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Full text of "The Society Blue Book of Toronto, Hamilton and London. A Social Directory 1910"

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M D ' - 
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The Longest Double 
Track Railway in the 

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and < 

M4W 2GB 


J. C 
,V. E 

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p c 



J ontario 

 Iso the 
"ite for 


GEO. ,Yo VAUX, General Passenger Agent, :\'Íontreal 


...--\t the 34 King Street 'Yest-branch of The Cro-wn Bank 
of Canada there is a Banking Room especially set apart 
for ,vomen vvith young ,vomen tellers and ledger keepers 
in attendance. .A private staircase leads from the bank- 
ing department to a room above 

Where Women May Rest 

In the Retiring Room is a \vork table ,vith mending 
basket and other home necessities, in charge of a maid. 
These conveniences have been instituted not only for the 
Toronto customers of the Cro\vn Bank, hut also that 
,vomen from Out-of- To-wn may have the use of Resting 
and Retiring rooms 'while staying in the city. 

If you \vere told three hundred and sixty-six times this 
year that you can build up a certain income by placing 
your smal1 amounts of money in the Savings Depart- 
ment of 

The Crown Bank of Canada 

the Information \vould not be given you once too often. 
It is the steadily increasing Bank Account that adds to 
your prosperity. 
 0 other invcstn1cnt is n10re safe; no 
other investn1ent is so surc. 

Electro-Pneumatic Cleaning 

'. " ... 


Sweep and dust 
in one-quarter of 
the time of the 
old way and do it 
ten times as effec- 


, ..". 


:. 4 


It saves the wear 
on carpets, rugs, 
upho]stery and 

._ 4 
i.. 'f 


< It is the only 
- .--'. _. method by which 
a room can be perfectly cleaned-walls, ceiling, 
woodwork, furniture, floor and alL 
For further particulars, phone Main 3975 

The Toronto Electric Light 
Cotnpany, Lil1lited 


For Boys and Girls 
Ncw buildings. Beautiful surroundings, Country life. Easy of aCcess 
from Toronto. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: 
ApPLY TO \V, P. FIRTH, :\I.A., D. Sc., Principal NE"T:\IARKET, Onto 


WHEN you have occasion to send money by mail to any part of the 
world do not overlook the fact that the cheapest, safest and most 
convenient method is by 
Dominion Express Company 
Money Orders and Foreign Drafts 
Iflost or delayed in the mails, a refùnd is promptly arranged, or, if desirable, 
another order issued without tùrther charge. 
IrbeJl Traveli1/g, equip yourself with Travelers Cheques, on the face of 
which is shown the exact amount for which they will be paid in Foreign 
Jfshort of money when away from home and you require cash at once, 
ha\'e it telegraphed or cabled through the Dominion Express Companv. 
General Offices TORONTO, CANADA 





A list of advantages for 
coming to this store 

I. Finest choice of Suit- 
ings in Canada. 
2. A Ladies' Tailoring and 
Dressmaking Depart- 
ment second to none. 
3. A l\Iagnificent Silk 
4. A very complete Lin- 
ing Department. 
s. Everything in conve- 
nient conjunction. 
6. l\1:oderate prices and 
q uali ties the best. 
Let us especially recom- 
mend our Broad- 
cloths. Come in and 
see our department 
and Consult our 









, . c 

. LO
. A
S. A:lP A
[E:\mERSHIP. Sl':\DIF.R 

EDITION FOlt 1910 


I>.\U PUßLI:-;HI:\l


111 WEST ;UH n s r. 
SEW \oHK Clry 

('01'\ RH:HTEn 11109 MY DAr pnn.ISIIIXG CO. 

l l 
: 'c:: c:: t 
· l C \ t 
t ( It C 
l l ( 
" t t 
l ( 
( ( 
( ( ( 
'. (I 

( . 
· c ( C 
. t · ( . 
'. ':1 1 I. 
I .... . 
. . . . 
.. . : 

15b L I 0 






\'.:,]'t Ii!-} 
: .
 : ... 
..,' : 
III _ r




II jl 
Ii W :''; I.;. II 
r '1 

See Ollr S(llJlJ}/c R()()711 



([ Does not wear out 
(I Does not soil 
([ The longer you have 
it the better you like it 
([ Our electro glazing is 
not lead 

([ Does away with un- 
sightly bars and braces 
(I Is one of the best .in- 
vestments to beautify 
the home 


L'uxfer PriSn1 CO. 
e LÙnited) 
100 King St. West 




Established over 30 years 

Qualíty Dyeíng and Cleaning 

The a\yard of merit in dyeing and 
cleaning has come tn these \yorks as 
the outcome of more than thirty ye
careful and ski]1ful "
It is one thing to simply sponge out 
the spots, It is quite another to thor- 
oughly refreshen and liven up the fabric 
so that it closely approximates that 
\yhich is ne\y. The latter is our \yay in 
all \york \ye do. 
LatJies' costUITleS and ('\Tening rlresses are cleaned by 
modern methods. 
Cleaning fine laces, such as Duchesse, Okl Point. Guipure 
and BrusseJs, is one of our perfected specialties. 
By cleaning ann dyeing lace curtains, drapes and furni- 
ture coverings \ye sa \Te the housekeeper nluch trouble élt1(l 
1'he proper and hygienic \yay to clean blankets is kno\\ n 
to us. 
Equal care is given to men's clothing. \Ye keep Inen 
\yell dress('(l the year found, rcturning thcir coats and suits 
looking as if ne\\" 


Stores in leading shoppin 5 center3 of the city 
Br<lnches: IL\:\IILTO\T, L():\Dl)X, ST. C.\TIL\RIXES, (
.\LT, \YOUD- 
TRE.\L anel agencies in att parts of Canadd. 



., 40 


I \ 

" . 


/ I 


I T would be hard indeed to wish for any- 
thing more attractive in coloring and 
design than this season's Wall Papers. 

Cut Out Decorations Modern 
Ideas Floral Pa tterns Period De- 
signs Silk Brocades Pa tterns with 
Crowns Linen and Chambrey Effects 
Self Tones. 

Our stock of imported Wall Papers is not 
equalled in Canada. and the prices are as 
attracth-e as the goods. Dainty papers at 
from laC. to magnificent creations at $12.00 
per roll. 

The lJr. .T. BOLrS Co., Limited 
/ 1'OR8 

245 Y onge St., 




From Tuberculine Tested Cows. 
Certified by ::\lilk Commission 
of Academy of Medicine. Toronto. 

Certified ::\Iilk deliYered in ice 
or protected from freezing accord- 
ing to season-per quart 4 milk 

Dentonia ::\Iilk deliyered with- 
out ice or protection-per quart 
three milk tickets. 




..,. , 

-ì - .. 
\'\. ,: , 

. 1Ir 








... . 





WHE Seventh edition of the BLùE BOOK possesses some 
features which ,ve trust \vill entitle it to retain the high place 
in public favor that has been accorded its predecessors. \Ve 
desire especially to thank our lady patrons for their cordial 
appreciation of our efforts. 
:r\either time nor money has been spared to make this \vork 
as complete and valuable as possible. The difficulty attending 
the compiling of such a book can be easily appreciated; and \ve 
therefore trust that any omissions will be brought to our notice, 
that they may be corrected in future. \Ye hope to make the 
BL UE BOOK:. as nearly perfect as it is possible to make such a 
We do not claim the BLUE BOOI( is either a City Directory 
or absolutely an Elite Directory; neither do we pretend to pass 
upon the social or financial standing of the parties 'whose names 
are contained therein. It is simply a compilation of about four 
thousand names of the most prominent householders of Toronto, 
IIamilton and London, and numerous smaller to,yns, published 
in the most convenient form for reference by our lady patrons. 
The title "BLUE BOOI(" is given the ,york because of its 
hlue cover. I t does not refer to blue blood, as many people sup- 
pose. \Vebster's definition of Blue Book is as follo\vs: "Blue 
Book-a book containing a ]ist of fashionable adòresses." 
The data for this \vork have not been compiled from circulars 
or fron1 other directories. Experienced men, particularly adapted 
for such ,york, have been assigned to each locality, and the 
grea test care has 1Jeen used in selecting these nalnes. 
Please send any information you n1ay have that ,,,ill aid in 
keeping the records correct to Dau Puhlishing Co, 22 Toronto 
Street, Toronto, Onto 



High-class Hand Tailored 

One of Torollto's Most Prominent Resorts 

Mrs. Meyer's Parlors at 
Sunnyside (1801 'Yest 
Queen St.). Here you 
,,,ill find the prettiest 
Ballroom in Toronto, a 
perfect floor open the 
year round for Balls, 
Banquets, Parties of aJI 
kinds. Our famous Fish 
Meals in Season, Lunch- 
eons and Delicacies of 
all kinds served daily 
from 12 noon to 10 p. m. 
or by appointment. 

P. V. MEYER, Prop. 
Tel. Park 905 



... .1 




,. . 




.. ---- 







1 ALBAXY CLl.n. 
Cha!>. H. Ritchie, K. C., President; Stair 
Dick Lauder, Secretar
' and Treasurer. 

_\. E. Ston'l, President; Dr. MacLaren, 
Yiee-Presiclent; J. 'V. 
[arks, Secretary 
anò 'l'rf'asurer; James A. Knox, A. C. 
Cork. J. 'Y. Smith, G. T. Clarkson, Di- 

56 Lowther a\'enue. 

[cKar, President; Joseph \Vright. 
Captain; L. C. Hoskins, Seeretary and 

.5 AI.TO:\[OnILE (,LCB. 
\\Yilliam Dobie, President; 'Yilliam Stone, 
Yire-l'residf'nt,; Paul J. 
[rler. Seeond 
Yi,'e- Presidéut; E. M. \\Yilcox, Secretary- 

\\ïl1iam Rennie, President; \\ïllimn Ross, 
Yiee- President; \\Y. D. )IcIntosh, Sene- 

8 C.\X
R. G-rC'enwood, President; J. F, 
First nee-President; J. H. :\[ackenzie. 
Seeond Vice-President; C. S. Robertson, 
Treasm'er; G-eorge .:\1. Beggo, Seeretary. 
Herretary's phones, Main 41 t! 1 anò X orth 
9 C_\X
10 C
\X.\DL\X I
198 Collf>ge street. Prof. J. J. 
K('Jlzie, Prefo,ident: J. B. T
'lTell, First 
\ïee-Presi<ll'nt; George Kennedy. 1.1... D., 
Editor; \Villiam SC'ott, Treasurer; G. F. 
Burton, Sec.retary: :\1. J. Logan, .\ssistant 
'; Dr. J. H. Faull, Honorary 
Secrf'tary: .\. B. )[aeallum, Ph. D.. Hon- 
oran' Lihrarian. \[el'ts everv :\lon<lav 
e\'en'illg, XeJ\'emher 1 to May '1. . 

12 ('.\
Lt.-CoI. William Hamilton l\h'rritt, Presi- 
dent; Co1. 
ir Ht'nry Pel1att, Lt.-Co1. J. 
T. FotlwringhnIll, 1..t,-Col. D. ::\1. Robert- 
!'on, Lt.-Co!. .\. E. Gooderham, \Tice- 
Presidf'nts; Capt. R. Percy Biggs, Hon- 
orary Sl'erl'tary-Tn'asurt'r. 

13 ('.\
J>l'lham Eclgl1r. SeC'rptary. 9 Prince Ar- 
thur n\-pnuc. 

14 ('_\

13 C

[rs. Robert .Falcoßl"l', PresidC'nt.; )lrs. 
Heorge J. Burnett, S
cretarr; 1\1rs. A. H. 
Garratt, Treasurer. 





E. S. \Villiamson, Presiclt.nt; .:\Irs. Jean 
Blewett, Rev. \\T. H. Hincks, Dr. Gil- 
mour, A. )1. Dono\'an and F. :\1. Bell- 
Smith. Vice-Presidents; )1iss )1argaret 
Pennel1, Sccretary; F. \\T. Hayden, Treas- 
urer: )Iiss G. D. HhuttIl'worth, :\Iiss F. 
)1. Standish. \V. \\Ta I kf>l', C. E. Edmonòs, 
Thomas Harrison and 
1. P. Vandervoort, 
Executive Committee. 

22 E
[PIl{E CL"CB. 
A. ll. Barry. President; C. :\1. Canniff, 
First Viee-President: R. G. Black, Rec- 
ond Yice-President: R. B. \\' olsey, Bec- 
retary: L.. J. Rtreet, Treasurer. 

A. A. AllplJ, Presidl'nt; Charles Rl'id, 
First \ïce- President.; ::\1. Rawlinson, Sec- 
ond YiC'e-President: J. 
l. .:\1aedonald, 
' . 
25 GR
A. _\. .\.llen. President: Charles Reid, 
First Yiee-l'l'esidpnt: ::\1. Rawlinson, Sl'C- 
ond Yiee- President; J. )1. )[acdonald, 
26 GR.\PHTC .\HTS CLrll. 
"'. ".. Alpx:mder, President: 1 VOl' Lewis, 
Seen.taQ': Fergus K
.le, Trf>1\surer. 
27 IL\:\[JLTO
Hon. William Gihson, Presidl.nt; F. C. 
Bruce, Esq" Pirst Yiee- Prpsidpnt: His 
Honor .Tud
e 110Iwk. Spconcl Yicp,Presi. 
dent: Samuel Barker, ::\1. P.. P. D. Cre- 
rar, K. ('.. J. J. Seott. K. C., Robert 
Hohson. ]':sq.. Oorrlon J. H
Esq., "T. D. Long. Esq.. Dirt'dors. 
28 TL\PPY-GO LI.('KY CLrn. 
H, B. 
potton. :\1. P.. Honorary Prpsi- 
eh'lIt; C. A. Rcott. )[. 
\,' Pn.sirlent; 
\1iCf' Rothwell, First Yice- Presi- 
. \\
. Clark, Sl'('ontl Yice-Presi. 
dpnt: C. E, Durand. 
l'crl'talT and 
rrrpasn reI'. . 

Have Your House Cleaning Done by the 




Only sanitary and efficient method of cleaning carpets, 
draperies, furniture, mattresses, cushions, \valls, ceilings, 
etc. Storm sash cleaned and put on and removed. \Yin- 
do\vs cleaned. Gold l\1edal, W orId's Fair, St. Louis 19 0 4. 





Office, 305 Yonge Street 


Telephone Main 1413 

'JLanðacape IDeeígníng 


has heen provcn to he not onb T the most satisfac- 
tOQ- method of treating- the home g-rollnds from the 
standpoint of appear- 
ance's. but from the 
standpoint of economy 
as well. The planting" 
of stock not adapted 
toeertain locations and 
certain sons is a waste 
of money. It }JOYS to 
stad rirJ1d-ch(tJlfles 
ore e J.'JJe 11 sire. 
No charg-t' for first 
visit of our Landscape 
Desig-ner, in Toronto. 
No charg-c for Planting- 
Plans when the stock 
is purchased of w;;. 



. --(, ': J. 
I . ""'.:.., 
, .. 









49 Wellington Street E. 


Phone Main I 109 

Toronto Clubs and Societies - Continued 

J. A. Karumerf'r, President; Charles 
Ramsay, Vice-President; R. \.. Donald, 
See'retary-Treasurer, 16 King St. \Vest; 
lain 6732; ::\1. L. Atkinson, 
Captain; D. H. At,kinson, II. Van Del' 
Linde, Norman :\1. 
Ic Leod, Directors. 

3] HO:\IE CL UB. 

3:! HO}IE ::\ICSICAL CLrn. 

THE El\IPIRJ<':':. 
)[rs. N ordheim{'r, President; :\Irs. Alhert 
Gooderham, First Yiee-Presiclent; :\lrs. P. 
D. Grerf'r, of Hamilton, Second Vice- 
Presid{'nt; :\lrs. :MacKenzie Alexander, 
Third Yice-Presid{'nt; Mrs. \V. D. Georgf', 
Secretary; :\lrs. John Bruce, Treasurer. 

George F ssher Stifr, President; Ra]ph 
Edward Young, First Yice-Presid('nt; Ar- 
thur Kennedy BunneU, Sccond Vice- 

35 TSL.\.XD \.l\L\TErR AQUATIC AB::50CL\.- 
J. P. Murray, Honorary Prø,ident; A. R. 
Dl'nison. Presidf'nt; G{'orge R. Copping, 
First Vice-President; T. K. \Vade, Sec- 
ond Vicc- Prf'sidf'nt: II. 
'Han]ev Swea t- 
man, Third Vice- Pr('sident; 
\..' L. East- 
mure, Honorary Trf'3surf'r: ,Tames Fran- 
cis, Captain; R. E. A. ì\luod
', Vice- 
Captain: Char]f's L. Lugsdin, Secretary; 
L0wis B. Brown, Assistant Secretary. 

36 K.\.PPA .\LPTI.\ SO('IETY. 
. \. T. }'f'rgn:-:on, Prf'sidf'nt; G. 
Grf'('ne, Yice-Presidf'nt; H. :\1. 
Secr{'tary and Treasurer. 

K D. 


A. 'V. \nstin, Honorary Presidf'nt; C. C. 
,Tam('s. Prf'sidf'nt: S. R. IIart, Vice- 
Prf'sielf'nt: Ladif's' Committf'f'-1lrs. T. 
'f. Harris, PI'l'sidf'nt: 
lr:-:. .\.. Rodgf'rs, 

:fI pta in: 1\1 i<;s II arte, 
f'crf'ta ry and 

40 L.\(-HIEH CLen. 
4] LTnEH.\TJ CLrn. 

 LOHXE P.\. RK .\ (TTO:\I OBTL F; CLrB. 
43 ::\L\D.n\?\SK.\ CLrB. 
Dr. II. B. SpottOll. Prf'sicll'nt: Prof, 'V. 
H. PrflSl'r, \Ti('(>, Prf'sidt'lIt: C. .\. Chant, 
Sf'C'rptary; Prof. T. H, Hosf'h:mgh, 'l'rcas- 
u rf'r. 

Byron K "-alk('r. Honorary Prf'sidf'nt; 
G. H. Pflrkf's. Prf'sidf'nt: Dr. Harold 
f'lark find R. n. Kirh\'. Yi('f'. Prf'sirlt>nts; 
. \. Rf'f'cI. Sf'('l'{'tary;' T. Haro],l ::\rason, 
I rf'fI SI1 1'1'1'. 


45 )leSKOK.\. L_-\KE

f:eorge T. Irving. Pr('siùent; \Villiam 
Stone. First Vice-Presidpnt; \V. P. 
Gundy, Second Vice-Presiùent; George 
A. Baker, H. Douglas Ehy, E. D. Fraser, 
James Hard
". "T. A.. Littlf'john, _\.. I.J. 
:\la10ne, W. K. :\lcXaught, F. A. Ro]ph, 
Jr., "T. P. Hyrie, R. Home Smith, Rich- 
outham, II. L. \Vatt, Directors; 
R. F. Lord, Secretary-Treasurer. 

E. n. Collett. Commodore; C. J. :\Iurch, 
'"ice-Commodore; J. C. Turrall, Rt'ar- 
Commodore; E. H. Burns, Treasurer; 
G. S. Ellis, :\leasurer: T. TurraIJ, .\ssist- 
ant :\Ieasurer; J. G. Bell, Secretary. 

Jo:seph K Seagram, "Tater]oo, Prf'sident; 
E. B. Osler, 1\1. P., Toronto, First Yice- 
President: Hon. L. :\Ielvin Jones, To- 
ronto, Second Vice-President; \V. P. 
Fraser, Secretar
' and Treasurer. 

E. "'Y]f'y Grier, President: C. "T. Jef- 
freys. Yice-PI'esi(]ent anù Treasurer; R. 
}<'. Gagen, Secretary. 


53 P.\RKn.\LE ('PRLIXG ('LI.-n. 
,T. J. ""arren, Prf'sid('nt: \.. .\.. TT('JIiwell, 
Yice-Prpsid{'nt: {,harle:-: IIf'llC]f'rson. Sf'C- 
retary and Trensnrer; K H. .\.rmstrong, 
.\.ssi:-:tant Secretary. 

n_\.LE K\.ILIXG CLrn. 


!)!) PROSPECT P_\.RK ('("RLIX(; .\.XH SK.\.T- 
lXG CI.Cn. 

50 QCF;EX" ('ITY crHLTXG CLI'n. 
G. K Lyon, Prf':-:idf'nt: J, P. Hog-ers, 
Yic('- Pr('sident; H. B. Ric(', S('t'rl'tary- 

:Jï Q("EEX CITY Y.\CIIT CLI'n OF '1'0- 
T. ,\.. E. \\'or]e1. Comnwdort,: 1f. \.rm- 
stroJH:'. Yie'p-Commodorf'; H. H. Down- 
arc'l. H,'ar ('ommodor<,; .\. K, SOIl1f'rdlle, 
IT onor:llT Sf'crf'tary; F. S_ Kllo\,llind, 
Honornry Trt'flslll'f'r: B. II. \rdwr. Hon- 
' 'tf'fiSl1rer; G<,org-l' CUI'11I'iI. ,\.<:sist- 
ant :\fe:1sur{'r. 

!)8 HEn RTYEH EXPEPITJ ox .\:-':-'Ol'L\.- 
59 R. :\r. COLLEr.E CIJrn. 

fìO HO:-;I.:n.\.LE (,H](,KET CLI-n. 

II "Niagara to the Sea" I 
Richelieu and Ontario Navigation I 



-. I. 
 -.' . -'

Vt; ..' '\.. I, J.:"" 

i/:)1 ï/; t, > 
 J ,,>. ,,' ... I 
f. . ..'I't
, t
...f.. ""if

:" " 
,_ _.

 '., I, y , ..... < """"... íiiÞ . . 

 :-,' . "
ir It,. 
- .

. \. 

ul; .. ....
II ,' 
 f ä.. '';
T)'1. . 

: ; ...
'fJ .. j l' . . - .
'! .t.. .,..,,,: 
.-þ- ""fy::t 'if , "i'<
', 11':"3, 
:. '1
J . 
u . ...: .;,f
;. ..,,
'I ,';'
,- . ... '"" , ...' "'- . ' . 
: 'k I ).: -.tJ 
. . ., ", i '?
 ::- ,. t ,. 

 ... t 
 . ". ' f.'. .. 
:;". . ;' ..';'
t' ,,< . , 'í, :; ::.


 ' .w.>J:, ). 


STEEL STEAMERS Kingston, Clayton 
PL YING BETWEEN and Intermediate Ports 


The Manoir Richelieu 
The Taáousac 
Owned and operated by the 
Company, and charmingly 
situated on the Banks of MONTREAL (the Metropolis of Canada) 
the St. Lawrence. . . . where connection is made for cool and refresh- 
ing night ride to the famous old walled city of 
QU EBEC (America's Gibraltar) thence on to .1Iurray Bay, Tadousac and 
, Points on the \-,"orld renowned SAGUE- 
NAY River (the scenery of this remarkable river is unequalled for wild grandeur 
and varit'ty). 

Embracing a delightful sail across Lake Ontari0, 
a trip through the fascinating scenery of the 
Thousand Islands (the Venice of America). and 
the exciting:descent of all the marvelous_rapids tJ 


THOS. HENRY, Traffic Manager 


Toronto Clubs and Societies-Continued 


61 RO
\.LE (iULF (,Ll"B. 
James E. Baile
-, Presidpnt; E. '\T. Dax- 
tf>r, SC'c'rf'tary 
md TreasurC'r; R. II. 
Url.'en, H. l{l'nnie, R. 
I. Urey, James 
IIIee, J. D. Hamsay, .\.. T. Rl'id, H. H
ale, A. E. Trow, Directors. 

::\lrs. A. F. Rutter, Presidt'nt: ::\lrs. J, p, 
Creal, He('retar
'; :\Iiss Bdl, Treasurer. 

\.LE TR.\. YEL CL l"D, 
64 ROl"Xf) T.\BLE CL(TB. 
::\[ iss (
ra("e n. Hunter, President; )Iiss 
E. Charlton, 
-; l\Iiss 
l. Ü, Ellis, 

65 ROY.\L C.\X.\.DL\X --\'('.\.DE:\IY OF .\.RTS, 
U. A. Rt'id, President; \\ïlliam Brymner, 
Yi('e- President ; James Smith, Secretary- 

66 ROY.\.L C.\XADL\.X Y.\CIIT ('L"CB. 
C. G. :\IarIatt, Commodore; Emilius Jar- 
yis, \"ice-Commodore; P. ::\L Üray, Rear 
(!ore; Louis S. 
lurray, HOll- 
oraQ- I reasurer. 

67 ST. .\
Lt.-('ol. John 1. D:n-idson, PrC'sic1ent: 
(ieorge :\1 I' :\hUTi(' h, J. .:\Ia('kf>nzie 
all/leI', Yice- PrC'sidents; George Keith, 
TrC'asurer; Duncan 1 >ona Id, 

69 ST. UEOR(rE'S CLliB. 
R. S. Hudson, l'residf'nt; J. C, Bayliss, 
\'i,'f'- Presid..nt; II. H. :\Iason, F;f'cond 
Yi('e- President: D. 
, Harman, Third 
Yiee- Pre<;ic1ent: J, ,"- D. Boyd, Secre- 
tary; Samuel '1'r('('s, Treaslu'l'r. 

70 S.\T('RD.\Y CLrB. 

Rupf'rt G. .:\hmtz, Prf'sic1pnt; James "", 
Harry, Honorary Sf'('r('tary: .\rthur n. 
Edwards, I1onoraQ' 'l'r'C'asurer. 


. "". .Jm;('lin, President: r. E. Roddy, 
Yi,,/,- PrpsicIpnt: G. 
\.. Bl'icker, Sf'('rl'taQ' 
and Treasurer. 

TF;' LK\(aTE. 
7(ì TOROXTO (' \ :\IEH.\ ('1,{"n. 
.\lh'pcl Hohinson. PI'i'sicll'nt; .\. R Bow- 
PI'S, First Yi,'1' PI'l'siclf'nt; :\Ir. Hntlpy, 
SPI'oncl Yi('p P,'psid,'nt; E. Y. Spnrr', Sf'C- 
I'f'tary awl Trf'asnrpr, 

77 TOHO'J"TO ( \ XOE f'Lrn. 
"T. .\. :\l"
ahh, f'ommodorf': IT, TT. ":\Ia- 
<;on, Yic'p-( 'onnnoI1oI'P; T.. E, Thomas, 
TIp;,r ('omnwTlllpl'; .\rtI1\1r 'T,':\,i,'lIOJ. Cap- 
tnin: If. F. Fi-;ll1'r, Honorary rrrf'a!'.ul"f'r; 
.\. E. ('nIT, TTflnonlry 


E. :\1. Lake, President: W. K. Ros!';, :)1. 
D., \ï('e-Presiclf'nt: LT. 
. Pearcy, Secre- 
tary and Tnasurer. 

80 TOl:OXTU <rULl,' eLT'R. 
.\.. E. Finul'anl', HOJlorary Secretary- 
Trl'a!'.urf'r: Charll'S CIH'kshntt, Chairman, 
E. B. UsIl'r. 1>. H. \\ïlkiC'. Co1. George 
S\\ pny, C. .A. :\1 astl'n, A. II. Campbell. 
Holwrt Inglis, Directors, 

.1olm A. I'
wan, Prl'sirll'nt; K. J. Dunstan, 
(', H. Mit('hell, Yi(,l'-PI'f'sidf>nts; R. J. 
Dilworth, TI'easurer; \\', S, B. Arm- 

II. R_ Frankland, l'l'l'sidl'nt: John Cor- 
nell, Fir'st \ïC'e-Prf>sidcnt; Dr, BaJcJwin, 
:-4 e(' OJHI Yice- Presidf'nt; E. K Cham hers, 

l'('rl'tary; J, S. King. Treasurer. 

Bishop SWf>f'ny, :\1. .\.., D. D., President; 
.T, (
l'orgl' Hodgins, LL. D., J. J. Kelso, 
Lil'ut.-C'ol. John I. Da\-idson, Rev. ('anon 
'" el('h, D. C. L., Prof. Goll1win Smith, 
D. C. L.. \\-. J. Rohertson, Miss Gwynne, 
Miss Dupont, .:\Irs. Stewart Houston, 
Yiee- Prl'siclf'nts: Rey. P. C, IJ, Harris, 
B. .\., :\1 
lIlaging Dil'l'<'Ìor; 'Valter S. 
.-\wlrews, Sec'retary and Treasurer, 

Gporge ,,,. Bparc1more, President nnd 
:\1. F. H.: C. '\T, Clinth. Chairman of Ex- 
ecuth-e ('OJnmittf'C': E. n. Johnson, Sf'C're- 
tary and Trl'asnrer. 

85 1'OHO
.John :\Iassl')", Prpsi(h'nt: ,Yo J. Suckling, 
Yi('/,- Prl'"id('nt: J. :\1. :\la('donaJcJ, SeC're- 
tal'Y and rrl'l'asurer. 

FI(ì TOR()
TO L \1)1 F
' ('TXB. 
:\ll's, John J):n idson, Pr'esident. 

Rï TOHO:\'TO LO(' \ 1. ('()('
('JL OF "'O"F.X, 
:\Irs. (ll'ant :\1:1('(10nal(I, Honorarv Presi- 
(1pnt: :\Irs. F. If. Ton'ington, Presillent; 
:\Iiss n. 11. Hill, :\lrs. \r{'hihall1 :\L 
JTl1e!'.tis, 1lrs. S. JaC'ohs, 1>r. Angusta 
Stowe On lIf'n, :\1 iss E. Carty, Vire- Prf'si- 
(If>nts: 1[rs. L. 
\. BIIJ'nf'tt. Rprording 

/'(.rf'tary: 1li!-.s C'hristohf'1 Rohinson, 
On(ling S/'C'rPÍaQ; :\Irs. T. Runci- 
man. II'('as11I'f'r. 

TO :\T.\ I. E {'nOH('
 (' r.. en. 
S ('LI'n. 
flO TORO:\'TO 
TX(;EHS' ('1. ( H. 

(,T \ TTO
.T. S. ('a r<.;t:tÏ rs, Prf'si,lpnt: R. R N f'\ il1(', 
.\, r. ('as......lman, 1.1. rill. Of'orge ..:\. 



. _ 

 , ..,.. "-
.. .. 


I ,- 



ø ") 



.. \: 
<< j 

". h J 
,..., , 14 
 .. .. '., 


. foo . 



are'" a constant source of sa tis- 
faction to every wearer however 
exacting her demands. And 
for years they have proven the 
fact that 


Comparison is the most re- 
liable guide to a successful 
fur purchase - a welcOIne 
always awaits visitors in 
our fur showrooms. 

We specialize on Fur and Fur- 
lined Garments of all kinds-also 
Sets and Single Pieces. 

Write for Fur Catalogue 


Toronto and Winnipeg 


Importer and Designer 


. . 
. . 


Formerly with B. ALTMAN & CO., New York 


. . 
. . 

. . 
. . 



50 Years 

50 Years 

Ye Olde Firme of Heintzman & Co. 

The harmony of the Hotne is made 
perfect by the - presLnce of the 


The name of this great piano is 
coup1ed ,Yith those of the famous 
pianists who have toured Canada- 
De Pachn1ann, Jonas, Friedhl'irn. 
\dde Verne, IIvllestcd, 
Calye, Albani, Pol l'lanéon and 
n1any others. .. .. .. 
"Excels an) piano 1 ha\e ever used"- Albani 

Ye Olde Firme of HEINTZMAN & CO., Limited 

115-117 King Street West, Toronto 

Branches, Harr..ilton and London 

The Royal Family 

Resi(ìenccs.-Ba,ckingham Palace; Windsor Castle; Sandringham Hall, Norfolk; 
Balmoral, Ballater, N. B. 
llis l\lajt'sty King' Edward \"11., born 9 Nov., 1841; suC'ceeded his mother, 
Victoria 22 Jan., 1901; married 10 March, 1863, Prin<'ess ALEXANDRA 
eldest daughter of the late King Christian IX of Denmark. Surviving 
issue- BORN. 
Prince of \\'ales (George FrederÎC'k Ernest Albert). Earl of Chester, Duke 
Cornwall and York 
H. R. H. married 6 July, 1893, Princess VICTORIA MARY, only daughter 
the late Duke of Teck, and has issue- 
Prince GEORGE 
Prin('t'!';,,- I
nuist' \ï(.tnria Alt'xalldra ])agmar, Duchess of Fife, born 20 Feb- 
ruary, 1867; married 27 July, 1889, ALEXANDER 'VILLIAM GEORGE, Duke 
of Fife, K. T., and has issue- 

Prin('t'''-s \'idoria Alt'
andra Olga 'Iar
Priu('t'ss Jlaud Charlotte Jlar)' \"Ì(.toria, born 26 Nov., 1869; married 22 July, 
1896, Prince Charles, 2d son of the Crown Prince of Denmark; chosen 
King of Norway, November, 1905, and has issue one son, Olaf. 
('eaM'd Issut' of liin
(1ward 'II. 
Prince ALBERT VICTOR, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, born 8 .Jan., 1
died 1-1 Jan., 1892. 
 CHARLES ALBERT, born 6 April, 1871; died 7 
April, 1871. 

FA:\I1L\" OF TilE I
H. J. lU. 'ï('turia Adt'laidt' Uar)' Louisa, born 21 Nov., 18-10; married 25 .Tan., 
1858, to FREDERICK, Crown Prince of Prussia, afterwards (l\1arch to 
June, 1888) seC'ond German Emperor; he died 15 June, 1888. Died 
5 Aug., 1901, and left issue-- 
"\\'ILLIAM I I, German Emperor 
Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Meinillgen 
Prince HENRY of Prussia, K. G., G. C. B. 
Princess VICTORIA of Schaumburg-Lippe 
Princess SOPHIA D. e. A., Duchess of Sparta 
Princess MARGARET BEATRICE F. of Hesse 
II. R. 1-1. ]iin
 Edward '"II. 
JI. R. II. .\Iice \laud _\hlr)', born 25 April, 18-13; married 
FRIWERICK LOtTIS of Hesse, 1 July, 1862, who died 
Died 1-1 Dec., 1878. Had issue- 
Princes!'; LOUI
E of B ttten berg (VICTORIA) 
Grand Duchess SI';RGE of H.ussia (EUZABETH) 
Prince<'s HENRY of Prussia (IRENE MARIE) 
Grand Duke of HE
SE, G. G. (ER

3 June, 1865 
23 June, 1894 
1-1 Dec., 1895 
25 Apr., 1897 
31 Mar., 1900 
20 Dec., 1902 
12 July, 1905 

17 :\Iay, 1891 
3 Apr., 1893 
6 July, 1868 

27 Jan., 1859 
27 July, 1860 
1-1 Aug., 1862 
12 Apr., 1866 
1-1 June, 1870 
22 Apr., 1872 
H. R. H. Prince 
13 March, 1892. 
5 Apr., 1863 
1 Nov., 186-1 
11 July, 1866 
ov., 1868 




'-= I ' I

'1 \ ' 
\ I
. 1'L ) 
.' II 
" J - ,1\1. I. 



; w . t -s e II " . . 
 "',J,. ,. 
t.: .... r:: _ ,r . .
> :.,', ,
" ,


\ .:>. r 
 -'=$7.......-.. ....-
, ,


/ ..' -
0 >-- i<Þ' ' \:0 ,':: .... I, , 
, , . - -
' - 
 . 'i "':r. 
_ I ., @I
: .. _ l
= .

; .... ,-;;,.
 Q r . 6 

. ì ;-
. 1F<IDærnü&n ffil)q 
;;' " l





S afetu Pen

lItj --


r/ - 
Z:-' for Travelers' 



J-__ or Home Use 

\Vaterman's Ideal Safety Fountain Pen can be carried in 
any position, in pocket, purse, hand-b3g' or trunk, and cannot spill, as 
it is sealed by the screw CJ.p. Think of this convenience. 
Ask any of tbe best dealers tv sbow Waterman's Ideal Safety Pen 

L. E. WATE'RMAlV CO.. Limited. MOlVT'REAL 

 ' ,
 J . :
1 1 
I .., 
. ... , "'" II ...'" 
., ,. -

ìu ....., 
, . -"Í:},' Y r ...' 
, . - 't.
-'. . 

. .-......, . . 
I ...... y .
, o' 
, '. / 

1 '1;-

'" //.t ':;;'
- r 
'!Ll;I G'ff I. -' 1 
':/ .' 
.1ØJ'D.tfit' & . J,I 
, I 

JTIC.: I.'
 .' .
::; ::':'A";..,.. _.,' 


Devoted to the Exclusive sale of Jaeger Pure 'Voo} 
Underwear, Fancy Goods and Camelhair Specialties. 
Jaeger "C nderwear-made frOln the highest quality 
Natural Undyed 'Vaal-has achieyerl a wodd-wide 
reputation for its surpassing comfort, healthfulness and 
Every garment of Xatural Undyed "Tool is guar- 
anteed against shrinkage. 
Dressing Gowns, Fleece Slippers, Blouses, Golfers, 
Camelhair Fleece Rug
, Shawls, Etc. 

Few Doors f r01I1 Y onge 
316 St. Catherine St., W., Steel Block, Portage Ave., 
Montreal Winnipeg 



The Royal Family-Continued 

Empress of RUSSIA (VICTORIA ALICE), born 6 June, 1872; married the 
Czar, 26 November, 189-1-, and has issue-- 
Tbe Grand Duchess OLGA . 
The Grand Duchess TATIAXA 
Tbe Grand Duchess MARIE 
The Grand Duchess ANASTASIA. 
II. R. II. Alfrt'd :Erut'st AIItt'rt, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, born 6 Aug., 
1844; married 9 January, 187-1-, the Grand Duchess 
of Russia; born] 7 October, 1853; be died 30 July, 1900, and left issue- 
Princess :.\IARIE ALEXANDRA VICTORIA, born 29 October, 1875; married 10 
January, 1893, Prince FERDINAXD of Roumania, and has issue- 
Prin.ce CAROL 
Princess VHTOUIA MELITA, born 25 Xovember, 1876; married ] 9 April, 
1894, Grand Duke of Hesse l marriage dissolved 21 December, 190]), 
and has issue- 
Princess ALEXANDHA LoerRE OLGA VICTOTIIA, born 1 September, 1878: mar- 
ried 1896, Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenberg, and has is!"ue- 
Prince GODEFROJ . 
 H. Ht"t'IJa .-\.II
'II",ta Yi{'turia. born 25 
Iay, 1846; married 5 .July, 18b6, 
Schleswig-Hol!"tein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, and has issue- 
Princess VICTOIUA of Schieswig-Hoistein 
Princess LorISE An
rsTE of S
H. R. II. Luui",t' Caruline AlItt'rta, born 18 
Iarch, 184
; married the then 
Marquis of Lorue (now Duke of Argyll), 21 ::\Iarch, 1871. 
H. R. II. Arthur "ïlliam Patr'Ï('I{ Alht'rt. Duke of Connaught, born 1 :\Iay, 
1850; married Prince>=s LonSE :\IARGARET, daughter of late Prince 
FREDERICK CHARLES of Prussia, 13 March, 1879. Has issue-- 
H. R. II. Leolwld (.eur
t' ÐUlH'an .\l1wrt. Duke of Albany, born 7 April, 1853; 
married 27 April, ] 8
2, Princess HELEN, born 17 February, 1861, 
daughtEr of the late Prince GEORGE of 'Yaldeck; he died 28 .:\1arch, 1884, 
and left issue- 
Succeeded his uncle, The Duke of Edinburgh, as Duke of Saxe-Coburg- 
Gotha on 30 July, 1900; now Duke of Albany. 
II. It. H. Beatrice 'Jar
' \ïdoria :Ft'tulora, born 14 April, 1857; married 23 
July, 1885, to Prince HENRY of Battenburg (who died 20 Jan., 1896); 
bas issue- 
Princess VICTORIA El!GENIE JrLlA ENA, born 21 October, 1887; married 
ALFONSO XIII, King of Spain, in 1906. 

15 Kov., 1895 
10 June, 1897 
14 June, 1899 
18 June, 1901 

15 Oct., 1893 
11 Oct., 1894 

11 Mar., 1895 

24 )Iar., 1897 
20 Apr., 1884 

26 Feb., 1869 
Iay, 1870 
12 Aug., 1872 

15 Jan., 1882 
13 Jan., 1883 
17 :\lar., 1886 

25 Feb., 1883 
19 July, 1884 

23 Nov., 1886 

22 May, 
3 Oct., 



High Ch
Lad ie5 T aiJor 5 

g Haþit5 


. i'

, , '- 
'. ..", 
. J(ING S" 

. . Imþorter . . 

Põri5iõh Dõ y 
EVehihg Úow'


62 Kihg 5treet W e
t, T orohto 

 M.ain 2004 

· f
."A .... 'urtl 

... ". 


- r 'ittð. 


.' . 



· R < OOD 

tHC .O:ORN ., Icro...... 
m . ro' ...... 


Abell, 1.\1rs. Chri!"tina 
:> Madison avenue 
Hecei ves ,Hh Friday 

Iay Abell 
:\11'. Henry Abell 
Abernethy, 1\11'. John 
(.i5 "'ellesley street 
:\liss A. Abernethy 
Receives :\londay 
:\liss :\1. Abernethy 

liss S. E. Abernethy 
::\liss :\1. D. Abernethy 
Acres, :\liss Helen E. 
dy Principal Bishop Strachan 
School, 31 College street 
Receives h:t and 3d Tuesday 
Acton, :\11'. and :\Irs. Clarence S. 
1U Dunbar road 
lr. and Mrs. James (Tyner) 
87 Glen road 
S. R., Stony Lake 
Receives bt :\londay 
:\Iiss Ethelwyn Acton lu6 
::\11'. .). Clark A.cton 
:\11'. Leonard T. Acton 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
lr. and :\Irs. Graeme Gibson 
78 Crescent road, Ro
S. H., .. The Elms." \\'eston, Ont. 
l{eeeives 1st and -Hh Tue
Adams, Dr. Allan 

5 Jaryis street 
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Filey) 
539 Jarvis !'trcet 
H.eceives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 112 
Adam::" :\11'. and l\lrs. H. .1. 
2;-) :\Iaynard avenue 
H.eceives 1st Thursday 
:\fiss Kate Adams 
:vIiss Xpllie Adams 
Clubs, :\11'. .W-108 
Adams, Dr. and :\Irs. .J. Frank (lloagan) 
fi2 Bin!-'C'arth road 
d and I-th :\londay 
:\Tiss L'
dith Adams 
Clubs, nr. 9 :\lrs. lOG 
Adam!", Mr. and :\lrs. :\1 eJ'('e I' .1, 
:>3 Avenue road 
IteeeÏ\'es 1st I"riday 
:\11'. J. :\!eI"l'f'r 
Clubs, :\1 r. S 
Adams, Mr. and :\Irs. Oliver (TaI'(lo
fí5 (;len road 
K H.., Camp Xasoona, Gananoque 
lte('('ives :\londav 
:\liss I'
mily .I. Ad;lms 72 
Mr. Halph Adams 
:\1 iss 1ll'Ien Adams 
i\lisR \\ïnifn'd .\dams 
Clubs. :\11'. 7

Adamson, :\11'. and :\Irs. Agar (Cawthra) 
21 Elgin avenue 
S. lL, .. The Grove," Port Credit 
Receives \Yednesday 
Adamson, :\1I"s. Drech!-'ler 
53 Charlf's street 
S. R., 2S8 Lake Shore road, Centre 
1.\1iss Elsie D. Adamson 
:\11'. :\1 ilton Adamson 
:\11'. Archibald T. Adam

\Iiss Lina D. Adamson 1u6 
:\11'. Ernest D. Aùamson 
Mr. Thomas A. Adamson 
Addison, :\11'. and :\lrs. Alfred 
191 :\ladison avenue 
Aikins, Miss 
.. l\1apleholme," 27 "'ellesley street 
Receives 1st and 2d :\londay 
:\liss Clara E. Aikins 
:\Iiss Somerset 
Aikins, Dr. and :\11'8. WIll. H. I3. 
(Hawkesworth \,"ood) 
;-)0 College street 
Heceives Tuesda;)' 
Clubs, Dr. H(j-78- :\lrs. 72 
Akers, :\11', and :\Irs. .John (Goulding) 
4-1:7 Jarvis strel t 
S. R., Ferndale, P.O., :\luskoka 
Receives -lth :\londay 
1\11'. Harry Goulding Akers 
Alexander, ::\11'. and :\Irs. David "'. 
.. Meadowbank,"' 117 Binscarth 
Receives 1st anù 2d :\Ionday 
Anderson, ::\11'. and .:\Irs. Harry Bertram 
( Xorthway) 
18-l Bloor 
tre('t Ea
Ht'ceives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. -l3-78-Ð2-:\1 rs. 103 
Alexander, ::\1 r. and :\1 rs. J. 
-l:{ Ho:\.borough street "'est 
Receh es Lst Friday 
Alexander, )11'. 3nd 1\Irs. ,J. :\Iackenzie (.Topp) 
.. Bon-A(,col'd," 2u Elm a\'ellue. 
Heef'ives Thursday 
:\1 r. George ::\1. Alf'\.ander 
s .1 ea 11 ::\1 urti ll11'r Ale:\.and('r 
Clubs, ::\11'. 78-8-l )Irs. 8ü 
Alexander. Prof (B. A., Ph. 1>.), and :\lrs. 
\Y. .J. (:\Iorro\\) 

7-l High I'ark an'nue 
S. IL. He Grassi Puint 
:\Iiss lsahpl Alpxander 
Clubs, .:\Irs. l/1-l 
\lp:\.alHkr, Dr. and :\Irs. "ïlliam 11. (Laird) 
2:{8 Carlton street 
It I ('pi", s 1 sl Thursday 



Alexander, :\11'. and ::VII's. ,\y, l\Iurray 
15 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Alexander Crosby Snively 4 
:Mr. Schuyler C. Snively 4 
Clubs, :\'Ir. 1-fJ6-78-84-Mrs. 80-84- 
Alison, 1\11'. and Mrs. E. R 
32 Ross street 
Alison, Mr. and Mrs. James (M,cCord) 
50 Murray street 
S. R.. .. Hiawatha," .Jackson Point 
Recf'ives ] st and 3d Thursday 
1\1 iss B Ali

lr. Albert Edward Alison 
Alison, Mrs. T. 
223 College street 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
1\11'. E. R. Ali
::\1 rs. A. n. Gager 
Clubs, Mrs. 103 
Allan, Mr. and ::\1rs Alexander A. (\Yatt) 
L19fJ Sherbourne strf'et 
S. R., "Invermara." Atherley 
Receh'es 1st and 3d :\londay 
Mr. Arthuc Allan 39--16 
:\11'. Herbert Allan 

Tiss Ada Allan 
Miss Lillian Allan 
Clubs. l\Ir. 46 
Allan, Miss Audrey E. S. 
107 Homewood avenue 
Allan,Prof. (1\1. A.. Ph. ß.), and Mrs. Frank 
ß. ( Tuthill ) 

80 I1runswiek avellU<, 
Receives lHt and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 10 
Allan, :\11'. and Mrs Frank B. (:\luldrew) 
41 () Markham strept 
S. R.. Centre Island 
Receives Thursday 
::\11'. Frazer Allan 
Mr. Gordon D. Allan 
Allan, :\11'. and ::\lrs. F'rank Sutherland 
Care 81 St. George street 
Allan, Mr. and :\lrs. F. G. B. 
6 'Vellesley plaee 
Recehes Monday 
Allan, Mr. and :\lrs. James C. (Clarke) 
334 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d 'Vednesday 
Allan, Mr. and ::\lrs. James D. (lVIcCblery) 
84 'Villcocks Rtreet 
Receives ht '" ednesday 
William D. Allan 
Miss Maude Allan 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Allan, :\11'. and 
lrs. Thomas J. ß. (Kilner) 
3 MacMaster avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
l\I r. Clarence C. Kilner 
Allen, Mr. Anthony"'. 
36 Murray street 
S. R., "A llencrag,' Lake Rosseau, 
M uskoka 
:\'liss Allen 
Receives Monday 

Allen, Dr. and ::\'Irs. Norman Cvlartin) 
108 Carlton street 
Receives ::\'Ionday 
Clubs. :\Irs. 72 
Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
60 Forest Hill road 
Clubs, Mr 39-46 
Alley, Mr. and :\lrs. J. A. M. (Marshall) 
15 Madison avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Alley, Miss Ruth 
657 Spadina avenue 
Miss Gladys Alley 
:\1iss Emma Alley 
Alley, :WI'. and 1\1rs. 'Yilliam S. 
"DinlOra," 16 Elm avenue, Rose- 
Reeeives ht and 2d Monday 
Clubs, .\11'. 1-61-Mrs. 61-106 
Allward, :\11'. and Mrs. 'W. S. 
76 'Walker avenue 
Receive"> Thursday 
:Miss S. Kennedy 
Ames, 1\11'. and Mrs. Alfred E. (Cox) 
-167 Sherbonrnf' 
Receives Monday 
Anderson, Mr. and ::\lrs B 1uchette 
29-1: Huron street 
Clubs, l\ln
. 72 
Anderson, :\11'. and 1\lrs. Durrett Lyman 
( Fleming) 
1-1:5 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 30-39-:\lrs. 30 
Anderson, Dr. and Mrs. Duncan 
241 'Vellesley street 
Anderson, 1\11'. George 
167 Lowther avenue 
1\Iif>s Marjorie P. Anderson 
Clubs, :\11'. 66 
Anderson, Dr. and Mrs. Harry B. (Northway) 
20 Charles street East 
REceives 1!':t and 3d Monda)' 
Clubs, Dr. 78 
Anderson, Dr. Howard ,Yo 
660 Huron street 
Repeives 1st Friday 
Mrs 'V. Anderson 
l\1iss E. Anderson 
Clubs, Dr. 2 
Anderson, .Mr. and ,Mrs. James S. 
83 Oriole road 
Receives Friday 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John O. 
6 Castle Frank avenue 
S. R., Muskoka, l\ïndermere 
Receives Monday 
Anderson, Mr. and 
lfrs. Thomas O. (Inglis) 
65 Glen road 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Miss Edith C. Anderson 
::\'II'. Thomas 'V. Anderson 66 
Miss Grace O. Anderson 
Miss Ander!:'on 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66 



Anderson, Mr. and 1\1rs Moray G. (:\Iaulson) 
29 Roxborough street ""est 
RECeiyes Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. 66 
Andras, .:\lr. and :\'lrs. E. B
rtram G. 
( Francis) 
íÐ5 Bathurst street 
Andras, Mr. and :\lrs. John "'. Gay 
'larkham street 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss I<
thel S. D. Andras 
:\-liss S. Margaret Andras 
Andrew Mr. and :\Irs. J, B. 
15-1 .T ameson a ven ue 
Receivps 2d Thur
:\-Iiss Andrew 
Mr. W. H. Andre\\- 
Miss IVI. 
l. Andrew 
Dr. H. B. Andrew 
1\1r. T. B. Andrew, Mr. 'Walter S. 
.. \Yhispers," Beaumont road 
:\lr. Gordon S. Andrews -1U-66-78 
Clubs, 11r. -19-78-84 
Anger, Dr. and 1\1rs. J. Humfrey (11agurn) 
..J.-1 Chestnut Park 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 1-3Ð-61-
lrs. 106 
Anglin, 1.\11'. and Mrs. Arthur ,Yo 
(Falcon bridge) 
70 Grosvenor street 
S. R., Hanlan's Point 
H.eceives Tuesday 
Anglin, Hon. Justice and 1.\1rs. Frank A. 
97 St. Joseph street 
H.ecei yes Tuesday 
Clubs, Hon. Justice 8-1 
Angstrom, 11r. Arendt 
í1 Crescent road 
Angus, Mr. and :\lrs. Frederick "'right 
( Lowrey) 
(jí MaePherson terrace 
H.Eceives -lth Friday 
Angus, :.\lr. and :\lrs. Hobert I". 

J St. George street 
H.eceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Angus, Mrs. '''illiam :\1. 
1 íÐ Carlton street 
!ic('eives 1st Thursday 
Annandale, :\11'. and :\Irs. A. W. (Pintz) 
15 Berkel<'y avenue 
Heeeives Thur:-:day 
Annesley. :\lr. and :\1 rs. Francis C. 
.. Pine Cottage," -1 Clar('ndon 
C re:-:cen t 

Anson-Cartwright, :\lr. anrl :\lrs. Hugh 
-t- })undllnald stJ'l'et 
H('I'('iv('s 110nday 
:\1 iss lIna Anson-Cartwright 

1 iss I,'ra n('('s A nson-Ca rt wright 

lr. It('ginald \nson-Cartwright 

Anthes, l\lr. and :\lrs. Henrv "T. 
. 119 Dowling stn:et 
Re('pives 1st and 3rd Thursdav 
:\Iiss I. Anthes 
:\Iiss L. Anthes 

lr. Lawrence L. Anthes 9 
Clubs, :\lr. 4-30-53-66-Mrs. 30-106 
Applegath, :\lr. and :\lrs. Jess 
2IJí I3everly street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Applegath, 11r. and 11rs. L. J. 
88 Avenue road 
Apps, :\lr. and 
lrs. William 
 Forest Hill road 
Alchibald, :\lr. and 11rs. Dadd (Hewitt) 

ï3 St. George street 
S. R., :\luskoKa 
Receives 4th Friday 

'liss Kate Evelyn Archibald 
1.\1iss .:\lamie A. Archibald 
l\liss Bertha n. Archibald 
1\1r. Garnet Archibald 
1.\1r. Edward Archibald 
Archibald, Dr. and :\lrs. Thomas D. 
507 College street 
Receives Thur
lr. 'V. Y. 
H.. C. Yacht Club 
Clubs, :\lr. 9-18-29-66, also Upper 
Canada College Old BJYs' Ass'n., 
and Sillleoe Club. 
Archibald, 11r. and :\lrs. '\Ïlliam .J. (Brown) 
. 2;) Rathnally a\'enue 
Heccives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Ardagh, Mr. and 11rs. Arthur (Irwin) 
lR College street 
S. R., ;W6 Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. Harry R. Ardagh 

Iiss Gttie Ardagh 
Clubs, :\11'. -l6 
Ardagh, )11'. and 
lrs. I3. II. 
21i9 Dovercourt road 
H.('ceiyes Friday 
Arland, :\lr. and 
Irs. \"m. II. 
] (;
 Close avenue 
d and Hh Thur
::\liss Dora Jaek('
Arlidge, )'lr. and 
Irs. .T. Augui'tine (\\ïlson) 
2í Irwin a\"('llu(' 

Armour, ),1 r. (J(. C.) and 
I r
. K Douglas 
]0;'; An'nu(' road 
s Armour 

lr. Ar('hibald D. Armour 

I r. Itolwrt G. Armour 
Club:,;, 11r. .1(5 
Armstrong, Mr. and ),11'::-;. Arthur 1.. (:\Iasey) 
 Farnham aYPllue 
S. IL, Arm!-otrong's Point, Lake 
Itossf'a U 
Rp('pÌ\ ('<; :\Ionday 
Clubs. :\11'. ] 



Armstrong, 1.\11'. and Mrs. Chas. Henry 
( Buchanan) 
20 Admiral road 
Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. P. 
8 La Plaza Apartments 
Recpives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-49-61-66-78-Mrs. 61- 
Armstrong, Mr. and 
lrs. Henry I. (Russell) 
70 Chestnut Park 
Hecf>ives 1st Tuesday 
Armstrong, Miss :\hny A. 
20 Maynard avenue 
Miss F. Arll1Rtrong 
Armstrong, Dr. and 
lrs. Thomas M. 
Young street, Deer Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Mr. Maughan Armstrong 
Clubs, Dr. 27 
Armstrong, Mr. and 1.\1rs. Victor (Young) 
74 Henry street 
S. R.., "Stranahone," 616 Hanlan'
Receives 'Vednesday 
Miss ;\;01'1113 ArmRtrong 
:\11'. Guy ,,
. Armstrong 
Clubs, 1\1rs. 35 
Armstrong, Mr. and 1.\1rs. 

. S. B. 
( Stocking) 
281 Dain avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 89 
Arnold, Mr. Thaddeus S. 
189 Dunn avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Miss Minnie Arnold 
Miss Maud Arnold 
Arnoldi, :Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. ('W'ard) 
136 Spadina road 
Heceives Friday 
Arnoldi, Mr. (K. C.) and Mrs. Frank 
( Fouquir) 
37 North street 
Receives Friday 
Miss Arnoldi 
Miss Marjorie Arnoldi 
ir. 39-46 
Arnoldi ,Mr. and Mrs. John R. 
38 "
alker avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Ashby, Dr. and Mrs. T. Harry 
175 Hoxborough street 'VeFt 
Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. ('has. H. 
93 Gore Valley avenue 
Ashworth, Mr. .James .Johnston 
2] Admiral road 
Mrs. Hills 
Asling, Mr. and lVII's. Herbert M. (Smart) 
137 Isabella street 
Receives 1st ::\Ionday 
Atkinson, Mrs. '\ViIliam P. 
50 Leopold street 
Receives 1 st and 2d Thursday 
Mr. M. LeClerc Atkinson 30 
Mr. Arthur A. Atkinson 

iiss Glady K. Atkinson 
Atkinson, Mr. and l\'Irs. ,Yo G. 
119 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 

fr. and 1\Irs. Hf'nry William 
Principal's House, Upper Canada 
S. R, Gordon [Jay, Lake .Joseph 
Re.ceives 3d and 4th Thursday 
Mr., M. A. (Cambridge); Principal 
of Ppper Canada College. Toronto; 
son of Prebendary Auden, M. A.; 
F. S. A.; Church :Stretton, Eng- 
land; b. 1867. Educated at 
Shrewsbury School ( Millington 
leaving exhibitioner); Christ's 
College, Cambridge (scholar and 
prízeman); Porteous Gold Medal. 
1887, Bell University scholar 
1887; first class Classical Tripos, 
part I, ] 889; second class part 
II, 1890 ; .'\1arburg rniversity 
1890; registered in column B of 
the Teacher's Hegister ; sixth 
form l\Iaster Fettes College, Edin- 
burgh, 1891 to 1903; librarian 
Fettes College, 1898 to 1903 ; 
principal "Cpper Canada College 
since 1903; m. 18
6 Constan
daughter of the H.ev. F. 'V, Kit- 
termastf'r, of ...\Ieriden, \Varwick- 
shire; issue, Kenneth Francis, 
born 1897, Marcus Frederick, 
born 1905, and two daughters. 
General editor Blackwoods' Clas- 
sical Series; edi tor of variom: 
classical texts for McMillan, Cam- 
bridge University Press and 
Clubs, Mr. 9-13-22-61-78-Mrs. 33- 
Auld, Mr. and MrF. Alexander R, 
( Sutherland) 
-I: May square 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Aull, ::\Irs. John M. 
81 Crescpnt road 

liss Anna Aull 
Miss Leila Aull 
Austen, ::\11'. and Mrs. James E. (James) 
-16 Lputy avenue 
Receives \Yednesday 

lr, and Mrs. H. C. Austen (Erb) 
Clubs, Mr. 67 
Aylesworth, .\11'. and Mrs. Featherston 
( Burton) 
77 Macpherson avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Aylward, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. (Sloan) 
669 Huron street 

Babayan, Mr. L. 
22 Marlborough avenue 
Badenach, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. 
297 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-24-49-66 
Badenac-h, :VII's. Sarah (Hastings) 
56 St. Mary street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
:\11'. C. H. Badenach 



Badgley, ::\11'<;. Emma 
110 A,"enue road 
Dr. Frederick X. B_tdgley 
Caggs, l\lrs. Allan 
120 Geoffrey street 
ReceivEs 1st and 2d Thursday 
::\liss E. V. Baggs 
:\liss H. B. Baggs 
Bagshaw, Dr. D, Judson 
100 A,"enue road 
Baigent, :V1r. and ::\lrs. Francis J. 
1;)5 Ro
e avenue 
Bailey, :Mr. James D. 
1 Selby street 
S. R.. Balmy Beach 
1\Iiss Bella Bailey 
Dailey, ::\11'. "'illiam C. 
King Edward Hotel 
Clubs, 1\11'. 39 
Eaillie, Mr. and ::\]rs. Frank ,Yo ('Vhite) 
I-1G Crescent road 
Heceivt:s ::\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39--16 
Daillie, Mr. and ::\Irs. James 'V. 
2í) South Drive, Rosedale 
Heceives ::\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11', 39-4
Daily, :\11'. and :\lrs. Herbert T. (Orchard) 
118 Spadina road 
Receives 4-th Friday 
::\Iiss Jane Daily 
Baily. :\11'. and :\Irs. ,Yo 
56 Admiral road 
Receives 1st Friday 
:\Iiss Ethel Baily 
:\{iss :\lahel Baily 
:\11'. \Y. G. Baily 
Bain, Prof. and :\lrs. A. R. (Dumble) 
1 :
 Bf'dford road 
S. R.. Go Home Day 
Receives Friday 
:\1 iss E. A. Bain 
Bain, ::\Irs. James (Paterson) 
:3fl:{ Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Hain, :\1 r. .J. \\"atson (B. A., B. Sc.) 
f):-{ Brunswick avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 39 
Bain, :\11'. and :\Irs. Lewis R. l Fletcher) 
:\Ianning avenue 
Bain, ::\Irs. :\]ary 
] nD St. George street 
Iteceivf's Friday 
:\liss Ora llain 
nain, Miss :\Iary 
fi2ï Huron street 
Hf'l'ei ves Friday 
B lines, Dr. and :\lrs. Allen (Troughton) 

2X Bloor street We:--;t 
Heceivcs Friday 
Baird, ::\11'. and :\lrs. II. P. 
;;fI Hu
hholnH' road 
 Katip Baird 

Baird, 1\11'. (K. C.) and Mrs. James 
( :\lcC]ain) 
R Elm avenue. Rosedale 
Receives :\-londay 
1\11'. James :\]cClain Baird 
:\11'. Alexander 'Yatson Baird 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-2-1-66-:\lrs. 104 
Baker, Prof. 01. A.). and :VII's. Alfred 
R1 MadÜ.on avenue 
S. R., Ishkauqua, Lake Rosseau 
l{f>ceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Baker, :\11'. and Mrs. Francis S. (Kenrick) 
] 85 B_tlmoral aVEnue 
REceives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. ü1 
Baker, ::\11'. and :\[rs. Richard L. ().oIcLellan) 
-l-1u Avenue road 
S. R., .. Olvido Cottage," Lake Ros- 
seau, :\luskoka 
Clubs, 1.\11'. 1-9-49-66 
Baldwin, :\11'. and ::\Irs. A. ,Yo 
131 Bedford road 
::\11'. Charles Baldwin (H. M. S. 
.. Dominion") 
Baldwin, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Æmilius 
75 Spadina road 
::\'[iss ::vi. B 1ldwin 
:\Iiss G. Baldwin 
Baldwin, Rev. Arthur H. 
114 Pembroke street 
Baldwin, Dr. and Mrs. Edmund St. G. 
86 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Baldwin, :\Irs. Morgan (Ross) 
9G Dowling; avenue 
Heceives Thursday 
The :\Iisses Baldwin 
Baldwin, ::\11'. and :\lrs. Henry \Y 
1-1 Clarendon avenue 
Baldwin, :\11'. and :\Irs. H. St. George 
50 Lowther a ,'enue 
Receh es Friday 
Miss Ethel Baldwin 
.:\11'. Ilarold Ba]dwin 
Ba]dwin. ::\Ir
. R. Russell 
:W Lowther avenue 
Rf>cE'ives Friday 
:I\Jiss \Y. R. Baldwin 
Baldwin, Mrs. \Yarren 'V. 

11 Howland avenue 
S. R., :\luskoka 
Baldwin, ::\In;. 'V. A. (:\lcLeod) 
.. :\Iashquoteh," -11-;6 Avenue road 
Rf>ceives Thursday 
).oIl's. :\1. Graham 
'liss D. Graham 
l3aldwin, 1\11'. and :\Irs. W. E. (Da\ Ï!::) 
2-15 St. ['lair a\f>nue 
("]ubs, :\]1'. 1 
Baldwin, :\] r. and :\Irs. 'V. \ViIl(,ol'h
( Gordon) 
1-t Clarendon a\ enu(' 



Baifcur, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. (Mitchell) 
167 Jameson avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Mr. Keith C. Balfour 4 
Mr. Gordon B. Balfour 
Miss Olive K. Balfour 
Ball, Mr. and Mr
. Abraham 
415 Palmerston boulevard 
S. R., Beaverton 
Receives 1
t Thursday 
Miss M. R. BaIl 
Miss L. BaIl 
BaIl, Mr. and Mrs. George 
638 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
BaIl, Dr. and Mrs. G. L. 
Eglinton avenue and Young street 
BaIl, Mr. and Mrs. .Jerrold D. (Moore) 
178 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Miss Josephine Ball 
Mr. Harold Ball 
Ball, Mrs. J. M. (Miller) 
Alexandra Palace 
Ballantyne, :Mr. and Mrs. Adam VV. 
118 "Talmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
BaIlantyne, Rev. Prof. and Mr!". James 
( Clarke) 
262 St. George street 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay 
Recei ves Friday 
lary Ballantyne 
Mr. Charles C. Ballantyne 
Balm, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
664 Huron street 
Receives 1st 'Wednesday 
Band, Mr. and Mrs. Charles "Y. (Shaw) 
512 .Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 4th Mondays 
Mr. Charlps S. B:llld 39 
Miss Ma ude Band 
Mr. Percy Band 
Clubs, Mr. 25-39-46-1.\1rs. 25-39 
Band, Mr. Sidney V\T. 
95 ,,"oodlawn avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. and l\Irs. Charles Band 
Miss Band 
Miss Frances Band 
Miss Florence Band 
Mr. \Villiam H. Band 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
B_lrber, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
51 Elm avenue 
Receives l\londay 
Barber, Mr. and :Mr
. .John S. (Best) 
159 Admiral road 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Barclay, Mr!'\. David S. 
5 Maple avenue 
Receives Monday 
Miss Jeannf'tte Barclay 106 
Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. 
56 Spadina road 
Receives 3d Friday 

Barker, Mrs. Annie L. 
5 Rowanwood avenue, Rosedale 
Rf'cei ,'es Friday 
1.\11'. Edward J. Barker 
Barker, Major and Mrs. R. K. 
5 Rowanwood avenue, Rosedale 
Clubs, :\Iajor 1-12, Zeta Psi Club 
rnard, Mr. and Mrs. A. \V. 
Prince George Hotel 
lr. 84-Mrs. 84-86 
Barnard, Mr. and Mr
. \v. R. 
17 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Barr, Mr. and 1\lrs. 'Valter J. 
( Morrison-Dennis) 
.. Barholme," 99 \Valmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss E. Isabel Barr 
Clubs. Mr. 2-9-39-46-66-79-96-97 
Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 
63 \Valmer road 
Barrett, 1.\1rs. Frederi,ck 'V. (\Vightman) 
49 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Barrett, Mr. Robert G. 
187 ßloor street East 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
:Wiss B.Hrett 
Miss F. Barrett 
Miss E. Barrett 
Barrick, Dr. and Mrs. Eli J. 
79 ShuteI' street 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Barrick 
Bartholomew, :\11'. and Mrs. Phillip ('Vidner) 
322 St. George street 
Receives 3d Friday 
Barton, Dr. and Mrs. James \Y. (Abbs) 
860 College street 
Barwick, :VII'. and Mrs. F, D. 
644 Spadina avenue 
Mr. Fred A, Barwick 
Miss Ethel B. Barwick 
Barwick, :\lrs. 'Valter (Atkinson) 
61 Chestnut Park road 
Receives TUf'
Miss Muriel Barwick 33-8-1 
Mr. II. A. Barwick 66 
Clubs, Mrs. 80-8-1-86 
Bascom, ::\11'. and Mrs. John lVI. (Heintzman) 
80 Howard street 
Heceives 1st Monday 
Bascom, Dr. and Mrs. .Jo!"eph ("Workman) 
1339 King street 'Vest 
Receives 2d and 
d Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 46-52-1u8 
Bastedo, Mr. and Mrs. David H. 
54 Roxborough street 'Vest 
He,cf'ives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss l\f. Bastedo 
::\11'. G. T. Bastedo 66 
B'lstedo, Mr. and Mrs. John ('ViIliams) 
531 Sherbourne street 
Re{'eives 2d and 4th Monday 
Miss l
dna Bastedo 
Bastedo, Mr. and Mr!". Xorman H. (\Valker) 
257 Poplar Plains road 



Bath, :\Ir. and Mrs. PErcy A. ('Vhitney) 
.. Belair," Oakville, Onto 
Receives Saturday 
Mr. Charles ""hitney Bath 
Mr. H. James Bath 
:\Ir. E. O. Bath 
Clubs, :\Ir. 66 
Bauld, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. E. Henderson 
45 Avenue road 
Receives 4th Friday 
:Miss M. B:;wld 
Bayley, Mr. and Mrs. 'William Braybrooke 
64 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Walter Bayley 

liss Queenie Bayley 
:Miss Grace Bayley 
Mr. Reginald 
Beal, Mr. and 
Irs. George P. 
51 :\Iurray street 
Receives 2d and 4th 'Yednesday 
Beal, :\Ir. and :\lrs. 'YiIIiam A. (Perry) 
Spadina Gardens 
Beard, Mrs. Samuel 'V. (Lomer) 
502 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
The ':\lisses B2ard 
Mrs. Burland 
::\Ir. G. B. Burland 
Beardmore, Mr. Alfred O. 
136 Beverley street 

Ir. Torrance Beardmore 
Mr. Gordon Beardmore 
Miss Dorothy Beardmore 
Clubs, ::\Ir, 49-66-78-80-84 
Brardmore, Mr. George "". 
.. Chudleigh," 136 Beverley street 
:\lrs. H. J. Fisk 
:Miss Helen Beardmore (Guelph) 
Miss 1\1. Yates (Guelph) 
Beardmore, Mr. E.nd :\Irs. G. Lissant 
50 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Beardmore, Mr. and :Mrs. 'Valter D. 
( 'YiIIiams) 
200 College street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Charles O. Beardmore 
:\lr. E. C. Beardmore 
Beaton, Mr. and .:\Irs. Alexander II. 
66 'Voodlawn avenue 
Beatty, Dr. and ::\Irs. Adam A. 
201 Bloor street East 
Heceives ::\Ionday 
Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. Charks 'V. 
( Gooderham) 
121 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Beatty, Mr. and .:\frs. E. Percy (""ood) 
69 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
:Mr. Percy ""ood Beatty 
Clubs, :\Ir. 39-61 
Beatty, Mr. and ::\Irs. Joseph W. 
24 Spadlna road 
H('('eivps Friday 

Beatty, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. Henry (Powell) 
207 Simcoe street 
Receives 1st and 3d ""ednesday 
Miss :Mary Beatty 64-92-104 
::\Ir. Gordon Beatty 
.:\Ir. E. 'V. Beatty 
Dr. H. A. Beatty 39 
Clubs, ::\lr. 9-22 
Beatty, :Mrs. James H. 
109 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
::\liss A. Beatty 
Miss .T. Beatty 
:\lr. H. Beatty 
Beatty, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. Jas. "". 
38 Prince Arthur a,enue 
Receives Friday 
Beatty, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. Samuel G. (Eastwood) 
168 Isabella street 
Receives 1st and 2d ::\Ionday 
Mr. Stanley Beatty 
:Mr. Harold E. Beatty 
Miss Beatty 
s Gussie Beatty 
:\Ir. Xelson Beatty 
Clubs, ::\Ir. ..Hi 
B2atty, Mr. and :\lrs. 'William H. ('Vorts) 
6 Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Beaty, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. .Tohn G. 
138 Bedford road 
Receives 2d and lth Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16-72 
Beaty, :Mr. and ::\Irs. John 'W. (Thorp) 
61 Crescent road 
Heceives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
l\lr. H. T. Beaty 
::\Ir. "". T. Beaty 
Becker, Dr. Charles 'V. 
12 Carlton street 
Becker, Dr. and Mrs. Henry (Sutherland) 
1330 King street 'Vest 
S. R., Lake Katrine 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Miss M. n. Becker - 
Beckett, Mr. and l\1:rs. Samuel G. (Fletcher) 
404 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Irs. E. Beckett 
Bedells, Mr. and ::\Irs. George 'V. (Hudson) 
13 ::\lcKenzie avenue 
Receives 3d ::\Ionday 
:\liss Ruth Bedells 
Bedford, Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer (Fairheaù) 
58 Haze!ton aVf'nue 
Receives Tuesday 
Bedford-Jones. Mr. and :\Irs. Alban C. 
53 Prince Av('nue road 
Receives Friday 
B::>emer, Mr. and -'Irs. Harry G. 
l Leadley-Land) 
38 Xorth Sherbourne street 
Beer, .:\lr. and :\Irs. G. Frank ("-eeks) 
!)8 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives lst and 

d Fridav 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 39-46 . 
neers. Col. and ::\Irs. William (Teskey) 

 Brunswick avelllW 
Receives Thursday 



Beeton, Mr. and 
lrs. Edward 
18-1 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 

Ir. Ross Beeton 

Ir. Edward Beeton, Jr. 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Begg, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. (Agnew) 
378 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
::\Iiss Lillian B
Begg, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Evan A. (:\Iurray) 
73 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-39-66-78-80 
Begg, :\11'. and :vII's. Herbert 
90 Kendall avenue 
lr. and ::\Irs. James G. t Grant) 
262 Carlton street 
Receives IH and 3d Thursday 
Ir. and l\Irs. ",Yilliam R. (Angus) 
179 Carlton street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Ir. 66-77 
Beith, Mr. and l\Irs. 'Villiam 
216 Dunn avenue 
nell, Prof. and 
Irs. Andrew J. 
17 Avenue road 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 39 
Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. (Campbell) 
209 Spadina road 
1r. and :Mrs. Edwin (Brooke) 
427 Jarvis street 

Ir. Xorman Bell 
Clubs, :vIr. 2-1 
lr. (K. C.) and 1\1rs. George (Sproat) 
106 St. George street 
S. R., Lake JObeph, Muskoka 
Receives Tuesday 

Ir. 'Whiteford G. Bell 
Ir, 1-66-67-7R-97 
Dell, :Mr. and 
Irs. J. Jones (
29 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
ll, Lieut. and Mrs. 'Walker H. 
Alexandra Palace 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Bell, Mr. and 
Irs. 'Yalter J. 
21 "\Yalker avenue 
Dellinger, :\11'. and 
Irs. Peter (Germann) 
226 Dunn avenue 

Iiss Vera Bellinger 
Belton, :\11'. and ::\Irs. F. S. 
61 Spadina road 
Bender, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles A. (Platten) 
77 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
l\lr. G. H. Bender 
Ir. 9-98 
Benjamin, ::\11', and 'ðlrs. Merritt A. 
52 St. George street 
Re.ceives 1st Tuesday 
Miss F. 
I. Benjamin 
::\11'. H. ::\1. Benjamin 
Bennett, Dr. Alpha C. 
Ielbourne avenue 

Berkinshaw, .:\11'. and ::\11'8. K C. 
" Oak Villa,," 120 Balsam avenue 
lr. and ::\ Robt. J. 
" Oakdene," St. Clair avenue, 
Deer Park 
Ir. and ;\Irs. 'Yalter E. (Kent) 
5 Oaklands avenue 
Clubs, ::\11'. 66 
Bertram, :\Irs. John 
4 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Bertram, Mr. and Mrs. John H. 
59 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Bertram, Mr. and l\Irs. Melville (Cameron) 
1-14 'Yalmer road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16-66 
Bertram, ::\11'. and Mrs. Robt. McK. (Hodgens) 
13-1 Spadina road 
S. R., Eastbourne. Lake Simcoe 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Best, Mr. and 1\lrs. David 1\1. (gagen) 
30 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Best, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. 
456 :\I[arkham street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss Best 
Miss F. Best 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
Bethel, lVIr. and ::\Irs. Frank 
433 Palmerton B Julevard 
Bethune, Miss Emily 
188 Balmoral avenue 
Bethune, Mr. and :\Irs. Henry J. (Moss) 
9 Clarendon Crescent 
Receives Thursday 
Bickford, Mr. and Mrs, gdward Hastings 
St. George 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Bicknell, Mr. and :\lrs. Alfred 
50 BismarcK avenue 
Bicknell, Mr. (K. C.), and 
Irs. James 
37 Cluny avenue 
Re.ceives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Biette, Mr. and 1\1rs. James R. 
59 Hepbourne street 
Receives 3d 'Yednesday 
Biggar, Mr. and 1\Irs. George C. (Tait) 
213 Beverley street 
Receives 'Vednesday 
Biggar, :\11'. (K. C.) and l\lrs. Charles R. 'V. 
98 Kendal avenue 
Biggs, :\11'. and Mrs. Richard A. (Champion) 
171 Roxborough street gast 
Receives 1st ::\Ionday and Tuesday 
Biggs, Hon. and Mrs. Samuel C. (Atkinson) 
55 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Capt. and Mrs. S. Percy Biggs 
( Giddings) 
Dr. Ge0rge 1\1. Biggs (Hamilton) 
Clubs, HOIl. 112 

Importer of 

"eilings, Etc. 

58 King Street West, Toronto 

Plume Jlain gf)Î'(J 

The Latest Novelties 

in Stationery, Yisiting Cards, \Vedding Invitations and 
A.nnouncemen ts 

Embussing, Engraving and Printing 

Xecdle \\"ork, Blouses and Xcck 'Year 

Order Work a Specialty 


174 King Street West 

Opp, Princess Theatre 

Phone Main 2541 


. , Importer. . 

JE X c Ius í " e m í II í It e r 

Smart Tailor Made Walking Hats 

Order Work a Specialfy 

389 Y onge Street 


South of Gerrard Street 


Ladies Tailor and Habit Maker 


No. 5 and 7 Gerrard Street East 


Phone Main 7735 



Bigwood, Mr. and :\Irs. 'Villiam E. (Emery) 
1-15 South Drive, Rosedale 
S. R., Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay 
Receives :\Ionday 
Miss Bigwood 
Clubs, Mr. 81-Mrs. 86-103-10-1 
Bilton, Mr. and 1frs. Thomas (Creighton) 
166 Isabella street 
Receives bt and 2d 1[onday 
Miss :\Iarian Bilton 
Mr. Norman C. Bilton 66 
Clubs, Mr. 9-18-56-88 
Bilton, Mr. and ::\Irs. \\"illiam G. 
-18 Huntley street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
::\1iss Olive Bilton 
:Miss Gladys Bilton 
Bingham, ::\[r. and ::\frs. Charles D. 
6 Cre
cent road 
Bingham, Dr. and 
Irs. George A. ("
68 Isabella street 
Receives -1th :\Iollday 
Clubs, Dr. 78 
ßirchard, :\Ir. Or. A., Ph. D.), and Mrs. 
Isaac J. (Chapman) 
12-1 J ameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d \Yednesday 
Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. (Stanton) 
99 South Drive, Rosedale 
Receives ::\Ionday 
:\Ir. Henry Irvine Bird 
Clubs, :\Ir. 66 
Bishop, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. Guy T. (Lucas) 
525 Palmer!'ton Boulevard 
Blachford, :Mr. and :\Irs. Alfred J. (Bertrand) 
.i6:1 Shaw street 
Receives ht \\.ednesday 
:\fiss H. Adele B'achford 
l\lr. B. A. Ulachford 
Blachford, Mr. and 'Irs. Arthur \Y. (Rand) 
35 Kanton avenue 
S. H.., 
Iazengah, Lake Rosseau, 
1\1 uskoka 
Receives 1 st and 3d :\fonday 
l\Iiss :\1 ay K Blachford 
::\liss Ethel T. Ulaehford 
::\1iss Fannie IL BIachford 
::\1 r. Charles A. Blac-hford 
Blachford, 1\lr. and Mrs. Charles E. 
(Scobell ) 
l.iS Carlton street 
S. R., l\1azengah Island, Lake 
Hossea u, :\1 uskoka 
ec'f'ives :\Ionday 
:\Ir. Frank K Blaehford GG-77 
:\liss Carrie Scob('ll 
:\1iss Fannie K f-:('obell 
Clubs, :\Ir. 9-18-77 
Blacbford, !\I r. and ,,\1 rs. Frederick A. 
( Beeton, 
SO Hoxborough street \\'est 
d and 3d Friday 
::\Ir. and :\Irs. \\.Ill. lIaldenby 
Dlacbtord, :\Ir. and l\lrs. I1oTa('e P. (Selby) 
1.W CarIton street 
S. IL, :\Iazf'ngah Island. :\Iuskoka 
Hecf'ives :\Ionday 
 J. V. Sf'lby 

Blachford, :\Ir. and _\Irs. Howard C. (Lemers) 
. 11 Hawthorne avenue 
Blachford, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Percival S. 
17 \Voodlawn avenue 
Blachford, l\lr. R. Thomas 
159 :i\lontrose avenue 
::\Iiss Blachford 
Miss ::\[arsh 
Mr. Joseph Fletcher 
Black, Dr. (D. 0.), and :\Irs. Campbell 
567 Sherbourne street 
Receives :\Ionday 
:\Iiss Rheta P. Black 
Black, J.\lr. and 1lrs. James C. (Harbottle) 
10-1 :\Iadison avenue 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
::\[jss Hannah Black 
:\liss Floren.ce Black 
Ir. 39--16 
Black, Mr. and l\lrs. Samuel W'. (Clark) 
197 :\ladison avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Black, Dr. and 
Irs. \Ym. A. (Brecken) 
3-19 ßrun
wick avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Dr. Lawn Bowling Club 
Blackburn, :i\Ir. and l\Irs. Arthur R. 
( Culverwell) 
388 Berkeley street 
Receives 1st and 3d \Yednesday 
::\lr. R. C. Blackburn 
:\lr. A. T. Blackburn 
Blackburn, :\Ir. and Mrs. Henry ::\1. 
I Chapman) 
16 \\ïllcocks street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-39-:\ 72 
Blackstock, ::\1.r
. Thos. Gibbs (Gooderham) 
79 Prince _\rthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
l3lackstock, l\lrs. \\ïlliam S. (Gibbs) 
20 Homewood avenue 
Receives l
t and 2d l\londay 
:\Iiss Blackstock 72 
:\Irs. James Herbert ::\lcKeggie 
Blackstock ,:\lr. and ::\Irs. \Y. G. 
R7 Prince Arthur avenue 
Heceives Friday 
Blackwell, :\lr. and ::\lrs. Charles S. 
( :\lcLennan) 
!)gli .Jarvis street 
H.eceives :\Ionday 
:\Iiss K Blaeh well 
, :\Ir. 8
1--16-Gl-l)()-Mrs. Gl 
Ulackwood, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. S. Temple 
307 Sherhourne 
Hecei yes :\Ionday 
Black" ood, :\1 rs. Thomas P. 
91i South drive 
Heceives bt and 2d :\Ionday 
::\liss Blackwood 
:\Iiss Ada Blackwood 
Dlaikf', :\Ir. and :\Irs. George W. 
-tfl Elm avenuf'. H()
HeC't'i ves :\Ionda \' 
Cluhs, :\Irs. 1 U(; . 



