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'mf^mL P"^- \j 

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• s 




Millsaps College 

1701 North State Street 
Jackson, Mississippi 392 10 

Millsaps College . . . . 

.^ ilittMli|^j^.,_ 

2 — opening 

■; • ■; I 


. ... All The Makings Of A 
Major Motion Picture 

opening — 3 

4 — opening 

. Beautiful Locale 

opening — 5 

Mentally Stimulating 


6 — opening 

opening — 7 

Full Of Action 





opening — 1 1 

A Millsaps Saga In Nine Reels 

12 — opening 



opening — 13 


Setting The Scene 16 

Building Up 
The Plot. . .54 

In The Limelight. . .84 

The Action Scene 100 


The Underlying 
Framework 126 


Caught Up In 
The Rush. . . . 




Winding It Down. . . 190 

The Tag 204 

Setting the Scene 

To many of us, student lite at Millsaps 
means a never-ending attack on the stu- 
dent of homework, tests, or just trying to 
keep up. We sit over our books knowing 
that we have to read the next 1 14 pages 
for Heritage tomorrow; but we'd rather be 
somewhere else. Suddenly, our wish 
comes true when someone says they're 

going to CS's for a beer and a video 
game. Should we go? Of course! 

We've been studying for an accounting 
or chemistry test for hours in the deep, 
dark stacks of the library or hidden in El- 
sinore, and come stumbling into our dorm 
room. Have the walls moved in a little or is 
it just our eyes? Our neighbor next door 

walks in and says "Let's go to Tastee's 
for OJ and a donut." All Right! 

These are just a few thoughts of the life 
of the Millsaps student. We've tried to 
capture as many facets of life here as 
possible, all the way from dressing prep 
to finals. If we missed one of your favorite 
activities, write it in the margin. 


Organization! Smooth operation! No 
more Red-tape! all of ttiese cries and 
many more were heard the week of Au- 
gust 24-28 as f\/lillsaps students, old and 
new, returned to register for classes. 

Registration has undergone a great 
change. Computers, the watchwords of 
modern day living, have taken hold of Mill- 
saps. Registration is now completely 
computerized. This simplifies matters for 
those in the Business Office, but does it 
simplify the situation for the students? 
Students no longer present class cards to 
professors but merely show up as a name 
and number on a computer printout sheet. 
What student wants to stand in line for 
two hours awaiting his turn in the Busi- 
ness Office only to find that the computer 
has not credited his payment? Oh, but, of 
course, computers don't make mistakes, 
do they!?! 

Computerization is an advance in that 
records are more easily sorted and kept 
up with. However, computerization be- 
comes a detriment to the school system 
when it overshadows personal contact 
between students and staff. Afterall,' Isn't 
that what Millsaps is all about? 


18 — Registration 

Moving It All In 

Boxes, boxes, boxes! Hey, I've looked 
through all of my stuff and I can't find my 
shoes. Where are my shoes? Oh, yeah, I 
left them In the closet at the end of the 
hall. Oh, no!! The air conditioning unit is in 
there. My shoes have been moved — my 
shoes have been stolen! Who would want 
to steal somebody's shoes? Well, I can 
do without shoes but where is the cold 
air?? I can't stand it! Boy, what a way to 
come back to school. First all of my 
shoes are stolen, then there's no air con- 
ditioning! If I can just find my stuffed rab- 
bit. I'll be okay. Oh, no! I packed it in the 
closet, too. I hope it's still there. It isn't. 
Who would take my rabbit? It's mine and 
it's old and it's gone. . . . Sob. 


Moving In— 19 


Change. Does it bring to mind images of 
that which is brand new and exciting, or 
does it conjure up thoughts of uncertainty 
and confusion? No matter, whether for 
better or worse, a life without change 
would be unbearably boring. 

Millsaps is definitely not boring! 
Change occurs everywhere an unsu- 
specting student looks. From a price in- 
crease in Cokes to Garfield posters in the 
bookstore to a revamped security sys- 
tem, change runs rampant at Millsaps. 

One of the most obvious alterations is 
the installation of a guardhouse at the 
State Street entrance to Millsaps. "Does 
this ediface actually house a guard?", 
you ask. At varying times of the day and 

night, yes, a guard is there searching dili- 
gently for the new green glow-in-the-dark 
decals positioned, not on the bumper of 
the passing car, but on the right side of 
the windshield. Gates at the two West 
Street entrances and at the end of frat 
row modify the flow of traffic through cam- 
pus, but they also tamper with Millsaps 
traffic itself. A student of liberal arts, how- 
ever, learns to accept quickly. Therefore, 
although a little inconvenient, the gates 
prove to be no major problem. 

Change also struck the living quarters 
of Millsaps students — the dorms. The oc- 
cupants of Bacot, Sanders, and Galloway 
saw the demise of individual air-condi- 
tioning units and the birth and installation 
of new central air-conditioning systems. 
Government regulated temperatures and 

lowered ceilings were two results of this 
change. The interiors of Sanders, Ezelle, 
and Bacot were refurbished with new 
paint jobs and so seemed a bit nicer and 
cleaner. The renovation of Murrah Hall 
has been completed and use of the build- 
ing started in the Spring semester. The 
metamorphosis was greatly anticipated 
and awaited with baited breath. 

Millsaps alters from year to year. Some 
of the changes are welcomed, some de- 
spised. Some are thought to damage the 
college's image, some are thought to en- 
hance this image. Whether major or mi- 
nor, good or bad, change is an integral 
part of life and cannot be ignored. There- 
fore, we must keep open minds and flexi- 
ble spirits and learn to deal with it in the 
best way possible. 







Change— 21 

(Top left) — The grill is the hangout for many stu- 
dents during a free period or meal time. (Top 
right) — During Homecoming, students were moved 
into the Grill for meals to make room for the Alumni 
dinner. (Bottom) — A familiar sight for those who eat 
in the cafeteria. 

22— The Cafeteria 


(Top) — Missy Nevins pays for her books with a 
checl<, which now requires student ID. (Bottom 
left) — Scott Carlton and Beth Collins look around for 
their books for the semester. (Bottom right) — 
Chrisy Clark looks through the larger selection of 
stuffed toys that have been added this year. 


■■»». V" " 


24— The Bowl 

The Bowl— 25 

Obtaining Knowledge 

26— Studying 

(Top left) — Anita Addington writing in the Bowl. (Top rigtit) — Taking advantage of the tranquil library. 
(Bottom left) — A quantitative analysis student prepares for a lab lecture. (Bottom right) — Lone Studier 

Studying — 27 

(Top left) — David Biggers relaxes in a game of tennis. (Top rigfit) — These fresfimen try their hand at cards. 
(Center left) — Michael Van Velkinburgh plays Pac-Man at its new location in the grill. (Bottom left) — Mark 
Hopkins takes some shots for the Bobashela. (Bottom right) — Elizabeth Forsythe and Kathy Clem play 
racquetball in front of Bacot. 

A\Nay from the Rat Race 

■ -* 

(Top) — In one of the last warm days of Fall, Pat 
Gregory and Greg Murpfiy go for the same Frisbee. 
(Bottom left) — Some of the people of Bacot enjoy a 
picnic in the concrete area in front of Bacot. (Bottom 
right) — Jeff Hackman makes a fancy move before 
catching the Frisbee. 

Recreation — 29 

Campus Living 

Ezell hotel, Fae Franklin, Galloway, Ba- 
cot, and Sanders are all familiar to us, not 
to mention Fraternity Row. We have more 
freedom in visitation and less in tempera- 
ture control. We have cracks in the walls 
for character as what may be described 
as an example of Jackson's Yazoo clay. 
We have parties, popcorn, friendship, 
and noise. Even at three in the morning 
there are signs of life in the dorms as 
students burn the perverbial midnight oil. 
Life at Ivlillsaps campus can get difficult, 
but hardly ever boring; and living in a dorm 
or frat house is one of the more lively 
experiences of college. 

(Top left) — Chuck Smith and Doug Hanegan play 
pool in the Sig House. (Top right) — Cordelia Dou- 
zenis talks on a dorm phone. (Bottom) — Feeling do- 

30— Dorm Life 

(Top) — Gayle Tesson gets a little help from a friend. 
(Center left) — Jeff Alexander studies in his room. 
(Center right) — Joe McCall sits around his room in 
Ezell. (Bottom) — Thames Morris in Franklin. 

Dorm Life — 31 

Making the Money 

Money is one of the mainstays of 
society and Ivlillsaps is not left out. I^any 
students take on part-time jobs on and off 
campus to supplement themselves. 
Students who are eligible can get work- 
study or can become lab assistants. 
What is done with this extra money? 
CS's, Tastee's, the Lamar, Super Stop, 
Skid Marks . . . 

(Top left) — Frank Lyie gets ctiange forttie copying 
machine from Jotin May. (Top right) — Jennifer 
Jemison worl<s in the Political Science Department. 
(Bottom) — Scott Bowie makes an adjustment on 
polarimeter for Physical Chemistry Lab. 

32— Student Jobs 

lAbove Left) — Scott Bowie Spends his Ptiysica! Chemistry on Pac-Man at CS'S (Middle) — Many students spend time at Lamar in Downtown Jackson, (Right) — Millsaps 
Student picks up a newspaper at Super Stop, (Bottom left) — A group of hungry Millsaps' students invade Tastee's. 

Student Hangouts — 33 



In the last year lots of new Ideas about 
how to live apd enjoy yourself have come 
about. The fads of this country seem to 
reflect these trends. The Preppy look 
which has been around for sometime now 
is still with us and strong as ever. New 
Wave rock has influenced the trend of 
Punkers. In the realm of recreation, phys- 
ical fitness has become a national past- 
time. Jogging, aerobics, and others are 
all a part of the fitness fad. If physical 
activities are not enough for you, there is 
the Rubik's cube and its spinoffs to puz- 
zle the minds of all ages. Electronic 
games have also taken hold in the activi- 
ties of many. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, 
Centipedes, and Donkey Kong have the 
country in their grips. 

Millsaps is no exception to the rule. 
Ralph Lauren could survive on the busi- 
ness that Millsaps students alone give 

Fads strike and are gone, but are they 
ever really gone? Have you seen my min- 
iskirts lately? 

34— Fads 

Fads— 35 

Public Events and 
Activities on Campus 

36 — Public Events 

The Players — Damn Yankees! 

"Those damn Yankees! The Washing- 
ton Senators just have to win the pennant 
this year!" Well, they certainly won the 
hearts of the Mlllsaps' community. Damn 
Yankees, the lively musical comedy, 
opened the season for the Millsaps Play- 
ers. The story of a middle-aged man who 
sells his soul to the devil in order to be- 
come a young, pennant-winning baseball 
star provided an exciting, fun-filled even- 
ing for all concerned. 

(Top) — Walt Johnson, Tom Starnes, Mike Waters, 
Susan Brindley, Tim Smithhart, Tyree Fields, Scott 
Moses. Allen Finley, (Bottom right) — Joe McCall, 
Shari Schneider, (Below) — Joe McCall, Lori Gar- 
side, Mary Jane Emiing, Joyce MacNaughton, (Bot- 
tom left) — Jim Magnus, Robert Williams 

Dangerous Corner 


^K<c y^^^^^^^^^l 








^^L ^ ^^H 

A gun shot, a black out . . . another you 
think. Ah, but you are wrong. Dangerous 
Corner, the second play in the Players' 
season, was a whodunit, but one of a dif- 
ferent sort. The sophisticated mystery in- 
volved much more than the ordinary 
Agatha Christie novel does. The surprise 
ending was unexpected and dumfound- 
ing. Who knows the truth? Who knows 
what lies around the Dangerous Corner? 

