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in 2010 with funding from 
St IVIichael's University School 






Headmaster's Word 

Last year was frenetic enough; this year has been sim- 
ply pyrotechnic with achievement, an important condition 
in any good school and not merely for kudos gained in 
disseminating results. It is simply that with a myriad of 
activities comes the chance for many students to excel at 
some event, an even more important condition in a school 
firm in the belief that its true quality lies in the people 
who make up the school. 

S.M. U. is fortunate: it has outstanding, caring students 
and superb teachers. These two groups feed off each other: 
the younger by absorbing the art and effectiveness of the 
teaching; the older by appreciating the reception, creativ- 
ity and energy of the learning. While this respect abounds, 
S.M. U. will continue to attract good students and teach- 
ers who in turn, will make S.M. U. buzz with activity and 
achievement. This is a spiral to be encouraged. 

In this ambiance pace is all important. What continues 
to be the fabric of S.M. U. 's existence is the student who 
plays the cello angelically in one of our quartets, followed 
by a session as a prop for the 1st XV between debating 
in the Provincial Championships just before preparing for 
examinations. In a co-ed school the fabric could as easily 
be represented by the student who competes in the gruelling 'hill climb' just after appearing as a ballerina 
in the school musical between winning the latest essay competition just prior to preparing for Advanced 
Placement science exams. The permutations are numerous thankfully, and seem to reflect what univer- 
sities are seeking in their prospective scholarship candidates: vigor in academics and extra-curricular activities. 
That is not to say the "bookworm" is a forgotten and unvalued entity in our society; if anything, the 
student is studying even harder these days, ostensibly because the scholar cannot be one-dimensional. Time 
has to be managed appropriately to allow student involvement in a number of activities without disturbing 
the rhythm and creativity of academic learning. From this demand often comes the criticism that S.M.U. 
attempts too much. We have to operate this way. S.M. U. is a spawning ground for adult life. In this early 
training the critical mind must be developed to ask the right questions later; the body must be prepared 
physically for the rigour of future demands; the person must accept readily the value of teamwork and 
cooperation; and, the citizen of tomorrow must possess that selflessness, integrity and loyalty to be able 
to contribute to the good of mankind. 

Imagine the activities young adults must sample to be prepared for a world demanding these qualities? 
This is the point at which the competitive edge of those mathematics, debating, physics and essay com- 
petitions make an impact; where the camaraderie and achievement of team play in rugby, fleld hockey, 
cross country running, soccer, track & fleld and basketball really count; where the sense of community 
participation in Multiple Sclerosis fund-raising becomes important; and, the collegiality of playing in an 
orchestra, band or a thespian role builds cooperation and tolerance. 

Luckily, there seems to be no shortage of volunteers for this way of life at S.M.U. Each year brings 
forth its student leaders who set the pace, and, each year yields its special list of achievements. All those 
who contributed over the last 12 months I thank sincerely and implore Grade 12 students who are leaving 
us to continue to practise the degree of commitment they have shown as valuable members of the S.M. U. 

David R. Penaluna, B.A., M.Ed. 

Board of Governors 

This yearbook marks another highly successful school 
year for SMU. The large number of awards, competitive 
achievements and recognitions which the students of the 
school have won rival that of past years. Indeed, it's be- 
coming routine that each new school year at SMU is con- 
sidered an outstanding one. And that is as it should be. 

But the success of the school can 't be measured only 
in terms of prizes and competitions. The school is working 
well when all its parts, students, staff, parents and alumni, 
come together to create a climate which allows the stu- 
dents, as individuals, to learn and grow, to be positively 
challenged and to accept responsibility. 

And while I have no doubt that we have such a climate 
at SMU, the only real measurement of the school's suc- 
cess is after you graduate and look back at the school. 
Were you happy at the school? Did you learn ? Were you 
properly prepared for whatever faced you after you left 
the school? 

It's my strong belief that when you read these remarks 
years after this yearbook is published and answer these 
questions, you'll agree that the climate was right and, in- 
deed, that the school gave you an excellent education. 

My only request is that you not forget this school. As 
an alumnus, keep an eye on it. Be satified that the cli- 
mate continues to be right so that others can benefit as 
you have. 

It's a privilege for me, on behalf of the Board of Gov- 
ernors of the school, to congratulate all students and staff 
on another outstanding year. 

J. David Edgar 


Board of Governors 

Head Boy 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Staff, Honoured 
Guests, and Fellow Students, it seems like only yesterday 
when 50 of us Graduates were graduating from the Junior 
School. We've been fortunate enough to have Mr. Pen- 
aluna as Headmaster whom we got to know very well 
through such intimate events as his Friday afternoon de- 
tention streets: Penners Picnicks. Grade 8 brought many 
new developments, when about 100 members of the Grad 
class started at the Senior School. There, we have had 
the privilege to experience the wonderful Headmastership 
of both Mr. Penaluna and Mr. Schaffter; we are the last 
class to fondly remember the late Reverend Davies, we 
have seen the New House, Wenman Pavillion and Chris- 
tine Duke Theatre appear, and the sundial disappear, and 
if the shock of the establishment of a third campus was 
not enough, it is the prospect that on an alumni day some 
time in the future, when we pursue the old school tie, and 
received our degrees from U. Vic, or if the present trend 
continues: SMU. Vic, and elsewhere, we may not be vis- 
iting the old campus, but an even grander S.M. U. possibly 
situated somewhere in Central Saanich, with an extensive 
campus, and perhaps even a Fine Arts Centre. S.M.U. 
will stand not for Saint Michaels University, but for School 
Moving Up-Island. In retrospect we now realize Mr. Piete's 
hidden purpose of his Outdoor trips each year. After being inflicted with outrageous rashes from poison 
ivy, lack of sleep and hygiene, and strange gastronomical upsets, we realize that this clever psychological 
repellent therapy, was to make the boarders appreciate the exotic diets of Brown Hall. Our education at 
S.M.U. has been a rich tapestry woven in many pieces over many years, many of the brightest threads 
of achievements have been such accomplishments as Island Championships in Senior Girl's Grass Hockey, 
and Senior Track and Field, Provincial Silver medals in Senior Boy's Cross Country and Senior Hockey. 
This May, a Math Mobile, that is a van containing five Euclid Contest Winners, was navigated by Mr. 
Smith into U.B.C. to learn that they were first in B.C. and second in Canada. Essayists have won the 
Commonwealth Competition, placing us first in B.C. and have also excelled in the U.B.C. essay com- 
petition. Our Rugby Warriors successfully completed their tour of the British Isles, surviving a train hi- 
jacking in Ireland, and a Poll Tax Riot in London, such things memories are made of. S.M.U. brought 
colour and glamour to Victoria with their production of Kiss Me Kate. Prefects continued the tradition 
of pioneering hip new uniforms, and opted for the white braid ' 'Mexican Tuxedo ' ' look. The ' 'Brian Bunch ' ' 
looked as if they had turned into a Moriarchi Band. On theme day this year the Grads tried to shed some 
light on the concept of looking Cheezy with their "Cheeze Day": we did this mostly by dressing in bad 
taste. Robert Louis Stevenson said that "to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in 
life". That is only true if two factors exist. For the first factor, one must be fortunate enough to have 
the calibre of teachers which are present at S.M. U.. They have gone out of their way to instruct us with 
patience and humour and inspire us with assignments. Roughly translated that means we have hundreds 
of essays to write, many Chem back-titrations to attempt, and zillions of obscure French Conjugations 
to memorize. It has been quite a productive year for the Staff, apart from educating and coaching us, 
they have established their own Baby Assembly Line. Three babies came from the Science Lab, and one 
from the English Department. SMU believes in keeping it in the family and these babies will be our future 
teachers. I would now like to pay homage to the second factor which is responsible for all our success 
and on behalf of the Graduating Class give thanks to all of our families and Special Friends whose love, 
self-sacrifice and never ending support have made all these steps towards achieving our destiny possible. 
It is very important that we do become what we are capable of becoming so that we can contribute to 
society and to the quality of life. Our Grad Class has the capability to fulfill that end. I would like to 
take the opportunity to offer the best of luck to all the Graduates. And now Ladies and Gentlemen I present 
to you the Graduating Class of 1990, Thank-you very much. 

Adrian Behennah 

Head Girl 









Table of Contents 
Senior School 1 

Staff 8 

Classes 23 

Grads 43 

Activities 85 

Boarding Life 99 

Art & Literature 105 

Music & Drama 113 

Sports 127 

Honours & Awards 115 

Middle School 163 

Classes 166 

Sports 175 

Art & Literature 189 

Activities 204 

Awards 212 

Junior School 215 

Classes 219 

Music & Drama 232 

Sports 234 

Awards 240 

Candids & Autographs 241 

Yearbook Staff 

This year the yearbook staff got off to afresh new start. We moved from the dark corners of the top of schoolhouse, 
and progressed to new and better places: we occupied half of a classroom, well, actually it was a portable, but, in 
any case, we had more room. It was here that we met every Monday and Thursday after school with a regular crew 
of Senior School Students. 

It would not be right to progress any further without recognizing this group. Firstly, Laura Bradbury assumed the 
never enviable task of heading the photography section. She was assisted by many members of the school population, 
in particular: Scott Marks. Andrew Khoo and Helen Truran. They did an admirable job representing all the grades 
in their film. Andrea Sharpe and Renee Dugan were the Boarding Houses coordinators and made sure that the Houses 
were shown to be an active part of school life. Other students who never failed to work industriously at our meetings 
were: Vanson Field Gr. 12, Sandy Yew Gr. 10 and Noelle Davis Gr. 9. Finally, but, by no means least, our deepest 
gratitude is due to three girls from Grade 11 who have worked indefatigably. These are: Kate Jacobs, Jennifer Mor- 
timer and J obi Norman. Without their support the yearbook would never have been as successful. 

Many thanks also go to Mr. Hyde-Lay for his wonderful powers of organization in the area of assembling sports 
teams for pictures and teachers for write-ups. Also, Mr. A. Jones must be thanked for putting together the artwork 
pictures and Mr. MacKay for his efforts in the music section. The Middle School, once again, did an incredible job 
in producing their section under the leadership of Mrs. Richards. The Junior School, with the help of J obi Norman, 
also must be thanked for their work. They were organized by Mrs. Campbell, who has promised to continue in this 

Few people really realize the difficulties involved in putting together a yearbook. One person, however, who does 
is our yearbook coordinator Mr. Smith. He was the one who made all the phonecalls to the publishers, he was the 
one who badgered teachers for write-ups and he was the one who collected everything together at the end. Thank 
you ever so much. Thanks go to everyone who helped us in every aspect and for making this year 'printable'. 

Christine Reilly & Vanessa Richards 


"Let's get this road on the 

^- I 


"No, I'm not trying to repopulate the earth' 

'Good afternoon are you using English as a French language?' 

'I'm new here. I just do what HE tells me to do! 

'Sure, I keep a gun in my office' 

"Yes kiddies, even I will get old and tired and sick and stupid and sterile 
and ugly and die" 

"In Africa there are lots of colly- 
wobbles and oooh nasties" 

The Three Amigos 

"Loving, caring, sharing, underwater 
basket weaving and all that bull" 

'Maybe we could mutate you' 

"You've heard of the H-Bomb, right? Well that's what we're going to do here" 

"Golly Louise, do 1 get to press some buttons?' 

"I'm not coaching giri's soccer this year because "Here come Paul and Justine to screw 
it's not an apathetic sport" up another Lab" 

"Lei's watch Star Trek, it's inore interesting than the industrial 

"Sometimes, I have the strange feeling that people will laugh at me if they 
see me in a green spandex body stocking" 









'' first 








Bender's f^iuT) 













aiJTe&ns v.s 




















f Set's 
















s^¥i^sm^^ iW@^ 




3^1 Trip 







Tedcf)&' Jntai/ievY's 





31 Trip 

Teacher M^si^e^v^ 





Sz Girls 

shipsi G?bs^ 


DlpasniilSisi? fiaagl 







7 JO 



St Christ 









/I^V ■'^J 




1^ CfTlstr/iss 
Vacalim star-ts 

^l&} 1-6 

Ski Trip to WMstJar 

P&-erfts AtiX'W&y (yrisimss 
'^~^' Dfrner 


January i990 













20 PA 








Wecttesd^ T/krsd&L/ fhddg Sai Sin /^kvkMi Tijesdsy WedTeso^ 







^- I 

iv(7 Trip to 






Ski Tn'p to 


-st?ip 3t 



^t. Soys Bli aty 

S^r. Bi?ys Bti Oiij 











li^iS SS^^ ^^H0 S^^SSS^SS 


I G 1 1 

w D__^ 



March f990 



2 Sii tnp> 


6 - 10 
Sdieoi /-kisjcar 

iKfss rie Kale 

at b'Ts i-lqiti&sm Plsi/ia/se 


IJ97r f^jg^. Co^ts 

/^^^■pi/ 1 e&ve far 
icHrs- of ih^&itis/7 

14 nraivnrst Ei^TBSs 
School Tnirfe&/es for 
&m}&y,A(Stne ^ £^urs/an 

&xfS)rJt2erJ&p^ D6t/:&'..^ Tajrof 
JBSW9S ^^ liBCc&m/s: 


April f990 






S^j Trip 





r-lal^ Cant est 











r^ tit Ji Cm test 














fl8ti f990 


















Awdgac^! - 






Art Show 



^t: Sctioco 
A'i SSiaw 











^l/^£ f990 

^*'lcsjoa: Tiiss-QSLf Wet^TE^sij ! J7irst>m fn^su f^kridSL' Ti/Rsmu We&'/es-cm //TtrFiidL 
















Grade 9 

Howard Anglin 
Briony Angus 
Matthew Banister 

Joshua Belkin-Knowler 

Jason Binab 
Jamesie Bray 
Melissa Bruce 

Alison Burden 
Brian Calder 
Adrian Campillo 
Robert Card 
Robbie Carignan 


Joey Carrington 

Gregory Chae 
Jim Chan 

Jessica Chant 

Jahangir Charania 
Brad Chewpoy 


Edward Choi 

Samantha Cowan 

Clare Cronin 

Monique Crous 

Daniel Curran 

Noelle Davis 

James Davison 

Colin De La Plante 

Tom Doughty 

Ryan Doyle 

Christopher Drohomirecki 

Ian Druce 

Jonathan Edgell 

Fiona Ely 

Fuad Parage 

Robin Forbes 

Mathew Franklin 
Alexandra Furtado 

Allison Garwood 
Philip Gaudin 


James Goodier 
Jeffrey Gordon 

Damian Grant 
Ravind Grewal 
Jamie Grier 
David Ha 
Dana Hahn 

William Hann 
Diana Harvey 
Ilja Herb 

Grant Hodgins 
David Hughes 
Dustin Hunter 

Sharon Janzen 
Hywel Jones 
Sameer Kajani 

Judith Kemp 
Sheri Kemp-Welch 
Satoshi Kikuchi 


Richard Klassen 
Corey Large 

Amy Lenk 
Anna Leong 

Mark Leung 

Victor Leung 

Renton Leversedge 

Ming Lim 

Paige MacDonald 

Luke MacKay 

Nancy Marks 

Christopher Masterson 

Jeffrey McCracken 

Ryan McRae 

Christina Middleton 

Leroy Mills 

Demian Monroy 

Brian Murphy 
Jeremiah Pauw 


Tamsyn Pengilly 
Richard Perez De Tagle 
Sean Punergill 

Shawn Rankin 
Andrew Rippinglon 
William Rondow 

Robert Savill 
Fiona Scanlan 
Kurt Schweitzer 
Grey Showier 
Alejandro Skipsey 

Jason Sturgis 
Andrew Valle 
Jeremy VanRaamsdonk 
Kimberly Wahl 
Nicolle Williamson 

Christopher Wilson 
Benjamin Yardley 

Alan Yeung 


Grade X 


^HpS^IS'ii^ .ic- ^'^^^^^^^^^H^H 



Bijan Ahmadi 
Michael Alexander 
Megan Allen 
Natalie Alvarez 
James Anderson 

Lisa Angus 
Shanti Atkins 
Gillian Baddeley 

Brendan Barry 
Chris Beeston 
Ann Behennah 

Kirsten Benzon 
Jane Bowers 
l^ah Bowers 

Monty Bridgman 
Can Burden 
Joshua Burke 

Peter Cacos 
Leo Caffaro 


Susan Campbell 
John Cantlie 
Bryan Chan 

Mandy Chan 
Steve Chang 
Wilson Chee 

Renee Chen 

Sean Chen 

Panos Cosmatos 

Edward Crothall 

Jeremy Cummings 

Rebekah Curran 
Jennifer Daniel 
Chris Darimont 
Alayne Dawlings 
Bryce Dearborn 

Kelly Derrickson 
Laurie Doige 

Aaron Dragushan 

Jason Dugal 

Timothy Dummer 

Angela Dunbar 

Jennifer Ellis 


Kevin Ewart 
Shereen Fard 
Mahmoud Farivar 
Adrian Field 
Fraser Fletcher 

Margaret Fonger 
Sarah Frew 
Christiaan Fulton 
Lauren Gainor 
Lisa Garwood 

Ryan Gillespie 
Simran Grewal 
Mark Grist 
Lydia Gubbels 
Jeremy Harris 

Jim Huang 

Erinn Hughes 
Christopher Isherwood 

Choshu Ito 

Karim Jamal 
Kam Lik Ming 

Adam Kay 
Joanna Kiss 
Erica Kjekstad 
Lisa Klassen 
Daniel Klinka 


Sadique LaIJi 

Grant Lamont 

Michael Lee 

Steven Lin 

Jason Lindholm 

Edgar Lomeli 

David Mackenzie 

Paul Malin 

Justin Mark 

Gaurav Mathur 

Christopher May 

Michael McArthur 

Julien McKenzie 

Lindsay Mclaughlin 

Brent McLay 

Morgan McLeod 

Andrew Mitchell 

Clare Mochrie 

Suzanne Obdrzalek 

Trevor Parkes 

Tammy Passmore 

Thomas Petzing 

Joanna Piercy 

Jessie Poh 

Rebecca Pollard 

Mark Pospisilik 

Kevin Price 

Lars Primgaard 



Tisanu Ratanarat 
Peter Robb 
Tanya Romaniuk 
Hartland Ross 
Rachel Sanglap 

Naomi Saville 
Brian Scanlan 
Jan Schmidt 
Jamie Scott 
Lisha Scott 

Monica Sethi 
Carson Shanks 
Craig Simson 
Dylan Smith 
Clive Southcombe 

Mark Stanger 
Dean Straathof 
Tony Talarico 
Harry Tan 
Johnny Tsai 

Milan Uzelac 
Tanis Wahl 
Jeremy White 
Jason Winters 
Matthew Wong 

Michelle Wright 

Melissa Worth 

Sandie Yew 

Ayako Yuasa 


Trevor Sigmundson 

^t^ H 


Grade XI 


David Adams 
Victor Alexander 
Susan Anderson 
Siephany Ayotte 
Scott Baker 

Josh Ball 
Nicola Beeston 
Chad Bevan 
Christopher Blohm 
Mark Blondeau 

Giles Bodley-Scott 

Dennis Bong 
Michael Brown 

Tyler Bruce 

Christopher Burke 
Stewart Bunerfield 

Scott Cale 
Sara Card 
Julian Castle 
Brian Chan 
Justin Chant 

Anthony Chiu 

David Chmiel 
Lisa Cohen 
Jesse Collinson 


Sarah Connolly 

Jeremy Cordle 

Davepal Dhillon 

David Didluck 

Evan Du Temple 

Gillie Easdon 

Michael Ellis 

Danny Fill 

Sarah Finall 

Thia Franklin 

Rob Eraser 

Rhiannon Gainor 

Graham Gidden 

Alexander Gilly 

Joe Gregory 

Bikrim Grewal 
Neil Guernsey 

Kerstin Gustafson 

Scon Hall 

David Hamilton 

Sarah Hentschel 

Nadia Herb 

Sean Higgins 

Ryan Horn 

Peter Howard 

Max Humphreys 

Jeffrey Hunt 


Ayaka Ikehata 
Gerald Ip 

Stephanie IsherwcKxl 
Kate Jacobs 
Ashif Jaffer 

Kris Johnson 
AtuI Khullar 
Derek Kilburn 
Raymond Lam 
Catherine Lambe 

Jason Le Heup 
Andrew Leung 
Pamela Lewis 
Lawrence Loiseau 
Adrian Luckhurst 

Kevin Lundy 
Heather Lyall 
Pagan MacKay 
Robert Mayhew 
Flint McDowell 

Christine McKay 

Jean McPherson 
Scott McQueen 

James McRae 
Robert McTavish 
Derek Meinecke 
Sonja Michaud 
Greg Miller 


Yan Monroy 

Michael Montour 

James Morley 

Jennifer Mortimer 

Kevin Murphy 

Pamela Murray 

Francis Muzio 

Amir Neyestani 

Jobi Norman 

Grady O'Neil 

Jason Penaluna 
Shauna Pengelly 

Rachel Phillips 

Susan Platts 
Jennifer Popkin 

Ayelet Porzecanski 

David Radick 

Jason Reynolds 

Michelle Roberts 

Gillian Robertson 

Graham Robertson 

Ryan Robinson 

Juliette Sacks 

Erica Sangster 

Mark Schneider 

Joanna Schofield 


Kristin Semmens 
Daniel Shum 
Pervez Siddiqui 
Ricliard Stone 
Donald Sutton 

Simon Tang 
David Taylor 
Jennifer Thoss 
Christopher Tomlinson 
Danielle Topliss 

Christine Tyson 
Mark Van Raamsdonk 

Majid Vaughan 
Charlie Von Maldeghem 
Conrad Walker 
Susan Wall 
Kevin Wallis 

Elizabeth Walton 

Alexander Wardle 
Kristina Watson 
Ben Whyte 
Trevor Wiens 

Christine Winsby 
Kenneth Wong 
Jessica WooUiams 
Andrew Yee 
Patricia Yu 





L people] 

Sean Affleck 

Sean Arnold James Affleck, also known as "Shamu" came to S.M.U. in Grade six. Origmaliy from Saudi Arabia 
(Freckles?), he now hails from Connecticut, one of the few East Coast boarders at the school. Sean surprised 
us all when he and MB. passed Grade 10 and in doing so. set a new record for laps of the pitch. Sunny days 
would find Shamu enjoying a picnic and sipping on some fresh orange juice. As well as showing his musical talents 
at dances and on stage Sean showed his athletic talents on the Grad Ski Trip. His grace and elegance cannot be 
put into words (moose on skis!?). Shamu also tripped out on the Grade 1 1 Mexico adventure. The journey saw 
him expand his massive Spanish vocabulary with such words as "mopez" and "mas" along with a quote of his 
own ( + K.M.+S-E.) "unos, dos. tres," Our smilmg friend plans to go to U. B.C. in the fall and on the completion 
of his degree he has two career plans; either open a bar or start up the long awaited Cuervo Treatment Centre. 
Good luck. Shamu and no maner what Grad honour you're voted into we still love ya. you ogre. See you in Mexico. 

Rosemarie Alkoff 

After two years at S.M.U.. Rose. (Gypsy), a.k.a. Pink or Poser, breezed into Grade 12 only to find this was 
lough stuff! Of course the two a.m. nights with M.S. didn't help the study habits! What did you guys talk about 
anyway? Sanity was a fragile thing and was seldom part of her vocabulary. It was sustained only by the states 
of depression and rare "up" moments, the frequent "I want a baby" phases and last but certainly not least, the 
well known "Don't talk to me before noon" grouch moods. Of course, her over bubbly roommate, Jeanie ("Lola. 
L-G-L-A, Lola") contributed to picking up the pieces along with EC, N.D. and the rest of the boarding gang. 
Although she may have began her life as a rather meek Grade 10 poser turned into the mean. New House house- 
keeper, whose favorite thing to do on a Wednesday night was to slap on those half hours to anyone with an unmade 

Homa Amin 

Homa, a resident New Yorker, graced us with her presence in Grade 1 1 finding out that Victoria isn't such a 
bad place after all. Homa brought as much excitement to our lives as anyone could ask for. Between trips down- 
town, late nights in New House, and "Oh my God" trips to Muffin Break. Homa will leave behind many good 
memories, attempting Calculus, 2:30 a.m. jaunts to A&W. driving a taxi; these were all things we don't do. Games 
were not Homa's favorite though she is an avid ski racer. Homa managed to get some good grades, and plans 
to lake business next year. We all hope that your two years al S.M.U. have been happy ones - we'll miss your 
cheerful smile. 
Best of luck for the future, we won't worry about you. the La Boheme will miss you. 

Sasha Angus 

In Grade 11 he was new, 

And he lived with Body and Bu. 

He had a big bash, and spent his dad's cash 

Then didn't know what to do. 

In Grade 12 he joined the select 

By becoming a New House Prefect. 

He was straight with the woman, and always a bossman. 

And definitely left his effect. 

The Captain of the team he was picked. 

Cause of his sweet tennis tricks. 

A great academic, and military medic. 

Will progress to the great U of Vic. 

(. . . if he gets in) 


Ian Archibald 

A member of the O'Donals coffee club with PKT and JR has quite a record of academic achievemenl although 
(here is no visible effort evident. After attaming the title of fifth in Canada in Math, he has been coasting on the 
self reward of that alone. lan's rugby career was ended abruptly during a game vs. Brentwood for the Colts C 
Team in which he broke his collar bone. The Green Land-cruising machine will be sorely missed as a character 
builder in the S.M.U. parking lot. The captain of the Road Kills Hockey Team scored many goals with his "collector's 
item" stick. Archie did help JP in attempting to rid si>ciety of the music of PKT yet he prefers not to undergo 
the physical punishment this First XV prop dishes out. lan's pet peeve is having marathon phone sessions with 
JP and PKT explaining and re-explaining Chem assignments. He aspires to go to U.B.C. to join his sister, and 
later become a robotics engineer. 

Anita Barker 

Anita is a boarder from Vancouver. B.C. She has panicipaled in cycling and given assistance in drama productions 
(backstage) and as a marshall at cross-countr> races. Anita will likely spend next year in Europe before entering 
University in this province in 1991. 

Adrian Behennah 

Adnan has spent six memorable years at S.M.U He made quite the impression when he arrived at S.M.U. in gr, 7. His goofy 
banana antics teaming him the name. "Banana") will be remembered. He quickl) became known for his impressive academic abilities 
and as a result was appointed School Captain Scholar m gr. 12. In addition. Adnan excelled at athletics, such as X-Country. track 
and rugby, music, his Prefect duties in grade 12. and just about everything he tried. Needless to say. however, there was another 
side to Adnan. BeneaOi the skin of the mild-mannered scholar lurks a real rebel and party animal. AB. fell easily for S.F.'s practical 
jokes in Grade 9 and 10. culminating in an incident with a lock and a door at a certain female changing room at a certain Racquet 
Club dance (our prize prefect and School Captain were sentenced to a week's kitchen duty and community service for this). In all 
honesty, however. Adnan did manage lo present lat least on the surface) a civilized appearance: he toasted the Queen at Common- 
wealth Society dinners with CD. and philosophized on the quantum nature of naked singulanlies with the Math Crew. AB (Doc 
Savage. Spidey) will also be remembered for his versatile tastes in reading matenal which have included Milton. Douglas Adams, 
Arthur C Clarke. Shakespeare, as well as his sleezy magazines and lurid Spiderman comics, Adnan. in fact, was so fond of his 
comic-book heros. that he appeared at a cross country race dressed in a superman costume. Known for his tastes in the bizarre and 
the unexpected, the School Captain can be seen sipping cups of coffee or tea m Brown Hall, philosophizing about aliens or the New 
Age with a few friends Adrian's memones will include bombing around town and doing late night excursions to China Town with 
Deek and Company, watching Westoby make a fool out of himself at Don Mee's. patrolling the campus with AH. S.F,. CD., 
and V F . nuitv French .Ayatullah skits with B.C. and the "dog '. and taking part in "espresso talks' at the Magic Com Next Year. 
Adnan plans to take pre-med at either U B.C.. McGill or U.V.IC. With his grades, Adrian should have no problem gening his 
M D and he will without doubt, fulfill his lifetime ambition. 

Mike Bendickson 

Micheal Brian Bendickson made the trek down from the thriving metropolis of Campbell River in Grade 8. Mike 
settled in and worked hard in the true style of newcomers to S.M.U. - then it happened. Mike became roommates 
with S.A. and they haven't looked back or seen straight since. Mike has had more than his fair share of misad- 
ventures but has been somewhat in line by the threat "One more time and you're outta here." Unlike his roommate 
in Grade 12 G,S. who called the bluff and now enjoys the quiet life in Revelstoke. Sorry man it was a close call 
but G.S. had to get the category "always in trouble." Belter luck next time. Mike, Affectionately known as "Body" 
was very active, and besides being a member of the Second XV. he enjoyed working out with weights especially 
the 60 lb. variety. Mike enjoyed the lucrative occupation of knocking down defenceless trees, however, this part 
time employment did not satisfy his destructive nature, and drywail and pre-fab doors became his next victims. 
Body somehow misinterpreted the rules, and he figured if the Clarkes could have a car on campus, so could he. 
Mike soon found himself enjoying the scenery on the drive up island. Mike also gave up his services to the school 
for a full week after everyone else had gone home. The school buses have never been so clean. What a guy. Mike 
was a happy member of the Mexico crew, although take-off was a bit hazy. Watch out for girls in hard hats at 
the 90's rock during Hora Feilze! On the Grad Ski Trip Mike enjoyed the hot tub at Zeppo's and oh yeah the 
skiing was pretty good, loo! Next year. Body hopes lo head East to either Western or Carlelon. His goal - To 
make lots of money and retire early! The best of luck to ya. Mike! Oi! 


Martin Bowers 

This Hawaiian surf dude first attended SMU at the Junior School, and has since made valuable contributions as 

a prefect (both in Grade 7 and Grade 12). a musician, a mathematician, and most importantly, a road hockey 
player (all without exhibiting a shred of effort). Despite a busy schedule, he still finds time to drink coffee at 
O'Donals. and complain about the girls and weather in Victoria compared to those of Hawaii. Martin takes great 
pleasure in disrupting "Gary" classes by talking continuously to I. A. about fishing trips and other matters of 
great importance, but will never forgive the latter for scamming so many extra marks in Chemistry, In his spare 
time, Martin scuba dives (just can't kill enough fish with a rod and hook, eh Martin?) and practises his basketball 
hook shot (the only one he can do). Martin will go on to do well at whatever it is he wants to do well at, and 
will always have spare money to lend for coffee. 

Laura Bradbury 

"Whai a long, sirange trip Us been." Laura arrived at S M.U in grade seven wiih a lot of dreamy noiions (there are only going 
to be four girls in our grade? How cool') It turned out to be more "trying" than "cool" but the four "pioneers" were finally accepted 
after thev played a rugby game and went through rugby training with the guys After that legendary rugby game (where Laura won 
the guys' respect by taking off G L "s glasses and jumping on them) the rest of the year became vivjdly memorable There was 
dancing in the showers, songs in ihe quad, snowball fights in the back field (sorry Timothia). and most importantly, the senior school 
dances where numerous soap operas began Grade 8 began with some interest in a grade 10 boy but eventually J J. Goodwin and 
junior girls' grasshockey preoccupied her whole existence The only memories of grade 8 & 9 were dances and grasshockey (Laura's 
claim to athletic C*) fame at S MV) In grade 10 Laura decided to rebel and ditch grasshockey and her life became one long party 
What a blast! She teamed up with J.J and R.C. and patiently listened to their personal crisis' involving certain gr 12 guys. Who 
will ever forget the J.C. cast party "^ Remember "guys, it was funny last night, but it's not so funny anymore!" Mt Tolmie 

was our second home, and was immortalized in Dougie Easdon's much worshipped picture Laura continued in much the same way 
in gr, 1 1 but in gr. 12 something remarkable happened. Laura hctame responsible Granled she had been on T C 's much-feared 
tennis squad for three years, but he didn't exactly, leach her respunsibility Laura was named a prefect, elected on the short-lived 
grad comminee. became Head of Photography for the Yearbook, and called Herb Erwin a lot about the grad supplement The only 
thing she was not too diligent about was attending aerobics but well nobody's perfect. She also was a little bit. shall we say 
careless? at Paul's B-day party at her house Everybody knows that "what I am" only sounds good when played REALLY LOUD 
on dad's brand new stereo. How were we supposed to know it blows the amplifier at 12? The sparklers well, mom never needed 
that place mat anyway and the burnt spot on the carpet is under a chair leg. Responsible people don't usually sing the "Electric 
Company " song with J.J and J M. in Grenfell's English class but we all need to let loose sometimes. Laura will be jening off to 
spend a year in France next year on a Rotary Exchange and then hopes to go to McGill to find herself, actually get a B.A, with 
prerequisites for advertising or journalism. She'll always live by her favorite quote, "you only live once, you might as well get 
all the good laughs you can!" Adios Amigos! 

Tim Brierley 

Tim first came to SMU in Grade 5. when anybody could get in. Tim, the guy of names, perhaps "Gummy" 
being most famous. Once Tim got his car. the mechanic was born, and a year later Tim wiped the grease from 
his face and looked at "the car". Although Tim has a "sweet" (heh Ian) car, he can't honestly say he has not 
been on probation once or twice. Tim's plans for the future are uncertain; maybe a Canadian Tire mechanic (just 
kidding). U.V.I.C. or U.B.C. is in sight, or else he will just go fishing, (Well. Joe, 'Juan!). 

Colin Brown 

Colin firsl came to S.M.U. in Grade 8 and is probably better known as "Rookie". This name began to surface 
after Colin seemed to encounter certain blunders and misfortunes such as lighting parts of Garibaldi campsite on 
fire (including Thor's shoe). He was quoted as "attempting to revive the fire with just a touch of kerosene", 
Colin's most prized possession is without a doubt his Volkswagen Bug, Probably more correctly referred to as 
an insect rather than a real car, Colin is convinced that no Ferrari or Porsche is faster. This is probably why 
Colin wears with pride the notorious "VW Club" patch on the arm of his Grad jacket One quickly points out. 
however, that S.M,U. does not have a VW Club?! Nevertheless. Colin hopes to graduate this year and attend 
U,V,1.C. in the fall, where he will enter Law School, after completing his undergraduate degree. He will be missed 
on the Squash and Cross Country teams, but hopes to carry on these activities at university. 


