

Y-Teen 4. 

Alan Payne 


General Course: Rural Hall 1, 2; Harmony Hangout 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3- 
Basketball 3, 4: Forum 4. 

Margaret Penry 

Star dust 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Dramatics 2; Thurs. Morn. Mui. J, 4. 

Christy Peters 

Gonna take a sentimental journey 
General-Science Course: Travel 2. 

Jacques (Jibs) Phelps, Jr. 

Why does it get so late so early 
Language Course: Class V.-Pres. 1; Aero. 1; Band 1, 2, 3. 4. Treaa 4' !*••» 
Mua. 2. 3. 4; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Scrub Football 2, 3. 4. 

James Phelps 

There's no one but you 
Language Course: Instr. Mus. 1; M'dget Football 1; Scrub Football I; Jr. 
Dramatics 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3. 4. 

[20 | 

Betty Lou Pfaff 

Let my song fill your heart 
Ceneral Course: Band 1; Jr. Dramatics 2; Hall Mon. 3: Religious Drama 3; 
Softball 4; Voice 4; College 4. 

David Elliott Poole 

There is no one but you 
Scientific Course: C. H. Football I, 2, 3, 4; C. H. Basketball I. 2, 3, 4; 
C. H. Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4. 

Peggy Anne Pope 

Seems like old times 
"General Course: Thurs. Morn, ivlus. 1; Girl Reserve 1. 2; Religious Drama 2; 
Red Cross Rep. 3; Sr. Dramatics 3; College 4; Y-Teen 4; Tennis 4\ 

Dorothy Ann Porter 

This little "Piggy" went to market 
Language Course: Hall Mon. I; G*ee Club 1, 2, 3; Class Sec. 2; Home-com- 
ing Spon. 2; Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4; French 3. 4; College 4; Office Page 4. 

Betsy T. Powell 

My sugar is so refined 
Social Studies Course: Horace Mann H. S.. Calif. I; Girl Reserve 2, 4; Art 
3; Office Page 3; College 4. 

Ramona Catherine Powell 

Too many icons in the fire 
Latin Course: Religous Drama 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Treas. 1, Sec. 2; Lib. 
Coun. 1, 3; Color Guard 2, 3; Debating 2, 3, 4. Sec. 3; Reynolds Hi Players 
2, 3; Declamation 2, 3; Masque a^d Gavel 3, 4: Contributed to N. H. S. and 
W.-S. Anthology of Poetry 3, 4; Recpt. 4. 

Donald R. Pratt 

Full mocn and empty arms 
General-Math Course: Band I, 2, 3, 4; Instr. Mus 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Science Course. 

William S. Pratt 

/ get along without you very well 

Robert Prongay 

2. 4; 
Page 3; Y-Teen 4. 

"Carol" ina Moon 
Scientific Course: Airplane I; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Hall Mon. 1, 2; House of Rep. 1, 2; Forum 2; Monogram 
3. 4; Ushers 3. 4; Sgt.-at-Arros 3. 4; Class Rep. 4. 

Violet M. Purcell 

My buddy 
Commercial Course: Thurs. Mom. Mus. 1, 2: Girl Reserve 1; Hall Mon. 2r. 
Debating Bus. Staff 3, 4; Instr. Mus. 3, 4. 

Patricia Ann Reece 

My heart belongs to Daddy 
Latin Course: Reader's Digest 1: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Debating 2; Spanish 3r. 
College 4; Y-Teer» 4; Demon 4; Office Page 4; Natl Hon. Soc. 4 

Geraldine Reid 

The boy next door 
Commercial Course: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1, 2. 

Catherine Rios 

Sai>e me a dream 
Latin Course: Reader's Digest 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Lib. Coun. 1 
Softball 1, 3; Religious Drama 2; Jr. Red Cross 2; Offic 

Dolores Teresa Rios 

I'm a big girl now 
Language Course: Instr. Mus. 1: Lib. Coun. 1, 2, 3, 4. Treas. 3; Girl Reserve 
1, 2. 3. 4, Inter-Club Coun. 1, 2, V.-Pres. 2. 3, State Delegate Y-Teen Coun. 
4; Religious Drama 2. 

Julia Ann Rothrock 

/ don't know why 
Home Economics Course: Health 1. 

Dave Russell 

Take me out to the ball game 
Latin Course: Debating 2; Var. Baseball 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 3; Ushers 3. 4; 
Var. Football 3. 4; Hii-Y 3, 4; Monogram 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 4. 

Edgar Scholtes 

Why do I love you? 
General-Math Course: Midget Football 1; Airplane 1; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Scrub 
Football 3: Scrub Bsaeball 3; Forum 4: Baseball 4: Red Cross Rep. 4. 

Anna Adelaide Sheik 

I'd be lost without him 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Boosters 1; Girl Reserve 1: House of Rep. 2. 
Travel 2, 3; Jr. Rep. 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Martha Virginia Shields 

Night and day. you are the one 
Math Course: C. H. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Religious Drama 4. 

Betty L. Simpson 

I'm nobody, who are you? 
Commercial Course: Sewing 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3; Debating Bus. Staff 3, 
1; Travel 4. 

Barbara Sink 

A dream must be a dream for two 
General Course: Lib. Coun 1, 2; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1, 
2, 3; St. Marshall 3; Glee Club 3; Red Cross Rep. 3: State Mus. Con. 3; Office 
Page 4; College 4. 

<{21 i 


Genera! Course: 
3; Thurs. Morn. 

Doris Jane Smith 

Sioux City Sue 
New Liberty (Ky.) H. S. 1; City View 1; French 2; Drivers 
Mus. 3; College 4. 

Hilda Leigh Smith 

General Course: Aer< 
3. 4; Sr. Hi-Y 4. 

/ guess I expected too much 
General Course: Girl Reserve 1: Religious Drama 1, 2; Nature 2; Softball 2. 
4; Art 3; College 4: Y-Teen 4; Hall Mon. 4. 

Byron Smitherman 

Everybody loves my baby 
Language Course: Midget Football 1; Forum 1; Debating 1: Orch. 1. 2; Instr. 
Mus. 2: Scrub Baseball 2; Scrub Basketball 2; Football 2. 3. 4, 5. Co-Capt. 4: 
Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, 5. V.-Pres. 5; Monogram 3. 4, 5. Pres. 4: Ushers 3. 4. 5. Chief 
Glee Club 5, V.-Pres. 

John Smitherman 

No love, no nothing 
1: Tennis 1, 2. 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, 4; Monogram 

Berletta Gray Snyder 

Pale han Is 
Social Study Course: Instr. Mus I: F e--ch 3: Religious Drama 4: Contributed 
to Winston-Salem Anthology Club 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. 

Betty Sue Spaujh 

As if I didn't have enough on my mind 
General Course: Griffith School 1, 2. 3; Glee Club 4. 

Dorothy C. Speas 

Long ago and far away 
Home Economics Course: Yadkinville H. S. 1. 2; Travel 4. 

Rosa Lee Speas 

Can't help singing 
General Course: South Fork H. S. 1. 2; Glee Club 3; Girl Reserve 3: Var. 
Basketball 3, 4: Ath. Ass'n 3, 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3. 4: Monogram 4. 

Bill Spillers 

Why shouldn't I? 
General Math Course: Reader's Digest 1. Pres.; Thursi. Morn. Mus. 2; Track 
2: Forum 4. 

Mary Elizabeth Stallings 

Give me [ive minutes more 
Commercial Course: C. H. Basketball I. 2. 3, 4; C. H. Softball 1. 2. 3. 4; 
Travel 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Miriam Swaim 

There's a song in my heart 
Latin Course: Orch. 1, 2. 3. 4: Instr. Mus. 1. 4; Band 2. 3. 4; Hall Mon. 3; 
District Mus. Contest 3; State Mus. Contest 3; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4: Lib. Coun. 
3, 4, Prog. Chm. 3, Pres. 3, Treas. 4; Glee Club. Accom. 3, 4. 

Doris Love Talbert 

Deep blue eyes that say I'm true 
Language Course: Reader's Digest 1: Girl Reserve 1. 2, 3; Religious Drama 
2, 4; Spanish 3; Christmas Pageant 3: Art 3; Y-Teen 4; Office Page 4. 

Dorothy Glenn Teague 

Ain't misbehavin' 

Language Course: Reader's Digest I; Ath. Ass'n 1. 2, 3. 4; Vair. Basketball 
1. 2. 3. 4; Var. Softball 1, 2. 3. 4; Hall Mon. 2; Monogram 2, 3. 4; Var. Soc- 
cer 2, 4; Teen-Age Coun. 3; College 4. 

Jacqueline M. Templeton 

It's gonna depend on the way that the wind blows tonight 
Language Course: Health 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1. 3: Hall Mon. 3; College 4; 
Lib>. Coun. 4; Color Guard 4. 

Larry (Parkie) Thomas 

One alone 
General-Social Studies Course: Scrub Baseball 1; Lib. Coun. 1. 2; Aviatioa 
1. 2; Var. Football 2, 3. 4; Photo. 3. 4. Sec. 4; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4; Track 4„ 

Eugene A. Tice 

Lost week-end blues 
Math Course: Northeast Catholic H. S. 1 . 2; Aero 3: Forum 4; Tennis Mjr. 4. 

Banner F. Tice, Jr. 

Give me five minutes more 
Commercial Course: Travel 3; Forum 4. 

Alyce Valear 

/'// walk alone 
Language Course: Soccer 1: Photo. 1; Ath. Ass'n 1, 2. 3, 4: Tennis 2. 3, 4j, 
Var. 3. 4; Y-Teen 2. 3, 4, Sec. 4; Chief Senior Marshall 3: Teen-Age Com™. 3 r 
State Music Contest 3; French 3, 4; Glee Club 3. 4;^ Cheerleader 4; College 4. 

Florence (Flo) Valear 

I'm glad I waited for 'you 
Language Course: Reader's Digest 1; Var. Soccer 1. 2; Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4, 
Pres. 1; Inter. Coun. 3; Var. Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4; Monogram 1., 2, 3, 4s Ath. 
Ass'n 2, 3. 4; Sr. Marshal 3; Glee Club 3; Harm. Hang. 3; Teen-Age Coun, J: 
Cheerleader 3, 4; College 4. 

Sammy Vance 

Everybody knew but mel 
Scientific Course: Towle H. S.. Newport, N. H. 1; Harris H. S., Spruce 
Pine., N. C. 2; Virginla-Intermont, Bristol, Va. 3. 

Zebulon D. Vance 

Commercial Course: Kernersville 1, 2, 3; Baseball 4; Thurs. Moin. Mus. i. 


William Edward Vaughan-Lloyd, Jr. 

Tonight we love 
Latin Course: Debating 1, 2; Band 1, 2. 4; Scrub Football 2, 3; French 3; 
Dramatics 3, 4; Boys' State 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 4. 

R. L. Vereen, Jr. 

To /oi»e. ro hold 
General-Math Course: Kernersville H. S. 1. 2, 3: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Libby Voss 

Five [oat two, eyes of blue 
Commercial Course: Ba->d 1; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1: Office Page 1; Girl Re- 
serve 1; Debating Bus. Staff 3; Instr. Mus. 4. 

Jim Walker 

Don't fence me in 
Scientific Course: Boosters 1: Hi-Y 2. 3, V.-Pres. 3: Student Coun. 2, 3: 
Football 2. 3; Basketball 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. 3, 4: Class Treas. 3: Forum 3; 
Ushers 3. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4; House of Rep. 4, Speaker. 

Janice Warner 

Homesic'', that's all 
General Course: Lyons Township H. S. 1; Geneva (111.) H. S. 2, 3: College 4; 
Y-Teen 4; Lib. Coun. 4. 

Janice Harper Wear 

There is a land of dream: I have trodden its golden ways. 
Language Course: Thurs. M^orn. Mus. I, 2, 3. Pres. 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Accom. 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Y-Teen 3. 4; Sr. Com. 4; College 4; Lib. 

Cou.i. 4. 

Richard Alexander Wertz 

■Dancing in the dark 
Scientific Course: Class Sec. 1; Aviation 1, Band 1. 4; Hi-Y Conf. 2; Hi-Y 2. 
3. 4, Sec. 4; Tennis 3. 4: Orch. 4; Instr. Mus. 4. 

Bill Westbrook 

Night and day 

General-Math Course: Radio 1, 2, 3; Scrub Football 3; Var. Football 3; 
Mus. 4; Airplane 4. 

Mary Louise Westbrook 

Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise 
Commercial Course: Booster 1; Jr. Red Cross Rep. 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2: 
Thurs. Morn. Mus- 1 , 3; Glee Club 1 , 3, 4: Jr, Dramatics 2; Mixed Cfeoras 
3, 4; Instr. Mus. 4; Color Guard 4. 

Mary Weatherspoon 

Till the end of time 
General Course: Oakwood H. S. Davton, Ohio 1; Napsonian H. S. Atlanta, Ga. 
2; Central H. S. 2; Ogden Utah H. S. 3: Y-Teen 4; Music 4. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Wilder 

My sugar is so refined 
Language Course: Health 1 ; Religious Drama 2; College 4. 

Roger A. Willard 

Five minutes more 
Gene-al-Ma'h Course: Avaition 1; Scrub Baseball 1; Radio 2, 3; Scrub Foot- 
ball 2, 3; Forum 4. 

James C. Williford, Jr. 

Janie with the light brown hair 
Scientific Course: Airplane 1; Midget Football 1, 2; Photo. 2; Scrub Base- 
ball 2; Scrub Football 3; Forum 3. 4; Track 3, 4: Var. Football 4. 

Nancy Louise Wilkerson 

You are too beautiful for one man alone 
General Course: Lib. Coun. 1; Dramatics 1; Soccer 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2; 
Hall Mon. 1, 2; Tennis 2; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3, Treas.; Glee Club 3, 4; Col- 
lege 4; Y-Teen 4. 

Jeanne H. Williams 

Jeanne with the light brown hair 
General Course: C. H. Softball 1. 2; C. H. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4, Va* J, +; 
C. H. Glee Club 1, 4; Religious Drama 3; Thurs. Morn. Mus. 4. 

Frances Williams 

You keep coming back like a song 
General Course: Central H. S., Kings Mountain 1. 2, 3; College 4: French 4- 
Hall Mon. 4. 

Anne Savage Wilson 

/ wish I knew 
Language Course: Band 1: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 1; Germanton H. S. 2, 3; Re- 
ligious Drama 4. Sec; Natl Hon. Soc. 4. 

Burke E. Wilson, Jr. 

Math Course: New Hanover H. S. 1; Rural Hall H. S. 2; Glee Club 3; 
Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3; Band 3: French 3; Debating 4. 

Dorothy Wilson 

Lover come back to me 
Commercial Course: Health 1; Jr. Dramatics 2; Hall Mon. 3; Thura. M»m. 
Mus. 3; Instr. Mus. 4. 

Joe Wilson 

Old black ]oe 
General Course: Rural Hall 1, 2: Thurs. Morn. Mus. 3; Forum 4, Pres. 4. 

Peggy Lee Wingate 

When the red, red robin comes bob, bob bobbin home 
Language Course: Dramatics 1; Hall Mon. 1; Jr. Jive Joint 1. 2, S«c; Color 
Guard 1, 2; Home-coming Spon. 1, 2, 3; Girt Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4; Lib. Court 
1. 2. 4; Sr. Marshal, Alt. Chief 3; Teen-Age Coun. 4; College 1. 

' -L_ 1 W. 

Lay Hahn Witherspoon 

The Lord is my light 
Latin Course: Religious D-ama 2, 3. 4. Pres. 3, 4; Nat'] Hon. Soc. 3. 4; 
Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Lib. Coun. 4, Pres. 

Robert W. Woolsey, Jr. 

Where he leads me / will follow 
General-Math Course: House of Rep. 1; Religious Drama 2. 3. 4. Treas. 3, 4j 
Lib. Coun. 4. 

Peggy Wolff 

Restless, forever, never at ease 
General Course: Instr. Mus. 1, 2. 4: Spanijsh 3; Band 3, 4: All-City Orch. 
Mus. Appreciation 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Orch. 1, 2, 3. 4; Disti. Mus. 
3. 4; State Mus. Con. 3, 4: Hall Mon. 3. 4. 

Gordon Lee Younts 

Gonna take a sentimental journey 

Industrial Arts Course: C. H. Football 1. 2, 3. 4; C. H. Basketball 1, 2, 
C. i-J. rJjseDall 1. 2, 3, 4. 

Ted Young 

For all your days prepare, and meet them ever alike 

R-ie-tific <~o<Trse: rv-, trP l H. S.. K lie. Tenn. I. 2: Decatur (Ga.) 

H. S. 3; Forum 4; Lih. Coun. 4: Hi-Y 4. 

Florence Ziglar 

How sweet you are 
Math Course: Madison H. S. 1. 2; Thurs. Morn. Must. 3; Travel 4. 

3. 4; 

3, 4; 


Mary Ann Zimmerman 

Tell me why 
Language Course: Reader's Digest 1; Softball 1, 2; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. 
3; rttn. ^ss n i. 2. <. 4. V *>'■-= 3, Pi. Recorder 4; Mc-ogram 3, 4; 
Basketball 1. 3, 4; Spanish 2; Office Page 3; French 3: Tennis 3, 4; 
i.lo.i. 4. 



First row: R. Hine. A. Hughes. J. Wear. B. B. Barnett, A. L. Ttftterow. 
P. Reece, L. Butner. H. Jackson D. Harris, A. Wilson. Second row: M. L. 
Whitehcart, P. Boesser, B. McCorkle, A. Pepper, L. Poindexter, B. Sink, 

P. Porter, A. Brown. P. Hartle Third row: R. Powell. J. Bagnal, J. A. 
Livengood, D. Talbert. Fourth row: J. Revelle, N. Ezzelle, G. Martin, B. 
S. Crotts, B. L. Depp, M. Lasley, O. Coston, M. Getner, P. McNair. 


1:'.-: : K 


President Vice-President Secretary 





Bill Trotman, President 
Edith Rawley, Vice-President 

Ann Wright, Secretary 
Ann Darlington, Treasurer* 

M Of, 1% 



Ernie Shore, President 
Johnny Morris, Vice-President 

George Crone, Secretary 
Molly Bowers, Treasurer 




<{ 28 )»• 



■^■'■' %■■■■■:* ^ : ''1::-SS : ; 

: - : %n^'Kw- -■-" "■'':■ ,■■'.. ,-d: ' w .w^v- ,, .;. -^ 

"'>- :'\^ ' 

r r , w- « » ;. SENIOR Y TEENS 

Tie./ f",'; „w A Calimln'^N V L" P c e ot : ma C ' a"^", SCC R : B P F r 1 ?' , Br ° Wn A R A Hine ' J " Wear ' P - Reece ' M - Weatherspoon. J. Warner. D. Tal- 
Burton. N. WHkerson K fr«"„«V P C ° leman ' A. Valaer. B. Powell. B. belt. A. Correll, P. Benbow. Third row: F. J. Blum. B. A. Hall. C. Park- 
Brown E DuBose D Lee P WiniL £„ A "l"'* T ■ ^k'T 5' ?' & Harris ' L J " Gordon ' D " Rios ' C Wilder ' Fourth row; *■ McBride. 
' U - ^ e ' F ' Wln 9ate. Second row: J. A. Lmeback, E. S. Sharpe. J. Krauss, C. Mitchell, H. Smith. P. Pope. 

*%L ?Q tes. 

Tom Stockton 


Carlotta Crutchfield 


i, > J?__ - A. 

Diane Lee 



Sam Joyner 


Ann Bondurant 


IHMH. ,jiliHHfL.... .1 .._„ _ 


First row: Allen Goslen, Burke Wilson. Helen Chappie. Iva lean Gordon, 
Betsy Pool. Second row: Johnny Sid Whiteheart. John Wood. 
Bobby Henning, Johnnny Morrife. 


Sarah Carter 

Speaker Pro-Tern 

Jerry McGinnis 

House Representative to Council 

Jim Walker 


CZ7JOU1E or 

Dick Stockton 


James Smitherman 



First row: J.. Krauss, B. A. Sechrist. P. Puryear. V. Ogle, B. Barnes. C. B. Davis, R. Michael, B. Bittle, A. Shortt, J. Forcum, S. Plint, G. Sher- 

W. Carter, J. Cook. E. Carlyle, S. Sosnick, Pi. Benbow. Second row: A. mer. Fourth row: D. Hinkle. T. Alspaugh. B. Davis. D. Adams. J. Walker. 

L. Thompson, B. Gosselin. D. Plaster. G. Martin. T. Holcomb. S. Carter, B. T. Henderson, F. Spach, D. Stockton. J. Smitherman. Fifth row: Q. 

T. Young, J. Bagnal, H. Ballus. J. Holder, S. Ferree. Third row: J. Bailey. Haley. 

M ^1 K 

"sg| Jl J|j«* 


First row: K. Barnes, President; S. Carter, Vice-President; I. J. Gordon. 
Secretary; P. Benbow, Treasurer; C. Cooke, Program Cha'rman,. Second 
row: C. Avera, J. Blum, B. Calaway, A. Coleman, B. S. Crotts. Third 

row: C. Davidson, M. Gregory, B. A. Hall, C. Hodges, J. W. James. 
Fourth row: S. Joyner, D. Lee, G. Martin, P. Reece, B. Snydetf. Fifth 
row: M. Swain, J. Walker, A. Wilson, L. Whiterspocn. 


First row: B. Austin, F. J. Blum, B. Brown, ML Combs, B. A. Hall, M. L. Harris. Second row: M. K. Johnson 
M. Joyner, S. McMuchael,, Z. Robbins, K. Robinson, A. Russell, M. Teague. 


First tow: D. Anglin, P. Benbow. F. Blum, ). Brewer, B. Brown. 
Second row: E. Brown, M. Brown, J. Butlar, J. Carmichael, S. 
Carter, A. Coleman. Third row: B. Coleman, N. Coleman, C. Cooke, 
A. Correll. F. Crouse, C. Crutchfield. Fourth row: I. F ne, C. Ful- 
cher, I. Gordon;, E. Green, M. Gregory, B. Hall. Fifth row: D. 
Harris, R. Hine, C. Hodges. B Home, C. Johnson. I. Klein. Sixth 

row: J. Krauss, D. Lee, J. Lineback. M. Mackie, C. Mitchell, C. 
Parker. Seventh row; B. PfafF. P. Pope, P. Porter. E. Powell. P. 
Reece, S. Sharpe. Eighth row: D. Smith. H. Smith, L> Teague. 
J. Templeton. A. Valear, F. Valear. Ninth row: J. Warner T 
Wear. C. Wilder, N. Wilkersor, F. Williams. P. Wingate 




F. Blum, Editor of Black and Gold; M. Combs, Managing E:l tor of Blacl; of Pine Whispers; K. Robinson, Girls' Sports Editor: Z. Robbins, Boys' 
and Gold; B. Aust'n, Editor of Pine Whispers; D. Kimei, Managing Editor Sports Editor. 

First row: K. Elliot, B. Brown, B. A\ Hall, M. E. Harris. 

Second row: S. McMichael. H. Ruc'.:er, N. Paynter, A. Russell, M. Teague, F. Hege, J. Krauss. 

S. McMichael 

Business Manager 

Pine Whispers 

J. Carp«nter 
B'ts'ness Manager 
Black and Gold 

First row: N. Edman, J. M,cGinm:s, M. Combs, E. Mitchell, H. Bryant, T. Harris, A. Lentz. Second row': T. 
Minnis, D. West, B. Trotman, D. Herring. 

U-.'. ,-..',.. . -...-.j.^* ■,/:,'■■ «:.:/:,. 

First row: W. Arton, Mr. Lawrence, L. Edwards, R. Hammett. C. Crater, row: M. Moser, D. James. E-. Parks. J. Blackwell, J. Renigar, B. Harris^ 

B. Boyette, H. Cundiff, A. Johnston, B. Nifong, H. Yarbrough. Second G. Cranfield, J. W. Beasley, V. Mullis. ~ 


With "Preservers of the Art Preservative" as its mot- 
to, the Reynolds High School Print Shop has accom- 
plished many things during this past year, 1946-47. They 
have printed each copy of the three sections of the news- 
paper, Pine Whispers, Hanes Hi Rada and Gray Light. 
Since Christmas, they have worked efficiently on the 
Annual. Although most of the time is concentrated on 
the newspaper and annual, they have done job printing 
and have published football programs, report cards and 
other forms requested by the city schools. The boys 
working in the print shop have often come back at night 
to complete their work. 

A Printers' Club which meets every Thursday dur- 
ing the specified time for clubs has been formed. The 
officers of this organization are Herman Yarbrough, 

president; Benny Templeton, vise-president; and Maurice 
Moser, secretary and treasurer. This spring they held 
two socials, a picnic and a banquet which was served in 
the cafeteria at Reynolds. 