Blaikie, Mr. and Mrs. John L. 
127 Bloor street "Test 
Receives Friday 
Miss Florence Blaikie 
Blain, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. 
( Miller-McClure) 
42 Clarendon avenue 
Receives If';t and 3d Thursdav 
Miss Mary 'Willis Blain L 
Miss Mona McClure 
Mr. David Blain 
Clubs, Mr. 7-22-30--16 
Blake, Mr. and ::\Irs. Hume (Manning) 
9-1 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Blake, Hon. (K. C.), and Mrs. Samuel H. 
449 Jarvis street 
Blake, Mr. (K. C.). and Mrs. "T .H. 
30 Dale avenue 
:V[iss Helen Blake 
/fr. and Mrs. Arthur 
731 Ontario street 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Monday 
Ir. and Arthur ('Vhyte) 
527 Palmerston Boulevard 
Receives 1st Friday 
(Voice Culture Studio, Nordheimer's, 
15 King street l'jast, 'Phone, Main 
4669; also Vocal Director, Ontario 
Ladies College) 
Blogg, :Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edward (Barber) 
145 Bedford road 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\lrs. Barber 
Miss Barber 
Mr. T. Lyle Blogg 
Miss H. Louise Blogg 
lr. 9 
Boeckh, Mr. Charles, Jr. 
2-1-1 St. George street 
Boeckh, Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. nVhite) 
188 St. George street 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Bog, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. 
80 Lowther avenue 
Bogert, Mr. Clarence A. 
Toronto Club 
Ir. 39-78-80-8-1 
Bogert, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer S. (Crombie) 
165 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Boisseau, ::\Ir. Edward C. 
606 Jarvis street 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 46 
Boisseau, Mrs. Emma (Parker) 
49 Isabella street 
Bolus, Mr. and 
Irs. 'Valter .J. (B
10 Clarendon avenue 
S. R., Muskoka 
Bond, Mr. C .H. Acton 
8 Indian Grove 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 9-22--1-6-69-81, also Arts 
& Settlers Club, Toronto Society 
of Architects and I\'"orth Toronto 
Golf Club 

Bond, Mr. and :\Irs. Hedleigh K 
88 Charles street East 
Receiyes ::\Ionday 
Miss Kellie Allen 
Miss June Allen 
Clubs, ::\'Ir. -16 
Bongard, Mr. and '.\Irs. Charles ,Yo 
118 Tyndall avenue 
Receiyes -1th Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. ] -30-46-66-97 -108 
Bongard, Mr. and ::\lrs. R. Ross (Johnston) 
59 Admiral road 
S. R., Elsinore, Lake Joseph, l\1us- 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46--19-66-78-8-1-96-97- 
Bonnar, Dr. and Mrs. H. A. (Munsie) 
9 Dunbar road 
Miss Hannah Bonnar 
Mr. James Bonnar 
Mrs. C. H. Brereton 
Bonnick, Mr. and :Mrs. C. 
65 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 2d and -1th Friday 
Miss Grace Bonnick 
Bonsall, Mr. and :Mrs. 'V. P. 
83 Hayden street 
Boomer, Mr. and Mrs. George A. (Moore) 
60 ::\lurray street 
S. R., Lambton 
Receiyes 'Yednesday 
Boomer, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. 
27 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Boone, Capt. and ::\Irs. Charles A. (Malloch) 
170 Cres,cent road, Rosedale 
Clubs, Capt. 8-1 
Boone, Mr. and ::\Irs. Charles Simpson 
57 Bloor street l'jast 
Receives 1st and 2d 
Clubs. Mrs. 103 
Booth, Mr. and ::\ Geo. "T. (Lowndes) 
11 ::\Iadison avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 46 
Boothe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
39 Roxborough street l'jast 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 7 
lr. and Mrs. B. T. 
386 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Boswell, Mr. and ::\Irs. John K nVhitelaw) 
25 Roxborough street 'West 
Mr. ErneH B. Boswell 
Mr. l'jdward C. Boswell 4 
Mr. 'Yalter O. Boswell 
Mr. Henry G. Boswell 
Boultbee, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Alfred (Hannaford) 
27 Isabella street 
BouItbee, Mr. Horatio C. 
35 Crescent road 
Mr. Alfred E. Boultbee 49-84 
Ir. and Mrs. Reginald (Tisdale) 
275 St. George street 

liss Gwendolin Canfield 
Lieut,-C'ol. and Mrs. D. Tisdale 



B')ultH, :\11'. and 
, G, L. (
39 Prince Arthur avenue 
ReceÍ\'es 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-1:-f)1-j 
Boulter, ::\11'. and ::\lrs. Henry C. 
161 Roxborough street East 
Boulton, Mrs. H. J. (Rudyerd) 
1 Cluny avenue 
lleceives Tue!"day 
::\11'. Reginald Rudyerd Boulton 
:\1iSH Constance l-L Boulton 10-1: 
:\Iiss Elizabeth R. Boulton 
::\Iiss ::\larion R. Boulton 
Boulton, :\11'. and ::\lrs. l\1elfort (Dickson) 
-I: "ïllcocks street 
Receives Tue
aomi K n mlton 
:\Iiss Adele Boulton 
:\liss Vivian Boulton 
Clubs, :Mr. 78-8-1: 
Bourlier, ::\11'. and :\1rf'. Henry C, (Akers) 
102 'Wellesley !"treet 
::\11'. Henry C. Bourlier, Jr. 
Boustead, Mr. and 
lrs. Fred n. 
2-1: Roxb8rough avenue 'Yest 
Boustead, 1\1rs. .Tames B. (Griffith) 
5-1-1 Jarvis street 
B well, ::\-lrs. LenR 
19'h Poplar Plains road 
:Miss Bovell 
Bowerman, 1\11'. and Mrs. D. B. 
5 Lamport avenue 
Receives 1 st :\londay 
Bowes ::\-11'. and :\lrs. Hobert H. (Geale) 
] 12 Bedford road 
S. R., -1-0-1: Centre Island 
Receive!'; Friday 
:\1iss Kathleen Bowes 
:\Iiss Florence Dowes 
::\11'. Beverley B 1wes 
Mr. H
rold Bowes 
Clubs, l\lr. 1-
Boyd, ::\11'. and 1\lrs. David G. (::\larshall) 

3 Scarth road 
Re('eives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, ::\11'. -I: 
Boyd, VI'. and :\-lrs. Geoffrey 
Hi7 Bloor street Bast 
Receives 1 st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Dr. Ijli 
Boyd, .Mr. and :\lrs. Gporge 
19 :\Iaple avelHw 
Rer'f'ives :\Iondav 
Iaud Boyd . 
Boyd, :\11'. and :\Irs. .John 
li3 Brunswick avenue 
Boyd, lIon. Sir John A. (K. r., l\I. G.), and 
2;.Hj Avenue road 
S. R, Georgian Bay 
:\Iiss Blizalwth Bovd 
Dr. Edward Boyd' 
1\1r. Philip Boyd -t-liI 
:\1 r. A. ::\1 .Boyd 
Boyd. :\11'. and :\Irs. .John \\". Cr. 
)!)l Dunn an'nue 

Boyd, :\11'. and \Trs. .J. Tower 
121 B 
dford road 
Receives Frida,' 
Mr. Xorman Selbv -Bovd 
':\Iiss Dorothy Bo;'d . 
Mr. Erroll Boyd 
Clubs, :\11'. 97 
Boyd, Mr. and :\lrs. Lawrence 
-I:-l Bin!"carth road 
Receives :\londay 
Bradley, Mrs. J. "\\". 
329 St. George street 
Dradnee, :\lrs. 'Walter (Rinaldi) 
89 Bernard avenue 
Receives 1st Fridav 
::\Iiss Bradnee . 
Bradshaw, :\lrs. Elizabeth (Bradshaw) 
3-1: :\[adison avenue 
Receives 1st and 

d Friday 
Mr. and 
lrs. Robert A. Bradshaw 
Bradshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. (Bertram) 
3 Spadina road 
Receives 1 st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. -I-H 
Bradshaw, :\11'. "\Yat
on T . 
335 Pahucrston avenue 
1\11'. and 
. Robert Dixson 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Braithwaite, :\11'. and :\lrs. A. D. 
160 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
l\1iss Braithwaite 
:Miss Dorothv B
Clubs, .Mr. -i9-G9-78-79-80-8-1-97 -113 
- :Mrs. 80-86 
Brand, ::\11'. and :\Irs. 'Yilliam 
646 :\-larkham strf'et 
Brazill, :\'11'. and Mrs. Francis P. (Kidd} 
52;{ 1-1 uron street 
Brecken, :\[rs. R. (Eaton) 
190 Lowthf'r avenue 
Receive!'; 2d and -I-th Friday 
1\11'. Egerton Hyerson Brecken 
1\11'. Paul Ralph Breckf'n 
Breckenridge, ::\11'. and :\11'8. James ('. 
21 Cluny avenue 
REcei ves TlIe
da v 
Clubs, :\11'. 39--11)- :.....:\Irs. 39 
Brereton, !\II'. and ðh s. RiC'hard L. 
25 Admiral road 
Receives ] 
1Hl 2d Friday 
:\1iss Lou isf' V. n I'f>r<'ton . 
:\1 r. Fn'deri{'k A. Brel'eton n 1-110 
:\1 r. Herbert H. Brereton 
:\1iss :\Iildred L. :\1. Brereton 
Bridgelalld, .Mr
. :\1. A. 
30 Lowtlwr a \'en u<' 
pcei ves I st Frida v 
:\lrs. ::\1. (Bridgf'land) 
:\1iss.1. Bridgl'land 
!':, :\11'. and :\Irs. Svh"f>stf>r E. (Hogf'r
I :
:{ :\ladisOJi avenue 

d and -tth Friday 
:\1 iss AlIa Brigg.... 
(,1!lhs. :\11' I'; 



Briggs, Rev. and :\lrs. 'William (Clarke) 
21 Grenville street 
S. R, Lorne Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Bright, Mrs. Thomas G. (Grand) 
Bernard avenue and Admiral road 
Brignall, Mr. and :\lrs. J. J. (Reed) 
24 Concord avenue 
Bristol, Mr. (M. P.), and Mrs. Edmund 
( Armour) 
17Ð Beverley street 
Receives \YednesGay 
Clubs, :\Ir. 46 
Britton, Hon. Justice Bryon Moffat 
496 Huron street 
:Mr. A. H. Britton 
Britton, Dr. and 
Irs. "'iIIiam (Moore) 
1 7 Isabella street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss Irene Britton 
Broadfield, Mrs. George E. 
Queens Hotel 
Brock, ::\Iajor and :\frs. Henry (Cawthra) 
2] 6 Beverley street 
Clubs. ::\Iajor 78-84-92, Toronto 
Racquet Club 
Ir. and Mrs. \Veston F. 
602 Avenue road 
Brock, Mr. and Mrs. William R. (Diamond) 
21 Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Lj1Iian Brock 
Miss Gertrude Brock 
Miss :\Iuriel 
Brodie, Mrs. Adeline .J. H. (Lowe) 
" Tullymet," 469 Sherbourne street 
Receives :\Ionday 
Miss Edith F. Brodie 

lr. \Yilliam P. Brodie 61 
Brodie, Mr. and Mrs. J. Kerr (Spink) 
33 Roxborough street East 
Clubs, :\lr. 8-46-öl-66 
Brodie, Mrs. R. Sinclair (Lumsden) 
1 Elm avenue, Ro
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss Brodie 
Brodie, Mrs. R T. 
 Huron street 
Receives 2d Friday 
Miss Brodie 
:\'liss I. Brodie 
Miss E. Brodie 
Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. (Fisher) 
Huron street 
Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. 
496 Ontario street 
Brooke, Mrs. Daniel O. (Capron) 
262 Jarvis street 
Receives :\Ionday 
Captain Harold J. Brooke, 12-84 
::vIr. Kingsley C. Brooke 4 
Brooke, . Mr. and :\Irs. G. H. Capron 
( Hetherington) 
" Idaremia." 346 .Jarvis street 
S. R., Georgian Bay 

Brooks, Mr. and ::\frs. 'YiIIiam 
409 :\Ianning avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d "Tednesday 
Mrs. J. E. Cooper 
Clubs, Mr. 9 
Brophy, Mr. and 
Irs. Lewis (Pearson) 
311 Avenue road 
Broughall, Rev. (D. D.), and Mrs. A. J. 
13 Borden street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
BroughaIl, Mr. and Mrs. F. ,Yo 
1 Elmsley place 
Receives Tuesday 
Club,>, Mr. 46 
Broughall. Mr. and l\Irs. George (:\litchell) 
96 St. George street 
Broughall, Rev. and Mrs. James S. (Fuller) 
99 Bellevue avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Broughall, Rev. and Mrs. 'Yilmot (Hagarty) 
St. Judes' Rectory, OakviIle, Onto 
Brouse, Mr. 'Ym. H. 
63 St. George street 
S. R, Grenville Lodge, OakvilIe, 
Miss :\Iarjorie Brouse 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 66-78-80-84-97 
Brouse, Mrs. \YilIiam H. (Jones) 
91 St. George street 
Receives Tue
Miss F. Josephine Brouse 
Brown, Mr. and ::\Irs. Albert (Bickell) 
181 Crescent road 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
luriell Bickell 
Clubs, ::\Jr. 9-39 
Brown, ::\Irs. Alex. 
21 Crescent road 
Receives Monday 
Miss Brown 
Brown, Mr. and ::\Irs. David 
432 Markham street 
Miss Brown 
Mr. D. Brown, Jr. 
Ir. and :\Irs. Edward B. 
113 St. Clair avenue 
Receives Monday 

1iss Brown 
Mr. Stuart Brown 
Brown, l\Ir. and ::\lrs. George S. 
7 Lakeview a ven ue 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. G. ,Yo (Gowans) 
62 .i\Iadison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
:\Ir. Alan G. Brown 
Brown, Mr. and ::\Irs. H. X ewton 
2 Indian Grove avenue 
Brown, Mr. and ::\Irs. James F. 
260 Arthur road 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
lr. and :\Irs. J. Francis (Parmenter) 
8 Powell avenue 
Receives 4th ,Monday 
Drown, Mr. and Mrs. J. :\1. Elliott 
The Cottage, Toronto General 
Receives "Tednesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 15 



Brown, Mr. and :\11'<;. IUchard 
4-46 Jarvis street 
Brown, :\11'. and :\frs. Robert Calthrop 
St. George :\lansions 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 49-Gl-78-80-8-1-:\lrs. 49- 
Brown, Mr. and 1\1rs. Robert T. 
197 St. George street 
Receives 2d and -1th Friday 
:\11'. R. G. Brown 
Bro\\n, Rev. and ::\Irs. Thomas Cra\\ford 
( :\Ielvin-Jones) 
117 Spadina road 
Clubs, Rev. 39 
Brown, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. \\ïlliam (Darling) 
596 Huron street 
Receives 1 st l;
::\11'. A. G. Brown 
:\Iiss Jean Brown 
Brown, Mr. and 1\1rs. "'. G. (Britt) 
155 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Browne, Mr. and 1\1rs. Harry J. (Brondgeest) 
203 Albany avenue 
Receives Friday 
Bruce, Dr. Herbert A. 
6-1 Bloor street East 
Bruce, Lieut.-Col. John and 1\1rs. 
37 Bleecker street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, 1\1rs. 106 
Bruce, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Rupert G. (Irving) 
1-49 Admiral road 
Bruenech, 1\11'. George (A. R. C. A.) 
11 Hazleton avpnue 
Brush, :\11'. and ::\1rs. Seeley B. 
32 Lowther avenue 
Irs. 106 
Bryan, Rev. and 1\1r
. Bernard (Leonard) 
15U Dowling avenue 
d Thursday and Friday 
::\11'. B. Gordon Bryan 
Bryan, :\11'. and ::\lrs. George ::\1. 
52 Chestnut Park 
Heceh'es 2d Tuesday 
:\11'. Fred Bryan 
Bryan, :\11'. \\'. ,J. 
Viii!) Quepn strf'et East 
Bryant, Mr. and :\Irs. George K (mail') 
16 Castle Ii'rank Crescent 
S. R.. Georgian Bay 
Reeeives 1 st 1\londay 
Brycc, :\11'. and Mrs. Arthur 
H) Isabella strf'pt 
S. B.., (iO
 I [anlan's Point 
lr. and :\Irs. James 
11!) Bedford road 
Hf'cei\'es [.'riday 
Buehanan, 1\11'. and :\lrs. .Iamps O. (::\Iorrison) 
18() St. Geor
e street 
Hp('ci vps I.'rida y 
:\11'. Hoy D. Bm'hanan 
:\1 iss Buchanan 
Cluhs, :\1 r. ..H)-(,Ii-ïR-80-R 1--113- 
::\Irs. 8u 

B 3chan, 
li:-;s .\1 aria 
27 Xorth 
Receives Tuesday 
Buck, Mr. and 1\Irs. William E (Talbot) 
 Bathurst street 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Buckland, :\11'. and :\lrs. Henry G. 
19-1 Pahnerston boulevard 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Bu.ckle, 1\11'. and :\lrs. \Ym. 
68 Pembroke street 
Receive!'; Thursday 
:\Iiss I. B. Buckle 
Buckley, ::\Irs. :\Iaurice J. 
1528 King street \Yef;t 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
:\Iiss ::\Iuriel Buckley 
1\1iss Angela Buckley 
Bull, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Bartle E. (Scott) 
228 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39 
Bull, :\11'. and ::\lrs. Thomas H. 
.. Dial Villa," 86 Bloor ..,treet 
Receives 1st and last Friday 
Bull, 1\11'. (K. C.). and 1\Irs. \Y P. 
3 :\leredith f'rescent 
Receives :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-22--4G-66 
Bulling, :\11'. and ::\lrs. \Y. n. (Helliwell) 

 Spencer avenue 
Receives 1st Thur
:\11'. Charles Helliwell 
Buntin, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Alexander 
 St. George street 
S. R., Kamouraska, Que. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. -l9-l) l-ïG-78-8-4-97-l\Irs. 
Bunting, 1\11'. and .\Irs. Christopher E. 
( Spencer) 
Erindale, Ont. 
Bunting, Mr. and 1\1rs. George E. (French) 
50 Admiral road 
Receh"es I;
rida \. 
:\lrs. :\1. E . BunÚng 
Burden, ::\11'. and 
Irs. B. King
70 De Lh:1e strept, Deer Park 
Receives \\'cdnesday 
Miss Grptta V. Burdl'll 
:\Irs. Jane Burden 
Bunkn, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles E. 
60 Spadina road 
Hf'eeives 1st and :
d Friday 
Burgess, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Alexander W. (Stock) 
 í :\1 a pl{' a ypn u(' 
Burgess, Dr. and :\Irs. Herbert 
 Bloor strpf't \\'est 
}{ecei,,{'s I st and 3d Fridav 
:\Irs. S. T. llur
lr. and :\Irs. John .\. 
21 Xanton Apartml'nt
, HO
R{'cei ,"ps :\1 onda v 
. :\11'. :
!1 . 



Burgess, Mr. Ralph K, 
St. George l\Ian
S. R., .. Burnegie." Lake Joseph, 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Burgess 
Miss Lilias I. Burgess 
Clubs, ::\1.1'. 78 
Burke, I\1r. and ::\ Edmund (Black) 
23 South Drive. Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 3d ::\[onday 
Miss Burke 

\Iiss l'\ora Burke 
lr. 46 
Burke, ::\'Irs. Isabella 
15 Spadina road 
Burnand, Mr. and Mrs. .J. Lewis (Church) 
38 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Burnett, 1\11'. and Mrs. Fred B. 
144 Close avenue 
Burnett, I\1r. and ::\Irs. George G. 
3 Clarendon Crescent 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Burnett, Mr. and 1\1rs. H. \Vellington 
( Latimer) 
120 Kendall avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Edith Latimer Burnett 
Burnham, Capt. and I\1rs. James G. 
130 St. George street 
S. R., Port Hope 
Clubs, Mr. 12--t9-7g-84-91 
Receives Tuesday 
Burns, Mrs. Alexander 
128 Pembroke 
Receives ::\londay 
::\liss A. Burns 
Mr. Charles Burns 
::\-11'. Ralph Burns 
Burns, Capt. Arthur X. 
Toronto Club 
Burns, :\'11'. and Mrs. C. A. 
88 Queens Park avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d 4\Ionday 
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. 
1 Hawthorne avenue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Miss Kathleen Burns 
Mr. Edwin Burns 
Miss Lilly Burns 
Burns, ::\Ir. and :\Irs. Edward (".ilkinson) 
21 Spadina road 
Heceives 1st Thursday and Friday 
lr. 2 
Burns, Mrs. .John 
50 Hayden street 
Receives Tuesday 
Burm;. Captain and ::\11'8. R. 
75 Madison avenue 
Recei ves Friday 
Burr, Mr. and ::\Irs. \Valter H. (Boswell) 
16 South Drive, Rosedale 
Recei ves 1st ::\Ionday 
Clubs. ::\11'. -1-6 ::\lr
. 1 (If) 

Burritt, ::\Ir. and ::\Ir
. Augustm: P. (Smith) 
28 Maple avenue 
Re.ceives ::\londay 
Burritt, Dr. and Mrs. Horatio C. (Rogers) 
88 \Vellesley street 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Florence Burritt 
Mr. Horace ".. Burritt 
Burroughes, :Mr. and ::\lrs. Frederick C. 
( Struthers) 
140 Spadina road 
Re.ceives 3d Friday 
Mr. Bert C. Burroughes 
Mr. Roy Burroughes 
Burrows, ::\11'. Acton 
120 Bedford road 
Miss Blair Acton Burrows 
Miss :\Iuriel Acton Burrows 

[r. Aubrey Acton B .lrrows 
Miss Georgina Burrows 
:\11'. E. Acton Burrows 
Clubs, Mr. 1-14-22-66-69-111 
Burruss, 1\'11'. and Mrs. Grayson 
87 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesdav 
Clubs, 1\'11'. 46 . 
Burton, :Mr. and ::\lrs. Alfred (Morrison) 
114 Bedford road 
Recei \'es Friday 
lr. and :VII's. Edgar S. (Stevenson) 
ladison avenue 
Receives hit and 3d Friday 

lrs. Stevenson 
Burton, :\11'. and Mrs. George F. (Biggar) 
77 Lowther avenue 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 69-78-g0-:Mrs. 80 
Burton, Mr. and :VII's. Phineas H. (Caldecott) 
136 B
dford road 
S. R., Lake Rosseau. l\Iuskoka 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Burton, Mrs. 'Varren 
37 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Guy Burton 
Miss Hilda Burton 
Burwash, (S. T. D., LL. D.). Rev, and :\[1'8. 
Nathaniel (Proctor) 
113 Bloor street West 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Onto 
Receives Friday 

Cæsar, Dr. and ::\1rs. George S. 
34 Gros\'enor street 
Caldbeck, ::\11'. and }Irs. George (Harvey) 
128 Park road 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
:!.\1iss Harvey 63 
Clubs, ::\lr. 4ti 
Calder, 1\11'. and Mrs. John B. 
191 Ossington avenue 
Calderwood, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (Harrison") 
18 ::\ladison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 97-::\1rs. 8G 
Caldwell. ::\'11'. and Mrs. Robert B. (Beebe) 
61 Oriole road 
Hecei \'e8 Thur



Ir. and Mrs. Charles E. (:
34 Huntley street 
S. R., B
averton, Onto 
Re.ceives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mrs. E. A. Calvert 
Clubs, :Mr. 1-8-111 
Cambie, Mr. Chas. 
34 Poplar Plains road 
Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. 
72 Carlton street 
Cr.meron, Dr. Irving H. 
307 Sherbourne street 
Mr. Matthew Crooks Cameron 
Cameron, Mr. and 1'1rs. Lud K. 
Vlarkham street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
\Iiss Gladys Cameron 
Miss Kei th Cameron 
Cameron, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Ross MeA. 
153 Rose avenue 
Cameron, :\11'. and Mrs. 'Vellington A. 
(J affray) 
59 Grenville street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesdav 
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander :\1. 
( Sutherland) 
93 Grenville street 
Receives Thursday 
Campbell, Mrs. Archibald H. 
.. Carbrook," Queen's Park 
S. R., "Longuissa," Georgian Bay 
Receives Friday 

Irs. R. "'. Thomas 
:\liss Frances Campbell 
lr. and Mrs. Archibald H., Jr. 
( MacInnes) 
87 Bedford road 
S. R., Cap á L'Aigle, P. Q. 
}teceives Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 1u-78-80-81-:\lrs. 80-86 
Campbell, Mr. Archibald "'. 
King Edward Hotel 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Campbell, Dr. Colin 
93 Bloor street \Vpst 
Receives ht and 2d Friday 
:\lrs. J. Campbell 
:\liss Rossie Campbell 
Campbell, :\Tr. and ::\frs. ('olin C. 
705 Spadina avenue 
Hpf'pin.s Tuesday 
Tr. and l\lrs. Georgf' 1[. 
 :\larkham street 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
Camphell, Mr. and :\Trs. Graham 
( Johnson-Heineman) 
"Carbrook," Quepn's Park 
Campbell, :\Tr. and :\lrs. Hf'nry )1. 
24 Sf'arth road 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesda v 
Campbell, :\lr. anù :\Irs. .T. Lornf' 
:'09 Huron strf'et 
Reeeives Fridav 

Tiss :\1. ('amphf'il R J 
Cluhs. :\11'. lili 

Campbell, :\lr. and 
lrs. Sheridan 
101 Charles street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, :\lr. 76 
Campbell, Rev. and :\lrs. Thomas 1\1. 
1403 King street ""est 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Mr. Morley Campbell 
'\'liss Addie Campbell 
Miss Edith Campbell 
Miss Hattie Campbell 
lr. and Mrs. "'alter F. 
( Morrison) 
24 Earl street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monda
avan, :Mrs. John 
61 Albany avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Candee, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Charles N. (Taylor) 
" Glenwood." 140 Park road 
Receives Monday 
Mr. X"ewton Candee 39-61 
Clubs, :Mr. 9-39-46-61-66-78-Mrs. 
Canfield, Dr. Allan '\". 
313 Brunswick avenue 
Canniff, Dr. 'Villiam 
61 Cecil street 
Receives 'Wednesday 
Mr. Henry T. Canniff 
:\fr. Clarkson 1\1. Canniff 
Cantlon, ::\Ir. and :\lrs. H. D. (Smith) 
111 Springburst avenue 
on, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick J. (::\lurray) 
579 Jarvis street 
S. R., " Dunkeld," Georgeville, 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 39-l)()-84 
Capreol, :\lr. and ::\lrs. A. Reginald (Ilowett) 
105 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. 46 
Capreol, ::\1iss Charlotte 
12] :\ladison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Maria Capreol 
Capreol, :\Tr. and )Trs. J. Lonsdale (Dumble) 
63 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
('a rgill , :\Ir. and )Irs. ""ellington D. (K
S. R.. Cargill, Ontario 
Hef'eives 1st and 3d Fridav 
:\Iiss Juanita A. Cargill . 
24 Admiral road 
Carleton, :\Irs. Maria (Burk) 
19 :\TcKenzie avenue 
Rf'ceives 2d )Tonday 
:\Tiss Carleton 
('arley, Mr. and 
Trs. D. L. (Jessop) 
:..rj Spadina road 
Heef'ives l"riday 
Mr. .J essop ('arley 
CItI})S, :\Ir. 61-(
()- :.\Irs. ]0-1 
Carlylf'. :\11'. and :\Trs. Daviù 
72 \\ïn(')w
tt'r strept 
Ht'f'I'Ï\ I'
t Thur



lr. and Mr1'. Fred. R. 
213 Cottingham street 
Receives Friday 
1\11'. Norman Carmichael 
Carnahan, 1\11'. Harold 
69 Carlton street 
Carnahan, 1\11'. \Vm. J. A. 
69 Carlton street 
Carrick, 1\11'. and Mrs. Andrew \V. 
39 \Vellesley street 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Miss Irene Carrick 
Mr. Andrew \Y. Carrick, Jr. 
1\11'. Harold 'W. Carrick 
Carrique, Dr. and Mrs. James H. 
2-13 \Vellesley street 
Miss Evelyn Carrique 
Carroll, Mr. and 
lrR. Joseph George 
162 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
s \"enonah Carroll 61 
Miss Frances Carroll 
Mr. Louis E. Carroll 
Clubs, Mr. 97 
Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
15 Castle Frank Crescent 
Miss Carroll 
Miss Elma Carroll 
Carruthers, Mr. (M. A.), and M!'s. Adam 
( King) 
132 Tyndall avenue 
S. R., Sturgeon Point 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Mr. Eo B. Carruthers 
:\11'. Clive H. Carruthers 
:l\Iiss Enid Carruthers 
Miss King 
Miss L. E. King 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-61-92-93-94 
Carter, Mr. R. E. 
:\lontrosf' Apartments, Montrose 
Carter, lVII's. Edward T. (Hall) 
557 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mr. Henry J. Carter 46-66 
Miss A. L. Madeline Carter 
Clubs, :\Irs. 106 
Carter, Mr. and 1\Irs. \Yilliam (Chapman) 
665 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
1\11'. Sidney R. Carter 
Mr. Herbert Carter 
Mr. John Manning Carter 
Miss Alice Carter 
Miss Imogene Carter 
Miss Maud Carter 
Miss Ruth Carter 
Carter, Mr. and Mrs. \V. E. H. (Akers) 
49 Dunvf>gan road 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66 
Carveth, Dr. and lVII's. George H. (Crozier) 
178 Huron street 
Receives 3d and 4th Tuesday 
Cartwright, Mr. (K. C.), and ::\lrs. James S. 
5 Summerhill place 
Receives 1st Thursday 

Cartwright, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. John R. 
63 Avenue road 
S. R., Cap á L' Aigle 
Receives Friday 
::\1iss Cartwright (St. Hilda's Col- 
:Miss \Yinifred Cartwright 
Carty, Miss Mary E. 
263 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Miss Martha Carty 39-106 
Clubs, Miss 39-106 
Case, Mr. Egerton R. 
82 B
lsam avenue, East Toronto 
Mrs. L. Case 
Case, Mr. and ::\lrs. George Allen (Squier) 
12 Spadina road 
1\11'. Allen A. Case 
Cassels, Mrs. Allen 
7 V\'ellesley place 
Receives Monday 
1\Iiss Chelsea Cassels 
Cassels, Mr. Dnncan S. 
-1 ðleredith Cres. 
1\Iiss Cassels 
Miss Hattie Cassels 
Miss Edith Cassels 
Cassels, 1\11'. and lVIrR. George Hamilton (Kerr) 
Care "Rathnelly," Poplar Plains 
Cassels, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton (Baldwin) 
72 Clarendon avenue 
The :Hisses Cassels 
Cassels, :Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. (Gillespie) 
93 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
:\1iss Laura Cassels 
Clubs, :\11'. 39 
Cassels, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Falconbridge) 
39 Rosedale road 
S. R., The Island 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. -16-49-66-78, also Chicago 
Athletic Club-
lrs. 86 
Cassels, Mr. and Mrs. Rebert C. H. 
( \V aldie) 
80 Elm avenue 
Receives Monday 
Cassels, Mr. \Vo Gibson 
51 \Yalmer road 
Mrs. R. S. Cassels 
Clubs, Mr. 84 
Cassidy, Dr. and Mrs. John J. 
43 Bloor street East 
S. Ro, "Sanitas," Long Branch, 
Receives Monday 
"'\Iiss Reta Cassidy 
::\liss Appie Cassidy 

lr. John F. Cassidy 
:vIr. Anthony Cassidy 
Irs. Bella (
73 Roxborough street \Vest 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Miss M. M.cCallum 
Catto, Mr. and ::\Irs. Charles J. (Taylor) 
46 Breadalbane street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 

McQuarrie's L't'd 


High Class Specialty Shop 


Waists, Neckwear, Belts and other Dress 



282 Y onge Street 


"A Man IS Kno
C)n by the Candy He Sends." 




, / 


Toronto Chocolate Creams 


The Most 0 elicious Confection 




130-132 Yonge Street, TORONTO 

(tbe 1Sank of '<tor onto 


Paid=up Capital, $4,000,000 


erve, $4,727,000 

Assets, $39,000,000 

Wellington St. E., cor. Church St. 
W. R. 'Vadsworth, )Ianager 
King St. W., cor. Bathurst St. 
G. J. Cuthbertson, )Ianager 
Queen. St. W., COf. Spadina Ave. 
F. H. Leach, Manager 
Dundas St., opp. Arthuf St. 
CURRENT ACCOUNTS for business men, opened on favorable terms, and approved business 
papf>r di:,counted at current rates. 
SAVING ACCOUNTS may be opened with a deposit of $1 or upwards. Intere
t is paid on 
all balan('es four timf>s a year. 
sued for travelers, on which money may be obtained when and 
where wanted. _\. great convenience at little cost. 

Queen St. E., cor. Parliment St. 
"T. L. Connolly. Manager 
Queen St. E., COf. Bolton Ave. 
L. 8. :\ldlurray, Manager 
Elm St., COf. Elizabeth St. 
G. B. McKay. Manager 
Yonge St. opp. Albert St. 


W. H. BEATTY, President DUNCAN COULSON, General Manager 
W. G. GOODERHAM, Vice-President JOS. HENDERSON, Asst. Gen. Ma
THÐMAS A. -BIRD, Inspector 



Catto, :\11'. and :\Ir!". James A. (Elli
21 Roxborough 
treet Ea
Receives 1 st "'ednesday 
Catto, :\11'. and :\Ir
. John (:\lundie) 
188 Bloor 
treet East 
Receives ht and 3d l\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-46 
Ca ulfeild, 
Ir. and :\Irs. Hans J. (Burkart) 
1 Kanton avenue, Rosedale 
S. R., Port Sand field 
Receives 1 st and 3d Monday 
Cavell, :\11'. and :\Irs. "'m. R 
23 l\ladi
on a\'enue 
Receives Friday 
Caven, Dr. and :\Irs. .James G. 
88 Bloor street East 
S. B.., Lake of Bays 
Receives 1st and 3d _\londay 
:\liss Jessie Robertson 
:\11''''. Robertson 
Cavill1, Dr. and :\Irs. ,John (Eastwood) 
fifi Bloor street We
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 46 
Caven, Dr. and :\Irs. ,,'illiam P. 
70 Gerrard street Ea!-.t 
Receives :\londay 
Ca \ endi::;h, :\11'. and :\Irs. "'m. Delmar 
( Pearson) 
3U9 Avenue road 
Cawthra, Miss Florence 
., Guiseley House," 5 Elm avenue, 
:\11'. John J. Cawthra 
Cawthra, 1\1rs. Hf'nry 
.. Yeadon Hall," 21] College street 
Recf'ives Tuesdav 
:\Iiss G. K. Cawth'ra 
Cawthra, :\11': and :\Irs. H. Victor (Arthurs) 
163 St. George street 
Heceives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 78-84 
Ca\\ tIna, l\lrs. .John 
1 fiO Beverley street 
Cawthra, :\11'. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam Herbert 

150 Beverley strf'et 
Hecf'i ves \V ed nesday 
:\Irs. John Cawthra 
Clubs, :\Irs. 10fi 
Cayl<,y, :\11'. and :\Irs. Francis Osmund 
( Hobinson) 
:':1; Elgin avenue 
S. H., "Beverley Cottage," 1
Hcc.>ives Thursday 
:\1 iss Gwendolyn Cayley 
:\1iss .Julia Cayley 
Cayll>y, Itcv. Canon John D. (n. 11,) 
2113 ,john stref't 
S. llu St. Leonard's Island, :\lus- 
Hcceives Thursday 
s Caylpy 87 
:\liss :\Iaud Cayley 
:\liss C. :\1. Ca'ylp'y XII 
, He\'. li!I-!17 

Chadwick, :\11'. and :\Irs. Edward :\1. (Fisher) 
99 Howland a\'enuf' 
· Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Friday 
:\liss Chadwick 
:\11', Richard E. Chaàwick 66 
:\11'. Brvan Char}wif'k fi6 
Clubs, \11'. 22-81-83-!H, St. Alban's 
Cricket Club-:\lrs. 33 
Chadwick, Mr. and :\Irs. .Jasper \Y 
49 Poplar Plains road 
Chadwick, :\11'. and :\Irs. Yaux (:\Iurray) 
21 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Friday 
Chaffee, :\11'. and :\Irs. H. Foster (Barr) 
Queen!" Hotel 
S. R., Brockville 
Chalcraft, :\11'8. \Y. E. 
40 Bedford road 
:\liss E. Chalcraft 
:\liss :\1. Chalcraft 
Chamberlain, Dr. and :\Irs. Theodore F. 
( Parish) 
61i> Spadina avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesdav 
:\11'. and :\Irs. "ïlliam D, Èarngey 
Chamberlain, Dr. and :\lrs. \Yatson Parish 
646 Bathurst street 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Chambers, Dr. and :\Irs. Graham (Rogers) 
26 Gerrard street East 
 G. Rogers 
:\Irs. Rogers 
Chant, l\lr. (::\1. A., Ph. D.), and :\Irs. Clar- 
ence A. (Laidlaw) 
201 :\Iadison avenue 
S. R.. Go Home Bay, Ont. 
Recei\'es Fridav 
Club!", :\11'. 43-73' 
Chapman, ::\11'. and :\Irs. George A, 
76 Admiral road 
Re.{'eives :\Ionday 
:\Jiss :\Iaud Chapman 
:\Iiss Isabel Chapman 
Chapman, :\11'. and ::\Ir!". :\Iichael 
;-)8 Poplar Plains road 
Clubs, :\Irs. 106 
Chapman, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Stephen II. 
iO Howland avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tue:-:dav 
:\Iiss B. :\1. Chapman 
:\11'. F. \\". Chapman 
::\liss :\1. :\1. Chapman 
Chapman, :\11'. and :\Irs. William F. 
-l .J a r\'Îs !'<trf'et 
R('ceives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Il'. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam .\. 
(Rockwell ) 
811 )Iadison av('nue 
K n., LynetloC'h 
Recein'" 2d and :
d Friday 
:\1 iss EtIwl Charlton 
:\lÏss ElsiC' Charlton 
, :\11'. -II) 



Chesnut, Mr. and :\tIrs. D. George 
71 "Talker avenue 
S. R., Ruhl's Isl
Receives 1st Monday 
Mr. Fred H. Chesnut 
Mr. Victor S. Chesnut 

lr. Arthur Chesnut 
Mr. Frazer Chesnut 
Chillas, l\Ir. and Mrs. Harold R. (Hellwell) 
525 Brunswick avenue 
Clubs, :\lr. 66 
Chilton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., Jr. 
510 Jarvis street 
Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. 'Willis (Finlayson) 
103 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Gertrude Chipman 
Miss Anna Jones 
Miss L. K. Chipman 
Mr. J. 'V. F. Chipman 
Clubs, Mr. 14-23-46 
Chisholm, Mr. and l\Irs. Thomas A. (Cameron) 
323 Sherbourne street 
Receives Monday 
Mrs. Harry Darling (Cameron) 
Miss H. G. Darling 
Chisholm, Mr. and Mrs. "Tm. C. 
165 Close avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Choat, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank 
24:1 Robert street 
Cholwill, Mrs. J. D. 
167 Crescent road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Chown, Rev. and ::\lrs. Edwin A. 
( Richa rdson) 
31 :\ladison 
S. R., Grimshy Park 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss S. A. Cho"\Hn 
Chowne, Mr. Godfrey U. A. 
513 Bloor street 'West 
Mr. H. Reginald Chowne 
::\lr. E. A. S. Chowne 
Christie, Mrs. 
'Iargaret C. 
19 Spadina road 
:Miss Christie 
Christie, Mr. and Mrs. Robf'rt (Corbett) 
26 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Christie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. (Lee) 
55 Wellesley street 
S. R., S1. Andrews, N. B. 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-49-66-78-84-Mrs. 
Christie, Mr. and Mrs. \VilIiam 
19 Classic avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. Frederick 'V. Christie 39 
Miss Christie 
Miss M. J. Ba.les 
Clubs, Mr. 39-97-Mrs. 39 
Christie, Mrs. William (McMullen) 
29 Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
s Martha McMullen 

Clark, .Mr. and Mrs. Alden D. (Palmer) 
115 Dowling avenue 
S. R., .. Rocliy-Roast," Norland. 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Mr. Harold 'V. Clark 
Mrs. Ella B. Dunham (Clark) 
Miss Blanche Dunham 
Mrs. Mary P. Clark (Pilling) 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 
635 Huron street 
Clark, Dr. and Mrs. Harold 
44 'Villcocks street 
Clubs, Dr. 39-:\lrs. 106 
Clark, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. John Murray 
( Anderson) 
70 Tranby avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-10-14-22-40-43-66-67- 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. (Greig) 
66 Howland avenue 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
Mr. Gregory Clark 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-43-46-89-113-Mrs. 39- 
Clarli, Mr. and Mrs. Levi J. 
104 Avenue road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. Robert .T. Clark 
Mr. Charles Clark 
Clark, Mr. Peter M. 
25 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Clark 
Mrs. C. John80n 
Miss Johnson 
Clubs, Mr. 1-66 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. (Christie) 
68 'Valmer road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Mary Clark 33-80-86 
Mr. Christie T. Clark 39 
Clubs, ::\lr. 39-46-78-Mrs. 86 
Clark, Prof. (D. C. L., M. A., LL. D., D. D., 
F. R., C. S.), and Mrs. 'Villiam 
( Patton) 
53 Beverley street 
Clubs, Prof. 22 
Clark, The Hon. Sir 'VilIiam 
(LL. D., K. C.), and Lady 
303 'Vellington street \Ve"t 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Miss Jeanie Mortimer Clark 
Miss Elise Gordon Clark 
Clarke, ::\lr. and Mrs. Alfred R. 
93 Isabella street 
Miss Isabel Clarke 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Bowcher 
29 Rusholme road 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. 
25 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clarke, Mrs. Christopher H. 
37 Pearson avenue 



^ì r- 





'\ I 





"""" '" 
"r 8




The Favorite of the Modiste 




. l ylO 
, , 





1 " 

j \. 


.. > 

... ' 
, \i 

\ . 



,!, ' 


'\ \ 




Clarke, :\<Irs. Ed" ard F. (::3cott) 
:183 .:\Iarkham 
Receives 1st and 2d Thur
Clarke, Mr. and 
Irs. Frederick G. (Rice) 
90 Glen road 
Heceh'es 2d 
Ionday and 2d Tues- 
Clubs, ",;\Ir. 9-1\-Irs. ()2-63 
Clarke, Mr. and 
Irs. George 
13!J Dowling avenue 
Hf'cf>ives 1st and 2d Thursday 

Iiss G. Clarke 

Iiss T. Clarke 
1. Clarke 
Mr. J. Clarke 
Clarke (K. C.). 
Ir. James Bond 
 St. George street 
Clubs, :\Ir. -19-6(;-78-8-1 
Clarke, Dr. and :\Irs. John T. 
..J.lú Bloor street 'Yei't 
Heceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Ir. 97 
Clarke, :\Ir. and 
Irs. Lionel H. (Small) 
" Strathearn," 43 St. George street 
Hecei ves 
Ir. 39 
Clarke, Mr. and :\Irs. 'Vm. Alexander 
( Brickman) 
()-l Avenue road 
S. It., .Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
 Lucy V. Clarhe 
1\11'. Roy Clarke 
Ir. -If) 
Clark:;on, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Edward R. C. 
( Lambe) 
71 Avenue road 
S. R., :\luskoka 
Receiyes 1st and 3d Friday 

1iss Amy Clarkson 
Ir. and :\Irs. Geoffrey T. 
( Pprry) 
415 Brunswick avenue 
S. R., ('entre Island 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clarkson, ::'olr. and :\Irs. George H. (Lambe) 
2-l Prince Arthur avenue 
S. H.., Centre Island 
He('eives 1st and :
d Friday 
:\1iss I-:dith Clarkson 
:\1iss 4I()orothy Clarkson 
:\11'. George E. Clarkson 
:\11'. ,Yo II. Clarkson 
Clubs, l\lr. :,m - :\Irs. 35 
Cleland, Dr. and :\Irs. Gawn S. 
134 moor street West 
Clemens, Dr. and 1\1rs. George H. 
( VanCamp) 
1392 King street "
Reeeiyes 2d and Brl Thursday 
l\lr. Lf>wis "'aldemar Clemens 
Ir. and :\Ir
. A. K (Cleland) 
] 0 Po\n' I I av{'nue 
Heceives bt and 2d Monday 
CI('mes, Mrs. :\latthf'w P. 
129 ,Jameson avenue 
Hec('Ï\'es 1st Tburi'day and Friday 

Clemes, :\Ir. and :\Irs. 'Walter H. ('WiIIiam
] 23 South DrÏ\'e 
Clubs, Mr. 9- -Mrs. 10-1 
Clinch, :\Ir. and Mrs. Charles ,Yo 
Care 11-1 Bay street 
Clubs, i'lr. 78 
Close, :\Irs. P. G. 
] 13 Spadina road 
Heceives 1st and 2d Friday 
:\Iiss I
dith E. Close 
_\1 iss Etbel Close 

Iiss :\1 a ud A. Close 
Ir. anrl :\Irs. Arthur F. (Bowerman) 
7 -t Chestnut Park 
Heceiyes 4th Monday 
\Jr. and :\lrs. Robert J. 
31) Beaty avenue 
Heceives 2d 'Yednpsday 
Clute, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Arthur R. (Fleury) 
-lUO nrunswiek avenue 
Rf'ceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clute, Hon. Justiee and ::\Irs. Roger C. 
( Corhy) 
] 9 "
almer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Jiss Clute 106 
Coady, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Richard T. (Gibbon
94 Kendall avenue 
Receives Tuesday 

Ir. Riehard Coady, Jr. 
Coatsworth, Mr. (K. C.), and :\lrs. Emerson 
1 :\Iay Square, Rosedale 
S. R.. Moon Chute Point, Baja. 

Receives 2d and -lth :\Ionday 
Miss Vida Coatsworth 
:\Ir. Emerson T. Coatsworth 

Iiss Vida S. Coatsworth 
Clubs, 1\11'. 1-66-69 
Cochran, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert (Darling) 
225 Spadina road 
:\1iss :\Iarjorie Cochran 
\11'. :\lalcolm Cochran 

Ir. l....rank Cochran 
Coduane, Hon. and Mrs. Fra.nk (Dunlop) 
15 Maple avenue 
He('eives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Mr. \\ïlbur Cochrane 
l\Ih;s Edith Cochrane 
Mr. Ogdf'n 
Clubs, Bon. 46 
Cockburn, Mr. and MrR. A. .Jame., 
42 Delaware avenue 
Receives -lth Monday 

1iss Cockburn 

Iiss :\largaret Co('kburn 
:\11'. Frank l\1. Co('kburn 
Cockburn, Mr. and :\Irs. George R. R. 
fil9 Sherbourne stre('t 
S. R., .. Birch Point," Lake n'JS- 
seau, l\luskoka 
fieceives Monday 
Major II. Z. C. Cockburn (V. f'.). 
(Xorthw('st Tf>rrÏtory) 78-84 
Ir. l-U6-78 
Cockburn, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Wm. A. 
Rpadina road 
H(,(,f>ivt's bt and 3d Friday 



Cock shutt, Mr. Charles 
462 Sherbourne street 
lr. 39 
Cody, Ven. Archdeacon and 1\1rs. Henry J. 
 J arYis strf'et 
Receives :\10nday 
:\Iiss Ellen Clarke 
Clubs, Ven. Archdeacon 22-39-81-97 
-Mrs. 33-103-104 
Coben, lVIr. and lVIr
. Moses :vI. 
558 Huron E'treet 
Receives 2d Friday 
Coleman, Prof. (lVI. A., Ph. D.), Arthur P. 
476 Huron street 
S. R., Pinehurst, Gananoque 
Receives Friday 
:\1iss Coleman 
Miss Helen Coleman 
Coleman, Mr. and :\1rs. Frank W. 
29 Dundona ld street 
Receives 1st and 3d "\Yednesday 
Collett, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel (Stanley) 
290 Sberbourne street 
Collinson, lVII', 'Ym. H. 
231 Spadina road 
Receives 1Ft and 2d Friday 
Miss C. B. Collinson 
1\11'. and :vII's. A. C. Bargess 
( Collinson) 
Colwell, Mrs. A. H. 
403 Brunswick avenue 
Miss Victoria Colwell 
Mr. Arthur Colwell 
Cook, Dr. A. B. 
87 Roxborougb street 'Vest 
Cook, Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Mason (Hoskin) 
90 College street 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, :\Irs. 106 
Cook, Dr. and Mrs. George Elliott (Smyth) 
2D5 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 39-66-Mrs. 39-106 
Cook, :Mr. Herman H. 
20 Dowling avenue 
Cook, l\lrs. Herman L. 
26 Madison avenue 
Cook, :\1rs. S. S. 
Spadina Gardens 
Miss Gertrude Cook 
Cook, :\11'. and Mrs. ,"Vanen K. 
2ti2 Runsbholme road 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Yedne
Cook, Mr. and 1\1rs. ':Villiam (Mc:Vlichael) 
66 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Tb l usday 
1J and Mrs. 'V. A. 
68 Spencer avenue 
Receives 2d Qnd 4th Thur8day 
Clubs, Mr. 52-108 
Cooke, Mrs. M. 
26 Leopold street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss M. Cooke 
Mr. C. A. Cooke 
Mr. J. H. Cooke 

Ir. and Mrs. James C. 
491 ßrunswick avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Jobn A. 01assie) 
16 Glen road 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Copeland, .:\11'. and Mrs. Jacob J. (Grote) 
] 60 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
:\11'. Gordon Copeland 
:Miss Rachelle Copeland 
Mr. Rudolf Copeland 
Copeland, Mr. and Mrs. Robert James (Gehl) 
.. Crown .:\lount," 12 'Valmer road 
Receives 1st alld 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-lVIrs. 39 
Copp, 1\11'. 'YiIliam 
7 \Vhitney avenue, North Rose- 
Miss R. lVI. Copp 
Receives 1st Monday 
l\lr. \V. Dutton Copp 
Mr. F. Edwin Copp 
Clubs, Mr. 46-56 
Copp, Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. 
96 'Wellesley street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Copp 
Mr. Harold ,"V. \V. Copp 
Copping, Mr. and Mrs. George R. 
79 Soutb Drive 
S. R., Island Park 
Receives 1st and 2d :\londay 
Mr. :Korman G. Copping 
Corbold, Mr. Cecil E. 
LI:8 Balmoral avenue 
Corey, Mr. and :VII's. T, Frederick 
] 57 Close avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
:\Iiss Corey 
Corley, Mr. and .Mrs. J. lV. Seymour 
72 Isabella street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Cory, 1\11'. and Mrs. George E. 
135 Ossington avenue 
:\1iss Xellie Cory 
l\Iiss Mildred Cory 
Coryell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 
117 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
S. R., Lake Joseph, lVIuskoka 
:\11'. Frank A. Coryell 109 
:\11'. Charles F. Coryell 109 
Mr. 'Warren R. Coryell 109 
Clubs, .:\11'. 46-108 
Ir. and Mrs. Robert S. (Bilton) 
314 East Roxborough street 
Cosbie, Mr. and :\Irs. Robert H. (Sivewrigbt) 
24 Rose a ven ue 
Cosby, Mrs. A. )lorgan (\Yorts) 
155 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
:\Iiss Cosby 
.:\Iiss R. Cosby 39 

lr. Norman W'. Cosby 



CO'3gra\ e, :\lr. and :\Irs. Lawrence .J. (Forbes) 
565 Jarvis street 
)Iiss Beatrice Gordon Cosgrave 
:\Ir. James F. Cosgrave 4-6H 
:\lr. Moore Lawrence Cosgrave 4 
:\Iiss Kathleen French Cosgrave 
Clubs, Mr. 24-46-66-78 
Cotton, Dr. and :\Irs. James H. 
260 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
largaret Cotton 
Cotton, Dr. and Mrs. James Milton (Douglas) 
9 Bedford road 
Reeeives 1st and 3d 'Wednesday 
)lrs. J. T. Douglas 
Mr. Douglas COttOIl 
Cotton, General and Mrs. "'. H. (Penner) 
84 St. George street 
::\fiss Cotton 
:\lr. C. P. Cotton 
:\1r. R. P. Cotton 
Clubs, General 78-80 
Coulson, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan (Leys) 
18G B2verley street 
Receives 'Vednesday 
Mr. Duncan Coulson, Jr. 
:\1iss Leys 
Clubs, :\lr. 46 
Coulson, Mr. amI Mrs. Frank (Peters) 
42 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Courian, :\ir. and Mrs. Paul 
22 Marlborough avenue 
Covington, Mrs. H. 
96 "Waverley road, Balmy Beacb 
Receives Monday 
)Ir. \V. J. Covington 
:\Ir. 'V. C. Covington 
:Miss Adeline Covington 
:Miss :\Iay Covington 
Cowan, :\lrs. David 
122 Huron street 
Receives \Vednesday 
)Iiss Julia Cowan 
Cowan, :\'Iiss Kathlene 
] 05 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
:\lr. Herbert Korton Cowan 
Cowan, :\Iajor and )Irs. William (Turner) 
9 Oaklands avenue 
Clubs, :\Iajor ]2, No. 2 Company 
C. A. S. C. 
Cowan, :\lr. and 
lrs. "". I.'. 
Oshawa, Ont. 
C'owdry, :\'Ir. and :\lrs. Edmund 
1 Clarendon avenue 
S. H.., Port Dover 
Receives Friday 
:\liss X. Cowdn' 
('ox, :\lr. and :\lrs. Arthur (:\>linthorne) 
Î Powdl avenue 
Rpl"( ivps 1st and 
d Mond.iY 
)lrs. G. .1. Cox 
Cox. :\11'. and :\lrs. E. Sfr
H Wellesl('y place 
H.('{'pivps :\1onday 
)Iiss I
n>lyn s. Cox 
9-ti I-H(J-H J-RG 
(,lubs, :\11'. 1-(jli-78-S-t-:\1 rH. 

Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. (B,
.. Oakwold," Hi2 I!-'abella street 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 5-7-20-24-:
Cox, HOIl. and :\lrs. George A, (Sterling) 
9 Sherbourne street 
Receives 4th Monday 
Clubs, Hon. 4-5-9-:
78-81-107-Mrs. 39 
Cox, Mr. and :\lr8. Herbert C. 
15 Quepn's Park 
S. R., Oakville 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Josephine Bogart 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
Crabbe, Mr. and Mrs. John J. 
5 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 
d Friday 
Crãbtree, Mrs. A. 
221 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and Hh Friday 
Miss Anna Crabtree 
Cragg, Mr. and .\lrs. };'red H. (Hi<;cox) 
122 Isabella street 
S. R., Prince Albert, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-24-46-49-66 
Craick, Mr. and Mrs. W. Arnot 
77 \\Talker avenue 
Crane, Mr. Samuel 
30 Walmpr road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Crane 
Mr. Hugh Crane 
Mrs. II. C. Davis 
Crangle, Captain and Mrs. Samuel (Gould) 
35 H.osedale road 
Cranston, Mr. and :Mrs. J. Herbert 
7 South Drive 
Crawford, :\>Irs. Catherine 
2-t Madison avenue 
H.eceives Friday 
Mr. Dixon Crawford 
Crawford, :\>Ir. and Mrs. Charles A. (Scott) 
11 Lowther avenue 
Heeeivps 1 st and 2d Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. Chestpr Gordon f;('ott 
Mr. Clayton Crawford 
Clubs, Mrs. 10-t-106 
Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. George S. 
( I
ut Iwrford) 
5:.H. Chur.f'h stre('t 
S. R., Thp Island 
Itec'eives Monday 
:\11'. Sherwood Crawford 
Miss Marjorie Crawford 
:\1 iss 1"lorPlH'(' Crawford 
Mr. Guy Crawford 
CI'awford (l\1. P. P.), lIon. and 1\1 rs. Thomas 
404 Palmerston boulpvard 
H('('('Íves 1 st Thursday 
:\1 iss Olivp ('ra wford 
:\1 iss L. Crawford 
CrC'a:":C', MI'. nnd 
lrs. Anthony II. 
1 HÎ lIuron :-trC'pt 
It('cC'Ívcs \V('dllcsday 



Creed, Mr. and "NIl's. Eugene (Gooden) 
214 Jarvis street 
S. R., Hanlon's Point 
Hanlan's Point 
Receives "'ednesday 
Creighton, Mr. and Mrs. David 
26 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Mr. Charles D. Creighton 
Miss Jennie Creighton 
Miss Edith Creighton 
lVI iss May Creighton 
Miss Stella Creighton 
Crocker, Mrs. .James 
490 .J arvis street 
Receives 1st and 3d ::\Ionday 
l\1r. and 1\1rs. 'Villiam Crocker 
( Harper) 
Croft, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony ,Yo (Lywood) 
31 Maple avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 49 
Croft, Mr. and Mrs. John 
3 Lamport avenue 
Receives Monday 
Croft, Mr. and Mrs. "'illiam (de Bock) 
20 Maple avenue 
l{p{'eivcs lst and 3d :Monday 
Mr. \Villiam f'roft, Jr. 
Cromarty, Mr. and Mrs, Robert R. 
14: Spadina road 
S. R., "Dun blane," Allendale, Ont. 
Mi!':s Edna Cromarty 
Clubs Mr. 39-4:6-66-67-96-97-112- 
M r
. 39 
Crompton, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 
( Hubbard) 
4:4: St. George street 
Miss Ida Crompton 
Mr. Frederick Crompton, Jr. 
Crone, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. 
14: 1 .Jameson avenue 
Mr. V.l. Crone 
Cronyn, Mrs. Mary G. 
405 Huron street 
Mr. Charles B. Cronyn 
Mr. B. H. Cronyn 
Mr. Frank E. Cronyn 
Mr. Louis G. Cronyn 
Crooks, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. (Ellis) 
120- Huntley street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 80 
Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. Albert n. 
 Roxborough street \Vest 
Receives Friday 
Miss Lena Crosby 
Mr. Crosby 
Cross, Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. H. 
1] 1 St. George street 
Recpives Tuesday 
Miss Cross 
Miss Dorothy Cross 
Miss Meta Cross 
Crossley, Mr. H. N. 
Queens Hotel 

Crowther, Mr. and ::\lrs. William C. 
150 Sit. George street 
S. H... Fairview Island, Muskoka 
Receives Tue
Miss Lillian Crowther 
:\11'. B'verley Crowther 
Miss Lulu f'rowther 
Mr. Austin Crowther 
Crysler, ::\1r. and ::\Irs. C. S. 
73 St. George street 
Cuffe, l\lr. and Mrs. Thomas E. (Youll) 
1540 King street 'Vest 
Receives 1st 'Yednesday 
Miss Doris Cuffe 
Culver, Mr. and 1\1rs. Frank L. 
100 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Culverhouse, :\11', and Mrs. Edward 
116 .Jameson avenue 
Cumberland, Mr. and :\11'8. Chas. R. 
G06 Huron street 
S. R., The I:,:land 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 46 
Cumming, Mr. and ::\1rs. ,Yo 'V. (Dinwoodie) 
113 Bedford road 
S. R., Belmont Lake 
Receives Friday 
Mr. James D. Cumming 
:;\ir. Harry 'V. Cumming 
Mr. Ar,chie R. Cumming 
Clubs, 1\11'. 8 
Cummings, 1\11'. and Mrs. Edward J. 
325 Church street 
Cummings, Mrs. Emily 'Villoughby (Shorl) 
44: Dewson street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Blythe Sinclair 
( Cummings) 
Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. John A. 
115 Tyndall avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Cummings, Dr. Samuel 
3 Queen's Park 
Cunningham. :Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. H. (Nix(Jll) 
Birch avenUe 
Curlette Miss Margery 
.. 'Vestbourne," 340 Bloor street 
Receives Friday 
Curran, Mrs. Alfred E. 
9 Madison avnnue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Currie, Dr. and l\lrs. Charles John (Patton) 
175 College street 
Curry, 1\Ir. and ::\Irs. James 
95 St. George street 
1\1iss Irene Curry 
Curry, Mr. and Mrs. J. \Yalter 
20 South Drive, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss R. E. Curry 39 
l\lr. \V. E. Curry 66 
Clubs, .;vIr. 39-41-46-ti6-Mrs. 39 



Dack, :\11'. and :\Irs. Robert 
.. Glenview," Bedford Park, 
Receives Thursday 
Dagge, :\11'. and :\Irs. Edward (Daniel) 
55 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st :\Ionday 

Ir. Fleetwood C. Daniel 
Dale, :\11'. and :\Irs. J. G. (Speight) 
37 Xanton Crescent 
Receives 1st :\Ionday and Tuesday 
Ir. and :\Irs. Charles C. (Elliott) 
1.I6 Isabella street 
Receives :\Ionday 
:\liss Daisy Dalton 
:\liss Jeannette Dalton 
:\11'. Arthur E. Dalton 

liss Edith Dalton 
Clubs, :\11'. 78 
Dalton, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles S. (Hobb
Care 1.I6 Isabella street 
Dana, :\11'. and 
Irs. R. H. 
22 South Drive, Rosedale 
Cluhs, :\11'. .Iü 
DanC'y, :\11'. and :\Irs. Henry X. 

-w Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d and .Ith Thursday 
Ir. and :\Irs. Richard C. 
171 Spadina road 
H.eceives 2d and .Ith Friday 
:\Iiss H. Bremner 
Clubs, :\11'. 2 
Daniel, :\11'. and :\11'5. Charles D. (Burns) 
.I3 :\laple avpt1ue, Rosedale 
S. H.., Long Branch 
Heceives 1st :\Ionday 
Danson, :\11'. and :\Irs, ß. 
179 Jameson avenue 
H.eC'pi \'es 3d Th ursday 
'Iiss F. Danson 
:\11'. .1. Danson 
:\11'. L. Danson 
Darga vel, 1\11'. and ::\'Irs. R. n. 
;'2 Clm'e avenup 
Darling, :\11'. and :',}r<;:. AndrEw 


sex Court 
Receives Tuesday 
(,Iuts. :\11'. .IH 
Darling, :\11'. ::Jnd :\11'<':. C. "Tarren 
7 :\Iaple a\'enue 
H.pceives :\Ionday 
Darling. :\11'. F'rrlnk 
11 \\'ahlH'r road 
ReC'pives Friday 
:\Iiss Ali<:e Darling 
('It h
'. :\11'. ;-{:1-7H 
Darling. :\11'. amI 1\lrs. Robert (Alpxandpr) 
"TIavensmount," 2 Dale avenue 
H.el'ei ves :\1 on da v 
:\Iiss \\ïnÏfrecl f),lrling' 
\Iiss GWPIHlolyn J )arling 
:\1 r. r li fford f)a rling 
C'lubs, :\11'. .IH 
Davhlg-p :\1 r. amI :\Irs. ,.'rank (". 
::R Xanton a\'pnuC' 
rr('('pÎ\'es I!-ot :\Iomlay 
\Tis<.: Powpll 
Clubs, :\1 r. 7R 

Davidson, Dr. and :\11':-5. Alexander 
207 College 
Receives Tue
::\11'. Gporge Davids'on 

li5s :\Iary Davidson 
Davidson, Prof. (:\1. A., Ph. D.), and Mrs. 
Frederick (:\Iason) 
22 Madison avenue 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
:\Irs. Joseph Da vid:,õon ( France) 
Mr. J. J. Davidson 
Davidson, Lieut.-Col. and :\Irs. John I. (Hay) 
156 St. George streEt 
Receives Tuesd
:\Iiss Helen Gordon Davidson 39-106 
:\11'. Robert Hay Davidson 39 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 39-:\lrs. 39-106 
David:,;on, :\11'. and :\Irs. J. J. 
180 Dowling avenue 
REceives 2d and .Ith Thursday 
:\11'. Fred Davidson 
Davidson, :\11'. X. Ferrar 
ü CharJps street East 
:\11'. Jay Ketchum 
Davidson, Prof. and :\Irs. Richard 
( Xorthwood) 

 "'oodlawn avenue 
R.e('eives 1st and 3d Thursday 
David<;:on, :\11'. H.obert .G 
36 :\Iadison avenue 
:\11'. George A. Davidson 113 
:\11'. Herbert G. Davidson 66-113 
:\11'. Ernest 1. Davidson 113 
:\Iiss E. T. Struthers 
Clubs, :\11'. 113 
Davidson, ::\11'. and :\Irs. "'illiam Edward 
Care 5.I 7 .Jarvis street 
Clul>:;:, :\Irs. RO 
Davidson, :\11'. and :\Irs. \Yilliam (Topp) 
I.If) St. George street 
ReC'eives Tuesdroy 
:\1iss :\Iadge Davidson 39 
:\liss Jean Davidson 
.\11'. Akxandpr ()avid'-'on 
:\11'. :\Iortimer Vavidson 
Club::;, :\11'. 39 
DavieR, 1\11'. and :\IrR. Arthur L. E. 
21 Spencer a\ pnue 
Ir. fI-1R-.I.I 
Davies, :\11'. and :\Irs. Joseph .T. 
] .I 1 SIH'rbourne Htrpet 
HeC'eÍ\'p<; 1 
t and 
d Monday 
:\IiRs L. II. Davies . 
:\1iss I.'. E. Davips :

DavieR. :\11'. and :\Trs. ThonIa<; 
Gli ". (' lIf'<.:If'v HtUt't 
Dr. T. A. Ihl\:ieR 
:\1 r. ,.'ranklin .J. Davies 
:\11'. Gordon Davie<.: 
DavÍ<'s, .\11'. an:1 :\Irs. \\ïlliam 
 Balmoral avenup 
d and ::d Thur
Da\ilIt', :\11'. and :\Ir
. I1l'rb('rt L. 
:::27 Palnwrston boul('vanI 
I{l'('piv('s 1 <.:t Thursday anrt Friday 
. :\Irs. AlfrNI L. (("ox) 
h('rbllurl)(, strt't'Ì 



Davis, Mr. and 
rs. Didwell N. 
2 May place 
Hec'eives 2d and 3d Monday 
, Dr. Leila A. 
Alexandra Pa lace 
Mrs. Davis 
Davis, Mr. and 
lrs. 'Villiam Joseph (Potter) 
88 Roxborough street East 
S. R. ," The Pines," Lorne Park 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Florence ,Maud Davis 
:Miss Josephine Potter Davis 
Clubs, Mr, 9-46-115-Mrs. 103 
Davison, 1\11'. and Mrs. Robert C. 
110 Crescent road 
Davy, Mr. and Mrs. John 
619 Huron 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Dawson, Mrs. George D. (Crooks) 
75 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mìss May Daw1'on 
wson, Dr. and Mrs. .James Franklin 
li331h Spadina avenue 
RecE'ives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 106 
Deacon, Mr. and 
lrs. Frederick H. 
( Emmerson) 
158 Crescen t road 
Receives Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16-Mrs. 39 
Dean, Mr. and Mrs. :BJ. Sterling (Perrin) 
9 :BJdgedale road 
Receives Monday 
Dean, ::\lrs. ,Yo George (Hardy) 
561 A ven ue road 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
Death, Mr. H. F. 
Arlington Hotel 
Deavitt, Mr. and .:VIrs. John 
399 Palmerston boulevard 
DefrieF;, Mr. and Mr
. Robert L. 
221 Broadview avenue 
Receivf'f-; 2d and -1th 'Vednesday 
DeGruchy, Mr. and Mrs. John (Tuthill) 
79 Delaware avenue 
Receives 2d and -1th Thursday 
DE'lamere, LÍeut.-CoL and Mrs. Joseph .M. 
2-1 I street 
Receives \VedneF;day 
Miss Deni
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 7R 
Delamere, Mr. (K. C.), and AIrs. Thomas D. 
( Bickford) 
39 Heath 
treet, Deer Park 
S. R., Bal
am Lake 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Plsie Keefer 
Miss n 'atrice Delamere 
Miss Grace Delamere 
Miss Molly Delamere 
Mr. Rudolf Delamere 
De Laporte, Mrs. Antoine V. 
308 Jarvis street 
Mr. Antoine De Laporte 

Denison, Mr. and 1\1rs. Arthur R. (Stewart) 
50 Lakeview avenue 
S. H.., "Auburn." Centre Island 
Receives 1st and :
d Friday 
Miss Denison 
Denison, Mr. and :\lrs. Bertram 
( .:\' ordheimer) 
. 7 Roxborough street :BJast 
Clubs, Mr
. 1(,6 
Denison, LiE'ut.-CoL and ::\lrs. Clarence A. 
55 Prince Arthur avenue 
Major Denison 
 May Denisón 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 8u-1\Irs. 61-80 
Denison, Mrs. Frederick C. ('Macklem) 
holme," Rusholme road 
Receives Friday 
1\1iss Jessie Denison 
Miss Dora Deni

'lr Edgar Denif-;on 
Denison, Colonel and ::\Irs. George Taylor 
Heydon Villa, Dovercourt road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Clare DenÜ;on 
Clubs, Col. 22--16-69-91-Mrs. 33-86 
on, Mr. and :\lrs. G. 1'., Jr. 
98 RUF;holme ,"oad 
Clubs, 1\1r. -16 
Denison, Mrs. Grace E, 
33 Strathy C'bambers 
Denison, Mr. and )lrs. J. Shirley (Fairbairn) 
278 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Denison, Mr. and :\lrs. Reginald (Dalton) 
478 Brunswick avenue 
S. n., Balmy Beach 
Receives Tuesday 
Denison, Lt.-Col. and .\Irs. Septimus A. 
32 St. Joseph street 
l\I iss Denison 
Mis'S Dorothy Denison 
Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon H. 
312 Brunswick avenue 
Denovan, Mr. and :\lrs. Allan lVl. (Parker) 
16 Selby street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Miss Ruth Denovan 
Miss Grace Denovan 
Denovan, lVII', and Mrs. Jo
2 Pelham place 
S. R., 
Receives 1st and 3d :\londay 
Miss I
abel Denovan 
Miss Hilda Denovan 
Denton, Mr. (K. C.), and 
Irs. Frank 
67 Avenue road 
Receiyes 1st Friday 
l\1iss Joy Denton 
Miss Lily Denton 
s Laura Denton 
Clubs, Mr. -16-61-112 
Denton, ,Mr. and 
Irs. J. Herbert 
2-10 Huron :,;treet 

.. -, 

, __ t. .rl..
. ,.
4 ..

 k ,,"# Typify the piano ìjïJ .it 
I , perfection of the j I 
 'N l ' 
age and possess 
the tone quality 
I I that lifts them 'I 
into a class by !, 


- .. 


, . :. 








Man Tailored Suits, Habits 
and Gowns of Every 

· \t ßc. 
\ Fancy Gowns, Waists, &c. 

 Importers and Designers 
Charges Moderate 

688 Spadina Avenue 

. . 

. . 

. . 


Phone College 5650 



Autumn term begins Wednesday. September nth. Examinations fo.- Entrance Scholarships 
September 14th. Courses for FnivE'r
itv. Roval :\Iilitarv CollegE' and Bu

. Regular Staff 
comprh-es 15 graduatE':-< of Engli:-<h an
l CanàdÜm Cnï"ver:-<itie:-<. with additional :-<pecial in- 
!'tructors. Se:1Íor and Preparatory :,ochools in !'eparatE' huilding:,;. Every modern equipment. 
Fifty acres of ground in hE'3lthiest district. 4 rink:-<. gymnasium. :-<wimming bnth. etc. 
Entrance scholarships for both rp""Ïden t and day pupil:-<. 
on:-< of old 
. Succes
es la:-<t YE'ar. 2 CnivE'rsity 
('holar:-<hips; 10 first clp
s honor!'"; 8') pns
E's. 6 
 into the Roynll\Iilitary College. H. W. AUDEN, M. A. (Cambridge) Principal 

The Photographers 

. . 

. . 

Perfect photographic technic combined with artistic posing 
328 1-2 Y onge Street, Toronto 

Westbourne School For Girls 

340 Bloor Street West, Toronto 
A Wren Appointed, Modern Residen- 
tial and Day School. Students pre- 
pared for Cniversity and Dtpart- 
mental Examinations. Specialists 
in every department. 
fusic in 
affiliation with Tor('nto Ccnse rvatory 
of 1\fusic. F. :\1cGillivray Knowles, 
Art Director For prospectus and 
information apply to the principal. 

 .F 77 '.- 

,;:;:: . 
\ \1'Î 

· f f .1!' 
. f
 , ' 
&.: ..- 

fI '. Ii t.. - 

t .: 
.:\\\f . " 
./'. \\

t i




-. j 

. liE! 
t " 

it i'-. WIiÎ!\-........ 
.... If_ 


_ .' Ilf 
. . 



De Veber, :Mrs. R. C. 
7 -1 St. George street 
:\Iiss A. Robertson 
Dewar, Mrs. John J. 
16 Harbord street 
:Miss Dewar 
Dewar, :\1r. and Mrs. Kenneth Hugh (Fraser) 
20 Dewson street 
Dewart, Mrs. Edward H. (Hunt) 
515 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d :\londay 

lrs. H. A. Dumhle 
Ir. (K. C.), and :\Irs. H. Hartley 
5 Elmsley place 
Receives Tuesday 
De\\dney, ::\Ir. and 
Irs. Arthur R. (Douglas) 
7!J Spencer avenue 
Ueceives 2d and :C
d 'Yednesday 
Ir. and Mrs. John 
.. rver House," 52 St. Alban street 
S R.. Coburg, Onto 
-:\Iiss Dif'k 
:\Tr. David Di('k 
Clubs, Mr. 46-:\Irs. 106 
Dickey, -:\Iiss 
largaret E. 
68] Spadina avenue 
Dickson, Mr. and :\Irs. Archibald A. 
( Wanless) 
R Spadina road 
Ref'eives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss Alma A. n;pkson 
:\Iiss Violet 'W. Dickson 
:\Iiss Yida A. Di("k
:\Ir. Ivan "'. Dieksoil 
Dickson, Dr. C. R. 
192 Bloor street "'est 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
-:\Tiss Isabella Dickson 
Clubs, Dr. ] O-(j(j-R1-97 
Ir. (:\1. A.), and :\Irs. George 
( Flett) 
1-l-! Bloor street East 
Ref'eives 1st and :-M Fridav 
Clubs. :\11'. 7 -!J-W-18-56-81--:\Irs. 

Dickson. CafJt. and :\lrs. R. G. 
27 Park road 
H.t'('eiyps 1 st and 
d Monday 
-:\) r. I{. II. I>ick<.:on (Cohalt) 
-:\) i<;s Gladys Dickson 
:\) is<; Etlwl Dickson 
Clubs, Capt. IiI 
Digby, :\Ir. and :\Irs. "'illiam "". (Stinson) 
29 Palnwrstun boulevard 
Dignam, .\1 r. and Mrs. .John S. 
t. George strf'et 
S. R., Port Sydney, :\Iuskoka 
I{('('piyes :.hl and ,Hh Friday 
:\Ir. William 8. T. nignalll 
Clubs, :\Irs. Xli. also Lycf'um Cluh, 
Toronto. l':ng. 
Dill. :\1 r. and :\Irs. "'Ill F. 
111 :\IacPherson aYf>lHlp 
Hf'('C'i yes :'
d a 11(1 -t th Friday 
Dil1t.y, :\Ir. lIarry .1. 
(;:i Qu('pn str('('t East 

Dilworth, :\11'. and :\Irs. R. J. (McLean) 
38 Albany avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
S. R., .. Come Hither," Peninsular 
Receives ht and 2d Friday 
Clubs. :\Ir. 9-32-34-46-70-81-Mrs. 
Dimock, :\Ir. E. S. 
5;')3 Sherbourne street 
Clubs, :\Ir. 113 
Dimock, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Frank "'. 
159 Dowling avenue 
Dineen, :\11'. and :\Irs. "ïIIiam (Buchanan) 
230 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Kew B
Receivps 3d and -1th Friday 
)11'. Charles Dineen 
:\Ir. Gordon Dineen 
:\Ir. ClitIord Dineen 
Dineen, :\11'. and :\lrs. '\'111. F. nYalker) 
] 2-15 King strept "'est 
Receives 3d Thursday 
:\11'. and :\lrs. X. G. :\lcLeod 30-10S- 
Clubs, l\lr. 
O-l OR-112 
Dingman, Mr. and :\Irs. Archibald 'V. 
-t8 Admiral road 
Ref'eives 1st and 
d Friday 
:\Iiss Corinne Dingman 
Dixon, Rev. Canon and 1\1 rs. H. C. 
-117 King street East 
Irs. Homer 
.. The Homewood," Xiagara Fall!':.. 
South Ontario 
Receives Saturday 
:\liRs Dixon 
Dixon, :\Ir. and :\1rs. .John 
5-1 Chestnut Park 
Hpceives 2d Tuesday 
:\liss E. Dixon 
:\[1'. Frank I. Dixon 
Dixon, :\Ir. and 
1rs. .J ohn .J. (Duggan) 
52 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Dixon, Mr. and :\Irs. "ïlliam E. .J. (Harvey} 
102 Uoxborough strf'E't East 
Receives lRt and ;.(d Tuesday 
Ir. and :\Irs. "'m. T. 
flH Dowling an'nue 
l{pceives 1st Thursday 
Dodd, :\11. and :\Jrs. 1lenry Stansfield (Collins). 
-Inn Brun
wi("k aVf'nue 
DOhprty, Dr. and :\lrs. \\'m. II. (Wolfe) 
\\'estprn aVE'nuf' 
Rf'cei YE'S 1 st Thursday 
lr. and 1\lrs. \\'m. K. 
 Bedford road 
Hl'("eivps 2<1 Friday 
:\Jiss E. Dohertv 
:\1 iss:\1. IJolH'l"ty 
Jrs. LIlli 
Dolla r, :\Irs. "'m. 
lti Xanton Crp
Pona 1<1, :\1 ajor and :\Irs. Dunea n 
ï -t 1.:lm avpnl1l'. Hospdal(' 
H('cpin's 2<1 :\Ionday and TUf':.:day 



Donald, :Mr
. Ri.chard 
6-1 Bloor str"et \Yest 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Dr. Margaret Donald Gordon 
Donald, Mr. and Mrs Richard A. (Harvie) 
177 Balmoral avenue 
Ir. 4û 
Donald, Mr. and :\1rs. Robert C. (:\lackenzie) 
1] 1 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-Mrs. 39 
Doolittle, Dr. and :\lrs. Perl'y Ernest (Pearson) 
159 Bloor street East 
:\Tiss Edith Irene Doolittle 
:\11'. Gordon 'Westover Doolittle 
Dorenwel1d, :\11'. and :\1rs. H. (Robinson) 
:::17 Jarvi
::\1iss Irene Dor"llwend 
111'. Adolph Dorenwend 
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. James S. (Coady) 
:::10 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Douglas, :\11'. and :\lrs. John Cameron 
( Hughes) 
19 Roxborougn street East 
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. John D. 
89 Breadalbane street 
Douglas, Mr. and :\lrs. \ViIIiam J. (Riordon) 
62 St. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 
:\11'. Howard Douglas 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
Douglas, l\Ir. and :\lrs. "William :\1. (Piper) 
!19 :\laitland "treet 
S. R., ] 70 Lake Shore avenue, 
Centre Island 
:\Tiss Edith ::\larion Douglas 
:\Jr. .John Harvey Douglas 66-7-1 
Clubs, Mr. 66 
Douglas, 1\11'. "'i!Iiam 1\1. (K. C.) 
138 Madison avenue 
Douglas, Mr, and :\1rs. 'V. E. (Proudfoot) 
132 TIoxborol1e;h street 'Yest 
Receives Friday 
Douglass, :\11'. (B. A.), and ::\Irs. ,Yo A. 
220 'VeHesle v <;treet 
Receives 1st ';l.nd 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. Single Tax Club 
Doward, :\'11'. and Mrs. Edgar R. 
600 Church street 
Dowsley, :\11'8. 
1-17 Cowan avenue 
Rect'ives ht and 3d Thursday 
Dr. Ogilvie Dowsley 
Drake, 1\11'. Fnmk A. 
34 Grenville street 
Drayton, Mr. and :\lrs. Henry L. (Cawthra) 
] 8 J<
lm avpnue, Ro
Receives ::\londay 
Drummond, 1\11'. and Mrs. Andrew T. 
61 'Wellecley street 
 2d and 4th Monday 
:\Ti <;s Tìrnmmond 
1\Tis<; Helen Drummond 
Clubs, :\11'. 10-22-Mrs. 33-61-103- 
Dryden, :\lrs. JOh 1 1 (Hrlman) 
224 Bloor street \Yest 

Drynan, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. John 
12 Scarth road, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 2d 110nday 
:l\Iiss Drynan 
Miss L. Drynan 
Vlr. 46 
Drynan, ;'\:11'. and :\lrs. John \Y. (Armour) 
7 -l Lowther strept 
Ref'Eives Friday 
Duckworth ( M. A. Ox on . ) . Rev. Prof. and 
Mrs. H. T, F. 
Dean Trinity Co]}ege, 790 Queen 
street \" est 
Duckworth, Mr. and :\Irs. Laurence (Booth) 
113 Delaware avenue 
Receives 3d \Yednesday 
Duggan, l\fr. and Mrs. Edmund H. 
5B6 Huron street 
Miss Annie Loi
1\11'. George "ïIfred Duggan (Corn- 
wall. OntL 
Clubs, 1\11'. 6û. 
Dunbar, Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson J. (Gale) 
97 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st :\Ionday and Tue.'day 
Miss Rita Dunbar 
::\1iss L. Gale 
DunCan, Dr. and 1\Irs. .r. T. 
165 Bloor street East 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday. 
Dunlop, Mr. John H. 
6-14 Landsdowne avenue 
Miss Alice Dunlop 
Dunnett, :\lrs. Thomas (:\lcCammon) 
67 Huntley street 
REceives 2d and 4th \YedllPsday 
Dunning, Mr and Mr:-;. Chas. 'Yo 
423 Pahnerston boulevard 
Receives 3d Friday 
Miss E. G. Dunning 
Dunstan, Mr. and 1\Irs. Kenneth J. 
112 Avenue R 
S. R., 24 l1alsam avenue, Balmy 
Receives Fridav 
 Maude Dunstan 
Dupont, Miss Frances 
101 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Amy Dupont 
Durand, Mrs. Mary A. 

