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bobashela '76 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation 

bobashela 1976 

maribeth megehee, editor 

peg wahrendorff, assistant editor 

bill presson, business manager 



", ■'r:^ 


come into the mountains, 
dear friend 

leave society and take 
no one with you 

but your true self . . . 

get close to nature 

your everyday games will be 

notice the clouds spontaneously 
forming patterns 

and try to do that with your life. 

susan polis schutz 

r.;*T • 



mAM'i k . 

dedication . . . 

i asked professors who teach the meaning 

of life to tell me what is happiness, 
and i went to famous executives who boss the 

work of thousands of men. 
they all shook their heads and gave me a 

smile as though i was trying to fool 

with them, 
and then one Sunday afternoon i wandered 

out along the desplaines river 
and i saw a crowd of hungarians under the 

trees with their women and children 

and a keg of beer and an accordion. 

carl sandburg 















he who receives ideas from me, re- 
ceives instruction himself without less- 
ening mine; as he who lights his taper 
at mine receives light without dark- 
ening me. 

— thomas Jefferson 


edward m. collins, president 

j. harvey saunders. dean of faculty 

i -r*-^* 

paul hardin, registrar 

John Christmas, dean of admissions 

martha neal, president's office 

jean napier, dean's office 

jack woodward, dean of men and director of financial aid 

jane corder, dean of women 

business office 
dianp pcarson ((.(inlrnllcr), dlii.r bunlcrs. di)ri>lhy nclth'S, p.iltic pitts. wdrrcnc lee 

registrar's offic;e 

mdi'V alkiiisdn. Siini brciiiks, [icirl dyer. Ikm uciodiird 

nancy white, business affairs 

data processing 
rehecca davis. ruth powell, peggy foster 

mark Herbert, admissions 

attiv martella, dark henderson, floy holloman 

kathryn lefoldt, ac hostess 

clairo schmid, student affairs office 

ancient languages 

due to the renewed emphasis on the classics, 
zeus, from his throne on mt. olympus, has 
found favor with millsaps college, the only 
tragedy is the appearance of a trojan horse 
that is concurrent with exams. 

the professors of the latin department are at- 
tempting to resurrect the latin language, as 
students are repeatedly told that latin is not 

efforts to point out the influences of latin 
and greek in our history and languages are 

"ad excellentium!" 

richard freis (not pictured, Catherine freis) 

lucy webb millsaps 

magnolia coullet, latin and music 
rufus turner 


although the millsaps art department 
does not offer a major in art, it is ex- 
cellent in teaching the art of pot-throwing 
(smoking?), the department facilities are 
spacious, well-lighted and well-equipped 
and there are two full-time faculty mem- 
bers who frequently put on exhibitions, 
the new head of the department, mr. 
turner, hopes to develop an art major in 
the future, he also envisions enclosing the 
ac parking lot to make a metal-works 

sullivan-harrell appears as a temple which is occupied by a pecuUar religious order whose center of glorifica- 
tion is "the magnificence of the microscope" and "the benevolence of the bunsen burner." the spectrum of 
personalities in s.h. ranges from the intellectual introvert, to the enlightened evolutionist, to the ego-tripping 
ecologist. the faith which the populace of s.h. possesses does not go untested, many exercises in futility are 
devised to develop perseverance, a frequently used trial is the search for "the almighty unknown," a quest 
which is fervently pursued by the members of the chema congregation! the subjects of sullivan-harrell shake 
and quake in fear of the ever-present question, "where will judgment day find you— in the glory of the A's or 
in the ignominy of the F's?!? 


.•■''•." •,;54T:V-.. ■'..■,. .J >«•' 

rondal bell 
iames mckeown 

eric yensen 
robert nevins 

alien bishop 

roy berry 


eugene cam 


courses in this department can be a lot of fund, 
the first lesson learned is the golden rule: "he 
who has the gold, rules." and speaking of rules, 
they just aren't up to par anymore, students 
have converted to calculators and, better still, 

it might be a great risk to leave the lights on in 
the ac perpetually; however, most will agree 
this is allocatively efficient because business 
students just love those night classes. 

a contribution to the department's goodwill is 
its own "invisible man." the students declare 
he's been around because bulldozer tracks 
have been spotted on the lawn and an empty 
lunch box sits on his desk to remind all that 
there's no such thing as a free lunch. 

frank frohnhoeier 


murrah 301, our home away from home, 
where we, the 'future teachers of amer- 
ica', collect thousands of hand-outs, make 
lots of learning centers, and learn to be- 
come creative (i.e. individualize instruc- 
tion), by such instruction, we are then 
supposedly prepared to face the "wilds" 
of the american school system . . . only to 
become flustered, trampled, and angered 
when we find that nothing works. 

just pass out the workbooks and that'll 
keep 'em busy!! 

myrtis meaders 

ira harvey 

linda harvey 


contrary to popular belief, the english tlepartment is 
alive and well, lurking in the halls of murrah, ready 
to leap out and pounce on unsuspecting visitors and 
english majors alike, grimaces on our faces can in- 
dicate any number of dire events— papers due, tests 
taken or returned, exams, or that worst horror of all: 
oral and written comps. 

once a semester we shake off our stu[K)r long 
enough to enjoy the english i:hil) p.irty, bringing oul 
membership that hasn't been seen since the last 

our common suffering holds us together, a loose but 
long-lasting bond of mutual loathing for required 
and recommended courses, and through it all, we 
are assured that we will look back on these years as 
the happiest time of our lives. 

mildred morehead 

george boyd 



leroy percy 

dan hise 


in "what might be" your geology depart- 
ment, one learns all about rocks, here stu- 
dents are exposed "in a ballpark way" to the 
"meat and potatoes" of the study of our 
home— the planet earth, when taking geol- 
ogy you get to attend class with an umbrella 
because the chemistry department can't 
keep the water where it should be and it 
rains in the lecture room, this c;an he an atl- 
vantage, though, because rocks can get aw- 
fully dirty, courses taught here help make 
traveling much more interesting, as one has 
the opportunity to reminisce about the de- 
partment whose motto is "clean dealings in 


Wendell Johnson 
Charles sallis 

take one fanatic "fred harris for president" 
fan, add a couple of CiU'tons of cigarettes, 
mix well, then stir in (if you can) a purple 
suit or a touch of green and yellow leisure 
slacks, and a summer spent in england. com- 
bine with a touch of senility that thi- 
alumnae won't let g(j of, ,ind a (i hour course 
guaranteeti to put you to slec^p. b.ike shortly 
to bring out the real flavor and theic you 
have it— the millsaps history department. 



. i 





ron goodbread 
ross moore 

frank lancy 
bob mcelvainc 

hnrman niiki 


. . . ktiupiiiH its sliuldnts' spirits aiiovc 
the X-axis. Ironi multiplication to Ihi- 
taylor st;rifs. you always know what's 
adding uj) lor you in these classes ex- 
cept for those students who met a 
mouse and louPid him to be a lat . . . 

sam knox 
marv rohinson 

arnold ritchie 
billy bufkin, Spanish 

ibert shive 

modern languages 

bonjour! buenos dias! guten tag! 

those are the typical greetings one might hear at 
the beginning of a language class, three times a 
week th(!y gather to hear talks of china, plans for 
the next wine and cheese party, or the professor's 
favorite "chiste" followed by readings in Cer- 
vantes, goethe and sartre. 

judy Johnson, french 

; / 





John gunst, german 

nellie hederi, Spanish 

(ionald kilmer 

hilliarii sauiulrrs, frcnch 


a day in the Hfc of a music major can be; hectic, liach and 
mozart take serious roles as they follow the student nuisi- 
cian from early morning thi'ory classes to lessons ,ind 
hours and hours of practicing, then finally to weekly 
repetoire classes, in the late hours of evening, when the 
budding star retuiiis to \\\v. dorm, it's frank zappa at full 

leland bvler 







a . 










" ■'•■ ^ ■ 

:^..— ; 

mc carrell avers 
louise byler 


frank polanski 


the esstmce of the philosphy department lies 
within the realms of the cc where we are al- 
ways puzzled over the old utilitarian theory 
of "the greatest good for the greatest num- 
ber." why doesn't it hold true when grades 
are issued? most of us find ourselves at the 
point of moderation, with a grade of "c" 
(shall we refer to this as the "golden 

"I think; therefore I am." if we take philoso- 
phy, then we become great thinkers??? 

robert bergmark 

physical education 

millsaps is not only an institution for 
strengthening the mind, but it is also a place 
where one can strengthen the body, great 
achievements have come about in the "meat 
department" since they moved into the pac. 
this year only two people were shot in arch- 
ery class, only one bowling ball went 
through the floor, and the number of heart 
failures due to jogging has declined 

the department offers a course where stu- 
dents can learn how to maintain their 
strong, healthy bodies, perhaps more impor- 
tant is the games class, in which students 
learn to take care of other peoples' bodies. 

michael mitias 
James montgomery 


harper davis 
tommy ranager 

even if you do learn how to apply the theory of 
relativity, you'll never make it through one of 
beardsley's tests, but you'll be able to appreciate 
apples falling from trees and pushing boxes up 

this department is the best equipped; the only 
problem is finding someone who knows how to 
use it. 

george beardsley 

political science 

the professors with awe-inspiring 

abilities and more. 
from the opinions of ilougjas to the 

words of marx 
the best, though, comes not from 

ac 334 
but from the bouneinj^ of the tennis ball 

and the foxtrot on the dance floor. 


.-/r- r^'^^'^^j 


'4 y^^ T.F*'-.'^ W^?S^y®W^^ 

inthony ruprecht 
russ levanway 

John quincy atlams 


heading the psychology departmeni at millsaps college, tlr. 
russ levanway can be found on the tennis courts almost as of- 
ten as he is heard relating an old but classic story in the class- 
room, dr. levanway's sidekick in elsinore is Ihe le.irned dr. ed- 
mund venator who frequently is seen with a cup of coffee in 
his hand and an air of skeptical openness about him. 


despite reported rumors of the emergence 
of a new theory, the religion department 
continui^s to convey the old. could the 
bomb thrcMls have been a prophecy of 
things to come for the real composers of 
this reported theory? perhaps "junior" 
could submit a revelation on this matter— 
if only h(! could talk! we are confident, 
however, that drs. lewis and rtuff will re- 
main faithful to Ihe entl. 

t.w. lewis 
(^d venator 

lee reiff 



* » * 1 1 


while ms. is in the business of liberation, deviation and 
urbanization, dr. murray races about gathering data in 
an effort to uncover the causes of social order and co- 
hesion in elsinore. the students feel that one indepen- 
dent variable is the spirits that are internalized at each 
social gathering at that anonymous country estate, per- 
haps there are latent functions of those gatherings after 

paul murray 


theatre is: 

the inspired directing of slar-maker lance goss, 

sometim(>s talented acting, 

pounds and pounds of make-up, 

gallons and gallons of coffee, 

rehearsals in the evening, making sets all night. 

and sleeping all day, 
and who goes to classes when you're tloing u play? 

frances coker 

lance goss 


(seated I. lo r.) frances boecknun, lillian cooley, carole 
moore, floreada harmon 

(standing I lo r) ann ratchlord, i.inics parks, gcrry reiff, 
cdith biivvie 

bonnie callfndpr, sh divisions 

dorm mothers 

kalhu'n llcming, grace copeland, suzy flowers, ma price 

ramon, a.c. custodian 


shcryl hux, torn stiinloril, millic vvclty 

nichols, security 

joe lee gibson. dormkeeper 

patty fennell, dispensary 

alice acy, grill 

bernice, cafeteria 


'- •il. -» .c'jjffli!*"3i3(0il* 

Catherine frcis, greek 

may brown, brenda edmonson, gri 

joe bracey 

clyde ballard, business computer 


don fortenberry, chaplain 


ken walker, o.c. crosby, robert jarvis 

- -^jj^'" 


the child is the father of the man 

Jamie chastain (sr 

royce garvin (sr.), owen patterson (sr.), david anderson (sr.) 

Janet bergman (sr.), ken groue (sr 

patsy pharr (sr.), marsha mccarty (sr.) 
dtin finni (io( k (si 



waiter wofford (sr.), laura damon helvenston (sr.) 
alan cameron (sr.) 

margaret williams (sr.) 
bette weems (sr.), diane mcmullen (sr.) 

syd Conner (sr.), ethcbet hart (sr.), bob smith (jr.), ken groue (sr.) 

david vicknair (sr.), Joyce posey (fr.), mike 
posey (fr.) 

robin robinson (sr.), jacy hill (soph.) Hubert thompson (sr. 

gladney (soph.) 

denise ladner (sr.), janet bergman (sr.), carolyn skinner (sr.), cindy davenport (sr.), susie roberson (sr.), 
laveile (jr.), susan strong (sr.) 


frank hays (sr.), fred mcewen (sr.), tommy cochran (sr.) 

I: ^!W 

don messer (sr.), syd Conner (sr.), david anderson (sr.), ed brown 




\v \ ' 


adren mccoy (jr.), marcia mckee (sr.), toni walker (jr.), cae ivy (jr.), charlene abraham (jr.' 

marcia paxton (sr.) 

nancy lang (jr.), jenny bates (jr.) 

• / 

Stan axsmith (jr.) 

hut^l Harris (jr.), harold donahue (jr.^ 

celeste draffen (fr.), joy chastain (fr.), gloria steinwinder (jr.), jan dickson (jr.), lynn brumfield (jr.), jigs dantin 
(jr.), debbie salvant (soph.), beverly clement (soph.) 


deborah madden (soph.), rob wells (jr.) martha hutchison (soph.), bntt hill (jr.; 

Steve Jenkins (jr.), betsy goldman (jr.), mike robertson (jr.) 


|()hiiny m.iyniir (jr.), bettie hicks (fr.) 
g;iil Stanton (jr.), toni mcmillan (jr.), blanche vvilliams (jr.) 

pamela gressett (jr.) and son 




'««-''^..:'"'v ••^■' 

peg wahrendorff (jr.), gail gober (soph.) 

tre/ )oneb (jr) susan tsimortos (soph ) 

mike Harrison (jr.) and friend 

>.-^v ~ 

'T"^> . 




f - 

jerry hazlip (jr.), skidmore waller (jr.) 


jeff moseley (jr.' 

mark eppes (sr.), steve wilsey (jr.), billy cUiott (jr.), david franklin (sr.), steve germany (jr.), jeff tye (sr.), bob 
crook (jr.) 

mark buys (fr.), rusty buys (sr.), pat kirby (jr.) 

gloria steinwinder (jr.), hugh dark (jr.), sarah louise loewenberg (soph.), anna furr (jr.; 

rick grisham (jr.), paul walker (jr.), 
trez Jones (jr.), tracey sweet (fr.), jack ritter (jr.) wayne watson (jr.) 

mike Stevens (sr.), doug minor (jr.) cindy crowe (soph.), tomas blackwell 

Steve whatley (sr.), raymond carmeans (soph.), 

(jr.). betty mckinnon (jr.), charlie waters (soph. 

susin mitchfll (fi ) kc ith v\ ildo v\ lUh n ()i 






'-A . 