One Acts 

The one act plays are senior projects 
directed by theatre majors. Two were 
presented Fall semester. Shari 
Schneider directed The Browning Ver- 
sion, which tells the story of a retiring 
British prepatory professor. Susan Brind- 
ley and Jay Gotten co-directed Tiie Mar- 
oritz l-lamlet which was an extreme par- 
ody of the Shakespeare original. 


(Top left) — Mike Case, Tim Smithhart, Tom Starnes 
(Top right) — Courtney Stacy, Mary Jane Emiing 
Shari Schneider. Stephanie Reddoch, (Middle) — 
Robert Williams, Laura Berry in Browning. (,Bo\ 
tom) — Cast of Marorilz: Lori Garside, Kevin Cas 
tillo, Walt Johnson, Tom Starnes, Phyllis Pfansch 
midt, Katrina Jameson, Steve Dees, Donald Walsh 
John Pigott. Trish Lamkin, Robby Weber. 

Plays— 39 

* ftfiS^Mp?»^afeft¥«**i., 



"- i)!.!i!!iiinn; 

4 ■-• 


Homecoming 1981 


Homecoming at Millsaps is one of the 
experiences that stand out for many of us. 
Almost everone turns up to cheer on the 
Home team to victory. The day was chilly, 
one of the few we had in the Fall semes- 
ter, and clear. Murrah Band provided a 
little background music for the activities 
on the ball field, as the Millsaps team won 
over the Maryville Scotsmen, and Ann 
Freeman was once more crowned Home- 
coming Queen. 

(Top left) — Since the stands were filled, spectators 
sat on the grassy edge of the stadium. (Top right) — 
Ann Freeman, Homecoming Queen (Bottom) — 
Homecoming Court: (Front row) Suzannah Bowie, 
Tama Williams, Lori Trigg; (Bacl< row) Beth Wilson, 
Ann Freeman 

42 — Homecoming 

(Top) — David Biggers cut flowers for use at the 
Homecoming luncheon- (Middle) — James Henley, 
Millsaps tailback, runs for another gain against the 
Maryville Scots. (Bottom left) — The KA's express 
their feelings on what will Beat the Maryville team. 

(Bottom Right) — Chi Omega members operate a 
booth during the morning activities in the bowl. 

(Previous Page, Top Left)— Joey Shelton fails to 
stop a Scot pass for a touch — down. Millsaps 
still prevails. 33-6. 

(Previous Page, Bottom Left) — Homecoming 
Queen, Ann Freeman, receives a winning kiss 
from school president George Harmon. 

Let it snow! Let it snow! 

Oh, the weather outside is frightful out 
. . . it's snowing, so who cares!? Millsaps 
students were given a belated Christmas 
present when they returned to campus 
after break. Snow, snow, and more snow! 
Classes were cancelled all week except 
for those few held on Wednesday. People 
went crazy! Everyone was out playing in 
the Millsaps version of the Winter Won- 
derland. They sledded, skiied, caught 
snowflakes on their tongues, and just 
walked around. Did you happen to see Dr. 
Knox sledding past? What about the fel- 
low who tried to ski in the Bowl. Surely 
you are one of the mass who were swish- 
ing across the bowl on cafeteria trays or 
sliding down the Bacot-Franklin parking 
lot. You must have seen President Har- 
mon bombarded by snowballs! No? Well, 
where on earth were you? In class? Oh, 
forget about that and ... let it snow! 

•J fv 





(Opposite page) (Top right) — Watch out! Cindy 
Gray discovers one of the hazards of snow. (N/liddie 
right) — A group of Sigs give aid to a motorist whose 
tires are sliding on the ice, (Bottom right) — Skiing in 
the Bowl? (Top left) — Lisa Dixon practices the fine 
art of snowman building. (Bottom left) — Rakesh 
Ivlangal throws a snowball towards an upper story of 
Galloway. (Above) — Margaret Hurley braves the 
weather as she makes her way back to the comforts 
of a warm dorm room. (Left) — Tim Gill slides down 
the walk on a cafeteria tray. 

Snow — 45 

Black History Week 

(Above) — Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha So- 
rority perform their Step-Down ritual. (Bottom 
Right) — Robin Richardson, Thomas Miller, Robert 
Lenoir, and Wanda Malone play their roles in a 
scene from "April 4th, 1968: One Year Later". (Bot- 
tom, Opposite Page) — A talented group that wants 
to be known simply as Jabod performs "Private 

46— Black History Week 

(Top Left) — Monica Northington accompanies Terry 
Ellis in the song "Endless Love". (Top Right — Dr. 
Larry Blount speaks at Friday Forum on the subject 
Reaganomics: A Black Man's Pomt of View. 

(Top left) — Laurie Eskridge and friends (Top 
right) — Does Lucy love me? (l\/liddle) — Betty Burton 
and Paula West paint ttiird east lobbette. (Bot- 
tom) — Ttie Jackson skyline 


_::!^&fK^KM03HliB^CK^!?^ - 



(Top left) — Emilie McAllister and Mictiael Van Vel- 
kinburgh (Top right) — Charlotte Morrison, Mary Vir- 
ginia Kay, Gina Brown, and Shari Scafidi dressed to 
kill. (Middle left) — Susan Brindley and the better 
Mann (Bottom right) — Unidentified Adorable object 
(Bottom left) — Richard Birdsong and Michael 
McRaney at work in the library. 

Etc.— 49 



When your senior year at Millsaps final- 
ly rolls around, certain unsettling ques- 
tions about the future begin to arise. This 
future is not 10 or 20 years away, but is 
only six months away. We are not speak- 
ing about what you will do for the rest of 
your life, but how you will manage to make 
it through comprehensive examinations 
and graduate. 

Comps are those mysterious series of 
tests in your major subject that you must 
take your senior year. Picture this: a small 
room, the click of the lock on the door, a 
small beam of light piercing through the 
darkness, the low mumblings of several 
professors, and you. The questions shoot 
forth incessantly: "What were the notable 
achievements of Henry IV and give the 
dates of his reign?"; "Explain the major 
themes of Walt Whitman's poetry": "Give 
the derivative of (1 — Arcsin(tanS))"; 
"Explain Weber's sociological perspec- 
tive of the self."; "Explain the lathanide 
contraction." After all of this questioning 
and much more, you walk out of the room 
and suddenly think, "What happens if I 
don't pass?" Terrifying visions of a 29- 
year old student wandering the halls of 

50 — Finals 

AC come to mind and he is waiting to re- 
take comps . . . again. 

The good thing about comps is when 
you are finished the hard part of your col- 
lege career is over. Now all you have to 
do is get into graduate school or find a 
job. After comps, LSAT and MCAT seem 
like another one of those tests. Just think 
of all the thing you go through just to be 
able to have three meals a day and a 

(Opposite page, Top left) — Missy Nevins gets some 
refreshments at the Bacot Christmas party during 
dead days. (Top right) — Sarsh Gregory types that 
last term paper, (Bottom) — Paul Bergeron prove- 
reads his paper. (Top left) — Susan Woodard (Top 
right) — Kim Cranston (Bottom) — A long line forms 
as students sell their books back to the Bookstore. 

Finals — 51 

^i -"^ 


Building Up the Plot 

The administration, faculty, and the 
staff of Milisaps work together to create a 
superior learning environment. The facul- 
ty strive to pass knowledge on to the Indi- 
vidual students. The administration and 
staff work to keep the physical and emo- 
tional environment in order. 

The Main Builders 

(Top) — President George Harmon, (Bottom) — Dean 
of Faculty. Robert King 

The Administrative offices try to build 
the school into a better place. President 
Harmon coordinates the efforts of all staff 
members into building a stronger Mill- 

56 — Administration 


(Top left) — John Christmas, Dean of Adnnissions, (Top right) — Robert Shive, Associate Dean of Faculty, (Bottom left) — Don Strickland, Vice President for Student 
Affairs, (Bottom right) — William Franklin, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. 

Administration — 57 

(Upper left)— James McLeod, Financial Aid, (Upper 
right) — Floy Holloman, Alumni Relations and Annual 
Fund, (Middle left) — Jack Woodward, Director of 
Financial Aid, (Middle right) — Martha Galtney, Stu- 
dent Affairs secretary, (Lower left) — Leonard Pol- 
son, Director of Services, (Lower right)— Harrylyn 
Sallis, Gateway Director, discusses the fall sympo- 
sium with Nancy Sue Gregory. 

58 — Administration 

Controlling the Quality of Life 

The office of Student Affairs went 
thirough many chianges this past summer. 
Millsaps hired Jane MacDonald to assist 
Dean Good in directing student life. To- 
gether they have worked hard to change 
policies and improve student living condi- 
tions. Janice Streetman created a new 
career placement service for seniors and 
gave lectures on subjects of interest to 
students going out into the "Real World". 
Martha Galtney returned to Millsaps after 
an absence of several years. All the per- 
sonnel in the Student Affairs office strive 
to make life at Millsaps a quality life. 

(Upper left) — Stuart Good, Dean of Student Life. 
(Middle right) — Janice Streetman, Placement Ser- 
vices, (Lower left)— Jane IVIacDonald, Assistant 
Dean of Student Affairs. 

Administration — 59 

On the 

(Right) — Business staff — Warrene, Doug Lueb 
bers, Rose Jofinson, Alice Borders, Dorothy Net- 
tles, Marge Fenton. (middle left)— Renee and Joe 
Leigh, houseparents. (lower left) — Dick and Jane 
IvIacDonald, Hoseparents. 

(Above) — Records staff— Sandi Nash, Pearl Dyer, Irene Story, Sara Brooks. 

60— Staffs 

(Right) — Library Staff — James Parl<s, Lauri Brown, Elizabetti Kendricl<. Jocelyn 
Trotter, Birdie Harpole. 

(upper left) — Admissions Staff — Jeannette Mcallister, Bryan Rutledge. (middle) — Development Staff — 
Floy Holloman, Paul Gamble, Ivlartfi Poole, James Livesay, Bill Franklin. (Lower Left)— Trent Riggens, 
Admissions Staff 

Staffs— 61 

I Music 

(Upper left) — Donald Kilmer, (Upper right) — William 
Carroll, (Lower left) — Frank Polanski, (Lower 
right) — Amy Youngblood, an organ major, practices 
on an AC organ. 

Fine Arts — 63 

^1 Classics 

(Upper Left) Richard Freis. (Upper Right) 
Catherine Freis. (Middle Left) Adrienne Phillips, 
(twiddle Right) Charles Sallis, (Lower Right) Ross 
Moore and Charles Sallis. (Lower Left) Frank 
Laney, (Lower Far Right) — Robert McElvaine. 

Fine Arts — 65 


(Top) Robert Bergmark. (Middle Left) Michael 

Mitias witti student Maan Jaudeti. (Lower Left) 

T.W. Lewis. (Lower Right) Lee Reiff. 



(Top Left) George Boyd and Student 
Walt Sikora (Top Right) Dan Hise. 
(Middle Left) Juditti and Rebecca 
Page. (Ivliddle Right) Bob Padgett. 
(Lower Left) Paul Hardin. (Lower 
Middle) Austin Wilson. (Lower Right) 
Richard Mallette. 

English— 67 

(Upper Left) R.W. McCarley and student Dave Draughn (Upper Middle) Grant Wyckoff. 
Students use AC computer terminals to complete programs. 