Nick Bullock 

Nick escaped to S.M.U. from Shawnigan Lake School in ihc 1 1th Grade, and his acquaintances ranged from Mr. 
Kayal lo Greg Coreman. His first impressions of S.M.U. began with the exhilarating run at the beginning of the 
year, where as fast as greased lightning he blazed around the ver> green field. He soon discovered that his hair 
was far iixi long and by no means acceptable for a respectable young lad. 4-5 hair "trims" monthly followed 
the frequent requests for a "cut". He vaguely remembers being dragged through mud slides behind New House 
with A.B- A few surprise nightly "visits" from step brothers and friends made for some bizarre nightly occur- 
rences which fortunately were soon forgotten. His favorite sporting event was mountain rec. cycling with A.B. 
through vast vegetation and thick forest. Mushroom burger barbeques were a definite highlight at A.C.'s. S<,x>n 
he moved out to live with a lovely family finding confinement in boarding unbearable. He is king of Nick land 
and looks very much forward to Europe for a trip in September and working hard at home in California, where 
he can do anything. One day at a lime he grooves on forever! 

Brent Bundon 

Brent came to St. Michaels in Grade 9 as a feather-haired rocker. He quickly adjusted to S.M.U. life and over 
the next four years made many accomplishments. In Grade 10. Brent was on the I.S.A. All-Star and member 
of the Colls A rugby team. However, his back injur, forced him to exchange his cleats for a pair of Speedos 
and a spot on the TEAM SWIM. He resurfaced in Grade 12 making a special appearance on the Fourth XV but 
decided it wasn't for him. These contributions were minor compared to the commilmenl he made as co-captain 
of the "SULTANS OF CHEESE" hockey team. An intense competition Brent dedicated the season to his Weiner 
dog Malika that became ver\ ill halfway through the year. Not only a fine athlete. Brent also excelled in the fine 
arts under the direction of his idol. Do McKay. A skilled musician. Brent was an important member of the band 
aiKi Mr. McKay's prize student. Learning his skills from MVC McGyver Brent became a survivor, and used his 
Nam skills to almost singlehandediy lead the group on Garibaldi. Brent was an all-round nice guy and loved by 
all. Unfortunately Brent became a very mixed-up lad in Grade 12. The power went to his head and he started 
up a secret gang in the underworld. Under the direction of Brent; Dwight Lockwood, Mike Van Camp and Robb 
Harker attempted to run the Grad Class into the ground. Despite trouble. Brent felt "it was casual". After living 
seventeen years in the "banger" zone of Gordon Head. Brent moved uptown, joining his buds in UPPER TER- 
RACE and becoming an honorary member of the famed L'.T.C. Next year Brent will attend Queens', Western 
or U.V.I.C. When not at universit>'. you wiil find Brent at King CABE with Thor and Jann Margison. 

Peryl Cain 

"Perly" came to us in Grade 10. gracing us with her dynamic personality and beauty . . . {height doesn't matter.) 
Her Grade 10 year was one of turbulent friendships and romances. Grade 1 1 ; however, brought Peryl stability 
- (or at least she appeared to be stable.) Her sophisticated love of different cultures {food, language, people, ce- 
nezas etc.) made the Mexico trip in Grade 1 1 a memorable one. Also on the trip. Peryl discovered that she had 
the unique talent of disguising herself as a drink! Recognising Peryl's intelligence, determination, togetherness, 
she was elected Head Girl by her classmates. Her responsibility as Head Girl has been fulfilled above and beyond 
the call of dut>'. Despite her rigorous schedule, Peryl always has enough time for her friends, whether it be to 
give her famous advice or just companionship. "Perly's" three years at S.M.U. have been highlighted by her 
great achie\ements and many victories at Debating and Public Speaking. She is involved in almost all facets of 
school life. Next year Peryl will most likely go to England on the GAP exchange and then to U.V.I.C. and even- 
mally McGill to study Political Science. Don't be surprised if you see our Head Girl in the House of Commons 
as Prime Minister! Good luck, Peryl and Vaya con Dios! 

Barnett Chai 

Bamett came to school in the year 1985 from Malaysia. He lived in school house for his first two years. Then, 
he moved to International House for just one year. His last two years were spent in the paradise of Mr, Tongue's 
house. Bamett was quiet in the school just so that he could stay in the paradise. He spent most of his time playing 
Badminton. He made it to the '"A" Team Bad and the Fourth XV. Sneaking out? He never sneaks out. But maybe 
a few times. Skipping Chape!, though, was his favorite. "My alarm did not go off. O.K.. I have flight training 
every Sunday, at 10 a.m., too." The paradise later on was converted into a Noodle House. D.M. was quite often 
there, as well, to eat. Actually, he almost moved in. The famous four, with whom he lived, excell in Basketball; 
they can even "slam". Who said Bamett had no curfew! He and C.H. and C.R. had to go lo bed by 4 a.m. DC. 
sleeps in the aftemoon. Everyday during the school year, he had to help DM. and J.Y. in their assignments and 
so on. That was not bad for that increased his pocket money. Bamett is planning to go to U.B.C. or Carleton 
Universitv. Keep up your smash and good luck! 


Lucas Chambers 

Creating a gym in International House, and being able to beat up kids as a prefect, he made a statement that a 
real man should have at least thirty-inch wide arms. He decided to pump iron after he saw the picture of a stud 
on the wall of his sister's room, and now, he has successfully gained quite a few muscles. He enjoys pumping 
himself up and harassing J.K. as well as swimming to show off his huge upper body and Weenie F. legs. He 
shows his excessive interest in Marine Biology which explains his notebooks which are full of drawings of sharks. 
Consequently, his marks in Biology class have been very good. He certified himself as an open water, advanced, 
and rescue diver and had some great experiences of diving around Victoria and down in the Caribbean. He has 
enjoyed his great two years at SMU and plans to go to UBC or down to a university in Australia to study Marine 
Biology. "Vallery" will be greatly missed, especially because of the fact that we can't hear his famous imitation 
of the famous quote. "You broke my Nintendo, rrright!" anymore. Best of luck in the future! 

David Chang 

David has been at the S.M.U. institution since his arrival in grade 8 from Taiwan. Since that time, he has proven 
himself as a tough rugby player supreme ("the Charger") and definitely along with B.C.. one of the founding 
members of the Chong Group during the grade 1 1 University Tour. His residence at the Tongue house has become 
a regular hangout spot where people drink coffee and discuss philosophy and politics. This is probably due to 
the fact that he is a very nice guy. A very fast sprint was an invaluable aid to his flanking abilities in rugby. 
Perhaps some of his best memories come from when he was walking around downtown Montreal at night. Dave 
is planning to do Science at university. 

Greg Churchill 

Greg came to St. Mike's in Grade 10 and has found the school to be both challenging and fun. He will always 
remember the embarrassing (sp!) moments or serving his fellow students at his part-time job. McD's. Greg looks 
forward to graduating and hopes the Grad is the wildest ever in S.M.U. history. 

Chris Clarke 

Gee whiz Chris Clarke is a nice guy. too bad his nickname is Cock, also known as Cocke. He came in Grade 
6, a man with a mission. It is now Grade 12. and his list of accomplishments is far loo long to mention here, 
but some include playing in the band, until Grade 1 1 when he got tired of being a sacrificial lamb, played rugby 
on the Colls A. and with the First XV till his shoulders stopped working. Grade 10, the year Mrs. C. started 
paying Chris' tuition insurance is a blur, so we'll skip it. Grade 1 1 would have been smooth, if it wasn't for a 
conflict of opinion with Constable Irwin. Despite this, Chris "earned" his prefect tie in Grade 12. along with 
a Duke Of Edinburgh silver medallion. He will be remembered for taking the hinges off M.C.'s door with Gumz. 
his boisterous laugh, and his merciful execution of the Master Blaster. He will attend University in the East next 
year, and take business, and will remember his friends when he makes his fortune. 


Greg Clarke 

Greg managed lo survive seven years ai SMU without upsetting too many people, and even bccatne quite well 
known: (■'Hi. Bl") Though he'd like to be remembered as being a rugby star or head of New House, most will 
remember his weird ties, his nicknames, his brother, and his belt buckles Rumoured as being crazy, Greg actually 
stayed out of trouble, but still managed the odd dance lesson, and actually enjoyed himself on occasion. If any 
Banff clowns ever hear him say "1 just want to be left alone" - believe him, he does. Greg will likely end up 
at U of A next year. 

Robin Coombes 

Robin (Birdie, Rockin, Batman, or just plain Bob) ventured over from the great wilderness of Saltspring Island 
10 give the big city a try. She soon adjusted to the boarding life in 104 with J. J., D.M., and R.P. (the closets 
are useful!) Determined to be tall, she spent two years on the B-Ball team ■ but to no avail (I guess some people 
weren't meant to grow). She had better luck with the V-Ball and cycling teams where height doesn't matter. The 
Mexico trip was definitely the high point of Grade 1 1 (can you say Sanchez?) cause all that work can bring a 
person down. However beginning Grade 12 as a prefect, the year seemed very promising. But the liaison with 
a certain little turtle soon put an end to that! (1 hope ■ cause if there's rocks ahead we'll all be dead!). For the 
future, she wants to join the navy or relive the Princess Bride. As for next year, she is going up the road to study 
Biology in the Co-op program. May your fiight be merry! 

Tyson Cooper 

Tyson, a. k. a. Petra. the innocent 4 eyed prairie boy. marched into Grade 8 only to be shocked by the small. 12-man 
School House dorms. But he soon shed his glasses and various other manners and began terrorizing S.M.U. and 
its contents. Throughout his boarding days. Tyson has had his fair share of weird roommates, namely MP.. J.B., 
J.M., S.A. But who turned who crazy first HMMM'? Oh, and by the way. Peeping Tyson, used the telescope 
lately?! Although he has participated in band, badminton, and other hobbies, his favorite pastime still seems to 
be with the female species! After 5 years and approximately 15 girls, he has finally settled with R.C. (the poor 
girl). Tyson, with luck, will enter U of Saskatchewan and (god forbid) become a prairie vet. Good luck. Cooper! 

David Coppard 

David came lo the coast from the sprawling industrial heartland of British Columbia - Williams Lake, He spent 
a year at Parkiands Schiwl adjusting to the quaint surroundings. Gone was the hum of a distant tractor pull at 
dusk, and the soft rumble of a motorcycle in the halls. He has gotten used to it. however, and towards the end 
of the year learned of the existence of S.M.U. Here was a place where you could be justifiably pompous, so he 
leaped at the chance to attend. His most excilmg moments at the school came with watching his marks plummet 
in the initial few weeks. Fortunately they rebounded before he left to become a jockey. Other moments included 
experiencing Mr. Creek's innovative bus driving (he still sits by the fire escape) and scoring two goals in road 
hockey almost accidentally. He also enjoyed the brief glimpses of absolute power occasionally being in charge 
of closing the library gave him. (la bibliotheque c'est moi.) The rest of the time he prided himself on being able 
to go for hours without forming an expression on his face. He hopes this will prepare him for a future career 
as a nervous banker. He will take commerce al U.B.C. and intends to spend his spare time avoiding sharp objects 
and strange animals. 


Jack Coyne 

Jack will be remembered for his many exploits and advenuires, all of which will not be mentioned here. Known 
to his friends as an insomniac armed with the ever-present bag, which contained everything from silly putty to 
stingrays, he was a devout follower of the teachings of the Venerable Gregario who commanded '"Carpe Diem". 
"Jacko" had the inhuman knack for finding people, even when they're in another city and was able to implant 
strange thoughts into their unsuspecting minds (Have you ever seen Quadrophenia?)- After being voted the most 
valuable player on the First XV for two consecutive years, "'Action" also played on the B.C. All-Star Basketball 
team for the third time, making him a well-rounded athlete indeed. Having completed his five-year mission (from 
Grade 8 to 12). seeking out. and that sort of stuff, this anomaly plans to go someplace and do something or other. 
1 forget. Primmitti too taa 

Mike Crape 

Mike Crape left his Gold River reservation and arrived at St. Michaels in Grade 10. Mike became quickly loved 
by all as he gained 101 nicknames including Barbu, Starbu. Baldu. Grubu. Lobstu, Rugbu, Bubarian, Jigaboo. 
Boostrip, Booweiser, Emmanuel Boostein, 007. Conan the Bubarian, Boo Diddley. Boo Belly, Boo Jackson, 0036. 
Peek a Boo, Mikeesh, or just commonly BOO. Michael, amidst ib broken noses and bad knees, managed to do 
more than his share for athletics at S.M.U. He played rugby for Colts B and the Second XV, soccer. Track and 
Field, and was captain of the Gold team in Grade 12. But these are minor activities compared to the major roles 
he played on the "Sultans of Cheese" hockey team and the ultimate honour; 1st XV touch judge! Mike will always 
be remembered for his outgoing personality and his fascinating grin (especially by L.M.). Boo knows pick-ups! 
As Michael leaves S.M.U. and heads to the University of Western Ontario he leaves us this memorAble quote; 
"HARSH". Good-bye Michael. We hope your summer is as good as your last one. 

Emily Cronin 

Em walked into S.M U as a cute, curly locked Grade 10. After showing off her so-called musical talents in both 
orchestra and choir, she proceeded to dazzle everyone with her record swim times. She then drove into Grade 
1 1 with her mean green party machine VW Bug complete with AS. in the front seat. Oh, and by the way. Em. 
pay attention when you drive, running red lights can be potentially dangerous! Frequently known for her noisy 
laughs, and loud voice, it's no wonder she managed to get R.A. into trouble. ("And you were daft enough to 
listen to her . .!") Who would have thought that the seemingly quiet Grade 10 would turn into the glamourous 
prefect that she is now?! Good luck. Auntie Em, and remember. "There's no place like home." 

Greer Cummings 

El Rojo came to S.M.U. in Grade 10 from Ottawa. As a newcomer to Victoria and the school. Greer had no 
trouble fitting in and having fun right away. Every year Greer has taken part in Girls" Soccer and has been a 
strong member of the team despite her size. Her unmistakable voice can be heard every day in the girls' changing 
room or back showers {Greer's favorite hang-out!) and helped profoundly in the choruses of both of the school 
musicals "The Mikado" and "Kiss Me Kate". Greer has had many fond memories of high school starting with 
Slave Day (could you imagine Greer Grier?) all the way to the Grad ski trip where she definitely skied her buns 
off! (Lets download from the top, OK guys?) Greer's school life at S.M.U. has been very exciting for her. and 
somehow she always has fun with her amigos Nick, Big Al, Tums. and Jules, at Girls' Nite (or was it'). Through 
the good times and the bad times, Greer has been a great supportive friend who's always ready to have fun! Keep 
in touch Greer - you've got what ii takes to go far! 


Rachel Curran 

Rachel has spent five interesting and fruitful years at SMU, Her best memories include: Grade nine German with 
Frau G.. hiking the West Coast Trail (nice timing. Sack!) and spending the belter pan of Grade 12 trying to con- 
vince S.E, that she really is an intuitive thinker Thanx goes to Smick. Spog. Neem. Sack, Ecna. N.B.. and of 
course. T,C . whose incredibly low mark in Bio made up for a lot. Also, of course, to A.B.. who made us realise 
how stressful and duty-full the life of a prefect really is Rakel hopes to begin pre-med. courses at McGill next 
September and eventually become a psychiatrist (yeah right Rach - you «cc<^ a psychiatrist!!) J.J. Love Always - S. 

Jed Dearborn 

In Harvey House he was the head. 

Til his face got exceedingly red. 

After one shon jog in ihe mud and the bog. 

He woke up in the infirmary bed. 

This turned him excessively mean. 

After tailing with the great rugby team. 

From success on Colts "A", they got lost on the way. 

To becoming a great 1st XV. 
From Eaionia, Jed came as a hick. 
In the city he learned very quick. 
Scoring women was easy, "till they called him cheesy, 
Now he's off lo the great U of VIC. 

(. . . snip) 

Sarah Donald 

Sarah came to SMU in Grade 7 with LB-, M.W., and S.S. Days in Middle Remove were filled with bunched, 
swooshed and flipped hair, wedgies (except for L.B.'s PENNYLOAFERS). vegetable soup. Mrs. L. rehab talks, 
and changeroom hideouts from . . . THE BOYS!!! AAGGHH! Since then Sarah has shed "the bunch" and become 
an enthusiastic door warden. She has been a part of the Mikado. Kiss Me Kate and the First XI grass hockey 
team- She has gained valuable cultural enrichment both from the Mexico trip in '89 (we did not!!) and the Britain 
tour in '90. "The Woody" and memories of his many dastardly deeds will always remain an unshakable part 
of our souls, as well as his excursions lo a certain restaurant chain (English at the University of Alberta you say?!) 
Sarah may one day migrate to New York, (unless The Woody gets lost on the way) and become an actress. She 
will probably get lost in all her fan mail, but that's OK-, her "room's a mess" anyway. Next year Sarah will 
study Drama at either UB-C- or the University of Alberta- 

Niamh Donnelly 

Equipped with her *'fro" and green glasses, NiamNiamNiam entered Grade II at S.M.U. from Edmonton at 
the tender age of 15. The runt of the pack participated in basically all sports on the face of the earth - namely 
basketball, volleyball, track, and squash. Horses, cars and canoeing . . . whoops, kayaking are some of her main 
interests along with her great success in academics (microchip). She soon developed into the New House "tutor" 
with a special eye for the new boy-you know who. Niamh can't decide to go to Brussels or U. of A. to study 
Medicine Must be tough! Best of luck Drac!! 


Renee Dugan 

Renee flew into the S.M.U. community (not in economy class, of course) for Grade II, from the peaks of Mt. 
Everest. Nepal. A dedicated viewer of Arsenio. this prefect could often be found in the common room drinking 
diet rootbeer. if not diet rootbeer. then regular rootbeer; if not roolbeer, then diet Coke ... but definitely noi 
Crush! A former Calgarian, Hacksaw has survived her two years in boarding with the help of her faithful friends 
N.D.. A.S., and J. P.. This Yanks academic achievements are monumental in the field of Probs and Stals. with 
Mr. Wilson assuring her that "all she has to do is pass." When not investigating the mysterious smoke coming 
out of the room across the hall, she sometimes could be seen going to games, a racquet in her hand. She was 
a brutal threat to her "smashing" partner A.S.. who had the bruises to show for it. Though she was without 
her infamous porters and sherpas. Renee managed to survive the engulfing chaos of the Say ward Forest (remember 
Dave'^) Leaving behind the memories of toilet paper, "gifts" while swimmmg and Brown Hall surprises. Renee 
will have to part from S.M.U. and her very patient roomie of two years to continue her travelling, checking out 
the refugee camps in Thailand or playing the bongos in Zimbabwe. She may return one of these days to "civilized" 
country, possibly at McGill to pursue a career in international studies and sociology. Cheers Renee! May you 
never have to experience ham and asparagus crepes again! 

Tom Duke 

Tommy is a nice boy. sweaty and a little hairy, but nice, Tom was not always a 6 foot four 215 lb. prop. Grade 

8 was marked by countless wrestling defeats to M.V.C, and PG. as Vinman the Terrible. However in Grade 

9 the cello man scored. Was there any doubt that these two would end up at Grad together? Well from the "switch" 
with Moss in Grade 9 Tom went off to the Far East to improve his rugby and gain some memories/ nicknames 
from his Big Bro, Tom's life at S.M.U. prospered. In Grade 1 1 Tom earned his spot on both the First XV and 
B-Ball Team. In Grade 12 Tom captained rugby and basketball as well as keeping up legendary status as playboy 
and scholar Tom is the kind of guy who will miss everyone. He is the cute and loveable type. As well as giving 
all he could to the Sarahs, Tom gave very much to every aspect of the school, especially the boarders who were 
constantly given the so-called privilege of cruisin' in the Love Machine - "I'm in there". Tom stands remembered 
as somehow evading the illustrious title of "Cheesy". But we know the truth. Tom was everyone's friend, he 
had lunch with P.M. almost every day m Grade 1 1 as they pondered over Trig, equations. If at all possible Tom 
plans to spend a year abroad. Then Tom will drive to any University that will take him, that is if he finds his 
jacket. Anyway, good luck Tom, don't ever change. 

Nicole Duncan 

Nicole escaped from St. Margarets and graced us with her presence in Grade 10. This drastic change corrupted 
her "sweet innocence" when she became emersed in . . . BOYS!!! and learned the essence of the "FIESTA" 
only to escape with a month abroad wine tasting in France and learning about other cultures. Nic will be fondly 
remembered for her great love and ability in afternoon aerobic sessions, Nicole will never end her obsession with 
trees and Vancouver Island wildlife, and next year Nicole hopes to enter U.B.C. to study Business Administration 
after which she will become involved in her father's business. Hopefully becoming the next real estate tycoon 
and carrying on the family tradition. Good luck in whatever you do and keep in touch no matter how far away 
your career takes you. Ciao Nic. "I get by with a little help from my friends . . ." 

Chris Dyson 

Chris Dyson was a St. Pat's refugee and found his way to S.M.U. in Grade 8. Through his happy years at S.M.U. 
he acquired numerous names such as "Big Guy", "The Dyser", and "R.F.". Chris brought with him a happy 
personality which affected (he whole grade ... to a degree. His piano playing was an inspiration in morning 
chapel, and in Grade 1 1 he worked for the good of the grade as a rep. to the Student Council. Chris was involved 
in many scandals through his early years as a result of S. P. 's doings. One of the more tame ones being his rumored 
links to S.E. and K.M. Chris was also a fine athlete who excelled in cross country running and represented the 
school in many track meets. Among his many memories he will take with him will be the university tour and 
his close personal and perhaps inseperable bonding with one J. P. Chris will also be remembered for hosting Chi- 
nese New Years Dinner with C.B. and his cross . The Dyser will also be remembered for his slormtrooperlike 
tactics on the student body while serving as one of the core group of prefects. He will also hold true to his long 
Sunday nights of sipping coffee at the Village Inn, plotting the direction of prefect policy with the rest of the 
"Big 5". those being C.B., S.F., A.B. & A.H. Take care Chris and keep in touch. Those of us who knew you 
will always be grateful for your friendship. 

Sacha Edgell 

"Hey Sacha, what should I put in your grad wri(e up?" We all know that Sacha (a.k.a. Sackey. Sack Attack, 
or Smasha) came to S.M U with R.C in grade 8 from, where else, NHS. Familiar with the private school 
style of life, Sacha soon settled down and became an active member of the S.M.U. "Family". Sacky, an avid 
athlete, was a member of the First XI Field Hixkey team (Holy, this skirt is so big), and T.C's tennis team (But 
Sir, you never look when my serve goes in). In her final year at S.M.U.. Sacha's academic efforts payed off 
and she emerged as School Captain, as well as a prefect. When she is not studying, jumping around in aerobics, 
or performing her "captainly" duties, Sacha is counting the hours to the weekend when she can go for a ride 
... on her horse. Sacha's most vivid memories of S.M.U. include: surviving five years of "biology" (you can 
refer to the text on that one!), and strolling the West Coast Trail in Grade 1 1 , where she learned several "survival 
techniques" Next year Sacha plans to attend McGill, Western, or U.Vic, to study science. Good luck, Sacha. 
Remember; wherever you go, there you are. 

Sarah Elford 

There is so much that 1 could write down for you. with all the memories of this school. Where can I start? Well. 
Sarah came from Monteray. where she was the leading patrol girl, to St. Mikes in Grade 8. Not surprisingly 
at all, she quickly fit into the social scene and got stuck! She still managed to take the time to sleep, eat breathe, 
and uh, uh. oh yeah, do sports She has been on the senior soccer team for 4 years, being the key scorer (not 
surprisingly). She was also on the senior Basketball team and Track team for 3 years. Oh yeah, field hockey. 
she played for 3 years on the senior team being captain for the last year. In Grade 10 Sarah was in the school 
play Jesus Christ Superstar moving props WOW! But. was it worth if (It being the cast party) In Grade 1 1 she 
went on the Mexico trip, which she found highly educational, and inexpensive. So I ask her today, are you still 
stuck?, and she says yes. and I love it! So what is the Wild and Crazy Girl going to do with all her future years? 
She says work for the National Geographic as a Photo journalist in Africa and get married at 30. In my opinion 
she'll get tired of all those bare butts and return to Canada and get married to a certain T.D.. then work part 
time at the water slides so she can look after the little, black boy she intends to adopt. Wow. what a life. Just 
remember Mullet 1. Gooey. Gano Stew forever! See you next year in England on the Gap Exchange! 

Sean Ewart 

In Grade 9 Sean arrived at SMU as a shy hicktown lad Within a few weeks Sean had beed transformed into 
a typical SMU boarder. Sean's School House memories include vicious pen fights with Mike B, and the admittance 
of Liz. his sister. Sean's next three years were spent in International House, (why we will never know). While 
in International House Sean managed to pass out in the bathroom, play a zillion games of pool, and become a 
God (Prefect). Throughout Sean's illustrious SMU career he participated in a wide range of athletic endeavors. 
In Grade 1 1 Sean somehow managed to play for the Colts A. then in his senior year was a member of the not- 
so-prestigious First X'V. In second term Sean played soccer well enough to make the First XI. Last year Sean 
was fortunate enough to ravel to Vancouver to paruke in the Provincial Track meet. There he specialized in the 
4X400 relay. Academically Sean excelled in all areas of mathematics and science. Sean's future plans are to enter 
either Queens or McGill's Science Faculty, and then become a doctor. 

Craig Parish 

In Grade 9 Craig came to SMU from Cranbrook (don't worry you aren't the only one who hasn't heard of Cran- 
brook; at least it's better than Femie), Each year Craig changed houses to become one of few who get lo experience 
each residence. After fairly quiet stints in School and International Houses Craig flourished as a ruthless prefect 
in Harvey House! His most vivid recollections from that year were: Rick and "None of that scrubb stuff, Derek 
hanging from the door handle in a laundry bag. and the unforgettable Dr. B. and his psychiatric services. Not 
one to take sleep lightly, Craig could be called lazy though he was quick when free food was involved. Craig 
had particular grumbles including Chain Saw Ted. and those who didn't appreciate his backwards clock. Always 
a rugby semi-jock Craig was captain of the Third XV and was probably the only fly half to know every slat from 
ever>' game he played, not to mention action-packed dorm replays. Known by many to have a stinky fridge, and 
a terrible humming voice to go along with his incessant whistling Craig would like to leave you with a profound 
comment coming direct from Vladivostok: "If you want to dump her. at least wait till the ferry ride is OVER". 
Bye Craig, and get that stupid grin off your face. 


Aaron Farnsworth 

A deep, bareful clamour is sued tonh as the endless sky of gloomy, grey clouds paned, slightly. From this cavity 
tore a beam of seemingly solid light, emmersing a boy, a child that, in a radiant pool of gold- From the boy a 
rush of air emerging from his lips, quickly changed to a cry, an unnerving blend of fear and wonder. Then, as 
the boy looked upwards, it stopped. Arching his back he stretched his frame and raised his arms upwards, slowly 
he rose. Ascending the brilliant beam he left the cold chthonian darkness behind. 

Vanson Field 

Taking a long pull on his cold milk. Van the Man leaned back in his chair and reminisced on his past 8 year 
at S.M.U. It had by no means been an easy journey, but by God. he had made it. with flying colours no less 
He would always remember these days of his youth, when he would walk among his people, white pipmg glintinj 
in the summer sun. and. pointing his long arm of the law at some malfaisant who had somehow penetrated tb 
S.M.U. Force Field of Virtue, quietly decreeing "you're busted". Yea, these were the golden years indeed, Bas 
ketball, French Horn, lusty babes , - . he had seen it all, and come out of it a better man. But where to now 
oh mighty warrior? He looked to the East, where the early morning sun was glinting off the white clouds. Thenc 
must I go. for what man seeks to deny fate? Draining the last of his milk, he got out of his chair and mounle- 
his white stallion, then rode off, looking no more backwards, but to the future, and the mysteries of life that surel 
no man will ever predict but will just as surely unfold themselves in due course as fate deems wise. (Science at U.B.C. 

Scott Fletcher 

One of S.M.U. 's core prefects. Scon has enjoyed a memorable six years at the school. After arriving from Glen- 
lyon, Scott quickly established himself as one of the leading members of his grade. Scott also quickly became 
known for his unusual practical jokes and set-ups which gave new definition to the word "hokey." (Just ask CD!) 
In Grade 10, Scott was elected to Student Council and handled his political duties with much professionalism. 
That same year Scott helped to get our present School Captain into a very embarrassing situation at a dance at 
the racquet club, (He never did replace the lock to the ladies' changeroom). In Grade 11, Scott joined The Dyser. 
Rob, and the Chang Gang on an excursion to the snowy wastes of Eastern Canada. Scott did make many new 
friends on the University Tour. One especially! Today Scott is at the top of J.P.'s hit list. Grade 12 has been 
a busy year for Scott. Scott can often be seen bombing down in the Taurus on his way to defend Canada from 
Commies, Ruskies, Parti Quebecois, Elizabeth Cull and the rest of Mikey's Socialists. Indeed, Scott found that 
his military experience came in handy when he achieved prefect status. Scott again carried out his prefect duties 
with a high degree of professionalism, and could often be seen patrolling the corridors with AH. for delinquents, 
(garbage duty for you. Farnsworth!) and protecting the prefect room from vandals. Scott will be remembered 
most, though, for being a very personable and likeable chap. All of his friends will surely miss him next year. 
Good luck Scott! 

Rory Forbes 

Ror> arrived at SMU many years ago. in Grade six (when girls were a scarcity), as a Harvey House boarder. 
After crying his way through his first year and finally convincing his parents to save him, he became a full-fledged 
day student. Except for B-Ball. Rory participated in all sports with a heavy emphasis on rugby, being well adjusted 
to any back position. Working his way up to the 2nd XV m Grade 1 1 , and showing great promise, he then sustained 
an injury, which fortunately healed in time for the 1st XV tour of Britain in 1990. After his good friend. M.R.. 
departed the school "prematurely", Rory and R.L, linked as friends to form a potentially hazardous combination, 
Rory, now known as GOOMBA or WOP. could easily be found at any form of social "get together" with his 
infamous "LeCar", Perhaps the only person who knows Rory belter than R.L. is A.L.. Rory's second half. Fond 
memories for Rory include the Mexico Trip, his many boarding house buds, and playing pool at J.G's house in 
their numerous spares (coincidentally at the same time!) Rory contributed much to the overall spirit of SMU, 
and its halls will never quite be the same again without his friendly, outgoing nature and devilish smile. Next 
year these will probably be found with Rory at the University of Western Ontario, along with his other partner 
in crime. 

Michael Ford 

This Brentwood nian troni Williams Lake decided to try his hand at S.M.U. near the end of Grade eleven. His 
real mark came in Grade twelve, however, when he became part of the glorious Second Fifteen and then went 
on tour. As a biurding member livmg wiih Super Yoo he helped found the week night club. His hobbies include 
basket weavmg, quarters and collecting B.B's. His hopes next year are to either go to U. of Vic. if he gets in. 
or New Zealand if all else fails. 

Paul Ford 

Paul made his cross lo S.M.U. after attending Glenlyon for six years, however due to his natural intelligence 
and instinct, it was not too late to save him. Nobody at school knew or recognized him due to a curtain of black 
locks that hung from his forehead. With his vision considerably impaired, he got hitched with A.M. and had a 
long and fruittiil relationship. It was in Grade 10 when Paul's rugby career truly began. After having played on 
the wing he decided to try a much more skillful and demanding position in the pack. As a second row, Paul made 
the 2nd XV in Grade 1 1 and was the cornerstone of the back row for the 1st XV in Grade 12. His skill and de- 
lerminaiion gave him a position on the I.S.A. selects, the B.C.'s Under 17"s and the prestigious Crimson Tide. 
He hopes to play for Canada one day. but the 1st XV's tour to the U.K. was this year's priority. Paul is not only 
an athlete, but a scholar as well. This in addition to his leadership qualities and charisma led him to his current 
position of S.M-U. Head Boy, and he keeps the title in the family for the second year running. If only there were 
another Ford to fill Paul's shoes next year! Outside of school, Paul was a budding young anarchist ready to take 
on the world, and it was not until Grade 1 1 that he traded his leather and studs for a Polo shirt and a Raiders 
hat. Whatever Paul does in the future, he will do well, and hopes to make a great deal of money doing it. "Too 
cool for school, too smart for the real world" Take it easy. Pal. 

Dirk Gombos 

Dirk Zoltan Gombos (Zolt. Ernie) first arrived at SMU in Grade 8 with no idea what the next five years held 
in store for him. His first year was filled with weekend excursions to Johnny Zee's and his Grannie's. In Grade 
9. Dirk found himself on the Student Council and briefly in the arms of A.M. Ernie impressed everyone with 
his inner abilities at Reilly's and his soccer abilities with R?L. in Grade 10. Having lived in China for 2 years. 
Zoh was ready for Mr. Skinner's "English as a second language" Class in Grade 1 1. He again teamed up with 
R.L. in International House where their friendship for overseas students, especially Chinese, blossomed. They 
survived Miss Thompson's legendary Grade 1 1 choir class, chapel, rec. cycling and even Mexico ("des emador 
por favor") and even managed a trip or two to McDonalds. Dirk was made a prefect with fellow roommate C.C. 
in Grade 12. seemed to enjoy schcwl {Mrs. Gwilliam's Algebra 12 class with R.L.. R.F.. T.Y.. S.N..) and even 
made a couple of friends {A.B.). Dirk will be remembered for his charity work, school productions, and Math 
contests. He has aimed down scholarship offers from Harvard. Stanford. Oxford. Cambridge, to stay close to 
his Granny's at Camosun College. 

Peter Goodier 

Jeet. Peia Goodier came to S.M.U. in Grade 8 as a skater punk from Hell and slowly convened himself to a 
jamming bluesman. Jeet had many e.xciting adventures in School House in Grades 8&9. from dorm raids to helping 
M.V.C. bully and torment Tusk Jake the Snake was considered bad to the bone especially after that crazy night 
that left L.B. in tears. Jeep has always been a great customer at Johnny Zee's and Lyie's, forever increasing his 
record collection, who says people no longer buy records J.G.? In Grade 10 Jeep mellowed out from his wild, 
on the run life to learn the guitar, that modeled and restricted Jeet into Jeep, the illustrious pumpkin head. This 
prepared Jeep for Grades 1 1 and 12 where he was under the guidance of the Yiddish yet distinguished M.V.C, 
which inevitably caused Jeep to return to his previous life of crime. Besides living life in the fast lane with a 
certain K.M. Jeep was also a member of the legendary Grade 1 1 choir class. In Grade 12 Jeep kept himself out 
of trouble. He was honoured, thrilled and privileged lo be the neighbour of R L. and E.N in Grade 12 and espe- 
cially thankful for rooming four out of his five years at S.M.U, with M.V.C. Jeep has been a competitive rugby 
and soccer player serving the First XV in his Grade 12 year. Jeep will be attending U.B.C. next year. 