The staff is made up of those who manage particu- 
lar machines. Wayne Arton, Vance Mullis, Zebulon D. 
Vance, and Bill Nifong are in charge of the linotype; 
the presswork is done by Gray Cranfill and Earl Norris; 
chief copyreader is Linden Edwards; Maurice Moser 
and Charles Crater are job setters; and the bindery is 
managed by all of the print shop boys. Under the guid- 
ance of Samuel J. Lawrence, their adviser, they deserve 
much recognition as real citizens of Reynolds High 
School, and in the future many of these boys will take 
their places in the print shops of tomorrow. 

M ^cr iju. 


Jack Hunter 




Stephenson. H. Brown. A. Crews,. E. Fishel. M. Ingel, J. McBride. B L. Hunter B. L« Y *' B ° 3 '' G ' C Davis ' B ' Wilson - »■ 


(Statement made by Mr. W/nfield Blackwell. former Reynolds High 
bchool debate*; formeo president of the Dialetic Debating Society and Grad- 
uate °f the University of North Carolina: graduate of the School of Law 
? . j " nlver '" t y- form « Lieutenant-Commander with the Seventh Fleet. 
Un;»ed States Navy; Forsyth Representative to the State General 
Assembly. ) 

"Most of us do not fully appreciate the value of a 
particular subject which we have studied until we ob- 
serve whether or not it has actual value for us in our 
everyday life. When I studied debating in high school, 
I certainly didn't realize how very important it would 
later be to me. Debate training teaches a person to ana- 
lyze a question by studying the facts, reasoning out the 
logical grounds which support the affirmative or the 
negative and being able to express clearly the arguments 

in a convincing manner rather than by an emotional ap- 

"Basically, any person should know debating prin- 
ciples in order to be effective in convincing others, 
whether on the debating platform in high school or in a 
civic club or in the law-making halls in our State Capi- 
tol or in Congress. I have noticed the greater success en- 
joyed by Legislators sponsoring Legislation, who are ex- 
perienced debators, as compared with those who have 
had no such training. As for myself, the 'proof of the 
pudding' is that I am very grateful for having had train- 
ing in debating when I was in school." 

•€{ 36 }>' 


First row: N. Ingle, P. Tatum, M. Shields, F. Johnson, G. Burns, J. Dotv, 
A. G. Atwood, B. A. Hemrick, D. Cranfill, K. Kates, V. Wilkerson. Sec- 
ond row: M. Fansler, D. Yoder. A. Wilson, V. Ogle, M. Stallings, S. Se- 
crest, N. B:ireess. A. Fry. E. Woods, H. Ballus, N. Hundley. Third row: 
J. Shaffer, C. Sims, E. Smith, L. Fry, E. Mahaffey. N. Hill. Fourth row: 

A Brown, B. L. R:ich. B. B'*ir, M. E. Coleman, B. Thompson, D. Paynter. 
n T'er-ev. A. Cooper, C. Hammons. B. Pfaff, A. Robertson, D. Hutchinj. 
Fif'.h row: D. Ta!ber\ J. Johnson, J. W. James, L. Witherspoon, B. Chat- 
ma i, R Wooslc , B Julian. V. Y.ow, Mrs. Price. 


The Religious Drama Club, which meets every 
Thursday morning under the direction of Mrs. Stella J. 
Price, Bible teacher at Reynolds High School, has as its 
purpose to promote interest in Bible study through re- 
ligious drama and to instill in its members a desire to 
practice the principles learned from the Bible. 

In addition to the programs presented at the regular 
meetings, the club sponsored again this year a Bible- 
reading program that extended from Thanksgiving to 
Christmas and was carried on in all the schools through- 
out the city. This progrm was introduced with an origi- 
nal pageant given by the members of the club, "The 
Light That Shines in Darkness." Leaflets from the Amer- 
ican Bible Society with Bible references were distributed 
in all the city schools to aid students in their day-by- 
day readings. 

Another event the club sponsored this year was the 
banquet for the city and county Bible departments in 
the Reynolds cafeteria on March 7. School officials, 
ministers, and interested patrons were guests in order 

that they might understand more thoroughly the work 
of the Bible department. 

As usual, the members of the club participated in 
the annual Christmas and Easter pageants, which have 
become an enjoyable event looked forward to each year. 

The club does not confine itself to the study of the 
Bible alone but seeks to put to use some of the truths 
learned. The social service and outside program com- 
mittees arranged for the club to present a program this 
year to one of the outside institutions, and again this 
year they sent cards and baskets of fruit to the sick. 

Active committees of the club include the worship, 
customs, program, and social service committees. 

The officers are Loy Witherspoon, president; Nancy 
Ingle, vice-president; Ann Wilson, secretary; Robert 
Woosley, treasurer. 

The Religious Drama Club has contributed in many 
ways to the cultural and religious life of Reynolds High 
School, and its members have derived real benefits from 
its activities. 

jfll ^7 Iss. 


First row: A. Goslen. President; C. Crutchfield, Sponsor; L. J- Fain. 
Sponsor; P. A. Alderman, Sponsor; B. Smitherman, Vice-President 
Second row: R, Wertz, Secretary; D. Hinkle, Treasurer; C. Avera, J 
Boyle, D. Bynumi. Third row: F. Church, P. Harwood. T. Young, B 
Latham, D. Herring. Fourth row: W. Nicholson, R. Folb, W. Davis, M 

Davis, K. BarnesV Fifth row: B. T. Henderson. G. Clubb, T. Connelly, 
B. Goodwin, S. E. Edwards. Sixth row: E. Scholtes, J. Smitherman, D. 
Adams, D. Russell, (X Keeger. Seventh row: R. Prongay, R. Craft, B. 
Calloway, C. Brandon, G. Law. 


¥-•" , :: • ' . 


First row: M. Jones, S. Fain, J. Stevens, M. Shelton. J. Southernland. P. 
Puryear. P. Johnson, N. Eaton. J. A. Shaeffer. N. O'Neill. M. J. Riesoo. 
Second tow: J. Hamrick, V Sprinkle. T. Pappas, R. Gentry. B. Estep. 
S. Henderson, B. Ivester. Miss Highsmith. J. Johnson, B. Wyatt. C. 
Reynolds E. Church. A. Atwood, J. Howerton, M. J. Boiling. Third row: 
P. J. May. B. Hall. D. CranBll, C. Mitchell. B. Pfaff, B. Thompson, B. 
Anglin. V. Penny, A. B. Livengood. B. L. Rineheatrt. L. Rousseau. B. A. 

: L.vv ■■■,::: .. . ,. ' -^ . 


In the fall of 1946 a new voice class was organized 
by Miss Louise Highsmith of the Music Department. 
The purpose of the class is to give girls who have had 
little or no previous voice training an opportunity to 
learn how to sing, and to participate in programs given 
by the class. 

The "Girls' Beginning Voice Class" is composed of 
forty-three girls taken from the ninth, tenth, eleventh, 
and twelfth grades. They are divided into three groups 
— first soprano, second soprano and alto. They have 
learned to sing both solo parts and choral parts and 
have studied correct usage of the voice culture. Classi- 

cal, semi-classical, folk, religious, and popular songs all 
have a place in their daily schedule. 

The Voice Class has sung at various churches in the 
city and has participated in several chapel programs, 
both of religious and non-religious natures. During 
the year, soloists on the programs have been Constance 
Reynolds and Jane Bauldin. 

The group sings and sings often for the entertain- 
ment of other people and for the pure enjoyment and 
pleasure of singing. During the coming years the class 
hopes to be a bright spot in our community and school 
and shall endeavor to help musically talented girls onto 
the path of success. 

jBl ^Q tea. 

Krstrow: A. Hughes. B. Wade. S. Sharpe, C. Davidson. Second row: R 
A. Alderman, D. Arijlin. A. Atwood. A. Brown. R. Brownlow, W Brown- 
low. Third row: S. Cohen, B. J. Coleman, N. D. Coleman. N. S. Davis 
A. bvans, E. Green. Fourth row: R. Hine, B. Hinkle, N. .Hundley. 


F. Johnson, B. Lee, G. Monk. Fifth row: A. M. Ridenhour, N. Ripple, 
w iff ' , A - Valear - M - L - Vaughn. A. Wallace. Sixth row: ], Wear. 
M. Weatherspoon. L. Westbrook. N. Wilkerson, B G. Willard. E. M 
L^rter, mascot. 


C. Avera. N. Jones, J. W.lson, D. Jones, L. Witherspoon, D. Early. B. 

.sfif 40 ifts. 

?/-,.■;',•-/.■■?>• , 

-■ %■>.. 

First row: M. Teague, M. Jones. E. Mitchell. L Rousseau. A. C. Pollard. 
B. Lee. J.. Stevens, S. Fain, L. Butnei. K. Hauser. E. Green. A. R. Robin- 
son. Second row: M. F. Bost. R. Boyles, K. Elliot. B A. Booker P 
Lawrence. N. Norrell. M. L. Vaughn. B. L. Rineheart, S. Nolan, S. 
WJion. S. Henderson, B. Pool. Third row: M. Stallings. A. Wright. B. 
Byrum, A. Bondurant. J. A. Livengood. M. L. Grimes. J. Pepper. N. 

Belton, H. Chappie, D. Teague. Fourth row: M. L. Harris. L Bonin I 
McGinn.s, S. McMichael. J. Carpenter. R. L. Speas. M. Gregory, B. S 
Crofts. M. A. Zimmerman. S. Carter. Fifth row: J. Stockton. M. Moor* 
K. Robmson N. V. Martin. ]. Stryker, J. Holder. B. J. Coleman, M. 
Combs. N. L- Coleman. 


Three years ago the Girls' Athletic Association was 
formed with the purpose of improving girls' athletics in 
the school and giving as many girls as possible a chance 
to participte in varied sports. A constitution was drawn 
up patterned after that of the Girls' Physical Education 
Association of North Carolina. The association has 
grown into a large service organization of the school 
and now has a membership of sixty girls. 

To become a member of this organization a girl 
must earn 50 points under the new system or already 
have received a monogram in soccer, basketball, soft- 
ball, or tennis under the old system. After this year all 
classes will be under the new point system. 

This year the association has encouraged intramural 
sports and more participation in sports. It was most suc- 

cessful in having one hundred and five girls reporting for 
basketball and seventy reporting for soccer. 

Officers for 1946-47, who were elected in the spring 
of 1946, are as follows: Helen Chappie, president; Lil- 
lian Butner, secretary; Marjorie Moore, treasurer; and 
Mary Ann Zimmerman, point recorder. These girls, 
along with the managers of the varied sports, made up 
the council of the Association, which devoted much 
time toward smoothing out any difficulties in the club. 

To complete a sketch of the Girls' Athletic Associa- 
tion, mention must be made of its sponsors, Mrs. Doro- 
thy Jones and Miss Anne Wilson. They have devoted 
much time toward helping the club, and they deserve 
much of the credit for helping it to be a success in 
Reynolds High School. 

<{ 41 £ 



First row: T. Connelly. D. Russell, C. Edwards. T. Stockton, D. Stockton, Skinner, J. Vogel, L. Browder Third row: P. Davis, R. Pronjjay, B. 

P. Harwood, B. T Henderson, J. Smitherman, Second row: D. Wilk«r»on, Lyons, D. Brewer, J. Hauser, S. Joyner, J. Smitherman, K. Barnes, C. 

P. Frailer. A. Alexander, B. Davis, F. Hill, S. Whiteheart, A. Lenti, J. Leinback. D. Jones. J. McAllister. B. Fritts, J. Boyles. 


The Monogram Club of Reynolds High School is 
composed of letter-winners in the various phases of 
athletics offered in Reynolds High. Each new member 
must be approved by the old members before he can 
become active in the many club functions. 

Each Thursday morning witnesses a new program 
presented by a program committee to the group. The club 
members have had motion pictures petaining to various 
athletic, sports quizzes, and various other forms of en- 
tertainment during the past year. 

At the outlet of the 1946-47 school season, the estab- 
lished members of the club called a meeting to choose 
officers to serve throughout the year. Those chosen were 
B. T. Henderson, president; Sid Whiteheart, vice-presi- 
dent; and Tommy Connelly, secretary and treasurer. 
These officers have proven themselves to be capable 
leaders throughout the year, and have set a fine example 
for the younger athletes in the school. 

The Monogram Club has performed several helpful 
jobs for the school during the year. Thy were in charge 
of the sale of programs at athletic events. The Monogram 
club also took charge of their annual religious chapel 
program, and presented the student body with one of 
the best programs of the year. 

The most outstanding in the club's activities was the 
sponsoring of the annual Monogram club dance, which 
was again a great success. Music was supplied by the 
Reynolds High Swing Band, and during the evening 
each member of the organization was personally intro- 
duced to the dancers by the Master of Ceremonies. 
Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of the club members, the 
dance was the most successful one ever given. 

Mr. Hal Bradley, Reynolds High Athlectic Director, 
is the faculty advisor of the club and has rendered an 
invaluable service to the club with his many beneficial 
suggestions and fine supervision. 


First row: J. Skinner, J. Booker 


Smitherman, S. Whiteheart, D. Cla 

: ^: M¥B u A==.|iH'i D S kte * » s »i— * &»■ £ SSE 


First row: H. Mauze, L. McGee, G. Mountcastle. L Cox, C Avera 
Second row: B^ Coleman, A. Spaugh, T. Minnis, J. Baldridge, T. Kallam. 
c.. Goodman. Third row: T. Dixon, B. Vaughn. 


J^xamatia L^LuIj 

; .. -. 

. -_ 

'*;'.;..<i /•?. ■!/-;* . v.- ;«.•■» 

feSKSS*:.. - 

.!■ '• 


First row: A. Hughes, T. Ring, S. B. Cunningham, R. BrownLow, P. Rosen- 
bacher. P. A. Alderman, M. Gentner, H. Williams, H. Bryant, M. L. Har- 
ris, M. Combs, J. Carpenter, J. McGinnis, S. McMichael. Second row: E. 
DuBose, H. Jackson, P. McNair, N. Sheets, B. Robins, M. Jones, A. Wal- 
lace, N. Pope, 8. B. Barnette, P. Hopkins, J. Blackburn, B. Harris, E. 

Hutson, M McCormick, J. Revelle. Third row: L. Lunn, R. Fuller, N. 
Ezzell, J. Miller. V. Penny, B. Depp, J. Stryker, L. Leake, J. CtfumcH. W. 
BrownLow, D. Towner, J. Stockton. Fourth row: M. L. Grimes, B. Trotman, 
C. Tomlinson. F. Driscoll, N. Vaubhn-Lloyd. M. Taylor, A. Wilmoth,, D. 
Vaughn, L. Poindexter, J. Daye, J. Adams, H. Horton. 

Bill Trotman 

Charles Tomlinson 

Francis Pepper 

Madeline Combs Lucy Lunn Miss Donnye Worley 

Treasurer Assistant Secretary Sponsor 

Ǥ( 44 > 


First row: G. Wilson, }. Karzin. N. Falbaum, B. Herman. D. PUxtr, A. Second row: D. Brattert. G. Adams, R. Yokely, R. Hobson, F. Danner, D. 
Pepper, N. O'Neil, A. L. Tutterow, G. Nicholas, R. Mcllroy, D. Pfaff Sapp. C. Church, N. Harbin, T. Long, J. Cook, K. Sharpe. 


First row: N .Falbaum, F. Charles, J. Wooten, J. Katzin, D. Clfaitrd, C. Connelly, R. Jackson, D. Ryon, Bt. Rollins, B. Middleton, R. Te»|jue, G. 
Church. C. Winecoff. Second row: G. Garrison, J. Crone, C. Goodson, H. Ballui, H. Walkins, R. Michael, H. Lowet, G. C. Davis. 


First row: M. Doster, F. Zeigler, E. Carter, B. Bernard, B. FerBuaon* S. Peters, C. Martin, G. Martin, A. Hartmanv B. L. Simpson, W. Key, P. 

J. McLain, H. Reece, L. Norwood, B. Elliott, R. Reece. Second row: C. Howarth, M White, J. Laster, E. Marshall, C. Coin. 

4 45 }P 


First row: D. Pertee. maj.. D. Coston. M. L. Logan, B. Bennett, P. O'Brien. 
B. Mullen. D Hampton, I. E. Martin. B. Martin. D. Daugherty. E. Harrfl. 
H. Critz. B. HopVins. H. Wainer, J. Crews. D. Paschel. Second row: D. 
Joyce. H. Darnell. L. Bridges, D. Wildman. H. Stokes, G. Pappas. U. 

Jones. N. Falboum. G. Valis. C. Winecoff, J. Blakemore. B. Herman. S 
r'erree. T. Howard. D Hill. Third row: P. Bobo, B Nugent. C Huff, J. 
C»gle. C. Smith, D. Angell, W. Dentiste. P. Brewer, M. Richardson, R. 
Bean. W. Hamersoy, Mr. Mayer. 


First row: F. Carter, piano; D. Kimel. drums; J. Phelps; sax.; D. Bynum. leader. Third row: 

sax.; G. Coppage, sax., F. Irogden, sax., E. Bell, bass fiddle. Second row: trumpet. 

A. Goslen, trumpet; F. Montgomery, trumpet; J. Reins, trumpet; R. Mayer, 

F. Trent, trombone; C. Kammape*. trombone; E. Travis, 


First row: M. Swaim, L. Crouse, B. J. Bolin. M. J. Rierson, A.. Lcnti. 
M. Lasley. D. Wilson, H. Brown, E. Bullard, S. Lacy, B. Brown. Second 
row: F Cha'les. W. Irvin, R. Bennett. O. Coston. L. Voss, L. Westbrook 
J. Miller N. Koontz. R. Dlsher. F. Carter, D. Bynun. Third row: A. 
Neal. B. Lee. A. Johnson. B. Calaway. W. Bailey. H. Tucker. E. L. Maneir. 
D. Daugherty, J. Nichols, R. Crouse, D. Crissman, P. Wolff, B. Hoffman. 
J. Philips. Fourth row: D. Grimes. R. Bean. C. Reynolds. B. Reniger. L. 

Bonin. W. Brownlow, R. E. Bowen, S. Garvey, P. Brewer. B. Davi». E. 
Bell. Fifth row: W. Devault. F. Forgdon. T. Coppedge, C. Kammern. 
H. Walkins. F. Allerd. D. Johnson, D. Angell, S. Nolan, N. Lanear. A. 
J. Clinard, W. Thompson, C. Avery. J. Reihs. Sixth row: R SprHnkle. 
A. Harris. C. Winecoff. G. Valis, D. Early, J. Clark, F. Trent. T. Dixon, 
E. Trnvls. 

•€{ 46 }> 


Drum Major: C. Tomlinson. Flutes: J. James, B. Brown. P. J. Moore. 
Pkolo: M. Swain. Oboe: S. Nolan. F. Charles. Bassoon. R. Bennett. Clar- 
inets: K. Taylor. D. Johnson. H. Lowet. W. Thompson. B. Ware. J. Clark. 
J. MickJe. A. Clinard, D. Early. R. Wertz. R. L. Sprinkle, C. Reynolds. 
D. Bynum. L. Farrington. T. Coppedge. N. Harbin. F. Crumplee. Bass 
Clarinet: A. Harris. Alto Sax: F. Trogdon. Tenor Sax: J. Phelps. J. 
Lawrence. French Horns: S. Garvey, B. Inabinet. A. Neal, S. Lacy. B. Sink. 
Cornets M. Brown. A Goslyn. D. Poole. E. L. Marner. W. Bailev. C. Cole- 
man. P. Montgomery. T. Dixon. J. Bulloch, D. Grimes. E. Travis. O. 
Foster. C. Sevens. N. Vaughn-Lloyd. J. Nickols. J. Rains. Trombones: S. 


Miller. J. Adams. H. Tucker, J. Stanley, C. Kammerer, F. Trent. W. Mc- 
Elveen. P. Brewer. H. G. Johnson. Baritones: A. Johnson, D. Pratt. R. Pfaff, 
R. Bean, H. Cundiff. Basses: K. Barnes, E. Bell. M. Davis. W. Irvin. R. 
Calaway. J. Cook. F. Crumpler. K. Pruett. B. Coleman. Drums (snare) B. 
Calaway. J. Hardy. F. Allred. N. Lanier. Bass Drums: B. Lee A. Hud- 
speth. Lyric: P. Wolff. Cymbal: H. Walkins. Librarian: B. Renegar. Maj- 
orettes: E. Phelps. N. Rhodes. J. Brewer, L. Ragland. M. J. Rierson. A. 
Lenti. B. Edwards. 9 B. Cunningham. Color Guards: ). Templeton. L. 
Westbrook. B. Wade. A. Evans, A. Hughes. R. Powell. 


Violins: R. E Bowen, J. Bagnal, E. Brown. C. Hammons, L. Bonin. C. 
Bolton. D. Slade. D.A. Hege, R. Shirmer, W. Irving. W. Baily. H. West. 
Viola. R. Wertz, L. Crouse. Cello: F. Trent. W. McElveen. P. Wolff, F. 
Carter. D. Angel. Basses: R. Beane. E. Bell. L. Crouse. R. Crouse. B. 
Calaway. Piano: W. Brownlow. Flute: M. Swain. Oboe: S. Nolan. F. 

Charles. Bassoon: R. Bennet. Clarinets: D. Johnson, D. Bynum. Bass Clar- 
inet: A. riarris. French Horns: A. Neal. B. Inabinet. S. Lacy. B. Sink. 
Cornets: A. Goslyn. J. Bullock, T. Dixon. Trombones: C. Kammerer, P. 
Brewer. Tuba: N. Barnes. Percession: B. Calaway, B. Lee. J. Hardy, A. 

First row: P. Bcnbow, J. Pepper, B. Lee, J. Stevens, S. Fain, C. Crutch- 
f eld, |- Temple to a, B. Fowler, P. Hartle. Second row: J. Mc Bride, D. 
Rios, M Swaim, B. W. McReynolds, J. Warner, C. Hodges, J. Carmichael, 
M. Maynard. Third row: Miss Caldwell, I. J. Gordon, D. Angel 1, Miss 
Weaver, L. Witherspoon, J. W. James. Fourth row: T. Young, F. Driscoll, 
B. Smitherman. K. Barnes, B. T. Henderson, B. Trotman. B. Chatman, R. 


The Library Council is a volunteer organization 
which helps in the Library. They check books in and 
out of the main reading room. There are approximately 
thirty boys and girls in this organization. 

Besides working in the library during the regular 
periods, the group has a meeting each Wednesday morn- 
ing. The programs run in a series. At one meeting 
various books are discussed by the group; at the next 
meeting, current events are presented and talked about; 
during the third meeting there are training lessons in 
library work. Throughout, real valuable lessons are 
taught through these weekly meetings. The fourth meet- 
ing is everybory's favorite — a social— and then the pro- 
cedure is started over. 

Loy Witherspoon is president of the Council; vice- 

president, Iva Jean Gordon; secretary, Byron Smither- 
man; treasurer, Miriam Swaim. The program chairman 
is changed each month, and there is an art committee 
in charge of publicity, which consists of Bill Trotman, 
Polly Hartle, Martha Maynard, Frank Driscoll, and 
Charles Tomlinson. This group is in charge of fixing 
the Library show cases and blackboards. 

This year, the Library Council sponsored a tea for 
the faculty and parents of the council members, and 
Miss Annie Graham Caldwell, head-librarian and spon- 
sor of the council, gave the group a valentine party, 
which was a big success. These two events constituted 
the social high lights of the year. 

The Library staff is a very active group, and they 
attribute much of their success in their endeavors to Miss. 
Caldwell and Miss Weaver, the two librarians. 




First row: S. Fain. C. Crutchfield. L. Rousseau. P. Reece. Second row: T. 
Alspaugh, F. Valear. A. Valear. Q. Lee. T. Hartely. Third row: D. Jones. 


F.Vst row: P. Benbow. A. Valaer. B. Bowles. P. Porter. A. Wilson. M. 

Gentner, 1. Fine. F. Johnson. A. Lentz, J. Baity. M. Maynard. Second row: 
Mn. Fearrington. M. L. Grimes, L. Lunn. N. Ingle, B. Home, B. Fowl«i. 
T. Harris. D. Anglin. F. Williams. B Wade. A. Evans. Third row: B. 
Thompson, D. Hutchins, B. Pfaff. C. Hamons, A. Pearce. M. F. Parsons. 

L. Fry. B. Coggins. N. Hill. A. Russell. F. Miller. M. L. Coleman. T. 
Carpenter. Fourth row: H. Grubbs. A. Shupert, O. Tesh, T Alspaugh. H. 
Teichman. D. Brewer. T. Long J. Hunter. S. Avery. F. Carter, G. HajmicK. 
T. Harris. R. Yokely. B. Merriom. 

*sX 4Q tes. 

