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1701 North State Street 
Jackson, Mississippi 

Volume LXXV 

Editor: Betsy Bradley 

Assistant Editor: Mary Vassar Ballard 

Photographers: Pat Lancloss, Dark Room Manager 

David Biggers Tommy Morgan 

Catherine Lewis Mark Hopkins 

Bobashela 1983 


Table of 

H M 





Achievers 34 

Leaders 54 

Involved 92 

Moments 134 

Active 164 

Strivers 186 

Patrons 212 


Millsaps Excellence — 

A Harmonious Blend 

of Diverse Individuals 

1 ~~!jr^\ 

: $W'J J -'~ 



f r'W 




Jackson, Mississippi — the cradle of the Millsaps 
College community offers the cultural events of the 
theatre, ballet, and opera, literary giant Eudora Welty, 
along with the political leaders of the state. Millsaps also 
benefits Jackson — from housing the ballet competitors to 
hosting Vice-President George Bush to offering 
enrichment courses for the entire community. 

«*&*£ f; 

The two tiny rooms of C.S.'s Restaurant, the favorite "watering 
hole" for Millsapians, is the link of the college to the outside world. 
Upon crossing the street and entering the campus, however, one 
encounters the community of Millsaps College. This community not 
only consists of Sullivan-Harrell, Murrah, the CC and AC but also of 
the Union, the dormatories, and athletic fields. Within this tiny area of 
land between North West and North State Streets are all of the varied 
facilities needed to classify a place as a community, especially people. 

The community of Millsaps College is one that invites creativity — from the creative artisan to the creative scientists. 
In the summer of 1982 Millsaps hosted the International Ballet competitors, the Opera Festival of the South, 
Sculpture by the Craftsmen Guild, and the July 4th Crafts Festival and Parade. At a healthy contrast with the 
creativity of the community is the vital tradition of the college. Opening convocation gives color and festivity and 
heralds the beginning of yet another year of learning. Tap Day and Awards Day annually reward the students for 
their gifts to the creative community. Founders' Day and Homecoming continually remind Millsapians of their rich 
past and encourage them to continue to use their ingenuity for a determined and progressive step into the future. 






^H ^^^r^ ^^^B ~" 


The tradition and creativity of Millsaps combined to make 1982-83 an academic year 
of progress. In the fall, the Homecoming football game was regionally televised and 
carried throughout the South the message of the "ozone endzone": "It could be 
worse: it could be the SAINTS!" Alumni contributions to the Annual Fund Campaign 
overreached the goals, and Millsaps was awarded a $300,000 grant from the 
National Endowment for the Humanities for use in the School of Liberal Arts. 
Changing Times and Good Housekeeping magazines called a Millsaps education 
a "bargain": Cleanth Brooks visited the campus as the first Endora Welty 
Professor of Southern Studies; and even as one enters the town of Jackson at the 
airport, he is reminded that Millsaps is "a cut above." 


The high quality and progress of Millsaps can only be maintained, however, by the individuals of the college. The 

personalities, beliefs, and ideals represented in the community are many and varied. Whether pursuits are toward 

analytical chemistry, advanced accounting, Kierkegard, or Faulkner, the vitality of the college rests on the ability of 

each student to select his niche and pursue excellence through his unique mode of expression. 



As each student selects his field, Millsaps College succeeds continually in helping to offer concrete alternatives and 

directions for the future. The individuals met here also each contribute to a student's preparations. In four years one 

receives the gifts of exposure to great knowledge and an energy for learning, opportunities for career options, and 

treasured friendships, all of which culminate as the excellence of Millsaps. 




When is a Man Educated? 

When he can look out 
upon the universe, now lu- 
cid and lovely, now dark 
and terrible, with a sense 
of his own littleness in the 
great scheme of things, 
and yet have faith and 
courage. When he knows 
how to make friends and 
keep them, and above all, 
when he can keep friends 
with himself. When he can 
be happy and highminded 
amid the drudgeries of life. 
When he can look into a 
wayside puddle and see 
something besides mud, 
and into the face of the 
most forlorn mortal and 
see something divine. 
When he knows how to 
live, how to love, how to 
hope, how to pray — is 
glad to live . . . and has in 
his heart a bit of a song. 
Joseph Fort Newton 

Students — 
Unique but United 

At Millsaps College, students are known by 
names, not numbers. And the students seem to 
grasp every opportunity to "stand out from the 
crowd." Although social conformity does exist 
somewhat, the majority of students establish 
their individuality, not by showing off, but by 
answering an internal need to find their own 
identity. Perhaps this stems from the intense 
academic pressure or from exposure to ideas 
never challenged in high school. But the result is 
clearly positive: a unique blend of emerging per- 

Top left: Students reunite at the Back-to-school picnic in 
the bowl, Above: Rod Brown and Sean Peenstra enjoy 
the nightlife; Center: Catherine McKenzie entertains 
Andy Wood, Jeff Daivs, Tammy Freeman, Gwin Gro- 
gan. Catherine Lewis, and Kimble Scott; Bottom left: 
Brandon Dorion cycles to the union; Bottom right: The 
Union — the center of many student activities and home of 
the cafeteria. 

^JV &2 


For new students, the first week of school is indeed an orientation; they must quickly 
form a newfound independence and throw themselves into a completely new environment 
filled with strange faces and events. One of these events is RUSH — an anxiety filled 
process which for many fills a gap left when high school friends disperse. Also during this 
week are the lines — endless cards to sign and bills to pay. For returning students, this week 
can be one of drudgery, one filled with technicalities before the process of the school year 
can be begun. But it is also one of rejuvenation — one of reunions with friends and a 
freshened perspective gained when viewing the youth and enthusiasm of the spirited 
Freshman class. 

Left: Helen France receives a welcoming hug on Bid Day, Center left: Shan Weissinger checks to make 
sure she has all required books; Center: The ladies in the business office also feel the exhaustion of this week; 
Bottom left: Debbie Fischer signs Pat Lanclos up for his annual picture; Bottom right: Elizabeth 

Flowers patiently waits for the Business Office to open; Page 19, Center: The Panhellenic Picnic gives girls an 
opportunity for meeting fellow rushees and upperclassmen. Bottom left: The Lambda Chi's anxiously await 
their new pledges; Bottom right: Doug Manley strolls to the girls' side of campus to watch the festivities. 

The First Week: 

An Orientation and a Rejuvenation 



The Completion of the College 
Experience — Dormitory Living 



? .' 

\ \ 

Another experience exclusive to college years 
is the communal living of the dormitory. All of a 
sudden, one is expected to make their own bed. 
clean their own room, and wash their own 
clothes, and sometimes to adjust to college life 
with a stranger as a roommate. This year the 
Freshmen experienced a crowdling problem. 
Some were forced to live in the ironing rooms but 
used their creativity to design a truly "decorat- 
ed" room. Others chose to surmount the housing 
shortage by building lofts in their rooms. There is 
also an adjustment to a lack of privacy to be 
made — for example, hall telephones. A neat 
room is the key to some students' peace in the 
dorm; while for others, neatness seems to have 
been overlooked. Nevertheless, dormitory living 
is the supreme test for college survival. 

P. 20. Adrienne Smith. Scolt Stiffler. and Ross Barnhardt 

enjoy socializng in a unique place — a Galloway bathroom. P. 21. 
Top Center: Betsy Gwin discovers the pleasures of the hall 
telephones. Top Right: Neely Pemberton discovers another 
new experience — domestic chores. Above: Stacy Scott visits 
in the halls of Franklin 


Mealtime and Social Hour 

Although the adjustment from homecooked meals three times a day to Acy's 
call in the grill or the mystery meat in the cafeteria can be a difficult one, 
mealtime at Millsaps is a time for relaxing and visiting with friends during a 
hectic, test filled week. The cafeteria is a meeting place and a place for finding 
that someone one has needed to see but can never seem to find. The grill is the 
escape from the questionable menu at times in the cafeteria. It is also the 
loitering place between classes or the place for last minute cramming before 
tests while hurriedly swallowing some food. Although the cuisine may at times 
not be gourmet, the atmosphere and availability of the two restaurants of 
Millsaps are their successes. 

Right: Typical expressions found while one experiences mealtime at the cafeteria; Below center: Tyree 
Fields and Susan Murrell share an ice cream cone; P. 23, Center: Suzanne McElhatten, Carolyn Serio, 
Lucy Lacy, and Lida Burris find the grill to be more than a mere eating establishment; Bottom: Paul G. 

Graham savors his dessert in the grill. 

The Infamous GPA — Our Only Purpose? 

Soon the reunions and festivities of the first few weeks 
give way to the side of college life we sometimes don't take 
quite seriously enough but seems to hold our future in its 
hands — academics. We begin to realize that we came here 
to learn, and soon the pressure of the GPA begins to mount. 
The closer one gets to his senior year and actual job or 
graduate school interviews, the more one begins to analyze 
his GPA and how one test can affect it. Is that the only proof 
of what we have learned, the only sign of knowledge gained? 
Sometimes the answer is not clear, and keeping learning and 
grades in their proper perspectives is at times most difficult. 

Above: Van Roeling finds the library lo be more than |usl a place for studying, 
Bottom center: Cindy Boggs expresses her creativity, Bottom light: while 
Rory Berry lets a machine do his work, P, 25. Top right: Marie Nation and 
Jeanne Poole find something interesting in their beaker. Center: Mike Ford 
finds his talents lay in the business school; Center right: Rakesh Mangal 
makes a discovery in lab. Bottom left: Joe Bailey explores the rocks in 
Geology lab, and Bottom right: Barton Thrasher completes last minute 
homework in the grill. 



Making their Mark and I 
Following the Fads P 


>. - - 

Millsaps students not only follow the trends of the crowd, 
but they accomplish goals so that they stand apart from 
the crowd. There are students receiving their black belts 
in karate, establishing their own radio stations, and liter- 
ally making new paths across the campus. Also at Mill- 
saps are students who keep up every step with the world 
outside of Millsaps, especially the fashion world, from 
mini skirts to the starched (but sometimes sloppy) 
preppy look. 

P. 26, Top left: Mary Weir and Stephanie Pella 

exhibit the preppy fad of Polo and add-a-beads and 
bows; Top right: Tana Browning models the newest 
fad: the mini-skirt; Bottom left: Linda Pape receives 
her black belt in karate; Bottom right: Andrew Ses- 
sions and Jim Irby choose the sloppy prep look. Page 
27. Top: David Leggett's followers rest on his newly 
blazed trail; and Bottom: Millsaps has its own radio 


Events Unite 

and Divide 


Certain events throughout the academic 
year at Millsaps provide relief from studying 
and a chance to find common interests with 
fellow students as well as unique interests. 
From the KA cannon to the ozone endzone, 
football games provide recreation for almost 
all types of students. Events in the bowl such 
as the Black History Week step-down or 
bands sponsored by the SEB also give stu- 
dents a chance to enjoy each other's com- 
pany. There are certain events, however, 
that cause the "healthy tension" on campus. 
One such event this year was the Juice New- 
ton concert. Many students felt that the mon- 
ey spent on the concert could have been used 
more wisely, but it was indeed an event caus- 
ing further interaction among students. 



As social interaction moves from chatting in the 
bowl at noon to school or fraternity parties at night, 
the social custom of dating begins to occur. Whether 
two people find common interests in the classroom or 
at other activities, finding time, money, and interest- 
ing outings becomes a major threat to this pasttime; 
but somehow "The Dating Game" constantly contin- 
ues to thrive. 

Above: John Blizzard and Suzanne Fondren en 
joy the SEB homecoming dance; Right: Peter Bern- 
heim and Kaye Lee find spare time to visit in the 
bowl; Bottom left: Janet Butler and Billy Wheel- 
er enjoy an event in the bowl; Bottom right: Matt 
Lundy and Whitney McNeill take a break from 
studying; P. 31, Top left: Bonnie O'Neill and 
John Mercer engage in festivities at the Homecom- 
ing dance; Top right: Leigh Butler and David 
Evans enjoy a fraternity party; Bottom left: Deb- 
bie Mailer and Greg Sliman socialize in the bowl, 
as do Bottom right: John Blakey and Lydia 

Further Interaction — 
"The Dating Game" 


nRCii ' 

*"**■'■ r J 


ftt N 1 

KK ^^^^^^— ^^^M 

Par ' j 



| / •• 

<40 Kr 



The "family" aspect of Millsaps College is 
seen not only in the kinship formed among 
students but also in the guidance and mutual 
respect characteristic of the professor/stu- 
dent relationships found on campus. As stu- 
dents move from the sheltered life of high 
school to facing his/her professional future 
alone, the encouragement and guidance giv- 
en to students by the faculty and administra- 
tive staff is most valuable. Also the necessity 
to relate to peers everywhere — from class- 
room to mealtime to the dormitory — pro- 
vides an atmosphere conducive to not only 
happy memories of these four years, but also 
lasting ties for long friendships. 

Right: Ross Barnhardt shows his talent on the skate- 
board; Center: The "Sig Bench": Daryl McLeod, 
Gerry Maddox, Peter Bernheim, Jeff Alexander, 
and Joey Wroten; Bottom: Friends stroll from class to 
the dorm together as Coach Jim Montgomery advises 
his tennis team in the bitter wind; P. 33, Top: Steve 
Maggio and Marshall Pemberton exhibit brother 
hood? Center left: Professors Nevins and Purser take 
a break in front of Sullivan-Harrell; Center right: Dr. 
Judith Page and her daughter Rebecca enjoy the 
Greek Step Down in the bowl; and Bottom: The Bowl is 
the setting for many study-break activities. 

— ~— 

,1 ^ 


" ~~ * =r 




*n_ ^^^^^^ 


_ - 




If — 1 

The Millsaps Family: 
from Peers to Advisers 



Homecoming Court 

Wk J 

i % IF 


g > :'■■ ■ 

W I 

■ i 


Fv^iB * 



^P "*V-> 


r J* ***•! 

Laurel Eskridge 
Cathy Schroeder 

Ann Freeman 
Lori Trigg 


Maud DeLes Gober was selected as the 1982 Homecoming Queen. She 
is a junior Elementary Education major from Jackson, MS. Maud DeLes is 
active on campus by being in the Millsaps Singers and the Troubadors. She 
is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and on the Lambda Chi Alpha 
Crescent Court. 

Maud DeLes Gober 

1982 Homecoming Queen 



Master Major 

Major's Lady 

Miss Laurel Eskridge 
Mr. David Biggers 


Biology Award Allen Flowers 

J.B. Price Chemistry Award Vic Dallin 

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry Michael Osborne 

Senior Award in Chemistry David Biggers 

Eta Sigma Phi — Excellence in 1st Year Latin Tony Crvich 

Eta Sigma Phi — Excellence in 2nd Year Latin Betsy Bradley 

Magnolia Coullet Senior Award Laura Buckler Magee 

Computer Science Award Peter Lang worthy 

Myrtis Meaders Teaching Award Nancy Flowers Seep 

Edgar Moore Award Glen East and Julia Garrett 

Clark Essay Medal Phyllis Pfanschmidt 

Union Pacific Foundation Award for Geology Lonnie Ledbetter 

Major in Geology Awards Garrett J. Davis 

Ken Kitchens 
Charles Peel 

Ross Moore History Award John Paul Barber 

Vicki Sallis Murrell 

Charles W. and Eloise Else Endowed Scholarships Lou Ann Campbell 

Margaret Comans 
Dewey Gilbert 

Leslie Gowdy 

James Henley 

Jim Magnus 

Katherine Stark 

Monte Rector 
Charles G. Woods 

Laurel Eskridge 

John Bailey 
Scott Bowie 

Albert Godfrey Sanders Award in French Brian DeVaney 

Beginning German Awards Mary Woodward and Jimmy Harris 

Deutscher Verein Award Suzannah Bowie 

Senior Award in German Mike Lanford 

Albert Godfrey Sanders Award in Spanish Jimmy Harris 

Senior Music Award Kimi Meyers 

Award for Classical Physics Mark Britt 

Award for General Physics Pimpet Thanapet 

Bingham Awards Terri Clark and Bob Anderson 

American Bible Study Award Elizabeth Milazzo 

C. Wright Mills Award in Sociology Tommie Smith 

West Tatum Award Deborah Downing 

Tri Beta Award Marie Nation 

Black Student Association Award Anthony Nichols 

Chi Omega Social Science Award Jane Tucker 

Kappa Alpha Eric Gunn Memorial Scholarship Lee Rice 

Lambda Chi Alpha Purple Bathtub Award Dr. Robert McElvaie 

Theta Nu Sigma Award David Biggers 

Jim Lucas Scholarship Stephanie Reddoch 

Sigma Lambda Award Dr. Catherine Freis 

Student Telephone Campaign Award Kappa Sigma 

Freshman Mathematics Award. 
Mathematics Majors Awards.... 

1983 Awards Day 


Elizabethan Faire Court 

Kim Cranston was elected to preside as Queen 
Elizabeth at the Elizabethan Faire in April. Mikell 
Jarratt was elected Archbishop of Canterbury and 
crowned the Queen (right). (Above) The Queen and 
Archbishop stand among the participants of the 
Faire. (Left) Ladies-in-Waiting were Betsy Bradley 
and Missy Maggio. 


A Biology major from Gulfport, MS, Peter J. Bernheim 

was a member of Beta Beta Beta, Theta Nu Sigma, Alpha 
Epsilon Delta, Sigma Lambda, and Omicron Delta Kappa 
honoraries. He also served his fraternity, Kappa Sigma, as 
Grand Master of Ceremonies and as IFC President. Peter 
was active in student government as a member of Judicial 
Council and as First Vice President of the SEB. He also was a 
Peer Adviser, a member of the Alcohol Review Committee, 
Elizabethan Faire Committee, and Chairman of the Senate 
Social Affairs Committee. He was chosen to be the student 
representative to the Board of Directors of the Millsaps Arts 
and Lecture Series. Peter plans to pursue a career in medical 

Nancy Ellen Bagby, an Account- 
ing major from Memphis, TN, served 
the Millsaps campus as a member of 
Omicron Delta Kappa and Sigma 
Lambda honoraries. She was elected 
president and treasurer of Alpha Eta 
Sigma, the Accounting honorary. Ac- 
tive in student government, Nancy 
served on the Alcohol Awareness Com- 
mittee, the Judicial Council, Elections 
committee, Admissions Committee, 
and the Campus Ministry Team. A 
member of Chi Omega Fraternity, Nan- 
cy was elected to fill the offices of Pan- 
hellenic Representative and of Presi- 
dent by her organization. Nancy plans 
to return to Memphis to pursue a career 
in Accounting. 

Who's Who Among American 
Colleges and Universities 


Who's Who 

David Biggers from Corinth, MS, 
was a Chemistry major with a minor 
in Biology. He was involved in sever- 
al honoraries (Alpha Epsilon Delta, 
Eta Sigma, Sigma Lambda) and was 
President of Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Phi Eta Sigma, and Theta Nu Sigma. 
He was involved in several academic 
committees and won many academic 
awards including the Bourgeois Med- 
al. He served as Vice-President and 
pledge director of his fraternity, 
Kappa Alpha Order and played all of 
the intramural sports. David also 
served as photographer for the Bo- 
bashela and the Purple and White. 
He also enjoyed working with the 
Millsaps Players. David plans to 
study medicine upon graduation 
from Millsaps. 

A Biology major from Lexington, MS, 
Andy Brown was selected for member- 
ship in Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma 
Lambda, Theta Nu Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, 
and Alpha Epsilon Delta honoraries. He 
served as historian of AED and as secretary 
of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Andy 
was active in student government as SEB 
second vice president and as Chairman of 
the Elections Committee. He was also a 
member of the Financial Affairs Commit- 
tee, the Student Affairs Committee, the 
Voluntary Service Committee, the Alcohol 
Commission, and the Alumnus of the Year 
Committee. Andy served student affiars as 
a Resident Assistant and as Co-Chairman 
of the Orientation Committee, as well as 
being a Peer Adviser and on the Campus 
Ministry Team. Andy was active in intra- 
murals and was chosen to be a Kappa 
Kelta Dagger Daddy. He was a Biology 
Lab Assistant and received the Univ. of MS 
Medical School 1982 Undergraduate Re- 
search Award. Andy plans a future in medi- 
cal science. 


Kenneth Scott Bowie, a Math- 
ematics and Science major from Cor- 
inth, MS, won the Senior Mathemat- 
ics award for 1982 and 1983. He 
was a varsity cheerleader for two and 
one half years and served as co-cap- 
tain for two years. He was active in 
intramurals and served as a Resident 
Assistant and as a student senator. 
He was Galloway Dorm President 
and a member of the Honor's pro- 
gram review Committee and the Stu- 
dent Affairs Committee. Scott 
served both the Chemistry and Math- 
ematics Departments as Lab Assis- 
tants. He was president of Eta Sigma 
honorary and a member of the fol- 
lowing honoraries: Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, and Theta Nu Sigma. Scott was 
also involved in extra curricular ac- 
tivities such as the Millsaps Singers 
and being a Peer Adviser. 

A resident of Meridian, MS, 
Gwenllian Clopton received a B.S. 
in Mathematics and a B.A. in Music 
(Voice). She was a member of the 
Troubadours for two years and of the 
Millsaps Singers for four. She was ac- 
tive in Student Affairs by serving as a 
Peer Adviser for three years and as a 
Resident Assistant in Sanders Dormi- 
tory. Gwen was a Computer Lab As- 
sistant and a member of the Alcohol 
Commission. She plans to work full 
time for a while then continue her 
education at graduate school. 

Enjoying children and their preparation. 
Glen East was an elementary education 
major and a member of the education hon- 
orary. He served on various committees of 
the college and as manager, trainer, and 
statistician for the football team and also 
worked with the baseball team. He served 
as Youth Director for Briarwood Presbyte- 
rian Church. He also was chosen to be a 
Resident Assistant and Director of Intra- 
murals for Millsaps. Glen was also a mem- 
ber of a self-study committee for the col- 

Who's Who 


Who's Who 

A Mathematics major from Tupelo, MS, Laurel Eskridge 

was vice-president of Omicron Delta Kappa honorary and a 
member of Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma, and Phi Eta Sigma 
honoraries. She was a student assistant in the Mathematics 
Department and won the Mathematics Majors Award in 1982 
and 1983. She was a peer adviser for two years and served 
on the Alcohol Awareness Committee and the Fall Sympo- 
sium Committee. She also served as Rush Chairman and 
Vice-President of her Greek association, Chi Omega Fraterni- 
ty. Laurie was elected to the Homecoming Court for two 

Ann Freeman, a Business Administration major from 
Jackson, MS, served the Millsaps Majors as a cheerleader for 
three years. She was elected to the Homecoming Court for 
four years and was Homecoming Queen for two years. Ann 
also was an Elizabethan Faire maid in her junior year. She 
served as Phi Director and as Membership Director for Phi 
Mu Sorority. Ann was a member of Sigma Lambda honorary 
and on Millsaps' award winning team in the Emory Intercolle- 
giate Business Games. Ann is a member of Leavell Woods 
United Methodist Church, where she is in the handbell and 
chancel choir. 


A Biology major from Vicksburg, MS, Mikell Jarratt 

served the Millsaps College Campus being on the Alcohol 
Awareness Commission, the Student Activities Committee, 
and the Campus Ministry Team. Mikell was active in his 
fraternity, Kappa Alpha Order, by serving as Treasurer, 
President, and by representing it on the Interfraternity Coun- 
cil. Mikell was a member of the following honoraries: Beta 
Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Theta Nu Sigma, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Sigma Lambda, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Mikell 
plans to pursue a career in the Medical sciences. 

Pat Hare, a Business Administration major from Green- 
wood, MS, transferred to Millsaps in his junior year. While at 
Millsaps Pat contributed to the college by playing varsity 
basketball for the Majors. He also participated in intramural 
soccer, softball, and tennis. Pat was a Resident Assistant in 
Ezelle Dorm and was a representative to the Future Business 
Leaders of Mississippi Convention. Pat was also selected for 
membership in Sigma Lambda honorary. He was a member 
of Kappa Alpha Order. 

Who's Who 

1 1 


Who's Who 

A Business Administration major 
from Denton, TX, Frank Lyle 

served the Millsaps Campus by par- 
ticipating on the Millsaps Majors foot- 
ball team for four seasons. Frank also 
played on various intramural teams 
while at Millsaps. He was awarded a 
Charles and Eloise Scholarship by 
the School of Management and was 
selected for membership in Omicron 
Delta Kappa. Frank plans to pursue a 
career in law. 

Vicki Sallis, of Jackson, MS, received a B.A. in History from Millsaps. 
Vicki was selected for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, 
and Phi Alpha Theta honoraries. She was a peer adviser and the dorm 
president for Sanders Hall. Vicki was a member of the Millsaps Singers for one 
year and wrote for the Purple and White. She was involved in student 
government by being a member of the Student Senate and by serving on the 
Human Rights Committee. Vicki was a member of Kappa Delta sorority. She 
plans to attend law school in the future. 

An accounting major from Groves, 
TX, Jim Magnus was a member of 
the prize winning Millsaps team in the 
Emory Intercollegiate Business 
Games. Jim was also active at Mill- 
saps by being a member of the Mill- 
saps Singers and the Troubadours. 
He also performed with the Millsaps 
Players. Jim supported the Majors by 
being a varsity cheerleader. He was 
also a member of Alpha Eta Sigma 
honorary and Lambda Chi Alpha fra- 


Kimberly Myers of Brandon, 
MS, was a Music major with an em- 
phasis on Piano. She was a member 
of Eta Sigma, Sigma Lambda, and 
Omicron Delta Kappa honoraries. 
Kimi also received Presidential, Trib- 
bett, and Rodgers Scholarships, as 
well as the Bourgeois Medal. She was 
the 1980 state winner of MMTA Pi- 
ano Auditions in the Freshman-Soph- 
omore Division. Kimi was involved in 
extra-curricular activities at Millsaps 
by serving as accompanist for the 
Millsaps Singers and Troubadours. 
She was the assistant editor and a 
staff member for the Stylus maga- 
zine. Kimi also served as a peer ad- 
viser and as a student assistant in the 
Religion Department. Kimi plans to 
further her studies at Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary in Louis- 
ville, Kentucky, from which she re- 
ceived a Rice-Judson Scholar Award. 