27 Huron street 
Miss Laura B. Durand 
Durham, Mr. and Mrs. John H. C. (1Iitchell) 
D::: Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1 st Monday 
S. R.. "Craigmore," Bond Lake 
Clubs, :\11'. ] 12 
Dwight, Mr. and l\Ir<;. Han'ey P. (Helliwell) 
] 07 St. George street 
Receives Tue!"day 
 MÏ11l1ie Helliwpll 
Clubs, :\'[1'. 39-í8 
Dwyer, :\11'8. F, (::\ff'Gee) 
2 Carlton Ftrpf't 
Receives 4tJl ,Monday 
Mr. .John 

I'fjl-'f' ..H;1 

1'< mox 1'0 


Dwyer, Dr. Robprt J. 
.34 Spadina avenue 
:\liss hmbel Dwyer 
:\Ir. .James Dv.yer 
:\Irs :\1. H. Dwyer 
Dya e , :\-Irs. \\"m, .T. 
47 Elgin avenue 
Dym2nt, :\Ir. and 1Ir,.;. Albert E. (Chapman) 
S. R., .. The Dale," Dale avenue, 
Receives :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\lr. .8-8-1- )lrs. 8-1-b6 
Dymond, :\lr. and :\lrs. Allan :VI. t :\lellish) 
19 Castle F'rank creRcent 
l{,eceives Vt and 3d 110nday 
:\liss Helen Dymond 

Eager, :\Ir. and :\lrs. F. B. (:\linister) 
;). Prine:> Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
s H. :\lini
Eakins, :\Ir. and :',Ir
. Thomas 
1113 l\I:ldison avenue 
Eakins. :\lr. and .\1 rs. W. George 
( E\ath-Zimmerman) 
;,}íR Huron 
:\Tr. K. Zimmerman 
Clubs, :\lr. -!f) 
Eakins, 1lrs. William II. (Youell) 
 .\ladison avenue 
Easson, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Robert F. 
37 "ïllc-ock
Receives Tuesday 
::\Ir. Grant Easson 
:\Jr. Bruce Ea!'son 
East, 1\1rs. 'Ym. 
Torrington, Kingston road 
Eastmure, :\Ir. and :\Ir
. Arthur L. (Ireland) 
110 Pembroke street 
S. R., Oriole Lodge, Oriole a\"enue, 
Centre h:land 
RH'tÎVes 1st and 3d 110ndav 
Cbbs. ).1r. -1-
2-35-39-()(j-ß9-RO, a}:..;o 
Churl'h and :\ler'2antile Cricket 
League-::\Irs. 35-103, also To- 
ronto Island Assn. 
Eastwood, 11r. .John P. 
:W Itosedale Road 
:\Iiss Gladys :\1. Eastwood 
Clubs. .\Ir. 9 
Eastwood, .\Ir. and :\Irs. .John T. (Coulter) 
;)8 Lynwood avpnup 
Clubs, 11
Eaton, :\Irs. Edward Y. (I'
l;;í St. Gporgp street 
S. R., .. HOl'klf'dge,"' 11uskoka 
H.lTl:'ives 1 st I.'riday 
Cluhs, ;\Irs. :-{9 
Eaton, Dr. and :\Irs. Horace l<
. (Hogt>rs) 
li:-{ 1 Shf'rbourue strpt't 
Hel'pives :\londay 
Eaton. ::\Ir. and :\lrs. .John C. (:\1t-f'rea) 
121 Wa Imer Haad 
S. H., uKawandag," l..akp Hos- 
Sf'a \I 
Hf'(,t'iVt's 1 st and :-{d Friday 
Cluhs, :\Ir. :
!)- Hi-f)fi- :\Irs. :

Irs. Timothy (Beattie) 
. 182 Lowther a ven ue 
S. H... U Ravenscrag,' 'Yindemere, 
Receives l
t FrIday 
:\Irs. Jm:pphinp B u'ndde (Eat,)I1) 
Clubs, :\Irs. 39 
EÌJy, 11r. H. Dougla!-. 
21 Front Street Ea!'t 
S. R., Centre Island 
Clubs. :\lr. -!-9-3o--l6-ü6 
Eby, :\1:r. and :\Irs. Joseph F'. (:\lc:\lurtry) 
21 Front 
tr('pt East 
S. fl.. Centn.> I"'lanG. 
Clubs, :\Ir. 9-

Eoy, :\lr. and :\lrs. "'. Percival (Lockie) 
21-1 Beverley !"treet 
Receives 'YedlH sday 
Clubs, :\Ir. -!f) 
Ec.c1estone, :\lr. "'alter Y. 
 nalmoral avenue 
:\Ir. Herbert \\'. Ecclestone 
Eckardt, )'lr. and :\lrs. Albert J. H. (Philp) 
500 Huron street 
Recei ves Frida v 
:\Ir. William P. Èckardt 
:\lr. Xewman A. Ec-kardt 39-li(j 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 39--!()-:\lrs. 39-1u6 
Eckardt, :\lr. and :\Irs. Herbert P. (Philp) 
S. R.. U Edg-mont," Lake front. 
:\1r. Douglas Eckardt 
Clubs, :\Ir. öl-lili-í8-112 - )'Irs. 106 
Fddie, ,Mr. .John Hooper 
1 í2 Roxborough street East 
S. R., ::\Iuskoka 
Eddis, :\Ir. Hf'nrY 'Y. 
1 í2 'Roxborougb 
treet East 
Mr:". A. H. Lf'ith 
H.E:.ceiv('s 1st and 3d l\1onday 
Eddis, :\Ir. .J. H. 
Albany Club 
Clubs, }'lr. 1-2-1-üü-í2-115 
, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Wilton C. 
íO Binscarth road 
f{pf'pives l
t and 2d :\londay 
:\Iiss Dorothv Eddis 
.'-1 r. ,f. Wyndham Eddis 
:\lr. C
Jarlf's S. Eddis 
Edgar, Lady Matilda 
S. H" Roache'ç Point, Lake SinH'oe 
s Edg-ar 
Eògar, Prof. (Ph. D.) and 
Irs. Pelham 
( Rou Iton ) 
21 Euclid a\'l:'nue 
Hel'f'Ï\"f's Friday 
Edmonds, :\Ir. and 1\lrs. Charles K (Beatty) 
-1 Crf'
l't'llt road 
H.f'ef'i\"{-'s 1 
t and :!d TUf'sòav 
:\Ir. (' S. l.'dmolld

liss lIa 7 ('} :\1. Edmonds 
Clubs, :\Ir. H-21-fin-112 
Edmonds. :\Ir. and :\Ir
. John 
ti Cr(,
l'('nt road 



Edmonds, J.\lr. and 1\1rs. Wm. L. (Galley) 
127 Bals
an avenue 
Rf"ceives 1st Thursday 
Miss Blanche Edmonds 
Mr. George Edmonds 
Clubs, :\-11'. 46 
Edwards, Mr. and 1\1rs. A. B. 
65 PriLce Arthur avenue 
"\V. R., St. Augustine, Fla. 
Receives Friday 
::.\Iiss Angela Edwards 
Edwards, ::\11'. and :\lrs. Charles H. 
"Rostellan," Edmund avenue near 
Poplar Plains road 
EdV\ ards, Mr. and Mrs. George 
28 .Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
::\11'. H. Percy Edwards 109 
::\11'. A. Geoffrey Edwards 
:\11'. Oswald N. Edwards 
Clubs, 1\11'. 34-69-72 
Edwards, ::\11'. and Mrs. Gordon C. (Stone) 
180 Spadina road 
Receives Thursday 
Elliot, Dr. Chas. S. 
160 Huron street 
Receives 1st "Tednesday 
:\1iss Annie E. Elliot 
::\11'. Fred Elliot 
Elliott, Dr. and Mrs. (Gardner) 
203 Beverley street 

lrs. M. Elliott 
EJIiott, ::\11'. and 1\1rs. .John S. 
Iffley Lodge, 20 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st ::\londay 
EJIiott, Dr. and 
lrs. John Ephraim (Orr) 
69 Bloor stref't East 
Receives 3d ::\londay 
(,Iubs, Dr. 1-66-97 
Elliott, 1\11'. and Mrs. ' H. (Lloyd) 
10 Hawthorne avenue. Rosedale 
S. R., "Summerholme," Lake 
.Joseph. Muskoka 
Receives 4th and last Monday 
11iss Louise Elliott 
:\11iss Madeline Elliott 
Miss Helen Elliott 

\Ir. Arthur L. Elliott 
:\liss A. Beatrice Elliott 
Elliott, Mr. and ::\irs. "\Vm. J. (Schooley) 
57 "Talmer road 
Receive<; Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 2-41--1-6-49-107-112- 
Mrs. 87-103- HH-106 
Ir. and :\lrs. William .J. (
104 Bedford road 
Recf'ive<; Fridav 
:\Irs. ,Yo 11. :\lcKibbin 
Ellis, Mr. and )lrs. .John F. 
81 'YeHesley street 
Receivf's Monòay 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Ellis. :\11'. and Mrs. 1\1. C. 
15 Elm avenue 
:\Iiss Reta Ellis 
Clubs, :\11'. 39-46 

Ir. and l\Ir
. Phillip W. 
66 Glen road 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
1adeline Gooderham Ellis 
:\11'. Reginald Ellis 66 
:\1iss :\luriel Ellis 
::\Iiss :Mona Ellis 
::\1iss Kathleen Parr Ellis 
Mr. Kenneth G. Q. Ellis 
Clubs, Mr. 8-9-22-56-60-61-81-82 
Ellis, ::\11'. and Mrs. Richard Y. (Pugh) 
,no Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Ellis, Prof. (:\1. A., :\1. B.) and Mrs. Wm. H. 
( Mickle) 
7 -! St. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 
Dr. A. W. 1\1. Ellis 
::\11'. H. H. Ellis 
Clubs, Prof. ] 0-22-69-80- Mrs. 33- 
Elmsley, Major and Mrs. James H. 
( Boulton) 
23 St. Joseph street 
Elmsley, Mr. and :\lrs. Remy (Bradshaw) 
.. Barnstable." 13 Elmsley place 
Receives Tuesday 
:\11'. Shprwood Elll1!"ley 78 
:\Iiss Agnes Elmsley 
:\1iss 11eryam Elmsley 
1Iiss Gertrude Elmsley 
Clubs. :Mr. 78 
Ely, :Mr. and 'Irs. Ernst F. (Reynolds) 
3 B::'aty avenue 
Receivf's 3d Thursday 
:\11'. S. Ely 
Clubs. 111'. 46-111--Mrs. 111 
Emery, Dr. and 
lrs. 'YiIIiam J. H. (Job) 
14 Carlton street 
S. R.. Orchard B::'ach 
Receives Monday 
:\Iiss Helen Theodora Job 
:\11'. E. Van Xor-nan Emery 
::\11'. 'YaUer D. Emuy 
Clubs, Dr. 56 
Equi, ::\11'. and :\Irs. 'Vm. .T. 
-112 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Essery, ::\11'. and :\lrs. 'Ym. H. 
162 Dunn avenuf' 

liss Mabel E. Essery 
E\"ans, :\11'. A. KeHy 
Toronto Club 
EYans, Mr. and ::\lrs. Caleb 
636 Palmersto'l avenue 
Receives 3d "\Vednesday 
Evans, :\11'. and 111'<'::. Franl{ 
138 Bedford road 
Evans, :\-11'. and :\Irs. F. Percy (Smythe) 
!)R1 huron street 
Evans, :\11'. and }lr<.::, George E. (Skill) 
fiS St. A.nn's road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 78-8-1 
E, ans, ::\11'. And :\lrs. Henry 'V. (Gundry) 
82 Spadina roaò 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
'Mr. Owen Evans 
Clubs, :\11'. 16-78 


High- Class Millinery 


Order Wark a Specialty 

840 Y onge Street 


orth 2995 


Open frol11 I I a. 111. to 6 p. 111. 


--" .. -,
 of F ;:" , 
,', ....- íí f; 'I'
!. 'II'" 
 Vi,Y, li'l 
\ '!o..1) l" '1f.1 
'\. i" . 1'?Ji 
, .' .. 
 '. \ \".. ::;:1, 





 . Delicious Tea and Coffee Seryed 
!.1iX. in Restful Rooms. 

Luncheon from 12 to 3-After- 
noon Tea fronl 3 to 6-Ices, etc. 

, Rooms or Tables may be Re- 
served for Private Parties 

Smoking Room for Men 

"The Pioneer Tea Rooms of Toronto " 

Note-I03 YONGE STREET-No Branches 



t ", 
....... .' :.' i 
. .y;" ,.--,Ii'
'.i . 


 t1. ... 


I t is an academy of the highest class for 
tuition in horsemanship, in vlhich the most 
careful attention is given to lady and chil- 
dren patrons. Special instructors are provided 
for the little ones, and parents can rely on 
the utmost caution being employed. Superb 
horses, vvell broken and easily managed. 

JOHN MOYER, Riding Master 

Phone North 2346 




Consult us 
E\rery Size and Texture 
in "A e r t ex" Cell u I a r 

'-0 rO/J/p/de range of 
'\ Dr. Jaeger's Specialties 

Illustrated Price Lists on Application 


85 King Street West 

Phone M 2611 



Evans, ::\11'. and :\Ir!". H. Pollman (BoulIwyn) 
60 Bin
f'arth road 
Receives :2d and 3d :\londay 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-46-49-61-66-:\lrs. 61- 
Evans, :\Ir. and :\Irs. John D. (Dow) 
226 .1 arvi
:\Iiss :\Iuriel Evans 
Evans, Dr. and :\lr
. L. Hamilton 
1 'Ya!"hington avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss :\Iadeleine Evans 106 
:\Ii:-;s Grace Evans 
Clubs, Dr. 97 
Evans, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Robert (Ramsay) 
152 Dowling avenue , 
Receives 4th Thursday 
:\11'. Ramsay Evans 
:\Iiss Xellie Evans 
:\1iss Edith Evans 
lr. and :\Irs. John H. 
22 Bernard avenue 
S. R., :\Iuskoka 
Receives Friday 
Eyre, Mr. 8nd :\Irs. Reginald \V. (Charlton) 
78 Lynnwood avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 

Fahey, Mr. and :\Irs. Richard 1\1. (Todd) 
308 Huron street 
Ir. and :\lrs. Rhys. R. 
633 Huron street 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
Fairbairn, :\11'. and :\lrs. \Ym. H. ()Iills) 
84 Charlf's street "Test 
Receives 1 st and 2d Friday 
:\11'. Reginald :\1. Fairbairn 
Fairclough, :\Ir. and :\lrs. w. E. (Jenner) 
48 Hawthorne avenue, Rosedale 
S. R., "ïndermere, Muskoka 
Receives :\londay 
Fairhead, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Harry J. (Bowling) 

W Yorkville avenue 
Receives 1 st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 8 
Fairweather, :\In
. Agnes 
fi7 Queen's Park 
Ref'(-'ives Tuesday 
)1iss Belle Fairweather 39 
:\'Iiss .Tessie Fairweather 
:\lr. Robert Fairweather 39-4G 
Fairweather, :\lr, and :\lrs. Allan C. (Wilkes) 

, H.oxborough street 'Vest 
ReceÍ\, es Friday 
Fairweather. :\lrs. James "T, T. 
La Plaza \partments 
Falconbridge, the lIonorablf' Sir Glenbolme 
and Lady (Sullivan) 
SO Isabella strc'f't 
H('cei ves :\1 ouda y 
Cluhs, Sir Glenholme, GG-7R-:\lrs. 
Falconbridge, :\1 r. and :\lrs. .John Dela tre 
( Hamilton) 
22 Chf'stuut Park 
Hecf'i H'<'; Tu/:'!-c1a y 
Clubs, :\Ir. -t-,j'i-7

Falconer, :\11'. (:\1. A., LL. D.) and :\Irs. Rob- 
.ß9 St. George street 
Farmer, ::\11'. and :\lrs. Jones H. 
750 Bathurst street 
Fasken, ::\Ir. and :\Irs. David 
172 Queens Park avenue 
:\11'. Robert Fasken 
Clubs, :\lr, 4G 
Featherston, :\Ir. and :\frs, Arthur :\1. (Reay)' 
111 Bedford road 
Receives 1 st and 3d Friday 
::\Iiss \\ïnifred Featherston 
:\Iiss Grace Featherston 
Miss Beatrice Featherston 
Ir. and Mrs. Charles L. 
( Thomson) 
10 Lo
ther avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
:\lr. Sydney Hamilton Fellowes 
:\Ir. Charles Otley Fellowes 84 
Clubs, :\Ir. 61-97 
Fensom, ::\Irs. Charlotte 
540 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 4th ::\Ionday 
1\11'. Charles J. Fensom 
lr. and Mrs. George H. (Law) 
81 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st 
londay and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-4ß 
Fenton, Dr. and :\Irs. Frederick (Irving) 
75 Dloor street East 
Receives 3d :\Ionday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 12-Mrs. 43 
Ferguson, Mr. Harcourt 
Arlington Hotel 
FHguson (K. C.), ::\lr. \Villiam N. 
Arlington Hotel 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-4G 
Ferguson, Dr. and :\Irs. .Tohn (Baird) 
2ö4 Co))ege street 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Ferguson, Mrs. Mary E. 
621 Jarvis street 
Arlington Hotel 
Receives Thursday 
Fergusson, ::\Ir. and 
Irs. G. Tower 
70 :\Iadison avenue 
S. H.., M uskoha 
Heceives Friday 
:\1 r. A. Tower Ff'rgusson 4 
:\Ir. .T. Leslie Ji'('rgusson Gt.i 
1\1 iss Jessie Fergusson 
Clubs, :\Ir. 112 
Ferrie, :\1 r. Alexander E. 
644 Spadina avenue 
Clubs, :\lr. R()-9ï-11
Fetherstonhaugh. :\Ir. and :\ll"s. F', n. 
( Hutledg-e) 
.. Lynn Lodge," Lake Shore road.. 
:\1 imico 
R('('pives l!-:t and :
d Saturday 
l\lr. .James :\1. F('thpr
lr. hi 



Ffolkes, ::\-lr. and :\'Irs. Edward G. E. 
( Stra.chan) 
420 Indian road 
Receives Sat\lrday 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Fielding, Mr. and :\lrs. Edward Barnard 
( Bonnick) 
8 Lynnwood a"
Receives 1st and last Friday 
Findlay, Miss Albprta 
110 Bedford road 
Miss B
ssie Findlay 
Firstbrook, Mr. and Mrs. John 
30 "Tilton Crescent 
Fischer, Mr. and 
lrs. 'Villiam G. 
166 :\1:adison avpnue 
Fish, Mr. and :\lrs. Alfred C. 
 Dunn avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Fisher, Mr. and ::\'Irs. AlÏred Benson (Fulton) 
96 Glen road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Fisher, Mr. and Mr
. Allen B. 
253 Albany avenue 
Fisher, Dr. and Mrs. Edward 
1] Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
l\Iiss :\larv L. Caldwell 
Clubs, Dr. 39-66-81-:\1rs. 33-86- 
Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. James A. 
239 Major street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Florence Fisher 
Fisher, Dr. and :\lrs. John H. (Climesha) 
65 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 
Miss Effie Fisher 
Fisken, Mr. and :\lrs. J. Kerr (Jones) 
60 :.\iadison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Fitzgerald, l\1r. and Mrs. Edward G. (Bailey) 
83 St. Joseph street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-Mrs. 39 
Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. F. \V. Gerald 
49 Chestnut Park, Rosedale 
Receives Tuesday 
FitzGibbon, Miss Mary 
66 'Wellesley street 
Clubs, Miss 33-87-10-1-105 
Fitzsimons, Mr. and Mrs. James B. 
60 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss S. Fitzsimons 
Miss O. Fitzsimons 
Miss L. Fitzsimons 
Flavelle, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. 
II Holwood," Queen's Park 
S. R., Sturgeon Point 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Mina Flavelle 39-106 
Miss Clara Flavelle 
Mrs. Ellsworth Flavelle 
'Clubs, Mr. 3'9-46-78 

Fitzsimons, :\11'. and l\Irs. \Yilmot (Dease) 
1-1-1 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Receiyes Friday 
Flaws, 1\1rs. "T. A. (Clark) 
87 Crescent road 
Heceiyes 1st )Ionday and Tuesday 
:\11'. and :\Irs. G. :\1. Clark (Flood) 
Clubs, l\Jr. 39--1-6- -:\1rs. 38-63 
Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Atwell 
371 :\larkham street 
REceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Fleming, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Charles E. (Macklem) 
G1 Bernard avenue 
Receives Friday 
::\'Ir. Harloe Fleming 
Mr. Acton Fleming 
Fletcher, Prof. (l\1.A., LL.D,) and Mrs. John 
( Inches) 
5:32 Huron street 
Receiyes Friday 
Mr. Alan Fletcher 
:\Jr. Grant Fletcher 
1\11'. Hugh Flet
Mr. Almon Fletcher 
Flett, Mr. John 
129 Isabella street 
"l\'Iiss Flett 
:\Iiss Jessie Flett 
Clubs, 1\11'. -:16-112 
Fleury, 1\11'. and )'Irs. 'Wm. .J. (B.lck) 
85 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
FlewweIIing, Mr. and :\Irs. 'Yalter J. 
90 \Yalmer road 
Receives -:1th Friday 
Miss E. B. Flewwelling 
Flewwelling, :\11'. and :.\lrs. 'V. H. 
540 Spadina avenue 
Folger, Mr. and 1\1rs. \V. \Y. (Shaw) 
2-:1 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Folingsby, 1\1rs. J. B. (Sidley) 
23 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
1\1rs. Driffield 
Follett, Mr. and ::\1rs. Frank R. (Smith) 
72 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Follett, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. 
St. George Mansions 
:\11'. Arthur Follett 
Forbes, Mr. and :\lrs. Wm. R. 
155 Robert street 
Forfar, Dr. and :\lrs. James E. (Forsyth) 
212 Carlton street 
Receives 3d Tuesday 
Forster, Mr. and :\lrs. A. H. 
12 Roxborough street East 
S. R., Streetsville 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Forsyth, Mr. and :\lrs. ""esley Octavius 
( l\'IcGee ) 
393 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss M. Forsyth 



Forster, Mr. J. \V. L. 
147 Farnbam avenue 
Ecole Julian, Paris, :\olasters Bou- 
langer, Lefevre, Bouguereau, 
Fleury and for a time Carolus 
Duran; occasional exhibitor in 
Salon of France. Has executed 
important commissions in Britain, 
France, United States and Canada. 
In portraiture be bas won bis 
greatest success, :\Iost of tbe pub- 
lice buildings of the Dominion pos- 
sess valuable bistoric portraits 
from his brusb. Studio, 24 King 
street \Vest 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-10-21-22-50 
Fortier Mr. and :\Irs. H. C, 
57 Murray st"<>et 
:\11'. Artbur Fortier 
Foster, :\11'. and Mrs. A. 
175 Crescent "oad 
Re.ceives Tuesday 
Foster, Mrs. Cbarlotte E. (Goldsmith) 
1 Linden street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
:\Irs. H. Wilkinson 
Foster, :\11'. C. Colley 
74 Roxborough street ". est 
Receives Friday 
:\11'. 'Walter Fo!':ter 
:\liss Ellen Foster 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Foster, Dr. C. M. 

4 Roxborough road \Yest 
Receives ".ednesday 
Miss Foster 
:\11'. James C. Foster 
Foster, :\11'. and :\lrs. Frederick H. 
81 Brunswick avenue 
Foster, :\lrs. "ïlliam A. (Bowes) 
100 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
:\Jiss Ethel Foster 
:\11'. H. ,Yo A. Foster 4-46 
Fotberingham, Dr. and :\lrs. John T. 
20 Wellesley street 
Receives ] st and 
d :\Ionday 
Fould,;, :\11'. and 
Irs. Archibald 
70 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
:\1 r. Archibald Foulds, Jr. 
:\11'. W. C. Foulds 
HeC'eives 3d and 4th Friday 
F'ountain, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert 
lOR Cowan avenue 
Heceives 1st and 
d Thur
Fountain, :\1 r. and :\lrs. '''m. (Hoey) 
152 Walmer road 
:\11'. Charles 'V. Fountain 77 
r-Iubs, Mr. 112 
Fox, Rpv. and :\lrs. Edward T. 
9 'Valmer road 
Heceives 4th Tuesday 
:\lIss Emma Fox 
l\fr. g. C. Fox 
lr. Rnd :\lrs. Wm. C. (Coots) 
70 Brunswick aVPllUe 
 2d and ,Hb Thursday 

Fay, Mr. and :\lrs. Fred J. (Doherty) 
11 Langley avenue 
Fay, :\It. and Mrs. George J. 
29 St. Joseph street 
:\fr. George J. Fay, Jr. 
:\liss :\1. Fay 
:\Iiss F. Fay 
Fay, :\11'. and :\Irs. James C. (Crail) 
35 Chicora avenue 
Fay, Hon. James .J. (:\1. P. P., K. C.) 
90 Isabella street 
:\Iiss :\Iarie F. Fay 39 
l\liss Florence Fay 
:\liss Pauline Fay 
FûY, :\-Irs. Jobn (Smith) 
40 Bloor street 'Yest 
S. R., Kiagara-on-Lake 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Frank C. Fay 
1\11'. J. Victor Fay 
:\1 iss Gertrude Fay 
:\Iiss Clara Fay 
Fr.ancis, :\11'. and :\Irs. Britton, B. O. 
534 Spadina avenue 
Francis, Mr. Chas. H. 
40 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
:\Irs. E. Francis 
Receives 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
Francis, :\11'. and :\-lrs. Gwyn L. (Langmuir) 
38 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Francis, Mr. and :\oln
. 'Wellington ("Wardrop) 
66 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Gladys Francis 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Francis, Mr. 'Yilliam G. 
1 Cawthra square 
Frankel, :\11'. and :\Irs. Leo (:\olayer) 
504 .J arvis street 
Receives 2d :\Ionday 
Mr. Louis Frankel 
:\11'. Egmont L. Frankel 
Franklin, :\oIl's. Benjamin 
364 Palmerston boulevard 
Frankish, Dr. and :\Irs. E. H.. 
Corner Bloor and Brunswick streNs 
Fraser, Mr. and :\Irs. John A. (Bingham) 
4] Empress a ven ue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
Fraser, Dr. .John B. 
4]4 Sherbourne street 

liss Olive Fraser 
:\Iiss :\Iaude Fraser 
Fraser, :\11'. and :\Irs. H. Douglas 
69 Roxborough street "'est 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
:\liss Fraser 
Fraser, :\11'. and :\lrs. Thomas E. (Campbell) 
4 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:\liss Bessie Fraser 
:\Iiss Bruce Fraser 
:\11'. Edward D. Fra
er 39-46 
:\11'. .John C. Fraser 39 



Fraser, Prof. (M. A.) and .Mrs. \Yilliam H. 
67 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
S. R, Go-Home. Georgian Bay 
Mr. Kaspar Fra!'l'er 
Mr. Donald Fraser 
Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. "Tm. P. (Jones) 
,"Vestern avenue 
Receives \Yednesday 
Freeland, Mrs. Margaret 
27 North street 
Receives Tue
Freeman, Mr. and ::.\In:. Abraham P. 
Dowling Apartments 
Freyseng, Mr. and ::.\Irs. Peter 
315 Carlton street 
FudgeI', Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. nVicken
40 Maple avenUE 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss FudgeI' 39-106 
Tartha FudgeI' 39-1()6 
Miss Beth FudgeI' 6] 
Clubs, :\11'. 39-61-::.\lrs. 39 
FudgeI', Mr, and Mrs. Richard B. (John,,'on) 
77 Elm avenUe 
Re.cEivps :\londay 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Fuller, Mrs, Charles (Hir!-'chfelder) 
129 Sf'.'th DrIve, RosedaIe 
S. R., B
lmy Beach 
Receives 1\londav 
Mrs. R. \Y. ßanks 
Fullerton, Mr. (K. C.) and ::.\lrs. Jame" 
H Farnhanl Lodge," Far1lhanl 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Fulton, Miss Agne" 
60 \Velle
ley street 
Receives 2d and 3d Mond

Gage, Mr. 
nd Mrs. Herbert (Leny) 
8 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Gage, Mr. and Mrs. 'William .r. 
"Bon Air," -!3-1 Bloor 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Irene Gage 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
Gagen, Mr. Robert F. 
275 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Maud E. Gagen 
Gagnier, Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. 
82 Chestnut Park 
Receives 3d and 4th Tuesday 
Ir. 39-46 
Gain, Mr. and Mrs. Harry '"V. (Bryce) 
6 Lynwood avenue 
Receives 3d ::\londay 
Galbraith Mr. (:\1. A. LL. D.) and 
640 Brock avenue 
S. R.. Georgian Bay 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Galbraith 
Mr. John Galbraith, Jr. 

Galbraith, Rev. "T. (:VI. A., 1.1.. D., Ph. D.) 
1500 King street 'West 
Miss H. E. Galbraith 
Miss C. L. Galbraith 
Galbraithe, 1'11'. and Mrs. \\ïlliam 
1512 King street \Vest 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 38 
Gale, Mr. and l\Irs, George C. (Taylor) 
88 Kendall avenue 
Clubs, 1\11'. 39-46-1\Irs. 39-106 
Gall, Mr. and Mrs. George 
6 Jameson avenue 
Receives 3d Thur
Gall, 1\'11'. and Mrs. 'William Chalmers 
6 Jameson avenue 
Gallagher, :\11'. and :\olrs. Ziba 
10 :\Taynard avenue 
G--:lley, :\oIl'. and )'Irs. Edward (Jewel) 
26 "Talmer road 
Receives Thursday 
s Galley 
:\1iss Bowden 
Galloway, 1\11'. and Mrs. George A. 
( Galloway) 
Pine Hill road 
Receives 1st and last Monday 
Galloway, Lif'ut.-Col. and Mrs. James 
( Crumley) 
35 .\lurray street 
S. R.. .. The Cedars," Macdonald's 
Heceives 1st 'Wednesday 
Galt, :\oIl'. and :\Irs. Thomas Percival (Patton) 
30 St. .Jo
eph street 
Receives Tuesday 
),lif;S Lily Galt 
:\TiF;S Stewart Galt 
:\'11'. Alexander Galt 
Mr. and :\'1rs. Harry D. 
78 Elm avenue 
Clubs, Mrs. 106 
1\Irs. Raynauld D. (Morrison) 
90 St. Joseph street 
Receives Tuesday 
1\1rs Charlotte Morrison 
Mr. and 
Irs. H. 
R5 'Walmer road 
Clubs. Mr. 2-24-25 
Mr. and Mrs. .J. Martin 
 ScolIard street 
:\11'. and Mrs. John C, (Cox) 
93 Yorkville avenue 
Dr. and 
Irs. Alton Huyck 
( Flf'tcher) 
53 College street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 'VII's. 106 
Capt. Wilson 
177 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Iinnie Garrett 

liss Lillie Garrett 

\\THt Gamble, 
Ga rrett, 





Mr. Justice and 
lrs. James T. 
(l<'letc her) 
49 St. George street 
S. R., (;eorgian B.1Y 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. E. F. Garrow 46-6G-97 
Mr Charles Garrow (Goderich) 
Mr: James Garrow (St. 
Iary's) 66 
Miss Beatrice Garrow 
Mr. Alan B. Garrow (Victoria Har- 
Mr. John Y. Garrow 
Clubs, :\11'. Ju!'tice 
Mr. and 
Irs. \\ïlliam (:\lcConnell) 
Inglewood," 46 Lowther avenue 
Recei \'es 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 8-9-Il
Mr. and :\Irs. :\Iatthew 
2g Leopold street 
Heceives 2d and 4th Friday 
Gash. 1\11', (B. A., LL. U.) and .\Irs. 
( Ross) 
R5 Spadina road 
Receives ht and ;
d Friday 
Gates, Mr. "Y. Herbf'rt 
 .\Ieredith Cre<:Cf'I1Í 
Geagen, Mr. and 
Irs. \\'m. H. 
If) 1 Roxborough street F.ast 
Heceives 1st and 
d Tue
I r. -Hi 
Geggie, Rev. and 
Irs. A. L. 
107 Jameson avenue 
Recei ves 1 st Friday 
Mr. T. Geggie 
:\fiss .Jean Geggie 
.\1 r. William Geggie 
Geikie, Dr. 'Va Iter B. 
.. Holyrood Villa," 52 :\laitIand 
Dr. Archibald Geigie 
Miss Ethel Frances ûeigie 
George, Mr. and :\Irs. ,James (Church) 
lapleton House," gG l\laple ave- 
George, Mr. and .Hrs. Thomas H. (Duckett) 
 A venue road 
H. It., Jackson's Point 
Itf'('eives Friday 
1\11'. Charles George 
:\liss :\largaret George 
1\1 i ss A I h'e Gpo rge 
:\1 r. Thomas Gf'orge, .J r. 
:\11'. Arthur George 
Miss Isobel Oeorge 
, Mr. and 
1 rs, .John Jo
( COf'k<:hutt) 
Care Xational ('Iub 
('Iubs, :\1 r. 
Gibbs, :\1 r. :\1 aIeol m 
27fj .Jarvis strf'et 
S. H., 
Gibson, Mr. and .\Irs. Albert It. (Blaek) 
104 .\1.1dison avenue 



Gibson, \Irs. A If'xander 

 1 PrilH'p Arthur avenue 
Ih ('<'Ìvp<.; Friday 

:\11'. and :\Irs. A. Cecil (Walker) 
64 St. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 

lr. Cecil A. Gibson 
:\11'. and Mrs. Goodwin (Adair) 
Huron street 
ReeeÏ\'es 1st Friday 

Ir. Robert A. Gib
:\11'. J. Adair Gibson 
:\liss Ethelwyn .\1. Gib
:\11'. :\Ionro 1\1. Gibson 
Gibson, Rev. and :\Irs. .J. 
10! Park road 
Receives 2d and 4th :\londay 
:\Iiss Hazel Gibson 


Irs. J. C. (Dewson) 
1 7 rru
hohne road 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
:\liss Gibi'on 
:\Iiss .\1. Gibson 
Gibson, :\11'. and 
lrs. John .James (Charlton) 
1:!;) Spadina road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, .\11'. 
-30-4f.) - :\Irs. 64-R7 -11.H 
Gibson, Lieut.-Gov. the Hon. John :\1. and 
Lady Olalloch) 
Government Hou!'e 
S. R., Hamilto'l Beach 
:\11'. Gordon Gib
:\liss Eugenia Gibson 
:\liss :\Ieta Gibson 
Cadet A. Hope Gibson (Kingston) 
Gibson, 1\11'. and .\Irs. Ralph E. (Heneage) 
14 Chestnut Park 
s. R.. .Jackson's Point 
ReceÏ\'ps 1st :\Ionday 
:\In.. :\1. B. Heneage 
Gibson, :\11' and .\Irs. R. L. 
Sussex Court 
:\11'. Louis Gib
on 1-46-84-
Clubs, Mr. 46-lj6 
Gibson, :\11'. and 
Irs. Theron 
 :\larkham street 
Heceives I st and ;
d Thur
:\liss Gibson 
Gibson. :\11'. and :\11':':. 'V. S. (Menzie) 
38 Park road 
Gilbert, :\11'. and :\Irs. Samuel Turner 
( Purvis) 
427 Brunswick avenue 
He('pives hot Friday 
Ir. and 
1 rs. John 
-If}!) Palmerston boulpvard 
Receives 2d Thur
day and Fr'iday 
Dr. A. .J. Oilehrist 

1 r. Gf'or
e Gilehrist 
lr. and :\'1rs. Wm. T. (Webster) 
fi-l Cresl'ent road 
HN'pives :\Ionday 
lr. 2-l--ltj-fÎfÎ 
GillespiE', .\11'. and .\lrs. Alexandf'r (Glas:-t'o) 
7 Prinee Arthur an'nul' 
Hpl'pives ).'riday 
Cluhs, .\11'. H7 
mlll'!':pi.., :\11'. and :\lrs. .\. C. 
fifi Hathnally an'nul' 



Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. (Smith) 
680 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. John K. 
69 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Julie Gillespie 
Gillespie, Miss Marion 
96 S1. Joseph street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. 'Walter (Wragg) 
86 Charles street East 
Receives Monday 
Gillies, Mr. and Mrs. George (Parker) 
180 St. George street 
Receives 1st and -1th Friday 
Mr. Allan Gillies 39-66 
Miss Helen Gillies 39-61 
Mr. Clyde Gillies 39-66 
Clubs, . Mr. 39--16-66-78-:vIrs. 39- 
Gillies, Mr. and Mrs. James F. 
582 Sherbourne street 
Mr. Frank \V. Gillies 
Gilmour, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. (Sayers) 
Corner Keele and Annette streets, 
\Vest Toronto 
Receives 3d Thursdays 
Clubs, Dr. 9-:ðlrs. 39. also Runny- 
mede Travel Club 
Gilmour, Mrs. J. T. 
Central Prison Park 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Gilmour, Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn \Y. 
122 Dedford road , 
Receives l
t and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 66 
Gilmour, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
171 S1. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Gilpin, Mr. and Mrs. R. 
215 Jameson avenue 
Miss F. E. Gilpin 
Miss Olive M. Gilpin 
GiIverson, Mr. and 
lrs. Albert E. 
29 Shannon street. Grimsby Park 
Receives 2d and -1th Thursday 
Miss Ruby Gilverson 
Miss Frances Gilverson 
Miss Queenie Gilverson 
Mr. Norman GiIverson 
Givin, Mr. and Mrs. John 1\1. 
103 Bleecker street 
Receives 1st and 3d \Yednesday 
Glass, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. 
352 High Park avenue, Tor. Jet. 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Glass, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh 
74 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Mr. Hugh P. Glass 
Mr. Stuart Glass 
Miss M. Glass 
Miss J. Glass 

Ir. and Mrs. Ernest S. 
27 Crescent road 
S. R., M uskoka 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16 
Glendinning, Mr. and :\Irs. George 
1-l2 Dowling avenL.e 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Glendon, )Ir. and Mrs, .:\li.chael W. (De Foy) 
Bronte, Onto 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss O. M. Glendon 
Glenney, Mrs. Dorothy 
6-1 Dupont street 
Receives 1st Tuesday eve. 
Miss Vera Glenney 
Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Bell) 
361 Ossington avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Goad, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Harriss) 
80 S1. George street 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
:\Ir. Victor Goad 
Mr. Lawrence Goad 
Godden, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. 
391 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. J. :\-1. (Connon) 
95 Close a ven ue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 46 
Godson, :\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur \V. 
32 Beaty avenue 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Thursday 
1Ir. Percy Godson 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
GGdson, :\lr. and 
lrs. Fred \Y. 
69 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Godson, .Mr. and :\Irs, Henry (Coyne) 
170 Jameson avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Ir. and Mrs. Lionel F. 
80 Avenue road 
Godwin, :\Irs. Thomas J. 
20 Gloucester 
Receives 1st ::\londay 
Miss B. M. Godwin 
Mr. F. Godwin 
Goldie, Mrs. I. }\tr. 
378 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss A. 
1. Goldie 
Miss Esther Goldie 
Miss Teresa Goldie 
Goldie, Dr. \Villiam 
86 College street 
S. R., "The Gore," Ayr 
Goldman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. A. 
100 Walmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Goldman, .Mr. and Mrs. Leopold 
176 St. George street 
S. R., "The Anchorage," Centra 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 34-39-46-66-78-85-113 



Gold!"mith, :\liss AWe 
6 'Yalmer road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
:\1iss Hattie Goldsmith 
Goldsmith, Dr. and :\Irs. P. G. 
84 Carlton street 
Clubs, Dr. 4G 
Gooch, Mr. and :\Irs. Fred H. (Ea
12() Cre
cent road 
S R.. Lake
ide Park 
:\Ir.' Robert E. Gooch 
:\1iss Augu!"ta A. Gooch 
:\11'. F. J. Gooch 
Gooch, 1\Irs. Robert N. 
La Plaza Apartments 
Goodchild, Dr. and :\Irs. J. F. (Welch) 
33 Bloor street East 
Gooderham, Lieut.-Co!. and :\Irs. Albert E. 
( ÐunC'anson ) 
,. Deancroft," South Drive and 
Glen road, Rosedale 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives :\Ionday 
:\11'. Albert E. Gooderham, Jr. 
:\Iis!" Charlotte Gooderham 
:\11'. :\Ielville S. Gooderham 
:\11'. Andrew Duncan!"on 
Clubs, Lieut.-Co!. 78-84-:\lrs. 86 
Gooderham, :\11'. and :\Irs. Alfred L. 
( Stegman) 
3 Sherbourne street 
Receives :\Ionday 
::\liss Lulu Gooderham 
Gooderham, :\Irs. C. H. 
592 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 3d l\Ionday 
::\Ir. Henry F. Gooderham 39-4()-49- 
::\Ii!"s Grace Adelia Gooderham 39- 
:\Irs. Folwell 
GoodPrham, :\11'. and Mrs. Edward D. 
 X. Shf'rbourne street 
Receiyes :\Ionday 
Goodf'rham :\11'. and :\Ini. Edward G. 
, ( Arm
trong ) 
-to ::\Iadi!"on avenue 
:\Iiss Et}w} Gooderham 
::\1iss Kathlf'en (jooderham 
:\11'. Lyman Gooderham 
:\11'. Stuart Gooderham 
:\11'. Grant Goodf'rham 
Gooùerham. :\11'. and :\Irs. George E. 
( Pa ter
on ) 
22-t St. George street 
S. R.. ('('TItre Island, Tor. 
I{ecf'i yes Friday 
Gooderham, :\11'. and :\1rs. Gcor
(' II. 
20 I St. Gf'or
e strf'et 
S, R.. Centre J:..:Iand 
H.f'ceivps h:t and 2d Friday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 4f; 
Gooclf>rham. :\11'. and Mrs. Gordon S. 
Beùford Park, Xorth Toronto 

Gooderham, :\11'. and :\Irs. Henry (Hamilton) 
160 'Vellesley Crescent 
Clubs, :\Ir. 39 
Gooderham, :\11'. and Mrs. :\1. Ross (Taylor) 
Ian St. George street 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-78-8-!-Mrs. 84-86 
Gooderham, :\Ir. and Mrs. Robert T. (Lewis) 
331 Sherbourne street 
Receives :\londay 
:\1i!"s Ada Gooderham 
Gooderham, :\11'. and :\Irs. \\P. G. (Hargraft) 
"Alyerthorpe," 42 Elm avenue p 
S. R, "Alvermere." Centre Island 
Receives :\Ionday 
:\Iiss Aileen Gooderham 
:\liss Eleanor Gooderham 
:\11'. .J. Leys Gooderham 
:\11'. Xorman R Gooderham 
:\11'. Eric S. Gooderham 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-4-24-46-49-66-69-78- 
Gooderham, )Ir. and ::\Irs. William H_ 
8 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 39-66-78-Mrs. 86 
Goodman, :\11'. and :\Irs. Chas. E. 
421 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives lRt Thursday 
Gordon. :\11'. and :\lrs. A. E. 
53 Hepbourne street 
Receives 1st Friday 
Gordon. Dr. and :\frs. Andrew R (\\ïlson) 

45 moor street ',"est 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Gordon, :\11'. and 
[rs. Colin F. (Kay) 
152 St. Gf'orge street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4G 
Gordon. :\11'. anrl !\Irs. Fredf'rick T. (DO\\"!"on) 
523 Brunswick avenue 
Gordon, ::\11'. anrl !\Irs. Henry n. (Skinner) 
4ß7 Spadina avenue 
Dr. Skinner Gordon 
Gordon, :\11'. and :\lrs. H. D. Lockhart 
Iaple avenue 
Heceives :\Ionday 
Gordon, :\11'. and :\Ir
. ,,-. 
122 Binscarth road 
Gordon, :\11'. and :\Irs. "', II. Lockhart 
":\Ian!-'fipld House," 221 Georg(' 
Goudy. :\11' and :\lrs. n. .T. 
2:!4 ])u f!'pri n !':t reet 
Receiyes h:t and :M Thursday 
Gough, :\lr. and :\Irs. A. .T. 
 Hoxborough strf>et East 
Gough. :\11'. anrl 
11's. H.i{'hard (L('lI1ay) 
9:! ('rf'!-'cent roarl 
. :\11'. :W-,to-41 



Gouinlo.rk, Mr. and 
lrs. George (Holmsted) 
165 .Jameson avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\lr. G. H. GouinlocI
Miss Audrey Gouinlock 
:\Iiss Kathleen Gouinlock 
:\1iss Kaomi F. Gouinlock 
Clubs 1\11'. 39 
Gouinlock, 111'. and 
lrs. George 'V. nYatson) 
37 \Yaln1Pr road 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
1>1iss Laura H. Gouinlock 
111'. Robt. ,Yo Gouinlock 
Clubs, Mr. 1-46-66-84-85-97-Mrs. 
Gouinlocli, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. '''alter F. (Forlong) 
25 Aylmer avenue 
Gould, l\Ir. Richard J. 
2 Elgin road 
Goulding. ::\11'. and ::\lrs. \Yilliam (Byford) 
67 St. George street 
:\liss Dorothy Goulding 
)Tr. Arthur Goulding 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66 
Gourlay, ::\11'. and Mrs. David R. (Burnett) 
21 D
laware avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Gourlay, 1\11'. and Mrs. Robert S .(Anstie) 
G 14 .J arvis street 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Ir. "'alter 
-l-l Charles street East 
Dr. George Gow 46 
Gowans, ::\In:. .John 
5 Dupont street 
Graham, Mr. and Mrs. George A. (Kicbolson) 
118 St. George street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
::\Irs. Evelyn Graham Keller 
Graham, ::\11'. and Mrs. John J. 
3UG Dovercourt road 
Graham, Dr. \Vilmot A. 
8()2 College street 
Receives last Friday 
::\1rs. R. H. Graham 
Grand, 1\11'. and Mrs. James 
28 Oriole road 
1\11'. Percy F. Grand 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Gr3.nt, l\lr. and Mrs. Albert 
Forest Hill road 
Grant, Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. ('Yetherald) 
25 Cluny avenue 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Grant, Mr. and :\lrs. Gideon (KayleI') 
anton Crescent 
Gr<:.nt, Lieut.-Colonel and Mrs. L. E. 
( ::\1a,cDonald) 
163 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Miss N. Grant 
Mr. A. Grant 
Clubs, Lieut.-Co.l. 78-80 
Grant, Mr. and "Mrs. Robert Kennedy (Bell) 
424 Huron street 
Grant, Mr. and Mrs. \Y. Forsyth (Robinson) 
30 Nanton avenue 

Grant, :\11'. and Mrs. \Y. H. 
106 v,'arren road 
Grantham, ::\11'. and Mrs. Arthur M. 
181 Dalmoral road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 1-14-23-35-78-84-Mrs. 
Grantham, :!.\h s. Charles Henry (Myles) 
-!28 Jarvis street 
Miss Zillah Grantham 
Mr. Harry 1\1. Grantham 
GI af'ett, 1\11'. A, ,Yo 
.. Korth Holme," 50 Poplar Plain
,Miss Gypsy Grasett 
t::rasett, Dr. and 1\Irs. Fred Le M. (Todd) 
208 Simcoe street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Grasett, ,Mr. and Jlrs. .r. H. (Atkins) 
Admiral road 
Graveley, Lieut.-Col. J. Vance 
15-l2 King street West: also Senior 
Ordnance Officer, Old Fort 
Gray, Mr. and :\lrs. Donald 
831 Dovercourt road 
Ir. and Mrs. Frank 1\1. 
126 Arthur road 
Gray, Mr. and Mrs. James F. (Hughes) 
51 Madison avenue 
Receives 3d Friday 
Miss A. Gray 
Miss E. Gray 
1\1iss Hughes 
Clubs, 1\11'. 2 
Gray, -Dr. Jpnnie 
D8 Carlton street 
Miss C. 
1. Gray 
Dr. E. R. Gray 
Miss 'V. A. Gray 
Clubs, Dr. 30 
Irs. Robert H. (Cowperthwait) 
126 Avenue road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. Frank 1>1. Gray 
Miss Elsie Gray 
Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. (Smith) 
8 Dale avenue 
Receives Monday 
Mr. J. R. Gray 
Mr. Arthur Gray 61 
Miss Jessie Gray 
Clubs, Mr. 61 
Gray, Mr. and 1\1rs. \ViIliam T. (Henderson) 
160 Close avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Graydon, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Albert 
( Hughes) 
230 St. George street 
S. R., .. The Neuk," Jackson's 
l"teceives 1st Friday 
Miss :\lildred Graydon 
Miss Be13sie Graydon 
Greacen, Mr. and Mrs. \Yilson H. 
- 68 Forest Hill road 
Greaves, Col. and :\Irs. 
S 1. Ca therines, On t. 

SOH' "Queen City" 

. J 

Lawn Grass Seed 


, 2 I 



It will soon give you a nice 
g:een sward 

. , .. 


J J 

j . .1, 


'\Ye baYe made the formation 
of lawns a stud v for Years. anrl 
..*;. many of the finest Íawns and 
grass plots in Canada were ob- 
tained by using the 


with which a perfect and permanent lawn may be established in a few weeks' time, This 
celebrated Lawn 'Grass is composed of a thoroughly balanced combination of various 
native and foreig-n, fine-cleaved deep-rooting grasses of interweaying habit, that flourish 
in various c')nditions of soils and climates. growing during different seasons of the year, so 
that a deep green and velvety sward is maintained all toe year round, its constant luxuriance 
rivaling the famous lawns of England. Price per lb. 2SC.; 100 lbs. I $23.00. 
FANCY WHITE DUTCH CLOVER for lawns, per lb., 30C. 
Steele Briggs' Best :\1ixture from all the best named sorts is unsurpassed 
Sweet Peas both for quantity. size of flowers, and brilliancy of bloom. Per lb. I 8sc., 
i lb., 30c., oz., ISC. 

Your Advertisement zn the 
Blue Book- 

(incs to tI,e Bcst 

]1'.. J .JII J ß I l
'þ'''v - (11 ß l T 11 þ'"y -:'YO(Yll

.rJ /I d 1J ri /I p,:\' 1)/1 si II cSo\' 


Established 1902 


Con1petent lady in charge, Also convenient waItIng 
rOOln, \vhere ladies can intervie\v girls by appoint111ent. 
Superior class d0111estics. All capacities supplied. Also 
n1arried couples for t\vofold positions. Highest 

II Richmond Street West, Room 4, TORONTO, CANADA 
Local and Long Distance Telephone, :\Iain 3770 

Canadian Window Cleaning Co. 

\ \Tindo\vs Cleaned; Storm \Vindo\vs, .L\ \\'11- 
ings and Shutters put up and taken down; 
Hard\vood Floors Cleaned, \\Taxed and 
Polished; \Vall Paper and }'resco Cleaned by 
our N e\v I)rocess, Furniture Polished, Car- 
pets Cleaned, Ploors Scrubbed, Houses 
Cleaned l'hroughout. . . . 

Special Prices for Regular Contract Work 
23 SCOTT STREET Phone Main 6106 



Green, Mr. and :\lrs. Harry E. 'V. 
72 Roxborough street "Test 
Receives Friday 
Green, :Mr. and Mrs. John C. 
559 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Green, :\11'. and 
liles "'. 
3-:1 :\lacPherson avenue 
Gr eene, Dr. and Mrs. E. Herbert (Lincoln) 
Go Carlton street 
Recei"\ es 
Clubs, Dr. 8-:1 
Greene, :\11'. and Mrs. Richard H. 
-:12 Cre:;;cent road 
Receives Tuesday 
:\11'. Leslie Greene 

lr. Harold Greene 
lr. 39--:16-.:\1rs. 106 
Greening, 1\11'. Thomas B. 
221 St. George street 
S. IL, Grimsby, Onto 
:\11'. William S. Greening' 39-92-113 

liss Alberta Greening 10-:1 
Clubs, Mr. -:1G-66 
Greenshields, l\liss Julia 
2 Elmsley place 
S. IL, Homewood, Port Hope, Onto 
Ree:eives 1st and 2d Tuesday 

1iss 11. G. Gillespie 
1iss 39 
Grepnwood, :\11'. and :\lrs. Russell 
118 Bedford road 
Heceives Friday 
Greenwood, :\11'. and :\lrs. 'V. Kendall (I<:ddis) 
3:.n Hroadview avenue 

Gl ('cr, :\11'. and :\Irs. W. D, 
-157 Palmerston boulevard 
l{e(,f:'ives .HIl Thursday 
:\Irs. W. L. Post (Greer) 
f: repy, :\1 r. and :\Irs. .J ohn G. 
Ð2 IsalJella street 

Ir. ,John \Villium Greey 
f: rpgg, :\1 r. and :\Irs. George n. 
!)li2 Huron strpet 
IU:'f'('i VPH 1 st I.'riday 
lrs. lOG 
(;rpgg, :\lrs. \Villiam 
 \\'ashington aVf:'nuc 
:\1isR lsahella Grpgg 
1\11'. Alfrp.} Ii. Grpgg 
Gregg, :\11'. and :\Irs. William It. 
 Forest Iii II road 
HlTPives 1 st and 
cl Thursday 
:\11'. Angus II. Gregg 
:\1iss :\larjory W. Gregg 
Gr('gory, }tpv. Prinf'ipal aud ;\Irs. A. n. 
\V pstm i nsj('r ('oIleg(', Bloor sf r('('t 
H('('pivps 2d and 4th Friday 
(in'gory, .\11'. and :\11'8. Arthur T. 
11'2 .Jampson avcnlH' 
S. It., :\1i \ford Bay, :\luskoka 
l{('('pives \\,pdlll'sday 
1\11'. A. K (;rpgory 
:\1 r'. C. II, GJ'pgor'y 

Gregory, ::\11'. and :\11'8. \\Talter D. 
11 Triller avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. -:16 
Greig, )11'. Edward R. 
17 Queens Park 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss Greig 
1\Iiss M. Greig 106 
Greig, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Robert (Archibald) 
20 Chestnut Park 
Receives 3d and -lth Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-22-30--lG-56-G6-G7 
Ir. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam E. 
1510 King street \Vest 
:\11'. Ewart Greig 39 
Clubs, :\11'. 39 
Greig, Dr. and Mrs. "ïlliam J. (Burns) 
-:193 Sherbourne street 
Receives :\londay 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-61-67 
Greville-Harston, Lieut.-Co\. and )Irs. C. 
The Arlington 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Thursday 
Grey, His Excellency The Governor GenNal 
and Countess 
"Rideau Hall," Ottawa, Onto 
Lady Sybil Grpy 
Lady Evelyn Grey 
Viscount Howick 
Grier, .\11'. (H.. C. A.), and :\lrs. E. "Tyl y 
73 Gormley avenue, Toronto 
S. !t., Stony Lake, Ont. 
1\11'. Royal Canadian Academy; Presi- 
dpnt, Ontario Sodety of ArtistR, 
U2; went to [;"pper Canada Col- 
lege, 187G; studied painting- in 
London, l{ome and Paris, lR79, to 
1 x
U; pupil of G. F'. \VaUs, Legros, 
B:mguereau and Flf'ury; exhibited 
in Itoyal Academy from 1 SSG; Gold 
:\Iedal, ,Paris Salon, 18
)o; Silver 
)ledal, Pan-Ameri('an Exposition, 
Buffalo, If102. Studio address, lm- 
pf'rial Bank Chambers. ClulJs, 
-lU-50-1;II-U5-G7 -S1 
lr. and \lrs. George D. 
19U .1anwson avenlH> 
I{eeeivt's :
d and -Ith Thur
:\11'. \\'at
on Grif1in 
s I. K Griffin 
Clubs, .\11'. 9 
(;riftin, Hev. (1). I>.), and 1\Irs. \Villiam S. 
( Biggar) 
DI) )1 adison a \'en UC' 
\{(,f'('Íves 1 st and 
d Friday 
\1 bf; Clara Big-gar 
(irifTith, :\11', and 1\11'8. Gl'orgc> A. 
R Hi Palnwrston boulevard 
I{e('pivl's ] st Thur:-;dav 
:\1 r. T. G. Griffith . 
:\11'. T. X. Griftith 
GuinalH', :\11'. and :\lrs. .1ohn tLa

 La,,-ton a\"pnut' 
l{C'('eivl'S 1 st and 
;d Tlmrsday 
("lulls, :\Ir'. -1f1 



Grindlay, Miss Alice :\1. 
5-14 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:\liss Edith Grindlay 
::\Iiss Isabel Grindlay 
:\Iiss Helen Grindlay 
:\11'. WIll. Harold Grindlay 
Gullen, Dr. and 
Irs. J. B. and Dr. Augusta 
( Stowe) 
461 Spadina avenue 
S. R., Stowe Island, 
Receives -1th Friday 
Gundy, Mr. and Mrs. N. Frederick 
173 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 39 
Gundy, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. (Berthold) 
50 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39-46 
Gundy, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. P. (Simpson) 
13 Maple avenue 
Receives :\londay 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-39-46-61-Mrs. 39 
Gunn, :\11'. and Mrs. Donald 
3 Rosedale road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss Gunn 
Gunn, Mr. Edmond 
26 Dunbar road 
Günther, Mr. and :\lrs. Edmund (Staunton) 
194 Beverley street 
Receives 'Yednesday 
:\Iiss :\Iary L. Günther 106 
Lieut.-Co!. Ernest F. Günther 79 
Clubs, 1\11'. 66-110 
Ir. and Mrs. Edmund H. (Jones) 
34 Tranby avenue 
Receives Friday 
Gurney, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Cromwell) 
4-1 "ralmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
1\Iiss Gladys Gurney 
Clubs, :\11'. 5-7--16-78 
Gurney, 1\11'. and Mrs. 'W. Cromwell (Mey('r) 
161 Spadina road 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Ir. 39-46 
Gwyn, Co!. and Mrs. H. C. (Osler) 
Dundas, Ont. 
Recei ves ". ednesday 
Miss :'\ona Gwyn 
Ir. and Yfrs. \YiIlialll D. (Cockburn) 
23 Dun bar road 
Receives 1\Ionday 
:Miss Xora Gwynne 
Gzowski, Mr. and Mrs. 
60 Glen road 
S. R., Lake St. Joseph 
Receives Monday 
:\11'. Harold N. Gzowski 39 
Mr. Norman G. Gzowski, 39 
Clubs, Mr. 39 

Haas, :Mr. and Mrs. Stephen (Hees) 
128 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Hachborn, ::\111'. and Mrs. Edward G. 
ü9 South Drive 

Hackland, :\Irs. Jean 
32 Hawthorne avenue 
:.\11'. Gordon S. Hackland 
Ir. and l\Irs. Edward 'V. 
f)Ü2 Euclid avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 

\Ir. Reginald Hagarty 
Hagarty, Mrs. George F. (Gates) 
21 'Yalmer road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Dudley G. Hagarty 
:\liss Beatrice Hagarty 
:.\liss Annie Hagarty 
Hagarty, Mr. and :i\lrs. John H. G. 
13 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 

Iiss Clara S. Hagarty 80 
:\lrs. Katherine G. Hagarty 
:\'11'. Arthur E. Hagarty 
:Mr. Harry J. Hagarty 
:\Iiss Alice B. Hagarty 
Clubs, Mr. 66-78-80 
Hagarty, Lieut W. G. (R. C. A.) 
The Citadel, Quebe.c 
Hagerman, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. (Reid) 
The Elliott House 
S. R, 22 Balsam avenue. Balmy 
Ir. and Mrs. Paul 
433 Indian road 
Receives 1st and 3d Saturday 
The Misses Hahn 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
Haines, 1\11'. and :\Irs. James E. 
632 Dovercourt road 
Hairston, 1\11'. and Mrs. Peter S, 
li Spadina road 
Hale, Miss Carol E. 
262 Avenue road 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
:\liss Harriet ::\1. Hale 
Hall, .Mr. and 1\Irs. Fred Asa (Kersteman) 
15 Howland avenue 
Receives Friday 
1\11'. \YiIIiam Teasdale Hall 
Clubs, l\Ir. 22-66-69 
Hall. Dr, and Mrs. John B. 
326-328 Jarvis street 
Receives :Monday 
Clubs, 1\Irs. 106 
Hall, Mr. and l\Irs. Mark (Ritchey) 
180 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 4th .I.\londay 
.:\11'. Frederick W. Hall 
1\11'. Arthur F. Hall 

Iiss Ethel Hall 
:\Iiss Bertha R. Hall 
Miss Mabel L. Han 
Hall, AIrs. 1\'1. C. 
21 Bernard avenue 
Miss Kathleen Hall 
Hall, 1\11'. and Mrs. T. H. (Webb) 
28 Admiral road 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 39-46 
Hall, Mr. and :Mrs. 'Yilliam Carleill 
392 Markham street 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 



Hall, Lieut.-CoI. and 
Irs. "'m. B. ('Yaddell) 
136 St. George :,;treet 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Miss :\Iargaret Hall 

Iiss Helen Hall 
Hall, Mr. '\'. II. 
Lake Shere road, ::\Iimico 
Hallam, Mr. and 1\Irs. .John (Wright) 
1ÐH Bioor street East 
HEceives 1st ::\Ionday 
Hallam, Mrs. .John (Cameron) 
"Linden Villa," 12(3 Isabella street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
::\liss Hallam 
.\liss I3essie Hallam 
::\11'. T. Douglas Hallam 
Hallam, .\Irs. J. E. (Cameron) 
126 Isabella street 
Hef'eives 1st and 3d Monday 

1iss Hallam 
.\liss Bessie Hallam 
.\11'. Douglas Hallam üü 
Miss .J ulia E. Hallam 
Hallworth, ::\11'. and .\Irs. John B. 
135 .\lacPhf'rson avenue 
\:í.r. (Mus. Doc.), and .\Irs. Albert 
561 Jarvis street 
Hambly, Mr. and :\Irs. George ,Yo 
52ü Dovercourt road 
Miss Olive Hambly 
1\1 iss Marion Hambly 
l'.lr. Louis Hambly 
I Llll1bly, Mr. and Mrs. George '\'. 
472 Brunswiek avenu.e 
Hamill, Dr. and .\lrs. 'V. E. 
(j-10 Huron street 
l{eceives 4th Friday 
Miss Y. ::\1. Hamill (B. A.) 
Clubs, Dr. 2 
Hamilton, Dr. and ::\lrs. Alexander 
25 Bellevue avenue 
Hamilton, .\11'. 
tnd :\lrs. Charles 
1 Ð 1\1l'Kenzie crescent 
ll1ilton, 1\11'. and .\Irs. Chester B. 
-13 Madison avenue 

. It, Burlington Ð::>ach, East 
Mr. Chester B. Hamilton, Jr. 
Miss :\Iyra 1\1. Hamilton 
Clubs, .\1 r. 7(j-H2 
imilton, Dr. and 1\Irs. ll('rbert J. (Aikins) 
220 Bloor street West 
l{(,l'eive!'i 1 s.t and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. I-IHi-78 
Irs. .James Cleland (Wheelock) 
Lawton avenue 
::\Ir. W. Walt'f:'r Hamilton 
1\Iis!'i 1'
lorenl'e Hamilton 
1\lrs. C. 8. Pattf:'rson 
.\11'. '\ïlliam Patterson 
lr. and Mrs. L. A. (BJdington) 
2 St. .Joseph street 
S. R., .. G Il-'nlevf'Il," Lorn(' Park 
l\1is!-. Isabel Hamilton 
Clubs, :\11'. 7H-HO-J 11-:\lrs. t;f.)-103- 
] U-l-IOû-111 
lIamilton, Li<,ut.-CoI. Hobert n. 
21i[) SIH'rbourne streN 

Hamilton, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Robert C. (::\Iatthews) 
68 st. .\lary street 
· Receives 'Yednesday 
Clubs, .\11' -1G-] 12 
Hamilton, .\11'. and ::\Irs. Thomas H, (Kincaid) 
72 Crescent road 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, .\11'. -ltj 
Ir. and .\lrs. '\'m. A. (I3ertram) 
-12 Cluny avenue, Rosedale 
Ref'eives 1st Tue
CI ubs. .\1 r. -11) 
Hammond, :\11'. and ::\
. F. 
7t) Lowther a\ enue 
Hammond, :\lrs. Herbert C. 
öO Grosvenor 
.\11'. Herbert Hammund (Kingston) 
Hammond, ::\Ü. and 
Ir!". S. Leigh t Stevens) 
St. George 
Haney, )11'. and .\In. 
lichad .T. (Godfrey) 
Clefden Hall, 3 Elm avenue 
eceives l:-.t and 2d 
.\liss Haney 3!:.1-8-1 
::\liss Eva Haney 39-8-1: 

\1iss .\Iabel Haney 
Clubs, :\11'. 3!:.1--1ö-ö6-] 12 
Hanna, )11'. and :\lrs. D. B. (Garland) 
5 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. ,l6 
Irs. '\'illiam Q, 
15 South Drive 
l{eceives Ü;t and 3d .\londay 
::\liss :\label Hannah 
Dr. Beyerley Hannah 

lr. George D. Hannah 
Harcourt, :\11'. and .\Irs. Frcderkk 'V. 
Ðu 81. George street 
l:'eceives Tuesday 
Miss Ella Harcourt 
:\11'. IL M. Harcourt 
Clubs, :\11'. 78-
Harcourt, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Robert B. (Copp) 
-19 Rosedale road 
l{eceives 1st and 2d ::\Ionday 
::\liss G. H. Harcourt 
:\11'. Geo. E. Barl'ourt 
:\11'. Cecil C. Harcourt 
Clubs, :\11'. 9 
Harding, :\1 r. and ::\11'8. Charles Victor 
16-1 Dov.ling avenue 
l{eceÎ\ es 1st and __:d Thursday 
::\Irs. :\Ionypenny 
Clubs, .\11'. -lû-]08 
Hardy, .:\11' and :\Irs. Edmunrl (Grant) 
127 H.usholme rO.ld 
H.el'ei yes j"riday 
Clubs, .\11'. Ui 
Hardy, 1\11'. and .\Irs. Edwin A. (n. A.) 
(j:-) Charles :--trl'et \\ l'st 
Receives 1st anù 3d Tuesday 
Hardy, Dr. E. A. Patriek 
t.i21 Spadina aVl'nue 
H.eceivt's 1st and :
rd Tuesday 
:\Irs. A. S. Hardy 
Clubs, 1>1'. Ð



Hardy, 1\11'. and Mrs. James 
21-1 St. George street 
:Mr. Arthur Hardy 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16-1\1rs. 39 
Hargraft, :\11'. and Mrs. George R. 
"Glenreagh," 62 Glen road 
Receives Monday 

'lr. 'V. M. Hargraft 
Clubs, Mr. 8-2-1-25-46-61-66 
Hargraft, Mr. and Mrs. John (Bo)'es) 
10 Bedford road 
S. R., Island Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
:Mr. .J. Ross Hargraft 
Hargraft, Mr. and Mrs. 'Ym. H. (Holll1ested) 
113 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
'lr. and :Mrs. John H. 
52 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Hargrave, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. (Sherman) 
28 Maynard avenue 
Heceive!'i 2d and 3d Thursday 
:Mrs. 'V. H. Sherman 
Clubs, Mrs. 106 
Hargreaves, :\11'. and l\lrs. 'Wm. A. 
108 Albany avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 96 
Harman, 1\11'. and Mrs. George F. (
7 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
11iss A. Harman 
111'. Huson Murney Harman 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Harman, Mr. and :\Irs. Huson (Dumble) 
2A Harbord street 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Ir. 66-96-97 
Harman, ::\11'. and Mrs. S. Bruce 
25 Cecil street 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives 'Vednesday 
:\liss Frances Harman 
Harmer, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert 
Alexandra Palace 
Ir. and Mrs. Albert E. (1IcArthur) 
133 Langley avenue 
Receives last Friday 
Harper, 111'. and Mrs. J. 
1-1: Albany avenue 
Receives 3d and .Hh Friday 
111'. V,T. E. Harper 
Harper, ::\11'. and Mrs. "Tilliam 
46 Summerhill avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 77 
Harris, :\11'. and 11rs. A. 
389 Markham street 
Clubs, Mrs. 39 
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. 
131 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
':\11'. R. \V. Harris 51 
Clubs, Mr. 1-39-66 
Harris, :Miss Elizabeth 1\1. 
71 S1. George street 

Harris, Rev. (D. D,), and Mrs. Elmore 
( Shenstone) 
.. Be.theden, " 35 'Valmer road 
Receives Tuesday 
Harris, l\IrK Jean G. 
85 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Miss L. S. H. Harris 
Harris, 1\11'. and 1Irs. John B. (Lukes) 
135 Tyndall avenue 
Receives 1M and 3d Thursday 
::\liss Eva Harris 
1Iiss Florence Harris 
lr. and :\lrs. Lloyd 
.. Pensano," Brantford, Ont. 
:\liss Frances 'V. Harris 
Ir. Stanley B. 
251 11cCaui street 
Harris, ::\lrs. T. ::\1. (Stewart) 
123 St, George street 
Receives Tuesday 
::\11'. Howard K. Harris 39-66-84:-92 
Clubs, 1\1rs, 33-39-86-87 -103-10-1- 
Harris, Dr. and :\lrs. 'Vilbur H. 
127G King street West 
Receives 1st and 3d Thur!"day. 
Harrison, 111'. and :\Irs. James A. 
18 :\lacdonell avenue 
Harrison, :\11'. and :\lrs. John 'V. F. 
21 Dunbar road 
Club!", 1\1rs. 18-105 
Hart, 111'. and 11rs. Samuel Richmond 
( 'Vyllie) 
25 \\Tillcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
::\Iiss J. Louise Hart 39 
.:\11'. R. 'Vyllie Hart 39-7-1-92 
111'. Ronald R. Hart 39 
:\11'. 11elville M. Hart 
Clubs, :\11', 1--1-39-46-67-Mrs. 39 
Hart, :\11'. and 
lrs. "Tilliam A. (Owen) 
1538 King street \Vest 
Receives 2d and 3d Thursday 
Hartney, 11r. and :\lrs. James H. 
-11 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Receives 1st Friday 
11r. Harold Hart 
11iss K. Hartney 
Harvey. .'.lr. and 11rs. James A. 
92 Delaware avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Harvey, .'.11'. and 1lrs. Reuben 
27 'Maynard avenue 
1Ir. Charles E. Harvey 
Harvey, :\11'. and :\Irs. \VilIiam C. 
10] Roxborough street East 
:\'Iiss G. D. Harvey 
Hastings, Dr. and 1Irs. A. Orr (Grafton) 
59-1- Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Hastings, Dr. and :\lrs. Charles J. C. O. 
( Hatch) 
2f>8 \Vellesley street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
:\Ir. Richard Hatch 
::\11'. Clarence Hastings 

Ir. \Varren Hastin



Hastings, Mr. and 
Irs. Thoma
23 Lowther avenue 
Receives -1th Friday 
Mr. 'Yo F. Hastings 
Mr. H
rry Ha!"tings 57 
:Vliss B Ha
Clubs, Mr. 8 
Haultain, :VIr. and Mrs. Herbert 
I. T. 
( Cronyn) 
163 Heath street, Deer Park 
Hawke, Dr. and 
lrs. B. E. 
21 'Wellesley street 
lrs. George M. 
111 "'ellington street "'est 
Receives Thur
Mr. ,Yo Hawke 

lrs. l\IcDougall 
Hawke, Mr. "'idmer 
-18 Oriole road 

lrs Dryden 
Clubs, :\lr -16 
Hawken, Mr. and Mr<:. James 
18 :\lc:\laster avenue 
Receives 1st Frid
Haworth, Mr. and :\lr
. George F. (Yates ) 
18 Maple avenue 
Ref'eives 1 st 
Ionday and Tuesday 
Miss Haworth 
Hawthorne, Mr. and :\Irs. D
miel D. 
13 Concord avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Mr. .John D. Hawthorne 
Mr. DaÚiel Hawthorne 
Hay, Mr. and :\lrs. Chas. 
Queens Hotel (winter only J 
Hay, .!\II'. and :\lrs. Edward (Oxley) 
] 8 Castle Fran k a, en ue 
Receivps Monday 
s Marion I-lay 61 
Miss Ethel Hay 61 
Ir, 1--19-67-72-78-8-1 
Hay, Mrs. John 1>. (Hendrie) 
.. Strathearn," 43 St. Gporge street 
S. R., Valley Farm, Aldcrshot, Ont. 
Heceives Tuesday 
lrs. 39-8ß 
Hay, Dr. and Mrs. S. :\1. (Ogden) 
184 Spadina avenue 
S. R., .. Carpington," Port Sand- 
field Bay, 
Hcceives 2d and :
d Friday 
Miss :\Iahel Hay 
Miss Lolita Hay 
Clubs, Dr 4;'- Mrs. 87 
nd :\Irs. I.'rederiek Darry 
fiB Spencer avenue 
Receives 1st and 
d Thursday 
Hayes, Mr. Hnd Mrs. Walter F. 
it('('eives h:t Thursday 
Hayhoe. Mr. and MrH. Hobert B. 
159 Rusholme road 
Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. (Hampton) 
Sussex Court 

lr. and 
Irs. Alfred 
31 Beech avenue 
· Receives 1st Monday and 3d Tuet)- 
:\Iiss Amy Haywood 
Dr. Alfred K. Haywood 
Mr. Leo John Haywood 
Haywood, 1\11'. and :\lrs. .James 
28 Dun bar road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuel';day 
:\Ir. Charles Haywood 
:\lr. Arthur Haywood 
Healy, :\Ir. and :\Irs. ::\1. 
37 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 2d and -1th Tuesday 
:Mr. Peter Healy 4 
Dr, J. .J. Healy 
Clubs, :\Jr. 30-:\Irs. 30 
Hearn, :\Irs. Emma Rowe (::\lacIntyre) 
9-1 'Valker avenue 
H.ef'E'ives ] st and 2d Thursday 
Mrs. E. .J. :\faclntyre 
Miss M. :\Iaclntyre 
Hearn (K. C.). ::\Tr. and :\lrs. E. J. 
21 Grange avenue 
Receives 1st \Vednesday 

'1iss L. 1\Iarie Hearn 
Ir. and Mrs. \Villiam t Armstrong) 
-119 Sh{-rbourne street 
Receives 3d and -Hh 
:\Tiss Maud Elizaheth Hearn 

lr. Robert Charles Hearn 
Irs. Al}sley 
ladison avenue 

Iiss Adelaide 1\1. Heath 
Receives 1st 'Vednesday 
Tr. and Mrs. Stuart (Porter) 
13 "'ashingtcn avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Tr. 66 
Heaton, l\Ir. and i\Trc:. Edwin P. (Scott) 
R7 St. 
ry street 
Receivt::5 3d and -1th Friday 
lr. and Mrs. Ernest (Attrill) 
35 Cluny avenue 
S. R., Ridgewood, Bobcaygeau 
J{p.('oives T11e<,'day 
::\lil';s Helpn Heaton 
Heaven, :\Trs. Louise P. (Palmer) 
1 :'H Uloor street 'Vest 
I{{'cpives Frida v 
:\1j<;s F'thel R. Hèanu 
:\liss Alice 1\1. lIeaven 
:\Iiss Adele L. Heaven 
lr. and 
Irs. James 
79 81. Joseph street 
The :\Iisses Hedley 
Heebner. Prof. 
nd l\lrs. Cbarlps F. 
265 \\' elleslf'Y st reet 
S. H., Lakf-' Cf'l'ehe 
I{f-'ceivps 2d and :1d Thursday 
lIees, :\11". and 
tJ.s. G
orgf:' II. (Hath burn) 
174 St. GporKe strt-'f-'t 
H.ecpivt's 1st, 2rl and 3d Friday 

fr. Halph IIt'pl'; tit} 
Clubs. !\lr. ::!.-f.}tj--ì\1r



Hees :\11'. and :L\lrs. Harries L. (Goode) 
151 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
\'Ir. and Mrs. "William C. 
116 Dovercourt road 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
Heighington, Mrs. Jos. (Compston) 
107 Avenue road 
Mr. Angus C. Heighington 74-80-92- 
112-113, also Zeta Psi Society and 
Toronto Racquet Club 
Miss Jessie Heighington 
::\Iiss Dorothea Heighington 
Clubs, :Mrs. 112 
Heintzman, Mr. and 
lrs. Armand N. 
52 Metcalfe street 
Heintzman, Mr. and Mrs. George C. (Hunter) 
"The Birches," Toronto .Junction 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46---':l\Irs. 39 
Heintzman, Mr. and l\Jrs. Gerhard (Killf'r) 
Tt Tannenheim," 16-1 Bloor street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
::\Iiss Cornelia Heintzman 106 
Clubs, Mr. 46-1\>lrs. 106 
HE-intzman, :\11'. and Mrs. Herman (Spink) 
294 High Park avenue, Toronto 
Recei ves "\\T edne
Miss Gertrude Heintzman 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
Helliwell, Mr. and ::\Irs. Alfred A. 
] 60 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Helliwell, Mrs. Elliott G. (\\'allace) 
74 St. George street 
Helliwell, :VII'. and Mrs. Grant (Fitzsimons) 
-13 Rosedale road 
Receives 3d "'ednesday 
Miss Fitzsimons 
1\11'. Paul V. Helliwell 
:\11'. Jo
eph G. Helliwell 
HeIliwell, Miss Minnie 
107 St. George street 
Henden'on, Mr. and :\lrs. Elmes (Groves) 
243 Dovercourt road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
:\11'. Percy He!lderson 
::\11'. Stephen Henderson 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
on, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Malan 
( CIa rkson) 
Care 155 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Henderson, :\11'. Gideon E. 
54 Glen road 
S. R., M uskoka 
Henderson, ::\11'. and Mrs. Jas. B. (Hollowey) 
.. Ventnor," 450 Avenue road hill 
Receives 1st Tuesdav 
Clubs, Mr. 39 . 
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. ,Joseph (Ewart) 
155 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Dr. V. E. Henderson 
Miss Evelyn Henderson 

lr and :L\lrs. .J. (Kennedy) 
34 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 3d and Hh Thursday 
Henderson, Dr. Robert B. 
189 Cottingham street 
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 
183 Jameson avenue 
Henderson, 1\11' and Mrs. ''''illiam R. (Bliss) 
2;-;9 Sherbourne street 
Receives 3d :\londay and 4th Tues- 
1\11'. QUàTtus B. Henderson 
:\Iiss Edith Hf'nderson 
 Violet Hendpr:,;on 
::\11'. Lyman A. Henderson 
Hendry, ::\11'. and Mrs. George 
(Campbell ) 
127 Balmoral avenue 
Herbert, 1\11'. and :\11'8. Frederick H. ('Woods) 
Herwood Lod
e. 38 Dun bar road 
S. R., l\Iu
Receives 1 st and 2d Monday 
:\11'. 'Yo L. Herbprt 
:\Iiss Violpt :\1. Herbert 
Heron, :\11'. and j\rr
. Orlando 
111-t BInscarth road 
sin, 1\11'. and ?\Irs. A. E. 
33 Kenùall avenue 
Heward, :\11'<:. Stephen (Crookshank) 
38 Peter 
S. R., .. Edinswood," OriHa 
::\11'. George C. Heward 
::\11'. C. Edin Heward 
on, 1\11'. and Mrs. .Tohn 'V. 
310 Huron street 
Hewitt, :\11'. and Mrs, Arthur ('Westman)' 
11-1- South Drive 
S. R.. Lorne Park, Onto 
Receives 4 tl1 :\londay and Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39-56 
Hewitt, :\11'. and Mrs. .Tohn 
67 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Hewlett, :\11'. and Mrs. ,TameR 
136 Farnham avenue 
Heyd (K. C.), :L\lr. and 
lrs. Louis Franklin 
( 'Yeinaug) 
418 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st 
nd 3d Monday 
::\11'. Norman G. Heyd 57-66 
Clubs, Mrs. 10-1- 
Hey!", :\11'. and ::Vlrs. Thomas 
64 Hogarth avenue 
::\11'. C, H. Heys -16 
:\Iiss Jessie Heys 
:\Iiss Ellpnor HeY8 
l\lr. Thomas Heys 
:\11'. A. E. Heys 
Higel, :\11'. and Mrs. Otto 
1-16 Dowling avenue 
Higgins, :\11'. and :\1:1'8. Thomas 1\L 
-1-2 Roxborough street 'Vest 
S. R,. Lake of Bays, Muskoka 

Detroit Jewel Gas Ranges 

..,.. ..'r --......=.: 


.. .... . 
\) f' . 

., -- j 


..... .. 

, úEwt"- 


:.. .::; "i':::


One hundred. Styles and Sizes in' prices varying from S 10 to $200. 
The "\VorId's Standard for Economy, Durability and Service. 
"The Stove Store" 

For sale only by A. WELCH & SON 


Telephone Main 1703 


)'Ioney can be saved by visiting the 
if you contemplate the purchase of a diatnon<l 



LADIES send your 
þ-'eathers to 




Successor to 

126 King Street West 

. ....

 . 0 
' _ '
 <-' ,


-' ,




to be Cleaned, Dyed and CurJed. 

Boas and Stoles a Specialty 

Mail Orders Promptly Attended To 

Note that I only do Ostrich Feathers, therefore can do 
the best work at lowest prices. My aim is to please. 



Higinbotham, :Mr. and Mrs, Geo. :\1. 
( Hayward) 
15 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\Ir. 1-12-24-25-49-66-79-84- 
97-:\'1rs. 84-103 
Higinbotham, :\-lr. and :\Irs. Joseph D. 
43 :\-laple avenue 
Hilborn, _\lr. and :\lrs. Albert Cornell (Ross) 
Care 68 \Valker avenue 
Hilborn, :\Irs. \Villiam 
68 Wal1{er avenue 
 Xettie Hilborn 
:\Iiss Adeline Hilborn 
:\liss Lilian Hilborn 
Hill, :\lr. and :\Irs. Byron J. 
6 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1Rt and 3d Friday 
Hill, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Edwin (Price) 
 Delisle street, Deer Park 
:\11'. Edwin A. Hill 

lr. A. T. Hill 
:\Ir. A. E. Hill 
Hillary, :\11'. and :\lrs. Xorman T. 
padina road 
Rpceives 2d and :3d Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 9-4ö-66-84-97-1\Irs. 86- 
Hillock, :\Ir. and Mrs. Frank 

1 Wilton Crescent 
:\11'. Frank S. Hillock 

Ir. George S. Hillock 
Hillock, :\11'. and :\Trs. John !i'. 
77 Simpson a"\enue 
Hills, :\Irs. Rolland (Sawyer) 
] :
5 Admiral road 
Receives 1st and 3d [,'riday 
:\1iss Ina H. Hills 
:\Iiss l\Iuriel :\1. Hills 
Hillyard, Mrs. :\Iarinda 
9 Sultan street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss Carrie L. Hillyard 
:\1iss Alice Hillyard 
llincks, Rev. and l\Irs. \Villiam H. (Greene) 
225 Dunn avenue 
H.pceives 2d and -lth Friday 
-:\11'. Clarence I1ilìcks 
IIi n.ckson, :\1 r. and :\lrs. S. F. 
Oshawa, Ont. 
Hire, 1\lr. T. Foster 
8 High Park boulevard 
Hobbs, :\lr. Thomas S. 
King Edward lIotel 
Hobbs, :\Ir. and :\Trs. "'m. R. (Osborne) 
4 WelleslC'y place 
Recpives 2d and .lth Monday 
:\fiss Osborne 
:\liss Hobhs 
:\1iss C. Hohbs 
:\tiss G. Hobbs 
Clubs, 1\11'. -Hi 
I1odgpns, Mr. and l\lrs. liporge 
mpress crescent, Parkdale 
J{f'cei ves 1 st and :
d Thursday 
Clubs. :\11'. 39--lû 

Hodgens, :\11'. and :\'1rs. \Vm. S. (:\Iackenzie) 
114 Farnham avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 39--1(:)-66-113 
Hodgins (K. C.), :\11'. and :\Irs. Frank E. 
( Lockhart) 
.. Cloynewood," 9 Dale avenue 
Receives :\londay 
:\Iiss Hodgins 
.:\11'. Sherwood Hodgins (R. K.) 
:\Iiss Dorothy Hodgins 
Hodgins, Dr. (LL. D.), and :\Irs. J. G. 
92 Pembroke street 
Receives 1st 1.londay 
Hodgins (K. C.), .Judge and :\Irs. Thomas 
23 Bloor street "'est 
Hecei ves Friday 
:\11'. J. Percy Hodgins 
s Florence Hodgins 
.:\liss Augusta Hodgins 
Hodgins, :\11'. and :Mrs. \Vm. H, 
515 l\Iarkham street 
Hodgson, 1.11'. and :\Irs. John E. (Sanderson) 
Care Crown Life Building 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
The Misses Hodgson 
:\11'. Gregory S. Hodgson 
:\11'. J. E. Hodgson, Jr. 
Hoidge" Dr. Edward T. 
629 Pahnerston boulevard 
Hoidge, :\11'. and :'III's. John R. 