Public Library of Winston -Salem 
and Forsyth County 

First row: M. L. Vaughn. N. Hundley, G. Monk, B. Hinkle, B. G. Wil- 
t »,, ?'c T ' Ridenhour. A. Hughes, A. Evans, B. Wade, M. Gent- 
ner, L. Hoffman!. Second row: P. Mills, A. R, Robertson, J. Price C Wil- 
liams. M. Teague M. L. Harris, S. Michael, M. Combs, A. Crews, A. 

M d' ■ d n'- T ^ d r T. B - Butier ' E - Phe, P s - N - Rhodes. J. Moser. 
M_ Pans. P. Rosenbaker P McNair. S. Long. J. Revelle. Fourth row; J. 

Weatherman, E. J. Smith, S. Wagner. B. Blair. B. Pool. J. McGinnis, N 


Martin,, S. Fain, L. Butner, N. Thomas. D. Shamel. Fifth row: N. Edman, 
H. Williams. 'K. Elliott. P. Lounsbury, B. Thompson. IX Rousseau. A. Pol- 
led. E. Mitchell. J. Stockton, M. Lasley. Sixth row: N. Norrell, B. W. 
McReynolds M. Moore, B. R. Cunningham, A„ Russell, M. E. Coleman, A. 
Pierce, P. Warren. L. Frye. J. Pepper, S. Coggin. Seventh row: M. Mop- 
dacai. B. Bryant, H. Jackson. N. Sheets. Eighth row: M. R. Parsons, F. 
Miller. L Carpenter. L. Lunn. M. L. Grimes. P. Lawrence, D. Johnson. 


Clinard. H. Reece, N. Potter. B 
T. Ring. B. Davis, B. Cline, E 
Stone, S. Henderson, D. Miller 
Alspaugh, M. Cunningham. M. D 
/aletis. Third row: S. Wilson, B. Brown, M. L 
Means, B. L. Wright. A. Elmore. M. Wilson, S. McLean, M 
White. Fourth row: N Eaton, J. A. Shaeffner. L. L. Warren 

First Row: A. Fry, N.. Lanier, A. G. 
Miller. B. Burgess. J. A. Livengood. 
Shaeffner, M. Stxupe. Second row: N 
P West. F. Fuller. P. A. Aldeiman. R. 
Byrd. M. L. Brown, L. Va 

J. Misen 

himer, A. Voss, M. Taylor. D. 
Johnson. Fifth row: J. Crews, 
Hopkins. J. McKinney. M. A. 

Turner, W. Birownlow, ]\ L. Council, J. 

B. Robins, B. Bynum, A. Darlington, P. 

Gutherie, N. A. Ripple, S. Watson, R. 
Brownlow, S. Tullock, P. Whiteheart. Sixth row: A. Wright. A. Bon- 
durant, R. E. Bowen, B. A. Kirby, E. Rawley, C. McCIaughon. D. Vaughn. 
M. Lynch, S. B. Cunihgham, J. Bagnal, B. Ivester. Seventh row- V. 
White, M. E. O'Day, A. Wilmoth. 


First row: J. Pepper, M. Gregory, B. A. Booker, B. J. Coleman, H. Chap- man. S. McMichael, J. McGinnis. N. L. Coleman, N. V. Martin M. Combs 

pie. M. Moore, B. Poole, D. Teague, K. Robinson. Second row: K. Hauser, J. Stockton. 

L. Butner, R. L. Speas, B. Crotts, ]. Holder, A. Valear. M. A. Zimmer- 


First row: B. Binkley, R. Willard, J. Jarvis, J. Wilson, /. Hall, B. Tice, leford. H. Rucker, C. Wolff. H. Spainshour 

B. Sprllers, B. Westbrook, P. Spach, W. Nicholson, D. Hinkle, Z. Robbins, Law, D. Herring. H. Clem E. Scholtes 
B. Tise. Second row: Mr. Barnette, E. Shore, Ji. Pappas, J. Wil- 

i. Goodwin, T. Young, G. 


First .row! F. Marshbanks, C. West. S. Watson N. Ripple, M. E. O'Day, Rawley. M. Lynch, R. Bovles. J. Price. F. Hampton. I. Barty, B. Bowie 

F- P a / sons ' B- Williams C. Maglone, A. Pearse, P. Warren, B. Hud- B. A. Kirby Third row. B. Neill. L. McGee, P. Nelson. T. Haynes 

son, 1. Minnis, L. Cox, P. Hargrove. Second row: M. F, Bost. J. Butner, E. 

Ji R\ 1%. 


First row: Mr). Peters, B. Lackey, D. Bynum. J. Hinshaw. D. Hinkle. J. 
Booker, R. Prongay. D. Russell, Second row: G. Clubb. S. Whiteheairt, 
J. Sm:':herman, J. Boyle, A. Goslea, B. Smitherman, D, Wilkinson, F. 

Spach, D. Brenegar, T. Connelly. Third row: K. Barnes, J. Motsinger, 
D. Stockton, T. Stockton, D. Powell. B. T. Henderson, C. Edwards, K. 
Taylor. A. Alexander, M. Davis. 


First row: N. Norrell, E. Phelps, N. Rhodes, P. Mills. N. S. Davis. T. 
Ridenhour, B. Butler, B. PfafF, L. Hoffman. D. Shamel. P. Wolff. Second 
row: B. Mahood, B. Robinson, C. Williams. A. C. Pollard, B. Pool, J. 
McGinnis. N Martin. M. L. Harris. S. McMichael. M. Combs. A: Crews, 
J. Martin, P. Michael, P. Benbow. Third row: N. Edman, P. A. Ziglar. S. 
Wagner, J. Fulburn. K. Robinson, B. R. Cunningham. M. Moore. L. But- 
ner, B. Thompson, M. Lasley, Ji. Carpenter, J. Stockton, L. Lunn, M. L. 
Grimes, C. Cooke. Fourth row: S. Plint, A. Ford., L. Clark, Hi Spanih, 
B. J. Kelly. B. Moser, S. Carter, M. Mordacai, B. J. Johnson, M. L. Cole- 
nan P. McNair. S. Long I. Revelle, Fifth row: B. Moore. F. Marshbank, I. 

Bailey, P. Hopkns. A. Voss, J. McKinney, JI. Means. M. C. Brown, S. 
Coggin, M. L. Harris, J. Stryker. M. Fansler. G. Burnes. Sixth row: L. 
Bonin, A. Lentz, H. Smith, T. Dize, N:. Ezzell. M. Bodenhamer. Seventh 
row: J. L. Council, G. Nicolas, A. M. Kesler, A. Ba:ley, D. Plaster, N. 
Pope, E. Fishel. B. Harris, J. Blackbunn. A. L. Tutterrow, M. Bowers. E. 
Butner. Eighth row: P. Foster, A. Darlington, C. Reynolds, A. Bondurant, 
M. Lynch, J. A. Butler. G. Purcell, T. L. Harris. Ninth row: A. Wright, 
P. Spach, M. L. Wilson, E. Shaffner, M. A. Guthrie, S. Pardington, J',. 
J. Butner, B. Colter, N. Elliot, B. Ayers, A. Atwood. 



Glenn Clubb B. T. Henderson. Tom Connelv 

Back End Back 

Ab Alexander By;on £m therman 

Tackle Guard 

Don "Meatball" Kimel Tom Stockton 

Guard End 

Sam Joyner 

Sid Whiteheart 

Kyle Barnes Marion "Piggy" Davis 

Back Tackle 


First row: D. Kimel, B. McCracken, M. Davis, B. T. Henderson, T. Con- Valasis, M. Poolos, N. Vaughn-Lloyd, C. Davis, C. Avera. B. Vaughn, D. 

nelly, G. Clubb. T. Stockton, B, Hamer. B. Trogden, C. Love, Second row: Avera, J. Motsinger. S. Whiteheart. Fourth row: Coach Bradley. A. Lentz. 

J. Poolos. B. Smitherman, D. Wilkinson, K.Taylor, D. Brewer. F. Spach J. Williford, A. Alexander, R. Prongay. A. Goslen. D. Russell, G. Ballus. 

U. Cox, B. Correll, O. Foster, D. Stockton. Third row: L. Browder, ]. S. Joyner, C. Lineback, K. Barnes, Coach Myers. 

M ^ tes. 


First row: N. L. Coleman, A. Ferree, M. A. Zimmerman, B, S,. Crotts, B. 
A. Bio' er. Second row: Mrs. Jones, B. I. Coleman, K. Robinson, D. Teaque 
M. Stalling, L. Butner, H. Ballus, Mrs. Price. 


First row: D. Clay (Manager), B. Lvons. G. Clubb. B. T. Henderson, J. 
Hauser, D. Russell, B. Hamer (Manager). Second row: D. Stockton, E. 
Morns, C. Edwards, T. Connelly, T. Stockton. M. Moser. 


First row: L. Butner. B. S. Crotts, M. Gregory, H. Chappie, R. L. Speas, 
). Holder. K. Hauser. M. A. Zimmerman. Second row: B. Roole, K Robinson 
B. Fowler, D. Teague, N. Belton, M. Moore, B. A. Booker. 

el £4 la. 

'<k J " "i^ 


First row: D. West, R. Wertz, R. Crouse. G. Shermer, S. Booker. 
Second row: C. Lentz, J,. MacAllister, J. Boyle, J. Dudley, D. Sapp. 


Booe, E. Shore. Firs; row: J. Pepper. N. L. Go'eman, A. Valear, M. A. Zimmer- 
man. F. Valear, B. J. Coleman. B. Pool. 


First row: D. H-lll (Manager), M. Moser, O. Hall, E. Post. W. Dentise, P. N. Vauohn-Llo-d, C. Yarbrough, T. Stockton. F. Pepper, H. Norwood H. 

Harwood, F. Spa;h, J. Williford, J. Bryor, L. Cox, B. McGracken, F. Mont- Rucker, R. Bradley, J. Hinshaw. Third row: E. Goodman, C. Avera, T. Barnes, 

gomery. G. McCracken. Second row: L. Philo (Coach), A. Shorn (Manager), B. Smitherman, C. Watson. R. Willlard. R. Sapp, R( Craft. G. Low, D. Herrinq 

G. Ballus, F. Church, D. Hinkle, D. H:nkle, J. Skinner, R. Bean, R. Jackson, J. Vogel, L. Browder, D. Wilkinson, M, Davis, B. Goodwin, L. Paschal. 

M ^ !?«. 

W Sf Q *< % 

1 « 

&$$m$m : ^,$M sir i-k< f 


G. Mountcastle. S. Hoots, C. Brandon, T. Alspaugh, C. Edwards, B. Cor- 
rell, J. Ferree. Not 'n picture: T. Ruffin. 


First row: N. Belton, H. Chappie. S. Carter, B. A. Booker, B. S. Crotts, 
L. Butner. Second row: A. Voss (Manager), D. Teague, B„ Fowler, K. 
Robinson, T. White, B. L. Reinhardt. 


First row: F. Hutchins (Maoager), S. Joyner, J. Motsinger, R. Prongav. DeValk, C. Crater, H. Spainhour, E. Morris, S. Whiteheart, (. Walker, 
D. Russell, C. Lineback, B. Davis, P. Erazer, B. Hem'ng, G. Clubb E. J. Hauser, A. Johnson, L. McGee, B. F.-itts. N. Jones. T. Brewer, Coach 
Whakng, Z. Robbims, W. Goodwin. Second row: F. Hill, E. Barnctt, W. Myers. 


For Her Long and Unselfish Service to the School 

As Head of the Commercial Department, 

For Her Patient Helpfulness and Friendliness to All Students, 

And for Her Continuous Loyalty to Gray, 

We, the Seniors of the 1947 Graduating Class, 

Proudly Dedicate Our Section of the Blue and Gold 


9Uis S QLteUe QmU 

jgi ^Q jss. 
^i\ jy ffi 






^EnLox (^La?L± 









Secretar/ Treasurer 

Jbtudznt dJfkcsii 






Recording Secretary 


Recording Secretary 

Assistant Secretary 


Corresponding Secretary 


«|»M — 


4 61 fc 

Betty Sue Adams 

If you knew Susie like I know Susie 
General Commercial Course: Pres. Hrm. 1, 2; Board 1. 2. 3. 4; Supt. Lost ai-.d 
Found I; Supt. Defense Coun. 3; Supt. Traffic Dept. 4; Per Rel. 3, 4, Sec. 4; 
Lib. Coun. 2, 3; Cheerleader 3. 4: Dramatics 1; Schoil. Dept. 2. 

David Alldred 

The rhythm that really counts 
Industritel Arts Course: Band 2. 3, 4; Poster Dept. 3; Int. Dept. 3- Orch. 2. 
3, 4; Att. Dept. 3. 

Ralph Atkinson 

You re O. K.,. you big success 
General Commercial Course: School Pres. 4: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4; Treas. 
3. 4 : Pres. Hrm. 1, 2. 3; Rep. to Boys' State 3; Per. Rel. 2, 3. 4; Supt. Att. 
a P u h , Band J' 2; Tennis 3 - 4 : Most Likely to Succeed 4; Most Intellectual 
4; Mi-Y 3. 4; Gray Teen Club 3, 4. 

A. C. Baity 

None can compare 
Science Course: Board 2; Spanish Club 3. 

Nellie Gray Bauguss 

What a sweet, sweet gal is she 
General Commercial- Course: Lib Page 1; Hall Mon. 3; V.-Pres. Hrm 3- Schol 
Dept. 1; Defense Coun. 1. 

Patricia Ann Baynes 

Sweeter than the roses in May 
General Commercial Course: Schol. DeDt. 2; Int. Dept. I; Red Cross Rep i 
2. 3, 4; Y-Teen 1, 2. 3. 4; Int. Club Mem. 2; Junior Jive 2. 

Wilma Audrey Beck 

Your hair is red, your eyes are blue 
General Commercial Cou-sc: Traffic Dept. 4: Schol. Dept. 1. 2, 3, 4- Supt 4; 
Lit.. Coun. 3, 4; Supt. S. H.. 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2; Red Cross 
Rep. 3, 4: Att. Dept. 2; Asst. Sec. Hrm. 3; Treas. Hrm. 3. ** 

Dorothy Lee Blevins 

Open the door, Richard 
Language Course: Supt. Nurses' Room 4; Band 1. 2. 3: Orchestra 1 2 3- Hi-Y 
Spon. 4: Pres. Hrm. I; Sec. Hrm. I; Traffic Dept. 2, 3; Scholj Dept. 2;' Board 
Member 1; Y-Teen 2, 3; S. H. Check. 2. 3; Supt. S. H 4 

Industrial Arts Course. 

Aulton Bostick 

Then I'm [lying 

Coy Bovender 

/ know the garrie from A to Z 
Commercial Course: Pres. Hrm. 2. 3: Per. Rel. 2. 3. 4: Supt. Amos and Andy 
2; Football 1. 2, 3, 4p Mgr. Basketball 3; Supt. Gym. Dept. 3; Supt. S. H. 2 
3: Traffic Dept. 3; Board 2, 3. 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Ath. 2. 

P e 99Y J anc Brown 

Peggy coed with lips of red 
Glee Club 3: Band 3. 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Y-Teen 4 

Science Course: 
Page 1. 


DeEtte Bryant 

With hair soft and golden 
Commercial Course: Lib. Page 1; Supt. S. H. 3; Defense Coun. 3. 

Doug Carter 

He's a gift to the world 
Science Course: Managing Ed. GRAY LIGHT 4. 5: Quill and Scroll 4 5 
Pres. 5; Masque and Gavel 4. .5; Pres. 5: Supt. Traffic Dept. 4: Supt. S.' H. 
3, 4 : _Per. Rel. 3 4. 5; Debater 4. 5: Hi-Y 3. 4. 5: Sec. 4; "Arsenic and Old 
Lace 4; Gray Light Staff 3, 4: Cheerleader 5. 

Kenneth Lee Carter 

My, oh, my! What a wonderful guyl 
Industrial Arts Course: Check. Dept. 1; Int. Dept. 2; Radio 3; D. O. 4. 

Ramona Cartner 

I m happy as a Christmas tree 
Commercial Course: Office Asst. 4. 

Hubert Casey 

Casey at the bat 
Industrial Arts Course: Band 1; Football 1. 2, 3; Sec. Radio 3, V.-Pres.. 
Bible 4; Aud. Dept. 3, 4; Supt. 4; Hi-Y 4. 

Peggy Castevens 

You keep coming back like a song 
Commercial Course: Defense Coun. 1, 2. 3; Sec. Hrm. 2; Pres. Hrm. 3- Supt 
Amos and Andy 3. 4; Sec. Dept. 3; Board 2, 3, 4j Y-Teen 3. 4i Gray Light 
Staff 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Majorette 4; Sr. Marshal 3; Basketball dheor- 
leader 3, 4. 

Tom Caudill 

With a twinkle in his eye 

Social Studies Course: Per. Rel.. 4; Supt. 4; Mgr. Basketball 2; Basketball 3; 
Aud. Dept. 4. 

Billie Mae Caudle 

Heaven must have sent her this way 
Commercial Course: Red Cross Rep. I; Rec Dept.. 2. 

Herman D. Childress 

My buddy 
Industrial Arts Course: Check. Dept. 1, 2; Rec. Dept. 3; Defense Coun 1, 2; 
Reserve Football 1; Midget Basketball 1. 

David Elwood Clinard 

Give me five minuteis more 
Language Course: Lost and Found 1. 2; Supt. Att. Dept. 4; Supt. S. H. 3- 
Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Gray Light Staff 4: Lib. Coun. 4; Spanish 2, 3; Orcht'j 2, i; 
Board I, 2. 3, 4: Per. Rel. 4; Tennis 2. 3. 4. 

4?l fi? 1%. 

~'<S[ KJL. jye* 

Jo Ann Clodfelter 

Somebody loves me 
General-Science Course: Pres. Hrm. 1: Traffic Dept. 1. 4: Basketball 1; Ath. 
2- Schol. Dept. 2: Cheerleader 3. 4; Hi-Y Spon. 3; Nurse's Room Page 3; 
Supt. 4; Y-Teen 4: Treas. 4. 

Barbara Cook 

. Oh. you beautiful doll 
Commercial Course: Defense Coup. 1; SoftbaJl 1; Hi-Y Spon. 2: Board 2; Gray 
Teen 2. 3; Sec. Hrm 2; Amos and Andy 3; Supt. S. H.> 4: Class Treas. 4; 
Basketball Cheerleader 3, 4; Best Looking 4. 

James Cook 

He met a gal named ]une 
Industrial Arts Course: Band 1: Football 2. 3. 4; V.-Pres. Hrm,.. 1: Class 
V.-Pres. 3: V.-Pres. Hi-Y 4; Aud. Dept. 3, 4; Supt. 4; Radio 1; All-Star Foot- 

ball 3. 4. 

Music Course: 
Y-Teen 4. 

Ruth Cornatzer 

The girl with the strawberry curl 
Defense Coun. 1.3: Int. Dept. 1; Band 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 3. 4; 

Nancy Sue Craver 

77iat pretty little, wittty little Susie 
General-Commercial Course: Basketball Cheerleader 3: Gray Teen 3; Y-Teen 
I, 2, 3. 4; Spanish 4: V.-Pres. 4: Rec. Dept. 4; Schol. Dept 1: Lib. Page 1; Red 
Cross Rep. 2; Asst. Sec. Hrm. 1. 

Bonnie Gene Crotts 

Something nice, and cute, and female 
Genoral-Commerlial Course: Supt. Traffic Dept. 4; V.-Pres. Hrm. 3: Basketball 
Cheerleader 4; Sea Hrm. 1: Schol. Dept. 3; Supt. S. H. 4: Office Page 2. 3. 

Betty Culbreth 

So rare you are 
Commerical Course: Int. Dept. 1, 2; Hall Mon. 3; School Store 3. 4; Supt. 4. 

Luther Savannah Davis, Jr. 

Those built up shoulders 
Industrial Arts Course: Check. Dept. 1; Radio 3; D. O. 4. 

Marian Lillian Davis 

There's no one but you 
Commercial Course: Voice 3; Y-Teen 4; Art 4. 

Julius Dease 

/ married an angel 
Social Studies Course: Lib. Coun. 1; Supt.. S. H. 3; Class Pres. 4: Supt. Traffic 
Dept 4- Per. Rel. 4; Board 4; Basketball 2. 4; Baseball 2. 4: Football 3, 4; 
Hi-Y 4; All-Star Football 4. 

Mary Louise Dockery 

Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise 
. Commercial Course: Office Typ. 4. 

Carl Dorsett 

Lazy bones, sleeping in the sun 
Social Studies Course: Int. Dept. 1, 2. 3. 4; Supt. 4; Hall Mon. 2: P. T. A. Rep. 
4: Band 1, 2, 4; Debater 3; "Smiling Through" 3; "Arsenic and Old Lace" 3; 
"Rip Van Winkle" 3. 

James Dyson 

Give a little whistle 
Social Studies Course: Supt. Check. Dept. 2; Int. DepB- 1. 

Mary Jacqueline Edwards 

Just a little bit of heaven 
Home Economics Course: Hall Mon. 3: S. H. Check. 3: Bible 4. 

Wanda Leatrice Edwards 

Jeepers, creepers, where' d you get those peepers 
Mathematics Course: Int. Dept. 1. 2, 3; Traffic Dept. 3; Schol. Dept. 1, 2; Supt. 
S. H. 3; Y-Teen 1. 2. 3. 

Polly Estep 

Prisoner of love 
Commercial Course: Class Sec. 4; Gray Teen 1. 2. 3: Y-Teen 4; Cheerleader 
3. 4; Defense Coun. 1; Schol. Dept. 2; Senior Marshal 3. 

Jerry Flowers 

Not a worry on my brow 
Industrial Arts Course. 

Emma Fogle 

My heart belongs to daddy ■ 
Mathematics Course: Ed,.-in-Chief Grau Light 4. 5: Quill and Scroll 4, 5; 
Sec. 5; Supt. Pub. Dept. 3; Testator 5; Assoc. Ed. Gray Light 3; Pen. Rel. 
Dept. 5; Traffic Dept. 4, 5; Sec. Hrm. 1, 2; Lib. Coun. 4: Board 3, 4, 5; Wit- 
tiest 5.. 

W. M. Foil 

Come on and see who's the leader of the band 
Commercial Course: Supt. Check. Dept. 1; Int. Dept. I, 2; Hall Mon. 2; 
School Photo. 3. 4; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Drum Major 3. 4; Att. Dept. 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; 
Orch. 2. 3. 4. 

Mildred Virginia Foushee 

Just can't be beat 
Commercial Course: Treas. Hrm. 1, 2; Lib. Page 2; Hall Mon. 4. 

Thurmond Fussell 

He is quite the business type 
Commercial Course: Pre3 Hrm. 1; Check. Dept. 1: Board 1, 2. 3. 4; Supt. 
S. H. 2. 4: Supt. Att. Dept. 3; Traffic Dept. 3; Supt, S. K. Coun. 4; Secj 
Dept. 4; Office Asst. 3. 


63 fe. 

Ronald Gallegher 

/ m riding high with a big red A-model 
Mathematics Course: Check. Dept. 1. 

Virginia Gilley 

you re an eye opener 

Commercial Course: Sec Hrm. 2. 3: Litt. Page 2; Hall Mon. 4, 5; Red Cross 

s' P H >u L. 4 R | ? ' 5 kl nt - ^ ept ' V Lib - Pa 9 e 2 ' X 4; "SmlBng Through" 4; 
i>. H. Check. 4; Stu. Office Page 5: Biggest Flirt 5. 

Mack Goforth 

He's a jolly good fellow 
Social Studies Course: Football 1. 2, 3, 4. 5; Basketball 3: Per. Rel. 4- Aud 
Dept. 3. 4: Check. Dept. 1; Supt. S. H. 5: Hi-Y 4. 5; Sec. 5; Gym. Dept. 4 

Lila Gorsuch 

Happy go lucky 
Commercial Course: Intl. Dept. 1. 2: Bulletin Board Dept. 2, 3; Hall Mon. 2. 

Miriam Gwaltney 

A chick that's slender, tender, and tall 

General-Commercial Course: Hall Mon. 1. 2; Soccer 3: Traffic DepfV 4; Board 

2; Supt. Sec Dept. 4: Int. Dept. 4: Rec. Dept. 2, 3: Office Asst. 3: Y-Teen 
I. i; (sray Light Start 3. 

Betty Lou Haley 

She's starry eyed 
Commercial Course: Int. Dept. 1. 2. 

Bruce Harrison 

Gerrie from Bizertie 
Social Studies Course: Hi-Y 3, 4: Traffic Dept. 2; Band 4: Asst. Supt. S. H. 
3; Lib ■Coun. 2; Amos and Andy I; Football 2. 3, 4; Capt. 4; Tennis 2„ 4; 

itnoi r , V ; "d^ T ^ 4: Pres ' SchoDl 3: Su P ( " Pcr - Rel - 3: Asst. Sec 
school 2; Most Popular 4. 

Ernest Hayes >» 

All the girls he does please 
Social Studies Coursei. 