Dave Guernsey 

The Gumz came to S.M.U. in Grade 8. where he had no trouble causing trouble in School House in the infamous 
dorm 36. After an attempt to burn School House down, Dave decided to try a few years in International House 
taking full advantage of Mr. Cummings "blind eye". A final year in New House has proved to be a little safer 
managmg to stay away from Cornelius Owen-Flood. Dave took fiill advantage of his rugby skills in Grade 8 
going on the Rugby Tour to Britam. and again on Tour to Britain this year after a very successful year on thi 
first XV. playing fullback. Physics was not one of Dave's favorites, but he managed to use much of what ht 
learned to good use and has enjoyed quite a few ladies over the years. We won't worry about you for the future 
Through the parties, the long weekends and the trips to Maui. Dave has managed to get some good grades, and 
plans to take commerce next year. Don't forget your friends when the money starts raking in' All the best Dave, 
and T.F.S.!! 

Clint Hanson 

Future goals . . . well . . . mmm , . . Waterloo I hope, but who knows maybe MIT, (yeah right!). Anyway, 
I guess I should say that before coming to S.M.U. as a boarder I spent a year and a half in the highlands of Papua, 
New Guinea. (Where's that''), Don't worry about it, I'm still trying to figure thai out. As far as my impressions 
of the school go, it has been an enjoyable year up to now and I can bet Graduation will not be boring. But I do 
have one complaint. Brown Hall, yuck! Big improvements there would be welcomed in my books. Other than 
that, S.M.U. is alright and even great sometimes. Oh . . . there is one more thing. I hate "cheese". That word 
should definitely be nuked from S.M.U, 's vocabulary. Well, Something new. My hobbies consist mainly of Com- 
puters, scuba diving and reading. As far as a future career goes, it will probably be in Computer Engineering. 
That's about it. I doubt anyone would read this far anyway. So I guess this is it. later man . . . 

Robb Harker 

Robb is an S.M.U, lifer, and hopes to be able to carry on the grand tradition of previous lifers such as Jann Mar- 
gison and John Quirk. A seemingly innocent boy, his friends and teachers have discovered the real truth about 
Robb. If you want this truth, just ask his favorite admirer, Mr. DM. A typical jock. Robb, thrilled S.M.U. spec- 
tators with his dazzling play on the rugby field. When not kicked out for his disagreements with the Refs calls 
he captained the Colts C and played for the Fourth XV. A multi-talented person. Robb starred on the alto sax- 
ophone until Grade 1 1 . Unfortunately a conflict arose between Mr. M. and Robb about who would run the band. 
Tired of being Mr. M's sacrificial lamb and out of fear that he would be "squashed like a bug", he ended his 
musical career. Robb still holds the record for the quickest suspension, the second day of school in Grade 9 for 
bullying. He blew pepper in Phil Westoby's eyes. Despite great efforts by T.M. and J P. the record stands and 
it appears that it will last forever. Robb was born in Victoria and has lived here all his life. He is going to U.V.I.C. 
and will probably live in Victoria the rest of his life. 

Yumiko Hayashi 

■yumiko Hayashi came to S.M.U. in Grade 9. from Nagoya. Japan. She hated the alpine hike on the first day 
of the school year, her memories of it are filled with nightmarish blue things (tarps) that supposedly protected 
them . . . yeah right. Stupidly she skipped the Grade 10 year (missed all of the fun) When she was in Grade 
II, Yumbo became one of the neatest students in the enure school. Yumiko's red bullet has often been seen in 
the parking lot at Safeway. However since Yumiko met K.W. and K.Y. she started having some attitude problems, 
such as - well, they are quite unmentionable!! She was also very attracted to medium McFries and often seen 
spending her spare time at McDonalds with her friends for at least two hours a day, three times a week. Whether 
she stays in Canada or goes back to Japan, good luck, (of course we'll miss you). Yumiko. 


Carlo Henley 

Carlo came lo SMU in Grade 9 from way up north in Courtenay just in time to be among the last group of elite 
boarders able to experience the luxury of life in Schtxil House. Nightly dorm raids kept life interesting for the 
boarders (and housemasters), Unfonunateiy. the late-night snoring of A.V made sleep a valuable commodity. 
Grade 10 saw Carlo move up one step in the SMU boarding ladder - to Iniernaiional House. Carlo decided to 
room with S E.. and all was peaceful until J.B. moved in - Nyaahh! After one more year in International House. 
Carlo reached the pinnacle of the SMU boardmg scene - Tongue House. There, under the watchful eye of the 
big guy upstairs, life was easy. Carlo, his roommate C.R.. and the Oriental Connection next door, had almost 
as man> modern conveniences as J.M. Three T,V,'s, three computers, two video games and two fridges made 
sure that homework time was at a premium. During his career at SMU. Carlo played for the 2nd XI soccer squad 
and (he "special forces" 4lh XV rugby team. He hopes to head east and attend the University of Waterloo to 
study Engineering. If not. Carlo may remain in B.C. to study at the University of British Columbia, or here m 
his adopted hometown of Victoria ai the University of Victoria. 

Allan Holdsworth 

Our reasonably tame springbok marches to the tune of his own drum usually but becomes explosively involved 
on occasion when his carefully guarded energy levels are overlooked. He is determined to rule the "Hotel World" 
starting m London and working west ... He probably will!! A tennis player it is alleged. 

Eric Hotton 

The Batman of Panagopolis. Known by all. loved by none. Eric has graced SMU with his presence since Grade 
five and has had many accomplishments. He frequently graced the First XV rugby team, showing his tremendous 
skill and his specialty play "the 'ol lemon meringue". Also known as "Preek". he starred in basketball and has 
become a legend in his own mind (luckily). Eric has the dubious distinction of spending more time personally 
with B.F. than any other student in SMU history. Although Eric is leaving his name will long remain between 
SMU's walls (it's graffitied in all the washrooms). 

Tanya Hubbard 

Tanya's exploits at SMU were more than far and few between. Arriving in Grade 8 on the shores of SMU with 
Moira and Anne, this Norfolk refugee found that SMU students have parties that last a lifetime. Tanya also found 
that she enjoyed this way of living and decided to make school a full time social profession. Tanya has helped 
at the Q.A. and will always devote time to helping others Besides being a Prefect and a top student academically. 
Tanya held up the social side with her "merry good cheer" Always to be found around her 4 partners in crime 
(who by the way. had no influence on her whatsoever), this red-headed lookalike never managed to miss a social 
event, even when the event dragged her down to Mexico in Grade 1 1 or to Invermere in Grade 12 (not to mention 
Kingston). Tanya found a way to put her practical life on the shelf and have a "wee bit of fun" (to say the least!). 
Needless to say that Tanya fared well with the linguistics dept. at SMU. Whether it was French (Montreal), or 
Spanish (Mexico), and even German (Oktoberfest). Nobody has more fun than Tanya. Next year we will see Tanya 
at UBC or Western where she will snidy the fine art of partying with a little business on the side. Whatever she 
does, we wish her well. And watch out for those spiders!! 
love A.Y., CM . M W., J P 


Ian Hulme 

The Inhumane Hulme has been at ihe school since Grade 8. and has yet to do up his top button. His most notable 
contributions to the school were on the sporting front, as he was a member of the Senior A basketball team, and 
a somewhat casual member of the Second and First rugby teams, {'"hey. I'm only here to improve my vert!"). 
Needless to say, at 6'3" he was one of only two seniors able to slam a basketball. His most noteable academic 
achievement was undoubtably a physics test where he obtamed the correct answer accurate to 2 decimal places 
with a formula even he couldn't explain afterwards, (the horizontal component of the force of gravity?!). Following 
in his brother's footsteps. Stretch has yet to get a driver's license, and only wants a car because he can't carry 
his windsurfer on his bike. When He's not on the water, the court, the field, or at the gym. he's watching T.V. 
("How can I watch the Bulls games when I don't have cable?!") 

Jenny Huston 

Jenny "'Spinny Blonde" Huston arrived at SMU m Grade 10 for her last encounter with Private Schools. After 
escaping from Slelly's, Jenny was relieved to wear a uniform to class and actually have homework to do at night! 
Even with all the changes, Jenny managed to have enough extra time to be a reliable member of the debating 
team. Jenny has also taken Choral 1 1 and enjoyed Art and Drama 12, but does not plan on going professional!! 
For two years in a row she's been on the 2nd XI Field Hockey team {well done. Jenny!). This year, she's got 
on the Bay High School Council (winding up with more than just a job out of it. too). Her fondest memories 
of high school include partyin' with J.M. X2. the Council, her buds from the peninsula, A.M. and M.J.. knee- 
boarding at the lake. She's definitely had a busy Grad year dancin' up a storm and rappin' till all hours of the 
night with J.C. Jenny's goal in life is to build a big house on a certain spot of Mt. Tolmie and own a trampoline 
in the backyard! (thanks for the memories guys!!!), Jenny's been a great friend to all. and her caring and warm 
personality will be missed next year when she goes off to university. We love ya Jen! 

Chris Hutchinson 

Chris is from Victoria and a second generation student at the school. He plays saxophone and guitar and has been 
involved in the "Just Say No" club. Chris has made steady progress which will enable him lo register at UVIC 
in the fall. 

Nestor Iturrioz 

Nestor, better known as "Nes". came to SMU in Grade 12 from the country of Spain, Seeing that rugby was 
a priority in the school. Nes took up the sport for the first time and in a span of three months, played for both 
the 3rd and 4lh XV's. He is an excellent soccer player (like most Spaniards) and quickly established himself as 
a star on the 1st XI. He has a proficiency in languages and this has greatly impressed others. While at SMU. 
Nes quietly got involved with a girl outside school, A.V., who hails from Holland. This Spanish stud, if not se- 
rious, is always cool, particularly with A.V, Nes. the "IBIZA" king, has fears of being fat and does his best 
to keep in shape in several ways. Room 307. in which he lived with K.W. has had many weird experiences which 
shall not be mentioned. His presence in New House was felt, and how can we forget his nightly 'disputes' with 
J.M. from the third fioor? If he's not in school. Nes can be found in bed or at his desk writing letters. He's building 
a reputation as the SMU letter king as his mail has yet to be surpassed by anyone. Nes enjoys skiing and had 
a good time at Christmas on his first visit to Calgary. Although an avid supporter at the eventful C.P.. Nes had 
much luck, unlike J.M.. L.V.M.. and K.W. He'll keep trying, however. Highlights of the year include ski trips, 
the movies, the rats, and his own version of Spanish boxing. On the serious side. Nestor will be going back to 
Spain in the summer but he will be back sometime in the future for his M.B.A. to pursue a career in Business. 
Take care, pal. 


Adam Jinks 

This ex-Georges student came to S.M.U. in Grade twelve and adapted instantly. Part of the breakfast club, week 
night club and numerous other organizations. Adam's hobbies are sleeping, ptiunding. and flying. He is also on 
the cycling team, road crew. Kiss Me Kate and Stage Band. Adam hopes to be the 39th drummer of Spinal Tapp 
or go to U. of Vic. if he gels in. Best of luck! Long live Barley. Jane Fonda and M&M's. 

Nalini Joneja 

Nalz came to us from a galaxy far. far away. Chewy orbited from Kamloops in Grade 10 in a blue Toyota 4X4 
with two feet suspension and flood lights. Known for her outrageous dancmg style, shoes and earrings, the Queen 
of the Amazon swung from vine to vine in order to aid her fellow students and local fire fighters (remember Harold 
Street?) but her heart was found in the shower. Her infamous ailments baffled the medical staff earning her the 
reputation of an alien. At one time she was a member of the S.M.U. Tennis Team, but due to multiple injuries, 
her life was reduced to a honzontal state and Cixline. Yet Nalini could not be caged for long. Breaking away 
with her hairv' friend from Brown Hall (thanks A.S. & R.D.) she escaped to her second home. F,&S. with her 
second family (M.L.. CM,. S.A.. & M.B.). ""The one with the big hair" started out as the killer housekeef)er 
from H.E. double plunger and finished as a timid (alright we lied) prefect. "Oh . . . here comes Nolz." Dunng 
the first week of arrival at St. Michaels she was shipped off on the Robertson accompanied by her crutches, and 
in Grade 1 1, suffered through "sweet" Sayward. bushwacking her way back to civilization. Now the millenium 
falcon is most likely destined for France for a year and then . . . it's off to another galaxy, above and beyond. 

Justine Jung 

Justine. Jessica, Jungn the Jungle-woman, graced S M.U with her presence in grade 10 She quickl) earned her family name (pre- 
vious[\ ioiown because her bro and sis who had both graduated from this fme institution) a new respect in rebel circles. At the be- 
ginning of grade 10. she was taken under the wmg of many of the big brothers in the dorm, a position envied by a certain few. 
She quickly impressed her fnends with breaking practically all the rules . . . every weekend. Her pleading eyes and convincing 
alibis saved her . . . most of the time, "an innocent trip to 7*1 1 . honestly'" She struggled for months and months and MONTHS 
to expel a certain male out of her mind. "Guys. I'm over him now. really!! ' Well, between devising the famous number system 
with LB- and S M. and breaking loose with her roommate from SSI.. R.C. Justine managed to get excellent marks and join the 
soccer team and make a valuable contribution to the volleyball learn as well as participating in other sports includmg cycling, running, 
and swimming Mom. Dad. and Mr. Shaffter were mosi impressed- Grade 1 1 was much the same, except. Justine began her illustrious 
career as a B-ball player That didn't last long did it. ma cherie!" She will remember numerous ski trips and numerous differences 
with P. Ford, but they're best buddies again and very happy. Phew! They conunue to screw up chem labs together in grade 12. 
Jungo certainly teamed that chem labs don't get any less hectic over the years' After being guinea pigs testing out the new exam 
schedule. Laura and Jung broke loose and had one of the best, and most . mteresung "emotionally draining" year, that's 

the ucket. weekends of their school careers Then Jungle-woman went on the grad ski trip. Holy Hannah this girl has stamina. She 
finds It very annoying when parents never fail to ask. "so what are your plans for next year, dear'" Someday she'll yell back "I 
DON'T KNOW. SATISRED'*" All her friends know this girl is destined for success no maner what she does She's thinking of 
going into med at McGill. U.B.C or back home on the range in Cowtown. but. in her own infamous words, "Hey. who knows?" 
She might end up doing underwater basket weaving but she'll be the best in the world at it, Jungo. I hope I'm still your best friend 
when you're nch and well-loved and living on the Riviera, Cheers for you and your future and , . . lots of panics and soul talks. 
You're the best - Laura 

Philip Kayal 

Philip spent twelve long years at SMU. and quickly learned how to get good marks without really trymg. Dis- 
covered to be a Math Whiz by Mr. Bill Alford in the Junior School. Philip has since written every Math Contest 
known to mankand. Philip played on the Badminton Team for three years, and used his overhead smash a total 
of six times, preferring his lethal drop shot. He played the alto sax. in Stage Band, and managed to stay awake 
during most of the 7: 15 a.m. practises. As the manager of the Senior Boys' Basketball Team. Philip could often 
be seen calming Coach G. with a quick Calculus question. Although his favorite subject is television. Philip will 
most likely pursue Physics at U.V.I.C. in the fall next year. Best wishes and good luck! 


Jaiyan Khleubsuwan 

Jaiyan came lo S.MU. in 1987. He got a long, hard-to-spell and to pronounce last name. (Maybe worse than 
Arnold Schwarzenegger.) He is also known as "Nal". Since he came here he is really quiet in the school, how- 
ever, he smiles all the time (because he comes from the land of smiles: Thailand). Since the beginning of the 
school year, he has never been lo breakfast, because he always got up after 8:00. He might never skip a class, 
but he might have skipped chapel on Wednesday. Friday and Sunday . . . (Gee. what a chapel skipper!) If nothing 
goes wrong, and he just makes his 13 credits in order to graduate (hopefully), he might go to the University of 
Michigan or the University of Virginia, or the University of . . .? It depends on which university accepts him! 

Andrew Khoo 

Andrew "Khooster" Khoo arrived in Grade 10 on the back of a koala bear, straight from Australia. His adventure 
up at Sayward forest will forever be remembered as quite the joke. Remember the tuna? He has since then dis- 
tinguished himself as a photographer, a reader of a certain type of literature, and generally an O.K. guy. He has 
contributed his services to the Tennis Team with his unique Serve and Volley style. This West Australian U16 
Chess Champion is also known for his locker room brawls, where he K.O.'d his opponents (P.K.. L.R.. and 
T.B ) and is now undisputed locker room champ. He has engaged in philosophical discussions with certain pre- 
fects, ranging from sublime to esoteric. His musical genius on the synthesizer has been played to a crowd of 800. 
He will be remembered by his friends as the person who manages to grin and laugh at the world. He plans to 
pursue a business career at U.V.I.C. Best of luck to you Andrew. 

Peter Kis-Toth 

The first thing thai comes to mind when meeting Pete is: "What is he still doing here'^!?" Well, no-one really knous, but somehow 
Pete has managed to survive 12 long years at S.MU (making him one of that rare breed of fools - the Lifers), and now he finally 
even sees graduation as a possibility However, if one were to graph Cheesy's Post Secondary educational goals, it would go some- 
thing like this: Grade 9 - Scholarship to Waterloo Engineering. Grade 10 - Waterloo Engineermg. Grade 1 1 - Scholarship to UB.C. 
Engineenng. Beginning of Grade 12 - U.V.I.C, Engineering. Xmas Grade 12 - U V.l.C. General Studies. Mid Year Grade 12 -"Nothing 
wrong with Camosun'", End of Grade 12 - "HELP! Not surprisingly. Queso has always cared deeply about his studies (2/50 in 
Calculus'), especially after he got his MG Convertible (Hey Guys, it's sunny, let's hit the beach!} Despite the fact that he crashed 
It, the second day after buying it. Pete has tried to take care of his beloved (my car is RAD!!) little snotmobile. Pete is a distinguished 
member of the O Donalds Coffee Club (where he spent most of Comp 12). and also a despised traitor to the Chiefs. In addition 
to his great academic success, (barely passing Spanish 1 1). Kisser has always been an athlete His size and strength have seen him 
through UI4 A. U15 A. Colts A. and two seasons with the 1st XV at school. He has also played three seasons with the Oak Bay 
Wanderers, two seasons with the ISA. Selects and two seasons with the Jr. Tide as a powerhouse front row (Prop Dt'UUH!!). 
Pete has also tned his hand at baseball (Hey Brent, is that true about his two hit season^*), basketball (Pine Shiner for the Filler 
"B'"s), soccer and cricket (whadya mean I don't get a glove?) with some success. Despite his Spanish mark. Pete went on the Mexico 
Trip (to enhance his understanding of other cultures). He even learned a few new words such as Corona and Mezcal). and made 
a new friend called Jose Cuervo, Pete also went on the 1986 Rugby Tour to England, and was invited this year, but had to pull 
out because of injuries (whimp'l) Well, perhaps we'll see the goulash man gracing the halls of U V I C. next year (Huh. yeah - 
right!), but then again, maybe not, Whatever you do. good luck and in the immortal words of Mrs, Kistoth: "Peter, you were great, 
but there is one thing I must say to you. where is your mouthguard'!'" 

Adrian Kwong 

This grad is different, in fact, he out of his own will decided to attend S.MU. for his first and final year. Jumping 
into the deep end is not his bowl of soup, but because of his eccentricity decided to do so anyway. Probably the 
best time he's had ever in the past eighteen years of his life has been passed down the tubes. He's got not much 
of a prospect of life but to fix stereos and thrash computers until the electron run away because they're afraid 
another surge of power is going to hit them Of all the cars and expensive cars, this individual would like, il 
is not a spons car, but a 4 by 4 truck. And as he buffs it ". . . it's got to have BIG wheels . . .". In fact this 
semi-human life-form wishes to have all of his known acquaintances and friends a great life and wishes to project 
the following quote to all the aforementioned "KWONGER DUUUDE! is ready to the world and possibly the 
universe if only I could find a spaceship . . ." Great thanks to GRAD 90 S.M.U.! M.L., J.G., A.M., D.S., 
J.H., S.H.. SB., PH., A.J., and the staff at S.MU. DUUUDE! 


Nate Lampard 

After having been deported from the U.S.. Nathan. Carter, Lampard arrived in S.M.U. in Grade 10 as a quiet. 
reserved powerlifter. His football skills were soon transferred to rugby prowess, as he made the Colts "A" and 
I.S.A Selects in his first year of Rugby. It was not until the Senior Rugby Tour lo Japan that Nate truly came 
out of his shell, and thus the Bald Eagle was bom. Misted by a short Japanese boy, Nate's apple pie and milk 
soon turned to Backbacon and . . . Continuing his downward spiral, Nate moved in with the U.T.C., condemning 
himself to a life of crime and vice. In Grade 1 1 Nate was a star on the I si XV new grace and style. By Grade 
12 Nate was grudgingly respected by even his Shawnigan opponents sporting, their "I hate Nate" bodysuits. As 
a protest. Nate decided to exercise his civil right not to play and boycotted the last two 1st XV games. His athletic 
abilities were not limited to the field and Nate could be seen shtwting "treys'" galore for the BLUE DEVILS. 
In class, Nate showed a strong aptitude for the social sciences and was known for zealously debating any issue 
with Mr. Mclnt) re. As a true ladies man, Nate was always flanked by hoards of female admirers. Like a salmon 
returning to its birthplace to spawn. Nate plans to attend Stanford next year and live up to the name. Captain 
America. Member forever. U.T.C. 

Graeme Leeming 

Graeme got into this school way back in grade 5. He's managed lo uncannily excel in pretty well even, subject 
jnd competition. Alongside his academic achievements, Graeme has many musical talents. He'll probably be known 
lOT his hip bass playing in the Stage Band. Graeme has also excelled in sports. Hee hee, do you remember the 
Colls rugby game in the snow back in grade 8"^ Graeme has managed to become a member of various soccer 
dnd rugby teams. Graeme's saying, "Do whatever you wanll." will be remembered by all advice seekers. His 
brief little escapade with C.R. will never be forgotten. Graeme will also be known as one of Brian's more self- 
controlled prefects. Graeme plans to study science at a Canadian university. Best of luck to you! 

Anne Linder 

Annie migrated to S.M.U. in grade 8 after 7 years at Norfolk House. It was in the first week at Camp Thunderbird 
thai she first set eyes on R.F. Other commitments for Annie included the sporting achievements of being a member 
of Miss Keziere's cross country and track team, if for nothing else to impress Mr. Faulkner. (Did it work?. I 
guess we'll never know.) But whether in a bathroom chat with S.E. or on a mission in Shawnigan, Annie can 
usually be found with her other half J, P. up to something (no good?!!) Annie's off to Germany in the summer 
to work and wherever that may take her. before reluming home to attend either U.V.I.C. or U.B.C. in "91. And 
who knows in 10 years, maybe Annie will be an Ambulance driver or Helicopter paramedic. One thing for sure, 
she won't be a professional dishwasher for the rest of her life. 
Just remember Annie, wherever you go. we'll always be looking at the same stars. 

Brad Lloyd 

Brad Lloyd seemed to sail into S.M.U. on the Spirit of Chemainus in grade 10. Life has never been the same. 
Brad quickly became known for his good advice and voracious appetite. A stawart graduate of the Colls "C" 
team, who answers to ihe call of "Beach. Baby. Bingo" Brad eventually went on to play for the 3rd XV and 
spare for both the 1st and 2nd XV's. A guy who rides his bike every day to school every day (except when it 
rains hard!) he is an adventurer and lives in the outdoors or scuba dives almost every weekend. Perhaps some 
of his fondest memories come from the "high" experiences in Squamish on the Chieftain, late night parties with 
the Tongue house club, and the Banana. Brad's ambition is lo eventually become a civil or mechanical engineer 
and lo continue to expand on his worldly experiences. 


Richard Lockwood 

Richard "Roosler" Michael Lockwood came lo S.M.U. five years ago in Grade 8 as a boarder. His first three 
years at S.M.U. he was awarded the B.C.T.V. Scholarship and turned it down in grades 1 1 and 12 because he 
disliked the publicity he was given by it. Early in Grade 8, Richard learned the value of money. He would spend 
S4 a week and put the rest of his $9 in the house bank. Richard hails from the metropolis of Armstrong. B.C. 
"the cheese capital of the world". As Grade 9 rolled along, Rooster found out just how much sandy beaches 
(Willows) really are. Although Rooster was quiet he found time to mingle with C.R.. J. P.. A.R.. N.B. Though 
Richard highly disliked McDonalds, there were the txld limes he appreciated the fine french cuisine, maybe an 
art lecture, and finally a play or two and he did enjoy the illustrious choir classes with Miss Thompson. There 
was the short but sweet trip to Mexico. Uno negro medela por favor! Richard showed his athletic talent by making 
the First XV Rugby team, later to proceed onto making the Junior Crimson Tide and finally the Island Rugby 
Team selects. The only thing which concerned people about Richard was his growing a beard? M.G. 

Mark Longridge 

Mark arrived at S.M.U. in 1983 fresh from the booming metropolis of South Ascot, England, and after the shock 
subsided, settled in quite nicely. Amazingly enough Mark is one of only five that stuck with boarding for all seven 
years, and over this time he has contributed in his own distinctive way to school life in general. Mark has competed 
in many math contests and the like, with pleasing results. Unfortunately however, unlike some of the artophobes 
in his classes. Mark has had a strange need for sunlight, and as such has had to sacrifice some of his precious 
study time lo pursue other activities. Forced to quit Rugby due to poor knees and a healthy brain, Mark looked 
for a more civilized sport, and took up cycling, which soon became more than a passion, Mark's other addiction 
at school has been his ART. Spending many a long night in the art room, he managed to spew out numerous 
creations, including a large collection of hands, a huge $100 bill, and the grad clothing. Mark has also been in- 
volved with numerous Grad activities, being a member of the distinctive New. new. revised, improved, yes I 
think we've finally got it right, Grad Committee. Mark had the distinction of being the man to bring Grad Paintball 
to St. Michaels, and also of receiving the most head shots in this sport. As for the future. Mark plans to take 
Architecture or Engineering at Berkeley. U.B.C-, or U of W in his hometown. Seattle. Failing this. Mark will 
most likely buy an Island in the South Pacific, hire a midget, and cater to the needs of desperate mid-life crisis 
victims. Success in all you do Mark, see you in the real world. 

Maia Love 

Our ballet dancer from Kamloops joined S.M.U. in grade II. Maia roomed with CM. in the famous 30b. known 
for its lemon loaf destructions, dancing sessions with CM, and N.J,, power cleaning (unwanted grass and dirt 
from field hockey practices was removed) claustrophobic decorations, and Christmas party. She spent common 
room evenings with H.A. and A.B, pigging out on late night pizza. Although shaken by S.M.U. tutorial life, 
grade 1 1 school was relaxing in Physics and definitely enjoyable work in Geography (with the sexiest man on 
earth) despite negative vibes. After a brief romantic interlude with A.H and his socks at Midnight Oil, G.R. 
and others made her so high we had to peel her off the ceiling. In Mexico, her extended birthday celebration 
included dancing at the News, a trip to the Mexico City Museum, and 2:30 swims with A.B. and E.N. The Say- 
ward Outdoors trip taught her to appreciate gorp. dry sleeping bags, and the fact that Dave, the map-destniclive 
counsellor, would rather kill Ronald McDonald than Adolf Hitler. Her move lo first floor in grade 12 led to a 
cleaner room and a trippy ceiling. For fine food she journeyed to Tommy Tucker's and Fogg and Sudds with 
MB,, CM., N-J,. and S.A, (water wasn't enough) On the grade ski trip, Maia discovered that senility can occur 
at an early age after evenings playing the awesome dart game with B,B.. cleaning Zeppo's kitchen, and then having 
to deal with complicated chairlifts. This redhead will leave S.M.U. to go to Western and let them also experience 
her sweet and innocent, never sarcastic, personality. 

Danny Ma 

h is impossible to overlook this fine young man He is so BIG He has a body frame of an offensive lackle bul Ihe lendemess of 
a soft teddy bear. His name is Danny, This 300-pounder • well almost - came to this school in grade 10. and has gone through a 
most inlercsnng 3 year period. As a 250 lbs heavyweight in grade 10. he was at firsl recruited as a fine prospwci for the 2nd XV 
as a prop, but due to his asthma and toe injur>, he was dropped to Colts C and 4th XV He was forced to drop rugby m grade 
\ 1 and took up a more or less physical sport, badminton! A sport he had only started in grade lOdurmg the "off-season " He quickly 
developed to be an important part of the B-team in grade 1 1. Unfortunately, a knee injury dunng the Chnstmas holidays sidelined 
this hardworker to be the sixth man on the A-team in grade 12 instead of a sure staner with K W in grade 1 1 as the A-doubles 
team. In academics, he had a little trouble in his grade 10 year, but soon recovered in grade II and his grade 12 year, averaged 
a low B throughout his courses. His favourite class is Algebra 12 with Mr, Greenwell because of gtxxl grades and funny (ha! ha! 
ha!) basketball jokes His worst class though, is Calculus 12 with Mr, Laidlaw, not because he was a bad teacher, but because of 
all the theories and laws that just won't get into his brain. His favourite pastimes were ordering pizzas for Domino's and dishing 
out devastating bed-crushers, Danny was also chosen as a prefect of International House and really cleaned up the act on 3rd floor! 
As part of his extra curriculum, he played the baritone and was a member of the stage, concert, and jazz bands, and he also went 
on the tour to Barbados last Spring Break. The best part of Danny's school life was trashing Mr, P G with K W Unfortunately, 
due to a knee injury, he could only "edge" him by an average score of 1 5- 1. This teddy bear ("Excusez-Ma") will surely be missed 
and all the best to him from his friends in post- graduation studies at either Western or Carlton University. 


Jason Mabee 

Jason Mabee. a.k.a. "the Sive" and "Jammin* J" as he is affectionately known, arrived at S.M.U. in grade 10 
from the big city of Vancouver. A stylish dresser, he found boarding life difficult to cope with, living with M.P. 
wasn't helping matters. Perhaps he was best known for his musical tastes and his sometimes short tetnper when 
anyone put down Bobby. Jason was never much of an athlete, in fact, he cancelled his subscription to S.I. after 
only a couple months. He did manage to play a single rugby season for the infamous 4th XV. well part of a season 
at least. He was also the star goalie for the league leading "Sultan's", taking them all the way to the Manley 
Cup. Occasionally he could be seen going for a short run over Mt. Tolmie. alone of course. Jason was known 
for such quotes as. "I'm not cheezy!". "I didn't touch her. I swear!", or "Hey choy boy!!" But when he's 
not down at Domino's managing pizza with D.S, and M.C., he's probably downtown bustin" the move with T.M. 
lo the wee hours of the mornmg. Jason hopes to go to either Western or U.B.C. next year and hopefully major 
in business. Good luck Jason and thanks for the memories! 

Kristin Mackenzie 

Kristin, no NOT Kersten. is a cool enough Gordon Head banger that came to S.M.U. as a refugee of the public 
school system at gr. 9. Her impact on the school was evident from the start, as in her first year, she received 
the Chapman Cup for gr. 9 overall achievement, although she never quite made it to Speech Day long enough 
to pick it up. Kris' athletic achievements include such feats as field hockey, track & field, rec cycling, and almost 
rec swimming {and you call yourself a lifeguard Kris'?) Over her years at S.M.U. Kristin has earned the respect?! 
>r at least the recognition as one of the most enthusiastic socialites ever to hit S.M.U. (after Tanya's she never 
looked back) However, in spite of all Kristin's extracurricular activities she did manage to find the time to attend 
class (at least some of the time) and between rock concerts, weekends, or one of her 15 spares a week. Kristm 
could be found pouring over Coleridge with Grenfell or debating the causes of W.W. II with Mr. Mclntyre. (watch 
out for those chairs Kris, they seem to have a habit of falling over on ya.) Next year Kristin will be hopping 
over to Europe to work?!! (is that the right word?) before going on to university the following year (Harvard, 
'i dle'^?) But if you want to look her up in 10 years just look for a VW van wizzing down to Mexico with her 
little black baby, that she adopted while workmg for World Vision in Africa, in tow. Well Kris, just remember 
"you shook me all night long" and "Viva El Mexico" All-Ways!!! 

Donald Maclean 

Donald MacLean (our beloved ESU) 

This man from Edinburgh came over to S.M.U. and drew and drew. Besides that he didn't have to go to school 
yet he still made his commitment in running and the choir. His hobbies included comics, drawing comics, and 
reading comics. One of Donald's more famous comments were "Let's go to Sev's" and "Come on, it's not too 
late." Next year Don plans to return to Europe to go to St. Andrews University somewhere just" a wee bi' north 
o' Edinburgh and a wee bi' south o' Dundee. Best o' luck! 

Christy Madson 

Christy migrated from the beautiful snow covered land of real mountains to the godforsaken island from H-E- 
Double toothpicks in Grade eleven, the wonderful world of SMU. The year was dabbled with volleyball practises, 
four months of mental assassination, whirlwind recess room-cleaning. 306 Christmas parties, the traditional week- 
end "shopping" trips. West Coast Trail refreshments and morning treks up ski hills with Jeff and Chris. Grade 
twelve began with a bigger room, and even a stove to make her favorite. KD and a few batches of cookies, as 
well as some interesting words ("In Confidence?!?!") that accompany the experience of Head of House. Next 
year hopefully off to Western. Ryerson, or the University of Calgary to study business or tourism. Cheers Maddy 
here's to 0,J, (thanx T.H, and A.Y.) never being obnoxious and always walking slowly without a killer glare! 