(Upper left) — David Heins converses with a student. 
(Upper rigtit) — Biology students w/ork together in 
lab, (Middle right) — Robert Nevins with Randy Wil- 
liams, (Middle left) — Dicl\ Highfill, (Lower right)— 
James McKeown helps a student after class 

70 — Science and Math 


(Upper left) — Karia Smith cuts and polishes thin 
sections with a diamond saw, (Upper right) — Wen- 
dell Johnson, (Lower left) — Dr Johnson leads the 
geology field trip group, (Lower right) — Charles 

Science and Math- 


(Upper Right) — Eugene Cain prepares to lecture his 
general chemistry class, (Middle left) — Roy Berry, 
(Middle right) — David Biggers and John Blizzard 
work on their physical chemistry experiment, (Low- 
er left) — George Ezell helps Katrina Spears with 
Quantitative Analysis, (Lower right) — Allen Bishop 
assists a Computer 100 student. 

Math & 

(Upper left) — A physics lab group works to com- 
plete a lab, (Upper right) — James McKinney, Math. 
(Middle left) — George Miller. Math, (Middle right) 
— Samuel R. Knox, Math, sets up to film the Mill- 
saps-Central Florida football game, (Lower 
left) — Herman McKenzie, Math, (Lower right) 
— Judy McKinney. Math 

Science and Math — 73 


(Top Left) — Frances Coker, (Top Right) Lourdes 

Henebry, (Middle) Ttie Death and Grief class, one 

of the more popular courses offered at Millsaps. 

has an end of year party: left to right: Louis, 

Leens Paul, Lizanne Sekul, Don Dinsmore 

(leader), Barry Lee, Monica Northington, Lori 

Leadbetter, Terri Ellis. 

Ed King 

74 — Sociology 




1 1 

R J 

m[ 1 

w 1 


1, m 



■••• ■ ^BBy- 

i \1 

' ■Mr 



(Left) Jeanne Middleton, (Middle Left) tvlarlys 
Vaugtin, (Middle Right) Harper Davis is interviewed 
by WLBT news after his first home victory. 

(Left) Mary Ann Edge, (Right) Tommy Ranager. 


(Upper Right) — Ron Holton, physical education. 
(Middle Left) — Steve Hering, education, (Lower 
Right) — James Montgomery, physical education, 
speaks with Glen East. 

76 — Sociology and Behavioral 


(Upper Left)— Howard Bavender. (Middle Right) 
— Jotin Quincy Adams 


(Lower Left) — Russell Levanway, (Lower 
Right) — Edmond Venator 

Sociology and Behavioral — 77 









\ «.. 

(Upper Left) — Ray Phelps, (Upper Right) — Walter Neely with students. (Lower Left) — Carl Brooking, 
(Lower Right)— Betsy Clary, (Upper Left, Opposite page)— James Glenn, (Upper Right, Opposite page) 
— Jerry Whitt, (Lower, Opposite page) — Sue Whitt helps Chip Cowan. 

78— School of Management 

-,v,,-. ^|^ 


School of Management — 79 


(Right) Stephine Woods, (Lower Left) Katerine Lefoldt, AC 
Hostess. (Lower Right) Richard Baltz. 

80 — Management 


(Top) — Mittie Welty, Post Office, (Middle) — Don 
Fortenberry, Cfiaplain and Sister Annette Seymour, 
Cfiapiain, (Top Left, Opposite page) — Betty Jame- 
son, Bookstore, (Top rigtit, Opposite page) — 
Jewell Levanway, Bookstore, (Bottom, Opposite 
page) — Eddie Jameson, Bookstore 

82 — Student Services 




^ /^T' 


■■ A /. \ ■ ' 

- - ■ ' 


i\/\H : - 




In the Limelight 

The Millsaps College community is for- 
tunate to sponsor several honoraries 
which serve to recognize individual excel- 
lence in the areas of academics and lead- 
ership. There are associations vjh\ch pro- 
mote general achievements while others 
serve to recognize superior work in spe- 
cific subject areas. Foreign languages 
are represented along with the sciences. 
Business majors also foster recognition 
as do the classics. Those students inter- 
ested in politics will also find a corre- 
sponding honorary. Whatever a student's 
area of excellence may be, Millsaps has 

an honorary group for them. 

Alpha Epsilon 

(First Row) — Janet Hamilton (President), Monica Northington, (Second Row) — Jackie Clark, Dennis 
McGraw (Treasurer), Debbie O'Cain (Third Row) — Larisa Krolls, Paul Hathorn (Reporter), George Harris, 
Alan Ferguson (Historian), (Fourth Row) — Tim Smithhart, Anita Broom, David Biggers, David Niece, Mark 
Redwine, (Fifth Row) — Sandy Frazier. Mary Witthauer, Stuart Simon. Roy Berry, Lee Morris, Terry Ellis, 
(Sixth Row) — Richard Birdsong, Bobby Hogue, Peter Whitehead, Barry White, Rory Roark, Steve Hull, 
Milton Johnson, Claude Arnett 




(Left to Right)— Jay Cotten, Susan Brind- 
ley, Allen Finley, Shari Scheider, Robbie 
Williams, Camille Clement, Stephanie 

86 — Honoraries 


(Down Stairs) — Russel Rooks (President). Tim Smitti- 
tiart. Debbie Dorset. Stuart Simon. Bob Wilkins. Bill 
Harper, Terry Ellis, Barry Tedder. David Biggers, 
Claude Arnett, Lee Morris. Carney Stevens, Marie Na- 
tion, Mary Witthauer, Paula West. Milton Johnson, Jo 
Anne Shanks, Sandy Frazier. Dennis McGraw. Karen 
Shaw, Richard Birdsong, Debbie O'Cain. Anita Broom. 
Michelle Griffith. Janet Hamilton. Tommy McGee. Mark 


(Front) — Brad Chism. Scott Bowie (President). Lee Morris. Debra Basham. Claude Arnett, David Biggers, (Back)- 
George Harris. Milton Johnson. Tim Smithhart 

Honoraries — 87 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Front Row) — Becky Woodrick, George Harris, Monica Northington, Camille Clement, Nancy Sue Gregory, Debra Basham. Laura McGee, Ross H. Moore, Samual 
Knox, (Second Row) — Robert King, Brad Chism (President), Tom Hamrick, Terry Ellis. Milton Johnson, David Biggers, Frank Laney, Roy Berry, Claude Arnett. Tim 
Smithhart, Rictiard Birdsong, Ctiarles Sallis 




(Front Row) — Becky Woodnck, 
Savannah McMillan, Michel Thomas, 
Debra Basham. Jane Cooper, Ross H. 
Moore, (Second Row) — Roy Berry, 
Adrienne Phillips, Frank Laney, Charles 
Sallis, Robert McElvaine, Tom Hannrick 




(Front)— Kathy Van Skiver, Lori Randolph, Daniel Macleay, Robert Padgett, George Harris, (Second Row)— Jim Harris, 
Sandra Napier-Dyess, Laura McGee, Tama Williams (President) 

(Front) — Brad Benton. Cathy Schroeder, Jim 

Magnus, Dr, Sue Whitt, (Back) — Nancy Bagby 

(President), Kathy, Terrell Ann Brocato 

Schiller s^i-4 
Gesellschaft p^ 

(Front)— Debra Bastiam, Mike Lanford, Laura Buckler McGee, John 
Guest, Daniel MaCleay j^ 

90 — Honoraries 


Sigma Lambda 


(Front) — Becky Woodrick (President), Laurie Stamm, Monica Northington, Lynette Little, Phyllis Pfanschmidt, (Second Row) — Richard Birdsong, Peter Bernheim, 
Lizanne Sekul, Susan Woodard, Debra Basham, Dorothy Hodges. Laurie Eskridge, Nancy Sue Gregorie, Jane Cooper, Jim Magnus, Richard Mallette, (Back Row) — 
Brad Chism, Boty McDonald, Monte Rector, Joey Shelton, David Biggers, Kathy Gunn, Tim Smithhart, Tom Hamrick 




(Front) — Carney Stevens (Secretary), George 
Harris (President), Stuart Simon, (Second 
Row) — Janet Hamilton (Historian), Monica 
Northington, Debbie Dorsey, Dennis McGraw, 
Milton Johnson, Jimmy Morris, (Third Row) — 
Marie Nation, Richard Birdsong, Bobby Hogue, 
Lee Morris, Allen Flowers, John Hermann, 
(Fourth Row) — Roy Berry, Mary Witthauer, Da- 
vid Biggers, (Fifth Row) — Anita Broom, Sandy 
Frazier, Alan Ferguson, Terry Ellis, Peter White- 
head, (Sixth Row)— Tim Smithhart, Barry White, 
David Draughn, Scott Bowie 

Roy Is editor of the Purple and White, a peer advisor, a member of tine 
Millsaps Singers, and Officer Number IV (Corresponding Secretary) 
for Alpha Kappa Order. He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Sigma Lambda, Alpha Phi Theta, and Theta Nu Sigma. He is a History 
Major and particiapted in The British Studies of Oxford program in the 
summer of 1981. 

Debra Ann Basham 

Debra is a History major and a German minor. She is a member of 
Sigma Lambda (Vice-President), Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Schiller Gesellschafts, Deutscher 
Verein (Former President), Millsaps Singers, and various College 
committees. Debra also received the Deutscher Verein Award and 
the Intermediate German Award. She is a Dean's List Student. 

92— Who's Who 

Richard Hampden Birdsong 

A Jackson native, whose passions are: scuba 
diving, reading anything about science (that's 
not over his head), patronizing video games, and 
being single. Having had to pay most of his way 
through school, he has held numerous part-time 
jobs (several at once usually), of which his all- 
time favorite is as a console operator for the 
Jackson/Davis Planetarium, His major study is 
Biology, with emphasis on heading off to a medi- 
cal career. 

Scott Bowie 

Susan Brindley 

Scott is a Chemistry and Ivlathematics major. He is a member of Eta Sigma ' 
(Preisdent), Theta Nu Sigma, Sigma Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma, and Honor's 
Review Committee. He is a peer advisor. Physical Chemistry Lab Assistant, 
and Co-captain of the varsity cheerleaders. Scott is a Dean's List student. 

Susan is a Voice and Theatre major. She is a member of the Miilsaps 
Singers, Miilsaps Troubadours (since their reorganization in 1980), 
Alpha Psi Omega, and the Miilsaps Players. As an active member of 
the Miilsaps Players, she has had major roles since her freshman 
year and was selected for membership in Alpha Psi Omega, a national 
dramatics honorary, her sophomore year She received the 1981 
Miilsaps Players Acting Award for Guenevere in "Camelot". She is a 
member of Kappa Delta Sorority and was their Songfest director in 
1980 and 1981. Susan has received the Strieker Scholarship. 

Jay Gotten (Right) 

Jay is a Theatre major from Clinton, Mississippi. He is a member of Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Ptii Kappa Pfii, and Alptia Psi Omega (Presi- 
dent). He is active with the Millsaps Players. He won the Best Supporting 
Actor Award for 1980-81 . Jay interned with the Alabama Shakespeare Festi- 
val in the summer of 1981 as one of twelve apprentice actors selected from 
the eastern United States. 

-Who's Who 

Terrance L. Ellis 

Terry is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda (Secre- 
tary and Treasurer). Theta Nu Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon 
Delta, Black Student Association (Past Vice President), Alpha Phi 
Alpha, and JABOD dancers. He is also a Dean's List student. 

Nancy Sue Gregorie (Above) 

Nancy Sue is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (Past Vice President), Sigma Lambda, 
Stylus Staff, and Chi Omega Fraternity (Past Pledge Class President, Past Assistant 
Chapter Correspondent, Past Vice President). She also served as Student Executive 
Board Secretary for 1979. She is a Dean's List Student. 

Kathie Gunn 

Kathie is a Piano Major from Ellisville, Mississippi. She is a member of Chi Omega (Rush 
Chairman, Songleader, Songfest Chairman), Sigma Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma, and Millsaps 
Singers. Kathie is also a Resident Assistant in Bacot Dormitory. 

Who's Who — 95 


Thomas Hamrick 

George C. Harris, Jr. 