A Biology major from Natchez, 
MS, Monica Northington served 
as vice-president of Sigma Lambda 
honorary. She was also a member of 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsi- 
lon Delta, and Theta Nu Sigma hon- 
oraries. She was the Chairman of the 
Executive Committee of the Campus 
Ministry Team and also served as a 
peer adviser. Monica was a member 
of the Black Students Association 
and of the Student National Medical 
Association. She also served as a 
Zoology lab assistant. A member of 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Moni- 
ca served as President, Vice-Presi- 
dent, Secretary, Dean of Pledges, 
and Songleader during her four years 
at Millsaps. Monica plans to pursue a 
career in Pediatric Medicine. 

A Political Science major from 
Jackson, MS, Boty McDonald has 

served the Millsaps community by 
serving on the Millsaps Student Sen- 
ate. Boty was on the Dean's List and 
a member of Sigma Lambda honor- 
ary. He was President of the Interfra- 
ternity Council and a cheerleader for 
the Millsaps Majors. As a member of 
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Boty was 
elected to serve as Rush Chairman 
and as Vice-President. Boty was also 
chosen by the members of Kappa 
Delta sorority to be a Daggerdaddy. 

Who's Who 

1 1 


Who's Who 

An English major from Memphis, TN, Phyllis 
Pfanschmidtwasa member of Omicron Delta Kappa 
and Eta Sigma honoraries. She served as secretary- 
treasurer of Sigma Lambda, secretary of Alpha Psi 
Omega, and past secretary and a charter member of 
Phi Eta Sigma. She was a member of the Millsaps 
Players and the Singers. As a member of Phi Mu, she 
served her fraternity as assistant rush chairman, 
chaplain, and vice-president. Phyllis plans to eventu- 
ally attend graduate school and focus on American 

Whit Rayner of Greenville, MS, achieved a dou- 
ble major in Political Science and Economics. He 
served as President of Sigma Lambda honorary and 
as a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma, 
and Omicron Delta Epsilon honoraries. He was 
Chairman of the Millsaps Commission on Alcohol 
and served on the Student Affairs Committee. He 
served student affairs as a Resident Assistant and as 
a Peer Adviser. Whit also served as President of his 
fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. He spent one semester of 
his junior year in Brussels, Belgium on the Semester 
on the European Community. Whit plans to attend 
Washington and Lee University School of Law to 
continue his studies. 


Cathy Schroeder, an Accounting major from 
Fairfax Station, Virginia, served the Millsaps commu- 
nity by playing on the varsity tennis team for three 
years. She was also a member of Alpha Eta Sigma, 
the accounting honorary. Cathy also served student 
affairs by being a peer adviser and orientation coun- 
selor. Cathy was elected to the Homecoming Court 
for two years and as a maid of the Elizabethan Faire 
in her junior year. She served her sorority, Phi Mu, 
by being its Social Chairman, Treasurer, and Presi- 
dent. Cathy plans to pursue a career in accounting. 

Lauri Kathryn Stamm, from 
Vicksburg, MS, received a B.A. in 
English with a minor in the Classics. 
She was president of Sigma Tau Del- 
ta, the new English honorary, and a 
member of Eta Sigma Phi and Sigma 
Lambda honoraries. Lauri was active 
in student government by serving as 
SEB Secretary. She was a Resident 
Assistant in Franklin Dorm and stu- 
dent co-chairman of the Annual Fund 
Telethon. Lauri was an all-star intra- 
murals player and chairman of Mill- 
saps for the Mississippi Junior Classi- 
cal League Convention. Lauri served 
as President and Secretary of Kappa 
Delta Sorority. She plans to work in 
public relations or communications 
and is working toward a license to 
interpret for the deaf. 

Who's Who 


Who's Who 

A Political Science major from Austin, TX, Mike 
Turello contributed to the Millsaps community by 
being a four year letterman on the football team and 
a one year letterman on the baseball team. Mike was 
also active in his fraternity, Kappa Sigma, by serving 
as its President and Vice-President. He was also a 
member of the Interfraternity Council. Upon gradu- 
ation, Mike plans to pursue a career in law. 

A Political Science major from Jackson, MS, Jane 
E. Tucker was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa 
and Sigma Lambda honoraries. She was active in 
extra-curricular activities by being a student senator 
and serving on the Communications Committee and 
the Campus Ministry Team. Jane was also a member 
of Eta Sigma and Phi Eta Sigma honoraries. She 
served as editor of the Purple and White during 
her senior year and was a member of the Young 


A History major from Belmont. MS. Billy Wheeler had 

minors in Political Science and Philosophy. Billy was very 
active in student government as he was elected SEB Presi- 
dent for two consecutive years. He was Chairman of the 
Student Activities Committee, served on two symposium 
committees, and was also on the Alcohol Awareness and 
Human Rights Committees. He was vice-president of the 
Young Democrats and a member of the Campus Ministry 
Team. He also served the campus by writing for the Purple 
and White and the Stylus. Billy made speeches on the Days 
of Peace and the Nuclear Freeze Forum. He was a member of 
Phi Alpha Theta history honorary. Billy plans to spend a year 
in Europe, attend Law School and graduate school in History 
and to enter Public Service. 

Who's Who 

In March of 1983, the Millsaps 
School of Management entered a 
team of students in the Emory Inter- 
collegiate Business Games and Con- 
ference. Millsaps competed in Indus- 
try III and won First Place over 
University of Calgary, Alberta, Can- 
ada; Loyola College; Marquette Uni- 
versity; MS. State University; Pep- 
perdine University; and 

Southwestern at Memphis. They 
then competed in the overall compe- 
tition with Wake Forest University. 
College of William and Mary, and 
University of Dayton. Millsaps re- 
ceived second place losing only to 
Wake Forest University. Members of 
this outstanding team included Ann 
Freeman, Jim Magnus, Paul Og- 
den, Don Keenan, Robbie Jones, 
Melvin Upchurch, Dean Jerry 
Whitt, Katherine Stark, Shirley 
Olson, Ken Lancaster, and Cyn- 
thia Harper. 

Emory Intercollegiate Business Games Team 



Resident Assistants are chosen by 
the Office of Student Affairs after 
candidates have interviewed with a 
committee. The Resident Assistants 
for the 1982-83 year were (above) 
Stephanie Durow, Carrie Ar- 
nold, Missy Nevins, Chrissie 
Clark, Nancy Rhea, Keri Slaton, 
and Debbie Jordan. Not Pictured: 
Given Clopton, Paula West, Lisa 
Catledge, Denise Heaman, Shei- 
la Moran. Male R.A.'s included 
(right) Bil Hetrick, Peter Lang- 
worthy, Wade Young, Paul Og- 
den, and Scott Bowie. Not pic- 
tured: David Biggers, John May, 
Kimble Scott, Pat Hare, Daryl 
McLeod, and John Perry. 



*» . * 


"9K ^- . 










. . i »■ * 


N -, 

Andy Brown, Sandy Fra- 
zier, and Andrei Howse (not 
pictured) were chosen to be co- 
chairmen of the Freshmen Ori- 
entation this fall. Their duties 
included organizing the peer ad- 
vising system, planning orienta- 
tion week assemblies, and advis- 
ing new students. The part that 
this committee plays in the new 
students' first experiences is an 
active and important one in cre- 
ating a welcome atmosphere for 
Freshmen and transfer stu- 

Orientation Chairmen 

Peer advisers also play an impor- 
tant role throughout the year for 
Freshman students in the roles of ad- 
viser, friend, and counselor. Each 
faculty adviser has two peer advisers 
to help them most completely fulfill 
the needs of Freshmen. Seving as 
peer advisers for the 1982-83 aca- 
demic year were (bottom row) Helen 
Gillaspy, Lori Trigg, Rakesh Mangel, 
and Jack Denver; (Middle row) Lisa 
McGee, Inger Wray, Anita Adding- 
ton, Betsy Bradley, Lisa Hapgood, 
Grace Nevins, and Puddin Collins; 
(top row) Ken Lancaster, Cordelia 
Douzenis, Jay Garrett, John Holland, 
Tom Moore, Don Keenan, Wade 
Young, Paul Ogden, Greg Sliman, 
and Mark Mitchell. 

Peer Advisers 





"Millsaps' primary concern is the educational 

growth and personal welfare of its students. The 

relationship of the administration to students is 

characterized by sincere affection, genuine respect, 

and at times, a measure of healthy tension." 

George M. Harmon, President 


George M. Harmon, 

B.A., Southwestern at Memphis 

M.B.A., Emory University 

D.B.A., Harvard University 

Robert H. King, 
Dean of the College 

B.A., Harvard University 
B.D., Ph.D., Yale University 

John Christmas, 
Director of Admissions 

B.S., Millsaps College 
A.M., Univ. of Southern Miss. 

Robert A. Shive, Jr., 

Associate Dean of the 


B.A., M.S., Southern Methodist 


Ph.D., Iowa State University 


"The Office of Student Affairs is concerned with all aspects of student 
life at Millsaps College from the time the student arrives on campus to 
the time the student leaves for other life endeavors. This concern is 
manifested through quality area programs in career planning and 
placement, counseling, financial aid, health services, religious activities, 
residential living, and student activities. In a very real and intended 
sense, these services are designed to supplement the academic program 
by supporting each student in helpful ways throughout his Millsaps 

Stuart Good, Dean of Student Affairs 


Don E. Strickland, 

Vice Pres. for Business 


B.S., M.S., Florida State Univ. 

Ph.D., Florida State University 


William W. Franklin, 

V. Pres. for 



A.B.J., University of Georgia 

Stuart Good, Dean of 
Student Affairs 

A.B., Boston University 

A.M., Boston University 

L.L.D., The College of Ganado 

Jane Hett Macdonald, 

Dean of Student Affairs 

B.A., University of California 

at Santa Barbara 

M.Ed., Oregon State University 


"The purpose of the Art Department at 

Millsaps is to help the student see art as an 

important and enriching part of life." 

Lucy Webb Millsaps 

Art and Music 

Lucy Webb Millsaps, 

B.F.A., Newcomb College 
M.A., Univ. of Mississippi 

Richard Kelso 

B.S., Delta State 

M.Ed., Delta State 

M.F.A., Univ. of Mississippi 

William P. Carroll 

B.M., Millsaps College 

M.M., M.S.M., Southern 

Methodist University 

Magnolia Coullet, 

A.B., Millsaps College 

A.M., Univ. of Pennsylvania 

B.M., Belhaven College 

A.M., Univ. of Mississippi 


"The Millsaps Music Department seeks to serve not only the music major 
and minor but also the general Millsaps student. Besides study in the areas of 
piano, voice, organ, and the orchestral instruments, musical experiences are 
available in the various ensembles such as the Singers and Troubadors. 
Recitals given by faculty, students, guests artists, and chamber music groups 
are continuous throughout the year. The Music Department endeavors to 
create an exciting and educational musical climate for the Millsaps student 
and the entire community." 

Jonathan Sweat, Chairman 

Music Department 

Jonathan M. Sweat, 

B.S., M.S., The Julliard 

School of Music 

A.Mus.D., Univ. of Michigan 

Donald D. Kilmer 

B.M., M.M., Indiana University 

Advanced Graduate Study: 

Union Theological Seminary 

Univ. of Kansas 

Univ. of Illinois 

**\ m 

McCarrell L. Ayers 

B.S., Eastman School of Music 

Univ. of Rochester 

M.M., Indiana University 

Francis E. Polanski 

B.M., Eastman School of Music 

Univ. of Rochester 

M.M.. Univ. of Michigan 


"When I consider how many of the world's greatest minds — 

Sophacles, Aristophanes, Goethe, Moliere, Shaw — have clothed 

their ideas in the dramatic form; when I consider how the 

theatre has cut through barriers of national, religious, and racial 

prejudice; when I consider the employment, and the 

enlightenment it has brought into the lives of countless millions 

down through the ages — I become very proud of my 

Helen Hayes, submitted by the Theatre Department 

Theatre and English 

Lance Goss; Chairman, 

A.B., Millsaps College 

A.M., Advanced Study, 

Northwestern Univ. 

Special Study, Manhatten 

Theatre colony, 

Summer Theatre, Ogunquit 

Playhouse and the 

Belfry Theatre, Univ. of 

Southern California 

Ralph Traxler 

A.B., University of South 


M.P.A. Oklahoma City 



George Boyd; 
Chairman, English 

A.B., Murray State College 

A.M., University of Kentucky 

Ph.D., Columbia University 

Paul D. Hardin, 

A.B., Millsaps College 
A.M., Duke University 

v x > 


"We try to teach reading and writing. How very 
ambitious we are!" 

George W. Boyd 

English Department 

Daniel G. Hise 

A.B., Univ. of California at 


Ph.D., Tulane University 

Richard P. Mallette 

A.B., Boston College 

M.A., Ph.D., Harvard 


Robert H. Padgett 

A.B., Texas Christian Univ. 

A.M., Vanderbilt University 

Advanced Study: Vanderbilt 


Fulbright Scholarship, 

de Clermont-Ferrand 

Judith Page 

A.B. Tulane University 
M.A., Univ. of New Mexico 
Ph.D., University of Chicago 


"The primary jolt of an English department is to teach people how to read and write. The definition is as simple as 

that. But doing it is as difficult as it is important. Nearly everyone gives lip service to the need for people to express 

their thoughts and feelings accurately, clearly, and even gracefully. Equal assent is given to the need to understand 

what another person has put into words. But lip service is not enough. 

Writing well does not come to most of us as something as natural as breathing. Nor does reading well. Both are 

acquired arts. They are also interlocking arts: good writing rests largely on good reading. But in our modern world of 

the telephone and the television set, people read less and less and they write hardly at all. The New York Times, in 

its annual reports, indicates an almost steady decline in literacy for the last ten years. None acquainted with the 

present state of American education should be surprised." 

Cleanth Brooks 

Austin Wilson 

A.B., Valdosta State College 

M.A., University of Georgia 

Ph.D., Univ. of South Carolina 

Elizabeth Jones 

B.A.. Millsaps College 

A native of Murray, Kentucky. Cleanth Brooks received his B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University in 
1928 and his M.S. degree from Tulane University in 1929. He attended Oxford University in England as a 
Rhodes Scholar from 1929 to 1932 and was awarded the B.A. degree with Honors and the B.Litt. degree. 
After teaching at several major universities across the country, he became a member of the Yale faculty in 
1947 as Professor of English and became the first incumbent of the Gray Professorship of Rhetoric in 1961. 
From 1964 until 1966, he was on leave from Yale to serve as Cultural Attache in the American Embassy in 
London. He retired from the Yale faculty in 1975. 

Professor Brooks is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the Modern Language Association, and the English 
Institute. He has served as a Fellow of the Library of Congress. He holds membership in the American Academy 
of Arts and Sciences, the Committee for the International Exchange of Persons, the National Institute of Arts 
and Letters, and the American Philosophical Society. 

Awards and degrees honoring him include two Guggenheim Fellowships, and L.H.D. (Doctor of Humane 
Letters) from St. Louis University, a D.Litt. (Doctor of Letters) from Tulane University, and L.H.D. from 
Cetenary College, a D.Litt. from the University of the South and the J.B. Hubbell Medal of the Modern 
Language Association- 
Two of his most highly regarded studies have been William Faulkner: The Yoknapatowpha Country 
and William Faulkner: Toward Yoknapatawpha and Beyond. In collaboration with Robert Penn Warren 
he published a number of popular college texts, including Understanding Poetry, which profoundly influ- 
enced the ways in which literature is taught in American colleges and schools. In the Spring of 1983, Millsaps 
was fortunate to have Dr. Brooks as the first Eudora Welty Professor of Southern Studies. 


"Under ideal circumstances, the person who 
learns a foreign language undergoes an experience 
which permits him/her to perceive the world from 
a totally different cultural viewpoint." 

Billy M. Bufkin, Chairman 

Modern Languages 

Billy Bufkin, Chairman 

A.B., A.M., Texas 

Technological College 
Advanced Study: Tulane 


Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos 

de la 

Universidad de Madrid 

John L. Guest 

A.B., University of Texas 
A.M., Columbia University 
Advanced Study: New York 


Ottendorfer Fellowship in 


Philology, Bonn University 

Fullbright Scholarship, Univ. of 


■ mmwwi 


Robert J. Kahn 

B.A., State Univ. of New York 

M.AM., Middlebury College 
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State Univ. 

Daniel MacLeay 

B.A., McGill University 
M.A., McGill University 
Ph.D., Tulane University 


"Historically we are, to a greater extent than we 
ever realize, the children of Greece, in literature, in 
art, in thought, in ethics, in politics, and notably in 

Gilbert Murray, submitted by Dr. Catherine 


Classics and History 

Richard Freis, 

B.A., St. John's College 

M.A.. Ph.D., University of 

California at Berkeley 

Catherine R. Freis 

B.A., Brooklyn College 

M.A., Ph.D., University of 

California at Berkeley 

John King 

B.A., University of the South 
M.A., Univ. of Mississippi 

Adrienne Phillips 

B.A., Northeast Louisiana Univ. 
M.A., Univ. of Mississippi 


"The History Department attempts to serve the College and its students in 
two principal ways: First, through its basic courses, including the required 
Western Civilization, to give all of our students an understanding of and 
appreciation for the development of our Western heritage; and Secondly, to 
provide opportunities for a more intensive study of selected areas of history 
for those who plan to pursue graduate or professional study, or who simply 
wish to extend their knowledge of history for personal enrichment." 

Frank Laney, Chairman 

History Department 

Frank M. Laney, Jr., 

A.B., Univ. of Mississippi 

A.M., Ph.D., University of 


Ross Moore, Emeritus 

B.S., M.S., Millsaps College 

A.M., University of Chicago 

Ph.D., Duke University 

Robert S. McElvaine 

B.A., Rutgers University 
M.A., Ph.D., State University 
of New York at Binghamton 

W. Charles Sallis 

B.S., M.S., Miss. State Univ. 
Ph.D., University of Kentucky 


"Philosophy is the attempt to view life critically, 

appreciatively, and whole." 
Robert E. Bergmark, Chairman 


Robert E. Bergmark, 

A.B., Emory University 

S.T.B., Ph.D., Boston 


Michael H. Mitias 

A.B., Union College 
Ph.D., University of Waterloo 


"Religion is a basic human attitude and activity. In academic study we use 
every available tool to understand. 

By studying others, we can hope to reduce the mountain of hatred and 
prejudice and misunderstanding that burdens history and our life together on 
this small planet. 

By understanding others, and by studying our own traditions, we can 
clarify and refine and mature our own deepest convictions about ourselves, 
human community, and God." 

Lee H. Reiff 

Religion Department 

Lee H. Reiff, Chairman 

A.B., B.D., Southern Methodist 


M.A., Ph.D.. Yale University 

T. Stevens Burnett 

B.A., Millsaps College 
Masters of Divinity 

Thomas W. Lewis, III 

A.B., Millsaps College 

B.D., Southern Methodist Univ. 

Ph.D., Drew University 


"We are attempting to gain a better understanding of ourselves by 

better understanding the laws that affect us and other animals. 

Biology is primarily involved with the elucidation of these laws. 

We also hope to prepare students for further study in the health 

related sciences by providing courses which describe the 

operations of fundamental biological processes." 

Dick Highfill 

Biology Department 

James P. McKeown, 

A.B., University of the South 

A.M., Univ. of Mississippi 
Ph.D., Miss. State University 

Paul Hartfield 

B.S., M.S., University of 
Southern Mississippi 



Dick Highfill 

A.B., M.A., University of 

California at San Jose 
Ph.D., University of Idaho 

Robert B. Nevins 

A.B., Washington University 

M.S., Univ. of Missouri 

Advanced Study, Univ. of 

Missouri, Univ. of Mississippi 


I Chemist 

AND HO> l» 


"Chemistry and physics are quantitative views and 
insights to the order and beauty of nature." 

R.A. Berry, Jr., Chairman 


Roy A. Berry, Jr., 

B.S., Mississippi College 
Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina 

C. Eugene Cain 

B.S., Univ. of North Carolina 
A.M., Ph.D., Duke University 

Allen D. Bishop, Jr. 

B.S., Millsaps College 

M.S., Louisana State Univ. 

Ph.D., Univ. of Houston 


Chemistry Department 

Charles Clark 

B.S., Millsaps College 
Ph.D., University of Houston 

Jimmie Purser 

A.B., Millsaps College 
Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina 

George H. Ezell 

B.S., Mississippi College 
M.S., Florida State Univ. 
Ph.D., Univ. of Mississippi 


"Millsaps continues to have one of the finest 
computing facilities for student use. The new major 
in computer studies gives students an important 
option in the liberal arts curriculum in a field of 
growing importance in our society." 

Robert A. Shivc, Jr. 

Computer Studies 

Allen D. Bishop, Jr., 

B.S., Millsaps College 
M.S., Louisiana State Univ. 
Ph.D., University of Houston 

Clyde Ballard 

B.S., M.E. Miss. State 


M.B.A., Mississippi College 

Jurisdoctorate, Miss. College 

Jimmie Purser 

A.B., Millsaps College 
Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina 

Robert A. Shive, Jr. 

B.A., M.S., Southern Methodist 


Ph.D., Iowa State University 


Computer Studies 

R.W. McCarley 

B.A., Millsaps College 
M.Ed., Miss. State Univ. 

Carl Osterman 

B.A., Wittenberg University 
M.Ed., Boston College 

Thomas Pritchard 

B.S., Univ. of Chicago 
Ph.D., Univ. of Tennessee 


"The Department of Geology offers courses to serve the entire College 
Community in emphasizing the cultural value of science. In addition, the 
Department provides courses which enable the Millsaps Geology Major to 
find employment in industry, research, and to attend top quality Graduate 

Geology is a discipline concerned with the public environment. Each 
individual is responsible to their first home, The Planet Earth. The human 
being must begin to think in terms of living in harmony with the natural 
processes and availability of natural resources for the future years. After all, 
civilization exists by the consent of Geology." Wendell B. Johnson 

Geology Department 


■«•: r«»*4. 

Wendell B. Johnson, 

B.S., M.S., Kansas State 


Advanced Study, Missouri 

School of Mines 

University of Missouri 

David T. Dockery, III 

B.S., Miss. State Univ. 
M.S., Univ. of Mississippi 

Delbert E. Gann 

B.S., University of Missouri 

M.S., Northeast Louisiana Univ. 

Ph.D., Missouri School of Mines 

and Metallurgy 


"The universal tool of analysis is mathematics. In 

addition, there is an intangible worth to 

mathematics, for there is such a thing as 

mathematics as an art, mathematics for its own 

sake, mathematics for the sheer joy of comparing, 

analyzing, and imagining." 
Samuel R. Knox, Chairman 

Mathematics Department 

Samuel R. Knox, 

A.B., A.M., Univ. of Mississippi 

Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic 


Robert A. Shive, Jr. 

B.A., M.S., Southern Methodist 


Ph.D., Iowa State University 

Herman L. McKenzie 

B.S., Millsaps College 

M.Ed., M.S., Univ. of 


Cathy Wills 

B.A., M.A., Univ. of Mississippi 


Math, Physics 
and Astronomy 

Susan Howell 

B.A., M.A., University of 
Southern Mississippi 

Ben Nichols 

George M. Beardsley 

B.S., Stanford University 
Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina 


"The Department of Education seeks to prepare well educated 

and competent teachers and to provide a strong background for 

specialized study for those students who wish to enter graduate or 

professional schools. The courses offered by the Department of 

Education meet the requirements of the Division of Certification 

of the State Department of Education for the Class A Teacher's 

Certification for elementary, secondary, and physical education." 

Steve Hering, Chairman 

Education Department 

Steve Hering, 

B.S., Florida Southern College 

M.Ed., Ed.D., Memphis State 


Sue Purser 

Marlys T. Vaughn 

B.S., M.Ed., Miss. State Univ. 
Ph.D., University of 
Southern Mississippi 


"Physical Education is truly 'education through the 
physical'; it is one of the important segments in the 
total field of education." 

James A. Montgomery 

Education Department 

Mary Ann Edge 

B.S., M.S., Univ. of Mississippi 

Advanced Study, University of 

Southern Mississippi 

Donald Holcomb 

B.S., M.Ed., Memphis State 

James A. Montgomery 

A.B., Birmingham-Southern 


Ed.D., George Peabody College 

George Gober 

B.A., Millsaps College 


"The purpose of the study of political science: 

To understand who gets what, when, and how; 

To see why politics is NOT dirty; 

To make it possible for you to know how to affect 

those decisions which influence your life." 

John Quincy Adams, Chairman 

Education and 
Political Science 

J. Harper Davis 

B.S., M.Ed., Miss. State Univ. 

Advanced Study, Miss. State 


Thomas L. Ranager 

B.S., Miss. State Univ. 
M.Ed., Mississippi College 

John Quincy Adams, 

B.A., Rice University 

M.A., University of Texas 

J.D., University of Texas 

Advanced Study, Univ. of 


Howard Bavender 

A.B., College of Idaho 

M.A., Univ. of Wisconisn 

Advanced Study, Univ. of 




"The special province of psychology is the 
application of the experimental method to the 
study of behavior and the improvement of the 
human condition." 

Russell Levanway, Chairman 


Russell Levanway, 

A.B., University of Miami 
M.S., Ph.D., Syracuse Univ. 

Edmond R. Venator 

A.B., University of Buffalo 
Ph.D., Emory University 


"Sociology nurtures creative imagination 
assisting students in their search for autonomy and 

Allen Scarboro 

Sociology Department 

Frances H. Coker 

A.B.. Millsaps College 
M.S.T., Illinois Institute of 


Advanced Graduate Work: 

Univ. of North Carolina 

Uppsala Univ. (Sweden), Univ. 

of Hawaii 

Donald K. Dinsmore 

B.A., Wisconsin State Univ. 

M.Div., Garrett Theological 




\J ;J 




J ""■ "■**3ig».- , J£^M Q^V 


Lourdes Henebry 

B.A., Univ. of Central Florida 

M.A., Eastern New Mexico 


Allen Scarboro 

A.B., Kenyon College 
M.A.. Hartford Seminary 

Ph.D., Emory University 


"The School of Management is deeply 
committed to providing excellence in professional 
education in accounting, business and economics in 
a manner befitting the rich heritage our students 
receive in liberal studies. We believe they have the 
best of both worlds. 

Dr. Jerry Whitt, Dean 

School of Management 

Jerry D. Whitt, Dean 

B.B.A., M.B.A., North Texas 

State Univ. 