Julian Manyoni 

"Yeeeaaahhh Boiieee' Ha! Ha!" In gr 9 Julian became one of (he select few lo make the arduous trek from Glenlyon lo S.M.U/s 
hallowed hall He did so bringing with him his headbanger music, a serious attitude problem (B A) and the proud symbol of his 
heritage - the Fro! That year was a quiet one for Jules, the monotony only broken by his beatings on Phil Westoby. Pete Sharpe, 
and Claude McKenzie In grade 10 the hair grew and the Pilsbury Fro Boy emerged His aitimde mellowed and he began to assert 
himself on the party scene, developing for Eastern Eurof>ean soft drinks ("Honest guys, its water!") Jules is the strong silent type 
who could never hurt a fly, and is a proud member of the Black Men Who Help Old Ladies Across The Street For A Price Association, 
Most of his in-school lime was spent sleeping through IHL's history (while maintaining his A average) and finding ways to avoid 
Mrs. MacLeish's math class with Mike Bendickson In grade 1 1 Jules almost disappeared Burned out from gr, 10 he retired the 
green bag and receded to his hole m the changing room. C'Nah', I'm not depressed - Vm mellow!") Julian came out again m grade 
12 and re-opened the green bag His role in the musical gave him a bit of a reputation as a cheese monster, but that's life! 

Jules has also contributed to sports at S-M,U, He took an instant liking to rugby (you mean you're supposed to hit people? AL- 
RIGHT'"! and played for UI5A, Colts B. Colls A. and was proud of being the meanest player on ihe 3rd XV ("Hey. I'm not cheap!") 
He also played for the 1st XI cricket, Colts A soccer and was one of the more vicious CHIEFS- Julian plans to attend Carlelon 
next year (if his car will get him there!) with the idea of playing pro-football (Houston Oilers RULE!) stuck firmly in the back of 
his little mind! During the day. Jules can be found at the Hut, eating pizza, listening lo Public Enemy and wondering why he can't 
be like Ravour Flav, Batman - "clear the way for the prophets of rage. Power of the People Say!" 

Thor Margison 

Thor slaned ai S.M.U. as a cheerful grade 1. following ihe proud Margison tradition begun by his older brother. 
Jann. Thor's career as a S.M.U. lifer culminated this year when it was rumored that he was a close second for 
School Captain Scholar. All were surprised when Thor wasn't made a prefect, but he made contributions in other 
ways, especially as a valued 1st & 2nd XV Flanker, Although most see Thor as a responsible "nice" guy. few 
know that he was once a member of the infamous Mission Boys, and he certainly was a major help in making 
this year's Chinese New Year's Dinner a memorable one, Thor was also one of the Blue Devils, a rogue group 
of supporters who. with their painted faces and garbage can lids, struck fear into the hearts of opposing teams. 
As well as being involved in sports and other similar activities. Thor is an "all-rounder." and made his presence 
felt in arts, crafts, and music. He wants to keep his dream alive of playing the trombone with Robb Marker and 
Sticks McKay in a bar in the Caribbean, but if that fails he could always fall back as a Conan artist. When Thor 
isn't in school (studying, of course) he can be found out at Thetis Lake cliff-diving or roaming the streets with 
Robb and Brent in his van. Next year Thor is planning to carry on the proud Margison tradition and go to U.V.I-C. 
where he will major in the art of brewing. One of four lifers left. S.M.U. will be very sad to see Thor go and 
make his way in the world. 

Jeff Marin 

Jeff "Bones" Marin came to this fine establishment in Oct. '86. to join his panner in ciime M.VC. He slaned 
off by impressing us with the testicle haircut which portrayed his big . . . forehead. The chicks fell for his manly 
but skinny legs and his Banffite wit. He has been an avid and valuable Colts C and 4lh XV player, until his knee 
exploded while fiercely ploughing through the entire Si. Georges forward pack. Jeffs highlights during the S.M.U. 
years include: the building of Mann House, the 100 Power Woof Club, Kodiak in the Computers lab. Sultans 
of Cheez, road hockey, killer B's basketball, and the 57th time he has said, "This is the last one." Jeff is also 
blessed with many talents like picking fights with people twice his size when in the right frame of mind. He is 
also a master at Foyer F-ing and doing the Blood Hound Shuffle in Wenman with A.S. Jeff plans to go to Western 
to pursue a career in business. Good Luck Jeff. We Love You! P.S. Mickey a Goofy rule, hey guys! 

Scott Marks 

Scott Marks, a.k.a. "Denzil", came to S.M.U. in grade 10, from boonie land (Saanichton). In grade 10 we saw 
the studious Denz, but in grade 1 1 we saw the beast unleashed He took to another form of consumption other 
than "Bonanza" and the Hut. He took to taking short naps at parties during which people wrote on his face. He 
displayed his vast athletic capacity as a member of the Colls C's (remember Beach • Baby - Bingo) and captain 
of the 4th XV. He graced the slopes of Whistler on the Grad Ski Trip (How do you stop'') His fondest memories 
are of Mexico '89 (Cerveza, amigo.) Other notable mentions go to rec softball. Sultans of Cheese hockey team, 
and Garibaldi (hey, hiking boots do melt.) His partners in crime were: Margison, Bundon, Harker, Yardley, Ma- 
bee, Nojima, Lockwood, Bendickson, Van Camp, Combos, Crape. Guernsey, Marin. Von Maldeghan, and Ma- 
suda. Denzil will attend U.B.C.. Western, or Queen's or any place where he can find country style spareribs. 


Jim Martin 

Jim Martin came to S.M.U. in grade seven. He has been in the boarding house for six years and comes from 
Langley. B.C. He is an excellent student in math and sciences and has received a numerous amount of prizes 
from contests in these areas. His hobbies includes scuba diving, video making, and flying remote control airplanes. 
He has not made any fmal decisions as to where or what he wants to do, but he will probably go to the Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology and take up Chemical Engineering. 

Takuji Masuda 

Takuji Masuda entered SMU in Gr. 6, from Kamakura, Japan, without a word of English in his vocabulary. Over 
the years. Takuji has mastered the English language, yet he still uses as few words as possible to make a point. 
While attending the Junior School, he was infamous as a border in Harvey House, until he left to board at the 
Penaluna's. where he settled down somewhat, for obvious reasons. Mrs. Thatcher was the next to be burdened 
as Taku moved m. and in Gr. 10. he moved into his own house. Always one to live life in the fast lane, his new 
freedom led him to adopt a more rebellious lifestyle. As event-Coordinator of the Grad Committee. Takuji has 
set a precedent for school dances, and has raised thousands almost single-handedly. A remarkable athlete. Takuji 
has played soccer for the 1st and 2nd XI. but unfortunately, his illustrious rugby career was tragically cut short 
by a near-fatal neck injury while on the rugby tour to his homeland. Since his close brush with death. Takuji 
has turned his attention to his studies, among other things. His academic prowess has gained him acceptance at 
universities including Harvard, M.I.T.. and Stanford. But he will turn these down to attend Pepperdine U. in 
Malibu, California to study surfing. 
Member forever. 
Upper Terrace Crew. 

Julie McCracken 

Julie "Wild Thing"' McCracken came to S.M.U. in grade 9 from Oak Bay, bringing her outstanding musical 
and dramatic talents. She has been involved in all four musicals at S.M.U.. and has held lead parts in three. Julie 
has received numerous academic awards since her arrival, and continues with steady effort. Despite her "good 
girl" facade. Jules is known for her tremendous energy and ability to party. She can be recognized by her dis- 
tinctive laugh and can be found most of the time booting around in her "blue Wolwo" wagon. Julie really lived 
It up on the Grad Ski Trip, where she realized she should consider a professional career in boxing, (just kidding 
Sugar Ray!) She will always be remembered for hosting the infamous "Girls' Nites" which always had unexpected 
guests. Julie hopes to go to U.V.I.C. next year although her soul ambition is to be a housewife and a mother. 
I guess you kinda need the basic training, huh Jules! Julie's cheerful smile and super personality will never be 
forgotten by her friends at S.M.U. We all wish you the very best of luck, and our hearts are always with you. 
We love ya lots Jules - Aloha! 

Julie McLay 

Mon petit Raoul, is a vulnerable member of the Captain Kangaroo Club and will always be a secret admirer of 
Ed Alabass. Her vast Knowledge of astronomy is enough to make anyone a smidge boastful and her mastery of 
handling orange mousse is good enough to put her in the Hall of Mirrors. Pink motels, red & gold velvet wall 
paper and the quest for keychains. as well as smoooth S.M's at a certain sushi village will remam a part of us 
forever. Jules has a knack for kicking around a certain boots in the snow as well as playing songs (R-E-D spells 
. . .) other talents have included playing "sweeper" on the 1st XI Hockey team, tennis, volleyball, track and 
field, and captaining the B-ball team. This bubbly little chanerbox tamed herself in gr 10. to win the "Most Im- 
proved Student Award" and proves she was "all that she could be" when she "joined the army." (Attention!) 
If Julie can't be found on the fields or talking in the quad, she can most likely be found whizzing around in her 
red Prelude. Julie's fondest memories are numerous and unmentionable. But I'm sure that they include "stirring 
the pot" whatever they are!! Julie is not sure what her plans are for the future but she will probably be found 
in a university back east or on a quest to Jairmiu (where her braids intact were almost as funny as the "effects." 
hairspray and chocolate wars on white couches.) Other experiences include problem solving, the mastering of 
photography while slaying in the cabin the next day (it's so sunny.) Well, JuBabe Good Luck in your futtire. 
we will miss having your happy, fiinloving personality around us. (snorts and all) 


Edward Narain 

Ed, God ihal kid's annoying. Anyway, he established himself here ai our glorious school in grade 10. He briefly 
roomed with S.A. & MB. before irreconcilable differences split the love trio. Ed really enjoyed classes, especially 
the ones that ended up in Wenman. in his room, on the quad etc. sometimes outnumbering those classes of the 
less favourable variety. Sadly, Ed possesses a tropical disease which enables him to sleep for close to 15 hours 
a day, Ed played soccer for 2 seasons on the 1st XI. but tragically his grade 12 season was shattered due to an 
ankle injury. He also played rugby for the 3rd XV this year. Ed spent his last year in boarding with the charming 
R.L. who subiiminally tuned, twisted, and warped Ed's morals, managing to rob him of any sense of hygiene. 
The boarding community will always grit their teeth in memory of Ed's immortal words "Don't worry. I'll get 
you a new one," Ed has enjoyed his 3 years at S.M,U,. making a lot of friends and contributing greatly to the 
school, Ed told me to mention that although several glamorous universities world wide have all showed interest 
in this remarkable Fijian, that he will return to the sunshine state, downunder at Brisbane University. Don't come 

Susumu Nojima 

Susumu came lo St. Michaels in Grade 10 as a non-english speaking Japanese student. He soon made friends 
and soon picked up the necessary words. By Grade 1 1 he was completely transformed. The once innocent Japanese 
student can now be seen on his motorcycle. Susumu became an important part of the Rugby teams as a fearless 
hooker. Susumu hopes to attend a university in California or somewhere else where the sun is warm. Sayonara Noji! 

Tina Passmore 

Tina emmigrated to S.M.U. from the strange environment called PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM which she fondly 
remembers. Tina alias "penny", "Kenass". "Tina Tunafish" (thanks to Mr. McCracken) came to S.M.U. in 
Grade 9 as a young, shy fledgling, a status which has since changed following the Mexico Trip of 87. It was 
on this trip that Tina came to realize (enjoy!) the wilder aspects of SM.U. life, Tina can often be seen driving 
around Brentwood in her lil' green Ghia (Hey Tina, is it STILL in the shop?! What happened to the BIG tnjck?(!) 
In games Tina is a staunch member of the Field Hockey team and Soccer team. When not playing games. Teena 
is off to the all-day rehearsals of Kiss Me Kate, of which she is a chorus member. During the Spring Break of 
1990. Tina will be enjoying Bockbier and Bratwurst on this year's German Trip. Next year Tina hopes to study 
"Big Business" at Western, U.B.C.. Ottawa or Queens. On a closing note. Tina, have you figured out yet who 
wrote Macbeth?!!! 

James Pengilly 

James came to S.M.U. in Grade 7 and is rumoured to have been growing his hair ever since. An avid Canucks 
fan. James was the all-star goalie for his road hockey team in second term (losing only a few games because he 
couldn't see through his hair). When not trying lo save society from P.K.T's "tragic" taste in music, James 
spent his time playing Rugby for the 3rd xv and horse riding (which he insists is a studly sport). Despite many 
hours spent with a coffee mug in O'Donaks, James surprises even himself, by getting good marks in English. 
He idolizes Dan Fielding from Night Coun. and much like his revered hero, he has faced public embarrassment 
more than once through the combination of a dirty mind, a loud voice and lack of tact. His pet peev is missing 
an "A" by 1% in half his subjects, and his consistent "B"'s have earned the official title of the most average 
student in the grade. His plans for the future? To get rid of thai horrible smell in his car, "Well it's still better 
than a scooter!" 


Julie Platz 

Jules - "the hick" came from the thriving metropolis of Gold River to the gossip bound halls at SMU. in her 
fateful Grade 1 1 year. It all started with her reserved admiration for P.W. & D.K. Later, she would be seen cruis- 
ing with AH. in a certain MG - "out for coffee" - now "Lance" don'i get jealous! Around exam lime, things 
got really tough and she resorted toT.P.. much to the dismay of R.D. and N.D. Then came the infamous university 
trip - which quenched Julie's thirst for . . . knowledge - momentarily. Getting into the academic swing of things 
in Grade 1 1. Julie emerged as the "b<iarding brain". Depending on her motxl. or the time of day. one may be 
confronted with her forward inquiries "What's your problem?" or one of her "I'm not in a people mw>d" stares. 
To keep her lean. mean, prefect machme runnmg snuxnhly she pumped weights, ran. swam with A.K.. and gen- 
erally kept her ticker ticking. Her adventures in Nepal with R.D. & R.P. gave her only a taste of the travelling 
she hopes to do. Keep an eye on this soon-to-be McGill graduate in her black Jag, a law degree in her briefcase. 

Jennifer Psyllakis 

Jen migrated to S.M.U. in Grade 10 after two years at Oak Bay. During her first year she met up with Annie, 
and from there on trouble came easily. As soon as Jen got her ever-beloved driver's license you could usually 
find her with her other half in either Shawnigan Lake or the middle of Metchosin. In games she kept herself busy 
by running well for Ms. Keziere in both cross country and track. If nothing else, maybe Jen left an impression 
with Mr. Faulkner by being one of the "gruesome twosome twins". Jen will travel first around the world and 
then preferably the outer solar system, before returning to the croverdale race track for work. U.V.I.C. is looking 
good to her in 91. where she will carry on her studies in Geography and Geology. As Jen kept on reminding 
me. "Stop peddling so fast and coast for a while." 

Troy Purden 

Darren Troy Purden first graced SMU with his presence in 1983 at the Junior Campus. A love for the glory of 
rugby was instilled very earl> on and led to a tour of the U.K. in 1986. Unfortunately his rugby career was cut 
short by injury, although the pain of not being able to play was often worse than the pain in his back. Troy also 
played on the "Killer Bees" basketball and soccer teams. Every summer saw Troy heading out on the high seas 
to wake up at 4:30 a.m. and fish all day. Mmm - smells good! This gruelling work led to the purchase of the 
infamous Silver Bullet in 1988. The Bullet made up for its lack of brakes with a lot of character and a lot of 
inventive driving by Troy Troy could be heard coming long before he could be seen arriving late but just in 
time for Brown Hall Duty with B.F. 1 roy headed south of the border at Spring Break on the Mexico Tour and 
he adapted very quickly to Mexican culture. DTP, KM. SE and SA could be seen in the summer term heading 
off in the Bullet to practise their Spanish with their good friend Jose who they'd smuggled across the border for 
a better life in Canada! Troy started his Grad year with a full academic schedule but couldn't stand the fact that 
KM had more spares than he did and he soon did his best to catch up. The two can be seen waging thumb wars 
at most times of the day. Troy is also an awesome surfin" dude and can be seen with TM catchin" some mbular 
surf out at Sombrio. Surf on dudel Although in Grade 12 we had to bode a tearful goodbye to the Bullet, Troy 
still managed to have his fair share of "parking accidents". No seriously - there was something in the road! Troy 
was so impressed with the Mexican people and their country that he hopes to return to ah . . . what was it 
. , - study their culture in more depth - yeah, that's the ticket. After one or was it two years? Anyway, he plans 
on furthering his education at the illustrious UVIC sometime in the fiiture. 
Viva la Mexico! DLTDF 

Christine Reilly 

Christine followed her brothers' footsteps in 1985. and showed up on S.M.U. 's doorstep, full of energy as a keen 
Grade 8 student. Amazingly enough she is one of the few students who has carried this energy right to the end 
of her time at S.M.U.. She was always the person you could rum to when you had a problem or needed encour- 
agement. It is not surprising that she was awarded the "Miss Nice Guy" trophy at Speech Day. This talented 
young lady was well liked by her peers: she was nominated onto the Student Council several years, was an avid 
member of the Dance Committee (when such things existed), and even held a position on the dreaded Grad Com- 
mittee. Christine was always ready to devote her time to good causes: she headed the 30 Hour Famine and each 
year volunteered for Uncle Willy's M.S. drive. Above all. though. Chris" huge contribution to school life was 
her dedication and continued efforts on the Yearbook. She had agreed to be a co-editor before realizing that she 
had TWO books to put together. Chris never complained, though, just worked solidly until done. Christine also 
found time to be an extremely talented musician and artist. Chapel was often graced by her beautiful violin music, 
and the halls of Schoolhouse were filled with her masterpieces. Christine may not be rushing off to buy a white 
coat and become a doctor right away, especially not after Chem class in Grade 11 with Mr McG's chocolate 
cake theories, nor after Grade 12 Physics, but whatever she does, she will do well. Goodbye old friend, we wish 
you the best of luck at McGill. 


Gordon Reilly 

Gordon ReiUy (a.k.a. Goblin) was led by ihe Lord to the hallowed halls of S.M.U. in Grade 7 along with Spuck. 
In the Senior School, this aspiring athlete budded like a young sapling and made his debut on the rugby field 
as a Junior Colts "C" XV crashball centre. In Grade 10. the sapling matured inlo a solid oak, anchoring the 
Colts "B" XV front row as a sturdy hooker. Grade 1 1 saw the emergence of Gordon as a force to be reckoned 
with, playing hooker for the 1st and 2nd XV's. Apart from rugby, nobody saw much of Gordo during his Grade 
1 1 year due to a certain ML,, In his senior year Gordon became a full fledged member of the F.R.U. as well 
as one of the infamous T.F.P.D.F.H.. He also toured the U.K. and Ireland with the senior rugby team. Off the 
rugby field Gord contributes to the school as a Prefect, (exhale O.K.?) a student council member and a talented 
thespian in Kiss Me Kale. At recess, everybody wanted a piece of Gordon's honeybuns. Next year, Gord plans 
to go to Western with Spuck and Boo to study commerce. Thanks for being a friend, member always, - U.T.C. 

Leif Reinhold 

Crossing the ocean in 1985. Leif came to SMU from West Germany, Rising from the basement to mathematical 
stardom, he spent many of his precious lunch-hours writing Math contests. He gave up on his musical career 
after singing Pink Floyd at midnight with P.K.-T. on the Robertson II. After working his way up from Head 
of Scorekeeping to Basketball Team Manager, he was often seen ripping his hair out after the computer calculated 
the shooting averages. Known to completely ignore his homework and still do very well, he ended up spending 
a lot of time at basketball games or out-of-town tournaments. His black Jeep usually took him away from campus, 
so that little is known about his social life. Rumor has it that he went to a lot of heavy-metal concerts. His athletic 
goal was to become the city's best broomball player. Maybe we'll see him building the world's fastest airplanes 
in the fumre. He'll really miss breaking the great Prefect - God's rule by eating downstairs in Challoner. He'll 
always remember P.K.. M.S.. K.W., N.S., and especially S.W. Ah well, bye all. Leif seems to fade away . . . 

Vanessa Richards 

This bnght young woman arrived at S.M.U. in 1985. one of a handful of girls, who would spend her next five 
years getting involved in all aspects of S.M.U, life. Vanessa could often be heard recounting tales from the sea 
upwn which she was an avid sailor, distinguishing herself nationally in 1990. more locally as a sailing instructor, 
and not to mention the Yacht Club parties where she was also an avid participant. Her athletic achievements include 
playing on the Junior and Senior Volleyball teams, and even taking part in some Track and Field events. The 
School Yearbook could never have materiahzed had it not been for hours of work spent tirelessly by this young 
lady, who helped put together two complete yearbooks - an awesome achievement often taken for granted. In 
the Arts Vanessa is a noted thespian, having played major roles in a number of productions, both in and outside 
of the school, and also displaying her talents in the finals of recitation competitions each year. She is a talented 
linguist and has been dul> recognized as such by winning the French Prize each year (too bad there was only 
one video!), and also has become almost fluent in German, aided by the fact on school exchanges and lours of 
both France and Germany. Vanessa's scientific merits took her as far as Chem 1 1/ Physics 12 1/2 in which Vanessa 
learned the true meaning of Frustration right along with her lab-partner-in-crime: C.R. The sciences taught Va- 
nessa that her interests lie in the Arts and Humanities, and so she will attend the Drama Program at U.V.I.C. 
in the Fall. Vanessa is a kind and giving person and a truly great friend, who deserves only the best in life, and 
we're sure she'll be a success in whatever she does. 

Alison Rippington 

Big Al came to S.M.U. in grade 10 from Oak Bay. Al's bubbly personality and non-stop chattage has made her 
one of the more noticeable members of the student body. Her fondest high school memories include Fiesta '88, 
chatting up a storm with many of her friends, and her grade 10 studies of the Philippine culture. Alison's excellence 
in the field of athletics has often enabled her to miss afternoon games j>eriods for more pressing engagements. 
Alison's sole ambition in life is to make it as far as U.B.C. where she hopes to study arts and possibly become 
the next Dr. Ruth or Oprah Winfrey. Alison's charm and warm character will be greatly missed by all of the 
special friends she's made in her years at S.M.U. Alison will be successful in whatever she does or wherever 
she goes. We wish you the Best of Luck. Cheers Alison . . . 
Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of having neither to weigh thoughts or measure words. 


Charles Romaniuk 

Charles came to S.M.U. in 1987. He originated from the hellish torment of ""Highway 107" in International House. 
Life was fast and fun. The hallowed windows of the highway were blessed with the presence of Calvin and Hobbes 
lor several months. These same windows were also broken by a cenain D.C. who claims to have punched them. 
In grade II life improved, in some ways. His new rtximmate. Jim in New House, had money galore and toys 
lo go with It. But regardmg his sanitary philosophy; let's jusi say it was a bit different. Life wasn't as fun anymore 
but it was still fast Tixlay he stands in a brighter light: overshadowed by Mr. Tongue, upstairs. He lives with 
Carlo and is neighbors with the oriental noodle twins, Bamy and The ■■Chang"ers. Over his three years al S.M.U. 
Charles has gone from a tollkeeper on highway !07 to the president of the exclusive Club Tongue, accessible 
off Aldhdge. via a long driveway, on the left. Charles hopes to go to the University of Waterloo, but if he doesn't 
make it, "there's always Alberta" 

Jane Rondow 

Jane (Rhonda, mutant Janie twin) came to S.M.U. in grade 8 from St. Margaret's. She was first sighted by her 
fellow mutant, wearing red Converse and a check shirt, running no one quite knows where (late again?!!!) Jane 
has since been a valuable member of S.A.D.D.. Kiss Me Kate, the Mikado. Jesus Christ Superstar, and the en- 
vironment committee. The famous laugh, peach facials, poodle look, and her vast knowledge of insect species 
and the thesaurus will always be remembered, as well as the mutual acknowledgement of the necessity of certain 
male characteristics Jane will never suffer from lack of appetite, even if it means missing class in the afternoon. 
Her athletic feats include trying to windsurf at Elk Lake with M.W., and skiing almost as fast as those snow board- 
ers, Jane is also an enthusiastic B-ball player, yes she did get a basket, and a key position on the 1st XI hockey 
team. When Jane isn't driving in her "great while whale" she is either singing or playing the spoons! One day 
Jane will be very very famous actress with tons of animals and kids! But first she will study either Biology or 
drama at U.V.I.C. Good Luck! and Take Care. "Every one carries within him the world in which he must live" 

Tamara Rusnak 

This tall. leggy, blonde joined our school (our SMUPER school), in the middle of Grade 8. keeping with the 
tradition that she is never on time for anything, including the school year!! Tamara was an avid participant in 
sports and managed a place on both the basketball and volleyball teams for three consecutive years as well as 
swimming competitively on a local swim team. However, "Tum"'s forte was on the third fioor of Schoolhouse. 
where she produced some of the school's finest artwork, always having at least one portrait on the art wall in 
the corridor of Schoolhouse. Academically. Tamara is a strong student, proving that Chemistrv can be conquered 
with a little work . . . and tears . . . This world traveller managed to soak up European culture on two trips 
to this overseas continent. She went on the France Trip in Grade 10 and to Portugal in Grade 11 (I don't think 
she ever did come back emotionally . . .). She left her heart on the beaches in Nice. TYamara's ftiture plans 
include Medicine at either U. of T. or U.B.C. although her friends think she belongs on the covers of Vogue. 
Wherever she goes, this "blond wonder" will have no trouble getting there. 

Alex Schutte 

He came lo SMU in Grade six. 

When John S was still doing uicks 

He advanced through the years, without hardship and tears. 

And thought that the system he'd licked. 

This longlasting boarder. 

Has done the house in order. 

From Harvey to School, and International, which ruled (303), 

Back to Harvey, then New House, to loiter. 
He IS also one of the select. 
Belonging to New House Prefects 
He's in all the plays, and a star he's been made. 
But the cast always keeps him in check. 

He's always witty and quick. 

Writes poetry with a ball-pointed bic, 

He's rarely asleep, and he never gets sick. 

And will continue at the great U. of Vic. 
( . . bonom English) 


Todd Scott 

Todd Scon was new to SMU when he arrived in Grade 12. Immediately he was recognised for his laie-night Chem 
equations in his sleep. It is difficult to say what Todd's favorite sport was. but he enjoys cycling, kayaking, scuba 
diving, canoeing, hiking, and everything else thai can inflict pain on oneself {except rugby because it requires 
that you hurt other people). He was also the co-ordinator of the Environmental Group and he hopes one day to 
travel around the world in his kayak Sorry Todd Best of luck at Dalhousie. Thanks for the memories and we're 
really really really sorry (to see you go)ll 

Andrea Sharpe 

Andrea. Andy, was a very committed member of the school. She was not only given the 'honour" of being a 
boarding prefect, but also was a tremendous asset to the Yearbook Staff, with her sidekick Rene, After two years 
at the establishment. Andrea noted many changes, and we did in her (that beautiful long hair). She probably will 
never forget booting around in Em's Green Bug throughout most of Grade 1 1 and 12 and the Grad Ski Trip. 
Good luck Andrea we will miss you. 

Joe Siddiqi 

Joes artistic talents made quantum leaps and bounds as he raised from the depths of demonic portraits. Shafiq's 
greatest setback was his wimpy scafoid endloss bone that ended his career in professional rugger. His pizza-eating 
abilities were unequalled as he ate the weird stuff any time he got the munchies and nothing else would do. Hoom 
Bada. a former Joe & the No-Hairs member, this anomaly was an avid guitar strummer until he found more in- 
teresting pursuits. Jose greatly enjoyed Gregario's Lit classes where he would listen to the multitude of Captain 
Kirk quotes. He was just spaced . . . 

Dave Skulbru 

Dave Nils Skulbru (aka Spuck), came to the hallowed halls of SMU in Grade 7 from the thriving metropolis of 
Gold River. B.C. It was at this time that he became acquainted with GR and laid the foundation for the UTC. 
Daverino coasted through his classes at SMU. relying on tremendous natural ability rather than countless hours 
of tedious studying. Although he has had the odd personality clash with his teachers in the past, he is now under- 
stood and well-liked by his mentors, as well as his peers. David is one of. if not the best athlete in the grad class, 
and played scrum-half for the 1st XV this year. His main contribution to the school, however, is on the basketball 
court, where he is Captain, and one of the best players SMU has ever produced. He is regularly selected as an 
all-star. His 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat the heavily favored Lambrick Park truly put him in the "hero" cat- 
egory, and he will undoubtedly go down in SMU history. Spucker is still searching for the "Ms. Right", but 
SC. JM. GC. and SA don't think he will ever settle down. Next year. Dave will probably become the first SMU 
student to play in the NBA but failing that, he'll go to Western with Cord and Boo, among others in the Escort 
GT. You'll miss him when he's gone, guYs. 
Member forever. U.T.C. 


Arjuna Smith 

Singing in [he sunshine. 
Laughing in the rain. 
Mining on the moonshine. 
RiKking the grain. 

Megan Smith 

Megan came to SMU as a naive and gullible Grade 10 from the bustling metropolis of Powell River. Going to 
school with people she hadn't known since kindergarten was a change, as was the availability of a McDonald's. 
She never she'd get used to calling teachers "sir" and "ma'am". Her nicknames "Pardon me'" and "mega- 
phone" are attributed to her clear, distinct speaking voice. Megan "prtKrastination" Smith thought she might 
have a chance to "get her life together" when she started at SMU, but then she met J W. and hasn't recovered 
since. At last count she had 18 English essays due (& overdue), Maybe if she woke up before 8:00 and didn't 
fall asleep in the shower she might occasionally make it to tutorial. Back rooming with K.Y. again in Gr. 12. 
after thoroughly annoying AS. in Gr. 1 1, meant PIZZA. The red roses in her desk resulted from a social life 
primarily outside of SMU, mostly involving Mt. Doug grads. If she wasn't busy doing homework at the last min- 
ute, she could be found at the bottom of Challoner joking around with S.W., N.S., K.W.. L.R.. and P.K. SMU 
wasn't always easy, but the people made it all worthwhile. Besides, how else could she find out which drugs 
the Romantic poets were on? 

Nicola Stewart 

Nicola arrived at SMU from Courtenay and became the school's first female Grade 8 out-boarder. After Grade 
9. instead of transferring to the dorms she had already transferred from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs 
bedroom in Mrs. Wenman's house and had now confused the Wenmans as to whether or not she's in for dinner 
for five years. Nic. who went about in her own quiet way with 3 earrings in her left ear. thought that she had 
mastered procrastination but changed her mind in Grade 10 when she met M.S. and J.W. She then wanted to 
take lessons from them but still hasn't gotten around to it. As for her relationships they have mainly stayed outside 
the school where she was more lively and outgoing anyways. In Grade 10 Nic's best friend was S.W. who lived 
out of town and spent much of her time commuting. Now that both Nicola and S.W. live in the same house Nic 
sees even less of S. Weird what happens when boyfriends come along. Oh well. Grade 12 was the worst - deciding 
what to do for the rest of her life almost ruined it. Hanging around on the bottom floor of Challoner "saved" 
her from insanity • or did it? Anyway, the other five - S.W., M.S.. K.W., L.R., and P.K. will always be re- 
membered and even though Nic's lunches were always small they still weren't supposed to be eaten there. Humph. 
A cheery (sort oO good-bye from Nic. and see you? 

Mark Stock 

In Grade II Mark came to SMU from the metropolis of Tumbler Ridge (yeah, that's the place Mr. Dunlop was 
talking about in Geography class), Mark was immediately put at a disadvantage when he was put m dorm 202 
of International House with some, well . , . different roommates. Mark discovered that there's more to French 
than just bonjour and was soon admitted to Ms. Keziere's bonehead French class. Mark's experiences up North 
finally proved to have some usefullness when he was selected by Mr. Laidlaw to be the skip of the school curling 
team (WOW!!). In Grade 12 Mark became a prefect in New House and soon moved in with M.B., who taught 
him a few new habits (although not all good). In this final year Mark became a powerful force as the full back 
of the 3rd XV rugb> team as well as being a member of the school tennis team. Next year Mark hopes to travel 
east to attend either Queen's or Western to study business and then go on to get a law degree. Good luck, Mark, 
at whatever you choose to do. 


Lara Tomaszewski 

Lara T. migrated from the all-female confines of Norfolk lo join the ranks at SMU in Grade 10. Since then her 
outgoing personality has earned her many friends and certain admirers. This year. Lara is a dedicated member 
of the M.B. crowd, escaping campus most lunch hours, spares, and even certain classes, to sit in our favorite 
restaurant and have a . . . coffee. Lara has distinguished herself in the past three years on the debating team and 
has dedicated herself to the demanding sport of aerobics. Lara's fun-loving personality graced both the France 
and Mexico trips in Grades 10 and 1 1 . and both countries are still recovering from her ceaseless quest for culture 
and a good time. Next year she plans to take her love of culture and sense of adventure to Europe (England) 
on the GAP exchange, and if she ever returns, she will attend either UBC or McGill. 

Helen Truran 

Helen "Mullet" Truran. also known lo some as Helen ahhh . . . Smith!!!, has been a member of the SMU family 
since Grade 9, when she was recruited from St. Margarets. From the very beginning of Helen's stay at SMU 
she hurled herself into the sports program as a key member of the 1st XI Field Hockey, soccer, and basketball 
teams. I'm sure Helen will never forget the '88 B.C. basketball tournament (or hotel), at Bums Lake, at which 
she was welcomed with a surprise on her pillow upon arrival and a snowball through the window at 2:00 a.m. 
Or the time when on a field hockey trip, she was locked out of her hotel room wearing . . . Nevertheless Helen 
was always an enthusiastic and crucial player in such sporting endeavors. Helen's enthusiasm was not however, 
limited to on-campus activities . . . (come on. come on . - .) as she took place in several "grad-type" social 
occasions over the years. Next year Helen will be travelling to England to spend a year working (and whatever 
else that might include) as a member of the G.A.P. exchange. Good luck. Hel. although I'm sure you won't even 
need il. And remember Mullet II, to always "be all you can be" 

- love Mullet I 

Mike Van Camp 

One of the two kings from Banff, Mike arrived on the scene here in September 1985. easily fitting in and picking 
up women. In Grade 9 Mike was one of the original members of the Dorm 36 Rebels who terrorized School House 
for the entire year. Grade 10 found Mike as a regular quad romper. Who could ever forget terrorizing Crazy 
Bill every night after his 11 p.m. pitstop. I wonder how no one could explain the underwear in the comer of 
the room because J.M. and G.C. had nothing to do with it. Mike could also be found chasing B around I.H. in 
the raw with a face cloth m his left hand. Grade 1 1 found Mike picking up a new sidekick and his lifelong love 
S.W. Mike was mmoured to have a romantic encounter with L.K. in Oak Bay; who knows why they call you 
a bloodhound, you seemed to do it quite well during your piston dance around the campfire with C.C. Mike is 
an avid player of rugby and if he had not hurt his foot in the early season would have been the captain of the 
Isi XV after Mikes life is mgby or it could be basketball after showing superior leadership with the Killer B's 
in Grade 11. The team was pretty good even if it had a 2-8 record. In the hiture Mike can be found at Harvard 
studying business "only if the computer makes a mistake" 
Good luck in the future, we love you. Moss. 