George is a Chemistry major heading for a career in medicine. He is a 
member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Alpha Epsilon Del- 
ta, Eta Sigma, Black Student Association, Pi Delta Phi, Theta Nu 
Sigma (President), and Omicron Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity, Incorporated (President). He plays on the varsity tennis 
squad. He served as a student senator and on various committees. 
George won the Heritgae Creative Arts Award in Music in 1978 
(Freshman Division). He spent the summers of 1980 and 81 in cancer 
research in Pittsburg. He is also a musician and a Dean's List student. 

Dorothy Hodges 

Dorothy is a Biology major. She is a member of the Millsaps Singers, Troubadours, Sigma 
Lambda, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Theta Nu Sigma. She is a member of Phi 
Mu Fraternity, and has served as Chaplain, Membership Director, and President. She also 
was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Cresent Court for two years. Dorothy received the 
Marion L. Smith Scholarship. 

96— Who's Who 

Milton C. Johnson 

Milton is a Biology major (pre-medical). and he has been enrolled at Millsaps 
since 1978. He has participated in Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, 
Eta Sigma, Student National Medical Association, Black Student Associ- 
ation (Treasurer), Alpha Epsilon Delta (Secretary), Theta Nu Sigma, Beta 
Beta Beta, and has served as leaders of various committees He vxas one ot 
the eight founding brothers of Omicron Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity Incorporated (1st Vice President). Milton participated in intramu- 
ral basketball and in the play "The Merchant of Venice". He is a Dean's List 

Thomas Ray Miller 

Thomas is a Political Science major from McComb, Mississippi. He served 
as First Vice President of the Student Executive Board, Chairman of the 
Student Activities Committee, and as President ot the Black Student Associ- 
ation. He was a student senator. Thomas was a member of the Millsaps 
Players. He also served as Elizabethan Faire Committee Co-chairman. He is 
a Dean's List student. 

James Magnus 

Who's Who — 97 

Monte Dale Rector 

Monte is a Marketing major. He is a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Sigma Lambda, and 
FCA. He is a varsity basl<etball player and a varsity cheerleader for the football team. Monte 
served on Millsaps Judicial Council and Peer Advising program. He acted as a resident 
assistant and as a Kappa Delta big brother. Monte participated in the British Studies at Oxford 


— -^ 

Elizabeth Anne Sekul 

Lizanne is a Chemistry major and plans a medical career. She is a member of Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Eta Sigma, and Kappa Delta 
Sorority. Lizanne also served on various College Committees. She is a Dean's List Student. 

Timothy N. Smithhart 

98— Who's Who 

Susan Woodard 

Susan is a Psychology Major, She is a member of the 
Methodist Student Association (Chairperson), Campus 
Ministry Team (Co-Chairperson). Eta Sigma, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa, and various 
student committees. She participated in two New York Ur- 
ban Seminars. 

Becky is an English major and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta 
Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, and Sigma Lambda (President). She is active on various 
committees. She is a resident advisor and a Dean's List Student. 



Other Millsaps Students selected for Who's Who, but are not 
pictured are: 

Stephanie Barlow 
Gayle Tesson 
Mark Trigg 


'4 y\ m^ * 

06 1(0, 

N, I' J 

20^-' S^% 


V- 2^ ■ 

1 :1 


--- 2o.i7 „ 


WlBe_-,»^.' If 



The Action Scene 

Whatever the interest may be — from 
conference sports to intramural chess — 
Millsaps' sports program has much to of- 
fer every athlete and fan. Instead of de- 
tracting from the general atmosphere, the 
diverse opinions and liberal attitudes at 
Millsaps help to stimulate and challenge 
each individual player to try his best to 
achieve personal as w/ell as team goals. 
The spirit and support from the student 
body makes every sporting event that 
much more exciting. The coaches' incen- 
tives and encouragement to their team 
members add that special cohesive ele- 

ment without which, a winning team could 
not exist. From the intense rivalry of intra- 
mural teams to a highly successful sea- 
son in varsity football, Millsaps is ever 
changing and always improving to demon- 
strate its consistent determination to win. 

Football 1981 

." i|#**r?,jV. •- ■■:^'-' -■■>''■ 'T'*. -^ ; "• . .-- .-. 

Jessie McRight struggles to shake a tackle. 

Picking out his receiver, quarter- 
back Byrd Hillman rares back to 

102— Football 


lu mMft ' > i>ai^»»w*i<T*y<» » i ' *'**o*y*^TM--'^"; 

Above: Junior running back James Henley breaks through the hole for extra 

Left; Demonstrating his versatility, agile Daryl McLeod bats away a 
completed pass. 

The 1982 Millsaps Majors came through with a very success- 
ful and impressive seven and two season. In the season opener, 
the Majors stomped Fisk 52-0 due to a high powered offense 
and stingy defense that held Fisk to a negative seven yards 
rushing. The next week, the Majors put together another victory 
against Southwestern by a score of 13-6 in a tough defensive 
struggle. The next win came against Sewanee by a score of 27- 
due to the fine talents of Daryl McLeod, Claude Arnett, Jesse 
McRight, James Henley, David Miller and Quarterback Byrd 
Hillman. The Majors met their first defeat in thirteen games the 
following week as Central Florida edged them 13-6, despite the 
Majors domination of the line of scrimmage for most of the day. 
In the next game, the Majors fell short again by a score of 6-3 
against West Georgia, with Chuck Smith putting up a 27 — yard 
field goal in a game dominated by the defense of both teams. 
Smith directed the Majors to their next win over Baptist Universi- 
ty with the star performance of James Henley who rushed for 
122 yards, the final score being 51-0. The Homecoming game 
against the division — leading Scots of Maryville saw the Majors 
with their hands full but being able to pull off a successful 33-6 
decision and 385 yards total offense in an excellent display by 
Byrd Hillman, Melvin Smith, Daryl McLeod, and Mike Torello. 
Millsaps improved their winning record by blitzing Baptist Chris- 
tian 50-0, limiting their opponents to a mere 37 yards total 
offense. The Majors rounded out the year by notching Miles 
College 16-12 as they managed 506 yards total offense with 
Byrd Hillman completing eight of fourteen passes for a total of 
100 yards. 

Football 1C 




With a look of determination, Dennis Delee averts a 
Sewanee tackle. 

There's a pile-up on the field as Scots and l\/laiors dive to recover a loose ball. 

104— Football 

Millsaps seniors do a little clowning around before leaving for tfieir last game against Ivliles College. Left to rigfit are Robert Hemby, Gus Morris, Byrd Hillman, 
Cfiuck Smith, Daryl McLeod, Brad Ctiism, Willie McCullum, Claude Arnett, Joey Sfielton, Roger Smitfi, Jesse McRigfit, Randy Hammond, Melvin Smitti, Lewis 
Gilbert, Dennis DeLee, Anthony Bonds, and Rick Coggins 

Willie McCullum, Lewis Gilbert, and Claude Arnett surge forward to crush the Scots. 

Football— 105 

Senior Jesse McRight sprints down the field uncontested for a big gain 















Central Florida 



West Georgia 



Baptist Univ. 





Baptist Christian 




Head Coach: Harper Davis | 

Assistant Coach: Tommy 

Ranager H 


Offensive Team — (bottom row) Mike Terrello, Sidney Siebert, Robert 
Hembry, Rick Coggin, Ivlarty Lester, Roger Smith; (top row) Brad 
Chism, Ivlelvin Smitti, Jessie l^cWright, Dennis Delee, "Snake" No- 
flin, James Henley, Darryl lylcCloud, Byrd Hillman. 

Defensive Team — (bottom row) Jessie McWrigfit, Frank Lyie, Collin 
Cope. Louie Gibert, Gus Morris; (top row) Joey Stielton. Cfiuck Smith. 
Jimmy Brown. Claude Arnett. Anthony Bonds, Willie McCullum, Ben 

106— Football 

The Millsaps Cheerleaders demonstrate their never-ending spirit at every game, 


James Henley 
Byrd Hillman 
Daryl McLeod 
Marshall Pemberton 
Melvin Smith 
Rick Coggin 
Mark Livingston 
Claude Arnett 
David Miller 
Randy Hammond 
Jesse McRight 
Joey Shelton 
John Mercer 
Alan Lambert 
Robert Lenoir 
Chuck Smith 
Willie McCollum 
Glynn McLeod 
Mike Turello 
Tony West 
Dennis Delee 
Pat Byrd 
Dan Keel 
Anthony Bonds 
George Noflin 
David Ruhl 
Jon Wilson 
Jimmy Brown 
Roger Smith 
John Gillespie 
Robert Hemby 
Marty Lester 
Tom Percell 
Wesley Blacksher 
Tony Smith 
Randy Williams 
Ben Hurst 
Sidney Siebert 
Louis Gilbert 
Collin Cope 
Clayton Sanford 
Gus Morris 
Frank Lyie 
Brad Chism 

Waiting to get back in the game, Robert Lenour and Tom Purcell peer anxiously at the 

Football— 107 

Soccer 1981 

This year was Millsap's first year to hiave a varsi- 
ty — level soccer team. After struggling ttirough 
tvi^enty — six games in two and a half months, the 
Majors emerged with a 6-18-2 season. This record 
was due to inexperience (thirteen freshmen) and 
playing five schools in Division I and II, while Millsaps 
remains Division III in all sports. However, there is 
much hope in the future, because the Majors only 
lose two players, and the 1982 season promises to 
be very rewarding. 

Freshman Terry Buckler keeps control of the ball as he prepares to pass it to a teammate. 
Top: Racing downfield, Tom Moore attempts to dribble the ball away from a Tougaloo teammate. 

108— Soccer 

Top: B,A, Holman and teammates rusti in to try and keep the ball in ttieir possession. 

Bottom: WInile ttie Majors take a break, Coach George Gober administers first aid to Marion Lyons as Mike Newman and Haso Montalvo 

get ready to go back to the action. 



Northeast Louisiana Univ. 



Hinds Junior College 



Spring Air Soccer Club 

Jackson Soccer Club 


Jackson State Univ. 



Univ. of South Alabama 



Seminary College 



Spring Air Soccer Club 


Belhaven College 



Mississippi State Univ. 



Birmingham Southern Univ. 

Univ. of South Alabama 


Univ. of New Orleans 



Hinds Junior College 



Univ. of Southern Miss. 



Southwestern at Memphis 


Louisiana Tech. Univ. 


Mississippi College 



Nichol State Univ. 



Sentinary College 



Univ. of New Orleans 
Tougaloo College 



Belhaven College 



Univ. of Mississippi 


Jackson State Univ. 

High Scorers: B.A. Holman, Michael New- | 



Managers: Dana Doyle, Dawn Dietrich 



George Gober 



f- f f4.1.1.$..t.f. ft J 

Millsaps Soccer 1981 

Freddy Duggan "heads" the ball into the air as ;)^-' 'i 
teammates anxiously look on. 

1 10 — Soccer 

A young but potential player watches closefly from the sidelines. 

Top: John Ratliff takes time out to check out the ball before his Tougaloo rival resumes 

Veteran Alan Vestal gets ready to punch the ball way down 
field from the corner. 

Soccer— 1 1 1 

A New Coach 

(Right) — Just a sample of the Millsaps Majors defense that 
led the Majors to a victory over the Belhaven Blazers- 

(Left to Right) — Steve Buckner, Dean Swindle, Pat Hare, Danny Farmer, Monte Rector. Tommy Murrey, Rick Pouiter, Kerry Goss, Tom Scott, Mike 
Ford, Jerry Martin, Billy Gilchrist (Kneeling) — Manager Donald Brooks, Coach Don Holcomb, Trainer Scott Belham 

112 — Men's Basketball 

(Left) — Tom Scott bolts up to get ttie rebound. (Right) — Jerry Martin 
gets a shot off past heavy defense. (Bottom) — The opponent. Fisk, 
can only shoot from outside against the Major's defense 

Men's Basketball— 1 13 

(Top Right) — Monte Rector pulls down one for Millsaps, (Left) — 
Opponent is harassed by Danny Farmer's defensive Skills. (Bot 
torn) — The Majors Ready on defense, as Pat Hare gives the ba 
handler plenty of trouble. 

