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Full text of "The Society blue book, Toronto: a social directory"

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", ' C "fltl",.I'-'.: ,.- {\"
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' \ II " ,'.1'L:\" '<' 
"':-- '''''
 ': ".. WI!' ',.,J 11'3.. \ ,1l e '" 
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 II/iiI' f
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' 5 






p. - . 
I I 
i I 
I 1 



Established 1902 


. . 
- '. . 
. . . .. 
 .. .. 

. -.... "" .. 
TORONTO · . .. .. · 
 · . 
LIBRARY . i, .' 
,: " . .- . 
, .. 



\,.... a.. 
, .. . 

· t 
. - . 


re I 














. . 


' 4, 




I . I 
... . . 
.. ... .. .. 
. .. , -. I 
.oo .... 

.:' · · ': .. . :.., .,,: t.", · 789". 
· YONGE f 
M4W 2GL 
.. . J 
-.! ----.J 


J) 81 D. '1/3. Ss 7 cop.2. 

Manufacturers and Importers 



66 Years Successful Selling 
of High Class Goods 

SUCH is the record of this House. No matter the 
changes in business conditions-population- 
management-the policy of the House has ever 
been "quality first." Our stocks of the following 
lines are carefully selected and distinctive, and we 
extend a cordial invitation to inspect at your con- 

Sterling and Electro Silver, Cut Glass, Cutlery, 

Household Specialties 

F rom our varied and extensive sho\\-ing \\-e name a few 

Bread Slicing Machines, Food Choppers 
"F rench Fried" Potato Slicers, 
Mangles and Washing Machines 
(Electric and water power) 

Our recent slight change of location has provided us 
with better facilities for display and delivery service 



VICTORIA ST., Just above KING ST. 
TORONTO Established 1847 ONTARIO 




... '. 


1 :' ( 





 1/àld- I 




'jJ your dainty Dresses, Gowns, Opera Cloaks, Wraps, Silks, 
Laces, Gloves, etc? If they have become soiled and mussed, 
don't discard them; send them to us for e'xamination and 
treatment. We can clean and renovate them for you, and 
restore them to natural freshness and be.auty. 
HOUSEFURNISHINGS, Blankets, Curtains, Hangings, 
Drapes, are cleaned and freshened to look like. new. 
GENTLEMEN'S SUITS, Overcoats, Fancy Vests, Hats, 
etc., cleaned and repaired in a way that is sure to please. 


30-32-34 Adelaide Street West TORONTO 
Phone. Main 5900-5901-5778 



are made for particular people. They 
are handsome, durable and economical 




- .... 

_.\ 0._ 



Phon..: "ain It:
.1lain :>:
'lain :>2,t-J 

. \ .\," - ..", 
. t . '. . ' 4...... \ .....- 

:-.,..;. , t..'\
 ,- - 
...- . ::;1' ..." .... ç. , 

; -':
 :' -- 
 . . -:< q' ,'. 



Garage, 60 JaT'l'is Street, Plume jJJ,iÏll 69 21 


1tlittc 1\tttiquc 1tlutttitutc 


, -










. .; 



1 . :'


, ...... 










.1 \ 

 ) \ 



: Jii
 : '. 








Do you wish yonr furniture a duplicate of \yhat one may see 
in a thousand homes in your City, or do you wish fine old pieces, 
unlike any other you e\"er sa \Y. pieces Qf solid Rosewoocl, Sp3.nish 
mahogany, ur walnut, heautifully canTed. with the graceful lines 
of the Louis X V period; or of the more 
imple Colonial design? 
These cost no more than new mahogany, and ha\'e that subtle air 
of distinction which only the old models possess. com:ng as they 
do from homes of refinement: 


365 Y onge Street 
Iain 2182 

Toronto, Canada 





The I I 


Society Blue Book 


 Social Director}' 

A Reliable Director
 to oyer 4000 of the Elite Families of 
Toronto. and :\ umerous Smaller Towns. Arranged Al- 
phabetically. with much Additional Information 
Regarding Families. C1ub :\Iembership, 
Summer Residences, :\Iaiden :'\ ames. 
Receiving Days, and Other 
I terns of Social 


Edition for 1913 

I -10 ""PNt 33/"11 Ht.. Xew York City 

3h :'






F.J ß! 

1- 4lo 350 









 iCtoratiuc Jill iuàomn;i 



Decorate both Inside and Outside 

 IIr irl1igu fur 1!;uul1r aub O!l1urrl1. 


 vUBLlc lIiu
I _

0: 2 

 19 5 8 

 ( t

}'''. \ \ . ' I .. . . '........ . .
Ih ['.)r.f 
I { I f... 



, U),,(\!!(\I,!(\!!(\t " (\I,'(\!!(\"(\I ' ,N,(\.,(\,,(\t . .. ' 

:t. ',; 

, f 
. , 
, . · 
 , . f '". 
.. " 3:.... 
4 . .'\ I,', 
.. " .. . , 
", . . 
t\" .. t.>, 
\\ . . . . , t 
'" " " J ' I 
' _ 
 I.' ,,\Ii" I 




t i 
/,., . 





G. A. STITT & CO. 


Ladies Tailors and Gowns 

Millinery, Corsets 









\ ,. r '...'. _---...... 

. " 
- - ," 

",: i 


".... . 


F. x. Mohler , 
1 1 5 King Street, West , 
Art Hair , 
Goods , 
Transformations, , 
Pompadours , 
Parting a Special ty, , 
Artistic Hair Dressing, , 
Massage and Manicur- , 
lng, done by Experts , 
only. , 
Phone, Main 243 , 
\ , 



-4: ---------1 


ora :,,? 



<t- . 
"'a ,

4.'" ,-,"j 
'(i .f
:'" Fits the Feet" 
GiÞ ,-:.,,/ 


"The Store That 



is noted for its perfect fit. stylish appearance. and comfort giving 
qualities. ("an you afford to wear any other make_ 

H. & C. BLACHFORD, Ltd., 114 Yonge Street, Toronto 


Made to Your Order or 
from our Beautiful Stock 

ç Complete varieties of 
Skins ready for your per
sonal selection at all times. 
ç Exclusive Novelties in the 
way of styles to choose 
from. And the most expert 
Cutters and skilled Furriers 
to fit you beautifully and 

WM. E. ORR & CO., 
284 Y onge Street (Redfern-Cuthbertson Bldg. ) Toronto 
Phone 1\1 ain 4505. 



HE Ninth edition of THE BLUE BOOK 
T possesses some features which we trust 
will entitle it to retain the high place in 
public favor th::lt has been accorded its 
predecessors. We desire especially to 
thank our lady patrons for their cordial 
appreciation of our efforts. Neither 
time nor money has been spared to Inake this work as 
complete and valuable as possible. The difficulty at- 
tending the compiling of such a book can be easily 
appreciated, and we therefore trust thata ny omissions 
will be brought to our notice, that they may be cor- 
rected in future. We hope to make' THE BLUE BOOK 
as nearly perfect as it is possible to make such a volume. 
We do not claim THE BLUE BOOK is either a City 
Directory or absolutely an Elite Directory; neither do 
we pretend to pass upon the social or financial standing 
of the parties whose names are contained therein. It is 
simply a compilation of about four thousand names of 
the more prominent householders of Toronto, Hamil- 
ton and London, and numerous smaller towns, pub- 
lished in the most convenient form for reference by 
our lady patrons. 
The title "The Blue Book" is given the work because 
of its blue cover. It does not refer to blue blood, as 
many people suppose. Webster's definition of Blue 
Book is as follows: "Blue Book-a book containing a 
list of fashionable addresses." 
The data for this work have not been compiled from 
circulars or from other directories. Experienced men, 
particularly adapted for such work, have been assigned 
to each locality, and the greatest care has been used in 
selecting these names. 


I I 



Open from I I a. m. to 6 p. m. 
Luncheon from 12 to 3 Afternoon Tea from 3 to 6 Ices, etc. 
Tables maj' be Resen'ed for Private Parties Smoking Room for Men 
Delicious 'I'ea and Coffee Served in Restful Rooms 



Formerly of Y onge St. 

Main 6935 

Xo Branches 


H ein tZOlan & CO. 
Art Piano 

the Piano made for sixty years 
by " Y e 0 Ide Fir m e. " 
-Whether Grand or Upright the 
same beautiful tone marks each piano 
-a piano with a loveliness of sound 
that makes it almost human. 
Piano Salon: 
193-195-197 Yonge Street, 
w- __ _ Toron


__ _ _ 





The British Empire 



-Buckingham Palace, \\ïndsor Castle, Sandringham Hall, N or- 
Iarlborough House and Balmoral, Ballater, N. B. 

His Majesty, King George V, born Jrd June, 1865; succeeded 
his father Edward, 6th :\Iay, 1910; ,.married 6th :\lay, 189J, 
Princess Victoria :\Iary, only. daughter of the late Duke of 
Teck, and has issue- 

EARL OF CHESTER, (heir apparent) born 23rd June 189-1-. 

Prince ALBERT FREDER[CK ARTHUR GEORGE - 1 -1- Dec., 18 95 
-\LI('E l\IARY - - 25 
-\pr., 1897 
Prince IT ENRY \VILLIAl\1 FREDERICh. ALBERT - 31 :\Iar., 19 0 0 
Prince GEORGE - 20 Dec., 1902 
Prince JOHN FR.\ NOS CHARLES - 12 July, 1905 



;; i 
: , 



In every civilized portion of 
the world their superiority IS 
The intrinsic value of a 
Steinway is more than double 
the difference in cost. 

General Canadian Representatives 

Head Ofli('t", 1;) King St.. E. '('OROXTO 
Branches and Agencies throughout the Dominion 

, - ...:. ...



Ii' ' I 
JI \_
) ," 





Kodaks and 
Photo Supplies 

iL !. 

!"1 J 
;: -'.Jt# 

Printing and 

J. G. RAMSEY & CO., Limited, 
66 King Street, West - Branch Store, 372 Y onge Street 



H. M. King George V. 

Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Duche'\:, of Fife, 
born 20th February, I86ï; married 2ï July. r889. ...\LEX.\XDER 
 Duke of Fife, K. T.. and has issuc- 
Lady J\L\CD ...\LEx.-\.

Iay. I89[ 
3 Apr., r8

Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary - 

6 July, J86R 

Princess Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria, born 26 X ov. 1869; 
married 22 July, 1896, Prince Charle
, 2nd 
on of the CrO\\ïl 
Prince of Denmark; chosen King of X or way, X oyemher, 
1905, and has issue one son, OL\F. 

Deceased Issue of the late King 
Prince. \LBERT V ICTOl{. Duke of Clarence and . \ vondale, born 
R Jan. IR6-t; died q. Jan. 1892. 
Prince _\LEXANDER JOHN CH.\RLES ALBERT. born 6 --\,priI. 
18ïI; died ï April. 18ïI. 


Dominion of 


X.\CGHT .\I'D STl{.\THE.\RN, K. G. K. T., K. P. G. 
I., H. G. C. 
S. I., G. C. 
l. G., G. C. 1. E.. G. C. V. 0.. P. C. 



In the laundering of Table Linen few laundries have been able to 
come up to the high standard demanded by the modern housewife. 
Five o'clock teas, suppers, dinners and evening parties have made 
the laundering of table covers a matter of no little concern, since nothing 
contributes more to the appearance and enjoyment of such festive gath- 
erings as pure white, scrupulously clean table linen. 
\Ve've made this department in our laundry one of very special attention. 
Recent improvements make it possible 1.or us now to turn out covers and nap- 
kins in such beautiful style that they look exactly the same as when new. We 
give them tha velvet finish which are ear marks of good taste. You'll appre- 
ciate our serdce in this respect, and we solicit a trial order. You are especially 
invited to inspect our new plant. You arfO fOsl)f>('ially in'.ited to inspp('t our new 

Cor. Queen and River Sts. 

LAUNDRY, Limited, 
Phone M. 7486 & 7487 




As a rule, the most elegant gowns have the shortest lives. 
But dusty floors and muddy streets present few terrors to the 
woman who knows of our establishment and understands its possi- 
bilities. Whether the soiled garment be a ball gown or a walking 
suit, a careful cleaning and pressing is almost sure to remove all 
traces of wear, and restore the original freshness. Everything from 
the daintest lace to the heaviest portieres is successfully cleaned 
.or dyed here. 

Langley, The Cleaner 

Professional Cleaners and Dyers 

.....EAO O}'FICE and ".ORKS: 
289-291 S(;")IACH ST. 

{ 581 (TERRARD E., Gpr. 200-1 

 " .. X. 561-1 
ItO-l KIKG '''., r
-\.RK. 938 

-Phones M. 293-1 and K 3335 


Toronto Society Alphabetical Index 

Abbott, Prof. and :ðlrs. Albert H. 
46 Howland avenue 
S. R.. Go-Home-Ba), Onto 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Prof. :!9-Mrs. 6;' 
Abell, Mrs. Christina 
.) :Madison avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
[ay Abell 

Ir. Henry .Abell 

[r. John 
6;) \Y ellesley street 

. R., Bronte, Ont. 

Iiss Agnes Abernethy 

Iiss :\lary Abernethy 
:\Iiss Sarah E. Ahernethy 
:\Iiss Martha B. Aberneth)" 
ReceÏ\'es :!nd Monday 

Acton, Mr. and :\lrs. Clarence S. 
148 Howland avenue 

lr. and :\Irs. Graeme Gibson 
160 Ht. George street 
:-;. R., "The Elms," \Yeston, Ont. 
Heceives Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 53 

Adams, Dr. and 
lrs. Allan 
(X ettie Elizabeth X orris) 
335 Jan'is street 
Receives :!d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 61-:\lrs. 25-66 

Adams, :\1:1'. Andrew A. 
370 Sackville street 
lr. 42 
Adams, :\[1', and 
lrs. Charles (Filey) 
:;39 Jarvis street 
({,eceives 1st and 2d 
Cluhs. Mr. 3j 
:\Iiss Louie Adams 

Adams. Dr, E. H erhert 
2 Bond street 
:-;. R., :\luslwka Lakes 
('luhs, Dr. 7 
Adams, Mrs, Edward (Lamh) 
IX Isahella street 

Iiss Caro 
Adams, :\[1'. and i\1I's, Frank 
( \Yoodruff) 
;;6 Kings\\'ooll road, Balmy neach 
Adams. Dr, and :\[rs. G. Arthur 
Dundas street, cor. Kt'ple stl'eet 
Cluhs. Dr. 
7-2S-:\[rs. :!ï 

lil's Adams 27 

Adams, Dr. and :\[rs. J. Frank (Hoag-an) 
60 Binscarth road 
H. H", :-;imcoe Park 
ReceÏ\'es :!d and Hh Mondav 
Clubs, Dr. 7-:\11'8. 7-21-104' 
Miss Edith Adams 

Iiss Dora Adams 

Adams, Mr. and :\Irs. John H. 
25 :\laynard a ven ue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
r. 33-35 
Miss Kate Adams 
Miss Xellie Adams 

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. :\lercer J. (McIntosh) 
53 A venue road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-:!O 
:\Iiss Mercer Adams 

Iiss .l\Iargarette .Adams 

Adams, :\11'. and Mrs. Thomas P. (Hodskin) 
:!57 Delaware avenue 
:-;. R.. \Yards Island 
ReceÏ\"es first Thursda)" 

Adamson. :\11'. and :\11 S. Agar (C'a wthra) 
150 Beverley street 
S. R., 'The GrO\'e," Port Credit. Ont 
Clubs, Mr. 3-ï-37-53-.ï5-j6-60-61 
Also the Rideau and Country clu1>s. 
Ottawa-Mrs. 25-31-56-57 

Addison, :\11'. and Mrs. Alfred (Dohert \.) 
191 Madison avenue 

. R., Rtony Lake, Ont. 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
Clubs. Mrs. :!:i-fì:ï 
Miss Dorothy Addison (Glen 'lawr 

Aikenhead, MI'. and Mrs. Thomas E 
92 Dunyegan road 
l1eceÏ\"es Thursday 

Aikins, :\Tiss 
":\Iapleholme," 27 \\
ellesle)' stl'eet 
ReceÏ\'es 1 st and 2d Monday 
Miss Clara E. Aikins 

Aikins, Dr. H. \\ïlbt'rforce 
2fì-! Church street 
Cluhs, Dr. 7-28 
Miss L. E. L. Aikins 
Mr. Fredt'riek T. Aikins 

.\ ikins, Dr. alHI Mrs. \Vm. H. B. 
(Hawkt'sworth \YooIl) 
134 Bloor stn'et \\ est 
HeceÏ\'es Frillay 
I'luhs. Dr. 46-6H-
Ir's. 2:ï-jO-j'j 

FiYllr('.Io; nI('" to ('/,11, 11I1/1/ll('''.Io;_S('(' insid,. bock coen". 



AiI'd, Mr. and l\Irs. John 
(Eleanor Lawlor Johnston) 
39 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-53-55-69 
Miss Phoebe E. AiI'd 
Mr. John AiI'd, Jr. 
Mr. Hugh AiI'd 

Akers, Mrs. John 
102 Wellesley street 
S. R., Lake Rosseau Muskoka 
Receives 1st Monday 
Mr. Harry Akers 

Alcorn. Mr. (K. C.) and Mrs. George O. 
4 Spadina Gardens Apartments 
Receives Friday 
Miss Anna Madeleine Alcorn 66 
ander, Mr. and Mrs. David W. (Rowand) 
"Meadowbank," 67 Binscarth road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-56 
Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. James Mackenzie 
"Bon-Accord," 20 Elm avenue. Rose- 
Clubs, Mr. 53-Mrs. 2i'í-57 
Mr. George M. Alexander 46 
Miss Jean Mortimer Alexander 35 
Mr. Gordon P. Alexander 
Alexander, Mr. John 
43 Roxborough street West 
Miss Alexander 
Miss Florence Alexander 
Miss Harriet Alexander 
Miss Lillias Alexander 
Miss Mabel Alexander 
Receives 3d Friday 

ander, l\frs. John (('oulter) 
51 Madison avenue 
Recei ves Friday 
Miss Alexander 
Miss Kellie Alexander 
Miss Mabel Alexander 
Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (Field) 
160 'Vinchester street 

Alexander, Prof. (B.A., Ph.D.) and Mrs. 'V111. J. 
178 High Park avenue 
S. R., De Grassi Point 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, Mrs. 66 
Miss Isabel Alexander 
Mr. Morrow Alexander 
Mr. John Alexander 

Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. 
r. Murray 
15 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-37-46-53-56-Mrs. 55- 
Mr. Schuyler C'. Snively 
Alexander, Dr. and Mrs. William H. (Laird) 
238 Carlton street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7 

Alexander, Mr. "\\
m. W. 
108 Admiral road 
Clubs, Mr. 3-21-48 
::\[iss Alexander 
Mrs. Charles Roberts 

Alison, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. 
(Ada Kennear) 
32 Ross street 
Receives 1st Tuesda\' 
('lubs, Mrs. 27 
Alison, 1\11'. and Mrs. James (:\IcCord) 
30 Murray street 
R R., "Hiawatha," Jackson's Point 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Miss B. Alison 
Mr. Albert Edward Alison 

Alison, Mrs. Thomas 
342 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives Tuesday 

Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. (Watt) 
Care of 51 Bay street 
S. R., "Invermara," Atherley. Onto 
Clubs. Mr. 7-28-33-37 

Ir. Arthur A. Allan 33 
Miss Ada Allan 
Miss Lillian ..Allan 28 

Allan, Miss Audrey E. S. 
4: Glenview ..Apartments, 30 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
nubs, Miss 55 
Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. (Muldrew) 
31 Dunbar road 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, ::V[r. 46-Mrs. 25-68 
Mr. X. Fraser Allan -t6 
Mr. O. Gordon Allan 46 
Mr. F. Ross Allan 

Allan, Prof. (M. A., Ph.B.) and 1\Irs Frank B 
380 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 9 

Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sutherland 
40 Delisle avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 10-46-Mrs. 2fi 
Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic G. B. (Rathbun) 
6 Wellesley place 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-60 

Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert 
r. (Grant) 
167 St. Clair avenue 1Vest 

Allan, Mr. and Mrs. James D. (McChlery) 
84 '\Villcocks street 
Receives 2d "\Vednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-Mrs. 25-58-65 

Ir. 'Villiam D. Allan 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside back cocer. 

Ir. and Mrs. James W. 
14 7 Havelock street 



Allan Mr. and :\Irs. Thomas ,J. B. (Carroll) 
3 :\lacMaster avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Ir. 33 
Mr. Clarence C. Kilner 
:\Iiss :\label ,Yo Kilner 

Allen, Mr. anù Mrs. Edward (Marl{s) 
362 Brunswick avenue 
S. R" :\Iuskoka 
Receives 4th Friday 
Miss Lillian :\1. Allen 

Allen, :\11'. and 
Irs, James (Peters) 
51 Rosedale road 
S. R., GananoQue, Ont. 
Recei ves Tuesday 
:Mr. Elliot Allen 
Mr. John Allen 
Miss Jessie Allen 

Allen, Dr. and 
Irs. Xorman (:\lartin) 
108 Carlton street 
Irs. 50 

A lIen, Miss Sara 
36 Murray street 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives :\Ionday 

Allen, :\Irs. Thomas 
94 St. George street 
Receives Friday 

Allen, Mr. and 
Irs. Thomas (Duncan) 
60 Forest Hill road 
K R., Port Credit, Ont. 
Receives 3d and 4th Thursda, 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-
8-31-33 . 
:\liss Rosalind Rankin 

A lley, Mr. and 
Irs. John A. M. 
(Anita Marshall) 
Iadison avenue 
Receh'es Tuesday 
Ir. 46-70 

A IIf>Y, Mr. and 
Irs. "-Tilliam Sanford 
"Dimora," 16 Elm avenue 
Receives 1st and 
d :\Ionday 
Cluhs. :\11'. 1-42. also í'amera Cluh- 
Mrs. 42 
Allward. :\11'. and :\Irs, James ,J. (Turner) 
11 Dunhar road 
Rf>ceh'es :\Ionday 
Cluhs, Mrs. 
:\Iiss Irpne Allwarcl 
Allwanl. Mr. and :\Irs. 
Talter H. (Kemwdy) 
76 'Valker avenue 
Receivf>s Thursday 
Ir. 3-4;; 
)Iiss R Kennedy 
Ames, :\11'. and :\11'8. Alfrf>ll E. (Man" ('ox) 
"Glf>n Stewart," 6
5 King-st
n l'oad 
Receh'es 1st Friday 
('Iuhs, :\11'. 4-7-
R-33-:i3-f)!j-ïO also 
Quepn City Curling í'lu1l . 
:\Iiss Ethel 
1. Amf>s 
:\11', George A. Ames 

A nu:;d en. :\11'. and :\'[rs. Lionel G. 
9;) Howland a venue 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 20-71-Mrs. 
:\liss Evelyn Amsden 
:\Iiss Edith Amsden 
:\11'. 'Yilliam G. Amsden 
:\11'. Lionel E. Amsden 

Amy, Dr. and Mrs. 
T. Bertrand T. (Daville) 
190 Avenue road 
Receives 2d Friday 

Amy, :\11'. and :Mrs. 1V. Lacey (Payne) 
Hampton Court, 
1 Avenue road 
Receh"es Friday 

Anderson, :\11'. and Mrs. Alexander 
90 Admiral road 

Anderson. Mrs. Anne J. (Conner) 
1 1'\ina avenue · 
Receives 4th Friday 

Ir. J. E. Anderson 33 
Miss Edna Anderson 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Burrett Lyman 
1;)1 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-27-28-33 
Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. (Todd) 

7 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 10-:\lrs. 55 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed ward H. (:\lichie) 
1Sl Cottingham street 
Recei ,'es Friday 
Anderson, Mr. and 
Irs. G. .Moray (:\Iaulson) 
29 Roxhorough street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46-71 
Anderson, .\11'. George 
167 Lowther avenue 
í'luhs. Mr. 4-7-46-70 
Miss Marjorie P. Anderson 
Miss Dorothy Alexander Anderson 
Miss Gladys Anderson 
Anderson, Dr. and :\Irs. Harry Bertram 
(Florence Xorthway) 
1S4 Bloor street East 
Receive!" l1<t and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. ::!9-:í3-69-:\lnc Ii;; 
Anderson, Dr. Howard 1
f.60 Huron street 
Rf>cf>ivf>s 1st Friday 
Cluhs, Dr. 7 
Mrs. \\
. Anderson 
Miss F.. L. _\nderson 
Anderson. Mr. and Mrs, Jamf>H S. (Orton) 
1\3 Oriole road 
R R., Bruce Beach, Lahe Hm'on. Ont 
Heceh'es Fri(lay 
Mr. Orton An(lerHon 
Anderson, Miss Joan 
padina road 

Figures refer to dill, /lull/bers-sce il/shk vack co vcr. 



Anderson, Mrs. T. F. 
141 Av('nue road 
Receives 1st Monday 
:Mr. Ed ward S. Anderson 

Ir and Mrs. Thomas O. (Inglis) 
65 Glen road 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Ir. 5-33-53-71 
Miss Edith C. Anderson 
Mr. Thomas ,Yo Anderson 42 
Miss Grace O. Anderson 
Miss 'Yinifred I. Anderson 

Anderson, Mrs. 'V. N. 
67 A,'enue road 
Receives Friday 

Andras, Mrs. John "T. Gay (Lloyd) 
61 Albany a venue 
Rec('ives Friday 
Miss Dorothy Andras 
Miss Margaret Andras 

Andrew, :\11'. and Mrs. J. B. (Donahue) 
154 Jameson avenue 
Rec('Ì\'('S 2d Thursday 
Miss Andrew 
Mr. '"V. H. Andrew 
Mr. T. B. Andrew 

Andrews, Mr, and Mrs H('rlwrt Yincent 
] 18 \Valmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 1 

Andrews, 1\11'. ,,"'alter S. 
"\Vhispers," 4 Beaumont road 
Clubs, 1\11'. 37-56 
I\11'. Gordon S. Andrews 37 

Irs, .J. Humfrey C\Iagurn) 
44 Chestnut Park 

Anglin, Mr, (K. C.) anò Mrs. Arthur 'V. 
I Falconbridge) 
70 Gros"enor street 
R. R., 583 Lake Shore avenue 
Recei,'es Tuesùay 
Clubs, Mr. 69 

Angus, ::\11'. and ::\'IrR. Frpderick \Yrigh t 
67 MacPherson avenue 
R('ceiv('s 4th Fric1ay 
Clubs, .Mr. 6 
Angus, Mr. and Mrs. Ruhert F (Campbell) 
3:!5 St. George street 
R. R., Muskoka 
ReceÌ\'es 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 10-35 
Angus, Prof. and Mrs. Rohert "'. 
42 Howlanfl a"enue 
R. R.. "Hillside," :\Il'skoka 
Receives 2d and 4th Fridav 
('Iubs, Prof. 20 . 


Annandale. 1\11'. and Mrs. .-\rthur \V (Pintz) 
47 Edgewood a"enue 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 

Annesley, Mr. and I\lrs, Francis C. 

Evelyn I. G. Crawford) 
"Pine Cottage," 4 Clarendon Crescent 
ReceÌ\'es Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
Ansley, Mrs. Alfred (Paterson) 
:!:!:! Poplar Plams roau 
Recei "es Thursday 
:\11'. Burton C. Ansley 20-42-46 

Anson-Cartwrigh t, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh 

34 Dundonald street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
::\Iiss Frances Anson-Cartwright 
Mr. ReginaW Anson-Cartwright 
Anthes, 1\11'. and Mrs. Henry".. (Lawrence) 
119 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46 
::\liss L. F. Anthes 28 
Mr. Lawrence L. Anthes 4-7-20-27-35 

Applegath, 1\11'. and Mrs. Albert 'V. 
34 Elm street 

Applegath, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. 
339 Huron street 

Applegath, .Mr. and ::\Irs. Jess 
(,1 ackman ) 
Glen road and Highland avenue 
Receives 1st Tues(lay 
Clubs. I\lr. 4-27-31-33-37--:\lrs. 27 
:\Iiss Hilda Applegath 

A,pplegath. Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn J. 
88 Avenue road 

_\pps, Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam (Sanderson) 
98 Forest Hill road 
:\II'. \YiIliam E. Apps 
:\IiR!,; Elizaheth Apps 44-113 
Archiùald, Mr. and Mrs. Da,'id (Hewitt) 
273 Rt. George street 
S. R., Muskoka 
ReceÏ\'es 4th Friday 
Miss Kate E,-elyn Ar
:\Iiss Mamie A. Archibald 
Miss Bertha R. Archihald, B.A. 
:\11'. Edwarò 8, .\rchihalfl 

Archihalcl, Dr. and :\11's, Thomas D. 
á07 ('ollege strept 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 3-53-55-71 
Archibald, Mr. and Mrs. ,"Villiam J. (BI'own) 
275 f:t. George street 
ReceÌ\'es 1st Friday 
Arc1agh, :\11'. and :\Irs. Arthur (Irwin) 
18 College street 
S. R., 306 Centre Island 
Receiyes 1st Tue
Ir. 1-33-37-45 
::\11'. Harry R. Ardagh 
Miss Ottie Ardagh 

Iiss Rheta Ardagh 

Figll res refer to duL JULJJI bers-see in.'iide back eOt'cr. 



Arùagh, Mr. and 
lrs. B. Holford 
(Alice Foster) 

1 Edgar a'.enue 
Receives 1st :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-31-70-Mrs. 31 

Ir. and Mis. Charle!S 
(:\largaret Dunscombe) 
38 palmerston Garclens 

[iss Corinne Armer 

Iiss Elizaheth C. Armer 
Mr. J. Russell Armer 
:\11'. C. E. Armer 

Armer, Mr. and :\Irs, James Cameron 
(:\lildred Hill) 
The Hampton Apartments, 77 "ïn- 
chester street 
Clubs, Mr. 

Armour, Mr. (K. C.) and Mrs. E. Douglas 
103 A,'enue road 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-Mrs. 55-;)6 
:\liss Phillys Armour :);} 
1\11'. Archihalrl D, Armour 55 

Ir. Rohert G. Armour 55 

Armour, :\11'. Eric 
Sf) Collf>g-e street 
Clubs, ::\11'. 7-33-56-61 

Armstrong, Mr. and :\Irs. Claude H. B. 

6 "ïthrow a \"enue 
K R., 1S6 Lake Rhore, í'entre Island 

liss ,Joyce Armstrong 

lr. anrl Mrs. Charles Henry 
176 \Yalmf>r road 
d and 4th Frida)" 
í'luhs, :\Irs. ;)8 

Armstrong-, :\Jr. and 
Irs. Hpnry D. P. 

9 Rt. Clair a\.enue "-est 
Rf>('eives Thursday 
('lllhs, :\11'. 3ï-4
--Hì-:i3-Mrs. -12 

Armstrong, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Hpnry 1. (Hussell) 
70 Chestnut Park 
Rf'cei\'es 1st Tuesday 
('lulls, :\11'. 37 

Armstrong. :\lrs. RolJert (Ogden) 
310 Rt. George street 
d Frida
:\11', ('lifforcl E. Armstrong- 33 
. :\11'. and Mrs. Ramllel A. 
Guel}lh, Onto 
Armstrong, ({P\". anll :\Irs. ,\\-illialn L. 
:i 1 Bond street 
R. R., 1\Iortimcl"s Point, l\luskol{a 
ReceÍ\'es 1st Friday 
Cluhs, Rev. 7 
Ir. and :\Irs. Hamuf'l (Clamengf'r) 
101 Lang-ley a\"enue 

Arnoldi, Mr. and 
Irs. Charlf>s E. (\\ anI) 
136 Rpadina road 
Receh'es Friday 
lr. 16 
lr. (K. C.) and Mrs. Frank 
37 Xorth street 
Receh'es Friday 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 5-28-33-5;)-71-:\lrs. ;)6-57 

[iss Joan Arnoldi 5;) 
:\11'. Earl F. Arnoldi 
:\11'. F. Fauquier Arnoldi 
:\11'. Percy F. Arnoldi 

Ir. and 
Irs. Fulford 
37 Maitland street 
:\11', Arthur Arnolrli 

_-\rnoldi, 1\11'. and :\lrs. John R. ("-ard) 
38 'Yalker a\"enue 
Receh'es Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 19-33 
:\[iss Grace Arnoldi 

Arnton, 1\Irs. R. Fenton 
The 1\Iadison Apartments 
Clubs, :\lrs. 42 

Arthurs, ,Mrs. .Å. J. (Austin) 
7S Admiral road 
Cluhs. Mrs. 

'dney Greene (Arthurs) 
:\IÏss Doris Greene 

Ashby, Dr. and Mrs. T. Harry nYl1itfield) 
175 Ho)"horough street 'Yest 

Ir. ,fames .Johnston 
21 Admiral road 
K R" Long Branch, Onto 
Receh'es Friday 
 :\11'. 20-27--12 

Irs. Anne 1. E. Hills (Crecy) 

.\sling, Mr. and 1\Irs, Herhert :\1. (
137 Isahella street 
Rt-'ce!\'es 1st 1\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35-53 

.\spll('n, :\11'. and :\Irs. T. Frederick (:\Iasson) 
carth roall 
K R., Goderich, Ont. 
Recf>Í\'es :\Ionday 
Ir. 7-19-33-4
:\11'. Alan Aspllf>n 

_Hkinson, :\11'. and :\Irs. Edwin J. (Rmillit:') 
107 Howard Park a\"enue 
Hecei\"cs 3d Friday 

.\tkinson, 1\11'. and :\ll's. ,Toseph E. 
(Elmina Elliott) 
6-1 Glen rO
l1ecei \"f>s 1\1 ond a
Cluhs, Mr. 7 -33-3:i- lfi-
ll's, :ïj -G:i-Gli 
:\fiss Huth .\tldnsnn 
:\Irs. E. :\1. Elliott 

.\ tldnson, 1\1 I'. alHl :\ll's. \Y. (-;. (Cotton) 
119 Prim'l--' .\rthur a\'t-'nlle 
11f>('{'h o es Frillay 

 ref{,. tv ('{ull 1I1l1l11,('r.
cC ill.
;d( lUff' I,' CO,.,T. 



Auden, Mr. and Mrs. Henry \Yilliam 
Principal's House, 'Cpper Canada Col- 
S. R., Gordon Bay, Lake Joseph 
Receives 3d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-11-19-42-53-69-Mrs. 2;)- 
M.A. (Cambridge), Principal of Upper 
Canada College, Toronto; Son of 
Prebendary Auden, M.A.; F.S.A.; 
Church Stretton, England; b. 1867. 
Educated at Shrewsbury School 
(Millington) leaving exhibitioner 
Christ's College, Cambridge (scholar 
and prizeman); Porteous Gold Mea- 
aI, 1887, Bell University scholar. 
1887; first class Classical Tripos, 
part I, 1889; second class, part n, 
1890; Marburg University, 1890; reg- 
istered in column B of the Teach- 
ers' Register; sixth form Master, 
Fettes College, Edinburgh, 1891 to 
1903; librarian Fettes College, 1898 
to 1903; principal of Upper Canada 
College since 1903; m. 1896 Con- 
stance, daughter of the Rev. F. ,Yo 
Kittermaster, of Meriden, Warwick- 
shire; issue, Kenneth Francis, born 
1897, Marcus Frederick, born 1905, 
and two daughters. General editor 
Blackwoods' Classical Series; editor 
of yarious classical texts for Mc- 
Millan, Cambridge rniversity Press, 
and Black\voods. 
Auld, Mr. and Mrs, Alexander R. 
4 May square 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-46 
Miss Annabel R. Auld 
Mr. Alex, Gordon Auld 
AUll, Mrs. John :\1. (Annie C Begg) 
81 Crescent road 
ReceÏ\'es Monday 
Miss Aull 
Austen, Mr. and Mrs. James E. (James) 
46 Lenty avenue 
Receives \Vednesday 
Austin, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross (('UrIT) 
1;) 7 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Albert "T. (Kerr) 
Spadina and Davenport roads 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-28-33-53-69-Mrs. 
and president 68 
Miss Adele 1\1. Austin 
Miss Constance M. Austin 
Austin, Mr. and :\lrs. John F. ("-hite) 
65 Oriole road 
Clubs. Mr. 7-46 
Miss Hattie 1\1. Austin 
Mr. Carl W. Austin 
Miss Adele H. Austin 
Austin, Mr. "'illiam R 

6 Laburnum avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Mary R. Austin 
Miss 'Vilhelmina Austin 

Aylesworth, Sir Allen and Lady (Miller) 

1 "'almer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Sir Allen 53; also Rideau Club, 
Ottawa-Lady 57 
Mr. Featherston Ayles\vorth 
Aylesworth, :\11'. and Mrs, Featherston 
(Gladys Burton) 

3 "'hitney avenue 
Receives Mondav 
Clubs, Mr. 37-42-56-60-Mrs 57. 
Aylward, Mr. and Mrs, Frederick J. (Sloan) 
91 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Frank Sloan 
'an, Mr. and Mrs, Leven 
234 Bloor street East 
Badenach, Mrs. Sarah (Hastings) 
56 St. Mary street 
Receh'es 1st Tuesday 
Mr. Clarence H. Badenach 22 
Badgerow, Mr. and Mrs. A. H, 
(Harriette Etwell) 
106 Bedford road 
Badgley, Dr. and Mrs, Frederick K. (Kerr) 
110 A yenue road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Mrs. Emma Badgley (Bell) 
Baggs, Mrs. Allan 
29 Parkway a venue 
Receh"es 1st and 2d Thursrla
Miss E. Y. Baggs 
Miss Hazel B. Baggs 
Bagshaw, Dr. D. Judson 
100 A venue road 
Clubs, Dr. 7 
arah J. Crowder 

Baigent, Mr, and Mrs. Francis J. 
15;) Rose avenue 
S. R., Simcoe Park 

Baigent, Mrs. Richard (Adelaide Ridout) 
497 Sherbourne street 
Miss Margaret Baigen t 

Baigent, Mr, and Mrs. Richard G. 
(XeWe O'Connor) 
1:\9 Grace street 
C'luhs, Mr. 18-Mrs. 18 

Bailey, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles L. (McMurray) 
164 Close ayenue 
S. R., 6-l
hore, Hanlan's Island 
Rf>cei ves Th u rsrlay 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
Mr. Leonard Bailey 46 

Bailey, Mr. James D. 
fi9 Seaton street 
S. R., Balmy Beach 

Bailey, Mr. anrl Mrs. Thomas D, (Henr:r> 
Tashington avenue 
S. R., Lambton Golf and Country 
Club, Lamhton, Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-Mrs. 28 

Figures refer to club numbers-sce 11Uude bac1\


3 1 

Bailey, :\lr. and Mrs. "Tilliam C. (Cronkhite) 
King Edward Hotel 
lr. 28-46 
:\Ir. Henry Bailey 
:\Iiss :\Iarguerite Bailey 
Ir. and Mrs. Frank ,Yo 
(Edith J. \Vhite) 
146 Crescent road 
S. R., Virden Yilla. Atherley. Ont. 
Receives Monday 
lr. 1-4-5-ï-

Baillie, Mr. and Mrs. James \V. (Ambrose) 

6 South Driye, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-ï-
S-33-42-Mrs. 28 

Baily. :\lr. and Mrs. Herbert T. (Orchard) 
92 Oriole road 
Receives 4th Thursday 

Baily, :\Irs. M. A. (Rowntree) 
ïO Kendal a venue 
:\Iiss Ethel Baily 
:\Iiss Louise Baily 

Bain, :\Irs. Abraham R. (Martha Dumble) 
133 Bedford road 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
Receives Friday 
:\Iiss E. E, Bain 

Bain, :\lr. and Mrs. Donald 
165 Collier street 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 
:\Iiss Agnes Bain 
:\Iiss (jrace Bain 
:\Iiss :\Iarjorie Bain 

Bain, Prof. J. "Tatson (B.A., B.Sc.) 
393 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 
:\lrs. James Bain (PateniOn) 

Bain, .Mr. (K. C.) and :\Irs. James 'V. 
(McDonell ) 
36 Forf>st Hill road 
Clubs, Mr. 1-46-53-;)j-60-61-69 

Bain, :\Iiss :\lary 
627 Huron street 
ReceÏ\.'f>s 2d and 3d Frirlay 
:\Iiss Elsie Bain 

Bain, :\1rs. Mary 
169 St. Georg-e street 
Receives Friday 
:\Iiss Ora I3ain 

Baines, Dr. and Mrs, .\I1en (Troughtnn) 
228 Bloor street West 
Clubs, Dr. 5-46-!i!'i-69-71-:\lrs. The 
Rose Rociety of Ontario 

Baines, :\Ir. and Mrs. E. Hanley 
426 Huron Htreet 
Cluhs. :\Ir. fi:ï-fi6 
:\Iiss Amy 1. Baines 28 

BaÌlH's, :\1r. and Mrs. Richard A. (:\loOl'e) 
12 Madison a"enue 

Baird, :\1r. and :\Irs. Daniel S. (Helen 'Yest) 
19 La Plaza Apartments, corner 
('harles and Jarvis streets 
Clubs, :\lr. 7, Queen City Curling Club 
-:\Irs. 65-66 

Baird, :\1r. and 
lrs. Georg-e H. 
(:\1innie v.- orden) 
;;3 Lonsdale road 
S. R., Hanlan's Point, Onto 
Recei ,'es Tuesday 
Clubs, :\1r. 37 

Ir. Hugh H. Baird 
Baird, :\Ir. and Mrs, H. P. (Cooper) 
525 Huron street 
Receives 1st Friday 
CI uhs, :\Ir, 71 
::\Iiss Katie Baird 
Baird, :\Ir, and :\lrs. Henry X. (Palmer) 
" 3
 Heath street 'Yest 
Recei ves Th ursday 
Cluhs. :\1"1'. 7 -33-3ï -4:!-jj-60-.Mrs. 
Baird, :\1rs. James (:\lcClain \ 
21 St. Andre"s Gardens Xnrth 
Receives :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
:\lr. .James McClain Baird 
:\lr. Alexander \Yatson Baird 

\liss Kathleen Baird 
Baker, Prof. (M.A.) and .:\lrs. Alfred 
81 :\ladison avenue 
S. R.. Ishkauqua, Lake Rosseau 
Recei ,-es 1st and 3d Friday 
Cluhs. Prof. 10-3
Baker, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Edwin G. (:\Iacnaughton) 
] 91 Grenadier road 
Clubs, :\11'. 31-4
-:\lrs. 31 
Baker, :\lr. and :\lrs. Francis R. 
(Florence Kenrick) 
elby street 
R R., Sunny Brook Farm, Oakville, 
Receiw's 1st 
Clubs, :\Ir, 20-42-53-71: also Ontario 
Association of Architects 
Baker, :\1r. and :\1rs. George A, 
:ï61 Clendenan avenue 
Clubs. .:\lr. 28-33-37-71 
Baker, :\11'. and .:\lr8. P. J. F. 
<<Bertha Rog-erson) 
60 Oriole road 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Baker, ::\1r. and Mrs. Hichard L. (:\lcLellan) 
Glen Yiew avenue 
S. R., "c Ilvido Cottage," Lake Ros- 
seau, :\Iuskoka, Ont. 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-7 -3
-37 -46: also BOal'd 
of Trade and Canallian :\lanufac- 
turers' .\ssodation 
:\Iiss Rf>atriee Olivf> Baker 
:\Iiss \Tictoria May Baker 

Iiss Dorothy Baker 

flaker, :\11'. and :\lrs. Robert A. (Cahel) 
ti4 Forest Hill road 
ReC'eiw's Thursday 
('Iubs, .Mr. 27-35 

Figures refer If) dill) 1I111J/7Jcrs-srr illsi"( Ù(f('l

3 2 


Baldwin, Mr. Aemilus 

3 Lonsdale road 
Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1\I. 
"Dunvegan House," 110 Dunvegan 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-42-61-Mrs. 42 
Baldwin, Dr. and i\Irs, Edmund St. G. 
(:\Ion tizambert) 

 6 St, George street 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Baldwin, Mr. H. 8t. George 
50 Lo\vther a venue 
Clubs, Mr. 46-fiO 
l\Iiss Ethel Baldwin 55 
::\11'. Harold A. Baldwin 50 
Baldwin. Dr. and Mrs. John M, (Scarlett) 
95 Lyndhurst avenue 
Baldwin. Mrs, :\lorgan (Florina Ross) 
The Kingsley Apartments 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Bald win 
Baldwin. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. (\Yilkes) 
35 "'hitney a\'enue 
Receives 1st and 3d Monila
Clubs, Mr. 20-46 
Mr. Hartley Baldwin 
Baldwin, Mrs. R. Rus!Sell 
36 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Miss ,Yo R. Baldwin 
Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. "Tillcocks 
52 Poplar Plains roaè 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-!"i6 
Baldwin, Mrs, \\"arren \\T. 
(f'atherine A. B. Ridley) 
99 Howland avenue 
S. R., ::\Iuskoka 
Receives Friday 
Miss Katherine M. Balch\ in 
Bald\\ in, 1\11'. and l\Irs. 'Yilliam E, D. 
Care of 27 Wellington street East 
Clubs, Mr. 1-27 
Balfour, Mr. and Mrs. John P. (Mitchell) 
167 Jameson avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-Mrs. 39 
Mr. Keith C. Balfour 35 
::\011'. Gordon B. Balfour 3;; 
l\iiss Oli \'e K. Balfour 
Ball, l\Ir. and ::\1rs, Ahraham 
415 Palmf'rston boulevard 
S. R., Beaverton 
Ball, l\lr, and Mrs. George B, (Allen, 
63;0.. HUI'on strf'e1 
Recf'ivf'<: Friòay 
Clubs. Mr. 7-35 
Ball, Dr. anfl Mrs. Georg-e L, (Sheriff, 
1R C}leng-ro\'e a\'enue 
Dr. Earl S. Ball 

Ball, Dr. and Mrs, Jerrold C\Ioore) 
178 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d Monday and 2d Thursday 
Cluhs, Mrs. 25-58-65 
Miss .Josephine Ball 
Dr. Harold De \\Titt Ball 
Ballantyne, Mr. and Mrs. Adam". 
34 Dun \'egan road 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-33-37-42-46 
Ballantyne, Rev. Prof. and Mrs. James 
262 St. George street 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 7 
Miss Marv Ballantvne 
Mr. CharÌes C. BaÌ1antyne 
Balm, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Holman, 
664 Huron street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st 'Yednesday 
Mr, Howard Balm 
Band, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Penruddocke 
(Birchall ) 
95 'Yoodlawn avenue 
Receives Thursilay 
Clubs, Mr. 10-46 
Miss Frances Bani! 46-53 
Mr. Sidney ,Yo Band 33-46-53-56 
Band, Mr. Charlf'S 'V. 
512 Jan'is street 
Cluhs, Mr. 4-fi-22-2R-33-37-46 
Mr. Charles R. Band 19-28-37-46-55-56 
Miss Maude Band 28 
Mr. Percy Band 10-
Banks, Mr. and Mrs. R, 'V. (Fuller) 
129 Routh drÌ\'p 
S. R., Balmy Beach 
Receives Mondav 
('luhs, Mr. 34-70 
Mrs. Charles Fuller (Hirschfe1der, 
Banting-. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. (McClain) 
330 St. George street 
Recf'ives 4th Fridav 
Mr. Ernest \Y. Banti
Miss Korma A. M. Banting 
Barber, Mr, and Mrs. Henry 
88 S1. Alhan street' 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 35 
Mr. Herhert r, Barber 
Miss ,Jessie Barher 
Miss Edythe Barber 
Barber. Mr. and Mrs, .John R. (Best) 
1fi9 Aòmiral road 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Barhour, Mr. ani! Mrs. B. F. (Hopkin, 
437 8herhourne street 
d ani! 4th Monda v 
rluhs, Mrs. !iR-66 . 
Miss Frant::es Barbour 
Barclay, Mrs. Dadd R. (Annie E. Christie, 
70 Lowther avenue 
ReceÌ\'es Frii!ay 
Miss .Jeannette Barclay 
l\Tr, 'Ym. C. Barclay 37-42 

Figures refer to club /lllll/bers-see im:âde back corer. 



Barker, :Mr. and Mrs. Archibald B. 
(Harriette Rose) 
51 Dunvegan road 
Clubs, Mr. 7-42-55-56-71 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. (:\Iallory) 
56 Spadina road 
S. R" Lake Rosseau, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2 

Iiss Vera Barker 

1iss Rena Barker 
Miss Eunice Barker 

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. (Louis) 
12 Simpson avenue 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Barker, Major and Mrs. Rybert K. 
(Minnie H. Labron) 
27 Grafton avenue 

Barnard, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. 
28 The Alexandra Palace 
Receives Wednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 56-Mrs. 5t1 

Irs, Wm. R. 
17 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Receives ""Yednesday 

Iiss Mabel Barnard 

Barr, Mr. and Mrs. ""Yalter J. 
"Barholme," 99 Walmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-7-19-28-33-46-54-70-71; 
also Board of Trade and York Pio- 
neers-Mrs. 28 
:\Iiss E. Isabel Barr 
:Miss M. D, Morrison 
Miss Florence Barr 

Barr, Mr. and Mrs. ""Yilliam (Gifford) 
115 Close avenue 
R R., Bala, Muskoka. Ont. 
Receives 3d Thursday 

Barrett, Mr. Robert G. 
187 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Barrett 
:\Iiss F. Barrett 
Miss E. Barrett 

Barrett, Mr. and Mrs. ""Yall ace 
O\fina Fla velIe) 
77 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Ir. 42-46-Mrs. 28-42 
Bartholomew, Mr. and Mrs. Philip (\Yidner) 
:! St. Georg-e street 
ReceÏ\'es 3d Friday 

Iiss Orpha Y. 'Widner 66-417 
Barton, Dr. and Ml'S. James ""Y. (Ahhs) 
481 Palmerston houlevard 
Barton, Mr. and Mrs. T. Herbert (Jardine) 
S 4 0 Da ven port road 
Receives Thursday 

Bartram, Mr. and :\lrs. J. Bogert 
Oriole road. corner St. Clair a venue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursda) 
Clubs. Mr. 4-33; also Board of Trade 
-Mrs. 25-65-68 

Barwick, Mr. and :\lrs. Fred D. (Bovell) 
644 Spadina avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Mr. Fred A. Barwick 
Miss Ethel B. Barwick 

Barwick, Mrs. ""Yalter (Ella Atkinson) 
61 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 55-56-57 
Mr. Hugh A. Barwick 46-56 

Bascom, Mr. and Mrs. John M. (Heintzman) 
RO Howard street 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33 

Bascom, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C\Vorkman) 
1339 King street ""Yest 
Receives 2d and 3d Thursday 

Bastedo, Mr. and Mrs. David H. (Armstrong) 
54 Roxborough street "\Vest 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Marion Bastedo 66 

Bastedo, Mr. and :\Jrs. E. Chih'er ("Williams) 
The Xanton 

Bastedo, Mr. and Mrs. G. Tice (Coverton) 
93 Farnham avenue 
Clubs, :\lrs. 56 

Bastedo, Mrs. John C\Iary "\Villiams) 
531 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d ani! 4th :\Ionday 
Miss Edna Bastedo 

Bastedo, Mr. and :\Irs. 
Ielville W (Bryan) 
150 Dowling avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Irs. 28 

Bastedo, Mr. and Mrs. XOI"man H. (,,'alker) 
257 Poplar Plains road 
R R., Cobourg, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
(,lubs, Mr, 4-19-34-35-42-46-55 
Bate, Mr. and Mrs. Edward X. (King) 
33 \Varren road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Edith King 

Bate, Mr. and Mrs. Ira 
7 Concord avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 37 

Bauld, Mrs. E. (Eliza Henderson) 
45 A,'enue road 
Recei\'es 4th Frii!ay 

liss :\[arg-aret Bauld 
Miss Juliä Lundy 

Baxter, Mr. D. 'V. 
Rosedale Golf (,Iuh. Bedford Park 
('Juhs, Mr. 7-42-55-56 

Pi fJlt res refer to cllt b ,Ill 111 bcrs-.
ec i J/.'ddr baN. co reI'. 



Bayley, 1\11'. and 
1:rs. \Villiam Braybrooke 
108 Highlands ayenue 
S. R., Long Branch 
Receives Monday 
Miss Dorothy Bayley 
Miss Marjorie Bayley 
Mr. "
alter Bayley 
Miss Queenie Bayley 
Miss Grace Bayley 
Bayne, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. D. 
9R 8padina road 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Beal, Mr. and Mrs. George p, (Curry) 
51 Murray street 
Receives 2d and 4th ",Vednesday 
Beal, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam A. (Perry) 
5 Spadina Gardens 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-10-46 
Beamish, Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo G. 
(Elizabeth Alexander) 
3 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Beard, Mrs. Samuel ",V. 
(Eleanor M. H. LomeI') 
502 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
The Misses Beard 
Mr. M, D. Beard 
Mr, Xorman F. D, Beard 
Beardmore, Mr. Alfred O. 
75 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 37-4ß-53-56-60-69-70-71 
Beardmore. Mr. George W. 
"Chudleigh," 136 Beverley street 
Clubs. Mr. 37-53-56-69 
Miss Helen Beardmore 56 (Port Credit) 
Beardmore. MI'. and Mrs. \Valter D. 
77 Elm avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-3!)-37-46-53-56-69-Mrs. 
Mr. Charles 0, Beardmore 
Mr. E. C. Beardmore 
Beaton, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H. 
(Mary L. Rogers) 
\Varren road, corner Lonsdale road 

, R., Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs. Mr. 27-35-37-61; also Rirleau 
Club, Ottawa, and the Country Club, 
Ottawa-Mrs. 65-66 
Beatty, Dr. and Mrs. Adam A. (Xorris) 
201 Bloor street East 
Recei '"es 1 st Monda
Clubs, Dr. 31 
.. ...\ilr. and Mrs. Charles \Y. 
121 St. George street 
R H., Bedford Park 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 33-37-.42-!'iá-5ß-69-70-71- 
Mrs. 42-56 

Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. E. Percy OYood) 
69 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-55-71-Mrs. 42-55 
Mr. Percy ,\\-'ood Beatty 55 
Mrs. \Yilliam Beatty 66 (Graham) 

Beatty, Mr. and Mrs, Harry W. 
(Martha J. Lee) 
:!4 Spac1ina road 
Receh'es Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 27-33-42-56-60-Mrs. :>6-;)7 

Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. 
(Lois Duggan) 
26 McMaster street 
Clubs, Mr. 22-Mr8. 42 
Beatty, Mr. and Mrs, Henry (Powell) 
207 Simcoe street 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives 1st and 3d Wednesday 
1r. 7-19-28 
Miss Mary H. Beatty 
Mr. Gordon Beatty 
Mr. E. \V. Beatty 69 (Montreal) 
Clubs, Dr. 7-19-28-46-69 
Beatty, Dr. Henry A. 
207 Simcoe street 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19-28-46-69 
Beatty, Mrs, James H. (Sarah Campbell) 
109 Dowling avenue 
S. R.. Fairhaven Island, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Frirlay 
Miss J. Beatty 
Mr. W. H. Beatty 
Mr. Lawrence Beatty 
Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. 
(Charlotte E. Boomer) 
38 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-3-7-37-42-55-G6-ß9- Mrs. 
Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. 8amuel G. (Eastw()()d) 
"Oakdene." 168 Isabella street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st ann :!d Monrlay 
Clubs. Mr. 33 
Mr. Stanley Beatty 
Mr. Xelson Bèatty (Ottawa) 
Miss Sherman 
Beatty, Mrs, \Yilliam H. (Worts) 
6 Queen's Park 
Beaty, Mr. and Mrs. John G, (Dayi
138 Bedforrl road 
Rf'cei yes 2rl ann 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-7 -19-28-33-3fi-4ß-MrH. :!8 
Beaty, Mr. and Mrs. John ,V. (Thorp, 
61 Crescent roaù 
Receives TupsiJay 
Mr. Harolrl T. Beaty 
Mr. \Yilfren T. Beaty 
Miss Margery Beaty 
Beaumont. Mr, R. B. 
231 Huron street 
Clubs, Mr. 31-42-54-ï1 
Beck, Mr. Harrv T. 
20 Alex'ander Apartments 
Clubs, Mr. 7-55 

Fi[lure8 Tefer to club 1111lllberS-8ee 1m.;idr back cocer. 



Bpck Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. (Hall) 
6 Clarendon Crescent 
R R., Raby Head, Bo\\"manville, ant. 
Receives Thursday 
fr. 33-34 
:\liss Phyllis Beck 
Becker, Dr. Charles W. 
349 Sherbourne street 

Becker, Dr. and Mrs. Henry (Sutherland) 
1330 King- stre'?t 'Yest 
S. R., Lake Katrine, ant. 
d Thursday 
l\liss :\1. B. Becker 
Rpckett, :\11'. and ::\11'8. Samuel G. (Fletcher) 
404 Hr\..ns\\ a;". a venL\::' 
Receives 1st Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-
-3-10-37 -61 
Mrs. E. Beckett 
Bedf'll, :\11'. and :\lrs. Georg-e \\T. (Hudson) 
13 :Mackenzie avenuf' 
R R.. 
Iuskoka. ant. 
Receives 3d Monday 
Miss Mildred Bedell 
Bedford, Mr. and :\lrs. Ehenezer (Fairhead) 
 Hazelton avenue 
ReceÏ\'f's Tues(]ay 
Beemf'r, :\11'. and Mrs, A. A. (:\luirhead) 
46R Bruns\\"ick a\-enue 
Receives Fridav 
Clubs, ::\11'. 35-46 
Bpemer, :\[1'. and Mrs. Harry G, 
3 Admiral road 

Beer, \11'. and Mrs. G, Frank (\\'f'eks) 
:i4 Glen road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-71-:\[rs. 
Beer, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. 
16 Hawthorne avenue 
Receives M
Clubs, l\lr. 7-71 
Beeton, ::\11'. and Mrs. Edward A. (Bingham) 
69 Oriole road 
Recpives Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 2-33 
Mr. Ross Reeton 
:\Ir. Edward W. Beeton 
Hegg-. :\[1'. and 1\[rs. Charles G. (.\g-new) 
37R Brun!"wirk avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. 1\lrs. IS 
l\Iiss Lillian Begg 
Heg'g', :\11'. and Mrs. Evan .A, (:\Iurray) 
73 :\1adison avenue 
Recf'i yes 1 st and 31] Frid a
Clubs. :\11'. 7-
:\liss MarjOl'ie :\1. Uegg 
Beg-g-, :\11'. anI] Mrs. H erlwrt (Lea yens) 
1 .\dmiral roal] 
Cluhs, :\[1'. 1-
Beg-g-, MI'. and Mrs. 'Villiam n. (.\ ng-us) 
17 Lynnwood avenue 
Rf'ceives 1st Thursday 
('Iuhs. :\11'. 35-46-r;

Bell, l\lr. and Mrs. .\.. J. ("\Yhaley) 
t. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\fiss Yerna Bell 

Bell, Prof. (Ph.D.) and Mrs. Andre\\" J. 
17 Avenue road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and Hh Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 28 
Hell, :\11'. and Mrs, Edwin (Brooke) 
30 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-35-42-55 
::\[1'. Xorman Bell 46 
:\fiss Bessie Bell 
:\11'. Brooke Bell 

Bell, Mr. (K. C.) and :\Irs. George (Sproat) 
106 St. George street 
K R., Lake Joseph, Muskoka 
Receives Tuesday 
rlubs, Mr. 1-3
- 71; also 
St. Andrew's Society-:\lrs. 
:\11'. "\Yhiteford G. Bell 34-46 

nell, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. 
(Etta M. :\lc\Villiams) 
49 Roxhorough street 'Vest 
Receives :!d \Vednesday 
Miss Fernie Bell 
:\liss Beryl Bell 
:\Iiss Beryl Knox 
:\11'. Harwoorl Knox 

Bell, Capt. and Mrs, "Talker H. 
Alexandra Palace 
Clubs, Capt. 53-56 

Bell, :\11'. and Mrs. "\Yalte1' J. (Coles) 
11 Deer Park, Crescent 
Receives Thursday 

Bellinger, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Germann) 

6 Dunn a\'enue 
Cluhs Mr. 35 
:\1iss Yera Bellinger 
:\11'. Fred H. Belling-er 
:\[iss Florence Bellinger 

Belton, :\11'. and 
lrs. Frank S. (Kirk\\"ool]) 
9;) \Valmer road 
Recei ,'es Friday 
C1uhs, 1\[1'. 33 

nf'ndf'r, :\11'. and 1\1rs. Charles A, (Plattt"n) 
11 Lynnwood a ,'enue 
Rt'ceives 1st Thursday 
Cluhs, :\[1'. i-71 
::\[r. G. H, Ben(]er 
Hpnt'l]jct, :\11'. and Mrs. Chal"lf's L. (:\leLaren) 
I St. \ïncent street 
S. It.. Trout Island, Rideau Lake, ant, 
H,ecei ,'es Tues<1ay 
C'luhs, Ml'. 1-3i-:ï3-55-56-71 
Bf'ng-ough. Mr. and :\[rs. .J. ,Yo (H.oherhmn) 
';6 Hig-hlands a,'enue 
HeC'ei\"es Monday 
Cluhs. :\[1'. 7-1\Irs. 58-66 
p'f'nIwt. :\11". and :\[I"S. A. \V. (1Iome) 

o 7 era \\' fon] street 

 n'f('r If) élull 111111111('1'."1--" I ;1I.
idf' 'Jt1d" rOnT. 



Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. 
(Kettie May Johnson) 
57 Rowanwood avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 53; also Manitoba Club. 
\Vinnipeg, and Carlton Club, Winni- 
peg-Mrs. 25 
Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. George J. (Clayton) 
1326 King street West 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
Dr. Alpha C, Bennett 
Mr. Dudley Bennett 
Miss Kellie Stevens 

Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. P. 
9 Edgewood Crescent 
Clubs, Mr. 27-37 
Berkinshaw, Mr. and Mrs, Edwin C (Sloan) 
"Oak YilIa," 120 Balsam avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Vlednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Berkinshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Korman W. 
539 Church street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22 
Berkinshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. (Coulton) 
"Oakdene," 50 Ht. Clair avenue West 
ReceÏ\'es Thursday 
Mr. Richar.d C, Berkinshaw 
Miss Muriel Berkinsha w 

ilfrid Berkinshaw 

Berkinshaw, Mr, and Mrs. 

aIter E. (Kent) 
267 Russell Hill road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-31-33-46 

Bertram. Mrs. John 
4 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Bertram 

Bertram, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Keller) 
59 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 

Bertram. Mr. and Mrs. Melville (Cameron) 
226 Russell Hill road 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-46 

Bertram, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. McK. (Hodgens) 
134 Spadina road 
R. R.. Eastbourne, Lake Rimcoe 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33 
Best, Mr. and Mrs. David M. (Eagen) 
30 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65-66-68 
Best, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (Wiggins) 
456 Markham street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-33 
Miss Best 
Miss F, Best 
Mr. Thomas W. Best 

Bethune, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. B. 
(Elizabeth Forsyth) 
156 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Hugh W. Bethune 
Miss A. Beatrice Bethune 42 

Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. (Jones) 
433 Palmerston boulevard 

Bickell. Mrs. A. P. (Paris) 
55 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
Mr. John P. Bickell, 4-22-27-35-46-70-71 
Miss Marjorie Bickell 
Bickford, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hastings 
Bt. George Mansions 
Receivês Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-55-56-60-Mrs. 39-55 

Bickford, Major and Mrs. Harold C, 
49 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Major, 10-37 -46-53-56-60-Mrs 

Bickle, Mr. and Mrs. James Henry 
(Lois W. Moyes) 
27 Crescent road 

Bickle, Mrs. 
TilIiam J. (Caswell) 
343 Markham street 
Mr. Edward Bickle 
Mr. '\ViIfred Bickle 
Mr. George Bickle 
Miss Marjorie B'tckle 

Bicknell, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (Pitcher) 
25 St, Andrews Gardens South 
Clubs, Mr. 31-35-46-Mrs. 31-65 
Bicknell, Mr. (K. C.) and Mrs. Jamel'l 
37 Cluny avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-17-22-28-31-37-42-46-53- 
69; also Hamilton Club, Hamilton, 
and Rideau Club, Ottawa. 
Miss Muriel C. BickneH 
Mr. James W. Bicknell 

Biggar. Mr. and Mrs. George C. (Tate) 
77 Charles street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 54-61-71-Mrs. 54 

Biggs, Dr. George M. 
Toronto General Hospital 

Biggs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. (Champion) 
171 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-Mrs. 68 
Biggs. Major and Mrs. S. Percy (GIddings) 
6 Walmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Major 10-20 
Biggs. Mrs. Samuel C. (Atkinson) 

Figurcð 'rcfcr to club numbers-see inside back COl.'cr. 



Bigwood, :Mr. and :\Irs. .William E. (Emery) 
145 South Drive, Rosedale 
S. R., Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay. Onto 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 31--Mrs. 31-56-57-65 
Miss Bigwood 
Mr. Paul Bigwood 
Bilton, Mrs. \Ym. G. (Creighton) 
48 Huntley street 
Recei yes 1st and 3d :\londay 
Miss Olive Bilton 
Miss Gladys Bilton 
Mr. Elmore Bilton 
Bilton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Creighton) 
Selby Hotel, Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-7-15 
Mr. Xorman C. Bilton 46 
Bingham, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles D. (HIll) 
6 Crescen t road 
S. R., Clear Water Lake, Lake of 
Bays District, On t. 
Miss Eveline Moore 
:\1iss X. Bain 
Bingham, Dr. and Mrs. GeorgE' A. (Wilson) 
6S Isahella street 
Receives 4th Monday 
Clubs, Dr. :!7-37-53 
Binns, Mr. and Mrs. H. 
39 Deer Park Crescent 
Receives Thursday 
Birchard, Mr. (M.A., Ph.D.) and Mrs. Isaac .J, 
124 Jameson avenue 
R. R., Port Keywaydin, Muskoka, Onto 
ReceÏ\'es 1st \Vednesday 
Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Eustace G. 
(Isalen Foster) 
5 Hawthorne Gardens 
S. R., Barrie, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs. Mr. 1-7-20-28-46--Mrs. 18-28- 
Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. (Stanton) 
99 Routh Drive, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-56-70 
Birmingham, Mr. and Mrs. John A. (Coo) 
265 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Fridays 

Bishop, 1\11'. and Mrs, C. H. (Hawke) 
;) Roxboroug-h street East 
Receives 3d Tuesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 7 
Mr. Ross H. Bishop 
Mr. Percy H. Bishop 
Miss Ethel G. Bishop 
s Florence E. Bishop 
Miss Gladys H. Bishop 
Miss Doris M. Bishop 
Mr. Norman C. RishoJ) 
Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. 
336 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
:\fl'. Allan Bishop 
:\Ir. Russell Bishop 

Blachford, Mr. and :\Irs. Alfred J. (Bertrand) 
663 Shaw street 
Reeeives 1st Thursday 
Mr. B. A. Blachford 

BJachford, Mr. and :\Irs. Arthur ,Yo (Rand) 
35 Xanton avenue 
S. R., 
'[azengah, Lake Rosseau, 
Receives 3d :\Ionday 
Ir. 4-7-27-33-46--:\lrs. 27 
l\lr. Arthur F. Blachford 4-46 

Rlachford. Mr. and :\Irs. C. A. (Sparling) 
11 Binscarth road 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-46 

Blachford, Mr. and :\Irs. Charles E. 
168 Carlton street 
S. R., Mazengah Island, Lake Ro
Receives 2d and 4th 1\[onday 
Clubs. Mr. 7 
Miss Caroline A. Scobell 
Miss Fannie G, Scobell 

Blachford, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. L\shplant) 
Palmerston Apartments 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-7-15-32-46-52--1\[rs. liS 
BJachford, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 
80 Roxhorough street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 19--
Irs. 25 
Blachford. Mr. anò Mrs. Horace P. (Selh
166 Carlton street 
S. R., Mazengah IsJand, :\Iuskoka 
Receives 1st and 3ò :\Ionday 
Miss J. V. Relby 
Blachforò. Mr. and :\Irs. Howard C. (Leners) 
20 St. James avenue 
CJubs, Mr. 7 
Blachford. Mr. and Mrs. Percival S. (Oldright) 
17 Wooòlawn avenue 'Vest 
S. R.. Lake Ros
eau. Muskoka 
Receives 4th Thursday 

Blachford. Mr. R. Thomas 
Iontrose avenue 
fr. 19 
Miss Blachford 
Miss Marsh 
Mr. Jo,",eph Fletcher 
Black, Mr
. Camphell (Potter) 
567 Rherbourne street 
Receives :\Ionday 
Miss Rheta P. Black 
Black, Mr. and Mrs. Hector (". 
The Alexandra Palace 
CJuhs, Mr. 33 
Black. Mr. and Mrs. James C, (Harbottle) 
]04 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and Hh Frida,' 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-il 
Miss C. E, Black 28 

Pigllrf'S rcff'" to clull numbcrs-su' insid( back corer. 



Black, Mr. anrl Mrs. 
amuel 'V. (Clark) 
197 Marlison a venue 
S. R., Lorne Park, Ont. 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 
-4-7 -19-31-Mrs, 66-68 
Mr. Bruce S. Black 
Miss Rita I. Black 

Black, Dr. and Mrs. '
nlIiam A. lBrecken) 
409 Bruns\\'ick avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 2-7 

Blackburn, Mr. anrl Mrs. Henry IV!. (Chapman) 
16 "Tillcocks street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-
Mr. '\Talter John Blackburn 

Blackhall, Mr. and Mrs. Yictor E. (Leech) 
41 Hawthorne avenue 

Blackstock. Mr. (K. C.) G. Tate 
King Ed ward Hotel 
Clubs. Mr. 37 -5ß-ß9 

Blackstock. Mrs. Thumas Gibbs 
(Harriet Y. Gooderham) 
79 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Gibbs Blackstock 
Miss Barhara Blackstock 
Miss Hattie Blackstock 
Miss Dorothy Blackstock 

Blackstock, Mr. and Mrs. William G, (Jones) 
R7 Prince Arthur a\'enue 
Clubs, Mr. 37-42-55-fiß-60 

Blackstock, Mrs. William S. (Amelia E. Gibbs) 
20 Homewoorl a \'enue 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Blackstock 
Mrs. J. Herbert McKegg-ie 

Blackwell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 
fi96 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Cluhs. Mr. 28-33-42-46 
Miss E. E. Blackwell 42 

Blackwood, Mr. anrl Mrs. S. Temple 

 E\'elyn Cameron) 
307 Sherhourne street 
S. R., Point au Baril, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 -55-56-ßO-69-Mrs. 55-56 

Blackwood, Mrs. Thumas F. 
(Eliza S. Mussen) 
96 South drive 
Receives 2d Monrlay 
Miss Blackwood 
Miss Ada Blackwood 

Blaikle, Mr. and Mrs. George \\' (Cuates) 
123 Glen road 
ReceÏ\"es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-46-56-Mrs. 57-68 

Blaikie, Miss Florence 
127 Bloor street 'Vest 
Clubs, Miss 56 

Blain, MI', and Mrs. Hugh (Miller-McClure) 
42 Clarendon avenue 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-7-19-33 
Miss Mary 'Villis Blain 
Miss Mona McClure 
Mr, David Blain 
Blake, Mn:, Edward (Cronyn) 
449 Jan'is street 
Receives Monday 
Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Hume (Manning) 
"Humewood," 49 Clarendon avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-10-37-46-53-55-56-60-69-- 
Mrs. 55-56-57 
Mr. Hume Blake, Jr. 37-55-60-61 
Miss Blake 35-56 
Mr. Hollis H. Blake 55-56 
Blake. Hon. (K. C.) and Mrs. Samuel H. 
46 Maple a'"enUe 
Receives Monday 

Blake, Mr. (K. C.) and Mrs. 'V. H, 
9 Spadina Gardens 
Clubs, Mr. 37-55 
Miss Helen Blake 55 

Bleasdell, Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter H. 
141 Cottingham street 
R R., Georgian Bay 
ReceÏ\'es 3rl Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 66-68 
Blight, Mr. and :VII's. Arthur 
(Letitia Whyte) 
fi:!7 Palmerston boulevard 
S. R., Fairport, Ont. 
Receives 1st Friday 
Yoice Culture Studio. Nordheimer's, 15 
King street East. Phone Main 4669; 
also Yocal Director, Ontario Ladies' 
Cluhs. Mr. 3-4-14-24-46-59 ;also Thistle 
Bowling Club and Cold Stream 
Fishing Club-Mrs. 24-68 

Blogg, Mr. and :\1:rs. .\1bert Edward (Barber} 
145 Bedforrl roarl 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Friday 
Cluhs. Mr. 6-7 
Miss Barber 
Mr. T. Lyle Blogg 7-46; Anna Lee Ath- 
letic Club, Toronto Ad. Club. 
Miss H. Louise Blogg 
Mr, Haruld E. Blogg 
Mrs. Barber (Gamhle) 
Miss Helen Blogg 
Bodrlington, Dr. and. Mrs. D. H. (Mitchell) 

1 'Yillcocks street 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Boeckh. Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. (\\Thite) 
188 St. George street 
Recei ves 1st and 3d Fnda
Cluhs, Mr. 1-17-19-31-33 
Boeckh, Mr. and Mrs. John C. 
(Gussie Beatty) 
248 Russell Hill road 
Cluhs, Mr. 61-Mrs. 42 

Figures refer to club numberS--Sec iI/side back cover. 



Bog :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Edward A. C \Tanston) 
SO Lowther avenue 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
(,lubs. :\Ir. 53 
:\Iiss Georgina Bog 
Bogart, :\Iis
1;) Queens Park 

. R.. Oakville, Onto 
RpceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Eogart. :\lr. Clarence A. 

 Clarendon avenue 
("lubs, Mr. 28-37-55-56-60-69 
Bogg-s, :\Ir. and Mrs. A. V. 
fiR4 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st 1\1onday 
Bohan, :\Ir. and Mrs. John A. (McAvoy) 
fì7 Dunvegan road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 27-35-37; also Simcoe Club 
-:\lrs. 27 
Mr. James Bohan 27-35-37 
au. :\Ir. Edward 
f.,Of Jan'is street 
Clubs, :\lr. 22-33-37 
B,.lanll, :\Ir. "Talter J. 
1391 Bloor street West 
('Juhs, :\Ir. 27-33-35-37-70 
1\1iss F. Boland 27 
:\Iiss B. Boland 27 
Bole, 1\1r. and :\Irs. Wm. K. (:Mills) 
40 Edgar avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 7-33 
:\lr. Ge,) <Jon Bole 
:\Ir. 1Vilfrid Bole 
lus. :\Ir. and Mrs. "Talter J. (Bell) 
136 Farnham avenue 

" R., Muskoka 
ReceÏ\-es 2d Thursday 
('lulls, :\11'. 7-Mrs. 66 
 Gladys Bolus 
Bond. :\Ir. C. H. Acton 
R Indian Gro"e 
Clubs. Mr. 3-7-19-20-33 
Bond, :\lr. and :\Irs. Hedleigh E. 
:>'8 (,harle
 street East 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, :\lr. 1-33-46 
:\IiHS .June Allen 
':\liss Xellie Allen 
Hond. :\11". and :\lrH. Rohert (Sykes) 
30 ""illcocks street 
Hecei ,'es Tuesday 
('Iuhs, 1\1r. 37 
Hone, :\Ir. and :\Irs. .John R. (Edith EvaT\s) 
494 Brunswick avenue 
:-;. R., Lorne Park, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
('Iuhs, Mr. 7-61 
Bong-arll, :\lr. and :\lrs. C 'harles ,Yo 
(X. Kloepfer) 
11 S Tynda Il avenue 
RecpiH's 4th Thursday 
('lulls. Mr. 1-7-:n-33-37-46-il 

Bongard, ::\lr. and Mrs. R. Ross ( Johnston) 
571 Jan'is street 
Recein's .:\Ionday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 53-56 
lr. anù :\Irs. Charles (Grainger) 
141 Admiral road 
Recei '.es 2d and Hh Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6 
:\liss Grace Bonnick 
Bonsall, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P, (Jackson) 
83 Hayden street 
S. R., Gf'orgian Bay 
.:\Ir. Richard Bonsall 
Boomer, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. C :\loore) 
60 Murray street 
S. R., "Faddingham Maplf's," Balsam 
P. 0.. Ont . 
Receh'es "'ednesday 
(,lubs, Mr. 53-5:5-::\lrs. 5
Boom,er, Mr. Henry C. 
27 Redford road 
The :\Iisses Boomer 
Receh'es Friday 
Boomer, Mr. and ::\Irs. Joseph B. (Pawling, 
115 Delaware avenue 
Receives Friday 
Boone, Capt. and :\lrs. Charles A. (1\1alloch) 
170 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Receives ::\londay 
("lubs, Capt. 37 -:5:5-56-60-:\lrs. 25-:57 
Boone, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles S. 
(Ella B. Huey. Lexing-ton, Ky.) 
142 ('rescent road 
('luhs. Mr. 70-71-1\1rs. 2;)-28-6:)-70 

Booth, 1\1r. and Mrs. George (:;mith) 
225 Rt Clair a ,'enue 'Yest 
Miss E. :\1. Booth 
Booth, :\Ir. and :\Irs. lieo. 'V. (T...ownde
166 "'arrf'n road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33-46-:\lrs. 31 
Booth, Mr. anll :\lrs. "'alter E. (Gray) 
126 "'arren road 
S. R., 150 Lake 
hore. The bland 
ReceÏ\'es Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-27-46-:\lrs. 27-66 
Boothe, :\lr. and Mrs. Charles (Boyle) 
39 Roxhoroug-ht street Ea
8. R., "Lavagh," Lorne Park 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Ir. 5-2R-31 
Mr. ('harles Hf'nry Boothe 
Borden, Mr. and Mr
. B. T. 
3R6 Brunswick a venue 
Recei ves 2d Friday 
Boswell, Mr. (K ('.) anù :\Irs. .\ rthur H.. 
(Ella C'ruso) 
194 Bloor street \\" est 
Recei ve
(,luLs, :\Ir. 37-46-5;'-69 
Boswell. 1\Ir. and 
Irs. John E, nYhitelaw) 
25 Ro:xhoroug-h street "'est 
Mr. ""alter O. Boswell 

lr. Henry G. Boswell 

 refer to cllllJ J/IlHllJcN
-.r;c(' illSidf' fJack ('o,-e1". 



Botsford, Mrs. Andrew (Xutson) 
"Deancroft," South drive and Glen 
road, Rosedale 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Monday 
Boultbee, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 
(Edith F. Hannaford) 
27 Isabella street 
Receives 1st Tue,sday 
Boultbee, Mr. Horatio C. 
35 Crescent road 
Clubs, Mr. 60 
Mr. Alfred E. Boultbee 37-56 
Boultbee, Mr. Reginald 
2 Gould street 
Boultbee, Mrs. ",Villiam (Mulock) 
73 Walmer road 
Receives Friday 
("lubs, Mrs. 66 
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Boultbee (Greer) 
Boulter, Mr. and Mrs. George E. (Mulkins) 
59 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Boulter, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. (West) 
167 Roxborough street East 
S. R.. Jackson's Point, Onto 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-46 
Mr. Stewart Boulter 
Miss Rita Boulter 
Mr. J. W. Boulter 
Boulton, Mr. and Mrs, Gerald D. (Marler) 
28 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-56 
Boulton, Mrs. Henry J. 
(Charlotte Rudyerd) 
1 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 66 
Miss Constance R. Boulton 66 
Miss Elizabeth R. Boulton 55 
Miss Marion R. Boulton 55 
Boulton, Mr. and Mrs. Melfort (Dickson) 
4 Willcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-69 
Miss Naomi E. Boulton 
Miss Adele Boulton 55 
Miss Vivian Boulton 
Bourinot, Lady (Cameron) 
152 CoUing-ham street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Lady 66 
Mr. Sydney Bourinot 
Mr. Arthur Bourinot 
Bourlier, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. (Akers) 
102 Wellesley street 
S. R., Lake Rosseau, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives 1st Monday 
Bouskill, Mrs. H. C. (Foster) 
553 Sherbourne street 
Boustead, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick William 
24 Roxborough avenue West 
S. R. Lorne Park 
Receives 1st Monday 

Bowden, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. 
81 Highlands avenue 
S. R., Grimsby Park, Ont. 
Receives Monday 
Mr. Frank G. Bowden 
Mr. Henry V. Bowden 
Bowerman. Mr. and Mrs. David B. (Cooper) 
5 Lamport a\'enue 
Receives 1st Monday 

Bowes, Mr. (K. C.) and Mrs. Robert H. 
100 St. George street 
R R., 404 Centre Island 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-37-53-70 

fiss Florence Bowes 25 
Miss Kathleen Bowes 25 
Mr. Beverley Bowes 
Mr. Harold Bowes (Saskatoon Sask) 
Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. John 1\1. 
(Annie E. Harris) 
555 Dovercourt road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37 
Mr. Jack M. Bowman 
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Dadd G. (::\larshall) 
33 Scarth road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs, Edward W. (Ridley) 
129 Warren road 
S. R., Stoney Creek, Onto 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 42 

Boyd, Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey (Farnsworth) 
167 Bloor street East 
S. R., "Good Cheer," Parry Sound 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 42-46-Mrs. 42 
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. George (Goring) 
19 Maple aVenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs. 1-7-71 
Miss Maud Boyd 
Mr. Dalton Boyd 
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tower (Dunsford) 
121 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 19-71-Mrs. 25 
Mr. Norman Selby Boyd 46 
Miss Dorothy Boyd 25 
Mr. Erroll Boyd 46 
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. .John (Mary H. Peters) 
293 Russell Hill road 
Clubs, Mr. 35-46-71-Mrs. 25-31-68 
Miss Patricia R. Boyd 
Mr. William R. Boyd 
Boyd, Hon, Sir John A. (K. C., M. G.) and 
112 St. Clair avenue West 
S. R" Georgian Bay 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Elizabeth Boyd 
Dr. Edward Boyd 
Mr. Philip E. Boyd 35-42 
Mr. A. M. Boyd 53-60 

Pigures 'refer to club ILUmbers-see inside bac1..' co-rer. 



Boyd, l\Ir. and Mrs. Lawrence 
(Charlotte T. Jarvis) 
50 Foxbar road 
S. R., Good Cheer Island, Georgian 
Bay, On t. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 42 
Ir. and Mrs. T. R. (Baker) 
Care of 19 C'olboone street 

Ir. (K. C.) anò 
Irs. S. H. (Long) 
10 Lynnwood avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 

Iiss Evangeline Bradford 

Bradnee, :\lrs. Walter (Rosallia Rinaldi) 
R 9 Bernard a ven ue 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Friday 

Iiss Bradnee 

Bradshaw. Mrs. Elizabeth (Bradshaw) 
34 Madison avenue 
R. R., Lake Simcoe 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\lr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bradshaw 

Bradshaw, :\Ir. and Mrs. Thos. (Bertram) 
3 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-35-46-70 

Bradshaw, Mr. 'Vatson T. 
335 Palmers ton avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 33 

Bradt, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. (KeUleman) 
94 Park road 

Branùon. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. (Bryan) 
15 Beaty avenue 
Recei ves Th ursday 
Clubs, Mr. 12-20-61 

Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. James 
(Margaret A. Morris) 
48 Foxhar road 
S. R., Jackson's Point, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-71 
Bray, Dr. and Mrs. John L. 
(Madeline Isabel Xoel) 
11 Kendall avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Fridays 
Clubs, Dr. 22-
lrs. 66 

BraYley. Mr. and Mrs. George A. 
(Culverwell ) 
92 Binscarth road 
Receives Monday 

Brazill, Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. (Kidd) 
!'i23 Huron street 
Receives 3d Friday 
Miss Patricia Brazill 
Miss Inez Brazill 
:\1:r. Francis P. Brazill, Jr. 

Brehner, Mr. and ::\lrs. D. AI'chd. 
(Helen Rous) 
294 Russell Hill road 
ReceÏ\'es Thursday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 28-33 

Brecken, :\Irs. Rolph (Jessie Eaton) 
190 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Breckenridge, Mr. and Mrs. James C. 
21 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesòay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-::\lrs. 28-42 
Bredin, Mr. and Mrs. Mark (Wilcox) 
"Lislehurst." 26 Delisle a\'enUe 
Receives 1st 

Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Miss Edith Bredin 
Mr. "
illiam Bredin 
Bremner. Mr. Donald G. 
116 Bay street 
S. R., Centre Island 
lr. 46; also Argonaut Rowing 
Ir. and Mrs. 

illiam (". 
(Beatrice Dayell) 
139 Howland avenue 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-27-33-41-70-71 
Brentnall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. (:\Iyles) 
30 Xorth Sherbourne street 
ReceÏ\'es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-46-Mrs. 56-;)7 
:\fiss Zillah 'Vorthington 
Brereton, Mrs. Richard L. 
(Victoria Montgomery) 
25 Admiral road 
S. R., Madoc 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. Frederick A. Brereton 
Mr. Herbert R. Brereton 
Miss Mildred L. M. Brereton 
Brigden, ::\Ir. and Mrs. George 
(M. :\1. Xicholson) 
76 Dunvegan road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Thursday 
Cluhs. Mr. 7-19-21-22-33-4R-:\lrs 65 
Miss Marjorie F. E. Brigden 

Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Syh'ester E. (Rogers) 
133 Madison avenue 
ReceÏ\'es 3d Friday 
Clubs, 1\Ir. 7-33 
Miss Ada Briggs 
Briggs, Re\'. (D.D.) and Mrs. 'Yilliam 
21 Grenville street 
Receives Thursday 

Bristol, :Mr. (K. C.. M. P.) and :\lrs. Edmund 
179 Beverlev street 
Recei ves W'ednesday 
Clubs Mr, 1-33-37-46-53-;)5-69-1\Ir8. 
HI'iUon, Mr. and 1\Irs. Arthur Hamilton 
64 Roxhorough street 1Yest 
K n., Centre Island 
Heceives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 22-42-61-70-:Mrs. .0 

P;!/ure,r; rrfrr to dill) 1I111ll1)crx_w'{' ;lIs;df' l)(lek COt'er. 


4 2 


Britton, Hon. Justice Byron 
4!-J6 Huron !!:treet 
Recein>s 1st Friday 

. R., Tremont Park 
Cluhs. Mr. 69 
:\Ir. and Mrs. P. H. Gilhert-Britton 
Irs. George E. 
Queens Hotel 
Brock. Lieut.-C'ol. and Mrs. Henry (Ca"-thra) 
1 j 4 
t. George street 
Rf>ceives Friday 
Cluhs, Lieut.-Col. 10-j3-56-60-61 
:\Iiss Mildred Brock 
::\'[iSI' F. \Villiams 
Brock, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. \Veston F. (Elder) 

6 Dun"egan road 
ReceÏ\ es Thursday 
Cluhs. MI". 37-55-56-69-Mrs. 56-57 
Miss Frances Cotton 
::\Iiss Eileen Cotton 
Brock, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam R. (Diamond) 
:!1 (.lueen's Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-56-69 
:\liss Lillian Brock 
:\1iss Gertrude Brock ;.a 
Miss Muriel L. Brock j6 
Brodie. :\lrs. 
-\deline J. H. (Lowe) 
"Tullymet." -169 Hherbourne street 
Mr. \ViIJiam P. Brodie 42 
Brodie, :\fr. and MI's. John K(>l"l' (Spink) 
33 Roxborough street East 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Clubs. :\lr. 1-33-46-70 
Brodie. :\lrs. R. 
(Johanna A. LUlTIsden) 
1 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Monday 
::\Iiss Brodie 
Brodie. :\Ir. and Mrs. ,,? A. (Brown) 
t. George street 
Clubs, ::\lr. 2 
Brook, :\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur H. (Farrell) 
19 Madison a"enue 
 :\Iary FarreH 
Brooke, :\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur M. (Fisher> 
Ansonia Apartments, 142 Spadina road 
ReceÏ\"es 3d Thursday 
Brooke, :\lrs. Daniel O. (Emily í'apron) 

6:! JarviR street 
Receh'es Monday 
Brooke. MI'. and Mrs. G. H. Capron 
"IdarelTIia." 346 Jan-is street 
S. R., Georgian Ba
ReceÏ\'es Monday 
Brooke, Capt. and Mrs. Harold J. 
262 Jarvis street 
Recei ves Monday 
Clubs, Capt. 10-56 
Brooks, :1\1r. and Mrs. John (Goode) 
Lawrence Park 
Clubs, Mr. 50 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. "?illiam (Cooper) 
409 :\Ianning a ,-enue 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 3d "Yednesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 7-19 
Mrs. J. E. Cooper 
Broomt:', Dr and Mrs. Er1\\"ard (Gill) 
24 Chestnut Park 
ReceÏ\"es Tuesday 
í'luhs, Mr. :!-15-4:!-Mrs. 6S 
Bro})hey, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. (Graham) 
Forest Hill road 
d Thursday 
Bro})h)'. Mr. Henr)' 
Sussex Court. 21 Sussex a ,'en ue 
Clubs, Mr. ::!8-33 
Broughall. Hev. (D.D.) and Mrs. Abraham .J, 
4 9 
t. Alhans street 
Clubs. Mrs. 66-67 
Mr. Arthur C. BroughaH 
BroughaH, Mr. and Mrs. F. \\? (Stl'athy) 
1 Elmsley place 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-33-53-55-:-;6-60-69-l\h-s. 
Mr. Garrett Broughall 
Ir. and Mrs. George (l\1itchell) 
96 Ht. George street 
Receive!!: Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 71 
Broughall, Rev. and Mrs. James S. (Fuller) 
73 Lansdale road 
S, R., Jacksons' Point 
Receives Thursday 
Brollse, Mrs. Sr. (F. A. Jones) 
91 St. George street 
ReceÏ\"(>s Tuesday 
Miss F. Josephine Brouse 55 
Brouse, Mr. 'Villiam H. 
73 St. George street 

. R., G-renvilla Lodge, Oakdlle. Ont. 
Cluhs, Mr. 9-31-46-53-5fi-56-69-71; also 
Thousand Island Club. Alexandria 
Bay. and City Club, Kew YorK. 
Miss Marjorie Brouse 5:') 
Mr. ,V. H. Davenport Brouse (í'. E.) 
Mr. Eldridge Brouse 
Brown. Mrs. Alex. (Elizabeth Lamb) 
21 ('resC'ent road 
K Roo Elshinor Island, Muskoka, Ont. 
Recf>Ï\'es Monday 
Miss Brown 
Miss Florence Brown 
Brown. Mr. and Mrs. David (Agnew) 
76 Clarendon avenue 
Receives 1st Frida)' 
Clubs. Mr. 35 
Mr. James Brown 33 
Mr. Dadd Brown, Jr. 3:J 
Miss Agnew Brown 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. E. Percival (Bernard) 
107 'Voodlawn avenue "?est 
K R. Tynhead. Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
ReC'eives Thursday 
Cluhs. Mr. 7-fi5-61 
MI'. Eric Pe})ler 
Mr. Don Peplpr 

Figllres 1"efer to cl1tv 1l1.onuers-see inside vack corer. 



Ir. and :Vlrs. Edward B. 
, OakYille, ant. 
Clubs, Mr. 7-3;) 

Iiss Brown 

Ir. Stuad Brown 
Brown, :\Ir. and Mrs. F. D. (Snarr) 
29 Roxhorough street East 
Receh'es Tuesday 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. G. ,Yo (GO\\ ans) 
62 :\Iadison a \"enue 
Recei yes 2d Friday 

lr. (,linton Brown 

Ir. Donald Brown 
Brown, :\'1r. and :\'1rs. Grant (Burns) 
172 :\ladison a\'enue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Brown, :\Ir. and :\lrs. .J. Francis (Parmenter) 
8 Powell avenue 
H. R., Erindale, ant. 
ReceÌ\"es Hh :\Ionday 
11'. and Mrs. John F. (:\lcGillicuddy) 
143 Dowling a\'enue 
H. R., Lake 
ReceÌ\'es 1st Thursday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 4-27-33-37 

Iiss Brown 

lr. 'Vilfred Brown 
Brown, :\Ir, am} :\Irs. :\Ian;hall H. (
71 Prince Arthur a\'enue 
Receives 1st and 3n Friday 
Clubs, .Mr. 31-33-46 
Brown, Dr. and Mrs. Price 
33 Alexandra Apartments 
CluLs, Dr. 7. 
Brown, :\11'. and :\Irs. R. G. (Jifkins) 
41 Admiral road 
Recein>s 2d and 4th Friday 
Brown, :\Ir. and :\Irs, R, Xorman (Bennett) 
44 Dale a\'enue 
Clubs, :\Ir. 27-3;)-37-52 
rr, Richørd 
4..6 JarYis street 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 
:\Iiss Belle Brown 
Brown. :\Ir. and :\Irs. Rohert CaIthrop 
6:i Clarendon a\"enue 
HeceÍ\'N; Thursday 
('I u hs, 
fr. 37 -4:! -:i 3-:;:; -:; fj-
Irs. -12 - :;5- 
Brown, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Rohert T. (Alice Healey) 
197 Rt. George street 
HeceÌ\"es 2d anI} 4th Frinay 
II'. and Mrs. T. Alhert (Bickell) 
un (
rescent road 
ReceÍ\'el" 1st :\londay and Tuesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 28-33-42 

liss Muriell Biekell 
Brown, :\11'. anI} Mrs. T. .:\1. (Howard) 
427 A venue road 
S. 11.. Alliston. ant. 
H.eceÍ\ es 4th Thursday 
('Iuhs, Mrs. 65 

lr. Bernal Brown 
:Miss (,Iaudene Brown 65 
Miss "erne Brown Ii:; 

Brown. Re\". (M.A.) and :\lrs, Thomas Craw- 
ford (
'Ealhfrith." :!25 St. George street 
ReceÌ\'es Friday 
Clubs. Re\". 7-70-71-Mrs. 25-42-56-65- 
lr. and Mrs. '''m. G. (Britt) 
155 Roxborough street East 
Receh'es 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7 
Ir. and Mrs. 1Villiam (Darling) 
[,96 Huron street 
Receives 1st Friday 
BI'owne, :\tlr. and Mrs. F. 'V. 
B-A Alexandra Palace 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Ir. and :\lrs. Albert E. (McFaul) 
3:; Delaware avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
BI'uce, :\lr. (K.C.) and !\fI'S. Alexander 
91 Bedford road 
(,lubs, Mr. 53 
Bruce, Rev. Dr. (B.A., D.D,) and Mrs George 
(Emily Dickson) 
241 Ht. Clair avenue "'est 
Receives Thursda
Clubs. Mrs. 66 
Miss Bruce 
Miss ('onstance E. Bruce 
Miss Helga M. Bruce (B.A.) 
Mr. George 1'\igel Bruce 
Miss Beatrice E. Bruce 
Bruce, Dr. Herbert A. 
64 Bloor street East 
Clubs, Dr. 7-19-32-37-42-46-53-;)6-61-69 
Bruce, Lieut.-Colonel and Mrs. John 
37 Bleecker street 
Receives :\lonnay 
Clubs. Lieut.-Co\. 7-10-19-37-53-5;)-70- 
Mrs. :!:i-:i7-6i)-6S 
Miss Muriel E. Bruce 
lr. and Mrs. Robert J. 
(Alice .:\1. Carnegie) 
232 High Park avenue 
HeceÌ\'es 2d Friday 
Clubs, .:\Irs. 25 
Mr. E. Keith Bruce 
Bruce, :\lr. and Mrs. Rupert G. (Irving) 
St. Clair ApartmE'nts 
('Iuhs, :\lr. 70 
Ir. and Mrs. "
aIter B. (Peters) 
249 Husl"ell Hill roa<} 
Hecei \'es Th ursday 
ßnlsh, :\lr. and l\lrs. Seely n. (Coon) 
32 Lowther a\'enue 
Re('eÌ\"ps 1st Friday 
Cluhs. :\11'. 36-46-Mrs. liS 

Iiss Olin' R Brush 
lal'jorie .\. Brush 
:\lr. Heely 13. Brush, Jr. 46 
Rn'an Rev. Canon and Mrs Bernard 
. . (Glennon) 
l:iO Dowling- a venue 
'{eceÌ\'ps 3<1 Thursday 

PigllJ'{S rcfn' 10 club 11l1IJ/bers-scc ;I/.'.;;d(' lwcl.- ('orcr. 



Bryan, Mr, and Mrs. George M. (Thompson) 
90 Park road 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Mr. Fred Bryan 
Mr. Clayton Bryan 
Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. George E. (M. A. Blair) 
106 Castle Frank road 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives 1st Monday 
BQce, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (Coxwell) 
215 St. Clair aYenue West 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Brydon, Mr. and Mrs, James (Ross) 
115 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Ronald K. Brydon 
Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. James O. 
1R6 St. George street 
S, R., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Onto 
Recei ves Friday 
("lubs, Mr. 37-46-55-56-69-Mrs. 57 
Miss Buchanan 33 
Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (Suckling) 
29 Farnham avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-55-60-MI's. 28 
Bücke, Mr. Wm. A. 

ational Club 
Clubs, Mr. 7-12-19-20-33-46 

Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. (Dill) 
494 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Doris Buckland 

Buckley, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. (Doty) 
1528 King street West 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Miss Muriel Buckley 68 
Miss Angela Buckley 
Bull, Mr. and Mrs. Bartle E. (Scott) 
228 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-55--Mrs. 57 
Bull, Mrs. Thomas H. (Nettie Hastings) 
"Dial Villa," 86 Bloor street West 
BuJI, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Wm. Perkins 
3 Meredith Crescen t 
S. R., "Whippowill Lodge," Tioga, 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19-33-46 
Buntin, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (Denoon) 
93 St. George street 
S. R., Kamouraska, Que. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-37-46-53-56-70-71--:\lrs. 
Miss Lucille Lois Buntin 28-65 
Bunting, Mr. and Mrs. George E. (French) 
4 Millbank avenue 
Recei ves Friday 

lrs. M. E. Bunting (Ellis) 

Burden, Mr. B. Kingsmill 
70 Delisle avenue, Deer Park 
Miss Gretta V. Burden 
Mr. E. L. Burden 35 
Burden, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Eaton) 
494 Avenue road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-31-33--Mrs. 31 
Miss Gretta J. Burden 
Mr. Harry J. Burden 
Burden, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. (Wright) 
130 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Mr. C. E. Burden 
Miss A. K. Burden 
Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander ,Yo (Stock) 
37 Maple ayenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Mr. A. T. C. Burgess 
Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. John A. (Xay) 
Thp Kingsley :Mansions. King street 
Burke, Mr. and Mrs. Edmunù (Black) 
23 South drive, Rosedale 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Monday 
lr, 4-7-20-33-42-45-70 
Miss X ora Burke 
Burke, Mrs. Isahella nVarren) 
15 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Burnand, Mr. and Mrs. J. LewiF> (Church) 
38 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Burnett, Mr. and Mrs, George G. (Acres) 
3 Clarendon Crescent 
Recei yes Th ursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-46-Mrs. 42-57-66 

Burnham, Dr. and Mrs. G. Herbert 
55 Warren road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 42 
Mr. Howard H. Burnham 
Mr. Sidney S. Burnham 42 
Miss M. V. Burnham 42 
Burns, Mrs. Alexander (Andrews) 
119 Crescent road 
S. R., GrimsbY Park, Ont. 
Mr. Ralph A. Burns 7-28-33 
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. 
88 Pniversity avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. (Kertland) 
53 Castle Frank road 
Receives Monday 
Miss Kathleen Burns 
Mr, Edwin Burns 
Miss Lilla Burns 
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (\Yilkinson) 
21 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, ]Ær. 2-31-Mrs. 31 
Mr. Robert Wilkinson 

Pigul'es refer to club numbers-see iuside back COCCI". 



Burns, ::\Ir. and Mrs. ,Yo Hamilton 
(Margaret O. Mackean) 
399 Huron street 
Clubs, Mr. 33-42-54-70-71-::\lrs. 25-42- 
Burns, :\Irs. A. Korman (Crooks) 
90 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss May Dawson 
Ir. and Mrs. P. (Vlalsh) 
478 Front street 'Vest 
Recein>s 4th 'Vednesday 
:\Ir. Frank P. Burns 27-37 
Mr. John J. Burns 
::\Ir. Ed ward A. Burns 
Burns, Re\". and l\Irs. Robert X. (Crossen) 
486 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs. Rev. 7-
8-42; also Queen City 
Curling Club 
Mr. J. G, Burns 28 
Miss II. ::\1. Burns 28 
::\Iiss Elsie Burns 
:\Iiss Gladys Burns 
Burr, Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter H. (Boswell) 
60 Rowanwood avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
Burritt, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus p, (Smith) 
28 Maple avenue 
Recei ves Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 37-46-53-55-56-69-Mrs. 55, 
Burritt, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Horace "'
. (Grindlay) 
109 Madison a\'enue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Burritt, Dr. and Mrs. Horatio C. (Rogers) 
205 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Florence Burritt 
:Miss Dorothy Burritt 
Burroughes, Mr. and Mrs. Bert C. 
194 'Vestminster a\'enue 
Burroughes. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. 
( Struthers) 
140 Spadina road 
Mr. Roy Burroughes 
Burrows, Mr. Acton 
120 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-12-:W-31-4fi 
Miss Blair A cton Burrows 42 
Mr. Aubrey Acton Burrows 20-46 
Miss Georgina E. A, Burrows 
Mr. Bruce H. A. Burrows 
Burrows, Mr. and MI's. Fredk. \Y. 
(Eva Elkin) 
77 'Valker an>nue 
H. R., .Jackson's Point 
Receives Thursday 
Burruss, Mr. and 
\'Il's. Grayson (Beall) 
87 Roxhorough street East 
Rpcpi \'es 1st and 2d Tuesday 
('luhs, ::\lr. 1-7-33-46--::\Irs. 42 
Miss Annie Louise Burruss 

Burson, Dr. and ::\lrs. Edward Cecil 
(Charlotte Gooderham) 
110 St. Clair avenue West 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 10-37--Mrs. 42-57 
Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (Morrison) 
114 Bedford road 
S. R., 2 Ohgeara avenue, Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 20-Mrs. 66 
Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. (Stevenson) 
161 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 67 
Burton, Major and Mrs. F. L. ("
461 A\'enue road 
S. R., Lake Simcoe, Onto 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Major 7-10 
Burton, Mr. and Mrs. George F. (Biggar) 
77 Lowther avenue 
S. R., Cap-a-L' Aigle, Que. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-55-69-Mrs. 55 
Miss Isabel Burton 
Miss Betty Burton 
Burwash, Rev. (S. T.D., LL.D.) and Mrs. Xa- 
thaniel (Proctor) 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. (Martin) 
63 St. George Mansions 
Receives 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 6 
Caldbeck, Mr. and Mrs. George (Har\'ey) 
15 \Vhitney avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Monda) 
Ir. 7-19-33-46 
Miss Harvey 43 
Calder, Mrs. Mary C\litchell) 
45 Isabella street 
Clubs, Mr. 42 
:\Ir. James Calder 
Miss Calder 
Caldwell, Mr. and :\lrs. Robert B. (Beebe) 
50 Leopold street 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19 
Cah'ert, Mr. and :\'[rs. Charlf's E. (:\forrison) 
34 Huntley street 
R R.. Ocean City, ;.J. J. 
Receives 1st anò 3d :\londay 
Clubs, Mr. 1-6-31; also St. George 9 
Roclf'ty, Ocean City Yacht Cluh, and 
the Maryland Historical Socif'ty 
Mrs. E. A. Calvert 
Cameron. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. (Hughson) 
SR Crescent road 
l{f'cPÍ\'es Tuesday 
'[r. 10-54-71--Mrs. 42-63 
Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Donald .\. 
(\\ïnifred E. H, Ireland) 
66 Hpadina road 
Rf'cei\'es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-7-9-19-3ï-4fì-:ï3-f.:ï-:ï6-71 

Fi[/It rc.<;; nIl'/" to club 11 ItllllJer,

('c ';I/.'âdt lJ((ck corer. 

4 6 


Calneron. Dr. In ing H. 
herbourne street 
S. R., Point au Baril, Onto 
Clubs, Dr. 69 
Major Matthew C. Cameron 10-53-5:)-61 

Cameron, Mr. and 
lrs. Lud K. 
(Lillie G. Harwood) 
70 Kendal avenue 
S. R., "Cameron Craigs." Bala, Mus- 
koka, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 22-46 
Miss Gladys Cameron 
Miss Keith Cameron 
Mr. Kenneth Cameron 

Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Ross MeA. 
153 Ross avenue 
Receives 1st Thul'!'a'1ay 
Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yellington A. 
( Jaffray) 
59 Grenville street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 
d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35 
Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. (Cameron) 
19 Summerhill Gardens 
Mr. Archibald "
. C'ampbell 
Miss Margaret Joan Campbell 
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. 
 Grenville street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. 
87 Bedford road 
So R.. Cap-a-L' Aigle, Que. 
Receives Friday 
C'luh", Mr. 7 -53-55-60-61-69-l\Irs. ;j:)- 

Campbell. Mrs. Archibald H. 
"Cart)rook." Queen's Park 
So R.. "Longuissa," Georgian Bay 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 53 
Mrs. R. 'V. Thomas 
Miss Frances A. Campbell :)5 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Archihald 'V. 
3-13 Annette street 
Clubs, Mr. 28 
Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. Colin A. 
(Frances McLeod) 
172 Bloor street East 
Receh;es 1 st and 2d :\1onday 
Clubs, Dr. 42-55-61-71 
C'ampbell, Mr, and Mrs. C'olin C. (Derby) 
64 Yorkville avenue 
ReceÏ\"es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 56 
C'ampbell. ;\lrs. E. P. (Royce) 
41 'Villcocks street 

Ir. George C. Campbell. 7-19-33-3:) 

Ji!'s Mary L. Campbell 
:\Iiss Deborah C'ampbell 

Camphell, Mr. and 
Irs. Edward C'. nVatson) 
3 Roxborough street East 
C'lubs, Mr. 35 

í'ampbell. Mr. and Mrs. George H. 
:)61 Markham street 
Receives Thursday 
C'lubs, Mr. 33 

Campbell, Mr. and 
'[rs. Graham 
132 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 55-56-60-69-1\11"8. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry lVI. (Henry) 
24 Scarth road 
Receives 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65 

Campbell, MI'. J. H. Mayne 
York Club 
Clubs, Mr. 56-69 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lorne 
(Louise H. Hazard) 
fi09 Huron street 
Recei yes Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-46-fi3-5fi-fiß-
1rs. 55 
:\1iss Mary L. Campbell 55 
Miss Clare Campbell 
1\11', L. Gordon C'ampbell 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. James B. 
St. George Mansions 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-28-33-Mrs. 68 

C'ampbell, Re,'. and Mrs. R. M. 
(:\ladeline G. Ellis) 
fi6 Glen road 
Recei ,'es Monday 

í'ampbell. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel (C'larke) 
"Rose C'liff," fi8 Park road 
Receives 1st Monday 

Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. 
(Yass Scott) 
101 Charles street East 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 3d Monda

l 'ampbell. Re,'. and :\lrs. Thomas l\1. 
(Martha Williams) 
1403 King street 'Ve!'t 
R R., Orchard Beach, Lake Simcoe 
Receives 4th Friday 
:\Ir. Morley Campbell 
.:\1iss Annie Cam))bell 
.:\liss Edith C'ampbell 
.:\1iss Hattie C'ampbell 
Mr. Acheson M. Campbell 

í'amphell. Mr. and Mrs. "
alter F. 
2 -I Earl street 

. R.. Belle Ewart, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 

fr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam B. 
;J02 "
e8t Marion street 
Clubs. Mrs. 2;-; 

1i88 Dorothy Campbell 2:i 

Firl"l'r.'i 1'rfrl' to ('lllb 1I111111Jrl"'i-8r(' ill.'iidf' 1mrl.. corer. 



Canavan, Mrs. John (Virginia C. Lester) 
111 Howland a \'enue 
Recein's 2d Friday 

Iiss Minnie Canavan 
('andee, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles 
. (Taylor) 
"Glenwood." 39 Sòuth drive 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 -
-69: also Glen 
Major Angling Club-Mrs. 
Mr. C. Xewton Candee 7 
Miss Dorothy Candee 
Miss Marjorie Candee 
Canfield, Dr. and .Mrs. Alan "Toodburn 
(:\Iary D. Perry) 
313 Brunswick avenue 
Recei \'es Friday 
(,luhs, Dr. 42-Mrs. 42 
Canning. Rev. H. J. 
1 Earl street 
Re\'. Kenneth Morrow 
Cantlon. :\11'. and :\lrs. Harry D. (Smith) 
;}2 Hampton Court, 21 Avenue road 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
Capon, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick J. (:\IUlTay) 
200 Russf>1l Hill road 
S. R., "Dunkeld," Georgeville, Que. 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, Dr. 2S-42-46-jfi- 71-Mrs. 6;) 
Capreol, :\'11'. and .:vII's. A. Reginald (Howitt) 
10;) Rpadina road 
Recei \'es Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33-3;); also Toronto 
Skating Club 
::\11'. Reginald H. Capreol 
Capreol, Mr. and Mrf;. J. Lonsdale (Dumhle) 
fi3 Admiral road 
Recéin>s Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 55 

Capreol, Miss Jane 
121 Madison avenue 
Recf>Ï\'es Friday 
::\liss Elizabf>th C'aprf>ol 
Miss Maria Capreol 
Miss ('harlotte Capreol 

Carder, :\11'. Marshall D. 
11 Linden street 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\11'. Of>org-e F. ('ar(1f>r 
:\11'. Frank L. Carder 
:\Ir. Percy ('arder 

('arla\\, Major and ::\Irs. John .-\. (Lewi
"Rosehank," 4fiO A\'enue road 
Recf>in's Thurs(lay 
('Iuhs, :\Tajor 10 
C'arlpton, ::\lrs. (,harles S. (Maria nUI'k) 
1 H Mackenzie a venue 
ReceÏ\'f>s 2d :\Tonday 
:\Iiss ::\labf>1 ('arleton 
('arley. :\11'. anc1 MI's. U. L. (,Jessop) 
37 Spadina road 
HeceÏ\"es 1st and 2d Fl'iday 
Clubs. ::\Ir. I-7-42--tfi-7I-::\11"!
. fil) 
::\11'. ,If'ssop ('a rI e)' -tfi 
::\11'. .\. Bethune (

Carlon, .:vII's. J oh n 
Sussex Court, 21 Sussex aVf>nUe 
::\liss Dorothy Carlon 

Carlyle, Mr. and Mrs. David (::\Iackay) 
605 Huron street 
S. R., Eastbourne, On t. 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Mr. W. 1\1. Carlyle 
Mr. R. T. Carlyle 
Mr. D. B. Carlyle 
('armichael, Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. (:\Iacrae) 
213 Cottingham street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. -t6 
::\11'. Xorman Carmichael 
Carnahan, Mr. and Mrs. ",Vm. J. Å. (Perry) 
7;) Breadalbane street 
Recei ves 3d Tuesday 
C'lubs. ::\11'. 7-22-::\lrs. 66 

Carpenter, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles H. 
(Lucy C. Bowen) 
126 Crescent road 
S. R., Gratiot Beach, l\Iich. 
Receives :\'Ionday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 42-l\Irs. 42 

Carrick, ::\11'. and MI's. Anùrew "T. (Clews) 
s7 Glf>n road 
::\liss Irene Carrick 
:\11'. Harold \Y. Carrick 
Mr. Elmf>r V. Carrick 

Carrick, ::\lr. and ::\Irs. John (Boate) 
 Jarvis street 
Receives 2d and 4d ::\Ionday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-46 

Carrick, Mr. and Mrs. "T. H. 
(Fanny Armstrong) 
15 Chestnut Park 
ReceÏ\'es 2d TUf>sday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 33 
::\Iiss :\larguerite í'arrick 
Carrique, Dr. and Mrs. James H. (I
no" les) 

43 ","ellesley street 
R. R., Sprucedale, Ont. 
:\liss Evelyn Car rique 
('an'oll, ::\11'. and Mrs. .Joseph George (\\ïsser'
1 fi2 St. Gf>org-e street 
ReceÏ\"es Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 70 
::\liss ",Venonah Carroll 42 
::\liss Frances Carroll 
('arroll. :\1n;;. Rohert 
Xi C'a
t1e Frank roa(l 
ReceÏ\"es :\Ion(lay 
:\1 iS8 C'a rroll 
:\Iiss Elma B. Carroll 
C'arruthf>rs. Prof. (:\1..\.) an(1 Ml"s. .\dam 
fi03 Huron street 
S. R.. Sturg-eon Point 
Receives -fth Thursday and Friday 
Cluhs. Prof. 7 
:\[1", Clh"e H. Carruthers 
'Tiss Enid C'arruthers 
1\Ir. Keith L. Carruthers 

Fi.'llll"f'.'; J"( ({T tu {'11I11 /I/iN/1H r.
-s{'c iu.<
id(' lHl('k ('unT. 



Carruthers, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. (Blackburn) 
Wilsonia Apartments. Wilson a,renue 
Carruthers, Mr. and Mrs. John A. 
334 Russell Hill road 
Receiyes Thursday 
Carter, Mr. and Mrs. William (Chapman) 
665 Huron street 
ReceÏ\res 2d and 4th Friday 
Mr. John Manning Carter 
Miss Alice Carter 
Miss Maud Carter 
Miss Rut.h Carter 
Cartwright, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. James S. 
84 'Voodlawn a"enue East 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss Adeline M. Cartwright 
Miss Helen M. Cartwrigh t 
Mr. John R. Cartwright 
Cartwright. Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. John R. 
63 Avenue road 
S. R.. Cap-a-L' Aigle 
ReceiYes Friday 
Miss C'artwright 
Miss ""inifred Cartwright 
Cartwright. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan R. 
47 Rosedale road 
Clubs, Mr. 70; also American Club 
Carty, Miss Mary E. 
263 Jan'is street 
ReceiYes 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs. Miss 28-42-56-68 
Miss Martha Carty 28-68-70 
Carveth, Dr. and Mrs. George H. (Crozier) 
178 Huron street 
S. R., Georgia n Bay 
Receives 3d and 4th Tuesday 
Miss Alicia Canreth 

Case, Mr. and Mrs. Allen (Hendrie) 
4 2 Warren road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs. Mr, 37-56 

("ase, Mr. Egerton R. 
82 Balsam avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 12-18-20 
Mrs. L. Case 
Case, Mrs. George Allen (Squier) 
613 A venue road 
Receives Thursday 

Cassels, Mrs. Allan 
7 Wellesley place 
Receives Monday 
Miss Chelsea Cassels 
Cassels, Mr. Duncan S. 
4 Meredith Crescent 
Miss Cassels 
Miss Hattie Cassels 
Miss Edith Cassels 
Cassels, Mr. and Mrs. George Hamilton (Kerr) 
265 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-55-60-Mrs, 56 

Cassels, Mr. W. Gibson 
51 Walmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-56-69 
Mrs. R. S. Cassels 
Cassels, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Hamilton 
(Mary Y. Baldwin) 
72 Clarendon avenue 
S. R" Point au Baril, Onto 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-55 
Miss Agatha Cassels 55 
Miss Mary S. Cassels 
Mr. Hamilton Cassels, Jr. 
Cassels, Mr. Richard S. 
37 Rt. Yincent street 
Clubs. Mr. 46 
Cassels, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Richard S. 
93 Bedford road 
S. R.. Point au Baril 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53 
Miss Laura Cassels 
Miss Helen Cassels 
C'assels, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Falconbridge) 
39 Rosedale road 
S. R., The Island 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-69--Mrs. 57 
Cassels, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. H. 
Taldie ) 
80 Elm avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-55-Mrs. 55-56 
Castle, Mr. and Mrs, George (Madden) 
70 Clarendon avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65-68 
Miss Erva Castle 
Miss Marion Castle 
Mr. Fred Castle 
CasweU, Mrs. Thomas (Bella McConnell) 
73 Roxborough street 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Miss M. McCallum 
Cattanach, Mrs, A. J. (MacXutt) 
68 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Ernest C. Cattanach 1-53-;;:;-60-61 
Miss Emily Cattanach 
Miss Helen Cattanach 
f'atto, Mrs. Charles .J. (Taylor) 
189 Eglinton avenue West 
Clubs, Mrs. 42-70 
Catto, Mr. and Mrs. .John (Munòie) 
188 Bloor street East 
Clubs, Mr. 1-33 
Caulfeild, Dr. Alfred H. 
3 St. Thomas street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 10-61-69 
'Miss Kathleen C. Caulfeild 
Caulfeild. Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. (Burkart) 
1 Xanton avenue, Rosedale 
S. R., Port Sandfield 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 

Figures Teter to club ,'WII hers-see insid(' b(lck ('ore,.. 



Ca\-ell, Mr. and :\'[rs. "\\
m. R. 
23 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. John Hylton Cavell 
Miss Grace E. Cavell 
Miss Constance A. Cavell 
Mr. Hartley W. Cavell 
Ca\ en, Dr. and :Mrs. James G. (Robertson) 
 Bloor street East 
S. R., Lake of Bays 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-Mrs, 66 
Miss Jessie Robertson 
Mrs. Robertson 
Caven, Dr. and Mrs. John (Eastwood) 
66 Bloor street West 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 33-Mrs. 66 
Ca\"en, Dr. and ::\Irs. \\Yilliam P. (Middlemiss) 
70 Gerrard street East 
S. R., Sturgeon Lake, Powles Corners, 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 69 
Miss Ruth Caven 
Mr. 'V. T. Caven 
Ir. and Mrs. 'Villiam Delmar 
( Pearson) 
269 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
lr. and Mrs. H. Victor (Arthurs) 
163 St. George street 
Receh'es Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-;)3-69-
'[rs. 56 
lrs. Henry 
"Yeadon Hall," 211 College street 
Receives Tuesday 
lrs. 56 
:\Iiss Grace K. Cawthra 56 
Cawthra. :\lrs. John 
1:)0 Beverley street 
Mr. and Mrs. Agar Adamson (Cawthra) 
Cawthra, :Mr. John J. 
"Guiseley House," 5 Elm avenue, 
Receives Monday 
CluhR. Mr. 37-42-;)5-56-60-69 
Miss Florence Cawthra 56 
Cawthra, Mr. and :\lrs. William Herbert 
O Beverley street 
R R., Lambert Island. Georgian Bay, 
ReCf>Ï\-eR 'Vednesday 
Ir. 37-46-55-60--
lrs. 25-55-56 
:\Irs. John Cawthra 
'ley, Mr, and Mrs. Francis Osmund 
36 Elgin avenue 
Recei yes Friday 
Cluhs. Mr. íl 

\liss Gwendolyn Cayley 

Iarjorie G. Cayley 
Chadwick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 'V. (Jacques) 
67 Beaty avenue 
Receives 1st "'ednesday 
Mr. Arnold Chadwick 

Chadwick, Mr. (R.C'.) and ::\lrs. Edward :\1. 
107 Ho" land avenue 
d, 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 19; also St. Albans Cricket 
Irs. 25 
Miss Chadwick 
::\11'. Bryan Chadwick 46 

Chadwick, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper \\
342 Bloor street \Yest 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 

Chadwick, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Yaux 
21 Poplar Plains road 
Receh"es Thursday 
Clubs Lieut. -Col., 10-37-56 

Chamberlain. Dr. and :\lrs. Theodore F, 
615 Spadina a\'enue 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Mr. and :\lrs. \\Tilliam D. Earngey 

Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. ("
"Seven Oaks," 430 Indian road 
Receh-es 4th \\Yednesday 

Chamhers, Dr. and ::\'[rs. Graham (Rogers) 
26 Gerrard street East 
Clubs, Dr. 7-37 -69-1\lrs. 42 

Chant, Mr. (M.A., Ph.D.) and :\lrs, Clarence A. 
201 Madison a\"enUe 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Unt. 
Recei \"es Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 29 
ChantIer, Mr. and :\11'8. John A. 
701 Queen street 'Vest 
Clubs, 1\11'. 1-4-37 

Chaplin :\Ii
s Charlotte 
7 Spadina Gardens 
Cluhs. ::\Iiss 42-57 
MI'. Garnet 'V. Chaplin 61 
Chapman, Mr. and ::\11'8, F. ,Yo (Ball) 
Xorth Forest Hill road and Huron st 
Chapman, MI'. and :\lrs. George A. 
(\Vilma Pullar) 
179 Rpadina road 
Receives :\Ionday 
Miss Maud Chapman 
:\Iiss Isahel Chapman 
Ir. and ::\lrs. Michael 
"'Yychwood Park" 
Recf>ives Thursda
Cluhs, 1\11'. ;)3-5;)-:\lrs. tjs 
Chapman, Mr. and 
lr8. Rtephen H_ (Hunter) 
14 Forest Hill road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tut'sday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss B. M. Chapman 
Miss M. M. Chapman 
Miss G. ::\1. Chapman 

Figurcs 1"cfcr to club IlZlmbe1's-scc inside 1J(Ick ('unT. 



Chapman, Mr. and ::\lrs. Walter Peck 
58 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Charlton. Mr. and Mrs. R. Frederic (Stitt) 
37 Foxbar road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Charlton, Hon. and Mrs. "'
illiam A. 
86 Madison avenue 
S. R., Lynedoch, Onto 
Receives 2d and 3ft Friday 
Clubs, Hon. 7-33--
lrs. 65-66-68 

Iiss Ethel Charlton 
Miss Elsie Charlton 
Chatterson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-46-70 
::\Iiss Chatterson 
Miss Audrey Chatterson 
Chelew, Mr. and Mrs. John R. 
10 St. Anns road 

Chestnut, Mr. and Mrs. D. George 
71 VValker avenue 
S. R., Ruhla Island 
Receives 1st Monday 

Chillas, Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. (Hellwell) 
141 Bedford road 

Chillas, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Beverly 
(Edna Meredith) 
125 Balmoral avenue 

Chilton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., Jr. 
66 Isabella street 
S. R., Cobourg, Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 53 
Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. "Willis (Finlayson) 
103 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
r. 7-20-33 

iss Gertrude Chipman 

iss Anna Jones 

iss L. K. Chipman 
Miss J. "'T. F. Chipman 
Chisholm. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. (Cameron) 
323 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55 
Mrs. Harry Darling (Cameron) 
Miss H. G. Darling 
Chisholm, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. 'Ym. C. 
(Gertrude Foster) 
14 Mackenzie avenue 
S. R., 644 Lake Shore road, Toronto 
Receives Monday 
r. 31-61--
rs. 31 

Choate, Mr. Arthur P. 
King Edward Hotel 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-56 

Cholwill, Mrs. John D. (Mary O. Mathews) 
167 Crescent road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Chown, Rev. and Mrs. Edwin A. 
(Ri ch ardson) 
adison avenue 
S. R., GrimsbY Park 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss S. A. Chown 63-66 
Christie, Mrs. Margaret C. (Currie) 
19 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Christie 

Christie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Corbett) 
26 Bloor street West 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Christie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. (Lee) 
29 Queens Park 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-37-42-56-60-69- 
Mrs. 28-55-56 
Christie, Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam 
(Sarah Bales) 
39 Classic avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Minnie Christie 
. J. Bales 
Miss Mary E. Christie, 28 
Clapp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. 
(Ethel R. Boyce) 
28 Dun vegan road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-33 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Alden D. (Palmer) 
115 Dowling a venue 
S. R., "Rocky Roost," Norland, Onto 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 71 
Mr. Harold VV. Clark 
Mrs. Mary P. Clark (Pilling) 
Clark, Dr. and Mrs. C. Day (VVhittemore) 
121 Bernard avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 2-33-71--Mrs. 2;)-66 
Clark, Dr. and Mrs. C. 1V. (Brown) 
455 Huron street 
S. R., Redwood Heights, Lake Joseph, 
Muskoka, Onto 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs Dr. 35 
Miss Alice A. Little 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (Duff) 
635 Huron street 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. (Flood) 
87 Crescent road 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-37-61--Mrs. 43 
Clark, Dr. and Mrs. Harold (Stevens) 
44 VVillcocks street 
Clubs, Dr. 7-28-33-71--Mrs. 7 
Clark, ::\'11'. (K.C.) and Mrs. John Murray 
(t'aroline C. Chaplin) 
70 Tranby avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-9-12-19-20-29-3;)-46-53-70 
--Mrs. 1)7 
Miss Mary Gordon Clarke 
Miss C. K. Clark 

Figures 1'efer to club numbers-see inside back co'Ccr. 



Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. (Greig) 
66 Howland avenue 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
H ecei yes 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-29-33-
Irs. 28 
Mr. Gregory Clark 
Mr. Joseph T. Clark, Jr. 
Ir. and 
Irs. Levi J. 
104 Avenue road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. (Christie) 
68 Walmer road 
Receives Friday 
('I' 1,<:, Mr. :!S-33-37 -i)::J-::J6-69--Mrs. 28- 

lrs. William (Patton) 
53 Beverley street 
Clark. Mr. and Mrs. \ViIliam (Gillies) 
425 Avenue road 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Miss Elizabeth Clark 
Miss Donalda é'lark 
Miss Florence Clark 

Clark, The Hon. Rir \\
(LL.D., K.C.) and Lady Clark 
(Dame Helen Gordon) 
28 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 

li8s .1 t:'anie ::\lortimer é'lark 55 
Miss Elise Gordon Clark 
t 'larke, 
Ir. anò Mrs. A. Russell 
(M. Louise Boustead) 
72 Roxborough street East 
S. R., Linstock Villa, Lorne Park 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-28; also St. Matthew's 
Bowling Club-Mrs. 25-28-65 

Ir. Griffith B. Clarke 
Miss Vivien R. é'larke 

Clarke, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles E. (Allen) 
25 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 29-46-::\Irs. 42 
Clarke, Dr. and :\1rs. Charles 1\... 
55 Wellesley street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr, 42 
::\1r. Eric Clarke 
1r. and Mrs, Edwin Roy (Booth) 
('are of 64 A venue road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Clarke, Mr. and ::\frs. Frederick G. (Rice) 
90 Glen road 
Receives 2d Monday and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 43-66 
Mr. Xorman D. Clarke 

Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. George (McCormick) 
139 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Miss G, Clarke 
Miss T. Clarke 
Miss M. Clarke 
Mr. J. Clarke 
Mr. \Vm. Clarke 

Clarke, Mr. James Bond (K.C.) 
50 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-53-56 
Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Lionel H. (Small) 
Thf> Alexandra Apartments 
S. R., Copperhead Island, Georgian 
Bay, Ont. 
Ir. 28-37-53-56-69-
Irs. 28 

lr. and :\lrs, T. Bowcher (Lockie) 
8 Lonsdale road 
Clubs, Mr. 71-:\lrs. 25 

Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. "ïlliam Alexander 
64 Avenue road 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-33 

Clarkson, Mr. and 1\Irs. Edward R C. 
71 A venue road 
S. R., Muskoka 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-53-55-69 
Miss Amy Clarkson 
Miss Helen Clarkson 
Mr. Austin Clarkson 
Mr. Guy Clarkson 
Mr. Hugh Clarkson 
Mr. Maurice (,Iarkson 

Clarkson, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. (Bains) 
147 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-55-Mrs. 55 
Clarkson. Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey T. (Perry) 
73 Crescen t road 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 2d and Hh Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-35-53-55 
Clarkson, 1\11'. and Ml'S, George H. (Lambe) 
9 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Centre Island 
Rf"ceives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, 1\Irs. 25 
Miss Edith Clarkson 
Miss Dorothy Clarkson 
Mr. George E. Clarkson 
Mr. \Y. H. Clarkson 

Clarkson, Mr. and :\lrs. Roger (:\Iorrison) 
162 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\lr, 70 
lr. and :\Irs. Üeorge (Franklin) 
135 Dowling a venue 
Cleland, Dr. and 
ll'S. F. A. (Goldie) 
59 Bloor stref't East 
Rf"ceives Monday 
Cluhs, Dr._ 7 -3,;)-46-:\lrs. 61i 
Clemens, Dr. and Mrs. (-;('org-e H. (Van ('amp) 
1392 King stref't \Yest 
Mr. Lewis 'Yaldemar Clemf>ns 
Clemes, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. (Cleland) 
10 Powell a venue 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Mr. G. E. (,Iemes 

Figurcs refer to club numbers-see inside baek COGer. 



Clemes, Mrs. Matthew p, 
(Carrie S. Douglas) 
129 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Mr. Gordon Clemes 
Mr. Gerald Clemes 
Clemes, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. (Williams) 
"Penarwyn," 123 South drive 
Receives 3d Monday and Tuesday 
Clendenan, Dr. and Mrs. George W. (Gilmour) 
1822 Dundas street 
Clubs, Dr. 7-28-35-Mrs. 28 
Clinch, Mr, and Ml'
. Charles 'V. (Macqueen) 
Care of 47 King street 'Yest 
Ir. 37-56 
Close, Mrs. Patrick G. (Mary J. Walton) 
113 Spadina road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Miss Ethel Close 
Miss Maud A. Close 
Miss Edith E. Close 
Clouse, Dr, and Mrs. Elias (Bingham) 
384 Bloor street 'Yest 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 19; also Thistle Lawn 
Bowling Cluh 
Miss D. Evelyn Clouse 
Mr. Earl B. Clouse 
Mr. Frank L. Clouse 
Mr. Bruce A. E. Clouse 
Mrs. Ida F. Hammond 
Miss Mildred Hammond 
Clubb, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. (Bowerman) 
74 Chestnut Park 
Receives 4th Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Cluff, Mr. and 1\1rs. Robert J. (Levack) 
36 Beaty avenue 
Receives 2d 'Yednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
Cluff, Mr. and Mrs. 'Ym. J, 
151 Springhurst avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 27-37-Mrs. 27 
Clute, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. (Fleury) 
47 Elgin avenue 
S. R.. "Idyl Wyld," Lake Rosseau, 
Muskoka, Ont, 
Clubs, Mr. 35-Mrs. 68 
Clute, Hon, ,Justice and Mrs. Roger C. (Corby) 
19 'Yalmpr road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss E\-a Clute 56 
Coady, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. (Gibbons) 
94 Kendal avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Richard Coady, Jr. 
Miss Lena E. Coady 
Mr. Richard Coady 
Coatsworth, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Emerson 
(Helen Robertson) 
1 May square, Rosedale 
S. R., Moon Chute Point, Bala, Mus 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-46 
Mr. Emerson T. Coatsworth 61 
Miss Vida S. Coatsworth 68 
Mr. Cuthbert P. Coatsworth 
Miss Helen R. Coatsworth 

Cockburn, Mr. and Mrs. A. James 
36 Delaware avenue 
Receives 4th Monday 
Miss Cockburn 
Miss Margaret Cockburn 
Mr. Frank M. Cockburn 
Cockburn, Mrs. George R. R. 
13 Spadina road 
S. R., "Birch Point," Lake Rosseau, 
Clubs, Mrs. 56 
Major H. Z. C. Cockburn (Y.C.) 56 
Cockburn. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. 
322 Spadina Road Hill 
S. R. Chautauqua Park, Kiagara-on- 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-Mrs. 25 
Mr. Gordon Cockburn 

Cody, Yen. Archdeacon and Mrs. Henry J. 
603 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Yen. Archdeacon-7-19-71-Mrs, 
Coe, Mr. and Mrs. John ,,
. (Ardagh) 
113 Rose avenue 
Clubs. Mr. 37 
Mr. Ardagh Coe 
Cohen, Mr. and :\'Irs. Moses M. (Goslar) 
558 Huron street 
Receives 2d Friday 
Cohoe, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yallace P. (Rubidge) 
131 "Talmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 20-33-Mrs. 68 
Coleman, Prof. (M.A., Ph.D.) Arthur P. 
476 Huron street 
S. R., Pinehurst, G-ananoque 
Receives Friday 
Miss Coleman 
Miss Helen Coleman 

Coleman. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. (Haworth) 
11 Oaklands avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 35 

Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank "T. (Walker) 
29 Dundonald street 
Receives 1st 'Vednesday 
Miss Irene Coleman 
Colquhoun, Mr, Arthur H. Y. 
59 Borden street 
Clubs, Mr. 7-55-71 
Miss M. F. Colquhoun 42 
Coo, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. (McIntyre) 
15 Ridout street 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Mr. Clarence Coo 
Mr. Hubert Coo 
Mr. Harold Coo 
Cook, Dr. and Mrs. Allan B. 
87 Roxborough street ""est 
Receives 1st Monday 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside back corer. 



Cook, Dr. and Mrs. George Elliot (Smyth) 
255 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-28-46-lVIrs 28-68 
Cook, Mr. Harry G. 
392 Palmerston avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Cook, .Mrs. Herman L. (:\laria Baker) 
26 Madison avenue 
Iaggie Cook 
Cook, Mrs. John L. 
76 Evelyn Crescent 
Clubs, 1\1rs. 28 
Cook, Mr. and :\Irs. Warren K. (McLeay) 
262 Rusholme road 
S. R., Kagawong, ::\lanitoulan Island 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
Cook, :\Ir. and Mrs. 'Yilliam (Mc:\Hchael) 
66 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Cooke Mrs. George (Margaret Patterson) 
26 Leopold street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
:\Iiss :\largaret Cooke 
Mr. J. H. Cooke 
Cooke, :\lr. and :\lrs. W. A. (Johnson) 
64 Spencer avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 39-58 
Cooke, :\lr. and :\Irs. "Wm. (Xaftel) 
49 Howard street 

Iiss Alyce Cooke 25-42-65-66 
Miss X orah A. Cooke 

Coombes, :\Ir. and Mrs. James C. 
Glen Gordon, 18 Indian road Crescent 
Mr. Otto Gordon Coombes 

Coombs, Mr. and Mrs. John (Steer) 
47 Collier street 
l\'lr. Frederick J. Coombs 7-28-35-46-70 

Iiss Annie Coombs 
:Miss N'ellie Coombs 

Cooper, :\Ir. and Mrs. Grant (Silverthorne) 
79 Kendal a venue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\lrs. 65-68 

Couper, :\lr. and Mrs. John A. (Massie) 
16 Glen road 
Receives 1st :\Ionday and Tuesday 
Clubs, :\lr. 1-3-7-

Cooper, 1\1r. and :\Irs. Thomas H. 
(Orinda Hincks) 
2;)5 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss K orma Cooper 

Iiss Yf'ra ("ooper 
Miss Alva Cooper 
Cooper, Rev. and Mrs. \V. B. (("harlton) 
15 Avenue road 
Receives 2ù Friday 
Clubs, Rev. 7-Mrs. 65; also Toronto 
Tra vel Club 
Miss Christine Cooper 
:\Ir. Donald Cooper 

Cooper, .Mr. and Mrs. 'Yo H. 
372 Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 28 

Cooper, :\lr. and Mrs. 'V. H. T. 
372 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. :\Ir. :!8-:\lrs. 28 
Copeland, Mr. and :\1rs. Jacob J. (Grote) 
160 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Dr. Gordon G. Copeland 
Miss Rachelle Copeland (A. T.C.
Mr. G. Rudolf Copeland 
Miss Sadie Lawrence 

Copeland, Mr. and 
lrs. Robert James 
I. Gehl) 
"Crown Mount," 12 'Yalmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
lr. 7-28-33-46-
Copland, Mrs. "T. 
6 ::\lay street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Alice Copland 
Miss Willa Copland 
Copp, Dr. and 
lrs, Charles J. (O'Hara) 
96 \Yellesley street 
Receives 2d and 3d :\londay 
Miss Copp 
Mr. Harold "'. ,Yo Copp 46 

Copp, Mr. and 
Irs. \Yilliam (Dutton) 
'Yhitney avenue, Xo. Rosedale 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\lr. 33 
Mr. \V. Dutton Copp 
Mr. F. Edwin Copp 52 
Copping, Mr. and :\lrs. George R. 
(Emma Black) 
79 South drive 
S. R.. Island Park 
Receives 1st and 2d :Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
orman J. Copping 46 

Corhold, :\lr. and 
lrs. Cecil E. 
(Caroline HÜmmé) 
148 Balmoral avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\lr. Maurice ("orbold 

Corcoran, Miss Elizahf'th 
149 Cowan avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 

1iss Katherine ("orcoran 
::\Iiss Jane 
Miss Helf'n Corcoran 
:\1iss Josephine Corcoran 
Corcoran. Mr. Jam('s \Y. 
Xational Cluh 
Clubs, 7-28-33 

Corley, :\Ir. (K.C.) antI :\lr8. .r. \y, S<'ymour 
(("lara Luella Smith) 
46 Dunveg-an roarl 
("lubs. :\Ir. 1-33-46 

Figurr.ç refn' to club numbers-su' ;".-;id(' lwei.. ('orer, 



Corrigan, ,Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. 
370 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Corsan, Mrs. Thomas (Alma Browne) 
Bernard avenue 
Miss Clare T. Corsan 
Mr. Edward B. Corsan 
Miss Beatrice Corsan 
Cory, Mr. and Mrs, Charles D. (Norton) 
5 Deer Park Crescent 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 66-67 
Mr. Robert Y. Cory 10-28-46-61 
Miss Mabel Cory 42 
Coryell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. (Smith) 
117 Dowling avenue 
S. R., Lake Joseph, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Mr. Charles F. Coryell 
Miss Ruth Coryell 
Coryell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. (Reynolds) 
30 Jameson avenue 

Coryell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (Bilton) 
314 Roxborough street East 
Recei ves Monday 
Coryell, Mr. and Mrs. '\Yarren R. (McAree) 
19 Geoffrey street 
Cosbie, :\'[1'. and Mrs. Robert H. (Sivewrlght) 
30 St. Andrews G.ardens South 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Mr. W. Gerald Cosbie 46 

y, Mrs. .A. Morgan (Clara Worts) 
155 St. George streei. 
Receives Friday 
Miss CosbY 56 
Miss R. M. Cosby 28 
Miss E. Cosby 
Cosgra ve, Mr. ani! Mrs. ,Tames F. (Lyons) 
17 Dunbar road 
Receiyes Monday 
Cosgrave. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. (Forbes) 
565 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 27 -33-35-37 -46 
Miss Beatrice Gordon Cosgrave 27 
Mr. Moore Lawrence Cosgra ve 
Miss Kathleen French Cosgrave 
Miss Claire Cosgrave 
Cotton, Dr. and Mrs. James H. 
(Anna Maude) 
703 Spadina avenue 
S. R., "
indermere, Muskoka 
Miss Margaret Cotton 
Mr. James Cotton 
Cotton, Dr. and Mrs. James Milton (Douglas) 
20 Bloor street East 
S. R., French River 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-19-69 
Mrs. .I. T. Douglas 
Mr. Douglas Cotton 
Miss Jean Cotton 
Mr. Dean Cotton 

Coulson, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. 
86 'Voodlawn avenue "
Receives 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-42-65-66 
Coulson, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan (Leys) 
186 Beverley street 
Receives "\Vednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-56-69 
Mr. Duncan Coulson, Jr. 37-71 
Miss Leys 
Coulson, Mr. and :\/[rs. Francis L. (Peters) 
42 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-56-69-Mrs. 56-69 

Courian. Mr. and Mrs. Paul (BabayanJ 
14 Oaklands avenue 
Cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Ed ward L. 
(Merle Farrell) 
32 Laburnum avenue 
Ir. 20-61 
Covert, Mrs. Henry 
5 Maple avenue 
Clubs, 1\1rs. 58; also Toronto Travel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Massie (Covert) 
Covington, :\Irs. "
illiam (Hannah Brennan) 
488 Church street 
Mr. 'Yilliam J. Covington 
Mr. '''alter C. Covington 
Miss Adeline Covington 
Miss May Covington 
Cowan, Miss Kathlene 
105 S1. George street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Miss 70 
Mr. Herbert Norton Cowan 27-42 

Cowan, Mr. ncc.) and Mrs. 
Iahlon K. 
95 Castle Frank road 
Receives Monday 
Ir. 33-35-46-55; also St. James 
Club, Montreal 
Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. ,,
. F. 
Oshawa, Onto 
Ir. 53-69 
Cowan, Lieut.-Co!. and Mrs. 'Yilliam 
9 Oaklands a venue 
S. Roo 9 Shiawassie avenue, Centre 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs. Lieut.-Co!. 7-10-20-46 
Cox, Mrs. A. A. (Pearce) 
50 Xanton avenue 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Mr. Wilfred Cox 46 
Mr. Harold Cox 46 
Mr. Ross Cox 
Miss Lillian Cox 
Cox, Mrs. E. Strachan ('\Yorts) 
8 Wellesley place 
Recei ves :\iIonilay 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Miss Evelyn S. Cox 

Figures 1'efer to club numbers--sec inside back coccr. 



Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Edward ".. (Brown) 
"Oakwold," 162 Isabella street 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Ir. 28-33-35-37-56-70 
Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Frank -çV. (Dunning) 
50 St. Andrews Gardens Xorth 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. 68 
Cox, Hon. and Mrs. George A. 
(Amy Gertrude Sterling) 
439 Sherbourne street 
Receives 4th Monday 
Clubs, Hon. 4-7-28-33-3;5-53-69; also 
Ottawa Country Club-
'[rs. :!8; also 
Ottawa Country Club 

Cox, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Herbert C. 
(Louise Bogart Brown) 
15 Queens Park 

. n., Oakville, Onto Tuesday 
é'lubs, Lieut.-Col. 3-4-10-31-33-35-37- 
Miss Josephine Bogart 
Crabhe, Mrs. John J. (Mary 
5 Spadina road 
Crabtree, Mrs. Anne (Anne Medill) 
221 Spadina road 
Receives 4th Friday 
:\Iiss Anna Crabtree 
Miss J. ::\ledill 

Cragg, :\11'. and Mrs. Fred H. (Hiscox) 
122 Isabella street 
S. R., Prince Albert, Onto 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 22-33-37-46 

Craick, :\11'. and Mrs. 'V. Arnot 
52 Foxbar road 

Crake, Mr. and Mrs. John Housley 
(Alice Medland) 
100 Lawton avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 61 

Crane, :\11'. 
30 "'almer road 
R R., Muskoka Lake 
Receives Friday 
Miss E. A. Crane 28 
Mrs. H. C. Dads 

Crangle, é'aptain 
3;) Rosedale road 

Cranston, :\11'. and Mrs. J. Ht'rhert nYïlkins) 
fi7 South drive 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7- 
Irs. 63 

Crawforll, :\Ii

21 I
::\Iiss Jennie Hig-g-inhotham 
Miss Minnie Higginhotham 
Cra" ford, :\11'8. .\ndre\\ 
24 l\ladison avenue 
:\11' Dixon é'rawford 

Crawford, .:\11'. and Mrs. Charles A. (Scott) 
123 "arren Road 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Gordon Scott 
Mr. Clayton Scott Crawford 
Mr. S. Hume Crawford 
Cra\\ ford, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. George 
C Rutherford) 
80 Rowanwood avenue 
Receives Monday 
:Mr. Guy Crawford 
Miss Maud Crawford 
Miss Adelaide Crawford 
Cra wford, ::\11'. and Mrs. A. Gordon 
(Gran tham) 
410 Dovercourt road 
Crawford (l\I.P.P), Hon. and Mrs. Thomas 
404 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss Olive Crawford 
Miss L. Crawford 
Miss Edna Crawford 
:\11'. James P. Crawford 
Crean, Miss F. :\1. 
230 Bloor street 'Vest 
Crean, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. (Gale) 
270 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-46 
Crease, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. 
638 Manning avenue 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Clubs, :\011'. 55-Mrs. 55 
Creighton. Mr. and Mrs. David (Kramer) 
26 Spadina road 
Receives 1st anc] 3d Fridav 
Clubs, Mrs. 67-68 - 
Mr. Charles D. Creigh ton 
Miss Jennie Creighton 68 
Miss Edith Creighton 
Miss May Creighton 
Miss Stella Creigh ton 68 
é'reighton. :\11'. and Mrs. James B. (Burgess) 
42 Charles street East 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-70 
Crocker, Mr. and ::\lrs. William (Harper) 
490 Jan"is street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 37-70 
Crockett, :\11'. and ::\Irs. Edwin (Jean "'ood) 
fi20 Huron street 
Clubs, Mr. 42-46-:\lrs. 3 
Croden, :\11'. and .:\Irs. John A. (Lang) 
:no Hussell HilI road 
S. R., Port Stanley, Onto 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 4-35; also Toronto Ad Club 
Mr. J. Russell Croden 
Miss Gladys Croden 
Mr. James Croden 
Croft, Mr. and .:\[r
. -\nthuny "'. (Lywood) 
31 Maple a\'enue 1st and 3d .:\londay 
Clubs, ::\11'. 22-37-70 

Fi[lllr('.'\ relet" to clllb numbers-scc 11/8idr hacl; corc1'. 



Croft, Mr. and Mrs. John (Junkin) 
3 Lamport avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 

Croft, Mr. and Mrs. William 
(M. Orsini de Bock) 
45 Glen road, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-19 

Ir, 'Villiam Croft, Jr. 46 

Cromarty, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. 
14 Spadina road 
R R.. "Painswick," Dunblane, Allen- 
dale, On t. 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-35-46-71-Mrs 28 
Miss Edna Cromarty 39 

Crompton, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (Hubbard) 
44 St. George street 
Miss Ida Crompton 
Mr. Frederick Crompton, Jr. 

Crone, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yalter S. (Reid) 
Strathcona Apartments, Queen street 

Cronyn, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. 
(Margaret McLaughlin) 
69 Oriole road 
Ir. 37-53-55-56-Mrs. 56-57 
Miss Verschoyle Cronyn 
Miss X an Cronyn 

Cronyn, Mr. Edward 
297 Huron street 
Clubs, Mr. 5fi-60-69 

Cronyn, Mrs. Mary G. (Goodhue) 
405 Huron street 
Mr. Charles B. Cronyn 37-56 
Mr. B. H. Cronyn 42 
Mr. Louis G. Cronyn 42 

Cronyn, :Mr. and Mrs, Verschoyle (Philpot) 
100 South drive 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-69 

Crooks, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D, (Ellis) 
120 Huntley street 
S. R., "The Logway," Kempenfeldt 
Bay, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-70 

Crosby, :\lr. and Mrs. Albert B. 
138 Roxborough street '''est 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Mr. George Crosby 

Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. 
(Margaret Wardrop) 
111 Sf. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-2-9-28-37 
Miss Cross 
Miss Dorothy Cross 
Miss Meta Cross 
Miss Winifred Cross 

Crossland, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (Belcher) 
413 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives 1st Wednesday 
Miss Isabel Crossland 
Mr. James Crossland 
Mr. Ernest Crossland 
Crowther, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam C. 
(Kate M. Lee) 
150 St. George street 
S. R., Fairview Island, Muskoka 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35-37-46-53-56-Mrs. 57 
Miss Lillian Crowther 
Mr. Beverley Crowther 
Miss Lulu Crowther 
Mr. Austin Crowther 
Cruso, Mr. and Mrs. John 
426 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friòay 
Clubs, Mr. 71-Mrs. 56 
Cuffe, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. (Youll) 
1540 King street 'Vest 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss Doris Cuffe 
Mr. F. ,"V. Cuffe 

Culham, Mrs. Helen (Copp) 
"Beth eden," 35 'Valmer road 
Receives Fridav 
Miss Marion Culham 
Culver, Mr. and i\Irs. Frank L. (Tremain) 
100 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursdav 
Clubs, Mr. 28-37-Mrs. 28 . 