Ph.D., Univ. of Arkansas 

Sue Yeager Whitt 

B.B.A., North Texas State 


M.B.A., Ph.D., Univ. of 


Terry Sheldahl 

A.B., Drake University 

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 


Betsy Jane Clary 

B.S., M.S., Miss. State Univ. 
Ph.D., Univ. of Mississippi 


School of Management 

Steve C. Wells 

A. A., Copiah-Lincoln Jr. 


A.B., M.A., Univ. of Mississippi 

C.P.A., Advanced Study, 


of Mississippi 

Shirley Olson 

B.S., Miss. State Univ. 
Ph.D., Miss. State Univ. 

Walter P. Neely 

B.S., M.B.A., Miss. State Univ. 
Ph.D., University of Georgia 

Edward L. Ranck 

B.A., Millsaps College 

M.A., Louisiana State Univ. 

Ph.D., Univ. of Kentucky 


"The Hardship of Accounting" 

by Robert Frost, contributed by Dr. Sue Whitt 

Never ask of money spent 
Where the spender thinks it went 
Nobody was ever meant 
To remember or invent 
What he did with every cent. 

■■" " ' 

Mary Lou Borst 

B.A., St. Johns College 
J.D., University of Iowa 

Carl G. Brooking 

B.S., Millsaps College 

M.S., Ph.D., Univ. of 


Raymond A. Phelps II 

A. A., University of Florida 

B.B.A., M.B.A.. Georgia State 




Jack L. Woodward 

Director of Financial Aid 

Janice W. Streetman 

Director of Placement 


Martha Galtney 

Janice Streetman 

Sister Annette Seymour 

Jane Hett Macdonald 

Cheri Gober 

Kathy Wells 

Don Fortenberry 

George Gober 

James McLeod 

Stuart Good 
Jack Woodward 



Richard B. Whitehead 
Dean John Christmas 
Susan Eskridge 
Bryan Rutledge 
Jeanette McAllister 
Dorothy Knox 
Cathy Martella 


Floy Holloman 


Paul Gamble 


(center row) 


Janis Hamblin 

Administrative Marae Canada 


Heritage Secretary: 

Tammy Jackson 

(bottom row) 

Switchboard Operator: 

Virginia McCoy 

President's Office: 

Martha Lou Nance 

Dean's Office: 

Elizabeth Ranager 




Doug Luebbers, C.P.A. 
Alice Borders 

Warrene Lee, Manager 
Marge Fenton 
Rose Johnson 

Rose Mary Richardson 

Office of 

Irene Story 

Sara Brooks 

Stephanie Woods 

Pearl Dyer 



Katherine Lefoldt 


Harrylyn Sallis 


Joycelyn Trotter 

Faye Green 

Martha McCrary 

Jim Parks, Head Librarian 

Laurie Brown 

Barbara West 

John King 
Marita Sanders 

1111 a U.I 


Brenda Harvey 
Carl Osterman 
Grant Wyckoff 
Ann Elsenheimer 
Larry Horn 
Janet Coburn 


Kathy Pennington, Franklin 

Margaret Hitt, Ezelle 

Jane Hett Macdonald, Bacot 

Barry Gillespie, Galloway 



Lou Knighton 

Katrina Jameson 

Betty Jameson 

Eddie Jameson 

Post Office 

Jill Levanway 

Kathi Levanway 

Mittie Welty 


Hazel Cornelison 

Thelma Long 

Bill Cocaine 
Lee Johnson 
Earl Ransen 
Mary Cason 

Clora Buckley 
Mildred Terrell 
Mary Watkins 

Jane McGee 
Ruby King 

Carrie Anderson 

Sandy Purser 

E.J. Williams, Director 

Alice Acy, Grill Manager 



Leonard Poison, Director of 

Joe Lee Gibson 

Arnold Ritchie 
Roosevelt Jones 
Atwood Cotten 

Percy Johnson 

John White 
Robert Mitchell 


Paul Wade 

Jim Busby 

James Almo 

Julius Russell 

Pete Lum 

Roger Miller 

Rex Latham 

David Wilkinson 







1982 Officers: 

President: Billy Wheeler 

1st Vice Pres.: John Buckler 

2nd Vice Pres.: Andy Brown 

Secretary: Brad Cooper 
Treasurer: Denise Heaman 

S.E.B. officers of the student senate 
are elected at large from the Millsaps 
Student Association. The officers serve 
a term beginning and ending on Febru- 
ary 1. They serve as the executive 
branch of the Student Association and 
oversee all activities of the Student 
Senate. ■ 

1983 Officers: 

President: Billy Wheeler 

1st Vice Pres.: John Buckler 

2nd Vice Pres.: Tom Moore 

Secretary: Jynnifer Jemison 

Treasurer: Debbie Jordan 


Members are: (front row, seated) Debbie Jordan, Jynnifer Jemison, Billy Wheeler, John Buckler; (Second row) David Loper, Lady 
Margaret Sullivan, Jo Watson, Jack Denver, Mary Vassar Ballard, Chris Cheek; (Third row) Rakesh Mangal, Clyde Parks, Richard 
Harb, Anthony Nichols, Andrei Howze. Not pictured are Florence Hines, Jim Morgan, Paul Ogden, Tereau Pearson, Marty Lester, Beth 
Collins, Terri Clark, Teresa Bingham, James Barnett, Andy Solomon, Mac Bailey. 

Members of the Judicial Council are: John May, Chairman (lower right); Robert Bergmark; Harrylyn Sallis; Nancy Bagby; Wade Young; 
Peter Bernheim; Stuart Good; Jane McDonald; and Scott Stiffler. 



The Student Senate is composed of not 
more than 20 voting members elected 
from the Millsaps Student Association 
Representatives are chosen by peti- 
tion. The duties and functions of the 
Senate according to the Constitution 
are "to exercise legislative and execu- 
tive power over those non-academic 
areas of collegiate activity that are in 
most instances the responsibility of the 



The Judicial Council is composed of 
three ex-officio advisors and seven ap- 
pointed members. They are nominated 
by a special committee of the Student 
Senate and are confirmed by the Sen- 
ate. The Judicial Council has jurisdic- 
tion generally over all student disciplin- 
ary cases and its decisions are 
appealable to the president of the col- 


Senate in Action 

The Student Senate had a very active year, one that brought many 
changes in student government. Among the new developments are an 
increase in the budget, a Bill of Rights for the Constitution, the 
addition of students to the Board of Trustees, reorganization of the 
Senate districts and representation, the Jackson Intercollegiate Met- 
ropolitan Council, the purchase of a lasar disk movie projector, more 
S.E.B. parties, and the Juice Newton concert. 




Karen Shaw and Dale Massey 


Staff: Lisa Catledge, Amy Wilson, Katherine Stark, 
LeWynn Sturdivant, Wade Young, Larisa Krolls, Steve 
Allen, Julia Guernsey, Paul Hathorn, Faculty Advisor is 
Dr. Austin Wilson. ■ 

Stylus is published semi-annually by the stu- 
dents of Millsaps College. It is composed of 
poetry, prose, artwork, and photography 
and encourages all creative endeavors by the 
Millsaps community. 








managing editor 


news editor 


feature editor 

STAFF: Deborah Pickering, Pat Lanclos, Jo Watson, Steve 
Dickerson, Anita Addington, Al Fergesun, Beau Butler, 
Robert Anderson. 


associate editor 


sports editor 


business manager 


copy editor 


The Purple and White is the official student newspaper of the college, 
and its staff is composed of individuals interested in campus journalism. The 
P & W endeavors to provide coverage of all Millsaps events, as well as to 
serve as a forum for discussion and exploration of ideas. 

The P & W had a successful school year. In addition to printing a weekly 
paper this year, the format was also standardized. These improvements will 
aid in future years in establishing a quality newspaper to serve the Millsaps 

Page 98: Pictured are editors Lida Burris, Tracy Miller, Rosemary Sanders, Betsy Gwin, 
editor-in-chief Jane Tucker, and business manager Irwin Westheimer. Page 99: Center Left, 
Photographer Pat Lancloss and Center Tommy Morgan; and Top, Staff members Betsy Gwin 
and Rosemary Sanders discuss feature topics. 


1983 Bobashela 

Editor: Betsy Bradley 
Assistant: Mary Vassar Ballard 
Darkroom Manager: Pat Lancloss 
Photographers: Beth Collins 

Catherine Lewis 
David Biggers 
Anita Addington 
Section Editors: 

Classes: Cecile Williams 
Faculty: Helen Gillaspy 
Organizations: Lisa Hapgood 
Greeks: Lisa Catledge 
Sports: Stephanie Durow 
Events: Carol Tyler 
Features: Perri White-Spunner 
Debbie Fischer 
Ad Salesmen: Irwin Westheimer 
David Loper 
Lisa Catledge 
Staff Members: 

Beth Collins 
Gloria Simo 
Kate Wimmer 

Mark Hopkins 
Adrienne Smith 
Irwin Westheimer 
Tommy Morgan 



1 ^1 r^^ 
1 fl 


^J j^^ 

^^T V i * 

"■£ * V 




i ^m 

Now in its seventy-fifth year, the BOBA- 
SHELA is the annual student publication of 
Millsaps College, attempting to give a com- 
prehensive view of campus life. Bobashela 
is an Indian name for good friend. 


— ''.i*^: : v 


. - 



The school year began for the Bobashela staff by orga- 
nizing school pictures to be taken (Top, page 100). As 
deadlines approached, staff members Lisa Hapgood 
(Center, page 100), Adrienne Smith (Top, page 
101), David Biggers, (Left center, page 101), Pat 
Lancloss, (Center, p. 101), and Betsy Bradley 
(above) show the signs of last minute nervousness. Left, 
A common occurrence was setting up of pictures to be 
taken by Pat and Betsy. 


Pictured are: (Kneeling) Suzannah Bowie, Mary Vassar Ballard, Theresa Doyle, Maud deLes Gober, Matt Boynick, John Holland, Paul Hathorn, Scott Bowie, Joe Williams, Susan McKnight, 
Janet Reilly, Kay K. Regan, Ann McCord. (Second Row) Erin Fairley, LeWynn Sturdivant, Susan Murrell, Phyllis Pfanschmidt, Anita Addington, Shannon Doartch, Jim Magnus, Tom Potter, 
Doug Mann, Lee Barlow, Jynnifer Jemison, Kristen Reid, Paige Sullivan, Lou Knighton, Tina Ball. (Third Row) Alana Harrigill, Nan Williams, Kevin Hitt, Jay Garrett, Douglas Page, Tracey 
Kirby, Scott Bauer, Warren Williams, Tommy Williamson, Lori Garside, Carol Young, Carrie Arnold, Melissa Satterfield, Suzanne Colston. (Fourth Row) Teresa Bingham, Sherribeth Wright, 
Sandra Perkins, Stephanie Reddoch, Starla Stavely, Chip Bailey, Joe McCall, Danald Brooks, Michael Collum, Mary Lynn Dixon, Laci Goodwin, Cordelia Douzenis, Leigh Dodson, Gwen 
Clopton, (Back Row) Ken Lancaster, Allen Finley, Donald Walsh, Tyree Fields, Blake Smith, Jimmy Otts, Peter Whitehead, David Maddox, John Pigott, Tommy Powell, Jeff Brown, Nancy 
Messer, Jolene McCaleb, Cheryl Pitcher, Katherine Stark, and Chrissie Clark. Not pictured are: Terry Clanton, Suzanne Colston, Leigh Ann Culpepper, and Etiole Frazier. 

Open by audition to all students, the Singers 

represent Millsaps in public performances, campus 

programs, annual tours throughout the state, and to 

other areas of our United States. In recent years the 

choir has traveled to Colorado; to Washington, D.C.; 

to Atlanta, to record for the National Protestant 

Hour; and to Mexico. The choir has sung with the 

Memphis Symphony Orchestra three times, the 

Jackson Symphony many times, the Chicago 

Chamber Orchestra, and the New Orleans 








'■B3fWWmnflnHlJS *,flnm "'<"'•, 


WwW9B(Kfl'*' w^ : S 



1 ■ 

ft ' - 




■ ■ ■v*fT->J 

//" '*>*< *^ - 'W7K 4* i 

'jr. «• *.' ' If Bb'A/ 

' # 

* 1 T 

i i 




Officers: Debbie O'Cain: President 

Sandy Frazier: Vice Pres. 

Brandon Dorion: Secretary 

Leena Paul: Treasurer 

Anita Broome: Historian 

Andy Brown: Reporter 

Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary 
pre-medical fraternity, founded at the 
University of Alabama in 1926. 
Leadership, scholarship, expertness, 
character, and personality are the 
qualities by which students are 
judged for membership. Alpha 
Epsilon Delta strives to bridge the 
gap between pre-medical and medical 

Pictured are: (Seated) Marie Nation, Alan Flowers, Cel Struppa, Kim Koury, Mary Witthauer; (Standing) Maan Joudeh, Sandy Frazier, 
Wade Young, Monica Northington, Anita Broome, and Debbie O'Cain. 

Pictured are: (Seated) Etiole Frazier, Ken Lancaster, Gwen Clopton, Jay Garrett, Maud deLes Gober, Doug Mann, Kristen Reid, 
(Standing) Sherribeth Wright, Leigh Dodson, Joe McCall, Carrie Arnold, Katherine Stark, Michael Collum, Cordelia Douzenis, Jim 
Magnus. Not pictured is Allen Finley. 




Directed by William 


Auditions are held each fall for 
membership in the Troubadors, a 
show choir of fourteen students 
selected from the Singers. The 
Troubadors represent the college at 
various campus, high school, and 
cultural functions throughout the 
state. The 1982-83 season included a 
Spring Concert celebrating the 
twentieth anniversary of this 
outstanding group. 


Eta Sigma 



Terrell Ann Brocato — President 

Lou Ann Campbell— Vice President 

Leslie Gowdy — Secretary 

Nancy Bagby — Treasurer 

Dr. Sue Y. Whitt— Faculty Sponsor 

Alpha Eta Sigma is a scholastic and 
professional accounting fraternity with 
the following objectives: Promotion of 
the study and practice of accounting; 
provision of opportunities for self-de- 
velopment and association among 
members and practicing accountants; 
and encouragement of a sense of ethi- 
cal, social, and public responsibility. 


Members are: Terrell Ann Brocato, Lou Ann Campbell, Leslie Gowdy, Nancy Bagby, Margaret Comans, Dewey Gilbert, James Henley, 
Martha Lewis, Jim Magnus, Cathy Schroeder, Barbara Sikora, Bo Surrell, and Dean Swindle. 




Alpha Psi Omega is a national dramat- 
ic honoray which recognizes members 
of the Millsaps Players for their effec- 
tive participation in acting, directing, 
make-up, stage management, costum- 
ing, lighting, or publicity. 

Members include: (below) Scott Moses, Stephanie Reddoch, and Walt Johnson. Not pictured: Katrina Jameson, Robby Williams, Robby 
Weber, Mary Jane Emling, and Courtney Stacy. 


Active members are Paul Bergeron, Peter Bernheim, Steven Brandon, Mark Britt, Anita Broome, Michael Ciardello, Dave Draughn, 
Alan Ferguson, Sandy Frazier, Paul Hathorn, Mikell Jarratt, Barry Lee, Debbie O'Cain, Leena Paul, Stephsnie Richardson, Chip 
Walter, Mike Weber, Paula West Vickie White, Peter Whitehead, Todd Willis, and Wade Young. Associate members are: David Biggers, 
Puddin Collins, Debbie Haller, John Holland, Maan Joudeh, Larisa Krolls, Rakesh Mangal, Gay Pepper, John Rosella, Carney Stevens, 
Tom Walden, and Mary Witthauer. 







President: Marie Nation 

Vice President: Allen Flowers 

Secretary: Cel Struppa 

Treasurer: Kim Koury 

Beta Beta Beta, established at Millsaps 
in 1968, is a national honor fraternity 
for students in the biological sciences. 
Its purposes are to stimulate sound 
scholarship, to promote the dissemina- 
tion of scientific truth, and to encour- 
age investigation of the life sciences. 
Activities include off-campus field trips 
and the invitation of nationally promi- 
nent lecturers to the campus. 

Pictured below: Bob Anderson, Laura McGee, Sandy Frazier, Margaret Hurley, Whit Rayner, John Johnson, Scott Bowie, Rakesh ^ l ^^^^ B _ 
Mangel, and John Bailey. j 

President: Scott Bowie 

Eta Sigma, a scholastic honorary, was 
re-established on the Millsaps campus 
in 1957. 






John Bailey — President 

Catherine Freis— Faculty Sponsor 

Eta Sigma Phi is a national honor 

fraternity that recognizes ability in 

classical studies. Alpha Phi, the 

Millsaps chapter, was founded in 

December of 1935. 


Pictured are: John Bailey, Catherine Freis, Lisa Catledge, Lida Burris, Betsy Bradley, Dale Massey, Steve Clay, Laura McGee, Lauri 
Stamm, Paula Painter, Elizabeth Milazzo, and Marilyn Deiner. 




Members are: Vickie Sallis, Billy Wheeler, Jane Yandell, Mrs. Leona Poison, Dr. Ross Moore, Dr. Frank Laney, Mrs. Adrienne Phillips, 
Paul Barber, Dr. Robert McElvaine, and Dr. Charles Sallis. 

Phi Alpha Theta is an international 

honor society in history founded in 

1921. It now has over 600 chapters 

in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the 

Philippines. Membership is composed 

of students and professors, elected on 

the basis of excellence in the study, 

and writing of history. It encourages 

the study, teaching, and writing of 

history among all its members. 


Pictured are: (seated) Lisa Hapgood, Maan Joudeh, Rakesh Mangal, (standing) Scott Carlton, John Holland, David Biggers, Zeather 
Gladney, Rob Buxton, Paul Ogden, Sandy Frazier, David Leggett, Dawn Deitrich, Pamela Gates, Betsy Bradley, Andy Gehman, Wade 
Young, Helmut Fickenwirth, Scott Bowie, Jeanette Prince, Beth Collins, Chip Walter, John May Not pictured are: Emily Adams, Lida 
Burris, Beau Butler, Louann Campbell, Kim Corley, Steve Dickerson, Debbie Downing, Dave Draughn, Laurie Eskridge, Erin Fairley, 
Mike Ford, Lauren Gordon, Debbie Haller, Paul Hathorn, Rife Huckabee, Margaret Hurley, Mikell Jarratt, Daria Kathman, Ken 
Lancaster, Lamar Lindsey, Frank Lyle, Emilie McAllister, Jolene McCaleb, Mai-Phoung-Nguyen, Thuan Nguyen, Jimmy Otts, Leena 
Paul, Phyllis Pfanschmidt, Jeanne Poole, Lessley Strieker, Jane Tucker, Ellen Wasson, and Mr. Billy Bufkin. 




Rob Buxton — President 

Scott Carlton — Vice President 

Terri Clark — Secretary 

Lisa Hapgood — Treasurer 


Phi Eta Sigma is a national college 
freshman scholastic honor society 
designated to recognize those 
freshmen who have demonstrated 
academic excellence by maintaining a 
3.5 or better G.P.A. as a full-time 

Pictured are: (left to right) Doug Walker, Dr. Daniel McLeay, Mr. Robert Padgett, and Laura Buckler McGee. 




Pi Delta Phi is a national French 
honorary society which recognizes 
attainment and scholarship in the 
study of the French language and 
literature. Its purpose is to honor 
those students having earned a 
minimum of 18 semester hours of 
French, and who have a high 
scholastic average in all subjects. 
Honorary members are chosen from 
among the faculty, alumni, and 
townspeople who have a special 
interest in the activities of the 






Mary Witthauer, 


Margaret Hurley, 


Sigma Delta Pi, the international 

Spanish honorary, was established at 

Millsaps College on Feb. 24, 1968. 

This honor society recognizes 

attainment and scholarship in the 

study of the Spanish language and 

literature. Membership is limited to 

those having at least three college 

years of Spanish including a minimum 

of 3 hours of literature. 

Members are: Mary Witthauer, Margaret Hurley, Patty Rischel, Elizabeth Milazzo. Advisors are Mr. Billy Bufkin and Dr. R 

obert Kahn. 

Members are: Front Row: Carney Stevens, Rakesh Mangal, Lee Dempsey, Mike Greer, Martha Barker; Second Row: Debbie Haller, 
Anita Broome, John Holland, Jim Ritchie, Monica Northington; Third Row: Greg Sliman. Andy Brown, Mike Osborne, Mike Webber, Dr. 
George Beardsley, Wade Young; Fourth Row: Scotty Smith, David Biggers, David Ruhl, and Maan Joudah. Not pictured: Leena Paul. 




President: David Biggers 

Vice President: Carney Stevens 

Secretary: Rakesh Mangal 

Treasurer: Leena Paul 

Historian: John Holland 

Theta Nu Sigma at Millsaps College attempts 

to provide an opportunity for increased 

fellowship among students with scientific 

interests and to promote development and 

interest in the sciences. These goals are striven 

for by recognizing excellence and leadership 

among students of science, inviting guest 

speakers to campus to address scientific topics, 

and taking occasional field trips to nearby 

places of scientific interest. 




President: David Biggers 

Vice President: Laurie Eskridge 

Faculty Secretary: Dr. Frank Laney 

Faculty Treasurer: Dr. Samuel Knox 

The Millsaps College Circle of ODK attempts 
to recognize those who have attained a high 
standard of achievement in college activities 
and try to inspire others to strive for 
conspicuous attainments along similar lines. It 
brings together the most representative 
students in all phases of campus life and helps 
to mold the sentiment of the institution on 
questions of local and intercollegiate interest. 
The Circle also brings together members of the 
faculty, administration, and student body on 
the basis of mutual interest and understanding- 

Pictured are: (front row) Nancy Bagby, Laurie Eskridge, Terri Clark, Phyllis Pfanschmidt, Monica Northington, Wanda Malone, Sandy 
Frazier, Jane Tucker, Dr. Ross Moore; (second row) Dr. George Harmon, Dr. Samuel Knox, Vickie Sallis, Paul Ogden, Whit Rayner, 
Andy Brown, Peter Bernheim, Frank Lyle; (third row) Dr. Charles Sallis, Monte Rector, David Biggers, Dr. Frank Laney. 

Pictured are: (front row) Monica Northington, Anita Addington, Andy Brown, Lauri Stamm, Wade Young; (second row) Paul Ogden, 
Wanda Malone, Sandy Frazier, Betsy Bradley, Scott Bowie, John Holland; (third row) Boty McDonald, David Biggers, Whit Rayner, 
John May, Peter Bernheim. 




President: Whit Rayner 

Vice President: Monica Northington 

Sec — Treas.: Phyllis Pfanschmidt 

Historian: Wade Young 


Sigma Lambda is a leadership and 
service honorary whose members are 
selected on the basis of character, 
scholarship, and involvement in 
college and community activities. It 
brings together student leaders from 
many phases of campus life along 
with faculty members to provide 
opportunities for service to the 
Millsaps community and to act as a 
channel for the exchange of 
information about campus events and 





President: Susannah Bowie 

Vice Pres: Jolene McCaleb 

Sec— Treas.: Sonya Reeves 


Deutscher Verein was founded to 

provide an organization for the 

informal study of various aspects of 

German and Austrian cultural life. At 

Christmas the annual 

"Weihnachsfest" is a campus 


Members include: David Richards, Mary Woodward, Trish Lampkin, Suzannah Bowie, Laurie Eskridge, Walt Sikora, Steven Begley, 
Carla Garner, Richard Grove, Jeannette Prince, Blake Smith, and faculty sponsor John Guest. 

Members include: Prof. John Guest, Carla Garner, Tricia Bonner, Sharon Leach, Ann McCord, Mike Lanford, and Jeannette Prince. 



Faculty Adviser: Prof. John Guest 

Schiller Gesellschaft was founded in 

order to give recognition to those 

students who have shown excellence 

in the study of German and in order 

to provide a forum for the study of all 

aspects of German civilization. 


Pictured are: (Front 
Seals, Anthony Nic 

Row) Lajoycelyn 
hols, and Michael 

Walker, Zelphia Rowe, Deborah Coleman, Robbie Jones, Demethous Morris, (Back Row) Calvin 




The Millsaps Black Students 
Association is designed to stimulate 
and improve the social and academic 
atmosphere for black students at 
Millsaps College. 


Pictured are: (Front Row) Phyllis Pfanschmidt, Amy Wilson. Lisa Catledge, Renee McCain, (Second Row) Farley Hollobaugh, Jane 
Tyler, Mary Ann Blount, Karen Shaw. Meredyth Myers, Tracey Miller, (Third Row) Marilyn Diener, Dale Massey, Jackie Clark, Lauri 
Stamm, Ann McCord, Susan Graves, Walter Sikora, Dr. Judith Page, Betty Burton, Dr. Paul Hardin, Dr. Richard Mallette, Dr. Dan Hise, 
Glenn Williams, Betsy Bradley, Lucy Lacey, Ann Day, and Professor Bob Padgett. 

>*$m '-Ac 





Lauri Stamm — President 

Renee McCain — Vice President 

The English Club is open to those 
who are interested in literature. Its 
goals are to establish an English 
honorary and to stimulate the study 
of works of literature. 



Members include (above): Cathy Wells, 

Blane Saucier, Margaret Hurley, David 

Loper, Sister Annette Seymour. 

The Newman Club is a Catholic Student organization whose purposes include fellowship 
and service. Their projects have involved the REACH program for the handicapped, the 
celebration of mass on campus, and weekly fellowship meetings. 


The Campus Ministry Team functions to help expand and enrich the experience of 
students at Millsaps. Three major foci — Volunteer service, special ministry, and human 
rights — compose the core of the team's activities. Membership is representative of many 
divergent community interests. Left: Team member David Loper helps a friend from the 
Bethelem Children's Center during a Halloween Party sponsored by the Campus Ministry. 
Page 112, Bottom: A common sight on campus is Chaplain Don Fortenberry, whose office is 
responsible for the Campus Ministry Team, Chapel, and coordination of religious activities on 
campus. Below: The Office of the Chaplain Staff includes Reverend Cathy Wells, Mike 
Stratford, and Sister Annette Seymour. 

Members pictured include: Chaplain Don 
Fortenberry, Donald Brooks, Steve Napier, 
Robert Anderson, David Loper, Steve 
Clay, Lisa Magee, Sister Annette Seymour, 
Margaret Hurley. 


Inter-Fraternity Council 


President . . 

. Mark Mitchell 

Vice Pres 

. . Jon Nance 

Sec/Treas . 

. . Chip Cowan 

Mark Biggs, Lambda Chi Alpha; Mark Mitchell, Lambda Chi Alpha; Peter Whitehead, Lambda Chi Alpha; John 
Nance, Pi Kappa Alpha; Marty Lester, Pi Kappa Alpha; Tom Moore, Kappa Sigma; Jeff Brown, Kappa Alpha; Chip 
Cowan, Kappa Alpha; Wade Young, Kappa Alpha; Peter Bernheim, Kappa Sigma. 