Moseying across the vast etemal landscape 

The man searched far and wide . . . 

At the height of the victor>\ the sun shone bright 

Finally the end was near, when suddenly - 

The Greek was blasted into the dreaded void of . 

Will he ever return? 
Tune in next time folks - 


Nick Varzeliotis 

infinite bicycle accessories 



Luke Von Maldeghem 

This big German slud arrived at Chaicau de Si. Michaels from Calgar> in Sepicmber 1985. He seemed lo have 
no problems attracting the women like velcro with his fine German pick-up skills. Luke seemed to dazzle the 
schix)! with his fine rugby skills in the Colts A, even though he was in a younger grade. He was one of the famous 
three that received the privilege of building the indestruclable MARIN House "Who knows why CC and JM" 
or who can ever forget the famous surprise package for two compliments of LVM. How about the snapshot with 
Mickey & Goofy with GC. CC. and JM in Anaheim. Luke can also be heard singing with JP with his beautiful 
tenor voice in the Grade 1 1 choir Who could ever forget the supposed trip lo 7-11 at the beginning of Grade 
10 even though we had good intentions we never did reach 7-11. thanks to the blondy who glowed in the dark 
and could easily be seen by PKT In the future Luke can be found on his bike with the Hells Angels and eventually 
ending up al Sturgis "bike rally". Who knows, in the future you could probably find LVM appearing on the 
Newlywed Game with LW and taking the grand prize of a trip to the Grand Cayman Island with LW Luke, a 
prized possession of Mr. MurdiKh's can be found dazzling his Geography class with his knowledge of the land 
on which we live. In the future Luke plans lo attend Western's school of business. Good luck. Big Guy. and never 
forget the good times. 

Katie Wadds 

Coming to S.M.U. in Grade II from the KiMtenays left Katie wondering if anything would ever be the same 
again. Victoria was strange to the country bumpkin. It contained orange double bubble gum, lies, and bald men. 
To her friends in the valley . . slay there says she: and watch out for KazI Katie and Kaz learned what it was 
like to ride in a Pietemobile and look at rainfilled stars under a duck-taped, garbage bag covered, and smoke-filled 
tarp, a most learning experience Toasts go to Rm. 202, a strange room, and to the basement of Challoner. It 
housed the six of us, our lunches and our boredom! Good to break free eh guys! And Katie shall end with 
. . "I'm going 10 Prydain, marry Taran. have Manisha and live happily ever after!" Oh wail. Kaz has to re- 
member, "moon". We will miss you! 

Susan Walsh 

I didn't waltz, or skip, or bop. or breeze, or flit into this SMU community. I just sort of "got" here. And then 
I went downtown. And then I went skiing. All the time. And now I'm graduating. I don't know any of you and 
none of you know me. I don't play sports - I nde a bike. And I ski. I don't indulge in the Brown Hall delicacies 
- I eat out. I don't really live anywhere - I jusi come from somewhere (That "other" school). No one seems 
to believe this, but I really do like it here. I do have friends and I will remember Jess & Niamh & the "I'm terribly 
sorry", the Washington weekend and Whistler and always my muffin head. 

Philip Westoby 

And now for something compielety differeni . . . It's one of the select few to make the pilgrimage from Glenlyon. 
Phil entered "SMOO" in Grade 8 (Well, they only accept the best). His 5 years have been memorable to say 
the least. Flip will be remembered for his distinctive, yet illegal uniform, with his fake Italian suits and paisley 
handkerchiefs. He also will be remembered for ordering and being refused a dnnk at a certain sleazy Chinese 
restaurant (ask CD)- The Westoby coffee stops with CD at the Muffin Break and sailing weekends with his cadet 
corps. Westoby hopes to become a chartered accountant but he seems lo have changed his plans to law, politics, 
and commerce. Phil won't be holding any parties for a while. "We all have a desire to create something that 
will show we were here" Prof. Dr. Ing. N.C.F. Porsche "sure, whatever" Phil Westoby 


Liz Whitmore 

Ai the end of Ihe 1986 school year. Oak Bay High spewed forth yet another pupil who had decided to immigrate 
to S.M.U. Her first thoughts of the school were ruined with a sidetrip through Straihcona Park, where she learned 
that ■■mellow" was a synonym for ■■Hell". She arrived on campus with her kneesocks pulled up. in honour of 
her guide and mentor. B.F. She started off in all the top sets, but rapidly learned that she could never be a braino. 
Grade 10 was an unmemorabie year that ended in a month-long party in France. She proved that the B-word and 
teachers are alright so long as the teachers don't know. Liz mellowed out a great deal in Grade II. She made 
sure that everyone minded their ■■P^'s and ■Q^'s in Mr. C's bookstore. The Sayward expedition in June turned 
out to be very educational for Liz. The basics of Chem 1 1 were reinforced by an avid fisherman J5C. 
■■Bases are slippery lo touch. Fish are slippery. Therefore fish are bases". 

In Grade 12, Liz's socks hit her ankles, grey cardigans were acceptable No. 1 dress (in her eyes) and Liz was 
her own guide and mentor. Liz was able to produce a suitable excuse for every occasion. We might remember 
her. then again, she won't let us forget. STAY GOLD! 
■■This IS the end of the innocence." 

Moira Wilson 

Moira began her six years at SMU as one of the 1st four junior GIRLS. Shower dancing, back wars, "the fiip". 
M-E-T-H-0-D. and certain letters will always be a part of her inner soul. Since then Moira has been a part of 
the Track Team. SADD. Gr. 12 choir and the 1st XI grasshockey learn. How about basketball, moi'? And how 
could we forget a dedicated door warden'?! Her falling in plant pots, butterfiy and thesaurus hangups and "crucial" 
mistakes are continuously hilarious. In the immortal words of our hero. Chevy Chase. "Try to breathe through 
your nose". Being a certified member of the Ed Alabass fan club, exploits such as purple mousse treatments, SM's. 
keychains. astronomy class and the quest for Jammu. are all vital aspects of life destined for the '■hall of mirrors". 
And as a fan of the red velvet and shag palace. Roo remembers Nova hotstuff . . . Chevy hotsniff ... as being 
sleek and smooth mobiles, just like her accomplice. Petite Raoul. Moira found the Mexico Trip in '88 and the 
British hockey tour in '90 to be culturally enhancing experiences, as was the Grad Ski Trip (octopus^'). Moi can 
often be seen fiying around in Twinkie (soon to be married to Woody) with the top down and the music of The 
Cull blowing in the wind (Billy Duffy really touched this shoe!) and Moira only loses her keys sometimes . 
Moira (who will always like louring universities more than hiking the West Coast Trail) will be remembered for 
her smiling face and her ability to make people laugh. Next year Moira will study Arts at either Western or McGill. 
Good luck. Moi. and take care! 

Ina Wong 

Ina. better known as ■■Eeeena" or "Inikininika" arrived at S.M.U. in Grade 9 after a stint with K.M. at Arbulus 
and other such public institutions. However she quickly adopted the more refined tastes and attitudes characteristic 
of students attending S.M.U. In her most important lesson of Algebra 21, Eena learned that bare legs are never 
an option for a "real lady" On Saturday nights. "Indecisive Ina" can be seen cruising downtown in a red GTA 
with B.W. In Grade 9. Eena distinguished herself as a member of the exclusive bathroom gang, which was disbanded 
after an ugly dispute with B.F. '■Speedy^' could often be seen with "Flash" searching for the elusive shortcut 
on the chiptrail across hole 9 of the Henderson Golf Course. Ina's fondest memories of S.M.U. are Tuesdays and 
Wednesdays when she only had three classes a day. ("What a lough life!) Smu's own Donald Duck hopes to attend 
McMasler, or U.B.C. and study "REAL" Biology. Good luck Ina!! 

Kenny Wong 

Ken came to SMU from the wacky jungles of Malaysia two years ago. While at SMU, he made the 2nd XI in 
soccer in his Grade II year, and this year after some hard work, has played on the 1st XI. Ken hopes to be soccer's 
next Bryan Robson and that's a big hope! There has yet to be a day where Ken has not admired his hair in the 
mirror and this remains a favorite pastime. An avid golfer, he enjoys the sport with all the old folks back home. 
Ken the mystery man with the big fridge (never could figure out what was in it) How about a killer winny'' Ken 
is a veteran rat racer at the CP winning multiple 'cheez bucks" with LVM, and hopefully the blaster when not 
in his place of residence (CP), Ken could be found at F&S visiting MSA, MB. CM. NJ. & ML. quafelling like 
only Ken can. To fund his escapades. Ken imported Hugo Boss shirts for a certain MSA. Ken can also be found 
in the world famous Malaysian circus as a trapeze artist Ken, being the amazing person that he is has the world 
record for swinging on the trapeze and trying to dry out his hair at the same time. Ken remains a vital sidekick 
in Dunlop's Economics, and one day could be a P.M Rooming with N.I. was a memorable experience - the G- 
fights and the letter wrs. With a business degree from UBC or Western, hopefully Ken's actions in the future will 
be above the table. Adios amigo! 


Philip Woodcock 

When Phil first arrived at SMU in Grade 8 he became well known for his "low maintenance" haircut. Although 
rarely seen at school parties, the Canadian Navy is well aware of his partying ability. On the rugby front Phil 
was one of the select few to make the difficult transition from p*>wer 2nd row to dar/ting speed wmger for IHL's 
"Rebels". Academically Phil's efforts have been frugal however. Grade 12 saw his true brilliance blossom in 
Chemistry. Phil's easygoing attitude will be dearly missed by many. If Phil's future gt>es as planned, the Merchant 
Marine will be gaining a stout recruit. Good luck y'all - Curly E & Rocket Reek 

David Woods 

Well we finally made it! Eleven and 2/3 years and it's time to write something about graduating. Even though 
I was only at SMU for a year, for all those pet>ple who had warned me how bad it would be here. I invite them 
to try Grade 12 at any other school and compare! I will leave with a great many memories: easy Histon,' tests 
and impossible French tests (although I did learn something), the "little notes on this" in Chemistry ! 1 (yeah!!). 
I enjoyed Mr. Skinner's English class and his video-watching concepts (Don't forget to check those exam marks. 
LeiP) I tried to sleep through Algebra but had to tr>' Mr. Laidlaw's "msoluble" problems in Physics. There were 
lots of good times, especially soccer with KW. JM, and NI on Papa Cordle's awesome 1st XI. The three game 
season was short but sweet, and thrashing the Juniors regularly was fun, GchxI luck to them next year, except 
for MB - never will you score again! Once out of here, I'll be heading for UVic if I live through the summer. 
The future is for relaxing. A few final words? Vance - relax, the test is tomorrow. Liz - if I'm so keen, how come 
you get the higher mark'' Khoo - don't forget the kingfish. And Tina - "you know I'm only here to answer your 
questions". The farms must be saved at all costs! - NB Bon Voyage. 

Suzanne Wright 

Hailing from the Great WTiite Nonh though never claiming it Suzanne arrived at SMU in Grade 10. Pnvate school 
was a shock to the system of a public school student like Suzanne, uniforms and actual respect for teachers were 
a new' experience. The Robertson II was a great holiday in Grade 10. of course being partnered with JW was quite 
an experience (did she EVER get an essay in *). We had a great time. Grade 11 was a real hike (right Megan!), 
between scoring basketball with LR and sailing with KW and a spastic Mr. P. We did have a good time. Delia 
falls with MS was ftjn but hiking and camping are not good for a warm blooded creature like Suzanne, especially 
in the rain. Chem Labs were Suzanne's nemesis, peace keeping between IW and LW was a big chore. This year 
Suzanne spends her time illegally munching and frantically copying homework in the basement of Challoner with 
friends. She intends to take engineering at UVic next year and have a great time at it. Good luck SMUites and 
tr>' not to get too involved with Mt. Tolmie next year. 

Kazue Yanagitani 

Kaz in Grade 10 with her weekly 15 spares became incredibly adept at skipping chapel, classes, hilorial and break- 
ing the school rules During her three years at SMU. Kaz has threatened many times that she would leave - but 
always ended up returning we think because of the 'S' men . . . Her shyness is slowly fading. She has gone from 
"Hr's to asking questions, good for you Kaz! The Cookie Monster that filled her thoughts in Grade 1 1 soon 
was replaced by the Beaver and Physics help ... do you really need it Kaz? Her future ambitions are hazy; she 
hopes to go either to U V.I.C, U.P.S., or U of W. Once there she hopes there will be no Room 202, which is 
similar to room lOH! (1984). 1 will miss you Kaz - remember always "moon". 


Tom Yardley 

My name is Thomas Yardley. or more commonly known as Harley. I came from my homeland. Sallspring Island, in the third term 
of Grade 8 Having adapted lo the "culrure shock" of a new school. I passed Grade 8 with ease In Grade 9 I was a member of 
the Dorm 36 rebels which included: G.G.. M V.C. P.N.G., D.G.. J M . and Jim M, We held dorm raids on all other dorms and 
caused havoc, much to the dismay of "the King". IHL, Then on the last night of the second term ii all began The morning after 
the night before I awoke to Jeff Mann laughing at my face and something on my neck My reign began. In Grade 10 1 moved in 
with Jeff Zohrab at the Klebber to International House. This is where Boo came into my life, and still is to this very day. Various 
weekends passed and Marin still laughed at my face Apart from these hitches. Grade 10 passed relatively smoothly Grade 1 1 saw 
a move into the "classiest" room of my life with E.N. and G S One term was enough and Dorm 302 disbanded after the X-Mas 
break G & E moved lo 203 and I moved m with Jammin" Jason Mabee and Jordan Bennell Converting Jason from rap to traditional 
music proved a failure. Nevertheless Jordan kepi us both amused. I was a member of the Mexico Trip, on which I had the greatest 
time of my life. Memorable moments include driving scooters and 14 days that I can't remember entirely. In the third term, while 
trying out to be a prefect. JM. and myself decided to take a week-long holiday My hopes for being a prefect, however, were not 
totally destroyed, 1 am a senior monitor along with S.N. in Harvey House The first weekend ended in a trick and thus ending my 
reign (more details in the supplement) Although I am not into sports. I was a member of the Sultans of Cheese road hockey leam. 
I have enjoyed Grade 1 2 but my favonle grade was the ninth I hope to go to Western or UBC or Carleton To my fellow classmates. 
I sincerely wish you all the best, (except for Boo!!) To fellow cheeseballs, remember, it's not something you do once in a while. 
It is a way of life. 

Justin Yau 

'"Youuuoh" - Shut up Grizz 
"What's your name?" 

"Do you speak English'' WHAT-IS-YOUR-NAME''" 

Well, this is the first day Justine - oops, sorry - JUSTIN - came to one of the chaotic second fioor dorms in International House 
at St. Michaels - not very fluent in English. 
"Are you from Hong Kong?" 

"Huh** Oh??! - Yeh." - Ahh, finally a sign of communication! 

From then on everything started lo go fairly well ... at least, he survived his first year at SMU in Grade 10. and went on "suc- 
cessfully" 10 his grad year. Please don't get me wrong - I do mean he had three successful years. A gifted goalie in soccer, he 
makes the spectacular look routine, and the routine spectacular. He appeared in the Times-Colonist newspaper for being a member 
of the International Soccer Stars when his team, the Grade 10 Colts, captured the ISA Colts soccer crown Justine - sorry, again 
- JUSTIN has also a very creative mind which properly helps him to become one of the best artists in the school In Grade 1 1 Justin 
(Ha. I got It right this time), turned his attention to a new sfXJrt, badminton, and did equally well while he was still on the 2nd XI! 
A strong B-team member who became part of the A-ieam nucleus in Grade 12. and leads the team for broken racket strings! (He 
also leads the team for not showing up for practises, but he usually shows up when needed in a game). Outside school. Justin is 
a friendly person, an awesome snooker player who also plays extremely well in table tennis He also owns a Nintendo set and a 
Hi-fi system. No wonder he is so popular among his fellow students. 
"Yeaouuu . . ." 
"Shut up. Gnzz." 

Justin certainly improved his English quickly as well The scholl will certainly miss this unique character and we all wish him well 
in his post-graduation studies at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design 

Andrew Yoo 

Andrew Yoo arrived at SMU in Grade 11 at the same time as I did. We moved into room 101 in International 
House with "the Klube". That year was defmitely a tough year for both of us but we enjoyed it. Andrew was 
a great friend and sometimes a good roommate (except when he complained about my snoring). He took advantage 
of many of the extra-cumcular activities the school offered; he played team rugby on the thirds and team soccer 
in the cold and mud. During his two years he also became a rescue scuba-diver. The one thing I'll never forget 
about Andrew is how much he played his guitar. If you've got to practise that much to become a good player, 
I'll never take up the guitar. I really enjoyed being with Andrew for these two years and I hope he had fiin at 
SMU and 1 wish him all the best for the future. 

Lucas Chambers 

Alana Yuill 

Alana arrived in Grade 10 from the sophisticated hills of Switzerland. During her first years at SMU she spent 
many an evening with those older Grade 12's (DF, LE, DM. JL). Alana also spent many hours playing soccer 
for her favorite teacher. Mr. Mclntyre and countless hours preparing debates for Mr, Featherstone. Alana found 
the social life one of the more interesting aspects of SMU. She was known as the girl who danced all night in 
Mexico. She will never forget the art of cleaning a car or walking through Uplands (or rather, running). The 
tour of McGill was one of our more sobering adventures (Like Hi. my name is Joeile. I go to McGill - and I 
like it here). Another, those two young boys from Winchester. Alana plans to study political science at Carleton 
or follow in PC's footsteps and go to UBC. Whatever she decides to do. she will keep drmking very large glasses 
of orange juice with CM and TH in the booming metropolis of Invermere. She will be remembered for her "sto- 
ries" and her beautiful smile. 
Keep on reelin' 'em in! 
Love (the 4 partners in crime) 


Jeff Zohrab 

Jeff came to S.M.U. in Grade 9. After a busy four years, he's had enough, and is impatient to get 
on with the rest of his life. Good luck. Raj. 








V -^ 

iDm^ ■■ THIS Sm\^p/fy -1 



V -' 






\r Xoiti^^/ 



u I I 


W^ ,J^ - 


■ ■' 




Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition 

Back Row: Mr. K.A. Murdoch. Brian Murphy. Michael Ellis. David Chmiel, Mark Van Raamsdonk, James Morley, Mark Leung. 
Front Row: Erica Sangster, Gillian Easdon, Jennifer Popkin and Suzanne Obdrzalek. 
Absent: Danielle Topliss. 

S.M.U. enjoyed another splendid year in this Commonwealth wide competition. 
All the participants from the senior campus were certificate winners at the provin- 
cial level. Five went on to gain success in London along with three who completed 
their essays while still in the Middle School. 

The chief examiner's report from London indicated that we were the top school 
in British Columbia. Noted for a special commendation were Danielle Topliss and 
Suzanne Obdrzalek who have gained top awards there for two consecutive years. 


Student Council 

1st Row 

L. to R.: Gordon Reilly, Ann Behennah, Robin Forbes. Anna Leong, Jesse Collison, Jennifer Thoss. Christopher Beeston, Christine Reilly. 

2nd Row 

L. to R.: Adrian Behennah. Sasha Edgell, Mr Murdoch, Peryl Cain. Paul Ford. 

Once again the students at S.M.U. have cause to be grateful to their council representatives. Much hard work 
has gone on behind the scenes and the members have been diligent in presenting the points of view of their peers 
concerning many aspects of school life. I was particularly impressed with the responsible manner in which information 
was collected from the student body for the council's report on the 1989-90 exam schedule. Also pleasing of course 
was the Headmaster's response. It is gratifying to see democracy in action. 

My thanks to a fine team of conscientious representatives. It has been a pleasure working with you. 

K.A. Murdoch, 


The 1990 "Bratwurst Express" was a great success thanks to the fantastic leadership 
of Frau Thatcher and Mr. Cameron. Our group of 28 saw a full range of attractions and 
experienced the culture and cuisine of Germany, Austria. Holland and even a bit of France. 
Our 3 week trip included stops in 12 cities: Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, 
Munich, Lindau, Colmar, Heidelberg, Cologne and Den Haag. As each city brings fond 
memories to us, we're sure we've brought unforgettable memories to stunned citizens us- 
ing public transpon as they will recall the many packs and bags that bowled them over 
each time we got on a bus. When we arrived at our first destination, we were grateful to 
finally escape our 9'/; hour trip through hell, only to become tourist targets of Amster- 
dam 's killer trains and bicyclists. However, Dennis and Co. proved to have adjusted quickly 
as they promptly got themselves lost in the Red Light District (hmmm . . . was it really 
"lost"?). Everyone must agree that the highlight of the trip was the 25 km. trek to the 
Berlin Wall, which was well worih it. Other highlights included the opera, various castles, 
churches and cathedrals, and of course the concentration camp in Dachau, which suspicious- 
ly resembled our hostel back in Berlin. Scott F's patronizing voice ("Is that bag getting 
heeeaaavy?") won't be forgotten by any of his unfortunate victims. We must also com- 
mend Frau for her admirable job in abstaining from killing Andrew. And yes. Andrew, 
it was good! 



ll ■ 



J 1 




Sleaze & Cheese Day 


Toga Day 

Grad Ski Trip 



Outdoor Trips 


Math Awards 


Back Row: L. to R.: Leif Rein- 
hold, Choshu Ito. Jim Manin. 
Martin Bowei^. Graeme teeming. 
Front Row: L. to R: Ian Archi- 
bald. Philip Kayal. 

L. to R.: David Radick. Mark Van 
Raamsdonk. James Morley, Mr. 
D. Edgar. 

SMU Math 90 

Nineteen ninety was an unprecedented year for 
S.M.U. in the math competitions at all grade 
levels. In the Pascal (Gr. 9), the team of Chris 
Drohomirecki, Jahangir Charania and Matthew 
Franklin placed third in B.C. and ninth in Can- 
ada with 7 students on the Canadian Honour Roll 
(top 1% in Canada). In the Cayley (Gr. 10), the 
team of Dylan Smith, Choshu Ito and Jennifer 
Ellis placed fifth in B.C. and twelfth in Canada, 
with 11 students on the Canadian Honour Roll. 
For the first time in the school's history, SMU 
placed first in Canada on the grade 11 Fermat, 
with the team of Mark Van Raamsdonk, James 
Morley and David Radick. A record 13 students 
made the Canadian Honour Roll. In the grade 
12 Euclid competition, SMU demolished all of its 
B.C. competition, coming out way ahead in the 
team of three, the team of five, and the team of 
ten. The team of Mark Van Raamsdonk, JeffZoh- 
rab and Ian Archibald placed a close second in 
Canada. In the American High School Mathe- 
matics Examination, SMU finished first in its re- 
gion, which includes 2 provinces and 8 states. 
Nine students made the honour roll. With so 
much mathematical talent at all grade levels, and 
an excellent crew of math teachers, SMU looks 
forward to a bright future. 


Boarding Report 

In many ways, this year marks the end of an era in residence. 

An unusually large group of boy borders who have been here 

for a long time (6 or 7 years) graduated. Along with them, Mrs. 

Merrell Harlow decided that it was time for her to move on 

too. It is quite remarkable to realize that Merrell has taken care 

of every girl border to have graduated from this school up until 

this time. Before their existance, she was responsible for the 

"tads" in Harvey House. She has spent twenty years of her 

^ , ^^ ^ life looking after our boarding students who summed it all up 

Ir^^^ ^■-' - very simply when they presented Merrell with a Roy Vickers 

■1% ^ painting with the inscription "Thanks for all the caring." We 

WML ^m" *' wish Merrell much peace and quiet, living in her own house 

Wmm ^m _^^^ at last, and hope that in the quiet moments, she will recall many 

JKi i^^^Hll happy memories of her life at S.M.U. International House has 

seen some changes this year. Mr. Rhodri Samuel took over the 
house in September, and much interest was stimulated by the 
arrival of his first child just before the end of the school year. 
We hope that the family will remain contented through the hurly 
burly of boarding life over the next few years. 
Amongst all of the excitement, the House functioned extremely well. With a new style of leadership the 
boys quickly realized the expectations were going to be high and that there was little room for manoeuvre. 
A strong support team of Messrs. M. Owen-Flood, P. O'Fee and B. Kuklinski ensured consistency in dealing 
with the students. The prefects: Jeff Zohrab, Chris Clarke, Dirk Gombos, Sean Ewart, Lucas Chambers and 
Danny Ma, had a good blend and understanding with their charges leading to an overall happy and productive 

Harvey House was also blessed with a strong and united team. Mr. Evan Jones worked tirelessly to keep 
the morale and activity high and was impressively supported by Messrs. N. Coghlan, D. Craig, and O. Jost. 
A special mention here for Mrs. Barbara Leonard who did much of the behind scenes work organizing the 
boys and mothering everybody. 

I was delighted to see so many of the Harvey House boys receiving awards at the Middle School Prize Day. 
This augers well for the future. 

I would also like to thank the many senior boys and girls who helped to look after our Harvey House boarders 
during the year. A special mention here to Jason Dearborn and Michael Crape who led the prefects in the House. 
Returning to the New Residence, an outstanding job was done on both sides of the House by the prefects. 
Renee Dugan, Christy Madson, Andrea Sharpe, Nalini Joneja, Julie Platz and Niamh Donnelly, on the girl's 
side and Sasha Angus, Greg Clarke, Craig Parish, Alex Schutte, Mark Longridge and Mark Stock on the 
boy's side. Luke Von Maldeghem and Rose Alkoff also did a fine job keeping the House in tidy order. 

Merrell Harlow was ably assisted by Messrs. J. Goodwin and G. Nugent and Ms. Joanne Cowan in the 
smooth running of the House. 

I was personally very pleased to see the Grade 12 boarders take a leading role in the variety of activities 
organized by the Grad class this year. These long term boarders have certainly learned the meaning of com- 
munity living and team commitment. 

In fact, in general, the boarders gave up an inordinate amount of time helping out at school functions, as 
well as a noticeable upsurge in the amount of time spent doing volunteer work in the community. It is a very 
busy life, but in most cases a rewarding one. 

Peter Tongue 
(Director of Residence) 


Harvey House 


International House 


New House 



Mark Longridge Gr. 12 

Gillian Baddeley Gr. 10 

Danny Ma and Justin Yau Gr. 12 

WIS* r- 

''J^.r'-^:.^^ f • J^ V ^ 

Laurie Doige Gr. 10 

ii ■ ^w,^''.-;" »-i •^.- vr,-!' -Aj 

Panos Cosmatos Gr. 10 

John Cantlie Gr. 10 

Kris Johnson Gr. 

Tamara Rusnak Gr. 12 

Adrian LucUiursi Gr. 11 

Seilly Gr !2 

ara Rusnak Gr. 12 


V/i A 

urie Doige Gr. 

< ■ '.><J. ■-■.t.1 

Erica Sangsier Or. 11 


Jessica WooUiams C 


Michelle Wright 10 

Arjuna Smith 12 

Helen Truran 12 



Music in 1989/90 provided various oppor- 
tunities for everyone to play. Performances 
included: The Harvest Service; The Fall 
Concert; The Carol Service; "The Musical, 
"Anne"; Christmas Concerts about town 
at various malls and hospitals; the 
Jazz Festival; The Musical ' 'Kiss Me 
Kate"; The Victoria Music Festival; 
the Spring Concert and Speech Day. 
Some of the events to be remem- 
bered were Paul Malin 's beautiful ren- 
dition of ' 'Round Midnight' ' with the 
senior stage band, Christine McKay 
singing ' 'I Hate Men ' ' with believable 
conviction; Mr. Buckingham's bag- 
pipe solo on Remembrance Day; Jeff 
Zohrab's outrageous guitar solos on 
"Hot Wire" with the senior stage 
band and Chris Dyson 's amazing per- 
formance of Beethoven 's third piano 
concerto with the senior orchestra un- 
der the direction of Miss Cowan who 
left at the end of the year to teach 
"back east". Mr. MacKay and Mrs. 
Humphreys will continue on in 1990 
with the help of Miss Trudi Conrad 
in strings. 
A few of the ensembles from 
1989/90 are pictured 


Grade 9 Music 

Grade 9 Strings 
Grade 9 Band 


Grade 10 

1 ^ itt 



Grade 10 Band 

Grade 10 String Quartet 

This year's Grade 10 
Band was a very fine group 
of instrumentalists. Many 
of the Grade 10 players 
performed in the Brass 
Ensemble, Stage Band and 
Orchestra. The Grade 10 
Band played at the Fall 
concert in November and 
at the Spring concert in 
May. Mr. MacKay helped 
several individuals to de- 
velop their soloing tech- 
nique with exceptional 
results. The Grade 10 
Band's rendition of the 
"Chromatic Chromag- 
non ' ' at the Spring concert 
met with much applause. 
It featured soloists Bryce 
Dearborn, Paul Malin, 
Tony Talarico, Justin 
Mark, Jamie Scott and 
Ann Behennah. We look 
forward to an even more 
successful Grade 11 Band 
next year. 

Senior Stage Band 

Senior Stage Band 

The Senior Stage Band was made up of primarily Grade 11 and 12 students. All band members will remember 
the infamous rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The group performed a variety of music at both 
the Fall and Summer musical evenings, as well as participating in two jazz festivals in Nanaimo and at UVIC. 
The band also played at the Junior and Middle Schools as well as for Auxiliary functions. Although many mem- 
bers of the group were lost to graduation, next year's group will be just as promising. 

A special thanks to Mr. MacKay. 


Senior Brass Ensemble 

This year saw the bringing 
together of a five person brass 
ensemble. The five brass play- 
ers, Kersten Gustafsen, Aye- 
let Porzecanski, Charles 
Romaniuk, Jamie Scott, 
Paul Malin, practiced their 
melodious tunes every Thurs- 
day at lunchtime with Mr. 
MacKay. They learned a 
large repertoire of Christmas 
carols and the very ambitious 
piece called "Ave Verum". 
This group went largely un- 
noticed during the fall term. 
Their moment of glory was the Christmas concert where they delighted us with carols from way up in the organ 
pit. All of these players also sacrificed time to the concert band, jazz band, and/or orchestra as well. Good job, guys! 



Grade 10 Choir 

This year was an exceptional year for the S.M. U. choir. It was Mrs. Humphrey's first year teaching music at S.M. U. 
and she has proven herself to be an enthusiastic and sympathetic teacher. Some of the favourite selections this year 
were "Memories" and "The Music Of The Night" from Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Cats" and "The Phantom Of The 
Opera", "Tears Are Not Enough", and "Every Time I Feel The Spirit" (with Mr. Cordle as soloist, of course!). 
The best after school sessions included singing carols at the Eric Martin Pavillion and at the S.M. U. Christmas Ser- 
vice. It was a great start, and we know that next year will be just as enjoyable. 


School Orchestra 









^^^""^ i ^xBiKff ^^Hi 


gpr^ ^ 





Alpha and Omega 

The theatrical production of Alpha and Omega originated as an improvisational exercise in Mr. Skinner's drama 

Four grade ten actors Kirsten Benzon, Natalie Alvarez, Tammy Passmore and Lisa Angus, along with stage 
manager Joanna Piercy, successfully developed their skit into an intense one act play. The production explored 
the theme of acceptance of mortality among the terminally ill. 

It was performed during three lunch hours in front of the internationally renowned, intellectually superior minds 
which conglomerately form a system we fondly refer to as ' 'St. Michaels University School. ' ' Later, the play was 
entered in a regional drama festival, where it acquired awards including Best Canadian Script and Best Actress 
(Natalie Alvarez). 

Alpha and Omega is an enlightening example of the timeless accomplishments of which the gifted are capable. 
We salute Mr. Skinner for his hair. 

Kirsten Benzon 

Left to Right: Natalie Alvarez, Lisa Angus, Kirsten Benzon, Joanna Piercy. 
Missing: Tammy Passmore. 


Kiss Me Kate 

St. Michaels musical production this year was Kiss 
Me Kate, written by Sam and Bella Spewack. Mr. Colin 
Skinner once again took over the director's chair, Mr. 
Reid took hold of his magical baton and conducted the 
orchestra, and Mrs. Humphreys worked many hours 
with the chorus and soloists to make sure they all knew 
their words and notes! Kim Brieland also returned to 
spritz up the production with dancing. Finally, we had 
actors, singers, dancers and musicians working together 
to put on Kiss Me Kate. 

The musical was a play within a play. The actors in 
KMK were playing actors in Shakespeare's "Taming 
of the Shrew". We had many unforgettable highlights 
during our 3 performances. It isn 't often that we see 
Dan Fill and Dave Taylor in leotards! And how many 
stools did Christine Mackay (Kate) actually break while 
gladly throwing them across the stage? Many people 
put in many long hours of rehearsals. The final 
product was well worth it. 


The Cast and Director of Kiss Me Kate 


VifiiLt ^tft^^^ "^^ 



Badminlon team at the Provin- 
cial Championships 
Bk. Row: A. Garwood. L.M. 
Kam. R. Chen, F. Scanlan, T. 
Pengilly. N. Marks. PC. Gar- 
diner (Coach), E. McLeish 

Fr. Row: K. Wong, B. Chai, 
J. Yau. P. Kayal, D. Ma 
Missing: C. Gardiner, J. Gor- 

Badminlon A-leam 

Bk. Row: P.G. Gardiner 

(Coach), D. Ma. B. Chai. 

K. Wong, J. Yau. P. 

Kayal. J. Gordon 

Fr. Row: J. Ellis. L.M. 

Kam. N. Beeston. S. Wall. 

R. Chen. E. McLeish 


Missing: P. Lewis 

Badminton B-team 
Bk. Row: A. Jaffer, P.G. 
Gardiner (Coach). J. Hu- 
ang. S. Chen. 
Fr. Row: A. Chiu. T. 
Cooper. M. Wong. T. Ra- 


Basketball: Senior Boys 


'!^ '^ @ ei 

BR: Mr. B. Greenwell 
(coach). L. Reinhold. E. Hot- 
ton. T. Duke. N. Lampard, 
I. Hulme. R. McTavish, J. 
Reynolds. P. Kayal. 
F.R: D. Hamilton, G. Ip. D. 
Skulbru. D. Radick, M. Hum- 
phreys. J. Cordle. 