Culverhouse, Mr. anò Mrs. Edward 
Care of 6 Richmond street East 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Cumberland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R, 
608 Huron street 
S. R., The Island 
Recf'ives 2d and 3ò Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 

Cumming, Mr. and 'Mrs. \Valter \Y. 
113 Bedford roaò 
S. R., Belmont Lake 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6 
Mr. James D. Cumming 
Mr. Harry 'V. Cumming 
Mr. Archie R. Cumming- 
Miss J. Isabel Cumming 

Cummings. Mr. and :\lrs. Charles C. 
2 Hawthorne avenue 
S. R., Georgian Bay, On t. 
Receives 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-28-35-37-42-46-70-1\Irs. 
:\Iiss Jean Cummings 70 

Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. John A. (Leferbre) 
115 Tyndall avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 

Pigure.ç refer to club 1lumbers-see inside back corer. 



Cummings, Dr. Samuel 
3 Queens Park 
Clubs, Dr. 55-56 
Cummings, Mrs. \\ïlloughby (Emily Short) 
44 Dewson street 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 58-65 
1\lr. and Mrs. H. Blythe Sinclair (Cum- 
mings) 58-65 
Curlette, Miss Margery 
"'Yestbourne," 278 Bloor street "-est 
Recei ves Friday 
Currie, Dr. and Mrs. Charles John (Patton) 
175 College street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Curry, ::\Ir. and 
Irs. James 
95 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 4-19-3;)-37-49-115; also 
Rocky Mountain Club of K. Y., 
Xorthern Society of X. Y., Royal 
Canadian Institute of London, Eng- 
Miss Irene Curry 
Curry, Mr. (K.C.) and ::\Irs. James \Valter 

O South drive, Rosedale. Phone 
North 3454 
Receives 1st and 3d ::\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-3;5-46; also \Vaterloo 
County Golf and Country Club- 
Mrs. 28-65 
::\lr. W. E. Curry 35-46 
CUrl y, :\Ir. and ::\Irs. John Robert (Connor) 
187 Jameson avenue 
Receives Tuesday 

Dack, ::\lr. and :VII's. Rohert (Oldham) 
"Glenview," Bedford Park, Xorth To- 
Receives Thursday 
::\Ir. R. G. Dack 
::\Iiss C. Dåck 
Dagge, :\Ir. and Mrs. Edwar(l {Daniel) 
55 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st Monday 
::\Ir Fleetwood C. Daniel 
Dale, :\Ir. and :\-lrs. Joseph G. (Hpeight) 
37 Xanton avenue 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Dalton, :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Charles C. {Elliott) 
146 Isabella street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-53-55 
::\liss Daisy Dalton 
Miss Jeanette Dalton 42 
Mr. Arthur E. Dalton 
:\liss F.dith Dalton 
Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
. (HobLs) 
120 \\Talmer road 
Receives Tuesday 
CluLs, :VIr. 2
Dana, ::\Ir. and Mrs. n. H. (Ellis) 
22 South drive. Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-42-41ì 

\Iiss Elizabeth Dana 
::\Ir. Gordon Dana 

Dancy, Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. (\\-ilson) 
153 Spadina road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 2-7-19 
:\Iiss H. Bremner 

Daniel, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Charles D. (Burns) 
43 Maple avenue, Rosedale 
S. R., Long Branch 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
::\Iiss Aleda Daniel 

Daniels, Mr. and :\lrs. George J. 
238 Withrow avenue 
Miss Josephine Daniels 
Danson, Mr. a'1d ::\Irs. Barnett (Brass) 
179 Jameson a venue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Miss Flo Danson 
Mr. Joseph Danson 
Mr. Leo Danson 

Darling, :\Irs. Andrew 
St. George ::\Iansions, 114 St. George- 
Receives Tuesday 

Darling, Captain and :\Irs. C. "arren 
7 Maple a venu(' 
Receh'es :\Ionday 
Clubs, Capt. 10-61 
Darling, :\Ir. Frank 
11 \Yalmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 7-37-55-56-60-69 

Darling. Mr. and ::\Irs. Rohert (AI('xander) 
"Ra,'ensmont," 2 Dale a,'enue 
Receives Mondav 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46 
:\Iiss Gwendolyn Darling 
Mr. R. f"lifford Darling 
Darragh, :\1r. and :\Irs. A. T. (Lindsay) 
161 Close avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 4 

Iiss B. A. Lindsay 

Da \"i(lge, Mr. and :\lrs. Frank C. (Powell) 
3S Xanton avenue 
S. R., Sharbot Lake 
Receh"es 1st ::\Ionday 
Cluhs. .:\11'. 3;)-46 
Davidson, Dr. and Mrs. 
286 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursdav 
Miss Mary Davidsoil 
Davidson, Dr. c :\1..\.., Ph.D.) and :\lrs. Frederic- 
J. A. (Mason) 

2 Madison avenue 
K R" Go Home Bay 
I{eceives 1st Fridav 
Clubs, Dr. 
9 . 
:\Irs. Jos('ph Davidson (FI'ance) 
Mr. Jocelyn J. Da \'idson 
Da\ idson. Mr. and ::\ll'S. J. J. (Tyre) 
1494 King- street ""est 
Receives 2d Thursllay 
:\Ir. Fred Davidson 

Fif/lIrr8 rcfrr to dub IlIlmlJcr.ç-sr(' ill8i(/e bo('1.- ('urn'. 



Davidson. MIS, .John I. (Mary E. Hay) 
18 l\ladison a\"enue 
Clubs, Mrs. 68 

Ir. Robert Hay Davidson 46 

Davidson, :\11'. Leslie A. 
74 St. Mary street 
lr. 27-33-46-70 
:Mr. R. S. T. Da\'idson 

Da vidson, Mr. N. Ferrar 
30 Charles street East 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-42 

Davidson, Prof. and Mrs. Richard 
{X orth wood) 
98 '\Voodlawn avenue "
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 

Davidson, Mr. Robert G. 
, 36 Madison avenue 
Mr. Herbert G. Davidson 
Miss E. I. Struthers 

Davidson, ::.\11'. (K.C.) and Mrs. 'William 
146 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 
Miss Madge G. Da\'idson 28 
l\Iiss Jean Davidson 
::\'Ir. Alexander T. Davidson 55-71 

lortimer Davidson 

Davidson, :\11'. and Mrs. ,\Yilliam Edward 
6 Linden street 
Cluhs, Mr. 46-55 

1r. and Mrs. Arthur L. E. (Hurst) 
25 Spencer avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 15-30; also Simcoe Club 
Miss .:\1yra Davies 
lr, and Mrs. Charles A. {Braddon) 
134 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-37 

Da \'ies, :\1rs. Emily 
11 Prince Arthur avenue 
Recei ves Friday 

Davies. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. (Carroll) 
44 Binscarth road 
Heceives Monday 
:\Iiss Davies 
:VIiH8 Irene Davies 

Davies. :\11'. and :\lrs. Joseph J. (\Veed) 
141 Hherhourne street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
:\liss L. H. Davies 
.:\liss F. E. Davies 25 

Davies, :\11', and 1\Irs. Rohert 
244 Don ::\lil1s road 
Mr. George T. Da\"Ïes 1-37 
Mr. Robert '\V. Davies 37-56 
Mr. Xorman Davies 
.:\11'. "-Hfred Davies 
:\1:1'. :\lelville Davies 
::\11'. Lester Davies 
:\Iiss Delia Davies 

Davies, Dr. T. Alexander 
56 '\Yellesley street 
Clubs. Dr. 3-7-15-24-46-71; also Musi
cians' Club of X. y" Colleague 
.American Guild of Organists, U. S, 
and Canada; Fellow of Academy of 
Medicine, Toronto; Life Member 
American Medical Ass'n of Vienna, 
Austria; Member Anglo-American 
Medical Society of Berlin, German
lr, and Mrs. Thomas I Henderson) 
!) 6 ,,- e llesley street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monilay 
Dr. T. Alexander Davies 
Mr. Franklin J. Davies 
:\11'. Gordon A. Davies 
Da\'ies, Mr. and Mrs. William (Talbot) 
178 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Da\"is, Mr. and Mrs. Bidwell N. (Austin) 
2 May square 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19 
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
82 Kendal avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-66 
Mr. Bertran Davis 
Mr. Arthur Davis 20 
lVliss Violet Davis 25 
Mr. Lionel Davis 
Davis. MI". ::\1. O'Meara 
73 Lynnwood avenue 
Recei\"es Thursday 
Miss Kate O'Meara 
Davis, Mrs. \Villiam Joseph (Potter) 
273 Poplar Plains roail 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, Mrs. fi!) 
Miss Florence Maud Davis 
Davison, Dr. John L. 
20 Charles street East 
Clubs, Dr. 69 
Davison. Mr. and Mrs. John M. (Parsons) 
43 Roxborough street East 
. Recei ve:,; Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 10 
Miss Dorothy Davison 
Miss Gretchen Davison 
Miss Bea trice Davison 
Mr. John V. Davison 
Davison, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. (Arnold) 
110 Crescent road 
R. R.. 320 Lake Hhore, <'entre Island 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-22-31-37-46-Mrs, 2;)-31- 
Miss Grace Arnold Davison 25-31-6;)-67 
Mr. John Arnold Davison 46 
Dawes, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. (Myers) 
214 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Mrs. Laura L. MYf'rs 
Miss Margaret L. Dawes 
Mr. Joseph P. Pollard 
Dawson. Dr. and Mrs. James FranklIn 
320 Palmerston boule\'ard 
Recei\"es 2d and 4th Thursday 

Figures refer to club 'numbers-see inside back corer. 



Dawson, :\11'. Stephen B. 
:? 1 
 Garden a venue 
lr. 27-37-46 
Day, Rev. (::\<1.A., B.D.) and Mrs. Frank J. 
(Effie Gurd) 
19 Edgar avenue 
Receives 1st :Monday 
Clubs, Rev. 7-
lrs. 68 
Day, ::\11'. and Mrs. .James E. 
598 ::\larkham street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-37-
lrs. 65 
Deacon. :\lajor and 
lrs. Frederick H. 
I:;S Crescent road 
Recein:,s Monday and Tuesday 
lajor 4-7-10-28-33-35-46-53-69 
-:\lrs. 28-66 
Dean, :\11'. and Mrs. E. Sterling (Perrin) 
 :\lackenzie avenue 
Recei ves Monday 
Ir. 4:?--l6-:\lrs. 42 
Dean, Mr. and ::\lrs. John G. (Scott) 
 Rt. Patrick Htreet 
Clubs. Mr. 37 
Dean, :\11'. and Mrs. 'V. George (Hardy) 
561 A venue road 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
lr. 4-28-41-46-
lrs. 28 
::\Iiss Gladys Dean 
::\Iiss ::\larjorie Dean 
Mr. Ashton Dean 
lr. and :\lr
. George S. (Campbell) 
77 Admiral road 
S. R., C'edar Springs, Ont. 
, :\11'. 2S-33-46-61-71-
lrs, 28- 

Defoe, :\11'. C'alvin ,Yo 
164 Glen road 
Ir, 35-42 
:\Iiss Xellie Defoe 
, :\11'. and :\Irs. Rohert L. (Mackay) 
72 "'almer road 
Rpf'eÏ\'e!'; 1 st Friday 
C'luh!';. Mr. 1-3-2S-55-Mrs. 28 
:\lis!" Emma Defries 28-31 
Delamerf'. Lieut.-C'o!. and Mrs. Joseph :\1. 
24 Cecil street 
Receives "'ednesday 
('Iuhs, Lieut.-C'o!. 53 
::\Iiss Denison 
Delamere, ::\11 s. Thomas D. (Grace Bickford) 
39 Heath street \Vest 
S. R., Balsam Lake 
\{f'ceÏ\-es Thursday 
:\Iiss Elsie Keefer 
Miss Beatrice Delamere 
:\Ii!';s Grace Delamere 
:\liss :\lo11) Delamere 
:\11'. Rudolf Delamere 
De Laplante, :\11'. and MrH. Lle\\ ellyn .\. 
/)1 Balsam avenue 
TIecein's \Vednesday 
C'luhH. Mr. 37 
:\11'. Ll
wellyn F. De La]llantp 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. (Stewart) 
281 St. George street 
S. R., "Auburn," Centre Island, Onto 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 19-71; also Ontario Asso- 
ciation of Architects, and President 
Ontario Football "Lnion-::\lrs, 66 
::\[iss Denison 
Miss Esther Denison 

Denison, Mr. (J.P.) and Mrs. Charles L. 
640 Dufferin street 
Recei ves Friday 
Miss Helen Denison 

Denison, Lieut.-Col. and :Mrs. Clarence A. 
55 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr, ,,'alter W. Denison 55 

Denison, Mrs. Frederick C. 
(Julia A. Macklem) 
"Rusholme," 4 Rusholme road 
S. R., Beech Gro,-e Island, :\luskoka 
Receives Friday 
Miss Jessie Denison 
Mr. Edgar Denison 
Mr. Egerton Denison 

Denison, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T., Jr. (::\lair) 
98 Rusholme road 
Recei yes Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 10-18-19-33 

Denison, Colonel and Mrs. George Taylor 
( Mail') 
"Heydon Villa," Doyercourt road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Co!. 7-19-33-Mrs. 25-57 
Miss Clare Denison 
Denison, Mrs. Grace E. 
125 Simcoe street 
Denison, ::\11'. and Mrs. J. Shirley (Fairbairn) 
278 St. Georg-e street 
Clubs, Mr. 33-55 
DenO\'an, ::\lr. and 
lrs. Allan M. (Parker) 
16 Relby street 
ReceÏ\-es 2d and 3d ::\[onday 
('1 uhs, Mr. 18 
MiHS Huth Denovan 
:Miss Grace Deno,'an 
Denton. l\II'. O\:.C'.. D.C.L.) and l\I1"S. Frank 
31 "Tellf'sley street 
Receives Monòay 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35-42-:.\lrs. 42-1)5 
Miss Joy Denton 
s Lily Denton 
Miss Laura Denton 
Mr, Frank Denton, Jr. 
npnton, .Judg-e and Mrs. J. Herhf'rt (("Tundy) 
31 Foxhar roaa 
R R.. Grimsby. Ont. 
TIeceÏ\'es 1st Thursòay 
('Iuh!';, ,Judg-e 55 
Df'nton. :\11'. and Mrs. "T. A. (TIohf'rt!';on) 
Ii S Lon
d a If' roaò 
('1 uhl':, :\1 r. .. -:? ï - 31- 33-:\[rs. '27 
:\liHI':' Uoroth)' Df'nton 

Fifllll"(,'(; l"(,{(,l" to dllll JllIlIIlJ('r,<.;-.
('(' i",<.;itl(. lut(.I,' ('orer. 



Despard, Mr. and Mrs. William (Fuller) 
10 Maple avenue 
S. R., 20 Balsam avenue, Balmy 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 42-70 
Dewar, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah D. 
"Manscroft," Bathurst stref't 
Mr. Robert St. Filen Dewar 
Mr. Thomas R. Dewar 
Dewart, Mrs. Edward H. (Matilda Hunt) 
515 Sherbourne srteet 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mrs. H. A. Dumble 
De"wart, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs, H. Hartley 
5 Elmsley place 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-37-35-55-56-69-1\1rs. 
Dewdney, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. (Douglas) 
fi9 Rpencer avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d 'Vf'dnesday 
De\Vitt, Mr. and Mrs. H. Korton (Troup) 
112 vVarrf'n road 
Receives 1st and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-46-50-70-71 
Dexter, Mrs. T. G. (Foster) 
125 Huntley street 
Receives Monday 
Dick, Mr. and Mrs. John (Bernard) 
Coburg, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-42-55-Mrs. 55-68 
Miss Muriel Dick 2R-42-55-61 
Mr. David Dick 4-28-33-42-51-35 
Dickey, Miss Margaret E. 
681 Spadina a venue 
Dickson, Mr. and Mrs, Archihald Â. (\Vanless) 
8 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Alma A. Dickson 
Miss Violet W. Dickson 
Miss Vida A. Dickson 
Dr. Ivan Dickson 
Dickson, Dr. Charles R. 
192 Bloor street West 
Clubs, Dr. 46 
Dickson, Mrs. George (Flett) 
144 Bloor street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-58-66-68 
Dickson, Capt. and Mrs. R. G. (Morrison) 
27 Park road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Capt. 42 
:Miss Ethel Dickson 
Digby, Mr. and Mrs. William W. (Stinson) 
329 Palmerston boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 4-22-42 
Dignam, Mr. and Mrs, John S. 
284 S1. George street 
S. R., Port Sydney, Muskoka 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Mr. William S. T. Dignam 

Dignum, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. (Boyd) 
141 Isabella street 
S. R., Kiagara-on-the-Falls, Ont. 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-70-Mrs. 65-70 
:\1iss Evelyn Dignum 70 
Miss Doris Dignum 
Dihvorth, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. (1\lcLean) 
38 Albany avenue 
S. R. "Come Hither," Peninsular Lake 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-24-28-33-Mrs. 24 
Dimock, Mr. and Mrs. Frank VV. (Hyde) 
276 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Dineen, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McCollum 
41 Maple a venue 
Dineen, Mr, and :\lrs. \VilIiam (Buchanan) 
41 Maple avenue 
S. R" 3 Leuty avenue, Kew Beach 
Receives 3d and 4 th Friday 
Mr. Charles vV'_ Dineen 27 
Mr. Gordon G. B, Dineen 46 
Dinnick, Mr. and Mrs, W'llfrid S. 
Lawrence Park, Korth Toronto 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-28-33-42-:;()-Mrs. 42; 
also Travel Club 
Di ,'er, Mr. Frederick 
325 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr, 31-33-42 
Mr. Frederick G. Diver 
Mr. Victor Dh-er 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Gf'orge 
38 S1. Clair avenue West 

Dixon, RE'v. Canon and Mrs. Hilliard C. 
417 King street Ea5t 
S. R., 8 Ongara avenue, ('entre Island 
Dixon. Cap1. and Mrs. Homer (Cameron) 
20 Walmer road 
Recei ves Friday 
(,luhs, Capt. 10-56-69: also Hunt Club, 
vVinnipeg; and Army and Xavy 
Club, London. England. 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. .John 
54 Chestnut Park road 
Rf'ceives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr, 37 
Miss E. Dixon 
Mr. Frank 1. Dixon 37 
Dixon, Mr, and Mrs. John J. (Annie Koble) 
52 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-37-46-53-56-Mrs. 56-57 
Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. E. J. (Harvey) 
28 Rowanwood a venue 
Clubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. 66 
Doans, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. 
216 Carlton street 
Receives 2d Friday 
Dobie, Mr. and Mrs. Draper 
(Jessie L. Fenton) 
83 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 

Figu res refer to clubu umbers-see inside back corer. 



Dobie, :\11'. and Mrs. "\Villiam 
157 South drh'e 
Receives 3d and 4th Monda)' 
:\1iss Bessie "ïlliamson 
Dodds, :Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. (Hogaboom) 
51 Farnham avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
lr. 46-70--:\lrs. 70 
Dodds, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert J. (Broad) 
1414 Davenport road 
Dods, :\11'. and Mrs. Andrew (Munson) 
33 High Park Gardens 
Receives 1st "'ednesday 
Doherty, Dr. and :\Irs. "'m. H. (Wolfe) 
2 Bellwoods Park 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Doherty, Mr. and Mrs. ',"m. K. (Ronan) 

J Bedford road 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 
1. Doherty 
Donald, :\Iajor and ::\lrs. Duncan (MacArthur) 
74 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 2d ::\londay and Tuesday 
Clubs, Major lu--Mrs. 23 

Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. (Harvie) 
177 Balmoral a ,-enue 
Receh"es 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs Mr. 18-33--
lrs. 18-42 
:\11'. Hugh Donald 42-46 

Donald, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert C. 
(Susie B. :\lacKenzie) 

6 Admiral road 
ReceÏ\-es 1st and 2d Friday 
Ir. 28-46-53-61--Mrs. 25-28-66 

Donog-h, :\11'. and .:\Irs. John Ormshy 
(Fanny 'Voodley) 
53 Chestnut Park road 
ReceÏ\-es Tuesday 
Cluhs. ::\11'. 7-33-3;) 
1\11'. ',"m. McK. Donogh 
Donovan, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. (Fisher) 
5S4 Huron street 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 
::\liss Helen Dono,-an 

Ir. .\rthur Donovan 
:\11'. John Dono,-an 
Doolittle, Dr, and 
Irs. Perry Ernest 
()1!1 Sherhourne street 
Receh-es 2d Monday 
Cluhs, .:\lrs. 28 
::\liss Edith Irene Doolittle 42 
1V[r. Gordon "\Vestover Doolittle 
Dorenwend. ::\11'. and .Mrs. Hililehert 
317 Jarvis street 
Cluhs. Mr. Deutcher Verein 
1\11', Adolph Dorenwend 

liss Rheta Yi\-ian Dorenwf'nd 
Douglas. ::\11'. and Mrs. ,James R (Coady) 
310 A venuf' road 
Recein's Friday 
Cluhs, MI'. 1-46 

Douglas, 1\11'. and Mrs. John Cameron 
19 Roxborough street East 
::\11'. Kenneth Douglas 
Douglas, Mrs. T. (Charters) 
91 Heath street "\Vest 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Miss Douglas 
Miss Marj ory Douglas 
Mr. Xorman Douglas 
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. \V. E. (Proudfoot) 
170 "\Yalmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 20-35-61 
lr. (K.C.) W, 1\1. 
138 Madison avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35-37-46-53-55-56-69 
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. "'. ::\lilne (Piper) 
59 Maitland street 
S. R., 170 Lake Shore avenue, Cent re 
Clubs Mr, 7-35-46; also Island Aquatic 
Mr. John Harvey Douglas, 35-46-5]; 
also Island Aquatic Association 
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam (::3mith) 
21 High Park boulevard 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs Mr. 4 
:\11'. Donald Douglas 
Mr. Earl Douglas 
lr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam J. 
62 St. Alhan street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 1-4-5-17-33--1\lrs. 42 
Mr, Howard R. Douglas 33-42 
Douglass, Mr. (B.A.) and :\lrs. \\', A. 
0 \Vellesley street 
S. R., Bala, Muskoka, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Doward, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R. (:\letcalfe) 
600 Church street 
Mr. Xorman R. Doward 
Miss Zita Doward 
Dowsley. Mrs. Jane (Ogih-ie) 
147 C'owan avenue 
Receh-es 1st "'ednesday and Thursday 
Dr. Ogilvie Dowsley 
Miss Marza Dowsley 
Miss Beatrice Dowsley 6;) 
Miss Maud Dowsley 
Drake, Mr. Frank A. 
So R., The Toronto Golf Cluh 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-55-!í6 
Drayton. :\11'. (K.C'.) and :\lrs. Henry L. 
Ottawa, Ont. 
Cluhs, :\11'. 33-42-60--MI"s. fi7 
Drayton, MI". (K.C.) and Mrs. Philip H. 
t. George street 
Receives Fril1a) 
s Drayton 
Miss 7.aidee Drayton 

 ref('r tv dill, 1II1wbcrs-.w'c i""âdc lHlck ('orcl'. 



Drummond, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. 
( \Vonham) 
292 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Ir. 9-19--Mrs. 25-65-66-68 
Miss Helen Drummond 

Drummond, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. (Pinhey) 
"Bon Jour," 1 Deer Park Crescent 
S. R" Bronte, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-10-55; also Argonaut 
Rowing Club 
Cadet Lindsay Drummond 46 
Mr. Harold Drummond, 46 
Mr. Henry A. Drummond, Jr. 
Mr. R. Maurice Drummond 
Mr. Charles H. P. Drummond 
Mr. James Malcolm Drummond 
Miss Lucy Catherine Drummond 

Drummond, Mr. and Mrs. Xorman 'V. 
The Nanton Apartments, Xanton ave. 
Receives Monday 

Dryden, Mrs. John (Mary HOlman) 
224 Bloor street "'Vest 

Dryden, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 
(Edith Harston) 
48 Oriole road 
nubs, Mr. 33 

Drynan, Mr. and Mrs. John 
12 Scarth road, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Miss Drynan 
Miss L. Drynan 

Drynan, Mr. and Mrs, John 'v. (Armour) 
74 Lowther street 
S. R., Centre Island 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 

Duckworth, Dean (M, A. Oxon), and l\Irs. H. 
T. F. 
Trinity House, Gore Vale avenue 

Duggan, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. (Duggan) 
609 Sherbourne street 
Recei ves 1st Monday 
Clubs, :Mr. 46 
Mr. Charles E. Duggan 
Mr. Gordon R. Duggan 
Miss Alice M. Duggan 
Miss Violet Duggan 

Duggan, Mr, and Mrs. Ec1mund Henry 
536 Huron street 
Clubs, 46-71 
Miss Mildred Duggan 
Miss Vivian Duggan 
Mr. E. S. Duggan 
Duggan, Miss Mary 
298 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Dunbar, Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson J. (Gale) 
97 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Rita Dunbar 42 

Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Lyall (Craig) 
253 Russell Hil road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Duncan, Mrs. Stephen (Armour) 
14 \Yillcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 42-55-56 
Mr. Felix Bolte 46 
Mr. Auguste Bolte -16 
Duncanson, Mr. Andrew E. 
"Deancroft," South drive and Glen 
road, Rosedale 
Clubs, Mr. 10-19-:!x-:-.3-fiO-til 
Dundas, Mrs. Joseph 
2 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Dunfield, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. (
 Russell Hill roac1 
Clubs, Mr. 52 
Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. Da\'id A. (.Jessie Bell) 
93 Highlands avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-9-33-35-4
--Mrs. 39--12-66 
Mrs. A. H. Dunlap 

Dunlop. Mr. ,John H. 
644 Landsdowne avenue 
Miss Alice Dunlop 
Dunlop, Mr. and Mrs. \\'illiam (Hollge) 
438 Indian road 
Receives 1st Thursda

1iss Mabel Dunlop 
:\Iiss ]\;ina Dunlop 
Dunnett, Mrs. Thomas (Jessie :\I('CamnlOn) 
67 Huntley street 
Receives 2d and 4th \\'ednesllay 
Miss McCammon 
Dunstan, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth ,r. (Pierce) 
279 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
nubs, Mr. 7-33 

Dupon t, Miss Frances 
101 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss Amy Dupont 

Durand, Mrs. :\-lary A. (Bradshaw) 
7 Oriole Apartments. Oriole Garden!:! 
Miss Laura B. Durand 

Durham, Mr. and 1\1rs. John H. r. 
"('raigmore." Bond Lake, Onto 
Durie, Mrs. 'V. S. 
306 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
:\11'. '\T. A. P. Durie 
Miss H. F. Durie 63 
Dutton, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. (Lawlor) 
39 Bloor street East 
S. R.. Duttonwood, Lake Rosseau 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 19--Mrs. 58-6:í-6()-Gí 
Miss Dorothy Dutton 65 
Miss Grace Dutton 65 

Figures refer to clll b 'IIlllll bers-see 'inside baek co ,-pr. 



lr. (K.C.) and 1\Irs. Ernest E. A. 
'Vychwood Park, Da\"enport road 
Receives Saturday 
fr. 7-28-37-60-69 
Dwyer, Mrs. James (Florence :\Ic(}ee) 
132 Carl ton street 
Receives 4th Monday 
Mr. John McGee 33 
Dwyer, Dr. Robert J. 
734 Spadina avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Cluhs, Dr, 37-69-71 
Miss Isabel Dwyer 
Mr. James Dwyer 
Mrs. M. H. Dwyer (Rennie) 
Dyer, Mr. and ::\1rs. William E. 
fí2 St. George street 
Receives 4th Monday 
::V[r. W. R. Pasadena 
Dyment, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. 
(Edith Chapman) 
"The Dale," 21 Dale ayenue 
Receives Monday 
C'lubs, ::\11'. 5-35-37 -42-46-;)3-56-69: also 
the Mount Royal Club. Montreal, 
The Rideau Club, Ottawa. and The 
Country Club, Ottawa-:\Irs. 5()-57 
Miss Margaret Alice Dyment 
Dymond, Mr. and Mrs. Allan 1\1. (Mellish) 
19 Castle Frank Crescent 
Receives Monday 
Clubs. Mrs. 73 
Miss Dymond 
Eager, Mr. and ::\lrs. Frederick B. (l\1inister) 
9 Lynnwood avenue 
S. R" Hebron, Maine 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Eakin, Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas 
(Ethel E. Kinnear) 
116 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Eakins, Mr. and ::\lrs. W. George 
578 Huron street 
ReceÏ\"es Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7-::!S-33-4fì: also Cham- 
plain Society 
Easson, Mr. and ::\lrs. Rohert F. (Grant) 
37 \ViIlcoc ks street 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Bruce Easson 
Easson. ::\11'. and MrR Rohert H. ((}arhin) 
407 Palmerston houle\'ard 
R. R., ()62 Lake Rhore. Hanlans Point 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, :\'11'. 7-2:!-3
Eastmure. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. (Ireland) 
110 Pemhroke street 
H. R., "Oriole Lodg-e." Oriole a\'enue, 
Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
fr. 19-46-60: also President 
C'hurch and Mercantile Cricket 
Leag-ue, Island Aquatic .-\ssociation, 
and Argonaut Rowing- Cluh-Mrs. 
-f)!,;: also Island Aquatic Associa- 
:\Jiss .\lice \V, EastmUl"e 
::\11'. .\. \Vyhurn Eastmure 

East\\ ood. Mr. John P. 
1oi2 Summerhill avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 19 
::\1iss Gladys M. Eastwood 
::\fiss \Vinifred :\1. Eastwood 

Eastwood. Mr. and l\lrs. John T. (Coulter) 
83 Lynnwood avenue 
Clubs, l\lr. 37 
lr. and Mrs. \V. X. (Hend.ersun) 
158 Glen road 
S. R.. Lake Shore road, Centre Island 
Receives 1st and :?d ::\londay 
Clubs, Mrs. 18 
::\Iiss "-inifred Eastwood 18 
Miss Gladys Eastwood 
Miss Evelyn Eastwood 
Eaton, 1\Irs. Edward Y. Olabel Eckhardt) 
157 St. George street 
S. R., "Rockledg-e," Muskoka 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, ::\Irs. 28 

Eaton, Dr. and 
Irs. Horace E. (Rogers) 
631 Sherhourne street 
Receives l\londay 

Eaton, Mr. and :\Irs. .John C. (:\lcCrea) 
"Ardwold," 480 Davenport road 
S. R., "Kawandag," Lake Rosseau 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 27-28-33-69-:\lrs. 27 
Eaton, ::\11'. and ::\1rs. R. 'V. (Carman) 
1:?1 "'almer road 
K R., Lake Shore road, 1\Iunico 
Receives Friday 
lr. 7 
Eaton, Mrs. Timothy (::\Iargaret ,Yo Beattie) 
IS2 Lowther a\"enue 
K Roo "Ravenscrag," 'Vinden1ere. :\Ius- 
Receives 1 st Friday 
Cluhs. ::\Irs. 2S 
Mrs. Josephine Burnside (Eaton) 

1iss Iris E1urnside 

Eby, ::\11'. H. Douglas 
3;) Cluny avenue 
K R., Centre Island 
C'lubs, Mr, 7-33-42-46 
', MI'. and Mrs. .T. F. (:\lc
3;) Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 7-19-33-35 

', ::\11'. and. Mrs. ,y, 1-'erci\'al (Lockie) 
7 \Yhitnev a\"enue 
ReceÏ\'('s ",," ed nesday 
Cluhs, ::\I

Ecclestone. :\11'. and ::\11'8. Herhert (Hug-hes) 
Lonsdalp road, east of A \'enue road 

Ecclestone, :\f'l'. and :\Irs. "-a I tel" '". (('arrique) 
1 "'art'en road 
K 11., OakvilIe. Ont. 
d Thursda
 and. Frida
::\11'. Lyle Ec(']estnne 
Ecch'stone. Dr. "'ilfred "-. 
139 \\'arren roae1 

Piyur{'.'i ref('/' to ("llib JlllJHbcn
-s('c il/.'iidp hock ('orer. 



Eckardt, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. H. (Philp) 
50 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-7-28-33-70-Mrs. 28 
Mr, "\Yilliam P. Eckardt 46 
Mr. Xewman A. Eckardt 46 
Mi8s Gladys L. Eckardt 
Eckardt, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. 
(Helene P. Philp) 
"Edgmont," end of Queen street East 
Clubs, Mr. 35-42-46-53-Mrs. 68 
Mr. Douglas Eckardt 
Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. .Tames F. 
(Ruby T. Gillespie) 
44 Glen road 
R R" Lakp 
imcoe, Onto 
Recei ,'es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-55-Mrs. 55 
Edgar, Miss K. B. 
11 Oriole Apartments, Oriole Garden&, 
Receives Thursda
Clubs, Miss 55 

Edgar, Prof. (B.A., Ph.D.) and Mrs Pelham 
Clubs, Prof. 55 

i[r. and M,'s. 'Ym. J. 
140 Dowling avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37 
:\11'. 'P. D. Edmanson 
Miss Mary Edmanson 
Miss Ellen Edith Edmanson 

Edmonds, MI'. and Mr8, Charles E. (Beatty) 
31 Cn'scen t road 
Receives 2d Tue8day 
Clubs, :
\'Ir. 4-7-18-19-35-42 
Miss Hazel M, Edmonds 
Mr. C. S. E(lmond8 

Edmonds, MI'. and Mrs. "'m. L. (Galley) 
] 27 Balsa m a venue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Mr. George Edmonds 

fr. and Mrs. Fred (Parker) 
427 Jarvis street 

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. George 
138 "'estminster a"enue 
Receives ]st and 2d Thursday 

Ir. Å. Geoffrey Edwaròs 
l\lr. Oswald X. Edwards 
fr. and Mrs. Gordon C. (Stone) 
300 St. George street 
Receives Thursday 
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. 
65 Prince Arthur avenue 
"\V, R., St. Augustine, Fla, 
Recei yes Friday 
Miss Angela Edwards 

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. (McKinnon) 
34 Admiral road 
Recei yes Friday 

Elder, .Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Laura B. Cox) 
78 Walmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-Mrs. 66; also Leider- 
kranz Club 

Elgie, Mr, and Mrs. Robert B. (Robertson) 
16 Mackenzie a ven ue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Elliot. Dr. Charles S, 
92 St. George street 
Miss Annie E. Elliot 
Mr. Fred D. Elliot 

Elliott, Dr. and Mrs. Geoge (Gardmer) 
219 Spadina road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 71 
Elliott, Dr. and Mrs. John Ephraim (01'1') 
69 Bloor street East 
Receives 3d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 35-37-46-70-71 
Mr. Leig"hton Elliott 
Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. "\Yilliam H. (Lloyd) 
43 Elm avenue 
K R., "Summerholm," Lake Joseph, 
Recei\"es 4th Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-32-Mrs. 43 
Miss Madeline Elliott 
Miss Helen C. Elliott 
Mr. Arthur L. Elliott 
Miss A, Beatrice Elliott 

Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. (Schooley) 
57 "'almer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-35-Mrs. 5R-65-ßß-6R 
EJIiott, Mr. and Mrs. "\Villiam J. (McKibbin) 
] 04 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Mrs. "\y, M. McKibbin 
Miss Helen McKibbin 

Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Q. (Smart) 
308 Russell Hill road 
Receives ]st Thursday 
Ir. 46-70-Mrs. 42 

Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. D. Ogden (Richards) 
38 Huntley street 
Miss Ida B. Ellis 
Miss Ethel Maud Ellis 
Mr. Russell Ogden Ellis 
Miss Gladys Dorretta Ellis 

Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. E. Harvey 
(Georgina Sylvester) 
34 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4

Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. .John F, (Maughan) 
81 "\Yellesley street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Mr. George S. Maughan 

Figures refer to club numbers-see Ùuâde buck cover. 



Ellis, Mr. and 1\Irs. M. C. (Harriet :5aundersJ 
15 Elm a\-enue 
lr. 4-7-
Miss Harriet Y. Ellis 28 
1\[r. Langdon Ellis 
Mr. Douglas Ellis 
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip ""Y. 
(Elizabeth Kate Gooderham) 
66 Glen road 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19-42; also Queen City 
Curling Club 
::\liss Muriel Ellis 
Miss Mona Ellis 
Mr. Kenneth G. Q. Ellis 
lr. and Mrs. Reginald C. 
(Mabel Bailey) 
15 Bedford Park a\-enue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Ellis, :\Iajor and 
[rs_ Richard Y. (Pugh) 
410 Sherbourne street 
Receh'es 1st and 3d Monday 
Cluhs, Major 7-10-Mrs. 65 
::\Iiss Laura Boatner 
Ellis, Prof. (1\1..-\., .:\1. B.) and :\lrs. ,Yo Hodg- 
son (.:\lickle) 
7.. St. Alhans street 
Recein's Tuesday 
Clubs, Prof. 9-19-55-69-Mrs. 25-67 
Mr. H. H. Ellis 5;) 
Elmsley, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel J. 
(Rosalie Fullerton) 
R 1 Rt. Mary street 
Receives ""ednesday 

Elmsley, Major (R.C.D.) and Mrs. James H, 
( Boulton) 

15 Simcoe street 

Elmsley, Mrs. Remy (:\"ina Bradshaw) 
"Barnstab]e," 13 Elmsley place 
Recei \-es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Mr. Sherwood E]msley fi3 
Miss Agnes Elms]ey 
Miss ::\lyrian Elmsley 55 
Ely, Mr. and :\Irs. Ernst F. (Reynolds) 
365 Roxboroug-h street East 
Heceives 3d Monday 
[r. 31-33-Mrs. 31 

Englehart, Mr. ,Jacoh Lewis 
Quef'n Hotel 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 37-53-56-69 
Ir. and ::\Irs. Edwar'd .\. (Dur'nan) 
The nrellshoro Apar.tments, Jarvis st. 
R. R" Han]ans Point 
Receives 1st anò 3d \V('(lnesdav 
Clubs, :\Ir. t-35-37; also Americàn Club 
E\"ans, :\11'. .\. KeJh' 
Toronto f'l";-h 
f'luhs, 37-:'3-56 

Evans, :\Irs. F'redf'r'ick 1', (Charlotte 1\1. Hmyth) 
:.SI Huron str'eet 
R. R., f'eclal"llur"st, Lake Rime-oe 
Receh'es Frida

Evans, .:\lr. and :\lrs. George E. (Skill) 
"Holme House," 68 St, Ann's road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\lr. 56 
Evans, Mr. and .:\lrs. H. Pollman 
(Ray L. Lake) 
C'lubs. :\lr. j' -33-3. -42-46-.U; also Con- 
stitution Club, Eng.-Mrs. 42-50-65 
70 Binscarth road 
Receives 2d and 3d ::\londay 
Evans, 1\lr. and ::\lrs. Henry \Y. (Gundry) 
82 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. 33 
:\Ir. Owen Evans 
Evans, Dr. and ::\Irs. L. Hamilton 
32 Classic avenue 
Clubs, Dr. .1 

liss Grace Evans 
Evans, Mr. and ::\lrs. Robert (Ramsa
152 Dowling avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
::\Ir. Ramsay Evans 

1iss XeIlie Evans 
.Miss Bessie E\"ans 
E\-ans, Mr. and 1\lrs. "r m . J. 
161 "Ta]mer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Everist, ::\Ir. and ::\lrs. Frank (\Yalker) 
132 Glen road 
Recei \'es Monday 
:\liss Lillian :\label Everist 
.:\lr. Joseph E\"erist 
Ewart, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Kerrigan) 
22 Bernard a\"enue 
S, R., Muskoka 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 27 
Eyre, ::\lr. and 
lrs. John H. (Simpson, 
602 Avenue road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-31-33 

Fahey, Mr. and :\[rs. Richard ::\1. (Todd) 
107 Homewood aVenue 
Fairbairn. :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Rhys. D. (Aikins) 
633 Huron street 
R. R., ::\Iuskoka Lakes 
f'lubs, 1\Ir. 7-28-33 
Fairbairn, Mr. and ::\Irs. \Ym. H. (Mills) 
84 Charles street 'Vest 
Receh"es 1st and 2d Frida\" 
Mr. Reginald ::\1. Fairbairn (T"rinity Co]- 
Miss Lilah B. Fairbairn 
Faircloth. :\Ir. and :\Irs. Richard T. 
(Edith Cadenheaò) 
.9 Sorauren a\"enUe 
{{{'('eh'es 1st Thursdav 
('Iubs. 1\11'. 3;)-52 " 
Fair'cloug-h, :\lr. and :\Irs. ,,
. E. (Jenner) 
-18 Haw thorne a ven u
, Rm:ellale 
R R., "'hHlernwl"e, ::\Iuskoka 
Recein>s :\Iondav 
Cluhs, ::\Ir. 3-15' 
Mr. E. H. Faircloug-h 
:\11'. A. B. Fairclough 

 r('l(T in dllll 1I/III1IH'r."I_.
('(' il1.
id(' bad.. ('U/"(','. 



Fairhead, Mr. and Mrs, Harry J. tBowling) 
80 Yorkville avenue 
S. R., Shaw's Island, l\Iuskoka 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-6-3g-35 

F'airhead, Mr, and Mrs, James 
90 Yorkville avenue 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. f; 

Fairty, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart 
(Marjorie Dunlop) 
902 ßoustead avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Fairweather, Mrs. Agnes 
67 Queens Park 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Miss Belle Fairweather 
Miss .Jessie H. Fairweather 2
Mr. Robert H. Fairweather 2S-33-3j-70 

Fairweather, Mr. and :Mrs. Allan C. (Wilkes) 
9 Roxborough street ""est 
Receives Friday 

Falconb]>idge. The Honorahle HiI' Glenholme 
and Laxly (SulliYan) 
SO Isabella street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Sir Glenholme 7-46 and Presi- 
dent of the Toronto Club-Lady 8- 

Falconbridge, Mr. and Mrs. John Delatre 
22 Chestnut Park 
Recei ves Tuesday 
('lubs, Mr. 7 -46-53- fi1 

conbridge, Mrs. John K. (Dugan) 
5!) Howard street 
Mr. James D. Falconbridge 
Miss Margratte Falconbridge 

Falconer, Mr. (C.M.G.. M.A., LL.D.) and Mrs. 
Robert A. (Gandier) 
69 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs Mr. 7-55-69-Mrs. 55 
Falkner, Mr. S. H. 
609 Sherbourne street 
Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest .J. (Clarke) 
97 \Villcocks street 
Farmer, Prof. and Mrs. Jones H. (Cutten) 
750 Bathurst street 
Mr. Arthur B. Farmer 
Mr. Broadus B. Farmer 
Miss Enid L. Farmer 
Mr. Carl V. Farmer 
Farrow, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. C\Yïlliams) 
2S!) Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
lr. and Mrs. Alex. 
(Isabel Armstrong) 
] 2 Maple avenue 
R. R., Temagami, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35 

Fasken, Mr. and Mrs. David C\Yinstanley) 
172 University aVenUe 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35 
Mr. Robert Fasken 
Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs. George tMaxwell) 
203 Spadina road 
Featherston, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. (Reay) 
111 Bedford road 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Miss Grace Featherston 
Miss Beatrice Featherston 26-30 
Mr. Reay Featherston 
Fellers, Mr, and Mrs. Morse (Johns) 
608 .Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 33-70-71 
Fellowes, Mr. (C. E.) and Mrs. í'harles. L. 
10 Lowther a \'enue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 42-71 
Mr. Ridney Hamilton Fellowes :í6-60 
Miss Marjory Fellowes 42-i'íi"í 
Fensom, Mr. and Mrs. George H. (Law) 
84 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-42 
Fenton, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick (Irving-) 
75 Bloor street East 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives 3d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 4-10 
Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. .T. M, (McXevin) 
46 St. A ndrews Gardens X Qrth 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Ferguson, Dr. and Mrs. John (Baird) 
264 College street 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Miss Viola Ferguson 
Dr. W. Ewart Ferguson 
Ferguson, Mr. William N. (K.C.) 
3] 1 Pa.lmerston boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 1-33-31-46 
Mrs. Ferguson Burke (Ferguson) 65 
Mr, Harcourt Ferguson 1-35 
Fergusson, Mr. and Mrs. G. Tower 
(Ellie Ronan) 
70 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 35-Mrs. 68 
Mr. A. Tower Fergusson 
Mr. and Mrs. .J. Lesslie Fergusson 
Miss .Jessie Fergusson 
Mr. Neil C. Fergusson 
Ferrie, Mr. Alexander E. 
644 Spadina avenue 
Ir. 55-60-71 
Fetherstonhaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. 
Lynne Lodge, Lake Shore, Mimico 
Receives 1st and 3d Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-7-19-20-33-37-46-1\1rs 

Pigll res refcr to club 11 lUll hers-lice ill,,;ide lH/ck corer, 



Ffolkes, :Mr. and :\Irs. Edward G. E. 
"Hillington," 420 Indian road 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-Mrs. 5'( 

Fielding, :\11'. and .\Irs. Edward Barnard 
S Lynnwood avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46-Mrs. 65 

Findley, ::\11'. and ::\I1's. Thomas (Smith) 
SS Admiral road 

. R.. Jackson's Point 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 7-2R-71-::\lrs. 28-65-66 
:\Ir. In'ing Findley 
::\Iiss ::\Iargaret Findley 

Finucane, :'Ill'. Arthur E. 
63 Sussex a '.enue 
Clubs, 1\11'. 55-71 

Firsth1'ook. :\11'. and :\lrs. John (Crawford) 
"Flag Court," Lawrence Park 
S. R., "The Trout Pond," Acton, Onto 
Clubs, ::\]1'. 33-42 
::\11'. Francis C. Firstbrook 
:\Iiss May Isabelle Firstbrook 

Firstbrook, ::\11'. and :\Irs. '\Ym. A. 
Pleasant a\'enue, Moore Park 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Mr. Hugh Firstbrook 
Fisher, :\11'. and Mrs. Alfred Benson (Fulton) 
96 Glen road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 4-7-19-27-33-46-52-70- 
Mrs. 68 

Fisher, Mr. and :\[rs. Allan B. (Pattison) 

93 Indian road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 7 

Fisher, :MI'. (Mus. Doc.) and ::\Irs. Edward 

3 Prince Arthur avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-15-38-46-1\Irs. 25-57-66-6S 

Fisher, ::\11'. Rohert í'. 
:!7 \Vilton f'rescent 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Fisken, Mr. and Mrs. J. Kerr (Jones) 
roo ::\ladison avenue 
Heceives Friò.ay 
Clubs. 1\11'. 6-53 
:\[1'. J. B. Keith Fisken 46 
:\11'. Arthur Douglas Fisken 61 
:\liss Elinore :\1. Fh,ken 
:\11'. K Forò. Fisken 

Fitzgerald, ::\11'. and Mrs. EIIwa1'd G. (Bailey) 
S3 St. ,Joseph street 
l{eceive8 1st and 
d Tuesday 
Clubs '\11'. 28-55-:\1rs. 28-35 
Fitzgerald, :\11'. and Mrs. F. "
. Geralll 
49 C'hestnut Park 
Heceives Tuesr1a
('lulls, :\Ir. fi9-Mrs. 55 

FitzGibbon, :\Iiss :\1. Agnes 
7.2 81. Alhans street 
Clubs, 1\Iiss 25-58-66-67 
Fla, elle, :\11', and :\lrs. Joseph ,Yo (Ellsworth) 
"Holwood," Queens Park 
R R., Sturgeon Point 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, ::\11'. :!8-33-42-69 
Miss Flavelle 42 
:\11'. Ellsworth Fla velIe 42 

Flaws, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Robert P. 
(:'Ilargaret l\IeC'orkindale) 
58 Rose avenue 
:\11'. _\. Lorne Flaws 22-42 

Fleming, ::\11'. and ::\11'8. Atwell 
(8ara 8anderson) 
288 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11', 4-19-28-35 
:\11'. George R. S. Fleming 
Mr. Atwell Fleming, Jr. 

Fleming, :\11'. and :\lrs. Charles E Olacklem} 
;, 1 Bernard a venue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Harloe Fleming 

Fleming, :\11'. and :\lrs. Frank A. (Coakley) 
38 Bernard avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 37-55-Mrs. 53 

Fleming, ::\11'. and Mrs. H. Acton (Baldwin) 
149 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs ::\11'. 1-4-10-30-:\lrs. 25 

Fleming, ::\[rs. ::\la1'garet 
30 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, AIrs. 65-66 

Fleming, :\11'. and ::\lrs. Robert J. 
S1. Clair a venue, corner Bathurst st. 
Clubs, ::\11'. 35 

Flemming, 1\11'. amI :\Irs. Horace A. (Fielding) 
:130 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. !'i3 
Miss Flora Flemming 
1\11'. Paul Flemming 

Fletcher, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Alfred G. Olarcon) 
. 22;) Russell Hill road 
lr. 7-33-46-;)4-70-71 

Fletcher, :'III.. anl1 Mrs. Grant (Strathy) 
216 Chicora avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 5:> 

Fletcher, Prof. (:\1...-\., LL.D.) and :\lrs. ,John 
( Inches) 
!i3:! Huron street 
s Friday 
:\11', A Ian Fletcher 
:\11'. Hugh Fletcher 
l\1I'. .\lmon Fletcher 
:\fiss :\Iargaret Fletcher 

Figures 1"cfrr to club numbcrs-sce inside bacT.: corer. 



Ir. John 
1:!9 Isabe!la street 
Clubs, 1\11'. 33-35 
:Miss Jessie Flett 
.:\11'. 'Walter E. Flett 

Fleury, Mrs. J. 
51 Prince Arthur a venue 
Receives Friday 
::\1iss Viola Fleury 

Fleury, 1\11'. and Mrs. 'Vm. J. (Buck) 
S!i Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 44-53-55-;)6-69-
Irs. :)7 

Flewwelling, Mr. and Mrs. '\Valter J. 
(La Mont) 
317 Indian road 
Receives 4th Friday 

s E. B. Flewwelling 

Floyd, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley T. 
(Xellie Storey) 
Castlemere Apartments, Î:) Crescent 
Clubs, Dr. 35-Mrs. 65 

Flynn, Mr. Thomas 
:!12 George street 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-46 
:Miss B. Doran 

Folingsby, Mrs. J. B. (Elizabeth Sidley) 
23 Svadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
::\'[rs. Driffield 

Follett, Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. (Smith) 
16 Binscarth road 
Recei \'es 1st Monday 

Foliett, ::\11'. and Mrs, Joseph H, (Bonnick) 

88 St. George street 
S. R., 26 HOOI)er avenue ('entre 
Recei yes 1st Friday 

Foot, 1\1r. and 1\lrs. L. E. Percival (Buchanan) 
Hampton Court Apartments 

Forfar, Dr. and Mrs. James E. (Forsyth) 
212 Carlton street 
Receives 4th Friday 
:\Iiss R. E. Forfar 
::\'[iss J. R. Forfar 

Forlong, Mr. and Mr"s. Chas. J. nVeeks) 
!i9 The Alexandra Palace 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-27-42-71 

FOrl'est, l\1r, and Mrs. 
orman (Mackenzie) 
138 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Forster, Dr. and Mrs. J. M. (Terrill) 
115 'Yarren roaò 
Receives Thursdav 
Mrs. .J. .J. G. TerrilÌ 

Forster, 1\11'. John \V. L. 
147 Farnham avenue 
1\11'. Ecole Julian, Masters Boulanger, 
Lefevre, Bouguereau, Fleury ana 
for a time Carolus Duran; exhibi- 
tor at Paris (Salon), Manchester, 
Liverpool, London, Philadelphia, 
Chicago, Buffalo, 81. Louis. His 
portraits are held especially in high 
esteem. Has executed important 
commissions in France, Britain, 
Hates, and Canada. Most 
of the public buildings of the Do- 
minion possess valuable portraits 
from his br'ush. 
RtUllio, 24 King- street 'Yest 
Clubs, 7-S-9-lR-19-38: also Royal Co- 
lonial Institute, London, Eng. 
Forsyth, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vesley Octavius 
(McGee J 
393 Palmer
ton houlevard 
ReceÍ\'es 1st Thursday 
Clubs. Mr. 3-Mrs. 66 
l\liss Marjorie S. Forsyth 
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. A lbert 
175 Crescent road 
Receives Monday 
Foster, Mr. C, Colley 
í4 Roxborough street ,Vest 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-28 
.:\liss Ellen Foster 
Receives Friday 

Foster, Mrs. Charlotte E. (Goldsmith) 
1 Linden street 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Mr. and 1\1rs. Harold 'Yilkinson 
Foster, Dr. Charles M. 
34 Roxborough street 'Vest 
Receives \Vednesday 
Miss Charlotte Foster 
Mr. James C. Foster 
Foster, Dr. and Mrs. Geo. B. 
214 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Dr. 37 
Foster, Mr. Harold 'V. A. 
100 Bedford road 
Clubs, Mr. 3-55-61 
Receives Friday 
Miss Ethel Foster 68 
Fotheringham, Dr and Mrs. John T. 
"Airie House," 20 \\?ellesley stree':. 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 56-69-Mrs. 56 
Miss Helen Fotheringham 
Mr. Donald Fotheringham 
Miss Ruth Fotheringham 
Foulds, Mr. and Mrs. Archihald (Cream) 
70 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-7-Mrs. 66 
Mr. ,V. C. Foulds 
Foulds, Mr. and Mrs. A rchihald, Jr. (Steele) 
91 Crescent road 
 2d Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 7-46 

Figures 'i'efer to club nwnbers-see 'inside buck CO 'Ger. 



Fountain, .:\11'. and Mrs. Hobert 
108 Cowan avenue 
Receives. 1st and 3d. Thursda

Fountain, Mr. and. .:\lrs. 'Vm. (Hoey) 
152 "-almer road 
Clubs, Mr. i -35 
Mr. ('harles 'V. Fountain !'i2 

Fox, Mr. and 
Irs. E. C. (
carth road 
Recei yes 
Ir. 7-:!0 

Fm.... Rev. and :\Irs. Edward T. 
9 "'almer road 
Heceives 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Rev, 7 
Miss Emma Fox 

Fox, Mr. and Mrs. "ïlliam Claude 
(Fanny Coots) 
La Tourelle, 1l
 Glen road, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and :!d :\Ionday 
Ir. 4-7-19-3i--l6-l\Irs. 25-65 

Foy, Mr. and 
Irs, Fred J. (Dohern) 
33:! Russell Hill road 
ReceÍ\'es 1st Thursday 
lr. 1-37 

Foy. MI'. and .:\lrs. George J. 
(Rose Ellen \Vallac?) 
45 Dun,'egan road. 
ReceÏ\'e!'; Thursda
Cluhs, :\11'. 1-:!2-3ï 

Fny, Hon. James J. I :\1.P.P., K.C.) 
90 Isabella street 
Cluhs, Hon. 1-22-37-46-53-60-69 
:\Jiss :\Iarie C. Foy 28 

roy, :\lrs. John (Gertrude A. 
40 BlOúr street \Yest 
R R., Xiagara-on-Lake, Onto 
Recein'!'; Friday 
.:\11'. Frank C. Foy 1-37 
Mr. John Y. Foy 1-37 
Mi!';s EnJily Foy 
Miss :Mary Foy 

roy, Mr. Louis Percival 
The Selhy, l'orth 
herhourne street 

Francis, :\11', an(] Mrs. í'harles H. n\'arin) 
-I1i7 Indian roa(] 

FI'ancis, :\Irs. F. (Elizaheth C. C. .\llan) 
4f' Elm a,'enUf>, ROHec1ale 
Reeeives 1st and 3d Monday 
Francis, Mr. and :\lrs. l;" yn L. (Lang-muir) 
3s ('rescent roaù 
f{pcei "f'S Tue!';day 
Cluhs, :\11'. 37-46-;)3-:>6-1\1I's. 56 
FI'anci!';, :\ll's. :\Iarian (l'slpl') 
37 Ho!';edale road 
S. 11., 3:!:! Lake Shnl'e a\enue, Centre 
Ht'cei"eH Tue!';day 
1\'[i!';s B
'atrict:> Fl'aneis 
1\1... James R. Francis 46 

FI"ancis, :\11'. and .:\lrs. "'ellington ("'ardrop) 
66 Lowther a venue 
Receives Friday 
Ir. 53-69 
Francis, :\Ir. and. Mrs. "ïlliam G. (Furnwall) 
1 Cawthra square 

. R., Browning's Island, .:\Iuskoka 
Clubs. :\[rs. 18 
Frankel. Mr. an(] :\Irs. Leo (Ma
i)04 Jan'is street 
Receives 2d 
:\11'. Louis Frankel 
:\Ir. Egmont L. Frankel 
1\11'. Carl Frankel 
Franki!';h. Dr. and Mrs. E, R. 
3!JS Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives 2d Thursd.ay and. Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7 -:!8 
Frankish, Mr. and Mrs. "'m. R. (Podmore, 
14 St. Andrews Garden Sou th 
S. R., Jac}{son's Point 
Receives ::\lonrlay 
Cluhs, Mr. 27-3;) 
F1'2Ser, Mr. (LL, D,) an(] Mrs. Alexander 
"Kineras," 67 \Yo'òd.hwn a,'enue "'est 
R R., Se"ern river, Muskoka, Ont. 
ReceÏ\'es 4th Thursday 
Cluhs, :\[1'. 8-19-36 
Miss :\1arjorie J. F. Fraser 
Mr. Evan Hugh Fraser 
\lexandrina H. Ram!';ay 
Fraser, ':\[1'. and 1\Irs, John A. (Ramsa
15 Deer Park Crescent 
Recei\'es 1st Thursday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 7-2S-31-33-46-53 

Fraser, Mr. and. .:\lrs. ,Tohn A. 
(Mazeltoff Bingham) 
pencer avenue 
Heceives :!d Thursday 

Fraser. Dr. John B. 
herbourne street 
Miss UIÏ\'e Fraser 
Taude Fraser 
l\liHs Beta Fraser" 

Fraser, .:\11', and :\[rs. John C. (Larkin) 
:.'-: Poplar Plain
Recei \'es Thursday 
C'l uh!';, :\11'. -I -7 - 2 x- 33- 3 ';' 
Fraser. He\'. and .:\Irs. H. Doug-lis (\\ïh...n, 
f)9 n"xhnroug'h Htreet \Yf:>st 
HpcpÏ\ f:>
 '!d and 4th Friday 
Cluh!';, He". 7 

li!;':!;': ,)'1np \\'ell!'; Fr'lser 
 :\larjorie :\1. Fraser 

('r. l\II'. anfl Mrs. Thomas F.. C (, 'amllhell) 
:.34 Huron !';trt:>et 
Hect:>Ï\'es Friday 
s Bf:>s!';it:> Fraser -I:! 

1 is
 Bruce Fraser 
FI'a!;':er, :\[r'. an(] 
Trs. \\'m. P. (,Iones) 
:\Ieado\\'vale, Ont. 
Ir. 1-37-f)

Fiyurrs ,-cfc l - to dill} Hllmber,
r(' inside back COl"cr, 

7 0 


Fraser, Prof. (M.A,) and Mrs. "\Yilliam H. 
"High fields." York Mills 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Geo1"gian Bay 
Clubs. Prof. 69 
Mr. Kaspar Fraser 61 
Mr. Donald Fraser 

Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. William J. 
(Lulu F. Howe) 
22 '\Yhitney avenue 
Receives 4th Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Freeland, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. (Stark) 
88 Chestnut Park 
S. R., Birch Cliff, King-ston road 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Hildegarde Freeland 
Miss Winifred Freeland 

Freeland. Mrs. Margaret (Buchan) 
27 Xorth street 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Miss Maria Buchan 

Freysing. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. (Hunter) 
90 Roxhorough stre2't East 
Recei ves Tu esd ay 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 

Fudger, Mr. and Mrs. Harris H. C\';
40 Maple avenue 
. Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 28-42-70-:\1rs. 28 
Miss Hannah Fudg-er42 
Miss Martha Fudger 2Ç;-68 
Miss Beth FudgeI' 28-42 

Fudger, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. (Johnson) 
Clubs, Mr. 37-42-60 

Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. (Rogers) 
106 Kendal avenue 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 33-Mrs. 68 
Mr. C. Han'ey R, Fuller 

Fullerton, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs, James R. 
"Farnham Lodge," 50 Farnhan1 a\e, 
S. R., Lake Temagami, Onto 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-46 

Fulton, Miss Agnes Jean 
RO Wellesley street 
S. R.. Centre Island, Toronto, Ont. 
ReceÌ\'es 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Miss 66 

Fyler, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fairfax (D3.niel) 
40 Sherbourne street Korth 

Gadshy, l\fr and Mrs. H. Franklin 
10 Dunbar r('ail 
Receives Monday 

Gage, Mr. and Mrs. F. Herbert (Leney) 
8 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46 

Gage, Mr. and Mrs. William J. (Burnside) 
"Bon Air," 434 Bloor street West 
Receives 1st and 3d Fridav 
Clubs. Mr. 7-28-33-69 ' 
Miss Irene Gage 28 
Miss '\V. B. Gage 28 
Gagen, Mr. Robert F. 
275 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-38-45 
Miss Maud E. Gagen 34-78 
Gagnier, Mr. and :\iI's. Harold T. 
82 Chestnut Park 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-37-70 
Galbraith, Mr. (M.A., LL.D.) and Mrs. John 
57 Prince 'Arthur avenue 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay 
Receives Fridav 
Clubs, Mr. 12-20-Mrs. 66-67 
Mr. John S. Galbraith 46 
Mr. Robert D. Galbraith 
Miss Beatrix Galbraith 
Galbraith. Mr. and Mrs. William (Oliphant) 
1530 King street West 
Receiyes Thursday 
Gale, Mr. and Mrs. George C. (Taylor) 
53 St. George Mansions 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-2S-33-37-46-56-
1rs. 28-42 
Gale, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wm. (Ross) 
44 Bedford road 
Clubs, Mr. 2S-33-4R-71-Mrs. 28 

Gall. Mr. and Mrs. George 
6 Jameson avenue 
Receives Thursday 

G-allagher, Mr. and Mrs. Ziba (Bucham) 
120 V'{arren road 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 3d Thursday 

Gallie, Dr. Vlt. Edward 
143 College street 
Clubs, Dr. 42-61 

Galloway, Mr. and ].."'rs. Georg-e ... (Galloway) 
Care of 74 King street East 
Miss Edythe Galloway 
GaIloway, Lieut.-Co!. and Mrs. James 
35 Murray street 
R R., "The Cedars." Macdonald's Cove 
Receives 1st "'ednesday 
Galt. Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs Th'lmas Percival 
(Susie Patton) 
30 St .J oseph strpet 
, Receiyes Tuesday 
Miss Lily Ga!t !)!1 
Miss A. Stewart G
llt 42 
Mr. Alexander T. Galt 
Miss Yvonne Galt 55 
Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gordon (Horton) 
465 Avenue road 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs Mr. 46-53 

Figures refer to club 'l1'um bers-see inside back co'per. 


7 1 

Gamble, :\Ir. (K.C'.) and :\lrs. Harry D. 
( Jan'is) 
78 Elm ayenue 
Clubs, :\lr. 1-37-53-56-69-Mrs. 56-57 

Gamhle, :\Irs. Raynauld D. (Agnes Morrison) 
90 St. Joseph street 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Cluhs. :\Irs. 55 

Gandier. Dr. anil Mrs. Alfred (Waters) 
fi3 St. George street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-42-:\lrs. 66 

Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. (Douglas) 
S:J 'Yalmer road 
Recei ,-es Friday 
lr. 2-22 

Ir. and Mrs. J. Martin ('\\Yatson) 
I:!:! Rcollard street 
K R., Musknka 
lr. 6-19 

Gardner. :\Ir. and Mrs. John C. (Cox) 
93 Torkyille a,-enue 
R R., Muskoka 
Cluhs. Mr. 6-19 

Garland, :\Ir. Xicholas 
2;}07 Tonge street 
Clubs. Mr. 33-37 
1\1r. Xicholas L. Garland 
:\Ir. and Mrs. George Dunhar (Garland) 
Receiyes 2d and 3d Thursday 

Garratt, Dr. and :\Irs. Alton Huyck (Fletcher) 
:53 College street 
ReceÏ\"es Tuesrlay 
Cluhs. Dr. 46-Mrs. 25 
:\Ir. Philip C. Garratt 

Ga nett, ('apt. ,\\Yilson 
177 Roxhorough street East 
:\Jiss :\linnie Garrett 65 
:\Iiss Lillian Garrett 65 
Receiyes 1st Tuesday 

Garrow, :\Ir. and :\Irs. E. F. (Cochran) 
:!7 Roxhoroug-h street "rest 
Cluhs, ",Ir. :.3-71-Mrs. 55 

Garrow, :\Ir. Justice and Mrs. James T. 
-I 9 
t. (jeorge street 
R. R.. (;pnrg-ian Day 
Re('eÏ\-es Tue!';day 
('luhs, Justice fi:. 

IiSH Beatrice (jarrow 
:\Ir. Alan n. Garro\\" fi6 
:\Ir. John 1'_ Garrow 

Gal"side, :\11'. and :\lrs. "ïlllam (McConnell) 
"Inglewood," -II) Lowther a,'enue 
Receiyes 2d and 3d FI'iday 
Clubs, 'Mr, 7 

(jan'ey, :\11". and :\1 I'!,;. W_ H. 
3-1 Alexanrlra Palace 
Cluhs, 28-35-:\lrs, 2S 

Ir, (K.C.) and 
Irs. Xorman B. t Ross) 
S6 Spadina road 
Receiyes 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-4:!-56-:\lrs. 56 
Gates, Mr. and :\Irs. Fred "Y. (Dinnick) 
 Heath street West 
Clubs, :\Ir. 1-
7-35-:Mrs. 27 

Geagen, Mr. and :\Irs. ",Villiam H. 
I;=; 1 Roxborough street East 
Receiyes 1st Tuesday 
C'lubs, ::\Ir. 33 

liss Petica 
241 Church street 
Receiyes ::\Ionday 
Cluhs, :\liss 55-57 
Miss :\Iargaret Geddes ;};) 

Geggie, Re,-. and :\lr8. A. Logan (Millar) 
107 Jameson ayenue 
Receiyes 1st Friday 
::\lr. Thomas P. Geggie 
Miss .J ean Geggie 
Mr. ""ïlliam Geggie 
Miss Alison Geggie 
Geikie, Dr. ""Yalter B. 
"Holyrood Villa" 52 Maitland street 
Dr. Archibalil Geikie 
Miss Ethel Francis Geikie 
George, :\Ir. and Mrs. Allan (Slater) 
210 Bloor street East 
Clubs, Mr. 55 

George, Miss Isahel 
110 Lowther ayenue 
Receiyes Friday 
Clubs, Miss 57 

George, :\Ir. and 
Irs. James (Church) 
"Mapleton House," 36 ::\Iaple a yenue 
Recei ,'es Monday 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 7--I:!-70-Mrs. ;)6 
Mr. Ruggles George 

lrs. Thomas H. (Duckett) 
39 Lowther a n
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Mr. Charles George 
Miss Margaret George 
\.lke George 
Mr. Thomas H. Gt'orge 
Mr. Arthur George 
Miss Isohel George 
Mr. Alfred H, George 

George, Mr. and :\Jrs. 'Ym. I{:. 
(nachel Helena Lee) 
71 Highlands a "enue 
Re('eiyes :\Ionday 
C'luh!';, :\Ir. 7-9-19-33-37-41)-:i3-56-f.!\; 
al!';o rnited Empire Cluh of Lonilon, 
Eng.-Mrs. 25-57 
:\Ii!';s Jean Lee George 
:\liss Grace 1. (jeorge 

Gianelli, :\11'. and :\II's. 'ïctor K (GI'ay) 
31)S Indian rnail 
Recei Ye
 bt Frid a
Ir. 37 

Firlllrc,ç refer if) club l1tlmbc1".''Í-see in.çidc flUff!.: ('ure1'. 



Gibbons, :Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph 
120 Roxborough street East 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-28-31-33-46; also Brant- 
ford Club of BrantfOl"d. Eng., and 
Aldine Club of Kew York-Mrs. 28- 

Gibson, Miss 
296 Ossington avenue 
Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. .Albert R. (Black) 
7 Lynnwood avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 42-1\1rs. 28 
Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. (Parker) 
55 Highlands avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-20-28-70-Mrs. 42 
Mr. F. R. Gibson 
Miss H. P. Gibson 

Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin (Adair) 
598 Huron street 
Receives 1st Friday 
Mr. J. Adair Gibson 42 
Miss Ethelwyn l\f. Gibson 
Mr. G. B. A. Gibson 
Mr. L. P. K. Gibson 

Gibson, Rev. and Mrs. Jesse (A. M. Gibson) 
104 Park road 
Receives 4th Monday 

Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. John James (Charlton) 
125 Spadina road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-27-33-42-61-Mrs. 65-68 

Gibson, Lieut.-Gov. Sir John Morrison 
(K.C.M.G., K.C" LL,D.) and Lady 
(Elizabeth Malloch) 
Government House 
S. R., "The Gables," Hamilton Beach, 
Clubs, Sir John (5-10-33-46-53-61-69; 
also Hamilton Club and Royal Ham- 
ilton Yacht Club-Lad}' Gibson 5- 
Mr. A. Hope Gibson 
Mr. Colin Wm. George Gibson (0. T.S.) 
Miss Eugënfa E. E. Gihson 
Miss Meta M. S. Gibson 
Mr. Francis Malloch Gibson (Cadet, 
R.M.C., Kingston) 

Gillson, Mrs. R. L. (Louisa Gordon) 
608 Jarvis street 
Mr. R. Louis Gibson 1-7-33-37-56-71 
Gihson, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. (Heneage) 
14 C'hestnu t Park 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-42 
Mrs. M. B. Heneage 
Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Theron (Holmwooa) 
403 Markham street 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Gibson 
Mr. Wm. E. Gibson 

Gibson. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Sharon) 
388 Roxboroug'h street, East 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-31-53-61; also Rideau 
Club, Ottawa; and Lawyers' Club. 
New York City-Mrs. 31-66 
Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 

. (Brown) 
84 Delisle avenue 
S. R., Springside, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-18-29 
Miss Janet Gibson 
Miss Margaret Gibson 
Mr. Alexander Gibson 
Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. (McKague) 
216 Cedar street 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-33-37 
Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Turner (Purvis) 
427 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss Margaret Purvis 
Gilchrist, Mr. and Mrs. John (.Appelbe) 
455 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 7 
Dr. A. J. Gilchrist 
Mr. George Gilchrist 
Mr. Joseph A. Gilchrist 
Gillespie. Mr. and Mrs. .Albert C. (Martin) 
66 Rathnelly avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Gillespie, Miss Elizabeth 
26 Selby street 
Gillespie. Mr. and Mrs. H. Howland (Smith) 
680 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Gillespie. Mrs. John (Howland) 
51 Warren road 
S. R., "The Crag," Port Carling, MuP3- 
koka, On t. 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Paul D. Gillespie 
Mr. John K. Gillespie 
Miss Ardelia Gillespie 
Miss Julie Gillespie 
Miss Kathleen Gillespie 
Miss Laura Gillespie 
Gillespie, Miss Marion 
96 St. Joseph street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. Walter (Wragge) 
R6 Charles street East 
S. R., Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-46-53 
Miss Marion Gillespie 
Miss Winifred Gillespie 
Gilmour, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. (Sayers) 
866 Keele street 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-Mrs. 28 
Gilmour, Mr. and Mrs. John W. 
(Amy McDonough) 
122 Bedford road 
Receives ] st and 2d Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 46 Tefer to club J/lwlbers-see im.;idr back corer. 



Gilmour, Rpv. (B.A., D.D.) and Mrs. Jos. L. 
29 Albany avenue 
Clubs, Rev. 42 

Olmour, :\11'. and Mrs. Thomas (".ardrop) 
1 71 St. George street 
Clubs, :\11'. 28-37 

Gilpin, Mr. and Mrs. Richard ("-oods) 
215 Jameson avenue 
:\Iiss Olive :\1. Gilpin 

Gilvtrson. Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. (Doughty) 
hannon street, Grimsby Beach, 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursd.ay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19; also Rusholme Tennis 
and Bowling Club 
:\Iiss Queenie Gilverson 
:\11'. Xorman Gilverson 
:\11'. A. Burdett Gilverson 
:\lr. Russell Gilverson 
Givin, Mr. and Mrs. John 
I. (:\lacpnerson) 
13 Langley avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d \Yed,nesday 

Ir. 'V. L. :\Iacpherson 

Glackmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. (Thomson) 
Parliament buildings 
Recei ves Tuesd.ay 
Clubs, Mr. 10-71 

lr. and Mrs. Robert (Barter) 
Ii "\Yhitney avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 35-Mrs. 58 

Glass, :\11'. and Mrs. Dadd \Y. (Carson) 
16 :\lcMaster avenue 
RecPÍ'\;es Frirlay 
Clubs, Mr. 33 

Glass, :\11'. and. Mrs. Herbert R. (Seg-sworth) 
132 Hig-h Park avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 

Glass, :\Irs. Hugh (Patten) 
74 Madison avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Miss :\1. Glass 

Iiss J. Glass 

Glass, :\Irs. Sarah 
Alexander Apartments 
Recpi ves ",. ednesday 
:\liss Glass 

Glassco. :\In;. "\\Ïnona Grace (Masse

GlazE-brook. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. 
(Maclauch Ian) 
:'i46 Huron street 
R R., OakvilIe, Ont. 
Cluhs, Mr. 3-7-53 
:\1iss Marjorie Glazehrook 
:\Iiss Dorothy Glazebrook 

Glf'ndinning, :\11'. and Mrs. George 
(!\I. B. McGeary) 
142 Dowling avenue 
Receives 3d Thursda
Ir. 7-20-35 



Goad, :\lrs. C. (Agnes Harriss) 
324 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Goad, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. 
257 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Godfrey, Mr. (LL.B.) and Mrs. John 
9:i Close avenue 
S. R., "The Cove," Port CrNlit. Onto 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
('lubs, Mr. 4-7-31-33 
Go(lson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ".. 
32 Beaty avenue 
Receives 1st, 2d and 3d. Thursday 
Clubs. :\11'. 33 
Mr. Percy Godson 
Godson, Mr. and :\Irs. Fred ".. DUlls) 
69 .Jameson a venue 
Receives 1st Thursday and Frid.ay 
Godson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Co
170 Jameson avenue 
rreceives Thursday 
Go (h;on, Mr. Lionel F. 
SO A venue road 
S. R., Muskoka, Lake Rosseau. Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 1-6-31 
:\1iss Xaomi Goòson 
Miss :\Iaude God.son 

Iiss Ethel Go(lson 
Receives Friday 

Ir. and Mrs. Charles E. A. (Legatt) 
44 .Tackes avenue 
R R.. 140 Lake 
hore, Centre Island 
Ir. 31-33-46-70 
Goldman. Mr. Leopold 
176 St. George street 
Cluhs, Mr. 4-28-33-46-53-iO 
Miss Maud Adeline Barclay 
:\Iiss :\Iary Louise Yictoria Barclay 
Goldsmith, Ðl'. and Mrs. Perry G. (Da\'is) 
S4 Carlton street 
Receives 2d 
Clubs, Dr. 7-10-2
Gooch, l\lr. (J.P.) and :\lrs. Fred'k H. 
120 Crescent road 
H. R.. Lakeside Park, Bowman\'ille, 
Cluhs, :\11'. 1-70-:\lrs. 42 
:\1:1'. Rohert E. Gooch 
Miss Augusta A. Gooch 
Mr. Fred.'k J. Gooch 
Miss Rita Gooch 
Gooch, :\Irs. Rolwrt X. 
59 Charles str'eet East 
Goodchild., Dr. an.1 Mrs. J. Fleming (\Yplch) 
33 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Goode, Mrs. ('pp has (Machpll) 
 "\Vhltney avenue 
Receives Monday 
Miss Ethel Goode 
Miss "\Vhitby Goode 

Fiyun',o.; refer tv cilib Illl1l1bcrs-ðcc imâdr bark ('01"C)", 



Gooderham, Captain and Mrs. Albert E., Jr. 
(Frances G. "\Yilliams) 
S7 Binscarth road 
Clubs, Capt. -!-10-12-
Mrs. 25 

Gooderham, Lieut.-Co!. and Mrs. Albert E, 
"Deancroft," South Oriye and Glen 
road. Rosedale 
S. R., Centre Island 
Recei ,-es Monday 
Clubs, Lieut.-Co!. 37-42-56-69-Mrs. 42- 
:\11'. Me!\-ille R Gooderham 37 
:\11'. Andrew E. Duncanson 10-19-
:\1rs. Andrew Botsford 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. (Stegman) 
"Maplecroft," 433 Sherbourne street 
Receives Monday 
:\'Iiss Louise Gooderham 55-66 

Gooderham, Mrs. C. H. 
158 "Tarren road 
Receiyes 2d and 3d Monday 
Mr. Henry F. Gooderham 7-28-33-42-46- 
:Mlss Grace Adelia Gooderham 42-68 

Gooderham. Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. 
(Kathleen M. l\"eelon) 
23 :x o. Sherbourne street 
R R.. 
74 Centre Island 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 22-42-46-53-Mrs. 42 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. 
40 Madison avenue 
Receiyes Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 37-70 
:\Iiss Ethel Gooderham 
:Mr. Lyman Gooderham 
:\11'. Rtuart V{. Gooderham 

1r. Grant Gooderham 
Miss Lesslie Gooderham 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. George E. 
(Emilie Paterson) 
224 Rt. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 37-42-46-56-Mrs. 42-55- 

Gooderham. Mr. (M.P.P.) and Mrs. George H. 
204 St. George street 
Recei ,-es 1st and 2d Fridav 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-4-5-7-22-33-37-41-42-46-:-;2 

Gooderham. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. 
( Alexander) 
Yonge street Korth 
Cluhs, Mr. 42-Mrs. 42 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Hamilton) 
lfiO "rellesley Crescent 
Cluhs, Mr. 28-46 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. M. Ross (Taylor) 
190 St. George street 
S. R., Oakville, Onto 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-37-46-53-56-69-Mrs. 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. Xorman R. 
(Yolande Morrison) 
52 Chestnut Park road 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 31-37-42-46-71 

Gooderham, Mrs. Robert T. (Lewis) 
331 Sherbourne street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Ada Gooderham 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. "\V. G. (Hargraft) 
"Alverthorpe," 42 Elm avenue, Rose- 
S. R., "Alvermere," Centre Island 
Receives Mondav 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-33-37-42-46-53-55-56- 
Miss Eleanor Gooderham 
Mr. J. Leys Gooderham 37-42-55 
Mr. Eric S. Gooderham 
Mr. Alexander Gooderham 

Gooderham, Mr. and Mrs. William H. 
8 Bedford road 
S. R., Toronto Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 28-42-46-53-69-1\11'8. 42- 

Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. 
421 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Mr. Clifford Goodman 

Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. H. (Hoar) 
11 Maple avenue 
Receiyes 1st and 3d. Monday 
Miss Jessie L. Goodman 68 
Mr. Russell Goodman 

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. (Young) 
53 Hepbourne street 
Receives 1st Friday 

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander B. (Sadler) 
20 Dale avenue 
Recei ves 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-35-46 

Gordon, Dr. and Mrs. Andrew R. (\Yilson) 
73 Delisle avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-69 
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Colin F. (Kay) 
152 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
1r. 33-42 

Gordon, Dr. Margaret Donald 
64 Bloor street West 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Miss Bessie Gordon 
Mr. Edward Gordon 

l'i,qures Tefer to club 'JlU1n bers-see inside back corer. 



Gordon, :\lr. and :\lrs. H. D. Lockhart 
10 Dale a venue 
Receives :\londay 
Clubs, .:\1r. 7-10-33--t()-53-55-
lrs. 55 
Gordon, :\lr. and :\Irs. Henry B. (
467 Spadina avenue 

liss Edith H. Gordon 
Mr. Henry R. Gordon 
Gordon, :\Ir. ancl :\Irs. ,Yo H. Lockhart 
":\lansfield HousE'," :!
1 George street 
R R., The Breakers, Centre Island 
Clubs. :\Ir. 46 
Miss Edith Gordon 
Miss Elsie Gordon 
:\lr. .:\Iolyneux Gordon 
Mr. Leslie Gordon 
Ir. and :\Irs. .I. A. (Cummings) 
l\Iimico, Ont. 
C'lubs. :\Ir. 37; a h;o Simcoe Club 
Mrs. Alexander Gormalv 
-\gnes Stock . 
Goudy, Mr. and :\lrs. R. Johnston (CampbE'll) 
1 King streE't 'Yest 
 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, :\lr. 

Gough, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Augustus .I. (:Morrow) 
C'hestnut Park road 
Recei ,'es Tuesda v 
Clubs, ::\lr. 4-37 ' 
Gough, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Richard r. (Lemay) 
"\\"alyngton," 9
 Crescent road 
d Fridav 

liss Geraldine Gough :!7 
Gouinlock. :\Tr. and l\lrs. George (Holmsted) 
165 Jameson a,'enue 
ReceivE's Thursday 
Cluhs. :\11'. 7-28; also ParkdalE' Canoe 
C'luh, and Parkdale Lawn Bowling 
Mr. G. II, Gouinlock 71 
Miss Kathleen Gouinlock 
nouinlock. :\Ir. and :\Irs. GeOl'ge "'. (\Yatson) 
37 ""almer road. 
eC'eÏ\'es 1st and 4th Fridav 
('luhs. :\lr. 1-33-37-46-56
:\lrs. 56- 
l\fif;S Laura H. Gouinlock 
Mr. Robert 'Yo Gouinlock 
Mr. (jeorge R. Gouinlock 
(;ouinlnck, :\lr. and :\Irs. \\"alter F, (Furlong) 
It 1 ,! Bt. Mary strE'et. Apartment A 
R R., Sand HavE'n, Stony Lake, Ont 
C'luhs, :\lr. 5
(;lIuld, Mr. Benjamin .-\. 
The :\laitland. Ap&rtmpnts, :\laltlan(1 
S. R., \Yilcox Lake, Ont. 
Ir. 3T-56 
Gould. I
ev. ('anon and. MI's. 
4 j Farnham a "enue 
Receives Thursday 
Oqulding. .:\11'. and :\In;. Edga- I. (Dunlop) 
fi7 High Park hou'en>rJ 
Receives 1st Thursday 
C'lubs, :\Ir. 3:ï 

Goulding, Mr. and Mrs. ""illiam (Byford) 
67 St. George 
Clubs, l\lr. 33-37-16-;)6-71 
Miss Dorothy Goulding 
Mr. .-\ rthur Goulding 
Gourlay, Mr. and :\Irs. Robert R (Anstie) 
514 .Ian'is street 
Receives 1st an,l 4th :\londay 
Clubs, :Mr. 33 
Gow, Mr. 'Val ter 
41 Chestnut Park 
lr. 4-7-37-4()-5
Dr. George G')w 33-42 
Irs. John 
191 St. George street 
:\Iiss Elsie Gowans 
Gower, :\Ir. and :\lrs. E(lwin P. (Bayly) 
49 Madison a vent'e 
Clubs, Mr. 28-55-71 

Iiss Kathleen D. Gower 
Grace, :\lr, and :\lrs. .Ja
es C. (Ross) 
"Agha"eIler." -t 30 A venue road 
S. R., Boley, ::;turgeon Point 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
lr. 37-:ï:ï-56-60-:\lrs. 56-57 
Miss Mary Grace 
Grafton, Mrs. C. Stewart (Douglas) 
1 Rus
eIl H!l1 road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Eleanor Douglas 
larion Douglas 
Graham, :\Ir, and Mrs. George A. (Xicholson) 
"("nhhle Crest," 1
() 'Yarren road 
Receives Thursd.ay 
Cluhs, Mr. 4-
'-n; .1. E (.:!. Pdns) 
,72 Lynnwood.. avenue 
'R R,. Otter LakE', Ont. 
ReceÍ\'es Tnun;day 
Miss FlorAnce Graham 
Graham, Dr a nil "Yfrs .1oseph S. (Boyd) 
:i:ï College street 
R R. Otter Lake Station, Ont 
Receives Tuesd.ay 
Clubs, DI'. 46-61-69 
[r. and Mrs. Rohert H. (""atson) 
s()2 College street 
ReceÍ\'es la
t Friday 
Dr '\ïlmot .-\. Graham 
:\Iiss Roherta Graham 
Grabam. Dr and :\Irs, T Howard 
(Muriel Toogood.) 
1 Snmmernill Gardens 
ReceÏ\"ps 1st Thursday 
Grahame. 1\11'. ánò :\Irs Martin (Baldwin) 

3 Forest Hill road. 
RpceÍ\'es Thurs(lay 

[jss .1. B. Grahame 
Orand. 1\11'. and :\1"rs, .Jêlmes 
(Elizaheth Toy) 
2S Oriole road 

. R., Orand\"iew Island., l.ahe .:\Ius- 
Cluhs. MI'. ï-33-3:ï-42 
Mr. EI'nest ,}. Orand. 3:; 
1\1r. Arthur 1\1. Grand. 

Fi!luJ"(,."/ 1"Cf(T tv cld, 111111/1'PI"."/-s(,(> illsich 1H/ck core,.. 



Grand, .:\lr. and Mrs. Percy F. <<Irene Rutley) 
31:! Roxborough street East 
Recei ,-es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35-46 
Grant, Rev. and Mrs. Andrew S. (\Yetherald) 
:!5 Cluny avenue 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Mr. Oswald Grant 
Mr. James Grant 
Grant, Mr. and 
lrs. Garnet P. 
(Olive McLennan) 
18 Chestnut Park road 
Receh'es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-19-31-37-4:!-46-53-56-7G 
-Mrs. :!5-4:!-57 -6;) 

Grant, Mr. and :\1:rs. Gideon (Kayler) 
48 Xanton avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Grant, Capt. and Mrs. \\? Forsyth (Robinson) 
30 Xantun avenue 
Clubs, Capt. 10-37-56 
Grant, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. H. tReeves) 
106 \Yarren road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs. Mr_ 7-3;)-70-71 
Mr. Hussell Grant 
:\lr. Melville Grant 
:\lr. Percy Grant 
:\Iiss Jean e ran t 
Grantllam, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. (\Vedd) 
ISI Balmoral a venue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-;')3 
Grantham, Mrs. Charles Henry 
{Sarah E. Myles) 
Hampton Court Apartments 
Grantham, Mrs. Gertrude {Mackenzie) 
"Benvuto," 3;)0 A venue road 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Grasett, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. 
(Catherine Frances Hewett) 
"Xorth Holme," 50 Poplar Plains road 
S. H., Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Heceives Thursday 
Clubs, :\lr. 53-55-Mrs. 55 
Miss Katherine Grasett 
Mr. Sydney H. D. Grasett 
Grasett, Dr, and Mrs. Fred LE' 
1. (Todd) 
7 Forest Hill road 
Hele;ves Thursday 
lll,Ls. Dr. 53-5i)-
\1'rs. 55 
ßlr. Elliott T. Grasett 55 
GrasPtt, Lt.-Col. and Mrs. Hel)ry J. (Parke) 
71 Clarendon avenue 
Reeeh'es Thursday 
Clubs, Lieut.-C'ol. 4fi-!)3-:-5-56-Mrs. 5;) 
Gra,-eley, Lieut.-Col. J. Yance 
1542 King street ,,-est 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 10 
Gra.'-, Dr. Elizabeth R. Gray 
98 Carlton street 
Miss C. M, Gray 
Miss ,Yo A. Gray 
Gray. Mrs. Mary Isabel (Cowperwait) 
6 Elmsley place 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Mr. Frank l\I. Gray 3-7-46-53-56 
Miss Elsie Isabel Gray 7:! 

Gray. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M, (Rmith) 
8 Dale avenue 
Receives Monday 
lr. 42-7Ò' 
MI'. J. R. Gray 42 
Mr. Arthur Grav 
Miss Jessie Gra
1\1r. Robert M. Gray, Jr. :!:! 
GI'a.' don, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Richard Albert 
230 St. George street 
S. R., "The Xeuk," Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st Fridav 
Miss Mildred Grayd
Miss Gertrude Graydon 

lr. ad Mrs. Harry E. ",Y. 
7:!. Roxborough street \Vest 
Recei ves Friday 

Green. Mr. and Mrs. Miles \V. 
34 MacPherson avenue. 
1\Ir. Harry C. Green 
Mr. 'Valter A. Green 
Miss Alma Green 

Green, 1\1r. and Mrs. 'Valter H. 
tMillicent L. Henderson) 
54 Madison a venue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46-55-Mrs. 55 

Green. Mr. and Mrs. ",Yilliam J. (Morden) 
3 ,,'hitney a venue 
S. R., "'Vahawin:' Lake of Bays, Ont 
Heceives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-33-35 

Greene, Dr. E. Herbert 
1:!4 Bloor street \Yest 
Clubs, Dr. 37-56 
Miss Eardley Greene 
Greene. :\1r. and Mrs. Henry Vincent 
:!9S St. George street 
Miss Elsie Greene 
l\Ir. Vincent Greene 
Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. 
(Emma Freeborne) 
42 Crescen t road 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs Mr. 28-33-42-Mrs. 25-68 
Mr. R. Leslie Greene 61 
!.\Ir. Harold G. Greene 70 

Greening. Mr. Thomas B. 
221 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr_ 1-33-46-fi9; also Hamilton 
Club, Hamilton 
Miss Constance G. Greening 
Receives Friday 
Greening. Mr. and Mrs. "nlliam S. 
<<Cornelia Thacher) 
22] St. George street 
Receives Friday 
lubs, Mr. 2R-44-5;)-60-61-Mrs. 2:- 
Gl'eenshields, Miss Julia 
:! Elmsley place 
R R., Homewood, Port HODe. Ont. 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Miss H. G. Gillespie 

Figures refer to cllliJ lIU 11/ bel's-s('C inside back corer. 



Greenwood, Lieut.-CoI. and Mrs. H. 
61 St. George 
Clubs, Lieut.-CoI. 37-:\lrs. 56 
Green\,'ond, :\lr. and 
Irs. Russell (Day) 
118 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
lr. 6-Mrs. 2;) 
:\Jiss Dorothy L. Greenwood 
:\liss Eleanor Greenwood 25 
Greey, Mr. and 
lrs, Jonn ,Yo G. 
(Constance Turnbull) 
60 Chestnut Park 
ReceÎ\'es Tuesday 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 12-20--t6-55-56-I)O-61-

Gregg, )'lr. and 
lrs. George R. (Robinson) 
562 Huron street 
Receives 1st Friday 
Cluhs, :\'Ir!';. 68 
Gregg', l\Irs. "'illiam (Phoebe Holden) 
3 ""Yashington avenue 
:\li8S Isabelle Gregg 
\lfreù H. Gregg 7-33-54-71 
Gregg, )'lr. and Mrs. ""Yilliam R. (Angus) 
92 Forest Hill road 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
:\Ir. Angus H. Gregg 
:\li!';s :\larjorie ,Yo Gregg 

Gregory, :\lrs. A. R. 
""Yestmin!';ter College, 148 Bloor street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, :\lr8. 66 

lrs. Arth ur T. 
42 Leopold street 
R R., :\lilford Bay, Muskoka 
Receives 'Vednesday 

lr. A. E. Gregory 
:Mr. C. H. Gregory 

Gregory, :\lr. anil Mrs. ""Yalter D. 
Oakville, Ont. 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-33-3;) 

Greig, Mr. and :\lrs. William E. 
(Kate Blaylock) 
1:il0 King street 'Vest 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-28-46 
:\Ir. Ewart Greig 

GJeig, Dr. and 
{rs. 'Villiam J. (Burns) 
herbourne !';treet 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-42-:\lrs. 1)6 
Grier, :\Ir. (R.r.A.) and :\{rs. E. ""Yyl y 
73 (jormley a,'enue 
R R., Stony Lake, Onto 

tudio, Imperial Bank Chamhers 
Cluhs, Mr. 3-33-38-45 

{rs. (jeorge D. (Cynthia 'Villiams) 
] 96 Jameson avenue 

. R., Oakvil1e, Ont. 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Miss 1. E. Griffin 

Griffin, Mr. and :\lrs. George R. (I
55 Bre3.dalt-ane st,eet 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. 35-37 

Griffin, Re". (D. T)) and :\lrs. 'Yilliam S. 
90 :\ladison a,'enue 
ReceÎ\'es 1st and :!d Friday 

Grindlay, :\liss Alice 
544 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:\liss Helen Grindlav 
:Mr. ""Y m . Harold G;indlay 

Grubbe, :\lr. and :\lrs. Talbot P. (Steele) 
39 ""Y oodla wn a ve East 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, :\lr. 7-42-Mrs. 28 

Guinane, :\lr, and Mrs. John (Laxton) 
"Seaborough," 2 Laxton a"enue 
S. R., Yaxley Cottage, 'Vilcox Lake 
Receives 1st and 3d Thurf<Clay 
Clubs, Mr. 37 

Gullen, Dr. and 
lrs. J. B. (Stowe) 
461 Spadina avenue 
S. R., Stowe Island, :\luskoka 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr, 37 
Gundy, :\lr. anil 
Irs. J. H. (Clark) 
Oakvil1e, Onto 
Clubs, ßlr. 7-28-31-33-35-42-41)-53-70 

Gundy, :\lr. and 
Irs. 'X. Frederick (
173 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, ::\1r. 28-35 

Crundy, :\lr. and :\lrs. Samuel Bradley 
,,0 Chestnut Park 
S. R., Grimshy Beach, Ont. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-42-46-:\lrs. 42 

Ir. and 
Irs. ""Y. P. (Simpson) 
4 Hawthorne Gardens 
Receives :\londay 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7 -28-33-42-:\lrs. 28-68 

Gunn, Mrs. Andrew (Douglas) 
50 "'almer roail 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, :\lrs. 66 
l\Ir. Murray G. Gunn 

Gunn, :\lrs. Donald (Jane Fraser) 
3 Rosedale road 
'liss Gunn 

Gunn, :\Ir. Edmond 
26 Dunhar road 

Gunn, :\Ir. and :\Irs. ,V. Hamilton 
(Phyllis Moffatt) 
t. Alhans street 
ReceÏ\'es Tue!';(lay 
Cluhs. :\lr. ;-d; 

Figurc,"l rrtrr to dub 1lIlml)n'i
-,ç('(, iIl8i{li' lmrk {'urcr. 



Gunther, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund (Staunton) 
106 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46; also Deutscher Yerein 
Miss Mary L. Gunther 42 
Gunther, .:\1r. and Mrs. Edmund H. (Jones) 
21 Elgin a,"enue 
Receives Friday 
Gunther, .:\1r. Reinhold. E. 
21 Beulamond. avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-70 
Gurney, Mr. and. Mrs. Edward (Cromwell) 
-1 Walmer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-5-33-53-70 
Miss Gladys Gurney 
Gurney, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. 
189 Mad.ison avenue 
Recei ves 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 5-7-33-70 
1r. and. Mrs. 'V. Cromwell (Meyer) 
161 Spadina road 
S. R., Lake Simcoe 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
1r. 28-33 
Gwynne, Mr. and Mrs. William D. (Cockburn) 
23 Dunbar road 
Recei ves Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 56 
Gzowski. Mr. Casimir S. 
"Clovelly." 60 Glen road 
S. R., Lake St. Joseph 
Clubs, Mr. 7 -2R-53-55-69 
Miss Wanda Gzowski 55 
Mr. and Mrs. :Korman G. Gzowski 
Receives Monday 
Gzowski, Mr. and Mrs. H. 'K. (Morgan) 
63 Lowther avenue. 
Recei ves Friday 
Gzowski, Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. 
(Marguerite Taylor) 
"Cluvelly," 60 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
Mr. 28-33-37-55-60 
Haas, Mr. and. Mrs. Stephen (Hees) 
128 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs. Mr. 1-37-46-56-69-Mrs. 56-57 
Mr. George Haas 
Mr. Max Haas 
Hachborn, Mr. and. Mrs. Edward G. 
(Helen Habkirk) 
131 South drive 
Receives 1st Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-35; also Queen City 
Bowling Club 
Mr. Edward V\
atson Hachborn 
Mr. Robert Gordon Hachborn 
Hagarty, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. 
662 Euclid avenue 
S. R., Deer Lake 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Lieut. D. Galer Hagarty 

Hagarty, Mrs. George F. (Florence Gates) 
41 Foxbar road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Mr. Dudley G. Hagarty 
Miss Beatrice Hag-arty 
Mrs. Morton Jones (Hagarty) 68 
Hagarty, Mr. and Mrs. John H. G. (Biscoe) 
6 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-55-69 
Miss Clara S. Hagarty 
Miss Katherine G, Hagarty 
Mr. Arthur E. Hagarty 
Mr. Henry J. Hagarty 
Miss Alice B. Hag-arty 
Hager, Mr. and Mrs. August E. 
321 Palmerston boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Hagerman, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. (Reid) 
581 Jarvis street 
Receives 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 66 
Hahn, Mr. Paul 
433 Indian road 
Clubs, Mr. 3-33-46 
The Misses Hahn 
Mrs. Otto Hahn 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Haig, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. (Muirhead) 
143 Spadina road 
Recein>s Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 3-7-35-46-Mrs.68 
Haight, Dr. anò Mrs. M. H. (Lampman) 
96 Avenue road 
Receivf's Frirlay 
Cluhs, Dr. 6 
Hairston, Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. (Laurence) 
Oakville. Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 37; also AmerIcan Club 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. (Grant) 
26 Heath street East 
Clubs, Mr. 35-46 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Asa (Kersteman) 
35 Heath street \Vest 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-46-Mrs. 25 
Mr. William Teasdale Hall 
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert (Cooke) 
85 Lynnwood. avenue 
Receives Thursd.ay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-20-33-42-46 
Hall, Dr. and. Mrs. John B. 
326 Jarvis strf'et 
Recei veS Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 35-Mrs. 68 
Hall, l\{r. and Mrs. Mark (Ritchey) 
180 Crescent road. 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 

1r. Frederick W. Hall 
Mr. Arthur F, Hall 
Miss Ethel Hall 
Miss Bertha R. Hall 
Miss Mabel L. Hall 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside 1Jock co'Ver. 


. tlDl;Í Qg es. 
:i <ð.i5afftðay,jà 

'j 'PHONE ') N.671 




Hall, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. (\Vebb) 
28 Admiral road 
Receiyes 2d and 4th Friday 
lr. 28-33-60 
Hall, Lieut.-Co!. (P.A.Y.C.) and Mrs. "William 
B. nYaddell) 
136 St. George street 
ReceiYes Tuesday 
Miss Margaret Hall 
l\Iiss Helen Hall 
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. "Tilliam Carleill 
484 Brunswick aVenUe 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. I-Mrs. 
Hallam. :\11'. and Mrs. John t \Vright) 
199 Bloor street East 
Recei Yes 1st Monday 
Ir.. and Mrs. S. (". (Breen) 
5 High Park boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35-37 
Hallworth, .:\11'. and Mrs. John B. 
109 Farnham ayenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Halsted, Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Hacking) 
5 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Ham, Dr. and Mrs. Albert 
561 Jarvis street 
Mr. Percy Ham 
HamblY, 1\11'. and Mrs. George \Y. 
(Annie Moffatt) 
 Brunswick a\.enue 
Receives :!d Friday 
Clubs. :\:11'. 2-7 
Hamhly, :\11'. and :\I1's. George ".. (Reeve) 
6 Doyercourt road 
Receives 1st \Yednesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 

Iiss Marion Hambly 
Hamhourg-, Prof. (Mus, Doc.) and :\lrs. Michel 
100 Gloucester street 
Receiyes 1st Monday 
Clubs. Prof. 3 
Mr. Jan Hambourg 3 
Mr. Boris Hamhourg 
:Uiss Luba Hamhourg 
Miss Mania Hamhourg 
Hamill, Dr. and :\lrs. "Tm. E. (Hopkins) 
676 Huron street 
Receives 4th Friday 
nuhs. Dr. 2 
Miss Y. M. Hamill (B.A.) 
Hamilton. Dr, and Mrs. Alexander (Renwick) 
 Howard Park avenue 
Clubs, Dr. 35 
Bamilton. :\11'. and Mrs Chestf'r B. 
(Yan 'Vagner) 
43 Madison a\'enue 

. R.. Burlington Beach East 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Friday 
Mr. Chester B. Hamilton, Jr. 
:\Iiss :\lyra M. Hamilton 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. (Thompson) 
23 Admiral road 
Receiyes Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Mr. G. C. Hamilton 
Mr. H. S. Hamilton 

Hamilton, Mrs. James Cleland 
(Florence E. Wheelock) 
35 Huntley street 
Mr. "T. "TaiteI' Hamilton 
Miss Florence Hamilton 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. James W. (Spry) 
97 St. Joseph street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 56-69 
Miss Hilda Hamilton 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. (Bonnerton) 
32 St. Joseph street 
S. R., Lorne park 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. (Bodington) 
"Glenleyen," Lorne Park 
Clubs, Mr. 53--Mrs. 57-65-68 
Miss Isabel Hamilton 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. (8mith) 
264 Poplar Plains road 
Receiyes Thursday 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. (Matthews) 
6X St. Mary street 
Recei\'es \Yednesday 
("lubs, :\11'. 7-33-35 
Hamilton, Re\'. and Mrs. Robert 1\1. (Kent) 
63 Highlands avenue 
S. R., Xorway Point, Lake of Ba
Receiyes Monday 
Mr. Henry Kent Hamilton 
Mr. Robert Gordon Hamilton 
Mr. Francis Campbell Hamilton 
Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (Kincaid) 
72 Crescen t road 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. A. (Bertram, 
42 Cluny avenue 
S. R., Roache's Point. Ont. 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs Mr. 7-33 
Hammall, Mr. and 
lrs. William (Crowley) 
"HilJside," 51 Indian Groye 
Mr. James Hammall 
Hammond, Mr. and :\:1rs. S. Leigh (Steyens) 
316 St. George street 
Receiyes Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-46 
Haney. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. (Godfrey) 
Port Credit, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 7-12-19-20-

46-56. also Rideau Cluh of Ottawa 
and Manitoba Club of '\Vinnipeg. 
Miss Mahel Haney 
Miss Bya O. Haney 2S 
Miss Eileen Haney 

Figurcs refer to clllb 1/limbers-s('(' imâf!(' back ('orer. 



Hanna, :\11'. and .Mrs. David B. (Garland) 
36 Castle Frank road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 31-33-37 -46-56-69-:\lrs. 31- 
:\11'. ,Yo B. Hanna 31-46 

Hanna, Hon. and Mrs. \VtlIiam J. 
Sarnia, Onto 
Clubs, Hon. 7 
Hannah, :\Irs. 'Yil1iam G. (Gertrude Barker) 
15 South drive 
Recei\'es 1st and 3d Monday 
:\Iiss Mabel Hannah 
Dr. Beverley Hannah 
Mr. George D. Hannah 
Harcourt, :\11'. (K.C.) and :\Irs. Frederick 'Yo 
( :\lackenzie) 
231 Russell Hill road 
Rpceives Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-53-53-60-69-Mrs. 55 
:\Iiss Ella Harcourt 
:\11'. R. :\1. Harcourt 
Harcourt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. (Copp) 
..9 RosedaJe road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 
:l\Iiss G. R. Harcourt 
Mr. Geo. E. Harcourt 
:\11'. Cecil C. Harcourt 
Hard ing, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles Yictor 
( Monypenny) 
6 High Park boulevard 
Receives 3d Thursday 
C'lubs, :\11'. 7-33 
Harding", :l\lrs. John (Anderson) 
1 Xina avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
'Miss Anna :\lay Harding 

Hardy, Dr. E. A. Patrick 
333 Bloor street 'Yest 
Clubs, Dr. 61-62 
Mrs. A. S. Hardy 57 
Recei\'es 1st and 2d Friday 
', 1\11'. and Mrs. Edmund (Grant) 
ï I{usholme road 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 3 
Hanly. :\11'. and :\lrs. Harry R. (Palmer) 
3-1 Oriole road 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs. Mr. 4 
Hardy, :l\lr. and Mrs. James (Allen) 
90 Ht. George 8t I'pet 
K R., Lake Rosseau, Muskoka, Ont. 
('luhs. Mr. 2R-33-4ß-:\lrs. 28 
1\11'. Arthur Hardy 
Hargraft, :\11'. and Mrs. (;eorge R. 
"Glenreagh," 62 Glen ruaõ 
HN'pives Monõay 
Cluhs. Mr. 4-6-22-33-42-46-1\1rs. 42 
Mr. "y. 1\1 Hargraft, 46 
:\11'. (;eo. X. lIar'gTaft 46 
:\11'. L. G. Hargraft 

Hargraft, 1\11'. and Mrs. John tBoyes) 
10 Bedford road 
S. R., Centre Island 
Recei yes Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 

Mr. J. Ross Hargraft 
1\11'. G. Grant Hargraft 
Mr. Alan Hargraft 
Miss Aileen Hargraft 
Hargraft, :\11'. and Mrs. 'Ym. H. (Holmested) 
113 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
nubs, :\11'. 55-Mrs. 55 
Hargra'\<e, :\11'. and :\lrs. John H. (ùriffith) 
52 RoxLorough street "rest 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss :\lay Hargrave 
Harg-rave, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. (Sherman, 
28 1\1aynard avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 27-Mrs. 28 
Mrs. \\Y. H. Sherman 

Hargreaves, Mr. and 1\1rs. Wm. A. 
(Somervill e) 
108 Albany a\'enue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 71 
Mr. 'Vm. Ivan Hargreaves 

Harkness, :\11'. George R. 
The Arlington, King street "-est 
Clubs, ::\11'. 28-35 

Harman, Mr. Davièlson M. 
24 Classic avenue 
Ir. 1-37-46-55-71 

Harman, Mr. (R.C.) and Mrs. Georg-e F. 
7 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
:\1iss Adele Harman 
Mr. Jack Huson Murney Harman 

Harman, 1\11'. and Mrs. 
. Bruce 
(Elizabeth Rohertson) 
11 Madison Apartmf'nts 
Receives Fri(la
Clubs, :\11'. 46 

Harmer, ::\11'. and Mrs. Robert (Richardson) 
30 Alexandra Palace 
Receives \Vednesèlay 
Clubs, Mr. 56-Mrs. 66 

Harnett, Mr. and :\1rs. Albert E. (:\1cArthur) 
60 Dixon avenue 
Receivf's last Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 19-35; also Canada Club 

Harper, :\Irs. CTeorg-e 
190 "-arren road 
Receives Thursd:\)- 

Harper, Mr. and :\11'8. Georg-e D 
326 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 

f'i[lll1"e,ç refer to club 1t1l1Jt bel.s-çee il1.çide buc!.: core". 



Harper, Mr. and :\lrs. Jefferson A. 
14 Albany avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Mr. W. E. Harper 
Mrs. Sarah Harper (Ho\\'e) 
Harper, Mr. and Mrs. John R. (Leslie) 
97 Castle Frank road 
Receives 3d Monday 

Harper, Mr. and :\lrs. "Yilliam (Kay) 
14 Ca})f>ndar street 
S. H.., Xepahwin Cottage, Long Branch 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19 
Harrington, Dr. and Mrs. E. A. (Cottingham) 
34 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, :Mrs. 68 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. tDods) 
131 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-28-37--16-::\Irs. 28 
Mr. Richard Harris 

Harris, Mrs. Elmore (Culham) 
"Betheden," 35 \Yalmer road 
Recei yes Friday 
Mrs. Helen Culham (Copp) 
Miss Marion Culham 

Harris, Mr. Howard K. 
123 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-28-37-55-56-61-70 

Harris, Mrs. Jean G. (Gordon) 
85 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Miss L. S. Harris 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Lawren S. 
(Beatrice Phillips) 
Clarendon avenue, cor. Poplar Plains 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-
Harris, Miss Lucy L. 
71 St. George street 
Receives Friday 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 
359 Palmerston boulevard 
S. R.t South Maganatewan 
fr. 33-46--Mrs. 43-65-66 
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. R. 
(Katharine M. McLaren) 
314 Spadina road Hill 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35 
Miss Armoree L. Harris 
Harris, Dr. and Mrs. \Vilbur H. (Chandler) 
1276 King street \Vest 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 1-4-35-
frs. 39-6
Mr. Charles Harris 
Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. John \Y. F. 
21 Dunbar road 
Clubs, Mr. 15-Mrs. 13-6;)-67-68 

Hart, Mr. and 1\Irs. Samuel Richmond 
2;:; V\Tillcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-19-28-33-
ll's. 28 
Miss J. Louise Hart 28 
Mr. R. \Yyllie Hart 28-;)1-61 
Mr. Ronald R. Hart ;)1-61 
1\11'. Melville 1\1. Hart ;)1 
Hart, Mr. and 
Irs. \\Tilliam A., 
5 \Valdorf Apartments, 
street \\" est 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Miss Gladys Hart 

Jr. (Owen) 
1253 King 

Hartman, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (Sheppard) 
Hartney, Mr. and Mrs. James H. (Howe) 
41 Roxborough street \Yest 
Recei yes ] 8t Friday 
:\11'. Harold E. Hartney 
Miss Kathleen Hartney 
Harvey, :\11'. and :\Irs. James A. 
(Mary C. Pettigrew) 
"Harcroft," Harcroft road, High Park 
Recei yes 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 

Han'ey, :\11'. and :\Irs. Reuben (Plant) 
82 Lynnwood avenue 

. R., Munro Park 
Receives Thursday 
Harvey, :\11'. and Mrs. \Villiam C. 
101 l-toxborough street East 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Harwood, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. (Moyer) 
84 Admiral road 
Recei yes Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-46-:Mrs. 5S 
Miss Carlotta Harwood 

Hastings. Dr. and :\Irs. A. Orr (Grafton) 
;)94 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and :?d :\fonday 
Clubs, :\Irs. 66 

Hastings, Dr. and l\In:;. C'harles .J. C. O. 
252 Russell Hill Drive 
Receive9 2<1. and 3d Monday 
Cluhs. Dr. J 9-.:\lrs. 66 
:\11'. Clarence Hastings 
:\11'. \Varren Hastings 

Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hillyara 
(Des Coteaux) 
114 Jameson a"enue 
Hastings, Mr. and 
lrs. Thomas A. (Jones) 
23 Lowther avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6 
:\Ir. Harry Hastings 

Haultain, Prof. and 
Irs. Herbert E. T. 
63 Heath street "Test 
Heceives 1st and 2d Thursday 
lr. 20-33 

Pigures refer to club numbers-see inside back COlier. 



Hawes, :Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 
(Grace Electa Allen) 
39 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Ir. 37-56-71-:\lrs. 56-57 

lr. '\\ïdmer 
48 Oriole road 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-56 
1\Ir. George Hawke 

Hawken, Mr. and Mrs. James (Tonkin) 
18 :\lcMaster avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 

Haworth, Mr. and Mrs. George F. (Yates) 
18 Maple avenue 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35 
Ir. and :\Irs. John D. (Clark) 
"Oak Lawn," 94 Heath street West 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, l\1r. 37-56 
Mr. Daniel D. Hawthorne 37 

Hay, :\lr. and Mrs. Alex. :\1. (Edith G. Creese) 
Hailebury, Onto 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-7-20-37-46 
Hay, :\lr. and Mrs. Chas. McD. (Woodyatt) 
Queens Hotel (winter only) 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-22-46 
Hay, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Oxley) 
43 Castle Frank road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-53-56-69 
l\fiss Marion Hay 42 
Miss Ethel Hay 42 
Hay, :\Irs. John D. (Hendrie) 
"Strathearn," 43 St. George street 
S. R., Valley Farm, Aldershot, Onto 
Receives Tuesday 

Hay, Dr. and 1\1rs. Stephen 1\1. (Ogden) 
550 Palmerston boulevard 
S. R., "Caprington," Port Sandfield 
Bay, Muskoka 
Clubs, Dr. 32-:\lrs. 58 
:\t:iss :\label Hay 
Miss Lolita Hay 
Hayes, :\lr. and Mrs. Frederick Barry 
2 Wellesley place 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 70 
Mr. Barry Hayes 
Miss Norma Hayes 
Hayhoe, 1\Ir. and :\1rs. Robert B. plillard) 
11)9 Rusholme road 
Haynes, :\Ir. and :\II's. \\ alter G. 
106 Rf'rnard avenue 
Clubs, .Mrs. 65 
Hayward. :\Ir. and :\Irs. Frank G, (Card) 
90 Spadina road 
R. n., Mohawk avenue, Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 22 
s :\larjory Hayward 

Haywood, :\Ir. and :\1rs. Alfred (Kimball) 
529 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Balmy Beach 
Receives 1st 
Ionday and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 70-:\lrs. 25 

Iiss Amy Haywood 
Dr. Alfred K. Haywood 
Mr. Leo John Haywood 
Hazlewood, Rev. and Mrs. J. H. (Purvis) 
50 Summerhill Gardens 
Receives Monday 
:\lr. Harry Hazlewood 
:\lr. Roy Hazlewood 
Healy, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Michael J. (Timmins) 
153 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65-66 
Dr. James J. Healy nVinnipeg) 
Dr. Peter J. Healy (Calgary) 
Miss Rita Healy 
lr. (R.C.) and 1\1rs. Edward J. 
648 Huron street 
Receives 1st \Vednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7 
Miss Marie L. Hearn 
Miss Frances I. Hearn 
Mr. Wm. C. G. Hearn 

Hearn, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam (Armstrong) 
The Selby. Sherbourne street 
Receives 3d and 4th :\lonûay 
Mr. Robert Charles Hearn 
Hearst, Hon. and :\lrs. 'V. H. 
(Belle Dunkin) 
80 Glen road 
S. R., "Ro('kwood," Richards Landing 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25 
Mr. H. Vernon Hearst 
Mr. W. Irving Hearst 

1iss Isahel Hearst 

liss Evelyn Hearst 
Heath, Mrs. Ansley (Agnes J. Shearer) 
195 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. and 1\Irs. F. Grant 
1arriott (Heath) 
Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. (Porter) 
?ashington avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Heaton, Mr. and 
rrs. Edwin P. (Scott) 
147 Admiral road 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Heaton, 1\1r. an(l MI's. Ernest (Attrill) 
185 Balmoral avenue 
R. R.. Ridg-t:'wood. BoLca) gean, Unt. 
RecpÏ\'es Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-;;3-5
-GO-f)I: also ('ana- 
dian Art Cluh 
:\fis!'; Helen Heaton 
Mr. Hugh Heaton 
lr. and :\1r8. James ..-\. (:\IacLt'ocl) 
79 St. Joseph street 
Receives Tuesday 
Ir. 22 
The Misses Hedley 

 1"f'{{'r to dill) l'IUmbcr8-.
cc illðidf' lHld.. {'Ol"Cr, 



Heebner, Prof. and Mrs. Charle
265 \Yellesley street 

. R., Lake Cecebe 
ReceiYes 2d and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Prof. 7 

\Ir. and 
lrs. George H. (Jean Gilbert) 
ISO St. George street 
Receives Friday (:\'0\-. and Dec.) 
Clubs, Mr. :!8-33-37 -Hi-fi9 
.:\11'. Ralph Hees 46 

Hees, :\Ir. and Mrs. Harris L. (Goode) 
182 81. George street 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-56-71-:\lrs. 56 
Heffring. Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. <<Phelan) 
450 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st .:\-Ionday 
Heggie, Dr. and .:\lrs. \\ïlliam C. 
116 Dü\'ercourt road 
Receives 1st \Yednesday 

Heighington, l\lr. and Mrs. Angus C. 
(Marg-uerite A, Xesbitt) 
64 81. Clair ayenue \Yest 
Receiyes Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-60-61 

Heighington, MI'S. Jos. (í'ompston) 
The Maitland Apartments, Maitland 
Miss Jessie Heighington 
Mr. Geoffrey Heighington (Ridley COl- 

Heintzman, Mr. and Mrs. Armand X. 
(Eleanor Kennedy) 
48 Jackes avenue 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Tuesday 

Heintzman, Mrs. Charles T. 
Cl\Iary J, Densmore) 
96 Evelyn Crescent 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, l\Irs, Runnymede TraYé
1 Club 
'lVIr. H. 
\llan Heintzman 
Mr. F. í'arl Heintzman 

Heintzman, Mr. and Mrs. George C. 
500 Avenue road 
Clubs, Mr. 2
lrs. 28 
:\Iiss lone Heintzman 28 
Mr. G. Bradford Heintzman 28 
:\Ir. Howard Heintzman 28 

Heintzman, Mr. and .:\Irs. Gerhard (Killer) 
"Tannenheim," 164 Bloor street East 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 15-33--Mrs. 24-:!;)-63-6
::\Iiss Cornelia Heintzman 24-25-65-68 
Heintzman. Mr. and Mrs. Herman (Spink) 
166 High Park avenue 
Receiyes \Vednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-28-33 
:Miss Mildred Heintzman 
:\Iiss Marguerite Heintzman 
::\Ir. Herman Heintzman, Jr. 
::\Ir. í'harles T. Heintzman 28 
::\Ir. T. Herman Heintzman 

Heintzman, :\lr. and Mrs. \Ym. F. 
:!S8 Annette street 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 28 
Helliwf'lI. Mr. and :\Irs. Alfred A. (Hime) 
] 60 Dowling avenue 
ReceiYes 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 54-Mrs. 39-;)8 
Miss í'hristie Hel:iwell 
Helliwell. :\Ir, and :\lrs. Gmnt (Fitzsimons) 
Burton road, \Yalmer Hill 
ReceÏ\ es 3d \\.ednesr1a
:\Iiss Fitzsimons 
Hellmuth, Mr. (!-CC..1 and :\Irs. Isadore F. 
(Harriet Emily Gamble) 
Iadison ayenue 
8. R., Strathallan, Painswick, Onto 
Re('eiYes Friday 
Ir. 53-56-60-69-Mrs. 55-57 
:\Iiss Hellmuth 
.:\Ir. Gordon Hellmuth 
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. í'harles M. 
200 .Tarvis street 

\Iiss M. Coady 
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Da\-id (\\ïlliams) 
6!:1 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs. .:\-lr. 7-29-33-46-54-71 
Miss Grace E. Henderson 
Miss Elsie G. Henderson 

Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Elmes (Groves) 
54 Madison ayenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 55-56 
.:\lr. Percy E. Henderson 42-55-60 
Henderson. :\11'. and Mrs. Jas. B. (Hollwey) 
"Yentnor," 450 ÅTenue road hill 
Re('ei \'es 1st Tuesday 
Hen(lerson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Ewart) 
Ii)5 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. !"i5-60-69 
:\Iiss Evelyn Henderson 
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Irwin) 
325 Roxborough street East 
Receives .:\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-2S--Mrs. 28 
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. (Smith) 
94 Dunvegan road 
Clubs, Mr. 7-3;)-53 
Hen<lersun. Dr. and :\Irs. Robert B. (Cameron) 
1 s
 Cottingham street 
Clubs, Dr. 55 
Mr. Hugh Henderson 
Henrlerson, Mr. and Mrs. S. (Sherin) 
1s3 Jameson aYenue 
S. R., .:\lount Julian, Stony LakE" Onto 
r. 7-19 
:;\lr. John Henderson 
Henderson, Dr. and :\Irs. Yelyien Ewart 
(Yan del' Rmissen) 
111 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside bacl-v cover. 



Henderson. 1\11'. and Mrs. \Yilliam R. (Bliss) 
259 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Massawippi, Lorne Park 
Receives 3d Monday 
Mr. Quartus B. Henderson 7-46 
:\Iiss Edith Henderson 
Mr. Lyman A. Henderson 7 
Hendry, Mr. and :\Irs. George Macdonald 
(Campbell ) 
7 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs. :\11'. 4-31-33--16-5:! 
Miss :\1. Roslyn campuell 
Hennessey, :\11'. John P. 
9 HamptoJl Apartments, "
Clubs. :\11'. 19-33 
The Misses Hennessey 
Herbert. Mr. and :\Irs. Frederick H. (\\
Herwood Lodge. 38 Dunbar road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 37 
:\11'. ,,'. L. Herbert 
Miss \'iolet :\1. Herbert 
Herington, 1\11'. and Mrs. Alfred E. (Collett) 
308 st. George street 
Receives 1st Friday 
:Mr. Harold Herington 
Miss Florence Herington 
Miss Bertha Herington 
Heron, ::\11'. Archibald 
Balsam road 
H. R.. Bona Yista. Lake of Ba
 s. Onto 
::\'[1'. A. M. Heron 
Iargaret Heron 
Miss Sadie Heron 
Heron, Major and :\Irs. úrlando 
(Kennedy- 'Val ton, 
f>-l Hinscarth road 
Clubs, ::.Iajor 10-42 
Hessin, :\11'. and Mrs. Â. E. (Bonsall) 
33 Kendal avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 6-19 
Heward, ::\11'. and Mrs. A. D. (Howe) 
\\ïlton Farms. Oakville, Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 55-Mrs. 55 
Heward. Mr. C. Edin 
16 Dale avenue 
R. n.. Edinswold, C )I.illia, Onto 
Recei yes 1st Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 53-5!)-!)6-60 
Miss '\Ïolet E. A. Heward, 55 
He" ard, 
lrs. Stephen (Catherine Crookshank) 
3S Peter street 
S. R., "Edinswood" Orilla 
Mr. neorg-e C. Heward 1):)-56 
He\\etson, :\11'. and ::\Irs. .John ""0 (.Jackson) 
310 Huron street 
Hec('ives 1st FI"iday 
Mi!';!'1 Edith Hewetson 
Hí'witt. :\11'. anll :\Irs. Arthur (\\"
114 South drive 
S. R., Lorne Park. Ont. 
He('eives Hh :\Ionda
('lulls, :\11'. 7-2S-33-:\lrs. 1):;-6S 

Hewitt, .Mr. anù :\Irs. John 
(Amelia F. Parsons) 
67 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 19; also Board of Trade 
and ::\Ianufacturers' Association 

Hewitt. :\11'. and :\Irs. \V. P. (Dent) 
16 Edgewood Crescent, Xorth Rose- 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs. 1\11'. Toronto Ad. Club 

He\\.lett, Mr. and ::\Irs. James (Carter) 
47 Balmoral avenue 
S. R., Fenelon Falls, Onto 
::\liss Muriel Hewlett 
Miss May Hewlett 

Hewson. :\11'. and :\Irs. Frank Â. 
(Ida Armstrong, 
501 Euclid avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
1\Iiss Evelyn Hewson 
Heyd. ::\'[1'. (K.C.) and :\1rs. Louis Franklin 
418 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
Heyd, 1\11'. and Mrs. Xorman G. (Dinnick) 
3 Royal George Apartments 
Clubs. 1\11'. 35 
'don, ::\11'. and :\1rs. A. J. 
(:\Iarie A. Snyder) 
"The Lilacs," 201-1 Davenport road 
Receives 1st Thun;day 
1\11'. S. Phillipp 
Heys, :\11'. and Mrs. Albert E. (Simpson) 
62 Hogarth avenue 
Ir. and :\lrs. Thomas (Hog-arth) 
64 Hog-arth avenue 
Mr. C. H. Heys 33 
:\liss Jessie Heys 
Miss Eleanor Heys 

Hezzelwood, ::\11'. and Mrs. Oliver (Annis) 
192 Lowther a venue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 4-7-H-33-:\Irs. 18-58-63 
Hicks. Mr. and :\lrs. R. 
(Frances B. Sanuorn) 
71 The Alexandra, Queens Park a\'e 
Receives 2d "'ednesday 
Cluhs. Mr. American Club-:\Ir.s. 25- 
58-6;í-66-6S; also U. E. Loyalists' 

Hig-el, Mr. and MI's. Otto (Heinzel) 
1-16 Dowling avenue 
ReceÌ\'es 1st \Yednesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 46 
Mr. Ralph Hlgel 
Higg-ins, :\Irs. Thomas :\1. (Allee Gordon' 
42 Roxhnrough strt:'et "'est 
S. R.. Lake of Bays, :\Iuskoka 
Hecplves Friday 
Clubs. ::\11'. 46 
::\11'. Larrat Hig-gins 
1\11'. Douglas Higgins 

Fi!Jures 1"Cfn' to club lIU111 bcrs-scc inside back corer. 



Higinbotham, .Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 1\I. 
( Hayward) 
15 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-10-37-46-54-56-71, also 
Yictoria Club-Mrs. 56-65 
Hilborn, Mrs. 'Yilliam (Jane Ran ey) 
68 "Nalker a venue 
Miss Xettie Hilborn 
Miss Adeline Hilborn 
Miss Lillian Hilborn 

Hiles, Mrs. 'Yilliam (FurnwaIl) 
1 Cawthra square 
S. R., Browning's Island, Muskoka 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mrs. 18 
Miss Gwendolyn Hiles 

Hill, Miss Alice E. 
93 Homewood avenue 
Receives MQnday 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. (Kirkbride) 
6 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 

Hill, Miss E. Gertrude 
Homewood avenue, Wychwood 

Hillock, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (\Yilkinson) 
31 'Vilton Crescent 
Mr. Christopher "V. Hillock 
Mr. Frank S. Hillock 
Mr. George S. Hillock 

Hillock, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (Beatty) 
77 Simpson avenue 
S. R., 'Yard's Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7 

Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J (Ashe) 
9 Thornwood road 
Clubs 1\11'. 28-37-42-55-56-60-1\Irs. 42- 

lrs. :\Iarinda nVinchester) 
9 Rultan street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Miss Alice Hillyard 
Miss Carrie L. Hillyard 

Hincks, Rev. (LL.B., D.D.) and Mrs. 'nlIiam 
H. (Greene) 
53 Brunswick a\-enue 
Recei ves Friday 
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence M. Hincks 
(Mabel H. Millman) 

Hindmarsh, Mrs. E. C. (Etoile) 
outh drive 
S. R., Point au Baril, Georgian Bay, 
Receives 3rl and 4th 1\Ionday 
Mr. H. C. Hindmarsh 31-35 

Hinds, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. (O'Xeill) 
621 Jarvis street 
Receives :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 27-46 
Mr. Thomas Hinòs 
Mr. Frank Hinds 

Hine, Miss Edith F. 
102 Avenue road 
Recei ves Friday 
Hinks, Dr. and Mrs. C. M. (l\IIlIman) 
Bloor street "-Test, cor. Grace 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 63 
Hire, Mr, and Mrs, T. Foster (Chambers) 
16 High Park boulevard 
Receives 1st 'Yednesaay 
Hoare, Mr. and 1\1rs. J. E. (E\'a Diamond) 
337 Roxborough street East 
Clubs, Mr. 19-35 
Hobberlm, Mr. and Mrs. A. .Matthew 
Port Credit. Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. John W. 
(Katherine Sprague Babbitt) 
22 Roxborough street 'Vest 
S. R., "Hillcrest," Port Stanley, Onto 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-46-61-69; also Korth 
AmerÌ<'an rniversities Club, London, 
Hobbs. 1\11'. Thomas S. 
London, On t. 
Clubs, .\ir. 35 
Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam R. (Osborne) 
23 Bedford rO<Jd 
ReceÌ\-es Frida v 
Clubs, Mr. 42-46-Mr.s. 42 
Miss S. E. Osborn
Miss C. I. Hobbs. 
Miss Yvonne M. Hobbs 
Hocken, Mayor and 1\Irs. Horatio C. (Page) 
563 Euclid avenue 
S. R., 13 St. Andrews a\'enue, Centre 
Clubs, Mayor 7; also Toronto Ad. Club 
Mr. Richard H. Hocken 
Miss Elsie M. Hocken 
Hodgens, Mr. and Mrs. George (Sefton) 
13 Empress Crescent, Parkdale 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Hodgens, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R (Mackenzie) 
206 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-31-33-46 
Hodgins, Justice (K.C.) and Mrs. Frank E. 
"Cloynewood" 9 Dale avenue 
ReceÌ\"es Monday 
Clubs, Justice 1-7-37-;'3-55-61 - Mrs. 
Miss Dorothy Hodgins 
Hodgins, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. 
140 Roxhorough street West 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Hodgins, Dr. (LL.D.) and Mrs. J. George 
92 Pembroke street 
Hodgins. Mr. and 
[rs. .John P. 
188 Warren road 
Receives Thursday 
nubs, Mr. 56 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside back cover. 



Hodgson, :\11'. Frank 
padina road 
Clubs, ]dr. 37-46-56 
Hogg, :\11'. and :\lrs. Albert O. (Bowes) 
305 St. George street 
S. R., Sturgeon Point, Onto 
Receiyes 2d Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 19 
Miss Ida Hogg 
Mr. Harold Hogg 
\[urray Hogg 
Hogg, :\lrs. 'V. T. (McKinnon) 
22-1 Poplar Plains road 
S. R., Ethel Park, Beaverton, Onto 
ReceÏ\-es 1st and 3d Thursday 
:\Iiss Iyan 'Yinifred Hogg 
:\Iiss E,-a Coryell Hogg 
H ogg, Mr. and 
lrs. 'Yilliam 
-13 Spadina road 
lr. 53-70 
Hoidge, :\11'. and :\[rs. J. J. (Robins) 
5 'Yhitney avenue 
Receives 9(1 
Miss Melba HOidge 
Holden, ::\11'. and :\[rs. John B. O[illman) 
331 Roxborough street East 
lr. 7-33-35-42 
Holden, .Mr. and 1\Irs. John P. 
(:\[artha Paris) 
4ãS Palmerston boulevard 
Recei yes 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 4 
:\11'. John P. Holden, Jr. 
HoWen, :\[1'. and :\[rs. Ricnard B. (Coleman) 
St. Clair Apartments, Foxbar road 
Clubs, :\[1'. 22-46 
Holden. :\[n.;. Thomas 
3 <'awthra square 
Receives :\[onday 
Miss Letitia Holden 4
:\liss Ella Bolden 42 
Holland, ::\[1'. and Mrs. Frederick :\1. 
( Masson) 
rare of 12 King street 'Vest 
Recei yes 2d Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-4-22-46-71 

Iiss E. ,Tean Holland 
Holland, :\11'. and :\[rs. J. Burton (Barwick) 
71 Rowanwood avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 56-:\lrs. :if) 
H ollan<<1. :\[1'. ''nIliam H. 
307 St. George street 
:\11'. Reginalrl Holland 
Hollinrake. Mr. and ::\[rs. Thomas 
\. Orving-) 
l:il rrescent road 
Hf'ceiyes 1st and 3d Monday 
Hollwt:'Y, :\11'. and :\[rs. Thomas \V. 
ItO St. Gf'orge street 
Receiyc>s Tuesday 
<'luhs, :\[1'. 33-71- '\[rs. 2S 
Holman. ::\11'. (K.C., LL.D.) anll :\11'1'. Chas. J. 
"Holmhurst," 7:i Lo\\ tllf'r avenup 
Rpf't'Ï\'es Frid ay 
rluhs. ::\[1', 53 

Holmes, :\11'. and :\Irs. Fred (Symons) 
1-1 RO:J\.borough street 'Vest 
S. R., 298 Lake Shore avenue, Centre 
:\[1'. Thomas P. Holmes 
Holmes, :\11'. and 1\1rs. George 'Yo (Thomas) 
24 Dunbar road 
Recei ,'es 3d Monday and Tuesday 

lr. Horace Holmes 
Holmested, ::\11'. and 1\[rs. G. Selwyn 
126 Heath street "'est 
Receiyes Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 55 
Holmested, :\11'. (K.C.) and 1\Irs. George S. 
58 St. Alban street 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs, ::\[1'. 42 
Holmsted, Mr. and 1\1rs. Arthur 
( :\[acrae ) 
65 Beaty avenue 
Receiyes Thursday 
Cluhs, !\II'. 33 
Holtby, Mr. and :\[rs. Ambrose". (Saulter) 
1-17 Dowling avenue 
Recei,-es 2d Thursday 
Miss Adele Holtby 
Holtby, Mr. and :\[rs. J. C. (Emma Chorley) 
277 Rusholme road 
S. R., Blue Bell Island, Otter Lake 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46 
]dr. Korman Holtby 

Holtby, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. (Ida Richardson) 
275 Rusholme road 
S. R., Blue Bell Island, Otter Lake 
Holtby, !\II'. and :\[rs. ,Yo McC. 
C\Iinnie Porteous} 
279 Rusholme road 
S. R., Blue Bell Island, Otter Lake 
Home, ),[1'. anll :\[rs. \\ïlliam (Xora Peuchan) 
137 Roxhorough street East 
S. R., "Oakville" 
ReceÏ\'es :\londay 
Hood, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. (Watson) 
720 Spadina avenue 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 55 
Hooper, Dr. anrl :\[rs. E. Ralph (Strachan) 
415 Bloor street "-est 
S. R., Bronte, Onto 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Friday 
rlubs, Dr. 2 
Hoops, ::\[1'. and :\[rs. Howard r. (Laidlaw) 
6 Tynda II Gardens 
Clubs, ]dr. 35 
Hopldns, :\[rs. E. C. (\Yatts) 
577 Huron street 
Receiyes Friday 
:\Iiss Blanche A. Hopkins 
:\liss Cora B. Hopkins 
Hopkins. !\II'. and Mrs. Carl F. (Ida Mel ner) 
210 'Yf'stminster avenue 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-3:i-37-52 

Fif/urr."I ,'e{n' to club ll11mbers_"Icc insidc back ('orer. 



Hopkins, Mr. (F.S.S.) and l\lrs. J. Castell 
8 Oak lands avenue 
Recei ves 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-1l-19-36-46-Mrs. 25- 
Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ,Yo 

ilcocks street 
Receives 1st and 
d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35-37-71 
Horne, Rev. and Mrs. Henry R. (Shortreed) 
:!8 "
alker avenue 
Receh"es Thursday 
Horsman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry ("
135 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Horwood, Mr. and Mrs. John C'. B, 
228 Delaware avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Hoskin. Mrs. Alfred (Elizabeth J. Williamson) 
438 Avenue road 
Receives Thursday 

liss Margaret Hoskin 13 
Miss \\Tinifred Hoskin 42 
Hossack, Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. (Ross) 
20 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
nubs, Mrs. 66 
:\Iiss Mary R. Hossack 
::\11'. Donald Ross Hossack 
Housser, Mr. and :\Irs. Harry B. (Graham) 
14 Foxbar road 
Receives Thursday 
C'lubs, Mr. 70 
Housser, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Broughton) 
78 Lynnwood a,'enue 
d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Mr. Fred B. Houser 

Houston. Mrs. Stewart F. (Robinson) 
S. R., Allandale 

Houston, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam R. (Mulcahy) 
S Elmsley place 
S. R., Shanty Bay, Ont. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 56-71-Mrs. 57 
Miss Madeline Houston 

Ho,", Dr. and Mrs. .Tames B. (Fee) 
48 South drive 
Receives 2d Monday 
Dr. Frank 'V. How 35-42-52 
::\11'. James B. How, Jr. 

How, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 
8 Chestnut Park 
Clubs, Mr. 69 
Mr. Dickson D. How;);) 
Miss How 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. A. Maclean (Morrison) 
Glen Duart, 
320 Queen street East 
l\Ir. A. Maclean Howard, Jr. 
Mr. Y. Maclean Howard 
l\1iss Beatrice Maude Maclean Howard 

Howard, Mrs. A. McLean (Macdonald) 
104 Jameson avenu
Receives Thursday 
Miss Bessie Howard 
Miss Lucy Howard 55-56-57 
Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. (Rupert) 
131 Madison avenue 
S. R., Poplar Point. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-35-46-71 
Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney H. (Kyle) 
Ellis avenue, Swansea 
Clubs, Mr. 3 

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villson R (Turner) 
137 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Miss Marjorie Howard 
Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Etna D. (Brown J 
82 Charles street East 
Receives 1st 
Miss Dora Howe 
Mr. Lyman Howe 46 
Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. (\Vemp) 
151 Grenadier road 
Receives 4th Friday 
Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. (Hughes) 
116 Roxborough street \Yest 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 19 
Howell, Mr. and Mrs. George A. (Knox) 
Wychwood Park, Davenport road 
Receives 1st and 3d Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-7-33-fi2-Mrs. 6;; 
Howie, Mr. and Mrs. Xorman A. (Brigham) 
Yonge street and Doncliffe rlrive 
Jr. 37-42-46 
Howland, Mr. and Mrs. George ,,
(Kirkpa trick) 
173 Roxborough street East 
S. R., Southampton, Ont. 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-55-56-69 
Howland, Dr. and Mrs. Goldwin (Canington) 
538 Spadina a,'enue 
Receives Tuesda)' 
Howland, Mr. and Mrs. Peleg (
67 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-69-Mrs. 42 
::\Iiss Catherine Howland 
Howland, Mr. and Mrs. ",V. Ford 
54 Foxbar road 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs. Mr. 3-10-33-70-Mrs. 6S 
Irs. Margaret (Baker) 
12 'Vashington avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Hoyle, Hon (M.P.P.) and Mrs. \\ïlliam H. 
(C. Prouse Jewell) 
52 Concord avenue 
Clubs, Hon. 1-19-Mrs. 1 

Figllre!'l refer to club ll11mbers-scciIlSid(' back Gurer. 



Hoyles, Mr. (LL.D.) and Mrs. Xe"man W. 
567 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:Miss M. L. Moffatt 
Hubbell, Mr. and Mrs. James L. (Orde) 
711 Spadina avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Mr. D. O. Hubbell 
Hudson, Mr, and 
Irs. Frederick \V. (Drew) 
71 Beaty avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-Mrs. 39 

Ir. ,V. Drew Hudson 
Miss Dora Hudson 

Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lyn nYhitten) 
165 'Vestminster avenue 

Hudson, Mr. and 
Irs. Hibbard H. 
lackenzie ) 
313 Russell Hill road 
ReceÌ\'es Thursday 
Ir. 1-4-7 
lr. and Mrs. Rufus S. (Yates) 
] 7 A lexandra Palace 
d "Tednesday 
Ir. 1-5-19-31-46 
Huestis, Mr. and l\Irs. Archihald :\1. 
I Florence Hamil ton) 
10 Homewood place 
Receives 1st Monday 
C'luhs. Mr. 7-2:!-3!'i--t6-:\Irs. ;;
Miss Gladys Huestis 

Huestis, Mr. and 
lrs. ArthUl' Edward <<Brown) 
54 Huntley street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr, 7-22-3;)-ã1 
Mr. R, Doug-las Huestis 
Miss Elsie Huestis 
Hughes, Mr. anrl 
lrs. Bernanl B. 

88 Bathurst street 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
Hug-hes. Mr. an(1 Mrs. Harry (Quig-ley) 
14 Lynnwood avenue 
Receives Thursday 
nuhs, :\11'. 3-!'i-70 

Hug-hes, Mr. an(1 
Irs. Thomas f{ I E\"ans) 
fì6 Dearbourne a '"enue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Hug-ill, :\liss Josephine L. 
:!3 Prince .\.rthur a, enue 
Heceives 2d Friday 
('Iuhs, :\Irs. 66 

Hume. Prof, (:\1.A., Ph.D.) and 1\Irs. JanH's 
!'is Hpadina road 

. R.. Shanty Bay, Lake Simcoe 
Receives l1-;t and 2d Friday 
Cluhs, Prof., Han'ard Cluh 
Hume, Mr. and 
Irs. R. D. (Rutley) 
3;;4 Hoxhnrough street East 
ReceÌ\"es :!d Mon(la,' 
fr. 3;;-70 . 

Hungerford, Mr. and 
Irs. James M. (Ranney) 
602 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 4th Frida

Ir, and Mrs, George H. (:\IcCarthy, 
59 Heath street East 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-50 

Hunt, :\11'. and Mrs. Melvin G. (:\'Iitchell) 
28 St. Andrews Gardens South 

Hunter, Captain and :\Irs. Alfred T. 
(Olive M. Jeffery) 
169 Indian road 
S. R., Eastbourne, Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 10-19-35; also Argonaut 
Rowing Club-:\Irs, IS 

Hunter, Mr. anf! Mrs. Bryce B. (Pepall) 
143 Grenadier road 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 3:; 

Hunter, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles (Lauder) 
Care of 35 King street 'Yest 
K R., Xiag-ara-on-the-Lake 

Hunter, Dr. and 
Irs. John (Renwick) 
268 Roncesvalles avenue 
H.eC'eives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-19 
:\1iss Hunter 
:\Iiss Mary Hunter 

Hunter, :
\'Ir. .John Howard 
t. Mary street 
S. R., Mimico, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 3:i-46 
::\liss Annie Hunter 
Miss Grace Hunter 

Hunter, Mr. and :\Irs. Joseph H. 
fadison avenue 
Cluhs, Mr, 3!'i 
:\Ii:-:s Ora Hunter 

Hunter, Mr. and :\Irs. R. G. (Ruth "-anI) 
Hampton Court. A venue roarl 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 

Huntpr. 1\Ir. an(1 :\Irs. ,Yo E. Lincoln <<
113 "'almer roarl 
\\". It.. Xassau. Bahama Islands 
ReC'ei ,'es Frida)' 
Cluhs, :\11'. ] 0-] 9-31-3!)-4fi: also Junior 
Army and Xavy Club, London. Eng. 

Hunter. :\11'. and :\Irs. \Villiam H. 
x Hur'on street 
('luhH. Mr. 3;; 

H urHt. :\11'. and 1\Irs. Auhre)" U. 
"F.remont," 114 Ppath NII'pet 
('luhH, :\11'. 1- t-I;-31-3:; 
 Ermine T. Hurst 

HUNhancl. Dr. and :\Irs,. F. ('. (\\?oocl) 
24 \\rhitnpy a\"pnut> 
('luhs, Dr. 52-61 

Fi!lll J'(>.'i re{n' to (./ lib II II 11/ b""8-,<UY ;u.'iid(' back corn'. 



Hutchins, :\11'. and Mrs. John B. 
28:? St. George street 
S. R., ".Arbroath," 3 Hooper avenue, 
Cen tre Island 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-46-Mrs. 25 
::\Iiss Marjorie G. Hutchins 
Hutchins, Mr. and Mrs. S. V. (Rankin) 
294 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss E. G. Hutchins 
Hutchinson, Mr. and 
Irs. Charles 
231 'Yellesley street 
Receives 1st and 2d 'Yednesday 
Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. 'Ym. H. 
83 Castle Frank road 
S. R., Cooksville, Ont. 
Receives 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. Archihald (Dyson, 
58 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Miss Helen Vanderveer 
Hutchison, Mrs. Henry (Otway) 
317 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Dr. Henry Seaton Hutchison 
Miss Bessie S, Hutchison 
Hutson, 1\11'. and Mrs. Harry (Andrews) 
254 Poplar Plains road 
S. R., Jacksons' Point 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Hutson, Mr. and Mrs. John T. (Quigley) 
350 Palmerston boulevard 
Hutton, Prof. and Mrs. Maurice (McCaul) 
Toronto UnÏ\"ersity 
Clubs, Prof. 7-55 
Miss Joyce Hutton 55 
HYland, Mr, and Mrs. Edward 
(Annie Curtin) 
59 Indian Grove 
Clubs, Mr. 4-37 
Hyland, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon 
(Florence Peters) 
142 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 10-Mrs. 25 
Hyland, Mr. and Mrs. John Herbert 
130 Heath street West 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. I-Mrs. 25 
Hynes, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. 
(Anna Lavina O'Brien) 
107 Castle Frank road 
Rel'eives 1st Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 3-28-33 
Hynes, :\lrs. Margaret (O'Connor) 
109 Castle Frank road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Hynes 
Miss Lucy H
Mr. V\T. J. Hynes 

slol), Mr. and Mrs. Robert (McV\Tilliam) 
1 Parkview Mansions 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Hyslop, Mr. and Mrs. .William, Jr. 
6 Scarth road, Rosedale 
Receives 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-22-28-31-32-46-70-l\Irs. 

Ince, Mrs, Helen (Yonge) 
94 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Paradise Grove, Xlagara-ot!- 
the-Lake, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Mr. John H. Ince 
Ince, Mr. and Mrs. James (
60 Dun vegan road 
Receivès Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-42-Mrs. 25-57 
Miss Reda Ince 
Miss Joyce Ince 
Mr. H. McCarthy 
Ince, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam (Jones) 
88 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 42-55-60-69-Mrs. 55-57-58 
Mr. V\-Tilliam Campbell Ince 60 
Mr. A. S. Ince 
Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. Percival M, (McKellar) 
Stanley Apartments, Suite D, 232 
Bloor street East 
Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Young) 
1;;8 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-56-69-Mrs. 55-56-57-69 
Mr. Robert Y. Inglis 
Mr. H. A, Inglis 
Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. "Tilliam S. B. (Hewett) 
1286 King street ""est 
S, R., Mimico 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-37-46-53-Mrs. 28 
Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. (l\lcIntyre) 
322 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Mr. George S. Ingram 
Miss Mamie Ingram 
Mr. "\Vesley W. Ingram 
Innes, Mr. and Mrs. John C, (Pownall) 
58 Rusholme road 
Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H. (Lee) 
71 Bloor street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-69-71-Mrs. :;6 
Miss Ireland 
Ireland, Mr. James O'Neill 
17 Prince Arthur a "enue 
[rish, Mrs, Jennie H. 
406 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Irish, Mr. and Mrs. Mary H. (Smart) 
46 Chestnut Park 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-5-7-22-28-33-37-42-46- 
Mrs, 25-28-57 

Figures 'refer to club 11U111 bers-see insidc buck corer, 



Irvine, Mr, and 
Irs. R. Xorman 
51 Castle Frank road 
ReceÏ\"es 1st :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-35-53 

Irving, Mrs. _\ndrew S. (Elizabeth :\Iorgan) 
14 9 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
1\Iiss ",ïnnifred 1\Iorgan 

Irving, Sir Aemillius (K.C.) 
19 Russell street 
S. R., "Bonshaw," Xewmarket, Onto 
Clubs, Sir Aemillius 10-53-71 

In"ing, Mr. and 
Irs. George T. (Phillips) 
69 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-:!8-33-37-56-:\lrs. 56 

Irdng, 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Thomas C. (Pickett) 
246 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 33-35 
Mr. Thomas C. Irdng, Jr. 28-33 
:\liss Annie Irving 
Mr. ,,
. T. Irving 

In"ing, :\Ir. and :\Irs. 'Vm. H. (Smith) 
76 Spadina road 

. R., Grimsby 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 4th Friday 
Clubs, 1\Ir. 35-7u 
:\liss Kathleen Irving 

Irwin, .:\Ir. and :\Irs. Charles \V. ("\Varren) 
13 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 28-31-42-70 
:\Ir, Charles ,Yo Irwin, Jr. 28 
:\Ir. John D. Irwin 

Irwin, Mr. (K,C.) and 1\Irs. Herbert E. 
332 Palmerston boulevard 

liss Irwin 
1\Ir. F. H. :\L Irwin 

1\'ens, ..\Ir. and :\Irs. Eric Howard 
(Edna Dunsheath, 
IS4 Pearson avenUe 
Clubs, :Mr. 7 

IYens, :\Ir. and :\lr8. Richard (Potts) 
IS2 Pearson a\enUe 
Receives 1st Friday 

". .Mr. an<l :\Ir!';. Arnold 1\1. (Thoburn) 
:!46 St. George street 
HeceÏ\'es 1st Friday 
Cluhs. :\Ir. 4-28-33-37-46-:\lr8. 1 S-2S- 

', Mr. and :\Irs. John D. 
1;-;2 ('arlton !';treet 
Heeein's 2d and 3d :\Iondav 
('luhs, :\11'. 33 . 
Mr. Pel'cy D. In'y 2

,Jack, 1\Irs. Annie (no" ie) 
;.9 A venue road 
1{t>C'eÏ\'es Friday 
 .\ddip .Jack 

Irs. "",Yilliam (Henrietta Jones) 
314 Ht. George street 
Receives 1st and 3d Fridav 

Iiss Clara Jackes . 
:\liss :\Iargaret Jackes 66 
1\Iiss Ada Jackes 66 
Jackes, :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Edwin H. (Lee) 
"The Elms," 1315 Yonge street 
K R., ":\Ioss Rock," Lake Joseph, 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, :\lr. 33-34-:\lrs. 25 
Mr Eric A. Jackes (Saskatoon) 
1\Iiss Elsie Jackes 

Jacl>:es, Dr. Hervey L. 
1 Delisle avenue 
Clubs, Dr. 34 

Jackson, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur J. 
6 Deer Park Crescent 
Clubs, 1\Ir. 1-4-37-46-71 

Jackson, :\lr. :\Iaunsell B. 
"Drumsnab," 54 Castle Frank road 
Receives 1st and 2d :\lon<1a \' 
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. 1\Iarley {J
1\Iiss Xora K. Jackson 73 
ReceÏ\"es 2d Thursday 
"Miss Lucie Jackson 
1\Ir. Philip T. Jackson (B.Sc.) 
Jackson, :\11'. and Mrs. "-m. H. (:\Iorgan) 
41 Delaware avenue 
S. R., Allandale, Onto 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Tuesday 
Jacobi, 1\11'. and 
Irs. Emil T, nYilson} 
10:! "'almer road 
Receives 3d Thursday and Frida}' 
Jacobi, 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Fred.k ".. 
(l\1. n. Best) 
81 Howland ayenue 
Receives 3d Friday 

Jaffray, Hon. Rohert 
"Surrey Lodge," 78 GrenvIlle street 
Cluhs. Hon. 7-33-3;)-37 -f.9; also the 
Rideau Club, of Ottawa 
Jaffray, :\11'. and :\lr8. \Villiam G. (Gillespie) 
"SUlTey Lodg-e." 78 Grenville street 
S. R., "The Drift;. Oakville 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 7-33 
Ir. and 1\Irs. Harry ,,- (""heler) 
63 Delaware a\enue 
S. R., Stayner, Geondan Bay, Unt 
Heceives :!rl \'"edne!';day 
Cluhs, :\11'. 3-7 
.Tames, :\Ir. (C.:\I.G.) an(l :\Irs. rl1arles C. 
144 Ht. G('olxe street 
Hecein>s Tuesday 
Cluhs, .\11'. 'j -:!S-33-.:\ln.;. 28 
:\11'. \\". C. James 28 
,Tames, Hev. (1\I.A,) anrl :\Irs, enarles J 
4:i7 Huron stn'et 
HeC'eÍ\oes l!';t and 3d Fl'ida
Mr. Bert Janws 
1\11". (
harles H. .J. ,Tame

Figure.,,; rcfer to club ?ll.lmbers-8(,(, iJ/.
id(' 11((('1; ('0'"('1'. 