114— Men's Basketball 

A New Season 


(Top) — Fine team-work enables Tom Murrey to put another one in. (Left) — 
Tom Murrey with a jumper for another two. (Right) — Post-game excitement 
for everyone as Millsaps beats the Belhaven Blazers by one in a close game. 

Men's Basketball — 115 

Millsaps Majors — 

A Hard Working 


116— Men's Basketball 

(opposite top — Dean Swindle shows top-rate ball control.) (opposite middle — Coacti Holcomb involves 
tiimself totally in every practice.) (opposite bottom left — Tommy Murray stioots for two.) (opposite bottom 
rigtit — Gerry Goss maneuvers the ball past his opponent.) 

(top left — Coach Holcomb discusses strategy with his players during a crucial time 
out.) (top right — Tom Scott goes up for a lay up as Pat Hare (54) positions himself 
for the rebound.) (bottom left — Pat Hare's intense concentration continues until the 
ball is through the hoop.) (bottom right — Coach Holcomb works on the defense with 
his players.) 

Men's Basketball— 117 

(Top Left) — Bibis Jordan leads the Lady Majors in a fastbreak which is good tor 
a quick two points. (Top Right) — Nita Dates finds an opening and goes up for 

The Lady Majors 

(First Row) — Mary Elizabeth Kraft, Fran Wilson, Bibis Jordan, Faye Smith; (Second Row) — Karen Maxwell, Wanda Smith, Barbara Hopper, 
Cindy Petermann, Melissa Latimer; (Third Row) — Coach Mary Ann Edge, Hilda White, Stephanie Durow, Cheryl Morgan, Mary Kay Hall, 
Assistant Coach Daphne Montgomery. 

118— Women's Basketball 

(Top) — The bench — rest for the weary, first aid for 
the injured and leadership for the players. (Ivliddle 
Left) — Coach Edge gives the Lady Majors instruc- 
tions during a time-out. (Middle Right) — Wanda 
Smith out-plays her defense and takes a shot. (Bot- 
tom) — Bursting full with concentration. Melissa Lati- 
mer prepares to sink a free throw shot. 

Women's Basketball— 1 19 

Lady Majors 


'Together We Can 

120— Women's Basketball 

(opposite top left — Wanda Smith drives through the defense. (opposite top right — Mary Kay Hall 
fights for the rebound, )(opposite bottom left — Point guard Faye Smith shows her quickness and 
superior ball control by breaking down middle and driving for a lay-up. )(opposite bottom right — 
Quick and high are two words that Hilda White must be thinking as she outjumps her opponent.) 

(top left — Barbara Hopper blocks out opponent and snags the rebound. )(top right — 
Lady Majors work the ball around.) (bottom left — Stephanie Durow out reaches 
opponent to catch pass and put it up for two.)(bottom right — Defense is vital and 
Melissa Latimer and Mary Elizabeth Kraft shows how it's done. 

(Top Left) — Wanda Smith jumps high to block oppo- 
nent's shot. (Top Right) — As Faye Smith is looking 
for room, Barbara Hopper and Wanda Smith shift to 
come to her aid, (Right) — Hilda White in the tip-off 
for the Lady Majors, 

122— Women's Basketball 

Hard work and Hustle 


(Top) — Fastbreak!! Mary Elizabeth Kraft throws to 
Faye Smith as they break down the court. (Bottom) — 
Melissa Latimer out maneuvers three defenders- 

Women's Basketball— 123 


In addition to Millsap's varsity sports, many students are in- 
volved in various intramural activities around campus. Whether 
you compete or just come to watch, intramurals are alv*/ays 
exciting and fun. 

Above left: Byrd Hillman turns and watches his 

teammate return a serve. Above right: Kappa 

Sigma Dave Cooper concentrates on a free 

throw as Kenny Holloway and IVIark Livingston 


Right: The Kappa Deltas and Phi Mu's "tip off" 

another exciting "A" game. 

124 — Intramurals 

Football — Soccer — Volleyball — Basketball — Tennis 


Top: Fired up fans watch another Phi Ml — Kappa Deita confronta- 
Above: Independent Jynnifer Jemison serves up a big one. 

The Pikes and Lambda Chi's really hustle in a close soccer game. 

Intramurals— 125 




The Underlying 

Various organizations exist on the Mill- 
saps campus that allow students to pur- 
sue their individual interests. Political or- 
ganizations allow those students with 
leadership capabilities to funnel their in- 
terests in such a way that the entire cam- 
pus may benefit. Creative organizations 
serve to allow individuals to contribute to 
the Millsaps community through singing, 

acting, and in published work. All the 
groups at Millsaps foster a sense of uni- 
ty — they are an underlying framework — 
which allows the college community to 
achieve a sense of "oneness". Whatever 
the interest might be, there are opportuni- 
ties to develop those interests her at Mill- 

SEB Senators: (Front row) Paul Ogden, Jimmy Otts, Lauri Stamm, Brad Chism, Jo Anne Watson, Jane Tucker. (Second row) Dean Stuart Good, Rakesh Mangal, Ptiil 
Gaines, Jynnifer Jemison, Betti Collins, Billy Wheeley. (Third row) Richard Birdsong, Candi Ashley. Lucy Lacey, Peter Birdheim, Matt Lundy, Clyde Parks, Rory 
Berry. (Fourth row) Mark Hopkins, Jay Dickens. 


The Student Executive Board attempt- 
ed to get students involved with campus 
activities this year. Leaders passed out 
pamphlets and held meetings in order to 
find out what students wanted out of Mill- 
saps' life. However, even with all their ef- 
fort, apathy still rules at Millsaps, and 
changes come very slowly, if at all. The 
Publications improved as well as dorm 
activities. In December, elections for 
1982 officers exchanged Billy Wheeler 
for Brad Chism as President, James Hen- 
ley for Peter Birdheim as First Vice Presi- 
dent, Andy Brown for Richard Birdsong as 
Second Vice President, Brad Cooper for 
Lauri Stamm as Secretary, and Denise 
Heaman for Phil Gaines as Treasurer. 

(Left) Brad Chism speaks with the Student 
"Wednesday group" about campus problems. 
(Right) Jynnifer Jemison draws up a poster of elec- 
tion results. 

128— SEB 

■ " 'nr'^f^--frirMr 

'-i S^i- -Siirv.'^ 

(Upper Left) Billy Wheeler discusses school politics 
over lunch, (Upper Right) Jynnifer Jemison and 
Richard Birdsong count up election votes (Middle 
Left) James Hendley plans his moves after being 
elected First Vice President. (Middle Right) Brad 
Coopertakes notes at an executive session. (Lower 
Left) Student Senators listen to the SEB president. 

li'^^m ii 

SEB— 129 

(Upper Right) (First row) Katrina Srears, Joanne Wise. (Second row) 

Anttioney Nicoles, Milton Jotinson, Terr Ellis, Tom Scott, Ken Luckett, '\x<. ^^ 

Zeather Gladney, >---A'. 

(First row) Daniel Macleay, sponser, Tommy 
McGee. Laura Buckler, Debra Bastiam. (Sec- 
ond row) Eva McCreary, John Guest, 
sponser, Jolene li^cCaleb. 


One Act Plays 

Players— 131 


Players— 133 


'Dangerous Corner" 

134— Players 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^#^ ^ 











S^m 1 

" /f ^-t^lli^^^F ^^H^I^^^^^^H 




Players— 135 



138 — Toubadours 

Toubadours — 139 


(Top) Stylus staff member fiands out copies of the stu- 
dent literary publication to students just before Cfirlst- 
mas. (Left) Richard BIrdsong works with Stylus listings. 
(Right) Editor Camllle Clement rechecks a final draft for 
the Stylus. 

140— Stylus 

■»»' 1e 




(Upper Left) Photographer Anita Addington rushes to meet the P 
and W's deadlines (Upper Right) Linda Jew types copy for the P 
and W (f^iddle) tvlanaging Editor Jane Tucker does a final re- 
check on lay out. (Lower) Editor Roy Berry and staff relax after a 
trying night. 

Stylus— 141 

(Lower Left) Photographer Mark Hopkins makes a self-portrait 

(Lower Right) Section Editor Gwen Clopton works out details in 

her student life section. 

142— Bobashela 


(upper left) Copy writer Phyllis Pfanschmldt checks contact sheets 
to find photos that match her copy. (Upper Right) Editor Allison 
Sikes reviews a lay-out, (Lower Left) Sports section editor Lisa 
Catledge matches copy and pictures in a final check-out before 
she submits her work to Herff Jones. 

Bobashela — 143 




Caught Up In The Rush 

The nine Greek letter organizations on 
campus fill the unique needs of the stu- 
dents making up their membership. These 
sororities and fraternities are groups of 
collegiate women and men who have 
joined together for social, service, and 
intellectual purposes, with dedication to 
common ideals and goals, having bound 

themselves in a lifetime of sisterhood and 
brotherhood. "Formal Rush" took place 
the first week of school. Prospective 
"sisters" and "brothers" had opportuni- 
ties to meet and talk with active members 
during rush week and decided whether or 
not to pledge. Greek activities during the 
1981-1982 school year included Scholar- 

ship Competition, Spirit Competition at 
Homecoming, Intramurals, Greek Week, 
Swaps, Songfest, and Parties. Sororities 
and fraternities maintained their involve- 
ment in numerous campus, local, and na- 
tional activities, and each continued to 
uphold their reputations as valuable as- 
sets to the university community. 

Panhellenic Council 


The Panhellenic Council consists of elected members from each of the chartered Greek organizations on campus. The Council is 
responsible for organizing rush week and Greek week and is active in many community services. The Council continually promotes 
good sorority relations. Through good activities such as free movies and progressive dinners, the integrity of the Greek system on 
campus is maintained. 

Interfraternity Council 

The Interfraternity Council is composed of two representatives from each of the five fraternal organizations on campus. The 
purpose of the IFC is to help promote better relations between fraternities on campus. The Council provides a forum for dialogue be- 
tween the fraternities. IFC is responsible for coordinating formal rush. 

> <* 


-■ .«»i» "' 

IP «f 


■■.■'•, V 



Top to Bottom left to rigtit — Jotin May, Milton Johnson; second row — Rory Berry, third row — Andrei Howze. Michael Williams: fourth row — Terry Ellis; fifth row — An- 
thony Nichols: bottom — George Harris 

148— Alpha Phi Alpha 



Black and Gold . . . Alpha Apes . . . Cold 
and cocky . . . Manly deeds . . . Scholar- 
ship and Love for all Mankind . . . Step- 
Down . . . Light of the World! 

Alpha Phi Alpha 


"Men of Distinction and 


On a warm fall afternoon an Alpfiaman enjoys a 
beautiful girl's company. 
Alphaman on tils way to class. 

Alpha Phi Alpha— 149 

Left to right — Shirley Newsome, Monica Northington, Jo Anne Wise, Alice Stamps, Linda Dillard, Shelia Moran 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

150 — Alpha Kappa Alpha 


Jo Anne steppin' out 

Shirley lookin' for a dreann to appear 

Which direction do we go in to get there? 