Panhellenic Council 


President . 

. . Carrie Arnold 

Vice Pres . . 

. Elaine Younger 

Sec/Treas . 

. . Tana Browning 

Millsaps Panhellenic Council is set up to further the 
relations between the Greek societies for women on cam- 
pus and to serve as a liaison between the women and the 
College administration. Made up of the president and two 
representatives from each group, Panhellenic's main 
duty is to regulate rules concerning rushing and to super- 
vise all activities of Rush Week and pledging. 

Lisa Catledge, Chi Omega; Kay K. Regan, Phi Mu; Carrie Arnold, Phi Mu; Elaine Younger, Kappa Delta; Peggy Barrett, Phi Mu; 
Neely Pemberton, Chi Omega; Tana Browning, Chi Omega. 


Right: Wanda Malone (far right) and friends 

enjoy Homecoming activities in the Bowl. 

Below: Monica Northington and Carla Garner 

The Fantastic Four . . . "Coming Out in '83: A 
Diamond for the World to See" . . . Whut-choo- 
ME-E-E-EAN, Minute-Made AKA's??? . . . Yes, 
Halloween Candy — Again! . . . There's always 
one in the bunch . . . ODK, Sigma Lambda 
(Vice-President Soror Monica) . . . Schiller Ge- 
sellschaft . . . Tri Beta . . . Theta Nu Sigma . . . 
AED . . . Black Student Assn . . . Campus Minis- 
try Team (Co-Chairman, Soror Monica) . . . 
CONTACT . . . AKA Scholar, Soror Wanda . . . 
RA, Soror Sheila . . . Who's Who ... An AN- 
GEL of the Soror: Wanda . . . Next time for 
sure . . . "So let my soul like the Ivy be" . . . It's 
2.50, Dean Good . . . Beware "The 'Lus" . . . 
that chick is MAD . . . Grace Slick ... To the 
windows, to the walls . . . No, Dave, I will not 
tell you what AKA stands for! . . . "Bats fly, 
monkeys creep" . . . Brokeleg step . . . The 
Graduates: Carla and Monica . . . For we know 
there's no other like our sisterhood: Alpha 
Kappa Alpha! 



Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Lambda Iota Chapter 


President . . . Wanda Malone 
Vice Pres . . . Monica Northington 

Sec/Teas . . . Carla Garner 
Dean of Pledges . . . Sheila Moran 


Sheila Moran, Monica Northington, Carla Garner, and Wanda Malone 


Alpha Phi Alpha 

Omicron Gamma Chapter 


President . . . John May 

1st V.P. . . . Andrei Howze 

2nd V.P. . . . Anthony Nichols 

Treasurer . . . Michael Williams 

Secretary . . . Kenneth Carter 


< ", '71HM 


1st row: Michael Williams, Anthony Nichols, Kenneth Carter, George McNaughton, 2nd row: Andre Howze, John 
May, Rory Berry, Zeather Bradley 


Alpha — Too Cold, Too Cold . . . Z — Cool 
One . . . Men of Distinction . . . SSS Snake 
. . . Wild and Loose, Diamond . . . party up 
. . . KB . . . Phi — Jaguar: International 
Lover . . . Shazam . . . Oct. 23. 1981 ... To 
the Windows . . . Dr. Strange . . . ain't noth- 
ing like the touch of an Alpha-man . . . Iron- 
man . . . TTT . . . KBear . . . Alpha Angels 
are Devine . . . Grace — Alpha . . . First of 
all, Servants of all, we shall transcend all . . . 
Remember Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Above: Alpha Phi's and a friend on their way to the 
student union. 

Left: John May, Michael Williams, and Anthony 
Nichols pause between classes. 


Chi Omega 

Chi Delta Chapter 


President . . . Lisa Catledge 

Vice Pres . . . Betsy Bradley 

Secretary . . . Dale Burrus 

Treasurer . . . Florence Hines 

Pledge Trainer . . . Tara McPherson 

Above: Terrell Ann Brocato, Mary Elizabeth Kraft, Nancy 
Bagby, Sandy Frazier, and Elizabeth Fargason "Make merry" 

at Millsaps televised Homecoming. 
Right: Whitney McNeill displays the result of some "hard luck" 

intramural experiences. 

Upper Right: Chi Omega Seniors: 1st row: Terrell Ann Brocato, 

Amy Wilson, Nancy Bagby, Laurie Eskridge, Elizabeth 

Fargason, Arlette Hulsey, Carolyn Ross, 2nd row: Sandy 

Frazier and Karen Shaw. 
Opposite page: Mary Vassar Ballard and Laurie Eskridge on 

Bid Day. 


I wanna be a CHI OMEGA girl! . . . Gam- 
ma Chi . . . Owl Men Matt, Chip, David, Kim- 
ble, Richard . . . Homecoming maids Lori and 
Laurie . . . Cheerleader Tana . . . ODK, Sig- 
ma Lambda, Eta Sigma Phi . . . President 
Cat-e-lage . . . Who's Who Laurie and Nancy 
. . . intramural champs . . . Serenade . . . Owl 
Man Dance — Knights of Columbus . . . 
"Where did you hide 'em, Nancy? . . . Trou- 
badours, Singers, Bobashela, Stylus, P&W 
. . . Editors Betsy and Karen . . . gang green 
. . . Winter Formal — the mop . . . Whitney 
and Pop-eye? . . . Yaaas, shabby say . . . 
batch . . . varsity basketball, tennis . . . New 
32 . . . Cardinal and Straw . . . Songfest . . . 
Gloria, Gloria . . . discretion . . . Gubette . . . 
Grease . . . Pike Dream Girl Court, Lambda 
Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, Kappa Alpha 
Sweethearts . . . R.A.'s Denise, Keri, Nancy, 
and Lisa . . . GWO . . . candlelights . . . Yea, 
Seniors . . . Chi O ever after, we'll remember 

Front row: Whitney McNeill, Tana Browning, Cathy McCauley, Lydia Smith, Lisa Hapgood, Mary Vassar Ballard, Catherine Lewis, Paige Mallard, Anne Carlisle, Beth Sullivan, 
Bethany Fatheree, Lucy Lacey. 2nd Row: Lessley Strieker, Helen Gillespy, Shan Weissinger, Neely Pemberton, Beverly Harrell, Keri Slaton, Elizabeth Forsythe, Betsy Ellis, Ma- 
dora Mclntyre, Lady Margaret Sullivan, Lida Burris, Laurie Eskridge, Karen Shaw, Nancy Bagby. Nancy Rhea. 3rd row: Lori Trigg, Helen France, Ellen Wasson, Joyce Shuford. 
Lee Rice, Kelly Wilford, Florence Hines, Kathy Leake, Lou Flowers, Denise Heaman, Betsy Bradley, Mary Weir, Susan McKnight, Tricia Bonner, Cece Todd, Lou Ann Pace. 4th 
row: Sarah Hawthorne, Beth Collins, Twila Hendry, Gloria Simo, Geigh Butler, Lisa Catledge, Elizabeth Fargason, Amy Wilson, Sandy Frazier, Terrell Ann Brocato, Carolyn 
Ross, Dale Burrus, Arlette Hulsey, Mary Elizabeth Kraft, Suzanne McElhattan, Carolyn Serio. 


In 1865 . . . ODK President . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Singers and 
Troubadours . . . Rose Kim, Sweethearts: Dale, Larisa, Mere- 
dyth, and Laurie . . . varsity everything Black and White . . . 
Sharecroppers . . . Luau . . . Mash '82 (Chief Miller and the 
Striped Curb) . . . Pajama Party ... 21 pledges and a student 
center . . . Jerry's Kids (Tom's Turds) . . . sharp as a Ginsu knife 
. . . Hometown boy can't sit still . . . Black Dog and Mrs. Lundy 
. . . vinegar and water . . . Limrick gets him through . . . Please, 
Chris, no more jokes . . . What's your favorite color? . . . 
WRONG! . . . Where's Ruscle and Herman . . . soccer champs 
. . . return of TRIPOD . . . Root . . . Box ... 40 year old man in 
a 19 year old body . . . Stork . . . Fozzie Bear ... No Neck Tom 
. . . Porno . . . Baby Man . . . Grayhair . . . Discohead and Doro- 
thy Hamill . . . Struba brothers . . . Baby Head . . . Rauuuuuuul 
. . . Homeboy . . . Nanook and the Alaskan Bone Show ... Be 
there or Rick Flare . . . the Gulfport Connection . . . OOmpa 
Loompa . . . Saye What?? ... The BIG GUY ... The Platoon 
goes on permanent Bivouac . . . Colgate Kid . . . Pacman's 
Patrol . . . Baaaar Waggle-your-staff . . . the Beave babysits 
Franklin . . . Idle Minds . . . Tuna Taco . . . Pervert Comm . . . 
Sports Shorts . . . The Ardvark buys the first round . . . vroom, 
vroom, apologize Chip Omega . . . Coach Eundy captures Owl 
Man . . . P.G. gets a date . . . Cotton on 50/50 . . . long sleeve 
or short? . . . Chuck E. Cheese . . . Panty Raiders go to court . . . 
Pat 2 dodges Pike . . . Serio's Couch . . . KA — A GREAT YEAR 

Seated, 1 to r: visitor, Paul Barber, Jay Dickens. Andrew Marion, Chris Alexander, Jim Ritchie, 2nd row: Hugh Tedder, Rod Brown, Bill Tull, John Blakey, Bill Cheney, Tom Pur- 
cell, Michael Collum, Doug Manley, John Saye, Gilbert Myers, Matt Kaye, Patrick Patrick, Matt Lundy. 3rd row: E.J. Krools, Barr Waggstaff, Jeff Berry, Sig Krolls, Jimmy 
Brown, Paul Bergeron, KA Rose Kim Cranston, Mike Howard, Chip Cowan, Bob Wilkins, Back row: Paul Geary Graham, Wade Young, Dan Keel, Mike Lanford, Sean Peenstra, 
KA Sweetheart Larisa Krolls, David Evans, Derek , John Pigott, George Cook, Boyd Campbell, Barton Thrasher, Mark Rickeets, , , Keith Holden, Dan Burrus, 
Barry Tedder, visitor, KA Sweetheart Meredyth Myers. 


Kappa Alpha 

Alpha Mu Chapter 


Number 1 . . . Jay Dickens 
Number 2 ... David Ruhl 
Number 3 . . . Chris Cheek 
Number 4 . . . Paul Bergeron 
Number 5 ... Joe McCall 

Opposite page: Sean Peenstra at the Kappa Alpha 4077th. 

Upper left: Chip Chambers — it's the next best thing to being there. 

Left: Jay Dickens and Ken Ranager horse around during a Millsaps 


Above: The Beave 


Kappa Delta 


Mu Chapter 


President . . . Erin Fairley 
Vice Pres . . . Janna Ingle 

Secretary . . . Emilie McAllister 
Treasurer . . . Kaye Lee 

Membership . . . Lauren Gordon 

"We're sisters through the years" . . . Emerald and Pearl . . . KD 
HADES . . . Mayflower . . . "Show me the way to get a date" . . . 
Scholarship Award . . . Methodist Children's Home . . . intramur- 
als . . . Homecoming Queen Maud de Les . . . Wheat, Barley, Tea! 
. . . Millsaps Singers . . . Troubadours . . . Cheerleaders . . . Sigma 
Lambda . . . ODK . . . Emerald Ball . . . Hat Dance . . . frogs and 
turtles . . . "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm?" . . . 
Easter Seals Telethon . . . Pike Dream Girl Court . . . Tennis team 
. . . "He Ain't Heavy" . . . carnations . . . "Let's Drink a Toast" 
. . . Super KD DD's . . . Ta Kala Diokomen . . . "Just look around 
and watch it grow" . . . AOT Baby! 

1st row: Debbie McGregor, Vicki Crain, Jo Billups, Lisa Benson, Laura McRaney, Vicki Sallis Murrell, Jennifer Jack, Anne Loflin, Patricia Cooper, Jane 
Yandell, Sonya Stacy, Maud Deles Gober. 2nd row: Lori Beasley, Ginny Vegas, Nan Williams, Debbie Arnold, Stacy Shiflett, Frances Wilson, Mary Ann 
Blount, Jennifer Jennings, Delisa Dyer, Catherine McKenzie, Melissa Satterfield, Terri Clark, Lauren Gutierrez, Margaret Corban, Lauren Gorden. 3rd row: 
Lisa McGee, Elaine Younger, Marian Phillips, Martha Moore. Inger Wray, Kim Koury, Erin Fairley, Lynn Loflin, Kelly Moreton, Laura Gillespie, Lauri 
Stamm, Kaye Lee, Nancy Stanford, Missy Maggio, Cindy Phelps. 4th row: Susan Lauer, Kate Wimmer, Emilie McAllister. Lee Dodson, Kim Barnett, Susan 
Murrell, Carol Wright. Vonee Neal, Lou Ann Wilroy, Lynn Toney, Betsy Gwin, Robbie McDonald, Ashley Owen, Sherribeth Wright, Cecile Williams, Beth 
Bland, Perry White-Spunner, Katherine Stark, Becky Hutchinson, Julie Maxwell, Nancy Messer, Amy West. 


Left: KD Seniors: Vicki Murrell, Oney Plunk, 
Ginny Vegas, Katherine Stark, Anne Loflin, 
Susan Lauer, Becky Hutchinson, Jo Billups, 
Lauri Stamm. 

Below: KD's huddle up before their next play 
during intramural Footbali 


The bingo . . . Feehole . . . puddy wuddy . . . 
Coasters . . . the club Wildman! . . . Founder's 
Day? . . . Songfest? . . . Barn Dance? . . . the Pit 
. . . Yesterday's . . . W.C. Don's . . . Let's gather 
. . . undefeated volleyball . . . intramural champs 
. . . the hard thing Bye Bye Lamar . . . Miss 
March's Turn on's . . . '79 out to pasture Kappa 
Woodbridge . . . What lasagna? . . . The Purple 
Enquirer . . . Time . . . Mag . . . Jonson . . . Cloid 
. . . Tur . . . Hollohead . . . Rabbit . . . Rectum . . . 
you really should have been a Sig!!! A.E.K.D.B. 

Above: Ben Waits eagerly awaits his morning classes. 

Peter Bernheim loses it in Histo Lab. 


Left: Sigs and friends gather in the Bowl. 

Kappa Sigma 

Alpha Upsilon Chapter 


Grand Master . . . Mike Turello 

Grand Procurator . . . Jeff Alexander 

Grand Master of Ceremonies . . . Tom Moore 

Grand Scribe . . . Rife Huckabee 

Grand Treasurer . . . Mark Mahoney 

Seated: Byrd Hillman, Herbie Ellis, Bryan Stacy, Vic Smith, Brian Browning, a visitor, Steve Maggio, Merv Dulaney, Putnam Stainback. 2nd row: Clyde Parks, John Wilson, Scott 
Hatchett, Marshall Pemberton, visitor, John Bishop, Mike Maggio, Gregg Henry, Steve Hancock, Gilbert Spencer, Tom Moore, Ricky Rameriz, Roger Smith. 3rd Row: Mike 
Breazel, Frank Wiggers, Billy Waits, Jim Page, Mark Bryan, Sid Seibert, Pat Byrd, Tony West, David Cooper, John Dunham, Joey Shelton, Gary Albrecht. Richard Brown, Tom 
Potter, Jeff Alexander. 4th row: Dek Terrell, Mike Turello, Paul Van Deventer, Joe Bailey, Richard Bailey, Tim Kemp, Dexter Cantelou, Mike Morris. Jerry Maddox, Emory Ed- 
wards, Damien Scott Key. Not pictured: Darryl McLeod, Randy West, Tim Gill, Freddie Moreton, Kenny Holloway, Mark Mahoney, Joey Wroten, Roger Dankel. Doffie Ross. Da- 
vid Cheek, Clayton Sanford, Henry Lyons, Nick Anderson, Curtis May, Rife Huckabee, Peter Bernheim. 


Kevin O'Malley shows spirit during Millsaps Homecoming 

Theta Eta Zeta Chapter 


President . . . Don Keenan 

Vice President . . . Richard Harb 

Secretary . . . Chip Bailey 

Treasurer . . . Kevin O'Malley 

Rush . . . Paul Ogden 

1st row, 1 to r: Herb Murray, Jeff Venator, Peter Whitehead, Paul McGinnis, Paul Ogden, Mark Mitchell, Richard Grove. 2nd row: Charlie Weatherall, Mark Biggs, 
Rusty Brown, Richard Harb, David Nichols, Stephen Bush, Chip Bailey, Jim Woodrick, Don Keenan. 3rd row: Tracy Kirby, Pat Gregory, Ken Lancaster, Stan Bryant, 
Pat Daurghty, Charles Woods, Jay Garrett, Dan Columbus, Ralph Kyzer, Jay Glen. 


Mark Mitchell helps out at the polls on Election Day. 

Crescent Court: Margo, Marie, Margaret, Laura, Keri, Doro- 
thy, Maud de Les our Homecoming Queen . . . Beer & Tang . . . 
The Big Wazoo . . . Magnum Desirum D'Aflicto . . . You must 
live for foreplay Catch A Wave . . . Phil Grove . . . TheSPAZ- 
MOTICS: crip, aippy, barfy, weazer, woody, pope, maddog, 
urn, stump, pogo, brick . . . BFYM . . . N.H.D.P. Bubba Kill . . . 
If you love me let me throw up . . . Jep . . . Dan, 1 know these 
things . . . Gentlemen, let's not be redundant . . . Rajunian Air 
Ball The DQ Kids Mattox & Nichols . . . Gonad the Barbarian, 
Attila the Hung, King Dong ... A keg on the soccer field. Who? 

Left: David Nichols entertains at an intramural basketball 


Above: Brad Cooper horses around in the P&W office. 




Phi Mu 

Epsilon Chapter 


President . . . Peggy Barrett 

Vice Pres . . . Susan Graves 

Secretary . . . Carolyn Moore 

Treasurer . . . Mary Lynn Dixon 

Rush . . . Chrissie Clark 

"OH NO" . . . Done good Ann . . . Scissors (CTB) . . . laughing nurses 
. . . moonshine . . . SBS . . . Phi Phantoms . . . Undefeated in football 
. . . Singers, Troubs, Players . . . Cheerleaders . . . Goobs . . . Slide- 
show (like, totally awesome) . . . Convention Awards . . . Honoraries 
. . . I don't know . . . Tennis Team . . . Lady Majors . . . P&W Staff . . . 
Space, the final frontier . . . Seniors . . . "True friends through all 
eternity" . . . New Orleans bound . . . Exec Board at Bennigan's . . . 
Maids Ann and Cathy . . . Spirit Jug . . . KA Rose Kim . . . Lambda 
Chi C-Girl Margo, Court Marie ... Or WHAT . . . Ladybugs, lions, 
and pink carnations . . . follow the bouncing ball . . . Enchantress Ball 
. . . Now ya'll, be sweet . . . Mister Chuck . . . Dan, Jeff, Paul, and, of 
course, Kaiser . . . Coach Mikey . . . Rose and White . . . "We are Phi 
Mu's and we're Phi Mu's till we die." 

Above: The Phi Mu's win the Spirit Competition at Millsaps' Homecoming. 
Left: Kathie Hanafourde enjoys a stroll in the bowl. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 


Alpha Iota Chapter 


President . . 
Vice Pres . . 
Secretary . 
Treasurer . . 
Pledge Tr. . . 

. Scott Bauer 
. Bill Hetrick 
. . Joey Rein 
. Rob Buxton 
, . Ned French 

Grill Lounging 201 ... 19 pledges . . . Vestal married . . . 
Captain Chaos ... V squared . . . 'possum factory . . . 
NCKDDD? . . . mission . . . Oney, Anne, Frances, Lori 
. . . Dream Girl Kathy . . . Pikes Suck . . . Nance, Model 
Pledge . . . Marion, Eternal Pledge . . . Beat the Block . . . 
Toga . . . another hell raisin' Old North . . . Jamie, 
where's Oxford? . . . Used Goods, Windbreakers, Ground 
Zero, White Animals, and the Stones . . . Bonehead . . . 
Too Cool Kirk . . . Dim One . . . Beau, where's your 
sister? . . . Marty, where's your dog? . . . Greek God 
Buddha . . . Major Millsaps Birdie . . . Grinch . . . Where's 
Brock . . . Bear, three times — first time ... Pi Kappa 
Alpha Varsity Soccer, Football, Tennis, Basketball . . . 
Where's Iowa . . . Baron returns . . . Ted leaves . . . 
shrub-run . . . Hermann brothel . . . Stinky . . . could be 
worse, could be the Saints . . . Where's Tommy . . . Presi- 
dent Apple . . . Bill Burt, Tindall Clone . . . fence or 
corral? ... 22 month pregnancy . . . Mongo ... la crosse 
in the Bowl . . . Cracker Jack . . . indoor soccer . . . condo- 
lenses . . . kangeroo court . . . Dutch Bar . . . Sam Jew 
Mystery . . . milk, cookies & sardines . . . Bullfrog Bob . . . 
hitsquad . . . Cars-2, Campers-8 . . . Jr . . . shadoobee . . . 
co-op . . . waterfight . . . termites, roaches . . . electricity? 
. . . Mary, do you like 'em long? . . . E.T., phone Yoda . . . 
Brother High & Mighty . . . Pledge Class Four . . . one, 
two, three, nuts! ... No Can Dew . . . Hetrick's shorts . . . 
Something stupid . . . keg hunt 
Governor's Open . . . Pike Run 
Sandemore . . . bloody mary's . 
A. V., Boty — Dagger Daddies 
court . . . Burner King coupons 
. . . Hermann-O, Roomates-6 . . 

. . Rush Sanctuary . . . 
. . Children's Room . , . 
. . time-bomb . . . A.B., 

. . Kimble — Owl Man 
. . . Don Headline Talk 
Officer and Gentleman, 

O for 2 . . . Darthead . . . Serenade . . . cat-bowling . . . 
Cider-30 . . . Where's Crosby . . . Buckler, 1st V.P. . . . 
Sigma Lambda Pres., ODK, Theta Nu Sigma, Alpha Psi 
Omega, Freshman . . . trashball . . . the mantle . . . Cot- 
ton Ball . . . free at last . . . secret parties . . . continued 
next Bobashela . . . Scott, Michael, Ken, Jay, Jamie, 
Pam, Andy and Tommy. 

Above: Pikes pose around their float during Homecoming. 

Top: Andrew Sessions takes a minute out of his busy day to smile for 

the photographer. 

1st row: Jim Bobo, Marty Lester, Jon Nance, Lori Trigg, Robert Anderson, John Leggett, Clark Young, Craig Cotton, manequin, Marion 
Lyons, David Asbury, Greg Hamm, Robby Muth, Alan Vestal, Ben Wynne, Steve Martin, Mike McRaney, Jeff Good. 2nd row: Tim Carrigan, 
Whit Rayner, Michael Van Velkinburg, Lee Dempsey, Bob Donald, Rob Buxton, Vic Dallen, Joey Rein, Oney Plunk, Jamie Noble, Frances 
Wilson, Scott Bauer, Bill Harper, Gary Hall, David Pepper, Terry Parker, Andrew Sessions, 3rd row: Whit McKinley, Allen Finley, Andy 
Brown, Boty McDonald, John Buckler, Ned French, Helmut, Rod Cook, David Leggett, John Ratliff, Wesley Blacksher. Bart Boggus, Collin 
Cope, Bill Burt, Andy Wood, Albert, Mark Brown, Bill Lang, Steve Napier, Mike Osborne, Jim Irby, B.A. Holman. Not Pictured: Kathy 
Leggett, Anne Loflin. \i 


! . * ^ 

M * j 




' ^^, '• ^? aLp*" 

\ fcaJ 


w « 

HlF ^K^v'shB 

II .'tvM,H 

WW ^ 

. ■ 


i/f?»f * 

tip 1 ! m w~m^ 



m 1 


Chi Omega Song Fest 


The annual Chi Omega Song Fest was held 
on March 3, 1983 in the Christian Center 
auditorium. The Phi Mu's (top left) captured 
first prize with "Steppin' Out with My Baby" 
and "Blue Skies" directed by Carrie Arnold. 
The Kappa Delta's won second prize by sing- 
ing "The Water is Wide" and "Boogie Woo- 
gie Bugle Boy" (far left). They were directed 
by Suzannah Bowie. Jay Garrett directed 
the men of Lambda Chi Alpha (above) while 
they sang "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" and 
"Give My Regards to Broadway." The 
Kappa Alpha's, directed by Joe McCall 
sang "Medley" and "The Jet Song;" and the 
Chi Omega's sang "The Summer's Eyes are 
Blue" and "Gloria in Excelsis" and were di- 
rected by Betsy Ellis. The Pi Kappa Alpha 
Fraternity did not participate this year, nor 
did the Kappa Sigma's, who claimed they 
were victims of prior censorship. Dr. Ross 
Moore (left) was the delightful emcee of this 


1982 Fall Symposium 




The purpose of the Fall Symposium 
was to raise the consciousness of the Mill- 
saps and Jackson community to the issue 
of Capital Punishment in our society so 
that they could make intelligent decisions 
as to their opinion on the issue. The sym- 
posium was sponsored by an SEB commit- 
tee chaired by Jynnifer Jemison. The 
aspects covered were "Capital Punish- 
ment in the Spirit of the American Law;" 
"Captial Punishment and Society;" "Cap- 
ital Punishment in the Judeo-Christian 
Tradition;" and "Capital Punishment: 
Punishment for Crime or Crime for Pun- 
ishment?" Speakers included Millard 
Farmer, director of Team Defense and Ed 
Peters, Hinds County District Attorney 
(above). Dr. Robert Bergmark (right), 
Millsaps faculty member, moderated the 
seminar on the role of Capital Punishment 
in the Judeo-Christian society. Other 
speakers included Earl Charles, a death 
row inmate; Hans Zeisel, professor of 
law and sociology at the University of Chi- 
cago; and Ramsey Clark, former U.S. 
Attorney General. 