«0. "^-t^-: 

c.j. larkin (fr.), mike bryant (jr. 

phillip mink (sr.), don brady (sr.). mike vest (fr.; 
Silas mccharen (fr.). ron sloan (fr.; 

find the missing objects: terry young (soph.), scott boswell 
(soph.), bill hymers (soph.), jim watts (soph.), frank appleby 
(soph.), Steve mcalilly (jr.), bill mcalilly (soph.), bryan miller (jr.; 

donna howell (sr.), elizabeth alien (sr.), marsha mccarty (sr.), patsy pharr 

,. J It \ ■ U-1W u\ (sr.), cindy guild (sr.) 

lindsey green (ir.), jacy hnl (soph.), sue ' ' ■' " ^ ' 

"^ P y U •) fjpgt row: rob wells (jr.), steve dean (soph.), billy gober (jr.), les Cunningham (soph.); 

second row: don bailey (soph.), robert gaston (jr.), steve laney (jr.), david carroU 
(soph.), rickey graham (sr) mark ikner (soph.) 

^:^?mT .-'^ 

bill leech (soph. 

warren robinson (soph.), keith thrash 

loyd loftin (fr.), jimmy dempsey (soph.), janet hall (jr.), susan tsi- 
mortos (soph.), beth edwards (soph.), terri lind (soph.), friend, donna 
doorenbos (soph.), rusty williard (soph.) 

pat dickens (soph.), gale mallette (soph.) 

nancy clarkson (soph.), robin whatley (jr.), marsha mchenry (soph.), sally lawrence (soph.), leah melichar 
(soph.), cindy sanders (soph.), isabelle ezelle (soph.) 

holly hollingsworth (soph.), carol middlestead (soph.), hugh ted- rem macnealy (soph, 

der (soph.) 

marie waller (soph.), belinda nichols (fr.) terry toler (fr.), rebecca brent (soph.), sharon senders (fr.), 

theresa prescott (soph.) 

laurie brown (jr.), bill presson (jr.), friend, charlie waters (soph.), betty mckinnon (jr.), terrel Williams (sr.), 
cindy crowe (soph.), jim dark (soph.), jeff willers (jr.; 

cindy milton (jr.), pam safstrom (fr.), karen Crawford (soph.), toni lord (soph.), shewn harper (fr.), June Johnson 

huel harris (jr.), bill simmons (fr.), tim dulaney (fr.), andy cotten 

(jr.), paul cullen (soph.), pete lewis (jr.) jimmy dempsey (soph. 

jerry fortenberry (soph.), jimmy ranager (soph.), mrs. ezell, ray hale (soph.), brian kleppinger (soph.), ken 
hippie (soph.) 

darrell thigpen (soph.) 

n ihl r( ill\ (soph ) f^reg anthony (fr ) david reilly (soph.) 

michael vest (fr.), pat lucovich (sr.), clay pouse (fr.), robert gaston 
(jr ), bettie box (soph ), martin lindspy (jr ) mark brlrhrr (soph 

N.w,'^J*tf;t.-,WJ.-.~ ..*^!isi 

James Holland (soph.), martha hutchison (soph.) cheryl williams (sr.). terilyn 

fluker (soph.) 

lisa easterling (fr.), carol middlestead (soph.), don hradshaw (jr 

V ->^' ■••:;':::,^.\' - i,- 


donnie macmillan (soph.), jerry hazlip (jr.), don brady (sr.), judson williams (fr.) 

first row: nancy clarkson (soph.), bill wilburn (jr.), susan mitchell (fr.), keith walden (jr.), John currie (sp.), 
linda luck (fr.): second row: bryan friddle (jr.), betty box (soph.), teresa liles (soph.), daryl plunk (jr.), dennis 
mcintosh (jr.); third row: mona Conner (fr.), barry cockrell (jr.), cuyler dodson (fr.), renee ethridge (soph.), ed 
walker (soph.) 

(km h ill I (ipli ) I 1 ulli.i iKiilk:! (!r.) 

nhoung pham (fr.) 

rob wells 
holly holl 

(jr.), deborah madden (soph.), karen Jenkins (fr.), david carroll (soph.), martha hutchison (soph.), 
ingsworth (soph.), steve dean (soph.) 

sharon harvey (fr.), charlene rosonthal (fr.), Joyce posey (fr.), jana 
walker (fr.), cristi roberson (fr.), cindy bourgeois (fr.) 

|)i'(lrr Johnson (fi.), |(ihn jctmundscn (fr.) 

raymond carmeans (soph.), melissa hudspeth (sr.), char- 
lene abraham (jr.), pat kirby (jr.), robin whatley (jr.) 

vera butler (fr.), renita cotton (fr.' 

kim nash (fr.), dean foley (jr.). nndia Miiith (fr.^ 

first row: sally eaten (jr.). kerry matheny (jr.), margaret lawrence (soph.), gail doss (jr.), gloria steinwinder (jr.), 
lynn brown (jr.); second row: cathy baudry (soph.), pam turner (jr.), sally sudduth (soph.), cindy wilson (soph.), 
debbie salvant (soph.) 

m ^ ^ 

^ '^'Y^ 


ben dark (fr 

cheryl geesey (fr.), sheldon mahaffey (fr.), bobbie white (fr.). ben 
dark (fr.) 

front: frank brown (fr.), perry Wallace (fr.), reggie stanton (fr.); 
rear: terry Wallace (fr.), travis lane (fr.) 

susan mceuen (fr.' 

^- . 


i "" 

1 f 

huul Harris (jr.) laurie brown (jr.), charlie waters (soph.), cindy crowe (soph.), terrel williams 

(sr.), Carole derise (soph.) 

george eyrich (jr.), ray geoghegan (fr.), bill rigby (jr.), monroe gartrell (fr.) 

ray callender (jr.), morris parsons (soph.), jerry hazlip (jr.) 
lisa lowe (fr.), norma gardner (fr.^ 



minam lambert (sr.) 
reilly morse (fr.). 

randall boyd (fr.), monie simpkins (fr.), david hassell (fr. 

clay rouse (fr 

martin lindsey (jr.), terri lind (soph.), robert gillon (jr.), torn Jor- 
dan (jr.), rebecca estes (jr.), syl metz 

laurie cordua (fr.^ 

kanok wongtrangen (sp.). Heu b. nguyen, nhuong pham- 
van (fr.) 

John fry (fr.), bill simmons (fr.), charlie backstrom (fr.; 

Vickie viale (fr.), bobbie white (fr.), trey thomas (fr 

mark bailey (fr.), kurt henke (fr.), kenny davis (fr.^ 

peder Johnson (fr.), matt harkey (fr. 

? X f y^ /n 

^• r?:..-^=i .>-^-5>,. /iJ.^Srr^ 

ben dark 

Sylvia Jacobs (fr.), sharon moore (soph.), belinda nichols (fr.). marie waller (soph.), brenda jones (fr. 
(fr.), mike posey (fr.), joe doussan (fr.), John adamson 

susan young (fr 


terry Wallace (fr.), earl stewart (soph.), perry wall- cheryl hunt (fr.) janu (> mahr^ (fr ) 

^ ■' paula painter (fr.), don bradshaw (jr.), diane dickey (fr.), nancy rose- 

boom (fr.), scott raff (fr.), Sidney clukey (fr.); foreground: marcia pax- 
madhu sharma (fr.) ton (sr) ddvid bell (sr ) 

1^ 'm^ ^ . 7^^^-i?ff^-^/4$|yAy''<'^j^<p%r'P 

^' *i. ^M 1^ ^^t 5.4# 

fei ^^i^0 

tina kiefer (fr.), cindy hoUiman (fr.), lynda price (fr.). rita russell ffr.' 

rederick gwako (fr.), Joseph beyem (fr.), adeboye makinde (sr.; 

david Carroll (soph.), martha hutchison (soph 

greg loyd (fr.), monie simpkins (fr.), bill lancaster (fr.), mi- charlotte correll (fr.), david cttman (fr.^ 
chael mansour (fr.) 

mary lloyd (sr.), cindy guild (sr.), betsy holmes (sr.). charlene abraham (jr.), elizabeth alien (sr.), betty chirk 
(sr.), ellen leggett (sr.), lindsay shallcross (jr.) 

tim ayers (fr.), wayne watson (jr.), bo wroten (fr.), hunter lundy (sr.), mark buys (fr.). trex morris (fr.), sonny 
aldy (sr.), ronnie jurney (jr.), sieve haygood, steve whatley (sr.), dan richards (jr.), stan axsmith (jr.), mike harri- 
son (jr.). mark ikner (soph.) 

cindy marsalis (fr.), michele bermudez (fr.), laura adkins (fr.^ 


«j"w^ wavrmn- J- 


■ 1311 

Pp^ r 

fer^— r 

■ iMI IT 

1 B ■ ^.Mm 

jana walker (fr.), mary martin (fr.), david carroll (soph.), charlene rosentha! (fr.^ 

paula purser (soph.), paul watkins (jr 





good and evil i see is to be found, in all 
societies, and it is in vain to seek for 
any spot where those ingredients are 
not mixed. 

—St. John de crevecoeur 

student senate 

s.e.b. officers: 


1st vice president 

2nd vice president 



jigs dantin 
jim wofford 
karen gladney 
gloria steinwinder 
donna doorenbos 

the student senate at millsaps serves over the non-aca- 
demic areas of the college that are the responsibility of 
students, this organization is the spokesman for the 
student body on all matters concerning students. 



jim wofford. james Holland, laurie brown, donn.i doorenbos. sIcvp r 
rulh lloyd, lindsey green, not pictured: il.inny bnwIinH. lucy burru.s. da 

icalilly. mike .slovens, gloria steinwinder. jigs dantin, david hassell, 
id Carroll, .shawn evans, karen gladney, lloyd gray. c.j. larkin. Hubert 

the college senate has the purpose of giving effective, 
responsive and responsible governance to the entire 
millsaps community, the three college constituencies- 
administration, faculty and student-all come together 
to delegate authority and reviev^ decisions of the col- 
lege senate which affect the life of the entire college. 

college senate 

first row; mark eppes, hugh dark 

second row: dr. mcelvaine, dr. shive, cooper morrison, david anderson 

third row; dr. laney, dean saunders, dr. sweat, dean woodward, dr. harvey, dr. saunders 

not pictured: dr. bishop, mrs. blackwell, jimmy dempsey, james holland, jigs dantin, dr. knox, debbie salvant, dr. venator 

bruce fairburn 
robert gaston 
cindy guild 
donna howell 
eugene jackson 
leslie mims 
doug minor 
robin randall 
margaret wilson 
morgan yeates 

standing: robert gaston, leslie mims. cindy guild 
seated: eugene jackson, margaret wilson, donna howell. 
robin randall 

purple & white 

,. J 




bill ray, business manager 
jimmy dempsey, editor 

Steve germany, fall editor 

mark belcher 

clay rouse 

david bourgeois 

bruce mckinley 

lee howell 

lloyd gray 

danny bowling 

don brady 

dennis mcintosh 

phillip mink 

frank burton 

reilly morse 

margaret Williams 

obie Clayton, assistant editor 

peg wahrcndorff. assistant editor 

bill presson. business manager 

U«..^«i«i4 I VI 


upper left, photographers: 
ted ruemke 
phillip maples 
torn herold 

lower left: sandra Johnson 
cindy rosson 
karen nolan 
barbara smith 

upper right: sarah louise loewenberg 
anna furr 
carol albrillon 

lower right: robin randall 
terrel Williams 
gloria steinwinder 
toni walker 

millsaps singers 

first row: donna doorcnhiis. blanchi' Williams, lisa lowc, |ac:y hill, linda wells, lynda price, ruhy howers, heth Conner, deborah madden, 

laura adkins, marian woffurd, rebecca brent, lucy biirrus. robin randall; 
.second row- elizabelh harwell (accompanist), mary witten. sherry pearson, c.j. larkin. toni mcmillan. beverly clement. kath\ byler. theresa 

prescott, betty dark, ruth lloyd, Joyce posey. gail stanton. janet hall, betty mckinnon; 
third row: bill leech, jimmy ray, alan hunter, mike mcdonald, frank burton, jim matheny, jimmy boone, ralph nieder-weslermann. hill 

ri^by, Wayne milner, rob rice: 
fourth row: bob ross, jim duncan, bob smith, John stark, mark youn.nblooil, |oe reiff, bob lyle, ste\e hall, ray geoghegan, jimmy ranager, jim 
dark, hugh dark. 

second row: elizabeth Harwell (accompanist), mary witten, sherry pearson, c.j. larkin. toni mcmillan. beverly clement, kathy byler, Ihcresa 
prescott, betty dark, ruth lloyd, Joyce posey, gail Stanton, Janet hall, betty nic:kinnon: 

fourth row: bob ross, jim duncan. bob smith, John stark, mark youngblood, joe reiff, bob lyle, steve hall, ray geoghegan, jimmy ranager, jim 
dark, hugh dark. 


a remarkably talented, versatile group of young per- 
formers, they have ammassed a wealth of experience in a 
few short years: six international tours, including jaunts 
to europe, the Caribbean, iceland, newfoundland, and ro- 
mania: countless appearances within their home state (at 
art festivals, carnival balls, civic and church functions) as 
well as in Colorado and mexico; guest appearances with 
the memphis symphony orchestra and on television: not 
to mention the annual spring concerts at millsaps, and 
numerous other special performances. 

throughout the years the troubadours have continueil to 
demonstrate their talent, versatility, and enthusiasm. 
thereby fulfilling a traditional concept of troubadours: 
taking their talents to the people. 

lynne picl^elt. director and a(.(;ompcinist 
joy chastain 
brad carter, guitar 
Stacy Jenkins 


bob smith 
elizabeth bar 
sally eaton 
jini duncan 
ward emling 
jan dickson 
beverly clement 
Steve Jenkins, bass 
alan hunter 
adren mccoy, drums 

alpha epsilon delta 

a.e.d. is a national honor society of pre-medical stu- 
dents which encourages excellence in pre-medical 
scholarship, stimulates an appreciation of the impor- 
tance of pre-med education, and strives to bridge the 
gap between pre-medical and medical students, mem- 
bership in a.e.d. is based on leadership, scholarship, 
character, and personality. 

first row: terrel wllliams, mark clay, bob lewis, george eyrick, martha 

hutchison. marcia mckee, cindy crowe 
.second row; scott boswell, morris parsons, marion pinson. ricky gra- 
ham, lance wyble, owen patterson (president), scott 
third row; kristi mcintyre. mark stanton. tomas blackwell, tom hal- 

ton. scott spillman, mike robertson 
not pictured; alan brinson, royce garvin, hollis tidmore, ralph wells, 
nathan Williamson 

a national honorary dramatics fraternity, member- 
ship is earned through active participation in the 
millsaps players. 