94 Dupont street 
Receives Friday 
Holden, :\11'. and Mrs. .J. P. 
-t-!'58 Palmerston avenue 
Heceives 1 st Thursday and Friday 
:\11'. G. R. Holden 
Holden, :\11'. .John U. 
3 Cawthra square 
.:\Iiss Letitia Holden 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Holland, :\11'. and :Mrs. Fred'k .:\1. (Masson) 
29 Chicora avenue 
Receivps 2d Friday 
Clubs, },lr. 1-2-1--61-66-1\11'8. 61 
Holland, l\Ir. and :\lrs. William H. 

07 St. Gporge street 
.:\lis,; Edith Holland 
Mr. Reginald Holland 
Holliday, 1\11'. and :Mrs. Frederick 
I.'ern leigh House 
Holliday, .:\11'. and Mrs. Thomas Frederick 
53 Howland a"\ enuE' 
HoIlinrake, :\lr. and :\lrs. Thomas A. 
( Irving) 
151 Cre!"cent road 
Rf'ceives 1 st and 3d :\1onday 
Hollwey, Hon, and },lrs. Thomas 'V. 
1-1-0 St. Georgp street 
R&eives Tuesday 
Clubs, lion. 46 -:\1 rs. 
Holman. :\) r. (K. (',), and :\lrs. Chark.., J. 
75 LO\\tIH'r avenue 
R('ceÏ\'es Friday 



Holme, Mr. and Mrs. Eric ,Yo (Jack
528 Dovercourt road 
Receives Thursday 
Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
14 Roxborough street 'Yest 
Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. George 'V. 
24 Dunbar road 
Receives 3d Monday and Tuesday 
Holmes, Mrs. John A. 
62 South Drive 
Receives :\1onday 
Holmested, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 'Yellesley 
( .Moerae) 
65 Beaty avenue 
Clubs, ):[r. 46 
Holmested, Mr. and Mrs. George S. 
58 S1. Alban street 
Re.ceives Tuef;day 

Ir. Selwyn Holmested 
Holtby, Mr. and "Mrs. Ambrose ,Yo (Saulter) 
147 Dowling avenue 
Recpives 2d Thursday 
:\Iiss Irene Holtby 
Clubs, .\lr. 108 
Home, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam 
137 Roxboroug-h street Ea"'t 
ReceÌ\"es Monday 
Hood, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. ('Yatsûn) 
720 Spadina avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Hooper, Dr. and Mrs. E. Ralph (Stra('han) 
415 DIoor stref't 'Vest 
S. R., Dronte, Onto 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. (Laidlaw) 
662 Huron street 
Re('eives 2d Friday 
Hoover, J.\Ir. and 
lrs. Addison H. 
163 Jameson avenue 
Receives 2d and -1th Thursday 
Miss Evelyn B'utlett 
Clubs, :\lr. 5-108-Mrs. 83-1U3, Park- 
dale Travel Club 
Hopkins, Mrs. 'Villiam 
-l6 Dundonald street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss Blanche Hopkins 
Miss Cora Hopkins 
Hopkins, Mr. (F. S. S.), and Mrs. J. Castell 
( Bonner) 
R Oaklands avenue 
Receives 3d and -lth Friday 
Clubs, :Mr. 1-9-13-22-66, also British 
Empire, League Executive, Royal 
Statistical Society of England 
Mrs. 33 
lr. and Mrs. Thomas ,Yo (Stuart) 
22 'Yilcocks street 
RecEives 1st and 2d Tue
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Horne, Rev. and :\lrf;. H. R. 
28 ".alker avenue 
Horsman, .\1r. and :l\Irs. Harry ('Vhibtone) 
1:15 Creseent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 

Hoskin, :\lrs. Alfred (\Yilliamson) 
Balmoral avenue and Avenue road 
Receives Thursday 
The Misses Hoskin 
Hoskins, :\1r. David l F. C. A.) 
99 St. Joseph street 
Hossack, Rev. and 
'1rs. Donald C. 
:\Ioore Park 
lr. and Mrs. John H. (Broughton) 
92 Glen road 
Receives ht and 3d Monday 
Mr. Fred B. Housser 
Clubs, Mr. 56-66-112 
Houston, Mr. and .:\-lrs. Stewart F. 
( Robinson) 
5 Cluny avenue 
S. R., Allandale 
Receives Tuesday 
Houston, 1\1r. and !\1rs. 'Yilliam R. 
8 Elmsley place 
Receives Tuesday 
Howard, Mrs. A. :\lcLean (Macdonald) 
10-l .Jameson avenue 
Receives Thursday 
s Bessie Howard 
Miss Lucy Howard 
Howard, 1\1r. and 1\[r<:;. Lewis A. (Rupert) 
131 Madison avenue 
S. l1., .. Elms," Lake Simcoe 
Receives Friday 
Howard, 1\1r. and Mrs. S. H. (Kyle) 
Ellis avenue Swans
Howard, 1\Ir. and Mrs. 'VUson S. (Turner) 
137 :\laò.ison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
::\lr. Shanley Howard 
l\liss :\1 a rjorie Howard 
Howe, Mr. and 1\lrs. Etna D. 
82 Charles street East 
Receives 18t Monday 
:\1r. Harold D. Howe 
:\Iiss Dora Howe 
1\1r. Lyman Howe 66 
Howell, Mr. and Mrs. George A. (Knox) 
6 Indian road 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, ::\[r. -lG 
Howland, :\lr. and ::\1rs. George W. 
( Ki rkpa trick) 
1 7:
 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1 st :\Ionday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. -!f) 
Howland, Dr. and Mrs. Goldwin 
53R Spadina avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Howland, :\'lr. and :\lrs. Peleg 
()7 Glen road 
Receives .\londay 
Clubs. :\lr. 46 
Howland, :\Ir. and Mrs. 'V. Ford 
Landsdowne avenue and Bloor 
street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\[r. 46 
Howorth, .:\Ir. and Mrs. Albert Hartley 
629 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 



Howson, :\lr. and :\lr8. Henry D. 
12 \\'asbington avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, :\lr. 97 
Hoyles, :Mr. (LL. D.), and :\Irs. 
ewrnan ,Yo 
( :\loffatt) 
567 Huron street 
ReceiveR Friday 
:\1iss Hoyles 
1\lr. Hugh L. Hoyles 
1\Iiss :\1. L. Moffatt 
Hubbell, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. James L. 
711 Spadina avenue 
Receives ht and 3d Tuesday 
Hudson, 1\Ir. and :\lrs. Frederick 'V. (Drew) 
71 ll"'aty avenue, Parkdale 
Rpceives 2d and 3d Thur
Clubs, :\lr. 1 
Hudson, :Mr. and :\lrs. Rufus S. 
Alexandra Palace 
HUf'stis, 1\Ir. and :\lrR. Archibald 1\1. 
( Hamilton) 
1 f) Homewood place 
Eceives 1st ::\Ionday 
Clubs, :\lr. 9-f)G-)lrs. 87-10-1 
lr. and :\Irs. Arthur Edward 
( nrown) 
!)-l Huntley street 
Heceives ::\Ionday 
Clubs, :\lr. 9-2-1-7-1-112 
Hughes, :\Ir. and :\Irs. nernard B. 
() Grace street 
ReceivEs 1st and 4th Friday 
Hughes, :\Ir. and 1\1rs. Stewart :-.J. (Hoffman) 
:W Roxborougl1 street "'est 
lteceives 2d and 4th Tbur};day 
Hughes, 1\lr. and :\Irs. Thomas R. (Evans) 
:!7 \\ïthrow an'nue 
Hugill, Miss .Jose}>hine L. 
2:1 Prince Arthur avenue 
Itel"eive8 2d I"riday 
Clubs, :\Iiss 10-t- 
Hume, Prof. (M. A., Ph. D.), and :VII's. .J ames 
!)8 Spadina road 
H. It., 
hanty Bay, Lake Simcoe 
I t('('(-'i VPH 1 st and 2d l.'riday 
Humphrey, :\lr. and :\lrs. Albert Eo 
-11 0 Palm(-'r
toll boulevard 
ltpr'pives :
d Thur};day 
Hungerford, 1\1 r. and :\lrR. .James :\1. 
 Huron strf'el 
HI I'ei yes 1st and -tth Friday 
Hunt, M r, and :\lrs. Gf'orge Il. 
1 !I; Cottingham strf'f't 
Rl<'eÏ\'ps 2d Friday 
Hunt, :\lr and :\lrs. :\1. G. 

 Palllll'rstun buulevarcl 
Hunter, 1\lr. and :\II'H. A1frf'd T. 
!1-1 SflPI)('pr a \'I'IHIP 
HI'l'pi\'f'!-1 1 
t and 2d Thur
I1untpl', 1\11", and :\Ir
. Carl Hamiltoll 
(Wa lkpr) 
!I!I st. nl'/)r
t 1'I'f't 

Hunter, ::\Ir. and 1\Irs. Charle
170 Bloor street West 
S. R., "The Cedars," );iagara-on- 
Hunter, Dr. and :\Irs. John (Renwick) 
8 O'Hara avenue 
:\Iiss Hunter 
Hunter, :\Ir. and Mrs. .T. Howard (Gordon) 
82 St. Mary strf'et 
Receives Friday 
::\Ir. John Howard Hunter, .Jr. 4-66- 
:\1iss Hunter 
:\Iiss Grace Hunter 
Hunter, :\Ir, \\ïlliam H. 
Lal\:e Shore road, ::\limico 
HuntH, :\lr. and )'Irs. W. .E. Lincoln (Smith) 
113 "Talmer road 
Re('pi ves Friday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. fjG 
Huntsman, Dr. and :\lr8. Archibald G. 
217 Robert street 
Hurst, :\Ir. and :\lr8. Aubrey O. (Teeple) 
.. Ermont." 121) Spadina road 
d Thur
day and Frid:l)' 
1-Iiss Erminf' T. Hurst 
Clubs, .\lr. 1-8-111 
HUHband, Mr. and :\lrs. Augustus C. 
121 C'rescf'nt road 
:\Ir. Arthur O. Husband 
Hutchins, 1\Ir. and :\Tn;. F'red L. (Chowne) 
29-1: Sherbournf> street 
Hutchin!':, 1\lr. and :\Irs. .John n. (:\IcFarland) 
2R2 St. Georgf> 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
on, :\Ir. and ::\lrH. Au
tin (Ross) 
7 Indian Grove aYf'nue 
Hutchinson, )Ir. 
'rs. C, 
 I "'ellesley street 
PI'f>iYes 1st and 2d 'Vedne
::\Ii",s Edna Hutchin
Hutchinson, :\Ir. and Mrs. "'m. II. 
( AlexandC'r) 
fI Ca....tIe Frank Cre
l{p('eiYC's 2d Monda v and Tuesdav 
(,lubs, :\Ir. -16' . 
on. :\Ir. :md :\lr
. Arehibald 
!is :\Taclison avenup 
Receives F'riday 
on, ðl r. and :\lr!". Henry 
 17 RbprbournC' st rl'C't 
ItN'f>iv<,,,, 1 
t and ::d :\londay 
Dr. Henry Rf'aton llutl'hi
:\Ir .John Hurton Ilut('hi
 Bl'sHie S. Hutchison 
Hut:-on. :\1 r. and :\lrs. ,John 
;1!)1I Palnll'rston boult:'yarll 
Hyland, )Ir. and :\lrs. ,John Jlf'llJf'rt 

!lIi St. Cl'or
p stn pt 
Itl'l'l'Ï\ es l.'riday 

lr. Gordon Hyland 
lop. :\11'. and :'Ilrs. Itobt'rt (:\II'\\'iIIial1l) 
I ajllr 
t J'I.('t 
Hpl'pÏ\ 1'!-1 
d TlmrHla y 



Hyslop, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam, Jr. (MacLeod) 
6 Scarth road, Rosedale 
Receives 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Miss Florence A. MacLeod 39 
Clubs, Mr. 5-9-24-39-46-66- Mrs. 39- 

Ince, Mrs Helen (Yonge) 
94 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Paradise Grove, Niagara-on- 
the-Lake, Onto 
Mr. George Ince 
Ince, Mr. and Mrs. James (McCarthy) 
580 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Ince, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam (Jones) 
88 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Wrn. Campbell Ince 
Clubs, Mr. 46-61-80-Mrs. fl1-80-86 
Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. Percival M. 
411 Manning avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Young) 
158 St, George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Robert Y. Inglis ('Vinnipeg) 
Clubs, Mr. 78-80-81-Mrs. 38-80-84- 
Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. 'ViIliam S. B. (Hewett) 
1286 King street 'Vest 
S. R., Mimico 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr 39-66-78-Mrs. 39 
Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. 
322 Palmerston boulevard 
H.eceives 1st and Rd Thursday 
Mr. George S. Ingram 
Miss Mamie Ingram 
Mr. 'Vesley W. Ingram 
Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
336 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Innes, Mr. and Mrs. John C. 
58 Rusholme road 
Inwood, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. 
( Sutherland) 
63 Glen road 
S. R., Napier 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H. (Lee) 
71 ßloor street East 
Receives Monday 
Miss Ireland 
Clubs, Mr. 1-49-66-78-Mrs. 84-86- 
Ireland, Mr. James O'N, 
17 Prince Arthur avenue 
Irish, Mrs. Jennie H. 
406 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Irish, Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. (Smart) 
46 Chestnut Park road 
Receives 2d and 3d Tue!"day 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-9-24-39-46-49-61-66- 
Mrs. 33-39-86 

Irvine, Mr. and Mrs. R. 
orman (Thompson, 
8 Castle Frank avenue 
Receives 1st 110nday 
Clubs, Mr. 78 
frving, Sir Æmillius 
19 Russell street 
S. R., "Bonshaw," Newmarket 
Clubs, Sir 12-78-97 
Irving, Mrs. Andrew S. (:Horgan) 
149 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Miss "
innifred Morgan 
Irving, Mr. and Mrs. George Theodore 
( Phillips) 
69 Spadina road 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16 
In-ing, Mr. and Mr<;. Joseph (Hatch) 
78 % Charles street East 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Irving, 1\11'. and 
lrs. Thomas C. (Pickett) 
2-16 Huron street 
Receives l
t and 2d Tuesday 
Mr. Thomas C. Irving, Jr. 46 
Miss Annie Irving 
Mr. 'V. T. Irving 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16 
Ining, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. H. 
76 Spadina road 
S. R., Grimsby 
Receives 1st and 1th Friday 
Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 'V. ('Varren) 
13 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Ivens, Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
208 Carlton !"treet 
Receives 1st Friday 
Ivey, Mr. and 
lrs. Arnold M. (Thoburn) 
111 Isabella street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-39--16--19-56-66-M1'8. 
Ivey, Mr. and Mrs. John D. 
152 Carlton street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 

Jack, Miss A. 
59 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Torrance J. 
30 Maynard avenue 
Miss A. Jack 
Mr. Robt. G. T. Jack 
Jackes, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. (Lee) 
"The Elms," 1315 Yonge street. 
Deer Park 
's. R., "Moss Rock," Lake Joseph, 
Receives 1st Thun:day 
Mr Hervey L. .Jackes 
Mr. I
ric A. Jackes 
Miss Elsie Jackes 
Clubs, Mr. 22-45--!6-Mrs. 33 
,Jackes, Mrs. 'Villiam (Jones) 
314 S1. George street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Clara Jackes 
Miss Margaret Jackes 
Miss Ada Jackes 




Ir. and :'IIrs. Arthur J. 
2 Elgin avenue 
Receives i-:d Friday 
Clubs, :'IIr. 1-4-5-42--19-66-97 
Rev. (n. A.), and :\Irs. George (Bell) 
5 Wbitney avenue, North Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 2d Tbursday 
:\'liss Dora Greenwell Jackson 
Clubs, Rev. 9-39 
:\Ir. and :\Irs. :\1aunsell n. (Cull) 
.. Drunuma b," Castle Frank road, 
Re.ceive!' l!'t and 3d 
:\Jiss Xora K. .Jackson 
:\Iiss Hosalie A. E. Jackson (B. A.) 
:\Iiss Lu<'Ïe .Jackson 
:\Ir. :\Iaunsell n. .JackRon, Jr. (B. Se.) 
:\Ir. Philip T. .Jackson (B. Sc.) 
Jackson, Miss Xora Kathleen 
Castle Frank road, Rosedale 
Teacher of singing and musical 
theory, studio
 Nordbeimer's and 
Castle Frank road (N. 2349) 
Irs. S. E. 
584 Huron street 
:\Iiss Ethel Jack
:\Iiss 1\1 ay Jackson 
:\Ir. James Jackson 
Receh"es 1st and 2d F'riday 
Jackson, :'IIr. and :\Irs. ,,'m. H. (:\Iorgan) 
83 Delaware avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 



Jacobi, :\lr. and :'IIrs. Emil T. ("ïlson) 
] II
 "'almer road 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
Jacobi, :\Ir. and :'Ilrs. Fred'k ,V. 
73 Howland avenue 
H.eceives 2d and 3d Friday 
Jaffray, Senator Robert 
.. Surrey Lodge," 78 Grenville 

Clubs, )'Ir. -16 
Jaffray, :\lr. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam G. (Gil1espie) 
78 Grenville street 
H.eceives 1 st and 
d Tuesday 
('luhfi, :\Ir. -16 
.Jakeway, :\lr, and :'IIrs. Harry"". (\Vbeeler) 
1 n I Delaware avenUf> 
Clubs. :\Ir. 9 
James, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Charles ('. (Crossen) 
l-l-l St. Gf>orge street 
lteceivl s Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\1 r. :W--llj-::\Irs. 39 
.James, It('v. (:\1. A.). and :\Irs. Charles .J. 
llio Bloor street ""pst 
Hc('eh es 1st and 3d l.'riday 
.Tanes. :\Ir. Simeon II. 
I'.a rf> ï!) Y ongf' street 
:\1 iss .Janes 
:\1 iss Louisl' .JanN; 
Janson, :\1 rs. S. H, 
:-1 :\1 ay pla(,f> 
:\J iss E
thp" Hogers 
:\1 i
s }{ugprs 
JaqUIth (I>, n.). :\lr JllIhf'rt r. 
1 !17:! QUI'f'lI 
tl"l,pt East 

Jarvis, :\Ir. and Mrs. ..Emillius (Irving) 
34 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Centre Island 
H.eceives 1st and :ld Friday 
:\'Iiss Jarvis 
l\Iiss Bertha .Jarvis 
Mr. 'Villiam D. P. Jarvis 
Clubs, :\Ir. 9-22-45-49-57-66-78-8-1- 
91- :\lrs. 103-105 
Jarvis, Mr. and :\lrs. Arthur ("Winter) 
.. The Alexandra" 
Jarvis, Mrs. Edgar .J. 
2H Xanton avenue, Rosedale 
Receives :\londay 
Miss C. .Jarvis 
Mr. Louis .Jarvis 
:\lr. Xorman S, Jarvis 39 
:\lr. K B 'aumont Jarvis 
Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. (Stewart) 
BeJford Park, North Toronto 
Receives Saturday 
Jarvis, :\Ir. Frederick \V. (Skynner) 
258 .Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. and :\lrs. Edmund Meredith Jarvis 
Mr. Ralph Heimsworth Jarvis 
Jarvis, :\Irs. Salter :\1. 
2-l6 St. George street 
Receives l<
Miss :\luriel Jarvis 39 
Jeffrey, :\11'. and :\Irs. Andrew 
107 CarUon street 
Receives Monday 
1\11'. Edward S. .Jeffrey 

Ir. Walter W. .J('ffrey 
Miss Anna C. .Jeffrey 
1\1r. :\lurray .Jeffrey 
Miss Grace Jeffrey 
Jemmett, :\lr. and :\lrs. I". G('orge (Jemmett) 
42 \Varren road 
Receives 1 st Thur
Mr. n. L. .Jemmett 
.Jenkins, 1\11'. Thomas 
] 11 H.oxborough street \\ est 
.Jenks (13. D.), Hev. Prof. Arthur W. 
Trinity College, 790 QUN'ns 
S. IL, Whitdield, N. II., l". S. .\. 
.Jennings, :\Ir. and Mrs. Claud A. C. (Le\\ is) 
3Ð8 Markham strf'et 
Rccei\"('s 1 st and :
d Thurfiday 
t1H'1 .JenningH 
:\liss :\larian .Jennings 
Clubs. Mr. 1 
.J('nnings, Mr, and Mrs, .James 
1-l!) College sf rppt 
Jcphcott, ::\Ir. and :\1 rs. Alfn'd 
 Cluny avpnu(' 
(,luhs. :\Ir. =W--tG Mrs. 
.Jermyn, :\Ir. and :'Ilrs. .Jam{'s (Dickey) 
7-l South I>rivf' 
H('c('ìves 1 st and ;':d .\londay 
:\1iss 1'
lor('n('p .J{'rmYIl 
.Ipw('lI. .\11'. and :\lrs. .1. n. 
122 Ht. Gl'orgf' strf'l'f 
S. It., Jpwpllvi1lf'. Out. 



Job, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Fenton) 
102 Jameson avenue 
Receives last Thursday 
Mr. Frank Coniine .Job 
Mr. "'"alter Fenton Job 
Johnson, Dr. and 1\1rs. Arthur Jukes 
( 'Yidder) 
52 Bloor street 'Yest 
S. R., Goderich, Onto 
Receives Friday 
Johnson, Bon. and :\lrs. Fred'k. 'V. 
116 Dunn avenue 
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. 
71 Roxborough street ""est 
Johnston, 1\11'. and Mrs. Alexander L. 
390 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 
1--l7 Park road 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. B. (Schreiber) 
119 st. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Jessie .Johnston 
Clubs, Mr. 39-84-Mrs. 39-84-86 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Francis '\\". 
16 Dundonald street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Johnston. Mr. and 1\lrs. Harry B. (Eckhardt) 
740 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
2 Lamport a ven ue 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Edith Johnston 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. 
670 Huron street 
Receives 2d Friday 
Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel (Macallum) 
169 Carlton street 
Mrs. Mary F. Macallum 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Strachan 
1 Dale avenue 
Receives Monday 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. William R. 
571 Jarvis street 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives 1st Monday 
Johnston, Mr. and 1\1rs. 'Villiam R., Jr. 
( Connon) 
53 Nanton Crescent 
Receives Monday 
Johnstone, Mr. and 
lrs. "'T. 
1536 King street 'Vest 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse F. (Connon) 
La Plaza Apartments 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Jones, Co!. and Mrs. Carleton 
Cochrane Lodge 
Jones, Mr. and lVII's. Clark
on (Roebuck) 
., Morley Hou
e," 25 Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss Gladys Jones 
Miss Marguerite Jones 
1\Iiss :\lillicent Jones 

Jones, Dr. and 
lrs. D. Ogden (Plumb) 
126 Carlton street 
Receives :\londay 
Jones, Mrs. Edward C. 
2-11 Church street 
Receives Monday 
1\1rs. 'V. Winn 
1\11'. E. C. .10nes 
:Mr. Gordon Jones 
Jones, :1\11'. and 1\Irs. F. C. Llewellyn 
.. Thorny,croft," 223 B:tlmoraJ ave- 
Receives Thursdáy 
Mrs. H. A. Jones 
Jones, Mr. George A. 
18 Meredith Crescent 
Receives :\londay 
Miss Jones 
Jones, 1\11'. and Mrs. G. C. 
St. Albans, Vermont 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. (Rayner) 
25-1 Shaw street 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. James Edmund (Hooper) 

2 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 35-46 
Jones, Dr. Newbold 
-12 Prince Arthur avenue 
Jones, Mrs. Sidney F. (Scott) 
8-1 St. Patrick street 
Receives \Yednesday 
Mr. Beverley Jones 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney H. 
Lyndhurst avenue, Bracondale 
Jones, Rev. "'Tilliam (M. A.) 
Trinity College 
Recei ves Friday 
Miss Mary E. H. Strachan 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. E. 
27 Spencer avenue 
Receives -1th Thursday 
The Misses Jones 
Jones, Mr. and 
lrs. 'Yilliam W. 
35 "
Talker avenue 
:\Iiss Edith :\1. Jones 
1\11'. 'Yo Spencer .Tones 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yo \Vallace (CampbeIJ) 
5 ',"ellesley place 
Receives ';\londay 
Joseph, The Misses 
155 Bloor street East 
Receives Monday 
Jull, Mr. and Mrs. T. 'Yorthington (Fulton) 
18-1 Crescent road 
S. R.. Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Junkin, .Mr. and 
irs. Robert 
165 Crescent road 
Receives 1\1onday 
JunoI', :\11'. and .Mrs. 'Yilliam 
108 Jameson avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\Tiss Constance E. JUllor 
Clubs, :\11'. 66 



Kahn, Mr. and :\Irs. Gustave 
"Kahncreta," 2363 Queen street 
Irs. Pauline 
94 South Drive 
Receivf>s l
t ::\Ionday 

liss E. Kallmeyer 
Miss C. Kallmeyer 
1. Kallmeyer 
Kammerer, :Mr. and :\Irs. Jacob A. 
87 .Jameson avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Miss C. Kammerer 
Miss :\1. Kammerer 
Ir. 1, President of 30, 46 
Kane, 1\1rs. .f. II. (Hf>lliwell) 
166 Dowling avenue 
Mrs. E. Helliwell 
Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hamilton 
( ::\Iackid) 
218 Close avenue 
Receivps 1st and 3d Thursday 
Kantel, Mr. and 1\Irs. Emil A. 
74- Binscarth road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Kavanagh, Mr. and :\lrs. \\'i1liam A. 
( O'Reilley) 
93 "'almer road 
Rpceives 2d and 4th Friday 
:\liss Desford 
Kay, l\Iis
504 Huron 
Receives Friday 
liss 39 
Kay, Mr. and :\lrs. John Bryce (Hay) 
65 St. George street 
S. R., Roache's Point 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss I'
dith Kay 39-61-80-86 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-97-1\1rs. 39-86 
Keating, Mr. and 
Irs. Edward H. 
( nJanC'hard) 
9Ð Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives :\1:onday 
Miss Keating 
Clubs, :\11'. 9-14.-23-78, also ::\1. I. 
C. E., London, England 
Kf>efer, Major (I. 1\1. S.), and :\Irs. 'w, 
6 St. George street 
Keele, The :\IisSf>S 
 :\-Iaple avenue 
Jtpceives :\lonclay 
Mrs. ::\1. Beatty 
KeEnan, 1\11'. and :\Irs. .James Condon 
::S :\Iadison aVPllu(' 
Iteceives t 
t and 2d Friday 
(,lubs, .\1 r. 1 
Keenan, Mr. and :\Irs. 'Vm. (Gref>nless) 
liOt Huron stl'('('t 
Itt'C'pÏ\'es 1:-;t l.'riday 
Keens, :\11'. and :\ll.S. Walter J. (Hunter) 
liS Spadina road 
s. n.. .. Fairvi(w," CE'ntre T<.:la11(1 
 :lei and 3d Frida
hl('y :\11'. find ::\11'8. Wm. "'. 
:!7 Xanton a\l'nup 

Keirstead, Rev. Prof. and :\Irs. E. ::\1:. 
76 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Keith, :\11'. and :\Irs, Alexander (Forbes) 
416 :\Iarkham street 
Receives 1st and 
d Thursday 
:\11'. D. Forbes Keith 
:\11'. G. Alan Keith 
::\liss Hazel Keith 
:\liss Elsie Keith 
Clubs, :\11'. 30 
, ::\11'. and :\Irs. G. ::\1. 
63 Howland avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
KeHy, :\11'. and Mrs. Frederick F. 
3 Rathnelly avenue 
S. R., Orchard Beach 
Receives 2d and -I:-th Friday 
:\liss Gretchen Kelly 
Kelly, :\11'. and :\lrs. Henry G. 
93 Roxborough street East 
Kelly, :\11'. and ::\11'8. Hugh T. (Hynes) 
33 :\Iaple avenue 
Receives 4th Monday and Tuesday 
Kelly, :\11'. and Mrs. 1\lorgan J. 
6 Dale avenue 
d :\Ionday 

Iiss Bertha Kelly 

lr. Fred Kelly 
Kelson, ::\1:1'. and 1\11'8. G. 
21 Prince Arthur avenue 
Kemerer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. 
( Parkinson) 
2-1:- Chestnut Park 
Kemp, :\11'. (:\1. P.), and Mrs. Albert E. 
.. Castle Frank," Rosedale 
Receives :\Ionday 
l\Iiss Hazf>l Kemp 
Clubs, 1\11'. :
9--!6-:\lrs. 39 
Kemp, :\11'. David 
ladison avenue 
Kemp, Dr. and 
Irs. Herbert Gross (Baxter) 
9 Avenue road 
S. R, ::\Iuskoka 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Kemp, ::\11'. and :\Irs. .John C. (Callahan) 
Iadison a\'enue 
Receivl's Friday 
:\liss A I if'e Kt'mp 
Ir. and :\Irs. William A. 
] If) Wf>llf>sley Cn'scent 
S. H" .Ja('hson's Point 
(tC'C'eÏ\.ps :!d a nd :
d 1\londay 
Clubs. :\Ir 3U--l6 
Kennedy, :\11'. anel :\lrs. A. :\1. (.James) 
:n Lakp\if>\V av('nlW, Toronto 
8. It. Xorwav Point. ::\fuskoha 
'es :!d and -I:-th Thursday 
Kt-'llIwdy. :\11'. amI :\lrs. Dani{'l 
2HH ('a rlton st rC'pt 
:\11'. Pan il'l Kt'nnl'dy, .Jr. 
:\1 is,,", :\Iarv Kt'l1Iwdv 
'I i
t'hia Kt'l1l1l'ily 



Kennedy, Mr. and ::\[rs. Frank Judd 
405 Palmerston boulevard 
Kennedy, 1\11'. and .Mrs. George 
] -17 Bloor street \Vest 
Clubs, 1\11'. 9--16 
Kennedy, Prof. ( M. A., D. Sc.), and 1\1rs. 
Harry A. A. 
119 Spadina road 
Kennedy, Mr. Matthew 
136 Balmoral avenue 
Kennedy, l\Ir. and ::\1rs. Thomas (Neilson) 
D6 ßrunswick avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Kenrick, Prof. and ':\[rs. Frank B. (Boulton) 
73 Baldwin avenue 
Receives \\'ednesday 
Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Amhrose 
192 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (Ferrett) 
110 St. George street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 42 
Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ß. 
33 :-\orth Sherbourne street 
Kent, Mr. and 1\1rs. ,James ('Yylie) 
120 Madison ayenue 
Receives 1st 1\1onday 
l\Jiss C. G. Kent 
Kerman, Mr. and Mrs. 'Wm. S. (Anderson) 
47 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Kerr, Mrs. n. Hume 
20 Grosvenor street 
Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Charles "'. (Stobbs) 
32 Chestnut Parì{, Rosedale 
S. R., Go-Home Bay, Georgian B
Recf'iyes 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Kerr, Senator and :'\[rs. James K. 
.. Ratlmelly," Poplar Plains road 
S. R., Rathnelly Crescent 
Receives Friday 
Kerr, 1\11'. and :'\[1'8. John :\L (Brown) 
11 Powf'll avenue 
Recf'Ï\ f'S ] st and 
d l\Ionday 
Ir. and :\[rs. "'. A. H. (Wilkie) 
36 Cre
cf'nt road 
Receives Tuesday 
Kerr, Mrs. ,Yo H. 
51 Cluny avenue 
Recc>ives Tuesday 

\liss E. Kerr 
Kerrigan, Mr. and :.\lrs. Dennis (Simpson) 
428 Brunswick avenue 
The Misses Kerrigan 
Keys, Mr. and :'\[rs. David Reid (Maclean) 
87 Avenue road 
S. R., Go-Home Bay 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
:.\11'. Herbert J. E. Keys 

 r. Korman A. Keys 
Mr. David A. Keys 
Clubs, Mr. 3-9-10-14-23-43-61-73-81- 
92-93-110-Mrs. 10-1 

Kilgour, :.\11'. and Mrs. D. E. (Sheppard) 
122 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 1 st Thursday and Friùay 
Clubs, 1\11'. 9-66 
Kilgour, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Robert (Govan) 
29 Dunbar road 
S, R., Roach's Point 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Killer, Mr. and 1\1rs. Fred'k (Byrne) 
5 Roxborougb i"treet East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-85 
Kilmer, l\Ir. and :\Irs. George H. (Crawford) 
171 Crescent road 
Receivf's 1 st and 3d l\londay 
Ir. 46 
Kilpatrick, Rev. (D. D.), and Mrs. Thomas B. 
128 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
\Ir. and :.\lrs. F. Edwin 
15() 'Walmer road 
King, 1\11', and 1\1rs. Arthur S. 
10-1 South Drive 
King, Dr. and :\1lrs. Edmund E. 
61 Queen street East 
Receives Thursday 
King, ::\lrs. Edward L. 
8 Classic avenue 
King, Mr. (K. C.), and 1\1rs. .John 
-1 Grange road 
Receives Thursday 
::\Iiss Isabel King 
Clubs, :.\11'. 67 
Ir. and Mrs. John S. 
] 42 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
King, :\11'. and lVII's. R. F. 
2 Bellwoods Park 
King, :.\11'. and 1\1rs. Ralph (Mackenzie) 
82 Spencer avenue 
Rf'ceives 1st and :
d Thursday 
Clubs, :.\11'. 1-39-67-1\1rs. 33-39-104 
King, :\11'. Samuf'l 
22 Cecil stï'eet 
King, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. 'Ym. P. 
71 l\lelbourne avenue 
Receives 1st 'Vednesday and Thurs- 
:Uiss l\Iabel King 
l\fr. Arthur S. King 
King, :.\11'. and :.\Irs. "T. A. 
416 Palmerston boulevard 
Miss E. King 
Kingsford, :.\11'. and l\lrs. Rupert E. 
( Kingi"ton) 
18 St. .J oseph street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss 'Yinifred Kingsford 
Mr. George E. Kingsford 
Kingsley, Mr. and 'Mrs. Ernest L. (Thomas) 
46 Hawthorne avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 3d 1\1onday 
Mrs. E. Thomas 
Kingsmill, Mr. and Mrs. Nicol 
100 Yorkville avenue 





Canada's Great Warerooms for Genuine 




Artistic Eastern Draperies, Damascus Portieres, Moor- 
ish Lamps, all kinds of Egyptian and Turkish Bric-a- 
Brae, Ladies' Siik Shawls, Kimonas, Etc. . . .. .. 


V\" e invite all our patrons and those who want 
genuine Turkish Rugs to call and inspect our unex- 
celled collection of Oriental Rugs. \\. e are receiving 
continually new shipments of Antique and Rare 
Turkish and Persian Rugs direct from the Orient. 


The Only Direct Importers ft1ail Orders Receive Prompt Attention 


Guarantees, no matter how Aged \Y rinkleù, Lined, 
Sallow, Flahhy, Small Pox I
ittings, Scars, Birth- 
marks, Eczcnla, Blackheads, Freckles, Superfluous 
lIair, or \yhat not, to Re
tore Your Skin to Beauty 
and Youth. 

My Beauty Trea.tment - Elec!rical Vibratory an i 
Vacuum Massage for Fac
 and Scalp 

Send 15 cents for Illustrated Booklet "The Soul uf Beauty" 





485 St. Catherine Street, West 


Ben Phone Up 30i9 

.\ \L 




J : 

" ,



Skirts made to order from your own 
ma terial 

. Accordion and Knife Plaited Flounces 
Buttons covered with your own material 
in Plain, Oval, Ivory Rims and 
Combination Styles 
Out of Town trade will be given our 
best attention 

We guarantee satisfaction 

Toronto Dress Plaiting Co. 

Phone N 3843 


S. C. RYAN, 
680 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y., U. S. A. 



Kingstone, 1\Ir. and :\[rs. Frederick \Y. 
(Grasett ) 
469 .Jarvis f'treet 
Receives :\[onday 
1\1r. Henry G. Kingstone 
Miss Fannie C. Kingstone 
Miss Edith Kingstone 
Miss :\lay Kingstone 
1\1r. George Kingstone 
Kinnear, Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas 
20 Spadina road 
H.eceives hot Friday 
Miss Olive Kinnear 
Master Roy Kinnear 
Kinnear, l\1r. and 
l rs. Thos. H. (Xasmi th) 
padina road 
H.eceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Kipp, Mr. and :\Irs. Herbert 
\I. (:\lcKechnle) 
546 B:lthurst street 
H.eceives 2d Thursday 
Kirkpatrick, :\Ir. and 
lrs. Alex. 1\1. M. 
( Denison) 
204 Rusholme road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. A, Douglas Kirkpatrick 66 

iss l\1arjorie Kirkpatrick 
Ir. 78-80-8-1, Capt. and :\lr8. Arthur E 
123 Bedford road 
H.eceives 1 st and 3d Friday 
Ir. Francis 
Spadina Gardens 
Miss Gertrude Kirkpatrick 
Miss Maud Kirkpatrick 
Kirkpatrick, Mr. George B. 
8 Coolmine road 
Receives Friday 
Mrs. !\Iorris 
Kirkwood, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. M. 
517 Brunswick 
Rccei ves 1st Friday 
Kleiser, Mr. and :\[rs. Albert 
18 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kleiser 
Mr. Otto Kleiser 
Klippert, Mr. and :\lrs. Adam E. 
11 Laxton avenue 
H.eceives 1 st Thursday 
Knight, Mr. and :\Irs. Arthur ('ecil 
170 h:ab('lla street 
Jteceives 2d and -Ith 
Clubs, :\11'. 
9--Ifi-:\lrs. 39 
Knowles, Mr. (It. C. A.). and 1\[rs. F. 
vray (Beach) 
-IO Bloor street "'est 
H.eceives 1 st Saturday 
Knowlton, 1\1r. anrt :\1 rs. Thos. K (King) 
l-1li Wellesley Crescpnl 
Knowlton, Mr. and :\lrs. \\'m. H. 
l!í2 \\'pllesl('y ('rescent 
Knox, Mr. and 
. .John A. 
71 Spac1ina road 
S. 1L. I(pw B('ach 
}{('('('Ï\ps 1st and 2c1 Fridav 
:\11'. ArnoIcl :\1. Knox 
1\11', 110\\<11"11 Kn(J'{ 

Knox, :\[rs. "ïlliam Henry (Thornhill) 
5H \Valmer road 
Receives bt Friday 
:\Ir. \V. A. Knox 42-88 
:\Ir. Stanley :\1. Knox 88 
Clubs, :\lr8. li3 
[rs. Chas. E. (['rocker) 
161.:) Jarvis street 
Receives :\londay 
Miss :\lcCollum 
Dr. John l\IcCoIlum 
Mr. Charles :\lcCoIlum 
1\1r. Allan :\lcCoIlum 
Kynoch, :\Ir. James 
95 Jameson a ven ue 
:\Irs. .Jessie Kvnoch 
:\Ir. ,,'m Kynòch 

Lace, :\lr. and :\Irs. Alfred 
93 Spadina road 
H.eceiveR 1st and 2d Friday 
Laidlaw, :\lr. and Mrs. C. Sheddon 
1-1-2 Uedford road 
Receives Friday 
Laidlaw, 1\Ir. and :\lrs. John Baird (Günther) 
7 Clarendon Crescent 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 5-9-39-46-66-67-81-Mrs. 
Laidlaw, :\[r. and :\[rs. Robert (Cameron) 
32 North Sherbourne street 
H.eceives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
1\Ir. \Y. C. Laidlaw 39--16 
Miss Laidlaw 39 
Miss :\Iargaret C. Laidlaw 39 
Mr. Robert A. Laidlaw -16 
[r. (K. C.), and :\[rs. \Villiam 
( Knapp) 
49 .Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss l\Iarion Laidlaw 
Clubs, :\1r. 39 
LaiIey, Mr. and :\Irs. Charles E. 
170 "'almer road 
H.eceives :
d and -1th Friday 
Miss :\1. LaiIey 
Miss H. LaiIey 
Laing, Miss C. B. 
In;:; Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
l.aird, :\lr. and :\Irs. Al('xandl'r 
-IR Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Laird, Mr. and :\Irs. Douglas (Adams) 
5 GlPn road, HOf'edale 
Lake, 1\Irs. A. F. 
515 PalnH'rston boulevard 
l\liss B. Lal{e 
Luhe, :\11'. and :\Irs. .John X. (Douglas) 
12 South ))rÏ\'(' 
S. H., Xiagara-on-the-Lake 
c('Ï\es -Ith :\]onday 
LImb, :\Ir<:. I';lizalwth 
7 B('aty a\ ('I1U(' 
}{t'C'('Ï\'('. :
d n lid Ith Thursday 
)]bs Clark :';0 
:\1 i
 - Lamh 



Lambe, 1\1r. and :\1rs. \\ïlliam G. A. (Reid) 
Scarboro Heights 
Lamont, :\Jr. and :\:Irs. Hector 
436 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 1st Monday 
lillie Lamont 
Misf' Dottie Lamont 
Mr. George D. E. Lamont 66 
Lamport, :\Jr. and Mrs. \Yilliam Ale
( \Yood) 
1508 King street 'West 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, 11r. 41 
Lane, :\1r. and l\Irs. Frederick \V. (Stewart) 
38 Gloucester strEet 
Lang, Prof. (1\1. A.), and l\1rs. A. E. 
104 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Lang, Mr. and .Mrs. James 
20 Leopold street 
Receivef' 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Lang 
Lang, Prof. and Mrs. \Y. R. (D. st.) 
15 Surrey place 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Prof. 12-67-78-84-92-93-97-- 
Mrs. 33 
Langford, Prof. and 1\[rs. Arthur L. 
119 Farnham avenue 
Receives Friday 
Langley, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott \V, (Sackett) 
73 Brunswick avenue 
S. R., Linden Grove, 218 Lake 
Shore avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 

[arilla 1. Lal1gley 
11iss :\1aud J. Langley 
Clubs, 1\1r. 21-35-49-66--Mrs. 21-103 
Langley, Mr. and l\Irs. James P. 
537 Sherbourne street 
Langlois, Mr. and and 
:Irs. Herbf'rt (Gordon) 
149 Rusholme road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Mr. Gordon Langlois 
l\Iiss Langlois 
Clubs, Mr. 9-39-78 
Langmuir, :.\:Ir. and l\Irs. Archibald D. ( 
2 Xorth street 
Receives Tuesday 
Langmuir, :V1r. and ::\'Irs. Edwin A. (Cavers) 
-1-59 Huron street 
Receivef' 2d and 3d Friday 

1r. and l\1rs. James Langmuir 
Langmuir, :\1r. and Mrs. John 'Yoodburn 
(Thorburn ) 
11 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Langmuir, Mr. and 1\1rs. :.'.1atthew 
Rf>O Rloor street \Yest 
Clubs. Mr. 39 
Langton, l\Ir. and :\1rs. Hugh H. (Street) 
R6 Dunbar road 

Langton, Lieut.-Col. and l\Irs. Joseph G. 
162 Spadina road 
REceives 1st Friday 
Langton, :\1r. (K. C.), and Mrs. Thomas 
( 1\1owatt) 
80 Bever ley street 
Receives \Yednesday 
Larkin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. (Warner) 
19 Elm avenue 
S. R.. Clovelly, \Vindermere, Mus- 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Miss l\1uriel Larkin 
:\:Iiss Leila Larkin 
111'. Harlpy Larkin 
:\Iiss Bessie Larkin 
Larkin, ::\11'. and Mrs. Peter C. (Ross) 
11 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
::.\Iiss L. Aileen Larkin 
1'11'. Gerald Larkin 39 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Larter, :\11'. and Mrs. Alfred C. (Gibbons) 
61 Riverdale avenue 
S. R., Niagara-on-the-Lake 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Lash, Mr. and l\:Irs. John F. (Baldwin) 
29 Grenville street 
Lash, :\Iiss 6\>Iargaret 
Supt. The Cottage Hospital, 84 and 
86 \Ye llesley street 
Receives l\londay 
Lash, :Mr. and 1\1rs. 1\1iller (Thompson) 
60 Lowther avenue 
S. R., Rosseau Lake 
Recpives Friday 
Laf'h, :.'.'lr. (K. C,), and Mrf'. Zebulon A. 
( l\I ill co r) 
18 Grenville street 
S. R., .. Four \Vay Lodge," Lake 
Rosseau. l\>luskoka 
Recf'ives Tlle:-:day 
Miss A. Lash 
Lash, Mr. and Mrs, Z. G. (Upper) 
18 Grenville street 
Latchford, Judge and ::\1rs. Francis R. 
(l Ehnsley place 
Laurence, )[1'. and 1\1rs. .John \Villson 
( I3ridgeland) 
.. Five Oaks," -126 AVellUf' road 
ReceiveR hÜ Thursday and Friday 
::\Ir. .J. Ernest Laurence 
::\fr. Karl \V. Laurence 4 
Clubs, Mrs. 32-106 
Law, Commander (Royal I'Ça\'y) and Mrs. 
Frederick C. (Crawford) 
504 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Muskoka Lake 
Receives Monday 
Capt. ,Tohn Law (Royal Grenadiers) 
11is8 Helen Law 8-1 
y1r. Vi.ctor Law 4-61 
Lieut. Wilfred Law (Royal Navy), 
.Junior United Service Club, Lon- 
don, England. 
::\lr. Augustus Law 
Lieut. Adrian Law (London, Ont.) 



Law :Mr. Thomas D. 
462 Sherbourne street 
Lawler, Rev. E. B. 
5 .T arvi
Heceives 1st :\Ionday 
l\Iiss Lawler 
Miss Gertrude Lawler 
Lawless, Mr. Thomas 
18 Leopold 
S. R., Oakville 
l\1iss Glaùvs Lawl(>ss 
Mr. W. L
1\11'. Seth X. W. Lawless 
1\11'. Korman Lawless 
Lawlor, :\Irs. James B (Dartnell) 
5-! CedI strept 
S. R., :
8-! Lake Shore road, Centre 
Rp('eives "'ednesday 
1\1iss Phyllis Lawlor 
Lawrence, :\11'. and ì\lrs. A. G. Frederick 
( Sanderson) 
2:)3 Wellesley street 
TIec('ives 1 st :\Ionday 
1\1rs. .J ames :\1. Lawrence 
1\11'. Russell Lawrence 
Clubs, :'011'. -!G 
Lawrence, :Mr. and :\Irs. \Villiam (Lum
 Euclid avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d \Yednesday 
Lawrie, !\lr. and 'Irs. "'illis S. n. (Owen) 
 Cottingham street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. Charles L. Lawrie 
l\Iiss Lawrie 
l\1iss :\lildred Lawrie 
Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. 

8 Elgin avenue 
Receives Friday 
Lawson, Mr. and :\In;. .James F, 
17 Selby street 
S. R., llalmy Reach 
Reeeives 1st Friday 
1\11'. T. \\'. Lawson 
,J. Irving Lawson 
Clubs, 1\11'. 9-112 
Lawyer, Mr. Romeyn 
126 St. George street 
Mr. Alexander Ritchie 
Mrs. Addie L. "'illson 
Laxton, Mr. and :\Irs. "'111. A. 
1 Laxton avenue 
Layburn, Captain and :'oIl's. Sidney F. 
102 Spadina roaù 
Rereivps 2d and Ith Friday 
L('a(.'b, Mr. and :\Irs. Fred'k. II. 
4 South Drive 
Heceives :\Ionùay 
Mr. HÏchard Leach 
1\1r. .John Leach 
Clubs, :\Irs. 61 
Leach, \' r. II ugh 
9 Sparlina road 
Clubs, :\11'. GG 

Leadlay, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Allanson (:\Iaundrell) 
5-18 Bathurst street 
Recei v(:s 1 
t Friday 
Leadlay, :\11'. and :\Irs. Perch al (Linington) 
21 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives la
t :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-;>--I9-G6-l\11's. 38-106 
Leask, Rev. and :\Irs. Robert 
21 :\laynard avenue 
Leckie, Mr. and :\Irs. William 
159 Springhurst avenue 
:\Iiss Xpllie Leckie 
Le Cronier, :\lrs. .John G. 
21 :\Iadison avenue 
Receives Friday 
::\1iss n. Perry 
l\Iiss Florence Le Cronier 
Lee, Mrs. A. Burdett (Smith) 
72 "'alnlPr road 
Mr. Stanley Burdett Lee 6H 
:\Irs. .J. D. Smith 
\lrs. 103 
Lee, )11'. and :\Irs. F. "y. (Hamilton) 
42:) Palmerston boulevard 
Lee, :'olr. and :\Irs. George :\1. (Xixon) 
] 15 Yorkville a\ enue 
Receh'es Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 82-83 
Lee, Mr. Sydney H. 
41 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
The :\lisses Lee 
Clubs, :\11'. 39--1-6 
Lee, l\Ir. and 1\1rs. Thomas n. (Livingstone) 
St. George :\Iansions 
Reeeives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. -16 
Lee, :\Irs. \Yalter S. 
Alexandra Palace 
:\11'. Arthur Lee 
:\11'. Alfred Lee 
Lee, .\Ir. and :\lrs. \Ym. II. (Scanlon) 
22 ('res-cent road 
S. R., Cobourg. Ont. 
Recpives ]f't and -Ith Tue
Lpe, :\11'. and :\Irs. "'m. T. .T. 
7!'> Dowling avenue 
Receivef' 1st Thursday 
Lee, :\11'. and :\Irs. \V. Cecil (Gooderham) 
()-I- :\Iadison avenue 
Receives Friday 
)OIiss \"iolpt Lep 
Clubs, 1\lr. I--tB-G1-8-1--97 
Lefroy. :\1 r. (!\I. .A.), and :\1 rs. Au
ustus H. 
171 Balmoral avpnu(' 
Lf'hmann. Dr. arid :\Irs. \Villiam (Can)('ron) 
1l;6 Spadina avpnue 
H('cpives Thursday 
Leigh, :\Iajor anrl :\Irs. Edward (Roth\\pll) 
50 Alban\' R\'enUe 
Heceives i"ric1ay 
(,ll1h". :\Ifllor 1;n-72-77-8
lrs. 33- 
77-82-8;-103-1 0 5 



Lf'ishman, Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam H. 
82 South Drive 
Receives l\Ionday 
Leitch, "Mr. and Mrs. James 
30 Dunbar road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
1\11'. J. Newark Leitch 

liss N. Leitch 
Miss Agnes S. Leitch 
Miss Marguerite C. Leitch 
::\liss Tressa E. Leitch 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Le Mesurier, Mr. and Mrs. George G. (Todd) 
63 Isabella street 
Heceives Friday 
Miss Le Mesurier 
Mr. Arthur Le Mesurier 
Clubs, Mr. 9-78-80 
Lennox, Mr. and lVII's. Edward .T. (\Vilson) 
-187 Sherbourne street 
Ref'eives l\Ionday 
l\Ir. Edgar Lenllox 
:\liss :\;Iabel Lennox GI-10
\Ir. 11-24-39--16-66 -)lrs. 86- 
1 n:1- 1 ()-1 
Lennox, 1\11', and :Mrs. .Tno. F. 
fi!) PaImer8ton boulevard 
S. R.. .Jack
on's Point 
:Miss Lennox 
Leslie, 1\11'. and :\'[1'8. "Y. M. 
The Majestic l\Iusic Hall 
Clubs, :\;11'. Lambs, 
. Y.; Greenroom, 
N. Y.; :\. Y. Athletic. 
Lesslie, l\lrs. Joseph \Y. (Baldwin) 
1 St. Patrick street 
conte, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. (Ross) 
2 Sherbourne street 
Receives :\londay 
::\liss A. Leve<:('onte 
Levy, 1\1r. and ::\lrs. .Jake (Frankel) 
,no .Jarvis street 
Receives l\londay 
Lewis, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. Albert R. 
( Robertson) 
1 Scarth road, Rosedale 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Monday 
Mr. ('harles Au
ten Lewis 66 
::\Iiss Frances Lewis 
)11'. Albert \"ictor LE'wis 
Clubs, Mr. 78-1\1rs. 103-104 
Lewis, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles (Bell) 
8 Hawthorne avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st Monday 
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. :\1. G. (:\Iacdonald) 
8 Crescen t road 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Lewis, :Mr. \Yilliam f;". 
32 Isabella street 
Miss Patton 
ys, ::\'Irs. .Tohn (Gooderham) 
392 Sherhourne street 
Reeeives 1st Monday 
)Iiss L. Hodgson 
Lightbourn, "Miss Ethel 
478 .Jarvis street 
:\Iiss Bascome 

Lillie, :\11'. and "Mrs. John 
40 Xanton Crescent, Rosedale 
Mr. Frank Lillie 
Lind, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
128 Pembroke street 
Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. John K. 
104 Albany avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
\'Ir. N. R. 
103 Pembroke street 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Miss B. A. Lindsay 
Lindsey, ::\'11'. (K. C.), and Mrs. George G. S. 
( Bethune) 
1-15 Tyndall a ven ue 
S. R., .. The \Vhite House," Lake 
Rossea u, l\I uskoka 
Receives Thursday 
Master Charles Bethune Lindsey 
(University of Toronto) 39 
Clubs, Mr. 9-39-43-46-49-66-67-78- 
] 07 -112-11
Littlejohn, P-!r. and :\11'1'. .J. E. B. (Beasley) 
5 St. ('lair avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d ThurFday 
Clubs, :\11'. 2-1--39-:\1rs. 21-39-103 
Livingstone, Mr. and ::\Irs. Harry E. 
298 Avenue road 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
Lock, Mr. Richard 

2{j Huron street 
::\Irs. L. Lock 
Miss Lock 
Locke, :\11'. and ::\Irs. George H. (Moore) 
29 Cecil street 
S. R., Portland, :\le. 
Receives 'Vedne
Locke, :\11'. J. T. 
Arlington Hotpl 
LOf'khart, Mr. ;:!nd Mrs. Reginald R. 
(B'Jrritt ) 
36 Dalp avenue 
Receives Monday 
:\'11'. Norman B. Lockhart 
Clubs, :\'11'. 9 
Loeser, :\'11'. and Mrs. Herman M. 
129 Balmoral a,'enue 
Receives Thursday 
Logan, :Mr. and Mrs. Harry (Solan
Alexandra Palace 
Long, Mr. and :\Irs. Edwin George (Thom--on) 
245 Poplar Plains road 
Clubs, )11'. 46 
Long, :\11'. and 1\lrs. Thomas 
" \Yoodlawn," 513 Jarvis 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
:\Iiss Elizabeth Long 8-1 
:\lr. Philip Kiely 4 
(,lubs, Mr. 1-78 
Long, :\11'. and Mrs. \Vrn. E. 
261 Poplar Plains road 
:\Iiss :\Iarion Long 
Longwell, Mr. and :\frs. Alex G. 
35 Spadina road 
Clubs, Mr. -lG 



Loudon, :\lr. (
1. A., LL, D.', and :\lrs. James 
lacDougall ) 
83 St. George f:treet 
Receive!' Tuesday 
:\Ir. Julian D. Loudon 
:\Iiss Isabel Loudon 
:\lr. Frederick A. Loudon 
Loudon, :\lr. and :\-lrs. John S. (\Yilson) 
66 Charles street East 
Receives 2d and 3d 
:\Ir. "Talter J. Loudon 
Love, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Harry Hayward (Gage) 
\Yychwood Park 
Clubs, :\1
Lovell, :\lr. and :\Irs. J. S. 
119 :\Iadison a yen ue 
Receives 1st Friday 
:\liss E. Lovell 
Lowndes, ).Ir. and :\lrs. J. Montgomery 
R:3 Cres,cent road 
Clubs, :\lr. 46 
Lucas, Dr. Eleanor F. 
121 Dunn ayenue 
:\Iiss Agne!' J. Lucas 
::\Iiss Elizabeth Lucas 
::\liss Libbie Lucas 
:\Iis!' :\lary Lucas 
Lucas, :\Ir. and ::'Ilrs. .Joseph J. (Gibbs) 
451 Sacln ille street 
Ludwig, ::\Ir. and l\Irs. }1. H. (:\lcCalI) 
 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Ir. 49-6G-78-110-::\lrs. 103 
Lugsdin, :\Ir. and :\lr8. George (\Yatson) 
425 Sherbourne street 

lr. and :\lrs. Harry Lugsdin 
( Douglas) 
Lugsdin, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Laurance J. (\Yilson) 
-l2 \Valker avenue 
Clubs, 1\Ir. 9 
Luke, :\Ir. and 
Irs. Frank E. (Robinson) 
22 :\Iaynard avenue 
Receivps 2d and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, .\lr. 9-10R 
lr. L. HerbNt 
332 Palnlt'r
ton boulevard 
Lukes, :\lr. and .\Irs. Lpwis 
-U.;u II uron street 
CIJbs, .\Ir. 3D-
Lumbers, .\Ir. and 
lrs. .James (Perdue) 
l,li ('I'('!-'("ent road 
!tu'f'i't'es 2d .\londay 
:\Ir. Frf'd Lumbprs 
lr. and .\Irs. .John l CoolJer) 
liB .\Iet('alff' stn'Ft 
S, H., Wileox Lake 
Itu'cives 1st and :Jd 
.\Ir. W. C. LUIIII)l'r

1 r. ,John Lun.bers, .J r. 

liss Katie'rs 

Ii:-.s Ada Lumbers 
Lun,bprs, .\J r. and .\Ir!-'. Waltf'r 
:Jt) South J}riH' 

Lummis, .\lr. and :\Irs. "T m . D. (Sadler) 
98 Bedford road 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Club", .\Ir. 46 
Lumsden, :\Irs. George E. (Farish) 
., Elm Lodge," Elm avenue, Rose- 
S. R., Point Flammarion, Lake 
Rosseau, :Vluskoka 
Receives last Monday 
Mi<;s Florence Helen Lilmsden 33 
lr. and :\lrs. .John :\1. l\1acInto<;h 
( .\Ioncrieff) 
19 Avondale road 
Clubs, .\lr. 66-78-84 
Lyman, 1\Irs. Edward \Y. 
140 A ven ue road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Lynd, Dr. and Mrs. Adam (\Yingfield) 
1('lbourne ayenue 
Recf'iyes 1st and 2d Thursday 
l\Ir. Jo!'eph Lynrl 
1\1rs. \Yingfield 
Lyon, Mrs. Arthl1r Lf'slie 
20f) Cottingham street 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. and :\lrs. .Tos. Taylor 
Lyon. .\Ir. and Mrs. George S. (::\Iartin) 
7 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, :.'.Ir. 39-1\1rs. 39 
Lytle, :\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas A. 
6u8 Buran street 
1\Ir. F, Lytle 

.\lcAndrew, The :Misses 
54 Elm aVU1Ue. RosE'dale 
Receives 1st and ;-;d 
.\Ir. John A, .\1
Andrew 9-46-66 
1\1r. \\ïlliam 1\lcAndrew 
Clubs, The l\Iisses 106 
.\JcArthur, :\lr. and 1\Irs. Charles A. 
48 Muir avenue 
Hecein's ""Hlnesrlay 
.\lis!' Etlwl :\lcArthur 
:\lcArthur, .\lrs. J. (Mc1\Iartin) 
64 Crf'scf'nt road 
Recpives t st 
londay and Tue:,day 
:.\-Irs. .John .\lcArthur 
Clubs, Mrs. 39 
.\ld3èan, 1\Ir. and 
Irs. F'red .T. (Cald\\ell) 
I!)X \\'almer road 
HeceÏ\ es I.'riday 
lr. and :\lrs. Louis \T. (Small) 
81i (,harlC's stn f't \\'f'st 
Receives 1 st Friday 
.\Id3ride, .\11". and :\Irs. Samuel l \\TÏr'kham 
:.:;) 1 Paltllerston houle\"ard 
Ueeei\"es Thur
:\I( C'abf'. 
Ir. and .\In;. Jam('s \Y. 
laynard a\"enue 
H({'pjH'S :':d and -I-th Thul"'-'(la\" 



lVIcCaU, Mrs. Dougald (Duguid) 
163 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss Clara McCall 
Miss EUa McCall 
McCall, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas (Sutherland) 
107 Howland avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
McCallum, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 
157 Jameson avenue 
:\1iss A. McCallum 
Mr. \V. J. :McCallum 
McCann, 1\11'. and 
Irs. William 
52 Spencer avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
McCarter, Mr. J. R. 
5 High Park boulevard 
McCarthy, )>11'. and ßlrs. D. Lally (Robinson) 
66 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
McCarthy, "Mr. and 1-1rs. Jesse O. (Davis) 
2-1 Leopold street 
S. R., Kawartha Lakes, .Juniper 
Island. P. O. 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, 1\1r. 9-10R 
McCarthy, :\11'. (K. C.), and 
lrs. Leighton 
( Campbell) 
-15 "'almer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39 -Mrs. 39 
l\I.cCarthy, )11'. and Mrs. 'William H. 
178 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
McCausland, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. (Brown) 
55 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
:\11'. J. Bïown 
McCausland, Mr. and ::\lrs. Robert 
-15 \Vellington place 
S. R., 398 Centre Island 
Receives 3d Thursday 
:\11'. A. J. McCausland 
:\Iiss Dorothy McCausland 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
McClain, Mr. and Mrs. R. Watson 
2D Dunbar road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 

lrs. Catherine McClain 
McClung, Mr. and Mrs. James E. 
23:1 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Friday 
!\'IcColl, Mr. and Mrs. Angus B. (Leonard) 
289 Carlton street 
Receives l\londay 
:\11'. Alfred Walpole McColl 
Capt. Ernest Leonard McCoU 
:Vliss Clare M.cColl 
Mconkey, :\11'. and Mrs. Ernest G. E. (Mills) 
15 Moss Park place 
,McConkey, Mr. S. G. 
S1. George Mansions 

McConnell, Dr. and Mrs. John Herbert 
625 Dundas street 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 39--11--19-66-97-112 
McCoy, 1\1rs. T. J. :VI. 
3-11 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and -lth l\1onday 
McCuaig, Mr. and :\lrs. Joseph A. C. 
( Ferguson) 
4 Laburnum avenue 
Receives Thursday 
The ,Misses Duff 
McCullough, Dr. H. A]Jan 
3-1 Carlton street 
l\1cCullough, Dr. and :\11':-:. James (Stewart) 
172 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Minnie McCullough 
Dr. and lVII's. .John S. :\lcCullough 
( Haines) 
McCullough, 1\11'. John W. 
22-1 Jarvis street 
McCullough. :\11'. and Mrs. \Yilliam 
696 Spadina avenue 
McCurdy, Prof, and Mrs. J. Frederick 
( Russell ) 
8 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., .. Treasure Island," Go Home 
Re(,f'iyes Friday 
Miss Harriet Russell McCurdy 
Miss Jessie Catherine McCurdy 
Mr. John Thomson McCurdy 
Clubs, Prof. 43-1\1rs. ] 04 
l\IcCutcheon, 1\11'. and Mrs. James K. 
( Graham) 
86 LowthEr avenue 
Receives 1st and 
d Friday 
McCutcheon, Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. A. 
(Luttrell ) 
650 Huron street 
Receives 3d Friday 
McDermid, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Craigie) 
43 Avenue road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss J. McDermid 
. McDiarmid, 1\11'. and Mrs. Chester ,,'allace 
( Fader) 
497 avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
McDonagh, Dr. George R. 
1-10 Carlton street 
Mr. John A. McDonagh 
McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 
( Mainland) 
66 ::\'Iadison aVf'nue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. George G. McDonald 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. James D. 
145 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss M. McDonald 



McDonnell, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. (\Yalbh) 
11 :\lacdonnell .avenue 
:\Iiss l\largaret :\IcDonnell 
:\Iiss Jessie :\IcDonnell 

IcEachren, :\1r. and :\Irs. Charles E. 
27 Irwin a\ enue 
:ì\IcEachern, Mr. and :\lrs. John 
2U2 High Park avenue 
:\IcE\"oy, Archbishop Fergus P. 
510 Sherbourne street 
McEvoy, Mr. and Mrs. James F. (Gillies) 

ü Prinf'e Arthur avenue 
S. H., L'Original 
Hect'ives 1st and :3d Friday 

Ir. John A. l\IcE\'oy 
:Miss Dunning 
l\IcEvoy, Mr. and :\lrs. John A. 
Hoxborough aVf'nue East 
Clubs, _\Ir. 39-66 
:\IcFarland, :\lr. and :\lrs. George Franklin 
( Adone) 
56 Lowther avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
l\IcFarland, 1\1r. and :\lrs. \V. J. 
Alexandra Palace 
flecei yes 1st \\. cdnesday 

I. ß. :'olorden 
:\1 r. \Y. L. :\lcFarland 
:\1 r. G. F. :\lcFarland (LL. B.) 

lcGaw, Mr. and 
lrs. Of'ocar E. (Ford) 
8-1 Roxborough street \Yest 
H.ef'ei yes Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. ÜÜ 
l\IcGaw, :\1r. and :\Irs. Sidney A. (Bigelow) 
4í Boustead avenue 
:\IcGaw, :\Ir. and l\lrs. Thomas D. (King) 
::2 Crescent road 
H.f'ceives 1st, 2d and 3d Tuesday 
:'olcGaw, Mrs. \Y. A. (Gordon) 
28 Avenue road 
S. H.., 
Heceives Friday 
l\liss :\lcGaw 
:\liss A, K. :\1f'Gaw 
:\Tiss Gordon 
l\1f'Gill, l\Irs. A. 
 Sherbourne strect 
l{E'{'pi ves 1 st :\londay 
:\tiss F. :\lcGill 
:\Jc:Gee, :vIr. and :Mrs. Alfr('d J. 
Arlington Hotel 
McGee, l\Ir. and :\Irs. Davi<l (Osborne) 
:n:{ Sherhourne stref't 
ltpf'cives 2d and ,Hh :\lond.1Y 
:i\1eGee, Mr. and 
I rs. Harry Oh'Bride) 
108 LowtI1Pr avenue 
S. fl., :\Iimico 
t{pc('ives :!d and :-:d Fridny 
McGee, Mr. .Tames C. 
1 Iii College ptreet 
1 {ef'PÏ vps TUC'1-day 
-:\liss .Janc :'olcGee 
:\lcGee, :\11'. and :\Irs. T. II. 
:{fiR f)a v('n port roart 
Ill'l'pi \'I'S ::cl Friday 

l\IcGill. :\Irs. Alexander (Kennedy) 
503 Sherbourne street 
Heceives 1st and :-:d ì\Ionday 
::VIiss Flora A. 
l\IcG ill , :\lr. and ::\lrs. George \V. 
109 Walmer road 
S. lL, Hanlan's Point 
Itcceives 2d and 4th Friday 
:\lips Agnes }1 f'Gill 
:\Iiss Lena :\lcGill 
:\IcGill, :\lr. and :\lrs. William Robert 
t Granger) 
U Tyndall avenue 
He<:eives 2d and 4th Thursday 
l\IcGillivray, Dr. and :\Irs. Donald (Xelson) 
1)2 College street 
Cluhs, Dr. 3
::\IcGillivray, Dr. .John A. 
320 Palmerston avenue 
}Ir. Gordon B. 
McGregor, :\Ir. and }Irs. Charles K. 
594 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
}Iiss E. L. :\leGregor 
McGregor, :\Ir. and :'oIl's. Jm.;eph H. 
( Robertson) 
lli1 Crepcent road 
Hecf'ives 1st and -1th Monday 
:\Iiss Emma :\lcGregor 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 39-1-6 
:\IcIIwraith, Dr. Kennedy C. 
54 A ven ue road 
l\IcInnes, :\11'. and :\Irs. I3e\'erley Stuart 
( :\Iacdougall) 
Balmoral avenue and Poplar Plains 
:\IcIntosh, :\lr. and :'oIl's. D. Taylor 
16 \Valker avenue 
::\Ir. G. :\lcIntosh 
:\lcIntosh. :\Ir. and .\Irs. .John A. 
-154 :\Iarkham street 
:\liss :.\If'lntosh 
l\Iclnto!"h, :\lr. 
12-1- .Jameson a\"enue 
:\-lrs. :.\Ielntosh 
l\IcIntosh, :\lr. and Mrs. Pbineas (Fraser) 
11 Ð Kendall a \"pnuf' 
Receivf's ::d Thur
day and Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. ï7-112 
:\IcIntosb. :\lr. and :\Irs. William D. (Leek) 
5\3 Grenville street 
Rpf'eives 1st Tue:-day 
::\Ir. William D. McIntosh, Jr. 
:\Iiss Ff'nwich 
McIntyre, Rev. E. A, 
100 Balsam ayenue. Balmy Beach 

lrH. C. C. :\1f'Jntyre 
:\Iiss Ethel 
McIntyre. :\Ir. and :\Irs. William T. 
-w <i len road 
HeceÏ\ es 1st ::.\Ionday 
Clubs, ::.\Ir. 4ti 

ay. Prof. and :'oIl's. AI('
andf'r C. 
 Pl'ince Arthur avenue 
.\JcKay. 'Ir. and :\lrs. Danil'l II. 
;::Ii 1 Pa Inwrston boulC'\'ard 

Iiss .J. II. 
Cluhs. :\11', Iii L 



McKay, .Mr. and Mrs. George B. 
203 Davenport road 
McKay, Mr. Robert 
404 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Ethel M. McKay 
Mr. Frank M. McKay 
McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Jr. 
650 Church street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-30-41-Mrs. 30 
McKee, Mr. and :vII's. John A. (:vIcRae) 
53 \Valmer road 
Re.ceives 2d and 3d Friday 
Miss McKee 
Clubs, Mr. <16-1\1rs. 39 
l\IcKeggie, :\11'. and Mrs. John C. 
121 Park road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
:McKellar, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
17 :\iadison avenue 
McKendry, Mr. and Mrs. John N. 
\Yychwood Park 
McKenzie, Mr. and lVII's. A. 
65 Crescent road 
:\IcKeown, Dr. and :Mrs. "'alter <,Yoods) 
7 College street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Miss 'Woods 
:\IcKerihen, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. 
4 Rusholme road 
Receives 1st \Yednesday 
McKinnon, ,Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. (Snell) 
31 Dunbar road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
1\11'. ROf:is McKinnon 
Mr. Alpin McKinnon 
Mr. Ronald McKinnon 
Mr. Kenneth McKinnon 
McKinnon, Mr. and :\lrs. D. O. (Howson) 
224 Bleecker street 
McKinnon, Mr. John H. 
506 Jarvis street 
Miss Laura McKinnon 
McKinnon, 1\11'. and Mrs. John S. (Santzel) 
668 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-46 
McKinnon, Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. 
592 Jarvi,s street 
McLaren, Mr. and Mrs. James A. 
37 Howland avenue 
McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. John J. 
81 Glen road 
S. S., Ferndale, Muskoka 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mrs. Christie 
McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Beatty) 
478 Huron street 
Miss Ada McLaughlin 
Clubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. 39 
McLaughlin, Dr. and Mrs. Ri.chard G. 
54 College street 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
McLean, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan J. 
308 Gladstone avenue 

McLean, 1\11'. and Mrf:i. Ernest L. 
98 \Yalmer road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-8 
McLean, Dr. and Mrs. R. Gordon 
205 Bloor street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 39 
McLean, Mrs. R. G. (Trueman) 
23 Elm avenue 
Mr. Robert T. McLean 56 
McLellan, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. (Siddall) 
141 Roxborough street East 
Miss M. Siddall 
McLennan, Prof. John C. 
The Dean's House 
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Whiteford) 
26 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss McLeod 
Miss B. McLeod 
McLeod, :vIr. and Mrs. George J. 
409 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Collingwood 
( Gordon) 
Durness and Beaumont roads, Rose- 
Receives Monday 
Miss Edith McLeod 
Miss Frances McLeod 
Miss Vivien McLeod 61 
Mr. Norwood McLeod 
lr. 66-78-84 
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. James B. 
314 Huron street 
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. John Edmonds 
678 Huron street 
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. 
39 Chestnut Park 
McMahon, Mr. and Mrs. John S. 
76 "\Yellesley street 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
:V[cMahon, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 
( Thompson) 
116 St. George street 
McMaster, Mrs. Arthur R. (Scott) 
94 Isabella street 
Re.ceives 1st and 2d Monday 
Dr. and Mrs. James McCullom 
( McMaster) 
Clubs, Mrs. 103 
McMaster, Mr. and Mrs. John K. 
( Somerville) 
228 Poplar Plains road 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
McMaster, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. F. (Wilkes) 
231 Beverley street 
Mr. Clarence \V. McMaster 
Mr. Percy R. W. McMaster 
McMichael, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Forrester 
( Howden) 
43 Empress Crest. 
S. R., Sturgeon Point, Ont. 
Receives 1st Friday 



IcMichael, Mr. and 
Irs. Solon W. 
( Shoemaker) 
101 St. George street 
Mr. Charles 
I. ),1 cl\'I:i.chael 
::\1Iiss Jessie :'olcl\Iichael 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 

IcMichael, Mr. and :\Irs. Sydney B. 
98 Roxborough street West 
Receives 2d Friday 

Ic:'olillan, :'oIr. Harry T. 
38 \Villcocks street 
Clubs, :\lr. 46-66-84-97 
::\Ic::\Iillan, :\'Irs. :\lary A. 
64 Howland avenue 
}Ic:.\Hllan, Mr. and :\Irs. Thomas 
519 Huron street 
Receives Friday 

Ic:\Iurray, :\Irs. James S. (Fuller) 
11 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Thursday 
:\'lr. Louis S. :\Ic:\lurray 
:\lr. James S. :\Ic:\lurray 
:Miss Elizabeth McMurray 

Ic:.\-Iurray, :\lr. and Mrs. Leonard L. (Smith) 
311 .Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 66-8-!-Mrs. 84 

Ic:\Iurrich, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Arthur Redpath 
( Smellie) 
191 Cottingham street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, l\Ir. 66-97 

Ic:\Iurrich, :\Ir. and :\lrs. G. Temple 
( :\IcKee) 
58 "Yoodlawn avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
1\Iiss Jessie :\lc:\Iurrich 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
::\Ic::\Iurrich, :\Ir. and ::\lrs. John D. (Temple) 
2.1,0 Balmoral avenue 
Heceives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 

Ic)Iurrich, Prof, and Mrs. J. Playfair 
37G Huron street 
Receives Friday 
)lc:\Iurtry, l\Ir. and :\'lrs. \Villiam J. 
( Fothergill ) 
403 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
:\liss Gertrude Fothergill M.cMurtry 
:Miss Grace Muriel McMurtry 
Mr. Roy McMurtry 
Miss Hope I"othergill McMurtry 
Clubs, :\Ir. 97 
!\Ic),lurtry, Mr. and :\Irs. \Villiam J. (Waters) 
98 Jameson avenue 
S. R., Lake of Bays 
Heceives -Hh Thursday and Friday 
Ir. 30-52-108-Mrs. 30-104- 
:\Ic:\lurtry, Mr. and MrR. \V. E. (Hostrawser) 
42 Bernard avenue 

ally, Mr. and :\lrs. William J. 
1225 CoIle
e strC'et 
:\IcXaught, :\Ir. and Mrs. Charles n. 
] 22 \\Yal nwr road 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 4G 

McNaught, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam K. 
Alexandra Palace 
S. R., Centre Island 
Mr, Wm. C. McNaught 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
M.cNeill, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. 
16 Beatrice street 
Receives 2d "\Vednesday 
McPhedran, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander 
( Fletcher) 
151 Bloor street 'West 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
Receives Friday 
Dr. Fletcher McPhedran 
Mr. Maurice McPhedran 
:\Iiss Lois MCPhedran 
Clubs, Dr. 9-10-43-66-67-)'Irs. 33- 
MCPhedran, Dr. and Mrs. John Harris 
( Davidson) 
709 Dovercourt road 
Receives 1st Friday 
McPherson, Dr. and Mrs. David \V. (Sloane) 
556 Bathurst street 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 12-97 
McPherson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. 
22 Dunbar road 
McPherson (K. C., M. P. P.), :\-Ir. and Mrs. 
William D. 
6 ::\11eredith Crescent 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss McPherson 
Mr. Geo. McPherson 
McPhillips, :'oIr. and Mrs. Frank (Lynes) 
482 Huron streEt 
S. R., Port SandfieJd, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss Lola Goodwin 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
McQuarrie, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Fra
39 Cecil street 
McQuade, Mrs. Alice O. 
larkham street 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. A. E. McQuade 
McQueen, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
585 Dovercourt road 
Receives 1"t \Vednesday 
Mr. Allen A. McQueen 
Miss Olive A. McQueen 
McRoberts, Mrs. Ruth (Sager) 
92 St. George street 
fr. and :\Irs. Wellington O. 
158 Delaware avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 1G 
McTavish, Mr. and Mrs. Newton 
127 Macpherson avenue 
McVittie, Mr. and Mrs, .John 
179 Albany avenue 
Mr. Robert McVittie 

Ir. and Mrs. Robert 
87 Crawford street 



Mr. and Mrs. Frank 1I. 
78 Roxborough street \Yest 
Mr. George H. G. 
32 Murray street 
Receives 1st and ad \Yednesday 
Miss Louie McVity 
Clubs, Mrs. 33 
McWhinney, Mr. and Mrs. John M. 
107 Roxborough street East 
S. .R, Eastmuir, Lake Sim,coe 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 



l\IcWhinney, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam J. 
( Thomson) 
16 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
McWhinnie, "Mr. and Mrs. C. (Todd) 
1!:)9 Spadina road 
Receives 4th Friday 

Judge and Mrs. James P. (Thorold) 
15 Scartb road 
Receives Monday 
l\Iiss Mabel T. Mabee 
Mr. Lionel Mabee 
l\lacAgy, Mrs. George A. 
40 \Vellesley street 
Mr. George MacAgy (Chatham, Ont.) 


MacArthur, 1\11'. and Mrs. A. Douglds 
( \Voodbridge) 
28 l\1adi
on avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 97 
Macbeth, Mr. and Mrs. George 1\l. 
t Worthington) 
Alexandra Palace 
Receives \Vednesday 
Miss Meta Macbeth 
Mr. Kenneth Macbeth 
Mr. Dalton :\'Iacbetb 
Macbeth, Mr. Hugh C. 
Queen's Hotel 
Macallulll, Prof. and Mrs. Archibald B. 
59 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Bruce Macallum 
Mr. Neil E. Macallum 
MacCallum, Dr. and Mrs. James l\L 
( Mc :\laster) 
9-1 Isabella street 
Receives 1 st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. fîl-80-::vIrs. 103 
MacCulloch, Mrs. Ethel 
7 Roxborough street East 
Macdonald, Dr. and Mrs. Albert A. 
( Beardmore) 
12 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Albert A. Macdonald 
Mil's Frances \V. G. Macdonald 
::\lacdonald, Mrs. A .F. 
139 I<;abella street 
1\11'. F. E. :vTacdonald 
Mr. Norman l\la.cdonald 
:\1 r. Adam 1\1. Macdonald 
1\11'. R. C. l\1acdonald 

Macdonald, Rev. and :\Irs. D. Bruce (Parfitt) 
St. Andrew's College, North Rose- 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Rev. 9-36-67-94 
l\lacdonald, :\[1'. and :\Irs. Donald 
220 Beverley street 
Recei ves \Yednesday 
MacDonald, .:\11'. Duncan A. 
7 Sultan street 
Macdonald, 1\11'. and Mrs. Duncan M. 
A ven ue road and Heath street 
Macdonald, :\Irs. Ellen 
56 Roxborough street West 
Macdonald, 1\1rs. Grant 
109 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Miss H. Grant Macdonald 
MacDonald, :\Iiss B 
354 Wellington street \Vest 
l\la,cdonald, Mr. and .:\Irs. James A. 
( Dennistoun) 
320 St, George street 
Ir. 39 
M&cdonald, Mr. and :\'[rs. .I ames Bruce (Smith) 
575 Jarvis street 
Receives l\Ionday 
Mr. Francis Harrison Macdonald 
Clubs, 1\11'. 66-78 
Macdonald, Major .I ames Fraser 
St. George }Iansions 
Clubs, Major 66-78-84 
Macdonald (K. C.), AII'. James H. 
2-1: \Yillcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
l\Iiss B. l\Iacdonald 
l\Iiss Uo
:\IacDonald, ':\[rs. .John 
138 Ualmoral avenue 
MacDonald, :\11'. and }Irs. John 
116 Farnham avenue 
Recei\'es Friday 
Macdonald, :Mr. John K. 
"Cona Lodge," 33 Charles street 
S. R., Loch Helen, Manitoulin 
Recei \'es l\!onday 
\Iiss Helen :\Iacdonald 
Mr. and ::\'[rs. Charles S. Macdonald 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
Macdonald, Rev. and Mrs. J. A. (Christian) 
87 Spadina road 
Recei ves Friday 
:\11'. Gordon Macdonald 
Clubs, Rev. 46 
MacDonald, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. J. Gordon 
t Goodf'rham) 
63 Spadina road 
Heceive,; Friday 
Macdonald, :\Irs. O. F. (Sullivan) 
20 Prince Arthur avenue 
Hf'ceives Friday 
Macdonald, :\11'. PetE'r 
17G Roxborough street East 
1\11'. Hf'IHY n. Macdonald 39 
1\Iiss G. :\[acdonald 
l\Iiss E. :\Iacdonald 

The Hiscott Dermatological Institute'l 

The first establishment of its 
kind in Canada and one of the 
/ most thorough anywhere. We 
treat for all blemishes, affections 
and disfigurements of the com- 
plexion, hair and scalp. \Ye 
make a specialty of, and are 
"\vonderfully successful in curing 
all non-contagious skin troubles 
such as 
\cne. Eczema, Psoriasis, 
etc. \Ye remove Superfluous 
Hair, Moles, Warts, Birthmarks 
and Ruptured Veins by our own 
method of Electrolysis "rhich 
long experience has demon- 
strated to be the best. Scars, Deep \"Trinkles, Smallpox pittings, 
etc., ren10ved by Plastic Surgery. 
Our Princess Toilet Preparations are unequalled for purity, 
daintiness and cfficacy. A trial 'will convince you. \Ve manu- 
facture Skin Food, Complexion Purifier, White Rose Cream, Acne 
and Pimple Cure, Cinderella Cream, Hair Rejuvenator and a host 
of other nice preparations. 
Trea tmen ts and prcparations are fully described in our brochurc:; 
., A Study of Your Face anù Figure" "\vhich \vill be sent on request.. 