Friday Forum Series 

Friday Forum Programs 


New Federalism 
Sexuality — "Killing Me Softly" 
Speaker on Latin America 
Student/Faculty panel on the values of 
today's students 


Homecoming — "You Can't Go Home?"; 

Gerald Holloman 
Nobel Prize Winning Microbiologist 


Dr. Robert Bergmark on a trip to the Soviet 

Genetic Engineering 
Introduction to the Eudora Welty Chair of 

Southern Studies 


Christmas with the Millsaps Singers 


The New Right and Old Wrongs 

The Complete Artist: Suite for Flute and 

Jazz Piano 
Segments from Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You 

Write? by John Maxwell 


Film: "Intoxicating Dreams: The Advertising 

of Alcohol" 
Genetics: Future Directions 
Founders' Day — "In Search of Historical 

The Fifteenth Amendment: An Instrument 
for Change? 


Different Ways to Have a Marriage 
Writer Ellen Douglas on Southern 


From London to the Himalayas — Jim Macdona- 

The First Amendment in Action at Millsaps 
Slide Presentation: "Under the Southern 

Above: Sister Annette raises a question after the film presentation of "Killing 
Me Softly," concerning the misuse of women in advertising; left: Don Forten- 
berry prepares to show the film. 


Friday Forum 

Above: John Maxwell portrayed William Faulkner in 
segments from his play; Upper right: Avner Yaniv 

spoke on the Syrian perspective of the Lebanese Crisis 
in the Middle East Turmoil, Right: while the Israeli am- 
bassador gave an opposing view. 


Friday Forum 

Upper left: Professor of Marketing at Millsaps, Ray 
Phelps, moderated discussion after the showing of a film 
concerning advertising and alcoholism; above: Robert 
M. Walker, field secretary for the Mississippi NAACP 
spoke on the Fifteenth Amendment, left: The Music 
Department sponsored "The Complete Artist: Suite for 
Flute and Jazz Piano." 



The Millsaps Student Body was fortunate to be host of 
various political speakers throughout the year and there- 
fore remained an active part of the state and nation's 
status of current affairs. SEB brought to campus Missis- 
sippi's Attorney General, Bill Allain (above) to speak on 
utility rate hikes, legislators on executive committees, 
and white-collar crime in Mississippi. The SEB also spon- 
sored a debate between the candidates for Mississippi's 
fourth U.S. Congressional District. Candidates included 
Eddie McBride (upper right), Independent; Liles Wil- 
liams (right), Republican; and Wayne Dowdy (P. 143, 
bottom), Democrat. Also, on April 12, 1983, U.S. Vice- 
President George Bush (P. 143, Top) spoke to the Mill- 
saps community in the Christian Center. 




Millsaps Singers Concerts 

The Singers had two major 
concerts on campus this year. 
The Christmas concert included 
parts of the Messiah and the 
Spring concert was Elijah. The 
Singers went on tour over Spring 
Break and performed at such 
campus events as Awards Day, 
opening convocation, and Bacca- 
laureate services. 


Troubadours Reunion 

The spring concert of the Millsaps Troubadours 
this year honored the twentieth anniversary of the 
group. Along with an outstanding performance by 
the current Troubs, the audience was delighted 
with a group of Troubadour alumni who rejoined to 
sing a Reunion Medley. The program included 
"One" by Marvin Hamlisch; a medley of tunes 
from the movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; 
selections from Camelot; selections from Fannie; 
soliloquy from Robert and Elizabeth; a Stephen 
Sondheim medley; and the Reunion medley. The 
group is directed by William P. Carroll. Photos 
by Pat Lanclos. 


Directed by Lance Goss 


Martin Dysart Robert Weber 

Alan Strang Brandon Dorion 

A Nurse Stephanie Reddoch 

Hester Salomon Katrina Jameson 

Frank Strang Robert Williams 

Dora Strang Elizabeth Neill 

A Horseman/Nugget Scott Weidie 

Harry Dalton Jim Reames 

Jill Mason Carol Tyler 

The Horses Jefferson Berry 

Walt Johnson 
Scott Moses 
Nick Mowen 

Douglas Page 


A Midsummer Night's Dream 


Directed by Lance Goss 

Theseus Douglas Mann 

Hippolyta Katrina Jameson 

Egeus Nick Mowen 

Hermia Carol Tyler 

Demetrius Gerald Hopkins 

Lysander George Cooke 

Helena Courtney Stacy 

Peter Quince Walt Johnson 

Nick Bottom Robert Williams 

Francis Flute Douglas Page 

Tom Snout Tom Roberts 

Snug Andrew Libby 

Robin Starveling Robert Foose 

Puck Brandon Dorion 

Fairy Suzannah Bowie 

Oberon Darin Hyer 

Titania Lori Trigg 

Peaseblossom Phyllis Pfanschmidt 

Cobweb Robbie McDonald 

Moth Patricia Lamkin 

Mustardseed Catherine McKenzie 

Philostrate Steve Dees 

Elves Jeff Davis, Joe McCall 

Fairies Kristen Reid, Ruma Haque 

photos by Anita Addington 


The Winslow Boy 

Directed by Lance Goss 

Ronnie Winslow — Buddy 


Violet — Lori Garside 

Arthur Winslow — Darin Hycr 

Grace Winslow — Mary Jane 


Katherine Winslow — Katrina 


Dickie Winslow — Andrew Libby 

John Watherstone — Scott Moses 

Desmond Curry — Allen Finley 

Sir Robert Morton — Rob Weber 

Two One-Act Plays 

"The Virtuous Island" 

by Jean Giraudoux 
Directed by Rob Weber and 

Allen Finley 

Stage Manager — Mary Jane 


Uturu — Darin Hyer 

Mr. Banks — Doug Mann 

The Lieutenant — Marion Lyons 

Solander — Walt Johnson 

Sullivan — Steve Dees 

Matamua — Robert Williams 

Valao — Scott Moses 

Native — George Cooke 

Mrs. Banks — Trish Lamkin 

Amarura — Catherine McKenzie 

Pomaretuta — Robbie McDonald 

Tahariri — Carol Tyler 

Vaituru — Jeff Davis 


by Terrence McNally 

Directed by Lori Garside 

Stage Manager — Elizabeth Neill 

Sgt. Tech — Katrina Jameson 

Marion Cheever — Steve Dees 


A nationally 
viewed event — 


Weekend — 


(P. 152, Top) Homecoming Court members, escorts, and 
the queen pause after halftime festivities: Mikell Jar- 
ratt, Cathy Schroeder. Andy Brown, Lori Trigg, 
Ken Lancaster, Maud DeLes Gober, David Big- 
gers. Laurel Eskridge, Joey Shelton, and Ann Free- 
man; (above) students enjoy the picnic in the bowl during 
the sign and spirit competition; (center) The Pikes host 
their annual Open House for alumni and parents; (right) 
the Kappa Deltas sponsor dhe of the spirit booths in pre- 
game activity. P. 153: (upper left) The "Cold Beer 
Boys" of Kappa Sigma join the Homecoming halftime 
festivities: (Upper right) Queen Maud DeLes Gober after 
being crowned; (lower left) "Fresh" entertained in the 
bowl on Friday; (lower right) the Phi Mu's captured the 
Spirit Competition. 

photos by Pat Lanclos 


"A brand of football played every weekend, but rarely televised." These words were spoken by one of the CBS correspondents who cov- 
ered the Millsaps Homecoming game on October 3, 1982. Due to the Professional Football strike, Millsaps was contacted and asked if they 
would fill the empty television slot on Sunday. Due to financial and publicity benefits, the game was moved to Sunday, but all other 
festivities remained as scheduled. On Friday, the band "Fresh" entertained in the bowl, and the Class of 1933 had a reunion in the Rogers 
Room. There was also a Tennis Players Reunion that evening. On Saturday, events included a tennis tournament, Dedication of the J.B. 
Cain Archives, and exhibit of Major Craftsmen, tours of the campus, spirit and sign competition in the Bowl, the Millsaps slide show, a pic- 
nic, Fraternity and Sorority open houses, and an alumni reception at the home of the President. The evening was capped with the 
Homecoming Dance, Young Alumni Party, and a Founders Hall Ball. The weekend concluded with the game against West Georgia on 
Sunday and the crowning of the Queen at halftime. 


Black History Week 

In February, 1983, the Black Student Association 
of Millsaps College sponsored Black History 
Week. It began with a Gospel Songfest in the 

Recital Hall (below). On Sunday, a chapel service 
was held in the Christian Center. "A Raisin in the 
Sun" was shown on Tuesday and was followed with a 
reception in the Faculty House. On Thursday, a pan- 
el discussion was held — "Black Students in a Pre- 
dominantly White College," and the panel consisted 
of former and present Millsaps Students (right). Fri- 
day Forum concerned "The Fifteenth Amendment: 
An Instrument for Change," and was followed by a 
talent show and the annual Greek Step-Down on 
Saturday (below right). The week concluded with a 
banquet and ball in the Holiday Inn Downtown, 
where Henry Kirksey spoke. 

Greek Week 

The first week of April, 1983 was designated as Greek 
Week by Millsaps Panhellenic/IFC. The purpose of this 
week was to inhance sorority/fraternity relations and also to 
promote an understanding between the Greeks and non- 
Greeks. Each day in the Union, posters were displayed by 
each of the sororities and fraternities showing one facet of 
their organization. Events of the week included an ice cream 
social, a band in the cafeteria, a blood drive (right), and a 
"Dress for Success" fashion show. Models included (left to 
right) Patti Rischel, Mrs. "G", and Evelyn Stewart. Due 
to bad weather, an afternoon of entertainment on the foot- 
ball field had to be cancelled. 


Elizabethan Faire 

The Elizabethan Faire was held in the bowl on 
April 16, 1983. The court consisted of (top left) 
Ladies-in-Waiting, Missy Maggio and Betsy 
Bradley; Queen Elizabeth, Kim Cranston; and 
Archbishop of Canterbury Mikell Jarratt. Be- 
fore and after the crowning of the Queen by the 
Archbishop, entertainment was provided by the 
Society of Creative Anachronisms. Students 
also participated by setting up booths selling 
cookies and T-shirts. 


Student /Faculty Talent Show 

Chaplain Don Fortenberry was hon- 
ored on January 16, 1983 with a welcome 
back talent show after his unfortunate ill- 
ness. Students and faculty members com- 
bined their efforts to show their apprecia- 
tion and concern for all of his efforts on 
campus throughout his career at Millsaps. 
Dr. Charles Sallis (upper left) emceed 
the program, while Dr. T.W. Lewis (top 
center) did a thrilling juggling act. Suzan- 
nah Bowie and Doug Walker (Upper 
right) sang "I'll See You Again;" and Mar- 
gie Canada and Harrylyn Sallis (cen- 
ter) provided a delightful slapstick act 
while singing "Side by Side." Another 
thrill was the Air Band (bottom) including 
Sean Peenstra, Marion Lyons, Doug 
Manley, and Perry Key. Other acts in- 
cluded a dance exercise by Sister An- 
nette; "Jesus Christ Loves Rock and Roll" 
performed by Cathy Wells, Janice 
Streetman, and Sister Annette; and a 
special performance by the Trouba- 


Founders' Day 1983 

History Department Honored 

1983 marked the 150th birthday of Major Millsaps, and Millsaps celebrated 
Founders' Day by honoring the History Department of the College. The weekend 
of February 18th and 19th began with a Friday Forum entitled "In Search of the 
Historical Millsaps." Dr. Ross Moore (right) introduced the speaker (above, 
center) Ron A. Goodbread, a Millsaps alumnus who is an attorney in Washing- 
ton, D.C. Later that afternoon the History Department Faculty and Alumni were 
honored with an Open House. On Saturday morning, a symposium was held 
concerning "History in the Real World" and was followed by a luncheon, where 
Dr. Robert McElvaine was awarded the 1983 Distinguished Professor (above 
left). The day concluded with a ceremony at Major Millsaps tomb (above right) 
and the opening of an art exhibit featuring works of Millsaps faculty. Alumni were 
also invited to attend A Midsummer Night's Dream which the Millsaps Players 
were producing at the time. 


1982-83 Arts and Lecture Series 

The Arts and Lecture Series began this year with a 
lecture given by Mr. John Housman, one of the most 
influential figures in the American theatre, radio, and 
television. He is the author of Run-Through, an auto- 
biography, and the recipient of an Oscar for his role in 
The Paper Chase. He also spoke to theatre majors the 
next morning (center). The series also included a lecture 
by Paul Craig Roberts (upper left). Former Assistant 
Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Affairs. The 
Spring semester included a lecture by our visiting profes- 
sor, Mr. Cleanth Brooks, a leading scholar in the liter- 
ary world. This was followed by a reproduction of the 
1940's Radio Hour which included 30 musical numbers 
backed by a big band orchestra. An Evening with Beth 
Henley (above) concluded the season. Miss Henley is a 
native Jacksonian and the winner of a Pulitzer Prize for 
her Broadway hit Crimes of the Heart. She read var- 
ious passages from her works. 


Millsaps' Own . . . 


When describing a Millsaps activity as occurring in "The Bowl," a 

non-Millsapian may have dubious thoughts. But to anyone who has 

ever been associated with our college, "The Bowl" brings to mind 

memories of numerous meal time gatherings; beautiful spring and fall 

afternoons of "studying;" Homecoming, Elizabethan Faire, and 

numerous picnic activities; entertainment by popular bands; the "Sig 

bench" and the Tree; deep talks on one of the benches; and quiet, 

solitary moments of introspective thought. In this multi-purpose 

grassy area are seen the back-to-school picnic and commencement 

exercises. To this area we owe gratitude for a multitude of vibrant, 

gleeful times as well as quiet, meaningful ones — a diversity 

exemplified by the Millsaps population. 

(Top right) Lynn Loflin and Beth Bland engaged in conversation 

under the tree on a quiet afternoon; (Right) Warm August weather 

enticed students from studying to enjoy passing a football; (Left 

center) The Bowl was the center of 1982 Homecoming activities; 

(Right center) and it was also used for faculty and parent reception 

on the first day of school; (Bottom left) one of many post-meal social 

activities included M. Myers, C. Clark (alumna), J. Nance, C. 

Gammill, and C. Todd; (Bottom right) These students enjoy one of 

many entertainers on the bowl stage: C. Young, C. Gilliland, and D. 

Bryan. Photos by Pat Lanclos. 



SEB Sponsored Activities 


• • 



4 Iji .-. 


v~ -4 w. 

if l<: ' • 

W 1 x\ i 


T * 


' wi 




w'fcft "-i 



§ , 

In the fall of 1982, the SEB produced 
many open campus wide parties, such as the 
Toga Party following the showing of the mov- 
ie, "Animal House" (upper right). Also, the 
Homecoming Dance at the Holiday Inn North 
was sponsored by the SEB (Top left), as well 
as an afternoon of music in the bowl with 
Jean and Kelly Pates (Left). (Above) First 
vice-president James Henley introduces a 
band for afternoon entertainment in the 


SEB Activities 

Other SEB sponsored activities this year 
included (right) a dance at the Pike house co- 
sponsored by BACCHUS where non-alcohol- 
ic beverages were served along with beer. A 
DUI unit of the Jackson Police Department 
was present to give the Intoxilyzer test to 
students before they drove home. This was 
part of the Campus Alcohol Awareness Pro- 
gram. SEB also brought various bands to the 
Bowl and cafeteria at meal times for enter- 
tainment (below). SEB also brought various 
speakers such as Bill Allain (Attorney Gener- 
al of MS) and sponsored the Wayne Dowdy/ 
Liles Williams debate. SEB conducts all cam- 
pus elections and is in charge of the sympo- 
sium and Elizabethan Faire committees. 


1983 Commencement Exercises 

The speaker at the 1983 exercises was the 
Honorable Governor William Winter 
(lower left). As relatives joined the graduates 
(Hilda White, lower center), President 
George Harmon extended congratulations 
to the graduates as he gave them their diplo- 
mas on stage. The entire faculty also donned 
their academic robes and joined in the festivi- 
ties (above). While waiting in line to process, 
the "B's" show their enthusiasm (Top left): 
Anna Bennett, David Biggers, Scott 
Bowie, Peter Bernheim, and Scott 
Bauer. lfi3 

















Miss. College 







Univ. of Alabama- 





Univ. of Alabama- 



Nicholls State 


Univ. of New 









Memphis State 


Miss. College 


Nicholls State 


Spring Air 



11 wins 

9 losses 

1 tie 

Second Year Team 

Has Victorious Season 

Page 166, top: Coach George Gober gives instructions 
to the team; center: Marion Lyons goes for a goal; 
bottom: John Blizzard contemplates his next move; Page 
167, top: Team members include Coach George Gober, John 
Blizzard, Sean Peenstra, Alan Vestal, Tom Moore, Andy 
Solomon, Wes Brown, Arch Bullard, Albert Green, Doug 
Page, Donald Brooks, Bill Harper, Dana Doyle, Dawn 
Dietrick, Terry Buckler, David Richards, Michael Newman, 
David Morgan, Freddy Duggan, Albert LaBasse, Marion 
Lyons, Robby Muth, Clark Young, E.J. Croal, B.A. Holman; 
middle: Doug Page "flies" in with a show on goal, while 
eammate Wes Brown watches; bottom left: Alan Vestal 
goes for a "corner kick." 

"Our pre-season goal was to break even in our second varsity season. We achieved this goal 
finishing the season 11-9-1. We were especially pleased with victories over Southwestern (3-2 at 
home and 4-3 in OT at SAM) and Nicholls State (2-1 there). These were teams that had beaten us 
decidedly a year ago. 

"We are a young team. At season's end we were starting 1 senior, 1 junior, 5 sophomores, and 4 
freshmen. We feel we are building for the future. 

"Outstanding performance of the year were turned in by Freshman winger E.J. Croal who led the 
team in scoring; Sophomore Sean Peenstra who led in assists; Sophomore B.A. Holman whose all- 
around solid play held down midfield for us; Junior Alan Vestal, team captain, a team leader at 
stopper; and Senior sweeper Fred Duggan whose great mental attitude was a steadying factor for 
our young team. 

"I am excited at the rapid improvement of our players and the way in which we improved as a 
team. I feel that as our young players mature we will continue to develop and strengthen our 

George Gober 












West Georgia 


Baptist Univ. 







31- 6 

Record: 6 Wins 

3 Losses 

Major Football 




su Vk u * 

"The 1982 Millsaps Major football season 
was one of tremendous achievement on the 
part of everyone connected with the team 
and most especially on the part of the play- 
ers. At one stage in the season, when the 
Majors were sitting 2-3, the players bowed 
their neck, worked as hard or harder than 
any previous Millsaps team, and won the rest 
of our games against formidable opposition. 

"The 1982 football team was a new one. 
Only 12 members from the experienced 
1981 team returned for trie 1982 season. 

Coach Ranager and myself were faced with 
new players at almost every position. Fortu- 
nately, we had good athletes to coach and 
players that were willing to put a great dea! 
of extra effort into achieving a strong winning 

"1982 was a 'show biz' season for the foot- 
ball Majors. We were on television more than 
former Millsaps alumnus Johnny Carson anc 
definitely more than any other football tearr 
in Mississippi. CBS did a regional broadcasl 
of our game with West Georgia and the net 

* A Year of Tremendous Achievement" 

1982 Majors: (top row) Coach Davis, Jim Page, Tommy Powell, Allen Andrews, 
Collin Cope, Jim Bobb, Sid Siebert, David Ruhl, Louis Sturgeon, Roger Dankel. 
Rick Coggin, Anthony Bonds; (second row) Doug Manley, Frank Wiggers, Chris 
Busick, Mike Turello, Kyle Hux, Larry Bellan, Frank Lyle, Gary Crum, Paul 
Vandeventer; (third row) Ken Ranager, Pat Davis, Greg Harding, Paul Luttrell, 
Monty Hamilton, Jon Wilson, Robert Lenoir, Tom Purcell, David Cheek, 
Richard Bailey, Tim Curry, Coach Ranager; (fourth row) Glen East, David 
Miller, Joe Smith, John Wells, Tony West, Mark Livingston, George Noflin, 
Glynn McLeod, Clayton Sanford, Vic Cooper, Willis Bridges; (front row) 
Cheerleaders: Bonnie O'Neill, Tyree Fields, Ann Freeman, Jim Magnus, Kelly 
Moreton, Scott Bowie, Debbie Arnold, Bob Young, and Tana Browning; (below) 
Coach Davis surveys the situation. 

work sent in the first team to handle the pro- 
duction and the broadcast. It was first class in 
every respect. 

Following this, Knoxville station WBIR-10 
did a local on a very exciting game with Mary- 
ville that the Majors won 29-14. This game 
was seen in Eastern Tennessee, part of Vir- 
ginia, and North and South Carolina. The 
Majors really became veterans of TV when 
St. Louis and its powerful Westinghouse Ca- 
ble outlet telecast our game with Washington 
University. "Meet Me In St. Louis" became a 

theme as many Major fans chose to travel to 
this game and saw a well played game on the 
part of Millsaps ending up in a 21-0 win. 

"In National NCAA Division III statistics, a 
statistic in itself in that the Majors are making 
a habit of being ranked in this category each 
year, the team finished th in pass defense and 
20th in total defense. Robert Lenoir, with 
outstanding blocking from a much improved 
offensive line, finished 12th in rushing statis- 
tics with 1,028 total yards and 8th in scoring 
with 96 points. Both of these productions are 

school records for a football Major. 

"The team, the coaches, the managers, 
the cameraman, the statistician, the trainer, 
the cheerleaders, and everyone interested in 
the team and even remotely connected with 
the program can look back on this season 
with PRIDE. The players can look from with- 
in and know what was accomplished. As one 
player described to me, 'What we did this 
year and how far we came to do it is the 
greatest 'high' of my career.' ", 

Harper Davis, Head Coach 


Top left: Monty Hamilton sprints for time; top right: 
Joe Smith has the opponent "flying" behind him; mid- 
dle left: Paul Luttrell takes the ball and runs! middle 
right: Three Millsaps men take on this man with the ball 
while Collin Cope watches; bottom: Richard Bailey and 
Joe Smith block out the opponent while Chris Busick 
handles the ball and Willis Bridges goes running. 


*Aj r 


•,<•»<■» . . tm tifi * «•»■ - W...43*** 

Top left: The opponent is moving in on Louis Sturgeon; 
top right; Roger Dankel does a quick "tape job" on 
Louis Sturgeon; middle left: What a kick! bottom: 
Collin Cope signals a touchdown while teammates look 



St. Andrews 


N.C. Wesleyan 

Park College 





Calvin College 






Park College 












9 Wins 
16 Losses 



Men's Basketball 

"The 1982-83 basketball season was 
one of improvement for the Majors as they 
posted a record of nine wins and 16 losses, 
the best record for Millsaps since 1972- 
73. The Majors, crippled by a rash of ear- 
ly season injuries, got off to a slow start, 
winning only two of their first ten games. 
However, they recovered in the second 
half to win seven of their last fifteen out- 

"Millsaps finished second in two tourna- 
ments, the Millsaps Dr. Pepper Classic 
and the Trinity University Invitational 
Tournament. In the Trinity tourney Mill- 
saps was seen locally on San Antonio's 
sports cabel channel for both contests. My 
troops played two of their best games of 
the season out west and placed senior for- 
ward Pat Hare and freshman center Billy 
Waits on the all-tournament team. 

"Waits finished his first season in a Mill- 
saps uniform as the top scorer (12.0 ppg) 
and rebounder (8.4 rpg); and Hare, team 
MVP, was ranked second on the team be- 
hind Waits in both categories. Point guard 
Roger Garret finished as the team leader 
in assists, and team captain Dean Swindle 
led the team in free throw percentage. 
Hare also finished first in field goal per- 

"Hare, Swindle, and Kerry Goss, the 
most improved award winner, will be most 
improved award winner, will be missed 
next season; but with ten players return- 
ing and the addition of transfer Kevin Rus- 
sell from Ole Miss, the prospects of a win- 
ning program are coming closer to a 

Coach Don Holcomb 

A Year of Improvement 

P. 172, left: Coach Don Holcomb instructs his play- 
ers at practice; right: Steve Buckner practices his 
free throws at practice; P. 173, top: The Basketball 
Majors: Steve Buckner, Allen Guadet, Mike 
Ford, Danny Farmer, Billy Waits, Kerry Goss, 
Richard Brown, Mark Ricketts, Monte Rector, 
Tom Scott, Barton Thrasher, Tommie 
Meriwether, Jerry Martin, Pat Hare, Roger 
Garrett, Scott Belham, Coach Don Holcomb, 
J.R. West, and Donald Brooks; far left: Barton 
Thrasher block a lay-up; Left: Mike Ford anxiously 
awaits the ball. 




P. 174, top left: Barton Thrasher ponders his next move with the ball; top right: 
Pat Hare goes in for a lay-up; bottom left: Mike Ford attempts to block a shot of 
an opponent; bottom right: Roger Garrett makes a shot from the midst of 
opposing team members; P. 175, top left: Millsaps and Miles struggle at the rim, 
while Pat Hare and Roger Garrett observe; top right: Pat Hare goes in for a lay- 
up, again; bottom: Tom Scott makes a shot. 













Blue Mountain 





OT 63-65 



















Blue Mountain 












9 Wins 

12 Losses 

Second Place — 

Millsaps Invitational 


Lady Majors 

Strong Desire and Hard Work 

"This has been a season of vast improve- 
ment. Our team started the year with five 
straight losses; after Christmas break, we 
came back to school a new team. A group of 
girls wanted to play together as a team, with 
a strong desire to play to the best of their 
ability; and they did not mind a lot of hard 
work. As a result, they turned the program 
around finishing 9-7 making our years record 
9-12. The Lady Majors are looking forward 
to the 1983-84 season; we hope to start the 
year the way we ended last season, winning 
our last three games." 