jan dickson 


jimmy thrasher 


marc hawkins 

alpha psi omega 

first row: doug brindley, ward emling, victor tiawkins, jan dickson 
second row: marc hawkins, diane Wiltshire, jimmy thrasher 
not pictured: jim matheny 

beta beta beta 

a national honorary for students in the biological 
sciences, the purposes are to stimulate sound scholar- 
ship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, 
and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. 

first row: rynlhia iliucnpnrt, f:.iryn Salter, cienise ladner, susie roberson. ke\'in ratchford. second row: mary j^one walley. florence hutchi- 
siin, hollis tidiiKirc, niike hiim|)hr('ys, kjiiTi friedman, Steve vvdsey, ken ^jroui'. 

chi chi chi 

an honorary recognizinj^ outstanding scholarship in 
the study of chemistry, it encourages students having 
an interest in chemistry to enter graduate and profes- 
sional school, membership is d(!termined by scholastic 
excellence in meeting the requirements for a chemistry 
degree or for those persons whose curriculum involves 
a great deal of study in the field of chemistry. 

first row: marcia mckee, krisli mcintyre, mike robtTtsun, terrel william.s (president), ovvcn patlcrson, george eyrick, sc;otl tjoswcll, niarion 
pinson. second row: lorn haltom, mark stanton, scoti stiows, bob lewis, mark clay, ricky graham, morris parsons, lance wyble. 

eta sigma 

a national scholastic honorary which promotes ex- 
cellence in scholarship on the campus, members are 
required to have completed a minimum of seventy-five 
hours, juniors must have an over-all index of 3.60 and 
seniors an index of 3.55 

seated: rob mcduff 
toni walker 
Janet btrgman 
peg wahrendorff 
jim matheny 

standing: obie clayton 
bill presson 
jeff cook 
david anderson 
marsha mccarty 
royco gan in 
terrel \\ illiams 

eta sigma phi 

the dual purposes of the national classical fraternity 
are to recognize outstanding students of greek and 
latin studies and to cultivate an interest in the art and 
literature of ancient greece and rome. 

timmy ratchford, hugh dark, joe bennelt, dr. freis, steve germany, barry cockrell. gale mallette, yvonne plunkett, John paxlon 
not pictured: dr. lewis, dr. Stephenson, steve wilsey 

kappa delta epsilon 

a professional education honorary, fostering high aca- 
demic standing and professional ideals in those pre- 
paring for a teaching career. 

kneeling; adren niccciy, loni, ni,in<)nn stokes, m.irsha mc.r.,irty 

standing: gober, linda wells, mrs. meaders. gail stanton. gloria steinwinder, charlene abraham, margaret Williams, toni walker 

not pictured: susie baker, jamie chastain, marcia mckee, marcia paxton, barbara sanford, brenda millstead webster 

alumni members (active): 
mr. zach taylor 
mr. j. murray underwood 
mr. t.h. naylor, jr. 

omicron delta kappa 

a national leadership honorary, membership, a distinct 
honor, brings together those who plan for the better- 
ment of the college. 

alumnus member (honoris causa) february, 1976 
general louis h. wilson, jr. 

faculty and staff; 
pres. e.m. collins 
dean j. harvey saunders 
ms. frances coker 
dr. sam knox 

dr. frank laney (facutly secretary) 
dr. ross h. moore 




first row: dean saunders. jenny bates, terrel williams, cindy guild, jim matheny. hubert thompson, bill presson, david anderson, mike Ste- 
vens, ward emling, lucy burrus, obie clayton, royce garvin, dr. laney 
second row; betsy holmes, elizabetti alien, marsha mccarty, mark eppes, patsy pharr, owen patterson. dr. moore, dr. knox. president collins 
not pictured: earl aycock, danny bowling, doug brindley, ms. coker, lloyd gray, donna howell, marc jones, nancy lang, jim mccafferty, rob 

phi alpha theta 

the largest of the accredited honor societies in the na- 
tion, phi alpha theta, promotes and encourages the 
study of history, it is open to those students who have 
acquired twelve hours in history while maintaining a 
3.0 average in history as well as a 3.0 overall average. 

dean saunders, dr, laney, paul sumrall, brenda wch.stcr, janet h(M'gman, dr. nioore, joe bennelt, sieve jjermany, pat lucovieh. royce garvin 
not pictured: terry cowley, Uoyd gray, janet hall, jini nii;c:afferly. ovven patterson. lerrel vvilliams 

% ^\|^A<r^*^p^^'W^'^''""^^*i' 






Schiller gesellschaft 

a german honorary recognizing outstanding students 
in the study of german and promoting an interest in 
german culture, those invited for membership must 
present a research paper on some aspect of germany's 
contribution to the arts of sciences. 

herr guest, david anderson, gail dos.s, fred mcewen, bill presson, pauI sumrall, Cornelius o'neil 

sigma delta pi 

sigma delta pi is a Spanish honor society which recog- 
nizes attainment and scholarship in the study of the 
Spanish language and literature, its purpose is to honor 
students who have earned several hours in Spanish, 
and who hold a high scholastic average in all subjects. 

laura tlamon heh'cnston, renee brou, mr. biifkin, (:\Tithid vvebber. marisol valenziiela 

sigma lambda 

toni walker, may lipe zehnder, marcia mckee, lucy burrus, janet bergman, jenny bales, betsy holmes 

not pictured: elizabeth alien, betty dark, ms. coker, dean cor- 
der, jigs dantin, cindy guild, elizabeth harwell, 
laura damon helvenston, donna howell, sue hum- 
phreys, nancy lang, marsha mccarty, owen pat- 
terson, patsy pharr, gloria steinwinder 

membership is the highest honor a 
millsaps woman can receive, each 
must be of junior standing and must 
have exhibited qualities of lead- 
ership, character, and service to the 
college community. 

theta nu sigma 

this hontjrary recognizes excellence in scholarship and 
leadership among science students and strives to fur- 
ther interest in the sciences. 

manon pinson 
ovven patterson 
scott spillman 
torn haltom 
ricky gratia m 
marcia mckee 
mark stanton 
george eyrick 
lancp wyblc 
mark i;hiy 
(jindy crovvc 
scott stiows 
terrel williams 
hob lewis 
tomas blackvvell 
morris parsons 
Stacy Jenkins 
mike robertson 

an honorary recognizing those women who have ex- 
hibited active interest and participation in women's in- 
tramural sports, a member must have participated in at 
least three sports and have maintained a point index of 
2.5 for two semesters. 

majorette club 

first row: 
lucy burrus 
maura mcintosti 
marcia mckee 
peg wahrendorff 
may lipe zehnder 
robin randall 
margaret wiiliams 

second row: 
Carole derise 
adren mccoy 
lindsay shallcross 
betty mckinnon 
roberta osborn 
toni mcmillan 

third row: 
shawn evans 
jigs dantin 


association p( 

'^^^'^:4S^^Si0;^^ * 

cherese ward 
hubert thompson 
karen gladney 
ken stamps 
Janice carstafhnur 
bobby crudup 

marion pinson 
diethra cox 
annie baldwin 
thomas king 
billy bass 
patricia atkins 
terilyn fluker 
alvin darby 
vonda reeves 
searcy Jamison 
darrell thigpen 
sharon moore 
Johnnie cummings 

johnny maynor 
brenda jones 
terry Wallace 
marie waller 
perry Wallace 
bettie hicks 
travles lane 
obie Clayton 
cheryl Williams 
robert granderson 
earl Stewart 

chi delta 

chi omega 



vice president 



pledge trainer 

personnel chairman 

chapter correspondent 

freshman officer 

rush chairmen 

toni walker 
betty mckinnon 
adren mccoy 
robin randall 
lucy burrus 
jenny bates 
carol albritton 
beth dark 
robin rice 
karen nolan 

we're southern born . . . rush, pledging, and white car- 
nations everywhere . . . red and yellow ribbons . . . 
owls: owl pals, owl man, g.w.o. . . . hoot-of-the-month 
. . . slumber party at mckee's farm . . . big sister hunt . . . 
serenades in the shades of evening . . . operation shoe- 
string for Christmas ... a winter formal dance that 
found a home (finally) . . . songfest: long white dresses 
and sweet-talkin' guys . . . intramurals, undefeated. 

1,2,3! . . . trophies for our brains 'n' brawn . . . parties 
and open houses . . . queen elizabeth . . . pike dream 
girl . . . greek goddess and major's lady . . . we are the 
stufft girls (bum-bum) . . . picnics inside . . . toasts and 
singing ... an unending symphony . . . there's a bond in 
chi omega . . . and we want you all to know the way we 
love chi o. 

owl man— bob smith 

first row: betsy holmes, cissy sights, sherry pearson, linda wells, sara evans, melissa hudspeth, lucy burrus 

second row: isabelle ezelle, toni walker, kathryn carter, cindy crowe, sherry lipscomb. susie baker, sarah louise loewenberg 

third row: ann bear, stacey knight, carol burrus, sharon harvey. jenny bates, cristi roberson, maribeth megehee, karen nolan, robin rice, 

lynn woodard, elizabeth alien, marcia mckee 
fourth row: barbara smith, carole derise, laurie brown, martha nadler, carol albritton, susan mceuen, cindy sanders, helen mccormick, 

lindsay shallcross, lydia thomas, brooks gibson, may lipe zehndcr, robin randall 
fifth row: anna furr, beth dark, ruth lloyd, liz ainsworth, maria bishop, robin vvhatley, betty mckmnon, kate bradley. nancy clarkson, leah 

not pictured: rebecca brent, ellen leggett, adren mccoy, marsha mchenry, cindy rosson, Jeanne smith, terry toler 

alpha mu 


kappa alpha 



ed manning 


bruce fairburn 


david bourgeois 


bill leech 


rob nichols 


scott spillman 


david flautt 


mike robertson 


barry wax 

fifties party . . . easier egg hunt for methodist children's home . . . black and white . . . brotherhood rallies . . . 
old south . . . porno . . . cancer fund softball game . . . cool fire . . . the munchkins . . . sharecropper's dance . . . 
luau . . . grasshopper . . . $aul . . . honorable mention in songfest . . . snapper time . . . "bun!!" . . . "bulldog bill" 
. . . "muscle beach " . . . kidney drive . . . madison county jail . . . oscar meyer . . . "full moon" nick . . . cowboy 
party . . . farm party . . . spring "informal" dance . . . "boom-boom bob" . . . "bubbles" . . . rubin . . . "whale tail" 
. . . killer lundy . . . hussein the insane . . . joey o. the six million S man. . . . 

k.a. rose— betsy goldman 


first row robin dambrino. stacy Jenkins, bill leech, scott spiUman. bruce mckinley 

second row: joey langston, mike bryant, bill lancaster, jerry runnels, hugh tedder, mike robertson 

third row: rob rice, archie lamb, monie simpkins, charlie frye, sieve Jenkins, danny bowling, rob mcduff 

fourth row: bob ross, earl aycock, brad carter, bob lyle, david bourgeois, sieve hall, larry moffett, michael mansour, lloyd gray, glenn 

fifth row: rob nichols, peder Johnson, bill richter, roger lawson, leland smith, david flautt. bill montgomery, gary garrett, james holland, 

david hassell, greg lloyd, randall boyd, jay jabour, John jetmundsen, rusty buys, wayne milner, cooper morrison, harry wax, ed 

manning, matt harkey, neil sweeney, jeff moseley 
not pictured: bruce fairburn, trey Jones, hunter lundy, tim ratchford, bill ray, jerry shivers, John Williamson, frank young 




kappa delta 



vice president 



assistant treasurer 


membership chairman 

rush chairman 

sally eaton 
sally suddith 
margaret lawrence 
Sandra Johnson 
laura adkins 
gloria steinwinder 
theresa prescott 
susan tsimortos 

"here we are, here we are together" . . . sisters, pledges, and a new color t.v. . . . mayflower . . . hotdog and 
bake sales . . . chapter meeting and education . . . anngie . . . candlelights . . . white rose ball . . . methodist 
children's home . . . 'bye seniors '76— we love you all . . . "having fun" . . . football jocks unite . . . basket- 
ball and baseball perfect seasons, hugh? . . . house cleanup?!?! . . . big sis kidnap . . . s.b.s. . . . "in fair and 
rainy weather" . . . cookouts . . . the park . . . the houseboat! . . . "kappa delta girls are we" . . . songfest . . . 
earl, dan, and phillip— girls? . . . homecoming queen . . . s.e.b. officers . . . troubadours . . . players . . . sing- 
ers . . . o.d.k. . . . sigma lambda . . . crescent and dream girl courts . . . bobashela . . . p & w , . . every k.d. is 
an individual . . . but most of all we are bound in ties of love and laughter in a.o.t. 

first row: jan dickson, lynn brumfield, sharon sanders, theresa prescoti 

second row: charlene rosenthal, kathy byler, Joyce posey, margaret Williams 

third row: debbie salvant, martha hutchison, sally suddith. mary al cobb, beverly clement 

fourth row: paula irby, margaret lawrence, leslie mims. cindy wilson, debbie deraps 

fifth row: sandra Johnson, jacque cruthirds, laura adkins, celeste draffen 

sixth row: peg wahrendorff, nancy martin, donna howell, laura damon helvenston, jamie chastain, cindy guild, lisa lowe, marsha mccarty 

seventh row: frances wadlington, cindy marsalis, jana walker, mary martin, sally eaton, joy chastain, maura mcintosh 

eighth row: patsy pharr, wilma parry, cheryl crabb, cindy bourgeois, kerry matheny, susan tsimortos, gloria steinwinder, mary witten, 

nancy lang, jigs dantin, norma gardner 
not pictured: betsy bennett, gail gober, gale mallette, brenda millstead wcbster, diane Wiltshire 

alpha upsilon 

kappa sigma 





bryan miller 
Steve mcalilly 
nelson hamilton 
jim watts 
bill hymers 
torn gilbert 
dwayne self 

nol pictured: 

trey Ihomas 
l.j. araujo 
fox hamilton 
bill hymers 
pete lewis 
mike Harrison 
susn wimberly 
rich knox 
greg anthony 
tim dulaney 
dwayne self 
tom gilbert 
rem mcnealy 
david reilly 
jaybird robinson 
ken tribble 
Steve mcalilly 
bryan miller 
trex morris 
terry young 
huel harris 
donald reilly 
marland dulaney 
frank appleby 
John barber 

rob blount 

brian brownin^^ 

andy cotton 

paul cullen 

John dyer 

jim flynn 

eddie billiard 

John Jameson 

ben looney 

bill mcalilly 

david monlgomery 

robin robinson 

bill Simmons 

jim watts 

roaches, tradition, and a millsaps fraternity, the irre- 
pressible sigs . . . alright men, betcha a beer!! . . . who 
says we're not diversified?? . . . we've got wops, long- 
haired hippie freaks and down-home country rednecks 
. . . great job men— got that spirit award!! . . . meat, slim, 
pup, boz— football!? . . . soccer, well everybody gets 
shafted sometime, right in the ole ear!! . . . wine- 
women-beer . . . kappa sigma— we party!! . . . could you 
believe all that champagne . . . look-out e.p. strikes 
again . . . huel, when are you going to learn to cut that 
chain faster . . . next time they might shoot! . . . mardi 

gras— the down-home boys did us right and oh yea, 
Jameson, where did you say you slept? . . . watts, next 
time pick on someone your own size . . . tim, who's 
jean? . . . low rents, free rides . . . songfest— what are we 
going to do?— don't worry, we'll get something up— 
"dear abby", jones, get off that stage, and nothing short 
of the best-"slick eddie's isle"!!! . . . rem, think with 
your toes . . . what kind of sandwich? . . . let's all get 
that barn dance feeling . . . drink beer, drink beer . . . 
serenade . . . put it all together what the hell you 
got???— sigma!!!! 