James, Mr. and :\1rs. G. F. (\Yallace) 
15 High Park Gardens 
Receives 1st Fridav 
Clubs, Mr. ParkdaÌe Bo\vIing ClUb 
Janes, :\11'. Simeon H. 
Miss Janes 
Miss Louise Janes 

Jaquith (D.O.), .Mr. and 1\I1'S. Hubert C. 
( Armstrong) 
19S0 Queen street East 
Receives Monday 
1\11'. L, Everett Jaquith 
Jan is, :\11'. and :\1rs. Aemillius (In"ing) 
34 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Cen tre Island 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-9-19-37-41-46-56-69-:\lrs. 
1\Iiss Jarvis 
Miss Bertha Jarvis 
Mr. \YilIiam D. P. Jarvis 
Mr. Aemillius JarYÏs, Jr. 10-42-46 
Jan"is, .Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Meredith 
2:58 .Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 3d 1\Ionday 
Mr. Ralph Himsworth Jan'is 
Mr. E. Raymond Jan'is 
Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. (Stewart) 
2617 Yonge street, Bedford Park, 
Xorth Toronto 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 34-35-42-53-Mrs. 57 
1\11'. Steward R. Jarvis 46 
Jarvis, Mr. and :\1rs. George Arthur ("
Lorne Park 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Jan'is, Mr. and 1\Irs. Harry St. John 
43 \Yoodlawn avenue East 
:\liss Isabel Jarvis 

Tarvis, Mr. and 1\Irs. John B. (Rogers) 
252 Poplar Plains road 
S. R., Oakville, Ont. 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-42-46 
Jan'is, Mrs. Salter 1\1. 
The Alexandra Palace 
Receives Friday 

Tan"is, Mr. and Mrs. \Y. H. P. 
(Mary I. Hoskin) 
31 Oriole road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 31-42-70-:\lrs, 67 
Jeffet'ies, 1\11'. and Mrs. \Yilliam H. (Hart) 
68 Riverdale avenue 
:\Iiss Lillian A. Jefferies 
.Jeffrey, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. (Masson) 
 Forest Hill road 
ReceÏ'l;es 1st and 2d Thursday 
.Jeffrey, Mrs. .Andrew 
107 ('ar1ton street 
Mr. Edward R. .Jeffr
:\11'. Murray Jeffrey 
1\Iiss Grace .J effrey 

Jeffrey, :\Irs. John (Sutherland) 
122 "'an'en road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Jellet, Mr. and :\Irs. 1\Iorgan 
(Beatrice McGill) 
St. George Mansions 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr, 71 
Jemmett. Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. (Jemmett) 
318 St. George street 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-55-60 
1\11'. George C. Jemmett 
J enking, :\11'. and Mrs. Ernest 1. (Arkison) 
143 Jameson a\"enue 
Receives Thursday 
Jenkins, l\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas 
62 Roxborough street \Vest 
Jenning-s, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Claud A. í', (Laws) 
398 Markham stz'eet 
S. R., Kempenfelt Bay, Allandale, Ont, 
Receives 1st Thursdav 
Clubs. Mr. 1-46-
lrs.' 6;) 
Miss Ethel Jennings 
Miss Marian Jennings 
Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. 
1illichamp ) 
180 Heath street 'Vest 
Receives Thursday 
(,lubs, :\11'. 20-61 
Jennings, Mr. and ::\Irs. James (Fitzpatrick) 
14 5 College street 
Jennings, .:\11'. and :\Irs. John 
(Frances Gihson) 
169 Lowther avenue 
ReceÏ'l;es Frida v 
Clubs, Mr. 2-5-3-55 
.1ephcott. ::\11'. and Mrs, Alfred (::\Iansell) 
63 Cluny avenue 

. R., Lorne Park. On t. 
Ir. 28-33-46-70-1\lrs. 28-70 
Jephcott, ::\11'. and Mrs. \\ïlliam (:Mountain) 
2 Clarendon Crescent 
R R., Centre Island 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Kathleen Jephcott 
.Jermyn. :Mr. and Mrs. James (Dicli:ey) 
74 South drive 
Recein"s 1st and 3d 1\Ionday 
Miss Florence Jermyn 

Job, Mr. and 1\Irs. Edward (Fenton) 
102 Jameson a\"enue 
ReceÏ\'es last Th ursda
Clubs, Mrs. 39 
:\11'. Frank C'onliffe JOT'> 
1\11'. ""alter Fenton Job 
Johnson, Dr. (:\f.R.í'.S) and Mrs, Arthur 
Jukes (\\"idrler) 
;. 2 Bloor street \Yest 
R. R., Gorlerich. Onto 
ReceÏ\"es Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 53-Mrs. [.7 
1''-1'. Arthur J. Johnson, Jr. 
;ss G. .T. Johnson 

Figll res refer to club n1l111 bers-see inside back co'Ver. 



Johnson, ::\Irs. Thomas B. 
118 Cottingham street 
Recei \'es Friday 
l\lr. Eaton J. Johnson 
.T ohnston, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L. 
3ï6 Indian road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Johnston. :\11'. and Mrs. Alfred (Pease) 
40 South drive 
S. R" Atherley Junction, Ont. 
Receives 1st ::\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 4-37-46-53-56 
Johnston, ::\'[1'. and :\Ir
. D. J. 
517 Palmerston boulevard 
Mr. H. S. Johnston 
:\liss Xorma Johnston 
:\liss Aileen Johnston 
s Olive Johnston 
Johnston, :\11'. (R.C.) and :\Irs. E. F. B. 
119 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 37-56-69-:\lrs, 56-57 
::\Iiss Jessie Johnston 
Johnston, :\11'. and :\Irs. Francis ",Y. (Island) 
16 Dundonald street 

Johnston, :\11'. and :\[rs. Frank B. 
73 Huwland avenue 
Clubs, 1\11'. 37 -42-56-71-:\lrs. 42 
Johnston, :\11'. and :\Irs. Harry B. (Eckhardt) 
740 Spadina a venue 
Receives 1st Tuesðay 
Ir. 37-42-46 
Johnston, Mr. and :\1lrs. John C. (Odery) 
670 Huron street 
Johnston, :\[1'. and :\[rs. Joseph (:\lcArthur) 
2 Lamport avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
::\Iiss Edith 
I. .Johnston 
::\11'. Joseph L. ,Johnston 
:\Iiss Irene L, .Johnston 

Johnston, Dr. anlI :\II's. Samuel (:\IacaIlum) 
169 Carlton street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 1-46 
::\Irs. ::\Iary F. :\Iacallum 
Johnston, ::\11'. (K.<'.) and Mrs Strachan 
("Y a I ker) 
1 Dale a\'enue 
ReeeÏ\'es :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 20-37-!'í3-55-56-61- :\Ir
. ;):;- 

,n, ::\11'. and :\[rs. "., F. (Ferg-uson) 
266 Rt. Georg-e street 
Receives 2d Friday 
::\11'. Allan Johnston 
,Johnston, :\11'. anc1 1\Irs. "ïlliam R. 
(Elsie Strachan) 
;)71 ,Jarvis 

. n. :\Iuskoka 
Heceives 1st ::\lonc1ay 
l'luhs, :\Ir. 53-56 

Johnston, ::\11'. and :\Irs, 'Villiam R., .11', 
53 Xanton a venue 
Receives ::\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46-33-56-::\Irs. 56 

Jones, :\11'. Alphonse F. 
Xational Club 
Clubs, :\11'. 22-33-46 
Jones, .\Irs, Charles G. 
75 "Yal mer road 
:\11'. ('harles G. Jones 42-71 
Jones, :\Ir
. Clarkson (Zippie Roebuck) 
":\Iorley House," 25 Queen's Park 
R ecei yes Tuesday 
:\'Iiss :\Iarg-uerite Jones 
:\Iiss Gladys Jones 
Jones, Dr a....'1 'frs. D. Ogden (Plumb) 
126 Ca rlton street 
Recei \'es ::\Ionday 
Jones, :\Irs. Ed ward r (:\Iargaret G. Innes) 
241 Church street 
Recei\'es Monday 
::\Irs. 'Yo "ïnn 
:\11'. E, C. Jones 
:\11'. Gordon Jones 37-53-55-56 
s PeUca Gei1des 55-57 
:\Iiss ::\Iargaret G. Geddes 55 
Jones, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C. (Gibh) 
16 Bloor street "Y est 
Clubs, Dr. 53 
, :\11'. F, C. Llewellyn 
"Thornycroft," 223 Balmoral avenue 
S. n., "Clour1esdel," Allandale, Ont 
ReceiH's Thursday 
Clubs, .\11'. 7-9-3;)-42-::\lrs, 25 
Junes, :\11'. Georg-e A. 
IS ::\Ipredith Crescent 
Receives :\Ionday 
Miss Jones 
Jones, :\11'8. H, A. (::\Iacdoug-all) 
24 Prince Arthur avenue 
:\11'. T, Roy Jones 56 
::\11'. W. A. M. Jones 
Jones, .Mr. and :\Irs. ,Tames Edmund (Hooper) 
32 Prince Arthur aVenue 

. R., Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\[1'. 7-33 
Jones. Hon. Sir Lyman and Lady :\Ieh'in 
(Louise Irwin) 
"Llawhaden," 145 ::;t. G
org-e street 
Receives Friday 
ir Lyman 7-33-37-Hi-:í3-:íi)-69- 
70: also Rideau ('Iuh. Ottawa: and 
::\Ianitoha Cluh, "'innipeg-Lady 
J( nes 5fi-56-70 
,Jones, Dr an.I :\lrs. Xewhold C. (Jones) 
171 Lowther avenue 
ReC'eives Friday 
Cluhs, Dr. :-'3-5:J-!'í6-60 
Jones,. :\Irs 
itlne)' Ford (Rophia :\1. Scott) 
S4 St. Patrick street 
HH'eÏ\-es \\'ellnesllay 
)[1'. Bp\"erley Jone!'; 42 

Fi!Jurn: nIt'r to dub 11 II III be r.'l-X('f , ill ,'âdt' barl; r01'er. 



Jones, 1\11'. and Mrs. Sydney H. (Pellatt) 
71 Lyndhurst avenue 
::\11'. R. E. Jones 
:':\'11'. E. H. Jones 
:\Jiss Dorothy G. Jones 
Jones, :Mr. and Mrs. 'V. \\
allace \Campbell) 
5 \Yellesley place 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-60 
Jones, Dr. and Mrs. W. .
Varner (Campbell) 
41 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 61 
lr. "\Vm. E. 
31 Spencer avenue 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Mr. Frank Jones 
The Misses Jones 
Jull, Mr. and Mrs. T. .Worthington (Fulton) 
184 Crescent road 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-18-33-52 
Junkin, 1\11'. and Mrs. Robert (Turner) 
165 Crescent road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Mr. R. Lawrence Junkin 
Junor, Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam (Johnson) 
106 Jameson avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 35 

Ir. Kenneth W. JunoI' 

Iiss Helen C. JunoI' 

Kallmeyer, Mrs. Marcus 
49 South drive 
Receives 1st :\londay 
Miss Essie Kallmeyer 
Miss Clara Kallmeyer 
:\'liss Minnie Kallmeyer 
:\11'. Ira Kallmeyer 
Kammerer, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob À. 
87 Jameson avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
lr. 1-33-46 
::\Iiss Christine Kammerer 
:\iiss Marcia Kammerer 
:\Iiss Hope Kammerer 
:\Iiss Sybil Kammerer 
Kane, :\lrs. J. Hamilton (Jessie A. Helliwell) 
Osborne Apartments, 143! King street 
Receives Thursday 
lr. and Mrs. Percy Hamilton (l\Iackid) 
111 Farnham avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 71-Mrs. 68 

lrs. A. A. :Mackid 
Kantel, :\11'. and Mrs. Emil A. 
(Alice Rutherford) 

 Binscarth road 
Receives 1st and 3d :Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Ran tel 

lr. Fred Kantel 
Mr. Edgar "Tatt 
Mrs. .J. Kantel 

Kappele, :\11'. and Mrs. George (Hay) 
9 .:\leredith Crescent 
S. R., Point \\Tyvern, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives :\Ionday 
Mr. G. Reece Kappele 
Mr. Ernest Kappele 
Miss Katie Kappele 

Kavanagh, Mrs. 1Villiam A. (O'Reilley) 
181 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
NIiss Isabel Besford 

Kay, Miss Helen 
504 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Miss 28-57-66 
Ir. and Mrs. John Bryce (Hay) 
65 St. George street 
S. R., Roache's Point 
Receives Tuesday 
lr. 7-33-37-42-ïO-Mrs. 55 
:Miss Edith Kay 42-55-57 
:.:\11'. John Kay 42 
Kaye, Major and Mrs. John H. (Buchan) 
The Alexandra Palace 
Receives \Yednesday 
Clubs, Major 10 
Keating, :\Irs. Edward H. (Blanchard) 
9 Castle Frank road 
Receives Monday 
:\liss Keating 
Keefer, :\lajor (1.M.S) and Mrs. ,,
. Xapier 
236 St. George street 
Clubs, Major 7 
:\Iiss Petrine Keefer. 
::\'Iiss Lilo Keefer 
Mr. \Yilks Keefer 
Keenan, Mr. and Mrs. James Condon 
38 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
'lr. 1 
Mrs. 1\1. J. Gillies 
::\Iiss Eugenie Joyce Gillies 
Keenan, Mr. and Mrs. "Tilliam (Greenless) 
601 Huron street 
Receives 1st Friday 

Keens, .:\11'. and Mrs. \YaIter J. (Hunter) 
68 Spadina road 
S. R., "Fairview," Centre Island 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 31 
.:\11'. "TaIteI' L. Keens 
.:\11'. Harry E. Keens 
Miss ::\label Keens 

Keirstead, Rev. Prof. and Mrs, Elias M. 
(Mary A. Parker) 
76 Lowther avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 7 

Keith, Mr. and .:\lrs. Alexander (Forbes) 
416 Markham street 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs .:\11'. 29-35-37 
Mr. G. Alan Keith 
Miss Elsie Keith (B.A.) 

Fi!Jll res refer to club num bers-see inside back CO'L



Keith. Mr. and Mrs. D. Forbes (Spate) 
\Vellsboro Apartments, Jarvis str{'et 
Keith, Mr. and Mrs. George (Dow) 
 Poplar Plains road 
:\Ir. David L. Keith 

:\11'. and Mrs. George A. (Haddow) 

666 Yonge street, Bedford Park 
:\11'. and .Mrs. '
Vil1iam L. (Loftus) 
76 Elm avenue 
Receives Monday 
:\lrs. Rita Loftus 
Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. George M. (Jermyn) 
The Gravel road, Port Credit, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 31-53-Mrs. 31 



Kelly, :\Ir. and Mrs. Frederick F. (Jellett) 
3 Rathnelly avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
:\'Iiss Gretchen Kelly 
1\Iiss Rhoda Kelly 

Kelly, :\11', and .Mrs. Henry G. (Johnston) 
55 Castle Frank roaa 
Clubs, Mr. 1-31-Mrs. 31 
Kelly, Hon. and Mrs. Hugh T. (Hynes) 
33 Maple avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65-66 
Miss Gertrude Kelly 
Miss Annie Kelly 

Kelly, :\Ir. and Mrs. Morgan J. (Ryan) 
6 Dale avenue 
R. R., 368 Lake Front, Balmy Beach 
Receives 3d Monday 
:\'Iiss Bertha Kelly 
:\Ir. Fred Kelly 

Kelly, Mr. and :\1rs. Reginald A. 
(Florence Foy) 
25 ".oorllawn avenue East 
Receives 3d Thursdav 
Kelso, :\Ir. and Ml'S. .John J. (Martin) 
21 Prince Arthur a\'enue 
Receives Friday 

Kemerer, :\Ir. anfl Mrs. Rohert E. (Parkinson) 
:i8 Hampton Court Apartments 
\\r. R., Savannah. Ga. 
Ir. 20-22-37 
:\liss Hildred Kemerer 

Kemp, Hon. (1\1.1'.) and Mrs. Albert E. 
"Castle Frank," 72 Castle Frank roa(l 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Hon. 1-4-9-2X-33-37-46-53-:ia-()fì- 
fì9; also Rideau Cluh. OUa \Va; and 
Manitoba Cluh, \Yinnilwg-Mrs. 2S 

K{'mp, l\lr, Daviel (1..KL) 
1:í3 Madison avenue 
:\11'. EIl\Varii A. Kemp 70 

Kemp, Dr. and 
11's. Herbert L;I'OSS <<Ra,-ter) 
39 A venue road 
K f{" Port Severn, Muskoka, Ont. 
Hef'ein's 3(1 anll 4th Friday 

Ken1p, 1\11'. and :\Irs. \Yilliam A. 
47 Highlands avenue 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-42 
:\'11'. Clarence Kemp 
Miss Aileen Kemp 
Kennedy, :\11'. and Mrs. A. A. (Brodie) 
157 Glen road 
H. R., Bobcaygeon, Ont. 
Receives Monday 
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. (James) 
37 Lakeview avenue 
S. R., Xorway Point, Muskoka 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
Kennedy, :\'11'. and Mrs. David E. (Bonnick) 
]16 \Varren road 
Receives Thursrlay 
Clubs, l\Ir. 4G-
lrs. 6;) 
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Judd 
405 Palmerston boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 35 

Kennedy, :\Ir. George 
147 Bloor street \Vest 
Clubs, Mr. 9-33 
Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. A. IngraIn (\Vatson) 

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 
(Jessie Hill Xasmith) 
5 Edgar a venue 
R. R. "Ken wood," Hturgeon Lake, Onto 
Receives 2d and 4th Monda) 
Mr. Gordon X. Kennedy 
Miss Gladys Kennedy 
Miss Muriel Kennedy 
Kennedy, Mr, and Mrs. M. A. (Dadson) 
60 Rt. ("lair avenue \Vest 
Cluhs, :\'11'. 35-46-70 

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Peter ('. 
(Vera Christie) 
473 Brunswick a\'enue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 3-1;) 
Kenri('k, Prof. (:\'I..A., Ph.D.) and :\ll"s. Fl'ank 
B. (Boulton) 
77 Lonsdale road 
Kent, :\Ir. (J. P.) and Mrs. Ambrose (Brock) 
Care of 156 Yonge strt'et 
KeItt, 1\11'. and Mrs. Benjamin 
80 Admiral road 
Kent, :\'Ir. and Mrs. FrNlerick 
\. (
("are 156 Yonge street 
S. n., Port P{'rry, Ont. 
Kent, Mr, anù Mrs. Ht>rhert B, (Saunders) 
33 Xorth 
herhourne street 
Recei ves Monda) 
Cluhs, Mr. 
Kent, MI', and Mrs. James G. (\Yylie) 
120 Madison avenue 
S. n., Honey Harhour, Georgian Bay 
Receives 1st :\lonùay 
("luhs, Mr. 3:i 
Miss Beatrice Kent 
'liss Carrif' Kent 

FiYllrr!'; 1"r{cr to dub l1umbrr8-sec insidr bark r01"pr. 



Kent, .:\11'. and Mrs. John G. 
(Margaret E. Martin) 
13;) Glen road 
S. R., "Kenmar." l\.Iuskoka, Ont. 
ReceiYes 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr, 33 
Miss Grace B. Kent 
Miss :\largaret O. Kent 
:\11'. H. Gowans Kent 
Ken t, :\11'. ::;idney L. 
The 'Yellsboro Apartments, 414 Jar- 
vis street 
Ir, 4-28-35-46 
Keough, :\11'. and Mrs. T. H. <,Velch) 
79 Indian Grove 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Kerman, :\11'. and :\1rs, 1Vm. S. (Anderson) 
4 ï Elm ayenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
1\'11'. "\Vm. Xorris Kerman 
Kernohan, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam J. (Stewart) 
93 Forest Hill road 
 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 65-66 
Kernohan, :\11'. and Mrs. ""illiam T. 
613 Jarvis street 
S. R., 14 6 Kew Beach 
Clubs, :\11'. 33 
Kerr, 1\11'. and :\lrs. Charles ,Yo (Stobbs) 
20 Lytton boulevard 
S. R., Go Home Bay, GeorgIan Bay, 
Receives 3d Thursday and Saturday 
Clubs, Mr, 33-Mrs. 66 
l\'Iiss Grace B. Kerr 
Kerr, :\liss Emily 
:11 Cluny avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Kerr, l\lr. and Mrs. Frederick E. 
:);) 'Yalmer road 
Receives Friday 
Kerr, :\11'. and :\Irs. George (Jones) 
14 Madison a '"enue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 28-31-33-42-Mrs. 25-58-6;)- 
Miss Estelle l\L Kerr 13-28-65 
Kerr, Mr. and 1\Irs. H. L. 
3;')2 Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-70-Mrs. 70 
Kerr, Senator (K.C.) and Mrs. James K. 
(A. Cecil Stanley-Pinhorne) 
"Rathnelly." Poplar Plains road 
S. R.. Rathnelly Crescent 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Senator, 35-37-56-69: also Ri- 
deau Club. Ottawa-Mrs. 55-56-57 
:M:iss Florence Kerr 
Mr. S. C. Staveley Kerr 60-71 
Kerr, Mr. and 1\Irs. John M. (Brown) 
11 Powell a'"enue 
Recei,'es 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 

Kerr, 1\Irs. W. A. H. (Marian ""ilkie \ 
3 6 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 55 

Keys, Prof. and Mrs. Da,'id Reid (Maclean) 
87 A venue road 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 5-7 -9-12-:?0-29-61-Mrs. 
Mr. Herbert J. E. Ke)"f! 
Mr. X orman A. Ke
Mr. David A. Keys 

Kiely, Mr, John G. 
513 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 37 

Kiely, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Grattan 
-\partments, "\Yellesley street 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46 

Kilgour, :\11'. and :\1:rs. D. E. (Sheppard) 
Lawrence Crescent, Xorth Toronto 
Clubs, Mr. 7-4fì-53 

Kilgour, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 
(Alice M. Grand-Bright) 
Sunnybrook Farm, Bayview a venue 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-56-69-71 

Kilgour, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Govan) 
fì Beaumont road 
S. R., Roache's Point, Onto 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mr. Cecil Kilgour 
Mr. Ashley Kilgour 
Mr. Arthur Kilgour 

Killer, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (Byrne) 
5 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 27-33-42-70 

Kilmer. Mr. and Mrs. George H. (Crawford) 
171 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-33-46 
:\iiss Margery Kilmer 
Mr. Charles E. Kilmer 

Kilpatrick, Rev. (D.D.) and Mrs. 1'hos. B. 
128 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Kilpatrick 
Mr. George Kilpatrick 
Miss D. H. Kilpatrick 
Kimbark. :\11', and Mrs. Frank M. (Johnson) 
100 Highlands avenue 
Receiyes 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-42-46-55 

King. :\'11'. and Mrs. Arthur S. (Barnes) 
104 South drive 
S. R., Duluth Island, Point au Barrie, 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-46 

Figures refer to clu7J l111m7Jers-see inside back cover. 



King, Dr. and Mrs. Edmund E. (OU) 
61 Queen street East 
H. R., "The Pines," Hasting's 
Recei yes Th ursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-37 
:\liss Edna King 
:\liss Marguerite King 

Iiss F. 1\1. 
Hillsboro Apartments, Hillshoro ave. 

Iiss L. E. King 

Ir. (K,C.) and .\Irs. John 
(Isabel G. :\lackenzieJ 
-I Grange road 
ReceÏ\'es Thursday 

liss Isabel King 

Ir, and :\Irs. .Tohn 

Etta Florence Jones) 
1 t:! 
t. George street 
Recei yes Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-3ï--I

Ir. and :\Irs. Ralph E, (Mackenzie) 
131 Lowther avenue 
fl". 1-:!8-Ml"s, 

Ir. and :\Irs. Rohert \V. (Ro\\ e) 
10 \Yalmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 
O-:\Irs. 6G 

Ir. and Mrs. 
. (Kerb
23:) Poplar Plains road 
I-tecei yes Thursda v 
Clubs. :\Ir. 35-71' 

Ir, Harold FrankH 
:\liss Hazel Franks 

Ir, and :\1:1'S, \Ym, A. (Xunn) 
-116 Palmerston houle\'ard 
S. R., 36 Lake Front, Kew Beach 
Receives 4th Friday 
Ir. 4 
:\Iiss E. King 

f()nl, :\Ir. and 1\ln;. Rupel't E. 
l'i St. Joseph street 
Recei yes Tuesday 
:\Jiss Kin2'sford (Paris) 

riss Dorothy King-sford 
:\Ir. :\Iaurice Kingsford 

Kingsley, :\11'. and Mrs. Ernest L. 
(Edith C. Thomas) 
-IIi Hawthorne a"\'enue, Rosedale 
Receives 3d Monday 
( 'luhs, 1\Ir. 35 
:\li8s Gertrude C. Kingslev 

King-smill. :\Iiss I
dith H. 
11:) :\Iadison a venue 
:\J is
\ nnis R. Kingsmill 
:\liss Eyth Kingsmill :;:; 

mill, :\1:1.101' and 1\I1'S. \\'alter B. 
'j -I Castle Frank road 
, '\ ulls, 
J a.1ol" 1f) - 37-;;3 -:;:; - (;11- 
11's. :í:í 

Kingston, Mr. and Mrs, George A. 
25 Chestnut Park 
S. R., Eastbourne, Lake Simcoe, Ont, 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Harold Kingston 
Kingstone, Mr. and ::\Irs. Frederick \\
(Grassett ) 
469 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Miss Fannie C. Kingstone 
Miss Edith Kingstone 
Miss May Kingstone 
Kinnear, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (pearcy) 
20 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Miss Olh;e Kinnear 
Master Roy Kinnear 
Kinnear, Mr, and Mrs. Thos. H., Jr. 
167 Spadina road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Kipp, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert :VI. (.:\lcKechnie) 
546 Bathurst street 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Kirkland, Mrs. Angus 
11 Summerhill Gardens 
Kirkpatrick, Mr. and .Mrs. Ale,.. :\r. :\1. 
204 Rusholme road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19-53-55-56-:\1rs. ;), 
:\Ir. A. Douglas Kirkpatrick 10-.JG-;;;;-60 
Miss Marjorie Kirkpatrick 
Miss :\Iary Kirkpatrick 
Kirkpatrick, Cavtain and Mrs. Arthur E. 
"Closeburn," !:I9 
t. Clair avenue 1\
Clubs, Capt. 4-10-37-46-53-5;;-56; also 
Simcoe Club and the 
kating Club 
-Mrs. 2:-i-56-:J7 -68; also the Skating 

KiI"kpatrick, Miss Frances 
53 Prince Arthur avenue 
Recei yes Friday 
Miss ::\Iaude Kirkpatrick 

Iiss Gertrude Kirkpatrick 
KiI"kwood, :\Ir. and 
Irs. Thomas 1\1. 
!í 1 7 Brunswick street 
Recei yes 1 st FI'Iday 
:\Ir. Thomas R. Kirkwood 

Kischell, Mr. and MI's. F, 1\
. (Kalbfleisch) 

.J1 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
:\Ir. Emil Kischell 
Kleiser, Mr, and :\Irs. Albert (Housseau) 
Prince George Hotel 

Kleiser, :\11'. and Mrs. Gordon (:\Iol'l.
Care of 6 \Yellington street East 
Kleiser, :\11'. and :\Irs. R. L. (Murray) 
-IX C'r'\:'scent roall 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 3;;-37-70-:\lrs. -l

Fi!Jurc,ç 1'('lcr to club '11umbers-M'c insidc lwc/.; ('orcr. 



Klippert. lUr. and ::\Irs. Adam E. (Unger) 
11 Laxton avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Knight. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cecil (Balston) 
400 Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 4-28-33-70-Mrs. 28-42 
Mr. Gerald Knight 
Knowles, Mr. (ARCA) and Mrs. F. McGillivray 
278 Bloor street West 
Receives 1st Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-15-24-45-Mrs. 24-45 
Knowlton, :\11'. and Mrs. Thomas E. (King) 
146 ,Vellesley Crescent 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Ir. and l\'Irs. \Vm. H. 
152 ,Vellesley Crescent 
Clubs, Mr. 1-9-19-22-31-36-37-46 
Knox, Mr. and Mrs. John A. 
71 Spadina road 
S. R., Kew Beach 
Receives 1st Friday 

Ir. Arnold M. Knox 
Mr. Howard Knox 
Knox, :\lrs. \Yilliam Henry (Thornhill) 
59 Walmer road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-58-65 
lVIr. William A. Knox 28-46 
1\11'. Stanley 1\L Knox 28 

'Iiss M. E. Thornhill 
Kormann, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. (Harrison) 
52 Lynnwood avenue 
Receives Th ursday 
Kormann, Mr. and Mrs. John S. 
472 Markham street 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Kyle, :\11'8. Charles E. (Mary J. Crocker) 
The Lonsdale Apartments, 621 Avenue 
:\'Iiss McCollum 
:\11'. Charles S. McCollum 
Mr. Allan C. McCollum 
Kynoch, :\'[rs. JesRie (Mitchell) 
24 Beaty avenue 
Mr. James Kynoch 7-19-20 

Ir. "Tilliam Kynoch 

Laidlaw. Mr. and l\irs. C, Shedden (Corby) 
142 Bedford road 
R. R., The Fort. Victoria road, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
("lubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. !)7-68 
Laidlaw, Mrs. Helen (Battisby) 
91 Walmer road 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Arthur Laidlaw 
Laidlaw, Mr. and :\<lrs. John Baird 
(Bertha Fredericka Gunther) 
7 Clarendon ("rescen t 
S. R., The Grange, Whitby. Ont. 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-9-19-2S-33-46-69-iO-:\'[rs. 

Laidlaw, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert (Cameron) 
32 Xorth Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
::\11'. Walter C. Laidlaw 28-33-42 
:\1iss Laidlaw 
:\Iiss Margaret C. Laidlaw 42-55 
Laidlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. 
(Julia Cayley) 
94 "Tarren road 
Clubs, Mr. 33-60-61 
Laidlaw, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. \Yilliam (Knapp) 
49 Queen's Park 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-56 
Miss Marion A. Laidlaw 
Lailey, 1\1)'. and Mrs. Charles E. (Barr) 
26 ,Vhitney avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 

'Iiss M. Lailey 
Miss H. LaHey 
Lailey, Mr. and Mrs. vVm. H. (Childs) 
235 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
::\11'. Oswald C. LaHey 
lr. and Mrs. Alexander 
(Mary E, Sharrar) 
48 Cluny avenue 
ReceÏ\"es Tuesday 
ClubR, Mr. 7-42-46-53-55-;)6-60-69; also 
St. James, Montreal, and Xew Yorl
Club and Down Town _\ssociation. 
Xew York City-Mrs. 55-57 
'[r. and Mrs. Gordon 
(Marion Bagley of Boston) 
61 Rusholme Park Crescent 
'[r. and Mrs. James C. 
216 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
', Mr. and M,'s. Joel (Halladay) 
29 Maple avenue 
Receives 2d an(l 4th Monday 
Lake, Mrs. Alice F. (Smith') 
515 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 3d Thursday 
::\Iiss Bessie Lake 
Miss Beatrice Lake 
Mr. Robert A. Preston 
Lalonde. Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. 
::\Iary A. Clare O'Byrne 
118 Kendal avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Lambe, Mrs. Thomas (Elizaheth Clarke) 
37 Beaty avenue 
Receives 4th Thursday 
::\'[1'. John Clarke 
::\Iiss Katherine ("larke 
:\Iiss Katherine Lambe 
Lambe, Mr. and Mrs. \\Tilliam G. .\. (Reid) 
"Falling-brook." Queen gtreet East 
Receives 1st and 3d Saturday 
("luhs, Mr. 7-53-55-56-:\lrs. ;};)-;)6 
::\'[iss Beverley Lambe 
::\Iiss Elizabeth Lambe 

Figures 'refer to club numbers-8ee inside back cO'Ce1', 



Lamont, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Hector (Julia Lines) 
99 Madison avenue 
:Miss Dottie Lamon t 

Ir. George D. E. Lamont -16 

Lamport, :\Ir. and Mrs. "'illiam Alexander 
( "-?ood) 
1508 King street "'Vest 
Receives 1st Thursday 

Land, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Robert E. A. ('Wilson) 
81 Dun vegan road 
S. R., Roache's Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Clubs, :\Ir. 28-33-Mrs. 28 
Lander, Mr. and :\Irs. \',? J. (Spence) 
49 A venue road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Friday 

Lane, 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Frederick K. (;:;tewart) 
237 :Macpherson aVenue 
Receives Friday 

Lang, Prof, (M.A.) and :\Irs. Augustus E. 
104 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Prof. 3-7-28-l\lrs. 66 

Lang, :\Ir. ann :\Jrs. James (Thomson) 
20 Leopold avenue 
S. R., Sans Souci, Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss Jean Lang 

Langdon, :\lr, and :\lrs. 
. P. (Poison) 
163 Jameson avenue 
ReceÏ\ es last Thursday 

Langford, Prof. 01..-\.) and l\,lrs. Arthur L. 
119 Farnham avenue 
Receives Friday 
Langley, :\Ir. and :\lrs. Elliott "T. (Sackett) 
31 Castle Frank road 
S. R., Linflen Lodge, 218 Lake Shore 
ReceÏ\ es 1st Monday 
Cluhs, :\lr. 1
-37-46-:\II's. 1 
s :\Iarilla I. Langley 
:\liss :.\Iaud J. Langley 
Langley, .\Ir. and :\11's. James P. (Brower) 
:;37 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st 'fonday 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-.\lrs. 66 
:\Ir. ("lar'pnce A. Langley 

Langlois, Mr. and 
Irs. H erhel.t 
DIary Gorùon) 
1 t!1 Rusholme roafl 
HeeeÏ\'es 1st Friday 
('luhs, :.\lr. ï-

:.\Ir, Oonlon Lang-lois 
:\Iiss Phvllis Lang lois 
:.\liHs ('arus Langloi

muir. :\Ir, and :\Irs. Arl'hihalll D. 11I1I't-') 
2 Xorth Htreet 
Recein's Tuesday 
f"luhs. :\Ir. 7-53-:.:;-:\lrs. ;;7 
:\Ir. .\. \\'. Langmuir' 
:\Ir. .J. \\". Langmuir 69 
:\Ir. (;. 1. Langmuir 
:\1 i:<s ))ol'othy Langmuir 

Langmuir, :\lr. and :\Irs. Edwin A. (Can:'rs, 
46 Forest Hill road 
S. R., Oakville, Ont. 
ReceÏ\-es 2d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, :Mr. 31-3i'í-:\lrs. 31 

Langmuir, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Frank How (Maxwell) 
32 Clarendon avenue 
Receives Thursday 

Langmuir, .:.\lr. and Mrs. John 'Yoodburn 
11 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\lr. 53-69, also Grosvenor Club 
(London, Eng, )-:\lrs. 55 
1\Iiss Charlotte Langmuir 
Langmuir, :\Ir. and Mrs. Matthew (Butler) 
28S Bloor street \Yest 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, On t. 
Clubs, Mr. 28-42 
:\Iiss 'V. D. Langmuir 28-42 
Mr. F. L. Langmuir 35-42 
Mr. C. Bruce Langmuir 42 

Langskill, l\lr. and :\lr8. James (Peacock) 
1-1 High Park bOtJrevard 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, :\Irs. 58 
:\1iss Grace Langskill 
:\lr. J. Roy Langskill 

Langton, ::\Ir. (.:.\1.A.) and 
lrH. Hugh II. 
( Street) 
36 Dunbar road 
ReceÏ\'es :\londay 
Irs. 5:; 

Langton. Lieut.-Col. and 
Irs. Joseph C;. 
3S Glen Gro\'e a \.enue 
Receives 1st Friday 
('Iubs, Lieut.-C'ol. 4-10-20 

\Ir. (K.C.) and .:.\11's. Thomas 
SO Beverley street 
Receives "'ednesday 
C'luhs. .:.\Ir. i'í-9-19-:;:'i 

Lang ton. :\Ir. and :\lrs Thomas (Plunkt-'t t) 
lß2 :\Iadi
on an'nup 

.nnn, :.\IJ'. and :\IrH. "'m. J. (".ol"l"ell) 

o Bellforn roafl 
S. R., 
turgeon Point. Ont. 
I{eeein's IHt \\.ellnesda
('I uhs. :.\Ir. 3 ï 
.:.\Ir. \Villiam Langton 

Langton, :\Ir. "'illiam A 
24 ï Rusholme road 
('Iuhs, .:.\Ir. 3- ï -;;:. 
:\Iiss Langton 
.:.\liss :\1. A. Langton 

Lansliail, :\11'. dnd :\Irs. Charles E. 
(Lulu Reatricp 
te\\ art) 
491 Palmerston hoult-'\"a\"(1 

. IL, Rockaway Pal'k. X. Y. 
("luhs, ::\Ir". 3-27-33-3:l-4r., al
o no\\"n- 
to\\ n Club of Xe\\ Yor'k. La \\" "t-'I':<' 
l'luh of Xp\\" York-:\Irs. :!ï . 

FiYllrc.-; rr'frl' to rill ,) ll1l1u1JrrS-St't ;IINidf' lH1rk rorer. 



Larkin, Mr. and l\1r's. Charles A. nVarner) 
19 Elm avenue 
R R., Clovelly, "ïndermere, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
1\'[iss Muriel Larkin 

nss Bessie Larkin 


'Larkin, Mr. and 1\Irs. Harley \V. (Violet Lee) 
Marlison Apartments 
Clubs, Mr. 7-42 

Larkin, Mr. and 1\Irs. Peter C. (Ross) 
11 Elm a'"enue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, l\fr. 7-33-3
Miss L. Aileen Larkin 
Mr. Gerald R. Larkin 33-56 
Larmouth, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 
(Mildred Dawson) 
227 Balmoral avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Ir. and Mrs. Alfred C. (Gibhons) 
61 Riverdale avenue 
H. R., Xiagara-on-the-Lake 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Lash, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (Baldwin) 
42 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., "Tawadina," \Vest HBls P.O., 
also Muskoka, Morinus P. O. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, l\fr. 7-3

Lash, Miss Margaret 
Supt., The Cottage Hospital, S4 and 
86 Wellesley street 

Lash, Mr. and Mrs. Miller (Thompson) 
60 Lowther avenue 
S. R., Rosseau Lake, Ont. 
ReceÏ\"es FJ.iday 
Clubs, Mr. 31-3í-46-53-55-56-61-69- 
Mrs. 31-42 

Lash, Mr. Z. A. (K.C'., LL.D.) 
59 Admiral road 
S. R" "Four \Vay Lodge," Lake Ros- 
seau, Muskoka 
Clubs, Mr. 7-61-69-70; also Mount 
Royal Club, Montreal; and Rideau 
Club, Ottawa 
Miss A, Lash 

Lash, Mr. and Mrs, Z. G. (L"pper) 
27 Grenville street 
Clubs, Mr. 42-71 
Latchford, Hon. Justice and Mrs. Francis 
Robert (Frances Agnes O'Brien) 
151 St. George street 
S. R., "Pinecote," Britannia Bay 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Hon. Justice 69 
Mr. Austin M. Latchford 
Mr. James Kyran 
Mr. Stephen Brendan Latchford 
Mr. Frank Latchford 
Lauder, Mr. and Mrs, James 
(Margarete Taylor) 
136 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 1st "Tednesday 

Law, Commander (Royal 
avy) and l\Irs. 
Frederick C. (('rawt"onI) 
4 WeHesley place 
S. R., :Vlul"kt!)ka LaI"e 
Receive*, l\hmrla,y 
Capt. John La w 
Law, Mr. Thomas: D. 
99 .Bedford road 
Clubs, Mr. :n-
Law, Mr. and Mrs. Victor nYat
4 Wellesley place 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr'. 42' 

Lawler, Miss Lee 
435 Jan'í
Receives 1st Monday 
Miss Gertrude Lawler 

Lawless, Mr. "-ilber 
18 LeoþOld street 
ClubS',. Mr. 46 
Mis5 Gladys Lawless 
Miss 'Yinifrerl La wIest! 
Mr. Seth X. 'v. Lawle
Mr. No-nnan Lawless 
Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Fre{lerick 
32Z Roxborough street East 
Receives 2d Werlnesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33' 
Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. John ',\'Blson 
10 Clarendon avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 68 
Mr. J. Ernest Lawrence 
Mr. Karl 'V. Lawrence 45 
Lawrence, 1\11'. and Mrs. "
illiam (Lumsden) 
202 'Vestminster av{'nue 
Receives 1st and 3d 'Vednesday 
Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. (Baker) 
lZ4 Heath street 'Vest 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Lawson, Mrs. Herbert E. (Edith Stanton) 
3'8 Elgin avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Alfred Lawson 
Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. James F. (\VallaC'e) 
Care of 59 Yonge street 
 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 25 
 T. "T. Lawson 53-55-60-61 
Mr. J. lrdng Lawson 20 
Mr. Horace H. Lawson 20-61 
Mr. Walter B. Lav.;son 
Miss Esther A. Lawson 
Lawson, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. (Xattrass) 
903 College street 
Lawson, Mr. Thomas ,Yo 
118 St. George street 
S. R., Barrie, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 53-!'i5-60-61 
Lawyer, l\fr. Romeyn 
126 St. George street 
Mr. Alexander Ritchie 

Figures 'refer to club numbers-8ee inside back C01'cr. 




La"i:ton, :\Ir. John 
1-1;)7 Queen street \Ye
Clubs, :\Ir, 1-37 
1. J. Watson 
:\1r. Roy \Yat50n 
Laxton. :\Ir. and :\Ir
. \Yîlliam _L {Young) 
1 Laxton a venue 
Leach. :\lr. and :\Irs. Frederick H (Parkinson) 
4 South drive 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 42 
Mr. Richard .T. Leach 
Mr. John O. Leach 
Mr. William B. Leach 
Ir. and :\Irs, Allan
on C\faundrell) 
345 Indian road 
Recei veE': 1st Friday 
('lubs, :\lr. 9 
Leall1av, :\Irs. Edward (Ferris) 
. 3S :\'orth Sherbourne street 
Recei \'es Monday 
lr. and :\Irs. PercÎ\"al 
21 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Hpcei yes last 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Le í'ronipr, :\lrs. .John G. (Henrietta Perry) 
21 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
:\liss Florence Le Cronier 
Irs. A. Burdett (:\!innie Smith) 
104 Highlands a\"enue 
Receives :Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-6;) 
::\Ir. Stanley Burdett Lee 46 
Lee, :\11'. anfl :Mrs. FrederÍ(>k í'larke 
,(::\Irs. Frank E. Polson) 
S7 :Macpherson ayenU43 
Receives Monday 
Ir. 42-70 
Lee, :\Ir. and .\1:rs. Fred \Y. (Hamilton) 
42:; Palmerston houlPyard 
:\liss Xauna Lee 
Lee, :\11'. and 
In;. Geo, H. D. (Edith Baxter) 
;)67 :\larkham street 
S. R., Lake Front, Centre Island 
Receives Thursday 
I1'. 3-7-2S-46-70 
:\Iiss Edith Ellna Lee 
Lee, :\11'. anti Mrs. George :\1. (
115 York\'ille avenue 
Receives 1st Frillay 
:\liss \Vinifrefl C, Lee 
Lee, :\Ir. Hitlney H. 
f>4 Howan\\"oot1 avenue 
Cluhs, Mr. 2
1\1 iss Lpe 
Receives Tuesllay 
Lt'e, :\lr. and Mt.s. Thomas n. (Li\ inggtone) 
71 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
1r. 33-46 
Ll'P. :\Ir. anll Mrs. \V. Cecil ((1ooderham) 
64 Madison a\'enue 
Hpf'eives Frit1ay 
Cluhs, :\11'. 1-7-37-53-56 

Lee, :\Ir. and 
lrs. \Ym. H. (
82 Oriole road 
Clubs, :\Irs. 56 
Lee, Mr. and :\I1's. \Ym. T. J. (:\lcEltlerry) 
75 Dowling ayenue 
Receives 1 st Thursday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-3:5 
Lefroy, ::\11'. DI.A.) and 
Irs. A. H. Frazer 
171 Bahnoral avenue 
R. R., Combewood, Kempenfeldt Bay 
Clubs, :\Ir. 55-56 
:\lr. Henrv C. Lefroy 

Ir. LangÌois D. Lefroy 
Mr. Frazer Keith Lefroy 
Lefroy, :\Ir. Ernest B. 
162 \Varren roaò. 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
:\lr. Harold B. Lefroy 

Ir. Augustus G. Lefroy 
:\fiss Lefroy 
Leigh, Major and :\Irs. Edward 
(Charlotte E. Rothwell) 
63 Albany avenue 
S. R., Leightonwood. Cavendish, Ont, 
Recei yes Friday 
Clubs, Major 10-?i2-:\ll"s. :?;)-;)S-6:)-6:" 
Mr. Fitzroy Lithgow 
Mr. Rodney Cameron 
Leishman, :\11'. and 1\1rs. \Y 111 , H. (:\lcGregor) 
82 South dri\'e 
S. R., Shanty Bay, Unt. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\1r, 3
-:\lrs. 6;) 
Miss Audrey Leishman 
Mr. Harn' Leishman 32-46 
1\11'. Chester Leishman 32-46 
Mr. George Leishman 3:? 
Leitch, Justice and Mrs. James (Strickland) 
30 Dunbar road 
Receives 1st 
Cluhs. Justice 2S 
:Miss :\Iarguerite C. Leitch 
Miss Tressa E. Leitch 
Leith. :\Ir. and :\Irs. T. Geoffrey 
(Olga Schwartz) 
Rradgate apartments, Avenue road 
Clubs, :\Ir. 20-37-55-56 
Le :\fesurier, 1\11'. and :\Irs. George G. (Todd) 
63 Isabella street 
Cluhs, :\Ir. :i3-;):;-
lfss :í:i 
Miss Le :\Iesurier 
Lennox, Dr. anll :\Irs. Charles \\Y. F. (Tuthill) 
28 Foxbar road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-28 
Lennox, Mr. and :\11"8. Edward J. (\\YiIson) 
487 Rherhourne street 
Receives 1\Ionda
Cluhs, :\Ir. 33-37-4
-l\Irs. :!;) 
Mr. Eflgar Bllward T.ennox 
lai8ie Lennox 
Miss MaLel Lennox 
lr. and :\Irs. John F. (Lewis) 

fi9 Pahnerston houlp\'arù 
K R., Jackson's Point 
Ir. 37 
:\11'. and :\11's. A. J. Trehikock (Len no::\. ) 

 J'rf('J' to club Ulllllbcrs-scc ;II.'Ú(/l' buck (.ot'cr. 



Leonard, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Charles J" 
tEleanor S. O'Brien) 
6fi4 Euclid a\'enue 
S. R., Chatauqua Park, Xiagara-on- 
the-Lake, Onto 
Clubs, l\Ir. 37-54-71 
Miss Helen Leonard 
Miss Blanid Leonard 
1\11'. C. Frank Leonarct 
Mr. T. D' Arcy Leonard 

sard, Major-Gen. F. L. 
84 St. George street 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs, Major-Gen. 10-53-;;6-69 
Miss Eva Lessard 
Miss Blanche Lessard 

Le\-esconte, 1\:J:ajor and Mrs. R. C. (Ross) 
532 Sherbourne street 
Receiyes Monday 
Clubs, Major' 10-19--t:!-
1rs. :!.ï-4:!-fi;;- 
Miss Helen P. LeYesconte 

Lf'YY, Mr. and Mrs. A. (Alexander') 
82 Forest Hill road 
Receiyes Hh Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. Local í'ouncil of .Tewish 
Miss Blanche I..e\'y 
Mr. Mortimer LeY
Mr. Lester Le\'y 
Miss Isabel Le"

Le,"y, Mr. and .Mrs. Jacoh (Frankel) 
-t 10 .Jan-i!'; street 
ReceÌ\'es Monday 
Lewi!';, Mr, and Mrs. .\. YÌ<'tor (l\Iar
' Hanna) 
Hampton Court. A yenue road 
Lewis. 1\Ir. (lCC.) and 
Irs, Al1wrt R. 
Care of 70;; Temple Building- 
Clubs, Mr. 3:)-Mrs. 6;)-61\ 
Mr. Charles Austen Lewis 
Miss Frances Lewis 
Mr. Ronald S. Lewis 
Lewis, 1\1,'. and 1\1,'s. Charles ('Bell) 
Lansing, Toronto 
S, n., Pointe au Baril. Georgian Bay 
ReceÌ\'es 1st Monday 
Lewis. Mr. Ernest A. 
102 College street 
Clubs, Mr. 34 
Lewis, Mrs. Monton1(>r
' G. (.M:acdonal(l) 
S Crescen t road 
Receiyes 1st and 2rl Tuesda
Mr. R, _\.. Lewis 
Lf'Ys, Miss Helen 
3 Xorth Sherbourne street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Miss 55 
Ligh tbound, Mrs, George (Robert!sun) 
Hampton Court, 21 Avenue road 
ReceÌ\'es Friday 
Mr. Charles H. Lighthound 
Lightbourn, Miss Ethel L. 
-l7S Jaryis street 

Lightbourne, :\11'. and Mrs. Francis J. tUrd) 
24 St. Joseph street 
S, R., Lake Rosseau, Muskoka, Onto 
Mr. Gilhert O. Ligh tbournb 
1\11'. Francis G. Lightbourne 
Lillie, 1\1rs. John (Katherine í'. Barry) 
40 Nanton ayenue 

Lind, Mr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam J. (Hobbs) 
66 Forest Hill road 
S, R., Oak\'ille, Onto 
Receiyes, Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-42 
Lindsay, Mr. John 
297 Russell Hill roaù 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-33-46 
1\11'. Charles Lindsay 3;)-46 
Miss Inez Lindsay 
Miss Elni.a Lindsa: y 

Lindsay, Mr. and 1\Irs. John K. (Hagart
104 Albany aYenue 
ReceÌ\'es Friday 
Miss K. Lindsay 
Mr. Ainslie Lindsay 

Lindsey, Mr. (K.C.) and 1\Irs. George G. 
145 Tyndall avenue 
R R., "The 'Yhite House," Lake Ros- 
Receiyes Thursda
Clubs. 1\11', i-9-28-29-33-3i-46-53-
Mr. ('harles Bethune Lln<1se
Linstrum, Mr. and Mrs. C. E, (Parkin) 
3;; 'Yarren road 
ReceÌ\'es Thursday 

Little, 1\11'. and Mrs. George F. (Bender) 
107 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 33 
Mrs. A. L. Benner 

Littlejohn, 1\11'. and 1\lrs. .J. E. B, (Beasley) 
235 S1. Clair ayenu
Receives Thursday 
í'luhs, Mr, i-22-2S-Mrs. 28 
Littlejohn, 1\11', and l\Irs. John (Brown) 
136 Delaware a\"enue 
Clubs. Mr. 


Lh ingston, Mr. and Mrs. George L, 
7 Binscarth road 
Clubs, 1\11'. 46 
LiYingstone, 1\11'. and .Mrs. Harry E. (.\s111ey) 
298 A yenue roarl 
S. R., Lake Rimcoe 
Recein's 3d Thursday amI Fri<lay 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35-46 
LiYingstone, 1\Ir. J. Stanley 
The Victoria Club 
í'lubs, Mr. 42-70-71 
Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. H. 
214 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 

Fí[lli res refer to club numbers-see inside back corer. 



Lohb, :\lr. Arthür F. (h.C.) 
193 Balsam avenue 
1\Irs. Amelia Lobb 
:\lr. J. 1\1. Lobb 
Locke, :\Ir. and l\lrs. George H. (Moore) 
38 Delisle avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, 1\Ir. 3-7-61-1\lrs. 66-1). 
Locke, :\lr. and Mrs. Herbert A. C\nthes) 
32 Howland a venue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-Mrs. 23 

Locke, .:\11'. James T. 
Arlington Hotel 
Clubs, l\lr. 3;) 

Locke, :\lr. Richard 
3:!6 Huron street 
:\liss Locke 
 L. Locke 

Lockhart. :\lrs. James 
5 Powell a venue 
Recei \'es :\Ionday 

Lockhart. .:\Ir. and MI'S, Reginald f-L (BUlTitt' 
36 Dale avenue 
ReceÏ\"es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-53 
:\Ir. Xorman B. Lockhart 46 

Loftus, :.\[r. and l\lrs. John T. (
17 "ïlson avenue 
S. R., "Lactnain Cottage," Kindersley 
Island, Georgian Bay, Onto 
Clubs. l\lr. 1-7-HI-37; also Simcoe Club 

Long-. :\'Ir. and Mrs. Edwin George 
(Ethel Thomson) 

4:j Poplar Plains road 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 33--16 

Long. 1\11'. anfl :\lrs. Thomas 
"\Yoorllawn," ;j13 Jal'\'is street 
K R., "Longhurst." :\Iuskoli.a Lake 
Re('eiv\:':-; 1st and 2rl Monday 
.:\Ir. John G. Kiely 37 

Long, :\11'. ::1 nd :\lrs. \Yilliam 

:; High Park Gardens 

Long, Mr. and :\Irs. \Ym. E, (:\101 ehou!"e) 

1i1 Poplar Plains road 
Ir. 7-3:; 
:\Iiss :\larion Long- 

Longwell, 1\Ir. amI Mrs. Alex. G. (Ashley) 
40 C'luny avenue 
,'lull:;, 1\11'. 6-20-33-;] 

Lorie, :\Ir. anrl :\lr8. R. (Bernstein) 
 Clarenrlnn a \'enUe 
Itecein>s Thursl]ay 
Loring, Mr. ani] :\Irs. Frank C. 
(Charlotte Moore) 
31;; ROJ\.horough street Ea:-;t 

. R., Xet Lake Temagami P. üoO Ont. 
ReceÏ\'es Monday 
Cluhs. Mr. 1-3-
:\Ii!':s Frances Loring 

Loudon, Dr. (:\1. A., LL.D.) and Mrs. James 
(:\lacDougall ) 
83 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 55-.:\lrs. 2;;-;1S 
Dr. Julian D. Loudon 
Miss Isabel Loudon 
Mr. L. B. M. Loudon 

Loudon, l\lr. and Mrs. John S, nnlson) 
264 St. George street 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Love, Mr. and :\Irs. Harry Hayward (Gage) 
780 Davenport road 
Clubs, :\Ir. 28-33-46-Mrs. 28 

Lm;e, 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Herbert J. (Bell) 
109 Farnham avenue 
Clubs, .:\11'. 27-33-42-52; also Argonaut 
Rowing Club. and High Park Curl- 
ing and Lawn Bowling Club 

Love, .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. .:\Iartin (
93 Castle Frank road 
Receives 3d Monda
Miss Defteur)' Lo\'e 

Love, Mr. and :\Irs. Robert \Y. (Jackson) 
357 Crawford street 
Clubs, Mr. 33 

Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. James K (Gorð.on) 
119 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7 
Miss Ethel Lo\'elI 
Miss 1\1. Gordon 
Mrs. Rachel Gordon 

Lovell, 1\Ir. Robert J. 
24 Alhurtus avenue, after Oct.. 1913 
"Ludgate Yilla." Blythewood road 
Clubs, :\Ir. 34-3;-4ß-
. E. Lo\"ell 
:\11'. Ralph L. Lo\'ell 

Ir. amI :\lr8. \\'m. J. (Bury) 
76 Glen road 

. R., Port 
evern, On t. 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 31-33-41)-Mrs. 31-38-66 

Ir. and 1\Irs. Chal'les B. (Ta) lor) 
117 "'almer road 
Cluhs. :\Ir, 19-2S-33-3.-46-.1-...\lrs. 

Lowndes. 1\Ir. and Mrs. .J. :\lontgomery 
S3 Crescent road 
K R., Lake 
hore, ('entre Island 
, :\11'. 33 

Lucas, l\lr. and :\Ir!'
. (', n. (Rlachfordl 
 Hawthol'l1e a\"enue 
Receiyes 3d Monr1ay 
Ir. ; 

Lucas. lIon, 'K.C'.) and i'll's. 1. R. 
(Ellzaheth 8, Richardson) 
3 College stl'eet 
S. RoO :\-Iarkclale. Ont. 
Cluhs, Hon. 1-; -2S-


 refer to club H lWlbers-see inside bacT; e(Jl--"Cr. 



Lucas, Mr. and :\Irs. John S. (Allan) 
121 Dunn an'nue 
Receives Thursday 
:\liss Agnes 1. Lucas 
.Miss Mary Lucas 
Dr. Eleanor F. Lucas 

Lucas, .:\Ir. and Mrs. Joseph J. (Gibbs) 
412 Do\'ercourt road 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Lurlwig, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. .:\1. H. (:\lcC'all) 
83 Spadina road 
S. R., "Sans Souci." Georgian Bay, 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. 1\Ir. 1-3ï-46-53-69-10-ï4-:\lrs. 

Lugsdin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. 
Xanton Court Apartments, Xanton 
S. R., 4 Oriole avenue, Cen tre Island 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46; also Secretary, Island 
Aquatic Association-Mrs. 

Lugsdin, 1\Ir. and Mrs, Laurance J. nVilson) 
42 'Yalker avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-1\1rs. 68 

Luke, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. (Robinson) 
22 Maynard avenue 
Pecf'ives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Luke, 1\Ir. and Mrs. L. Herbert (Hearn) 
The Relby, Sherbourne street 
Receives 3d 
 nd 4th Monday 

Lukes, .:\Ir. and 1\Irs. Lewis 
Weston. Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-3ï -56 

Ir. and Mrs. James (Per'due) 
176 Crescent road 
Receives 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-4
1\11'. Fred Lumbers 
Lumbers, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard O. (Baker) 
182 Crescent road - 
Receives 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 3ï -42-Mrs. 42 
Lumhecs, Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter G. (:\Iellick) 
92 South drive 
Clubs, .Mr. 70-Mrs. 42 
Lummis, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vllllam D. (Radler) 
98 Bedford road 
 3d anrl 4th Fridays 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33-37-42-46 
 Jessie Lummis 31-4
Lumsden, Mrs. George E. (Marry Farish) 
115 Farnham avenue 
S. R., Point Flammarion, Lake Ros- 
seau, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Miss Florence Helen Lumsden 25 
Lundy, Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart (Lawson) 
341 Indian road 

Lundy, Dr. and Mrs. "'alter E. 
(Jessie .Johnstone) 
40 Hazelwood avenue 
Lyall, Mr. and :Mrs. Laurie B. 
(Margaret Hargraft) 
291 Huron street 
'le, Mr. and Mrs. John MacIntosh 
19 A vondale road 
Receives Tuesrlay 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-;)3-;)6-60-:\lrs. 25-;)6 
Lyon, ::\11'. and :\1rs. 
\rthur Leslie (Taylor) 
205 Cottingham street 
Receives Friday 
Lyon, 1\11'. and Mrs, George S, (Martin) 
ï Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, 1\lr. 28-53-
lrs. 28 
:\Iiss Kathleen M. Lyon 
:\liss Marjorie Lyon 
Ton, :\'Ir. and Mrs. Robert A. 
(Blanche Fauquier Plummer J 
41 Xanton avenue 
S. R., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-35-37-53-55-56-69: also 
Sault Ste. Marie Club 
Lyon, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Mortimer' 
(Florence Millichamp) 
122 Bloor street West 
S. R., Lake Simcoe 
Receives 1st Friday 
C'iubs, Dr. 35-Mrs. 42 
Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. T. Rtewart (Dwyer) 
20 Willcocks street 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35 
'on, Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter H. 
"Roseholme," 62 Pleasant boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. The Rose Society 
of Ontario 
Lyonde, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Freðerlck \V, (Rmith) 
82 Homewood avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 37; also Simcoe crUD 
1\Ir. R. B. Lyonde 
Mr. Louis L. Lyonde 
Mr. Jeffery C. Lyond
Lytle, 1\Irs. Thomas A. 
610 Huron street 
-:\11'. F. H. Lytle ;)j 
Mr. 'Vm. Lytle 
Lytle, :\Ir. anrl :.\1rs. \V. J. A. (Galhraith) 
65 Brunswick a\'enue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 52; also Harmony :\Iasonic 
Lodge and Board of Trade 

::\1cAllister, Mr. and Mrs. ,J. E. (Gre
"Somerled," 575 A venue road 
Receives Thursday 
C'lubs, Mr. 28-33 
:McAlpine. Rev. and Mrs. John (Thomson) 
617 Huron street 
Receives Friday 

Pi!Jures refer to club nU'J1tbers-see ill8ide back cover. 



McAndrew, :\11'. John _\. 
80 Binscarth road 
Clubs, :\11', i-22-33-3i'i-37-46 
:\Iiss Jane McAndrew 68 
:\Iiss Annie McAndrew 68 
s Laurecla McAndrew 
ReceÏ\-es 1st and 3d Monday 
McArthur, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles A. (Shaw) 
0 \Yellesley street 

. R., Caf'sa1'ea. Lake Scugog 
Receiyes \Yednesday 
éIubs, :\11'. 7 
:\liss Sadie :\lcArthur 
:\lcArthur. :\11'. and Mrs. Clarence H. (Logan) 
64 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
C'luhs. :\11'. 46-:\lrs. 6;) 
:\IC.-\Tthur, :\II's. John 
(:\Iargaret :\1(' :\Iartin) 
118 South drive 
Recei,'es 1st :\londay and Tuesday 
Miss Clorinda :\lcArthur 28-66 
::\liss :\lary ::\lcArthur 
:\lcBean, :\11'. and :\Irs. Fred J. 
(Eyelyn Caldwell) 
27 Edgar avenue 
Receives :\londay 
. :\11'_ 19-32-33-42-46; also St. An- 
drew's Society 
McBride, :\11'. and :\Irs. :;amuel ('Yickham) 
3:;1 Palmerston houlevard 
S. R. "
ard's Island 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
s Lillian McBride 
:\fcBrine, :\11'. an(1 ::\lrs. J. H. 
(Agnes Rankin-Ferguson) 
33 Castle Frank road 
Receives 4th :\Ionday 
:\Iiss Helen F. Rankin 
:\lcCabe, :\11'. and :\I1's. J. A. (Rom;) 
66 Delislè avenue 
Receives 4th Thursday 
:\I,-.C'ahe. :\11'. and :\Irs. James 'Y. 1 Clarke) 
26 :\Iavnard a ,'enue 
s 4th Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 2i -3;) 
:\le C 'affrey, :\11'. and :\Irs. \\T. A. Dlulligan) 
41 "'hitney avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 70-::\lrg. 70 
::\1 ('I 'all, :\Irs. Dougald (Jane Duguid) 
lfi3 Spadina road 
Recei Yes 1st Friday 
:\Ii!"s Ella :\lcCall 
:\Ict'all, :\11'. and Mrs. Douglas (SutherlaJHl) 
163 Sparlina road 
Receives :=d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-37 
:\Ic( 'allum, :\11'. and :\lrs. Peter A. (:\lmTay) 
S7 Highlands avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 37-55-56 
:\lcCallu111. Mr. and :\Irs, Rohert (Frasf'r) 
1 s 7 :\lac1 i!';on a venue 
:\li8S :\lauc1e :\lcCallum 

:\lcCallum, :\11', and :\lrs. Samuel (Dalziel) 
157 Jameson avenue 
:\liss A. McC'allum 
::\Ir. ,Yo J. McCallum 
:\lcCandless. :\lrs. R. B. 1 Brydon) 
28 'Villcocks street 
:\lcCarter, :\11'. and Mrs. John B. 
(Margaret J. Holmes, 
56 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tue.sday 
Clubs, .Mr. 37 
::\11'. Gordon E. :\lcCarter 
:\lcCarthy, Mr. (K.C.) and :\lrs. D. Lally 
3 Elm avenue 
Recei Yes Friday 
"'lubs, Mr. 37 -53-56-6!}-1\Irs. ;)6 
'. Mrs. J. L. G. (Irwin) 
85 Prince Arthur a'-enue 
:\11'. J. F. H. :\I('("al'thy 10-3;)-37 -.íf>-60-69 

:\IcCarthy, l\1f and MI's. Jes:.e (). 4 Da,-is) 
24 Leopold street 
S. R., Kawa1'tha Lakes, Juniper Is- 
land P. O. 
d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
McCarthy, Mr. (K.C.) and :\lr8. Leig'h ton 
45 'Valmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 28-35- 3 7 - .í.í -.í 6- IjO - 69-:\lrs, 
:\lcC'arthy. Mr. and :\Irs. \ViIliam H. (Finley) 
1i8 Dowling avenue 
Receives Monrlay 
::\1iss Ethel McCarth
::\lcCausland. Capt. anrl :\Irs. A Ian J 
45 Pacific a venue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
:\'IcCauslanrl. M,'. and M,'s. FI'ank H. (Browr.) 
!'i5 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11', 3;)-42 
:\11'. J. Brown 
Mc('ausland, Mr. and 
Irs. Hohert {Paterson) 
273 Russell Hill road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
,:\fiss Dorothea Mcf'auslan<1 

fcCauslan(l. Mr. and :\II's. \\ïlliam :\1. 
(Jane Bryce) 
1 S;) Dowling avenue 
S. R., Lake\'iew House, Jackson's 
Point, Onto 
Ir, 28-33 
:\Icl'lain, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. R. \\'at!"nn (""est) 
29 Dunbar road 
So R.. Scarhoro Bluffs 
Recei \"(>s 18t and 311 :\Ionda '" 
Cluhs. :\11', 7-70 
:\Irs. f'atherint> :\lcC'lain 
:McClellan(l. Mr, Jolut 
SS:! Bathm"st strt'et 
II'. ;-31-33 

FiflUI"(.'o; l'rfcr to dub llumbers-,-;ce ;/I.'.;idf' luu'/,' N)rrr. 



1\IcC'Jung, :\11'. and Mrs, James E. (Janes) 

33 Poplar Plains roao. 
ReceiYes 1st and 
d Thursday 
C'lubs, Mr. 46 
1\IcCollum. Dr. and Mrs. John A. (Grafton) 
 Ayenue road 
Heceiyes Friday 

Mc('onkey, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. (Smith) 
210 Bloor street East 
Cluhs, 1\11'. :!7 -37-l\lrs. 27 

'. 1\11'. and Mrs. Ernest G. E. (:\Iills) 
277 Russell Hill road 
('lubs. l\lr. 37 
1\Ic('onkey, :\Irs. G. S. (A lIen) 
31 King street 'Yest 
McConkey, l\ly'. ano. Mrs. Thomas 1-;'. 
(l\lay Oxley) 
44 Rt. Geol'ge :.\[ansion!' 
HeceiYf>s 1st Tueso.ay 
C'luhs. Mr. 7-:!1'-33-42--líi- 70-l\Irs. :!S-71) 

1\IcConnell. Dr, an(1 :\Irs. John Herhert 4 Li!'tt'r' 
5 Dundas street 
Receiyl:'s :!d and Hh Thursda
C'luhs, Dr. 21'-37i-4:!-46-Mrs. 

l\Ic('oy. Dr. and l\ln;;. 
. H. (('ooli.) 
459 Ayenue roao. 
Recei \"es Th u r!'day 

1\lcC'rf'ath. :\11'. and .:\Irs. Bert H. 
(l\largaret McKinnon) 
t. Clair A \'enue \Yest 

. R.. Centre Islam', Ont. 
Receiyes Thurs(lay 
Cluhs, Mr. 11' - 35 -;-,2 

McCuaig. :\11'. and .:\Irs. .Tohn B. (Brown) 
3:'8 Annette street 
Clubs, l\11". 2S-l\lrs. Runnymede Tray- 
el (,luh. 
McCulloch. Dr. and Mrs. E. A. (Powell) 
t. ('lair aYf'nue 'Yest 
TIeceiYes 4th Thursday and Frio.ay 
Clubs, Dr. IS-Mrs. 63 
l\lr. Ernest McCulloch 

l\IcCulloug-h, Dr. H. A !Ian 
34 Carlton street 
Clubs. Dr. 35 
l\Ir. J, C. Mc('ulloug-h 

1\Ic('ullough, Mr. .John 'Yo 
224 Jan'is street 
McCutcheon. Mr. ano. Mrs. Jaynes K. (Graham I 
1'6 Lowther ayenue 
ReceiYes 1st and 3(1 Friday 
McCutcheon, :\1"1'. 
n(l Mrs. Xnrman G. A. 
650 Huron street 
Recei \'es 3d Frida
McDiarmid, Mr. and 1\I1'S. Chester "'alla('e 
5 Kingscourt Apartn1ents 

, R., 611' Lake 
hore, Hanlan's Point 
Recei\'es 1st Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 31-35-1\Irs. 31 

McDonagh, Dr. and Mrs. A. .J. (O'Byrne) 
37 Prince Arthur a \"enue 
Recei\'es 2no. Friday 
C'lubs. Dr. 42-70 
Mr. Joseph McDonagh 
McDonagh. Dr. George R. 
140 Carlton street 
(,lubs, Dr. 55-56-69 
1\11'. John A, McDonagh 42-;)5 
l\IcDonald. Mr. and 1\1rs. (,harles K CMainland) 
Main street. Brampton. Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 28-35-l\'Irs. 28 
l\lcEachren, 1\11'. and Mrs. ,Yo X. (Jack
8 Elm a\"enue 
Receiyes Monda
(,lubs, Mr. 22-46-70 
1\11'. Xorman C. McEachren 4f)- 7n 
Mr. Frank Y. McEachren 3:; 
Miss Murit>l L .:\lcEachren 
1\IcEYoy, l\Ir. (B..\..
c.) and 1\Irs. James (Ray) 
210 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-
u-;)3-:\lrs. 25-66 
l\lcE\"oy. 1\Irs. James F. (Janet Gillies) 
36 Prince Arthur a\"enue 

. R., L'Original 
Recei \"es Frida
Mrs. Findley McEwen (Gilliés) 
l\liss H. F. McEwen 63 
McE\'oY, Mr. and Mrs. John A. (Fislwr) 
. '36 Roxhorough street East 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 28-37-46-61-:,irs. t:! 
McFarland. MI'. ano. l\Irs. George Franklin 
48 Glen road 
ReceÏ\'es Mono.ay 
(,Jubs, Mr. 4-1U-1
--l2-4f)-5ã-61-:\lrs, 4:? 
McFarland. MI'. and Mrs. ,Yo J. (Lozier) 
 Alexandra Palace 
ReceÌ\'es 1st 'Yednesday 
l\IcFarlane, D/'. and 1\Irs. 1\Iurray (\Yalton) 
190 Bloor 
treet East 
ReceÌyes Monday 
McGaw, :\11'. and Mrs. ()seal- E. I Ford) 
20 \\"hitney a,.\'enue 
Receiyes Frida
Cluhs, Mr. 37 -H; 
McGaw, l\lr. and Mrs. Thomas O. (King) 
32 Crescent road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st, :!o. and 3(1 Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
McGee, 1\11'. and Mrs. A Ifrerl ,J, 
(Bertha Xaomi Lou),.) 
70 Kendal ayenue 
Recei\'es Frio.ay 
(,luhs, Mr. 46 

lcGee, 1\11'. and Mrs. Oa \"id (Oshorne) 
313 Sherbourne street 
Recei\'es 20. and Hh :\Ion(la
:\lcGee. Mr. and Mrs. Harry (.McBride) 
108 Lowther a\'enUf> 
K R., 1\Iimico 
d and 3d Frida)' 

Fi [IU rc,
 refcr to club l1urn bers-see inside bacl;, corer. 



McGee, 1\11'. James C. 
116 ('ollege street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Jane :\lcGee 
McGee, :\11'. John A. 
132 Carlton street 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-3ï -4::? 
:\lrs. James Dwyer (:\lcGee) 
l\IcGi, ffin Mrs. A. B. (Balmer) 
];} Dunbar road 
Receives :\Ionday 
Mr. R. B. McGiffin 3 
Mr. G. A. McGiffin 3- ï 
l\lr. C. Y. McGiffin 3 
McGill, :\Irs. AleÀander (Mary Kenned
503 Rherbournf> street 
Receh.'es 1st :\Ionday 
Miss Flora 
\. McGill 

McGill, :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles G. (:\lartin) 
-13 Heath street "'est 
Recei,'es 4th Frida) 
Clubs. Mr. 3;) 

McGill, :\11'. and Mrs. Georg'e "0. (Brydf'n) 
]09 ',"almer road 
H. R., Hanlan's Point 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 3ï 
l\liss Lena :\lcGiIl 

McGill. l\11'. and Mrs. '\\ïlliam Rohert 
130 Tyndall a "enue 
Receh.'es 2d and 4th Thursda
1\IcG-illin'ay, Dr. and :\lrs. Donald (Xelson) 
::? Elgin a '-enue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. :!S 
?Ic(}illin'ay, :\Irs. Juhn A. (Button) 
10 'Yhitney a venue 
:\11'. hordor. B. l\lcGi]]in'ay 
l\IcGreg'oz'. :\11', and l\1r
. JO
f'j)h H. 
un C'rescf>n t road 
Receives 1st and 4th :\lon(la
C'luhs, MI'. 2X-31-33-4ß-70-:\Irs. :!:-. 
 Emma McGregor 

McGuire, :\11'. anù Mrs, ,Yo H. (:\IacXedn I 
17 Hawthol'ne an"nue 
ReceÍ\'es l\londa
C'lubs, _\11'. ï -3:; 

McGuire, l\Ir'. "'m. ,J. 
13 Maple a ,'enue 
C'luhs, Mr. 3ï 
:\11'. (-;eorge :\JcUuire 
:\1iss :\Ii llie McG-ul n" 

:\IcIlwain, :\Ir. and 1\1n;. Thomas (Ha'Ti
14 j Jame
on a \'f>nue 
ReceÏ\-es Thursda,' 
:\11'. Harold MeIlwaln 
:\JcIlwl'aith. Dr. and 1\Ir's. Kennt"'t!v ('. 
(Raunrlers) . 
30 P,'inee .\,.thur a"enue 
Reeeives Frida).' 

:\Iclndoe, _\II'. and :\Ir's. Robert S. 
The Abbotsford, 608 Jarvis street 
Clubs. 1\11'. -16-1\Irs. 6:-, 
Miss Marion :\lcIndoe 

:\Iclntosh. Mr. and Mrs. D. Taylor (:\Jeharg) 
16 "'alker avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs. :\11'. Queen City Curling Club 
Mr, Graham :\leIntosh 
Miss Isabel McIntosh 
Mr. Douglas :\Iclntosh 
Miss Jean McIntosh 

McIntosh, Mr. John A. 
-1:'í-1 :\Iarkham street 
Miss l\IcIntosh 

:\Iclnt0811, Mr. and l\lr8. Phineas (Fraser) 
119 Kendal avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday and Friday 

:\lcIntosh. Mr. and l\lrs. R. J. (Currie) 
304 81. George street 
Recei yes Friday 

h. Mr. and Mrs. '\\ïlliam D. (Leek) 
fi6 Gren'-ille street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. ï 
...\11'. \\ï1liam D. :\lcIntosh, .Jr. 3.--16 

l\lcln1)Te, 1\11'. and :\lrs. 'Yilliam T. (\Yallace) 
-1G Glen road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 19-33 

:\lcKay, :\11'. (B.A., LL.D.} and :\Ir's. AleÀander 
C. (Price) 
13 Prince Arthur :n'enue 
Recei "es Friday 
:\11'. G. P. 
Iackay, (B.A.) 
1\11'. A. L. :\JcKa

:\lcKay. l\Ir. Robel"t 
40-1 Jan'is !"treet 
Receh'es 1 st R nò 
d :\Ionda
:.\Iiss Ethel 1\1. '\lcKay 
1\11'. Frank M. :\leKay 

McKay. :\11'. and Mr:-; Roher"t. .fr. (Passmore) 

ß3 Russell Hill road 
Receives bt and 3rl Tue
Cluhs. Mr. 3i'i 

ee, Mrs. .John A. (:\leRae) 
fi3 \\'almer road 
S. R., 'Y ill mnl a Ie, On 1. 
Clubs, 1\Irs, 
:\Iiss McKee 
s Bertha :\lcKee 
.\fiss :\Iarguf'rite l\TeK

McKee. 1\11'. and l\lrs. Rtaffnrrl II. 
III:; Clinton street 
Cluhs. 1\11'. 37; also American Club 
l\TcK'eggie, l\Ir's. .las. H. {:\[ary E. BJaclistock) 

O Homewood ayenue 
Hf'ceh'es :\Ionòay 
Cluhs. :\II'
. ;;6 

 ,.('f(',. to dill, I/fl1l/hers-see ;1I.
;dt' bod.. ('0"('1". 



:\lcKeggie, Mr. and 1\Irs. John C. 
(Helen Turnbull) 
 1 Park road 

. R., De Grassi Point. Ont. 
Receives 1 st and 3d Monday 
:\I('Keuwn. Dr. and Mrs. "'aIter (\You(h;) 
7 College street 
Receives 1st Tues(lay 
Cluhs, Dr. 37 
:\Iiss \Voods 

Il" K erihen, Mr. and Mrs. Ruhert H. 
35 Thorold avenue 
Receives 1st "rednesday 
:\leKihhon, Dr. and Mrs. L, G, (Roche) 
9 Palmerston boulevard 
S, R., Xestleton, Onto 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Cluhs, Dr. 19 
:\II:Kichan, Dr, and Mrs. :\1. C. 
(Amy Brandon) 
6 Broadview avenue 

:\lcKinnon, Mr. and :vII'S, Donahl J. (Snell) 
15 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65 
:vIr. R. R. McKinnon 

:\lcKinnon, .Mr. and Mrs. George A. 
Glen road, cor. Binscarth roa(l 
Receives Monday 

:\IcKinnon, Mr. and 
Irs. ,John H, (Beatt
;)06 Jarvis street 
Heceives Monday 

:\IcKinnon, :\11'. and Mrs. John 
66S Huron street 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 7 -19- 33-4 6 

:\IcKinnon, Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. 
(Daisy Moring) 
83 Pleasant boulevard 

IcKinnnn, Mrs. Hidney F. (Mackay) 
"Strathaird," 432 Avenue roafl 
S. R., "Tigh-na Bruaich," Lake H.os- 
seau, l\1uskoka 
Receives Monday 
:\Irs. E. A. Miles (McKinnon) 

:\lcKnight, Mr. and Mrs. John (Douglas) 
244 Russell Hill road 
S, R., 112 Lake Front, Ke\\ Beach 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-71 

:\lcKnight, Mr. and Mrs. John 
(Carrie E. Hull) 
39 \Valmer road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-46-71 

:\IcLaren, :\11'. and Mrs. Duncan (Bahy) 
\Yarren road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 42-71-Mrs. 57 

:\IcLaren, Dr. and Mrs. Georg-e H. 
. (Schoenberger) 
176 Bloor street East 
Clubs, Dr. 56-71 

:\fcLaren, :\11', and l\ln;, J. F. 
Alexandra Palace 
Receives 1st 'Vednesday 
Miss Annie McLaren 
Mr. A. Douglas 

:\IcLaren, Mr. and Mrs. James A. 
(Annie Galt Mills) 
-11 Howland avenue 
Recei\'es Hh Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-3;) 
Mr. \Y. H. }'fcLaren 
Mr. John F. McLaren 
Miss Annie G. McLaren 

:\1( I.aug-hlin. Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Phelan) 
83 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
('lubs, Mr, 35 

I.aughlin. l\Ir. and Mrs John J. (('hristie) 
81 Glen road 
R R., Ferndale, Muskoka 
Receives 1 st and 
ù Monday 
Clubs, l\Ir. 42 
Mrs. ('hristie 

lr. and Mrs. M. 
Clubs, Mr. 7-55-Mrs. 28 

:\lcLaughlin. Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. 
5-1 College street 
S. R., Honey Harhor, Georgian l1ay 
Receives :!d and 3d Tuesday 

i\1cLaughlin. Mr. (K.C'.) and .Mrs, Rohert J. 
(Eliza A. Webster) 
26 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., Sturgeon Point, Onto 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35 
:vIiss Gertrude McLaughlin 
Mr. Hugh J. McLaughlin 
:\11'. V\Tilliam McLaughlin 
Miss Anna H. McLaughlin 
:\IcLean, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. (Follett) 
98 \Valmer road 
S. R., 30S Lake Shore road, Centle 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-42- 4 6 
:\1 cLean, Mr. and Mrs. James S. (Flavelle) 
65 Highlands avenue 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
(,lubs, 1\11'. 7-20-28-35-Mrs. 68 
McLean, Mr. and Mrs. 
eil A. (Xo,,"on) 
s33 Bathurst street 
S. R., Hanlan's Point, 680 Lake Shore 
ReceÏ\'es 1st \Yednesday 
:\IeLean. :\Irs. R. G, (Alice Trueman) 
23 Elm avenue 
HeceÏ\'es Monday 
Mr. Robert T. McLean 

Figures refer to club /lumbers-see inside back corer. 



1\1c'Ll:'an, Dr. and :\lrs. R. Gordon (Anderson, 
G7 Highlands avenue 
ReceÏ\"es :\londay 
Clubs, Dr. 1-28--12 

McLenag-hen. :\11'. James 
10 Lan1port a \-enue 
Receives 1st and 2d :\londa
Clubs, :\11'. 1 

\Iiss Bertha McLenaghen 

McLennan, Prof. (B.A.. Ph,D.) and 
[rs. ,John 
('. (Elsie Monro Ramsey) 
3f- Dunbar road 
Receives 1st and :!el Monday 
Clubs, Prof. 9-H-3S-55-6

McLeud, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles (\\'hitefon1) 
26 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
1\1iss McLeoel 
Miss B. :\lcLeod 
:\11'. Charles K. :\leLeod :!s 

McLeod, :\11'. and 
lrs. George J. 
(Mona Zimmerman) 
409 Huron street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7 -28-31-33--I6-
[rs. 31 

McLeod. :\Ir. and :\lrs. Henl'Y r. (Gordon I 
Clubs. Mr. 56 
:\liss Edith McLeod 
:\Iiss \ïvien 
IcLeod -12 
:\11'. Xorwood .l\IcLeod 

McI.eod, :\[1'. and :\lrs. James B. (Curry) 
:!-I3 Russell Hill drÏ\"e 
Receives 1st and 3d Fl'ic1ay 
Cluhs. :\11'. 7--16-71 

McLeod, :\[1'. and :\Irs. John .-\. 
(Cecilia Caldwell) 
103 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesela.' 
Cluhs. :\-11'. -16-71 
:\Irs. Caldwell 

liss Lenora B. Calel \\ 

Ir. John Edmond 
67S Huron street 

McLeod. :\11'. anel :\Irs. Xorman :\1 
39 Chestnut Park road 
Clubs, Mr. 33-61 

1\1cMahon. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 
116 Ht. George street 
Receives Tuesda
('luhs, Dr. 3:i 
:\Iiss Marjorie :\[cMahon 

ter. :\11'. and :\Irs. \ l'thur C, 
padina avenue 
('luhs, :\It'. l8-33-:i:i-56-liU 
ter, :\11'. and :\lrs. .John K. 
22s Poplar Plains road 
s l
t and 2d ThUl'
Clubs, :\11'. 33-3-1-70-:\frs, 3-1-70 

:\lc:\laster, :\11'. and :\lrs. Rohert H. F. 
Iadison avenue 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs. Mrs. :!5-36-;;
Mr. Clarence "Y. McMaster 
Mr. Percy K. \V. :\[cMaster 

[c:\[jchael, :\11'. and Mrs. Albert Forester 
35 Dunvegan road 
Receives 1st Friday 
:\[c:\lichael, :\11'. and 1\1rs. Peter (\Yardell) 
7 Dowling a \'enue 
ReceÏ\-es 1st Thursday 
Clubs. :Mr. 1-4-20-33-:\I1's. 2;; 
Miss Jeap A. 
fc:\lichael 2:) 
:\lci\IichaeI. :\11'. anel 1\1rs. Solon \'"" 
101 St. Georg-e street 
Clubs, 1\11'. 33 
Mr. Charles M. McMichael 
Miss Jessie McMichael 

[jchael. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney U. 
98 Roxborough street \Yest 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 20 

liJ]an, Mr. Henry T. 
Xational Club 
Cluhs, :\11'. 33-:i6-70-71 

lr. and Mrs. .lames 
. (Hosme1'l 
118 Grenadier road 

Ir. and 
[rs. Leonan1 L. (Hmith, 
311 Jan-is street 
Clubs, :\11'. 37-42--I6-56-.l\Irs. :i6 

:\1e:\lm'ray. 1\11'. and Mrs. Louis H. (Mara I 
10 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 5-7-46-!i6-Mrs. 

Irs. Henry S. l\fara (Prue) 

1\1C":\lurrich, :\11'. and Mrs. Arthur Hed])ath 
191 Cottingham street 
R R.. De Gl'assi Point. Lake 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 35--If;-71 

Mc':\[urrich. :\[1'. and Mrs. G. Temple (
!i8 "'00<11a\\'n a\'enue 
Receives 1st and 3el Frida
Cluhs. Mr. 33 
Miss .Jessie I\IcMurrich 

:\le:\Iurrich, :\11'. and .:\Irs. George (Drunul1nnd, 
10:i Madison avenue 
R R.. De Grassi Point, T.ahf' f-'imC"tlt- 
Miss nladys :\-leMurrlch 
:\Jiss Jessie .l\fe:\lurrich 

lurrich, Prof. and. :\[rs. .J. I'la
7;j Forest Hill road 
HeceÏ\"es ThursIlay 
Cluhs. Prof. 5:i-69-:\[rs. 2:.-:i7 
s Kathleen 

Figurcs 1"cfcr to club lIltlllb('r8-S(,C i/l.'
id(' bacT; corcr. 



Irs. ',,"my B. (Georgiana Dewar) 
:!9 Prince Arthur avenue 
S. R., "Harmony Hall," Lake Joseph, 

luskoka, Ont. 
Recei ves Friday 
:\:1iss L. Dewar 
l\lc:\lurtry, Mr. and Mrs. \Ym.. E. (Hostrawser) 
42 Bernard avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 22-46-71 
:\Ic:\lurtry, Mr. and 1\1rs. Wm. J. <'Vaters) 
98 Jameson avenue 
Receives 4th Thursday and Friday 
Ir. 71--Mrs. 66-67 

lc:\Iurtry, Mr. '\Villiam J. 
403 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 

1iss Gertrude Fothergill McMurtry 
Mr. Roy :\lcMurtry 
lr. and Mrs. '\Vm. A. 
(Gertrude 1\1. Lewis) 
1 Triller avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46-!'í2 
:\lcXally, :Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam J. I 
51 Oakmount road 
K R., Miner's Bay 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 3-H-51-52-l\Irs. 66 
:\lcXaught, Mr. and :\lrs. Charles B. (Seath) 
33 Dun vegan road 
R. R., Georgian Bay, Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
:\IcXaught, Mr. and Mrs. "
illiam K. (Lmlsdin) 
614 Huron street 
S. R., Hì8 Breakwater, Centre Island, 
Toron to 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-46 
:\11'. 'Ym. C. McXaught. Calgary, Alberta 
:\IcXeill, Rev. and Mrs. John \ Miller) 
15 Surrey place 
Receives Tuesday 
.:\IcPhellran, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander 
1;)1 Bloor street West 

. R., Go Home Bay 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-9-:!9-6'-Mrs. 2i}-:!9-6fi 
Dr. and Mrs. "Tm. Fletcher :\lcPhedran 
Dr. :\laurice McPhedran 42 
Miss Lois McPhedran 
.:\IcPherson. Dr. and Mrs. David ,Yo (Sloane) 
;)56 Bathurst street 
Receives 1 st and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 10-71 

lcPherson. 1\11'. (R.C'., :\I.P.P.) and :\lrs. 'Yil- 
Ham D. (Batten) 
Ii :\leredith Crescent 
R R., "The Bluff," Lake R08seau, 
Receives 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-9-19-46: also Rideau 
Club, Ottawa-Mrs. 42 
:\11'. 'Vil1iam B. :\lcPherson 46 
:\11'. George B. McPherson 46 
:\11'. B. McPherson 32 
:\1iss Edith McPherson 42 
Miss Constance :\lcPherson 

:\lcPhillips, :\11'. and :Mrs. Frank (Lynes) 
482 Huron street 
S. R", Port Sandfield, Muskoka 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37 
:\1C'Quade, Mrs. Alice O. (Ovas) 
438 Markham street 
Recei\'es Thursday 
Mr. E. A. MC'Quade 

McQueen, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Turner) 
585 Dovercourt road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st \Yednesday 
:\11'. Allen A. McQueen, \Yinnipeg 
:\1iss OIÏ\'e A. :\lcQueen 
::\lcRoherts, :\Irs. A. (Sager) 
285 St. George street 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
:\lcTaggart, Mr. and Mrs. 'VelIington O. 
102 Delaware avenue 
S. R., Port Elgin 
Clubs, Mr. 4-19 
Miss Aileen McTaggart 
:\iiss Gladys McTaggart 
:\IeTa\-ish, Mr. anò Mrs. Kewton (,Johnson) 
131 Macpherson avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 3 
:\lc\ïttie, Capt. and Mrs, John 
(Emily Jane Hall) 
597 Huron street 
Receives 2d \Vednesday 
Clubs, ('apt. 10-71-Mrs. :!;) 
:\IcYity, :\11'. and Mrs. Frank H. (:-jtreet) 
íS Roxborough street "\vest 
Receives Friday 

:\Ic\ïty, :\11'. George H. G. 
32 Murray street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d 'Yednesday 
Miss Louie McVity 
', Mr. and Mrs. John Mer('et. 
(Mary A. Stephenson) 
107 Roxborough street East 
R R., Eastbourne, Lake Sinlcoe 
Receives Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 7-19-33-54-71 
Mr. Harry McWhinney 
hinney, Mr. (R.C'.) and Mrs. \Yilliam J 
16 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. 1\11'. 1-33-37-Mrs. i2-68 
:\Ic\Yilliams, Dr. and :\lrs. V. H. (Sneppanl, 
43 \Yellesley street 
Recei ves l\londay 
Cluhs, Dr. 22 

:\Iacallum. Prof. (Rc.D.. F.R.S.) and Mrs. Ar- 
chibald B. (Bruce) 
The rnÏ\'ersity 
Cluhs, Prof. 55-69 
Dr. A. Bruce Macallum 
:\11'. E. Xeil Macallum 
:\11'. A. Douglas Macallum 

Fi!Jures refer to club nwnbers-see inside back cover. 



Mac -\rthur, :\-11'. and :\lrs. A. Douglal' 

s :\ladison avenue 
Recei yes 
d Friday 
lr. 1-4-37-46-71; also London 
Club and Hamilton Club 
:\lacbeth, ::\11'. and :\lrs. George M. 
8 Alexandra Palace 
Recf'ives \Yednesrlay 
:\liss :\leta :\lacbeth 
:\11'. Kenneth :\lacbeth 
Mr. Dalton :\lacbeth 
:\lacBeth. :\:1rs. John 
Russex Court, 
1 Sussex ayenue 
Clubs, Mrs. 42 

lacBeth, :\11'. and :\lrs. John C. ::\1. 
Care of 103 Dowling avenue 
:\lacCallum, Dr. and Mrs. .James :\1. 
36 'Varren road 
Receives 1st and 
d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Dr. 4
:\Iacdonald, :\11'. and :\:1rs. A. A. (Laidlaw) 
 Bernard a\'enue 
R. R., Fort Rauch, \ïctoria road, Onto 
Receives Friday 
:\Iiss Dorothy Macdonald 
:\liss :\Iargaret :\:1acdonald 

:\1acclonald, :\1rs, Adam F. (Mary Edey) 
139 Isabella strf'et 
S. R.. "ïndermere, Muskoka, Onto 
::\11'. Fergus E. :\:1acdonald 
:\11'. Xorman ::\lacdonalrl 
:\1'1'. Aclam :\1. :\lacdonald 

lrl(.tlonald. :\lr. and ::\lrs. Alan H. 
(Ottilie \Yalker) 
74 St. Clair avenue "

Receives Thursday 
ubs. :Ur. 46-;)5 

:\Iacdonald, Dr. and :\1rs. Albert .A. 
 Bedforcl road 
Recei yes Friday 
Cluhs, Dr. 37-56-69 
:\1iss Francf's \Y. G. Macrlonald j:) 
:\11'. Archihald 'V. :\1acdonald 55 
:\1 acdonald, Mr. and M"s. ("harles S. (Magee) 

2 Foxbar road 
R. R., Loch Helen, :\Ianitoulin Island, 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-46-5ß-ß1-:\lr8. 42 

:\la('.lonal(1. Rev. OLA.) and :\lrs. D. Bruce 
Rt. Andrew's f"ollege, Xorth Rosedale 
Receives ::\Ionday 
Clubs, He\'. 7-:\lrs. 42 
:\facclonalcl, ::\1,.. and :\Irs. Donald (Xichnls) 
;)79 ,Tan'is street 
Hecei ves :\Ionday 
("luhS, :\11'. 3:; 
:\Iiss ('a ,"olyn ::\1ac(10nald 

:\lacdonald, :\11'. and :\lrs. George Harold 
(Florence C'ra wford) 
113 Lawton a venue 
MacDonald, :\11'. and Mrs, H. T. (Da\"Ï(h;on) 
7 Castle Frank road 
Receives 1st :Monday 
Clubs. :\11'. 7 
'11'. "TaIteI' Davidson 
:\lacdonald, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. (Christian) 
87 Spadina road 
d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-33-35-Mrs. ßß-ß7 
:\11'. Gordon l\lacDonald 
Miss .Tean MacDonald 
::\Irs. Christian (Anderson) 
:\lacdonalfl, :\11'. and Mrs. J. Bruce (Smith) 
575 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-22-37-46-;)3-j6-69-:\lrs 
Mr. Francis Harold Macdonald 46 
Mr. Francis Arthur Harrison 46 

:\Iacdonald, Mr. and :\lrs. J. Fraser 
140 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37':';)6-70-71-:\lrs. ;)6-::i7 
:\11'. John ::\:1acdonald 
::\11'. George :\lacdonald 

:\lacDonald. Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon 
(Gooderham. ) 
63 Spadina road 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-56-69-Mrs. :;:;-;)6 

:\Iacdonald, Mr. and Mrs. James A. 
10:) Bedford road 
Clubs, Mr. 55-Mrs. 55 
:\facrlonalrl, :\11'. James H. (K.C.) 

4 \Villcocks street 
Recei yes Tuesday 
Ir. 6!1 
:\1iss Bf'a trice :\lacdonald 

lr. anrl Mrs. ,John 
(St. Claire Hungerford) 
116 Farnharm avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33 

:\lac(lonald, :\11'. John K. 
"('ona Lodge," 33 C'harlf's strf'et Ea:-;t 
S. n., Loch Helen, .:\lanitoulin 181a1111 
("Iuhs, :\Ir. ;)3 
:\Iil's Hf'lf'n :\lacdonal(l 4:! 
Rf-'N'ives :\lunday 

:\Ia('(lonalcl. :\11'8. O\'erton F. (Rulli\'all I 
20 P,'ince Arthur a \'enue 
Rf'cei Vf'S Frida)T 

:\lactlnnaltl. l\lr. Peter 
17ß RoxbOl"oug-h strf'et East 
:\11'. Henry R. Macdonald 
:\Iiss Eldred :\la('(lonalcl 25-68 
ReceÍ\'es 1st and 4th Tuesday 

Fi!lllrr,ç rrfn' In dllb II 11111 lÞrr.ç-R('(' i".<Úd(' lweI.- ('orrr. 



Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. 
(Alice Xorine) 
203 Geoffrey street 
Macdonald. Mrs. Randolph (Ferguson} 
3 Rusholme road 
8. R.. "\Vayside:' Little Metis. Que 
Receiyes Friday 
Mr. Frank 1\1, Macdonald 
Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. (Rolly) 
4;; Elm. ayenue 
Recei "es Monday 
Cluhs. Mr. 46-Mrs. 6;) 
.:\lacdonald, Mrs. Urant 
(Sarah Gilderslee\'e' 
109 Bedford mad 
Receives Friday 

'Iiss H. Grant Macdonald 
l\Iacdonald. Colonel and .:\lrs. \Yillial1l C. 
48;) Huron street 
S. R.. De Grassi Point. Lake Hil1lcoe. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Col. 10-53-55-;;6-6::1 -:\-lrs. ;i;i-;)7 
.:\liss Flora Macdonald 
:\11'. Fred ,Yo Macdonald !);) 
Miss Louise Macdonald 
Macdonald, Mr. and 1\11'S. "ïlliam R. 
(Ei I een Margaret Bu rn s ) 
34 South drÍ\'e 
Receives Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-7 -:!O 
Macdonell. Mr. (K,f'.) and Mrs, A. McLean 
( Powell I 
3;) Prince Arth ur a yenue 
Recei yes Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-19-36-46-;)3 
:\11'. Ian McLean Macdonell 
.:\Iiss Helen Macdonell 
MacDougal. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan J. 
( Murray) 
430 Brunswick avenue 
Recei ,'es Frida
Cluhs. Mr. 35-50-71 

Macdougal. :\11'. and Mr
. \Ym. P. 
(Xellie "'right) 
641 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, !\lr. 42-46 
Mace, :\lrs. George .A. (Ryan) 
44 Elm. avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
s Georg-ina Mace 
Miss Isabel Mace 
Macf'Y. 1\11'. and Mrs. (", \\
. (Garrett) 

 7 Rosedale road 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 6 
!\lr. Alton Macey 
:l\Iacfal'lane, Mr. and :\Irs. George H, (Gilman) 
80 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mrs. 65 
:\11'. L
'ndsay Macfarlane 

Iiss Dorothy Macfarlane 

Macfarlane. Mr. and Mrs, Stuart 
(LiYingston I 
Hampton Court. 
1 Avenue roa<t 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 35 
.:\IacGillivray. Mrs. John (Telfer) 
7:! S1. Alban street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Jean MacGillhra:-- 
Miss Agnes MacGillivra)' 
:\lacCrregor. Mr. (LL.B.) and :\11's. Alexanaer 
(Alice Rosehrugh) 

3 Woodlawn a"enue "'est 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs. Mr. 7-3;) 
MacGregor. Mr, and :\1I's. James Patrick 
Ansonia Apartments, 14:! Spadina rd 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 7-:\lrs. 

:\lacGregor, :\11'. :\larshall 
74 Beaty aYenue 
Clubs. Mr. 35 
:\11'. Frederick 
, MacGl'egor 
Mr. Roy C, l\lacGreg-or 

.:\Iachell. Dr. and .1\II's. Henry T. 
9!) Bellevue a yenue 
S. R.. Point au Baril. Georgian Bay 
Recehes Thursday 
Clubs. Dr. 69-Mrs. 57 
Mr. Maurice I. Machell -l6 
:\11'. H. Eric Machell 46 
!\1r. Geoffrey !\lach ell 
Mac-Innes, Mr. and Mrs, Beverley 

 Poplar Plains I'oad 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs. Mr. 37 -
5-56-60-6::J-Mrs, 55 
MacInnes. Mr. (K,C.) and 
.Irs. Cnarles 
(Pa tteson ) 
1 Admiral road 
ReceÍ\'es Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 1-55-;;6-60-69-:\lrs. 5;;-56 

MaeIntosh. Mr. and 
II'S, .Alex. A. 
( Jean Th on1.son ) 
366 Indian road 

Madntosh. Mr. and Mrs. John A. (
70 Forest Hill road 
Recei yes Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-:)3-;);) 
Mr. Donald A. MacIntosh 

l\Iacka.\'. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. (\Yilkins, 
551 Huron street 

Mac1,;:ay. Capt. and Mrs. J. Drummond 
46 'Vellesle
' street 
S. R.. \Yellesley Island, .:\Iuskol,;:a 
Clubs. Capt. 10-:\II's. 
;)-:-jï -66-6S 

Mac-kay. Mr. and 
lrs, John (Douglas) 

4 Madison a,.enue 
Recei ve
Clubs, Mr. 19-;)3-()f
lrs, r.r. 

Figures rcfer to club '11u'inbers-see inside bacl.. corcr. 



MacKay, Mr. and Mrs. John F. DIary DoYle) 
88 "-almer road 
S. R., Port Dover. Ont. 
(,lubs, Mr. 7-33-3;)-Mrs. G6 
:\Ir. J. Ewart MacKay 
Mackay, Miss Margaret 
:?:;O Hu ron street 

Mackay, :\lr. "-iJIiam 
559 Jarvis street 
MacKelcan, :\Irs, Frank (Jean :\Icl. Dunlop) 
5;5 Huron street 
S. R.. Indian HarrJur, Georgian Bay. 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. Frerl R. MacKelcan 4 
l\Iiss Agnes Dunlop 
Mackellal', :\11'. and 
Irs. John A. (Do(lge) 
47 :\ladison a \'enut> 
Recei \'es Frirlay 
Clubs, :\lr. 33-37-46-;)6: al
o Lamb'
Club, Xew York City 
l\lr. Strathy R. ::\Iackellar 
l\IacKendrick. Mr. and l\lrs. 'Yilliam G. 
2;)5 Roxborough street East 
S. R" Centre Island 
Receives l\londay 
Clubs. Mr, 33-Mrs. 66 
:\Iiss Lorna MacKendrick 
::\lr. Gordon King MacKendrick 
Mackenzie. ::\lr. and Mrs, Alex. 
65 Crescent road 

Mackenzie. Dr. Alexander John 
4 Carlton street 
í'luhs, Dr. 7-28-33-61-69 
:\Ir. H. R. Mackenzie 
l\lackenzie, ::\lr. and l\Irs. E. (Macdonald) 
12:? Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st "-ednesday 
Dr. D, 'V. Mackenzie 
Mackenzie, ::\1iss Eleanor 
46 _\dmiral road 
Clubs, Miss 28-5;)-56 
Mackenzie, :\11'. and Mrs. George G, 
(Mary Ann Thompson) 
:)0 Dewson street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 31-l\Irs, 31 
Miss Ada C. l\Iackenzie 31 
Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon (Dono\'an) 
31 '\Valmer road 
Recei ves Friday 
('luhs. ::\Ir. 37-fi5-fiO-,;\lrs. ;;:; 
::\11'. Gordon Mackenzie 
:\1iss :\Iackenzie !):) 
Miss Violet Mackenzie ;);) 
:\11'. John l\lackenzie 
:Mackenzie. l\'Iiss Isabel C. 
410 Dovercourt road 
Cluhs, Miss 2
Mackenzie, :\11'. J. '\Villiam 
Sussex í'ourt. 21 Sussex a \'enUe 
f'lulls. Mr. 7-33-37-46-:;4-:;6-71 
Mackenzie. :\'Irs. ,James M. (Field) 
Rt. George l\lansions 
í'luhs, l\Irs. 57 

Mackenzie, :\11'. and Mrs. .Janws X. 
(Edythe 1\1. :\lcClary) 

62 Russell Hill road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-2-4-46-70-l\Irs. 65 
:\Iackenzie. :\Ir. and :\Irs. John Â, (Stale\') 
61 "'oodlawn a\'enue 'Yest 
Mr. Clarence l\lackenzie 
:\lackenzie, Prof. (B.A.) and :\lrs. .John J, 
43 Chestnut Park 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesday 
Clubs, Prof. 5;';-60 
:\Iackenzie, ::\lr. and Mrs. Kenneth F 
( Aileen Sinclair) 
4S Castle Frank road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st l\londay 
Clubs, :\Ir. 42-70-:\lrs. 42 
:\lacKenzie. Prof. and Mrs. Michael A. (Xin>n) 
1 Bellwoods Park 
l\1iss Frances 

ir "-illiam and Lady (:\lelTY) 
"Bene\'enuto." 3;)0 A \'enue road 
S. R., Kirkfield 
Recei \'es Frida v 
Clubs, Sir "TilÌiam 1-; -2
-33-37 -46-53- 
55-56-69-Lady 57 
Miss Bertha :\lackenzie 55 
:\Iiss Ethel l\Iackenzie 55 

l\lackenzie. Mr. and :\ll's, 'Yilliam C. (Fraser) 
13S Balmoral avenue 
ReeeÏ\'es 1st and 3d Thursday 
:\lr, 'Villiam A, ::\lackenzie 33 
::\Ir. Alexander C. l\Iackenzie 

Mackie, :\11'. and l\lrs. A lhert (Dickson) 
482 A\'enue I'oad 
Recei\'es Thursday 
í'luhs. Mr. 70-71 

Macklem, :\lr. and ::\lrs. Herbert G. (Ross) 
112 Bedford road 
Receives 1st and 3ð Frida)' 
Clubs, Mr. 123 
Miss Laura :\lacklem 
:\Irs, Lewis Ross (Clute) 2;)-67 

:\Iacklem, :\Ir. and :\Irs. L, ('lark 
(Jennie S. C. Dickson) 
124 St. GeOl'ge stl'eet 
Heceives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
í'lubs, ::\lr. 4-::\II's. 6;)-66-6

:\lacklt-'Il1, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Oliver H. (:\Iacklem) 
"The Glen," 7 l\IacRenzie a venue, 
S. R., st. Andrews, X, B. 
Receh"es 1st and 3d Monàa)' 
(,lubs, Mr. 4-53-5;)-l\lrs. :;5 
:\lr. Tiffany ::\lackleID 53-55 
.l\Ir. H(>dley C. l\lacklem 53-!);:) 

 Phyllis R. l\IaC'klem 
l\fachlem, l\lr, and l\lrs. 
"Interbru('ken," 40 Glen road 
Receh'es ::\Ionflay 
Clubs, Mr. 53 
1\Ir. Douglas Macklem 37-53 

Pigure,ç refer tu dul, 1lumbers-see 1118id(' btt('IL



::\Iacklem, Rev, T. C. Street 
790 Queen street 'Vest 
::\1aclachlan, :\11'. and Mrs. A. ,Yo nnlls) 
183 Carlton street 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
::\1iss Maida Maclachlan 
1\11', K. S. Maclachlan 
:\IacLaren. :Mr. and Mrs. A. F, (Janet 
30 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 1 
Mr. K. F. MacLaren 
:\1aclaren. Mr. and Mrs. ,J ohn F. (Ewing) 
137 'Vinchester street 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs, 66 
:Uaclaren, Hon, Mr. Justice John J. 
SO Roxborough street East 
:l\Iiss E. G. Maclaren 
Miss G. W. Maclaren 
::\11', K. B, Maclaren 
t :\londay and Tuesday 
:\IacLean, Mr. Hugh C. 
5 Cluny a venue 
S. R., "Duart," Muskoka 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-33-42-46-53 
:\Iaclean, Lieut.-Col. and :\1rs. John Bayne 
 Hill, Da\'enport road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 10-37-56-69:also St. 
.Tames Club of Montreal. S1. Mau- 
rice Club of Quebec, and :\10ntreal 
Hunt ('lub-Mrs. 55-57 -();) 
::\Iaclennan. Dr. and ::\1rs. Duncan X. 
126 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
("lubs, Dr. 35-46-5() 
::\Iaclean, ::\11'. and Mrs. ,\\'iIJiam B. 

2 Highlands a venue, Rosedale 
R. R., Parry Sound 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-55-56 
::\1aclean, :\11'. 'Vm. F. DI.P.) 
Care of 40 Richmond street "-'est 
S, R.. Donlands. Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 56; also Rideau Cluh, Ot- 
Mr. Hugh .J. Maclean 56 
Miss Mary L. Maclean 56 
:\Iaclennan, ::\11'. anrl Mrs. James J. 
2 Sultan street 
Receives Friday 
("lubs, Mr. 27-35-53 
Miss Louie Cunningham 
:\1iss Margaret Maclennan 
Miss Louise :\Iaclennan 
:\facLennan, Mrs. Roderick 
(Helen MacLennan) 
115 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
::\Iiss Bella ::\lacLellan 
::\liss Kate MacLellan 
::\liss Christina MacLennan 
:\11'. A. L. MacLennan 
::\'Ir. C. C. MacLennan 

Maclennan, :\Ir. anrl :\lrs. Roderick .J. 
30 Murray street 
S. R., Gordon Bay, ::\luskoka. On t. 
Receives \\'ednesday 
:\-JacMahon, Mr. and Mrs. Harold ,Yo (Cook) 
267 St. George street 
ReceÌ\'es Frida
Cluhs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 28 

1ac:\1illan, Dr. and Mrs, Robert J. (Laidlaw) 
74 Gerrard street East 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 22 
:\lacMul"chy, MI". (R.C.) and ..\Irs. Angus 
67 Chestnut Park 
Recei \'es Tuesday 
("Iubs, Mr. 3-53-55-69-Mrs. ;) 'j 
'. Miss Helen (M.D.) 
133 Bloor street East 
Miss Bessie MacMurchy 42 
::\Iiss Marjory MacMurchy 
::\11'. J. Campbell MacMurchy 
:\1acmurtry, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur (Brodie) 
221 Geoffrey street 
8. R., Port Hope, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-41; also Board of 'fl'al]t> 
::\liss Xellie Macmurtry 
:\-Jiss Florence Macmurtry 
::\liss Edna Macmurtry 
:\lr. R. _-\. B. .Macmurtry 
::\1acnah, Re\'. Canon and Mrs, Alexander 'Vel- 
lesley (Gryffydd) 
120 'VeIls street 
Receives 1st and 2d Fl"iday 
Clubs, Rev. 19-Mrs. 67 
::\lacXeil, Rev. John 
SS Albany avenue 
Cluhs, Rev. 7-42 
::\Iiss Elizabeth :\-JacXeil 
l\liss Annie MacXeil 
Receives Friday 
:\lacX eill, :Mr. '\Villiam C. 
;)99 Spadina a\'enue 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
::\1acpherson, Mr. and Ml"s. Alexander 
(Jean Miln) 

S 81. George street 
R. R.. 316 Lake Shore road, Centre 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-42-71 
lr. and Mrs. Alexander C. 
IS2 Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-42-71 
I\lr. A. M. Macpherson 
Mr. J. H. Macpherson 
Miss Gladys Macpherson 
::\1acpherson. Mr. and Mrs. Rohert r. 
(Margaret Dickson Cowan) 
22 Dunbar road 
ReC'eÌ\'es Monday 
("lubs, Mr. 3:1-42 
::\liss ::\/[ildrerl G. Macpherson 
::\liss Elsie Maye Macpherson 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside back rOl'er. 



lacpherson, :'.lr. and :\Irs. \Y. E. (Bollard) 

 Roxhorough street East 
ReeeiH's Tuesday 

:\lacrae, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Hubert H. 
(Lillian Elizaheth Elliott) 
I! 2 College street 
S. R., 362 Centre Island 
Recei yes Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-20-46-53-;)6-69-Mrs. 57 

:\Iacrae, :\11'. X orman 
Prince George Hotel 

. R., 308 % Centre Island 
lr. 1-37-46-53-56-69 

:\lagann. :\Ir. and Mrs. G. Plunkett 
19 Laburnam avenue 
Ir. :i6-:\i[rs. 56 

:\Iagee, :\lr. and 
lrs. Rohert \Y. (:\lcClemont) 
7 Hillcrest avenue 

:\Iaguire, Mr. and 
lrs. John 
102 Dunvegan road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Irene Magui re 

:\Iag-uire. :\lr. and :\Irs. Thomas (Prouse) 
3S Dun vegan road 
Receives Thursday 

:\Iag\\ ood, Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Xewton 
414 Dovercourt road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Cluhs, Dr. 7 
:\Irs. E. J. McLean (Kerr) 
Mr. Russel G. McLean 

:\lain, Mr. and :\lrs. John J. (:\lcCahon) 
40 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-37-53-Mrs. 65 

:\Ialcolm, Mr. and :\lrs. Richard D. (Stewart) 
127 South drive 
Receives 1st and :!d :\Ionday 
:\11'. Charles :-;. Malcolm 
Mis!'! :\Iarjorie L. 

:MalIon, :\Ir. and 1\lrs. James \\". 
375 Brunswick avenue 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, MI's. 68 

:\lal1on, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (Mulvey) 
332 Spadina road hill 
Heceives Hh Friday 

:\1alllwy, I )1'. and :\Irs. Fred 4 Harrow) 
3.. (1ro,!';\.enol. 

. H., Point au Baril, Georgian Bay. 
Cluhs, Dr. :!
-3:i; alsn 11uepn City 
Curling ('Iuh 

:\laIlOlT, :\Ir. anel :\1I's. l\lan;hall n. 
2:!6 llf'verley I'tl'eet 
Heceives 2d and 4th \\Ot'llnesday 
f'lulls, 1\'Ir. 7- :\11's, j 

Malone, :\11'. and :\lrs. Anthony L. (Ada Prior) 
;)89 A venue road 
S. R., 302 Lake Shore road. Centre 
Island, ant. 
Clubs, :\Ir. 31-33-46; also Queen City 
Curling Club 
:\lr. James Blackey 
Malone, ::\Ir. and :\lrs. Elias T. (MorphY) 
86 Queen's Park 
So R., Jackson's Point 
Receives 1st and 
d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-3ã-4:! 
Mr. Frank T. :\Ialone 35 
Mr. Gerald :\lalone 3,'} 
Manchee, :\lr. and :\lrs. Leonard \\-. (Taylor) 
Ir. 7-2R-33-:\lrs. 2
:\Ir. \\ïnchell :\Ianchee 
.:\lr. Vincent ::\Ianchee 

lann, Sir Donald and Lady (\YiIliams) 
161 S1. George street 

. R., "FaIlingbrook," Kingston road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :-;ir Donald 7-37-55-56-f;9-Lady 
::\lr. Donald C. 
Mann, :\Ir. and Mrs. 

59 Russell HilI ròad 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, ::\lr. 3;)- j(j 
Manning, Re\". and :\Irs. C. E. (Leary) 
430 Palmerston houlevard 
Receives 3(1 Thursday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-HI 
:\lr. H, E. Manning 
Miss :\Iuriel ::\Ianning 
Manning, ::\11'. and Mrs. f'. ::\1. 
lcLeod uf Durness) 
28 Xanton a\.enue 
Receives 1st ::\Ionday 
:\Ianning. ::\11'. and :\Irs. James (Peard) 
620 _-\.venue roall 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, .:\Ir. 3;) 
1\1r. Trevor R. ::\lanning 46 

lanning, ::\11'. Percy A. 
7 \Yalmer road 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 37-:i5-:i6-60-69 
::\Irs. James n. :\lorrison (
Miss Xaomi ::\IOITison 
:\Iiss Genevieve :\Iorrison 
:\[ara, ::\Ir. and :\Irs, Freel 0. (Bligh t) 
311 Roxborough street East 
::\Iara, :\Irs. Hf'nry 
. (Prue) 
10 ('hf'
tnut Park 
:\Iara, :\11'. and :\Irs. "F. Harol11 (Lf'e) 
334 Roxboroug-h street East 
Hf'cf'Ìvf'S :\Ionlla
Cluhs. ::\11'. ï-33-42-4fì-!\lr
. 21) 
::\Iara, ::\Ir
. "'illiam 4. Gihhons) 
1 ::\fc :\Iaster a n:'nue 
Receives FI'illay 
::\Ir. r.f'orge K :\Iara 
::\Ir. John .Â. !\Ial'a 

/';Yllrcs /"fl(T to club ll11mbers-scc illSirlf' "ad.. ('U/"( r. 



!\larani. )'ll'S. 
. B. (Mason) 
80 Oriole road 
Mr. F. Herhert l\1al'ani 
),11'. Geoffrey R. Marani 
Mark, ::\11', and Mrs. Allan A. I Rohinson) 
4;; Madison avenue 
R R., Hanlon's Point 
 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-71 
Marks, Ml'. and Mrs. A. H. 
(ZelIa Dunbar) 
1345 Yonge street 
S. R., Deer LaIH', Parry 
ound. Ont. 
ReceÍ\'es 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. ï -33 
 Aileene :Marks 
Marlatt, Mr. and :\Irs. Cecil (::-. 
(B. S, 
. Marlatt) 
OakYille, Ont. 
Recei ,'es Friday 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 31-33-3fi-4ß-ß9-:\lrs. fi7 
:\11'. Kenneth D. Marlatt ::!S-46-ïl 
Marlow, Dr. anù ::\11'8. Fredericl\: 'Yilliam 
417 Bloor street V\
Rf'ceÍ\'e8 1 st Frirlay 
Clubs. Mr. 19-Mrs. 
Marlow, Mr. and Mrs. John R. 
117 Giyens street 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Marseilles. Mr. and Mrs. "-UI.. (Greer) 
459 Palmf'l'ston boule"ard 
Receiyes 1st Thursday 
Marsh, Mrs. Alfred H. 
1;; Charles street "-est 
Marsh, l\lr. and Mrs. F. H. 
3:) Fairview ayenue 
Clubs, Mr, 33-4
Marshall. :\11'. and Mrs. Kenric R. (Kirkland) 
97 Glen road, Rosedale 
R. R., The Chestnuts, Dum.barton, Ont 
Clubs. Mr. 4-10-33-37-4
-56-Mrs. 4:!- 

Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. Lorne P. (Casey) 
108 Jameson ayenue 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receiyes 3d Friday 
Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. X. Clifford 
(Van Tassell) 
3 Sherhourne street 
S. R.. Dunbarton, Ont., and Lorne 
ReceÏ\"es 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-31-33-37-:\lrs. 6:i 
1\Iarshall. ),11'. Koel G. L. 
1';23 Sherbourne street 
R R., Dunharton, Ont. and Lorne 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-5-17-19-

56; also Buffalo Club and Buffalo 
Country Club 
Mr. and Mrs. X. Clifford Marshall 
(Van Tassel Þ 
ReceÍ\'es 1st Monday 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. "-illiam J. (Terriff) 
190 Jameson avenue 
S. R., Muskoka 
Clubs, Mr. 'j 
Mr. S. B. Marshall 46 
1\11'. L. P. Marshall 
Martens, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. 
150 "-almer road 
ReceÍ\'es 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-37-16-:\11'8. 65 
Martin, Miss Elizabeth 
67 Lowther a venue 
ReceiveI!'; Friday 
Mr. William Martin 3:! 
Mr. .T ohn Martin 4 
Mr. .Tames S. Martin 
Martin, Mr and Mrs. Henry ,JaSI)er 
46 Elm avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 28-70-ïl 
Martin, Mr. Samuel 8. 
100 Pembroke street 
Clubs, Mr. 3á 
The Misses l\Iartin 
Receives Tuesday 
Mr. Samuel R Martin, .Jr. 
Martin, Mr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam A, tBowling) 
19 South drive 
S. R., Bea verton, On t. 
Rec-eives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 20-70-Mrs. 66 
Man-in, Mr. and Mrs. 
tuart A. (Craig) 
887 Bathurst street 
S. R., Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35 
Miss Marjorie Marvin 
Mr. Harvey Marvin 

Mason. Dr. and Mrs. A. 'Yallace 
(Julia Kidd) 
659 Spadina a venue 
S. R., Bt. Catharine's 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Mr. and Mrs, S. Lorne Fear 
(Pansy Mason) 63-66 

Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (Hargraft) 
100 Park road 
Recei ,'es Monday 

Mason, Mr. Alfred J. 
441 Jarvis street 
Mr. Thomas G. Mason 33 
Mr. Henry H. Mason 33-3;) 
Miss Kate E. Mason 68 
ReceÍ\"es Monday 

Mason. Mr. and 
frs. Harry G. (:\Iartin) 
468 Markham street 
Receives Thursday 

Mason, Mrs. J. Herhert (Campbell) 
295 Russell Hill road 
S. R., Chief's Island. Youho, P.O., 
Lake Joseph, )'Iuskoka 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Miss Mason (Collingwood) 
Miss Amy E. Mason 57 
Capt. Douglas H. C. !\lason 10--t

Figures refer to club 'llU1nbcrs--8ee inside back eorcr. 



:\lason, The Hon. Col. and Mrs. James 
(Elizabeth Cooper) 
43 Queen's Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Col. 10-19-32-33-37-53-56-69; 
also Rideau Club, Ottawa; l\lanitoba 
Club, \Vinnipeg; and 
avy Club, 
London, Eng.-:\Irs. 25 
Miss .!\Iason 25 

:\Iason, Major (D,S.O.) and Mrs. J. Coopt'r 
268 St. George street 
S. R., "Eirnem.i," \\rindermere, Mus. 
d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Major 4-10-19-32-46-53; also 
Argonaut Rowing Club-Mrs. 25-32 
Mason, Lieut.-Col. (('.V.O.) and Mrs. Perci- 
val L. (Mitchell) 
6 South òrive 
S. R., ""{ildwood," Shanty Bay, Onto 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 42 
l\Iiss Aileen Mason 
:\[ason, Mrs. \Y. T. (Lawrence) 
49 Maple avenue 
S. R" Lightwoofl Island, Muskoka, 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
:\[1'. T. Harold :\lason 4-7-28-33 
:\Iiss B. E. Mason 

:\lassey, :\11'. and :Vlrs. Arthur L. (Bonnell) 
176 Madison avenue 
R R., "Cloyerlawn," ("entre Island 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19-33-46-Mrs. 25 
:\11'. .\rnold B. ::\Iassey 
:\Iassey, 1\[1'. and 
Irs. ("hester D. (Phelps) 
:;19 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Ir. 28 
:Mr. Vincent Massey 3-:;:)-61-69 
:\11'. Raymond H. Massey 

Iassey, Mr. and 
Irs. .John (Robinson) 
8 !\lay stref't 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 1-4
-53-5:;-56-69-Mrs. 7
:Miss .:\Juriel l\lassey 42 
:\11'. Alan F. :Massey 42 
Miss Grace Massey 42 
Mr. .J. Mf'lville Massey 42-46 
:\Iiss Dorothy "r. Massf'Y 
:\Jassey, Mrs. Walter E. H. (Susan Denton) 
Auhurndale, !i!i0 .Tan'is stret't 
R R., Dentonia ParI\:, Coleman 
Heceiyf's 1st Monday 

Iassif', :\11'. and :\Irs. Rohert F (("overt) 
('are of Home Life Building 
R R., "Xew Lodge." Cobourg, Onto 
Clubs, Mr. 2S-33-46-Mrs. 28 
:\fasten, .\fr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Cornelius A. 

!I Bedforrl road 
TIf'cf'ives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-:13-3:)-36-69 
:\fiss 1. G. :\Jastf'n 

Iiss .Jf'an :\Iasten 

::\Iathers, :\11'. and :\lrs. "-ïlliam J. 
10 :\Iajor street 
:\Iathison, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Robert 
(Isabella Christie) 
33 Albany avenue 
S. R., Belleville, Onto 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-46 
:\Iiss Annie :\lathison 
:\'Iiss Bella Mathison 
:\Iatthews, :\11'. and Mrs. Alhert nVhiteside) 
10s Heath street "'est 
S. R., Cascades, Que. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-42-46 
Matthews, :\11'. and :\lrs. Asa (Birch) 
269 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st :\londay 
Matthews, :\11'. and 1\1rs. :\Iarmadul,-e 
782 Davenport road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Alice :\1 a tthews 
:Matthews, :\11'. and Mrs. R. C. (
11 Bernard avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-33-4
-46-:\lrs. 23-42 
:\Iatthews, :\lrs. \Yilliam L. 
(:\Iary A. Lloyd) 
274 Rusholm.e road 
S. R., Honey Harhor, Georgian Bay 
:\'Iiss :\Iary M. l\Iatthew
lr. and :\lrs. "\\ïlmot D. (Loye) 
89 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 5-35-37-53-56-60-69-:\lrs 
::\1iss T. B. Matthews 28-55 
JIatthews, :\11'. and :\lrs. \Yilmot L. 
(Annabel Osler) 
90 Elm a venue, Rosedale 
S. R., Roche's Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Receives l\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 - 3 7 -46- 47 - ;)3-;):.ï - 5 6- 60 - 69 
:\faughan, :\[1'. John 
496 \\?ellington street 'Vest 
:\11'. John Maughan, Jr. 
::\Iiss :\Iinnle :\[aughan 
Jfaughan, ::\11'. and :\frs. 'Yalter (Rymal) 
27 Delisle aw'nue 
Rt"ceives Thursday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 1 
:\lauJp, :\11'8. Henrietta (Lulu>) 
36 A venue road 
:\Iiss Lillian Maule 5;) 
::\Iaule, :\11'. and :\Irs. Percy S. (Bain) 
:) 'Yells street 
Clubs, :\fr. 37-;)6 
Maulson. :\11'. and :\Irs. Fl'anl{ E 
(Ina B. Kpighle:n 
:is Clarendon an'nue 
Hecein>s Thursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-46 

Figures T('fer to club '11 llm ben:-,w'f inside lJ((('I.' corcr. 



Mavor, Prof. and 1\1rs. James ("Tatt) 
S Pniversity Crescent 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Prof. 53-69; also Sa vile Club of 
London, City Club of Xew York, 
and the Faculty L'nion 
Mr, James 'Yatt Mavor 
Miss Dora Ma VOl' 

Ir. 'Wilfred Mavor (G.C.) Royal Mili- 
tary College, Kingston 

May, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. (Howell) 
81 Binscarth road 
S. R., Muskoka Lake, Ont. 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 2S-33 
Miss Dorothy May 
Mr. Theodore May 

May, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Xewton 
(Mabel E. Thompson) 
164 Walmer road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Miss Bessie May 

May, Mr. Samuel 
34 Maynard a venue 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Rice (May) 

Mayburry, Dr. Arthur W. 
569 Spadina avenue 
Clubs, Dr. 7-46-71 

Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. Xorman Cecil 
101 Jameson avenue 

Meacham., Re". George M. 
76 Prince Arthur a,'enue 

Meacham, Mr. and Mrs. James B. (Moore) 
443 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Meagher. Mrs. John (Merry) 
197 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 57 
Mr. 'V. J. Meagher 
Mr. F. Y. Meagher 
Miss Mabel Meagher 
Mearns, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. (Angus) 
240 Russell Hill road 
S. R.. Fairy Lake, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35; also Rideau Club, Ot- 
tawa-Mrs. 51\-65-66-68 
Miss Jean Mearns 
Medland, Captain and Mrs. Wm. A. 
R4 Lowthf'r avenue 
Heceives 1st and 2d Friday 
Cluhs, Captain 1-10-33-46-71 ;also St. 
George's Rociety 
Mr. Gordon Medland (Dominion Bank, 
Mon treal) 
Mr. Ross Medland 10-46 
Meek, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (McBride) 
177 Jameson a"enue 
Receives 1st Thursd,ay 
Miss Gertrude Meek 

Meikle, Mr. 'V. B. 
111 A venue road 
Clubs, Mr. 31-46-53-56 
Mr. Herbert Martin 31 

Melady, Mr. and Mrs. John (Po\\er) 
-\dmiral road 
Ir. 35-37 

Melville, Capt. (R.X.R.) and Mrs. Rochfort 1\1. 
404 Euclid avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs, Capt. 1 
Miss Kathleen M. Melville 
Mr. Hector M. Melville 
Mr. Roy Melville 

Menzies, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. E. 
(Eleanor McMahon) 
139 Farnham avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Miss Daisy McMahon 

Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 
"Glende,'eer," Moore Park 

Meredith, 1\Irs. Arthur 
(Elizabeth F. Austin) 
125 Balmoral avenue 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Mr. Austin E. Meredith 46 
Mr. Thomas R. Meredith 46 
Mr. Arthur B. Meredith 46 
Mr. Paul Meredith 46 

Meredith, Mr. and Mrs .Charles H. 
Frederica street, Bracondale, Ont, 
Clubs, Mr. 19 

Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. John R. (Hellmuth) 
45 Bimwarth road 
Clubs, Mr. 55-61 
Receives "'ednesday 
Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. William C. (Parker) 
218 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-Mrs. 65 
Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. 'Vi1liam E. (Reid) 
472 Dovercourt road 
Recei ves 2d Tuesday 
Miss Carlotta R. Meredith 
Miss Helena R. Meredith 
Mr. Henry"'. Meredith 
Mr. Samuel Y. Meredith 
Meredith, Hon. Sir William R. and Lad
41 Binscarth road 
Recei ,'es Monday 
Cluhs, Rir "'m. 56 
Merrill, Mrs. Ed ward nVrig-h 1) 
4 Prince Arthur avenue 
Clubs. Mrs. 13 
Miss Helen M. Merrill, 11-13-25-36-65- 
67 -73-75; also Canadian Defen
Miss Anne B. Merrill 13 

Figures refer to club numbers--8ec inside bacT;, corer. 



lr. and Mrs. Edward B. (Ree\ e) 
4 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr, 20 

Merrill, :\11'. and Mrs. Frank (E\'a "ïlson) 
l:!O St. George street 
Receives Friday 
l\Iiss Mignon Merrill 

Merritt, :.\11'101. Eliza 
74 Prince Arthur ayenue 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3d Friday 
CluLs, Mrs. 37 

Merritt, :\Iiss Emily 
40 Rt. George street 
S. R" Rosebank Cottage, Rt. Cathe- 
rine, On t. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Miss 57 
Miss Catharine Merritt !'i5-5 ï -65 

1\1erritt, :\Irs, Thomas (Ella Lee) 
178 ::.\ladison avenue 
d Friday 

largaret Lee (Rymal) 

lr, and Mrs. George O. C\ngus) 

H 'Yright a venue 

Iiss Alexandrina A. :\lerson 

Meyer, Mr. and 
lrs. Ernest (Kerr) 
2 High Park boulevard 
Recei \'es 3el 'Yednesday 

Ir. and Mrs. George "Y. (Morphy) 
141 Roxborough street East 
Rt'cei ves Monday 
Cluhs. Mr. 4
: also Toronto Gun Club 
-:\>lrs. 4

lr. Oliver Meyer 

Ieyers, Dr. and :\lrs. D. Campbell 
72 Heath street West 
Receives Thursday 
C'lubs, Dr, 10-1)3-56-Mrs, 57-66-67 

Ir. anel :\lrs, Charles H. R. 
S 9 Roxborough street "-est 
Cluhs, Mr. 16 

:.\Iichie, ::.\11'. and Mrs. E, Rickards 
(Syl vester) 
:i2 Admiral road 
Recein's 1st and 3el Friday 
C'luhs, :\11', 1-28-37-4
lrs. 6;;- 

ophie J. 

08 St. Georg-e street 
Receives Friday 

Iajor J. Forbes Michie 1)-10-33-37 -4f1- 
:i 3-:i 6- j 1 

Ih.;s 8ffie :\Tichie 

Irs. Alexanllel' Cowan (Michie) 
l\Ii('klp. !\Ir, an(I .MI'S. Henry "Y. (Morris) 
S Rosedale roa(I 
nee-eives Tuesday 
(,luhlo1. :\iI', 7-55-61-!\Irs. ;'7 

l\Iickleborough, MI'. and Mrs. James \\-. 
S6 Chestnut Park 
Mr. Kenneth 

':.\Iiddleton, Hon. and Mrs. \\-illiam E, 
2ãO St. George street 
K R., Muskoka 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. Guy :\liddleton 
Milburn, Mrs. 
Iary J. (Taylor) 

36 Rusholme road 
S. R., Port Carling. :\luskoka, Ont. 
Receives 3d Friday 
Dr. J, A. Milburn 37 
Mr. George E. Milburn 37 
Miss Mathilda l\lilburn 

Milburn, Mr. and Mrs. T. Edward 
23 Crescen t road 
R. R., Port Carling, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37 

Mill, Mr. and :\lrs, John P. 
78 \\- ellesley 'Street 
S, R., Silver Craig, Lake Rosseau 
ReceÎ\'es 1st Monday 
Miss Florence Mill 
Miss RubY Mill 
Miss Alice Mill 

Millar, Mr. and Mrs. John (\\-estman) 
72 "\\Toodlawn avenue 'Yest 
Clubs, Mr. 33 

Millar, Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay F, 
396 Roxborough street East 
Mr. Hartney Millar 

Millard, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. 
149 Inelian road 
Clubs, Dr. 7 

Miller, Mr, and ':.\11'8. Allan F, 
2S0 Carlton street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 

Miller, Mr. anel :\[rs. Daniel (De1isle) 
90 Charles street 'Yest 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss Katie Miller 
Miss Emily Miller 

Miller, Mr. and !\Irs. George !\L (Yokes) 
1 Lamport avenue 
K R., ,nllow Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Re('ei ves 
el :\Ionday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 19 

Miller, :\11'. and Mrs, Gideon 
111 "-arren road 
('luhs. Mr. 4-27-3:i-:\Irs. 27 

Miller, !\Ir. and 1\Irs. I. I. (Hunter) 
21 HowlamI a \'enue 
1\11'. Willett G. !\liller, 
Miss K. :\1. A, :\filler 

F;[IUrc,c; ""fer tv club 11umbcl's-SCC inside lwcl.- corer. 



::\Ii II er Lieut.-CoI. and :\Irs. John B. 
98 "'. ellesley street 

. R., Parry Sound, Onto 
Clubs, Lieut.-CoI. 33-35-37-4
.:\1rs, 65-68-70 
.:\11'. H. H. Miller 
:Miller, .:\Irs. John Clausin 
\delaide A. Chamberlain) 
;;37 Jarvis street 
Receives 4th :\Ionday 
.:\liss Adrlie Augusta Miller 
:\liss Emma Lee 
Miller, :\Irs. Rachael (Joel) 
:.W Dundonald street 
:\Irs. J. B. Cross (:\1iller) 
.:\liss A. E. Cohen 
:\1 ill er, Prof. <<B.A., Ph.D.. F.R.S.C.) anrl :\Irs. 
'Villiam Lash (Yan Hanten) 
50 St. Alban street 
Recei ves Tue1'day 
Clubs, Prof. :-.5-69---.:....::\lrs. ;j;; 
Miller, 1\11'. and Mrs. 'Yilliam :\lcC, 
:;83 A \.enue road. 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iillichamp, Dr, anll Mrs. George E. 
193 Bloor street East 
Receives 3d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 3ï-4:?-70-:\lrs. 6::i-66-70 
:\Iillichamp. Mr. and ::\lrs. Reuben nVilliams) 
184 Heath street West 
:::;. R., Point au Baril, Georgian Bay, 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-29-33-71 
:\Iiss Olive Millichamp :?8 
:\Iillichamp, :\'11'. and :\Irs. "Tall acp (Garbutt) 
:?37 Poplar Plains road 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\Iiss Mary Millichamp 
:\Iil!igan. Mr. and Mrs. George (Clarke) 
163 Crescent road 
Receives :?d Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-46 
:\Iilligan, Rev. Dr. George M. 
400 Sherbourne street 
::\Iillman, Dr. and :\Irs. Thomas (Craig) 
"Hartland," 490 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-33-46-Mrs. 68 
.:\11'. Xorman C. Millman 
:\Iiss :\Iary Beatrice Millman 
:\Iillman, :\II'. and Mrs. \Villiam H. 
137 Lonsdale avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\II' A. R. Millman 
:\11'. O. B. Millman 
Miss E. J. Millman 
:\Iills, ::\11'. and Mrs. Alexander (Shaw) 
85 Highla'nds avenue 
S. R., Guelph Bay, Parry Hound Dist., 
Receiyes 1st Monday and Tuesday 
í'lubs, Mr. 7 
:\liss Ruby E. Mills (B.A.) 
::\'11'. Paul H. :\IilIs 

.:\Iills, :\11'. and Mrs. G. Gordon (Jones) 
89 Glen road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
:\liss Olive Gordon :\lills 
.:\liss Marjorie Gordon Mills 

:\Iills, :\11'. and Mrs. Jesse S. (Hoffman) 
84 Roxborough street East 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7 
:\11'. Reginald W. Mills 28 
Mr. "'. Gordon Mills 

.:\Iills, Mr. and Mrs. John I. (Brewer) 
:?98 Russell HilI road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35 

:\Iills, :\Ir. and Mrs. M. 'V. (Dunn) 

85 St. George street 
Recei ves Friday 
.:\Iiss Pearl Ruth Mills 

:\Iiln. .:\11'. John 
40 Di\'ision street 
.:\11'. John Miln, Jr., 4:?-46-71 
.:\11'. .James Miln 33-37-56-71 

\Ir. Alexander Miln 1-37-46-36 
.:\Iiss Isahel :\Iiln 

:\Iilne, .:\11'. and Mrs. John A. <<Kinnear) 
A \.enue road hill 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4 

.:\Iilnel', Dr. and Mrs. Beverley Z. (Aitken) 
328 Bloor street "'Test 
Receives Friday 

:\lilner, Prof. (M.A.) and Mrs. 'Yilliam S, 
74 Grenville street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Prof. 7 

.:\lilnes, .:\11'. and 
'Irs. .J. Herbert (Rinc>lain 
106 Farnham avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 

.:\Iilnes. .:\11'. and Mrs. James H. (Hanly) 
33 Deer Park Crescent 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Jessie Milnes 
.:\liss Ethel Milnes 

Iilnes, Mr. Percy 
101 Roxborough street East 
("luLs, Mr. 7-19-50 

Mitchell, ::\Trs. Charles (Phillip) 
140 'Valmer road 
K R., Cedarhurst, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
.:\11'. Alfred J. Mitchell 70 
Miss Daisy Mitchell 

:\1itchell, .:\'11'. and Mrs. Charles H. (Stanton) 
3;) :!'\ orth Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d Monrlay and Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 7-10-12-19-20-33-61; also 
Alpine Club of Canada 
Mrs. J. H. Stanton 

Figures 'refer to club 1l1l1nbers-8ee inside back corer, 



Ir. and 
Irs. George G. 

t. George street 
K R., \Yakefield House, OakdJJe 
Receives Friday 
Ir. 31-37-46-:i3-:)6-60-69-
lr. and 
lrs. I. L. (Davis) 
7;) Indian Grove 

lr. Hascourt E. 
Miss Doris Mitchell 
lrs. James 
-1 Binscarth road 
f'lubs, :\lr. 42 
:\Iiss :\1. :\litchell 

Ir. Howard E. 
Mitchell, Lieut.-Co!. and :\lrs. James H. 
108 St, George street 
Receives Tuesday 
('Iuhs, Lieut.-Coi. 1-10-19-2S-3ï-42-4fi- 
;)I:;-Mrs. 2:>, 

Mitf'lwll. :\Ir. an(1 :\11':>. .John A. (\Yoltz) 
l:iS Rpadina road 
Rf>ceives 1st Fdday 
Clubs, :\11'. 46 
l\litchell. 1\11'. and Mrs. John \\. (Hutton) 
7;) Dunvegan road 
Ir. Î-31-33-46-70-:l\1rs. 31-68 

litf'llPIl :\11'. ,JII!'Ievh L. 
lar1ison a\'enue 
lr. 33 
:\Iiss :\largaret :\1itchell 
:\fiss :\lary Mitchell 
:\Iiss Helen :\Iitchell 
Ir. and :\Irs. Lorne \Y. (Rtanway) 
( Rtanway) 
.Hi Xanton avpnue ] st and 3d :\londay 
I;". ï -33 
Mitchell. :\11'. and :\lrs. Thomas A. (Romers) 
30 .-\ venue road 
S. R., Long Branch 
Cluh!'!, :\11'. 33-35 
:\11'. Gordon C. 
fajor and 
Irs. William G. (Till) 
ladison avenue 
 1 st Friday 
lajor 10-33-46-:i3-:\lrs. 2;:; 

11'. Thomas E. 
13:i Roxhoroug h street East 
Ir. 3-19 
:\Ti!'!!"! .Jean :\Ioherly 
:\1 iss 
largot :\Ioherl y 
Receives l
t am1 2rl :\londay 


:\1:oerschff>lder. :\11'. and ::\11'8. J. (McBf>an) 
Sfi South (1rive 
Rf>ceÏ\"es 1st anl1 2rl :\lonrlay 
::\'foffat, :\fr', and :\lr
, \\ïlliam (Bell) 
1.8 South dl'h'e 
Receives Monday 
('Iu"!'!, :\11'. 33-;);) 
:\11'. Ambrose B. :\Ioffat 42 
Mi!'!s :\fary \V. :\loffat oj 2 

Ionk, :\11'. and :\Irs. George \Y. (:\Iulock) 
4;)S :\Iarkham street 
S. R., 
outh March, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
:\11'. Carleton Monk 1-11 

.\1onro :\Iiss Amy 
485 Sherbourne street 
nubs, Miss 66 
:\11'. Xevill Monro 

Iontgomery, Mr. John D. 
22 Isabella street 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-;);)-;)6 
:\Iiss Margaret Montgomery 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
:\11'. Robert Å. Montgomery 28-;;6 
:\ltmtgomery, Mr. and :\Irs. \Yilliam .r. 
22 IsabeJJa street 
Receives 1st and 3d :\londay 
:\lonypenny, Mr. and Mrs. James (Preston) 
238 Bloor street "Test 
Receives Friday 
('Iubs, Mr. 19-28-33 
:\In;. .Jane Preston 
::\1"nY}H-'nny, Mr. and Mrs. Loui!"! F. 
70 Dunvegan road 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Cluhs, :\11'. ï -46-70-Mrs. 70 
:\lonY}JPnny. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 
:; 7 LanglE'
' a venue 
 2d Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-18-Mrs. 18 
:\Iiss Edythe 1\Ionypenny 
:\lonc1ey, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. (HamhiI1ge) 
124 Glen road 
:\liss Moodey 
:\1iss Yiolet l\Ioodey 
:\Ionre, Dr. and 1\1rs. Charles Frederick 
17 Isabella street 
Receiyes Monday 
Cluhs, nr. fi-19-
:\Jnnre, :\11'. and 
lrs. George recil 
(Marian Bilton) 
6 Glen Yiew Apartment!'! 
:\1. "we, :Mr. and :\lrs. George "-. (Bri!'!tol) 
468 Euclid avenue 
Rec(>ives 3d Th ursday 

\rr. H. S. 
:\[oOl'e. Mr. and Mrs. Herhert E, (Kt>lIy) 
19.í BluOl' street East 
R R., Yan "-ag-ner's Beach 
Recei \'es 1st :\londay 
:\1001'(>. 1\11'. and 
Ir!"!. Ramuel .John 
(Matilda _\. Lang-) 
142 Jameson a\.enue 

. n., "Breezy Brae," Lorne Park 
'!'! Thursday 
('Iuhs. Mr, 7-
s 'ïolet H. l\loore 
:\li!"!s :\lllriel :\1. Moore 
:\1.ìort', :\11". anl1 
In'l. Ramuel ,John, .II'. 
( Peer) 

'ï Indian road 
J{pf'eÏ\'es Thur

Figllres ,.('fel' to dill) 1I/l1I/1)('r8-..,CI ill..,id,' 1H1(,1.- ('or"l'. 



Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 
14 Pine Hill road 
Receives Monday 
lr. 35-42 
Moore, :\Ir. and Mrs. 'Villiam H. 
13 Cluny avenue 
S. R.t Rosebank, ant. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-37-56-Mrs. 42 
Moorhouse, Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. (Thorp) 
":Moor House," 128 St. Patrick street 
Recei \'es 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 37 
Mr. "'alter K. Moorhouse 
Mr. Yictor H. K. Moorhouse 
Morang, Mr. and Mrs. George K. (Hea\'en) 
30 Rowanwood avenue 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-53-56-Mrs. 55 
Miss Louise Morang 25 

1rs. Flora E. (Spencer) 
446 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Miss Jessie Morden 
Morgan, Judge and Mrs. Edward 
368 Huron street 
Morgan, Mrs. Frank E. (:Kingsmill) 
Sussex Court, 21 Sussex street 
Receives Friday 
Morgan, Miss Hope 
63 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss F'awnie Morgan 
Mr. and Mrs. II, 
. Gzowski (Morgan) 

Morine, :\-11'. and Mrs. Horace A. 
(Estella Longueil) 
85 Binscarth road 
Receives Monday 
Miss Evelyn Morine 
Morison, Mr. John 
604 Jarvis street 
nubs, Mr. 37 
Mr. 'Vill A. Morison 
:\1r. Charles E. 
J\:Iorley, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. 
fi2 Huntley street 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Morley, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben B, 
(Rosalie Jackson) 
fi4 Castle Frank road 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Morley, Mr. and Mrs. William F. C\lurray) 
1465 King street 'Vest 
Receives 2d Thursday 
l\Iorphy. Mr. Arnold 
:10 Maitland street 
Cluhs, Mr. 42 
The Misses Morph
Receives Monday 
l\Iorphy, ::\lr. and Mrs. George S. 
316 A venue road 
ReceÏ\'es 2d and 3d Friday 

Morrice, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. tRousseaux) 
170 Balmoral a \-enue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 53 
Morris, Mrs. Catherine A. (Schofield) 
12 Spadina Gardens 
Recei Yes Frida
Mr. Harold Morris 56-60-71 
Morris, Mr. Edmund 
Aberdeen Chambers. 43 Yictoria street 
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. John B. (Lane) 
94 Glen t'oad 
Recei ves Monday 
Morris, Miss Mabel 
128 Park road 
Miss Ethel Morris 

Morris. Mr. William 
196 'Varren road 
Mr. Alexander C. Mort'is 
Miss Christine Y. K. Morris 
Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred James 
25 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Morrison, Mr. James 
Rl S1. George street 
Receives 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, :Mr. 33-46 
Mr. Frank G. Morrison 33 
Mr. Leonard Morrison 10 
Mr. Bert Morrison 

lr. Charles E. Morrison 20 
Mrs. Clarence Caldwell 
Morrison, Mr. and :.\lrs. Rohert A. 
(Ethel Armour) 
371 DO\'el'court road 
Recei ves 3d Tuesday 
Morrison. Mr. Stuart 
90 H1. Joseph street 
Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. .\lfred D. tBlong) 
208 Balmoral a \-enue 
Receives 1st Thursda
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-46 
Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. Georg-e A. (Graham) 
104 Dunvegan road 
s. R., Mi!ò;sissauga Lodge, Port Credit, 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-33-42-53-ß9-:\lrs. 