Coach Mary Ann Edge 

P. 176, top: Babbs Grey dribbles to the corner while 
Nancy Messer moves in among the defense; bottom 
left: Nita Oates puts up a shot while Lou Ann Pace is in 
position for a rebound; bottom right: Bibis Jordan puts 
up a shot; top: The Lady Majors team: (top row) Wanda 
Barlow, Melissa Latimer, Nita Oates, Barbara 
Hopper, Renee Boudousquie, Stephanie Duron. 
Hild White, Nancy Messer, Susie Kelty, Lou Ann 
Pace, (center row) Karen Maxwell, Coach Mary Ann 
Edge, Faye Smith, Jana Bufkin, (bottom row) Babbs 
Grey, Elizabeth Jordan, Tara Long, Mary Eliza- 
beth Kraft; bottom: Suzy Kelty shoots over top of the 


Lady Majors 

Top left: Stephanie Durow and Suzy Kelty are looking 
up for the rebound; top right: Wanda Barlow jumps 
high with a show while teammates Bibis Jordan and 
Stephanie Durow move in to help; middle left: Suzy 
Kelty helps raise the score with an open shot; middle 
right: Melissa Lattimer struggles on the floor while team- 
mates Babbs Grey. Nancy Messer, Nita Oates, and Suzy 
Kelty look on; bottom left: Tara Long runs in to back 
up this lay-up by Bibis Jordan; bottom right: The de- 
fense misses this shot by Suzy Kelty. 


heering for the Majors 


The Millsaps Cheerleaders serve an impor- 
tant function in raising team and school spirit for 
the Majors, both in football and basketball. 
Cheerleaders for the 1982-83 Majors included 
(top, left) Scott Bowie, Tyree Fields, Mike 
Waters, Jim Magnus, Tana Browning, 
Debbie Arnold, Kelly Moreton (Head cheer- 
leader), Bonnie O'Neill, Ann Freeman, and 
(top right) Bob Young. 


Good Leaders and a Tough Schedule 

Top: The 1983 Varsity Baseball Team included (front 
row) Jeff Brown, Kevin Martin, Randy West, Joe 
Rooks, David Cooper, Tim Gill, Roger Dankel, 
Travis Bourgeois, Nick Anderson, Stan Gibbens; 
(back row) Paul Johnston, Mark Bryan, Jim Page, 
Steve Hull, Louis Sturgeon, Dewey Gilbert, Kyle 
Hux, Henry Lyons, Steve Hancock, Philip Azor- 
degan. Coach Tommy Ranager, and (not pictured) 
Allen Gaudet; Center left: A different style of warm- 
ing up for a game. Jim Page and Roger Dankel try 
juggling, Center: Steve Hull is ready to get the ball to 
first base before the runner gets there; Bottom center: 
Tim Gill does a little throwing at practice; Bottom 
right: Jim Page takes a big swing — it's a hit! Page 
181, Top: The Senior leaders: Tim Gill, Steve Hull, 
Dewey Gilbert, and David Cooper; Center: Dewey 
Gilbert expresses his feelings to David Cooper; Bot- 
tom: Allen Gaudet puts all that he has into this pitch. 


1983 Baseball 

"The 1983 Baseball Team is a team that 
has been enjoyable to work with. We have 
had good senior leadership throughout the 
entire season from our four year starters: 
Steve Hull, David Cooper, Dewey Gilbert, 
and Tim Gill. This is very important. 

"The 1983 schedule is the toughest sched- 
ule we have played in the last ten years. We 
have played three NCAA Division I schools 
and two Division II schools." 

Coach Tommy Ranager 

Most Valuable Player- 
Best Offensive Player- 

Jim Page 
-David Cooper 
Steve Hull 

Best Defensive Player — Roger Dankel 
Best Pitcher — Dewey Gilbert 



Miss. College 



12- 4 


6- 9 

Washington Univ. 

0- 3 

Washington Univ. 

3- 2 

Washington Univ. 

2- 1 


8- 2 


4- 9 

Missouri Baptist 


Missouri Baptist 

5- 4 


6- 5 



Illinois Wesylan 


Illinois Wesylan 

4- 6 

North Park 


North Park 



14- 4 



Miss. College 





6- 5 

Alcorn St. 


Alcorn St. 







5- 1 


5- 1 


9- 8 



16 Wins 
13 Losses 


Opponent Score 


Jackson State 9-0 

Centenary College 0-9 

Miss. Univ. Women 6-3 

McNeese St. Univ. 5-4 

Miss. College 9-0 

Murray State Univ. 0-9 

Principia College 3-6 

Southwestern 6-3 

Gustavus Adolphus 9-0 

Gustavus Adolphus 4-5 

Miss. College 7-2 

Luther College 5-4 

Univ. of the South 6-0 

Emory University 5-4 

Univ. Southern Miss. 5-4 

Delta State Univ. 7-2 

Miss. College 8-1 

Jackson State 9-0 

Southern Miss. 4-5 

14 Wins 

5 Losses 


Tulane Univ. 1-8 

Northeast LA Univ. 1-8 

Delta State Univ. 6-3 

Central Univ. Iowa 3-6 

Belhaven College 1-8 

Principia College 1-8 

Oglethorpe Univ. 7-2 

Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 1-8 

Univ. Illinois 4-5 

De Paul Univ. 1-8 

Gustavus Adolphus 3-6 

Univ. Southern Miss. 1-8 

William Carey 8-1 

Luther College 7-2 

Emory University 1-5 

Univ. of the South 6-3 

Centenary College 1-6 

Miss. College 6-3 

Miss. College 6-3 

Delta State Univ. 3-6 

Centenary College 1-5 

Belhaven College 0-5 

William Carey 7-2 

8 Wins 

15 Losses 


Major Tennis — Men of 

Top: 1983 Ladies' Tennis Team included (back row) 
Alison Boyd, Bethany Fatheree, CeCe Todd, Deb- 
bie Arnold, Ginny Vegas; (front row) Meg Elliott, 
Puddin Collins, Stephanie Pella, Cathy McCau- 
ley, Nanette Thomas Huff; Center left: Nanette 
Huff exhibits her backhand form; Center: Ginny Vegas 
hits a winning return; and Bottom: Stephanie Pella 
prepares for service. 

Potential and Ladies of Teamwork 

"Half veteran and half newcomers, the 
1983 women's tennis team produced a 
solid 14-5 record against tough competi- 
tion. Named the #4 team in the NCAA 
South Region, the Millsaps women return 
Nanette Thomas Huff and Puddin Collins 
to the NCAA Division III National Cham- 
pionships at Claremont, CA. Both women 
were NCAA Division III Coaches' All 
Americans in 1982. The 1983 record was 
the result of good teamwork and hard play 
by every member of the squad." 

Coach James A. Montgomery 
Most Valuable Player— Nanette Huff 
Most Improved Player — Stephanie 
Captain (1984)— Puddin Collins 

Coach Jim Montgomery was the 

Runner-up for NCAA Division III Tennis' 
Coach of the Year award in 1982 and was 
nominated again for the award in 1983 
"The 1983 men's tennis team was inex 
perienced, too much so for the tough 
schedule normal for Millsaps; inexperi- 
enced, but not without talent or potential. 
With the final record we had (8-15) I could 
have been disappointed as well as frus- 
trated if I thought at any time we weren't 
playing as well as we could. I wasn't disap- 
pointed and the men survived and we will 
be the tougher and better for it in 1984." 
Coach Jim Montgomery 
Most Valuable Player— Rod "Speedy" 

Most Improved Player — Jim Crenshaw 

Captains (1984) — Rod Cook 
Rob Buxton 
Jeff Alexander 
Rod Cook was selected to play in the 

NCAA Division III National Tournament 

in Albany, NY. 

Top left: Jeff Alexander prepares to hit a serve; 
Top: The 1983 Men's Tennis team: {back row) Rod 
Cook, Jeff Alexander, Patrick Patrick, Scotty 
Smith, Rob Buxton, Steve Martin; (front row) 
Paul Graham, Jim Crenshaw. Kevin King. Ke- 
vin Kreiger, and (not pictured) Joe Williams; 
Above left: Jim Crenshaw hits a forehand; Cen- 
ter: "Animal" Kevin Kreiger stretches for a back- 
hand; Right: while Patrick Patrick races for a 



Girls' Intervarsity Soccer 

A first this year was the Girls' Inter- 
varsity Soccer Team. It was sponsered 
by George Gober and consisted of girls 
who were interested in devoting part of 
their time to sports on a varsity level. 
The team consisted of Sonja Stacy, 
Mary Woodward, Dana Doyle, 
Lynn Loflin, Lisa Catledge, and 
several others. The team competed 
with various colleges in the spring, in- 
cluding Belhaven and Hinds Jr. Col- 


Intramural Sports 

The Intramural Sports Program at Mill- 
saps is one that involves a large percentage 
of the community — student and faculty. In- 
dependents team with Greeks; students with 
faculty to promote fellowship and even very 
exciting competition. Men compete with soc- 
cer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and soft- 
ball. Women also play soccer, tennis, basket- 
ball, Softball, volleyball, and flag football. In 
the spring the intramural program sponsered 
a cross country run. The program has be- 
come a very organized and effective program 
under the leadership of George Gober. 



\ / 

: ■ .;..■; 




Much "growing up" is experienced 
during the Freshman year at col- 
lege — finally on his own for the 
first time in one's life. As exciting as 
this is, going off to college can cause 
plenty of anxiety and raise many 

— Can one survive with the room- 
mate assigned to him? 

— Can the horrors of Rush be sur- 

— Can clothes survive first at- 
tempts at laundering and con- 
tinue to be wearable? 

— Can one adjust to cafeteria 
meals including chili-mac sur- 
prise casserole and multi-col- 
ored jello with whipped cream, 
a cherry, a nut, and chopped 
something on it? 

There are doubts at times, but there 
are sophomores, juniors, and sen- 
iors walking around as proof that 
the battle can be won! 


Albrecht, Gary, Reserve, LA 

Anderson, Lisa, Cautier, MS 

Andry, Jill, Brandon. MS 

Asbury. David E., Moss Point, MS 

Bailey, Dayna, Oxford, MS 

Bailey, Mac, Greenville, MS 

Bailey, Richard, Meridian, MS 

Ball, Jim, Vicksburg, MS 

Ballard, Mary Vassar, Tupelo, MS 

Barlow, A. Lee, Memphis, TN 

Barnett, Kim, Gulfport, MS 

Barr, Bob, Jackson, MS 

Beasley, Lori, Gulfport, MS 

Benson, Liza, Monroe, LA 

Blackwell, Kenneth, Monticello, MS 

Blackwell, Kevin, Monticello, MS 

Brown, Rosie, Yazoo City, MS 

Brown, Rusty, Vicksburg, MS 

Bryan, Deborah, West Bloomfield, MI 

Bryan, J. Mark, West Point, MS 

Bullard, Arch, Vicksburg, MS 



P. 188, Top Lou Ann Pace, Gloria Simo, and Leigh 
Butler enjoy an open party at the Pike house; Bottom 
Vic Dallin and Beverly Harrell facing a new Freshman 
Fear: the Mantle; P. 189, Top right. Tammy Freeman 
and Gwin Grogan taking a break on the stage in the bowl; 
Right Kelly Wilford showing a look of fear; Center 
Dayna Bailey and David Asbury enjoy the Homecoming 
Dance; Below These students appropriately dressed for 
the Toga Party. 



Bush, Stephen, Brandon, MS 
Butler, Holly, Mantee, MS 
Butler, Leigh, Jackson, MS 
Butts, Beth, Charleston, IL 
Carroll, Toni, Chagrin, Falls, OH 
Chapman, Jackye, Gautier. MS 
Cheek, David, Etowah, TN 

Chin, May, Jonestown, MS 
Clanton, Terry, Eupora. MS 
Clark, Joette, Jackson, MS 
Coleman, Deborah, Cleveland, MS 
Cooper, Patricia, West Point, MS 
Cremeen, Kathy, Greenville, MS 
Croal, Edward, Gulfport, MS 

Crout, Jeffrey, Jackson, MS 
Culpepper, Leigh Ann. Laurel, MS 
Dallin, Vic, Brookhaven, MS 
Davis, Jeff, Ooltewah, TN 
Dengel, Wendy, Pascagoula, MS 
Dixon, Bill, Jackson, MS 
Dodson, Leigh, Corinth, MS 


Right: Jeff Davis and Cathy McCauley enjoy a SEB 
party; Bottom right: Matt Kaye and Doug Manley take 
a break between classes; Below: Andy Wood walking in 
the rain, from Franklin?? 


Doyle, Theresa, McComb, MS 

Dyer, DeLisa, Pearl, MS 

Edwards, Emery, Gulfport, MS 

Evans, David. Slidell, LA 

Farrar, Debbie, Clinton, MS 

Fondren, Suzanne, Pascagoula, MS 

Foose, Robert, Yazoo City, MS 

France, Helen, Memphis, TN 

Freeman, Tammy, Jackson, MS 

Gaudet III, Allen, Kenner, LA 

Gerhard, Kevin, JacksonMS 

Gillespie, Laura, Jackson, MS 

Glenn, John, Shreveport, LA 

Glover, Suzanne, Meridian, MS 

Goodman, Michelle, Shreveport, LA 

Green, Stuart, Vicksburg, MS 

Gregory, Emily, Slidell, LA 

Griffith, David, Sunflower, MS 

Grogan, Gwin, Shreveport, LA 

Grissom, Laura, Jackson, MS 

Guillory, Ginny, Baton Rouge, LA 


Far left: Allen Andrews mixing with the crowd at an 
open party; Left: Lisa Johnson is engaged in conversa- 
tion at an SEB party; Below: Catherine Lewis makes 
her mystic sign. 


Harrell, Beverly, West Point. MS 
Hawthorne, Sarah, Jackson. MS 
Harrigill, Alana, Brookhaven. MS 
Hendry, Twila, Louin. MS 
Hopkins, Gerald, Biloxi. MS 
Howard, Michael, Memphis, TN 
Hughes, Fonda, Braxton. MS 

Jack, Jennifer, Mountain Brook, AL 

Jackson, Virginia, Yazoo City, MS 

Janus, Jennifer, Biloxi. MS 

Johnson, Chandra, Crystal Springs. MS 

Johnston, Paul, Biloxi, MS 

Joyner, John, Meridian, MS 

Kaye, Matthew, Memphis, TN 

Kirby, Tracey, Houston, MS 
Labasse, Albert, Charleroi, Belgium 
Lang, Bill, Pass Christian, MS 
Langworthy, Steve, Springfield, VA 
Leger, Mark, Lake Charles, LA 
Lewis, Catherine, Jackson, MS 
Libby, Andrew, McComb MS 


Right: Barton Thrasher concentrates before his next 
class. Far right: Smile David Evans!!!! Below: Stuart 
Green, a "Happy" new face at Millsaps. Bottom Right: 
Students relax in the shady "ozone endzone". 


Long Tara, Yazoo City, MS 

Luttrell, Paul, Memphis, TN 

Patrick, Kirk, Baton Rouge, LA 

Machado, Pam, Madison, MS 

Magee, Katherine, Jackson, MS 

Manley, Doug, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 

Manyfield, Lisa, Jackson, MS 

Martin, Kevin, Hurley, MS 

Mattox, David, Tunica, MS 

Maxwell, Julie, El Dorado, AR 

McCauley, Cathy, Lake Charles, LA 

Mi Knight, Susan, Jackson, MS 

McNeill, Whitney, Memphis, TN 

McRaney, Laura, Mobile, AL 

Miller, Joy, Vicksburg, MS 

Mishra, Ajay Kumar, Jackson, MS 

Morris, Demethous, Magee, MS 

Murrell, Susan, Memphis, TN 

Nail, Leah. Stewart, MS 

Neel, Vonee, Holly Bluff, MS 

Nichols II, David, Wiggins, MS 


Bottom left: Byron and Charles study hard on exam 
night. Below; Sarah Hawthorne works on her computer 


Owen, Ashley, Beaumont. TX 
Pemberton, Neely, Memphis, TN 
Phillips, Marion, Jackson, TN 
Potter, Tom, Tunica, MS 
Regan, Kay K., Baton Rouge, LA 
Reid, Kristen, Fort Dodge. IA 
Rice, Lee, Tupelo, MS 

Ricketts, Mark, Memphis. TN 
Robuck, Madolyn, Jackson, MS 
Rowe, Zelphia, Chicago. 11 
Sandifer, Elizabeth, Pass Christian, MS 
Satterfield, Melissa, Jackson. MS 
Saye, John, Baton Rouge, LA 
Scott, Stacy, Brandon, MS 

Selby, Mel, Baton Rouge, LA 

Stacy, Sonja, Winona, MS 

Stainback, Putnam, Minter City, MS 

Stanford, Nancy, Bay Springs, MS 

Sullivan, Lady Margaret, Jackson, MS 

Terrell, Milton, Prestiss. MS 

Thanapet, Pimpet, Nakhonsawan, Thailand 


Top Right; Spring fever hits early at Millsaps. 

Bottom right: "OOH, what is that?" Below: Scott 

Kea and friend pose for a picture. 


Thrasher, Barton, Memphis, TN 
Tibbs, Robert, Cleveland, MS 
Timko, Kitty, Slidell, LA 
Toney, Lynn, Laurel 
Turner, Carla, Eupora 
VanDeventer, Paul, Meridian 
Venator, Jeff, Jackson 

Wagstaff, Barr, Birmingham, AL 

Waits, Billy, Pass Christian, MS 

Ware, Adrian, Indianola, MS 

Ward, Pamela, Greenville, MS 

Weatherall, Charlie, Grenada, MS 

Weir, Mary, Memphis. TN 

Wells, John. Austin, TX 

West, Amy, Slidell, LA 

Westheimer, Sue Ellen, Eupora, MS 

Wheeler, Laura, Baton Rouge, LA 

Wilford, Kelly Anne, Tupelo, MS 

Williams, Anne, Jackson, MS 

Williams, Cecile, Memphis, TN 

Williams, Nan, Corinth, MS 


Far left: Students have fun at the Pike-SEB party. 
Left: Carla Turner gives the camera a big smile. 
Bottom left: Microprocess takes a lot of hard work. 
Below: Leigh Dodson accompanies the Millsaps 


Wilroy, Lou Ann, Hernando, MS 
Witnmer, Kate, Memphis, TN 
Wood, Andy, Mobile, AL 

Woods, Charles, Jackson, MS 
Woodward, Mary, Jackson, MS 
Wright, Amy, Moss Point, MS 

Wright, Carol, Vicksburg, MS 
Wright, Sherribeth, Houston, MS 
Young, Clarke, Mobile. AL 



In many ways this is not a terrific year . . . The smallness of this school begins to be 
realized . . . One becomes tired as the newness of everything has worn off . . . It's easy to 
fall behind, let grades fall, feeling so far from the end . . . There is also a "let-down" after 
being the center of attention as a Freshman . . . Teachers begin to expect more . . . 
Upper classmen don't protect sophomores as they do Freshmen . . . And all the guys ask 
out the Freshmen girls . . . leaving one facet of the year as NOT a slump for them!! 


Arnold, Debbie, Shreveport, LA 

Bailey, Fran, Brandon, MS 

Barnett, Mark, Brookhaven, MS 

Belham, Scott, Gulfport, MS 

Benton, Kelly, Flowood, MS 

Bingham. Teresa, Monroe, LA 

Bland, Beth, Jackson, MS 

Blount, Mary Ann, Gulfport, MS 

Brown, Richard, Pass Christian, MS 

Buckler, Terry, Pascagoula, MS 

Bunnell, Amy, Slidell, LA 

Burris, Lida, Baton Rouge, LA 

Carey, Tom, Summit, MS 

Carlisle, Anne, Miami, FL 

Carlton, Scott, Greenville, MS 
Casey, Elizabeth, Oxford, MS 
Cheney, Bill, Birmingham, AL 
Clark, Chrissie, Lafayette, LA 
Collins, Beth, Memphis, TN 
Cook, Rod, Shreveport, LA 
Cooper, Rhonda, Jackson, MS 


top left: Stewart models latest fashion top right: Bob 
experiments with chemistry bottom left: Infamous crowd 
at S.E.B. party bottom right: Jimmy Brown. WHY aren't 
you studying?? 



1 1 i 

| ! i 1 
\ 11 



Cope, Collin, Mobile, AL 
Crain, Vicki, El Dorado, AR 
Dietrich, Dawn, Midland, MI 
Donald, Bob, Pascagoula, MS 
Fatherree, Bethany, Jackson, MS 
Ferriss, James, Lake Charles, LA 
Fischer, Debbie, Anniston, AL 

Fox, Kim, Goodman, MS 
Freiler, Lori, Hammond, LA 
French II, Ned, Memphis, TN 
Gibbens, Stan, Baton Rouge, LA 
Gillaspy, Helen, Jackson, MS 
Gladney, Zeather, Kosciusko, MS 
Gordon, Lauren, Tupelo, MS 

Graff, Jodi, Jackson, MS 
Graves, Susan, Terry, MS 
Green, Traci, Jackson, MS 
Grey. Babbs, Natchez, MS 
Gutierrez, Lauren, Biloxi, MS 
Gwin, Betsy, Oxford, MS 
Hamm. David, Florence, MS 


Pike Brotherhood? top a Brisk morning walk: far left 
bottom: Chi-o conference 


Mammons, Karen, McComb, MS 

Hanafourde, Kathie, Pascagoula, MS 

Hapgood, Lisa, Birmingham, AL 

Harb. Richard, Knoxville, TN 

Hudson, Cary, Sumrall, MS 

Jackson, Rosa, Jackson, MS 

Jordan, Debbie, Pearl, MS 

Kavanaugh, Paul, Baton Rouge, LA 

Kearns, Tom, Gulfport, MS 

King, Kevin, Columbus, MS 

Loflin, Lynn, Brookhaven, MS 

l.amkin, Patricia, McComb. MS 

Latimer, Melissa, Jackson MS 

Lee, Kaye, Jackson, MS 

Lechner, Maria, Pascagoula, MS 

Leggett. David, Pascagoula, MS 

Lyons, Marion, Mobile, AL 

Martin, Steve, Tchula, MS 

McAllister, Emilie, Laurel, MS 

McCain, Renee, Winona, MS 

McElhattan, Suzanne, Chattanooga, TN 


top: Mike and Perry inspect bottom of lab table top right: 
Freddy and Jennifer take party break bottom left: Beth 
and Mystery man smile for camera bottom middle: Beau 
studies again bottom right: Cowboy conquers chemistry 



f" *-• 

* «^ 

J* JS^ 


9f ■ K 


McGec, Lisa, Brookhaven, MS 
McGregor, Debbie, Memphis, TN 
Mclntyre, Cindy, Buckatunna, MS 
Meriwether, Tommy, Memphis, TN 
Miller, Tracy, Biloxi, MS 
Mills, Russell, Waynesboro, MS 
Moore, Carolyn, Pearl, MS 

Moreton, Kelly, Ocean Springs, MS 
Morris, Thames, Atlanta, GA 
Odom, Creath, Jackson, MS 
O'Neill, Bonnie, Baton Rouge, LA 
Overby, Allen, Jackson, MS 
Pearson, Tereau, Bay St. Louis, MS 
Pella, Stephanie, Pascagoula, MS 

Perry, John, Winona, MS 
Phelps, Cynthia, Baton, Rouge. LA 
Pigott, John, McComb, MS 
Pitcher, Cheryl, Pascagoula, MS 
Poole, Jeanne, Centreville, MS 
Powell, Tommy, Mobile, AL 
Purcell, Tom, Tupelo, MS 


top left: Perry gives the evil eye top right: Debbie 
explains "No autographs, please" bottom left: pike 
jocks bottom right: Cuffy and Suzanna run rampant! 


Reeves, Sonya, McComb, MS 

Rein, Joey, Brookhaven, MS 

Reyes, Wahid, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 

Roane, Rachel, Jeanerette, LA 

Rogers, David, Kilmicheal, MS 

Sams, Stephanie, Columbus, MS 

Sanders, Rosemary, McAdams, MS 

Shuford, Joyce, Jackson, MS 

Stiff, Kimberly, Jackson, MS 

Strieker, Lessley, Jackson, MS 

Stripling, Roland, Jackson, MS 

Sturdivant, Tara, Columbia, MS 

Serio, Carolyn, Natchez, MS 

Thames, Tammey, Collins, MS 

Weidie, Scott, Pearlington, MS 

Weissinger, Shan, Cary, MS 

West. Lee, Pearl, MS 

Wolfe, Bernard, Jackson, MS 

Young, Carol, Natchez, MS 

Younger, Elaine, Winona, MS 



All of a sudden, the first two years 
are gone! It's time to buckle down 
and study . . . The realization hits 
that grades really do go on tran- 
scripts . . . The GPA must come up . 
. . The real world truly is "just 
around the corner" . . . The time has 
come to begin making plans — gra- 
duate school, work, or a year with 
Mom and Dad to "find yourself?" . . 
. It is also a year of transitions — 
while some friendships become 
stronger, some dwindle and new 
ones develop . . . One begins to try 
to fit in all opportunities not yet 
seized — either classes, social life, or 
activities . . . The Junior year is 
much like the middle of the week: 
the initial rough spots are past, the 
weekend is in the future, and the 
constant question lingers — 

Are we prepared? 


Adams, Robin, Muncie, IN 
Alexander, Christopher, Brandon, MS 
Arnold, Carrie, Starkville, MS 
Ball, Tina, Woodville, MS 
Barrett, Peggy, Baton Rouge, LA 
Berry, Jefferson, Jackson, MS 
Boudousquie, Mary, Canton, MS 

Bowie, Suzannah, Cleveland, MS 
Bowles, Barbara, Natchez, MS 
Bradley, Betsy, Greenville, MS 
Brashear, HI, Ronnie, Jackson, MS 
Browning, Tara, New Albany, MS 
Butler, Janet, Mantee, MS 
Carrigan, Tim, Clinton, MS 

Cooper, Brad, Slidell, LA 
Colston, Suzanne, Kosciusko, MS 
Clark, Terri, Ocean Springs, MS 
Crum. Gary, Centreville, MS 
Culpepper, Paul, Sallis, MS 
Davis, Pat, Jackson, MS 
Dempsey, Lee, Jackson, MS 


Right: Doesn't this face command respect? Far right: 
Heidi Hamilton breaks away from the books. Bottom 
right: Must have been cold that day! Below: Larry Bel- 
Ian experiences a studious moment. 


Derryberry, Nancy, Jackson, MS 
Dew, Kenneth, Jackson, MS 

Dixon, Mary Lynn, Meridian, MS 

Elliot, Meg, Brookhaven. MS 

Flowers, Lou, Memphis TN 

Fulghan, Sally, Jackson, MS 

Garrett, Jayson T., Kosciusko, MS 
Garrett, Roger, Milton, FL 
Greer, Mike, Jackson, MS 
Haller. Debbie, Pearl, MS 
Heaman, Denise, Huntsville, AL 
Hetrick, Bill, Jackson, MS 
Hines, Florence, Greenville, MS 

Holden, Keith, Baton Rouge, LA 

Holland, John. Brookhaven, MS 

Hollibaugh, Farley, Clearlake, IW 

Holmes, Keith, Kosciusko, MS 

Hopkins, Mark, Chattanooga, TN 

Hopper, Barbara, Kosciusko, MS 

Huckabee, Rife, Greenville, MS 


Left: Debbie Haller spends some time in the library. 
Bottom left: Joe Rooks and Dan Keel seem to be 
enjoying their work. Below: Susanna Bowie says "Don't 
make me mess up!" 