dear abby" 

theta eta zeta 


lambda chi alpha 






bill presson rush chairman John stark 

bob smith ritualist ricky price 

fred richards scholarship chairman bobby graham 

jeffwillers social chairman bill rigby 

fraternity eilucator bob lewis alumni chairman 

what is lambda chi? ... a tradition of excellence, i 
guess: scholarship trophy (again?), chi o songfest (sing, 
dammit!), cleanup on tap day and awards day . . . but 
it's mostly having fun: crescent ball, frozen hayrides, 
daiquiri parties, rinky-dinks, wine and cheese, can't 
wait 'til the next dance . . . it's also helping others: 
Christmas party at sunnybrook, heart fund, cancer 
drive, circle k (chi?) club . . . it's everything in between: 
intramurals are for fun; bring the tub for serenade, ev- 
erybody goes in; no more mr. nice guy. this is war; 
graveyard football and toilet bowl . . . but really, it's 
people: mama vie, easier a., astro, stump, pozo, schnoz, 
boom-boom, tehl, bob the owl man, grand wazoo, the 
wandering u. and fifty more . . . lambda chi is people. 

joe blackledge 



PS^ £4«< 

crescent girl— janet bergman 

first row: george eyrich. ken szeto, jim regan, phillip ball, bob smith, david anderson. bob lewis 

second row: ricky price, dean foley, kent stone, bob faulks, frank burton, monroe gartrell, terrel Williams, charlie b. mitchell 

third row: ray geoghegan, david vicknair. charlie backstrom, paul watkins, bob hayden, John fry. james lowe, ken grouc. david cook, tomas 

blackwell. don messer. syd Conner 
fourth row: charlie waters, alan burrow, jim matheny, richard fox, jeff willers, don hall, ronnie ramage, fred mcewen, david ott 
fifth row: bill rigby, jimmy ray, jim dark, bobby graham, royce garvin, John stark, lance wyble, ed brown, david ettman, jeff delmas, frank 

hays, joe blackledge, ben fewel. david witty 
sixth row: bill presson. mark stanton, billy bryan. joel youngblood, mike posey 
not pictured: jim barrett, mac kelly, torn parry, fred richards, ed senteno, mark simon, mike workman 


phi mu 



deborah madden 


roberta osborn 


toni mcmillan 


karen crawford 

rush chairman 

martha mouser 

phi director 

leigh farron 

phi mu . . . les soeurs fideles . . . lions & ladybugs . . . 
1975 phi class— new sisters . . . lakeside retreat ... in- 
spiration week . . . project hope . . . skating party . . . 
special Olympics . . . halloween carnival . . . blood pres- 
sure drive . . . helping others, having fun . . . tap day- 
honored sisters . . . growing together, becoming one . . . 
this is our serenade . . . 

first row: lindsey green, sue humphrey. lisa bremermann 

second row: martha mouser, deborah madden, pam turner, roberta osborn, karen Crawford. June Johnson, corinne wood 
third row: charlotte correll, shawn harper, jacy hill, toni mcmillan 

not pictured: michelle antalec, sharon edwards, leigh farron, karen Jenkins, mary lloyd. sandra napier, paula painter, gail 
Stanton, carmen- luz valenzuela. iris weeks 

alpha iota 


pi kappa alpha 

vice president 
rush chairman 

doug minor 
paul walker 
david Carroll 
mark ikner 
don bailey 

give me five! . . . soccer and volleyball trophies . . . 
three o'clock bourree . . . risk games . . . mack's-by-the- 
tracks . . . old north . . . santa crotch . . . christmas party 
for magnolia speech school . . . holiday break-in . . . 
and bye-bye doors . . . now we have new doors! . . . cot- 
ton ball . . . easter egg hunt . . . intramural trophy . . . 
pike bike race . . . phi mu service award . . . one of our 
best years! 

dream girl— lindsav shallcross 


'T' '; iH"".!!! 

first row: doug minor, mike Stevens, dean pittman, billy gober, silas mccharen, jeff cook, jamie bailey, paul walker, ricky graham, jimmy 

thrasher, John watts, richard edgerton. enimett mcgraw, dan finnefrock, mark lynch 
second row: bob crews, jack ritter, Stewart smith, bobby jew, stan axsmith, robert kersh, jay ruffin, russell beard, kevin mcclure, chase 
holmgrain, rusty willard, marc collins, tim alford, albert delgadillo, sieve dean, lindy seamon, will Wallace, dewayne price 
third row: ken barnett, rob wells, mark ikner, david carroll 
fourth row: ward emling, doug packer, les Cunningham, robert gaston, don bailey 

interfraternity council 

the interfraternity council with officers doug minor 
(president), frank appleby (vice president), and gary 
garrett (secretary-treasurer), introduced an afternoon 
of odd and hilarious activities in what they called 
"greek-freak day." 

an innovative idea which had as its objective the 
bringing together of all millsaps people, the day was 
co-sponsored by panhellenic and turned out to be an 
enjoyable experience for everyone and will likely be- 
come an annual affair. 

ifc has attempted to change its role from a longtime 
lackadaisical organization to one that will benefit and 
promote the greek system. 

seated: frank appleby. kappa sigma 

les eunningtiam, pi kappa alpha 
gary garrett, kappa alpha 
ciavid witty, lambda chi alpha 

.standing: doug minor, pi k.ipp.i alph.i not pictured: marc eollins, pi kappa alpha 

bill pri'sson, Uimbd.i ihi .ilpha bill mcalilly, kappa sigma 

bryan miller, kappa sigma 
rob rice, kappa alpha 




cindy crowe 


theresa prescott 


shawn harper 

panhellenic association consists of representatives 
from all three sororities, its function is the administra- 
tion and regulation of the sororities' rush and activi- 
ties, this year panhellenic, along with ifc, sponsored 
"greek week" which successfully involved the entire 
millsaps community in various festivities. 

shawn harper, phi mu 
helen mccormick, chi omega 
theresa prescott, kappa delta 
cindy crowe, chi omega 

not pictured: sally eaton, kappa delta 
jacy hill, phi mu 
deborah madden, phi mu 
charlene rosenthal, kappa delta 
loni walker, chi omega 


on the fields of friendly strife are 
sown the seeds that on other days 
and other fields will bear the fruits 
of victory. 

—general douglas macarthur 










•" „ 


' ,''1 

- :i 


--J?**:' , 

^ — 

> > '^ 















^J*. *■ 


outstanding! this is the word characterization which best describes the mil- 
Isaps majors 1975 grid season. 

following an impressive 8-1 regular season mark, the purple and white were 
then honored by being invited to the n.c.a.a. division iii play-off 

coach harper davis's squad journeyed to Colorado where they edged by Col- 
orado college in an exciting 28-21 quarterfinal contest, the majors' next step 
was to meet division iii powerhouse— wittenberg university in ohio. 

it was a great honor for millsaps to compete in the semifinals of the national 
championship, and despite their 55-22 loss in the muds of ohio, the gridders 
came back to a school which was very proud of her majors. 

senior split end sonny aldy was named the bes.t offensive lineman for the 
year as he hauled in 31 passes for 681 yards and six touchdowns, teammate 
dees hinton, also a senior, caught 53 aerials for 1,006 yards and eight touch- 
downs, and received the best offensive back of the year award. 

junior quarterback ricky haygood won the most valuable player award as 
he led division iii in total offense by accumulating 2,176 yards in nine games 
for a 241.8 average, haygood also ranked seventh in passing with a 12.7 com- 
pletion average and passed for over 2,000 yards, during the regular season 
he connected on 114 of 221 passes for 17 touchdowns, with only six 

defensively, the (9-2) majors were ranked at the top in the final division iii 
statistics, and were led by senior linebacker phillip maples who was named 
the most outstanding lineman by his teammates, maples led the defense 
with 78 solo tackles, 41 assists and three q.b. sacs. 

senior defensive end howard smith helped the majors to their number one 
spot in total defense with 10 q.b. sacs, and was named the best defensive 

dan richards, a junior linebacker, was given the best defensive back award 
for his 68 lone tackles and 28 assists, with three interceptions for 50 yards, 
he was twice named best defensive player of the week. 








1975 season 



arkansas (monticello' 









trinity u. 


















Colorado college 



whittenberg u. 

t-'\ 'U 

y-r- ' ,'-:■•'•';■■■.■/ .. i-\ '^-- ■•: .-a'-'^^^. <^ v.-: .^.« :> 

■ ,' ■"''.■ ■•, . - »-•? . / ■ / • --■♦v. '■ •■■'■.>' /;>iy. 





first row: robin whatley, mike bryant, robin rice, paul watkins, isabelle ezclle 

second row: pat davis, doug tanner, John mcculloch, sonny aldy, stan axsmith, dees hinton, rob rice, ken gran- 
berry, archie lamb, doug brindley, jeb dominick, jerry hazlip 
third row: hunter lundy, ricky haygood, bob king, ted ruemke, John kirby, paul benton, charles granberry, tim 

ayers, bo wroten, scott boswell, John dominick, david carroll 
fourth row: coach davis, mike newman, gary garrett, phillip maples, ronnie jurney, fred percy, brad nutter, 

James peterman, robert earl granderson, howard smith, bill mcalilly, pat kirby, coach ranager 
fifth row: coach turner, coach huoni, ed senteno, mike harrison, pau! walker, raymond carmeans, wayne wat- 
son, rick grisham, mark ikner, dan richards, steve mcalilly 

^*t ^V«i*^-»» *'<i«Vi*«(t.-«i*y't*«i* *iil0 0>mm t-y0>> ^ »■ 


■| |»> I # % \^ ^•4|^%)Mlli% 




■) * J^t 





robin whatley 
mike bryant 

robin rice 
robin robinson 

isabelle ezelle 
paul watkins 

« mi 


^^ .m'm^ 




^jrj^isftfr y jHiitji i . ' i)fc i ^ t<Kj r I «. ii ? s:j 



basketball at millsaps saw just one 
victory the entire season out of 18 
contests, but the squad proved to be 
a determined bunch. 

junior ricky casey of kosciusko led 
the majors with a 25.2 game average 
and scored a career high 40 points in 
the purple and white's 93-89 over- 
time loss to southwestern 

the holmes junior college transfer 
led millsaps in their lone 81-74 win 
over ambassador with a 32 point to- 
tal, casey received the most valu- 
able player award and the best field 
goal award for the 1975-1976 season. 

greg hickman, senior from baton 
rouge, la., shot an amazing 29 of 32 
from the free throw line and re- 
ceived the best free throw shooter 
award, dave hardin of mt. olive was 
given the most improved player 
award as a sophomore, and finished 
the year with a 14.2 scoring average. 

aggressive and devoted junior mike 
ethridge of belleville, ill., main- 
tained a 10.4 average and received 
the coaches and officials award. 

the majors, who terminated the sea- 
son with a 74.1 point game average, 
were plagued with a height shortage 
and coach bob booth has recruited 
several big players for next year's 

in ~V\ 


i .^ 

■ ■ — 

■'■j^# jCs 



1975-76 team 

ricky casey 
dale chambers 
mike ethridge 
david hardin 
greg hickman 
pete lewis 
mark lynch 
bill Simmons 
mark simon 
Stewart smith 
mike Warwick 


the millsaps college baseball team battled back from a 
mid-season slump to finish the spring season with a re- 
spectable 10-11 record. 

coach tommy ranager's diamond squad was plagued 
with numerous doubleheader rainouts near the begin- 
ning of the year but finished strong in the final con- 
tests to terminate the season. 

senior earl aycock of meridian led the majors through 
21 games with a .343 batting average and was followed 
closely by junior ricky haygood of pascagoula at .328. 
aycock got 22 hits on 64 attempts and compiled 14 
r.b.j.'s which included two homeruns. 

the majors had four other players to bat .300 or better, 
they included: bob king of abingdon, va., .319, bruce 
mckinley from jackson, .309, archie lamb of arcadia, 
fla., .309, and dees hinton, .300. 

hinton, a senior from bay springs who played cen- 
terfield, won the most valuable player oward for his 
steady, consistent play, king, a junior, made just one 
error the entire season and received the best defensive 
player award, while junior danny bowling of brookha- 
ven was given the scholastic award. 




,is««a^ , iV^ mil 



f*JJ5«i; -J*'^- •: *_*'^ 

1976 roster 

earl aycock 
danny bowling 
mark buys 
John cox 
bobby graham 
ken granberry 
ricky haygood 
dees hinton 
johnny jones 
bob king 
archie lamb 
bruce mckinley 
rem macnealy 
jnhnnv mavnnr 
trex morns 
bill ra\ 
(Ivva^nc self 

/ H ^ >. 


coach jim montgomery's millsaps netters concluded 
the bicentennial season with an outstanding 17-6 
record and earned a berth in the ncaa division three 
tennis championship, as they tied for fourth place in 
the nation. 

brian loper, a sophomore from jackson, compiled the 
best singles record during the year with 14 victories 
against three losses and received the m.v.p. award for 
his accomplishments. 

junior frank buchanan of quitman was given the most 
improved player award while finishing the season 
with a 13^ mark, three-year standout elizabeth alien, a 
senior from jackson, missed a majority of the net ac- 
tion due to a knee injury and received the miJton c. 
white academic achievement award. 

mike woods, a sophomore from greenwood, was the 
first major to earn a point in a national tennis cham- 
pionship and terminated his second season with a 12-8 

montgomery's squad relied heavily on three talented 
freshmen for its impressive achievements during the 

luke Crawford and randall boyd, both from arkansas, 
ended the season with 14-6 and 15-8 records respec- 
tively, and teamed up in doubles to lead millsaps with 
an 11-5 seasonal mark, joey langston of booneville was 
plagued with a shoulder ailment but finished tennis 
play with a fine 10-8 record for the majors. 