The 1989-1990 season was a great success. The Blue Devils finished with a 22-14 record. Great chemistry developed 
as the season progressed. Players worked extremely hard at achieving their dreams as a team. We reached the finals 
of the Cowichan Welcome Back tournament, losing a hard fought final against Oak Bay 70-66, after leading by 11 
in the fourth quarter. We received our first invitation to the 16 team Police tournament, a premiere AAA event. 
In January we travelled to the Totem tourney in Port Albemi, reaching the finals before losing to an all-star team 
from Adelaide South Australia. February 1-3 saw our participation in our 4th annual Blue Devil Classic. We won 
our first game, but lost tough games against Nechako Valley, Agassiz and Lambrick Park. The highlight of the season, 
and perhaps the most exciting game in our history took place February 6th, against number one ranked Lambrick 
Park. Unbeaten in league play and overwhelming favorites, the Lions ran into "true grit". The Blue Devils "dia- 
monded and oned" and full court pressed relentlessly. With 7 seconds remaining and trailing by 2 points and with 
possession of the ball, the Blue Devils moved the ball from deep in their own end. With the ball in David Skulbru 's 
able hands, we attacked. Under extreme pressure and with time running out "Skullers" launched a shot from "down- 
town". To the delight of SMU screaming fans the ball went through the hoop! What followed was bedlam. 

The low point of our season took place in the Vancouver Island championships at Campbell River. Winning our 
first match, we played Robron in the semis, losing a heartbreaker in overtime. On Saturday with a chance still of 
advancing to the Provincials, we beat Ballenas in the morning, setting up a third place match against the hosts, Carihi. 
In a classic match up with 2 tired but excellent ball teams, the Blue Devils fell one basket short in a magnificent effort. 

Individual highlights included David Skulbru 's multi-accomplishments. He tied Martin Brooks ' record against Lam- 
brick Park with 43 points (including an all-time record of 9 three-pointers) and 50 points against St. Georges. Only 
5'9", but with determination and skill extra-ordinaire, David became a school legend as a ball handler and shooter. 
We hope he will join Peter White as our second player ever in the University ranks. Co-captain Tom Duke will be 
remembered as a team player and leader. Although Tom did not receive many individual acolades, he had a fine senior 
session. The improved play of Ian Hulme, Nate Lampard and Eric Hotton also played a vital part in the team 's success. 

I would like to thank the grade ll's that contributed a great deal: Jason Reynolds, Jeremy Cordle, Max Humphreys, 
Dave Radick, Gerald Ip, Dave Hamilton and Rob McTavish. I know your senior session will be great. A special con- 
gratulation to our superb managers Philip Kayal and Leif Reinhold - two of the very best! Moreover, our program 
would not work without the fine scorers and timers that put in countless hours. Our appreciation of your effort, espe- 
cially the co-ordinators Jim Martin and Vanson Field, goes I hope without saying - thank you very much! 

Coach Bill Greenwell 


Basketball: Senior Girls 

BR; Mrs. J. Agostinis. T. Franidin. N. Alvarez. T. Rusnak, M. Fonger. J. Norman. 
F.R; S. Avotte. S. Elford. J. McUy. H. Truran. J. Rondow. 


Basketball: Junior Boys 

•1^ m 

ff^ tppf mL ^w ^l 

ilE'l'TIfriS'.i ,f; 





A tremendous amount of talent was available for this year's Junior Boys Basketball team, and with it came great 
expectations. Solid preseason results, and winning the prestigious Island-Mainland Challenge in Nanaimo in January 
seemed to confirm this potential, and so, despite formidable obstacles in the form of city rivals Arbutus and Spencer, 
Up-Island power Albemi and several tough Vancouver schools, it became clear that anything less than a provincial 
championship would be a disappointment. 

Alas, the disappointment came in the shape of a 50-39 provincial semi-final loss to Spencer, whom we had beaten 
twice relatively easily earlier in the year. After two excellent performances in the big event versus R.C. Palmer and 
Brookswood, we chose the wrong time to play, inexplicably, one of our poorest games of the year. Full credit to Spencer 
who played well, but a horror show of missed shots, unforced turnovers, and freak bounces more accurately told the 
tale! A comeback 54-52 win over Abbotsford the next afternoon for 3rd place was somehow little consolation. 

Congratulations to all team members for hard work and steady improvement. A 36-7 win-loss record represents 
notable achievement, even if the penultimate game of the season presented a bitter pill. 

My thanks to you all - let us learn from our errors and look ahead to the challenge of next season. The 1990-91 
Senior team should certainly be a provincial AA contender - Hard work and best of luck!! 

Ian Hyde-Lay 


Basketball: Junior Girls 

This year's Junior Girls Basketball team was comprised mainly of grade 9's, with only two grade lO's to 
add any experience at this level. Despite a slow start, the team started to gel, led by Cari Burdett at center, 
Paige Macdonald and Allison Garwood at guard, and captain Nancy Marks at the swing position. The team 
finished one point out of the playoffs in the City League, but won the I.S.A. tournament in dramatic fashion, 
undefeated and unscathed. Tremendous individual improvement was seen in the play of Lauren Gainor, Al- 
lison Burdett, Kim Wahl and Jessica Chant, while the popular player for the fans was late comer Dana ("Jes- 
sica") Hahn. With the experience gained in the rough and tumble work-like atmosphere of the "B" division, 
the girls should do well next year in the more skilled "A" division. 



B.R: C, Dyson. M. Brown, G. Ip, M. Ellis, C. Brown, J. Anderson, J. Hunt, J. Winters, D. Coppard, Ms. Keziere (coach). 
F.R; P. Lewis, J. Ellis, A. Dawlings, J. Woolliams, J. Thoss, S. Anderson, T. Wahl, N. Alvarez, J. Psyllakis. 

As the teams were made up of young, inexperienced runners this was 
originally thought to be a building year for the Cross Country program. 
Fortunately, to the delight of all twenty-eight members and coach L. Ke- 
ziere, both teams enjoyed a successful season. 

The boys' team, led by a grade 10 Kevin Ewari, grade 12 Colin Brown, 
grade 10 Jim Anderson, grade 11 David Radick and grade 10 Jason Wint- 
ers placed third at the Island Championship and an outstanding SEC- 
OND at the B.C. High School Provincial Championship, which took place 
at Beacon Hill Park. All of the boys performed brilliantly under the pres- 
sure especially Colin 

Brown who lost a 

shoe 400 metres into 

the race. This was the 

third year in a row that 

the boys' team has 

placed in the top two 

at the Provincial 

Championship. The S.M. U. boys' team now has a solid reputation in the 


The girls' team, led by S.M.U. '$ 1989 "most improved runner" Jen- 
nifer Psyllakis (gr. 12), Pam Lewis (gr. 11), Alayne Dawlings (gr. 10), 
Tanis Wahl (gr. 10) and Jennifer Ellis (gr. 10) placed fifth at the Island 
Championship and a respectable 19th at the Provincial Championship. 


This year marked the beginning of a Four Race Cycling Series, a first in Canada. S.M. U. '$ strength 
was the Mountain Bike Race which closed the season. A dedicated core of riders gave strong placings 
in the "Highlands Off Road Race" on May 23rd. In Category A (18 & under) Alex Wardle (Grade 
11) placed fourth, closely followed by Adrian Luckhurst (Grade 11) in fifth place. Cari Burdett (Grade 

10) won the Girl's Race, while Jason Winters (Grade 10) scorched to a brilliant second place in Cat- 
egory C (15 & under). S.M.U. entered twelve riders in this specialized event. 

Mention must go to Todd Scott (Grade 12) for his leadership and enthusiasm, to Tyler Bruce (Grade 

11) as the most improved rider of the year, to Andrew Valle (Grade 9) and Jason Winters (Grade 
10) , who all show much promise, and finally to Alex Wardle (Grade 11), winner of the BEST ALL 
ROUND CYCLIST TROPHY for his constant effort and all-round ability in both the Road and 
Mountain bike events. 

S.M.U. finished a credible SECOND in the overall league standings with Cari Burdett (Grade 
10) the leader of Category B and Jason Winters (Grade 10) completing the season in Second Place 
in Category C. 


Island 'A' Champions 
BC 'A' Runners-Up 

BR: J. Ellis, S. Card, S. Wall, S. Edgell, J. Rondo*, Mr. Hyde-Lay. 
F.R: M. Fonger, S. Elford, J. McLay, H. Truran, S. Donald, T. Passmore. 


Field Hockey: Junior Girls 

The number of girls wanting to play for the 1989 
Junior Field Hockey Team was overwhelming. 
Each girl was given a chance to try out for the 
team and positions were shuffled until about half 
way through the season. 1 finally came up with 
the strongest team. In the City League we won 
five and lost two games, placing 6th. This meant 
we had to accept a challenge from the Mid-Island 
3 team Cowichan, to go to the Islands. We won 
the game in sudden death overtime by a powerful 
shot from Shanti Atkins. At the Islands, the girls 
put out an outstanding effort but kept on coming 
up short. Our final game against the home team 
Qualicum, would place us 7th/8th place. The game 
went into overtime, sudden death overtime, and to the other coach's dismay, penalty flicks. The girls had 
spent the entire season practising and this was definitely their time. We pulled away with three and Lisa 
Angus, our goalie, kept them at zero. No special mentions are made, as the girls began their season as 
individuals trying to make a team, and ended as the 1989 Junior Field Hockey Team. 
A Superb Effort! 

Tanis Laidlaw 

B.R: F. Scanlan. E. Kjekstad. S. Grewal, A. Behennah. K. Wahl. P. Macdonald. C. Mochrie. N. Williamson. Ms. T. Laidlaw. 
F.R: C. Burden, L. Garwood. B. Angus. L. Angus, A. Garwood, R. Sanglap. S. Atkins. 


Rugby: 1st XV 

Before discussing the 1st XV season, I would like to mention a special occasion that took place during the summer 
vacation when the Canadian National team took on Ireland on our doorstep at Centennial Stadium in the University 
of Victoria. On that historic day for the school, three of our recent alumni played alongside each other representing 
their country. When Gareth Rees, John Graf and Bobby Ross took the field there was an immense sense of pride 
in their accomplishments and a great deal of satisfaction among the coaches who had contributed so much to the 
success of our rugby program over the years. To these young men and their coaches, I offer my personal congrat- 
ulations on an outstanding achievement. 

The season opened uncharacteristically with a haka as the school hosted St. Peters School from New Zealand just 
prior to term starting. Fortunately the haka roused our players more than theirs and we ran out convincing 16-12 
winners. This got our season off to a flying start, something we needed with only four players returning from last 
year's 1st XV. It became quickly evident that we would have a powerful pack capable of crushing weaker opposition. 
In attempting to play an open running game we showed some limitations in our handling ability and some inconsistency 
among some scintillating running and counter attack which brought several memorable tries. 

As the season progressed, the team suffered a loss of confidence and struggled to win close games against good 
opposition. Having been rather unlucky to lose the first Brentwood game 7-8, we were well beaten 3-20 in the second, 
giving Brentwood the l.S.A championship. S.M. U. came second. The team recovered well to record a 13-4 win against 
James Bay in the Division 4 play-off semi-final and were unfortunate to lose to a powerful U. Vic. Jutes side in an 
entertaining and closely fought final 10-14. It was in many ways a frustrating season, the early potential never quite 
being realised. It is hoped that the tour of Ireland and Scotland over the Spring Break will give the team the oppor- 
tunity of fulfilling their early promise. 

My thanks to Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay for his tireless support and Tom Duke and the players for providing some magic 

P.K. Tongue (1st XV coach) 







AGAINST (points) 


Rugby: 2nd XV 

The 2nd XV were the slimmest of margins away from an unbeaten season. Indeed, only a 9-9 draw, and a year 
ending 6-3 loss to Brentwood deprived the team of an unbeaten record. Alas, these two results, also cost the team 
the I.S.A. Championship. 

The team was something of a mixture, as players from the 2nd and 1st XV' s changed place frequently, as coaches 
searched for a cohesive unit. Indeed, some 30 players eventually represented the 1st XV, and so by extention, did 
the same number play on the 2nds. 

For the team, until their late season call up, halfbacks Richard Stone and Jason Penaluna were afiesty talented 
pair, while the front row of Dirk Gombos, Don Sutton and Susumo Nojima, battled against all comers. David Adams 
was a pleasant late addition, while in the back row. Josh Ball was a tireless worker. 

Many of the group who finished the season on the 2nd XV journeyed to the U.K. and Ireland for a five match 
tour. It was a fantastic experience, and augurs well for all the grade ll's returning to S.M.U. in September, 1990. 

To those graduated, remember that Rugby is a running, handling game. At times you did it well. Enjoy the game 
at all times! 

Ian Hyde-Lay 


Rugby: 3rd XV 

Rugby 3rd XV 

Bk. Row: P. Westoby, M. Stock, S. Higgins. R. Lam. M. Humphreys. D. Adams, P. Westoby, Mr. Fea- 


Fr. Row: B. Lloyd, S. Fletcher. J. Pengilly. A. Gilly. C. Parish (capt), N. Iturrioz. A. Yoo, J. Manyoni. 

4th XV 

Rugby 4th XV 

Bk. Row: B. Grewai, G. Gidden, A Jinks, C. Hanson, J. Mabee, A. Schutte, C. von Maldeghem, R. Horn, Mr. Mclntyre. 

Fr. Row: D. Didluck, P. Westoby, A. Yee, T. Yardley, S. Marks (capt), R. Fraser, R. Harker, J. Collison. 


Rugby: Under 16 

The Colts Rugby squad had an excellent season. We played in both the ISA league and in the City Junior 
High School league. Our first game of the season was an exhibition match against Glenlyon-Norfolk and 
we began, well with a win against this team. We played through the City league and remained undefeated. 
This brought us to the final against Oak Bay High School at Oak Bay. The squad was very psyched up 
for this game and we destroyed Oak Bay 38-0. Because of our city-final win, we qualified for the Island 
playoffs which took place at Shawnigan Lake School. We won our first game and our semi-final game, 
which meant that we had made it to the finals. We ended up playing against Shawnigan and after a very 
hard game we were defeated 4-0. This left us with a second place finish on the Island. In Independent 
Schools games, we played very well. We beat Brentwood College twice, St. Georges, and Shawnigan Lake 
School. Probably our hardest game of the year was the first match against Shawnigan. We came out of 
this game with a 4-4 tie. During the Spring Break, the squad is heading over to the U.K. for what should 
turn out to be an exciting tour. The Colts squad worked very hard this year and we improved greatly. 
Many thanks go to Mr. Samuel, Mr. Jones and Mr. Parker for their support and excellent coaching. 

Submitted by Ryan Gillespie. 


Rugby: Under 15 

The Under 15 Rugby Squad enjoyed a successful season, playing a number of matches against both I.S.A. 
and High School opponents. The 'A ' 15 won the majority of the games comfortably, but were twice nar- 
rowly defeated by St. Georges in the I.S.A. competition. The second of these tussles, played in appalling 
November mud and rain, was a truly wonderful encounter, played in great spirit, with no quarter sought 
orgiven. The jinal result of 11-7 in favor of St. Georges gave them the I.S.A. title. Matches between the 
two sides in future should be well worth watching. 

The 'A ' Team pack was a workmanlike unit, anchored by Jamie Grier in the Second Row, and an ag- 
gressive loose forward trio in Ilja Herb, Robert Card and James Goodier. Behind the scrum, John Edgell 
was an industrious scrum half, while centres Hywel Jones and Robin Forbes were superb in every match. 

The 'B' and 'C XV's rarely fielded the same side. Everyone received lots of opportunity to play, and 
tremendous improvement was evident. Certainly several players such as Damian Monroy, David Ha, Andy 
Rippington and Ryan McRae will make their mark somewhere in the Senior School. 

Special thanks go to coaches Doug Parker and Bruce Kuklinski, who worked very hard, skillfully and 
with great humour all through the season. 

Ian Hyde-Lay 


Senior Boys Soccer 


n p^ 

Back Row: (L to R): D. Fill, J. Collison, Y. Monroy. M. Ellis, G. Ip, F. Muzio, E. Lomeli 

Front Row: (L to R): N. Iturrioz, P. Goodier. E. Narain. T. Margison, S. Ewart, D. Guernsey, K. Wong Coach: Mr. Cordle 


4 i 

Under 16" Soccer 

Back Row; (L to R): Mr. Nugent, C. Darimont, P. Cacos, C. Isherwood, J. Harris, T. Parkes, F. Fletcher. E. Lomeli, A. Kay, M. Bridgman, J. Mark 
Front Row: (L to R): R. Leversedge, R. Gillespie. B. McLay. J. Cummings, M. Uzelac, C. May, J. Scott 


Soccer: Senior Girls 

Bk. Row: S. Pengelly, J. Ellis, T. (Tina) Passmore, S. Henschel. J. Jung, S. Elford, Mr. McCambridge. 
Fr. Row: T. (Tammy) Passmore, J. Jacks. S. Ayotte, J. Thoss, S. Michaud, L. Cohen, S. Finall. 



Back Row (L to R): P. Green, C. Brown. J. McRae. M. Brown 
Front Row (L to R): T. Petzing, M. McArthur. G. Bodley-Scott 



Bk. Row: Mr. Hyde-Lay, A. Jaffer. R. McTavish, S. Angus, G. Ip, A. Khoo 
Fr. Row: J. McLay, N. Beeston, S. Wall, C. Middleton 

It was a challenging season for SMU tennis this year. Due to an unexpected illness, Mr. Featherstone was unable 
to coach. This role then went to Al Klieber, the tennis coach at SMU Racquet Club, who did an excellent job faced 
with such a responsibility. 

The team performed quite well. It qualified for the Provincials but defaulted to Brentwood as exams were nearing 
and the majority of the team was in eleventh grade. Spectacular is the only word to describe the girls' team as it 
was successful in nearly every competition it played. In pursuits not directly related to SMU team tennis, Cathy Lambe, 
among others, played very well in closed, sanctioned tournaments. 

All in all, the SMU tennis team did an admirable job of coping with the various difficulties it faced, and persevering 
regardless. Congratulations for a job done well. 


Track & Field 

Bk. Row: J. Castle, P. Robb. J. Anderson, D. Straalhof, F. Muzio, K. Ewart, J. Ball, M. Ellis, R. Grewal, S. McQueen, R. Forbes, M. Lee, D. Klinka. 

Md. Row: Mr. Marchand, Mr. Buckingham, A. Linder, F. Scanlan, L. Angus, T. Wahl, A. Dawlings, J. Ellis, T. Franklin, A. Behennah, B. Angus, 

A. Burden, K. Wahl, Mme. L. Keziere. 

Sitting: C. Walker, J. Cordle, R. Stone, A. Gilly, S. Ewart, M. Grist, J. Winters. 

Floor: G. Hodgins, R. Forbes, I. Druce, J. Gordon, C. Maslenon, R. Leversedge, A. Schwann. 


Volleyball: Senior Girls 

With a concentration on total team play, this year's Senior Girls' Volleyball team proved to be, in many ways, 
the school's most successjul ever. Under the leadership of three-year veterans Robin Coombes and Justine Jung 
and the first-ever grade 11 team captain, Nadia Herb, the team won SMU's inaugural eight-team, mid-season 

With the success of that tournament came the confidence to carry us to a second-place finish in the Lower 
Island championships and a berth in the Vancouver Island championship tournament for the third time in four 
years. Unfortunately, some early two-point losses in the tournament marred our overall success; however, we 
did manage to match our best-ever result by finishing seventh on the Island. 

Besides Justine and Robin, the team bids adieu to the other graduating players Niamh Donnelly, Julie Mclay, 
and Tamara Rusnak and to two-year veteran manager Nalini Joneja. With five returning players, Lisa Cohen, 
Sarah Hentschel, Christine Tyson, Liz Walton, and Nadia, next season promises to be exciting. 

G. Marchand 

Volleyball: Junior Girls 


B.R.: Mrs. J. Agostinis, J. Daniel, S. Fard. N. Marks, S. Campbell. 
F.R: M. Wright, S. Kemp-Welch. M. Sethi. L. McLaughlin. S. Yu, 


U.K. Tour: Senior Rugby 


B.R.: Mr. Hyde-Lay. J. Cordle, D. Sutton, J. Ball, R. Stone. T. Margison, D. Hamilton, S. Nojima, J. Gregory, S. McQueen, 

G. Reilly. M. Ford, Mr. P.K. Tongue. 

F R.: J. Dearborn, S. Ewart. M Crape, P. Kis-Toth, T. Duke, R. Lockwood, P. Ford. D. Guernsey, J. Penaluna. 

Tuesday, March 13th - and well before dawn. 22 eager tourists set off on a five match tour of Scotland and Ireland. For many, it promised 
to be a chance to repolish a tarnished domestic season. Amazingly, all bags, money and passports were on hand for a 5:40 a.m. departure. 
The show was on the roaod. Prestwick, Scotland was the destination via Vancouver and Toronto. 

After training for two days in Edinburgh, we transferred to Haddington for our first game against the club Colts side. It was a well cont- 
ested game which should have been won comfortably, but required a late opportunist try by Gordon Reilly to secure the win 16-12. The 
alt important first game victory had been secured. 

A fabulous day followed when we were fortunate to witness the Scottish Grand Slam victory over "the auld enemy" England at Mur- 
rayfield, and the celebration that followed. 

Onto the beautiful city of Glasgow for our second game and the return fixture against The High School. Having lost to them here in 
Victoria last October, the party was keen to redress the balance. We chose to play a limited style of play in heavy conditions and a strong 
wind. The forwards played magnificently, winning more than their fair share of ball and supported by superb tackling by the backs, the 
team pulled off a victory 10-3 in a game of great emotion and spirit. To follow, a dinner with the field hockey teams and a momentous 
hour of Highland Dancing led by the kilted Mr. McHyde-Lay. 

Time to move on, across the North Sea to N. Ireland and then a train ride to Dublin. Here we were to play Belvedere College, one of 
the leading schools in the country. The game was to kick off early at 9:30 a.m. as we were to be the "curtain raiser" to a Wales-Ireland 
' 'Golden Oldies ' ' International. Many of our players were still recovering from the hard Glasgow game and we found ourselves under extreme 
pressure throughout the first half, but as a result of some great defence only conceded one score. We kept working hard and with only 
fifteen minutes to go realised we were still in the game at 10-7 down but with a strong wind at our backs. 

A sizable crowd of over 3.000 had now appeared ready for the game to follow, but became fully involved in our attempts to salvage a 
victory, sparked by some great counter attack, and elusive running by Jeremy Cordle. When word spread that he was the son of that beloved 
Welshman from Glamorgan, Tony Cordle, the crowd came alive! 

Alas the win eluded us and there was no further scoring. The crowd however did respond with spontaneous applause for both teams at the end. 

After the Golden Oldies game, featuring many of the stars of international rugby over the last twenty years, it was on to Lansdowne 
Road for the real game between Ireland and Wales. 

Next stop was in the West of Ireland at Glenstal Abbey, just outside Limerick. Perfect conditions allowed us to play a more expansive 
game and although we were not on top form we had a very creditable 20- 7 victory with Scott McQueen having a fine game. Glenstal proved 
to be a peaceful respite from the otherwise hectic tour activity, in a most beautiful setting. 

A long bus journey followed to our last stop, another highly reputed rugby school in Ulster, Ballymena Academy. The boys, now gelled 
into a close-knit unit, were ready for the final game. The game was a real heartbreaker as we caught the Academy flat-footed but failed 
to press the advantage. We played our best game of the tour, but unfortunately missed several makeable penalties early on and two clear 
try scoring opportunities. In the second half, two tries disallowed and a likely penalty try not awarded, hurt us considerably as we went 
down 12-9, although late in the game we did score our best try of the tour. 

An outstanding rugby tour has done much to restore the pride and spirit of the side. On the field they have played hard and fair. Off 
the field they have been fine ambassadors for our school and country. 

The final leg was a relaxing weekend in London, seeing the sights, buying the last few gifts and momentos and lots of stories and tales 
to recount as we met up with our girls' field hockey and colts' rugby tour partners. 

Everywhere we went, the hospitality and generosity were unbelievable. Overall, it was fun - a tour to remember. Around midnight B.C. 
time, a tired but happy crew with lots of great memories arrived home. Still, it is good to be back. 

It would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity on behalf of the party to thank Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay for all of the hours of hard 
work and organization to make the tour such an outstanding success. Bravo Ollie! 

P.K. Tongue 


Tour Candids 


Sports Candids 


Sports Candids 



^aterloo Maths Contests 

n Honour Roll 


Gr. 12 


Grade IX 

Briony Angus 
Noelle Davis 
Dana Hahn 
Chris Drohomirecki 
Matthew Franklin 
Danny Curran 
Diana Harvey 
Hywel Jones 
Amy Lenk 
Victor Leung 
Damian Monroy 
Kimberly Wahl 
Alexandria Furtado 
Gregory Chae 
Grant Hodgins 
Ian Druce 
Fiona Scanlan 
Mark Leung 
Sean Puttergill 
Melissa Bruce 
Jeff McCracken 
James Davidson 
Howard Anglin 
Alan Yeung 
Jahangir Charania 

Ravind Grewal 

Robin Forbes 

David Ha 

Anna Leong 

Brian Murphy 

Jeremy Van 

Most Improved in Choral Music 

Most Improved in Music (Strings) 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal 

Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal 

Distinction in Environmental Science 

Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Choral Music 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Geography 

Winner - Grade 9 Recitation Competition 

Award for Academic Excellence for a Student of English As a Second Language 

Outstanding Effort in Math, Distinction in Band 

Distinctions in History & Physics 

Distinctions in Geography & Environmental Science 

Distinctions in Geography, French & Physics 

Distinctions in Biology, English & Geography 

First Place in Choral Music 

First Place in Strings 

First Place in Band 

Distinctions in English, Geography & Biology, First Place in Physics 

Distinctions in Spanish, Chemistry & Math, First Place in Biology 

Outstanding Effort in English, Distinctions in Geography, Chemistry & Spanish, First 

Place in Math, Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal 

Outstanding Effort in Band, Distinctions in English, Environmental Science & Physics, 

First Place in History 

Distinctions in Geography, History, French & Spanish, First Place in Environmental 


Distinctions in French, Biology, Math, History, & Music (Strings), First Place in Physics 

Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal 

Outstanding Effort in Physics, Distinctions in English, Biology, Chemistry & Spanish, 

First place in Geography & Environmental Science 

Outstanding Effort in Environmental Science, Distinctions in Geography, History, Math, 

Physics and French, First Places in English and Spanish, Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal 

Distinctions in History, Environmental Science, First Place in Geography, Math, Chemis- 
try, French and German, Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal, Distinction - Euclid 



Grade X 

Edward Crothall 
Adam Kay 
Karin Moore 
Claire Mochrie 
Trevor Parkes 
Rebecca Pollard 
Harry Tan 
Hariland Ross 
Michelle Wright 
Lik Ming Kam 
Steven Lin 
Adrian Field 
Natalie Alvarez 
Gillian Baddeley 
Joshua Burke 
Steve Chang 
Bryce Dearborn 
Joanna Piercy 
Mark Stanger 
Jason Winters 
Tony Talarico 
Paul Malin 
Rachel Sanglap 
Lisa Angus 
Kirsten Benzon 
Margaret Fonger 
Erica Kjekstad 
Morgan MacLeod 
Leo Caffaro 
Alayne Dawlings 
Clive Southcombe 
Jessie Poh 
Susan Campbell 

Jamie Scott 
Laurie Doige 
John Cantlie 
Dylan Smith 
Christopher Beeston 
Mark Grist 
Jim Huang 

Kevin Price 
Suzanne Obdrzalek 
Rebekah Curran 
Shanti Atkins 

Simran Grewal 

wy^ Choshu Ito 

Sandie Yew 

R Jt 

Jennifer Ellis 

Outstanding Effort in Computer Science 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in Drama 

Outstanding Effort in French 

Most Improved in Music 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinction - Euclid 

Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Computer Science 

Distinction in Geography 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Choral Music 

Distinctions in English & Drama 

Distinctions in English & Drama 

Distinction in Geography, Outstanding Effori in Math 

Distinctions in Geography & Choral Music 

Distinctions in French & Spanish 

Distinctions in History, Chemistry, Outstanding Effort in French 

Distinctions in History & Geography, Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinctions in Geography, History & Physics 

Distinctions in Spanish, Chemistry, & Math, Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinctions in English, Geography, German & Math. Outstanding Effort in Computer 


First Place in Band 

First Place in Art 

First Place in Art 

First Place in Math, Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinction in Spanish, First Place in Physics, Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinction in French, First Place in Spanish, Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinction in Math, First Place in Music Strings, Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour 

Roll - Cayley 

Distinction in Geography, First Place in Art 

Distinction in English, First Place in French Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinction in English, Biology, Spanish & French, First Place in History 

Distinctions in Biology, Chemistry, French, Drama, Outstanding Effort in Physics, First 

Place in Geography 

Distinctions in Geography, History, Math, Chemistry, Physics, French, Outstanding Effort 

in Computer Science, First Place in German 

Distinction in Physics & French, First Places in Math, Computer, Science & Chemistry, 

Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinctions in English, Geography, History, Math, Biology, Physics, French, First in 

Computer Science, First in Chemistry & First in German, Distinction - Euclid Canadian 

Honour Roll - Cayley 

Distinctions in Math, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, French, Music (Strings) 

First Places in English, Geography, Biology & German, Canadian Honour Roll - Cayley 


Grade XI 

Nicola Beeston 
Michael Brown 
Scott Cole 
Sarah Connelly 
Danny Fill 
Sarah Finall 
Scott Mclver 
Kevin Murphy 
Adrian Luckhurst 
Daniel Shum 
Joanna Schofield 
Rachel Philips 
Jason Reynolds 
Gillian Robertson 
Julian Castle 
Michael Ellis 
Majid Vaughan 
Giles Bodley-Scott 
David Radick 
Brian Chan 
Lisa Cohen 
Dennis Bong 
David Didluck 
Kate Jacobs 
Jennifer Popkin 
Kerstin Gustafson 
Francis Muzio 
Justin Chant 
Yan Monroy 
Tyler Bruce 
Scott Hall 
Pervez Siddiqui 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in French 

Most Improved in Music (Strings) 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in Biology 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in Art 

Outstanding Effort in Art 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Outstanding Effort in Math, Distinction 

Outstanding Effort in French 

Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Distinction - Euclid 

Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Music Composition, Distinction - Euclid 

Distinction in Physics, Distinction - Euclid 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in English, Outstanding Effort in Math 




Grade XI 

Ashif Jaffer 
Kristina Watson 
Christine Tyson 
Christopher Tomlinson 
Juliette Sacks 
David Chmiel 
Kenneth Wong 

James Moriey 
Andrew Leung 

Kristen Semmens 
Simon Tang 

Ayelet Porzecanski 
Stewart Butterfield 
Scott Baker 
Erica Sangster 

Patricia Yu 
Jennifer Mortimer 
Nadia Herb 
Peter Howard 

Michael Montour 


Van Raamsdonk 

Distinction in Geography, Outstanding Effort in Biology 
Distinction in Chemistry. Outstanding Effort in Biology 
Distinction in Geography. Outstanding Effort in Physics 
Distinction in Music (Strings), Outstanding Effort in English 
Distinctions in Geography & History 

Distinctions in Geography & History 

Distinctions in Biology & Math, Outstanding Effort in Physics, Canadian Honour Roll 

Distinctions in History & Math, Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 
Distinctions in English, Math, Biology & French, Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour 
Roll - Fermat 

Distinctions in German, French, English, History & Geography 

Distinctions in Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, Computer Science, Choral 
Music, Distinction - Euclid. Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 
First Place in Music (Choral) 
First Place in Music Composition 
First Place in Music (Strings) 
First Place in Art, Distinctions in Music (W), Math, Distinction in Euclid, Canadian Ho- 
nour Roll - Fermat, (Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat) 

First Place in German 11 & 12, Distinctions in French & History. Distinction - Euclid 
First Place in French. Distinctions in Spanish, German & English 
First Place in Spanish, First Place in Geography, Distinction in French 
First Place in Geography. First Place in History. Distinctions in English, Math, Chemis- 
try, Physics, Biology, French Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 
First Place in Chemistry. Physics, Biology, Distinctions in Math & English, Distinction 
-Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

First Place in Biology. Math, Music (W), Distinctions in German, Chemistry, Physics, 
Geography & History, Distinction - Euclid, Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 



Grade XII 

Rosemarie Alkoff 
Ian Archibald 
Adrian Behennah 

Martin Bowers 
Timothy Brierley 
Bamett Chai 

David Chang 
Robin Coombes 

Tyson Cooper 
David Coppard 

Emily Cronin 
Rachel Curran 
Sarah Donald 
Christopher Dyson 
Sacha Edgell 

Sean Ewart 
Craig Parish 
Vanson Field 
Scott Fletcher 
Paul Ford 
Yumiko Hayashi 
Carlo Henley 
Tanya Hubbard 
Ian Hulme 
Justine Jung 
Philip Kayal 

Adrian Kwong 
Nate Lampard 
Graeme Leeming 

Brad Lloyd 

Outstanding Effort in Calculus 
Dist. in Math, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in Descarte 

1st in English, 1st in English Literature, Dist. in Math, Dist. in Biology, Dist. in Calcu- 
lus, Dist. in Physics, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in Descartes 
Dist. in Math, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in Descartes 

Dist. in Geography ^ 

Dist. in Math, Outstanding Effort in English, Outstanding Effort in Comp. Science, Dist. 
in Euclid 

Outstanding Effort in Math, Outstanding Effort in Comp. Science 
Dist. in English Literature, Dist. in Math, Dist. in Physics, Outstanding Effort in Calcu- 
lus, Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 
Dist. in Music, Outstanding Effort in English 

1st in History, 1st in European History, 1st in Economics, Economics Investment Prize, 
Dist. English, Dist. in English Literature 
Dist. in Probability and Statistics 

1st in Geography, Dist. in English, Dist. in English Literature, Dist. in Biology 
1st in Music, Dist. in Drama 
1st in Music, Dist. in Music Comp, Dist. in Euclid 

1st in Geography, 1st in Biology, Dist. in English, Dist. in English Literature, Dist. in 
Chemistry, Outstanding Effort in Physics 
Dist. in Euclid 

Dist. in Euclid, Outstanding Effort in Choir 
Dist. in Euclid 
Economics Investment Prize 
Dist. in Euclid 
Outstanding Effort in Art 

1st in Comp. Science, Dist. in Calculus, Dist. in Euclid 
Outstanding Effort in Math, Outstanding Effort in Physics 
Dist. in Euclid 
Dist. in French 

1st in Math, 1st in Calculus, 1st in Physics, Dist. in English, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in 

1st in Music, Outstanding Effort in Comp. Science 
Dist. in History 

1st in Math, 1st in Calculus, 1st in Chemistry, Dist. in Physics, Dist. in Music, Dist. in 
Euclid, Dist. in Descartes 
Outstanding Effort in English 


Grade XII 

Mark Longridge 
Jason Mabee 
Donald Maclean 
Julian Manyoni 
Scott Marks 
James Martin 
Edward Narain 
Julie Platz 

Jennifer Psyllakis 
Christine Reilly 
Gordon Reilly 
Leif Reinhold 

Vanessa Richards 
Charles Romaniuk 
Andrea Sharpe 
Megan Smith 
Mark Stock 
Lara Tomaszewski 
Nichola Varzeliotis 
Luke Von Maldeghem 
[Katie Wadds 
[Philip Westoby 
Elizabeth Whitmore 
Moira Wilson 
Ina Wong 
Kenneth Wong 
David Woods 
Andrew Yoo 
Alana Yuill 
Jeffrey Zohrab 

Dist. in Art, Dist. in Euclid 

Outstanding Effort in Math, Dist. in Euclid 

Dist. in Geography 

Dist. in Drama 

Dist. in Comp. Science 

Dist. in Math, Dist. in Comp. Science, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in Descartes 

Dist. in Euclid 

Dist. in English Literature, Dist. in Math, Outstanding Effort in Calculus, Outstanding 

Effort in Physics 

Dist. in Geology 

Dist. in Music 

Dist. in Euclid 

1st in Geology, 1st in Spanish, Dist. in Calculus, Outstanding Effort in English, Dist. in 


1st in French, Winner of the Grade 12 Recitation Competition 

1st in Music, 1st in Music Camp., Dist. in Euclid 

1st in Probs and Stats 

Dist. in English 

Dist. in Geography, Dist. in Economics 

Outstanding Effort in Spanish 

Dist. in Euclid 

Dist. in Geograhy 

1st in Probs and Stats, Dist. in Geology, Dist. in Art, Dist. in Choir 

Dist. in Choir, Dist. in Euclid 

1st in Choir 

Dist. in Geography 

Dist. in Biology, Dist. in Chemistry, Dist. in Euclid 

Dist. in Economics. Outstanding Effort in Math, Dist. in Euclid 

Dist. in English, Dist. in European History, Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Outstanding Effort in Calculus, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in Descartes 

Dist. in French 

Dist. in Math, Dist. in Physics, Dist. in Euclid, Dist. in Descartes 





Middle School Director's Foreword 

The school year 1989-90 was for me a milestone in the brief history 
of the Middle School. The transition period which could not be labelled 
"honeymoon" is behind us and faculty and students are working as a 
team to create a school climate which is positive indeed. 