Morrow. Mr. and Mrs, John (
137 Janleson a \-enue 
Receives 1st "\Vednesday 
l\lorse. Mr. and Mrs. J. 'Yilton (Htaples) 
206 St. George street 
S. R.. Ferncliff Island, t ;eorgian Bay. 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
Cluhs. Mr. 29-42-46-:\lrs. 42-h:i-h6 
l\lorse, Mr, and Mrs, "-m. Pitman (Arnoldi) 
738 Spadina avenne 
ReceÏ\'es Tuesda
Cluhs, Mrs. 66 
Morson. Judge and Mrs. Frederick 1\I. 
5 St. Patrick street 

Fi!/lIre... Teter to clllb numbers-see im:ádc bar'l,' ('(J1"('t'. 


12 3 

Iorson, :\:11'. and 
Irs. \\'alter R. 
(Mary Gertrude Dalton) 
417 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Fdday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-19-;)0 
:\IiRS Flossie Dalton 

Mortimer, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles H. (Scott) 
 4 Crescen t road 
S. R" :\Iuskoka, Onto 
Receh'es Monday 
r. 7 
:\Iiss Edna Mortimer 
:\Iiss Alice B. Mortimer 
Miss Audrey :\Iortimer 

:\Iortimer, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (Beatty) 
20 Summerhill avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 

liss Helen Mortimer 

Iorton, :\11'. C. E. H. 
3 Bedford road 

Morton, :\11'. and Mrs. David, Jr. 
89 Isabella street 
S. R., "The Tushielaw," Sturgeon 
Lake, Onto 
Receives 3d ".ednesday 
:\Iiss Jean Morton 
:\11'. D. Reginald Morton 
Moss, Lady (Sullivan) 
547 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Lady Moss 57-66 
:\11'. Glenholme F. Moss 5j 
:\11'. Thomas Moss 
:\Iiss Adelaide F. Moss 55 
lr. and :\lrs. Charles A. (Britton) 
::!4 Admiral road 
Recei ves Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 4-35-46-53-53-60-61-69- 
Mrs. 55 

Moss, :\11'. John H. (K.C.) 
199 Poplar Plains road 
("luhs, Mr, 35-37-53-:;;;-!íh-In-69 
Mr. R. T. Bethune 
Mountain. Mr. and 
lrs. '\"iIliam F. (Carman) 
IS6 .Jameson a\'enue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Mr. \Yilliam C. Mountain 
Moure, Mr. and 
lr's. Ferdinand A. 
96 Charles street EaRt 
ReceÍ\'es bt Monday 
Mowat, Slwriff Frederick 
16 Hpadina road 
s Helen 2:i-3:i 
 Erlith Mowat 
:\11'. George Mowat 
Mowat, :\11'. antI Mrs, G. L. (Bo'{'.es) 
1 Davenport roa(} 
1\1uwat, Mr. (K.C'.) and Mrs. Herhert :\1. 
10 Wellesley street 
Rpcph'ps Monrlay 
('luhs, :\Ir'. 4- to-3:>-4fi-!í:>-!ííi-f.O-:\ln:. 


Mowat, Mr. and :\Irs. Joseph F. 
79 Roxborough street 'Yest 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss H. Mowat 

Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. 
(Mabel J. Hall) 
586 Markham street 
K R., Port Bolster, Lake Simcoe 
Clubs, Mr. 4 

Mueller, Mr. and :\Irs. P. ,Yo (Yollmering) 
96 Warren road 
S. R., Go Home Ba
, Georgian Bay, 
Receives Thursday 
:\11'. Rudolph :\Iueller 

Muirhead, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew 
4 Madison avenue 
Recei yes Friday 
:\liss Elizabeth \Y. Muirhead 
Miss Louisa Muirhead 

Muldrew. Mr. John 
86 Chestnut Park 
Miss Ellen Muldrew 

Ir. and :\[rs. \\ïlliam (Oldfield) 
33 Gros\'enor street 
Clubs, :\11'. 52 

Mulholland, :\Iajor and Mrs. Alex. A, 
(Carrie Smith) 
38 Edgar avenue 
S. R., Rice Lake, Onto 
Recei yes Monday 
Clubs, :\lajor 10-33-42; also Rosedale 
Athletic Club-
Irs. 2;) 

Mulholland. 1\11'. and Mrs. Frederick A. 
Fi9 Spadina road 
Recei yes 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-35 
:\11'. Donalrl B. :\[ulholIanr1 
Mr. \Yallace H. Mulholland 

:\lulholland, :\[1'. an"l :\lrs. Henry (Shore) 
193 Spadina road 
Recei yes 2d and 3d Friday 
:\Iiss H. Mulholland 
MiRS A. :\Iulholland 

[r. K. Mulholland 

Mulholland, :\11'. and Mrs. Hiram 
289 Indian road 

1\1ulhollanrl. :\[1'. and 
lrs. Rohert 
;;06 Huron street 
Recei \'es 1st and 211 Friday 

:\lulhollanrl. Mr. and :\[rs. 'Yilliam F. (Slater) 
30G Roxborough Ntr'eet East 
Recei Vt's 1st Monday 
('Iuh!':. :\Irs. 27 

FifjllrC8 refer 10 cllll, IIlfIII1'(,I'8-R(( ;I/.",id(' IHic/; ('(I/"(,/,. 

'. :\Irs, ,John P. 
9:> South rlri\'p 


12 4 

:\Iulock, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Cawthra 
;)38 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr, 7-28-33-37-53-55-56-60-69; 
also Mount Royal Club, Montreal; 
Rt. James Club, Montreal; and RI- 
deau Club, Otta,-va-Mrs. 28-;);)-56 

::\Iulock, Mr. and Mrs. William 
(Ethel Pate) 
:;18 Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-37-42-56-60-69-::\11'8. 55- 
::\Iaster W. P. Mulock 

::\Iulock, Chief Justice Rir \Yilliam 
518 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Sir Wm. 33-37-55-56-69 

::\lunn, :\lrs. James 
SOO Yonge street 
Receiyes 1st Friday 
:\11'. 'V. \V. Munn 
:\Iiss May H. Munn 
:\'Iiss Kathleen Jean :Munn 

:\Iunns, :\11'. and Mrs. "\Yilliam (Hunter) 
264 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\Iiss Aleda Munns 
::\Iunro, Dr, and Mrs. Bartholomew D. 
616 Spadina avenue 

::\lunro, :\11'. and Mrs. Hugh (McClain) 
69 South dri\"e 
Receives 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
:\'Iiss McClain 
:\11'. H. Elmer Munro 
:\fr, "\Yilliam Munro 
:\1untz, Mrs. Eugene G. (Emma L. :\Iuntz) 
2 ã Sussex f"ourt 
Recei ves Tuesday 
:\11'. G. H. Muntz 55 
:\Iuntz, :\11'. G. Harold 
291 Huron street 
Cluhs, Mr. 19-33-46-54-55-70- il 
::\Iurphy, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. (Ella Oliver) 
10 Rowanwood avenue 
Receives 3d Tuesday 
nubs, Mr, 1-7-19-20-27-46-:\lrs. 27 
::\Iiss Murphy 27 
:\Iiss Olive Murphy 27 
:\furray, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. 
(Charlotte Grand) 
74 Brunswick avenue 
R. R., Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\Iiss Lorna Murray 
:\Iiss Helen Murray 
:\IUlTay, Dr. and 
Irs. Charles S. (:'\orton) 
61 -Highlands avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 70-71 

::\1 UlTay, :\11'. and :\lrs. Charles S. 
(Gertrude Foy) 
56 Dunvegan road 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 1-28-31-37 

Murray, ::\11'. and Mrs. George (Fors)-th) 
Roxborough street East 
Recei\'es Thursday 
:\Iiss Bessie Murray 
:\Iiss Isabelle Murray 
:\Iiss Marguerite Murray 
:\11'. Gordon Murray 
:\1 UlTay, ::\11'. and ::\1rs. Gilbert ::\1. (Kawley) 
46;) Avenue road 
Recei \'e8 Th ursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 

:\1 UlTay, :\11'. and ::\'Irs. James (Parry) 
92 Madison avenue 
Recei yes 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 71-Mrs, 65 
:\Iiss Jeanne Murray 
::\Iiss Helen Murray 
::\11'. Kenneth Murray 

::\Im'ray, ::\11'. James P. 
445 Euclid a\'enue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19-33-46 
:\Iiss ::\Iona Murray 
Receives 1st Th ursday 
:\Iiss Hilda :\,[urray 
::\11'. Alick Murray 
:\11'. Athol Murray 

:\IUl'ray, :\lajor and Mrs. John A. 
30 Whitney avenue 
S. R" Chester ayenue and Queen 
street East 
Clubs, Major 10-22-46 
:\Iiss ::\lurray 
:\11'. Bruce Murray 
::\11'. J. Allan Murray 
:\11'. Gordon ::\1. Murray 
:\lurray, Mr. and Mrs. John S. (Prentice) 
189 St. George street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-33-71 
:\IiS8 Grace Murray 

:\IUlTay, :\11'. and Mrs. \Y. Parkyn 
(\Y arrington) 
390 Roxborough street East 
Receiyes Monday 
f"lubs, Mr. 1-7-33-37-42-46-:56-::\lrs. 42 
:\Iusgraw', Dr. and Mrs. .James (Francis) 
:ill Bloor street \Yest 
Receiyes Friday 
:\Iuttnn. :\11'. and :\lrs. Frank E. (Mill) 
I;)S Madison avenue 
c'lubs, Mr. 23 
:\Iyers, He\'. (D. D.) and ::\lrs. À. J. "
(Mae E. Di(' kenson) 
Xanton Court. Xanton a\'enue 
Recei\'es Monday 
:\fyers. :\11'. anc1 Mrs. Augustus 
10S \Yarren road 
Receiyes 3d Thursday 

Figures 'refer to club numbers-see inside baek corer. 


12 5 

Ir. and :\In;. Louis (Foy) 
;j ï St. \ïncent strept 
Recei yes Tuesday 
Clubs, .Mr. 19-2

1\Iyles, :\11'. and Mrs. Frederick P. (Boomer) 
56 Oriole road 
ReceiveR Thursda
Clubs, Mr. 3ï-61 

'les, :\Iajor and 
Irs. Rohert (\\ïlm(ltt) 
10 Foxbal' road 
Receives Tuesday 
Iajor 1-10-3;-
Lieut. Robert G. Myles 10-3. -;.ti 

:Kairn, :\11'. an(1 Mrs. Alexander (DaYis) 
"Kelvinside," 413 Jan'is !:;treet 
Recei yes Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-
:\Iiss Jean :'\airn 
:\Iiss Aggie Xairn 
 l!;;abel Xairn 

:Kairn, :\Irs. Elizabeth 
13 Scarth road 
Receiyes 1st and 3rl :\Ionda)" 
:\Iiss :\Iargaret K. :'\airn 4

Xasmith, l\lr. C. B, 
14 :\laitIand street 
S, R.. Ancona Point. Bohcaygeon. Ont. 
:\11'. C. B. Xasmith .0 
Dr. G. G. Xasmith 
:Uiss E\'a Xasmith 
:\11'. Harr
' C. Xasmith . 

Xasmith, .Mrs. ,John D. (Clark I 
111 Heath street \Yest 
Recein's 1st and 3d :\Ionda
:\Iiss E. Clal'k 
:\11'. Donald :'\asmith 

:Keal', :\11'. and Mn'l. \V. \\'allace 
(Susan Savage, 
S 4 Crescen t road 
K R., Yal Morin. Laurentian :\Ioun- 
tains. P. Q. 
d and 4th Monday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 4-:;-33-3;-;I-:\lrs. 

:Keedler, Prof. and Mrs. Georg-e H. 
103 Bedfol'd road 
TIecei yes FI'i(la
('lubs, Prof. 3-. 

, :\Iiss Florence H. 1\1. (B.A,) 
144 Bloor street East 
S. R., Sturgeon Lake, Lindsay 
("luhs, 1\liss 25-42-ti3 
Keely, :\1r. and :\Irs. ("harles Hoffman 
(Rara Myers, 

!) Highlands a\'enue 
("luhs, :\[1'. 7-
R-33-.J6; al
o Xew YOI"k 
Athletic nub 

Xeil. H('\'. (D.D.) and Mrs. .John (Bayne) 
3S ('harle
 !'Itreet Ea
S. R" Xorway Point, Lake of Rays 
:\[uskoka, Ont. 
("luhs, RpV'. :í-7 
:\[iS8 Mal'g-arpt Bayne 
:\Ii!'ls Mary na

Xeilson, i\lr. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam (Kaiser) 
30;) Gladstone avenue 
Clubs, l\Ir. 1 
:\11'. Charles Xeilson 
:\Iiss Lena XeiIson 
Mr. Allen :'\eilson 
:\Iiss Blanche Kaiser 

Selles, :\11'. and Mrs. James Franklin 
(:\Iarshall ) 
Care of 13
 8 King street ". est 

Kelles, Co1. and Mrs. Rohert L. (Thor burn) 
8 King street \Vest 
S. R" Katrine P.O., Lake Katrine, 
Receiyes 1st and 
d Thur
Clubs, Co1. .-9-10 

:Kelson, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Andrew (Cook) 
346 Palmerston houleyard 
Clubs, Mr. 4 
:\Iiss M. J. Xelson 
1\11'. J. A. Xelson i 
:\11'. T. Xelson 

Xelson. :\Irs. Horatio "-. 
(Isabella P. Christie) 
iO St. Alhans stl'ed 
Recei yes Tuesrlay 
Clubs, Mrs. 

Xerlich, Mr, and Mrs. Emil (Hedwig) 
16 Dunbar road 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
XerIich, Mr. and Mrs. Hem'
' (Lee) 
is Chestnut Park 
Receiyes 3d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, l\lr. 33-37-Mrs. 6;)-66 
Xeshitt, Hon. (K.C.) and l\lrs. \Yallace 

;} St. Yincent street 
R. H... Kanousiyo, Georgian Ba
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Hon. Î -3. -;};;-69-:\lrs. 

Xettlefield. :\11'. and :\Irs. Edwal'rl Barnarrl 
 Lowther a venue 
("lubs, Mr. 

1\Irs. Cloug-her 
Xe\"itt, :\fr. and .Mrs. In'ing- H. C'. 
(Grace Rolph) 
46 Bloor street \\Yest 
Receiyes Frirlay 
C'lulJs, MI'. 
O- :\Irs. 

Xevitt. Dr. and l\lr
. fL Barring-ton 
46 Bloor street "'est 
ceives Friòay 
Clulls, Dr. 33 
:\11'. Richard A. :'\evitt 
 Adena Xe\'itt 



'-e\\"man, :\11'. anò l\lrs. Gt'org-p A. (Fuller) 
outh ùri\'e 
Heceiyes Monday 
Ir. 4
:\11'. Maitland Fu Her X e\\ lOa n 
Miss Helen Xewman 

Fi!llll'Ni n'frr to ('1/11, )I/l1I/l'(,I"
('(' ill8idc back corcr. 



Xf'wman. :\11'. and :\lrs. Thomas A. (O<lf'I1) 
3;) Castle Frank road 
H. R., Sharbot Lake, Ont. 
Recei \"f'S 1st and 3d NIonday 

Xewsome, Mr. and Mrs. "'Till H. 
(Helen Pears) 
13 Grosvenor street 
Clubs, Mr. 1 

Xichul1s, ::\11'. Frederic 
79 St. George street 
S. R., Parklands, Rhanty Bay, Ont. 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 1-4-20-31-37-42-46-53-;);)-:) 6- 
60-69-70; also Mount Royal Club, 
Montreal; Canada Club, :\1 on treal; 
Rideau Club, Ottawa; and l\lanitoba 
Club, 'Yinnipeg 
:\11'. ".alter Xicholls. 20-2R-46-70-71 
:\fiss Bessie Xicholls 

Xicholls, Mr. and NIl's. Frederick 'V., Jr. 
(Mae Hennessy) 
52 Binscarth road 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, ::\11'. 7-20-46-70 

, Mr. and ::\'Irs. Henry Graburn 
(Xorma 1\T a tson) 
422 Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 20-46-53-61- 70-:\lrs. 70 

Xicholson, Mr. and Mrs. George (Bannister) 
61 Clin ton street 
1\11', George Kicholson, Jr. 

Xicholson, 1\11'. James 
284 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Mr. 3;'; 

Kicholson. Mr. and Mrs. Rex E. 
Sussex Court, 21 Susse}: avenue 

Kicol, 1\11'. George B. 
Arlington Hotel 
Kiehaus. Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
(Campbell ) 
131 Howland avenue 
Receives 1 st Friday 
:\11'. Fred W. Xiehaus 
:\Iiss K. Xiehaus 
Xig-htingdale, Mr. and 1\1rs. Henry ::\1. 
( Armstrong) 
310 8t. George street 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-19 
Xiles, :\11'. and Mrs. C. B. (Harris) 
45 Rosedale road 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Xisbet, :\Ir. and Mrs. Bertrand R. 
(Edna Bird) 
100 V,Toodlawn avenue ""est 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46 

Xivin, :\lrs. Georgina l\I. 
8t. George Mansions 
Heceives Tuesday 
:\11'. Thomas F. Xi\'in 33 

Xixon, :\Irs. Robert J. 
43 Dunvegan road 
Receives Thursday 
Xoble, Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. (Hodgetts) 
322 Bloor street 'Yest 
Receives last Thursday and Friday 
Xorcross, :\11'. and Mrs. Joseph 'V. 
:} High Park Gardens 
Clubs, Mr. 31-71 
Xordheimer, The Misses 
"Glenedyth," 476 Davenport road 
Receives Friday 

Xordheimer, Mr. Albert 

7 81. George street 
ReceÏ\-es Tuesday 
Cluhs, Mr. 37-ã3-fi6-69 
:\Iiss Yvonne Xordheimer 26-;)6 
:\Ir. Yictor Xordheimer 
Xordheimer. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Boulton (Reitl) 
34 Poplar Plains road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs. :\11'. 10-46-56 

X nrman. :\11'. and Mrs. Thomas (Preston) 
17 ::\ladison avenue 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss Hj](la Xorman 

Xorrie, 1\11'. and :\lrs. Ernest J. C. (Howson) 
42 St. ('lair a\'enue 'Vest 

. R., Oriole a venue, Centre Island 
Receives 1st Thursday 
('lubs, :\11'. 46 
:\Iiss Dorothy H. Xorrie 
::\Iiss Gladys H. Xorrle 

Mr. Ernest H. Xorrie 
Xorris, :\11". and Mrs. ('harles C. (Copeland) 
106 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monda
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
1\11'. Charles E. X orris 
Xorth('ote. ::\11'. and Mrs. Reginald (Scott) 
93 Elm avenue 
R. R., Centre Islanð 
Recei ves Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-37-46-56-70 
:\11'. R. Stafford Xorthcote 46-61-70 
'orthey, :\11'. and :\11'8. John P. (1\T a dswol"th) 
47 Queens Park 

. R.. Parklands, Lake Simcoe, Onto 
Receives Fri<lay 
Clubs, ::\11'. 33-46-53 

orthey. :\11'. and Mrs. Hobert (Boggs) 
-12 Forest Hill road 
S. R.. Orchard Beach, Lake Simcoe, 
Receives 1st Thursda
:\Iiss Florence Xorthey 
:\11'. Erlwin Xorthey 
'Xorthgrave. :\11'. and ::\lrs. "TaIteI' T. (Brown) 
31 Rathnelly avenue 
Receives 2d Friday 
Xorthgrave, ::\11'. and :\Irs. William (RosaI') 
SS Forest Hill road 
Recei yes Th ursday 

Figurcs j"rfcr to dub IIllWl)('rS-8ee inside back cot'er. 


12 7 

:Korth way, .:\11'. am1 :\II"
. .John (.:\lcKa
49 C'luny a\-enue 
d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs. .:\11'. 33 
.:\'1:r. Arthur G. Xorthway 7 
:Mr. 'Ym. E. Xorthway 
::\<11', Garfield Xorthway 
Xorthway, ,:\11', and :\Irs. John _-\. (Love) 
133 Farnham avenue 
Receives 2d Thursday 
C'lubs, :\11'. 7-31-33-46 
Xorthway, Mr. and .:\Irs. "'
illiam E. 
re Apartments, Crescent rd. 
Clubs, 1\11', 7-46 
Sotman, .:\Irs. Alexander H. 
;j Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:\11'. Alexander ,,
. Xotman 
.:\11'. Elmer F. Xotman 

Oakley, .:\11'. and ::\Irs. John P. (8impson) 
 ::\Iackenzie avenue 
Receives ::\Ionday 

O'Beirne, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Joshua C. (Yates) 
571 Huron street 
ReceiveR 1 st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
O'Brian, .:\11'. (K.C.) and Mrs. James Brock 
(Grace 1\1. 'Villiams) 
"Glencreggan," 7 Thornwood road 
R R., Pigeon Lake 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 28-33-42-46-53-55-69-71- 
Mrs. 57-65-68; also Victoria Curling 
.:\11'. Kenneth B. O'Brian 
.:\Iiss .:\Iadeline G. O'Brian 42-55-68 
:Mr. Geoffrey S. O'Brian 

O'Brien, .:\11'. (K.C.) and :\Irs. Alexander 
Rosehill avenue, Deer Park 
Receives 1st Thursrlay 
O'Brien, :Mr. and .:\Irs. Daniel 
Dixie, Ont. 
:Uiss O'Brien 
O'Brien, .:\11'. (K.C,) and ::\Irs. Henry (Ardagh) 
"Dromoland," 3R3 Sherbourne street 
R. R" Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Receives Monday 
Miss Kathleen O'Brien 25-;)7-66 

O'Connor, ::\Irs. Hamilton P. (McLean) 
24 Glen road 
Receives .:\Ionday 
:Mi!':s .:\Iarjorie O'Connor 
:Uiss Xora O'Connor 

O'DonneH, ::\11'. ::\fjchael C. 
28 Rt. .Joseph 
::\liss Annie O'Donnell 
Receives ::\Ionday 
Q'Flynn, :\11', and .:\Irs. Harry Herbert 
129 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
rJuhs, .:\11". 33-46-;)6-1\1rs. 42-56-57 

Ogden, Mr, and .:\Irs. Aylmer L. (Lightbound) 
 Isabella street 
Ogden, ,:\11', Lyndhurst 
X2 Ht. Albans street 
.:\liss Lyndhurst Ogden 
.:\Iiss Bradda L. Ogrlen 42-;);) 
Receives Tuesday 
i)gden, Mrs. L'zziel (Isabella McC'allum) 
21 Maple avenue 
ReceÏ\'es Monday 
.:\'Iiss Ogden 
O'Hara, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Bennett) 
58 Elm avenue 
S. R., Lake Simcoe 
Clubs, Mrs. 43-58 
:\Iiss Lilian B. O'Hara 
.:\11'. S. B. O'Hara 46 

O'Hara, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. (Cutting) 
53 Bernard a \'enue 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Ir. 28-33-37-70-1\lrs. 28 
O'Hara, Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo F. (Stephenson) 
41 Rosedale road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Oille, Dr. and Mrs. John L. (:\Iartin) 
594 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:\11'. Lytton Oille 

O'Keefe, Mr. Eugene 
137 Bond street 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Mrs. French 
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. F, G. (Roe) 
9 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
::\11'. Richard Roe Oliver 

Oliver, Hon, and ::\Irs. Joseph (W"oodley) 
598 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Kew Beach, Ont. 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs. Hon. 7-22-33-3;)-52 
:\Iiss Gertrude Oliver 
Mr. ,,
. F. Oliver 
Olh'er, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ormsby (.Jones) 
15 Lynnwood avenue 
S. R., Hawkston, Ont. 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Oliver, 1\11'. and Mrs. Wm. H. 
IS 81. Vincent street 
rJubs, Mr. 27-33-71 
Miss Lucy OIÏ\'er 27 

O'Loane, Mr. anrl Mrs. John T. OlcCarthy) 
100 Castle Frank road 
:\Iiss Anna O'Loane 
Miss Frances ü'I.oane 
O'.:\Ialley. :\11', and Mrs. Joseph L. (Ovens) 
212 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursday 
.:\Iiss Ovens 

1-';.'/11#'('.0,; I'r{el' to dub HllmbcI'8-8(,(' inside lwrl.- corn'. 



O'Mara, :\11'. and :\1rs. Joseph (Sheppard) 
115 Castle Frank road 
S. R., Roache's Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 66 
O'Xeill, :\Ir. and Mrs. James (Annie Foley) 
53 \'\Yellesley street 
S. R., Lake Champlain. Que. 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-22-30-3:5-Mrs. h:i; also 
'Vomen's Conservative Cluh 
:\Iiss May O'Xeill 
:\Iiss Kathleen O'Neill 
O'Reilly, Dr. and Mrs. Charles (Rolph) 
183 S1. C'lair avenue 'Yest 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, Dr. 53-61-MI's. 5;)-57 
OI1Jen, Mr. and Mrs. Abram M. (Shrigley) 
380 SherbOUl'ne street 
Receives 1st Monday 
:\11'. Abram M. Orpen, Jr. 
:\11'. Fred Orpen 
Orr, :\11'. and Mrs. George H. (XichoIls) 
S-l Homewood avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 22-37-46 

Orr, Dr. and Mrs. J. Orlando (Halbhans) 
337 Jarvis street 
Clubs, Dr. 33-46 

01'1', Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam E. (Trolley) 
118 Balsam avenue 
Receives 1st v'Yednesòay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-51 
Orr, 1\Ir. and Mrs. "\Villiam H. (Pedlar) 
32 Korth street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-.19 
Miss R. Moodie 
Osborne, Captain and Mrs. H el1l'
' Camphell 
21 Rosedale road 
S. n., "The Pines," Florence Island, 
Lake Rosseau, Muskoka, Ont. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. Captain 3-10-19-37-53-:;6-60; 
also the St. James C'lub. Montreal; 
and the Sports Cluh. London. Eng-.- 
Mrs. 57 
:\'Iiss .Marian Bath 
Oshorne, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ewart (Barwick) 
50 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 10-19-37-53-56-60-61-1\Irs. 
Oshorne, Mr. J. Kerr 
Queen's Hotel 
Clubs, Mr. 37-56-69 
Osler, Mr. Arthur Ernest 
24 Summerhill Gardens 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-56-69 
Osler, :\11'. and Mrs. Britton (Gwyn) 
80 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4f)-53-55-!'í6-69-Mrs. 57 

Osler, Sir Edmund B, (1\I.P.) 
"Cragleigh," 152 South drive 
S. Roo "BeachC'roft," Roache's Point 
Recei ves Monday 
Clubs, Sir Edmund 28-33-37-4
56-69; also Rideau Club, Ottawa; 
and Mount Royal Club, 1\Iontreal 
Mrs. I. O. Meredith 
Miss Meredith 
Osler, Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon (Ramsay) 
fì Rosedale road 
S. R.. "Beach croft," Roache's Point 
Recei \"es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-;)-37-46-53-;)5-56-60-61- 
69-Mrs. 55-56 
Osler, Hon. Featherston 
80 Crescent road 
Clubs, Hon. 55-69 
Osler, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Glyn O;;carth) 
3 Th orn wooò road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-55-69-Mrs. 57 
Osler, Mr. (K.C'.) and 1\Irs. Henry 
1 Rosedale road 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-5;)-56-69-:\lrs. 56 
O'Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yincent 
168 Dunn avenue 
S. R., Lake Shore road 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursda
Clubs. Mr. 19-27-35; also Simcoe Club 
-Mrs. 27 

Otter, :\Iajor-General and Mrs. ,Yo D. 
R1. George Mansions 
Receives Tuesda

Owen. Re\". and Mrs. Derwyn T. (Jellett) 
10 Trinity Square 
Clubs, Rev. 19 

Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel C'. (Fraser) 
7 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
C'lubs, Mr. 33-53-;';6: also Rideau Club, 
Ottawa; and Laurentian Club, Ot- 
tawa-Mrs. 25-56 
Miss Helene Fraser 25-56 

Owen, Mr. anrl Mrs. Trevor R. 
8 C'awthra Rquare 
Mr. Trevor Owen 

Owens, Mr. anrl Mrs, C'harles E. 
(Helen Jean Crispin) 
Alexandra Palace 

Pace, Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo G. (\Yallace) 
65 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Page, Mr. and Mrs. Forsey (Pentland) 
12 Devon Crescent. Lawrence Park 
S. R., Kiagara-on-the-Lake 
C'lubs. Mr. 3;) 
Page, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. 
941 Bathurst street 

Figures 'refer to club numbers-sec inside back corer. 


12 9 

Page, Mr. and :\lr'8. 'V. Pemberton 
3 Spadina Gardens 
S. R., Xiagara-on-the-Lake 
 4th Friday 
Clubs, :\'11'. 7-Mrs. 66 
Mr. Hubert Page 
Mrs. T. X. Best 
Page, Mr. and 
Irs. "
a1ter (Cundal) 
S 9 Crescen t road 
R. R.. :\Iortimer's Point, Lake 
koka, Ont. 
Receives h,t :\1onday 
Mr. Herbert Page 
Miss Mable Page 
Miss Olive Page 
Paine, :\11'. and :\'Irs. Harold ,,
. (Flynn) 
440 Avenue road 
S. R., 56 Culp street, Xiagara Falls, 
Palm, Mr. and Mrs. Otto George 
(Xelda Heintzman) 
133 Roxborough street East 
d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-Mrs. 65 
Irs. C. R. (Rheppard) 
1Ul Pembroke street 
Clubs, Mr. 3:5 
Palmer, :\11'. and :\Irs. Ernest E. <'Vaugh) 
34 Delisle avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs. :\'11'. 33-37-42-61-Mr8. 42-66 
Palmer, Dr. James :\1. 
217 Jameson avenue 
R. R., Grimsby 
Mr. Laurel Palmer 
Mr. and Mrs. George Palmer 
Palmer, Mr. and :\Irs. John G. <'Vilber) 
103 Dowling avenue 
Receives 3rd Thurs(lay 
Clubs. :\11', 33 
Miss Alice :\1. Palmer 
Miss Julia :\1. Palmer 
Palmer. Mr. and :\Irs. John J. (Christie) 
"Huntley Lo<lg-e," Deer Park 
Cluhs, :\11'. 33-37 
Mr. John C. Palmer 2R-32-33-3ï-56 
Pang-man. :\1 r. and M r's. ('h arIes \Vin th rop 
(Eileen Kirtland) 
43 Summerhill avenue 
Pang-man, :\Irs. Edward 
(Omline F, Knig-ht) 
33 EIg-in a venue 
Heceives Frida
Miss Ondine Pang-man 
Mr. Peter Pangman 
Pardoe, Mr. and :\Ir
. \ verne (
15 Elgin avenue 
S. R., Fair'y Island, Lake Joseph, Onto 
('luhs, Mrs. 66 
l'ardoe, 1\11'. and Mrs. An>rne, ,Jr. 
1:; Powell a H'nue 
Hecei ve!" Monday 
, Mr. 70 

Parke, :\11'. and :\lrs. A. Deane (Baker) 
carth road 
Receives :\-londay 
Clubs, :\11'. 4-42 

Parke, :\11'. and :\lrs. Roderick J. (Dickson) 
179 Cottingham street 
S. R., Collingwood, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 12-20-33-50; also Royal 
Colonial Institute, London. Eng.; 
and Society for Psychological Re- 
search, London, Eng.-:\Irs. 25 

Parker, Mrs. Edward Y. (Hall) 
14S6 King street "'est 
Miss Constance Parker 

Parker, Mr. and :\Irs. Franklin A. (Rimer) 
9...1 Dundas street 
Clubs, Mr. 2S-:\lrs. 28 

Parker, :\11'. and :\lrs. John T. (Moore) 
96 Lowther avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Miss Helen Harrington 

Parker, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert (Gordon) 
26 Lowther avenue 
Recei ves 1st Friday 
f'lubs, Mr. 7-33-46 

Parker, Dr. anrl Mrs. Samuel G. 
210 Bloor street "'est 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\lrs. 42 
Parker, l\Irs. 'V. R. 
1'6 Highlands ayenue 
Receives :\londay 

Parker, Mr. and l\lrs. 'V. R. Percival 
(Ida :\1. Kerr) 
45 Highlands a,'enue 
Receives l\londay 
f'luhs, Mr. 2R-33-42-46-ï1-:\lr's. 2S -(j
Parkes, Mr. G. Harry 
120 South drive 
Receives 1st Monday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 28-35 
Miss Parkes 
Miss 1\Iarg-aret Parke
Iarie Parkes 
Recein>s 1st Monday 
Parkinson. :\Irs. .r. Harcourt (:\Jary L. Keane) 
34 Rt. Vincent street 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Mr. Rohert Keane Parkinson 
Miss .Janie Colpoys Parkinson 
Miss Lena Parkinson 

Ir. and Mrs. W. A, (Fo)') 
The .\ iug-er Apartments, :?10 Bloor 

treet East 
Parks. Prof. (M.A.. Ph.D.) and :\Irs. \\ïlliam 
A. (:\lcLennan) 
r.9 Alhany a,'enue 
Hecei \'t:'S 1st a nd 3d Fr'ida
Cluhs, :\Ir
. IiI. 
:\11'. Georg-e D. Parks 

Figlln.'i r('fcr to club 1t/llltlJ('n
-,ç('(' ;n.'
id(' lHt('k ('orcr. 



Parmenter, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald H. 
Dunyegan road 
Clubs, Mr. 46-55-60-61 
Parry. Dr. and Mrs, W. T. Owen (\\Y1'ight) 
578 Spadina avenue 
Miss Gladys Parry 
Mr. ,nlfred Parry 46 
Parsons, Mrs. Benjamin 
72 Bloor street 'Vest 
Receives Friday 
Dr. Harold C. Parsons 42-46-69 
Mr. 'V. Herbert Parsons 46 
Miss M. R. Parsons 55 
Parsons, ::\11'. and Mrs. Charles (Boswell) 
40 St. Vincent street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Fannie Parsons 
Miss Kate Parsons 
Parsons, Miss Jessie 
238 College street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Emma Parsons 

Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Silas R. (Hplliwell) 
139 Crescent road 
Clubf!, Mr. 7 
::\liss Mildred Parsons 55 
:\Iiss Marion E. Parsons 

Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam G. 
3 Beaumont road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
:\liss E\-elyn Parsons 
:\Iiss Gladys Parsons 
:\Irs. Godfrey Pate 

Paterson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew :\1. (Comfort) 
17 Park road 
Receives 1st Monday 

Paterson, 1\11'. and Mrs. F. Charles 
311 Delaware a\'enue 
S. R., St. Catherine's 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, :Mr. ï 
Paterson. :\lrs. Florence 1. (McCarthy) 
í 4 St. G('orge street 
Receives Tuesday 
:\11'. Percy L. Paterson 42-46-71 
:\11'. F. D. K. Paterson 7-46 
Vlr. and Mrs. J. Harry (Ince) 
260 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 4-7-10-19-37-46-53-55-56-69- 
71--Mrs. 25-55-57 

Paterson. :\Ir. (K.C.) John A. 
Eden road, \\Tychwood Park 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

Paterson. :\11'. and Mrs. Xoble L. (Lambert) 
169 Spadina road 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Paterson 

Patrick, :\11'. and :\lrs. 'Villiam G. (Keen) 
I iJ Crescen t road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-7-35-37 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bradley 
lcDonough ) 
11 Bedford road 
Recei ves Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-46-53-53-69--Mrs. 68 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. George E. (Lodge) 
fi5 Huntley street 
Receives 1st Tuesda v 
Patterson, Mr. and ::\lrs. J. H. L. 
(Rascha Young) 
91 Jameson avenue 
nubs, Mr. 35-52 
Patterson, 1\11'. and Mrs. John (Xorris) 
97 "Yal mer road 
ReceiYes 1st and 3d Friday 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Brown) 
4 Pricefield road 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Olive Pa tterson 
:\11'. 'Vilber Patterson 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (:\lain) 
56 St. Clair avenue "Yest 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Rohert L. (Legge) 
"Fernwood," -100 Dou Mills road 
Recei yes 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
:\Iiss Hannah K. Legge 
I. A. Patterson 
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (\Yilliams) 
30 Rummerhill a\-enue 
Receiyes 1st and 3d :\londay 
:\liss Ethel Florence Patterson 
Irs. Thomas C. 
(Marie L. Jones) 
105 Admiral road 
:\Iiss Daisy Patteson 
Patton, :\11'. and Mrs. H. B. (Renfrew) 
156 'Varren road 
Receives Thursday 
:\Iiss Olga Schwartz 
Patton, Dr. and l\'11-s. J, Churchill 
189 Gerrard street East 
Receives 1st anò 2ò :\Ionday 
Clubs, Dr. 19-33-46--Mrs. 65 
:\Iiss Beatrice Patton 
Paul, Mr. and 1\1rs. C. Frederick (Costigan) 
101 Castle Frank road 
Receives 1st :\londay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-35-70 
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. \\Yilliam H. (Brown) 
-167 Dovercourt road 
S. R., "Glencoe Heights,' Lake Jo- 
seph, :\luskoka 
:\Iiss Ruth Payne Spry 
Peace, :\11'. and Mrs. John (Mills) 
20 Mc
laster a venue 
:Mr. \\Yalter B. Peace 

Figures refer to club numbers-see insirlr back corer, 


13 1 

Irs. V\'. 
I. C
i 1 Crescen t road 
Receiyes 1st 
Ionday and Tuesday 
Dr. R. 
I. Peacock 46 
1\Ir. H. 1\[. Peacock 7-46 

Peaker, Dr. and :\Irs. E. A. (Pink) 
135 Jameson avenue 

. R., V\'alker's, Point. :\Iuskoka, Onto 
ReceiYes 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 19 

Pearce, :\I1'. anc'l 1\Irs. Benjamin (Smart) 
167 "'almer road 
Receiyes 1st Friday 

Ir. and :\Irs. C. T. (Astley) 
316 Russell Hill road 
d Thursday 
Ir. 1-6-7-33-70-:\lrs. 42 

Pearce, :\lrs. :\largaret 
14 Prince 
\rthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
:\Iiss Pearce 
:\Iiss Ada Pearce 
:\Ir. William Pearc
Pearce, :\Ir. and :\fl"H. "', K. 
(Emma G. Hoare) 
140 Bedford road 
necei yes Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 1-53-55 
.:\lr. 'V. King Pearce 
.:\Iiss Helen Pearce 
Pearcy, :\lr. and Mrs. ::;anderson 
92 Bloor street ,,'est 
Receives Friday 

Pearson, Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. 
311 Hussell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
('Jubs, Dr. i -35--I2-:\lrs. 42-63 

Ir. F.(lwin P. 

ti9 Russell Hill road 
('Iuhs, l\lr. 33 

l'earson, :\11'. anù l\1I's. James 
(:\Iay Thompson) 
The Lonsdale 
:-:. n., Inglewood, Ont. 
('Iu},s. .Mr. 4-:>-i-19-33-37-1\lrs. 2:5 

Pearson. :\11'. and :\Irs. .John \. (:\Iarshall) 

9 :\Iaynanl a"enue 
Ht>ceÏ\'ps 1st Thursday 
nuhs, MI'. 1-7-3:i-37-46-!i2-53-56-60-69 
Pearson, :\11'. \Villiam H. 
3-1 Xorth 
herhourne strept 
("Iuhs. :\>11'. 7-2x-33 

s .\nne I't'arsnn 4:! 

l'('arson, 1\Ir. Rn(l :\Jr's. V\"illiam H., ,JI'. 
4 Lamport avenue 
K n., <'entre Island 
Hef'eives 2d :\Innday 
('Iuhs. :\11'. 37- :\Irs. 42 
:\Iiss Yt:'ra l'eanmn 
!' Ida l'f'arson 

Peck, .:\11'. and :Mrs. Hugh 
(:\ladeleine Kohl) 
Bishops Court Apartments 
Peck, .:\Ir. and :\lrs. "'ellington J. 
157 Dowling avenue 
S. R., Stony Lake, Onto 
Pellatt, Colonel Sir Henry :\1. (C.Y.O., A.D.C.) 
and Lady 
"Casa Lorna," V\"almer road hill 
Clubs, Sir Henry 1-4-7-9-10-19-31-37- 
42-46-53-56-69-Lady 25-?7 
P{'Ilatt, :\11'. and Mrs. Mill "". (Bowerman) 
36 Jackes avenue 
Receiyes Thursday 
Pellatt, ('apt. and :\lrs. Reginald (Perry) 
"Casa Lorna," "'almer road hill, cor. 
Austin avenue 
R R., "C'liffside," Balmy Beach 
Clubs. Capt. 4-10-46-53-56-iO; also 
Junior Army and Xayy Club, Lon- 
don, Eng.-MI's. 25 
Pember, 'Mr. and Mrs. "". T. (Pembroke) 
62 Indian Grove 
Recei "es 3d Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7-56; and Rt. George So- 
:\Irs. Eo Pembroke 
Miss Eileen Pember 
Penman, 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Arthur (Tefft! 
28 Jameson 8.,'enue 

Pentecost. :\11'. and :\lrs. Rohert ,Yo 
407 Huron street 
R. R., Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Miss Roberta C, Pentecost 
:\Iiss Gladys Pentecost 
Dr. Reginald Sterling Pentecost (B.A.) 
Pepler, :\11'. and 
fl's. Arthur (Daly) 
54 Bernard a venue 
lr. 33-3;)-3i -:i3-!í5-ãf:-60-f:9- 
:\lrs. :!5-55-56-57-66-68 
Pepler, .:\11'. Clement E, 
1 ï;) Collier street 
(,Iuhs. :\11'. 5f:-r.O 
Pepler, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Tom H. G. (Broughall) 
...1/ IIul'on street 
Receives Friday 
rluh!;, :\11'. :i3-55-)lrs 55 

Ir. R. ,J. Pepler 
1\11'. Harry B. Pepler 

liss Rydney Pevler 
Peplt>r, Dr. and :\Irs. 1\ïlIiam H. (Chadwick) 
1100 Rpadina avenue 

. R., Cedarhurst, Lak", RinH'I)e 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs. Dr. 19-il-:\lrs. 25 
1\11'. Stewul.t H. P<"p!er 
Pepper, :\11'. and :\ll"s, c;eorge (Elliott) 
256 Huron street 
[{eceh'es Tuesday 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 37 
:\Iiss Alma Pt:'!lper 

Fi.fllt I"f'.
 rrfrr to ('[Ill) 11 1I1Jl lH ".
_Sf / ;1I.
id(' l)(1('k rO,.rr. 

13 2 


Perry, Mr. and Mrs. James B. 
30 Dale avenue, Rosedale 
Receiyes 1st and 3d Friday 
C'lubs. Mr. 7-19-54-71 
Capt. Xorman D. Perry 10-37-53-56 
Mr. Gordon F. Perry 
Perry, Mr. Robert D. 
21 Madison avenue 
Miss Perry 
Mr. Frank Perry 
Miss l<--'lorence Perry 
ReceÌ\'es Friday 
Peterkin, Mr. anò Mrs. < James E. (Howarth) 
156 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
. (Collins) 
102 Pembroke street 
C'lubs, Mr. 7 
Dr. Helen Peters 
Miss Laura Peters 
Mr. Herbert Peters 
Peters, Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry 
9 Xorth Rherbourne street 
Receiyes 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-3;j 
Mr. J. Henry Peters. Jr. 
Petman, Mr. Herbert F. 
237 'Vellesley street 
Clubs. Mr. 42-70 
Mr. and Mrs. D. ,,
. Paton 
Petrie, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. (Mc:\laster) 
94 Binscarth road 
ReceiYes 1st Mondav 
Miss B. D. Petrie . 
Miss J. Petrie 
Miss E. Petrie 
Petr), Mr. and Mrs. C'harle
 B. (McXab) 
61 Isabella street 
Receiyes 3d and 4th Monda\' 
Clubs, Mr. 7; also Royal Àstronomi- 
cal ::Society-Mrs. 66 
Mr. .Allan McXab Petry 
Pettigrew, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. 
(Grace Petrie) 
1) Ferndale avenue 
Pettit, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rtanle
 eag-an t) 
165 Madison avenue 
Receiyes 1st Frida
'fr. 28-33-70-Mrs. 28 
Miss Laura Pettit 28 
Miss Eileen Pettit 2R 
Mr. Godfrey Pettit 28 
Pettit, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 
St. George Apartments 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-2>1-70-Mrs. 70 
Peuchen. Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Arthur G. 
(Margaret Thomson) 
599 Jarvis street 
S. R., "Woodlands,' Lake ::Simcoe, 
near Shanty Bay 
Receiyes Monday 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 1-4-111-31-33-37-4
4fi-56-70-Mrs. 25-6:>-66 
Miss Jessie Peuchen 31-70 
Mr. Godfrey Peuchen 

Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry \V. 
323 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. (Rtarr) 
450 ::Sherbourne street 
8. R., Muskoka 
ReceÌ\'es 1st Monday 
Mr. Frank Phelan 
Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. (\Varde) 
149 South drive 
S. R., "
awa Hotel, Lake of Bays, 
ReceiYes 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-35-37-70 
Phibbs, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. (Gibson) 
 Binscarth road 
Receives Monday 
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ("
271 Hayelock street 
S. R., Barrie, Ont. 
Receiyes 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund (Jones) 
90 BeYerley street 
Receives 'Yednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 55 
Miss Muriel Phillips 
Mrs. T. E. .Jones 
Phillips, Mrs. Francis .J. (Bacon) 
63 Queens Park 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Mr. Heber B. Phillips 28-31-33-37-1)6 
Mr. William F. Phillips 2S-31-33 
Phillips. Mrs. Frederick E. 
(Elizabeth McMullen) 
34 Dunbar road 
ReceÌ\'es Monday 
Miss McMullen 
Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. (Biggar) 
45 Kendall avenue 
Phillips, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. (Duncan) 
61 Yorkyille avenue 
Receiyes 4th Friday 
Miss Eloise Phillips 
Miss Florence Phillips 
Miss Marguerite Phillips 
Mr. "
endell Phillips 
Phillips, MI'. and Mrs. "
m. C. (McMillan) 
"Glenellan." 45 Benlamond avenue 
Receives Saturday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Mr. Eric Phillips 
Phippen, Hon. (K.C.) and Mrs. Frank H. 
(Agnes Edna McGill) 
"CloYer Hill," 40 St. Joseph street 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs. Hon. :!8-37 -46-53-55-56-69; also 
Mount Royal Club of Montreal, and 
the Rideau Club of o ttawa-:\'frs. 

Mr. Jack H. Phippen ("Winnipeg) 
Pickering-, Dr. Latimer 
37 "Tilton Crescent 
Clubs, Dr. 37 
Mr. Charles Pickering 

Figure8 refer to club llumlJcrs-scc inside bacT.: corer. 



lr. and :\lrs. James K. (Durham) 
-19 Glenview avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 35-Mrs. 31 
Piersol, Dr. and Mrs. v\YiIliam Hunter 

6 Albany avenue 
R R., Madawaska ('lub. Georgian Bay 
d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 9-

Pilcher, Rev. and Mrs. (,harles Venn 
-178 Ontario street 

r. and Mrs. S. H. (Mark) 

O Lynnwood a venue 
Receives Thursday 

Piper, :\Ir. and Mrs. Aug-ustus 1\1. (Greene) 
"\Vanakong," 17 Avondale road 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25 

Piper, Mrs. Edward R. (Elizabeth 
s6 \Vells HilI avenue 
R. R., Stony Lake 
Receives 1st and 4th Friday 
Dr, Clarence F. Piper 
Miss E. L. Piper 
:\,[r. Arthur G. Piper 52 

fr. and Mrs. Frank M. (Silliman) 

6 V\'ells Hill avenue 
Recei ves Friday 

Platt, :\Ir. and 
Irs. .\rthur T. (Valentine) 
1:174 King street "'t:'!5t 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 51-
lrs. IS-:!6-66 
Mr. E. B. Platt 
Miss Madeleine Platt 25 
:\liss Kathleen Platt 

Playfair, :\Ir. and Mrs. Stuart B. (Scott) 
('are of 31) King street East 
R R., ("entre Island 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 33-46 
Playter, :\Ir. Edgar M. 
66 Rt. George street 
Plumb, :\Ir. and Mrs. Frederick (Thomas) 
Rt. George Mansions 
Recei ves Tu esday 
('lubs, Mr. 3 
Plummer, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Frank 

-IO Balmoral avenue 
Receives Thursday 
('luhs, Mr. 1-46-53-56 
Mr, .J. O. Plummer 46 
Plummer, Re'.. Frederick G. 
6 Spruce street 
Plummer. Mr. and :\lr8. ,Tames H. 
Ryl van Tower, Rose<1ale 
Hecei ves Monday 
('luhs, Mr. 37-46-55-56-69 
Mr. Thomas H. Plummer 46-53-;)6 
:\1iss Plummer 55-56-57 
Miss Joyce Plummer :;5 
Miss \Vinnifr'ecl Plummer :ï:1 

Plummer, 1\1r. H. L. 
The Ainger Apartments, 210 Bloor 
street East 
S. R., Sault Ste. Marie, Onto 
('Jubs, Mr. 1-37-53-56-71 
Plumptre, Rev. Canon (M.A.) and Mrs. Henry 
P. (\\'ynne- Willson) 
Rectory of Rt. James' Cathedral, 135 
Adelaide street East 
R. R., Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 
d Monday 
("Iubs, Rev. 19-:\lr8. 25-55-63-66 
Polson, :\Ir. and Mrs. Hugh (Bishop) 
Queens Court Apartments, 579 Jarvis 
Clubs, Mr. 7-46-71 
Mr. Xorman S. Polson 
Mr. Hugh L
oon Polson 46 
Ponton, :\lr. and Mrs. Douglas (Leslie) 
 Xanton avenue 
Receives Monday 
Miss Mary Ponton 
Poole, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (Hall) 
130:! King street "'est 
:\Irs. R ,E. Bender 
Poole, Mr. and Mrs. James (MacEwan) 
20 Scarth road 
Receives 3d Monday 
:\Ir. L. S. Poole 
Pope, Major and Mrs, W. "Y. ('White) 
117 Bedford road 
Receives 1st Friday 
Cluhs. :\Iajor 10-19-34-46-71-:\lrs. 46- 
Mr. \V. Macaulay White Pope 25-34 
Mrs. :\Iary \Vhite 
Port, :\lrs. Dawson "T. (Maria V\ïlson) 
19 Lowther avenue 
Receives Fridav 
Miss Frances Po

'[iss Clara Port 

Porteous, Miss :\1ina 
Î 4 St. George street 
Porter, Captain and Mrs. Charles H. (Xeil) 
13 Poplar Plains road 
Recehoes Thursday 
('Iubs, CaPtain 10 
Porter, :\Ir. and l\lrs. Edward (Ridout) 
334 Brunswick avenue 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, .Mr. 46 
:\liss Edith Porter 

Ir. Arthur Porter 
:\liss Mary Kerstenan 
Porter, :\Ir. and Mrs. Fred D. (Rutherland) 
:-.2 Ale>..andra Palace 
K R., Orchar'd Reach, Lake Simcoe 
Heceives :\Iondav 
Cluhs. :\Ir. 1-46' 
:\fiss Madge R. Porter 
Porter, Dr. and :\Irs. c;eorge D. (Harris) 
"Havenswold," 16
 ("rescent road 
R, Roo TreRsur'e Island, :\Iuskoka Ont 
nt'cei yes :\Ionda v ' 
('Iuhs, Dr'. 7-3:ï-4

ri.'lUr('8 rcfrr to club nllmlJ(TS-,
('C imâdc back curer, 



Porter, Captain and .Mrs. J alnes Herhert 
141 "\Yalmer road 
Receiyes :!d and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Capt. 9-10-33-46-
1rs. 25 
Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ed. (Mowry) 
268 Poplar Plains road 
ReceÏ\'es 3d Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 70-71 
Mrs. H. H. 'Villis 
Miss Mabel Potter 
Mr. Clyde C. Mowry 
Potts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. (Brennan) 
68 Glen road 
Receiyes Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Edith Ferguson 
Poucher, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. 
(Anna B. Jackson) 
202 Glen road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-7-2
; also Rimcoe 
f'lub-Mrs. 27-28 
Powell, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. 
212 Rt. George street 
Powell. Mr. and Mrs. George A. (Myers) 
47 'Yarren road 
Prendergast, Mr. and Mrs. "\Yilliam 
( (Killoran) 
11 Mackenzie avenue, Rosedale 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, Muskoka 
Recei yes 3d Monday 
lr. 32-42 
Mr. D' Arcy Prendergast 
Prentiss, Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller (:\Iaxwell) 

 Ridout street 
S. R., Honey Harbor 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 27-35 
Pretty, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. 
1 High Park boulevard 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7 
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Boston 
(Marion Brandon) 
139 Delaware avenue 
Receiyes 1st Friday 
Price, Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. ("Tarnica) 
351 Sherbourne street 
S. R., Birch ("liff. Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mr. Harold Price 
Price, Mrs. Lewis (Crawford) 
8S Oriole road 
S. R.. Fairy Lake, Muskoka, Onto 
Miss .J anet E, Price 
Miss Elsie L Price 
Miss A. M. Price 
Miss Ethelwyn Price 
Prime Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 
413 Markham street 
S. R., Oakville 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 68 
Mr. Fred H. Prime 
Miss Prime 
'\1iss Claire Prime 

Primrose, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander (Ewart) 
100 College street 
S. R., Dawamah, Lake Joseph 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-9-42-55-60-69-l\Irs. 25
Miss Dorothy Primrose 55 
Miss Agnes Primrose 55 
1\1r. Howard Primrose 
Prince, Mrs. Charlotte (Risley) 
71 .Madison avenue 
Receiyes Friday 
Miss Clementina Ross 31-42 
Pringle, Mr. Alex. K. 
30 Lowther avenue 
.Mr. James Pringle 
Miss Isabella Pringle 66 
Miss Jane. Pringle 66 
Pringle, Mr. Edwin C. 
50 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. nv) ndow) 
85 Gloucester street 
Receiyes 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 41 
Pringle, Mr. Henry "\,#. 
1:!3 Madison avenue 
C'luhs, Mr. 71 
Mrs. Pringle-Jones 
Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. "'
illiam R. (Wood) 
1532 King street 'Vest 
Receiyes :!d and 4th Thursday 
Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Henry C. 
111 Glen road 
Receiyes Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-19-28-42-70-71-1\I1.s. 42- 
Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. (Fletcher) 
 Spar1ina road hill 
Clubs. 1\lr. 10-56 
Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ernest (Xkholls) 
6 Roxborough street East 
Clubs, Mr. 42-46 
Proctor, Mrs. James A. (Sarah) 
Madison .\partments 
R R., f'edarmere, Southampton 
Receiyes 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-58-65 
Proctor, Mr. and Mrs, 'Villiam R. (Storey) 
223 Geoffrey street 
Miss Kathleen Proctor 

Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam T. A. 
110 f'astle Frank road 
Receives Monday 
Proudfoot. Mr. and Mrs. Hume Blake 
132 Roxborough street \Yest 
Receiyes Friday 
Proudfoot. Mr. (K.C,. M.P.), 'Villiam 
2 Bloor street East 
S. R., Goderich, On t. 
Clubs, Mr. 35-70-71 
Mr. "Y. Proudfood, Jr. 

Fi!Jures 'refer to club 'J/1l1J/bcrs-8(,(, inside back corer. 



Pugsley, ::\11'. and ::\Irs. John (Harris) 
13i Bloor street 'Vest 
ReceÏ\-es 1st and 4th Frida) 
Clubs, ::\11'. 2
Pullan, ::\11'. and :\-Irs. Morris nnlks) 
254 Sherbourne street 
Mr. Louis L Pullan 
1\11'. Sydney H. Pullan 
PurdY, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Alexander S. 
( Thompson) 
 Palmerston boule,oard 
S. R., Peninsula Lake. l\Iu
::\11'. K. Purdy 

Ir. 'Ym. D. Purdy 

Purse, Mr. and ::\Irs. Alexander (Spencer' 
 ::\Iadison ayenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs. ::\11'. 37 
Mr. Alexander Purse. Jr. 

Pyne, Dr. and ::\Irs. Alhert R. (Fraser) 
134 Carlton street 
Receiyes 3d :\Ionday 
Mrs_ Thomas B. Straiton 
Miss Hester R. pyne 
Pyne, Hon. ß1.D.. LL.D.) and Mrs. Robert A. 
Braemar Apartments, 107 HOlnewood 
ReceÍ\oes :\Ionday 
Clubs Hon. Dr. 1-7-10-19-37-46-53- 
Mrs. i"i 7 
:\11'. Fred Roberts pyne 
:\11'. Frank H. pyne 

Qua, Mr. and l\Irs. Edward F. (Paterson) 
413 'Vest 1\1arion street 
 1st Tuesday 
orman F. Paterson (K,C.) 

Ir. amI :\Irs. :\1. Edwin 
( :\lcKihbon) 
IiI ::\Iadison avenue 
S. R., Beayerston, Ont. 
Hecei "es 1 st Friday 
s Grace Quigley 
Quin, :\lrs. Edith H. 
1!H \\'arren roarl 
Receiyes Thursday 
:\Iiss Quin 

HadcIiff. 1\11'. and :\Irs. W. E. (Campbell) 
"Rose ('Hff," i"iR Park road 
ReceÍ\'es 1st :\Ionda
('Iuhs, 1\11'. 33 
Rae, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Harry Croft (Da ,'ilIson) 
40 Charles 
treet East 
ReceÍ\"es :\Ionday 
('Iuhs, l\Ir. 7-55-:\h's. 5:ï-t)(i 

Rae. :\11'. and :\Irs. \Yilliam (Lea).cmft) 
64 Prince Arthur a'-enup 
HpceÏ\'es 1st and 
d F'rida
rluhs, :\11'. 3 
Raitt, :\11'. and :\Irs. Thoma!' IL 
(1\1al.tha S. \\ïnters) 
146 Bernard avenue 
:\Ii!o's F.,}ith \\'. Raitt 

Ralfe, :\11'. and :\Irs. Robert ,,'. 
(Edith H. Brown) 
] ;) 7 :\Iadison a yen ue 
Receiyes Friday 

Ralston, :.\11'. and :\Irs. Albert J. (Allan) 
"Beechwood," 35 South drive 
Receiyes 2<1 and 3d :Monday 
Cluhs. ::.\11'. 1-33-70 
:!\Jiss :\Iuriel Ralston 

Ramsay, :\11'. Alexander G. 
515 Huron street 
Cluhs, Mr. 69 
:\Iiss Ramsay 
Recei yes Friday 
Ramsay, 1\11'. and ðlrs. Allan (Ðeyaney) 
44 Alexandra Palace 
Cluhs, 1\11'. .0-71 
Ramsay, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Charles X. (Spence) 
103 TyndalI ayenue 
H. R., Eastbourne. Lake Simcoe 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Ramsay, :\11'. and Mrs. "'illiam T. 
:ï South drive 
Clubs, :\11'. 53-56-69 
Ramsey, 1\11'. and :\Irs. .Tames G. (Dixon) 
1 ÎS Crescent road 
Receives 2d :\Ionday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 33-4
Mr. Alan R. Ramsey 
:\Iiss Jessie Ramsey 
:\Iiss .Melba Ramsey 
::.\liss A. Dixon 
Ramsey, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Ralph D. ßlacleod) 
20 Triller avenue 
Receiyes 3d Thursday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 52 
Randall, Mr. and 1\1rs. James (:\lc:\lenemy) 
20S Poplar Plains road 
ReceiYes Thursday 
:\liss Erlna Randall 
1\11'. John \\'. Randall 
Haney, Mr. anrl :\11'8. \\ïlliam E. (Fraser) 
11 Î :\Iarlison aYenue 
R R., Highftelrl road, Etobicoke, Onto 
d and 4th Friday 
Cluhs. 1\11'. Î-19-:\lrs. 65-(,6-6S 
1\11'. Fraser Raney , 
 orman Raney 
::\11'. Paul Raney 
Rankin. Itey. an,} :\Irs. James A. 
112 :\Iarlison avenue 
H. R., Orchard Beach, Lake Himcoe, 
Receives INt Frirlay 
1\11'. :\'i1Ie Rankin 

Ransom. Mr. and :\11'8. A Ihert l '. ( 
210 Russell Hill roa,) 
t an,1 2,1 Thur:-;clay 
Cluhs. :\11'. 6-28-33-46-:\lrs. 28-5S-66 
. PI.ank rompton (,6 
Han:-;om. :\11' and :\11's. G. S. O"ilson) 
3s6 Inclian roar} 
t Thursday 


 rcfrr to clllb 11111ll1ÞC1"S-8(,(' ;lIs;d(' b"d.. ('orer. 



Ratcliff, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic L. 
145 Crescen t road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-Î-22-28-35-46-Mrs. 25-28 
Rathbone, Mr. and Mrs. George 
15 Laxton avenue 
S. R., Stoney Lake, ant. 
Receives 1st ,Yednesday 

liss Rathhone 
Mr. George Rathbone, Jr. 
Rathbun, Mrs. W. B. (Blaikie) 
54 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Bryant Rathbun 
Miss Ruth Rathbun 

Rawlinson, Mr. and Mrs. Marmaduke 
22 Maple avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-Î-19-22-46-54 

lr. and Mrs. Marmaduke Arthur 
130 Glen road 
Receives Monday 

Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Duncan (Glasgow) 
309 St. Clarens avenue 

Raynolds, Mrs. Edward V. 
(Annie Stewart) 
123 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-28-55-56-5Î-58-65-66- 
Mr. Howard K. Harris 

Rea, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. (Ireland) 
31 St. Andrews Gardens 
Receives Monday 

Rea, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. (Herchmer) 
133 Crescent road 
Receh.'es 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 20; also the Skating Club 
-Mrs. The Skating Club 
Reade, Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. (Baillie) 
66 Madison avenue 
Miss Jessie Reade 
Rea ves, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell 
165 St. George street 
S. R., Allandale, ant. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 3Î-53-56-69-Mrs. 55-56 

Rea ves, Mrs. George 
381 Huron street 
Rev. Ensor Sharp 
Reburn, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. (Reynolds) 
69 Dunvegan road 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25-68 

Reburn, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. (Stewart) 
94 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 19 

lr. and 
lrs. J. Carl 
6 Mackenzie a venue 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Cluhs. Mr. 28-33-46-Mrs. 28-42 
Miss Yera Reed 
Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Le Grand 
50 Binscarth road 
Receives 2d Mondav 
Clubs, Mr. 33-55 . 
Reedy, Mr. and Mrs. George (Johnston) 
152 Madison avenue 
R. R., Shanty Bay, ant. 
Recei ves Friday 
Miss Florence Reedy 
Reesor, Mrs. David 
(Emily .McDougall) 
62 South drive 
Recei yes Monday 
Mrs. John A. Holmes (Reesor) 
Reesor, Mr. and :\lrs. H. A. <<Fowler) 
"Inglenook." 145 Rusholme road 
Receives Fridav 
Miss Pauline Ree'sor 
Mr. Reginald A. Reesor 
Miss Hilda Reesor 

Reeve, The Rt. Rev. Bishop and Mrs. 'Vm. D. 
(A. M. Grindlav) 
544 Huron street 
Recei yes Friday 
Miss Alice M. Grindlay 
Miss Helen Grindlay 
Mr, William H. Grindlay 
Reeve, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. (Campton) 
332 Brunswick avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-52-Î1 
Reeve, Dr. and Mrs. John E. (Coe) 
18 Carlton street 
Mr. Aubrey Reeve 
Miss Lottie Reeve 
Reeve, Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. 
(Anna Howe) 
48 Bloor street East 
Receives 4th Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 69 

Reford, Mrs. Rose C. (Metcalf) 
53 Albany avenue 
Receives 3d Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. McCarthy (Reford J 
Regan, Mrs. John (Callahan) 
509 Rherhourne street 
Mr. Hugh Regan 
Miss Mary Regan 
Mr. Marrin Regan 
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander To (Fawcett) 
"Gearholm." 30 South drive 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 4-Î-9-2
Mr. Fawcett A. Reid 28-46-61 
Miss Lorna Reid 28-42 
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Doug-Ias 
(Pauline Foy) 
18 Selby street 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside back COl."er. 



Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Georg-e P. (Cox) 

77 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Mr. 46-53-56-:\lrs. :)7 
:\Iiss Hilda A. Reid 
:\1r. A. Douglas Reid 
Miss Doris Reid 
Mr. Eric Reid 

Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (8talker) 
55 Chestnut Park 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Ir, Xorman K. Reid 
:\Ir. Hugh S. Reid 42 
Reid, :\Ir. and Mrs. .James T. (Bridenbecker) 
559 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
:\Ir. Rherwood A. Reid 
:\lr. Hugh W. Reid 
Reid, :\1rs. John Y. (Mary Y. Young) 
R7 Pembroke street 
:\Ir. George B. Reid 
:\liss :Margaret Reid 
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. (Parke, 
25 "'hitney avenue 
Heceives Friday 
Ir. 7-33-35-42-46 
:\IiSB Evelyn Reid 42 
Miss Helen Reid 
:\Iiss Isabel Reid 
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. "'iIliam B. 
42 Lakeview avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-37 
Reinhardt, :\Ir. and Mrs. Ernest :\1. (Phillip!!!) 
The Maitland _\partments 
Clubs, Mr. S7 
Reinhardt. Mr. and Mrs. Lothar nVagner) 
"Linderhof," 4R7 .Jarvis street 
Receives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Mr. A. Arthur Reinhardt 28-37 
:\Ir. Alfonso H. Reinhardt 37 
Reinhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Lothair, .Jr. 

 PrÏ<'efield road 
Cluhs, :\Ir. 37 
Renfrew, Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. \èoward} 
343 Rherhourne street 
R. R., .TaC'kson's Point 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Renfrew, :\Ir. and Mrs. \Valter C. (Miller) 
3:; Roxhorough street East 
K n., 
Iossington Point. Lake Rimcoe 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65 
:\fiss J. Renfrew 
Miss M. Renfrew 
Ir. and :\Irs. John (Teasdale) 
25 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives bt Monday and Tuesùay 
rJuhs, Mr. 22-70 
Rennie, :\Ir. and Mrs. Rohert (Ross) 
37 ("astle Frank a\'enue 
Receives :Monday 
C]uhs, Mr. 7-42-70 
:\lr. Gor(lon C. Rennie 

Rennie, .:\Ir. and :\Irs. Thomas (Alison) 
10 Xorth Sherbourne street 
Receives 1st 
Ionday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-22 

Reynolds, :\frs. A. Titren (Lyle) 
fi3 Elm avenue, also Fort Pierson, 
Recei yes 1st 'Monday 
Clubs, :\Irs. 25-65 
Miss Reynolds 25 

Reynolds, Mr. George X. 
13S Dowling avenue 
Clubs, .Mr. 1 

Rice, :\Ir. and l\lrs. Orner F. (\Yickens) 
11 7 Glen road 
Recei\'es 1st and 4th Monday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 33-42 
Miss Amy Rice 
Mr. Mor]ey Rice 
Mr. Rtafford Rice 
l\Ir. Herbert Franklin Rice 

Rice, Mr. and :\Irs. R. B. (Blatchly) 
327 Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Miss Rice 
Mr. :\1. F. Rice 
Mr. R. H. Rice 
Mr. R. E. Rice 

Rice, Mrs. T. G. (Lailey) 
56 Avenue road 
Mr Henry E. Rice 
Miss :\1. L. Rice 

Richardson, Mr. and l\Irs. A. Ernest 
913 Bloor street West 
Richardson, Dr. E. Kendall 
705 Spadina avenue 
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. (Parker) 
SS Roxborough street East 
K R., Pickering, Onto 
Richardson. Dr. and Mrs. George A. 
( :\Iarshall ) 
14 Bloor street East 

 H., Isle Dunelg, Huntsville, Ont. 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Mr. G. B. Richardson 
Iarshall Richardson 
Richardson, Yr. and :\lrs. Harry Alden 
27 "'a]mer road 
Receives Friday 
("]ulls, :\11'. 33-37-!15-69-:\Irs. 6!i 
Richardson, Mr. and 
lrs. John Turner- 
261 Russell' HilI road 
K R., Roache's Point, Lake Simcoe 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 
Richardson. Mr. and :\trs. Joseph A. 
72 H enr
' street 
Heceives 1 st Thursday 
Mr. J. C'. Richardson 

Figure.'.; refer to club 111lmb('rs-s('f' ill,çid(' Lack corer. 



Richardson, Dr. and Mrs. Tlll)mas Bedford 
128 Bloor street W"est 
Receiyes 2d and 4th Frida)' 
Cluhs, Dr. 10 
Mrs. Ellen Butland 

Riches, Dr. Frederick S. 
453 DoYercourt road 
Clubs, Dr. 37-71 

Richey, Mr. and Mrs. M. Stanley L. 
(Fanny King) 
552 Huron street 
Receiyes Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-56--
lrs. 42-56 
Mrs. S. T. King l Rockwood) 
Riddell, Mr. and Mrs. George I. 
28 Sydney street 
S. R.. Port Sandfield, Muskoka, Onto 
Receiyes Friòay 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Riddell, Hon. Mr. Justice and Mrs. William 
Renwick (Crossen) 
109 St. George street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. Hon. Justice 37-42-69-70--Mr8 
Riddell, Mrs. Matthew (Agnes Rutherford) 
S6 Rpadina road 
S. R., Tigh-na-Creag, Georgian Ba)' 
Receiyes Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65 
Miss Riddell 2S-29-58-63 
Mr. Matthew R. Riddell 20-28-29 
Miss Elsie R. Riòdell 28 
Mr. Andrew R. Riddell 
Miss Jean Riddell 28 
Ridout, Mr. and Mrs. D. Cam})bell 
3fi Spen
Clubs, Mr., 7! 
Ridout, Ml s. Donald f'. (Kay) 
569 Huron street 
Receiyes Friday 
Mr. Howard E: Ridout 
Mr. John E. Ridout 
Ridout, lVII', and lIç>. Douglas K. LIones) 
Care of 85 Bay street 
S. R., Lake Simcoe 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-42-53-56 
Ridout, Mr. George 
84 Forest Hill road 
Cluhs. Mr. 7-9-33-42 
Miss Dora I. Ridout 
Miss Anita G. Ridout 
Receives Thursday 
Ridout, Mr. J. Grant 
250 Rusholme road 
Riordan, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce L, (Thorburn) 
1 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
f'luhs. Dr. 46-;)3-66-78 
Mr. Bruce T. Riordan 
Riordon, Mr. John G. 
1 Queen's Park 
lr. 33 

Ritchie, :\11'. (K.f'.) and Mrs. Charles H. 
141 Ayenue road 
ReceÍ\.es Fl"iday 
Clubs. Mr. Prt-'sident of 1-37--:\11'8 57 
Miss Beatrice Ritchie 
Miss Kathleen Scott Ritchie 
Mr. Charles Forsyth Ritchie 
Miss Marjorie Ritchie 

Hitchie, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 
lAmy Patterson) 
RO Kendal a "enue 
Receiyes 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46 

Roaf, Mr. and Mrs. James R. (Lee) 
St. George Mansions 
Receiyes 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 19-33--Mrs. 66-67 

Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Edmond L. (Hunt) 
1526 King street "'est 
ReceiYes 1st Thursday 
Miss Katherine L. Roberts 
Mrs. De Yere Hunt 

Roberts, Miss Florence 
0 Huron !'treet 
Receiyes 1st and 2d Friday 

H.oherts, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. (Shepard) 
6 Clarendon avenue 
Receiyes Friday 

H.oberts, .:\11'. and Mrs. James E. (McCluskey) 
21 Scarth road 
Receives 3d Monday 
f'lubs, Mr. 4 
Miss E. Roberts 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Percy (Humme) 
103 Dunn a'.enue 
Re...'eiyes Thursday 
Mr. Guy Roberts 
Miss Marjorie Roberts 
Robertson, Mrs. Agnes (Halliday) 
:!25 Husholme road 
eiyes 1st Tuesday 
:\'fi8s Syh'ia Rohertson 
Miss Lulu Robertson 

Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Manley) 
699 Spadina avenue 
Receiyes Friday 
Mr. Fred A. Robertson 

Robertson, (1\1. \?U.) Lieut.-Col. Donald :\1. 
24 Summerhill Gardens 
R R., 'Villiamstown. Ont. 
Clubs, Lieut.-CoI. 10-53-;)6 
Robertson, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Henry H. 
102 Highlands a,.enue, Rosedale 
Receiyes Monday 
Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross (Holland) 
1 Sherbourne street 
Receiyes Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-36-37-5;;-56-71; also 
Constitutional Club, Lonrlon, Eng., 
and Roard of Trade--Mrs. 55-56 
:\11'. frYing Earle Robertson 33-42-56-60 

Figures 1"efer to club numbers-see inside back COLer, 



Robertson, Mr. (K,C,) James E. 
14 Admiral road 
So R., "The Oasis," Toronto Island 
Clubs, ::\11'. 31-46 
Miss Robertson 
Mr. Percy Robertson 46-71 
Mr. Ford Robertson 46 

RoLertson, ::\11'. and ::\lrs. James S. 
ahner road 
Receives 4th Friday 
Clubs. ::\Ir. í -9-33-70-í1 
Mr. "
ilburn Robertson 
Miss ::\lary Robertson 
1\Iiss Muriel Robertson 

Rohertson, ::\11'. John A. 
4 Sussex Court. 21 8ussex avenue 
Clubs, ::\11'. 

- ï1 
:\[iss Agnes Robertson 28 
Miss Ruth Robertson 

Rohertson. Prof. PL.-\..) and ::\[rs. John C. 
II;} Spadina road 
So R., Go Home Bay 
Ref'ei\'es 3d and 4th Friday 
Mr. Grant Robertson 

Robertson, Rev. Prof. and Mrs. John D. 
t. George street 
Recei\'es Friday 

Robertson, :\11'. and ::\lrs. Llewellyn H. 
S2 Admiral road 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
::\Iiss E,'elyn Robertson 
Miss Louisa Hohertson 

Rohertson, :\[1'. and ::\Irs. Robert (Ruston) 
4 Deer Park Crescent 
Hecei\'es Thursday 

lr. Thomas 

9 Elm avenue. Roseelale 
8. R., Lake Simcoe 
('Iuhs, :\11'. 33-46 

Hohel'tson. Mr. and :\ll"s. Thomas E. 
('are of !I];j King- street "'est 
(,luns. :\11'. 3;)-Mr8. 31-6;}-61' 
:\liss Doris :\1. Rohertson 
:\11'. Douglas Robertson 

Rohertson, ::\[1'. and :\lrs. \\Tilliam D. (Lake) 
42 Dale avenue 
Cluhs, :\[1', 3;) 

Hohertson, Dr. and :\Irs. \\ïlfred H. 
913 Bloor street ""est 

Rohertson, :\[1'. and :\'Irs. "
illiam .J. (Cook) 
2 Oaklands an'nue 
Recpives 2d and 4th Friday 

nohin. :\[rs. Philip n. 

3 81. (;eorg-e Mansion!': 
Recel,'es Tuesday 
.:\J1'. ('harJes E. Rohin 2

Robinette, ::\11'. (R.C.) and :\Irs. Thomas C. 
(Edith Lindsay) 
18 Spadina road 
S. R., Centre Island 
(,luhs, Mr. 33-3;) 
Robins, 1\11'. and Mrs. Frederick B. (Green) 
S6 Glen road 
Clubs, 1\11'. 33-4
; also St. Stephen3 
Club, London, Eng.-1\Irs. 42 
:\Iiss Marguerite RoLins 4 
II". and :Mrs. Albert C. 
15 Binscarth road 
Robinson, .:\lrs. ('. C. 
52 Rathnally a venue 
::\11'. Korman Robinson 
:\Iiss Margaret Robinson 
Robinson, 1\1rs. Christopher (Plumb) 
St. Clair avenUe \Vest, cor. 
:\11'. Beverley Robinson í 
Mr. Duncan Robinson 
Miss Christobel Robinson 
Robinson, :\11'. and Mrs. Christopher C. 
A. Sultan street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 55-60-:\lrs. 55 
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. (Douglas) 
13 Bernard avenue 
ReceÌ\'es 1st Thursday 
Robinson, :\[1'. and Mrs. George L. 
2 Beaumont road 
Receives Monda
Clubs. :\11'. 
S-42-l\Irs. 2R-42 
:\1iss Phyllis Rohinson 
RoLinson, :\[1'. and Mrs. Guy de Lancey 
 Howard street 
Clubs, 1\lrs. 54-5;; 
Robinson. :\11'. and Mrs. J ohn Beverle
( Pen tecost) 
194 Euclid avenue 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Thurselay 
Clubs. :\[1'. 7 
Hohinson, Mr. and Mrs. John G. (\Yilson' 
11 0 Jameson avenue 
Ref'eÏ\"es 2d Thursday 
Rohinson, Laely Mary E. 
18 Roxhorough str"eet \Yest 
R R.. :\[uskoka, Ont. 
Rohinson. :\11'. and 1\Irs. H. A. (Baldwin) 
1;3 Lowther an'nue 
Receives FI'iday 
:\Iiss Susie }{ohinsnn 
fr. and :\11's. :-;tanton (Dean) 

O; I>a "enport road 
Hflhinson. :\Ir. and :\Irs. Titus ,,'". (Trent) 
Yem'il House. 1 
4 Reelf()!'ll road 
Receives 1st and 
(l FI'illa)" 
('luhs. :\[1'. 4-; 
:\lIss Daisy Hohinson 
1\Iiss l\[al'ie Robinson 
:\1iss Lorlnp Hohinson 
1\1 iss X ora Hohinson 

Fi!!1l res Tefl'r to (-1 Il 7, 1wm b('n:-.
('(' inside ba(>'" ('0 reI". 

14 0 


Roblin, Mr. and Mrs. David O. (Snowden) 
325 Palmerston boulevard 
Cluþs, Mr. 37 
Rochereau de la SabJiere, Mr and Mrs. 
"La Futaie." 301 Jarvis street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-56-60; also Counsul for 
France and Belgium-Mrs. 56-65-68 
Roddy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ("TeIch) 
6 Maple avenue 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Robert Roddy 
Mr. Reginald Roddy 

Roddy, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 
(Maye Duggan) 
154 Syming-ton avenue 
Receives Friday 

Roden, Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
1 Clarendon Crescent 
S. R., Trout Lake, 
orth Bay, Onto 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-42 
Mr. Llewellyn B. Roden 31 
Miss Winnifred Roden 31 
Mr. Dudley Roden 31 

Roden, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Land) 
127 Dunn avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-42-Mrs. 25-39 
Mr. Percy Roden 

Rodger, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. 
35 Maple avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-Mrs. 28 
Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. (Xasmith) 
330 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Ir. 1-7-46-52 

Rodgers, Mrs. Edmund H. (Wilson) 
519 Sherbourne street 

Roessel, Mr. and Mrs. Max L. 
(Matilda Boettger) 
89 Binscarth road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Roether Mr. S. 
49 S1. Andrews Gardens South 
Miss Marguerite Roether 
Receives Monday 
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. 
(Mary E. Elsworth) 
49 Xanton avenue 
S. R., Point au Baril, Georgian Bay 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-Mrs. 66 
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. 
"Uplands," 9 Glen avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-23-33-34-35-37-42-46- 

Rogers, Mr. Arthur C. 
10 Spadina Gardens 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-31-33-35-52 
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Elias (SkenteILery) 
"Glen House," Deer Park, 1585 Yonge 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-35 
Miss Sarah Rogers 
Miss Hazel Rogers 
Mr. Clarence Rogers 
Miss Jsobel Rogers 
Rogers, Miss Esth er 
3 May Square 
Mrs. Janson (Rogers) 
Miss Gertrude Janson 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. (Stinson) 
16!J Jameson avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. (Carlyle) 
11 Lamport avenue 
S. R., Point au Baril 
Receives Zd and 3d Monday 
Ir. 7-33-Mrs. 1 
Miss Rogers 
Mr. Samuel Rogers 
Mr. David Rogers 
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. William B. 
(Jean Constable) 
420 Markham street 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Charles Forhes Rogers 
Miss Margaret Rogers 
Rogerson, Mr. and Mrs. William (Grier) 
364 Brunswick avenue 

Rolph, Dr. Alhert Hill 
58 Avenue road 
Rolph, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. (Goad) 
46 Bernard avenue 
S. R., "Lislet," Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Rolph, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. (Haney) 
9 Jackes avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 3-33-35-42-46 
Rolph, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Hill) 
78 Crescent road 
Ir. 7-33-37-70-71 
Rolph, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. (Jaffray) 
95 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-19-28-31-33-42-46-71- 
Mrs. 28-57 
Miss Adela Rolph 
Mr. Grenville Rolph 
Mr. Harold Rolph 
Rolph, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. (Huddleston) 
26 Chestnut Park 
Recei ves Tuesday 
Miss Armstrong 
Rolph, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. 
102 St. Vincent street 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 56-Mrs. 
Miss L. Rolph 28 

Figures refer to Clu.b nUHtbers-see 'insidc back C01)er. 



Rooke. :\lr. and :\lrs. (,harles H. (Keith) 
Ansonia Apartments. Spadina road 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7 
Roper, Mr. anò :\lrs. Frederic (Kirby) 
S. R., "Buena '-ista," Lorne Park 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Ir. anù ::\lrs. Lewis Y. 
19f1 ::\ladison ayenue 
Receiyes :!d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, ::\lr. 7-70 
Rose, ::\Irs. Daniel (:\lo\\"at' 
50 A yenue road 
::\Irs, 'Yilliam Duckworth (Rose) 
Rose. Mr. George M. 

30 ('ottingham street 
Clubs, :\11'. 3ã-37 
:\liss Emma Rose 
Rose, ::\Ir. Hug-h E. (K.<'.) 
S6 Roxborough street East 
(,luhs, ::\lr. 1-7-53-55-61 
Miss 'Yinnifred Rose ;,;) 
Miss Chrissie Rose 55 
Receiyes Tuesday 
Rosenherg-, :\lr. and ::\lrs. Xorman (Pullan) 
69 Pembroke street 
Rosehrug-h, Dr, and :\ll"s. Ahner M. (Reeve, 
76 Prince Arthur a\"enUe 
ReceÌ\"es Friday 
R. R., Grimsby 
Miss Xellie Rosebrugh 
Miss Bena Rosehruh 
Miss Sadie Rosebrugh 
Ross, :\II's. A lexanòer M. (Agnes K) dd) 
13 :\Iadison ayenue 
Recei yes Friday 
Cluhs. ::\Ir. 2
::\[iss C'alTie Stewart Ross 
:\lrs. J. R. Shannon 
Ros!'!, Mr, and ::\lr8, (,harles (', (Rogers) 
5R Oriole road 
K n., 
elkirk, Onto 
Receiyes Friday 
(,luns. ::\lr. 37-:'3-55 
Miss ::\larjorie Ross 
Ross, MI', and :\Jrs. D. \y, (Bracken) 
 Madison a\'enue 
Cluhs, .:\lr, 7-33 
Ross, Mr. and :\11'8. Donald ('. (::\Iaginn) 
fi Pricefiell1 road 
Recei yes Tuesday 
Cluhs, ::\lr. 1 
Ross, 1\11', a nil ::\lrs. Douglas G. 
,:\Iary ('lark) 
fi4 "'almer road 
ReceÌ\"es Friday 
('Iuhs. .:\lr. 53-!J5-56-fiu-61-69-Mrs. 
Ross, MI'. an(l ::\11'1'1. George 

fi ArlpIai(lp stref't East 
neceiyes 1st and :!rl Monday 
("Iuhs, .:\Ir'. i-Mrs. 
:\fiss !\farion L. R{)ss 
Miss :\1. Francos Hoss 
MlsH Lillian ::\1. RO!<H 
:\lr'. Joseph R. Rt)ss 
Mis!'> Phyllis :\1. Ross 
Mr. ,,
. Harcourt Ro!'!<; 

Ross, Dr. and :\lrs. Geor
e ::\1. (\Yildbridge) 
7 .Tan"is street 
('luhs, Dr, 35-61-fifi 

Ross, Sir George \Y. and Lady (Peel) 
3 Elmsley place 
Recein's Tuesday 

Ross, Mrs, .James F. \Y. (Gooderham) 
'Yarren road 
S. R,. Rosedale Heights 
Clubs. MI's. 5-2
:\Ir. James ,,
. Ross :'5 
Miss Elsie Ross 42-57 
:\liss Jean HOSS -l:! 

Ross, Mr, and :\lrs. John L. (Fraser) 
Dun\'egan road 
Clubs. :\lr. 7-3!)-;)fi-:\lrs. 57 
Mr, Gordon Fraser Ross 

Ross, Mr. "'illiam D. 
112 R1. George street 
(,luhs, ::\11'. 7-33-3:)-4fi-::í3-::í6-69-ïl : 
also Rt. James ('luh, of :\Iontreal 

Rough, Mr. and :\lrs. \Yilliam R. (::\luldrew) 
116 Glen road 
K R., ('entre Island 
ReceÏ\"es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-1\1rs. 6;; 

\liss Beatrice Rough 
:\lr. Allan Rough 
:\liss Doris Rough 

Rous, Mr. and :\Irs. Carl \\'. (Clara ('ranp) 
204 Heath street 'Vest 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-31-35-46-::\lrs. 31 

Rous, !\frs, Freòerick (Ruth :\laria :\lalIory) 
227 Cottingham street 
:\lr. H. Lawrence Rous 1-7-33-46 
1\1r. Colin C, Rous 

Rowan, :\11". anò Mrs. ,John H. (::\lacKay) 
694 Spadina ayenue 
ReceÏ\"es Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. "; 

Rowan, Dr. and Mrs. .Joseph ,,'. (Anning) 
791 Queen street East 
Cluhs, Dr. ,1 
Miss Mur'iel ('lain 
Rowan, ::\lr. anò MI's. Thomas A. (Helliwell) 

06 Bloor strpE'Ì "Y est 

, n., l\Iuskoka, Ont. 
 1st Friday 
Clulls, .:\1r. 35-:\lrs. 66 
Howhotham. 1\11'. R .\ rthUl" 
A lhany (,Iuh 
, Mr. 1-

Rowell, :\11'. (R.('.. l\I.P.P.) and l\lrH. Xt'wton 
"'. (Langford) 
134 Crescent road 
(,Iuhs, :\11'. í-33-3;)-::\lr's, 63-fi;)-r./i-67 
Howlanò, :\11'. anll .:\lrs. F. ,I. (::\lul1en) 
fi:! Elm a\'enue 
Hecei\"es :!d and 4th :\1..nday 
Cluhs. :\Ir. 46-fi6 
::\Irs. T. ::\1. Rowland 

Piyur(',Io; r('{'T tv club llulIIlJn"s-s('(' ill.çid(' [,(f('" ('0 reI'. 

I .J.2 


Rowswell, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Xostrand 
(Mary G. Mackenzie) 
67 Dewson street 
Receives Friday 
Roy, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. (Bryan) 
334 Palmerston boulevard 
S. R., The Island 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Miss Freda Roy 
Miss Marjorie Roy 
Royce, Mrs. Allan 
1614 Davenport road 
Mr. Allan H. Royce 28-37 
Dr. Gilbert Royce 28 
Mr. James C. Royce 
Ruddy, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. 
36 South drive 
So R., Pickering-, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 70 
Rudolf, Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. (Danson) 
302 Bloor street West 
Clubs, Dr. 7-42-60-69 
Rue], Mr. Gerard G. 
J 27 Isabella street 
Clubs, Mr. 42-53-fi6; also Rideau Cluh, 
OUa wa; and Roya] atta wa Golf 
Rumsey, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. (Colter) 
200 Heath street West 
Receives Thursòay 
Runòle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. 
2fi Scarth road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Rundle, Mr. and Mrs. William E. (Dundas) 
170 Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-35-42-53-69-I\Irs. 
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hamilton (Worsley) 
Madison Anartments, Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Ir. and Mrs. Joseph (Lowe) 
437 Jan"is street 

. R.. Kingston road 
Receives 1st Monday 
f'lubs, Mr. 37 
Russell, Mr. and 
Irs. Thomas A. (Brown) 
162 V\Talmer road 
S. R., Downsview. Onto 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-4-5-7-19-20-28-33-35-61-69 
-Mrs. 28 
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. (Munro) 
1 fi C"hestnut Park 
S. R.. Craig-vale, Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, .Mr. 20-28-33-42-46-:\'lrs. 28 , 
TIutherford, Miss 
199 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Amy Rutherford 

Ir. and Mrs. Edward E. 
279 St. Geox;ge street 
Rutherford, Mrs. Percival 
364 Davenport road 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 

Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. 
(Bessie MacLaren) 
30 Binscarth road 
Clubs, Mr. 6-7 

Rutledge, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. V. R. 
(Blackwell ) 
Belgravia Apartments, Oriole road 

Rutley, Mr. and Mrs. V\Tm. F. (Oldershaw) 
39 Maple avenue 
S. R., Grimsby Beach, Onto 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Miss Clara Rutley 
Mr. Fred Rutley 

Ruttan, Mrs. Charles (Margaret Cameron) 

97 Sherhourne street 
ReceÏ\-es Monday 

Ir. and Mrs. Arthur Frederick 
309 St. George street 
S. R., "'Voodford," Birch (,liff, Kings- 
ton road 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-17-18-33-36-37-46

Ir. Guy 'V. Rutter 

Hutter, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Monroe 
(Madeline R. C"onnell) 
Tyndall Garden Apartments Tyndall 
Receives Wednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 12-46 

RYan, l\Ir. Peter 
51 Grosvenor street 
Receives 3d Tuesday 
C'luLs, l\fr. 37 
Miss Margaret Ryan 

Ryan, :\Irs. R. A. (Burns) 
478 Front street 'Vest 
Receives 4th 'Vednesday 
Mr. Hoderick A. Ryan 

Ry('kman. Mr. (R.C.) and 
Irs. E, Baird 
50 Elm avenue 
R. R., Magnolia, Mass. 
Receives Monday 
nubs, Mr. l-fi-33-3ï -46-53-56; also 
Manhattan Club. l'\ew York City- 
Mrs. 42 

Ryerson, Mrs. C. Egerton (Emily E. Beatty) 
!ì3 :\I[adison avenue 
R R., The Island 
Recei'-es Wednesday 
Miss Ryerson 

Ryerson, Dr. and Mrs. E. :-Hanley 
(Teddie Devigne) 
14 Delisle avenue 
Cluhs, Dr. 42-55 

Pigures refer to club ullmbcrs-sc(' lJlsid(' 1)(1('1.-, cm'er. 



Ryerson. Dr. and Mrs. G. Sterling 
66 College street 
S. R.. "Oakhurst," Sturgeon Point 
Receives Tuesday 
rIubs, Dr. 4-7-9-10-36-37-46-69; also 
Junior Army and Xavy Club of Lon- 
don, Eng. 
:\11'. George C. Ryerson 61 
1\11'. Eric Ryerson 46 
:\1iss Laura R. Ryerson 2ã 
Mr. Arthur C. Ryerson 46-47 
H.yerson, Mr. and Mrs. Yoris S. 
(Mabel Lennox) 
40 Oriole road 
Clubs, Mr. 46-47-Mrs. 42 
Ryrie, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (\Yhittet) 
1 Highlands a'.enue 
R R., Marigold Farm, Clarkson's, Ont. 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 4-7-19-28-31-33-4
-Mrs. 28-42 
Mr. Evan Ryrie 
Ryrie, :\11'. and Mrs. James (:\lcLean) 
400 Jarvis street 
8. R., Lake Shore, OakvilIe 
Receives 2d anð 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-31-33-35 
Mr. Harry S. Ryrie 

Iiss Christine Ryrie 
Mr. J. Grant Ryrie 

Sale, :\11'. and Mrs. Julian (:\1cC o rmick) 
64 Binscarth road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7-42 
Bale, Mr. and Mrs. Julian, Jr. 
(Spohn of Penetang) 
Lawrence Park 
Clubs, Mr. 42 
8alter, Mrs. George ,Yo (Bleecker) 
302 A venue road 
:\11'. B. O. Salter 
Samuel, Mr. and Mrs. 8ig-mund 
(May Mandelson) 
32 \\"almer road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
, .:\11'. 4-21'-70-:\1,'
. 7-

Sanderson. Mr. and :\Irs. Richard R. 
1 ã1' Glën road 
Cluhs, M,'. 7-33 

Pankey, :\Irs. Yilliers (Annie X. Ponton) 
Audley Apartments 

. R.. "The Island" 
Receives Tuesday 
:\1i!<s Georgie Sankey 
:\11'. Xeshitt Y. 8an]{ey 

. :\1 I'. and MrR B. 
S3 \\"allller road 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs. :\11'. 46 
s Re8
le 8aunders 
:\11'. "'esley Saunders 

baunders, Mr. and :\Irs. Dyce ,Yo (Brehaut) 
"Ardenvohr," 213 Poplar Plains roaò 
Receives Thursday 
lr. 53-:\lrs. 57 
:Miss Isabel 8aunders 
Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Porteous) 
65 Chestnut Park 
Recei ves 1st Tuesday 
Mr. Robert P. Saunders 

aunders. Mr. and Mrs. George \\T. (Howard) 
661 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1 
Saunders. :\11'. anrl .:\ll"s. Julius (8ynnotte) 
34 Xanton a'-enue 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Scadding, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A, (Rogers) 
61 .:\Iadison avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Scadding, Dr. and :\lrs. Henry C'rawford 
182 Bloor street ".est 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs. Dr. 55-69-:\lrs. fi5 
:\Iiss Beatrice Scadding 
Rcarth, .:\11'. and :vIrs. .Tame
 F, (Howitt) 
51' :\Iaple avenue 
ReceÌ\"es 1st :\londay 
Cluhs, Mrs. 25-66 
Scanlon, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Mark 
84 Oriole road 
Scheuer, :\11'. and Mrs. Edmund (Strauss) 
 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st and 
d Thursrlay 
1\liss Theresa Strauss 
Rcholfield, Mr. and 1\Irs. George P. (:-5key) 
fi Thornwood road 
Receives Tuesòay 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 53-5;)-69-:\lrs. 55-57 

ch()lfield, :\11'. (M.P. P.) anrl :\I1's. Harry L. 
( Sutherland) 
9 Highlands avenue 
Receives :\Ionday 
Cluhs. :\11'. 1 
:\11'. John D. P. Scholfield 
Miss :\Iurif'l Scholfield 

I>obie, Mrs. X. F. (8ullh'an) 
:;0 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursda
C'luhs. :\lrs. 57-66 
:\Ii!<s .:\Iargaret 8cohie 2:í-;):í 

:O::cofiel1l. :\11'. and :\Irs, Frank Graham (Easton) 
9 Hawthorne a\-enue 
Receives :\londay 
Cluhs. :\11'. 34-:;4- i1; also .\me1'Ït'an 
Cluh-Mrs, 34 
:O:colf'Y. :\11'. and Mrs. E. K. (Piggott) 
33 Xanton an"nue 
R, H.. (ìrcha1'd Beach 
HeceÏ\.es :\londay 
:\liss Olive 
:O::cOl'e. Mr. Frank :\1. 
37 l-\:en(lal an'nue 
s 1\1 a ry 8c>o1'e 

Figura; H'{f'1" fl' dull I/limbers-s('(' ;11:..:it!,. 'J(fd.. (,,,reI'. 



ðcore, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. (Olmsted) 
813 Palmerston a venue 
Score, Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. (Metcalfe) 
612 Huron street 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. C. ,,
(Isabella Coulthard) 
13 Admiral road 
Receives :!d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Miss Laila Scott 
Miss Madeleine Scott 
Miss .Nora Scott 
Scott, Mrs. Charles Duff (Harriet Dent) 
101 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. David H. (McBride) 
108 Lowther avenue 
S. R., Mimico 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 

Scott, Mrs. Elizabeth Harriet (Chaplin) 
499 Manning a\-enue 
The Misses Scott 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (OiIle) 
594 Huron street 
Receives Friday 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. (Moote) 
Care of 61 College street 
Miss Mattie B. High 
Scott, Mrs. George X. (Elizabeth Gordon) 
26 Lo\,'ther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Scott, Mr. Henry .J. (K.C.) 
127 'Vellington street "
Clubs, Mr. 37-55-56-69 
Scott, Mr. (K.<'.) and Mrs, J. G. (Elliott) 
29 Ðun,-egan road 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Scott 
Miss Elliott 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. S. (Marks) 
89 Howland avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 61 

Scott, Mrs. James (Jessie Fergus) 
90 Carlton street 
Miss Catherine Scott 
Scott, lVII', and Mrs. .James (Guthrie) 
4 Dale avenue 
Recei yes Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-55-69-Mrs. 55 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. .James C. (Moore) 
27 South drive 
ReceÎ\'es 1st and 3d Monday 
Ir. 7-56-60-69-Mrs. 56 
:\l1ss Ada .J ean Scott 
Mr. Frank 'V. Scott 
Scott, Miss Katharine S. 
The Madison Apartments, 93 Madison 
C'iubs, Miss 66-67 
Miss Bessie Scott 66-67 
Miss C. Louise Scott 

Scott, Miss Margaret T. 
77 Huntley street 
Receives 1st and :!d Monday 
Scott, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Lindsay nVi!son) 
19 A ,-enue road 
Receives :!d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 6 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. (Robins) 
":\"airn Glen," 409 Dovercourt road 
S. R., Sparrow Lake 
Receives Friday 
Mr. Y. L. Scott 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. (Thorn) 
5 Rosedale road 
ReceÎ\-es Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-53-Mrs. 57-68 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Lyall) 
154 CottIngham street 
Receives Friday 
Mr. A. Lyall Scott 7-37-56-71 
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hall (Scott) 
Scott. Mr. Thomas M. 
3 Linden street 
Clubs, Mr. 5fi-71 
Scott, MI.. and Mrs. W. D. (Spence) 
3S3 Dovercourt road 
S. R.. Sparrow Lake 
ReceÎ\-es Friday 
Scott, Dr. and Mrs. vVallace A. (Ronnan) 
627 Sherbourne street 
Receives 3d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 9-35 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. S. (May A. Grepne) 
135 Admiral road 
S. R., Fenelon Falls, Onto 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Scroggie. Mr. and Mrs. George E. (Fletcher) 
24 Starr avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33; also Board of Trade 
Miss Mabel H. Scroggie 
Miss Martha E. Scroggie 
Miss Margaret B. Scroggie 
Mr. George T. Scroggie 
Scroggie, Mr. and Mrs. .James 
(Ada Harvie Sparling) 
41 Empress Creseen t 
Clubs, Mr. Toronto Ad. Club 
Seagram, Mr. and Mrs. Norman (Buchanan) 
217 8t. Gporg-e street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-46-53-55-5fi-Mrs. 56 
Sears, Mr. George Edward 
fi7 Pembroke street 
S. R., "Heathfield," Kingston, Ont., 
and Star Lake, X. Y. 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Sedgewick, Mr. and Mrs. George H. 
(Mary S. Robertson) 
17 Poplar Plains road 
S. R., "Struan," Clyde Rh'er, Shel- 
lJourne Co., N. S. 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 55-61 

Pigures Tefer to club llumbers-see inside back corer. 



Seecombe, Dr. and :\Irs. \Yallace 
31 Delisle a\'enue 

Seitz, Mr. and :\Irs. J. J. (Burke) 
t) Pine Hill road 
So R., Roacne's Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Onto 4th Monday 
Mr. Joseph Reitz 
:\Jiss Helen Seitz 
Mr. Ernest Seitz 
:\Ir. \YiIliam Seitz 

Selby, Mr. and :\Irs. \Ym. T. H (Curran) 
9 l\Iadison a venue 
Recei yes 1st and 
d Frida
("I u1l 1", :\11', 71-:\lrs. :.?5-fi6 

Sellers, :\11'. and :\Irs. Donald J. (\Yilson) 
 Carlton street 
Clubs, 1\Irs. 35 
:\liss Yerva Rellers 
Semple, Dr. and :\Irs. Hugh Arnold 
905 College str'eet 
Se\\ ell, Mr. and :Mrs. Fane (Freer) 
ï7 A venue road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11', 19-34- 70-:\lrs. 2;} 

Shanly, :\Iajor Coote X. 
15 "ïllcocks street 
Cluhs. :\Iajor 37 
:\Iiss Elinor A. Shanly 
:\liss Frances E. Shanly 
Shapley, :\11'. and :\Irs. Harold \\
. (Merritt) 
150 Bedford road 
Shapley, :\11'. \Yilliam H. 
103 .Jameson avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 19 
Miss Ruby Rhapley 
:\liss Anna Shapley 
Sha \'er, :\11'. Arthur R. 
Arlington Hotel 
Clubs, :\11'. 3;)-46 

Shaw, :\11', and :\Irs. Frederick \\r. L. 
. (:\lcClain) 
114 Park road, Rosedale 
R R., Orchard Point 
Receh'es 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
:\11'. Clifford Rhaw 
::\fiss :\Iary Shaw 
.:\11'. Fred Shaw 
Shaw, Lieut.-CoI. and MI's. Ceo. A. 
409 Keele street 
Cluhs, 1\I1'S. 2;) 

Rhaw, 1\11'. and Mrs. George B. 

ie Louise Lucas) 
1kl Blythwood road 
Heceives 2d Thursda
' and Fridav 
('Iubs, :\11'. 19-33-42-46-70-:\11'8. '28-42 
Rhaw, :\11'. an,1 :\lrs. George E. 
t. (;eorg-e street 
Hect:'in's 1st Fl'lday 

Shaw, .:\11'. and Mrs. Hedle
545 Jarvis street 
.:\liss Shaw 

Sha w, :\11'. James G. 
10;) Gloucester street 
S. R., Port Perr
, Onto 
Clubs, 1\11'. 

1\11'. John A. Shaw ï 
The :\Iisses Sha\\ 

Sha w, :\'11'. and :\Irs. John 
19 Roxborough street East 
Receives Tuesday 

Shaw, :\11'. and Mrs. \\'illiam H. (Gill) 
185 Crescent road 
Recei ves 1st Monday and 1st Tuesda
Clubs, :\11'. 7-35 
1\11'. Reginald Shaw 
:\liss Clara Gill 

Sheard, Dr. and :\Irs. Charles (Stanton) 
314 Jan'is street 
S. R., Hanlan's Island 
Recei yes 3d and Hh :\Ionda ,- 
Clubs, Dr. 37 ' 
Dr. Charles Rheard. Jr. 
1\11'. Paul Rheard 37 
:\11'. Joseph Rheard 
Sheard, :\11'. and 1.1rs, Henry (Bickell) 
56 Grosvenor street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Miss Gertrude Rheard 
Dr. Robert H. Sheard 

Shenstone, Mr. and 1\Irs. Joseph X. (Hara) 
"Leasowes," 40 "'almer road 
Receh'es 2d and 3d Frida\' 
Clubs, l\'Ir. 1-5-7-
8-33 . 
Mr. Oshorne H. 
Miss Mary E. Shenstone 
Mr. Allen G. Shenstone 

Shenstone, Dr. ann. :\Irs. Xorman ::;, 
(Arney Chase) 
196 Bloor street "'est 

Shenstone, :\11'. and 
lrs. K F. (Paterson) 
Eden road. \Vychwood Pal'k 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 

Shepherd, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Hal'vey H. (Hastings) 
"Doredale," l\limico Beach, Ont. 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 

Shepley, Mr. (K.C.) and :\Irs. George F. 
(l\IacDermott ) 
315 Russell Hill road 
Clubs, Mr. 28-:;3-1)9: also Rideau Club, 
Ottawa: an,1 :\Inunt Royal Club, 
:Miss Ylolet 
Miss Beatrice Hhepley 28 
Sheppanl, :\11'. ann. :\lrs. C. B. (:\IcHenery) 
190 Grace street 
H. n., Lake Rimcoe, Ont. 
Clubs, Mr. 22 

Figures n'f(T tv club l1ulllbrrs-s(c i",..;;t!(, back corcr. 

Sheppard, .:\lrs. Edmund E. (( 'uh'er) 
La I'laza Apartnlents 



Sheppard, 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Leeds C. (Parr) 
60 South drÏ\'e 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-37 
Miss Gertrude Sheppard 
::\'Iiss Edna Sheppard 
:\Iiss Gladys Sheppard 
Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. U. Herbert (Brownlee) 
11 Jackes avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 27-31-33-Mrs. 65 

Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Barton 
43 'Vellesley street 
S. R., Bay View Villa, Keswick, Onto 
Cluhs, Mr. 33; also Ml:'tropolitan Club 
Dr. and Mrs. V. H. McvYilliams (Shep- 

Sheppard, 1\11', and Mrs. T. H. (Breen) 
115 Castle Frank road 
S. H., Roache's Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Receivl:'s 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-71-
Irs. 66 
:\11'. and Mrs. Joseph O'Mara (Sheppard) 

Sheridan, Mrs. .John Townsend (Lee) 
5 Lowther a venue 
Receives Friday 
:Vliss Florence Lee Sheridan 

Sherlock, Mr. and 
frs. John M. (Dunlop) 
63 Huntley street 
S. R., Kingston, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 15 
::\Iiss Bessie Sherlock 
Mr. Frank M. Sherlock 

Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson H. (Strawn) 

8 Mavnard avenue 
Receiv'es Thursday 

Sherrard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. 
(Alice L. Schofield) 
12 r'rescent road 
K R., The Island 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 52 

3herris, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
46 St. Clair a\-enue West 
Receives 3el \Vednesday 
Miss F. Rherris 
Miss G. Sherris 

Shiel1h;, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
(Elizabeth Farrell) 
237 BevetIey street 
Receives last Tuesday 
nubs, Mr. 37 
:\11'. Reginald Shields 
Miss Lillian Shields 

Shiell Dr, and Mrs. R. Telfer (Tyrrell) 
173 Carlton street 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 4 

Shillabeer, Mrs. Mary C. (Stephens) 
54 St. George street 

Shoenberger, Miss Ella 
184 College street 
S. R., Rice Lake, Onto 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Miss 56 
Miss Mary Shoenberger 74 
Miss Gertrude Tate 55-56 
Mr, W. Hamilton Shoenberger (Royal 
Mili tary College, Kingston) 
Shore, Dr. Allan 
425 Bloor street West 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 28 
Miss Sh ore 
Miss Henrietta M. Shore 
Shore, Rev. (M.A.) and Mrs. T. E. Egerton 
(Ida Kent) 
120 St. Clair avenue 'Vest 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28 
Shortiss, Mrs. Thomas (Hester 'Vakefield) 
115 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Shortreed, Mrs. C. (Gilrie) 
98 A venue road 
K R., Port Carling, Muskuka. Onto 
Recei ves 3d Monday 
Miss Marg-aret Shortreed 63 
MisR 'Yinifred Shortreed 
Shuttleworth, Dr. and Mrs. C. 'B. (Blair) 
478 Huron street 
Shuttleworth, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. 
220 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Miss Ethel Shuttleworth 
Silverthorn, Dr. Gideon 

 fi 6 r'ollege street 
Receives 1st and last Tuesday 
Mr. and Mrs. J. 
Sime, Mr. and Mrs. 'Yatson (Alice Gihh) 
212 Heath street 'Vest 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Adam Sime 
Mr. David Sime 
Mr. 'Valter Sime 
Simmers, Mr. and Mrs. Anton J. G. 
1261-B Yonge street 
Mr. Juseph A. Simmers 
Simmers, Mr. and Mrs. Herman (Smith) 
1261-A Yonge street 
Receives 2d and 4th Thursllav 
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. 
12 _\dlniral road 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-37 
Mr. Joseph Simpson 
Mr. Roy Simpson 
Simpson, Prof. Herbert C. 
Trinity College 
Simpson, Dr. J. S. 
112 Avenue road 

Figures refer to club numbers-see inside back CODer, 



Sim.(lson, :\11'. and :\lrs. Rupert :\1. (Lalor) 
Care of R Berkeley street 
. R., .:'oJassau, Bahamas, B. 'V. 1. 
Clubs. ]Jr. 1-33 
Sims, 1\11'. and ]Jrs. Peter H. (Cook) 
Ainger Apartments, 210 Bloor street 
Clubs, Mr 7-33-:Mrs. 25 
Sinclair, :\11'. and :\ll's. Angus (Arnie Roe) 
"Roslyn," 5 Xorth Sherbourne street 
Receives 1\londay 
Clubs, ]Jr. 23-37-56-:\lrs 56-57 
:\liss Dorothy Sinclair 
:\11'. 1. :\1. R. Sinclair 
:\Ir. Angus Sinclair, Jr, 

Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. James LTohnston) 
46 Roxhol'ough street 'Vest 
Receives 4th Friday 
Mr. J. DeYere 

inclair, :\lr. and :\lrs. Lorne :\1. (Graham) 
182 'Varren road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, ]Jr. 22 
Sinclair, .:\Ir. and :\lrs. Xeil R. (Aitken) 
8 ('astle Frank road 
Receives 1st l\Ionday 
Clubs, :\It.. 35 

3inclair, .:\11'. and .:\Irs. XOl'man A. (Allan) 
32 Madison avenue 
Clubs, :\Ir. 31-3;) 

Sinclair. :\Ir. and :\Irs. R. _\. H. (Jarvis) 
102 Castle Frank road 
Receives :\Ionday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 2
-46-ï1- :\Irs. 28 
Sing, Re\'. and :\Irs. Samuel (:\larshall) 
 Jameson a\'enue 
Receives 1st \\'erlnesday 

Singer. Dr'. 8lizaheth Thelma 
199 Bf'verley street 

Singer, 1\11'. and :\ln
. Louis :\1. (Pullan) 
1!HI Beverley street 

Sivers, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Charles L. 
(Fannie Hutson) 
 Palmerston boulevard 
RecPÏ\'es Friday 
:\liss .:\1. Hu tson 
Sl{eaff, :\11'. and :\Irs. .Jllhn Stewart (:\[urray) 
7;) Pr'ince Arthur a\'enue 
Recei ,'es Friday 
('luhs, :\11'. 7-53-:\lrs. 6f)-f)R 

It'. John Murray Skeaff 

Skey, :\11'. and :\ll's. 'Villiam Russell 
;)60 Huron street 
Heceives Frillay 

Sl,inner, :\11'. anll :\lrs. Frederic F. 
(Cromwell ) 
76 :\Iallison a\'enue 
Rec'pives 211 and 4th Friday 
:\Iiss :\Iay H. Skinnf>r 
:\Iiss Lillian A. Skinner 

Slaght, :\11'. and :\lrs. Elias E. (Scovell) 
7 ]Jadison avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th FridaY 
:\'[iss Helena Slaght 

Sloan, ]Jr. and ]Jrs. John (Parsons) 
14 3 Isabella street 
Receives 2d and 4th :\londay 
:\Ir. George Sloan. 
Mr. Frank 1\1. Sloan 35 
Mr. Victor Sloan 
::\liss Laura Sloan 

Sloan, ::\'[r. and Mrs. 'Vm. 'V. (Young) 
167 Close avenue 
ReceÏ\'es 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1; also Laurentian Club, 

Small, :\lr. and Mrs. Ambrose J. (Kormann) 
;;1 Glen road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\[r. 37 

Small, :Miss Barbara A. 
1;> 7 Spadina road 
ReceÏ\'es 1st Friday 
:\Iiss :\lattie Small 

Small, ]Jr. Harry C. 
2.. St. Mary street 
Clubs, 1\[r. 55-56-60-71 

Small, :\Ir. and :\lr8. John T. (Truesdalf>) 
32 Hun tley street 
;;92 Lakeview a\'enue, The Island 
Receives :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-37-46-53-56-60- :\Irs. 56- 

Small, 1\11'. Peter A. 
70 St. Mary street 
('luhs, Mr. 22-37 
:\Iiss Alma Small 27 

mal1, :\11', and :\Irs. Sidney (Horstmann) 
7û 'Yalmer road 
Rf>('eÏ\.es Friday 
Clulls, .:\Ir. 37-;);;-;;6-60-69- :\Irs. ;);>-::>6 

Smallpeice. :\11'. and :\Irs. Henry E. l\Vicksoll) 
1;;6 Dunn a '.enue 
Recf'Ï\'es 2d Th ursùa,' 
Cluhs, :\11'. 7-19 . 
)Iiss Â. Smallpeice 
:\[rs. ne\.prly Gregg :\[arshall (Small- 

SmaJ1peice, Mr. anl1 :\Irs. "'m. n. (Marriot t) 
1 ï.. Rm..boroug-h street East 
Receives 1st and 3d :\InlHlav 
Clubs. :\Ir
. f.6 . 
:\[1'. .:\'orman 

Smart, :\[1'. and 1\Irs. D. ,,'orts (Lennox) 
48 Chestnut Park 
Recei \'es 2d anrl 3d TUf>sda v 
Cluhs. l\Ir. 33-37-42-4f)-:\lr
. 4

Rmily, :\11'. anll :\[rs. O\\"pn .\ rthUl' <<1'0\\"(-'11) 
1 73 Ro
h()roug-h !':tn'et \\"e:o-t 
Re('eÏ\ ('8 1 st Fl"il1ay 
(')uus, :\11'1". IjS 

Figurrs ?'('fcr to r11l7) 111lm7Irr.ç-.ç(r iJ/.çir!(' l}(f('/': ('OnT. 



Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 
C (Hayman) 
480 Jarvis street 
Receh es 1st and 2d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Miss Smith 
Mr. Heber Smith 
Smith, Mrs. Allan J. 
79 Bloor street 'Vest 
Smith, Mrs. Andrew 
311 Jarvis street 
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce (McLachlin) 

ì1 Russell Hill road 
ReceÏ\.es 1st Th ursday and Friday 
Clubs, ::VII's. 66 
Miss Ella McLachlin Smith 
Miss Florence McLachlin Smith 65 
Smith, Mr. and ::\lrs. C'harles (Barnes) 
150 Jameson street 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perley 
112 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-37 
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. David King (Myle
22 "'. ellesley street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-37-56-69--Mrs. 55-56 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Eden 
"'.ychwood Park, Davenport road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-20-42; also Toronto Guild 
of Civic Arts, and Royal Society of 
Arts-Mrs. 57-66 
Mr. H. Eden Smith 10-20-42-55-60-61 
Smith, .Mr. and Mrs. Eustace A. 
14 Clarendon avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-55-Mrs. 55 
Mr. Eustace Maitland Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F. Robbins (Perkins) 
164 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 65-68 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick James 
239 Russell Hill road 
Receives 1st and' 2d Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-2R 
Miss Florence Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. G. Larratt 
19 Forest Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 55-69--Mrs. 55 
Smith, Prof. (M.A.) and Mrs. G. Oswald 
229 Crawford street 
Recei ves Friday 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George B. (.Allen) 
454 Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 3d Monday 
W. R., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-Mrs. 28 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George H. (Collett) 
219 Balmoral avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35 
Miss Diana Smith 
Miss Ada Smith 
Mr. 'Val tel' Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Henry (:\'I:cXabb) 

6 Bellevue avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25 
Miss Ida Smith 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Herhert Ellesworth 
(Mabel G. Sparling) 
435 Indian road 
Recei ves 4 th Th ursday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hewett Sproul 
(Mary 'Yalton) 
46 Forest Hill road 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
Recei yes Th ursday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Irving 'VeIls {Palmer} 
26 Glen avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Grayson (Lh"ingston) 
Hampton C'ourt, Avenue road 
Clubs, Mr. 55-Mrs. 65 

Smith. Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Elliot) 
81 'Voodlawn avenue East 
 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 38-45 
Smith, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. James F. 
10 May street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 53-69 
Mr. Hugh F. Smith 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. 
87 St. Clair avenue West 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 4 

Smith, Mrs. Larratt 'V. 
175 'Varren road 
Receives Thursday 
Mr. Sydney Smith 
Miss Violet Smith 

Smith, Mr. R. Home 
11 Alexandra Palace 
Receives Wednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-28-33-69 
Mrs. Lizars Smith 57 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Eden 
"The Cottage," ,\?ychwood Park, Dav- 
enport Toad 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-46-Mrs. 25-65 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
399 Brunswick avenue 
Miss Alice Smith 

P'i!Jures Tefrr to cllll, 11l1HIb(TR-.
CC 'insidc back ('ocer. 



Smith, :\Irs. Robert A. 
487 Huron street 
Clubs, ]drs. 28-55-56 
Smith, Major and ]drs. Sandford T. (Malloch) 
pringbank," Bedford Park 
Iajor 3-7-10-19-33-56--:\lrs. 42 
Smith, .:\Irs. Sproul (Hewett) 
46 Forest Hill road 
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
Clubs, ]drs. 39-66-68 
::\Ir. and Mrs. Hewett Sproul Smith 

alton ) 
Smith, :\Ir. and i\lrs. 

. .Assheton 
(Aileen Gooderham) 
18 Elm avenue 
S. R., 'Vellesley Island, :\Iuskoka 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-10--:\lrs. 56-57 
Smith, Mr. anrl Mrs. 'Yalter Harland 
160 Jameson avenue 
R R., Oakville, Unt. 
Receives 3d Thursday 
lr. 7-28-31-33 

Smith, :\Ir. and .:\Irs. 'Ym. J. 
397 Brunswick a venue 
Receives 1st and 
d Friday 
Mr. Jaffray B. Smith 
Smith, Mr, and Mrs. 'Ym. S. (Yollans) 
43 Delaware avenue 
Receives 4th Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 3;) 
:\liss .:\Iildred Smith 

Smoke, :\Ir. anrl :\lr8. 
amuel C'. 
17 C'hestnut Park 
Recei ves Tuesday 

Smyth, :\Ir. Ht'nry L. 
51\1 Hurf)n street 
S. R.. Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 
Smyth. :\Ir. ant] :\Irs. Hohert n. (Lind) 
;:.7 Chestnut Park 
Rt:'('eives Tuesl]ay 

Smyth, :\Ir. and :\Irs. "'illiam R. (Hoss) 
.HI:! Huron street 
S. R.. Pine Lodg-e, Edgewood avenue 
Recei ves :\Ionday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 3-4-:!1-33-37-42-r;:i-70; also 

ummit Golf ('luh--:\It's. 5:'-6;) 
Snelgro,'e, Dr. and Mrs. Chal'les V. (Sinclair) 
10!) Carlton street 
H.eceives 1st :\lonl]ay 
Cluhs. Dr. 46-:i4-71; also QUeen City 
C'urling- C'luh--Mrs. G:J 
:\Ir. .J. ('('cil SrH'lg-rove 
:\Iiss Gladys Snelg-rove 
:\Ir. C. I{. Snelgrove 
Snetring-er'. Mr. and :\Ir's. John F, (
"Th<> Hrat'mar," "'ellesley am] HOIue 
Receives 1st \\'ednesday 
('luhs, Mr. 33-46 

Snider, :\lr. and :\Irs. Fletcher' C. (:-;cheak) 
11\ 9 Bloor street East 
Clubs, :\Irs. 42 
SnivelY, :\lr. and :\Irs. Alexander Crosby 
nVrigh t) 
63 Lonsdale road 
Clubs, :\Ir. 7-28-42-61--.:\lrs. 28 
Snively, :\Ir. Schuyler C. 
15 Roxhorough street East 
Clubs, :Mr. 56 
Snow, :\Ir. and Mrs. A. J. Russell (Beaty) 
216 Balmoral a"enue 
S. R., Balmy Beach 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs. :\Ir, 70 
::\Ir. Bradley 
:\Ir. Geoffrey Snow 
:Miss Frances Snow 

Snow, :\Ir. and :\Irs. F. R. (Grace Hall) 
53 Indian Grove 
Clubs, l\lr. American Club 
Sno\\ ball, .:\Ir. Georg-e M. 
Xational Club 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 33-42 
.. Somers, ::\Ir. and :\Irs. George O. 
(Lucy A. Kelly) 
The Alexandra Apartments 
C'luhs, ::\Ir. The Illinois Athletic Club 
of Chicago 
Somers, ::\lr. and :\lr8. G, T. 
(Alice V. Buchanan) 
42 Edgar avenue 
S. R., Lake 
imcoe, Onto 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs. .:\Ir. 19-33-46-;-;3: also Manitoba 
Club. 'Yinnipeg-Mrs, 65 
:\Iiss Elise B. Somers 65 
Somers, .:\1r. and ::\frs, J. 
r. (Carr) 
\ venue road 
d Friday 
Somerset, 1\Ir. and Mrs. 'Ym. B. 
(Isabelle H. Calder) 
202 Heath street 'Yest 
Heceives Thursday 
Clubs. ::\Ir. 7-33-4G-70--Mrs. 2;)-42 
Somerville, :\Ir. anù Mrs. Andr'(>\\' J. (Fitch) 
"Atherley," 566 Jan'is street 
Receh'es ::\Ionday 
:\liss 8velyn 
:\11". Jack 
om(>n'ille 33-46 
::\Ir. Arthur Somerville 
Somerville, :\Ir', anll 
lr8. Fred 
padina Gardens 
Re('elves Frida) 
Clubs, .:\Ir. 33-37 
Somen'ille, :\Ir. and .:\lrs. G. A, 
(:\Iary Amelia Coulthard) 
4 2 
t. George st r'eet 
He('ei ,'es Tuesrlay 
nubs, ::\Ir. 7-33-46-;'3-69-70 
Sonwrville, Rev. and :\Irs. John 
(:\Iartha Graham) 
479 Br'unswick a ,'enu(' 
Ht-'I'eives 211 and 4th Friday 
Cluhs. Hp\,. 7-:\lr's, lìfi-f,i 
i\liss :\Iary 

F;flUI"f,') l'rler to dulÞ JIIl1H1J('1'.'l_
('t' ;u.,,;,!f- Tþ(fck ('o,.el'. 



Somerville, Mr. and .Mrs. Lorne :\1. 
91 Farnham ayenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
Soper, Mr. and .Mrs. Frederick G. (Thom) 
162 Dowling ayenue 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and "3d Thursday 
Southam, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Zimmerman) 
Teddington Park boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-31-33-42-70-71 
Southam, Rev. and Mrs. 'Yalker J. 
14 South drive 
S. R., Sand Lake, Ont. 
ceives 2d and 4th Monday 
Spain, Mr. and lVII's. Osprey G. V. (Murray) 
46 Kanton a\'enue 
Clubs, Mr. 46-Mrs. 42 

Sparling, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. (Elliott) 
15 Edgar avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 

Sparling, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frederick (Brown) 
306 Sherbourne street 
Recei ves Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-22-33-46-70 

Sparling, ::\11'. and Mrs. \Ym. F. 
(Ethel Blachford) 
437 Indian road 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-46 

Sparrow, Mr. and Mrs. G. 
120 Heath street V\Test 
Receiyes Thursday 
Miss Catherine Sparrow 
Mr. William Sparrow 

Speirs, Mr. and Mrs, James J. (Bradey) 
149 Dowling avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesnay 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37 
Mr. Clifford S. Speirs 
Mr. é'larence W. Speirs 
Mr. Rupert M. Speirs 

Spence, Mrs, George (A lIen) 
84 Huntley street 
S. R., Port Carling-, Muskoka 
Receives 2n and Hh 'Yednesday 
Miss 1'\ora Spence 
Miss Eva Spence 

Spence, Dr. and Mrs. James (Hambly) 
lS9 Jameson avenue 
Receives Hh Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-19 
Mr. Leith H. B. Spence 
Miss Yidan Spence 2;) 

Spence, Mr. and Mrs. ,Tames H. (Hackland) 
32 Hawthorne a \'enue, Rosedale 
K R., "The Maples," Southampton, 
Recei ves 2d Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 -3
-41-42-Mrs. 66 
::\Irs. J. H. Hackland 

Spence, Mr. and 1\Irs. Robert F. (Bligh) 
302 Ayenue road 
S. R., "The Croft," Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mrs. 25 
Miss Hazel Spence 25 
Miss Ruth Spence 25 
Spink, Mr. and :\Irs. John L. (Major) 
150 Albany avenue 
Receh"es 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. Debir M. Spink 
Spotton, ::\11'. (M.A.. LL.D.) and Mrs, Henry B. 

26 Markham street 
S. R., Go Home Bay 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Spotton 
Spragge. 1\Irs. Arthur 
17 Willcocks street 
Receives Tuesday 
Miss Florence Spragge 55 
Spragge, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Wm. (Morris) 
7 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 28-l\Irs. 55 
Spragge, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey E. 
(Jessie 'Yaldie) 
12 Mackenzie avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 55 
Sproatt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
R Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Ir. 3-19-33-45-46 
Sproule, Mr. Charles H. 
161 Howland avenue 
Cluns, Mr. 28-46 
Miss Sproule 
Ir. ann Mrs. Robert K. (Stammers) 
14 Elgin avenue 
Receiyes 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 
Spry, Mr. and ::\Irs. F. M. (Bradburn) 
290 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 
Stair, :\11'. anrl Mrs. Fred "T. 
193 Madison avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 35-37 
Standish. Mrs. Ira (Wilson) 
20 'Yarren road 
Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. 
(Lena Hillman) 
0 Euclid avenue 
I'lubs, Mr. 7-35-42 
Stanton, Mr. Oliver B. 
13 Simpson avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 19 
Stapells. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. (Han'ey) 
99 Roxborough street East 
K R., "Deancroft," Jackson's Point, 
Lake Simcoe, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
('lulls, Mr. 7-19-31)-46; also Ho)"al Co- 
lonial Institute, Lonrlon, Eng-. 

Figll res refer to club nU11l bers-see inside bock corer. 



Stark, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles T. (Cowan) 
108 Park road 
Receives 2d and 3d :\Ionday 
lr. 35-42-71--Mrs. 70 
Ir. and Mrs. Frank Herbert (Kerr) 
155 Collier street 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 10--Mrs. :!5 
:\Irs. B. H. Kerr 
::\Iiss B. 
\:'I. Kerr 
Stark, :\11'. and Mrs, Harry L. (McKay) 
j'3 South drive 
S. R., Birch Cliff, Ont. 
Recei '"es 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-70--Mrs. 63 
Irs. John (Tapscot) 
12 -1 Park road 
S. R., Birch Cliff, Ont. 
Receives 2d and 3d :\i[onda
::\Iiss Edith I... Stark 
Stark, Dr. and ::\lrs. Thomas H. (Smith) 

 1 Carlton street 
Receh'es Monday 
Cluhs Dr. 19 
:\11'. ,Yo B. Stark 
:\Iiss G. L. Starlt 
::\liss Jean Stark 

Stark, :\11'. and ::\lrs. 
y. :\lacKenzie (Copp) 
;'í3S Sherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 3d :\Ionday 
::\liss ::\luriel E. Stark 
::\11'. \Y. R. Stark 21 
:\Iiss Doris L. Stark 

Stark, Mr. am] :\lrs. 

i1liam (McGlashan) 
-; -1 'Yalmer road 
Mr. Hardy Stark 

Starr, Dr. and Mrs. f'larence L. (Dryden) 

 2 -t Bloor street "-est 
S. R., Jackson's Point, Lake Simcoe 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
f'luhs, Dr. 42-69 
:\Iiss :\Iarion Starr 
:\Irs. John Dryden (Holman) 
Starr, Dr. ant] ::\Irs. Frederic X G. I :\Iackay) 
112 College street 
ReceÎ\'es Tuesday 
Cluhs. Dr. -t2-:í:í-ß9 

Starr, Mr. and :\Irs. James Russell L. 
I Xelles) 
436 .:\Iarkham street 
S. R., Go Home Day 
HeceÏ\"el'l Thursday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 2

Staunton. :\11'. an(1 :\Irs, Egmund G. 
I :\Iorison) 
657 Huron street 
Rf'cein's Frida)" 
c'luhs, :\11'. 33-46 

Staunton, M,'s. :\Ioses I Harript .\. <,ook) 
93 Roxho,'oug-h Htref't I';ast 
Heceh"es 1st and 3(] Tuesday 
:\11', Thomas A. Staunton 7-33-42-4r. 
:\liss H. .\. Staunton 
:\1". Y. C'. 

Stayner, :\11'. and :\I,'s. Dud ley 
. (Hann) 
201 Heath street 'Yest 
Receives Thursday 
Steele, :\Irs. Richard C. (Dickson) 
99 Crescent road 
Receives 2d and 3n Monday 
Miss Mabel M. Steele 
Steele, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert Clarke ("
13 Dunbar road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

teele, Mr. and ::\lrs. ""alter D. (Tha
11 McMaster avenue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Steiner, :\11'. and Mrs. Ernst Albert 
(De La Matter) 
106 Admiral road 
Receives last Friday 
StenhouE\e. Dr. and :\Irs. John (Shortreed) 
175 Bloor street East 
Receh-es 1st Monday 
:\Irs. Mary Shortreed 
Sterling, Mr. 
467 Sherbourne street 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Miss :\Iuriel Sterling 
Steven, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. 
t;3 St. Clair a venue "-est 
::\11'. Robert A. Steven 
Ste'"enson, Mr. and Mrs. George (Bing-ham) 
40 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesda,' 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-19-37 ' 
Miss Helen Stevenson 
Ste'"enson, Dr. Robert A. 
145 Bloor street East 
Steward, Mr. and M,'s. Arthur P. (Xea1) 
38 Howland a'"enUe 
Receives 4th Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 41 
Miss C. L. Steward f.f) 
Mr. A. ,Yo Steward 41 
Stewart. The Misses 
f.2 St. George street 
Receives 3d Tuesday 
Stewart, ::\11'. .\. :\Iellville 
316 Huron street 
í'luhs. Mr. 37-:i3-!i:í-!ifl-ßO-6!ì: also 
Mount Royal <'luh, Montreal: and 
Rideau Cluh, Ottawa 
Stewart, Dr. and ::\'[rs, B. Lorne (Leonard) 
fì26 Church street 
Receh"es 2d Monday 

tewart, Mr. ann :\Irs. neril (\\"arwick) 
2 I Blvor street East 
Heceh'es 1st and 4th :\Ionda)' 
Ste" art, Mrs. Ellen (Thompson) 
:'23 nrunswick a,'enue 
ReceÏ\"es Friday 
:\11'. Georg-e \. Stewa'"t 
te" art 
:\Iiss npatl'Ïl'e Stf',,'a,.t 

l-'i,(/III"{'.<.; n'{rT 10 c{lIb Jlu;nl,c'",(;I-S('(' il/.'
i('" 1H1d.. ('onT. 

15 2 


Stewart, :\11'. and 
lrs. Fred J. (Bethell) 
53 Queens Park 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 55 
Miss Alice Y. Stewart 55 
)'liss Edythe P. Stewart 42 
Miss M. Bethell 

Stewart, :\11'. and Mrs. J. F. M. 
(:\1abel B. Shaw) 
85 South drive 
Receives 2d Tuesday 
Ir. 7-33-35-46 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Boden) 
SO Hampton Court, 21 Avenue road 
S. R., Point au Baril, Georgian Bay, 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 22-Mrs. 58 
Stewart, Mr. Lewis A. 
55 Woodlawn avenue West 
Receives 4th vVednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-46-56-71 
::\lrs. Mary E. O'Regan 
Mrs. Margaret Young 
Stewart, Miss M. A. 
27 Madison avenue 
ReceÍ\-es 1st Friday 
 .Jane Stewart 
Stewart, :\1:1'. and 1\1rs. Ross (Sims) 
283 St. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 31 
Stewart, Mr. and :\[rs. Thomas P. (Pearson) 
212 Poplar Plains road 
S. R., Brighton Beach, Lake Simcoe, 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 42 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. "-m. B. 
136 Bedford road 
S. R., Shanty Bay, Lake Simcoe 
Receives Friday 
fr. 35 

lr. H. B. Stewart 

1r. 1V. D. Stewart 7 
Stiff, :\11'. and Mrs. George "Gssher (Reid) 
St. George Mansions 
Receives Tuesòay 
Clubs, Mr. 28-33-Mrs. 28-6;) 
Stikeman, ),11'. and 1\1rs, 'Yalter C. (1\1urray) 
74 St. George street 
Clubs, Mr. 42-
frs. 42-55-72 
Stiles, Mrs. Henry B. (Mary J, :Kicholson) 
20 Beaty avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
:\liss Clara C. Stiles 
Stimson, Lieut.-Col. George A. 
60 St. George street 
Clubs, Lieut.-Col. 4-10-37-46-53-56-60- 
lr. and Mrs. C. McLean (Eilbick) 
Wellsboro Apartments, Jarvis street 
Clubs, :\11'. 1 

Stinson, :\11'. and 
frs. John OYright) 
319 Palmerston boulevard 
:\Iiss Hazel Stinson 
.:\lfiss May Stim;;on 
:\11'. Thomas Stinson 
Mr. Herbert Stinson 
Mr. Frank Stinson 
Mr. Norman Stinson 

Stirling, Mr. and Mrs. Wm, T. (Smart) 
97 Glen Grove avenue 
Stock, Mr. and Mrs. "-illiam X. 
69 Oriole road 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Stockdale, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. (Thomas) 
Alexandra Gardens, Eglinton 
S. R., Jackson's Point 
r. 22-35-42-
1rs. 42-65 

Stockwell, Mr. and 1\1rs. Ranrlolph S. (Scott) 
44 Hawthorne a ,'enue 

Stone, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles Edgar 
43 Xanton avenue, Rosedale 
Receives 1st Monday 
Club!'!, Mr. 27-35-46-70-:\lrs. 26-58-65 
Miss Ethel Stone 

Stone, 1\11'. and Mrs. Frank W. 
(Rose Mary Scott) 
116 Kendal avenue 
Recei ves 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-28-31-33-37-46-::\1rs. 28 

Stone, Mr. and Mrs. John E. (Ryrie) 
116 South drive 
Receives 3d and 3d ::\londay 

::5tone, Mr. and Mrs. 1Villiam (Bung-ay) 
Care of 461 King street West 
S. R., Oakdlle, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33-37-56 

Stout, :\11'. and Mrs. Walter Scott 
St. George Mansions 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
Stovel, Mr. Albert E. 
364 "
almer road hill 
S. R., Lorne Park, On t. 
Clubs, 1\11'. 2-7-31-35-54-71 
Stowe, Dr. and 
lrs. Frank J_ (Hudson) 
463 Spadina avenue 
S. R., Stowe Island, Muskoka 
Recei\"t's 2d and 4th Friday 

1iss Augusta Stowe 
:\Iiss Hilda Stowe 

Strachan. Rev. and Mrs. Daniel (Thompson) 
1eredith Crescent 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Rev. 7-42-Mrs. 68 

Stratford, Mrs. John H. 
Alexandra Palace 
Receives Friday 
', .:\11'8. .\.gnes S. (Grasett) 
 Redford road 
::\fiss Strathy 40-55 

Figure.s 'refer to club numbers-see inside back corer, 



Strathy, :\11'. and .Mrs. Alfred Gowan (Cleary) 
100 Beverley street 
S. R., Orillia 
Receives "\Vednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-53 

Strathy, Mr. Frank W. 
:-;ussex Court, 21 Sussex a'"enue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-

Strathy, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard B. 
34 Castle Frank road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-31-37-;)3-j5-61-
'[rs. H. H. (Ardagh) 
10 Hawthorne avenue 
H. R., Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Receives Monday 

Strathy, Mrs. James B. (Elivra Lee) 
'almer road 
Receives Friday 

Iiss Louisa Strathy 

Rtrathy, Mr. and :\lrs. John H. G. (Atkins) 
36 Bernard a,'enue 
ReceÏ\'es Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-10-Mrs. 66 

'[r. Stuart 
;)4 Clarendon a ,'enue 
Clulls, Mr. 53-:i5-60-69 
Miss Amy A. Strathy 
Miss Mary Strathy 55-57 
Receives Thursday 

Strathy, :\11'. 
19 Lowther avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 7-34-55 

Street, :\11'. and Mrs. ("harles B, (Bishop) 
17 Spadina road 
Recei \'eo; 2c1 Frir1ay 
Miss Grace Street 

Iiss Ina Street 

Street, :\lrs. 
'illiam P. R. (Eleanor Smyth) 
10 :\1ackenzie a,'enue, Rosedale 
("luhs. Mrs. 2ã-6

IiRS A my Street 2:i-:.:. 

Strickland, :\11'. and :\lrs. P. D'Eyncourt 
97 Spadina roar1 
Recei \'es Friday 
('lulls, :\11'. 1-33-71 
:\liss Audrey Stricklanr1 
Strickland, Mr. anll :\lrH. "'aIter D'E. 
6 Huntley str
ReceiveR Monday 
Clulls, Mr. 1-7-71 
Struthers. Dr. "'iIliam E. 
!i:i8 Bathurst street 

lr's. Struthers 
Stuart, :\11'. anl1 Mrs. John (Jacques) 
12ã RURholme road 
Recei yes Friday 

Stuart, Dr. and Mrs. "'m. Theophilus 
164 Howard Park a,'enue 
S. R., "Holyrood," Oakville, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
::\liss Florence C. Stuart 
1\11'. John L. G. Stuart 

Ir. Hamilton J. Stuart 
Stupart, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert F. (Dallas) 
15 Admiral road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 9-46-55; also Fellow of the 
Royal Society of Canada 
Miss Doris Stupart 
Suckling, :\11'. and :\lrs. 
'iIliam J. 
( Turnbull) 
171 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st and 3d ::\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-37-46-:\lrs. 28 
Mr. Austin Suckling 
Miss Ethel Suckling 28 
Miss Edith Suckling 28 

ullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Allan (Hees) 
10 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-55-56 
Sullivan, :\Irs. Robert (Henrietta Scadding) 
20 Prince Arthur avenue 
Receives Friday 
Sutherland, :\lrs. Donald G. 
32 Roxborough street East 
S. R" Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 
Miss ('lara 1\1. Sutherland 
Miss H. Gladys Sutherland 
Sutherland, :\Ir. and :\Irs. Frank ("'hite) 
37 Rosehill avenue 
Cluhs, Mr. 28; also Hamilton Club 
and Brantford (,Iub 
Ir, and :\lrs. James Arthur 
290 S1. Georg-e street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-46-1\Irs. G;J 

utherland, Mr. and :\lrs. Jameb B. 
636 Huron street 
d and 4th Frillay 
Ir. 7 
Miss Ethel Sutherland 
Sutherland. Hon. :\11'. Justice and 1\1r's. Hobert 
F. (:\Iary HartiN) 
7:! Chestnut Park 
HeceÌ\'es 211 TueHday 
Cluhs. Hon. Justice 7 -fi9 
:\1iss Helen R. Sutherland 
:\1iss Xorma Sutherland 
Suydam, ::\11', and :\lrs, Henri II. (("oldham) 
34 Chestnut Park 
ReceÌ\'es Tuesday 
("lulls, :\11'. 37-4ß-;J3-:.6-1ì9-:\lrs. :i7 
::\11'. Haroll1 C. Suydam (\\'innipeg) 
Suydam. Mr. and :\Irs. James C. (.\dams) 
7 Pricefield road 
Receives Tuesday 
lr. 46-56 

F;Yllrf'.c: rrl,'r 10 ,,11111 111111,11('1'.0.;-,'1('(' ;11.0.;;"(' lu/('" ('(I/'(T. 



Swabey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
61 Admiral road Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 71 

Swan, :\lr. and Mrs. Henry (McGlashan) 
84 Woodlawn avenue 'Vest 
S. R., Lake of Bays, Muskoka 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
Miss E. L. Swan 
Miss B. H. Swan 
Mr. J. E. Swan 
Mr. '\Y. E. Swan 
Mr. Tom SWa 1\ 

Sweatman, Mrs. Arthur (Susannah Garland) 
139 Cottingham street 
Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Friday 
Mr. Charles F. Sweatman 

Sweatman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stanley 
Alexandra boulevard 
S. R., Centre Island 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 46-50 

Sweatman, Mr. and Mrs. John \\T. (Piper) 
"Wanakong," 17 Avondale road 
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Sweeny, Mr. and Mrs. George R. 
(Keefer of Ottawa) 
197 Spadina road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-56 
Sweeny, The Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop (M.A., 
D.D.) and Mrs. J. Fielding 
The See House, 112 Howland avenue 
Receives 2d, 3d and 4th Friday 
Cluhs, Lord Bi
hop 7-19 
Miss Kathleen Sweeny 
Sweetnam, Mrs. Matthew 
(Sophia C. McClean) 
29 Madison avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Mr. George B. Sweetnam 
ophia Sweetnam 
Miss A lice Sweetnam 
Sweny, Co1. and Mrs. George A. (Roy) 
"RohalIion," 170 S1. George street 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Co1. 37-55-69-Mrs. 55 
Sydere, Mr. anrl Mr<;. Arthur H, (\\Trig'hU 
52 Elgin avenue 
Receives 2rl Friday 
Syer, Mr. and :Mrs. Rtephen (Richard:-:on) 
106 A \'enue roarl 
Receives 1st Fridav 
 Lorine Syer - 

Sykes, :\lr. and Mrs. Sydney B, 
(Eleanor Xelles) 
3 Hawthorne a n>nue. l>nspdale 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-71-Mrs. 66 
Miss Helen Sykes 
Mr. Hugh S. Sykes 

Sy1\'ester, Dr. and Mrs. George P. (Reed) 
5R5 Church street 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 1-22-27-37 
Symons, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. David T. 
4 'Varren road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-7-55-69--Mrs. 57 
Symons, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Harry 
98 Madigon avenue 
Receives 1st and 2d Frida;).' 
Clubs, Mr. 33 
The Misses Symons 
Symons, Mr. and Mrs. John H. 
(Edith M. Douglas) 
Oare of 59 Maitland street 
S. R., 170 Lake Shore avenue, Centre 
Symons, Mr. John T. 
68 A venue road 
Miss E. F. Svmons 
Miss Kate R. 'T. Symons 
Recei ves Friday 
 mons, Mr. and Mrs. "T. Limbery (Lutz) 
The Sussex Court, 21 Sussex avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 3-7-33-35 
Cadet John H. Symons, (R,M.C., Kings- 
Mr. Harry Lutz Symons (Toronto 'C'ni- 
Szehska, Mr. and Mrs. Paul von Lubicz 
445 Indian road 
Receh'es Saturrla
Clubs, Mr. 7 
Miss Hilda Veronica von Szeliska 
Miss A ngela Clara van Szeliska 

lr. and Mrs. Frederick W. nYiIson) 
48 S1. Andrews Garrlens Xorth ' 
Receives 1st Monda v 
nubs, :\lr. 4-7-27-31-'35-71-Mrs. 27-31 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Percv (Kent) 
110 Madison avenue . 
Receives 3d and 4th Fridav 
Clubs, Mr. 33 ' 
Taylor, Mrs. C. C. 
7 Powell avenue 
Receives :\'Ionrlay 
'lor, Mrs. Charles \\T. (Yale) 
73 Cowan avenue 
Miss Laura Taylor 
Mr. Fred Taylor 
Mr. Charles S. Ta\'lor 
Mr. "-. Y. Taylor' 
Taylor, Mr find Mr's. Edward O. 
(A rmstrong) 
244 Ht. Ueorge street 
Receives 4th Frida
Cluhs. Mr. 19-33-46-:)6-71 
Miss Luella Taylor 42 
Miss Marion Taylor 42 
Mr. Harold M. Taylor 
TaYlor, Mr. and Mrs. George ('. (Austin) 
210 Cottingham str'eet 
Clubs, Mr. 37-70 

Figures 'refer to club n1.l'111 bers-see iuside back ('veer. 



TaYlor, :\fr. and Mrs, Gordon (:\Iurphy) 
 Heath street East 
S. R., Lake Simcoe 
d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46 
Taylor, :\11'. and Mrs. Henry A. (Kennedy) 
22 Grenville street 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-37 
Taylor, ::\Irs. J. F. 
?almer road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Taylor 
Taylor, Mrs. John (Helen R. 
ð64 Kingston road 
Miss Florence H. Taylor 28 
Miss Ethel Z. TaJ:lor :!8 
Tiaylor, :\11'. anrl '\frs. Maurice J. ('\Y11ite) 
112 Walmer road 
Recei ves 1st and 2d Friday 
('lubs, Mr. 27-46 
Ir. and Mrs. O:!!car F. (Ross) 
(Jueen's Court Apartments, 579 Jarvi:!! 
Receives Monday 
Ir. 3-;)0 
Taylor, .:\Irs. Thomas B. (Henrietta Y. Dades) 
367 Rherbourne street 
Receives 2d and 4th Monday 
Clubs, 1\Irs. 65 
::\liss F . Davies 
:\Iiss F. Evelyn Taylor 28-42-68 
Taylor, .:\11'. and MI"s. William B. (Croft) 
199 St. George street 
K n., 178 Lake Shore avenue, Centre 
Recei ves 1st anrl 2d Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 28-33-46-70 
Teetzel, Hon. Justice and :\Irs. .Tames Y. 
( Darling) 
Alexandra Palace 
Receives 1st \Yednesday 
<. 'luhs. ,Judge :;;)-;)6-69-:\lrs. :;:; 
Temple. Dr. and Mrs. (,harles A. (\\?aldie) 
3!IS Palmerston lI'oulevard 
Recein:,s Thursday 
C'luhs, Dr. 56 
Temple, :\11'. ('harks Y. .:\L 
17:> Spa,]ina road 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-71 
::\Iiss G. L. Temple 
Recei yes Fdday 
Teml)le, .:\11'. an,] Mn;. E. 13. (
:;SO IIuron street 
Temple, :\11'. and Mrs. Henry P. ([{idley) 
4!ì.t Huron street 
Hef'eÏ\'es 1st and 3,1 Friday 
Cluhs, Mr. 7 
Temple, Dr. and MI's. .r. Alg-ernon 
(IJeudf' Bourck) 
161 "'an"en road 

. H., Grassi Point. Lake 
Heceivel'! TIHlrsda)' 
('lulls, Dr. li9 
:\Iiss Francf's Temple 
:\Iis!" :\lan: Temple 

Temple ':\11'. and ::\Irs. Reginald H. .:\1. 
275 Russell Hill drive 
ReceÏ\'es Thursday 
Temple, ::\11'. and Mrs. Robert H, 
57 Grosvenor street 
Receives Tuesday 
::\Iiss May Temple 
Miss A. Temple 
:\11'. Percy H. Temple 37 
Temple, ::\11'. and :\Irs. Trevor H, (Gouinlock) 
130 \Yalmer road 
Clubs, Mr. 19-46 
Temple, Mr. and Mrs. 
?illiam Moore 
(Yiolet Maulson) 
104 Roxborough street 

Receives Friday 
lr, 7-46-71 
Teske}', :\11'. and :\1rs. Richard ,,
209 Sunnyside avenue 
Receives 3d Tuesday 
'er, ::\11'. and Mrs. Ira B, 
104 Spencer avenue 
Clubs, .:\11'. 7 
Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Grover 
(Edith Ball) 
pencer avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Thistle, Dr. and Mrs. '\'illiam B. ("?right) 
171 College street 
Beceives Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 37-46-61 
Thom, Mr. and ::\Irs, John H. (
54 Sou th d rÍ\'e 
ReceÏ\'es 1st and 3rl Monday 
Thomas, :\11'. and Mrs. Arnold \\
. (:\Iiller) 
52 Elm aVenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Monday 
Cluhs, :vir, 33-:\lrs. 43 
1\11', Georg-e Dudley Thomas 
:Miss Isabel Thomas 
:\11'. A Ian Thomas 
Thomas, Dr. ('harles H. 
347 Bathur:-;t street 
S. R., Whithy, Ont. 
:\11'. \\"illiam D. Thomas 
Thomas, .:\11'. and :\Irs. G. Dudley 
(Kathlf'en P. Ellis) 
33 Palmer8ton Gar(lens 
Th..ma8. Dr. Julia 
83 Isaùella street 
Thomas, . :\lr. and .:\11"8. 
1. Augustus 
130 Carlton street 
d Tupsday 
:\Ir, Louis E. Thoma
 _\delt' Thomas 
Thompson, :\lr. an,] 1\1rs. .\. (';nlIH\111 
(Ireland I 
17 Prince .\rthur fiyenUp 
lteceÍ\'NI FI-iclay 
('luIl8, l\1I'. 5r.-MI"
. ....-.., 

Fi!luru:: rcfcr tu club '11umbers-8(,(> 1m,;;d(' 1.)(1('/" CO/'C1', 



Thompson. 1\11'. and Mrs. Albert A. (Kent) 
"arren road 
Receives 2d Thursday 

Thompson, Major and Mrs. Bo
143 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Major 7-33 
:Miss Mildred Thompson 55 
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs, C. 
". (Craig) 
24 Crescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
:Miss Ina Thompson 
Mr. Chris. C. Thompson 

Thompson, Miss Frances 
18 % St. Joseph street 
Recei yes Tuesday 
Clubs, Miss 55 

Ir. and Mrs. Frederick C. 
19 Dunbar road 
S. R,. De Grassi Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Ont. - 
Receives Monday 
Ir, 7-35-42-46--
lrs. 66 

Thompson, 1\11'. anò Mrs. Henry L. 
;) Queen's Court Apartments, 579 Jar- 
,'is street 

. R" "'Ya 'Ya," Lake of Bays, Ont. 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33 

1iss Dora O. Thompson 
Thompson, Hon. (K,C.L.C.I) J. Enoch 
104 St. Yincent street 
S. R., "Greenbank," Xiaara-on-the- 
Lake, On t. 
Clubs, Hon. 1-46 
:\11'. Douglas S. C. Thompson 

Ir. and :\Irs. J. "". (Tilley) 
173 Jameson avenue 
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. (Temple) 
10 Prince Arthur a,-enue 
S. R., Medora Point, Lake Joseph, 
:\Iuskoka. Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 53--:\lrs. 55 

Ir. and 1\Irs. Samuel Henry 
The Prince George 
S. R., Queen Royal Hotel, Xiagara- 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 46--Mrs. 42 
Mr. Winnett Thompson 
Mr. Gordon Thompson 
Ir. and Mrs. Stanley Seton 
(Kathleen Austin) 
113 Farnham avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 46 

Thompson. Mrs. Thomas 
137 C'rescent road 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 

Thomson, Mr, and Mrs. Albert J. 
132 Balmoral a'-enue 
ReceÌ\ es 3d Thursday and Friday 
:\Irs. R. J. :\Ion tgomery 
Thomson, Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Daniel E. 
"Parkholm," 57 Queen's Park 
Receives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs. Mr. 33-46-53-56 
Miss Thomson 28-60 
Mr. Ellis Thomson 20 

Thomson. Mr. and Mrs. James H. (Hilborn) 
66 Walker avenue 
Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. O. 
(Helen Stratford) 
49 Poplar Plains road 
S. R.. "Glenhyrst," Brantford, Onto 
Receives 1st and 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-53; also Brantford 
Club and Brantford Golf and Coun- 
try Club 
Thomson, :\11'. and Mrs. Peter (Hawken) 
24 McMaster avenue 
Receives 1st Friday 
Thorburn, l\Irs. Jane 
t. George street 
.:\Iiss .Jane Robinson 

Thorley, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edward (Wells) 
7 Beaumont road 
Clubs, Mr. 28-37 
Thornhill. Miss 1\1. E. 
59 ""almer road 
ReceÌ\'es 1st Friday 
Clubs, :\1iss 28 
Thorpe, Mrs. 
"'. B. (Webb) 
648 C'hurch street 
Receives 1st and 2d :\Ionday 
.:\Iiss Agnes Thorpe 
:\Iiss Elizabeth 'Vebb 
Thrall, .:\Iiss Charlotte 
Moulton College, 34 Bloor street East 
Thurlow, Miss Mary 
379 Huron street 
:\1iss Alice Thurlow 
1\Iiss Agnes Thurlow 

Thurston, Mr. and Mrs, 
"illiam G. 
14 Elm avenue, Rosedale 
Receives Monday 
C'lubs, :\'11'. 1-33 
Miss Helen Thurston 
Miss Elsie Thurston 
Tilley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. (Marter) 
229 Russell Hill road 
S. R., C'osey Island, Georgian Bay, 
Receives Thursòay 
Ir. 33-42 
Tilley, :\11'. and Mrs. Herbert R. (Ronan) 
14ã Farnham avenue 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, :Mr. 28--Mrs. 28 

Figures Tefer to club Jlumbers-scL inside back COGer. 