1976 roster 

elizabeth alien 
ken hall barnett 
randall boyd 
frank buchanan 
david Carroll 
luke Crawford 
joey langston 
lulu lemaster 
brian loper 
monie simpkins 
mike woods 
louis york 

' 7 '" 

'-^c- — -L. 


after capturing four victories in their final five matches, the millsaps college golf team compiled their finest 
season record in recent years with eleven wins and five losses. 

the majors' finishing wins came against southwestern (memphis) and belhaven college as sophomore charlie 
frye and junior teammate doug minor sparked 'saps' winning score of 301 with consecutive 74s at the live oaks 
golf course. 

a pair of 69s by frye and minor at the fox meadows golf course in memphis enabled the purple and white to 
make golfing history in the team total category, millsaps finished with an even par score of 284 behind junior 
mike Johnson's 72, and sophomore doug rooker scored a 74 in the team's effort. 

frye, a native of magnolia, won the golfer of the year award with a 76.4 stroke average for the year and was 
followed by minor of jackson at 78.0, and jobnson with 78.3, also of jackson. senior John prince of mccomb 
was next with a 78.7 average, and received the scholastic award among the linksters. 

rooker, also from mccomb, maintained an 80.5 stroke average, and seniors glenn Campbell of wiggins and phil- 
lip maples of meridian held 81.6 averages. 

1976 golf team 

doug minor, John prince, charlie frye, mike Johnson, glenn campbell, mark Scarborough not pictured: phillip 
maples, doug rooker, lance wyble, coach mary ann edge. 

, intramurals 




" „#'-».;'^*>t:,' 





lt i. lt~m is*t • -«- <>V»«i^*-1 

^r^C >~~ <sU!r^^. ■^■i. <^lf '■r'^-' ^ ^ 

jt^- ■ ^ .J ~» 


first row: trez jones, randall boyd, terry wells, steve haygood 

second row: mark frazier, leland smith, bill montgomery, danny bowling, cooper morrison 

kneeling: rob nichols, archie lamb, bill lancaster, james holland 
k a b-team standing: bob lyle, bill leech, david bourgeois, bruce mckinley, steve hall, mike bryant, david flautt 


the days that make us happy make us wise. 
John masefield 


lucy burrus 
escort— bob smith 

betsy holmes 
escort— mike stevens 

iit;'1iib -^^i i..Jw i o 

homecoming events began early Saturday morning 
with several class reunions, among classes reuniting 
was the fifty-year class of 1926. a picnic was held in 
the bowl, followed by the football game with austin 
college, special guests recognized during halftime cere- 
monies were the millsaps majors football team of 1934. 
this team of only fifteen men beat mississippi state 7-6 
that year, (incidentally, state defeated army and notre 
dame the following year.) also during halftime peg 
wahrendorff was crowned homecoming queen, the fi- 
nal game score was millsaps 38, austin 0. the day's ac- 
tivities were concluded with a campus-wide dance 
held that night in the cafeteria. 


1 II 

karen nolan 

escort— mark frascogna 

peg wahrendorff, queen 
escort— James Holland 

robin rice 
escort— rob nichols 

toni walker 
escort— ed manning 

7-. _^7 



howard hanger portrays ben franklin at friday forum 

founders day— dr. harmon smith, duke 

margaret chase smith, former senator from mains 

biology field trip 

everglades, florida— december, 1975 

mack cheney 
les Cunningham 
cindy davenport 
ken groue 
phillip mink 
Charles rector 
Carolyn skinner 
susan strong 
nathan Williamson 
david witty 
dr. yensen 

ski trip 

breckenridge, Colorado— January, 1976 

susie baker 
jenny bates 
isabelle ezelle 
charlie frye 
Janet hall 
Steve hall 
torn herold 
James holland 
adren mccoy 

marcia mckee 
betty mckinnon 
phillip maples 
maribeth megehee 
doug minor 
robin randall 
cindy rosson 
rob rice 
bob ross 

scott shows 
barbara smith 
peg wahrendorff 
toni walker 
linda wells 
terry wells 
John wren 
dean corder 
ms. edge 

millsaps players 

the waltz of the toreadors 

madame St. pe jan dickson 

general st. pe doug brindley 
gaston ralph nieder-westermann 

sidonie joy chastain 

estelle norma gardner 

doctor bonfant ward emling 

eugenie lisa lowe 

mile, de sainte-euverte diane Wiltshire 

mme. dupont-fredaine brenda ware 

father ambrose james hoUand 

Pamela sharon sanders 

pat farley 
torn ames 
hope ames 
lilly malone 
alice kendall 

ward emiing 

norman rose 

david ettman 

doug brindley 

ann field 

jan dickson 

frances lavelle 


clay rouse 

diane Wiltshire 

Stephen field 

frank burton 

brenda ware 

the lady's not for burning 




Ihomas mendip 
alizon eliot 

ward emling 
sharon sanders 

nicholas devise 

rob rice 

margaret devise 
Humphrey devise 
hebble tyson 
jenett jourdemayne 
the chaplain 

frances lavelle 

earl aycock 

doug brindley 

diane Wiltshire 

reilly morse 

justice tappercoom 
matthcvv skipps 

jim matheny 

nlay i'dusc 

ben frank Jin in pan's 

benjamin franklin 

madamt' la comtesse 

(liane de vobrillac 

temple franklin 


janine nicolet 

benjamin franklin bache 

david, lord stormont 

count pedro de aranda 

captain wickes 

abbe de morellet 

bookseller & Spanish soldier 

Jacques finque 


king louis xvi 



american sailors 


doug brindley 

mary witten 

ward emling 

frank burton 

sherry pearson 

brian downs (guest) 

clay rouse 

earl aycock 

John stark 

jim matheny 

sandy scott 

jimmy thrasher 

James holland 

reilly morse 

jan dickson 

marc hawkins 

jan dickson, bill leech, bill rigby, 

nieder-westermann, joel youngblood 

elizabethan festival 

march 20, 1976 

sponsored by the heritage department, 
this was a day of fun and festivities en- 
joyed by people from every corner of the 
millsaps community, queen elizabeth 
(betty mckinnon) reigned over the festival 
which featured an array of events and in- 
cluded the usual booths, exhibits, and 

coronation by archbishop jim matheny 
madrigal singers provide royal entertainment 

queen and ladies-in-waiting: leslie mims, betty mckinnon, gale mallette 

greek-freak week 

via the united forces of panhellenic and ifc, greek- 
freak week made its debut on the millsaps scene, the 
games and contests were successful in bringing a great 
variety of millsapiens together for some good ole fun! 

april, 1976 

greek god— rob rice 

greek goddess— marcia mckee 


liriivc mon who work whiU; othcu's sUnip. 

who (lam while' olh(M's I'ly . . . 
they buikl a niition's pilhirs iliuip 

anil lift Ihom to th(> skv. 

— lalph wak 

who's who . . . 

elizabcth alien's college career was a 
successful interweaving of scholarship 
and exceptional athletic ability, as a 
dean's list scholar elizabeth was a 
member of eta sigma scholastic honor- 
ary and phi alpha theta history honor- 
ary, during her three years at millsaps 
she exemplified outstanding lead- 
ership and she held membership in 
both omicron delta kappa and sigma 
lambda, as a member of the millsaps 
varsity tennis team for three years she 
was awarded the most vaJuobJe pioyer 
award and the scholastic award in 
1975 and the latter again in 1976. she 
was also a vital contender in intra- 
mural sports and was a member of the 
majorette club, though elizabeth's 
schedule was packed with studying 
and tennis trips, she found time to 
share her talents with the members of 
chi omega fraternity and lead them as 

few people have college careers 
filled with the enumerable honors 
which have been bestowed upon 
david anderson. david has been 
awarded the very highest in 
achievement at millsaps— the cov- 
eted bourgeois mcdai and the tri- 
bbetf scholarship, as a freshman 
he received the freshman math 
award, he has displayed in- 
comparable leadership while 
serving as president of eta sigma, 
schiJJer gesellschaft, and deufs- 
cher verein. by demonstrating ac- 
ademic excellence in the study of 
german, david captured the 
deutscher verein award and the 
intermediate german award, his 
mastery of the field of accounting 
gained for him the mississippi so- 
ciety of certified pubJic accoun- 
tants award, as well as the wall 
street journal award, as a servant 
to the millsaps academia, he was 
a student assistant in the depart- 
ment of economics, accounting, 
and administration, for further in- 
tellectual enrichment david at- 
tended the m.e.c. leadership semi- 
nar, he was a recognized leader in 
the millsaps community in a vari- 
ety of other endeavors— president 
of the interfraternity council, 
vice-president of o.d.k., and a 
member of the college senate, as a 
member of lambda chi alpha, da- 
vid served as an officer and was 
an enthusiastic participant in 

-; ■ ■ -/^-Jk •'^: • 

during his years at millsaps earJ ay- 
cock has excelled in his service to 
the brothers of kappa alpha order as 
their secretary and rush chairman, 
an indispensibly gifted four-year let- 
terman in baseball, earl was voted 
the most vaiuable player in 1975. as 
a member of the athletic committee 
and student senate intramural com- 
mittee and as president of the intra- 
mural council, he has proven his 
leadership is not limited to the field 
but extends into the planning room, 
his leadership abilities have been 
recognized by the leadership honor- 
ary o.d.k., of which he is a member, 
while remaining a dean's list 
scholar, earl found time to work on 
the purple and white, perform as a 
millsaps player, and be a "big 
brother" to kappa delta sorority. 








doug brindley, a cum laude graduate 
in theatre, has been a successful par- 
ticipant in many fields of endeavor 
while at millsaps. as an essential 
performer for the players, doug has 
played in thirteen major roles in 
three years, including such plays as: 
the waltz of the toreadors, the lady's 
not for burning, hamlet, and con- 
duct unbecoming, as ben franklin in 
ben frankJin in paris, doug over- 
whelmed the audience with his por- 
trayal of the patriot, this role earned 
for him the best actor award, and he 
was also the recipient of the mitch- 
ell award for outstanding player of 
the year, doug is not only a jack-of- 
all-trades on stage, but also on the 
athletic field, he was a four-year let- 
terman in varsity football and was 
men's intramural tennis singles 
champion in 1974-1976. in 1976 he 
captured the men's doubles cham- 
pionship, doug was a member of 
omicron delta kappa and alpha psi 
omega dramatics honorary, and he 
held the post of dormitory assistant 
from 1974-1976. 

obie clayton has been an asset to the 
college in countless ways, he made 
significant contributions to millsaps 
by his membership on the chaplain's 
committee and the legal code com- 
mittee, as recipient of the c. wright 
mills award in sociology and the ju- 
nior sociology award, obie gained 
recognition for his excellence in 
achievement in the study of sociol- 
ogy, as a dean's list scholar he was a 
member of the scholastic honorary, 
eta sigma. 

during his four years at millsaps, syd 
Conner has been an invaluable 
m(!mber of lambda chi alpha frater- 
nity and has served the brotherhood 
in various facets— as house manager, 
secretary, delegate to the inter- 
national assembly, i.f.c. representa- 
tive, and president, syd, an avid 
sports enthusiast, also played intra- 
mural soccer for his fraternity, his 
versatility enabled him to better mil- 
lsaps life as a member of the student 
senate and the chaplain's com- 
mittee, and as an orientation coun- 
selor, for four years syd's singing 
ability enhanced the music of the 
millsaps singers, as a german scholar 
syd was a member of deutscher ve- 
rein, the german society, he was also 
a member of the pre-ministerial stu- 
dents organization and plans to con- 
tinue his ministry studies at iliff 
school of theology in denver, 

. . . in american colleges 
and universities 

ward emJing has had perhaps one of 
the most active college careers of 
any student who ever attended mil- 
Isaps college, a dean's list scholar 
for six semesters, ward made the 
bulk of his contribution to the 
theatre department, he appeared in 
numerous millsaps players produc- 
tions, playing leading roles in sev- 
eral, in 1974 he won the players' 
cameo award for his portrayal as 
ormiston in vivat.' vivat regina.' his 
junior year he was awarded the 1975 
junior acting award for men, the 
1975 senior award for men and the 
1975 mitchell award, holding mem- 
bership in alpha psi omega theatre 
honorary, he served as business 
manager for the organization for 
two years and received the 1976 al- 
pha psi omega award, although 
ward's contribution to the theatre 
department was immense, he did 
not limit himself to players activi- 
ties, he was a member of pi kappa 
alpha, and the millsaps singers and 
was a millsaps troubadour for five 
semesters, he also served as a stu- 
dent senator and as a member of the 
college senate athletics committee, 
ward put his journalism talents to 
work serving on the staff of the 
purple and white for two years, dur- 
ing his senior year he served as 
sports information director for the 
college, he was also active in men's 
intramurals, winning the 1976 dou- 
bles championship in tennis, ward's 
leadership qualities and contribu- 
tions did not go unrecognized as he 
was initiated into omicron delta 
kappa leadership honorary during 
the first semester of his junior year, 
he was a cum laude graduate with a 
degree in english. 

mark eppes has had an active and 
productive four years at millsaps. he 
has contributed much to his frater- 
nity, pi kappa alpha, serving as pres- 
ident, vice-president, and alumni 
secretary, he also represented the 
pikes on the inter-fraternity council 
and was the recipient of the gilbert 
p. cook award for two consecutive 
years, mark was chosen to represent 
his senior class on the college senate 
where he served as vice-chairman, 
he was secretary of fremer and also 
held membership in omicron delta 

royce garvin has held numerous po- 
sitions of leadership during his four 
years at millsaps. he served his fra- 
ternity, lambda chi alpha, in the of- 
fices of rush chairman and scholar- 
ship chairman, during his senior 
year, he held the office of president 
of omicron delta kappa leadership 
honorary, he found time as well to 
represent his fellow students on the 
student senate as senator-at-large. 
royce held membership in numer- 
ous honoraries. these include beta 
beta beta, chi chi chi, theta nu 
sigma, phi alpha theta. eta sigma. 
and alpha epsilon delta in which he 
served as historian, holding a high 
scholastic average, royce was the re- 
cipient of the Strieker scholarship 
and was awarded the Joseph b. price 
general chemistry award, royce also 
made time to participate in various 
christian activities on campus and 
was a member of the chaplain's 

jloyd gray began his active college 
career serving as freshman presi- 
dent, he served as a student senator 
for two years and held membership 
on several committees including the 
chaplain's committee, the publica- 
tions committee, the public events 
committee, and the college admis- 
sions committee, lloyd displayed his 
talents in the field of journalism, 
serving for a year as sports informa- 
tion director and for three semesters 
as editor of the purpfe and white, 
lloyd was a great asset to his frater- 
nity, kappa alpha, serving a year as 
president, he also held membership 
in phi alpha theta and omicron delta 