Gertrude Hayes 

Every lassie has her laddie 
Commercial Course: Board 2. 3. 4: Cheerleader 3. 4; Chief 4- Sec Lib CluS 
C i\T^ C « e ?? : ?* Y I?"- *' G ™y Teen 3 ' Asso - Ed. Say Light* 
Gulfl andSclofl I * Seni ° r MarShal 3: SuPt ' ° ffice ^ 3; Most P °P^' 4; 

David Hepler 

/ wish that I could hide inside this letter 
Industrial Arts Course: Pres. Hrm. 1. 2; Board 1. 2; Check. Dept. I; S H 
Band 4. ^ '' ^ 3 '' PrM ' Mch ' Shop Club 4 '' Dramatics Dept. "i 

Bill Hildreth 

Need I speak? 
Industrial Arts Course: Check. Dept. 2. 

Daniel W. Hodge 

Music Course: Att Dept. 2; Lib. Coun. 4: Orch. 1. 2, 3; Voice 1 
ing Through 3: Arsenic and Old Lace" 3; "Rip Van Winkle"' 

Erie Manning Hutchins 

His bright green tie 
Industrial Arts Course: Rec. Dept 1 . 3; Hall Mon. 1; Pres. Hrm. : 
check 4 : Nat ' Hon - Soc ' 4: Su P £ - s - H - 3: S H. 

Katherine Hutchins 

A gal in calico 

^X^ra^—Dept ?;^i &Ti Club 3: Softba " 3: R - ord - 

L. D. Hutchins 

Strike up the band 
Gym. Dept 2. 3. 4; S. H. Check. 1, 2. 4: Defense Coun. 2; Schol. Dept! 3. 4 

Ray Irvin 

Coming in on a rim and a spare 
Indmtri.l Arts Course: Aud. Dept. 3. 4: Board 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; Int. Dept. 4. 

Jack Jones 

A-hubba-hubba-hubba, hello, jack 
\\iT'^-vita, ^"o 4 CHeCk ' DePt ' ' : '"'' DeP '' ' : ReC Dep '- 3: B " eb »"3: 

J. R. Jones 

/ dream of fe'anie with the light brown hair 
Commercial Course: Football 2. 3. 4. 5: Baseball 2, 3. 4, 5; Basketball 2 3 
4. 5: H.-Y 4, 5; Pres. 5: Att. Dept. 3: Check. Dept. 2; Supt. S. H. 4 5 Mono- 
gram 3; Pec. Rel. 4. 5: Most Athletic 4: All-Star Football 4 5 

2. 4; 


2; Schol. 

Jacquelyn Joyner 

Cover girl 

Language Course: Spanish 4; Sec. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc, 3. 4- Sec 3- Pres 4- 
Hi-Y Spon. 3 4: Y-Teen 1. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 2; Cheerleader 4: Gray Teen 4^ 
Traffic Dept. 2 3, 4; Supt. 3: Peri Rel. 3,. 4; Lib. Coun. 3. 4; Supt. 4 Lib.' 
3. 4: Sr. Marshal 3; Quill and Scroll 4. P 

Arnold Lane 

Who's so kind? 

Industrial Arts Course. 

Hilda Leach 

Slightly perfect 
Commercial Course: Int. Dept. 1. 3; Defense Coun. 1; Schol. Dept 1- Lib 
Coun. 4; P. T. A. Repl. 4; Sec. Hrm. 3: Red Cross Rep. 2; Office Page 3. 

4{ 64 )§? 

Billy Ray Leamon 

Charming Billy boy 
Music Course: Att. Dept. 3; Gym. Dept. 2. 3; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. 

Barbara Lemmons 

/ like potato chips, moonlight, and motor trips 
G-neral-Commercial Course: Bulletin Board Dept. I; Office Page 2, 3: Att. 
Dept. 2: Schol. Dept. 2: Asstt. Sec. Hrm. 3; Traffic Dept. 4: Supt. Pub. Deot. 4: 
Bsard 4; Rec. Dept. 4; Y-Teen 4; Historian 4; Gray Li;K Staff 4: Per. Rel. 4. 

John Samuel Long 

I'm jumping with joy 
Sciei-e Co-irse: Hall Mra-i. 2; 'Supt. 2 Pres. Him. 2; Att. Dept. 1; Rec. Dept. 
3; Scfiol. Dept. 3: Supt. S. H. 3; Masque and Gavel 3. 4; Cheerleader 4; 
H-Y 3. 4- Tennis 3. 4: Board 4. 

Virqinia Long 

Some Sunday morning 
Commercial Course. 

Sam Masten 

We want him on our team 
Industrial Arts Course: Basketball 1.2,3,4; Cd-Capt. 3: Football 2. S 4; Co.- 
Capt. 4; Scrub Football 1; V.-Pres'. Ath. 2: V-Pres. Hrm. 2. 3; Radio i: Bible 
4: Hall Mon. 1. 

Florence Agnes Messick 

Dance with a dolly 
Language Course: Gray Teen 2. 3. 4; Supt. 3: Lib. Page 2, 3. 4; Supt. Stu. 
Office Pages 4: Nurse's Room Page 3; Y-Teen 1, 2. 3. 4; Amos and Andy 4; 
Bas' etball Cheerleader 3; Traffic Dept. 3; Lib. Coun. 4: Lib. 3, 4; Intl Club 
Council 4. 

Charles Murphy 

//e'j style all the while 
Industrial Arts Course: Knoxville H. S. 2; D. O 3. 4: Treas. 3: Pres. 4. 

Edith Murphy 

Almond eyes of btown 
Commercial Course: Office Page 3, 5; Hall Mon. 1, 3; Int. Dept. 2, 4: De- 
fense Coun. 2; S. H.. Check. 3. 4; Typ. Room Asst. 3. 4; Red Cross Rep. 1. 

Rebecca Nichols 

You're as pleasant as the morning 
Commercial Course: Int. Dept. 1, 2; School Store 4; Bible 4. 

Mary Ruth Painter 

Smile that same old smile 
General-Commercial Course: Hall Mon. 1. 3; Schol. Dept. 2; Rec Dept 3; 
P. T. A. Rep. 3: Att. Dept. 3 ,4: S. H. Check. 2, 4; Office Page 4. 

Social Studies Course: 
Pres 4: Traffic Dept. 
1. 2, 3: Softball 1. 2, 

Tina Pappas 

For she's a jolty good feUow 

Int. Dept,. 1; Sec Hrm. 3; Per. Re!. 4; Y-Teen 3, 4; 
4; School Store 4; Supt. S. H. 4; Gray Teen 4: Soccer 
3. 4; Best All Round 4; Treas. Hrm. 3. 

Thurman Oliver Pierce 

Who's so kind and unaffected 
General-Commercial Course: Sed,g« Garden H. S. 1; Baseball 2, 3. 4; Basket- 
ball 2, 3. 4; Football 2; V-Pres. Hrm. 2; Int. Dept. 3; D.O. 4; Supt. S. H. 2. 

Phillip Price 

I'm just a happy-go-lucky 
Music Course: Check.i Dept. 2; Lost and Found 2; Scrub Football 3; Baseball 3. 
4; Football 3; Band L 2, 3. 

Harry Reavis 

That man gets around 
Commercial Course: Football 4, 5; Baseball 3. 5; Hi-Y 4. 5; Monogram 4; 
Traffic DepU 3. 4; Lb. Coun. 2; Gen. Util. Dept. 1; Aud. Dept. 4. 5; Def. 
Coun. 3; Pres. Hrm. 1; Hall Mon. 3. 

Clara Nell Ridge 

Delightfut to know 
Commercial Course: Y-Teen 1. 2, 3. 4: Schol. Dept. 1. 2. 3: Int. Dept. 1. 

Martha Jean Rhodes 

2. 3. 

There are so many things I want to tell you 
Commercial Course: Suptt, S. H. 1; S. H. Checker 1; Int. Dept. 1: Y-Tecn 3; 
D. O. 4; Softball 1, 3. 

Billy Lee Robertson 

He helps to make things bright 
Commercial Course: Int. Dept. 1; Supt. Bulletin Bd. 1. 2. 3; Band 4. 

Betty Rominger 

In thy dark eyes splendor 
Commercial Course: Lost and Found 1; Int. Dept/. 1- Red Cross Rep. 2: Sec. 
Dept. 3; Asst. Sec. Hrm. 2; P. T. A. Rep. 3; Amos and Andy i: Office Asst. 
3; Nafl Hon. Soc. 3, 4; Sec\ 4. 

Opal Rule 

Oh, she's a lovely thing. Oh 
Commercial Course: Asst/. Sec. Hrm. 1: Lost and Found 1: Lib. Page 2: Glee 
Club I: D. O. 4. 

Madeline Sage 

She's a sweet little tot 
Commercial Course: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4: Asst. Sec. 4; Quill ana Scroll 3, 4; 
Treas. 3, 4; D. O. 4; Sec. 4; Per. Rel. 3: Sec. 3; Bus. Mgr. Gray Light 2; 
Bk and Gold 2; Feature Ed. Gray Light 3. Sec. Hrm. 1; Supt. Schol. Dept. 
3: Supt. School store 3: S. H. Check. 2: Traffic Dept. 3: Lost and Found 2. 

Jean Ann Saige 

Her heart was young and gay 
Commercial Course: Int. Dept. 1; Hall Mon. 1; Board 1. 2. 3. 4; Traffic Dept. 
3; S--hol. Dept. 3: Lib. Coun. 3. 4: V.i-Pres. 3, 4; Lib. Page 1. 2. 3. 4: Supt. 3; 
Amos and Andy 3, 4; Supt. 4; Gray Teen 2, 3; Y-Teeta 1. 2. 3, 4; Hi-Y Spon. 4. 


Bonnie Mae Salmons 

I've got rings on my fingers 
General-Commercial Course: Lit*. Page 2; Hall Mon. 4. 

James K. Scott 

Who'll be my best pal. little Jim? 
Commercial Course: Check. Dept. 1, 2: Supt. 2; Hall Mon. 1; Supt S. H. 4- 

Def. Coun. 2; Wittiest 4. 

Ellen Eugenia Simpson 

She's the . ind I like 
Social Studies Course: Attendance Dept. 1; Schol. Dept. 1; S. H. Check 3- 
Off Page 2, 4; Hall Mon. 2; Sec. Dept. 4. 

George Dee Smith 

As if / didn't have enough on my mind 
Science Course: Supt. S. H. 1. 2. 3- V-Pres. Hrm. 2; L/b. Coi^n. 4: Hi-Y 4' 
Gray Teen 4; Pres. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Tennis 2. 3. 4: Scrub Football J 
4; Capt. 4: Football 4: Class Treas. 3: Per. Rel. 3. 4: Supt. 4; Best Spout 4. 

Toe Smith 

When he goes to bat. he's charming at thnt 
Commerciel Course: V-Pres. Hrm. 2; Rec. Dept. 2; Baseball 2. 3, 4; Hi-Y 4. 

Frank Snider 

Strictly Instrumental 
Mathematics Course: .Band 4. 5: Int) Dept. 1, 4: At'. Dept. 4; Check. Dept. I. 
Supt. 1; Rec. Dept. 5; ,'Smijing Through" 4; Spanish 4; "Arsenic and 
Old Lace" 4; "Return of Rip Van Winkle" 4: Drama'.eer 3. 4; 

Johnny Speer 

Oh. Johnny! oh. Johnny! 

Commercial Course: Schol. Depti. 1. 2, 3; Att. Dept. 4; Lost and Found 2; 
Baseball 3. **, 

Wilbur Glynn Sprinkle 

Science Course: Gen. Until. Dept. 3. 

Betty Jane Stamey 

• . She's such a swell girl . 

Commercial Course: Lib, Page 1. 

Boyd Lindsay Stout 

He was quite the handsomest of men 
Industrial Arts Course: Football 4, 5; All-Star Football 5; Hi-Y 5; Radio 4; 
Best Looking 5. 

George Hoover Taylor 

Who is honored and respected 
Social Studies Course: Drap-r H. S. 2: Supt. Check. Dept. 4; Lib. Coun. 4; 
Lib. 4: Bible 4; Pres. 4: Hi-Y 4: Spanish 4; Pres. 4. 

W. H. Templeton 

Did I hear music? 
Social Studies Course: Spanish 2. 3; Bible 4; Glee Club 4. 5; Hi-Y 4, 5. 

H. A. Tesh 

Love has me in a quandry 

Social Studies Course: AucV Dept. 3, 5; Supt. Gym. Dept. 2; Football 2, 3, 4. 

5: V.-Pres. Hrm. 3: Class V.-Pres. 5; Bible 5. V.-Pres. 2; Mono. 2; Tennis 2; 
Glee Club 4. 5; Hi-Y 4. 5. 

Doris Iona Thornton 

Do I want her? 
Commercial Course: Griffith 1; Defense Coum. 2; Red Cross Rep. 2; Asst. 
Sec. Hrm. 2; Office Page 2, 3. 4: Sec. Hrm. 3: Board 3. 4; Lib. Coun, 4; Loat 
and Found 4; Traffic Depti. 4. 

Bettie L. Thrift 

General Commercial Course: Softball 3. 4. 

William Ernest Triplett, Jr. 

Some like them liitle 
Social Studies Course: '".rfffith 1; Band 2. 3: Midget Basketball 2. 3; Scrub 
Football 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Lost and Found 2; Traffic Dept. 2. 

James Edward Vestal 

Slightly less than wonderful 
General Commercial Course: Check. Dept. 1, 2; Int. Dept 1, 2; Pet. Rel. 3: 
Red Cross Rep. 3; D. O. 4; "Smiling Through" 3. 

Tommie Faye Welch 

A baby with bright blue eyes 
Science Course: Lib. Coun. 4; Int. Dept. 1, 2; Traffic Dept. 3, 4; Hall Mon. 
3; Lost and Found 4: Y-Teen 1. 2, 3. 4; Gen. Util. Dept. 2, 3; Board 4: Stip.t. 
Lost Books 4. 

Betty Wilkes 

How many hearts have you broken? 
Social Studies Course: Reynolds H. S. 1. 2. 3: Hall Man. 4; Y-Teen I, 2, 3. 

Betty Lou Willard 

Can't help singing 
Commercial Course: Hall Mon. 1; Office Page 2; Glee Club 3; Int. Dept. 1; 
Ath. Dept. 3. 

Emma Jean Wiliard 

She's as restless as a willow in a windstorm 
Language Course: Per. Rel. 3, 4; Gray Teen 4, Sec. 4; Ed. -in-Chief Blue and 
Gold 4; Assoc. Ed. Gray Light 2; Chief Senior Marshal 3; Rep. Girls' State 
3: D.A.R. 4; Class Sec. 3: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4; V.-Pres. 3, 4; Quill and 
Scroll 3, 4; Y-Teen 3, 4; Treas. 3; Most likely to succeed 4. 


Marv Lou Williams 

How sweet you are 
General Commercial Course: Supt. Lost and Found 1; At*. Dept. 2; Supt. S. H. 
2; S. H. Check. 2; Office Page 3; Supt. Rec. Dept. 4; Lib. Council 4; Lib. 4. 

Ted Williams 

Take me out to the ball game 
Industrial Arts Course: V.-Pres. Hrm. I; Check Dept. I; Football 4. 

Betty Williard 

A pocket full of dreams 
General-Commercial Course: Griffith H. S. Ij Supt. Amos and Andy 3; D. O. 4. 

G. A. Williard, Jr. 

Oh, but I do! 
Science Course: Lost and Found l; Supt. Gen. Util. 2, 3. 

Jesse Franklin Williard 

A regular guy — straight and true 
Industrial Arts Course: Asst). Instr. Mach. Shop 4; Check Dept. I. 

Sara Joyce Wilson 

Those great big beautiful eyes 
Commercial Course: Basketball l, 2: Nurse's Room Page l, 2. 3. 4; Supt. 3- 
Traffic Dept. 4; Supt. Bulletin Bd. 2. 3. 4: Athletic Club 2; Sec. Hrm. 2; 
Board l, 2, 3. 4; Lib. Coun. 2; Bible 4; Soitball l. 

Mary Elizabeth Wyatt 

A pretty girl is like a melodie 
Social Studies Course: Broad Creek H.'S. I. 2: Board 3, 4; Y-Teen 4; School 
Store 4; Traffic Dept. 4; LiH. Coun. 4: P. T. A. Rep. 4: Bible 4; Treas. 4. 

Kate Zimmerman 

Little genius just the same 
Commercial Course: Soccer 2, 3; Capt. 4: Softball 3, 4; Capt. 3; Basketball 3. 

CL±± !Z>oy Officii 


Historian Prophet 




Upper: Madeline Sage. Ralph Atkinson, Most In- Lower: Barbara! Cook, Boyd Stout, Best Looking; Wilma Beck, D. 

tellectual^ Tina Pappas, ^ Julius^ Dease, _ Best ^AU Smith, Best Sports; Kate Zimmerman, Sam Masten, Most Athletilc; 

Virginia Gilley, Ernest Hayes, Biggest Flirts; Emma Jean Willard, 
Ralph Atkinson, Most Likely to Succeed. 

Round; Gertrude Hayes, Bruce Harrison, Most Pou- 
ular; Emma Fogle. James Scott, Wittiest. 




yi/[aicjuz and <2/acd Officii. 


President Vice-President Secretary 




First row: Miss Hall, Miss Puett. Baucom, Miss Carter. Morgan. Parks, First row: Gilley. Eargle. Petree, Binkley, ]ones. Hampton, Miss Phillips, 
Marsh, Garter, Miss Stephenson. Second row: Miss Phillips. Long, Wall, (adviser), Bodfcrd, Dowell, Smith, Casey, Neal. Morgan, Scott. Second 

<_ope, Campbell, Grigg. row . Charles. Hennis, Dorsett, Hauser. Seawell. Rights. 

•sfj f\Q 1% 

-%i oy j^ 


JdLuz and ^foLd 

Art Editor 

Senior Editor 

Business Manager 


First row: Allen, Atkinson, Carter, Clodfelter, Fogle. Second row: Gough, Haves, Joyner, Rights, Sage. Third row; 
Sprv, Stovall, Wilkes, Wiliard, Wilson. 

zaii J^Ldht 





Feature Editor 


Girls' Sports Editor 

Associate Editor 

Managing Editor 

Associate Editor 



Art Editor 


Exchange Editor 
Boys' Sports Editor 


Smith. S. Willard, Atkinson, Pappas, Messick. Carter, Miss Hall (spon- 
sor), Drum, lones, Joyner, E. J. Willard, Caudle, M.. F. Reavis, S. M. 
Reavis, Merrill. 


First row: Wilkins, Whitt, Miss Bray (sponsor), Walser. Carter. Harrison, 
Shoaf. Robertson, Holt. Second row: Bruce, Sprinkle, Brunt, Davis.. 


First row: Linville, Neal, Wilson, Clodfelter. Qilley. Messick. Mills. 
Thornton, D. Willard, Painter, Dietz. Second row: Holland, Woodard. F. 
Morgan, Pappas, Muirphy, Newell. A. Morgan, Grace, E. J. Williard, Ri. 
Gordon, Loflin, Markland, Rose, Mrs. Fussell. Third row: Cartnen, Blevins. 
Sale. Keller, Rights, P. Gordon. Troutman, Dockery, Stovall, Baity. 

-¥ 79 tee 



4 73}^- 


"^VWInL' i i • lift 

>w TL'^r ^*c- 


First ro»" Linville, McClain, S. Reavis M. Reavis. Kellette. Smith. 
Hutchins, Campbell, Walker, Gallagher, Ridge, Moselcy. Second row: 
Wheeler, Hodge. Lawson, Stnmey, Brown, Shaw, Cornat:er. Binklev. Wy- 
nona Bowman, Heath, Wanda Bowman, Rupp. Third row: Merritt, Hodge, 
Robertson, Hutchins. Templeton, Taylor. Wheeler. Mr. Rowley. 





< ■* 

i • : 

<£:?!*■ m--f ■■■■■■- ■ 









cMi-<y : 

First row: Atkinson. Carter. C. Casey, H. Casey. Second tow: Caudill, 
Clinard. Cook, Crews. Third row: Cudd, Drum. Foil, Goforth, Harrso-i. 
Fourth row: Henjnis, Hutchins,. Irvin. J. Jones, J. R. Jones, R. Jones Fifth 
row: Long. Merrill, Nimmo, Orander, Reavis, Rights. Sixth row; Sale D. 
Smith, J. Smith, Spry, Stout, Tcsh. 

76 }P 


Doug Carter. Miss Phillips (coach), Geneva Marsh, Anna Morgan, Rosa 
Parks, Mollie Baucom, Mr. Woodward (coach), Carl Dorsett. 


First row: Mr. Raiford, Sa,-e, Bryant, Rule, Williard, Rhodes, Hutchms, 
Second row: Jones. Stout, Murphy, Pierce. Roberts. Carter. Bostick, Davis, 

rfPi 77 Is*. 


Sam Long, Polly Estep, Jackie Joyner, Gertrude Hayes (chief). Sue Adams, 
Martha Campbell, Doug Carter. 


First row: Haley. Dietz, Smith, Weisner. B. Ruff, B. Brown, P. Ruff, T. Hampton Everhart, Bullings, Cude, Newsome, Miss Rouse, Foushee, Easter, 

Brown, Stamey, Russell, S. Brown, Perryman, Rose, Seawell. Second row: Davis, Caudle, Elliott, Watki'ns, Barbetr, Sanders, Staley, Haley, Johnson!. 

4. 7 8 }> 






•Mtssert «Jon©s 





BUmJaii Jerte; 



I "( 



poweJ , 

tf- 1 


4 79 > 


First row: Coach Cash, Smith, Clowers. Fesperman, Reavis. Price, Morgan, 
Dease. Second row: Jimmy Jones, J. R. Janes, Russell Jones, Paul Jones, 
G. C. Jones, Randall Jones. 


Sam Long, Peggy McClain, Charles Nimmo, 
Merrell, Sara Mae Reavis, Ralph Atkinsojn. 
Martha Campbell, Coach Phillips. 


First row: Newell. Hege Holt. Tesh, Hutchiins, Zimmerman, Bowles, 
Satterfield, Coach McCoy. Second row: Thrift, Jarvis, Hartman, Worrell, 
Cook, Richardson. 

Mary Fay Reavis. Ernest 
Bonnie Casey, Dee Smith, 

'til OKJ ill' 




Group Picture-— First row: Oodfelter (manager). Weisner, Bullings, Crews, Reavis, Everhart, Morgan, Jano, 
Hoots (manager). Second row: Parrish, McBride, Williams, Buckner, Jones, Gofoxth, Smith, Clowers, Sale. 


First row: Holt, Walser, Pettyjohn. Bowman, Widener, Newsome, Daniels, 
Coach Phillips. Second row: Poindexter, Hartman. Livengood, Harmon. 
Hcge„ Holleman. Third row: Wheeler, Cole, Markland, Mayberry, McDan- 
icl. Shoef. Fourth row: Taylor, Jones, Talbot, Hester, Hedgecock, Hause.. 
Fifth row: Hayes, Fletcher, Hicks. 


First row: Ridge. Robertson. McClain, Zimmerman. Satterfield. Lewis, Wor- 
rell, Hege. Second row: Smith, Hartman, Coach McCoy, Jarvis, Hutichins. 


9Ht ss 9id cn & <%iM 


Because of her explicit helpfulness, 

Because we realize the true worth of her untiring efforts 

As librarian, counselor and friend, 

We, the graduating class of '47, take this privilege 

To bestow gratefully upon Miss Bickley 

The dedication of this 


<{ 85 }> 


£yv[%, cJ\. ^b. £^TaLtliva\icL r i 


First row: Mr Ralph Bell, Miss Helen E. Bickley, Mrs, Allienc Burns, Third row: Miss Virginia Louise Hunter, Mr. Albert S. Johnson, Mrs. 

M:ss Mabel chandler. Miss Clyde Chaney. Loucasa Johnson Jordan, Miss Eva Logan, Miss Martha Giey Mickey. 

Second row: Miss Nettie B. Chappell. Miss Carrie M. Dungan, Miss Fourth row: Mrs. Beryl Moser. Mrs. Lucretia E. Shermer, Mrs. Marilyn. 

Mary Jo Fhppin, Mr. John A. Frederick, Mr. Roy C. Garrison. L. Stevens, Mrs. Bessie C. Whilden, Mr. H. D. Whitehead. 

J& Rf> Irk 
■^1 OU f&? 