\ r 



The Hiscott Building, 61 College Street 

Established 1892 

Tel. M 831 



The most careful firm employing the most expert 
help is the only safe place to send your dainty evening 
Gowns, Opera Cloaks, Gloves, Laces, Feathers, Curtains, Etc. 

DELICATE AND DAINTY garments must 
be handled carefully in the cleaning. 
It's the rub bing not the wearing that shortens the life 
of nlost fabrics and the more delicate the material-the 
greater the harm that rubbing does. 
W e have had years of experience in the cleaning of 
fine garments and household articles. 
\Ye have prepared a small booklet which tells about 
our work-its scope and quality. Vle would be glad to 
send you a copy upon application. 




30 Adelaide Street West 




MacDonald, :\Ir. and .:\Irs. Randolph 
( Ferguson J 
3 Rusholme road 
S. R., " ::\Ianor House," Little ::\Ietis, 
P. Q. 
Re('eives Friday 
Mr. Frank :\IacDonald 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 46 

Iacdonald, :\Ir. and Mrs. Robert T. (Roddy) 
4-5 Elm avenue 
Receives l\londay 
:\Iacdonald, Colonel and ::\Irs. 'William C. 
( Wyld) 
4-85 Huron street 
S. R., De Grassi Point, Lake Sim- 
Receives Friday 
::\Iiss Flora Macdonald 
:\Ir. Fred ,Yo ::\Iacdonald 80 
Clubs, Col. I2-78-80-84-::\lrs. 80-86 
:\Iacdonell (K. C.), ::\Ir. and Mrs. A. ::\lcLean 
35 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, )'Ir. 1-ö6-78 
::\Iacdonnell, Mr. George F. 
227 Balmoral avenue 
::\lacDougaIl, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. Duncan J. 
430 Brunswick avenue 
:\) acdouga II, :\1 rs. .Teall 1\1. 
2 Bloor street East 
:i\1acdougall, ::\Irs. :\Iargaret J. 
122 'VeIls street 
H.eceives Friday 
:\lacDowaIl, :\Ii.,s Barbara 
4-0 \Ve llesley street 
Receives :\londay 
Macfadden, ::\Ir. J. A. 
300 Avenue road 
Clubs, :\Ir. 9-24-39-46-49-66-85 
:\lacFadyen, Rev. John E. 
65 Roxborough street 'Vest 
l\Iacfarlane. :\Ir. and :\Irs. George H. 
so Spadina road 
::\liss ::\Iacfarlane 
Ir. and .\Irs. Aleck (Rose burgh) 
 \Voodlawn avenue 
::\Iachell, Dr. and :\lrs. Henry T. 
[I;; B -llevue avenue 
f{eceivps Thursday 
:\lacInnes, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles S. 
( Patterson) 
1 Admiral road 
f{c('eives Friday 
l\lacIntosh, :\11'. and :\Irs. .John A. (Scott) 
1-!2 Avenue road 
l{e('ei yes Friday 
:\Ia('kay, ::\11'. and )Irs. G. L. ('Yilkins) 
5:íl Huron street 
Clubs, )Ir. 4--! 1 
:\Iackay, :\lr. and :\)rs. .James A. 

:íll Huron ..treet 
Mackay, ('apt. and ::\Ir!':. .J. Drummond (Smith) 
:í (
ueen 's Park 
::\)r. William :\laf'kay 

Mackay, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. John (Douglas) 
84 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
:\lacKay, :}Ir. and ::\Irs. John F. 
88 'Valmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Ir. and Mrs. John A. (Dodge) 
47 ::\Iadison avenue 
Receives Friday 
::\Ir. Strathy R. ::\Iackellar 
Clubs, .:\Ir. 1-46-49-66-78-84, also 
Lambs Club, New York City 
l\IacKendrick, :\Ir. and :\Irs. 'Yilliam G. 
41 Hawthorne avenue 
Clubs, :\Ir. 46 
.:\Iackenzie, :\Ir. and :\Irs. George G. 
50 Dewson street 
Receives Friday 
:\Ii..., .:\1. :\Iackenzie 
:\Iaster George :\Iackenzie 
:\Iiss Ada N. ::\Iackenzie 
Clubs, :\Ir. 111-:\lrs. 111 
::\Iackenzie, ::\11'. and :\lrs. H. Gordon 
31 "Talmer road 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. Gordon \lackenzie 
.:\Iiss Mackenzie 
:\11'. CortIandt G. :\Iackenzie 
MacKenzie, :\Iiss Isabel 
410 Dovercourt road 
Mackenzie, ':\'[r. and 
Irs. James .:\1. (Field) 
S1. George 1\lansions 
Receives Friday 
:i\1ackenzie, ::\lr. J. 'Yilliam 
Victoria Club 
Clubs, l\Ir. 9-46-49-66-67-79-84-97 
::\Iackenzie, .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. James N. 
120 Balmoral avpnue 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-66-:\1rs. 103 
Mackenzie, .:\Ir. and ::\Irs. .John (Lawes) 
320 Huron street 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Mackenzie, :\11'. and .:\lrs. .Tohn A. 
HI 'Voodlawn avenue 
:\fackenzie. Prof. and 
lrf;, .John .1. 
4-3 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
1\lacKenzie, Prof. 1\lichael A. 
1 Bellwoods Park 
'Mackenzie, Mr. and :\lrs. \\T m . (Merry) 
"B:mvenuto," 350 Avenue road 
S. R., Kirkfield 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, ::\11'. -Hi 
::\IackJem, :\Jis.. Caroline 
30 lIawthorne avenue 
Rpcpives )Ionday 
::\lackJem, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Herbert G. 
27tì Av('nu(' road 
Re('eives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss Laura ::\Iad
Ir. and :\Irs. Sutherland 
.. Intf>rbrii('kpn:' 40 Glpn road 
R('('('i yes :\1 onda v 
:\Ir. nou
las .\Ia('}{]em 



Macklem, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver R. 
"The Glen," 7 McKenzie avenue, 
Receives 1 st and 3d ::\Ionday 
Mr. Tiffany Macklem 
Mr. Hedley C. Macklem 
Clubs, :\Ir. 78-RO 
Macklem, Rev. T. C. Street , 
790 Queen street \Yest 
MacKinnon, Mr. and 
lrs. Sidney F. 
( :\lackay) 
432 A ven ue road 
S. R., "Tigh-na Bruaich," Lake 
Rosseau, Muskoka 
Receives :\'1onday 
Mr. Sidney MacKinnon Miles 
Macklem, Mr. and :\Irs. Francis Paget 
( Keating) 
Care 99 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Macklem, Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland 
.t InterbrÜcken," 40 Glen road 
Re('eives Monday 
Mr. Douglas .:\Iaf'ldem 
Clubs, Mr. 54-78 
Maclaren, Hon. .Justice John J. 
80 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st IVlonday and Tuesday 
Miss E. G. "Ma.cIaren 
Miss G. \Y. 
Mr. K. n. 'Maclaren 
MacLaren, Mrs. \YiIliam 
57 St. George street 
Maclean, Mr. Alexander F. 
28 Howland avenue 
MacLean, Major Hugh C. 
N"ational Club 
S. R., " Duart," Muskoka 
Clubs, Major 1-4ö-61-66-78 
Maclean, Lieut.-Col. .John Bayne and :\Irs. 
( Slade) 
13 Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 9-12-78-84-l\Irs. 
Maclean, Mr. and Mrs. Keil A. (Noxou) 
196 Arthur street 
S. R., Hanlan's Point, 680 Lake 
Receives 1st \Yednesday and Thurs- 
Maclennan, Mr. and .:\Ir<:. .Tames J. 
( Cunningham) 
2 Sultan street 
Receives Friday 
Madennan, Mr. and 
lrs. Roderick J. (\Yard) 
gO Murray street 
S. R., l\Iuskoka 
Receives \Yednesday 
Maclennan, Mr. and Mrs. R. 
115 Avenue road 
Receives Frid=-lY 
Mis>; Bella Maclennan 
Miss Kate l\Iaclennan 
:MacLeod, Mr. and Mrs. .T. 
13 Poplar Plains road 
McMahon, .Judge and :\Irs. Hugh 
185 Beverley street 

:\IacMurchy (K. C.), :\'11'. and 1\Irs. Angus 
( Craick) 
67 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
:\IacMurchy, :\Ir. Archibald 
133 Bloor street East 
Receives Monday 
.:\Iiss Helen MacMurchy (M. D.) 33- 
:\1iss Bessie MacMurchy 33-61-104- 
Miss Marjory MacMur,chy 13-15-33- 
:Ur. J. Campbell Mac:\lurchy 
.:\Iacmurtry, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur (Brodie) 
276 Rusbolme road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss l'\"eIIie Maclllurtry 
Miss Florence Macmurtry 
:\liss Edna Maclllurtry 
:\'1r. S. A. B. ::\lacmurtry (Teller Royal 
Bank of Canada, Toronto office) 
Macnab, Rev. Canon and ::\'Irs. Alexander 
\Yellesley (Gryffydd) 
120 \Yells street 
Receives 1st and 2d Fridav 
Clubs, Rev. 22-83-91-Mrs. 91-105 
l\1acNeiIl, Mr. \Ym. 
Arlington Holf>l 
Macpherson, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. 
182 Jameson avenue 
Rccei ves 1 st Tb ursday 
Mr. A. 1\1. Macpherson 
Mr. J. H, Macpherson 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
:\lacrea, :\lr. and 1\1rs. Hubert H. 
142 College street 
S. R., 362 Centre Island 
Receives Tuesday 
l\Iacrea, Mrs. 
123 Tyndall avenue 
.:\11'. Arthur S. l\1acrea 
:\Ir. A. Montye l\Ia.crea 
Mr. Ernest M. :\1acrea 
:\Iagann, Mr. and :\Irs. G. Plunkett (Loranger) 
"ThorncIiffe," 19 Laburnum ave- 
Receives Thursday 
::\'[agee, Mr. C. Delamere 
48 St. George street 
:\lagee, Hon. .JustiC'e and Mrs. .James (Bastedo) 
400 Bloor 
.treet \Vest 
Receives Friday 
I\I agee, .:\1 rs. ]\I a ry 
23 l\Iacpherson avenue 
Receives 1 <;t Tuesday 
Miss Phoebe A. Magee 
Miss Magee 
Magee, l\Ir. and Mrs. Robert \V. 
7 HiII('rest avenue 
Main, :\Ir. and l\fr<;. .John .J. (Spry) 
40 Prin('e Arthur avenue 
Re('eives 1 st Friday 
:\Iiss Ruby .:\Iain 
Clubs, Mr. 46 



:\Ialcolm, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Wchard D. (Stewart) 
127 South Drive 
Receives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
'II'. Charles :\Ialcolm 
.\liss 1\1. Malcolm 
:\1a11on, Mr. and :\Irs. Jobn F. 
273 Lansdowne avenue 
:\Iallory, Dr. and :\Irs. Fred R. (Carron) 
15(; Spadina road 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 30-39-112 -:\Irs. 30 
:\la11ory, .\Ir. and .\Irs. :\Iarsball ß. 
tj Deverley street 
H.eceives 2d and 4th 'Vednesday 
.\Irs. C. A. Harding 
Clubs. :\11'. 9-.\lrs. 9 
Malone, :\11'. and :\lrs. Antbony L. (Prior) 
72 Lowthcr avenue 
H.eceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-56-ü6 
Ir. and 1\lrs. Elias T. (l\Iorphy) 

6 Queen's Park 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
:\11'. Frank T. :\Ialone 
.\11'. Gerald .\Ialone 
Ir. 46 
l\Ialoney, .\11'. and :\Irs. :\Iichael J. 
492 Palmerston boulevard 
:\Ianchee, .\11'. and .\Irs. Leonard 'V. (Taylor) 
125 :\Iadison avenue 
Reeeives Friday 
Clubs, .\11'. 39-,Hi -1\1rs. R9 
Mann, .\11'. and .\Irs. Donald D, ("'i1Iiams) 
Heeeivf's F'riday 
Clubs, :\Irs. :
1\lanning, Hev. and :\Irs. C. E. 
430 Palnwrston boulevard 
.\Ianning, :\11'. Percy A. 
7 "'almer road 
Re<'eives Tupsday 
:\Trs. .Tames l\Iorrison (Smith) 
.\1 iss .\Ionica .\Iorrison 
:\Iiss Xaomi :\Iorrison 
.\liss Genpvip\'p Morrison 
l\Ianning, .\Ir. and l\Irs. \VeIIington C. 
I :
-I Roxboro\1
h street 'West 
Ref'pi Vf'S I"riday 

Iara, Mr. and .\Irs. J1cnry S. 
10 C'lH'stnut Park 
Hecpi vps Tueseta y 
:\Tiss Suzannf' 'Tara 
nubs, :\11'. 
l\Jara, :Mr. and l\Irs. W. Harold (Lee) 

 HathnaIIy a\'pnue 
Rp<,pivf's Fridav 
Cluhs, :\11'. -t(i-(iH"::"" .\Trs. 
l\lara, 1\1rs. 'Yilliam (Gihhons) 
] .\fc.\Taster aVCl1ue 
RecC'Îvps 2d and 
ct Friday 
.\Ir. George K :\I[1ra 
.\11'. Xorman .\lara 

Iarlow, Dr. and :\Trs. Fredl'rick "'iIliam 
. ("'alton) 
-117 Bloor strf'et 'Vest 
Hl'cl'in's Tuesday 

.\Iarseilles, :\Ir. and .\Irs. 'YIll. (Greer) 
459 Palmerston boulevard 
.\1arsb, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. Alfreù H. 
164 Jarvis street 
.\larshalI, 1\11'. and .\11'8. .John R. 
330 Palmerston boulevard 
.\larsbaIl, 1\11'. Noel G. L. 
623 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Dunbarton, ant. 
Receives 1st .\Iondav 
1\11'. Kenric R. .\IarsbaÌI 11-46-84 
Mr. 11-2-1-46 and :\lrs. X. Clifford 
.\Iarshall (Van Tasst'l) 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 1-7 -11-2-1--16-1I6-8-1-97 
Marshall, Mr. and :\Irs. \\ïlIiam .T. 
190 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d F'riday 
}\II'. S. B. :\Iarshall 
::\11'. L. P. :\larsbaII 
:\Iartens, ::\11'. and :\11'1':. Arthur H. 
l!)O "'almer road 
Recpives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. -16-66 
:\Iörtin, ::\Iiss Elizabeth 
67 LowtIwr avenue 
Receives Friday 
:\lr. \\ïl1iam Martin 
Mr. John Martin 
.\11'. J. S. 
Clubs, :\Iiss 61 
Martin, Mr. and :\11'1::;. Samuel S. 
100 Pembroke 1':treet 
Receives .\londay 
The .\lisses 1\1arti n 
:\fr. 'Yo G. Storm 

lr. Samuel S. 
Iartin, .Jr. 
.\Iartin, Mrs. Sarah A. 
135 \Valmer road 
.\Iartin, Mr. and :\[rs. William A. (I3owling) 
19 South Drive 
Receives ht and 3d :\londay 
.\Iarvin, 1\11'. and l\Irs. Stuart A. 
887 Bathurst 1':trf>pt 
Miss Marjorie Ha rvey 

Iason, ::\lr. and 
Irs. Alfred 
100 Park road, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
:\Ia1'iQn, Mr. Alfrpd J. 
4-11 .Jarvis Rtreet 
Recf'ives .:\Ionday 
::\11'. Thomas G. .\la
on 46 
Miss Kate E. .:\la1':on 
.\Iason, Dr. and :\Irs. A. 'Wallace 
659 Spadina avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iason, :\11'. and .\frs. llarry G. 
468 Markham street 
.\1ason, ::\11'. and Mrs. Hpnry H. ('Yilson) 
Care -l-11 .Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 4G-77 
.\Iason, Lieut.-Col. and .\IrR. .lameR (Cooper}' 
 Quc>en's Pa rk 
Hecpives 1 st and 3d Tuesday 
.\Iiss .\Iason 3
Clubs, Lil'Ilt.-Col. ] 
--IG-7b-:-; I-Mrs. 



Mason, Major and Mrs. .James Cooper 
( :\1acArthur) 
203 Madison avenue 
Clubs, Major 4-12-78 
Mason, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert (Campbell) 
" Ermeleigh," 477 Sherbourne 
S. R., Chief's Island, Yoho, P.O., 
Lake Joseph, 1'1uskoka 
Receives Monday 
Miss Mason 
::\Iiss Amy E. Mason 
Mr. Douglas H. C. Mason 
Mrs. S. B. Marani (Mason) 
Mason, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Percival L. 
( Mitchell) 
6 South Drive 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Mason, Mrs. 'William T. (Lawrence) 
-177 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Miss Bertha E. Mason 
1'11'. T. Harold Mason 39-46 
l\Iassey, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. (Bonnell) 
176 Madison avenue 
S. R., .. Clover Lawn," Centre 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
l\Iassey, Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. 
519 Jarvis street 
S. R., Dentonia Park, Coleman 
Receives Monday 
Mr. C. Vincent Massey 39-66 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Massey, Mr. and Mrs. John (Robinson) 
8 May street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Muriel 
1''11'. Alan F. Massey 
Miss Grace :\las
Mr. Melville Massey 
Mr. John A. :Massey 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Massey, Mrs. Walter E. H. (Denton) 
Auburndale, 550 .Jarvis street 
S. R., Dentonia Park, Coleman 
Receives 1st Monday 

liss Ruth L. Massey 
Massie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert }<'. (Covert) 
428 Bloor street \Yest 
S. R., .. New Lodge," Cobourg, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 
Masten, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius A. 
29 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Mathers, Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam J. 
10 Major street 

Iatheson, Lieut.-Col. The Hon. Arthur J. 
Queen's Hotel 
Mathewson, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. (Dougall) 
Dresden, Ont, 
Matthews, 1\11'. and -;\'Irs. Asa (Birch) 
269 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Dr. Reginald A. Matthews 
:Miss Lillie M. ::\Iatthews 
Clubs, Mr. 55 

Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. ::\Iarmaduke 
.. \Vychwood Park," Davenport road 
Miss Alice ::\Iatthews 
Matthews, Mr. Marmaduke E. 
101 Howland avenue 
Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. \Vilbur C. 
8 Chestnut Park 
The Misses Matthews 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
Matthews, Mrs. 'William L. (Lloyd) 
274 Rusholme road 
Miss Mary M. ::\Iatthews 
Matthews, Mr. and :\Irs. \Yilmot D. (Love) 
89 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 39 
Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. 'Wilmot L. (Osler) 
90 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Maughan, Mr. and Mrs. John (Parks) 
496 \Vellington street 
S. R.. Hemlock Grove Farm, Wood- 
Mr. John Maughan, Jr. 
Miss Minnie Maughan 
Maughan, Mr. and Mrs. \Valter (Rymal) 
76 Roxborough street \Vest 
Receives Friday 
Maul, Mr. and Mrs. Percy S. (Dain) 
96 \Valmer road 
Receives Friday 
Maule, Mrs. Henrietta 
36 Avenue road 
Miss Lilian Maule 
Maulson, Mr. and :\Irs. Fred H. (Elliott) 
31 Chicora avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Violet :\laulson 
Mavor, Prof. and Mrs. James (\Yatt) 
8 Pniversity Crescent 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. James '''att .Mavor (Harvard) 
Miss Dora Mavor 
Mavor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
71 Bellwoods avenue 
May, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Newton 
8-1 Spadina roaÚ. 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
May, Mr. and :\lrs. Samuel 
80 \Yellesley street 
1\11'. H. S. l\lay 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Mayburry, Dr. Arthur \,
569 Spadina avenue 
Meacham, Rev. George 1\1. 
76 Prince Arthur avenue 
Meacham, 2\11'. and Mrs. J. B. (Moore) 
4-13 .Jarvis street 
Receives lRt and 3d ::\Ionday 
Miss A. Crawford 
Medland, 1\1r. and Mrs. William A. (Reed) 
8-1: Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Alice :\If'dland 61 
1\11'. \VilIiam l\ledland. .Tr. 
1\11'. Gordon ::\Ierlland 66 
:\11'. Ross :\'fedland 66-97 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66-97 

WOULD you wear a Celluloid Collar with an 
Evening Suit? 

What's the difference between Celluloid and any 
Collar that shines? 

Our work is just the same as New-No Shine- 
but pure snowy white and clean. 

We · Know. How 


Phone Main 7486 

187 .189 Parliament St., TORONTO 

The Royal Mail 
-r r 
, ,.- 



, .........tL 

-... . 

 . j. -- 







The Tourist Associates the Winter Months with 

The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 

And its Tours to 


West Indies 

SANDERSON & SON, General Agents 
22 State Street, New York 

For Booklets and Other Descriptive Matter Apply to 

R. M. MELVILLE, Agent 



Medland, 1\1r. and :\lrs. 'Yilliam J. 
42 Albany avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, !\Ir. 66-97 
Melville, Capt. (R. N. R.), and Mrs. Rocbfort 
'l\1. (Pilswortb) 
404 Euclid avenue 
Receives Friday 
::\1r. Hector ::\1. Melville 
Melvin-Jones, Senator and '!\Irs. Lyman 
( Irwin) 
" Llawhaden," 145 S1. George street 
Receives Friday 
Membery, ::\Ir. and 1\1rs. ,Valtpr R. 
1472 King stref>t "'est 
Receives 3d Friday 
1\Ienzie, ::\lr. and :\lrs. Robert E. 
13u .Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday and 'Vednes- 
:\lr. Harold ::\Ienzie 
::\Ii!':s Essie Menzie 
Menzies, 1\Ir. and ::\Irs. Thos. E. 
St. George ::\lansions 
1\Iereditb, 1\Irs. Artbur (Austin) 
125 Balmoral avenue 
S. R., Centre I!':land 
Receives 2d and 3d :\londay 
:\Iis!': Edna :\Ieredith 66 
:\Ir. Austin 
lereditb 66 
::\Ir. Thomas R. 
:\Jr. Arthur Meredith 
:\Ir. Paul :\Ieredith 
Mereditb, 1\Ir. and 1\Irs. Charles H, 
Frederka street, Bracondale 
l\Ieredith, l\lr. and 1\lrs. .John R. 
05 A ven ue road 
Recpives 'Yednesday 

Jereditb, 1\Ir. and 
Jrs. "ïl1iam E. (Reid) 
472 fJovercourt road 
Recf'ives 1st Tuesday 
::\Ii!':!': Carlotte R. :\Iereditb 
l\Ii..s Helena R. :\Jeredith 
:\lr. Henry \Y. l\Jeredith 
Mr. Samuel Y. Mereditb 

Ieredith, Hon. Sir. \Yilliam R. and Lady 
( Holmes) 
305 A vell ue road 
1\Ierriek, Miss Florence 
102 Bloor street East 
!tecdves ht and 2d .Monday 
::\1 err ill , :\Jr. Edwin B. 
4, PrilH'e Arthur avenue 
::\lrs. Edwards ::\Ierrill 
Mis!': Helf>n 
I. ::\Iprrill 13-33-84-103, 
also HeliC'onian Club, Canadian 
Folk-Lore Society, Ontario Hist. 
Society, United Empire Loyalist 
Ass'n. of Ontario, and Gaelic 80- 
f'iety of Canada 
Clubs, :\lr. 9-1-1:-2
Merritt, :\Irs. Eliza 
7-1 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives ] st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, l\Irs. Sli 

::\Ierritt, ::\Iiss Emily L. 
40 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Catberine ::\Ierritt 
Merritt, Mr. and !\Irs. Robert Xorris 
( ::\lcCullougb) 
Care 172 Spadina avenue 
l\Ierritt, :\lrs. Tbomas (Lee) 
178 :\Iadison avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Miss Ellen ::\Ierritt 
Mrs. :l\Iargaret Lee 
Merry, Mr. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam G. (Carter) 
102 Pembroke street 
Receivef'ì 1st ::\Ionday 
1\Ierson, ::\lr. and :\Irs. George O. 
35 Jameson avenue 
:Meyers, Dr. and :\Irs. D. Campbell (Burson) 
72 Heath street, Deer Park 
Receives Tbursday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 61-78-84 
Micbie, 1\Ir. and 
Irs. Charles H. S. 
( Hanlan) 
89 Roxborough street 'Vest 
::\lichie, Mr. and :\lrs. E. Rickards (Sylvester) 
52 Admiral road 
Receives l..t and 3d Friday 
Clubs, ::\lr. 39 
1\Iichie, l\lrs. .John F. 
208 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
l\Iajor ,J. F'orbe.. ::\Iichie 7-12-46-66- 
Miss Sophie .J. ::\licbie 
l\Jiss Effie ::\Iichie 
1\Irs. Alexander Cowan 
1\Iickle, 1\Ir. and ::\Irs. Henry 'V. (:\lorris) 
8 Rosedale road 
Receivef'ì Tue!':day 
l\Iickleborough, :\Ir. and :\Irs. James W. 
( ::\1 uldrew ) 
86 Chestnut Park 

Iiddleton, 1\1 iss E. 
.. \Vestbourne," 340 Bloor street 
'Y e
Receives Friday 
::\liddleton, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. William E. 
l Brown) 
8S Spadina road 
S. R., 
Receives 18t [lnd 2d Friday 
1\Iiers, :\lrs. Simeon Burdett 

2R Brunswick avenue 
l\Iilburn, :\Jrs. :\Iary .J. 
G Rusholme rO[ld 
Receives :
d Frid
Dr. .J. A. ::\Iilburn 77 
:\Ir. George :\Iilburn 

Iiss ::\1. 

Iilburn, ::\Ir. and 
l rs. T, Edward 
 Crescent road 
:\liles, :\Irs. .Julius 
8 rrussell strpet 
Xliss f<
va :\Ii If'S 
:\Iiss Lilian 
:\Iiss Blanche :\liles 



Millar (K. C.), Mr. Charles 
603 Spadina avenue 
Mrs. S. A. Millar 
Millar, Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay F. 
20 Dale street. Parkdale 
Mr. Hartney Millar 
Millard, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick 
829 Batburst street 
Receives 4th Friday 
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. 
280 Carlton street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
l\'fillpr, Mr. and Mrs.. Daniel 
90 Charles street, 'Vest 
Receives 1st and last Friday 
Miss Emily Miller 
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. George '!\'f. 
1 Lamport avenue 
Receives 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John 
72 "Toodlawn avenue 
Miller, Major and 1\1rs. John B. (Tbomson) 
98 'Vellesley street 
S. R., Parry Sound 
Receives Monday 
1\11'. H. H. Miller 
Clubs, Major 46-66 
Miller, Mrs. Jobn Clausin (Chamberlain) 
537 Jarvis street 
Receives 4th Monday 
Miss Addie Augusta l\Iiller 
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. 
175 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st :F'riday 
Miller, Mrs. R. 
20 Dundonald street 
Mrs. J. B. Cross 
Miller, Prof. (Ph. D., F. R. S. C.), and )lrs. 
William Lasb (Van San ten) 
50 St. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 
Millicbamp, Dr. and ::\'[rs. George E. 
193 Bloor street East 
Receives 3d 
Clubs, Dr. 9-46-49-61 
Millichamp, Mr. and )'[rs. Reuben (\VilIiams) 
G8 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Millichamp 39 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
l\'lillicbamp, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace (Garbutt) 
237 Poplar Plains road 
)Iiss Mary Millichamp 
Millicbamp, Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo ,Yo 
Dunvegan road 
Milligan, J.\lr. and Mrs. Georgp (Clarke) 
 Crescent road 
Receives 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Milligan, Rev. Dr. George M. 
400 Sberbourne street 
Milligan, :\[1'. 'Valter R. 
20 'Voodlawn avenue 
Clubs, :\Ir. -1-6-97 

hlIman, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas (Craig) 
" Hartland," 490 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:Miss Maude Millman 
Miss Mabel H. Millman 
Norman C. Millman 
Clubs, Dr. 46-66 
)lillman, Mr. and l\Irs. 'Yilliam H. 
137 Lonsdale avenue 
Mr. 'Villiam L. E. 
:\li II s, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (Shaw) 
33 Nanton avenue 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
:\IilIs, Mr. and :\[rs. G. Gordon (Jones) 
89 Glen road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. Stanley l\Iills 
Miss Olive Gordon Mills 
Mr. Leslie Mills 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Mills, Mr. and )Irs. Montraville 'V. (Dunn) 
22 St. Joseph street 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Mills, Mr. and 1\Irs. N, 
349 Palmerston boulevard 
:\1iIls, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vilson B. (Bastedo) 
OO Carlton street 
:\1ilne, 1\1r. and Mrs. .Jobn A. 
14 Concord avenue 
Receives 5th and 15th of each 
:\1ilner, Dr. and Mrs. Beverley Z. 
-t 1-1- Dloor street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
:\!ilner (1\1. A.), Prof. and Mrs. 'Villiam S. 
19 Albany avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
l\Iitchell, Mr. and 1\1rs. Charles H. (Stanton) 
35 Kortb Sherbourne street 
:\Irs. J. H. Stanton 
Receives 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 23-46 
Mitchell, l\lr. and Mrs. George G. (Buchanan) 
226 St. George street 
S. R., 'Wakefield House, Oakville 
Clubs, Mr. 3-49-66-78-84-111-113- 
);Irs. 33-84-86 
Re('eives Friday 
Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. James H. 
108 St. George street 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-Mr8. 39 
)litcheII, Mr. and 
lrs. .John A. 
158 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Ir. and Mrs. J. 'V. (Hutton) 
7!'5 Dunvegan road 
Clubs, Mr. 9-46-G6 
)litcbeII, )1r. and Mrs. R. H. 
4:3 Farnham avenue 
:\Iitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomal'; A. 
30 Avenue road 
Clubs, 1\11'. ....6 
)Iitcbell, Mr. and :\lrs. 'Villiam G. (Till) 
108 Madison avenue 
Receives 11';t and 2d Friday 
Club", :Mr. 78 



Mitchener, Mr. and :\Irs. John G. (Snelgrove) 
103 Heath street, 1 "'. of :\larl- 
borougn ('re
went, Deer Park 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Moberly, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. (Hooper) 
5 }{oxborough street East 
Heceives 1 st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 33 
l\ Mr. and :\In;. "ïlliam 
68 South Drive 
Rf'ceives l\Ionday 
Mr. AmbroF'e D. )Ioffat 
Miss )Iary 'V. :\Ioffatt 
Clubs, ,Mr. 4ö 
Molesworth, 1\11'. and }'In:;. 'William P. 
99 St. Joseph street 
S. H., Oakville, Onto 
Ueceives If't and 2d Tuesday 
Mr. G. ::\T. :\Iolesworth 
Mr. J. C. P. 
Monk, Mr. and 1\Irs. George 'V. (l\lulock) 
-158 :\Iarkham street 
S. R., South )Iarch, Ontario 
Her-eives Thursday 
Mr. Carleton :\lonk (R. :\1. C., King- 
1iss Amy 
4R!> Sherbourne street 
Mr. Kevill Monro 
Mrnteitb, Mrs. :\larg-aret 
6RG Gladstone avenue 
Miss Kate Monteith 
Miss Mary Monteith 
Montgomery, 1\11'. and 1\11'8. Albert Henry 
( Stout) 
] 79 Qupen strf>et East 
Montgomery, :\11'. ,John D. 
22 Isabf'lla street 
Yrr. Robert A. :\lontgomery :39 
:vI iss ;\1 argaret 1\Iontgomery 
l\iontgollery, 1\11'. and :\Irs. 'William .J. 
( Douglas) 
22 Isabella street 
Heceives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mcnypenny, :\11'. and :\lrs. .Tames 
S moor street "'est 
Heeei v('s I'
s Loh:; Preston 
Club!';, Mr. :
MonypenllY, l\lr. and :\lrs. Louis F. 
-Hi \\'ocdlawn avpnue 
(l and :
d Thursday 
Monypenny, :\Jr'. and 
lrs. Thomas P. . 
!>7 Langley a\ pnue 
1\1oodey, Mr. and :\Irs. '\Y. .T. 
in ;:'\ ort h S l1f>l'bourne street 
Recpivps :\Ionday 
l\Ji!'>!'> :\loodf>Y 
Moody, 1\1 rs. :\1 arga r('t 
272 Rushol/lH' road 
U(.c('ivps ] st Priday 
Miss :\Ioody 
Mr. Robprt K A. l\Joody 
1\10011. Mr. and 'Irs. HolJPrt (l'f>rs('e) 
 f'OIH'ord avenue 
B,('C'( iVf>s t sf a /ld :
d I"riday 
:\1 is!'> Flonn!'p )100n 

locre, l\Ir. and :\lrs. Branwpll ßronte 
( :\lcHardy) 
21 :\leU:'alfe street 
:\loore, Dr. and :\lrs. Charles F. 
91 B'lIevue avenue 
:\Joore, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Herbert E. (Kelly) 
195 Bloor street Ea
S. R., Van \Vagner's Beach 
Receives 1st l\1onday 
:\Ioore, )11'. Robert 
13l Gladstone avenue 
Mr. Hobf'rt :\loore, Jr. 
:\loore, :\11'. and :\Irs. Samuel .1., Jr. (Peer) 
]-12 .Jameson avenue 
ClubH, Mr. 39-78 
l\loore, l\Jr. and :\'Irs. 'Villiam H. 
]5 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Moorhou::;e, Dr. and :\Irs. Henry H. (Thorp) 
.. ::\1001' House," 128 81. Patrick 
Rf'ceives 11'>t and :3d Friday 
Mr. "TaiteI' x. 
Mr. Victor H. K. :\Ioorhouse 
Morgan, Judge Edward 
63 Lowther avenue 
Receivps 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Vera .\Torgan 
l\Iiss Hope l\lorgan 
l\Iiss Fawnie .Morgan 
Clubs, .Judge ] u() 
:\iorgan, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Frank E. (Kingsmill) 
 :\Iadison avenue 
Receives Friday 
l\Iorine, Hon. (K. C.), and :\Irs. Alfred D. 
( Mason) 
5-Hi Sherbourne strpet 
Receives 1st and 3d 1\1onday 
Miss Alice )'lorine 
Mr. Nevill :\Iorine 39-68 
::\Iisl'> Elsie 
Iorine 39 
Clubs, Hon. i-J9 
Ir. and l\Irs. .John 
(iO-l Jarvis street 
H.eceives :\londay 
Mr. \Vill A. :\Iorison 
:\11'. Frank :\lorison 
1\lr. Charles E. :\lorison 
l\Iorley, 1\11'. and :\Irs. 'Villiam F. 
1-lBn King street "'est 
l\Iorpby, Mr. Arnold 
Iaitland street 
Rf'cei \"("S :\Iondav 
The ..\1 isses l\Iorph
Ir. and :\lrs. Gf'orge S. 

1(ì Avenue road 
Hecf'ives 2d and :-
d I'
Morris. 11rs. Ca tlwri ne A. 
Spadina Gard(,lls 
:\11'. Harold 1Iorri!'> 
l\Iorris, )11'. J':dnl1l11d :\1. 
-l71 Jarvis 
I{f>pf>iyps l\Ionday 
Mr. William 110rris 
\11'. Alpxandpr C. '\forris 
_\liss Christine \'. K. Morris 



Morris, Mr. and :vIrs. John B. 
94 Glen road 
Receives :Monday 
Morris, Mr. :\lassey 
162 Crescent road 
Receives 4th Saturday 
:\liss :\label :\Iorris 
Miss Ethel :Morris 
Mr. Charles :\lorris 
Clubs. :\lr. 46-66-78 
Morrish, l\Ir. and :\lrs. .John F. 
353 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. James 
81 St. George !':treet 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
:Mr. Frank :\lorrison 
:\lr. Leonard Morrison 
:\lr. Bert :\Iorrison 
:Mr. Charles E. :\lorrison 
:Miss Yoland Morrison 
:\Irs. Claren.ce CawdweIl 
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. James Alfred 
25 Roxborough street East 
Recei ves 1st Tue!':day 
Morrison, Mr. and :\Irs. Johnston H. 
84 Harbord street 
Receives 3d Friday 

1iss E. Louise :\Iorrison 
l\Iiss Anna :\lorrison 
Miss Ada l\1orrison 
Miss Ethel L. Morrison 
on, l\Ir. and :\lrs. Robert A. 
371 Dovercourt road 
Morrow, Mr. and Urs. Alfred D. (Blong) 
91 "Toodlawn avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Morrow, Mr. and :\lrs. George A. (Graham) 
170 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 39-46-56-61-78-112-Mrs. 
Morrow, Mr. and :\lrs. .John (Sankey) 
137 JanlE'!':on avenue 
ReceivE's 4th 'Wednesday 
Morrow, Rev. and Mrs. J. D. 
939 Bathurst street 
Mor1';e, Mr. and :\lrs. "T m . Pitman (Arnoldi) 
738 Spadina avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Morson, :\lr. and Mrs. 'Yalter R. 
417 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Flossie Dalton 
Mortimer, Mr. and 1\Irs. Charles H. (Scott) 
124 Crescent road 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives Monday 
:\lr. Reginald :\lo
Mr. Vernon ::\lortimer 
1\Iiss Edna 1\Iortimer 
Miss Alice B. Mortimer 
Mortimer, :\lr. and :\Irs. Herbert 
20 Summerhill avenue 
Morton, Mr. and :Mrs. David, Jr. 
89 Isabella street 
Miss G. Morton 

:\Iorton, Mr. and l\Irs. Henry R. 
3 B
dford road 
Receives Friday 
::\iowat, l\lr. and Mrs. A. G. (Clemes) 
583 Markham street 
:\iowa t, Sheriff Frederick 
16 Spadina road 
:\Iowat, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. G. L. 
339 Davenport road 
:\Iowat, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. Herbert M. 
10 'YeIIesley street 
Receives Monday 
:\lowa t, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. 
79 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Recei ves 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss H. l\Iowat 
::\Ioss, Sir Charles and Lady (Sullivan) 
547 Jarvis street 
Receives l!':t and 2d Monday 
Mr. Glenholme F. Moss 80 
Mr. Thomas Moss 
Miss Adelaide F. ::\Ioss 
Clubs, Sir 66-78-Lady 86-104 
1\1 01'; S, Mr. and :\:Irs. Charles A. (Britton) 
496 Buron street 
Receives Friday 
::\Ir. Arthur Britton 
.:\Ioss, Mr. John H. 
199 Poplar Plains road 
:Mossop, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 'V. 
Hotel Mossop 
Miss E. :\lossop 

I iss A. Mossop 
:\Iountain, :\Ir. and :\Jrs. ,ViIIiam F. 
186 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
:\Ioure, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand A. 
96 Charles street Ea<;t 
Receives 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
Ir. and Mrs. Herbert 1\1. 
10 'Yellesley street 
Receives :\londay 
Clubs. Mr. 4-12-41-49-66-67-78-79- 
80-84-91-97 -112-Mrs. 33-86 
:\loyle, Mr. and Mrs. David H. 
83 Bismarck avenue 
Mr. Charles E. Moyle 
:\Ioyle, Mr. Henry 
84 Bedford road 
::\fiss Moyle 
.:\Ir. Harry :\loyle 
Mr. Robert Moyle 
Mr. 'W. D. 
:\Iuirhead, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Thompson) 
4 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss L. 'V. Muirhead 
Miss Sidney Muirhead 
Miss Louisa Muirhead 
::\Iuldrew, }'Ir. John 
10 Roxborough street West 
Miss :\Iuldrew 
Mulholland, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 
( Badgeron) 
106 Bedford road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Badgeron 



:\lulholland, :\11'. and :\Irs. Henry 
193 Spadina road 
H.eceives 2d and 3d Friday 
:\liss H. 11ulholland 
:\Iiss A. :\lulholland 
:\11'. N. 11ulholland 
:\lulholland, :Mr. and 11'rs. Hiram :\r. 
110 Jameson avenue 
ReceÏ\"es 1st "'ednesday and Thurs- 
:\lulholland, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert 
5ÛH Huron street 
H.eceives 1st and 2d Friday 
\Ir. and :\lrs. \Yilliam F. (Slater) 
10 Pine Hill road, Rosedale 
S. R., Long Branch, On t. 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
:\Irs. Charles A. Slater 
:\lrs. A. S. Young 
::\Iullarkey, Mrs. John P. 
95 South Drive 
::\Iulock, :\11'. and :\Irs. Cawthra 
( Falconbridge) 
538 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
lr. 39-46-78-80-84, Mount 
H.oyal Club, :\lontreal; St. James 
Club, :\lontreal-:\lrs. 39-80-8-:1: 
::\Iulock, Chief Justice Sir "'iIliam and Lady 
( Crowther) 
518 Jarvis street 
S. R., Xewmarket 
Clubs, Chief Justice 46 
:\Iulock, :\11'. and 
lrs. "'illiam 
ti1 ClullY avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, :\Irs. 78 
:\Iunn, 1\Irs. James 
Receives 1st Friday 
Receives 1st Friday 
Mr. \Y. \Y. Munn 
::\Iiss :\Iay H. Munn 
Dr. F. J. :\lunn 
:\Iiss Kathleen Jean :\Iunn 
::\Iunns, 1\11'. and :\In:;. \Villiam 
201 Spadina road 
Receives Thursday 
:\Jiss H. ::\lunns 

liss A. :\lunns 
::\1 un 1'0, Dr. and :\lrs. Bartholomew D. 
( Thompson) 
25 Grange road 
:\1unro, Mr. and 
lrs. Hugh (:\lcClain) 
69 South Drive 
Receives 3d Monday 
Miss :\lcClain 
Muntz, Mr. and ::\11'8. Eugene G. 
235 Beverley street 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
1\11'. H. Gerard 1\1untz 
::\Iuntz, 1\11'. G. Harold 
291 Huron Rtreet 
Mr. L. n. Lyall 
Clubs, ::\11'. 4-22-39-4G-G6-69-72-79
Murch, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. ''Walter (Tandy) 
1 Vermont avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs. :\11'. 9 

Murray, :\11'. and :\Irs. Benjamin W. 
39-:1: Givens street 
::\Iiss Ethel E. B. :\lurray 
Murray, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles B. (Grand) 
7-:1: Brunswick avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss Lorna 
Murray, ::\11'. and :\lrs. George (Forsyth) 
17 Rosedale road 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
::\11'. George ::\iurray, Jr. 
::\11'. James :\lurray 
Miss :May 1\1urray 
Murray, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. HUbon W. :M. 
( Heward) 
8 Hepbourne Rtreet 
Receives Thursday 
::\1iss Grace :\Iurray 
1\Iurray, :\11'. and :Mrs. James (Parry) 
92 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
::\Iiss Jean 1\1urray 
Miss Helen Murray 
Murray, Major and ::\Irs. John A. 
170 Jarvis street 
Miss Murray 
Mr. Bruce Murray 
::\11'. Gordon M. Murray 39 
Murray, :\<11'. and Mrs. .John S. 
189 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 46 
Murray, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. Parkyn 
( '" arrington) 
116 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 1-46-66 
Murray, 1\1rs. 'W. T. 
166 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 2d 1\Ionday 
Mr. Charles S. Murray 39 
Mr. and :\Irs. Cap. Spain 
Musgrave, Dr. and Mrs. James 
511 Bloor street \Vest 
Receives Friday 
Mutton, Mr. and :\11'1':. Frank E. (:\liII) 
158 Madison avenue 
1\Iyers, 1\11'. and Mrs. Augustus (Hutchinsvn) 
108 \Yarren road 
1\Iyles, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Frederick P. 
120 "Talmer road 
Receives Friday 
1\Iyles, Major Robert 
7 Spadina Gardens 
ReceiveR Tuesday 
1\11'. Gordon Myles 
:Mrs. James Myles 

Naftel, 1\11'. and ::\lrs. Henry J. Ð. (Fisher) 
277 Ossington avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Nairn, :Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 
co KelvinRide," -:1:15 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Miss .Tean Nairn 39 
Miss Aggie Nairn 39 
::\iiss Isabel Nairn 39 
Clubs, Mr. 39--:l:G 



Nairn. 1\lrs. Elizabeth 
-1 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss .Margaret Kairn 
lr. and .:\Irs. ,John D. (Clark) 
132 Balsam avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
l\Iiss Eo Clark 
Nasmitb. :\11'. :l\1ungo 
laitland street 
Clubs. Mr. 77 
Nattress. :\lrs. "Tilliam (Denison) 
-12 Carlton street 
Receives Friday 
Near. Mr. and :\Irs. "T. 'Wallace (Savage) 
8-1 Crescent road 
S. R., Val Morin, Laurentian Moun- 
tains, P. Q. 
Receives 2d and 4tb :Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46-66-97 
Needler, Prof. and :\lrs. George H. 
103 Bedford road 
Heceives Friday 
Neely, 1\11'. and "'Irs. Chas. H. 
IlL Crescent road 
Clubs, 1\11'. 9-39-46-61-fl6 
Neil, Rev. (D. D.), and 1\1rs. John 
8 Cbarles street East 
Receives Tue!"day 
Ir. and ::\lrs. \Yilliam 

05 Gladstone avenue 
Nelles, Col. and :\lrs. Robert L. (Thorburn) 
1328 King street West , 
S. lL, Katrine P.O., Lake Katrine, 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
1\11'. .James Franklin Nelles 
Mr. Robt. Bertram Nelles 
Clubs, Col. 9-10-12 
Kelson, 1\11'. and Mrs. Andrew 
3-16 Palmerston boulevard 
:\liss :\1. J. 
 e lson 
:\11'. A. .1. Xelson 
:\11'. Andrew Nelson, Jr. 
Kelson, 1\11'. and :\lrs. James R. 
161 "Talmer road 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 1 
Nerlicb, Mr. and Mrs. Emil 
16 Dunbar road 
Clubs, l\Ir. -If) 
Kerlicb, 1\11'. and Mrs. Henry (Lee) 
78 Chestnut Park 
d and -lth Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. -l6 
Kcrlich, 1\11'. Herman 
King I
dward Hotel 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
bitt, 1\11'. and Mrs. Alex. J. 
10 \\Talkf'r avenue 
Receives 1st \\Tednesday' and Tburs- 
Xesbitt, Hon. (K. C.), and :\Irs. \\Tallace 
( neatty) 
2!) St. Vincent st reet 
S, R., Kanou!"iyo. Georgian Bay 
Clubs, Hon. 78-80-:\lrs. 33-39-80- 

Nesbitt, Dr. and Mrs. "T. Beattie 
71 Grosvenor street 
S. R., ,Muskoka 
Receives Tuesday 
!\ettelfield, Mr. and 1\Irs. Edward Barnard 
( Clougher) 
25 Parkwood avenue, Avenue Road 
:\lrs. Clougher 
Nevitt, Dr. and :\lrs. H. B urington (Beaty) 
4ö Bloor street 'West 
Recf'Ìves Friday 
::\11'. Irving Xevitt 
1\Iiss Adena Kevitt 
Newman, 1\11'. and :\lrH. George A. 
103 South Drive 
Receives :\londay 
Newsome, .:\11'. Will H. 
637 Huron street 
Newton, :\11'. John J. 
8-1 King streét \Yest 
l\lr. .Tohn T. l\'ewton 
:\11'. E. H. Newton 
Nicbolson, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Geo. (Edmonds) 
210 .Jones avenue 
Nicbolson, ,1\11'. James 
28-1 Jarvis street 
:Kicbolson, Mr. and l\Jr!". Rex 
11 Sw..;sex Court 
Nicbolls, ::\11'. Frederk 
"The Homewood," 13 Homewood 
pIa ce 
S. H.., Parklands, Shanty Day 
Receives 1st and 3d :\londay 
::\11'. "Talter Xicholls 
:\11'. Fred \V. Kicholls 
1\11'. Norman Xicholls 
1\Iiss Hazel Xicholls 

\liss Bessie Nif'holls 
Kicholls, 1\11'. and Mrs. Henry Graburn P. 
-l22 Shubourne street 
Receives 1st :\Ionday 
Nicol, :\11'. George B. 
Arlington Hotel 
Nicol, Dr. and :\lrs, Henry B. (Keating) 
472 GiVPl1S street 
S. R., \Yindernlf're, :\Iuskoka 
Niddrie, :\11'. and l\1rs. \Yilliam H. 

90 Brunswil k é\ venue 
Hec-eives 3d Friday 
iarion Niddrie 
Mr. \Yilliam L. 
Niebaus, 1\11'. and Mrs. Charles 
113 Howland avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Niles, Mr. and :\lrs. r'. D. (Harris) 
-1-5 Roseda Ie road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Nivin, Mrs. Georgina :\1. 
St. George J.I an;;;ions 
1\11'. Thos. 1". Kivin -lG 
Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 
Birch avenue. Kew Beach 
Noble, Dr. and :\lrs. Robert T. (Hodgetts) 
7 -I- Gerrard street East 
Receives 2d and 
d )Ionday 




The best fitted Turkish Bath in Canada is open 
in this city. No pains or expense have been 
spared in securing the very best Bath parapher- 
nalia in this country, 
Everyone who has so far inspected or patron- 
ized our Baths have been unsparing in their 
adn1iration of the institution, both in the manner 
in which it is conducted and the quality and 
elegance of all the up-to-date appliances necessary 
to a Bath. 

Your patronage is solicited. . 






Kordheimer, Mr. Albert 
97 St. George Rtreet 
1IiRS Yvonne Nordbeimer 38-8-1: 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\lr. 49-7R-R 
Xordheimer, ":\lr. and :\Irs. 
.. Glenedyth," Davenport road 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. Roy Kordheimer 
11r. Samuel Xordheimer 
1liss 8ditb Xordbeimer 
1liss Adele Xordheilllf'r 
Xorman, 1Ir. and Mrs. Thomas 
17 :\ladisoll avenue 
Re.ceives Thursday 
Xorrie, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Ernest J. C. 
Eglinton, Onto 
S. R., Oriole avenue, Centre Island 
Xorthcote, :\Ir. and I\Irs. Reginald (Scott) 
1j-1: Admiral road 
S. H., Centre Island 
Iteceives Friday 
11r. Reginald S. I'\orthcote, Jr. 66 
Clubs, 11r. -l6-6û-
Xorthcott, )Ir. and 1lrs. .Joseph R. 

(l7 Cottingham street 
Xorthey, :\Ir. and .\lrs. .John P. 
-l7 Queens Park 
Rt'l'eives Friday 
Clubs: :\Ir. -1U 
Xcrthey, 11rs. Julia H. 
1-11 Dowling an'nue. 
Heceives :
d Thursday 
1lrs. A. X. Paradis (Xortbey) 
Xortbgrave, :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Walter T. (Brown) 
:; 1 Hathnally avenue 
d Friday 
Xorthway, :\Ir. and 11rs. Arthur G. (:\If'Kellar) 
3 Hoxborough street East 
Clubs, :\lr. -w 
XGrthway, 11r. and 1lrs. ,10hn (:\leKay) 
-W Ciuny avenue 
Rf'('plves 2d and -Hh Tuesday 
1liss Ewart 
Clubs, :\Ir. .J(j 
Xotman, 1lrs. Alf'xander H. 
5 Huron street 
:\Ir. Alexandpr I". Kotman 
11r. 1
lmer [<'. Xotman 

Oakley, :\Ir. and :\Irs. ,J. P. 
8 :\I<'Kenzie avenue 
O'BeinlP, :\Ir. and :\lrs. ,Joshua C. (Yates) 
fi71 Huron stre( t 
I{ecei vps 1 st and 
d Friday 
:\IiRs GrapE' Yatps 
Cluhs, :\lr. J 12 
Ol:orne, 11r. .J ames 
17:í Dowling avenue 
:\Ir. H. OhorllP 
O'Brian, Mr. (K. C.), and :\Irs. James Brock 

karth road 
11r. Kpnlldh O'Brian 
11iss :\la<!plilH' O'Brian 
Clubs, :\lr. :W 
O'Urif'n, :\lr. (K.. C.), and 
lrs. Alexander 
I) I{ose Hill an'nue. Ikpl' Park 
Het'l'ivp!-: 1st Thun.:day 

O'Brien, :\Ir. and :\lrs. D. 
366 Palmerston boulevard 
1Iiss O'B.'ien 
O'Brien, :\Ir. (K. C.), and 1Irs. Henry 
( Ardagh) 
.. Dromoland," 383 Sherbourne 
Receives Monday 
1liss Kathleen O'Brien 86 
Clubs, Mr. .:I: 
O'Donnell, :\Ir. and Mrs. ":\Iichael C. (:\Ioran) 
28 St. Joseph street 
Receives Monday 
:\Iiss Annie O'Donnell 
:\Irs. A. E. Kentleton 
::\lrR. F. J. Mitcbell 
O'Flynn, :\Ir. and Mrs. Harry Herbert 
( Mulock) 
129 Lowther avenue 
Clubs, Mr. -1:6 
Ogden, ::\Ir. Lyndhurst 

2 St. Albans street 
::\liss Lyndhurst Ogden 
Receives Tuesday 
::\lr. Aylmer L. Ogden 
::\Iiss Bradda L; Ogden 
Ogden, Dr. and :\Irs. rzziel (::\leCallum) 
21 :\[aple avenue 
Recei V<'R 110nda v 
::\Iis!" Annie L. Ogden 
Ogilvie, Co!. and :\Irs. 
Tyndall avenue 
O'Grady, :\Ir. and 1\IrR. Gerald de'Courey 
2 Queen,
 Park " 
S. R., Ewa-yea, Gordon Ba
1luskol..a, Onto 
Receives Tuesday 
:\1iss de'Courcy O'Grady 
11r. Standish de'Courey O'Grady 
:\[r. IJrien de'CourC'y O'Grady 
Ir. 7--1:5--1:6-66-78 
O'Hara, Mr. and :\Irs. Henry 
2 Dunbar road 
, ::\[r. 39 
O'Hara. :\Ir. and Mrs. Henry R. (Curry) 
 Uernard avenue 
ReC'eives 2d and -1:th Friday 
Club:;, 1\[rs. 39 
O'Keefe, ::\Ir. Eugene 
137 Bond street 
:\Iiss O'Keefe 
Irs. Rose 
33 Grosvenor street 
ReC'eives :-;d Tuesday 
::\Iiss ] )ot Oldfield 
::\[r. Arthur Oldfield 
Oldright, Dr. ( :\1. A.), and :\Irs. ">illiam 
" Oaldeigh," ] 5-1 Carlton street 
S. IC, "Osatka," Port Carling. 
t and 
d Monday 
:\Iiss \\ïnnifrf'd Oldrig-ht (n. A.) 
 .Josf'phine Oldright 
Clubs, ))r. -15- :\Trs. 21-R7 
O"Leary. :\Ir. and :\lrs. D<'llni!" 
:í Tyndall ayenup" 






I __ 



S. c. P. (Gas Light) 

P. O. P. 
(Self-toning P. O. P.) 


The World's Standard of Excellence 
C d . R t t . ( WARD & co. 
ana Ian epresen a lves 'l 13 St. John Street, Montreal 



Palmer, )11'. and :\Irs. John G. 
103 Dowling avenue 
Iteceives :
d Thursday 
:Miss V. 1\1. Palmer 
Clubs, :\11'. 4H 
Palmer, :\11'. and :\Irf;. John .T. (Christie) 
"Huntley Lodge," Deer Park 
Mr. John Palmer 
Mr. Ernest Palmer 
Clubs, )11'. 46 
Palmer, Dr. and :\lrs. L. Loran (Packard) 
40 College street 
Receives Tue
Parke, :\11'. and :\'Irs. Roderick .T. (Dickson) 
179 Cottingham street 
S. R., Hudson-on-the-Lake, Que. 
Receives 1st and :
d Ii"riday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 14-23--t6 ; American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers, 

. Y. C.; Royal Colonial Il1!Üi- 
tute, London, Eng. ; National 
GeographiC' ::;ûciety, Washington, 
D. C.-1\lrs. 33 
Parker, :\11'. and :\Irs. A. Deane 
56 Poplar Plains road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Parker, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Edward Y. (Hall) 
155 Dowling avenue 
Parkf'r, l\lr. and :\In:;. Franklin A. 
on Spencer avenue 
d and 3d Thursday 
Clubf;, 1\11'. 39-108-11-t 
Parker, :\11'. and :\Irs. .John T. (:\tloore) 

Ij Lowther avenue 
Iteceives l
t and 
d I"riday 
:\lif;s Helen Harrington 
ClubR, Mr. :10-(iH 
Parkel, 111'. and :\Irs. Robert 
26 Lowther a\pnue 
Heceives 1 st Friday 
:\Irs. George Xobel S,cott 
Clubs, :\11'. 9--tß-66 
Parkpr, :\11'. and :\lrR. ,Yo R. Percival (Kerr) 
:n6 S1. George street 
Rpcei veR I.'rida y 
Clubs, :\11'. 4-5-9-
97 -112, also rnited Empire 
Club, London England -Mrs. 104- 
Parl{eR, :\11'. G. IIarry 
120 South Drive 
:\liss ParkeR , 
ltpc<'Îvps bt and 2d Monday 
:\lisR 1\largaret Parkes 
ClubR, :\1 r. :{f} 
Parkf>s, :\11'. and :\lrs. W. F. (:\1arks) 
8n J)'Arcy stI'l'et 
::\lrs. 1\1. .J. :\larks 
:\11'. .J. :\1. :\larkR 
:\JiSR Lyle Marks 
Parks, Prof. and Mrs. "'illiam A. 
(jn Albany avenUf> 
Hl'('eives 1st and 3d Friday 
111'. Cpo. D. Parks 
'()n, ::\lrs. .J. Harcourt (Keane) 
-t Sf. VilH'f'nt street 
H('ceives Tuesday 
:\11'. ({obert Kpane Parkinson 
:\Iiss .Tanip Colpoise Parkinson 

Parmenter, .\11'. and Mrs. Reginald H. 
( Kergraft) 
27 Prince Arthur avenue 
Parry, Dr. and Mrs. William T. 
578 Spadina avenue 
:\Iiss Gladys Parry 
Parsons, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles (Boswell) 
40 St. Vincent street 
Receives TueRday 
:\1iss Fann ie Parsons 
:\1h>s Kate Parsons 
:\liss Eileen Kirtland 
Parsons, Dr. Harold C. 
72 Bloor street 'Vest 
ParRonR, Hev. (D. D.), and 1\1rs. Henry 11. 
24:1 Beverley street 
Recei ves "'. ednesday 
Miss Jessie Parsons 
:\Iiss Emma Parsons 
Parsons, :\11'. and Mrs. Silas R. 
139 Crescent road 
:\1iSR :\1 i Idred Parson s 
:\Iiss :\larion E. Parsons 
ClubR, Mr. 9 
ParRons, :\11'. and :\'Irs. William G. 
3 Beaumont road 
Receives 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
::\'Jiss G. Parsons 
1\11'. Miles Parsons 
Partridge, l\lr. and Mrs. William H. (jr.) 
355 Brunswick avenue 
:\11'. Robert H. Partridge 
Paten;on, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. 
17 Park road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Paterson, Mr. and 1\lrs. F. Charles 
403 Delaware avenue 
Paterson, Mr. (K. C.), .John A. 
481 Brunswick avenue 
::\11'. Douglas A. Pater
1\11'. Ernest R. Paterson (Baliol Col- 
lege, Oxford University, England) 
Paterson, :\11'. and Mrs. J. Harry 
2nO St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\-lr. 5-9-12-22-49-()1-lili-78-79- 
SO-R4-97-MrR. 8fj 
Pater:,;on, :\11'. and Mrs. Noble L. 
1 (i!) Spadina road 
(teceiveR 1st and -lth Friday 
:\11'. Charles S. Paterson 
Clubs, :vIr. 
Paterson (K. C.), Col. and ::\lrR. Xonnan I". 
( Currie) 
519 Dover court road 
ReceiveR I st and :
d Thursday 
PaterRon, lIon. and Mrs. 'William 
Charlotte strppt, Brantford, Ont. 
Paton, :\11'. and Mrs. ,John 
4 St. George 
S. R., 'VindernU're, :\Iu
ReceiveR 1st, 2d and -tth Tu('
:\fr. Robert C. Paton 
!\Jiss Isabel C. Paton 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66-97 
Patriarcll<', :\11'. and Mrs. P. Harold 
1-1()!) King !-:trp<'Ì \\,pst 



Ir. anð MrR. 'ViIliam G. 
60 Kendall avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. 2-49-112 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Alexanðer 
132 Farnham avenue 
Patterson, 1\11'. anð Mrs. A. Braðley 
( McDonough) 
196 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives Friðay 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66-78-80-97 anð Ham- 
ilton Club. 
Patterson, Mr. G. B. 
1604 Queen street v,Test 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. (Loðge) 
65 Huntley street 
Patterson, Mr. anð Mrs. Herbert Kenðall 
( Harmer) 
Care "Fernwooð," Toðmorðen 
Patterson, Mr. anð 1\1rs. Robert L. (Legge) 
"Fernwooð" Toðmorðen 
Receives 1st anð 2ð Tuesðay 
1\11'. J. H. L. Patterson 
l\liss Amy Patterson 
Miss Hannah K. Legge 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Pattillo, .1\11'. anð 1\1rs. John A. 
40 'Yincbester street 
Miss Olive Patillo 
1\11'. William Pattillo 
Patton, Dr. and 1\1rR. .J. Churchill (Hamilton) 
189 Gerrarð street East 
Receives 1st and 2ð Monðay 
Clubs, Mr. 22-46-66. 
Paul, Mr. .Juette 
Queen's Hotel 
Payne, Mr. anð Mrs. 'Yilliam H. 
467 Dover court roað 
Peace, Mr. and Mrs. Jolm 
20 Mc
laster avenue 
Mr. "TaIteI' B. Peace 
Peacock, ::\11'. Edward R. 
I) \Yalker avenue 
Receives 1Rt \\Teðnesðay anð 
Mr. H. M. Peacock 66 
Dr. R. ::\1. Peacock 66 
Mrs. 'V. ::\1. Peacock 
Clubs, 1\11'. 9-46-61-66-78-84-92 
Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin 
167 \\Talmer road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. 
96 Roxborough street West 
Receives 1st Friday 
Pearce, Mrs. Margaret 
14 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receivf>s Friday 
Miss Pearce 
Miss Ada Pearce 
Pearcy, Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson (Heldenby) 
92 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Pearson, Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Andison) 
60 College street 

Vlr. Edwin P. 
311 Avenue roað 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
Pearson, Rev. John (:\1.. A.) 
10 Trinity square 
Pearson, Mr. and :\lrs. John A. (
29 Maynard avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-66-78 
Pearson, Mr. and ::\lrs. 'William H. (Cline) 
34 North Sherbourne street 
Receives 1Rt and 2d Monday 
Miss Anne Pearson 61-103-106 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-61 
Pearson, 1\11'. and Mrs. \\Tilliam H. Jr. 
4 Lamport avenue 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 2d Monday 
Miss Vera PearRon 
1\IisR Ida Pearson 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-66-Mrs. 39 
Peck, ::\11'. and 1\Irs. \YeIlington J. 
98 Dowling avenue 
Pellatt, 1\11'. Henry 
349 Sherbourne street 

\Iill Pellatt 
::\11'. Frederick 1\1. Pellatt 
Pellatt, Colonel Sir Henry M. (A. D. C.), and 
559 Sherbourne st and "Casa 
Lorna," Davenport road I 
Clubs, Sir Henry ::\1. 1-4-9-11-12-33- 
49-66-78-81-82-84-85-Lady 33-86 
Pellatt, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald (Perry) 
561 Sherbourne street 
Pember, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. 'W. T. (Pembroke) 
ö2 Indian Grove 
Receives Friday 
Mrs. E. Pembroke 
lr. and :\lrs. Robert \V. 
407 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Miss R. C. Pentecost 
Miss Gladys Pentecost 
:\11'. Reginald Sterling Pentecost B. A. 
::\1. D. 12-66 
:MiRR Constance Pentecost B. A. 
Clubs, Mr. 97 
Pepler, Mr. and :\lrs. Arthur (Daly) 
54 Bernard avenue 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46-49-69-78-80-84-113- 
Mrs. 33-80-83-84-86-104-106 
Pepler, Mr. Clement E. 
54 Bernard avenue 
Pepler, Dr. and :\11'8. \ViIIiam H. (Chadwick) 
600 Spadina avenue 
S. R., ":Moncton Pines," Kew 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 22-69-96-97- :\lrs. 33 
Pepper, Mr. and Mrs. George (Elliott) 
256 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
Miss A. Pepper 
Percival, 1\Irs. Lionel V. 
64 Prince Arthur avenue 




Mr. and 
lrs. James B. 
26 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Iary Perry 
 orman Perry 

lr. Gordon Perry 66 
Cluos, Mr. 12--19-67-78-8-1 
1\11'. Robf'rt D. 
Spadina Gardens 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Miss Perry 
Mr. "'alter D. Perry 
1\11'. Frank Perry 
lr. and 1\1rs. .James F. 
156 Dowling avenue 
Recei yes 1st Tb ursday 
Miss 1\1. H. Peterkin 
Peters. Mr. and :\Irs. J. Henry 
9 Xorth Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st :\Ionday 
:\liss F. Peters 
\Ir. -16 
Peterson, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. A. E. ,,
(Willoughby, of Colborne) 
82 :\Iadisoll avenue 
H.eceives 1st and 3d Friday 
:Miss l\Iarjorie \\'illoughby Peterson 
Ir. 39-61-79-:Mrs. 39-61 
Petrie. Mr. and Mrs. Henry ,,
379 Huron street 
S. R., The Island 

\Iiss B. D. Petrie 
Miss G. Petrie 

liss F. Petrie 
1\1iss H.. Petrie 
Miss E. Petrie 
Ir. and Mrs. Charles B. (::\lcNab) 
61 Isabella street 
H.eceives 3d and -1th :\Ionday 

Ir. Allan ::\Ic
ab Petry 
Pettit. Mr. and 1\1rs. Charles Stanley 
( Weagant) 
] G!) :\Iadison avenue 
H.eceives ht Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 39--16 
Peuchen, Major and 
Irs. Arthur G. 
5D9 .Jarvis street 

. fl., .. \Voodlands," Lake Simcoe, 
nf'ar Barrie 
Iajor 1-12--1G--19-66-8-1 


Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry ,,
 Palnwrston boulevard 
Heceives 2d Thursday 
Phelan, ::\11'. and :\Irs. :\1. J. (Starr) 
450 8herbourne street 
S. R., :\luskoka 
Heceives ] st :\Ionday 
Miss Claire Phf>lan 
Mr. Frank Phelan 
Phelan, Mr. and :\Irs. Thomas P. 

 Wellington street "
S. R., \Yawa Hotel, Lake of Bays, 
l\1 uskoka 
nf'cf'ives l1-;t and 3d Friday 
:\1i!'>s Phelan 
::\11'. F. Phelan 
Clubs, 1\11'. -iG-57 

Phillips, :\Irs. A. :\1. 
96 :\larkham street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursdays 
1\Iiss Phillips 
1\11'. J. Douglas :;\1. Phillips 
Phillips. :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles ('Vaugh) 
271 Havelock 1-;treet 
S. R., Barrie. Ont. 
Phillips, ::\11'. and 1\Irs. Edmund (Jones) 
90 Beverley street 
Heceives \Yedne1-;day 
Miss :\Iuriel Phillips 
:\lrs. T. E. .Jones 
Clubs, 1\11'. 80 
Phillips, :\11'. and :\Irs. Francis J. \ Bacon)- 
U3 Queen's Park 
S. R, .. "'istowe," Lake Joseph 
Receives Tuesday 
!\Ir. Heber B. Phillips 46 
::\liss Charlotte Phillips 
::\Iiss Beatrice Phillips 
Clubs, 1\11'. 39--15--16-8-1 
Phillips, :\11'. and Mrs. Frederick E. 
31 Dunbar road 
PLillips, Dr. and 1\1rs. Thomas G. 
61 Yorkville avenue 
Phillips, ::\11'. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam C. (McMillan) 
21 Grosvenor street 
Clubs, l\Ir. 46 
Pickett, ::\11'. James K. 
135 Balmoral avenue 
Pielsticker, :\11'. and ::\lrs. Ralph 
46 Trauby avenue 
Pierce. 1\11'. and l\lrs. A. V. 
16 1\1aynard avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Piersol, Dr. and 1\11'8. \\'illiam Hunter 
( Ditmars) 
26 Albany avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Pigott. ::\11'. and .:\lrs. Robert S. 
St. George !\Iansions 
::\liss l\largaret H. Pigott 104 
C'lubs, ::\lrs. 95-10-1 
Pilcher, H.ev. and 1\Irs. Chas. Venn (Jones) 
\Yycliffe College 
Pinchin, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Robert, Jr. (Whiteside) 
28 Bonstead avenue 
Pinkerton, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. \Yilliam (Carman) 
117 \\'almer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. -19 -1\Irs. 49 
Piper. ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Augusta 1\1. (Greene) 
17 Avondale road, Rosedale 
H.eceives 2d Tuesday 
::\Iiss Phyllis Piper 
Clubs, ::\Irs. 33 
Piper, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Edward S. 
lR Bernard avenue 

. R., 
tony Lake 
Heceives 1st and -1th Friday 
Dr. Clarence F. Piper 
::\Iiss K L. Piper 
::\11'. Arthur Piper 
Piper, ::\11'. and 1\lrs. Frank ::\1. 
176 Spadino road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 




Piper, Dr. J. 
5-1-1 Palmerston boulevard 
Platt, 1\11'. and 
Irs. Arthur T. 
s -1th Thursday 

lrs. E. B. Platt 
Playfair, J.\Tr. and :\Irf;. John S. (Bostwick) 
131 Isabella ::;treet 
S. R., "E3annachra," Yoho Island, 

Receiyes l\Ionday 
Playfair, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Stf'wart B. 
26 \Ic
laster f;treet 
S. R., Centre bland 
H.eceives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, },Ir. -16 
Plumb, 1\11'. Arthur S. 
120 Jameson avenue 
Plumb, :\11'. and :\Irs. Frederick 
St, George 
Receives Tuesday 
Plummer, :\11'. and Mrs. Fran1\: 
Iadison avenue 
Receives Friday 
PI ummer, Hev. Frederick G. 
6 Spruce street 
Plummer, l\Ir. and 
Irs. .James H. 
Sylvan Towers 
S. R., South Driye and Glen road 

1iss \\ïnnifred Plummer 

Iiss .Joyce Plummer 
:\11'. Charles H. F. Plummer 
Poffard, ::\11'. and l\lrs. Arthur H. 
51 Poplar Plaws road 
Pollard, Dr. and .\Irs. Stephen B. 
425 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 

Iiss Pollard 

lay Pollard 
Polson, :\Irs. Franklin Bates 
"Navidale," (j Beaumont road 
Heceives :\Ionday 
Polson, :\11'. and Mrs. Hugh 
] 66 Spadina road 
Heceivef; Friday 
:\11'. Xorman Polson 
:\11'. Hugh Lyon Polson 
Ponton, 1\11'. and :\11'8. Douglas (Leslie) 

2 Nanton avenue 
Receives :\londay 
Poole, :\11'. and Mrs. Arthur (Hall) 
VW2 King street 'Yest 
Receives 2d and -1th Thursday 
::\lrs. R. E. Bender 
Poole, 1\11'. and Mrs. James 
20 Scarth road 
Receivps 3d :\Ionday 
Port, Mrs. D. ,Yo 
19 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 

Iiss Port 

Iiss Clara Port 
liss :\Iina 
7 -1 St. George street 
Porter, Captain and ::\lrf;. Charles H. ();'eil) 
13 Poplar Plains road 

Porter, ::\Ir. and 
Irs. Edward (Ridout) 
33-1 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss E. Porter 
1\11'. A. Porter 
Porter, :\Ir. and .\Irs. Fr
d D. 
36U Roxborough street East 
Porter, Dr. and 
Irs. George D. (Harris) 
-155 Huron street 
S. R., Trpasure Island, l\Iuskoka 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 61 
Porter, Captain and ::\Irs. James Herbert 
(Telfer) . 
1-11 'Yalmer road 
Receives 2d and :
d Friday 
Clubs, Captain 10--16-66 
Porter, :\11'. and Mrs. 'YiIIiam Alger 
.. The Beeches," 123 Beech a venue 
Porter, Rev. and 1\1rs. 'Yilliam II. 
572 Huron stref't 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Potter, Mr. and 
Irs. Charles Ed. (Nlo\\ ry) 
2118 Poplar Plainf; road 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
:\Irs. H. H. "Tillis 

liss Mabel Potter 
1\11'. Clyde C. l\Iowry 
Potts, l\Ir. and l\lrs. Frank H. 
68 Glen road 
Iiss 1\Iargaret E. 
8 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receivps 1st and 2d Friday 
l\Iiss Edna R. Potts 
1\11'. and Mrs. J. Edward Potts (Scoar) 
Powell, .\lr. and .\Irs. Edwin .J. 
357 Palmerston boulevard 
Powell, l\Ir. and Mrs. G. A. 
69 Howland avenue 
1\Iiss Powell 
Powis, ::\11'. and :\lrs. Crawford ,Yo (Logan) 
28 Mcl\lastpr avenue 
Pratt, Mr. and 1\Irs. Fred'k H. 
 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Pratt, :\Irs. 'Yilliam H. 
1ß6 S1. Georgp street 
Receives Tuesday 
1\11'. and :Mrs. ,Yo B. McLean 
Prendergaf;t. 1\11'. and l\Irs. 'Ym. 
1] l\IcKenzie avenue, TIosedale 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, l\Iuskoka 
Receives 3d :\londay 
Clubs, Mr. 45-61 
Prentice, l\Ir. and l\1rf;. David 
82 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. David T. Prentice 
Prentiss, Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller 
132 Havelock stref't 
Price, Dr. and .\Irs. Frank D. C'Yarnica) 

51 Sherbourne strept 
Receivps I st and :
d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Dr. 21-:\lrs. 21 



Price, Mr. and }Irs. Lewis A. 
.. Oak Lawn," Heath street, Deer 
:\[iss Janet E. Price 
:\Iiss Elsie I. Price 
:\1iss A. :\1. Price 
s Ethelwyn Price 
Clubs, :\11'. 1 
Price, Dr. and :\lrs. Walter G. 
 Lakeview avenue 
Price-Green, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles 
:\limÏC'o, Ont. 
::\liss Catharine Price-Green 
Prime, :\11'. Fred('rick A. 
-113 :\Iarkham street 
S. H.., Oakvillp 
Mr. Fred. H. Prime 
:\liss Pri mp 
 :\Iargllerite Prime 
1\Iiss Clare Prime 
Primrose, Dr. and :\Irs. AlexanG__;" (Ewart) 
1 uo College street 
S. R., I>awamah, Lake Joseph 
ei n's Tuesday 
:\1 iss Dorothy Primrose 
::\Jiss Agnes Primrose 
Clubs, Dr. 80 
Prince, :\11'8. Charlotte 
71 Madison avenue 
H.eceives Friday 
:\liss C. L. Ross 
:\11'. John F. Ri!"}(>y 
Pringle, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Hpnry ,Yo (1\IcKinnon) 
3 Madison avenup 
I{eceives Friday 

I 1'8. Pringle-J ones 
Pringle, .:\11'. and -'Irs. William R. ('Vood) 
1 :>52 King street West 
Recpives 3d and -Hh Thursday 
:\Iiss Ethelwood Pringle 
Proctor, :\1 r. and ::\Irs. Frank T. 
20R Cottingham street 
Pro.ctor, .\ir. and :\Irs. Albert Henry C. (Kemp) 
111 Glf'n road 
Proctor, Mrs. James A. 
2 Dloor street East 
S. R., Cpdarmere, Southampton 
H.ecei vps 1 st Monday 
:\Iiss :\lauc1e Pro('tor ;
:\Irs. F. \\Y. Burritt 15 
Clubs, 1\lrs. 