Cindy guild contributed much to the 
millsaps community during her two 
years at the college, choosing sociol- 
ogy as her major field, she received 
the junior sociology major's award, 
a member of kappa delta sorority, 
cindy also held membership in omi- 
cron delta kappa and the majorette 
club, she also served as the presi- 
dent of Sigma lambda women's lead- 
ership honorary, cindy served for 
two years on the millsaps judicial 
council, she is listed in who's who 
among students in american junior 

ethebet hart is recognized as being 
highly talented in the field of music, 
she won first place in piano solo di- 
vision of the mississippi music 
teachers' association competition in 
november, 1973. she was also a fi- 
nalist in concerto division of mmta 
competition in november, 1975. eth- 
ebet was the recipient of the morion 
I. smith scholarship, she served as 
president of eta sigma scholastic 
honorary, she also held membership 
in sigma lambda and was an active 
member of the millsaps singers, eth- 
ebet was also chosen by the lambda 
chi alphas to be their 1975 crescent 
girl, she is the pianist for wells me- 
morial united methodist church, and 
she teaches private piano lessons. 

diligence in service and a wealth of 
concern for others led betsy hoJmes 
to a phenominally successful college 
career, betsy began her millsaps 
years illustriously by receiving the 
marion I. smith scholarship and, as 
a worthy recipient of it, went on to 
graduate summa cum Jaude. as a 
mathematics major, she has unsel- 
fishly given her time to the math de- 
partment as a student assistant, she 
was also an assistant at the comput- 
ing center, and for excellence in her 
major merited the mathematics de- 
partment award, betsy's contribu- 
tions to millsaps were extensive, in- 
cluding two years of service on the 
college senate, she was co-chairman 
of 1975 freshman orientation, in 
Sigma lambda and o.d.k. she exhib- 
ited her outstanding leadership 
qualities, pike dream girl and 1975 
homecoming maid were honors be- 
stowed upon her by her peers, one 
of the grateful recipients of betsy's 
time and talents was chi omega fra- 
ternity, of which she was a member, 
she served her sisters unceasingly as 
social chairman, treasurer, and as a 
valuable participant in intramurals. 
for her depth of inspiration betsy 
was awarded the outstanding fresh- 
man and outstanding member 
awards by her sisters in chi o. 

ehzabefh harweJl displayed her mu- 
sical talents as accompanist for the 
troubadours for three years and was 
a singer in this world-travelled 
group her senior year, as a member 
of the millsaps singers, she served 
the group as their accompanist and 
as student conductor, elizabeth 
dedicated her energies to music and 
to the perfection of her inter- 
pretation of its beauty, an out- 
standing organist, she was president 
of the millsaps chapter of the ameri- 
can guild of organists for two years, 
elizabeth, a dean's list scholar, was 
not only a perfectionist in per- 
forming but also in academics as 
proven by her membership in eta 
sigma scholastic honorary. 

as a member of the millsaps troubadours and millsaps singers, 
Stacy Jenkins has entertained the college community for the 
past four years, stacy, a dean's list student, has also appeared 
in several of the millsaps players' productions, in his fraternity 
kappa alpha he has served as vice-president and historian and 
was songfest leader his junior year, while engaged in his vari- 
ous activities stacy still found time to serve as a dorm manager 
and as a geology lab assistant, as a geology major he was a 
member of theta nu sigma natural science honorary, as a 
source of relaxation stacy's sport was soccer, which led' him to 
be an outstanding member of the soccer club. 

an active politician of the millsaps community, jim 
mccafferty has served as president and first vice-president 
of the s.e.b. and has held positions on the chaplain's com- 
mittee and public events committee, jim is well-known by 
fellow students not only for his interest in student affairs 
but also for his scholastic achievement, he was awarded the 
british studies at oxford scholarship and is a member of the 
history honorary, phi alpha theta. he also held membership 
in omicron delta kappa, a well-rounded person, jim served 
his fraternity kappa sigma as president, secretary, and rush 
chairman, he was a recipient of the kappa sigma Jead- 
ership-scho/arship award. 

outstanding in leadership and active in every part of 
campus life, marsha mccarty is well-deserving of 
this honor, during her years at millsaps she has been 
inducted into two leadership honoraries, sigma 
lambda and omicron delta kappa, a dean's list 
scholar, she held membership in eta sigma scholas- 
tic honorary and kappa delta epsilon education hon- 
orary, she was an education major and worked as a 
student assistant for the department of education, in 
millsaps community affairs marsha served as editor 
of the 1975 bobasheia. she proved a vital asset to her 
sisters in kappa delta sorority by serving them as 
treasurer and membership chairman, marsha, a 
member of the majorette club, was active in intra- 
mural sports, and she held membership in the food 
club and in the "b" club. 

rob mcduff was successful in a variety of endeavors while a 
student at millsaps. rob displayed overwhelming excellence 
in his academic pursuits in political science and was, there- 
fore, a member of the scholastic honorary eta sigma. as a 
member of the chaplain's committee and the president's stu- 
dent advisory committee, he helped form policies of the 
millsaps community, an additional service rendered by rob 
to the millsaps populace was the purpJe ond white, of 
which he was associate editor and later, editor, always seek- 
ing to broaden his intellectual horizon, he took advantage of 
the honors program, the members of o.d.k. recognized what 
an asset his leadership has been to the college and initiated 
him into this leadership honorary, during his years at mil- 
lsaps rob was a brother in the kappa alpha order. 

the musically-oriented don messer 
has maintained a fine record of ex- 
cellence throughout his years of 
study at millsaps. receiving a degree 
in both english and music, he was 
consistently on the dean's list and 
also held membership in eta sigma 
scholastic honorary, displaying his 
musical talents he was the winner of 
the piano solo competition given by 
the mississippi music teachers asso- 
ciation in november of 1974. he fur- 
ther demonstrated his talents by 
being a member of both the millsaps 
singers and the troubadours, he 
proved his indispensibility to his 
brothers in lambda chi alpha by 
serving as their ritualist and as their 
director/arranger for the chi omega 
songfest. being an accomplished pia- 
nist, don played for madame lili 
kraus and was the organist for first 
united methodist church in clinton. 
with all these activities don still 
managed to teach piano lessons and 
be an assistant to dr. dan hise in the 
english department. 

patsy pharr was involved in a vari- 
ety of activities in which she proved 
herself to be an asset to the school, 
maintaining a place upon the dean's 
list, she was a member of both omi- 
cron delta kappa and sigma lambda, 
while not involved in scholastics, 
she found time to be s.e.b. secretary 
and a senator-at-large on the student 
senate, for two years she served as 
assistant editor of the boboshela. 
when patsy was not working for the 
school she served as president and 
secretary of kappa delta sorority 
and was a member of the majorette 
club, she proved her musical talent 
by being in the millsaps singers and 
demonstrated her good tastes in the 
food club. 

Y^*■''i>-,,'■^.■■''^. "■, \'^'' ' ■ . '- 
'<;J.^;> .■■;'. V • • •'' ,/ • 

mike Stevens became quite well- 
known to his classmates as a leader 
by being president of his soph- 
omore, junior, and senior classes. 
not only did he serve them in this 
capacity, but he was also on the stu- 
dent and college senates, as chair- 
man of freshman orientation, he fur- 
ther demonstrated his remarkable 
leadership ability, as a reward for 
his efforts mike gained membership 
into o.d.k. his sportsmanship was 
equally commendable, he played on 
the millsaps soccer team and in a- 
team intramurals for four con- 
secutive years, as a member of pi 
kappa alpha fraternity he served as 
president, vice-president, pledge 
trainer, and historian, consequently 
he was voted outstanding senior of 
pi k.a. in addition to his own frater- 
nity work he was selected as chi 
omega owl man and served as their 
basketball coach, aside from all 
these activities mike still had time to 
be a staffwriter for the purple and 
white, serve on the jackson urban 
league and on the board of directors 
for the j.u.l. newsletter, of which he 
was editor. 

the outstanding huberf thompson 
demonstrated his intelligence as 
well as his service to the school, as 
president of the black student asso- 
ciation, he showed his leadership 
ability, he was also the pianist/di- 
rector of the black gospel ensemble, 
involved in student affairs, hubert 
was a member of the financial af- 
fairs committee and the election 
committee, his well-respected opin- 
ion was recognized when he served 
as chairman of the student advisory 
committee to the president, hubert's 
leadership granted him a position in 
omicron delta kappa. 


although terrel wiJJiams majored in 
chemistry, his scholastic interests 
varied, besides being president of 
chi chi chi, he was also vice-presi- 
dent of alpha epsilon delta, his skill 
in the natural sciences prevailed 
when he joined theta nu sigma. his 
other honoraries included beta beta 
beta and phi alpha theta, and be- 
cause of his interest in the german 
language he belonged to deutscher 
verein. he brought pride to the 
brothers of lambda chi alpha by 
serving as their vice-president and 
associate member educator, terrel 
also participated in circle k, was a 
counselor for freshman orientation, 
and was on the hohashela staff, he 
was a chemistry department assis- 
tant, and with a continual place on 
the dean's list he gained member- 
ship into eta sigma scholastic 

by the time he received his degree in 
business administration, waiter wof- 
ford had served the college in many 
capacities, musically inclined, he 
was a member of the troubadours 
his freshman year, and was also a 
part of the millsaps singers, a dili- 
gent worker, waiter was elected 
president, treasurer, and pledge 
coordinator by his pi kappa alpha 
fraternity brothers, an avid camera 
bug, he displayed his photographic 
ability and talents by serving as 
photographer for both the boba- 
sheJa and the purple and white, 
waiter had also been named to the 
dean's list. 

master major 

^ mike Stevens 

[najor's lady 
marcia mckee 

abraham, charlene (jr) 63, 85, 97, 118 
adamson, John (fr) 94 
adkins, laura (fr) 98, 108, 132, 133 
ainsworth, liz (fr) 129 
albritton, carol (soph) 107, 128, 129 
aldy, sonny (sr) 62, 98, 148, 150 
alford, tim (soph) 141 
alien, elizabeth (sr) 75, 97, 119, 123, 
129, 160, 184 

anderson, david (sr) 52, 61, 103, 116, 

119, 121, 137, 184 
antalec, michele (jr) 139 
anthony, greg (soph) 81, 134 
appleby, frank (soph) 74, 134, 135, 

araujo, charles (sr) 134 
atkins, patricia (fr) 127 
axsmith, stan (jr) 65, 98, 141, 148, 151 
aycock, earl (sr) 119, 131, 159, 176, 

177, 184 

ayers, tim (fr) 98, 149 
backstrom, charlie (fr) 92, 137 
bailey, don (soph) 75, 140, 141 
bailey, jamie (soph) 141 
bailey, mark (fr) 93 
baker, susie (jr) 118, 129, 173 
baldwin, annie (jr) 127 
ball, phillip (fr) 137 

barber, John (sr) 134 
barnett, ken (soph) 141, 160 
barrett, jim (fr) 137 
bass, billy jack (jr) 127 

bates, jenny (jr) 5, 63, 119, 123, 128, 

129, 173 
baudry, cathy (soph) 86 
bear, ann (soph) 129 
beard, russell (sp) 4, 141 

belcher, mark (soph) 81, 105 

bell, david (sr) 95 

bennett, betsy (fr) 133 

bennett, joe (sr) 117, 120 

benton, paul (sr) 27, 149 

bergman, janet (sr) 53, 60, 116, 120, 

123, 136 
bermudez, michele (fr) 98 
beyem, Joseph (fr) 96 

bishop, maria (fr) 129 
blackledge, joe (fr) 136, 137 
blackwell, tomas (jr) 72, 112, 124, 137 
blount, rob (soph) 134 
boone, jimmy (soph) 108 

boswell, scott (soph) 74, 112, 115, 149 
bourgeois, cindy (fr) 85, 133 
bourgeois, david (soph) 105, 130, 131, 

bowers, ruby (jr) 108 

bowling, danny (jr) 102, 105, 119, 131, 

159, 165 
box, betty (soph) 81, 83 
boyd, randall (fr) 91, 131, 160, 165 
bradley, kate (fr) 129 
bradshaw, don (jr) 82, 95 
brady, don (sr) 74, 83, 105 
bremermann, lisa (fr) 6, 139 

brent, rebecca (soph) 78, 108, 129 
brindley, doug (sr) 113, 119, 148, 174, 

175, 176, 177, 185 
brinson, alan (sr) 56, 112 
brou, renee (jr) 122 
brown, ed (sr) 61, 137 
brown, frank (fr) 87 
brown, laurie (jr) 78, 88, 102, 129 
brown, lynn (jr) 86 

browning, brian (fr) 134 
brumfield, lynn (jr) 65, 133 
bryan, billy (fr) 137 
bryant, mike (jr) 7, 74, 131, 148, 154, 

155, 165, 214 
buchanan, frank (sr) 160 
burrus, carol (fr) 129 
burrus, lucy (jr) 66, 102, 108, 119, 123, 

125, 128, 129, 168, 170, 215 
burrow, alan (soph) 137 

burton, frank (fr) 105, 108, 137, 175, 

butler, vera (fr) 86 
buys, mark (fr) 71, 98, 159 
buys, rusty (sr) 71, 131 
byler, kathy (jr) 109, 133 
callender, ray (jr) 90 
Cameron, alan (sr) 57 
Campbell, glenn (sr) 131, 162 

carmeans, raymond (soph) 73, 85, 

149, 150 
Carroll, david (soph) 75, 84, 96, 99, 

102, 140, 141, 149, 160 
carson, nancy (fr) 89 
carstafhnur, Janice (sr) 56, 127 
carter, brad (soph) 110, 131 
carter, kathryn (soph) 129 
casey, ricky (sr) 157 
chambers, dale (jr) 157 

chastain, jamie (sr) 52, 118, 133 
chastain, joy (fr) 6, 65, 110, 133, 174 
cheney, mack (soph) 172 
dark, ben (fr) 87, 94 
dark, beth (fr) 128, 129 
dark, betty (sr) 54, 97, 109, 123 
dark, hugh (jr) 71, 103, 109, 117 
dark, jim (soph) 78, 109, 137 

darkson, nancy (soph) 77 , 83, 129 
clay, mark (jr) 112, 115, 124 
Clayton, obie (sr) 105, 116, 119, 127, 

clement, beverly (soph) 65, 109, 110, 

clukey, Sidney (fr) 95 
cobb, mary al (jr) 133 
cochran, tommy (sr) 61 
cockrell, barry (jr) 83, 117 

Collins, marc (soph) 141, 142 
Conner, beth (fr) 108 
Conner, mona (fr) 83 
Conner, syd (sr) 59, 61, 137, 185 
cook, jeff (sr) 58, 116, 141 
cordua, laurie (fr) 92 
correll, charlotte (fr) 97, 139 
Gotten, andy (jr) 79, 134 

cotton, renita (fr) 86 

cowley. terry (jr) 120 

cox, diethra (fr) 127 

cox, John (soph) 159 

crabb, cheryl (jr) 133 

Crawford, karen (soph) 79, 138. 139 

Crawford, luke (fr) 160 

crews, bob (fr) 141 

crowe, cindy (soph) 72, 78, 88, 112, 

124, 129, 143, 215 
crudup, bobby (jr) 127 
cruthirds, jacque (fr) 133 
cullen, paul (soph) 79, 134 
cummings, Johnnie (jr) 62, 127 
Cunningham, les (soph) 29, 75. 141, 

142, 172 
currie, John (soph) 80, 83 
dambrino, rob (fr) 131 

dantin, jigs (jr) 65, 102, 103, 123, 125. 

darby, alvin (jr) 127 
davenport, cynthia (sr) 60. 114, 172 
davis, kenny (fr) 93 
dean, steve (soph) 75, 84, 141 
delgadillo, albert (sr) 141 
delmas, jeff (fr) 137 
demmons, doug (fr) 89 

compliments of 

presto manufacturing 

manufacturers of 
home appliances 

Jackson, ms. 

phone 366-3481 

compliments of 

mississippi valley food 

we are proud to serve you. 