Hux, Kyle, Kosciusko, MS 
Jemison, Jynnifer, Meridian, MS 
Jenkins, Deborah, Jackson, MS 
Johnson, Walt, Rome, GA 
Jordan, Elizabeth, Jackson, MS 
Joudeh, Maan, Aleppo, Syria 
Keenan, Don, Jackson, MS 

Koury, Kim, Gulfport, MS 
Lacy, Lucy, Canton, MS 
Lancaster, Ken, Corinth, MS 
Leake, Kathy, Tupelo, MS 
Lee, Melanie, Senatobia, MS 
Lewis, Linda, Belzoni, MS 
Malone, Wanda, Laurel, MS 
Mangal, Rakesh, Pascagoula, 


Mangal, Rakesh, Pascagoula 
McCaleb, Jolene, Gautier, MS 
McCord, Ann, Corinth, MS 
McGowan, Loretta, McCool, MS 
Myers, Gilbert, Baton Rouge, LA 
Miller, David, Ocean Springs, MS 
Mitchell, Mark A., Jackson, MS 


Far right, Paul Badgeron is preparing for Chemistry 
lab; right. Ken Dew takes a break in the grill between 
classes; Below right, Scott singletary enjoys a conver- 
sation before class; Below, Mary Jane Emling helps with 
a set for a play. 


Moore, Martha, Senatobia, MS 

Myers, Meredyth, New Orleans, LA 

Oates, Nita, Jackson, MS 

Ogden, Paul, Columbus, MS 

Paul, Leena, Jackson, MS 

Peel, Charles, Goodman, MS 

Pepper, Gay, Jackson, MS 

Reese, Derek, Cleveland, MS 

Rhea, Nancy. Marks, MS 

Rishel, Patti, Long Beach, MS 

Ritchie, Jim, Canton, MS 

Roeling, Van, Houston, TX 

Rosella, John, Greenville, MS 

Scott, Kimble, Tupelo, MS 

Singletary, Scott, Baton Rouge, LA 

Slaton, Keri, Rolling Fork, MS 

Sliman, Greg, Biloxi, MS 

Smith, Lydia, New Albany, MS 

Studdard, Diane, New Cattle, PA 

Sturgeon, Louis, Woodville, MS 

Sullivan, Beth, Jackson, MS 


Top left, Anh Nguyen prepares a formula in Chemistry 
lab; Left, Junior John Ratliff ponders his next strategy; 
Below left, Steve Dickerson contemplates career op- 
portunities in the AC; Below center, Cil Struppa and 
Barry Lee count and tag crawfish on a Biology field trip; 
Below right, Blane Saucier reads a magazine before 
_. studying in the library. 


Sullivan, Paige, Brookhaven, MS 
Taylor, Angie, Shannon, MS 
Tucker, Ginger, Brandon, MS 
Upchurch, Melvin, Winona, MS 
VanVelkingburgh, Michael, Jackson, MS 
Watson, Jo, Electric Mills, MS 
Wasson. Edna, Jacksonville, FL 

Webb, Marsha, Meadville. MS 
Weber, Mike, Jackson, MS 
Westheimer, Irwin, Walthall, MS 
Williams, Robert, Gulfport, MS 
Wray. Inger, West Point, MS 
Young, Bob, Memphis, TN 



For some, their Senior year is filled 
with exciting anticipation of being 
out on one's own; for most, howev- 
er, it is a year of apprehension. The 
realization occurs that the knowl- 
edge obtained during the last four 
years must actually be used. The 
grades are merely a record; the true 
test is the knowledge gained. A 
fear arises at the thought of leaving 
the secure nest at Millsaps and using 
what has been learned instead of 
writing it down for a grade. And 
then there are COMPS, GRE, re- 
sumes, and interviews. But there is 
success. All anxieties seem trivial as 
any senior has that special day at his 
P.O. box. The letter arrives an- 
nouncing the rewards — whether it 
is a job, medical school, law school, 
or graduate school. The reality 
strikes — there is life after Millsaps 
full of opportunities, promising ad- 
vancements, and people. And all 
will be eager to receive that Millspas 
graduate, full of confidence, aware 
of and appreciative of of his prep- 
aration by his "dear ole Alma Mat- 


Addington, Anita, Memphis, TN, Music/piano 

Alvis, Cynthia Diane, Jackson, MS, Elem. Educ. 

Anderson, Robert, Pascagoula, MS, Political Science 

Berry, Rory, Winona, MS, Computer Science 

Biggers, David, Corinth, MS, Chemistry 

Billups, Josephine, Pass Christian, MS, Sociology 

Blizzard, John, Memphis, TN, Chemistry/Physics 

Bowie, Kenneth Scott, Cleveland, MS, Chemistry/Math 

Brocato, Terrell Ann, Indianola, MS, Accounting 

Broome, Anita, Wesson. MS, Biology 

Brown, Andy, Lexington, MS, Biology 

Buckler. John, Pascagoula, MS, Computer Science/Math 

Campbell, Louann, Jackson, MS, Accounting 

Clark, Jacquelyn, Jackson, MS, English 

Clem, Kathy, Jackson, MS, Chemistry/Biology 

Clopton. Gwen, Meridian, MS, Mathematics/Music 

Comans, Ricky, Kosciusko, MS, Business Adm. 

Cotton, Craig, Brandon, MS, Business Adm 


Page 206, Top left, Andy Brown shows his excitement 
over the cafeteria meal; Top right, Allen Flowers and 
Sandy Frazier prepare for Chemistry lab; Lower left, 
Gwen Cloptonblows a kiss to the friendly photographer; 
Lower right, John Blizzard shakes off the rain from his 
umbrella; Page 207, Top, Cindy Boggs displays her 
talent in the art studio; Lower left, Mikell Jarratt and 
Cathy Schroeder enjoy a Majors football game from the 
endzone; Lower center, Doug Mann and his date (?) 
enjoy post-pledging ceremonies; Lower right, Scotty 
Smith packs his books after class. 


Cowan, Chip, Shreveport, LA, Accounting/Finance 
Cox, Charles, Pearl, MS, Chemistry 
Dorion, Brandon, Metairie, LA, Chemistry 
Douzenis, Cordelia, Jackson. MS, Sociology 
Downing, Deborah, Meridian, MS, Chemistry 
Draughn, Dave, Jackson, MS, Biology 

Durow, Stephanie, Lyndonville, NY, Physical Educ. 
Dyer, David, Pearl, MS, Math/Computer 
East, Glen, Gulfport, MS, Elementary Educ. 
Fargason, Elizabeth, New Orleans, LA, Sociology 
Frazier, Sandy, Greenville, MS, Biology 
Freeman, Ann, Jackson, MS, Business Adm. 

Garner. Carla, Jackson, MS, Biology 
Gowdy, Leslie, Canton, MS, Accounting 
Gray, Cindy, Brandon, MS, Geology 
Hall, Candace, Jackson, MS, MBA 
Harper, Cynthia, Brandon, MS, Business Adm. 
Harper, William, Brandon, MS, Business Adm. 


Top center, Gwen Clopton finds a peaceful moment to 
study in the bowl; Top right, Stephanie Durow reaches 
for a message in Bacot; Lower left, David Biggers holds 
up the column of the Student Union; Lower center, 
while bill Tull holds up a tree in the bowl; Lower right, 
John Buckler plays games on the computer. 


Hathorn, Paul, Columbia, MS, Biology 

Henley, James, Jackson, MS, Accounting 

Hillman. Byrd, Clinton, MS, Accounting 

Holt, Beth, Water Valley, MS, Business Adm. 

Howze, Andrei, Laurel, MS, Political Science 

Hurley, Margaret, Jackson, MS, Spanish, Business Adm. 

Jones, Rhonda, Poplar Bluff, MO, Accounting 

Jones, Robbi, Jackson. MS, Finance 

Knighton, Lou, Kosciusko, MS, Religion 

Krolls, Larisa, Madison, MS, Chemistry 

Laney, Ginger, Kilmichael, MS, Art 

Lanford, Michael, Vicksburg, MS, Philosophy/German 

Langworthy, Peter, Springfield, VA, Math/Computer 

Lee, Barry, Greenville, MS, Biology 

Loflin, Anne, Brookhaven, MS, Sociology 

Lyle, Frank, Denton, TX, Business Adm. 

Marion. Andrew, Ocean Springs, MS, Political Science 

Massey. Dale, Birmingham. AL, English 


Top left, Rakesh Mangal prepares a formula in Chemis- 
try lab; Top center, Rory Berry is at work in the com- 
puter center; Lower left, Pat Hare receives personal 
attention in class; Lower right, Scott Moses aids in 
production on the set of A Midsummer's Night 

■** V J*" - *" 


m ^\^ 






May, John, Gulfport, MS, Political Science 
McDonald, Boty, Jackson, MS, Political Science 
Milazzo, Elizabeth, Shreveport, LA, Religion 
Mills, Tom, Jackson, MS 
Molony, Kaye, Meridian, MS, Business Adm. 
Myers, Kimberly, Brandon, MS, Music/Piano 

Nation, Marie, Gainesville, FL, Biology 

Nevins, Missy, Jackson, MS, Sociology 

Nichols, Anthony, Meridian, MS, Political Science 

Northington, Monica, Natchez, MS. Biology 

O'Cain, Debbie, Walnut, MS. Biology 

Parks, III, Joe Clyde, New Albany, MS, Business Adm. 

Pemberton, Marshall, Merritt Island, FL, Business Adm. 

Pfanschmidt, Phyllis, Memphis, TN, English 

Plunk, Oney, Gulfport, MS, English 

Rayner, Whit, Greenville, MS. Political Science/Econ. 

Rector, Monte, Baton Rouge, LA, Business Adm. 

Reily, Janet, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Music Educ. 



Top center, John Bailey aids with a computer problem; 
Top right, while David Dyer types his into the terminal; 
Lower left, Mark Britt makes notes on a physics experi- 
ment; Lower right, Scott Carlton and Karen Maxwell 
enjoy festivities at an SEB open party. 


Richardson, Stephanie, Ruleville, MS, Biology 

Sallis, Vicki, Jackson, MS, History 

Salvant, Paulette, Pass Christian, MS, Biology 

Scruggs, Robert, Jackson, MS, Geology 

Shaw, Karen, Greenville, MS, English 

Smith, Scotty, Greenville, MS, Chemistry 

Spears, Katrina, Grenada, MS, Chemistry 

Stamm, Lauri, Vicksburg, MS, English 

Stark, Katherine, Lexington, MS, Business Adm. 

Stevens, Carney, Jackson, MS, Chemistry 

Struppa, Cel, Gulfport, MS, Biology 

Templeton, Margo, Memphis, TN. Sociology 

Thomas, Nanette, Jackson, MS, Physical Therapy 

Tucker, Jane, Jackson, MS, Political Science 

Tull, Bill, Pineville, LA, Biology 

Walter. Chip, Jackson, MS, Biology 

Wheeler, Billy. Belmont, MS, History 

White, Hilda, Florence, MS, Elem. Educ. 


Top, Robby Williams and Allen Finley make prepara- 
tions on a play set; Lower left. Alan Ferguson, Keith 
Holmes, and Paul Culpepper analyze elements in lab; 
Lower right, John Johnson pauses between classes. 

& M% - 


Whitehead, Peter, Tupelo, MS, Biology 

Williams, Michael, Edwards, MS, Political Science 

Williams, Randy, Meridian, MS, Biology 

Williams, Tommy, Jackson, MS, Computer Science/Business 


Williams, Warren, Jackson, MS, Accounting 

Woleben, Martyn, Gulfport, MS, Pre-Med 




? Marginal Rule** 








1359-1/2 N. WEST ST. 'JACKSON, MS 39202 'PHONE 601-969-9482 
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:00a.m.- 12:00 p.m. 'SaL&Sun. 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. 




Imported &\o(*cA Beer 
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George killian's 







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Coors Central Mississippi 

107 Dunbar Avenue 
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JJHf*^ aWMg? *. ■^'jB 

fli/r 1 ^ r ^'v <^Ri^ £8F '*'»^ 


-' S^^SS'Si* 33$ K 

SS^flfe"-' : 


V.* **?£ 

SH^K "' j 

■r9S# • 

j$. &,M*S& 

ft^BhjV^QffS { 

> "I^siSe 


^fl K'"' 

gL- ■ 

-^3ifc.— urtiffflfr ■ 


1 . ^ IIP* 


ftp#PP r ^C!?w 

"*fjv\ ^feWP 


: ».A*-»* ' ,«B:C 




^^p < tfp\ • 

* j^ * "^EsillfsP^*! 

"V.jRp?'- ,u Si 

PL y --"^i 

rtflr^ • 4^ r ?*' "& 

aBB^RK!^*^ ^v^^ls 


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Cindy & Billy Evans 24 Hour Service 







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Blackstocks Safe and Lock and 
Security Systems 





Adams, Emily. 120 

Adams, John Randall 

Adams, Kenneth Ray 

Adams, Robin. 130, 201 

Addington. Anita. 53, 102. 109, 130, 206 

Ainsworth, Janice 

Alba. Coralia C. 

Albrecht. Gary. 127, 188 

Alexander. Chris. 122. 201 

Alexander. Jeff. 32. 127, 183 

Alexander, Virginia 

Alican, Necip Fikin 

Albritton, Albert Lee 

Allegrezza, Joyce C. 

Allen, Steve, 97 

Alvis, Cynthia Diane. 206 

Anderson. Robert, 105, 113, 132, 206 

Anderson, Lisa Faye, 130, 188 

Anderson, Nick, 180 

Andry. Doreen Waring 

Andrews, Allen. 168 

Andry. Jill. 188 

Arnold. Carrie. 52. 102, 103, 115, 130, 200 

Arnold, Claudia 

Arnold, Debbie. 124, 168, 179, 182. 196 

Asbury. David. 133. 188 

Austin, Glynda 

Ascue, Richard K. 

Azordegan. Phillip A., 180 

Bagby, Nancy, 41, 95. 104, 109, 120 

Baggett, Dora Ross 

Bailey, Chip, 102. 128 

Bailey. Dayna, 188 

Bailey, Fran, 130. 196 

Bailey. James Oscar 

Bailey. Joe. 127 

Bailey. John Arthur. 105. 106 

Bailey, Mac. 188 

Bailey. Richard. 168. 188 

Baker, John Bailey 

Baker, Joseph Marey 

Ball. Jim. 188 

Ball, Tina. 102, 201 

Ballard, Belynda 

Ballard. Mary Vassar, 95, 100, 102, 121, 188 

Barbare, Walter Lee 

Barber. Paul. 106. 122 

Barker, Martha. 108 

Barlow, Lee, 102, 130. 188 

Barlow, J. Scott 

Barnes, John Frederick 

Barnett, James 

Barnett. Kim. 124, 188 

Barnett. Mark, 196 

Barnhardt, Ross. 20, 32 

Barr. Robert, 188 

Barrett. Peggy, 115. 130, 201 

Bass, Mike 

Bates, Susanne 

Bauer. F. Scott, 102, 133, 163 

Baxter, Michael Joseph 

Beam, James David 

Beasley, Lori, 124, 188 

Beck. Judith 

Becker, James 

Begley. Scott. 110 

Belham, Scott. 173, 196 

Bellam, Larry, 168 

Bennett, Anne Grace, 163 

Benson, Liza. 124, 188 

Benton. Kelly, 130, 196 

Benton, William Patrick 

Bercaw, Elizabeth lone 

Bercaw, Susan Louise 

Bergeron, Paul, 122 

Bernheim. Peter. 30, 32, 41, 95, 109, 114, 126, 

Berry. Jeff, 122, 201 
Berry, Rory, 24, 118, 206 
Berry, Roy 
Bickerstaff, Jan 
Biggers. David. 38. 42, 101, 107, 108, 109, 122, 

152, 163, 206 
Biggs, George Marx, 114, 128 
Billups. Jo. 124. 206 
Bingham, Teresa Kay. 102, 196 
Bishop, John. 127 
Blackburn. William 
Blacksher. Wesley. 133. 168 
Black well. Kenneth. 188 
Blackwell. Kevin. 188 
Blakey. John. 122 
Bland. Beth. 124. 196 
Bland, Jacqueline 
Blizzard. John, 30. 167, 206 
Blount, Mary Ann. Ill, 124, 196 
Blumenthal. Janice 
Boatwright. Mary Elizabeth 
Bobo. Jim, 132, 168 
Boggs, Cynthia, 24 
Boggus, Bart 
Boggus, Jon. 133 
Bonds, Anthony, 168 
Bonner, Mary Virginia 
Bonner, Trlcia. 110, 121 
Boone, Linda 

Boudousquie, Renee, 177, 201 
Bourgeois, Travis, 180 
Bowden, Valoree 
Bowen. Scott William 
Bowers, S. Faye 
Bowie. Scott. 42, 52, 102, 105, 107, 109, 163, 

168, 179, 206 
Bowie, Susannah. 102, 110. 124, 157 
Bowles, Barbara, 201 
Boyd, Allison, 182 
Boyd, Hal Gregory 
Boyd, Randall Cary 
Boyle, Catherine 
Boynick, Matt. 102 
Blackman, Lynell 
Bradley. Betsy. 40, 53, 100, 106, 107, 109, 111, 

121, 156, 201 
Bradshaw, Paige 
Bradsher, Julie 
Brandon, Steve C. 
Brantley, Dean 
Brashear, Ronnie, 201 
Breazeale, Michael John, 127 
Breland, Albert Edward 
Brenholtz, Channing 
Brent. Charlotte 
Bridges, Willis. 168 
Briggs. Frederick 
Britt, Mark 
Britt, Robert Brien 
Brobery, Joseph 

Brocato, Terrell Ann, 104, 121, 206 
Brooks, Donald. 102, 113, 167, 173 
Brooks, Fran, 121 
Brooks, Martha 

Broome. Anita. 103. 105. 108. 206 
Brown. Andy. 42. 53, 94, 108, 109, 132, 152, 206 
Brown, Jeff, 102, 114, 122, 180 
Brown. Jimmy, 122 
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Brown, Rod, 17, 122 
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Brown, Rusty, 128, 188 
Brown. Wesley. 167 
Brown. William F. 

Browning. Tana, 26, 115, 120, 168, 179. 201 
Brunson, Michael Howard 
Brunson, Robert Russell 
Bryan, Debbie, 130. 188 
Bryan. Jim Mark, 180, 188 
Bryant, Charlotte 
Bryant, Stan. 128 
Buchanan, Douglas Keith 
Buckler. John Alvin. 94. 95, 133, 206 

Buckler. Terry, 167, 196 

Buckley, Paul Dean 

Buckner, Steve, 173 

Bufkln. Jana, 177 

Bullard. Arch. 167, 188 

Bullock, Mary E. 

Bunnell. Amy, 130, 196 

Burg. Ida Groom 

Burke. Aletha 

Burns, Patricia J. 

Burris. Llda, 23. 98, 106, 121, 196 

Burrus, Dale, 121 

Burt. Bill. 133 

Burton. Betty, 111, 130 

Bush. Stephen, 128, 189 

Buslck, Chris. 168 

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Butler. Holly. 130. 189 

Butler. Janet, 30, 201 

Butler. Leigh. 31, 121, 189 

Butts. Beth, 189 

Buxton. Rob, 107, 132, 183 

Byrd. Betty 

Byrd, Pat, 127 

Byrum. Diane Dinsmore, 23 

Cadenhead. Robert W. 

Callender, Deborah 

Camp. Lisa Cruse 

Campbell. Aline Elizabeth 

Campbell. Boyd. 122 

Campbell, Joe 

Campbell, Lou Ann, 104, 206 

Canada, Loren Bruce 

Carey, Tom, 196 

Carlisle, Anne. 121, 196 

Carlton. Scott, 107, 126, 196 

Carpenter, Anita Carol 

Carrigan, Tim. 132, 201 

Carroll. Toni, 130, 189 

Carter, Edward 

Carter, Kenneth, 118 

Carter, Sherry Pearson 

Casey. Elizabeth. 196 

Casteel. Phil 

Catledge. Lisa. 97. 100, 106, 111, 115. 120 

Chambers. Chip. 122 

Champlln, Mari L. 

Chance, Pamela Joy 

Chapman, Jackye, 189 

Chapman, Theodore L. 

Chase. Frank 

Cheek, Chris, 95 

Cheek, Rogers 

Cheek, David, 168, 189 

Cheney. Bill, 122, 196 

Chin, May Sue. 189 

Clardello, Michael 

Clanton. Terry. 189 

Clark, Joette. 189 

Clark. Charles 

Clark. Chrissle. 52. 102, 130, 196 

Clark. Jacqule, 111. 206 

Clark. Julie 

Clark. Terrl. 109. 124, 201 

Clay. Steve. 106, 113 

Clem, Kathy. 130, 206 

Cline, Ruth 

Clopton, Gwen, 42, 102, 103 

Cochran, Theresa 

Coggin. Rick. 168 

Coleman, Deborah, 111, 189 

Collins, Beth. 100, 107. 121. 197 

Collins. Cecelia, 53, 130, 182 

Collins, Curtis Samuel 

Collum, Julius Marvin 

Collum. Michael. 102, 103, 122 

Colston, Suzanne, 102 

Columbus, Dan, 128 

Comans, Margaret, 104 

Comans, Ricky, 206 


Conner, Tomml 

Cook, Martha 

Cook. Rodk 133. 183, 196 

Cooke, George. 122, 148, 151 

Cooke. William H. 

Cooper, Brad, 94, 128, 201 

Cooper. David, 127, 180 

Cooper, Larry 

Cooper. Patricia. 124, 189 

Cooper, Rhonda, 196 

Cooper, Victor, 168 

Cope. Collin. 133. 168, 197 

Corban, Margaret, 124 

Corley, Frances 

Corley, Kim 

Cotton. Craig, 132, 206 

Couch, John Arthur 

Craig, Nancy Anne 

Cowan. Chip, 114, 122, 207 

Cox, Charles William, 207 

Cox, Leeanne Marshall 

Craig, Nancy Anne 

Craln. Vlckl, 124, 197 

Cranston. Kim. 40, 122. 130, 156 

Crasto, Darren Randall 

Crawford, James Lynn 

Crellin, James 

Cremeen, Cathy, 189 

Crenshaw, Jim 183 

Crittenden, David Carl 

Croal. E.J., 122. 167, 189 

Crout, Jeffrey, 189 

Crozier, Craig 

Cram, Gary. 168, 201 

Crvlch. Tony 

Culpepper, Leigh Ann, 189 

Culpepper. Paul, 201 

Cumberland, Jan Elizabeth 

Curlngton, Jennifer 

Curran, Mary Theresa 

Curry, Tim, 168 

Curtis, Anthony Ray 

Dallln, Vic. 132, 189 

Dankel. Roger, 168, 180 

Davies, Gareth James 

Davis, Donnie Broach 

Davis. Jeff. 17, 151, 189 

Davis. Keith D. 

Davis, Leonia Lotz 

Davis. Patrick, 168, 201 

Davis, Sandra Murphy 

Davis, Zelda 

Day, Ann Wilson, 111 

Day, Katherlne Shelton 

Dean, Elizabeth T. 

Debs, Pamela Royer 

Dees, Steven, 149, 151 

Dempsey, Lee, 108, 132, 201 

Dengel, Wendy, 189 

Denver. Jack. 53, 95 

Derise. Carole Louise 

Derivaux, Mary E. 

Derryberry, Nancy, 202 

Devaney. Brian Thomas 

Dew, Ken, 202 

Dickens. Jay, 122 

Dickerson, Steve 

Diener, Marilyn, 106, ill 

Dietrich, Dawn, 107, 166, 196 

Dillon, Robert J. 

Dillon, Sondra 

Dixon, Mary Lynn, 102, 130, 202 

Dixon. Bill. 189 

Doartch, Shannon, 102 

Dockins, Carmen Moore 

Dodson. Leigh, 102, 103, 124, 189 

Doherty, Patrick, 128 

Donald. Bob. 132, 197 

Dorion. Brandon, 17, 146, 148, 207 

Dotson, Frances Simmons 

Douzenls, Cordelia. 53, 102, 103, 130, 207 

Downing, Deborah, 207 

Downing, Doug 

Doyle, Dana, 167 

Doyle, Theresa, 102, 130, 190 

Draughn, Dave. 207 

Duddleston, Leland S. 

Duett, Dell Howard 
Dufour, Thomas 
Duggan, Freddy, 167 
Duggar, Joel Bradley 
Dugger, April Sattler 
Duke, Alice Farrlngton 
Dunahoo, Billle Carol, 130 
Dungan, Vincent Craig 
Dunham, John, 127 
Dunn, Charles O. 
Durfey, Joe 

Durow, Stephanie, 52, 177, 
Dyer, David, 207 
Dyer, De Lisa. 124. 190 
Dyess, David 


East. Glen. 42, 168, 207 

Eck, Stephen. Louis 

Edmonson. Ava McDaniel 

Edwards. Emery. 127, 190 

Edwards. Gerard James 

Egbert, Gretchen 

Elliott. Meg. 182, 202 

Ellis. Betsy, 121 

Ellis, Kelly 

Ellis, Lloyd D. 

Elsenheimer, Ann Marie 

Emling, Mary Jane, 150 

Epsman, Lynn Franey 

Epting, Jacqueline J. 

Eskridge, Laurel. 36, 38, 44. 109, 110, 120, 152 

Evans. David. 31, 122, 190 

Ezell, Suzanne 

Ezelle, Linda 

Fairley. Erin. 102, 124 

Falster, Karl Emmett 

Fargason, Elizabeth, 121, 207 

Farmer, Danny, 172 

Farrar. Debbie. 120 

Fatherree, Bethany. 120. 182, 197 

Ferguson, Alan 

Ferguson, Russell Wayne 

Ferriss, James, 196 

Fickenwirth, Siegfried, 107, 132 

Fields. Tyree. 22, 102, 168, 179, 202 

Finley, Allen, 102, 133, 150 

Fischer, Debbie, 18, 100, 196 

Fisher, Luther Calvin 

Fisher, William D. 