M*^ Likely T* Succeed 

)*4<* scots 

\ ..'"' 1 " 7^ /c " ine LarrM S4oclcr»ey^TecMefl|nn Copier IV^sl "HpuJar 

"rcti S&rirvUe- J. R Manuel 

Sam tf«rAi4er- Trances ^ ar ne5 W.$^rr*i*k - J*«el Miller ttu«WTV.Upi-Ut!.e->« 

4 87 )g* 

jHft -» 

Jacqueline Adams 

/ don t knout why 
College Course: Girls' Chorus 1. 3; Class Sec. 1, 3; Girl Reserve 1. 2 3 4 
Treas. 3, V.-Prest- 4; Monitor 3. 4; Basketball 1; Pine W/mpers 3; Nat'l Hon' 
Soc. 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Debating 3. 4; Red Pencil Survivors 2. 3 
Office Page 3, 4; Man. Ed. Newspaper 3. 

Betty Jo Archer 

/'// remember April 
Commercial Course: Soccer 1. 2. J: Tenuis 1. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: 
Home-coming Spon. 3; Jr. Coun. 2. 3, 4; Athletic Ass'n 1; Majorette 1, 2. 3. 4.' 
Cli.ef 4; Monogram 2. j, 4. 4; ^sass Bas etball 1. 

June Ayers 

Born to lose -l 

Commercial Course: Soc:er 1. 2; uas ;eioail 1. 2; Cheerleader 2. 3; Majorette 
4; Hi-Y Spon. 4; Home-cominj Spon. 3; Class Pres. 2; Senior Marshall 3; Color 
Guard 1; Hall Mon. 1, 2; Sr. Coun. 2, 3, 4; Hanes Hi Radi Staff 4. 

Paul The~>n (Fuzzie) Ayers 

Fuzzie Wuzzie was a bear 
Bus ness Course: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: v/.^.T.^. Award 1; Var. Football 2; Tennis 
1. 2, 3, 4; Athletic 2. 3. 4; D. E. 4. 

Frances Virginia Barnes 

There's no one but you 
College Course: Soccer 1. 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; 
Cheerleader 3, 4. Co-Chief 4; Monogram 2, 3, 4. V.-Pres. 3. Sec. 4; Sr. Mar 3- 
Alderman 3; G:rl Reserve 2. 3. 4: in er- Lib i — 4; Chorus 3. 4; Harmony 
Hangout 4; Home-coming Spon. 3, 4; Debating 3. -1. 

Charles E. Beard, Jr. 

km A ^h 

NoboJ't's sweetheart- 
College Course: Dowwers Grove (111.) Community H. S. 1, 2; Ridgewood (.N. 
I) H. S. 3; Var. Football 4. Boys' Chorus 4: Basketball' 4: Baseball 4. 

Troy C. Bennett ** 

It's G-L-O-R-Y to I now 
College Course: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4, 5. Pres. 4. 5; Pres. Nat'l Hon 
Soc. 4: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4. 5; Football 2. 3. 4: Bas'.etball 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Sr. 
Coun. 2, 3. 4: Mon. 4; Minstrel 2, 3. 4; Debating 5; Excelsior 4, 5: Alderman 
1, 5; Chorus 1, 2, 3 ,4. 5. 

Harry Lee Boyles 

/n love in vain 
College Course: Mineral Springs H. S. 1, 2; Chorus 3, 4: Minstrel 3. 4; Band 
3 4; Red Pencil Survivor 3: Deba'ing 4: Office Page 3. 4; Home-coming Spon. 
4: Hi-Y Spon. 4: Hanes Janes 4: Girl Reserve 3; Tennis 4: "His First Girl." 

Mary Sue Bryan 

You keep coming back like a song 
Science Course: Gray Hi School I. 2; Soccer 3: Softball 3; Office Page 3: Girl 
Reserve 3: Debating 3, 4; Monogram 3, 4. 

Virginia Ann Campbell 

Commercial Course: Basketball 1, Soccer 1; Tennis 4: Girl Reserve I. 2. 3; Jr. 
Coun. 3; Sr. Coun. 4: Flag Bearer 2. 3. 4; Spon. Gray Hi-Y 4: Hanes Janes 4: 
Ath. Ass'n. 

Linda Annabel Carper 

/ never had a dream come true 
Commercial Course: Tennis 1: Class Basketball 3: Var. Basketball 4: Sr. Mar- 
shall 3: Home-coming Spon. 5; Band 1, 2. 3: Hanes Hi Rada Staff 5; Y-Teens 1; 
Gray Hi-Y Spon. 5; Alderman 3; D. E. Club 4. Treas. 4. 

Jean Carter 

There s a doctor living in my town 
College Course: Hi-Y spon 4; Dramatics 1. 2: Girls Glee Club 2- Mixed Chorus 
3; Lib. Page 2; Office Page 3; Home Ec. 1. 4, Hall Mon,. 2. 3: 'Debating 3. 4; 
Home-coming Spon. 4. 

Leslie Pauline Chrysikos 

No love, no nothing 
College Course: Rural Hall 1; Hall Mon. 3: Girl Reserve 2, 3: Y-Teens 4; Hanes 
Janes 4; Home-coming Spon, 4: BasketbaJl 2. 3. 4: Girls' Sports Ed., Hanes Hi 
Rada 4: Gils Sport Ed. Hanes Hi Highlights 3: Ed. Purple and Gold 4: Tennis 
4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Donald Cox 

On the Alamo 
Industrial Arts Course: Mineral Springs 1, 2. 

Harvey Crafford 

To each his own 
Industrial Arts Course. 

Homer William Crafford 

Jesus calls us 
Industrial Arts Course: Ass't in Outside Lunch; Ass't in Cafeteria; Ass't ii. 
Gym Ass't wlith flag; Ass't in Shop. 

James Robert Duncan 

Has anybody seen my gal 
Commercial Course: Band 1. 2, 3, I; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Boys' Chorus 4; Mid- 
get Football; Var. Football 2. 3, 4; Midget. Basketball 1; Var. Basket- 
ball 2. 3. 4; Monogram 3. 4; Tennis 3. 4; Baseball 1. 4; Hall Mon. 2. 

Joseph Lynn Dunnagan 

Sortg of David 
Industrial Arts: Debating 1. 2, 3. 4. 

Charle R. Farrell, Jr. 

Heart, and soul 
Math Course: Reynolds H. S. 1. 2. 3: Minstrel 4, 5; Cheerleader 4. 5; Re- 
serve Football 4: Var. Football 5; Tennis 5; H>Y 5; Chorus 5; Mixed Chorus 
4, 5; All Star Cheerleader 4; Dramatics 5; Carnival Committee 4, 5; Mechanical 

Aubrey R. (Shrimp) Flynt, Jr. 

Shorty's got to go 
Musical Course: Monitors 4; Hall Mon. 3; Debating 1, 2. 4; Dramatics 1, 2, 
3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2. 3. 4; Kawanis Contest 1. 2. 3; Band 1, 2, 3. 4- Drtfei 
Major 4; Sanitary Board 2. 3; State Music Contest 1, 2. 3; Midget Football 
1, 2; Boys' Chorus 4. 

4 88 


Bruce Edward Foster 

I'm always chasing rainbows 
Commercial Course: Alexander Park High School, Va. 

Betty Jean Fulk 

Commercial Course: Athletic Ass'n 1, 2: Class Basketball 1. 2; Bible 2; D. E. 3; 
Hanes Janes 4; Dramatics 2; Sof'ball !; G'rl Reserve 1; Y-Teen 4; Home Ec. 1. 

Ralph Futrell 

Take it easy 
College Course: Mayor 4; N-it'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4. 5. V.-Pres. 4, Treas. 5; Foot- 
ball 1. 2. 3. 4, 5; Baseball 2, 3. 4. 5; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band 1. 2, 
3. 4, 5; Excels>.or 4. 5: Alderman 2; Monitors 2, 3; Hi-Y 3. 4, 5; Class Pres. 3, 5; 
Monogram 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Treas. 3. 

Joanna Lee Hagood 

All the time 
Science Course: Home Ec. 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soccer I. 2; Athletic 
Ass'n 1; Girl Reserve 2, 3; Monogram 3, 4: Cheerleader 4; Home-Coming Spon. 4; 
Class Sec. 3; Hall Mon. 3. 

James Haithcock 

Till the end of time 
Commercial Course: Reynolds H. S. 1, 2; Glade Vally H. S. 3; D. E. 4. 

Wade Hampton 

My lazy day 
College Course: Midget Football 1; Football Mgr. 4; Cafeteria 3; Boys' Chorus 
4; Basketball Mgr. 4 : Hi-Y 4. 

Sam Grav Hardister, Jr. 

Star dust 
Industrie! Arts Course: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4- Mr-onram 2. 3, 4, 5; Sr. Coun. 3, 4: Mid- 
get Football 1; Var*. Football 2, 3, 4. 5: Reserve Basketball 1; Var Basketball 2 
3. 4. 5: Var. Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. 

June Holland 

I'll get by 
College Course: Chorus 1. 2„ 3: HaH Mon. 1, 2, 3: Home-Coming Spon. 4: Home 
F-. 3. 4; G'rl Reserve I. 2; Orch. 4: Minst-el 1. 2: "The Nativity" 1; Biggest 
Flirt 4. 

Mary Elizabeth Hutcherson 

Science Course: Sandv Ridge 1: Reynolds 2;Y-Teen 4; D. E.; Debating 3: Halt 
Mon. 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3 4;Softball 3, 4; Gixl Reserve 1. 2, 3; Hanes Janes 4__ 

Nanc Lucille Hutchins 

Sioux City Sioux 
Commercial Course: Alderman 1, Class pres. I; Home Ec. I; Office page 3. 4. 

Robert Eugene Joyce 

Doing what comes natur'lly 
Commercial Course: D. E. 4. 

Betty Lou Landingham 

You ask why I'm happy 
Commercial Course: Basketball, Soccer 1; Athletic Ass'n 1; Home Ec. 4; Office 
Page 3, Girl Reserve 1, 4: D. E. 3. 

Tommy Lemmons 

From this day forward 
Commercial Course: Class Pres. 3; D. E. 3; D> R. Conf. Del. 3; Hall Mon. 4; 
Mon. 5; Newspaper Staff 5. 

Betty Louise Lewis 

The ore lamplighter 
Home Ec. Course: Mon. 2, 3, 4; Lib. Page 2; Office Page 2; D. E. 4: Basket- 
ball 4. 

Rosa Lucille Lawson 

Commercial Course: Home' Ec. 1; Hall Mon. 2: Girl Reserve 3; Y-Teens 4; Pres. 
4; Mon. 3.. 4; Office page 4; Marshall 3: Del. State Conf. 4. 

J. N. Manuel 

/ don' t want love 
Commercial Course: Midget Football; D. E. 3; Cheerleader 3, 4. 

Allen N. Martin 

Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning 
Mathematics and Industrial Arts Course: Reynolds High 1, 2; Machine Shop 3. 

Dot Meadows 

Caldonia, wha.t makes your big head so hard? 
Commercial Course 1 Bulletin Board Com. 1 2. 3: Lib. Page 4; Hall Mon. I; 
Sr. Scout 4. 

W. T. (Bill) Milburn 

Let's go upstairs 
College Course: Band 1. 2. 3, 4, 5: Projection Eooth 2, 3, 4. 5; Midget Foot- 
ball 1; Baseball 2. 4, 5; Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4. 5; Cheerleader 5: Sanitation 
Com. 4; Mixed Chorus 3. 4, 5; Monogram 5; Hi-Y 5. 

Jewel Jacqueline Miller 

Strawberry blonde 
College Course: Alderman 2; Mon. 3. 4; Editor-inChief-Newspaper 4; Annual 
Staff 3, 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3. 4; Lib. Page 2, 3. 4. Pres. 4; Soccer 1. 2, 3; 
Tennis 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4; Most Intellectual 4. 

John Wesley Miller 

Industrial Arts and Commercial Course: Mechanical Drawing 2, 3, 4, 5: Foot- 
ball Midgets 1, Var. 2. 3. 4. 5; Basketball Midgets 1. Van. 2, 3. 4. 5; Baser*)! 
Var. 2. 5, Mgr. 2; Tennis Var. 3.4, 5; Alderman 2. 3; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 5: San- 
itation Com. 4; Hall Mon. 3; Monogram 3, 4, 5; AU-Star Team. 

jsH rq K 
"»S[ oy js«" 

William M. Milstead 

Give me five minutes more 
College Course: Deba'ing 2. 3. 4. 5: Team 2. 3. 4: Oratorical Cont. 2. 3; 
Americanism Cont >, 4 5. City Winner 3. 4: Excelsior 3: Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 
4, 5; Solicitor 5; Outside Lunch 5; Ushers 5; Boys' Chorus 5; Alderman 4; Ten- 
nis 4 : Band 4. 5. 

William Leo Nail 

Willie, the wolf of the West 
College C°""e: Mon. I, 2, 3. 4. Chief 3: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4, Pres. 4: Ushers 2. 
3, 4; Cafeteria 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4; State Cont. 3, 4; Var. Football. 4; 
Reserve 1. 2; All-Sta.s 3 4; Service Monogram 3; Excelsior 3. 4- Band 1, 2, 3; 
Boys' State 4; 

Bill Ochman 

Lazy bones 
College Course: Reynolds 1; Var. Football 3. 4. 5; Midget Football 2: Bas- 
ketball Mgr. 2. 5: Hi-Y 3, 4. 5; Monogram 2. 3. 4, 5: Minstrel 2. 3. 4; Chorus 
5; Mon. 2; Reserve Baseball 1, All-Stars 5, Co-Captain 5. 

W. D. Parrish 

The solid roc': 
College Course: Sanitation Board 1: Ushers 1. 2: Dramatics I; Mfnstrel I; 
Alderman 3: Debating 2. 3. 4. Team 2. V.-Pres. 3. Pres 4: Football 2, 3; 
Hi-Y 3. 4. Cor. Sec. 4: Excelsior 4: Red Pencil Survivors 4; Ed. 4. 

Laura Jean Payne 

hannie with the light-brown hair 
College Course: Girl Reserve 1; Lib. Page I. 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3; De- 
bating 3. 4: Sr. Scout V.-Pres. 4: State Cont. Soprano Soloist 3. 

M. Hunter Phillips, Jr. 

What a wonderful change 

College Course: Var. Football 1, 2. 3 All-Stars 3: Reserve Basketball 3; 

Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4 : Hi-Y 3. 4. Treas. 4; Monogram 2. 3. 4: Chorus 3: Band 

1, 2, 4, Pres. 4: Alderman 2; Debating 4; Excelsior 4; Boys' Chorus 4. 

Joe R. Phillips 

/ don t know why 

College Course: Sr. Coun. 4; Natl Honr. Soc. 3. 4; Ushers 2, 3, 4 Pres* 3 

4; Excelsior 3. 4, Pres. 3; Service Monogram 3; Hi-Y 3, 4. Sec. 4; Outside 

un , ch 2 ' J- i: 0utsta « Fresuman 1; Class Pres. 3: Mayor 4- Detuvtana 

1, 2. 3, Pres. 2. Treas. 3: Boys' State 3. 

Marian Hazel Phillips 

Fishing for the moon 
College Course: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2. 3. 4- Girl Re- 
serve 13. 4. Pres. 4: Debating 2. 3. 4. Sec. 3; Monogram: 3, 4- Chorus 3. 4j 
Court Official 4; Sr. Marshal 3: D.A.R. Rep. 4; Religious Drama 4, Pres. 4- 
Nat 1 Hon. Soc. 3. 4; Sec. City- Wide Nat'l Hon. Sec. 4. 

Polly Reece 

WAo'ci a f/iun.': ir? 
Commercial Course: Home Ec. 1; Girl Reserve 3: Y-Teen 4 Sec 4- 
Page 4. 


Bessie Reeves 

Commercial Course: Girl 

Green eyes 
Reserve 2, 3: Y-Teen 4; Basketball 4. 

Joe M. Rierson, Jr. 

/ can't begin to tell you 
College Course: Midget Football 1. Reserve Football 2, 3; Var. Football 4 5 
Baseball Mgr. I; Basketball Mgr. 2; Res. Basketball 3. 4: Monogram 3. 4. 5 
Hi-Y 4. 5; Alderman 2 ; Ed. Red Pencil Survivors 3; Outside Lunch 2, 3. 4. 5 
Solicitor of Court 4; Male Chorus 5; Sr. Class Sec. 5. 

Stuart Dixon Roberts 

/'m always chasing rainbows 
College Course: Newport News Hi 1; Morrison Hi 2. 3: Football 2, 3. 4 

Erma Jean Sheek 

Happy go lucky 
Commercial Course: Band 1. 2; Hall Mon. 2; Girl Reserve 3; Y-Teen 4; D. E. 
4; Hanes Janes 4. 

Janice Elizabeth Shelton 

I'm just a dreamer 
College Course: Debating 1. 2, 3. 4. Treas. 2, alt. 2, 3: Declamation Contest 
1, 2, 3. 4; Girl Reserve 1. 3: Ath. Ass'n: Lib. Paqe 2, 3. 4: Nat'l Hon Soc. 3. 
4: Annual Staff 3. 4; Managing Ed. Hanes Hi Rada 4; Managing Ed Purple 
»nd Gold 4; Soccer 1, 3; Tennis 1. 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Commercial Course: 

Charles Durwood Shields 

Christ for me 
D. E. 4; Bible 4: Religious Drama 4. 

George E. Shore 

/'// be seeing you 

Science Course: Debating 1./2. 3. 4: Ba id 1. 2. 4; Bovs' Chorus 4: Midget 
Football 2, 3, Midget Basketball 1, Var. 2; Tennis 3. 4; Declamation Con. 1. 2: 
String Instrument Group 4: State Music Con. 2; All-City Band and Chorus 4. 

Sterling Lee Smith 

I'm beginning to see the light 
College Course: Debating I. 2, 3, 4. Team 3, 4. V.-Pres. 4; Nat'l Hon. Soc. 
3. 4; Alderman 4; Chorus 4: Americanism Cont. 2. 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4: World Peace 
Co-vj . 4; Band 1. 2. 4; Reserve Football 2. Var. 3, 4; Declamation Cont. 2. 4; 
Baseball 3, 4: Good Health Cont. 4. City and County winner. 

Peggy Smitherman 

There's no one but you 
Commercial Course: Class Basketball 1. 2, 3; Girl Reserve I. 3; D. E. 
Glee Club 1: Ath. Ass'n 1; Home Ec. 1. 1; Lib. Page 1. 2. 3; Y-Teen 1. 2. 

Pat Sprinkle 

To each his own 
Commercial Course: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Chief 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; 
Soccer 1. 3. 4; Monogram Pres. 3, Treas. 4: Tennis 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y Sponi. 4; Sr* 
Coun. 3, 4. Pres. 4. Spon. 3; Ath. Ass'n 1; Minstrel 1. 2, 3, 4; Excelsior 3. 4; 
Class Pres. 3. 

Industrial Arts Course: 

George Stack, Jr. 

Bang bang Lulu 

Joan Staley 

My blue heaven 
Home Ec. Course: Home Ec. 1: Class Basketball I, 2; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Religious Drama 4; Girl's Chorus 3.4. 

4 90 }> 

Wilson Lanning Stewart 

/ dream of Jeanne with the light-brown hair 
College Course: Band 1, 4: State Mus. Cont. 1. 3: Var. Football 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y 
2, 3, 4; Monogram 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Sr. Class Pies. 4: Judge 4; Nat'I Hon. 
Soc. 4;Iishers 3, 4; Cafeteria 4; Debating 4: Hall Mon. 3. 

Betty Jo Stout 

For sentimental reasons 
Science Course: Basketball 1, 2; Girls' Ath. Ass'n 1. 2; Girl Reserve 1. 2. 3- 
Y-Teen 4; Flag Bearer 3. 4: Gray Hi-Y Spon. 4; Tennis 1, 3. 4. 

Eleanor Faye Suit 

■Commercial Course: Roanoke. Va.. 1: Girl Reserve 2, 3; Office Page 3. 

Frank Tedder 

Rumors ace flying 
College Course: Var. Football 2, 3, 4: Midget Football 1: Var. Basketball 
2, 3. 4; Midget Basketball 1; Var. Baseball 3. 4; Reserve Baseball 2. Hall Mon. 
3; Alderman 1; Class Pres. 1; Hi-Y 2. 3. 4; Monogram 3, 4; Ushers 2; Chora* 4 

Betty Sue Temples 

/ can't begin to tell you 
Commercial Course: Y-Teen 4. 

Juanita Terrell 

No vacancy 
Commercial Course: Class Pres. 2; V.-Bres. 3: Cheerleader 4: Office Parte 3: 
Wanes Hi Rada Staff 4; Class Basketball 1. 2; Ath. Ass'n 2; Red Pencil 
Survivor 2; Softball I, 2 : Y-Teen 2, 3; Minstrel 2, 3: Hanes Janes 4. 

Lettie June Vernon 

The lass with the delicate ait 
College Course: Home Ec. 1, 2, 3; Mon. 2, 3. 4. 5. Sec. 2. 3; Clerk of Court 
5: Hi-Y Spon. 5; Girl Reserve 1. 2, 3. 4, V.-Pres. 4: Y-Teert 5: Office- Page 5- 
Sec. Sr. Home Room 5: N. C. S. S. C. C. Del. 4; Football Spon. 5: Piedmont 
Bowl Queen 5; Harmony Hangout Com. 4. 

Beryl Wallis 

With a song in my heart 
Music Course: Band 1; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4. Sec. 3: Mon. 2, 3, 4; D. E. 4- Y- 
Teen 3. 4, Treas. 4; Office 4: Lib. Page 3; State Mus. Cont.. Girls' Trio 3- 
Class Basketball 1. 2. 

Pat Webster 

You keep coming back like a song 
Commercial Course: D. E. 4; Hall Mon. 1, 2. 3. 

William Culp Young 

/ need it bad ' 
Industrial Arts Course: Alderman 1; Sanitation Com. 2; Machine Shop 3; 
Hi-Y 4. 






^bznior C/aii QJfkczii 


President Vice-President 



-*.<?■£ Q1 K 
'dl " - 1 til* 


. ^ '•*'«>- 



!■ fY ■ *t, i^ 


First row: N. Haymore, L. Strupe, B. Bowman. J. Ayers, D. White. C. Miller. W. Johnson M William.* R M=,i R n ■ r r~ i i ^ 
Freeman. B Milburn. H Mayberry , C. West. T. Nicholson. R. Sale. R. Hart. G.' SheTo^ ThTd row-' B Browif ' T PhW™ V 'cLST T 

C. Hint. Second row: A. Murphy. S. Barnes. P. Carter, S. Bishop, A. Rierson, P. Sprinkle. ^ '" " hllJl P s ' V ' Campbell. T. 


First row: J. Whjtaker. B. Bowman, J. Sheltofcl, J. Payne. J. Miller, G. Carter T Douaherrv T R.„„„, c ,u xw c „ „ 

Miller. C. Freeman. Second row: P. Tesh, A. Dooley, C. Whitaker. H. E. Smith SSrt ' Adam Vfc F^I W. Stewart. B. Gibson. 

Boyles, G. Shore, M. Phillips, Mrs. Burns. Third row: B. Milstead, J. Parrish "a Flynt H. Phlffips/' P 

row: L. Dur.nagan, W. D. 

M Q^ las. 

"*q 7J JSje* 

d\ ationaL cJyonox ^oeiztu 

First row: T. Bennett, President; B. Milstead, Vice-President; J. Adams. Secretary. 
Second row: D. Bodenhamer, R. Furrell. M. B. Marklafcid. J. Miller. M. Phillips. 
Third row: J. Phillips. J. Shelton, S. Smith, W. Stewart, N. Weddle. 

LzliiLLL and ^bcxoLL 

Jackie Adams 

Pauline Chrysikos 

Jewel Miller 

Janice Shelton 

jffi Q4 K 

<^>£udzn£ (fycxjEtnmznt; iDrkccali 



Chief Monitor 




Clerk of Court 



Unrf P^'^'p^p" t" Sm M h 'T 1, R °' an T ^'ller. I. Shejton M. Mark- Nail. C. Self, D. Bodenhamer. Third row: A. Flynt. T. Lemmons, B. Free- 

M ) \£iJL% nv A %■ w „ ° n n T k B 1 ,nkley 'T P \h, W ' S - D SeC T 0nd r0W: man ' T - Befnn£tt ' B ' S "y der ' L - Law *°"- N. Flynt. J. Adams, Mr. Roy Gar- 

M. Holcomb, J. Clinard, T. Wilhams, B. Andrews. J. Miller. B. Lewis, B. rison. E. Welborn, B. Davis B Wallis D Caudle 

<$ Q^ K 



T"oy Bennett 

Joe PhilKps 

Hunter Phillips 

W. D. Parrish 
Corresponding Sec 

Bob Gibson 


Jean Carter 

Pat Perkins Harry Lee Boyles Pat Sprinkle Lettie J. Vernon 


^1. Jbi 

md% M 

mm ■?* JHH 


■ A M 

First row: B. Andrews. D., B. Brown. P. Carter. K. Doyle, C. Farrell. 
Second row: R. Futrell. W. Hampton, B. Mlilburn. J. Miller. BOehman. ] R.erson. 
Third row- D. Roberts. S. Smith. W. Stewart. F. Tedder, B. Williams, B. Young. 