750 boling street 

Jackson, ms. 39209 

phone 948-0531 





r.m. hendrick 
graduate supply 

Jackson, mississippi 


herff-jones company 



Brick and Tile 
Company, Inc. 


Standard — Modular — Norman 


Red — Bro^n — Black — Buff — Tan — Pink — Gray 



phone 981-1410 
P.O. Box 9787-Forest Drive 
Jackson, Mississippi 39206 

Tops & Bottoms 
Highland Village 

medical plaza pharmacy 

1600 medical plaza building 
phone 48-1027 

across from millsaps college 
John d. Williams, 

"professional prescription service." 

dempsey, jimmy (soph) 76, 79, 103, 

deraps, debbie (fr) 133 
derise, carole (soph) 88, 125, 129 
dickey, diane (fr) 95 
dickson, jan (jr) 65, 110, 113, 133, 174, 

175, 177 
dodson, cuyler (jr) 83 
dominick, jeb (sr) 9, 62, 148 
dominick, John (fr) 9, 89, 149 

donahue, Harold (jr) 65 
doorenbos, donna (soph) 76, 102, 108 
doss, gail (jr) 64, 86, 121 
draffen, celeste (fr) 65, 133 
dulaney, marland (soph) 134 
dulaney, tim (fr) 79, 134 
doussan, joe (fr) 94 
duncan, jim (sr) 109, 110 

dyer, John (fr) 134 

easterling, lisa (soph) 82 

eaton, sally (jr) 86, 110, 132, 133, 143 

edgerton, richard (jr) 141 

edwards, beth (soph) 76 

edwards, sharon (soph) 139 

emling, ward (sr) 110, 113, 119, 141, 

174, 175, 176, 177, 186 
eppes, mark (sr) 70, 103, 119, 186 

estes, rebecca (jr) 91 

ethridge, mike (jr) 157 

ethridge, renee (soph) 83 

ettman, david (fr) 97, 137, 175 

evans, sara (fr) 129, 215 

evans, shawn (soph) 62, 102, 125 

eyrick, george (jr) 88, 112, 115, 124, 

ezelle, isabelle (soph) 7, 62, 71, 129, 

148, 154, 173 

fairburn, bruce (jr) 8, 104, 130, 131 
farnsworth, charlie (sr) 52 
farron, leigh (soph) 138, 139 
faulks, bob (fr) 137 
fewel, ben (soph) 137 
finnefrock, dan (sr) 4, 53, 141 
flautt, david (jr) 130, 131, 165 
fluker, terilyn (soph) 82, 127 

flynn, jim (sr) 134 
foley, dean (jr) 86, 137 
fortenberry, jerry (soph) 80 
fox, richard (soph) 137 
franklin, david (sr) 70 
frascogna, marc (jr) 169, 170 
frazier, mark (jr) 165 
freeman, teena (jr) 58 

friddle, bryan (jr) 83 
friedman, loren (sr) 114 
fry, John (fr) 92, 137 
frye, charlie (soph) 131, 162, 173 
furr, anna (jr) 71, 107, 129 
gardner, norma (fr) 90, 133, 174 
garrett, gary (jr) 131, 142, 149 
gartrell, monroe (fr) 88, 137 

garvin, royce (sr) 52, 112, 116, 119, 

120, 137, 186 
gaston, robert (jr) 75, 81, 104, 141 
geesey, cheryl (fr) 87 
geoghegan, ray (fr) 88, 109, 137 
germany, steve (jr) 70, 105, 117, 120 
gibson, brooks (fr) 129 
gilbert, tom (jr) 134 
gillon, robert (jr) 91 

gladney, karen (soph) 60, 102, 127 
gober, billy (jr) 75, 141 
gober, gail (soph) 69, 118, 133 
goldman, betsy (jr) 67, 130 
graham, bobby (fr) 136, 137, 159 
graham, rickey (sr) 55, 75, 112, 115, 

124, 141 
granberry, charles (soph) 149 
granberry, ken (jr) 148, 159 

granderson, robert (sr) 127, 149 
gray, lloyd (sr) 102, 105, 119, 120, 131, 

green, lindsey (fr) 6, 75, 102, 139 
gressett, pamela (jr) 68 
grisham, rick (jr) 72, 149, 152 
groue, ken (sr) 53, 59, 114, 137, 172 
guild, Cindy (sr) 75, 97, 104, 119, 123, 

133, 187 
gwako, fred (fr) 96 

hale, ray (soph) 80 
hall, don (soph) 84, 137 
hall, Janet (jr) 76, 109, 120, 173 
hall, Steve (jr) 64, 109, 131, 165, 173 
halton, tom (soph) 112, 115, 124 
Hamilton, nelson "fox" (soph) 134 
Hardin, david (soph) 157 
harkey, matt (fr) 93, 131 

harper, shawn (fr) 79, 139, 143 
Harris, huel (jr) 6, 9, 65, 79, 88, 134 
Harrison, mike (jr) 69, 98, 134, 149, 

Hart, ethebet (sr) 59, 187 
Harvey, sharon (fr) 85, 129 
Harwell, elizabeth (sr) 109, 110, 123, 


Hassell, david (fr) 91, 102, 131 
Hawkins, marc (soph) 113, 177 

Hawkins, victor (sr) 113 
Hayden,'bob (sr) 137 
Haygood, rickie (jr) 149, 159 
Haygood, steve (soph) 98, 165 
hays, frank (sr) 61, 137 
hazlip, jerry (jr) 70, 83, 90, 148 
helvenston, laura damon (sr) 57, 122, 

123, 133 
henke, kurt (fr) 93 

herold, tom (fr) 107, 173, 214 

Hickman, greg (sr) 157 

hicks, bettie (fr) 68, 127 

Hill, britt (jr) 67 

hill, jacy (soph) 60, 75, 108, 139, 143 

billiard, eddie (soph) 134 

Hinton, dees (jr) 148, 159 

hippie, ken (soph) 80 

Holland, james (soph) 82, 102, 103, 
131, 165, 167, 169, 170, 173, 174, 177 

Holliman, cindy (fr) 96 

hollingsworth. Holly (soph) 77, 84 

Holmes, betsy (sr) 58, 97, 119, 123, 
129, 168, 170, 188 

Holmgrain, chase (fr) 141 

Howell, donna (sr) 75, 104, 119, 123, 

Howell, lee (jr) 105 

Hudspeth, melissa (sr) 85, 129 

Humphrey, sue (jr) 75, 123, 139 
Humphreys, micHael (sr) 114 
hunt, cheryl (fr) 95 
Hunter, alan (fr) 89, 108, 110 
Huoni, mike (sr) 58, 149 
Hutchison, florence (sr) 114 
Hutchison, martha (soph) 6, 67, 82, 

84, 96, 112, 133 
hymers, bill (soph) 74, 134 

ikner, mark (soph) 75, 98, 140, 141, 

irby, paula (fr) 133 
ivy, cae (jr) 63 
jabour, jay (fr) 131 
Jackson, eugene (soph) 104 
Jacobs, Sylvia (fr) 94 
Jamison, John (fr) 134 
jarpison, searcy (fr) 127 

Jenkins, karen (soph) 84, 139 
Jenkins, stacy (sr) 56, 110, 124, 131, 

Jenkins, steve (jr) 67, 110, 131 
jetmundsen, John (fr) 85, 131 
jew, bobby (sr) 141 
Johnson, June (fr) 79, 139 
Johnson, mike (jr) 162 
Johnson, peder (fr) 85, 93, 131 

Johnson, sandra (jr) 66, 107, 132, 133 

Jones, brenda (fr) 94, 127 

Jones, johnny (soph) 159 

Jones, marc (jr) 119 

Jones, trez (jr) 69, 72, 131, 165 

Jordan, torn (jr) 91 

jurney, ronnie (jr) 62, 98, 14 

kelly, mac (fr) 137 

kersh, robert (sr) 141 
kiefer, tina (fr) 96 
king, bob (jr) 149, 159 
king, thomas (jr) 66, 127 
kirby, John (jr) 149, 151 
kirby, pat (jr) 71, 85, 149, 151 
kleppinger, brian (soph) 80 
knight, stacey (fr) 129 

knox, rich (fr) 134 

ladner, denise (sr) 60, 114 

lagarde, andy (fr) 89 

lamb, archie (jr) 131, 148, 151, 153, 

159, 165 
lambert, miriam (sr) 55, 90 
lancaster, bill (fr) 97, 131, 155, 165 
lane, travles (fr) 87, 127 
laney, steve (jr) 75 

lang, nancy (jr) 5, 63, 119, 123, 133 
langston, joey (fr) 131, 160 
larkin, c.j. (fr) 74, 102, 109 
lavelle, frances (jr) 60, 175, 176 
lawrence, margaret (soph) 86, 132, 

lawrence, sally (soph) TJ 
lawson, roger (soph) 131 
leech, bill (soph) 8, 76, 108, 130, 131, 

165, 177 

leggett, ellen (sr) 56, 97, 129 

lemaster, lulu (fr) 160 

lewis, bob (soph) 112, 115, 124, 136, 

lewis, pete (jr) 79, 134, 157 
liles, teresa (soph) 83 
lind, terri (soph) 76, 91 
lindsey, martin (jr) 81, 91 
lipscomb, sherry (soph) 129 

lloyd, mary (sr) 97, 139 
lloyd, ruth (fr) 102, 109, 129 
loewenberg, sarah louise (soph) 71, 

107, 129 
loftin, loyd (fr) 76 
looney, ben (fr) 134 
loper, brian (soph) 160 
lord, toni (soph) 79 
lowe, lisa (fr) 90, 108, 133, 174 

lowe, James (fr) 137 
loyd, greg (fr) 97, 131 
luck, linda (fr) 83 
lucovich, pat (sr) 81, 120 
lundy, hunter (sr) 98, 131, 149 
lyle, bob (fr) 109, 131, 165 
lynch, mark (sr) 141, 157 
mcadams, david (fr) 8 

mcalilly, bill (soph) 74, 134, 142, 149, 

mcalilly, steve (jr) 74, 102, 134, 135, 

149, 150, 152 
mccafferty, jim (sr) 119, 120, 189 
mccarty, marsha (sr) 53, 75, 116, 118, 

119, 123, 133, 189 
mccharen, silas (fr) 75, 141 
mcclure, kevin (sr) 141 
mccormick, helen (fr) 129, 143, 215 
mccoy, adren (jr) 63, 110, 118, 125, 

128, 129, 173 

mcculloch, John (soph) 148 
mcdonald, mike 108 
mcduff, rob (sr) 116, 119, 131, 189 
mceuen, susan (fr) 87, 129 
mcewen, fred (sr) 61, 121, 137 
mcgraw, emmett (sp) 141 
mchenry, marsha (soph) 17 , 129 
mcintosh, dennis (jr) 83, 105 

mcintosh, maura (sr) 16, 55, 125, 133 
mcintyre, kristi (soph) 6, 112, 115 
mckee, marcia (sr) 63, 112, 115, 118, 

123, 124, 125, 129, 173, 181, 193 
mckinley, bruce (soph) 105, 131, 159, 

mckinnon, betty (jr) 73. 78, 109, 125, 

128, 129, 173, 178, 179 
mcmilian, toni (jr) 68, 109, 118, 125, 

138, 139 
mcmullen, diane (sr) 57 
mabry, janice (fr) 95 

macmillan, donnie (soph) 83 
macnealy, rem (soph) 9, 77 . 134, 15 
madden, deborah (soph) 67, 84, 108, 

138, 139, 143 
mahaffey, sheldon (fr) 87 
makinde, adeboye (sr) 55, 96 
mallette, gale (soph) 76, 117, 133, 178, 

manning, ed (jr) 130. 131, 169, 170 
mansour, michael (fr) 97, 131 

maples, phillip (jr) 107, 149, 152. 162, 

173, 214 

marsalis, cindy (fr) 98, 133 
martin, mary (fr) 99, 133 
martin, nancy (soph) 133 
matheny, jim (jr) 108, 113. 116, 119, 

137, 176, 177, 178 
matheny, kerry (jr) 58, 86, 133 
maynor, johnny (jr) 68, 127, 159 
megehee, maribeth (jr) 1. 73, 106, 

129, 173, 214 

melichar, leah (soph) 77, 129 
messer, don (sr) 61, 137, 190 
middlestead, carol (soph) 77, 82 
miller, bryan (jr) 74, 134, 142 
milner, wayne (soph) 108, 131 
milton, cindy (jr) 79 
mims, leslie (fr) 6, 104, 133, 178, 179 
mink, phillip (sr) 74, 105, 172 

minor, doug (jr) 72. 104. 140. 141. 142. 

162, 173, 215 
mitchell, charlie b. (fr) 137 
mitchell, susan (fr) 73. 83 
moffett, larry (sr) 131 
montgomery, bill (jr) 131, 165 
montgomery, david (fr) 134 
moore, sharon (soph) 94. 127 
morris, trex (fr) 98, 134, 159 

morrison, cooper (soph) 131. 165 
morse, reilly (fr) 90, 105, 176, 177 
moseley, jeff (jr) 70, 131 
mouser, martha (soph) 138, 139 
nadler, martha (fr) 84, 129 
napier, sandra (sr) 139 
nash, kim (fr) 86, 89 
newman, mike (fr) 149 
nguyen, lieu b. (sp) 92 
nichols, belinda (fr) 78, 94 
nichols, rob (jr) 130, 131, 165, 169. 

nieder-westermann, ralph (fr) 108, 

174, 176, 177 

nolan, karen (jr) 107, 128, 129. 169, 

170, 215 
nutter, brad (fr) 149 
o'neill. Cornelius (soph) 121 
osborne, roberta (jr) 125, 138, 139 

open from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. 

mayflower cafe 

fresh seafood received daily 

try our broiled red snapper 

delectably fresh from the gulf coast 

or our unique seafood norfolk 

and then there is our famous greek salad 

Tuxedo Rental 

Aflcr Hours bv Appointment 



9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri. 