This school year has been replete with outstanding accomplishments 
in Math, English, computer. Music, Art and Athletics; many of which 
are referred to in the Awards section of the yearbook, so do read on. 

There will be a number of staff changes next fall, so I would take this 
opportunity to thank the following teachers for their contributions to 
Middle School; Florence Moorman, Robert Bearpark, Tim Tottenham, 
Junko MacKinnon and Tsukiko Tsutsuki. We wish them every success 
in their future endeavours. 

The grade VIII class of 1989-90 was an exceptional one. This group 
of highly talented individuals will be a great asset to the Senior School 
and continue to represent S.M.U.S. in commendable fashion. We en- 
courage them to compliment us with an occasional visit in the future. 

A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to the Middle School over the past year and with your continued 
support the next one will be even more rewarding. 

Marilyn Levitt 


Middle School 


Middle School Staff 

BR: J. Reid. T. Manning. L. McMaster, E. Jones. D. Manson-Blair. N. Coghlan. T. Tonenham. J. Goodwin. S. Alford, F. Moorman. D. Pollock. 
F.R: R. Bearpark. S. Biden, C. Creek. M. Levitt (Director). N. Charlton. P. Richards. K. Markham. C. Booth. 
(Absent: M. Smith. P. Psaila. J. McKinnon. T. Tsulsuki) 


BR: A. Pospisilik, S. Postings. R. Sahota. M.J. Welwood, C. Nelms. A. Shoslak. 
F.R: Y. Brierley. A. Price, S, Scott. C. Gainor. E. Bogdanski, S. Price. 


Grade 8 (McMaster) 

John Austin 

Erin Bogdanski 

Jeffrey Cale 

Tony Chen 

Emmet Connolly 

Anthony Detrano 
Paula Fullerton 

Christie Greig 
Victor Grisi 

Dermott Hutton 
Tim King 

Tobbar Lee 

Sean Mark 

Arturo Michel 

Elizabeth Murdoch 

Bruce Passmore 

Stephen Postings 

Leonardo Rivera 

Adam Saunders 

Andrew Shostak 

Morag Wilmut 

Ml <fll 



Grade 8 (Richards) 

Jonathan Aquino 
Andrew Barry 
Yann Brierley 

James Clapp 
Colin Davies 
Clare Gardiner 

Chris Hibbins 
Dannielle Jones 
Andrew Karwowski 
Jason Kwon 
Petra London 

Margot Mc Laren 
Ben Morris 
Cheryl Nelms 
Ari Porzecanski 
Steven Price 

Paul Saffrey 
Alyssa Schwann 
Shauna Scott 

David Troesch 
Elizabeth Wilson 
Robert Yeh 


Grade 8 (Alford) 


Mairi Babb 

Christian Blagborne 

Philip Bowers 

Amy Cassidy 

Tanya Dang 

Ellen Dragushan 

Caroline Gainor 

Julie Griffiths 

Roger Huang 

Cameron Jantzen 

Dominic Loiacono 

Geoffrey Maycock 
Cassandra Miller 

Tom Mueller 
Alison Pengelly 
Adrienne Price 

Leilani Robens 

Adam Sawatsky 

Michael Smith 

M.J. Welwood 

Gavin Zacks 


Grade 8 (Moorman) 


Donald Archibald 
Chris Bateman 
Sean Burson 

Andrew Clough 
Michael Davison 
Andrew Field 

Kim Gillespie 
Trevor Hoskins 
Michael Jones 
Cory Lee 
Bin Lu 

Chris McTaggart 
Andrea Mercer 
David Mortimer 
Neda Neyestani 
Andrew Pospisilik 

Amber Regan 
Elizabeth Richards 
Robin Sahota 

Melanie Scrivens 
j Janelle Urchenko 
Elena Wee 


Grade 7 (Bearpark) 

Emma Batey 
Wayne Chen 
Sarah Danzo 

David Fairhursi 

Jessica Fric 

Mischa Greenwood 

Aly Jamal 

Nicholas Judson 

Alexander Lisman 

James Maclver 

Daniel Meir 

Nora Moreno 

Mark Parker 

Christopher Pollock 

Jennifer Scott 

Tim Tewsley 

Caroline Thomson 

Evan Whitelaw 


Grade 7 (Goodwin) 

Michael Biscoe 
Barbara Carr-Harris 
Graham Daniel 

Neil Ernst 
Joanna Forbes 
Vininder Gill 

Richard Ingle 
Gethin Jones 
David Leier 
Benjamin Luco 
Tamsin McDonagh 

Anna Moorman 
David Murray 
Charlie Peterson 
Julia Puttergill 

David Stevenson 
Angela Tongue 

Alejandra Tostado 
Alislair Zacks 


Grade 7 (Manning) 

Neal Bhagwanani 

Rick Brimacombe 

Andrew Crothall 

Genessa Davis 

Hannah Farrell 

Reid Gamer 

Richard Johns 

Caroline Large 

Kristoffer Lee 

Britt-Marie Luckhurst 

Robert Mazuch 

Ryan Milroy 

Stephanie Olsen 

John Plasterer 

Ole Schmidt 

Samantha Schwann 
Timothy Stevenson 

Surya Tjandra 
Kevin Towler 


Grade 6 (Pollock) 

Alex Acton 
Tessa Anglin 

Andrew Dooner 

Peter Beany 
Sebastian Bonet 
Curran Crawford 
Caroline Fric 
Joanna Holdsworth 

Alexandra Janse 
Helen Lamia 
Elizabeth Leier 
Steven Lobb 
Amyrose McCue 

Jeremy Morgan 
Nicole Pannekoek 
Jennifer Piercy 
Bethany Smith 
Cristian Streeter 


Scott Tottenham 
James Wee 
Ben White 

Nicholas Wise 
Stuart WoUach 
Robert Young 


Grade 6 (Manson-Blair) 

Michael Amiss 
Alexander Austin 

Philip Bodley-Scott 

Krista Brown 

Tharin Charania 

Zareen Charania 

Colin Dyer 

James Gillion 
Meggan Hum ^^ 

Chelsea Jones ^P* 

David King m 

Janice Lee 

Jonathan Liang 

Patricia Mazuch 

Philip Miller 

Simon Morley 

Simon Pearce 

Winston Poh 

Hayden Thompson 

Megan Smith 

Matthew Wenman 

Dounia Whitehouse 

Jack Wong 


l** v^i 



The Excellent ChHM^i^'3.^"3iitNGt 


Grade 7/8 
Night League 

B.R: Mrs. K. Markham (coach). S 
Scott. C. Greig, C. Nelms, A. Regen, 
E. Richards. 

F.R: E. WUson, E. Murdoch, M. Wil 
mut, A. Tongue. C. Large. 

Grade 8 

B.R; S. Scott. C. Greig, C. Nelms. 
A. Price. 

F.R: Mrs. K. Markham (coach). E. 
Murdoch, M. Wilmut, A. Pengelly, 
A. Regen. 

The girls, although coming 
up against some stiff compe- 
tition, improved upon their 
skill level and on their ability 
to compete with some of the 
best school teams on the Is- 

Grade 6/7 

B.R: Miss N. Charlton (coach), C. 
Large, J. Scott, A. Tostado, G. Da- 
vis, N. Moreno. 

M.R: J. Puttergill, B. Carr-Harris, 
A. Tongue, S. Olsen, T. McDonagh, 
Mr. D. Pollock (coach). 
F.R: B. Smith, B. Luckhurst, J. 
Forbes, H. Farrell, J. Holdsworth. 

The girls played in the very 
competitive VISAA League. 
There was great improvement 
from all the players. Well 


Grade 6/7 

B.R: E. Jones (coach), M. Greenwood. J. Mclver, D. Stevenson, C. Pollock, P. Bodley-Scott. 
F.R: T. Stevenson, V. Gill, B. White, M. Biscoe, O. Schmidt. 

The team had an outstanding year. They went undefeated in the VISSA league and continued their dominance right through 
to the final tournament, where they won all four of their games and won the final by defeating St. Andrews. Well done, guys! 

Grade 8 

BR: A. Barry, B. Passmore, O. Schmidt, 

R. Sahota. 

MR: E. Jones (coach), J. Mclver, R. 

Huang, C. Jantzen. 

F.R: D. Stevenson, J. Clapp, E. Connelly, 

A. Shostak. 

The team played in the compet- 
itive public school league, which 
fostered 16 teams. In our division 
we had an outstanding record of 
9-0, which helped us to move into 
the playoffs. It was during the semi- 
final game against Royal Oak that 
the team came up short, losing 
61-60 on a last second shot! The 
boys regained their spirit and went 
out the next night to beat Lambrick 
Park for third spot in the city. Spe- 
cial thanks to Ted Anderson for his 
time and commitment towards the 


Night Leagues 


Grade 6 

B.R: Miss N. Charlton (coach), B. White, D. 
King, S. Lobb. 

F.R; M Wenman, J. Morgan, P. Beatty, D. 
Whitehouse, P. Bodley-Scott, A. Austin. 

Grade 7 

BR: R. Yeh, O. Schmidt, A. Barry, A. Clough. 
F.R: Mr. E. Jones (coach), R. Johns, V. Gill, 
D. Stevenson, J. Mclver, M. Biscoe. 

Grade 8 

BR: E. Connelly. A. Shostak, B. Passmore, A. 

F.R: Mr. E. Jones (coach), R. Ingle, T. Steven- 
son, J. Clapp, W. Chen, C. Jantzen. 

All teams were very competitive in 
the Night League. 

Unfortunately, they did not make 
playoffs, but they did improve a great 
deal through the season. 



B.R: E. Murdoch, C. Nelms. A. Price. E. Wilson. 

F.R; M. Scrivens. S. Scott. L, Roberts, M. Wilmut, K. Gillespie. N. Charlton (coach). 


B.R: A. Saunders, S. Price. D. Fairhurst, N. Ernst, S. Olsen, T. McDonagh, B. White, N. Charlton (coach). 
3rd Row: E. Jones (coach), A. Pospisilik. C. Dyer, C. Thomson, E. Leier, A. Dooner, A. Price. 
2nd Row: A. Lisman. D. Meir, C. Pollock, R. Ingle, M. Wenman. 
F.R: S. Lobb. E. Wilson. B. Luckhursl, J. Forbes. M. Hunt. C. Streeter. 

The swim team had a very good year. We just narrowly came second at the VISAA meet and placed first 
at the Novice meet. 
Well done, swimmers! 



Grade 6 

B.R: C. Dyer. B. While, S- Lobb. 

3rd Row: P. Beatty, H. Thompson, A. Austin, D. King. 

2nd Row: Mr. S. Alford (coach), W. Poh, P. Miller. S. Bonet. M. Wenman. 

F.R; J. Morgan. P. Bodley-Scott. J. Gillion, C. Streeter. D. Whitehouse, J. Wee. 


Under- 13 

B.R: Mr. D. Pollock (coach). M. Biscoe. M. Greenwood, C. Pollock, T. Tewsley, D. Manson-Blair (coach). 
M.R: M. Parker, R. Johns, T. Stevenson, D. Stevenson, J. Gillion. K. Towler. 
F.R: Mr. S. Alford (coach), N. Ernst, V. Gill, G. Jones, A. Jamal, J. Mclver. 

The 1989 St. Michaels team was comprised of fifteen eager and hard-working young men, who, for the most 
part, had been playing together for three years. This was the season long waited for and the boys admirably rep- 
resented the school in the VISAA league and at the Canadian Independent Schools Boys U-13 Invitational Soccer 
Tournament which was held this year at Ridley College in St. Catharines, Ontario. 

Many hours of practice and preparation during the summer paid off in enormous dividends as the boys placed 
first in league play with a record of five wins and one tie. As the time to leave for Toronto approached the intensity 
of the practices increased under the direction of Coaches Alford, Bearpark, Manson-Blair, and Pollock. 

Arriving in Toronto, the boys spent their first night away in a not-so-relaxing manner at the Relax Inn! This 
was quite evident in a 4-2 loss the next day at St. Andrews College in Aurora, Ontario. Nonetheless, St. Michaels 
bounced back with a convincing 4-0 victory the following afternoon. 

After visits to the Ontario Science Center, the CN Tower, and the Hard-Rock Cafe in the Skydome, the team 
travelled to Niagara Falls and St. Catharines where they were warmly billetted at Ridley College. 

Although they didn't win the tournament, the St. Michaels team surprised everyone with their tenacity and of- 
fense. Opening day victories against Hillfield-Strathallin (2-0) and Halifax Grammar School (5-1) were followed 
by a tough 2-1 loss to Crescent School from Toronto. In the next round, the boys soundly trounced last year's 
champions and favorites for the 1989 crown. Lower Canada College (4-2). However, a slight let-down followed 
and even an additional drink of carb-up could not help and we were defeated in the semi-finals by St. Johns Ra- 
venscourt, a team that relied on a strict defense to nullify the St. Michaels scoring machine. Still, the boys had 
been most successful and were fine representatives of the school both on and off the field. Although it was a great 
team effort, the individual achievements of Chris Pollock, Tim Stevenson, Jamie Mclver, Gethin Jones, and our 
goaltender, Mischa Greenwood, must be applauded. The 1990 tournament in Winnipeg, Manitoba, hopefully, will 
see four of our players returning. 



BR: A. Shostak. Y. Bnerley, D. Archibald. S. Price. V. Grisi. T. Mueller. R. Sahota, R. Huang, C. Blagbome. 

F.R: Mr. E. Jones (coach). E. Connolly. C. Davies. G. Zacks. A. Barry. C. Lee (captain). M. Davison, A. Pospisilik. J. Clapp. C. Jantzen, 

D. Manson-Blair (coach). 

Every season is different when you coach. The weather changes, the competition evolves and the players you 
have are totally new. And what shall happen you ask yourseip We had such great success the year before, how 
can we possibly match that? These thoughts almost bring on a fear to start again an inertia. 

Yet the first practice with the 1989-90 Aztecs & Warriors gave me a glimpse of freshness, that tantalizing 
ray of hope. This year's players had disguised their talents in a rich soil of willingness to learn and it became 
quickly apparent that it was going to be a year when 48 boys were going to learn more about a sport and them- 
selves than in any previous season that I have coached. 

The Aztecs quickly established themselves as a fun-loving bunch willing to tackle anyone and anything. They 
had a richness of indefatigable spirit that the results would never allude to. They would prove later in 1990 
to be the pool from which players would be selected to create a City Championship team. 

The Warriors, through sheer hard work and an incredible desire to learn, improved dramatically. Those es- 
sential ingredients of happiness and friendship were there too, to make practices fun and games exciting and 
full of team work. 

In the Fall of 1989, the Warriors, with flashes of brilliance, won the I.S.A. Championship, captained by Cory 
Lee, whose full-back talents left most teams in awe as they watched him score devastating tries. The pack led 
by Victor (the Mexican tank) became cohesive, fast and very fit, and, from an opposition 's point of view, every- 
where all the time. The ball handling of the 3/4 line was magic, combining great intelligence and incredible 
speed. Teams would wince and hope that the duet of Steve Price and Emmet Connolly would not get the ball 
or they would have to tackle creatures as allusive as cheetahs covered in rhino armour! 

In the Spring of 1990, the Under-135 lb. rugby teams took to the field in a city-wide 9-a-side competition. 
They ran and ran, never once looking up to see if they had won. It was with this attitude of attempting excellence 
and willingness to learn in every game, that it was other schools who had to regrettably keep track of our un- 
defeated record in league play. The final tournament was held in a full round-robin format; 5 games in one 
day. Though we won every game and the City Championship, it was the style of play that captivated everyone. 
There were brilliant moments all day. 

I congratulate all players for allowing us to work with you: I congratulate you on your personal and team 
successes. You are now an exciting, friendly, powerful, skilled squad of players, whose success at the Senior 
School is guaranteed. 

I thank the wonderful coaches of Mr. Evan Jones and Mr. Nick Coghlanfor their humour, energy and bril- 
liant minds. Without them none of this would have been possible. 

Douglas Manson-Blair. 



BR: C Bateman, D. Mortimer, A. Field. A. 

Clough, A. Saunders, D. Fairhursl, D. Manson- 

Blair (coach), 

MR: D. Hutton. T. Hoskins, M. Smith, A. De- 

trano, S. Mark. 

F.R: E Jones (coach), T. Chen, P. Saffrey, J. 

Kwon, S Burson, C. Hibbins. 


BR: D Mortimer, Y Brierley, A. Shostak, R. 
Sahota, D. Archibald, R Huang, S. Price. 
MR: E. Jones (coach), G. Jones, A. Detrano, 
C Blagborne, P. Saffrey, S. Mark, T. Hoskins, 
D Manson-Blair (coach). 
F.R: C. Jantzen, A. Pospisilik, M. Davison, E. 
Connolly, G. Zacks, C. Davies, D. Fairhursl. 

Grade 6/7 

BR: G. Daniel, A. Jamal, B. White, A. Acton, 

D King, N. Ernst. 

MR: D. Manson-Blair (coach). D. Murray, J. 

Mclver, R. Mazuch, G. Jones. C Pollock, M. 

Parker, R Garner. E. Jones (coach). 

F.R: R. Ingle. D. Whitehouse, C. Streeter, M. 

Wennian. A. Austin. 

Kneeling: S. Ibell. 

A short, sharp, sweet season, cul- 
minating in a Rugby "FESTIVAL", 
showed that we have a lot of potential 
for next year. There is a lot of talent 
and spirit, which I know Mr. Evan 
Jones and Mr. Nick Coghlan just 
can 't wait to get their hands on! 




Grade 8 

BR J. Holdsworth, C. Gardiner, A. Shostak, 
Y. Brierley, C. Nelms. A. Price. 
F.R: L. McMaster (coach). C. Pollock, A. Pos- 
pisilik, M. Wilmut, M. Babb, D. Pollock (coach). 

The season for Grade 8 Badminton players was relatively short this year. However, bolstered by the addition of four players 
from grades 6 and 7, the S.M. U. Middle School Badminton team finished third overall in the G. V.J.S. Annual Badminton Cham- 
pionship hosted by Lansdowne Junior Secondary. Cheryl Nelms and Morag Wilmut posted a thrilling victory to win the Midget 
Girls' Doubles Championship, while Mairi Babb and Chris Pollock, both competing against older opposition, each earned second 
place ribbons in the Midget Girls' and Boys' Singles Finals. In addition, Clare Gardiner and Adrienne Price finished third overall 
in the Girls' Doubles event. 

Grade 6/7 

BR: R. Johns, N. Bhagwanani, S. Tottenham, 
M. Biscoe, S. Lobb, W. Chen, D. Stevenson. 
M.R: L. McMaster (coach), P. Bodley-Scott, V. 
Gill, T. Stevenson, C. Pollock, E. Leier, B. 
Smith, S. Tjandra, D. Pollock (coach). 
F.R: S. Ibell, J. Wee. Z. Charania. J. Holds- 
worth, C. Streeter, A. Dooner. 

The 1990 Spring Badminton season was a banner year for the Middle School team. In league play, a total of 21 boys and 10 girls participated 
at various times. After two months of preparation, ten students were selected to represent S.M.U. in the annual V.l.S.A.A. tournament. Our 
results were sensational! Of particular note was the outstanding play of Chris Pollock and Joanna Holdsworth. who as a Mixed Doubles team 
were undefeated throughout the season and who both captured Singles "A" and Doubles "A" titles. In all. S.M.U. finished first in 8 out of 10 events. 

'A' Singles: 
'A' Doubles: 

'B' Singles: 
B' Doubles: 

VISAA Tournament results 



J. Holdsworth 


C. Pollock 


J. Holdsworth/ 

S. Tjandra/ 

Z. Charania 


C. Pollock 


Z. Charania 


S. Tjandra 


E. Leier/ 

C. Streeter/ 

B. Carr-Harris 


D. Stevenson 


Mixed 'A ' Doubles: T Stevenson/E. Leier (1st) 


Grade 6/7 


BR: N. Emsl, J Mclver. R. Garner. R. Ingle. 

M.R: M. Wenman, H. Thompson, P. Bodley-Scott. D. Whitehouse, S. Tottenham, D. King, M. Hunt, A. Austin, H. Farrell, N. Charlton (coach). 

F.R: E. Jones (coach). J. Forbes. B. Smith, M. Smith. B. Luckhurst. J. Holdsworth. 

/ would like to congratulate all runners that participated on our cross-country teams. They performed very 
enthusiastically at all meets. Well done! 

Grade 8 

B.R: Y. Brierley, B. Lu, C. Davies, B. Passmore, D. Archibald. E. Connolly, D. Manson-Blair (coach). 
F.R: E. Jones (coach). N. Charlton (coach). C. Nelms. A. Mercer. A. Schwann. A. Shostak. R. Huang. 


Track & Field 

Grade 6/7 

B.R. S, Alford (coach), A. Lisman, J. Mclver. D. Stevenson, A. Jamal, C, Dyer, M. Greenwood, O. Schmidt, D. Fairhurst. 

3rd Row: B. Smith. H. Thompson. G. Jones. C. Pollock, N. Ernst, M. Hunt,'D. Meir, B. White, S. Lobh, S. Tottenham. 

2nd Row: S. Bonet, C, Streeter, P. Bodley-Scott, C, Thomson. S. Olsen. T. McDonagh. J. Scott. J, Holdswonh. D. Pollock (coach). 

F.R: E. Jones (coach), M. Wenman, J. Wee. H. Farrell, B. Carr-Hairis, J. Forbes, B. Luckhurst, J Gillion, D. Whitehouse. 

The school really got behind the track and field team. We did very well at all the meets we competed in. 

Grade 8 

BR: E Jones (coach). R. Yeh. R. Sahou. A. Shostak, Y. Brierley. B Passmore. A. Barry, R. Huang. C. Davies. B Lu. 

M.R: T. Dang. M. McLaren. S. Price. D. Archibald. E. Connolly, C Nelms. C Greig. D. Pollock (coach). 

F.R: D. Manson-Blair (coach). S. Scon. E. Wilson. A. Schwann, M. Wilmut, A. Price, A. Michel, N Charlton (coach). 



M. Wenman, R. Ingle, P. Bodley-Scott. J. Morgan, M. Biscoe, A. Jamal, D. Leier, J. Goodwin (coach). 




Optical Illusions 

Move it left, move it right 
Can't you see the witch in flight? 
Turn it over look again. 
Witches broom or horses mane. 

Is it black, is it white? 
Is it day or is it night? 
Sometimes round, sometimes square. 
Optical illusions make you stare. 

Is it large, is it small. 
Is it really there at all? 
Perhaps a pebble, perhaps a rock. 
Perhaps some geese in a flock. 

Some lines move, some lines don't. 
Others bend, others won't. 
If you really look you will find 
Fun with tricks of eye and mind. 


Michael Amiss 
Grade 6 

Metamoqjhosis by D. Stevenson 

By: J. Urchenko 



Life and beauty come on the wings of Spring, 
spreading out for everyone to see. 

Silver dew drops upon the ground 

shimmer each morning like minute diamonds. 

Virgin blades of grass 

peek their heads out of the earth. 

Flowery blossoms that dare to bloom, 
spread color and essence through grey limbs. 

As leaves start to fall. 

Spring wraps herself in a cocoon, 

and we must thank god, 

that she'll burst forth next year, 

spreading life and beauty once again! 


By: Charlie Peterson 
Grade 7 

By: Alejandra Tostada 

Bv: Helen Lamia 

A cynic's view of Autumn 

The dreary rain and fog come down. 
The leaves are falling, all around. 
Clouds disguise the clear, blue sky. 
Yet all around me, all but I, 
Enjoy this dreary season Fall, 
But I despise them, one and all. 

David Murray 

Bv: J. Holdsworth 


By: M. McLaren 

By: B. Luckhurst 

Life is so fast, it flashes btj; 
Just iiice a bird soaring in the sky 
Yet luhen I*am luith you time seems 

to hold 
So life ujill alitiays stay young and 

never groui old, 
And luhen the sun sets on our lives 

Our spirits luill dance forever and 


By: C. Pollock 


The World . . . 


Yet striving . . . 


Yet dying . . . 


Although Sleeping . . . 


Although weeping . . . 

Violence and Evil. 

Death and Destruction . . . 



Adolescence poisoned . . . 



Hurt . . . 

Hatred and Deceit, 




This is the world we live in. 

By: Jenny Piercy 
Grade 6 

Childhood Days 

I walked in and looked around, 
I saw shelves with forgotten teddy bears. 
Sitting while the dust accumulated - never to be played with 

Dolls sat silently with their painted smiles and vacant eyes. 
Arousing a feeling of longing. 
Longing to be together with them again, 
A happy, carefree child wearing long braids and lacy dresses. 
Playing from morning until evening, never an evil thought in 

Childhood's boundaries are closely guarded and once you leave 
its protective grasp. 
All doors are locked and barred. 

In the real world, that far off distant fairy land may not be re- 

You now must face the less beautiful things. 
War, drugs, aids and poverty. 

O, that I could crawl away and let everyone else worry. 
But the real world is here to stay. 
How I miss those childhood days! 

By: S. Danzo. 


^is is ihi storv of iffiacb<tft. 

Jt's 3 swvv of blooJr anJr fear atii icatli. 

I)e anU [jts tDif< toerc so ambitious, 

Cljru plotwi ati5> pJaniicii sometliing suspicious. 

^f)« plan iijas to kiJl the king. 

^ tiem tfiis teas a iwaicir tfirag. 

"®o 3 brfott tttt 3« a Uagger^" 

iZtljc tljougbt of ti)at maCie bim stagger. 

"©ut,out Jramn spot! "says XaCiv ilHacbeti). 
Itii s(]c soon met f)er fateful Jjcatli. 
jUacDuff, tufto from ^cbctij FiaCr fkCi, 
CtiCici up cuttitig off jiacbctlj's lieai. 


I used to wish I would grow up faster, 
To the age of an older girl I knew. 
Because she was closer to being an adult. 
And her problems seemed quite few. 

But, then, every time I would grow. 

And reach the age I wanted to be, 

I would feel really dissatisfied, 

Because she still seemed better off than me. 

My biggest wish was to be thirteen. 
Because they seemed to fit in with every age. 
Now I am that wished for number. 
Thirteen looks like it's trapped in a cage. 

Children seem like silly babies. 

And adults just don 't understand. 

An age when, one moment, I'll be in despair. 

And the next, feeling extremely grand. 

It's strange that we try to be the same. 
At school, so all friends are alike. 
But with my family, I'll get mad. 
So I can do and be as I like. 

Though at thirteen, most things seem wrong, 
And emotions are in such a varied range, 
I say "life goes on", when really I wish. 
That my age would never change. 

Caroline Thomson 

By: M. McLaren 



_QrD»-<i_ftnA jnor- . 

JflK. COUQtv- Ord loujY>^ 

Bv: Z. Charania 



The crosses have been erected tall 
and fearful cries echo across the plain 
from here, from there from every where 
it drifts from the mouths of the slain. 

Open wounds pour free from soul 
from sin. from hate from goals untold. 
The helpless lying among the flowers 
the stories, the fables, the mysteries unfold. 

The mothers at home sit and wait 
for new or even the littlest clue. 
Are their loves still alive and well 
"Where are you my love where are you?" 

Now it is over and gone for good. 
The horrible memories erected tall. 
In row and row and row for miles. 
You can still hear the painful call. 

But is it gone for good forever 
Will the planes be flying by? 
Will blood be spewn from dying men ? 
Will the smoke cover over the sky? 

What would happen if it all came back? 
Would all the men go back to war? 
Would children cry would more men die, 
would the world be destroyed forevermore. 

Would the crosses be erected tall. 
Would fearful cries echo across the plain? 
From here, from there from everywhere, 
Would echoes come from mouths of the slain. 

Adrienne Price 

The Legend 

He rode so gallant and so brave through forests 

deep and dim. 

His heart was cold as he rode so bold into battle o'to 


His armour glistened, and his army listened the 

enemy for to hear, 

His Lady dear she shed a tear for she feared his 

death was near, 

Feared his death was near. 

By: C. Large 

O'er the misty battle fields he rode for justice 

and right. 

The sword secured to the side of knight till the 

enemy was in sight. 

He drew his sword from his silvery scabbard. 

Withdrawing it across his chain-mail tabbard. 

His Lady dear she shed a tear for she feared his 

death was near, 

Feared his death was near. 

Astride his steed he took no heed to dangers 

all around him. 

He clashed his sword with an evil lord, the noise 

it was astounding. 

When all at once he took a blow and in that 

instance he did know. 

His Lady dear she shed a tear for she knew his 

death was here. 

Knew his death was here. 

Britt-Marie Luckhurst 



The Amazon Jungle once lush and green 
Is now a small portion, hard to be seen 
Chainsaw cutting trees here and there 
Soon it will be land completely bare. 

Animals homes cut down by the second. 

Not a cry for help is heard or beckoned. 

Smoke and flames seen a hundred miles 


Greedy people still bum, they don't care 

What I say. 

What will they do with the homeless 


Use them for testing makeup for the malls? 

A small voice I am but I'll make myself 


Stop torching the Amazon, you're ruining 

our world! 

Joanna Forbes 

A mother deer and her fawn quietly step out of their den 

A beaver silently swims towards her dam 

An eagle soars high above the trees 

Everything is silent 


Everything except for a buzzing 

Gradually coming nearer 

Gradually getting louder 

This is the sound of chainsaws 

Greedily stealing our animal homes 

Stealing their lives 

This is our world 

We must help. 

Along the seashore 

Lies a dead bird 

Its beak and wing 

Tangled in a plastic bag 

A baby otter 

Makes meek crying sounds 

Its coat slicked with oil and dirt 

It soon will be dead 

Nobody comes to help 

Nobody cares 

This is our world 

We must help. 

Hannah Farrell 



By: C. Petersen 

T. Anglit 

The Approaching Winter 

Red, gold, orange and green 
Flaming leaves are to be seen. 
A time that comes just once a year. 
Lit up by a glorious golden sphere. 
Another day - up comes the wind. 
With rain and clouds, a lonely kind. 
The gloomy sky, the leafy earth. 
The fiery trees, a seasons birth. 

By: A. Moorman. 

R. Sahota 

The Paddle 

As the paddle dips in and out 

To the rhythm of the drums, 

Boomdada, Boomdada, 

The lone Indian, and his 

Drummer, paddling into the on-coming night. 

Their destination "The New World" 

Which prospered in fish, water and trees. 

As the silver water laps against 

The canoe, and the paddle dipping 

To the drumming beat, the 

Canoe goes on and on. 

Trying, with all its might to go 

And, to get to the "New World" 

By sun-up 

On and on, in and out, Boomdada, 


As the canoe comes gliding in. 

Like a graceful bird, the drumming 

Stops, but now the 

New sound is growth. 

Tamsin McDonagh 


A. Pengelly 

My monster's name is Mr. Boom, 

His house is inside a hugh mushroom. 

When I let him go, he goes zoom, 

All around the ballroom room. 

He can fly on his broom. 

Better than Mrs. Magoom, 

He loves to zoom. 

All around the room. 

But sadly, all creatures meet their doom! 

By: M. Hunt. 

A. Tongue 




Middle School Music Programme 

Our musical year started in October with a visit by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. This performance, to which 
students from Junior School also attended, included the Mendelssohn "Violin Concerto" and "Peter and the Wolf 
narrated by Stephen Smith. 