Ir. and 
Irs. \Y. Xorman (Young) 
4SS Avenue road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, l\lr. 35-42-55-:\lrs. 42 

Tindall, Mr. and 
Irs, ,\'m. B. (Luke) 
 St. :\lary street 
S. R., Oakville, On t. 
lr. 7-33 
Tippet, :\11'. \Villiam H. 
435 Ossington a"enue 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 
Receives 1st, 3d and 4th Thur
1\Iiss Tippet 67 
Miss C. S. Tippet 67 
Miss Alice O. Tippet 67 

Tisdall, Mr. and Mrs. H. 'V. (Fitch) 
340 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 

Iiss Hazel G. Tisdall 
1\Iiss Elizabeth M. Tisdall 
:\Iiss Ethel R. Tisdall 

Tisdall, 1\11'. and :\Irs. J. P. (Hoare) 
14 \\Thitney avenue 
Receives :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 22 
:\11'. C. P. Tisdall 
Mr. F. F. Tisdall 

lrs. James ('Tes
ie Connell) 
85 \\T ellesley street 
Toller, Mr. and :\Irs. Philip B. (l\Ic:\IUf rich) 
329 St. George street 
S. R., De Grassi Point, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, ::\-11'. 7-33-42-46 

Tomlinson, 1\1rs, Joseph (:\Iinnie Xu tton) 
37 \Vellesley street 
Receives 1st and 3d Monday 
Mr, Gordon Tomlinson 
Torrance, l\lr. and 1\Irs. \\ïlliam P. 
fiO A venue road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 42-70-Mrs. 42 

To1'rington. MI'. (:\lus. Doc.) and :\11's. Fred- 
erick H. 
12 Pemhroke street 
Cluhs, 1\Ir. 3-7-Mrs. 25-á

Tory, Mr. and .:\Irs. John A\' 
(Ahhie G. Buckley) 
17 Elm avenue 
K R., Guyshoro, Xo\'a Scotia 
HeceÎ\'es .Jth :\Ionday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-19-33-3i"i-46-:\ln.;. fiG 

Tovell, Vr. and .:\lrs. H. 
A hroad 

'fo" ers, Mr. and :\Irs. Geul'ge B
43 Dewson str
ceives 3d and 4th Friday 
Miss Florence Towers 
:\11'. B. H. Towers 52 
:\liss .\. 1\1. Towers 

Townsend, .:\11'. and :\I1's. Charles J. (Polson) 
 Crescent road, Rosedale 
Receives Tuesday 
:\Iiss Constance Townsend 
:\11'. Alan Jan'is Townsend 

Trebilcock, 1\11'. and :\lrs. Albert Ed ward 
30 Chicora avenue 

Trebilcock, Dr. and 
lrs. Frank C. 
722 Spadina avenue 
Receives 3d Frida;}" 

Treble, Dr. and :\lrs, Charles E. (Patterson) 
307 Palmerston boule'"ard 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 28 

Treble, Mr. John M, (Lillian :\Iassey) 
"Euclid Hall," 51;) Jan"is street 
Receives Monday 

Trees, Mr. and :\Irs. James D. 
(Caroline Xairn) 
11 7 \Vellesley Crescent 
Receives 1st Monday and Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 -46-70-:\lrs. 28 

Trees, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel (Dixon) 
399 Sherbourne street 
K R., Centre Island 
Receives :!d and 4th :\Ionda;}' 
1\11'. Samuel Trees, Jr. 46 
i\1iss Charlotte Trees 70 
'\Iiss Edith Trees 
1\11'. Christopher F. Trees 70 
Miss Ethel Trees 
1\11'. Alexander G. Trees 70 

Tremble, 1\11'. and :\Irs. Frederick S. 
72 Hpencer avenue 
Clubs, :\11'. 37 
s Florence Tremble 

Trent, :\11'. and :\lrs. H. Edward (Brady) 
:! 7 4 :::;t. George street 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, .:\11'. 1 
Miss l\lary Trent 
Mr. Seymour Trent 
1\Iiss Edna Trent 
Miss MIldred Trent 

Trethewey. :\11'. and :\Irs. J. L. (
44 \Varren roael 

. R" Temag-ami Lake, Ont. 
s Gladys Tr

Trethewey, :\11'. and :\Irs. "Pm. G, 

q Uinscarth roall 
C I u h s, 1\11' . 7 - 19 - 31- 3 3 - 4 :! 
1\11'. Frank L. Trethewey 

Trick, MI'. anll 
Irs. John (Tn'hle) 
441 A '"enue road 
H, It., HpaITI)\\" Lake. :\Iusknka 
Rt:'I't'Ï\"es Friday 
:\Irs. ,John CUfTelIy (Treble) 

F;f/urc.'ol refn' to dill) !IIlUllJ('r,
-.ç:('(' ;J/.o.;;,k l)11ck ('O"','/". 



Trigge, ::\11', and 1\1rs. Arthur St. L. (Locke) 
43 St. .Andrews Gardens South 
S, R., Stop 43, Kingston road 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-70 
::\lrs. 1\1. G. R. Locke 
1\1iss Helen G. R. Locke 
Trotter, Dr. and 1\11'S. "\V. Cecil 
Dunvegan road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 7-46 
:\1iss Florence S. Sadd 
fr. and Mrs. Albert E. (Rmith) 
33 \Vhitney avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-42 
Trow, Mrs. Charles (Helen Mathews) 
114 Farnham avenue 
Receives 1st Monday 
Tuck, Dr. and ::\lrs. John Amos (Xotman) 
604 Bathurst street 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Dr. 19 
Tuckett, Mr. and Mrs, Freòerick U, (Ireson) 
53 Indian road Crescent 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Tudhope, :Mr. and ::\lrs, Hilton R. 
!'il Rpadina road 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-37-!'i6-70-71 
Tudhope, Mr. and Mrs. \V, R. 
77 Madison avenue 
Miss Ethel Tudhope 
Tugman, Mr, and Mrs. Christopher F. 
 Palmerston boulevard 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Cluhs, ::\11'. 35-52 
lr, and ::\1rs. Harrup C. (Warnock) 
95 Rose a venue 
ReceÌ\'es 4th Th ursòay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-Mrs. 66 
Turnbull. Mr. and Mrs. Harvard (Baker) 
280 St. Georg-e street 
Receives Frirlay 
Clubs, Mr. 46-60-61-::\lrs. 57 
Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. John (Telfer) 
149 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 
d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33 
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Dwig-ht Joseph 
179 Balmoral avenue 
So R., Midland, Ont. 
Receives Thursrlay 
Clubs, Mr. 22-28-33-37-46-61-::\lrs. 56- 
Turner, .Mr. and ::\Irs. F. A. 
131 Admiral road 
S. R., Invermay, Ros!'!eau, l\Iuskoka, 
Receives Friòay 
Clubs, :Mr. 46 
::\liss Clare Turner 
::\1iss Hilda Turner 

Turner, .Mrs. Horsey 
69 Bernard avenue 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, ::\lrs. 18-66-67 
:\Iiss Horsey 
:\011'. Albert A. Horsey 
Tye, ::\11'. and Mrs. W. F. 
.. St. George 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 69 

Tyrrell, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. 
(:\lary Edith Carey) 
Talmer road 
S. R., \Veston, Onto 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-9-20-33-36-71; also Au, 
thors' Club, London, Eng.; and the 
Royal Societies Club, London, Eng. 
-Mrs. 25-57-66-67 
::\Iiss Mary E. Tyrrell 

Tyrrell, Mr. and Mrs, William (Leckie) 
The Belgra via Apartments, 79 Oriole 
Clubs, Mr. 3-7-19-1\1rs. 25 
Tyrwhitt, Mrs. Richard (Emma \Vhitaker) 
54 Admiral road 
Recei ,.es Friday 
TJt1er, :\11'. (R.C.) and .:\Irs. John (Milne) 
399 :\Ianning a venue 
S. R" IlfracOlnhe, l\luskoka, Ont, 
1\11'. Xorman D. Tytler 
::\1iss Margaret D. TytIer 

L'nsworth, ::\11'. and :\oIl's. "\Vm. B. (Duncan) 
64 South drive 
d and 4th Monday 
Clubs. Mr. 42 
:\Iiss Alice rnsworth (is 
::\1iss Helen rnsworth 
::\11'. James B. L'nsworth 
Uren, 1>1'. and ::\Irs. John F. (Brown) 
520 Church street 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Dr. 61 
Urquhart, 1\11'. and ::\rrs, Daniel (Spence) 
296 Russell Hill drive 

L'ssher, Major and Mrs. John F. H, 
(:\Iargaret E. S. Brown) 
127 Blythewood road 
Clubs, :\oIajor 1-10-37-33-56 

Yale, :\rr. and :\o[rs. Percy A. r
53 Dunvegan road 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 6-33-46 

Yan Allen, Mrs. Edmund 
". H. 
(Letitia Atkinson) 
60 Bernard a venue 
Receives 1st Friday 
:\Iiss Marjorie van Allen 
:\11'. K. M. van A]]en 

Yan Cutsem, :\orr. R. E. G. 

ational Club 
Clubs, ::\11'. 33 

Figures ?'efe?' to club numbers-see inside bacT;; corer. 



'Tan del' 
missen, Prof, (1\I.A.) and Mrs. 'Ym. H. 
Care of 15 Surrey place 
S. R., Georgian Bay, Ont. 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Prof. 55 
:Miss Dorothy Van del' Himssen 
:\11'. Victor Van del' Smissen 
'an Duzer, :\11'. and :\Irs. C. ,,
. (Connell) 
5 St. Clair avenue 'Vest 
Receives 1st 'Vednesclay 
::\Iiss Doris "an Duzer 
Van Koughnet. ::\11'. and :\Irs. Arthur (Smith) 
238 College street 
Clubs, 1\11'. 1-37-:>6-Mrs. 
Van Xorman. :\11'. and :\Irs. Charles C. 
c Isabella X. Carmichael) 

8:! Carlton street 
d and 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, :Mr. 7-33 
Vanstone. Mr. and Mrs. Lucius X. (Burns) 
 Brunswick a\'enue 

. R., Bowman\"ille, Ont. 
Recei ves 2d Friday 
Clubs, ::\11'. 1-31--:\1rs. 31-68 
Van 'lack, :\11'. Roy S. 

:> Gore Vale avenue 
Ir. 37 
:\11'. and :\Irs, ,\Y m . H. Barker (Evans) 
'Yaughan, :\11'. (J.P.) and :\lrs. R. C. 
f,6 Dunvegan roa<l 
S. R., Port ('arling, Muskoka, Onto 
Receives Thursday 
Ir. 7-3;) 
:\11'. Harold Edgar Vaughan 
:\Jr. On'al Douglas Vaughan 
.:\Iiss Valda Blanche Vaughan 
Vaux, Dr. and :\lnL H. E. (Cowan) 
"'Y aux Holme," :! Chestnut Park 
Rec('i \"es Tuesday 
c'luhs, :\II's. :!;) 
:\liss Vaux 
\liss Elizalwth 
(;len :\[orris, ú3;) Rpadina avenue 
Heceives 1st and :!I] Tuesday 
:\Iiss A. .:\1 Hathjen 
Verity, :\11'. and :\[rs. Huhert H, (Burritt) 
100 Tyndall a venue 
H. R., :\Iuskoka 
HeceÏ\"es l
t anI] 3d Thursl]ay 
:\Iiss Burritt 
 Alice Verity 
.:\11'. '\"ilfril] "erity 
:\Iiss Lucille Verity 
:\Iiss Gertrude Verity 

Verner, Mr. an<l :\Irs. Thomas H. (Bay) 
l:il Dowling a\enue 
ReceÏ\'es 2d ThUl'sday 

Vernon, :\11'. an<l :\[rs. H. E. Harcourt 
1 Douglas drive 
Irs. 25-;)6 
Venal, :\11'. anI] :\II's. Georg-e "-. (P{'acocke) 
"The Grange," "'eston, Onto 
::\Iiss Helen :\1. Venal 

'ïckers, ::\11'. and :\lrs. \\ïlliam \". (Howland) 
21 Dowling avenue 
Recei ves Th ursday 
Clubs, :\11'. 1-28-37-:\lrs. 28 

Vigeon, ::\11'. Harry 
134 Bloor street East 
Clubs, :\11'. 33-42 
:\1iss Ella Vigeon 4

Vogt, :\11'. and :\Irs. Augustus 
. (::\lcGill) 
331 Bloor street "'est 
Receiv('s 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 3-14-28-30 
:\[1'. George Vogt 
:\Iiss Gretchen Vogt 

Vokes, :\11'. and Mrs. :\Iiles ("-atson) 
102 St. George street 

. R., Port Carling, ::\Iuskoka 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Ir, 1 
:\11'. Frank P. 'Yokes 
:\11'. Oliver ,,'. Vokes 

'Yaddell, :\11'. and Mrs. John B. 
(J ean Perci \"al ) 
62 St. George ::\Iansions 
Receives 1st and 3d Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 4:!-46-;};)-71-:\lrs. 61j 

':addington, :\[1'. and :\lrs. Herbert (Judd) 
54 Blyth wood road 
Clubs. Mr. 1-7 
The Misses "'addington 

'Vade, Mr. (F.e.A.) and ::\Irs. Osler 
103 'Voodlawn avenue 'Vest 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Cluhs, 1\11'. 4-6-; -
7 -2S-33-5
-:\lrs. 51 

Wadsworth, :\11'. and :\Irs. T. Page 
fiO:! Euclid avenue 
Receives 3d and 4th Thursday 

"Yadsworth, ::\11'. and :\Irs. 'Yernon B. 
124 Tyndall a Venue 
H. R., "Blea Tal'n Cottag-e," Lake Ros'- 
seau, Ont. 
Receives Thursday 
C'1\Jhs, Mr. 1 
::\Iiss Violet 
Yadsworth tI.) 
Miss Elizaheth \\'adsworth 
:.\Iiss Adeline "'adswurth 

""a<lsworth, :\11'. \\T. Ht>in 
14;) :\[adison an'nue 
('luhs, !\Ir. 21\-33-37-4 j -:i;)-:i6-69 
:\11'. D' .\rcy \\'al]sworth 

\\ ortl1. :\11'. anI] :\11'8, \\'m. I{Ïllnut 
I Chrisfiehl) 
141 DQwling- an>nuE' 
Ht'cei\'es ThunHlay 
[r. 56-:\II"s. 

\\"ag-Iwr, Dr. and l\Irf;. C'harles J. (Kay) 
:!1 Gerrard stl'eet East 
K n., HI)arro\\' Lake, :\Iu
hnl...a, <"nt. 
HeceÏ\"{'s 1 

Fif/un.s refcr to dull 111111lIJcr8-SCC ;nsid{' bat'!.- COl"N"" 



'Vagner, Mrs. 1Villiam J. (Boeckh) 
21 Gerrard street East 
S. R., Sparrow Lake, Muskoka 
Receives 1st and 
d Monda
Miss Henrietta E. "ragner 
orman 'Vagner 

'Yaldie, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. 
(Jennie Young) 
2 'Villcocks street 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37 
"\Valdie, Mrs. John (Sarah Jarvis) 
"Glenhurst," 75 Park road 
S. R., Georgian Bay 
Receives Monday 
Miss 'Valdie 
Miss L. 'Yaldie 57 
Mr. Robert S. \\Taldie 46-53-55-56-60-61 
Mr, Frederick X. ,\\Taldie 35-37-46-53-55- 
"Waldie, Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo Scott (Kemp) 
"'Vol ford Lodge," 2 Mackenzie ave- 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-46-56 
V\Talker, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus H. 
166 Roxborough street East 
S. R., "De Grassi Point," Lake Sim- 
Receives Tuesdáy 
Clubs, Mr. 1-33-53-55 
Mr. H, V. 'Walker 

V\Talker, .Mr. and Mrs, Bertram George 
23 Summerhill Gardens 

"Talker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
59 Oriole road 
S. R., Cacouna, Que. 
Clubs, Mr. 7-55 
Mr. Eden Walker 

"Talker, Sir Edmund (C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L.) 
and Lady (Alexander) 
99 St. George street 
S. R., Innisfree, De Grassi Point 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, Sir Edmund 3-7-28-69 
Mr. Alfred A. 'Valker 42-46 
Miss "\Valker 
Miss E. I. Alexander 

"Talker, Mr. and Mrs. Ewart (Dillon-
5 Clarendon Crescent 
S. R., De Grassi Point, Lake Simcoe, 
Recei\'es Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 20 

"alker, Mr. and Mrs. Harton (Murse) 
12 Edgar avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-4-2R-42-46-54-69-71-Mrs. 
Mrs. E. A. Morse 
Miss Dorothy 'Valker 25 
Miss Evelyn Walker 

\'{alker, ("apt. and Mrs. Henry S. (Mason) 
45 St. George street 
S. R., "Gelebe Lawn," Cobourg 
Recei \.es Tuesday 
Mrs. Arthur Murray 
Miss Dorelle 'Valker 

'Yalker, Dr. and Mrs. Holford (Rolph) 
66 St. George street 
S. R., Tulley Island, Georgian Bay 
R.fceives Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 28 

'Yalker, Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Gardner (Turner) 
30 McMaster avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 46 

\valker, Mrs. Irving (Sarah Robinson) 
 Avenue road 
Receives Friday 
Miss Dorothy V,Talker 

"Talker, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 
204 Glen road 
Receives Monday 

\Yalker, Mrs. James (Helena Corbould) 
79 Madison avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss M. \\Talker 
Mr. 'Villiam Walker 55-60 

\Valker, Mr. and Mrs. John A. 
(Sturgeon of Kincardine) 
93 Spadina road 
Receives 2d and 4th Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-7-24-28-33-46-Mrs. 24-
25-28-68; also Heliconian Club 

\\Talker, Prof. and Mrs. Thomas Leonard 
40 Dale avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Prof. 7-46-55-61 

\\Talker, 1\11'. W. Abner 
2 Bloor street East, Suite 54 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33-46 

\\Tall, Mrs. Mary S. (Stanton) 
65 Queen street East 

"Wallace, Rev. Prof. (M.A., D.D.) and Mrs. 
Francis Huston (Wilson) 
95 Bedford road 
S. R., Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss l\Iuriel J. W. Wallace 
Mr. Paul A. W. \Vallace 
Rev. Prof. E. \V. 'Vallace (China) 

\Yallace, Rev. 'V. G. 
94 Admiral road 
Prof, 'V. Stewart 'Vall ace 
Miss Marjorie 'Vall ace 

\\rallace, Lieut.-Co!. and Mrs. Wellington 
120 Spadina road 
S. R.. Lake Joseph, Muskoka 
Receives last Friday 
Mr. Harry D. Wallace 

Figures refer to clulJ 1l11llIlJcrs-8c(, inside back co,;er. 



'Yallbridge, ::\Irs. T. Camphell 
20 :\ladison a\"enue 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Miss \Yallbridge 4
Mr. G. "'allbridge 
\"alsh, Mr. and ::\[rs. E. HaYelock 
105 Roxborough street East 
Receives ::\londay 
Clubs, Mr. :!S-33-71 
"-alsh, Mr. and :\lrs. .James J. 
(Mary McE\'oY) 
112 Tyndall avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-2
-33-3;}-37--l6-:\[rs. 27 
"'alsh, Mr. and :\Irs. .James \V. B. (\"ood) 

8 Lowther avenue 
Receives Fridav 
(,lubs, Mr. 5-'37--l6-53-;}5-;}6-60-::\lrs. 

"-alsh. Mr. and ::\Irs. John J. 
(Frances Yerral) 
"Rosheen," 50 High Park bouleyard 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 27-Mrs. 25-27 
""alsh, Mr. and 
lrs. \\ïlliam (Clark) 
125 Jameson avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-Mrs. 39 

""alton, Mr. and :\lrs. George A. 
15 Forest Hill road 
Receives 4th Thursday 
Clubs, ::\Ir. 28 

""alton, Mr. and Mrs. \\'illiam R. 
"Glendarragh." 10 Routh drive 
Receives 1st and 4th Monday 
lr. 7-2s-33-
lrs. fi6 
Miss Helen L. "'alton 
Mr. Arthur ::\1('TIurney "'alton 

\\ anless, Mr. John 
760 Spadina avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Bell 
Miss J. R. nell 

"-anless. Mr. ancl ::\In;. .John, J['. (Christie) 
19 Rpadina road 
Receives Friday 
"'ard. Hon. (j.erald and Lady E\'elyn 
(Creigh ton) 
62 Bloor strpet "'pst 
Hecei yes :\Ionday 

Ir. and :\In
. James D. (Higgins) 
fifi Rowanwood a\'enue 

. R., "'awa Hotel, Lake of Bays. 
s 1st Tues1lay 
Cluhs. Mr. 7-42 
::\Ir. P. .T. ""anlt' 
:\Iiss :'\orah A. ""anh' 

\"ardell. MI'. and ::\Irs. Thomas ,1. 
1 fiX "'almer road 
Rect'Í\'es 1st and 2d Friùay 

\Yardrop, :\lrs. Catherine (Adams) 
8 Queens Park 
Receives Tuesday 

Ir. Robert ""ardrop 
::\liss \Vardrop 
:Miss Helen \Vardrop 

\'-arfield, ::\lr. and :\lrs. Carlos 
(::\Iarion \Vhitney) 
111 Crescent ['oad 
{{eceives :\Ionday 
"-arren, Dr. and ::\lrs. C. A. 
(:\lary L, :\lorin) 
[,36 St. Clair avenue ""est 
Receives 2d Thursday 
Clubs, ::\lr. 7-::\lrs. 66 

".arren, :\Ir. and ::\lrs, Charles D. (Crean) 
230 Bloor street "'est 
Cluhs. :\lr. 46-Mrs. 57 
::\liss Ruhy \Varren 
"-arren. Mr. and :\lrs. E. Douglas (Arnoldi) 
Oak\'ille, Ont. 
lr. 33-37-46-56-71-::\lrs. 56 

"-an'en, :\Irs. Harry D. 
(Sarah Y
n Lennep) 
"Red Gahles," 9;} \Yellesley street 
ReceÌ\'ps Monday 
Cluhs, :\Irs. 2S-;}!)-66 
:\Iiss \Varren 5;)-6S 
:\Iiss Carolyn \\'arren 55-68 
"'arren, ::\lr. and Mrs. ,Tames J. 
12 fi Jameson a yen ue 
Cluhs, ::\Ir. 33-35 

"-arren, :\Tr. and :\lrs. Trumhull 
(Marjory Braithwaite) 
30 Ha\\.thorne a\'enue 
HeceÏ\"es :\Ionday 
Cluhs, :\lr. 7-37 -4 6-;}5-60-69-::\lrs, 55- 

".arren, :\Ir. and ::\11's. \\'illiam A. (Cross) 
2 Elm a \'enup. Rosedale 
27X Lake 
hol'e a\"enup. Centre Island 
Receives 1st and 2d ::\lnnda
CI uhs, :\11'. -16 

:arwick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. (\\"ard) 
407 :\larkham street 
ReeeÌ\'es Thursday 
Cluhs. :\Ir. 17-33 
:\Ir. \\ïlliam "'arwick 
:\Ir. George C. ""an\ iek 
"'arwick. Mr. (;I'orge R. 
178 Rt. George street 
HeceÌ\'es Friday 
Cluhs. :\Ir. 4-7-21'--31-33-37-46 
'fiss "'arwick 

liss l\lal'jot'ie ""a['wick 
""a['w!ek. l\lr, and :\lr8. Guy F. (Ða\'i<h;on, 
:!4 Bloor street East 
Ht'ct'Ì\'es 1st an(l 4th :\Ionday 
Cluh8. :\Ir. 10 
:\Ir. H. I). \Yal'wiek 

lr, Daniel 
is :\la(lhmn a\"enue 
Cluhs. ::\11". 33--\2-;)3-;)5 

}-,""",ç I""fel" 10 dllll 1I1l1lt1""'8-.
('(' ;II,
id(' lHl('k ('tHo(,I". 



\Yatkins, :\11'. and Mrs. Ernest D. (Kelles) 
28 Edgar avenue 
S. R., Lake Rosseau, 
luskoka, Unto 
Recehoes Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 4-3;); also Royal :Military 
Academy of London, Eng., and the 
Hamilton Yacht Club-Mrs. 25 
\Yatkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (De Long) 
Forest Hill road, cor. Heath street 
::\<11'. Reginald \Vatkins 
Mr. \Y. \Yatkins, 'Jr. 
\Yatson, Mr. and Mrs. George F. (Fahey) 
161 Jameson a\"enue 
R R., Sandy Bay 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
C'lubs, Mr. 7-19-33-46 
\Vatson, Mr. (K.C,) and Mrs. George H. 
580 Avenue road 
So R., "Brooklands," Thorn Hill 
:\11'. Strafford \Vatson 42 

Iiss Korah L, Watson 2g-42 
\\Tatson, Mr. and Mrs. James P. (Currie) 
81 Admiral road 
So R., Georgian Bay 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. Mr. 33-42-46-53-71-:\Irs. 42-50- 
:\11'. George F. \\Tatson 46 
:\u. James Graeme \Vatson 46 
\\Tatson, Dr. John 
167 Avenue road 
Miss Gertrude \\:"atson 
::\11'. George \Yatson 
Receives Friday 
,\\Tatson, :\11'. and Mrs. Robert (Chapman) 
234 St. George street 
R R., 312 Lake Shore, Centre Island 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
nubs, Mr. 1-33-46-Mrs. 42-66 
:\1iss Essie B. \Yatson 42 
:\Iiss Maria J. \Vatson 
:\Iiss May \\Tatson 
\Yatson, ':\[1'. and Mrs. Thomas C. (Hewitt) 
:!8 Hawthorne avenue 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 3;) 
\Vatson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. 
2;:)1 S1. George street 
Reeeives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 37-Mrs. 28-3.1 
\\Tatson, :\11'. and Mrs. Thomas M. (Parish) 
23 Ridley Gardens 
\Vatson, .\11'. and Mrs. V{. G. (Jarman) 
377 Roxborough street East 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, ::\1r. 3fi 
Mr. Harold \\Tatson 
::\11'. Hugh \\'atson 
Watt, ::\lrs. Hubert L. (Kathleen J. Mack) 
35 \\ïllcocks street 
Clubs, Mrs. 28-56 
\\Tatt, :Mr. and Mrs. J. Lockhart 
375_ Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-37-46 
Mr. George L. \Vatt 

\Vatt, Dr. and Mrs. James C. (Gardner) 
20 Hawthorne avenue 
Receives Monday 
\Vatt, Mr. and Mrs. John \\'. (Inglis) 
17 Maple a\"enue 
Receives 1st and 3d ;\[onday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-42 
Miss Elsie \Vatt 
\,"aU, Mr. Thomas Charles Edgar 
22 Binscarth road 
"-att, Mrs, Thomas H. C\lillicent \,"right) 
rastlemf're Apartments 
Mr. Ernest H. \Vatt 
\Vatts, Mr. anò Mrs. Edward (Robb) 
19 Chestnut Park 
Receives 1st and 2d TuesdaY 
Dr. Frederick E. \Vatts 46 . 
\Vebb, 1\1rs, Harry (May E. Hartman) 
16 Lynn\Vood avenue 
Receives Thursdav 
Miss Florence Hart"illan 
\\Tebber, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram C. (Cassels) 
10 Meredith Crescent 
Receives Monòay 
Mrs. W. J. Henry (Thompson) 
Miss Jessie \Yeber 
Mr. Richard S. C. \Vehher 34 
\Vebster, Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. 
3 College street 
S. R., Thornbury 
Clubs, Dr. 28 
V\Tebster, Mr. and MI's. Alexander F. (BaIT) 
306 Russell Hill road 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35; also Queen City 
rurling Club and St. Andrew So- 
Mr. Howarò \Vebster 
Mr. Douglas \Vebster 
\Yehster, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred F. (Langley) 
Rosehill a venue, Moore Park 
Clubs, Dr. 3 
Mr. John L. \\Teb8ter 
Mr. Laurence L. Webster 

Webster, Mr. and Mrs. George Justus 
(X eville) 
11 \Vashington avenue 
S. R,. Port Credit, Onto 
:\1iss Grace \Vebster 

\Yebster, Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles 
102 Kendal avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 4-35-46 

\Veiss, Mr. and Mrs. J. \\'oldemar (Lane) 
51 Roxborough street \Vest 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46-70-
[rs. 70 
"Teleh. Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. 
(Margaret Greer) 
133 Lowther avenue 
Mr. Samuel Addison \Velch 
\Yelch, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Albert 
(Grace Hamilton) 
606 Huron street 

Figures rete?" to club numbers-see inside back corer. 


16 3 

\Yeldon, :\Ir. and :\ll's. 1. H. 

Jfì Bousteatl a \"t:,nue 

ellington. :\[1'. and :\Irs. E. Stanley 
:i83 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, :\1r. 1-46 
"'ellington. :\1r. Frederick ,,? 
:-,99 Sherbourne street 
Clubs, :\1r. 7-46-70 
""ellington, :\[r. and lVII's. Howard Ritson 
79 Oriole road 

. R., BUf'kcroft. Port Perry, Onto 
Receives 1st Thursday 
"Telling-ton. Mr. and :\[rs. John Ritson 
90 Binscarth road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs. :\1r. 7-1S-:\1rs. 18-43-58 
:\fiss Gladys ""ellington 
"'ells, ::\[r. amI Mrs. Gerald _-\. (Shain) 
112 Concord a\'enue 
(1 and 4th Thursday 
Clubs, ::\1r. 7 
WeIsman. ::\[r. Frank R 
30 Admiral road 
Clubs, ::\fro 3-71 
"Telton, ::\Ir. and Mrs. Herbert R. (Speir) 
:ifl Ben Lamond a\'enue 
Receives Friday 
:\[r. Kenneth 'Yelton 
West, :\Ir. and Mrs. E. G. (Bourne) 
31 Roseòale road 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
West, :\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas 
113 \Vellesley Crescent 
R R., Scarboro Heigh ts 
:\11'. Howard "Test 
'Yestman, Mrs. Samuel H. (Pugsley) 
3H Bloor street "Test 
R. R., Tollendal, Barrie P. 0" Lake 
Receives Tuesday 
""estwood, ::\1r. and Mrs. Benjamin (Bonnick) 
90 Scarth road 
R R., Port Credit, Ont. 
Heceives 1st and 4th :\lonllay 
mily \VeHtwood 
""eHtwood, :\[r. and ::\lrs. Charles H. 
 Crescent road 
HeceÌ\'es 311 Tuesllay 
('Iuhs, ::\lr. 4-3:i 
',\'ha It..y, :\Ir. and :\11'1'. Erl (('Iarin) 
7.. Roxhorough street East 
Recf='Í\'ps 1st Tuesrla
Clulls, :\Ir. 3-7-14-MrR 6:i 
:\h' anll :\11's. L. Reynolds (\\'haley) 

""healy, :\Ir, and Mrs. Jos. H. A. (Trt:>loar) 
100 Dunvegan road 
HeceÍ\'f's 3d Thursllay 
c'lulls, :\[1'. 3;) 
:\Ir. .\rthUl' T. \\"heal)' 

Wheatley, Mr. and ::\Irs. Charles X. (Love) 
47 Summerhill avenue 
Receives 3el Thursday 
\Vheaton, Mr. Charles F. 
Bt. George :\[ansions 
Clubb, Mr. 33 
White. Mrs. Annie G. H. (1\T a llis) 
94 Jameson avenue 
White. Mr. and 1\Irs. Aubrey (Bridgland) 
35 Admiral road 
S. R., :\fuskoka, Ont. 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-18-46 
Miss Auòrey 1\1. "Thite 
\'Thite, Miss Elizabeth "T. 
82 Lowther avenue 
Receives Friday 
Miss M. Ðuranò 
"\\Thite, Mr. and Mrs, Frederick J. (1\Iinto) 
344 'Valmer roarl hill 
Receives 1st Saturday 
C'lubs, 1\[r. 7 
White, Mr, and Mrs. :\lel\"ilIe P. 
(Margaret Yeitch, 
f) Hawthorne Gardens 
Receives 3ò .:\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-4:!-3:i-70-l\Irs. "

"'11ite. Mr. and 1\[rs. :\Iurray A. I Bell ) 
3 Douglas drÌ\'e 
Clubs, Mr. 3-7-20-4:!-70-l\Irs. 66-68 
"'hite, Mr. and :\[rs. R. l\1. (:\Iadden) 
37 Admiral road 
Receives 2d Friday 
Clubs, :\Ir. 4-27-34-3:i-46-;)3-j'0: also 
American Cluh 
White, Hon. anò Mrs. ""m. T. 
39 Queen's Park 
Heceives 1st and 2d Tuesday 
Clubs, Hon. ::!x-33-37-:i3-:i5-69-l\Irs. 

\\'hiteheaò, Mr. anll .:\11's. 'Ym. E. (
355 Palmerston boulevarrl 
Heceives 1st l\lontlay 
Clubs, Mr. 7-60 
Miss G. \Yhiteheall 
Mr. Herhert .\. \\'hitehead j' 
\\Thiteside, Mr. Thomas R. 
90 Oriole road 
Clubs, Mr. L 
:\lr. lIany 1'. \YhiteHide 
s Margaret J. \\'hitPHide 
Ir (Premier of Ontal'io I an(1 Lady 
James P. 
113 St. (;porge stl'et>t 
Ref'f'i \"es Friday 
Ir .TameR ï 
Miss Xorah \\"hitne!o' 
\Vhitnt'Y, 1\-11'8. John \\". (L (Elizaheth Fisher) 
l!i5 \\relIeslt'Y Cn"
"\Ir. and :\11's. Forhe
 G. \\'hltney 
:\tiSR H. \\ThltJwy 

 rt'f(T to (,1111, ""1111,('r,
-scc im;;d, 1)(lcl.: corn". 



Ir. and .:\Irs. James F. (1\1cAlpine) 
617 Huron street 
ReceÏ\'es Frida
Rev. and 
1rs. Jvhn McAlpine 
hittemore, Mrs. F. B. 
4:! Parkview Mansions 
Mr. Arthur R. \Yhittemore 
Mr. Frederick :\1. \Yhittemore 
Mr. L. Holton \Yhittemore 
1r. and .:\Irs. S. Morley 
Fisher's road, Lambton Mills 
Clubs, .:\11'. 3-4-7-28-33-46 
\Yickett, Mr. Samuel R. 
124 Isabella street 
d and last l\Innda
Clubs, 1\11'. 28 
Miss Ida 'Yickett 
Wickson, 1\11', and .:\Irs. A. Frank (Fisher) 
 Forest Hill road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs, .:\11'. 3-7-31-35-Mrs. 31 
Mr. Carl J. \Yickson 31 
\Yicksteed, Mr. and .:\Irs. Henry King 
178 Glen road 
Recei \'es Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 1-
.:\'Iiss Dora \Yicksteed 
Miss ::\Iarguerite \Vicksteed 
Miss Phyllis \Vicksteed 
idner, Mrs. 1\1. E. (Lee) 

 Rt. George street 
ReceÍ\'ps 3d Friday 
Miss Marie 'Yidner 
Miss Reva L. \Yidner 
'Yigmore, Mr. and .:\Irs. Alfred S (Cole) 
119 Bedford road 
Receives Friday 
Clubs. 1\11'. 1-7-46 
Miss Hope ,\Yigmore 
Miss Ethel \Yigmore 
\YiIdman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank 
(Dr. Jennie Gray) 
62 Heath street East 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7-35 
Mr. Vincent \Vildman 
'\Yïlgar, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. (Bond) 
16 High Park boulevard 
Receives 1st Friday 
Clubs, .:\11'. 4-35-46; also High Park 
Lawn Bowling and Curling Cluh- 
.:\Irs. :!5 
\Yilkes, Mrs. Martha 

17 Poplar Plains road 
Miss Lillian \\ïlkes 
Miss ::\Iaud \\Yilkes 
1\Iiss Ida \\
\\ïlkie, Mr. Daniel R, 
"Seven Oaks," 432 Rhel'hourne street 
Clubs, Mr. 1-5-7-10-11-19-22-28-33-37- 
55-56-69; also Canadian Art Club, 
Mount Royal Club. Montreal; and 
rnivn Club, London, Eng. 
Captain C. K \Yilkie, n. O. 
Captain (Royal 
ussex Regiment) and 
Mrs. Arthur B. 'Yilkie (Spragge) 

\nlkie, Mr. and ::\Irs, George (Dill) 
2R7 Russell Hill road 
S. R., "The Gulls," Lake Rosseau. 
Receives 1st and 2d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 2-7-32-33-35-52 
Miss Marjorie \Vilkie 
nYilkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (Slatten) 
49 Castle Frank road 

\Yilkins, Mr. Fred S. 
136 \\"almer road 
Major Albert A. 
. \\
ilkins 10 
\ViIkins, :\11'. and ::\1rs. Thomas 
24 Elm avenue 
Receives Monday 
Miss \Vilkins 
ilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. John (\\Yhite) 
21 Grosvenor street 
ReceÍ\'es 3d Thursday 
lr. 71 
i\Iiss Alice i\laude Wilkinson 
illiams, Rev, and Mrs. Alexander 
50 Portland street 
Receives Th ursday 
1\11'. Alexander J. \Villiams 
Miss "?illiams 
Miss A. 1\1. \nlliams 
\Yilliams, Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Ruggles 
56 Madison a\'enue 
Receivps 4th Friday 
Clubs, 1\11', 7 
\Yilliams. Mr. and 1\Irs. Artnur \Y. (Lowther> 
170 Glen road 
ReceÌ\'es 1\Ionday 
illiams, 1\11'. anrl :\Irs. Charles B. (O'Keefe) 
29 '\Vellesley street 
ReceÌ\'es 4th Monday 
Clubs, 1\11'. 37 
Mr. Gordon \\
illiams 46 
\\Yilliams, Mr. anrl Mrs. Edmund G. 
(Rowsell ) 
101 Rpadina road 
ReceÌ\'es 1st and 3d Frirla
Cluhs. Mr. 3;} 
Mr. Erlmund G. \VilIiams. Jr. 
::\11'. Arthur \\ïlliams 
\\ïlliams, Miss Elizaheth B. 
96 Jameson avenue 
Receives Frirlay 
\Villiams, Mr. and ::\ll"s. H. H. (BI'YcP) 
565 An'nue road 
S. R., Great Deer Lake 
Clubs, 1\11'. 7-28-33-3;)-42-71-1\Irs. 
\Villiams, Miss Jennie E. 
31 \Vil1cocks street 
Clubs, Miss 68 
\Villiams, Mr, John S. 
20 Rt. .Joseph street 
Miss Grace \Villiams 
Miss Frierla \\
Miss Josephine \\ïlliams 
Receives 2d and 3d Tuesday 

Figu res refer 10 club n ulltuers-scc inside back corer, 


16 5 

"\Villiams, :\11'. and Mrs. Joseph C. 
91 \\"alker avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
"-illiams, :\11'. and ::\Irs. :\L H. (Rohinson) 
:!94 St. George street 
R R., Oak\"ille, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
::\11'. Hiram 'Yilliams 
, ::\Irs. Hichard R (Rarah ::\Iorris) 
"Oaklawn," 176 'Yellesley street 
Receives ::\Ionday 
::\Irs. 'V. :Uoore (\Yilliams) 63-68 
'Villiams. ::\11'. and :\Irs. Richard S, (Coleman) 
:ï7 C'luny a\'enue 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 3d TUesda
C'luhs, :\:11'. 2S-3:ï-37-::\:lrs. 2S 
::\Iiss Anna "-illiams 
'YilIiams. Dr. and :\Irs. '-. H. (ShepI)ard) 
43 V.;eIlesley street 
\\ïlliamson, ::\11'. Curtis 
321 Jarvis street 
Clubs, \:11'. 3-4ã-4fi; also Canadian Art 
'Villiamson. ::\11'. and :\Irs. Thomas B. 
155 :\Iadison avenue 
Receives 3d Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35 
"ïl1ison, Rir John and Lady (Turner) 
10 Elmsley place 
Receives Tuesday 
Cluhs, Sir ,John 7-33-37-69-Lady 28 
::\11'. "-illiam T. "'ilUson 
:Mr. Walter A. "ïllison 
\\ïllmott, Dr. and 1\Irs. J. Branston 
9 f; Colleg-e st reet 
Recei yes 2rl and 3d Tuesday 
Willmott. Dr. and 
Irs. \\'alter Earl (Thorn) 
74 Crescen t road 
Ht>cei \"es 1st and 2(] Tuesday 
('Iuhs, Dr. 7 
\\ïlls, :\11'. and Mrs. E. Gordon (:\Iahel Ra(](}) 
402 Brunswick a\'enue 
Receives Friday 
C'lulls, Mr. 3:ï-!i6 
\\ïlls, :\11'. anrl :\lrs, Hamilton n. 
' D. Stewart) 
13:! C'rescen t road 
('Iuhs, :\11'. 27-3:ï; also City ('lull, X, Y. 
II', and Mrs, ('harles H. 
R Beaumont roa<1 
Receives 1st :\Ionda}' 
Cluhs, Mr. 7-28-3:ï-52-:\lrs. 28 
lr. and :\Irs, Andrew (Farish) 
!i Beaumont road 
Receives Monday 
:\11'. .A lexan(\er It. \\Pilson 5-2R-32 
"ïlson, :\11'. anI] :\11'8. ('harles .\, (Giles) 
La Plaza Apartments. !IS ('harles 
street East 
Hpcpives 1st Mon(]ay 
('lulls, :\11'. 33-:\lrs. Gtì-6R 

".i1son. :\11', and 1\Irs. Charles Lesslie (Ross) 
7S Castle Frank road 
s. R., Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay 
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, :\11'. 3-7-2S-35-42-61--
lrs. 42 

\\ïlson, :\11'. and Mrs. Charles "-. (Gorton) 
77 Constance street 

"ïlson, ::\11'. and Mrs. George (Buyle) 
260 Russell Hill road 
Receives Thursday 
Cluhs, Mr. 42-46-ã3-Mrs. 4::!-fif; 
::\liss Constance \\ïlson 

"ïlson, :\11'. and ::\Irs. George :\1. (Hoopel) 
92 "'ellesley street 
ReceÏ\"es 1st Thursday 
:\liss Hattie Wilson 

'Vilson, 1\11'. and Mrs. Harold A. (Tainsh) 
15 Maple avenue 
Clubs. :\11'. 27-31-33-35-46- 70 
:\liss Helen "'ilson 
:\liss :\Iona "'i1son 
:\11'. Harold 1\:1. "ïlson 

\\ïlson, Mr. Murray F. 
Care of 73 Adelaide street "'est 
S. R.. Lambton Golf and Country 
Cluhs, :\11'. 7-28-61 
Wilson. :\11'. and Mrs. Xeil H. (Kynoch) 
47 Roxhorough street ""est 
R R., ('entre Islanrl, Onto 
ReceÏ\"es 1st Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 33-46 
\\ïlson, :\11'. and :\Irs. Korman D. 
12S Glen road 
ReceÏ\'es ::\Ionday 
Cluhs, ::\Ir. 12-20 

"ïlson, Dr. Hohert J. 
20 Bloor street "est 
Cluhs, Dr. 33 
::\liss Emma \\ïlsnn 
ReceÏ\.es 4th Friday 
::\11'. Roy Wilson 

'Vilson, :\11'. and Mrs. Rohert R. (In'ing-) 
"Glen View," 
OX Rloor street \\'e
Receives 1st Thursday and Friday 
C'lubs. Mr. 10-33-4:!-41.-71-::\II's. 

\\ïlson. ::\11'. anrl :\Irs, R, Franlilin <<Rail) 
:ï Dale a\'enue 
Receives 1st anrl 3d :\Ion(\ay 
('lulls, 1\11'. 7-2S-33 

'Vilson, :\lr, and :\Irs. 
, C
. (Rdttain) 
tÌÎ7 Dovercourt road 
Receivps Tu('sday 

()n. ::\11'. aTH] :\lrN. "Pm. de Lf'ig-h 
"Olitrim," 11 Ii "'almer ro:u] 
RpceÏ\'es Frj(]ay 
Cluhs, :\11'. 33-37-70-;1 
:\liss Edith "ïlson (R.\.) 

Iiss Lila "ïlson 

FiYllrC8 rrf('r /0 d"l) 11l1llI1}rr.
-'H'(' i,,..;;id,' lHH'l; ('onT. 



"ïlson, Dr. and Mrs. '\Yilliam .J. (O'Neill) 
159 College street 
R R., Lake 
Receives 4th Tuesday 
Clubs. Dr. 19-:\lrs. f)f) 
Dr. ::\'orman K. '\Vilson 10 
Mr, ,John K. "'ilson 
Miss ".. K. "Tilson 
,\Yily, Mr. and Mrs. ".alter (Bridgland) 
48 Elgin avenue 
Receives Friday 
'Vimperly, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. 

f\;) Ossington avenue 

. R., Hotel Manitou, Centre Island 
Rpcei no's 1st ".e(lnesday 
"Tinchester, Rev. and Mrs. Alexander B. 
33 Spadina road 
Receives 3d and 4th Friday 
l\Iiss Jessie 'Vinchester 
Winchester, Judge, and Mrs. John 
77 High Park boulevard 
S. R.. 'Vinoka Cottage, Peninsular 
Lake, 1\1uskoka 
Recein:s 1st Thursday 
:\Iiss Minnie "Tinch ester 
Mr. Arthur '\Vinchester 
:\Iiss Gracia 'Yinchester 
,Vingate. 1\1r, and Mrs, Ernest T. (Bogue) 
19 ,Vithrow a\'enue 
"Tinger, :\lr. and Mrs. Angus H. (Otto) 
91 Roxhoroug-h street East 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33 
Miss Gertrude 'Yinger 
\\'innett, Dr. and :\Irs. Frederick 
( Morison) 

 Elm avenue 
Clubs, Mrs. 42 
,\\Tinnett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
198 Be\'erley street 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 3d "Tednesday 
Clubs, Mr. 28-37-46-Mrs. 28 
Winyard, :\lr. and Mrs. C. "r. (Campbell) 
73 Dunvegan road 
Receives 1st Thursday 
Clubs. Mr. 16 
"'ise, Mr. and Mrs, Frank (Sargent) 
54 Poplar Plains road 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, Mr, 33 
,,'ishart, Dr. and Mrs. D, J. Gibb (Gunther) 
45 Grosvenor street 
S. R., Bellevue, Georgian Bay, Onto 
Receives 4th Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 55-69 
:\Ir. D. E. Staunton '\Vishart 7-55 
l\Iiss 'Yishart 
Miss Maria "rishart 
,Vishart, ::\lr. and Mrs. G. G. (Roberts) 
8 "\Vhitney avenue 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Cluhs. Mr. 7 
Miss Effie "Tishart 
Miss ::\'ina "\Yishart 

Wisner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. 

9 "rarren road 
Receives 1st and 3d Thursday 
Clubs, :\lr. 

Withers. Mr. and :\Irs, Charles A. (Parsons) 
51 Maple a\"enue 
Receives 1st :\londay and Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7 

'Volfe, :\Ir. and 1\1rs. George T. (Thompson) 
 High Park boulevard 
Clubs, Mr. High Park Lawn Bowling 
and Curling C'luh 

"rol sey , 1\1r, and Mrs. R. B. (C'ollier) 
25 Lowther avenue 
Clubs, Mr. 20 
:\Iiss Yera '\Volsey 

Wood, Dr. and Mrs. E. G. (Builder) 
85 Glen road 
Receives Monday 
Mr. Charles Builder 

Wood, Mr. and .:\.Irs. Edward C. F. (Gustin) 
fi18 Euclid avenue 
Receives Thursday 
Miss Caroline '\V ood 
Miss :\largaret '\Vood 
Mr. l\lountain "\Vood 

Wood, Mr. and 1\1rs. Edward R. (Smart) 
"'Vymilwood." 84 Queen's Park 
S. R., ""'ymilwood," Lake Rosseau, 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-35-46-69-:\lrs. 25 
Wood, Mr, and Mrs. Frank P. (Junkin) 
166 Crescen t road 
C'lubs, Mr. 33 
"Tood, :\Ir. and Mrs. G, Herbert (Staveley) 
73 South drive 
Recei\'es 2d and 3d Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-28-33-42-Mrs. 42 
Mrs. Btaveley 
Wood, Mr. and Mn;;. James nVilliamson) 
31 ::\'"orth Sherbourne street 
Clubs, Mr. 33-42-70-Mrs. 42 
'\Vood, Mrs. Joseph (Longmore) 
116 Crescent road 
Receives 1st and 
d Monday 
Mr. John '\Vood 53 
Mr, T. C. 'Yood 
Mr. L. M. "'ood 53 
Miss Effie "rood 65 
Miss Jean '\V ood 
Mr. R. F. B. '''ood 
"rood, Mrs. R. Casey (Parkinson) 
97 Avenue road 
Receives 1st and last Friday 
Clubs, :\lr. 7-35 
Mr. Lewis P. 'Vood 42-55 
""'ood, Mr. and Mrs. S. Casey, Jr. 
(Anne Hagarty) 
35 Foxbar road 
Receives Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-46-55-Mrs, 55 

Figll res 1'efer to club numbers-sec inside bacT" co"Ce1.. 



ood, :\1r. and Mrs. Thomas H. (Raphael) 
:-..1 Bloor street East 
Receives 1st, :!d and 3d Monda
Cluhs, :\11'. 37-56-69-71 
\Yood, :\11'. and :\Irs. ,,
. Lloyd 
;)X Chestnut Park 
S. R" Sturgeon Point, unto 
ReceÏ\"es 1st Monday and Tuesday 
('luhs, Mr. 

:\11'. W. Lloyd 'Yood, Jr. 28 
"Yoodhridge, :\11', and Mrs. Murray J. (Reid) 
1 Huron street 
Recei ,'es Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. :!8-33 
\\'ol)(ll, anrI :\lr. and :\Irs. Charles \V, 1. 
1 ðtrawn) 
lil6 A ,-enue road 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 3d :\Ionday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-
::\11'. and :\Irs. J. D. Strawn 
\\'oodley, 1\11'. and Mrs. Edward G. 
( Rowland) 
183 ATenue road 

. R., "Tuscarora Cottage," 2 Simcoe 
Park, Lake 
hore road 
Recei yes 1 st and last Friday 
',"omlley, :\11'. an(1 :\lrs. Ernest E. (Lean>ns) 
HiS Davenport road 
Rt:'cei yes last Friday 
oodley, :\11'. and ::\lrs. Horace B. (Brace) 
l:ï Oaklands avenue 
Hecein>s ::!d Friday 
o(J(ls, :\11'. and Mrs. George B. (Dash) 
69 -Lynn wood avenue 
Receives 3d Thursday 
Cluhs, ::\II'. 6-7-
'Voods, Mr. and ::\1I's. .Tamps ,Yo (Douglas) 
HI Breadalhane street 
ReceÏ\"es Tuesday 
1'luhH. :\11'. 7-33-4
:\Iiss "'oods 
:\11'. .J. Doug-las \\
oods 4
::\11'. John R. '\
oods 4
\Yoods, ::\11'. antI 1\Irs. \\
m. B. (Mason) 
40 Hawthorne a venue 
K R., \\ïldwood, Rhanty Bay, Onto 
Rt:'ceivps 2d :\londay and Tupsday 
('luhs, :\11'. 42-41;-53-Mrs. 12 
\,"ootten, :\lrs, Frank (Forneri) 
400 f'almerston houle,-anl 
::\Ii88 :\IalH'1 \\
"'orrell, :\11'. .Tohn A, (K.C'.) 
39 Prince Arthur a nmue 
nrthington, :\lr, and :\lrs. Oeorg-e R. 
( Hal'tley) 
1 7
 Spadina road 
HecpÏ\'ps 4th Friday 
('luhH, 1.\11'. 7 
OI'tS, :\11'. an(1 :\11'8, James G. (Ua\"Ít's> 
441 A "enue roarl 
Hpf'Pives Thul'sdav 
rluhs, 1\11'. 1-37-46 
\\'Ilrts, :\11'8, :\lar
14:! C'o 1It'g-p street 
Hecpi ,'es Tuesday 

"rag-ge, :\11'. and :\Irs. 
dmund (King-smHl) 
96 :\Iadison a '-enue 
Receives Friday 
('I uhs. :\1 r. :ï 3-:-. :ï-:\lrs. ;; 6 
:\Iiss \\'ragge 
::\liss B. "

\Yreyford. :\11'. Charles D. 
:ï Leuty avenue 
Cluhs. Mr. 7-19 
Miss Dorothy ',"reyford 

\Yreyford, :\11'. and :Mrs. John r 
(Jean Tutt) 
41 Leuty avenue 
Cluhs, Mr. Kew Beach Association 

\Vright, :\11'. and :\lrs. 
\. A. (:\Iiller) 
l:ï7 "'arren road 
Receives Thursday 
C'luhs, :\11'. 46-Mrs. 25-66 

rig-ht, Dr. and :\11'8. Arlam H. 
30 Gerrard street East 
Receivps :\Ionrlay 
Clubs, Dr. 1-2
Miss A, C. Wright 2
Miss E. C. \Vrigh t 28 

"'rig-ht. 1\11'. and 1\Irs. .\lfred (Xicol) 
f;0 C'rescent road 
Receives Tuesday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-28-33-37 

\\'righ t. :\11' and :\lrs. Alonzo :\1. (Mallory) 
27X .Tan'is street 
Receives 2d :\Ionday 
:\11'. 1\"an L. \\Yright 
:\11'. L, Austin "

\\'righ t, :\11'. and :\Irs. D. Ernest (
40 Roxboroug-h street "'est 
R. R., Centre Island 
Recei '"es Friday 
Clubs, Mr. 35-46 

\\'right, :\11'. and 1\Irs. Edward ,,' 
110 Park road 
K R.. Port Stanley, Ontario 
ReceÏ\"es 1st Tupsday 
Cluhs. MI'. 7 -3:ï-:\lrs. 66 
1\Iiss \Yini frpd Roblnf;on 

,Yright, Mr. and ::\Ir'H. Harry J. (Johnson) 
3:ï Chestnut Park 
Hecei yes Tues(lay 
Cl uLs. ::\Ir. 3:í -..:! -;)3-;; 6- 61- 69 - 71)- :\Irs. 
Miss Dorothy "

\\'rig-ht. MI'. antI 1.\11's. Henry (Xol'they) 
5S4 .\ \'enut' I'oact 
HpC'ei\'es Thursday 
C'luhs. :\11'. :!S-33-46 
:\11'. Limlsa
' \\'rlg-ht 
Miss ,'era \\

\\'rig-ht, :\11'8, John (.\nnil' H. \\-alk('r) 
!itì St. Alhans street 
Reeei ,'es Tuesday 
(,IUtHI. 1\.I1'S. :-,7 
;\11'. and 1\1 no!. l)oug-htf; "'I'Ìt;"ht 

Fif/"rc.<.; J'C{('J' 10 el"v 11lImVl'1'S-
C(' il/sid(' bot'/; ('onT. 



'Yright, :\11'. and 
Irs. John J. (Firsthrook) 
14 Gwynne a \Ten ue 

. R., 'Xiagara-on-the-Lake, Onto 
ReceÏ\"es 1st and 4th Thursòay 
Clubs, Mr. 35-,:\11'8, 6;) 
1\Iiss Katherine \\
::\'Iiss Dorothy 1',?right 6;) 
::\[iss Florence 1',?righ t 65 
:Miss Gertrude \Yright 
",right, ::\[1'. Joseph 
 Isabella street 
Clubs, Mr. 31-33-42 
Miss Josephine \\
righ t 4
Receives Tu
::\11'. E. Frank \\
right 7-19 
\Vright, Dr. and Mrs. \\
alter \Y. 
(Charlotte Louise Phillips) 
1558 Yonge street 
rong, Prof. and ::\Irs. George 1\1. (Blake) 
467 Jan"is street 
S. R., l\[u rray Ba
Receives Monday 
Cluhs, Prof. 55-61 
::\liss Margaret C. \Vrong 
::\11'. Eòward 1\Iurray \Vrong 
::\11'. Harolò V" \Yrong 
::\11'. H. Hume \\?rong 
\Vurtele, 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Charles 
1 Clarendon avenue 
ReeeÏ\"es Thursday 
Clubs, Mr. 37-53-56: also Yancouver 
Club, Yancouver, B. C. 
\\?yld, Mrs. Frederick (Barrett) 
"Dunedin," 1
7 St. George street 
R R.. De Grassi Point, Ont. 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :\lrs. 57 
ylie, 1\11'. and Mrs. Xorman A. 
(::\lar)T Rosamond) 
318 Roxborough street East 
Receives Monday 
Clubs, Mr. 7-33-42 
Wyndow, :\11'. and Mrs. \\?illiam (King) 
8 fi Gloucester st reet 
Receives 1st Monday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7 
Ya1'ker, :Mr. and ::\Irs. George W. (Fraser) 
6S Bloor street 1', T est 
Receives Friday 
Clubs, :Mr. 55-:\lrs. 55 
Miss Edith Yarker 55 
Yeigh, ::\11'. and Mrs. Frank 
(.Annie L. Laird) 
fi88 Huron street 
Receives 1st and 3d Friday 
Clubs, :\11'. 7-18-19-42-:\lrs. 63-66 

Young, Prof. Archihald H. 
Trinity College 
S. R., \\Toburn, Ont. 
Clubs. Prof. 7-19: also Hon. Presi- 
dent Trinity College Glee Club anù 
Athletic Asociation; Cor.-Sec. rp- 
per Canada Colloge Old Boys' As- 
sociation: Go\"ernor of U. C. Col- 
lege; Fellow Royal Colonial Insti- 

Young, :vII's. Arehibald (Annie \Vilson) 
4 Euclid avenue 
Receives 2d and 3d Friday 
l\Iiss Young 
l\Iiss Hester Young 
\gnes Young 

Young, :\11'. James .A. 
378 Markham street 
Clubs, Mr. 7-35 
Young, l\Ir. and Mrs. James A. (Boyd) 
266 Bloor street West 
S. R., Cen tre Island 
Receives Tuesday 
:vIr. Charles Young 

Young, :\11'. and :\Irs. McGregor (\\Tilliams) 
4:-; Alcina avenue 
Receives Friday 
Cluhs. 1\11'. 1-7-37 -55-56-61-69-l\I1's 

Young, 1\11'. (F.C.A.) and 1\Irs. Ralph E. 
( Snider) 
Oakville. Onto 
Cluhs, Mr. 33-70-71 

Young, Dr. and Mrs. \nlliam A. 
145 College street 
Receives 1st Tuesday 
Clubs, Dr. 28-46 
Young, ::\11'. and 
[rs. \nniam E. (Crossin) 
164 Spadina road 
Receives 1st Friday 

Yuille, Mrs. Harry A. 
(Elizabeth Ada Spenee) 
153 Roxborough street East 

, R., Jackson's Point, Lake Simcoe 
Reeeh"es 1st Monday 
:vIr. \\ïlliam B. Yuille 

Ziegler, Dr. and Mrs. O. H. (Shoults) 
120 Glen road 
Receives 2d Monday 
Clubs, Dr. 'i-Mrs. 65 
:vIr. Otto Ewart Ziegler 
::\Iiss Olive Irene Ziegler 

Figures refer to club HWllb(.r8-scc inside back cover. 


 . .. .' " r r"..1J..4\ 
 - - - 

 ..... .... 
ot'" _ .. -=- 
, '" 

"" - 
. ..
; 1'
" _ , 
- b l:" .1If. 
l" """ .' 
.0 , c..: S .,. IA. 
 ... .,.,.14"'" 
f ,. 
 . ..-.... 
..' ,... 
.:1,. . _ .... 
" ' \,"ê' .., .;....... ".. 

.\. 0 C -=
 -:. E I,';!-I
 1: '11 :!-' s l'
II' , 
. \'" 'j 'I J 
.>; '\ . III ' 1'_ 
-1J :

< II" Ii iii, 

,, C ''III II
,.., . 0 Å I" . 

;\;H E ADO 
 1 / 11,1!ICl't., 
..;: · k IN S T I, 'II sr. 
'.:'1>,,,,- G.. I I- 


-_. -

, t 

';, .r 

:iTONE , \JtLWú1W 


.. . .. ,.....,.,. . ..I t ,'!.1 . 
. ','cl,I,I L. ,'
..., ,...' 

M. ,1..- . - - . -,'t
 , I'

 ... " 
!' "...
... - 
 "",WI ... .. r" . . 
 t-..1 ..
Ir:r -"'''.1

#:..1:, ,"', 'do..: t 
0/ ., 3'-4:, or;!.. .' a.'S ' -- 
_ .' 

:.. .....,t
,,.,t: t .:,. 
..."':;"'\J'... .. 
'. I ...........
 '..... · 
- 4! .

 r ..

 . ", " .

. .6;....... ; . -:
. C
t' :..-) i
, '". ... .:-;t 
.......-. ;..... <. " n l 2:'...
... ", "
 <, _'-:".' 
; ,,
77h!: :


" :

,."" .,,, ""
':<:: ': 
;::', :,:;:;;;,


 ' 1: .,.... ..... ......... .. .,. ..' \ " 

 ) .".." ",t,.'..
. V.., 
,. ,.., 
. ..'... rJJ ' '. · " ..... . \ /l'"J 
;. - :;.....:: ..
... . 
. -:,,;
.. "'
.'"' :


 ..).,. . ...., -h . ...t 4 _ '.. 
. '. :



,, )r



Free Garden 

Write us when plan- 
ning to beautify the 
Home Grounds. 

Send for illustrated 
catalogue and full in- 

Stone & Wellington 



. J 

 Portraits in 
Oil and lrater Colors
 C opies
 H and- 
Painted A1illiatllres


orth 7073 





, > 


724 Yonge Street 
Toronto, Canada 

G. B. (', yan del' Feen, Proprietor 



17 0 

Toronto Street List 

.UHlIR.\J, RO.\() 
:\Ir. (K.C.) and 
Irs. Charles K :\lac- 
., :\11'. and Mrs. James A. Halsted 
I:! :\11'. and Mrs. Ernest A. Simpson 
13 :\11'. and Mrs. C. \Y. Scott 
14 :\11'. <<K.C.) James E. Robertson 
1:; :\11'. and Mrs. Robert F. Stupal.t 
:!1 :\11'. Jamt>
:!3 :\11'. and Mrs. H. C. Hamilton 
:!4 :\11'. and Mrs. Charles A. :\Ioss 
:!;) :\lrs. Richard L. Brereton 
:!s :\11'. and Mrs. T. H. Hall 
30 :\11'. Frank S. \Velsman 
34 :\11'. and 1\1rs. Percy J. Edwards 
34 :\11'. and :\lrs. E. Han'ey Ellis 
3:; :\11'. and Mrs. Aubrey \\'hite 
37 :\11'. and :\lrs. R. 1\1. \Vhite 
31'0: :\11'. and Mrs. J. Le\\ is Burnand 
41 :\11'. and 1\Irs. R. G. Brown 
46 Mis
 Eleanor :\lackenzie 
 Mr. and Mrs. F. Rickards :\1ichie 
54 Mrs. Hichard Tyrwhitt 
.,;, :\11'. and Mrs Frank H. :\IcCauslanll 
:;9 :\11'. Z. A. (K.í'., LL.D.) Lash 
fi1 :\11'. and Mrs. Charles Swabey 
fi3 :\11'. and Mrs. .J. Lonsdale Capreol 
77 :\11'. anò l\lrs. Gt>orge S. Deeks 
7S :\lrs. A. .J. Arthurs 
SO :\11'. and Mrs.' Benjamin Kent 
81 Mr. and Mrs. James P. \Yatson 
S" Mr. and Mrs. LleweIJyn H. Robel.tsun 
X4 :\11'. and l\lrs. Harr
" R. Harwood 
; :\11'. anf] :\1rs. Robert C. Donald 
 :\11'. and :\lrs. Thomas Findley 
!I(j :\11'. and :\lrs. Alexanòer Anòpr5;on 
!I-t ({e\'. \\r. G. \\'allace 
101 Mrs. ('harles Duff Scott 
10:; Mrs. Thomas ('. í'. PatteF;on 
106 :\11'. and l\1l'!
. Ernst Albert Steiner 
lOX :\11'. \Vm. \Y. Alexander 
111 I )1'. and :\lrs. \'elyien Ewart Hendpr
1 :\11'. and Mrs. Herhert neg-g 
1:!3 :\Ir. and :\11's. Harry G. Beemt>I' 
131 :\11'. amI l\lrs. F. A. Turner 
13:; :\11'. and :\lrs. \Ym. S. Scott 
141 :\11'. and 1\1rs. ('harle5; Bonnick 
14i :\11'. and Mr's, Edwin P. Heaton 
1 HI :\11'. and :\lrs. H, Acton Fleming- 
l:ï9 :\11'. and :\Irs. .John R. Harber 
ALU,\""Y \\'E:\T"

14 :\11'. amI Mrs. ,Jefferson A. Har)wr 

fi Dr. and l\lr5;. "ïlliam Hunter Pier
:!!I He". (B.A.. D.O.) and l\11's. ,Jos. L. Gil- 
33 :\11'. and Mrs. Hoher't :\Iathi

X l\lr. and 1\1rs. Rohprt J. Di1,,'orth 
:;3 l\lrs. Hol'f' í'. RNlfor,I 
IiI :\11'5;. ,John \\". (;a
" .\n,Ira
 :\lajOl' and :\11.s. Edwar'd Leig-h 

fj !I Prof. f .\LA., Ph.D.) and :\Irs. \\ïlliam A. 
10 I :\11.. and .\Irs. John K. Lindsa
11J:-' :\lr. and :\Irs. \Ym, A. Hargreaves 
1:iO :\11'. and :\Irs. John L. Spink 

AI.CIX.-\ .-\ YE
4:; :\Ir', and :\lrs. :\IcGregor Young 

" Mr. and :\Irs. \Ym. F. Heintzman 
343 Mr. and :\Irs. Arch'd "'. CamphelJ 
3;j8 :\11'. and :\lrs. John B. .\lcí'uaig 
X( B HO.\U 
 Dr. and :\lrs. John A. l\IcCollum 
1:; Rev. and Mrs. ,Yo B. Cooper 
Ii Pmf. (Ph.D.) and Mrs. Andrew ,J. Bell 
19 Dr. and l\lrs. Paul Lindsay Scott 
21 Hampton COUl.t Apartments 
Mr. and :\Irs. 'Yo Lacey Amy 
Mr. and :\lrs. Harry D. Cantlon 
Mr, and :\Irs. L. E. Perch-al Foot 
1\Irs. Charles Henry Grantham 
Mr. and :\Irs. R, G. Hun tel' 
Mr'. and 1\Irs. Robert E, Kemerer 
1\11'. and l\Irs. A, \ïctor Lewis 
:\lrs, Georg-e Lig-h tbound 
Mr. and :\Irs. Stuart :\lacfar'lane 
Mr. and !\Irs. .J. Grayson Smith 
:\lr. and l\lrs, James A, Stewart 

S The Hon. Sir 'Yilliam :\lortimer (LL.D, 
K.C.) and Lady Clal'k 
30 :\11'. and 1\Irs. Thoma
 A_ Mitchell 
31, :\11'8 Henrietta :\Iaule 
3s :\11', and 1\Irl'. .J. \V. Somers 
3!} Dr'. and :\Irs. Her'hert Gross Kf'l11p 
40 :\Ir. and :\lrs. .John Trick 
41 DI', and l\lrs. \\P. \\rarner .Jones 
4:ï :\lrs. E. Baultl 
49 :\11'. and ::\Irs. \\r. J. Lander 
fiO MI's. Daniel Rose 
!)3 :\11". and :\Irs. Mercer J. Arlams 
:;fi :\lrs, T. n. Hice 
!is Dr. Alhert Hill Rolph 
!i!} :\lrs. Annie ,Jack 
60 :\11'. and :\Irs. \\ïlliam P. Torran('e 
63 l\lr, (K,C.) and :\lrs. .John n. Cartwrig-ht 
(ì-t :\11'. anò Mrs. Eflwin Ro
' Clarke 
fit :\11'. antI :\Irs. \
ïlliam A le'-andf'r ClarkI' 
fi7 l\lr's, \C X. Ander'son 
G" :\11'. John T. Symons 
71 MI'. and :\Irs. Ed" a 1"11 H. C. ('larl<:snn 
7i l\lr. and 1\Irs. Fane SPWf'll 
Ir. Lionel F. nndson 
Si Prof. and :\lr.s, Da,'fd Heitl KeY5; 
SS :\11.. and :\II's. LJf'wt>lIyn ,r. .\ppll'g-a th 
!Hi Dr. antI :\lrs, :\1. H. Ih'lg-ht 
97 l\lrs. R Ca
l'Y \\"0011 
!I" :\Irs. C. Shortrepll 
1111) 1>1'. () .Jud5;nl1 nag-
1 I)
 :\Iisl' E,Iith F. 11 ine 

17 1 

17 2 


103 Mr. (K.C'.) and Mrs. E. Douglas Armour 
104 Mr. and Mrs. Levi J. Clark 
106 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Syer 
110 Dr. and Mrs. Frederick X. Badgley 
111 Mr. 'V. B. Meikle 
112 Dr. J. S. Simpson 
115 Mrs. Roderick MacLennan 
141 Mrs. T. F. Anderson 
141 Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Charles H. Ritchie 
167 Dr. John 
183 Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. \\Toodley 
190 Dr. and Mrs. \\T. Bertrand F. Amy 
298 Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Livingstone 
302 Mrs. George 'V. Salter 
302 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Spence 
310 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Douglas 
312 Mrs. Irving "9 a lker 
316 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Morphy 
350 Mrs. Gertrude Grantham 
350 Sir 'Villiam and Lady Mackenzie 
425 Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam Clark 
427 Mr. and 1\1rs. T. 
1. Brown 
430 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Grace 
432 Mrs. Sidney F. McKinnon 
438 Mrs. Alfred Hoskin 
440 Mr. anrl Mrs. Harold W. Paine 
441 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Worts 
450 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. B. Henderson 
459 Dr. and Mrs. S. H. McCoy 
460 Major and Mrs. John A. Carlaw 
461 Major and Mrs. F. L, Burton 
465 Mr. and Mrs. A. Gordon Gamble 
465 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert 
I. Murray 
4S2 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mackie 
4S8 Mr. and Mrs. W. Norman Tilley 
494 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E, Burden 
500 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Heintzman 
561 Mr. and Mrs. W. George Dean 

6á Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Williams 
575 Mr. and Mrs. .J. E. McAllister 
5S0 Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. George H. Watson 
583 Mr. and Mrs. \\Tilliam McC'. Miller 

S4 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wright 
589 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Malone 
602 1\11'. and Mrs. John H. Eyre 
613 Mrs. Georg-e Allen Case 
616 Mr. and 
lrs. Charles ,\T. 1. 
620 Mr. and Mrs. ,James Manning 
621 Mrs. C'harles E. Kyle 
The Bradg-ate Apartmf'nts 
1\11'. and Mrs. T. Geoffrey Leith 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Milne 

17 Mr. and 1\1rs. Aug-ustus M. Piper 
17 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sweatman 
19 Mr. and Mrs. John MacIntm;h L

IOR.-\ L .\ rE
47 Mr. and Mrs. James Hewlett 
125 Mr. and Mrs. Ralp
 Beverly Chillas 
125 Mrs. Arthur Meredith 
127 Mr. and Mrs. George Macdonald Hendry 
130 Mr. and l\-Irs. W. 1\1. Burden 
132 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Thomson 
136 Mr. and Mrs. James Lauder 
13S Mr. and Mrs. 'Villiam G, Mackenzie 
13R Mr. and Mrs. N'orman Forrest 
14S Mr. and lVII's, C'ecil E. Corbold 
170 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Morrice 
1 Ï1 Mr. (M.A.) and Mrs. A. H. Frazer Le- 
177 -:\11'. and -:\Irs. Richard A. Donald 

17S Mr. and ::\lrR. 'Yilliam Dayies 
179 Mr. and :\lrs. Dwigh t Joseph Turner 
181 Mr. Stnd Mrs. Arthur M. Grantham 
185 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heaton 
208 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. :l\Iorrow 
212 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. O'Malley 
216 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Russell Snow 
219 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Smi th 
223 Mr. F. C. Llewellyn Jones 
227 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Larmou th 
240 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plummer 

SA:\I _\ Y EX t T E 
61 Mr. and :\Irs, Llewellyn A. De Laplante 
82 Mr. Egerton R. Case 
118 Mr. and Mrs. "'Tilliam E. 01'1' 
0 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Berkinsha,,' 
127 Mr. and Mrs. \\'m. L. Edmonds 
193 ::\11'. (K.C.) Arthur F. Lobb 
Mr. Archibaid Heron 

347 Dr. Charles H. Thomas 
546 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert 1\1. Kipp 
556 Dr. and Mrs. David 
558 Dr. William E. Struthers 
604 Dr. and Mrs. John Amos Tuck, 
75() Prof. and Mrs. Jones H. Farmer 
833 Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. McLean 
282 ::\fr. John McClelland 
887 Mr. anrl lVII's. Stuart A. l\larvin 
 ::\11'. and Mrs. Bernard B. Hughes 
90 T'T and Mrs. Thomas J. Page 
::\11'. and :\Irs. Isaiah D. De,var 

ßK-\TY .-\"E
15 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Brandon 
20 ::
lrR. Henry B. Stiles 
24 1\1rs. Jessie Kynoch 
32 Mr. and 'Mrs. Arthur ,Yo Godson 
36 :\11' and MrR. Robert ,1. Cluff 
37 l\lrs. Thomas Lambe 
65 :\11'. and Mrs. Arthur \\Tellesley Holm- 
f.7 Mr. and Mrs. Charles \\T. Chad,,'ick 
71 1\11'. and Mrs. Frederick "T. Hudson 
7 -1 1\11'. MarshalJ MacGregor 
2 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Robinson 
3 ::\11'. and Mrs. 'Villiam G. Parsons 
of Mr. 'YaIter S. Andre'\vs 
5 ::\11'. and Mrs. Andrew "Tilson 
6 :\11'. and Mrs. Robert Kilgour 
j Mr. and Mrs. Alhert Eòward Thorley 
R ::\11'. and Mrs. Charles H. ,ViIlson 

3 ::\11'. C. E. H. Morton 
S .:\11'. anò Mrs. 'Yilliam H. Gooderham 
10 Mr. and Mrs. .John Hargraft 
11 :\11'. and Mrs. A. Bradley Patterson 
12 Dr. and Mr!i. Albert A. :\Iacdonald 
Ir. and Mrs. "\Yilliam R. Hobhs 
25 Mr. and Mrs. í'harles E. Clarke 
27 Mr. HenrY C. Boomer 
29 Mr. (K.C:) and Mrs. Cornelius A. Masten 
42 ::\11'. and Mrs. Francis L. C'oulson 
44 1\11'. and Mrs. J. 
Tm. Gale 
SO Mr. and Mrs, Wm. J. Langton 
Sá 1\11'. and ::\1rs. Wm. J. Flf>ury 
i'7 Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. Camnhell 
91 1\11'. (K.í'.) and Mrs. Alexander Bruce 
92 :\11'. and Mrs. Wm. K. Doherty 
93 Mr. (K.C'.) and ::\11'8. Richard S. Cassels 



95 Re'". Prof. (M.A., D.D.) and :\Irs. Francis 
Huston ""allace 
98 :\II'. and :\Irs. \Yilliam D. Lummis 
99 :\11'. Thomas D. Law 
100 :\Ir. Harold \Y. _-\. Foster 
102 :\Irs. Agnes S. Strathy 
103 Prof. and :\Irs, George H. Xeedler 
104 1\Ir. and :\Irs. "William J. Elliott 
11)5 :\11'. and :\Irs. James A. :\Iacdonald 
106 and l.lrs. A. H. Badgerow 
109 Mrs. Grant :\Iacdonald 
111 :\11'. and Mrs. Arthur :\1. Featherston 
1] 2 :\11'. and :\Irs. Herbert G. :\Iacklem 
113 :\11'. and :\Irs. \Yalter ,Yo Cumming 
114 1\11'. and :\Ir
. Alfred Burton 
115 :\11'. and :\Irs. James Brydon 
J 17 :\Iajor and :\Irs. \Y. \Y. Põpe 
118 Mr. and :\Irs. Russell Greenwood 
119 :\11'. and 1\Irs. Alfred S. \Yigmore 
120 1\11'. Acton Burrows 
1 1\11' and 1\Irs. J. Tower Boyd 
I')') Mr. and ::\Irs. John \':,T. Gilmour 
124 :\11'. and ::\[rs. Titus \V. Robinson 
133 1\Irs, Abraham R. Bain 
136 1\11'. and ::\Irs, 'Ym. B. Stewart 
13S Mr. and ::\11'8. John G. Beaty 
140 Mr. and ::\Irs. ,Yo K. Pearce 
HI :\11'. and ::\Irs. Harold R. ("hillas 
142 Mr. nnd :\11'8. C. Shedden Laidlaw 
14;) 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Albert Edward Blogg 
147 Mr. and ::\Irs. Fredk. C. Clarkson 
150 Mr. and ::\Irs. Harold ,Yo Shapley 
15 :\11'. and :\11'8. Reginald C. Ellis 
M['. D. "-. Baxter 
Rosedale (Jolf Cluh 
Mr. and ::\Irs. Rohert Dack 
"Glen yiew" 
1\Iajor and :\11'8. Sanford T. Smith 
ßELT.E\T E A '-E
9:i Dr. an(] l\lrs. Henry T. :\Iachell 
Ir. and 
Irs. Henry Smith 
BJ-;I.L\\OOUS P.-\Uli: 
1 Prof. and :\[rs. :\lichael A. :\[acKenzie 
2 Dr. an(] 
Irs. 'Ym. H. Doherty 
n _\"E:\TE 

1 Mr. Reinhold E. Gunthf'[' 
4:) Mr. amI :\Irs. 'Ym. C. Phillips 
!iff :\Ir. an(] 1\11'8. Herhert H. ""elton 
53 Mrs. 1Villiam Clark 

O :\lr. (K.('.} and :\Irs. Thomas Langton 
90 1\11'. and :\lr8. Edmund Phillips 
] 00 Mr. and :\Irs. Alfred Gowan Strathy 
;f. 1\Ir. Gf'org-e 'Yo Beardmore 
1:;,) Mr. and 1\I1"S. Agar Adamson 
150 l\Jr
. John Cawthra 
1:)0 1\11'. and ::\lrs. \\ïlliam Ht->r'.t:'rt ('awthra 
Ir. CK.í'., :\LP.) and 1\Irs. Edmund DI'is 
IS6 1\11'. and 1\I1'S. Dun('an ("oulson 
19S :\11'. aand :\II's. Hem'
' \\"innett 
199 Dr. Elizaheth Thelma SingfOl. 
199 :\lr. and 1\Irs. Louis 1\1. Sing....r 

26 Mr. and ::\Irs. Marshall TI. Mallory 
237 Mr. and 1\11'1'1. Charles Shif'ld
HEH:\".\HU .\,'E:\"( ..
11 :\11'. and :\JI"8. H. C'. :\1 a ttllf'wS 
13 ::\11'. and ::\Jrs. E. n. Rohinson 

:!:! 1\11". an(1 .:\Irs. John H. E\\
36 1\11'. and ::\ll"s. John H. G. Htrathy 
 .l\[r and Mrs. \Ym. E. McMurtry 
46 Mr. and ::\Irs. Alfred J. Rolph 
51 1\Ir. and 1\1 ['S. Charles E. Fleming 
53 Mr. and :\Irs. Henry R. O'Hara 
54 1\Ir. and Mrs. Arthur Pepler 
58 ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Frank A. Fleming 
60 1\Irs. Edmund 'Yo H. yan Allen 
69 1\Irs. Horsey Turner 
89 Mrs. ""alter Bradnee 
106 Mr. and :::\lrs. 'Yalter G. Ha) nes 
 1\1r and Mrs. A. A. :\Iacdonald 
1 Dr. and Mrs. C. Day Clark 
146 :\11'. and Mrs. Thomas R. Rait 
Mrs. Thomas Corsan 

BI:\:"IC.\RTII ItO.\U 
Irs. James ::\litchell 
ï 1\11'. and l.lrs. George LiYingston 
11 Mr. and :\Irs. C'. A. Blachford 
15 :::\Ir. and Mn;. Alhert C. Rohinson 
16 Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Follett 
22 :\[1'. and ::\lrs, Emil A. Kantel 
22 Mr. Thomas Charles Edgar \Yatt 
30 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Rutherford 
41 Hon. Sir \Villiam R. and Lady :\[eredith 
44 Mr. and :::\Irs. J. E. Davies 
4;) 1\11'. and Mrs. John R. Meredith 
50 Mr. and Mrs. Le Grand Reed 
52 :::\[1'. and Mrs. Frederick ,Yo Xicholls, Jr. 
60 Dr. and Mrs. J. Frank Adams 
64 :::\Ir. and Mrs. .Tulian 
64 :\Iajo"r and 1\Irs. Orlando Heron 
67 1\11'. and Mrs. Davirl \Y. Alexander 
70 1\11'. and Mrs. H. Pollman E\.an
ï8 :\11'. and Mrs. R. J. Phibbs 
80 Mr. John A. 

Ir. and 1\1rs. Charles F. 

:; Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. MOI'ine 

7 ('apt. and Mrs. Alhert E. Gooderham. .Jr 
89 :\11'. and Mrs. 1\Iax L, fioessel 
[r. and Mrs. ,John Ritson ""elling-ton 
92 :\11'. and :\Irs. George A. Bra
94 :\11'. and Mrs. Henry 'V. Petrie 
94 :\11'. and Mrs. ""m. G. Trethewe
37 Lieut-Colonel and Mrs. .John Bru('e 
HI. rrll EW()OI) H().\U 
!i4 :\Jr. and Mrs. Herhert 'Yanding-ton 
l:!ï :\Iajor ann Mrs. John F. H. l'ssher 
IS 1 :\11'. ann 1\1nl. Gf'org-e B. 

Ir. Rohert ,J. Lon'll 
"Ludgate Yilla" 

HI UOlt 

 :\11'. (K.(
., 1\I.P.), \\ïlliam Proudfoot 
2 1\1['. "". Ahner \\"alker 
14 DI.. an(l :\Irs. (;eorge A. Hi('hanlson 
:!O Dr. and 
Irs_ ,Iamf's :\1i1ton Cotton 

4 1\Ir. and MI's. Bel'il 

4 :\Ir. and :\lrs. Guy F. ""an\"Ï('k 
33 DI'. and :\Irs. J. Fleming (}oodchild 
34 1\Iiss (
harlotte Thrall 
39 1>1.. anrl 1\Irs. Rl'njamin H. Dutton 
4S DI'. al1(l :\Irs. nichard A. Hee\'e 
!i7 1>1". and :\lrs. F. A. Clelan(1 
fì4 DI'. Herhert A. Bru('e 
69 01'. and ::\Irs. John Ephraim Elliott 
íl 1\11'. añìf :\Irs. .\le:\.ander H. Ireland 
ï5 Dr. and 1\1l"s. Frederick Fenton 
81 1\11'. anll Mrs. Thomas II. ""onù 

S DI'. and :\11'8. James G. Ca yen 



133 Miss Helen 
lael\Iurehy OLD.) 
134 Mr. Harry \ïgeon 
1.1-1 Mrs. George Dickson 
144 Miss Florence Xeelands (B,A,) 
145 Di'. Robert A. Ste,"enson 
164 1\11", and Mrs. Gerhard Heintzman 
167 Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Boyd 
1 íl Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam J. Suckling 
172 Dr. and Mrs. Colin A. Campbell 
175 Dr. and Mrs. John Stenhouse 
176 Dr. and Mrs. George H. 
19", Dr. and Mrs. Harry Bertram Anderson 
187 Mr. Robert G. Barrett 
18R Mr. and Mrs. John Catto 
9 Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher C. Snider 
190 Dr. and Mrs. Murray McFarlane 
193 Dr. and Mrs. George E. Millichamp 
195 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Moore 
199 Mr. and Mrs. John Hallam 
201 Dr. and Mrs. Adam _-\.. Beatty 
210 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. McConkey 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan George 
The Ainger Apartments 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. \V. A. Parkinson 
Mr. H. L. Plummer 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Sims 
232 Mr. anrl Mrs. Perch'al Inglis 
234 Mr. and Mrs. Leven Babayan 

ET "'E

lfì Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Jones 
20 Dr. Rohert J. 'Vilson 
26 Mr. and Mrs. Rohert Christie 
40 Mrs. John Foy 
46 Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. C. Xevitt 
46 Drfl and Mrs. R. Barrington Xeyitt 
52 Dr. (M.R.C.S) and Mrs, Arthur Jukes 
62 Hon. Gerald and Lady Evelyn 'Yard 
64 Dr, Margaret Donald Gordon 
66 Dr. and Mrs. John Cayen 
68 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Yarker 
72 Mrs. Benjamin Parsons 
79 Mrs. _<\ ]]an J. Smith 
S6 Mrs. Thomas H. Bull 
9') Mr. and Mrs. Sanrlerson Pearcy 
122 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Mortimer Lyon 
124 Dr. E. Ht'rbert Greene 
126 Dr. anrl Mrs. Duncan X. Maclennan 
127 Miss Florence Blaikie 
12S Dr. and l\Ir
. Thomas Redford Richard- 
13-1 Dr. and Mrs. 'Vm. H. B. Aikins 
137 Mr. and Mrs. ,John Pugsley 
1-17 Mr. George Kennerly 
 Mrs. A. R. Gregory 
ViI Dr. and Mrs. .Alexander MC'Phei1ran 
lR2 Dr. anrl Mrs. Henry Crawford Sc
HI:? Dr. Chal'les R. Dickson 
19J Mr, (K.r.) and Mrs. ..\rthur R. B0swell 
196 Dr. ani! Mrs. Xorman S. Sbem,tone 
206 :Mr. anrl 
lrs. Thomas .-\. Hm"an 
20R Mr, and Mr!'l. Robert S. 'Yilson 
224 Mrs. .John Dryden 
224 Dr. anrl Mrs. Clarence L. Starr 
22S Dr. and Mrs. Allen Baines 
230 Miss F. M. Crean 
230 Mr. anrl Mrs. Charles D. "rarren 

38 Mr. and Mrs. James Monypenny 
21)6 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Young 
27R Miss Margery í'urlettf' 
27R Mr. (A.R C.A.)" and Mrs, F. :\1cGiJlhTay 

SS Mr and Mrs. :\1atthf'w Langmuir 



Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hurlolf 
Dr. and 
lrs. Robert T. Xohle 
Dr. and Mrs. Beyerley Z. Milner 

Ir. and Mrs. Augustus S, Vogt 
Dr. E. A. Patrick Hardy 
Mrs. Samuel H. \Yestnlan 
:\1rs, Thomas Alison 
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper 'V. Chadwick 
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Clouse 
Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Frankish 
Dr. and Mrs. E. Ralph Hooper 
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick 'Villiam :\Iarlow 
Dr. Allan Shore 
Mr. and 
1rs. \\ï1liam .J. Gage 
Dr. and Mrs. Jalnes MusgraYe 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ernest Richardson 

lr. and Mrs. \\ïlfred H. Robertson 
Mr. \Ya1t{'r J. Boland 
Dr. and 
Irs. C. M. Hinks 

 n STREE.r 

 Dr. E. Herhert .\dams 
!"il Rev. and Mrs. \\Tilliam L. Armstrong 
IT. Arthur H. V. Colquhoun 
Ir. Eugene O'Keefe 

TE.-\n AYEX( E 
90 Mr, and Mrs. Irving Stuart F'airty 

6 :\Ir. and Mrs. I. H. \Veldon 
1r. and .Mrs. George R. Griffin 
ï;) Mr. and Mrs. "T m . J. A. Carnahan 
91 Mr. and Mrs. James \Y. \Voods 

:53 Rev. (LL.B., D.D.) and Mrs. \Yilliam 
H. Hincks 
6ã Mr. and Mrs. 'V. J. A. Lytle 
66 Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam Cook 
'j -t Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Murray 
313 Dr. and Mrs. Alan \Voodburn Canfield 
332 Mr. and tlrs. Herbert J, Reeve 
334 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Porter 
362 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen 
364 Mr. and l\Irs. 'Yilliam Rogerson 
3Î:} Mr. and Mrs. James "T. Mallon 
378 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Begg 
380 Prof. (M.A., Ph.B.) and Mrs, Frank 
B. Allan 
3S6 Mr. and 
lrs. B. T. Borden 
392 Mr. and Mrs. Lucius X. Vanstone 
393 Prof. (B.A.. B. Sc.) J. 'Vatson Bain 
391 Mr. and Mrs. 'Ym. J. Smith 
399 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith 
fr. and Mrs. E. Gordon 'Yills 
-to-t :\1r. and Mrs. Hamuel G. Beckett 
409 Dr. and Mrs. \Villiam A. Black 
417 Mr. and Mrs. \Valter R. Morson 
6 Mr. and Mrs. John Cruso 
4:?7 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Turner Gilhert 
430 :\Ir. and Mrs. Duncan J. 
46S ::'tlr. and Mrs. 
\. A. Beemer 
472 :\Ir. anfl Mrs, George 'V. Hamhly 
473 l\-Ir. anrl Mrs. Peter C. Kennedy 
479 Rev. and Mrs. John Somervillp 
Ir. anr} Mrs. ,Villiam Carlei1l Hall 
-194 Mr, and Mrs. John R. Bone 
517 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M, Kirk\\"ooll 
Irs. Ellen Thompson Stf'wart 
1 S Dr. and Mrs. John E. Reeve 

1 Dr. and :\'IrR. Thomas H. Stark 
3.J Dr. H. Allan :\IcCulloug-h 



84 Vr. and 
lrH. l'elTY G Goldsmith 
\1r:,;. James 
 Dr. Elizalwth EL Gray 
105 Dr. and :\lrs. ('harl
s \T. HnelgTu,'e 
107 Mrs. Andrew Jeffrey 
108 Dr. and Mrs. Xorman Allen 
1:!6 Dr. and Mrs. D. Ogdpn Jones 
130 Mr. and :\lrs. .:\1. Augustus Thomas 
132 Mrs. Jam
s Dwyer 
132 Mr. John A. :\lcGee 
134 Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. pyne 
140 Dr. George H. McDonagh 
I.j2 :\11'. and 1\1rs. John D. h'ey 
154 Dr. Alexander .John lolackenzie 
166 Mr. and !\Irs. Horace P. Blachford 
16S :\11'. and 
11's. Charles E. Blachford 
169 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Johnston 
173 Dr. ani! Mrs. R. Telfer Shiell 
183 Mr. and :\Irs. A. \V. .:\laclachlan 
19:! Mr. and :\Irs. Donald J. Sellers 
212 Dr. and !\Irs. James E. Forfar 
216 Mr. and !\II'S. Robert 'V. Doan
23R Dr. and :\lrs. 'Villiam H. Alexander 
:!xo :\11'. and .:\lrs. Allan F. MilIer 
2S2 Mr. and :\Irs. Charles C. Van :\orman 

<,-'.\STLE .FH.-\Xlí ROAD 
9 ::\lrs. Edward H. Keating 
19 Mr. and 1\lrs. Allan M. Dvmond 
31 Mr. and Mrs. Elliott "T. Langley 
33 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McBrine 
34 Mr. and l\lrs. Gerard B. Htrathy 
35 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Xewman 
36 Mr. and .:\lrs. Da"id E. Hanna 
37 ::\11'. and Mrs. Hohert Rpnnie 
43 Mr. and Mrs. E(Iward Hay 
4S Mr. and Mrs. K{'nneth F'. .:\Iackenzie 
-19 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest 'Vilkins 
fil Mr. and Mrs. R. Xorman Irvine 
fi3 Mr. and :\Irs. Douglas A. Burn:;: 
:ï4 Mr. :\launsell B. Jackson 
:ï4 Mr. and ::\II's. Reuben B. Morley 
:ï:ï .:\11'. and :\lrs. Hf'nry G. Kelly 
72 Hon. <<:\LP.) and :\11'1';. Albert Eo Kemp 
74 .:\Iajor and Mrs. \Valter B. Kingsmill 
7:ï Mr. and ...\11'1';. <'harles Lesslie \\ïlson 
"3 MI'. and l\TI's. 'Vm. H. Hutchinson 
"7 :\Irl';. nobprt ('arl'oll 
93 Mr'. and Mr's. Martin Lo\'e 
9:> Mr. (K.C.) ant] Mrs. Mahlon K. Cowan 
97 ::\11'. and \lrs. John R. Hal'ppr 
100 Mr. an(l :\Irs. .John T. O'Loane 
101 Mr. and 1\Irs. ('. Frerl{->rick Paul 
102 :\Ir. ant] Mrs. R. \. H. 
lOr. Mr'. and Mrs. Gf'orgf' E. Bryant 
107 }oIl'. and l\JrH. .r. P. H,'n{'s 
109 :\11'8. l\largal'pt lIynf'H ' 
110 Mr. and 1\1rs. \\ïlJiam T. A. Proctor 
11:ï Mr. and .:\11's. ,Tosf'ph O':\lara 
ll:ï ::\Ir'. and .:\Jrs. T. II. HI1f']lpal'd 
127 l\lr. and Mrs. H, T. l\JaC'Donal(] 
12S ::\Ir. and 1\11'8. Xeil H. 

('.\WTIIU,\ I"(
l \ICE 
1 .:\11'. and :\11's. \\'illiam n. F'rancls 
1 ::\lr8. \"illiam Hilps 
3 :\11'8, ThomaH 1Ioldt'n 
S :\Ir. and .:\11's. Tre"or H. ()wpn 


24 Lieut.-Coi. and .:\In
. ,Jc)
H'ph :\1. Dl'lamere 
('1-:1).\ U STUEET 

1íi :\11". anfl .:\ln
. .\Ihel" T, r.llhprt 

20 Dr. .John L. Dayison 
30 XII'. X. Ferrar Dayillson 
33 :\11'. John K. 
38 Rev. <<D.D.) and :\lrs. John Xeil 
40 .:\Ir. and 1\Irs. Harry Croft Rae 
42 :\11'. and Mrs. James B. Creighton 
Irs. [{obert X. Gooch 
77 :\11'. and :\1rs. George C. Biggar 
82 :\11'. and Mrs. Etna D. Howe 
1'6 loll'. and .:\Irs. "'alter Gillespie 
1'8 .:\11'. and Mrs. Hedleig-h E. Bond 
96 1\Ir. and Mrs. Ferdinand A. Moure 
98 :\11'. and Mrs. C'harles A. \YiIson 
101 ::\Ir. and Mrs. Sheridan Campbell 
15 .:\11'8. Alfred H. Marsh 
84 .:\11'. and :\lrs. 'Vm. H. Fairbairn 
90 ::\Ir. and ::\lrs. Daniel ::\liller 


2 Dr. and l\Irs. H. E. '''"aux 
6 .:\11'. and 1\Irs. John H. G. Hagarty 
S .:\11'. and Mrs. Thomas F. How 
10 1\Ir. and Mrs. Louis S. ::\lc::\lurray 
10 Mrs. Henry S. l\1ara 
14 !\II'. and :\lrs. Ralph E. Gihson 
15 :\11'. and 1\1rs. "". H. Carrick 
16 :\11'. and .:\Irs. "". H. Russell 
17 :\11'. and :\Irs. ::;amuel C. Smoke 
1 R Mr. and Mrs. Garn{'t P. Gran t 
19 Mr. and 1\1rs. Ed,,'ard 'Yatts 
:!o :\11'. and :\lrs. Donald C. Hossack 
21 1\11'. 'Yalter Gow 
22 .:\.11'. and Mrs. John Delatre Falconbridge 
24 .Mr. and Mrs. Edward Broome 
26 Mr. and :\lrs. Joseph T. Rolph 
32 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Scheuer 
34 :\11'. and ::\Irs. Henri H. 
3;) .:\lr. and l\rrs. Harry J. W;'ig-ht 
39 .:\Ir. and Mrs. Xorman ::\1. McLeod 
40 :\11'. and Mrs. Geol'ge 
43 Prof. (B.A.) and 1\lrs. John J. :\Iackenzfe 
44 !\Irs. J. Humfrey Ang-er 
46 :\11'. and Mrs. ::\Iark H. Irish 
4S :\11'. and 1\1rs. D. "Forts 
49 Mr. and Mrs. F. \C Gera[d Fitzgerald 
:;0 l\lr. anti Mrs. 
amuel nradle
' Gundy 
!í2 :\11'. and :\lrs, Xorman R. Gooderham 
:;3 :\lr. and ::\Irs. John ()rmshy Donogh 
:ï4 :\11'. ant] ::\lrs. .John Phon 
:ïfi :\11'. ant] 1\1rs. Hugh Rei(] 
;;6 ::\11'. and ::\Irs. .John n. !\I('C'artpr 
:ï7 :\Ir. and 
h'H. Hol1Prt (-;. 
 ::\11'. and 1\1rs. "y. Lloyd ""uod 
:-,9 :\11'. and .:\lrs. ,I oh n H. Bertram 
t;U :\11'. and 1\Irs. ,lohn "-. G, (;n.'e
fa Mr!':. ""alter Barwick 
I);) 1\11'. and MrH. Edward 
t;7 1\11'. (K.C'. I anti 1\lrs. .\ngus :\lac:\lurchy 
70 Mr. and 
. Ht'nry I. Armstrong- 
72 Bon. :\Ir'. ,Justice and Mrs. l{ohert F. 
74 .\11'. anti :\11's. .\rthur F. (,luhh 
77 :\lr. and 
Irs. 'Yallace TIarr'ett 
7R :\lr. and :\1'rs. I1t'nry Xerlich 
!\'> 1\11'. and :\11's. Harold T. nag-nipr 
84 .:\11'. and :\fI's. neorge H. F'pnHom 
sr. 1\11'. and :\lrs. ,ramps "'. ':\1iC'kleborough 
S<<. Mr. ,John :\lul(]rp\\" 
SS .\11'. anti :\lrs. E. B. F'n...dand 
:\11'. anti :\1 I'!,:. ,\ug-u!':tu!': .r. nnugh 

The Royal Mail 





" . > I 

 þ' :--
/J r _ :- .-.- ,:-&iiiií6 


..:.-. .. oJ 
- a- *tI_
 - '<" 



- -- --- 


-, - 


The Tourist Associates the Winter l\lonths with 

The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 

And its Tours to 


West Indies 

SANDERSON & SON, General Agents 

22 State Street, N e\v York 

For Booklets and other Descriptive l\latter Apply to 


General Agent for Ontario 


TOt aNT, 




('IIIf'OU.\. A,'E:\TE 
16 Mr. an,-I i\lrs. Grant Fletcher 
30 :\11', and :\Irs. Albert Ed ,,'ard Trebilcock 

{'II('R{'II :-ìTIU

H :\Iiss Petica Geddes 
:!-tl 1\11':';. Ed\\ anI C. ,Jones 
:!I).t Dr. H. \\ïlberforce Aikins 
Irs. \Villiarn CoYington 
O VI'. and 1\Irs. John F. ("ren 
:J3!:1 :\11'. and 
11'8. Xorman \Y. Berkin:,;haw 
:i1-;;j Dr. and .MI':';. George P. 
yl n'ster 
I-ioû :\11'. and :\lrs. Edgar R. Do\\'anI 
1):.!6 Dr. and :\lrs. R. Lorne 
6-t8 :\Irs. \\". B. Thorpe 
('I..\HE:\'I)():\' .\ "E:\'CE 
1 !\II'. and 1\Irs. Charles \\.urtele 
.J :\11'. Clarence _-\. Bogert 
Ij 1\11'. and :\Irs. G, R. Roberts 
10 :\11'. and :\Irs. John \\ïlson Lawrence 
1-1 :\11'. and :\Irs. Eu
tace A. 
 1\11'. and :\Irs, Frank How Langmuir 
 :\11'. and :\Irs. Hugh Blain 
-18 Mr. and :\lrs. 
. Lorie 
4!! :\lr. and :\lrs. Burne Blal{e 
54 :\11'. Stuart 
:is 1\11'. and :\lrs. Frank E. Maulson 
65 1\11'. alHl :\ll's. Robert Calthrop Brown 
iO :\11'. and :\1rs. George Castle 
il Lt.-Co!. and :\11's. Henry .J. Grasett 
72 :\11'. (K.C'., and :\II's. Hamilton Cassels 
76 1\11'. and :\11'8. Da\ id Brown 
:\11'. and :\Irs. La\\'ren K Harris 

('1..\ HE:\' nux (' H ES(' Eyr 
:\11'. and :\Irs. Frank noden 
'. 1\11'. antI :\ll's. \\"illiam Jephcott 
3 1\11'. and 
lrs. George G. Burnett 
4 :\11'. and :\Irs. Francis C. .-\ nnesley 
:. :\11'. and :\1 rs. Ewart "'alker 
Ij 1\1 r. and :\ll's. H erhert H. Beck 
7 Mr. and :\ll's. John Baird 1 .aidla w 

CI..\SSJf' .\ "E
T E 
2-1 Mr. Da\'iflson :\1. Harman 
:n Dr. and :\Irs. L. Hamilton E\'ans 
lr. and :\lrs. \\ïlliam (

nE:\'.\:\' .\' E:\'(' E 
:ï61 1\11'. awl :\Irs. nf'orge .\. Baker 

('I.I:\'T():\ :-öTHEET 
(;1 :!\lr. and :\ll's. nf'orge Xicholsnn 
IU;) :\11'. and :\In;. 
tafford H. :\lcI,-ee 
 \ "E:xt E 

I:ï :\1r. (LL.B.) antI :\Irs. ,John :\I. Godfrey 
] l:i :\11'. and :\ll's. \\ïIliam Barr 
](;1 :\11'. and :\In.;. .-\. T. [)arra
] r. i :\11'. and :\I1's. ('harles L. Hailey 
I1j7 :!\II'. and :\11'8. \\"m. \\. 
(' U :x \ \, I'::X t I'
1 ::\lrs. Henry .1. Hnultnn 
II'. Hug-h ('. :\Iad.t:'an 
l:i :\11'. and :\II's. \\ïIliam II. :\Ionre 
:!1 :\11', and :\lnL .James C. L3r'p('kenridge 
:!:i f{('\". and :\Ir!':. .\ndl'pw 
. GI'ant 
3:i 1\11', I L Doug-las Eb
3:i :\lr. and :\11's. .r. F. Ehy 
:n 1\11', (K.<'.) and 1\1rs. J,ll1W8 Hicknl'll 
-to :\11', and :\11'8. .\Iex h. Longwpll 
 :\lr. and 
ln;. \\"m. .\. Hamilton 
 .\lr, and :\11':';. .\lp
al1d"I' Lainl 

-If! :\Ir. and :\11'8. John Xorthwav 

 1 :\Iiss Emil y Kerr . 
Ir. and :\Irs. John J. Dixon 

ï :\11'. an.I :\l1-s. Richard K \\ïlliams 
63 :\11'. and :\lrs. Alfl'ed JelJhcott 

('()I I.E
i E :-öTIU
3 Hon. (K.('., and :\Irs. I. B. Lucas 
3 01', and :\Irs. Albert E. '\'e1lster 
7 Dr. and 
lrs. \\'alter .\lcKeown 
IS :\lr. and :\Irs. Arthur _\nlagh 
.ï3 DI'. and ::\Irs. Alton Hu
'ck Garratt 

-I Dr. and :\Irs. Richard G. 
Ic Laug hlin 
:-.ã Vr. and :\lrs. Joseph 
. Grahanl 
r.0 :\Ir. and :\Irs. Francis ,r. 
1,1, Dr. anlI :\<Irs. G. 
terling Ryerson 

6 :\11'. EI'ic X. Armour 
96 Dr. and 1\I1'S. J. Rranston \\ïllmott 
100 Dr. and :\II's. Alexander Primrose 
 :\11'. Ernest A, Lewis 
II:! Dl'. and :\lrs. Frederic X. G. 
11 6 :\11'. .J amps e. :\lcGee 
14:.! :\Ir. and :\Irs. Hubert H. :\lacrae 
] -I
. 1\Iary \Yorts 
1-13 Dr. \\Y. Elh\ al',I Gallie 
I-t:í ::\11'. anl1 :\In;. .James .Jennings 
U;j Dr. anlI :\Irs. \\Tilliam .\. Young- 
9 Dr. and :\lr8. \\ïlliam J. 'Yilson 
1 ïl Dr. and :\Irs. "ïlliam B. Thistle 
1 ï5 Dr. anrl :\lr
. Charles John Currie 
184 Miss Ella 
211 :\Irs. Henry C'awthra 
:!3S 1\Iiss ,Jp8sie Parsons 
:!38 .:\Ir. anfl :\Irs. ,\ rthur Yan Koughnet 

64 Dr. and 
lrs. .fohn Ferguson 

, Dr. Gideon 
;;07 Dr. and .:\Irs. Thomas D. Archihald 
 :\11'. and :\lI's. Hohert H. Graham 
!I03 Dr. and :\Ir!':. ,Jospph H, Lawson 
 Dr. and :\11'8. Hugh Arnold 

{'(H.r.t EH 
TH EE'f 
-tï :\11'. anfl ::\II's. John Coombs 
:; :\11'. and :\Irs. Frank I lerhert 
16:i :\11'. and :\Irs. Donalrl Bain 
1 ï;j :\11'. C'lpmen t E. Pepler 
('OX{'OJ(1) .\ YE
. :\Ir. anll :\In,. Ira Bates 

 Hon. (::\1. P. P. ) and :\Irs. \\ïlliam II. 
 :\11'. and :\ll's. (
eral<1 .\, ""dls 
'iï :\11'. and ::\11's. (,harles \\". "Tilson 
('OTTI:X(ill.\ \I STIU
 :\11'8. Thomas R .Johnson 
139 :\11's. Arthlll' 
1-11 :\11'. and ::\lrs. \\'alter H. nll'asllell 
 Lallv Boul'inot 
l:ï-l \11'. and :\11's. Thomas 
170 :\11'. and ::\I1's. Hodprick J. J'ark 
1" 1 :\11' and ::\Irs. Eflwanl H. .-\ndel'son 
IS9 ))r. and :\lrs. Hohert B. Ht'ndel'son 
191 :\11'. an,l :\ll's. .-\ rthur ]{pdpath :\lc:\[urrich 

O:i :\11'. anll :\l1's. .\ rthur Lp
lip L) on 
:!lO :\11'. and :\Ir
. (;porge ('. Ta

13 :\Ir. anll 1\I1'S. Fl'pd It. Cannichael 
7 ::\lr8. FI'Pllpril'k Hous 

30 :\11'. f..eurgp :\1. Ho!':e 

('0\\",\:\ .\\'E:xt F 
i3 :\11'8. C'harlt.s \\9, Ta\ lor 
111" .:\11'. nnd :\II'S. I:ohel't Fountain 



147 .\lrs. ,) ane Dowsley 
14f1 .\1i:-s Elizabeth Corcoran 
('K\ . FO:t " STH
1r. and :Mrs. .\, \Y. Bennet 
:!:!9 Pl'Of. (
\1.A.) and .\11':';. G. Oswald 
337 :\11'. anel l\Irs. Rohert ,Yo Lo\'e 


'f RO.\O 
6 Mr. and ::\In;. CI:arles D. Ding'haul 

 Mn:. l\lontgomen G. Le\\ is 
12 :\lr. and !\In;. Henry A. 
11) 1\11'. (K.C.) and :\lrs. \\Ïlliam J. .Mc"
21 Mrs. Alex. Bro\\"n 

 l\lr. and 
Irs. C'}larles H. '\?est,,"oo(1 
23 Mr. and :\1rs. T. Edward 
24 ::\lr, and Mrs. C. \Y. Thompson 

6 1\ir. and 1\1rs. Charles 1\1cLf'od 
:!ï Mr. and 1\1rs. JaJTIes Henry Bickle 
:!fI Mr. and l\lrs. Charles ,1. Town:,;eua 
 1\1r. and Mrs. Thomas D. McGaw 
34 1\ir. antI 1\1rs. Charles E. Edmonds 
35 Mr. Horatio l'. Boultbe 
36 1\1rs. \\". A. H. Kerr 
38 Mr. and ::\1rs. G\q;n L. Francis 
42 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Greene 
48 Mr. and Mrs. H.. L. Kleiser 
50 Mr. and !\lrs. ,1. E\\'art Osborne 
60 Mr. ane. Mrs. .\lfred \Yrigl,t 
61 Mr. and :\In;. John \Y. Beaty 
64 1\1r. and l\lrs. C'larence H. :\1cArthur 
65 Nil'. and Mrs. AI{'x MackenzIe 
71 1\1rs, ,\
1. Peacock 
72 Ml'. and 1\1rs. Thomas H. Hamilton 
73 Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey T. Clarkson 
74 DJ.'. and Mrs. \Yalter Earl \\ïllmott 
75 DI. and 1\1rs. 
tanley T. Floyd 
75 Mi'. and :\lrs. \\ïlliam G. Patrick 
78 1\1r. and .\11'13. Frank Rolph 
80 1\11'. anI! :\lrs. Britton Osler 
80 HtÆ. Featherston Usler 
81 Mis. John :\1. Aull 
83 M.
', and Mrs. J. MontgOlTIery Lowndes 
84 M.'. and Mrs. ,Yo \Vallace .l\'ear 
85 Mi-e. Jean G. Harris 
87 Mr. and :\Irs. G. ::\1. Clark 
88 Mr. and l\lrs, .Alfred B. CamE'ron 
89 Mr. and 1\1rs. 'Yalter Page 
91 Mr. antI ::\lrs. .Archibald Foulds. Jr. 
9') Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Gough 
99 Mrs. Richard C. 
106 Mr. amI Mrs. Charles C. Xorris 
110 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C'. Davison 
111 Mr. anfI ::\Irs. C'arlos \Yarfield 
112 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perley Smith 
116 Mrs. Joseph ".ood 
119 Mrs. .Alexander Burns 
120 Mr. (.J.P.) and Mrs. Fred'k H. Gooch 
124 Mr. and Mrs. C"harles H. Mortimer 
126 Mr. and Mrs. C'harles H. Carpenter 
132 Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton B. "\Yills 
133 Mr. anf] Mrs. Thomas H. Rea 
134 Mr. (K.C., M.P.P.) and Mrs. Xewton 'V. 
13:; Mr. anfI ::\Irs. H,arry Horsman 
137 l\Irs Thomas Thompson 
139 Mr. anf] Mrs. Silas R. Parsons 
 Mr. and Mrs. CharlE's S. Boone 
143 Major and Mrs. Boyce Thompson 
145 1\11'. and Mrs. Frederic L. Ratcliff 
146 Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'V. Baillie 
] 4!-1 :VII'. and Mrs. John Turnbull 
131 :\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hollinrake 
l:J;} 1\Ir. and Mrs. Joseph Henderson 

138 1\Iajor antI l\lrs. Frederick H. Deacon 
161 Mr. and :\lrs. .1 useph H. :\lcGreg-or 
 Dr. and l\Irs, George D. Porter 
163 1\lr. and :\lrs. George 1\Iilligan 
165 Mr. and ::\lrs. Rohert ,Junkin 
16R 1\11'. and .Mrs. Frank P. 'Vood 
Hï :\1rs .John D. Chol\\'ill 
1 ïO Capt. and 1\Irs. C'harles A. Boone 
171 :\1r. and :\Irs. George H. Kilmer 
173 Mr. antI :\lrs. Alhert Foster 
lï6 :\11'. anfl Mrs. James Lumbers 
17S :\lr. and ::\lrs. James G. Ramsey 
ISO 1\1r. and :\Irs. 1\Iark Hal1 
ISI MI'. and :\irs. 'T. Alhert Brown 
IS2 :\11'. and :\lrs. Leonard O. Lumbers 
184 Mr. and :\Irs. T. ".orthington .lull 
Is;) :\11'. anfl 1\Irs. \\ïlliam H. Sha\\ 
C"astlelTIere .Apartm{'nts 
Mr. amI :\lrs. William E. Xorth'way 
1\1r!';. Thomas H. \\'att 


1 Mr. (K.C.) amI ::\lrs. 
trachan Johnston 
2 1\Ir. and :\lrs. Hohert Darling 
4 :\Ir. and :\lrs. .1 ames 
Ir. antI 1\Irs. 
. Franklin \Yilson 
6 :\lr. antI Mrs. Morgan .J. Kelly 
S 1\Ir. and Mrs. Hohert ::\1. (i.ray 
9 Justicp (K.í'.) and 1\Irs. Frank E. Hod- 
10 1\11'. and 1\1rs. H. D. Lockhart Gordon 
16 1\11'. f'. E(lin Hf'ward 
20 1\11'. and 1\1rs. .\lexander B. Gordon 
21 :\Ir. and :\lrs. Alhert E. Dyment 
30 1\11'. antI :\lrs. ,James B. Perry 
3ß 1\Ir. antI :\lrs. HE'g-inald R. Locld1art 
40 Prof. and :\Irs. Thomas Leonard 'Valker 
42 Mr. and 1\Irs. 'Yilliam D. Robertson 
4. Mr. and .\Irs. R. Xorman Brown 

n.\. YE
"()RT RO.\D 
15S l\Ir. anc1 Mrs. Ernest E. '\.oodley 
207 1\Ir. ant] Mrs. 
tanton Rohinson 
339 1\lr. and 1\Irs. G. L. Mowat 
364 Mrs. Perch"al Rutherford 
476 The Misses Xordheimer 
480 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Eaton 
780 Mr. anf] 1\Irs. Harry Hayward Lm;e 
782 1\11'. and :\Irs. 1\Iarmaduke Matthews 
840 Mr. and 1\1rs. T. Herhert Barton 
1414 Mr. and 1\1rs. Robert .I, Dodds 
1614 Mrs. Allan Royce 
2014 1\lr. and Mrs. A. J. Heydon 
'Vych\yoorl Park 
1\Ir. (K.C.) and 1\1rs. Ernest E. A. Du- 
'. and Mrs. George A. Howell 
"ell's Hill 
Lieut.-C'ol. John Bayne and Mrs. Maclean 
Mr. and l\'Irs. Eden Smith 
Mr. and 1\Ir8, Ralph Eden Smith 
Deer Park 
1\Ir. and Mrs. John J. Palmer 

ER IJ.\.HI{ ('U 1<::-;(' EXT 
1 :\[r. and 
Irs. Henry A. Drummond 
4 Mr. and Mrs. Rohert Robertson 
!) 1\11'. and 1\1 rs. C'harles D. Cory 
6 Mr. and :\lrs. .\rthur .T. .Jackson 
11 Mr. and 1\Irs. 'Yalter J. Bell 
15 1\11'. and Mrs. John .\.. Fraser 
33 Mr. and 
Irs. James H. 1\1ilnes 
39 Mr. and Mrs. H. Binns 



DELAn'.iR.E .c\.,'E:
3;) :\11'. and Mrs. Albert E. Brownlee 
36 .:\11'. and Mrs. A. James Cockburn 
41 ::\lr. and l\lrs, 'Yln. H. ,Jackson 
43 l\lr. and :\1rs. 'Ym. 
63 .:\11'. and Mrs. Harry ,,
. Jakeway 
10:! ::\11'. and Mrs. \Yelling'ton O. :\lcTaggart 
11;) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph n. Boomer 
Ir. and Mrs. John Littlejohn 
139 :\11'. and Mrs. Edgar Boston Price 
2:!8 Mr. and 1\1rs. John C. B. Horwood 
2;5ï Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. .\dams 
Ir. and :\lrs. F. Charles Paterson 
nELISLE .\ ,'E:\T E 
1 Dr. Hen'ey L. J ackes 
14 Dr. and :\lrs. E. 
tanley Ryerson 
:!6 :\11'. and Mrs. l\lark Bredin 
:!ï :\Ir. and Mrs. ""alter Maughan 
31 Dr. and Mrs. \Yallace Seccombe 
34 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Palmer 
3S :\Ir. and Mrs. George H. Locke 
40 :\11'. and Mrs, :Frank Sutherland Allan 
GI) :\11'. and 1\1rs. J. A. :\lcCabe 
70 :\lr. B. King'smill Burden 
'j 3 Dr. and :\lrs. Andrew l{. Gordon 

4 ::\lr. and :\Irs. Thomas "'. Gibson 
HE"OX ('R.t:S('EXT. 1..-\ WHE
('E 1".\.IUi 
I:! :\Ir. and Mrs. Forsey Page 
43 Mr. and Mrs. George Byers Towers 
44 ::\lrs. "
il1oughhy C'ummings 
;;0 l\lr. and :\lrs. George G. .:\lackenzie 
Hi ::\Ir. and Mrs. Hal'old ,'an Xostrand Rows- 

40 :\11'. John Miln 
IHXOX .\ \'E:\T.t
GO :\11'. and Mrs. Albert E. Harnett 
244 Mr. and ::\11'",. Robert Da \"Íf'S 
400 :\11'. and Mrs. Hohert L. Patterson 
])OI'U...\S IU{n"E 
1 :\11'. and Mrs. H. E. Harcourt Yernon 
3 :\lr. an(l Mrs. ::\IUlTay .\. \Yhite 
nO\'EIU'()('RT R().\n 
llfi Dr. and :\lrs. \\ïlliam <'. Heggie 
3ïl :\11'. and ::\lrs. Hohert .\. :\Iorrison 
3 .:\11'. a11l1 Mrs. \Y. n. 
409 l\lr. and Mrs. H.. .:\1. 
410 Mr. an!l Mrs. A. Gordon Crawford 
410 :\liss Isabel C'. :\lacKenzie 
 :\11'. awl Mrs. Jos('ph J. Lucas 
414 Dr. amI Mrs. R. J. Xf:'wton Magwood 
4;)3 Dr. Frederick 
. lUches 
4lìi Mr. and 
lrs. ""illiam H. Payne 
 :\11'. and Mrs. \\Ïlliam E, :\lerp!lith 
!i:!G Mr. and 1\1rs. Oeorgc> \\". Hamhly 
!i:i:i :\11'. and :\Jrs. John 1\1. Bowman 
!is:i Mr, and 3.\lrs. Thomas l\lcQueen 
lìï7 ::\11'. and l\l1's. K G. \\"ilson 
C'olonel and .:\lrs. George Taylor Df:'nison 
uon 1.I
c. \\'I';
( I
21 ::\Jr. awl l\lrs. \\"il1iam \Y. \Ïekers 
7:i Mr. and ::\lrs. "'m, T. .T. Lee 
103 :\11'. an(l Mrs. John C. :\1. :\lacBeth 
103 Mr. anel ::\Irs. John G. Palmer 
109 Mrs. .Janws H. Hf'atty 
11;; 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Alden D. Clark 

1 _,., 

:\11'. and :Mrs. ('harles S. Coryell 
:\11'. and l\lrs. Henry \Y. 
Mr. and Mrs. George Claxton 
:\11'. George X. Reynolds 
::\11'. and 1\Irs. George Clarke 
:\11'. and :\Irs. 'Ym. J. Edmanson 
Mr. and :\lrs. "r m . Ridout 'Yadsworth 
:\11'. and .:\Irs. George Glendinning 
Mr. and :\Irs. John F. Brown 
Mr. and 1\Irs. Otto Higel 
1\11'. and :\lrs. Amhrose "Y. Holtby 
1\11'. and :\lrs. J ame
1\11'. and :\Irs. Alfred A. Helliwell 
Mr. and :\lrs. Fredel'ick G. Soper 
Mr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam H. :\lcCarthy 
1\11'. and :\1rs. "Y m . M. McCausland 
Mr. and :\lrs. :\lelville \Y. Bastedo 
Rf'v. Canon and Mrs. Bernanl Bryan 
Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas H. Yerner 
Mr. and l\lrs. Rohert Evans 
Mr. and :\lrs. .James F. Peterkin 
1\11'. and 1\Irs. \Yelling-ton J. Peck 
1\11'. and :\Irs. Peter :\lc:\1ichael 

2 ::\Irs. Josl-'ph Dunda
7 Mr. an(l :\Irs. Georg-e S Lyon 
9 1\11'. ana :\Irs. F. G. Oliver 
10 :\11'. and :\Irs. H. Franklin Gadsby 
11 l\lr. an(l :\lrs. .James J. Allwarcl 
13 Mr. and :\Irs. Hohert Clarke Steele 
1;) Mrs. A. B. :\lcGiffin 
1;; Mr. aIHl :\Irs. Donald .T_ McKinnon 
16 Mr. ana :\Irs. Emil Xerlich 
17 :\11'. ana Mrs. James F. ('osgrave 
11'. and 1\lrs. Frederick C. Thompson 
21 Mr. and 1\[l'S. John ,y, F. Harrison 
::!2 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Hohert e. :\Iacpherson 

3 Mr. and 1\Irs. 'Yilliam D. (Twynne 

4 1\11'. and .:\Irs. George ,,
. Holmes 

6 1\1r. Edmond Gunn 
2S Mr. and 1\Irs. (
erald D. Boulton 

9 1\[1'. and :\Irs. R. "ratson ::\[cC'lain 
30 Justice and 1\Irs. James Leitch 
31 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Fl'ank D. Allan 
34 Dr. and 1\Irs. E. A. Harrington 
31 1\Irs. Frederick E. Phillips 
3G Mr. (M.A.) and :\lrs, HUg'h H. Lang-ton 
36 Prof. (B..\.. Ph.D.) and 1\lrs. John C. 
38 1\11'. and ::\lrs. Fredl-'rick H, Herbert 
640 :\11'. LT.I'.) and 1\Irs. Charles L. Denison 
62:i Dr. and l\lrs. John Herhert :\lcC'onnell 
 Dr. and Mrs. George \\
. Clendenan 
Dr. and Mrs. G. Arthur Adams 
])(':,\I)O:'\.\I.U STHEET 
16 Mr. and :\lrs. Francis \L Johnston 

O Mrs. J{achafc.l :\1iIler 
:!9 Ml'. and 1\Irs. F'ranl{ \\
. ('oleman 
34 Mr. and l\Irs. Hugh .\nson-Cartwright 
D(Y:\ \\EX(E 
103 1\11'. anll 1\11'S. Percy fiolwrts 
1:!1 Ml'. amI 1\Irs. .John S. Lucas 
1:!7 Mr. and :\11'8. Thomas HOllen 
l:ilì Mr. aIHl 1\lrs. Henry E. Small piece 
161\ Ml'. alHl :\Irs. Ed\\ ar(l \ïncent U'
6 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Peter Bellinger 
.\X un.\O 
26 ::\11'. and :\Irs. "'('ston F. Brock 



 Mr. and :Mrs. Charles R. Clapp 

9 Mr. (K.C.) amI Mrs. J. G. :-3cott 
33 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. 
3-1 Mr. and l\lI'S. Adam \\T. Ballantyne 
3;-; Mr. and Mrs. .-\ lhert Forester McMichael 
38 Mr. and Mrs. '1'hon1as 
43 Mrs Hobert J. 
45 Mr. and .:\lrs. George J, Fo
46 Mr. (K.C.J and l\lr
. J. \\0. :-3eymour Cor- 
51 :Mr. ånd :\[1'8. .\rchihald 11, nal'ker 
53 Mr. and :Mrs. Percy A. Yale 
56 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. :\lulTay 
60 Mr. and Mrs. .James Ince 
66 Mr. (.J.1'.) alHl 
[rs. H. C. Yaug-han 
6í MI'. and Mrs. .John .-\. Bohall 
()9 Mr. and 
lrs. Edward T. Hehurn 
70 Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. l\Ionypenny 
73 Mr. and Mrs. ('. \Y. Winyard t 
7:í Mr. and Mrs. .John \\T Mitc:hell 
76 Mr. amI Mrs. George Brig-den 
81 1\11'. and Mrs. Rohert E. A. Land 
 :\Ir. and :\'[I'S. Thoma
 E. Aikenheac1 
94 Mr. and Mrs. Robert n. Henderson 
100 1\Ir. an<1 Mrs. .Tos. 8. ,\. \\Thealy 
 Mr. and :\>irs. .10hn Maguire 
104 Mr. and 1\Irs. Geol'ge _\. 
110 Mr. and :Mrs. (,harles l\1. Bahlwin 
Mr. and :\[rs. R

inald H. Parmenter 
Mr. and Mrs. .John L, Hoss 
DI'. and Mrs. \Y. Cecil Trotter 

1 Rev. H. J. Canning 
2-1 Mr. an(1 
 "Talter F. Campbell 

.EHEX nO.\H 
::\Ir. (K.C.) John A. Paterson 
Mr. and Mrs. f;. F. 8hen8tone 

F;()(;.\H A' EXCE 
:i '\11'. and ::\Ir8. ,J. B. Kenn<:,dy 
 Mr. and Mrs. Harton "Talker 
l:í .:\11'. an(1 Mrs. Charles P. Sparling 
19 Rev. (
I._\., B,D.) an<1 :\Il's. Frank J. Day 

1 Mr. and 1\Irs. B. Hoffon} Ardagh 

ì MI'. and Mr8. Fred .J. McBean 

8 Mr. and :Mrs. Ernest D. \\Tatkins 
38 Major am} Mrs. Alex .\. 1\1ulhol1and 
40 Mr. and l\Irs. 'YI11. 
. Bole 
 Mr, and Mr,;; G. '1'. :';omers 

E[)(jEWOOn ('REsf'EX'r 
6 :\lr. and Mrs. "-. P. He\'"!tt 
9 Mr. and 1\1rs. \Ym. P. Bennett 

47 Mr. and 1\lrs. Arthur "T. Annandale 
T()X .\\'EXI'E "--EST 
IS!) Mrs. Charles J. ("atto 
EuaX .\ YK

 Dr. an(1 Mrs. Donald l\[cGillhTay 
1-1 Mr. and :\'lrs. Rohert K. :';proule 
]:í lVJr. and Mrs. A verne Par<}oe 

1 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund H. Gunther 
33 Mrs. E(}ward Panginan 
36 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Osmund Cayley 
3S Mrs. Herhert E. Lawson 
47 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Clute 
4S Mr. and Mrs. \\"alter \\ïly 
 Mr. and l\lrs. Arthur H, 
1 ::.\Irs. R. Rinc1air Brodie 

2 1\1r. and :\lrs. \Villiam A. \\Tarren 
.) Or. and :.\lrs. Frt'c1erick \Yinnett 
3 Mr. (K.C.) and :.\lrs. V. Lally McCarthy 
5 .l\lr. John J. l'awthra 
X Mr. and Mrs. '\-. 
. McEachren 
11 .l\lr. and Mrs. Peter C. Larkin. 
1-1 M1'. and :\1rs. \\ïllian1 G. Thurston 
15 Mr. and Mrs. :\'1. C. Ellis 
16 Mr. and :\Irs. \nlliam f;anford Alley 
17 Mr. and :\lrs. John A. Tory 
 Mr. and ::VII's. \Y. Assheton Rmith 
1!:1 :\11'. and Mrs. Charles A. Larkin 
20 Mr. and l\1n:. James .:\lackenzie Alex- 

1 Mr. ant} Mrs. Perch'al Leadlay 

3 Mrs. R. G. :\IcLean 

-I Mr. and l\lrs. Thomas \Yi1kins 

lr. and MIS. .John Rennie 
 1\lr. an(} l\lrs. "'. G. Gooderha111 
43 :.\lr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam H. Elliott 
44 Mrs. George A. Mac!:' 
-I;; 1\11'. and Mrs. Rohel.t T. :\'lacdonald 
4 6 Mr. and ::Vlrs. Henry Jasper :\lartin 
47 Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. 
. Kt'rman 
49 Mrs. E. Francis 
;)0 Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. E. Baird Ryckillan 
fi') Mr. and :\lrs. Arnold \Y. Thoma; 

1 :\lrs. .\. Titren Reynolds 
:ï4 Mr. and Mrs. .\1hert "T. Applegath 
[;3 1\1r. and :\lrs. E(}ward Dagge 
 Mr. and Mrs. Henry 0' Hara 
 1\1r. and Mrs. F. .J. Rowland 
í -I :\,lajor aIH} Mrs. Duncan Donald 
76 Mr. and Mrs. \YilJiam L. Keith 
77 Mr. and Mrs. \\-alter D. Beardmore 
is Mr. (K.C.) an,} Mrs. Harry D. Gamble 
SO Mr. and :\Jrs. Robert C. H. Cassels 
S9 Mr, ThOlnas Rohertson 
!If) :\'[1'. an,} l\Jrs. \Yi1mot L. Matthe"-s 

3 .l\lr. and Mrs. Reginald Xorthcote 

Y PL\('E 
1 1\11'. and Mrs. F. "'. Broughall 
2 '\fiss Julia Greenshields 
3 Sir Georg-e \Y. and Lady Ross 
:> Mr. (KJ'.) and Mrs. H. Hartley De,,-art 
6 :\Irs. :\rary Isahel Gray 
lr. and Mrs. \Yil1iam R, Houston 
]0 Rir John an(l Lady \Yillison 
13 Mrs. P..el11Y Elmsley 

" "HESS ('HES(,E
13 1\Ir. and Mrs. George Hodgens 
41 :\11'. an,} Mrs. James 

J<:(TLI() AYt:Xl-E 
40-1 ('apt. (R.X.H..) and Mrs. H. :1\1. :.\Ielville 
4-1!"i Mr. James r. :\Iurray 
4lìR Mr. and Mrs. George \Y. Moore 
494 Mr. and l\Irs. John Beverley Robinson 
!jUI Mr. and Mn:. Frank A. Hewson 
 Mr. and Mrs, T. Page \\"ads\\"orth 
:ilS Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. F. \Yoo<1 
ri24 Mrs. Archihald Young 
:if)3 Mayor an,.-1 :\1rs. Horatio C. Hocken 
fi:íO Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Stanton 
r,f)2 Mr. and Mrs. Edward W". Hagarty 
GG-! Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Leonard 
7r, Mrs. .John L. ("ook 
96 l\Irs. Charles T. Heintzman 

3:í :\lr. and Mrs. F. H. 



:FAI{:\' ILUI .-\ ,. E:\' l' E 

9 :\Ir. and 
Irs. Roy Buchanan 
4 -; !ley. ("anon and .:\Irs. Sydl1ey Gould 
:;0 .:\lr. (R.C.) and 
11's. James S. Fullerton 

1 .:\lr. and 1\Irs. Charles K. Dodds 
!11 .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. Lorne .:\1. ::-ìomen'ille 

13 .:\lr. and .:\lrs. G. Tice Bastedo 
106 .:\Ir. and 1\Irs. J. Herbert .:\lilnes 
109 .:\lr. and .:\lrs. John B. Hallwonh 
109 ::\lr. and 
lrs. Herbert J. Loye 
111 .:\lr. and :Mrs. Percy Hamilton Kane 
113 .:\lr. and ::\lrs. 
eton Thompson 
114 :\lrs. Charles Trow 
115 .:\Irs. Georg-e E. Lumsaen 
I1ti .:\11'. and .:\lrs. John .:\Iacdonald 
119 Prof. (::\1._\.) and .:\lrs. .\. L. Langford 
6 .:\11'. and .:\Irs. "Talter J. Bolus 
133 :\11'. and :\Irs. John A. Xorthway 
139 .:\Ir. and 
lrs. Thos. E. .:\lenzies 
1-1:; .:\11', and :\Irs. Herhert R. Tilley 
14. .:\11'. John '\T. L. Forster 
T 1111.1. RO.ll) 
"; Dr. ancl :\Irs. Fred I
e 1\1 Grasett 
14 :\11'. and .:\lrs. Rtephen H. Chapman 
1;) .:\11'. and 1\Irs. George A. \Yalton 
19 .:\11'. and .:\Irs. G. Larratt Smith 

3 .:\11'. and .:\lrs. 1\Iartin Grahame 
36 :\11'. (R.C.) am] .:\II's. James \\T. Bain 
 .:\11'. and .:\Irs. Hohert Sorthe,' 
46 .:\11'. and .:\11's. E,lwin A. Langmuir 
lr. am] :\lrs. Hewett Sproul ::-ìmith 
46 .:\Irs. Sproul 
I .:\Iajùr and .:\lrs. Harold (". Bickford 
:;0 .:\lrs. X. F. Scohie 
r.O .:\11'. and .:\lrs. Thomas .\llen 
 :\11'. an,] .:\Irs. A. Frank "oickson 
r.4 .:\lr, and :\Irs. Robert A. Baker 
6;) .:\11'. and :\Irs. n T . n. Pace 
r;!j :\Ir. and 1\1rs. \YiIliam J. Lind 
fiS .:\Ir. and ::\lrs. A. H. Jeffrey 
 .:\lr. and .:\lrs. Da ,'id Hen,lerson 
70 ::\lr. ana .:\lrs. .John A. :\Iaclntosh 
..) Prof. and .:\lrs. J. Playfair .:\lc

'J .:\11'. and .:\Irs. A. Le,'y 
S4 :\11'. George Ril10ut 
 :\11'. and .:\11's. 'Yilliam Xorthgrave 
!IO .:\11"8. A Xorman Burns 
!11 :\11'. and :\lrs. Frederirk J. A vlward 
!I:! .:\lr. and .:\11'8. William n. Gr
!13 .:\11'. and :\lrs. \Yilliam .J. Kernohan 
!t-! .:\11". and .:\Irs. "T m . n. Rehurn 
!IS :\11". and .:\11'8. \\ïlliam Apps 
.:\Ir. and :\lr8. F. A. Br'ophey 
.:\Ir. and .:\11's. F. '\'. Chapman 
.:\Ir. and .:\11'8. Thomas 'Vatkins 
B.\I(' I(().\I) 
10 .:\lajo1" anc] :\lr8. Hohert .:\Ivlt:'s 
14 .:\Ir. and :\In.;. HalTY n. H
').J .:\Ir. and :\lr8. ('harles S. .:\Iac,]onald 
:!S Vr. and Mrs. ('has. \\". 1". Lt'nnox 
:n .Judge and .:\lrs. J. Herhf'rt Df'nton 

:; .:\Ir. and :\lr8. S. ("ase
' \\'ood, Jr. 
... .:\11'. and :\lrs. It. Frederic Charlton 
41 .:\In;. (;porg-e F. Hagarty 
.j:\ .:\Ir. and :\Ir's. .James Bran,10n 
:;u :\fr". and .:\lrs. T a wrence non] 
!í:! .:\Ir. an,] :\11"s. 'Y. .\rnot "I.åick 
!í4 .:\Ir. an,] :\Ir-s. \\r. FOl'd Howlanò 
::\lr. an,] .:\11's. Hichar',] n. Hol,1t'Il 
4 i
 .:\11'. an,1 .:\Irs. 1'. BurnR 
4 -;
 .:\Ir!':. H. A. n) an 

(}l-EE:\"S HOTEL 
-.:\Irs. George E. Broa,]fteld 
lr. Jacçb Lewis Englehart 

219 Mr. 
teplH'n B. Dawson 

UFFHE\:' ....TUE.
19 Mr. and .:\lr::;. \Yarren R. ("oryell 
203 1\11'. and .:\Irs. Halph !'. .:\lacdonald 
2:?1 Mr. and 
Irs. .J. .\rthur .:\Iacmurtry 
2:!3 Mr. and .:\lr8. \\ïlliam R. Proctor 

 .:\11'. Thomas Flynn 
1 Mr. and ::\lrs. ,Yo H. Lockhart Gordon 
(; EHH.\ HI) I'\THEET, E.\:-oT 
21 Dr. and .:\Irs. Charles J. "Tagner 
21 ::\Irs. "ï II iam .J. ". ag-ner 

6 Dr. and :\ll's. Graham Chambers 
30 Dr. and :\lrs. _-\dam H. ""right 
'i0 Dr, and Mrs. "ïlliam, P. ea\'en 
74 Dr. and Mrs. TIobert J. :\lac.:\lillan 
189 Dr. and Mrs. J. Churchill Patton 
(a'"E'X:o. STREET 
117 .:\lr. and .:\lrs. John R. ::\Iarlow 
30:; Mr. and .:\Irs. "ïlliam Xeilson 
(ìLEX A' E
9 Mr. and .:\lrs. Alfred S. Rogers 
26 1\lr. and .:\.1rs. IrÜng \Yells Smith 
(a,I"':X RU.\H 
16 Mr. and .:\ll's. John A. Cooper 
24 .:\lrs. Hamilton P. O'Connor 
30 Miss A u,]rey E. S. Allan 
3u .:\lr. and .:\lrs. .\. F. .:\lacLaren 
30 Mr. and .:\Irs. George t 'ecil :\Ioore 
40 .:\11'. and .:\lrs. ::-ìutherland .:\Iacklem 
41 .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. James F. Ed
4:; .:\Ir. and .:\lrs. "ïlliam Croft 
46 .:\Ir. and 1\Irs. "ïlliam T. .:\Iclntn'e 
4!\ 1.\Ir. and .:\11'8. Geo. Franklin .:\lèFarland 
51 .:\lr. anc1 .:\Irs. .-\mhrose J. ::-ìmall 
!í4 :\Ir. a 111] .:\Irs. G. Frank Beer 
5:; :\lr::;. _\. 1'. Bickell 
fin 1\1r. C'asimir ::-ì. GzO\yski 
Ir. and .:\11's. Xorman G. Gzowski 
fi:! .:\lr. and .:\Irs. nt'orge H. Harg-raft 
G4 1\Ir. and 1\Irs. ,J oSt'ph E. _\tkinson 
6:; 1\Ir. and 1\Irs. Thomas U. .\ndt'rson 
fifi Re\', and .:\Irs. R. :\1. ('amphell 
Gfi :\Ir. and :\Ir
. Phillip "0. Ellis 
fi7 .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. T't'leg Ho\\ land 
GS :\Ir. a 111] .:\Irs. Fran}\: H. Potts 
71) :\lr. an,] ::\ll"s. \\Om. .J. Loyering 
SO Hon, and Mrs. "". H. Heal'st 

1 .:\11". and :\fr's. ,John ,1. .:\lcLaug-hlin 

3 .:\Ir. an,] .:\Irs. Frank :\lcLaughlin 
Sá Dr, and :\ll"s. E. G. "Tood 
S6 Mr. and .:\Irs. Freder'ick n. Hohins 
S7 .:\lr. an,1 .:\Irs. Andrt'w \\r. <'arrick 

9 :\Ir. and .:\11's. G. C;onlon ::\lills 
!H) :\Ir. a11l] :\II's. Frf'dt'rick G. Clarke 
94 .:\Ir. an,] .:\Irs. ,John n. :\Iorris 
91; .:\Jr. and .:\Irs. .\lfrt'd Benson Fisher 
!Ii :\11'. an,] :\Irs. Kenr'ic n. :\Jan:hall 
111 ::\11'. and .:\Irs. .\ llwrt Heno" C, Pr'octor 
111) ::\11'. and :\Irs. \Villiam R Hough 
11. .:\Ir'. and .:\Irs. ()mt'r F. nice 

Telephone Main 1655 


Established 1859 



Paintings Water Colors, 
Eastern Rugs, 


99 Notre Dame Street West, 

l\lcKinnon Bldg.. l\Ielinda St., 

I ' l\lORRIS & CO:\IPA!\Y, LONDON, Eng., WaJI Papers & Tapestries 
, Eng., Eastern Rugs 


1".. . 

F,,\) 0':"'- 
-"Þ- o
\'}\t\"-' \,; 


.-(" \ 

.",' c:N\"'O 

{}"' \\y\ 
o 0' 

 \,>0 >t\' 

V" ...
S\" , 

!Ill""" .


60 Cents Per Box 

A delightful shampoo \vhich 
while it does KOT change the 
color of any shade of hair, imparts a beautiful lustre. Stimulates healthy 
gro\vth. A dainty Prichard & Constance product for fastidious women 
For sale by 1\1 urray-Kay Company and all first class dealers. 
Canadian A gents 
The International Distributing Co., 243 Bleury Street, Montreal 




119 Mr, and :Mrs, "ïlliam Claude Fox 
120 Dr. and :\Irs. O. H. Ziegler 
lr. and 1\Irs. George '\'. Blaikie 
124 Mr. and 
Irs. 'V. J. :\Ioode
128 :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Xorman D. 'Yilson 
130 Mr. and Mrs. Marmaduke Arthur 
132 Mr. and :\lrs. Frank E,'erist 
Ir. and Mrs. C'harles A. Da,'ies 
13:} Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kent 
157 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Kennedy 
lr. and 
lrs. Richard R. 
151\ Mr. and 
Irs. "". X. Eastwood 
1fì4 Mr. Cal \"in ,Yo Defoe 
170 :Mr. and 
Irs. Arthur \\". 'Yilliams 
178 Mr. and l\Irs. Henry King "ïcksteed 
 Mr. and :\Irs. Frank B. Poucher 
204 l\lr. and :\Irs. J. H. \Yalker 
Mr. and :\Irs. Jess Applegath 

Ir. amI Mrs. George 

GLEX (;!tOYE _\'"E
18 Dr. and :\Irs. George L. Ball 
3S Lieut.-C'ol. and :\hs. .J oHeph G. Langton 

7 1\Ir. and Mrs. \\
m. T. 