"Alpha Kappa Alpha: An Ivy's Dream 
and Soror's Treasure" ... 20 Pearls . . . 
"Y'all have the cutest shirts!" . . . pink 
tea rose . . . Easter Bunnies . . . Wouldn't 
'cha like to be an Ivy, too? . . . "Every 
Lady Ought to Be" . . . It's an AKA nation, 
a pink and green world . . . Love us, hate 
us, but you can't ignore us! . . . "Hearts 
that are loyal, and hearts that are true" 
... A Chosen Few . . . Omicron Delta 
Kappa . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Beta Beta 
Beta . . . Theta Nu Sigma . . . Alpha Epsi- 
lon Delta . . . Black Student Association 
. . . Campus Ministry Team . . . CONTACT 
... A Touch of Class . . . Alpha Hunt . . . 
"So let my soul like the Ivy be" . . . Pass 
the Torch . . . AKA Scholar, Monica . . . 
Graduating Sorors, Linda and Jo, we'll 
miss you! . . . The Pink Lady . . . greatest 
saleswomen on earth . . . This is Alpha 
Territory. . . I was ALPHATIZED! . . . Look 
out, Boston, here we come! . . . We can 
make it happen . . . Skee-Wee! . . . AOA's 
are COLD and COCKY, AKA's are FINE 
and FOXY . . . "When shall I stop loving 
AKA?" . . . "Oh, Alpha Kappa Alpha, we 

Alpha Kappa Alpha— 151 

Chi Omega 

"We go together ..."... "Depth and 
Class" . . , The Dominoes . . . Another 
winning season . . . Sigma Lambda . . . 
Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Homecoming 
Maid Lori . . . Cheerleaders . . . Millsaps 
Players and Singers . . . Pike Dream Girl 
Court . . . POB'S . . . Hooter ot the Week 
... The Big "I" . . . S.S. and W.R Win- 
ter formal . . . "What broken tables?" . . . 
spread snatchers . . . Songfest . . . "Not 
the door, the window?" . . . Owl Man Jon 
. . . Owl men Wade, Bill, Chris, Bob . . . 
GWO . . . "What time is it?" . . . State Day 
A' Cappella Choir . . . Queen Goob . . . 
Those girls with a box on their heads . . . 
Slave Sale . . . "We'll always be togeth- 
er" . . . Cardinal and Straw . . . "Oh, to 
reach my destination and a Chi Omega 

Tana Browning, Kaye Koenig 

Anne Carslile, Debbie Fischer, Lisa Hapgood, Nancy Brown, Laura Yee, Lessley 


152— Chi Omega 


.-> -'-.Xliir^ 




';^- -- . 

Mary Kay Hall, Helen Richardson, Mary Virginia Kay, 
Carolyn Ross, Karyn Davis, Antionette Cheeney, 
Cathy Lucas, Kathy Van Skiver, Elizabeth Farga- 
son, Claudia Stewart. Nancy Sue Gregorie, Lida Bur- 
ris, Anne Hogue, Suzanne Colston, Helen Gillaspy, 
Lessley Shicker, Carolyn Serio, Stephanie Sams, 
Betsy Bradley. Paulette Nicholson, Emily Adams, 
Karen Shaw, Dale Burrus, Denise Heaman, Laurie 
Eskridge. Tara McPherson, Nancy Bagby, Shan 
Priester. Tricia Bonner, Lisa Catledge, Angle Cam- 
phele, Betsy Ellis, Courtney Pool, Tammy Grantham, 
Sandy Frazier, Elizabeth Forsythe, Beth Collins, 
Anne Carlisle, Terrell Ann Brocato, Lisa Hapgood, 
Nancy Brown, Fran Brooks, Suzanne McElhattan, 
Arlette Hulsey. Kaye Koenig. Nancy Flowers, Robin 
Wineman. Debbie Fischer. Nancy Rhae, Sandy Dil- 
lon. Beth Sullivan. Laura Yee. Tana Browning, Lydia 
Smith, Stephanie Barlow, Kathie Gunn, Shan Weis- 
singer. Debbie Palmer. Seniors — Kathy Van Skiver, 
Karyn Davis. Claudia Stewart. Antionette Cheeney. 
Helen Richardson. Mary Virginia Kay, Kathie Gunn. 
Stephanie Barlow, Nancy Sue Gregorie, Debbie 
PImer. Robin Wineman. Kaye Koenig 

Chi Omega— 153 

Claude Arnette, Tim Smithheart, Chris Cheek, Tom Purcell, Dave Draughn. Keith Holden, Adam Harbuck, Paul Bergeron, Jeff Berry, Rod Brown, John Johnson, 
Chipper Cowan, Jeff Brown, Joey Stone, Tom Lewis, Joe Austin, John Blakey, Andrew Marion, Wade Young, Bill Cheerey, Alan Ferguson, Jay Dickens, Scott 
Weedie, Scott Singletarry, Matt LInary, Glenn Thomas, Roy Berry, Bill Harper, Michael Jarrett, Stephen Lott, Barry Tedder, Jimmy Morris, Dan Burrus, Paul Grahan 


K'' ft a* ^ V -^ ♦, ■■ T 

154— Kappa Alpha 

^«^»*>\--i *'%^^ •• * •."'• *■ •v'^- 




"In 1865 ..."... Scholarship . . . 
soccer champs . . . Old South . . . Hel- 
luva Rush . , . The Face Men . . . ODK 

. Sigma Lambda . . . intramurals 
again . . . KA's take a walk . . . Muscu- 
lar Dystrophy . . . Rose Byron . . . 
Rose? . . . varsity football, basketball, 
and soccer . . . Hub . . . Stork . . . Turgid 
. . . Sharecroppers . . . Black & White 
. . . KA's have a float . . . Sloth . . . 
George Jetson ... I Love Lucy . . . 
C.H.O . . . Tri-pod . . . Root . . . Pajama 
Party . . . KA's save port . . . Rush . . . 
Knights of Alcohol . . . The Beave . . . 
Where's Bobby? . . . Dog'em, Claude 
. . . Lumberjack . . . But she doesn't act 
like a freshman . . . "Yodify" . . . KA 
Newspaper (The Crimson and Gold) 
. . . Joe Hardy . . . Wink Martindale . . . 
Boodie . . . Perennial pledges . . . 
Lurch and Sehmuck . . . Ozone end- 
zone . . . MG on the porch . . . brother- 
hood ..."... and all those damn old 
Yankees can simply go to hell." 

Bill Cheeney. Glen Thomas, Michael Jarrett stop 
off at the tennis courts after soccer practice 
Bill Harper practices with the tennis team 
Bill Cheeney waits for Ivlillsaps to score again so 
that he can fire off the KA cannon- 

Kappa Alpha — 155 

Kappa Delta 

"We're Sisters through the years" . . . 
Emerald and Pearl . . . KD Hades . . . 
"When can we eat?" . . . Mayflower . . . 
"Show me the way to get a date" . . . 
Scholarship Award . . . Methodist Chil- 
dren's Home . . . Wheat, barley, tea! . . . 
Intramurals . . . Millsaps Players and 
Singers . . . Troubadours . . . Omicron Del- 
ta Kappa . . . Sigma Lambda . . . White 
Rose . . . Friday the 13th .. . Katydids . . . 
Frogs and Turtles . . . "How you gonna 
keep 'em down on the farm?" . . . Easter 
Seals Telethon . . . Natchez Pilgrimage 
Queen . . . Pike Dream Girl Court . . . 
Homecoming maids . . . Cheerleaders . . . 
Tennis Team . . . Carnations . . . "Please 
Buy a Raffle Ticket" . . . "Let's drink a 
toast" . . . Super KD DD's . . . Ta Kala 
Diokomen . . . "Just look around and 
watch it grow" . . . AOT Baby! 



Theresa Bingham, Ginny Vegas, Katherine Stark, Suzannah Bowie, Suvannah McMillan, Byron Johnson, Beth Wilson, Carye Clark, Susan Brindley, Camille Clennent, 
Jane Cooper, Laura Wright, Karen Parker, Teresa Williamson, Lizanne Sekul, Kim Koury, Tanna Ingle, Lauren Gordon, Lucia Silveira, Kathy Leggett, Vicki Sallis, 
Becky Hutchinson, Lynn Loflin, Kaye Lee, Mary France Hillman, Kelly Morelon, Lauren Gutierrez, Susan Trainson, Cindy Phelps, Beth Bland, Dale Massey, Karen 
Kurtz, Gay Pepper, Frances Wilson, Betsy Gwin, Lauri Skimm, Mary Ann Blount, Margaret Corban, Lisa McGee, Jane Yandell, Erin Fairley, Missy Maggie, Inger 
Wray. Terri Clark, Catherine McKense, Mary Witthauer, Stacy Shiflette, Jo Billups, Susan Lauer, Debbie Arnold, Ruma Hague, Cnadi Ashley, Vicki Crarin, Anne 
Loflin, Carney Stevens, Debbie McGregor, Fran Wilson 

156— Kappa Delta 



Byron Johnson, Karen Park, Camille Clement. Caryl 
Clark, Suvannah McMillain, Beth Wilson, Jane Coo- 
per. Lizanne Sekul, Teresa Williamson. Laura 
Wright. Susan Brindley 

Fran Wilson gives the photographer an "evil eye." 
Byron Johnson, Maud DeLes Gober, Erin Fairley 
work on a project in the KD house 
Caryl Clark relaxes after an intramural football 

Fran Wilson blocks a Phi Mu to spring Byron John- 
son free for another big gain. 
Inger Wray and Catherine fvlcKenzie eat homecom- 
ing lunch In the bowl. 


Kappa Delta— 157 

Kappa Sigma 

Hey, is this the Waldor Astoria? . . . 
Crescent City Conclave . . . Ain't gonna 
hurt nobody . . . Entertainment Emporium 
. . . Hey Swabs . . . Garhead . . . Gerry's 
Van Opener . . . Roger Dodger's Fan Club 
. . . Hey Whores . . . Dancin in The Rain . . . 
Alfred's Cold Beer Bosy . . . Always trip- 
pin .. . Harper and Tommy's Boys ... 78 
out to pasture . . . Push-Push . . . Pike 
Dream girl or KA Rose? (yours? OURS) 
. . . Who knows? . . . Jockratise and 
Clayto . . . REM . . . Hey Tramp . . . 
Swound Bros . . . Founders Day and Free- 
dom equals the Fountain . . . Double 
Dutch . . . Bacot Bound — Incognito . . . 
Dean god . . . Pem's Perils . . . Freddie 
and Eric, Riding the Rigs . . . Dwayne sur- 
vives the triangle . . . Brad gets cold feet 
. . . Jon flies to Fisk . . . Say goodnight 
Dick/Goodnight Dick . . . A.E.K.D.B. 

Sigs show their spirit at Homecoming Game. 
Dwayne Chisnutt and Scott Hatchett during Intramu- 
ral soccer game. 

Kappa Sigmas show their typical brand of humor 
after halftime during Homecoming game. 

158 — Kappa Sigma 

Byrd Hillman, Clyde Parks, Mike Magglo, Darryl McCloud, Jerry Maddox, Doug Hanagah, Jeff Alexander, Steve Hancock, Joey Shelton, Dave Peterson, Jotin 
Mercer, Clanton Sandford, Steve Magglo, John Bishop, Scott Hatchett, Todd Willis, Greg Sliman, Marshall Pennberton, Peter Berhelm, Mike Turrello, John Wilson, 
Rober Humbey, Sam Clark, David Rogers, Mark Livingston, Mark Hopkins, Mike Cordello, Mike Waters, Dominic Ross, Tim Gill, Greg Henry, Joey Roten 

Kappa Sigma— 159 

Lambda Chi 
Alpha J; 

Who isn't dropped'; 

Just a few rotten 

boards . . . Pippin Green and Orange?!!! . . . 
Elmer's, Keith, and Laura . . . ODK Someday 
. . . MA-A-A-RK . . . Who's Jim with tonight? 
. . . Magnolia . . . "Out here on my own" . . . 
Pink and Green ... Is my hair O.K.? . . . Move 
that Audi! . . . Koala . . . What are they fight- 
ing about now? . . . Deal with it . . . blindfolds 
and cigarettes ... Is that somebody's moth- 
er? . . . 2(n-1) . . . Melanie who? . . . Asshole 
. . . Who kissed that slave? . . . Adam and 
the ants . . . Jellyhead 

Aim High Lambda 


Warren Williams, Margo Templeton, Margaret Hurley 
Mark Biggs and Dorothy Gunter 

160— Lambda Chi Alpha 

Don Keenan losses a frisbee as Jay Garrett, Cordelia Douzenis, Jeff Giles, 
Carrie Arnold, and Jim ti^agnus watch. 