•s-cSt "O jl 5- 



Jewel Miller 


Janice Shelton 

Managing Editor 




Pauline Chrysikos 



First row: Jujne Ayers, Betty Bowman, Linda Carper, Joanne Chilton. Second row: Alice Dioojey, Tommy Lemmons, 
Barbara Minish, Bob Robertson. Third row: Louise Strupe, Juanita Terrell, Dot Wooten, Miss Mickey, Adviser. 

j& Q7 h. 


P. Sprinkle, C. Farrell, D. White, C. Freeman. 

Hagood, B. Milbur.n, F. Barnes. 


First row: J. Chilton, ]. Hagood, P. 
Barnes. Coach Frederick. Second row 
B. Oehman. C. Farrell, J. Mijler, B. 
Hardister. Third row: B. Gibson, T. 

Sprinkle, B. Archer,. B. Rogers, F. 

I. Wright, T. Dority, J. Rirfson. 

Freeman, A. Graham, S. Smith, S. 

Dougherty, B. Andrews, C. Beard. 

B. Stanfield. W. Stewart, T. Nicholson, F. Tedder, R. Futrell. Fourth 
row: H. Phillips. T. Bennett. B. Brown. F. Schlirf, P. Carter. K. Doyle, 
B. Nail, B. Duncan, J. Cooke. 


First row: B. Bennett. S. Bishop, B. Bond, J. A. Knott. A. Fulp, L. Strupe. 
N. Snyder, J. Holifield, N. McAbee. L. Holcomb. G. Sampson. B. Bowman, 
J. Whitaker. Second row: N. Jackson, D. Hastings. B. Porter, M,. Brown, 
B. Largen, E. Sheek, P. Rideout, J. Bryan. W. Johnson.. M. Williams. P. 
Blalock. Third row: L. Greenway, M. Kennedy, C. Varner, S. Sawyer, 

\. Tucker, B. J. Elledge, J. A. Bennett, N. L. Rildeout. P. Caudle. M. 
Holcomb, B. Mijiish, P. Perkins. Fourth row: M. Rawlinson. L. Calder. 
V. Hansen, M. Largen, C. Quate, M. Fleenor, A. Murphy. B. Flyitn, S. 
Barnes, R. Matthews. Fifth row: L. Franklin, Pat Tesh, N. Haymore, 
J. Terrell. 

Jj>LitxLljiitLiTz ciducatLon 

Distributive Education provides vocational training for 
the field of distribution. Juniors and Seniors, preferably the 
latter, who are sixteen years old, receive technical and 
general training in classes especially patterned to give 
practical knowledge for "in-store" jobs. Trainees spend a 
part of each day in a local store where managers and de- 
partment heads further the training toward permanent em- 
ployment after graduation. Extension training for "in-store'' 
personnel is also a part of the community program. 


First Semester 

President — Jimmie Clinard 

Vice-President — Barbara Wagoner 

Secretary — Pat Webster 

Treasurer — Jackie Williams 

District Treasurer of State Club — Betty Lewis 

Second Semester 

President — Mary E. Hutcherson 

Vice-President — Erma Jean Sheek 

Secretary and Treasurer — Jackie Williams 

Jimmie Clinard 


James Haithcock 

Farmer's Dairy 

Pat Webster 


Robert Joyce 

Sneed Grocery 

Mary Sue Arrington 

Arcade " Fashion Shop 

Erma Jean Sheek 

Shoe Mart 

Nancy Flynt 


Beryl Wallis 


Mary E. Hutcherson 

Flake's Donut Shop 

Miss Mabel Chandler 


Betty Ann Sechrist 

City Market 

Betty Lewis 


Durward Shields 


Horace Denney 

Holsum Bakeiy 

Barbara Wagoner 


Ruby Hancock 


Jackie Williams 


Betty Lancaster 

Lancaster Grocery 

Paul Ayers 

Hamrick Bakery 

Delores Shelton 







Tommy Dority 
Frances Rucker 
Pat Sprinkle 
Lois Daniels 

Betty Jean Fulk 
Betty Shields 
Bessie Mae Reeves 
Caroyln Colvert 

M QQ tes. 


First row: B. Nail, B. Archer. J. Miller. J. Shelton, M. Hoicomb, M. 
Phillips, P. Sprinkle, J. Miller. Second row: R. Fufrell. B. Gibson. B. 
Milstead, W. Stewart, T. Bennett, J. Phillips. H. Phillips, W. D. Parrish. 


P. Carter, D. Bodenhamer, B. Edwards. Mr. A. S. Johnson. B. Milstead. 
J. Phillips, B. Nail. 


First row: B. Minish. J. Shelton. J. Miller. G. Miller, J. Payne, M. Ken- J. Adams. L. Lawson, B. Wall*. Third row: P. Reece. H. L. Boyles, 

nedy R. Matthews. N. McAbee. L. J. Vernon. B. Porter, P. Lewis. Second M. Stevens. B.. Stewart, S. Sappenfield, Milss Bickley, S. Burns, N. Hutch- 

row: P. Reece, C. Self. N. L. Rideout, D. Meadows, N. Weddle. B. Kirby. ins. Miss Flippin. 

<{ 100 }> 


First row: T. Anderson, J. Bryan, A. Dooley, N. 
Miss Hunter. Second row: B. Minish. P. Sprinkle, 
Third row: B. Milburn, B. Milstead, C. Farrell, 
Fjurth row: A. Flynt, L. Dunnagan. 

Haymore, C. Colvert 
C. Rockett, E. Hege. 
J. Oehman, S. Smith. 


First row: P. Perkins, M. Jarvis, B. Bennett, J. 
Rideout, C. Cottee. J. Williams, E. Freeman, C. W. Parr:sh, M. Aldridge, C. Self, 

Shaver, Second row: N. 
Whitaker. Third row: D. 
J. Mecum. 


Fist row: D. Shaver, G. Chapman, B. Bowman, P.. Blalock, N. Haymore, 
M. Franklin, M. Fox, L. Strupe, D, Sawyer). P. Sprinkle, H. L. Boyles, 
J. Bryant, J. Whitaker, A. Ratleree. Mr. Ralph Bell- Secopd row: M. 
Kennedy. S. Sappenfteld, J. Bennett, P. Jolly, B. Peatross. J. Lewis, N. 
Kirby. E. Freeman; J. Parrish, E. Jolly, L. Vernon, F. Barnes. THird 
row: A. Flynt. P. Carroll, D. Cranfield, N Flvit. M Lpwson, I. S' = l- . 
E. Wallis. F. Swaim. Q. Whitaker, M. Phillips, B. Nail, G. Shore. 

Fourth row: B. Snyder, C. Farrell., B. Oehman, E. Schlirf. B. M.'lstead. 
P. Simos. S. Smith, A. Douglas, J. McBride. H. Preston. Fifth row: 
R. Futrell, N. John, B. Bennett, B. Simpson. W. Hampton, C. Freeman. 
B. Milbum, K. Byerly. C. Beard., W. Stewart. T., Nail. Sixth row: F. 
Tedder. H. Phillips. B. Brown. H. Quate, B. Gibson, T. Williams, B. 
Duncan, J. Re:th, C. W. Southern. 


First row: J. Ayers, P. Tesh, B. Archer. Second row: P. Blalock, M. 
Sprinkle, B. Stout, V. Campbell, L. Franklin. C. Colvert, B. Johnson. 
Third row: M. Williams. G. Sampson, R. Futrell, J. Bryan, H. Boyles, 
B. Bowman, A. Flynt, Wl Johnson, W. Stewart. J. Carter, D. Dalton, Mr. 
Bell. Fourth row: P. Rideout, J. Cass. D. Cranfill. J. Wright, B. Mil- 
stead, H. Phillips, B. Duncan, B. Milburn, J. Isinminger. T, Phillips, B. 

Bond, G. Chapman, J. Shaver, H. Preston. Fifth row: M. Largen, K. Ven- 
able, C. Coon, J. Morgan. R. Hart, A. Mayberry. G. Shore, S. Smith. W. 
able, C. Coon, J. Morgan. R. Hart, A. Mayberry. G. Shore. S. Smith. W. 
Stewart, C. Freeman, B. Williams. C. Hine, K. Sheek. Siyth r,ow: T. Nail. 
Stewart. C. Freeman, B. Williams, C. Hine. K. Sheek. Siyth row: T. Naii, 
Sale, K. Byerly. 


First row: B. Wallis, M. Phillips, L. Vernon, L. Lawson. M. Fox, J 
Adams, P. Reece. P. Newell, D. Wooteni. Second row: L. Strupe, J 
Bryan, G. Sampson, S. Sappenfield, L. Franklin, B. Bowman, P. Tesh, W 
Johnson;, P. Blalock, M Williams, T. Anderson, P. Rideout, J. Holifleld 
Third row: M. Jarvis, D. Seaiey. N. McAbee,_ E. T:'lllotso,n, J. Whitaker 
Fourth row: B. Stewart, L-. Holcomb, M. Largen, B. Largen, B. Bond, N 

Rideout. N. 
Kennedy, P. 



Holcomb, H. Fansle 
Peatross, F. Easley, 



Aldridge, Miss Flippin. Fifth row: E. 

B. Isiminger, 

M. Fleenor. 

Barnes, J. Tucker, B. Flynm, P. Chrysikos. 

N. Jackson. S^th row: 
C. Self, P. Hardister, P. 

D.. Stack. 
Lewis, S 

Reeves. B. Temples, M. 
Brown, C. Whitaker, M. 
M. Markland, E. Smith. 
N. Goforth, P. Reeves. 
Burns. A. Murphy, S. 

II 11 

Li *i 



/*• j 


First row: M. Fleenor, B. Largen, J. Miller, J. Sheltin, J. Payne, I. 

R. Harris, B. Sechrist. M. Jarvis, N. Myers. Second row: S. 

B. Peatross, E. Jolly, J. Libes, N. Weddle. B. Stewart, J. Ashburn, B 

Minish, A. Fulp, N. Jadson, M. Rawlinson. T'-.rd row: J. Te rel'. J 

Ayers, B. Crafford, M. Holcomb, C. Whitaker, M. Phillips, M. Kennedy 


N. R deout. B. Bond, B. R^aers. P. Reece. Fourth 
Crafford, W, Tippet, B. Edwards, B. Nail, C. Saylor, 
N. Kirby. Fifth row: Miss Chaney. T-. Bennett, N. 
P. Carroll. 

row: D. 
S. Hall, 


TatT-m. H. 

B. Snyder, 

C. Cottee. 


F'rst row: G. Stack, N, Tillotson, F. Adams, B. Ri'-ard. M. K se. . R. 
Miller. Second row: H. D. Whitehead (instructor), B. Fansler, H. Crafford, 
B. Hale, B. Tolbert, D. Coy, I. Beck, A. Graham. 

*%T[ iuj js»* 



F rst row: B. Nail. 8. Duncan, C. Beard. K. Doyle. B. Stanfielri. J. Miller. N. John, C. Farrell, J. Wright, T. Haymore, B. Tuttle, D. Roberts. Fourth 
W. Freeman, S. Hardistea Second row: A. Adams. R. Futrell, B. Oehman. row: E. Schlirf (manager), D. Wright. B. Williams, T. Dougherty, I. 
•S. Smith, B. Gibson, B. Tuttle. Third row: Coach Frederick, R. Hoover. Cooke. R. Stone. B.. Snyder, W. Hampton (manager). 

4 104)3*. 

S. Hall, S. Sappenfield, R. Tatum. J. Chilton, L. Carper, F. Barnes, 
d r'vnn. 


First row: P. Perkins, D. Sawyer, D. Shelton, B. Rogers, B. Morfla»i ] 
Chapman, P. Sprinkle, B. Archer, Second row: B. Reeves, D. Seale 


few; r^r%^T^.V^ F t^r-s^ ^ Ch rM*nel hird row: M - J w - c °- h sh — • «*■ ***■. 


'(it 1 W J »*• 

• J 

...;■ ■■-■. : -- : ;-*. J ..V:\.-:-:-:' .:■ -v" Hi :i : V V ■ " *;:■:.' :,X. y:- ■.-::■-■■:■ :■-■■<■ .;,„y J'i. .-:-:■:■; yy .;: K " " ,;, ;. : : _, , :f: : yy ■yy"- .y ;:■ y-y^y. .. . v.;. .;*. ' : : : ; ? : ..!,:.:. v : Wy : ,y : .,: : :, ,: : .;y ,!y :■::■;; /;: ,- : y <• 




F rst row: T. Williams, D. Wooten, P. Tesh, W. Johnson, L. Franklin, First row: Mr. Garrison, R. Futrell, B. Brown, K. Doyle, H. Holier, A. 

B. Bowma|n, B. Archer, V. Campbell, M. Phillips. J. Miller, |. Shelton, J. Adams, A. Graham, S. Hardister. B. Nai:l, B. Ross. R. Stone, B. Andrews. 

Wright, R. Hart. Second row; T. Bennett. R. Hoover, B. Robertson, C. Second row: T. Preston (manager), A. Denny, O. Moore. B. Rikard, H. 

Clark, J. N. Manuel. B. Duncan. H. Philips, G. Shore, H. Mayberry, G. G'.bson, J. Stevenson, D. Rikard, C. W. Southern, P. Carter, B. Edwards. 

Shelton, J. Miller, B, Oehman, C. Farrell. B. Snyder, S. Smith. E. Ross. W. Hampton (rugr.-). J. Whisnant (mgr.). 


First row: J. Parrish, S. Sawyer, P. Perkins, J. Chilton, B. Rogers, P. Har- 
dister. Second row: N. Snyder, T# Borner, D. Sealey, D. Sawyer, M. Ken- 
nedy, S. Hall, B. Morgan. 

4 106 &■ 

^LoveLu to j-ook czrftl 


Time: 1967. 

Setting: Ramona Powell, authoress, 
talking to Sarah Carter, accountant. 
Ramona is in the midst of writing a 
a book on what happened to the class 
of '47. Sarah helps her gather data. 


After many weary nights of toil 
With pepsies, friends, Mona and me 
From bits of knowledge, sometimes 

called soil, 
(Dirt to you) we have laborously 

written this prophecy. 

• & M* Clothiers^ Inc* 


Fourth at Liberty 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

4 109 fe- 

Better Bakery Products 

Phone 4126 

We Specialize in 

Birthday, Wedding, 


Party Cakes. 

Doby's Bakery - Home Owned 


Draughon's is a recog- 
nized Business Training 
Institution. Organized in 
1924 — twenty-three years 
in Winston-Salem. Veter- 
ans trained under the G. 
I. Bill of Rights. All 
standard business cour- 
ses taught. Courses lead- 
ing to C. P. A. exami- 
nation. Classes organ- 
ized on the first of each 
month. Call or write for 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Phone 2-0121 

There is no better 

savings plan than 

saving the Piedmont 

Federal way 


Piedmont Federal Savings 
And Loan Assn. 

16 W. 3rd. St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Who knows how much will ever come 

Who can tell what really will happen 

to us? 
But we tried our best with what we 

So here is the story in '67, and please 

don't fuss. 

Ramona: Where have you been for 
the last twenty years? 

S.: Advancing myself. Not all the 
knowledge is learned in college, you 
know. Say, I read your lastest book, 
"Memoirs of Stage Coach Days." That 
must have been the life. 

R.: Yes, but after recuperating from 
writing it at Henderson's Home for 
Haggled Hens, where Byron Smither- 
man is Chief Petty Officer, I feel like 
facing life once more. 

S.: Believe me, I've been having 
troubles too, mainly getting office help. 
Gerry Law left his position here as 
head office boy to accomcany Ned 
Vaughn-Lloyd on an expedition to Up- 
per Slobbovia. Ned is going to start a 
Boy Scout troop there. Peggy Benbow 
and her assistant, Julia Carmichael, 
blazed the trail by establishing a library 
in the capitol. Another old acquaintance 
down there is Burke Wilson, Chief 
Possum Hunter. Anyway, I was about 
at my wit's end about the manpower 
situation when I saw Joe Wilson, who 
consented to take over this accounting 
while I go on a vacation. 

R.: This is great. You see, I have had 
some competition from the novel, "For 
Whom the Phone Rings," by Blum and 
DuBose; and I am planning a new 
book, "Forever Class of '47." I would 
like to do about six months' research 
on what everyone is doing, and it would 
be wonderful if you could pick up some 
bits of information for me. 

S.: I should be glad to. By the way, 
have you heard the Royal Carolinians 
playing at the Waldorf-Castoria with 
Allen Goslen, Peggy Wolff, Jack 
Phelps, Bill Calaway, Dick Bynum, 
and, at the piano, Janice Wear? Music 
commentator, Lov Witherspoon, re- 
ported that it will be the band of the 

R.: No, I haven't. But speaking of 
music, I read in the New York Moon, 
which is edited by Zeb Vance, that 
Berletta Snyder, Nancy Ingle, and Dot 
Anglin made their debut at the Cosmo- 
politan, managed by Alva Johnson. 

8.: And I read on the sports page that 
Frank Hill and Bobby Lyons have sign- 
ed with the New York Rebels, of which 
Billy Fritts is already a member; that 
Mary Ann Zimmerman, Frances 
Williamson, Dot Teague, Rosa Lee 
Speas, and Katie Hauser in a Trot Poll 
conducted by Dr. Fred Church were 
selected to play in the Powder Bowl, 
owned and operated by Pretty Boy 
Bill Davis; I also saw that Coach Dave 
Poole has made Dean Angell chief water 
boy and, to make Carol Parker happy, 

4 note- 


has advanced Robert Prongay from 
errand boy to track star down at N.C.P. 
U. (North Carolina Polyechnique Uni- 
versity) ; and on the front page, that 
Sam Joyner is running for his sixth term 
as president With Diane Lee as his 
Secretary of Domestic affairs, he can't 

R.: I will have my secretary, Charles 
Leinbach, compile all of this for my 
book. By the way, Barbara Brown, 
Doris Talbert, and Ann Correll have 
consented to do any art work I might 
need. To put it on the market, I have 
had a bid from Nicholson's Nickle Pub- 
lications, backed by Richard Wertz, 
who has two-cent interest in it. Well, I 
must be dashing along. Salesgirls Betty 
Jean and Norma Lee Coleman invited 
me down to Sax 4th St. to see a fash- 
ion show, sponsored by manager, Alyce 
Valaer. I just can't miss Peggy Wingate. 
They say she is a model extraordinary. 
I'm sure you saw, on the front of Rogue's 
Magazine, Peg Pope's picture in that 
gorgeous ensemble designed by Jo 

S.: Yes, Robert Latham called it to 
my attention. Just a minute. I'll call my 
secretary, Carolyn Cooke, to take over, 
and we will go over to Pappas's Sky- 
High Lunch for a bite to eat. 

R.: O. K. Say, on the way up I saw an 
old friend of ours. Emily Green, run- 
ning the elevator. 

Six Months Pass 

S.: Well, the six months have pass- 
ed. It is time Ramona got back. Can't 
wait to tell her about all the people I 

R.: Sarah, I am really loaded with 
news. It is amazing how many of the 
old gang have ended up in New York. 
I dropped by the new El Morono Club 
and who should be running the place 
but Glenn Clubb. His star attraction is 
Pat Reece, a celebrated acrobat. At a 
front table was man-about-town Dicky 
Adams. Love lorn columnist, Tommy 
Connelly with his blond assistant was 
madly taking notes on the situation for 
future reference. 

S.: Wait till you hear about the 
beaches. At Carolina, Jack Boyle has 
started a soon-to-be-famous "Boyle's 
Billiards for Bums" with little Bill Da- 
Vis holding controlling interest. I also 
saw the Nance Song and Dance run 
by Nancy Wilkerson and Co. Then 
over at Ocean Drive were Durwood 
Jones, Johnny Kingry, and Sam Pappas 
discussing weather, women, and waves. 
R.: Fine. Did I tell you about the 
"Frazier, Friend of Fat Folk" reducing 
agency? It is reallv quite the place this 
year. And Kyle Barnes is running an 
institution called "Barnes' Barn for 
Building Bodies." 

5.: Humm,— we will have to drop 
around sometime soon. I came through 
Winston-Salem on the way back and 
had a nice long chat with Dorothy 




Established 1900 

C. D. Rominger 


J. W. Cunningham 

Sec. and Treas. 

Kominger rurniture Company, Inc. 


*— .„ 



01 14 



There is a difference 

*& 111 te. 

'dt ill fa** 


* — — ——• — —•—•—' 



Chatham Manufacturing Company 
Elkin, North Carolina 




Wachovia Apartments. She was telling 
Porter, who is now manager of the 
me that Hilda Smith has recently been 
made head of the Welfare Department. 
Marion Davis has a new swimming 
pool, "The Davis Dive and Doodle." 
Co-owner, Joe McAllister, is deeply 
interested in the bathing beauties, es- 
pecially a beautiful blond one. 

R.: Look! — the window — if it isn't 
Cecil Brandon washing windows. He 
must be finally getting up in the world. 
Oh, I went by the Moon the other day 
and saw Betty Ann Hall, who is doing 
sports features for the Powder Bowl. 
There is a new article by Carolyn 
Johnson on the art of playing bridge 
called "Finesse the Mess." It is being 
read by millions of people who have 
nothing better to do. 

S.: I had a stop-over on the train 
from Winston and happened to see 
Richard Craft, who is still delivering 
milk to the Abiaail-Matilda Home for 
Failing Feeble Folk. (Remember, run 
by Johnson and Joyner?) He gave me 
the latest report on the Williford vs. 
Spillers case being tried by that lawyer, 
S. E. Edwards. 

R.: While I was in Hollywood, I 
heard that both John "Loverman" 
Smitherman and David "Brother, that 
man" Hinkle were being considered 
for leading roles in Mitzi Gregory's 
new picture. Another who is working 
hard is Carolyn Hodges, busy raising 
Georgia Peaches. And I hear that Bob 
Goodwin is going mad trying to figure 
out Ted Young's Theory on Relati- 

S.: Speaking of the South, I got a 
letter from Ann Coleman and, of all 
things, she is in South Carolina de- 
siqning Bell Hop Uniforms. Helen 
Chappie is also in the clothing busi- 
ness as assistant rranager of the Inter- 
national Hat and Shirt Shop. 

R.: Have you heard about the expe- 
dition of Doctors Avera and Herring? 
You know they went up to the planet 
Venus to determine the full extent of 
Prof. Van Hoy's theory on physics for 
failing physiques. 

S.: No, but I think this will interest 
you. While I was in the Carolinas, I 
happened to catch the East Polo Road 
bus, and who should be driving but 
Bill Julian? At the next corner Chloris 
got on, and we had quite a nice chat. 
They told me that Betsy Powell has 
just purchased Morris Service. You 
know it's too bad a P. U. didn't get it, 
but, then, we're always putting oft 
things anyway. 

Excuse me, Ramona. Hello. Yes, all 
right. Goodbye. . . That was Julian 
Morton calling from his drugstore. He 
wanted to know if tomorrow would be 
too late for the things I ordered. It 
seems his delivery boy, J. W. James, is 
quitting and won't deliver them. 
R.: That reminds me. Don't ask me 

M, 119 Ifk. 

dteording to a recent Nationwide survgpi 

More Doctors smoke Camels 
than any other qgarette 

• Like the rest of us, doctors smoke for pleasure. Their taste recog- 
nizes and appreciates full flavor and cool mildness just as yours does. 

And when 113,597 doctors were asked to name the cigarette they 
smoked, more doctors named Camels than any other brand. 

Three nationally known independent research organizations con- 
ducted the survey. They queried doctors in every branch of medicine. 



1772 — 1947 

The college that has served the young 
women of Winston-Salem for 175 
years offers more advantages to local 
students than ever before in her long, 
progressive history. 

Day Students . . . 

. ijhare in all phases of campus life. 

^Vchieve outstanding records in the Liberal Arts, the Sciences, and 

T ay foundations for positions of future leadership in this com-*- 

munity. .,-_. 

Tf njoy the opportunity of securing a superior college education 
without leaving home. 

• how; it just does. Anne Wilson told me 
the other day that both Iva Jean Gor- 
don and Polly Hartle are helping Car- 
lotta make her Nursery for Needy 
Numbskulls a success in Chapel Hill. 
Flo Valear, who is putting Durham on 
the map as a cheerleader for Duke, is 
. rumored to be cheering the coach, not 
the team. Another sports fan is Bar- 
bara Sink, who has finally learned that 
a pitcher isn't just something you carry 
water in. 

S.: Yes, I knew she would catch on 

R.: Well, with all this material I 
should be able to start the book. I 
doubt if I will be able to sell it now, 
'cause everyone knows what is in it! 
Oh, well, we had to have some sort of 
plot for this dialogue. See you around. 


ake lasting friendships with girls from many states. 