Other events this fall, included the Remembrance Day service, at which our Grade 7 and 8 String Ensembles played; 
our Christmas Concert and Art Display, featuring the Grade 6, 7, 8 Bands, Stage Bands, Orchestra, Grade 6, 7, 
8 Strings and soloists. 

A visit by "Santa" and "Mrs. Claus", together with members of the choir, as Santa's helpers, visited the Kin- 
dergarten class at Junior School, much to the delight of all involved. 

The culmination of activities in term one was the SMU Carol Service at Christ Church Cathedral, where once 
a year all three campuses are brought together. Our 90 member Middle School Choir sang "Festive Madrigal" and 
"Angel's Lullaby". Two of the nine lessons were read by Tessa Anglin, Grade 6, and Ben Luco, Grade 7. 

Term two saw the introduction of two extra-curricular activities. They were the Festival Choir and Honour Band 
made up of selected students in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Both groups prepared for and performed in the Greater Victoria 
Music Festival along with the Grade 6, 7, and 8 String Ensembles. 

For parents unable to attend the Festival, an "Evening of Art, Music and Drama" was held in the TDC at the 
beginning of term three. The "festival groups", togetherwith our extra-curricular Stage Band performed a programme 
interspersed by drama presentations over two nights. 

Wrapping up a busy year, which included individual and group performances at assemblies, was our Prize Day Cer- 
emony, held this year at the University of Victoria. On this occasion, our 88 member orchestra performed the pro- 
cessional "Pomp and Circumstance", the National Anthems and School Hymn, with the String Section featured 
in "Rondeau" and "Minuetto", and the Winds and Percussion members of the Honour Band playing "Chesapeake 
Overture". Once again our combined 90 member choir performed en masse Don Besig's "Flying Free" with flute 
obligato performed by Grade 8 student Sean Mark. 

J.S. Reid 


Honour Band 

BR: C. Hibbins. J. Kwon. J. Griffiths. S. Price. R. Yeh. C. Davies, M. Smith. 

3rd Row: J. Reid (Director). A. Pospisilik. W. Chen. B. Luco, E. Bogdanski. J. Clapp. S. Burson, A. Porzecanski. 

2nd Row: T. Charania. M. Davison. G. Zacks, S. Scott. E. Wee, R. Johns. C. Fric. H. Farrell, C. Thomson, J. Scott. 

PR: R. T. Tewsley, M. Jones, D. Troesch. A. McCue, M. Scrivens, M. McLaren, A. Price, K. Gillespie, S. Mark, B. Passmore. 

Stage Band 

B.R: C. Hibbins, J. Kwon, G. Daniel. J. Griffiths, A. Acton. 

MR: J. Reid (Director). B. Passmore. C. Davies. M. Smith. A. Porzecanski, A. Pospisilik, E. Wilson, J. Plasterer. 

F.R: G. Zacks. J. Clapp, E. Bogdanski. M. Jones. B. Luco. A. Detrano. W. Chen. 



Xmas Carols at the Junior School 




Public Speaking 

The month of April featured some excellent 
performances by Middle School students in 
both the Toastmasters and the Optimist Inter- 
national Public Speaking contests. 

In the Toastmaster Youth Leadership con- 
test, and competing against Senior High School 
students, Leilani Roberts earned a 4th place 
finish and Elizabeth Murdoch, Ellen Dragu- 
shan and Alyssa Schwann were awarded Cer- 
tificates of Merit. 

The following week, in the Optimist Orator- 
ical Contest, which took place over two days, 
Elizabeth Murdoch and Alyssa Schwann 
earned 2nd place finishes while Ellen Dragu- 
shan received a Certificate of Distinction. 

The girls worked extremely hard in polishing 
their speeches on the topic "The Dream is 
Alive" and their results were well earned. 

D. Pollock (coach). A. Schwann. E. Murdoch. E. Dragushan. L. Roberts. 

B.R: L. McMasler (coach). T. Stevenson. D. Stevenson. 

C. Pollock. E. Leier. D. Pollock (coach) 

F.R: S. Tjandra. Z. Charania. J. Holdsworth, C. Streeter. 

Math Contest Winners 
Andrew Pospisilik, Cassandra Miller, (coach) Mr. J. Goodwin. 

Grade 8 Rugby Champions 


International Computer Problem Solving Contest Teams 

Ben While. Steven Lobb. Chelsea Jones, Patricia Mazuch, Nicole Pannekoek. (Coach: Dr. L. McMaster) 

In the International Computer Problem Solving Contest sponsored by 
the University of Wisconsin, our Grade 6 Team, with the coaching of Dr. Lex 
McMaster, excelled again this year. Two of the teams placed 1st and 2nd 
in Canada and 4th and 5th in the World. The first team: Chelsea Jones, 
Patricia Mazuch, Nicole Pannekoek. The second Team: Ben White and 
Steven Lobb (the boys would argue that there was female domination be- 
cause they were outnumbered!) 


Odyssey of the Mind 

The Middle School entered two teams in the O.M. competition. Team 1, coached by Mr. Todd Manning, was com- 
prised of Andrew Pospisilik, Cassandra Miller, Dominic Loiacono, An Porzecanski and Jonathan Aquino. This team 
entered the "Structures in Harmony" problem, which involved building a balsa wood structure designed to hold as 
much weight as possible. Team 2, coached by Ms. Susanne Biden, consisted of Caroline Large, Christian Blagborne, 
Angela Tongue, Andrew Field, Jason Kwon and Robert Yeh. This team entered the "Geographic Odyssey" problem, 
which involved building a self-propelled vehicle to "visit" various countries on a world map. Both our teams did well 
in the Vancouver Island regionals and advanced to the Provincial finals in New Westminster. While we did not place, 
we all learned a lot and had a great time in the process. 

Science Fair 

"Flying Spheres'" by Andrew Shostak and James Clapp. 

'"Oxidation" by Cheryl Nelms and Elizabeth Wilson. 


Hallway Candids 


Outdoors Week 






Mexican National Holiday 

Forest Walk 


Prize Day Awards 

Grade VI 

Elizabeth Leier 
Curran Crawford 
Alexandra Janse 
Michael Amiss 
Jack Wong 
Megan Smith 
Matthew Wenman 
Caroline Fric 

Tessa Anglin 
Hayden Thompson 
Alex Acton 
Simon Pearce 
Sebastian Bonet 
Joanna Holdsworth 
Helen Lamia 
Steven Lobb 

Philip Miller 

Amyrose McCue 
Chelsea Jones 

Ben White 

Bethany Smith 

Grade VII 

Wayne Chen 
Andrew Crothall 
Alistair Zacks 
Jamie Maclver 
Hannah Farrell 
Genessa Davis 
Mark Parker 
Gethin Jones 
Charlie Ann Peterson 
Angela Tongue 
David Stevenson 
Richard Johns 

Mischa Greenwood 

Alejandra Tostado 

Alex Lisman 

Chris Pollock 

Ben Luco 

Barbara Carr-Harris 

Britt-Marie Luckhurst 

Ole Schmidt 

Caroline Thomson 

Caroline Large 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Japanese 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in French & Choir 

Distinction in Science & Socials 

Distinction in Music (Winds) & 


2nd in Art 

1st in P.E. 

1st in Strings 

1st in Choir 

1st in Socials, Distinction in P.E. 

2nd in P.E., Distinction in Music 

Distinction in Music, 1st in Art 

1st in Math, Distinction in 


Distinction in Math & Art, 1st in 


2nd in French, 1st in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in English & Art, 

2nd in Science, 1st in Computers 

Distinction in P.E. & Math, 

2nd in English, 2nd in Computers, 

2nd in Socials, 1st in Science, 

Equal Isl in Grade VI 

Distinction in Science, Art & 

Socials, 2nd in Math, 1st in 

English, 1st in French, Equal 

1st in Grade VI 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Socials 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Advanced Winds 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Science 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in P.E. & Computers 

Distinction in Math & Advanced 


2nd in Math 

Equal 1st in Art 

1st in Music (Strings) 

1st in P.E. 

1st in Music (Advanced Winds) 

1st in Music (Beginner Winds) 

Distmction in Music (Strings) 

2nd in P.E., 2nd in An 

Distinction in Math, Computers, & 


Distinction in Beginner Winds & 

Art, 1st in Choir 

Distinction in Japanese, 2nd in 

French, Equal 1st in Art 

Robert Mazuch 
Tim Stevenson 

David Murray 

Sarah Danzo 

Grade VIII 

Adam Sawatsky 
Dermott Mutton 
Michael Davison 
Gavin Zacks 
Ben Lu 

Alyssa Schwann 
Melanie Scrivens 
Elizabeth Wilson 
Chris Bateman 
Andrew Field 
Erin Bogdanski 
Margot McLaren 
Colin Davies 
Alison Pengelly 
Adrienne Price 
Dannielle Jones 
Christie Greig 
Cassandra Miller 
Amber Regen 
Mairi Babb 
Clare Gardiner 
Christian Blagborne 
Robert Yeh 
Paul Saffrey 
Andrew Shostak 

Andrea Mercer 
Jonathan Aquino 

Shauna Scott 

Janelle Urchenko 

Cheryl Nelms 

Chris Hibbins 

Steven Price 

Yann Brierley 

Andrew Pospisilik 

1st in Science & 1st in Socials 

Distinction in Science and Art, 

2nd in Socials, 1st in Japanese, 

Equal 2nd in Grade VII 

1st in Math, 1st in Computers, 

1st in English, Equal 2nd in 

Grade VII 

Distinction in Japanese, Socials, 

& Music (Strings), 2nd in Computers, 

2nd in English. 2nd in Science, 

1st in French, 1st in Grade VII 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Music (Strings) 

Distinction in Science 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Math 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Japanese 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Art 

2nd in French 

Equal 2nd in Socials 

2nd in P.E. 

2nd in Math 

Equal 1st in Drama 

1st in Choir 

1st in Music (Strings) 

Equal 1st in Drama 

Distinction in Art, 2nd in Science 

1st in Science 

Distinction in P.E.. 2nd in Music 


Distinction in Choir, 2nd in English 

Distinction in Math & 

English, 2nd in Computers 

Distinction in Computers, 1st in 

Music (Winds) 

Distinction in Socials, 2nd in Art, 

1st in English 

Distinction in Japanese & Science, 

2nd in Socials 

Distinction in Math, 1st in 


Distinction in English, 1st in 

An, 1st in P.E. 

Distinction in P.E., Computers & 

Music (Strings), 1st in French, 

1st In Socials, Equal 1st in 

Grade VIII 

Distinction in Socials & Art, 

2nd in Music (Winds), 1st in 

Math, 1st in Japanese, Equal 1st 

in Grade VIII 


Special Awards 

DR. ALISTAIR BAIRD CUP (top citizen) 
Andrew Field 

MR. IAN JESSIMAN CUP (top citizen) 
Mairi Babb 


(most deserving student who has not been recognized) 

Anthony Detrano 

IAN JESSIMAN TROPHY ("soldiering on") 
Ari Porzecanski 

A.G. TISDALE MEDALS (outstanding athletes) 

Cheryl Nelms 
Emmet Connolly 

ROBERT MURPHY CUP (most improved student) 
Andrew Karwowski 

NORMAN TOOKE CUP (most improved student) 
Jeremy Morgan 


(top student in Fine Arts) 
Janelle Urchenko 


(all-round ability - Grade VI) 

Ben White 

MERIT BOWL (all-round ability - Grade VII) 
Ole Schmidt 

TWENTY CLUB CUP (all-round ability - Grade VIII) 
Cheryl Nelms 


Charlie Ann Peterson 

Stephanie Olsen 


(best overall contribution to Middle School) 

Robin Sahota 


Jonathan Aquino, Cassandra Miller 

Chris Hibbins, James Clapp 

Andrew Pospisilik 


(first in Canada; fourth in World) 

Chelsea Jones, Patricia Mazuch 

Nicole Pannekoek 

(second in Canada; fifth in World) 

Ben White, Steven Lobb 



Director's Foreword 

As in previous years, the Junior School community has continued to abound in 
energy, creativity, and industry, directed to producing excellence in academic achieve- 
ment as well as other aspects of life's skills. 

With an enrollment of 137 students, ranging from five to eleven years, the first 
targets of establishing a positive working climate and community spirit were soon 
achieved. All students had the opportunity to participate in every programme off- 
ered; this they did with gusto as evidenced by their academic results, musical presenta- 
tions and athletic performances. 
In order to gain insight into the new primary programme scheduled to become 
mandatory next year, each Thursday the primary students worked in mixed family groups using the thematic approach 
to learning. 

This year could be said to be a year of "awareness". Primary students reached out to the senior citizens at large, 
to entertain them with their Christmas Programme, then served them tea afterwards. It was a valuable experience 
for these young students and brought tears of joy to the seniors. 

Earth Day spanned a fortnight with assembly presentations by each class. Grade Two's musical composition. Grade 
Three's rap, and speeches from confident, concerned Grade Four students will always be remembered. The three R 's, 
Reading wRiting and aRithmetic have been replaced by Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

In April, the school assembled to greet the Parents' Auxiliary. On this occasion, students were made aware of the 
efforts of the members of the Auxiliary, who donated the climbing frame to the school. Led by Grade Five student, 
Michelle Butler, they were formally thanked. All students have been able to develop their creativity, flexibility, and 
agility on this new structure sitting solidly in the playing field. 

The Grade Five year will be remembered for its French/Art cultural evening. This visually spectacular presentation 
was created, organized and conducted by Madame Davis and Mrs. Forbes. 

We will miss our Grade five students but know that with the great number of solid, young citizens in the group, 
they will be an asset to the Middle School. 

The year ended on a fairy tale note with the marriage of Pamela Hayley to Cliff Yorath. We wish them many years 
filled with happiness. 

The camaraderie of the staff, their good humour, goodwill, and hard work must never be taken for granted; through 
their dedicated efforts the Junior School thrived. 1989-1990 was a great year! 


Junior School Staff 

Back Row: Mr. Bousfield, Mrs. Humphreys, Mme. Brierley, Mme. Davis, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Psaila, Miss Moore, Mrs. Miles 
Front Row: Mr. Yorath, Miss Hayley. Mrs. Forbes, Mrs. Snider. Mrs. Stone, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs. Pollard 



Javier Alfaro 
Rcbekah Bak 
J.B. Bell 

Pelle Bjornert 

Brendan Bull 
David Burnett 
Bradley Jawl 

Stuart Jones 
Kathleen Jones-Dixon 
Jason Ko 
Graham Mclntyre 
Karlie O'Connor 

Louise Reid 
Jennifer Robinson 
Mycroft Schwartz 

Kerry Spearing 
Kristie Tyrrell 
Joanna Wynn 


Grade 1 

Shakeel Balroop 

Amy Benskin 

Andrew Brownlee 

Zevi Cherniawsky 

Arlen Coupland 

Philip Joergensen 

Paul Karchut 

Owen Laukkanen 

Dov Lipsett 

Keegan Macintosh 

Stuart Masterton 

Caitlin McKenzie 

Mark Shortt 

Caitlin Smith 

Gregory Smith 
Tristan Spearing 

Kendra Tombu 

Sean Tucknott 

Nikolaus Wegner 

Carla Wollach 
Paul Zakus 


Grade 2 

Roneel Balroop 
Scott Brown 
Lauchlin Burnett 
Erick Calder 
Evan Crawford 

Joanna Fairhurst 
Ryan Greenway 

Kentaro Guthrie 
Gardiner Hanson 
Nicholas Hume 
Naomi Inouye 
Robert Jawl 

Tyson Johnson 
Claire Jones 
Jennifer Lawton 
Amanda Lisman 
Lucas Marchand 

Yiannis Mavrikos 
Michael Passmore 

Bianca Roberts 

Ashleigh Topliss 
John Tottenham 
Jessica Paterson 
Daniel Wood 


Grade 3 

Jonathan Benskin 

Matthieu Boyd 

Nigel Brown 

Stephan Chapheau 



Joywin Cummings 
Eric Gram 

Richard Greenwood 

Janice Ha 

Andrew Mildred 

Anne Inouye 

Nicholas Isaac 

Christopher James 

Karen Jawl 

John Kwari 

Euan McLean 

Wyatt Michael 

Brian Moss 

Lucas Rankin 

Charlotte Reid 

Ashley Ridyard 

Ari Shorn 

Roland von Schellwitz 


Rebecca Anglin 
Gavin Barry 
Jayne Bradbury 
Megan Cassidy 
Ashley Cornwell 

Erin Coupland 
Michael Danskin 
Lisa Davies 
Adrian Dawson 
Jenny Franklin 

Vivian Greenway 
Amy Karchut 
Ryan Knott 

Kim Lobb 

Christopher McCrimmon 

Mariko Miller 

Anup Misra 
Christoffer Nohr 
Sam Paulos 
Jenny Reed 
Christopher Smith 

Geoffrey Stevenson 
Chantelle Tearoe 
Christine Wenman 
Christopher Wide 
Laura Willihnganz 


Grade 5 

Scott Amiss 

Angus Bridgman 

Michelle Butler 

Diana Chelwynd-Palmer 

Patrick Davis 

Edward Fairhurst 

Robin Featherstone 

Christopher Fisher 

Rachel Gardiner 

Hayley Gibson 

Simon Grant 
Sarah Inouye 

Jonathan James 

Carys Jones 

Maria Kwari 

Lucy Morris 

Cameron Murdoch 

James Pollock 

Colleen Saffrey 

Derek Schwetz 

Nicholas Stanger 

Gary Tongue 

Nicholas Vagvolgyi 

Jessica White 

Keir Wilmut 

David Wilson 

Kathryn Wynn 




At ■'■'^e- ceg.nn 
the 3^ory . . . 

I A\l ul:i 


J V 

X a J3ii-u;- 

I . .«^- -towr 






Caitlin, S. Gr. 1 



Earth Day, 1990 

Earth 's air is being destroyed 

By gas and smoke and fumes; 

Let us clean up the air 

So birds can spread their plumes 
Let us save the Earth 
Because she gave us birth. 

Always use the three R's 
Recycle, reuse and Reduce; 
Please help us save the Earth 
Conserve the crane and moose. 
Let us save the Earth 
Because she gave us birth. 

We want our water clean 
Help save the ocean life. 
Conserve the ocean scene. 
Rescue Earth from this scene, 

Let us save the Earth 

Because she gave us birth, 

Our message to you - 

Save the Earth. 

Written by Grade Two 


"Kenftf^c Af r'rl c , 


Kp R»P^;,■ of rAr.NoU /. 

Il'i y.f ry k i-j ffi 'lw> u i'tklAr 

III V»>ry H>H I 11 hVe .M 1 1 P I'tf 



. Kt titi r\i iimtJxt' in't NhotL-h«::_ 

wL.h I'm mUp p . He-ln'll| h;> 
\v\ \\\ ■ e\ity -{ tt-f lit~n-i^; tv ;t.hJ 

|l9 "711, h _,lq ."K.jWiTi ^c-Br c— 




Cfear Uncle. Don, 
Xcont wat-un+i'l h^ 

^. M3qAiin;i--i 

Cnr^nrin R.C.. 


\A '^ li^enJ _,i . «i pa/ J 
me ai-J Cc vc'^ -<^bcMt, 

J 0X1 T M I o.r. i .- W.C J-, iertiii 

_ .uzirii/?££ Apr :k3 

imc" Hanson 

&r. Z. 



V^.cKolai r^<wc. 

# xm. Alp. -on MJlhM/i/iwjikfL 





Plet^se, ple<ise, pleose mj^j nleoji., . 

T [\c n/e a /iimoflu d inv >> iji .1 

g^ — ^ 











Km jur jUuL jiuk ijau yceuM ,ja.._J 
A ijooLf M/dr j^m/Aa LA:, 

0- LKLt a/r/teuiiiilw d muU Lt il\L 





milmymnw jo 




tooth - propf -fenri'- l&'kepp m<A 'enters . 

_.. ^ ^ „^^^ -^ .^^ y ■ "-" ■- " ■ - ■-' ■ 



T ^/nkou/im \.Y"VrT(rry.. \ 




diux. Mjajl. m/OjL a. mow pai, Jxr^b,. 
5a. Jii^ £i>v*iL A- i^jt Atari.. 

'f^ .^.m 


-■fil . ,<-y-Ht- , 

Jy4-?£ MdA rt Mum MOM, ^O/i! Jap^x/n, 
Hi /cad M.- AocodL^ 
l^fj^"'' Ihd M ^mMiA/ Al Aad Mufj ^/iom a. /n/tk 


•ss^ sitflpea or) ^clwjj^ 


H;. i.,,,] 



- /i^Ji^ 




I nine. u/aA a bctf nxx/msidi FyTsd., 
V/ho -buicL -to- humji. kjA, hmjcL, 

Oct hz uMjdL ftuX>-0<J'L hxxmjjj\,^ 

^iso JJok'ies 

Jt^.^As ^ 


u it_**/r-n/ 

U''--'-Uiu ij^.^ AmL -"t^c -5^ 









Music and Drama 

String Ensembles - Junior School 

This year the Grade IV class was divided into two 
strings ensembles that followed different musical paths. 
The beginner group bravely and successfully ex- 
perimented with string instruments for the first time and 
ended their year with a grand finale in three part ensem- 
ble work. Their friends in class who had previous ex- 
perience in string study became an enlarged string 
quartet and rehearsed pieces that had challenge and 

The Grade V class continued as second year players 
in the string programme (with two additional beginning 
viola students who spent many hours on catchup!). As 
a string ensemble of twenty-five, they produced a fine, 
full sound in their music making. 

Once each week, selected players from each class 
rehearsed as a string orchestra and were featured at 
Prize Day in June, in an open air performance! 

Throughout the year, our string players played in 
several morning assemblies, at the Victoria Music 
Festival, and in the musical afternoon in May, which 
presented to their parents and overview of the music pro- 
gramme from Grades I to V. 






B.R.: Mr. Yorath, Sam Paulos, Simon Grant. Angus Bridgman, Edward Fairhurst. David Wilson, Diana Chetwynd-Palmer, Michelle Butler, Jessica White 
MR.: Laura Willihnganz, Jayne Bradbury, Jenny Reed, Jonathan Benskin, Andrew Mildred, Kim Lobb, Vivian Greenway, Christine Wenman 
F.R.: Charlotte Reid. Joanna Fairhurst, Eric Grant, Jonathan Chetwynd-Palmer, Stephan Chapheau, Matthieu Boyd, Lucas Rankin, Euan McLean 

Twenty-nine Students in grades three to five met for early morning practice prior to the swim season. In four meets, 
everyone improved steadily and enjoyed the experience. 

Our team finished second in two independent schools meets. Edward Fairhurst captured four first places, Joanna 
Fairhurst, Kim Lobb, Jonathan Benskin, Andrew Mildred, and Eric Grant also excelled. 

At the Victoria Elementary Schools Novice Meet, all twenty-nine of our swimmers entered and in conjunction with 
St. Margaret's School, S.M.U. won the Archie McKinnon Trophy ahead of the eighteen schools entered. 

Twelve of our swimmers qualified for the championship meet. We finished in second place in the finals with out- 
standing performances by Edward Fairhurst, three first place wins; Joanna Fairhurst, third, fifth, and sixth place; 
and Matthieu Boyd with a fourth place. 


Cross Country 

B.R.: Mr. Yorath, Kathryn Wynn. Sarah Inouye, Maria Kwari, Robin Featherstone, Nicholas Stanger, Christopher Fisher, Angus Bridgman, James 
Pollock, Edward Fairhurst, David Wilson, Diana Chetwynd-Palmer, Colleen Saffrey, Jessica White 

M.R.: Carys Jones, Sam Paulos, Geoffrey Stevenson, Patrick Davis, Michael Danskin, Anup Misra, Jonathan Benskin, Andrew Hildred, Wyatt Mi- 
chael, Christopher Smith, Vivian Greenway, Kim Lobb, Amy Karchut, Chantelle Tearoe, Michelle Butler 

F.R. Standing: Charlotte Reid, John Kwari. Nigel Brown, Stephan Chapheau, Jonathan Chetwynd-Palmer, Ashley Ridyard, Adrian Dawson, Euan 
McLean, Nicholas Isaac, Eric Grant, Ari Shortt, Brian Moss 
F.R. Seated: Christine Wenman, Evan Crawford, Lucas Marchand, Ryan Greenway, Scott Brown, Yianni Mavrikos, Mariko Miller 

In the Independent Schools Cross 
Country Series, forty-nine students from 
grades two to five competed. In six 
races, fine 

were achieved 
by: Diana 
Palmer, Ed- 
ward Fair- 
hurst, Carys 
Jones, Nicho- 
las Stanger, Adrian Dawson, 
Amy Karchut, Mariko Miller, 
Brian Moss, Scott Brown, and 
Lucas Marchand. Kim Lobb 
won several races. 

Six students completed the 
100 Kilometre Club run this 
year: Michael Danskin, Mariko 
Miller, Jonathan Benskin, Mat- 
thieu Boyd, Stephan Chapheau, 
and John Kwari. A most deter- 
mined finisher was Mrs. Stone, 
who did so in spite of having a 
leg cast for several weeks. 


Girls Soccer 

r II ^W^ 

B.R: Mr. Yorath. Rebecca Anglin. Kim Lxibb, Hayley Gibson, Carys Jones, Robin Featherstone, Sarah Inouye, Maria Kwari, Chantelle Tearoe J 

Seated: Christine Wenman, Kathryn Wynn, Rachel Gardiner, Jessica White, Michelle Butler, Diana Chetwynd-Palmer, Colleen Saffrey, Mariko Miller i 


Boys Soccer 

T ■■ 

B R Mr Yorath Ryan Knott, Geoffrey Stevenson, Christopher Fisher, James Pollock, Gary Tongue, Cameron Murdoch, Nicholas Vagvolgyi 
Seated: Nicholas Stanger, Michael Danskin, Sam Paulos, Edward Fairhurst, David Wilson, Christopher Smith, Angus Bridgman 



^a^ ^^^^. 



BR: Mr. Yorath, Anup Misra, Christopher McCrimmon, Christopher Smith. Derek Schwetz, Mward Fairhurst, Angus Bridgman, James Pollock, 

David Wilson, Nicholas Stanger, Gary Tongue, Christopher Fisher, Keir Wilmut 

MR: Richard Greenwood, Jonathan Benskin, Matthieu Boyd, Scott Brown, Stephan Chapheau. Brian Moss, Jonathan Chetwynd-Palmer, John Kwari, 

Mariko Miller, Jessica White, Rachel Gardiner 

F.R: Lucas Marchand, Lisa Davies, Amy Karchut, Euan McLean, Michael Danskin, Sam Paulos, Geoffrey Stevenson, Adrian Dawson, Nigel Brown 

Seated: Sarah Inouye, Maria Kwari, Colleen Saffrey, Kim Lobb, Diana Chetwynd-Palmer, Michelle Butler, Carys Jones 

The school had a very successful track and field season. Thirty-nine athletes represented the school in three exciting 

I.S.A. Meet (Swangard Stadium, Burnaby) 

S.M. U. finished second of eight competing schools. Individual winners were: James Pollock, 100m, long jump, and 
ball throw; Robin Featherstone, long jump; the boys' and girls' 4X100 relay teams 
V.I.S.S.A. Meet (University of Victoria) 

S.M. U. finished third of nine schools. In the grade five competition, we won the boys' and came second in the girls' 
events. Winners were: James Pollock, 100m and ball throw: Edward Fairhurst, long and high jumps; Robin Featherstone, 
long jump; David Wilson, 200m; Nicholas Stanger, 400m; Kim Lobb, 800m; and four relay teams won their races. 
All Schools Relay (University of Victoria) 

In a meet open to all elementary schools on the lower island, highlights for S.M.U. were James Pollock's 100m 
victory and two thrilling relay victories. Fine performances were given by James Pollock, Edward Fairhurst, David 
Wilson, Jessica White, Adrian Dawson, Diana Chetwynd-Palmer, Kim Lobb, Nicholas Stanger and Brian Moss 
Sports Day 

Inter House Sports Day was a memorable event with every child competing for his or her house in track as well 
as fun events. Tolson House was the overall winner by the narrowest of margins over Symons. 





.RYAN Cfi. i 

Gfode 4 

giiTTfiofl fywrr 

Ih«ra one* *■• I Mn n«Md John Cowt. M wll l «;al«*4# (IfJtU 
Ml* ar** ltM-n*4 iquKt «r>4 Fm nattttd |ltil*t Hit n«i« b«c«M iquir* 
fres •tklt»i II In \M cirirldq* In^l/Mtipvt to >#• UtJt «•( vroAi. 
John «r«v t ffloHr Ml «» Ml K*»d 10 print »ut »lctur«f o' Ihl 
fjMi A control Itr t^** ou( of hi oir. Ho ivon icravo^ on « 
ctr(rld9« holder to Ml h«*d. No looni oil dor tlirln^ IJatfotfO 
You aiT vendor he« ho Mdo htf Mvlnf. NIo iak »■ »lirlr>t Nlnlondo. 
Ho toitod now fiaoi. 

Thon on* day ho wlllod lOM coffoo on hlo circulti. ilAIAXAM\ 
No vrtclod III e' hit fimi ond o^lfoont. nil boii «>i u sod tii«l 
ho rirad hiB. ^oor Johni Ho didn't tno* ohjt to do. All (ho aonor 
h« fol froa hli Jek ho hod fVtnt on ovory RlntOftdo |IM ho eowld f*\ 
hit hondi ^. Ullh toon In hlo orii ho lold til of hit fldoo «*MI. 

Ho ricii>td navi.H. 

'SvT • corl* itid hli l>Kli rrt4. 

'itobotfr z.m bo olthout o cevlolo tool tol', told hit Utclo 
fwl,* It olM only cttt 140091* 

•Poohr litd hli hK\\. fUrrr. 'find roufiolf • nko |lrl m<4 tot 

Ho hod 00 ajcti oddco ho diAi't tno« <*iit to do. 

Thon ono d«r hit sothtr tool hlo aildo m6 totd Mo.'Co to 
cellato. 'Towf falhor and hi*t b<Mfht row a nko roe* In t^o dero. 
t'fo ffol Iho roftttrttlon foro hor«.* 5e Jefm vont to C0II090. No 
loornod a lot about flndlnf a Job «>d i^eut Mlh. Kit favorllo 
•ubjocd *oro math and tclonco. But ho had nonr boon to tlrod In 
hli IIFa. Ittoft aiMl COM ho itwdlod Oforr nifht. 8wt ho *ai 
tcarod. t*<(t If ho falltdT Hli rirat aiaa wat hard. No vlt turo ht 
tallad. %'4\ «hon Jelwi fot hit tatt boci ho had fotlon an U. Ho 
theufht It «*■ horrlbto Willi hlo taochor told Ma It aat M*r»i\mmt\ 
Ho ondod uv olth m ororall Korafo of II. 

Ha •!• 10 hvor ho ran ariMtd Iho te«n ilnflnf. Ho Mnt and tot 
1 fjrl tiM Job at Tt Old Oonul Shoo. No oai In hoafon. 

In tho tntlri roar ho had an ovorall avarafo of 14. A/tor fovr 
rtart ho fot M >• • loachor at Clonflotd CloMntorr Schoel(CtS). 
Ho lawfhl iludonit Milt and tclonco. John tNon tlartad a novtpapor 
coiuM. No caiad It: Ikl r>>* S<xtot. Start A l^v Habit. And 
ifiat't otKtl* <rfiat ho did 

C-r V 


f ttfo'-a ^iit la/laf iboat. 
\tr *r . Jcf>» I . CflOf. 

Coaputer Contest Wl 

Gart/i'ncr (rn a* 

Gr 1 

.h'AOrtT ii*x)yE «« i 


Junior School Prize List - Academic 1990 


Grade III 

Matthieu Boyd ^^^ 

J^^^^^m 2nd ^^^^^^^^^^^M 

Christopher James 

^^^^^K 1st Form ^^^^^^^^^^m 

Grade IV 

Jayne Bradbury 

Honour ^^^^^^^^^^H 

Erin Coupland 

Honour ^^^^^^^^^M 

Christopher Smith 

Honour ^^^^^^^^^M 

Christine Wenman 

Honour ^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

Chantelle Tearoe 


Vivian Greenway 


Sam Poulos 

Honour l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m 

Mariko Miller 

Japanese '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M 
Group Honour ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Laura Willihnganz 

Japanese Group ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Lisa Davies 


Anup Misra 


Kim Lobb 

Equal 1st in Computer Science "'""■■l^^^^^^^^^l 

Honour Roll 1 


Rebecca Anglin 

2nd in Form, Science H i 
Social Studies, Honour Roll 1 


Jenny Reed 

1st in Form, English, Math, Art, Honour Roll ^H ' 

Equal 1st in Computer Science 


Equal First in Japanese 


Group 2 


Grade V 

Kathryn Wynn JH 

Hjj^lB Honour Roll ^M^ ^^■ 

Michelle Butler ^^M 

^^^^^ Art, Honour Roll ^iM 


Rachel Gardiner ^H 

^^H Strings, Choral 


Colleen Saffrey ^H 

^^B. Japanese Level I, Honour Roll 


Maria Kwari ^^M 

^^B Equal 1st Japanese Level 1 
^^B Honour Roll 


Hayley Gibson fl^^l 

^^H French Level 1 


Sarah Inouye ^H^l 

^^B Computer Science 


Keir Wilmut 3^1 

^^B 2nd in Form, Science, Social Studies, Honour Roll, "" 

^^H Equal 1st in Math. 

Jessica White ' 

^^P 1st in Form, English, French Level II, Equal 1st in 

Math, Honour Roll, 

Equal 1st in Japanese II 



Christopher James 


Jenny Reed ^^P"^ 
Jessica White BR" ^^^ 




Jessica White '»?5l^^^^^^^^^_ 




Inouye '^^ ^^^^^^^^^^1 


Jayne Bradbury ^^'^^^^^^^^^H 


Rachel Gardiner ^^gl^^^^^^^^^l 


Maria Kwari J^^B 



David Wilson, Colleen Saffrey ^^^H 



Kathryn Wynn ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|| 


Jessica While i^^^H 



Robin Featherstone ^^^^1 



Nicholas Stranger ^^^^H 



James Pollack ^^^^^^^^^Hf 
Edward Fairhurst ^^^^^^^^11 


Diana Chetwynd-Palmer ^^^^^^^Hl 


Symons House I^^^^^^^H 



Jessica White 








the Class of 

1990 on Their 

llniYcrsitij Schoo{ 




Candidly Candid 

ar. ,i. tna^'c r .mji ^ 


li ^ 


Published bv