Proctor, 1\11'. and :\lrs. William H. 
2R2 Avenue roacl 
Rcceives ,Hh I"riday 
:\Tiss Kathleen Proctor 
Proctor, :\11'. and :\Irs. William T. A. 
-t2X .Jan'is street 
Proudfoot, :\11'. and :\Irs. Hume E1lakp 
1 :
2 Ito}.borough street West 
f{p('f'ivf's Friday 
Proudfoot I K. C.), William 
Goc1( rich, Ont. 
Puc;slpy, ),11'. and :\Irs. .John (Harris) 
I :;7 Bloor strept \VP<;t 
I{('('pivps l
t and ,tlh Friday 
])1'. and :\Irs. \Vpstman 
Clubs, :\1 r. :


Purdy, :\11'. and :\Irs. A. S. 
..102 Palmerstoll boulevard 
:\11'. K. Purdy 
Pyne, Dr. and -'Irs. Albert R. (Fraser) 
13-1 Carlton stre{:\t 
Receives :\Ionday 
Mrs. Thomas B. Straiton 

Quigley, 1\11'. and l\Irs. Edwin ,M. 
171 .:\ladison avenue 
S. It., B:,averton, Ont. 
H.eceives 1st ancl 
d Friday 
1\11'. Herbert S. Quigley 
Miss :\Iaude Quigley 
l\Iiss Grace Quigley 
Quirt, :\11'. and :\lrs. .J. H. 
36 North Slwrbourne street 

Rae, )11'. and ::\Irs. Harry Croft (Davidson) 
-to Charles street Ea
IleceivEs :\Ionday 
Clubs, ),11'. 61-80 - )Irs. xo 
Rae, :\11'. and :\Irs. \\ïlIiam 
6-1 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Raitt, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Thomas R 
1-1lJ Bernard avenue 
RaIfe, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert \\T. 
ladison avenue 
H.eceives Friday 
Ramsay, :\11'. Alexandpr G . 
5] 5 Huron 
Rect'ives Friday 

Iiss Hamsay 
Ramsay, :\11'. and :\11'1'. .\llan (Dp\ aney) 
Alexandra Pa lace 
Ramsay, :\11'. and :\Ir
. Chas. X. 
1 o:
 Tyndall a vpnue 
S. R., Ea
tbourlle. Lakp Simcoe 1 st and :
d Friday 
Ramsay, :\11'. and :\lrs. \\ïlliam T 
( 1\1 ert'di t h) 
:5 South Drin' 
Ramsey, :\11'. and :\Irs. .Tames G. (Dixon) 
178 Crpscpnt road 
Heceives 2d 1\londay 
:\11'. Alan IL Hamsey 
:\11'. H.alph f). Ramsey 
)'1.iss A. Diekson 
Clubs, :\] r. -W 
Raney, :\11'. and 1\lrs. 'William Eo 
117 :\Iadi

on êlvenut> 
l{pcpives 2d ancl -tth Friday 
Rannie, :\Irs. I"ran('es 
128 Huntlpy stl'('('Í 
H('('ein's :\londay 
Ransom, :\11'. and .\Irs. Alhert C, (Compton) 
210 Husspll Hill Drive 
Hecpives 1 st and 2d Thursday 
l\1r!'=. Frank Compton 1(1-1 
Clubs, :\11'. x-;-:9--tli-
lrs. 39-87-104 
Hawlinson. ;\]1'. and :\Irs. :\larmaduke 
22 1\laplf> avenup 
HeccÏ\.es 1 st and 3d :\Ionday 



Rawlinson, Mr. and Mrs. Marmaduke Arthur 
( WelRh) 
Care 22 
Iaple avenue 
lr. and Mrs. Douglas L. C. 
The Osborne 
Miss B. 1\1. Raymond 
Rea, Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward ('Vood) 
118 Crescent road, Rosedale 
S. R., Lakewood Heights, King- 
ston road 
Receives Tuesday 
Rea, Mr. and 
Trs. H. J. 
Dowling Apartments 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Read, Mr. and l\Irs. \Valter J. 
40 Bredalbane street 
Miss Ada M. Read 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Reade, Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. 
17 Classic avenue 
Reaves, Mr. and l\Irs. Campbell (Macdonald) 
Willcocks street 

. R., Prior House, Allandale 
Receives Tuesday 
lrR. George 
381 Huron street 
'Ir. and Mrs. "Wm. G. (Cunnington) 
9-1 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
d, Mr. and )oIl's. J. Carl 
6 McKenzie avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Miss Vera Reed 
Clubs, :\'11'. 39--16-66-:\Irs. 39-61 
Reesor, Mrs. David 
62 South Drive 
Receives Monday 
Reesor, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arthur (Fowler) 
"Inglenook," 1-15 Rusholme road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Pauline Reesor 
l\Ir. Reginald A. Reesor 
Miss Hilda ReeRor 
Reeve, 1\11'. and Mrs. Herbert J. (Campton) 
332 Brunswif'k avenue 
Receives 1st l"riday 
Clubs, Mr. 96 
Reeve, Dr. and :\Irs. .John E. (Coe) 
295 Sherbourne street 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Aubrey Reeve 
l\'Ir. Reginald Reeve 
l\Iiss Lottie Reeve 
Reeve, Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. 
48 Bloor street East 
Re.ceives Monday 
Reeve, The Rt. Rev. Bishop and 1\ns. 'Ym. D. 
( Grindley) 
544 Huron street 
Ir. and Mrs. Robert W. (Smith) 
30 Triller avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Reford, Mrs. Rose C. 
53 Albany avenue 

Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. (Fawcett) 
" Gearholm," 30 South Drive, 
S. R., 316 Lake Shore road 
Receives 1st and 2d :l\Ionday 
Mr. Fawcett Reid 61-66 
Miss Lorna Reid 
Clubs, Mr. 5-9-39--16-56-61-Mrs. 39 
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. George Agnew (Hiester) 
\Vychwood Park, Davenport road 
S. R., Onteora-in-the-Catskills 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-17-50-65-81; also Arts 
and Letters Club-Mrs. 33-50-65- 
Reid, :Mr. and Mrs. George P. (Cox) 
5íí Janis street 
Receives Monday 
l\Iiss Hilda A. Reid 
Mr. A. Douglas Reid 66 
),IiRs Edna Caroline Reid 
Clubs, :\11'. 66-78-8-1-l\Irs. 86 
Reid, l\lr. and Mrs. James 
-126 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Mr. Sherwood A. Reid 
Mr. Robert S. Reid 
Reid, Mrs. J. G. 
87 Pembroke street 
Reid, Dr. and Mrs. Lestock H. 
472 PalmerRton boulevard 
Receives 1st and 3u "'ednesday 
Reinhardt, :\'11'. and :\Irs. A. Arthur 
370 Palmerston boulevard 
Recei ves 2d Th ursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Reinhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Lothar ("Wagner) 
"Linderhof," 487 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 2d 
1\lr. Lothar Reinhardt, Jr. 
Mr. A. Arthur Reinhardt 
l\Ir. Alfonso H. Reinhardt 
l\Ir. Ernest Reinhardt 

1iss Amanda Reinhardt 
Renfrew, Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. (Coward) 
343 Sherbourne street 
S. R., JackRon's Point 
Receives 1st and 2d :\londay 
Renfrew, Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter C. (l\Iiller) 
35 Roxborough street East 
S. R., l\'Iossington Rt., Lake Simcoe 
Rennie, l\Ir. and l\Irs. John (Teasdale) 
25 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Re.ceives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 24-25 
Rennie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Ross) 
24 Castle Frank avenue 
Receives 2d l\Ionday and Tuesday 
Rennie, Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas (Alison) 
10 North Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st :\Ionday and Tuesday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 2-1-25 
Reynolds, Mrs. A. Titren (Lyle) 
53 Elm avenue, also Fort Pierson, 
Nata I 
Receives 1st :\Ionday and following 
Saturday evening 
Miss Reynolds 
Miss Lyle 



Reynolds. Mr. Geo. N. 
lR8 Dowling avenue 
Rice, Mr. and :\Irs. Orner F. 
100 Gloucester street 
Receives 1st and -1th Monday 
Miss Amy Rice 
Mr. Gordon Rice 
lorley Rice 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Richardson, Dr. E. Kendall 
12-14: King street 'West 
Richardson, Dr. and Mrs. George A. 
1-1 Bloor street East 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Mr. G. ß. Richardson 
Mr. Marshall Richardson 
Ir. and Mrs. Harry Alden 
27 \\Talmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. -:l6-66-93-97-
Irs. 103 
Richardson, Dr. James H. 
36 St. Joseph street 
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. John Turner 
( Macdonald) 
10-1 Roxborough street "Test 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. 
( :-.J"attrass) 
72 Henry street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Richardson, ,Mr. J. E. 
627 Jarvis street 
Richardson, Dr. and 
lrs. Thos. Bedford 
( ButIand) 
128 Bloor street \Vest 
Heceives 2d and 4th Friday 
Mrs. Ellen ButIand 
Riddell, Mr. and :Mrs. Matthew (Rutherford) 
86 Spadina road 
S. It., Tigh-na-Creag, Georgian 
Receives Friday 
::\.'liss Hiddell 39 
Mr. Matthew R. RlUdell 39 
Miss Elsie R. Hiddpll 39 
Mr. Andrew H. Riddell 
lr. 39-1\lrs. 39 
Riddell. Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas A. 
233 Spadina road 
Iteeeives 1st and 2d Friday 
1\11'. Joseph B. Riddell 
Riddell, Hon. 1\11'. Justice and 
Irs. 1nlliam 
Renwick (Crossen) 
109 St. George street 
S. R., Hyde Park Hotel, London, 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Hon. 39-49-61-78-Mrs. 33- 
Ir. Donald C. 
6-1-1 Spadina avenue 
Ridout, Mr. and 
I rs. Douglas K. (Jones) 
R8 St. George street 
Iuriel Hidout 
Club!';, 1\11'. -1-G 
Ridout, Mr. Gporgc Lawton 
Spadina Gardens 
Ir. -1ü 

Riordan, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce L. (Thorburn) 
73 Simcoe strept 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 66-78-Mrs. 66 
lr. .John G. 
1 Queen's Park 
Clubs, Mr. -16 
Ritchie (K. C.), :\'Ir. and 
Irs. Chas. H. 
1-11 Avenue road 

\Iiss Kathleen Scott Ritchie 

lr. Charles Forsyth Ritchie 
Ritchie, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. (Patterson) 
80 Kendal avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
1r. 46-66-67 
Ritson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard 
-10 'Yalker avenue 
Roaf, Mr. and :\Irs. .James R. (Lee) 
St. George Mansions 
Recei ves 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, ::VII'. 46 
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond L. (Hunt) 
1526 King street \\Test 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
lVIiss Violet E. T. Roberts 39 
l\'Iiss Katie Hoberts 
Mrs. De Vere Hunt 
Roberts, :\Iiss F. 
-1-80 Huron street 
Heceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Roberts, Mr. and :\Irs. .J ames E. 
21 Scarth road 
Heceives 1st and 3d Monday 
The lVIisses Roberts 
Roberts, :Mr. and Mrs. Percy (Humme) 
103 Dunn avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Robertson, Mrs. Agnes 
225 Rusholme road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Robertson 
Robertson, Mr. and l\Irs. Charles (:Manley) 
--l92 Euclid avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Edith ,,'orden L. R. A. M. 
1\11'. F'red Robertson 
Robertson (l\L V. 0.), Lieut.-Coi. Donald 
62 Uernard avenue 
S. R., \Yilliamstown, Onto 
Clubs, Lieut.-Co!. 12-78-84 
Robertson, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. James E. 
1-1 Admiral road 
S. R., "The Oasis," Toronto Is- 
Miss Robertson 
Robertson, Mr. and .:\Irs. .James S. 
182 "'almer road 
S. R., "Kf>waydin," l\Iuskoka 
Receivf>s 2d and 4th Thursday 
Ir. 46 
Robertson, Mr. and 1\Irs. .J. Ross (Holland) 
291 Sherbourne street 
1\Ir. Irving Earle Robertson 46 
Ir. -1-ü-R-1, al!':o Constitutional 
Club, London, England 



Robertson, 1\11'. and 
Irs. Llewellyn H. 
82 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Evelyn Robert!':on 

liss Loui!':a Robertson 
lr. and 
lrs. Thomas (Vail') 
) Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Heceives 1st and 2d 
Clubs, 1\Ir. .W-ö7 
Robertson, 1\11'. and 
Ir!':. Thomas E. 
t \\ïlliamson) 
153 Spadina road 
Hecei yes 1st and 2d Friday 
Robertson. :\11'. and 
Ir!':. \\Tilliam D. (Booth) 
48 Doustead avenue 
1r. -16 
Robertson, ,Mr. and :\Irs. "'m. .J. 
2-12 Havelock strlet 
Heceives 2d and -1th Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 
Ir. and 1\Irs. Frederick ß. 
86 Glen road 
,Miss :\Iarguerite Robbins 
lr. -16 
Ir. \Yilliam 
90 Gloucester strept 
Heceives ht and 2d Friday 

Ir:,;. Alex, Delaporte 

\Iiss Alicia Delaporte 
:\lbs Ethel Delapurte 

lis!'; :\Iary Delaporte 
H.obinson 1\11'. and 
Irs. A. 
, .. Sunlight Villa," 179 Dowling 
Recpives 1 st and 3d \\Tednesday 

Ii!';s Edith H.obinson 
:\liss :\Iona Hobin!':on 
:\11'. Alfred H.obinson 
Ir. and 
Irs. George L. 
2 Beaumont road 
Ir. 39 
Robinson, 1\11'. and 
Il's. .Tohn R. 
 \\'ellesley street 
Robinson, :\11'. and 
Irs. Titus 'Yo (Trent) 
Yeovil Hou
e. 12-1 Bedford road 
Reeei yeS 1st and 2d Friday 
:\li!';s Be!':sie Robinson 
:\fiss Daisy Robil
:\liss :\Iarie Robinson 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-9--16 
Itoblill, :\11'. and 
Irs. David O. 
325 Palmer!':ton boulevard 
Hochereau de la Sabliere, Mr. and :\Irs. Charles 
.. La Futaie." 301 Jarvis street 
Receives :\Ionday 
:\11'. Consul for France and Belgium 
Clubs, :\11'. 66-
lr!':. 103-106 
lr. and 
Irs. Charles 
ö :\Iaple avenue 
Roden, :\11'. and 
Irs. Frank 
1 Clarendon CresC'ent 
Receives Friday 
:\11'. Llewellyn B. Roden 
Rodger, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Alexander F. 
( Bowman) 
Iaple avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, l\Ir. 39--1(;-:\lrs. 39 

Rodgers. Mr. and l\Irs. E. H. 
519 Sherbourne street 
Ir. and :\Irs. R. J. 
155 street 
Rogers, 1\11'. and 
Irs. Albert S. (Elsworth) 
49 Nanton Crescent 
S. R., Point au baril, Georgian Bay 
Receive.,; :\Ionday 
Ir. -16 
Rogers. :\11'. and :\Irs. Alfred S. 
.. "Cplands," Yonge street and Glen 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 27--11--16--19-61-66-78-1"-1 
Ir. and 
lrs. Arthur C. (
97 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39--16 
[r. and 
lrs. Elias 
"Glen House," Deer Park, Yonge 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss Sarah Rogers 

1iss Hazel Roger!'; 
:\11'. Clarence Rogers 
Clubs, :\11'. -16 
Rngers, :\11'. and l\Irs. .John "T. (:\lcKeggie) 
2-1 Heath street East 
Receives 1!':t and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. -16 
Roger!':, :\11'. and 
lrs. Joseph E. 
h;9 Jameson avenue 
Receives Thur!':day 
Rogers, 1\11'. and :\Irs. .Joseph P. (Carlyle) 
11 Lamport avenue 
S. R., Point au Baril 
Receives 2d and 3d :\Ionday 
:\Iiss Rogers 

lr. Samuel Rogers 
1\11'. David Rogers 
Clubs, :\11'. -16 
Rogers, :\Irs, .T. H. 
1;:{S Augusta avenue 
S. R., Cayuga 
Rogerson. Mr. and 
\Irs. \Yilliam (Grier) 
36-1 Brunswick avenue 
Receive!': 1st and 2d Friday 
Relph. :\11'. and 
Irs. Alfred J. (Goad) 
-16 Bernard avenue 
S. R., .. Lislet," Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Rolph. :\11'. and 
Irs. Frank (HilI) 
78 Crescent road 
l\lr. Erne!':t R. Rolph 46 
Mr. Albert Hill Rolph 
Clubs, 1\11'. -16 
Rolph, lVIr. and 1\1rs. Frank A. (.Jaffray) 
95 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. l\Ir. 39--16 
Rolph, :\11'. and :.\'Ir!':. .Joseph T. 
26 Che!':tnut Park 
S. R.. Centre Island 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 

Iiss Armstrong 
Rorke. :\11'. and :\lrs. Lewis V. 
199 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and -1th Friday 




I j 
, :.i 

\ f 

'I ì 

" \ 

, \ 

t r 








'-t.u' ' , 

i '- 


Quality and Value 


In our business vocabulary the two 
words which mean most are "Quality" 
and "Value." 
This store's standard of quality in- 
sists upon the highest degree of excellence 
in the merchandise admitted to our as- 
While our ideas of value, and our 
careful merchandising policy (as instanced 
in our o\vn buying offices in Paris and 
London) ensure the lowest prices con- 
sistent with the quality-merit of the 
goods concerned--whether costly or in- 
This applies to our entire stock of 
general merchandise, including Ap- 
parel and Home Furnishings. 




, n TY' 
....;:;-. ......"" 




l . 







. J 
"J . 
>, " 



Fashíons ín Haír 

Braids, Coils, Puffs, Curls and 
an the Jatest fashions in 
Hairdressings effect made to 
ma tch your own hair per- 
fectly. Hairdressing, Marcel 
Waving, Shampooing, Mani- 
cure, Massage, Scalp Treat- 
ments, Etc., by appointment; 

Day & Mohler 
CJhe Kíng Street Haír Specíalísts 

Clean brushes, towels and separate Phone Main 243 
rooms for every customer. 


. . Importer. . 

High-class Millinery Parlors 


746 Yonge Street 

. . 
. . 

. . 
. . 


. . 
. . 

Phone North 3244 



Rose, Mr. and :\lrs. G. :\1. 
130 Albany avenue 
Recei ves 3d Friday 
Rose, ::\lr. Hugh E. 
St. George 
Receives Friday 
Miss Rose 
Rosebrugh, Dr. and Mrs. Abner M. (Reeve) 
76 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
S. R., Gril1lRky 
:\Iiss Xellie Rosebrugh 
Miss Bena Rosebrugh 
:\iIiss Sadie Rosebrugh 
Ross, Mrs. Alexander M. (Kydd) 
13 :\ladison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Carrie Stewart Ross 
Mrs. J. R. Shannon 
Ross, Mr. and l\Irs. Charles C. (Rogers) 
83 :\1adison avenue 
S. R., Selkirk, Ont. 
Re,ceives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 78-8u 
Ross, :\11'. and :\1rs. George 
P. O. address, 36 Adelaide street 
36 Adelaide street EaRt 
Receives 1st and 2d l\Ionday 
Mr. Ed. H. Ross 
:\11'. T. Alexander Ross 
:Wiss Ross 
:\1 i ss :\larion L. RosR 
:\Iiss Lillian 
\'1. Ross 
:\11'. (1. S. O. Chief Postoffice Supt. 
for Canada) 
Clubs. :\11'. 8-9-1\1rs. 33-103 
Ross, Dr. George 'V. 
7 .TarviR street 
Clubs, Dr. 6G-92 
Ross, Hon. (Sf'n.) and :\lrs. George 'W. (Peel) 

 Elm!':ley place 
Rf'ceives Tuesday 
Ross, :\11'. and :\lrR. .James 
5 Dunbar road 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
Ross, Dr. and :\Irs. .Tames F. 'V. (Gooderham) 
IV4 'YplIeslC'y street. office 481 
Sheroourne strpet 
S. R, Ito
edale Heights 
Iteceives 1st and 3d l\Ionday 
:\liss Hplen Boyd :-H) 
:\11'. Douglas G. Itoss 78-80-Ð2 
:\11'. JamC's "'. Hoss 
Cluos, Dr, :W-61-G()-78-
O-8-1 -Mrs. 
 !I-() 1-X-1-81) 
Ross, Mr. and :\>1rs. .John L. (Fraser) 

 GIC'n road 
Re,ceivps :\londny 
Cluhs, :\11'. Ð-:W-H I-B-1 
Ross, :\11'. and :\Jrs. .J. C. (Clarke) 
 :\Tarkham street 
RosR, l\Ir. and :\Jr's' Simon 
!) "unbar road 
Clubs, :\11'. -l-l;H 
ROR!':, Mr. William J}. 
1 1 
 St. Gt'orgf' strC'pt 
Cluhs. :\1 r. 1Ii-lili-íS-RO-R-l-97, and St. 
.ramps Club. :\Jontrl'al 

Mr. and 
1rs. John H. (l\IacKay) 
694 Spadina avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. u-56 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph 'Yo (Anning) 
791 Queen street East 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. (Helliwell) 
206 Dloor street "'est 
Receives 1st Friday 
(K. C.), Mr. and 
1rs. Kewton W. 
134 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 2d :\1onday 
Clubs, l\Ir. 9-39-46-56-69-112-l\Irs. 
Rowland, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 1\1. 
180 Bloor street EaRt 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Roy, Mr. and :\1rs. Frederick J. (Bryen) 
334 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Rudolf, Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. (Danson) 
396 Bloor street 'Vest 
Re.ceives Friday 
Ruel, ::\11'. Gerard G. 
127 Isabella street 
Runciman, ::\11'. and Mrs. Thomas 
40 Elgin avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Rundle, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R. 
25 Scarth road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Ada A. Rundle 
Rundle, Mr. and :\1rs. William 
50 Beverley Rtreet 
Miss Flavelle Rundle 
Rundle, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam E. (Dundas) 
11 Selby strept 
Receives 1st and 3d :\1onday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-Mrs. 39 
Russell, Mr, Arthur D. 
428 Jarvis street 
Russell, Mr. .Tohn 
165 '" e lIeRlpy street 
S. R.,'horo 
Rpcpivps 1st and 4th :\1onday 
Miss E. Rus
:\Iiss A. Russell 
Russell, 1\11'. and :\Irs. .Toseph (Lowe) 
-l37 .Jarvis strept 
S. R., Kingston road 
Hpcpivps ] st l\Jonday 
Hussell, ::\11'. and MrR. Thomas A. 
 "'almf'r road 
Rpceivps 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 
1r. and 1\1rs. Arthur F. 
íli Sumnwrhill avenue 
Hust, Mr. and i\lrs. CharlC's II. (Pre
2Ð Admiral road 
S. R., The Island 
HecE'i yes 1 
t Fridav 
:\TisR Sad if' Itust . 
)11'. Frf'd Itu:,;t 
ClubR, :\Jr. 14-22-2:1--lti-til;-1;9 







Irs. Edward H. 
, 372 Jarvis street 
Receives :\Ionday 
Miss Rutherford 
1\Iiss Amy Rutherford 
Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. Percival 
36-1 Davenport road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Ruthven, l\Ir. and 1\1rs. Xorman H. G. 
( Balfour) 
Guplph, ant. 
RutlEdge, 1\Ir, A. A. Y. R. 
Arlington Hotel 
Rutley, Mr. and 1\1rs. "T m . F. 

9 Maple avenup 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
:\liss Peral Rutley 

Iiss Irene Rutley 
':\liss Clara Rutley 

fr. Fred Rutley 
Rutter, :\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur Frpderick 
93 Madison avenue 

Ir. Frederick .:\1. Rutter 
Clubs, Mr. 4f) 
Ryan, 1\Ir. and Mrs. .Tohn T. (McEvenue) 
" Hollydene," ] n Elm a venue, Rose- 
Receives 1st 
Ryan, 1\lr. and Mrs. 
Michael p, 
33 Beaty avenup 
Receives Thursday 
Ryan. 1\lr. and Mrs. Petpr (
51 Grosvenor strept 
Receives 3d TueRday 

Iiss Margaret Ryan 
Ryckman, ;\Ir. and 
Irs. K n. (Gurney) 
75 St. George street 
Receivps l1-'t and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr, I--H3-78-8-t-, al1-'o City Club 
Xew York-Mrs. 61 ' 
Ryerson, :\Irs. C. Egerton (Beatty) 
27 Cecil street 
Receive!'> 'Yednesday 
.:\Iiss Ryerson 
1\1r. John E. Ryerson 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Ryerson, Dr. and Mr!'>. G. Sterling (Crowther) 
66 College strpet 
S. R., .. O
khur,,;t," Sturgeon Point 
Receives Tuesday 
'Ir. George C. Ryer!'>on 

Ir. Yoris S. Ryerson 

Ir. Eric Ryerson 
Ryrie, Mr. and Mrs. Harry ('Yhittf't) 
16-1 Isabella street 
S. R., "The neild," Centrp Island 
Receivps 2d and 
d .:\londay 

liss Hplen Hyrie 35-39 

Ir. Evan Ryrie 35 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35-
9-46-57 -61-ô6-7ï- 
Ir. and Mrs. Jame!'> (
-100 Jarvis street 
Receives 2d and 3d l\Ionday 
::\liss Christine Ryrie 
Clubs, .:\lr. -16 

St. John, Mr. and 1\1rs. Oliver P. 
2-16 Shaw street 
Receives 2d and -1th Friday 
Sdge, Mr. and :\Irs. M. J. (Schnelbach) 
2-15 College street 
S. R., .. Folly Farm," Goodwood, 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Sale, 1\Ir. and l\Ús. Julian 
6-1 Binscarth road 
Receives 1st and 3d -:\Ionday 
l\Iiss Marion Sa Ie 61-111 
Mr. .Julian Sale, .Jr. 39-61 
Clubs, 1\1r. 9-39-61 
Samuel, Mr. and }'lrs. Sigmund 
32 "Tahner road 
Receives 1st and 
d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-1\Irs. 39 
Sanderson, ::\Iiss Amy L. 
81 Willcocks street 
ReceivES 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Sanderson, Mr. and Mrs. George (
R1 \\Talnwr road 
.:vIiss Lilias Sanderson 
Miss Bessie Sanderson 61 
Miss Beatrice Sanderson 61 
Miss Kathleen Sanderson 61 
Sankey, Mrs. Villiers (Ponton) 
395 Huron street 
S, R., "The Island" 
Receivps Tuesday 
Miss Xorah Sankey 
Miss Elsie Sankey 
_\1iss Georgie Sankie 
1\1r. Xesbitt V. Sankey 
Saunders, :\Ir. and Mrs. Dyce "T. (Bréhaut) 
"Ardenvohr," 213 Poplar Plaim; 
Receives Thur
.:\1 iss Amy Saunders 
'fie::,,; Isobel 
1r. 113-Mrs. 86 
Saunders. Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
30 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receivps 1st and 2d Friday 
.:\Ir. Robert Saunders 
Saunders, :Mr. and Mrs. Julius 1. 
3-1 Kanton avenue 
Scadding, l\Ir. and .:\Irs. Edward A. 
6] :Madison avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Scadding, Dr. and _\lrs. Henry Crawforu 
ay ) 
182 Bloor I'treet ""est 
ReceiveR Friday 
Scanlon, l\Ir. antI l\Irs. :\lark 
80 Dloor street \Vest 
Receives 1st and -1th Friday 
Ir. and l\Irs. .1. Martin 
1370 King street 'Yest 
Scheuer, 1\1r. and .:\Irs. Edmund (Strauss) 
299 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Miss Theresa Strauss 
Schmidt, .:\Ir. and Mrs. F. H. 
-160 Palmerston bQulevard 


l 'r 

Scholfield, 1\11'. and :\Irs. George P. (Ske)") 
-10 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
lr. fi6-78-:\lrs. 80-86 
Schreiber, .:\11'. \\T. de Lisle 
Dunvegan road and Heath 
S. R., Muskoka 
1\Iiss :\1. Schreiber 
Ir. Frank 1\1. 
155 Spadina road 
Mr. Andrew Score 
Miss 1'\ ewton 
Score, Mr. and ::\Irs. Fred L. (Olmsted) 
673 Huron street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
lr. and :\Irs. Richard J. (:\Ietcalfe) 
612 Huron street 
Scott, Mr. and :\Irs. Charles D. (Dent) 
13 Admiral road 
Receives Friùay 
Scott, )11'. and :\lrs. C. \v. 
13 Admiral road 
:Miss Lula Scott 
:\Iiss :\Iadeleine Scott 
Clubs, Mr. 97 
Scott, :\11'. and 1\1rs. David H. 
108 Lowther avenue 
S. R., l\limico 
Recei ves 2d and 3d Friday 
Scott, Mr. and :\Irs. Francis J. (Moote) 
65 Laplante avenue 
H,ecei ves Tuesday 
l'Iiss 1\J attie D. High 
Clubs, 1'11'. 2-1 
Scott, :.\Irs. George X. (Gordon) 
26 Lowther avenue 
Scott (K. C.), 1\11'. Henry J. 
Toronto Club 
Scott, 1\11'. and :\lrs. James (Guthrie) 
4 Dale avenue 
Scott, Mr. anù 1\Irs. James C. (Moore) 
27 South Drive 
Recei ves 1st and 3d 1\Ionday 
Miss Ada Jean Scott 
1\1 r. Frank \\T. Scott 
Scott, Hon. (K. C.), and :\lrs. John G. 
( Ell iot) 
Alexandra Palace 
1\liss Scott 
:.\liss Elliot 
Scott, ::\11'. J. A. 
90 Carlton street 
SC'ott, :\liss Katharine S. 
85 St. George street 
H.eceives Tue!'day 
Miss Be!'!'ie Sf'ott 104-105 
1\1 iss E. 1\1. Scott 39 
Miss C. Louise Scott 
1\1 r. George 1>. Scott 
:.\11'. J. Itoy Stuart Scott 
::\11'. George Fraser Scott 9-30 
Club!', Miss 10-1-105 
Scott, Miss Marga ret T. 
102 Bloor street East 
H.eceives 1st and 2d l\Ionday 
Miss A. F. :\Ierrick 

\liss 1Iary 
173 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Scott, Dr. and 1\1rs. Paul Lindsay (Wilson) 
19 Avenue road 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
:\Irs. J. L. Scott 
Clubs, Dr. 8 
Scott, :\11'. and l\lrs. Robert F. (Thorn) 
5 H.osedale road 
H.eceives Tuesday 
Scott, Dr. and .:\Irs. \Val1ace A. 
576 street 
H.eceives ht and 3d :;'Vlonday 
Scott, ::.\11'. and 1'lrs. \\ïlliam 
576 Church street 
Heceives 1st and 3d Monday 

Ir. J. Scott 
Scott, ::.\11'. and 1lrs. \\ïlliam H. 
1u6 Cowan avenue 
Scroggie, 6\11'. and :\Irs. GEOrge E. (Fletcher) 
2-1 Starr avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
:\Iiss l\lable H. Scroggie 
::.\Jiss 1'Iartha E. 
)11'. James Scroggie 
largaret ß. Scroggie 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46-108 
SeagraCJ., 1\11'. Joseph E. 
Waterloo, Onto 
Seagram, :.\11'. and 
Irs. l\;orman (Buchanan) 
217 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Sears, Mr. George Edward 
57 Pembroke street 
s. R., .. HeathfieJd," Kingston, Onto 
Seccombe, Dr. and :.\Irs. \Yallace (:\-lcKendry) 
Dathur!'t, near St. Clair avenue 
Sellers, :.\11'. and Mrs. Donald J. 
192 Carlton street 
Sewell, :\'11'. and :\Irs. Fane 
77 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 80-113-Mrs. 33 
Shannon, 1\11'. G. 
Arlington Hotel 
Shapley, :.\11'. \\ïlliam H. 
103 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
l\Iiss Ruby Shapley 
Miss Anna Shapley 
::\11'. Harold W. Shapley 4 
Clubs, 1\[1'. 108 
Sharpe, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Charles F. (Landerkin) 
323 St. George street 
Sharpe, 1\Irs. Henry F. (Uuf'hanan) 
20 Admiral road 
Shaver, :'\[1'. Arthur R. 
Arlington Hotel 
Clubs, 1\11'. 66-112-115 
Shaw, :'\[1'. and :.\Tr!'. Frederick \\T. L. 
11-1 Park road, Hosedale 
Shaw, Lieut.-Col. and 1\[r!'. G. A. 
11 Close avenue 



lVIr. and :\lrs. George E. (Lucas) 
82 Kendal avenue 
H.eceives 3rd and 4th Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39-46-1\lrs. 61 
Mr. George S. 
105 Gloucester street 
Mr. James G. Shaw 
:\11'. John A. Shaw 
The Misses Shaw 
Shaw, Mr. and 1\Irs. Hedley 
545 Jarvis street 
l\Iiss Shaw 
Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. John 
-19 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. "Tilliam H. 
185 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. Edwin Shaw 
Shea-I'd, Dr. and Mrs. Charles (Stanton) 
314 Jarvis street 
S. R., Hanlan's Island 
Receives 3d and -1th Monday 
Mr. Charles Sheard, Jr. 
Sheard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Bickell) 
fi6 Grosvenor street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
:\Iiss Gertrude Sheard 
Shenstone, .:\11'. and Mrs. Joseph N. 
"Leasowes," 40 \Yalmer road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
::\Iiss Shenstone 
:\11'. Osborne H. Shenstone 
:\Iiss l\Iary Shpnstone 
Clubs, Mr. 39--16 
Shepherd, Mr. and :Mrs. Harvey H. 
( Hastings) 
Mimico, Ont. 
Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund E. (Culver) 
The Plaza Apartments 
Sheppard, Mr. arid ::\Irs. Leeds C. 
60 South Drive 
::\1:iss G. Shpppard 
Miss M. Sheppard 
Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Barton 
( Mon tgomery) 
10-1 Pen
broke street 
S. R., Bay View Villa, Keswick, 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Mr. O. Herbert Sheppard 46 
:Mr. C. B. Sheppard 
Mrs. O. H. McWilliams 
Mrs. C. R. Palmer 
Clubs, Mr. 46-49 
Sheridan, ::\11'. and Mrs. John Townsend (Lee) 
106 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Florence Lee Sheridan 
Sherlock, Mr. and Mrs. John M. (Dunlop) 
63 Huntley street 
S. R., Kingston, Ontario 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. 'Wilson H. 
28 Maynard avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Thursday 



Sherrard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. 
12 Crescent road 
S. R., The Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Sherris, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
222 Cottingham 
Recei ves 3d \Vednesday 
Shiell, Dr. and Mrs. R. Telfer (Tyrrell) 
173 Carlton street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Shillabeer, Mrs. Mary C. 
5-1 St. George street 
Shoenberger, Mrs. Emily S. 
18-1 College street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 39 
Shore, Dr. Allan 
425 Bloor street \Vest 
Clubs, VI'. 39 
Shore, Mrs. Henry 
425 Bloor street \Yest 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Miss Shore 
Miss Henrietta M. Shore 
Shortiss, Mrs. Thomas 
115 St. George street 
Silverthorne, Dr. Gideon 
266 College street 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Arnett 
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. (Donaldson) 
12 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Joseph Simpson 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
Simpson, Dr. and Mrs. G. Reid 
82 College street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Simpson, Prof. Herbert C. 
790 Queens street West 
Simpson, Mr. and ::\Irs. Rupert M. (Lalor) 
2 \Vellesley place 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Rose G. Simpson 
Míss Marguerite Simpson 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Sims, Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. 
98 St. George street 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
Simson, ::\11'. and Mrs. John (Shortt) 
-1-1 Vewson street 
Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. Angus (Roe) 
" Roslyn," Ancroft place, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Mr. R. A. R. Sinclair 
Miss Aileen Sinclair 
1\'[1'. 1. M. R. Sinclair 
Clubs, Mr. 84-::\1rs. 84-86 
Sinclair, Mr. and :\Irs. Henry Blythe 
( Cummings) 
44 Dewson street 
Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. James 
46 Roxborough street West 
Mr. Lorne lVI. Sinclair 
Mr. J. DeVere Sinclair 
Sinclair, Mr. and ::\1rs. Norman A. 
595 Spadina avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 39 



Sing, Rev. and 1Irs. Samuel 
132 .Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st "'ednesday and Thurs- 
SiYers, :\Ir. and Mrs. C. L. 
362 Palmerston boulevard 
:\Iiss NI. Hutson 
:\lr. 'V. D. Hutson 
Skeaff, Mr. and :\Irs. .John Stewart 
75 Prince Arthur avenue 
Skey, "1Ir. and Mrs. '\ïlliam Russell 
 uo.mH 099 
Receives Friday 
Skinner, Mr. and l\Irs. Frederick F. 
( Cromwell) 
76 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
"1Iiss May Skinner 
:\1iss Lillian Skinner 
"1Ir. and Mrs. Elias E. 
7 l\Iadison avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
:\Iiss Helena Slaght 
Mr. and Mrs. .John (Parsons) 
1-13 Isabella street 
REceives 2d and 4th Monday 
Mr. George Sloan 
"11r. Frank 1\1. Sloan 
:\fr. Bert Sloan 
"1Iiss R. Sloan 
Mr. Victor Sloan 



Sloan, )[r. and Mrs. 'Vm. 'W. 
167 Close avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Small, :\'[r. and Mrs. Ambrose J. (Kormann) 
51 Glen road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Iiss narbara A. 
157 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 
::\Iiss )"lattie Small 
Small, Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn 
" Bl'rkeley House," 335 King street 
Small, 1Ir. and 
Irs. 8idney (Horstmann) 
70 '\'almer road 
Receives Friday 
Smallpiece, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. 
15fj Dunn aVf'nue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
:\Iiss A. Smallpiece 
Sn.allpiece, Mr. and Mrs. 'Wm. R. (Marritt) 
I 74 Hoxborough Htreet I
H.eceiyes 1st and 3d Monday 
:\Ir. Norman Smallpiece 
Mrs. Ilarcourt 

mart, 1Ir. and 
frs. D. "'orts (Lennox) 
4R ClH'stnut Park 
H.eceiyeH 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4()-Gn 
Rmellif>, 11r. and 11rH. \Villiam 
!H) .1 a meson a ven ue 
Smillif>, 1\lr. and 1lrs. "', S. 

HX \\'e!-'tprn avenue 

Smily, :\lr. and 
lrs. Owen Arthur (Powell) 
173 Roxborough street West 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. 
-180 .Jarvis btreet 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Smith 
Mr. Heber Smith 
Miss Madeline Smith 
Smith, Mrs. AlIen J. 
48 Boswell avenue 
Smith, Prof. and Mrs. Andrew 
311 ,farvis street 
Clubs, Prof. 46 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald 'V. 
149 Collier street 
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce (McLachlin) 
177 Walmer road 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Miss Ella McLachlin Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Barnes) 
150 Jameson street 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perley 
112 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. David King (!\Iyles) 
22 Wellesley street 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Eden 
Wychwood Park 
Receives Thursday 
:\Ir. H. Edpn Smith 12-61-80-81-92 
:\Ir. Ralph Eden Smith 
Clubs, Mr. 61-81-Mrs. 86-10-1 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Eustace A_ 
30 Hawthorne avenue, Rosedale 
Clubs, Mr. 78-80-Mrs. 61-80 
Receives Monday 
Smith, Mr. and MrF;. Frederick .James 
( Steward) 
-157 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 

liss Florence Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ii"'. Robbins 
Hi{ Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George B. (Allen) 
15-1 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
'V. R., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46, also .Jonathan Club, 
Los Angeles and Los Angeles Coun- 
try Club-Mrs. 39 
Smith, Prof. (M. A.), and Mrs. Geo. O. 
229 Crawford street 
l{eceives Friday 
Smith, Prof. Goldwin 
"The Grange," 26 Orange road 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (McNabb) 

 Huron street 
Rcceives Tuesday 

liss Ida Smith 
Smith, 11r. and Mrs. Herbert Percival 
( Browne) 
62 Admiral road 



Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Irving 'Yells (Palmer) 
329 Brunswick avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Smith, Mr. and 1\1rs. James A. (Elliot) 
2 Summer Hill place 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Mrs. Herman Simmers 
Smith, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. James F. 
( .I effrey) 
10 May street 
Receives Monday 
Miss :\Iuriel Smith 
Mr. George Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Maitland (Ryder) 
72 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Grayson 
] 73 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 80 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert 
62 Admiral road 
Smith, Mrs. Phoebe L. 
317 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
399 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Smith, Mr. and l\lrs. Robert A. (Thompson) 
487 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Miss Ruth Smith 
Miss .Jean Milne 
\Ir. 39-46-1\1rs. 39 
Smith, 1\11'. and Mrs. Samuel W. (Fortune) 
31 "'illcocks street 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Mr. Robert Smith 
Miss Birdie Smith 
Miss Bessie Smith 
Smith, Mr. and 1\Irs. Sandford F. 
] 97 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Sproul (Hewett) 
4t:Î Forest Hill road 
S, R., Jackson's Point 
Receives lRt Thursday and Friday 
Mr. Hewett Sproul Smith 
Clubs, Mr. 9-30-49-66-Mrs. 104-106 
and Parkdale Travel Club 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. "'. J. 
397 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\'11'. 2 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. 'YaIter Harland 
( Ecclestone) 
] 60 .Jameson avenue 
ReceiveR 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
Smith, Mr. and 1\1rj';. '\Tm. S. (Vollans) 
85 Delaware avenue 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
Smithett, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. B. 
425 avenue 

Smyth, :\11'. and lVII's. Henry L. (McDonald) 
132 'Valmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Sneath, Dr. and Mrs. Chas. R. 
385 Broadview avenue 
Miss Annie Sneath 
Snelgrove, Dr. and :\Irs. Charles V. (Sinclair) 
105 Carlton street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Edith Snelgrove 
Mr. J. Cecil Snelgrove 
:vIiss Gladys Snelgrove 
Mr. C. R. Snelgrove 
Clubs, Dr. 39-49-56-66 
Snell, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. (Fleishman) 
679 Spadina avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Snetsinger, Mr. and l\lrs. John F. (Sanford) 
577 Huron street 
R9ceives 1st "'ednej';day 
Clubs, :Mr. 46 
Snow, Mr. and 1\1rs. A. J. Russell (Beaty) 
5 Balsam avenue 
S. R., Balmy B
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Kathleen Russell Snow 
Snowball, l\lr. George M. 
Kational Club 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Somers, Mr. and ::\Irs. J. "'0 (Carr) 
38 Avenue road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Somerset, Mr. and :\Irs. 'Vm. B. 
29 "'arren road 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Somerville, Mr. and l\Irs. Andrew J. (Fitch) 
"Atherley," 566 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Evelyn Somerville 39 
Mr. Jack Somerville 39-46-49-66, 
also Royal Hamilton Yacht Club 
::\11'. Arthur Somerville 
Clubs, Mrs. 39 
Somerville, :.\'11'. and :\lrs. F. 
Spadina Gardens 
Clubs, l\Ir. 46 
Somerville, 1\11'. and Mrs. G. A. 
42 S1. George street 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Mr. "'alter Somerville 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Somerville, Rev. and l\Irs. John 
129 Bedford road 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Miss Mary Somerville 
Somerville, Mr. and Mrs. Lorne M. (Hunter) 
60 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Jack Somerville 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Soper, Mr. and :\Irs. Frederick G. 
162 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Southam, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Richard 
88 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-66-97 



Sparling, Mr. and 
[rs. J. Frederick 
306 Sherbourne street 
Ir. and 
Irs. George A. 
561 Huron street 
Spears, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Xorman Norris 
326 Broadview avenue 
[r. and 
Irs. James J. 
1-1:9 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Spence, Mrs. Charles 
3-1:8 Palmerston boulevard 
::\<Iiss E. Spence 
Spence, Mr. and 
lrs. George (Allen) 
8-1: Huntley street 
S. R., 
Receives 2d and 4th 'Wednesday 

'liss Ethel Spence 

Iiss Xora Spence 
Spence, Dr. and Mrs. James 
189 Jameson avenue 
Receives Friday 
\Iiss V. Spence 
Mr. L. Spence 
Clubs, Dr. 9-22-81 
Spence, Mr. and :\Irs. James H. (Hackland) 
32 Hawthorne avenue. Rosedale 
S. R., .. The Maples," Southampton, 
Receive!'; 2d :\Ionday and Tuesday 
Mrf.. J. H. Hackland 
Clubs, 11r. 9-40--1:1-56-61-67-107-112 
Ir. and Mrs. Rob1. F. (Bligh) 
202 Avenue road 
S. R.. "The Croft," Centre Island 
Recf>ives 1st and 3d Friday 

fiss Marjorie Spence 
l\Iiss Dorothy Spence 

Iiss Hazel Spence 
Miss Ruth Spence 
Irs. 33-35 
Spencer, Mr. and 1lrs. Edward (.Tohnstone) 
62D Church street 
:\IiRs M. K. Johnstone 
lr. and :\Irs. John L. (:\Iajor) 
];'50 Albany avenue 
Heceives ] st and 2d Friday 
:\Ir. Df>bir 1\1. Spink 
1Irs. P. 11. Spink 
Spotton. Mr. (:\1. A.). and 1lrs. H('nry B. 
-1:26 :\Iarkham strppt 

, I-L, Go Home Bay 
f{f'f'f'in's Thursday 
1liss Spotton 
:\Jiss B. Spotton 
Ir. 43 
Spragge, Dr. and Mrs. Edward '\Ym. (Morris) 
201; Beverley street 
[{ecei yes ". ednesday 
Clubs, Dr. 3n 
Sproule. Mr. Charles II. 
 Howland avenue 
8. \{" .. Bf'llevue," Centre Island 
:\liss Sproule 
Clubs, :\Ir. 39 

Stair, Mr. and 1[rs. Fred 'V. 
134 S1. George street 
Ir. and :\Irs. Ira ("Tilson) 
] 88 Balsam avenue 
S. R., Balmy Beach 
Stanford, 1Ir. and 1Irs. Fred T. 
629 Palmerston boulevard 
Stanley, 11r. and 1Irs. Robt. (Tayber) 
290 Sherbourne street 
ReCeives 1st and 3d :\londay 

Ir. \Villiam H. C. Stanley 
Stanton, Mr. and ::\<Irs. Eldridge (Butcher) 
288 Jarvis street 
S. R., Hanlan's Point 
Receives Monday 
St:myon, l\Ir. and Mrs. Henry ("Walker) 
42 Dundonald street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
::\<Ir. Charles Stanyon 
Stapells, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. (Harvey) 
9 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. (Cowan) 
108 Park road 
Receives 2d and 3d 1Ionday 
Stark, Mr. and :\Irs. Frank Herbert (Kerr) 
155 Collier street 
Receives ht and 3d Tuesday 
Mrs. R. H. Kerr 
Miss B. M. Kerr 
Starlr, 1fr. and Mrs. Harry L. (
75 South Drive 
S. R., Scarboroug-h 
Receives 2d and 3d 110nday 
Stark, 1fr. and :\Irs. .Tohn (Tapscot) 
124 Park road 
S. R., "Dirch Cliff," Scarborough 
Receives 2d and 3d 
Miss Edith Stark 
Stark, :ì\Ir. and Mrs. Norman Baldwin 
7-1: \Yalu1f>r road 
Stark, Dr. and 1\Ir<:;. Thomas H. (Smith) 
21 Carlton strf'f't 
Receives Monday 
Stark, 11r. and 1Irs. "T. l\IcK. (Copp) 
!)28 Sherbournf' stref't 
Receives 2d and 2d :\Ionday 
:\Iiss :\Iuriel Eo Stark 
1fr. "'. H. Stark 
1liss Doris L. Stark 
Starr, Dr. and 11 rs. Clarence L. (Drydf'n) 
22-1: Bloor stref't \Ypst 
Receivf's 1 st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 39-61 
Starr, Dr. and Mrs. FrederiC' Ì'\. G. 
] 12 College road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. Dr. 3D 
Starr, :\Ir. and Mrs. .Tames Russell L. 
( Nelles) 
43(; Markham !"trH't 
S. R.. Go Home DIY 
Receiyf'S Thursdav 
Club!':, :\lr. 



Starr, Rev. and Mrs. J. Edward (Graham) 
335 Berkeley street 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Graham 
Mr. Herbert Graham Starr (Royal 
Military College, Kingston) 
Staunton, Mr. and Mrs. Egmund G. (Morison) 
657 Huron street 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66 
Staunton, Mrs. Mosef'ì (Cook) 
35 North street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Thomas A. Staunton 9-46-66 
Miss H. A. Staunton 
Stayner, Mrs. T. Sutherland 
40 Howland avenue 
Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clarke (vVilson) 
13 Dunbar road 
Recei ves Monday 
Steele, Mr. and Mrs. R. Clarke (Dickson) 
99 Crescent road 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Miss Mabel M. Steele 
Miss Katie II. Steele 
Clubs, Mr. 46 - Mrs. 105 
Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. (Thayer) 
11 McMaster avenue 
Receives l!;'t and 3d Friday 
Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Erne!;'t 
(De Lameter) 
106 Admiral road 
Stenhouse, Dr. and Mrs. John 
175 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st Monday 
Mr::5. Mary Shortreed 
Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. John Holland 
200 Balmoral avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 25-98 
Sternberg, Mrs. Eva (Berg) 
124 Kendall avenue 
Miss Sarah J, Sternberg 
Miss Amy Sternberg 
Mr. Ed" ard P. Sternberg 
Mr. Frank .J. 
. Sternberg 
Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. G. 
40 Chestnut Park 
Stevenson, Mr. John P. H. 
21 Aylmer avenue 
Stevenson, Dr. Robert A. 
145 Bloor street East 
Steward, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. 
38 Howland avenue 
Miss C. L. Steward 
Mr. A. \\Y. Steward 
Clubs, lVlr. 57 
Stewart, Mr. A. Melville 
316 Huron street 
Clubs, Mr. 49-78-80-84 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron R. 
( Sweetnam-Gooderham) 
"Cleveland," Clavimont road, Sur- 
biton, Surrey, Eng. 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. (Bethell) 
40 \Vellesley street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Alice V. Stewart 
Miss Edythe P. Stewart 
Miss M. Bethell 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred :\1. 
23 South Drive, Rosedale 
Stewart, Mr. Lewis A. 
55 Woodlawn avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th \Yednesday 
Mrs. Mary E. O'Regan 
Mrs. Margaret Young 
Clubs, Mr. 46-66 
Stewart, Miss Maud A. 
840 Y onge street 
Miss Frances 1. Stewart 
Stewart, Mr. P. Douglas 
21 North street 
Stewart, Dr. and l\'lrs. R. Lorne (Leonard) 
626 Church 
Receives 1st :\londay 
Miss MacH Stewart 
Stewart, Mr. and 
Irs. Thomas P. 
212 Poplar Plains road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Stewart, Rev. D. D.), and :\lrs. Wm. 
138 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Kilborne 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. 'Wm. B. 
100 Spencer avenue 
S. R.. Shanty Bay, Lake Simcoe 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. H. 13. Stewart 
Mr. \V. D. Stewart 
Stiff, Mr. and MrK George Pssher (Reid) 
313 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 
d Friday 
Clubs, :Mr. 39--16-11rs. 39-61-103 
Stikeman, Mr. and 1\1rs. 'Walter C. 
7 -1 St. George street 
Stiles, Mrs. Henry B. 
"Zlobane," 6
2 Ossington avenue 
Receives 3d Thur
MÜ:;s Clara C. Stiles 
Stimson, Lieut.-Co1. Gporge A. 
60 St. George 
Clubs, Lieut.-Co!. 12-49-66-78-84-97- 

Stinson, Mr. and 1Trs. C. :\IcLean 
99 Madison avenue 
Stinson, Mr. and 1\1rs. John 
319 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives J st Thursday 
Miss Hazel Stinson 
Miss May Stinson 
Stirling, Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. T. 
Glen Grove avenue, North Toronto 
Stockwell, Mr. and :\1:rs. Randolph S. (Scott) 
44 Hawthorne avenue 



Stone, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles E. 
43 Kanton avenue 
Receives 1st 
Miss Ethel Stone 
Clubs, Mr. 3-1:-69-72-81-112-
lrs. 72- 
87 -103-10-1:-106 
Stone, Mr. and \Irs. .John E. (Ryrie) 
] 16 South Drive 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Ir. and Mrs. Robt. U. (Howorth) 
27 Irwin avenue 
Re.ceives 1st 
Stone, Mr. and 
Irs. "ïlliam (Bungay) 
H61 Huron street 
S. H., Oakville, Ont. 
Receives ] st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Stout, 1\Ir. and 1\1rs. "'alter Scott 
St. George :\lansions 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Stovel, :\11'. and :\lrs. Albert E. (Horsnell) 
410 Brunswick avenue 
S. R., Lorne Park, Onto 
Receives 1st Friday 
lr. 2-56-111-112-115 -Mrs. 
Stowe, Dr. and lVII's. Frank .J. (Hudson) 
463 Spadina avenue 
S. R., Stowe Island, ::\luskoka 
Receives 2d and -I:th Friday 
Stratford, 1\lrs. .John H. 
Alexandra Palace 
Strathy, .\Irs. Agnes S. (Grasett) 
1(12 Bedford road 
Hecpives Friday 
Miss Strathy 
Dr. George S. Strathy 
Strathy, 1\11'. and .\Irs. Alfred Gowan 
IOu Beverley street 
Receives "'ednesday 
Strathy, 1\1r. Frank \V. 
Spadina Gardens 
Clubs, .\11'. 9-39--1:6-80-8-1:-97 
Stratby, 1\11'. and 1\Il"s. Ger'ëlr'd B. (Kirkpatrick) 
R Coolmine road 
Hecei ves l.'riday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 1-80-111-
lrs;. 33-111 
St1'athy, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Henry S. (George) 
71 Queen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
.\Iiss Helen Stratby 
:\Iiss George RH 
Clubs, ::\Trs. 80-8G 
Strathy, l\Irs. .Tames H. 
17 \ValnlP1' road 
He('eives '<'riday 
.\Tiss Strathy 

liss Louisa Strathy 39 
Strathy, 1\11'. .John II. G. (Atkins) 
3li lkrnard avenue 
Clubs, Mr. -I:-12-61-li5-:\lrs. 104 
Stratton, .\I1's. Anna Booth 
51 Summerhill avenue 
Street, 1\Ir. and .\Irs. Charles B. (Uishop) 
17 Spadina rOrld 
H.ecf>ivf's 2d Friday 
.\liss Graf'(' St1'C'f't 
"Miss lna St1'f'et 

Street, :.\Irs. William P. R. (Smyth) 
10 Mackenzie avenue, Rosedale 

'Iiss Amy Street 33-80 

liss Evelyn Street 83 
Captain E. R. Street 
Clubs, Mrs. 33-] 06 
Strickland, :\Ir. and 
lrs. 'V. D'E. (Ridout) 
126 Huntley street 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
1Iiss Ethel Strickland 
..struthers, Dr. and 
Irs. 'Ym. E. (Bro,,-n) 
558 Bathurst street 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Ir. and .\lrs. B. D. 
2-1: Bloor street East 
lr. and ::\1rK .John (Jacques) 
125 Rusholme road 
Receives Friday 
Stuart, Dr. and 
Irs. 'Ym. Theophilus (Gilson) 
Cor. Howard Park avenue and 
Indian road 
S. R., "Holyrood," Oakville, Ont. 
Receive!'; Friday in Toronto, and 
Thursday at S. R. 

Iiss Florence C. Stuart 
1\11'. ,John L. G. Stuart 

Ir. Hamilton J. Stuart 
1\1iss Gibson 
1r. and :\1rs. Robert F. 
15 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
\Iiss Doris Stupart 
Clubs, l\Irs. 10-1:-105 
Stuttaford, 111'. and Mrs. Archibald J. 
162 Beverley street 
1r. and 
lrs. 'Yilliam J. 
(TurnbuIJ ) 
171 Dloor street East 
Receives 1st and 3d :\Tonday 

Ir. Arthur Suckling 24-66 
.\Ii!';s Ethel Suckling 39 

Tiss Edith Suckling 39 

Iiss Doris Suckling 39 
Ir. 1--l9-fiG-
lrs. 39 
Sullivan, .\11'. and 
Irs. Allan 
10 :\ladison avenue 
Irs. Robprt 
20 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receivf>s Friday 
Sully, 1.Ir and Mrs. F. 
-1:78 PrlluH'rston hou If'vard 
Recf>ives -I:th "'ednesday 
Sutherland, Rf>v. l D. D.), and Mrs. Alex 
( Moor(') 
7 Sherbourne strf>et 
Ref'eÍ\-es ] 
t and 2d l\Ionday 

Ir. Frank A. SuthPrland 39 

Iisf'; ,Tpan S. Sutherland 
SutllC'rland, :\Ir. Donald G. 
32 Roxhorou
h str<'f'Ì East 
S. It., lTnÏ\.prsÏty Camp, Georgian 
Rl'c'pives 1 st rind :
d Tll('sday 

liss Clara :\1. Suthf'rlrlnd 
:\[iss I I. Gladys Suthf'rland 



Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. James B. 
( Parmenter) 
636 Huron street 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Suydam, Mr. and Mrs. Henri H. (Coldham) 
34 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 

[r. Harold C. Suydam 
Swabey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Bright) 
61 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Swan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
84 Woodlawn avenue 
Miss Swan 
Sweatman, Mrs. Arthur (Garland) 
139 Cottingham street 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Friday 
Mr. John \V. Sweatman 9-35-76 
Mr. Charles F. Sweatman 
Miss S. Gladys Sweatman 
Sweatman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stanley (Nash) 
215 Macpherson avenue 
Sweeny, The Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop and :1\lrs. 
( Boomer) 
The See House, 86 Howland avenue 
Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Friday 
s Sweeny 
Miss Kathleen Sweeny 
Sweetnam, Mrs. Matthew (McClean) 
29 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. George B. Sweetnam 
Miss Sophia Sweetnam 
Miss Alice Sweetnam 
Sweny, Co!. and Mrs. George A. (Roy) 
"Rohallion," 170 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Swift, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
48 Sussex Court 
Recpives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Sydere, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. 
52 Elgin avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Syer, ì\'Tr. and NIrR. Stephen 
108 Avenue road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Mr. J. Roy Syer 
S}'kes, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney B. 

 Hawthorne avenl1e, Ro
Receivec:; l
t and 3d 
Miss Helen Sykes 
Mr. Hugh S. Sykes 
Sylvester, Dr. and MrR. George P. (Reed) 
!185 Church 
l{pceivps :\londay 
Clubs, Dr. 24-39 
Symons, Mr. (K. C.), and :\'Irs. David T. 
-1:4 Gl('n road 
Receives :\Ionday 
Symons, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. Harry 
!)8 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss F. B. Symons 
Miss M. D. Symons 
Miss M. G. Svmons 
Clubs, Mr. 46 

Symons, Mrs. John 
68 A ven ue road 
Receives Friday 
The Misses Symons 
Mr. John T. Symons 
Symons, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. Limbery 
28 Selby street 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Szeliski, Mr. and Mrs. Paul von Lubicz 
445 Indian road 
Miss Hilda Veronica Szeliska 
Miss Angela Clara Szeliska 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-109-110, also Alliance- 

Tandy, l\lr. Rechab 
1 Vermont avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 18 
Tate, :\'Ir. and Mrs. 'William A. (Winslo) 
28 Concord avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday and \Ved- 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Percy (Kent) 
110 Madison avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Taylor, Dr. Chas. .J. 
135 Bedford roaò 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Miss McCabe 
Taylor, Mrs. Charles 'V. (Yale) 
602 Markham street 
Receives ] st and 3d Tuesday 
:Miss Laura Taylor 
:Mr. Fred Taylor 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. George C. (Austin) 
210 Cottingham street 
Mr. Austin Taylor 
Taylor, Mr. and :\Irs, Gordon (:\'Iurphy) 
60 'Voodlawn aVf'nue 
Taylor, Mr. and :Mrs. Henry A. (Kennedy) 
22 Grenville street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Taylor, Mrs. .John ("Wilson) 
"Florsheim," 460 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Miss FlorpJ1ce H. Taylor 39-61 
Miss Ethel Z. Taylor 39 
:\11'. O
car F. Taylor 
Taylor, :\Ir. and Mrs. .Tohn (Thomas) 
!110 Markham strpet 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. ('Yhite) 
] 12 'Valmer road 
Re.ceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Taylor, Mrs. Thomas B. ( Davies) 
367 Sherbourne street 
Recf'ives 2d and 4th Monday 
s F. Davies 
s F. Evelyn Taylor 39 
Taylor, :\lr. and 1\1rs. 'Villiam D. (Croft) 
9 S1. Gporge street 
S. R.. 182 Lake Shore avenue 
Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, l\lr. 39-41-46-66 


!irapr .Arrl1itrrt 




Telephone Main 1655 

Established 1859 





}>aintings, "T ater Colors, Engra, ings, 
Eastern Itugs, Curtains, F.ran1Ïng, Etc. 

99 K otre Dallle Street, \,- est, 

12 t Y onge Street

DON, EKG., \\"all Papers and Tapestries 
, E
G., Eastern Hug.s 

RICE LEWIS & SON, Limited 

Canada's leading supply place for_ household goods and 
hardware of all kinds .is easily found-note address. 

RICE LEWIS & SON, Limited I 
Corner King and Victoria Streets 



Teetzel, Hon. Justice and :\lrs. James V. 
( Darling) 
Alexandra Palace 
Receives 1st and 3d \Yednesday 
Telfer, 1\Ir
. Andrew 
72 St. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 

Irs. Janette S. MacGillivray (Telfer) 
Temple, :\Ir. Charles V. 1\I. 
] 75 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Miss G. L. Temple 
Temple, Dr. and l\lrs. C. Algernon 
398 Palmerston boulevard 
Temple, :\Ir. and l\Irl';. Henry P. 
49-1 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Temple, Dr. and :\Irs. .1. Algernon 
(Heude Bourck) 
333 Bloor street '''est 
S. R., Grassi Point, Lake Simcoe 
Receives Friday 
Miss Eric Temple 
Temple, Mr. ann 1\Irs. Reginald H. 
8-1 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Temple, Mr. and 1\lrs. Robert H. 
( Heude-Bourck) 
57 Grosvenor street 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss E. :\L Temple 
:\Iiss A. Temple 
:\11'. Percy H. Temple 
::\11'. Trevor II. Temple 
:\11'. 'Vm. H. Temple 
Clubs, :\11'. (ì6 
T('skey, :\11'. and Mrs. Richard 'V. 
479 1 3 Euclid a\enue 
Heceives 3d Tuesnay 
Thayer, :\11'. ann :\<Irs. Ira B. 
10-1 Spencer avenue 
Thayer, 1\11'. and "Mrs. .J, 
I. Grover 
128 Close avenue 
Thistle, Dr. and l\lrs. 'Yilliam B. ('''right) 
171 College street 
Receives Tue
Clubs, Dr. -l[)-66-92 
Thorn, Mr. and :\Irs. .John H. 
3-1 South Drive 
H.ef'eives 1st and 3d :\[onday 
Thomas, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Arnold 'V. (:\Iiller) 
!)2 Elm avenue 
HC'('ei\'es ;;d and -I-th :\londay 
:\11'. George I>udl('y Thomas 
:\liss I
ahf'1 Thomas 
Clubs, :\11'. ,Hi-5li- 1\Irs. 63 
Thomas, Dr. rhas. II. 
3-17 Bathurst street 
Mr. and ;\lrs. It. Fredc.rick Thoma!" 
:\1Ïss .1. ThollHlS 
:\11'. 'Vm, D. Thomas 
Thomas, Dr. .Julia 
!)!) Avenue road 
Hf'('eives last I"riday cadl month 
Clubs, 1>1'. R7 -!):ï 

Thomas, Mr. and 
Irs. :\1. Augustus 
130 Carlton street 
Receives 2d :\londay anà Tuesday 
1\11'. Louis E. Thomas 
",Miss Adele Thomas 
Thomas, :\11'. 'Ym. 
50 Bernard avenue 
Thompson, :\11'. and Mrs. Albert A. (Kent) 
250 st. George street 
Receives 1st Friday 
Thompson, Mr. and :\Irs. Andrew 
278 Carlton street 
Receives 1st 'Yennesday 
Miss :\Iargaret Thompson 
Thompson, Lady Anne E. 
18 % St. .Joseph street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Francis Thompson 
Thompson, :\Iajor and :\Irs. Boyce 
] 43 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d 

1iss :\Iildred Thompson 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 46 
Ir. and :\Irs. Frederick C. 
] 9 Dunbar road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 39 
Thompson, Mr. and :\11 s. Frederick 'V. 
621 Huron street 
Thompson, :\11'. and :\lrs. Graham (Ireland) 
17 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receivf's Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 39 
Thompson, :\11'. and Mrs. Henry L. 
25 Linden street 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Mil';s Edith Thompboll 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Thompson, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Joseph A. 
lu Prince Arthur avenue 
ReceiveI'; Friday 
Thompson, Hon. (K. C. L. C. 1.), and :\Irs. J. 
Enoch (Callender) 
] u-1 St. Yincent strf'et 
S. R., Xiagara-on-the-Lake 
Heceives Tuesday 
Mi"s Gertrude E. Thompson 
Miss Aliee G. Thompson 
1\11'. Stanley C. S. Thompson 
Mr. Douglas S. C. Thompson (Bank 
of Conl11H='rCe) 
Clubs, Hon. 1-22-66-ti9-115 
Ir. and :\Irs. .1, ,Yo 
1 S8 Dunn avenue 
Ir. and 
Irs. Octavius 
2í Linden stret't 
ReceiveH 1 st and 2d Mondav 
Thompson, :\11'. and :\Irs. Samuel Henry 
("ïnnett ) 
The PrilH'e Georg
Hf'cf'ives I st Thursday 
1\11', \Vinn('tt Thompson 
:\11'. Gordon Thompson 
Ir. and ":\Irs. Thomas 
7 Crescent road 
Hecpives 1st and 
d ":\[oJl(lay 



Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. 
( Mon tgomery) 
132 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
Mrs. R. J. Montgomery 
Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ,V. 
74 Pembroke street 
Receives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 
Miss :\ladelon Thomson 39 
Miss Juanita Thomson 
Miss Lillooette Thomson 
Thomson, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. Daniel E. 
( Ellis) 
"Parkholm," 57 Queen's Park 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Miss Thomson 
Mr. Ellis Thomson 
Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. James H. 
66 "\Valker avenue 
Thomson, Mrs. :\lcDowall 
129 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Hawken) 
24 McMaster avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Thorburn, Dr. and Mrs. James D. (Meredith) 
329 Bloor street \Vest 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Thorburn, Mrs. Jane 
46 St. George street 
Miss Jane Robinson 
Thorley, Mrs. Charles J. 
196 :\fajor street 
Thornhill, Misf; M. E. 
59 'Valmer road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Miss 39 
Thorpe, l\lrs. 'V. B. 
 Church street 
Receives 1st and 2d :\londay 
Thrall, :\Iiss Charlotte 
l\Ioulton College, 34 Bloor street 
Thurston, 1\11'. and Mrs. ,V. G. (Hargraft) 
] 4 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
:\1iss Helen Thurston 
Clubs, ::vIr. 1-46 
Tippet, ...\11'. '\ïIliam H. 
5 Ossington avenue 
Receives 1st, 3rd and 4th Thursday 
:\1 iss Tippet 
Miss C. S. Tippet 
l\Iiss Alice O. Tippf't (Doston, :\lass.) 
Clubs, 1'11'. 9-ü9 (Pres. HJU4) 82 
Todd, 1\11'. and :\lrs. Edwin X. (Denson) 
3u4 St. George street 
Receives 2d Friday 
Todhunter, Mrs. James (Connell) 
85 'Vellesley street 
Toller, 'Mr. and :\lrs. Philip 13. (:\1lc:Murrich) 
99 :\ladison avenue 
Tomlinson, Mrs. .Joseph 
37 'Vellesley street 
Receives] st and 3d 
:\11'. Harry Kellson 

Torrance, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam P. 
60 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Torrington, Mr. (Mus. Doc.), and Mrs. Fred- 
erick H. 
12 Pembroke street 
Tory, Mr. and :1\1rs. John A. 
17 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Towers, Mr. anti Mrs. Geo. Byers (Sammers) 
43 Dewson avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d }; riday 
:vIr. n. Towers 
Towner, Mr. George 
18 North street 
Miss Violet Towner 
l'Iiss Archie Towner 
Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. (Polson) 
29 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Receives Tuesday 
Mrs. \Villialll Polson 
Travers, Mr. and Mrs. William R. 
120 Roxborough street East 
Clubs, Mr. 1-24-66-115 
Trebilcock, :Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edward 
334 Berkeley street 
Trebilcock, Dr. and Mrs. Frank C. (Sparling) 
722 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Treble, Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. 
307 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 39 
Treble, Mrs. John M. (Massey) 
"Euclid Hall," 5]5 Jarvis street 
:\1iss Ethel 1\1. Treble 
:\Iiss Ida Boate 
Clubs, Mr. 39-:\lrs. 39 
Trees, :\11'. and 
Irs. Samuel (Dixon) 
399 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
:\11'. James D. Trees 
:\[1'. Samuel Trees, .Jr. 
:\liss Charlotte Trees 
:\Iiss Edith Trees 
:\11'. Christopher F. Trees 
:\liss Ethel Tref's 
l\lr. Alexandf'r G. Trf'es 
Trent, Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward 
274 St. George street 
Receives 1 st Friday 
:\Iiss Mary Trent 30 
:\11'. Seymour Trent 30 
:\1iss Edna Trent 
Clubs, Mr. 1-30 
Trethway, Mr. and Mrs. 'V 111. G. 
.136 Bins.carth road 
Trick, :\fl'. and Mrs. .John 
40 Avenue road 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, 1'lu
Receives Friday 
:\Jr. and l\Irs. John C:uTelly 
Trigge, :\11'. and :i\Irs. Arthur St. L. 
470 Markham street 



Tripp, :\11'. and Mrs. John D. A. (Shanklin) 
600 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 18-45-66-80-l\Irs. 33-38- 
Trotter, Dr. and 
lrs. ,Yo Cecil 
North Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Florence S. Sadd 
Clubs, Dr. 66 
Tuck, Dr. and 1\lrs. John Amos (:Kotman) 
604 Uathurst street 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Tucker, Dr. and Mrs. Norman 
90 St. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 
Tuckett, :Mr. and 
Irs. F. 1\1. 
'Vestern avenue 
Tudhope, Mr. and Mrs. Hilton R. (McNaught) 
11 Spadina road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
Tugman, 1\11'. and Mrs. Christopher F, 
( Wilson) 
342 Palmerston road 
Tugwell, 1\11'. and Mrs. Harry C. ('Yarnock) 
95 Rose avenue 
Receives 1st and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 9- 1\1rs. 104 
Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. John (Telfer) 
1-19 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 2d 1\Ionday 
Clubs, l\Ir. 46 
Turner, Mr. and l\lrs. Alfred 
127 :\Iadison avenue 
Receives 1 st and 3d Friday 
:\1iss 1\1. Turner 
Turner, Mr. and 1\Irs. Dwight Joseph (Phillips) 
179 Balmoral aVf'nue 
S. R., :\lidland, Ont. 
Receive!'> Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 24-25-39-46-49-66-Mrs. 
Turner, Mrs. Horsey 
69 Bernard avenue 
Receive!'> 3d Friday 
l\f iss Horsey 
Tyrrell, Mr. and :\11'8. .Joseph D. (Carey) 
548 Huron street 
S. R., 'Veston 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Tyrrell, Mr. and :\lrs. ,VilIialll (Leckie) 
RG 'Varren road 
H.eceives Thursday 
Tyrwhitt, :\Irs. Richard 
54 Admiral road 
Recf'ives Friday 
Mrs. S. Tyrwhitt 
Tindall, Mr. and. 1\1rs. \\'m. n. (Luke) 
2D St. :\1 ary street 
S. R., Parry Sound 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 

Unsworth, Mr. and :\Jrs. \Vm. B. (Duncan) 
6-1- South Drive 
Receives 2d and .Hh Monday 
Mi3s Alice Um:;worth 
Miss Helen L"llsworth 

rren, Dr. and ::\Irs. John F. 
52u Church street 
Receives Thursday 
(;rquhart, :\11'. and :\lrs. Daniel (Spence) 
377 :\larkhalll street 
'Lrquhart, :\-11'. and Mrs. Thomas 
81 Albany avenue 
lteceives 1st and last Friday 

van Allen, Mrs. Edmund 'V. H. (Atkinson) 
tiU Bernard avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss :Marjorie van Allen 
1\11'. K. 
1. van Allen 
van der Linde, Mr. and Mrs. Harold 
101 Tyndall avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
::\11'. Victor G. Van del' Linde 
Clubs, Mr. 9-30-39-Mrs. 33-39-103 
Van der Smissen, Prof. 'Vm. H. (:\1. A.) 
15 Surrey place 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Recei.ves Tuesday 
1\Iiss Van del' Smissen 
Miss Dorothy Van del' Smissen 
Mr. Victor Van der Slllissen 
Clubs, Prof. 80-also University Fac- 
ulty Union 
Van der Voort, ::\lrs. John A. 
446 Sherbourne street 
Van Koughnet, 1\11'. and Mrs. Arthur 
50 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Van Korman, 1\11'. and Mrs. Charles C. 
282 Carlton street 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Miss Estelle Van Norman 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
Vanstone, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Lucius N. (Burns) 
392 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 2-:\lrs. 106 
Van Straubenzee, Captain (R. C. D.), and 
::\1rs. Chas. Turner (Case) 
12 Spadina road 
Van Vlack, 1\11'. Roy S. 
55 Gor'e Vale avenue 
Vaughan, Mr. and 1\Irs. Robert C. 
639 Huron street 
S. R., ::\1innewawa. Onto 
Receives 2d :\Ionday 
Miss Valda Vaughan 
Veals, Miss Elizabeth 
"Glen Mawr," 651 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Verity, :Mr. and :\lrs. Robt. H. (Burritt) 
100 Tyndall avenue 
S. R., 
luskoka . 
ReC'pives lRt and 3d Thursday 
Miss Burritt 
Verner, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Thomas H. 
151 Dowling avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Vernon, Mr. and ::\Irs. H. E. Harcourt (Allan) 
29 Springhurst R\ enue 
Clubs, Mrs. 23-84 



Verral, Mr. and Mrs. George \V. (Peacocke) 
\Veston, Ont. 
Miss Helen M. Verral 
Vickers, Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam \Y. (Howland) 
21 Dowling avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 39-Mrs. 39 
Vogt, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus S. (:\IcGill) 
331 Bloor street \Yest 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, .:\11'. 39 
1r. and l\Irs. 
Iiles (\Yatson) 
102 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
1\1iss Grace Vokes 
1\11'. Frank Vokes 
Clubs, Mr. 1 

\Vaddell, Mr. and Mrs. John B. 
St. George's Mansions 
'Vade, Mrs. Mary E. 
57 Chicora avenue 
S. R., Toronto Island 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Thomas Kingmall \Yade 
\Yadsworth, Miss Sarah L. 
5u-1 Euclid avenue 
Receives Friday 
\Yadsworth, Mr. and :\'11'5;. T. Page 
502 Euclid avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Thursday 
Mr. \Y. R. \Yadsworth 1-97 
\Vadsworth, Mr. and 
lrs. Vernon B. (Ridout) 
12-1 Tyndall avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss Violet \Vadsworth 
Miss Elizabeth \Yadsworth 
:\1iss Adf'line \Vadsworth 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
\Vadsworth, Mr. \V. Rein 
145 Madi5;on avenue 
Clubs, }oIl'. 39--16 
Wagner, Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. (Kay) 
19 Gerrard street East 
S. R., :\lu
Receives Monday and Tuesday 
""agner, Dr. and Mrs. William J. (Boeckh) 
21 Gerrard street East 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, Muskoka 
Re.ceives 1st and 2d l\londay 
1\1iss Henrietta E. ".agner 
Mr. Herbert L. \Vagner 
Mr. Norman \Vagner 
Clubs, Dr. 110 
Wakefield, Mrs. \Ym. 
409 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Waldie, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. (Heron) 
169 I10wther avenue 
Waldie, 1\Irs. .John 
"Glenhurst," 75 Park road 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives l\londay 
Miss \YaldiE' 86 
Miss L. \Yaldie 86 
Mr. Robert S. \Yaldie 
1\11'. C. P. \Valdie 
Clubs, Mrs. 86 

\Yaldie 1\11'. and 1\1rs. \V. Scott (Kemp) 
, " \Volford Lodge," 2 McKenzie 
Receives Monday 













Mr. Alfred Paverley 
266 Rushholme street 
1\11'. and Mrs. Byron E. (Alexander) 
99 st. George street 
S. R., Innisfree, De Grassi Point 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Walker 
Mr. Alfred A. "Talker 3-66 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Walker 
Miss Alexander 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Montizambert) 
27 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Cacouna, S1. Lawrence 
Receives Friday 

Ir. and 1\Irs. Gardner 
28-1 Sherbourne street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 66 
Mr. and 1\1rs. Harton (Morse) 
12 Edgar avenue North Rosedale 
Receives :\Iol1day 
1\Irs. E. A. Morse 
Miss .:\ladeleine \Yalker 
Mr. J. Harold \Valker 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-39-61-66-79-97-Mrs. 
Capt. and 1\11'5;. Henry S. (Mason) 
45 St. George street 
S. R., .. Gelebe Lawn," Cobourg 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Leah \Valker 
::\1rs. Arthur Murray 
Mr. Tyrrell E. \Valker 
Miss \Valker 
Dr. and Mrs. Holford (Rolph) 
5-1 Isabella street 
S. R., Tulley Island, Georgian Bay 
Receives l\londay 
Clubs, Dr. 7-39 
1\1rs. Irving 
312 Avenue road 
Mrs. James 
79 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 

liss M. Walker 
Mr. \Villiam \Valker 
Mr. and .:\lrs. John A. (Sturgeon, of 
93 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-32-39-46-66, also Can- 
adian Art Club-Mrs. 32-39-72-91- 
Prof. and Mrs. Thomas Leonard 
62 Maple avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Prof. 9-10-80 
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. 
62 Maple avenue 
Receives Monday 



'Valker, :\Irs. William 
181 Dowling avenue 
:\Iiss S. \Valker 
:Mr. \V. \Yalker 
'YaIl, Mrs. 
\1ary S. 
65 Queen street East 
\Vallace, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Fran.cis Huston 
( "ïlson) 
95 Bedford road 
S. R., Go Home Day, Georgian Bay 
Recf'ives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss l\Iuriel J. "T. 'Wallace 
Mr. Paul A. \Y. \Vallace 
\Vallace, Lieut.-Col. and :\Irs. \Vellington 
120 Spadina road 
Receives last !i'riday 
Wall bridge, Mrs. T. Campbell 
20 :Madison avenue 
Heceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss \VaIlbridge 
Mr. G. \Vallbridge 
\Yalsh, Mr. and Mrs. E. Havelock 
105 Roxborough street East 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46 
\Vah;h, l\Ir. .Tames J. 
112 Tyndall avenue 
. 'Walsh 
"''''alsh, Mr. and :Mrs. James W. B. (\Yood) 
88 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ,Mr. 66-78-84-Mrs. 86 
\Valsh, Mr. and :VIrs. William 
125 Jameson avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, ,Mr. 3U-46-Mrs. 30 
\Yalton, :\Ir. Chas. 
Arlington Hotel 
\Valton, :\Ir. and Mrs. \ViIliam R. 
"Glendarragh," 10 South Drive 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Walton-Ball, Dr. and :VIrs. \Vm. H. (Conant) 
344 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
\Vanless, Mr. .Tohn 
760 Spadina avenue 
H.ecf'ives Thursday 
::\Iiss \Vanlf'ss 

Iiss Clara \Yanless 
\'Tanless, 'Ir. and Mrs. John, Jr. (Christie) 
.. Lawcrestin," Davenport road 
Receives Tuesday 
.Wardell, Mr. and :\Irs. Thomas 
. 168 \Yalmer road 
Heceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Warden, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 
] 00 Spadina road 
Receives ht and 3d Friday 
Warminton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. (George) 
247 Df'laware avenue 
'" arnock, 1\1 rs. .r a mf'S 
fjf) Clw.rlf's street I
Miss A. B. \\Tarnoek 
::\Iiss A. G. \Varnock 

Warren, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Charles D. (Crean) 
55 \Valmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss J. A. \Varen 
Miss Patti \Varren 84 
Clubs, Mr. 66 
\Varren, Mr. and Mrs. E. Douglas (Arnoldi) 
55 \\Talmer road 
\Varren, :\Irs. Harry D. (Van Lennep) 
"Red Gables," 95 \Yellesley street 
Receives :\Ionday 
Mr. Trumbull \Varren 78-80-84 

\Iiss \Varren 80 
Miss Carolyn \Varren 80 
Clubs, Mrs. 39-80-106 
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. "'Ti1liam A. (Cross) 
2 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
:\Ir. C. A. R. \Varren 
Miss Gertrude \Yarren 
Ir. 66 
\Varwick, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles E. 
407 Markham street 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Warwick, Mr. and Mrs. George R. (Murphy). 
178 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Miss Mildred \Varwick 
Clubs, :\Ir. 39-46-Mrs. 39 
Warwick, Mr. and Mrs. Guy F. 
24 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
'Vaters, Mr. D. 
78 ::\[adison avenue 
Miss Lawrence 
lr. 46-80 
Watson, :Mr. and Mrs. D. (Miller) 
1170 Yonge street 
"Tatson, :\lr. and Mrs. D. A. 
48 Roxborough street West 
Watson, Mr. (n. A.), and Mrs. Erwin H. A. 
26 Triller avenue 
Watson, Mr. and Mrs. George F. 
161 ,Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
S. R., Sandy Bay 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Watson, Mr. (K. C.), and Mrs. Geo. H. 
79 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Strafford 'Watson 39 
Miss Norah \'
;atson 39 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
Watson, Mr. and :\lrs. Jas. P. (Curry) 
81 Admiral road 
S. R., Georgian Day 
Receives Friday 
1 r. 46 
'Vatson, ::\-Ir. and Mrs. Robert (Chapman) 
234 St. George street 
S. R., 312 Lake Shore, Centre 
Receives 2d and 3d Frida}T 
Miss F.ssif' \Vatson 
:VIiss Maria .r. \Vatson 
Miss ::\Jay Watson 
Clubs, Mr. 1-46-66-82-104 



'Vatt, Mrs. Agnes M. (Rutherford) 
95 'Walmer road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss Cecil Stuart \Vatt 
Miss Laura A. 'Vatt 
Miss Katherine 'Vatt 
'Vatt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex 
39 Victor avenue 
"Tatt, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Chas. Edgar 
410 Dovercourt road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Watt, Mr. and l\Irs. George S. 
109 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Watt, l\Ir. and Mrs. Hubert L. (Mack) 
35 Willcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
:Mrs. T. Mack 
Clubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. 39 
'Vatt, Mr. and Mrs. John \V. (Ingles) 
17 l\1aple avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Watt, Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart J. 
16 Scarth road 
'Vatt, Mrs. :\1. (\Vright) 
11 Dunbar road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. Ernest Watt 
Miss Louise Watt 
'Vatts, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. 
1 Beaumont road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Master Egbert 'Vatts 
\\Tebb Mr. and :\Irs. Albert E. 
, 19 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
'Vebb, Mrs. Harry (Hartman) 
342 Jarvis street 
'Webber Mr. and Mrs. Bertram C. (Cassels) 
, 10 Meredith Crescent 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives :vIonday 
Mrs. ,Yo J. Henry 
"Tebster, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred F. (Langley) 
32 Bloor street West 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss F. \Vebster 
Clubs, Dr. 39 
'Vebster, Mr. and :Mrs. Geo. Justus (Neville) 
115 Delaware avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Miss Grace 'Vebster 
\\Tebster, Mr. and :\Irs. J. Charles (Hamilton) 
102 Kendal avenue 
Webster, Dr. and Mrs. T. Shaw (:\IcIntosh) 
581 Spadina avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
\\Telch, Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Greer) 
76 Grange avenue 
S. R., '( L<misdale," Minico 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Mr. Tom Welch 77 
'Velch, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. (Henning) 
35 O'Hara avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Effie G. 'Welch 
Miss Florence M. "Welch 

\Velch, Canon and Mrs. Edward A. 
( Mackintosh) 
Rectory of St. James' Cathedral, 
135 Adelaide street East 
Receives Thursday 
'Wellington, :vIr. and Mrs. E. Stanley (Carter) 
583 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ritson 
( Smith) 
40 Walker avenue 
Receives 1st \Vednesday 
Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. John Ritson 
( Burrows) 
290 Avenue road 
S. R., Pinehurst 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 21-56-Mrs. 21-63-87 
Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. Edgar 
183 Gerrard street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mr. F. W. \Vellington 56-66 
Wells, l\lr. and Mrs. Gerald A. (Shain) 
112 Concord avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Jessop) 
409 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss E. \Vells 
Clubs, Mr. 2 
WeIsman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. 
( Courtenaye) 
30 \Villcocks street 
Welton, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. 
178 Spadina road 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
'Vest, Mr. and :\Irs. Thomas 
113 \Vellesley Crescent 
S. R., Scarboro Heights 
Receives Monday 
Mr. Howard \Vest 
'Vestman, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. 
341 Bloor f;treet \Vest 
S. R., Allandale, Lake Simcoe 
Receives Fridéty 
\Veston, Mr. and Mrs. George 
460 Palmerston boulevard 
'Vestwood, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. 
90 Scarth road 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
\Vestwood, :\Ir. and Mrs. Chas. H. 
193 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mrs. T. Nevill 
Whaley, Mr. and Mrs. Eri (Clarin) 
74 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Miss Ada F. \Vhaley 
Clubs, Mr. 9-18-Mrs. 103 
'Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. (Love) 
47 Summerhill avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
White, Mrs. Annie G. H. 
148 Empress Crescent 



Ir. and "Mrs. Aubrey (Bridgland) 
35 Admiral road 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Miss 'White 
Clubs, Mr. 9-66 
 Miss E. \V. 
82 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
1\1iss M. Durand 
White, Mr. and Mrs. F, J. (Minto) 
\Valmer road, 4th house above 
S. R., SUlH;et Island, Lake Joseph 
Receives 1st Saturday 
Club!';, :\11'. 9 
'\Yhite, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. 
Ielville P. 
45 Nanton avenue 
vVhitf>, Mr. and :\lrs. William J. 
321 Dupont f;treet 
Receives 2d and 5th Friday 
'White, :\Ir. and Mrs. \Ym. T, 
iH-Î Queen's Park 
Receives 1 st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Severthorne 
Clubs, Mr. 9-2:')-11-46-19-78-80-81- 
-Mrs. 9-33-78-1U3-104-1U6 
'\Vhitehead, :\11'. and :Mrs. 'Ym. E. 
355 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives lRt and 3d 

Iiss G. \Vhitehead 

Ir. Herbert A. \Yhitehead 
'Whitney, Sir and Lady .James P. 
(Premier of Ontario) 
] 13 St. George street 
lr. and Mrs. John \Y. G. 
155 \YeHesley Crescent 
Mr. and Mrs. Forbes G. 'Whitney 

\Iiss R. "'hitney 
'''hitson, Mr. and Mrs. .Tames F. (McAlpine) 
C17 Huron street 
Rev. and :\Irs. John McAlpine 
,\Yhittemore, Mrs. Frank B. 
21 Hawthorne avenue, Rosedale 
H.eceives 1st and 3d 
1\1 iss P. M. "'hittemore 
'Wickett, Mr. Samuel R. 
124 Isabella strpet 
Receives 2d and last Jlonday 
:\Tiss Ida "ïckett 
Dr. S. -:\1. 'Yickett 39-46 
Clubs, Mr. (j(j 
'\Yidnf>r, :Miss Orpha V. 
22 St. Georg;e !';treet 
Recf>ivf's 3d I'
Clubs, Miss 91-101-105 
Ir. and :\Irs. Alfred S. (Cole) 
119 Bedford road 
Heceives Friday 
l\Iiss Hope \\ïgmore 
'Yildman, \11'. and 1\Irs. .T. Frank 
(;2 Clarence a venue, Deer Park 
ReceÍYps 1 st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, l\lr, :
'\Vilgar, :\11'. and 
Irs. .T. Clarf'nce 
371 Palnwrston boulevard 
Receives l
t Thursday 

Irs. Martha 
217 Poplar Plains road 
,\Yilkie, :\11'. Daniel R. 
· 432 Sherbourne street 
Capt. C. S. 'Wilkie, R. C. A. 
Lieut. A. B. '\Vilkie, Royal Sussex 
Clubs, Mr. 1-24-39-46-78-80-84, also 
Mount Royal Club, Montreal; 
Union Club, London 
Ir. and Mrs. George (Dill) 
97 'Walmer road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
S. R., "The Gulls, " Lake Rosseau, 
1\-1 uskoka 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Williams, Rev. and Mrs. Alexander 
( Sutherland) 
50 Portland street 
Receives Thursdav 

Ir. Alexander J. '\hlliams 

Iiss ,\Yilliams 
:\Iiss A. 1\1. \Villiams 
'YilIiams, :\11'. and 1\1rs. Alfred Ruggles 
( Baker) 
56 Madison avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Williams, l\Ir. and Mrs. Chas. B. 
29 \Vellesley street 
Receives 4 th 
,rilliams, :Mr. and Mrs. Edmund G. 
101 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
\Villiams, ::\Iiss Elizabeth 
88 South Drive 
Receives Monday 
'Williams, :\11'. and Mrs. Frederick Percy 
( Foster) 
Dowling Apartmf>nts 
Ref'eives 1st Thursda)' 
Iiss .Jennie E. 
4fi Kendal avenue 
'Williams, Mr. .John S. 
20 st. Joseph strf'et 
rl and 3d Tuesday 
:\fiss Grace "'illiams 
),Iiss Frieda \nlliams 
lr!';. Richard S. (Morris) 
,. Oaklawn." 176 \Yellesley street 
Recf'ives :\Iondav 

lrs. W. ':\Ioore (\\'illiams) 106 
Ir. and :\Irs. Richard S. (Coleman) 
!}7 Cluny aVf>nUf> 
Recf'iyes 1st and 3d Tuesday 
'Villiams, Dr. and :\Irs. ,\\'m. T. 
1 R Darton avenue 
Ueceives 3d Friday 
rr. anrl :\Irs. John H. (nf'nnctt) 
11--1 Spencer avenue, Parkdale 
Receiyf's 11h Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 3u-1u8- :\Irs. 30 
"ïlliamson. )'lr. and :\Irs. Thos. B. 
1 fi5 Madison aYPIllH' 
('ceÌ\'es 1 st and ::d Friday 
Ir. and :\Irs. Wm. II. 
101 Jall\e
on a\"p;1\1(' 




Ask for 










An absolutely pure, sparkling and delicious beverage and 
tonic. It refreshes the body and quenches tÍle thirst. 