49 :\lr. and Mrs. James K, Pickett 
:\Ir. and Mrs. Richard L. Bakel' 
S5 :\Ir. and l\lrH. n. A. l'ring-Ie 
lr. and 
lrs. \\ïlliam \Yyndow 
100 Prof. (Mus. Doc.) and Mrs. 1\Iichel 
H an1hourg 
10::; :\Ir. James G. Shaw 
 Y.\LE \Y1'

Ir. Roy S. Yan Ylack 
73 :\Ir. (H.C.-\.) anlI :\lrs. F.. \Yyly Grier 
2 Mr. Rt:>gina1fI f10ulthee 
Ir. and 
lrH. Richard G. Raigent 
190 Mr. and :\Irs. ('. B. 
(; H.\ FT()X \ \' E:\ I E 
27 Major and :\Irs. H
 11ert K. Barker 
(;H.\"(;E I{().\O 
4 Mr. (KJ'.) and :\Irs. .John King 
X.\lHEH. HO.\n 
I1R ::\11'. amI ::\Ir
. .James R. 
Ir. and 1\Irl':. Bryce n. Hunter 
1;)1 ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Harold n. Howe 
Ir. and :\Irs. Ed win (.. Bakt'r 

(; HE
 \'1 LI.E sTHEE'r 
21 RI-v. (D.n.) and :\Ir
. \\ïlliam Briggs 
,,-) Mr. and :\Irs. Henry A. Taylor 
27 .:\lr. and ::\In.;. Z. n. La!':h 
:if; :\Ir. and :\I1's. \\ïlliam D. ::\lcTntosh 
:i!1 :\1 r. anlI :\lr
. "'elling-ton \. Cameron 
'i I Prof. 01..\.) amI :\11's. \\Ïlliam S. :\lilner 
'is H on. Ro!Jprt .Jaffray 
'is :\Ir. and :\11's. \\ïlliam n. ,Jaffl'a)-" 
93 ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. Alexander :\1. Campbell 
(;I{OS\ E
13 :\11'. and 
11'!':. \\ïll H. Xcwsollle 

Ir. and l\Irs, John \\Tilkinson 
33 Mr, and ::\Irs. '\\ïlliam, Muldrew 
34 Dr. and Mrs. Freel R. Mallory 
45 Dr. and Mrs. D. J. Gibb \\ïshart 
51 Mr. Peter Ryan 
;)1) Mr. and :\ll's. Henrv Sheard 
57 Mr. and 
ll's. Rohe;.t H. Temple 
70 ::\11'. (K.C'.) and Mrs. Arthur \Y. Anglin 

G\\"YXXE .\ YEXrE 
14 ::\Ir. and :\Irs. John J. ""right 
11.\ HC){()FT HO.\O. 111(.11 P.\HK 
::\Ir. and ::\lrs. James A. Har\"ey 

H.\ YELO('Ii: !-tTREET 
14 7 
[r. and Mrs. James "T. Allan 
211 1\11'. and Mrs. Charles Phillips 

11.-\ WTIIORXF A Y}:xr"
2 :\Ir. anò Mrs. Charles C, Cummings 
3 :\Ir. anò Mrs. 
y(Iney B. Sykel': 
9 :\Ir, and ::\[1'8. Frank Graham 
10 ::\lrs. H. H. Strathy 
lr. anc1 1\Irs. "T. ,,
. Beer 
1 ï 
lr. and l\Irs. "T. H. .:\lcGuire 
Ir. and :\ll's. r. O. Lucas 
20 Dr. amI 
[rs. Jamf'1'; C. "Tatt 
2X :\Ir. and :\Irs. Thomas C. 'Yatson 
30 ::\Ir. and ::\Irs. Trumbull ""an'en 
32 :\Ir. and :\Irs. JamE's H. 
[r. and :\Ir!':. "'m. B. 'Yoods 
41 Mr. and :\Irs. Yictor E. Blackhall 
44 ::\lr. and :\Irs. Ran(Iolph S. 
Ir. and :\lrs. Ernest L. Kingsley 
48 .Mr. and :\frH. "T. E. Fairclough 
 E (..\RnE:\
4 Mr. and ::\Irs. \Y. P. Gund
:) .Mr. and :\Irs. F.ustace G. Bird 
6 Mr. and 1\Irs. .:\leI\"ilIe P. \\Thite 

3 Mr. antI :\Irs. 'Ym. P. Bonsall 

;)8 :\[r. antI ::\Irs. Ehenezer BE'IIfor<l 

IL\ZEL\\"OO)) .\ \'EXl' E 
40 Dr. and :\lrs. ,,'altt:>r E. Lund
liE \'1'11 
T){EET. "':.\
26 :\Ir. and Mrs. ('harlE's C. Hall 
;-.9 l\Ir. and 
II"H. ('Teol'Poe H. Hunt 
 :\Ir. and Mrs. .1. Frank \\ïldman 
lr. and ::\Irs. Gor(Ion Taylor 
THEE'I" \\ E

 :\Ir. and Mrl':. Henry X. Baird 
Ir. awl :\11'1':. Fre(I A!':a Hall 
3!1 :\lrs. Thomas D. Delamere 
Ir. awl MI's. ('harleI': (-;.. :\lrGilI 
63 Prof. and :\1rs. lIE'rlwl"t K T. Haultain 
 Dr. and :\ll"s. D. Camphell :\leyers 
91 :\Irs. T. Douglas 
94 :\11'. and 1\1rs. John U. Hawthorne 
10S 1\11'. and ::\Irs. .\ Ihert l\Iatthe\\ s 
111 ::\11's. ,John D. Xasmith 
Ir. and l\I1"
. Auhrey ('. Hurst 
O :\11'. and :\lrH. (';'. 
4 :\Ir. and ::\11'
. E(Iwani E. La\\"son 
1:!6 :\11'. and :\ll's. G. 
elwyn Holnwsted 
x MI'. and :\11's. Fred. \Y. Gate
130 :\11'. antI ::\Irs. .1.)hn Hl'rhert HylalÙt. 
ISfl ::\11'. and ::\11':5. (;ordon T. Jl'nning's 



184 Mr, and Mrs. Reuben Millichamp 
200 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Runlsey 
201 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley S. Stayner 
 Mr. and Mrs. 'Ym. E. Somerset 
204 Mr. and Mrs. Carl ,Yo Rous 
212 Mr. and Mrs. ,Vatson Sime 

72 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Richardson 
53 Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Gordon 
Ir. and Mrs. David A. Dunlap 
HU.H J>.\R){ A YEXC"
lr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Glass 
166 Mr, and Mrs. Herman Heintzman 
178 Prof. (13..\.. Ph.D.) and Mrs. 'Ym. J. 
Ir. and Mrs. Ruhert .J. Bruce 
HUì H P.\RI{ ß()(OLE\' ARD 
Ir. and 
Irs. R. '\". Pretty 
Ir. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer 
5 Mr, and Mrs. K C. Halligan 
6 Mr. and 
Irs. Charles Yictor Harding 
10 Mr. and Mrs. '1'. Foster Hire 
lr. and Mrs. James Langskill 
16 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. 'Vilgar 
21 1\11'. and Mrs. 'Yilliam Douglas 
Ir. and Mrs. George '1'. 'Volfe 
:>0 Mr. and Mrs. John J. 'Valsh 
Ir. and Mrs. Edgar "Y. houlding 
77 Judge and Mrs. John '\Tinchester 
}lHìll 1..\lU{ G.\RnEXS 
;) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph "T. Xorcross 
1:ï Mr. and Mrs. G. F. James 
lr. and Mrs. 'Villiam Long 
3:> .:\11'. and Mrs. Andrew Dods 

HHìllL.-\xns A ,oEXloE 
1 l\lr. and Mrs. Harry Ryrie 
9 Mr. (M.P.P.) and 
Irs. Harry í'. Schol- 
4;) Mr. and 1'.lrs. "T. R. Percival Parker 
47 .:\11'. and Mrs. \Villiam A. Kemp 
Ir. and Mrs. (,harles .J. Gihson 
!íí Dr. and Mrs. R. Gordon McLean 
61 Dr. and ::\Irs. C'harles S. Murray 
63 Re'". and Mrs. Rohert M. Hamilton 
G3 Mr. and Mrs. James R. McLean 
G6 Mr. and 
lrH. J. 'V. Bengough 
71 Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. K. George 
81 Mr. an<l 
Irs. Frank A. Bowden 
s.) Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam B. Maclean 
S5 Mr. and Mrs. 
\lexander Mills 
S6 Mrs. 'V, R. Parker 
S 7 Mr. and Mrs. Ppter A. Mcí'allum 

9 Mr. and Mrs. (,harles Hoffman Xeely 
100 Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kimhark 
102 Mr. (K.í'.) anò Mrs. Henry H. Robertson 
104 ::\11'1;;. A. Buròett Lee 
10S Mr. and Mrs. \Ym. Brayhrooke Bayley 
7 Mr. and Mrs. Rohert "Y. Magee 
ß()HO A '"E
Miss F. M. King 
f)2 Mr. and Mrs. A lhert E. Heys 
64 ::\11'. and Mrs. Thomas Heys 

nO.\I E,\'()on .-\ ,oEXloE 
20 Mrs. 'Villiam S. Blackstock 
20 Mrs. Jas. H. McKeggie 
82 Mr. and Mrs. Fred'k ,Yo Lyonde 
84 Mr. and Mrs. George H. 01'1' 
93 Miss Alice E. Hill 
107 Mr. and 
Irs. Richard M. Fahey 
107 Hon. (.M.D., LL.D.) and Mrs. Robert A. 
10 Mr. and Mrs. Archibald IV!:. Huestis 
72 Dr. and Mrs.. Alexander Hamilton 
107 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Atkinson 
164 Dr. and 
Irs. 'Ym. Theophilu/': Stuart 
\ RD 
49 Mr. and Mrs. "Tm. í'ooke 
55 Mrs. John K. Falconbridge 
80 Mr. and Mrs. John 1'.1. Bascom 
98 Mr. and Mrs. Guy de Lancey l{obinson 
HO"oL-\XU \ ,OEX('E 
21 Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Miller 
32 Mr. and 
Irs. Herhert .\. Locke 
38 Mr. an<l .Mrs. Arthur P. Ste\\"ard 
41 Mr. and Mrs. James .\.. 
42 Prof. and Mrs. Rohert \Y Angus 
46 Prof. an<l 
Ir/':. Alhert H. Abbott 
fi6 Mr. and Mrs. Jose})h '1'. Clark 
73 Mr. and 
Irs. Frank 13. Johnston 

1 Mr. and Mrs. Fred'k "T. ,Jacobi 
89 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. H. Scott 
9:ï Mr. and Mrs. Lionel G. AmHden 
99 Mrs. 'Yarren ,Yo Baldwin 
107 Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Edward M. Chad- 
111 Mrs. .John ('ana\"an 
1U The Rt. He\". Lord Bishop ßI.A., D.D.) 
and 1\1r/':. J. Fielding Rweeny 
131 Mr. and Mrs. í'harles :KiehauH 
139 Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam ('. Brent 
14S Mr. and Mrs. í'larence S. Acton 
161 Mr. Charles H. S})roule 
32 Mr. and .Mrs. John T. Small 
34 Mr. and ::\Irs. í'harles E. Cah-ert 
3:í Mrs. James C'lelan<l Hamilton 
 1\11'. and 
II's. D. Ogden Ellis 
48 Mrs. 'Ym. G. Bilton 
52 Mr. and 
Irs. Frank G. Morley 
54 Mr. and 1\1rs. Arthur Ellward Huestis 
63 Mr. and -:\Irs. .John 
I. Sherlock 
6:ï Mr. and 
Irs. George E. Patterson 
67 Mrs. Thomas Dunnptt 
77 Miss 
'largaret T. Rcott 

4 Mrs. George Spf'nce 
120 Mr. and Mrs. Alt:'xander D. Crooks 
12;) Mrs. '1'. G. Dexter 
126 Mr. and 
Irs. 'Yalter D.E. Strickland 
178 Dr. and .:\Irs. George H. Carveth 
231 Mr. H. B. Beaumont 
246 Mr. an<l ::\Irs. Thomas ('. Ir\'Ïng 
2:>0 Miss Margaret Mackay 
2:ï6 Mr. an<l Mrs. George Pel1per 
Ir. and Mrs. Laurie B. Lyall 
291 Mr. G. Harold Muntz 
297 Mr. Edwar<l Cronyn 
298 Miss May Duggan 
310 Mr. and Mrs. John 'V. Hewetson 




::\11'. A. :\lelyille Stewart 
.:\11'. Richard Locke 
::\11'. and Mrs. Frederick C. Applegath 
JUdge and Mrs. Ed ward Morgan 
Miss :\Iary Thurlow 
.:\Irs. George Rea yes 
:\11'. and Mrs. \Y. Hamilton Burns 
:\11'. ,nlliam J. Mc:Uurtry 
::\11'8. ::\Iary G. Cronyn 
::\11'. and :\Irs. Robert ,Yo Pentecost 
:\Ir. and Mrs. George J. :\lcLeod 
:\11'. and 1\11's. E. Hanley Baines 
Dr. and Mrs. C. \\T. ('lark 
He\". (:\1..-\..) and 
Irs. Charles J. James 
Prof. (:\I.A., Ph.D.) Arthur P. Coleman 
DI". and 1\Irs. C 13. Shuttleworth 
Miss Florence Hoberts 
::\Ir. and :\ll"s. Frank :McPhillips 
(.olonel and Mrs. \\ïlliam C. Macdonald 
:\Irs. Hobel.t A. Smith 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas ::\Iillmall 
l\lr. and ::\lrs. "Tilliam R. Smyt h 
::\11'. and !\Irs. Henry P. Teml;le 
Hon. Justice BYl"on BI.itton 
::\11'. and :\Irs. .Ùbert .1. H. Eckardt 
::\In:, Samuel ,,-. Beard 
:\Iiss Helen Kay 
:\11'. and ::\Irs. Hohf:'rt ::\Iulholland 
.:\11'. and :\Irs. J. Lorne Campbell 
:\11". Alexander G. Ramsay 
:\11'. al1l1 ::\ll"s. :\lulTay J. \\-oodlJridge 
:Mr. and ::\ll"s. Fl"ancis 1'. Brazill 
::\11'. and l\ll"s. H. P. Baird 
::\11', an(l :\lrs. Horace A. Flem ming 
Prof. (:\1..\., LT..D,) and :\Irs. John 
::\11'. and :\11'8. Thomas E. Fraser 
::\11'. and Mrs. Edmund Henry Duggan 
.:\liss Alicf' .:\1. Gl"indlay 
Thf' Rt. He\.. Bh;hop and ::\Irs. 'Vm. D. 
:\11'. an(l ::\11'8. Arthur .J. Glazebrook 
::\11'. and ::\lrs. G. L. Mackay 
:\11'. and ::\Irs. ::\1. Stanley L. Richey 
:\11'. and Mrs. Tom S. G. I'epler 
::\11'. and Mrs. Mos
s 1\1. Cohen 
:\11". and Mrs. .Tames T. Heid 
::\11'. and Mrs. "\\ï11iam Ru
se11 Skey 
:\11'. and Mrs. Gpol"ge H. Grf:'gg 
:\11'. f LL.D.) and ::\lrs, 'xewman 'V. 
::\In;. Donald í' Ridout 
.:\11'. amI :\lrs. .Joshua C. O'Beirne 
::\lrs. Frank :\lacKelcan 
::\Irs. E. (' Hopkins 
::\Ir. and :\Irs. \\-. (;(>orgf' Eakins 
::\11'. and ::\Irs. E. n. Temple 
:\ll"s. Freflt:>rick P. 8yans 
::\11". 11 emT L. Smyth 
:\11.. and :\lrs. K Stanley 'Vf:'l1ington 
::\11". and ::\Irs. A. E. Donoyan 
:\lr. an(l :\ll"s. FI'ank Yeigh 
Hr. and :\lrs. .Iohn L. Oi11e 
::\lr. and :\11's. Ernest Scott 
::\Ir. and ::\Ir:;;. \Yi11iam Brown 
(.apt. and Ml"s. .Iohn :\Ic\ïttie 
1\lr. an(l ::\Irs. C:oodwin (;ibson 
:\1r. and :\11'8. \\ïlliam Kf:'enan 
:\1 r. and ::\ll"s. .1 ames :\1. II ung-('rforrl 
Prof. (:\1..\.) awl Mrs. .\dam Carruthers 
:\Ir. an(l :\Irs. DaYid Carlyle 
;\11". and Mrs. Thomas Alh('rt ""f:'1ch 
::\11'. an(l :\11'8. Chas. n. ('umbpr!and 
.:\In;. Thomas .\. Lyt1e 
MI". and Mrs. Itiehard ,r. 



.J' ., 

6 'J- 


::\11'. and .:\lrs. \YilIiam K. :\Ic:-':aught 
He\'. and :\Irs. John :\lcAlpin 
:;\-11'. a11<l .:\Irs. ,James F. "-hitson 
::\11". and Mrs. Edwin Crockett 
::\ll"s. Alexander H. Xotman 
Miss Mary Bain 
Mr, and .:\II"S, \Yilliam H. Hunter 
Mr. an(l ::\Irs. Rhys. D. Fairhairn 
::\11', and :\Irs. Fl"ederick Clark 
:\11'. and Mrs. James B. 8utherland 
:\11'. and .:\ll"s. George B. Ball 
::\11'. and l\-Irs. \Vm. P. .:\Iacdougall 
::\11". (K.C.) and :\Jrs. E(lward J. Hearn 
:\11". and ::\11's. Xorman n. A. l\IcCutcheon 
Mr. and Ml"s. Egnlund G. :5taunton 
Dr. Ho\\ anI ,Yo Anderson 
l\Ir. and ::\Irs. George \\'. 
::\11'. and ::\Irs. H f:'nry Balm 
::\11'. and Ml"s. "ïlliam Carter 
:\11'. and ::.\ll"s. .John 
yln:'ster ::\lcKinnon 
1\11'. and .:\Irs. .John C. Johnston 
Vr. and ::\ll"s. "'m. E. Hamill 
:\lr .John E(lmond McLeo(l 
.:\11'. anLl .:\Irs. H. Howland Gillespie 

lXIH.\X (iH()\-E 
8 :\11'. C. H. Acton Bond 
51 :\11'. anll ::\Jrs. "ïlliam Hammall 
53 ::\11'. and Mrs. F. H. Snow 
59 Mr. and :\ll"s. Edward Hyland 
 :\11'. and :\Irs. '\'. T Pemher 
7:) ::\11'. and ::\ll"s. I. L. :\litchf:'ll 
79 .:\11". and Mrs. T. H. Keough 
 DL\":\" RO.\n 
149 Dr, ana .:\Irs. FI'e<lerick P. l\liIlal"d 
2S9 .:\11'. and :\ll"s. HiI'am ::\1. Mulholland 
293 .:\lr. and 1\1n.;. Allan B. Fislwr 
297 1\11'. amI .:\ll"s. Samuel ,John .:\Joore, Jr. 
317 .:\-11'. and :\lrs. "-alter J. Fle\\"welling 
34] :\11'. and ::\Irs. J. 
tewart Lun(ly 
34:; :\Ir. and ':\ll's. .\ 11anson L('adlay 
Ir. an(l :\lrs. Alex. .\. .:\laclntosh 
3(iS Mr. and ::\lrs. Yictor E. GianellI 
376 l\lr. an(1 :\Irs. Ale"ander L. Johnston 
3S6 Mr. and Ml"s. (;. So HansOJu 
O .:\Ir. and :\lrs. E(I\\'ar<1 (r. E. Ffolkes 
430 ::\Ir. and :\Irs. X. B. Chamberlain 
433 1\11'. Paul Hahn 
43:) ::\11'. and 1\I1'S. lTt-.rhert Ellesworth Smith 
437 .:\Ir. and :\lrs. \\'m. 1". Sparling 
43S :\11'. and .:\lrs. "ïlliam Dunlop 
44:) :\11'. an<1 .:\Ir
. Paul yon Luhicz 
4r.7 :\11'. and ::\Irs. Charles H. Francis 
4G9 Capt. and ::\Irs. .\lfl"ed T. Hunter 
IXIH.\X HO.\n ('nES(,l':
IS ':\11'. an(1 1\1rs. ,Taines C Coomhf's 
!í3 .:\11'. ana 1\I1'S. Fr('(h'rick :\1. Tuckett 

I:-o.\HELI..\ :-oTHEET 
1 ï ])r. and .:\lr
. ('harll's Frederick 1\Ioore 
IS :\1 n;;. E(1\\ an} .\dams 
21 1\liss .\(l('laide ('rawford 
 :\11'. .John n. ::\lontg-omeI"Y 

 :\1.... and 
Trs. \\"ïllial11 .1.. :\Inntgomery 
27 ::\11'. and .:\ll"s. .\ Ifl"(>d noulthee 
4:) :\ll's. 1\Ial'
' Calder 
61 :\11.. and MI's. ('harlt's H. T'f:'t,.y 
63 l\11.. an(l ::\Irs. nf:'org-f:' C:. Lt-. :\Iesurler 
6fÎ .:\11'. and :\Irs. Hohel't S, Chilton, Jr. 
f.S })I". an<1 ::\Irs. Gf'()I"g"f:' .\. Bing-ham 
SO The Honol'ahle Sir (;Ienholmc a.nd Lady 
83 Dr. Julia Thumas 



88 Mr. Joseph \\Tright 
89 Mr. and Mrs. Dadd Morton, Jr. 
90 Hon. (1\'I.P.P" K.C.) James J. Foy 
118 Mr. and Mrs. Aylmer L. Ogden 
122 Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Cragg 
124 Mr. Samuel R. \\ïckett 
127 Mr. Gerard G. Ruel 
129 Mr. John Flett 
131 Mr. and Mrs. ,John S. Playfair 
137 Mr. anel Mrs. Herhert 1\1. ASling 
 Mrs. Adam, F. Macdonald 
143 Mr. and Mrs. John Sloan 
141 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dignum 
146 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Dalton 
162 Mr. and Mrs. Edward ,Yo Cox 
1G8 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Beatty 
.J.\('liES A '-EXrE 
9 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Rolph 
11 1\11'. and Mrs. O. Herbert Sheppard 
36 Mr. and Mrs. Mill 'V. Fellatt 
44 Mr. ana Mrs. Charles E. À. Goldman 
48 Mr. and Mrs. Armand X. Heintzman 


Mr. and Mrs. George Gall 
Mr. and Mr::;. Arthur Penman 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Coryell 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred ,Yo Godson 
1\11', and Mrs. Jacoh À. Kan1Jnerer 
Mr. ana Mr
. J. H. L. Patterson 
1\1rs. Annie G. H. '''hite 
Miss Elizabeth R. 'Villiams 
Mr. ana Mrs. 'Vm. J. McMurtry 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Culver 
Mr. and Mrs. :'\ orman ('pcil Maynard 
Mr. and Mrs. Elh\"ard Job 
1\11', 'Villiam H, Shapley 
Mrs. A. l\leLean Howard 
Mr. and Mrs. 'Villimn JunoI' 
Rey. and Mrs. A. Logan Geggie 
Mr. and Mrs. Lorne P. Marsha]) 
Mr. and Mrs, John G. Robinson 
Mr. and 1\Irs. Horace Hillyard Hastings 
Mr, and Mrs. E. Mackenzie 
Mr. (M.A., Ph.D.) and Mrs. Ssaac J. 
Mr. and Mrs. "Tilliam \\Talsh 
MI'. and 1\Irs. James J. 'Yarren 
Mrs. Matthew P. ('lemes 
Mr. anc1 1\Irs. Andrew D. Harris 
Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Sing 
Dr. and Mrs. E. 
\. PeakeI' 
Mr. and 1\1rs. John l\Iorrow 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel John Moore 
Mr. anrl Mrs. Ernst I. J en king 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas .McIlwain 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith 
Mr. and 1\Irs. J. B. Andrew 
Mr. anel Mrs. 
amuel McCallum 
Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter Harland Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. George F. 'Vatson 
Mr. and 1\Irs. S. P. Langdon 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Gouinlock 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Balfour 
Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph E. Rogers 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry nodson 
Mr. and -:\Irs. .J. 'V. Thompson 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meek 
lVIr. anc1 Mrs. Barnett Danson 
Mr. anc1 ::\In;. Alexander C. Macpherson 
Mr. and '1\lrs. S. Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam F Mountain 
Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Curry 
Dr. and Mrs. James Spence 

1 ')- 


190 Mr. and Mrs. "\Villiam J. Marshall 
196 Mrs. George D. Griffin 
215 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilpin 
217 Dr. James M Palmer 

200 Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1\1". Henderson 
214 Dr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Foster 
224 Mr. John "T. McCu])ough 
2281,6 Mr. and Mrs. John Carrick 
258 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Meredith Jarvis 
262 Mrs. Daniel 0, Brooke 
262 Capt. and Mrs. Harold J. Brooke 
263 Miss 
\Iary E. Carty 
276 Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'V. Dimock 
278 Mr, and Mrs. Alonzo M. 'Yright 
284 Mr. James .Kicho]son 
301 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rochereau de la 
311 Mr. and 1\Irs. Leonard .L. McMurray 
311 Mrs. Andrew Smith 
314 Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sheard 
317 1\Ir. and .Mrs. Hildebert Dorenwend 
321 Mr. ('urtis "ïlliamson 
5 Mr. Fredprick Diver 
326 Dr. and Mrs. John B. Hall 
335 Dr. and Mrs. Allan Adams 
337 Dr. and Mrs. .J. Orlando 01'1' 
3-16 Mr. and ::\lrs. G. H. Capron Brooke 
400 Mr. and :\lr8. James Ryrie 
404 Mr. Rohert McKay 
406 Mrs. Jennie H. Irish 
410 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Levy 
41-1 Mr.. Sidney L. Kent 
415 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 1'\airn 
427 Mr. and 1\1rs. Fred E(lwarrls 
43;) Miss Lee Lawler 
437 Mr. and Mrs. .Tm:eph Russell 
4-11 ::\11'. _..\ lfrell J. Mason 
443 Mr. and .Mrs. James B. Meacham 
4-16 Mr. Richard Brown 
4-1f1 Mrs. Edwanl Blake 
467 Prof. and Mrs. George M. "Trong- 
4fi9 :;\lr. and .:\lrs. Fredf'rick ,,-. Kingstone 
471\ Miss Ethel L. Lig-htbourn 
0 Mr. and Mrs. .A]frNl ""Y. Smith 
486 Rev. and Mrs. Robert X. Burns 
4S7 Mr. and .Mrs. Lothar Reinhardt 
490 Mr. and Mrs. 'ViIliam Crocker 
!)0-1 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Frankel 
506 Mr. anel Mrs. .John H. McKinnon 
512 Mr. Charles 'V. Band 
513 Mr. John n. Kif'ly 
513 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Long 
:;1-1 Mr. and Mrs. Rohert S. Gour]ay 
Irs. John M. Treh]e 
518 (,hief Justice Sir 'ViIliam Mulock 
518 Mr. and Mrs. \\"illiam Mulock 
fi19 Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Massey 
537 Mr. .John (,lausin Miller 
53S Mr. and Ml.S. ('awthra Mulock 
539 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams 
54!) Mr. anel Mrs. Hedley Shaw 
547 Lady Moss 
5;)0 Mrs. "'alter E. H. Massey 
5!'í9 Mr. 1Villiam Mackay 
5fi1 Dr. and Mrs. Albert Ham 
fi6!) '1\lr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. ("osg-ra\'e 
5fi6 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew .T. SomerYille 
h71 1\1"1". and Mrs. R. Ross Bongard 
571 Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam R. .Johnston 
575 Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Macdonald 
577 Mr. anel Mrs. George P. Reill 
La Plaza Apartments 



Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Baird 
Mrs. Edmund E. Rheppard 
579 Mr. and :\lrs. Donald :\lacdonald 
579 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Polson 
579 Mr. and :\Irs. Oscar F. Taylor 
579 Mr. and Mrs. Henry 1.. Thompson 
581 Mr. and :\Irs. Albert E. Hagerman 
596 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Blackwell 
599 Lt.-Co1. and Mrs. Arthur G. Peuchen 
603 Ven. Archdeacon and Mrs. Henry J. Cody 
604 Mr. John :\Iorison 
61)6 Mr. Edward Boisseau 
608 Mr. and 1\1rs. Morse Fellers 
608 Mrs. R. L. Gihson 
608 Mr. and :\Irs. Robert S. MC'lndoe 
613 Mr. anù Mrs. '\Tilliam T. Kernahan 
1 :\11'. and Mrs. T. R. Hinds 
627 Dr. and Mrs. George "T. Ross 
The 'Yellsboro Apartments 
-:\11'. and :\Irs. Ech\'ard A. English 
:\11'. and Mrs. Forbes Keith 
_ Mr. and Mrs. C, :\lcLean 

409 Lieut.-('olonel and :\Irs. Geo. A. Shaw 
866 Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gilmour 

\. "E
11 Dr. and Mrs. John L. Bray 
33 Mr. and Mrs. A. K Hessin 
37 Mr. Frank :\1. 
45 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Phillips 
70 Mrs. M. A. Baily 
70 Mr. an<1 :\Irs. Lurl K. ('ameron 
'i0 :\11'. and :\Irs. A Ifrpc1 J. :\lcGee 
79 Mr. and ::\Irs. G-rant ('ooper 
80 1\11'. and Mrs. Frederick A. Ritchie 

2 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis 
94 Mr. and Mrs. RiC'hard T. Coady 
 :\11'. and 
Irs. .J. Charlf's 
106 Mr. and ::\Irs. Charles H. Fuller 
116 Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Rtone 
118 :\Ir. and Mrs. Francis C. Lalonde 
119 :\11'. and :\Irs. Phineas McIntosh 

T()X H().\B 
ã Mr. anl1 Mrs. Alfred E. Ames 
864 Mrs John Taylor 
li1X(; I'òTREET 'E.\
King Edward Hotel 
Mr. anl1 Mrs. \\'illiam C. Bailey 
Mr. (K.C.) G. Tate Blackstock 

lr. Arthur P. (,hoate 
417 Rev. ('anon and Mrs. Hilliard C. Dixon 
31 Mrs. G. R. ::\Ic('onkey 
47 Mr. and :\Irs. Charles "... Clinch 
915 :Mr, anl1 :\lrs. Thomas E. Robertson 
:il Mr. an<1 1\Irs. R. ,Johnston Gou<1y 
:)3 ::\11'. and Mrs. ""il1iam A. Hart, Jr. 
76 Dr. and :\lrs. 'Yi\hur H. Harris 
R6 ::\11'. and Mrs. \Yillilam K B. Inglls 
1302 Mr. aml :\Jrs. Arthur Poole 
1326 Mr. and Mrs. George ,J. Bennett 
8 ::\11'. and 
Irs. ,lame's F. Xelles 
132S ('01. anl1 Mrs. Rohert L. Xelles 
1330 Dr. anl1 Mrs. Henry Be('\{er 
1339 Dr. anl1 Mrs. .Joseph Bascom 
1392 Dr. and Mrs. Gf'orge H. Clemens 
1403 ReY. anll :\Irs. 'Thomas :\1. Campbell 
1434 Mrs. J. Hamilton KanF- 
U6:í Mr. am1 Mrs. \Yilliam F. :\[orley 
U Sr, Mrs. Edwarù Y. Parker 

1494 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Davidson 
1508 :\11'. and Mrs. ,nlliam Alexander 
1510 ::\11'. and Mrs. "Tilliam E. Greig 
1526 Mr. and Mrs. Edmond L. Roberts 
1:i28 :\11'. and Mrs. Maurice J. Buckley 
1:)30 Mr. and :\lrs. "'illiam Galbraith 
1540 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cuffe 
1542 Lieut.-Col. J. Vance Graveley 
lr. and Mrs. "'illiam R. Pringle 
1574 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Platt 
Arlington Hotel 
Mr. George R. Harkness - 

Ir. Janles T. Locke 
Mr. George B. Xicol 
Mr. Arthur R. 
The Kingsley Apartments 
:Mrs. Morgan Bald,,'in 
Mr. and :\lrs. .John A. Burgess 
Prince George Hotel 
Mr. and :\lrs. Alhert Kleiser 
:1\11'. Korman Macrae 
1\11'. and 
Irs. Samuel Henry Thompson 

L\UrUX("1 AY'E'
19 ::\11'. and 1\1rs. G. Plunkett :\Iagann 
26 1\11'. \Yilliam R. Austin 
 Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Cousins 

L\li EYIEW ..\ Y'E'
37 ::\11'. and 1\lrs. A. :\1. Kenne<1Y 
42 Mr. and Mrs. \\Ï!liam B. Reid 

A:\I [>0 HT \ "E
1 :\11'. and 1\Irs. George :\1. :\1 ill er 
2 ::\11'. and :\1 rs. J oSf'ph Johnston 
3 1\11'. and 1\lrs. .J oh n ('roft 
4 Mr. and :\Irs. ,Yilliam H. Pearson, Jr. 
5 1\11'. and :\lrs. David B. 13owern1an 
10 Mr. Jan1es :\lcLenaghen 
11 Mr. and :\lrs. Joseph P. Rogers 


\., E
644 Mr. John H. Dunlop 

\. "I'
13 :\11'. and :\Irs. John :\1. G-idn 
57 :\11'. anll 1\lrs. Thomas F. :\Ionn)enny 
101 :\11'. and ::\Irs. Samuel .\rnoI11 
L\ \\ HE:\("E P.\UIi: 

[r. and 1\Irs. John Brooks 
::\11'. and 1\Irs. \\ïlfrid 
. Dinnick 

Ir. aml l\lrs. .John Firsthrook 
1\[1'. and 1\IrH. Julian Rale 

Mr. and 1\IrH. D. E. Kilgour 
.\\"TOX .\ '"EXI E 
100 1\1r. and :\lrs. .Tohn Housley Crake 
113 Mr. and :\Irs. George Harold 1\Iacdonatd 
L\XTnX \ ,"EXI-E 
1 Mr. and :\lrs. \Yilliam .\. Laxton 
2 1\11'. and :\Irs. ,John Guinane 
11 1\11'. anll :\lrH. Adam E. Klippert 
1;) .Mr. ant1 :\Irs. George Rathbone 
18 1\Ir. \Yilher Lawlt'ss 
20 :\11'. and 1\Irs. ,James Lang 
24 ",11'. and Mrs. ,Jesse O. :\lcCarthy 

6 :\Irs. Gl'orge Cooke 



42 Mrs. Arthur T. Gregory 
50 Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Cald\yell 
El"ry AYE
25 Mr. Charles D. Wre:\'Íord 
41 Mr. and Mrs. John C. \Yreyford 
46 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Austen 

1 Mrs. Charlotte E. Foster 
3 Mr. Thomas M. Scott 
6 Mr. and 
lrs. \Villiam Edward Da vièIsoYt 
11 Mr. Marshall D. Carder 

E HO.\D 
lr. and Mrs. T. Bowcher Clarke 
53 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Baird 
63 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Crosby SnÏ\oely 
68 Mr. and Mrs. \V. À. Denton 
73 Rev. and Mrs. James S. Broughall 
77 Prof. (M.A., Ph.D.) and Mrs. Frank B. 
137 Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam H. Millman 
223 Mr. Aemilus Baldwin 
Mr. and Mrs. Herhert Eccleston 
'The Lonsdale Apartments 
Mr. anù 1\1rs. James Pearson 

].ORXE }J.\RIi: 
!\Ir. and Mrs. L. A. Hamilton 
Mr. and :Mrs. George Arthur Jarvis 
Mr, and Mrs, Frederic HODer 

5 Mrs. ,John Townsend Sheridan 
6 Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. Hill 
lu Mr. t C.E.) ancl Mrs. Charles L. Fellowes 
12 Mr. and Mrs, Edward Barnard Xettle- 
13 1\lr. and Mrs. C'harles \Y. Irwin 
1!:1 1\1rs. Dawson \Y. Port 
19 1\1r. \Yinrlf>r Strathy 
23 Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas A. Hastings 
25 Mr. and Mrs. R. B. \Volse
26 Mr. and Mrs. Hohert Parkt:'r 
26 1\1rs. George N. Scott 
30 .1\1rs, Margaret Fleming 
30 .1\11'. Alex. K. Pringle 
33 Mr. and Mrs. Seely B. Brush 
36 Mrs. H. Russell Baldwin 
39 1\11'::;. Thomas H. George 
46 Mr. and Mrs. \ViIliam Garside 
:'0 1\1r. H. St. George Baldwin 
GO Mr. and Mrs. Miller Lash 
63 Mr. and Mrs. H. X. Gzowski 
G3 Miss HOl1e .Morg-an 
66 :\11'. ancl Mrs. \Vellington Francis 
67 Miss Elizabeth Martin 
69 Mr. and :\lr8. E. Percy Beatty 
70 Mrs. Da viiI S. Barclay 
71 Mr. and :\1rs. Thomas B. Lee 
74 Mr. ancl Mrs. John \\T. Drynan 
75 Mr. (K.C'., LL.D.) and Mrs. Chas. J, Hol- 
76 Rev. Prof. anfl Mrs. Elias M. Keirstead 
77 Mr. and 1\lrs. George F. Burton 
80 Mr. and :.\lrs. Ell ward A. Bog 
R2 Miss Elizabeth 'V. \Yhite 
84 Capt. and Mrs, \Vm. A. Medland 
86 Mr. and Mrs. .Tames K. McC'utcheon 
SS Mr. ancl Mrs. .lames \V. B. \Valsh 
96 Mr. and Mrs. .10hn T. Parker 
lOR Mr. ancl Mrs. Harry McGee 
108 1\1r. and Mrs. Da,.id H. Scott 

110 Miss Isabel George 
9 Mr. and Mrs. HaITY Herbert O'Flynn 
131 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. King 
133 Mr. and Mrs. Albert II. \Velch 
167 Mr. George Anderson 
169 Mr. and Mrs. .John Jennings 
171 Dr. and Mrs. Xewbold C. Jones 
173 Mr. and Mrs. R. À. Robinson 
181 Mrs. \Villiam A. Kavanagh 
2 Mrs. Timothy Eaton 
190 Mrs. Rolph Brecken 
192 1\11'. and Mrs. Oliver Hezzelwood 

YXIHH"R1'oi'1' .-\ ,TEXrE 
71 Mr. and Mrs. Sydney H. Jones 
9;) Dr. and Mrs. John M. Baldwin 

7 Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Gil)son 

 Mr. and 1\1rs. Edward Barnard Fielding 

 Mr. and Mrs. Frelleriek B. Eager 
10 Mr. (R.C.) and Mrs. S. H. Bradford 
11 Mr. and Mrs. Charles .A. Bendpr 
14 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hughes 
L'í Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ormsby Oliver 
16 Mrs. Harry \Yf:>bb 
17MI'. and Mrs. \\ïlliam R. Begg 
[,3 1\Ir. and Mrs. F. J. Kormann 
119 1\11'. and Mrs. George B. \Yoods 
73 Mrs. J. E. Graham 
73 Mr. Davis M. U':\Ieare 
ir. and Mrs. John H. Housser 
[';0 Mr. and Mrs. R H. Pipe 
82 Mr. and Mrs. Rpuben Harvey 
S3 lVII', and Mrs. John T. Eastwood 
85 Mr. and ,Mrs. J. Herbert Hall 

1 Mrs. \YilIiam l\Iara 
3 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. B. Allan 
11 Mr. and Mrs. "TaIteI' D. Steele 
16 .\\Ir, and Mrs. David \V. GlaHs 
IS Mr. a 1111 Mrs, .lames Hawken 

o Mr. and Mrs. ,John Ppace 

4 1\Ir. and Mrs. Peter Thomson 

6 Mr. anf1 Mrs. Harold E. Beatty 
30 Mr. and Mrs. 1. J. Gardner \Yalker 
2 Mr. and Mrs. \V. Hcott \Valdie 
6 Mr. and Mrs. J. Carl Reed 
7 Mr. and Mrs. Olin-r R. Macklem 
8 Mr. and 1\Irs. .lohn P. Oakley 
10 Mrs. "-illiam P. R. Street 
11 Mr. and Mrs. "-illiam Prendergast 
12 Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey E. Rpragge 
13 Mr. and Mrs. George \Y. Bedell 
H Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs, ,Vm. C'. Chisholm 
16 Mr. and Mrs. Rolwrt B. Elgie 
19 Mr. Charlps S. C'arlt:'ton 
22 Mr. and .:.\1rs. E. Sterling Dpan 

"'(.\{'PHERSOX A YEXl'E 
34 Mr. and Mrs. Milps \V. Green 
67 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick \\'rig-ht Angus 
S7 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Clarkp Lee 
131 Mr. and .\\Irs. Xewton McTavish 
237 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick \Y. Lane 

.JLlnISOX 1\ ,TEX(-E 
4 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Muirhead 
5 Mrs. Christina .\hell 
7 Mr. and Mrs. Elias E. Rlagh t 
8 Mr. and Mrs. F. Herbert Gage 



l\Ir. and :\Irs. \Ym. T. H. Selby 

lr. and :\ll"s. _-\llan Sullivan 
:\lr. amI :\11'8. 
. Bruce Harman 
Mr. and :\lr8, Hichanl _\. Raines 
1\1rs. Alexander :\1. Ross 
:vIr, anel :\lrs. George Kerr 
Mr. and ::\lrs. John _\. :\1. Alley 
::\lr. and 1\1rs. Thumas Xorman 

11"8. John I. Da \ idson 
Mr. and ::\lrs. Arthur H, Brook 
::\lrs. T. Camphell \Yallhridge 
::\lrs. ,John G. Le C'ronier 
1\1r. T'
obert D. Perry 
Dl'. (1\1.A., Ph.D.) am[ ::\lrs. Davielson 
:! 3 Mr. and l\lrs. '\"m. n. Ca \'ell 
:!-l Mrs. _\ndrew Crawford 

6 ::\lrs. Herman L. Cook 
:! 7 :\Iiss ::\1. A. Stewart 

8 ::\11'. and :\lrs. A. Doug1as :\lacArthur 
:!!ì ::\lrs. :\latthew Sweetnam 
30 ::\11'. and .:\lrs. Da \"id ::\L. Best 
31 Re\. and :\lrs. Eelwin A. ('ho\\'n 
 :\lr. anll ::\lrs. Xormah 1\. Sinclair 
3-l :\lrs. Elizaheth I3radshaw 

6 :\11'. Robel"t G. Da\'idson 
:\11' and :\lrs. .James Condon Keenan 
:\11'. and l\Irs, .John _\ird 
:\11'. and ::\lrs. Ellward n. GOlJderham 
:\11'. anll ::\lr8. Chetster n. Hamilton 
:\11'. and :\Irs. Allan A. ::\lark 
:\Ir. anll Ml"s. .John A. .:\lackellar 
:\lr. anll :\lrs. Edwin P. Gower 
:\1 n;. John A lexanrler 
::\11'. and ::\lrs. "'alter n. Green 
:\11'. ancl ::\11"8. Elmes Hendf'rson 
::\11'. and l\Irs. Alfred Ruggles \\'illiams 
1\11'. an(l ::\lrs. .\rchibald Hutchison 
1\11'. and ::\11"s. .r. Kerr Fisken 
1\11'. and :\Irs. Ed\\'ard .-\. Sca(lding 
1\11', an(l ::\lrs. G. "'. Drown 
::\11'. and ::\Irs. I
ohert S. F. ::\lc::\laster 
Mr. and ::\lrs. \Y. ('eeil Lf'c 
Dr. and .:\Irs. Hohf'rt .J. Hea(Ie 
::\11'. and .:\lrs. (;. Tower Fergus
::\11'S. Charlotte Prince 
73 :\11". 
ln(l ::\frs. E'''an ...\. Beg-go 
. -l ::\Irs. Hugh Gla
.î, ::\11'. an(l Frederic F. Skinner 
ïi :\11'. and 1\Jrs. "-. H, Tudhol)e 
.S :\11'. Danif'l \\'aters 
.9 ::\Irs. ,James 'Yalker 

l Prof. (:\1..-\.) and ::\Irs. Alfrf'(l Baker 
s,' ::\11'. and :\11'S. _-\le
an(ler Purse 
S-l :\11'. anll :\lrs. .John :\Iackay 
sî, Hon. and Mrs. \Yilliam A. Charlton 

III Rey. (O,D.) an(l :\lrs, 'Yilliam S. Griffin 
 ::\11', anel :\lrs. JanH's :\Iurrray 



;-, -l 
Ii Ii 

:\I.\lU:-OO,," _\",\I{T\.E
93 :\Irs. S. Fenton .\ rnton 
:\11'. and :\lrs. Harley ,y, Larkin 
:\lrs. James A. Proctor 
::\11'. and .:\lrs. Hamilton Russell 
::\Irs. C. Eg-erton Ryerson 
:\1iss Katharine S. Scott 
!If, :\lr. and 1\1rs. Edmun(l 'Yl'ag-g-e 
!IS :\11'. (K.C.) and ::\lrs. Harry Symons 
!19 1\11'. and ::\Jrs. Hf'ctor Lamont 
101 ::\liss Frances Dupont 
]O-l :\11'. anel :\lrs, .TanH's C. TIlack 
] O:i Mr. and :\ll's. G('org-e l\I(":\lurl'ich 
lOI) ::\11'. and 1\1rs. Edmun(l Gunther 
InS :\lajor anel 1\1rs. \\ïlliam G. ::\litchell 
] O!l ::\11'. and :\lrs. 11 orac(' ,,
. Burritt 
110 :\h'. and ::\JI'8. .\ rthur A. Percy Taylor 

1 -.) 


TIe\". and :\lrs. James A. Rankin 
1\11', and :\lrs. ',"m. H. Hargl'aft 
1\1r. and )'1rs. .J oSf:'ph H. HUntel' 
:\11'. {K.f'.) and :\lrs. badore F. Hellmuth 
:\Iiss E(Iith H. Kingsmill 
:\11'. and :\Irs. Thomas Eakin 
1\11'. and :\lrs. \\ïlliam E. Raney 
::\lr. and l\1I"s. James H. Lovell 
::\11'. and :\lrs. JaJnes G. Kent 
::\1iFS .J ane Capreol 
1\11'. Henry \\". Pring-Ie 
::\lr. and :\lrs. Lewis _\. fIo\\ anI 
Mr. and .:\lrs, 
yi\'estel' E. Bl'iggs 
1\11'. and )'lrs. \\ïIlson H. Howard 
:\11'. (K.C.) \\". :\1. Doug-las 
::\11'. and :\ll's. ,J. Fraser ::\1aedonald 
::\11'. ,Yo Rein "'adsworth 
:\lr. and ::\lrs. D. ,Yo Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. George Heedy 
:\lr. ('('.E.L.) Da\'iù Kemp 
.Mr. and :\'[rs, Thomas B. 'Yilliamson 
Mr. and ::\lrs. l
obert "-. Ralfe 
Mr. and :\lrs. Frank E. :\Iutton 
::\11'. and .:\lrs, Edgar 
. Burton 
::\11'. and Mrs. Thomas Lang-ton 
Mr. and :\lrs. F. Hobhins Smith 
::\11'. amI :\Jrs. ('harles Stanley Pettit 
:\11'. and .:\lrs. ::\1. Edwin Quigley 
:\11'. antI '\lrs. Grant Brown 
::\11'. and ::\Irs. .-\rthur L. :\lassey 
Mrs. Thomas ).Ierritt 
::\11'. ,Tost-'ph L. :\1itchell 
Mr. and :\lrs. Hohert .:\lcCalIum, 
1\11'. and ::\ll's. Edward H. Gurney 
::\11'. and ::\In;. .\ lfred Adelison 
Mr. and :\Irs. Freel ,Yo 
Mrs. _-\ nsley H ea th 
::\11'. anel ::\Irs. Samuel ,Yo TIlack 
1\11'. and ::\lrs. Lewis Y. Rorke 
1\11'. (M..\., Ph.D) and ::\11'8. ('larence A. 
)1_\1'1'1..\" () 
T ({EET 
1-l ::\Tr. C. n. Xasmith 
37 ::\11. amI :\Irs. Fulford Arnoldi 
:i0 :\11'. _-\rnohl :\lol'phy 
 !Jr. ""alter H. c:.eilde 
!i9 Mr. anll ::\Irs, \Y. Milne DlJUg las 
GO 1\11'. amI .Mrs. .John H, Symons 

n .\I'.\HT\. EYI'
::\11'. Bf'nj. _\. (-;oulll 
::\Irs. Jos. Heighing-ton 
:\11'. and :\lrs. El'nest 1\1. Reinhardt 
10 ::\11'. and )'lrs. \\ïlIiam J. :\Tathcrs 

G .\ \ E
3!ì9 ),11'. (I
.C.) and :\In;;. .John TytIer 
4()!ì :\11'. and MI's. \\ïlliam Bl'ool<s 
1 :\Trs. Elizatwth TTaniet 
 :\11'. anlI Ml's. Anthony H ('rease 
!i :\Trs. H en6' ('0 \'ert 
I; :\11'. and :\11'8. ('harlf's H()(ld
. ('apt. and :\11'8. C. \YaITPn Darling 
10 :\11' anel :\11'8. \\ïlliam })pspal'lI 
11 ::\lr. alHI :\11's. H. (-:oodman 
] 2 :\11'. and Ml's. _\ lpx. Fasken 
]3 :\lr. '\"m. ,). 'lcGuirt' 
l:i :\11'. anll :\Trs. lIarohl .\. \\ïlson 
] 7 :\11'. antI :\lrs. ,John \\". ',"att 
IS ::\Tr. and :\11'8. (;eorg-<.> F. Haworth 



lr. and 1\Irs. Geurge Bu

1 .\Irs. rzziel Ogden 

:! ::\11'. and Mrs. .\larmad uke Rawlinson 
 1\11'. and ::\lrs. Augustus P. Burritt 
I .\11'. and Mrs. Joel Laishley 
31 ::\11'. and Mrs. Anthony ,,
. Croft 
33 Hon. and 1\Irs. Hugh T. Kelly 
3:) ::\lr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Rodger 
36 .\11'. and Mrs. James George 
37 .Mr. and Mrs. Alexander ,,
. Burgess 
3H .\lr. and Mrs. "'m. F. Rutley 
40 .\11". and l\Irs. Harris H. FudgeI' 
41 .\11'. and Mrs. "ïlliam Dineen 
lr. and Mrs. Clifford McCollum Dineen 
43 .\11'. and ,Mrs. Charles D. Daniel 
4(; Hon. (lCe.) and l\Irs. Samuel H. Blake 
lrs. 'V, T. Mason 
lr. and Mrs. (,harles A. 'Yithers 
11". and Mrs. James F. Scarth 

413 Co1. (R.C.) Xorman F. Paterson 


lrs. ""illiam J. Bickle 
.\lr. James 
-\. Young 
.\lr. and l\Irs. Claud A. C. Jenning
.\lr. and .Mrs. Theron Gibson 
.\lr. and Mrs. Charles E. "'arwick 
.\lr. and .\lrs, Frederick A. Prime 
.\lr. and 1\11'. .-\lexander Keith 
.\lr. and Mrs. \Yilliam B. Rogers 
.\lr. (.\1.A.. LL.D.) and ::\lrs. H0nry B. 
.\11'. and Mrs. .Tames Russell L. Starr 
.\lrs. Alice O. l\IcQuade 
:\lr. John A. ::\lclntosh 
.\11', and Mrs. Thomas H. Best 
:\lr. and Mrs. George ,y, Monk 
.\lr. and Mrs, 
arry G. Mason 
:\lr. and .Mrs. John S. Kormann 
.\11'. and Mrs. George H. Campbell 
.\lr. ana ::\1rs. Geo. H. D. Lee 
:\lr. and Mrs. Allan B. :\Ioyer 
:\11". and Mrs. JaIlleS E. Day 
'1rs. ".. ('opland 
:;: ::\lr. and l\lrs. John Massey 
10 .\lr. I K.C.) anù l\lrs, James F. Smith 


4 _., 
/ - 

11". (J{:.C.) and Mrs. Emerson Coatsworth 
<, :\lr. and :Mrs. Bidwell X. Da\"Is 
3 .\liss Esther Rog-ers 
4 :\lr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Auld 
)1.\ Y
.\UD .-\. \-E

 .\lr, and Mrs. Frank E. Luke 

:'i ::\11'. and ::\lrs. John H. Adams 
26 .\lr. and Mrs. James ,,
. :McCabe 

1\ .\lr. and :Mrs. Joseph E. Hargrave 
2:-:: .\11'. and Mrs. 'Vilson H. Sherman 

I ::\11'. and Mrs. John A. Pearson 
34 Mr. Samuel May 
3 Mr. (K.C'.) and Mrs. vVm. Perkins Bull 
4 1\11'. Duncan S. Cassels 
6 Mr. (K.C., M.P.P.) and Mrs. 'Villiam 
9 Mr. and Mrs. George Kappele 
10 Mr, and Mrs. Bertram C. "TebbeI' 
14 Rev, and ::\lrs. Daniel Strachan 
18 Mr. George A. Jones 

JHLLßXXIi. .-\. \'K
4 1\Ir. and Mrs. George E. Bunting 
159 1\1r. R. Thomas Blachford 
JI()ORE r.-\.RIi 
Mr. and l\lrs. Frederick .l\lercer 

30 Mr. and :\lrs. Roderick J. .\laclennan 
 Mr. George H. G. 1\1cYity 
3;) Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. James Gallo", ay 
36 :Miss Sara Allen 
50 ::.\lr. and Mrs. James Alison 
51 Mr. and Mrs. George 1-'. Beal 
60 Mr. and Mrs. G. A. BOOlller 
X.-\.XTOX .-\ \',E
T t], ROSt
1 Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Caulfeild 
28 .1\1r. and Mrs. C. 1\'1. l\lallning 
30 Capt. and :\lrs. 'V. Forsyth Grant 
32 1\1r. and 1\1rs. Douglas Ponton 
33 Mr. and 1\1rs. E. K. ,.-;coley 
34 Mr. and Mrs. J ulius 
35 ßlr, and Mrs. Arthur "'. Blachford 
37 Mr, antI .Mrs. Joseph G. Dale 
38 1\11'. and .\ll"s. Frank c. Daddge 
40 Mrs. John Lillie 
41 Mr. and .:\lrs. Robert A. Lyon 
43 1\11'. and .Mrs. Charles Edgar Stone 
4;) Mr. and .:\Irs. Lorne -;\
. Mitchell 
46 1\1r. and .:\ll"s. Osprey G. \
. Spain 
48 1\11'. and 1\1rs. Gideon Grant 
49 Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Rogers 
50 Mrs. A. A. Cox 
53 Mr, and :\lrs, \\ïlliam R. Johnston, Jr. 
The Kanton Apartments 
1\1r. and ::.\lrs. E. Chih'er Bastedo 
1\1r. and Mrs. :"orma'!1 \\'. Drummond 
Mr. and 1\1l"s. Charles L. Lugsdin 
Rev. (D.D,) and :Mrs, A. J. 'Vm. Myers 
XIX.-\. ,\\'E
1 1\1rs. Anne J. Anderson 
1 :.Mrs. John Harding 
2 Mr. and Mrs. Archi1'ald D. Langmuir 
27 l\1rs, 1\1argaret Freeland 
82 Mr. and :\lrs. \Yilliam H, Orr 
37 1\1r. (K,C.) and Mrs. Frank Arnoldi 
 \ "E
2 Mr. and .\lrs. \Yillialll J, Robertson 
8 Mr. (F.S.S.) and Mrs. J. Castell Hopkins 
9 Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. 'VilliaIll Cowan 
11 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Coleman 
14 Mr. and 1\1rs. Paul Courian 
15 Mr. and 
lrs, Horace B. ',,"oodley 
51 Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam J. McXally 
478 Rev. and Mrs. Charles Venn Pilcher 

2S 1\1r, and :\ll"s. .f anles Grand 
D. 31 Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. P. Jarvis 
84 Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Hardy 
40 Mr. and Mrs. Yoris S. Ryerson 
48 Mr. and ::\1 rs. Thomas F. Dryden 
48 Mr. 'Vidmer Hawke 
56 Mr. and 1\1rs. Frederick P. Myles 



;j.\ .\lr. and :\lrs. Charles C. Ross 
;-,!; :\11'. and 1\1rs, (,harles \Valker 
61) :\11'. and 1\1rs. 1-'. J. F. Baker 
6.) :\11". and :\11"s. J uhn F. Austin 
 :\11'. and 1\1rs. Edward A. Beeton 
 :\11'. and 1\1rs. Benj. B. Cronyn 
 :\11'. and 
11"s. "ïl1iam X. 
 :\11'. and 1\1rs. "ïlliam Tyrrell 
 :\11". and 1\1rs. Ho\\"ard Ritson 'Yellington 

O :\lrs. 
. B. :\Iarani 
Sò) ::\lr. and .:\Irs. 'Ym. H. Lee 

3 :.\11". anll 1\1rs. Jamf>s 
. Anderson 
S4 :\11'. and Mrs. :\la1"k 
SS :\lrs. Lewis Price 

IO :\11'. Thomas R. "'hiteside 
!J:! .\11'. and 1\Irs. Herhert T. Baily 
:\11'. and :Mrs, .J. Bogert Bartram 
Oriole ApartInents 
::\11'8. .:\lary A. Durand 
.:\1iss K. B. Edgar 
Bf'lg-ra \'ia .\ partments 
:\11". amI 1\Irs, Arthur A. Y. R. Rutledge 

RI\"EHU.\LE \\'E
l E 
(i:.. :\11". and 1\1rs. "\\ïlliam H. Jefferies 

 ..-\ \"E
2S;-; .:\11". amI :\11"s. Harry E. \\ïm]wrly 
296 ::\liss Gibson 
43;; Mr. 'Villiam H. Tippet 
....-\(.IFIC A\'E
4;) capt. and .:\lrs, Alan J. McCausland 
1>>.\1.'1 EHSTO
 .\ '"E
33:5 :\11'. ""atson T. I1radshaw 
3!J:! 1\11'. HalTY G. Cook 

] 3 Mr. and :\lrs. Fred L. Score 

1 1 .\ 1.'1 En
T()X nor LE\".\nU 
307 Dr. and .\Irs. Charles E. Trehle 
311 ::\11'. William X. Ferguson (I
319 .\11'. anll 
lrs. ,John 
3:!O VI'. and :\lrs. James Franklin Da\\ sun 
3:!1 .:\11', and .\11.S. August E. Hager 
3:!:! ::\11.. and .Mrs. .\ndrew B, Ingram 
3:!3 ::\11'. and .:\lrs. Henry \Y. Phelan 
32::i :\11'. and Mrs. Va vi<l U. Rohlin 
9 .\11'. and 1\1rs. '\'illiam ,Yo Digby 
33=! Mr. (K.C.) and .\lrs. Herbert E, Irwin 
334 .:\11', anll .:\lrs. Frederick J. Roy 
342 .\Ir. and ::\11'S. Christopher F. Tugman 
346 ::\Ir. and .:\lrs. .\ndrew X('lson 
3:;0 :\11'. and :\Irs. .John T. Hutson 
3:;1 Mr. amI .\Irs, 
amuel 1\1C'Bride 
3ft:; 1\11'. anll ::\lrs. 'Ym. E. 'Vhitehead 
3;-,9 1\1r. anll :\lrs. Samuel Harris 
3r.:? .:\11', anll Mrs. Charles L. 
369 1\11'. anll Mrs, John F. Lennox 
393 Mr. amI :\lrs. \\'esley Octa\"ius Forsyth 
398 Dr. and 1\1rs. Charles .\. Temvle 
400 1\1rs. Frank ',"ootten 
402 Mr, and :\lrs. Ale
amlpr R Purdy 
404 Hon. (:\LP.P.) anll .:\lrs. Thomas rrawford 
40!i Mr. and Mrs. Frank Judd Kennedy 
407 1\11'. and .:\lrs. Rohert H. Easson 
41:i Mr. anll 1\Irs. .\hraham Hall 
416 ::\11'. and :\Irs. "'m. .\. King- 
1 ::\11'. ani] Mrs. Chas. E. noodman 
42;) :\11'. anll 1\lr8. Fred "'. Lee 
430 1\1r, and 1\1rs. C. E. 1\1anning- 
433 1\11'. and :\lr8. [.'rank M, Bethel 
4!i;} 1\11', and :\h.8. .John {;'ilchrist 
4:;R ::\11'. anll :\lrs. .John P. Holden 
459 .Mr. and Mrs, '\nn. 1\1al.seiJles 

1 Dr. and ::\lrs. James 'Yo Barton 
491 :\11'. and :\lrs. ('has. E. Lanskail 
49-1 .Mr. and ::\lrs. Henry G. Buckland 
 ::\I1's. Alice }', Lake 

I ï Mr. and .\Jr8. D. J. Johnston 
3 .:\lr. and :\ll"s. \Y. G. Bt"amish 
5:!7 Mr. and :\lrs. .\rthur Blight 
5:!9 Dr, and 1\Irs. L. G. .:\lcKihhon 
550 Dr. and l\Irs. Stephen ::\1. Hay 
Palmerston Apartments 
1\11'. and ::\1rs. Frank E. Blachford 
\L" EH
TO," (..-\.IU)(Dì'
33 .:\11'. and .:\ll"s. G. Dudley Thomas 
38 ::\11'. and l\lrs. Charles Armer 
P. \lU\: no. \ f) 
17MI', and .:\lrs. Andrew .:\1. Paterson 

7 Capt. and .:\lrs. R. G. Dickson 
5S :\11'. and :\lrs. 
amuel Campbell 
!'is Mr. and :\lrs. "T. E, Radcliff 
1;-) 1\1rs. John 'Yaldie 
90 1\11'. and ::\lrs. George :\1. Bryan 
94 ::\11'. and .:\ll"s. .J. P. Bradt 
IuU .:\11", amI .:\In;. .\ lfred. Mason 
10-1 Rev. and .\11'S. Jesse GilJson 
IOs .:\11', and ::\ll"s. ('harles T. Stark 
110 ::\11'. anll !\Irs, Ed\\ anI \Y. "'rig-ht 
1 U :\11'. and ::\lrs. Fl"edpl"ick ,Yo L. Shaw 
1:?1 :Mr. and :.\lrs. .John C. l\lcKeggie 
124 :\ll"s. John Stark 
128 :'\1i"'s Mabel Morris 
29 ::\[rs. Allan Baggs 
 1\11'. ann ':\[rs. Hichan1 I\"ens 
Vq 1\1r. and ':\[rs. Eric Howard J\"ens 
 ::\rr. (::\lus. Doc.) and :\lrs. Ton ington 
57 Mr. George [<;lh\"an]s Sears 
G9 :\11'. and :\lrs. Xorman Hosenberg 
S7 :\lrs. John y, Reil] 

I:! Dr. (LL.D.) anll :.\rrs. J. George Hodgins 
100 1\11'. Samuel S. .\Iartin 
101 :\Irs. C. H. Palmer 
 :\11'. anll :\lrs. Henry K Pete!"!'! 
110 1\11'. and 1\Irs. Arthur L. Eastmure 
 E III 1.1. ({n.\D 
f, :\11'. anll :!\Irs, J. J. Seitz 
14 .:\11'. and 1\1rs. Thomas C. ::\Ionre 

T _H'K:\TE 
:!\[r. and :\11'8. "'m. A. Fil.sthrook 

.\Vr BU("LE\" \HI) 
62 :\11'. ani] Ml"s. '\'alter II. Lyon 
83 ::\11'. anll ::\Irs. Hoss B. :\leKinnon 

50 Ht.v. anll :\lrs, AlexaJ1l1er \\Tilliams 

.10\\ EI.L \ \"EXrB 
!i :\11'8, Jallws Locl.:hart 
7 :\Irs. C. C. Taylor 
8 :\1 r. and 1\Irs. J. Francis Brown 
10 ::\1 r. an(l :!\Irs. 
\. E. Clem('s 
11 1\11'. al111 :\lrs. .John ::\1. Kerr 
1:í 1\11'. anll 1\11'8. .\ \"erne Pardoe, Jr. 
13 Captain and .:\Irs. Charlf>S H. Porter 
I;' :\11'. and .:\lrs. Geo. .\1. Higinbotham 



Pure Wool Stores 

Devoted to the exclusive sale of Jaeger Pure Wool 
Underwear, Fancy Goods and Camelhair Specialties. 
Jaeger Underwear-made from the highest quality 
Natural Undyed Wool-has achieved a world wide repu- 
tation for its surpassing comfort, healthfulness and dur- 
Every garment of Natural Undyed Wool is guaranteed 
against shrinkage, 
Dressing Gowns, Fleece Slippers, Shirts, Knitted Coats, 
Camelhair Fleece Rugs, Shawls, etc. 
32 King Street W. 3 I 6 St. Catherine Street W. 

Steele Block 

Consists in a bright and healthful countenance, 
glowing and radiant ,,'ith the joy of living. 
Does not believe in covering up blemishes. She 
guarantees no matter ho\\? aged, Wrinkled, 
(' Sallo\v, Flabby, Small-pox Pittings, Scars, Birth- 
marks, Eczema, Blackheads, Freckles, Super- 
fluous H air. etc.. to restore your skin to 
)Iassage for Face, Scalp, Bust and Body. 
l\Iadame l\larie's Peerless Face Bleach and 
Electricine v.ill cure any skin. The hvo $5. 
Japanese Rouge gives to the cheeks and lips the delicate blush of 
youth. H armless, and cannot be detected. Price, $1.00. 
Consultation Free and private. 

tlaðamr flarir 

Telephone up 3079 
132 Mansfield St., Montreal, Que. 

19 2 



17 .:\lr, and 
lrs. George H. :::;edgewick 

1 Lieut.-Co!. and .:\Irs. Yaux Chadwick 
31: .:\lr. and .:\Irs. Roy Boulton Xordheimer 
49 Mr. and l\Irs. Robert G. U. Thomson 
50 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur \V. Gras
52 Mr. and l\Irs. \'". \Villcocks Baldwin 
54 Mr. and .:\Irs. Frank \\ïse 
58 Mr. and :\Irs. John C. Fraser 
197 Mrs. John Meagher 
199 Mr. (K.C.) John H. Moss 
:!08 :Mr. and :\[rs. James Randall 
:no Mr. (B..\., Sc.) and :\lrs. James .:\1cEvoy 
2] 2 Mr. and .:\Irs. Thomas 1'. Stewart 
213 Mr. and :\Irs. Dyce \V. Saunders 
216 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Laird 
217 Mrs. Martha \Yilkes 
218 Mr. and 
Irs. \\"illiam C. .:\Ieredith 
222 Mrs. .-\lfrt:'d Ansley 
224 Mrs. \\T. T. Hog.g 
228 Mr. and Mrs. Juhn K. Mc:\Iaster 
232 Mr. and :\lrs. George Keith 
233 Mr. and Mrs. James E. :\lcClung 
:23:) l\Ir. and },lrs. 
amuel S. King 
237 Mr. and .:\Irs. ""allace 

1r. and .:\lrs. Beyerley 
. :\lacInnes 
:!41 Mr. and Mrs. F. \Y Kischell 
24:) 1\1r. and .:\Irs. Edwin George Long 
Ir. and Mrs. .John B. Jan'is 
2;i-1 Mr, anfl 
lrs. Han'v Hutson 
2;;ï ':\'[r. anll Mrs. Xor
an H. Bastedo 
261 .:\Ir. amI Mrs. \\'m. E. Long' 

6-1 .:\Ir. anfl Mrs. Hichard .J. Hamilton 
2fî:) .:\Ir. and 
lrs. Gt:'orge Hamilton Cassels 
268 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ed. Potter 
270 :\Ir. and :\Irs. Gor<)r,n í'. ('rean 
2ï3 .\Irs. \\ïl!iam ,JoRt:'ph Davis 
2ï:) .:\Ir. Rohert F, (;a
"RathneIly" Senator (K.í'.) and .:\Irs. James 
K. K(,IT 
4 .\Ir. an(l l\lrs. Jmw])h Pattel'son 
r. ::\lr. al1l1 Mrs. Donald C. Ross 
7 :\fr. and. l\fr
. J amps C. 
8 .:\[r, and Mrs. Lothair l-
einhardt. Jr. 

 AHTII(.n. .\\'E:\T.

4 .:\Irs. Efl wa 1"(1 :\leni II 
-1 .:\lr. and .\Irs. Edwanl H. Menill 
7 Dr. anll l\I1'S. F.d\\ anI ""m. 

 .:\Ir. an(l Mrs. Henry S"roatt 
9 .\Ir. anll ':\fI's. (;('org-e Jr. Clarkson 
II) .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. .Iost-'{Jh .\. Thulll})SOn 
Irs. Emily Davies 
13 .\Ir. (B.A., 1.1.. D.' al1l1 .:\Irs. Ale
ander C. 

1 t .:\1rs. l\Iarg-aret I'l'al'Cf' 
17 ::\Ir. Jamps ()' Xeill Ireland 
17 ::\11'. anll :\Irs. A. Graham Thompson 
frs. (h-erton F. .:\Iacllonalll 
20 .:\Irs. Hohl'l.t 
21 }\f,., and 
IrR. John .J. Kelsn 
23 Mr. (
fUR. nor.) a 1111 :\Irs. EITwar<'t Fisher 

3 1\fiRS .Iost:'phine L. II ug-il I 

-1 Mrs. H. .\. .ronl'S 

G 1\11'. (1
.('.) antI :\Irs. noh('rt J. 

7 Mr. anll :\frs. f". 11. .\nllel'son 

9 Mrs. "om. B. .:\fc:\tunich 
30 Dr. antI 
frs. ].;:pnnf'dy ('. .:\frI\wraith 
fl'. anll 1\f rR. ,lamps Edmund Jonps 

-1 MI'. a nil ::\Irs. .\emillius ,rar\"Ï
fr. (K,f".) and l\lrs. .\. :\Id.I',ln l\lac- 
36 ::\frs. .lames F. ::\IrE\ oy 

37 Dr. and 1\1rs, A. J. McDonagh 
38 l\Ir. and ::\1rs. Joseph \Y. Beatty 
39 .:\11'. (K.C.) John A. ""orrell 
40 1\1r. and .:\Irs. John J, .:\Iain 
43 1\1r. and Mrs. John F. Lash 
51 1\1rs. J. Fleury 
liss Frances Kirkpatrick 
54 Mrs. \V. B. Rathbun 
55 Lieut.-Col. and .Mrs. Clarence A, Denison 
57 1\1r. (::\I.A., LL.D.) and :\1rs. John Gal- 
brai th 
58 Mr. and l\Irs. '\"alter Peck Chapman 
59 :\lr. and 1\1rs, Geurge E. Boulter 
6-1 Mr. and l\Irs. \Villiam Hae 
G5 ::\lr. and .:\Irs. Josevh Â. Edwards 
67 :\Ir and ::\lrs. John Hewitt 
68 1\1rs. A. J. Cattanach 
Ir. and l\Irs, l\larshall H. Brown 
Irs. Eliza 
75 1\lr. and .:\Irs. John Stewart Skeaff 
76 Rev. Gl>orge :\1. Meacham 
76 Dr. amI .:\1rs. Ahner .:\1. Hosehrugh 
79 :\Irs. Thomas (;ihhs Blacl,;:stock 
S3 1\1r. and 
Irs. Dral)er Dobie 
S:; Mrs. J. L. G. 
87 1\11'. amI .:\11'8. \\Tilliam G. Blackstock 
S8 l\lr. and .:\Irs. \Yilliam Ince 
9-1 Mrs. Helen Ince 
Ir. and .:\Irs. \V. G. Atkinson 
\' EE:\"S 1".\ IUi 
Ir. ,John G. Rioròon 
3 Dr. 
amuel Cummings 
G .:\Irs. \\ïlliam H, Reatty 
8 Mrs. Catherine \\"ar<lrop 
I:) Miss ,1 oseph ine Bogart 
I:) Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Herbert C. Cox 
21 Mr. and Mrs. \\ïlliam H. Brock 
:!:) 1\Irs. Clarkson .Jones 
Ir. anll .:\Irs. Rohert J. í'hristie 
39 Hon. amI .\IrR. \\Om. T. \\Ïlitf' 
43 The Honorable Co!. and :\[rs. Jal1'leS 
47 ::\Ir. anll .:\Irs. John P. Xorthey 
-19 1\1r. (K.C.) and .:\Irs. \\ïlliam Laidlaw 
53 Mr. anll :\IrR. FI'e,1 .T. 
1r. (K.í'.) and .:\Irs. Daniel E. Thomson 
f:3 Mrs. Francis Phillips 
67 :\1 rs. .\g-nf'S Fa h'\\"pa t llf'r 
S-t 1\11'. a 1111 .:\Irs. Edwal"(l R. 'Yond 
Sr. .:\Ir. aneT ::\lrs. Elias T, .:\Ialnne 

Irs. ..\rchiha1<1 H. Caml)hell 
.:\Ir. and Mrs. .roseph F. Fla\"elle 
.:\Ir. an(l .:\lrs. Fred J. GlackIne) er 

Q(' EE"'!"; .>.\lUi \ \ E
 l' E 
The A le
an(lra Palace 
.:\Ir. anll l\TrR, .\rthur \V. Barnard 
:\Ir. Harno T. He('k 
('apt. and MI"s. \\-alkt'l o H, Bt'll 
:\fr. and :\IrR. Hector í'. Black 
I>r. anll :\frR. ['rice nrl)\\ n 
.:\Ir. and :\frs. F. \\r. Browne 
.:\lr. and :\fl'R. Lionel H. Clarl{(" 
:.\Jr', anll :.\1I's. ('haR. ,J. Forlong 
:\fr. and l\lrs. \\0. 11. Gan'ey 
arah ';lass 
.:\lr. and :\TI's. Hohf'rt 1-1 a I'mpt' 
:\1 rand .:\Irs. lL 
tparns Hicks 
-"II'. anll l\II's. Hufus K HudRon 
alter :\f. .Ian is 
::\fa]or and .:\frs. .1,)11ll H. Knye 
.:\fr. anll :\Irs. \\0. ,1. .:\f('Farland 
.:\11 0 . an,l .:\Irs. .J. F'. .:\1('Lan'n 



::\11'. and :\lrs. George 1\.1. Macbeth 
::\lr. and Mrs. Charles B. OWf'ns 
Mr. and 1\1rs. Fred D. Porter 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ramsay 
1\1r. R, Home Smith 
1\Ir. and Mrs. George O. Somers 
::\Irs. John H. Stratford 
Hon. Justice and 1\.1rs. James V. Teetzel 

(' EE
'fI{EE'r :EA
61 Dr. an(l :\Irs. Edmund E. King 
ß:) Mrs. Mary S. 'Vall 
791 Dr. and 
'Irs. Joseph 'V. Rowan 
1980 1\lr. and 1\1rs. Hubert C. Jaquith 
0 Mr. and :\Irs. A. Maclean Howard 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. Eckardt 
Mr. and 1\1rs, \YiIIiam, G. A. Lambe 

701 1\11'. and Mrs. John A. Chantler 
}0 Rey. T. C. Street Macklem 
7 1\lr. John Laxton 
- Mr. and 1\.lrs. \Yalter S. Crone 

 ELLY .\ \"E
3 :\Ir. and Mrs, Frederick F. Kelly 
31 Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter T. Xorthgraye 
 .:\lrs. ('. C. Rohinson 
{i6 .Mr. and :\Irs. Albert C. Gillespie 
RIDLEY" (;.-\HnE

3 ::\Ir. and Mrs. Thomas M. \Vatson 

8 1\.11'. and 1\.1I"s. J. Miller Prentiss 
1;) 1\11'. and Mrs. T. .J. Coo 

;;S .:\11'. and 1\1rs. Robert P. Flaws 

,;:; Mr. and Mrs. Harrup C. Tug" ell 
113 Mr. and Mrs. John \\r. Coc 
3 :Mr, and Mrs. Ross MeA. Cameron 
155 Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Baigent 
1 Mr. (l
.C,) and 1\1rs. Henry S. Osler 
3 1\.1r8. Donald Gunn 
,) .i\Ir. and .Mrs. Robert F. 
6 .Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon Osler 
S Mr. and Mn;;. HenrY"". :\1ickle 
21 C'a!)t. and 
Irs. He
ry Campbell Osborne 
27 Mr. and Mrs. (', \V. Macey 
31 Mr. and Mrs. 8. G. \Vest 
35 Ca})tain 
amuel ('rangle 
37 Mrs. Marian Francis 
39 MI'. and Mrs. Rohert Cassels 
41 Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. O'Hara 
45 Mr. and :\1r8. C. B. Xilf's 
47 Mr. and :\Irs. l\lorgan R. C'artwrigh t 
49 Mr. ancl Mrs. Rohert B. Harcourt 
!i1 Mr. and :\lrs. James Allen 

E1I1Lr... A YE
37 Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred F. \\rebster 
Mr. (R.C".) and Mrs. Alexander O'Brien 
\ \"EX("E 
10 Mr. and :\[rs. J. E. Murphy 

8 Mr. and .:\lr8. 'Yilliam E. J. Dixon 
30 Mr. and 
[rs. Georgf' X. Morang 
;;7 Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Bennett 
f.0 :\11', and Mrs. \Valter H. Burr 
ß4 Mr. Sidnf'Y H. Lee 
66 1\11', and :\lrs. James D. \Varde 

71 Mr. and Mrs. J. Burton Holland 
80 Mr. and Mrs. George K Crawford 

1 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Riordan 
3 1\11'. and Mrs, Edward C. Campbell 
5 :Mr. and .:\11'8. Frederií'k Killer 
6 Mr. and 1\1rs. J. Ernest Proctor 
7 Mr. anù Mrs. Lemuel C. Owen 
11 Mr. and Mrs. John \Yoodburn Langmuir 
I;> Mr. SehuYler C". Sni\'ley 
15 1\Ir. and Mrs. \V. Murray Alexander 
19 Mr. and .:\lr8. John Cameron Douglas 
2;:) l\Ir. an(] ::\Irs. Ja:n1es AJfrecl ..:\lorrison 

9 Mr. and :\Irs. F. D. Brown 
30 Mr. and :\Irs. Edwin Bell 
 1\Irs. Donald G. Rutherland 
33 1\Ir. an<l 1\Irs, John Kerr Brodie 
35 Mr. and 1\1rs. "-alter C. Renfrew 
36 Mr. and Mrs. John A. MeE\"oy 
39 Mr. and :\11'8. Charles Boothe 
43 Mr. an<l Mrs. John M. Da \"ison 
49 Mr. and Mrs. John Shaw 
 Mr. anf! :\-Irs. À. Hussell Clarke 
74 1\1r. and ::\Irs. Eri "-haley 
80 Hon. Mr. Justice John J. Maclaren 
84 1\Ir. amI 1\Irs. Jesse S. 1\Iills 
86 Mr. (K.C.) Hugh E. Rose 
87 ::\11'. and Mrs. Grayson Burruss 
88 Mr. and :\-Irs. F. H. Richardson 

IO Mr. an(l Mrs. Edward J. Freysing 
91 Mr. and 
Irs. Angus H, 'Yinger 
93 1\1rs. MOSf'8 
!J5 Mr. and Mrs. Frank À. Rolph 
B7 Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson J. Dunbar 
99 1\.11'. and Mrs. Richard. A. Stapells 
101 Mr, and 1\11'8, \YilIiam C. Harvey 
101 Mr. Percy Milnes 
103 Mr. and Mrs. ,John A. McLeod 
105 Mr. and 1\Irs, E. Ha\"elock \Valsh 
107 l\lr. and .:\1I"s. John Mf'rcer Mc\Vhinney 
120 Mr. and Mrs. John ,Joseph Gibbons 
133 :Mr. an(l Mrs. Otto George Palm 
133 Mr. Thomas E. :\loberlY 
137 ::.\Ir. and 1\Irs. 'VilIiam Home 
141 Mr. and Mrs. George \Y. MeYf'rs 
1:;1 Mr. and. Mrs. \YiIliam H. Geagen 
133 Mrs. Harry A. Yuille 
135 Mr. and Mrs. 'Ym. G. Brown 
1;)7 Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross Àustin 
166 Mr. and 1\1rs. .\ugustus H. \Yalker 
lfì7 Mr. and. Mrs. Henry C. Boulter 
170 Mr. and 1\Irs. \\ïlliam E. Rundle 
171 Mr. and :\lrs. Richard A. Biggs 
173 Mr. and 1\1I"s. George \Y. Howland 
174 ::\lr. and Mrs. ""m. R. Smallpeice 
176 :\-Ir. Pf'ter :\Iacr1onald 
177 Capt. \Yilson Garrett 
183 Mr. and Ml"s. C. H. Bishop 
232 1\1r. and 1\Irs. ,Yo E. Macpherson 
255 Mr. and 1\I1"s. "ïIliam G. l\'IacKendrick 
306 Mr. and 1\1rs. \YiIliam F. Mulholland 
311 Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. l\1ara 
312 Mr. and Mrs. Percy F. Grand 
314 Mr. and. Mrs. Robert 
. Coo"ell 
315 Mr. and :\Irs. Frank C. LorIng 
318 Mr. and 1\Irs. Xorman A. 'YylIe 
3'")') Mr. and :\Irs. A. G. Frederick Lawrence 
Ir. and .:\1I"s. Rohert Henrlerson 
327 :\11'. ana Mrs. R. D. Rice 
fr. and Mrs. .John B. Hol(len 
334 Mr. and Mrs. \\r, Harold Mara 
337 Mr. and 1\Irs. ,r. E. Hoare 
2 1\.11'. and Mrs. H. L. Kerr 

354 :\lr. and :\1 rs. n. D. Hume 
363 .:\lr. and Mrs. Ernst F. Ely 
'Tr. and .:\1I"s. F' l'eel' k H. Corrigan 
3-') .:\Ir. and .:\lrs. ,,
. H. T. Cooper 
. - 
37;) ::\lr. and l\Irs. J. Luckhart ""att 
377 Mr. and .:\lrs. "T. G. \\"atson 
388 .:\lr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibson 
390 Mr. and .:\Irs, "". Parkyn l\Iurray 
396 Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay F. Millar 
400 :\lr. and Mrs. .Arthur Cecil Knight 
::\Ir. and Mrs. George Murray 

9 :\lr. and :\lrs. .Allan C. Fairweather 
14 .:\lr. and l\Irs. Fred Holmes 
17 .:\lrs. ""m. R. Barnard 
18 Lady :\lary E. Hobinson 
23 Mr. and :\lrs. John ,Yo Hohhs 
24 1\11'. and .:\lrs, Fred'k \\ïlliam Boustead 
25 :\lr. and Mrs. .J ohn E. Boswell 
37 .Mr. and .:\lrs. E. F. Garrow 
29 .:\11'. and .:\lrs. G. .:\Ioray Anderson 
31 Dr. Charles ,:n. Fostt:'r 
40 .:\lr. and .:\lr8. D. Enwst ,Yrig-ht 
4J 1\Ir. and :\lrs. James H. Hartney 
42 1\J rs. Thomas :\1. H ig-g ins 
43 .:\Ir. John .Ale
4'3 :\Ir. and .:\11'8. James Sinclair 
47 ::\Jr and :\Irs. Xeil H. \\Tilson 
49 ::\lr. and Mrs. .Joseph J. Bell 
;)1 .:\lr an(l :\Irs. \Yoldemar '\Yeiss 
52 .:\lr. and l\Irs. John H. Harg-raJc 
;;4 ::\lr. and :\lrs. David H. Bastedo 
li3 :Mr. and :\lrs. Thmnas Jenkins 
64 1\1r. anll .:\lrs. Al'thur Hamilton Britto'" 
69 Rev. and Mrs. It. Douglas Fraser 
'12 .:\Ir. and Mrs. Harry E, \V. Green 
'13 :\1 rs. Thomas ('aswell 
74 ::\lr. C. C'ollpy Foster 
78 :\lr. and :\lrs. Frank H. Mcyity 
'18 ::\11'. and ::\lrs. ,J oseph F. .:\low
80 i\1 r. and :\lrs. FreùerÌl"k A. Blachford 
S7 Dr. and Mrs. .A llan B. <.'ook 

9 .:\lr. and 
lrs. Charles H. 
. .\Iichie 
!'8 ::\lr. and :\lrs. 
ydney B. Mc::\lichael 
10.f :\lr. anll Mrs. \\Tilliam :\loOl"e Temple 
116 .:\'11' and :\ll'S. Herhert J. Howe 
 l\Ir. and Mrs. Hume Rlake Proudfoot 
13R :\1 I', alHI :\lrs. .Albert n. Croshy 
140 :\Ir. and .:\'Irs. llany n. Hodg-ins 
173 ::\11'. anll :\Irs. O\\en ArthUI' 
175 Dr. and :\lrs. T. Harry .Ashhy 

Ie n..II()L'II'
 ]' \lU{ ('HES(' E
61 :\lr. and l\Il'S. Conlon Laird 



. nandolph :\lac(lonald 
:\Ir!". Frellprick C. Oenis.m 
:\Ir. and ::\Irs. .Tohn C. Tnnes 
.:\Ir. and Mrlo;. (;po. T. Df'nhmn, Jr. 
.:\lr. anll l\In:. .John Htmnt 
:\Ir. anll :\Irs. Edmund Hardy 
.:\Ir. anll Mrs 11, A. Itepsnr 
:\11', an(l l\I,'s. H('rhf'rt Lang-Iois 
:\Ir and :\ll'S, Hohf'rt B. Hayhoe 
.:\Ir. and :\ll'S. .\ lex. :\1. :\1. Kil'kpatrick 
:\lrs. \p;nes TIohf'rtson 
1\1rs. :\Iary J. :\Iilhurn 
:\11'. "ïlliam \. Lang-ton 
:\Ir. ,1. Grant Hillout 
:\lr. anll :\II's. \\"arren K. ("ook 
:\Irs. \\Tilliam L. l\lattlwws 
.:\Ir. and :\In;. J. D. I10Itby 



2.77 .:\lr. and :\lrs. J. f't. HoItby 
2.ï9 Mr. and :\lrs. "T. :\lcC. HoItbY 
Hl :-.;sELL HILL RO'-\f) 
21)0 Dr. and .\Irs. Frederick J. Capon 
2.06 Mr. and :\lrs. \'."m. K Hoògens 

14 Mr. and .\lrs. J. I. H. Llonl 
2.10 Mr. and .:\lrs. Alhert ('. Ha
2:!;) Mr. and :\lrs. Alfrell G. Fletcher 
2:!fì ::\-lr. and .:\lrs. .:\Ieh'ille Bertram 
22.9 Mr. and :\lr8. Harry T. Tillpy 
23;) Mr. and :\lrs. \\"m, H. Lailey 
239 1\11'. and :\ll's. Frederick James Smith 
240 Mr. and :\Irs. Frank H. .:\lea1'ns 
243 l\Ir. and .\lrs. Jan1t:'s B. 
2.f4 Mr. and .\lrs. .Jl)hn McKnight 

.fS .:\11', and 1\1rs. John C. Boeckh 
2-19 1\lr. antI .\lrs. "'alter B. Rrumell 
2:íl .:\11'. I K.C.) and 1\Irs. Frederick W. 

;)2 Dl". and Mrs. Charles J. C. U. Hastings 
2.;;3 Mr. and Mrs. Lyall Duncan 

 :\11'. and l\lrs. Thomas H. ('ooper 
_oJ, Mr. and :\lrs. <-'has. E. Goad 
2:i9 .:\11'. and :\lrs. 
'Hanley :\lann 
2.fiO .:\lr. anll :\lrs. Gt:'orgf' "ïlson 
261 ::\lr. and :\I,'s. John Turner Richardson 

fi2 Mr. anll .:\Irs. .James X. :\lackf-'nzie 
2.63 :\11'. and :\lrs. Rohert :\lcKay, Jr. 
26-1 Mr. and :\11'8. \\Tillianl :\lunns 
267 :\lr. and :\11'8. '\Taltt"'r E. Berkinshaw 
 :\lr. and }'lr8. "ïlliam Delmar Cavendish 
2fi9 :\Ir. Edwin P. Pearson 
2.ïl Dr. and :\lrs. Bruce 
273 l\Ir. and :\Irs. Hohert ::\lcCausland 
2ï5 :\Jr. and :\Irs. Reg'inald H. .:\1. Temple 

ïï :\11". amI ::\1rs. El'nest (;. E. :\IcConkey' 
2ï9 Mr. and :\lrs. Kenneth J. DunstaJI 
2!':1 :\lrs. C. Rte\\ art Grafton 
2S;; MI'. an(l ::\lrs. D. H. Farrow 
2Sf; Dr. and Mrs. Ale
andel" Da ddson 
2S,ï Mr. and :\lrs. Ceorg'e \Yilkie 
2sS ::\1r. and :\In;;. .\ twell Fleming 

!IO :\lr. and :\lrs. F. ::\1. 

!J:! l\Ir. anll :\1rs. .\nllrew T. Drummond 
2!J3 l\Ir. alHI :\I,"s. .John BoYd 
'2!J-l :\11'. and :\11'8. D. .\rch;d Brebner 
2H;; .:\ll'S. J. Ht-'rhert Mason 
2!)I, :\11'. and :\1 rs. Daniel l'l"quhart 
2!Jï 1\11". ,J ohn Lindsa)" 
2!J S 1\1 1', and .:\1 rs. .J nh n I. ::\lill s 
30:i .:\11'. anll .\ll'S. nordon B. Dunfield 
306 ::\IJ". and .:\11'8. .A h'
andt:'1" F. \Yeoster 
30S ::\1r. and .:\Irs. <"harlps Q. Ellis 
II'. alI11 :\ll'S. .John .-\. ,'trodl'n 
311 1)1". a III I :\11'10;. ("harles E, Pf'al'8on 
 ::\11". anll :\lr8. Hihharll If. Hue-Ison 
31;) :\Ir. (K.(".) anll l\Irs. nf'org-e F, 
316 .:\11'. and 1\Irs. C. T. Pearce 

2..f ::\11'8. ('. Goad 

:!Ij .:\11'. anll :\In:. (;eorg-e n. Harper 

30 :\11'. anll :\11'8. \. H. H.ndp;pl's 
332. :\11'. alIll l\II's. Fred J. Foy 
.f :\11'. alHI 1\11'8. .John .\. C'anuthers 
f:) :\11'. and .:\lrs. I
. P. Bishop 
O .:\11'. anll .:\I,'s. H. \\'. Tisdall 

;"';LL ...THEET 
I!} Rh' O".C',) .\pmillus JI",'inp; 

T. \I.B.\

1:.1 TIe\', (I),D.) and :\Irs. ,\hI'<l.ham J. 
;)0 l'l'Of. (B..\.. Ph.D.. F.H,
.C.) and Mrs. 
"\\ïlliam La
h :\lilll'l' 



52 Miss M, Agnes FitzGibbon 
56 Mr. and 
Irs. ,Yo Hamilton Gunn 
56 Mrs. John \Vright 
58 Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. George S. Holmested 
62 Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam J. Douglas 
70 Mrs. Horatio \Y. Xelson 
73 Mrs. John MacGillivrav 
74 Prof. Cr\L
\., l\LB.) and Mrs. W. Hodgson 
82 Mr. Lyndhurst Ogden 
88 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barber 

nREW':-; (L\.R[)E
21 Mrs. James Baird 
31 Mr. and 
Irs. Harry J. Rea 
46 Mr. and Mrs. J. 1\1. Ferguson 
4X Mr. and. Mrs. Frederick ,Yo Tanner 
50 Mr. and Mrs. Frank ,Yo Cox 

14 Mr. 

5 Mr. 
28 Mr. 
30 Mr. 
43 Mr. 
49 Mr. 

A:\,,()REW':-; (;ARDEXS SOC'TII 
and Mrs. 'Ym. R. Frankish 
and Mrs. Alfred Bicknell 
and Mrs. Melvin G. Hunt 
and Mr"s. Robert H. Ccsbie 
and Mrs. Arthur St. L. Trigge 
S. Rolther 

10 Mr. and Mrs. John R. C'helew 
68 Mr. amI 1\1rs. Georgé E. Evans 

f'o;T. {'L.Un A \.E
TE "}<
3S Mr. and. Mrs. Dixon 
42 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest .J. C. Xorrie 
46 Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
fiO Mr, and Mrs. Hobert J. Berkinsh:nv 
fiG Mr. and Mrs. Rohert E. Patterson 
Ir. and 1\1rs. M. A. Kenned.y 
60 :\11'. and. 1\Irs. Bert H. 
64 1\11'. and. 1\Irs. Angus ('. Heighington 
7 -1 Mr. and ::VTrs. .-\ Ian H. Macdonald 
83 Mr. and 
'[rs. H. R. Rteven 
S7 Mr. and :\'[rs. .Toseph H. 
99 ("apt. and Mrs. Arthur E. Kirkpatrick 
] 10 Dr, and. Mrs. Edward ('ecil Burson 
112 Hon. Sir (K.C., M.G,) John A. and Lady 
130 Rev. OLA.) and Mrs. T. E. Egerton 
131) Mr. and Nfl s. C. ,Yo Yan Duzer 
16;) Dr. and. ::\'[rs. E. A. Mc('ulloch 
167 Mr. anll Mrs. Herhert 'Yo Allan 
1R3 !Jr. and. Mrs. (,harles O'Reilly 
215 1\11', and. Mrs. Arthur Bryce 
:) Mr. and 1\Irs. George Booth 
229 Mr. anfl Mrs. Henry D. P. Armstrong 
335. Mr. and. 
lrs. J. E. B. Littlejohn 
241 Re\'. Dr. and :\1rs, George Beuce 
309 Mr. and 1\Irs. Louis Dunf'an Ray 
536 Dr. and Mrs. í'. _-\. 'Yarren 
THE ts1'. CL<\.IR 
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert G. Bruce 
Mr. and 
Irs. Rohert .J. Fleming 
Mrs. Christopher Robinson 


40 Miss Emily :\Ierritt 
43 Mr. and. M;<;. G. A. Somerville 
43 Mrs. .Tohn D. Hay 
44 Mr. and. Mrs. Frederick Crompton 
45 Capt. and Mrs. Henry S. 
46 Mrs, Jane Thorhurn 

49 :Mr. Justice and Mrs. James T. Garrow 
50 Mr. (K.C.) James Bond Clarke 
50 Mr. Edwin C. Pringle 
52 Mr. and Mrs. \Yilliam E. Dyer 
53 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Gale 
54 Mrs. Mary C. ShiIlabeer 
56 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bell 
60 Lieut.-Col. George A. Stimson 
62 The Misses Stewart 
lJ:r. and Mrs. John B. \\ 
63 Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Gandier 
65 Mr. and Mrs. John Bryce Kay 
66 Mr. Edgar M. Play tel' 
66 Dr. and Mrs. Holford \Yalker 
67 Mr. and Mrs. 'Yilliam Goulding 
69 Mr. (C.M.G., M.A., LL.D.) and Mrs. 
Rohert Falconer 
71 Miss Lucy L. Harris 
73 1\11'. \Yilliam H. Brouse 
74 Mrs, Florence 1. Paterson 
74 Miss Mina Porteous 
74 Mr. and Mrs. 'Yalter C', Stikeman 
75 :\11'. A]frecl O. Beard.more 
79 :Mr. Frederic Kicholls 
fr. James Morrison 
83 Dr. (M.A" LL.D.) and Mrs. James 
84 Major-Gen. F. L. Lessard. 
Sf; Dr. amI Mrs. Edmund. foiL G. BaldwIn 
SS Mr. ani! Mrs. Alexander 
S9 Mr. and. Mrs. 'Yilmot D. Matthews 
90 Mr. and. Mrs. James Harely 
91 1\1rs. Brouse, Sr. 
93 Dr. Charles S. Elliot 
93 Mr. anfl Mrs. Alexander Buntin 
94 Mrs. Thomas ADen 
93 Mr. and Mrs. James C'urry 
96 Mr. and Mrs. George Broughall 
97 Mr. Alhert Kordheimer 
99 Sir (('.V.O., LL.D., D.C,L.) Edmund and 
Lady 'Yalker 
100 Mr. <R.C.) and Mrs. Robert H. Bowes 
Ir. and. Mrs. Rolon 'V. 
102 Mr. and Mrs. Miles Yokes 
105 Miss Kathlene Cowan 
106 Mr, (K,í'.) an(l 
frs. George Ben 
107 :\11'. and. Mrs. George F. Little 
lOX Lieut.-Col. and lVII's. James H. l\IitcheU 
109 Hon. Mr. ,Tustice and Mrs. \Villiam R. 
RichIe II 
110 Mr. and. Mrs. ,Yo A. Brodie 
fr. and Mrs. vYm. H. Cross 
 Mr. \Yilliam D. Ross 
ir James P. and Lady 'Yhitney 
114 Mrs. A ndrew Darling 
11:) :\Irs. Thomas 
116 Dr, and Mrs. Thomas F. ::\IcMahon 
11R Mr. Thomas ,Yo Lawson 
119 Mr. ncc.) and Mrs. E. F. B. Johnston 
0 Mr. anfl Mrs. Frank Merrill 
l:n Mr. and. Mrs. Charles 'V. Beatt
3 :\11'. Howard. K. Harris 
1rs. Edward V. Rayno]ds 
4 Mr. and Mrs. L. Clark Macklem 
6 Mr. Rom,eyn Lawyer 
e7 Mrs. Frederick \Yyld 
128 Mr. and. 1\Irs. foitephen Haas 
 Mr. and. Mrs. Graham Camphell 
136 Lieut.-í'ol. (P.A.V.C.) and Mrs. ""Tilliam 
B. Hall 
140 Mr. and. 
rrs. Thomas "T. Hollwey 
143 Mr. and. Mrs. John R King 
144 Mr. (C.M.G.) and Mrs. ('harles C. James 
14;) Hon. Sir Lyman and Lady :MelYin Jones 



1-16 :\11". (K.C'.) and :\lrs. \Yilliam Davidson 
1-t:.l .:\lrs. Andrew 
. Irving 
1:>0 .:\Ir. and :\lrs. \Yilliam (". Crowtner 
1:>1 Hon. .Justice and :\lrs. Francis Latchford 
I.;:! :\lr, and :\Irs. Colin F. Gurdon 
153 Mr. and .:\Irs. :\Iichael J. Healy 
1;;;:; Mrs. A. :\Iorgan Cosby 
136 :\lr. and :\lrs. Alex. B. Bethune 
1:5. ::\lrs. Edward Y. Eaton 
LiS :\11'. and :\Irs. Rohert Inglis 
1 fiu ::\lr. and :\Irs. Graeme Gibson Aùanl 
ir Donalll and Lady Mann 
 :\lr. anù :\lrs. Joseph George Carroll 
163 :\Ir. and :\lrs. H. \ïctor Cawthra 
1fi:i l\lr. and .:\Irs. Campbell Rea,es 
169 :\lrs. :\lary Dain 
1 iO ("01. and :\Irs. George A. Sweny 
1 il :\Jr. and. :\Irs. Thomas Gilmour 
1 i 4 Lit-'ut.-C'ol. and :\Irs. Henry Brock 
1 i6 :\Ir. Leopold Goldman 
liS :\Ir. George R. "-arwich 
ISO :\Ir. and .:\Irs. George H. Rees 
 2\lr. and :\lrs. Harris L, Hees 
lS6 :\1r. and. 1\Irs. James O. Buchanan 
lSS :\Ir. and :\Irs. Emil (". Boeckh 
9 :\Ir. and 1\Irs. John 
. :\Iurray 
190 :\11'. and :\lrs. 2\1. !toss Gooderham 
1!1l :\In:. John Gowans 
1!.3 Re\". Prof. and ::\Irs. .John D. Robertson 
1:i :\11'. al1l1 l\lrs. George E. 
l!'i :\lr. an(1 1\Irs. Rohert T. Brown 
1!1!I :\Ir. and l\lrs. \Yilliam R. Taylor 
:!04 :\lr, (:\l.P.P.) and :\Irs. George H. Gooder- 
:!Ol; :\Ir. an(1 :\Irs. J. \\ïIton :\lorse 

{jS :\Iiss Hoph it' J. :\lichie 
21:! ::\lr. and Mrs. C. l3. Powell 
21 -t :\lr. ad Mrs. E. L. Da we::; 
:!li :\11". and 1\1rs. Xorman 
:!:!1 :\lr. Thomas I3. Greening 
l :\Ir. and ::\Irs. \\ïlliam S. Greening 
2:!4 :\lr, and. Mrs. (}eorge K Gooderham 
:i I
e\.. (:\I.A.) and Mrs. Thomas Cra\\ ford 
2:!I, :\Ir. an(1 MI's. neorge G. :\Iitchell 
:!:!:>. :\lr and Mrs. Bartle E. Bull 
230 :\lr. a 11(1 1\lr
. Hichard Alhert Graydon 
234 :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Hohert \Yatson 
236 .:\lajor (I.::\L
.) and .:\Irs, \\'. Xapier 
244 :\11". and ::\ll"s. Edward n. Ta
2-lIi :\lr. and 1\1 I'!.'!. Arnold :\1. Iyey 
:!:-.O Hon. an(l l\.ll"s. \Villiam 1':. :\Iiddleton 
2:il :\lr. anll 1\1l"s. Thomas H. ".atson 
2:i:i Vr. an(1 :\11'8. nt-'org-e Elliot ('ook 
2fìO :\11'. and Mrs. J. Harry Patl--'rsun 
:!fi:! Itt-'v. Pr.of. and Mrs. ,James l1allantyne 
21i-t :\Ir. and l\lrs. John K Loudon 
2f.fì :\Ir. and 1\11'8. \\'. F. Johnston 
2fii :\Ir. and 1\Irs. lIarol(1 "". .:\la(':\lahon 
2fiS :\Iajor (D,KU.) and Mrs. J. l"oo})er .:\Iason 
273 :\lr. a 11(1 1\Irs. David Archihald 
27-t ::\11'. an(l ::\lr8. H. Edwanl 'rrt-'nt 
27:i :\Ir. and 1\11'S. "ïlliam J. .\rchltmld 
2iS :\Ir. and Mr's. .J. 
hirley I>enhmn 
2i!1 :\lr. an(l :\lrs. Edwanl E. Hutherford 
2S0 :\Ir. and Mrs. Ilan'al'd Turnhull 
2S1 :\11'. and. :\lr8. A I"thur lL Upnison 
2R2 :\lr. an(l l\Ir
. .John B. Hutchins 
2S3 :\Ir. and Mrs. HOHS 
2:;: 4 :\11'. a nil :\lrs. .T 011 n 
. Dig-nanl 
:i :\[r. and 1\1r'8. 1\1. \\P. ::\lills 
-2R:i :\lrs. A. Roherts 

\, :\11'. and :\lr
. Jo
evh n. Fullett 

:JO .:\Ir. and :\Irs. JanH-s Arthur 

4 :\lr'. and :\Irs. :\1. H. \Yilliams 
Hr_ (K.f'.) and :\1I"s. Philip H. Drayton 
2!IS :\11'. and ::\Irs. Henry \ïncent Greene 
300 :\Ir. and :\lrs. (;onlon C. Ed wards 
304 :\Ir. and :\Irs. R. J. .:\Iclntosh 
3U;; :\lr. and :\Irs. A Ihert O. Hogg 
306 :\Irs. \Y. :-:. Durie 
30i :\lr. William H. Holland 
3U8 :\11'. and :\lrs. Alfred E. Herington 
309 .:\Ir. amI :\11'8. Arthur Frederick Hutter 
310 :\lrs. nnbert A rmstrnng 
31U .:\Ir. and 
Irs. Henry ::\1. Xightingale 
Irs. \\ïlliam Jackes 
316 ::\lr. and :\1rs. 
. Leigh Hammund 
31S 1\Ir. and :\ll's. Franc.s G. Jemmett 
32:! :\Ir. and :\lrs. Philip Bartholomew 
3')') Mrs. 2\1. E. \Yidner 
325 :\11'. and :\11'8. Robert F. Angus 
3:!9 :\Ir. and :\Irs. PhiliV B, Toller 
330 1\lr. and :\lrs. Thomas :\L Ranting 
!'T. (i EOU(; E 'I.\XsIO,"s 
Mr. and :\ll's. Edwanl HastIng-::; Bickfora 
Mr. and :\11'8. E(l ward. :\1. Byrne 
:\Ir. and :\lrs. .James 0, ('amphell 
Lieut.-('ol. and 
Irs. H. S. Greenwood 

lr. and :\lrs. :\lol'gan Jellet 
::\JI'. amI 
Irs. Thomas G. :\Ic('onkey 
:\11'8. Jaml's :\1. :\Ial'kenzie 
:\lrs. (;eOl.gina :\1. 
:\Iajor-Gf-'n, and :\1I's. \Y. u. Utter 
l\Ir. and :\1l's. J. H. Pettit 
:\11'. and :\lrs. Fr'ecleriek Plumh 
:\lr. and :\In:. James R. Roaf 
:\lrs. Philip B. Robin 
:\11'. and :\Jr::;. George rssher Stiff 
:Mr. and :\lrs. '\'alter' 
cott Stout 
1\Ir. al1(l :\lr8. "p. F. 'rye 
l\Ir. Charles F. \\"heaton 
(;0\ EU
 -'I EVr I((H.
ir (K.l',:\I.G.. K.(".. LL.D.) 
John .:\Jorrison and Lady Gibson 

\ ()UI( ('I.('U 
l\h'. J. H. Mayne Camphell 

:--1'. .J.\,It:s .\\'E
20 :\lr. al1(l :\ln
, Howard ('. Blaehford 
:-;1'. .JO:-iEI)n 
IS :\11'. and :\11's. Hupt:'r.t E. Kingsfnrd 
IS I:! :\Iiss Frances Thompson 
2') :\Ir, John 
. \\ïIliams 
24 :\Ir.. and :\lrs. Franci
 ,J. Lightbourne 
28 :\11'. :\lif'Ì1ael ('. U'f)onnell 
30 :\lr'. (K,C.) anll ::\lrs, Thomas Percival 
al t 
 :\Ir. and :\1J's. L. 
\. Hamilton 
40 lion. (K.C) and :\lr.s. I.'rank II. Phippen 
7:1 :\Ir. ar1l1 :\1 rs. .J anlt-'s .\. H pelley 

3 :\11'. and ::\II's. Edwar'(] G. Fitzgerald 
fl() :\11'8. HaynclUld D. Camble 
!JO :\Ir. 
tuart :\lorrisnn 
!lti 1\1 iss ::\larioll ni Ile
!l7 :\11'. and :\lrs. .JanH'8 \\P. Hamilton 
:-iT. JL\H\" S1'UEE1' 
14 1 2 :\lr, an(1 1\11"8. \\ altt'r F. Gnuinlock 
IJ.. HarT) C'. 
39 :\11.. and :\lrs. "'m. B. Tindall 
[,f. 1\11's. :-:arah Badcnach 
6R :\h.. and :\II's. HnlIPrt C. lIamilton 
70 :\Ir. Peter .A. 
74 :\lr. J.t':-:1i1' .\. I>a\'i(L,.nn 



81 Mr. and .:\lrs. Gahriel J. Elmsley 
82 Mr. John Howard Hunter 

T. P.\TRI('(( 
;:; Judge anò Mrs. Frederick M. Morson 
84 1\1rs. Sidney Ford Jones 
102 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Uf'an 
 Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Muorhouse 

38 Mrs. Steplwn Heward 

T. 'J'HO.'L\
3 Dr. .Alfred H. ('aulfeild 

T. \'I:\'('E:\'T 
18 Mr. and l\Irs. \Ym. H. 01iyer 
2;) Hon. (K.l',) and Mrs. \Yallace Xesbitt 
lr. and ),11':-:, ('harle:-: L. Benedict 
34 :1\1 l' S , .J. Harcourt Parkinson 
37 Mr. Richard S. Cassels 
40 Mr. and .:\1rs. Charles Parsons 
57 Mr. and :\lrs, Louis Myers 
102 Mr. and .Mrs. Ti1omas' T. Rolph 
104 Hon. (K.C.L.C.I.) J. Enoch Thompson 
1 Mr. and ::\lrs. .A. Deane Parker 
6 MI'. and Mrs. \YilJiam Hyslop. Jr. 
 Mr. and :\11'8. John Drynan 
1;) Mrs. Elizaheth Xairn 
16 Mr. and 1\1rs. T. Freclerick .Aspden 
20 MI'. an.l ::.\lrs. James Poole 
21 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rohert1:5 
24 Mr. and l\1rs. Henry 1\1. Camphell 
25 Mr. and ::\lrs, Charles R. Rundle 
27 Mr, and 
lr1o;. E. C. Fox 
33 Mr. ancl :Mrs. DaYhl n. Bo:nl 
90 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin \Yestwood 

122 Mr. amI ::.\lrs. ,1. Martin Gardner 

69 Mr. James D. Bailey 
16 Mr, and Mrs. Allan M. DenO\'an 
IS Mr. and ::.\lrs. Doug-las Rei.l 
26 Miss Elizahf'th GilIf'spie 
28 Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Baker 

II.\ \\. 
663 Mr. and ::\lrs. A Ifre(l J, Blachford 

141 Mr. an(l Mrs. .T oseph .J. Da \"ie
]78 Dr. and ::.\lrs. .1errolfl Ball 

"O ::\11'. and ::\ll's. Edward B. Shuttleworth 
2fi4 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Pullan 
2!)9 Mr. anò Mrs. \Villiam R. Henderson 
269 Mr. and ::.\lrs. Asa Matthews 
ll Mr. and ::.\11'S. ,J. Ross Rohertson 
14 Mr. and ::\lrs. R. Y. Hutchins 
297 Mrs. Charles Ruttan 
306 Mr. and Mrs. .T. Freòerick Rparling- 
307 Mr. anò ::\1rs. S. Tenlple Blackwood 
307 Mr. .J. H. í'ameron 
313 Mr. and Mrs. DaYiò McGee 
:n 7 Mrs. Henry Hutchison 
323 Mr. anò Mrs. Thomas A. C'hisholm 
331 Mrs. Rohert T. Goodf'rham 
343 .Mr. an(l Mrs. 
'dlan E. Renfrew 

349 Dr. Charles \Y. Becker 
3ãl Dr. and Mrs. Frank D Pdce 
367 Mrs. Thomas B. Ta\"lo;' 
3S0 Mr. and 1\11'8. Ahra
 M. Orpen 
3x3 l\lr. (K.C.) anrl Mrs. Henry O'Brien 
399 1\11'. and MI's. Samuf'1 Trees 
-100 Rey. Dr. George M. Milligan 
no Major and :.\lrs. Richard Y. Ellis 
-113 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Crossland 
414 Dr. John B. Frasf'r 
41:-; Mr. (K.C'.) anrl Mrs. Louis Franklin Heyd 
4:!:! Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graburn Xicholls 
43:! Mr. Daniel R. \Yilkie 
433 Mr. and Mrs. .-\ Ifrecl L. Gooderham 
43ï Mr, and Mrs. B, F. Barbour 
439 Hon. and Mrs. Georg-e.A. Cox 
446 Mrs. Flora E. l\Iorclen 
4:JO Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Heffring 
.#,")0 Mr. and Mrs. 1\1. .J. Phelan 
4;)4 Mr. anrl Mrs. (yeorge B. Smith 
41)7 Mr. "
alter Sterling 
46!-1 Mrs. Adeline J. H. Brodie 
:J l\liss Amy ::\lonro 
4Sï Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lennox 
493 Dr. and Mrs, \Villiam J. Greig 
497 Mrs, Richarrl Baig-ent 
;;03 Mrs. .Ale:xander McGill 
!i09 Mrs. .John Regan 
:iVi 1\1I'S. Edward H. Dewart 
:>19 Mrs. Edmund H. Rodgers 
:>:!9 Mr. and Mr:-:. 
\lfrecl Haywood 
;;31 Mrs. John Bastedo 
:>3:! l\lajor anrl Mrs. 11. C'. Le\"esconte 
:;37 Mr. and Mrs. ,James P. Langley 
:>38 Mr. and Mrs. \Y. .:\lacKenzie Stark 
 Mrs. H. C. Bouskill 
:;6ï Mrs. Camphell Black 
:>94 Dr. and Mrs. 
\. 01'1' Hastings 
fi9S Hon. ancl Mrs. Jose}ìh Oli\"er 
1 Mr. Frf'd'k, \Y. \Vellington 
1 1\11'. and 1\1rs. C. H. Duggan 
609 Mr. K H. Falknf'r 
1 Dr. and Mrs. Pf'rry Ernest Doolittle 
f):!3 1\11'. XOf'1 fT, L. Marshall 
li:!7 Dr. amI Mrs. \Yallace A. Rcott 
(;31 Dr. and Mrs. Horace E. Eaton 

Mr. ancl Mrs. Thoma:-: Bilton 
:\11'. Louis PerCÏyal F'oy 
Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam Hearn 
Mr. and 1\1rs, L. Herbert Luke 

3 l\fiss Helen Lf'Ys 
!i Mr. and 
frs. Angus Rindair 
9 Mr. and 1\1rs. .J. Henry Peters 
10 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rennie 
 Mr. anrl 
rrs. Edward D. Gooderham 
30 Mr. anrl Mrs. Frank F. Brentnall 
31 Mr. and Mrs. .Tames \Vood 
 Mr. and Mrs. Rohert Laidlaw 
33 Mr. anf] Mrs. Herbert B. Kent 
34 Mr. \Yilliam H. Pearson 
3:> Mr. and ::\1rs. Charles H. Mitchell 

S Mrs. E(lward Leadlay 
40 Mr. anc1 Mrs. Henry Fairfax Tyler 

12:> Mrs. Gracf' E. Denison 
207 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beatty 
207 Dr. Henry A, Beatty 
21.") Major (R.r.D.) and .Mrs. James H. 



:-inll)SOX .\ \'E:\TE 

 Mr. and :\Irs. Herbert \\
. Barker 
13 Mr. OIÏ\'er B. Rtanton 
77 1\Ir. and :\Irs. John F. Hillock 


4 Mf and :\lrs. Frederick H. Leach 
;) Mr. and :\lrs. \Villiam T. Ramsay 
6 Lieut.-Co!. (C. Y.O.) and :\Irs. Percival L. 
:\lr. and 
Irs. \Yilliam R. \\
Rev. and Mrs. \Yalker J. 
Mrs. \\ïlliam G. Hannah 
Mr. and 
Irs. \Yilliam A. :\Iartin 
1\Ir, (K.C.' and :\Irs. James ""alter Curry 
:!:1 l\lr. and ::\Irsa R. H. Dana 

3 Mr. and :\Irs. Edmund Burke 
26 :\lr. and :\Irs. James \Y. Baillie 
:!7 :\Ir. and :\Irs. James C. Scott 
30 :\Ir. and :\JI'S. Alexander T. Reid 
34 :\Ir. and i\lrs. \\ïlliam R. :\Iacdonald 
35 Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Ralston 
36 :\Ir. and :\frs. E. L. Ruddy 
39 :\Ir. and :\lrs. Charles X. Candee 
40 Mr. and :\1rs. Alfred ,Johnston 
4x Dr. and :\lrs. James B. How 
:ï4 :\lr and Mrs. .J ohn H. Thom 
(iO :\lr. and :\Irs. Leeds C. Sheppard 
f;2 Mrs. Da \"id Reesor 
fi4 :\1r. and :\lrs. "om. B. rnsworth 
fi7 1\Ir. and :\1rs. .J. Herbert Cranston 
fiR :\lr. and :\Irs. \Yilliam ::\Ioffat 
fi9 :\11'. and 1\I1'S. Hugh :\Iunro 
73 :\11'. and :\Irs. (;. Herbert \Yooù 
74 :\11". and :\Irs. James Jermyn 
Mr. and :\Irs. Harry L. :-;tark 
:\11', an(I 1\Irs. George R. Copping 
1\Ir. and :\1:rs. \\ïlliam H. Leishman 
Mr. and :\Irs. .r. F'. :\1. Stewart 
:\Ir. antI ::\lrs. J. -:\Ioerschfelder 
Mrs. E. e. Hindmarsh 
Mr. and :\Irs. \\
alter G. Lumbers 
1\1rs. ::\Ian'us Kallmeyer 
::\lrs. John P. :\Iullarkey 
:\Trs. ThOIn.!s F. Hla('kwoo(I 
:\lr. and MI's. Thomas A. Bird 
:\11'. an(I 1\Irs. Yers('hoyle Cronyn 
:\11'. antI Mrs. Georg-e A. Xewman 

Ir. and 1\1rs. Arthur S. King 
:\11'. antI ::\Irs. Arthur Hewitt 
:\Ir. and ::\11's. .John E. :-;tone 
1\I1'S. John ::\lcArthur 
1\Ir. G. Harry Parkes 
:\Ir. and :\[rs. ""alter H. C'lt'mes 
:\Ir. and :\Irs. Richard D, :\Ialcolm 
:\Ir. and :\Irs. H. \\". Ranks 
1\Ir. and ::\II's. f:(IwanI G. Ha('hhorn 
Mr. and :\In;. \\ïlliam E. Big-wood 
1\Ir, and :\lrs. Thomas p, Phelan 
HiI' (1\1.P.) Edmun(I B. nsler 
:\lr. and ::\Irs, "ïlliam Dohie 
:\Irs. :\ nd rew BOl:-;ford, "l)pan('roft.. 
:\Ir. .\n(Irew E. l)un('anson. "Dean croft" 
Lieu.-Col. antI :\Irs. .\ lhert E. Gooder- 
ham, "Df->anC'roft" 
::\11'. and ::\Irs. .Jamps H. Plummer Sylvan 





!"I 5 
1 -,

SOR.\l HEX .\ \. E:\TI<; 
79 -:\Ir. and :\lrs. Richard T. Faircloth 

SI) \nIX.\ 6\ YEX('E 
461 Dr. anl1 1\1rs. .J. TI. Gullen 

Hi3 Dr. and ::\I1's. Frank J. :-;towe 
467 ::\Ir. and 1\1rs. Henry B. Gordon 
 !Jr. and ::\11's. (;oldwin Howland 
:i69 VI'. Arthur \Y. l\la \"burr\" 
:i7S VI'. and ::\lrs. \\'. T. Ow'en Pany 
;;!J9 :\Ir. \Yilliam C. :\lacXeill 
fiOO Dr. and ::\l1-s. "ïlliam H. Pepler 
til:; Dr. and :\Irs. Theodore F. Chamherlain 
616 Dr. and 
Irs. Bartholomew D. :\Iunro 
644 1\Ir. and ::\Irs. Fred D. Barwick 
644 :\lr. Ale
ander E. Ferrie 
6,,;; 1\Iis
 Elizaheth Yeals 
f;:;9 Dr. and 1\1rs. A. \\
allace :\Iason 
f)Xl :\Iiss :\Iargaret E. Dickey 
6R4 :\Ir. and :\Irs. .\. Y. Boggs 
q ::\11'. and :\lrs. John H. Rowan 

 :\Ir. and Mrs. ("harles Robertson 
í03 Dr. and 1\Irs. James H. Cotton 
70:; Dr. E. Kendall Richardson 
í11 1\Ir. and 
Irs. ,James L. Hubhell 
7:!0 Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Hood 
:! Dr. and :\Irs. Frank C. Trebilcock 
734 Dr. Robert J. Dwyer 
73S 1\Ir. and :\1rs. "om. Pitman :\Iorse 
740 1\Ir. antI :\Irs. Harry B. .J ohnston 
í 42 Mr. and :\Irs. Arthur C. :\1(':\laster 
í60 :\11'. John \Yanless 

:"1).-\IH:\.\ G.\RJrEXs 
3 1\Ir. and :\Irs. \V. Pemherton Page 
4 :\11'. (K.C.) and :\Irs. George O. Alcorn 
;) Mr. and :\11's. \\ïl1iam A. Beal 
í Miss Caroline Chaplin 
9 1\Ir. (K.C.) and :\lrs. \V. H. Blake 
10 Mr. Arthur C. Rogers 
I:! ::\lrs Catherine A. :\Iorris 
14 :\Ir. and :\lrs. Fred 

".-\IH".\ RO.\U 
Ir. and :\11's. Thos. Bradshaw 
4 Mrs. John Bertram 
5 1\1rs. John J ('rahhe 
7 1\Ir. (KJ'.) and Mrs. George F. Harman 
S 1\Ir. and :\ll's. Archihald A. Dickson 
13 1\Irs. George R. R. CoC'khurn 
14 1\11'. and :\lrs o Rohert R. CrOlnarty 
1;) 1\I1's. Isahella Burke 
16 Slwriff Frederick ::\lo'wat 
17 1\Ir. an(I .::\lrs. Charles B. Street 
IS 1\[1'. (K.C.) antI :\lrs. Thomas C. 
19 1\[1'S. :\1 al"g-aret e. Ch ristie 
19 :\11'. and 1\Irs. ,Iohn \\'anlt'ss, ,Jr. 
:!O 1\Ir. and :\Irs. Thomas Kinnear 
:!1 Mr. and :\lr8. Ed\\ anI Burns 

3 1\Irs. J. n. rolingshy 
24 1\11'. and ::\Irs. Harry \\
. Bl'atty 

6 1\Ir. and :\11's. Da \'Ìd Creighton 
33 He'-. and :\In.;. Alt'
andt'r B. \\
37 :\Ir. and :\lrs. n. L. Carle

!"I ::\Ir. and :\ll's. _-\lfrpd Ha\\l's 
43 ::\11'. and ::\lr8. "ïlliam Hog-g 
:'1 :\Ir, arllI :\11'8. Hilton R. TUdhope 
:ifi :\Ir. and :\11's. Harry C. Bark(>r 
;;8 PI'of. (:\1..\., Ph.D.) antI :\11'8. James 
<;i},8on Hume 
:ï9 1\11', and :\ll's. FrederH'k \. :\Iulholland 
li3 .\Ir. and ::\[I's. ,1. GonIon ::\lacDonalù 
lir. 1\Ir. an(l :\11'8. ])onaltl .-\. ('ameron 
fiR :\Ir. and :\[rs. ""alter ,I. Keens 
1;9 ::\Ir. an,] :\Irs. George lloving- 
70 :\Ir. anl1 :\lr8. ,\r('hihald FouIrIs 
71 :\Ir. arHI l\ln.;. ,lohn .\. Knox 
7f; ::\lr. and :\l1's. \\
m. H. hvlng 



v ::\11'. and 1\lrs. George H. Macfarlane 
S:! .:\11'. and Mrs. Henn ,Yo E,"ans 
S3 .:\111'. (K.C'.I and 1\1rs. M. H. Ludwig 
x:-. :\11'. <<K.l'.) and lVJTS. Xorman B. Gash 
:-6 :\Irs. .:\latthew Riddell 
Sï Dr. and l\ns. ,J. A. 1\lacdonalt} 
:-OS .Mis
 Juan Anderson 

IO ::\11'. ani} .1\1rH. Frank G-. Ha,"wan} 
H3 .Mr. and .Mrs. John A. \Yalker 

If:; .1\11'. Frank Hodgson 

Iï :\Ir. ani} ::\lrs. 1'. Ü' Eyneourt Striekland 
!}S 1\Ir. and Mrs. Henry H. D. Bayne 
101 :\11". and Mrs. Edmund ll. \Villialns 
103 :\Ir. am} Mrs. \\
illis Chipman 
104 Prof. (1\1..\.) and Mrs. Augustus E. Lang 
10:1 .:\11'. and 1\1rs. A. Reginald Caprt'ol 
113 1\lrs. Patrick G. Close 
11:1 Prof. (M.A.) and 1\Irs. ,J ohn C. flobertson 
l:!O Lieut.-I '01. am} Mrs. "
ellington \Yallace 
12S 1\11', am} 1\lrs. ,John James Gibson 
l:!S Ht'\". (D. D.) and Mrs. Thos. B. Kilpatrick 
134 Mr. and Mrs. Robt. :\I('K. Bertranl 
13fì l\Ir. and :\In,. Charles E. Arnoll1i 
140 1\11'. and .Mrs. Frederick C. Burroughes 
143 ::\11', and lVIrs. D. C. H aig 
1:11 1\1r. ani} Mrs. Hurrett L.\"lnan Anderson 
1:13 ::\11', am} .:\Irs. Richard C. Dancy 
l:Ji 1\lis!' Barhara _\. 
l:1R 1\11'. and Mrs. John A. Mitchell 
11)0 Mr. and Mrs. .Jacob ,J. Copeland 
161 1\11', and 1\lrs. "'. Cromwell Gurney 
 l\I1'. and lVII's. Roger Clarksou 
163 Mrs. Dougalel McCall 
163 Mr. anI} :\Irs. Doug-las McCall 
164 Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam E. Young- 
1fii 1\lr. and Mrs. Thos. H. Kinnear, Jr. 
16!} Mr. and lVII's. Xoble L. Paterson 
1i2 Mr. anI} Mrs. Georg-e R. 'Yorthington 
] ï3 1\11'. and Mrs. X. Frpderick Gundy 
17;; :Mr. Charles Y. M. Tf'mple 
Ii!"! MI'. and Mrs. neorg-e 
\. Chapman 
193 Mr. anI} Mrs. Henry Mulholland 
197 1\11'. and Mrs. Gt'orge R. Sweeny 
19!} Miss Rutherford 
203 Mr. anll 1\lrs. George Faulkner 

Ofi Dr. ani} -:\lrs. Horatio C. Burritt 

19 Dr. and Mrs. George Elliott 
1 :\lrs. _-\nne Crahtree 

65 MI'. and Mrs. John A. Birmingham 
3')') 1\11'. and Mrs. \Vm. A. Cockburn 
1t2 MI', and MI's. Arthur 1\1. Broo}{e 
142 Dr. anI} Mrs. Gordon Hylanl} 
142 MI'. and Mrs. .Tames Patrick MacGregor 
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rooke 
:\11'. and 1\Irs. Albert ,Yo Austin 

.\ RO.\O HILL 

314 1\11'. and Mrs. \Valter C. R. Harris 
8 Mr. an<l Mrs. Frank T. Proctor 
332 Mr. anll Mrs. John F. Mal10n 



3 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. E. Dayies 
31 M1'. "'m. E. Jones 
36 Mr. anI} Mrs. D. Campbel1 Ridout 
37 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Groyer 'fhayer 
59 Mr, and Mrs. Arthur R. Dewdney 
64 Mr. and Mrs. ""V. A. Cooke 
72 M1'. and Mrs. Frederick K Tremble 
74 1\11'. and Mrs. John A. Frazer 
104 Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Thayer 
119 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. \Valsh 
Hi1 Mr. and 1\Irs. \Vm. J. Cluff 

:-O..RI ('J<; STREET 
6 Rey. Frederick G. Plummer 

:-oTAnR A '"E

-1 ':\11'. am} :\lrs. George E. SCI'og-gie 


 1\11'. anI} 
lrs. ,Jalnes J. l\Iaclennan 

J 1\1rs. .:\larinlla Hil1\"an} 
A Mr. and :\lrs. chi'istopher e. Robinson 

O Mr. and 1\lrs. Herbert Mortimer 
O 1\11'. and ::\1rs. Thomas Patterson 
43 1\11'. anI} 
Irs. Charles \Vinthl'op Pang-man 
4i Mr. anll .:\11'8. ('harlt:s X. "'heatley 
 1\11'. John P. Eastwood 

1 DI". anli 
rrs. T. Howal'd Graham 
11 Mrs. _\ngus Kirklant} 
1H Mr. and .:\lrs. A. G" Cam})lJell 
23 Mr. and 1\lrs. Bertram George 'Yal1\:er 
::-1 1\11". Arthur Ernest Osler 
24 Lieut.-CoI. 11\1. \T.O.) Donall} M. Robertson 
50 Re'\". anI} 1\1l's. J. H. HazlewooÜ 

YSIDE .-\\"Ii

209 1\11'. ant} 1\1rs. Rieh:ud \\T. Teskey 
:-ol"IUtE\:" I
15 Re'\". awl 1\1rs. .Júhn l\1c:\"<.>ill 
Hi Prof. (.:\1..-\.) and Mrs. 'Ym. H. Yan der 

Sn..SEX A\"E
21 1\11'. Henry Brophy 
21 Mr;o;. John Ca1'lon 
21 Mrs. .1 ohn MacBeth 

1 Mr. J. "ïlliam Mackenzie 
21 Mrs. Frank E. Morgan 
21 :\11'. John A. Rohertson 
21 Mr. and Mrs. Rex Xicholson 
21 Mr. Frank "T. Strathy 
21 M1'. and Mrs. 'V. Limbery Snnl'l1s 

;; 1\1rs. EU;:;ellf' ú. Muntz 
63 Mr. A rtlJ ur E. Finucane 

28 :\11'. and Mrs. George 1. Riddel1 
154 .:\11'. and l\lrs, Frederick Roddy 
:ð.tr. and Mrs. Richard f'outham 
3 Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Osler 
5 M1'. ancl 1\1rs. George P. Scholfield 
7 Mr. (K.C.) and Mrs. Jas. Brock O'Brian 
9 Mr. and 1\1rs. Arthur J. Hills 
35 1\11'. and Mrs. Robert H. McKerinen 
ßY .\ YEX(-E 
70 Mr. (K.C'.) John 1\Iurray Clark 
lt A Y]<

1 :Mr. and Mrs. '\\'m. A. McXabb 
20 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Ramsey 
10 Rev. and Mrs. Derwyn T. Owen 



I).\LL A\'E
101) ::\lr. and :\Irs. Robert H. Verity 
103 Mr. and 
Irs. <'harles X. Ramsay 
11:! :\Jr. and 
Irs. .James J. 'Yalsh 
Ir. and .:\Irs. John A. Cummings 
 :\Ir. and 1\1r8. Cha['les 'Y. Bongard 
4 .:\lr. and 
Irs. Vernon B. ""adß\\ orth 
130 .:\Ir. and ::\lrs. \\ïlliam Robert :\lcGill 
Hi) .:\1r. (K.C.) and .:\Irs. Geo. G. S. Lindsey 
Tyndall Gardens Apartments 
::\11". and ::\lr8. Howa['d C. Hoops 
::\lr. and ::\Irs, Frederick ::\ll1nroe Rutter 

rT\' A\'E
SS ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Charles A. Burns 
172 .:\11'. and ::\Irs. Da\id Fasken 

ITY ('nE
8 Prof. and :\lrs. James :\Ia \'or 

\\'.\I.Ii.EH A \'E
 I' E 
1 fì :\lr. anll ::\'1rs. D. Taylor ::\Idntosh 
:!s BeL and :\Irs. Henry U. Horne 
3:-. ::\u and ::\lrs. ,John R. Arnoldi 
42 ::\lr. and 1\Ir8. Laurance J. Lugsdin 
lili ::\Ir. and 
lrs. James H. ThOlTISOn 
 ::\1rs. "ïlliam H ilhol'n 
71 :\lr. and ::\11"::;. D. (leorge í'hesnut 
76 ::\lr and ::\lrs, ""alter 
. Allwan1 
7'j ::\Ir. and :\lrs. Fredk. 'Y. Burrows 

1 .:\Ir. and :\ll's. J08PIJh ('. "ïlliams 
\\ .\1. 'I ER RO.\f) 
f. ::\la.ior a:Hl 1\I1's. S. Percy Biggs 
7 ::\lr. Percy .\. ::\Ianning 
!. Be\. and :\ll's. E(lward T. Fox 
10 :\11'. anll ::\lr8. Hohert 'V. King 
11 ::\11'. Frank L>arling 
12 ::\lr. and 1\1rs. Hohert .1 ames l'opeland 
II ::\lr. and ::\'1I'S. .Joseph B. Tyrrell 
1'j :\ll's. James B. Stl'athy 
I Hon, ,Justil'{:' and :\lrs. Iloger í'. Clute 

o Capt. and :\ll's. Homer Dh..on 
ir Allen and Lady Ayles\\ orth 
27 .:\11' and 1\Irs. HalTY 
-\ ldpn Richardson 
30 ::\Ir. Samuel ('rane 
31 ::\11'. and :\Irs. H. GonIon 
Ir, and 1\lrs. 
3j .:\Jiss Helen Culham 
3:; ::\In'. Elmore Harris 
3'j ::\Ir. and .:\II'S, neorge \\'. (;ouinlock 
3!1 ::\lr and ::\In
. ,John ::\lcKnight 
40 ::\Ir. and ::\II's. .Joseph X. Shenstone 
44 :\lr. an(l 1\Irs. Edward (1urney 
4:; .:\Ir. (K.f'.) and Mrs. Leighton :\lcCarthy 
fiO ::\In:. \ndrew Gunn 
fil .:\lr. "'. Gihson Cassels 
fi3 :\II's. ,John .\. ::\lcKee 
fi;-; ::\Ir, and .:\11'8. Frederick E. Kerr 
fi'j :\1['. and 
frs. "'m. ,1. Elliott 
fi!1 ::\liss :\1. E. Thol'nhill 
1 ':\Irs. \\ïlliam lIenry Knox 
fi4 :\lr. and Mrs. I>ouglas G. Hoss 
fiS ::\lr. an(l Mn
. Thomas .r. Cla['k 
70 ::\lr. and 1\Irs. 
idnpy Rmall 
lr. anll Mrs. Hohert L. Defries 
73 ::\Irs. \\'illiam Boulthee 
74 ::\11', and :\Irs. "Tilliam Rtark 
7á }\f1's. ('harll'H G. .Tones 
7S ::\11'. awl Mrs. .\nllrew Elder 

3 ::\lr. and Mrs. n. 

:i .:\Ir. and 
In:. Harry T. Gal'lln('r 
 1\11". and ::\In:. John Jo', ::\la('Kay 
!II :\lr1". Helen Laidlaw 
Ir. and ::\II's. Frank S. Belton 

Ir. and .Mrs. John Patterson 

 ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Ernest L. :\lcLean 
99 1\1r. and :\Irs. "'alter J. Barr 
102 Mr. and :\lrs. Emil T Jacobi 
Ir. and 
lrs. George \Y. :\lcGill 
110 ::\lrs. .J. F. Taylor 
112 :\Ir. and .:\lr8. :\laurice J. Taylor 
113 .:\Ir. and ::\Irs. 'Y. E. Lincoln Hunter 
116 .:\Ir. and :\lrs. "Tm. de Leigh \'Tilson 
11 ï ::\11'. and ::\Irs. Charles B. 1.0\\ nlles 
 .:\11'. and :\Irs. Herhert \ïncent Andrews 
120 :\Ir. and :\lr8. Charles S. Dalton 
Ir. and ::\lrs. R. \Y. Eaton 
130 ::\Ir. and ::\1rs. Tre\'or H. Temple 
131 :\11'. and .:\lrs. \\Tallace P. Cohoe 
136 .:\Ir. Fred R. "ïlkins 
140 :\lrs. Charles :\litc!hell 
141 Captain and :\Irs. J ames Herbert Porter 
1:;0 :\Ir. and 1\Irs. Arthur H. 1\Iartens 
Ir. and ::\Irs. ".m. Fountain 
161 :\Ir. and .:\Irs. "T m . J. Evans 
 1\Ir. and ::\lr8. Thomas A. Bussell 
lr. and ::\lrs. Edwin Xewton .:\Iay 
1ü'j ::\11'. an(l 1\Irs. Bpnjamin Pearce 
16S ::\II'. and 1\Irs. Thomas J. \'Tardell 
1;0 :\Ir. and Mrs. "'. E. Dougla::! 
1 'jf. 
lr. anl1 
II's. Charles Henry Armstrong 
lr. and 1\11'S. James S. Hohertson 

\\ .\1. 'lEI{ I{().-\D 1111.1. 
3H ::\11'. and ::\lrs. Frederick J. 'Yhite 
31it :\11". Alhert E. Rto\'el 
..t'asa Lorna" Colonel (c.Y.a., A.D.C.) Sir 
Henry Pellatt 
Capt. and ::\lrs. Heginald Pellatt 
1 ::\Ir. anl1 Mrs. '\.alter y, F.cclestone 
4 :\Ir. I K.('. land :\Irs. .1Javid T. ::;ymons 

O .:\lrs. Ira 

 1\11'. and Mrs. ('hal"les L. "TislH'r 
Ir. and 
II's. EI1ward X. Bate 
3:; ::\Ir. and 
lrs. C. E. Linstrum 
31i Dr. and .:\lrs. ,James 1\1. .:\lacCallum 
4:! :\Ir. and .Urs. AIl",n Case 
44 :\11". and 
I l'S. .r. L. Trethf>wey 
4'j :\Ir. anll .:\11'8. George A. Powell 
ll's. John Gillespie 
!i:; Hr. and 
Irs. (,;, Herhert Burnham 
94 .:\11'. and 
lrs. Hohert A. Laidlaw 
!It; :\lr. and Mrs. 1'. \Y. 
tOli :\Ir. and 1\Irs. '\"m. H. (;rant 
 :\11'. and :\Irs. .\ugustus :\Iyers 
111 1\Ir. and ::\Irs. nidt'fln :\Iiller 
11:! :\11'. and :\Irs. H. Xorton De\\ïtt 
11:; PI". awl ::\11's. ,1. 1\1. Forster 
11fì :\Ir. and 1\Irs. })a\'id E. Kennedy 
1:!0 ::\Ir. and 1\lrs. Ziha (';allagher 
1"" 1\lrs. .10hn .Jl'ffre)' 
123 ::\11'. an(l 
lrs. Charlf>s \. Crawford 
121i ::\Ir. anll 1\11's. \\"alter E, Booth 
1:!9 .:\1r. anll :\lrs. Edwal'll \\
. Boyd 
13!1 1 )r. \\ïlfreI1 ,,
. E('('lestone 
141' :\Ir. and Mrs. .Alht'rt A. Thompson 
1:;; ::\Ir. and :\1 ['S, .\. .1\. "'right 
1 :;,; 1\11'. and :\Irs. If. B. Patton 
Irs. C. If. (1ooderham 
llil Or unll :\11's. .J. Algernon Temple 
1 f.2 ::\Ir. Ernest B Lefro)" 
If)f. 1\Ir. anll 
I['s. Geo. "To. Booth 
1 'j:; ::\Irs. Larratt "". 
1 S:! 1\Ir. and :\11's. }.orne ::\1. 
1 Sf. 
lr. and 1\1rs. Georg-e .\. Graham 
1 's :\II'. and .:\Ir'Ho. .John 1'. Hodgins 
'\I :\Irs. (;('on;-e IIaI'}H'r 



194 Mrs. Edith H. Quin 
196 :Mr. 'Yilliam 
Corner Lonsdale road 
Mr. and :\Irs. Alexanrler H. Beaton 
Mr. and 
Irs. Duncan McLaren 
Mrs. James F. 'Y. Ross 

 .\ '-E
3 Mrs. \\ïlliam G-regg 
!"I Mr. and :\lrs. Thomas D. Bailey 
1] Mr. and ::\Ir
. George Justus 'Vebster 
 Mrs. Margaret Howson 
13 Mr. and 
Irs. Stuart B. Heath 

Y ('HES('E
113 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 'Vest 
117 Mr. and !.Vlrs. .Tames D. Trees 
146 Mr, and 
lrs. Thos. E. Knowlton 
 Mr. and Mrs. \Vm. H. Knowlton 
15fi Mrs. John 'V. G. 'Vhitney 
160 Mr. anrl Mrs. Henry Gooderham 

2 Mr. and Mrs. Frerlerick Barry Hayes 
4 Commander (Royal 'xavy) and :Mrs. 
Frederick C. Law 
4 Mr. and Mrs. 'Tictor Law 
r. Mr. and 1\Irs. 'V. 'Yallace Jones 
6 Mr. and 
lrs. Frerleric G. B. Allan 
7 Mrs. Allan Cassels 
8 Mrs. E. Strachan í'ox 

10 Mr. (K.C.) and 
lrs. Herbert 
f. Mowat 
20 Dr. and .Mrs. John T. Fotheringham 
 Dr. and Mrs. David King Smith 
27 Miss Aikins 
29 Mr. and Mr
. Charles B. Williams 
31 Mr. (K.C., D.C.L.) and Mrs, Frank Den- 
37 Mrs. Joseph Tomlinson 
43 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Barton Sheppard 
43 Dr. and Mrs. V. H. Mc'Villiams 
46 Capt. and Mrs. J. Drummond Mackay 
53 Mr. and Mrs. James O'Xeill 
5á Dr. and ::\lrs. Charles K. Clarke 
fi6 Dr. T. Alexander Davies 
GO Miss Agnes Jean Fulton 
6;) Mr. John Abernethy 
78 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Mill 
81 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ellis 
85 Mrs. James Todhunter 
86 Miss Margaret Lash 
92 Mr. and Mrs. George M. vnlson 
!"I5 Mrs. Harry D. 'Varren 
96 Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Copp 
 Lieut.-CoI. and Mrs. John B. Miller 
102 Mrs. John Akers 
102 Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Bourlier 
120 Rev. ("anon and Mrs. Alexander Macnab 
176 Mrs. Richard R. Williams 
220 Mr. (B.A.) and Mrs. WO'. A. Douglass 
231 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hutchinson 
237 Mr. Herbert F. Petman 
243 Dr. and Mrs. James H. ("arrique 
265 Prof. and ::\lrs. ("harles F. Heebner 
lr. and Mrs. Charles A. McArthur 
Braemar Apartments 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Grattan Kiely 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Snetzanger 

127 Mr. K.í'.) Henry J. Scott 
Ir. John 

WELLS 1111.1. A'"E
86 :\Irs. Edward S. Piper 
lr. an(} Mrs. Frank M. Piper 
:5 MI.. and :\lrs. Percy R Maule 

R .-\'"E
] 3S Mr. and Mrs. George Erlwards 
16;) 1\11'. and Mrs. H. L
n Hudson 
194 1\11'. and Mrs. Bert C. Burroughes 

 :\11'. and Mrs. 'Villiam Lawrence 
2lU :\11'. anrl Mrs. Carl F. Hopkins 

Ir. and Mrs. 'Vm. J. Green 
.1 Mr. awl 
'1rs. ,J. J. Hoidge 
7 Mr. and Mrs. 'V. Percival Eby 

 Mr. and Mrs. G-. G. 'Vishart 
9 Mr. anrl 
'1I'S. 'Yilliam í'opp 
10 ::\Irs. ,John À. McGillivray 
14 :\11'. and 
lrs. J. P. Tisrlall 
1:5 Mr. and :\lrs. George Caldbeck 
17 Mr. and Mrs. Robert GlasgO\v 
IS Mrs. Cephas Goode 
:!ü Mr. and 1\Irs. Oscar E. McGaw 

 Mr. and :\Irs. \Villiam J. Fraser 
23 Mr. anrl ':\[rs. Featherston Aylesworth 
24 Dr. anrl Mrs. F. C. Husband 
2:5 Mr. and ::\I1's. Thomas À. Reid 
:!f. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lailev 
30 Majol" anrl Mrs. John A. Murray 
33 Mr. anrl :\Irs. Albert E. Trow 
Ir. and 
Irs. R. A. Baldwin 
41 Mr. and Mrs. ,Yo A. McCaffrey 
"'ILL('()(']\,S STHEE'f 
2 Mr. and :\Irs. Alexander C. "
4 1\Ir. anrl 
'1rs. 1\lelfort Boulton 
14 Mrs. Stephen Duncan 
15 Major Coote X. Rhanlv 
If. :Mr. and Mrs. Henry l\Ì. Blackburn 
lï Mrs. AI"thur Hpragge 

O :\11'. and .:\Irs. T. Stewart Lyon 
 lVlr. anrl ;\Irs. Thomas 'V. Horn 
24 :Mr. (K.C.) James H. Macdonald 

;) Mr. and :\1rs. Samuel Richmond Hart 

f\ Mrs. R. B. :\lcC'andless 
30 Mr. anrl 1\Irs. Rohert Bond 
31 Miss Jennie E. \\Tilliams 
35 Mrs. Huhert L. '''att 
lr. and Mrs. Robert F, Easson 
41 :Mrs. E. P. Campbell 
44 Dr. and Mrs. Harold Clark 
xl Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Boddington 

4 Mr, amI :\lrs. James D. Allan 
97 l\Ir, and Mrs. Ernest .J. Farmer 

W[LSO:\", A "E

17 Mr. and Mrs. .John T. Loftus 
'Yilsonia Apartments 
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Carruthers 



31 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hillock 

7 Mr. Rohert (". Fisher 
3ï Dr. Latimer Pickering 
77 1\11'. and Mrs. James Cameron Armer 
Hampton Apartments 
Mr. .John P. Hennessey 
13ï Mr. anrl Mrs. .J ohn F. Maclaren 
160 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Alexander 



19 Mr. and .Mrs. Ernest T. ""Yingate 
26 ::\11'. and :\lrs. C'laurle H. B. Armstrong 
238 Mr. and ::\1rs. Georg-e J. Daniels 
"-OODL..\ W.:s- A ,. ..

 l- E E.\S'L' 
2:J Mr. and 1\1rs. Reg'inalrl A. Kelly 
39 Mr. and :\lrs. Talbot P. Grubhe 
43 Mr. and :\lrs. Harry St. John Jarvis 
81 1\11'. and 1\1rs. James A. Smith 
84 :\1:1'. tK.C.) and ::\lrs. James :S. rartwright 
 \\'E.:s-(-E \\'E
Ir. and :\lrs. Percival R Blachford 
23 :\11'. (LL.B.) and .:\Irs. Alexander .:\Iac- 
[;5 ::\11'. Lewis A. Stewart 
:is Mr. and :\11'8. G. Temple Mc:\Iurrich 
61 :\11'. and 
lrs. John A. :\lackenzie 
67 ::\11'. (LL.D.) anll l\Irs. Alexander Fraser 
72 Mr. and Mrs. John :\Iillar 
84 Mr. and :\lrs. Henry Swan 

6 .:\lr. anrl Mrs. D. A. Coulson 
95 .:\Ir. and .:\Irs. Charles Band 
98 Prof. and :\lrs. Richard Davidson 
100 :\11'. and Mrs. Bertrand R. Xisbet 
103 .:\11'. (F.C.A.) and Mrs. Usler 'Yade 

107 .:\11'. and Mrs. E. Perch-al Brown 


241 ::\lr. and .:\lrs. George O. :\Ierson 
:i9 :\lr. and :\lrs. James F. La\\ son 
sOO ::\lrs. James :\lunn 
I:! 1;1 B :\11'. and :\lrs. Anton J. G. Simmers 
61A ::\lr. and ::\[rs. Herman Simmers 
131;) ::\11'. and ::\Il"S. Edwin H. Jackes 
134:; ::\11'. and :\lrs. A. H. Selw)"n :\larks 
l:;:;s Dr. and ::\lrs. ".alter "Y. "Yright 
:; ::\11'. and ::\Ir
. Elias Rogers 
25u7 ::\Ir. Xicholas Garland 
2617 :\11'. and ::\lrs. Frederick r. Jan'is 
2666 :\11'. and :\lrs. Georg-e A. Keith 
:\11'. and :\Irs. Xorman A. Howie 
Mr. and ::\lrs. Gordon S. Gooderham 
61 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Phillips 
64 1\11'. and :\lrs. Colin C. ram))bell 
SO 1\11'. and :\lrs. Harry J. Fairhead 

O 1\1r'. and Mrs. James Fairhead 

3 Mr. and :\lrs. John (
. Gardnel' 
11:5 1\11'. and 
lrs. George .:\1. Lee 



Accordion Pleating 

H emsfilching, Tucking 
Button Holes, Ruffling 
Scalloping, Embroidering, Pinking 
Ruching, Covered Buttons 




Toronto Dress Pleating Co. 


Telephones North 6400-6401 



Toronto Club List 

Albany Club 
('has. H. Ritchie (K.C.).......................... President 
Stair Dick Lauder..................... Secretary-Treasurer 

Arts and Letters Club 

J. W. Beatty................................... President 
Allen Sullivan .............................. Vice-President 
..\.ugustus Biddle.................................. Secretary 
R. L. Defries .................................. Treasurer 
J. Harry Smith 
Lauren R. Harris 
Arthur Henning 
Tom G. Greene 

D. R. Wilkie................ ......... Honorary President 
Horatio '\"alker.................................. President 
Edmund ::\Iorris ...................... Honorary Secretary 
E. F. B. Johnston, K.C. D. R. 'Yilkie 
Archihald Brm.' ne 
Edmund ::\1 orris 
Cullen, :\Iaurice 
Gagnon. Clarence 
Hope, \Villiam 
Lawson, Ernest 
Lawson, J. Kerr 
.\llward, ",,'alter Proctor, .\. Phimister 
Hebert, Phillipe 
Hobinson, Boardman 
Fi!'>her, Edward ::\lus. Doc. 
Ellis, n. Y. 
K.C. Flavelle, ,T. "". 
Fletcher, G. 
Fraser, ".. 
Fudger, n. n. 
<;-adshy, H. Franklin 
Glasgow, RoLen: 
', Frank 
reig, Edward R. 
Gruhh, Dunnington 
Guidal, A. E. 
Hamhourg, .:\lichael 
H aye, E. 
Hamilton, L. .-'. 
Hardy, E. A. P. ::\I.D. 
llammoncl, .:\L O. 
Hart, J. 
. ::\LD. 
H argraft, \\
. H. 
Hallam, D. 
lIollwe)', T. 'Y. 

George H Locke 
Eden Smi th 
Roy ::\Iitchell 
Francis Coombs 

Walter Allward 
E. Edwin Atkinson 

A tkinson, ,\
. Edwin 
Browne, Archibald 
Brownell, Franklin 
Brymner, 'Yillianl 
Clapp, \Villiam H. 

Cote, A. Ruzor 
Hebert, Henry 

Armour, Douglas K.C. 
Armour, Eric K.C. 
tock George Tate 
Boulton, G. D. 
Burden, Charles 
Hicknell, James K.C. 
Bromhead, 'V. H. 
Charlesworth, Hector 
Christie, R. .T. 
Clare, Hon. George :\I.P. 
('lark, H. :\1. 
Cooper, John 
Coh-'man. E. n. 
Cortissoz, Royal 
rook, Britton 
Darling, Frank 
Donovan, P. 
Dougla!'>, ,Yo .J. 
Dll Vernet, E. E. A. h.C. 
Edgar, Pelham Ph.D. 
Ed\\ards, Hon. S,'nator 

Canadian Art Club 


Ferguson Kyle 
Parker H. Kemble 
H. A. Clarke 

Homer 1\
Curtis "ïlliamson 

::\Iorrice, James 'Yilson 
:\Iorris, Ellmund 
""alker, Horatio 
".atson. Homer 
'Villiamson, Curtis 

Gruppe, Charles P. 