Penny Candies 
Five-Cent Cakes 
Five-Cent Candies 
Salted Peanuts 
Marshmallow Pies 
Pop Corn, Potato Chips 
Peanut Butter Sandwiches 

Rawls Delicious Foods Inc 



Setting — Journalism Room. 

(P e 99y an d Jane are seen poring 

over the annuals as the February 1 
deadline creeps closer and closer.) 

Peggy: Ah! Here's a starter— Diane 
Lee, who is definitely the most prom- 
ising in our class. Let's see what she's 
done. When freshman, our class elect- 
ed her to serve as our treasurer. In the 
spring of that year we chose her to 
hold the office of treasurer of the stu- 
dent body for the next term. Since, 
she's held at some time every office of 
the student council. 

In her junior year she was inducted 
into the National Honor Society and 
was elected president at the city-wide 
Honor Society convention. We chose 
her to represent us as our D.A.R. can- 

Jane: It would be appropriate to 
mention next that outstanding boy from 
Kernersville, Sam Joyner, who entered 
our class in his junior year. Since then 
he has made speedy progress in our 
school activities, both service and 
social. We elected Sam to be presi- 
dent of the senior class and the boy 
Most Likely to Succeed and the Most 

Peggy: The third leader of our class 
is, of course, Sarah Carter. I'll just put 
down a list of her activities. She was 
vice-president of the National Honor 
Society, junior council representative, 
recipient of the school service award, 
and also our class prophet. 

Jane: I guess we'd better reserve this 
little spot for Carlotta Crutchfield, as 
she is clerk of the court and cheer- 
leader and has been Hi-Y sponsor for 
two years. Then she topped all other 
members of our class by receiving 
three superlative titles: Best All Round, 
Most Popular, and Cleverest. 

Peggy: Tall and lanky Jim Walker, 
leader of the House of Represntatives, 
directs misguided students and con- 
tributes to school athletics. He was 
also council representative twice and 

Ǥ{ 114 >> 

treasurer of the junior class. 

Jane: Don't forget that the twins, 
Alice and Flo, who do almost every- 
thing together, were both senior mar- 
shals and cheerleaders. 

Peggy: Let's put in a little plug for 
the editors-in-chief in the publications 
department, Barbara Austin and Fran- 
ces Blum, who have done exceptional 
work in the journalism field and who 
are members of the Quill and Scroll. 
Jane: Remember that Peggy Benbow 
missed a year and then joined our 
class. She was elected treasurer of the 
National Honor Society. We chose her 
as the Most Intellectual girl of the sen- 
ior class. 

Peggy: This is the place to mention 
those outstanding in the various fields 
of extra-curricular activities. The mu- 
sic department drafted many of our 
class into its services: Miriam Swaim, 
Loy Witherspoon, Bill Calaway, Janice 
Wear, Alva Johnson, Allen Goslen, 
and Carolyn Cooke, who has also ren- 
dered many other services to the 

Jane: The Honor Society inducted 
twenty-five of our class. We have al- 
ready mentioned our officers. The oth- 
ers include Conrad Avera, Carolyn 
Cooke, Carolyn Hodges, Carolyn Ful- 
cher, Diane Lee, Jimmv Walker, Fran- 
ces Blum, Iva Jean Gordon, Miriam 
Swaim, Loy Witherspoon, Anne Cole- 
man, Betty Ann Hall, J. W. James, 
Chloris Davidson, Bill Calawav, Sam 
Joyner, Pat Reece, Gladys Martin, 
Betty Sue Crotts, Mitzi Gregory, Anne 
Wilson, and Berletta Snyder. 

Peggy: In the journalism and art de- 
partments were Barbara Anne Brown, 
Betty Ann Hall, Doris Talbert, and 
Anne Coleman. 

Jane: Our orators and actors are Ra- 
mona Powell, Bob Goodwin, Polly 
Hartle, Emily DuBose, and S. E. Ed- 
wards; and the ones chosen to be our 
superlatives are Marion Davis, Bill 
Davis, Peggy Lee Wingate, and Dur- 
wood Jones. 

Peggy: We had our little black de- 
mon who performed various tricks dur- 
ing pep rallies and football games, Pat 
Reece. The outstanding male athletes 
of our class are Bob Lyons, B. T. 
Henderson, Burrel Dean Angell, Da- 
vid Poole, Kyle Barnes (we might add 
here that he was also president of the 
Honor Society), Glenn Clubb, Tom- 
my Connelly, Robert Prongay, Dave 
Russell, and Charles Lineback. Among 
the girls we have representing us Faye 
Marshall, Frances Williamson, Dot 
Teague, Katie Hauser, Helen Chappell, 
Mary Ann Zimmerman, and Norma 
Lee and Betty Jean Coleman. 

That just about concludes the list of 
those who have made the senior class 
history possible at Reynolds High 


Frances Blum 
Peggy Benbow 





The Smartest Girls Choose Our 


And Glamour Garbs For Those All-Important 



PHONE 2-3475 

We Are Headquarters For 



Bro wn-Rogers-Dixon 

The Best Place To Get It 

Dairy Products 

That Excel In Quality, Flavor, and Safety 

*4 11^ K 

Electric Service Co. ! 

Fixtures — Wiring — Supplies J 

'Gifts for ell Occasions" 

China and Glassware 

Dial 2-3743 116W. 4th St. 

Quality Footwear 

For Men. Women 
And Children. 


Shoe Company 

444 Trade Street 


Morrisett Co. Inc. 

Fourth and Trade Sts. 

Striving daily to gain 
and retain your good- 
will by deserving it. 






405 N. CHERRY ST. 




We, the class of '47, 
Sound of body and of mind, 
Wish to grant to our successors 
And to teachers dear and kind 
All the many things we value 
That were earned by time well spent; 
So with cheerful thought, we make 
This our Last Will and Testament. 


Section I. 
To Mr. Joyner, our guardian angel, 
Whom we love with all our might. 
We leave our ink blots, lost home- 
work and failures. 
In hopes that he'll lock them up out of 

Section II. 

To dear Miss Whitley, our sponsor 
and friend, 

Who's kept straight 'n' fair our riots 
and pranks, 

We leave simply our love, a new hick- 
ory stick, 

A load of good cheer, and our very 
best thanks. 

Section IIII. 

To those tyrants, the juniors, who 
know not yet 

How HARD high school can really be, 

We willingly leave our library refer- 
ence shelves, 

The Heads of all Departments, and a 
"good luck" wish from me. 


Section I. 
The famous P. U.'s 

Union) of R.J.R. 
(A very daring group that has no care 

of fear) 
Wills its rules and regulations, and 

Morris Service seats, 
Its slogans and its mottoes to any 

other club that's here. 


Section I. 

"Bobbie" Austin and Frances Jane 

Who are modern jive versions of 
Shakespeare's mood and time. 

Bequeath upon Lib Harris, a journal- 
istic fiend. 

Their knack to write a column, a story, 
or a rhyme. 

Section II. 
Durwood Jones, our own "Durante 

No. II," 
Whose nose extends due east as far as 

he can see, 
Wills his sympathy and pity to those 

less famous boys 
Whose "sknozzels" are shaped exact- 
ly as most noses seem to be. 

Section III. 
Janice Wear, that alluring young lass, 
Whose "passions" range from fruit 

cake to private telephones, 

— ►♦ 

(Procrastinator's j 



'Dependable tor more than 89 years" 


Funeral Directors 

Dial 6 10 1 


Foot of Summit — Overlooking 

A nice place to meet your 
friends — and the home of 
Complete Drug Store Ser- 


Dial 2-1144 


Dial 7121 

Responsible White Drivers 

Blue Bird Cab Co., fnc. 






PHONE 4426-4408 

+.— , 

4{4 .16 ► 

Real Estate and 

D. G. Craven 


High School Girls 

Walker's — Florist 

for all occasions" 

Corsages a Specialty 

115 North Poplar Street 

Phone 3-3621 |« 

"The House of Friendliness" 





Leaves that fluffy pink cloud which 

she so often mounts 
To her friend and companion, one 

Margraet Jones, [ 

Section IV. 
Loy Witherspoon, a North Carolina 

Who's the very best baritone that we 

can find, 
Wills his well-strained vocal cords to 

any soprano boys 
Who have such deeper ambitions in 


Section V. 
Anne Coleman and Barbara Anne 

; Brown, 
Who so aptly a paint brush or pencil 

can twirl, 
Will to Helen Jackson, that brilliant 

young maid, 
Their knack to draw all, from a line 

to a whirl. 

Section VI. 

Peggy Lee Wingate, the girl with that 
lovely glow. 

Whose fascinating beauty is consider- 
ed quite supreme. 

Bequeaths her charm and talent, her 

smile, and dark eyes to 
"Bet" Burgess, who may some year be 
the Reynolds High School queen. 

Section VII. 
Little Bill Davis (the one with dark 

A senior seeker of fortune and fame, 
Leaves his sympathy to those who are 

often confused 
With another classmate who bears the 

same name. 

Section VIII. 
Doris Talbert, that calm, abiding soul. 
Whose whispering tones are as 

smooth and cool as ice, 
Wills her timid manner and her soft 

To that loud talkative girl, her pal, 

Joyce Price. 

Section IX. 
Bob Goodwin, the Clark Gable of our 

Whose love and lure for drama is so 

Leaves his mighty booming voice and 

his failing funny lines 
To his faithful coaches, Miss Worley 

and Miss Long. 

Section X. 
Carlotta "Crutch," whose adorable 

Have been and are still the talk of the 

Divides her friendliness, her poise, her 

talent and her charm 
Betwixt "Sooky" Fain and Betsy 


Section XI. 
Diane Lee, that comely senior girl 
Who is always seen adorned with 

perky ribbons in her hair 
Wills her abundant store to any girl 

who wants 





Corner 4th cV Liberty Streets 

Home Furnishers 

Forty-three years of service 

to the homemakers of 




5c, 10c, and 25c 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 


! Brown-Ruffin Co. 

433 Wachovia Bank Bldg. 

Telephone 6070 





"The Store of Quality and 

54 Years In Winsto.vSalem 






^l 117 K 


Zinzendorf Laundry 

The place for Laundry, 
Dry Cleaning and Fur Storage 

Phone 5178 


B. F. Huntley Furniture Co. 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 
Specializing in Quality 

Bedroom and Dining Room 


More than 100,000 
Items available to 

Users of this 
New Sears Service 



420 Trade Street 

■Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Dial 5158 

WONT you 




This lovely kind of flippery to make 

her neat and fair. 

Section XII. 
Ramona Powell, that wild girl from the 

Leaves her seat on the "stage coach" 

to any girl who dares 
To assume the place of honor and of 

good firm management 
Of all the straggling Zebras, lions, 

elephants, and bears. 

Section XIII. 

Burrel Dean Angell, that young, man- 
ly, blond 

Whose looks are accented by curls and 
blue eyes, 

Wills to Julian King, a true man of 

His famous "girl list" and his flowered 


Section XIV. 

Berletta Snyder, Peggy Wolff, Miriam 
Swain, and Nancy Ingle, 

Who are the best senior music makers 
we could find 

Bequeath some of their talent to mod- 
ern music champs 

Who have the stage, or radio, or opera 
in mind. 

Section XV. 
"Samson" Joyner, that blond hunk o' 

Whose talents and abilities are rated 

quite high, 
Leaves his athletic power, his wit and 

his brains 
To Sid Whiteheart, who'll be tops by 

an' by. 

Section XVI. 

Little Helen Chappie, our female 

Who's an absolute authority on com- 
bining work and play, 

Wills her amazing store of energy, her 
vim and vigor 

To Lil Butner who may rank for 
champion someday. 


Section I. 
Miss A. G. Caldwell, our librarian 

Who's been faithful and patient and 

cheerful and dear, 
Is appointed executrix of these poor 

failing words 
That cover our bright efforts, made 

during our last year. 

Section I. 
We now close the statements of the 

things which we have willed 
And hope that our wishes may all be 

X our mark 
Polly Hartle 
June 3, 1947 


i us 

. . . a position of responsibility that's vital to the 
community's business and social welfare . . . and pays 
accordingly. To you a Career in Communications beckons. 




Forsyth Hardware Company 


Small Enough To Need Your Patronage; 

Big Enough To Appreciate It. 

Phone 3-4321 Winston-Salem, N C 









Phone 6471 

409 N. Marshall St. 

Belk-Stevens Company 
Department Store 


The Home of Better Values" 

Corner Trade and Fifth St. 








By Madeline Sage 

Listening one day to Benny Good- 
man's latest recording and trying at the 
same time to do my lessons, I suddenly 
felt carried away on the wings of music. 
With a wave of the baton off I sailed 
—and with a start found myself in New 
York of 1960. 

Who's this coming down the street? 
Why, it's an old school chum of '47, 
Jean Saige. She's in the millinery busi- 
ness fashioning hats for that new radio 
show, with Opal Jane Rule as Mistress 
of Ceremonies. Opal really does some- 
thing for hats— what, no one will ven- 
ture to say! 

Why, here's the famous Nell Bau- 
guss Dress Salon, which I've heard so 
much about. Jacquelyn Joyner and 
P e 9gy Jane Brown, with their superb 
modeling ability, are selling those Fou- 
shee creations like magic. Behind the 
cosmetics counter advertising the Nan 
Craver Creme Shampoo "for the beau- 
tiful look" are Virginia Long and Betty 
Thrift. What a dress salon doesn't 
have these days isn't much. I see that 
Sara Wilson, Bonnie Salmons, DeEtte 
Bryant, and Virginia Long are taking 
advantage of "Hints on the Care of 
Children," with Betty Haley as con- 

Hmm— I think I'll drop in at the 
"Clinard's Courier," best newspaper 
in the North and see what's what. 
There's Doug Carter, managing editor, 
bustling around with his "newsy nose" 
gathering the latest in the way of 
sports. The work must be getting him 
—the weight he has lost! There's Em- 
ma Jean Willard typing away at her 
desk. (I understand she took the place 
of Dorothy Dix when Dorothy Dix re- 
tired.) Emma Fogle's high school ex- 
perience has really come in good. As 
editor of the Courier she is known as 
the first woman business tycoon. Mack 
Goforth is handling the finances, of 

ALL ABOARD!!! I'm off on the B 
Flat Express bound for Hollywood. 
Gee, there goes Van Johnson — oh, I 
forgot he went out of pictures long ago. 
It must be that (swoon) Bruce Harri- 
son. What a man! There goes Lib Wy- 
att, too, who really rates with the pub- 
lic. W. M; Foil has an enviable job 
photographing those "Lovelies" of 
1960. Sam Long has made quite a name 
for himself with his superb directing of 
movies, and Frank Snider has proved 
himself an excellent assistant. 

Looking in on the musical side of 
Hollywood, I find that "88 Keys" 
Templeton is still producing that "solid 
sending jive." He is also an accom- 
plished concert pianist, as he plays for 
Clara Ridge, the girl with the golden 


f M> 



i 121 > 


Insurance Service, Inc. 

Nitien Bldg. Telephone 6421 

Winfton-Salem, North Carolina 

»—..— .-..-..-..-. ~. .-. —. — » ■—. —, «« 
* — . <_~— -— — ,— — * 

Rag W. Goodrich 


-•- -•- 

317 W. 4th Street 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 


+ + 

Jesse G. Bovven 

Music Company 
2I7 W. 5th St. 



Dry Cleaning Co. 1 


Dry cleaning is not a side 
line with us. 

612 West Fourth Street Tel. 7I06 

operatic voice. Daniel Hodge is direct- 
ing the All-Girl Orchestra. I should 
never have imagined his doing that! 
Carl Dorsett can't make up his mind 
between a stage career and that of 
crooner (like Frankie, that is.) 

Even Hollywood has a business dis- 
trict; so I'll just saunter up that way 
and see how 'tis. Here's the Rominger 
School of Shorthand. The motto of the 
school is "Enter at your own risk!" 
Doris Thornton is one of the best 
teachers (I wonder from whom she 
learned the trade). Hilda Leach is now 
secretary to Jack Jones, the banker who 
made a fortune selling Stamey Hairpins. 
It was quite a task for Erie Huichins to 
invent a typewriter which wouldn't 
smoke when Miriam Gwaltney got 
started. She already has a world title 
and is still going up. Martha Jean 
Rhodes gave up her position in the rec- 
reational department to become prin- 
cipal of the Pringle School for Misses. I 
understand she is quite a success, 
though I don't quite get it. For a whiz 
at figures, and I do mean numerals, 
there is no better than Betty Willard. 
Thurmond Fussell has also settled for 
a position with the L. D. Hutchns 
Bookkeeping Firm. 

Night time does come so I'll have to 
stop my sight-seeing for the time being. 
I surely am enjoying this trip on the 
wings of music. This hotel seems to be 
just the place I'm looking for — why, no 
wonder — it's under the management of 
David Hepler. BELLBOY! Say, isn't 
your name James Dyson? You always 
said you liked "bags," but I didn't 
dream you meant luggage. And here's 
Arnold Lane, house detective for the 
hotel. Billy Ray Leamon and Bill Hil- 
dreth seem to be staying for the night 
also. I guess they are just back 
from another hunting expedition in 
Africa. Will surprises never end? 
There's Boyd Stout, and I do believe 
he is even better looking than he was 
in '47. Of course, now, it may be that 
mustache which makes him so distin- 
guished looking. Bill Triplett, his pub- 
licity manager, and Ted Williams, his 
valet, look pretty much "under the 
weather." (Bobby Soxers I suppose). 
Billy Lee Robertson and James Scott, 
the Abbott and Costello combination of 
1960, are guests, too. Their wit could 
make even a sour pickle grin. 

Today I'll board the A Flat Airliner 
and visit my old school chum in South- 
ern California, where the sun never 
shines. Dee Smith, of all people to be 
a pilot! You never did seem to keep 
your feet on the ground, though. 
Who's that other pilot — why, if it isn't 
Jerry Flowers. Here are Louise Dock- 
ery, Pat Baynes, and Edith Murphy, 
air hostesses. My, how time does 
change things! I surely am lucky, for 
just look who is to sit beside me on 
the trip — that eminent scienti$t, Glynn 
Sprinkle and his assistant, Tommy 

+— .„ 


Raqlass Dept. Store 

9-11 West 4th Street 
Opposite Courthouse 

Shop where you?' dollar 
buys most 


Photo Supply Co. 

Kodak Headquarters 



106 W. Fifth, Opp. Post Office 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Furniture Company 

Home Furnishings 


A store faithfully serving the 
homelovers of Winston-Salem! 

+ « 


We Cater 

Especially to the 

Junior Miss 

Coh|n's Ready-to-Wear 

217 West 4th St. 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 


4 122 > 

*— .. 



Musical Instruments 

440 N. Liberty St* 



Fresh Meats and Fancy 

Dial 8164 
Hawthorne and W. First St. 

! ' 




Battery Mfg. Co. 

Phone 4107 


30 years of faithful service to 
Winston-Salem and vicinity 



We offer you PAINTS, GLASS 

and WALL PAPERS from 

nationally known houses 

Welch. In school when he wasn't "cut- 
ting a rug," and she wasn't with that 
dream boy, they were mixing com- 
pounds to see what would result 
(speaking from experience, at times 
they weren't so sweet!) 

Well, here we are in California. 
H - m - m — 1 see there's to be a football 
game and that dynamic duet, Hubert 
Casey and Jimmy Cook, are playing. 
"Tot" Messick is still exercising her 
lungs to the best advantage by being 
the entire cheering squad — well, that 
is, practically. Coach Coy Bovender 
says he has high hopes for a winning 

I wonder what's happening on the 
homefront these days. ZOOM — and 
Winston-Salem it is! Mayor Pierce, 
that prodigy from way back, has really 
made some changes. James Vestal and 
G A. Williard are co-operators of the 
biggest theater business in the South. 

Something new has been added — 
hum-m — Station JAGHG owned by 
Ralph Atkinson and Buddy Childress. 
One of the more popular advertise- 
ments states, "If you want a wave like 
A. C Baity's, be a customer at Katie's." 
Of course, Kate Zimmerman is owner 
of the beauty salon and Ernest Hayes, 
Johnny Speer, and George Taylor ar- 
range those exquisite coiffeurs. 

Brother! Nothing can top this trip I 
am having. Why, here is the "Gallagher 
Curb Service." Jacquelyn and Wanda 
Edwards are quite sensational as sing- 
ing waitresses. For entertainment there 
are D. Alldred and his orchestra. Dot 
Blevins is featured pianist, with Marian 
Davis holding the spotlight as vocalist. 

Why, there are Betty Culbreth and 
Mary Lou Williams shopping for their 
cute little bungalows. Ramona Cartner 
is soon to join them in matrimony. 

I believe I'll drop in and see how 
Charles Murphy is progressing in his 
trucking concern. Kenneth Carter, Lu- 
ther Davis, and Joe Smith are driving 
trucks for the company. Ruth Cor* 
natzer is morale builder, and Wilma 
Beck coaches the office basketball team. 
Rebecca Nichols, Billie Mae Caudle, 
and Bonnie Crotts handle the office end 
of the business. 

Well, it's back to New York for me. 
Here's that popular novel I've heard so 
much about, Looking Ahead, by Betty 
Wilkes. I notice that Babs Lemmons 
and Jean Simpson helped get the infor- 
mation. The Pappas Publishing Com- 
pany, under the capable management 
of Jesse Willard, printed the book. 

Gee, New York seems to be fading 
away — away. Take it from me, Benny 
Goodman can surely send you "out of 
this world," but records do end and 
back I come to reality — though still in 
my head the music goes "round and 


58 years 


Building & Loan Assn. 

249 N. Main St. 




Geo. W. Crone, Sec. and Treas. 

Coal Co. 


1726 N. Liberty St. 

Dial 5149 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Iron Fireman Stokers 

Esso Oil Burners 


Household Appliances 
Phone 3-2852 8 West 3rd St. 


Krispy Kreme 

Doughnut Co. 

— Different 


— Satisfying 

534 S. Main Phono 6790 

M \T\ Is*. 

Increase your knowledge of 

Furniture and Home Furnishings 

Visit our Furnished Interiors 

Open Week Days for Visitors 
Your Friendly Store 

Morris-Early & Co*» 

Interior Decorators 

Cor. 4th at Popular St. 


Visit our plant at 111-115 West Second Street 



Phones: 4161, 4162, 4163 




Quality Oil Company 


iDHcLtxtt l/otf^ <^ 


oft? oetitors 

For the privilege of serving you in the capacity of 


Your future patronage is earnestly solicited 

Phone 2-1303 632 West 4th St. 


Barbara Lemmons 

"Where do we go from here?" was 
one of the many questions we, as green 
freshmen, asked ourselves and others 
upon our first glimpse of Gray High 
School. To many of us who came from 
small grammar schools, the sight of the 
long corridors, endless classrooms, va- 
rious "up and down" stairs, and swing- 
ing doors seemed like an endless maze 
of we knew not what. Ralph Atkinson 
was the first member of our class to 
hold an office of the school. He was 
elected assistant secretary in the spring 
of 1944. 

In our sophomore year, since we had 
become better acclimated, we began 
diligently to "Follow the Gleam," 
which was the beacon light of the Gray 
spirit. Our class was well represented 
in the field of journalism, with Emma 
Jean Willard and Emma Fogle elected 
as associate editors of the Gray Light. 
Douglas Carter was elected sports 
writer for the Gray Light, while Made- 
line Sage was elected business man- 
ager of the Blue and Gold. Douglas 
Carter was inducted into the Quill 
and Scroll. 

Quite a few of the members of the 
sophomore class were members of the 
Dramatic Club. Betty Sue Adams, 
Douglas Carter, Sam Long, Jackie Joy- 
ner, and Virginia Gilley were stars in 
several productions. Wilma Beck, 
Sara Wilson, Jo Ann Clodfelter, and 
Peggy Jane Brown were outstanding 
in girls' sports; while J. R. Jones, Coy 
Bovender, and Bruce Harrison did out- 
standing work for the boys. Bruce was 
elected assistant secretary of the Stu- 
dent Organization for the second se- 

"Where, oh, where are the jolly 
juniors" was never asked about our 
junior class, as we became really ac- 
tive in many phases of school work. 
For the first time since we came to 
Gray, our class became organized and 
elected the following officers: presi- 
dent, Bruce Harrison; vice-president, 
Jimmy Cook; secretary, Emma Jean 
Willard; and treasurer, Dee Smith. 
"Polly" Estep, Gertrude Hayes, Betty 
Sue Adams, and Jo Ann Clodfelter 
were selected to serve as cheerleaders. 
Bruce Harrrison was elected president 
of the Student Organization for the 
first semester. 

The Hi-Y inducted Mack Goforth, 
L. D. Hutchins, Coy Bovender, and 
Sam Long as members from the junior 
class. The field of journalism was rep- 
resented again with Gertrude Hayes 
as associate editor of the Gray Light; 
Douglas Carter, managing editor; 
Emma Fogle, editor-in-chief of the 
Gray Light; and Madeline Sage, fea- 

4 124 « 

Lively 7-Up rates "straight A's" with eveiy- 
one! Its fresh, clean taste . . . makes 7-Up 
America's home drink. Wholesome 7-Up is the 
"fresh up" drink that's right for any age. 