. . 

arbonateð :fße"eragcs 

Telephone Korth 4 


able 'Wlaters . 


517-519 Sherbourne Street 

illison, 1\11', and :\Trs, .John S. (Turner) 
lu Elmsley place 
Receiyes Tue:-;day 
1\11'. ,Yo T. "ïlli:-;Oll 36 
Mr. ,Yo A. Willi:-;on 3n 
Clubs, :Mr. 8-39-.J.ü-66-78-:\Irs. 33- 
Willmott, Dr. and 1\Irs. J. Branston (Bowes) 
96 College street 
ReC'pives 2d and :
d Tuesday 
'Villrnott, Dr. and ";\Irs. \Valter Earl (Thorn) 
74 ('re:-;cent road 
Receiyes 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. fj--l3-7 -I--9-l- :\lrs. 104 
Wills, Mr. and )11'8. Hamilton B. 
132 Crescent road 
Clubs, l\Ir, City Club, 
. Y. 
Willson, vIr. and Mrs, Charle:-; H. (Frankish) 
294 St. Georgp strt'et 
Recei vel' l!::t and 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 39 
Wihion, :Mr. and :\lrs. Andrew (Farish) 
5 Beaumont roaù 
Ionda v 
Mr. Alexander WiÌson -16 
"-ilson, :\1rs. Charles 
5 H) Sherbourne street 
:\lrs. Sadie :\litehell (Wilson) 

'Vilson, 1\11'. and ,.\Trl'>. Chas. A. (Giles) 
85 Glen road 
Receiyes I st and 3d 
Clubs, Mr. .J.6 
'Vilson, :\11'. and :\lrs. Charles Lesslie (Ross) 
35 Hoxboroug-h I'>treet ""est 
Clubs, )Ir. 3
lrs. :-:9 
Ir. and 1\1rs. Charles \Y. 
5] 7 SherbourlH' street 
'Vilson, :\11'. and :\Trs. George )I. 
 ""ellesley street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
"ïlson, :\11'. and 1\lrs. John .J. 
\lurray street 
:\Tiss H.achel '\ïlson 
)11'. N. 1>. "ïlson 
'Yilson, Mr. and 
I rs. .John Wesley (Fischer) 
166 Madison avenue 
'Vilsol1, Dr. Robert .T. 
20 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receiyel'> ,,'riday 

Iiss Emma Wilson 
Clubs, Dr. -1U 
'Wilson, :\11'. and :\Irs. Robert S. (Trving) 
.. Glen View," 208 Bloor street 
"" est 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, :\1 r. ] 2--t(i-(j(j-97 



\Yilson, ::\11'. and 
lrs. S. Franklin (Dall) 
5 Dale avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d 
Clubs, :\11'. 3!J--Hi 
\\ïlson, :\11'. and 
ll's. \nll. de Leigh 
lon t
"Olitrim,' ] 1(j \"almer road 
Receivps Vriday 
:\Iiss Edith \\ïlson 
11 iss Lila \\ïlson 
lr. 49-(jö (President 97) 
Wily :\11'. and 
lrs. \VaIter 
48 Elgin avenUe 
H.eceives Friday 
\Yinchester, Rey. and ,Mrs. Alexander D. 
 Spadilla road 
Receives ;-:d and 4th Friday 
:\Iiss Ruth \""inchester 
\Vinchester, .Judge and 
Irs. John 
95 Isabella street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
S. n., \Vinoka Cottage, Peninsular 
Lake, )lu
:1inDie "ïncheRter 
::\11'. Elgin \'\ïnchester 

lr. Arthur Winchester 

Iiss Gratia \\ïncbester 
'''''ingate, :\11'. and :\Irs, Ernest T. 
19 ""ithrow a\'enue 
"Yinnett, Dr. and :\Irs. Frederick (:\Iorison) 
;-)25 Sherbourne street 
H.eceives hit 
""innett, ::\11'. and 1\Irs. Henry 
19S Beverley Rtreet 
l{eceivf>s 1st and ;
d 'Yednesday 
11iss E. X. "'il111Ptt 3
Clubs, 1\11'. ;
\Yishart, Dr. and Mrs. D. .T. Gibb (Gunther) 
-1-7 Grosvenor Rtreet 
S. R., Dl'llenlf'. Georgian Day 
Itef'eives -I. th TueRday 

Ir. n. Eo Staunton ""ishart 

Iiss Elsie Wishart 
:\1 iss :\laria Wishart 
"'ithers, :\11'. and :\1rs. Charles A. 
laple avel1lH' 
Itef'/'Í\'es 1st 
londay and Tuesday 
""olfe, :\11'. and l\ll's. F'n'derif' John (Logan) 
I !I!} SIJadina road 
""olsey, :\!r. and )lrs. R. Bigot (Collier) 
2;) Lowther avenue 
:\Iiss Esta V;olsey 
:\[iss Vera 'Wolsey 
Il'. and 
Irs, Edward C. F. (Gustin) 
uclid avenue 
It('('pivf's Friday 
:\1 iss Caroline \\'ood 
\J iss nrac(' Wood 
:\1 r. :\Iountain "'ood 
Clubs, ::\11'. :n- 
Irs. :{ 1 
'\Toad, :\11'. and \lrs. J<
dward H. (Smart) 
s-t (
uepn 's Park 
I{(-('pin's 1st Tupsday 
:\Irs. ^glH-'S Smart 
:\1 iss Ethyl Smal.t 
('Iuh!-:. \11'. H-::!J-,tI;-G6-íS - :\Irs. 39 

\Yood, Re\'. and _\Irs. Erne!'t J. (Hooper) 
8 Glen road 
Recpives 2d and 4th :\Ionday 
. :\11'. noy \Yood 
\1 r. Hugo \Yood 

lrs. A. Hooper 
lr. and 
. G. Herbert (Staveley) 
 South Drivp 
R('cpÎ\'es 2d and 3d 
\11'-". SÜI\ eley 
Clubs. :\11'. 9-39-46 
,rood, l\Ir. and 
Irs. James (\\ïlliamson) 
31 Korth Sherbourne street 
Ir. 4() 
'Yood, l\Ir. and 
rrs. Robprt A. 

S I!'abella Rtreet 
Receives 1st and :3d l\Ionday 
:\Iiss Bertha \Vood 
'Vood. Hon. and :\lrs. S. Casey (Parkinson) 

7 A venue road 
ReceiveR l
t and la<;t Friday 
1\11'. S. C. 'Wood, Jr. -1:6-66-80 
'Vood. l\lr. Thomas R. 
81 Bloor street EÐ"t 
ReceiveR 1st. 2d and 3<1 ::\londay 
1\11'. and 1\1rs. Thomas H. \Vood 
'Ir. and Mrs. \V. Lloyd 
fi8 Chestnut Park 
Receives ] st Monday and Tu('<;day 
1\11'. ,Yo Lloyd 'Yood, Jr. 
Clubs. Mr. 39-46 
lr. and :\lrs. Charles \V. I. 
( Stron
117 "'ellesley Crescent 
Recpives 1st and 3d :\londay 
:ur. and :\1rs. Strong 
, )11'. 29--1:6 
'Woodley, l\Ir. and :\lrR. Edward G. (Rowland) 
1 83 A ypn ue road 
He('eiyes 1 Rt and laRt Friday 
\Yoodley, \11'. and :\Irs. Ernpst E. (Lpavens) 
I!iS Davenport road 
Recpives last Friday 
\Voodley. l\Ir. and 
lrs. Horace n. 
17 F'oxbar road 
Receiyes 2d I.'riday 
\\?oods, :\Iis
 A. K. 
(i1 :\Iaitland aVf'nue 
Receiyes 1st l\1onday 
Ir. and :\Irs. George n. (Dash) 
-t 1 () Huron strf'et 
Ref'ei\"es ]!'t and 2d TUl'sday 
nubs, :\11'. 8-9-24-25-39--I:li-79-9G-
"'oods, :\11'. and Mrs. .Tames "'. (Douglas) 
91 Brcadalbalw stre('t 
Recpives Tue
:\ Ii SR \\' oods 
:\11'. ,J. Douglas "'oods 
:\11'. .Tohn H. \Yoods 
Ir. -I:li 
".oolyerton, \11'. an<1 Ml's. J)('lo!' (Olmstt'a<1) 
111 Dowling a\'enue 
Ir. and :\Irs. Frank 
-1:00 Pa Inwrston boult'nl I'd 
\Yorthington, :\ll's. g, K 
:w Xorth 



"'orthington, Mr. and Mrs. George R. 
( Hartley) 
172 Spadina road 
Receives 4th Friday 
"orts, Mrs. James G. 
142 College street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. and Mrs. James Worts (Davies) 
"'ragge, Mr. Edmund 
115 Madi<;on avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss V,Tragge 
Miss B. Wragge 
"'reyford, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. 
( "\V oodeson ) 
"Eastwold," 15 % Leuty avenue, 
Kew Beach 
Recoeives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Constance 'V. Wreyford 
Miss Dorothy Wreyford 
Clubs, l\lr. 9-22 
"'right, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (Nichol) 
60 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Chas. S. Wright 
Clubs, Mr. 39 
\Yright, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo M. (Mallory) 
278 Jarvis street 
S. R.. Thornhill, Onto 
Receives 2d Monday 
Mr. Ivan L. 'Wright 
Mr. L. Austin 'V right 
"'right, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 'V. (Robinson) 
3 Nanton Court 
S. R., Port Stanley, Ontario 
Receh'es l
t Tuesday 
Miss 'Vinifred Robinson 
Clubs, Mr. 9-41-112, also Delta Chi 
"'right, Mr. and Mrs. D. Ernest (Steele) 
40 Roxborough street 'Vest 
"'right, 1\11'. and Mrs. Henry (Northey) 
112 Bernard Rvenue 
Receives Frida v 
Clubs, Mr. 39-46-fì6-Mrs. 39 
"'right, Mr. and Mrs. Harry .J. (Johnson) 
35 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesdav 
Miss Dorothy 'Vrï"ght 
'Vright, Mrs. John 
56 St. Albans street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. John J. "'right 
Mr. Douglas 'Vright 
Dr. \Valter 'Wright 
'Vright, Prof. and Mrs. R. Ramsay (Smith) 
81 Lon:-:dale road 
Ref'eives Thursday 
Clubs, Prof. 10-80-Mrs. 86-104 
'Yrong, Prof. and 11rs. George M. (Blake) 
467 Jarvis street 
S. R., l\Iurray Bay 
Receives Monday 
Miss Margaret C. "T rong 
Mr. Edward Murray 'Vrong 
Mr. Harold V. "\Vrong 
'Yurtele, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
] 1 North street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 78 

Wyatt, Capt. and Mrs. Harry F. (Begg) 
48 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Receives Tuesday 
Wyld, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (Barrett) 
" Dunedin," 127 St. George street 
S. R., De Grassi Point, Onto 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 66-78-80-:Mrs. 86 
Wyndow, Mr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam 
85 Gloucester street 












Mr. and Mrs. George 'V. (Fraser) 
68 Bloor street \Vest 
Receives Friday 
Miss Yarker 80 
Miss Maud Yarker 80 
Clubs, Mr. 80-1\1rs. 80 
Mrs. Archibald ('Vilson) 
524 Euclid avenue' 
S. R., Three Acres, 'Voburn, Onto 
Recf'ives 1st Friday 
Miss Younfi 
Miss Hester Young 
Miss Agnes Young 
Clubs, The Misses 95, also University 
College Alumnae Ass'n. 
Prof. A. H. 
Trinity College 
S. R., Three Acres, '''oburn, Ont. 
Clubs, Prof. 9-22-92, also Hon. Pres. 
Trinity College Glee Club, Cor. 
Sec'y. "Cpper Canada College Old 
Boys Ass'n., and Governor of U. C. 
Capt. (R. C. D., A. D. C.), and Mrs. D. 
Douglas (Falconbridge) 
24 Glen road 
Clubs, Capt. 12-8-1-l\Irs. 84-86 
Mr. and :\Irs. .Tames A. (Boyd) 
66 St. Alban street 
Receives Tue
Mr. James A. Young, Jr. 66 
Miss Agnes Young 
Mr. and Mrs. .Tames A. (Browne) 
607 Spa din a avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 112 
Mr. and Mrs. ,J. L. 
329 St. George street 
Mrs. J. 'V. Bradley 
Prof. and Mrs. :McGregor (\Villiams) 
161 St. George street 
Mr. and Mrs. \"m. E. 
164 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. 
69 Huntlf'Y street 
Receives 1st and 
d \Vednesday 
Mr. \VilIiam B. Yuille 
Clubs, Mr. 9--16-66-78-80-Mrs. 80 

Dr. and Mrs. 0 .H. (Shoults) 
 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and -Hh Monday 
:\1r. Otto Ewart Ziegler 
Mr. Hermann Ziegler 
Miss Olive Irene Ziegler 
Clubs, Dr. 9-21 

Phone Main 5266 

" iii,. 

aáis6 Tailor 

. . :1Jmpnrtrr 

. . 

Gowns, Wraps, 
Tailored Costumes 
and SJ1irt Waists 

Special Department 
Shirts to Orde'r 

101 Y onge Street 

. . 
. . 

Toronto, Ont. 





 --.-; -t . .. 

, fI 
j'11: ÌI 11 [1 i 'I' ;fJ j] j1 J] 
1f'iY D- C :.
I · 'I} 




-, . . ,t--*1 .
...A:, i" 
 .." . . .i .1t 
,_ '.1}. J . 
, .. 







This Store has become famous 
throughout Canada as the largest 
dealers in exclusive hand em broi- 
dered Dresses, Shirtwaists, lf7onJalZ'S 
High-Grade Coats atld Sltits, 
Lingerie If 7 aists, a7zd lJ701JJan's 
Underwear and high-class 
ery im ported direct from Paris. 
'fhe largest dealers in woman's ex- 
clusive wearing apparel in Canada. 

R. McKAY & CO. 



Abbott, Rev. and :\-lrs. Canon Almon (Gwyn) 
Christ Church Cathedral Hectory, 
:\lcXab street South 
Re(;eives \Yednesday 
Abbott, 1\1rs. K 
111 Herkimer street 

liss Abbott 
Acres, Mr. and 
lrs. n.. B. 

Acres, 1\11'. and 
lrs. William (
107 Herldmer street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 

Iiss Caroline Acres 
Adams, :\11'. and :\lrs. ::-.J. T. (Perrin) 
Park street South 
)Iiss Claire Perrin 
Aldous, 1\11'. and :\lrs. J. E. P. (Allan) 
 .TanH'S street South 
Heceives 1st and 3d \Yednesday 
Alf'xander, 1\11'. and :\Irs. A. 
182 \Yentworth street South 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
1\Iiss C. 
1. Alexander 
:\11'. A. G. Alexandf'r 
:\11'. H. S. Alexander 
Alexander, 1\11'. and l\Irs. Phil (O'Reilly) 
183 :\'1arkland street 
Hpf'Pi yes Thursday 
Allan, :\11'. and 
lrs. James G. 
211 Bay street South 
l{ec('Ìves Thursday 
Allen, Mr. and :\Irs. George (Carey) 
197 Herkimer street 
::\Iiss Bprtha Carey 
All worth, 1\11'. and l\Irs. R. :\1. (Hutchinson) 
.. The !\Iountain ,. 
Rf>ceives Thursday 
Ambrose, 1\11'. and Mrs. E. Herbert (Lucas) 
72 J lannah street "'est 
Hf'ceives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 
Ambrose, 1\11'. "'alter 
.. Tht=> :\Iountain" 
:\Tiss l.
thcl Ambrose 
:\011'. \\ïlliam F. Ambrose 
Ambrose, :\oIisses 
Forest aVEC'nue East 
}{eceives \Vednesday 
)lrs. Kpele 
Anderson, Dr. and :\Irs. James (Sangster) 
23 Bay street South 
}{f'ceives 1 st and :
d Thursday 
:\lrs. Stapleton 
:\11'. }{obert C. Stapleton 
:\11'. Edwin \Y. Stapleton 
)Iiss Bennie Stapleton 
Angus, :Miss Mary 
;-n "'est avenue South 
Heceives Thursday 
::\1iss Charlotte Angus 
eIlie Angus 

Backus, )11'. and 
Irs. F. F. (Graves) 
 Homewood avenue 
Heceives Thursday 
B_lker, 1\11'. and :Mrs. Hugh C. 
13 Herkinwr street 
Heceives I"riday 
B lIfour, Mrs. St. Clair (Somerville) 
87 Duke street 
Receives \Yednesday 
:\Iiss Alice Balfour 

Iiss Elizabeth Balfour 
:\Iiss Charlotte Balfour 
Balfour, 1\11'. and :\Irs. \Valter (Church) 
209 Herkimer street 
Receives 3d and 4th Wednesday 
Dr. Donald C. Balfour 

Iiss Olive Balfour 
Barber, :\11'. and )Irs. B. F. (Hopkin) 
.. Sunnyside," 280 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
:\Iiss Frances Barber 
Barker, :\oIr. and :\lrs. Samuel (Cruickshank) 
.. Bellevue," 1-1 Arkledun avenue 
Receives \Vednesday 
S. R., Oak Island, Lake Rosseau 
Miss Frances Barker 
1\11'. Charles G. Barker (Bank of 
Hamilton, \Yinnipeg) 
 Mr. and :\1iss 
308 .Tohn street South 
Receives 1st and 3d TllUrsday 
Barnard, 1\lr. anrl :\1 rs. H. (Sequin) 
109 Young street 
TIeceives 1st \Yednesday 
::\Iiss Barnard 
Barnes, Mr. and :\oIl's. Thos. )1. (:\lorgan) 
.. Carriek Ladge." 
Iain street Ea<;t 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Barnes 
:\11'. and :\Irs. Thos. narnes, Jr. 
Darry, :\lr. and :\Irs. T. \Y. (:\Iurray) 
85 Robin
on street 
I{eeeives I st and 2d Thursday 
:\11'. Murray 
Dartmann, :\11'. and 
lrs. George (Gillock) 
1 R Blyth street 
Dartmaun, :\11'. and 
Irs. G. \V. 
DU Emerald street South 
}Ir. E. A. Hartmann 
:\Tiss Emma Barnw nn 
:\Iiss Anwlia Hartmann 
1\1iss }Iartha Hartmann 
Miss Laura Ba rtmann 
:\Iiss Amanda Hartmann 
:\11'. "ïlliam BartmallU 
Dartmann, :\11'. and ':\Irs. John ,Yo (Rosacker) 
105 Erie avenue 
Hpceives and 3d \" eùnesday 



Bates, Dr. and :\TrR. F. D. \V. (Grant) 
383 :\lain street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Mr. Gordon Bates 
Beasley, Mr. and :\Irs. Alex C. (Davis) 
423 }lain street East 
Receives Thursday 
Beckett, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. (Champ) 
116 Charlton avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Yednesday 
Miss :\-luriel Beckett 
Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles "T. (Gates) 
] 4 Homewood a venue 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Bell, Mr. John 
52 Hannah street 'Yest 
Receives 'Yednesday 
:\liss :\Iadeline Bell 
Bertram, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Mitchell) 
9 "Test avenue South 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Bethune, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Kenneth (Kittson) 
Queen street South 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Bews, Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. (Russell) 
94 Emerald street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday Bews 
Bews, Mr. and ::\Irs. "T. D. (Begg) 
96 Emerald street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Billings, :\11'. John 
17 Jackson street 'Vest 
Birge, Mr. and 1\1rs. Cyrus A. 
East Hamilton, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Bisby, Mr. and ::\lrs. George H. (Long) 
.. Fair Lawn," 58 Hannah street 
S. R., ::'Ilonyca, M 1 1skoka 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
:ßlr. ,Yo D. Long 
Bizzey, ::\Jr. and Mrs. J. E. (McDonald) 
96 Herkimer street 
Receives Tuesday 
::'Ill'. Percy Bizzey 
1\1iss 'Vinnifred Bizzey 
Ir. and Mrs. George 
71 East avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 

Ir. Albert Black 
Miss \Vinnifred Black 
Black, Rev. and 1\1rs. James 
112 Herkimer street 
Miss Annie Black 
Miss Isabel Black 
Miss Jean Black 
Bostwick, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. (Hoodless) 
122 Hunter street West 
Receives vVednesday 
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. G. E. 
.. The Ferns," Inglewood Crescent 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives Thursday 
Braden, Mr. and Mrs. N. S. (Greening) 
13-1: Duke street 
Receives 'Vednesday 

Bradley, Mr. and ::'IIrs. Phil R. (Bristol) 
"Rannoch Lodge," "Cpper John 
Receives Wednesday 
Miss M. Bristol . 
Brass, Mrs. Peter 
109 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Brass 
1\1iss Annie Y. Brass 
Dr. Samuel "T. McCono.chie 
Breckenridge, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. ('Vilder) 
" Chedoke" Mountain 
Receives Saturday 
Breckenridge, Mr. and :\-Irs. W. C. (Bevier) 
216 Jackson street 'West 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Monday 
Brennen, Mr. and :Mrs. H. S. (Simpson) 
"Claremont," 121 Emerald street 
Receives Tuesday 
Brennen, Miss E. 
41 ::\lain street 
S. R., "Silverbrooke," Tioga 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Mr. Albert Brennen 
Briggs, l\Ir. F. 'W. 
156 Hughson street South 
Receives Friday 
Miss Anna Briggs 
:\Iiss Mabel Brip'O'C:: 
Briggs, l\Ir. and Mrs. 'V alter G. (Barlow) 
13-1: Catherine street South 
Receives Monday 
Bristol, ::'IIr. and Mrs. George E. (White) 
.. Elmsley," 261) Bay street South 
S. R., 'Vaterdown 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Lillie Bristol 
Miss Marjorie Bristol 
Brooks, 1\1rs. L. H. (Mills) 
Aberdeen avenue South 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Brouse, Mrs. J. E. 
33 Maria street 
Receives Thursday 
Mrs. R. 'W. Kitchen 
Brown, l\Ir. Adam 
Aberdeen avenue 
Browne, Miss Louisa 
70 Hannah street East 
Receives 'Vednesday 
Miss Clara Browne 
Miss Aileen Tandy 
Browne, Mr. and Mrs. John vnlson 
151 Markland street 
Browne, Mrs. Joseph B. (Stewart) 
74 Herkimer street 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Mr. Herbert Bloor Browne 
Browne, ::'III'. and ::\Irs. Herbert (Leitch) 
144 Herkimer street 
Bruce, Mr. John A. 
Royal Hotel 
Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vallace (Lamporte) 
Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 



Bruce, :\>11'. and 
Irs. 'V. H. (Billings) 
133 George street 
Receh'es Monday 
Ii8s H. E. .J. 
"Auchmare House," Claremont 
Park, )iountain 
Receives Thursday 
Bueglass, Dr. and 1\Irs. A. S. (Campbell) 
80 Charles street 
Receives 1st, 2d and 4th Thursday 
Bull, )11'. and ::\lrs. George H. (Smart) 
29-1 Park street South 
Receives Thursday 
Bull, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. J. Elo.oD. (Robins) 
Receives Thursday 
1\Iiss Ida Harcourt Bull 
Bunburry, Mr. and ::\Irs. H. T. (Daintry) 
272 Park street South 
Receives Thursday 
Burkholder, .\11'. and ::\Irs. Harry F. (Gage) 
Bartonville, Ont. 
H.eceives Monday 
Burns, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Denholm (Baker) 
325 Bay street South 
H.eceives Thursday 
Burrow, Mrs. \Yilliam 
115 Victoria avenue South 
Miss Ethel Burrow 
Bush, Mrs. Charles (Schuler) 
172 'Ventworth street 
Miss Kate Bush 
l\liss Adeline Bush 
:i\liss Carrie Bush 
Mr. Eugene Bush 
Butler, Mr. and :\1rs. 'V. E. 
322 Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Butler 
Byrne, Mr. and 1\1rs. A. 
355 Main street East 

Cahill, Mr. E. D. 
118 Stim:-;on street 
Calder, Mrs. John (B.-'pmer) 

Miss E. 2\1. Calder 
1\11'. Graham Calder 
Callaghan, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. .Tames Orr (Moran) 
22-1: .James street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
1\Irs. Henry Callaghan 
Mr. John C. CaJIaghan 
Mr. James H. Callaghan 
Cameron, Mrs. H. D. (Putnam) 
Aberdeen avenue 
RecehTes 3d and 4th Thursday 
Miss Lyon 
Campbell, :Miss E. 

Iountain avenue "
Campbell, :\Trs. Hobert (\\'at('rworth) 
222 Main f;treet 'Vest 
Carey, Mr. and :\lrs. Bruce A. 
217 Charlton av('nuû 'Vest 
Heceives 'Vednesday 

Carey, ::\Irs. 'Yilliam (Roper) 
"Elneth," 27 Herkimer street 
Receives \Yednesday 
Miss Carey 
::\lrs. J. 'Yo :'II urton 
Carpenter, ::\11'. and Mrs. V. A. 
126 ::\Iain street 'Vest 
::\11'. L. Carpenter 
::\liss Bessie Carpenter 
Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. 
-1:05 ::\Iain street East 
Receives Friday 
::\11'. Lorne Carpenter 
Carpenter, :\11'. and :\Irs. Fred A. 
258 Park street South 
Carpenter, Mr. and ::\Irs. Henry (Cascaden) 
30 Hess street South 
Receives 1st and 3d :'Ilonday 
Carpenter, ::\Irs. Mary A. (::\lcElroy) 
56 Hess street South 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Arthur A. Carpenter 
:'III'. and 1\Irs. Frederick A. Carpenter 
Carscallen, :\11'. and :i\lrs. G. G. (Myles) 
LTpper .John street 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Ir. and 1\Irs. Henry (Roger) 
mJ Duke street 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
Carscallen, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Oswald G. (Proctor) 
.J ames street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Cartwright. 1\11'. Charles W. 
321 Bay street South 
Champ, :\11'. and Mrs. Harry H. (Gillard) 
6-1 Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Champ, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. 'Yalter H. (Coates) 
128 Herkimer street 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Chapman, :Mr. and Mrs. 'V. T. (Baker) 
Cheseldille, :Mrs. Josephine 
92 East avenue South 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
Mr. James H. Cheseldine 
Child, :\11'. and ::\Irs. 'Yilliam A. (Harvey) 
289 Hess street South 
Receives Thursday 
Miss ::\1 innie l\linkie 
Chisholm. 1\11'. and Mrs. James 
09 East avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 
Clappison, Mr. and 1\Irs. J. Henry (Long) 
20 Emerald street South 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Arthur Clappison 
Clark, Mrs. Emily 
91 Victoria avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. (Martin) 
.Tohn street South 
Hf'ceÏves 'Vednesday 
Clarkson, :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Ernest n. (Harris) 
4 Bay street South 
Heceives 1st and 3d 'Vedn('sday 




. -

..=:- .......,...,,' 

" t f*".'1 
. ) 1 
'I .. ... 

- :
! / 

'.5- '
r\J) _ 


'9.... "t....' 



Weddings and Afternoon 
Tea Supplied 

JalIles Crawford 



34 KING ST. W. 

e ' 




'. '\. 

-........ ' . 

- .. 




. , 




: ".:a.,. ... 

IlL TO=" 


fr. and :\Irs. II. "T. 
171 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Climie, Mr. and :.\Irs. J. D. (Stewart) 
4. Duke street 
Hf>ceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Climie 
Cloke, Mr. and :\11'8. .T. G. 
297 Main street Ea
Receives 1 st and 4th Tuesday 
1\11'. fi'red Cloke 
:\liss Louise Irene Cloke 
Coburn, :\Irs. Henry P. (Hoyt) 

()2 .Tames strf'et South 
Receives Friday 
Cochran, lVlr. and 1\Irs. C. S. (Springer) 
53 East avenUf> South 
Receives \Vedne
Coleman, Dr. and :\lrs. Theobald 
(" Ki t," of Toronto :\lail and 
137 Main street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Patricia Coleman 
Collinson, 1\11'. and :\lrs. 
.. Highfield," Aberdeen avenue 
Colquhoun. Mrs. E. A. (Gourley) 
B:nton Lod
e, Mountain 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Colquhoun 
Cooke, Mr. Henrv 
14 Dùke street 
S. R.. Hamilton Boach 
Miss Cooke 
Mr. Harold E. ,Yo Cooke 
Copp, Mr. and :\11'1';. 'W. J. 
2R Stanley avenue 
1 rs. C. :\1. (Leith) 
2ö8 .Tames street South 
Hf'ceives F'riday 
Mr. .John Counsell 
Counsf'll, 1\1rs. Elizabcth (Cornwall) 
211 Jack:->on street "'est 
eiv('s 2d anò !th ::\londay 

1iss G. C. CounscU 
Miss E. Counsell 
Counsell, :\11'. and :\Irs. J. L. (:\IcGibbon) 
Duke street 
}tpceÍ\'es l!';t and 2d \Vednesday 
Craigie, Mrs. 
.. Craigie J...odJ!'e," )Jountain 
Crawford, l\Jr. and 
lrs. A. D. (Thomson) 
4-1 Youn
S. R.. .. Kinrara," Hamilton B('ach 
HeCl'h'es I ",t and 
d Thursday 
Crawford, ::\11'. and :\11'[,;. .Tohn T. (Silver) 
.. Tweed Cottage," 62 Victoria ave- 
nue South 
Receives 2<l and 4th Thur!';day 
Crerar. Mrs. .Tohn (Hope) 
.. :.\Jerksworth," 2:m XcXab 
:\11'. A. Hope Crerar 
1\1 r. Thomas H. Crerar 
1\1iss Carrie Crerar 

Crerar, :\11'. and :\lrs. P. D. (Stinson) 
.. Dunedin," 325 J ames street 
S. R., Lorn Island, :Muskoka 
· l{pf'pives Friday 
Miss Violet ('rerar 
Crossley, l\Ir. and :\lrs. James (:\lacy) 
2-! Bay street South 
Heceives 2d Thursday 
Crowther, Mr. and :\Jr!';. I". A. (Fitzgerald) 
99 Day street South 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Cummer, 1'11'. and ::\lr!';. 'Yo L. 
70 East avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 
Cummings, Dr. S. 
131 :\Iain street East 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives \Yednesday 
:Miss Cummings 
::\Iiss L. Cummings 
Currie, 1\11'. and ::\lrs. \Y. 1\1. (Hodgins) 
Freeman place 
Receives 'Yednesday 

Dalley, :\11'. and :\lrs. F. F. (Forster) 
"Arlo House" 
S. R., 'Vinona Park 
Iarie Dalley 
Da vidson, ::\11'. and 1\1rs. .J ames 
114 Herkimer street 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Davis, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Harry .ti. (l\Jyles) 

8-1: Hess street South 
Rf'f'eive!'; 1st and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss Lillie Secord 
::\Iis:;: Gladys Secord 
Davis, ::\11'. Samuel 
92 East mTenue South 
:\11'. H. X. Davis 
Davis, 1'11'. and Mrs. 'Yilliam R. (:\lurdock) 
:-{-! Hess street South 
Receives 2d and 3d 1\1onday 
1\11'. Brock 
Daw, Rev. and 
I rs. S. (Fraser) 
4 ::\JcXab street South 
Receives Thursday 
Dawson, ::\11'. and :\lrs. Donald 
2-1:2 Hunter street East 
l'Jìss J)a wson 
::\Iiss Leitf'h 
Dean, 1\11'. and ;'\Irs. George 
290 Hess street South 
:\Iiss Dean 
Dean, 1\11'. and :\Jrs. .James J. (\Yalker) 

ab street South 
IteCl'ives i-:d and 4th Thur
Dempsey, :\Jrs. George (Culloden) 
18R l\1ain street 'Yest 
}tef'cives \Yf>dnesday 
:\11'. .Joseph 11. C. I>emp
l\1iss l
mIl1a (', Culloden 
Dewar, :\11'. and 
1rs. D. B. 

'i Bold stn'et 
HeccÌ\ ps Wedne:::day 



Dexter, :\oIl'. and Mrs. Dadd (:\IcLachlin) 
98 East avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Dexter, :Mr. and Mrs. George Owen (Plaisted) 
5] Robinson street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Dickson, Dr. and 
Irs. J. Albert (Grafton) 
130 Main street East 
S. R., Dundas 
Receives \Vednesday 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. James (Armstrong) 
65 East avenue South 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Miss ::\Iabel Dixon 
Mr. Robert Dixon 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam 
61 East avenue South 
Receives 3d and 4th Tuesday 
S. R., Hamilton B
Miss Jessie B. Dixon 
Domville, Mr. and ::\Irs. Percy 
220 Herkimer street 
Donaghy, Mr. and 1\1rs. \VilIiam (Holland) 
106 \Vellington street South 
1\1iss Donaghy 
Donald, 1\11'. and Mrs. Alex 
74 Stanley avenue 
Doolittle, Mr. and :\Irs. Chas. ('Wylie) 
304 Queen street 
Doolittle, 1\11'. and Mrs. Charles E. (Wilcox) 
212 James street South 
S. R., Bass Island, Muskoka 
Receives Friday 
1\11'. \Vilcox Doolittle 
Miss Elsie Doolittle 
Drummond, Rev. and Mrs. D. R. 
41 Duke street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Duffield, Mrs. ::\1. A. (Snowden) 
114 Aberdeen avenue 
Receives \Vednesday 
Miss Annie Duffield 
Duffield, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. \Vm. Snowden (Raw) 
160 Abercleen avenue 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Du Moulin, His Lordship The Bishop or 
Niagara and Mrs. (Brough) 
"See House," Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Du MouJin 
Miss Frances Du Moulin 
Mr. and Mrs. James (Wilson) 
" Glenarie," 315 John street South 
Receives 1st and 4th Wednesday 
Mr. Hugh Dunlop 
Miss Annie Dunlop 
1\1iss Ethel Dunlop 
Mrs. \Vilson 


Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. (Herald) 
182 George street 
Receives Monday 

Eager, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. H. A. nVhite) 
182 Jackson street "'est 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
::\11'. L. E. Eager 
"Miss Anna Eager 
"Miss Bella Eager 
Eager, Mr. and Mrs. Morley P. ("McFedries) 
" The Pines," 187 Main street West 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
::\Iiss Clara Smith 
.:\Iiss Sanderson 
Eastwood, Mr. and 1\1rs. .John (Gibson) 
"Linden Place," Ea!';t Hamilton 
Receives Thursday 
Edgar, 1\1rs. D. (\Vilson) 
16 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d ::\Ionday 
::\Tiss Edgar 
:\Iiss l\Iary Edgar 
Edgar, :\11'. \VilJiam 
67 Victoria avenue South 
::\Iiss Edgar 
Ellis, :\11'. and Mrs. Norman 
34 Ontario avenue 
Emory, Dr. and Mrs. C. V. (Edwards) 
45 Ontario avenue 
The Misses Edwards 
English, Dr. and Mrs. Walter (Clark) 
Etherington, Rev. and :\Irs. (Gibsone) 
St. Thomas Church Rectory, West 
avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 
Evans, Mrs. George F. (.Jones) 
211 .James street Soutb 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Florenee Evans 

1r. George Evans 
Col. and ::\lrs. Shepheard 
Mr. and ::\1rs. Nixon 
Miss Cook 
Evans, Mrs. Robert (Valens) 
49 Homewood avenue 
Receives ]st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Elsie Forbes 
En>l, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. 
51 Stanley avenue 
Mr. "'alter Evel 
Miss Marjorie Evel 
Mr. Harvey Evel 

Fairgrieve, Mr. and :\lrs. J. B. (Davis) 
123 McNab street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Fairgrieve 
Miss Davis 
Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. J. 
134 .Jackson street West 
Receives "Wednesday 
Fearman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (Hadley) 
"The Elms," Freeman Place 
S. R., "De la Salle," Giberalta, 
Receives Friday 
Fearman, :1\-11'. and Mrs. Robt. (Lister) 
" Ivy Lodge," Stinson street 
Receives Tuesday 



Fenwick, :\11'. and :l\lrs. Edward J. (Barr) 
271 McXab street South 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
:\liss Fenwick 
Ferrie, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Campbell (Glassco) 
1-18 Bay Rtreet South 
Ferrie, ::\11'. Robert B. 
2-10 .James street South 
S. R., Hamilton Deach 
Fielding, :\11'. and ::\Irs. "\Villiam 1\1. (Cusack) 
132 Herkimer street 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Finch, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Frank F. 
230 Bay street South 
Finch, ::\11'. and ::\lrs. 'Yilliam H. (Thomas) 
102 Queen street South 
Receives \Yednesday 
Findlay, :\lrs. 'V. F. (:\lcXab) 

 Bold street 
Receives Friday 
:\1iss Findlay 
.:\Iiss Strathmore Findlay 
:\Iiss Jean Findlay 
Fisher, 1\11'. E. 
llerkinler street 
.:\Irs. Fisher, Sr. 
::\11'. Philip Fisher 
Flatt, 1\11'. and :\lrs. Jolm 1. (Cummins) 
.. .:\Iaple Lawn," 
5-1 Bay street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
.F'latt, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. 'V. D. 
378 Hess street South 
Receives Friday 
Fletcher, Rev. and :\lrs. Donald H. (Murray) 
Hess street South 
Hecei ves ,\' ednesùay 
Footner, :\Irs. H. (:\1ills) 
272 .Jackson street West 
Recei ves :\Ionday 
:\1iss Footner 
:\11'. H:Ilbert Footner 
Forneret, Rev. Archdeacon and Mrs. George 
( Robins) 
];{ Queen street South 
Heceives :\Ionday 
Fraser, 1\11'. and 
Irs. David (Sharpe) 
2f11 John street South 
Heceives 2d, 3d and -1th 'Yednesday 
Fraser, Mr. and :\IrR. Robert S. (Knapman) 
97 Victoria avenue South 
S. R., 'Vinona 
Receives 1st and ;'M Thursday 
\Iyrtle l,'raser 
Ford, i\lrs. 1\1. \\e. 
.. Oakhurst," 399 Queen street 
Rc('pives Tuesday 
::\1 i ss 1.'ord 
:\11'. "ïlliam B. Ford 
Fuller, 1\11'. and 1\lr
. Henry 
] o:
 Dundurn street 
Fuller, :\1 iss M. I'
Turner avenue 
Heceives Thursday 

Gage, :;\Irs. G. 'V. 
68 Victoria avenue South 
Gallagher, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Richard E. 
( Horsburgh) 
183 Hughson street South 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
l\1iss Olive Gallagher 
Miss Ruby Gallagher 
:\liss Edith Gallagher 
Ga rland, :\lrs. Emily (Brown) 
265 :\lcXab street South 
Receives Friday 
:\Iiss Garland 
1\11'. S. :\Ietcalfe 
Mrs. Mary Jones 
Garrett, Prof. 
James street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Gartshore, Mrs. Alexander (Hendrie) 
225 James street South 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Miss Mary Hendrie Gartshore 
Mr. John Gartshore 
.Mr. ,Yo 1\Ioir Gartshore, .Jr. 
Gartshore, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Alex, .Jr. 
:\Iarldand street 
H.eceives Thursday 
Gates, 1\11'. Henry G. Gates 
17 Herkimer street 
H.eceives Friday 
Miss Clara Gates 
Gates, Mr. and 1\11'8. F. "T., .J r. (Broughton) 
.. Gladsmere," 332 Bay street 
S. R., "The Priory," Burlington, 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Gladys Gates 
:\iiss Dorothy 1\1. Gates 
:Mr. Alexander Frederiek 
Gauld, 1\11'. and :\Irs. John I. (Vallance) 
286 Park 
treet South 
Gauld, Hf'v. John, :\1. A. 
134 Duke street 
Dr. C. D. ::\IeQuesten 
Gaviller, ::\Irs. E. A, 

4() :\lcNab street South 
Receives 1\1onday 

liss Amy Gayiller 
Gayfer, 1\11'. and ::\Ir
. Harry (:\la('donald) 
119 Wellington street South 
Mr. Fred Gayfer 

I r. \YaIter H. Gayfer 
1\11'. Arthur Gayfer 
:\lrs. Sanderson 
Geddes, 1\Irs. .T. G. 

7 Bay 
tr('et South 
Receiyes ]st and 3d :\loJlùay 
I i
ses Gpddes 
1\11'. Gamble Geùdes 
Gerrie, 1\11'. and :\Irs. ,J. \\T. (Gillespie) 
;, Robinson street 
I{f'C( i\"es \\'('<lnp
\l\ll'iel Gerrie 

ianbrrt ilutttatt & illnmpattt! 


:tSoo fisc llers 




'W'lall Jþaper IDealers 

Efficient mail order service to all parts of Canada 

Correspondence solicited 

Catalogues on request 

Store and Factory 
Cor. James and Market Square 




Gibson, His Honor The Lieut.-Gov. of Ontario 
and :\11':';. John 
1. (:\Ialloch) 

11 Day street South also Govern- 
ment House, Toronto 
S, R., llurlin
ton Beach 
Receives Thur!-'day 
 Eugenia Gibf'on 
leta Gibson 
)Ir. A. Hope Gibson, Aidé 
Ir. S. G. 
270 Queen street South 
)Irs. Gibson, Sr. 
)Iiss Ethel Gibf'on 
:\Iiss :\Iargaret Gibson 
Heceives Thursday 
Gillard, }Ir. and 
Irs. James ()loodie) 
.. Cndercliffe," (q Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
lrs. \Y. H, l \Valker) 
.. "Lndercliffe," f-J-l Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Gillespie, :\Iiss E. J. 
25 Emerald street South 
Miss Gracie Gillespie 
Gillies, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. D. (
.. Levenford," Delaware avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Gillrie, Dr. and 
Iarshall E. 
133 Herkimer street 
Receives :\londay 
::\1 rs. Dodd 
Glasgo, Mr. and ì\Irs. 
I. S. (O'Brien) 
43 Robinson street 
S. R., 'Winona Park 
Receives \Vednesday 
Glassco, Dr. and 1\1rs. Gerald S. (Lucas) 
f>7 )Jain street ".est 
Receives Monday 
Glassco, :\11'. and Mrs. Frank S. (Counsell) 
2-12 .James street South 
l{eceives Thursday 
Glassco, :\11'. and l\Irs. Geor
e F. (:\loore) 
'j -l Hannah street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
)Jr. Sebert ::\1. Glassco 
)11'. Lawrence H, Glas
)11'. George F. Gla
sco, Jr. 
Glassco, .\11'. .1 T. 
ab street South 
::\11'. Alan ::\1. Glasscu 
1. H.. Glassco 
Glover, )Irs. H. W. 
 IlonH'wood avenue 
s Glovpr 
Goering. )Irs. Anna 
102 \\"f'st avenue South 
)1 iss Goering 
Gow, :\11'. and )Irs. .J. 
1!)-l Ilughson stred South 
({pcp i \l'S \\' pdnesday 
Graham, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. (". W. (Xi('holson) 
J3 :\Iarkland strf'ct 
Graham, 1\11'. and :\Irs. l>avid (Addison) 
-1 I lIannah f'trpf't \\'est 
Hpceiv('s )Iol1day 
)11'. \\"illiam Philip r.raham 
::\11'. H.obf'rt P. 1>. Graham 

Grant, Col. and :\Irs. C. Coote (Roswell, 
Receives Thursday 
::\liss :\1. Grant 
1Iisf' Ali{'e Grant 

1iss Violet Grant 
Grant. :\11'. 'V. 
t.:J Hess street South 
J{eceives :\Ionday 
if'sPS Grant 
.:\1 is
Grant, )11'. and Mrs. "T. J. (FulIer) 
131 East avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
1\Iiss Grant 
Ir. and :\Irs. C. T. OIoody) 
.. Greenhill," James street South 
S. R., Yarmouth, K. S. 
Receives Friday 
1\1iss Janie Grantham 
1\Iiss Grantham 
Greene, Mr. and 1\1rs. Joseph (Hugel) 
153 Hughson street South 
S. R., .. San Souci," l\luskoka 
Mrs. Hugel, Sr. 
Greening, Mrs. Frederick B. (Robinson) 
RO Aberdeen avenue 
H.eceives 1st and 3d Thursday 
lr. and Mrs. S. O. (Herald) 
" Fonthill" 168 Jackson street 
\Yest ' 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss Hattie Greening 
}Iiss Edna Greening 
Greening, Mr. and 
lrs. Harold 
George street 
Griffin, Dr. and !\Irs. Herbert S. (Robinson) 
157 Main street East 
l{f'cf'ives 2d, 3d and -Hh Tuesday 
Grossman, "\11'. and :VII's. Julius (ChambErs) 
-12 "'est avenue South 
:\Iiss Elva Grossman 
Gunn, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. (l\lackelcan) 
Charlston avenue 
S. R. Georgian Bay 
Receives '\'edne
)Iiss F. GUlln 
Guy, Capt. and :\lrs. G. .J. (AndNson) 
O ""entworth street South 
H.eceives ] st and !th Thunday 

Iiss :\Iaude Guy 

Haney, Mr. and ::\Irs. Robert H. (James} 
I n3 Catherine street South 
:\11'. John \\'. Janlf's 
Harris, Dr. and .\1rs. C. L. :\I. (Thomson) 
206 J acksoll st I'<'et 
S. R., :\lushoka 
lIarris, :\11'. and :\Irs, H.. H, (l\lyles) 
I:í .1 ames strpt'Í South 
Receives Thursday 
:\11'. and :\Irs. 
Hart, )11'. and :\Trs. II. U. 
57 Charlton 
l\enu(' \\"l'"t 
n('(,('Î\,Ps \\'{'dlH'



Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. John (Steven) 
40 Robinson street 
Receives Wednesday 
Miss Laura Harvey 
Miss Florence Harvey 
Harvey, Mr. 'William l\f. 
255 Main street 'West 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Mr. James Harvey 
1\Iiss Nettie Harvey 
Haskins, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. 
( Saunders) 
52 Victoria avenue South 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
lr. Gerald :\1. 
Royal Hotel 
Haslett, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. (Ferrie) 
264 Park street South 
1\Iiss Jean I1aslet 
Hatch, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (Berry) 
333 Sherman avenue South 
Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. E. (Chambers) 
Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Hayhurst, Mr. and :\lrs. T. H. 
232 Hunter street East 
Heming, Mr. and Mrs. Charles \V. 
( Sutherland) 
225 Hess street South 
Receives 2d and 4th \Vednesday 
Heming, 1\1rs. George Edward 
169 Main street West 
S. R., Muskoka 
:\Iiss Heming 
Miss Emma Heming 
Miss 1\Iarian Heming 
:\11'. Townley Heming 
Heming, Mr. and :\Irs. Herbert P. 
George street South 
Henderson, Mr. and 
lrs. Gordon (Sanford) 
.. ldlewild," Duke street 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives \Vednesday 
Henderson, Mrs. Lucy E. 
193 Jackson street \Vest 
Receives Monday 
Henderson, Mrs. Mary 
47 Maria street 
::Miss Izzard 
Miss Burns 
Miss Teetzel 
Henderson, ::\Ir. and 1\1rs. Gordon (Sanford) 
Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Hendrie, Lieut.-Co!. and :\lrs. John S. 
"Strathern," 252 James street 
S. R., French River 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
nid Hendrie 
Cadet Jan Hendrie 
Hendrie, 2\lrs. 'Yilliam 
.. Holmstead," 57 Bold street 
S. R., "'1 he Farm," Burlington 
Miss Hendrie 

1i!"s Phyllis Hendrie 

Hendrie, Major and 1\Irs. 'Vm., Jr. (Brown) 
"Gateside House," Aberdeen ave- 
Receives Thursday 
Herring, Co!. and Mrs. J. H. 
177 Main street 'Vest 
Receives Monday 
Hewlett, Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. 
122 1\1ain street \Vest 
Hill, ),11'. and 1\Irs. George 
"Hereford House," Bold street 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives \Vednesday 
Hillman, ::.\11'. and ::\lrs. O. S. (Champ) 
287 Queen street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Hillman 
Hillman, Mr. and 1\1rs. Thos. E. 
Ravenscliffe avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Hobart, 1\1r. and Mrs. G. F. (Fenwick) 
83 Jackson street \Vec;;t 
Miss F. Fenwick 
Hobson, :\11'. and Mrs. Joseph 
346 Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Hobson 
Miss Jean Hobson 
Miss Agnes Hobson 
Hobson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (\Yood) 
56 Hannah street \Vest 
Hobson, Mr. and 
lrs. Thomas 
Herkimer street 
Hogg, Mrs. J. W. 
47 Robinson street 
Receives \Vednesdav 
Miss Ada B. Hogg L 
1\11'. James E. Hogg 
Holton, Mr. and 1\Irs. :Mark B. (Shambrooke) 
168 :\Iain street \Vest 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives :\londay 
Holton, Mr. and 1\Irs. 'W. A. (Hill) 
"Revelstone," 50 Robinson street 
Receives 'Vednesday 
Misses Holton 
Hoodless, 1V[r. and :\lrs. John (Hemter)) 
.. Eastcourt," ::.\Iain street East 
Receives Thursday 
luriel Hoodless 
Mr. J. Bernard Hoodless 
Hope, Mrs. 

203 McNab street 
1\1r. Adam !Jope 
Hope, Mr. and :\lrs. Adam H. (Sawyer) 
Hannah street \Vest 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Alice Hope 
1\11'. Sawyer Hope 
Hope, :\11'. George 
43 Duke street 
Receives \Yednesday 
1\11'. R. K. Hope 
Miss Stinson 



Horsman. :\11'. and 
lrs. Edward B. 
93 Queen street South 
Receives 1st and 2d :\londay 
:\11'. George Horsman 
Mr. Roy Horsman 
Hossack, :\11'. and :\1rs. James S. (Balfour) 
87 Hannah street 'Vest 
Receives ht and 2d Friday 
Miss Agnes Hossack 
Howett, Rev. and :\lrs. F. E. 
104 George street 
Receives ::\1onday 
Howell, :\11'. and :\lrs. F. J. 
"Levenside," 136 Charles street 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Howell 
Miss Olga Howell 
Howitt, Rev. and :\1rs. F. E. 
104 George street 
Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. 
43 Sherman avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Hubbard 
Hunter, :\11'. and Mrs. William (Sutton) 
27 'Wellington street South 
Miss :\Iabel -Hunter 
Miss Edith Hunter 
Hurd, :\11'. H. H. 
168 Bay street South 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Emma Hurd 
:\1iss Maude Hurd 
Husband, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (:\Iagill) 
33 Jackson street \Vest 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
:\Iiss Sarah Magill 
Husband, Dr. and :\1:1'8. George E. (Howey) 
129 Main street 'Vest 
Receives Monday 
Hutchison, ì\lr. and Mrs. R. A. 
279 Bay street South 

Inksetter, Mrs. James (Thompson) 
201 Victoria avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Miss Isobel B. Inksetter 
Innes, :Mr. and :\lrs. R. L. (Cowdry) 
19-1 Park street South 
Receives 'Wednesday 
Insole, :\11'. and Mrs. James G. (Rylie) 
265 Bay street South 
ReceiveR Thursday 
Miss Insole 
:\1 r. George Insole 
Irving, :\1 r. and :\lrs. Adam (l\IcCulloch) 
200 Jack
on street 'Vest 
Heceives !Ht, 2d and 3d Friday 
Miss Irving 
Irving, Capt. and :\lrs. John A. (Boyle) 
219 ì\Iain street 'Vest 
ceives Tuesday 
:\11'. 'Villiam Irving 
:\11'. Harvey Irving 
Irwlll, ::\11'. and Mrs. J. T. (:\Ic::\lullin) 
122 )1 arklanc1 street 
S. R., IIamilton Beach 
Receives 1st and 2d 'Vednesday 

Irwin, )11'. and Mrs. Thomas 
97 Herkimer street 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 

Jamieson, :\11'. and ::\lrs. James (Van Norman) 
1-15 Emerald street South 
Recei ves 1st and 3d Thursday 
l\Iiss ::\label Jamieson 
l\I iss Bertha Jamieson 
:\11'. 'Vesley Jamieson 
Jardine, ::\11'. and :\lrs. Joseph 'V. 
45 "'ellington street South 
:\Iiss Irene Jardine 
Jelfs, ì\1r. and Mrs. George F. (Alexander) 
Hess street South 
Receives Thursday 
S. R.. Station 22, Hamilton Beach 
:\11'. Frederick JeIfs 
)Iiss Kate Jelfs 
Jones, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles J. (:\iurray) 
320 Bay street South 
S. R., 'Vinona 
Receives Thursday 
Jones, :\11'. and )lrs. John 'V. 
33 :\Iaria street 
Junor, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert 
30 Ontario avenue 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 1st and 4th Thursday 
:\11'. Roy Armstrong JunoI' 
:\Iiss Margie Bannerman Junor 

Kavanagh, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam (O'Brien) 
393 King street 'West 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
:\Iiss Annie Kavanagh 
Kelley, Mrs. Daniel (Knight) 
444 :\Iain street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
:\Irs. Rogers 
Kent, Mrs. Elizabeth A. 
72 Stanley avenue 
Kerr, Mr. and :\Irs. John H. (:Moreland) 
109 Aberdeen avenue 
Heceives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Kidd, :VIr. and Mrs. David (Campbell) 
119 Bold street 
Miss Kidd 
Kilgour, :\11'. and :\lrs. Charles S. (McIntosh) 
1-10 Hughson street South 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
i\Iiss :\laud l\1cIntosh 
Kilvert, :\11'. and :\lrs. F. E. (Cory) 
11(5 Aberdeen b.venue 
Heceives Thursday 
:\11'8. Baldwin 
King, l\Ir. and ::\lrs. Cyrus (Gage) 
1 :'W ì\'lain street 'Vest 
He('eÏ\'es J st Monday 
Kittson, ::\Irs. Alice H. (O'Reilly) 
10-1 H('rkimer street 
:\Iiss O'Reilly 
Kittson, :\11'. and :\lrs. H. N. ("-right) 
29G Queen street South 
)fiss H('ba Kittson 
Knott, The :\lisse8 
Hiû Catherine street South 



Knox, Mr. and Mrs. John 
13 Robinson street 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Kompass, Mr. and :\Irs. Paul A. 

5 Robinson street 'Yest 

Labatt, lVlr. and 
Irs. R. H. (Ridley) 
158 Bay street South 
S. R., \\ïnona Park 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Ridley 
LaChance, Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo 'V. (Stoddard) 
140 l\Iarkland street 
Lafferty, Mr. James D. 
24 Bay street South 
Receives 3d and 4th Thursday 
Dr. J ames Lafferty 
Mrs. Mary Faucett (Lafferty) 
Laidlaw, Miss Anna C. 
65 Main street "Test 
S. R., Georgetown, Onto 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Laidlaw, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. 
147 Herkimer street 
Lampmann, Mr. C. R. 
3-1 Hess street South 
Land, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 
25 \\Test avenue South 
Miss Esther Land 
Miss Kate Land 
Mrs. Simpson 
Langrill, Dr. and Mrs. John A. (Sill) 
229 King street 'Vest 
Receives Monday 
Miss Margaret Langrill 
Langrill, Dr. and Mrs. 'Walter CMorgan) 
Main street 'West 
Recei ves Monday 
Lawrason, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. 
156 James street South 
Receives 1st \Vednesday 
Miss Ladella La wrason 
Miss Cassie Lawrason 
Lawson, Mrs. Isabella 
111 :\lcNab street South 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Robert Fitzgerald 
:\irs. S. Clapp 
Lazier, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. 
87 Robinson street South 
Lazier, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. (Lister) 
131 Charles street 
Mr. Harold Lazier 
Miss Eleanor Lazier 
Leckenby, Mr. and :Mrs. Frank 
94 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Miss Eleanor Leckenby 
Miss Irene Leckenby 
Miss Florence Leckenby 
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman (Patton) 
26 "Test avenue South 
Receives Friday 
Lees, Mr. Thomas 
251 Main street "Test 
Mr. George Lees 
Mr. \Villiam Lees 

Lees, Mr. and :\Irs. Thomas, Jr. 
175 Herkimer street 
Leggat, Mr. and Mrs. :Matthew (Hendrie) 
"Braeside." 23 Duke street 
Receives Thun;day 

ir. John Leggat 
Miss Leggat 
Ir. and Mrs. Thomas (Cloes) 
81 Hannah street East 
Receives 1st and 2d \Vednesday 

Iiss Flora Leitch 
:vI iss Aqa Leitch 
Miss Edith Leitch 

liss Lula Leitch 
Lennox, Mr. John 
36 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 
Miss Sarah Lennox 
LeRiche, Mr. and Mrs. George 
166 Catharine street South 
Receives 1st and 4th Thursday 
Miss LeRi.che 
Lester, Mr. and :Mrs. T. 'V. (Springer) 
33-1 Main street East 
Receives '

Miss Springer 
Levy, Mr. and :\Irs. G. H. 
230 J ames street 
Receives Friday 
Levy, Mrs. Herman (ScheveI') 
143 James street South 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Abraham Levy 
Miss Rose Levy 
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Arthur) 
312 Bay street South 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Lewis 
Miss Leila Lewis 
Mr. George Lewis 
Lindsay, Mr. Walter J. 
200 Main street West 
Recei ves :Monday 
Linton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. (Keachie) 
Robinson street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Mr. Herbert Linton 
Miss Kate Linton 
Miss Kersell Linton 
Logan, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. G. (Becker) 
103 Victoria avenue 
S. R., Thorne Centre, Que. 
Receives 1st, 3d and 4th Friday 
Mrs. Becker 
Logie, Mr. and Mrs. "Tilliam A. (Wylie) 
77 Markland street 
Receives Thursday 

1iss Logie (Almonte) 
Long, Mr. 'William D. 
58 Hannah street East 
Lottridge, Mr. and Mrs. James M. (Grant) 
327 Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Murray G. Lottridge 
Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. (Young) 
63 Duke street 
S. R., "Rowanhurst" 
Receives 'Vednesday 



Lyle, Dr. and :\Irs. Samuel (Cameron) 
Glenfern avenue 
S. R., "Lizadore," Lake Rosseau 
Receives Thursday 

lcAllister, Mr. and :\lrs. 'V. J. 
62 East avenue 
Receives Monday 
:\Iiss McAllister 
:\IcBrayne, :\11'. and :\Irs. W. S. 
172 Hughson street South 
::\IcCallum, 1\1rs. C. 
167 .James street South 
:\11'. Sayers 
::\IcClemont, :\11'. and Mrs. 'Vm. M. (Spohn) 
199 :\lcXab street South 
Receives Tuesday 

lcCoy, :\11'. and :\Irs. John 
98 Duke street 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
:\11'. Langton 
:\Iiss Rennie McCoy 
::\Iiss :\Iargaret McCoy 
:\1iss Emily 

lr. and :\Irs. Charles R. 
( Luxton) 
" Hil]side, " 303 John street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
::\lcCullough, :\Irs. Peter T. (Cook) 
128 Bold street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
:\Iiss Cook 

lcDonald, :\Irs. Sarah 
 Bold street 
:\11'. George F. :\IcDonald 
:\11'. "'illiam :\-'IcDonald 
:\11'. David .1. McDonald 
:\11'. Bazzard 
:\lcGillivray, :\lrs. Alice (M. D.) 
2i) Bay street South 
S. R., Burlington Beach, Georgian 
Heceives ",Vednesday 
::\lcGirviren, :\Irs. E. (Counsel) 
Waldorf Hotel 
:\lcHaffie, :\11'. and Mrs. John (Addison) 
2-l1 Main street West 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
lr. and Mrs. Thos. F. (Stevens) 
.. Cairn Brae." McNab street North 
Recei ves \Vednesday 
:\Iiss :\lcIluraith 
::\lcIntyre, :\11'. H. J. 
lOG Herkimer street West 

lcKay, Mr. Ah"xander (:\lar
-12 Grove street 
::\1iss Phyllis :\lcKay 
Ir. and ::\Irs. Arthur 
12H Bold street 
Receives Thursday 
::\lcKean, ::\11'. and Mrs. .John 
 Caroline street gast 
Receives 3d and -lth Thursday 
l\h-Kinstrey, Mr. and :\Irs. A. K 
 'Ventworth street South 

McKune, 1\11'. and 1\1rs, F. B. 
12-l Markland street 
Mr. John Goumph 
McLagan, ::\Irs. Alexander (Clark J 
360 Main street East 
ReC'eives Thursday 
Mr. Clark 
Miss F. Clark 
McLaren, :\fiss Harriett 
6-l Charlton avenue 
Receives Wednesday 
l\1iss Maria McLaren 
Miss Jean McLaren 
McLaughlin, :\-11'. and 1\Irs. W. S. (Lees) 
67 Queen street South 
McLellan, Mrs .Elizabeth (Dittey) 
9-1 Herkimer street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
The Misses McLellan 
::\-11'. David McLelIan 
McLellan, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. (Townley) 
88 'Ventworth street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss McLellan 
McNichol, Dr. and Mrs. W. J. (Flatt) 
"Maple Lawn," 254 Bay street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
McPherson, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. l Baxter) 
29-1 Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Marjorie McPherson 
McPhie, ::\-11'. and Mrs. Donald 
105 East avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss McPhie 
Miss Ethel McPhie 
Mr. Stewart McPhie 
McQuesten, ::\lrs. Mary B. (Uaker) 
" "Thitehern," 41 Jackson street 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
::\liss Mary McQuesten 
:\11'. M('Questen 
:\liss Hilda McQuestell 
Miss Ruby McQuesten 
Mr. Thomas McQuesten 
Macdonald, Mrs. Charles F. (Hunting) 
31 Hobinson street 
Macdonald, Mrs. \\T. R. (McNab) 
38 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
l\Iisf" fielle Macdonald 
Miss Alice Macdonald 
Mr. Stewart 
Mackay, :\11'. and Mrs. R. O. (Bull) 
GO Markland street 
Mackay, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (FiIman) 
IH-l Aherdeen avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thur
Mr. H('rbert MaC'kay 
Mr. George Ma('kay 

1iSH Lu.('y Mackay 

1iss 8usie Markay 
Ir. and 
In;;. (Birg(') 
.\ h('rd('('u av('uue 




. . " 


, .
",. , 
. . . 

" , 

\ ' 


" ... 






A VISIt to our new extended :hxture 
rooms will give you an idea how to beautify 
your home with artistic English and Ameri- 
can designs of :hxtu res. 


133 James Street South, Hamilton, Ontario 

Phone 23 



lrs. A. I. 
155 Hughson street South 
:\-Iiss Leila :V1ackenzie 
Miss ,Mary :\Iackenzie 
Herkimer street 
1\11'. Alex :\Iackenzie 
:\liss Jeane :\Iackenzie 

laclaren, Rev. and :\lrs. Alex. 
1 Stanley avenue 
:\1iss Emily :\laclaren 
:\lalcolm, Mr. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam 
12-1- Herkimer street 
S. R" .. Sunniholme " 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
1\11'. Leon Malcolm 
:\lalIoch, Dr. and :Mrs. A. E. C
28 Duke street 
:Mr. George S. :\lalloch 
Miss Grace Malloch 
Miss .Jean Malloch 
Mr. Edmund S. :\lalloch 
:\Ialloch, Mrs. S. E. 
.0 Fairholme," 301 Bay street South 

1iss :\1 alloch 
:\fanning, Mr. and 1\Irs. Albert E. (McIlroy) 
201 .Jackson street \Vest 
:Receives 1 st and 3d Thursday 
:Manson, Mrs. .Jane ( Ryckman) 
46 Young street 
Receives 1st and 2d \Yednesday 
Mrs. Ryckman 

Iars, 1\11'. and ::\:Irs. Alex. 
9 Stanley avenue 
:\11'. Alex. :Mars 
Miss Edna Mars 
Marshall, Mr. and 1\Irs. \Vm. (Mallory) 
258 Bay street South 
Receives 2d and 4th \Vednesday 
The :\lisses Marshall 
:\farshall, Mr. and :vII's. \Ym., Jr. (Dunlop) 
Markland street 
Receives \\'ednesday 
Martin, :\11'. and :\Irs. D'Arcy (Stinson) 
18-j; Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iartin, 1\1rs. Edward (Counsell) 
"Ballinahinch," 31-1 James street 
Receives Friday 
Martin. Mr. and :\Irs. Hubert 
20ß .Tames street South 
Receives \Vednesday 
Mr. and :\Irs. Charles :\lartin 
'Iartin, Mr. and :\lrs. Kirwin (Hamilton) 
25-1- Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iartin, :\11'. and :\lrs. Richard 
.. Dere Claire," t)pPf'r .John street 
Receives \V
:\11'. H.. :\lartin 
::\liss :\1artin 

lason, 1\11'. and :\1rs. .Joseph 
30 Homewood avenue 
:\lason, ::\Irs. .T. .J. (Birrell) 
280 Hess street South 
:\liss :\label Mason 
::\11'. Arthur }<
. :\la5011 
::\1iss ::\1 ay :\Iason 

:\leakins, :\Irs. C. w. 
314 :\Iain street East 
S. R., "Angelview," Hamilton 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 

liss Florence Meakins 
Merrick, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. 
53 Arkledun avenue 
Receives Wednesday 
::\lewburn, Mr. and :\Irs. Sydney C. (Cory) 
262 :\lain street West 
S. R., Burlington 
Receives 2d and 3d ::\londay 
Mrs. :\Iewburn 
:\IilIard, Mr. and ::\lrs. J. ,Yo (Vanstone) 
46 Main street East 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
ReC'eives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 
::\1iller, Mrs. R. S. 
113 'Wentworth street South 
Mr. John S. MilIer 
Miss L. l\1. Miller 
Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin (\Yoods) 
322 Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
:\lills, Mr. and :vIrK James H. (Norris) 
"Bellevue," 197 Main street West 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Mrs. Adelaide Sutcliffe 
::\1iss Aurora Mills 
:\11'. James H. Mills, Jr. 
Mills, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert 
400 Queen street South 
Mills, :\11'. and ::\In
. Stanley 
" Glen Fern," head of Queen street 
Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Thursday 
Miss McCrank 
Mrs. Dodge 
Mills, :Mr. and 1\1rs. 'William R. (Henderson) 
191 James street South 
S. R., "llraema," Hamilton Deach 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Stanley Stuart Mills 
Miss Mills 
::\1 ills, Mrs. \Villiam H. 
271. Main street 'West 
:\Irs. H. C. Simonds 
Miss Simonds 
:\1onck, Judge and :\1rs. J. Frank (Gage) 
80 East avenue South 
ReC'eives 2d and 3d Friday 
:\Ioncur, 1\11'. and Mrs. Robert :\1. (Slacer) 
222 Bay street South 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
:\Irs. Isabel 1\Ionc 1 1r 
:\lontague, Mr. and Mrs. "Y. F. (Newman) 
75 East avenue South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
:\Ioodie, Mr. and :\Irs. .James Robert (.Jolly) 
"Blink Bonnie," Bay strel't 
Receives 2d and 4th \Vednesday 
:\11'. .Jack :\loodie 
:\Ioodie, :\11'. and ::\1rs. .Tas., Jr. (Holton) 
::\lain street East 
Receives "'edueselay 



Moodie, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (F'earman) 
115 Delaware avenue 
Receives Friday 

Col. Alexander H. 
" Kildallan," 370 
Receives 2d and 4th 
Mrs. John Moore 
Mrs. J. S. Atkin
Mr. E. E. W. Moore 
Miss C. E. Moore 
Miss D. C. Moore 
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 
6 We
t avenue North 
Mr. Fred Moore 
Miss Gladys Moore 
l\Ioore, Mrs. \Villiam P. 
447 Main street East 
Receives l
t and 3d Thursday 
Miss C. E. Moore 
Morden, Mr. and Mrs. John \Y. 
40 Maria street 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Mr. Clifford Morden 
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. (Chambers) 
137 Emerald street South 
Receives 1
t and 2d Friday 
Miss M. M. Morgan 
Miss F. A. Morgan 
Mr. R. R. Morgan 
Mr. J. p, D. Morgan 
Morgan, Mr, and Mrs. \Villiam S. 
393 Main street East 
Miss Lottie Morgan 
Miss Jessie Morgan 
Mr. Fred Morgan 
Mrs. M. Richardson 
l\Iorris, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. (Parker) 
264 McNab 
treet South 
S. R., Burlington 
Receives Friday 
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. .T. J. 
B1.nk House 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Grace Morrison 
l\lorton, Mr. and Mrs. John 
85 Emerald street South 
Receives Thur
Mr. George Morton 
l\Iorton, Dr. .John P. 
148 .Tames street South 
Rev. .John Morton 
Mr. Robert J. Morton 
Mr. Clifford Morton 
l\Iorton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Patton) 
83 Emerald street South 
 1Rt, 2à and 3d Thursday 
Mullen, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. (Lazier) 
201 James 
treet South 
S. R.. Grim
by Park 
Mullen, Mrs. Sarah A. 
Turner avenue 
Mr. Archie Mullen 
l\Iunro, Mr. Lawrence 
"Eagle Baldie," Freeman place 
Mr. Myers Munro 





Murdoch, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Eckhardt) 
] 64 \\Yentworth street South 
Receives Thursday 
Murphy, Miss Lina 
104 James South 
Receives Friday 
Miss Murphy 
Murray, Mr. Alexander 
206 Main 
treet \Yest 
Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 
134 Jame
 street South 
Receives Friday 
Miss Mona Murray 
Mr, Bert Vernon 
Murton, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. (Eastwood) 
26 Grant avenue 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives ::\londay 
Mr. Herbert Murton 
Myler, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Judson (Lottridge) 
61 Robinson street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Neill, Mr. and "Mrs. Alex. T. (Stewart) 
156 \Ventworth street South 
Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Tuesda)' 
Nesbitt, Mr. and Mrs. J. \Y. (Dunlop) 
199 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
K esbit, Miss Minnie I. 
11 Madison avenue 
New, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Somerville) 
128 Hunter street \Vest 
Receives Monday 
Mr. Douglas Xew 
Mr. Chester Kew 
Mr. Gordon Kew 
Mr. Robert New 
Kewton, Mr. and Mrs. D. (Grant) 
McNab street South 
S. R., \Yinona Park 
The MÜ'ses Newton 
Newberry, Mr. Charles E. 
65 Hannah 
treet 'Vest 
Niblett, Mr. and Mrs. \Y. C. 
Charlton avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Kicholson, Mrs. A. (Truscott) 
48 Homewood avenue 
Mr. .1. Truscott 
Mr. \V. J. Nicholson 
Miss E.1\... Nicholson 
Noyes! Mr. and Mrs. Grenville (Heald) 
150 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Finch Koyes 
O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. .James C:VlcKenzie) 
105 Bay street South 
O'Connor, Mr. and ::\lrs. D. D. (:\lills) 
Moun tain 
Receives Monday 
O'Heir, Mr. Arthur 
92 \Vellington street South 
Miss Mary Gillesby 
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Riddle) 
on street 
Receivp<; 2d and 4th Friday 
Mrs. Riddle 



Olmsted, Dr. and 
Irs. Ingersoll ('Wood) 
James street South 
Re.ceives Friday 
43 'Yellington street South 
:\11'. James Hallam 
O'Reilly, Mrs. J. E. (:\finguay) 
11 Herkinwr street 
Recei ves Friday 
Osborne, :\11'. Alexander G. 
36 Herkimer 
:\11'. J. Y. Osborne 
Osborne, :VII'. and :\Irs. A. G, (Fuller) 
46 l\lcXab street South 
Receives 'Yednesdav 
:\liss Rosalind Osborñe 
borne, Mrs. "ïlliam 
42 Hannah street East 
Re.ceives Friday 
:\Iiss Annie Osborne 
Osborne, :\11'. and :\Irs. \\ïlIiam 'V. 
( Chapman) 
Hannah street "\Yest 
Receives Thursday 
S. R., "\Yoodburn," Burlington 
:\Irs. Chapman 
Ir. and :\Irs. Edward 
471 King street East 
I. J. Overell 
:\Iiss Overell 

Park, :\Iiss Annie 1\1. 
G5 :\Iarkland street 
Receives Thursday 
:\11'. Robert H. Park 
:\liss Elizabeth Park 
Parke, Dr, George 
144 James street South 

Ir. H. Patterson 
Parke, :\11'. and 
lrs. George 
72 \Vest avenue South 
Parke, 1\11'. and 
lrs. ,Yo (Sager) 
1 (i Blvth street 
S. R., 'Hamilton Beach 
Receives l:,;t and 2d \Vednesday 
Patterson, :\11'. and :\Irs. .John (Busby) 
] 8
 .Tames street South 
Receives 2d 'Yednesday 
Patterson, :\11'. .John 
1-t Hess 
t reet South 
:\11'. H. .\1. Patterson 
Ir. and :\Irs. Elford G. 

1('Kab street South 
H.eeei ves Thursday 
::\liss Mary Payne 
Peene, :\11'. and :\Irs. \. W. (Nottle) 
9D \\'entworth street South 
Pennyfather. :\11'. and :\11'8. C. II. (13arker) 
3M) Charlton avenue "'est 
Person, :\11'. and -'Irs. .J. C. 
1R2 HUJ.?;hson street South 
ceivei-' 1st and :
d Friday 
:\1 rs. :\Iorgan (Person) 
:\11'. .James Person 
1\11'. George Person 

Pigott, :\11'. and :\Irs. :\1. A. (Dolan) 
"Konkore," 157 'Yentworth street 
:\lisses Pigott 
Pottinger. :\11'. and :\Irs. John 
568 King street 'Ve
Receives \Vednesday 
:\11'. Frederick Pottinger 
Powis, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles A. (Hood) 
195 .Jackson street "'est 
S. R., 'Vinona 
Powis, :\11'. and Mrs. Alfred (Crawford) 
"Gladysholme," Aberdeen avenue 
and Hess street 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
:\Iiss Agnes Powis 
:\Iiss Kate Powis 
Miss Dorothy Powis 
Pratt, :\Irs. and 1\Irs. T. H. (Birge) 
"Rose Arden," East avenue 
S. R., "Cedarmont," :\lountain 
Receives 'Vednesday 
Ir. and :\Irs. Robert A. (Bedell) 
Charlton avenue East 
Receives Friday 
Proctor, :\11'. and :\lrs. John 
"Cedar Grove," King street East 
S. R., Dunnville, Banffshire, Scot- 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss X ellie Proctor 

Ir. and :\Irs. Joseph H. 
21 Homewood a, en ue 
:\Iiss Ruth Quarry 
:\Iiss Ethel Quarry 

Raw, :\lrs. :\Iary A. (:\liddlewood) 
" Highview, " 51 
larkland street 
Re.ceives Fridav 
:\[1'. George \Y. .Haw 
:\11'. and :\Irs. Edwin Purlier Raw 
( Edwards) 
Rennie, Dr. and Mrs. George S. (Hamilton) 
:\Iain street East 
Renwick. :\Irs. Thomas (Bi(òkle) 
60 Aberdeen a yen ue 
Receives 2d and -lth Thursday 
Rutherford, The :\1 isse8 
l-1-ü Emerald street South'eives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
:\Irs. Lest
:\11'. and :\Irs. Rutherford 
Roach, :\Iiss 
35 Barton street 'Vest 
:\Ii:,;s Bella R03eh 
1\1 rs. Leslie 
Robertson, :\11'. and :\11'8. H. H. (Browne) 
21-1- Ab('rdeen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
on, :\11'. and :\11'8. Itobert A. 
( Xirholson) 
li() Hannah stre('t East 
}{ereives 1 st and -tth Thursday 

l rs. George Ito b(c'rt SOil 


. J '


.;::' . 
 / :}':r:

F ..... _ r

f" \
/ \ 

 r ' oj; . 
. "'

;P :. 
'\. ;,r\ :" 




Manufacturers of Artistic Diamond and Platinum 
Designs and Estimates furnished for special work 
TIle Cltaracter and (-J.uality of our 
goods lta1'e stood tlie test for years 
You will find our stock to- consist of only the best in 
Diamonds, Watches, Je
elry, Cut-Glass 
and Hand Paínted Chína 

Our Optical Department is in charge of an eye- 
sight Specialist who makes use of the most improved 
Scientific methods of Testing and Correcting defect- 
. . . 
1 ve VIsIon, 
He will be pleased to give you full information 
and consultation FREE OF CHARGE, 


35 and 37 James Street N




Robinson, :\Ir. and :\Ir
. Edward H. D. 
( Hammond) 
126 "Tellington street South 
Robinson, Mr. and :\Irs. G. 'Y. 
Ravenscliff avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Robinson, 1Irs. ,Yo A. (Moore) 

-l Charlton avenue 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. Stanley D. Robinson 
Robinson, :\Ir. and :\Irs. ,Yo 'V. (Dewart) 
] 12 Enwrald avenue South 
S, R., Burlington Beach 
Mr. George L. Robinson 
Mr. Albert Henry Robinson 
Mr. Fred Dewart Robinson 
Rogers. Dr. and Mrs. James T. 
114 Main street 'Vest 
Rogers. :\Ir. and 'Mrs. Robert (Bragg) 
49 East avenue 
Roseburgh. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 
( Parlmer) 
98 James street South 
S. R., Grimsby Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Ross. Mr. Samuel F. 
28 Ray street South 
Mr. Fraderick Ross 
Mr. 'Yilliam L. Ross 
Miss Lizzie Ross 
Rousseaux, Mr. and :\Irs. J. McKenzie 
165 John street South 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Friday 
Miss 1'1argaret O. Rousseaux 
Rowe, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Arthur (McClure) 
:\Iarkland street 
Receives Thursday 
Roy, Mr. and :\Irs. R. Maitland 
270 :\Iain street 'Vest 
Russell, Mr. T. A. 
14 Greenville street 
Rutherford, ::VIr. and :\lrs. Geo. (Harvey) 
.. FernhilI." :\Iain street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Rutherford 
Ryckman, :\Ir. and :\'1rs. 'William H. 
( 11cElroy) 
54 Hess street South 
Receives 1 st and 4th :\Ionday 
:\Ir. Robert T. Ryckman 
Miss Carrie Ryckman 

Sanford, Hon. and Mrs. ,\\Y. E. 
.. 'Vesanford," Jackson street 'Vest 
S. R., .. San Souci," :\Iuskoka 
Receives Tuesday 
Sayers, :\Irs. Addie (Eager) 

7 "Tellington street South 
Receives Monday 
::VIr. Henry H. Sayres 
Miss Edna M. Sayres 
Scott. Mr. and 1Irs. Charles S. (\Yatson) 
161 Hughson street South 
Receives 'Vednesday 

\liss Isabella Scott 

Scott, :\Ir. and :\Irs. James (,Jarvis) 
186 Main street 'Vest 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
:\Iiss 11able Scott 
Miss Carrie Scott 
Scott, :\lr. and :\frs. J. J. (Cheever) 
21 Robinson street 
Receives \Vednesday 
:\Iiss :\Iargaret s.cott 
:\Ir. Cheever Scott 
Sealey, :;\Ir. and 1Irs. Charles (Eaton) 
.. :\lapleside," 61 Hunter street 
S. R., 'Vatertown 
Receives 1st and 3d "Wednesday 
Sealey. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. (Tunis) 
.. 1'1apleside," 61 Hunter street 
S. R., Toledo, O. 
Receives 1st and 3d "Wednesday 
Mr. C. W. Sealey (Trinity College. 
Toron to) 
Sealey. Mr. and Mrs. 'V. O. (Forbes) 
95 Victoria avenue South 
S. R., V{atertown 
Receives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 
Miss Ethel :\1. Sealey (284 Jarvis 
street, Toronto) 
Seavey, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. (Bearman) 
249 King street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Semmens, Mr. and Mrs. A. 'Y. 
39 Stanley avenue 
Sharkey, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. (Storer) 
51 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiarn 
54 Queen street South 
S. R., Grimsby Park 
Sharp, Mrs. Jessie (Dodds) 
120 Main street 'West 
:\ofr. and Mrs. Dodds 
Shaw, Mrs. G. :\ol. (Symons) 
312 Queen street South 
Receives Monday 
ì\Iiss Shaw 
Shea, Mr. and :\Irs. James F'. (1Iaguire) 
3-1 Queen street South 
Receives 1st and 2d 'Vednesday 
Mr. Robin Shea (Denver, Colo.) 
Sheilds, Rev. and :\Irs. Thomas 
134 \Ventworth street South 
Sklmin, :\Ir. and Mrs. James (Renwick) 
26 Bay street South 
S. R., nurlington B"ach and Geor- 
gian Bay 
Receives "'Tednesday 
Dr. Nellie Skimin 
Slater, Mr. and :\Irs. .Tames 
117 Hannah street 
::\lr. Mark L. Staunton 
Smart, Mr. and :\Irs. W. Greg-ory (Bailey) 
Queen street South 
Receives Thursday 
Smith, :\Irs. 
, 20 
tanley avenue 
Miss :\1. Smith 



lr. and Mrs. Byron (Lindebury) 
80 Robinson street 
S. R., Stanns, Onto 
Receiyes last \Yednesday 

Ir. Harry L. Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner (Bull) 
Receives Saturday 
Smith, Mr. and l\lrs. R. J. 
93 Ontario street 
l\Iiss Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. \Y. B. (Jones) 
317 Main street East 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Dr. D. Smith 
:Miss Adeline Smith 
:Mr. Reginald Smith 
Snider, Judge and Mrs. Colin G. (Grassett) 
80 Queen street South 
Receives l\Ionday 
11iss Helen Snider 
1liss 'Vinnifred Snider 
Somerville, 1Ir. and 1\irs. .James H. ('Volfkill) 
259 Bay street :.:,outh 
Receives \Vednesday 
1Ir. and 
'1rs. Robert 'Volfkill 
Somerville, :\Ir. and l\Irs. 'Vm., Sr., 
( Balgranie) 
]30 Hunter street 'Vest 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives h,t and 2d Monday 
1Iiss Charlotte Somerville 
1liss B311e Somerville 
Somerville, 1Ir. and Mrs. \Ym., Jr. (Lyon) 
118 Duke street 
Recei ves Friday 
Souter, l\Ir. and Mrs. Alexander M. (Murray) 
R5 Queen f"treet South 
Southam, :Mr. and ::\lrs. \Villiam ('Vatson) 
" Pinehurst," 1fi3 .Jackson street 
Receives "Monday 
::\lr. and l\Irs. St. Clair Balfour 
Spratt, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. A. (Stuart) 
Aberdeen avenue 
Receives Thur
1Iiss Meta ßankier 
Spring, Miss Edith M. 
65 Main street West 
S. R., Parry Sound, Onto 
:Miss Spring 
Staunton, :\lr. and Mrs. George Lynch 
( Dewar) 
Receives Thursday 
Steel, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tasker (Roe) 
fi4 Charlton street \Vest 
Re.ceives \Vednesday 
Steven, ::\Ir. and Mrs. H. S. 
460 Main street East 
Receiyes 2d and 4th Thursday 
1Ir. Archibald Steven 
Stevens, Mr. and 11rs. 
24 Stanley avenue 
Ir. and Mrc:. T. .J. (Pollock) 
240 Yfc='Jab street South 
Recei ves 1 '-'t and 3d \Vednesday 
:\1iss Mame Stewart 

Stewart, 11r, and 
lrs. 'Villi
nl A. (
65 Hannah street 'Vest 
Receives 3d and 4th Thursday 
Storms, Dr. and Mrs. Douglas G. 
53 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Annette Storms 
1Iiss Agatha Booth 

Iiss Helen Booth 
Mrs. Donald Booth 
Stuart, Mrs. James 
152 James street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. James 1\1. Stuart 
Mr. Norman Stuart 
Stuart, Mr. Alt'xander 
RR Victoria avenue South 
Mr. Louis Stuart 
Miss Jean Stuart 
Sutherland, Mr. and l\Irs. Angus (Buntin) 
.. Dunrobin," 181 Jackson street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Miss Sutherland 
Miss l\largaret Sutherland 
Sutherland, Canon and NIrs. R. G . 
119 Hunter street 'Vest 
Sutherland, Mr. and l\Irs. John 'Ym. 
, (Graham) 
120 Duke street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Graham 
Swanf'on, 11r. and :\lrs. 'V. J. (Morgan) 
Stinson street 
S. R.. Burlington B9ach 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Theo. Swanson 
Sweet, l\Ir. and Mrs. George (Angle) 
33 Bay street South 
Receives ] st '" ednesday 
S. R., Burlington Beach 
Mr. .John Sweet 
Miss Nellie Sweet 
:\liss Dollie Sweet 
l\Ir. Edward Sweet 
Sweet, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. (Barnard) 
146 .J ames street South 
Receives Friday 
Symington, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam (Gauld) 
13-l Duke street 
Receives Thursday 

Taylor, ::\1rs. .Tames C. (1IcBride) 
130 Markland street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
S. R., Grimsby Park 
1Iiss Effie Taylor 
Miss "Mabel Taylor 
1-1iss Lizzie Taylor 
11iss Mary Taylor 
:\lr. Andrew Taylor 
Taylor, Sir Thomas W. and Lady 
67 Victoria avenue South 
Receives Tuesday 
Ten Eyck, Rev. .r. ,Yo 
St. Peter's Rectory, 1-15 Grant ave- 



Thompson, Mrs. Robert 
\.mesfield, " James street South 
Re('eh'es Thursday 
S. R., "Amesfield 'Towers," Scotland 

lr. and 
Irs. Charteres Thompson 
( Taylor) 
Miss Hostetter 
TidsdelI, Major and 
Irs. \Villiam O. (Young) 
J allles street 
label Young 
Thomas, :\Irs. C. L. 
.. Oak Lawn," 5-17 King street 
::\Irs. Rond 
:\Iiss B)nd 
Thomson, :i\lr. and Mrs. G. C. (I3unbury) 
44 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
Ir. and :i\lrs. James (:Moffat) 
201 Bay street South 
Receives 3d and -Hh Tuesday 
::\11'. .James A. Thompson, Jr. 
Thompson, 1\1r. and ::\Irs. H.. A. (Perry) 
The :\Iountain 
Throop, Mr. and ::\Irs. n. J. (Bower) 
Herkimer street 
Heceives \Vedne
Tilden, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. .John H. (Marks) 
-1:5 Yictoria avenue South 
Hecei yes 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Trenaman, ::\11'. and 
Irs. .J. D. (Pringle) 
899 King street East 
Heceives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Ir. and 1\1rs. Charles P. (Robertson) 
 King street 'Vest 
S. n., HamiJton Beach 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Ir. and :'Ilrs. George T. (Hoodless) 
-1 Queen street South 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
:\11', George J. Tuckett 
s LiJy Guy 
Tudor, ::\nss Lt'ila A. 
$16 Herkimer street 
Tunis, .\Ir. and ::\Irs. J. ". (Sealey) 
.. ::\Iapleside," 61 Hunter street 
\\" est 
S. R., Hosseau 
He('eives 1st and i=:d ,\\Yednesday 
:\11'. Charles ,Yo Sealey 
Turnbull, :\11'. and :\Irs. A. C. 
16 \Yentworth street South 
Receives 1st and 2d \Vednesday 
Turnbull, :\Ir. and :\Irs. .James (Hay) 
"Arkledun." Ppper .John street 
S. R., .. lIaystone," \\ïnona 
::\11'. Robt. Turnbull 

Jiss Turnbull 
Turnbull, ::\11'. and :\Irs. "T. R. (Hutherford) 
:n Ontario avenue 
S. u., Port Carling, 
Turner, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Alexander (Strang) 
];) 1 Hughson street South 
He('eives 'Yt'dne

Turner, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Campbell (Birkle) 
-1:5 Young street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. J. A. Turner 
Turner, ::\lr. "YilIiam, Sr. 
326 :\Iain street Ear-,t 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
::\Ir. '\ïlliam Turner, Jr. 
:\Iiss Turner 

Unswortb, Dr. A. D. 
276 Queen street South 
:\Iiss rnswortb 
Lnswortb, 1\] r. and :\Irs. Albert (Bardett) 
19 Canada street 
::\Iiss Gertrude l'nsworth 
:'IIr. Alexander Lnsworth 

Vallance, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Frank B. 
93 \\Yellington street South 
Vallance, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. George 
160 Hughson street South 
Receives "Yednesday 
Yallance, ::\11'. and _\Irs. William (Zealand) 
42 Herkimer street 
S. R., ::\Iuskoìm 
Receives bt and 2d Thursday 
:\Ir. \\ïlIiam Vallance 
Yan Allen, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. Eli (\VaddeIl) 
163 ::\Iain street 'Vest 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d Thursday 
:\liss Yan Allen 
Veale, ::\Ir. and :\Trs. A. .T. 
263 King street 'Vest 
::\11'. Foster 
Yincent, ::\lr. and ::\11'8. Arthur (Palmer) 
43 Robinson street 
Receives \\Yednesday 

'Yaddell, :\Ir. and 
Irs. Frank R. (Lister) 
195 Hughson street South 
Receives 2d, 3d and .Hh \Vednesday 
'\Yaddell, Mrs. R. R. (Birely) 
189 Hughson street South 
Receives \Vednesday 
'\Yaddie, ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. H. J. 
138 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
'Vade, Rev. and ::\lrs. 'ViIliam H. (Peace) 
15 Hannah street \Yest 
d, 3d and -Hh \Yednesday 
::\11'. Stanley \Yade 
Miss \Vinnifred 'Vade 

tarian \\Yade 
\Yadland, ::\11'. and ::\>lrs. Thomas H. (Collier) 
Arkledun avenue 
Heceives Thur
.\11'. and 
Irs. Hamilton Hobinson 
\\Yalker ::\lrs. Frank E. 