Mark Ivlitchell and Richard Harb relax a little, but not too long: they're studying 

Don Keenan, Mark Biggs, Jim Woodrick, Richard Grove, Jeff Giles, Peter Whitehead, Jim Magnus, Mark Mitchell, Bill West, Ken Lancaster, Greg Murphy, Kevin 
O'Malley, Pat Doherty, Jay Garrett, Brad Cooper, Dan Columbus, Joe Aubrey White, Richard Harb, Jimmy Otts, Warren Williams, Pat Gregory, Paul Ogden 

Lambda Chi Alpha — 161 

President Dorothy Hodges begins yet another candlelight. Rhonda Jones, Irish Tyler, and Daria Kathman 
relax in front of the sorority bulletin boards. 

Fran Bailey, Puddin Collins, Elizabeth Ivlilazzo, Betty Burton, Cordelia Douzenis, l^largo Templeton, Phyllis Pfanschmidt, Anita Addington, Cathy Schroeder, Ann 
Freeman, Renee l^cCain, Dorothy Gunter, Rhonda Jones, Susan Strain, Mary Lynn Dixon, Tama Williams, Cindy l^clntyre, Ann l\/lcCord, Bonnie O'Neill, Paula West, 
Christy Gilliland, Jo-Anna Ray, lilimi Walton, Kelly Benton, Ruby White, Kathie Hanafourde, Emma Carr, Laci Goodwin, Laurie Hamilton, Karia Smith, Katrina 
Jameson, Tereau Pearson, Susan Graves, Joyce MacNaughton, Dorothy Hodges, Sarah Gregory, Elizabeth Walston, Ivlarie Nation, Jeanne Poole, Carrie Arnold, 
Chrissie Clark, Peggy Barrett, Laura Berry, Amy Bunnell, Thames Morris, Melanie Lee, Carolyn Moore, Lee West 

Phi Mu 

"Lady bugs, lions, Enchantress carna- 
tions" . . . Chapter of the Quarter . . . This 
S'nearly is yours . . . Paula's Yellow Rose 
... I like "beep" out of this girl . . . Pref — 
The Need To Be ... Hot Mamas . . . 
Queen Ann, again . . . Maid Tama . . . Spir- 
it Award . . . Football . . . How many Sing- 
ers and Troubs?!? . . . Tennis Team . . . 
Bobashela . . . Purple and White . . . C- 
Girl Margo . . . Marie, Dorothy, Laura . . . 
Just thank me . . . Maybe Not! . . . Delta 
Kappa . . . Sigma Lambda . .. Tri Beta . . . 
Theta Nu Sigma . . . D-U-L-L, Dull! . . . 
Brad, Dan, Ken, Chuckie Baby ... Phi Hal- 
loween Party . . . Serenading the Phis . . . 
Seniors we'll never forget . . . Love, Hon- 
or, Truth . . . Les Soeurs Fideles . . . To- 
gether, Forever, Phi Mu. 

Phi Mus cheer their sisters on to victory at an intramural football game. 

At 5:00 a.m., Cordelia Douzenis stumbles out to the Phis serving the actives breakfast. 

The Third-East crew acts crazy for the camera. 

Phi Mu— 163 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Grill lounging 101 ... 35 pledges . . . 
Hump Night . . . Pee Wee Blockhead . . . 
Pi Kappa Alpha Varsity Soccer, Football, 
Basketball . . . Kathy, Tammy, Anne, Oney 
. . . Beth, Dream Girl . . . Manor Part II: The 
Story Continues . . . He's doing what? 
where? . . . Who needs parties . . . 
Where's Mobile? . . . Birdsong, Brown, 
Boty, Vestal-Dagger-daddies . . . Opie- 
Owl Man . . . Buddha-think IHOP . . . Clam- 
pett club ... Art Auction . . . Pike Run . . . 
Haunted House . . . Birdsong, Foosh-SEB 
. . . Bowtie-IFC . . . Hambone . . . Magee 
Married? . . . Haimeship . . . Crosby — a 
man barely alive . . . A.B. — B.D.? . . . Jay: 
what wallet? . . . Banker Bob — the white 

blob. . ,$18,000 worth of paper. . .Apple 
Hendrix . . . M. Molester . . . Billy Jiz . . . 
Annual, P & W . . . Singers, Troubagoobs 
. . . Quiet down Trigg! . . . The Human Ash- 
tray . . . Chicken run . . . But we don't like 
you, Sneed . . . 'em bayo . . . Ladson 
packed off . . . Captain K. is back . . . Dad- 
dy, Part III: The Saga Continues ... Mr. 
Van Velkinpuke . . . Oldest Active — 
Brock . . . J. P.P. — Destitute Aristocrat 
. . . Jeff and Allen . . . the Gook is Gone . . . 
Survival of the fittest . . . R.I. P. Baron . . . 
Waaaid aminute . . . New Furniture . . . 
Slob beer . . . How bout dem Dodgers, 
Ben . . . Philip, Crosby, Boty, Ben, Roger, 
Mike, Scott 

164— Pi Kappa Alpha 

Jack Forbes on Alan Finley's shoulders, Bill Harper, Mike Redwine, Jim Price, Marty Lester, Rictiard Birdsong, Tammy Grantham, Jon Boggus, Ann Lotlin, Boty McDonald, 
Mark Stringer, Ben Wynne, Scott Bauer, Philip Gaines, Kathy Leggett, Andy Brown, Beth Wilson, Mike McFaney, Roger Brock, Terry Buckler, Tommy Williamson, Beau But- 
ler, Jimmy Tindall, Tim Carrigan, Bill Hetrick, David Leggett, Jay Rogers, Lee Dempsey. Micheal Van Velkinburg, "Bleu", Ben Wheeler 

Marion Lyons unloads computer equipment donated 
to Millsaps by Pikes. 

Pikes celebrate the end of the long rush week. 

Terry Buckler enjoys playing ping-pong in the Game 

Pi Kappa Alpha— 165 

Greeks Around Campus 

Jeft Giles and Jim Woodrick enjoy the long-awaited yearbooks 
Kattiie Hanafourde experiences the freshman life. 
Jo Anne Wise relaxes outside the Union. 

166 — Greeks 

Greeks— 167 

^"\"f iiii! 

The Individuals 

The heart of Millsaps is the students — 
the individuals of Millsaps. Individuals 
come together for this brief moment in 
time to learn and grow and then they go 
their separate ways. During this moment 
the individual contributes to the character 
of the school. Their individual talents and 
personalities make up the school of Mill- 

Claude Arnett 
Debra Basham 
Roy Berry 
John Blizzard 
Kenneth S. Bowie 

Barry Brewer 
Jack Brewer 
Lewis Bridge 
Brad Chism 
Catherine Crawford 

Anita Creel 
Antoinette Cheney 
Herbert Clark 
Jackie Clark 
Camille Clement 

Gwenllian Clopton 
Jane Cooper 
Melissa Covington 
Debora R. Dorsett 
Terrance Ellis 

Alan Ferguson 

Philip Gaines 

Becky Gordon 

Nancy Sue Gregorie f 

Julia Guernsey f 

Kathie Gunn 
Janet Hamilton 
Randy Hammond 
Tom Hamrick 
William Harper 

170— Senior 

Bobby Hogg 
Janice Jenkins 
Milton Johnson 
Mary Virginia Kay 
Lou Knighton 

Kaye Koenig 
Gretchan Kurzweg 
Peter Langworthy 
Lynette Little 
Steven Lott 

What if we can't get everyttiing in there?— Ginger Rogers, Karen Parker 

Senior — 171 

Tommy McGee 
Dennis McGraw 
Penny Nichols 
John Oliver 
Sandra Perkins 

James Poole 
Rick Poulter 
Jo-Anna Ray 
Janet Reily 
Jeff Reynolds 

Helen Richardson 
Shari Schneider 
Liaznne Sekul 
Sid Siebert 
Allison Sikes 

Jynnifer Jemison prepares a research paper. 

We are going to do it my way and ttiat's final! — Anttiony Bonds 

172 — Senior 

Stuart Simon 
David Singletary 
Melvin Smith 
Roger Smith 
Tim Smithhart 

Claudia Stewart 
Jimmy Stringer 
Mark Trigg 
David Turner 
Noel Turner 

Donald Walsh 
Tim Weill 
Jeff Weisell 
Richard Whitehead 
Beth Wilson 

JoAnne Wise 
Becky Woodrick 
Laura Wright 
Amy Youngblood 
Anita Addington 

Nancy Bagby 
John Paul Barber 
Peter Bernheim 
Rory V. Berry 
David Biggers 

Jo Billips 
Terrell Brocato 
Anita Broome 
Andy Brown 
John Buckler 

Junior-Senior — 173 

Laura Buckler 
David Christmas 
Kathy Clem 
Daniel Cloumbus 
David Cooper 

Chip Cowan 
Cordelia Douzenis 
Deborah Downing 
Dave Draughn 
Stephanie Durow 

Glen East 
Laurie Eskridge 
Elizabeth Fargason 
Danny Farmer 
Nancy Flowers 

Sandy Frazier 
Joan Freeland 
Caria Garner 
Dale Garside 
Jeff Giles 

Leslie Gowdy 
Cindy Gray 
Heidi Hamilton 
Patrick Hare 
Cynthia Harper 

Jimmy Harris 
Ruma Haque 
James Henley 
Byrd Hillman 
Kenny Holloway 

174 — Junior 

Andy Brown and Denise Heaman organize their ideas after winning SEB elections. 

Ginger Laney 
Susan Lauer 
Kathy Legett 
Martha Lewis 
Anne Loflin 

Doug Mann 
Dale Massey 
John May 
Jo Lynn Michael 
Elizabeth Milazzo 

Junior — 175 

Kimi Myers 
Kris McAllister 
Boty McDonald 
Guy McLendon 
Marie Nation 

Missy Nevins 
Anthony Nichols 
George Noflin Jr. 
Monica Northington 
Debbie O'Cain 

Clyde Parks 
Marshall Pemberton 
Phyllis Pfanschmidt 
David Price 
Monte Rector 

Michael Redwine 
Susan Saidian 
Vicki Sallis 
Robert Scruggs 
Karen Shaw 

Kelly Smith 
Wanda Smith 
Katrina Spears 
Stephanie Spencer 
Susan Stainback 

Lauri Stamm 
Katherine Stark 
Mark Stringer 
Jamie Taylor 
Marge Templeton 

176 — Junior 

I am going to be late for class but I am going to take my time! 