Let 7-Up add to your family work and play. 


You /Me /£• . . /f //Aes you 

4 125 ► 

Judy 'n Jill Dress 

From our collection of 
captivating cottons for 
in and out of school 




j 833 Reynolda Road 

Phone 3-4204 

+ „..„—..- ._— .«— — , _.«..-..— — ~— *— -—— — '—»——*- 


Best by taste-test 

~«~— — * 

ture editor. Emma Jean Willard was 
senior editor of the Blue and Gold. 

The National Honor Society tapped 
Madeline Sage, Emma Jean Willard, 
Betty Rominger, Jackie Joyner, and 
Ralph Atkinson as new members for 
the second semester. The officers of the 
National Honor Society were Emma 
Jean Willard, vice-president; Jackie 
Joyner, secretary; and Ralph Atkinson, 

New members received into the 
Quill and Scroll were Madeline Sage, 
Emma Jean Willard, and Emma Fogle. 

Ralph Atkinson was elected vice- 
president of the Student Organization 
for the second semester. 

Marshals elected by the senior class 
were Emma Jean Willard, chief; Bar- 
bara Cook, Betty Sue Adams, Ger- 
trude Hayes, Jackie Joyner, "Polly" 
Estep, and Peggy Castevens. Emma 
Jean Willard was chosen as Gray's 
representative to Girls' State at Wom- 
an's College, Greensboro. The annual 
Junior-Senior banquet on the Roof 
Garden of the Robert E. Lee Hotel 
brought a happy ending to a year of 
hard work. 

In the beginning of the senior year 
the following officers were elected: 
president, Julius Dease; vice-presi- 
dent, G. C. Jones; secretary, "Polly" 
Estep; and treasurer, Barbara Cook. 
Class Day officers were also selected 
by the senior group. They were testa- 
tor, Emma Fogle; prophet, Madeline 
Sage; poet, Betty Wilkes; and histor- 
ian, Barbara Lemmons. Emma Jean 
Willard was chosen as the D.A.R. 
representative for Gray. 

Superlatives chosen were as follows: 
best looking, Barbara Cook and Boyd 
Stout; best sports, Wilma Beck and Dee 
Smith; most athletic, Kate Zimmerman 
and Sam Masten; most intellectual, 
Madeline Sage and Ralph Atkinson; 
most popular, Gertrude Hayes and 
Bruce Harrison; wittiest, Emma Fogle 
and James Scott; biggest flirts, Virginia 
Gilley and Ernest Hayes; best-all- 
round, Tina Pappas and Julius Dease; 
and most likely to succeed, Emma Jean 
Willard and Ralph Atkinson. Ger- 
trude Hayes was chosen by the student 
board as the first corresponding secre- 
tary of the school. 

Ralph Atkinson was elected presi- 
dent of the student organization for 
the first semester. W. M. Foil served 
as student director for the band dur- 
ing assemblies and other special pro- 

Betty Wilkes, Gertrude Hayes, and 
Jackie Joyner were inducted into the 
Quill and Scroll. 

Bruce Harrison and Sam Masten 
were chosen as co-captains for the 
football team. Seniors who played on 
the All-Star Football Team were 


Julius Dease, J. R. Jones, Coy Boven- 
der, Boyd Stout, and H. A. Tesh. Ger- 
trude Hayes was elected as chief 
cheerleader, with Betty Sue Adams, 
"Polly" Estep, Jackie Joyner, Sam 
Long, and Doug Carter on the first 

The seniors dedicated their portion 
of the Blue and Gold to Miss Artelee 
Puett, head of the Commercial Depart- 

Through the years the happy memo- 
ries of the friendships formed here at 
school, both among students and teach- 
ers, will "keep coming back like a song, 
a song that keeps saying 'remember'!" 



CLASS OF 1947 

We, the 1947 graduating class of 
James A. Gray High School, being of 
supernatural minds and bodies, and 
realizing the time of our departure from 
these halls of learning is drawing near, 
do declare this to be the last will and 
testament of our cherished possessions. 


Section I. To our principal, Mr. J. A. 
Woodward; Mrs. Velma Fussell; and 
the entire faculty we leave our sincere 
appreciation for the understanding pa- 
tience with which they have helped us 
over the many rough places in our high 
school careers. 

Section II. With the hope that we 
have not caused too many gray hairs 
this year, we will to our senior spon- 
sors, Miss Mary Miller Knox and Mrs. 
Carrie May Allgood, our undying grat- 
itude for their guidance. 

Section III. To the rising senior class 
we leave our coveted front seats in the 
auditorium with the hope that it will 
be able to get in line in time for assem- 
bly once during the year. 


Section I. Sue Adams and Jo Ann 
Clodfelter leave their love for choco- 
late milkshakes and their fattening 
qualities to Marjorie Dwiggins and 
Betty McBride. 

Section II. To Bob Fesperman, J. R. 
Jones wills his "touchdown technique," 
hoping that he will use it to help win 
the city championship next year. 

Section III. Regretfully Barbara Cook 
and Peggy Castevens leave their first- 
floor lockers, complete with cdmbs% 
mirrors, and pin-up pictures to Barbara 
Pappas and Patty Brooks. 

Section IV. Ray Irvin wills his 
"wreck on the highway" to any under- 
classman with energy enough to push it 
up Main Street hill. 

Section V. Reluctantly, Tom Caudill, 
Sam Masten and Harry Reavis be- 

See Us 
At Our New Location 

411 Cherry Street 

411 Cherry St. Phone 2-1942 


+— . 

• Ottlle UHBll »UtHO«lt» Of |HI C0C4-C0I4 CO«fANY |« 

Winston Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

( W& (mL±Ii uou tnz bzit of zuzxiitnLnn. 







PHONE 6637 

^eatueiny Z/lotrth Caeolina tHanJiccafts 


4 127 > 


Balanced Tailoring Makes 


Look Better ♦ ♦ . Longer 

Hine-Bagby, Inc. 



Murray Distributing Company 

1702 Spring Garden St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 


Mrs. Filberts' Food Products 


Borden's Fine Cheese 

We thank Reynolds High School for their patronage 

Compliments of ... . 



The Best Place to Shop After All" 

queath their drapes and "loud" shirts 
to Jim Nimmo and Tommy Clodfelter. 

Section VI. Realizing that there is 
plenty for all. Doug Carter and Julius 
Dease leave their "gift of gab" to all 
timid underclassmen. 

Section VII. Gertrude Hayes and 
Polly Estep will their ability to make 
up their minds where men are con- 
cerned to Ruth Gordon and Hope Hol- 

Section VIII. To Mary Ann Bob- 
bitt, Madeline Sage leaves her typing 
record and knowledge of stencils and 
mimeograph machines. 

We hereby appoint our friend and 
English teacher, Miss Moselle Stephen- 
son, executrix of this our last will and 
testament, revoking all our former wills. 

In witness whereof, we affix our 
seal on this 3rd day of June, in the year 
of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred 
and forty-seven. 

Emma Fogle, Testator 

The Old Lamplighter 
Sioux City Sue 
A Gal in Calico 


By Betty Wilkes 

In the distance we see that a light is 

It's the light of the end of our way; 
In the distance we know that a goal 

awaits us — 
It's our triumph— our glorious day. 

In that light is the crown of success 

that we seek, 
And our goal— that success to attain; 
For a life of true service — a life of true 

We must live if that goal we would 


We have leaned toward that goal with 

our hands outstretched, 
With the Blue and the Gold as our 

And 'tho barriers may hinder— and 

wrong paths may lure, 
We resolve by her rules to abide. 

We're alone, yet together, and forward 

we go 
With our school— dear old Gray— left 

All our thanks, all our love, and our 

memories dear |lln 
We shall ever keep foremost in mind. 



CLASS OF 1947 

We, the 1947 Graduating Class of 
John W. Hanes High School, having 
subnormal minds and metaphysical 
bodies (thanks to our ape ancestors), 
do in this year 1947, publish this, our 
Last Will and Testament. 

<{ 128> 

Iff it's Hastes, the value 
is stitched in to stay 

man's comfort. Extra care in all Hones 
sewing saves many mending minutes. 
Men appreciate the generous tailoring 
— with no skimping of cloth. You'll be 
delighted with their moderate prices. 


provides gentle, athletic sup- 
port. Conveniently placed fly. 
Team it up with a highly ab- 
sorbent Haner Undershirt. 


is designed in one piece to give 
athletic support and waistline 
comfort. Get fitted in your cor- 
rect trunk size— measured from 
shoulder through crotch and 
back again. P. H. Hanes Knit- 
ting Co., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

basket ! 

-the National Underwear 

M 1 ?Q la*. 


Sartin Dry Cleaning 

44 Burk Street 

Did 7IOI 




"Fine Clothes 

Young People" 

The Youth Center 

Winston-Salem 1, N. C. 

When you wish 

to purchase rec- 
ords, come to 

for the latest hits. 

We also carry 
Sheet Music. 



Section I. To our beloved principal, 
Mr. Haltiwanger, we, the seniors, 
leave our most sincere thanks for the 
personal attention and patience which 
he has shown us during our sojourn at 
Hanes High 

Seciion II. To Miss Dungan, Senior 
English teacher, we give our deepest 
gratitude for her expert guidance and 
understanding attitude. 

Section III. To our faculty we give 
our appreciation for the efforts they 
made in vain to pierce our craniums in 
order to inject something called 

Section IV. To the rising Senior 
Class we bequeath "English Heritage," 
"M. O. S.," and "Old Testament Nar- 
ratives," in order tHa' we might get re- 
venge for the tortures we have suffer- 
ed from these three. 


Section I Troy Bennett leaves his 
knack for arguing with Miss Dungan 
to David Bodenhammer, in hopes that 
he may be more successful.. 

Section II. Bill Milburn and "Shrimp" 
Flynt leave their blackface act to 
Johnny Roland, who must carry on 

Section III. W. D. Parrish and Hun- 
ter Phillips leave the Monday morning 
devotional program to the one and 
only — Bob Gibson. 

Section IV. George Shore and Jewel 
Miller leave the back seat of George's 
car to Gene Moser, in hopes that Gene 
will find someone to share it with him. 

Section V. Pat Sprinkle, Betty Jo 
Archer, "Goot" Miller, and Bob Dun- 
can leave the Dragon's Den during the 
lunch hour to Nancy Haymore, Alice 
Dooley, and Sara Sappenfield. 
• Section VI. Charlie Farrell leaves 
his cheerleading position to any good 

Section VII. Juanita Terrell and June 
Ayers will their ability to collect pen- 
nies to Jack Wright. 

Section VIII. Frances Barnes, Lettie 
June Vernon, and Linda Carper leave 
their sixth-period library table to Peggy 
Blalock, Wanda Johnson, and Bonnie 

Section IX. Bill Nail wishes to give 
his "love 'em and leave 'em" way with 
the women to Bill Brown. 

Section X. Sterling Smith leaves his 
football hero gaze to Nick John with 
sincere hopes that Nick can scare more 
foes than he did. 

Section XI. Frank Tedder leaves bas- 
ketball to Phil Carter in order that 
Hanes may re-capture the city champ- 
ionship next year. 

Section XII. June Holland leaves all 
of her man-getting techniques to Mary 
Ann Sprinkle, 

4 130 > 

Section XIII. Janice Shelton wills 
the dirt column of the "Hanes High 
Rada" to Bob Hale, expert news cri- 

Section XIV. Ra'ph Futrell and Bob 
Snyder bequeath their attractive pom- 
padours to Roy Miller because they 
think he will need them. 

Section XV. Bill Oehman and Joanne 
Hagood leave the halls of ol" Hanes 
High to Tommy Rieison and Betty 
Bowman so that they can get enough 
time to talk things over. 

Section XV. To Hugh Holder, Sam 
Hardister gives his talent for shadow- 

Section XVII. Bill Milstead leaves 
his ability for wrecking cars to a promis- 
ing prospect— Paul Simcs! 

Section XVIII. Wilson Stewart and 
Jean Carter leave their cherished locker 
to "Butch" Williams and his next flame. 

Section XIX. J. N. Manuel kindly 
bestows his intense interest in court 
cases upon C. W. Southern and Bud 

Section XX. Joe Phin ; ps wills his 
proficiencv for "knocking down" on 
the Outside Lunch honestly to Gene 
Walker, who is sure to acquire a large 

We hereby appoint the two most re- 
sponsible and upright students of Hanes 
High School, George Stack and Harvey 
Crafford, executors of this, our Last 
Will and Testament. 

In Witness hereof, we have affixed 
our seal, this the third day of June, in 
the year of our Lord, One Thousand 
Nine Hundred and Forty-seven. 

Bill Milstead. Testator 

Ooen the Door Richard 


In September, 1943, there came to 
Hanes High School the most exuberant 
class that had ever entered her portals. 

We shall never forget those first days 
of riding elevators, paying radiator 
fees, and getting knocked around by 
those things called swinging doors. 

We started off the Freshman year 
like a loaded cigar. We were going 
to put our class on the map! 

We found that we had a versatile 
crowd. Aubrey Flynt took the laurels 
in dramatics his first year; Hunter Phil- 
lips went the rounds in athletics; and 
Joe Phillips was voted the most out- 
standing Freshman of the year. As our 
Freshman year drew to an end, we 
were well on our way in our high 
school careers. 

We started off our Sophomore year 
with both barrels blazing and a "han- 
kering" to do things this year. 

There is a reason 
for popularity — 
no matter where. 
So for the most 
popular styles in 
at the most pop- 
ular prices, make 
Ecker's your 

Two Most Popular of School 

J A C A R D*S 
is the place one 
goes (of course 
these gorgeous 
girls too) 

Where you can 
find the prettiest 
clothes which for 
all occasions 
they'll do. 


Nissen Building 

A sweet visit in 
the cake decorat- 
ing department at 

Tasty Pastries, 
Breads and Rolls 


114 W. 4th St. and City Market 

"How about 
a Coke?" 


Winston Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Winston-Salem, N. C. 



The Dividend Paying Co. of America 

532-33 Reynolds Bldg. Phone 23840 
Life Insurance And Annuities 

N. P. Stone & Co. 

Wholesale Groceries 

Everything in Institution Merchandise 
From Soup to Nuts 

207 East Third Street 

_J\Lna & ^zLmzx J^and iJnitxumEnt± 
^yl\u±ia or c^rfLL iJ-^uLrLinzu 

J^xoat- ^ztiaxk ^yi/[u±ic (^omhanu 

620 West Fourth Street 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Wilson Stewart, Kenneth Doyle. 
Frank Tedder, Bill Nail, Bill Andrews, 
and Hunter Phillips were inducted into 
the Hi-Y. Our girls and boys were 
members of various clubs; some of them 
were participating in sports as we 
pulled the old bandwagon into the ga- 
rage ending our Sophomore year. 

At last we were on Terra Firma — we 
were Juniors. Everyone was swelled up 
with pride and ready to tell those un- 
derclassmen who we really were. 

Those with the higher upper story 
were tapped by the National Honor So- 
ciety. The following people were in- 
ducted: Marian Phillips, Joe Phillips, 
Jackie Adams, Jewel Miller, Janice 
Shelton, and Sterling Smith. 

We had a great deal of promising 
athletic material. Bob Gibson, Hunter 
Phillips, Wilson S'"~art, Bill Freeman, 
Frank Tedder, and Bill Nail were the 
Pigskin warriors. 

Marian Phillips, Pat Sprinkle, Betty 
Jo Archer, and Frances Barnes were 
the girl athletes. 

Joe Phillips and Bill Nail were cho- 
sen to represent us in Boys' State. 
Clarice Self went to Girls' State. 

We had members in the Debating 
Club, Excelsior Club, Girl Reserves, 
Junior Council, and all the other va- 
rious organizations. We had made all 
the rounds and pulled all the strings by 
the time our Junior year ended. 

As we enter the home stretch, we 
find it is 1947. We have at last gained 
those front-row seats in the auditorium, 
which we call "The last of the Senior 

Pauline Chrysikos was made editor of 
the Purple and Gold. Janice Shelton 
was made managing editor of Hanes 
Hi Rada and Purple and Gold and 
Jewel Miller was made editor of Hanes 
Hi Rada. These three were also induct- 
ed into the Quill and Scroll. 

Joe Phillips was elected mayor and 
Wilson Stewart judge. Bob Gibson 
was put in as monitor-in-chief of the 

Marian Phillips was chosen for our 
D.A.R. representative. 

We elected as our class officers as 
following: Wilson Stewart, president; 
Ralph, Futrell, vice-president; Joe Rier- 
son, secretary; Marian Phillips, treas- 

We had a wonderful year. It was 
jammed and packed with everything 
that we could squeeze into it. 

They say that all good things must 
come to an end, but we shall never 
say good-by to dear old Hanes, because 
our hearts will swell with pride every- 
time we hear her dear old name. 

We hope as we leave that we have 
upheld all the standards of the school 
and that we have set a pace for future 

W. D. Parrish 
Class Historian 

4 132 ^ 

Hie ham, emicfueJL ma&t/rat the phjurdimxy 
toLxeA, -uA uouk ammAAxxL amJL iruwt iLcik 
uk maw (MdimxjuL io A£)wt uon Im me udjuhz.,. 

- ,',,'■••• => ,' : 



uji nsTon-sflLEm, noRTH cflRounn 

Fashion for the 
for all occasions. 

In Winston-Salem It's 




Corner of Liberty and Third 

Our Sportswear 
Department fea- 
tures nationally 
famous brands of 
high styled Mer- 
chandise for the 
High School 

The Anchor Co*, Inc. 

Through the Block 

Fourth to Third St. 

For the Best in 


Classical and 


Get them at 


Accelerated High School 


Winston-Salem City Schools 

The accelerated high school program 
was organized to provide an opportu- 
nity for veterans and other adults to 
complete high school or take refresher 
courses before entering college. The 
program was extended to include 
vocational and commercial education 
classes. The academic and commercial 
subjects are offered at Reynolds High, 
machine shop at Hanes, and watch 
repair at West End. 

A veterans' education committee was 
composed of Mr. J. A. Woodward and 
Miss Daisy Lee Glasgow of Gray 
High, Mr. R. H. Haltiwanger and 
Miss Carrie Dungan of Hanes, 
Mr. C. R. Joyner and Miss Gladys 
Moore of Reynolds, Mr. }. W. Moore, 
Superintendent of schools, and P. B. 
Raiford, Director Vocational Educa- 
tion. Mr. Raiford was appointed chair- 
man of the committee and director of 
the program. The committee set up 
the policies which govern the program 
and act as an advisory board at all 

The first classes started February 
21, 1946, at Reynolds High. Classes 
started at Hanes Machine Shop on 
June 6, 1946, and at the School of 
Watchmaking on October 7, 1946. 
Since that time 472 persons have en- 
rolled. Students have enrolled from 36 
North Carolina communities and from 
six towns of other states. One hundred 
and sixty-nine have graduated from 
high school, others took refresher 
courses before entering college, and a 
very small percentage stopped before 
completing their objective. 

The academic subjects at Reynolds 
run on an eight weeks semester, giving 
a student the opportunity to complete 
one-half year's work in that time. The 
Machine Shop Course at Hanes runs 
one year and the School of Watch- 
making is set up on a two-year basis. 
Each school was set up to serve a 
specific purpose depending on the ob- 
jectives of the student enrolling. 

Students are allowed to graduate 
from the school of their choice. All 
out-of-town students transferred their 
credits to Reynolds High while former 
students at Gray and Hanes applied 
to their respective schools for admis- 
sion to the accelerated high school pro- 
gram. When their work is completed, 
all credits are transferred back to the 
high school in which they are enrolled. 

The school opened with an enroll- 
ment of 52 and eight faculty members. 
After one year of operation there are 
193 students enrolled and there are 17 
on the faculty. 

-4 134 > 

+— - • 


Your coat is picked up by a bonded 
messenger and there your worries 
endl From the moment we inspect 
it until it's returned to you, it's our 
responsibility. You can relax with 
the assurance that your precious 
furs are enjoying the absolute 
safety of COLD circulating air in 
fire* and theft-proof vaults inspect- 
ed and approved by the American 
Institute of Refrigeration. But do 
it NOW. Summer's just around the 

Call 4129 or 4120 




— **, 

f BEST 1 




M- 1 ^ tes. 

Boys' and Students' 

Are Teeming with New, Smart Clothes for Boys of All Ages 
With Our Standard Lines Such as — 


McGregor sweaters and sports -wear 



Frank A Stith Co 



Always first with 
c Ne ( west Fashions 

Meet your friends under the Biq Charles Clock. 

501 ~ 503 North Liberty Street 


This the 1947 edition of the 
Winston-Salem High Schools' year- 
book, compiled and edited by the com- 
bined staffs of the three schools, Rey- 
nolds, Gray, and Hanes, wishes here to 
recognize the staffs and their advisers, 
for the work which they have done to 
help make this book possible. This 
group includes the following: 


Frances Blum, Editor 

Madeline Combs, Associate Editor 

Kat Elliot 

Mary Lib Harris 

Kitty Robinson 

Jane Krauss 

Don Kimel 

Barbara Austin 

Sara McMichael 

Ann Russell 

Nellie Paynter 

Mildred Teague 

Betty Ann Hall 

Zane Robbins 

Adviser— Miss Elizabeth Brookes 


Emma Jean Willard, Editor 

Jacqueline Joyner, Associate Editor 

Martha Alspaugh 

Dot Blevins 

Doug Carter 

Nora Lee Colley 

Pauline Cude 

Carolyn Edwards 

Jean Hanes 

Sterlyn Hennis, Art Editor 

Lindsay Spry, Business Manager 

Betty Jean Atkinson 

Thelma Clodfelter 

Barbara Cole 

Bobby Fesperman 

Emma Fogle 

Patsy Gough 

Gertrude Hayes 

Flossie Krites 

Barbara Lemmons 

Betty Lou Loflin 

Florence Messick 

Burton Rights 

Jean Saige 

Johnny Sexton 

Barbara Wilson 

Mary Ruth McKnight 

Betty Myers 

Charles Nimmo 

Edward Poindexter 

Ruth Stovall 

Betty Wilkes 

Sara Willard 

Adviser — Miss Mozelle Stephenson 

<{ 136 ► 


Janice Shelton, Editor 

Pauline Chrysikos, Associate Editor 

Betty Bowman 

Alice Dooley 

Tommy Lemmons 

Jewel Miller 

Barbara Minish 

Dorothy Wooten 

Louise Strupe 

Adviser — Miss Martha Mickey 


June Carpenter, Business Manager 

Helen Bryant 

Madeline Combs 

Nancy Edman 

Tommy Harris 

David Herring 

Ann Lentz 

Jerry McGinnis 

Sara McMichael 

Tommy Minnis 

Miriam Paris 

Johnny Smitherman 

Bill Trotman 

Donald West 

Adviser — Mr. L. W. Crowell 


Wayne Arton 

James Blackwell 

William Boyette 

Harold Cundiff 

Donald James 

Earl Norris 

Richard Hammett 

Jack Renlgar 

Benny Templeton 

Zeb Vance 

Herman Yarbrough 

Charles Carter 

Linden Edwards 

William Harris 

Richard Hayworth 

Maurice Moser 

Vance Mullis 

Bill Nifong 

Eugene Parks 

Bill Sherrill 

Adviser — Mr. Samuel Lawrence 



arc extended 

by the 

Combined Annual Staffs 

the 1947 Yearbook 

Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Y. f 


Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Winston-Salem, Inc. | 


121 S. Main St. 

Dial 3-1892 




All the years you've been working 
toward this important moment — 
GRADUATION - Reddy Kilowatt 
has been taking on new jobs too, 
in business, in homes, on the farms 
and in the factor'es of the Piedmont 
Carolinas, - 

He's all set to keep on working with 
you in the challenging years ahead 
. . . creating new jobs and helping 
you in scores of ways to meet the 


M 11 7 lH 


Drug Store 

For forty-five years 

North Carolina's leading 

drug store. 


"Next to Walgreen's" 

Camel City i 
Laundry \ 

A Bundle of Satisfaction 

Put Your Clothes In Tune' 

Dial 6196 

i i 

1 i 


i i 

I ! 

I I 

I I 

! I 

I I 

"> I 

I i 
i i 




Bread and Cakes 

Served in the City 
School Cafeterias 

American Bakeries 

There Is a Difference 
In Tire Recapping 


Tire Rebuilders, Inc. 

904 West End Blvd. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Phone 3-4324 

uuim iiiiiiiiiiiniw- 

\ur-> ^~J 

Composition, Presswork, and Binding 

v --., by the 


R. J. Reynolds High School 

Winston-Salem, N. C 

.'■■A '?-^i ,, ! -' 

For Reference 


tb c=-j