Heaton, ErneHt 
Houston, ,..... R. 
Howland, Pelpg 
How. Frank \V. 
,Jaccaci, .\ugu!:-õt 
.Taffray, Hon. 
.Jan'i!'>. .\emilius 
,Johnston, E. F. B. K.C. 
,Jones, F. C. L. 
,Tones, T. Roy 
Kerr. Stanley 
Logan, P. D. Ph.D. 
Lamhe. .:\Iortimpr 
Lash, 7.. .A. K.f". 
Lo('ke, G. H. Ph.D. 
Lefro)", H. B. 
Lt' :\lpslIrier, G. G. 
Lewis. .John 
MacÏ' or', Charles 
:\lacfal1. Hal(lane 
:\Iacfarlane, Stuar't 



J. R. Bone ...................................... Presiden t 
Donald Cameron ...................... First Vice-President 
G. Flank Beer ......,.............. Second Vice-President 
D. H. Gibson ................................... Treasurer 
C. Leslie "Yilson ....................,......... _ .. Secretary 
F. D. L. Smith .................... Literary Correspondent 
H, L. Rous 
R. R. Lockhart 
T. 'V. Jull 
Austin, ,nlliam R. 
Bach, G. S. 
Bach, 'V. G. 
\. H. 
Baillie, F. 'V. 
Baillie, James W. 
Bain, Donald 
Baird, D. S. 
Baird, H. N. 
Baird. 'V. A. 
Baker, J. Charles 
Baker, R. L. 
Raker, "T. H. 
Baldwin. L. H. 
Balen, H. T. 
Ban, George B. 
Bal1antyne, Prof. James 
Bal ton, K. E. 
Banfield, 'V. H. 
Banford. Rev. John 
Banks, A. F. 
Barker, A. B. 
Barker, H. W. 
Barker, R. J. ,Yo 
Barr, TITaIter J. 
Barrett, W. 'V. 
Barron, George 
Bathurst, S. A. 
Baulch, S. F. 
Baxter, D. 'Yo 
Bealey, E, R. 
Beamish, J. R. 
Beard, M. D. 
Beardmore, TIT. D. 
Beaton, J. P. 
Beatty, H. A. 
Beatty, J. ,Yo 
Beaty, J. G. 
Beaumont, G. F. 
Beaumont, J. 
Beaupre, Eugene L. 
Beck, H. T. 
Beck, J. J. 
Beemer, Dr. N. H, 

Maclennan, J. C, Ph.D. 
MacTayish, NewTon 
MacLean, 'V. F. M.P. 
Massey, John 
Marchant, 'V. 
Massey, Vincent 
Mavor, James Ph.D. 
Mickle, H. 
Miln, James 
Montross, X. E. 
Morrice, Dayid 
Morris, James 
:Morris, Murney 
Morris, Harold 
Moss, T. 
Mowat, H. M. K.C. 
McCul1ough, J. "T. T. ::\I.D. 

,Yo r. Laidlaw 
D. B. Gillies 
R. G. Dingman 

Abbs, C. E. 
Abbs, R. G. 
Adams, Dr. E. Herbert 
Adams, Dr. G. F. 
Adamson, Agar 
Addison, Dr. W, L. T. 
Agar, Charles G. 
Aikins, Dr. H. 'V. 
Alderson, 'V. H. 
Alexander, Dr. ,Yo H. 
Alexander, 'V. Murray 
Al1an, A. A. 
Allan, A. P. 
Allan, Rev. James 
Al1an, 'V. A. 
Allen, H. G. 
Allen, Thomas 
Ames, A. E. 
Amiraux. \\ïniam L. 
Amyot, Dr. G. A. 
Anderson, C. ".. 
Anderson, George 
Anderson, Dr. H. ,,"'. 
Anderson, 'Yallace 
Anderson, 'Yo G, 
Anderson, 'V. G. L. 
Andrew, R. B. 
Anglin. R. ,Yo 
Annandale, A. "T. 
Anthes, L. L. 
Archer, G. K. 
Archihald, G. W. 
Armour, E. K. 
Armstrong, B. E. 
Armstrong, Rev. TIT. L. 
Ashenhurst, Alexander 
Asling, Herbert M. 
Aspden, T. Fred 
Atherton, James "T. 
Atkinson, J. E. 
Auden, Henry "T. 
Aulc1, A. R. 
Ausman, H. W. 
Austin, G. A. 

McCullough, Charles R. 
Osler, Gordon 
Palmer, John J. 
Patterson, R. L. 
Pattinson, Geo. 
Paul, Frederick 
Payne, John 
Pearson, John A. 
Pratt, G. D. 
Rae, 1Villiam 
Robertson, John Ross 
Rolph, Ernest 
Scott, Robert 
Smyth, 'V. R. K.C. 
Sharp, A. 
Someryille, Geo. A. 
Sproatt, Henry 

Canadian Club 

Rmith, Eden 
Steyenson, G. S. 
Strathy, Stuart 
Stone, C. E. 
Sweny, Colonel 
Turner, Hon. Richard 
Van del' Smissen, 'V. H. 
'Vade, T. C. K.C. 
'Valker, John A. 
'Valker, T. L. Ph.D. 
'Yilliams, W. R. 
'Yillison, Sir John 
,nlkie, D. R. 
'Yood, E. R. 
"Yagner, Dixon 
'Yinchester, 'V. P. 
Young, J. ::\IcGregor 

Beyerley Robinson 
Frank Kennedy 

Beer, G. Frank 
Beer, 'V. 'V. 
Begg, E. A. 
Beg-g, George M. 
Belfry, F. E. 
Bel1, Andrew J. 
Bell, J. R. 
Bell-Smith, F. 1\1. 
Bender, C. B. 
Bengoug-h, .J. "T. 
Berkinshaw, E. C. 
BertralTI, George ::\1. 
Bertram l\1eh;ille 
Bickerstaff, A. R. 
Bickle, Ed. ,Yo 
Biggar. E. B. 
Bigg's, Richard L. 
Bilger, 'Yo F. 
Bilton, Thomas 
Binnie, ,J. L. 
Bishop, C. H, 
Bishop, R. H. 
Elachford, A. "''', 
Blachford, C. A. 
Blachford, Charles E. 
Blachford, Frank E. 
Blachford, Howard C. 
Black, J. C. 
Black, R. G. 
Black, S. 'V. 
Black, 'Yalter 
Black, William 
Black, Dr. ,Yo A. 
Blackburn, A. R. 
Blackburn, F. J. 
Blacklock, S. C. 
Blain, Hugh 
Blain, 'V. A. 
Bland, Thomas 
Bleasdall, 'V. H. 
Blog'g, A. E. 
Blogg, T. Lyle 
Bole, 'V. ,Yo 
Bol1ard, Arth ur 

Bolus, \\:r. J. 
Bond, C. H. A. 
Bone, J. R. 
Bongard. Charles 'V. 
Bonny, "
al ter D. 
Boulthee, A. E. 
Boul tbee, George E. 
Bowden, Sidney 
Bowen, Thomas P. 
Bowes. J. L. 
Bowman. \\
. 1\1. 
Boyd, George 
Boyd, Yalen tine 
Bracken, Paul 
Bradshaw. Thomas 
Braith'waite, E. E. 
Breadner, R. ,\
Brecken. P. À. 
Breckenridge, E. A. 
Breckenridge, J. C. 
Bredin, ::\lark 
Bremner. J. C. 
Brent, ,,
. c. 
Brigd(,'n, George 
Briggs, A. \Y. 
. E. 
Briscoe, F. A. 
Britnell, Ed. 
Brock, 1,;or 
Brooks, ,Yo 
Brown, C. A. B. 
Brown, Rev. Crawford 
Brown, E. B. 
Brown, E. P. 
Brown, E. R. 
Brown, F. X. B. 
Brown, X ewton H. 
Brown. Dr'. Price 
Bro'wn, Hichard 
Brown, 'v. Evatt 
Brown. \\Y. Greenwood 
Brown. Dr. ,Yo X. 
Bruce, Lieut.-Col. John 
Bruce, Dr. H. A. 
Bruce, Hector 
Bryan, Genrg'e :\L 
Bucke, \\ïlliam 
Bucklanrl, H. G. 
Bundy, J. ,\Y, 
Burfoot. George 
Burke, Edmun(l 
Burnett, À. H. 
Burnett, G. G. 
Burns. Àlpxander X, 
Burns, ('harles E. 
Burns, 1>. H. 
Burns, .Tames _\. 
Burns. Hal])h 
Burns, \\-, G. 
Burruss, (jl'a
Bushell. .\mos 
Butt, Harold _\. 
Cain, ,Yo C'. 
C'aldhpC'k. George 
C'ameron, Hev. (' J. 
Cameron, Donald 
C'ameron, r.-l'org-e 
C'ameron. \\-. À. 
Camphpll, .\. H. 
C'ampbpll, .\llen 
Cam])bell, E. T. 
C'amphpll. George C'. 
C'am])hell, .Tohn L. 
Carmichael, ,T. S. 
Candee, C. K. 


Capp, Thomas ,c 
Carder, :\1. D. 
Carley, David L. 
Carlyle, David 
Carnahan, 'V. J. A. 
Carrick, John 
Carrie, "-. K. 
Carruthers, Adam 
Cassidy, E. 
Caswell, E. S. 
Catto, C'harles J. 
Catto, James A. 
Ca\"en, Dr. James G. 
C'haffee, H. F. 
Chamberlain, Dr. W. P. 
Chamhers, E. C. G. 
Chambers, Dr. G. 
('hambers, R. J. 
Chapin, A. S. 
Chapman, E. "-. 
Chapman, S. H. 
C'hapman, 'V. F. 
Charlewood, C. B. 
C'harlton, Hon. ,\Y. A. 
Cherrier, G. D. 
('hil)man, \Villis 
('hristie, F. "-. 
Christie, R. J. 
Christie, S. 
('hurchill, Fred. "T. 
Clare, Dr. Harvey 
('larke, Dr. E. Day 
Clark, Dr. Harold 
Clark, Herbert A. 
('larke, E. R. 
('larke, Fred G. 
('larke, G. l\I. 
('larke, J. 
('larke, .J. Murray 
Clarke. J. Russell 
Clark{', \Y. F. 
('larke, ,,
. J. 
Clarke, "-. J. 
Clea,-er, Rev. Dr. 
('Ielland. D. F. A. 
Clf>ments, A. G. 
Clendennan, Dr. G. W. 
('liff, (jporge J. 
('liff, "Y. C. 
('oakwell, J. A. 
CoC'khurn, Hev. E. 
('0(1(1, H. F. 
', Archdeacon 
Colbeck, F. C. 
Coleman, .\. n. 
C'olpman, Clayton 
('oleman, R. H. 
('olg-I'ave, C. E. 
('ollins. ,). n. 
('olquhoun, À. H. U. 
C'olwpll. C. A. E. 
', ,J. P. 
C'ook, F. S. 
('flok, Dr. Georg-e E. 
('noke, Christopher 
('OOlllhs, Fred J. 
Coomhs, II. T. 
Coombs,.r. "-. 
. n. 
('ooppr, .Tohn -\. 
('oo])(,'r, Hev. "Y. n. 
C'olwland, C' ::\L 
('opelanll, ,r. D. 
('oppland, H. J. 
('opper, J. E. 

20 7 

C'orbet. J. B. 
Corcoran, J. ,,
Cork, G. E. 
('orner, Horace C. 
Corry, C. D. 
Cossland, E. F. 
Cotton, Dr. J. 
('ottrelle, G. R. 
Coulter, J. À. 
C'ou Iter, ,T oseph 
('outts. G. B. 
Cowan, 'Yilliam 
Cox, À. H. 
('o:\., H on. George A. 
Craig, "
Cranem, Salnuel 
Cranston, J. H. 
Crean, r.-ordon 
('reed. Re". F. X. 
Creighton, C'. D. 
('reigh ton, J oh n 
Creigh ton, Rev. ,,\
. B. 
Crp\\"s, H. C. 
('rich ton. R. À. 
C'ring'an, J. ,Yo 
Croft, 'Yilliam H. 
C'roft, "ïlliam 
Croshy, Dr. G. 'Yo 
('rowther, "Y. C 
C'uhitt, ,,-. A. 
t. 'ulverhousf>, E. 
Cumberland, Barlow 
Cummer, Dr. "-. E. 
Cummings, C. e. 
C'ummings, R. 
Cuthhertson, À. E. 
, .\rthur H 
Dancy, R. C. 
Daniel, (' D. 
Daniel. F. C. 
Darling-, Frank 
Da ,-idson, He\". :\IcB 
Davidson, X. F. 
Da virlson. ,Yo G. 
Da vies, B. ::\1. 
navies, C. A. 
f)a\'ies, E. 
na vies, Dr. T. A. 
DaYies, ThOlnas 
I>a vis, \. R. 
Va\'is, B. 
Ha\'is, Hon. E. J. 
na,'is. Lionel 
Va \-is, Roht:>r"t H. 
])a\'is. \Y. ,1. 
nt'3con, F. 11. 
f)('aeon, n. P. 
Veiftill, James 
Dpn ison, ('01. r.-. T. 
1 h'n ison, 
h i rley 
I )pnne, À. J. 
Ppnt. Charlps n. 
1>espa I'd, "-. H. 
()f>wart. fl. 11 
I)p\\ïtt, Hiram 
De "ïtt, PI'of. X. ".., 
Pick, ,Tohn 
Dilworth. H. ,T. 
I )jnt'en, \\'. F. 
()ing-man. H. ,r. 
Hing-man. n. n. 
nixon, \\P. J. E. 
I )ollPrt
., "-. K. 
])oidg-t>, "p. . \. 
Donogh. J. n. 

Gowns For All Occasions 

JTTraps, Tailored Suits, Trollsseaux, Layettes, Lingerie 

62 Bloor Street, West, Toronto 



From Tuberculine Tested Cows. 

Certified by Milk Commission of 
Academy of Medicine of Toronto. 

li1k delivered in ice 
or protected from freezing ac- 
cording to season-per quart 4 
milk tickets. 




 ,"- '.f 

1'1 .' 


. . 


Dentonia Milk delivered witn- 
out ice or protection-per quart 
three milk tickets. 

"'. ""1 



. ... 




City Dairy Co. 



. . 

">" - 

'.#. .{ 

... ..... 








Donaldson, A. G. 
Donovan, A. E. 
Douglas, S. J. 
Douglas, W. A. 
Douglas, W. 1\L 
Dow, ,,
. .J. 
Duffett, ,,
. G. 
Duggan.. R. B. 
Duggan, T. ,,
Duncan, E. .J. B. 
Duncan, Rev. .J. 1\1. 
Duncan, Dr. J. T. 
Dunlop, D. A. 
Dunning, G. G, 
DuYernet, E. E. A. 
Draper, Selby 
Dykes, Philip 
Eakins, 'V. G. 
Earle, T. R. 
Easson, R. H. 
Eaton. Dr. Horace 
Eaton, J. C. 
Eaton, R. ,,
Eaton, R. Y. 
Eby, C. S. 
Eby, Hugh D. 
EbY, J. F. 
EbY, ,,
. P. 
Ecclestone, H. ,,'. 
Eckardt, A. E. 
Eckardt, A. J. H. 
Eckardt, H. B. 
Eckardt. H. D. 
Eddis, W. C. 
Edmonds, C. E. 
Edmonds, W. L. 
Elgie, R. B. 
Elliott, Dr. Alexander 
Elliott, G. L. 
Elliott, Dr. J, H. 
Elliott, Thomas 
Elliott. '"'
. F. 
Ellis, Dr. A. W. 
Ellis. .James A. 
Ellis, J. F. 
Ellis, M. (', 
Ellis, P. ,",'. 
Ellis, R. Y. 
Ellis, W. G. 
Elmslie, B. L. 
Embree, L. E. 
Emery, Horace {{. 
Evans, Ernest 
Evans, F. P. 
Evans, George A. 
Evans. H. P. 
E\'ans, L. C. 
Evans, Lawrence 
Evans, \Y. B. 
Evans, ,Yo J. 
Fairhairn, R. D. 
Fairty. Irving S. 
Falconbridge, J. D. 
Falconer, R. A. 
Fallis, Re\". R. .J. 
Farewell, F. L. 
Farmer, P. P. 
Farr. H. J. 
Fawcett, V:. J. 
Fenton, "'ilson 
Ferguson, .J. G. 
Fetherstonhaugh, F. B. 
Field, Fred ,,,. 
Fielding, F.dwanl 
File. Lor'ne K. 

, J. A. 
Findlay, William 
Findley, Thoma::; 
Fisher, Allan B. 
Fisher, A. B. 
Fisher, Dr. Ed. 
Fisher, H. F. 
Fisher, J. \V. 
Fisher, Robert C. 
Fitzgerald F. "'. G. 
Flavelle, J. W. 
Flaws, A. Lorne 
Fleming, A. G. 
Fleming, C. V\". 
Fleming, F, A. 
\.. G. 
Fletcher, H. C. 
Follett, J. H. 
Ford, W. H. 
Forster, E. L. C'. 
Forster, J. "'. L. 
Fortier, H. C. 
Forward, T. "'. 
Foster, S. H. 
Foulds, Archibald 
Foulùs, Archibald. Jr. 
Foun tain, "'lliam 
Fox, E. Carey 
Fox, Rev. E. T. 
Fox, W. C. 
Foy, Frank C. 
Fraleigh, Dr. A. J. 
Frankish, Dr. E. H. 
Frankish. T. B. 
Fraser, E, D. 
Fraser, G. A. 
Fraser, G. "'. 
Fraser, Rev. R. D. 
Fraser, J, A. 
Fraser, J. C. 
Fraser, "'. J. 
French, Donald G. 
Frind, H. O. 
Frost, Harold R. 
Fullerton, Dr, J. A, 
Gage, "'. J . 
Gagnier, Harold 
Galbraith, D. G. :\L 
Galbraith, Thomas 
Gale, G. C. 
Gamble, Capt. h. 
Gandier, Rev. A. 
Gar'side, \Yilliam 
Gartshore, J. ,J. 
Gemmell, L. A, 
Gemmell, \Y. 1\1. 
George, James 
George, ,y, K. 
Gihbard, G. E. 
Gibson, D. H. 
Gihson, J. J. 
Gihson, R. E. 
Gibson, R. L. 
Gibson, R. L. 
Gihson, T. A. 
Gibson, T. W. 
CHhson, Theron 
Gihson, Thomas 
Gifford, J. R. 
Gilhert, G. A. E. 
(-;ilchrist, _\rchiLald 
(-;illespie, "'a Iter 
Gil lies, Duncan 
Gillooly, f". J. 
Gilmour, Dr'. C. H. 

Gilmour, Dr. G. T. 
Gih'erson, A. E, 
Gladman, J, G. 
Glasgow, R, P. 
Glazebrook, A. J. 
Glendenning, George 
Godfrey, J. M. 
Goforth, W. F. 
Goldsmith, Dr. P. 
Gooderham, G. H. 
Gooderham, H. F. 
Gooderham, Henry 
Gordon, Dr. A. R. 
Gordon, H. D. L. 
Gouinlock, George 
Gould, John 
Gourlay, R. R 
Go\V, "
Graburn, K. F. A. 
Graham, 'Villiam :\L 
Graham, 'V. 1\1. 
Grand, James 
Grand, Percy F. 
Grant, E. A. 
Grant, 'V. H. 
Grassick, F. C. 
Gray, F. H. 
Gray, Frank M. 
Gray, G. Howard 
Gray, R. A. L. 
Greene, Harold A. 
Greenshields, G. A. 
Greig, E. R. 
Greig, Robert 
Greig, "'. J. 
Gregg, A. H. 
Gregory, "'. D. 
Griffin, S. A. 
Griffin, "'atson 
Gundy, J. H. 
Gundy, W. P. 
Gunther, E. F. 
Gunther, R, E. 
Gurney, E. H. 
Gzowski, C. R 
Gzowski, C. S., Jr. 
Hachborn, E. G, 
Haddow, Rev. R. 
H agKard, Charles 
Hague, F. A. 
Haig, D. C. 
Haines, "'. A. 
Hale. James 
Haley, John K 
Hall, Arthur 
Hall, H. E. 
Hall, J. E. 
Hall, J. Herbert 
Hall, "w, H. 
Hamhly, G. \Y. 
Hamilton. R. ('. 
Hamilton, ,,
. A. 
Hamly, H. T. 
Hammond, 1.\1. U, 
Hanna, Hon. ,,
. J. 
f J. 
Harcourt, F, "'. 
Harcourt, R. B. 
Har(1ing, C. V. 
Harding, David 
Harris, He\'. Elmore 
Harris, H. K, 
Harris, James 
Harris, "p. C. n. 
Harlo\\, G. 



Hart, Dr. J. 
Ha rt. Percy 
Hart, R. \\
Han'ey, V;. C. 
Harwood, H, S. 
Hassard, Re\". ,Yo E. 
\rthur E. 
Hathaway, E. J. 
Hawkes, A. 
Haworth, G. F. 
Hay, A. 1\1. 
Hay, Charles 
Ha.\'e. F. B. 
Hearn, E. J. 
Hedley, ,10hn M. 
Heehnf'r, Charles F. 
Henderson. David 
Henderson, G. E. 
Henderson, U. B. 
Henderson, P. E, 
Henderson, R. B. 
Henderson, S. 
Henderson, T. A. 
Henderson, Dr. Y. E. 
Herbeson, Re\". R. 
Hetherington, J. A. 
Hethf'rington, 'V. G. 
Hewetson, H, ('. 
Hewitt, Arthur 
Hezzlewood, O. 
Hig'gins, F, B. 
Hill. Xichf'la!" 
Hillary, Xorman 
Hillman. H. P. L. 
Hillock, C. 'V. 
Hillock. ,]. F. 
Hiltz, ,,". 'V. 
Hohhf'rlin, A. M. 
Hohhs, J. 'Yo 
Hocken. H. C. 
Hodgins. Frank E. 
Hodgson, E. D. 
Hoffman, Lewis 
Hoidge, J. R. 
Hoir1ge, 'V. H. 
Holden, J. B. 
Holliday, F. J. 
Holmes, Robert 
Hopkins, C. F. 
Hopkins. J. C, 
Hopkinson, J. A. 
Hooper, H. 
Hoops, Ho\van1 -\. 
Hovper, F G. 
Hopper, L. R. 
Horsman, Henry 
Horton, E. E. 
Horton, Harry G, 
Horwood, J. C, 13. 
Houg'h, E. ,y, 
Roussel'. J. H. 
Houston. 'Yilliam 
How, F. "
Howarth, C. E. 
Howell, D. J. 
Howell. G. A. 
Howell. Thomas 
HowlanrI, n. \v.. 
Howland, Peleg- 
Hoyles. Hugh L. 
Hudson, H. H. 
Huestis, A. E. 
Huestis. A. :\1. 
Hug-hes, J. G. 
Hughes, .Tames T.

, F. 'V. 
Hunt. Dr. Henry 
Hunter, A. \V. 
Hunter, Horace T. 
Hunter, Dr. John 
Hunter, R. G. 
Hunter, 'V. O. 
Hurst. E. R. 
Husband, Cameron 
Hutchison, Austin 
Hutchison, A. 'V. 
Hutchison, O. A. 
Hutton, Prof. .:\1. 
Hynes, J. P. 
Imrie, John 1\1. 
Innes, \Villiam 
Inrig, 'Villiam 
Irish, Mark H. 
Irvine. Robert X. 
IrYine, 'V. J. 
IrYing, George T. 
In'ing, T. C., Jr. 
l\"ey, A. 1\'1. 
h'ey. P. D. 
.Jackman, John 
Jackson, H. R. 
Jackson, 'V. G. 
Jaffra.\', Hon, Robert 
.Jaffra.\', ,,
. G. 
Jakeway, H. W. 
,Tan1iesnn, J. B. 
,James, C. C. 
James, D, H. 
J ames, Eben 
J ames, Thomas B, 
Jardine, T. S. 
Jan'is. Freel. C. 
Jan'is, J. B. 
Jeffry, A. H. 
Jemmett. F. G. 
Jenkins. Ernest J. 
Jenning. P. H. 
J ephcott. 'V. C. 
Jewell. Harry 
.Johnson, Dr. A. J, 
.Johnson, J. R. 
.I 0 hnson. 1\Iain 
,Td1nston, Frank :\1. 
Johnston, R. L, 
,TonE's, CoI. (', S. 
.lones, F. L. ('. 
,Tones, J. E. 
,Tones. Sir Lyman :\Ieh'in 
Jordan, Dr. A. R. 
.T ordan. Dr. n. G, 
J oselin, E. J. 
Jull, Thomas W. 
Jur.\'. J. H. H. 
Kantel, E. A. 
Kay, John B. 
Keast, 'Valter 
Keating. E. H. 
Keeff'r, Major W. X. 
Keirstead, Prof. 
Keeler, Percy A. 
Kemp, 'V. A. 
Kennedy, Dr. C, A. 
Kenned.\', Frank 
Kent. ,John A. 
Keough. T. H. 
Kerr, A. B. 
Kerr, Frank \V. 
Kerr, J. H. S. 
Kerr, Hon. J. K. 
Kf'ttlewe1l. 'V. C. 

Keys, D. n. 
Keys, X onnan A. 
Kilgour, D. E. 
Kilpatricl<., S, 
Kilpa trick, Prof. 
Kinnear, Thomas 
King, Dr. E. E. 
King. F'. C. 
King, J. 1\1. 'V. 
Kingston. G. A. 
Kirby, R. G. 
Kirkland, 'V. S. 
Kirkwoocl, \Y. A. 
Kirtland. A. H, R. 
Knowland, F. S. 
Krigbaum, L. A. 
KYle, J. Fergus 
Kylie. Edward J. 
Kynoch. James 
Lace.", J. C. T. 
Lacey, L. A. 
Laidlaw, J. B. 
Laidlaw, R. 'V. 
Laidlaw, \V. C. 
Lailey, Charles E. 
LaiIey, 'V. H. 
Laird, Alexander 
Lake. Ernest 1\1. 
Lalor, J. .:\1. 
Lambe, \Y. G. A, 
Lang, Prof. A, E. 
Langlois, Herbert 
Langlois, 'V, H. 
Langmuir, A. D, 
Langstaff, J. Mills 
Langton, \V. A. 
Larkin, ('. A. 
Lal'kin, H. \V. 
Larkin, P. C. 
Larsden, Charles X, 
Lash, J. F. 
h, Z. A. 
Laurason, J. B. 
Laurence, 'V. 
Lawson, Ernest H. 
Lawson, J. F. 
Leadley, Allan 
Lee, Charles E. 
Lee G. H. D. 
Lee. \V. C'ecil 
Lee. 'V. T. J. 
Leelning, Thomas 
Lefroy, A. H. F. 
Leonard, Charles J. 
LeMay, Trac.\' 
LeMesurier. G, C. 
Lennox. Dr. Charles W. 
Le\vis, J, D. 
Lewis, R. T. 
Lind, 'V. J, 
Lindsay, John 
Lindsey. G. G, 
., K.C. 
Littlejohn, J, E. B. 
Lh'ingston. E. ,1. 
Lloyd, T, O. D, 
Locke, G. H. 
Locke, Herbert A. 
Lockhart. R. R, 
Loftus, John 'r. 
Long, Albf'rt E. 
Long, 'V. E. 
Loosemore. H. H. 
LO\'e, Spencer 
Lovell, James F. 
LO\'ell, R. D. 



Give the greatest enjoyment and are the exclusive 
smoke of many clubmen. They are in great 
demand at the best clubs, leading hotels, and on 
the principal steamship lines of the world. 

A Shilling 
in London 
A Quarter 

H. I. M. 

... ..è ..... 
. , 


The King's size 
A long after 
dinner smoke 
35c_ per package. 

Illlpe.rial Tobacco 
Co. 0/ Canada Limited 


Virginia Cigarettes 
"Sweet Capora[" IOS IOC 
"Player's Navy Cut" IOS IOC 

Egyptian Cigarettes 
"lVlurad" (plain tips) IOS I5C 
"l\ilogul" (cork tips) IOS - I5C 
"Yildiz l\1agnums" (plain, co
k) IOS - 25C 
or gold tIpS 
"Egyptian Deities" No. I, IOS 25C 
" " "3, IOS - 25C 
"Pall l\Iall" (small size) IOS (cork tip) 25C 
" " (King size) IOS " " 35C 
"Imperial" A.A. IOS - 35C 
" A,A. I, IOS 50C 
"Imperial Fleur" IOS (gold tip) - 25C 
Nicolas Soussa Fréres Cigarettes 
In boxes, IOS 
In tins of fifty 
In tins of hundred 
In boxes, 10S 
In tins of fifty - 
In tins of hundred 
Tins of twenty-five 
Tins of fifty - 
Tins of hundred 
Tins of fifty - 
Tins of hundred 

- 2.50 

- 4.00 

1. 2 5 
- 2.50 




Lowden, John 
Lowden, John, Jr. 
Lucas, C. D. 
Lucas, Joseph 
Lucas, Hon. I. B., M.P,P. 
LUgsdin, L. J. 
Luke, Frank E. 
Lukes, Lewis Lyon 
Lyon, A. E. 
Lyon, Dr. Mortimer 
:\IcAndrew, J. A. 
:\IcArthur, C. A. 
McCabe, T. J. 
:\IcCammell, J. S. 
:\IcCann, G. I. 
:\IcCarthy, J. D. 
:\IcClain, R. W. 
:\Ic<.'lelland, John 
:\IcCle lland, John 
:\IcColl, E. L. 
:\clcConkey, T. G. 
::\IcCormick, R. L. 
:\IcCracken, T. E. 
McCullough, Dr. J. "1'. s. 
McDonald, C. D. 

IcDonald, J. D. 
:\IcDougall, D. H. 
:\IcFall, A. A. 
:\lcGee, Harry 
:\IcGonegal, E. 
McGiffen, Alan 

IcGregor, J. B. 
.:\IcGuire. 'Y. H. 
:\Iclnroy, 'VilIiam 

Iclntosh, '\T. D. 
:\Iclntyre, Grant 
:\IcIntyre, R. L. 
::\IcKechnie, .r. B. 
:\IcKenzie, J. A. 
::\IcKenzie, Dr. B. E. 
:\1('Kinnon, J. R 
::\lcKnight, John 
::\lcLaughlin, M. 
::\l('Laughlin, R. 
::\IcLay. Prof. \V. :-;. W. 

lcLean, F. G. 
:\lcLean,.r. s. 
McLean, Robert 
.:\1 cLean, "T. R. 
McLean, \Y. J. 
:\IcLeo(l, G. J. 
:\lcLf'o(l. J. B. 
Iahon, Frank 
:\Ic::\[urray, L. R 
:\lcPhedran, DI'. A. 
::\lcPherson, R. 1.1. 
:\lcQuillan. Thomas 
::\1('Taggart, \\ïlliam 
:\lc\Yhinney, \\'. J. 
::\Ic\\'hinney, .:\1. 
::\lac('lennan, Dr. A. \V. 
::\Iad)onald, C. R 
::\la('Donald, J. A. 
::\lacDonald, .r. B. 
:\IacDonald, H. T. 
:\IacGregor, Alf'xan<1f'I' 
::\Iac(1regor, ,1. P. 
::\lacKay, \ If'xandf'r (' 
:\lacKay, John 
::\lacKay, J. F. 
:\IacKay, \\r. (". 
:\[acKenzie, J. \\'. 
 H. P. 
:\lacKerrow, Rohert 
.:\la('T.arf'n, A lexandf'r 

MacLaren, J. F. 
MacLeod, J. J. M. 
MacLeod. N. M. 

IacMahon. H. W. 

IacMurchy, J. C. 
:\IacNeil, Rev. John 
MacTavish, Newton 
:\Iacdonald, Rev. D. B. 
Macdonald. Donald 
Macdonald. Dr. J. A. 
Macdonnell. G. F. 
Macfadden. J. A. 
:\Iacgregor, M. 
Machell, Dr. H. T. 
.Mackenzie. Dr. A. .T. 
:\Iackie. A. C. 
:\Iackie, Alexander 
Mackie, J. H. W. 
.Macpherson. Rev. H. A. 
:\-Iacrae. A. S. 
Ma.crae. E. 
Magwood. Dr. S. J. K. 
Mahony. R. .T. 
Malcolm. A. G. 
Mallory, Dr. F. R. 
.:\fallory. Dr. M. B. 
Manchee. L. W. 
Mandell, H. N. 
Mann, Sir Donald 
Mann, F. J. 
Manning. Rev. (". E. 
Mara, F, G. 
Mara, W. H. 
:\[arkle. W. B. 
Marks, A. H. S. 
Marshall. S. B. 
Marshall. W. J. 
Martin. A. W. 
.:\fartin, H. G. 
.:\Iartin, .T. P. 
Martin. N. L. 
Martin, W. H. 
Martin, William 
Masecar, J. R. 
.:\Iason, Dr. A. D. A. 
Mason, D. M. C. 
.:\lasnn. H. H. 
Mason, T. H. 
:\lason, Thomas G. 
Massey, A. I... 
:\lassey, Vincent 
Matheson, Hon. A. J. 
Mathieson, Hohert 
Matthew, W. L. 
Maw, F. ('. 
Maybee, J. A, 
Mayhuro, Dr, A. \V. 
. A. 
Megan, F. P. 
Mf'iklejohn. H. .r. 
Mf'llish. A. E. 
Meredith, Thomas 
Mprriam. G. R. C. 
:\f<,yers. Dr. C. 
Mickle, H. W. 
Millard, Alexan<1f'r 
Miller, ('. P. 
:\1 ilIel', K W. 
:\Iillf'r, Hev. .1. A. 
.:\1 ill f'r, H. H. 
.:\Iillichamp. H. 
:\1 ill ichamp, W. 
l\lillman, Dr. Th(}ma
::\liIlman. 'V. II. 
:\tills, Alf>xandpr 

21 3 

::\1ilner, W. S. 
.:\Iilnes, James H. 
Milnes, John P. 
Minns, Dr. F. S. 
.Mitchell, All. J. 
Mitchell, C. F. 
Mitchell, Charles H. 
Mitchell. J. W. 
.Mitchell, Lorne \Y. 
.Mitchell, Thomas 
::\Ioffatt, F. :\1. 
Monahan, T. L. 
:\lontgomery, R. A. 
':\lonypenny, L. F. 
.Monypenny, T. F. 
Moore, J. T. 
.:\Ioore, S. J. 
Moore, S. H. 
l\loore, ,Yo A. 
Moore, 'V. H. 
:\lorgan, M. T. 
::\[organ, ",,'. p, 
Morley, F. G. 
::\[orris, :\Iassey 
Morrison, George \V. 
:\Iorphy, E. J. 
.:\[orren, E. \\-T. S. 
Morrow, A. D. 
Morrow, G. A. 
:\IOI'row, 'V. B. 
Mortimel', Dr. ('. H. 
.:\Iortimer, Thomas 
l\Ioss, Fred. 
MoYle, (". E. 
Moyle, David 
:\Ioyle, H. B. 
.:\Ioyle, R. D. 
::\1 oyer, H. H. A. 
:\Iuckle, Charles P. 
Muirhead, J. A. 
::\Iulock, Cawthra 
Mulock, \\'illiam, Jr. 
.:\Iunns, \\ïlliam 
Murphy, James E. 
Murray, C. B. 
.:\[urray, G. :\1. 
.Murray, H. \\7. 
.Murray, 'V. P. 
:l\fusson, {". J. 
:\Iusson, ,J. G. 
Xairn, Alf'xander 
Xasmith, H. C. 
Xaylor, "". \V. 
Xeedler, G. H. 
., e. H. 
Xeil, Re,'. John 
X eilson, X. .1. 
Xelles, ::\Iajor C'. "'\1. 
Xelson. Francis 
Xelson, J. A. 
Xf'I'lich, K 
Xf'shitt. IL .\. 
Xeshitt. \\.allact:', K,C'. 
Xevillt', H. 
Xicholls, Dr. B. F. 
Xicholls, Frt'deri{' 
Xil'klt', C. :\1. 
XiI<,s. (". H. 
:\'ohlt', C. .J. 
Xorris, E. ,I. í'. 
XOI'thcntt. .1. A. 
XOl'thway, A. G. 
Xorthway, J. .\. 
, .1ohn 
XOl.thway, \\". E. 

, . 



K ourse, C. E. 
O'Brien. C. P. 
O'Connor, 1\1. M. 
O'Connor, John 
O'Donoghue, J. G. 
Oliver, J. G. 
Oli no'r, Joseph 
O'Meara, Dr. T. R. 
Oram, G. A. 
O'Reilly, H. R. 
Ormsby, R. P. 
01'1', G. T. 
01'1', ,Yo E. 
01'1', 'V. H. 
Page, ,Yo P. 
Paine, G. H. 
Pakenham, "
Palin, J. H. 
Palm, Otto G. 
Park, A. F. 
Park, Robert B. 
Parker, James 
Parker, Robert 
Parker, 'V. R. P. 
Parkinson, M. 
Pal'melee, 'V. H. 
Parsons, R. C. 
Parsons, R. R. 
Parsons, 'V. G, 
Passmore, S. V. 
Pate, 'V. S. 
Patterson, F. C. 
Patterson, F. D. 
Patterson, G. H. L. 
Patterson, I. H. F. 
Patterson, J. A. 
Patterson, J. D, 
Patterson, J. H. 
Patterson, R. E. 
Patrick, ,Yo G. 
Paul, Fred. 
Payne, R. ,Yo 
Paynter, C. J. 
Peacock, E. R. 
Peacock, H. M. 
Pearson, Arthur 
Pearson, Charlf's 
Pearson, John 
Pearson, 'V. H. 
Pella tt, Rir H. 1\1 
Pember, "-T. T. 
Pemherton, G. C. T. 
Pepall, G. T. 
Perry, George D, 
Perry, W. H. 
Peters, G. A. 
Peters, Henry 
Pettes. D. H. 
Pettit, ,1. H. 
Pettit, Stanley 
Phillips, Cparles 
Phillips, "
Plant, ,Yo H. 
Playtf'r, 'V. p, 
Polson, H. 
Poole, C. D. 
Poole, G, E. 
Porter, Dr. G. D. 
Porter, .J. S. 
Potts, F. H. 
Poucher, F. B. 
Powell, H. 
Powell. Thomas 'V. 
Pratt. A. C. 
Pratt, Frank M, 

Prettie, H. 'V. 
Price, 'V. H. 
Primrose, Dr. A. 
Pro\'an, A. 
Pun"is, 'V. T. 
Putnam, G. A. 
Rae, Allan M. 
Rae, H. C. 
Raney, 'V. E. 
Rankin, Alexander 
Ratcliffe, F. L. 
Ratcliffe, J. B. 
Rawlinson, 1\1. 
Rea, A. E. 
Rea, T. 'V. 
Read, E. T. 
Reaume, Hon. J. O. 
Redman, H. E. 
Reese, C. 
Reid, A. M. 
Reid. A. T. 
Reid, George B. 
Reid, George G. 
Reid, J. E. 
Reid, J. C. 
Reid, R G. 
Reid, Thomas 
Rennie, Major R. 
Rennie, Thomas 
Rice, A. B. 
Richardson, C. F. 
Riddell, G, T. 
Riddell, (i., T 
Ridout, George 
Ripley, Bruce T. 
Risdon, Dr. Ernest 
Ritchie, ,J. C. 
Robb, C. M. 
Robertson, Re\". A. 
Robertson, J. S. 
Robertson, P. L. 
Robertson, 'V. D. 
Robertson. \V. E. 
Rohin, C. E. 
Rohinette. T. C" K.C. 
Rohinson, R. 
Rohinson, E. 'V. 
Rohinson. G. H.. M.A. 
Robinson,.J. B. 
Rohinson, R. K. 
Rohinson, T. 'V. 
Roden, Frank 
Rodgers, A. H. 
Rog-ers, A. C. 
Rogers, E. A. 
Rogers. Elias 
Rogers, E. R. 
Rog-ers, F. P. 
Rog-ers, J. P. 
Rohold, S. B. 
Rollo, Andrew 
Rolph, Frank 
Rooke. Charles H. 
Rorke, L. V. 
Rose, Alexander 
Rose, H. E. 
Rose, Hug-h 
Rose, Hugh A. 
Rose, Re\". S. P. 
Ross, Daniel 
Ross, D. W. 
Ross, Fred, H. 
Ross, Senator Sir George 
Ross, George 
Ross, Dr. J. F. 

Ross, J. L, 
Ross, \Y. D, 
Rous, Carl 'V. 
Rous, H. L. 
. "-
., K.C. 
Rowland, John A. 
Rowlatt. F. A. 
Rowlatt, Harold 
Rudolf, Dr. R. A. 
Rundle, C. R. 
Rundle, ,Yo E. 
Russell, J. ,Yo 
Ruston, Fred. 
Rutherford, R. J. 
Rutter, A. F. 
Ryrie, Harry 
Ryrie, James 
Sale, Julian 
Salmond, J. J. 
Samuel, C. V. 
Samuel, H. 1\1. 
SaÌHlerson, Frank 
Sanderson, Dr. H. 1\1. 
Sanderson, R. R. 
Saunders, H. S. 
Scott, A. L. 
Rcott, Chester C. 
Scott, G. K. 
Scott, J. C. 
Scott, Rev. J. 1\1. 
Scott, '\
. F. 
Scully, Hugh D. 
Seagram, A. ,Yo 
Seaman, 'V. B. 
Searle, F. H. 
Seibert, F. V. 
Sharp, S. G. 
Sharpe, Andrew 
Sharpe, S. K 
Hhaw, John A. 
Shaw. John R. 
Shaw. 'V. E. V. 
Shaw: 'V. H. 
Sheeres, E. D, 
Sheill, Dr. R. T. 
Sheill, Robert 
Hheldon. Harold 
Shenstone, ,1. K. 
Shenstone, R. F. 
Shepherd, H. L. 
Sheppard, L. C. 
Sheppard, S. T. 
Sheppard, ,Yo J. 
Sherris, R. P. 
Shore, Re\'. T. E. E. 
Short, Hedley V. 
Sih"erthorn, T. A. 
Rime, T. ,,
Simmons, A. 1\1. 
Sims, P. H. 
Simonski, A, A. 
Simonski, Isadore 
Rimpson. Harry 
Sinclair, J. M. 
Rissons. C. B. 
Skey, Re\". Lawrence 
Rkill, L. ,J. 
Skirrow, 'V. A. 
Sla tel', L. R. 
Rmall. J. T. 
Hmallpeice, H. E. 
Smith, A. T. 
Smith, Da\'id 
Smith, Dr. D. K. 
Smith. Elmer H. 

mith, F. D, L. 

mith, F. J. 

mith, George H. 
Hmith, G. B. 

mith, Harold T. 

mith. J. M. 

mi th, Harry L. 

mith, R. Home 
Smith, S. T. 

mith, 'Yalter H. 
Smyth, H. L. 
Snarr, John F. 
Snider, J. 

nively, A. C. 
Somerset, 'V. B. 
Somprville, Re\'. Dr. 

ommerville, d. A. 
Sommerville, X. 

outham, R. 
Southworth, Thomas 
Sparling, 'V. F. 
Sparling, \Y. Y. 
Sparrow, J. ::\1. 

paulding, Dr, ,Yo G. L. 

peig-ht, J. .1, 
Speight, T. B. 

pence, Rev. B. H. 
Spence, Controller F. S. 
Spence, Dr. James 

pence, James H. 
Spence, R. 'V. 
Sprott, A. F. 
Squire, K. M. 

tanley, Frank 

tanners. A. C. 
Stanton, H. G. 

tapells, R. A. 

tark, H. L. 

tauffer, Re\'. B. H. 
Staunton, T, A. 

teele, It. Clarke 
Steele. ""alter D. 

tel)henson, F. C. 

te\'ens, ,Yo H. 
Stevenson, C. E. 

tewart, Alexander F. 

tewart, J. F, :\1. 

tewart, "". D. 

tewart, 'V. J, 

tock, H. E. R. 

tokes, Alf. 

tone, "". T. 

ton"l, .-\, E. 

traf'han, Ht>v. D, 
StI'athy, F, ,Yo 

tl'athy, "ïmler 
Strickland, 'V. D. E, 
Sutcliffe, .Tohn T. 

ut('liffe, .J. .\. 
Suthel'land, Alexander 
Sutherland. Henry 

uthl'rlanc1. .J. B. 

utherland, Hon. n. F. 

utherland, S. 
Sutton. R T. 
Sutton. T. E. P. 
Swpatman, J. \,T. 
', Bishop 
Symons. D. T. 
Symons, "". L. 
Tait. "". F. 
Tailing-, He\". 1\1. r. 
Tanner, F. "". 
Taylor, Hpv. Dr, A. 
Taylor, E(lmund 


Taylor, l-:Ieilry' A. 
Temple, C. Y. :\1. 
Temple, .H. P. 
Temple, 'V. :\1. 
Tew, Richard 
Thayer, Ira B. 
Thompson, Major B. 
Thompson, Charles H. 
Thompson, F. C. 
Thoml)Son, H. G. 
Thompson, J. H. 
Thompson, R. L. 
ThOlnpson, R. T. 
Thompson. H. 'V. 
Thoml)SOn, ,,'. H. 
Thorne, J. L. 
Thurston. A. D. 
Tibb, Re\'. R. (". 
Tindall, ,\". B. 
Tingle, Prof. J. B. 
Tippett, \\'. H. 
Tisdale, F. ,Yo 
Tod. Fred. 
Toller, P. B, 
Tomlin. H. C. 
Torrington, Dr. F. H. 
Tory, John A. 
Trees, J. D. 
Trelea\'en, F. F. 
Trethewey, R. J. 
Trig-ge, A. St. L. 
Trotter. Dr. 'V. C. 
', Charles A. 
Tud hope, H. R. 
Tugwell, H. C. 
Turnbull. Rev. J. A. 
Turnhull. John 
Tyrrell, Garnet 
Tyrrell, \Villiam 
T"rquhart, Charles E. 
T"rquhart, Thomas 
1"ssher, C. E. E. 
Van Xorman, C. C. 
\'an Xostrand, A. J. 
'"an Xostrand, C. J. 
Van Xostrand, G. J. 
Ya n '"leet, P. G. 
Yaug-han, A. A. 
Yaughan, H. C. 
Yon Szeliski, Paul 
""adding-ton, H. 
'Vade, R. Ú. 
\'"adsworth. "". H. 
""akefield, Edward 
""alker, A. B. 
""alker, C. 
"'alkel', Sir Edmund 
"'alker, G. A. 
'Yalkf'r, .James R. 
'Valker, ,John A, 
"'alker. P. H. 
"Talker, Dr. T. L. 
"'alkf'I', "ïlliam 
'Yallace, .Tames S. 
""allace, Malcom ".. 
'Ya]]PT, ,J. ::\1. 
\\"alJis, F. X. 
""alton, n. (". 
""alton. "". H. 
\\'anshrough, L. C. 
""a rrl e, James D. 
""arden. G. T. 
\\"anlla W, Thomas D, 
\\'a rrpn, Dr. (". \. 
\\ arren, Turnhull 

\\"arwick, G. R. 
Watson, G. F. 
'Yatson, 'Villiam 
'Yatt, John 'V. 
\Vehher, F. G. 
'Yehher, L. Y. G. 
""ebster, George 
""ebster, Dr. T. S. 
""edd, E, K. 1\1. 
'Veeks, R. P. 
"'ellington, F. ".. 
""ellington, J. R. 
""ells, Gprald A. 
"'elsh, H. J. 
"'est. GOI'don 
'Vest, "". X. 
""estrpn. John, Jr. 
""etherall, J. E. 
""haley, E. 
""harton, R. A. 
""hatmough, A. E. 
\\"hite, Aubrey 
"'hite, F. J. 
\'hite, F. ,Yo 
""hite, John T. 
White, J. P. 
'Yhite. :\Iurray A. 
""hite, :\1. P. 
""hite, W. T. 
"'hitehead, C. H. 
'Yhitehead, H. A. 
'Yhitehead, W. E. 
""hitney, Sir J. P. 
""ibby, George 
'Vickens, H. G. 
"ïckett. R :\Iorley 
\\ïf'kware, R. C. 
\\"ildman. .1, F. 
'Vilkie, D. R. 
'\ïlkie, George 
"ïlkins, X. B. 
\\ïlkinson, Eo H. 
""ilkinson, 'Y". C. 
"ïllans, E. 
""illard, .J. C. 
'Villard, Dr. T. 'V. 
"ïlliams, A. R 
\\ïlliams. H. H. 
"ïlliamson, R. 
'Yillison, .1. R 
"ïllmott, A. H. 
'Yillmott, Dr. "". E. 
"ïllson, C. H. 
""illson, G. H. 
\\"lllson, .John 
"ïlson, r. L. 
\\ïlson. Frpl1erick 
\\ïlson, F. p, 
\\ïlson, Dr. G. E. 
"Tilson, n. L. 
\\ïlson, neOl-g-e "Y'. 
\\ïlson, :\Iurray F. 
. Frank 
""ilton, H, F. 
"ïnger, \. H, 
""intel', F. "". 
"ïnter. Herh X. 
"ïnter, L. .\. 
\\ïshart. D. E. 
"ïshart. n. (1. 
'\ïtlwrs. ('hal'les .\, 
\\"0011. E. H. 
\\'ood, n. 11. 
'" nod, ,I. \\". 
"'onll, "". .\. I'. 

21 5 


9-11 East 39th Street 
New York City 

f1f An apartment Hotel 
catering to patrons who 
desire exclusive surround
ings, Unfurnished apart
ments on yearly lease. 
Several desirable furnish
ed apartments by the year 
or shorter period, 

Restaurant a la Carte 

Howard Ba) ley, l\Igr. 





".oodhridge, Thomas 
\Yoodhouse, (". 
.Woodland, C. "'. F. 
""oodland. Fred 
'Yoods, J. 'Y. 
Worthington, G. R. 
'Yreyford, C, D. 

Wright. Alfred 
Wright. E. F. 
\'.right, E. ,y, 
'Yrong, :\Iurray 
\Yylie, Xorman A. 
\Vyndow. \Y. 
Yeigh, Frank 


Y orHon. J. A. 
Young, Prof. A. H. 
Young. James A. 
Young. McGregor 
Young, Theodore E. 
Zeigler, Dr. C). H, 

Canada Lawn Bowling Club, Limited 
Fred H. Ross ............:...................... President 
A. B. Cole .................. .......' Vice-President 
Gt'o. 1'1. Begg .,.. . . . . . , . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer 
A. Longwell 
R. J. Gibson 
S. Robertson 

T. A. Hastings 
J. H, :\Iackenzie 

Abbs, Geo. H. 
Anderson. E. H. 
Angus. Fred. \V. 
Bailey, C. F. 
Begg, Geo. :\1. 
Bonnick, Chas. 
Breadner, R. 'V. 
Bredin, M. 
Brown, Geo. 
Brown, G. A. 
Brydon, Jas. 
Byrne, E. M. 
Cal vert, C. E. 
Campbell, J. L. 
Chambers, "". T. 
Clark, L. J. 
\.. B. 
Coon, S. B. 
Corrigan, Dr. 
Corrigan, F. S. 
Crosby, A. B. 
Cottrelle, G. R. 
Crombie. R. J. B. 
Cumming, 'V. "'. 
Doh erty, ".. K. 
. Dr. 
Edwards. R. 
Fairhead, H. J. 
Fairhf'ad, Jas. 
Fisken. J, K, 
, \\'. 
, A. 
Gardner, J. C. 

Xorris. Chas. C'. 
Gardner, J. :\1. 
George, Chas. 
Gibson. R. J. 
Cales. ,Tas. K 
Greenwood, R. 
Haight, Dr. 
. R. 
Hastings, Thos. 
Heaton, E. P. 
Henderson. .I, E. 
Henwood. Dr. 
Hessin, A. E. 
Hodgins. H. B. 
Hopkins, Ed. 
Hull, R. 'Yo 
Hurst, A. O. 
.Tones. Sidney 
Kennedy. Dr. C". A. 
Longwf'll, A. 
Lummis. ,Yo D. 
Mackenzie. J. H. 
:\Iaguire, Alf, 
Merrick. 'V. T. 
:\Inore. Dr. 
on. C'''rran 
:\Iowat. J. F. 
:\lcCarter. J. B. 
:\JcIllwraith, Dr. 
:\lcIntosh, R. K. 
enneY. J. 
:\fl' Lea n. Ë. L. 
l-'arkf'l" Roht. 

Pearce. C. T. 
Pickard, W. F. 
Paul, Dr. E. ".. 
Piper, Dr. C. F. 
Pole, F. H. 
Postlethwaite, C. R. ". 
Putnam, G. A. 
Radcliffe, \Vm. 
Hansome. A. C. 
Rawlinson, :\1. 
Reid, Thos. 
Rohertson, C. S. 
Rohinson, Burnside 
Ross. Fred. H. 
Rutherford. S. J. 
Rcace, F. G. 

mith. Geo. H. 

trowger. \Y. A. 
Thorne, J. L. 
'Yalker. B. G. 
\Valsh, .J. E. 
\Yeeks, R. P. 
ten:elt, A. P. 
"ïgmore, A. S. 
\Yilliams, Geo. 
Willison, J. S. 
\nlson. ,J. Lockie 
\Yood. R. Casey. Jr. 
"'ood, W. A P. 
. Gf'o. B. 
\\.oolnough. J. J. 
\\'yndo\\, \\". T. 

Canadian Military Institute 

"01. "'. Hamilton :\Ierritt........ 
Lil:'ut. \ïdor Heron.......... ........ 

. . . . . . . . ., President 

Canadian Travel Club 


1.1-'\\ is \\'alclf'mar C"lemens ......'.,..,..."...... l'rt'sident 
Donald L. La wril-'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . Rt'l"rf'tary-TI'easurer 
DI'. Charles E. Pt'ngelley...... . . . . . . . , Lihrarian 
.\, :\Ie.\rthur :\1.0. Thomas \\"orkman Hon. \\'. Coke Kf'rr 
Jus. \\'. H. P. Clement ('. F. l'engellf'Y 1'.:\1. (;porg-e H. Clt'mt'ns :\I.D. 
Clive H. Rtauffer 
Lieut.-nen. \\'alter Kitchener 
:\lost Re,'. K P. :\Iatheson 
({t. Rev. "'m. Lt'nnox 
Ht. He". J. F Swet'ney 
Hon. ,John :\Iorrison Gihson 
Hon. L. J. Tweedie 
A:";S()( "1.\ TE :\1 E:\I HERS 
A. Bowman rt'rr)' 


Thomas \V. Pattf'rsnn 
';t'orge H. Y. Bu lyea 
.J. 1>. 
George \\'111. Brown 
ßenjalllin Rog-erl' 

TIt. Hon, the Eal'l (;rpy 
,'ountess C ;rey 

yr1neY OIÏ\ if'r 

is Le
lie Prohyn 
F:ir \Vjlliam Orey- \\'iI
Laùy Grey- \\ïl


Sir "'m. :\Ieredith 

F:h" \\"m. :\IortJmE'r Clar1\: 



Lady Mortimer Clark 
Major A. C. Macdonell 
Hon. Judge Chisholm 
MIS. Chisholm 
Commander S. H. Martin 
Hon. \Valter Scott 
D, E. Thomson 

.:\lrs. D. E. Thomson 
Cecil Collier 
Lieut.-Coi. R. 1\1. Thomson 
Mrs. ,,
. Coke Kerr 
Mrs. C. E. Pengelley 
George :Macdonald. M.D. 
Lieu t. (". B. 
Homer \Yatson 

Clef Club 

Mrs. "
Arthur Louis Lynch, .:\I.D. 
\Y. J. Lynch 
Major Charles Constantine 
Mrs. C. Constantine 
Frederick D. \Yalenn 
1\'"ugent 1\1. Clougher 

Edward Broome, Mus. Doc.................,..,.. President 
T. J. Palmer .......
....................... Vice-President 
G. D. Atkinson ....................... Honorary Secretary 
F. Converse Smith ........,.......... Honorary Treasurer 
". E. Fairclough F. A. Blachford A. T. Cringan 

Deutscher Verein 

Emil Xerlich .................................... President 
. Kahnert .................... _ ., . .. .First Yice-Presiden
imon " ,..... Second Vice-President 
A. Birnbaum .,.....,........................... Treasurer 
. "Teiss ........... ...................... _ _ .. Librarian 
Alfred \Yeyerstall ...,..."...................... ;::;ecretary 

Engineers' Club of Toronto 
Edmund Burke ................. _ . . . . . . . , . . . . . . .. Presiden t 
Charles H. Heys............,......... First '
\Ym. A. Bucke ..................... Second Vice-President 
A. J. Van Xostrand.................. Third Vice-President 
R. B. \Yolsey ........................ Secretary-Treasurer 
Burro\ys, Aubrey A. 
Burton, Alfred 
Burn-ash, X. A. 
Byas. Fred 1\1. 
Campbell, Austin R. 
Camphell. A. ,,
Canniff, C. M. 
Carr, ,,
. R. 
Case, Thos. A. 
Chadsey. S. B. 
Chambers, E. C. G. 
Chipman, "
Clark, F. G. 
Clark, J. 1\1. 
Clarke, E, H. 
Clarkson. Ernest P. 
Clayton, Harry F. 
Cluff. R. J. 
Cockburn, J. Roy 
í'ahoe. \Yallace P. 
Connor, A. ,y, 
Connan, \Ym. E. 
Cousins, H. L. 
Cousins, .Jos. "T. .:\1. 
Cowan. 'Ym. 
í'uh'erwell. J. A. (life) 
Cumming, Alex. G. 
í'umming, Rutherford 
Dame. A. D. 
Da \'ies. C. E. 
Da wson. Richarrl 
Day. C. ,Yo 1\1. 
Denison. Arthur R. 
Dennison. Herbert J, R 
De'Yitt. R, C. 
Disher, Clarke E. 
Douglas. ,Yo E. 
DI'ayton. H. L. 
Dryer. Reginald P. 
Dudley. A. X. 

Abrey, Geo. S. 
Acres, H. G. 
Aòams, M. J. 
Adams, \Ym. D. 
Ambrose, J. R. 1\1. 
Amsden, L. G. 
Anderson, R. :\1. 
Andrew, \\
. \Y. 
Angus, Harry H. 
Angus, Prof. R. ,Yo 
Ansley, B. C. 
An thes. L. L. 
Armer, J. C. 
Armstrong, P. C. 
Ashworth, J. J. 
Amyot. John A. 
Bach. Dr. Jas. G. 
Baines, R. A. 
Baker, F. S. 
Baldwin, R. A. 
Barber, Frank 
Barber, 'Ym., Jr. 
Bateman, Geo. C. 
Beattie. Geo. J. 
Beck. E. H. 
Berkdey. Garnet L. 
Biggs, R, P. 
Bird, Eustace G. 
Black, R. G. 
Bond, C. H. Acton 
Bothwell, C. C. 
Brandon, Edgar T. J. 
Bremner, J. A, 
Brooks, P. C. 
Bro\, n, H. S. 
Brunke, C. H. 
Bucke, "Y m . A. 
Burke, Edmund 
Burnham, Geo. C. 
Burrows. Acton 

Dunlap, Da vid A. 
Elliott, K. P. 
Ellsworth, A. L. 
Evans. 'V. J. 
Fairbairn, R. P. 
Fensom, Geo. H. 
Fernou, B. H. 
Ferrier, ,,
. F. 
Fetherstonhaugh, F, B. 
I"leming. J. H. 
Flett, Henry R. 
Forbes, D. L, H. 
Fox, E. C. 
Fox, Fred. I. 
Fraser, R. A. 
Fuller, \Ym. J. 
GabY, F. A. 
Galbraith, John LL.D. 
Gartshore, John J. 
Gh uer, Ernest 
Gibson. Chas. J. 
Gibson, X. R. 
Gibson, 'Ym. S. 
Gillespie, Peter 
Gissing, Edwin 
Glendinning, Geo. 
Goad. Chas, E. 
Graham. ,Yo 1\I. 
Grant. Russell R. 
:, Andrew 
Gray. R. A. L. 
Greener, Ernest A. 
Greene. Philip 'V. 
Greey, ,Yo J. G. 
Grier. A. Monro 
GrimhlY, Maurice 
Grower, G. A. 
Guess. Prof. Geo. A. 
Height. A. C. 
Hall, J. Herbert 



Hamilton, Chester B., Jr. 
Haney, :\Iichael J. 
Hare, 'V. Almon 
Harkness, A. H. 
Harris, A. D. 
Ranis, R. C. 
Harris, R. R. Carr 
Hart, Percy E. r 
Haultain, Prof. H. E. T. 
Hay, A. M. 
Haus, X. R. 
Hertzberg, Anton L. 
Hewitt, Arthur 
Hewson, Ewart G. 
Heys, Chas. .:\1. 
Hill, Xorman A. 
Hobbs, Frank H. 
Hogg, T. H. 
Hollaman, J. E. 
Hollinrake, Thos. A. 
Horn. T. :.\1. (life) 
Howard, K ,Y. 
Hoyt, Clarence 
Hulbig, ""alter S. 
lng-lis, 'Vm. 
Ir\"Ïng-, T. C., Jr. 
Irwin, Hyndman 
Jackson, D. A. 
Jackson, J. G. 
.James, D. D. 
James, E. A. 
James, O. S. 
.T tc'ffrey, A. H. 
Jennings, Albert E. 
Johnston, Strachan 
Joyner, A. .d. ,Vlnter 
Juhler, A. K. 
Kammerer, J. A. 
Keith, D. Forhes 
Kei tho Geo. Alan 
Kemhle, Parker H. 
Kemerer, R. K, 
Kennedy, Michael A. 
Kerr, M. L. 
Kerry, J. G. ('I. 
King-. Roht. 'V. 
Kinghorn, A. A. 
King-s]ey, Chas. I3. 
Kirkegaard. Peter 
Knott. Geo. C'. 
Kortright, F. H. 
Kynoch. Jas. 
Lang'ton, .J. Ci. 
Lannonth, J. H. 
Lawson, ,J. 1. 
l..a\'elle, John 
Leacof'k. Chas. .T. G. 
Leake, C. R. 
Leitch, A. 
Leith, Thos. Geoffrey 
LePan, A. D. 
Lewis. A. C. 
Lig-htner, Geo. 'V. ('. 
Lindsay. .:.\Ial'tine 
Lint:'n, R. Y.. n. 
Log-an. GOI.aon 
Long-well, AleÅ. 
Loring-, Frank C'. 
Loudon, Thos. U. 
Lo\"e, Elmer D. 
l\lask, Eel. (L 
Pullt:'n, Fl'ank 
Hea. 'fho
. H. 
(lhel.ts. .\. \\". S. 

Magalhaes, G. 'V. 
Magee, Boyd 
:\Iargtc'sson, H. ::S. 

\lartin, H. G. 
.:\Iartin, "". A. 
1\Iason, Geo. E. 
Maybee, J. Edward 
Maynard, H. V, 
Mickle. Geo. R. 
Mickle. Jos. H. 
.:\Iieyille, A. Lee. 
:\liller, Prof. 'Yillett G. 
Milne, J as. 
Mitchell, A. G, 
:\litchell. A. J. 
.:.\Iitchell, Chas. H. 
.:\litchell. Geo. A. 
1\Iitchell, P. H. 
Monds, \Vm. 
1\Ioore. Phil. H. 
1\Iorrison, Chas. K. 
1\Ionison. Hugh Thos. 
- :\Iudge, A, L. 
.:.\Iurphy, C. .J. 
l\Iurphy, J. E. 
Murray, C. .:.\1. 
', Herbert 
.:\1 UlTay, J. C. 
Murray, T. .-\ird 
MeAll. H. 'V. 
.:\IcAllister. A. L. 
:\leC'lelland, D. .:\IcK. 
McC'onnell. A. \\"ellesley 
Mf'C'ormack. E. D, 
:.\IcE\"oy, James 
.:\I(.Ewan, K H. 
McGill. ,John 
McGowan, John 
.:\IcHenry, Morris ,J. 
McIntyre, R. L. 
McKnight, ,J. H. 
l\IcLag-an. Donala 
McLean. ,J. H. 
.:\IcLean. \Y. A. 
.:\Iacdonald. 'Vm. H. 
.:\laeLean. Hugh (' 
l\IacLennan, Alex. L. 
MacLennan. ('olin (' 
.:\IeLeod, Xorman :.\1. 
l\Ie:.\fahon. Frank 
Üer, Harry 
l\Ic1\lichat>l. Peter 
:\lc:.\Iichae1. Sydney R. 
Xasmith, Gl:'o. G. 
Xeighhorn. .\. 
Xe\"itt. Irying- H. 
Xich oIls, Frederic 
Xicholls, F. \V. 
Xlcholls. H. (;. 
Xicholls. "'alter 
Xichols, R. H, 
Oa]<ley, ,\ lhert 
Oli\"el'. "'. H. 
Oxley. A. C'. 
(Ixley, J. :.\IOITOW 
Parke. R, J. 
Pearson. .1. It. 
Pellatt. Will 
PeITY. Gon]on F. 
PeweIl, neo. n. 
Powt>r. ('has. \Y. 
Pl'ice, H. ,,'. 
Proctor..r. E. 
Hoht'rtson, Fn..] .\. 
Hoht:'rtson. 11. I I. 

ltoddick, J. U. 
Rogers, 'Vm. Thos. 
Rorke, L. V. 
Ross, Hugh \V. 
Rough, G. C'. 
Royce. Geo. C. 
Royce. J as. C. 
Russel. \Vm. B. 
Salmond, Jas. J. 
Saylor, Parry D. 
Scott, John 
Hegeworth, ,,'. E. 
SerYice, Gtc'o. 
Sharp. .J. U. 
Sheen, H. L. 
Shields, J. V. 
Sinclair, Ang-us 

inclair, J. :\1. 

ing-. J. C. 

mith, Bonney E. 
Smith, Eden 
Smith. "'alter H. 
Snaith. \Ym. 
Soper. A. .J. 
Southworth, Thos. 
Speight. T. B. 
Stayner, Dudley R. 
Hte\'ens, Thad. H. 
Hte\'enson. H. C. 
Stewart. Elihu 
Stewart. L. B. 
Stewart, .:\T. A. 
Storer, E. \\". 
Sulli\"an. Alan 
Sutherland. H. D. 
\ Ifred O. 
Thompson, Geo. \Y. 
Thompson. K. Y. 
Till. ("has. F. 
Tod, GI:'O. 
TI'ainer. S. n. 
Trethewey. "". G. 
'fromanhausl:'r, J. H. 
Tyrrell. H. \'. 
Tyrrell. .1os. n. 
Van Xostl'and. A. J. 
Van Xosu'and. ,lohn 
""agner. \Y. E. 
\\'alfol'(]. Je)hn X. 
\\'anshroug-h. C. ('. 
'Yard. .\. T. 
,Yal'ner. l'
dmund L. 
\\-aUs, n. \\-. 
\\'ahs. .10hn 
\Yeg'man,.r. P. 
"'ells, A. F. 
\'"hit e, .:\It:'ldlll:' 1". 
'Yhite. .:\Iurray A. 
"'hitson. ,r. .... 
'\ïlkie, K. T. 
\\ïlliams. :.\1. Ha\ den 
\\ï lsnn, X orman . D. 
\\-nodworth. .1. n. 
\Yrig-ht. ('. H. C. 
\\"rig-ht. .r. ,J. 
\\-rig-h t. \\'altel' F 
\\'ur8tt>r, ()scar H. 
t'. .r. 1'. H. 
Youngo, A 11:'''-. L. 
,"oung-. ('. H. 
Young-, (
t'(). .-\. 
Young-, T. R. 
Young-, \\'altt'r E. 
Za \-it z. ]{. 11. 


ò m " , GODERICH 
-;;,-' ", .-\" '
. .& !I!
 . '.' '. -.'l

 '. .
. ',,- _' _...J'I 

 '-' '''

', . =-ST:;i 

""_, 'J 
 - ---..r- 
I!",.:-::,,,,_ "-ilil

:-"','-.. - 

.'" ,.. 
 ., -ICir. - )


. &

:::' --

-- ----:


... - - . 
.-:- Â .... . I '- A "- - I 








Spend your vacation on th
 Great Lakes, th
conomicaZ and enjoyable outing in 
Where You Can Go No matter to what point you want to go, use D, & C. 
Line Steamers operating to all important ports. 
Daily service between Detroit and Buffalo, May 1st to November 1st. City of 
Detroit III and City of Cleveland III, two of the lar
est side wheel steamers in the world, 
on this division June 10th to September 10th, Daily service between Detroit and 
Cleveland April 15th to December 1 st. During July and A..urust two boats out of 
Detroit and Cleveland every Saturday and Sunday night. 
Four trips weekly between Toledo, Detroit, Mackinac Island and way ports. Ten 
Day Stopover aIlowed at Alpena either direction on tourist tickets without additional 
cost. Daily service between Toledo, Cleveland and Put-in-Bay. 
Special Steamer Cleveland to Mackinac Island, two trips weekly, June 15th to 
September 10th stopping only at Detroit every trip and Goderich, Ont" every Monday 
up-bound and Saturday down-bound. 
Special Day Trips between Detroit and Cleveland, Durinll July and August 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday out of Detroit; Monday, Wednesday, 
Thursday and Friday out of Cleveland. 
RAILROAD TICKETS A V AILABLE:-Tickets reading via any rail 
line between Detroit and Buffalo and Detroit and Cleveland will be honored 
for transportation on D. & C, Line Steamers in either direction. 
Send 2 cent stamp for lI1ustr
ted Pamphlet and Great Lakes Map, 
Address: L. G. Lewis, G. P. A" Detroit, Mich- 
Philip H. McMf.I1an, Pi..S. 
A, A. Schantz, Vice-Pru. and Gen'Z Mgr. 

ß Detroit & Cleveland 

 Navigation Company 
Lo4J(c. LI"




 I ;' " 
 I \ t I 
 .' ..7'-1/11 

 '"'- ,y.-/ 
- -- 





Lakeview Golf and Country Club, Limited 
"Y. F. Dineen ........,.......,........"........ President 
J. J. "\Valsh ............................... Yice-President 
E. Y. O'Sullivan.......,................ Honorary Secretary 
F. C. Armitage.................. ...........,.. Secretary 
"-. H. Oliver ..................................... Captain 
Osler "-ade, F.C.A....,........................... Auditor 
H. M. "Petherald D. B. Gillies 
Jess Applegath J. .H. Ewart 
i\lrs. Edward Mahony........"................... President 
:\Irs. E. Y. O'Sullivan ....................... \Ïce-President 
:\liss Bertha Boland ............................. Secretary 
Mrs. Charles A. Howe.,.....,.....,........,...... Captain 


Mrs. Lovell 
Geo. "Pebster 
J. P. Simpson 

G, ::\Iickles 
:\liss Lucy Olh'er 
Miss Alena Rmall 

Lambton Golf and Country Club 

Adams, Dr. G. A. 
Aikins, Dr. H. 'Y. 
Allan, A. A. 
Ames. A. E. 
Anderson. B. L. 
Arnoldi, Frank 
Austin, A. E. 
Austin, A. W. 
Bailey, T. D. 
Bailey, W. C. 
Baillie, F. 'W. 
Baillie, J. E. 
Baillie, J. "'. 
Baker, G. A. 
Bain, .T. W. 
Band, C. R. 
Band, C. "\V. 
Barr, "p. J. 
Beaty, J. G. 
Beatty, Dr. H. A. 
Beer, E. G. 
Beer, G. F. 
Begg, E. 
Bertram, Meh'ille 
Bertram, R. M. 
Bicknell, Jas. 
Biggs, R. A. 
Bird, E. G. 
Blackburn, H. M. 
Blackwell, C. S. 
Bogen, C. A. 
Boulter, J. H. 
Brebner, D. A. 
Breckenridge, J. C. 
Brophy, H. 
Brown, T. A. 
Bull, B. E. 
Burns. A. E. 
Burns, J, G. 
Burns, R. A 
Burns, Rev. R. X. 
Campbell, A. "p. 
Camphell, D. A. 
Camphell, J. B. 
Candee, C. X. 
Capon, Dr. F. .T. 
Chatterson, A. E. 
Christie, F. W. 

Christie, R. J. 
Clark, G. i\I. 
Clark, Dr, H. 
('lark, T. J. 
Clarke, A. R. 
("larke, L. H. 
Clendenan, Dr. G. "-. 
Colquhoun, A. H. U. 
Cook. Dr. G. E. 
Coombs, F. J. 
Cooper, "p. H. 
Copeland, R. J. 
Corcoran, J. "-. 
Cory, R. Y. 
Cox, E. "'. 
Cox, Hon. G. A. 
Cromarty, R. H. 
Cummings, C. C. 
Curry, J. "-, 
Davidson, \Vm. 
Deacon, F. H. 
Deeks, G. S. 
De Lury, A. T. 
Dilworth, R. J. 
Donald, R. C. 
DuVernet, E. E. A. 
Duncanson, A. E. 
Dwight, H. P. 
Eaton, J. C. 
Ebersole, J. E. 
Eckhardt, A.. J. H. 
Ellis, M. C. 
Eyer, J. H. 
Fairhairn, R. D. 
Fairweather, R. H. 
Farmer, P. P. 
Fensom, G. H. 
Fitzgerold, E. (;. 
Flavelle, J. "-. 
Fleming, A. 
Foster, C. C. 
Frankish, Dr. E. R. 
Frankish, "'. R. 
Fraser, J. A. 
Fraser, J. C. 
Fudger, H. IT. 
Gage, "-. .T. 
Gagnier, H. 
Gale, n. e. 

Gale,.T. "-. 
Garvey, "'. H. 
Gibbons, J. J. 
Gibson, C. J. 
Goldman, L. X. 
Gooderham, H. F. 
Gooderham, "-. H. 
Gouinlock, Geo. 
Gower, E. P. 
Greene, R. H. 
Greening, "-. S. 
Greig, 'V. E. 
Gundy, J. H. 
GundY, X. F. 
Gundy, "'. P. 
Gurney, "p. C. 
Gzowski, C. K 
Gzowski, X. G. 
Hall, T. H. 
Haney, M. J. 
Hardy, J. 
Harkness, G. R. 
, A. D. 
Harris, H. K. 
Harris, L. R. 
Hart, R. R. 
Hart, R. 'Y. 
Hees. G. H. 
Heintzman, G. C. 
Heintzman, C. F. 
Heintzman, G. B. 
Heintzman, H. 
Heintzman. \\'. F. 
Hewitt, A. 
Hills, A. J. 
Hodgens, ,Yo R. 
Hogg, "-m. 
Hume, Dr. G. O. 
HUf;hand. A. O. 
Hynes, .T. P. 
H yslOI), "-m..,} r. 
Inglis, \\'. S. 
Irish, M. II. 
In"lng, G. T. 
In'lng. T. C. 
Irwin. (". '\". 
J\"e:r, .\. i\r. 
h"e:r, P. D. 
.Tames. C. C. 

The Nàtional Sporting Goods Co., Limited 



Club Sweaters and Sweater Coats, Cushions, Pennants, etc, 
Ask for our Catalogue and Price List 

312 and 314 YONGE STREET 






Fhone N ort:l 2566 

Importers of Latest Styles For All Occasions 






.James. \V. C'. 
Jamieson, D. \V. 
Jarvis, X. f:. 
J ephcott, A. 
\. E. 
Kemp, \Y. A. 
Kerr, Geo. 
Kent, S. L. 
King, Ralph 
Knight, A. C. 
Knox, S. :\1. 
Knox, \\
. A. 
Laidlaw, J. B. 
Laidlaw, \Y. C. 
Land, R. E. A. 
Langlois, H. 
Langmuir, :\I. 
Lee, G. H. D. 
Lee, H. H. 
Leitch, James 
Lennox. Dr. C. \V. 
Lindsey, C. B. 
Lindsey. G. (ì-. H. 
tuart A. 
Littlejohn, J. 
Littlejohn, J. E. B. 
Littlejohn, \Y. A. 
Lo\'{', H. H, 
Lowndes, C. B. 
Lukes, Lewis 
1IcC'arthy, L{'ighton 
1IcCausiand, \Y. :\1. 
1IcConkey, T. G. 
1IcConnell, Dr. J. H. 
1IcCuaig, J. B. 
:\IcDonald. C'. R. 
1IcE,'oy, .f. A. 
11f'I-;illvray, Dr. D. 
1IeGregor, .J. H. 
1fcLean,.J. S. 
1ff'Lean. Dr. R. Co. 
1Ic Lend, G .T 
:\Ic1Iastf>r, A. C 
:\Ic1Iaster, H. H. 
1Iacdonald, H, B. 
1Iacfadden, J. 
:\Iacnamara, H. :a. 
1Iackenzie. Dr. A. J. 
1Iaclaren. K. F. 
1Iallory. 01'. F. R. 
1Ianchef>, L. \\
1Iartens. A. H. 
1Iartin, H. ,1. 
1Iason, T. H. 
Hey, C'. D. 

Allan, 1Ii
H F'. L. 
Austin, )'Iiss A. :\lcL. 
Austin, )'Ir8. A. 'V. 
Arthurs, 1\Irs. .\. .J. 
Railt>Y, :\lrs. T. D. 
Baillie, 1lrs. F. \Y. 
Raillie, 111'
 ,I. ,," 
Hall, Miss L. A. 
Hand, 1Iis
 :\1. E. 
Harrett, .:\11'8. ,'"- 
Bastedo, ),11'8. ),1. 
R{'atty, :\Ii
s :\1. H. 
Reatty, :\Irs. L. :\1. 
Ht>aty, :.\lrs. J. C;. 
Ht>er, :\lrs. E. G. 
Beer, .:\lrs. G. F. 
Rickford, :\Irs. E. H. 
TIirc1, :.\lrs. E. G. 
Black, )'Ii!<s I'. E. 

.:\lichie, E. R. 
:\1ills, ,Yo G. 
:\litchell, J. H. 
:\Iontgomery, R. A. 
 penny, J. 
:\lorgan, :\1. T. 
),IoOl'e, S. J. 
:\Iorrow, G. A. 
:\lulock, Ca wthra 
:\1 UlTay, C'. 
:\1 UlTay, H. 'V. 
Xairn, Alex. 
Xeely, H. R. 
Xicholls, \V. 
O'Brian, ,J. B. 
U' Hara, H. iL 
Osler, E. B. 
Palmf'r, J. ('. 
Parker. F. .-\.. 
Parker, \\
. R. P. 
Paterson, X. L. 
Pearson, \Y. H. 
Pérfect, Dr. A. H. 
Peterson. A. E. \Y. 
Pettit, C. 
Pettit, J. H. 
Phillips, H. B. 
Phillips, \\'. F. 
Phippen, F. H. 
Phippen, J. H. 
Poucher, F. B. 
Pringle, C. H. 
Proctor, .-\.. H. C. 
Pugsley, .John 
Ransom, A. C. 
Reid, A. T. 
Reid, F. A. 
Rt>inhan1t, A. .-\. 
Richardson, .J. T. 
Riddell, 1\1. R. 
Riordan, J. A. 
Hohertson,.J. A. 
Rohin. C. E. 
Robinson, G. L. A. F. 
Rog-e i'!<. . \. C. 
Hulph. F. A. 
Ross, F. E. 
Rowhotham. S;, A. 
Hoyce, .\. H. 
Royct>. Dr. G. 
Rundlt>, \\
. E. 
81-'1l. T. .\. 
{'ll. \V B. 
nyrie, H. 
HE:-:11>8:\'T LADY :\1811n8I{S 
Roon{', :\Irs. E. B. 
Rrecl<enridge, :\lr
. .T. I
Burns. l\Iiss H. .:\1. 
Rutl{'r, .:\liss E. 
I 'amphell, :\11'8. .-\. 
('andet>, ),11'8. (
. X. 
Ca rty, :\1i
8 :\1. E. 
(':lrty. .:\liss ),1. H. 
<'hamller, .:\lrs. "". H. 
<'h ristit>, :.\1 iss :.\1. E. 
('JlI'istie. :\1I's. H. .J. 
Clark, 1\Irs. T. ,J. 
I'lt--'ndenan, 1\1rs. n "". 
('onstantini(lt>s, :.\liss 1. 
('ook, .:\Jrs. G. E. 
Cook. ),Jiss J. L. 
Cooper, :.\Ir
. "". H. 
Co)wland, :\In;;. IL J. 
('o!<hy, .:\1 i!<s H. ),1. 


Samuel, :-:. 
:-:henstone, J. X. 
:-:hepley, G. F. 
Hhore, Dr. Allan 
:-:hore, Re\'. T. E. E. 
Rmith, G. B. 
Smith, F. D. L. 
Smith, R. Home 
Hmith, \V. H. 
::5outham, R. 
:-:pragge, Dr. E. "". 
:-:proule, ('. H. 
Htarr, J. R. L. 
Htiff, G. r. 
:-:tone, F. \Y. 
::5trathy, F. \\". 
 Ivester. Dr. G. P. 
Taylor, \Y. R. 
Th orley, A. E. 
Tilley, H. R. 
Treble, Dr. C. E. 
Trow, A. E. 
Turner, Dwig-h t J. 
Yarley, "'. B. 
\ïckers, "'. \Y. 
\\"allsworth, "T. R. 
il' E. E. 
\\"alker, Dr. H. 
\'"alker, Harton 
\\"alker, J. _\. 
\"alsh, E. H. 
""alsh, J. J. 
\Yallace, J. :-:. 
""arwick, C... R. 
". ebster, Dr. A. E. 
\'" estren, J. 
\\"ickf>tt, R. :\1. 
"ïlkie, D. R. 
"ïIliams, H. H. 
\\ïIliam8. R. 
"ïlson, C. H 
\\ïlson, .\. R. 
\nlson, :\1. F', 
\\ïlson, K F. 
\nnnett, H. 
\\ïsner. C. L. 
\Yood. E. H. 
""()Ud. G. H. 
"'oolllanll. C. "". 1. 
""0011. "-. L1on( 
\\"b,.II, "". Llo'Yd, Jr. 
"'oods. C;. R. 
\\"rig-h t, .\ I fr{'d 
Wright. H. 
Young, J)I'. "'. A. 

Coultharll, :\liss E. n. 
('ox, :\1 i
s E. 
, :\Il's. G. .\. 
Crane, :\Iiss E. A. 
<'roma rty, ),J iss E. 
romaro'. :\ll's. R. R, 
Cumming-so :\11's. <'. C. 
('UITY. :\ll's. ,). \\". 
Curry, :\Jiss H. 
Currie, Miss H. K. 
Ha ,-idson, :\Iis8 :\1. two 
O('acon. :\II's. F. H. 
. :.\JI'
. n. K 
Dt'fl"it>s, :\11's. n. L. 
I )t'frit>8. :\-fiss K 
})onald, :\11'8. n. C. 
})ooli tt If>. :\Irs. P. E 
Ea ton, )'ll's. E. Y. 
Eaton, :\11'S, T. 



Eckhardt, Mrs. A. .J. H. 
Ellis, Miss H. V. 
Fairweather, Miss J. H. 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. E. G. 
Foy, Miss 1\'1. 
Fudger, Miss H. 
Fudger, Miss M. 
Gage, Miss 1. 
Gage, Miss 'V. B. 
Gale, Mrs. G. C. 
Gale, Mrs. J. W. 
Gan'ey, Mrs. "'
. H. 
Gibbons, Mrs. J. J. 
Gibson, Mrs. A. R. 
Gilmour, Mrs. C. 1'1.. 
Gh"ens, Miss 1\'1. A. A. 
Greene, Mrs. S, 
Gundy, Mrs. \V. P. 
Haney, Miss E. O. 
Harris, Mrs. A. D. 
Hart, Mrs. S. R. 
Hart. Miss J. L. 
Heintzman, Mrs. G. C. 
Heintzman, Miss lone 
Henderson, Mrs. Chas. 
Hollwey, Mrs. T. W. 
Holmes, Mrs. 
Hyslop, Mrs. Wo, Jr. 
Hume, Dr. R. G. D. 
Inglis, Mrs. W. S. 
Irish, Mrs. M. H. 
James. Mrs. C. C. 
Jamieson, Mrs. D. 'V. 
Jephcott, Mrs. A. 
Kay, Miss H. 
Kerr, Miss E. M. 
King, Mrs. Ralph 
Knight, Mrs. A. ('. 
Laidlaw, Mrs. J. B. 
Lamport, Miss E. H. 
Land, Mrs. R. E. A. 
Langmuir, Miss 'V. D. 
Lindsey, Mrs. G. G. s. 

Littlejohn, Mrs. Jno. 
Littlejohn, Mrs. J. E. B. 
Love, Mrs. H. H. 
Lowndes, Mrs. C. B. 
Lyon, Mrs. G. S. 
McArthur, Miss C. 
McArthur, Miss M. 
McCarthy, Mrs. Leighton 
McDonald, Mrs. C, S. 
McEvoy, Mrs. .T. A. 
McKee, Mrs. .T. A. 
McLaughlin, Mrs. M. 
McMahon, Mrs. G. E. 
Macdonald, Mrs. Bo 
Mackenzie, Miss E. 
Mackenzie, Miss I. C. 
Manchee, Mrs. L. "". 
Mann, Lady 
Matthews, Miss 1. B. 
Matthews, Mrs. W. D. 
MiIlichamp, Miss O. 
Mitchell, Mrs. J. H. 
Morrow, Mrs. G. A. 
Muloch, Mrs. Cawthra 
Kairn, Miss A. 
Kairn, Miss 1\'1. 
Kairn, Miss I. 
Kelson, Mrs. H. 
Kesbitt, Mrs. VL 
O'Hara, Mrs. H. R. 
Parker, Mrs. F. A. 
Parker, Mrs. 'V. R. P. 
Pettit, Mrs. C. S. 
Phippen, Mrs. F. H. 
Ransom, Mrs. A. C. 
Reed, Mrs. .T. C. 
Reid, Miss L. 
Raynolds, Mrs. E. Y. 
Riddell, Miss A. R. 
Riddell. Miss J. H. 
Riddell, Miss .T. R. 
Riddell, Mrs. W. R. 
Ridout, Mrs. .T. G. 

Muskoka Lakes Association 

Riordan, Mrs. J. A. 
Riordan, Miss L. H. 
Robertson, Miss A. 
Robinson, Mrs. G. L. 
Rodger, Mrs. A. F. 
Rolph, Miss L, 
Ross, Mrs. A. M. 
Rundle, Mrs. W. E. 
Russell, Mrs. W. B. 
Ryrie, Mrs. H. 
Samuel, Mrs. S. 
Shaw, Mrs. G. B. 
Smith, Mrs. G. B, 
Smith, Mrs. R. A. 
Snively, Mrs. A. C. 
Stiff, Mrs. G. L. 
Stone, Mrs. F. W. 
8trathy, Miss L. M. 
Suckling. Miss E. (". 
Taylor, Miss E. Z. 
TaYlor, Miss F. E. 
Taylor, Miss F. H. 
Thompson, Miss E. Seton 
Thomson, Miss M. 
Thomson, Miss v,-. 
rl'hornhill, Miss M. E, 
Tilley, Mrs. H. R. 
Trees, Mrs. .T as. 
Vickers, Mrs. W. v,
Walker, Miss E. 
'Valker, Mrs. J. A. 
'Varren, Mrs. H. D. 
v,ratson, Miss M. P. 
'V'atson, Miss X. L. 
'Vatson, Mrs. T. H. 
"'-a tt, Mrs. H. L. 
,:nlliams, Mrs. H. H. 
'Villiams, Mrs. R. S. 
Willison, Mrs. .T. S. 
Willson, Mrs. C. H. 
Wood, Mrs. Lloyd 
'Vright. Miss A. C. 
.Wright, Miss E. C. 

F. ,,
. Winter ........................ Honorary President 
.T. Hardy ........................................ President 
Colonel :-r. R. Moodie ........................ Yice-President 
1 0 . D. Crerar ................................. Commodore 
F. C. Gratwick ......"...................... Lake .Toseph 
F. A. Turner .............................. Lake Rosseau 
H. Gummer ..................,............ Lake Muskoka 
Hugh N'eilson ........................ Secretary-Treasurer 

North Toronto CoIf Club 
Mrs. G. S. Morphy ............................... President 
Mrs. .T. C. Moorhouse ,............................ Captain 
Miss Maud E. Gagen .....................,. Hon. Secretary 
Mrs. A. E. Matthews Mrs. R. Barnes Miss Bessie Moyes 

Ontario Club 

P. C. Larkin ...............,.................... President 
Leighton McCarthy K.C......... ,.,. First Yice-President 
C. M. Bowman, M.P.P............... Second Yice-President 
G. Tower Fergusson .....,...........,.......... Treasurer 
. G. "'
ood ............"....................... Secretary 

J. E. Atkinson 
R. A. Baker 
A. H. Beaton 
R. R. Cromarty 

H. H. Dewart K.C. 
A. E. Dyment 
C. A. Moss 
R. H. Paterson 

Geo. M. Reid 
J. H. Spence 
J. F. "\\Teston 


2 "- 

Abhs, Chas. E. 
Abbs, R. J. 
Acland, 'Yo 
Adams, A. A. 
Adams, Chas. 
Aikenhead, Thos. E. 
Allan, A. A. 
Ames, A. E. 
Anderson, George 
Anderson, H. C. 
Angus, R. F. 
Applegath, Jess 
Argue, ,Yo L. 
Atkinson, J. E. 
Aylward, F. J. 
Bailey, A. H. 
Baird, Robert 
Baker, J. Charles 
Baker, R. A. 
Balfour, G. B. 
Balfour, Keith C. 
Ball, George B. 
Bannerman, D. J. 
Barber, Henry 
Bastedo,::--J'. H. 
Beardmore, "-. D. 
Bea ton, A. H. 
Beaty, J. G. 
Bedlington, H. 
Beemer, A. A. 
Begg, 'Y. R. 
Bell, Edwin 
Bell, G. S. 
Bell, J. R. 
Bellinger, P. 
Bickell, J. P. 
Bicknell, Alfred 
Bilger, \V. F. 
Binns, Harry 
Blackhall, Bertraln 
Blackman, A. E. J. 
Boase, J. B. 
Bohan, .T ohn A. 
Bolaml, J. F. 
Boland, ,Yo J. 
Bonel, _\. A. 
Bond, R. B. 
Bowpn, Thus. P 
Bowman, î'. :\1. 1\LP.l'. 
Bowman. \\'. J. 
Boyd, .John 
Hoy(l, P. E. 
Bra(lsha w, T. 
Brady, ,J. _\. 
BI'emn{'r, ,J. A. 
BritnplI, "'m. 
BI'o(lerÏC'k, F. 
Brophey, 'Y. A. 
Brown, David 
Brown, Edward B. 
BI'own, .J. E. 
Brown, J. J. 
Brown, 1\lurray 
Brown, n. Xorman 
Browning', .\. (t. K.C. 
Brownlee, A. E. 
Bunl(>n, E. L. 
Burger, Remy 

, î'. H. 
Burnahy, R. "'. E. 
Burton, î'has. L. 
Hutlpr. FrN1. T. 
<'alneron, .Jamf'
('amf'ron, ,,"piling-ton .\. 
('ampheIl, 'fo;t1. C. 

("ampbell. G. C'. 
Cane, James G. 
î'anon, Chas. 
("artwrig-ht, R. E. 
Clapperton, H. G. 
Clark, J. M. 
Clark, Dr. C. "'. 
Clarkson, G. T. 
Clarkson, Fred. 
Cleland, Dr. F. A. 
î'lendenan, Dr, G. \Y. 
Clubb, A. F. 
Clute, A. R. 
Coleman, Edward C. 
CoIlins, C. H. 
Conley, N. H. 
Connolly, J. F. 
Coombs, F. J. 
Cosgrave, L. J. 
Cottrelle, G. R. 
Cowan, :\I. K. K.C. 
Cox, E, ,,'. 
Cox, Hon. Geo. A. 
Cox, H. C. 
Craig, A. E, 
Craig-, James 
Croò en, John A. 
Croft, ,John 
Cromarty, R. R. 
Crosby, A. B. 
('uff. Albert E. 
CulIen, F. "'. 
Cumming, Rutherford 
('umming-s, C. C. 
î'ummings, C. P. 
Curry, J. 
î'uny, J. "... R.C. 
Curry, "'alter E. 
Dalton, Fred 
Daly, Herbert .J 
Da\-illge. F. C. 
Da\'idson, R. S. T. 
Dawson, "'m. H. 
DaY, Jamp
Deacon, F. H. 
Defop, C. \\". 
, ,". H. 
Denton. Frank 
Dpwart. H. H. K.('. 
J Jinpen. 'Y. F. 
Ding-man, H. ,r. 
Ding'man, RU
!'H'1l C;". 
Dishel', Clark E. 
Donog-h, John 
Donovan, (t. n. 
Doug-las, .T. H. 
Douglas, "r. E. 
noug-Ias, ,,". :\1. K.C. 
})lIuglas, \\', :\lilnt' 
J )uncan, E. J. ,,". 
Duncan, L. 
DunC'an, R. F. 
l>uncan, ,,". .T. 
'\lInfielrl, H. 
"unning-, C'ha
. .\, 
Dunning, C \\'. 
f)uTH1ing-, f:po. r;, 
Dunlap, n. .\. 
seau, L. Y. 
nuthip, Geo. 
Dyment, \. E. 
Ea ton, ,John C. 
F.henmle, .Jaml's E. 
Ehy, ,T. F. 
E('lial'llt. H. P 

Edmonds, C. E. 
Edmonds, John 
Elliott, Dr. Alex. 
Elliott, Dr. J. E. 
Elliott, Dr. J. H. 
Elliott, "'. J. 
Ellis, Matthew 
English, E. A 
Fairweather, R. H. 
Faircloth, R. T. 
Fasken, Alex. 
Fasken, David 
Fergusson, G. To\\ er 
Ferguson, H. :\L 
Ferguson, J. 1\1. 
Fisher, James 
Fisher, 'V. D. 
Fleming, Atwell 
Fleming, R. J. 
Flett, J oh n 
Floyd, Dr. Stanley T. 
Foote, Capt. James B. 
Forrest, J. ]S'. 
Foster, C. A. 
Fountain, "". 
Foy, J. "'''. 
Fraleigh, Dr. A. J. 
Frost, Harold R. 
Frankish, "". R. 
Gain, J. Harrison 
Gardiner, G. ::\1. 
Garvey, W, H. 
Gates, Fred ,Yo 
Gaul, F. A. 
Gibbard, Geo. E. 
Gillespie, A. C. 
Gillies, D. B. 
Gillies, Frederick "'. 
Gilroy, G. E. 
Glasgow, Rohert 
(1lendf'nning. Geo. 
Glo\-er, ,lame
Goforth, "'. F. 
(told smith, Dr. PeIT
' G. 
nordon, A. B. 
Gm'de, ,Jack 
Gough, A. J. 
(toug-h, R. P. 
(toulding, Edg-ar "-. 
GOUT'lay, .\. H. 
c;.ourla)', Da \"id R. 
nraham. lion. Geo. P. 
f:.rand, E. .J. 
(tranèl, .James 
Grand, P. F. 
nrant, D. lng-lis 
(tran t, nitl ('on 
(trant, "-. H. 
(;repn, ,Tohn C. 
nl'e(>n. \\'. ,r. 
C:I'eg-ntT, "". P. 
f:.ri{'rson, D. 1). 
f:.untl)', J. F. 
f:un(ly, ,J. H. 
", X. F. 
(';unòy, H. "Y, 
Hachborn E. (L 
Haig-, D. (". 
Haley, 11. n. 
Haley, IL .J. 
Hall, Cha
, C. 
1Iall, .J. B. 
T1a11ig-an, K ('. 
Halsted, ,lamp!, .\. 
Hamilton. -\ It.:\. 

Richelieu & Ontario Navigation 

.. l 
I, "'..... 
I ,.'", 



 '/, i '".:it._,,:.. ,c: 

...".!:"fr).. ,.-',<, ..

 jIt. .
I*t_t'i'# . ... 

 '-', 1t'it6-
 , . -" 

 _ -z ..d4: 

. f' 
t\:, J..



:-... ;'t
r ", "'r;r '. 

 )'-.:4..1 j..t .1:1...... t." '. :.JI'P:'-/'\,. . '. ")'...::;, .', 

 '" . 

." ',' , . " . ,
;.. ., 

j k.k' -J'fï."'; · I S I ,10 .,...,.
. ' J 'oJ tio.: 
..p .,. - /: II' ",'',.
: '
I.J , ,
JI , I J.;
/l,' ...

'"" . - ,":'r'- >. . 
 . 'i ...i . " .... "1..' '. . . 
'1' -J..! .,>>'" "1 :'f.. - 
· ,.,., i .' 
 .... "- .1+ 
0\.",; '.,
 to . "."", . 
. f. "

 .. , .." 
.....;o ,. !' 't . . >
""": . 
 _ . 
... . 't,,-.:;.. _ ''''' 
t "..;;;JI.-;:
' ,
-t.. ..... '" 
 , . 
1i6 ..

.. .... '\j: :...... 


"þ.; .; 




Summer Hotels 
The MANOIR RICHELIEU, Murray Bay, Quebec 
The T ADOUSAC, Tadousac, Quebec 
Owned and operated hy the Company. and charmingly situated on 
the Bank
 of the St. Lawrence, 

Magnificent Palatial Steel Steamers Plyin
Embracing a delightful sail across Lake Ontario. a trip through 
the fascinating scenery of the Thousand hlands (the Venice of 
America), and the exciting descent of all the maryelot1s rapids to 
MONTREAL (The Metropolis of Canada) 
where connection is made for cool ;111d refre
hing night ride to the 
famous old walled city of QUEBEC (A
erica's Gibraltar), thence 
on to 
\[ urray Bay, Tadousac, and points all the world renowned 
Saguenay River (the scenery of this remarkable river is unequalled 
for wild grandeur and variety). 
For Further Particu!ars Apply to 
THOS. HENRY, Traffic Manager, MONTREAL, CAN. 




IT ami lton, C". R. 
Hamilton, Henry C. 
Hamilton, R. C. 
Haney, ::\1. J. 
Harkness, Geo. R. 
Harris, James 
Ha rris, \V. C. R. 
Harris. Dr. \V. H. 
Harrison, Dr. "T. S. 
Hart, 1\1. C. 
Haworth, Geo. F. 
H enderson, Dr. R. B. 
Hendry, Geu. :,1. 
Hethrington, J. A. 
Heyd, X. G. 
Hey]and, E. R. 
Hill, Xewton A. 
Hillman, H. P. L. 
Hindmarsh, H. C. 
Hobbs, T. R. 
Hodgson, G. S. 
H odg-son, J. E. 
Ho]den, John R. 
Holladay, :\1. A. 
Hopkins. C. F. 
Hoops, H. C. 
Hornihrook. J. T. 
How, Dr. Frank W. 
Huestis, A. E. 
Huestis, A. ::\L 
Hug'hes, D. E. 
Hughes, Harry 
Hunter, A. T. 
Hunter, ,\. E. 
Hunter, Bryce B. 
Hunter, A. W. 
Hunter. H. F. 
Hunter. H. T. 
Huntel-, .Tohn H. 
Hunter, ::\Ioses 
Hunter, "'. E. L. 
Hunter, ,,
. H. 
Hurst, A. O. 
Hutchins. .J. B. 
I futchinson. .\ ustin 
Hutchinson. Georg A 
Hutsun, Harry 
Hume, R. D. 
Imrie, ,Tohn 1\1. 
Inwooll, F. G. 
Iryine, R. X. 
In'inK. T. ('. 
In'ing-, \\'. H. 
', Hon. Robt. 
.Tames, E. .\. 
,Tames, T. B. 
.Jamieson, .Tames B. 
,Ian'is. Frf'd (". 
.Johnston. R, L. 
,Tnnes, F. ('. L. 
.lun]\:Ïn, Roht. 
,funor, \\'m. 
Keith, A]ex. 
', F. JUIId 
Kennf>IIy, ::\1. .A. 
', R, n. 
Kf'nt, FI'(,II \. 
E ent, .r. n. 
Kf'nt, Sidney L. 
Kerr, ('. \V. 
Kerr. Hugh 
KelT, II on. ,T. K. 
Kerr,.r. M. 
Kett]ewell. \Y. C, 
Kilg-oUl', Thos. A. 
Kimharl<, F. :\1. 

King, A. R. 
King, Samuel S. 
Kings]ey, E. L. 
Kinnear, T. H. 
Kirkwood, John C. 
Ky]e, J. Fergus 
K]eiser, R. L. 
Knig-ht, F. J. 
Laile}', C. E. 
Lamont, "". H. 
Landau, Alfred 
Langmuir, E. A. 
Lang-muir, F. Leighton 
Langstaff, J. M. 
Lanskail, C. E. 
Larkin, Gera]d R. 
Larkin, P. ('. 
Lee, \V. T. J. 
Leg-g-e, Gilhert B, 
Lewis, Adam L. 
', Chas. :\1. 
Lindsay, Geo. E. 
Lindsay, Martine 
Livingstone, E. J. 
Lh'ing-stone, H. E. 
Lh"ing-ston, J. ::\1. 
Locke, Jas. T. 
Logan, Gordon 
Logan, H. J. 
Long, \y, E. 
Lo\'e, James L. 
Lundy. J. O. 
Lyon, Dr. ::\Iortimer 
LYon, H. A. 
Lyon, Stewart 
::\Iahee, O. H. 
:\Iac.'lona]d, Donald 
l\lacdonald, H. C. 
:\Jacdona]d, Dr. J. A. 
::\Iacfar]ane, Rtuart 
:\lacGreg-or. A lex, 
l\lacg-reg-or, ::\1. 
MacKay, ,,
. ('. 
:\lacintosh, J. .\. 
:\<lacKenzie, John 
l\lacKinnon, R. R. 
;\Ia('Laren, Kenneth 
:\Jac]ennan. Dr. D. X, 
Maclennan, .1. .J. 
. G. 
:\lacXamara. ('has. ('. 
:\Ja('Xaug-hton, Â. C. 
::\Iacoomh, .\. 
:\Jacta \'ish, Xewton 
:\Iag-ee, \Y. "T. 
:\Iag-uire, A]f. 
:\Iag-uire, Geo. 
:'\lag-uire, .fohn 
', Dr. Fred n. 
:\Talone, E. T. 
:\Ta]one, Frank T. 
:\Jalone, G. ::\f. 
:\Tan]ey, P. 
:\1ann, Rtan]ey 
Marks. ,r. 1\1. 
:\Iarrlott. ('has. 
:\Iartin, R. R. 
:\Iartin, \Y. H. 
:\1arvin, R. .\. 
::\Iason, II. IT. 
Matthews. \\r. D. 
1\{c.\lpine, .J. \\'. 
::\lcBain, "'. 
::\1c("ahe, .Taml's '\\
:\I('("arthy, Frank 
', Leighton 

McCausland. F. H. 
McC]ain, "'. T. 
l\IcC]elland, D. 1\1. 
::\lcConnelI. Dr. J. H. 
McCrae, L. R. 
Mc('ulloug-h, Dr. H. A. 
McCulloug-h, Dr. J. S. 
McDiarmid, ('. '\\'. 
:McDouga]d, D. J. 
::\lcDona]d, C. K 
l\lcEachren, Xorman ('. 
::\IeFar]ane, P. A. 
::\lcGiffin, R. B. 
::\Jcnill, ('has. G. 
::\lcGill, Dr. T. X. 
::\IcGoey, J. 
::\lcGuire, \\'. H. 
::\IcKay, John 
::\IcIlwraith, S. X. 
:.\lacKay, .J. F. 
::\IeKay, Robert, Jr. 
McLaren, J. A. 
:\lcLaughlln, A. G. 
:\1('Laughlln, Frank 
:\lcLaughlin, R. J. 
:.\Ic Lean, J. R. 
:\lcLean, R. T. 
:\lc:\lahon, Dr. T. F. 
:.\1 (':\1 illan, Dr. J. F. 
:\lc:\Tillan, Thos. 
:.\lc:\lurrich, Arthur R. 
:\lcPherson, R. r. 
:\lcQuillan, Thos. 
:\lcTa ,'Ish. "'. 1\1. 
Mearns, F. R. 
1\Teg-an, F. P. 
:.\Ielady, John 
:\Ie]ady, ,T, T. 
1\Ierry. ::\Iartin X. 
::\lick]es. L. G. 
:\T ill er. .\. A. 
:\T ill er, Fred R. 
:\Iiller, Gideon 
:\lilIer, H. E. 
:.\lilIer. .J. B. 
Milligan. \\'. .\. 
Milne, .J. \\
1\lilIs, John I. 
::\Titchell, Thos. 

Ionteith, Georg-e 
:\Iontgomery, .Toseph 
:\loOl'e, Thos. C. 
::\Ioore, R. J. 
:\Torren. E. \V. S. 
:\[orrison. .J. 
:.\[orro\\'. G. A. 
:\[oss. C. A. 
:\Io\\'at, II. :\1. 
:\Iuirheall, Alan R. 
::\In]hollanll. F. A. 
::\Iulveney. \\
::\Turphy, .J. 
::\Iurphy, .r. 
:\Turra).', Doug-]as 
Xairn, A]e
Xe]son, Francis 
Xick(>l, ('. 
Xicho]son. James 
::'\"0),. on , \\'m. (". 
::'\"orton.J . :\1. 
O'Helt'nf', .T. C, 
O'Donog-hu(>, J. n. 
O'Gorman, ,T. 
O'Hara, nr. \\
. .T. 
Oliver, E. ,Yo 
O'XelIl. ('ont. J. 



ullivan, E. Y. 
Oxley, J. Morrow 
Page, Forsey 
Page, J. Robt. 
Pangman, J. E. L. 
Parkes, G. HanT 
Parsons, ROflt. C. 
Paterson, F. B. 
Patterson, J. H. L. 
Pa terson, R. H. 
Patariarche, H. E. 
Patrick, ".,.. G. 
Pauline, J. M. 
Pearson, Dr. C'has. E. 
Pearson, JO!ln 
Pepall, Å. H. 
Peters, J. Henry 
Phelan, Thos. X. 
Pickett, J. K. 
Porter, Dr. Geo, D. 
Powell, Edwin .J. 
Powell, F. 4\' X. 
Prentiss, J. M. 
Proudfoot, 'Ym. 
Palmer, C. R. 
Passmore, C. H. 
Quinn, M. J. 
Ramsden, J. G. 
Reeve, H. J. 
Reid, Geo. M. 
Reid, Thos. 
Reid, 'V. B. 
Rice, Dr. Gordon 
Richardson, T. D. 
Richey, Henry B. 
RUlley, A. P. 
Robert, Dr. J. X, 
Robertson, R. L. 
Robertson, H. O. 
Robertson, John B. 
Robertson, "-. D. 
Robertson, "-. Eo 
Rohinette, T. C. 
Roger, F. Percy 
Rogers, G. C. 
Rogers, Alfred 
Rogers, B. ('. 
Rogers, Elias 
Rolph, Alf. J. 
Rolph, E. R. 
Rose, Geo. 1\1. 
Ross, J. 
Ross, James L. 
Ross, ,John L. 
Ross. \Y. D. 
Rous, C. W. 
Ro,van, Thos. .A. 
Rowe, "T. ::\1. 
. "-. 
Rundle, "-. E. 
Russell. T. A. 

Ryrie, James 
Ryan, Hugh A. 

abine, John A. 
Sanderson, F. 
Sa vigny, R. A. 
Scott, Gordon C. 
Rcott, H. B. E. 
9cott, O. N. 
Scott, W. H. 
Scythes, James 
Searle, F. H. 

e[]ers, D. J. 
Shantz, F. R. 
Shayer, A. R. 
Rhaver, Horace G. 
Shaw, W. H. 
Sheppard, J. P. 
Rhirriff, W. M. 
Silverthorne, T. Archie 
Sinclair, N. A. 
Rinclair, N. R. 
Skelton, R. H. 
Rkinner, A. E. 
Slater, David Dick 
Sloan, F. M. 
Rmart, H. E. S. 
Rmith, Geo. H. 
Smith, Harold T. 
Smith, R. R 

mith, W. S. 
Southworth, Thos. 
Rpeight, T. B. 
Spence, James H. 
Stair, F. W. 
Stanton, H. G. 
Rtark, Chas. T. 
Rtartup, David E. 
Statten, Taylor 
Rt. Charles, Dr. '\\-. P. 
Stephens, N. C. 
Rtewart, J. F. M. 
Rtewart, W. B. 
Rtock. W. N. 
Stockdale, E. B. 
Rtone. C. E. 
Stm;el, A. E. 
Sutherland, J. G. 
Sutherland. '\Vanl 
Sweeney, F. R. 
Rymons, John L. 
Symons, W. L. 
Tanner, F. 

Tanner, John 
Taylor,.T. G. 
Taylor, R. 
Thomas, F. S. 
Thomas, W. F. 
Thompson, E. n. 
Thompson, E. C. 
Thompson, F. C. 
Tilley, W. N. 

Todd, Dr. J. Han'ey 
ToveIl, N. W. 
Trestrail, Burdick A. 
Trimble, John H. 
Tucker, Arthur 
Vanstone, C. R. 
Vaughan, R. Chas. 
'Vade, \V. 
\Valdie, F. N. 
,\\7'aldron, Gordon 
'\Valker, E. \V, 
"-Talsh, J. E. 
'\Valsh, J. H. 
Walton-Ball, Dr. \Y. H. 
Warren, J. J. 
\Yaterman, Frank E. 
Watkins, Ernest O. 
\Vatson, Tom C. 
\Yatson, W. G. 
"Tebster, A. F. 
Webster, J. C. 
\Veighart, C. O. 
\Velde, H. .J. 
'Verrett, \V. A. 
\Vest, E. G. 
,\\Testlake, A. J. 
\Yeston, J. F. 
\Vestren, J. Jr, 
\Vestwood, C. H. 
Whealey, .Jos. R. A. 

-hite, A. O. 
'Vhite, M. P. 
\Vhite. R. M. 
Wickson, .\. F. . 
Wigham, Dr. John "-. 
Wildman, J. F. 
Wilgar, J. C. 
\Yilkie, Geo. 
\Vilkinson, Ellis Ho 
\Villans, E. 
lnllard. J, C. 
\Villiams. Hayden 
Williams. J. <'. 
\Villiams, R. S. 
"rilliamson, T. B. 
Willmott. Arthur B. 
Wills. E. G. 
Willson, C. H. 
"Tilson. Chas. L. 
"Tilson, Dr. Geo. E\\ art 
\Yilson, Harold 
Winter, F. "T. 
"Tood, E. R. 
"-ood, S. Casey 
"-righ t, D. Ernest 
"-right, E. ,Yo 
\Vright, Henry .J. 
",\Tright, John 
Young, A. L. 
Young, James A. 

Ontario Jockey Club 
.los. E. 
eagram, \Vaterloo....... _...... ... ... .... President 
Rir Ii:. I3. Osler, M.P., Toronto......... First \Tice-President 
Hon. Sir L. Melvin Jones, Toronto... .Second Vice-President 
D. W. Alexander, Toronto CoJ. Hon. J. S. Hendrie. C.V.O., Lieut.-CoJ. "-illiam HendriE':. 
R. J. Christie, Toronto M.P.P., Hamilton Hamilton 
A. E. Dyment W. P. Fraser 

Ontario Motor League 
H. R. H. The Duke of Connaught, K.G. 



Colonel The Hon. Sam. Hughes, Minister of :\Ii1itia and Defence. 
The Ron. J. S. Hendrie, C.V.O. T. H. Smallman 
Mr. Oliver Hezzelwood 
:!d YlI.. 'E-PRE
Dr. A. A. :Macdonald 
'V. G. Robertson 

Ontario Society of Artists 
E. 'Yyley Grier ..............,....,............. President 
R. F. Gagen .. . .' ...,.,..........,...,....... :secretary 
('. \Y. Jefferies ,..,.. . . . . . . . . . Yice-President anlI Trea!"urer 
J. ..\. Smith ,....................,..,.............. .-\udi[or 
The :\Iarquis of Lansdowne 
The Earl of Aherdeen 
The Earl of Minto 
Th e Earl Grey 

Dr. P. E. Doolittle 

H. R. H. The Duke of Con- 
The Duke of Argyle 
Her Royal Highness Princess 

Gustav Hahn 
F. H. Bridg-en 
J. E. H. :\lacdonald 

Beatty, .J. W. 
Bell Smith, F. l\f. 
Bridgen, F. H. 
í'hallener, F. S, 
Cutts, \\T. 
Cutts. Gertrude Spurr 
Chavig-naud, G. 
Cruickshank, \\r. 
Forster, J. 'V. J.. 
Fleming-. A. 1\1. 
Ford, Harriet 
Gagen, R. F. 

E. ::\1. 'Yilcox 

ir \\ïlliam ::\Iortimer 
Clark, K.f'. 
Hon. Sir John :\Iorison Gibson, 

K, í'., LL,D. 

L. S. Harris 
J. 'V. Beatty 

:\[ary H. Reid 
H t:'rhert I 'allller 

Green, T. G. 
Grier, E. Wyley 
Hahn, Gustav 
Haines. Fred S. 
Hag-arty, Clara S. 
Harris, L. S. 
Hillyard, Carrie L. 
Holmes, Robert 
,J efferys, C. W. 
;\[artin, E. May 
:\Tanly, C. 1\1. 
:\TacDonald, J. E. H. 

Palmer, H. S. 
Reid, G. A. 
Reid, :Mary A. 
Rolph, J. T. 
Staples. O. P. 

hore, Henrietta :\1. 
Storm, ,Yo G. 
Streatfield, Josephine 
Smith, James 
Yerner, F. A. 
\Vrinch, ..Mary E. 

Parkdale Travel Club 

:\Trs. J. T. Gilmour........ ,................... President 

lrs. 'V. A.. ('ooke..................... First \ïce-Preshlent 
:\TI's. S. p, Lang-don............,..... 
econd \ïce- President 
:\[rs. \\r. H. Harris ........... .. Third \ïce-President 
:\[rs. G. Hodg-ens...,................., RecordIng 
:Mrs. G. A. Smith...,.,....... ...,. <'orresponding- Secretary 
:\[rs. T. McKenzie............. Treasurer 

Royal Canadian Academy of Arts 

Founders-H, H. H. The Prin- 
cpss Louise, DucheRs of Ar- 
g-yll, and His Grace The 
nuke of Argyll 

\Vm. Brymner 
.\. F. Dunlop 
James Smith 

R. H. Greene 

H. X. Baird 
S. H. nundy 
,T, :\L :\Taclf'an 

Patron-H. n, H. The Duke of 
('onnau"dlt, nov.-Gen. of 
( 'anada 
lIon o l'ary Patron-The :\Iar- 
<JUt's!'; of Lansdowne 
. , . . . . . . . . .. . . , . . . .. President 
. . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . , . .. .,'.,..... \ïce- Presidt'nt 
. . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., St'cl'etary-Treasurer 

Rosedale Golf Club 


I> II{ E( H['n I{
G. R Hargraft 
.T. (r. Hall1!"f'Y 
L \DY nF'Flí'EH

Robert Rennip 
.Julian Sale 
H. H. ('ronyn 

. :\TilI er Lash 




Xear jOth Street Subway Station and 53rd Street "J." 


c' <" 
# '
'" ". > . 
",; "'.ë- 

,/ #

 . ... 
v' ," 
 ...x- '
 " "". 
(.:"v ...,
.".oI. ......
,/ "';<-, t' 1 P1 ':J 
.^ u' 
,if ..,
t- t;.> _, ,"
 . 1 "t." 
 I ,>
' n3'J 
(,: ->, t ;
c,. . , ' 
' "j 
{, 1;., ",;1 " 
I -:<"". 
\k,. t i 
> ' -:;.
 ' , - -+ .' ': '.,,' . 1 
:,1 " '.
 , r IE -, 1l t ., .--..}- 
[II } 
 ' ',' . 
 I , 

'[1'[111 [I, - . 1 ('. I {'I 
 1 i 
Ir. E I ft . \:;.'1 J, 'I. 

l'F 1 F - t: t 1_' 
.. ;,'
.. " 1 '" 

: E IE _; - ! .,....: 
'Jr s." . Ii. 
" ....
. 1, ' I :; ,,
 , :' , ,t . . 
. ." I ..' . 
. . 
." '- 
.. , ... 
 ,.,- 'J ,, 
 , '. ' 
..... ....t>' 
, I.' 
,.\ '.' '." 

, -1 
. 41:

"Bt;oact\vay" cars from 
Grand Central Station pass 
the doo r 
7th Ave. Cars from Penns} l- 
\'ania Station 


Best Hotel accommodations 
. 'Y. at Reasonable Rates 

$2.50 With Bath and Up 
ES $+.00 and Up 

Special Rates for Permanent 



All Hard Wood Floors and 
Oriental Rugs 

T ell mill ute s walk to 40 

U Illy :v ew York Hotel ff7indow-screened Throughout 


Formerly with Hotel hl1perial 

23 0 


23 1 

:\[rs. A. J. Hills 
:\lrs. 'V. P. Torrance 
:\Irs. '\-. C. 

Adams, .A. A, 
Allan, "". A. 
Alley, W. S. 
Anderson, T. ,,"'. 

-\nger, J. H. 
.-\nsley, B. C. 
Armstrong, Hy. D. P. 
Ashworth, J. J. 
Aspden. Thos. F. 
Auden, H. "". 
Aylesworth, A. F. 
Baillie, Jas. E, 
Baillie, Jas. 'V. 
Baird, H. X. 
Baker, E. G. 
Baker, F. S. 
Bald win, C. M. 
Baldwin, L. H. 
Ballantyne, A, "r, 
Barclay, 'Vm. C. 
Barker, A. B, 
Barrett, 'Vallace 
Bastedo, X orman H. 
Baxter, D. 'V. 
Beatty, C. ""', 
Beatty, H. \y, 
Beatty, J. K 
Beatty, J. ""'. 
Beaumont, R. B. 
Bell. Edwin 
Bicknell, James 
Blackstock, 'V. G. 
Blackwell, r. S. 
Blatchley, P. G. 
Bongard, R. R. 
Boyd, E. "-. 
Boyd, Dr. Geoffrey 
'd, Lawrence 
Boyd, P. E. 
Britton, A. H, 
Brodie, ,Yo P. 
Bl'f)Ome, Edward 
Brown, R. ('. 
Brown, T. A. 
Brent, 'Ym. C'. 
Bruce, Dr. H, A. 
Buntin, Alexander 
Burke, Edmund 
Burnham, Dr, G. H. 
Burnham, 8. S. 
Burns. Rev, R. X. 
Rurns. ,Yo H, 
C'aldpr, .Tames 
('amphell. Dr. C'olin _\.. 
C'andee, C'. X. 
('anfield, Dr. A. ,,"'. 
Capon, Dr. F. J. 
'. n. 1., 
C'arpenter. C'. H. 
Carter. H. J. 
Cassels. D. K 
C'atto, Cnas. J. 
C'awthra. J. J. 
(,h arlewood. C. B. 
C'hristie, R. .T. 
C'larke, Dr. r. K. 
C'larke, C. L. 
('o('hrane, ()g-I!pn D. 
('olley, T. H. 

:\Irs. A. Howard Blight 
:\Irs. "". H. Burns 

tikeman. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

('owan, H. X. 
Cramer, "". F. 
Crockett, E. 
Cronyn, B. H. 
Cronyn, L. G. 
Cummings, C', C. 
Dalziel, X. P. 
Vana, R. H. 
Daddson, X. F. 
Dean, E. S, 
Defoe, C. ""'. 
Denton, Frank 
Despanl, 'V. H. 
Dickson, R. G. 
Dinnick, ""'. S. 
Di ,'er, F. 
Donald, H. H. 
Douglas. H. R. 
Drayton, H L. 
Duncan, J. 1\1. 
Dunlop. D. A. 
Dyment, A. E. 
l;;hy. H. D. 
Ellis. :\1. ï 
Ellis. P. "Y. 
E\"ans, H. P. 
Faulds, Ed" ard 
Fellowes, C. L. 
Fensom, Geo. H. 
Firsthrook, John 
Fla"elle, Ellsworth 
Fla,'elle, J. ,Yo 
Flaws. A. Lorne 
Forlong, C. J. 
Frederick, H. 1\1. 
FudgeI', H. H 
FudgeI', R. B. 
Gallie, Dr. 'V. E, 
Gandier, Re\". Alfred 
Gash, X orman B. 
<ieorge, James 
Gihson, A. }-(, 
Gihson, .T, A. 
Gihson, R. E. 
Gilmour, TIe". Jos. L. 
<iol(lsmith, Dr. P. G. 
(}ooderham, Alhert E. 
Gooderham, Ed. D. 
Goo(lerham, Geo, E. 
Gooderham. Gordon R. 
Gooderham, H, F. 
(jooderham, ,John Leys 
Goo(lerham, Xorman R. 
(}oo(lerhaln, "". G, 
C.ool1erham, "". H. 
GOI'don, ('olin F. 
Gow, George 
GJ'and, ,Jalnes 
Grant. (taJ'net P. 
', TI. :\T. 
', R. :\L JJ'. 
Greene, H. H. 
..ruhhe. T. r, 
(}reig-, Dr. \\
. ,J. 
', ,r. H. 
', 8. f1. 
'. \'", 1', 
flargraft, Geo. R, 
Hart, :\1. ('. 

l\Iiss Edythe 

Hon. Secretary 

Henderson, P. E. 
Heron, Orlonda 
Hills. A. J. 
Hohbs, \Y. R. 
Holden, John B. 
Holland, F. :\1. 
Holmested, Geo. 
How, Frank 'V. 
Howie, K. A. 
Hulett, J. E. 
Hutcheson, John 
Ince, James 
Ince, 'Villiam 
Irwin, r. 'Y., Jr. 
Jackson, Rey. George 
Jamieson, James B. 
JarYis, F. C. 
Jan'is, J. B. 
Jar\"is, ,Yo H. P. 
J ephcott, ".,.., (". 
Johnston, F. B. 
Johnston, H. B. 
Jones, _-\.. A. 
,J ones, Be,'erley 
Jones, Chas. G. 
Jones, F. C. L. 
Kay. John 13. 
Kemp, ,Yo A. 
Kerr, George 
Killer, Frederick 
Kimhark, F. :\1. 
King, J. S. 
Lahatt, C. B, 
Laidlaw, ""alter C. 
Laird, Alexander 
Langley, Chas. E. 
Langmuir, r. Eruce 
Langmuir, F, L. 
Langmuir, :\1. 
Larkin. H, ""'. 
Lash, Z. G. 
Law, ,,"'. '-. 
Lee, Frederick ('. 
Lennox, E. J, 
Lind. 'V. .1. 
Lin(h;ay, John 
Lh'i ngstone, J. R. 
Loye, H. J. 
Love, Spencer 
LUlnhers, .lames 
Lummis. 'Y. D. 
:\IacCallum, Dr. Jas. 1\1. 
:\IacdougaIl, ""'. P. 
', r. CL 
:\lacKelcan, Frf'df'rick n. 
:\lacKenzie, K. F, 
:\Iaclaurin, E. .\., 
:\Iaclean, .r. :\1. 
:\lacXeill, TIe", John 
:\lacphers())1. Ale'\.ander 
l\1alonè, E. T. 
:\Iara, ""'. H, 
:\Tarsh, F. H. 
:\IaJ"shall, K, n. 
:\Tartin, .'. n. 
:\Iartin. ,John 
:\Tason, n. H. C'. 
:\lason, P. 1., 

', ,lohn 

23 2 

:\Iassey, J. :\1. 
:\latthews. R. C. 
:\lcBean, F. J. 
', T. G. 
:\IcConnelI, Dr. J. H. 
:\lcCausland, F. H. 
:\lcClelIand, D. McK. 
:\lcDonagh, A. J. 
:\lcDonagh, J. A. 
:\lcFarland, G. F. 
:\lcGee, John A. 
:\lcKee, J. A. 
:\lcLaren, D. 
:\lcLaughlin, J. J. 
::\lcLenaghen, Jas, 
:\1 c:\lurray, L. L. 
:\IcPhedran, Maurice 
::\lcPherson, R. 'G. 
:\Ieldrum. Jas. A. 
:\Iprcer, F. D. 
:\Ieyer, G. -n
::\1 ill er, J. B. 
:\[illichamp, nr. Geo. E. 
:\Iiln, John, Jr. 
:\Iitchell, J. H. 
:\Iitchell, H. E. 
:\Ioffa tt, A. B. 
:\[oore, T. í'. 
:\Ioore, S. J. 
:\Iorris, Alexander C. 
:\[orrow, Geo, A, 
::\Iorphy, Arnold 
:\Iorse, J. 'V. 
:\lulholland, A. A. 
:\Iulock, ,Yo G., Jr, 

\Iurray, ,Yo Parkyn 
Xewman, G. A. 
Xicholls. Frederic 
O'Bril'j,n. Jas. B. 
Osler, E. B. 
Palmpr, E. E. 
Parker, A. D. 
Parkpr, 'Yo R, P. 
Parson:;;, Dr. H. C. 
on. P. L. 
Pearson, Chas. E. 
Fellatt, Sir Henry ::\1". 

AlIpy, ::\lrs. Sanford 
Armstrong, Mrs. H. D. P. 
Arnton, Mrs. S. Fenton 
Baillie, ::\'Iiss Xan 
Baird, Mrs. H. 
Baldwin, Mrs. C. 1\1. 
Barclay, Miss .r. -n T . 
Barrett, Mrs. 'Yallace 
Bea tty, ::\Iiss Beryl 
Bpatty, Mrs. C'. 'V. 
Beatty, Mrs. E. P. 
Bpatty, Mrs. H, E. 
Beatty. Mrs. J. \V. 
Beer, ::\lrs. G, Frank 
Bethune, Mi!';!'; Beatrice 
Blackwell. l\Iis:;; E. E. 
Blight, ::\Trs. Arthur 
Boeckh, Mrs. .Tohn í'. 
Bond. Miss :\Iary E. 
Bongard, Mrs. R, R. 
Boyd, ::\lr8. Geoffrey 
Breckenridge, ::\'1rs. .J. (", 
Brown, Mrs. R. e, 
Brown, Mrs. T. C'rawford 
Buntin, Mrs. Alexandpr 
Burke. :\liss Helpn 
Burnt-'tt, :\lr
. neo. (-;, 


Petlnan, H. F. 
Peuchen, A. G. 
Porter, Dr. Geo. D. 
Prendergast, Wm. 
Proctor, A. H. C. 
Proctor, James E. 
Ramsey, J. G. 
Reid, A. T. 
Reid, Thomas 
Rennie, Robert (Life) 
Rice, O. F. 
Ridout, Douglas K. 
Ridout, George 
Robertson, 1. E. 
Robins, F. B. 
Rohinson, Geo. L. 
Robinson. Malcolm H. 
Roden, Frank 
Roden, Thomas 
Rogers, Alfred 
Rog-ers, Rey. Thos. H. 
Rolph, Ernest R, 
Rolph, Frank A. 
Ruel, Gerard G. 
Rudolf, Dr, R. D. 
Rundle, 'V, E. 
Russpl, R. K. 
-prson. Dr. E. Stanley 
Ryrie, Harry 
Sale, Julian 
Sale, Julian. Jr, 
Schurm,an, C. D. 

haw, Geo. B. 
Sloan, F. :\L 
Smart, D. 'Yorts 
Smith, Edpn 
Smith, H. Eden 
Smyth, ".... R. 
Snively, A. C. 
Snowball. G. :\1. 
SomerYille, J. L. 
Southam, R, 
Spence. Jas. H. 
Stanton. H. G. 
Stark, Chas. '1', 
Starr, Dr, C. L. 
Starr, Dr. F. :X. G. 

Burnham, Miss ::\1. Y. 
lrs. 'V. H, 
Burrows, :Miss Blair A. 
Burruss, Mrs, Grayson 
Burson. Mrs. E. C. 
I'a, 1fhn'lI Miss Bessie 
í'ameron, Mrs. Alfred B. 
C'andep, Mrs, C'. 
C'arpenter, Mrs. C. H. 
atto. Mrs. Chas. J. 
C'arroll, Miss 'V. 
C'arty, :\Iiss 1\1. E. 
C'hac1wick. Miss Louisa :\1". 
Chamhers, Mrs. Graham 
C'haplin, ::\Iiss C. A. 
C'hal)man, Mi!';s F. H. 
C'larke. Mrs. C. E. 
C'och rane. :\Iiss Ec1ith 
C'olquhoun, Mis!'; 1\1. F. 
í'ooke, Miss Alyce 
Cory, Miss 
C'oulson, Mrs. D. A. 
C'ox, ::\1iss Eyelyn 
C'UI'rip, :\Iiss E. S. 
iiss .T. 
Dpan, :\Irs. E. Stprling- 
Deni!"on, ::\'Ii
s :\Ta

Rtaun ton, T. A. 

tewart, T. P. 

tikeman, 'V. C. 
Strachan, Rev, D. 
Thistle, Dr. 'Y. B. 
Thompson, F. C. 
Tilley, H. T. 
Tilley, W. K, 
Toller, P. B. 
Torrance, ,Yo P. 
Trethewey, -n
. G. 
Trotter, ThOInas 
Trow, A. E. 
Trow, Chas. E. 
rnsworth, 'V. B. 
Yigeon, Harry 
'Yaddell, John B. 
'Yalker, A. A. 
arde, J. D. 
'Vaters, D. 
atson, J, P. 
'Yatson, Strafford 
'Yatson, 'V. G. 
'Vatt, John 
\Vatts, Geo. -n T . 
'White, Mplville P. 
'Vhite, Murray A. 
'Yhiteside, H. p, 
,Villiams, Hayden H 
'YiIson, (
. Lesslie 
'ViIson, George 
ilson, P. Turner 
'Yood, G. H. 
'Yood, James 
'Vood, John 
ooel. L. P. 
'Yooclland, C. "T. I. 
'Yoods, J. Dougla8 
'Yooels, John R. 
'Yooels, J. W. 
oods, ,Yo B. 
'Yright, Henry J. 
'Yright. Joseph 
'Yylip. Xorman A. 
Yeigh. Frank 
Yeo, Lowman 

Denton, :\lrs. Frank 
Dinnick, ::\lrs. ,y, S. 
Donal11, Mrs. R. A. 
OooIittlp, .:\Iiss Irpne 
Dunbar, Miss Rita 
Irs. 8. B. 
Dunlop, Mrs. D. A. 
E'-ans. Mrs, H. P. 
Fellowps, Miss Marjory 
throok, Miss Mary I. 
Fla yeIlp, Miss C'lara 
Fraspr, Miss Bpssie 
Fu dgpr. Miss Bpth 
Fudger, Miss Hannah 
Gale, Mrs. G. C. 
GaIt, Mi!';s A. S. 
Gihson, Miss Alice H. 
Gibson, ::\lrs. C. J. 
Goad. Mrs. Yictor 
Gooch, Mrs. F. H. 
Gooderham. Mr
. A lhert 
Gooderham, Mrs. E. D. 
Gooderham, Miss E. G. 
Gooderham, Mi!';s Gracf> .\_ 
Gooderham, Mrs. Geo. E. 
Irs. Gonlon 
n()oc1prham, :\Trs. W. H, 



Green. :'Iliss Eyelyn 
(';untht 1', :\Iiss ::\lary L. 
lrs. Geo. R. 
Hay, :\liss Ethel 
Hay, ::\Iiss :\larian 
Hills, Mrs. A. J. 
Hogg, Mrs. 'Villiam 
Holden, :\Iiss Ella 
Holden, :\Iiss Letitia 
Holland, :\lrs. F. M. 
Hoskin, :\liss "'?inifrea 
lrs. Peleg 
Jan'is. ::\Iiss :\lary 
.J ephcott, 
lrs. ",V. e. 
Johnston, l\lrs. Frank B. 
Joy, :\Iiss Xina :\1. G. 
Kirkwood, :\Irs, T. :\1. 
Kleiser, :\Irs. R. L. 
Knight, :\Irs. A. C. 
Laidlaw, :\Iiss Margaret 
Langley, :\Irs. e. E. 
Langmuir, :\liss 'V. D. 
Irs. :\Iiller 
Leach. :\lrs. Fred 
Lumbers, ::\lrs. 'V. G 
Lummis, ::\Iiss Jessie 
Lyon, Mrs. :\lortimer 
:\lacbeth, ::\Irs. John 
:'I[acdonald, Mrs. e. S. 
:\[acdonald, :\lrs. D, Bruce 
:\[acdonalf1, :\liss Helen 
:'I[acKenzie, :\Irs, K. F. 
:\Iacleod, Miss Vivian 
:'Ilac:\lurchY. :\Iiss Bessie 
:\[arshall, iII's. K. R. 
py. :\[iss Grace 

:\lassey, :\liss :\1. 

Irs. Geo. F. 
:\lcLaughIin, Miss Ada 

lcPherson, :\Iiss Grace 
l\lac'Yhinney, Mrs. ,Yo J. 
Mercer, Mrs. F. D. 

leyer, ::\'1rs. Geo. ",Y. 
Moffatt, Miss Mary 'V. 
Moore, Mrs. 'V. H. 
Morrow, ::\Irs. G. A. 
::\Iorse, Mrs. J, "'Yilton 
Muldrew, ::\Iiss Ellen 
::\lurray, Mrs. W. Parkyn 
Xairn, ::\Iiss Margaret K. 
Xeelands, Miss Florence 
O'Brian, l\liss Madeline 
O'Flynn, Mrs. H. H. 
Ogden, ::\Iiss Bradda L. 
Pack, ::\Irs. R. F. 
Palmer, I\Irs. E. E. 
Parker, :\lrs. S. G. 
Pearce, :\Irs. e. T. 
Pearson, ::\Iiss Anne 
Pearson, ::\Irs. ehas. E. 
Pearson, :\lrs. 'V. H., Jr. 
Perry, :\liss Mary D. 
Porteous, Miss ,Yo 
Proctor. 1\1rs. A. H. (". 
Reed, ::\Irs. Carl 
Reid, Miss Evelyn 
Reid, Miss Lorna F. 
Richey, :\Irs. M. S. L. 
Rohins. :\lrs. F. B, 
Rohins. :\Iiss :\I. 
Robinson, :\lrs. Geo. L. 
Ross, :\Iiss e. L. 

Strollers Club 

f{ und Ie, :\lrs. \\Y, E. 
l{yckman, :\lrs. E. B. 
Ryerson, Mrs. Yoris :::;. 
Ryrie, :\'1rs. Harry 

anderson, ::\Iiss Beatrice 

anderson, :\Iiss 1\1. B. 

cott, ::\liss Ca therine 

cott, Miss Ella 

cott, ::\Iiss Harriett 

haw, Mrs. Geo. R. 
:::;mart, ::\'1rs. D. ,Yo 
Smith, :\Iiss Muriel 

nider, Mrs. Fletcher 
Somerset, Mrs. 'Yo B. 

pain, ::\'1rs. O. G. V. 

tewart, Miss E. P. 
Rtikeman, Mrs. ,Yo e. 
Taylor, ::\Iiss Evelyn 
Thompson, Mrs. S. H. 
Tilley, ::\lrs. 'V. X. 
Torrance. Mrs. ,Yo P. 
\ïgeon, Miss Ella 
\Yallhrir1ge, ::\Iiss Jane A. 
aters, ::\lrs. D. 
'Va tson, Miss Essie B. 
atson, Miss Xorah L. 
'Yatson, ::\Irs, Jas. P. 
hite. ::\[rs. l\IeldIle P. 
'Vilson. Mrs. C. Lesslie 
\Vilson, Mrs. P. Turner 
'Yinnett. Mrs. F. 
'\Vood, :\lrs. G. H. 
Woor l , Mrs. James 
\Yoods. :\lrs. ,Yo B, 
'Vright, :\Irs. H. J. 
\\?right, :\Iiss ,Josephine 

P.. n. :'I[untz ..................,.,........, President 
\,'alter Harris ,.,...................,.........,.. Treasurer 
James ,Yo BaiTY Rf>cretary 
( 'O:\nnTTEE 
T. H. Andison 
n. H. Parkes 

Thos. \\


The Heliconian Club 

H. \V. í'rossin 

:'I [ i
:\1 rs. 
:\Ii ss 

:\Iary Sll1art.., ,....... Honorary Pn'sÌl1ent 
Agar Adamson . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . ., I'resident 
H. :\1. Blight............. .....,.... Vice-President 
Geo. Barron.....,.".. ... ... .. 'Ïce-PresIdent 
Lucy Swanton Doyle."...,. Secretary-Treasurer 
. !l. .J. nil wort h 

:\Iiss ,Jane 'Yells Fraser 

The Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire 

:\liss Estelle Kerr 

:'II rs. 

A. E. Gooderha In. .. . . . . .. .. ... T'residen t 
.J, Bruce ....".......,. ,.,.,.....,.,.Hon. ']'rpasurpr 
Fetlwrstonhaug-h ., . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . Bon. 
í'haplin ................' ,Hon. Organizing- Secrt'tary 
Henshaw .,.,.................,...". 
tan(lal'll Bean'r 

:\[rs. E, F. B. Johnston 

:\[rs. A. E. Gool1erhanl 
:\Irs. Hanning-ton 
:'III's. J. Bruce 
:\Irs. Fetherstonhaug-h 
:\Irs. Henshaw 
Lady :\lackenzif' 
:\[rs. E. F. n. .J oh nston 
:\Irs. James Georg-e 

:\1 rs. 
:'I Irs. 

:\11's. ,TanlE's Georg-e 
.\ uden 

. ,1. :\1 a thpson 
R S. \\'ilson 
. H. Burns 
I :ollilerhaln 

Lar1y Mal>li:pnzip. 


:'II rR. 

.10hn Ca\\"thl"a 
G. O. Hug-hps 
H. G. \\'illiams 
"Y. .\, H. Ken" 
.r. .J. Garland 


Ii 1!îotel 
m Ätliugtou 
æ 18 W. 25th St., New York 

 <<]I Twelve Story fireproof 

 Building. Modern in every 

 respect, Centrally located. 

 Walking distance to all 

 Shopping and Theatrical 


 Restaurant, Table d'hote and a la carte 

 ROO1JlS, S1.50 up 


 V. A. Austin, Proprietor 






'\'. 1). Gundy ...,................................ President 
A. L. 
lalone .,.,..... First \ïce- PI'esident 
Hichard Southam ,........,..... 
ee mri \"ice-President 
R. F. Lord . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . 
\\". P. GunrIy 
Jas. Hardy 
lTeo. T. Il'ying 
John B. Laidlaw 
A. L. Malone 
, E. "r. 
Eaton, J, C. 
GoO!Ierham, Geo. H. 
Gooderham, ,Yo G. 
Gurney, Edward 
Bole, "r. 'Y 
Bond. C. A. 
Bond, H. E. 
Bongarll, f", "-, 
Bongard. R. R. 
Booth, n. \Y. 
er, R. X. 
Bradshaw, Thomas 
Bradshaw. ,Yo T. 
Brehner, D. .\. 
Brecl-.:enriclge, J, C. 
Breùin, :\lark 
Brent, ,Yo C. 
Brig-den, Geo. 
. E. 
Bristol, E. 
Brodie, J. K. 
Brophy, Henry 
Broug-hall, F. 'V. 
Rrown. F. E. 
Brown, James 
Brown, J. F, 
HI'own, :\farshall H. 
Brown. T. A. 
Ducke, ,Y. A. 
Hull. Thos. H., K.C, 
Bull. ,Yo Perkins 
Rurke, Edmund 
Burnett. G. G, 
Burns, R. A. 
Burns, ,,'. H. 
Burr, \\'. H. 
Burruss, G. 
Call11wck. Georg-e 
C'aITIphell. Gt-o. C. 
('am})hell, .J. B. 
('am})hell, \\'. :\1. 
('anl1t'e. e. x. 
('arpeol. A. l
('al'tl-'l', II. .1 
(''r, \\'- E. 11. 
('alto, .John 
Can>n, DI'. .John 
('hapln, F. n. 
('harles, \V. 
('harlton. lion. ".. .\. 
('hattel'son. .\. E. 
('hild. lIarold .r. 

:\lrs. Redrlill 
:\lrs, Peuchen 
l\lr8. G. H. Smith 
l\lrs. J. A. Ross 
:\lrs. :\IcGilliyray 
:\lrs. R. (j., Sutherland 

A rthUl" A. Allan 
lTeorge A. Baker 
F. H. Deacon 
H. Doug-las Ehy 
J, "'. Gale 

Baillie, F. ,Yo 
Bea tty. C. "-. 
BeatO'. H, 'V. 
Cox, Hon. Geo. A. 

Adams, J. H. 
Allan, A. A. 
Allan, Arthur A. 
Allan, .J. D. 
Allen, Benjamin 
Allen. Thomas 
Ames, A. E. 
Anderson, J. E. 
.\ndel"son, T. U. 
Andre,,', "r, l\1. 
Armour. Eric 
Armstrong, Robt. 
Arnoldi, Frank 
Arnoldi, .J. n. 
Aspden, T. F. 
Atkinson, ,J. E. 
Auld, A. H. 
A ustin, Albert "r. 
", ('has. L, 
Bai1t-Y, Thos. D. 
Baillie, .J. \\'- 
Baird, Hy. 
Baker. Geo. A. 
I:all, Ernest H. 
nallant)'ne, .A. "'. 
Band, ('has. ,Yo 
iliney "'. 
nalT, \\'alter J. 
Bartram, .J. R, 
TIa !-õcom , ,J. :\1. 
Reaty, J. (1, 
Beatty. R. G. 
Beck, II. H. 
Heel', G. Frank 
1 :eeton. Ed wa rli 
Bertl'am, :\lel\.ille 
"Bertram, R. :\1. 
I :est, Thos, H. 
Black, H. C, 
Black, .J. C, 
Black, n. Gin'n 
Blackey. 11. P. 
Hlacln\"f'll. C. R 
Rlachfonl. AI'thur '" 
Blain. Hug-h 
noeckh, E. C. 
noi!-õseau, E. 
Boland, \\". .J. 

l\lrs. Garrett 
Lady Tupper 
:\lrs. Raynolds 
:\In;. DeGueren 
:\11's. Hodgins 
:\frs. T, J. Clarke 

The National Club 

:\lrs. 'Yo J. "-right 
:\lr8. ,Yo D. 
:\lrs. R. R. Earle 
:\Ii8s (,haplin 
:\liss Constance B:)ulton 
l\Iiss :\lic hie 

".. K. :\fcXaught 
A. T. Reid 
"'m. Stone 

. Casey "'ood, Jr. 

:\Iackenzie. Sir 'Ym 
:\Iulock, Cawthra 
l\1cCrea, Arthur 
\Yood, E. R. 

Chipman. "". 
(.hoate, A. P. 
('hristie. Robert J. 
<. 'la})l), Chas. R. 
Clark, Vr. C. Day 
Clark, G. l\IeP. 
Clarl{, Dr. Harold 
Clark. Jos. T. 
Clark, T. J. 
('lar!{e. 'Ym. A. 
Clisr1ell. F. Y. 
Coffee, .Ino. L. 
Cohoe, ,,'. p, 
Cook. H. G. 
Copelanrl. Roht. Jas. 
('OP)). 'Yilliam 
Corcoran. ,J. \\r. 
('OI'le)", .J. \\'. Seymour 
('orrig-an, F. R. 
Coryell, C'ha
. R 
('osgTa,'e. L. J. 
Coulson. D. 
('o'\.. H. C. 
('rag-g, F, H. 
Craig-. Benj. A. C. 
Cromarty, n. R. 
('umhprlanrl, C. R. 
Curry, .J. \\r. 
. (L 
Dana. H. II. 
narling-. 110hel"t 
T>a ,'ill
on, L. A. 
Davies. Chas. A. 
na ,'is, \\". .J. 
]h'acon, F. H. 
I )eeks, G. S. 
Henison, Co\. G. T, 
Penison, n. T., .11'. 
on, .J. 
})pnton. Frank 
Dentun. \\". A. 
Dig-num. 1<:. ,J. 
Dilworth, P. .J. 
Pinnick. \\'. 
J H,.er, Prell 
Ponald. Hicharl1 .\ 
I )onog-h. .J Ill). 
Doug-las, H. H. 

23 6 

Doug-las, \Y. J. 
Dryden, T. F. 
Dunbar, Geo. E. 
Dunlop, Va v ill A. 
Dunstan, K. J. 
Eakins, \Ym. Qeo. 
Easson, R. H. 
Eby, H. D. 
Ehy, Jos, F. 
Ehy, \V. p, 
Eckardt, A. J. H. 
Edmonds, \V. L. 
Ell iott, \V. J. 
Ellis, J. F. 
Ellis, 1\1. C. 
Ely, E. F. 
Evans, H. Pollman 
Evans, H. W. 
Eyer, Jno. H. 
Fairbairn, Rhys D. 
Fairweather, R, H. 
Fasken, Alex. 
Fasken, David 
Fel'gouson, \V. X. 
Fensom, G. H. 
Fetherstonhaugh, F. B. 
Ffolkes, E. G. E. 
Fisher, A. B. 
Firstbrook, Jno. 
Firstbrook, W. A. 
Flavelle, J. \V. 
Fletcher, A. G. 
Flett, H. R. 
Flett. John 
Flynn, Thomas 
Foster, H. W. A. 
Francis, \\'. 
Fraser, J. C. 
Fraser, Jno. A. 
Freeman, Chas. E. H. 
Freysing, Ed. 
Fuller. Chas, H. 
Gage, F. H. 
Gage, \V. J. 
Gagnier, H. 
Gale, G. C. 
Gale, J. \\
Geagen, \\
. H. 
Georg-e, \V. K. 
Gibhons, J. J. 
Gibson, J. J, 
Gibson, R. Louis 
Glass, D, \\
Glassco, E. 8. 
Godfrey, J. M. 
Godson. A. \V. 
Goldman, Chas. E. A. 
Goldlnan, L. 
Goldsmith, Dr. P. G. 
GoorIerham, Hy. F. 
Gordon, C. F. 
Gordon, H. D. Lockhart 
Gouinlock, G. W. 
Goulding, \\
Gourlay, Robt. S. 
Gow, Geo. 
Grand, James 
Green, \\
. H, 
Green. \V. J. 
Greene, R. H. 
Greening, Thos. B. 
Greenwood, \V. H. 
Gregg, A. H. 
Gregory. W. D. 
Grier, E. \Vyly 


GUlHly, J. H. 
Gundy, S. B. 
Gundy, \Y. P. 
Gurney, Cromwall 
Gurney, E, H. 
Gzowski, Xorman G. 
Hahn, Paul 
Hale, A. F. 
Hall, J. H. 
Hall. Thos. H. 
Hamilton, R. C. 
Hamilton, T. H. 
Hamilton, \V. A. 
Haney, M. J. 
Hanna, D, B. 
Harding, Chas. Victor 
Hardy, James 
Hargraft, Geo. R. 
Harling, R. Dawson 
Harris, Samuel 
Hart. S. R. 
Harwood, Harry S. 
Haultain. H. E. T. 
Hawke, \V. 
Heintzman, Geo. C. 
Heintzman, Gerhard 
Heintzman, Herman 
Ht:'nderson, David 
Hewitt, Arthur 
Beys, Chas. H. 
Hezzelwood, Oliver 
Hillary, N. 
Hobbs, Jno. \\? 
Hodgens, \y, S. 
Holden, Jno. B. 
Hollwey, Thomas \V. 
Holmsted, A. \V. 
Horn, T. \V. 
Horwood, J. C. B. 
Howell. G. A. 
Howland, Geo. W. 
Howlanrl, Peleg 
Howland, \Y. F. 
Hutchinson, W. H. 
Hutchison, Arch. 
Hynes, J. p, 
"slop, \\
m. H. 
Irish, :\1. H, 
Irving, Geo. T. 
Irving, T. (". 
Irving. T. C, Jr. 
lvey, Arnold 1\1. 
Ivey, John D. 
Ivey, P. D. 
Jackes. E. H. 
Jaffray, Hon. Robt. 
Jaffray, \V. G. 
,James. C', C', 
.Jephcott, A. 
.Jones, A. F. 
,Jones, Sir Lyman 
Jones. Jas. Edmund 
.J ones. Sidney 
,Junkin, Geo. H. 
Kammerer, J, A. 
Kay, J. Bryce 
Kemp, A. E. 
Kemp, W. 
Kennedy, George 
Kent, Jno. G. 
Kernahan. \V. T. 
Kerr, George 
Killer, Fred 
Kilmer, Geo. H, 
King, J. Staunton 

Knight, A. Cecil 
Laidlaw, John B. 
Laidlaw, R. A. 
Laidlaw, \\Talt. C. 
Lalonde, F. C, 
Land, Robt. E. A. 
Lanskail, C. E. 
Larkin, G, R. 
Larkin, P. C. 
Lawrence, A. G. F. 
Lee, R. H. 
Lee, Thos. B. 
Lennox, E. J. 
Lindsay, Jno. 
Lindsey, G. G. S. 
Little, G, F. 
Littlejohn, W. A. 
Logan, John F. 
Long, E. G. 
Longwell, A. 
Love, Harry H, 
LO\"e, H. J. 
Love, R. \\? 
Lovering, \y, J. 
Lowndes. C. B, 
Lowndes, J. 1\10nt. 
Lukes, Lewis 
Lummis, \V. D. 

lacllonald, John 
:\lacrlonald. J. A.. Rev. 
::\lacfarlden, Jas. A. 
::\1ackay, J. F. 
:\Iackellar, John A. 
:\lackendrick, \V. G. 
::\Iackenzie, J, \\T. 
:\Iackenzie, \\? A. 
:\Iacnamara, H. H. 
:\lacpherson, A. C. 
::\lain, John J. 
:\Iallison, Fred. 