9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday 

"Mississippi's ForeniosI Diamond MfrchanV 



music CO. 



PHONE 366-9073 

make our store your musical headquarters. 

southern mississippi bottling 

CO., inc. 


automotive engine and crankshaft 


mississippi's only production engine remanufacturer 
1016 a street— meridian, mississippi 39301— phone 485-5155 

engine parts warehouse jactcson, inc. 
mississippi's only 100% hard parts automotive warehouse 

904 wholesale road— jackson, mississippi— 355-4709 


from new york city an an- 
tiqun bar and restaurant for 
contemporary adults, qual- 
ity food and drink is served 
in a warm and friendly at- 
mosphere, come prepared to 
meet someone new. 

diamonds— antiqur jewelry 

juniker jewelry company 

jewelry designers and manufacturers 

ptione 353-4312 

deposit guaranty plaza 

jackson, ms. 39201 


4149 northview drive 
jackson, mississippi 

standard photo company 

cameras— photo equipment— supplies— finishing 
jackson, mississippi 39201 q^aw^^^^c 


ott, david (fr) 137 

packer, doug (soph) 141 

painter, paula (fr) 95, 139 

parks, ed (jr) 74 

parry, torn (jr) 137 

parry, wilma (soph) 133 

parsons, morris (soph) 90, 112, 115, 

Patterson, owen (sr) 52, 89, 112, 115, 

119, 120, 123, 124 

paxton, John (soph) 117 
paxton, marcia (jr) 63, 95, 118 
pearson, sherry (jr) 7, 109, 129, 177 
percy, fred (fr) 149 
petermann, james (fr) 149 
pham-van, nhuong (fr) 84, 92 
pharr, patsy (sr) 53, 75, 119, 123, 133, 

pinson, marion (soph) 112, 115, 124, 


pittman, dean (soph) 141 
plunk, daryl (jr) 83 
plunkett, yvonne (fr) 117 
posey, Joyce (fr) 59, 85, 109, 133 
posey, mike (fr) 59, 94, 137 
prescott, theresa (soph) 78, 109, 132, 

133, 143 
presson, bill (jr) 1, 78, 106, 116, 119, 

121, 136, 137, 142, 215 
price, dewayne (jr) 141 

price, lynda (fr) 96, 108 
price, ricky (jr) 136, 137 
prince, John (sr) 9, 62, 162 
purser, paula (soph) 99 
raff, scott (fr) 95 
ramage, ronnie (sr) 137 
ranager, jimmy (soph) 9, 80, 10 

randall, robin (jr) 64, 104, 107, 108, 

125, 128, 129, 173 
ratchford, kevin (sr) 54, 114 
ratchford, tim (fr) 117, 131 
ray, bill (soph) 105, 131, 159 
ray, jimmy (soph) 9, 108, 137 
rector, charles (soph) 80, 172 
reeves, vonda (fr) 127 
regan, jim (fr) 137 
reiff, joe (sr) 54, 109 

reilly, david (soph) 81, 134 

reilly, donald (soph) 81, 134 

rice, rob (soph) 108, 131, 142, 148, 

152, 173, 176, 181 
rice, robin (soph) 7, 128, 129, 148, 

154, 155, 169, 170 
richards, dan (jr) 64, 98, 149, 152, 153 
richards, fred (fr) 136, 137 
richter, bill (fr) 131 
rigby, bill (jr) 88, 108, 136, 137, 177 

ring, joann (fr) 89 
ritter, jack (jr) 72, 141 
roberson, cristi (fr) 85, 129 
roberson, susie (sr) 60, 114 
robertson, mike (jr) 67, 112, 115, 124, 

robinson, jaybird (fr) 134 
robinson, robin (sr) 7, 60, 134, 154, 

robinson, warren (soph) 7, 76 

rooker, doug (soph) 3, 162 
roseboom, nancy (fr) 95 
rosenthal, charlene (fr) 85, 99, 133, 

ross, bob (fr) 109, 131, 173 
rosson, cindy (soph) 107, 129, 173, 

rouse, clay (fr) 91, 105, 175, 176, 177 
ruemke, ted (jr) 9, 13, 64, 107, 148, 

150, 214 
ruffin, jay (soph) 141 

runnels, jerry (jr) 131 

russell, rita (fr) 96 

safstrom, pam (fr) 79 

Salter, caryn (sr) 114 

salvant, debbie (soph) 65, 86, 103, 133 

Sanders, cindy (soph) 71 , 129 

Sanders, sharon (fr) 78, 174, 176, 133 

sanford, barbara (sr) 58, 64, 118 

Scarborough, mark (soph) 162 
seamon, lindy (sr) 141 
self, dwayne (jr) 134, 159 
senteno, ed (fr) 137, 149 
shallcross, lindsay (jr) 97, 125, 129, 

sharma, madhu (fr) 94 
shivers, jerry (jr) 131 
shows, scott (jr) 112, 115, 124, 173 

sights, cissy (fr) 129 
Simmons, bill (fr) 79, 92, 134, 157 
Simmons, jes (sr) 59 
simon, mark (fr) 137, 157 
simpkins, monie (fr) 91, 97, 131, 160 
skinner, carolyn (sr) 60, 172 
sloan, ron (fr) 75 

smith, barbara (jr) 73, 107, 129, 173, 

smith, bob (jr) 59, 66, 109, 110, 128, 

136, 137, 168, 170 
smith, howard (sr) 54, 149 
smith, Jeanne (fr) 129 
smith, leland (fr) 131, 165 
smith, neidra (fr) 7, 86 
smith, Stewart (soph) 141, 157 
spillman, scott (jr) 112, 124, 130, 131 
stamps, ken (jr) 127 

Stanford, tom (sr) 46 

Stanton, gail (jr) 68, 109, 118, 139 

Stanton, mark (soph) 112, 115, 124, 

Stanton, reggie (fr) 87 
stark, John (soph) 109, 136, 137, 177 
steinwinder, gloria (jr) 6, 65, 71, 86, 

102, 107, 118, 123, 132, 133 
Stevens, mike (sr) 58, 72, 102, 119, 

141, 168, 170, 190, 192 
Stewart, earl (soph) 95, 127 

stokes, mariann (jr) 118 
stone, kent (soph) 137 
strong, susan (sr) 60, 172 
sudduth, sally (soph) 86, 132, 133 
sumrall, paul (sr) 120, 121 
Sweeney, neil (fr) 131 
sweet, tracey (fr) 6, 72, 85 
szeto, ken (fr) 137 

tanner, doug (fr) 148 
tedder, hugh (soph) 77, 131 
thigpen, darrell (soph) 81, 127 
thomas, lydia (fr) 129 
thomas, trey (fr) 93, 134 
thompson, hubert (sr) 60, 102, 119, 

127, 191 
thrash, keith (soph) 76 
thrasher, jimmy (jr) 113, 141, 177 

tidmore, hollis (sr) 112, 114 

toler, terry (fr) 78, 129 

tribble, ken (fr) 134 

tsimortos, susan (soph) 69, 76, 132, 

turner, pam (jr) 86, 139 
turpin, howard (sr) 27 
tye, jeff (sr) 70 

valenzuela, carmen-luz (soph) 139 
valenzuela, marisol (soph) 122 
vest, michael (fr) 74, 81 
viale, Vickie (fr) 93 
vicknair, david (sr) 59, 137 
wadlington, francos (fr) 133 
wahrendorff, peg (jr) 1, 69, 106, 116, 

125, 133, 167, 169, 170, 173, 214, 215 

walden, keith (jr) 73, 83 
walker, ed (soph) 83 

walker, jana (fr) 85, 99, 133 
walker, paul (jr) 72, 140, 141, 149, 151 
walker, toni (jr) 63, 107, 116, 118, 123, 

128, 129, 143, 169, 170, 173 
Wallace, perry (fr) 87, 95, 127 
Wallace, terry (fr) 87, 95, 127 
Wallace, will (jr) 141 
waller, marie (soph) 78, 94, 127 
waller, skidmore (jr) 70 

walley, mary gene (sr) 114 
ward, cherese (soph) 66, 127 
ware, brenda (fr) 174. 175 
Warwick, mike (fr) 157 
waters, charlie (soph) 73, 78, 88, 137 
watkins, paul (jr) 7, 99, 137, 148, 154, 

watson, wayne (jr) 73, 98, 149 
watts, jim (soph) 74, 134 

watts, John (jr) 141 

wax, barry (soph) 130, 131 

Webber, cynthia (jr) 122 

Webster, brenda millstead (sr) 118, 

120, 133 
weeks, iris (soph) 139 

weems, bette (sr) 57 

wells, linda (jr) 108, 118, 129, 173 

wells, ralph (soph) 6, 112 

wells, rob (jr) 67, 75, 84, 141 

wells, terry (sr) 165, 173 

whatley, robin (jr) 7, 71. 85, 129, 148, 

154, 155 
whatley, steve (sr) 73, 98 
white, bobbie (fr) 87, 93 
wilburn, bill (jr) 83 
willers, jeff (jr) 78, 136, 137 
Williams, blanche (jr) 68, 108 

Williams, cheryl (sr) ,54, 82, 127 

Williams, judson (fr) 83 

Williams, margaret (sr) 57, 105, 118, 

125, 133 
Williams, terrel (sr) 78, 88, 107, 112, 

115, 116, 119, 120, 124, 137, 191, 215 
Williamson, John (soph) 131 
Williamson, nathan (jr) 112, 172, 214 
williard, rusty (soph) 76, 141 
wilsey, steve (jr) 70, 114, 117 

Wilson, cindy (soph) 86, 133 
Wilson, margaret (jr) 104 
Wiltshire, diane (jr) 113, 133, 174, 175, 
176, 177 

winnard, milan (fr) 4 
witten, mary (fr) 109, 133 
witty, david (fr) 137, 142, 172 
wofford, jim (jr) 102 
wofford, marion (soph) 108 

wofford, waiter (sr) 57, 191 
wongtrangen, kanok (sp) 92 
wood, corinne (fr) 6, 139 
wood, danny (jr) 4 
woodard, lynn (fr) 129 
woods, mike (jr) 160 
workman, mike (fr) 137 
wren, John (fr) 173 

wroten, bo (fr) 98, 148 

wyble, lance (soph) 112, 115, 124, 

137, 162 
yeates, morgan (jr) 66, 104 
york, louis (soph) 160 
young, frank (soph) 131 
young, susan (fr) 94 
young, terry (soph) 74, 134 
youngblood, joel (soph) 137, 177 

youngblood, mark (sr) 109 
zehnder, may lipe (jr) 123, 125, 129 


adjoining the /acksonian, a master hosts inn 
phone 982-4011 

southern beverage company, inc. 

compliments of . . . 


bottling company 




4450 i-55 north 
"dark on Sundays" 

Conserving Electric Power 

Makes Sense 

Electric power is a valuable resource, and it makes 
good sense to conserve it- Here are a few easy ways to 

• Make sure your home is properly insulated. 

• Keep your ttiermostat at 68° in winter and 78° in 

• Use distiwastiers and clothes dryers only when 
you have a full load, 

• Conserve hot water. 

• Turn off TVs, radios, stereos, and lights when not 
in use. 

A few simple rules, but following them makes good 
sense. Dollars and cents, too. ..because these rules 
help you save money as well as electricity 



He/ping Build Mississippi 


A ROYAL place to dine 


PHONE: 366-231 


ELECTRIC, Incorporated 

O. M. TADLOCK, PresidenI • 1055 PECAN PARK CIRCLE • P. O, BOX 1050 


HONE 948-6381 

(onsolidated^^merkanJ^e Insurance Qompany 


George B Pickett 


The Company of Distinguished Personal Service 

James A. Wheeler 

Executive Vice Presiden 





Youre gonna like one 


Copvrighl © 1976 by Wendy's International. Inc All rights reserved 

At Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hdmburgers, we use 
100% U.S.D.A. Grade A Beef chopped fresh daily, 
never frozen, cooked to order and never pre- 
wrapped. We custom build each sandwich the 
way you want it, with what you want on it. 
There are 256 different ways to enjoy a Wendy's 
Old-Fashioned Hamburger. Try one with 
Wendy's rich, meaty chili, crisp French fries and 
thick Frostys. At Wendy's Old-Fashioned Ham- 
burgers, Quality is our Recipe. 

Wendy's Number 1 

341 W. Northside Drive 

Jackson, Mississippi 

Phone 981-1751 

1412-14 Washington street 

vicksburg, ms. 39180 

telephone 636-6582 

from Jackson use our toll-free number: 353-9625 


we make people happy! 

maywood mart 








2720 north state, 362-3598 

a new store for women, specializing in imported 
cotton clothing and a quiet, friendly atmosphere. 



AUdetic ^upyfUle4. 

Phone 352-6625 













MOBILE PHONE- 948-8462 

[5J' Suite 250 Woodland Hills Building 
3000 Old Canton Road, Jackson, Mississippi 39216 


men's formalwear specialists 
coast to coast 


4505 i-55 north 

Jackson, ms. 39206 

phone 366-1213 

it's fun to go formal! 



„ V 








fellow millsapiens: 

thanks for making 1975-76 a success! it made my work 
a lot easier, for it was you who provided the people 
and events; i only compiled them, many of you 
helped— and maybe without realizing it. whether it was 
catching the photographer's eye, organizing a group, or 
submitting copy, you made a significant contribution 
to your yearbook, i am especially grateful to my assis- 
tants who helped me in making decisions and meeting 
deadlines, our efforts were to preserve this year by 
binding it together within a cover, my only wish is that 
you will appreciate this book and enjoy looking at it as 
much as i did producing it. 

maribeth megehee 

torn herold, phillip maples, ted ruemt 
additional work submitted by: mike bi 
wahrendorff, nathan Williamson 

/ant, peg 

jones— paragon press 
montgomery, alabama 


lucy burrus 
cindy crowe 
Helen mccormick 
doug minor 
peg wahreRdorff 

special thanks to the following for their assistance: 

mr. ralph farr, advisor 

mrs. warrene lee, financial advisor 

student affairs office 

business affairs office 

development office 

cover design by mr. rufus turner, chairman of 

millsaps art department 

additional artwork by cindy rosso^jf' rykcjj^^jgsii"— iC 

.-1 .« . *':■■ '- ''"" - - " : * ' 


though nothing can bring back the hour 
of splendor in the grass, and glory in the flower; 
we will grieve not, rather find 
strength in what remains behind; 

-William wordsworth