I;) Wellington stref't South 
H('('eÍ\"es "Yednesday 
:\tiss Ethel \\Yalker 
'Yalker, ::\Ir. and 
Irs. .James (Pierce) 
3R Hess street South 
ReceÌ\-es ::\londay 

Manufactured by 


Factory and Warerooms 

Hamilton, Ontario 

R. J. BRUCE, Keele and Dundas Streets, "\Yest Toronto 
A. F. CARNEGIE, Gerrard and Main Streets, East Toronto 
L. lTOLLES, 3 6 5 Queen Street \Vest 
ANTHONY MOLE, 534 Queen Street vVest 
HODSON & PAYNE, 584 Bloor ,Street \Yest 
GEO. J. HOOPER, 170 Queen Street West 
J. T. BETTLES, 1107 Queen Street 'Vest 
THE BEDELLS FURNISHING CO., Limited, 5 Queen St. East 


E BROS., 125-127 King Street 

THE OKTARIO FURNITURE CO., 228-230 Dundas Street 



'Wallace, Dr. Robert R. 
113 :\Iain street 'West 
Receives 1st 'Wednesday 
"Talton, 1\Iiss Isabella 
.James street South 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
"Tanzer, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Frank (Bartlett) 
" :\Iountwood,.' Freeman Place 
Receives "Tedne!':day 
Wanzer, '\Irs. T. D. (Phillips) 
The Mountain 
""ardrope, :\Ir. and Mrs. 'W. H. (Macdonald) 
22-1 Bay street South 
Receives Thursday 
Washington, :\lr. and .:\Irs. S. F. (Howells) 
133 Hannah street "Test 
Receives Tuesday 
"Taters, 1\11'. W. J. 
175 Jackson street "Test 
Miss 'Waters 
"'atkins, Mr. and 
Irs. Thomas (De Long) 
" Heidelbank " 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Reginald Watkins 
Mr. 'V. \Vatkins 
Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest 
Park street South 
Watkins, Mr. and :\Irs. Edgar H. (Ellsworth) 
24 Emerald street North 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Miss Perry 
'VatEon, Mr. and Mrs. G. 
164 Catherine street South 
Miss F. L. 'Watson 
'\Vatson, Mrs. Helen (Dewar) 
35 Duke street 
Receives "Tednesday 
The :\1isses 'Watson 
"Tatson, Mr. and :\lrs. H. M. (Crawford) 
176 Hughson street South 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Yednesday 
Miss Violet 'Yatson 
Mr. \Vilfred \Vatson 
lr. and :\Jrs. J. A. 
.. Inglewood," James street South 
Receives Thursday 
Waugh, :\lr. and Mrs. \V. J. (Shipman) 
250 James street South 
S. R., Drockville 
Receives ] st, 2d and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss 'Yindred L. Waugh 
Webber, Mr. and ::\Irs. 'V. ß. 
.. 'Woodlawn" 1-17 Victoria avenue 
South ' 
H.eceives Tuesday 
Weir, Mrs. .John (Steele) 
72 Ray street South 
Receives 1 st and 3d 'Wednesday 
1\11'. .John 'Veil' 
1 r. and :\Irs. '\T arren (Smith) 
40 Bay street South 
Receives 2d and 4th Thur
Wbitton, Mr. and :\Irs. Arhett (Simonds) 
Turner avenue 
S. R., Hamilton Beach 
H.eceives Thursday 

Whitton, :\11'. and :\Irs. Francis H. (Leduc) 
353 Bay street South 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
:\Iiss Louise LeDuc 
1\11'. and Mrs. B. L. 
32 'Vest avenue Sùuth 
:\11'. and Mrs. C. S. (Morley) 
69 Herkimer street 
Receives Thursday 
:\11'. Horace 
James street South 
1\1 iss 'Vilcox 




:\11'. and Mrs. J. O. 
Bank of Montreal, James street 
Receives Friday 
Miss \Yilgress 
Mr. and :\lrs. E. G. (Lumsden) 
-16] Main street East 
Recei ves 1st and 3d Friday 
Mrs. Elizabeth 'Villard 
Mr. and :\lrs. 
22 Homewood avenue 
\Villiams, Mrs. Elizabeth (Medler) 
54 "'est avenue 
Miss \Villiams 




\V ill is, Mr. and :\Irs. G. A. 
252 Main street 'West 
Miss Anna 'Willis 
"Wilson, :\Ir. and :\lJ:rs. A. 
18 Homewood avenue 
:\Iiss Cath. "ïlsOll 
"Windsor, 1\Irs. C. S. (Pellon) 
281 Bay street South 
Mr. George \Vindsor 
Wickens, Dr. and Mrs. A. E. 
13-1 James street Soutb 
Receives Friday 
Miss 'Wickens 
Witton, Mr. and :\Irs. H. B. 
323 Bay street South 
Receives Tbursday 
Wolverton, Dr. and :\Irs. A. (Colcord) 
Bay street South 
'Vood, :\lr. and :\11'8. 'William A. (Roy) 
.. Elmwood," 265 James street 
S. R., Hamilton Deach 
Receives Friday 
Woodruff, Mr. and :\lrs. 'Villiam E. (:\Iills) 
192 Jackson street West 
S. R.. Hamilton Beach 
Receives :\Ionday 
'Woods, Mr. and :\Irs. \\Talter 
11 Forest avenue 
S. R., nurlington Beach 
:Miss G. "Toods 
'Wright, :\Ir. and :\Jrs. H. G. (Craig) 
103 Emerald street South 
Receives Thursday 
'Wright, :\11'. and :\lrs. Vaughn 
Aberdeen a\ enue 
Receives 'Vednesday 



Yapp, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. ('Yalsh) 
138 Herkimer street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Yorick, Mrs. Eliza A. (Jervis) 
51 'Vest avenue South 
Receives 1st and 3d \Vednesday 

1:r. John Yorick 
::\lr. Benjamin Yorick 
:Mr. Charles Yorick 
s Charlotte Yorick 
Young, l\Ir. and Mrs. James M. (Vernon) 
"Oak Bank," James 
treet South 
S. R., "Vernon Island," Muskoka 
Receives Friday 

Iiss Young 
Miss Elsie Young 

Young, Rev. and Mrs. John C\Yoods) 
26 Emerald street 
Receives 1st, 3d and 4th Thursday 
:\lrs. Henderson 

Zealand, Mr. and 
lrs. H. "T. (Vallance) 
280 Park street 
Receives Thursday 
Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. Adam (Campbell) 
132 Bold 
Receives 1st and last Friday 
Miss G. Zimmerman 
Zimmerman, Mr. and :\irs. Alex (\Valker) 
39 Robinson street 
S. R.. Burlington 




Abbot, Dr. Henry R. 
227 Queens avenue 
Alexander, Dr. and :\lrs. Xorman (Somerville) 
473 Park avenue 
Receives ".ednesday 
Alexander, Mr. and l\Irs. Thomas (Henderson) 
Ayrecourt, Bruce street 
Receives Thursday 
::\Iiss Phyllis Henderson 
Mr. wuì Hender!>on 
Allen, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam Currie (Nixon) 
88 Ridout street 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Jean Allen 
Anderson, Lieut. and Mrs. Percival (Gore) 
2-15 Piccadilly street 
Receives Monday 
Anderson, :\lrs. E. H. (:\lilne) 
\Yalmington House, Ridout street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Ir. R. 
362 Prin.cess avenue 
Armstrong, :\'lrs. (l\IcColl) 
349 Maitland street 
Recei ves Friday 
:\Iiss Isabel C. Armstrong 
::\11'. :
\1urray T. Armstrong 
Arnott, Dr. and :\lrs. David (Fram) 
226 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 

Baker. 1\11'. and ::\<lrs. Thomas (Dyment) 
653 Talbot street 
Receives Saturday 
Bartram. :\11'. and :\Irs. 'V. H. (Barker) 
Receives :\londay 
:\liss Ruth Bartram 
:\1iss Amy Bartram 
:\1iss Beatrice Bartram 
:\11'. 'V. G. R Bartram 
Bayly, Mr. and :\11'8. Richard (Moore) 
186 Albert street 
Re.cei ves ". ednesday 
:\liss Etta Dayly 
:\1iss Edith Bayly 
:\liss Helen Bayly 
Bayly, :\11'. and :\lrs. Richard A. (Cameron) 

OO Piccadilly street 
Heceives \Vednesday 
Beattie, Major Thomas 
514 Dundas street 
Mr. Hindley Beattie 
Beattie. :\11'8. Virginia (Put
Elmhurst, ".ortley road 
Receives Thur!>day 
:Miss Cora Beattie 

Beattie. :1\11'. and :\Irs. John H. A. (Peto) 
255 Sydenham street 
Receives Thursday 
Beaumont. Rev. .J. 'V. 
510 Central avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
lVIiss Marion Beaumont 
Becher. :\lrs. Catharine :\1. (Campbell) 
Thornwood, St. George street 
:\11'. H. Campbell Becher 
Dr. Archibald V. Becher 
Beck, Honorable and Mrs. Adam (Ottaway) 
Headley, Richmond street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Beck. Mr. and :\lrs. Jacob Fritz 
( Haliburton-Kerr) 
430 St. George street 
Receives .Monday 
Beddome. Mr. and 1\1rs. A. H. (Mot-Ring), 
Bank of :Montreal Residence 
Receives Friday 
1\1iss Beddome 
Belton, Dr. and Mrs. C. \V. (Ross) 
375 'Yellington street 
Receives 'Wednesday 
Belton, :\11'. and :\'Irs. George H. (Croden) 
25-1 Central avenue 
REceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Belton. Mrs. Lavina (Scatcherd) 
315 Hyman street 
Receives :\londay 
::\1iss Emily Belton 
Miss Isabel Belton 
Miss Anne Scatcherd 
Betts, :\'11'. and Mrs. Frederick P. (Cronynl 
536 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
:\1iss Dorothy Betts 
Mr. H. H. Betts 
Biddulph, :\liss S. E. 
4-5 Druce street 
Receives Thursday 
Bla.ckburn, Mr. and :\lrs. Arthur S. 
( Henderson) 
780 Richmond street 
Receives Monday 
Blackburn, 1\11'. and Mrs. Henry S. 
'] 42 'Yaterloo street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Blackburn. Mr. and \Irs. 'Walter J. (Harvey) 
925 Richmond street 
Receives Monday 
Blizzard, :\Irs. A. A. (Carrothers) 
371 Central avenue 
Receh es Friday 
:\liss Margaret Blizzard 



Boomer, Mrs. Harriet 
513 Dundas street 
Receives Tuesday 
Boucber, Mr. James 
205 Queens avenue 
Broderick, Mr. and Mrs. P. 'V. D. 
( lVkWbinney) 
St. George street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Kathleen Broderick 
:Miss Aileen Broderick 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George T..(Cronyn) 
Westerly, Talbot street 
Receives Saturday 
Brown, Mr and Mrs. J. Harley (Hobson) 
228 Central avenue 
Receives Friday 
Buchner, Mr. and Mrs. rrban (Dickison) 
574 "
aterloQ street 
S. R., Springbank 
Receives Friday 
:Miss Alison Dickison 
Bucke, Dr. E. Pardee 
207 Queens avenue 
Bullen, :\lr. and Mrs. "'rill. F. (Grosse) 
533 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Bullen 
Burns, :Vlr. and Mrs. R. Muir (Coffey) 
H CIon Tars" 
Receives Friday 

Cameron, Sheriff and Mrs. D. M. 
( Gooderham) 
860 Waterloo street 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Cl. T. (Tyrrel) 
327 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Bryden N. (Logan) 
330 Sf. James street 
Receives Monday 
Campbell, Mrs. .J. B. 
380 Dundas street 
Receives :\Jonday 
Miss Adah Campbell 
Dr. J. B. Campbell 
Carling, Sir .John 
564 'Vellington street 
Miss Louie Carling 
Carling, :\Ir. and }ilrs. John A. (Taschereau) 
694 Talbot street 
Receives Saturday 
Carling, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. (Innes) 
Trewaineth, Talbot street 
Receives Saturday 
],Ir. J. Innes Carling 
Carlisle, Rev. Arthur 
Miss Carlisle 
Carlisle, Mr. 'Wilfred T. 
417 Dundas street 
Clark Rev. and Mrs. T. B. 
, All Saints Rectory, Hamilton road 
Irs. Allan McK. (Gartshore) 
Receives Friday 

Coffey, Senator and :\Jrs. Thomas (Hevey) 
CIon Tars and the Russell, Ottawa 
Recei ves 'Vednesday 
Complin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. 
472 Ridout street 
Receives Friday 
Miss Florence Complin 
Miss Edith Complin 
Mr. Ernest Complin 
Cowan, l\lr. and Mrs. Robert K. (Broderick) 
294 Dufferin avenue 
Receives "'rednesday 
Cox, Mrs. Kate C:\Iitchell) 
746 Waterloo street 
Receives "
Miss Dixie Cox 
Cronyn, Mr. and Mrs. Hume (Labatt) 
580 Dundas street 
Receives Tuesday 
Croyn, Mr. and Mrs. Verschoyle (Blake) 
594 Dundas street 
Receives Tuesday 
Dann, Rev. Canon and .Mrs. George A. 
St. Paul's Cathedral Rectory, 
Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
:Mr. Eyre Dann 
Mr. Hugh Dann 
Davis, Very Rev. Dean and l\Irs. Evans 
( Greenwood) 
The Deanery, "
ortIey road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Greenwood 
Miss Gwendolyn Davis 
Dr. Evans Davis 
Mr. Llanarth Davis 
Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. (Pope) 
184 Ridout street 
Receives Thursday 
Dillon, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. (Heath) 
10 Marley place 
S. R., HiB Crest, Port Stanley 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Louise DiBon 
Mr. Jack Dillon 
Drake, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. ("\\
371 'Vellington street 
Receives 'Vednesday 
Duffield, Mr, and Mrs. James C. C
518 Queens avenue 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Colin Duffield 
Duffield, Mrs. Louise (Cummings) 
517 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Durand, :;\lr. and Mrs. Andrew (Parke) 
Ridout street South 
Receives Thursday 

Eccles, Dr. and Mrs. F. R. (Dusty) 
Ellwood Place, Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Edge, Mr. and 
lrs. 'V. T. 
385 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesdav 



Elliott, Mr. Hume 
400 Dufferin avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss Annie Elliott 
:\liss Kate Elliot 
:\liss Ruby Richie 
Elliott, judge and :\11'5. Edward 
782 ""ellington street 
Receives ::\londay 
:\liss Lillian Elliott 
Emery, Mr. and :\11'8. Arthur S. (Corrigan) 
95 Ridout street 
Receives Thursday 
:\liss Xellie Emery 
:\liss Corrigan 

Fisher, Mr. Robert Grant 
S. R., Sunnyside, London Township 
Fisher, Co!. and 1\1rs. Charles E. H. 
808 'Waterloo street 
Receives :\londay 
::\11'. Fred St. C. J; isher 
Dr. Stuart MeV. Fisher 
Farncombe, :Mr. and Mrs. FrederiC'k 
715 ""aterloo street 
H.eceÍ\'es Monday 
Fraser, Mr. and ::\1rs. Maxwell D. (Tilley) 
599 Princess avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Forbes-::.\litchell, ""Ill. J. 
98 Dundas street 

Gartshore, Co!. and ::.\lrs. (::.\IcClary) 
.. Uef'chwood," Ridout street 
lteceives Thursday 
Gardiner, 1\1rs. 1\1. 1. (Johnston) 
.. Holmcroft," \nlliam street 
1\Iiss !{owena Gardiner 
::.\11'. Egbert Gardiner 
Gates, ::\11'. and Mrs. Herbert E. ("Wright) 
76 Albert street 
H.eceives "" ednesday 
Gerrard, :\11'. and ::\lrs. George n. (Christie) 
Bank of British Xortb America 
S, R., St. .Johns, Xova S.cotia 
H.ecf'ives Friday 
Gunn, Mr. and :\lrs. George C. (Moore) 
] 78 Albert street 
Receives \\"ednesday 
Gibbons, :\11'. and 
Irs. George S. (Of:ler) 
J9 \\"ellington street 
S. R., .. H.oach's Point" 
H.ecei ves :\Ionday 
Gibbons, 1\11'. and Mrs. George C. (Craig) 
.. Lornehurst," DulIerin avenue 
Receives \\'ednesday 
::\liss Helen Gibbons 
Gillespie, :\11'. and 1\1rs. Geo. H. (Alexander) 
11;-1: Albert street 
Receives \\"ednesday 
Ginge, ::\lrs. .1. H. 

ö 1 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
::\liss ::\1 arguerite Ginge 
:\11'. Jacob Ginge 

Graydon, :\11'8. ::\largaret (Simpson) 
" Connemara," Dundas street 
:\liss Selina Graydon 
::.\11'. A. Ormsby Graydon 
::.\11'. H. ::.\larshall Graydon 
Mr. N. Parke Graydon 
Gunn, ::.\Irs. "T. A. 0lcClary) 
136 Kent street 
Receives Friday 
::.\Iiss Helen Gunn 
::.\Iiss Dorothy Gunll 
::\11'. John Gunll 

Hague, Rev. and ::\lrs. Dyson 
Cronyn ::.\Iemorial Church Rectory. 
"ïlliam street 
Receives Tuesday 
::\Iiss May Hague 
::.\11'. Robert Hague 
Hale, ::.\11'. and Mrs. .Jeffery (Campbell) 
718 Waterloo street 
Receives ""ednesday 
Dr. George Hale 
Hammond, ::.\11'. and ::.\lrs. Frederick (WaddeI) 
128 Kent street 
Recei ves Friday 
1\11'. Keith Hammond 
Harper, ::\11'. and Mrs. Frederick (Hutchinson) 
-183 Colborne street 
Receives Tuesday 
Harper, ::.\11'. and :\lrs. H. S. 
Princess avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Harris, ::.\11'. George B. 
Eldon House, Ridout street 
H.el'eives Friday 
::.\Iiss A. A. Harris 
Harris, ::.\lrs. i\la ry T. (Bullen) 
-170 Colborne street 
ReceÍ\'es Tuesday 
::.\Iiss Helen Harris 
Harrison, ::\11'. and ::.\lrs. George ,Yo (Kent) 
Bank of Commerce, Exeter 
Hartt, .Mr. and ::\lrs. Allan W. (Hay) 
 Hyman street 
Ref'eives 1st and 2d Friday 
::.\liss Emma Hay 
Henderson, Dr. Xorman R. 
-179 Park avenue 
Hill, Capt. C. H. 
Commanding :\0. 1 Co., R. C. R. I.. 
\\"olseley Barracks 
Hill, Rev. Canon and Mrs. "Y. T. 
792 Wellington street 
H.eceives \\.ednesday 
Hodgins, Lt.-Colonel and ::.\lrs. 'V. E. 
( Hichards) 
S. H.., Tenaga Lodge on the Gat- 
inea u 
"" olse ley Ba rrack!' 
ReC'eives :\Ionday 
Mr. G. \V. S. Hodgins 
:\11'. T. Owen Hodgins 
IIogg. Dr. O. HutC'l1E'!'on 
Ill> York street 
Receives Thur!'dav 
:\Iiss lIogg . 



Hungerford, Mr. John J. 
471 'Waterloo street 
Hungerford, Mr. and Mrs. \Valter F. 
517 Princess avenue 
Receives \Vednesday 
Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. (Brunton) 
" :Merri ville," ".ortley road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Anita Hunt 
Mr. Charles Hunt 
Dr. J. Garnet Hunt 
Mr. Gordon C. Hunt 
Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. John I. A. (Turner) 
" Highfield," Horton street 
Receives Thursday 
Hyman, Hon. and 1Irs. Charles S. (Birrel) 
" Idlewild" in Grand a\'enue 
Receives Thursday 
Hyman, Mr. and Mrs. J. \\" (Putcemans) 
130 Kent street 
Recei ves Friday 
Miss Alice Hyman 
Miss Laura Hyman 
Mr. Ellis Hyman 

Ingram, Mr. J. Gordon 
499 Dufferin avenue 
Mr. Howard Ingram 
Inkster, Rev. and l\Irs. John Gibson 
298 Princess avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Fridays 
Ivey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Green) 
256 Central avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Helen Ivey 
Miss Pauline Ivey 
Mr. Charles Ivey 


Prof. and Mrs. N. C. 
Provost '''estern University, 159 
St. James street 
Receives l\Ionday 
Mr. and 
'lrs. Alhert O. (Baxter) 
516 Ridout street 
Recf'ives Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Llewellyn (Clarke) 
The Ridgeway 
Heceives Thursday 



Kaye, Capt. and :Mrs. .John E. (Buchan) 
Wolseley Barracks 
Rcceives Monday 
Kent, Mr. and ::vIrs. 
Ialcolm G. (Gibbons) 
"Fair lawn," Central avenue 
Recf'ives Friday 
::\lr. Victor Kent 
Kerrigan, Mr. Fred 
Grand Opera House Apartments 
Kerrigan, Mr. and :\Irs. James E. (Hyman) 
" Charleston " 
Receives Thursday 
King, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Carling) 

Irs. Angeline G. 
290 Piccadilly street 
Receives \Vednesday 
:Hiss Annie G. Kibbe 
:\Hss Minnie E. Kibbe 

Labatt, Mr. John 
"Endiang," Queens avenue 
ReceivEs Tuesday 
:\Iiss Dora Labatt 
Miss Mary Labatt 

Iiss IF;ll1ena Labatt 
Mr. John Labatt 
Mr. Hugh Labatt 
Lambe, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. (Harty) 
498 King street 
Law, Mr. A. A. S. 
Lieut. R. C. R., Wolseley Bar- 
Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. (Christie) 
469 Park avenue 
Recf'ives "\Yednesday 
11ÏF;S Edna Leonard 
Leonard, l\Ir. and Mrs. Frank E. (Ibbotson) 
"Oakwood," Queens avenue 
1\Iiss Alice Leonard 
Miss Estelle Leonard 
Mr. Edwin \"ood Leonard 
11r. Elton Ibbotson Leonard 
Little, Co1. and Mrs. John (Nicholson) 
2-15 Dufferin avenue 
S. R., Hazeldean, Springbank 
Receives \Yednesday 
:\lr. 'WaIter H. Little 
:\Ir. Sidney Little 
Love, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (Currie) 
562 \Yellington street 
Receives Friday 
Miss 1'lary Love 
lr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (Ellis) 
474 \Yilliam street 
Receives Tuesday 
::\liss Mabel Luscombe 

:\lacbeth, Mrs. George (Sanders) 
Bleak House, Dufferin avenue 
Receives Tuesday 

Iiss Annie Macbeth 
:\lacbeth, The Misses 
2;')] Sydenham street 

lif-;s Frances 
Miss IF;abel Macbeth 
::\Iacbeth, Judge and Mrs. Talbot (::\'lcKinnon) 
76 :\Iaple street 
Receives Friday 
MacDonald, Dr. and 1\Irs. Peter (Ross) 
85-1 Richmond street 
Recpives Monday 

Iiss Margaret MacDonald 
MacDonough, :\Irs. Amy (Dalton) 
"Parkhurst." Dufferin avenue 
Receives \Vednesday 
1\1acfie, ::\lr. and :\lrs. R. C. (Means) 
"Arda ven," Ridout street 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss Josephine ::\lacfie 
::\Iiss J. Douglas Macfie 
:\lIr. Fred O. 
'lacfie Edmontf)n 



Mackenzie, :l\1iss :\laud 
425 Dundas street 
Receives Tuesday 
MacKintosh, Mr. and :\1rs. A. St. L. (\Vilson) 
40 Becher street 
Receives Thursday 
MacLaren, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander 
( Girdlestone) 
 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Patti :.\lacLaren 
Miss Marian 
Manning, :\11'. ('Manager Bank of Kova Scotia) 
854 Richmond street 
Ref'eives Monday 
Marshall, Mr. and :\1rs, .Joseph (Crump) 
"The Cedar Terrace," Richmond 
R. R.. :\larshall'f' Point Lake Huron 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
:l\1iss Heartsease :.\larshall 
Mr. Athol 
Mr. Harry 1\1arshall 
Marshall, Mrs. .Tohn (Birrel) 
0 Central avenue 
Recei yes Friday 
Miss Alice :.\larshall 
Matthewson, lVII's. Weld (\Veld) 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Chester Matthewson 
Magee, Mr. and Mrs. .J. Egan (Gentles) 
480 \Villiams street 
Receives Tuesday 
::\1iss Gen tIes 
McMahen, Mr. and :.\lrs. Adam T. 
609 Colborne street 
Recei ves \Vednesday 
:\Iiss Eva :VI {' :.\lahen 
Mr. Ar{'hibald T. 
McClary, 1\11', .fohn 
High street 

IcKiIlop, Mr. and :.\1rs. .James B. (Roblyn) 
32fì St. .fames street 
Hef'eives 1st and 2d Monday 
:Meredith, Hnn. lUchard M., Justice High 
Court of .Justice 
G(j5 Talb0t 
tn et 
S. R.. "The See House" in Ridout 
street South 
Receives \\'ednl-'
:.\Iiss Annie M('redith 
:.\liss Ada :\1eredith 
:\1iss Louise :\Ieredith 
Mr. Llewellyn Meredith 
Meredith, Mr. and :\1rs. Edmund (:.\IcCann) 
5o-l Colborne street 
Hecf'i ves Friday 
:\Iiss :\Iary :'\1er('dith 
:'\[1'. "', It. :\leredith 
Meredith, Mr. and. :\lrs. Thomas G. (Carling) 
G;W "'plIington street 
Receives Friday 
Mills, Major K C. 

orwood Iiouse 

Mills, Mrs. David (:.\lcCuIly) 
Evergreen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Alice :\Iills 
Mills, Mr. and "1\lrs. Nathaniel (Sage) 
98 Elmwood avenue 
S. R., The Bungalow, Port Stan- 
Receives Thursday 
Mitchell, Mr. and :.\lrs. ß. A. (Longheed) 
04 King street 
Miss B'lorence Mitchell 
Mitchell, Rev. Thomas 
Hellm,uth avenue 
S. R., Stoneville 
Receives \Vednesday 
Miss ::\1i tchell 
Moore, Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. (Stevenson) 
280 King street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Miss Bessie Moore 
1\1iss Jap :.\loore 
orah l\Ioore 
Mr. Charlie :.\lüore 
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. John 1\1. (McLlary) 
-1-78 \Vaterloo street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Louie Moore 
Mr. Clare Moore 
Moore, ::\11'. .T. Percy 
-:1:5 Elmwood avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Moore 
Miss Kate Moore 
s Margaret Moore 
Miss Jenny Moore 
Moorehouse, Dr. and Mrs. \Yallin H. (Butler) 
2-1-U Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 


:Major and Mrs. Claude Kyd 
( Smallman) 
\Yaverley, London, and 
Receives Thursday 


Niven, Dr. and 
1rs. J. S. (Macbeth) 
Receives Tuesday 
:\11'. Hugh Niven 
Miss 1\'ora Niven 
Miss Xancy Niven 

Parfitt, Mr. and :\lrs. Albion (Lockwood) 
4!:H.i Waterloo street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Pavey, Mr. A. E. 
487 Dundas street 
S. H.., Port Stanley 
Receives Tuesday 
:\liss )laud Pavey 
:.\1iss l\1adelllle Pav('y 
1\1 r. Stuart Pavey 
Pennington. Mr. and Mrs. \YIl1. J. S. 
2 St. George stre
\largery Pennington 
Mr. Charles Pennington 



Perdue, Rev. and Mrs. .J. G. 
534 Waterloo street 
Receives 'Wednesday 
Piper, Dr. David H. 
421 \Vaterloo street 
Pope. Mr. 'William n. 
22 Elmwood avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Ada Pope 
Miss Emily Pope 
Pope, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. H. (Peto) 
257 Sydenham street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Helen Pope 
Mr. ,J. Kenny Pope 
Mr. Neville Pope 
Pope, Mr. E. \V. 
Lieut. R. C. R., \Vol:seley Barracks 
Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. John 
Wortley road 
S. R., .. Hosberry Cottage," London 
Receives Thursday 
Puddicombe, Mrs. John 
Sydenham street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Louie Puddicombe 
Miss Mary Puddicombe 
1\11'. John Puddicolllbe 
PUddicombe, Mr. and 1\1rs. Robert \V. (Hobbs) 
.. rrbe Beeches," Grand avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Rhoda Mary Puddicombe 
Purdom, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. (Davies) 
383 King street 
Receives lVednesday 

Radcliffe, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. (Scholtz) 
30 Marley place 
Receives Thur5day 
Raymond, Mr. and 
lrs. F. \V. (Hatheway) 
41 Ridout street South 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Edith F. Haymond 
Mr. F. Courtney Raymond 
Reid, Mr. and 1\1rs. George :;\1. (Coyne) 
262 Central avenue 
Recei ves Friday 
Reid, Colonel and Mrs. Frank (King) 
477 \\'aterloo street 
Receives \Vednesday 
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam .John (Aspinal) 
.. Carrisbrooke," Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Aspinal 
Richardson, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Harold A. 
( Ogden-Austin) 
Broughdale Rectory and London, 
Richardson, Ven. Archdeacon and :;\lrs. 
( Tremaine) 
Broughdale Rectory 
Receives Monday 
Miss Beatrice Richardson 
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. \V. Birrel (11ackie) 
"\Voodlands." Grand avenue 
Receives Thur

Richardson, Mrs. Charles (Birrel) 
"Woodlands," Grand avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. George 
"Woodlawn," St. James street 
Receives Monday 
Robinson, Mr. and :\lrs. \Y .E. (Thompson) 
782 Richmond street 
Receives Monday 
Ross, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. .James D. 
( :;\1cNaughton) 
St. Andrew's Manse 
Recei vt:s \Yednesday 
Miss McNaughton 
Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. (Cameron) 
334 Princess avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss Marguerite Holmes 
Miss Grace Holmes 
Routledge, Dr. and Mrs. Roy (Cameron) 
Lam beth 
Receives Friday 

Sabine, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (Grigg) 
46 Ridout street 
Receives Thunday 
Miss Doris Sabine 
Sage, Rev. and Mrs. G. B. (English) 
St. George's Rectory 
Receives Thur!-'da.r 
Miss Clarice Sage 
Mr. \Valter Sage 
Saunders, Mr. and ::\lrs. \Y. E. 
240 Central avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Muriel Sa'.1uders 
Scarff, Mr. and 1\lrs. Harvey W. (Whitwam) 
Imperial Bank, lngersol 
Scatcberd, Mr. and l\lr:-;. Ethelwolf (Smythe) 
286 Piccadilly street 
Receives l\londay 
Miss Edith Scatcherd 
Dr. and 1\lrs. Edwin (Bucke) 
736 Dundas street 
Receives Tuesday 
:Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. N. (Kibbe) 
301 Piccadilly street 
Receives \Vednesday 

Sea born, 


Shannon, Major L. \Y. 
\Voh;eley Barracks 
Smallman, Mr. and ::\'1rs. Thomas H. (Glenn) 
Waverley, Grand avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Smallman, Mr. and Mrs. John Elton (Prince) 
"Elton Lodge," Elmwood avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Smart, Mr. and Mrs. A. ::\1. (Gunn) 
142 Kent street 
Recei ves Friday 
Miss Catharine Smart 
Smith, Colonel Albert :\1. 
"Belvidere," 'Vortley road 
:;\Tajor Walter Smith 



Smith, Mr. and :\[rs. E. B. (Brown) 
.. Tuellyn," 'Wortley road 
Receives Thursday 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. (Kelly) 
346 St. James street 
Receives 'Wednesday 
:\1iss Hilda Smith 
Mr. Kenneth Smith 
:\lr. Haywood Smith 
Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. S. N. (Blai,cher) 
"Benvenuto," 412 Dufferin avenue 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Stevely, :Ur. and Mrs. John (Conley) 
567 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Hilliard Stevely 
Stevely, ::\lr. and :\Irs. Samuel (Tackaberry)) 
"Roscrea," Dundas street 
Receives Tuesday 
)Iiss Florence Stevely 
Steven, Andrew C. 
233 Queens avenue 
Stratton, :\Ir. and Mrs. 'V. A. (Somerville)' 
Bradford, Onto 
Stuart, Rev. J. G. 
81 Byron avenue 
Receives Thursday 
::\1iss Stuart 
Miss .Margueritte Stuart 
Miss :\Iaybelle Stuart 

Tilley, Mrs. E. 
554: King street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Leonard Tilley 
Thompson, Dr. and ::\Ir
. Septimus (Grist) 
-!fj-! Park avenue 
Receives 'Wednesday 

"Talker, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington E. (Macfie) 
'Valler, Rev. and Mrs. C .Cameron 
Huron College, St. James street 
S. R., Ipperwash Beach, Lake 
Receives :\Ionday 
'Vaterman, Mrs. Caroline (Cattermole) 
Tecumseh House, Richmond street 
"'augh, Dr. 
537 Talbot street 

'Veld, Mr. and Mrs. John (Simpson) 
.. Ingledene .. 
Receives Thursday 
::\Ir. Ernest Weld 
Westcott, The Misses 
-i-l1 Ridout street 
ReceÌ ves Friday 
Miss 'Vestcott 
Miss Lulu 'Vestcott 
Miss Eliza 'Vestcott 
'Whitwam, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. (Mason ) 
295 'Volfe street 
Receives Friday 
Mrs. Harvey W. Scarff, IngersoI 
Will goose, Mr. and Mrs. F. Linforth 
367 Central avenue 
Receives Friday 
'Williams, His Lordship The Bishop of Huron 
and Mrs. David (Burwell) 
"Bishopstowe," St. James street 
Recei ves Wednesday 
:Miss Margaret Williams 
Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Jonn D. (Cameron) 
260 Queens avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Adine (Topsey) 'Wilson 
Dr. Cameron Wilson 
Wilson, Mrs. \Villiam (Carrothers) 
371 Central avenue 
Receives Friday 
Wishart, Dr. and Mrs. .John 
195 Dufferin avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
WQod, Miss Anna Shaw 
"'Voodholme," London Township 
Receives Saturday 

Yarker, Mrs. Emma (Beattie) 
"Elmhurst," Wortley road 
Recf'ives Thursday 
Miss Doris Yarker 
Mr. .John Yarker 
Young, Ven. Archdeacon and Mrs. 'V. A. 
Ken t street 
Receives Friday 
Miss Louise Young 

Zimmerman, Mrs: Flora 
2S1 Oxford street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Flora Zimmerman 
Mr. Adrian Zimmerman 


'Vhere the daintiest, the most fetch- 
ing most stylish and most becoming 
Hair Creations in Canada are to be 
seen and tried on, is unquestionably 
Nowhere in Canada is there an estab- 
lishment \yhere Hair Needs and 
IIairrlressing and Treatment are as 
scientifically understood and as per- 
fectly made as here. Come in as 
you are passing. See \vith your own 
eyes what really beautiful and be- 
coming things Switches, Pompadour 
Bangs, Puffs and "\Vaves are and see 
what a change can be worked in- 
stantaneously in your appearance. 
Advice about the hair and scalp free_ 
....\.sk as many questions as you wish. 
'. Pricvate Dressing Rooms Expert Ser<vice 
./ Moderate Prices 
Remember The Address If You Desire The 


Next The Yonge 
Street Arcade 

cJje Ç[Ollt lJf (} 


Fancy Go"\vns, Blouses, Misses' Dresses and 
Hats a Specialty 


758 Y onge Street 

Phone North 1752 



Z 1l I. 10 I' .8 " ," ,.') ,,. ..' .2 Z 

y I-- ......, Y 

I :)0 1'.1 1/J 27 1 26 1S1241t
 n 11 10 I
 III 17 16 lð 111- 13 .1 '0 , 8 , 6 :; . .} 2 1 
)1 3< 1023 28 71 76 7
 14 J.. X 11 21 20 ,'.I .8 If 16 l:i '.oJ .;\ '1 X '0 9 t! 1 6 
 + " 1 
 )0 29 215 11 16 75 2" IJ W 11 11 10 19 18 17 .6 I
 14 I;} 11 W 10 
 ð 7 6 b 4- .) I , 
I :'>0 29 78 " '6 ,
 24 13 V 11 21 20 19 \8 17 16 15 14 13 12 V 10 
 6 7 6 :J 4 ,) 1 , 
;)0 " 2t17 16 2
 '-4- 23 21 2' T 10 19 . III 11 16 15 I" I
 . 11 T ,0 9 6 7 6 :, ... ,) 1 
:\2 31 30 29 18 27 20 25 14 23 5 12 11 10 19 18 17 IG 15 I. I) '2 5 10 9 8 7 6 f> 4 .) 1 I 
:.2 31 
 19 18 27 26 25 14 13 R 21 2\ 10 
9 Iii 17 16 11> I. 13 .2 R .0 9 8 7 6 5 4 J 1 I 
31 31 30 19 26 27 16 2:' 24 2,) Q 12. 21 20 19 III " 16 .S .4 I) /2 Q ,0 9 8 7 G :, 4 .) 2 I 
31 )I 30 19 18 21 7.6 2:i 24 23 P 212/ 10 19 18 IT 16 I:' 14 I} 12 P ,0 S 8 7 6 :; 4 ;) 2 1 
32 31 ;)0 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 0 12 11 20 19 \6 ., 16 15 ,+ .3 12 0 10- 9 8 7 6 b 4 
 2 . 
:'2 )1 )0 29 2817 26 23 24 1;) N 22 l' 20 '9 IS 17 .6 .5 14 13 " N 10 9 8 7 6 [) 4 .) } I 
M - '-- I-- M 
 :JO 29 2e 17 16 ,
 74 23 12 21 20 19 Iß 17 16 I:) 14 I
 12 10 9 6 7 6 :; 4- .::. } I 
:'2 31 30 29 28 77 
 25 24 23 L 11 2' 10 19 18 17 16 13 14 13 '2 I L 10 9 8 T 6 b 4 ;) 2 I 
I 30 29 26 77 26 25 }4 n K 21 JI 20 19 18 17 If 15 14 13 U II K 10 
 8 , fi b <; .} l 
3l 31 )0 19 78 27 21i 2S 24 23 c:J n 21 10 I' IS 17 '6 IS 14 13 12 " cJ 10 9 8 7 6 .5 4 é) l I 
32 31 ,)() 19 2ð 27 26 1:- 24 U H 12 21 10 19 " .7 16 15 1+ 13 11 /I H '0 , 8 7 (, 5 4- J l / 
JO 29 28 27 26 2
 74- 2
 21 G 2. 20 .9 18 17 II> 15 14 .
I 10 G !) 9 7 6 5 4 :3 J I 
28 21 26 2:> 24 ?3 22 21 F 10 19 16 17 16 I:) 14 13 12 II Ie.. 9 F 8 7 6 b 4 .3 ? I 
16 25 24 23 t2 21 20 E: 19 18 .7 16 13 .4 13 12 II 10 9 8 E 7' 6 :) .. ;) 2- I 
24 13 n " 20 " D 16 17 16 I
 14 13 12 II 10 9 8 7 D 6 :, 4 ;) 2 I 
B::) 7t 21 20 19 18 C '7 .6 15 14 13 12 II .0 9 8 7 6 C i5 't é} 1 :?:
12 71 20 " Ie B 17 16 IS 1+ 
 ,1 " '0 9 B 7 6 B 
 4 3 1 
11 l' '0 19 1& A IT 16 15 14 .a 11 II 10 9 8 7 6 A :; 4 3 2 ,[) 





For WEDDIKGS, BAKQUETS, RECEPTIONS and other Entertainments 
in Town or Country. "\Vedding Cakes Shipped to all 
parts of the Dominion. Catalogue free 

447 Y onge Street 



We are (headquarters for all 


Bmateur Jþboto 

\. ' 


Nothing gives more pleasure than 




"\Ve give all instruction free 
Send us your Films to develop 
and finish 

j' ,
j,'-....' - 
11 \
 '. 4





J. G. RAMSEY & CO., LTD., 

66 King Stred West 



] J7[ 




.JEXIUX:-O, U. 3[, & '1'., .f'!'!--l'
-I Yong'e St. 
(See mly. on outside had
SI)II-:SOX, J. )J. (anthluar
'), 3H.3 Yonge :st. 

Ahberle;v, The, :!3ü-:!3:-; 
1H'rhourne St. 
.\.lexandra, The, 1
4-1SS Cníver
ity .\Y. 
' ÂII:.Lrtlllents, c..1ueen 
t., E., cor. 
Dowling :\.lwrtments, 1D:
 Dowling Ay. 
.Elms Court, :!ï Irwill 
King Edward 
\.}lartments, HI:! Jarvis St. 
La Plaza Å}Jartmeut
, Clwrle:s. n. w. cor. 
.Tarvis St. 
:MadiRon ApartmentR, 
Iadison Av. 

Iarlhorough, The, :!OS-:!14 .J aryis St. 
)\onlÍl'a Ä}lartlllents, cor. 
herbourne 311(1 
pa rkview )Iansions, Hou('esvalles St., ('or. 
Fermanagh .\Y. 
Henfrew .\}lartmcnts, 
()3 Simcoe St. 
St. Georg'e )Iansions, eoI'. 
t. George and 
Harbord Sts. 
Sl'a(lilla (iardens, 41-43 S}lmlina Hd. 

ussex Court, :!l-
us:sex Å Y. 


S('OTT, 'v. &. :SOXS, fine art dealer
, paint- 
, wa terC'olors. eng-ravin g-s. rug"s, etc., 
1:!4 Yong-e 
t. {
ee }lag-e 1


 & ('OX, 1:
;) ('hunh St. 
\RTJ FJ('L\L I..I)Jß CO., .3.38 
t., ,Yo 
\RTIFH'I.\L I..DIB {'O., Ltd., 
::33 College 


B:IllI.: of Il;\Jllilton, 31 ìOllge Bt.. 
45 Co1- 
t., 3ïS-3:-;O (llH'en St., "'., 341 Yong"e 

t., rnion 
 Ynrd:-;. and 'Yest Toronto. 
Bank of )lontl'eal. Front, n. w. eOI'. Yonge 
Ht.; hr:,lll('hes, (i
)ï J )unò.:\s 
t., 3íí c..!ueen 
Ht.. "T.. 1:íï, 1í3 nnd 441 Yonge St., and 
Eg-linton ur., 
orth Tor()}} to. 
H:ml.: of Xnva 
m-41 King- St., W., and 
('or. DUlld;lS 
t. nnd Drock .\ Y. 
 of Toronto. IH-'ad otH('e, c..iO 'Vellington 

t., E.: hr;\JwIH's. 
O(i Ihllld:ls Ht., 

t.: hr;\l}("hps. 1!I7 Dundas 
t., 3íï Queen 
amI P;lrliament 
ts., ..1:4;': (!ueell 
t., "'., 
('01'. (1lH
t. ;\1111 Holton 
\ '-.. :!O;:) Yonge 

t.. :md 'Yp!'tl..'rll Cattle )l:lrket. (See 
<ldy. ]I:lg-f' 44.) 
(';\IIndi;lI\ Bnnl.: of C'olllHlerC'f'. he:ld office, 21- 
:!:í King- St.. 'V.: hr:mdlf's, 
4:) Carlton 

(iS C'olh-'g:p 
t., J44-14s King- St., E.. QUf'ell 
t.. E.. :íSs :l.lId 1
31 Queen St., 
"'.. ]!I!), -l:íO mal í!Hi-7!I:-; Yonge St. and 3-1 
1 ÞmHl:ls 
t.. ,,,.. 'Ye:-:::t 1'01'OU t(l. 
(\-l1tral Cnll;\lla Ln;1Il ...\: 
:Ivings Co., 
G Kiug- 

t., E.. cor. Yktorin St. 
,Crown naul
 of Cnll:Hla. 
-! King St., "-. 
('e mlv. inside frout cover.) 

n:inion B;u:l.:. 1-::; King 
t.. "'.; branches, 
) and 
(.i1 Bloor St., 'Y.. 1í:J lJ;wen}Jort 
Ull.. Hil l
t., E., 11 1 2 , :!:J:í and íUU 
t., E., UH. 3:J3 and LO04 c..1ueen St. 
"T., ("or. Sherbourne and Linden 
ts., 433 

l'adina .\.V.. 11í
t.. 4 'Vestern 
(';Ittlp )larket, -14 Vundas Br., 'Y., 'Yest 
Home Bank of Can;lIl;\. head otH('P. 8 King 

t., "'.; hr;lll("hes. í:-; c.. '1IUr('h 
t., :!íS (.lueell 
St., E.. 3."'4-3
ti (1ueen 
t.. "-.. eor. 1Jloor 
and Bathurst 8ts.. :.\Illl 'Yest Toronto. 
Imperial Bank of Canada, head ortil"e, 3:!-34 
". ell ington 
 t., E.; urtllldles, 1:!70 Blour 

t., 'Y., :!:!fi King" 
t.. E.. 1::!I and 4:!:) King 
St., 'V.. :!O 'Yest )Iarket, 1í1 and 735 
t.. })uvont 
t.. ('01' Bathur:st St. 
)le,rchaITIÌS BanI.: ?f C;ul:ula, 1:: "'f'lIington 
St., "., 40-1 l'arlI:1l1lent 
t.. an (I HUO llueen 
St., ,Yo 
:\letrollolitan Hank of (';lII;\<la. 44 King: St., 
'V.: hr;llll'hes. í-Hi Bro:ltldew .\v., 440 Col- 
lege St., 1
1 I )uml;ls 
t.. ViS King 
t., E., 
1UO )lain 
t.. :!1í:! (1ueen St., E., 2:!:! aud 
13-17 Queen 
t., "-. 
)Iolsons BallI.:, 114 na
' St., 1134 Queen St., 
'V., and 'Vest Toronto. 
Ontario Banl
. A. V. Braithwaite, gen. man.. 
3] -33 Scott 
8tnllclanl Danl.: of ('auada, 133 King St., E.: 
hr:\II('hPH, 1:!í1 t1lwen 8t.. "'., Temple 
Building', lfj 'Yelling-ton St., "-., and liï3 
Ynnge St. 

terJiìïg B;lIlk of Canada, !)7 Ba
' St.; 
hr:lIl('hes. ;j0 Killg" St.. "'.. 1:1:-;1 Queen St., 
'Y.. ej 
il\l('oe St.. nlld 'Yest Toronto. 
'.rrnd('rs' Bnllk of (':\II:lIla. ü1 Yong-e 
hranC'hes, 14-fi 
\..,"l'JlU(' Ud.. 1nO!1 Danforth 
.\ Y., í1
t.. E.. -1:í4 King' St., 'V., 
73D St., nJld East Toronto. 

'Mndam )l:ll'ie's Be-nnty Preparations, 48;) 
St. CnthPl'ille 
t., ,C, )Iontreal. (
ee ady. 
l'õlg'e 87.) 

D('an. ;Tos('ph. :!(i:1 Yonge 
OX, 109 (}ueen St., "'. 

ROßERT nrx{'.\x ('0., Hamil tOll. (See 
.Hl\". I'ag-e 13(j.) 
l\Ie-thollist Hook nlld Puhlishing House, 
t.. ,Yo 
81)1 P:-OOX. J{OIn
HT & ('0., lumber, ]GO-]HO 
TYRREI..L, ,,-)[. & CO., 7-9 IiÏng 
t., E. 

ßI..A('IH"01{f), II. & c.. 11-1 Ym1ge Sf. 
- Yanh-!l 
tore. 110 YOllge f:.t. 
])_\('IiS, Ltd., 7] Y2 I{in
t., "'. 

{'OI..ES, (a:OR(a
, 7tH Yong-e St. 
LJ..OYH, R. .J. ,,
 {'O., 7-l1 Yuuge 



l\k('onli:ey, Gpo. 
.. As
cmb]y Hoom
. 31 
t., 'L, Phone )Iain Ii:!O: ]lJ]J('h 
, n>staurant, <1nd confectionery, :!7 

!) and :n Kill
' :O;t.. 'V. 
SllnuysitIp H<1l1qllet and HefreshnH'nt Par- 
i(Ip; ('ontains the Ilrettiest 
ha)]roolll ill the ('it."; en'n' ('onyellicJI('e 
for larg-e alld snwll partip:-:: ]lOta b]e for 
fish dinllcrs: pstimates fllrni:-:IINl. 1s01 
t., "'., l'holle Parli. 
IU3. I'. \. 
Mpyer. Proprietress. (Sce adv. and I)]JO- 
togr:lplJ of huildillg. pagp I:!.) 
TilE n.\UUY \\' 
EBß ('0., Ltd., ('aterer"" 
hakers. a]}(1 uwnnf;u.turillg cOllfcdioner
catering" estahlishuwllt, 447 YOllge 

!) Btu-Iwnan 
t.: candy f;H'to 1',\" , 
:U-35 CUdWllall 
t. (
ce adv. page IS:!.) 

My Valet, FOllllt<1in the ('Jpaner. 30 Ade- 
laide St., 'Yo (.
t'e aeIy. page 100.) 

(See DJ'crs,) 

Crawford. .T<1111es, ::;4 Killg St., ,'T., HamIl- 
ton. (Sep ;1<1\'. page ]3:!.) 
JIuylers', 130-13
 lOllge St. (See adv. page 
Ipt]IOd, The, 30:' louge S1. (See 
ad". lJag-e 14.) 

Uugers Coal. (
pe ad". page 13(j.) 

City Hairy, the lan..
'pst IHll'yeyors of miJk 
and ('ream, wholesale and ret:lil, in '1'0- 
ron to. City Dairy Co., LteI.. Phone ('01- 
Icge :!040. (See ad". pa;.æ 10; al
o rih- 
, "'. .J. ('0., Lt.I.. TII.E, 
.j:> }Tonge 
Ht. (
 ;lIIy. pa,!!(-' 10.) 
HOOT II , (;. & SUX. 21 
\d<<'laide St., "-. 
LLI()T'I' & SOX. I.t el.. 7!) liin
t., W. 
I..\XI), .JO
PH & 
OX, Ltd., 11 
Kl'IRon Ht. 
IlTI[ {'O., I'll E, J 1 Iiing St., 
Hiscott I 'prma to]og-ka] I mnitu te, facial 
hes and skin 11'()1\hlc
 a]\\";IYS HIH'- 
('cssfully 1'PIIIOYPlI hy our re]inh]è 1'pmp- 
dies nnd tn':1 tnlPnts: ('Ollsult;\tion ill\"itNI' 
 hair, IIIO]('S. f't(.., IH.rlll:mPllt].': 
deRtro."p{} h,\' om' l'plinhlp JlII't]I()(I of elpe- 
1rolYRis; s:,ti
f;\l"tifln as:-:u1't'(I: n1l' foot 
1rouhlps t1'(';\II'll h." t1'ainpd f'lliropodists; 
g-et Booldl't ":\I:' it'R f)'pl'. Ii1 ('o]]('/.!."c 
'1'(>1. :\T. ,....:n. E:-:tahli:-:It(.(] 1
!):!. (
('P ;1<1\'. 
p;q,':'p !'!I. ) 
Mills. :\Iaril'. flf -:\lonl1'I':I1. (
I'I' a(I\". p. s7.) 

('a ]}adinll ,I 'Np(.t iye 
', 'l'be, otlicp, fí
X;11 iOll;'] 1 )f'tpdi\"P Hm'pau, 1:i7 U:n" St. 
" 1 )OlIIinion I Il'tl-'l,ti\"e 
', rooms 
.110-.1]1 TrHdprs Call k Building. 


('atto. .John. :i:i King: 
t.. E. 
:t:.\TOX, TilE T. ('0. (
P(' ;111\-. page l
Jh'IL\ Y, R. & ('0., Hamilt on. (See ady. 
p:lg-t' ]-IX I 
)Il n n.\ Y, \\". .\. & ('0. (
PI' :ul\". pn
e 2-1,) 
I-iDI "
OX, UOH.EHT ('0., Ltd. n';ee ad,". 
I'" g-c G.) 

I'i('kinson's Dye 'Yorks, 
(i(i VUJldns St. 
FonntaÏJ:, 'l'hp ('11';IIIPI" -:\I
' Yalpt. 30 
t., ,Yo (
('e ;IIIy. pag'(' 100.) 
ARliEJ{. U. & ('0., ('anacla's gr<<,a1e
t d
works, dyers amI ("]l'ant'rR. ". orks and 
hend otti(.p, í
í-í!'l YOIIg-e 
t.: chi(>f of- 
Ol YOII;,:,'e 
t., :i
t.. 'Y.. 471 
t.. 'Y.. 1
:!4 (}UPI'Il 
t., "T. (l'ark- 
,7 QUl'PII St., E. 'J'(-'Iephones Ht nil 
ofti('t':-;. (
pp ad\', l'ag'e n.) 

XXF.TT & "'nIGH'I' ('0., Ltd., 72 Que('n 

t., E. 
(,"\X.-\IH.\X (a
XER.\I. :ELE('TRI(' ('()., 
Ltd., u. w. ('or. Kill!! 
t., \\'., and 

t. ' 
L,E('T}{I(' 1-'l......L Y eo., lIamiltou. (See 
ady. )I;I:.,:-e IIi:!.', 
IL\lU'.ELI.-I-iTOIiE:-O., ),);) liing- St., \V. 
nnIOXS ('0., Ltd., ] 11 
t.. 'V. 
Jit'I)OX.\I.1) & ".II.T.:-oOX, ]X7 Youge 
::\le'(;rIKE, ,\". .J., lAd.. X(i liin
 St., 'L 
Jil I{I{.\ Y. (;. & .1.. '!'!I You
O'-.LEY-,E:\'OS ('0., Ltel., !).J. liin
 1-'t., 'V. 
R()(iEnS EI.ECTI{I(' <'0., ].t.) 011<<'<<'11 1-'t., \L 
TOR()XTO ELE("I'HJ(' ].1(;11"1' CO.. lAd., 
]:! .\III'I;lil1(-' 
t., E. (
('e adY. page 4.) 

XI-a" )IETIIOI) 'E)II'LO\)IEXT ('0.. 11 
HiehlllOlld St., ,Yo (
ee a (1\'. page ,0.) 


"J{ESS ('0. (
e(' nd\. ]1.3.) 

e ExtprmiJlat()r
. (
('(' :1(1 \". 
Jla g:l' (j!). ) 

EIIII')':-:Oll. n., ::1:!(j E:ing" 
t., "-. (
('t.' ad\. 
(lag'(> íK) 

"':I 1 PI'III:III':-:. (
('l' :III\". 1I;I,:,::t' :!1.) 




FAIR"-E.\TIIER'S, Ltd.. Toronto and \\ïn- 
nipt'g-. I 
I-'e adY. Ilag-e 1.".) 
(an'(; H HUOS.. () (
ut't'n ""t., ,,,. 
HOI.T, RE.:\' FR E"- &; ('0.. ;) liing :-;t., E., 
[lI}(l at (lut'hl-'('. Fur:-: an(l hats. 
 & FIL\X{'liE. IW-I'?I 
LrnsnI.:\' &; L(-(;SI)J
. 100 Yonge 
F. & ('0., 27-1 YC)J1g-t' st. 
ORR. \\'JI. Eo & ('0., !)3 Yonl{t' 
:-;ELLERS-(;O(T(;H I-'l'R ('0., Ltd., 21-1-250 

OX, ROBERT {'O.. THE, Ltd., WO- 
1Uli and 170-178 Yonge Ht. 

Brown, ::\l:Hlame x.. ('or. College and Major 

. (
Pl:' õlth. p;Ig"t' 11:::') 
:\Ia('lwy. (;.. L., 101 Yonge St. (See adv. 
}I;1g'l-' 147." 
U('QL-\R){ U
s, Ltcl., 2X2 Yonl{e 
t. (See 
ady. põlg'P 4:J.) 
S"'I]"T & {'O., (i8H SI)adina An'. (
ee ad". 
pnge 33.) 

D.\ Y & JIOUI.ER. the Iiinl{ "'treet hair 
s}lPf'iaJist:-:. 11;) King 
t.. "'.: telephone for 
appointllll-'nt:-:. :\Iain 
. Hig-IH':4 a.wards 
L()}}(lon and Pari
. ExpPl.t marcel wa,ing; 
spe('Ínl se'.llp treatments. ete.; nUl.llufnc- 
rs of nIl kinds of hair goods. (Sf'e 
:\(h'. png-e 124.) 
tore. lIn<1llestiOIlf'(t proofs of lend- 
eJ':-:hip in hair good:-:. (
ee a e1\-. page 1S0.) 

RICE, I;E\\'IS &. SOX. lUng alul ,ïctoria 
B ts, '- 
('P .I<h }la 
..?:e 1

Bailey. .Tames }J., 7;) Yonp;e St. (See adv. 
page 77.) 
EIX &; ßI.:\'liL]<
Y, 3;)-37 .Jamefõ; St., N., 
Hnlllilron. I 
l'f' a(1\-. png-e Hili.) 
OXS, Ltd., 156 Yonge 
T, n. ,,\ II. n., H-1 Yongt> St. 
., Ltd., ]3-1-]38 Yonge St. 
ßOCt.)rET. ULOIDI & ('0., 718 ""lmc1ina Ay. 
8RA YL)<
Y & ('0. (('a'"t>ndi:o.h Uuu",e), 458 
Spadina A v. 
Brennl, :\11lI
. X.. College and )Iajor Sts. 
I-'l' n(h'. p;l
'P 11:;'1 
Etherington. 'Y.. :í and 7 Gerrard St., E. 
(See adY. page 34.) 
Iai:-:Oll, G
 King St., "T. (See adv. 
page 23.) 
l\IaC'k:1)'. G. L., 101 ïonge Rt. (Spe adv. 
pagf' 147.) 
()'HUIEN'S. TAd.. 73 King St., ,Yo 
S,YIF'I' & ('0., 688 I"lmdina 
\". (See a(1\-. 
page 53.) 
STOXE &, "]<
IX(;TOX, 4-9 "'elling-ton 
Hi.. E. (8('1-' ad". p.lge H.) 
rl'odd. Frpòel'kk G.. Henouf DniJdiJlg, )Ion- 
treal. (
ee ad,. page 133.) 

. I... r
AI-XU H Y, Ltd., 9 )lcCaul 
.:\"E'" .\lWI'HOI) I.Al'XUUY, Ltd.. IX, Par- 
t. (
('l' in:-:ert.) 
Yorln-ille Laundry. 

)Ia('ka,. G. L., 101 Y onge St. (See adv. 
pag'e&l:I.7. ) 


\Jlderson. Joan. :íK King 
t.. 'V. (
ee adv. 
pa g-f' :1:;. ) 
GlenJley. :\11'8., 
!þ YOJlge 
t. (See adv. 
:\I;leKeJlzit'. :\li

 Yonge St. (See adv. 
pag'e l1:q 
HyaJl, :-3. C.. IjSl) :\Iain St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
('e :1th'. Ila:-:"1-' 


J1lith, :\Irs. .\lh-'u .T., 7-!G Yonge Rt. (See 
ally. p:lg-

te\Y:lrt. :\Ii:-:
 :\1., 8-10 Yonge St. (See adv. 
11:1 g'e :ín. ) 
. E. & CO., 7.')X Yonge St. (See ad,. 
JI1Ig"t' l
Yerner.s. ;-'7
t. (
pe ad,'. }}nge 19.) 


sox, ('HAS., lAd., 517 Slwrbourne St. 
ef' all\". page 1H.) 

Enlt'r:-;on. G., 1
(j KiJl
 St., ,Yo (Sep adv. 
pag:e 78.) 

D'Orsay, Ezra, 4
p:lrlina A,. 
Lyond('. F. 'Y., ]01 KiJlg 
t., ,Yo 
ARli HH()
.. 32X!j2 Yonge st. (
f'e adv. 
lIag-p ;)-1.) 
Ho:-:eyear, f'. L., 37S Qnpl-'n Rt., ,Yo 


EY, .J. (;. & ('0., Ltd., 66 Ring St., 
'Y. I 
pp :I eh'. ]1 :l.!!:l' 1:--'
, H. C. &. ('0., l.t(1., 73 ßa!' St. 
I-'t' :1(1\'. l':lg'p 1
\\ .\Hn & ('0.. Jlnntrt'al. (
('C .1<1\.. p. 114., 

I.-\XO & onK-\X ('O.. Ltd., J.tG 
Y ong'p 
8(' RX ,ETT I
L\X() ('0., '?88 "\.ouge St. 
Phone :\Iain 
GOl RL.-\ Y, "-IXTER & I
G, 261 
t., ,Yo 
 (;EUIL-\RD ('0., LÍ(I., 69-75 

JIEIXTZJL\X & ('0., Ltd.. warerooms. ]]7 
King" St., 'Y.: f:wtory, Toronto Junction. 
I'{' :Hh". IHH?:P In.) 
OX &. RI
('l1 PL\XO ('0., Ltd., 32 
t.. 'V. 
 I)I.\XO ('0.,, 121-133 
Ltd.. The, 13 King St., E. (
ee adv. 
page ;-':3.) 



", Fra II I\:, ] 4 TPlllll('I':IIW(' 
, It. S. &. SOXS <.'0., lAd., H3 


Yo II g'l' :-\ t. I Sl'P ad Y. )I a ;..::e 


King Edward Hotel, nftf'r-thcatre rf'stau- 
rail t. 

Irs. 1'. Y.. 1
Ol (}u('('n 
t., 'V. 
('P :H 1 Y. )1:1 g'(' 1:!.) 


IOY{'l'. .Tohn. ridiJlg muster, 6:J Cullier St. 
(8ee n(h-. pag-p ein:) 

('o"t UIXX, n.\I
.\ Y.\X &. ('0., -to Ring St., 
\V. 1.:-\('(' ad. pag'l' :-;7.) 


Uprl it7. SdlOol of Lall
un;.::ps, :!::í7 ('ulle
f'llOo1. 'I'llf'. \\YYl\:ellflll1 
lInll, Collp:!,'p 
t. .\ ('II u rf'll !-wh()ol for 
:!.'irIs; fort".-third 
'l':lr. I'l'l'sidellt, His 
Gr:\("p, tllp .\rl'lIhisllo)l of TOL'onto; lael
Jiss .\('rps. 
Hr:llIl\:soillp Hall. :\Iiss :\Iarg'aret T. 

Iiss FlorPlwp 
lI'lTil'l\:. :ISSIWi:ltf' prÏJH'i- 
pals. n sdlOol for Y01l1lg' ladh's; lei:! Bloor 

t.. E. 
('('lItral B1IsillPSS ('ollpg'1' of To)'onto, Ltfl.. 
:!O a\)(l :::i-Ií!) 'I'lip ForUlll, :::--!I to ::!I:i Yon
lIorth:1J1(l ('oll(':!,'p, Ii!! (':Irlton 
})olllinion Businpss ('ollp,
p. Ltd., ('or. Cul- 
ll':!"p :-\t. :111<1 BrUllswif'l\: .\ Y. 

Ial:g-arpt Eatoll 
dlool of Literature nlld 
E\: III'ps:-:i 011, Thf', :

1::11'1'. prill(':paL 
I1an'rg':d L;I<1ips' ('oll('g'(', 
:iO-:::iCi .1arYÏR 
('llOol of 
llOl'th:llId <111<1 BlIsiIlPSS, 
TIll', !I .\(lpl:1 i(h' 
t.. E. 
Kilo\: I'olh'g'p. Thp ('l'ps('pnt. 
)I:l<lilla \\". 
Lill iall :\Iassp,' 
I'hool of Ilousphol(l 
nll<l .\n. H
 .T:ln-is St. 
LorNto .\hll('
'. ,'oll('g'p for th(' high!')' eeln- 
f'ntioll of -,"01l1l;,!: la<1ips: sJlPI'i:t1 ('01lrse in 
11I11SÌ/-, a)') s. \;111 
na gl'S, :11)(1 Ii t('l'nture. 
For FlIl'th('r )la rtic'ula'l's :HlI11'I's!": Lad)' 
)If'l'ior, ::
!I--n 7 ""pII illg'toll 
t., \y, 

h-:\lastl'l' "ui\'Pl'sit,\., !-:o1ltll si<11' nloo)' f.:t., 
"'.. II<'t\\"('('1I .\ Y('uu(' Hfl. :111<1 
t. (:f'OI'g'(' 

letl'oJlolit;lu :-\<'11/10] of :\11Isil', Ltd., 'l'h(', 
H!I-1 I11H'PU 
t.. \Y. 
)[oultoll ('ollpg'p. ::-t- Bloor 
t.. ]
 ('pllpt!.('. ,,('\\"lIIa rl\:('t. (
('e ndv. 
)1:1 !,!'(' :i.) , 
f.:t. .\Ihau's C:tth('lll'al 
<'11001. ,,"pst si(}p How- 
lau<1 .\ c, 1 1I0)'th of na I'tOIl .\ \'. 
St. .\n<1I'PW's ('(lII('g'('. a I'p:-:i<1Plltial :11)(1 (by 
s('hool fo)' ho
's. '")lIIPI':1))(1 10\\"('1' !-:I'hool : 
sP)lal'atl' 1'l'si<1P)wp for .i 1111 iol's. HI'\". I). 
Hl'l)(,!, :\1:11'<1011 a 1<1. 
1. .\., LL. 1 )., Jll'iu- 
('1)1:11. Ilpa<l (If 
1'h(ltipI<I .\".. :\"ol'lh Hosl'- 

I:lrga r('t's ('ollpg'f'. :1 honrding' :llId dny 
sf'hool for g-irls. Hir{'(.tol's, (;eul';,!:p Did\:- 
r. .\. el:\t(' prinl"Ïpal FpIWI' Cnn:Hla 
ll's. Gporg'l' I )i('I\:son. 
Pllui)llllent, l:ll'g'c :!'TOUIHIs, t(,:\I'hers of 
highest :wndt'lIIÏl' standillg-: preparntiolls 
fur the ullh'p)'sitif's a s)ll'<"Ïalty. St. )Iar- 
g-arpt's ('oIlegp. 1-1-1 Bloor 
t., E.; tel('- 
)lhollP :\'ol'th :no. 
1'o)'ullto ('ol1pg-p uf 
Iusi(' nlld 
dlOol of 
l:\:pressioll, Ltd.. 1:!-14 pplIIhrol\:e 
TOl'Ol\to ('())ISpr\':lÌOI'Y of )Iusi<-. 1:J3-141 
'"1\ Ï\'el'si t\' of TOI'Ollto. (Iupell'
.')111('1' e:illad:l CoI1Pg'p, 1
I).th side LOlIsò.ale 
.\Y., 1)(':\(1 .\n'lIuc H<1. (
Pl' :H1\". )I:lg'(' 34.) 
Yifotorin ('olk!.!.'(,. (,:1st si<1p I )UPt'II'S l'ar]\:, 
dlOol for Girl
, 340 Bloor St.. 
. (
pe n(h', Jlag-e :i-1.) 

STJ<;Jo;I.E BIU(;GS I'.EEU (,'0., 137 li:ing St., 
E. (See alh. }lage li!).) 

('ORTI('ELLI "ILl{ CO. (
ee insert.) 

F};H-(>UIS:" ('0., 10!) IiiuJ,;' St., ,,
('(' adY. p:1:!"C 

Iiss E.. 17-1 Killg- :-;t.. ,Yo (
:H1\'. p:l;,!:t' :
, \\'.:\1. &. ('()., 7 Ring 
t., E. 

(òl H
E\, Tll.nt:
 & ('0., Hamilton. (
:Hl\'. )lag'e ]ïll,1 
\\ EL('II. .\. &. SOX, :{(H Queen st., "'. 
I :-;(,P :H 1 \'. }I:I ;":'(' .,.) 

R. G. 11.\ "'LEY. The l,ït Reform 
\\Y an lrohf', l:!li 1011;,!:P 
t. I
('f' :Hl\". p;l
] :!.) 

Tt';I I'ot lilli, 141:: YOllg'e :O;t. (See n<1v. 
}I.I g'p :in.) 

(iH.\XH Tln'
Ii: HY. I:-\('t' adv. in
f)"oll t ('(IYPL'.) 
RI('IIELIE(" ..\ O
T \lUO X.\V. ('0. 
I'P :Ill\", }la,:!,'(' Hi,) 

.T:IPg'(')"'s, I))".. t'llIlt')'\yp;lr. I
Pt' :lIlv. p. :!1.) 
\\ HE\T()I{H & ('0., X;) I\.in
 :--t., "Y. (
:lf1\". 1':) g'(' fiO.) 

('.\X.\DI.\X \\'I
()()\\ f'LK\XIXG CO., 23 

t. I
('(' ad\'. p;lg'(' ïO.) 
'I 0 \\ IX()()\\' ('LK\XI
 ('0. (See 
;1<1 \'. pa;,.:'" .) 

IOI'I'''IW, (;('0. .\, 


..."". . ...... 




adds greatly to the 
joy of living-- Doub= 
ling the Charm of 
Out=of=Doors Days. 



! r"" 


The KODAK can be loaded and unloaded in Daylight. 

Kodaks, Eastman Films and Film Packs. 


Prompt and Careful Developing, and Skillful Printing. 
Enlargements faithfully produced from the smallest films. 



73 Bay Street 


Phone M-6047 


1. Albany Club. 
'\.le"X:andra La"'n Bowling Club. 
-\.Ipha VeIta Phi Society. 
4. Argonaut Ro"\\"iug CluL. 
5. Automobile Club. 
6. Cah.flonian Curling Club. 
7. Caledon :\Iountain Fishing Club. 
8. Canadian B(lwJing and Lawn Tennis Club. 
9. Canadinn Cluh of Toronto. 
10. Canadian Institute. 
11. Canadian Joe-key Club. 
12. Canadian :\Iilitary Institute. 
13. Canadian :So('iety of Authors. 
14. Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. 
15. Canadian "T omen's Press Club. 
16. Cartwright Club. 
17.' ('('ntral League of School Art. 
lR. Clef Club. 
19. Consel'Ya tory Fortnightly Club. 
20: Cuckoo Yalley Fishing Club. 
21. Di('kens Fellowship. 
22. Empire Cluh. 
23. Engim.ers' Club of Toronto. 
24. Granite Club. 
23. (hanite Curling and Skating Club. 
26. Graphic Arts Club. 
27. Hamilton Jockey Club. 
2R. HallPy-go-Lueky (,Inb. 
29. IIm'hord Collegiate (,lub. 
30. lIigh Park Golf and Country Club. 
31. HOIll(, Club. 
32. lImn.. .:\Iusieal Cluh. 
33. Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire. 
34. Tn-.titUh' of Chartered 
\ecountants of Onto 
35. Island 4\matPllJ' .\quatÌe Association. 
36. Kappa .\Ipha f:(oeÌety. 
37. Ke,,' Beadl .\!'so('iation. 
3R. Ladips' :\Iusi('al .\ssoeiation. 
. Lamhton (;olf and Country Cluh. 
40. Lanripr Club. 
41. Lilwral Cluh. 
42. Lorne Park .\utollloIJile Club. 
. :\1adawaska Club. 
4 1. :\1 pn(h.lssollll ('In h. 
4,), :\1uskoka Lakes Assod
46. Xational Clul). 
47. Xational Y,wht allli 
ailing Rkiff Club. 
4M. Old Or('ha1'(1 IToe\ (,Iub. 
4B. Ontario .T(lI'k('
' Cluh. 
50. Ontario So('iety (If .\rtists. 
51. Parkdalp ('ri,'ht Club. 
. Park(la]p ('urling (']nb. 
53. Parh.d:dp Sai]in
54. Parkdale T('llJIi<.; (']uh. 

55. Prospeet Park Clul). 
56. QUf'pn (,ity C'urJing Club. 
57. Queen City Yal'ht Club of Toronto, Ltd. 
3R. Red Ri,er E
pl'rlition Association. 
59. R. l\I. College Club. 
00. Hoseda]e ('ricket ('Iub. 
61. Rosedale Golf Oub. 
G2. Roserlale League of S('hool Art. 
63. Roseda]e Trm'el Club. 
64. Round 'rable Club. 
65. Royal Canadian 
-\.cademy of Arts. 
Go. RO
Tal Canadian Yacht Club. 
67. 81. 4\lIdrew's Society. 
GR. St. Paul's Crieket Club. 
69. tit. Gporge's Club. 
70. Raturda
' Club. 
ll:1dina Golf Club. 
72. Strolling Players. 
73. Tf'lmyson Cluh. 
74. The Thirteen Club. 
75. 'rOl'onto 
\]'t. Sturlents' League. 
76. Toronto Camera Club. 
77. Toronto Canoe Club. 
78. Toronto Club. 
79. Toronto Curling Club. 
80. Toronto (folf Club. 
81. 'foronto UuiId of CiYÌe Arts. 
82. Toronto HortÌeultural Society. 
83. TOl'onto Humane Roeiety. 
84. Toronto Hunt Club. 
85. Toronto Laerosse anrl 
\thletic Association. 
86. Toronto I.adies' Cluh. 
87. Toronto 1.oeal Counei] of'Vornen. 
88. Toronto :\Talt' <'horus Club. 
8!>. Toronto PI'PSS Club. 
90. Tot'onto 
ingers' Club. 
91. l"niterl Empire Loya]ists' Association. 
. rnin]'sity ('Juh. 
93. lTni\"t'rsity Golf (,Iuh. 
B L l.niYel'sit
, (If Toronto \thletic Association. 

J5. lTnÍ\'ersity ".olllen's Club. 
9(;. Yidoria Bowling Clull. 
97. Yidoria ('luh. 
98. Yil'toria 
kating find Curling Club. 
9n. Yidoria Tennis Club. 
100. "":lndl'l't'rs, TIIP. 
101. ""t'lles1ey Old Bop;' Cluh. 
1 O
. ". pIIp
' Rehool of .\ rt League. 
10:1. ""OIlH'l1'S .\rt \s'Ioeiation of Cana.da. 
] 04. \\T olllt'n's C:mad ian Club. 
] OJ. "'ompn's Canadian Tlistol'Ïeal 
106. "'ollH'n's :\IusÍeal Club. 
107. Young l\Ien's Liheral (,Iub. 
10K. Parkdn]e Bowling Club. 
109. Parkdale Canol' Club. 

,.. ",', \:
:;.. ," .',\ 
' . "' I 
" ' l " '- I \\\\ " 
'''\'''1 " \ 
 ' \ . \\ _ 

 " ::;
' I , 
 -- ,\' .. 
:.. ,I'; 0..= :II 

\ 1 ' 1 "'i;õ:
 .:;'- == 

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 ,.'- - ,,
ð" '\ 

 , " 
 -,r"n i ;, r-t ,\;\. r ; 
, % rrn<fê ,i '

 . ': 
... \\'-; ,


U\1\ 1 ' 

 - '__ __,

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'\.' -6......
____ 1 

-.;... .. h . 

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;':"\\'" ,- 

 I " 

:.' \\\'S...::.;\:--
.. \ "'l 








o ,,[C
IOUE ...
 . N 
. , ',\'\. 
& MER C r 


. "\"""
.'. ,'..... ,\ 

\lv"'ÅY I[ FOUN b IN 
A atJ',tDAN C . . :'. f; . 
\'., , ;:...,. 



I:W' .:

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:" }",;,






\\,\ , ""
"' O ''-'"'''.''' ,,
,\, 'T\\'''
.: ,::

.... . 
,., L.'. I, ln.'..;'

 , '.. 
"' U ",,,,,,,,,\,, , J;. ElL, 

'" '
\': ,\'\ P. . ,. "q". r,\." .
\'"' .. ",',,,,,.'\ ,\
 : " 


" :,,"\'. 

\.,,:,....' \,':" "\I 

< ." '-" " 
,\ \.'W." ..., 

,.....' \ ,\ . , ,-\.\.,,,,.,,
 '''\"'" ....\ \'\'.,....,., ..... .,... ",,'\4J;. 
, '" ,
" __ 
\. yMo\. 


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:;'.' '. 


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'-.1 , 

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,,-, :" ,; <- 
 . ": '\ 
\' ' 




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