Jane Tyler 
Kathy Van Skiver 
L.E. Walter 
David Weiss 
Billy Wheeler 

Peter Whitehead 
Warren Williams 
Tama Williams 
Tommy Williamson 
Mary Witthauer 

Junior — 177 

Julie Acker 
Chris Alexander 
Jeff Alexander 
Tina Ball 
Keith Becker 

Jeff Berry 
Laura Berry 
Marks Biggs 
Suzannah Bowie 
Betsy Bradley 

Gina Brown 
Mark Brown 
Tana Browning 
Janet Bulter 
Betty Burton 

Anna Gallon 
Anita Garpenter 
Garrie Arnold 
Tim Garrigan 
Lisa Cathedge 

Steve Glay 
Suzanne Golston 
George Cooke 
Brad Cooper 
Suzanne Crump 

Paul Culpepper 
Jay Dickens 
Sandra Dillion 
Mary Lynn Dixon 
Pat Doherty 

178 — Sophomore 

Pat Gregory 
Chip Gulledge 
Dorothy Gunter 
Debbie Haller 
Adam Harbuck 

Denise Heaman 
Bill Hetrick 

Mary Frances Hillman 
Keith Holden 
John Holland 

Sophomore— 179 

Farley Hollibough 
Keith Holmes 
Mark Hopkins 
Rife Huckabee 
Katrina Jameson 

Don Keenan 
Kim Koury 
Karen Krutz 
Lucy Lacey 
Ken Lancaster 

Laurie Ledbetter 
Melanie Lee 
Cathy Lucas 
Wanda Malone 
Rakesh Mangal 

David Miller 
Mark Mitchell 
Jim Morgan 
Jolene McCaleb 
Ann McCord 

Loretta McGowan 
Carroll McLeod 
Mike McRaney 
Paul Ogden 
Kevin O'Malley 

Leena Paul 
Debbie Pitts 
Shan Priester 
Nancy Rhea 
Rubin Richardson 

180 — Sophomore 

Jim Ritchie 
Doffie Ross 
Shari Scafidi 
Tom Scott 
Scott Singletary 

Keri Slaton 
Greg Sliman 
Lydia Smith 
Beth Sullivan 
James Tindall 

Susan Trainor 
Edna Wasson 
Joe Aubrey White 
Fran Wilson 
Jim Woodrick 

Inger Wray 
Laura Yee 
Robert Young 
Debbie Arnold 
Scott Barlow 

Mark Barnett 
Patti Bass 
Scott Belham 
Kelly Benton 
Wesley Blacksher 

Beth Bland 
Mary Ann Blout 
Albert Breland 
Barbara Brown 
Jeffrey Brown 

Sophomore-Freshman — 181 

Anne Carlisle 
Bill Cheney 
Chrissie Clark 
Beth Collins 
Collin Cope 

Margaret Corban 
Frances Corley 
Vicki Crain 
Darren Crasto 
Dawn Dietrick 

182 — Freshman 

Bob Donald 
Dana Doyle 
Beth Fatherree 
Helmut Fickenwirth 
Debbie Fischer 

Elizabeth Forsythe 
Kim Fox 
Helen Gillaspy 
Linda Gentry 
Zeather Gladney 

Carmen Goodwin 
Laci Goodwin 
Lauren Gordon 
Susan Graves 
Pam Griffis 

Lauren Gutierrez 
Betsy Gwin 
Mary Kay Hall 
Kathy Hanafourade 
Lisa Hapgood 

Richard Harb 
Janna Ingle 
Angle Jack 
Rosa Jackson 
Debbie Jordan 

Alan Lambert 
Melissa Latimer 
Kaye Lee 
David Leggett 
Lynn Loflin 

Freshman — 183 

Marion Lyons 
Paige Mallard 
Daniel Martin 
Steve Martin 
Tracey Miller 

Tom Moore 
Kelly Moreton 
Cheryl Morgan 
Thames Morris 
Scott Moses 

Sarah L. Mounger 
James Murphy 
Emilie McAllister 
Suzanne McElhattan 
Lisa McGee 

184 — Freshman 

Debbie McGregor 
Catherine McKenzie 
Melba McNeil 
Tare McPherson 
Michele Meggs 

Paulette Nicholson 
James Nobles 
Bonnie O'Neill 
Tereau Pearson 
Sean Peenstra 

Penny Aimee 
Cindy Phelps 
Cheryl Pitcher 
Courtney Pool 
Jeanne Poole 

Chris Ramey 
Joey Rein 
Gina Rodly 
Stephanie Sams 
Rosemary Sanders 

Beth Sebastian 
Mark Shephard 
Stacy Shiflett 
Lucia Sllveira 
Andy Soloman 

Kimberly Stiff 
Susan Strain 
Ann Lessley Strieker 
Glen Stripling 
Joey Stone 

Freshman — 185 

Michelle Meggs digs into her roast beef Christmas dinner. 

The tree outside of the student union is a favorite resting spot of many stu- 

Julie Stubbs 
Emilia Suad 
Joe Swanson 
Tammy Thames 
Tina Thornton 

Lori Trigg 
Mimi Walton 
Ellen Wasson 
Jo Watson 
Scot Weidie 

Shan Weissinger 
Ruby White 
Glen Williams 
Frances Wilson 

186 — Freshman 

Claude Elias Arnetl, III 
B.S. Chemistry 
Baton Rouge. La. 

Debra Ann Basham 
B.S, History 
Pensacola. Fl. 

John Divid Blizzard 
B.S. Chemistry /Physics 
Memphis. Tn. 

Elizabeth Jean Brady 
B.S. Psychology 
Lula. Ms 

Barry Eugene Brewer 
B S. Political Science 
Pearl. Ms. 

Jack White Brewer 
B.A. History 
Tupelo. Ms. 

Lewis Bridges 
B.A. Religion 
Jackson. Ms. 

Antoinette Bibb Cheney 
B.A. Business Administration 
Memphis, Tn. 

Herbert W Clark 
Abingdon, Va. 

Jacquelyn Letitia Clark 
B.A. English 
Jackson, Ms. 

Camille Clement 
B.A. English 
Gulfport, Ms, 

Gwenllian Clopton 

B.S. Mathematics/Music 
Meridian, Ms. 

Jane Cooper 

B.A. Business Administration 

Meridian, Ms. 

Mary Melissa Covington 
B.S. Political Science 
Mendenhall, Ms. 

Catherine Ann Crawford 
Starkville, Ms. 

Anita Gay Creel 
B.A, Accounting 
Pearl, Ms, 

Debora R Dorsett 
B.S. Biology 
Jackson, Ms. 

Terrance L'monte Ellis 
B.S. Biology 
Natchez, Ms. 

Alan Jay Ferguson 
B.S. Chemistry 
Greenwood, Ms. 

Philip Walter Gaines 
B.A. Philosophy/Classics 
Pascagoula, Ms. 

Rebecca S. Gordon 
B.A. Accounting 
Baton Rouge, La 

Nancy Sue Gregorie 
B.S. Political Science 
Baton Rouge, La. 

Kathie Grace Gunn 
B.A. Music Piano 
Ellisville, Ms. 

Kosciusko, Ms, 

Janice Kaye Koenig 
B,A. Education 
Greenville. Ms 

Gretchen Elaine Kurzweg 
B.A. Business Administration 
Shreveport, La. 

Peter Eugene Langworthy 
B.S. Math 
Springfield, Va, 

Steven Bryan Lott 
B.S. Chemistry 
West Point. Ms 

Gerald Eugene Maddox 
B.A, Business Administration 
Woodbridge, Va 

Annette Massey 
B,S, Political Science 
Meridian, Ms, 

Norman Lee Morris, Jr 
B S, Biology 
Gulfport, Ms. 

Tom Murrey 
B.A. History 
Memphis, Tn. 

Dennis Wilentz McGraw 
B S, Biology 
Natchez. Ms. 

Penny Nichols 

B.A. Psychology Educat. 

Wiggins, Ms. 

Sandra Lynn Perkins 
B.A. Music/Piano 
Jackson. Ms. 

Janet Hamilton 
B.S. Chemistry 
Pearl. Ms. 

William Bransford Harper 
B.S. Biology 
Indianola, Ms. 

Byrd Hillman 
B.A. Accounting 
Clinton, Ms. 

Robert Thomas Hogg 
B.S. Chemistry 
Jackson, Ms. 

Janice Lynn Jenkins 
B.A. Education 
Eupora, Ms. 

Milton C Johnson 
B.S. Biology 
Jackson. Ms. 

Mary Virginia Kay 

B.S. Business Administration 

Macon, Ga 

Wanda Lou Knighton 
B.A. Religion 

James C. Poole 
B.S. Biology 
Centreville. Ms. 

Jo-Anna Ray 
B.S. Sociology 
Amory, Ms. 

Janet Reily 

B.A. Music Education 

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Jeffery Paul Reynolds 
B.S. Biology 
Mobile. Al 

Helen A. Richardson 
B.A- Education 
Jackson, Ms. 

Elizabeth Ann Sekul 
B.S. Chemistry 
Biloxi, Ms 

Allison Marolen Sikes 
B.S. Chemistry 
West Point. Va. 

David R. Singletary 
B.S- Business 


Jackson, Ms. 

Roger Smith 
B.S. Geology 
Natchez, MS 

Timothy McCullogh Smithhart 
B.S. Religion/Biology 
Jacl<son, MS 

Claudia Stewart 
B.A. Music 
Kosciusko, MS 

Jimmy Lee Stringer 
B.S. Chemistry 
Leakesville, MS 

David Richard Turner 
B.S. Biology 
Hattiesburg, Ms 

James Noel Turner 

B.S. Business Administration 

Theodore, Al. 

Donald Bradley Walsh 
B.S. Psychology Major 
Oxford, MS 

Richard Brunn Whitehead 
B.S. Psychology 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Becky Woodrick 

188 — Senior Index 

B.A English 
Starkville, MS 

Timothy Clark Weill 
B.S. Biology 
Tylertown. MS 

Jeff Weisell 

B.S. Psychology-Sociology 

Glenwood, Illinois 

Beth Wilson 
B.S. Psychology 
Beaumont, Texas 

Joanne Wise 
B.S. Biology 

Greenville, MS 

Laura Wright 
B.S. Sociology 
Jackson, MS 

Kathryn L. Vanskier 
B.A. French 
Gulfport, MS 

Amy Carol Youngblood 
B.A. Music-Organ 
Waynesboro, MS 

(Lower Left) Lizanne Sekul works late in Quan lab. 
(Lower Right) Rory Roark studies for exams in the 

Senior Index — 189 


' 'A, 



iiJI'll IsirlMiJi 

ES5-'i i^«sil*ll'S!*ii!iP^ - 

f ! 

Winding It Down 

The many businesses in Jackson con- 
tribute to the Millsaps Saga. Students pa- 
tronize the Jackson stores and restau- 
rants to relax and unwind and to get those 
much needed late night items. This year, 
Super Stop replaced Smith's as a late 
night shop because of the new gates. 
Students also head to the malls in Jack- 

son to eat and relax. The businesses in 
the area also contribute to the school it- 
self through advertising in the P & W and 
in the Bobastiela and by making dona- 
tions to the school. The Jackson busin- 
esses are an intregral part of the Millsaps 

Winding it down Winding it down 

Winding it down Winding it do 

Winding it down Winding it 

Winding it down Winding i 

Winding it down Winding 

Winding it down Windi 

Winding it down Win 

Winding it down W 

Winding it down 


Winding it down winding it down 

Winding it down Winding it do 

Winding it down Winding it 

Winding it down Winding i 

Winding it down Winding 

Winding it down Windi 

Winding it down Win 

Winding it down W 

Winding it down 


Flashbacks Flashbacks Flashbacks 

198— Closing 

Flashbacks Flashbacks Flashbacks 

Closing— 199 



200— Closing 

Closing — 201 

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202— Closing 

This page sponsered by Crumpets 

Closing — 203 


The Tag 

Our "Millsaps Saga" is now ending — 
but this ending is really a lead-in for our 
next episode 

look out for the continuation of the Millsaps Saga — 
to be released in Spring '83! 

206— The Tag 

The Tag — 207 


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