Florey, Richard Roy 

Flowers. Allen, 103, 105 

Flowers. Elizabeth. 18 

Flowers, Lou, 121. 202 

Flowers, Nancy, 120 

Foley. Carl Stephen 

Folk, Douglas Sevier 

Fondren, Suzanne. 30. 190 

Foose, Robert. 149, 190 

Ford, Mike. 25, 172 

Forsythe. Elizabeth. 121 

Foster, Christopher 

Fox. Betsy 

Fox. Betty Ruth 

Fox. Kimberly. 196 

France, Helen, 18, 121, 190 

Franckiewicz, Mary Kristi 

Franklin, Jeffrey 

Franklin, Madge 

Frazier, Etoile. 103 

Frazier, Jane 

Frazier, Sandy, 103, 105, 107, 109, 121, 207 

Freeman, Aiko 

Freeman, Ann, 36, 44, 51, 130, 152, 168, 179, 207 

Freeman, Tammy, 17, 190 

Freiler, Lorl, 130, 197 

French, Ned. 133, 197 

Fulgham. Sarah. 202 

Fulkrod, James Garfield 

Gallckl, Susan 

Gallagher. Evan Tucker 

Galvez. Donna 

Gamble. Edwin Eric 

Gammlll, Crosby 

Gandy, Clayton Andrew 

Gardner, Clytlce 

Garner, Carla, 110, 116, 207 

Garrett. Jay. 53, 102, 103, 128, 202 

Garrett. Julia 

Garrett, Roger. 173, 202 

Garrett, William David 

Garrott, Loretta 

Garrott, Sandra 

Garside. Lori, 102, 150 

Garvey, Julia 

Gates. Pamela, 107 

Gatling, Julia 

Gaudet, Allen, 172, 180, 190 

Gehman, Andy, 107 

Gentry, Linda Helen 

Gerhard. Kevin. 190 

Glbbens. Stan. 180. 197 

Gibson, Curtis Edward 

Gilbert, Dewey, 104, 180 

Gilbert, Julie Lynn, 130 

Gill. Tim. 180 

Gillaspy, Helen, 53, 100, 121, 197 

Gillespie, Laura, 124, 190 

Gilliland, Christi, 130 

Gist, Bill 

Gladney. Zeather, 107. 197 

Gleim, Jens 

Glenn. John Joseph, 128. 190 

Glenn, Veronica Denise 

Glover, Suzanne, 190 

Gober. Maud DeLes, 37, 102, 103. 124, 152 

Goodman. Michelle. 124 

Goodson, Linda 

Goodwin, Carmen 

Goodwin, Lad. 102. 130 

Gordon, Lauren. 124, 197 

Goss. Ciaran Timothy, 173 

Gowan, Stephen Lamar 

Gowdy, Leslie, 104, 207 

Graff, Jodi, 197 

Graham, Candlce 

Graham, Paul Garrison, 23, 122, 183 

Graham, Phillip David 

Graves. Susan, 111, 130. 197 

Gray. Cindy. 207 

Hackman, Jeffrey Herbert 

Hagan, Mitsie Dyanne 

Hall, Candace, 207 

Hall. Gary. 133 

Hall. Kenneth Randall 

Hall. Mary Kay. 121 

Haller. Debbie, 31, 108, 202 

Hamilton, Anne Noel 

Hamilton, Heidi 

Hamilton, Laurie, 130 

Hamilton, Monty, 168 

Hamm, David Gregory, 133, 197 

Hammett, William Henry 

Hammons, Karen, 198 

Hanafourde. Kathie. 130, 198 

Hancock. Steve. 127. 180 

Hapgood. Lisa, 53. 107, 120, 198 

Haque, Raju 

Haque, Ruma 

Harb, Richard. 95, 128. 198 

Hardeman, R.T. 

Harding, Greg, 168 

Hardwick, Phillip D. 

Hare, Pat, 45, 173 

Harkins, Melissa 

Harper, Bill, 133, 16.7, 207 

Harper. Cynthia, 51. 207 

Harrell, Beverly. 121. 191 

Harrigill. Alana. 102. 130, 191 


Harris, Becky Lynn 

Harris, Jimmy 

Harrison, Michael 

Harthcock. Billy Harold 

Hartt, Lloyd Lane 

Harvey, Wendy Lynn 

Hathorn, Paul, 97, 102. 208 

Hawthorne. Sarah. 121, 191 

Haydel, J. Richard 

Heaman. Denise. 94. 121, 202 

Hegman, William Thomas 

Hegwood, Blanche 

Helvenston, Brant 

Hendry. Twila, 121. 191 

Henley, James, 104. 208 

Hermann, John 

Herrington, Daniel 

Herrington, Jeffrey 

Herrington, Timothy Peter 

Hetherington, Frances 

Hetrick, Bill, 52 

Milliard. Wayne 

Hillman. Byrd. 126. 208 

Hillman. Mary Frances 

Hines, Florence, 121, 202 

Hitt, Kevin, 102 

Hogan, Laura 

Hogue, Anne B. 

Hogue, Sam Terral 

Holden, Keith, 122, 202 

Holland, John. 53. 102, 107, 108, 109 

Holleman, Helene 

Holllbaugh. Farley. 1 1 1 

Holloway, John Kenneth 

Holman. B.A.. 133, 167 

Holmes. Keith. 202 

Holt, Beth, 130, 208 

Hopkins. Gerald. 122, 148, 191 

Hopkins, Mark 

Hopper, Barbara, 177, 202 

Hopper, Jack 

Horn, Larry 

Howard, Heidi 

Howorth, Laurie 

Howard, Michael, 122. 191 

Howze. Andrei, 95, 118, 208 

Huckabee, Rife, 202 

Hudson. Porter. 198 

Huff, Gayrytha Foster 

Huffman, Irvin Eugene 

Hughes. Fonda. 130. 191 

Hughes, James L. 

Hughes, Wendell Marie 

Hull, Steve. 180 

Hulsey. Arlettse, 121 

Hurley. Margaret. 105, 108, 112, 208 

Hurst, Ben 

Hurt, John Mills 

Hutchison, Becky, 124 

Hux. Kyle. 168, 180. 203 

Huynh, Chau Thuc 

Hyer. Darin. 148, 150 

Ingle, Janna 

Inman, David Griffith 

Irby, Jim, 26, 133 

Jack, Jennifer. 124, 191 

Jackson, Rosa, 198 

Jackson, Ginger, 191 

James, Archie 

Jameson, Katrina. 90, 130, 146, 148, 150, 151 

Janus, Jennifer, 130, 191 

Jarratt, Mikell. 40. 45, 122, 152, 156 

Jemison, Jynnifer, 94, 95, 102, 203 

Jenkins, Deborah Lynn, 203 

Jennings. Jennifer, 124 

Johnson, Lisa, 191 

Johnson, John, 105 

Johnson, Susan 

Johnson, Tawny 

Johnson, Walt. 104, 148, 151, 203 

Johnston, Cynthia 

Johnston, Paul. 180, 191 

Jolly, Donna 

Jones. Margaret Ann 

Jones. Rhonda. 130. 208 

Jones, Robbi, 51, 110. 208 

Jones, Ronald E. 

Jones, William Timothy 

Jordan. Debbie. 52, 94, 95, 197 

Jordan, Elizabeth, 130, 177, 203 

Jordan, Kieth Edward 

Joseph, Pam 

Joudeh, Maan. 103, 105. 107, 108. 203 

Joyner, John, 191 

Kaiser. Ralph Albin 

Kathmann. Daria, 130 

Kavanaugh, Paul, 197 

Kay, Mary Virginia 

Kaye, Matt. 122, 191 

Kea. Scott, 127 

Kearns, Tom, 198 

Keel, Dan, 122 

Keenan. Don. 51. 53. 128, 203 

Kelly. George 

Kelty. Suzanne, 177 

Kersh, Robert Kemp 

Key, Perry, 157 

King, Kevin. 183. 198 

King, Paul Daniel 

Kirby, Tracey, 102, 128, 191 

Kirk, Niels 

Kitchings, Kendall Davis 

Knighton, Lou, 90, 102, 208 

Knodle, Lisa Jane 

Knott, Sanford Earl 

Koury, Kim, 103, 105, 124, 203 

Kraft. Mary Elizabeth. 121, 177 

Kreiger, Kevin, 183 

Krolls, Larisa, 97, 122. 208 

Krolls. Sig, 122 

Kroon, Jon Dennis 

Krutz, Karen 

Labasse. Albert, 167, 191 

Lacey. Lucy, 23, 111, 121, 203 

Lamkin, Patricia. 110, 149, 151, 198 

Lancaster, Ken, 51, 53, 102, 103, 128, 152, 203 

Lanclos, Pat. 18, 99. 101 

Landreneau. Teresa 

Laney. Ginger. 208 

Lanford. Mike, 110. 122, 208 

Lang, Bill, 133, 191 

Langworthy. Peter, 53, 208 

Langworth, Steve, 191 

Lantrip, Eric Michael 

Latimer, Melissa. 130, 177, 198 

Lauer, Susan, 124 

Law, A.R. 

Lawrence, Sarah Lynn 

Leach, Sharon, 110 

Leake. Kathy, 121, 203 

Lechner. Maria, 130, 198 

Ledbetter, Lonne 

Lee, Barry. 208 

Lee. Kaye. 30, 124, 198 

Lee, Melanie, 203 

Leger, Mark, 191 

Legett. Kathy 

Leggett, David, 107, 132, 198 

Leggett, John, 133 

Lenoir, Robert, 168 

Lester, Marty, 114, 132, 168 

Lewis, Catherine. 17, 121, 191 

Lewis. James Richard 

Lewis, Linda. 203 

Lewis, Martha. 104 

Lewis, Williams 

Leyens, Laurence 

Libby, Andrew, 149, 150, 191 

Limerick, Laura 

Lindsay. Herbert Lamar 

Lindsey, Lisa Carol 

Livingston. Mark. 168 

Lockhart. Eric 

Lockwood, Margaret 

Loflin, Anne, 124. 208 

l.oflin. Lynn. 124, 198 

Long. Tara, 130, 177, 192 

Long, Terri Lynn 

Loper. David. 95, 100, 112 

Love, Jacqueline Annette 

Luckett, Kennedy Carl 

Luke. William Nyle 

Lundy. Matthew, 30, 122 

Luttrell. Paul. 168, 192 

Lyle. Frank. 46. 109, 168, 208 

Lyons. Henry, 180 

Lyons. Marion. 132, 151. 157, 166, 198 


Machado, Pam. 121 

Macon. John Phillip 

Magee. Kathy. 130, 192 

Maggio, Melissa, 40, 124. 156 

Maggio, Michael, 127 

Maggio. Steve. 33, 127 

Magnus. Jim. 47. 51, 102, 103, 104, 168, 179 

Mahoney, Mark 

Mallard, Paige, 121 

Malone, Wanda. 109. 116, 203 

Mangal, Rakesh, 25, 53, 95, 105, 107, 108, 203 

Manley, Doug. 19. 122, 157, 168. 192 

Mann. Doug, 102, 103. 148. 151 

Manyfield. Lisa. 192 

Marion, Andrew, 122. 208 

Martin, Jerry, 173 

Martin. Kevin. 192. 180 

Martin, Richard 

Martin. Steve, 133, 183, 198 

Massey, Dale. 97, 106, 111, 124, 208 

Matchen, Jo McDowell 

Matthews, William E. 

Mattox, David. 102 

Maxwell. Julie. 124, 192 

Maxwell. Karen. 177 

May. John. 95, 107. 109, 119, 209 

McAllister. Emilie, 124. 198 

McCain. Renee. Ill, 130, 198 

McCaleb. Jolene. 102. 203 

McCall, Joe, 102, 103 

McCauley, Cathy, 121, 182, 192 

McClinton, Raymond 

McCord, Anne, 102. 110. Ill, 130. 203 

McCoy, Albert Luther 

McCoy, James Kevin 

McDonald. Boty. 47, 109, 114, 133, 209 

McDonald, Gary R. 

McDonald, Robbie. 124. 149. 151 

McElhatten, Suzanne, 23. 121, 198 

McElvaine, Anne 

McGee. Laura Buckler. 105, 106, 107, 109 

McGee, Lisa, 53, 113, 124, 19? 

McGehee, Helen Dianne 

McGinnis, Paul. 128 

McGowan, Loretta. 203 

McGregor, Debbie, 124, 199 

McGruder, Sandra 

McHenry, Lucille 

Mclbben, John Robert 

Mclnnis, Emily 

Mcintosh, Tonya K. 

Mclntyre, Cindy. 130. 199 

Mclntyre, Madora, 121 

McKee, Mary Beth 

McKenzie. Catherine. 17, 124. 149, 151 

McKinley. Whit. 133 

McKnight. Susan. 102. 121, 191 

McLeod. Daryl. 32 

McLeod, Glynn. 168 

McLin. Dannie Maria 

McLla, Debra Ann 

McMath, Benjamen Franklin 

McMullin. Scott 

McNaughton. George. 118 

McNeil, Melba Yolanda 

McNeill, Whitney, 30, 120, 192 

McPherson, Tara. 121 


McRaney, Laura, 124, 192 

McRaney, Mike, 132 

McRight, Jesse 

Megglnson, Jo Anne 

Meggs, Michele 

Melohn, Brenda 

Meriwether, Tommy. 173, 199 

Messer. Nancy, 102, 124. 177 

Messerlie, Theo Putney 

Metz, Sylvaln Michel 

Meyers, Gilbert, 122, 203 

Michael, Jo Lynn 

Mickens, Joann Eppes 

Mllazzo. Elizabeth. 106, 108, 130. 209 

Miller, David. 168. 203 

Miller. Joy. 192 

Miller. Tracey. 98, 111, 199 

Mills. Russell. 199 

Mills. Thomas, 209 

Milum, Stacy 

Mishra, Ajay Kumar. 192 

Mitchell, Don 

Mitchell, Mark, 53, 114, 128, 203 

Molony, Kay, 209 

Molpus, Barry 

Montalvo, Ralph Darrell 

Moore, Carolyn. 130, 199 

Moore, David Howard 

Moore. David Hamilton 

Moore. Martha, 124. 204 

Moore. Tom, 53, 94. 114, 127, 166 

Moran, Sheila. 117 

Moreton, Freddy 

Moreton, Kelly, 124. 168, 179, 199 

Morgan, Cheryl. 130 

Morgan, David, 167 

Morgan, Glenna Collums 

Morgan, James Doyle 

Morgan, Tommy, 99 

Morris, Demethous, 110. 192 

Morris, Michael, 127 

Morris, Thames, 130, 199 

Moses, Scott, 104, 150, 151 

Mowen. Nick. 148 

Murphy, James Gregory 

Murray. Herbert. 128 

Murrell. Susan. 22, 102, 124. 192 

Muth, Robert. 133, 166 

Myers, Gwenita Sims 

Myers, Kimi. 47, 209 

Myers, Meredyth, . 122, 204 


Nabors. Billy Michael 
Nail. Leah. 192 
Nail. Lucia 
Nance. Jon. 114, 132 
Napier. Stephen. 113, 133 
Nation, Marie, 25, 103, 105, 209 
Nazary, Cynthia M. 
Nedrow. Ronnie Todd 
Neel, Vonee. 124, 192 
Neill. Elizabeth. 147 
Neill. Ellis Cooper 
Nelson, Dawn 
Nelson, Sandra H. 
Nettles, Tammy Lesla 
Nevins. Grace, 52, 53, 209 
Newman, Michael John. 167 
Ngvyen, Anh Thl 
Nguyen. Thari Trung 
Nichols, Anthony. 95, 111, 118, 209 - 
Nichols. David, 128, 192 
Nichols, Elizabeth Grace 
Noble, Jamie. 133 
Noflin. George, 168 
Noone, Michael Alan 
Norris, Mary Jo 

Northington. Monica. 47, 103, 105, 108, 109, 116, 

O'Malley. Kevin 

O'Neill. Bonnie. 130, 168, 179, 199. 30 

O'Shea, Sharon 

Oates. Nita, 177, 204 

Odom, Creath. 199 

Ogden, Paul, 51, 52, 53, 107, 109, 128, 204 

Osborne. Mike. 108, 133 

Otts. Jimmy, 102 

Overby. Allen. 199 

Owen, Ashley. 124, 193 

Pace. Lou Ann. 121. 176, 188 

Page, Doug, 102, 149, 167 

Page. Jim. 127, 168, 180 

Painter. Paula. 106 

Palmer. Clifford 

Pape, Linda. 26 

Park, Julia 

Parker, Catherine 

Parker, John Hunter 

Parker, Terry, 133 

Parks, Clyde, 95, 127, 209 

Parsons, Michael Scott 

Passantlno. Nancy 

Patch. Kenny Sue 

Patrick, Patrick, 122, 183, 192 

Patterson, Marilyn Jeanne 

Paul, Leena, 204 

Payton, Donald G. 

Pearson, Tereau, 130, 199 

Peel, Charles, 204 

Peeler, Ben 

Peenstra, Sean, 17, 122, 157, 166 

Pella. Stephanie. 26. 130, 182. 199 

Pemberton, Marshall. 33, 127, 209 

Pemberton. Neely. 21, 115, 121, 193 

Pemberton, Sue Zan 

Pemberton, William Bertran 

Pepper, David, 133 

Pepper, Gay, 204 

Perea, Carol A. 

Parkins, Jeff Lynn 

Perklna, Sandra. 102 

Perry, John, 199 

Pfanschmldt, Phyllis, 48, 102, 109, 111, 130. 

149, 209 
Phelps. Cindy. 124, 199 
Phillips, Marian, 124, 193 
Phillips, Nicholas Bruce 
Phipps, Burrow Scott 
Pickering, Deborah 
Pigott, John. 102, 122, 199 
Pitcher. Cheryl, 102, 199 
Pittman. Joel Randloph 
Pittman, Penny 
Plunk. Oney. 125, 133, 209 
Poison, Leona Agnes 
Poison, Leonard 
Pomeroy, Don Allfln 
Pond, Jay B. 
Poole, James C. 
Poole. Jeanne, 25, 130, 199 
Pope, Jody Ann 
Potter. Tom. 102, 127, 193 
Potwin. Vickie, 130 
Powell, David Blair 
Powell, Tommy, 102, 168, 199 
Pratt, Richard Rogers 
Prestridge, Sharon Gayle 
Price, Priscllla Diane 
Prince, Jeannette, 107, 110 
Propst, Mark Daniel 
Puckett, John 
Purcell. Tom. 122, 168, 199 
Purdy, Susan 
Purser, Christine M. 
Purser, Lynn 

O'Cain, Debbie, 103, 105, 209 

Rader, Jan 
Raines, Bobby J. 
Ramberg, Mary L. 

Ramey, James Christopher 

Ramirez, Ricky, 127 

Ramsay, Wyeth 

Ranager, Ken, 122, 168 

Raney, Hollaman 

Rankin, Thomas Stephen 

Ratchford, Timothy 

Ratliff. John. 133 

Rawson, B. Glynn 

Ray, David Lee 

Rayner, Whit, 48. 105, 109, 132. 209 

Read, David Marshall 

Reames, James Edward 

Rector, Monte. 109, 126, 173, 209 

Reddoch. Stephanie, 102, 104, 130, 146 

Reese, Derek, 122. 204 

Reeves, Sonya, 200 

Regan, Kay K„ 102, 115. 130, 193 

Reid, Kristen, 102. 103 

Reily, Janet, 102, 209 

Rein, Joey. 133, 200 

Reinhardt, Carl 

Reyes, Wahid, 200 

Rhea, Nancy, 52, 121, 204 

Rice. Lee. 121, 193 

Richards, David, 110, 167 

Richardson, Robin Lynette 

Richardson, Stephanie Ann, 210 

Ricketts, Mark. 122, 173. 193 

Riley. Phillip A. 

Rishel. Patti. 108, 155, 205 

Ritchie, Jim, 108, 122, 204 

Roane, Rachel, 130, 200 

Roberts, Eugene Leonard 

Robertson, Dianne 

Robinson. Dianne 

Robinson, Elizabeth 

Robinson, Stephen K. 

Robuck, Madolyn, 193 

Roddy, Mechelle 

Rodgers, Gloria Ann 

Roeling, Van, 24, 204 

Rogers, David, 200 

Rogers, Jay Gibson 

Rogers, Mary Jane 

Rooks, Joe. 180 

Rosella, John, 204 

Ross, Adolph John 

Ross, Carolyn, 121 

Ross, Julie Acker 

Rowe, Zelphia. Ill, 193 

Ruhl, David, 108, 122. 168 

Russ, Robert 

Ryan, David 

Ryan. William W. 


Sallis. Vicki. 47, 106. 109, 124. 210 

Salvant, Paulette. 210 

Sams, Stephanie, 200 

Sanders, Nancy 

Sanders. Rosemary. 98, 200 

Sandifer, Elizabeth, 193 

Sanford, Clayton, 168 

Satterfield. Melissa, 102, 124. 193 

Saucier, Blane, 112 

Saye, John, 122. 193 

Scafidi, Shari 

Schroeder, Cathy, 36, 48, 104, 130, 152 

Scott. Kimble, 17. 204 

Scott, Monica 

Scott, Stacy. 21, 193 

Scott. Tom. 173 

Scruggs. Robert. 210 

Seals, Calvin, 111 

Seid, David Keng 

Selby. Mel. 130, 193 

Serio, Carolyn, 23, 121, 200 

Sessions, Andrew, 26, 133 

Shanks, Douglas William 

Sharp, Benny Carl 

Shaw, Helen 

Shaw. Karen, 97. Ill, 121. 210 

Shiflett. Stacy. 124 

Shive. Lynda 

Shreve, Melodie 

Shuford. Joyce. 121, 200 

Sibley, Paige 

Siebert, Sid. 127, 168 


Slgman, John Gordon 

Slkora, Barbara, 104 

Slkora, Walt, 110, 111 

SImo, Gloria, 121, 188 

Singletary, Scott. 204 

Slade, Nancy 

Slaton, Keri. 52, 121, 204 

Sllman. Greg. 53, 31, 108, 126, 204 

Smith. Adrlenne. 20, 101 

Smith. Birdie 

Smith, Blake. 102, 110 

Smith, David 

Smith, Joe, 168 

Smith. Lydla. 31, 121. 204 

Smith, Penny Jean 

Smith. Roger, 127 

Smith, Scotty, 108, 183. 210 

Smith, Summer 

Smith, Tim 

Smith, Tommle Faye, 177 

Smith, Wanda Sue, 177 

Solomon, Andy, 167 

Sparks, James Olin 

Spears, Katrina, 210 

Spencer. Gilbert. 127 

Spencer, Jann Tullos 

Spivey, Lena Kathryn 

Stacey, Courtney. 148 

Stacy. Sonja. 124, 193 

Stalnback, Putnam, 127. 193 

Stamm. Lauri. 49, 106. 109, 111, 124, 210 

Stanford, Nancy. 124, 193 

Stanley. Markus Brent 

Stark, Helen Deanna 

Stark, Katherine. 51. 97, 102, 103, 124. 210 

Stavely. Starla, 102 

Stevens, Carney, 108. 124. 210 

Stevens, Nancy McClellan 

Stevens, Thomas Earl 

Stewart, Evelyn, 155 

Stiff, Kimberly. 200 

Stiffler, Scott. 20. 95 

Still. Jim 

Stone. Joey 

Stout, Donna 

Strain, Susan 

Strauss, Michelle 

Strietham, Carroll Edward 

Strieker, Lessley, 121, 200 

Strieker, Peter Andrew 

Strickland, Betty Brown 

Stripling, Glenn. 200 

Struppa. Cel. 103, 105, 210 

Stubbs, Julie 

Studdard. Diane. 204 

Sturdivant, LeWynn. 97, 102, 200 

Sturgeon. Louis. 168. 180. 204 

Sturgis. Ellie Traynham 

Sullivan. Beth, 121. 204 

Sullivan. Lady Margaret. 95, 121, 193 

Sullivan. Paige, 102. 130, 205 

Sullivan, Vonda, 130 

Sumner, Sassene Sue 

Sung, Christian Wung 

Sung, Maritza Garces 

Surrell, Marion Lee, 104 

Surrell, Susan McNeer 

Sutton, Sherry Diana 

Swanson, Joe 

Sweeney, James Alfred 

Swindle, Dean, 104 

Sylvester, Tandy Michael 

Taylor. Angelenetta, 205 

Taylor, Janie Lynn 

Taylor, Pearl 

Templeton, Margo. 130, 210 

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Thibodeaux, John 

Thigpen, Brenda 

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Thomas, Harry 

Thomas, Harris 

Thomas, Melinda Michel 

Thompson, Bobby 

Thompson, Sonya Byrd 

Thompson, William 

Thornton, Christine Allyn 

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Walker, Charles 

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Walker. Klrby 

Walker. Lajocelyn, 

Walsh. Donald. 102 

Walsh. Janet Louise 

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Ward. Pam. 194 

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109, 114, 122 
Youngblood. Amy 
Younger. Elaine. 115, 124, 200 

The 1983 Bobashela was published by the Herfi 
Jones Company at their Montgomery plant. It consists of 
16 pages of Ermine Special paper in Gray CX-12 and 
208 pages of Bordeaux Special 80 lb. white paper. Type 
used through the book Is Souvenir Light and Souvenir 
Bold Emphasis type. Endsheets are Vibra-color Gray Ex- 
12, and the cover is Antique Blue crush grain #41079 
with Light Gray #24 applied Ink. Special thanks go to 
Mr. J.C. Anthony, our Herff-Jones representative 
from R.M. Hendricks Graduate Supply House. 



I vowed that I would not close with the typical statements 
of exhaustion of sleepless nights spent trying to meet dead- 
lines and countless thanks to people who have listened to 
gripes and complaints. I cannot, however, send off this final 
shipment and contemplate the entire experience of putting 
out this book without conveying my deepest gratitude to 
the faculty, administration, and especially fellow students 
who have cooperated so readily with the production of this 
book. Also, to the ones who did listen to incessant nervous 
speculations and continued to offer encouragement I am 
truly grateful. 

I hope that in this volume of the Bobashela I have 
portrayed an accurate picture of the Millsaps experience as 
it is seen by the student body. This experience is unique to 
each individual, but the spirit of these four brief years is one 
of a unique nature. Each experience of these four years is 
now a permanent part of our nature, and they are but a brief 
span of the scope of our entire experience. I think that 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson captured this in his poem Ulysses: 

I am a part of all that I have met; 

Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough 

Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades 

Forever and forever when 1 move . . . 

And this gray spirit yearning in desire 

To follow knowledge like a sinking star, 

Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. 

I hope that when you pull this dusty album off the shelf in 
twenty years or so for a night of nostalgia, we can all 
remember these four years with gratitude for exposure to