Ialone, A. L. 
::\1 a lone, E. T. 
::\lanchee. Leonard \\
::\lara, \\
. H. 
::\larks, A. H. S. 
Marlow, J. R. 
:\larsh. F. H. 
:\1arshall, Kenric R. 
::\Iarshall. X. C. 
::\Iarsh all , Xoel G. L. 
:\larten8, A, H. 
:\Iason, H. H. 
:\1ason, Co1. Jas. 
::\la80n, T. G. 
:\Iason, T. Harold 
:\Iassey, A. L. 
::\1assie, Robt. F. 
:\Iathison, R, 
:\latthews, Alhert 
:\Iatthews, R. (". 
:\Iaulson, Frank E. 
:\Iay, Chas. F. 
:\Iay. Samuel 
:\Iedland, Captain \V. A 
:\Iichie, John F. 
:\1illar, J. M. 
:\Jiller, J. B. 
:\IiIler, \V. G. 
:\Iillichamp, Dr. Gpo. E. 
:\lillichamp, R. 
:\Iilligan, George 
:\Iilligan, \\
. R. 
:\Tillman, Dr. Thos. 
:\Iiln, James 
:\Iitchell, A. .J. 

.:\litchell, C. H. 
.:\Iiitchell, J. L. 
.:\1itchell, J. ,Yo 
:Mitchell, Lorne "-. 
Mitchell, T. A. 
.:\Iitchell, 'V. G. 
.:\Ioffat, 'Vlliam 
Monypenn}', James 
:Morley, Frank G. 
.:\Iorrison, F. G. 
Morrow, A. D, 
Morrow, George A. 
Muntz, G. H. 
Murray, G. 1\1. 
Murray, Jas. P. 
.:\Jurray, John S. 
', ,Yo P. 
.:\IacLean, H, C. 
.:\lcAinsh, D, T. 
.:\Ic.Andrew, Jno. A. 
.:\IcBean, F. J. 
.:\JcCall, Douglas 
McCauslanrl, Robt. 

IcC'auslanrl, 'V. l\I. 
:\IcClelland, Jno. 
.:\IcConkey, Thos. G. 
.:\IcGee, John A. 
McGillivray, 1\1. ".. 
McGregor, J. H. 
.:\JcGuire, Geo. F. 
:\JcGuigan, F. H. 
:\Iclntyre, 1\"'. T. 
.:\IeKee, J. A. 
.:\JcKinnon, J. S. 
.:\JcLaug-hlin, R. .r. 
:\TcLeod, G. J. 
. M. 
:\Ie.:\Jaster, A. ('. 
.:\IcMaster, J. K. 
:\JcMaster, J. Rhort 

Ic:\IichaeI. PNer 

Ic.:\Hchael, S. \L 
l\Je:\JilIan. H. T. 
:\Ic.:\Iurrich, G. T. 
ahh, ,Yo A. 
aught, C. n. 
:\JcXaught, W. K. 
:\Jc\\"hinney, .J. 
:\Je"-hinney, W. .1. 
Xa iI'n, Alexr. 
Xear. 'Yo \Vallaee 
'. ('has, H, 
Xel'lich, Emil 
XPI'lieh, Henry 
Xe,"ille, R. K 
Xevitt, H. n. 
l)pt, n. n. 

ishet, n. A. 
Xh in, Tho
. F. 
Xorcross, J. 'V. 

orris, (,harles c. 
Xortheote. R. 
', John P. 
', ;\. G. 
Xorthway, .John 

orthway. J. .\. 
C I' Flynn, F. "'. 
O'Flynn, H. H. 
O'Hara, H. H. 
ÜIÏ\'er, .Jo
Olh'er, "'. n. 
', .lno. y, 
Osler, E. B. 
O,,'pn, L. C. 
Painp. ,lno. H. 


Palmer, E. E. 
Palmer, J. C. 
Palmer, J. G. 
Palmer, J. J. 
Parke, Roderick J. 
Parker, Robert 
Parker, 'V. R. P. 
Paterson, :Koble L. 
Patch, :K. K. B. 
Pa tterson, A. B. 
Patterson, R. L. 
Patton, Dr. J. C. 
Paul, C. F. 
Pearce, C. T. 
Pearson, Ed win P. 
Pearson, James 
Pearson, ,Yo H. 
Pepler, ..A, 
Peters, J. Henry 
Pettit, C. Stanley 
Peuchen, A. G. 
Phelan, Thos. P. 
Ph illips, H. B. 
Phillips, ",VilIiam 
Phillips, ",V. B. 
Phillips, 1\.. C'. 
Phillips, 'V. F, 
Ph in, J. A. 
Playfair, Stuart B. 
Pugsley, John 
Quinn, P. J. 
Radcliff, 1\1'. E. 
Ralston, A. J. 
Ramsey, J. G. 
om. A. C. 
Reed, .J. C. 
Reerl, LpGranfl 
Reid, A. T. 
Reid, Thomas 
Rice, O. F, 
Richardson, H, A. 
Richardson, J. T. 
Rielout, Doug-las K. 
Ridout, George 
Riordan, ,T. G. 
Ritchie, Frprl. A. 
Roaf, Jas, R, 
Hohertson, Irving E, 
TIohertson. .J. Ross 
Rohertson, .J. K 
Hohertson. ThOlnas 
Rohertson, 'Yn1. 
Rohinette. T. C. 
Hohins, F, B. 
Ro(len, Thos. 
Rodg-pr. A. F, 
sel, :\Jax. L. 
Rog-el's. A. C. 
Hog-ers. Alhert S. 
Rog-ers, .\ lfred S. 
Rog-prs, Elia
Hog-ers, ,Jos. P. 
Rolph. E. H. 
Rolph. F'rank 
Holph, Fl'ank .\. 
Roper, Frp(l. 
Hoss, D. "'. 
Ross, Frf'(l. H. 
Ross, .1 amps L. 
Ross, 'Ym. 
Ross, ,,'. n. 
Rous, 11. I.. 
. \'-. 
Hun(l1e, "-. E. 
sPI. TI. K. 


Russell, Frank H. 
Russell, T. A. 
-. B. 
Rutter, A. F. 
Ryckman, E. Baird 
Ryrie, Harry 
Ryrie, James 
Ryrie, 'V. P. 
Sanderson, F. 
Sanderson, R. R. 
Scroggie, Geo, E. 
Sharpe, H. P. 
Rhaw, Geo. B. 
Shenstone, J. X. 
Sheppard, O. B. 
Sheppard, O. H. 
Simpson, E. A. 
Simpson, R. 
Smart, D. W. 
Smith, C. E. C. 
Rmith, G. B. 
Smith, I. 'V. 
Smith, R, Home 
Smith, Sanford F. 
Smith, 'V. Harland 
Smyth, ,,"'. R. 
Snetsinger, J. F. 
Snowball, Geo. :\1. 
Somers, G. T. 
Somerset, "-. B. 
Somerdlle, A. J., Jr. 
Somerville, Geo. A. 
SomerdIle, L. .:\1. 
Routham, Richard 
Sparling, Freel. 
Speirs, Jas. .J. 
Sppnce, F, R, 
Sproatt. HemT 
Starr, J. R. L. 
Staunton, E. G. 

taunton. T. .A. 
Sterling, "'alter 
Stewart, J. F, 
Stewart, L. A. 
Stewart, Thos. P. 
Stiff, Geo. rssher 
Stone, "ïIliam 
Stone, Frank \'.. 
Stout, ,Yo S, 
Strathy, F, "-. 
Strickland, p, D'E. 
Sutcliffe, J, 1. 
Syl"ester, R. A. 
"mons, Harry 
Taylor, .\rthur P. 
Taylor, E. O. 
Taylor. 'V. B. 
Thomas. A. 'V. 
Thompson, Major Boyce 
on. H. L. 
Thurston, "-. G. 
', H. T. 
Tin(lalI. "-. B. 
Toller, P. B. 
', ,Jno. A. 
TUllhol)e, H. R. 
TUI'nhull. .John 
Turner. D" ig-h t .J. 
Tyrrell, .1. B. 
Yale. PerrÌ\'al A. 
Yan Beyer, L. C. 
Yan C'utsem. R. E. G. 
Yan Xorn1an. C. C'. 
\ïg-eon, Harry 
""adt', Osll'1' 



27th Street, \Vest of Broadway 


.. ø 
- . . 
. . 
t' .. 
. . 







i,l c...... 1.. 
'" . . 

,. ., 

,. .... 
.t\;" " , '" 


(. , 



$1.00 Single. $2.00 Parlor, 
Bedroom and Bath 








- '. 
 I' Within Five l\linutes of 
<,t: . :-- Shopping and Theatre 
... Districts. 


-.. Absol u te Quiet at '\ ight. 
::- '- 

 :,,; , 

t -, .'''''' 






"\Vadsworth, ,,', Rein 
'Vãdsworth. ,Yo Ridout 
'Valker, A. H. 
'Yalker, James R. 
'Valker, Jno. A. 
'Valker, ,Yo Abner 
""alsh, E. Havelock 
""alsh, J. J. 
'Yalsh, 'V. 'V. 
""alton. "'. R. 
"-arren, E. D. 
"-arren. J. J. 
"-arwick, Charles E. 
"-anYick. Geo. R. 
"-aters, Daniel 
""atson, Geo. F. 
'Va tf'on, J. P. 
'Yatson, Robt. 

'Vatt, Hubert L. 
'Yatt, J. L. 
'Yeiss, F. \\'oldemar 
'Yheaton, C. F. 
White, H. p, 
'Yickett, R. :\Iorley 
\Yileox. E. :\1. 
'Yilkie. D. R. 
\Yilkie, Geo. 
'Yilliams, H. H. 
'Yillison. J. R. 
'Yilson. Alex. Ross. 
'Yilson, C. A. 
'Yilson. Harold A. 
\Yilson, X. H. 
'Yilson, Dr. R. J. 
"ïlson, R. 
'Yilson, R, Frank 
""ilson, 'V. D. 

\\ïnger. A. H. 
'Vise, Frank 
"ïsner, Chas. l.." 
'Vood, Frank P. 
'Vood, G. H. 
'Vood. Jas. 
. Casey, Jr. 
\Vood. 'V. Lloyd 
\Yoo(lhridg'e. :\Iurray J. 
',"oodland, Chas. \Y. 1. 
"'oods. George B. 
"'oods. Jas. \Y. 
""right, Hy. 
\Yrigh t, Alfred 
""right. Joseph 
"'ylie. X orman A. 
Young, Ralph E. 
Yuille, Harry A. 

The Rose Society of Toronto 
E. T. Cook. Esq.. F.R,H.:-;, Hon. \Ïce-President of The 
(Eng.); Yice-President of Xational Amateur Garden- 
The Xatlonal Rose SocIety: ers' 
ociety of Great Britain. 
J. T. 
Ioore, Esq., 1\Ioore Park 
:\Irs, AJIen Raines :\Iiss Coleman 
:\11':';, Patterson :\Irs. Hartley Dewart 
:\liss l\Iarion Armour, 103 Avenue road, Toronto 
Representative of the \YOInen's Institute. :\11' S. L. A. Hamilton 
:\lrs. E. Francis. 3ï Rosedale road 
:\11'. E. Douglas Armour. K.C'. :\11'. E. T. Cook 
:\11'. C. E. C'llamhers (C'ity Parl{ :\11'. J. T. 1\Ioore 
C'ommissioner) Rir Edmund Osler 
The Hon President The Presi<1ent and Ufficers 

:\Irs. "p. H. R. Aikins 
:\Trs, Reginald Xorthcote 
:\Irs. Goldwin Howland 

s E. Lockhart Gorùon 
:\Irs. H. 
. RtI"athy 
:\Irs. O. n, 
:\Irs. D. :-;. Rtayner 

Tl1f'ir Royal 
Duke and 
His Honor The Lieutenant- 
Governor of Ontario anI] 
Lady Gihson 
:Mrs. E. Douglas Armour 
Dr. Allf'n Raines 
:\Irs. Arthurs 
:\11'. and 1\Irs. .\gar .\damson 
:\11'. and Mrs. A. E. Amf's 
Doctor \\P. H. n. Aikins 
:\11'. anl1 :\Irs. El1ward Browne 
:\11'. and :\Irs. T. A. Chisholm 
Sir ,,'illiam a11(] T,ad
' :\lnrt1- 
mer Clark 
:\11'. C. C'hambers 
:\11'. and :\11's. Du

Highnt'sses The :\11'. Hartley Dt-'wart 
Duchpss of ('on- :\11'. an(] :\Irs. ,Yo P. Fraser 
:\11'. anI] 1\Irs. Lockhart Gordon 
:\11'. and :\11's. Allwl"t Gooder- 
Dr. and :\Irs. Goillsmith 
Lord anl1 Lad
' Hyde 
:\11'. L. \. Hamilton 
:\11'. and 1\Irs, G. Heintzmann 
Dr. Gol11win Hl)wland 
:\'11'. and :\Irs. Kemp 
:-:ir 'Yilliam and Lady l\lere- 
(1Ï th 
:\In.;. :\Iererlith 

ir '''illiam and T.a<1y 1\Iac- 
:\11'. and :\In::. II, H. :\Ia ttllt'ws 
linn. :\11'. ,Justicp and :\Irs, 

Dr. Helen 1\Ic:\[urch
1\Iiss Aflna Xe\"Ïtt 
1\Irs. Irving X evitt 

:\11'. and :\Irs. L. ':\lcC'arthy 
:\11'. Reginald Xort!lcote 
Dr. anl1 :\[1'8. nalTington Xe\"Ïtt 
Rir Edmund Oslel' 
11 on. :\[1'. ,Justice Oslt'r 
Mr. and :\ll"s. .1, Y. Ormshy 
l\lr. and :\Irs. Osler or nl"Oute 
:-:ir Henry an(] Lady Pellatt 
:\[,.. Patterson 
:\[1'. a 1111 Mrs. J. Hoss Hohel't 
Colonel a11(1 :\lr8. :-:went>
Doctor a 1111 :\Irs. :-;Ileard 
:\11", and Mr!';. 
Mr. O. n. 
1\11'. H. 

:\11'. anll :\11's. Harcoul.t Yernml 



The Scarborough Golf and Country Club, Limited 

A. E. Ames .............. . . .'. .. . .. , ... President 
T. G. :\lcConkey .... . . , . . . . . ., """ Yice-President 
Frank Adams ......................,... Secretary-Treasurer 
H. J. Martin 
('apt. G. F. Morrison 
("had wick, G. B. 
Chatterson, A. E. 
Chester, 'V. J. 
("hipman, Lt,-Col. .J. D. 
Iiss Ethel 
Clark, J. M. 
Clarkson, A. C. 
Clarkson, E. G. 
Clarkson, Hugh 
Clarkson. R. 
Collett, H. 
Coombs, F. J. 
Cowan, F. ,Yo 
Cowan, Miss Kathleen L. 
Cowan, Mrs. Lily E. 
Cowan, R. C. 
Cox, E. 'Y. 
Cox, Mrs. Hattie 
Cox, Hon. Geo. A. 
Creighton, J. B. 
Crocker, Wm. 
Croft, A. 'V. 
Croft, Mrs. E. E. 
Crooks, A. D. 
Cummings, C. C. 
Cummings, Miss Jean 
Cummings, Mrs. Kate 
Cummings, Lumsden 
Da ,'idson, Miss Jean :\1. 
Dayidson, L. A. 
Da \"idson, R. H. 
Dayidson, S. T. 
Da Yis, ("has. 'Y., Jr. 
Dean, ,J. N. 
Dean, Mrs. J. X. 
Despard, ,Yo H. 
De'Yitt, H. :X. 
De'Yitt, Miss A. R. 
De"ïtt, Miss H. L 
Dig-num, E. J. 
Dodds. C. K. 
Domelle, ,J. H. 
Doolittle, Mrs. E. E. 
Duncan, E. J. B. 
Eaton, .J. C, 
Eaton, Mrs. E. Y. 
Ebersole, J. E, 
Eckardt, A. .J. H. 
Elliott, Alex. 
Elliott, G. L. 
Elliott, J. E., :\LD. 
Ellis, C. Q. 
Ellis, M. T. 
Emhury, J. F. L. 
Eyans, H. P. 
Eyans, Mrs. R. L. 
Fairley, H. T. 
Fairweather, R. H. 
Fawcett, ,Yo J. 
Fellers, l\Iorse 
Fellers. Mrs. 1\1. 
Fenwick, Thomas 
Fenwick, Mrs, Mabel 
Ferrier, Mrs. ,J. 
PelTier, Miss D. 

Co!. J. B. :\Iiller 
C. E. Langley 

Abbs, C. E. 
Acres, Mrs. A. L. 
Acres, C. R. 
Acres, H. G. 
Alexander, ,Yo H" M.D. 
Allan, F. S. 
Alley, J. A. M. 
Ames, A. E. 
Ames, Miss E. :\1. 
Ames, Mrs, :\lary 
Amy, 'V. L. 
Amy, Mrs. ,Yo L. 
Anderson, :\Iiss E. S. 
Anderson, Geo. 
Anderson, J. E. 
Anderson, T. O. 
Anderson, T. ,Yo 
Annis, 'V. D. 
Ardagh, G. H, 
Armstrong, H. I. 
Ashworth, J. .1. 
.\spden, T. F. 
Baker, F. S. 
Banks, R. "
Banks, 'V. H, 
Barker, A. B. 
Barr, W. J. 
Beardn1ore, A. O. 
Beatty, Mrs. A. M. 
Beatty, C. \V. 
Beer, E. G. 
Beer, G. E. 
Beer, "? 'V. 
Berry, W. ,,"T. 
Bird, T. A. 
f. S. 
Boland, ,Yo J. 
Bongard, R. R. 
Boone, C. S. 
Boone, Mrs. E. C. 
Bowden, J. F. 
Bowes, R. H. 
Bradshaw, Thon1as 
Brent, ,,"? C. 
Bristol, H. B, 
Britton, A. H. 
Brodie, :\I1's. B. G. 
Brodie, ,J. K. 
Brown, Rev. T. C. 
Bruce, J., Co!. 
Bruce, R. G. 
Bull, Frederick 
Bull, Mrs. F. 
Bull, F. ,,"". 
Bull, :\lrs. F. ,,"
Buntin, Alex. 
Buntin, Mrs. A. 
Rurk, A. R. 
Burke, Edmund 
Burns, E. A. 
Carroll. J. G, 
("artwright, M. R. 
("arty, :\Iiss l\lartha 
Carty, Miss Man" E. 
Catto, Mrs, C. J. 

J. S. Livingstone 

Fisher, A. B. 
Fisher, H. F. 
Forwood, T. ,,"? 
Foster, C. L. 
Freeland, E. B. 
Fudger, Miss E. C. 
Fudger, Mrs, E. K. 
Fudger, H. H. 
Gagen, Miss Maude 
Gagnier, H. 
? E. 
George, Jan1es 
George, Ruggles 
Gibson, C. J. 
Goldman, C. E. A. 
Goldman, L. 
Goldsmith, P. G., M.D. 
Gooch, F. H. 
Gooderham, G. H. 
Gooderham. Mrs. 1\1. :X. 
Gooderham, Miss E. G. 
Gooderham, Dean :X. 
Gooderham. Miss J. :\1. 
Grant, G. P. 
Grant, "'. H 
Grant, 'V. H. 
Gray, R. M., Jr. 
Greene, H. G. 
Greene, R. H. 
Greenshields, G. A 
Greenshields, 'V. J. 
Greer, Mrs. Richard 
Gundy, J. H. 
Gunther, R. E. 
Gurney, Ed. 
Gurney, E. H. 
Harris, 'V. H. 
Hatch, F. C. 
Hayes, B. B. 
Hayes, F. B. 
Haywood, Alfred 
Haywood, A. K. 
Haywood, Jalnes 
H eyes, S. T. 
Hill, C'. F 
HilI, S. F. 
Hog-g. 'Ym. 
Holden, J. B. 
Home. :\Iajor "-. Cr. 
Hopkins, H, H. 
Hopkins, Howard 
Housser, H. B. 
Howard. E. A. E.. :\1 D. 
Howland, ,Yo F. 
Hughes, Miss Ethel 
Hughes, H. 
Hughes, Mrs. H. 
Hume, R. D. 
Humphrey, F, ,y, 
Hutcheson. .John 
Hutcheson, Mrs. .John 
H)"slop, 'Ym. 
hying, ,Yo H. 
Irwin, C. ,Yo 
.lan'is, K. S. 



J an'is, \Y. H. P. 
1 (' 
Iaster, J. K. Hobertson, I. E. 
Jemmett, :\Iiss G. 1\1. 
lc:\'lillan, H. T. Robertson, J. 
J emmett, Henry 
1 c Ph ill i I)S, Frank Robins, 
Ir. F. B. 
J ephcott, Â I fred 
lc\Vhinney, \Y. J. Robins, :\Iiss 1\1. Â. 
J ephcott, 
Irs. A. 
Iedland. '\-. A. Robins, 
Irs. F. B. 
i,' L. :\1el\') n :\1enet, H. A. Rogers, J. B. 
Jones, Lady L. :\'1el\"yn :\Iiles, A. D. Rog-ers, Re\'. T. H, 
.J ones, S, :\1 iller, H. H. Rolph, Frank, Sr. 
.1ones. l\Irs. Ruth Miller, Lt.-C'ol. J. B. Rorke. L. Y. 
Kay. .J. B. :\Iillichamp, G. E. Ross, Jalnes 
Ken11 1 , E. Â. :\1illichamp, :\Irs. G. E. Ross. \\". D. 
Kemp, J. Â. C. l\Iillman, l\I i ss :\1. L. Ruddy, E. L. 
Kennedy, J, R. l\Iitchell, A. J. Ryrie, Harry 
Kennelly, :\1. A. .:\Iitchell, J. \V. Samuel, H. :\1. 
Kennedy, "-. A. l\ionahan. 1\1 rs. Samuel, K 
Irs. 1\1. E. :\Ionahan, T. L. Saxe, D. \Y. 
T,,"err. H. L. l\Iontgomery, J, B. Saxe, 
Iiss .:\Iary F. 
Killer. Fred l\1onypenny, L, F. Schurn1an, C'. D. 
Kleiser, l\Irs. R. L. 
lon)'penny. T. F. Scott, H. B. E. 
Kleiser, O. H. :\10 Ol'e, H. E. Rcott, J. X. 
Kleiser, R. L. l\Ioore. "-. H. Hcott. O. X. 
Knigh t, A. ('. Morrison. G. F. Seg-sworth, R. F. 
Laillla w, ,J. B. 
Iorrison. L. 
. Se" ell, H. F. D. 
Langley, ('. E. l\Iorton, ,J. D. 
ha \'er. H. H. 
Langwell, Ale)". Morphy. H. B. Shaw, G. B. 
Larkin. P. C. 1\loss. (T. A. Ski rrow, l\Irs, \Ym. A. 
Lash, Z. G. Moyle, Da \'icl Small. H, ('. 
Lee. G-. H. D. Mulholland, L. R. 
mith, .:\1rs. E. L. 
Lee, F. ('. l\Iuntz, G. Smi th, F. B. 
Li \"ingstone, .:\Iiss L. 
IUlTay, C. R. 
mith, J. S. 
Li\"ingstnne, ::\Iiss ::\1. Xasmith, C. B. Smnh, 
-. R. 
Lidngstone, J. S. Xe\"ille, ':\[iss A. B. Sno\\", A. J, R. 
Lo\"e, Spencer Xicholls, F., ,Jr. Soliague, Percy 
Ludwig, :\Irs. K. ::\1. Xicholls, F. Solomon, C'. T. 
Ludwig, ::\1. H. Xicholls. H. G. Son1erset, \\-. B. 
Lun1bers, J alTIeS Xicholls, 
Irs. F. Homen'ille, G. A. 
LUlTIbers, J. H. Xicholls, 1\1rs. H. G. Sou thaIn, Richard 
Lun1bers, :\Irs. ::\Iaria Xicholls. \Yalter Sparling, F. 
LUlnbers. "-, G. Xorthcote, R. 
 Sparrow, J. 
::\labee, O. H. Xorton, ,J. 1\1. Spragup, H. S. 
:\1acheth. H, C. O'Hara, H. R. Stark. l\Irs. A. .:\1. 
Macdonald, .J. F. Owens, ::\lrs. E. A. Stark. e T. 
:\1acintosh, .J. A, O\\"ens, J. P. Htark, H. L, 
.:\1acintosh, ::\1rs. J. A 1'a I'(loe. .\ \"ern. .Tr. Stark. ::\1rs. C'. T. 
::\1ackenzie, E. B. Patriarche, H. E. H ta r k, .:\Iiss L. E. 
1\lackenzie, J. X. Paul, (
 . F. Htephens, X. C. 
Mackenzie, K. F. Pearce, C'. T. Stewan, .:\1. Â.. 
::\1ackie, A. C. Pellatt, R 
tone, C'. E. 
:\1aclaren, K. F. Perfect, A. H. 
tone, \\-m. 
::\1acLean, J, ::\1. PetIllan, H. F. 
u tton, :\1iss :\1. R. 
1\lacnamara, H. H. Pettit. C'. R. :-:ynlons, H. 
::\Iacneill, "-. Pettit, :\1 rs. J. H. H)'lllons. ::\1iss F. B. 
::\1ann, R. Pettit. J. H. :-;
'mons, ::\1 i s!" :\1. G. 
:\1artin, H. J. Peuc hen. Lt.-C'ol. 
\. G. Tandy, H. ::\1 
:\1artin, "'m. Phelan, T. X. Ta tf>, ::\II's. J. A. 
::\1artin, ,,'. H, Phin, ,J. A. Tate. John A, 
:\'Tatthews, :\lr8. EIUth l'hin, :\Irs. ::\1. .:\1. Taylor. G, C'. 
:\Iatthews, J. B. Potter. C. E. Ta)'lor, "-. n. 
.:\1attheysz. J. P. Proctor. A. H, C. ThoJTIas. C'. A, 
::\IcC'lain, Mrs. E. :\1. 1 ','o('tor. :\lrs. ,J. E. ThoJnpson, :\1rs. K H. 
::\IcC'lain. H.. ",V. I ',"oud foot, \\'m. Tomlin, H. C. 
:\lcC'on key, T. G. Radford- "'h )'sall. A I fl'ell Tom lin, :\1"s. H, C. 
::\1 e( 'on key, :\Irs. T. (1. Ra Iston, .\. J. Tomlinson, \Ym. 
::\IcDonag'h. Â. .Too M.D. Ra Jn
.;a)', A \Jan To\'ell, X, \\-. 
:\1cEachren, .\. X, l1amHay. :\1l's. .\, Trees, .-\ . G. 
:\lcEachren, X. ( '. f{ea, Â. E. Trees, Miss C'. E. 
:\1 c( ; rt-'g-o", ,]. H. Hennie, .Jno. Tree:.;. C. F. 
:\1 ('(;u ire. G-, F. Hennie, R. TreeH, :\1iss Edith 
:\1 (' Keown, 
 "T. }{pÌ!I, A. T. Trees, ,J. I). 
:\II'Kie, "-. 'I. Riddell, :\ Irs. "'. R. Trees, S. L. 
:\11- La ugh lin, G-, \\' . Hiddell. Hon. "-. R. Trelford. ,1. E. 
:\IeLaughlin. R. 
 Rickptts, ('. \Y. Tl'elford, \\'. L. 
:\1e:\1ahon, :\TI's. Te'"f'Ha Risdon, 'C, F. TJ'ig-ge, A, Ht. L, 
:\11' :\Iaster, ::\11'3. .J. K, Hohe'"tsol1, D. E. TudholW, H. K 



Turner, A. C. 
Turner, 1\1rs. E. E. 
Turner, E. ,,
Turner, ""aIter 
\' an stone, B. S. 
"Tainwright, A. C. 
"'almsley. Joseph 
""arburton, G. A. 
""a rr1 , R. J. 
"'att, H. L. 
'Yrie. J. G. 
"'eiss, F, ,Yo 
""eiss. !\Irs, .J. L. 
""ellington, F. "". 
'Ypst, ::\Irs. G. H . 

A rmoUl', Þ-\' D. 
Armour, Eric X. 
Adan1son, Agar 
Armour, E, D., K.C. 
Armour, R. G.. :\oI.D. 
Amyot, John A.. :\1.D. 
Adams, Allan, :\I.D. 
Benson. F. F. B. 
Boyd, Arthur 1\1. 
Boech, J. C. 
Bone. John R. 
Brandon, Edgar T. J. 
Brown. E. P. 
Blackstock. \Y. G. 
Bain, James 'V., K.r. 
Brooks. P. C, 
. G. 
Bertran1, George :\1. 
Britton. A. H. 
Eain. J. 'Yatson 
Bt'atty. p, "'. 
Breckenridge, J. C. 
Bah1win, C. :\1. 
Bell. J. J. 
Beaton, A. H. 
Bea tty, J. H. 
Boswell, l\Iaitland C' 
Baldwin. John :\1.. :\1.D. 
Boyer. George F., :\I.D. 
Blake, Hume. .II' 
Briggs, A. ,\". 
Biggar, George C. 
<. 'lark, George :\1. 
('an1eron, 1\1. C. 
('haplin, G. "T. 
'. R, y, 
<. 'olquhoun, A. H. C., :\I.D. 
Cowan, John, Jr. 
Campbell. D. A. 
Crake, J. H. 
Colley, J. X. B. 
('olley, T. n. 
('a!\'in. D. D. 
Crawford. H. J. 
Chadwick. G. B. 
('oatsworth, E. T. 
C'amphell, Colin. :\1.D. 
Chisholm, ,Yo ('" K.r. 
("leland. F. A., :\I.U. 
Canfield. Alan "'., M.D. 
('attenach, E, C, 
Coulson, .John L. 
('raick. ,Yo A. 
Campbell. A. H. 
rarr-Harris, R. R. 
Crerar. H. D. G. 

"'est, ,,'. X. 
\Vestren, John 
""hite, A. F. 
"'hite, C. 
"'hite, F. "'. 
'Yhite, :\Irs. Helen :-;cott 
"'hite, 1\1. A. 
'Yhite, :\1. P. 
'Yhite, R. 1\1. 
"ïlliams, :\Iiss Ethel 
'Yillianw. Hayden 
'Yilliams, \Y. L. K. 
\Yilson, H. _-\. 
\Yilson, G. E.. l\-I.D. 
'Yilson, P. T. 

"ïlson, ,Yo D. 
'Yood, G. H. 
'Yood, Jan1es 
'Yood, ,Yo A. P. 
'Voodland. C. ,Yo I. 
'Yoods, G. B. 
'Yoods, J. 'V. 
'\'righ t, Geo. 
"'right, H. J. 
""righ t, :\Iiss .J. E. 
""right, Miss J. U. 
Young, K. T. 
Young, R. E. 
Young. 1\1rs. 
Zimn1ern1an, K, T. 

University Club of Toronto 
Cousins, E. L. 
Da\'id::;on, Alex. T. 
Darling, R. C. 
Douglas. ,Yo E. 
Duncancan, A. E. 
Denton, J. H.. Judge 
Dickson, E. H. 
Duncan. J. Lewis 
Dick, Da\'id 
Deeks. George S. 
Donald, R. (". 
Dobson, '''. J. 
E\'ans. 'Vatson "'. 
Falconbridge, John D. 
Foulds, Archibald. Jr. 
Fraser. ,Yo K. 
Falconer. R. A., :\I.D, 
Furse, H. R. 
Fletcher, Grant 
Fullerton. _
. L. 
Ferguson. _\. Tower 
Foster, Harold "". _-\ 
Forster, J. :\1., :\I.D, 
Garrow. Allan B. 
Geary, G. R., K.C. 
reening, "'. H. 
Greey. J. ,Yo G. 
Gzowski, X. G. 
Gooderham. Alhert E., Jr. 
nallie. 'V. E., :M.D. 
Gilmour, Alan 
(-;raham, Joseph 8., 
Hart. IL ,Yo 
Harris, Howard K. 
Hutchinson, H. H., M.D. 
Heaton. Ernest 
Harcourt, R. 1\1. 
Ht'llmuth, 1. F., K.(
Ham. A., M.D. 
Hodgson. J. E, 
Henry, ,Yo B.. :\LD. 
Hohhs. J. \V. 
Howitt. He
Hulburd. De Forest 
Henderson. R. B. 
Henderson, C. B. 
Hoyles, X. \Y., K C. 
H ertzherg, ('. R. L. 
Harries, 'Vm. E. 
Hart, Ronald R. 
Haywood, A. K.. :\I.D. 
TrYing. T. c.. Jr. 
,Jennings, Gordon T. 
,Johnston. J. 
Gihson, ('oJ. 
ir .John 1\1. 
wynne. \V. D. 



Grahan1, Duncan A. L., 
Goollerhan1, Henry F. 
Gooderham. J. Leys 
hoW, Walter 
G-ro\'er, George A. 
Groyer. John 1. 
Greenwood. Lt.-Col. H. 8. 
C;,ordon, ""aIter L. L. 
Gihson, John J. 
Gallie, J. Gordon, M.D. 
ibson, Thon1as 
Goldie, William, :\I.D. 
Grafton, R. G. 
C-:'-arrow, .J. X. 
Gill. A. G. 
Greene, R. L. 
Heighington, _-\ngus C. 
Hodgson, G. So 
Han1y, E. A. P., M.D. 
Harron, H, S, 
,Jones. ,Yo A. 1\1. 
.Jones, \Y. 'Yarnt'r, l\l.D. 
.Jackson, Gilbert E. 
.Talnes. C. C. 
.Jones. R. A., :\I.D. 
.Johnston. Hamuel. :\l.D. 
King'smHI, "'alter B. 
KelT, R. r. R. 
Kylie, Prof. E(1ward 
Lash, John F. 
Lytle. Fred H. 
Laidlaw, R. A. 
Lash, ,Yo :\Iiller 
Lawson, T. 'Yo 
Laidla "-. \y, ('. 
Lash, Z. A., K.C. 
Lee, R. C. 
Locke. George H., l\I.D, 
Langley, r. E. 
Lin ton, O. H. 
London. Thomas R. 
Lidng-ston. C. ,Yo 
Lyon. R. :\Iortimer, 1\1.JJ. 
Lee, Fredericl{ C. 
Lancaster. H. \1. 
:\IcFarland. G. F. 
:\lcEyoy, .John .-\.. 
:\Iacdonald. ("has. K 
:\Iason. D. H. C. 
:\IcGivern, Fred A. 
:\loss, ("h as. A. 
:\Iahee. O. R., 1\1.D. 
:\Iitchell, Chas. H. 
l\IcLeod, Xorman 
:\Iackenzie, A. .I.. :\l.D. 
:\IoOl'e, 'Y. H. 



.:\Iurray, J. C. 
.:\Ialloch, W. J. 0., M.D. 
.:\IOS8, John H., K.C. 
.:\Ieredith, J. R. 
.:\IacLean, K. Douglas 
.:\Iackenzie, Kenneth F. 
.:\1 a tthews, Arnold C. 
.:\Iickle, H. \V. 
.:\Iacdonnell, J. M. 
.:\Iartin, C. F. 
.:\Iackelean, F. R, 
.:\Iackenzie, Prof. J. J. 
.:\IcPherson, Prof. J. J. 
':\lcPherson, \Ym. B. 
.:\Iacdonnell, Korman S. 
.:\Iacdonald, Alòert A., 
.:\Iilligan, G. L. 
McKechine, J. B. 
.:\1 itch ell, PercÍ\'al Howarù 
:\Ioorhouse, \Y. \Y. 

IacCallum, James .:\1., l\1.D. 
"les, F. PercÍ\'al 
.:\Iacdonnell, H. \Y. 
.:\IcKeown, 'Yalter, :\I.D. 
:\lcConnell, J. H., .:\I.D. 
.:\IcLaren, George H., 
.:\IcPhel'son, Fletcher, 
.:\IcCulloug-h, John 'V. s., M.D. 
.:\Iacdonald, A. A. 
.:\lcC1owan, R. J. 
.:\h'I1wraith, Kenne(ly C., M.D. 
.:\lackenzie, A. .J. 
.:'\orring ton, Ralph .:\1. 
Xe\"itt, I. H. C. 
.:'\ e\'itt, n. H., .:\I.D. 
.:'\elson, Francis 
Xicholls, H. G. 
Xorthcote, R. S. 
Osler, F. Gordon 
Onanhy, R. P. 

Outerbridge, Leonard r. 
0' Reilly, Brefney R., :\LD. 
Osborne, J. Ewart 
O'Brian, James Brock, K.C. 
O'Reilly, Charles, M.D. 
Parker, 'V. R. P. 
Peaslee, A. S. L. 
Paddock, H. L. 
Palmer, E. E. 
Parker, J. 
Pl:'pler, Eric 
Powell, G. G. 
Primrose, Alexander, M.D. 
Penn, Charles T. 
Parmenter, R. H. 
Potter, Cyril G. 
Porter, George D., :M,D. 
Rathbun, L. Marvin 
Richardson, John T. 
Rohinson, J. Beverley 
ltolland, Robert 
Rose, H. E., K.C. 
Ross, Douglas G. 
Ross, G. 'V., Jr., :VLD. 
"erson, George C. 
Ridout, G. Lawton 
Reid, F. A. 
Ross, ,James \Y. 
Rolph, A. H., M.D. 
Hitch ie, C. Forsyth 
}{ohertson, D. E.. M.D. 
Russell, T. A. 
l{utter, F. M. 
Robertson, ,Yo E. 
Ross, ,1. Allan 
Hohinson, Duncan S. 

niyely, A. C. 

niYely, Schuyler C. 

mith, H. Eden, Jr. 

mith, J. F. 
Strathy, George S., M.D. 

Scott, J. R. S. 

tarr, F. X. G., .:\I.D. 
Strathy, G. B. 

cully, H. G. 
Shepard, R. K. 

mith, J. Grayson 
Smith, Yictor R. 

aunders, R. P. 
Smoke, S. C., K.C. 

edgewick, George H.. 
Smith, C. P. 
Shenstone, Xorman S., .:\I.D. 

mith, G. :\1. 

ilYerthorn, G., M.D. 
Ste\"enson, Harry C. 
St. Charles, \Y. P., :\I.D. 
Turnbull, Han'anl 
Turner, Dwight J. 
Taylor, O. F. 
Thompson, Arthur .T. 
Temple, R. H. :M. 
Thistle, \Y. B., l\I.D. 
\\ïlson, C. LessIie 
\Yarren, Trumbull 
\Yaldie, R. S. 
Wright, \Yalter \Y., .:\I.D. 
"'ish art, D. C. S. 
\Yilsnn, :\furray F. 
\Yadsworth, \\', R. 
"'allace, ,Y. So 
\\Torrell. ,John A., K.C'. 
\'-eir, ,J. Gordon 
"'right, Arthur B., .:\I.D. 
\Yarhurton. G, R. 
\\ïlliams, Ralph Hodller 
\Yalker, Prof. T, L, 
"'right, Allam H., .:\LD. 
\Yarburton. n. A. 
\\-right, Henry J. 
Yeatts, \'T. S. 

The Women' s Canadian Historical Society of Toronto 

Patron-The Hight Honourable Earl ('
rey, G.C..:\I.C;-., Goyernor-Gent-'ral of í'anada 
- rlark :\Irs. (1ihson 
(The Late) .:\lrs. Curzon (The Late) Lady Edgar 
1\1rs. Forsyth (1rant .............................. President 
Mrs. C1m'don 
Iackenzle ........ " . . . . .. 1st Yice-rre
Miss H. M. Hill .............,............
(l Yi('p-President 
:\Iiss Chauncey Tocque ........................... Treasurer 
Miss Fitzgihhon .............. . , " . " . . ,. ror. Secretar\." 
Miss X. .:\Jackl:'nzie . ..,......,.............. Hee. Secretary 

ir Edmund ß. Osler, :\1.1'., 

Ìl' Edmun(l "-alker, r. V.O., 
LL.V., Vice-Chairman 
H. S. Osler, K. C., Hon. Treas. 

.\ikins, \V. II. fl., :\I.D. 
.\ i 1'(1, ,1 oh n 
.\lIan, F, (1. n. 
Ames, .-\. E. 
Andenwn. H. B., 
1. D. 
Anglin, .\. 'Y., K.C. 
Auden, H. "'., :\I.A. 
.\ustin, .\. "-. 

The Y ark Club 

A lIan Raines, :M.D. 
('. .\. Hogert 
".. (-;ihHon Cassels 
Frank Darling 
"-. G. (}o(ulf>rham 
f1ainf>s .\. :\L. :\LD. 
Beardmore, .\. U. 
Beardmore, n. \\
Beardmore, 'V. D. 
Beatty, r. "'. 
Beatty, H, .\., 
., ,J, \\". 
Rpg-g-, E. A. 

Z. .\, Lash, K,C.... LL,D. 
"-. D. .:\latthe\\"!5 
("olonel C:
. ,\. 
D, n. Wilkie 
"'. 1'. Fraser, Secretary 

Hell, Geo.. K.(
Bic1<nelI. Jamt-"s, K.C. 
Blackstoc1<, c;'. Tate, K.r. 
f1lad< ""olld, 
. Temple 
f1lake, Hunte 
Bog-ert, C. A. 
Boswell, \. R.. K.r. 
Boulton, :\If>lfort 

Wall Papers and Decorations 

l"he attractiveness of your home depends on the effect of 
tasteful decorations. Appropriate Wall Paper is the first 
important consideration, In our stock will be found 
the latest ideas of the Foreign Manufacturers. 
Schemes for Decorating prepared by us are characterized 
by distinction, refinement and economy. In addition 
to this essential combination we are equipped 
to serve you promptly. 

THE W. J. BOLUS CO., Limited 

206 Victoria Street, Toronto 

- - 
- - 
- - 
- - 

 The Company That Does 
- - 
- - 

 That Good Work 
- - 
- - 
- - 
- - 
- - 
g Floors Waxed and Polished. House Windows Cleaned. 
- - 
= Storm Sash Cleaned, Put up and Removed. = 
Contractors for General Cleaning. - 
Harnett Window Cleaning Co., 
159 KING STREET W. Phone, Adelaide 3662 
A, E. Harnett, Manager. 




Bristol, E., K,C., 
Britton, Hon. 
Ir, Just1ce 
Brock, W. F. 
Brock. ,,
. R. 
Broughal1. F. W. 
Brouse, 'Y. H. 
Bruce, H. A., 
Buchanan, J. O. 
Burritt, A. P. 
Burton. G. F. 
('ameron, Irving H. 
Campbell, A. H. 
Camphell, Graham 
Campbell, J. H. 
('andf'e, r. 
Cassels, Robert 
Cassels, \V. Gibson 
Caulfìf'ld, A. Hoo 
('a \"f'n, 'C P.. 
('awtl1ra, H. YictoY' 
('awthra. J. ,J. 
(,hamhers, Graham, :\I.D. 
C'hrh;tie. R. .J. 
Clark. T. J. 
('larke, L. H. 
wn, E. R. r. 
('otton, J. :\1., :\f.D. 
C'oulson, D. 
Coulson. F. L, 
Cox, H on. Geo. A. 
("ox. H. r. 
'n, Edwanl 
C'ronyn. Y. F. 
Dal'Iing, Frank 
Da \"Í!"on, ,J. L., 
DFacon, F. H. 
Pl'\\'art, H. H., R.C. 
Douglas, ,,'". 1\1.. K.C. 
DuYernet. E. E. A., K.C. 
'ment, .\. E. 
Eaton, J. r. 
Fng-Iehart, ,1. L. 
Fitzgerald, F. ,,
. G. 
Fla "f'lIf', ,T. "T. 
', ,Yo ,J. 
Fntlleringham, .J. T., M.D. 
'. Hon. .J. .J., K.r. 
Francis, \Y., K.r. 
(jage, 'V. .J. 
Gamble. H, D., K.r. 
nean'. n. n., K.C. 
f-'org-e, \Y. K. 
ilmour, Thoma!" 
n'HHlf'rham, Lif'ut.-rol. A, E. 
oollprham, G. H" :\I.P.P. 
oolle1'ha m, 
1. Ross 
t1oo<lerham, 'V. G. 
Gooderham. ,,
. H. 
(;ó)ldif', \\"m., :VLD. 
onlon, .\. n., M. D. 
Gow, ""al tel' 
Graham, .Jo!"eph S" ::\I.D. 
Greening, T. R. 
Gzowski. C. S. 
", ,J. II. n. 
Hamilton, H. .J.. ::\LD. 
Hamilton, .T. ,Yo 
Hanna, D. n. 

Harcourt. F. W., K.C. 
Hay, Edward 
Hees, George H. 
Hellmuth, I. F., K.C. 
Henderson, Joseph 
Hohhs, J. W. 
How, T. F. 
Howland, George W. 
Howland, Peleg 
Ince, \Vm. 
Inglis, R. W. 
Ireland, A, H. 
Jaffray, Hon. Robt. 
Jar\"iR, Aemilius 
Johnston, E. F. B., K.e. 
,Jones, Sir Lyman Melvin 
Kemp, Hon. A. E., M.P. 
Kerr. Hon. J. K., :cee. 
KelT, Robert 
Kilgour. ,Joseph 
Kilvert, F. E. 
Laidlaw, J. B. 
Laird, Alex. \\
Lang-lois, Herbert 
Langmuir, J. W. 
Lash. Miller 
Lash. Z. A.. R.r., LL.D. 
LatchffJrd. Hon. :\'11'. .Justice 
Law. T. D. 
LUflwig-, M. R., K.C. 
Lyon, R. A. 
:\Iacdonald, A. A., :\LD. 
::\Tacdon<11d, .J. Bruce 
::\Jacllonall1, J. H., K.C. 
'Iacdonalfl, .J. Gordon 
::\Iacdonald, CoI. W. C. 
:\Iaelnnes, R. S. 
:\IacInnes, r. S., K.C. 
::\Iackay, John 
::\Iackf'nzie, Jos. :Y. 

'[ackenzif'. Sir Wm. 
:\Jaclf'an, Co1. J. B. 
::\lacMurchy, Angus, K.C. 
l\lacrae, Xorman 
Macrae, H. H. 
"ag-f'e. Hon. Mr. .Justice 
'iJann, Sir Donald D. 
::\Janning, Percy A. 
:\Iallatt, C. G. 
:\Iason. C,)I. James 
:\lassey, John 

la!"ten, C'. A.. K.C'. 

fatthews, \V. D. 

Jatthf'ws, 'V. L. 
::\Iitclwl1. G, G. 
Morrow. O. A. 
'T oss, C. A. 
::\Jos!", ,J. fl., K.C. 
::\Tulock, C'awthra 
::\Iulock. Hon, Sir "
K.r.M.O.. rpipf Ju!"t1ce 
::\Julock, 'Ym.. ,Tr. 

f('rarthy. n. T ally. R.r. 
:\IcCarthy, .1. Ti". H, 
arthy, L. Goo K r. 
:\IeOonagh. G. Roo :\T n. 
::\IcPhedran, A., M.D. 
Xeshitt, Hon. Wallace, R.r. 
Kicholls. Frf'deric 

Toronto Canoe Club 

Xordheimer, Albert 
O'Brian, J. B. 
Usborne, J. Kerr 
Osler, A. E. 
Osler, Sir Eòmund B., 
Usler, Hon. F., K,C. 
Osler, F. Britton 
Osler, F. Gordon 
Osler, Glyn 
C )sler, H. S., K.f
Parsons, H. ('., :\I.D. 
Paterson, J. Harry 
Patterson, A. B. 
Pearson, J. A. 
Pellatt, Co1. Sir Henry 
Pepler. Arthur 
Phippen, Hon. F. H., K.C. 
Plummer, J. H. 
Portf'r. George D., M.D. 
Primrose, A., 1\I.D. 
Ramsay, A. G. 
Ramsay. 'Y. T. 
Rea '-es, Campbell 
ReeYe. Richarò A., :\LD. 
Richardson. H. A. 
Riddf'll. Hon. 
Ir. Justice 
Hoss, Doug-las G. 
Ross, "'. D. 
Rudolf, R. D., :\I.D. 
Rundle, \V. E. 
Russell. T. A. 
-erson. G. 

('adding. H. r., ::\LD. 

cholfìeld. G. P. 

cott, H. J., K.C. 

cott. .James 

ha,,", He(lley 
Rhepley, G. F., K.C. 

mall, Sidney 

mith. D. King. 
'I. D. 

mith, n,. Larratt 
Smith. .J. F., K,r. 
Smith. R. Home 

omeITille, G. A. 
Starr, r. L., 
RtalT, F. X. G.. 
Rtp\\'art, A. ::\1. 

Sutherland. Hon. 
Ir. Justice 
 dam. H. R, 

-, ro1. C. A. 

-mon!", Da Yill T., K.r. 
Tf'etzpl, Hon. ::\Ir. Justice 
Tem})"". .r. A., 
T,\-e, "-. F. 
\\-a(l!"\\-orth. ,Yo R. 
Ì1' Edmund, r.Y.O., 
\Ya1'rf'n. Trumhull 
\\ïlkip. D. R. 
\\ïllison, Sir .John R 
\\ïshart. ,r. G., ::\1. D. 
\\"ood, E. R. 
\\"011(1. T. H. 
""rig'ht. .\(lam H.. M.D. 
"-,"ig'ht, H, .J. 
Young-. ::\IeOl'pgor, K.C. 

Louis E. Thomas ............ Past ("onllTIodore. 
Samuel A. S
'IY{>st('r ........................... {.onlmollore 
Roht. F. 'Yil!"on ............ ......, '.. Vice-Commodore 



'Yilliam C. Baker ...................,.... Rear-Commodore 
Roy T. Lea'"ens ........................ Paddling Captain 
Geo. Beswick .............................. Sailing Captain 
Thornton F. Livingstone ................... Hon. Treasurer 
Albert E. ('uff .,..............,............ Hon. Secretary 

T cronto Club 
Hon. Sir Glenholme Falconbridge .............,.. Chairman 
John E. Hulett ...................,.............. Secretary 
John H. 
Ioss. K.('. George E. Evans ,Yo R. Johnston 
E. C. Cattanach Hume Blake Rohert Cassels 
John 1\1. Lyle A. E. Kirkpatrick 

Armstrong, H. D. P. 
* Angus, R. B. 
* Allan, Sir H. Montague 
Alexander, D. ,Yo 
Alexander, J. 1\L 
Andrews, ,,
. R. 
Ames. A. E. 
AiI'd, John 
Alexander, ''"" l\Iurray 
Austin, A, 'Y. 
Allan, F. G. B. 
Adams, Olh'er 
Anglin. Hon. :\11'. Justice 
Anglin, A. \Y.. K.C. 
Adan1son. Agar 
ir Allen, 
A itken. Sir "
. M. 
A n(l rews, Gordon 
_\shworth, J. J. 
Anderson, T. O. 
Adam. G, G. 
An1hrose, E. H. 
Anm(lel, J. T. 
Archihald. T. D.. l\1,D. 
Boswell, A, R., K.C. 
Boomer, n. A. 
Doulton, l\1elfort 
Beardmore, U. ,,
Barkf'r, Hon. Salnuel, K. C., 
Beanhnore. "r. D. 
Burnham. n. H., .:\1.D. 
Blackstock, G. Tate. K.C. 
Heck. H. T. 
Buchanan, J. O. 
Blake. Fume 
Bruce, A., K.C. 
Hurton, G. F. 
Bingham. G. A.. :\I.D, 
Bo\\-es. R. H.. K.C. 
nurritt. A. P. 
Bell. (
po., K.<'. 
Beardmore, _-\. O. 
neardn10re, F. X. 
Bethune, H. J. 
Blake. ,Yo H., K.(,. 
Bogert, C. A. 
Bristol, Edmund. K.C" l\I.P. 
Brock. 1V. R. 
Brouse. ,Yo H. 
Hell, E. A, 
Brown, Yere C. 
Bong-arò. R. R. 
Bruce, Lt-Col. John 
Bogert, Bpverle
Badgerow. G. 'Y., :\LD. 
Raillie, F. "". 
Black,,'ood, K Templé 

Br'owne, "T. G. 
Burnham, Major J. G. 
Brock, 'V. F. 
Brown. Robert C. 
Bog, E. A. 
Brock. Henry 
Buntin, Alex. 
Broughall, F. "T. 
Braithwaite, A. D. 
Blackstock, "-. l.. 
Bogert. M. S. 
Begg, E. A. 
*Bell, Capt. 'V. B. 
Bain, J. 'V., K.C. 
Bickford, Major H. C. 
Baldwin, L. B. 
Boone. Capt. C. A. 
Baker, F. S. 
Rand, Sidney \V. 
Blaikie. Geo. 'V. 
Bradshaw, Thos. 
Bicknell, James, K.í'. 
Brunke, F. C. 
Bruce, Rupert G. 
Bened ict, ('. L. 
Bennett. F. B. 
Barber, Henry 
('umherland. F. B. 
Cassels. Hon. Mr. .Justice 
('ochran, Robert 
Cassels. "". Gihson 
Clinch, C. 'V. 
('oulson. D. 
('reelman, A. R., K.('. 
('o,,'an, ",., F. 
('larkson. E. R. C. 
('amphell, J. H. Mayne 
Cox, Hon. G. A. 
Camphell, A. H. 
*('amphell, Colin 
Cawthra, 'V. H. 
('larke, L. H. 
('ronyn, B. B. 
Clarke, J. B.. K.('. 
Camphell, J. Lorne 
Ca wth ra. H. Yictor 
('ockburn. Major H. Z. C.. Y.C. 
('owan. John 
Crowther. W. C. 
(,hisholm, Allan S. 
Cassels, R. C. H. 
Clark, J. M., K.C. 
('art wright, A. D. 
Cassels, Hamilton, K,C. 
Christie, R. .J. 
('a""thra, J. J. 
Cronyn. Edward 
Cooper. H. L. 
Cassels, Robert 

Clark, Thomas L. 
Colquhoun, A. H. U. 
Chilton, R. R., Jr. 
Collier, Herbert H. 
Cockshutt, H. 
Cowan, F. ,,
Counsell, John L. 
('attanach. E. C, 
Cassels, R. R., K.C. 
C'ronyn. C. B. 
Cassels. G. H. 
C'ronyn. Hume 
Cox, H. C. 
Calneron, Hon. D. C. 
Cameron. D. A. 
Cambie. C. 
('larkson, G. T. 
Candee. C. X. 
Cronyn, Y. F. 
Chapman, :\1ichael 
* Privileged anò l\Iilitary l\Iem 
Coh'i1le, A. B. 
Can1eron, 1\1. ('. 
('ase, Allen 
Cochrane, ,Yo C. 
Dickson, J. Geale 
Darling. H. 'V. 
Dick. D. B. 
Dalton. C. C. 
Darling, Frank 
Donalò, R. ('. 
Douglas. "
. :\1., K.C. 
Drynan, J. "-. 
Dewart, H. H., K.C. 
Du Yernet, E. E. A.. K.C. 
*Drunllnond, T. J. 
Drake, Frank A. 
Dyment. A. E. 
Drayton, Hon. H. L" K.C. 
Davis. E. P., K.('. 
Duffield. J. C. 
Denton, His Honour Judge 
Doble. G. H. 
Dixon, John J, 
Deacon. F. H. 
Duncanson, A. E. 
Eccles, F. H, 
E,'ans. George E. 
E,'ans, A. Kelly 
Edgar, James F. 
Elmsley, R. S. 
', Johnson 
Eckhardt, H. P. 
Edwards. Hon. ,,
. C. 
Englehart, J. L. 
Falconbridge. Hon. 
Ir Glen- 
holme. Chief .Justice 
Fisken. ,J. K. 

Finkle. His Honour Judge 
Finkle. H. J. 
Forster, H. E. 
Fauquier. E. F. 
Fleming, Lt.-rol. F. A. 
Fla\'elle, J. v\". 
Fauquier. Gilhert E. 
*Fuller, H. J. 
Falconbridge, John D. 
Francis, G. L. 
Francis, A. 'Y., K.c. 
Fleury, ,Yo J. 
Fraser. J. A. 
Flemming, H. A.. 
Fletcher, Grant 
Gzowski, r. S. 
Grasett, A. \V. 
Grasett. F. Le:\'1.. :\I.D. 
Grasett, Lt,-Col. H. .1. 
Gooderham. ,Yo G, 
Gibson. Col. Sir John, K.r. 
Gray. Frank :\1. 
Gurney, E. 
*<Jalt, G. F. 
Gooderham, G. H. 
Gilmour. T. 
Grace, J. (
Gzowski, r. S., Jr. 
Gaylord, F. B. 
Grant. rapt. ,,
Greig, E, R. 
Gow. ""alter 
Gibbons. Sir George. K.r. 
nreene. Henry \
noldman, L. 
Grantham, A. 1\1. 
s. Robert .J. 
Gunn. John A. 
nalt. T. P., K.í'. 
Glazpbrook, A.. J. 
G-ooderham, ,Yo H, 
Gillespie. "
Gooderham, M. R. 
Gzowski, X. (1, 
(ì-ooderham. Lt.-("ol. \ E. 
(;ihson. Thos. 
oad. l'has, E. 
nordon. H. D. Lockhart 
G-ilmour. J. \'
nunc1y, J. H. 
amble, A.. G. 
rant. G. P. 
Greenwood. Col. H. K 
hoo(lel'ham, E. D. 
(;'porge. "'. K 
G-arl'ow. E. F. 
Harris. 8(lwa1"(1 
Hellmuth, L F.. K.C 
Harris. Rusl{ 
H ebdpn. R. Y. 
Hell11en. E, F. 
HYlnan. Hon. ('. K 
Hendrie, ('01. Hon. .Tohn 
Hendrifo, Lt.-('ol. \\"m. 
Holman, C. ,1., K.C. 
Hodg-ins. Hon. 1'.11'. ,Tustcie 
PaJ'('our't. F. \\'., K.('. 
H arg-raft, ,John 
* Han<:;on, E. 
Jlf'aton, F. H. 
Hen(1enmn, n. n, 
Hamilton, L. .\ 


Heward. C. Edin 
Hale. J effen' 
Hanna, D. B. 
Howland. PEleg 
Holt, H. S. 
Hills, A.. J. 
*Hooper, :\lajor G. R. 
Heward, G. C. 
Hobson, Robert 
HatTis. Lloyd 
Harty. \Y., Jr. 
Hardy, A.. C. 
Hanna, Hon. \Y. J. 
Hudson. R. S. 
Hogg. \Yilliam 
*Home, Major 'V. G. 
Heaton, Ernest 
Henderson, P. E. 
Harris, Howard K. 
Hensley, G. 
Ireland, A.. H. 
Inglis, \Villiam 
Jones, E. C. 
,Jones, J. nordon 
.Jones. F. C. 
.Jackson, ,Yo S. 
JalTis. Aemelius 
,Johnston, Strachan, K.C. 
,Johnston. \Y. R. 
J ones, Sir L. :\Ieh'in 
,J ones. \\". \Yallace 
Johnston, A lfr'ed 
.Jemmett, F. G. 
Johnston. F. Barclay 
Jarvis, A. S. 
Jones, Xewhold, 
Jennings, John 
Kerr. Hon. J. K.. K.r. 
Kirchhoffer. Hon. .J. X. 
Kilgour, Joseph 
Kemp. Hon. A. E. 
Kilgoùl" Rohert 
Kirkpatrick, Arthur E. 
Kelley. G, 1\1. 
Kirkpatrick, A.. :\1. :\1. 
Kingsmill. ,Yo B, 
Kirkpatrick. ''" 
Kilgour, D. E, 
Langmuir, ,J. \Y. 
Lumsden. H. D., r. E. 
Lucas. R. A. 
Lemesurier, G. G. 
Langt'-m. .John 
Leonanl. .J. \\". 
Lamhe. \\". n. A. 
Lash. Z. A., K.C. 
Law. T. D. 
Langmuir'. A. D. 
La \\". Da del 
LtH1 wig-. :\1. R. 
Lul{es. Lewis 
I.aird, Alpx. 
Lash, l\liller 
S., Long. ThOlnas 
Lefroy, A. H, F.. K,C. 
Lindsey, G, (;. S., k.C. 
Lang lois. Herhert 
Lyle. ,r. :\1. 
LOI'ing-, F. C. 
Lee, \\". redl 
Lash, .John F. 
Lockhart, H. n. 
Lawson. T. \\'. 
I.) on, H. .\. 


Mulock. Hon. 
ir 'Yilliam, 
K.C.:\1.G.. rhief Justice:, 
l\lortimer, C. \Y. 
l\Ieredith, Hon. Sir \\", R., 
Chief Justice 
:\Iacklem, Sutherland 
:\Iason, Lt.-Col. James 
:\Iatthews, \Y. D. 
:\Iacklem, O. R. 
:\Iasten, C. A... K.C. 
:\Iorson, His Honour Judge 
:\Iontizambert. F" M.D. 
:\Iassey, George 
:\Iassey, John 
:\Ia\'or, Prof. .Tames 
:\Iulock. \Y.. Jr. 
l\Iann, Rir Donald 
:\Iowat. H. :\1., K.C. 

IOl'ang, G. X. 
Moss, J. H.. K.C. 
l\Ianning, Perc
" A.. 
l\latthews. \Y. L. 

Ialone, E. T., K.C. 
:\IoOl'e, S, J. 
l\lichie, l\Iajor J. }<'. 
:\Iontgomery, J. D. 

litchell, \Y. G. 
l\Ionell, A. 
l\Iacklem. C. Douglas 
1\Iulock, Ca\\"thra 
l\Ioss, C. A. 
:\[nore. \\
. H. 
l\Iickle, H. "
l\Ieyers, Campht'll, :\1.0. 
"'\Iason. l\Iajor J. C., D.:::5.0. 
l\Iorro\\", G. A. 
l\Iitchell, G. G. 
Meikle, \Y. B. 
Merritt, \Y. H.. :\1.D. 
:\Iacklem, n. T. 

Iiddleton, Hon. l\lr. .Tustice 

Iacklem, H. C. 
:\Iuntz, Gprarrl 
:\[nrrice, ,Yo J. 
:\Iather, :\'orman L. C. 
-. H. 'V. 
:\IcFadden, ,Yo R.. K.r. 
:\IeCulloch. R. U. 
l\IcC'arthy, L. G.. K.C', 
.\Tc:\[urrich. George 
':\Ic('a rthy, O. Lally, K.r. 
e<il1. Harold G. 
.\IcAlpin. B. U. 
:\Ic(}ihhon. O. Lorne 
:\[cDougall. Alex. 
l\IcE\'oy. James 
:\I('Clelland. D. MeK. 

lcFarlane, Le\\"i
:\IcConnell. .J. R.. :\I.D. 
:\[ackenzie, H. Gordon 
:\Ia('kellar. .r. A. 
:\Iacdonal(l, G. R. 
l\Iacdonal(l. .J. H.. K.r. 
:\Iacdonald. Lt.-rol. \V. C. 
l\Iackenzip. Sil' \Yilliam 
:\Iaclean, Lt.-Cnl. .J. H. 
:\Iactlonal<l. .J. Bruce 
:\la('donal<1. J. l--"onlon 
:\lac]lhersnn, C', E. 
:\Ia erat'. X orn1an 
l\Iackpnzie, R. J. 
:\lacInnes. C. R.. K.C. 
:\IaC'kf'nzie. .\. 
:\[ael{intosh. .r. .\. 

I . 
I 1\ Womtn 

r" 'I t:3. - 
<<i i1,,
? 'kâ""Ô' h"'


r ", 

 ' t 
 " <.,' r òJ Juv J;.- 
J;r '" '.. J;. 11 .ìil'<<u }.:";,". <1 


,: ' . q. .\ lJIf! I....r,.".
 If.. AA ,tl 
. \' 
'_ , I" 'I 
...... 1/ > . 
, ':sI_',. 
 ' ,
I.o-'.\::: / I 
", J T '1 
:.; . 
 .,.:,);. Park & ilford Candies " ,,' 
 ' I 
:1 1 ,
i1 Best ' 
" I
\ \'tJff

4',' , 
.;r.r- . ;.
 , '>1, 
\\ I , .,. . .,1, LL:;(jj
. - '" \ Î

i;f Þ 
\,; . I \ '\\': itI4)1(

", ,,

...: ..
. '. 


 " \\
,. \
I , , '
 '\" t.- 
\ . \ \' 
- ,I ' \ ' 
 \ i. 
 i II has characterized the refinement of 
, ,I, ,,'\ q ualit y of Park fa Tilford Candies. an 1 
I' , " \ \ \. 
 , ' a 

 ß':::"'} \ \'.

l ï 
M , 
iS de t c:araho l n on D the li P
rt. of all 
.I, t' \\ix\\
\;' " , 

 , ) \ ' \ em. p Ing y e CIOUS 
\ .' J) !

: , ackno
ledged everyw-here. 

 ' J


 \ lOur .ale. continue Încreaeing.o pL.enom- 
. l. 1\\\ \\;\\ 
" enall y . that your eårly orders.. as far in 
øJ \ \ -> \\, : advance of your re q uirements as P ossible. 

'" r will at tIñe .eaeon be greatly appreciated. 

Up North-Down South 
East- West 

An exceptionally Ligh standard of 
Purity and Excellence 






1Iac1Iurphy, Angus, K.C, 
1Iacdonald, Charles 
1Iacdonald, J. K. 
1Iaclean, H. C. 
1Iackay, John 
1Iacrae, Huhert H. 
:\IacInnes, ,Yo It, 
:\Iaclean, 'V. B. 
:\Iacclonnell, A. Clawlt>, K.C'., 
:\1. P. 
:\IacInnes, B. 
:\Iacdonell, .A. :\IcLE'an, K.<'. 
:\Iac'KeIcan, Prell R. 
:\Iaclennan, J. J. 
='icol, G. B. 
Xicholls, Frf'deric 
XeRhitt. J. 'Y., K.C. 
Xicholls, H. G. 
='anton, A. l\I. 
='ickle, 'V. F. 
='orthey, J. P. 
='orRworthy, E. ('. 
Xúrdheimer, Victor 
='oxon, 'YJn. e. 
*Xt'lles. ::\lajor C. :\1. 
ir Edmund, :\1.P. 
", Charles, :\1.D. 
Osler. A. E, 
ORiel'. H. S.. K,C. 
.( 'shorne, J. Kerr 
I )gden, L. (life mt'mher) 
Otter. Brig.-Gen. ,Yo D., C. B. 
(life memher) 
Osler, F. Gordon 
I)shorne, H. e. 
U'(;rac1y, G. de C. 
()!-'horne. J. Ewart 
I )shorne, Lt.-Col. A. B., :\1.D. 
Owen, L. ('. 
Osler, Britton 
()sler, E. F. 
Osler, Glyn 
IYRrian, J. n., K.C'. 
Paton. H. 
Plummer, J. H. 
Patterson. Hon. ,J. ('. 
Pf'llatt, Co1. 
ir Henry :\1. 
PaterRon, ,1. H. 
l'orteous, C. E. L. 
Pring If', Clh"e 
Peplf:'r, _\. 
Powell, C. Berkeley 
Parker, E. \\", 
Paterson, R. :\IacD. 
Pynf'. Hon, R, A. 
Pearson, F. 
., ('. E. 
Pearson, J. A. 
Pattf'rson, .A. n. 
f'f'acock, E. R. 
l't-'rry, X. n. 
Plummer, Frank 
Phi]ll)en, F. H., K.( '. 
Plummer, H. L. 
Pf'plf'r, T. S. G. 
Pellatt, Rf'g-ina1<l 
Plummer, T. H. 
Pring-It', H. E. T. 

Proctor, J. E. 
Pf'arce, ,Yo K. . 
Perry, Gordon F. 
Ross, ,] ames 
Rior(lan, ('harles 
Riordan, ,J. G. 
Hidout, P. F. 
Ritchie, C. H., ICe. 
Rf'dclen, F. A. C'. 
"mond, \\". B., K.C. 
Reid, G. P. 
Rohertson, Lt.-Col. D. ::\1. 
Ross, C. C. 
'ckman, E. B., K.C. 
Hykert, E. G. 
Ramsay, 'V. T. 
Hicharclson, H. _-\. 
Riordan, R. L., 11.D. 
Rea ,'es, Campbell 
Ross, J. K. L. 
Rantoul. C. \Y.. Jr. 
Rolph, T. T. 
Ro!-'s, ,Yo D. 
Richards, L. 
Rathbun, Col. E. 'Valter 
Huel, G. G. 
Hidout, Douglas K, 
Rim'dan, Carl 
Rog-f'rR, A. S. 
Ross, D. G. 
Riehey, M. K L. 
Rose, H. E., K.C. 
Rundle, \Y. E. 
Ross, .l ames L. 
}{ohinson, ::\Ialc'olm H. 
", R. A. 
Russell. T. .A. 
Rohinson, J. I1eYf'rley 

,,"inyard, Thos. ::\1. 

mith, J. F., K.C. 

mall, ,J. T., K.C. 

cott, H. J., K.C. 

trathcona and :\lount Royal, 
Lord, G C'.:\I.G. 
:-:hf']lley, (;, P., K.C. 
ise, C. F. 
:'t,:',,'art, F. ,J. 
d1nessy, HiI' T. n., 

mith, Lt.-Col. A. ::\1. 

c'ntt, ,Jamf's 

timson, Lt.-I '01. f1. --\, 

aunders. D
'c'e \Y., K.f". 


mith. Eustace .\. 

ullÏ\'an, Alan 

te\\'art. .\. M. 

mith, n. Larratt 

f'o tt, R. fi'. 

tJ'atton, J, R. 

tarke, Lt .-Col. n. n. 
:-:tt-'wart, Shirley 

tuart, H. 
Stf'YenRon. ::\1 

ut]1f'rland, II ug-h 
:-:c'()\'ell. .J. R. 

j11. Dunkin H. 
:-"f'l1olfìeld, n. P. 
:-:omt-'l'\'illf', ,1. L. 

Toronto Golf Club 

taunton, GeOl'g-e L.. K.C. 
Heag ram, X onnan 

omerYiIle, G. A. 
Rime, John 

mllke, K C., K.C. 
Strathy, Gerar(] H. 
Smith, R. Home 

uydam, H. H. 
Spence, ,1. D. 

omf:'rs, G. T. 

haw, H. B. 
Shaw, Geo. H. 
Skeaff. John ::-;tf'\\"an 
Thorne, Horace 
Tait, Sir Thomas 
Thomson, D. E., K,C. 
Torrance, 'Y.P, 
Turner, ,Yo 
Turner, A. P. 
Teetzel. Hon. :\11'. Justic
", ,Yo X. 
on, J. A. 
'lor, ,1. Frater 
Tate. .A. O. 
ThllJnRon, R. G. 0, 
l'sRher. J. F. H. 
Yan Horne, :-;ir \Ym. C., 
\\Yrag-g- e , E.. e.E. 
\Yilson, 'Yalter 
"'orrell, .J. A.. K.C. 
\Yalker, Sir E(lmund 
\Yatson, G. H., K.C. 
\Yalker, F. H. 
\Yard. Lt.-Col. H. A., K.C. 
'Yalker, E. ('. 
'Yilks, E. Langton 
"'alker, H. B. 
'Yanlf'n, \Y. 
"'oods, ,1. "y.. Toronto 
ir ,John 
'Vhitf', Hon. "Y. T. 
"'ood, E. n. 
\\'alkeJ', .1. Harrington 
"'aters, Daniel 
"'nod, E. F. 
""aid ie, F. X. 
"-al<lie, R. :-:. 
""rieht, H, .T. 
"-alker, \. H. 
""nod, T. H. 
\\'u rtf'le (",h a rles 
"'a Ish. ,J. "Y. B. 
\\'at!"on, ,1. P. 
\\'aJTt-'n, Tnlluhull 
\\'ood, Robt. 
\\'oods, Lt.-I'ol. ,lau1es \\-.. 
()tta wa 
""(loll, L. :\1. 
\\ïllis, Haymond 
""ooll. John 
ou, (;eoJ'ge 
""hitt'. n. :\1. 
", F. :-:. 
\\'at8on, T. H. 
, F'. D. 
Young-, :\r('(
rt-'g-oJ., K.('. 

("01. .-\, (;. 
weny . . . . . . . , . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Prpsh]ent 
.-\. H, ('amphell .....,.".....'.... .,....... \ïce-l'rf'!'idt-'nt 



Col. G. A. Sweny 
A. H. Campbell 
R. C. H. Cassels 
Col. H. J. Grasett 

Allan, F. G. B. 
Archibald, T. D., M.D. 
Armour, A. D, 
A Yid, J. 
Armour, E. D., K.C. 
Armour, R. G. 
Arnoldi, Frank, K.C'. 
Aspden, F. F. 
Bain, J allies "-. 
Bain, T. "\Yatson 
Baines. Allen, M.D. 
Baines. E. H. 
Baldwin, ,Yo 'VillcockR 
Band. C. S. 
Barker, A. B. 
Basterlo. X orman Ii. 
Baxter, D. ,Yo 
Bf'ardmore, A. O. 
Beatty, C. ,V. 
., E. P. 
Beatty, Jos. ,Yo 
Beatty, P. ,Yo 
Bf'ck, H. T. 
Bf'gg. E. A. 
Bf'Il, George. K.C. 
Benedict, C. L, 
Bf'thune, fl.. 1\1. 
Bickford, E. H. 
RlackRtock, 'Ym. G. 
Blackwood, S. T. 
Blake, Hume 
Blake. \y, H.. K.C. 
Bogert, C. A. 
Bogert. .M. S. 
Boomer, G. A. 
Boone, C'apt. C'. A. 
Bo!'well, A. R.. K.C, 
Boulton, G. D. 
BroughaII, F. ,Yo 
Brouse, "-. H. 
Bro\\"n, Rohert C. 
Brown. Yere C. 
Brown. E. Percy 
Bruce, Lt.-C'ol. John 
Buchanan, J, O. 
Buchanan, R. B. 
Brock. ,Yeston F 
Burritt, A. P. 
Burton, G. F. 
Boyd, A. 1\1. 
Bull, B. E. 
C'ameron. D. A. 
L C. 
C'ampheIl, A. H. 
Camphell. C'. Graham 
C'amphell. J. Lorne 
C'apreol. A. R. 
Capreo1. J. Lonsdale 
Carpenter, Lt.-í'ol. A. E. 
C'assels, D. R 
Cassels, Pamilton, K.C'. 
C'assels, Hon. 
lr. Justice 
Cassels, R. C. H. 
C'assels, G. H. 
C'attanach. F. C'. 
Cawthra, J. J. 
C'awthra. ,,". P. 
Colgahous, A. H. Y. 

A. 1\1. 1\1. KirkpatriCk 
('01. \V. C. Macdonald 
C. A. Masten. K.C. 
í'. S. MacInnes, K.C. 
J. H. Moss, K.C. 
Combe, G. H. R. 
Clarkson, Maurice A. 
í'hapman, 1\1. 
í'hisholm, T. A. 
Clarke, T. J. 
Clarkson, E. R, C. 
í'larkson, F. C. 
Clarkson, G. T. 
Colley, J. X. B. 
Cotton, Maj.-Gen, ,Yo H. 
Cowan, M. K., K.C. 
C'rease, A. H. 
Cronyn, B. B. 
C'ronyn, Y. F. 
í'rooks, A. D. 
Cummings, S., :.\l.D. 
Currelly, E. T. 
Dalton, C'. C. 
Darling, Frank 
DaYidson. Alex. T. 
Defries. R. L. 
Denison, Lt.-Co1. C. A. 
Dewart, H. H.. K.C. 
Denison, 'V. W. 
Dick, DaYid 
Douglas. ,Yo 1\1., R.C. 
Drake, F. A. 
Drummond. H. A. 
DaYidson. ,Yo Edward 
Denison, Shirley 
Deston, ,J. H. 
Da Yies, Doghy G. 'V. 
Erlgar, H. ,Yo 
Edgar, .J. F. 
Ellis, Prof. ,Yo H. 
Ellis. H. H. 
Falconer. Roht. A. 
Ferrie, A, E. 
Finucane. A. E. 
Fitzgerald, E. G. 
Fletcher, Grant 
Flf'ming, F. A. 
Fleury. 'V. .T. 
Foster, H, ,Yo A. 
Furse. H. R, 
Garrow, Hon. ::\11', ,Tustice 
<ieary, G. R.. K.C. 
Gooderham. .J. Lf'Ys 
Goderham. 'Yo G, 
Gorrlon, H. D. Lockhart 
Gordon, Stewart 
Gow. \Yalter 
Gnrdon. Mol
Gowen. E. P. 
Gowf'n, H. George Allan 
Grace, .J. í'. 
Grant. Lt.-í'o1. .J. À. 
Grasett, A. ,Yo 
CTrasett, F. L. 1\1.. :\1. D, 
Grasett, Lt.-('C'l. H. J. 
Greening, 'V. S. 
Greig, E. R. 
Gzowski, í'. S 
GzO\n,ki. X. G. 
rasf'tt. G. T. 
Greey, T, ,y, G. 
Green. ,Yo H. 

Prof. J. J. Mackenzie 
A. Pepler 
S. A. Rowhotham 
Captain S. Temple Blackwood 

Hagarty, J. H, G. 
Hammond, F. S. 
Harcourt, F. 'Y., K.C. 
Harcourt, R. 1\1. 
Hargraft, ,Yo H. 
Harris, Howar("\ 
Heasley G. S. 
Heaton, Ernest 
Heighington, A. C. 
Henderson, Elmes 
Henderson, Perc
y E. 
Henderson, J os. 
Henderson, R. B. 
Hogg, D. H. 
Harman, D. 1\1. 
Heward, A. D. 
Heward, C. E. 
Hf'ward, G. C. 
Hills. A. J. 
Hodgins, F. E., K.C. 
H olmested, G. Sehy)'n 
Hood, F. C.. M.D. 
How, D. D. 
Ince. \\T m . 
Inglis, Robt. 
Jemmett, F. G. 
.Johnston. ,1. 
Johnston, ,Yo R. 
Jennings, John 
Jones. J. Gorrlon 
.Jones, Kewbold, M.D, 
Jones. 'V. ,Yo 
Kappele, George, R.C. 
Kemp, A. E. 
KingsmilI, J. G. 
KingsmilI, 'Yalter 
Kirkpatrick, A. 1\1. 1\1. 
Kylie, E. J. . 
Kirkpatrick, A. D. 
Kirkl1atrick. A. E. 
Lainl. Alexander 
Langmuir, A. D. 
Langton, T.. R.í'. 
Langton, W. A. 
LaRh, ,J. F. 
La!'h, Miller 
Law. T. D. 
L?wson. Thos. \'{. 
T efroy, A. H, F, R.C. 
'fesurier, G. G. 
Loudon, Jas. 
"f\n, Geo. S, 
Lyon, R. A. 
Lnle. F. H. 
Lamhe, L. G. A. 
Lauder, Stair Dick 
l\1acallum, Prof. A. R. L. 
MacCallum, .1. :\L. M.D. 
Macdonald, A. 'V. 
Macdonalrl, F. ,V'. 
l\1acrlonald. J. A. 
Macclonald- T...t.-Co1. ,Yo C. 
MacInnes. B. R. 
1\Taclnnes. C, S.. K,C 
Mackenzie, H. G. 
Mackenzie, ,Tohn J. 
Mackenzie, ,T. l\'I. 
Ma('kf'nzie, Sir \Yilliam 


25 1 

f'mith. J. Grayson 
Macklem, Hedley 
Macklem, O. R. 
Maclennan, Hon. James 
1\lac:\Iurchy. Angus, K. 
Mann, Hir D. D. 
:Manning. P. A. 
Masten. C. A., K.C. 
Massey, E. Vincent 
Massey, John 
Matthews, 'V. D. 
Matthews, ,,'. L. 
McCallum, P. A. 
McCarthy, L. G., K.C. 
McDougall, A. K. 
McDonagh, G. R., M.D. 
l\IcDonagh, J. A. 
1\IcFarland, G. Franklin 
1\Ic Lennan, J. C. 
l\IcLaughlin, 1\1. 
1\lc:\laster, A. C. 
Mc:\lurrich. ,T. P. 
Meredith, John R. 
1\Iickle, H. 'V. 
:Miller, \Y. Lash 
Moffatt. 'Ym. 
Montgomery, T. D. 
1\Ioss, ('. A. 
:!\Ioss. J. H., K.C. 
1\Iowatt, H. 1\1., K.C. 
1\Iulock, Cawthra 
1\lulock, Sir \\Y m . 
1\Ioss, í T . F. 
1\Iore. ,Yo G. 
Muntz, G. H. 
Xesbitt. Hon. 'Yallace 
Xicholls, F. 
O'Brian, T. E. 
Osler, Britton 
Osler. E. E., :\LP. 
ler, F. G. 
Osler. Hon, F., K.C. 

Honorary Life :\Iemhers 
:!\Irs. \Valter Cas
:\Iiss Dorothy Camphell 
1\Irs. Gerald Fitzg-ihhon 
Lad)" Kirkpatrick 
Miss. 110wat 
:\Irs. :\Iaclf'nnan 
Af'Sí)I'!.-\TE :\1:E:\IBETIS 
:\Iiss ,Jean Alexander 
:\Irs. \Y. :\Iurra)' Alexander 
:\Irs. Bing-ham .\ llan 
:\Iiss Audrey .\llen 
:\Irs. 1'. H. Andf'rson 
:\Iiss ,1. Arnoldi 
:\Irs. E. D. Armour 
:\Iiss Phyllis Armour 
:\Tiss .\ t}{in 
:\Iiss Ethel Ualll win 
1\II's. "#. Barwick 
1\lrs. ,,#. n. Bf'
:!\Irs. H. ,T. Bethune 
'Tiss \[arion Bethl'ne 
:\Tiss '-era Bpthune 
:\Irs. E. II. Bickforll 

In:. Harold Bickfol'll 
Miss E. Blackstork 
:\Irs, K Tpmplp Blaekwooll 
:\Tiss Xorah Blake 
1\Iiss Hplen Blakp 
1\Irs. Hume Blake 
1\1I's. :\1. 
. BOg'l'rt 

Osler, Glyn 
Osler. H. S., K.C. 
Parmenter, R. H. 
Paterson. J, Harry 
Patterson, A. B. 
Payne, F. F. 
Pearce. 'V. K. 
Pepler, Arthur 
Pepler, T. S. G. 
Phillips, E. 'V. 
Phippen, F. H. 
Plummer, J. H. 
Primrose. A" :\LD. 
Rae, H. C. 
Rathhun, MarYin 
Richardson, H. A. 
Rohinson. C. C. 
Rohin, Chas. E. 
Rohinson, J. B. 
Rose, H. E., K.C. 
Ross, C. C. 
Ross, Douglas 
Ross, \\-. D. 
Rowbotham. S. A. 
Ruel, Gf'rard 
ScarMing, H. C.. :\LD. 
Scandrett. H. B. 
Scott, .James 
Scott. H. .T.. K.f'. 

cott, T. 1\1. 

eagram, X orman 

edgwick, G. H. 

ewell, H, Fane 
Rmall, Sidney 

mith. Eustace 

mith. G. Larratt 
f'mith, H. Eden 

mith. .J. F.. K.r. 

mall. H, C. 
SlJmen'ille. II. 

ullÌ\'an. Allan 

pragg-e, G. E. 

O('L-\TE :\IF;11I1Ef{
:\1rs. G. A. Boomer 
:\Iiss A. Boulton 
:\Ii!"s E, R. Boulton 
Miss G. Boulton 
:!\Tiss Laura Boulton 
:.\Iiss M. R. Bop1ton 
:\Irs. Edmund BI'istol 
Miss (
f'rtrude Rrock 
:\Iiss F. .1 osephine Brous!:' 
:\Iiss :\1. Brouse 
:\[rs. R. ('. Brown 
:\Tiss Be!"sie Hruce 
:\Trs. "". H. I1urns 
:\Irs. _\. P. BUlTitt 
Mrs. G. F. Burton 
:\Iiss E. Butler 
Mrs. A. II, C'amphell 
:\liss F. A. t'amphell 
Mrs. Lorne Camphell 
Miss 1\1. L. Camphell 
:\[iss Agatha ('assels 
Mrs. R. r. H. f'assels 
:\Iiss Emily Cattanach 
:!\Irs. \V. H. Ca\\.thra 
1\Iiss C. :\Iaud ('a
1\Irs. H, ,J. (,hl'Ìstil
:!\liss.r ;\llJrtimel' Clal'l{, 

lrs, F. ('. Clarl{son 
Miss ;\L ("ochran 
1\Ih:s Evelyn Cox 
Mrs. A, :\1. Creasf" 
:\Iiss Edith rross 


mith, R. A. 

mith, S. "". 
Smyth, \\-. R.. K.C. 

tapart. R. F. 
Starr. F. L. G., :\1.D. 

tarr, T. R. L. 
Rtewart. A. :\1 
Stewart. F. J. 
Rtrath y. E. G. 

trathy, Frank ,Yo 

trathy, G. B. 

Strathy, "Tinder 

\Ven)", Col. G. A. 
Symons, D. T.. K.C, 
Teetzel. Hon, :\11'. .Justice 
Thompson. A. Grahmn 
TillY, "#. X.. K.C. 
Vander Smissen. ,Yo H. 
'Yaddell. ,J. B. 
adsworth, \\#. R. 
,\\'aldie, F. X. 
\\Yaldie. R. 
\\"alker, A. H. 
"-alker. C. 
"Yalker, Prof. T. L. 
'Yalker, "T. 
'Yalsh. T. B. L. 
\\-arren, T. 
aters, D. 
'White, "Y. T. 
'Yilkie, D. R. 
"Yishart. T. Gihh 
'Yood. Lewis M. 
. Casey 
'Yood. Thos. 11. 
'Yrag-ge, E. 
"-righ t, R. Ramsey 
"-rong-, G. :\1. 
'Vishart. n. E. R. 
Yarker. G. W. 
Young-, McGregor, K.C. 

:\Iiss 1\Io!"s Cho'sler 
:\Irs. Edward Davidson 
"i!"s :\Ia.\- Denison 
1\Iiss L. Dpwar 
1\Irs. H. Hartley Dewart 
:\Iiss Grace Drayton 
Mrs. ,John Dick 
Miss :\[, Dick 
. Duncan 
1\Irs. J. F. Edg-ar 

[rs, .1. Elmsley 

Tis9 :\IYI'iam F.lmsley 

Irs, R. A. Falr'ont>r 
:\Iiss :\Iarjorie Fellowes 
. F. "-. G. Fitz
:\TI's. F. .\. Fleming 
:\Iiss L. Galt 
:\Irs. TI, D. (ramhle 
:\Irs. Geo. E. Goodprham, 
:\Iiss L. Gooderham 
'Irs, H. Lockhart Gordon 

[iss Y"onnp Galt 
:\Iiss Pt>tlca Ge(l(ll"s 
:\1 iss :\[a rg-arf't Ged des 
:\Irs. ,\rthur Grasf'tt 
:\II's. F. Le 1\1. Grasett 
. H, Grasett 
:\[rs. '\
a1tf'r Grf'f'n 
:\frs. ,1. E. Gazong 
:\II'S. ,\#. H. Harg-raft 
1 T-fal'f'ourt 
:\11"8. F. "", Harcourt 

25 2 


:\lrs. Hammond 
:\Irs. J. M. Hedley 
:\Iiss Joyce Hutton 
:\Irs. 1. 'F. Hellmuth 
:\Irs. A. Heward 
:\lis!' Y. Heward 
:\liss Lucy Howard 
:\Iiss Grace Hemming 
:\lrs. \\
, Ince, Jr. 
:\Irs. Robert Inglis 
:\Iiss A. C. Jennings 
:\lrs. B. M. Jellett 
:\lrs. J. Strachan Johnston 
Lady Melyin Jones 
:\Jiss Edith Kay 
:\Irs. John Kay 
:\lrs. ,J. K. Kf'rr 
:\Irs. ,,
. A. H. Kerr 
:\lis!' Edyth Kingsmill 
:\Il'!'. 'YaIter Kingsmill 
:\IiRs Knox 
:\Tiss l\I. Laid law 
:\Iiss Laing- 
:\Il's. Alexander Laird 
:\Irs. 'V. H. A. Lambe 
:\Irs. Langmuir 
-:\Il's. Hugh Lang-ton 
:\Tiss Elsie Lash 
:\Iiss T. Lash 
:\Iis!' B. Lefroy 
:\Iiss Helf'n Leys 
:\Ii!'!' F. B. Le Mesurier 
:\Iiss Beatrice Macdonald 
:\Iiss Bessie MaNlnnqld 
:\IrR. ,J. Macdonald 
:\Trs. .J. Gordon :\Iacðonahl 
'Ii!"s Pparl ::\Iacdonald 
:\lrs. 'Yo C. ;\J accl.onald 
:\Tr8. R. MacInnes 
"I'S. (' R. l\Jaclnne!' 
:\Iiss E. Mackenzie 

Adamson, Agar 
Alexander. D. ,Yo 
Alexander, ,Yo :\IUlTay 
Andrews, ,Yo R. 
Armour, E. X. 
Aylesworth, F. 
Austin, A. E. 
Band. S. ,Yo 
Barker, A. B. 
Barnard. A. \\? 
Baxter, D. \V. 
Beardmore, G. \\
.. :\1. F,H. 
Beardmore, \\T. D, 
Beardmore, A. O. 
Beatty, J. ,Yo 
Beatty, C. 'V. 
Baldwin, "
. 'V. 
Ban\"Ïck. Hugh A, 
Beatty, H. ,Yo 
Bell. \V. H. 
Benedict, C. L. 
Bickford, E. H. 
Bickford, :\Iajor H. l' 
Blackstock, G. T., K,C. 
Blacl{stock, \\? G. 
Blackwood, R. Temp
Blaikie. G. \Y. 
Blake, Hume 
Rlake. Hume, ,Jr. 
Bogert, C. A. 

:\Irs. Gordon :\Iackenzie 
Miss Isahel Mackenzie 
Miss Bertha MacKenzie 
Miss Ethel MacKenzie 
l\Irs. O. R. Macklem 
Mrs. J. B. l\Iaclean 
Mrs. C. A. Masten 
Miss 1. -:\Iathews 
:\11's. 'Yilmot Mathew:, 
Miss L, ::\laule 
:\Irs. Leighton ""e'artI'y 
::\Iiss Y. Mackenzie 
::\Iiss Catharine l\Ierritt 
:\Irs. Lash Miller 
l\lrs. Moran g 
Miss :'-;aomi Morrison 
Miss A. F. 1\1oss 
Mrs. Charles Moss 
Mrs. C'a'ythra Mulock 
::\lrs. ,Yo Mulock 
:\Irs. \Yallace Xeshitt 
::\Iiss B, L. Ogden 
::\Irs. Chas. O'Reilly 
Mrs. F. Gordon Osler 
l\1iss :\1. Parsons 
Miss Dais
' Pattison 
:\11'8. Arthur Pepler 
::\[rs. n. A. Peters 
:\Irs. T. Pepler 
:\lrs. Ph i ppen 
::\lis!' A. Primrose 
::\lrs. A. Primrose 
:\Iiss Doroth
' Primrose 
:\Iiss r. Plummer 

\IiS8 :\[an' Plummer 
:\Iiss \Y. Plummer 
:\Irs. Plumptre 
Mrs. H. C. Rae 
:\1is!' S. R. Raehurn 
:\Irs. Camphell Reaves 
:\lrs. Ros!" Rnlìertson 

Toronto Hunt Club 
:\1 El\lBERS 
Bongard, R. R. 
Roul ton, A. St. G, 
Boone, C. A. 
Boulton, Gerald D. 
Boul tbee, A. E. 
Bowie, D. B. 
Braithwaite. A. D. 
Bristol, Edmuncl, K.C., :\I.P. 
Brock, ,Yo F. 
Brock, ,Y. R. 
Brock, H. 
Rrooke, Harold J. 
Brouse, ,Yo H. 
Brown, R. C. 
Bruce, H. A., :\I.D. 
Buchanan, J, O. 
Buntin, Alex. 
Burritt. A. P. 
('alTIerOn, D. A. 
Camphell, G. A. 
Campbell, C. G. 
CamJ)hell, J. Lorne 
Capon, F. J. 
Carpenter, Major A. E. 
Case, A lIen 
Case, G. A. 
Cassels. \Y. Gibson 
Cawthra. J. J. 
Chadwick, Co1. Yaux 
Choate, A, P. 

:\Irs. Guy Robinson 
:\Iiss C. Rose 
:\'liss \Y. Rose 
:\lrs. Douglas Ross 
:\Iiss F. Russell 
:\Irs. Rcadding 
:\Irs. Scholfield 
:\Irs. ,James Scott, Jr. 
:\Irs. Spragge 
:\liss F. Spragge 
:\Irs. Sidney Small 
:\Irs. D. j{:ing Smith 
:\lrs. Eustace Smith 
:\Irs. Goldwin L. Smith 
:\lrs. R. A. Smith 
:\lrs. 'V. R. Smyth 
:\Iiss A. V. Stewart 
:\Irs. Stikeman 
:\Il's. H. R. Strathy 
::\Iiss Muriel Strathy 
:\Iiss Rtreet 
:\Iiss Tate 
:\Irs. Teetzel 
:\lrs. R, ,Yo Thomas 
:\1is!' F. Thompson 
:\Irs. Graham Thompson 
:\Ii!'s Helena Thompson 
:\Irs. J. ThmTIl)Son 
:\11'8. Tot tf'n 
:\II's. Tripp 
:\Iiss :\1. Thomson 
:\liss Carolyn ""arren 
:\liss Hplen 'Yarl't"'n 
:\[rs. H. D. \Yarren 
:\Irs. Trumhull \\?arren 
:\Iiss Yarker 
:\lrs. Casey \\-ood 
:\Tiss Louise 'Yorts 
:\Irs. :\lcGregor Young' 

Christie. R. J. 
elark. T. J, 
('larke, ,J. B., K.C. 
('larke, Lionel H. 
Clinch, C. ,Yo 
('ockhurn, :\Iaj. C" r.c. 
"oulson, Duncan 
CouJson. Francis L. 
Coulson, J. L. 
Cox, E. ,Yo 
Cox:, H. C. 
Cronyn. Ed ward 
C'ronyn, C. B. 
('ronyn, B. B. 
('rowther, ,Yo C. 
Cummings, Dr. Samuel 
Darling, Frank 
DaYies, Rohert 
DaYies, R. "'
De la Sahliere, C. R. 
Dewart. H. H., K.C. 
Dixon, J. J. 
Douglas, ,Yo 1\1., K.C. 
Drake, F. A. 
Dyment. A. E. 
E,'ans. À. Kelly 
E,'ans. George E, 
Englehart, J. H. 
Fellowes, C. L. 
r. \V. J. 


Fellows, S. H. 
Fotheringham., J. T., :\I.D. 
Francis, G. L. 
(jale, G. ('. 
(.;.amlJle, H. D., K.C. 
Garrow, Allan 
, B., K,C. 
George, \Y. K. 
Gihson. R. L. 
Glassco, E. 8. 
Goollerham, ::\1. R. 
Gooderham, G, E. 
Gooderham, Geo. H.. :\I.P.P. 
Goo<lerhaln, Lt.-Co!. A. E. 
Gooderham, \Y. G. 
Gould. B. A. 
Uouinlock, G. \V. 
Urace. J. C. 
(;rant, Capt. ,,
. Forsyth 
(;rant, G. P. 
Grant. Capt. \Y. F. (Honorary J 
Grasett, Lt.-Co!. H. J. 
Gray, F. :\1. 
Greene, E. H.. :\1. D. 
Griffin. E. Scott 
Haas, Stephen 
Hamilton. J. \Y. 
Hanna, D. B. 
Harmt->r, R. 
Harris, H. K. 
Ha\\.es, Alfred 
HawE's, James 
Ha\\.kt->, \Vidmer 
", Edward 
Hees, H. L. 
Hellmuth, 1. F.. K,C. 
Ht->n<lerson, Ehnes 
Heward, C. E. 
Heward, G. C. 
Higinhotham. G. :\1. 
Hills, A. ,1. 
Ho(lg.ins. ,J. P. 
H ollan<l, .1. Burton 
II ouston, \\". R. 
1I0w.;ton, A. K 
Ho\\'land, G. :\1. 
. R. C... T. 
.1 ackson, E. G. 
.Ian is, Aemilius 
,Iohnston, A. 
,Johnston, E. F. B., K.C. 
Johnston, \Y. H. 
,Johnston. ,\r, H.. Jr. 
.Joh nston, ,J. 
t I'aehan 
,Johnston. F. B. 
.1 onf'S, ,I. (;ordon 
ewhold. '''.1>. 
.Ionf's. Sir L. :\le1\. in 
.lones, T. Ro
Kemp. ,\. E.. :\I.P. 
Kerr, Hon. ,J. ('.. K.C. 
Kilgour, ,Jospph 
King, J. S. 
Kir'kpatrick, A, E. 
Kirkpatrick. A. 1\1. :\1. 
Laidlaw, \\r m .. K.C. 
Lamhe, W. G. A. 
Larkin. G. R. 
Lash. :\Iiller 
Law, T. D. 
Lee. "r. Cecil 
'. .\. 
Leith, T. n. 
sar<l. Co!. F. L.. C. n. 

Lo\.ell, R. J. 
Lukes, Lewis 
Lyle, J. :\1. 
:\lacHae, H. H. 
.:\lac(lonal<1, Dr. A. A. 
:\Iacdonald, Co!. "'. C. 
.\lac-donald, C. 8. 
:\Iacdonald, J. Gordon 
:\Iacdonald, J. Fraser 
:\Iacdonald, F. E. 
:\Iacdonaltl, .J. Bruce 
Macdonell, A. L., K.C., M.P. 
l\IacInnes. B. K 
:\Iaclnnes, C. 
., K.C'. 
::\Iackellar, J. A. 
l\Iackenzie. "rm. 
:\Iackenzie, ,J. ,Yo 
MacLaren, Dr. G. H. 

\laclean, Co!. J. B. 
:\Iaclean, H. J. 
Maclean, 'V. F.. :\1.P. 
:\Iaclean, 'V. B. 
:\Iaclennan, Dr. D. 
:\Iacrae, X orman 
:\lcCallum, P. A. 
:\lc( 'arthy, Frank 
:\lcCarthy, L. G.. K.C. 
l\Ic('arthy, D. L.. K.C. 
:\lcDonagh, G. R.. :\LD. 
:\Ic Leod, H. C, 
::\lc:\laster. A. C'. 
l\Ic:\Ii II an, Capt. 
l\Ic:\1illan. Harry T. 
', L. L. 
l\Iag-ann. G. P. 
:\lann, Sir Donald D. 
l\lanning, P. A. 
:\Iara, H. S. 
:\Iarshall. K. R. 
:\[ason. Lt.-Co!. James 
:\[assey. Jno. 
:\Iasten. C. Á., K,('. 
:\Iatthews, ,Yo L. 
Maule, P. K 
Meredith. Sir \Ym. R. 
Meyers. D. ("., :\1. D. 
:\Tichie, J. F. 
:\Iiln. .Tames 
l\liln, Alexander 
Mitchell. n. r... 
:\Iitchell, J. H. 
:\Iontgomery. R. .'\.. 
:\Iontg-omery. .J. D. 
:\[oOl'e. \\r. H. 
:\[orang. G. X. 
:\[orris, Harold 

Toss, Jno. H., K.C. 
l\[cl\\"at, H. :\f.. K,C. 
:\lulock, Cawthra 
l\Iulock, Sir "rm. 
Mulock, \\r., ,Jr. 

ryles, :\Iajor Rol.ert 
:\Iyles. It. Gordon 
", "y. Parkyn 

ichoIls, F. 

or<lheimer. .\. 
:'\ordheimer, I{oy 

orthcote, R, 
Oshorne, II. ('. 
(Ishorne, .J. E\\ al't 
nshornf', .J. KelT 
()sler, .\. E. 
(181('1', Britton 
Osh"r, E. B.. :\1.1'. 
*( )slel', F, (: onIon 


usler H. S., K.C. 
Otter: Gen. \V. D., C.B. (Hon'y) 
Owen, L. C. 
Palmer, J C. 
Paterson, J. H. 
Peacock, E. H. 
Pearson, Jno, A. 
Pellatt. Capt. Reg. 
Pellatt, Sir H. 
Pepler, Arthur 
Pepler, C, E. 
Perry, G. F. 
orman D. 
Peuchen, A. G. 
Phillips, H. B. 
Phippen, Hon. F. H., K.C. 
Plummer, H. L. 
Plummer, J. H. 
Proctor, F. T. 
Heayes, Camphell 
Reed, LeGrand 
Reid, G. P. 
Richey, :\1. S. L. 
Ridout, P. F. 
Ridout, D. K. 
Robertson. ('01. D. 1\1. 
Robertson, In'ing E. 
Robertson, ,J. Ross 
Rohertson, J, Sinclair 
Rogers, Alfred Roch <Ie la 
Rogers. J no. "r. 
Rolph, T. T. 
Ross, .J. L. 
Hoss. ,Yo D. 
Ryckman. E. B., K.C. 
Ross. D. G, 

cott, James 
Scott, A. L, 
Scott. H. ,T., K.C, 

Simpson, ,,
. B. Bridgeman 
Sinclair, Angus 

mal1, ,John T., K.C. 

mal1. Si<1ney 
Small, H. ('. 
mith, D. King, :\I.D. 
anfonl F. 

. C. 

te\\"art, A. :\1. 
Ste\\.art, L. À. 

tohie, :\Iakohn 
Stanton. E. L. 
Stimson, Lt.-Co!. n. A.. 
Stone, "-. 
Strathy. F. \Y. 
Sul1h'an. .-\Ian 
Suydam. H. H. 

\\"eeny, G. R. 
'lor. E. 
Teetzell. Hon. :\Ir. JustiCf' 
'l'emple, C. A., :\I.D. 
Thomson, D. E" K r, 
Turlhope, H. H. 
rssher. J. F. H. 
'-an Koughnet, A. 
\\r a <ls\\ orth, \\r. It, 
\Va1<lie, F. X. 
aldie, n. S. 
Wal<lÏf', "y. 
""alker, Sir E. 
'.\"alsh, .1. \\r. n, 
"ran'en, 8. Doug-Ias 
"ratt. H. L. 
\\-hiteheall. "r. :\1. 
\\ïlkie, D. R. 


Rrtistic Jþicture jframing 
: .. ':
I "1."\ . '" 'rI'l .!
 }þboto 'ijU1ork 
I Finishing for Amateurs 


Fred L. Curry 

û l 
I, . 

1 Y2 Bloor Street, East 

, . 

\.. ..". II . ....._ . . ",MI r (., ,. . 
, ". . " " 


Phone, :\lain 7735 

 t, ."" 
. ,,/\ 





Ladies Tailor 

5 and 7 Gerrard St., E. 

. . . 
< " 


__.......v . 

My Specialty is the 
Making of Stylish 
Riding Habits 




ïlls, E. Gordon 
\Vood. Thomas H. 

Young, Capt. D. D. 
Young, Prof. :\lcG. 

Adamson, :\lrs. Agar 
Alexander, :\lrs. \C 
Allan, l\lrs. Bingham 
Armour, Mrs. E. D, 
Arnoldi, ::\lrs. F. 
Barnard. :\lrs. A. \V. 
Barnes, ::\lrs. Hanley 
Barwick, l\lrs. \Yalter 
Bastedo. Mrs. G. T. 
Beardmore, ::\1i

Beardmore, Mrs. \y, D. 
Beardmore, Miss H, L. 
Beatty, Mrs. ,J. \Y. 
Beatty, :\lrs. C. \Y. 
Beatty, :\lrs. H. \Y. 
Blackwood, :\lrs. S. T. 
Blaikie. :\liss 
Blake, Miss Xora 
Blake, Mrs. Hume 
Brentnall. :\lrs. F, F. 
tol, :\lrs. E. 
Brock, Miss 1\1. L. 
Brock, Mrs. \V. F, 
Brown, :\lrs. Crawford 
Brown, :\lrs. R. í'. 
Burns. :\lrs. \C H. 
Burritt, :\lr
. A. P. 
('as:,wls, 1\1rs, G. H. 
Carty. :\Iiss :\lary E. 
C'assf'ls, :\Ir
. R. C. H. 
C'awthra, l\lrs. Henry 
('awthra, :\lrs. H. \
C'a wth ra, :\lrs. \". H. 
('awthra, :\riss F. 
C'a ""th ra, :\Iiss Grace 
Christie, ::\lrs. R. J. 
("lark, .:\lrs. T. J. 
("lute, l\Ii
s Eva 
Cockhurn. :\lrs. G. R. R, 
Coshy, :\liss 
Cox, 1\1iss E. 
('ronyn. :\lrs. B. B. 
('ruso. 1\1rs. :\1. 
na vies, Miss Delia 
Dewart, }Oln;. H. H. 
Di xon, Mr
. J J. 
Duncan. :\lrs. 
 mf"nt. .:\lrs. A. E. 
Fothering-ham, :\11 s. ,J. T. 
, :\In:. n. L. 

""rig-ht, H. J. 
"'urtele, Chas. 
\Yadsworth, \Y. Ridout 


Fraser, Miss Helene 
Gamble, :\lrs. H. D. 
Gash, :\lrs. X. B. 
neorge, Mrs. James 
Gihson, .:\lrs; A, Cecil 
Gooderham, ::\lrs. :\1. R. 
Gooderham, 1\1rs. G. E. 
Gooderham, .:\lrs, A. E. 
nouinlock, 1\1rs. G. \V. 
Grace, Mrs. J. C. 
Greene, .:\1rs. V. 
Greenwooò., 1\1rs. S, H. 
G\',,"ynne, Mrs. \V. D. 
Haas, Mrs. Stephen 
Hawes, :\lrs. Alfred 
Hees, l\Irs. H. L. 
Hig-inbotham, :\lrs. G. :\1. 
Hills, :\lrs. A. J. 
Hollwey, Mrs. \Y. F. 
Howard, :\liss McLean 
Inglis, :\lrs. R. 
Ireland, Mrs. A. H. 
Ir\"ing, Mrs. G. T. 
In\"in, :\Iis!': V. 
.Jackson, 1\1rs. S. L. 
Johnston, :\Irs. "'. R., Jr. 
,Johnston, :\lrs. J. 
,Johnston. :\Irs. E. F. B. 
Jones, Lady Melvin 
Kerr. :\-lrs. J. K. 
Kingsmill, Mr
. ('has. 
King-smill, 1\1i
Kirkpatrick, l\lrs. A. E. 
irkpatrick. La(ly (Hon., 
Lamhe, :\Irs. \Y. G. A. 
Lee, :\lrs. \Y. H, 
Lee, :i\Iiss L. D. 
Lyle, l\Ir
. ,J. 1\1. 
l\IcGee. Mrs, Darcy 
:\lcC'arthy, :\[rs. D. L. 
:\1 c('a rth y, Mrs. L. 
:\Jf'Reg-gie, l\[rs. J. H. 
:\[c.:\1urra)', l\lrs. L. L. 
:\Jacdonald, :\'Irs. ,r. F. 
:\lac(lonal(l, :\lrs. ,J. n. 
:\lac(lonald, Mis
:\[aclnnes. Mrs. í'. S. 

[ackenzie, :\Ii
:\Jackenzie. Miss E. 
:\[aclean, l\1i
:\[ag-ann, :\[rs. G. P. 

Toronto Motor Boat Club 

:\lann, Lady 
:\larshall, ::\lrs. K. R. 
:\Iitchell, :\1rs. G. G. 
:\lOlTison, l\Iiss 1\1. 

lulock, :\lrs. C'awthra 
:\lulock, Mrs. "'. 
Xesbitt, :\lrs. \Y. 
Xordheimer, :\Iiss Y. 
U'Flynn, :\Irs. H. H. 
Oshorne, ::\lrs. J. Ewart 
Ushorne, :\Irs. J. Kerr 
usler, :\Irs. F. G. 
Osler, :\lrs. H. S. 
Owen, :\Irs. L. C. 
Patteson, Miss 
Pepler, :\Irs. A, 
Phippen, :\1rs. F. H. 
Phippen, :\liss Edna 
Plummer, l\liss ::\1. 
Raynolds. :\lrs. E. 
Rea ves, ::\Irs. C. 
Richey, l\Irs. 1\1. R L. 
Riddell. :\lrs. \Y. R. 
Rohertson, :\1rs. J, Ross 
Rolph, :\lrs. T, T. 
Ross, :\1r8. J. F. ,,

pagram, :\1rs. Xorman 
:-;cott, ::\lrs. Jas. 
Shoenherger, :\Ii
s Ella 
Sinclair, :\lrs. Angus 
Small, 1\1rs. Sidney 
Smith, :\lrs. D. King 
Smith, :\1rs. R. A. 

mith, :\lrs. As

l)!"agg-e, :\[rs. E, 
Strathy, :\Irs. H. S. 
Tate. :\riss G. 
Thompson. l\Iiss H. 
Turner. Mrs. D. 
\'an Koughnet. :\lrs. A. 
\'ernon. :\lrs. Harcourt 
ads\\"orth, ::\1I"s. "'. RÏlloui 
"'al(lie. :\Irs. F. X. 
al1hridg-e. :\[iss .Jean 
\\"arren, ::\lrs. E. D. 
"'att. :\JI'S. H. L. 
"'a Ish, :\lrs. J. "r. ß. 
"'ragge. :\lrs. E. 
\YI'ig-h t, :\ll"s. II. ,1. 
Young, :\lrs. :\IC(.I"N

.\rthur Blig-ht .............,...........,."... C'onll1HHlorp 
H. C'. [<'ail"hanks..............,.. \ïC't>-C'ommodoJ"t> 
:\1. \Y. Glendon . . . . . . . , . . Real"-C'omnlodore 
C'apt, ,Jas. P. Rt>aty,.. .,.,...,., ........ Fled Captain 
í'N.H n. .\llison..,........." Hon. SeC'rf'tary 
ThOlllas \\T, fit-'a .....,......... Hon. TrC'asurer 

E:\. E(TTI\'E ('( >:\DIITTEE 

. A. 
yl\"t:'ster ("N'il R. .If'111dn

Toronto Ladies' Club 

 F. E. Shanl('y, Suite G" Toronto .\rcade.,.... Secretar

fe ,I" 
r -
', I, .' 

" ,f.(lt!" 
'" "':ri' , "
:,: , Y)I'. 
" <\\.'t ,; : 
lr '. 
". \', \ tJ ,; 
\.,,"', ..., 



. ...J


ú. .... .........:: 

. ,---. 

School for 

278 Bloor Street, West 
Telephone College 52 1 6 

f]J A Well Appointed, l\Iodern Residential and T)ay School. Students pre- 
pared for University and Departmental E'Xaminations. Specialists in 
every department. In affiliation with Toronto Conservatory of 1lusic. 
F. l\IcGillivray Kno\",-les, Art Director. For Prospectus and information 
apply to the principal. 

:\IISS 1\1. CURLETTE, H. A. 


\ . 
\ i 
i :Ji' f 
.lr-- 1 . 


f;,': -!. . :-: 

.'. .. ',... 
" W'!.... 
.... . 
 "! ',.. oJ.:...' 
.. . 




, r 

, !' 

.. :

" -4. 





p.-\n.\T()I{Y :-oCH()()L 

('ourses for rnÏ\'ersity, Royal Military COllege and Business. Regular Rtaff com- 
}1rises 15 graduates of English and Canadian rniversities, with additional special 
instructors. Senior and preparatory schools in separate huildings. Every modern 
equipment. Fifty acres of ground in healthiest district. Four rinks. gymnasium, 
s\\'imming bath, etc. 





Toronto Racquet Club 

-\. :\1oss ................",.... _ . . . . - " . . . . ., President 
A. Pepler .....'""""...,...........""....... Yice-Presiden t. 
Graham Campbell ..................... Secretary-Treasurt"'r 
J. ,
. Tro\vell ......................,...,......... Secretary 

Foy, Hon. J. J. 
Fellowes, Sydney H. 
Gzowski, X. G. 
Greig, E. R. 
Glassco, E. S. 
Greening, W. S. 
Grace, J. C. 
Greey, J. ".. G. 
Hills, A. J. 
Heward, C. E. 
Henderson, Joseph 
Henderson, Percy 
Hellmuth, I. F. 
Hall, T. H. 
Heighington, A. C. 
Heaton, E 
Ince, ".. r. 
Jemmett, F. G. 
Jones. ,Yo 'Yallace 
Jones, Xewbold 
Kirkpatrick, Douglas 
Kerr, R. C. R. 
Kingsmill, ,Yo B. 
Laird. A. 
Lawson, T. ".. 
Lefroy, A. G. 
Laidlaw, R. A. 
Lyle, John lVI. 
MacInnes. B. S. 
MacInnes, C. S. 
:\1acC'ulloch, Bruce 
:\1ackenzie. R. Gordon 
:.\1ackenzie, J. J. 
McCarthy, Leighton 
:\1cCarthy, F. 
:\Tc:\Iaster, A. C. 
:.\[anning. P. A. 
:\Iacklem, r. D. 
:\Tathews. ".. L. 
United Empire Loyalists Association 
1'01. G. Sterling Ryerson, :\r. D. 
Lt.-Col. G. A. Shaw 
1'01. George T. Denison 
Speaker Six Xations Council 
Chief (Annosorh kah) Samson 
Green, representing the Mo- 
hawks of the Bay of Quinte, 
Tyenrlinaga Reseryation 
(Surviving- sons anrl (laughters 
of orig-inal rnited Empire 
Loyalists. ) 
Peregrine Otway Page, Rillg- 
Thomas (". Keefer, r.1\I.G" 
nockcliffe, Ottawa 
Alexander )[aitland 
:\[rs. J. Y. Cameron, Toronto 
:\liss Seymour. atta \Va 
Mrs. )Iackellar, Xorth Ra
Mrs. ,J. Thorhurn. Ottawa 
Mrs. John Ridout. Toronto 
\dvisf'r, :\[r. (", E. 

Adamson, Agar 

-\llan, F. B. G. 
Aylesworth, F. 
Austin, A. E. 
Blake, Hume 
Blake, Hume, Jr. 
Brock. H. 
Blackwood, S. Temple 
Beardmore, A. O. 
Beardmore, A. O. T. 
Beardmore, C. O. 
Beardmore, ".. W. 
Bain, J. ,,". 
Beatty, H. ".. 
Blackstock, 'V. G. 
Bogert, C. A. 
Broughall, F. ""'. 
Boone, C. A. 
Buchanan, R. B. 
Bickford, E. H. 
Bickford, Harold 
Boyrl, A. M. 
Baldwin, ".. 
("h ristip, R. J. 
Cronyn. Edward 
Campbell, A. H. 
Campbell, Graham 
Cawthra, J. J. 
Cawthra, ,y, H. 
rarpenter, Lt.-Col. A. E. 
rassels, G. H. 
Darling, Frank 
DuYernet. E. E. A. 
Dravton. H. L. 
De i.e Sahliere, C. R. 
Duncanson, A. E. 
Ferrie. A. E. 
Fudger, R. B. 

Lt.-ro1. ".. Hamilton Merritt 
R. R, Xeville, K.C. 

(Distinguished descendants or 
"Lnited Empire Loyalists.) 
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of 
The Rt. Hon, The Earl of Al- 
:\1aj.-Gen. r. "., Rohinson, (".B. 
TIrig.-Gen. rhas. ("rutchle!, 
:\lrs. St. George Littledale 
Sir Frederick Borden 
nt. Hon. R. L. Borden, Pre- 
mier of Canada 
Hon. G. H. V. Bulyea, Lt.-Gov. 
of Alberta 
Ron, Sir Rodmond P. Rohlin. 
K.("., M.G., Premier of Mani- 
Chief (Ka-nen-kew-yah) Ja- 
cob Salem Johnson, Deputy 

:\lathews, A. C. 
:\1eldrum, J. A. 
:\1itchell, G. G. 
::\1oss, C. A. 
:\[ulock, 'Y., Jr. 
:\1ulock, Cawthra 
Mowat, H. M. 
:\1yles, R. 
:\Iorris, Harold 
Osborne. H. C. 
Osborne. J. E. 
Osler, F. G. 
Outerbridge, L. C. 
Pepler, A. 
Pepler, C. 
Primrose, A. 
Pearson, J, A. 
Parmenter, R. H. 
Rathbun. E. "... 
Robertson, 1. E. 
Rohertson, J, S. 
Robinson, r. C. 
Rohinson, J. B. 
Ross, D. G. 
Rudolf, R. D. 
Stewart, A. M. 
Small, ,J. T. 
Small. H. C. 
Small, SidneY' 
Smith, .r. F. 
Smith, H. Edin 
Scott. J. 

trathy, K 
"-aldie, R. S. 
'Yalsh. .r. "-, B. 
'Yalkel'. "-. 
".arren. Trumhull 
'Yhitelwarl. ".. 1\1. 

:\1rs. J. R. Dignam 

::\lrs. Ellen Sutherland, Lancas- 
:\Iaj.-Gen. Samuel Peten; Jar- 
vis. C.1\r.G.. "
Mare, England 
:\Taj. J. G. Beam. Elora 
::\Tiss Charlotte F. Leonard. To- 
1\[,"s. Perley. Port Diver 
1\Ir. Harrington. Syr1ne
'. X. "- 
("harles Stayner. Halifax. X. S. 
Honorary Secretan", MiHs Het- 
en ::\1. :Merrill 
Honorary TI"f'asurer, :\[r. A. R. 
' rhaplain. Re\". ("a- 
non :\Tacnah 
Honorarv Genealog-ist. :\Tt-. E. 
::\1. rhad wick, K ,C'. 




Mr. C. E, Macdonald 
Major \y, X. Keefer 
Mr. E. A. Maclaurin 

The ExecutÏ\"e Committee and: 
Rev. Canon Alfred Brow
("01. A. H. Macdonald, Guelph 
Sir John Beverley Robinson, 
Edgewater, N. J. 
Lt.-Co1. J. J. Gregory, La- 
combe, Alberta 

::\11'. A. R. Davis 

.:\1rs. J. D. Tyrrell 
.:\'Iiss Emily Merritt 
Miss Laura Ryerson 
Mrs. Forsyth Grant 
Miss Strathy 
Miss uickson 
Miss Laura Clarke 
::\1rs. rocks 
Miss Carey 
Dr. Amelia Johnston 
Mrs. F. O. Loft 
Mrs, F. C. Law 
Dr. E. H. Adams 
Rir Allen Aylsworth 
Richard C. Babbitt 
Dr. 'Valton Ball 
Mrs. Bartholomew 
Maj. J. G. Beam 
Capt. M. S. Boehm 
E. Augustus Bog 
Robert Ross Bongard 
Mrs. Bradfield 
Mrs. Brereton 
Mrs. W. H. Burns 
Mr. Everett Bristol 
Mrs, M. W. Brown 
Dr. H. C. Burritt 
Mrs. Cadieux 
Mr. F. "\V. Carey 
Mrs. Bruce Carey 
Miss Lillie Carey 
Miss Zoe Carey 
Miss Maud Carey 
..J, S, Carstairs 
Mrs. Henry Cawthra 
E. M. Chadwick, Esq., K.C. 
Miss Chipman 
Miss Laura Clarke 
Miss :Kina M. Clarkson 
Dr. G. W. Clendennan 
R. H. Coleman 
H. H. Cook 
Robert Henry Cox 
Miss Harriett Crysler 
A. R. Davis 
Miss Annie Deeks 
Miss Florence Deeks 
Miss Mabel Deeks 
("01. G. T Denison 
G, T. Denison, Jr. 

Capt. Y. A. Hall 
Mr. J. S. Carstairs, B.A. 
Mr. F. Ü. Loft 
Mr. R. E. A. Land 

Mr. George H. Ham, Montreal 
Mrs. John J. Gemmel, Ottawa 
Egerton B. L. Hill, Vancouver 
Lt.-Co1. R. V{. Gregory, St. 
Mr. H. S. Seaman, 'Vinnipeg 
Lt.-Co1. H. ë. Rogers, Peter- 

Miss Hf'len M. Merrill 

l\liss F. A. Dickson 
Mrs. Dignam 
Mrs. Duu.nett 
('harles F. Durand 
E. E. A. DuVernet, K.C. 
!Jr. A. A. Dame 
'Yo G. Eakins 
Dr. L E. Embree, B.A. 
Dr. M. H. Embree, B.A. 
R, ,Yo Ferguson 
Mrs. Freeland 
Rev Dr. J. F. German 
Mr. R. P. Gilbert 
Capt. Forsyth Grant 
Mrs. Forsyth Grant 
R. Grass 
C'olumbus Greene 
G. D. Griffin 
".atson Griffin 
Capt. V. A. Hall, Canadian 
Military Institute 
Chester B. Hamilton, Jr. 
Mrs. C. B. Hamilton 
Miss Myra Hamilton 
Mrs. G. Harman 
::\1rs. J. A. Hetherington 
Mrs. Stephen Heward 
Mrs. Hicks 
Mrs. R, Stearns Hicks 
Prof. L. E. Horning , 
1\Irs. Stewart Houston 
A. McLean Howard 
Miss Humberstone 
Samuel Hunter 
J. B. 'Hutchins 
Mrs. Ireland 
Mr. Aemilius Jarvis 
A. M. Jarvis 
Dr. Amelia Johnston 
Major W. K. Keefer 
David Kemp 
Mrs. George Kerr 
Mrs. S. M. Ker
Mrs. R. "\\T. King 
Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick 
Mrs. F. McGillÏ\Tay Knowles 
John Neilson Lake 
R. E. A. Land 
1\frs. Law 
F. 0, Loft 

Miss Catharine Merritt 
Mrs R. Stearns Hicks 
Mrs. Edmund Phillips 

Mr. E. B. Merrill, B.A., 
B.A.Sc., Moose Jaw 
Co1. Hugh McLean, M.P., St. 
JOhn, N. B, 
L. Y. Chipman, Annapolis 
Ruyal, X. S. 
Mr, Hugh Munro, M.P.P., Al- 
exandria, Onto 

Co1. G. Sterling Ryerson 

Mrs. Ada B. MacCallum 
Miss J. J. MacCallum 
C. E. Macdonald 
Mrs. Grant Macdonald 
Miss Macdonald 
Angus Claude Macdonell, K.C. 
Alexander McLean Macdonell 
Mrs. R. S. McDonell 
Miss Isabel Mackenzie 
E. A. Maclaurin 
Mrs. Neil McLean 
\-Y. A. MacLean 
Rev. Canon Macnab 
Miss Helen M. Merrill 
Miss Catharine Merritt 
Miss Emily Merritt 
Lt.-Co1. 'V. Hamilton Merritt 
Mrs. Mary C. Millar 
Mrs. Morris 
H. M. Mowat, K.C 
R. S. Keville K.C. 
Herbert 'V. Korman 
Mrs. Noxon 
Mrs. E. O'Leary 
Mrs. Edmund Philllp
Mrs. Platt 
'Vm. Macaulay Pope 
Miss Flora Powel 
Mrs. R. A. pyne 
H. H. Robertson, K.C. 
Miss Ross 
Co1. G. Sterling Ryerson 
M. G. Sherck 
Mrs. Charles Scott 
ester G. Scott 
Lt.-Co1. G. A. Shaw 
Miss Ethel H. Shepherd 
Sidney Small 
Miss S. Smart 
Mrs, R. È. Smith 
Mrs. Withrow Stafford 
Dr. R. A. Stevenson 
Miss Strathy 
Edwin E. Switzer 
C. V. M. Temple 
Mrs. J. D. Tyrrell 
D. J. "\Valker 
Mrs. R. B. 'Yalker 
Mi!,g O. ,
. "ïdner 

University of Toronto Atheltic Association 
Prof. G. T. De Lury......,...,.................. President 
Jas. "\\-T. Barton, M.D.................... Secretary-Treasurer 



Victoria Club 

Patron - His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada. 
Fred J. Glackmeyer .................,............ President 
\Y. D. Ross .........,.......,..,............ Vice-President 
Lowman Yeo .......................... Secretary-Treasurer 
Fred J. Glackmeyer R. :\lillichamp G. H. :Muntz 
'V. D. Ross C'ol. Sweny A. D. MacArthur 
'V. de Leigh \nlson Harton \\"alker H. T. l\1c:\lillan 
J. Bryce Kay 
R. B. Beaumont .........,....................... Chairman 
Fred J. Glackmeyer \\T. D. \Vilson G. H. Muntz 
'V. D. Ross H. T. :\Ic:\Iillan \\Y. H. Burns 
Allan, Frank S. Combe, G. H. R. Hargreaves, W. A. 
Amsden, L. G. Coulson, D., Jr. Harman, Da \"idson M. 
Anderson, George Coulson, J. L. Harper, W. E, 
Anderson, G. M. Cowan, H. X. Harris, Charles B. 
Anderson, T. O. Crombie, R. L. Hart, M. Chase 
Anderson, T. 'Yo Cronyn, B. H. Harvey, Jas. C. 
Archihald, Dr. T. D. Cronyn, L. G. Hastings, C. A. 

-\.rmstrong, F. C. Cruso, John Hawes, Alfred 
Arnoldi, Frank, K.C. DaCosta, Ernest C. Hees, H. L. 

-\shworth, J. J. Dalziel, Xorman P. Henderson, David 
Baillie, F, ,Yo Davies, Dr. T. Alexander Henderson, Percy E. 
Baillie, J. W. Deeks, G. S. Henwood, Dr. J. :\1. 
Baird, H. Paxton Denison, 
\. R. Higginbotham, George 1\1. 
Baines, A. H. Doran, F. ",Y. Higgins, Guy C. 
Baker, Georg-e A. Detmold, P. G. Holland, F. :\1. 
Barker, A. B. DeWitt, Hiram X. Hollwey, T. \V. 
Barr, 'V. J. Donaldson, A. G. Horn, T. 'V. 
Beatty, E. P. Dryer, R. P. Houston, A. K. 
Beaumont, R. B. Duff, E. A. Howard, Louis A. 
Beers, P. M. Duncan, E. J. B. Hulett, J. E. 
Bell, George, K,C. Dwyer, Dr. R. J. Hutcheson, Y. H. E. 
Bender, C. A. Dyment, W. A. II'eland, A. H. 
Benedict, C. L. Edwards, D. C. In"ine, C. C. 
Benson, T. B. F. Elliott, Dr. George In:ing, Sir Aemilius 
Bickel, J. P. Elliott, Dr. J. E. .JaC'kes, Stuart Gibson 
Biggar, G. C. Evans, Dr. L. H. .Jellett, Morgan 
Black, J. C. Fellowes, C. L. Jemmett, Henry 
Bongard, C. "'Y. Ferrie, A. E. ,T ohnston, Frank B. 
Boyd, George Findley, Thos. Jones, Beverley 
Boyd, J. Tower Finucane, A. E. Jones, C. G. 
Bremner, J. A. Fletcher, A. G. Jones, T. Roy 
Brent, W. C. Foy, Frank C. ,Jones, ""Y. A. 1\1. 
Brophy, Harry Furse, H. R. Kane, P. H. 
Broughall, George Fergusson, J. L. Kearns, n. J. 
Brouse, "". H. Gale, J. 'V. Kemp, J. A. (". 
Brown, H. S. Gallanough, Dr. F. :1. Kerr, Frank \V. 
Browning, A. G. Ganong, J. Edwin Keys, P. C. R. 
Buntin, Alex. Gardiner, 'Y. R. B. Kilgour, .Toseph 
Burns, \V. H. Garnier, G. S. King, Samuel 
Brown, E. J. Stanley Garrow, E. F. Knight. C'. 'V. 
('ameron, A. B. Gihson, R. L. Kortright, E. .\. 
Cameron, Donal!1 A. Glackmeyer, Fred. J. Lake, Ernest 1\1. 
Cameron, J. A. C. Goldman, (". 8. A. Langmuir, F. L. 
Camphell, Dr. Colin Gooderham, X orman R. Lash, Z. G. 
Campbell, G. A. Gooderham, \Y. G. Lefroy, .\. G. 
Capon, Dr. F. .J. Gouinlock, G. H. Lefroy. E. H. 
Carley, David L. Goulding, ',"m. Lefroy, H. B. 
('ayley, F. O. Gower, E. P. LeonaI'll. C'has. J. 
Chadwick, E. A. E. Grant, 'V. H. Lightbourn, E. T. 
Charlewood. C. ß. Grant, \V. Hume Living-stone, J. Stanley 
Chipman, Col. J. D. Gra
r, J. E. Lockie, E. J. 
Christie, F \V nreene, Ernest A. Longwell, Alex. 
('lark, A. D. Greenshields, Geo. A. Lowe, J. G, 
('lark, Dr. (
. Day Gregg, A. H. Lowndes, C'. B. 
('lark, Dr. Harold Griffith, "T. A. :\JacArthur, \. D. 
('larke, T. Boucher Hanna, Hugh G. :\la('!1onald. Haro1<l "'''. 
Coleman, E. B. Hargraft, J. :\Iacùonald, J. Frast'r 



agents for 

W reyford & CO. 


Underwear and A II Specialties 

Aquatlte Rain Coats 
Ien in Gabardines, West of England Tweeds, and Single Textures, 
$6.50 to $18.00 


The Ideal in Hair Goods 

'Ve ask your patronage on the sole 
grounds of reliable goods and honest values. 
It is our policy to use only the ,,-ery highest 
grade of hair, and to spend on it the full 
time necessary to manufacture it in proper 
style. Thus our goods are ideal-you can 
absolutely depend on their reliability. 
Our Men's Toupee is the strongest made 
Toupee in the world. If there was anything 
better we would have it. 'Ve guarantee a 
perfect fit. 
Ladies will find our stock of all kinds of 
hair goods particularly a ttracth"e just now. 
We hold the sole Canadian Agency for 
the KestIe Permanent Wave, the process by 
which a lady's hair is waved and stay.. 
wa""ed for from six to twelve months. Call 
and get full particulars. '\Ve know you will 
be interested. 

The Pember Store, 
127- 129 Y onge St" Toronto 
N ext the Arcade. 





::\1acdonnell, J. D. 
Macfadden, J. A. 
Mackay, Lachlan 
Mackenzie, J. ,,
Mackie, A. T. 
Maclean, J. :\I. 
Macnamara, H. H. 

'lacneill, \v. C. 
::\1acPherson, Alex. 
Mallock, R. R. 
Mark, A. A. 
Martin, H. J. 
Martin, "T. H, 
Mayburry, Dr. A. ,,
Mead, C. T. 
Medland, "". A. 

1edland, "'. J. 
Merritt, R. X. 
Michie, E. R. 
Michie, Major J. F. 
Mickle, Prof. G. R. 
Mieville, A. Leo 
Miller, Dr. "". G. 
Millichamp, R. 
Milligan, 'V. R. 
Miln, James 
Miln, John, Jr. 
Monahan, T. Loul!'! 
Montgomery, J. B. 
Morgan, :\1 a rci I T. 
Morris, Harold 
Morton, J. D. 
Mul\"eney, ""m. 
Muntz. Gerard 
:\1untz. G. H. 
Murray, C'has. R. 
:\'lurray, Jas. 
Murray, J. S. 
:\1cC'lelland, D. '\1. 
l\1cC'ormack, E. D. 
:\1cGiffin, R. B. 
:\IcGregor, J. 1\1. 
McKnight, John 
:\lcLaren, Duncan 
McLaren, Dr. G. H. 
:\1cLeod, John À. 
:\IC'Leod, J. B. 
:\1cLeod, J. E. 
:\1cMillan, H. T. 
:\1c:\'lurrich, À. R. 
:\IcMurtry, 'V. E. 
:\Ic:\1urtry, 'V. J. 
:\1cWhinney, J. :\1. 
::\lcYittie, John 
Xear, 'L 'V. 
Xicholls, Fred. 
Xicholson, Rex. E. 
Xordheimer, Victor 
Xieholls, ""alter 
Xorcr01'!!';, J. ,Yo 

0' Brian, J. B. 
O'Grady, G. de C., Jr. 
O'Hara, James 
O'Reilly, Dr. .u. 
Olh:er, Fred G. 
Oliver, 'Yo H. 
Ormsby, R. P. 
Palmer, T. J. 
Parker, ,,
. H. P. 
Paterson, J. H. 
Payne, F. F. 
Pearcy, G. S. 
Pf'nnefather. E. T. B. 
Pentecost, R. ,,". 
Pepler, Dr. 'V. H. 
PerrY, George V. 
Perry, J. B. 
Plummer, H. L, 
Polson, Hugh 
Pope, 'V. W. 
Potter, Chas. E. 
Pringle, E. C. 
Pringle, H. "'V. 
Proctor, A. H. C. 
Ramsay, Allan 
Ra wlinson, Marmaduke 
Reeve. H. J. 
Riches, Dr. F. S. 
Ridout, D. C. 
Ridout, H. E. 
Ridout, J. E. 
Ritchie, George 
Roberts, A. 'V. S. 
Roberts, Henry X. 
Robertson, John A' 
Robertson, John Ross 
Robertson, J. S. 
Robertson, Percy L. 
Robin, C. E. 
Robinson, "'. P. 
Rolph, Frank A. 
RotherT, J. C. 
Ross, Dr. J. F. 
Ross, "'. D. 
Scandrett, H. B. 
Scholfield, H. C. 
Scofield, F. G. 
Scott, A. Lyall 
Scott, .J. N. 
Scott, Thos. :\1. 
Selhy, 'V. T. H. 
Sharp, J. O. 
Sheen. H, L. 
Shiell. Rohert 
Sheppard. Thos. H. 
Sinclair. R. A. R. 
Small, H. C. 

mith, .J. Gray!';on 

mith, Hugh F. 
Smith, "". R. 

myth, 'Y. R. 
Snelgro'\"e, Dr. Chas. Y. 

outham, Richard 

pence, F. R. 
Sproule, R. K. 
Stevens, D. B. 
Htewart, L. A. 
Stimson, Co!. G. A. 
Stovel, A. E. 

trathy, F. "T. 
Strickland, P. D'E. 
Strickland, W. D' E. 
Htrong, F. Talbot 
Swabey, Chas. 
Swney, Col. G. À. 
Sykes, Sydney B. 
Tait, Dr. Xelson 
Tandy, H. M. 
Tanner, F. ,,-. 
Taylor, A. 
Taylor, E. O. 
Taylor, H. E. 
Temple, C. Y. :\1. 
Taylor, 'V. D. 
Temple, "". 1\1. 
Thomson, "". "". 
Townsend, Sherman E. 
Tyrrell, J. B. 
Tomlinson, Wm. 
Thorne, Harold 
addell, Jno. B. 
'Vainwright, C. S. 
'Yalker, Hartun 
"'alker, '''m. 
'\Vallace, James 
'Valsh, E. H. 
'Yatson, J. P. 
'Varren, E. D. 
'Yeatherston, 'V. R. 
'''elsman. Frank S. 
'Yetherald, H. M. 
,Yhitehead, 'V. :\I. 
hiteside, H. P. 
"ïlkes. ,T. F. 
'Vilkes, ,Yo A. 
\Vilkin, J. }t. 
Wilkinson, ,J. 'V. 
'Yilliams, H. H. 
'Yilson, C'apt. R. R 
Iurray F'. 
'Yilson, \\". D. 
'Yuod, T. C'. 
\Yood, T. H. 
\\'ylie, J. Ridley 
Van Koughnet, Ernest H. 
Y t:'o, Lowman 
Young, R. B. 
Kay, ,J. Bryce 
Horsey, J. Ha

Women's Art Association of Canada 

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of C'onnaught 
The C'ountf'S8 of Minto The Countess Grf'Y 
Dignam ......, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Prf'sidf'nt 
FIOl'f'ncf' Df'ek!'; ......... . . . .. Hon'y Hec. Hecrt:'tary 
Enlil)' ('. ('ooIWr ..,.... ........ Hon'y Cor. Secl'f'tary 
Fanny L. Lindsay ........ Honorary Treasurer 
:\11's. D. n. Hanna 
Mrs. Gen. H, J'a rkyn 

:\[i 8S 

:\11'8. A. ,Yo Austin 
Mrs. J. Home C'ameron 

Lady Falconhrfdg-e 



Don Bremner 
C. A. B. Brown 
S. Brush 

H. B, Brush 
E. G. Staunton 
J. M. Lyle 
Dr. A. A. Macdonald 
Frank Gray 
John Lyle 
C'. G. Marlatt 

C. G. :Marlatt 
A. 'V. S. Roberts 
Do G. Bremner 

Alfred 'V. Smith 
E. K. M. Wedd 
C. A. B. Brown 

A. Roberts 
Dr. Albert Macdonald 

Women"s Canadian Club 

Miss Constance R. Boulton ...................... President 
Mrs. George Dickson .............. 0 . . . .1st Vice-President 
Dr. Helen MacMurchy .................. 2nd Vice-President 
Mrs. J. B. Tyrrell ...... . . .. '" .. .. ... Hon. Secretary 
Mrs. Allen Ramsay ..............,.. 0 . . . . .. Hon. Treasurer 

Women"s Musical Club 

Mrs. AU8tin ,............................... Hon. President 
Mrs. Arthur Peplar ..,........................... President 
Miss Grace Boulton ..., ..... .......... 1st Vice-President 
Mrs. vVallace Barrett . . . . .. . . . . 0 . . . .. 2nd Vice-President 
Miss Grace Smith ...................... 3rd Vice-President 

If Con1Ïng to Nefß.' York ir11Y Pay E':xcessi'l'e Hotel 
The Clendennin g 194 WEST 103rd ST, 
Select, Hon1e1ike, Economical; a Fan1Ïly Hotel of Quality and 
Refinement at Very Reasonable Rates. 
Suites of Parlor, Bedroon1 and Private Bath for two persons 
$2.00 daily, to Parlor, Three Bedroon1s and Private Bath at $4.00 
per day, for the Suite; not for each occnpant. 
Special Weekly and 1vlonthly Rates: rednction for SUl11111er n1onths. 
Write for descriptive booklet F with Map of City. 

Z 11 II lO I' 1& 11 I," 13 I 
 1;\ ., Z 

2 :)1 :)0 29 1IJ 2" 7615 2.!t
 Y 21 11 10 I!I lð 11 16 I
 1+ 13 11 Y 10 , 8 7 6 :, 4 ,) Z . 
)2 ;)' :}O n 2811 76 7
 21 J
 X 72 2\ 20 '9 .8 "' 16 15 I. .) 11 X .0 9 ð 7 6 :. . " 1 .1 
)2 '). )0 29 2ð " 26 lS 2. 23 W 11 11 10 ,q 16 IT 16 1:5 14 I
 U W '0 9 ð 1 6 b . ;) J , 
I '0 29 78 77 '6 U1413 V 11 1. 10 .5 \8 17 16 I
 11 .J " V '0 , t, 1 t! <J 4 .) 1 , 

O " 2L2.1 26 25 2+ 2:\ U 21 T 10 \9 . III \1 16 :I 14 13 . '1 T 10 , ð 7 6 
 4- ,) 1 
:)2 31 30 29 11 17 211 2:1 14 23 5 U 11 10 .9 '8 17 IG .:1 1+ I) '2 5 10 , ð 7 6 f> 4 .) 1 I 
.n )I 
 29 n 1T 76 U 14 1
 R 21 11 10 L9 111 17 16 II> 14 I;) ., R 10 9 8 7 G 5 4- J 1 I 
)2 :)1 :)0 29 18 17 16 U U 13 Q 11 I' 20 19 .8 17 t6 15 14 I) 12 Q .0 , 8 7 G :> 4 ,) 2 I 
32 :\I 30 19 18 17 16 7S 24 2
 P 2l 2. 10 19 18 17 16 
 14 I) 12 P 10 , 8 7 6 :5 4 ;) 2 I 

2 ::II 
 29 18 71 26 7
 14 2J 0 lZ 11 20 " 18 17 16 15 I. I) 12 0 lO- g 8 7 t! b 4 
 2 1 
:\2 )1 :>0 29 78 17 26 2J 14 1;) N 2l 21 20 19 '8 11 16 1:1 14 \) 11 N 00 , ð 7 6 Ô 4 d ) . 
- -- ' '-'- M 
32 31 30 19 28 17 76 75 H 23 M 12 ]1 10 19 Ii! IT 16 1:5 14 \3 12 10 .9 ð 7 6 ;) 4 ;:. 1 I 
32 31 30 29 '8 71 26 2
 14 13 L 21 ]1 20 I!) 18 17 .6 15 ,4- 1
 11 L 10 9 ð .,. 6 :, 4 ,) .l I 
31 " 30 79 18 17 16 15 '4 23 
 22 21 10 19 '8 17 I
 I:) 14 13 .2 K 10 , 8 1 f) b 4 ,) , I 
32 31 30 29 78 77 76 t
 24 73 cJ 12 ]1 20 I!I 18 .7 t6 IS 14 13 I' J ,0 9 8 7 6 [) .. 
 l. I 
31 .), .)0 29 28 77 ]6 1:- 14 2:) H 1'2 11 20 13 "' 17 16 I:' 1+ 13 "' H 10 ') 8 7 6 [) 4 J l I 
30 79 28 17 16 2
 '4- UZl G 2. ]0 19 18 17 It> 15 14 1:1 12 .. G 9 9 7 6 
 4 :3 J I 
28 11 16 ]:. 24 '3 U 21 F 20 19 16 17 '6 1:5 I. I
 11 II 1(, 9 F 8 7 6 b . .) , I 
16 ]5 74 n 17 11 20 E " '8 11 16 1:1 14 13 \2 " 10 9 II E T 6 
 " ;) :L I 
24 73 Jt" 20 " 0 1& 17 16 I
 14 13 11 II 10 9 e 7 0 6 :, .. 3 2 , 
2t 21 10 19 .8 C 17 IC I
 14 13 \2 .. 10 9 6 7 6 C b .. ., 1 :?:
B,)X D , 72 21 20 I' .8 B 17 .6 15 14 13 '2 II 10 9 6 7 6 B ô 4- ., 1 
) n l' 70 I' 1& A 17 16 15 14- 17t 12 II 10 9 8 7 6 A 
 . ð 2 . \ 
Bo"C\ (BwA 



] h[ 



Telephone N, 3351 





, ÁBoxß-


. ti 




fLO 0 R 
q.r 'ALL 








Phone Adelaide 629 

The Reliable Cleaners 
and Dyers 

. 31 3 AND 31 5 KING STREET, WEST 

Renew Soiled Garments, such as Men's and Wo- 
men's Flannel Suits, Waists, Fine and Delicate 
Laces, Gowns, Wraps, Evening Cloaks, Silks, 
Satins, Velvets, Hats, Gloves and Feathers. 

FItTS Cleaned Like New 
P ERSIAN LAMB, Seal, Otter and the expensive 
Ermines, Mole, Marabou, Mink, Chinchilla, 
Tibet, Squirrel, etc. The new process is the only 
one which prevents yellowish spots in white 


JfTe Help the H oltsekeeþei
F INE CARPETS, expensive Oriental Rugs, 
Draperies, Blankets and Comforters, by our 
process are restored to their original color and 
made to look like new. 

Quick Service 
O UR AUTOS call and deliver to all parts of 
the city. 


. Toronto Club List 

I-Albany Club 
dra Lawn Bowling Club 
3-Arts and Letters Club 
4-0ntario i\Iotor Le,ague 
Iountain Fishing Club 
6-Canada Lawn Bowling Club 
7-Canadian Club of Toronto 
8-Canadian Folk Lore Society 
9-Canadian Institute 
lo-Canadian l\Iilitary Institute 
I I-Canadian Society of Authors 
12-Canadian Society 'of Civil En- 
13-Canadian Women's Press Club 
-Cartwright Club 
15-Clef Club 
16-Conservatory Fortnightly Club 
17-Cuckoo Valley Fishing Club 
18-Dickens Fellowship 
19-Empire Club 
20-Engineers Club of Toronto 
2 I-Graphic Arts Club 
22-Granite Club 
23-Hamilton Jockey Club 
-Home l\Iusical Club 
25-Imperial Order of Daughters 
of the Empire 
26-Ladies' \1 usical Association 
27-Lakeview Golf and Country 
28-Lambton Golf and Country 
29-l\ladawaska Club 
30-:\Iendelssohn Club 
3I-:\Iissassauga Golf Club 
32-:\Iuskoka Lakes Association 
33- The '\J ational Club 
3..j.-N' orth Toronto Golf Club 
35-()ntario Club 
36-0ntario Historical Society 
37- 0nt ario J ockcy Club 
38-0ntario Socicty of Artists 
39-Parkdale Travel Club 


40-Parkdale Ten'nis Club 

I-Queen City Yacht Club of. 
Toronto, Ltd. 
42-Rosedale Golf Club 

rravel Club 

+-Round Table Club 
45- Ro yal Canadian Academy of 
4 6 - Ro yal Canadian Yacht Club 
47- Ro yal :\Iilitary Clab ,of Can- 
ada (Toronto Branch) 
+8-Saturday Club 
50-Strollers Club 
5 1- Thi rteen Club, The 
5 2 - 'I'oronto Canoe Club 
53-Toronto Club 
54-Toronto Curling Club 
55-Toronto Golf Club 
56-Toronto Hunt Club 
57-Toronto Ladies' Club 
58-Toronto Local Council of Wo- 
59-Toronto :\Iotor Boat Club 
60- Toronto Racquet Club 
61-University Club 
62-University GoLf Club 
63-University Women's Club 
64-\Vanderers, The 
65- Women's Art Ass'n of Canada 
66-Women's Canadian Club 
67-Women's Canadian Historical 
n's ì\Iusical Club 
69-York Club 
7o-Scarboro Golf & Country Club 
7 I-Victoria Club 
72-Badminton Club 
.73-Heliconian Club 
74-Deutchcr Verein 
75-United Empire Lo
 alists Assn. 
76-Canadian 1'ravel Club 
77-Canadian Art Club 
78-Rosc Societ
 of Ontario 


"".. . 


' \












 ' . .






 " .. : , ,,
'\ ,


, . ' 
' " 

 \11 ,